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Full text of "135000 words spelled and pronounced, together with valuable hints and illustrations for the use of capitals, italics, numerals, and compound words ... designed for office, school, and library use"

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A* F. Morrison 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2007 with funding from 

IVIicrosoft Corporation 

135000 WORDS 





Late Professor of Geology and Paleontology in the University 
of Michigan. 

Revised and edited by Fredkrick Starr, of the University 

of Chicago, izmo. Cloth. Illustrated. 

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Professor of English Literature in Yale University. 

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Translated from the French by Maud Wilkinson, and with 

an Introduction bv Frank J. Miller. i2mo. Cloth. 

Illustrated. Price, $1.00 net; by mail, $1.13. 


135000 WORDS 











Author of "Handbook of Pronunciation" "Synonyms" "Slips of Speech" etc. 



GIFT Oi»' 

Copyright, 1 904, by 

George W. Jacobs & Company. 

Published, July, igo4. 



Introduction 17 

Orthography 20 

Pronunciation 32 

Capitals 54 

ItaUcs 63 

Numerals 66 

Syllabication 68 

Compound Words 76 

Punctuation 80 

Abbreviations 99 

Dictionary of Spelling and Pronunciation loi 

Homophones 617 




Introduction 17 

Province of the Dictionary 17 

Comprehensive Vocabulary 17 

Spelling and Pronunciation 17 

Diacritics 18 

Syllabication and Accent 18 

Grouping 18 

Compound Words 19 

Capitalization 19 

Foreign Words 19 

English and Foreign Plurals 19 

Proper Names 20 

Obsolete Words 20 

Orthography 20 

Causes of Difficulty in Spelling 21 

Classification of the Letters 22 

Digraphs and Trigraphs 22 

Rules for Spelling 22 

Words ending in c 22 

Accented syllables ending in a single consonant 23 

Doubling the final consonant 23 

Words ending in silent e 23 

Words ending in ie 24 

Words ending .in y 24 

Words ending with a vowel sound 24 

Words ending in a double consonant 24 

Formation of the plural 24 

Two plurals 25 

Nouns alike in both numbers 25 

Plurals of compounds 26 

Terminations -able and -ihle 26 

Initial syllables em, en, and in 26 

English terminations -our and ~ise 27 

Words ending in -ine 27 

Words ending in -er and -or 27 

Words ending in -cion, -sion, and -lion 28 

Monosyllables ending in /, /. or s 28 

Terminations -ance, -ancy, -ant 28 

O and oh 29 

Foreign Words 29 

Contractions 29 




The Dieresis 30 

Spelling Reform 31 

Pronunciation ^ 32 

Standard of Pronunciation 32 

Table of Elementary Sounds 33 

Diacritical Marks 34 

Letters and Sounds 34 

Diphthongs and Triphthongs 34 

Elementary Sounds 35 

Standard and Clipped Sounds 35 

Cognates 35 

Long and Short Vowels 36 

Normal and Unusual Sounds 36 

Equivalents 36 

Environment 36 

General Principles of Pronunciation 37 

Vowels and vowel digraphs 37 

Accented syllables terminating in a, e, i, o, u 37 

A vowel followed by a consonant and terminal e 37 

A vowel followed by one or more consonants in the same 

syllable 37 

Italian a (a) 37 

Broad a (a) 37 

Coalescent a (a) 37 

Intermediate a (a) 37 

Obscure a (a) 38 

Digraph cb 38 

Sound of ai, au, ay 38 

Coalescent e(e) 38 

Sound of ea, ee, ei, eigh, eu, ew, ey 38 

Sound of i, ie, igh 38-39 

Sound of ian and ion 39 

Sound of ir 39 

Sound of oa, oe, oi, 00 39 

Coalescent o (6) 39 

Sound of ou 39 

The terminal syllable -ous 39 

Sound of ow 39 

Sound of long u (u) 39 

Coalescent u (u) 39 

Consonants and consonant digraphs 40 

Double consonants 40 

Sound of c before a, o^ u, and e, i, y 40 

Sound of ch 40 

Sound of d 40 

Sound of g before a, 0, u, and e, i, y 40 

Sound of gh 40 

Sound of n before k, g, and hard g 40 

Sound of ph, qu, r 40 

Sound of s, w, X, y, z, zh 41 

Initial syllables 41 

i-, hi-, chi-, cli-, cri-, pri-, Iri- 41 



Terminal syHables 41 

-ceous, -cious, -scious, -tious 41 

-cial, -sial, -tiul 41 

-cian, -sian, -tian 42 

-cion, -sion, -Hon 42 

-geous, -gious 42 

-geon, -gion 42 

-ice, -ise, -ize 42 

-ide, -ine 42 

-ile,- ite, -ive 42 

-ar, -er, -ir, -or, -ur, -yr 42 

-ard, -ared, -erd, -ered, -ored, -ured, -yred 42 

-any, -ary 42 

Accent 43 

Influence of the accent 43 

Place of the accent 43 

Discriminative accent 44 

Antithetical accent 44 

Foreign Words 44 

Vowels 44 

Consonants 44 

Open and closed syllables 44 

Accent 44 

Chinese 45 

Danish 45 

Dutch 46 

French 46 

German 48 

Hindustani — British India 49 

Hungarian 49 

Italian 50 

Norwegian 51 

Polish 51 

Portuguese 51 

Russian 52 

Spanish 52 

Swedish 53 

Capitals 54 

Sentences 54 

Poetry _ 54 

Proper Names 54 

Prefixes to Proper Names 55 

Adjectives 55 

Deity 55 

Bible 56 

Satan 56 

Hades 56 

Titles of Office and Honor 56 

Compound Titles 57 

Societies and Corporations 57 

Denominations, Parties 57 

Ceremonial Forms 58 



Titles of Books, Periodicals, Plays 58 

Tables of Contents 59 

Personification 59 

I and O 59 

Days, Months, Holidays 59 

Geographical Terms 60 

East, west 60 

River, lake, island, mountain, city, state, etc 60 

Legal Documents 61 

Historic Events 61 

Quotations 61 

Display 61 

Emphasis 61 

The, o', a.m., and p.m. 62 

Small Capitals =- 62 

Italics 63 

Proper Use of Italics 63 

Emphasis 63 

Foreign Words 63 

Scientific Terms 64 

Author and Book 65 

Foot-notes 65 

Variant Usage 65 

Running Comments _• 65 

Quotation 65 

Numerals 66 

Books, Newspapers, and Correspondence 66 

Quantities and Values 66 

Figures and Words 66 

Dates 67 

Large Numbers 67 

House and Street Numbers 67 

Hours of the Day 67 

Dynasties and Rulers 68 

Punctuation 68 

Syllabication . 68 

Division of Words 68 

Purpose of Division 68 

Principles of Division 69 

Typographical Divisions 69 

Monosyllables 69 

Short Syllables ^ 70 

Division between Consonants 70 

Influence of Accent 70 

Double Consonant 70 

Prefixes and Suffixes 70 

Terminations -able, -al, -ant, -ent, -ive, -or, -ory, -ure 7 

Terminations -ar, -er 7 

" -cian, -sian, -tian 7 

" -cial, -sial, -tial 7 

". -cion, -sion, -lion 7 

" -ceous, -cious, -scious, -tious 7 



Terminations -ed, -er, -ing 71 

" -ee, -or 72 

" -geous, -gious, -geon, -gion 72 

-le 72 

Short Affixes 73 

Basis of Division 73 

Spacing 73 

Wide Measure 74 

Good Judgment 74 

Compound Words 75 

Proper Names 75 

Numbers 75 

Display Lines 75 

-Subheadings 75 

Compound Words 76 

Guiding Principles 76 

Points of the Compass 77 

Numerals 77 

Kindred 77 

Titles 78 

Descriptive Compounds 78 

Colors 78 

Possessive Case 78 

School 78 

Short Words 78 

Prefixes out, over, under 78 

Prefixes extra, non, sub, semi, demi 79 

Prefixes above-, ill-, so-, well- 79 

Prefixes self, mid, pre, re 79 

Suffixes -like, -fish, -bird, -tree, -wort 79 

Compounds ending in -man, -woman 80 

The Words any, every 80 

T rail, T square, U bolt, U tube, V gage, V gear 80 

Phrases 80 

Punctuation 80 

Primary Purpose 80 

General Tendency 81 

Duty of the Compositor 81 

Grammar and Punctuation 81 

Sentences 82 

Kinds of sentences 82 

Compound sentences 83 

Restrictive clause 83 

Adjective and adverb clauses 83 

Phrases 84 

Series 84 

Pairs 85 

Interjected Expressions 85 

Introductory Expressions 85 

Ellipsis 85 

Inversion 86 

Nouns Independent, Appositive, or Vocative 86 



Clearness 87 

Quotations 87 

The Comma 88 

The Semicolon 88 

Loose junction 88 

Major and minor divisions 88 

Common dependence 88 

Explanation 89 

Particulars 89 

The Colon 90 

Inference 91 

Title-pages 91 

Salutation 91 

Formal introductory words 91 

The Period 92 

The Dash 92 

Abrupt change in statement 92 

Concluding clause 93 

Parenthesis 93 

Omission 93 

Iteration 93 

Side-heads 94 

The Interrogation 94 

The Exclamation 95 

The Apostrophe 96 

Two Points 96 

Quotation Marks 97 

Foreign Words 99 

Separation and Spacing 99 

Abbreviations 100 

Dictionary OF Spelling and Pronunciation loi 

Homophones 617 



The primary purpose of the lexicographer is to set forth the 
proper orthography, pronunciation, and definitions of the words 
of the language. The vast majority of persons who consult the 
dictionaries do so to determine questions of spelling and pronim- 
ciation much oftener than to learn the meanings of words. This 
is especially true of teachers and students in schools and colleges, 
of stenographers in professional and mercantile offices, and of 
business. men in general. 


By omitting definitions, and by a system of grouping which at 
the same time facilitates the speedy finding of the desired word, 
it has been made possible to bring within the compass of a single 
small volume a list of words almost as comprehensive and com- 
plete as that of the largest unabridged dictionaries. 


The standard authorities have been dihgently compared, in 
order to determine the best spelling and pronunciation. In cases 
where several forms are in good current use, that which appears 
to have the greatest weight of authority has been placed first, with 
the variant form or forms following. All words whose pronun- 
ciation cannot be clearly and accurately set forth by the accepted 
orthography have been respelled to show the true pronimciation. 
2 17 



'In' tKe pfcep^r^tfoii of this volume, the special needs of English- 
speaking people^ and those who have a fair knowledge of the idiom 
lof^Htii^^JaiiguageJ haV§-*^been: kept in view. Minor distinctions of 
Vowel sounds', especiafly' those occasioned by the absence of 
accent, have therefore been ignored. Many persons of culture, 
but without special training in phonetics, are in greater doubt 
after consulting the dictionary for pronunciation than they were 
before. Believing that the appearance of the printed word should 
be left as free as possible from foreign or extraneous signs and 
characters, the most limited use of diacritics consistent with the 
representation of the correct pronunciation of the word has been 
made, and only those signs that are in most general use have been 


Stenographers, students, business men — in short, nearly all who 
have occasion to write — are at times perplexed to know just where 
to divide a word at the end of a line. Every word of more than 
one syllable in the vocabulary has been divided into its syllables, 
and the accent properly placed. In long words, where the place 
of secondary accent is doubtful, it, too, has been noted. 


In order to make it possible to include practically all the words 
of the most extensive unabridged dictionary within the compass 
of a convenient single volume, a system of grouping has been 
adopted which in nowise detracts from the fullest representation 
of the spelling and pronunciation of the words, and which, by 
bringing derivative and related words all under the eye at once, 
greatly speeds the finding of the word desired. In one of the 
unabridged dictionaries, the word air, with its related words, 
covers over ten columns, or nearly four pages. By grouping, 
these words are brought imder the eye at one glance. 



In no other department of lexicography is there so much un- 
certainty as in the compounding of words. The authorities often 
dififer with each other, and are sometimes inconsistent with them- 
selves, their practice violating their own theories. In this volume, 
faithful endeavor has been made to represent the best current 
usage, showing what compounds are written without separation, 
as breastplate, breastwork, and what words should be separated 
by a hyphen, as bold-faced, blear-eyed. In all other cases, the 
words are written separately, as bass viol, Bath brick, galvanic 


Writers and proof-readers are much at variance in the use of 
capital letters. Several of the unabridged dictionaries begin all 
the words of the vocabulary hst with capitals. The best current 
usage has been here set forth. All words in the vocabulary except 
those requiring capitals, begin with lower-case letters. 


Words and phrases from other languages, when first introduced 
into English and American books, newspapers, and magazines, 
are printed in italics to denote their foreign origin. In the course 
of time many of these, by frequent use, drop their foreign dress 
and become anglicized. All words and expressions in this volume 
that retain their foreign form and pronunciation, have been so 
indicated, and are itahcized. 


Not a little uncertainty attends the use of plurals of foreign and 
classical terms. In some cases, the Enghsh plural has entirely 
supplanted the foreign ; in others, the English form is occasionally 
met with in the works of good writers, but the general practice is 


largely in favor of the classic plural. In some instances, however, 
good usage is quite evenly divided. In the first case, only the 
English plural has been given; in the second, only the classical; 
and in the third, both forms are presented, placing first that which 
seems to have the greater weight of authority. 


The names of persons and places are found in alphabetic order 
in the body of the work. This arrangement avoids the necessity 
for two distinct vocabularies. When it is remembered that we 
have many adjectives derived from proper names, the advantages 
of the plan become doubly apparent. 


All obsolete, obsolescent, and archaic forms have been omitted, 
so that the student will know that any word found in the vocabu- 
lary of this volume is in good and current use, the purpose having 
been to present a thoroughly up-to-date working hand-book, and 
not to collect the worn-out forms of a previous age. 


The words of the English language being derived from various 
sources, differing greatly in form and spirit, it is not surprising 
that they present many anomalies in their spelling and pronun- 
ciation. The carelessness and indifference of the early writers 
and printers also contributed to the existing irregularities, so that 
by the time the language began to assume a distinctive form and 
structure of its own, the inconsistencies of its spelling and pro- 
nunciation had become so firmly fixed that it was found impos- 
sible immediately to change them. Gradual changes are slowly 


going on, but the day when the English language shall , become 
strictly phonetic — when we shall spell as we pronounce and 
pronounce as we spell — seems to be remote. 

The old family name of Mainwaring has shown one hundred 
and thirty-one variations in spelling, all drawn from authorized 
documents. Even as late as Shakspeare's time, much indifference 
was manifest, his name being written in more than thirty ways, 
three or four of which are still in current use. The words aerie, 
aery, airy, eyry, eyrie, still found in general use, added to airie, 
aiery, ayry, ayery, eyery, eyerie, forms found in early modem 
English, will serve to show some of the irregularities and incon- 
sistencies of English spelling. 

Persons who in childhood are taught to follow a certain spelling, 
usually adhere to that form in later life, and are sometimes intol- 
erant of any other. The advantage of having the latest and best 
standard, that the child may be started aright, needs no argument. 


"Language," says Professor March, "is what we speak." All 
articulate speech is made up of words. These spoken words, in 
turn, are composed of sounds. An articulate, or speech, sound 
is the simplest element of language. 

A perfect alphabet demands that there shall be as many char- 
acters, or letters, as there are elementary sounds; that each sound 
shall be represented by its own particular letter, and by no other; 
and that each letter shall represent but one sound. With such 
an alphabet, there could be no difficulties in spelling nor in pro- 

The English alphabet contains twenty-six letters. These are 
made to represent at least forty-seven English sounas. Three of 
the letters {c, q, and x) have no distinctive function, but repeat 
sounds represented by other letters or combinations of letters. 
This reduces the actual working force of the alphabet to twenty- 
three characters, giving an average of two sounds to each char- 
acter. The work, however, is not so evenly divided. The five 


letters called vowels are made to bear a large part of the burden, 
representing no fewer than eighteen separate sounds. The con- 
sonants, too, are often used interchangeably, one sound being 
represented by several characters. 

The letters of the alphabet are divided into vowels and con- 
sonants. The vowels are a, e, i, o, u, and represent open vocahzed 
sounds, with but slight obstruction in the emission of the breath. 
The remaining letters are called consonants. The term consonant 
seems to imply that this class of letters can be used only with 
vowels to form syllables ; but / and n frequently represent spoken 
syllables without a sonant vowel. Some grammarians add w and 
y to the Hst of vowels. Strictly speaking, these are never vowels. 
The former often combines with e to represent one of the sounds of 
u {new, pew), and with a to represent one of the sounds of that 
letter (saw), and with o to represent long o (snow), or the diph- 
thong ou (cow). The letter y is often used as a substitute for i 
(my, happy, myrtle), but its distinctive office is purely consonantal. 


The union of two letters to represent one sound is called a 
digraph, and of three letters, a trigraph. The letters may be 
either vowels or consonants; as, ai in maid; ch in chin; eau in 
beau; sch in schist. 


The best spellers are those that spell by sight rather than by 
rule. Many of the rules for spelling are so obvious as to require 
no statement, while others are attended with so many exceptions 
as to render the rule almost useless. Only the most important 
and helpful rules are here given. 

Words ending in c take k before derivative terminations 

beginning with e, i, or y; as, traffic, -ficked, -ficking. 


The final consonant is doubled in forming derivatives be 
ginning with a vowel, in the case of monosyllables and accented 
syllables ending in a single consonant (except h or x); as plan, 
planned, -ning; begin, -ner, -ning. Cases in which the vowel is 
preceded by qu (as squat, -ted, -ting; acquit, -ted, -ter, -ting) form 
no exception, as the u has the sound of w. 

The final consonant is not doubled (i) when it is preceded 
by a vowel digraph (need, -ed, -ing; repeat, -er, ing); (2) when 
the accent falls elsewhere than on the last syllable (profit, -ed, 
-ing) ; (3) when the word ends in two different consonants (affirm, 
-ing, -er). 

Words of two or more syllables ending chiefly in /, with the 
accent on a syllable other than the last, according to the pre- 
ceding rule, do not double the final consonant in taking a deriva- 
tive beginning with a vowel: apparel, bevel, cance^., carol, chisel, 
counsel, duel, equal, imperil, label, level, libel, marshal, model, 
parallel, pencil, quarrel, revel, shovel, shrivel, travel, worship. 
While the dictionaries are greatly at variance on this point, the 
International, the Century, and the Standard conform to the rule 
by giving the single consonant the first place, and the double con- 
sonant the second. 

Words ending in silent e, whose derivative forms begin with 
a consonant, retain the e; as, hate-jul, move-ment. The most im- 
portant exceptions are words ending in ge, judg-ment, acknowledg- 
ment, abridg-ment, lodg-ment. The e in these words is retained 
by some authorities as a variant. When the e is immediately 
preceded by another vowel, it is usually dropped, as, true, tru-ly, 
argue, argu-ment. 

Words ending in silent e, when forming derivatives beginning 
with a vowel, drop the e; as, bridal, guidance, hoping, coming. 
As a safeguard against mispronimciation and confusion, it is in 
some cases retained; as, hoeing, toeing, shoeing, singeing, tinge- 
ing, springeing, dyeing, mileage. To preserve the soft c or g, it 
is retained in peaceable, noticeable, manageable, changeable, ad- 
vantageous, outrageous. 


Words ending in ie not only drop e upon adding ing^ but 
change i to y to prevent two Vs coming together; as, dyings h^'^Sy 
vying. Usage is divided in regard to hying (Jiie-ing) . 

Words ending in y preceded by a consonant, change y to i in 
taking an additional syllable beginning with a letter other than /; 
as, icy, iciest, icily, tidy, tidiness. Adjectives of one syllable in 
which y is preceded by a single consonant, usually retain y; as, 
dryly, shyness. Drier and driest are commonly written with i. 
Before the derivative suffixes -like and -ship, the y is retained. 

Words ending in y preceded by^a vowel, retain the y in the 
formation of derivatives; as, prayed, obeying, enjoyed. The 
common words daily, laid, paid, said, saith, slain, are exceptions- 
Staid or stayed, gaily or gayly, gaiety or gayety, are variable forms. 

Words ending with a vowel sound retain the letters repre- 
senting that sound when appending one or more syllables to form 
a derivative; as, agree, -ing, -able; weigh, -ing; echo, -ed, -ing. 
The third person, singular, present tense forms of verbs ending 
in 00 do not add e; as, coos, woos, shampoos, taboos ; but add it 
in the past tense and other forms; as, cooed, wooed, wooer. 

Words ending in a double consonant usually retain both con- 
sonants on adding a preiix; as, call, recall, tell, joretell, roll, enroll. 
The weight of authority is in favor of the single / in juljil, instil. 

The plural of nouns is regularly formed by adding 5 to the 
singular. When the terminal sound is such that s, whether 
representing its own sound or that of s, will not combine with it, 
es is added; as, churches, classes. Cantos, cameos, punctilios, 
rabbis, alkalis, are regular. While s (with the sound of 2) will 
readily unite with the following words, usage sanctions the es 
termination; as, echoes, cargoes, embargoes, mottoes, potatoes. 
Alkalies and rabbies are variants. Letters, figures, signs, etc., 
are pluralized by adding 5 with an apostrophe prefixed; as, Mind 
your p^s and q^s; His 3 '5 and 5 '5 are well made; He ignores the 
whys and wherejore's. Some good writers omit the apostrophe; 
as, / have considered the pros and cons. 


The plural of nouns ending in y preceded by a consonant, is 
formed by adding es, the y first being changed into i; as, skies, 
ladies, colloquies. The letter u in the last instance has the force 
of the consonant w. Proper nouns add only s; as, Marys, 
Dorothys, Timothys. Some writers use the form Maries as the 
plural of Mary, but this is apt to confound it with the plural of 
Marie, and should be discouraged. When the singular ends in 
y preceded by a vowel, the plural is regularly formed by adding 
s; as, days, keys, moneys, monkeys, attorneys. The forms monies, 
attornies, vallies, should be discouraged. 

The plural of the following nouns ending in f , is formed by 
changing / or je into v, and adding es: beef, calj, elj, half, leaf, loaf, 
self, sheaf, shelf, thief, wolf, knife, life, wife. Other nouns ending 
in / or fe form their plurals regularly: hoofs, roofs, strifes, safes, 
chiefs. The plural of staff is staffs or staves, according to its 

The plural of nouns compounded with and ending in -man is 
-men; as, firemen, workmen. The following are not compounded, 
but form their plurals regularly: Germans, Mussulmans, Otto- 
mans, Turcomans, caymans, desmans, firmans, talismans. 

The irregular plural formations of the common words 
man, men, — foot, feet, — goose, geese, are sufficiently well known to 
require no discussion, but mongoose, mongooses, Mr., Messrs., 
Mrs., Mesdames, are not so well understood. Bedouin, cannon, 
heathen, are alike in both numbers. Ethics, optics, news, politics, 
and means (in the sense of agency) are plural in form, but, as 
nominatives, require verbs in the singular. The words wages^ 
aborigines, antipodes, pains, and literati, take verbs in the plural. 

The words brother, die, pea, penny, staff, have each two plurals, 
according to the meaning. 

Many nouns from other languages have an EngHsh, as well as a 
foreign, plural: beans, beaux; formulas, formulcB; indexes , indices ; 
bandits, banditti; cherubs, cherubim; seraphs, seraphim. The 
English plurals are now generally preferred. 

Some nouns have the same form in both numbers : deer, sheep, 



swine, grouse, trout, Chinese, Portuguese, Tyrolese, Japanese. 
Gollectively, fish and fowl are plural; as individuals, fishes and 
jowls are the plural forms. 

In certain loosely-formed hyphenated compounds, the prin- 
cipal word is pluralized : courts-martial, cousins -german, knights- 
errant, sons-in-law. In close compounds ending in -ful, the 
plural is formed regularly; as, handjuls, cupjuls, spoonjuls. 

The terminations -able and -ible cause much confusion in 
spelling. Those adjectives from Latin words ending in -abilis, 
as well as those of English origin, take the termination -able, and 
comprise much the larger number; as, mutable, potable, eatable, 
laughable, etc. Those derived from Latin words ending in 
-ibilis, take the termination -ible; as, credible, vendible, legible. 
The derivative forms, as, accessible, -ibly, -ibility, inaccessible, 
etc., follow the same rule. The following short list of -ible 
terminations comprises nearly all in ordinary use. Any words 
not found in this Ust may reasonably be supposed to end in -able: 




















































, descendible. 





























Derivatives from these. 

as, inaccessible, infallible. 

illegible, etc.. 

also end in -ible. 

Passible and impassible must be distinguished from passable 
and impassable, — words of different meaning. 

The initial syllables em-, en-, and in- are now more defi- 
nitely used than formerly. The words: embitter, embosom, enclasp, 
engulj, ensnare, inclose, inquire, instil, instruct, intrust, and a few 


others, still show considerable diversity of spelling. The forms 
having the greater weight of authority have been given in the 

The chief points of difference between British and Amer- 
ican spelling relate to the endings -our and -ise. The American 
dictionaries are, for the most part, agreed in the use of -or, instead 
of -our; and -ize, instead of -ise. Webster writes Savior, glamour, 
but prefers enamor; the Century, Standard, and Worcester, write: 
Saviour, and prefer enamour, glamour. With these two excep- 
tions (enamour, glamour), the American standards agree in the 
suppression of the u. 

To avoid the unsightly repetition of the ou digraph, many 
British authorities write clamorous, humorous, laborious, instead 
of clamourous, humourous, labourious. 

While the American standards employ -ize in preference to the 
English termination -ise, in most words having this termination, 
they are generally agreed in retaining -ise in : 











apprise (to in- 

















(af-, dis-, en-), 

The forms catechise, criticise, exorcise, are still in good use, 
with a growing preference for catechize, criticize, exorcize. 

There is an increasing tendency to suppress silent e in -ine 
terminations, especially in the use of medical and chemical terms. 
The Century and the Standard dictionaries and the latest edition 
of Gould's Dictionary of Medicine represent the improved spell- 
ing, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science 
has recommended the new form. The words chlorin, dentin, 
gelatin, glycerin, paraffin, ptyalin, illustrate the new principle. 
Many chemical terms like chloride, oxide, etc., are now often 
correctly written chlorid, oxid. 

Words ending in -er and -or occasion some confusion. The 
-or terminations constitute the larger number. No satisfactory 


principle of discrimination has been formulated. Nearly all 
terms of this class pertaining to the legal profession end in -or. 
as: abettor, acceptor, covenantor, debtor, executor, guarantor, juror, 
lessor, mortgagor or mortgageor. 

The ending -er is generally preferred to -re ; as in theater, 
center. To preserve the proper sound of c and g, the -re termi- 
nation is retained in acre, chancre, lucre, massacre, ogre. 

Words ending in -cion, -sion, and -tion form a large list, and 
are often misspelled. Those which, in their shortest form, end 
in -d, -de, -ge, -mit, -rt, -se, -ss, usually take -sion. Most of the 
others end in -tion; a few in -cion. 

The letters 1, f, and s, preceded by a single vowel, are 
doubled at the end of a monosyllable: ball, will, bluff, cliff, class, 
dress. Exceptions: clef, if, oj, as, gas, has, is, pus, this, thus, 
was, us, yes. The rule does not apply to s when used to form the 
possessive case or the plural; as, boy^s, boys. 

Consonants other than 1, f, s, are rarely doubled at the end 
of a monosyllable. The exceptions are: abb, ebb, add, odd, rudd, 
egg, lamm, mumm, bunn or bun, inn, burr or bur, err, murr, parr, 
purr or pur, shirr, butt, buzz, fuzz. 

No definite rule for the spelling of words ending in -ance, -ancy, 
-ant, and of those ending in -ence, -ency, -ent, can be formulated. 
The idea of action or agency more generally pervades the former, 
and the idea of state or being, the latter; as, servant, aspirant, 
assistant, confidant; diligent, patient, confident; defiance, resist- 
ance; excellence, confidence; buoyancy, corpulency, solvency. 
The noun and adjective forms are usually in accord. If in 
doubt whether transcendent is spelled with -ant or -ent, the stu- 
dent may remember one of the noun forms, transcendency, tran- 
scendence, and this will serve to remove the doubt respecting the 

The termination -ense is preferred to -ence in defense, offense, 
pretense, on the ground that defensive, offensive, pretension, take 
the s. The words expense, license, recompense, formerly spelled 
with c, have entirely dropped the old form. 



These exclamations are often used interchangeably by careless 
writers. It is better to limit O to an address in the vocative, 
with the exclamation point at the end of the phrase, as, O my 
friends! It is also used as an ejaculative expression of desire or 
regret, as, O that I had wings like a dove ! O that I should live 
to see this day ! In trivial and colloquial speech, O is employed, 
as, O my ! O dear ! O fie ! O George ! O Mary 1 

Oh is used to denote pain or woe, or sudden emotion. Except 
at the beginning of a sentence, it properly takes a lower-case 
letter; as. She is in her grave, and oh! the difference to me. 


Many foreign words, like depot, debut, debris, have become 
so thoroughly a part of the English language as to require no 
accent over the vowel. 


Abbreviated forms of spelling, as, w^, y^, hon^'^, judgmt, once 
very common, especially in epistolary writing, are no longer used. 
In dictionaries and gazetteers; in treatises on botany, chemistry, 
and mathematics; in commercial tables and trades lists; and in 
foot-notes or very narrow columns, letters, figures, signs, and 
other characters are admissible, but in books, magazines, and news- 
papers, and in copy for the printer, as well as in ordinary corre- 
spondence, the word should be written in full. In formal legal 
documents, and in notes and cards for social occasions, even the 
day, the month, and the year are now spelled out. 

The abbreviations Mr., Mrs., Messrs., Jr. or Jun., Sr. or 
Sen., are exceptions to the general rule. These are rarely spelled 
out in full; but Hon., Rev., Gen., Capt., Col., Maj., while often 
found in newspapers, should not be seen in books, nor in letters 
of a formal character. This is also true of ult., prox., and inst. 


While e.g., i.e., q.v., viz., etc., may be allowed where space is 
limited, as in foot- or side-notes, they should be avoided in the 
body of the text as far as possible. Instead of the *, f, ||, §, and 
other marks of reference, small letters or figures are now em- 
ployed by the best writers and printers, and are placed above 
and to the right of the word or phrase in question. The am- 
persand ( &) is authorized in the business name of a firm or 
corporation, as in George W. Jacobs & Co., The Baltimore & 
Ohio Railroad Co., but in the text of standard books, the w^ords 
are printed in full, as, Delaware and Hudson Railroad Company. 

Dialect, slang, and colloquial expressions often give piquancy 
to a story, and may be tolerated in conversation and light descrip- 
tion, but should not be encouraged. Ain't, hain't, are of bad 
form and should be avoided. Some authorities space the letters 
to suggest the separation between words, as, 't was, 't is, 't was n't, 
but most publishing houses close up the spaces. The object of 
abbreviation is to save space. The proper abbreviation for 
Pennsylvania is Pa., and for Philadelphia, Phila. The longer 
forms, Penn. or Penn'a, and Philada., are needless, and should 
be avoided. 

Abbreviations like Fig. i or E.g. at the beginning of a sen- 
tence, even in a foot-note, are unsightly and should be avoided, 
although they may be perfectly admissible in the body or at the 
end of the sentence. In catalogues and tabulated lists, 4to, 8vo, 
i2mo, are used, but should never begin a sentence and should not 
be followed by a period. 


To prevent a combination of two vowels that must be sounded 
separately a dieresis is placed over the second, as, cooperate, 
reelect, preemption. If at the end of a line the first vowel is 
separated from the second by a hyphen, the dieresis is omitted. 
The hyphen is sometimes employed in other situations instead 
of the dieresis. 



Among alphabetical languages the English is conceded to be 
the most irregular and inconsistent in its orthography. Repeated 
efforts have been made to correct it, but until the subject was 
taken in hand by the Philological Society of England and the 
American Philological Association, but Httle progress had been 

In 1876 an International Convention for the Amendment of 
EngKsh Orthography was held in Philadelphia. In 1892 the 
Modem Language Association of America united with the Philo- 
logical Societies in this movement. About 3500 words are recom- 
mended for change. The following ten rules are specially recom- 
mended by these learned bodies for general adoption: 

e. Drop silent e when fonetically useless, as in liv, singl, eatn, 
raind. Write er for re in theater. 

ea. Drop a from ea having the sound of short e, as in jether, 

0. For having the sound of u in hut, write m as in ahuv, tung. 

ou. Drop from ou having the sound of short u, as in triibl, ruj. 
For -our write -or, as in honor, labor. 

u, ue. Drop silent u after g before a, and also before e in nativ 
English words; and drop final ue: gard, gest, catalog, leag. 

Dubl consonants may be simplified when fonetically useless: 
hailij, batl, writn, traveler, but not in words like hall, call. 

d. Change d and ed final to / when so pronounced, as in lookt, 
etc., unless the e affects the preceding sound, as in chajed. 

gh, ph. Change gh and ph to / when so sounded, as in enough, 
laughter, phonetic (enuf, lafter, fonetic). 

s. Change j to z when so sounded, especially in distinctiv 
words and in -ise: abuze, advertize. 

t. Drop / in tch: catch, pitch (each, pich). 



The ultimate standard of pronunciation is the usage of the 
most cultured people to whom the language is vernacular. It is 
the province of the lexicographer to set forth this usage. The 
dictionary, therefore, becomes practically the standard. As usage 
is variable, it is not surprising that the dictionaries show much 
variety. The wonder is that they accord as fully as they do. 

It is to be regretted that in England and America there is not 
some governing board or court of arbitration, something like 
the French Academy, to which all questions of disputed spelling 
and pronunciation might be referred for decision. The nearest 
approach to such an authoritative body is the Board appointed to 
determine the form of spelling of geographical names to be em- 
ployed in the Government printing establishment. 

There is no good reason why one standard should not serve 
for all the English-speaking nations throughout the world. The 
closer commercial relations and the increasing social intercourse 
between England and America make it the more desirable. While 
to Americans it would seem like taking a step backward to write 
waggon, labour, emphasise, and other variant spellings, to Eng- 
land, as the mother country, it would doubtless seem humihating 
to conform to American usage. If perfect uniformity on all 
points of difference in spelling and pronunciation, not only 
between England and America, but among the American stand- 
ards themselves, could be secured, scarcely any sacrifice would 
be too great. 

In the present volume we can hope to present only the best 
current usage in the United States, as represented by Webster 
(The International), Worcester, The Century, and the Standard. 




The following is a table of the elementary sounds of the English 
language, with the diacritics employed in this volume to represent 


at, apple, man, called short a. 

ate, able, made, called long a. 

air, care, bear, called coalescent a. 

arm, far, alms, called Italian a. 

all, haul, saw, called broad a. 

ask, pass, chance, called intermediate a. 

abide, disavow, flora, called obscure a. 

end, met, compel, called short e. 
e, evil, veto, predict, called long e. 
e, err, term, permit, called coalescent e. 

ill, mint, incur, called short i. 

ice, find, pirate, called long i. 

on, lot, offend, called short o. 

old, home, obey, called long o. 

orb, form, forlorn, called coalescent o. 
i6. Hf up, hunt, undone, called short u. 

17. u, use, fume, humane, called long u. 

18. ii, urn, curb, purloin, called coalescent u. 

19. d6, foot, book, hoodwink, called short 00. 

20. OD, ooze, noon, moonlight, called long 00. 

21. oi, oil, coin, foible. 

22. ou, out, proud, sounding. 



7. a, 

8. g, 




















































38. f, fair. 43. t, tan. 

39. h, hat. 44. Ch, chin. 

40. k, kind. 45. sh, shun. 

41. p, pen. 46. th, thin. 

42. s, sun. 47. wh, what. 


48. Ch, Bach. 

49. hj baton. 

50. ii, etude. 

51. n, ink. 



The diacritics employed in the volume are: the macron, a, e, i, 
6, u, OD, used to indicate the long-vowel sounds; the breve, &, 6, I, 
6, u, d6, indicating the short vowels; the caret, i, e, 6, ii, desig- 
nating the coalescents, and showing their blending with the sound 
of r; the dieresis, a, a, ii, placed over the a to show what is gener- 
ally called the sound of Italian a, and under to indicate the sound 
of broad a, and over u to represent French u; the obeHsk, a, to 
represent intermediate a; and the period, a, n, n, to represent 
obscure a, the French n, and the nasal n, sounding Hke ng. The 
only other marked letters are the vocal tfi and the German Ch. 


It i^ unfortunate that the sounds and the letters that represent 
them are, by most persons, called by the same names, vowels and 
consonants. It were better to limit these terms to the characters, 
and find other names for the sounds, as is done by writers on 
phonetics and by teachers of elocution. The vowel sounds are 
uttered with the least obstruction or modification of the voice. 
They are sometimes called vocals, or tonics (tone sounds). In the 
utterance of the consonant sounds there is a wide range from the 
vowel-like openness of / and r, to the constricted mouth and throat 
positions for m, p, t, g, k, th. These sounds readily divide them- 
selves into two classes, the first having a measure of vocahty, and 
the second consisting of unvocaHzed breath. The former are 
called sub vocals, or subtonics; the latter, aspirates, or atonies. 


The terms diphthong and tripthong should be restricted to the 
sounds represented by the vowel digraphs and trigraphs. Every 
vowel sound which, in its utterance, requires a change of mouth 
position, is diphthongal. A diphthong is defined as the union of 
two vowel sounds pronounced in one syllable; a triphthong as the 
union of three vowel sounds in one syllable. The confounding 


of the terms diphthong and digraph, as well as triphthong and 
trigraph, has led to the mistaken notion that two characters are 
necessary to represent the diphthong, and three characters to 
represent the triphthong. The vowel characters i and u (high, 
Hugh) represent, singly, the union of two sounds, and, therefore, 
they are diphthongs as truly as are the sounds represented by the 
digraphs oi and ou. Long a and o (pay, no) are also diphthongal, 
although less so than i and u. The classical digraphs cb and ce, 
generally, but improperly, called diphthongs, are being rapidly 
displaced by the simple letter e, whose single sound, long or short, 
they represent: ^ohan, EoHan; esthetic, esthetic; esophagus, 


Of all the long-vowel sounds, e is the only one that is strictly 
elementary. The remaining vowel sounds, except those repre- 
sented by the digraphs oi and ou, and most of the consonant 
sounds, may properly be regarded as elementary. The sounds 
represented by / and ch are capable of further analysis. The 
digraphs sh, th, wh, ng, represent elementary sounds. There is 
nothing gained by transposing wh to represent the pronunciation 
of words containing that digraph, as is done in some dictionaries. 


A standard sound is one that is unmodified by its surroundings. 
It is the fullest form of an elementary sound. The a in day and 
the p in cap represent standard sounds. The a in take and the p 
in captain are deprived of their vanishing element and are clipped 
sounds. Vowel and consonant sounds ahke are subject to modi- 
fication by their surroundings. 


The term cognates is applied to sounds requiring the same or 
nearly the same mouth positions, as / and t; in fan, van; k and g 
in keel, gale, p and h in pin, bin; ch and ; in cheer, jeer. 



' The terms long and short, as applied to vowels, have led to much 
confusion. As names for certain sounds, they are justified by 
long and almost universal use, but when so employed, all idea of 
length or quantity should be excluded. The short a in mad, sang, 
is longer than the long a in mate, sake. 


A table of elementary sounds should present as key words such 
words as afford the least opportunity for diversity of pronunciation. 
They should be arranged in groups under the letter or digraph 
that, in English usage, most commonly represents the sound which 
they are intended to illustrate. The five vowels, a, e, i, o, u, 
with their markings, represent eighteen sounds. The letter a 
alone represents seven sounds. It is unfortunate that in the pres- 
ent state of the English language one letter should be made to 
bear so heavy a burden, but these seven sounds are better repre- 
sented by a than by any other letter or digraph. These sounds, 
then, are said to be the normal sounds of a. Other sounds of a, 
as in any, what, are better represented by other characters in the 
table, and are therefore unusual sounds of a. The normal or 
English sound of ch is heard in chin; its unusual sounds, in 
chaise and chasm. 


Substitutes for the letters or combinations of letters usually 
employed to represent a sound, are called equivalents. The equiv- 
alents for short i are seen in the words: English, heaufm, certain, 
heen, forezgn, monke>', carr/age, sieve, women, tortoise, husy, 
bw/ld, ^\2iguy, n;ymph. 


A full discussion of the influence of letters and sounds upon one 
another in their many relations as foimd in words, would fill a 


volume. Only such points as may be necessary to a better under- 
standing of the present work are here presented under the head 
of General Principles of Pronunciation. These are usually so 
well understood as to render the use of diacritical and other marks, 
in many cases, unnecessary. In the occasional, unusual, and 
exceptional uses of the following sounds, and in all doubtful cases, 
the word will be marked or respelled. 



The vowels a, e, i, o, u, when forming or terminating accented syllables, 
are long: a'ble, ma'ker, e'ven, me'ter, i'dle, vi'tal, o'gre, lo'cal, u'nit, pu'pil. 
When they form or terminate unaccented syllables, e, o, u, are long, but 
are uttered with that diminished force and sharpness which the absence 
of accent always begets : el'e ment, ap'po site, oc'cu py . 

The letter a when forming or terminating an unaccented syllable is 
obscure, and the letter i represents the sound of short i: a bout', ap'a thy, 
vis'i ble, hap'pl ness. When y is used as a vowel, it falls under the same 
law as i. 

A vowel followed by a consonant and terminal e in the same syllable 
is generally long: mate, cede, re pine', a lone', pro fuse'. Many exceptions 
are found in the unaccented terminal syllables -He and -ine: fertile, hostile, 
doctrine, determine. 

A vowel followed by one or more consonants in the same syllable, but 
not having a terminal e, is short: mat, ebb, film, rob'in, sul'len. 

a. — Italian a is generally followed by r, with or without other consonants: 
far, harm, cards. In a few words it is represented by au followed by n: 
aunt, daunt, launch. 

a. — Broad a is usually followed by /, //, or silent w. al'most, fal'ter, call, 
paw. It is often represented by au: haul, maud'lin. 

k. — Coalescent a is usually followed by re. It is long a modified byr: 
care, dare. In derivatives, the e is usually dropped on taking a suffix 
beginning with a vowel: shar'ing, compar'ing. It is often represented by 
air (pair, chair) and sometimes by ear (pear, bear). 

a. — Intermediate a occurs chiefly in monosyllables ending in //, ft, ss, 
St, sk, sp, nee, nch, nt, and in their derivatives: chaff, shaft, passed, chanting 
It is a rich, musical sound, and should not be supplanted by the less musical 
short a. In its organic formation it lies intermediate between short a and 


a. — Obscure a occurs only in unaccented syllables. It may constitute 
or end a syllable, but it never begins one. It is sufficiently differentiated 
frorrPboth Italian and intermediate a to entitle it to a distinct and separate 
place in the table, and is rarely incorrectly sounded. Examples: a mong', 
a round', a bout', cit'a del, com'pa ny, so'fa, i de'a. When it forms or ends 
a syllable, and is immediately followed in the next syllable by an accented 
vowel, it often takes the sound of long a, as in a e'ri al, cha ot'ic. 

ae. — This digraph (ae) represents a single elementary sound, and not 
the union of two sounds. It should not therefore be called a diphthong. 
When it forms or terminates a syllable, it has the sound of long e : ae'gis, 
ae o'li an, Cae'sar. When it is followed by a consonant in the same syllable, 
it takes the same sound that e would have in the same position: di «r'e sis. 
The single e is gradually taking its place: e o'Han, es thet'ic. This digraph 
is largely used in the terminal syllables of scientific terms of classic origin: 
An ten^na ri'i dae, AnMre ae a'ce ae. 

ai. — The normal English sound of at is long a: pain, maid, maintain. 
If followed by r, it becomes coalescent a: fair, hair, lair. In the unac- 
cented terminal syllable -tain, it is equivalent to short i: cap'tain, foun'tain, 

au. — The usual sound of au is broad a: haul, laud, exhaust. When 
followed immediately by n, it is usually Italian a: jaunt, taunt. 

ay. — This digraph (ay) has the sound of long a: day, say, por tray'. 

%, — Coalescent e has been the subject of much controversy. It is always 
followed by terminal r, or by r with one or more different consonants follow- 
ing in the same syllable: err, her, term. This sound is often represented by 
*: firm, squirm. Some lexicographers confound it with ur, as in burn, curl. 

ea. — The normal sound of ea is long e : meat, cheat, fear, appear. 

ee. — This digraph (ee) in English words, represents the sound of long 
e: fleet, cheer. 

ei. — In monosyllables and accented syllables, ei usually represents long 
a: rein, veil. There are many exceptions, conspicuous among them being 
ei'ther, nei'iher, ceil'ing. In unaccented syllables, the sound is usually 
short i\ for'feit, sur'feit, mul'lein. 

eigh. — The silent gh usually serves to give to the digraph ei the sound 
of long a: neigh, weigh, freight, inveigh. 

eu. — This digraph is an equivalent for long u: feud, neuter, pseudonym. 

ew. — These two letters combine to represent the sound of long w. ievf, 
new, hewn. 

ey. — The digraph ey, terminating a monosyllable or an accented syllable, 
takes the sound of long a: they, obey', convey'. When unaccented, it 
takes the sound of short i: mon'ey, hon'ey. 

i. — When i forms or terminates an accented syllable, it is long; as, i'vory, 


mi'ca, compli'ance. But when in pronunciation it is made to blend with 
the following syllable, it becomes short; as, divi'sion, recogni'tion, ini'tial. 

ie. — In monosyllables ending in ie, and in their derivatives, this digraph 
usually represents the sound of long i\ tie, vie, hie, lied. In an unaccented 
terminal syllable, it becomes short i: bon'nie, Jen'nie. 

igh. — In this combination the silent gh serves to give the vowel the 
sound of long i: sigh, light, plight. 

-ian, -ion. — The termination -ian is usually sounded like yan, and -ion 
like yun: banian, bunion, minion. 

ir. — This digraph has the sound of er: fir, firm. 

oa. — The normal sound of oa is long o: boat, coat, foal, moan. 

oe. — As an Enghsh termination of a syllable, it is sounded like long o: 
toe, hoe, woe, mistletoe. In words of classic origin, the letters are usually 
combined, and the sound is that which e alone would have in the same 
situation: oesophagus, (Edipus. 

oi. — The usual sound of this digraph is that heard in oil, toil, loin, groin. 

00. — This digraph, like most of the others, represents several sounds. 
The most common is that of long oo : food, boon, loom, mood, soon. 

or. — Much diversity of opinion exists relative to the proper sound of 
this digraph. When unmarked in this volume, it will have the sound as 
heard, in orb, born, storm. In unaccented terminal syllables, the sound 
bends toward that of ur: an'chor, la'bor, stu'por. 

ou. — This combination represents ten or eleven different sounds. The 
one represented by the unmarked character in the vocabulary list is that 
heard in found, lounge. 

-ous. — In the unaccented terminal syllable -ous, the o is silent: en'vi ous, 
cal'lous, fa'mous. 

ow. — This digraph represents four sounds. The most common is that 
heard in cow, plow, how, and is equivalent to ou in found. In unaccented 
terminal syllables, it generally takes the sound of long a: shad'ow, win'dow. 
Careless speakers give it, in such words, the sound of short m, as win'duh, 
shad'uh, raead'uh, a sound which should be carefully avoided. 

u. — Long M, like long i, is a clearly defined compound vowel. Its initial 
element is the consonant y\ its vanishing element is long oo. When pre- 
ceded in the same syllable by the sound of r, sh, or w, it drops the y element 
and takes the sound of long oo: rude, shute, sure. When long u forms a 
syllable, and is immediately preceded by r in an accented syllable (er'u dite, 
vir'u lent), some authorities change u to long oo; it is better, however, to 
give it a shortened form of long u. 

ur. — This digraph is often called the natural vowel. The u and r co- 
alesce, and practically form one sound: furl, curb, murmur. It is readily 
differentiated from er, or its equivalents ir, yr. 



The doubling of a consonant does not change its sound: ebb, add, staff 
egg, mill, crammed, pinned, sipped, purr, pass, buzz. 

C. — Before a, o, u, the letter c has the sound of k: cat, cow, cull. Before 
e, i, y, it has the sound of s: cent, city, cyst. 

ch. — The normal English sound of ch is that heard in chin, chart, chum. 
In words from the French, it has the sound of sh: chaise, charades. In 
words from the Greek, it has the sound of k: chasm, ar'chitect. 

d. — The termination -ed following an aspirate in the same syllable, 
takes the sound of /: asked, stuffed, passed. This principle is so well 
understood as not to require the respelling of the word to denote its pro- 

g. — Like c, this letter before a, o, u, is hard, and has its own sound, as 
heard in gate, go, gull. Before e, i, y, it is usually soft, having the sound 
of ;: gem, giant, gypsy. In all doubtful cases, the word or syllable will 
be respelled, employing the letter g to represent the hard, and ; to represent 
the soft sound of that letter. 

gh. — Before a vowel, this digraph has the sound of hard g : aghast, gherkin, 
ghostly. This combination is sometimes employed by orthoepists to 
represent the sound of hard g, as gibbous (ghib'bus). At the end of a 
syllable, gh generally represents /: laugh, tough, cough, enough. 

n. — Before the sound of k in the same syllable, n represents the sound 
of ng: ink, sank, monk. When it terminates an accented syllable, and 
is immediately followed by hard g, q, or k, in the same word, it also takes 
the sound of ng: an'ger, an'chor, ban'quet. 

ph. — The normal sound of ph is /: phase, phrensy, photograph. 

qu. — This digraph represents a close combination of the sounds of k 
and TV, and is not easily mistaken: quite, queen, quoth. 

r. — While all sounds are subject to modification by their surroundings, 
no other consonant affects the vowel sounds to the extent that r does. When 
it follows long a or long o, it transforms these vowels at once into coalescents. 
When it precedes long u, it changes this sound into long oo. Before a 
vowel it should be trilled. In emphatic and deliberate utterance, the 
trill should be decided; in unaccented syllables, and in colloquial discourse, 
it should be less marked. The speech of most Americans would be im- 
proved by a more liberal use of the trilled r. 

When r terminates a syllable having the primary accent, and is im 
mediately followed in the next syllable by a vowel or another r, the vowel 
in the accented syllable becomes short: car, c3.r'ry; her, her'oine; sir, sir'up; 
for, f6r'eign; bur, bur'row. Coalescent e when under the secondary accent, 
follows the same rule: cem'e tgr'y. 


S. — The normal sound of s is that heard in sit, miss, insist. It is so 
often employed to represent the sound of z that in some instances it be- 
comes almost necessary to use c to insure the true pronunciation of the 
word: profuse (-fuce'), precise (-sice'), desist (-cist')- The 2 sound of s 
is, in most situations, so well understood as to render respelling unneces- 
sary: tubs, drags, chasm, prism, pleas, please, boxes, churches, mottoes, 
advise, surprise, betrays. 

W. — As elsewhere remarked, the letter w is not a vowel. It often follows 
a, e, or o, and combines with these vowels to form new sounds: saw, new, 

X. — The letter x, like c and q, represents no sound that is not better 
represented by other letters. Nevertheless, it is a convenient letter, repre- 
senting, as it does, two sounds in one character. Its normal sound is a 
combination of ks: tax, sex. At the beginning of a word it represents z: 
xanthine, xebec. 

y. — When y is used as an equivalent for the vowel i, it is subject to all 
the laws governing i: lie, lye; grist, tryst; tapir, satyr. In verb terminations, 
whether accented or unaccented, it usually takes the sound of long i : apply, 
multiply, satisfy. 

z. — The sound of 2 is heard in zest, topa'. While 5 often represents 
the sound of 2, the latter sometimes takes the place of s, as in Metz, waltz. 

zh. — The sound represented by this digraph is commonly called the zh 
sound. There is probably no word in the English language in which the 
characters z and h combine to represent the sound. In azure, seizure, it 
is represented by 2. It is most frequently represented by 5 in the terminal 
syllables -sure and -sion: leisure, measure, corrosion, exclusion. 

i-, bi-, chi-, cli-, cri-, pri-, tri-. — In these initial syllables, even when 
not accented, the / is generally long: i am'bic, bi og'ra phy, chi rop'o dist. 


-ceous, -cious, -scious, -tious. — These syllables are pronounced -shus: 
cetaceous, gracious, conscious, fractious. Righteous (ri'chus) is an ex- 
ceptional form In anxious (ank'shus), the k element of the x is pro- 
nounced in the first syllable, and the s element, which is changed to sh 
before i, is put into the second syllable. In luscious (lush'us), the s is 
lost, and ci, which represents sh, is placed in the first syllable. 

-cial, -sial, -tial. — These syllables are pronounced -shal: social, con- 
troversial, partial. Wh'le the a sound in the -ial and -ian terminations 
bends toward obscure a or short u, and in the mouths of careless speakers 
is often omitted, yet as a standard sound, it approaches more closely to 


short a than to any other sound. When a vowel precedes -sial, -sian, 
-sion, the initial sound of the terminal syllable becomes zh: as, ambrosial, 
elysian, elision. 

-cian, -sian, -tian. — These syllables are pronounced -shan: physician, 
Persian, gentian. 

-cion, -sion, -f.on. — These syllables are pronounced .-shun: coercion, 
mansion, potion. When 5 precedes the syllable -tion, this syllable is sounded 
-chun: exhaustion, digestion. When -sion is preceded by a vowel, it is 
pronounced -zhun: corrosion, delusion. A very common mistake is that of 
giving this sound to -sion when preceded by r: excursion, version. 

-geous, -gious. — These syllables are pronounced -jus: courageous, 

-geon, -gion. — These syllables are pronounced -jun: dungeon, legion. 

-ice, -ise, -ize. — In noun and adjective forms whose accent falls upon 
the penult or antepenult, the i is usually short: lat'tice, mor'tise. In verb 
forms whose accent, primary or secondary, falls upon the final syllable, 
the i is long: surprise, baptize, emphasize, analyze. 

-ide, -ine. — In regard to these terminations, usage is greatly varied. 
The Chemical Section of the American Association for the Advancement 
of Science, in 1889, passed a vote in favor of short i, and afterward voted 
to drop final e in the spelHng: bromin, chlorin, iodin, iodid, chlorid, bromid. 

-ile, -ite, -ive. — When not under the accent the vowel i in the termina- 
tions -ile and -ive is generally short, and in -ite, long: fertile, hostile, active, 
genitive, aconite, appetite. There are many exceptions. 

-ar, -er, -ir, -or, -ur, -yr. — A loose pronunciation of these unaccented 
terminal syllables makes them alike. Some reputable authorities justify 
this. Those who have regard for the refinements of speech will make a 
distinction. In dignified discourse, such words as dollar, scholar, will 
be sounded with Itahan a, softened by the r, and obscured by the absence 
of accent. In colloquial utterance, the a will lean still farther toward the 
dividing Hne between Itahan a and coalescent u. The -ir and -yr termina- 
tions are identical with -er in sound: taper, tapir, satyr. In deliberate 
utterance, -or takes the sound of coalescent o, smoothly uttered and without 
show of effort. To pronounce actor with almost equal accent upon the 
syllables, is painfully unpleasant to the listener. In conversation, -or 
resembles -ur more closely. The -ur sound, often called the natural vowel, 
is usually pronounced correctly. Occasionally an affected effort is made 
to give it the lighter form of -er. The terminations -ard, -ared, -erd, -ered, 
-ored, -ured, -yred (drunkard, collared, shepherd, peppered, labored, mur- 
mured, martyred) follow the same law. 

-any, -ary. — In any and many, the a takes the sound of short e. When 
the accent falls on the antepenult, the a forms or terminates an unaccented 


syllable, and, in accordance with the general rule, is obscure: botany, 
htany, boundary, granary. When the primary accent comes before the 
antepenult, the secondary accent falls upon the a which gives to the a in 
-any the sound of long a, and to the a in -ary the sound of coalescent a, 
with a strong leaning in both cases toward short e: miscellany, momentary. 


In the English language, every word of more than one sylla- 
ble is pronounced with a stress of voice upon one of its syllables. 
This stress is called accent. In words of three or more syllables, 
there is often a second stress, and in very long words, a third. 
The primary accent is the strongest. The lighter degrees of 
emphasis are called the secondary accents. An acute ear will 
often discover a difference in the force with which the secondary 
accents are given. The lightest of three varying accents might 
with greater propriety be called the tertiary accent. 

In monosyllables and in accented syllables the vowels are usu- 
ally uttered with sharpness of outline; in unaccented syllables, 
with less distinctness. In all forms of dignified discourse, the 
sounds, consonant as well as vowel, are given a sharpness that 
would be quite unbefitting in colloquial speech. But the un- 
accented vowels must never be uttered in a careless or slovenly 
manner. Walker, the English lexicographer, declares that a neat 
pronunciation of these forms constitutes "one of the greatest 
beauties of speaking." 

In nouns and adjectives of two syllables the accent usually falls 
upon the first, while in verbs, it occurs upon the second : al'mond, 
bel'lows, hap'py, cheer'ful, appear', convey'. So general is this 
law that the exceptions, which are quite numerous are frequently 
mispronounced; as, adept', adult', research', recess', romance', 
finance', canine', robust', rotund', con'strue, do'nate, ran'sack, 


The noun and verb forms of the same word are often distin- 
guished by change of accent; as, con'tract, contract'; es'cort, 
escort'. Adjectives and verbs are contrasted in Hke manner; as, 
ab'ject, abject'; ab'sent, absent'. 

A contrast in thought is often expressed by what is known as 
rhetorical or antithetical accent. The accent is transferred from 
its normal position to the contrasting syllable; as, He must in'- 
crease, but I must de'crease. 


In most of the languages of Continental Europe the letter a is sounded 
like a, e like a, and i like e. The digraph oe is sounded nearly like u in 
burn. It is best formed by an attempt to sound 6 with the mouth in position 
for 6. Long u is generally sounded like oo. The French or German ii 
has no equivalent in English. It is fairly well represented by uttering e 
through the mouth position for oo. 


The sounds of the consonant letters in foreign languages are even more 
irregular and unlike the English than are the vowels. These will be ex- 
plained and their use in words illustrated. 

The letter r is more strongly trilled than in English. When m and n, 
in French and Portuguese, occur at the end of a word or syllable, they 
have no distinctive sound, but simply impart nasality to the preceding 

The digraph ng takes the English sound in most of the European tongues, 
but in Italian the n does not blend with the g. The sound of Ih is usually 
that of /. 


Syllables ending in a vowel or vowel sound are said to be open; those 
ending in a consonant, closed. 


Accent, as this term is understood in English, is not so marked in the 
languages of Continental Europe. The stress is more evenly distributed. 


Accented syllables are not struck so forcibly, and unaccented syllables 
are not slighted so much, as in English. 

In French, the syllables are uttered with nearly equal stress. To the 
American ear many French words sound as if accented on the last syllable, 
and, to mark their proper pronunciation in English dictionaries, the primary 
accent is often placed upon the final syllable of such words. In the German, 
Hungarian, Dutch, and Swedish languages the stress is usually on the 
root syllable; and in the Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and PoHsh, it is on 
the penult. In some languages the vowel quantities determine the prom- 
inence of the syllables rather than any particular stress or accent. 

e = a, Pe=chi-li (pa^che^le'). 

i = e, Pe=chi=H (pa''che'le'). 

OW = oo, Chang-Chow (chang-choo'). 

U = Ob, Chang=Cheun=Cham (chang»che wn-cham), Aigun (i goon'). 

SZ = z, Szechuen (zachdben'). 

a = a, Gram (gram), Rafn (rafn). 

aa = a, Aalborg (al'borg), Aarhuus (ar'hoos), 
e = a when final in accented syllables; when not final it equals e, 

Lemvig (lem'vlg). e = a, Zoega (z6 a'ga). 
i = e in open accented syllables and in monosyllables, Hagi (ha'ge); 

in other situations = !, Beelitz (ba'lits). 
ii = e in open accented syllables and in monosyllables; in other 

situations = I. 
O =6 when open, Altona (al'to na) ; when closed = 6. 

oe = u, Hoe (hu); 5 has the same sound, Romer (ru'mer). 
u = oo when open, Hude (hoo'the); when closed = do, Hu»te 

UU = do, Aarhuus (ar'hoos). 

C = k before a, aa, o, u; before e, i, 6, y, it is like s. 

d = th when between two vowels or at the end of a syllable after a 

vowel, Budir (boother'), Egvad (eg vath'). It is silent before 

t or s, Gjedsted (ye steth'), and also when final after 1, n, r, 

t. When final it is sounded Hke t. When initial, d is sounded 

as in English. 
g = g- After a vowel in monosyllables it is slightly guttural. 

h = h. Before j and v it is silent, Hvam (vam). 

j = y> Fjelso (fygl'su), Hjarno (yar'no). 

V = do after s; elsewhere = v 

y = ii, Nyerup (nu'er ^p). 


a = a in open syllables, Hals (hals), Brabant (bra bant'). 

aa = a in open syllables, Raalte (ral'te), Alkmaar (alk'mar'). 
au = ou, Van Pauw (van pow), 
e = a when final in accented syllables, Breda (bra'da); unaccented 

it= u. Before r it= a, Berkel (bar'kel). Before two or 

more consonants it= e. Delft (delft). 
se = a when final in monosyllables and accented syllables, Eem (am), 

Weeninx (wa'ninks). Before r it= a, Eerbeek (ar'bak). 
i = e in open syllables, Mieroslavski (mye ro slav'ske). When 

doubled, it has the same sound. Before a consonant in the 

same syllable it= i, Dilsen (dil'sen). 
ie == e, van Mieris (van me'ris). 

O = 6 before two or more consonants, Dokkum (dok'koom). In open 

syllables it takes the sound of 5, Hodel (ho'del). 
oe = d6, Doezum (d^ zd6m'). 
00 = 5 in open syllables. Van Noort (van nort'), Noodt (not), Troost 

ou = ou, Wouverman (wow'ver man). 
u = ii in open syllables, Nuland (nii'lant). When doubled, it has 

the same sound. In closed syllables it is equivalent to u, 

Jubbega (yiibba'ga). 
uy = oi, Enkhuysen (enk hoi'sen). 
ch = ch, Bocholz (bSdi'olts). 
d = t when final, Herveld (her'velt); elsewhere it has the sound of 

English d, Bedum (ba'ddom). 
dt = t, Bildt (bilt), Amersfoordt (a'mers fort). 
g = di or h strongly aspirated, Bergum (b6r'hd6m). 

j = y? Jelsum (yel'soom). 

sch = sh when final before silent e; elsewhere it = sk nearly, Scheld 

(sk61t), Schiedam (ske'dam). 
y = i nearly, Mytens (mi'tens), Nieuwentyt (nu'ven tit). 

a = a when open. About (a'boo'); when closed, it has the sound a. 

ai = 3,, Pain (pan). 

-am, -an, -em, -en= 6n, at the end of a word or syllable, Ozanam 

(6 za non'), Allemand (aFmon'), Vieuxtemps (vyu ton'), de 

Montpensier (de mon pon se a'). 
au = 6, Aube (6b), Aude (od), Pau (po), Quinault (ke'no'). 
aux = o, faux pas (fo pa). 


e = a when open, Sable (sabla'). e= e when closed, Mettray 

(m6 tra') ; when final and unaccented it is silent, Scarpe (skarp) . 

Before r when not followed by a second consonant, it is sounded 

like a. Perdu (par^du'). 
eau = 6, Beaune (bon), Eauze (6z), chateau (sha to'). 
eaux = 6, Meaux (mo). 
ee == a, Seez (sa). 
ei == a before r, Pereire (pe^rar'). 

ens = an, Amiens (a'me an). When accented it takes the sound of 

6n, Perrens (pa roh'). 
ent In the third person plural of verbs, ent is silent. 

esnies= am, Solesmes (so lam'). 
esnes = an, Fresnes (fran). 
i = e when open, Picot (pe^ko'), Ribot (re^bo'). 1=1 when closed, 

Finisterre (ftn is tar'). 
ie = e, Marie (ma'' re'). 

ier = e a, Gamier (gar ne a'). 
-im, -in, -ym, -yn, -aim, -ain, -eim, -ein = ah, at the end of a word 

or syllable, timbre (tah'br), Poussin (pdo^sah'), Nymphe 

(nahf), syntaxe (sah'taks). 
O =6 when open, Amero (a^ma'ro). 0=6 when closed, Postel 

oi, ois, oix= wa. Noire (nwa^ra'), Blois (blwa), Agenois (a zha nwa'), 

Foix (fwa). 
on = on, Conte (koh^ta'). Pons (poh). 
ou = oo, Brioude (bre obd'), Agincourt (a zhah kdbr'), de la Noue 

(de la nob'). 
U = ii when open, etiide (a tiid'). 

-um, -un= uh at the end of a word or syllable, humble (uh'bl) chacon 

C = s before e, i, y. Before a, o, u, it = k. g has the sound of s 

before all vowels. 
ch = sh, Auch (osh), Chauvin (shoVah'). Before a consonant in the 

same syllable it has the sound of k. 
cq = k, Flobecq (fi5 bek'), Roncq (ronk). 

d, g, n, s, t, X, and z when final are usually silent, and leave the syllable 

open, Nord (nor), Flers (flar), Gannat (gan^na'), Geant 

(zha^6h'), Carmaux (kar^mo'). In proper names, <f, when 

final, is generally sounded, Boyard (bo^yard'). Before a vowel 

beginning the next word it has the sound of t. 
de = de, de Tocqueville (de tok'vil). 
g = zh before e, i, y, Bergerac (bar zha rak'), Agen (azh6h'); before 


a, o, u, it has the sound of English g, Guerande (ga rond'), 

Guise (gez). When final it is usually silent, Troplong (tr6''l6n'). 
gn = ny, Mignet (men^ya'), Persigny (per^sen''ye'). 
gue = ga, Guerande (ga rond'). 
gui = ge. Guise (gez). 
h Generally silent, St. Haro (st. a'ro), St. Hautmont (st. o^moh'), 

Heric (a^rek'). 
j = zh, Anjou (ohzhot)'). 

11 = y or ly, Pouillet (pdo^ya' or poo^lya'). 

n See d. 

pt = t, Sept=Isles (set el'). 
q and qu= k, Alquier (al ke a'), Quost (kost). 
ques, quet, quette = ka, Quesnel (ka^nel'), Hecquet (a'ka'). 
S = z when between two vowels, Lisieux (le^zi^u'), Remusat (ra'mu'za'). 

When final it is often silent, Paris (pa''re'), Serres (sar). 
t When final is usually silent, Guyot (ge^o'), Thibaut (te^bo'). 

X = z before a vowel, Auxerre (o zar'). See d. 

y = e, Gretry (gra^tre'), Oudry (ooMre'). 

z final is silent, Nez Perces (na'par^sa'). See d. 


a = a, Abresch (a'brSsh), Kalk (kiilk). a= e, Wachter (vedi'ter). 

aa = a, Saale (sa'16), 

ai = I, Nicolai (ne'ko ll). 

au = ou, Pausa (pow'sa), Haupt (houpt), Rau (row), Strauss (strous). 

e = a in accented open syllables, Schlegel (shla'gel). Before r, or 

two consonants, or a double consonant = S, Hersfeld (hSrs'- 

fglt). When final = e, Reiske (ris'ke). 
ee = a, Schneeberg (shna'bfirg). 

ei = i, Eider (i'der). 

eu = oi, Beuthen (boi'ten), Creuzburg (kroits'boorg). 
ey = i, Pleyel (pli'el). 
i = e in open syllables or before a single consonant, Henrici (hen- 

rit'se). In closed syllables it equals i, Fritz (frits). 
ie = e, Siegen (se'gen). The g has a slightly guttural quality. 

O =6 before two consonants or a double consonant, Morhof (mor'hof). 

In other situations it= 6, Zollikofer (tsol'e ko fer). 
U = do when open, Kuty (koo'te). In closed syllables it has the 

sound of 06, Luckau (ld6k'ow). 
ui = we, pfui (pfwe). 
b == P when final or immediately before a final consonant, Abt (apt). 


C = k before a, o, u, Cassel (kas's61), Coblenz (ko'blents). Before 

a, e, i, y= ts, Peucer (poit'ser). 
ch = di, Bach (badi). When initial it= k, Chemnitz (k6m'nits). 
d = t when final or immediately before a final consonant, Crefeld 

(kra'felt), Burscheid (boor'shit). 
dt = t, Mundt (md6nt), Schmidt (shmit). 
g = g, Siegen (se'gen). It sometimes takes a guttural quality. When 

followed by t it is equivalent to ch, Vogt (fodit). 
J = y. Jena (ya'na), Jacobi (ya ko'be). 

S = z when initial or after a consonant other than b, p, or ch, Reinesius 

(ri na'ze d6s), von Riedesel (fon re'de zel). 
sch = sh, Schaumburg (shoum'bd6rg). 
sz = s, -flusz (fld6s), gusz (gd6s). 
th = t, Beuthen (boi'tgn). 

ti = ts in the terminal syllable -tion, nation (nSt si on'). 

Z = ts, Brenz (brSnts), Bregenz (bra'ggnts). 


a = a, Rajapur (raj a poor'), Rajkot (raj kot'). 

aa = a, Raat (rat). 

ai = i, Raipur (ri^poor'), Dainhat (din hat')- 

i = e, Riwari (re wa re'), Darjihng (dar jel'ing), 

dh = th, Pandharpur (pan thar poor'). 

pur = poor, Mirpur (mer poor'), Nagpur (nag poor'). 


a =6, Baja (b6 yo'), Krasso (krosh'sho). d= a, Bdcs (Bach). 

aa = a, Raab (rab). 

e = e, Breukelen (bre'kel en). 6= a, Szechenyi (sa'chen ye). 

i =1, Dimrich (dlm'rich). i= e. 

o =6 softened, Losoncz (I6^sh6nts'). 6=6 sharp, Bagyon (b6d yon'). 

U =06, Ujfalvy (d6'e folv). u= 00 or 06, Lugos (loo g6sh'), Mun- 

kacsy (moon ka'che). 
c = ts, Popovec (p6 p6 vgts'). 

CS = ch, Bacs (bach), Becse (b6t'ch6), Csik (chik), Sztanicsics (sta ne- 

cz = ts, Brestovacz (brSs to' vats), Petrovacz (pa tro vats'), Czegled 

ds and dy= j, Mindszent (minj sent'). 
g = g, Bogat (bo gat'). 

gj andgy= j. 


gh = g, Ghimes (ge'mes). 

gy = dy, Gyoma (dyo'ma), Magyar (mod yor'). 

j = y when used as a consonant, Jankovacz (y6n''k6'' vats'). When 

employed as a vowel it is equivalent to e, Ujfalvy (oo'e f6lv). 
rz = zh, Brzezany (bzha zha'ne). 

S = sh, Almas (al mash'), Borsod (bor shod'), Szentes (sen tesh'), 

Saros (sha'r6sh). 
SZ = s, Paszto (pas' to), Sztanicsics (sta ne chich'). 

ts and ty= ch, Hertkovtsi (hert kdv'che), Brettyo (brgt'cho). 
y = e when used as a vowel, Gyalu (ge a'loo). 

ZS = zh, Uzsok (oD zhok'). 

au = ou. Aula (ou'la). 
e = a in open syllables, Amadeo (a ma da'o). In closed syllables it 

equals 6, Pecci (pgt'che), Bettola (bet to'la). 
er = 6r, Perrone (p6r ro'na). 

i = e, Almici (al me'che), Altissimo (al tes'e mo). 

o =6 when open, Allori (allo're). When closed it equals 6, de 

Ponte (da p6n'ta). 
oi = 6 e, Goito (go'e to). 

on = 6n, Conti (k6n'te). 
U = oo, Amelunghi (a ma loon'ge). 

c = ch before e and i, Paceco (pa cha'ko), Portici (por'te che). 

CC = k before a, o, u, Lecco (16k'k6). Before e and i it= tch, Castel- 

luccio (kas tel lobt'cho), Pecci (pet'che), Ricci (ret'che), 

Riccio (ret'cho), Peccioli (pet'cho le). 
ch = k before e and i, Cherubini (ka roo be'ne), Chiusa (ke oo'sa). 

cch= k, Lamporecchio (lam p6 rek'ke o). 
g = j before e and i, Agira (a je'ra). 

gg = <^j» Buggiano (bood ja'no), Caravaggio (ka ra vad'jo). 
gh = g, Alghisi (al ge'ze). 

gl = ly, Ceglie (chal'ya), Ronciglione (ron chel yo'na). 

gn = ny, Bagnara (ban ya'ra), Bagni (ban'ye). 
h Generally silent, Borghetto (bor gat'to). 

j = y> Ajaccio (a yat'cho), Bojano (bo ya'no). 

ng n does not blend with g, Angri (an'gre). 

qu = kw, Querini (kwa re'ne). 

S = z when between two vowels, Alvisi (al ve'ze), Paisiello (pi ze £1'16). 

sc = sh before e and i, Bisceglie (be shal'ya), Scicli (shek'le), Sciglio 

(shel'yo). Before a, o, u, it equals sk, Scarpa (skar'pa). 
SCh = sk, Schio (ske'6). 


z = ts, Luzzara (loot sa'ra), Levantzo (la vant'so). When initial or 

after a consonant it equals dz, Zanchi (dzan'ke), Brienza 
(bre en'dza). 

zz = ts, Arezzo (a ret'so). 


The sounds are, for the most part, like those of the Danish. 
d = t when final in many nouns and adjectives, Tonstad (tfin'stat). 

g = y before a, e, i, o, y, Vigero (ve ya'ru). 

j = y, Fjeld (fyeld). 

sk = sh, Skjergehavn (shygr'ya havn). 
y = u, Trydal (tru'dal). 


o =6 when unaccented, Bulkov (bd61'k6v). When accented it has 

the sound of d6, Dobra (dd6'bra). 
ow = ov, Mzczonow (msha zo'nov), Pinczow (pin'chov). 
C = ts, Dzialoszice (dze a 16 she'tsa), Potocki (p6 tdts'ke). 

ch = rfi. When initial it equals k, Checiny (ket sen'ye), Chelm 

cz = ch, Czentochow (chSns to'kov), Pinczow (pin'chfiv). 
dz = j, Bodzetyn (b5 je'ten). 
j = y. Zamojski (za moy'ske). 

rz = zh, Brzezyn (bzha'zin). 
SC = ts nearly, Brzesc (bzhats). 
sz = sh, Naruszevitch (na roo she'vich). 

W = V, Poniatowski (p6 ne a tov'ske). 

y = ii nearly, Pulawy (poo la'wu). 


a = a when final, Braga (bra'ga). 

am = oun, Azambuja (a zoun boo'zha). 

ao = oun, Bissao (bis soun')- 

O =5 when open, Minho (men'yo). In closed syllables it has a 

softened or relaxed form of the same sound. 

OU =6 nearly, Vouga (vo'ga). 

g = s, Alcobafa (al ko ba'sa). 

cc = kk before a, o, u. Before e, i, y, it equals ks. 

ch = sh, Chanza (shan'za). 

g = j before e, i, y, Angeja (an ja'zha). 

gue = ga, Agueda (a ga'da). 

gui = ge, Aguiar (a ge ar'). 


h Often silent, Asinhal (a se nal'). 

j = zh, Alemtejo (a 16n ta'zho). 

Ih = ly, Velho (varyo). 

m = n when final or when following e, Almairim (al ma'e ren). 

n = n when final or when following e, Almendra (al mah'dra). 

nh = ny, Banho (ban'yo). 

qu = k before e and i, Alemquer (a leh kar'). Before a and o it equals 


S = z when between two vowels, Areosa (a ra o'za). 

X = sh generally, Caxaria (ka sha re'a). 

z = s when final, Aviz (a ves'). 


a = a, Susdal (sdosMal'), Sviaga (sve a'ga). 

au = ou, Chaussy (chou'se). 

ev = 6f, Balashev (ba la shSf). 

i = e, Svir (sver), Styr (ster). 

ch = k, Chotyn (ko ten'). 

sch = sh, Schavli (shav'le), Schklov (shkl6v). 

w = V, Narew (na'rSv). 

y = e, Chotyn (ko ten'). 

Words ending in a consonant usually take the accent on the last syllable; 

those ending in a vowel, on the penult. 

ai = i, Daimiel (di me el'). 

au = ou, Alcaudete (al kou da'ta). 

ue = wa, Cienfuegos (se 6n fwa'gos). 

b = V between two vowels, Ribera (re va'ra), Cordoba (kor do'va). 

c = th before e and i, Albacete (al ba tha'ta), Alcira (al the'ra). 

When final or before a, o, u, 1, r, it equals k. 

ch = k before a vowel having the circumflex accent. In other situa- 
tions it is sounded like the English ch, except in the province 
of Catalonia, where it has the sound of k. 

d = til when final, or when between vowels, Mellid (m61 letii'), Adajo 

(a tila'ho). 

de = da, de Toledo (da to la' do). 

g = di or y before e and i, Puente de Genii (pwSn ta da dia nel'). 

. Before a, o, u, 1, r, it has the sound of English g. 

gua = gwa, Guadalquiver (gwa dal ke ver'). 

gue = ga, Guedeja (ga da'ha). gUe = gwa, giiepil (gwa pel'). 

gui = ge. Aguilas (a'ge las). gui= gwe. 


guo = gwo. 

h Silent, except before ue, when it has a nasal sound, Brihuega 

(bre wa'ga). 
j = di nearly, or h strongly aspirated. Badajos (bad a hos'), Loja 

(lo ha'). 
11 = ly, Montilla (mon tel'ya), Tafalla (ta fal'ya). 

n = ny, Alcaniz (al kan yeth'), canon (kan'yon). 

qu = k, Barranquilla (bar ran kel'ya). 
y = e when standing alone or when final or after a vowel followed 

by a consonant. Orozco y Berra (o ros'ko e ber'ra). Before 

a vowel in the same syllable, or between two vowels, it has 

the sound of j. 
z = th, Alcaniz (al kan yeth'), Azuaga (a thoo a'ga). 

In Swedish words the accent falls on the root syllable. 

a = a, von Wrangel (fon vrang'61). a= a. 

aa = a, Kaai (ka'e). 

e = a when accented, Wener (va'ner). 

i = e, Kisa (ke'sa). 

O =6 when final, Orno (d6r'n6) ; elsewhere it = d6. 5 = u, Nor- 

denskjold (nor'den shuld), Ulfo (ool'fu). 

C = k before a, o, u, and aa, Calmar (kal'mar). Before e, i, y, a, 

and 6 it has the sound of s, Cimbrishamm (sem bre'sham). 

ch = k before a, o, u, and aa. When initial, it takes the sound of 
English ch. 

dt = t, Zetterstedt (zet'ter stet). 

f = V when final, Anderslof (an'der sluv); fv= v, Afvaudden (a vou'- 


g = y before e, i, a, 6, y, Gefleborg (yev la bOT)rg'). When it ends 

a syllable following another consonant it takes a sound re- 
sembling di or g strongly aspirated, Taberg (ta'berdi, or 
ta'berg). Elsewhere as English g, Berga (ber'ga). 

h = h English. It is silent before j and v. 

j = y, Jemtland (yemt'lant), Bjornstjerna (byurn styer'na), Hjelmar 


k = ch before a, e, i, o, y, Kengis (chan'yes); elsewhere like English 

k, Kull (kool). It is sounded before n, Knaby (kna'be). 

kj = ch, Kjoping (cho'peng). 

skj = sh, Nordenskjold (nd6r'den shuld). 

tj = ch, Tjorn (choorn). 

y = ii, Yngaren (iin'ga ren). 


The use of capitals as a means of distinction, like the use of 
italic, has been carried to excess. The custom of the best proof- 
readers of to-day is to allow no capital where a lower-case letter 
will serve. The chief difficulty attending the use of capitals 
grows out of the fact that a word may demand a capital in one 
situation, and a lower-case in another. In headings and titles, 
even a preposition or conjunction may be so important as to 
require a capital. In writing, full-sized capitals are indicated 
by three parallel hnes drawn under the letter or letters; small 
capitals, by two lines. The following suggestions and cautions 
will prove helpful: 

Every sentence must begin with a capital letter. To this rule 
there is probably no exception unless it be in quoting from an 
iUiterate writer to show that he began his sentence improperly. 

Every line in poetry must begin with a capital letter. This 
does not apply to an incomplete line carried over by reason of a 
narrow measure or page. 


Among the rules for the use of capitals, none greets the ear 
of the schoolboy more frequently than that which says, "Every 
proper name must begin with a capital letter." But while the 
letter of the rule is familiar, its spirit is commonly misunderstood. 
Such words as Government, Administration, State, Constitution, 


Capitals 5^ 

Cabinet, Capitol, Committee, are proper names in one situation, 
and common in another. The hne of distinction is sometimes 
so fine that even the teacher who reprimands his pupil for neglect 
of the rule is at times uncertain how to decide. 


Von, in German, Van, in Dutch, De or D' in French, and Da, 
De, Delia, or Di, in Itahan, when used to introduce a foreign 
proper name, usually take a capital; as, D'Aubigne, De Mille, Van 
der Meer, Von Wallenstein. When preceded by a title or by 
the baptismal name, the lower-case letter is most generally used 
in French and German; as, M. de Tocqueville, Ludwig van 
Beethoven. In the Itahan language, usage is somewhat divided. 

Proper nouns and adjectives preceded by pre- are written with 
lower-case and a hyphen : pre-adamite, pre-mosaic, pre-raphaelite. 


Words like Senatorial, Congressional, Presidential, Guber- 
natorial, Councilmanic, referring to a definite person or office, 
are capitalized. 

Many qualifying adjectives derived from proper names, and 
compounded with prefixes or suffixes, as, herculean, plutonian, 
tropical, hyperborean, are not capitalized. 


All names and appellations of the Deity, as God, Jehovah, 
Almighty, Father, Creator, Son, Holy Ghost, Saviour, Jesus 
Christ, Divine Sprit, Divine Benefactor, must begin with a 

In the Bible the pronouns He, His, Him, Thou, Thy, Thine, 
Thee, referring to the Deity, are set in lower-case, but in hymn- 
books, and manuals of devotion, and in newspapers, magazines, 
and epistolary correspondence, they are capitalized. 



Capitals are employed in naming the Bible or parts thereof, 
and in the important divisions of the Book of Common Prayer; 
as, The Scriptures, Gospels, Epistles, Psalms, Pentateuch, Col- 
lects, Litany, etc. 


Satan and Beelzebub are written with capitals. Devil, and 
Evil Spirit, when used with a strongly emphasized individuahty, 
take a capital ; when used in general terms, they often are written 
in lower-case. 


Poetical and mythological terms relating to the place of future 
abode, as Hades, Valhalla, are capitalized; but hell, purgatory, 
paradise, and similar words commonly have lower-case initials. 


When titles of distinction precede a name, they are capitalized; 
as. Secretary Knox, Corporal Jones, Engineer Smith, Officer 
Brown. In the use of mihtary titles, some writers use lower-case 
for non-commissioned officers up to corporal and midshipman. 
Terms employed to denote ordinary vocations, as, barber Jones, 
coachman Kelly, are also written lower-case. When the title 
follows the name, the first letter need not be capitalized, as: 

Hon. John Hay, secretary of State. 

Hon. Boies Penrose, senator from Pennsylvania. 

When abbreviated titles of lionor immediately follow a name, 
they are capitalized : 

W. T. Harris, Ph.D., LL.D. 

Joseph Spencer Kennard, Ph.D., D.C.L. 

Henry C. McCook, D.D., Sc.D. 

James Thompson, Esq. 

A short name in lower-case, followed by a long list of titles in 


large capitals, is not pleasant to the eye. Small capitals give a 
neater appearance to the page. 

The words Judge and Justice should always be capitalized 
when applied to the official holding that name. 

A title of office when used instead of the name of the incumbent 
is capitalized, as: 

He called upon the Governor. 

Mr. Speaker, I rise to a point of order. 

Good morning. Senator. 

The Queen drove to the palace. 

The Vice-president and the Lieutenant-colonel called at the 
Secretary's office. 


But one capital is required in a compound title, as, Ex-president 
Harrison, Major-general Stewart, Chief-justice Marshall, Vice- 
president Morton, Governor-general Brown, Rear-admiral 
Greene. By some, the form ex-President is preferred. 


The principal words of the titles of societies and corporations 
begin with a capital letter; as. The Society for the Protection 
of Children; The Senate and House of Representatives of the 
State of Pennsylvania. Such expressions as, the Club, the House, 
the Assembly, are often employed for brevity, and are capitalized. 
When not designed to specify any particular organization or 
association they are written with lower-case; as, a state, a gov- 
ernment, a company; but when used as a proper noun, 
require a capital; as, the State, the Government, the Company, 
the Union, the Parliament, the Conventicm. It will be observed 
that those written with a capital usually take the article the 
before them. 


The names of religious denominations and pohtical parties 
are capitalized. The word Church is capitahzed when it refers 


to a denomination, and also the word State as applied to a system 
of government or to one of the United States. 


In formal letters or addresses to dignitaries, such terms as 
Your Honor, Your Majesty, Your Reverence, are often employed 
instead of the name. In the third person, when Her Grace, His 
Royal Highness, and similar forms are used, the pronoun as well 
as the noun should be capitahzed. When reference is made to 
a special person, the office with a capital letter is usually em- 
ployed; as, the President, the Governor, the Senator, the Pope, 
the Sultan. When the title has no application to a definite 
individual, a lower-case initial must be used. 

CompHmentary salutations occurring within the body of a 
sentence or paragraph, as sir, madam, my lord, do not require a 


The title of every book, periodical, play, or picture mentioned 
in the text begins with a capital letter, and every important word 
of the title is usually capitahzed, as: 

Robins' Romances of Early America. 

Kennard's Some Early Printers. 

Sheridan's School for Scandal. 

In lengthy titles, the important words, as nouns, verbs, parti- 
ciples, and adjectives, should be capitalized; the articles, con- 
junctions, and prepositions rarely or never. Usage is somewhat 
divided in regard to titles, some excellent proof-readers Hmiting 
the use of capitals to nouns and important verbs, and setting the 
rest of the title in lower-case. 

Mr. F. Horace Teall, who has made this and other points in 
writing a subject of close study, says that the best rule for capital- 
ization in headings seems to be to capitaHze all the important or 
emphatic words. He then declares that the best practice under 
this rule would be the avoidance of strenuous efifort toward in- 


flexible application of it, remarking that most rules are better 
and more satisfactory in their result if not applied too minutely. 
When reference is made in the text to the name of a newspaper 
or periodical, the article the is not capitalized, as. It appeared in 
the Tribune; but in the naming of a book, it takes a capital, as, 
Have you read The Taming of the Shrew ? 


The same rule that governs the use of capitals in book titles 
may be applied to tables of contents, summaries of chapters, 
running titles, and similar work. Use capitals for nouns and 
important verbs, always; for pronouns, adjectives, participles, 
and adverbs, seldom; for articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and 
interjections, rarely or never. 


Abstract qualities, when personified in vocative address, are 
capitaHzed, as: 

O Freedom! thou art not as poets dream. 

O Liberty! what crimes are committed in thy name! 

When such words as war, slavery, intemperance, riot, fortune, 
fame, fate, are not employed as synonyms of personified forces, 
they should not be capitalized. 


In English composition, the pronoun I and the interjection O 
always take the capital. The interjection oh is written with a 
lower-case letter, except at the beginning of a sentence. 


The names of the days and months begin with capitals. Feast- 
and fast-days, festivals and holidays, follow the same rule; as, 
Arbor Day, Decoration Day, Good Friday, Christmas, Easter, 
Thanksgiving. Days of special historic interest, as Black Friday, 
are also capitaHzed. 



Regions or sections of the world, used as proper nouns, take a 
capital, as, the Orient, the Occident, the Levant, the Tropics. 

Geographical terms used as nouns or adjectives, in the vocabu- 
lary of trade and commerce, are usually written with lower-case 
letters, as china, morocco, castile soap, India rubber, prussian 
blue, turkey red. Custom sanctions the use of the capital in 
the words, French, German, Spanish, ItaHan, when used as quali- 
fiers, and the dictionaries endorse the custom, but the catalogues 
of manufacturers, merchants, and auctioneers, and the usage of 
some reputable writers, ignore the custom, and use the lower-case 
letter. The words anglicized, americanized, romanized, ger- 
manized, and frenchified, like roman, italic, and arable, in the 
terminology of the printer's sanctum, are gradually winning their 
way with the lower-case initial. 

When used as noims to particularize and define sections of the 
country, the terms East, West, North, South, and the compounds 
Northeast, Southwest, etc., are capitaHzed. When used to denote 
direction only, they are not capitalized: 

And fresh from the west is the free wind's breath. 
The wind was north-northwest. 

Geographical and other terms indicative of place, as, river, 
lake, island, mountain, valley, road, street, avenue, when qualified 
by another descriptive word or phrase, are capitalized, as: 
Bay of Biscay Arlington Heights 

Long Island Sound Lafayette Place 

Blackwell's Island Fall River 

Lancaster County Rocky Mountains 

When the general name precedes the particular, as, "In the 
county of Chester, state of Pennsylvania," or, "In the city of San 
Juan, on the island of Porto Rico," only the specific name is 



In legal documents and in all formal writings, and also in cases 
where displayed typography is desired, capital letters are used 
for the general as well as for the specific name. 


The principal words in the names of historic events are capital- 
ized, as: 

the Captivity the Civil War 

the Restoration the Peace of Utrecht 

the Deluge the Coimcil of Nice 

the Middle Ages the Diet of Worms 

the Renaissance ' the Age of Pericles 


A complete sentence when quoted should begin with a capital. 
Words, phrases, and broken parts of a sentence, occurring within 
the body of the text, should be inclosed by quotation marks, but 
not capitalized. 


In newspapers and magazines, in circulars and other forms of 
advertising, in job-work, and wherever display is desirable, 
capitals may be used more freely than in book-work. No definite 
rule can be laid down. In case of doubt, it is safer to use lower- 
case. The style of an author is often impaired by an excessive 
use of capitals. Mr. Theodore Low De Vinne says that a pro- 
jecting capital in a text is hke a rock in the current, for it diverts 
the eye and interrupts an even stream of attention. 

An initial capital is sometimes used as a form of emphasis to 
call attention to a word. In some kinds of descriptive writing, 
this use of the capital may be permissible, but if the word is 
repeated, it is better to use a lower-case after the first instance. 


THE, O', AND A. M. 

The definite article is often capitalized when it should be 
written with a small letter: the Pubhc Ledger, the New York 
Herald, the Dark Ages, the Thirty Years' War. 

In expressions Uke Tarn o' Shanter, John o' Groat's, six o'clock, 
is set in lower-case, with the apostrophe following. In proper 
names the o is separated from the word following by a short 

The abbreviations a. m. and p. m. are generally written with 
lower-case letters. 


Two lines drawn under one or more words indicate that such 
parts of the manuscript are to be set in small capitals. The uses 
of small capitals are many and important, but, like large capitals, 
they should not be employed to excess. Coming between capital 
and lower-case, they afford a pleasing variety on a title-page, and 
are of advantage for the side-headings of short articles or sepa- 
rate paragraphs, for running titles, and whenever variety or dis- 
play is desired. 

They are often selected for the first word of a new chapter 
following a heavy-faced or ornamental initial. If the first word 
is very short, the second, and sometimes the third, word is set in 
small capitals. 

When the chapter begins with the name of a person, each part 
of the name is set in capitals, the first letter of each part of the 
name taking a large capital, as: 

Oliver Wendell Holmes was one of the most genial of 
American writers. 

The signature of a writer or an editor, or the credit given to an 
author may be set in capitals and small capitals at the end of an 
article or paragraph. Italic lower-case is preferred by some good 
proof-readers. When book and author are named, the name 
may be set in small capitals and the title of the book in italic. 


The dedication of a book is usually set in small capitals. For 
purposes of emphasis, small capitals, as well as italic, must be 
used sparingly. 



An excessive use of italic in print, like repeated emphasis in 
oratory, or profuse underscoring in writing, defeats the purpose 
for which it is intended. Where everything is made striking, 
nothing impresses. While the use of italic has been carried to 
excess, however, it has its proper place, and cannot be dispensed 
with. Its most important office is that of marking words and 
phrases that need to be distinguished in the text. It is also 
employed for running titles, for the headings of tables, and 
for subheadings. In the names of vessels, as the Merrimac, 
the Illinois, italic is generally employed. 


The use of italics for emphasis, formerly quite common, is now 
almost wholly discontinued, and is confined chiefly to inex- 
perienced writers. The modem type-setting machine makes no 
adequate provision for italicizing, and this, too, has encouraged 
the disuse of italics. Italics are rarely seen in the text of the 
reading-matter of the leading newspapers. The commingling of 
upright with inclined letters is displeasing to the eye, and if too 
freely employed, is confusing. A roman letter with a sHghtly 
bolder face is, by the better printing estabHshments, made to take 
the place of the italic. 


Foreign words and phrases are not italicized to so great a degree 
as formerly. Many of the best proof-readers use roman letters 
for every foreign word or phrase which appears as English in 


any approved English dictionary. A few suggestive examples 
are herewith given: ad valorem, alias, alibi, chapeau, charge 
d' affaires, debris, debut, ennui, facsimile, fete, naive, patois, per 
annum, per capita, post-mortem, pro rata, regime, rendezvous, 
role, savants, sobriquet, ultimatum, verbatim, vice versa, viva 

The expressions pro tem and per cent, contractions of pro 
tempore and per centum, may be said to have become so fully a 
part of the English language as to require neither itahc nor the 

Unusual foreign expressions employed to convey precise de- 
scription, should be printed in itahc in the first instance, but 
repetitions of the word may be put in roman. The omission of 
the French accents in such words as debris, regime, role, is also 


Names of diseases, as angina pectoris, diabetes insipidus, and 
of remedies, as nux vomica, require neither italics nor initial 

Geological terms do not take italics nor capitals except when 
derived from proper names, in which case capitals must be used; 
as, Devonian trilobites, Jurassic period. 

In zoology and botany, latinized names composed of two words 
are written in italic. The first word usually denotes the genus, 
and begins with a capital; as, Rana esculenta, Arvicula amphihius. 
If the second name is derived from that of a person or place, it 
too should begin with a capital; as, Darlingtonia Cahfomica; 
otherwise it begins with a lower-case letter. When first used, 
all such words should be italicized. When repeated in the same 
article, the names of species continue in itaHcs, but all the larger 
divisions are set in roman. 

Writers on scientific subjects differ concerning the use of italics, 
but the above suggestions are supported by a majority of the best 


In the text of a book, pamphlet, or newspaper, in which refer- 
ence is made to a writer and his work, roman is used for the name 
of the author and itaHc for the title of the book; as, George Eliot, 
The Mill on the Floss. 


In foot-notes, and in a quotation that makes a full paragraph, 
the better form is to put the name of author and book in roman 
lower-case. At the end of a paragraph or foot-note in making 
reference to a book, the author's name is put in roman and the 
book in itahc. If the book alone is given, use italic. 

When reference is made in the body of the text or in foot- 
notes, to a newspaper or magazine, use roman lower-case, with- 
out quotation marks; as, the New York Herald. If placed at 
the end of a paragraph as a credit, use italics. 


Some phrases, when used as adverbs, may be set in italics; 
when used as quahfiers of noims, they are set in roman. 
The Vice-president is, ex officio, the chairman. 
An ex-officio member of the committee. 
The evidence is, prima jacie, conclusive. 
Prima-facie evidence. 


These are usually bracketed in the text and do not require to 
be italicized. 


Extracts and quotations that make two or more lines should 
be given a separate place or paragraph. If in the same type as 
the text, they should be set off by quotation marks ; if in smaller 
type, with blank before and after, no quotation marks are needed. 

One line with the pen drawn under the word or phrase indicates 
to the printer that the parts thus underlined are to be set in italic. 



In books, magazines, and newspapers, and in general corre- 
spondence, figures and numbers should be avoided as much as 
possible. In dates, catalogues, trades lists, and wherever econ- 
omy of space is important, they may be used. In commercial 
printing they are largely employed. In legal documents, and in 
all kinds of formal writing where great precision of statement is 
desired, figures and abbreviations should not be used. In social 
correspondence, except in dates, street numbers, etc., figures 
should be avoided. 


Figures must not begin a sentence. Quantities are properly 
written in words, while values are expressed in figures, especially 
if the value involves fractions; as, ten yards of caHco at 7 J cents 
a yard. Degrees of temperature, records of votes or of time in a 
race, are usually expressed in figures, this custom being sanctioned 
by the best authorities, as: 

The highest temperature last summer was 98 degrees. 

The specific gravity of gold is 19. 

The vote stood 50 yeas to 76 nays. 

His best time was a mile in 2 minutes, 36^ seconds. 

The form $500 is better than $500.00. In tables containing 
columns for dollars and cents, the two ciphers are written to 
occupy what would otherwise be an unsightly vacant space. 


A combination of figures and words is displeasing to the eye. 
The forms a ten-foot pole, a twelve-story building, are more sightly 



than a lo-foot pole, a 12-story building. Where frequent repeti- 
tion or comparison is necessary, figures make the subject more 
clear, and are usually preferred; as, 4-penny, 6-penny, and 10- 
penny nails; 8-point, 12-point, 24-point type. 


When the day is placed before the month, retain the st, d, th; as, 
loth May, 22d June; when placed after the month, omit these 
endings, as. May 10, 1896. The shorter forms 2d, 3d, are pre- 
ferred to 2nd, 3rd. 


In the expression of large numbers consisting of four, five, six 
or more figures, it is an assistance to the eye to separate the number 
by commas into groups of three figures each. A number of four 
figures standing alone, as 7584, is better without a comma. A 
date, as 1776, should never be written with a comma. 


To distinguish between the number of the house and that of 
the street, the former is usually written in figures and the latter 
in words; as, 55 Fifth Street. If the street were indicated by a 
figure, it might be mistaken for 555th Street. The English custom 
of placing a comma after the house number is not observed in 
the United States. Where a distinction must be made between 
street and avenue, the avenue is written in words, and the street 
in figures; as. Third Avenue and 13 2d Street. 


Two o'clock, half-past seven, or fifteen minutes before eight 
are more sightly than 2 o'clock, 7.30, 7.45. When figures are 
used, hours are separated from minutes by a period, and not by 
a colon. The forms o'clk, o'cl'k, and o'c should be avoided 
except where space absolutely prevents the use of the entire word. 


Centuries, dynasties, and rulers are now usually expressed in 
words; as, the twentieth century, the sixteenth dynasty, Henry 
the Eighth, instead of, the XXth century, the XVIth dynasty, and 
Henry VHI. 


The roman numerals XX, VIII, XC, are not abbreviations any 
more than are 20, 8, 90, and do not require a period as a mark of 


There is no system of syllabication so perfect as to command 
universal adoption. Many Enghsh writers are governed by the 
junction of the constituent parts of consolidated words: geo logy, 
dia meter, pro position, typo graphic, cata strophe. This sys- 
tem is logical and etymological. Another system authorizes the 
division of a word after the vowel, when not inconsistent with 
pronunciation. This leads to such strained divisions as re co 
gnize, pre fe rence, cata stro phe, ca pa ci ty, com pa ti bi li ty. 
The orthoepical division separates the words into parts, with a 
view to bringing out the accented and unaccented syllables in 
conformity with the accepted forms of pronunciation. While 
this system is most widely followed in the United States, it is not 
without some disadvantages. 

The compositor usually follows the dictionary used in his 
office, but the author or the proof-reader sometimes differs with 
the lexicographer, and the compositor is discomfited. The dic- 
tionaries unfortunately differ with one another and are not always 
consistent in their own practice. 


Outside of dictionaries and spelling books, words are rarely 
divided except at the end of a line, where lack of space prevents 


the completion of a word. The author, copyist, and typewriter 
encounter no special difficulty, since they are not required to 
observe a right-hand margin. They may complete a word at 
the end of a line or carry it over bodily to the next. The com- 
positor, on the other hand, must make his lines of even length. 
His measure may not admit of more than a fourth or a half of a 
word. To carry all oi the word over to the next line, especially 
if the word be lengthy or the measure narrow, would necessitate 
such wide spacing between the remaining words as to appear 
unsightly. To crowd all the word into the line would often make 
the line itself look like one long word. A division therefore be- 
comes unavoidable. 


When the division of a word become necessary, it should be 
made in accordance with recognized principles, so far as they are 
discoverable. The best general rule is that a word should be 
broken in writing or printing as it is divided in speaking. The 
American dictionaries aim to carry out this rule, and yet there are 
many differences among them. 


The typographer's division aims to please the eye, as well as 
to satisfy the ear. It becomes apparent at the outset, therefore, 
that the speaker and the typographer will each have specific rules 
that will not apply to the other. The speaker utters every word 
by syllables. In ordinary book and newspaper composition, the 
typographer divides no word in the line, except, in some cases, 
the last, unless he encounters a chance hyphenated compound. 


Words of one syllable, even though they are long and the 
measure narrow, must not be divided. When words like through, 
ground, brought, occur in narrow columns, they often occasion 
trouble to the compositor. 


Some good proof-readers, in order to prevent the carrying over 
or the leaving behind of a syllable consisting of one or two letters, 
forbid the division of such words as fasten, given, often, moisten, 
prayer, eleven, soften, hsten, heaven. Many printing-houses 
follow the rule that in a measure of eighteen ems or more, a noun 
of one syllable which forms its plural by adding s (voices, verses, 
horses) must not be divided. In very narrow measure, this rule 
cannot be followed. 


When two consonants meet between two vowels, the division 
is generally made between the consonants: mar ket, mil lion, 
moun tain, for tune. When three consonants come together, the 
two that form the closer union in pronunciation are usually 
coupled: ac tress, pitch er, chil dren, trench er. 


A change of accent is often attended with a change in the divi- 
sion of a word: commend' able, commen da'tion; prod' uct, 
pro duc'tion; pro cure'ment, proc ura'tion. 


When the final consonant is doubled on taking a suffix, the 
separation occurs between the consonants: admit ted, concur- 
rence; but if a double consonant ends the stem, the consonants 
are not divided : add ing, ebb ing, call ing, spell ing. 

A prefix or a suffix forms a loose juncture with the stem to 
which it is attached, and usually affords a desirable point for 
division: dis api)oint.mcnt, equi ponder ance, un answer able; 
but if such separation misrepresents the pronunciation, the word is 
differently divided: big amy, prov idence, trim eter. 


-able, -al, -ant, -ent, -ive, -or, -ory, -ure. — These suffixes 
usually follow the rule laid down for -ed, -er, -mg. 

-ar, -er. — In the coalescents ar and er, the r must not be sepa- 
rated from the vowel : par ent, fair est, gener al, aver age. 

-cian, -sian, -tian. — These terminal syllables are not divided 
in printing and writing, and there is good authority for an uti- 
broken syllable in pronunciation : magi cian, opti cian, physi cian, 
A sian, Per sian, Chris tian,' gen tian. When elysian is pronounced 
with four syllables, it forms an exception. 

-cial, -sial, -tial. — These suffixes are not divided: gla cial, 
spe cial, so cial, cru cial, offi cial, ambro sial, ini tial, pruden tial, 
nup tial. Some authorities divide Hal in bes It al i ly. 

-cion, -sion, -tion. — In English words these terminal syl- 
lables are never divided : coer cion, suspi cion, inva sion, cohe sion, 
vaca tion, ora tion. With a view of preserving the sound of short 
i, many persons improperly place s in the ultimate in such words 
as deci sion, eli sion, deri sion, revi sion. The dictionaries (Inter- 
national, Standard, Worcester), while divided on many points, are 
unanimous in the division of words in this class. The Century 
(k)es not show ihe division of the printed or written word. 

-ceo us, -cious, -scious, -tious. — These suffixes are long, 
and in the setting up of narrow measure, the compositor may find 
it difficult to avoid breaking tliem; but in printing, as in pro- 
nunciation, they should not be divided: ceta ceous, herba ceous, 
spa cious, deli cious, con scious, fac tious, cau tious. 

-ed, -er, -ing. — The dictionaries are much at variance re- 
garding tlie suffixes of verbs ending in silent e. The practice of 
the Standard is the most uniform, most consistent with its prin- 
ciples, and most easily followed; but is probably least in accord 
with current usage. According to this autliority, nearly all verbs 
of this class join the terminal consonant or consonants with the 
suffix, as: bi^cr, -ting; debated, -ting, -tor, -table; ag'ita-ted, 
-ting, -tive, -tor. 

Webster's rule, if not quite so simple, is more in accordance 
with the best current usage, and his practice is seldom at variance 


with his principles. Worcester's division is, in the main, in 
accord with the International. 

Many verbs of one, two, three, four, or more syllables end in 
silent e. In monosyllables and in dissyllables of this class which 
have the accent on the ultimate, the e is dropped on taking the 
suffixes -ed, -er, -ing, the consonant remaining with the stem: 
dat' ed, quot' ed, comput' ed, recit' ed, bit' ing, dot' ing, adher' ing, 
implor' ing, smit' er, debat' er. While the primary accent remains 
unchanged, most of the other suffixes follow the same division: 
comput' able, recit' al, dot' ish. But with a change of accent, the 
consonant is carried over with the suffix, as: dis'pu tant, rep'u- 
table, com'pa rable. 

When the accent falls upon the penult or antepenult, the con- 
sonant is carried over to the suffix: contrib'u ted, -ting, -ter, -table, 
-tor, -tory; illus'tra ted, -ting, -tive, -tor, -tory; antic'ipa ted, -ting, 
-tive, -tor, -tory. 

-ee, -or. — Usage is greatly divided regarding the spelling of 
legal terms with the above endings. The consonant generally 
goes with the suffix: lega tee', les see', mortga gee', do' nor, guar'- 
an tor. Exceptions are found in assign ee', consign ee', grant ee', 
for reasons which are obivous. 

-geous, -gious, -geon, -gion. — The words coura geous, gor- 
geous, conta gious, sacrile gious, gud geon, sur geon, conta gion, 
re gion, illustrate the general use of these suffixes. The diction- 
aries are greatly at variance in the case of several words having 
such terminations. The Standard divides widge on, pig eon, 
gudg eon, relig ion, rehg ious, Htig ious, thus breaking the general 
rule. Worcester makes the same division, except in widg eon. 
The International preserves the suffixes unbroken, except in 
widg eon, bludg eon, where, in accordance with the general rule, 
every reason seems to point to the division between the two con- 
sonants: dun geon, sur geon, stur geon. If it be argued that the 
accented vowel would suffer a change by dividing, as in reli gion, 
pi geon, reli gious, liti gious, the reply is that the g sound would be 
more likely to suffer a change if transferred to the penult. The 


accented vowel is in no greater danger in the above words than 
it is in scores of others whose division is never questioned, as: 
na tional, spe cial, judi cial, offi cial, suspi cious, nutri tious. 

-le. — When the terminal -le is preceded by a single consonant or 
consonant digraph, the dictionaries are much at variance regard- 
ing the division of the word. The International writes trou ble, 
spec kle, tic kle, buc kle, cou pie; the Standard makes the division 
before the /, as, troub le, speck le, etc. The compositor will 
find the former division a convenience, especially in narrow 
measure, but the latter is more in harmony with pronim elation. 

Other short prefixes, as in-, en-, ex-, ad-, af-, on-, de-, and 
suffixes, as, -al, -an, -on, -ly, should not be separated from the 
stem. This is especially true of -ed when it is sounded with the 
main part of the word in one syllable, as, looked, slaked, tacked, 
passed. Some good proof-readers protest against separating the 
suffixes -ed, -er, and -ing when preceded by a double consonant, 
as, combat ted, -ting; fit ter, -test; glad der, -dest. 


In writing, there is little occasion for the division of words except 
when they are very long. In printing, custom, taste, and con- 
venience alike require that the right, as well as the left margin 
shall be observed. Custom requires also that words shall be 
broken according to certain principles. The most general prin- 
ciple is that the printed word shall be divided according to its 
syllabication in speech. But the material substance of spoken 
words is sound — fleeting, volatile, difficult to grasp, and more 
difficult to harness — hence the diversity of usage among those 
who syllabize according to pronunciation. 


The beauty of a printed page depends, in no small degree, upon 
the spaces between its words. In a wide column or page it is an 


easy matter for the compositor to adjust his spaces without viola- 
tion of the principles of division; but in narrow measure it is 
often a question whether good taste is not better conserved by 
an equalization of the spaces than by a strict adherence to the 
rules of division of the word at the end of the line. 

In the present unsettled usage, the compositor might be par- 
doned for dividing the word according to his space; as, trou ble or 
troub le, buc kle or buck le, reH gion or rehg ion. Since many 
words admit of two spellings or two forms of pronunciation, he 
may, with the greater propriety, claim such privilege. Different 
divisions of the same word, however, should not occur in the 
same paragraph or page. 


In wide measure, the taste and judgment must determine, in 
a large degree, where to break the word. Some authors claim 
that the first part of a broken word must always be long enough 
to suggest the word. This is not practicable in narrow measure, 
and would be foimd inconsistent with good spacing even in wide 
measure. But one or two letters should not be separated from 
the rest of the word either at the beginning or at the end. Such 
words as eleven, given, heaven, horses, often, striven, voices, 
verses, over, able, avow, amen, and many others, should not be 
separated when it is possible to avoid it. 


Despite all that has been said regarding the division of words, 
it is impossible to construct rules that will cover all cases. The 
junction between a prefix or suffix and the stem is less close than 
between the syllables of the stem itself, and will often serve as the 
best place for division. Dis infect, dis organize, dis avow, dis- 
agree, in humanity, un able, service able, are better divisions than 
disin feet, disor ganize, disa vow, disa gree, inhu manity, una ble, 
servicea ble. 



Compound words, whether hyphenated or consolidated, when 
occurring at the end of a line, should be broken between the ele- 
ments of the compound, and not between the syllables of one of 
their parts; as, twenty-one, fellow-creatures, apple-tree, cotton- 
seed; not twen-tyone, fel-lowcreature, ap-pletree, cot-tonseed. 


Proper names should not be divided when it is possible to 
avoid it. The settmg of Theo- at the end of a line, or even the 
whole word Theodore, does not look so well as the full name 
Theodore Roosevelt on one line; but in the adjustment of such 
a matter, the author's assistance may be necessary. A word may 
have to be added or omitted to bring the two parts of the name 
on the same line. 


Like proper names, numbers, when broken at the end of a line, 
are awkward. Dates must never be broken (1492, 1776, 1904), 
and are read in hundreds. Large numbers other than dates are 
pointed off in groups of three figures, and when divided at the end 
of a line, must be separated between the groups, as, 4, 396, 718,- 
425. Decimals are pointed off from the decimal point toward the 
right, and should be divided in the same way as whole numbers. 
A number consisting of less than six figures should not be divided. 


In the title-page, words of bold display should not be divided. 
Subtitles and summaries in small capitals may be divided. In 
eccentric composition, as in the setting of a square or rectangular 
title, a word is often divided in the middle of a syllable, even with- 
out the formality of a hyphen. 

A subheading of two lines should not break a word if it is 
possible to throw the full word into the second line. 



The absence of any satisfactory guiding principles in the com- 
pounding of words is apparent to all who have sought information 
in this department. Mr. F. Horace Teall has probably made a 
more careful and exhaustive study of the subject than any other 
writer. To illustrate a fundamental principle in compounding, 
he uses the following: an iron jence is a fence made of iron; an 
iron-saw is a saw intended to cut or saw iron; and iron-wood is 
the name of a tree whose wood is intensely hard. The manner 
of combining these words brings out the distinction in meaning, 
and shows how clearness of thought is often dependent upon a 
proper compounding of words. In like manner Aaron'' s heard 
signifies the beard of Aaron, while Aaron"* s-heard is the name of 
a plant. 

When railroads and steamboats first came into use, rail and 
road, steam and boat, were written as separate words. After a 
time they were combined with a hyphen; later they were con- 
solidated. Many compounds, both hyphenated and consoli- 
dated, have undergone, and others are now undergoing, a similar 

Usage is the law of language. When it is uniform and fully 
established, there is no appeal. But usage should be founded on 
principle. Where it is greatly varied, the principle should be 
applied, and the best usage secured and made general. In several 
of the later dictionaries, an attempt has been made, in all cases 
of unsettled usage, to estabhsh a guiding principle, and to make 



the varying forms employed by printers, proof-readers, stenog- 
raphers, and writers conform to it. The best current usage is 
represented in the body of this work. The following suggestions 
will prove helpful. 


Points of the compass, as, northeast, southeast, are better 
written without a hyphen. When the first part is repeated, the 
hyphen is required, as in south-southeast. 


Fractions and numerals, as, one half, two thirds, ten thousand, 
need no hyphen unless combined to quahfy a noun; as, one-half 
interest. If the fraction is complex, as in five sixty-thirds, one 
hundred and twelve ten-thousandths, the hyphen is needed, also 
in the specification of numbered streets, as Seventy-fifth Street, 
One-hundred-and-twenty-eighth Street. Compounds with half, 
quarter, etc., are generally joined with a hyphen, as, half-crown, 
half-yearly, quarter-dollar, quarter-section. Numerals of one 
syllable prefixed to fold, penny, pence, score, are consolidated, 
as in fourfold, halfpence, sixpenny; but if the numeral contains 
two or more syllables, it is written as a separate word, as thirty 
fold, fifteen pence, twenty score. When used as an adjective 
qualifier, as in fourteen -penny tax, the hyphen may be used. 
First-rate, second-rate, and similar terms, are compounded. 
First-lieutenant, second-mate, when used as adjective qualifiers, 
are compounded; as, Second-Heutenant Brown. Numerals help- 
ing to form adjective qualifiers are followed with the hyphen ; as, 
a four-story house, a ten-acre lot. 


Words of kinship in frequent use, if short and closely united 
in thought, are consolidated; as, grandfather, godmother, step- 
son. Longer forms and those in less common use take the hyphen ; 


as, foster-brother, great-grandfather, mother-in-law, great-aunt, 
second-cousin, grand-uncle. 

Military and civil tities require the hyphen ; as, Major-general, 
Lieutenant-colonel, Vice-president. Viceroy and Viceregent are 


Brief descriptive compounds, as long-haired, blue-eyed, broad- 
shouldered, sharp-nosed, require the hyphen. 


Silver-gray, olive-green, and similar compounds, take the 
hyphen; but reddish brown, yellowish white, etc., are separate 


Forms like crow's-nest, bird's-eye, jew's-harp, have good 
authority; but the tendency of the best writers and printers is 
toward the unbroken word; as, ratsbane, beeswax, townspeople. 


As the initial word, school is consolidated in schoolboy, school- 
mate, schoolmistress. It is hyphenated in school-bred, school- 
teaching, when used to qualify a noun. It is a separate word 
in school children, school teacher, school days, school district. 

As the second word of the compound, the word school is 
generally written separately, as Normal School, High School. 
In Sabbath-school and Sunday-school, usage varies, some au- 
thorities writing the words separately. 


Compounds whose constituent parts are short, especially if in 
common use, are usually consolidated. 
out-, over-, under-. — These prefixes are usually written with- 


out the hyphen, unless the second part consists of two or more 

extra-, non-, sub-, semi-, demi-. — These are compounded 
without a hyphen unless the combination is unusual. 

above-, ill-, so-, well-. — When these prefixes precede a 
participle, and the compound is used as a qualifier, the hyphen is 
usually employed; as, above-named, ill-bred, well-formed, so- 

self-. — Most compounds beginning with self- require the 
hyphen; as, self-assertion, self-conceit, self-conscious. Those 
ending with -self are consolidated ; as, myself, itself, oneself. 

mid-. — Words in common use beginning with mid- require no 
hyphen; as midday, midnight, midsummer. Those in less 
common use take the hyphen; as, mid-heaven, mid-ocean. 

pre-, re-. — When followed by a word beginning with e, the 
hyphen instead of the dieresis is often employed; as, pre-empt, 
pre-engage, re-enter, re-echo. To distinguish between words of 
different meaning, as in rec ollect, re-collect, rec ommend, re-com- 
mend, the hyphen must be employed. Pre-adamite, pre-raphaelite, 
pre-occupy pre-historic, and similar expressions take the hyphen. 

-like. — Compounds ending in -hke, especially if short or in 
common use, are written as one word, as Hfehke, childhke. To 
avoid an unpleasant combination of letters, a hyphen is employed 
in the words bell-like, shell-Hke, etc. 

-fish, -bird. — A convenient rule for compoimds ending in 
-fish, -bird, and one on which careful writers are generally agreed, 
is to consolidate when the first part consists of only one syllable, 
and to hyphenate when it consists of two or more syllables; as, 
dogfish, bluefish, swordfish, harvest-fish, ribbon-fish, blackbird, 
bluebird, reedbird, humming-bird, tailor-bird. In rare and un- 
usual compounds, the hyphen is employed even when the parts 
are monosyllables. 

-tree, -wort. — Words compounded with -tree usually take 
the hyphen ; those with -wort omit the hyphen : apple-tree, lemon- 
tree, pear-tree, milkwort, thoroughwort. 


-man, -woman. — Compound words ending in -man or -woman 
are generally consolidated; as in warehouseman, workingman, 
marketwoman, needlewoman. 

any, every. — These words are usually consolidated; as, any- 
body, anything, everywhere, but any one, every one, are written as 
separate words. 

T rail, T square, U bolt, U tube, V gage, V gear, and similar 
expressions are usually written as separate words. 


After a while, by and by, it may be, by the bye, ever to be remem- 
bered, in no wise, in the meantime, long looked jor, uncalled for, 
and many similar phrases are best written as separate words. 
Good day, good night, good by, are also written as separate words, 
except when used as adjective quahfiers; as, a good-night kiss, 
a good-day greeting. 



The student of punctuation will not have proceeded far in his 
studies without discovering that this branch of learning has not 
yet reached the condition of an exact science. Different writers 
interpret and apply the rules differently. Nor can these rules be 
applied strictly alike to all kinds of writing. Poems and trades 
lists, sermons and market reports, cannot be punctuated by the 
same codes. Different systems prevail in different publishing 
houses. Authors, editors, and proof-readers have opinions of 
their own, and do not always defer to the grammarians, and the 
lot of the compositor is often a trying one. 

Remembering that the primary purpose of punctuation is to 
make the meaning more clear, it is a safe general rule to omit any 
marks whose use will not promote this purpose. A sentence may 


be long and yet so clear as to require no points. Another, though 
comparatively short, may be so involved as to require a number 
of them. Some writers punctuate very closely and precisely, 
while others write carelessly and with great lack of uniformity in 
regard to punctuation. 


The general tendency is toward the use of fewer points than 
were formerly considered necessary, especially in ordinary de- 
scriptive writing, but in composition of legal and ecclesiastical 
matter, and in precise composition of every kind, the strictest 
rules of punctuation must be observed. By the careless insertion 
of a comma instead of a hyphen in the official printing of an enact- 
ment of Congress, certain articles which should have paid duty 
were imported free, with a resuking loss of thousands of dollars 
to the Government. 

A careful observance of the usage of good writers and proof- 
readers, as illustrated in well-edited books, magazines, and news- 
papers, will prove a valuable study in punctuation. 


All persons who prepare copy for the press should understand 
and apply the rules of punctuation. But so long as manuscripts 
are presented without comma or period, or with the dash used 
indiscriminately for every other mark, there will be something 
for the compositor to do. It is his duty, in every case, to try to 
make composition intelHgible, so far as it can be done by the 
proper use of points. 


The use of points is so largely dependent upon a knowledge of 
sentence-structure, that the study of grammar should precede that 
of punctuation. Just as the book is made up of chapters, sections, 
paragraphs, and sentences, so the sentence is composed of mem- 
bers or clauses, phrases, and words. 


The purpose of this volume forbids an extended discussion of 
the grammatical principles underlying the structure of the sen- 
tence, but a few simple definitions with illustrations are herewith 


A sentence is a combination of words so arranged as to make 
complete sense. 

1 The wise man throws himself on the side of his assailants. 

2 Are the stars mere decorations of the night? 

3 How often does an unseen hand shift the scenes of life! 

4 Consider the sad consequences of a misspent life. 

These four sentences are called respectively, Declarative, Inter- 
rogative, Exclamatory, Imperative. 

According to their structure, sentences are classified as Simple, 
Complex, and Compound. A simple sentence represents a single 
statement, and contains one subject and one predicate. The 
foregoing are examples of the simple sentence. 

A compound sentence consists of two or more simple sentences 
connected. The parts are called members and are independent 
of each other. 

1 Columbus discovered a new world, and Americus Vespucius gave it a 


2 The wind blew furiously, and the waves dashed high. 

3 To err is human; to forgive, divine. 

These are examples of a compound sentence. By some gram- 
marians, the members are called independent clauses. 

A complex sentence is one composed of a principal clause and 
one or more dependent clauses. Examples: 

1 Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. 

2 When the morning dawned, all doubts were dispelled. 

3 Hannibal was the deadliest foe that Rome ever had. 

The subordinate or dependent clauses are in italics. It will 
be observed that each member or clause has a subject and a 


A phrase is a group of two or more words which usually perform 
the office of an adjective or an adverb. 

1 All men admire an act of heroism. 

2 Dewey won a great victory ai Manila. 

3 He writes with great rapidity. 


1 John learned a trade and Henry went to college. 

2 The wind blew furiously, and the waves dashed high. 

3 The policeman ran swiftly, but the thief escaped. 

In the first of the foregoing sentences, no comma is needed 
because the members are short, of equal rank, and independent. 
In each of the others, the second statement follows as a conse- 
quence of a condition expressed in the first, and a comma is 


1 The diamond that I lost was a Christmas gift. 

2 The diamond, which is pure carbon, is a brilliant gem. 

3 No thought, of which good sense is not the groundwork, can be just. 

In the first sentence, the clause that I lost restricts diamond to 
the one lost, and requires no comma. In the second, the sub- 
ordinate clause is non -restrictive, and must be set off by commas. 
When the subordinate clause, even if restrictive, is introduced 
by of which or of whom, the comma is necessary. 


When these clauses are restrictive, they follow the rule for 
restrictive clauses. 

1 I plucked the peaches that were ripe. 

2 I plucked the peaches, which were ripe. 

3 Youth is the time when character is formed. 

4 Solomon, who built the temple, was the son of David. 

In the first sentence, only the ripe peaches were plucked; in the 
second, all were ripe and all were plucked. It will be observed 


that the junction of the non-restrictive, or supplementary, clauses 
in the second and fourth sentences is not so close as that of the 
restrictive clauses in the first and third. 


1 The guide standing on the rock is looking toward us. 

2 The guide, standing on the rock, reached out his hand to save us. 

3 The old baron sat, on one cold night, in a small room, before the empty 


4 We went from Philadelphia to New York in two hours. 

Participial phrases, when not restrictive, are set off with commas. 
When more than two adverb phrases modify the same word, they 
are pointed off with commas; but, if the phrases are short and 
the sentence clear, as in the fourth example, no comma is re- 


Words, phrases, and clauses, ahke in character or construction, 
and arranged in a series, are separated by commas. 

1 Industry, honesty, and temperance are essential to happiness. 

2 Industry, honesty, temperance, are cardinal virtues. 

3 Alfred the Great was a grave, pious, and patriotic prince. 

4 The address was eloquently, forcibly, and beautifully delivered. 

5 Beauty is seen alike in leaf, in bud, in flower, in fruit, in tree. 

6 It is education that enlarges our minds, that corrects our opinions, that 

broadens our views, and that renders us more useful. 

7 A beautiful white lily grew in the garden. 

8 Long, difficult, pious pilgrimages were made to Mecca. 

Many persons make the mistake of omitting the comma before 
and which connects the last two words of the series; as in the first, 
third, and fourth sentences. In the second sentence, the omission 
of and makes it necessary to use the comma before the verb. 
The adjective modifiers in the seventh sentence require no comma 
of separation because they are not in the same construction. The 
word white modifies lily, and beauHjul modifies the expression 
white lily. Compare this with the eighth sentence. 


Words or phrases arranged in pairs take a comma after each 

1 Poverty and distress, desolation and ruin, anarchy and confusion, follow 

civil war. 

2 He shot or hanged, imprisoned or exiled, the troublesome insurgents. 

3 Cotton grows in Egypt and in India, in Brazil and in the United States. 


Such expressions as however^ indeed^ perhaps, therejore, in jact, 
in truth, by the way, according to his own statement, when inter- 
jected between the parts of a sentence, are somewhat parenthetical 
in character, and are usually set off by commas. 

1 He promised, however, to reform at once. 

2 The whole town, in fact, was aroused by the noise. 

3 This book is, generally speaking, better than the other. 


Introductory expressions, which show a connection between 
the sentence and something preceding, are set off by commas, as: 

1 Moreover, he hath left you all his walks. 

2 Lastly, what lay you to their charge? 

The words whereas and resolved, used in connection with a 
series of resolutions, are generally, but needlessly, set off by 


The comma is often employed to denote the omission of a word. 

1 The stern and rigid Puritans worshiped here. 

2 The stern, rigid Puritans worshiped here. 

3 The sun and the moon and the stars revolve. 

4 The sun, the moon, and the stars revolve. 

5 The sun, the moon, the stars, revolve. 

6 From law arises security; from security, inquiry; from inquiry, knowledge. 

7 From law arises security; from security inquiry; from inquiry knowledge. 

8 Homer was the greater genius; Virgil the better artist. 


9 Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; writing an exact 

While the sixth sentence illustrates the rule, and is in accord 
with former usage, the closeness of construction, as exemplified 
in the last three sentences, justifies the omission of the comma, 
and illustrates the practice of many good writers and proof- 
readers of today. 


Words and phrases out of their natural order are set off by 

1 Abraham Lincoln was our first martyred president. 

2 Garfield, James A., was our second martyred president. 

3 Heaven hides the book of fate from all creatures. 

4 Heaven, from all creatures, hides the book of fate. 

5 In the dead of night, with a chosen band, under cover of a truce, he 


6 Between the two mountains lies a fertile valley. 

7 He who leads the most pious life preaches most eloquently. 

8 He preaches most eloquently, who leads the most pious life. 

When the connection is close, and there is no break in the 
thought, as in the sixth sentence, no comma is needed. 


1 Henry, will you close the door? 

2 Paul the Apostle was a man of energy. 

3 Paul, the great Apostle of the Gentiles, was a prolific writer. 

4 Noah Porter, D.D., LL.D., was an eminent scholar. 

5 They elected him Governor of Ohio. 

6 I rise, Mr. President, to a point of order. 

7 The puma, or American lion, inhabits South America. 

The noun independent, as in the first sentence, requires a 
comma. When the appositive noun stands in close relation to the 
noun to which it belongs, as in the second sentence, no comma 
is required. Titles, as in the fourth sentence, are usually con- 
sidered as part of the name, but are really nouns in apposition 
and are separated by commas. 



A comma should be used whenever the sense would not be 
clear without it. 

1 They landed and killed fifty Indians. 

2 They landed, and killed fifty Indians. 

3 Elizabeth's favorite Raleigh was beheaded. 

4 Elizabeth's favorite, Raleigh, was beheaded. 

5 Bennett's daughter Mary attended college. 

6 Bennett's daughter, Mary, attended college. 

7 He went skating because he was told to go. 

8 He did not go skating, because he was not told to go. 

9 The prisoner said the witness was a notorious burglar. 

10 The prisoner, said the witness, was a notorious burglar. 

11 That the Governor of this great State of Illinois should make this un- 

worthy appeal to the passions and prejudices of the foreign-born 
citizens of the nation must always be a cause of mortification to every 
lover of his country. 

12 It remains, perhaps, to be said, that, if any lesson at all, as to these 

delicate matters, is needed, in this period, it is not so much a les- 

An examination of the first ten sentences will show the differ- 
ence in meaning produced by the presence of the comma. The 
eleventh illustrates the fact that a long nominative does not always 
require a comma after it. The twelfth is an example of a sentence 
greatly overburdened by commas; a better punctuation would 
retain the comma after that, period, and lesson, and omit the rest. 

A short quotation, or a sentence resembling a quotation, is 
usually preceded by a comma. 

1 Patrick Henry began his celebrated speech by saying, "It is natural to 

indulge in the illusions of hope." 

2 A good rule in education is. Learn to be slow in forming your opinions. 

3 Nathan said to David, "Thou art the man." 

4 Nathan's words to David were these: "Thou art the man." 

5 Cain asked, "Am I my brother's keeper?" 

6 Cain asked whether he was his brother's keeper. 



The most frequently used, and probably the most abused mark 
of punctuation, is the comma. Dean Alford declares that it is 
the great enemy to understanding anything printed in our lan- 
guage. He condemns the unthinking, mechanical use of this 
point by compositors, and expresses satisfaction in the reflection 
that, in the course of editing the Greek text of the New Testament, 
he destroyed more than a thousand commas which, if allowed 
to remain, would have prevented the text from being properly 


The semicolon marks a more decided break in the sentence 
than that indicated by a comma. It serves also to prevent a 
repetition of the comma when the divisions are numerous and 
somewhat similar in character. It is usually found in long 
sentences, but may be needed in short ones. 

Parts of a sentence loosely connected in meaning are separated 
by semicolons. 

1 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy 

getting, get understanding. 

2 Everything grows old; everything passes away; everything disappears. 


When the comma is used for the small divisions, the larger 
generally require the semicolon. 

1 And now abideth faith, hope, charity; but the greatest of these is charity. 

2 It may cost treasure, and it may cost blood; but it will stand, and it 

will richly compensate for both. 


Clauses or phrases having a common dependence upon some 
other clause or word are separated from each other by a semicolon. 


1 Here let us resolve that they shall not have died in vain; that this nation 

shall, under God, have a new birth of freedom; and that govern- 
ment of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish 
from the earth. 

2 Philosophers assert, that Nature is unlimited in her operations; that she 

has inexhaustible treasures in reserve; that knowledge will always 
be progressive; and that all future generations will continue to make 

3 That Nature is unlimited in her operations; that she has inexhaustible 

treasures in reserve; that knowledge will always be progressive; and 
that all future generations will continue to make discoveries: these are 
among the assertions of philosophers. 

The formal structure of the third sentence requires the colon 
near the close. 


When a member of a sentence is added for the sake of contrast, 
inference, or explanation, the semicolon is used to separate it 
from the preceding member. 

1 The world will Httle note nor long remember what we say here; but it 

can never forget what they did here. 

2 Apply yourself to study; for it will redound to your honor. 

3 The ground is wet; it must have rained last night. 


When such expressions as namely, as, viz., i, e., that is, precede 
an example or a specification of particulars, the semicolon is 
usually placed before the introductory word and the comma after. 

1 Five great enemies are constantly harassing us; namely, ambition, 

avarice, anger, envy, and pride. 

2 Some words are spelled in two ways; as, inquire, enquire; skeptic, 

sceptic; bazar, bazaar. 

3 Adjective pronouns are divided into three classes; distributive, demon- 

strative, and indefinite. 

4 Adjective pronouns are divided into three classes: first, the distributive, 

which are four in number; second, the demonstrative, which are 
also four in number; and third, the indefinite, of which there are 


5 The following officers were elected: Henry Brown, President; John 

Jones, Vice-president; Samuel Smith, Secretary; and Thomas Reed, 

6 Wisdom hath builded her house; she hath hewn out her seven pillars; 

she hath killed her beasts; she hath mingled her wine; she hath fur- 
nished her table. 

7 Wisdom hath builded her house, hewn out her seven pillars, killed her 

beasts, mingled her wine, and furnished her table. 

The introductory word is sometimes omitted, as in the third 
example. When the parts are somewhat formally introduced, 
or contain commas, the colon follows the general statement, and 
the semicolon separates the particulars, as in the fourth and fifth 
sentences. The close connection of the parts in the seventh 
sentence justifies the use of the comma. 

If the particulars or illustrations introduced by as are given a 
separate line, many good writers and proof-readers place a comma 
before as and a colon after, as: 

I eat to live; you live to eat. 

But if as is followed by in, the closer connection justifies the 
use of the comma alone, as in. 
To err is human; to forgive, divine. 


When the minor divisions of a sentence are separated by semi- 
colons, the greater division requires the colon. 

1 Art has been to me its own exceeding great reward: it has soothed my 

afflictions; it has refined my enjoyments; it has endeared solitude; 
and it has given me the habit of wishing to discover the good and 
the beautiful in all that surrounds me. 

2 Among those present were: Charles Wright, who made an address; 

Silas Carey, with his wife and daughters; and James Brown, Secretary 
of the Association. 

3 Among those present were Charles Wright, Silas Carey, and James 

The colon serves as the hinge upon which the sentence turns. 



A clause, complete in itself, and followed by some remark, 
inference, or illustration, not connected with the clause by a 
conjunction, requires a colon. 

1 Avoid affectation: it is a contemptible weakness. 

2 Avoid affectation; for it is a contemptible weakness. 

A colon is sometimes used before a direct quotation, when 
incorporated in the body of the sentence. 

I Holmes says: Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle that fits them 

The quotation marks, although often employed in such sen- 
tences, are unnecessary here. 


1 English Grammar: An Exposition of the Principles of the English 


2 English Grammar; or An Exposition of the Principles of the EngHsh 


3 Philadelphia: George W. Jacobs and Company, 1904. 

The subtitle, when connected with the main title by or, is 
usually preceded by a semicolon; when or is omitted, the colon 
is used. Modern taste forbids, on a title-page, the use of any 
points that can possibly be omitted. The principles of punctua- 
tion, as applied to the text of a book, are almost wholly dis- 
regarded here. 


It is customary to put a colon after the complimentary saluta- 
tion in a letter or an address, as: 

Dear Sir: My dear Madam: Gentlemen: 

The use of this mark is the most logical, and is preferable to 
the semicolon or to the comma followed by the dash. 

The more formal introductory words, to wit, as follows, the 


following, for example, this, and these, are usually followed by 
the colon. 


The period should follow every declarative and imperative 
sentence, and every abbreviation. It separates whole numbers 
from their decimal fractions, and is now generally employed 
instead of the colon, to separate hours from minutes in the time- 
tables and railway guides. 

It should follow a signature to a letter or other document, and 
a name when standing alone; but names printed in columns 
require no punctuation. 

The period is not needed after a figure or figures used at the 
beginning of paragraphs, or to number verses or other subdivisions 
in poetry. 

Usage is divided regarding the roman numerals in chapters of 
books and in kingly titles. The later custom omits the period 
after the numeral, and many good writers and proof-readers 
omit the word chapter. 

William I made many mistakes. 

Louis II ascended the throne at the age of fifty. 

Unless care is exercised in the writing, the first might be read: 
William, I made many mistakes; the second: Louis, the eleventh, 
ascended the throne at the age of fifty. 


While this mark has been much overworked, and has been 
made a convenient cover for ignorance, it has its legitimate sphere, 
which should be understood. 


A sudden break in a statement is usually marked by a dash. 

1 Thus the plot thickens — but I weary you. 

2 He had no malice in his mind — no rufiles on his shirt. 


3 You have given the command to a person of illustrious birth, of ancient 

family, of innumerable statues — but of no experience. 

4 They yield— they break — they fly — 

They faint — they fall— they die. 

The third and fourth sentences illustrate a break that is more 
largely elocutionary than one of grammatical construction. 


A concluding clause upon which several other expressions 
depend is usually preceded by a dash. 

1 He was witty, learned, industrious, plausible — everything but honest. 

2 The great men of Rome, her beautiful legends, her history, the height 

to which she rose, and the depth to which she fell — these make up 
one-half of a student's ideal world. 

Parenthetical expressions are sometimes included between 

1 The smile of a child— always so ready when there is no distress, and so 

soon returning when the distress has passed — is like an opening of the 
sky, showing heaven beyond. 

2 The ideal forms of things without— if not in a metaphysical sense, yet 

in a moral sense — exist within us. 

3 Religion — who can doubt it? — is the noblest theme for contemplation. 

The reason for using the interrogation point with the dash in 
the third sentence is apparent. 


The omission of letters or figures is indicated by a dash, as: 
He was minister to B — a, 1 900-1 904. 


The rhetorical repetition of an expression requires the employ- 
ment of a dash, as in, 

Shall I, who was born in the tent of my father, amid the roar and din of 
battle — shall I, the conqueror of Spain and Gaul — shall I compare 
myself with this half-year captain? 
This form of speech is called the Echo. 



The dash is often placed between the period following the side- 
head, and the text, when both occur on the same line. It serves 
also to connect the text with the name of the writer, at the close. 
Some good proof-readers now omit it in both cases. 


A direct question is followed by the interrogation point. An 
indirect question is one that is merely mentioned or spoken of, 
and does not require an answer. 

1 Why do you punctuate in this manner? 

2 He asked why you punctuate in this manner. 

3 He asked, Why do you punctuate in this manner? 

4 Shall a man obtain the favor of heaven by impiety ? by murder ? by false- 

hood? by theft? 

5 A man cannot obtain the favor of heaven by impiety, by murder, by 

falsehood, by theft. 

6 Where be your gibes now; your gambols; your songs; your flashes of 

merriment, that were wont to set the table in a roar? 

7 Where be now those things of yours that were wont to set the table in 

a roar ? — your gibes ? your gambols ? your songs ? your flashes of mer- 
riment ? 

8 You will grant my request? 

9 He asked. May I go to college, and met with his father's refusal. 

When the interrogation point marks a degree of separation 
equal to a period, it must be followed by a capital letter. In a 
series of questions, as in the fourth example, where no reply 
intervenes, a lower-case letter follows. By changing the interro- 
gation to an affirmation, as in the fifth sentence, the separative 
value of the interrogation point may be determined. 

When several questions have a common dependence upon a 
concluding clause, but one question mark is employed ; but if the 
particulars come last, each question requires a sign, as in the 
seventh sentence. 

A sentence, declarative in form but interrogative in spirit, takes 


the question mark; as in the eighth example. In the last sen- 
tence, many writers would place a question mark after the word 
college, but as the words are simply descriptive, the comma is 
sufficient. If the clause were lengthy or involved, quotation 
marks might be necessary. 


In point of separation, this mark is usually equivalent to a 
period; but, like the interrogation, it may be equivalent to a 
comma, a semicolon, or a colon. Like the dash, it is much over- 
worked. Its purpose is to express surprise, emotion, ardent wish, 
admiration, or contempt. It usually follows an interjection. 

1 What a piece of work is man! how noble in reason! how infinite in 

faculties! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action 
how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! 

2 Alas, poor Yoric! 

3 Behold the daughter of Innocence! 

4 Down, soothless insulter! I trust not the tale. 

5 Charge, Chester, charge! on, Stanley, on! 

6 When, O my countrymen! will you begin to exert your power? 

7 Bah! that's the third umbrella gone since Christmas. 

8 Fie, fie, fie! how silly you are! 

9 You thought you would not be found out, eh? 

10 That man virtuous!! You might as well try to tell me of the virtue of 

Judas Iscariot!! 

11 O men of Athens! my honor prompts me to speak. 

12 Oh, the bloodiest picture in the book of time! 

The position of the exclamation is sometimes a matter of doubt. 
It should be placed at the end of the exclamatory word or phrase ; 
but if the exclamatory idea extends through the sentence, it is 
placed at the end of the sentence. 

When an interjection is repeated, a comma usually occurs 
between them, and the exclamation is placed after the last. The 
interjections eh and hey often take the form of a question, and 
should be followed by the interrogation. To illustrate intense 
emotion, the double exclamation is employed. 

Many good writers Hmit O to the vocative address, placing the 


exclamation after the phrase which it introduces, and employ oh 
to express emotion. 

Properly used, the exclamation point imparts life and force to 
language ; when used to excess, it transforms pathos into bombast, 
and admiration into ridicule. 


The chief use of the apostrophe is to indicate the possessive 
case of nouns, and to denote the contraction of words. To form 
the possessive, the apostrophe is placed before the ^ except in 
the case of nouns whose plural is formed by adding 5 or es to the 
singular. Contractions are formed in a variety of ways. 

1 A man's hat. A boy's cap. A wolf's den. The men's hats. Five 

boys' caps. The wolves' dens. James's coat. Brooks's store. For 
conscience' sake. Hughes's farm. Moses's law. Moses' law. 

2 I'll go, for I've purchased my tickets. 

3 He'll tell 'em 't was 'twixt two an' four. 

4 They were filled with the spirit of '76. 

5 Dot your i's and cross your t's. 

6 Make your 5's and 8's more distinct. 

To avoid the unpleasant sibilant, many writers omit s after the 
apostrophe in Moses^ law, for conscience^ sake, jor goodness^ sake, 
and similar cases. 

The apostrophe must not be used to form the possessive of the 
personal pronouns. Such errors as her^s, iVs, oufs, your^s, their^s, 
are sometimes seen in the letters of inexperienced stenographers. 

The possessive of company should rarely be abbreviated. The 
form Co^s may be tolerated in narrow measure, but Company s is 


There is seldom need to use two points together. The greater 
covers the less. The combination is usually offensive to the eye. 
If, in any case, the meaning should be obscured by the omission 
of the inferior mark, appearance must be sacrificed to clearness. 


1 He reached the station at 6 p.m. but the train had gone. 

2 He reached the station at 6 p.m., but the train had gone. 

3 Greece, Carthage, Rome — where are they? 

4 Greece, Carthage, Rome, — where are they? 

A comma may follow, but should not precede, a mark of paren- 
thesis. When a complete sentence is enclosed, the period is 
placed before the closing mark of parenthesis. If only a few 
words are enclosed at the end of the sentence, the period should 
come after the last mark of parenthesis. 

A comparison of the late with the early editions of the English 
classics shows the growing tendency to use fewer points. 


Marks of quotation are employed to separate the exact words 
of another when embodied within the text of a sentence. This 
does not apply to the many phrases from the Bible, and from 
Shakspeare, Milton, and other famous writers, which, by their 
terseness and frequent use, have become a part of the coinage of 
the English language. 

When the quoted extract consists of several paragraphs, the 
initial quote-mark is placed at the beginning of each paragraph, 
but the closing mark is used only at the end of the extract. If 
the several paragraphs are taken from different parts of the book 
or essay, each paragraph should begin and end with quote-marks. 
If the quotation is made up of several detached portions, the fact 
that the extracts are not continuous is indicated by the insertion 
of four or five successive periods separated by spaces between 
the several extracts. 

The former custom of placing the initial quote-mark at the 
beginning of each line in a lengthy quotation is sometimes seen in 
the columns of newspapers, but is no longer employed in good 
book-work. The limit or extent of the extract is made manifest 
to the eye by narrower measure, by smaller type, or by less space 
between the lines. When smaller type or narrower measure or 
both are employed, the use of quote-marks is unnecessary. 


The single quote-mark, consisting of an inverted comma at the 
beginning and an apostrophe at the close, is used to mark a single 
word or phrase, or to note a quotation within a quotation. 

The fact that no quote-marks are employed in the Bible goes 
far to prove that their use is not so essential to clearness as has 
been supposed. Writers, printers, and stenographers are some- 
times in doubt whether to place a closing quote-mark before or 
after a comma, semicolon, or period. The mark must enclose 
the quoted parts only. If a complete sentence is quoted, the 
period is placed within the quote-mark; if the quoted words end 
with a comma, semicolon, or colon, these points usually follow 
the quote-marks; but if the sentence is a question or an exclama- 
tion, the interrogation or exclamation point is enclosed within the 
marks of quotation. 

Quote-marks within quote-marks are sometimes necessary, but 
these should be avoided so far as possible, especially when several 
quotations culminate at the close of a sentence. Double quote- 
marks are usually employed for the first, and single marks for the 
inclosed quotations. 

1 The command, "Thou shalt not kill", forbids many crimes besides that 

of murder. 

2 Some one has said, "What an argument for prayer is contained in the 

words, 'Our Father which art in heaven'!" 

3 "I will mention only such as are the same parts of speech; thus, 'sun' 

and 'son'; 'reign', 'rain', and 'rein'; 'hair' and 'hare'; 'plate' and 'plait'; 
'moat' and 'mote'; 'pair' and 'pear'; 'air' and 'heir'; 'ark' and 'arc'; 
'mite' and 'might'; 'pour' and 'pore'; 'veil' and 'vale'; 'knight' and 
'night'; 'knave' and 'nave'; 'pier' and 'peer'; 'rite' and 'right'; 'site' 
and 'sight'; 'aisle' and 'isle'; 'concent' and 'consent'; 'signet' and 

The third example, from Trench, English Past and Present, 
illustrates the overuse of quotation marks. All of the single 
quote-marks might safely be omitted. Theodore Low De Vinne, 
in The Practice oj Typography, says: "To read line after line 
bristling with these points is as irritating as a walk through 




Foreign words and phrases are usually set in italics, and do 
not require the quote-marks to indicate their origin. When the 
foreign words make one or more sentences, it is better to set them 
in roman with quote-marks. 


When several abbreviated titles as A.M., LL.D., occur at the 
end of a line, one title may be separated from the rest, but the 
parts of the same title must not be divided. No space other than 
that required by the period is necessary. 

The form "pages 136, 137" is preferable to "pages 136-7", 
and the form "pages 139 to 160" is preferred to "pp. 139-160." 
A period of time covering two successive years may be expressed 
1903-4. When the years are not consecutive, write in full, thus: 
1897, 1900, 1904. The use of the apostrophe, as '97, '99, '04, 
is unsightly in books and should be avoided. 


Afr Africa, -can 

Alas Alaska, -kan 

Amer America, -can 

Arab Arabia, -bian 

archseol archaeology, -ogist 

Archi Archipelago 

Arg. Rep Argentine Republic 

Ariz Arizona 

astron astronomer, -omy 

Aust Austria, -rian 

Austral Australia, -lian 

auth author 

Balto Baltimore 

Bav Bavaria, -rian 

Belg Belgium, -gian 

Bohem Bohemia, -mian 

bot Botany, -nist 

Braz Brazil, -zilian 


Can Canada, -dian 

Carth Carthaginian 

chem chemist, -istry 

chron chronicle, -icier 

CO county 

Colom Colombia, -bian 

conch conchology, -ogist 

Cors Corsica, -sican 

coun country 

Den Denmark 

dept department 

dipl diplomat, -matist 

dist district 

dram drama, -atist 

Egypt ol Egyptology, -ogist 

embryol embryology, -ogist 

entom entomology, -ogist 

fern feminine 

Fr France, French 



Gen General 

geol geology, -ogist 

geom geometer, -etry 

Ger German, -many 

Gr Greece, Grecian 

gram grammar, -marian 

herpet herpetology, -ogist 

Hind Hindustan 

hist history, -torian 

Hung Hungary, -garian 

la Iowa 

ichth ichthyology, -ogist 

Ida Idaho 

111 Illinois 

Ire Ireland 

isl island 

It Italy, Italian 

] lake 

lexicog lexicographer, -phy 

litt litterateur 

Maced Macedonia, -nian 

masc masculine 

math mathematics, -tician 

mech mechanician 

Medit Mediterranean 

meteor meteorology, -ogist 

mfr manufacturer 

mineral mineralogy, -ogist 

Mont Montana 

mts mountains 

mus music, -cian 

nat naturalist 

nav navigator 

N. D North Dakota 

Neth Netherlands 

N. Mex. . . . New Mexico 

Norw Norway 

N. S Nova Scotia 

O Ohio 

orient orientalist 

ornith ornithology, -ogist 

Pac. Oc Pacific Ocean 

paleon paleontology, -ogist 

Para Paraguay 

Pata Patagonia 

pathol pathology, -ogist 

pen peninsula 

Pers Persia, -sian 

philan philanthropist 

philol philology, -ogist 

philos philosophy, -opher 

physiol physiology, -ogist 

Pol Poland, -lish 

Port Portugal, -guese 

pos possessive 

P. R Porto Rico, P. Rican 

pro pronoun 

pros prosody 

prov province 

Prus Prussia, -sian 

psychol psychology, -ogist 

Que Quebec 

r river 

Repub Republic 

Rev Revolution, -ary 

R. I Rhode Island 

Roum Roumania 

Russ. Russia, -sian 

S. Amer South America 

Sax Saxony 

schol scholar 

sci science, -entist 

Scot Scotland, Scotch 

sculp sculptor, -ture 

Serv Servia, -vian 

Shak Shakspeare 

Sib Siberia, -rian 

Sp Spain, Spanish 

Sw Sweden, Swedish 

Switz Switzerland, Swiss 

Syr Syria, -ian 

teratol teratology, -ogist 

Test Testament 

theol theology, -ogian 

therap therapeutics 

topog topography 

toxicol toxicology, -ogist 

trag tragedian, -edy 

trav traveller 

Turk Turkey, Turkish 

twp township 

typog typography 

Uru Uruguay 

U. S United States 

Venez Venezuela, -elan 

vil village 

vole volcano 

zool zoology, -ogist 

13^,000 WORDS 


Aa'chen (a'dien or a'ken), prov. 

a has' (a ba'), down with, a bas', 

and c. Prus. 

a coin, a'bas, a disease. 

aal (al). 

a base', -ment, -based', -bas'ing, 

Aal'b6rg (al'-), seaport of Den. 


aam (awm or am) or dhm. 

abash', -ment, -bashed'. 

Aar (ar), r. Switz., aar, an eagle. 

a bate', -ment, -bat'a ble, -bat'er or 

aard'vark (ard'-), aard'wolf. 


Aa'ron (ar'on or a'ron), Bib., -ron'- 

ab'a tis or ab'at tis (-tis or -te'). 

ic, -ic al, Aa'ron ite, -it'ic, Aa'- 

-tised (-tist). 

ron's -beard, -rod, aa'ron, a plant. 

a bat' 'jour' (a ba'zhoor') or a hat- 


jour' (a ba zhoor'). 

ab'a ca or -ka. 

a hat toir' (-twor'), pi. -loirs'. 

ab'a cay. 

a bat-voix (a ba'vwd'). 

ah a cis'cus, ab'a cist. 

abax'ial or -axlle. 

a back'. 


A'ba CO (a'ba c6), Geog. 

ab'ba, father; Ab'ba, the Heavenly 

ab ac'ti nal. 


ab ac'ti o (-shI o), -ac'tion, -ac'tor. 

ab bac'i nate (-bas'-), -na'tion. 

ab'a cus, pi. ab'a ci or -a cusses. 

ab'ba cy. 

a hac' u Ins. 

Ab bad'o na, a fallen angel. 

A bad'don, the angel of the bottom- 

ah ban do na td men'te. 

less pit. 

ab has'i or a bds'st or -sis. 

a baft'. 

ah bd' te. 

a bai'ser, a hais se' (a basa'), a- 

ab ba'tial. 

haissed' (-bast'). 

ab he' (a ba'), ab'bess. 

ab al'ien ate (-yen-), - a ted, -a'tion. 

Ab'be ville, co. S. C. 

ah a lo'ne. 

Abbe ville' (ab vel'), t. Fr. 

ab a mu'rus. 

ab'bey (-by), pi. -beys, ab'bey- 

a ban'don, -doned (-dund), -doned- 

coun'ter, -laird, -land, -lub^ber. 

Iv, -don er, -don ment, -don ee', 

ab'bot, -ship, -gen'er al. 

a han don' (a ban don'). 

ah hoz'zo (-bot'so). 

a han'ga. 

ab bre'vi ate, -a ted, a- ting, -a tor, 

a hap tis'ton, pi. -tis'ta. 

-to'ry, -a'tion, ab bre vi a'ti o 

ab ar tic u la'tion. 

plac i to'rum (-a'shi o plas-). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, not, nor, 

use, up, urn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 


abb -wool 



abb' -wool. 

ab cd'ree. 

ab cha'sian (-ka'shan or -zhan). 
ab da la'vi or ab de la'vi (-la've). 
Abd=el-Ka'dir (abd-) or Ab dul- 

Ka'dir, Biog. 
Ab de'ri an, Ab'de rite. 

Ab dev'en ham. 
ab'di cate, -ca ted, -ca ting, -ca tor, 

-cant, -ca'tion. 
ab do'men {or ab'-), -dom'i nal, 

-nal ly, -i nous, -i nos'co py. 
ab du'cens, -cent. 
ab duct', -duc'tor, -duc'tion. 
Ab dul-A ziz' (ab^ddbl a zez'), 

Ab dul-Ha'mid (ab^dtl ha'mid), 

Ab dul Me jid' (ab'ddbl me jeed'), 

a beam', 
a be ce da'ri an, -ri um, pi. -ri a, 

-ce'da ry, A be ce da'ri an, one 

of a religious sect. 
a bed'. 

A bfed'ne go. Bib. 
a bee'. 

Ab'e lard, Biog. 
a bele'. 
A bel'i an (a bel'I an or -yan), 

A'bel ite, A^bel o'ni an. 
A^bel mos'chus (-kus), a'bel- 

a'bel -tree. 
a be ne placet to (a ba'ne pla'che- 

Ab e o'na. Myth. 
Ab'er crom bie (-krum bl), Biog. 
aVer de vine'. 
ab fir'rance, -ran cy, -rant, ra'tion, 

-tion al. 
ab e run'ca tor (-run'-). 
a bet', -ted, -ting, -ter or -tor, -ment. 
ab e vac u a'tion. 
ab ex'tra. 

a bey'ance (-ba'-), -an cy, -ant. 
ab'hal or -hel or -hul. 
ab h6r', -horred', -hSr'ring, -hor'- 

rence, -rent, -rent ly, -rer. 
A bi'a, Bib. 
A bi'a saph, Bib. 
A bi'a thar, Bib. 


a bide', -bid'ing, -ing ly, a bid'ing- 

A'bi el. Bib. 

ab'i e tene, -e tin, -et'ic, -e tin'ic. 
ab'i e tite. 
a big'e at (-bij'-). 
A bi'hu. Bib. 
A bi'jah. Bib. 
AVi le'ne. Bib. 
A bim'e lech (-lek). Bib. 
ab ini'tio (-ish'io), ab in'tra. 
ab in tes'tate. 
ab'^i o gen'e sis, -e sist, -ge net'- 

ic, -ic al ly, -og'e nist (-6j'-), 

-og'e nous, -e ny. 
ab i o log'ic al (-loj'-), -al ly. 
ab ir'ri tate, -ri tant, -ta tive, -ta'- 

A bi'ud. Bib. 

ab'ject, -ly, -ness, -ject'ive, -jec'tion. 
ab ju di ca'tion. 
ab jure', -jured', -jur'ing, -er or -or, 

-ju'ra to ry, -ra'tion. 
ab'kar, ab ka'ri or -ry. 
Ab kha'sian (-zhan). 
ab lac ta'tion. 
a bias tem'ic, -blas'tous. 
ab la'tion, -la ti'tious (-tish'us). 
ab'la tive, -ti'val. 
ab'laut (ab'lout or Ger. ap'lout). 
a blaze', 
a'ble, -bier, -blest, -bly, a bil'i ty, 

a'blc'bod'ied, -mind'ed. 
ab'le gate, -ga'tion. 
a'ble whack'ets. 
ab'lo cate, -ca ted, -ting, -ca'tion. 
a bloom'. 

ab lu'tion, -a ry, ab'lu ent. 
ab'ne gate, -ga ted, -ting, -tor, -ga'- 
ab nerv'al. 
ab nor'mal, -ly, -nor'rai ty, -mous, 

-mal'i ty. 
a board'. 
a bode'. 
a bo gd'do. 

a boi'deau (-do or -do' ) , -teau (-td). 
a bol'ish, -ing, -a ble, -er, -ment, 

ab o li'tion (-lish'un), -al, -a ry, 

-ism, -ist, -ize, -ized, -i zing. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast sofa, mete, met, her, ice In, note. 




a hol'la, pi. -l(B. 

ab seise' (-siz'), -seised', -scis'ing. 

a bo' ma. 

ab scis'sa, pi. -sas or -sae. 

ah ma' sum, pi. -sa, ah o ma'sus, pi. 

ab scis'si o in }t ni'ti (ab sish'-). 


ab scis'sion (-sizh'un). 

AVo mey' (-ma'), t. Afr. 

ab sconce'. 

a bom'i na ble, -ness, -na bly, 

ab scond', -ed, -er, -ing. 

-i nate, -na ted, -ting, -tor, -na'tion. 

ab'sent, a., ab sent', v., -ed, -ing. 

a boon'. 

-sen ta'tion, -sen tee', -tee'ism. 

ab o'ral, -ly. 

-tee'ship, -sen'ter, ab'sence, -sent- 

a bord'age. 

ness, ab^sent-mind'ed, -mind'ed- 

ab rig'i nal (-rij'-), -nal ly, -na ry, 

ly, -mind'ed ness. 

-nal'i ty, -rig'i ne, pi. -nes (-nez). 

ab'sinth or -sinthe, -sin'thate, -thi al, 

abort', -ed, -bor'ticide, -tient, -ti- 

-thi an, -thic, -thin, -thine, -thi um. 


-thi ate, v., -a''ted, -a''ting, -sin'- 

a bor'tion, -al, -ist, -bor'tive, -ly. 

thism {or ab'-). 

-ness, a hor'tus. 

ab'sit 6'men. 

a bound', -ed, -ing. 

ab'so lute, -ly, -ness, -lu tism, -lu- 

a bout', -sledge. 

tist, -tis'tic, -sol'u to ry, -so lu'- 

a bove', -board, -deck, -ground. 


ab o'vo. 

ab solve', v., -solv'er, -ing, -i tor, 

a box'. 

-a to ry or -i to ry, -a ble. 

a' bra. 

ab sorb', -ing, -ing ly, -a ble, -a bil'- 

ab'ra ca dab'ra. 

i ty, -ed ly, -ed ness, -en cy, -ent, 

a brac'a lam 

-er, -e fa'cient. 

a bra'chi a (-ki a), -chi us. 

ab sorp ti om'e ter (-shi om'-). 

ab rade', -ra'dant. 

ab sorp'tion, -tive, -tive ness, -tiv'- 

A'bra ham, -ite, -it'ic, -ic al, -ham'- 

i ty, ab sorp'tion bands, a. Unes, 

ic, -i dae, A'bra ham -man or 

a. spec'trum. 


abs'que hoc, abs'que td'll cau'sa. 

A bran'chi a (-bran'ki a), -chi a'ta, 

ab stain', -ing, -er, -ment, -stained'. 

-chi ate, -chi an. 

ab ste'mi ous, -ly, -ness. 

ab rase' (-razor -ras), -rased', -ras'- 

ab sten'tion, -ist, -tious. 


ab ster'gent, -ster'sion, -sive, -sive- 

ab ra'sion (-zhun), -sive. 


ab'raum (ab'rawm or Ger. ap'roum). 

ab'sti nence, -nen cy, -nent, -nent ly. 

A hrax'as or Ab'ra sax. 

ab'stract, a. and «., ab stract', v., 

ab'ra zite, -zit'ic. 

-ing, -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, -er, 

a breast'. 

-strac'tion, -tion al, -tion ist, 

a'breu'voir' (a^bre^'vwor'). 

-strac'tive, -tive ly, -tive ness, ab'- 


stract ly, -stract ness. 

a bridge', -bridged', -bridg'ing, -er, 

ab struse', -ly, -ness. 

-ed ly, -ment. 

ab surd', -i ty, -ly, -ness. 

a'brin {or ab'rin). 

Abt (apt), Ger. mus. 

a broach'. 

ab ter' mi nal. 

a broad'. 

ab'thain, -ry. 

ab'ro gate, -ga ted, -ting, -tor, -tive, 

a hue' CO (-bd6k'-). 

-ga ble, -ga'tion. 

a hu'li a (-boo'-), -lo md'ni a. 

ab rot'a noid. 

ab um'bral, -brel'lar. 

ab rot'a num. 

a hu'na (-bob'-). 

ab rupt', -ly, -ness, -rup'tion. 

a bun'dance, -dant, -dant ly. 

A bruz'zo (a broot'so), dept. It. 

ah ur'he con'di ta. 

ab'scess, -scessed, ab'scess-root. 

a bur'ton. 

ab scind', -ed, -ing. 

abuse' (-buz'), v., -bused, -bus'ing, 

not, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 




-bu'sive (-siv), -sive ly, -sive ness, 

a buse' (-bus'), n. 
a but', -tal, -ter, -merit, a but'ment 

a buzz'. 
a bysm' (-bizm'), -bys'mal (-biz'-), 

-mal ly, a byss' al (-bis'-). 
Ab ys sin'i a, coun. E. Afr., -i an. 
a ca'cia (-sha or -shi a), a ca'cia- 

ac'a cin or -dne. 
A ca'ci us (-shI us). Bishop of 

Caesarea, -cians (-shans). 
a cad'e my, -e mist, ac a de'mi al, 

-dem'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -i cism, 

Ac'a deme, -dem'ics, A c3.d'e mist. 
A ca'di a. Nova Scotia; co. La., 

-di an. 
a ca'di al ite. 
ac'a jou (-zhdo). 
ac'a 16ph or -lephe, -le'phan, -le'- 

a cal'y cal, -y cine, ac a lyc'i nous 

(-Us'-), -lyc'u late (-Ilk'-). 
a camp'si a or -sy. 
ac a na'ceous. 
a can del li e're (-a're). 
a can'tha, pi. -tha, -can'thlne, -can'- 

thoid, ac an tha'ceous (-shus), 

-tha'ri an. 
a can'tho pod, -po'di ous. 
a can'thus, n., pi. -thus es (-6z) or 

-thi, -thous, a. 
a cd pel'ld or cap pel'-. 
a cap'su lar. 

A ca pul'co (a ka pool'ko), t. Mex. 
a car'di a, -di ac, -di us, ac ar di'- 

a cus, pi. -cl. 
A ca ri' (a ka re'), t. Peru. 
a ca'ri an. 
ac a ri'a sis. 

ac'a rid, a c3,r'i cide, -i no'sis. 
ac'a roid gum. 
a car'pous, -pel ous. 
a cat a lec'tic. 
a cat'a lap sy, -lep'tic. 
a cat''a pha'si a (-fa'zl a or -zhi-). 
a cau'date. 
a cau'les (-lez), ac au les' cence, 

Ac'cad, -ca'di an, language of early 

ac ce'das ad cu'ri am. 

ac cede', -ced'ed, -er, -ence, -ing. 

ac eel er an' do. 

ac cel'er ate, -a ted, -ted ly, -ting, 

-tive, -a tor, -to ry, -a'tion, ac cel- 

er a'tion=di a gram. 
ac cend'i ble, -i bil'i ty. 
ac cen'di te. 
ac cen'sion, -sor. 
ac'cent, w., ac cent', v., -ed, -ing, 

-cen'tor, -tu al, -al ly, -tu ate, 

-a ted, -a'tion, -al'i ty. 
ac cept', -er or -or, -ed, -ed ly, -ing, 

-a ble, -ble ness, -a bly, -bil'i ty, 

-ance, -an cy, -ant, -cep ta'tion. 
ac cep'ti late, -la ted, -ting, -la'tion. 
ac'cess {or -ses'), ac ces'sa ry {or 

ac'-), -si ble, -i bly, -bil'i ty, -ces'- 

sion, -sion al, -sive, -so'ri al, -ces'- 

so ri ly, -ces'so ry {or ac'-). 
ac ciac ca tu'ra (at chak ka tob'ra). 
ac'ci dence, -dent, -den ted, -den'- 

tal, -tal ism, -tal ist, -tal ly, -tal- 

ness, -tal'i ty. 
ac cip'i ter, pi. -tres (-trez), -i tral, 

-i trine. 
ac cis'mus (-siz'-). 
ac claim', -claimed', -claim 'ing, 

-cla ma'tion, -clam'a to ry. 
ac cli'mate, -ma ted, -ma ting, -cll- 

ma'tion, -cli'ma tize, -ti za ble, 

-ti zer, -tl za'tion. 
ac cli'nal, ac'cli nate. 
ac cliv'i ty, -i tous, -cli'vous. 
ac CO lade' {or -lad'). 
ac'co la ted. 
ac col le' (ak ol la'). 
ac com' mo date, -da ted, -da ting, 

-ting ly, -da ble, -da tive, -tive ness, 

-da tor, -da'tion, ac com mo da'- 

tion bill, a. cramp, a. lad der, a. 

lands, a. road, a. train, a. works. 
ac com'pa ny (-kum'-), -ing, -pa- 

nied, -nist. 
ac com'plice (-kSm'plIs). 
ac c6m'plish, -ing, -a ble, -er, 

ment, -plished. 
ac cord', -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -ance, 

-an cy, -ant, -ant ly, -er. 
ac cor'di on, -ist, ac cor'di on- 

ac cost', -ed, -ing, -a ble. 
ac couche'ment (-koosh'mon), ac cou- 

cheur' (-sher'), -cheuse' (-shez'). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her,, ice, In, note, 




ac count', -ed, -ing, -a ble, -ble ness, 

ac'e tal (as'- or a ce'-). 

-a bly, -bil'i ty, -ant, -an cy, -ant- 

a cet'a mid or -mide {or ac'et im'-). 

ship, ac count' -book, =day, ac- 

ac'e ta ry (as'-), -ta'ri ous, -e tate, 

count'ant-gen'er al. 

-ta ted, -ta'tion. 

ac cou'ter or -tre (-koo'-), -ment. 

a cet'ic or -ce'tic, -cet'i din, -i fy, 

ac cred'it, -ed, -ing. 

-fy ing, -fled, -fi er, -fl ca'tion. 

ac^cre men ti'tial (-tish'al), -ti'- 

ac e tim'e ter (as-) or -torn'-, -tim'- 


e try, a cet i met'ric al. 

ac cres'cence, -cres'cent. 

ac'e tin (as'-), -e tone, -ton'ic, 

ac cres ci men'to (-kresh i-), ac cres- 

-to ne'mi a. 


ac'e tons (as'-) or a ce'tous, ac'e tose 

ac Crete', -cret'ed, -cret'ing, -cre'- 

(-tos), a ce'tum. 

tive, -tion. 

ac'e tyl (as'-), -tyl'ic, -i za'tion, 

ac crue', -ment, -cru'ing, -cru'er, 

a cet'y lene or ac'e-. 


Ach ae me'ni an (ak e me'-). 

ac cul tu ra'tion. 

a chae'no carp (a ke'-). 

ac cum'bent. 

A cha'ia (a ka'ya), Bih.\ Greece. 

ac cu'mu late, -la ted, -la ting, 

-ian (-yan). 

-la tive, -tive ly, -tive ness, -la tor, 

A'chan (-kan), Bib. 


a cha'ne (-ka'-). 

ac'cu rate, -ly, -ness, -ra cy. 

a char'. 

ac curse', -curs'ing, -cursed' or 

a charne'ment (a sharn'mdn or -shar'- 

-curs'ed, a., -curs'ed ly, -ed ness. 


ac curst'. 

A cha' tes (-ka'tez), companion of 

ac cuse', -cus'ing (-kuz'-), -ing ly. 


-al, -a ble, -er, -a tive, -tive- 

ache (ak), -less, ached (akt), ach'ing, 

ly, -cused', -cu'sa to ry, -sa'tion 



A che'an or A chse'an (-ke'-). 

ac cus'tom (-turn), -a ble, -a bly, 

Ach'en bach (adi'en badi or a'ken- 

-a ry, -a ri ly, -ing, -tomed. 


-tomed ness. 

a che'ni um (-ke'-), pi. -ni a, a chene' 

ace, -point. 

(-ken'), -che'ni al. 

a ce'di a. 

Ach'e ron (ak'-), Myth., -ron'tic. 

A cel'da ma. 

a che val'. 

a cen sii a' da (a than''soD a'tha). 

a chieve', -ment, -chieved', -chiev'- 

-a dor' (-a thor'). 

ing, -a ble, -er. 

a cen'tric. 

a chi'la ry (-ki'-). 

A ceph'a la, ac'e phal (as'e £3.1), 

A chil'les (-kll'lez), a legendary Gr. 

-ceph'a Ian, -a lous. 

hero, Ach^il le'an (ak^-), -le'id. 

A ceph'a li, -a lite, -a list. 

-le'is, A chil'les' ten'don. 

a ce'qui a (a sa'ke a). 

Ach i nese' (-nes' or -nez'). 

ac'er ate (as'-). 

a chi o'te (a che o'ta). 

a cerb', -ic, -i ty, a cerb'ate or 

a chi'ra (a che'-). 

ac'er bate (as'-). 

A chit'o phel (-kit'). 

a cgr'ic. 

a chlam'y date (-klim'I-), ach la- 

ac'er ose (as'er 6s), -er ous. 

myd'e ous (ak-). 

a cer'ra. 

a cho'li a (-ko'-), ach'o lous (ak'-). 

a cer'vate, -vate ly, -va tive. 

ach' or or a'chor (ak'- or a'kor), pi. 

-vu line, -vu lus, ac^er va'tion 

a cho'res (-rez). A'chor (-kor), 



a ces'cence, -cen cy, -ces'cent. 

ach'ro ite (ak'-). 

ac e tab'u lum (as-), pi. -u la, -u lar, 

ach ro mafic (ak-), -al ly. 

-u li form, -u lifer ous. 

a chro'ma tize, -tized, -ti zing, 

not, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Bach. 

achro matization 



-tl za'tion, -ma tin, -ma tous, 

a cos' mism (-k6z'mlzm), -mist, 

or a chro'mous, -ma tism, -ma- 

-mis' tic. 

top sy, -to'sis. 

a cot y le' don, -le' do nous {or 

a chron'ic, -ic al. 

-led'o nous). 

ach'root (atch'-). 

a cou'chi, -res^in (a koo'shi rez''in). 

a chy'lous (-ki'-). 

a cou'chy (a koo'she). 

a cic'u la (-sik'-), pi. -la (-le), -u lar, 

a cou' me ter (-kow'- or -koo'-). 

-lar ly, -u late, -la ted, -u lid. 

-me try, -cou sim'e ter, a cous- 

-u li form, -u line, -u lus, pi. -u ll, 

mat'ic (-kous- or -koos-). 

ac'i form (as'-). 

a cous'tic (-kous'- or -koos'-), -tic al. 

ac'id (as'-), a cid'ic, -i ty, -cid' i fy, 

-al ly, -tics, -ac'ous ti'cian (-tish'- 

-i fi a ble, -fi er, -fi ca'tion, ac id- 


if'er ous, -if'ic, -im'e ter, -e try, 

ac quaint', -ed, -ing, -ance, -ance- 

-i met'ric al, -om'e ter, ac'id- 

ship, -ed ness. 

pump, ac'id green, a. ma gen'ta, 

ac que reur' (ak ka rer'). 

a. yel'low. 

ac qui esce', -ment, -esced', -es'cing, 

a cid'u late, -la ted, -la ting, -u lent, 

-cing ly, -cence, -cen cy, -cent, 

-u lous. 

-cent ly. 

ac'i er ate (as'-), -er age, -er a'tion. 

ac quire', -ment, -quired', -quir'ing. 

a cil'i ate, -a ted. 


ac i na'ceous (as-), -na'ri ous. 

ac qui si'tion (-zish'un), -quis'i- 

a cin'a ces (-sez). 

tive, -tive ly, -tive ness, -i tor. 

ac i nac'i form (as i nSs'- or a cin'-). 

ac quit', -quit'ted, -ting,- tal, -tance. 

ac i net'i form (as-). 

-ment, ac quit'tance-roll. 

ac'i nous (as'-), -nose (-nos), a cin'- 

a cra'ni a, -ni al. 

i form. 

a era' si a (-zhi a or -zi a), excess; 

ac i pen'se rid (as-), -se rine, -se- 

intemperance. A cra'si a (-zhi a). 


Spenser's Faerie Queen. 


a cras'pe dote. 

ac knowl'edge (-nol'ej), -edged, 

acra'tia (-shI a), debility; impo- 

-edg ing, -edg er, -edg ment. 


a clas'tic. 

a'cre (-ker), -a ble, -age, -cred 


(-kerd), a'cre-dale, A'cre (a'ker or 

ac'mite or ak'-. 

a'-), c. Syr. 


a ere cen'ei a (a kra san'se a or -than'- 

ac nes'tis, pi. -ti des (-dez). 

the a). 

ac'node, -no'dal. 

ac rem bol'ic. 

a col'o gy, ac^o log'ic. 

A'cri (a'kre), t. It. 

a co'lous. 

ac'rid, -rid ly, -ness, -rid'i ty {or 

ac'o lyte, -o lyth or -lythe (-lith). 

a crid'-). 

-lyth'ic al, a col'y thate. 

ac ri doph'a gus. 

a'con {or ac'on). 

ac'ri mo ny, -mo'ni ous, -ous ly, 

A con ca'gua (a-), Andes mts. 

-ous ness. 

a con'dy lous or -lose (-l5s). 

a eris'i a (-kris'-), ac'ri sy. 

a cone'. 

a crit'ic al. 

ac'o nite (ak'-), -o ni'tal, -nit'ic. 

ac'ri to chro'ma cy, -mat'ic. 

a con'i tate, a con'i tin or -tine. 

ac ro a' ma, pi. -am'a ta, -a mat'ic. 

a con'ti urn (-shi um), pi. -ti a. 

-ic al, -ics. 

a cop'ic. 

ac ro a'sis, -at'ic, -at'ics. 


ac'ro bat, -ism, -bat'ic, -ic al ly. 

a'corn (-korn or -kurn), -corned. 

ac'ro blast. 

a'corn-cup, -duck, -moth, -oil. 

Ac'ro ce rau'ni an. 

-shell, -wee'vil (-vl), -worm. 

ac ro chi ris'mus (-ki ris'-). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 



adder's 'meat 

ac'ro chord, -chor'did. 

a cu er'do (a koo ar'do). 

ac ro chor'don, pi. -do'nes (-nez). 

a cu'le us, pi. -le i, -le ous, a., -le o- 

ac'ro d6nt. 

late, -le i form, -le ate. 

ac ro dyn'i a. 

a cu'men, -mi nate, -mi nose (-nos), 

ac'ro gen, -gen'ic,-rog'e nous (-roj'-) . 

-mi nous, -na'tion. 

a crog'ra phy {or ac rog'-). 

ac'u press, -pres'sion, -pres'sure {or 

a cro'le in. 


ac'ro lith, -lith'ic, -crori than. 

ac'u punc'ture {or ac'-), -tured. 

a crol'o gy, ac ro log'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

-tu ra tor. 

ac'ro logue. 

a'cus, pi. a'cus. 

a crom'e ter. 

a cute', -ly, -ness, -cu'tate, -ti fo'U- 

a cro'mi on, -mi al, -cro''mi o cla vic'- 

ate, -tilo'bate, acute'=an'gled, -an'- 

u lar. 

gu lar or a cut'an'gu lar. 

ac'ro mon^o gram mafic. 

ac'w te nac'u lum, pi. -u la. 

ac^ro nar cot'ic. 

a cu'tl plan'tar. 

a cr6n'yc or . -ych, -yc al, -al ly, 

a cu ya'ri=wood (-koo-) or a. wood. 

ac ro nyc'tous. 

a cy'a no blep'si a or -blep'sy 

a crop'e tal, -tal ly. 

(a ci'). 

a croph'o ny, ac'ro pho net'ic. 

a cyc'lic (-sik'lik). 

ac ro po'di urn, pi. -po'di a. 

ac'y rol'o gy (as-). 

a crop'o lis, ac'ro pol'i tan. 

a dic'tyl, -tyl ous, -tyl ism. 

ac ro sar'cum. 


ac ro sau'rus, pi. -sau'ri. 

a dd'gio (-jo), a da giet'to (-jet'to). 

ac'ro spire. 

Ad'am, -ist, -ite, -It'ic, -ic al, -i tism, 

ac'ro spore, -spor'ous {or a cros'- 

A dam'ic, -ic al, -al ly, Ad'am's- 

po rous). 

flan nel, -nee die. Ad am's ale, A. 

a cross'. 

ap pie. 

a cros'tic, -al, -al ly, -ti cism. 

ad'a mant, -man'tine, -man'toid, 

ac ro sto'li um, pi. -li a. 

-man te'an, ad a man'tine lay er. 

ac ro tar' si um, -si al. 

a. spar. 

ac'ro te leu'tic. 

ad'a man'to blast. 

ac ro te'ri um, pi. -te'ri a, -ri al, -te'- 

Ad'a mas'tor, Spirit of the Stormy 

ral, ac'ro ter. 


ac ro thym' i on or -i um, pi. 

ad am bu la'cral. 

-thym'i a. 

Ad'an so'ni a. 

a crot'ic. 

a dapt', -ed, -ed ness, -er, -ing, -a ble. 

ac'ro tism. 

-ble ness, -ive, -ive ly, -ive ness, 

a crot'o mous. 

-dap'tion al, -ti tude, ad'ap ta'- 

act, -ed, -ing, -a b!e, ac'tive, -tive ly, 


-tiv'i ty, ac'tor, -tress, act'^drop. 


Ac tae'on (-te'-). Myth. 

a dar'ce. 

Ac'ti an (-shi an), A. games. 

a dar'kon. 

ac tin'i o chrome. 

ad'a tl or -tis. 

ac'tin ism, -tin'ic, -tin'o graph, -ti- 

a daw'let or -lut. 

nol'o gy, -ti nom'e ter, -nom'e try. 

ad cap tan'dum. 

-no met'ric. 

add, -ed, -er, -ing, -a ble, -a bil' i ty 

ac'tion, -a ble, -a bly, -al, -a ry, -ist. 

or -i bil'i ty, add'ing=ma chine'. 

-ize, -less, ac'tion=ser mon. 


ac'tu al, -ism, -ist, -al ly, -al'i ty. 


ac'tu al ize, -ized, -i zing, -i za'tion. 

ad den'dum, pi., -da. 

ac'tu a ry, -a'ri al. 

ad'der, =bead, =bolt, =fish, =fly, =gem, 

ac'tu ate, -a ted, -a ting, -a'tion. 

=grass, =pike, -spit, -stone. 

ac'u ate, a cu'i ty. 

ad'der's=fern, -flow er, -meat, 

not, nor, use, up, drn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




-mouth, -spear, -tongue, -vi^o let, 

-wort, or ad'de wort. 
ad diet', -ed, -ed ness, -ing, -dic'- 

ad dl'em. 
ad di'tion, -al, -al ly, -a ry, -dit' a- 

ment, -men'ta ry, ad'di tive, -tive- 

ly, -di tor. 
ad'dle, -died, -dling, ad'dle brain, 

-head, -pate, -plot, ad'dle-brained, 

-head'ed, -pa'' ted, -parted ness, 

ad dress', n. and v., -ing, -er, -ful, 

adMress ee', -dressed', ad dress'- 

ing^ma chine. 
ad duce', -du'cing, -cent, -cer, -ci- 

ble or ad duce'a ble, -duced', -duc'- 

tive, -duc'tor, -duc'tion. 
ad duct', -ed, -ing, -duc'tion, -tive, 

a deem'. 

a de Ian ta dil'lo (a da Ian ta del' yo). 
a de Ian ta'do (a^da Ian ta'do). 
ad e las'ter. 
a'del fisch. 

a de'lo pod or -pode {or -del'o-). 
a del'phous. 
a demp'tion. 
A'den (a'den or a'-), Brit, seaport, 

ad e nal'gi a. 

a de'ni a, A de'ni a, Zool. genus, 
ad e ni'tis, -den' i form. 
a den'ko. 

ad'e no car^ci no' ma, pi. -ma ta. 
ad e nog'ra phy, -no graph'ic. 
ad' e noid, -noid'al. 
ad e nol' o gy, -log' ic al. 
ad e no' ma, pL, -no'ma ta, -nom'- 

a tous. 
ad e non'cus, pi. -non'ci (-si). 
ad e nop'a thy. 
ad'e no phir^yn gi'tis (-ji'-). 
a den'o phore, ad e noph'o rous. 
ad'e nos. 

ad e no sar co'ma, pi. -ma ta. 
ad'e nose (-nos) or -nous. 
ad e not'o my, -no tom'ic. 
ad e pha'gi a, -deph'a gous. 

a dept', -ness, -ship. 
ad'e quate, -ly, -ness, -qua cy. 
Ad es se na'ri an. 

ad e un'dem. 

ad ex tre'mum. 

ad ji'nem. 

ad gus'tum. 

ad here', -hered', -her'ing, -ence, 

-ent, -ent ly. 
ad he'sive (-siv), -ly, -ness, -he'sion 

(-zhun), ad he'sion-car. 
ad hib'it, -hi bi'tion (-bish'un). 
ad hoc. 
ad hom'inem. 
ad^i a bat'ic, -al ly. 
ad i ac tin'ic. 

ad i aph o re'sis or -ro'sis, -ret'ic. 
ad i aph'o rism, -o rist, -ris'tic, 

-aph'o rite, -o rous, -o ton, pi. -o ra, 

-o ro'sis. 
ad'iather'mancy (or adi'-), -ther'- 

mic, -ma nous. 
ad^i a thet'ic {or a di'-). 
a dic'i ty (-dis'-). 
a dieu' (a dii), pi. a dieus'. 
ad in dej'i nl'tum. 
ad in'fi ni'tum. 
ad in' qui ren'dum. 
ad in'ter int. 

a di'os (aMyos' or a de'os). 
a dip'ic, ad i pes'cent. 
ad'i po cere', -poc'er ate (-p6s'-), 

-er ite, -er ous, -a'tion, -po cer'i- 

ad'i po=fi bro'ma. 
ad'i pog'e nous (-poj-). 
ad'i po lyt'ic. 
ad'i po'ma, -pom'a tous. 
ad'i pose (-pos) or pous, -p5'sis, 

-p6s'i ty, -pog'e nous (-poj'-). 
a dip'si a or ad'ip sy, -dip'sous. 
ad'it, -lev el. 

ad ja'cent, -ly, -ja'cence, -cen cy. 
ad'jec tive, -ly, -ti'val {or ad'jec tlv^ 

al), -ti'val ly. 
ad'jl ger. 

ad join', -ing, -joined'. 
ad joiirn', -ing, -journed', -journ'al, 

ad judge', -judged', -judg'-ing, -er, 

-judg'ment or -judge'ment, 

-judge'a ble. 
ad ju'di ca taire' . 

ad ju'di cate, -ca'ted, -ca tive, -ea- 
ting, -tor, -ca'tion, -ca ture'. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note, 




ad'junct, -ly, -junc'tive, -tive ly, 

Ad^o ni'jah, Bih. 


Ad^o ni'ram. Bib. 

ad ju'ra re'gis. 

A do'nis, Myth., -ni a, -don'ic. Ad o- 

adjure', -jur'er, -ju'ra to ry, -ra'tion. 

ne'an or A do'ni an, a do'nis, a Wig. 

ad just', -ed, -ing, -a ble, -a bly, 

a dopt', -ant, -ed, -er, -ing, -ive, 

-er, -or, -ment, ad just'ing-cone, 

-ive ly, -a ble, -bil'i ty. 

-srcew, 'tool. 

a dop'tion, -al, -al ism, -al ist. 

ad'ju tant, -ship, -tan cy, ad'ju tant- 

ad o'ral, -ly. 

bird, -crane, -gen er al, -stork. 

a dore', -dored', -dor'a ble, -a bly, 

ad'ju vant {or -ju'-). 

-a bil'i ty, -dor'ing, -ing ly, -dor'er, 

Ad'lai (-la), Bih. 

ad^o ra'tion. 

Sid. le ga'tion. 

a dorn', -ment, -ing, -ing ly, -er, 

ad lib'i turn. 


ad man u en'sis, pi. -en'ses (-sez). 

ad OS cu la'tion. 

ad max'il la ry. 

a down'. 

ad meas'ure, -ment, -ured, -ur ing, 

ad'ox a'ceous. 

-ur er. 

ad'pao (-pou). 

ad me'di an, -di al. 

ad pa'tres (-trez). 

ad mi nic'u lum, pi. -la, -u lar, 

ad quod dam'num. 

u la^ry, ad min'i cle. 

ad ra'di al, -ly. 

ad min'is ter, -ing, -tered, -is tra- 

ad'ra gant, -gan'thin. 

ble, -istrant, -iste'rial, -tra'tion, 

Ad ra myt'ti um. Bib. 

-tion al, -min'is trate, -tra tive, 

a dras'. 

-tive ly, -tra'tor, -tor ship, -tra'- 

ad rec'tal. 

tress, -tra'trix. 

ad rej er en'dum. 

ad mi'ni stra dor' (ad me ne stra- 

ad rem. 

dor' or -thor'). 

ad re'nal. 

ad' mi ra ble, -ness, -ra bly. 

A'dri an ite, -an ist. 

ad' mi ral, -ty, ad'mi ral-shell. 

Ad^ri an o'ple (ad-), c. Turk. 

ad mire', -mired', -mir'ing, -ing ly. 

Ad^ri at'ic {or a'-). Gulf of Venice. 

-er, -ml ra'tion. 

a drift'. 

ad mis'si ble, -ness, -si bly, -si bil'- 

a drip'. 

i ty, -mis'sive, -so ry. 

ad'ro gate, -ga ted, -ga ting, -ga tor, 

ad mit', -ted, -ted ly, -ting, -ta ble 


or -ti ble, -tance, -ter, ad mit ta'tur. 

a droit', -ly, -ness. 

ad mix', -ing, -mixed', -mix'ture. 

ad ros'tral. 

ad mo'dum. 

ad sci ti'tious (-tish'us), -ly. 

ad m6n'ish, -ing, -ing ly, -er, -ished. 

ad'script, -script'ed, -scrip'tive, 

-mon'i tor, -to ry, -to ri ly, -to'ri al, 

-tion, -ti'tious (-tish'us). 

-mo ni'tion, Ad mo ni'tion ist. 

ad sorp'tion. 

ad nas'cence, -cent. 

ad stip'u late, -la ted, -la ting, -la- 

ad'nate, -na'tion, -na'ta. 

tor, -la'tion. 

ad nau'se am. 

ad strict', -stric'tion, -stric'to ry. 

ad nerv'al. 


ad nexed'. 

ad ter' mi nal. 

ad nom'i nal, -ly, -i na'tion. 

ad u la'ri a. 

a do' (-doo'). 

ad'u late, -la ted, -ting -la tor, -to^- 

ado'be (a do'ba). 

ry, -tress, -la'tion. 

ad les'cent, -cence, -cen cy. 

A dul'lam. Cave of; A dul'lam ite. 

ad'o lode. 

a dult', -ness. 

Ad nd'i {or a do'ni), A do'nist. 

a dul'ter ate, -ly, -ness, -a ted. 

Ad^o na'is, Shelley's poem. 

-a ting, -ant, -ter er, -ter ess or 

A do'ni a. 

-tress, -ter Ine, -ous, -ous ly, -tery. 

n6t, nor, use, up, 6rn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bofimot, thus, Badi. 




adum'brate, -bra ted, -bra ting, 

JE gi'na, an island, -gi ne'tan, -net'- 

-live, -tive ly, -bral, -bra'tion. 


ad um brel'lar. 

^'gi pan (e'ji-), Myth. 

ad'u na'tion. 

ae'gi rite, -rine. 

ad un'cate, -ca ted, -ting, -cal, -cous, 

cB'gis (e'jis). See egis. 

a dun'ci ty. 


ad un'guem. 

ae goph'o ny, -go phon'ic. 

ad va lo'rem. 

ae gro'tans, pi. -tan' tes (-tez), -gro'- 

ad vance', -a ble, -ment, -vanced', 

tant, -tat. 

van'cing, -cing ly, -cer, ad vance'- 

JE ne'as, of Troy, ^'ne as, of Cor- 

bill, -guard, =note. 


ad van'tage, -taged, -ta ging, -ta'- 

a e'ne ous. 

geous, -geous ly, -geous ness, ad- 

JE o'li an, -ol'ic, se ol'i pile, se'o lism. 


ae o'li an, Meteor.; GeoL, -o li'na. 

ad'vent, -ven ti'tious (-tish'us), 

ae lot'ro py, -lo trop'ic. 

-tious ly, -tious ness, -ti'tion. 

JE'o lus, Myth.; Entom., ae'o lus, an 

Ad'vent, -vent ist. 

instrument for renewing air in 

ad ven'ture, -some, -some ness. 


-tured, tur ing, -er, -ess, -ous, -ous- 

.ffi o'ni an. 

ly, -ous ness. 

ae quo 're al. 

ad'verb, -ver'bi al, -al ize, -al ized. 


-i zing, -al ly, -al' i ty. 

CB ra'ri um, pi. -ri a, -ri an. 

ad ver sa'ri a. 

a'er ate, -a ted, -a ting, -a tor, -a'- 

ad'ver sa ry. 

ad ver'sa tive, -ly. 


k e'ri al, -ly, -ness, -ri an, -ri al'i ty. 

ad'verse, -ly, -ness, -ver'si ty. 

Ae'rian (ae'-). 

ad ver si fo'li ate, -fo' li ous. 

ae'rie or as ry (e'ry or a'ry or a'ry or 

ad vert', -ed, -ing, -ence, -en cy, -ent, 

a'e ry), pi. ae'ries, ae'ry-hght. 

-ent ly. 

a'er i fy', -ing, -fled, -i form, -i fac'- 

ad ver tise' or -tize', -tised', tis'ing. 

tion, -if'er ous, -i fi ca'tion. 

-tis'er {or ad'-), ad ver'tise ment 

a'e robe, -rob'ic, -ic al ly, -ro'bi a, 

(-tiz-) or -tize'ment. 

-bi an, -bi ous, -bi o'sis, -bi ot'ic. 

ad vice', w., -boat. 

a^er o bran'chi ate. 

ad vise', v., -ment, -vised', -vis'ing. 

a^er o cli'no scope. 

-a ble, -a bly, -a ble ness, -a bil'i ty, 

a'er o cyst. 

-vis'er, -vis'ed ly, -ed ness, -vi'- 

a'er o drome. 

so ry. 

a'er o dy nam'ic, -ics (-dl-). 

ad vl'vum. 

a er og'ra pher, -ra phy, -o graph'ic, 

ad'vo cate, -ship, -ca ted, -ting, -tor. 

-ic al. 

-to ry, -tress, -ca cy, -ca'tion. 

a'er o hy'dro dy nam'ic, (-hi dro- 

ad vo ca'tus De'i, a. dl ah'o li. 

di-), -hy'drous. 

ad vow'son (-zn). 

a'er o lite, -lith, -lit'ic, -li thol'o gy. 

ad y na'mi a, -nam'ic, -dyn'a my. 

a er ol'o gy, -o gist, -o log'ic, -ic al. 

ad'y turn, pi. -ta. 

a'er o man'cy, -man cer, -man'tic. 

adz or adze, -plane. 

a er om'e try, -e ter, -o met'ric. 

ae'des (e'dez). 

a'er o naut, -ism, -naut'ic, -ic al, 

cB dic'u la, pi. -l(B. 


ae dil'i ty. 

a'er o phane. 

ae doe of o my. 

a'er o pho'bia or a'er o pho'by {or 

M'gB. des (e'ga dez), isl. near Sicily. 


JE ge'an or E ge'an. 

a'er o phone, -phore, -phyte, 

JE ge'ri a, -ri an. 


ae ge'ri id, se ge'ri an. 

a'er o scep'sy (-skep-), -scep'sis. 

fate, fit, far, f§.ll, fire, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice, In, note, 




a'er o scope, -scop'ic, -os'co py. 
ae'rose (e'ros), a''er o sid'er ite, -sid'- 

er o lite (or -si de'ro-). 
a'er o sphere, -o stat, -stat'ic, -ic al, 

-ics, -sta'tion, -ther a peu'tics, 

-ther'mal, -to nom'e ter, -ot'ro- 

pism, -o trop'ic. 
CB ru'go, -ru'gi nous (-ji-). 
aes (ez). 

ae'sa Ion. ^'sa Ion, Ornith. genus. 
^s'chi les (es'ki lez), Gr. orator. 
iEs'chylus (es'kilus), Gr. poet, 

aes'chy nite (es'ki nit). 
-<Es cu la'pi us. See Esculapius. 

-pi an. 
yE'sir (a'ser or e'ser). 
.ffi'sop, Gr. fabulist, -so'pi an, -sop'- 

M so'pus, Rom. trag. 
(BS ta'tes (-tez). 
aes'tha cyte. 
aes the^ma tol'o gy. 
(BS the' si a or es-, aes the'sis or es-. 
aes the'si o gen, -si og'ra phy, -ol'o- 

gy, -o ma'ni a. 
ae'tho gen (e'tho jen or eth'-). 
aeth'ri o scope (eth'- or e'thri-). 
A e'ti an (a e'shi an). 
ae ti ol'o gy or e ti-, -o gist, -o log'- 

ic al, -al ly. 
A e'ti us (a e'shI us), Rom. gen. 
^t'na or Et'na, -ne'an. 
JE to'li an. 
a far', 
a feb'rile. 

A'}er, the southwest wind. 
af'fa or of 'fa. 

af'fa ble, -ness, -fa bly, -bil'i ty. 
af fair', 
af fal'. 
af feet', -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, -ing, 

-ing ly, -i bil'i ty, -fee ta'tion, 

-tion ist, -fec'ti^n, -tion al, -ate, 

-ate ly, -ate ness. 
Af'fen tha ler (af'fen ta ler), wine. 
af'fe rent. 
df }et tu o'so (-too-). 
af fi'ance, -anced, -an cing, -an cer, 

a} fiche' (a fesh'). 
af fi da'vit. 
af fil'i ate, -i a ted, -i a ble, -i a' tion. 

affin'ity, pi. -ties (-tiz), -fi'nal, 
-fin'i ta tive, -tive ly, -fin'i tive. 

af firm', -ing, -er, -a ble, -a bly, 
-ance, -ant, -a tive, -tive ly, -to ry, 
-firmed', -fir ma'tion. 

affix', -ing, -fixed'. 

affia'tus, -fla'tion. 

af fteure' (a fle ra'). 

af flict', -ed, -ed ness, -er, -ing, 
-ing ly, -ive, -ive ly, -flic'tion. 

af'flu ence, -en cy, -ent, -ent ly, 
-ent ness. 

afflux, -flux'ion (-fluk'shun). 

af ford,' -ed, -ing, -a ble. 

af for'est, -ment, -es ta'tion. 

af form'a tive. 

af fran'chise (-chiz or -chiz), -ment. 

af fray'. 

affreight', (-frat), -er, -ment. 

af fric'a tive. 

af fright', -ed, -ed ly, -en, -er, -ing, 
-ful, -ment. 

affront' (-frunt'), -ed, -ed ly, -er, 
-ing, -ing ly, -ive, -fron tee', af- 
fron te' (-frun ta'). 

af fu'sion. 


Af ghan is tan' (af gan^is tan'), 

a field', a fire', a flame', a flaunt', 
a float', a flow', a foam', a foot', 
a foul', a front'. 

a fore', -go ing, -hand, -men tioned, 
-named, -said, -thought, -time. 

a for ti o'ri (-shI o'ri). 

a fraid'. 

a fresh'. 

Af ri can, -can ism, -can ize, -ized, 
-i za'tion, -can'der or -kan'-, 

a Iroid' (a frwo'). 

aft, -most, -ward, -wards, aft'=gate. 

af ta ba. 

aft'er, -birth, -brain, -clap, -come, 
-crop, -feed, -game, -glow, -grass, 
-growth, -guard, -math, -most, 
-noon, -piece, -shaft, -thought, 
-ward, -wards, -wash, -wort. 

aft'er=act, =a'ges, =blow, =bod^y, 
=cast, =course, =damp, =egg, ^eye, 
'game, -gland, -hold, =hood, 
-hours, -im^age, -men'tioned, 
-note, -pains, -proof, =rake, -run, 
-sea''son, -shine, -stuff, -song. 

n6t, nor, use, up, iirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, tbus, Badi. 




-stud y, 'Swell, =taste, »time, -wale, 

A ger'a turn (-jer'- or Sj^'er a'tum), 

-wise, -wit, -wit ted, -years, aft'er- 

Bot. genus, a ger'a tum, a plant. 

noon-la''dies, a. plant, af t'er wash- 

A ges i la'us (-jes'-), King of Sparta. 


a geus'ti a or -geu'si a or -geu'sis 

a ga or a gha (a'ga or a ga' or a'- 



ag glom'er ate, -a ted, -a ting, 

Ag'a ba, Bib. 

-a tive, -at'ic, -a'tion. 

ag a ba'nee. 

ag glu'ti nate, -na ted, -na ting, 

ag a ceria. 

-na tive, -nant, -na'tion, -tion ist. 

a gain' (-gen'), a gainst' (-gensf). 

ag grade', -grad'ed, -ing, -gra da'- 



ag a lac' It a, -tous. 

ag'gran dize, -dized, -di zing, -di- 

ag'a lax y. 

za ble, -di zer, -gran'dize ment {or 

a gal'ma, pi. -ma ta. Zool. genus. 

ag'gran dize'ment). 

ag al mat'o lite. 

ag'gravate, -vated, -vating, -ting- 

Ag a mem'non. 

ly, -va tive, -va tor, -va'tion. 

ag'a mt, a bird. 

ag'gre gate, -ly, -ga ted, -ga ting, 

ag^a mo'hi um, pi. bi a. 

-ga tive, -ga tor, -gant, -ga'tion. 

a gam'o spore. 

ag gres'sion, -ist, -gres'sive, -sive ly, 

&g'a my, non-recognition of mar- 

-sive ness, -sor. 

riage, -a mist, -a mous, a gam'ic, 

ag grieve', -grieved', -griev'ing. 

-ic al ly, -ag''a mo gen' esis, -ge- 

ag group', -ing, -ment, -grouped'. 

net'ic, -ic al ly. 

ag'gry or -gri, -beads. 

a gan^gH 6n'ic. 

a gha'nee {or ag ha'ne). 

agape' (-gap' or -gap'), adv. or a., 

a ghast'. 

ag'a pe, n., pi. -pcB. 

ag'i la-wood (Sg'-). 

Ag a pem'o ne, -o nite, -pe mo'ni- 

ag'Ile (aj'-), -ness, -ile ly, a gil'i ty. 


A gin court (aj'in kort or a zhan- 

ag'a phite (-fit). 



ag'i (3,j'- or a'ji o), -o tage. 

kg'B. ric {or a gar'ic), -gar'i ci form, 

a gior' no (a jor'no). 

-gar'i cin, -i coid. 

a gist' (-jist'), -age, -gist'or or -er, 

A'gas siz (a.g'a se), naturalist. 


a gis'tric. 

ag'i tate, -ta ted, -ted ly, -ta ting. 

ag'ate, ag'a ti form, -a tine, -a tize, 

-ta tive, -ta tor, -ta to'ri al, -ta'- 

-tized, -ti zing, -a ty, -tif'er ous, 

tion, -tion al. 

ag'ate-glass, -shell, -snail, -ware. 

a gi ta'to (a jl ta'to). 

ag'a thism, -a thist. 

a glare'. 

ag'a tho cac'o log'ic al, -tho dae'- 


mon, -mon'ic, -tho poi et'ic. 

a gleam'. 

A ga've. 

a glee' or a gley' (-gla'). 

a gaze'. 

ag'let or aig'let. 

age, aged, v., a'ged, a., a'ged ly, 

a glim'mer. 

-ged ness, age-less, a'ging (-jing). 

ag lo bu'li a, a glob'u lism. 

age' -prayer. 

a glos'sal, -sate. 

A gen' (a'zhon'), t. Fr. 

a glow'. 

a'gen cy, a'gent, -gen'tial. 

ag lu ti'tion. 

a gen'dum, pi. -da (-jen'-). 

a glyph'o d6nt. 

a gen'e sis, ag e nes'ic, -ne'si a (-si a). 

ag ma tol'o gy. 

a gen ne'sis (aj-), -ne'si a, -nes'ic, 

ag'men, pi. -ml na. 


ag'mi nate, -na ted. 

A g€ nois (a'zha'nwa'). 


a'ger (-jer). 

ag'name, -named. 

fate, f3.t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice. In, note, 




ag'nate, -na'ti, -nat'ic, -al ly, -na'- 

a grip'pa, pL -pae. 


A grip pin'i an. 

ag na'thi a, ag'na thous, -nath'ic. 

ag ro dol'ce (ag ro dol'che). 

ag'nel, a coin. 

ag'rom {or a'grom). 

ag noe'a. 

a gron'o my, -o mist, ag'ro nome. 

Ag no e'tcB, Ag'no ete or -ite, ag- 

-no'mi al, -nom'ic, -ic al, -ics. 

no e'tism, ag noi oFo gy. 

a grope'. 

ag no'inen, pi. -nom'i na, -nom'ic al, 

ag'ros tog'ra phy, -ra pher, a gros'- 

-nom'in al, -i na'tion. 

to graph'ic, -ic al. 

ag nos'tic, -tic al ly, -ti cism. 

ag'ros tol'o gy, -o gist, a gros' to- 

ag'nus, pi. ag'nus es or ag'ni. Ag'- 

log'ic, -ic al. 

nus, Entom. and Ichth. genus. 

a ground'. 

Ag'nus De^i, A. cas'tus, A. Scyth'- 

a gryp'ni a, -gryp'node, -gryp not'ic. 

i cus. 

a'gua, -toad. 

a go', a g6ne'. 

a' gua ca' te (-ta). 

a gog'. 

a gua ji' (a^gua he'). 

a gom'e ter. 

a gua'ra. 

a gom phi'a sis. 

a guar'di en'te (-gwar'-). 

a gon'ic, -gon'id, ag'o nal, -o noid. 

a gua vi'na (-ve'-). 

ag'o nist, -nis'tic, -tic al, -al ly. 

a'gue, -gu ey, -gu ish, -ish ness, a'gue 

-nis'tics, -nis'tarch (-tark). 


ag'o nize, -nized, -nl zing, -zing ly, 

a'gue«bark, «cake, -drop, -face, -fit. 

-ni'zant, -6 ny. 

-grass, ■=poi''son, -proof, -root. 

a go'no thete, -thet'ic. 

-spell, -tree. 

ag'o ra, -ra nome''. 

A gui lar' (a ge lar'), Eng. authoress. 

ago ra pho'bi a 

A'gui las (a'ge las), t. Sp. 

A gos'ta (a gos'ta), c. It. 

a gu'ja (a goo'ha). 

a go sta de'ro (a go sta da'ro or -tha'- 

ag'y na ry (aj'-), -y nous, a gyn'ic. 


a gy'rate (-ji'-). 

a gou a'ra (a goo a'ra). 

ah, a ha'. 

a gou' me n6s (-goo-). 

a head', a heap', a hem', a hoy'. 

a goii'ta (-goo-). 

ahm. See dam. 

a gou'ti (-goo'tl). 

ah'na, -tree. 

A'gra (a'gra), prov. India. 

a'hu (a'hoo). 

a graffe' (-graf). 

a'huatle (a'oo at 1). 

A gra man'te (a gra man'ta), Ag'- 

a hun'gered. 

ra mant. 

A'i, Bib.; a'i, a sloth, pi. a'is (-iz); ai 

a gram' ma tism. 

(i) or ah'yu, a fish. 

a graph' i a, -graph'ic. 

A i'ah {or a'yah), Bib. 

a gra'rian, -ism, -ize -ized -i zing. 

ai ai'a (i i'a) or aj aj'a (i i'a) or ai ai'- 

a gree', -ing, -a ble, -ble ness, -a bly, 

ai (i i'i). 

-a bil'i ty, -gree'ment, -greed'. 


a gre'non. 

Aich met'al or Aitch's met'al. 

a gres'tial (-chal). 

aid, -ed, -ing, -ance, -ant, -er, -less, 

ag'ri a. 

aid'-ma^jor, -prayer. 

A gri ca'ne (a gre ka'na), Ag'ri can. 

aid'-de-c^mp {or ad'de kanO, or 

ag'ri cul ture, -cul'tur al, -al ly, -al- 

aide-, pi. aids- or aides-. 

ist, -tur ism, -tur ist, a gric'o lous. 

A i de' (a^eMa'), Eng. poet. 

agri}}es (agref). 

Ai din' (i den'), t. Turk. 

ag ri men'sor, pi. -so' res (-rez). 

Ai do'ne (i do'na), t. It. 

ag'ri mo ny. 

aig'let. See aglet. 

a grin'. 

di' gre more (a'ger-). 

ag ri ol'o gy, -o gist, -o log'ic al. 

ai'gret or -grette'. 

not, nor, use, up, urn, cliide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 

aigue- marine 



aiguc'ina rine' (ag-ma reen'). 

ai gui ere' (a gl air') . 

at guille' (a gweel'), ai guil lesque' 

ai gui se' (a gwe za'). 

ai'gu let, -gull lette'. 

ai'kin ite. 

ail, -ing, -merit, -ailed, ail' weed. 

ai lette'. 

Ail sa-cock (ail'za=), 

aim, -ing, -er, -ful, -ful ly, -less, 
-less ly, -less ness, aimed, aim'ing- 
drill, =stand. 

Ain (an), dept. Fr.; Ain (3,n), r. Fr.; 
A'in, Bih. 

Ai nad' (i''nad'), t. Arab. 


Ai'no (i'no) or Ai'nu (-noo). 

ain't, an inelegant contraction of 
am not or are not; it is often in- 
correctly used for is not. It is 
sometimes written anH. 

air, -ing, -er, -i fied, -i ly, -i ness, 
-less, -om'e ter, -ward or -wards, 
-way, -y, aired, air'o hyMro gen. 

air' -bag, -bal loon^ -bath, -bed, 
-bladMer, -blast, -bone, -box, 
-brake, -brav^ing, -breath^er, 
-brick, -bridge, -brush, -buck^et, 
-buffer, -bug, -built, -cam^el, 
-cane, -car^bu ret er, -cas''ing. 

air'-cas'tle, -cav^i ty, -cell, -cham^- 
ber, -cham'bered, -cock, -com- 
press'or, -cone, -cooFer, -course, 
-cross'ing, -cush^ion, -cyFin der, 
-dew, -drain, -drawn, -dried, 
-drill, -drum, -duct, -endVay, 
-en'gine, -e'qual i zer, -es cape'', 
-ex haust^er, -fau'cet, -filter, 
-flue, -foun^tain, -fun^nel, -fur^- 
nace, -gas, -gage, -gate, -gos''sa- 
mer, -gov''ern or, -graining, -gun, 
-head^ing, -heather, -hoist, 
-hold^er, -hole, -in jecf'or, -jack'- 
et, -lev^el, -line, -lock, -lo co- 
mo'' tive, -logged, -ma chine, -ma- 
nom''e ter, -me' ter, -ov'en. 

air'-pas'sage, -pipe, -pit, -plant, 
-poise, -port, -pres''sure, -proof, 
-pump, -py rom'e ter, -re cep'- 
ta cle, -reg'u la tor, -res'er voir, 
-sac, -scut'tle, -set'ting, -shaft, 
-slaked, -so'lar, -space, -spring. 

-stack, -stove, -strake, -ther- 
mom' e ter, -thread, -tight, -trap, 
-trunk, -tube, -tum''bler, -tur'- 
bine, -valve, -ves'i cle, -ves'sel, 
-wash'ings, -wood, air'ing -stage. 

aisle (il), n., -less, aisled (ild). 

ais le' (a la'), a. 

Aisne (an), r. and dept. Fr. 

aitch, -bone, -piece. 

Aix-la-Cha pelle' (aks la sha pel'), 
c. Prus. 

Aix-les-Bains' (aks la ban'), t. Fr. 

A jac'cio (a yat'cho), c. Corsica. 

a jar'. 

a jee' or a gee' (-je'). 

a jou'pa (-jot)'-). 

a jour (a'zhoor'). 

a jou re' (a zhoo ra'). 

aj'ow an or -ou an (3.j'oo an). 

aj'u tage. 

a kd'la. 

a ka matsu (a ka mats'). 

a kaz'ga. 


a kee' . 

A'ken (a'-), t. Prus. 

ak'ey (ak'a). 

a kim'bo. 

a kin'. 

ak i ne'si a or -ne'sis, -ne'sic, -net'ic. 



d'la, pi. -Ice. 

Al a ba'ma, state and r. U. S., -ba'- 
mi an. 

al a ban'dlne, -dite. 

al'a barch (-bark) or ar'a-. 

al'a bas ter, -bas'tri an, -trine, -tri'- 
tes (-tez). 

al a bas'irum, pi. tra, -bas'tos. 

a la carte' (a la kart'). 

a lack', -a day. 

a lac'ri ty, -ri tous, -ri ous, -ous ly. 

d la cuisse' (a la kwes'). 

A lad'din, -din ist, -din ize, -ized. 

al ad ja' (al a ja'). 

al'agai (al'a gi). 

a4a'grecque' or d4a'grec' (a la- 

Al a hance'. 

a lal' . 

a lai si.' (a la za'). 

a la'li a. 

fate, f3,t, far, f^,!!, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, n5te, 




al' a lite. 

al'bi cans, /?/. -cantia (-shia), -cant, 

A la me'da (a la ma'da), co. and c. 

-ca'tion, -bl flo'rous. 

Cal.; a la me'da. 

Al bi gen'ses (-sez), -gen'si an {or 

a' la mo (a'lamo). 


aramode' or a la mode' (a la- 

Al'bin, a name applied to Scotland; 

mod'), according to the fashion. 

al'bin, a mineral. 

ai'a mode^ {or -mod'), a thin silk 

Al bi'na, c. Ore. 


k\ bi'no {or -be'no), pi. -nos (-noz), 

al a mort' or a la mort' (a la mor'). 

-bi'ness, al'bi nism or -bi'no ism. 

al'and, a fish. 

-bi nis'tic or -not'ic. 

a Und', on land. 

Al'bi on, Great Britain, al'bi on- 

a lan'dier. 


al'ant cam'phor. 

al bi 6'ne. 

A la pur' (a^a poor'), t. India. 

ai'bite, -bit'ic. 


al'bo-car'bon {or -car'-). 

a larm', -ing, -ing ly, -a ble, -ed ly, 

al'bo lith or -lite. 

-ist, -larmed'. 

Al'bright (al'-). 

a larm'»bell, =bird, -clock, -com^- 

al'brfinze {or -bronz). 

pass, 'fun'nel, -gage, -gun, -lock, 

al bu gin'e a (-jin-), -e an, -e ous 

-post, -watch. 

or -bu'gi nous, -gi ni'tis. 

a lar'um {or -lar'-), -bell. 

al bu'go. 

a'la ry. 

Al'bu la (al'bdo la), mt.pass, Switz. 

a las'. 

al'bum, al'btim grce'cum. 

A las'can, one of a reUgious sect. 

al bu'men, the white of an egg. 

-kan, pertaining to Alaska. 

-ize, -ized, -i zing. 

a las'ka ite, Chem. 

al bu'min, -mi nate, -mi nif'er ous, 

a lat cha' (a la cha'). 

-mi nim'e ter, -mi nin, -mi nip'a- 

a lat'e re. 

rous, -mi noid, -noid al, -mi nose 

al'a tern, -ter'nus. 

(-nos) or -nous, -mi none, -mi no'- 

a la'tion. 

sis, al bu'min beer, a. pa per. 

a lat ti ci'ni o (a lat ti che'ni o). 

al bu mi nic'ri a, -nu'ric. 

alb, Alb Sun day. 

al'bu mose (-mos), -paper. 


Al bu quer'que (al boo kar'ka), 

Al ba ce'te (al ba tha'ta), prov. Sp. 

t. N. Mex.; t. Sp. 

al ba dd'ra. 

al'burn, -bur'nous. 

Al ba nen'ses (-sez), -nen'si an. 

al bur'num. 

Al ba'ni an. 

Al cae'us (-se'-), a Gr. lyric poet, 

al ba rel'lo. 

Al ca'ic, al ca'ic verse. 

al ba'ri um. 

al cdid' or -cdyde' . 

al ba'ta. 

al cdl'de {or al kal'da). 

Al ba'ti. 

Al'ca mo (al'-), t. It. 

al'ba tross, -cloth. 

al can'na. 

al be' do. 

Al can'ta rJne. 

al be'it. 

al car rd'za. 

al ber'ca. 

al'ca tras. 

Al'bert cloth, A. coal. 

Al'ca triz Island (al'-), Cal. 

Alber'tl bass. 

al ca vd'la or -bd'la. 

Al'bertJne tracts. 

al ca zdr' {or -ka'- or al ka thar'). 

Al'bert ist. 

Al ceste' (al sast'), Moliere's com- 

al'bert ite. 


Al'bert Ny an'za (ni-), 1. Afr. 

al'che my, -mist, -mis'tic, -tic al, 

al'ber type. 

-chem'ir, -ic al, -al ly. 

al bes'cence, -cent. 

al cho cho'den (-ko ko'-). 

n6t, nor, use, iip, iirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




Al ci bi'a des (-dez), Athenian. 

A lem te'jo (a len ta' zho), prov. 

Al ci'na (al che'na). 


Al ci'ra (al the'ra). 

A len gon' (iiaoh^soh'), c. Fr. 

Ale ma'ni an. 



a lep'i dote. 

al'co gene. 

A lep'po, c. Turk., -lep'pine. a lep'- 

al'co hoi, -hoi ate, -hol'a ture, -hol'- 

po, a. e^vil. 

ic, -ic al, -al ly, -hoi ic'i ty, al'- 

a lerce', -tree. 

co hol-en'gine, -me^ter. 

a lert', -ly, -lert'ness. 

al'co hoi ize, -ized, -i zing, -i za'- 

a ler'ta (-lar'ta). 

tion, -hoi ism, -hoi om'e ter, -e try, 

a le'thi ol'o gy. 

-o met'ric, -ric al, -al ly. 

a le'tho scope. 


a lette' or al lette'. 

Al'co ran {or al co ran'), -ish, -ist. 

a leu'ro man cy. 


al eu rom'e ter. 

al cor no'qice (al kor nd'ka) or -no'co. 

a leu'rone, -ron'ic. 

Al'cott (awl'-), Amos Bronson, 

A leu'tian {or a lu'sM an or al e- 

philos. Louisa May, daughter of 

oo'shl an), Alas. Isl., -Jeii'tic. 

A. B. A., Amer. writer. 

al'e vin. 

al'cove {or al cove'). 

al ex an'ders or al i san'ders (ai- 

Alcy'one (-si'-). Myth., aFcyon'ic, 


-on'i form. 

al ex an'dra, a fly, or bait. 

al'de hyde, -hy'dic {or al'-). 

Al ex an'dri an (al egz-), -ism or 

al'der, ^buck^horn. 

-drin ism, -an'drine. 

al'der man, pi. -men, -man ate, 

al ex an'drite. 

-man cy, -man ly, -man ry, -man- 

Al ex an dro'pfll (al egz-), t. Russ. 

ship, -man'ic, -i ty, al'der man- 

a lex'i a. 

liz ard. 

a lex'in. 

Al^di bo ron'ti phos' co phdr'ni o. 

a lex i phar'mie, -mic al. 

a character in Carey's burlesque 

a lex'i py ret'ic (-pi-). 


a lex i ter'ic, -ic al. 

Al'dine (al'- or -din or awl'din). 

a le zdn'. 

al'dose (-dos). 

al'fa, -grass. 

ale, -ber ry, -wife, ale'=bench, 

al fal'fa. 

-brew'er, =con'ner, -cost, =dra^per, 

al fa qui' (-ke'). 

-drink'ing, -fed, -gar^land, -gill 

al'fe nW or -nide. 

(-jil), -house, -pot, -silver. 


-tast'er, -vat, -washed, -yard. 

Al fi e'ri (al fe a're). It. states- 

a leak'. 


al e at'i co. 

al fon'sin, a fish. 

a'le a to'ry. 

Al'ford (awF-), Eng. poet and di- 

a'lec, ai'e cize, -cized, -ci'zing. 


a lee' to ro morph, -morph'ous. 

al for'ja. 

a lee try om'a chy (-ky) or -to- 

al jres'co. 

rom'a chy. 

Al fur' (-foor'), Al fu rese' (-foo- 

a lee'try o man^cy. 

res' or -rez'), -fu'ro (-foo'-). 

Al'e do, c. 111. 

al'ga, pi. -g(B {-']€), a plant of the 

al'e gar {or a'le-). 

class AlgcB. al'gal, -gist, -goid, 


-gous, -gol'o gist, -o gy, -go log'- 

A le man'nic or Al le-, -man'ni an. 

ic al, al'gal fun'gus. 

a lemb'dar (-lem'-). 

Al'gce (-je), a division of crypto- 

a lem'bie, a lem'broth. 


A lem quer' (a len kar'), t. Port. 

al'ga r6t or -roth. 

fate, f§,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, in, note. 




al gar ro'ba or -ga ro'ba, -gar ro bil'la 

Also spelled align and sometimes 

or -ga vil'la. 


al ga zel' {or al'-). 

al'i nit. 

Al'ge bar (-je-). 

al'i ped. 

al'ge bra, -bra'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

aFi phat'ic. 

-bra ize, -bra ist or -brist. 

al'i quant. 

Al ge ci'ras (-se'ras), t. Sp. 

al'i qu6t. 

al ge'do (-je'). 

al i sep'tal. 

al ge fa'cient (-shent) 

al is ma'ceous, a lis'mad, -lis'mal, 

Al'ger (al'jer), Amer. auth. 


Al ge' ri an, -ge rine' (-reen'). 

al i sphe'noid, -noid'al. 

al'ger ite. 

a list'. 

al'gid, -gid'i ty, -gif ic, al'gor. 

al'i trunk. 

al gom'e ter, -e try. 

a li un'de. 

Al gon'quin or -kin, -gon'ki an. 

a live'. 

al'go rism (-rizm) or- rithm, -ris'- 

al i zd'rl. 

mic (-riz'-) or -rith'-, al'go rist. 

a liz'a rin {or al i za'rin), -a rate, 


-i zSr'ic. 

al gud zW (-zeel'). 

aik, 'gum. 

al'gum or al'mug. 

al'ka best or -ca best, -hes'tic, -tic al. 

al ha ce'na (al a tha'na). 

al kal'a mide {or aFkal am'Id). 

Al ham'bra, -bra'ic, -bresque' 

al'ka U {or -li), pi. -lis (-liz) or -lies 


(-llz), -ka les'cence, -cency, -cent, 

al hen'na. 

al'ka li^grass, =stiff. 

a'li as, pi. -as es. 

al'ka li fy (-fi), -ing, -fied, -fi' a ble, 

al'i bi. 

-ka lifer ous, -lig'e nous (-lij'-). 

al'i ble, -bil'i ty. 

arka lim'e ter, -e try, -li met'ric. 

al'i cant. 

-ric al, -al ly. 

Al i can'te (a le kan'ta), prov. Sp. 

al'ka Une {or -line), -lin' i ty, -lin ize. 

al'i chel (-shel). 

-ized, -i zing. 

aFic ti'sal (-ti'zal). 

al'ka lize, -lized, -li zing, -ka li'za- 

a lic'u la. 

ble, -11 zate, -za^ted, -za''ting, -za'- 

al'i dade. 

tion, -ka loid, -loid'al. 

al'ien (al'yen), -ism, -ist, -or, -ee'. 

al kar'sin or -sine. 



al'ien ate, -a'ted, -acting, -a ble. 

al ken'na. 

-age, -a' tor, -a'tion, -a bil'i ty, all- 

al ker'mes (-mez). 

ien ig'e nate (-ij'-), al ien a'tion- 

Al'ko r^n {or -ran'), -ran'ic, -ran'- 

of fice. 

ish, -ran'ist. 

ai i eth'moid, -moid'al. 

all, all'bone, -good, a plant, -heal. 

al'i form, a lifer ous, a lig'er ous 

a plant, -mouth, a fish, -ness. 


-seed, a plant, -whith'er, alFfired', 

a light', -ed, -ing. 

-fired'ly, -fours', a game, -glo'ri- 

a lign' (-lin'), -ing, -ment, -ligned'. 

ous, -hail', v., -mer'ci ful, -one. 

a like'. 

-o'ver -pit'i less, -round, -sorts, a 

a'lim (a'leem). 

beverage, -ups. 

al'i ment, -men'tal, -tal ly, -ta ry, 

arid hre've (bra'va). 

-ta ri ness, -men'ta tive, -tive ness, 

al la bu'ta. 

-ta'tion, -men'tic. 

dl'ld cdpel'ld. 

al'i mo ny. 

al'lagite (-jit). 


alia go ste'mo nous. 

a line', -ment, -lined', -lin'ing, -lin'- 


er, -lin' e ate, -a'tion or al lin^-. 

Allahabad', div. India. 

n6t, nor, use, iip, iirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




al'lan ite. 

al lan'to is, -to'ic, -lan'toid, -toid'al, 
-toid'i an. 

al Ian to tox'i cum. 

dl'ld pri'ma (pre'ma), a. tedes'ca 
(ta das'ka). 

al las so ton'ic. 

al lay', -ing, -er, -ment, -layed'. 

al'le cret. 

Al'le ga'ny, co. Md.; co. and vil. 
N. Y. 

al lege' (-lej'), -a ble, -leged', -leg'- 
ing, -leg'er or le ga'tor, -le ga'- 

Al'le gha^ny, co. N. C; co. Va., 
A. Moun'tains, A. vine. 

Al'le ghe^ny (-ga-), co., riv., and c. 
Pa.; a township in Blair, in Butler, 
and in Westmoreland Counties, 

al le'giance (-jans or -ji ans), 
-giant {or -ji ant). 

al'le go ry, -gSr'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -al- 
ness, al'le go rist, -go rize^ -rized, 
-razing, -ri'zer, -gor i za'tion, 

al le gret'to (al la gret'to), al le'gro 
{or al la'gro). 

al le lu'ia (-loo'ya) or -iah. 

al'le mdnde' . 

Al le man'nic. See Alemannic. 

al le mon'tite. 

al'len, pasture land. 

al len'ar ly. 

al'ler-float, =trout. 

al le'ri on. 

al le'vi ate, -a''ted, -a ting, -a tive, 
-a tor, -to'ry, a'tion. 

al'ley, pi. -leys, -leyed (-lid), al'ley 
way, -ley=taw. As a playing 
marble, it is sometimes spelled 

All'=Fa''tlier, =hal'low,=saints, -souls. 

All hal'low e'en, -low mas, -low- 

al li a'ceous. 

al li'ance, -li'a ble. 

al'lice or -lis, =shad. 

al li ga'tion. 

al'li ga tor, -ap^ple, -fish, -pear, 
-ter'ra pin, =tor'toise (-tiss), -tree, 
-tur tie, -wood. Some authori- 
ties write the following compounds 
as separate words: al'li ga tor 

for^ceps or -for ceps, a. wrench or 

al lign' or -line'. See aline. 
al lifer ate, -a ted, -a ting, -a tive, 

-tive ly, -tive ness, -tor, -a'tion, 

-er al. 
Al'li urn. 

Al Id brog'ic al (-broj'-). 
al'lo cate, -ca ted, -ting, -ca'tion, al- 
io ca'tur. 
al lo chi'ri a (-ki'-) or -chei'- (-ki'-). 
al lo chro'ic, -loch'ro ite {or -lo- 

chro'), -ro ous, -chro mat'ic. 
aFlo cryp'tic. 
al lo cu'tion. 
al lo'di a, -di al, -al ism, -al ist, -al ly, 

-al'i ty, -lo'di a ry, -di um, -lod'i- 

fi ca'tion, al'lod. 
al log'a my, -a mous. 
aFlo ge ne'i ty, -ge'ne ous, -gen'ic. 
al'lo graph, 
al lom'er ism, -er ous. 
al'lo morph, -mor'phic, -phism, 

al longe' (-lunj'). 
al'lo nym, -lon'y mous. 
al'lo path, -path'ic, -ic al ly, -lop' a- 

thist, -a thy. 
al'lo phane, -phan'ic, -loph'a nate. 
al'lo phyle (-fil), -phyl'ic, -phyl'ian. 
al loph'y told, 
al'lo plast. 
al lo'qui al, -ism. 
al lot', -ted, -ting, -ment, -ta ble, 

-tee', -ter. 
al'lo the ism. 

al lot rio ph'a gy, -lo troph'ic. 
al lot'ri ous. 
al'lo trope, -trop'ic, -ic al, -ally, 

-tro pic'i ty, -lot'ro pism, -pize, 

-pized, -pi'zing, -py. 
al low', -low'ing, -a ble, -ble ness, 

-bly, -ance, -ed ly, -er, -lowed'. 
al loy', n. and v., -ing, -age, -loyed', 

al loy'-baFance. 
al lo zo'oid. 
al lude', -lud'ed, -lud'ing, -lu'sive, 

-sive ly, -sive ness, -so ry, -lu'sion 

al lu me tie' (-loo-). 
al lure', -ment, -lured', -lur'ing, -ing- 

ly, -ing ness, -lur'er. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note. 




al lu'vi um, pi. -vi urns or -vi a, 

-vi al, -vi on, -vi ous. 
al ly', pi. -lies (-liz), al ly', v., -ing, 

al'ma or -mah. 
al'md cen' (-san' or -than'). 
al ma di'a (-de'a) or al'ma die. 
Al'ma gest (-jest). 
al md'gra {or -ma'-). 
Al'main, =riv^et. 
al'ma ma'ter. 
al'ma nac. 

41' man din or -dine, -man dite. 
Al man'zor. 
Al ma-Ta de'ma (aFma ta da'ma 

or ta'-), Belg. painter. 
al me'na. 
al might'y, -i ly, -i ness, -y ship. 

Al might'y, the deity. 
al mi'qui (awl me'ke). 
al mi'rah (-me'ra). 
Al mo do'var (al-). Span. dipl. 
Al'mond (al'-), tp. and vil. N. Y. 
alm'ond or al'mond (a'mund or 

al'-), alm'ond-cake, -eyed, -fur'- 

nace, =oil, -tree, a. paste. 
ai'mon er or alm'ner (am'-), al'- 

mon er ship, -mon ry. 
alms (amz), -giv er, -giv ing, -house, 

alms' =bag, -ba sin, -box, -chest, 

=deed, -dish, -drink, -fee, -folk, 

-gate, -pot. 
al mu can'tar or -ter, -stafif. 
al'muce. See amice, 
al mud' or -mude' (-mood' or -mud'). 

A lorn bra' do. See Alumbrado. 

a lone', -ness. 

a long', -shore, -shore man, -side. 

a loof , -ness. 

al o pe'coid {or lop'e-). 

A lo'pi as. 

a lose' (-los'). 

al ou dtte' or al'ou ate (-do-). 

a lou'chl or -lu'- (-loo'-). 

a loud'. 

a I'ou trance' (a loo trons'). 

alp, al pes'tri an, -trine, al'plne {or 

pin), -pine ry, -pin ist, alp' -horn, 

al'pen glow, -horn, -stock. When 

used as a proper adjective, "alp" 

is capitalized. 
al pac'a. 
al'pha bet, -bet'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

-bet'ics, -be ta'ri an, al'pha bet ize, 

-ized, i zing, -ism. 
Al phae'us or -phe'us, Bih. 
al phen'ic. 
Al phe'us, Myth. Al'phe us, Chr. 

aPphi to mor'phous. 
Al phon'sJne, pertaining to Alphon- 

so; al phon'sin, a forceps. 
al pho'sis. 

al'pist or al'pi a, bird-seed. 
Alps, Al'plne, AFpl ma'lay an. 
al'guier (-keer). 

al'qui }ou (-ke fdo) or -qui fore. 
AlRakim' (al ra kem'). 
al rgad'y. 
al ru'na. 
Al'sace (ai'sas), tp. Pa. 

al'nage, -na ger (-jer). 



Al sace' Cal^sas'), prov. Fr. 

al nas'char ism (-kar-) 

Al sace' -Lfir'raine' (al sas'-), prov. 

Aln'wick (an'nik), t. Eng. 


al'o dy. 

Al sa'tian (-shan). 

ai'oe (-6), pi. -oes (-oz). 



al seg'no (al san'yo). 

ic, -ic al, Al'o e, Bat. genus 


al si na'ceous. 

tree, ai'oes-wood. 


al o e'da ry, -da'ri um. 

Al sto'ni a bark. 

a 16ft'. 

al'ston Ite. 

A lo'gi an, pi. Al'o gl. 

ait, -horn. 

a logic, -ic al. 


al got'ro phy. 

Al tai' (al ti'), mts. Asia. 

al'o in. 

Al ta'ian (-yan), -ta'ic, al ta'ite. 

al'o man cy. 

ai tair'. 

not, nor, use, iip, urn, etiide, food, fdot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




AFta ma ha', r. Ga. 

a lum'na, fem., pi. -na, - 

nal, -ni- 

al tarn bour' (-boor'). 


al'tar, -age, -ist, -piece, -wise, al'tar» 

a lum'nus, masc, pi. -nl. 

board, -bread, =card, =car pet, 

al'u nite. 

-cav i ty, =chime, -cloth, -cross. 


-curtain, -cush ion, -desk, -dues. 

a lu'no gen. 

-fire, -fron tal, -Ian tern, -ledge. 

a lu'ta, -ta'ceous. 

-light, -pro tec'tor, -rail, -screen. 

al'va ma rl'na. 

-side, -slab, -stairs, -stole, -stone. 

Alvara'do (al-), c. Tex.; 

r. Mex. 

-ta ble, -thane, -tomb, -tray, 

al've a ry, -a ted. 

-vase, -ves sel, -wall, -wine. 

al've lar {or -ve'-), -la ry 

, al've o- 

alt az'i muth. 

lar in'dex, a. pas'sa ges. 

a. point, 

al'ter, -tered, -ter ing, -a ble, -ble- 

a. proc'ess es (pros'-). 

ness, -a bly, -bil'i ty, -ant, -a tive, 

al ve'o lus, -o late, -lasted 



-lar'i form, -o lo den'tal. 

-o lo la'- 

Al'ter cate, -ca'tion. 

bi al. 

aVter e'go. 

aVve us, pi. -ve I, -vine {or 


al'ter i'dem. 

al'way, -ways. 


al'ysm (-izm). 

al ter nat' (-na'). 

A lys'sum, a lys'son. 

al ter'nate, a. and n., al'ter nate 

Al'zey (al'tsi), t. Ger 

{or -ter'-) v., -na ted, -na ting, 


-ter'nate ly, -nate ness, -na tive. 

am a crat'ic. 

-tive ly, -tive ness, -nant, -na'tion, 

am'a crine. 

al'ter na'tor. 

Am' a da vat'. Sometimes spelled 

Al thae'a, Myth., -thae'a or -the'-, 

av^a- or -du vade'. 

Bat. genus, al thae'a. Rose of 

am a del'phous. 


am'a dou (-doo) 

al the'in or -ine. 

am' ah or d'mah. 

AVthing (-ting or -thing), -man. 

A mai'mon or -may-. 

al though'. 

a main'. 

al tic'o mous. 

am'al dar or -il-. 

al tim'e ter, -et ry. 

Am'a 16k ite, Bih. 


A mal'fi tan. 

al tin' car. 

a mal'gam, -ga ma. 

al'ti scope. 

a mal'ga mate, -ma ted, 


al tis'o nant, -o nous. 

-ma ble, -ma tive, -ma 

tor, -ga- 

al tis'si mo. 

mist, -ga ma'tion. 

al'ti tude, -tu'di nal, -di na'ri an. 

a mal'tas. 

kVib {or al'-), a part in music. 


-re He'vo, aVto-ri lie'vo (=re lya'- 

a mand'. 


am'an din or a man'dine. 

al trop'a thy. 

am'a nl'ta. 

al'tru ism, -ist, -is'tic, -tic al ly. 

a man'i tin or -tine. 

al'u del, -fur nace. 

am'a nous. 

al'u la, pi. -Ice, -lar, -let. 

a man u en'sis, pi. -ses (- 


al'um, -bafter y, -earth, -rock. 

am'a ranth, -ran'tWne, 

or -tin, 

-root, -stone. 

-thoid, am'a ranth-feath 

ers, Am- 

a lu'mi na, -mi nate, -mi nif'er ous. 

a ran'thus or -tus. 

-min'i form, -min'ic, -min'i um. 

a mar go 'so -bark. 

-lu'min ite, -mi nize, -nous, -nose 

am a ryl'lis, -ryF li da'ceous, -lid'e- 

(-n5s), -mi num, al'u min or 

ous. Am a ryl'lis, Bot. genus. 


Am'a sa, Bih. 

fate, fa,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 


ametro meter 

a mass', -massed', -mass'ing, -a ble, 

Am boy'na but'ton, A. pine, A. 

-er, -ment. 


d'mds'sette' or dm a zette'. 

Am boy nese' (-nes' or nez'). 

am'as then'ic. 

am bre a'da. 

am a teur' (-ter' or am'a tur or 

am'bre in, -bre'ic. 

-tur'), -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, -ism, 

am brette'. 



am a ti'to (-tee'-). 

am broro gy. 

d md to'ri o, pi. -to'ri i (-re e). 

am bro'sia or -si a (-zha or -zhi a), 

a.m' a to ry, -to'ri al, -al ly, am'a- 

am bro'si ac (-zi- or zhI-), -si a'- 

tive, -tive ness. 

ceous (-Z1-), -sial (-zhal or zhi al), 

am qii ro'sis, -rot'ic. 

-sial ly, Am bro'sia, Bot. genus. 

a mau'site. 

Am bro'sian. Relating to St. Am- 

a maze', -ment, -mazed', -maz'ing, 


-ing ly, -maz'ed ly, -ed ness. 

am bro si'no (-ze'no) or am'bro sin. 

Am'a zon, r. Braz.; Myth., a female 

am'bro type. 

Scythian warrior; -zo'ni an, Am'a- 


zon=ant or A. ant, A. stone. 

am'bu lance, -lant, -late, -lasted, 

am'a zon, a quarrelsome woman; a 

-la ting, -la tive, -la tor, -to^ry, 

species of parrot; -zon ite, mineral. 

-to'ri al, -la'tion. 

am'hage, pi. -ha ges (-jez or -ba'jez) 

am'bur y. See anbury. 

-bag'i nous (-baj'-) or -ba'gious 

am bus cade', -cad'ed, -cad'ing. 

(-jus), -gious ly, -gious ness. 

am'bush, -ing, -er, -ment, -bushed. 


a meer' or -mir' (-mer'), -ship. 

am'ba ri, a covered howdah. 

am'el-corn or am'el corn. 

am bar va'li a. 

a mSl'i a. 

am'ba ry, a plant. 

a mel''i fi ca'tion. 


a mel'io rate (-yo-), -ra ted, -ra- 

am bas'sa dor or em-, -dor ship. 

ting, -ra ble, -ra tive, -ra tor, -ra'- 

-do'ri al, -bas'sa dress. 



am'e lus, pi. -li. 

am'ber, »fish or a. fish, -seed or a. 

a' men'. In singing, a'men'. 

seed, -tree or a. tree. 

a me'na ble, -na bly, -ble ness, -bil'- 

am'ber gris (-gres). 


am bi dex'ter, -tral, -trous, -trous- 

a mend', -ed, -ing, -a ble, -ble ness, 

ly, -trous ness, -ter'i ty. 

-a to''ry, -er, -ment, -mends. 

am'bi ens, pi. -en'tes (-tez). 

a mend'ment=mon''ger. 

am'bi ent. 

a mende' {or a mand'), a. hon o rd'- 

am'bi gen or -gene, -big'e nal 


(-bij'-), -e nous. 

a men'i ty. 

am bi gu'i ty, -big'u ous, -ous ly, 

a men'o ma'ni a or a mce^no-. 

-ous ness. 

a men'sa et tho'ro. 

am bip'a reus. 

am'ent, a men' turn, pi. -ta, -men'tal. 

am'bit, -al, am'hl tus. 

-ti form . 

am bi'tious (-bish'us), -ly, -ness. 

am en ta'ceous, -tif'er ous. 

-bi'tion, -tion less. 

a men'ti a (-shi a). 

am'ble, -bled, -bier, -bling, -bUng ly. 

a merce', -a ble, -ment, -merced'. 

am blo'sis, -blot'ic. 

-mer'cing, -mer'cer. 

am bly a'phi a. 

A mer'i can, -ism, -ist, -ize, -ized, 

am bly o'pi a, am'bly o^py, -op'ic. 

-i zing, -I za'tion. 

am'bo, pi. -bos or -bo'nes (-boz or 

am e ris'tic. 

-bo'nez), am'hon. 

am'e thyst, -thys'tlne. 

am boric. 

am e tro'pi a, -trop'ic, -trom'e ter. 

not, nor, use, up, <irn, etude, food, fdot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 





am'or ist, -o rous, -rous ly, -rous- 

Am har'ic. 


Am'herst (-erst), Geog. 

am ro'sa, masc. am o ro'so. 

a' mi a ble, -ble ness, -a bly, bil'] 


a mor'phism, -phic, -phous, -phous- 

am i an'tus or -thus, -an'ti form, 

ly, -phous ness. 

-an'tine, -an'toid, -toid'al. 

A mor pho zo'a, -zo'ic, -zo'ous. 

am'i ca ble, -ble ness, -bly, -bil'i 


a mort'. 

am/ice (-is) or al'muce. 

a mor'tize or -tise, -tized, -ti zing. 

am^i cr6b'ic (or -cro'bic). 

-tize ment, -ti za'tion. 

a mic'tus, a cloak; A mic'tus, 


a mount', -ed, -ing. 

lorn, genus. 

a mour' (-moor'), a. pro pre (pro'- 

a mi'cus cu'ri a. 


a mid', -ships, a midst'. 

d'mou'rette' (-oo-). 

Am'J das (am'-), Eng. nav. 

A moy' (a moi'), seaport China. 

a mid'u lin. 


A' mi ens (a'mi ahO, t. Fr. 

am pd'ro. 

a mi' go {-me'-), pi. -gos (-goz). 

am 'pas sy. 

am'il, -il dar. 

am'pe lite, -lit'ic. 

a mim'i a. 

am pere' (-pare') -per'age, -pe rom'- 

a mir'. See ameer. 

e ter, am pere' -foot, -hour, -me- 

Am'ish or Om'ish. 

ter, -min ute, -sec ond, -turn, 

a miss'. 

-volt, -wind ing. Am pe'ri an or 

A mJt'tai (-ta), Bih. 

-re an. 

am'i ty. 

am'per sand, am'pas sy. 


am 'per y. 

am' man or -mant. 

am ''phi ar thro'sis, -thro'di al. 

Am' man ite. 

Am'phi as ter, a genus of starfishes. 

am 'me ter. 

am'phi as ter, Embryol. 

am' mite. 

am phib'a lus, pi. -a h, -a lum. 

am' mo chryse (-kris). 

pi. -a la. 

Am'mon, -mo'ni an, relating 


am phih'i a, -i al, -i an, -i ous, -ous ly, 


-ous ness, -i um, pi. -ums, or -i a, 

am mo'ni a, -ni ac, -ni'a cal, -ni 


-i on, -i ol'o gy, -o log'ic al, Am- 

cum, -ni al'um, -mo'ni ate, -a 


phib'i a, Zool. genus. 

-mo'nic {or -mon'ic), -mo ni e'mi a. 

am'phi bole, -bol'ic, -bo lifer ous. 

-mon^i fi ca'tion, am mo'ni a-=me'- 

-phib'o line, -o hte, -o loid. 


am phi bol'o gy, -o gism, -bol'ic. 

am'mon ite, -mon'i tid,- mo ni 


-phi bo log'ic al, -al ly, -phib'o- 

er ous. 

lous, -o ly. 

am mo'ni um, -ni'u ret, -ret ed 


am phi chro'ic, -chro mat'ic. 

-ret ted. 

am phic' ty on, pi. -ons. Often 

am mu ni'tion, -chest, am mu ni'- 

capitalized, -ty o ny, pi. -o nies. 

tion bread, a. shoes, a. stock^ings. 


am ne mon'ic. 

am^phi ge'an. 

am ne'si a {or -ne'zl a), -ne'sic, -nes'- 

am phig'o ny, -o nous or -phi gon'ic. 

tic. Am ne'si a, Entom. genus. 

am'phi go ry, -gor'ic. 

am'nes ty. 

am phil'o gy, -o gism. 

amo'le{or -\2i). 

am phim'a cer. 

a mong' (-mung'), -mongst'. 

Am phi'on, Myth. 

a mon til la' do (a mon til ya'do). 

am/phi pro'style {or -fip'ro-), -sty'- 

am ret' to, pi. -ti. 


am ri'no (am o re'- or a mo-), pi. 


am phis hce'na, -bse'ni an, -nic, -nid. 

ni (-re'ne). 

-nous. Am phis hce'na, Zool genus. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fire, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, in, note, 




am phis'ci i (-fish'I i), -phis'cians 

al, -da lot'o my, am''yg dal'ic. 


A myg'da lus, Bot. genus. 

am phi sty'lic. 

am'yl or -ule, Chem., am'yl am'in, 

am phi the'a ter or -tre, -a tral, 

am'yl ate, -ene, -yl'ic, am'yl al'co- 

-at'ric, -ric al, -al ly. 

hol, a. ni'trite, a. hy'drid. 

am phith'y ra (-fith'I ra). 

am'yl, starch, am^y la'ceous, -lifer, 

Am phi tri'te, Myth. 

ous, am'y lin, a myl'o gen (-jen), 

am phit'ro pous or -pal. 

am^y lo gen'e sis, -gen'ic, -y lom'- 

am phit'ry on, Am phit'ry on, Zoul. 

e ter. 


am^y o sthe'ni a {or a mi'o-), 

am'phi type. 


am^pho phil'ic. 

am y ot'ro phy, a my'o troph'ic 

am'pho ra, pi. -res, -ral, -pho ric'i ty, 

(mi''-), am'y ous. 

-phor'ic, -roph'o ny. 

Am y ral'dism, -dist. 

am pho ter'ic. 


am pho'tis, pi. -phot'i des (-dez), 

a myzt'H (-mist-). 

Am pho'tis, Entom. genus.. 

am'zel or -sel. 

am'ple, -ness, am'ply, -pli tude. 

an'a {or a'na). 

am plex'i cau'date. 

an a ban'tid, -toid. 

am plex'i caul, -i fo'li ate. 

an a bap'tism, -bap tis'tic, -tic al, 

am'pli a tive. 

-al ly, an a bap tize', -tized'. 

am'pli fy, -fied, -fy ing, -fi er, -fi ca- 

-ti'zing, An a bap'tist. 

tive {or -plif'-), -ca tor, -to ry, {or 

An'a has, an ab'a mous, an a ban'- 

-plif'-), -ca'tion. 

tid, -ban'toid. 

am pongue' (-pong'). 

a nab'a sis, pi. -ses (-sez), A nab'a- 

am pul'la, pi. -Ice, -li form, am'pul lar 

sis, Xenophon's account of a Per- 

{or -pul'-), -la ry, -late, -la ted {or 

sian campaign. 

-pul'-), -la'ceous, -lin'u la, -los'i ty, 

an a basse'. 

am pul'ling=cloth. 

an ab'a ta, -a bat'ic. 

am'pu tate, -ta ted, -tor, -ting, -ta'- 

an'a bi ot'ic. 

tion, -tion al, am'pu ta ting«knife. 

an ab'o le, an ab'o lism, -a bol'ic. 


an'a branch. 

am' pyx, pi. -pyx es or -py ces (-sez). 

a'na ca hui'te or -ta (an'a ka hwe'- 

am ri'ta (-re' or -rit'-). 

te or a na ka we'ta), =wood. 

am shas'pand. 

an a camp'tic, -al ly. 

Am'stel porce'lain (-lln), A. pot'- 

an'a canth, -can'thlne, -thous. 

ter y. 

an'a card, -car'dic, -di a'ceous. 

amt {or Smt), pi. amts or amt'er, 

an'a ca thar'sis, -thar'tic. 

amt'man, pi. -men. 

an ach' ro nism, -an a chron'ic, 

a muck'. 

-ic al, -ach'ro nist, -ro nis'tic or 

am'u la, pi. las or lae (-laz or le). 

-tic al, an ach'ro nize, -nized, 

am'u let, -let'ic. 

-ni zing, -ro nous, -nous ly. 

A mur' or A moor' (a moor'), r. 

an ac'la sis. Pros., an a clas'tic. 

Asia; prov. Siberia. 


a muse' (-muz'), -ment, -mused'. 

an'a cli'nal. 

-mus'ing, -ing ly, -er, -mu'sive 

an ac'li sis, Med. 

(-Z1V or -siv), -ly. 

an'a coe no' sis. 

am u sette' (zet'). 

an'a co lu'thi a, -lu'thic, -al ly. 

Am y clae'an. 

-lu'thon, pi. -tha. 

a myc'tic. 

an a con'da. 

a myg'da /a, pi. 4a;, -la'ceous, -dal'ic. 

an a cos'ta, a Dutch textile fabric; 

-da lifer ous, -da late, -dule, -da- 

an' a cos' ti a, a French textile 

lin, -line, -da li'tis, -da loid, -loid'- 


not, nor, use, up, lirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




A n&c're on, Gr. lyric poet, -on'-tic. 

a nac'ro tism, an a crot'ic. 

an a cru'sis, -crus'tic. 

an a cu'sis. 

an'a dl plo'sis. 

an' a dip' si a, -dip^sic. 

an'a drom, a nad'ro mous. 

an ae'ti o log'ic al (-e'ti-). 

an a gen ne'sis. 

an' a glyph, -glyph'ic or -glyp'tic, 

-glyph'ics or -glyp'tics, -glyph'ic al, 

-o scope, -glyp'to graph, -graph'ic, 

-glyp tog'ra ph y, -glyp'ton, an ag'- 

ly phy. 
an'ag nor'i sis. 
an'ag n6st. 
an a go'ge or an'a go gy (-jy), -go- 

get'ic al (-jet'-), -gog'ic (-g6j'-), 

-ic al, -al ly. 
an' a gram, -gram mat'ic, -ic al, 

-al ly, -gram'ma tize or -tise, -tized, 

-ti zing, -tist. 
an a'gua (-a'gwa). 
A na huac' (a na wak'), Max. 

an'a kan. 
an'a lav. 

an'a lect, pi. -lects, -lec'ta, -lec'tic. 
an a lep'sis or -si a, or an'a lep sy, 

an al ge'si a or -al'gi a, -get'ic or 

-ges'ic (-jet'- or -jes'-). 
a nal'gid. 
an al lag mat'ic. 
anal'o gy, pi. -gies (-jiz), an a log'ic, 

-ic al, -al ly, -al ness, a nal'o gon, 

a nal'o gize (-jiz) or -gise, -gized, 

-gi zing, -gous, -gous ly, -gist 

(-jlst), -gis'tic. 
an al'pha bet, -be'tic. 
a nal'y sis, -an'a lyze (-liz), -lyzed, 

-ly zing, -ly zer, -ly za ble, -ble- 

ness, -ly za'tion, an'a lyst, -lyt'ic, 

-ics, -ic al, -al ly. 
A n^m' or An nam', div. China, 

An a mese' or An na- (-mes' or 

-mez'), An'a mite. 
a nam'e site. 
an am ne'sis, -nes'tic. 
an a mor'pho sis, -mor'phism, -pho- 

scope, -phose (-fos), -pho sy, 


a nd'nas {or -na'- or -nan'-), A na'- 
nas, BoL genus. 

an an'drous. 

An a ni'as. Bib. 

an an'ther ous, -ther urn, -an'thus. 

an^a pei rat'ic. 

an'a pest or -paest, -pes'tic, -tic al, 
-al ly. 

an a phal an ti'a sis. 

an aph'o ra, pi. -rce. 

an aph ro dis'i a (-diz'-), -dis'i ac, 
-ro dit'ic, -dl'tous. 

an'a plas ty, -plas'tic, an'a plast. 

an'a pie ro'sis, -rot'ic. 

an ap'no graph, -nom'e ter. 

an ap o dic'tic. 

an ap tot'ic. 

an ap'ty chus (-kus), pi. -chi (-ki). 

an'arch y (-ark-), -arch ism, -ist, 
-ist'ic, -arch ize, -ized, -i zing, 
an'arch, an ar'chic (-kik), -chal 
or -chi al or -chic al (-k^l or -kl al 
or -kIk al). 

an ar'thri a, -thric, -throus. 

An ar throp'o da, an ar throp'o dous. 


an a sar'ca, -sar'cous. 

an a seis'mic. 

An as ta'si us (-zhi us or -shI-) 

an'a state, -stat'ic. 

an as^tig mat'ic. 

an'a stome. 

a nas' to mose (-moz), -mosed 
(-mozd), -mot'ic. 

a nas'tro phe. 

a nas'trous. 

a nath' e ma, pi. -mas (-maz), 
-e ma tize, -tized, -ti zing, -ti zer, 
-ma ti za'tion, -mat'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 
a nath'e mize, -e mized, -mi zing. 

A nat'i ja, pi. -fee, a nat'i fer, an a- 
tif'er ous. 

An a to'li an, -tol'ic. 

a nat' o mize, -mized, -mi zing, 
-mi zer, -o mism, -o mist, -o my, 
an a tom'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

a nat'o pism. 

an a trep'tic, refuting. 

an a trip'sis, -trip sol'o gy, -trfp'- 
tic, pertaining to massage. 

an'a Iron. 

a nat'ro pal, -ro pous. 

a nat'to. See Arnatto. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fire, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, Ice, in, note 




Anaxag'oras, Gr. philos., -ore'an. 

an ax'i al. 

An ax i man' der, Gr. philos., 

-man'dri an. 
An ax o'ni a, an ax o'ni al. 
a'nay (a'ni). 
an'bur y. Sometimes am'bu ry and 

an'ber ry. 
an'ces tor, -ces try, -ces'tral or 

-tri al, -tral ly, -to'ri al, -al ly, 

an'ces tor=wor ship. 
an'chi lops (-ki-). 
An chi'ses (-ki'sez). Myth. 
an'chor, -ing, -a ble, -age, -ate, -less, 

-chored, an'chor =ball, -bolt, =buoy, 

-chock, -drag, -gate, -hold, -hoy, 

-ice, -hft, -lin ing, =ov en, -plate, 

-ring, -rock et, -shac kle, -shot, 

-stock, -trip per, -watch, -well. 

a. light. 
an'cho ret or -rite, -cho ress or 

-ri tess, -ret'ic or -rit'ic, -ic al, 

-ret ish, -ret ism. 
an cho' vy (-cho'-), pi. -vies, an- 

§.n'cient (-shent), -cient ly, -cient- 

ness, -cient ry. 
an cVle, pi. -ctl'i a. 
an'cil la ry. 

an cip'i tal, -i tate, -i tous. 
an' con or -cone, pi. -co'nes (-nez), 

-co nad, -co nal, -co'ne al, -ne ous, 

an CO nc'us, pi. -ne'i, an'co noid. 
an'co ra, pi. -res, -ral. 
an'cree (ang'kra), an'cred (-kerd). 
an cy'roid or an ky'roid. 
An da lu'si a (-shi a or an da Ido- 

the'a), div. Sp., -lu'sian (-zhan), 

an da lu'slte. 
An'da man ese' (-ez'). 
an ddn'te (-ta or a.n dan'te), -ti'no 

an'da rac. 
an'da ze„ 
An'des (-dez), mts. S. Amer., -de'an, 

-dine {or -din). 
an'de sin or -sine (-zin), -site (-zit), 

-sit'ic (-zit'-). 
an di'ra-gua ca (-de-). 
and'i ron (-urn). 
An dor'ra, a small repub. in Europe, 

an'douille (anMoo'y'). 

An'do'ver, t. Mass.; t. N. H.; bor. 


an'dra dite. 

An' dras sy (on' dra she). Hung. 

An'dre (-dra or -dri), Major, Eng. 

An' dre a Fer ra' ra. 

an'dre o lite. 

an dro ceph'a lous. 

an dreg' y ny (-droj'I-), -y nal,- nal- 
ly, -y nism, -y nos, -y nous, an'- 
drogyne (-jIn), -gy ne'ity, -gyn'ia. 

an'droid or an droi'des (-dez). 

an'dro lep'si a, an'dro lep^sy. 

An dr6m'a che (-ke). Myth. 

an dro ma'ni a. 

An drom'e da, Myth., Astron., an'- 
dro med or -mede. 

an dro mor'phous. 

an'dron, -dro ni'tis. 

An^dro ni'cus, Bib. 

an dro pet'a lous. 

an droph'a gus, pi. -gi (-jl), -a- 

an'dro pho'hi a. 

an'dro phore, -droph'o rous. 

an' dro sphinx. 

an' dro spore. 

an drot'o my, -o mous. 

a near'. 

an'ec dote, -do'tal, -do'tist, -d6t'ic, 
-ic al, -al !y. 

an e lee' trie, -trode, -tro ton' ic, 
-trot'o nus. 

an el' y trous. 

a ne'mi a or -«<s'-, a nem'ic, -ne'- 
mied, a ne'ma to'sis. 

a nem'o chord. 

a nem'o gram, -o graph, -grSph'ic, 
an e mog'ra phy, -mol'o gy, -mo- 
log'ic al, -mom'e ter, -e try, -mo- 
met'ric, -ric al, -mo met'ro graph, 
-graph'ic, a nem'o scope. 

a nem'o ne or a nem'o ny, pi. -o nies 
(-nez), an e mon'ic, an e moph'- 
i lous, A nem'o ne, Bot. genus. 

an en ceph'a lus, pi. -ll, -ce pha'li c, 
-phal'ic {or -sef'a lik), -ceph'a loid, 
-a lous, -a ly, -a lo tro'phi a. 

a nent' or -nenst', 

an en'te rous. 

not, nor, use,, up, tarn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 



anguloso =gibbous 

an e pig'ra phous. 

an gi ot'o my. 

an ep i thym'i a. 

an'gle -gled (-gld), -gling, -gler, 

an'e roid. 

an'gle wise, -worm. 

an er y throp'si a. 

an'gle -bar, »bead, =beam, =bev'el, 

an'e sis. 

=block, -brace, =brack'et, -brick, 

an es the' si a {or -zhi a) or an as-, 

-cap'i tal, -chuck, -cock, -dog, 

-si ant, -sis, -thet'ic, -ic al ly 

-i za'- 

-float, -i ron, -me'ter, -mo diF- 

tion, an es'the tize or -tise, 


lion, -plane, -pod, -raft'er, -shades. 

-ti zing, -the tist. 

-splice, -staff, -tie, -valve, an'gler- 

a net'ic. 


an'eu rism, -ris'mal (-riz'-), 


An'gle, pi. An'gles. One of an 

ly, -mat'ic, a neu'ri a. 

early Teutonic tribe, -gli an, -glic. 
An'gli can, -ism, An'gh can chant. 

a new'. 

an frac'tu ose (-6s), -ous, 


An' gli ce (-se). 

ness, -os'i ty. 

An'gli cize or -cise, -cized, -ci zing, 

an ga'ri a. 

-cism, -ci za'tion. Frequently, 

an'ge kok (-ge-) or -ga- (ang'-). 

an'gli cize. 

an'gel, an gel'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -al- 

An'gli fy, -fy ing, -fied, -gli form, 

ness, an gel oVa try, -ol'o gy. 


-fi ca'tion. 

a ny, an' gel hood, an' gel=fish, 

An'glo-A mer'i can, -A'sian, -A si- 

-light, -shot, -wa ter, an'gel' 


at'ic, -Cath'o lie, -Ca thol'i cism, 


-Chi nese', -Dan'ish, -French, 

in gel'i ca, An gel'i ca, Bot. 


-In'di an, -I'rish, -Jap a nese', 

'tree, an gel'i co, an'ge lin. 

-Nor'man, -Sax'on, -Sax'on dom, 

An gel'i cals (an-). 

-Sax on'ic, -Sax'on ism. 

An gel'i can (an-). 

An glo gae' a (-je'), -gas'an. 

kn gel'i cate. 

An glo ma'ni a, -ma'ni ac, An'glo- 

An gel'i ci (an-). 

phobe, -pho'bist, -pho'bi a, -ph5'- 

An ge'lique' (an zha lek'), 

an ge- 


lique' (-lek'), a tree. 

An go'la cat, A. pea, A. seed, A. 

an'ge li'to (an ha le'to). 


an'gel ize (-jel-). 


Ang'eln (ang'-), dist. Prus. 

an go'ra, Hght wool fabric. 

An'ge lo. 

An go'ra cat, A. goat, A. wool. 

an'ge lot (-je-). 

An gos tu' ra (an gos too'ra), t. 

an'ge lus. 


an'ger, -ing, -gered. 

an gos tu'ra bark (iing gos too'ra). 

An gers' (on'zha'), c. Fr. 

an'gry, -gri ly, -gri ness. 

An'ge vin or -vine. 

an guic'u lae", -u lar. 

an'gi li'wood or an'gel y-. 

An'gui fer. 

an gi'na {or an'-), an'gi nal, 


an'gui form. 

-nose (-nos), -nous. 

an guil'li form, -guil'hd, -guil'lous. 

an''gi o car'pi an, -pous. 

an guil'lule, -guil'lu lid, -lu loid. 

an'gi mon'o sper'mous. 

an'guine, -guin'e al, -e ous. 

an'gi neu ro'sis, -rot'ic. 

an'gui ped or -pede. 

an'gi pa ral'y sis, -par'e sis 

an'guish (-gwish), -guished. 

an'gi sar co'ma, pi. -co'ma 


an'gu lar, -lar ly, -lar ness, -lar'i ty. 

an'gi scope. 

an'gu lose (-los), -gu lous, -los'i ty. 

an gi o'sis. 

an'gu late, -la'ted, -la ting, -late ly. 

an'gi spasm. 


an'gi o sperm, -sper'mal, - 


an' gu la' to -gib' bous, -sin' u ous, 

-ma tons, -os'po rous. 

an' gu lo-den' tate, an gu lo' so- 

an gi sto'ma tous, -os'to 



fate, f3.t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note. 



anno urbis conditae 

an gu lifer ous. 

an ! sog'na thous. 

an'gu li nerved. 

an I sog'y nous (-soj'-). 

an gu lom'e ter. 

a ni'so mgr'ic. 

an'gu lus, pi. It, AnaL, An'gu lus. 

an i som'er ous. 

Zool. genus. 

a ni'so met'ric {or an^-). 

an gus'tate, -ta'tion. 

a ni'so me tro'pi a, -trop'ic. 

an gus'ti clave, -ti fo'li ate, -ti ros'- 

a ni so pet'a lous {or an'-), -soph'- 


yl lous or -so phyl'lous. 

an gwdn ti'ho (-te'-). 

a ni so pleu'ral, -rous. 

an har mon'ic. 

a ni so pog'o nous. 

an he'dron, pi. -drons or -dra, -dral. 

an i sop'ter ous. 

an he la'tion. 

a ni so stem'o nous {or an'-). 

an hi dro'sis or an i-, -drot'ic. 

a ni so sthen'ic {or an'-). 

an'hl ma, An'hl ma, Ornith. genus. 

an i sot'ro py, -ro pous, a ni'so- 

an hin'ga. 

trope, -trop'ic. 

an his'tous. 

an i trog'e nous (-troj'-). 

anhy'drate, -dra'tion, -dre'mi a or 

an i u'ma. 

-drae-, -drid or -dride {or -dride), 

an jee'la. 


An jou' (on'zhoo'), former Fr. prov. 

a'ni (a'ne). 

an'ker, -ite. 

an i el'lid, -loid. 


an'il, a plant, a nil'la. 

an'kle, -klet, -kled (-kid), an'kle- 

an'Ile {or -ile), feeble, a nil'i ty. 

bone, -boot, -clo'nus, -deep. 

an'i IJne, -i llde {or -lide), a nil'i a, 

-jack, -jerk, -joint, -re'flex, -tie. 


an'kus or kush. 

an'i ma, pi. -mce, -mal ly. 

an'ky lose (-los), -lo'sis, -lot'ic, -lot'- 

anl mad vert', -vert'ed, -vert'ing, 

o mus, -kyl'o tome. 

-vert'er, -ver'sive, -sive ness, -ver'- 

an'laut (an lout). 


an'na, a coin; an'na, an animal; 

an'i mal, -ness, ism, -ist, -is'tic. 

An'na, a proper name. 

-mal'i ty, -i cul'ture, -mal'cu la, 

an'nal, -nals, -nal ist, -is'tic. 

-cu IcB, -cu lar, -cule, -cu line, -cu- 

An na mese' or A nam ese' (or 

lism, -cu list, -cu lum, pi. -cu la, 

-mez), An'nam ite or A' nam. 

an'i mal=clutch, »flow er, -trap. 

an'nat or -nate. 

an'i ma liv'o rous. 

an nat'to. See arnatto. 

an'i malize, -ized, -izing, -Iza'tion. 

an neal' or a neal', -er, -ing, -nealed'. 

an i mas'tic. 

an neal'ing-arch, -box, -col'or. 

an'i mate, -ness, -ma ted, -ted ly, 

-fur'nace, -lamp, -ov'en, -pot. 

-ma ting, -ting ly, -tive, -tor, -ma- 

an nec'tent. 

ter, -ma'tion. 

an'ne lid or -lide, -lism, -loid, -nel'i- 

an'i me. 

dan, -nel'i dous, -ne-lid'i an. 

an'i min or -mine. 

an nex', -nexed, -nex ing, -a'tion. 

an'i mism, -mist, -mis'tic. 

-tion al, -tion ist, an nex', n. {or 

an i mos'i ty, an'i raose (-mos), an'- 

an'-), pi. -nex es. 

i mus. 

an'ni cut or an'i-. 

an i rid'i a. 

an ni'hi late, -la ted, -la ting, -tive. 

an'ise, -i sate, -i so'ic, a nis'ic, an'i- 

-tor, -to ry, -la ble, -la'tion, -tion- 

seed or an'ise=seed, an i sette', an'- 

ism, -tion ist. 

ise=cam phor, -tree. 

an ni ver'sa ry. 

an'i so co'ri a. 

an'no da ted. 

a ni so dac'tyl or -tyle (-til), -tyl'ic. 

an'no Dom'i nl. 

-dac'ty lous. 

an'no heg'i rcB or hej'- (hej'i- or he- 

a ni'so d6nt or an'i-. 

ji'-), a. mun'dl, a. ur'his con'di Ice. 

n6t, nor, use, iip, urn, etiide, food, fdbt, ajnger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




an nom i na'tion. 

an os'mi a, -os mat'ic. 

an'no tate, -ta ted, -ta ting, -ta tor, 


-ta'tion, -no'ta to ry. 

a not'ta. See arnotto. 

an'no tine, -not'i nous. 

an ox e'mi a or -s'mi a. 

an not'to. See arnotto. 

an'sa, pi. -see, an'sate, -sa ted, -sa'- 

an nounce', -ment, -nounced', 


-noun'cing, -cer. 

an'sar, -sa'ri an. 

an noy', -ing, -ing ly, -ing ness, 

An'ser, -ser a'nas, An'se res (-rez), 

-noy'er, -ance, -ment, -noyed'. 

an'se ra ted, -ser Ine, -ser ous. 

an nil aire' (-air'). 

an'swer (an'- or an'ser), -er, -ing, 

an'nu al, -al ist, -al ly, -a ry, an nu'- 

-ing ly, -a ble, -a ble ness, -a bly. 

i ty, -i tant. 

-less, -less ly, -swered. 

an nul', -nulled', -nul'ling, -ment. 

ant, ant'bear, =bird, =catch er, =cow. 

an'nu lar, -lar ly, -la ry, -ISr'i ty, 

■=eat er, =egg, «hill, =hil lock, -king, 

an'nu lar gear. 

=li on, -shrike, -thrush, -tree, -wart, 

an'nu late, -la ted, -la'tion. 

-worm, -wren, ant's^wood. 

an'nu let. 

an'ta, pi. -tcB. 

an'nu lus, pi. 41. 

ant ac'id (-as'sid), -ac'rid. 

an nun'ci ate (-shI- or -si-), -a ted. 

ant ad'i form. 

-a ting, -a tor, -to ry, -a'tion, an- 

Antae'us, Myth. 

nun ci a'tion li'ly. An nun ci a'- 

an tag' o ni'ze, -nized, -ni zing', 

tion, a religious festival. 

-o nism, -o nist, -nis'tic, -tic al, 

an'nus de lib er an'dl, a. ml rah'i lis. 

-al ly, -ni za'tion. 

an car'pous. 


an ca thar'tic. 

an tal'gic. 

an'ode, -o dal, a nod'ic, an'o don. 

ant al'ka \\ {or -li), -ka line {or 

An'o don, Zool. genus. 


an'o dyne, a nod'y nous. 

ant am bu la'cral. 

an o e'ma. 

ant an ac'la sis {or -cla'sis) . 

an o et'ic. 

ant'aph ro dis'i ac (-diz'i ak), or 

an gen'ic. 

an ti aph-ro dit'ic. 

a noint', -ed, -ing, -er, -ment. 

ant ap o plec'tic. 

a nom'a list, -a lism, -lis'tic, -tic al. 

Ant arc ta'li an. 

-al ly. 

ant arc'tic. 

a nom'a lo ceph'a lus. 

An ta'res (-rez). 

a nom'a lous, -lous ly, -lous ness. 

ant ar thrit'ic or an ti ar-. 

a nom'a ly. 

ant asth mat'ic (-ast- or -as- or 

An o mcB'an or -me'an, -me'an ism. 


a n6n'. 


a non'y mous, -ly, -ness, -mun'cule, 

an'te, -cham'ber, -chap'el, -choir, 

an'o nym. 

-church, -com mun' ion, -cox' al. 

an o'pi a. 

-cur'sor, -curv'a ture, -date, -da- 

an'op sy. 

ted, -da ting, -di lu'vi al, -vi an. 

an o rex'i a or an'o rex y, -rec'tous. 

-dor'sal, -fix, pi. fix es, -flec'ted, 


-flec'tion, -flexed, -grade, -lo ca'- 

an or'ga na, -ga nism, -gan'ic, -ga- 

tion, -ju ra men' turn, -lu'can, -me- 

nog'no sy, -nog'ra phy, -ga nol'- 

rid'i an, -mun'dane, -mu'ral, -na'- 


ri al, -na'tal, -nave, -nup'tial, -oc'- 

a nor'mal, -mal'i ty. 

u lar, -or'bit al, -pag'ment, -pas'- 

an or'thic, -or'thite, -thit'ic. 

chal (-kal), -pec'tus, -pen'di urn, 

a nor'tho clase. 

pi. -di a, -port, -po si'tion (-zish'- 

an or tho'pi a, -or'tho scope. 

un), -pran'di al, -pre dic'a ment, 

a nor'tho site. 

-pre ton'ic, -pros'tate, -pros tat'ic. 

fate, f3.t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mgt, her, ice, in, note. 




-ro lat'er al, -room, -ro pa ri'e tal, 

-ro pos te'ri or, -ster'num, -stom'- 

ach (-stum'ak), -tem'ple, -type, 

-ven'ient, ver'sion, -vert, -vert'ed. 
an'te=act, 'UdUl, -Ni'cene. 
an'le bel'lum, a. lu'cem, a. me rid'i- 

em, a. mor'tem. 
an^te bra'chi al or an ti brach'i al 

an te cede', -ced'ed, -ced'ing, -ced'- 

ence, -en cy, -ent, -ent ly, -ces'sor. 
an te'cians or an toe'- (-shanz). 
an'te lope, -lo pine, -lo'pi an. 
ant e met'ic. 
an ten'na, pi. -nae, -ten'nal, -na ry, 

-nate, -ni form, -nule, -nu la, pi. 

-lae, -lar, -la ry, -nif'er ous. 
an^te pe nult' {or -pe'nult), -nul'ti- 

mate, -nuUti ma. 
ant eph I dl'tic. 
ant'ep i lep'tic, -tic al. 
an te'ri or, -or ly, -6r'i ty. 
ant he'li on {or an the'- or -hel'- 

yun), pi. -li a. 
ant'he lix {or an'the-), pi. ant hel- 

i ces (ant hel'- or an thel'i sez). 
an thel min'tic or -thic. 
an'the m, -wise. 
an the' mi on, pi. -mi a, --frieze (=frez), 

=mold ing. 
ant''hem or rhag'ic (-raj'-). 
an'ther, -al, -id, -oid, -the rid'i al, 

-rid'i an, -i um, pi. -i a, -ther if- 

er ous, -ther'i form or an'-, -ther- 

og'e nous (-oj'), -o zo'id, -zo'oid. 
An thes te'ri on, -te'ri a. 
an tho cy'a nin or -nine, -tho- 

an thog'ra phy. 
an thol'o gy, -o gist, -y sis, -tho log'- 

ic al. 
an' tho rism, -ris'mus (-riz'-). 
an'thra cite, -ci' tous, -cit'ic, -cif- 

er ous. 
an'thra co man'cy. 
an thra com'e ter, -co met'ric. 
an thrac'o nite or -o lite. 
an thra pur'pu rin. 
an'thrax, pi. -thra ces (-sez), -thra- 

coid, -thrac'ic (-thras'-), An'thrax, 

an^thro po cen'tric. 

i an' thro po gen' e sis, -ge net' ic, 

j -gen'ic, -pog'e nist (-poj'-), -e ny. 

I an'thro po glot. 

i an thro pog'ra phy. 

' an'thro poid, -poid'al. 

\ an thro pol'a try. 

\ an throp'o lite, -thro po lith'ic. 

an thro pol'o gy, -o gist, -po log'- 
! ic, -ic al. 

an'thro po man^cy. 

an thro pom'e try, -e ter, -po met'- 
ric, -ric al, -al ly. 

An'thro po mor'pha, an'thro po mor'- 
phic, -phic al, -al ly, -po mor'- 
phism, -mor' phist, -mor'phous, 
-mor'phite, -phit'ic, -ic al, -mor' 
phit ism. 

an' thro po mor' phize, -phized, 
-phi zing, -mor phol'o gy, -pho'sis, 
-pho the'ist. 

an thro pon'o my, -po nom'ic al. 

an thro pop' a thy, -po path' ic, 
-ic al, -al ly, -pop'a thism, -a thite. 

an thro poph'a gus, pi. -gi (-ji), -po- 
phag'ic (-faj'-), -ic al, -poph a- 
gin'i an, -poph'a gism (-jizm), 
-a gy, -a gite, -a gous (-gus). 

an thro pos'o phy, -o phist, -pot'- 
o my, -o mist, -po tom'ic al. 

ant hyp not'ic. 

ant'hyp o chon'dri ac. 

ant hy poph'o ra {or an thy-). 

ant hys tSr'ic, 

an'ti-. This Greek prefix, signify- 
ing opposed to, against, answering 
to, equal to, and over against, is 
used with many words, an'ti al- 
bu'mate, -bab y lo'ni an ism, 
-bac'chic (-kik), -bac chi'us, pi. 
-chi'i, -bac te'ri al, -ba sil'i can 
(-zil'-), -bil'ious, -ti bi ot'ic, -car- 
niv'o rous, -ca tar'rhal, -cau sod'- 
ic, -cau sot'ic, -caus'tic, -chris'- 
tian, -clas'tic, -cli'max, -cli'nal, 
-cline, -con ta'gious, -con vul'sive, 
-cor ro'sive (-civ), -cos met'ic 
(-koz-), -cy' clone, -cy clon'ic, -cy- 
clon' ic al ly, -dac tyl, -dem o- 
crat' ic, -dem o crat' ic al, -dys- 
en ter'ic, -dy su'ric. 

an'tJ fat, -feb'rile {or -fe'-), -feb'- 
rine {or -fe'-), -fed'eral, -fer'ment, 
-far ment'a five, -foul'ing, -fric'- 

not, nor, use, up, tirn, etiide, food, fdot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




tion, -ga lac'tic, -he lix, -hem or- 
rhag'ic (-raj'-), -hy'lo ist, -hyp- 
not'ic, -hyp o chon'dri ac (-kon'-), 
-hy poph'o ra, -hys tgr'ic, -li bra'- 
tion, -lith'ic, -loe'mic, -log'a rithm 
(or -rithm), -log a rith'mic, -lu- 
et'ic, -lys'sic, -lyt'ic, -ma ni'a cal, 
-ma'son ry, -mes'mer ist (-mez'-), 
-mne mon'ic, -mo nar'chic (-kik), 
-mo nar'chic al, -mon'arch ist, 
-mo nop'o ly, -mo nop'o list, -m6r'- 
al ist, -my cot'ic, -nat'u ral, -neph- 

an t! pa'pal, -pa pis'tic al, -pa,r'- 
al lei, -pa.r^a lyt'ic, -pa.r^a lyt'ic al, 
-par a sit'ic, -pa thet'ic, -pa thet'- 
ic al, -pa tri ot'ic (or -pat-), -pe- 
dun'cu lar, -pep'tone, -pe ri od'ic, 
-pes ti len'tial, -pet'a lous, -phlo- 
gis'tian (-chan), -phlo gis'tic, 
-pho net'ic, -phon'ic, -phon'ic al, 
-pho to gen'ic, -phthis'ic, -phys'ic, 
-phys'ic al, -poi^son (-zn), -pole, 
-pope, -pri'mer, -pru rit'ic, -pu- 
tre fac'tive, -pu tres'cent, -ra'cer, 
-re mon' strant, -rent', -rent'er, 
-sab ba ta'ri an, -scrip'tur al, 
-slav'er y, -slav'er y ism, -so'cial, 
-so'cial ist, -so'lar, -spas mod'ic 
(-spaz-), -trust, -type, -typ'ic, An'- 
ti christ, An ti ma'son, -ma son'- 

an^ti-ac'id, -al bu'mose (-mos), -an- 
ar'chic (-kik), -aph ro dis'i ac 
(-diz'-), -ar thrit'ic, -asth mat'ic 
(»ast- or as- or az-), -at tri'tion, 
-e met'ic, -en thu si as'tic (-zi-), 
-eph i al'tic, -ep i lep'tic, -e pis'- 
co pal, -ev an gel'i cal {or -e van-), 
-gal'li can, =ic t&r'ic, -in'crus ta^- 
tor, -in duc'tion, -Jac'o bin, -Jac'- 
o bin ism, -Le comp'ton, -ma- 
chine, -Ne bras'ka, -or gas'tic, 
-trade or an'ti traded An ti- 
Fed er al, -Fed er al ism, -Fed er- 
al ist, -Sem'ite, -Sem'it ic, -Sem'i- 

an'ti ar, -ti a rin or -rine. 

An'ti burgh er. 

an'tic, -ness. 

an^ti ca chec'tic (-kek'-). 

an ti car'di um, -di ac. 

antich'thon (-tik'-), pi. -thones (-nez). 

an tic'i pate (-tis'-), -pa ted, -pa- 
ting, -pa tive, -tive ly, -pa tor, 
-to'ry, -i pant, -i pa'tion. 

an tl'cum, pi. -ca, -ti'cous, 

An'ti die o ma'ri an ite. 

An ti dor'cas. 

an ti do'ron. 

an' ti dote, -ism, -do'tal, -tal ly, 
-do'ta ry, -dot'ic al, -al ly. 

an tig'e ny (-tij'-). 

An ti gna'na (an teen ya'na). 

An tig'o ne. Myth. 

An tig'o nus, Maced. gen. 

an tig'o rite. 

an'ti graph, -tig'ra phy. 

an ti grop'e 16s {or -loz). 

An ti'gua (an te'ga), isl. and prov. 
Brit. W. I. 

an ti gug'gler. 

an'ti le gom'e na. 

An til les (an til'lez or on'tel'), 
isl. W. I., -til le'an. 

an ti lo'bi um. 

an til'o gy, pi. -gies (-jiz), -o gous. 

An til'D pe, an til'o pine. 

an'ti ma cas'sar. 

an'ti mask. 

an ti men'si um. 

an'ti mere, -mer'ic, an tim'e rism. 

an ti me'ri a. 

an'ti me tab'o le, -me tath'e sis. 

an ti mo'ni al, -mo'ni ate, -ni a'- 

an'ti mon soon'. 

an'ti mo ny, -mo nide or -nide, 
-mo nite, -mo nous, -mon'ic, -mo- 
nif'er ous, -mo'ni ous, -mo ni'u- 
ret, -u ret ed or -u ret ted, an'ti- 
mo ny-blende', -bloom', -fur'nace, 

an'ti node. 

an tin'o my, -o mist, -ti no'mi an, 
-an ism, -nom'ic, -ic al. 

An'ti o chi'a (-ki'a), Bib. 

An ti'o chis (-kis), Bib. 

An ti'o chus (-kus). King of Syr., 
-ti 6'chi an (-kl-), -an ism. 

an'ti o d6nt, -don tal'gic. 

an'ti p^r'a be' ma, pi. -ma ta. 

An'ti pasch (-pask). 

An tip'a ter. Bib. 

an tip'a thy. 

an ti pa'tri arch (-ark). 

fate, f3.t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice. In, note, 




an'tiperis'tasis, -peristal' sis, -istal'- 

An to si an'dri an. 

tic, -i stat'ic. 

an trorse', -trorse'ly, -tror'si form. 

An tiph'o lus, Shak. 

an'trum, pi. -tra, -tral. 

an'ti phon or -phone, -tiph'o nal, 

an trus'ti on, -ship. 

-nal ly, -o na ry, -o ny, pi. -o nies, 

A nu'bis, an Egyptian deity, a nu'- 

-o non, pi. -o na. An'ti phon, Gr. 

bis, a baboon. 


A nu'ra or -nou'ra, a nu'ran. 

an tiph'ra sis, -ti phras'tic, -tic al, 

a nu'ri a, an u re'sis, -ret'ic, a nu'- 

-al ly. 

rous, an'u ry. 

an ti plis'tic. 

a'nus. A'nus, Bib. 

an'ti pode, pi. an tip'o des (-dez or 

an'vil, an'vil -block, -cup'per, -dross, 

an'ti podes), an tip'o dal, -o dism. 

-vise (-vis). 

-o dist, -o de'an, -ti pod'ic, -ic al. 

anx i' e ty (ang zi' e ty), anx'ious 

an'ti point. 

(ank'shus), -ious ly, -ious ness. 

an'ti prism. 

a'ny (e'ny), -bod'y, -how, -thing, 

an ti pros'tate, -tat'ic. 

-way, -ways, -where, -whith er, 

an tip to' sis. 

-wise, a'ny one, -thing a'ri an, 

an ti py'rin or -rine, py ret'ic (-pi'-). 

-thing a'ri an ism. 

an ti qua'ri an, -an ism, -ri um, pi. 

A o'ni an (a 6'-). 

-ri a, an'ti qua ry. 

a'o rist, -ris'tic, -tic al ly. 

an' ti quate, -qua^ ted, -ted ness. 

a 6r'ta, pi. -tae, -tal, -tic, -ti'tis. 

-qua'tion, -tiq'ui ty (-tik'-). 

a os'mic. 

an tique' (-teek'), -ly, -ness, -tiqued' 

A os'ta (a os'ta), t. It. 


a'ou dad (a'ob dad). 

an ti rab'ic. 

a'oul (a'dol). 

an'ti sc6r bu'tic, -tic al. 

a ou trance' (a oo trSns'). 

an ti sep'a lous. 

a pace'. 

an ti sep'sis, -sep'tic, -tic al ly, -sep'- 

A pa' Che (a pa' cha), pi. -ches 

ti cist, -sep'ti cize, -cized, -ci zing, 

(-chaz), A pa' che, co. Ariz., 


A pach'e-plume {or a pa'cha-). 

an'ti spast, -spas'tic. 

a pa e si (a. pa a'ze). 

an ti sple net'ic or -splen'e tic. 

ap a go'ge (-je), -gog'ic (-g6j'-), 

an tis'ta sis. 

-ic al. 

An tis'the nes (-nez), Gr. philos. 

a pan'thro py. 

an tis'tro phe, -tro phal, -ti stroph'ic, 

ap'ar or ap'a ra. 

-ic al ly. 

a ^are'70 (a pa ra'ho). 

an tis'tro phon. 

ap a rith me' sis. 

an ti stru'mous, -mafic. 

a part', -ment, -men'tal, -ness, 

an'ti syph i lit'ic. 

a part'ment -house. 

an tith'e sis, -ti thet'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

a par'te an'te. 

an'ti trin i ta'ri an, -ism. 

a par'te post. 

an'ti type, -ty' pal, -typ'ic, -ic al. 

ap ar thro'sis, -thro'di al. 

-al ly, an tit'y py. 
an'ti vac ci na'tion ist, -vac'cin ist. 

ap as'tron. 

ap'a tet' ic 

an'ti va ri'o lous. 

ap'a thy, -thist, -thet'ic, -ic al, 

an ti ve'lum, pi. -la, -ve'lar. 

-al ly. 
ap'a tite. 

an ti zym'ic, -zy mot'ic (-zi-). 

ant'ler, -lered, ant'ler-moth. 

Ap a tu'ri a. 

ant oc'u lar. 

ape, -dom, -hood, -let, aped, ap'ing. 

an^to no ma' si a (-ma'zhJ a), -mas'- 

-ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, -er, -er y, 

tic, -tic al, -al ly 

ape' -bab oon', -man, apes'- on- 

an'to nym. 

horse'back, a plant. 

ant or'bi tal. 

a peak'. 

n6t, nor, use, up, iirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




A pel'les (-lez), Gr. painter; Bih. 

A'pi a (a'pe a), harbor Samoa. 

a pel'lous. 

a pi a ce're (a pe a cha'ra). 

Ap e man'tus, Shak. 

a'pi a ry, -a rist, -pi cul ture, -tur ist, 

Ap'en nine. 

-pi ol'o gy, -o gist, a'pi an, a pi a'- 

apep'sia or a pep'sy. 

ri an, a piv'o rous. 

aper fu' (a^par'soo'). 

ip'i cal, -cal ly, -ca ted, ap i cil'la ry. 

ap e re' a. 

Api'cian (-pish'an). 

a pe'ri ent, a per'i tive. 

a pic'u late, -la ted, -u lus, pi. -u li. 

a pe^ri od'ic. 

a piece'. 

■a p6r'i sper'mic, -sper'mous. 

a pil'a ry. 

ap er tom'e ter. 

ap'i noid. 

ap'er ture. 

ap'i oid. 

a pet'a lous, -ness. 

ap'i ol {or a'pi-). 

a'pex, pi. a'pex es or ap'i ces (-sez), 

A'pis, Egypt. Myth.; Entom. genus, 


Ap'i dse. 

a pha'gi a. 

a pish'a more. 

aph'a nite, -nit'ic, -nis'tic, a phan'i- 

a pla'si a {or -zhi a), -plas'tic. 


a pla Us seur' (-te ser'). 

aph a noz'y gous. 


aph a ryn'ge al. 

a'plomh' (a ploh'). 

a pha'si a (-zhi a), a pha'sic (-zik), 

ap lus'tre {or -ter) . 

-si ac (-zi ak). 

a poh'a tes (-tez), pi. -tee. 

aph e lex'i a. 

ap'o blast. 

a phe'li on {or -fel'yun), pi. -li a, 

a poc'a lypse, -lyp'tist, -tic, -tic al, 

-li an. 

-al ly, -ti cism. 

a pheli o trop'ic, -ic al ly, -ot'ro- 

ap o car'pous. 


ap'o ca tas'ta sis. 

a phe'mi a, -ph6m'ic. 

ap chro mat'ic, -chro'ma tism. 

a phen'ge scope (-je-). 

a poc'o pate, -pa ted, -pa'tion. 

a phSr'e sis or -phaer'-, aph e ret'ic, 

a poc'o pe, A poc'o pe, Zool. genus. 

-ic al ly. 

ap o cren'ic. 

aph'e sis. 

A poc're 5s. 

aph'e ta, a phet'ic, -ic al, -al ly, aph'- 

ap cris'i a ry or a poc'ri sa ry. 

e tize, -tized, -ti zing, -tism. 

a poc'ry pha. As a collection of the 

A phi'ah, Bib. 

fourteen books subjoined to the 

aph'id, aph'i did, a phid'i an, -i ous, 
aph i diph'a gous (-dif-), -i div'- 

Old Testament it is capitalized. 

-ry phal, -phal ist, -phal ly, -phal- 

o rous, a'phis-fly, 4i^on, -su gar. 


aph lo gis'tic. 

ap'6d or -ode, -o dal, -o dan, -o dous. 

a pho' nia, -phon'ic, aph' o nous, 

ap o dic'tic or -delc'tic, -tic al, -al ly, 

-o ny. 

ap dix'is. 

a pho'ri a. 

a pod'o sis. 

aph'o rism, -o rist, -ris'tic, -tic al, 

ap'o dy te' ri um {or a p6d'y-), pi. 

-al ly, aph'o ris mat'ic (-riz-), 

-te'ri a. 

-ris'mic, aph'o rize, -rized, -ri zing. 

a pog'a my, -a mous, -mous ly, ap o- 

Aph ro dt'le, Myth. As a variety of 


meerschaum, and as a chemical 

ap'o gee (-je), -ge'al, -ge'an, -ge'- 

term, it is notcapitalized. Aph ro- 


dis'i a (-diz'-), Myth., aph ro- 

ap''o ge trop'ic, -ge ot'ro pism. 

dis'i a, Med., -i ac, -i an, -di'tous. 

ap'o graph. 

aph thar'to do ce'toe, -ce'tism. 

ap'o Jove. 

aph'thong, -thon'gal. 

a po'lar. 

aphyl'lous (or af'il-). 

ap laus'tic. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 




A pol'lo, -pol'line, -li'no (-le'no), 

-li na'ri an, -an ism, -na'rist, Ap- 

ol lo'ni an, -lin'ic, -lon'ic. 
A p611'yon {or a pol'ly on). 
ap'o logue. 
a pol'o gy, -o gist, -o gize, -gized, 

-gi zing, -gi zer, -get'ic, -ic al, 

-al ly, -get'ics. 
ap^o me com'e try, -com'e ter. 
ap o neu ro'sis, -rot'ic, -rot'o my. 
ap o pemp'tic. 
ap o phan'tic. 
a poph'a sis. 
a poph'y ge. 
a poph'y sis, pi. y ses (-sez), -y sa^ry, 

-y sate, ap o phys'i al (-flz'). 
ap'o plex y, -plec'tic, -tic al, -plec'- 

ti form. 
a po'ri a, pi. -ri a. 
Ap o ro'sa, ap'o rose (-ros), 
a port'. 

ap'o si o pe'sis, -pet'ic. 
ap o sit'i a, -sit'ic. 
a pos'ta sy, -tate, -ta tize, -tized, 

-ti zing, ap^o stat'ic al. 
a pos te ri o'rl. 
a pos'til or -tille. 
a pos'tle (-pos'l), -ship, -to late, 

ap OS tol'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -al ness, 

-tol'i cism, -to lic'i ty, apostle - 

mug, «spoon. 
Ap OS to'li an, A pos'to line. 
a pos'tro phe, -tro phize, -phized, 

-phi zing, ap o stroph'ic or -os- 

Ap o tac'tite, -tac'tic. 
a poth'e ca ry. 
ap'o thegm (-them), -theg mat'ic, 

-ic al, -theg'ma tize, -tized, -ti zing, 

-ma tist. 
ap'o thSm or -theme, a poth'e ma. 
ap o the'o sis, pi. -ses (-sez), -the'o- 

size, -sized, -si zing. 
a poth'e sis. 
a pot'o me, -o my. 
ap'o tro pa' ion (-pa'von), pi. -pa'ia 


a pox y om'e nos, pi. -om'e not. 
ap pal' or -pall', -palled, -pall ing, 

-ing ly. 
Ap pa la'chi an {or -lach'i an). 
ap'pa nage or ap'pen age. 
ap pa ra'tus. This form is gener- 

ally used for both numbers; 

rarely apparatuses. 
ap pir'el, -par'eled or -elled, -el ing 

or -el ling. 
ap pir'ent, -ent ly, -ent ness. 
ap pa ri'tion (-rish'un), -tion al. 
ap p^r'i tor. 
ap pau mee' (a''po ma'). 
ap peal', -ing ly, -ing ness, -a ble, 

-peal'er, -pealed'. 
ap pear', -ing, -ance, -peared'. 
ap pease', -ment, -peased', -peas'- 

ing, -er, -ive, -peas'a ble, -a ble- 

ap pel' {or a pal'). 
ap pel'la ble, -Ian cy, -lant, -late, 

-la tive, -tive ly, -tive ness, -la to ry, 

-la bil'i ty, -la' tion, -pel'lor or -lor', 

ap pel lee'. 
ap pend', -ed, -ing, -age, -aged, 

-ance, -ant. 
ap pen'dix, pi. -dix es or -dl ces 

(-sez), -pen dl ci'tis. 
ap pen'tice. 
ap per ceive', -ceived', -cep'tive, 

ap per tain', -ing, -tained'. 
ap'pe tence, -ten cy, -tent. 
ap'pe tite, -ti ble, -ti bil'i ty, -pet'- 

i tive {or ap'pe ti^tive), ap'pe tize, 

-tized, -ti zing, -ti zer. 
Ap'phi a (af'fi a), Bih. 
Ap'phus (af'fus). Bib. 
Ap'pi an. 
ap'pla nate. 
ap plaud', -ed, -ing, -er, ap plause', 

ap'ple, -ber^ry, -jack, =bud, =cor er, 

»cur cu^li o, =green, =head ed, 

»john, =mint, -moth, =par er, ■-pie, 

a plant, -pulp, =scoop, =seed, 

-shell, =snail, -tree, ap'ple bran dy, 

a. but ter, a. pie, a pie. 
ap pli que' (ap^le^ka'). 
ap ply', -ing, -pli'ance, -er, -plied', 

ap'pli ca ble, -ble ness, -bly, -bil'- 

i ty, ap'pli ca''tive, -ca tor, -cant, 

ap pog gia'to (a pod ja'to), ap pog- 

gia tu'ra (a pod ja toD'ra). 
ap point', -ed, -ing, -a ble, -er, -ive, 

-ment, -point ee', -point or' {or 


not, nor, use, up, <irn, etiide, food, fdbt, anger, bonmot, tiius, Badi. 




ap poin te' (a poin ta'). 
Ap'po mat'tox, r. and co. Va. 
Ap po quin'i mink, tp. Del. 
ap por'tion, -ing, -er, -ment, -tioned. 
ap pose', -pos'ing, -pos'a ble, -posed. 
ap'po site (-zit), -site ly, -site ness, 

-si'tion (-zish'un), -tion al, -al ly, 

-pos'i tive. 
ap pos i to'ri um. 
ap praise', -ment, -praised, -prais'- 

ing, -al, -er. 
ap pre'ci ate (-shI ate), -a'ted, 

-a ting, -ting ly, -a tive^ -tive- 

ness, -a'tor, -to'ry, -to'ri ly, -ci a- 

ble, -ci ant, -ci a'tion. 
ap pred'i cate. 
ap pre hend', -ed, -ing -hen'si ble, 

-si-bil'i ty, -hen'sion, -sive, -sive ly, 

sive ness. 
appren'tice, -ticed, -ti cing, -tice- 

ship, ap pren'tice=box. 
ap pressed'. 
ap pre teur (a pra ter'). 
ap prise' (-priz'), to inform, -prised', 

ap prize', to value, -prized, -priz'ing, 

-priz'er, -prize'ment. 
ap proach', -ing, -er, -less, -a ble, 

-a ble ness, -a bil'i ty, -proached'. 
ap'probate, -ba ted, -ba ting, -ba'- 

tive, -tive ness, -ba tor, -to ry, 

ap pro'pri ate, -a ted, -a ting, -ate- 

ly, -ate ness, -a tive, -tive ness, 

-a tor, -a'tion. 
ap prove', -ment, -proved, -prov'- 

ing, -ing ly, -al, -a ble, -a ble ness, 

-ed ly, -er. 
ap prox'i mate, -ma ted, -ma ting, 

-mate ly, -ma tive, -tive ly, -tive- 

ness, -ma tor, -ma'tion. 
ap put' or -puy' (ap pwe'), poinl 

(Vappui' (pwan dap pwe'). 
ap'piilse {or -pulse'), -pul'sion, -sive, 

-sive ly. 
ap pur'te nance, -nant. 
a prax'i a. 
a'pri cot. 
d pri o'ri {or -pri-), -o'rism, -o'rist, 

-rist'ic, -or'i ty. 
a'pron (-prun or -purn), =lin'ing, 

=man, "piece, -roll, ^string. 

ap ro pos (ap ro p6' or ap'-). 

ap'ro sex'i a. 

ap ro tSr'o d6nt. 

aps, white ^poplar wood. 

apse, a recess, ap'si dal, -dal ly, 

-sid'i ole, apse'=aisle, =chapel. 
ap' sis, pi. -si des (-dez). 
apt, -ly, -ness. Apt (apt), t. Fr. 
ap'ter al, -ter an. 
ap te'ri um, pi. -ri a, -ri al, ap'ter ous, 

-ter oid. 
ap'ti tude, -tu'di nal, -nal ly. 
ap to so chro'ma tism. 
ap'tote, -tot'ic. 
ap ty'a lism. 

ap'ty chus (-kus), pi. -chi (-ki). 
A pu'li a (a poo'le a), dept. It., 

-pu'li an. 
ap y rex'i a, -rex'i al, -ret'ic, ap'y- 

rex y. 
a py'ro type, 
a py'rous. 
a' qua, -ma rine' (-reen'), -punc'ture, 

-pult, -tint, -tin'ta, -tint'er, -tint'- 

ing, a'que ous, -ous ness, dq ua- 

relle', -rel'list, a'qua-me'ter, a qua 

am mo'ni cs, a. for' Us, a. ma ri na, 

a. re'gi a, a. vi'tce, a. To fa'na. 
a' qua ma ni'le, d qucB ma nd'l-, pi. 

-It a. 
a qua'ri um, pi. -ri ums or -ri a, 

-ri al, -ri an, A qua'ri us, a'qua- 

ri cul'ture. 
a quar'ter (-kwor'). 
a quar ti e'ri (a kwar te a'ri). 
a quS.t'ic, -ic al. 
a' qua vi va'ri um, pi. ri a. 
aq'ue duct. 

a'qui cul ture, -cul' tur al. 
A' qui jo'li d'ce cb, a'qui fo li a'ceous. 
a'qui form, -quif'er ous. 
Aq'ui la (ak'wl la). Translator of 

Old Testament. 
A'qui la (a'kwe la), Ger. theol.; 

prov. and c. It. 
Aq'ui la, Ornith.; Astron. aq'ui la, a 

reading desk. 
Aqui'nas, It. schol. 
Aq ui ta'ni an. 
a quom'e ter. 
a quos'i ty. 
A'ra (a'ra). 

fate, f3,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 



arch -confraternity 

Ar'ab (ar'ab). 

ar'bi trate, -tra' ted, -tra ting, -trac- 

a rd'ha or ar'ha, a Turkish wagon. 

tive, -tra tor, -tor ship, -tra trix. 

ar'a ba, a kind of monkey. 

pi. -tra tri'ces (-sez), -tra'tion. 

kr'ai besque' (-besk'). 

-tra'tion al. 

A ra'bi a, -bi an, Ar'a bic, -a bize, 

ar'bor, -bored, -bo're al, -re ous. 

-bist, -bism, A rab'i cize, -cized, 

-bo ra'ceous, -bo resce' (-res'). 

-ci zing, ar'a bic, Bot. 

-resced (-rest), -res'cing, -cent, 

a'rah'ji' (-je'). 

-cence, ar'bo ret, -re'tum, ar'bor= 

ar'a ble, -bil'i ty. 

chuck, -day, »vine, -vi'tae or ar- 

ar a can'ga or ar'a ra can'ga. 

bor vi'tae. 

or a cd'ri {or a ra ca're). 

ar'bor ize, -ized, -i zing, -i form. 

A rach'ne (-rak'-), Myth. 

-i za'tion, -bor ist, -bor'i cole, -bo- 

A rach'ni da, a rach'nid, -ni dan. 

ric'o lous, -ric'o line, -bor i cul- 

a rach'noid, -noid'al, -noi'de an. 

ture, -cul'tur al, -tur ist, ar^bor- 

ar'ach noro gy, -o gist, -no log'- 

ol'a try. 

ic al. 

ar'brr er. 

a ra'do. 

ar'bus cle, -bus'cu lar, -bus'cule. 

ar'a go disk. 

ar bus'tum, pi. -tums or -ta. 

Ar'a gon (ar'-), Sp., -go nese' {or 

ar'bu tin. 


ar bu'tus, -bu'te an, ar'bute, Ar bu'- 

A ra'gua (a ra'gwa), t. Venez. 

tus {or ar'bu-), Bot. genus. 

ar a gud'to {or a ra-). 

Arc, Jeanne d' (zhan dark), Joan of 

A ra guay' (a ra gwi'), r. Braz. 


a rai gnee' (a ra nya'). 

arc, -ta'tion, arc -co se'cant, -co'slne. 

a rake'. 

-co tan'gent, -light, -piece, -se- 

ar'a kJ. 

cant, -sine, -tan'gent. 

Ar a ma'ic, -me'an or -mae'an, -an- 

ar'ca, pi. ar'ca (-se), Ar'ca, Zool. 



Ar'a mism. 

ar ca hii ce'ro (ar^ka boo tha'ro). 

a ra ne ol'o gy, -o gist. 

ar cade', -cad'ed. 

a ra'ne ose (-6s), -ne ous. 

Ar ca'di an, -an ism, -ca'dic. 

a ran'ga. 

ar ca'num, pi. -ca'na. 

a ran' go, pi. -goes. 

ar'ca ture. 

A rap'a hoe, pi. -hoes (-hoz). 

Ar ce'vi a (ar cha've a), t. It. 

a ra pal' ma. 

arch, -ly, -ing, -ness, arched. 

ar a pun'ga. 

arch'ab'bot, -bish'op, -bish'op ric, 

a rd'ra. ' 

-but'ler, -cham'ber lain, -chan'cel- 

SLT'si ram bo'ya. 

lor, -chap'lain, -count, -dap'i fer, 

Ar'a rat (ar'-), Bib. 

-dea'con, -dea'con ate, -dea'con- 

ar a rau'na. 

ry, -dea'con ship, -dean', -dean'- 

ar a ro'ba. 

er y, -di'o cese, -dru'id, -du'cal. 


-duch'ess, -duch'y, -duke, -duke'- 

a rd'trum ter'rcB. 

dom, -lute, -ma gi'cian, -mar'shal. 

Ar au ca'ni an, A rau'can. 

-pil'lar, -po'et, -politi'cian (-tish'- 

a rd'u ha {-6b a). 

an), -prel'ate, -pres'by ter (-prez'-), 

A ray'at (a ri'at), t. Luzon, P. I. 

-priest', -pri'mate, -proph'et. 

ar hac'cio (ar bach'yo). 

-prot' es tant, -pro'to pope, -trai'- 

ar'ba list or -lest, -list er or 

tor, -treas'ur er, -type, -vil'lain. 


-vil'lain y, -way, -wise, Arch- 

ar'bi ter, -bi tress, -bi trage, -tra ger, 

ar'chi tect. 

-bi tral, -bit'ra ment, ar hi tra- 

arch^-a pos'tate, -a pos'tle, -band 

geur' (-zher'). 

or arch'band, -bar, -board, -brick 

ar'bi tra ry, -ri ly, -ri ness. 

or a. brick, -but' tress, -con'fra- 

n6t, nor, use, iip, urn, etiide, food, fdbt, anger, boiimot, thus, Badi. 




ter'ni ty, -en'e my, -mold''ing, 

ar'chive (-kiv), -chi'val (or ar'ki-), 

=see, -so dal'i ty, -stone. 

ar'chi vist, -volt. 

ar chae'an (ke'-). 

ar chol'o gy (-kol'-). 

ar chae og'ra phy (-ke-), -o graph'- 

ar'chon (-kon), -ship, -tate, -chon'- 

ic al. 


ar chae ol'o gy or ar che- (-ke-). 

arch'y, -fleet ed. 

-o gist, -o lo'gi an, -o log'ic, -ic al, 

ar'cJ form, -ci fin'i ous. 

-al ly, ar'chae o logue. 

Ar cite' {or Ar'-), Chaucer. 

ar cha'ic (-ka'-), -ic al, -al ly. 

arc'o graph {or ar'co-). 

-i cism, ar'cha ism, -ist, -is'tic, 

ar CO so'li um, pi. -li a. 

-ize, -ized, -i zer, -i zing. 

Arc ta mer'i ca, -i can. 

ar cham'phi as'ter (-kam^fi-). 

Arc'tic (ark'tik), -ti'cian (-tish'an). 

arch^an'gel (ark^-), -in gel'ic. 

arc'tic-bird, arc'tic grass. 

ar che' (ar sha'). 


Ar^che la'us (-ke-), Bih. 

Arc tu'rus. 

ar'che o zo'ic (-ke-). 

ar'cu ate, -a ted, -ate ly, -cu al, 

arch'er, -er ship, -er y, arch'er-fish. 


ar'che spore (ke-). 

ar'cu lum, pi. -la. 

ar ches thet'ic (-kes-), -thet'i cism 


or -ches' the tism (-kes-). 

ar'dash, ar das sine' (-sen'). 

ar chef to (-ket'-). 


ar'che type (-ke-), -ty pal, -ty pist, 

At dennes' (ar'den'), dept. Fr. 

-typ'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

ar'dent, -ly, -ness, -den cy. 

ar^chi am'phi as^ter (-ki-). 

ar dil'la (-del'ya). 



ar'chi blast (-kl-), -bl&s'tic, -hlas'- 

Ard'ites, Bih. 

tu la, pi. -tu l(B. 


ar^chi di ac'o nate, -o nal. 

ard maer' (-mer'). 

ar''chi e pis'co pa cy (-kl-), -co- 

ar dois' sys'tem (ar'dwa'). 

pate, -co pal, -co pal'i ty. 


ar chi'e rey (-ki'e ry). 

ar drigh' (-dre'). 

ar chi gen'e sis (-ki jen'-). 

ar'du ous, -ly, -ness. 

ar'chil (-kil) . Sometimes or'chal or 

are (ar). From the verb to he. are 


(airorar). A term used in metric 

Ar chil'o chus (-kil'o kus), Gr. poet. 

system, a -re (a'ra'). A musical 

-chi lo'chi an (-ki lo'kl-). 


ar'chi mage (-kl-), -ma'gus, pi. -gi 

a're a, pi. -as, -re al, a're a -sneak. 


Sr'e ca, -nut. Ar'e ca {or -re'-), 

Ar chi ma'go (-kl-), Spenser. 

Bot. genus. 

ar chi man'drite (-ki-), -dri tate. 

a re'na. 

Ar'chi me'des (-dez), Gr. math., 

kr e na'ceous (-shus), ar e na'ce o- 

-me'de an {or -me de'an). 

cal ca're ous. 

ar chi pel'a go (-ki-), -pe la'gi an, 

ar e na'tion, -na'ri ous, ir'e na- 

-pe lag'ic (-laj'-). 


ar chip'pus (-kip'-), a butterfly. 

a ren'da lite. 

Ar chip'pus, Bih. 

a reng' or a ren'ga, A ren'ga, Bot. 

ar'chi tect (-ki-), -tec tive, -tec- 


ton'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -ton'ics. 

a.r'e nose (-nos), -e nous. 

ar'chi tec ture, -tec'tur al, -al ly, 

a're o cen'tric, -o graph'ic, -og'ra- 

-al ist. 

phy, -ol'o gy. 

ar chi ton nerre' (ar shi ton ner'). 

a re'o la, pi. -o lae, -o lar, -o late. 

ar'chi trave (-ki-), -traved. 

-la ted, -la'tion, ar'e ole {or a're-). 

ar'chi ty pog'ra pher (-kl ti-). 

a re'o let {or ir'e o let). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note, 




a're om'e try {or ar e-), - 


Ar'go naut. Myth., -naut'ic, -nau'- 

-o met'ric, -ric al. 

tid. ar'go naut, a cuttlefish. 

Ar e op'a gus, -op'a gist {or 


ar'go sy, pi. -sies (-siz). 

-a gite {or -jit), ar e op a 


ar got (ar'go or ar'got or ar go') . 

{or -jit'-). 

ar'gue, -gued, -gu ing, -gu a ble, 

a re'o style, a re^o sys'tyle. 

-gu er. 

A re qui'pa (a ra ke'pa), 


ar'gu ment, -men'tal, -men'ta tive, 


-tive ly, -tive ness, -ta'tion. 

A'res (-rez), Myth. 

ar gu men' turn, pi. -ta. 

ar e ta'ics. 

Ar'gus, Myth.; Ornith. genus, -eyed, 

Ar'e tas (ar'-), Bib. 

ar'gus'pheas^ant (=fez-), -shell. 

arete' (a rate'). 

ar gute', -ly, -gute'ness. 

A re thu' sa, Myth. 

Ar gyll' (-gil'), t. N. Y. 

a re/ic^/'//(a ra techel'le). 

ar hap'e dan. 

Ar'e tine, -tin ist, -tin'i an. 

Ar'hat, -han, ar'hat ship. 

A rez'zo (a ret'so), prov. It. 

a rhi'zal, -zous, a rhyth'mic (-rith'- 

arf'ved son ite (ar'ved-). 


ar'gal, ar'ga It, a sheep. 

a'ri a (a'ri a or a'-), a ri et'ta, 

ar'ga la, a bird. 

a ri ette'. 

Ar ga li'a (-le'a), Bojardo. 

Ar i ad'ne {or a ri-). Myth. 

Ar gan', Moliere. 

A'ri an, pertaining to Arius, -an ism, 

ar'gan»oil, »tree. 

-an ize, -ized, -i zing, -i zer. 

Ar'gand lamp. 

Ar'i ca bark. 

Ar gan'tgs, Tasso. 

ar'id, -ness, a rid'i ty. 

Ar ge'an. 

ar'i das. 

ar'gel or -ghel. 

a ridge'. 

ar'ge ma (-je-), pi. -gem'a ta 

L, Ar'- 

A'ri el, a spirit; Shak.; Myth, a'ri el, 

ge ma, Zool. genus. 

Ornith.; Zool. 

ar'gent, -gen tan, -gen tate, 


A'ri es (-ez), Astron., ar i et'i form, 

tine, -gen tite, -gen'tal, -gen'tic, 

ar'i e tine. 

-gen'tous, -tif er ous, -gen ta'tion. 

a right'. 

Ar gen teuil' (ar'zhSn'twel'), 


Ar'i masp. Myth., -mas'pi an. 

CO. Quebec. 

A ri'on. Myth. 

ar gen'te us, pi. -te i. 

a ri o'so (a re-), ar'i ose (-6s). 

Ar gen ti e'ra (ar jen te a'ra), 

isl. in 

A ri os'to (a re os'to). It. poet. 

^gean Sea. 

a rise' (-riz'), a rose', a ris'ing. 

ar gen til'la. 

a ris'en. 

ar gen ti'na, ar gen'ti nid, -ti 



Ar gen ti'na, Ichth. genus. 

Ar is tar'chus (-kus), Gr. gram. 

ar gen'to type. 

ar'is tarch (-tark), -tar^chy, -tar'- 

ar gen'tum, -gen to bis'mu tite 

chi an. 

(-biz'-), ar gen tom'e ter. 

a ris'tate or -ris'tu late. 

ar ghool'. 

Ar is ti'des (-dez), Gr. statesman. 

ar'gil (-jil), -gil la'ceous, -gil 


Ar is tip'pus, Gr. philos. 

ous, ar'gil lite, -lit'ic, -gil'lo. 

-lo ar- 

Ar^is to bu'lus, Bih. 

e na'ceous, -lo cal ca're ous 


ar is toc'ra cy, a ris'to crat {or ar'- 

cite, -lo fer ru'gi nous, -gil'loid, 

is-), ar^is to crat'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 


-al ness, ar'is to crat^ism {or 

Ar'give (-giv). 

ar is toc'ra tism), -toc'ra tize, 

Ar'go, Myth, and Astron. 


-tized, -ti zing, ar^is to de moc'- 


ra cy, -to dem o crat'ic al. 


ar is tol'o gy, -o gist, -to log'ic al. 

Ar'go lis, t. Gr., -gol'ic. 

Ar is toph'a nes (-nez), Gr. comic 

n6t, nor, use, up, tirn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bofimot, thus, Badi. 




poet; -to phan'ic, ar is to phan'ic, 

pi. -ies, -mo ried, -mor ist, -mo'- 


ri al, ar'mor clad, n., ar'mor- 

Ar'is tot le, Gr. philos., -to te'li an 

bear'er, -clad, a., -grat ing, 

{or -tel'ian) or -tot e le'an, -te'li- 

-plate, -placed, -shelf. 

an ism, -t61'ic. 

ar mo zeen' or -zine' (-zen'). 

a ris'to type, a ris'to pa per. 

Arm'strong gun. 

a ris'tu late. 


ar'ith man cy, -man'ti cal, a rith'- 

ar'my, -cloth, -corps (-kor), -Ust, 

mo man cy. 


a rith'me tic, ar'ith met'ic al, -al ly, 


-mom'e ter, a rith'mo graph, -me- 


ti'cian, a rith'mo =pla nim'e ter. 

ar nat'to or -n6t'to. 

ar ith mef'i co=ge o met'ric al. 

Ar naut' (-nout'). 

a ri tor'te (a re-). 

ar'nee or ar'ni (-ne). 

A ri'us {or a'ri), Gr. patriarch. 

ar'ni ca, ar'ni cin or -cine, Ar'ni ca, 

ark, =net, ^shell. 

Bot. genus. 

Ar kan sas (ar'kan saw or ar kan'- 

ar nil'lo. 

zas), one of U. S.; co. in Ark. 

Ar nolph', MoHere. 

Ar kan'sas (-zas), mt. and r. 

ar'niit or ar'not. 

U. S. 

a ro'ha. 

ar'kan site {or -kan'-). 

ar ei'ra (-a'ra). 

ar kose' (-kos) or -cose'. 

Ar'o er (ar'-), or A ro'er (a-), Bih. 

ark'su tite. 

a ro'li um, pi. -a. 

arles (iirlz). 

a rol'la. 

ar'li e nan'se (ar'H a nan'sa). 

a ro'ma, pi. -mas (-maz), ar o- 

arm, -ing, -ful, -chair, -hole, -less, 

mat'ic, -ic al, -al ly, a ro'ma tite. 

-let, -er, -pit, armed, ar mif'er ous, 

-ma tize, -tized, -ti zing, -ti zer, 

arm' -band, -board, -bone, -chest. 

-ma tous, -ma ti za'tion. 

-guards, -rack, -rest, -saw, -scye 

A roos'took, r. and co. Me. 

(-si), -sling, -span, -sweep, arm's- 

a ro tel'le. 

end, -length, -reach. 

a round'. 

arm'ing-buc'kle, -doublet, -point. 

a rouse' (-rouz'), -roused', rous'ing. 

-press, -spear, -sword. 


ar ma'da {or -ma'-). 

ar peg'gio (ar ped'jo), -gi a'tion. 

ar ma dil'lo, pi. -los (-loz). 


ar'ma ment. 

ar'que bus or -buse (-bus), -bus- 

ar'ma ture. 

ade', -bus ier' (-er'). 

Ar me'ni an, Ar me'no-Turk'ish. 

ar'qui }oux (-kl foo). 

armes' par lantes' (arm'par'laht'). 

ar ra each' a (ar a catch'a). 


ar ra che' (ar ra sha'). 

arm'iak (-yak). 


Ar mi'da (-me'-), Tasso. 


ar'mi ger, -mig'er al (-mij-), -mig'- 

ar raign', -ing, -ment, -er, -raigned'. 

e ro, -mig'er ous. 

ar range', -a ble, -ment, -ranged'. 


-ran'ging, -ran'ger. 

ar mi lau'sa. 

ar'rant, -ly. 

ar mil' la, pi. -las or -Ice, ar'mil la ry. 

ar'ras, -rased (-rast), ar'ras wise. 

-mil late, -la ted. 

ar'ra sene {or -ras ene). 

Ar min'i an, -an ism, -an ize, -ized, 

dr ras' Ire {or -tra) or -trii. 

-i zing. 

ar ra'tel. 

ar'mis tice (-tis). 

ar ray', -ing, -al, -er, -ment, -rayed. 

ar moire' (-mwor'). 

ar rear', -age. 

ar'mor, -mored, -mor er, -mor y. 


fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 




ar ren da'tion, ar'ren da^tor, ar- 
rent', -ren ta'tion. 

ar rest', -ed, -er, -ing, -ive, -or, 
-a ble, -ment, ar res ta'tion, -res- 

ar'rha, pi. -rh(E, -rhal. 

Ar rhe pho'ri a, ar'rhe phore. 

ar rhi'zal, -rhi'zous. 

ar rhyth'mi a, -mic, -mic al, -mous. 

ar Here' (ar rer'), -bras' (-bra'), 'fee, 
'flej, "pen see' (=pon sa'), 'vas'sal, 
'Vous sure' (-voo sur'). 

ar ri e'ro (a re a'ro). 

ar'ris, -wise, -fillet, -gut'ter, -piece, 

ar rive', -rived', -riv'ing, -riv'al. 

ar ro'ha. 

3.r'ro gance, -gan cy, -gant, -gant- 
ly, -gant ness. 

&r'ro gate, -ga^ted, -ga ting, -ga- 
tive, -ga'tion. 

ar ron'dl or -dee. 

ar ron disse'meni (a ron des'mon). 

ar rope'. 

ar'row, -y, ar'row head, a plant, 
-leaf, a plant, -let, -root, -wood, 
a plant, -head, head of an arrow, 
-head^ed, -poi son, -shaped, -stone, 
-tie, -wood, wood for arrows, 
-worm, -grass or a. grass, a. 

dr roy'o, pi. -os (-oz). 

Ar' sa ces (ar'sa sez or -sa'sez), 
founder of Parthia. 

arse, -foot, -smart. 

ar'se nal. 

Ar se'ni an. 

ar'se nic, n., -se nate, -se nide {or 
-nide), -se nite, ar'sine, -sen'ic, a., 
-ic al, -al ize, -ized, -i zing, -sen'i- 
cate, -sen'i cize, -cized, -ci zing, 
-cism, ar sen'o blast, -o lite, ar se'- 
ni ate, -ni ous, -se nl'u ret or -sen'- 
u ret, -ret ed, -se nl'a sis, -se no- 
py'rite, -se nif'er ous, -sen i coph'- 
a gy, ar' se nic -black, -fur'nace, 

ar se nil'lo. 

ar shin' or -shine' or -sheen' (-shen'). 

Ar sin'o e, Daughter of Ptolemy I. 

ar'sis, pi. -ses (-sez). 


art, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -less, 

-less ly, -less ness, art-un ion, 

ar'ta ba. 

Ar tax erx'es (-ez), King of Pars. 

Ar'te gal, Milton. 

Ar te'mi a, Zool. genus. 

Ar'te mis, Myth. 

Ar te mis'i a (-mish'i a), Queen of 

ar'te mod. 

ar'ter in. 

ar'ter y, -te'ri ole, -ri al, -al ly, -al- 
ize, -ized, -i zing, -I za'tion, ar te'- 
ri o cap'il la ry, -ri o coc cyg'e al 
(-kok sij'-), -o scle ro'sis, -o ve'- 
nous, -o gram, -o tome, -ri og'- 
ra phy, -ri ol'o gy, -ri ot'o my, 
ar te ri'tis, ar'ter y-for ceps. 

Ar te'sian (-zhan), ar te'sian well. 

ar'the mis. 

ar thri'tis, -thrit'ic, -ic al. 

ar thro'di a, -di al, -throd'ic. 

ar'thro gas'tran. 

ar throg'ra phy, -throl'o gy, -throp'- 
a thy, ar'thro phragm (-fram). 

ar'thro mere, -mer'ic. 

ar thro' sis, pi. -ses (-sez). 

ar'thro stome. 

ar'thro tome, -throt'o my. 

Ar thu'ri an. 

ar'ti choke. 

ar'ti cle, -ti cled, -ti cling. 

ar tic'u late, -ness, -ly, -la ted, 
-la ting, -la tive, -la tor, -to'ry, 
-la'tion, ar tic'u lus, pi. -li. 

ar'ti fact or ar'te fact. 

ar'ti fice, -tif'i cer, -ti fi'cial (-fish'- 
al), -cial ly, -cial ness, -fi'ci al'i ty. 

ar til'ler y, -ler ist, -ler y man, -ship, 
artil'lery-car'riage, -lev'el, -plant. 

ar ti mor an ti'co (-te'ko). 

ar'ti san (-zan). 

ar'tist, -tis'tic, -tic al, -al ly, ar'tis- 
try {or art'ist ry), ar tiste' (-test'), 
ar tist-like. 

Ar'ti um Bac ca lau're us (ar'ti-), 
A. Ma gis'ter. 

Ar tois' (ar^twa'), dept. Fr. 

ar'to le. 

ar to pho'ri on, pi. -ri a. 

ar'to type, -ty py (-ti-). 

Ar to ty'rite. 

ar'tus, pi. ar'tus. 

not, nor, use, up, <irn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




Ar un del'ian. 

as cribe', -cribed', -crib'ing, -crib'- 

ar un dif er ous, -din'e ous, a run- 

a ble, -crip' tion, -crip ti' tious 

di na'ceous, -di nose (-nos). 


a ru'ra. 

as'cu la, pi. -l(B. 

a rus'pex or -ptce, pi. -pi ces (-sez), 

as'cus, pi. -ci (-si), as'can. 

a rus'pi cy. 

as'cy phous. 

ar'val or -vel. 

a sea'. 

ar vic'o Une, -o lous. 

a seel'. 

Ar'yan (ar'- or ar'-) or Ar'i an (ar'I-), 

a seis mafic. 

Ar'yan ize, -ized, -i zing, -yan'dic. 

a se'i ty. 

ar y bal'lus, pi. -li. 

a se'mi a. 

a ryt'e noid {or ar y te'noid), -noid'- 

a sep'ti cize, -cized, -ci zing, -sep'- 

al, -noid'e us, ar^y ep i glot'tic, 

sis, -sep'ta, -sep'tic, -tic'i ty, 

-glot tid'e an. 

a sep'tol. 

as (az), adv., conj., pro. As (ass), 

a sex'u al, -al ly. 

Myth., pi. JE'siv (a'ser). as (ass). 

As'gard, Myth. 

a coin; a weight, pi. ass'es, as'- 

ash, -y, -en (-n or -en), -er y, pi. 


-ies, ash' weed, ash'-bar'ber ry. 

as' a {or a'sa). 

-bar rel, »bead, =bin, =cake, =can^- 

as a dul'cis. 

dles, 'CoFor, =coFored, =fire, «fly. 

as a fet'i da or -foet'i da. 

-fur^nace, -hole, -key, -leach, -pit, 

as' a phi' a. 

-plate, -shoot. Ash Wednes'day. 

A saph'ic. 

a shame', -shamed', -sham'ed ly. 


-ed ness. 

a sa'ua (-wa). 

A shan'tee or -ti (-te or ash'an- 

as bes'tos or -tus, -bes'tic, -bes'ti- 


form, -tine, -tin ite, -toid, -tous, 

A she'rah, pi. -rahs or -rim. 

as bes'tos -stove. 


As'ca part. 

a shine'. 

as cend', -ed, -ing, -a ble or -i ble. 

Ash ke naz'im, -naz'ic. 

-en cy or -an cy, -ence or -ance, 

ash ko'ko. 

-ent or -ant, -er, as cen'sion, -sion- 

ash'ler or -lar, -ler ing. 

al, -cen'sive, as cent'. 

a shore'. 

As cen'sion day. 

ash raft. 

as cer tain', -a ble, -er, -ment. 

Ash'to reth, a female divinity, pi. 

as cet'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -i cism, -cet'- 

-ta roth. Sometimes spelled As'- 

er y. 

to reth. 

Asch (ash), t. Bohem. 

Ash'u ra. 

As'cham (-kam\ Eng. teacher. 

A'si a (a'sh! a or a'sha or azh'ya). 

as'cham, a cupboard. 

A'sian (a'shan or ash'yan or azh'- 

As'che (as'die), t. Belg. 

yan), A si an'ic, A'sian ism, -si- 

as'cian (ash'yan or ask-). 

arch (-ark), -si at'ic, -at'i cism, 

as cid'i an, -i ate, -i id, -i oid, -/ um, 

-at'i cize, -cized, -ci zing, -cl za'- 

pi. -i a, -i a'ri um, pi. -a'ri a, 


-i form, -i ol'o gy, -i o zo'an. 

a side'. 

-zo'oid, as^ci dic'o lous. 

a sJd'er ite. 

as cif er ous, -cig'er ous (-sij'-). 

As'i na'rl I. 

as cl'tes (-tez), -cit'ic, -ic al, -ci ti'- 

as'i nine {or -nin), -nin'i ty, as'i- 

tious (-tish'us). 


As cle pi'a des (-dez), Gr. phys.. 

As'i nus, Zool. subgenus. 

-pi ad'ic, -cle'pi ads, as cle'pi ad. 

a si'ti a (-sish'i a). 

-pi a da'ceous. 

ask, -ing, asked. 

as' con, pi. -cons or -co'nes (-nez). 


fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m5t, her, ice, in, note, 




a skance', a skant'. 

as pire', -pired', -pir'ing, -ing ly, 

a skew'. 

-pir er, -ant. 


as'pis. As'pis, Entom. genus. 


a spo'rous. 

as Id'ni. 

as pri'no (as pre'-). 

a slant'. 

a squat' (-skwof). 

a sleep'. 

a squint'. 

a slope'. 

a squirm'. 

as' man ite. 

ass, a quadruped, -ish, ass, ashes; 

As manns hau'ser (as manz hoi'- 

a unit of weight. ass=ear, =head, 


ass's=ear, =foot. 

As mo de'us {or az-). 

as'sa cu (-koo). 

As mo ne'an. 

as'sa gai or as'se-, =wood. 

As ni eres (as ne air'), t. Fr. 

as sa'i (as sa' i), a musical term. 


as sai' (-si'), a tree, =palm. 


as sail', -ing, -a ble, -ant, -er, -ment. 

asp, -ish. 


as pal'a thus, a shrub. As pal'a- 

As^sim', prov. Brit. India. 

thus, Bot. genus. 

as'sa mar. 

as pir'a gus, -a gi (-ji or -gi), 

as sart'. 

-pa rag'ic (-raj'-), -rag'i nous, 

as sas'sin, -ate, -a ted, -a ting. 

-par'a gin or -gine, -par'a mide, 

-a tor, -a tive, -si na'tion. 

-par gin'ic, -par'mate, -par'tate. 

as sault', -ed, -ing, -able, -ant, 

-par'tic, as par'a gus»bean, -bee'- 


tle, =stone, -tongs. 

as say', n. and v., -ing, -a ble, -er, 

As pa'si a (-zhi- or -shi-), a noted 

-sayed', as say'=baFance, -fur"- 

Grecian woman. 

nace, -mas'ter. 

As pa'ti a (-shi a), a character in 

As saye' (as si'), t. Hind. 

Beaumont and Fletcher. 

asse (ass or ass). 

as'pect, -pect'ant, -pect'ing. 

as sem'ble, -bled (-bid), -blage. 


-bier, -bhng, -bly, -bly man, -bly- 

as'per, as'per a, -per ate, -a'tion. 

men, as sem'bly=room. 

-per'u lous, as'per-ar^ter y. 

as sent', n. and v., -ed, -ing, -ing ly, 

as per gil'lus (-jil), pi. -ll, as per- 

-er, -or, -sen'tient (-shent). 

gil'lum, pi. -la, -gil'H form. 

as serf, -ed, -ing, -a ble or -i ble. 

as per'i ty. 

-a tive, -er, -or, -ive, -ive ly, -ive- 

as per'ma tism, -ma tous, -per'- 

ness, -ser'tion, -to ry, -to'ri al, 

mous, -per' mi a. 

-al ly, -tor'ic, -ic al. 

as perse', -persed', -pers'ing, -pers- 

as sess', -ing, -a ble, -a bly, -ment. 

er, -ive, -ive ly, -per'sion. 

-or, -or ship, -ses so'ri al, -sessed'. 

as per so'ri um, pi. -ri a, -per'so ry. 

as'set, pi. -sets. 

as per soir' (-swor'). 

as sev'er ate, -a ted, -a ting, -a tive. 

as'phait (or -fait'), n., as phalt', v., 

-a to'ry, -a'tion. 

-ed, -ing, -phal'ter, -tite, -tus, 

as sib'i late, -la ted, -la ting, -la'- 

-tum, -to type, as phal'tum=fur- 



As si de'an. 

as'pho del, -pho del'ian. 

as'si dent. 

as phyx'i a, -i al, -i ant, -i ate, -a ted, 

as sid'er a'tion. 

-a ting, -a tive, -a'tion, -phyc'tic, 

as si- du'i ty, -sid'u ous, -ous ly, 

as phyx'y. 

-ous ness. 

as'pic, -a spic'u late, -u lous. 

as si en'to, -en'tist. 

as'pi rate, -ra ted, -ra ting, -tor. 

as sign', -ment, -ing, -er, -a ble, 

-ra'tion, as pir'a to ry. 

-a bly, -a bil'i ty, -sign ee' (-si ne'), 

not, nor, use, up, tirn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bohmot, thus, BaCh. 

assignor 1^ 

\2 asura 

-or', -signed', as sig na'tion (-sig-), 

asth'ma (ast'ma or as'- or az'-). 

as sign', n., pi. -signs'. 

-mat'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

as' sig nat {or a se nya'). 

as'ti chous (-kus). 

as'si lag. 

as tig mat'ic, -ma'tion, a stig'ma- 

as sim'i late, -la ted, -la ting, -la- 

tism, as tig'mism, as tig mom'e- 

tive, -la to^ry, -la ble, -la bil'i ty, 

ter, -e try. 


a stir'. 


as ton'ish, -ing, -ing ly, -ment, 

as sist', -ed, -ing, -ance, -ant, -ant- 


ship, -er, -ful, -ive, -less, -or. 

As'to reth. See Ash' to reth. 

as size', -ment, -slz'er, -or, as size' 

as tound', -ed, -ing, -ing ly. 


a strad'dle. 

as so'ci ate (-shi-), -a ted, -a tor. 

As trae'a, Myth. 

-a ting, -a tive, -tive ness, -a'tion 

as'tra gal, -trag'a lar, -a lus, pi. -/?, 

(-si a'shun or -shI-), -tion al, -tion- 

as'tra gal=plane, ^tool. 

ism, -tion ist, -ci a ble (-shi-), 

as'tra khdn {or -khan'), -ite. As- 

-ble ness, -a bil'i ty, -ateship. 

tra khan' (as-), dist. Russ. 

as'so nance, -nanced, -nant, -nan'- 

as'tral, -ism. 

tal, -nan'tic, as'so nate, -na ted. 

a strand'. 

-na ting. 

as tra pho'bi a. 

as sort', -ed, -ing, -ment. 

a stray'. 

as suage', -ment, -suaged', -sua'- 

a stride'. 

ging, -sua'ger, -sua'sive. 

as trin'gent, -ly, -gen cy. 

as sume', -sumed', -sum'ing, -ing ly. 

as trog'no sy, -trog'o ny, -trog'ra- 

-a ble, -a bly, -ed ly, -er, -sump'- 

phy, -tro gon'ic. 

tion, -tive, -tive ly, as sump' sit. 


As sur' (as'soor'), t. Afr. 

as'tro ite, as'trlte. 

as sure' (a shoor'), -sured', -sur'ing. 

as'tro labe. 

-ing ly, -a ble, -ance, -ed ly, -ed- 

as trol'a try. 

ness, -er. 

as'tro li thol'ogy. 

as sur'gent. 

as trol'o ger, -tro log'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

As syr'i an, -syr'i o 16gue, -ol'o gy, 

-trol'o gize, -gizcd, -gl zing, -o gy. 

-o gist, -o log'ic al. 

as'tro man cy. 

a star'board. 

as trom'e try, -e ter, as'tro me'te- 

a stare'. 

or ol'o gy, -ol'o gist, -o log'ic al. 

As tar'te, Myth. 

as tron'o my, -o mer, -o mize 

a stat'ic, -ic al ly, -i cism, as'ta tize, 

-mized, -mi zing, -tro nom'ic. 

-tized, -ti zing, -ti zer. 

-ic al, -al ly, -nom'ics. 

as tdt'ki (-ke). 

As'tro phel, Sidney. 

a stay'. 

as tro pho tog'ra'phy, -pho tom'- 

as te a to' sis, -to'des (-dez). 

e ter, -e try, -pho to met'ric al. 

as'te ism. 

as tro phys'ic al, -phys'ics. 


as'tro scope. 

as'ter, -wort, As'ter, Bot. genus. 

as'tro the ol'o gy. 

as te'ri a. 

as tu'cious, -ly, -tu'ci ty. 

As te'ri as, Zodl. genus, as te'ri as. 

As'tur, Ornith. genus, as'tu rine. 


As tu'ri as (as too're as), prov. Sp., 

as'ter isk. 

-tu'ri an. 

as'ter ism. 

as tute', -ly, -ness. 

a stem', -ster'nal. 

a sty'lar, -sty'lic. 

as'ter oid, -oid'al. 

A sun ci on' (a sdon se on'), c. Para. 

As ter'o pe, Myth. 

a sun'der. 

as'the nol'o gy. 

as'U ra {or a soo'-), Myth. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, n5te, 





a'the ism, -ist, -ist' ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

a sy'lum. 

-al ness, a'the ize, -ized, -i^zer, 

a sym bo'li a. 

-i' zing. 

a sym met'ric, -ric al, -al ly, a sym'- 

ath'el ing. 

me try. 

A the'na, A the'ne. Myth. 

a sym'phy note. 

Ath e nag'o ras, Gr. philos. 

as'ymp tote (-im tot), -tot'ic, -ic al, 

Ath e ne'um or -naj'um. 

-ll ly 

A the'ni an. 

a syn'ar tete, -tet'ic. 

a the log'ic al, -al ly. 

a syn'chro nism, -chro nous. 

a ther'man cy, -ma 'nous, a ther'- 

a syn'de ton, as yn det'ic, -ic al ly, 


-yn tac'tic. 

ath e ro'ma, pi. -ro'ma ta, -ma tous, 

as'y ner'gi a. 

ath'e rome. 

a sys'to le, -to lism, -toric. 

ath e to' sis, ath' e toid. 

a syz^y get'ic (-jet-) 

a thirst'. 

at'a bal. 

ath'lete, -let'ic, -ic al ly, -let' i cism, 

a tac'a mite. 

-let'ics, ath'le tism. 

a tac'tic. 

Ath'os, mt. Turk. 

a ta'jo (a ta'ho). 

a threp'si a. 


a throb'. 

At'a la. 

a thwart', -ships. 

at'a man. 

A thy' (a thi'), t. Ire. 

at a mas'co or -mos'co, -lil'y or a. 

at'i my. 


a tin'ga. 

at a rax'i a, at'a rax y. 

at'ka fish. 

a taunt', a taun'to. 

at lan'tad, -lan'tal. 

at'a vism, -vis'tic, -tic al ly, a tav'ic. 


a tax'a pha'si a (-fa'zhi a). 

At lan'tic. 

a tax'i a, -tax'ic, a tax'y {or at'ax y). 

At lan'tis, -Ian te'an or -lan'ti an, 

At ba'ra (at-), r. Afr. 

-tides (dez). 

Atch af a lay'a Bay'ou (atch af a- 

at'las, a book of maps. At'las, Myth. 

li'a bi'oo), r. La. 



at mi'a try. 

atch'i son, a coin. 

afmid al'bu mose (-mos). 

ate. See eat. A'te, Myth. 

at mi dom'e ter, -e try. 

a tech'nic (-tek'-), -nic al, a tech'ny. 

at mol'o gy, -o gist, -mo log'ic al. 

a' tees (-tes). 

at' mo lyze, -lyzed, -ly zer, -ly zing 

a'tef, =crown. 

(-li'-), -ly za'tion (-11- ), -mol'y sis. 

at e lec'ta sis, -lee tat'ic. 

at mom'e ter. 

a te tier (a te Iva'). 

at'mos phere, -phgr'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

at'e line, -lite. 

a to'cha, -grass. 

A tel'lan, -lane. 


a tem'po, a tem'po pri'mo (pre'-). 


o tem'po gius'to (joos'to). 


Ath a bas'kan or -can. 

at'om, -o mat'ic, -o mi'cian (-mish'- 

Ath'a lie (at'a le or a^ta^e'), Ra- 

an), -mic'i ty, at'om ism, -om ist, 


-o mis'tic, -tic al, -al ly, a tom'ic. 

ath a nd'si a (-se a or -shi- or -zhi a), 

-ic al, -al ly, at'om y, -om ol'o gy. 

a than'a sy. 

at^o me chan'ics(-kan-). 

Ath a na'si us (-shi us), Gr. father 

at'om ize, -ized, -i zing, -i zer, -I za'- 

of the church, -na'sian (-shan or 


-zhan), -ism, -ist. 

a tone', -ment, -toned, -ton'ing, 

ath'a nor. 

-ton'a ble, -ton'er. 

not, nor, use, up, urn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 



audit =office 

at'o ny, a ton'ic. 

a top'. 

at^ra bi la'ri an, -ri ous, -bil'i ax, 

-bil'ia ry, -bil'ious. 
a tra'che ate (-ke-), -che'Ii ate. 
at'ra ment, -men ta'ri ous, -men'- 

A'tre us or A'treus (-trdos), Myth. 
A'tri (a'tre), prov. It. 
A tri'dae, Myth. 
a tri o ven tric'u lar. 
a trip'. 

a'tri um, pi, -tri a, -tri al. 
at ro ce ru'le ous. 
a tro'cious (-shus), -ly, -ness, 

atroc'ity (-tros'-). 
at'ro phy, -pMed, -phy''ing (-fi-), 

a trdph'ic. 
At'ro pos, Myth. 
at'ro pous. 
a try'. 

at tdc' cd, -CO. 
at tach', -a ble, -ing, -ment, -tached', 

at tach'ment'Screw. 
at ta che (at ta sha'). 
at tack', -ing, -a ble, -er, -tacked'. 
at tac'o lite. 
At'tai (-ta), Bib. 
at tain', -ing, -a ble, -a ble ness, 

-a bil'i ty, -tain'der, -tain'ment, 

at taint', -ed, -ing. 
At^ta li'a. Bib. 
at tal'i ca. 

at'tar or ot'tar. 
at tem'per, -tem'per ate, -a' ted, 

-acting, -a'tion, -per ment or -per- 

a ment. 
at tempt', -ed, -ing, -a ble, -a bil'i ty, 

at tend', -ed, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -ance, 

-ant, -ten'tion, -ten'tive, -tive ly, 

-tive ness. 
at ten'u ate, -a ted, -a ting, -u ant, 

at test', -ed, -ing, -a tive, -er, -or, 

-test'ive, at'tes ta^tor, -ta'tion. 
At'tic, relating to Attica or Athens, 

-ti cize or -cise, -cized, -ci zing, 

-cism, -cist, at'tic. 
at ti haw' meg. 
At'tJ la. King of the Huns. 

at tire', -tired, -tir'ing, -tir'er, at tire' 

at'ti tude, -tu'di nal, -di na'ri an, 

-an ism, -tu'di nize, -nized, -ni- 

zing, -ni zer. 
at tor'ney (-tur'-), -ism, -ship, =gen''- 

er al, =gen^er al ship. 
at tract', -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -a ble, -cr, 

-or, -lie, -ive, -ive ly, -ive ness, 

-a bil'i ty, -trac'tion, -tiv'i ty. 
at trib'ute, -u ted, -u ting, -u tive, 

-tive ly, -u ta ble, at'tri bute, n. 

at trJ'tion, at trite', -tri'tus, at tri'- 

at tune', -tuned', -tun'ing. 
at typ'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 
a tum'ble. 
a typ'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 
a'u a (a'oD a). 
au bade (6 bad'). 
au bain (6 ban' or 6 ban'), au baine' 

Aube (6b), r. Fr. 
Aube nas' (ob'na'), t. Fr. 
au berge (6 barzh' or a'berj), au'ber- 

au'ber glne. 

au'ber'nage' (o bare nazh'). 
au bin (a'bin or 6 bah'). 

Auch (osh), t. Fr. 
auch'let (audi'-). 
au cou rant' (6 koo roh'). 
auc'tion, -a ry, -eer', auc'tion pitcli, 

a. pool. 
auc to'ri al. 

au'cu ba. Au'cu ba, Bot. genus. 
au da'cious, -ly, -ness, -dac' i ty 

Aude (od), r. and dept. Fr. 
Au'di an, -ism. 
au'di ble, -ness, -di bly, -di bil'i ty, 

-di ent, -ence, -di tive, -to ry, au'- 

dile, -di'tion, au'di ence-cham^ber, 

ail di en' do et ter mi nan' do. 
au di om'e ter, -e try, -o met'ric, 

-di phone. 
au'dit, -ed, -ing, -di tor, -tor ship, 

-to'ri al, au'dit-ale, -house, -office. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note. 

audita querela 



au di'ta que re' la. 

au re'o lin. 

au di to'ri um, pi. -ri urns or -ri a. 

au re'o sin. 

Au'drey (-dri), Shak. 

au re voir (6 re vwor'). 

Au'du bon (o'doo bon), co. Iowa. 

au'riar gen tif er ous. 

Au'du bon, Amer. ornith. 

au'ri cle, -cled (-kid), -ri lave, -ric'u- 

Au'er bach (ou'er badi or -biik), 

lar, -lar ly. 

Ger. novelist; t. Sax. 

au'ri fy, -fied, -fy ing, -ri form, 

au jaW {6' id.'), au fond' {o'ioh'). 

-rif'er ous, -rif'ic. 

au'ge (ou'ge), pi. -gen. 

Ah rl'ga, Astron. au ri'ga, Med. 

Au ge'an, Myth. 

Au ril lac' (o're^yiik'), t. Fr. 

au'ger, a tool, -bit, 'fau''cet, ^gage, 

au'rin or -rine. 

=hole, -mak^ing, -shell, -stem, 

au ri phryg'i a (-frij'-), -i ate. 


au ri pig'ment. 

au get (a jet' or o^zha')- 

au'ris, pi. -res (-rez). Au'ris, 

augh or ach (aw or adi). 

Conch, genus. 

aught (awt). 

au'rist, -ri scalp, -ri scope, -ris'co- 

au'gite (-jit), -git'ic. 


aug'ment, n., -ment', v., -ment'ed. 

au'rochs (-roks). 

-er, -ing, -a ble, -ment'a tive, 

au ro'ra, -ro'ral, -ral ly, -re an, au- 

-tive ly, -men ta'tion. 

ro'ra-shell, a. bo re a'lis, a. glo'ry. 

au gra tin' (6 gra tan'). 

Au ro'ra. Myth. 

Augs'burg (ougz' boorg or ouchs'- 

au'rum, au'rous, -ric, -ric'o mous. 

boordi), c. Bav., A. Con fes'sion. 

-rif'ic, -rig'er ous (-rij'-), -rig'ra- 

au'gfir, -ing, -ship, -gu ral, -gu ry, 

phy. -riv'o rous. 
Au Sa'ble (aw sa'bl), r. Mich. 

-gu rate, -gu'ri al, -gured. 

au gust', -ly, -ness. 

Au sa'ble (6 sa'bl), tp. and chasm 


N. Y. 

au gus'ta, a tree. 

aus'cul tate, -tasted, -ta''ting, -ta'tor. 

au gus'tal, -ta'Hs, pi. -les (-lez). 

-tor ship, -cul'ta tive, -ta to^ry, 

Au gus'tan. 


Au gus'tin or -tine (or au'-), -tin'- 

aus'laut (ous'lout). 

i an, -an ism. 

Au so'ni an. 

Au gus to'vo (ou gdos to'vo), t. 

aus'pex, pi. -pi ces (-sez), -pi cate. 


-ca ted, -ca ting, -ca tor, -to^ry. 

auk, -let. 

aus'pJce, pi. -pi ces (-sez), aus pi'- 

auld, auld' lang syne'. 

cious, -ly, -ness. 

au le'tes (-tez), pi. -tai (-ti), -let'ic. 

aus'ter. When specialized, it should 

-le'tris, pi. -tri des (-dez). 

be capitalized, -land, aus'tral. 

au'lic, -lie al, -li cism. 

aus tere', -ly, -ness, -ter'i ty. 

au'lin, =scout^y. 

Aus'tin. Same as Augustinian. 


Aus tra'li a, -tra'lian {or -tral'yan). 

Au male' (6'mal'), t. Alg. 

-la'sia (-sha or -zha), -la'sian. 

Au male', d' (do'mal'), Due. 

Aus tra'li oid or -tra loid. 

au'mil, -mil dar. 

Aus'tri a, -tri an, -tra'sian (-shan). 

aune (on). 

aus'trin ger (-jer). 

aunt, -y, -ie, -hood. 

Aus'tro CO lum'bi a, -bi an. 

au'ra, -ral. 

Aus tro gae'a, -gs'an, -tro ma la'ya, 

au'ra min or -m!ne, -ran'ti a 



aus'tro man cy. 

au'rate, -ra ted. 

au tan tit'y py. 

au re' (o ra'). 

au te'cious. 

au're ate, -re ous, -re'i ty. 

au'ter droit' (6'ter drwo or -droi) . 

au re'o la, au're ole, -oled, -61 ing. 

au'ler foils' (6 ter fwo' or -foi). 

not, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, Bacfh. 


auter vie 



au'ter vie (o'ter ve). 

au then'tic, -tic al, -al ly, -al ness, 

-ti cate, -ca ted, -ca ting, -ca'tion, 

-tic'i ty, -then'tics. 
au'thor, -craft, -hood, -like, -ess, 

au tho'ri al, au'thor=card, =cat a- 

logue, «en try, =head ing, -mark, 

=ta ble. 
au th6r'i ty, -i ta tive, -tive ly, 

-tive ness, -i ta'ri an. 
au'thor ize, -ized, -i zer, -i zing, 

-i''za ble, -i za'tion. 
au'tho type. 
au'to (ou'-), a Spanish play; au'to, 

a prefix. 
au''to bi og'ra phy, -ra pher, -o- 

graph'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 
au to chr6n'o graph {or -kro'- 

au toch'thon, pi. -thons or -tho- 

nes (-nez), -tho nal, -tho nism, 

-tho nous, -nous ly, -tho ny, 

au to clas'tic. 
au'to clave, 
au'to crat, -ship, -crat'ic, -ic al, 

-al ly, au toc'ra cy. 
au^to di ag no'sis. 
au to di ges'tion. 
au to dy nam'ic {or -di-). 
au' to graph, -ism, -om' e ter, 

-graph'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -tog'ra- 

au'to harp', 
au to hyp'no tism. 
au'to kl ne'sis, -nct'ic. 
au to la ryn'go scope, -lar yn gos'- 

co py. 
au tol'o gy, -tol a try. 
Au tol'y cus, Shak. 
au to mafic, -ic al, -al ly, -ma tic'- 

i ty, -tom'a tism, -a tist, -a tize, 

-tized, -ti zing, -a ton, pi. -a tons 

or -a ta. 
au tom'e try, -to met'ric. 
au to mo'bile. 

au to mor'phic, -al ly -phism. 
au to mo'tor. 
au ton'o my, -o mist, -o mous, -to- 

nom'ic, -ic al ly. 
au'to nym. 

au'to phon, -toph'o ny. 
au toph thai' mo scope. 

au to pol'y graph. 

au'top sy, -top'sic, -sic al, -al ly, 

-top'tic, -tic al, -al ly, -tic'i ty. 
au to sche'di asm (-ske'-), -di as'- 

tic, -tic al, -sche'di aze, -azed, 

-a zing. 
au'to scope, -tos'co py, -to scop'ic. 
au'to site, -sit'ic, -si ta'ri us, pi. 

-ri I. 
au to sty'lic {or -stil'ic). 
au^to sug ges'tion. 
au'to the ism, -the ist. 
au'to tox {E'mi a, -tox i ca'tion, -tox'ic. 
au'to trans form'er. 
au'to type, -typed, -typ'ing (-tip'-), 

-typ'ic, -ty pog'ra phy (-ti-), 

-tot'y py. 
au'tre Jots' (o'tr fwa'). 
au'tumn, -tum'nal, au tumn-bells. 
Au tun' (6'tuh'), c. Fr. 
Au vergne (6 varn'), mts. and 

former prov. Fr., au ver gnat' 

(o var nya'). 
Au vergne', d' (do' varn'), Pierre. 
aux'a nom'e ter. 
Au xerre' (6'sar' or 6'zar'), c. Fr. 
aux e'sis, -et'ic, -ic al ly. 
aux il'ia ry (awg zil'ya ry), -iar ly. 
aux il'i um (awg zil'-). 
aux ol'o gy (awks 61'-), -om'e ter. 
Aux onne' (o'soh'), t. Fr. 
aux'o spore. 

Aux vasse' (6'vas'), tp. Mo. 
d'va, a drink, a'va, a bird, a va' 

(a va'), Scotch, of all. 
a vail', -ing, -ing ly, -a ble, -a bly, 

-a bil'i ty, -vailed'. 
a'val, av'i tal, relating to grand- 
parents, a val\ suretyship. 
av'a lanche {or -lanch). 
av'a lite. 

A val Ion' (a'val'lofi'), t. Fr. 
a vd'neh. 

a vd'ni a {or a va ne'a), -ni ous. 
a vanf'hras (a von'=bra), -^cou'ri er 

(-koo'-), 'fosse' (=fossa'), -garde. 
av'a rice, -ri'cious (-rish'us), -cious- 

ly, -ness. 
a vast' {or -vast'). 
av a tar' {or av'-). Myth, -a ta'ra. 
a vaunt' {or -vaunt'). 
A've (a've or a'va), salutation for 

the Virgin Mary, a've (a've or 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 




a'va), a welcoming, or a farewell 

A'von (a'von or av'on), r. Eng.; vil. 


N. Y.; vil. O. 

Ave'bur y or A'bur y (a'ber I), vil. 

Av'on dale, t. Ala.; vil. O. 


a vouch', -ing, -a ble, -er, -ment, 

av'el, -el er. 


a vel'lane or -Ian {or av'-). 

avoue' (a voo a'). 

A've Ma ri'a (a'va ma re'a), A've 

a vow', -a ble, -a bly, -al, -ance, -ant, 

Ma'ry (a've ma'n-)- 

-ed ly, -er, -ry, -ing, a vowed'. 

A ve'na, av e na'ceous, a ve'ni form, 

A vranches' (a'vronsh'), t. Fr. 


A vran chin (a^vron shah'), dept. 

av'e nage, -e ner. 


A venches' (a^vSnsh'), t. Switz. 

a vun'cu lar. 

a venge', -venged', -ven'ging, -ger. 

d'wd, a fish, a wa', Scotch for away. 

a ve'nous, -ni ous. 


Av'en tine. 

a wait', -ed, -er, -ing. 

a ven'tu rin or -rine. 

a wake', -ment -waked^ -wak'ing, 

av'e nue. 

-en, -en ing, -en ing ly, -en a ble, 

a ver', v., -ring, -ment, -ra ble, 

-en er, a woke'. 


a wane'. 

av'er age, -aged, -a ging, av'er age- 

a ward', -er, ed-, -ing. 

ad just^er, -stat'er, -tak^er. 

a ware', -ness. 

av e rd'no. 

awash' (wosh'). 

a ver'dant. 

away', -go ing. 

A ver'nus, -ni an. 

awe, -less, -some, -strick^en, -struck, 

Av er ro'ism or -rho', -ro ist, -is'tic. 

awed, aw'ing, -ful, -fully, -fulness. 

av'er run cantor {or -ca'tor). 

a wea'ry, -wea'ried. 

a ver'sant. 

a weel'. 

a verse', -ly, -ness, -ver'sion. 

a weigh'. 

a vert', -ing, -er, -i ble. 

awe'to (a wa'to). 

A'ves (-vez), a'vi an, -vine, -vi a ry, 

a while'. 

a'vi cuFture, -vi form. 

a wing'. 

A ves'ta, -tan. 

awk'ward, -ly, -ness. 

a' ves truz' (-trdoz'). 

awl, -wort, =bird, -clip, -shaped, 

a^vi a' do (a^ve a'tho), av'i a dor'. 


a vic'u la, -u lar, -la'ri um, pi. -ri a, 

awn, -er, -less, awn'y, awned. 

-ri an, A vic'u la. Conch, genus. 

awn'ing, -block. 

a vid'i ty, av'id, -id ly, a vid'i ous ly. 


a vi fau'na, pi. -n(B, -nal. 

ax or axe, pi. ax'es, ax'man or axe-, 

A^vig'non' (a^ven^yoh'), c. Fr.; 

pi. -men, ax' mas ter, -grind er, 

A. ber'ry. 

-han die, -head, -helve, -mak er. 

A'vi la (a've la), prov. Sp. 

-shaped, -stone, a. break er. 

A'vites (a'-), Bih. 

ax'il, n., ax if'er ous. 

av i vage' (-vazh'). 

ax'fle, ?i.,ax il'la, pi. te, -il'lant, ax'- 

av i zan'dum or -san'-. 

il lar, -la ry. 

A vize' (-vez'). 

ax^i lem'ma. 

av cd'do or -to. 

ax'In, Chem., -in'ic. 

av cat' (-6 ka'). 

ax'ine (-in), pertaining to deer. 

av ca'tion. 

ax'in man^cy {or ax in'-). 

av'o cet or -set. 

ax'i lite, -lit'ic. 

a void', -ed, -ing, -a ble, -a bly. 

ax'i cm, -o mat'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

-ance, -er, -less. 

ax'is, pi. ax'es (-ez), ax'i al, -al ly, 

av^oir du pois' (-poiz'). 

-i oid, -i oid' e an, -i om'e ter, 

aw'/i(a vo'le). 

-i sym met'ric, -if u gal, Ax'is, 

not, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bohmot, ttius, Badi. 




Zodl. genus, ax' is^cyF in der, 

A za'le a, Bat. genus, a za'le a, a 


species of plants. 

ax'le, ax'led (ax'ld), -le tree, ax'le- 

a zdn'. 

ad jus^ter, -arm, -bar, =block, 

az'a rin. 

-box, -clip, -collar, -gage, -guard. 

az'a role. 

-hook, -mak ing, -nut, -pack^ing, 

A za'zel, Milton. 

-pin, -sad die, -seat, -set ting, 

a zed'a rach (-rak). 

-skein, -sleeve, -tooth, -yoke, ax'le- 

az'iam (-vam or -i am). 


A'zJ el (a'-), Bih. 

Ax'min ster car^pet. 

az'i miith, -muth'al, -al ly, az'i- 


muth cir'cle. 

ax'o lotl. 

a zi o'la (a tse o'la). 

ax om'e ter. 

az o ben'zene, -ben'zol. 

ax' on, pi. -0 nes (-nez). 

az'o«blue, -e ryth'rin, az o di phen'- 

ax nom'e try or ax i nom'-. 


ax sper'mous. 

a zo'gue (a tho'ga or -so'ga). 

ax ot'o mous. 

a zo'ic. 

ax'unge (-iinj), -un'gi ous (-ji-). 

a zon'ic. 

ay or aye (a), ever, always, ay or 

a zo sperm'a tism, -sperm'i a. 

aye (a), an exclamation of surprise 


or regret, aye or ay (i), yes, yea, 

A zores' (-zorz'), Portu. Isl., -zo'- 

truly, aye or ay (I), an affirma- 

ri an. 

tive vote. Ay (a), a wine, ay'- 

a zo te'a (a^tho ta'a or a so-). 

green or aye'-. 

az'o tize, -tized, -ti zing, -o tide {or 

a' yah. 

-tid), -o tin, -o tom'e ter. 

a yd pd'nd. 

Az'ra el or -il. 

aye' -aye (i'i . 

Az'tec, -tec an. 

a ye nee'. 

a zu le'jo (a thoo la' ho). 


a zum' hre (a thoom'bra). 

ay'ni-wood (i nl-). 

az'ure (azh' ur or azh' ur), a'zure 

ayr (air), a gravelly point of land. 

(a'zhur or a'zhur), -stone. 

Ayr (air), co. Scot. 

az'u rlne (azh'-), -u rite, -u ry. 

a yu dan'te (a yoo than'ta) . 

az'y gos, -y gous, -gous ly. 

a yun'td mi en' to. 

az'ym or -yme (-im), a zym'ic, az'y- 

A yut'hi a (a ydot'he^a), former 

mous, Az'y mite. 

cap. of Siam. 

az zi nii'na (at se me'na). 


baa (ba). 

Ba'al, -ism, -ist, -ite. 

Baal b6c', t. Syr. 

Ba^al-pe'or, Bib. 

bab, a tassel or cockade; a bob. 

Bab, a Babist, Bab'ism. 
hd bd', a cake. 
Ba'ba, a title of respect 
Ba'ba, A'li (a'le ba'ba). 
bd bd ko'to. 
bab'bit ting, -jig, Bab'bitt met'al. 

bab'ble, -bled (-bid), -bling, -bling- 
ly, -bier, -ble ment. 

Ba'bel, Bib. Ba'bel or ba-, confu- 
sion; disorder. 

bab'il lard. 

Bab'ing ton's-curse, a plant. 

hab i rus'sa or -rous'sa (-robs'-) or 
bab y-. 


Ba'ble (-bla). 

bab oon', -er y, -ish, bab u I'na. 

ba boosh' . 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mgt, her, ice. In, note, 




Ba bou'vism (-boo'-), -vist. 

ba bu' (-boo') or bob'. 

ba bur or -bool (-booF or ba'-). . 

Ba'bu yan' (-boo-), isl. Pacific. 

ba'by, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, -ism, 
-hood, -ship, -ol'o try, ba'by -car^- 
riage (-rlj), ■■clothes, -farm, 
=farm''er, =farm^ing, -house, 
-jumpier, -pin, =walk''er. 

Bab y lo'ni an, -lon'ic, -ic al, -lo'- 
nish, Bab'y Ion ite. 

ba ca'ba, -palm (-pam). 

bd'ca Id'o. 

bac ca lau're ate, -re an. 

Bac ca nar'ist. 

bac ca rat' (-ra'), or -rd', a game. 
Bac^ca'rat' (-ra'), t. Fr. 

bac'cha nal (-ka-), -nd'li a, -li an, 
-an ism, -an ly, bac'chant (-kant), 
bac chante (bak'kant or -kant' or 
-kan'te), pi. bac'chantes (-kant) or 
-chan'tes (-kan'tez), -chan'tic. 

Bac'chus, Myth., -chic (-kik). 

Bach (badi), Ger. composer. 

Bach'a rach or -rack (bak'a rSk). 

Bache (bach), Amer. philos. 

bach'el (bak'-). 

bach'e lor, -hood, -lor ism, -ship, 
bach'e lor's-but'tons. 

ba ci'le (-che'la), pi. -ci'li (-che'le). 

ba cil'lus, pi. -ll, ba cil'lar or bac'- 
(bas'-), bac'il la''ry, -cil'li form, 
-li an, -li cide, -cid'ic, -cil'li cul- 
ture, Ba cil'lus, Bot. genus. 

ba ci'no (ba che'no), pi. -ci'ni (-ne). 

back, -er, ings, backed, back'bite, 
-bit er, -bit ing, -ing ly, back'bone, 
-boned, -cap, -down, -fall, 
-ground, -hand, -hand ed, -ed ly, 
-ed ness, -hand er, -head, -house, 
-lash, -less, -log, -most, -piece, 
-plate, -rope, -set, -side, -slide, 
-slid er, -slid ing, -ing ness, -stay, 
-ster, -stitch, -stone, -ward, -wards, 
-ward ly, -ward ness, -waiter, 
-wood, -woods, -woods man, 
-worm, -wort. 

back'-ac^tion, -baFance, -band, 
=bar, -block, -bond, -bone, bone of 
the back, -cas'ing, -cast, -cen''ter, 
-chain, -cloth, -comb, -end, -fiF- 
let, -flap, -frame, -game, -gear, 
-joint, -linking, -link, -lye, -mill, 

-mold, -o''ver man, -paint'ing, 
-pres''sure, -rack et, -rak'ing, 
-rent, -rest, -re turn, -saw, 
-scrapper, -scratchier, -set'tler, 
-shift, -sight, -skin, -slang, -spear, 
-speed, -speer, -splint ing, -spring, 
-staff, -stair, a., -stairs, a., -stall, 
-step, -stop, -strap, -strapped, 
-stream, -string, -stroke, -swim'- 
mer, -sword, -tack, -tool, -trick, 
-washed, -wound ing. 

back door, b. look, b. room, b. 
stair, n., b. stairs, n. 

back'ache (-ak), back'ache -brake, 


back gam'mon {or back'-), back- 
gam'mon -board, -play ing. 

back'ing, -boards, -deals, -ham- 
mer, -i^ron, -met^al, -pan. 

back' sheesh or bak'shish (-shesh). 

Ba'con, -ism, -co'ni an. 

ba'con (-kn or -kon), -ize, -ized, 
-i zing, -con y, -con weed, ba'con- 


bac te'ri a, -ri al, -ri an, -ri ciMal, 
-ri cide, -ri form, -ri oid, -ri ol'o gy, 
-o gist, -o log'ic al, -o scop'ic, -os'- 
co py, -o ther a peu'tic, -ther'a py, 
-te rit'ic, Bac te'ri a, Entom. genus. 

Bac'tri an, B. cam'el. 


Bad a joz' (-bos'), prov. Sp. 

bad' ak 'tap' a. 

ba da'neh. 

bd'daud' (-do)', 


bad'der locks. 


bade (bad). See bid. 

Ba'den, state Ger. 

badge, -less, -man. 

badg'er, -ing, -er, -ly, -ered, badg'er- 
bait'ing, -dog, -hound, -legged, 
-plane, -er's-bane. 

bad'gir (-geer). 

bad i d'ga. 

ba di'geon (-jun). 

bad i nage (-nazh' or bad'i naj). 

Ba din guet' (-dan^ga'). 

bad'min ton or Bad'-. 

ba e ta (ba a ta). 

n6t, nor, use, ilp, <irn, etiide, food, f<^t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




ha'tu his, pi. -li. 

ha'i le (ba'e la). 

bae'tyl, -tyl us. 

bail'iff, -iff ship, -i wick. 

baffle, -fled (-fld), -fling, -fling ly, 


-fling ness, -fle ment, -fler, baffle- 

hail Ion' (bal yon'), hail la ne (bal- 


yo na'). 


ha'i lo. 

bag, -ful, -ger, -ging, -gy, -gi ness, 

bain, hain-ma He' (ban ma re'). 


Bai ram (bi'- or -ram'). 

bag' man, -nut, -pipe, -pip^er, -wig- 

Bafreuth (bi'roit), c. Ger. 


bairn, -li ness, -time, -wort. 

bag'Clasp, -fast' en er, -fill er, -fil'- 

bait, -ing, -er, -ed, bait-box, -fish'- 

ter, -fox, -frame, -hold'er, -lock, 

ing, -house, -mill, -poke, -rod. 

-ma chine', -pud' ding, -reef. 


-room, -tie, -weigh er, -worm, 

Ba ja (bo'yo'), t. Hung.— (ba'ya), 

bag'ging-time, bag' press, b. 

t. It. 

pump, b. trou sers, b. wig. 

Ba jar'do (-yar'-). 

ha gd'nd. 

ha' jo na'do (ba'ho na'tho). 

ha gasse', -fur nace. 

bake, bak'ing, -er, -er y, bake' board. 

bag a telle', -board, -play ing, 

-house, -stone, baked, baked - 


apple, -meat, bak'ing-pow'der. 

hag at ti'no (bag at te'no), pi. -ni 

bak'er-foot, -kneed, -legged. 


hak'shish or hdkh'shish or hack'shish 

Bag dad', t. Turk. 

or -sheesh or hUk'shish (-sheesh). 

bag'gage, -man, -car, -check, -mas'- 

Ba'ku' (-koo'), prov. Russ. 

ter, -truck. 

bak'u fu (-do fob). 

hag'ga la, bag'lo. 



Ba'laam, Bih., -ite, -it'ic al, ba'- 

bagn'io (ban'yo). 

laam, -bas'ket, -box. 

Bag'no a Ri'po li (ban'yo' a re'- 

bal'a chong or -chan. 

p6 le), t. It. 

bal'a }o. 

Bag no'li an. 

bal'a hoD or bal'la-. 

hdg're {or ba'gra). 

Bai'a kla'va, t. Russ. 

ha gui'o (-ge'-). 

bal a lai'ka. 


bal'ance, -ment, -an cing, -an cer, 

ha ha'dur (-dcror). 


Ba ha' ma Banks, B. chan'nel, B. 

bal'ance -bar, -ba rom'e ter, -beam, 

Is'lands, B. grass, B. sponge. 

-bob, -book, -bridge, -crane, -dy- 

ha har'. 

na mom'e ter, -e lee trom'e ter, 

Ba ha'wal pur (ba ha'wal'poor), 

-en'gine, -fish, -frame, -gate, 

state India. 

-knife, -lev'el, -pit, -plow, -reef, 

Ba hi'a (ba e'a), state Braz., ha hi' a 

-rud'der, -rynd, -sec'tions, -sheet, 

(-e'a), a bay. 

-step, -ther mom'e ter, -valve, 

hah rain'ga (ba rin'ga). 

-vise, -wheel. 

ha hut' (-hoof). 

ba lan'dra. 

Ba'ian ism. 

ha Id'o. 

bafdak (bi'dak). 

bal'a ta, -gum, -tree. 

hai'dar (bi'-). 

bal'a tr6n or -troon, -tron'ic. 

Bal'e ra. 

ha laus'ta, -laus'tin. 

haign oire' (ba nw6r'). 

hal a yeuse' (-a yez'). 

bail, -ing, -er, -a ble, -age, -ment, 

bal -boy, -cap'tain. 

bailed, bails'man, bail ee', bail or'. 

Bal brig'gan. 

bail-bond, -dock, -piece, -scoop. 

bal'bu sard. 

bail'ing-ma chine'. 

hal hu'ti es (-shi ez). 

fate, f3.t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 




bal'co ny, -nied, -net'. 

bald, -head, a person, -ly, -monkey, 
-ness, -pate, -rib. 

bald'-coot, =faced, -head'ed, -patted. 

bal'da chin (-kin), -chi'no (-ke'-). 

bal'der dash. 

bal'di coot. 

bal'dric, -wise. 

bale, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -less, 
bal'ing, bal'er, baled, bale-fire, 
-hook, =tie, bal'ing=ma chine, 

Bil e ar'ic, isl. Medit., -a'ri an, 
-ar'i ca, bal e ar'ic an. 

ba leen', =knife. 

ba leine' (-Ian'), a platform. 

ba li'ki (-le'ke). 

ba line' (-len'), a coarse canvas. 

Ba lis'tes (-tez). 

hal is tra'ri a. 

ha lize' or -Use' (-lez), a sea-mark. 
Ba lize' (-lez'), c. and r. Cen. 

balk (bawk), -ing, -er, -y, balked, 
balk=line, -staff. 

Bal kan' {or bal'kan), mts. Europe. 


ball, -er, -ing, balled, ball'room. 

ball -bear'' ing, -block, -caF i ber, 
-car^tridge, -cast'er, -cov er, -field, 
-fiow'er, -game, -i''ron stone, 
-joint, -lev^er, -mine, -play ing, 
-proof or -proof, -rack, -screw, 
-seat er, -stock, -train, -trim^mer, 
-trol ley, -turn ing, ball blue, b. 
cock, b. grind^er, b. gud^geon 
(-jun), b. mount'ing, b. so'da, b. 
valve, b. vein. 

ball'ing-fur^nace, -gun, -i^ron, -ma- 
chine^ -tool. 

hal' I a. 

bal'lad, -er, -ism, -ist, -ize, -ized, 
-i zing, -ling, -mak^er, -me ter, 
=mon''ger (-mung-) or b. mon''ger, 
-op^e ra, -sing^er. 

bal'la hou (-hoo). 


bal'lan, b. wrasse (rasO- 

bal'last, -ed, -ing, -age, bal'last- 
en'gine, -fin, -get ter, -harn'mer, 
-heavier, -hole, -light^er, -line, 
-mas ter, -plant, -port, -shov el, 

bal la toon'. 

hal le ri'na (bal la re'na), pi. -nas 
or -ne (-naz or -na). 

hal'let' (-la or -let), a dance, bai'let, 

hal lis'mus (-liz'- or -lis'-). 

hal lis'ta, pi. -tee, -lis'tic, -tics, -tite. 

bal loon', -er, -ing, -ist, -ry, bal- 
loon'-fish or b. fish, -jib, -net, 
-sail, -vine, bal loon' boiFer, b. 
frame, bal loon'ing spiMer. 

bal'lot, -ed, -er, -ing, -age, -ist, 
bal'lot-box, -stuff''ing. 

ballo tade' (-tad' or -tad'), or 

hal'lotte'ment' (-man' or -lot'ment). 

balm (bam), -y, -i ly, -i ness, balm- 
ap pie, -crick^et, -oil. 


Bal m6r'al, a garment; a boot. 

Bal' mung (-md6ng). 

bal'ne al, -ne a ry, -a'tion, -ne og'- 
ra phy, -ol'o gy, -o log'ic al. 

ha lo'ghi a (-gl-). 

ba lo'ne a. 

Bairim pur' (-poor'), t. India. 

bal'sam, -y, -a'tion, -Ine, -ous, 
-sam'ic {or bal-), -ic al, -i na'- 
ceous, -if'er ous, -sam ize, bal'- 
sam root, a plant, -weed, bal'sam - 
ap'ple, -bog, -fir, -herb, -popular, 

hal'sa mo den'dron. 


Bal'ti more bird, B. o'ri ole. 

Ba lu chis tan' (-loo''chis tan'), or 
Bel oo^chis tan', Asia. 

bil'us ter, -tered, -trade {or -trade'), 
-traced, -ding, bal'us ter -shaft, 

Bal zac', de (de baFzak'), Fr. nov- 

bai za rine' (-ren'). 

b^m, -ming, bammed. 

bam'a lip, -lip'ton, bam'ba ra. 

ham hi'no (-be'- or ham-). 

bam boc'ci ade {or -boch'-). 

bam boo', -briber, -palm, -par'- 
tridge, -rat, -reed. 

bam boo'zle, -zled, -zling, -zler. 

bam bou'la (-boo'-). 

Bam hu'sa, -sa'ceous. 

ba'mi a. 

n6t, nor, use, \ip, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




ban, v., -ning, banned, hdn, a 

hd na hd' (-va'). 

Ban a i'as, Bib. 

ban'al, ba nal'i ty, pi. -i ties. 

ba na'na {or ba nan'a), ban^a niv'- 
orous, ba na'na-bird, -eater, »fish, 
=peel, =plant, -quit, -skin. 

Ba nang', t. P. I. 

Ba nat/ t. Hung. 

ban'at or -ate. 



ban' CO. 

band, -ed, -e let or band'let, -ing, 
-age, -a ging, -a ger, band'fish, 
band'-ax^is, -bird, -brake, -coup^- 
ling, -cut' ting, -driv'er, -lacking, 
-lin en, -mas'ter or band'mas'ter, 
-mount'ing, -nip''pers, -puFley, 
-rob in, -saw, -set'ter, -string, 
-wheel, -work, bands'man, band' 
spec' trum. 

ban dd'la. 

ban dan'na or -dan'a. 


ban de' (bon da')- 

ban'deau (-do or -do'), pi. -deaux 

Ban de'ra (-da'-), co. Tex. 

ban'der et. 

ban de ril'la (-rel'ya), -ril le'ro (-rel- 

band'e role or -r61 or band'rol. 

ban'di coot. 

band'ing-ma chine', -plane or b. 
plane, -ring. 

ban'dit, pi. -dits or -dit'tl. 


ban' do, pi. -dos (-doz). 


ban do leer' or -lier', -fruit. 

ban'do line. 

ban'dore {or -dore'). 

ban'dy, -ing, ban'died, ban'dy man, 
ban'dy-ball, =jig, =legged. 

bane, -ber ry, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, 

Banff (bamf), co. Scot. 

bang, -er, -ing, banged, bang'- 
beg gar, -pitch er, -straw, -up. 

bang'al'ay (-al'I). 

ban'ga low. 

ban'ghy (bang'gy), -post, -wal'- 

BAng k6k' or Ban-, c. Siam. 
ban'gle, -ear, -eared. 
ban ian or -yan (ban'yan or -yan'), 

ban'ish, -ing, -er, -ment, -ished. 
ban'is ter or -nis ter, -cross. 
ban'jo, -ist, -rine' ( ren'), -frame, 

-play er, -string. 
bank, -a ble, -er, -ing, -less, -side, 

bank'-ac count', -bait, -bill or b. 

bill, -book or b. book, -cred'it, 

-game, -head, -hol'i day, -hook, 

-lev'el, -mar'tin, -note or b. note, 

-plate, -post, -pro tect or, -shot, 

-stock, -swal'low or b. swal'low, 

-work, bank dis count, b. fence, 
bank'ing-file, -pin, -wax. 
ban ket\ 

bank'rupt, -ed, -ing, -cy. 
bdn'li eue (-le u) or ban'lieue (-lu). 
ban'ner, -et, -61, -less, -man, -nered, 

ban ner-plant, -roll, -stone, -vane. 
ban'nock, -fluke. 
banns or bans. 
ban'quet, -er, -ing, ban'quet-hall, 

-house, ban'quet ing-hall, -house, 

ban quette' (bang kef or b6ng ket'), 

b. slope, b. tread. 

ban sa la' gue (-ga). 
ban'shee or -shie. 
ban'stic kle. 
Ban'tam', prov. Java, 
ban'tam, Ban'tam-work or B. work. 

ban'ter, -ing, -er, -tered. 
ban'ting, -ism. 

bSn'tu (-too), pi. -tus (-tdoz). 
ban'yan. See banian. 
ba'o bab {or ba'-). 
Baph'o met, -met'ic. 
Bap ti'si a (-tizh'i a). 
bap'tism, -tis'mal (-tiz'-), -mal ly, 

-tist, -tis ter y or -tis try, -tis'tic, 

-tic al. 
bap tize', -tized', -tiz'ing, -er, -a- 

ba quel' (-ka'). 

fate, f3.t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 




bar, barred, bar'ring, bar'keep er, 
-man, -maid, -mas'ter, -room, 
-tend^er, -way, -wise, -wood, bar- 
cut ter, -dig gings, -fee, -fish, 
-frame, -gown, -i^ron, -lathe, 
-Hft, -lock, -loom, -mag^nate, 
-min''ing, -net, -plow, -post, 
-pump, -roll, -shear, -shoe, -shoot^- 
ing, -shot, -sight, -tailed, -weir, 
bar hive. 


bar a nee'. 

bar a the'a-cloth. 

bar'a thrum, pi. -thra. 

barb, -ing, barbed, barb'-bolt, 
-feath ers, -pi geon, barbed bolt, 
b. shot, b. wire. 

Bar ba'dos or -does (-doz), isl. W. 
I., -ba'di an. Bar ba'dos-pride, B. 
cher'ry, B. leg, B. nut, B. tar. 

bar'ba ra, a term in logic. Bar'ba- 
ra, Chr. name. 

bar ba'ri an, -an ism, -bar'ic, -ic al- 
ly, -i ty, bar'ba rize or -rise, -rized, 
-ri zing, -ba rous, -rous ly, -rous- 
ness, -ba rism. 

Bar'ba ry, B. ape, B. gum, B. horse. 

bar'bate, -ba ted. 


bar'be cue, -cued, -cu ing. 

bar'bel, -beled or -belled. 

bar'bel late, -bel'lu late. 

bar'ber, -ing, -bered, bar'ber-boat, 
-fish or b. fish, -sur'geon, -sur'- 
ger y. 

bar'ber^ry, pi. -ries, bar'ber^ry- 


bar bette', -car^riage, b. bat ter y, 
b. gun, b. ship. 

bar'bi can or -ba can. 

bar big'er ous (-bij'-). 

bar'bi on. 

bar'bi ton or -bi tos. 

bar bo'ne (-na). 

bar'bo tJne. 

bar'bu (-boo), -bu'do (-boo'tho). 


bar'ca, a fish. Bar'ca, dist. N. 
Afr., -can. 

bar'ca role or -rolle. 

bar'ce nite. 

Bar'clay, Biog., -an, -ite. 

bar' con or -co'ne. 

bar''coo', b. grass. 

bard, a poet, -ic, -ish, -ism, -ling, 
-let, -ship. 

bard or barde, defensive armor, a 
term in cookery, bard'ed. 

bar do cu cul'lus. 

bare, -back, -backed, -boned, -faced, 
-faced ly, -faced ness, -foot, -footl- 
ed, -hand ed, -head ed, -head ed- 
ness, bared, bar'ing, bare'ly, bare- 
legged, -necked, -ness, bare'- 
picked, -pump, -ribbed, -worm. 

ba rege' (-razh'). 

Ba reil'ly (-ra'le), dist. India. 


b3.r^es the^si om'e ter, -o met'ric. 

bar'gan, a weapon. 

bar'gain {or -g6n or -gan), -ing, -er, 
-ee', -gained, bar'gain man, bar'- 
gain-chop, -coun ter, -work, b. 

barge, -man, -mas^ter, -mate, -raf- 
ter, -stone, barge -board, -cou pie, 

bar'ghest or -guest (-gest). 

ba'ri (-re), a slate. Ba'ri, a wine. 

ba ril'la. 

bdr'il let. 

b^r'is, pi. bar'es (-ez). Bar'is, 

b&r'i tone. See barytone. 

ba'ri um, ba'rite, ba'ri um chro'- 
mate, b. hy'drate, b. ni'trate, b. 
ox'id, b. sul'phate. 

bark, v., -ing, -er, barked. 

bark or barque, a vessel, bark'an- 
tine or -en tine (-ten). 

bark, «., -er y, -less, -om'e ter, 
-stone, bark'y, bark-bed, -bound, 
-cloth, -feed''er, -galled, -louse, 
-mill, -pa'per, -pit, -planning, 
-stove, -tanned, bark' bee'tle, b. 
path, b. walk. 

Bark er's mill. 

bark'ing-ax, -bill, -bird, -i^ron, 
-maFlet, -ma chine, -tools. 


bar'ley, -corn, -hood, -bigg, -bird, 
-brake or -break, -bree or -broo, 
-broth, -feVer, -fork, -is land, 
-meal, -mill, -sick, -su'gar, 
-waiter, -wine. 

n6t, nor, use, up, (irn, etiide, food, fd&t, anger, bofimot, thus, Bacli. 




barm, -brack, barm'y, barm-cloth, 

Bar' me cide or -ma-, -ci dal. 
bar mirian. 
bar' mote, 
barn, -floor, -ful, -man, -storm er, 

-storm ing, -door, =gal Ion, 

-grass, -owl, -swal low (=sw61-), 

bar'na bee. 
Bar'na bite. 

Bar'na by=bright, B. day. 
bar'na cle, -eat^er, -goose, -scale. 
Barn'burn er. 
bar'ney, -pit. 
barn'hardt ite. 

ba roc' CO, Arch. See baroque. 
ba ro'co or -ro'ko, Logic. 
bir'o graph, -graph'ic, -o gram. 
bar'o lite, 
ba roro gy. 
b&r o ma crom'e ter. 
ba rom'e ter, -e try, bar o met'ric, 

-al ly, -met'ro graph, -rog'ra- 

phy, ba rom'e ter-flow'ers, -gage. 
hkr'o metz. 
b&r'o mo tor. 
bUr'on, -age, -ess, -et, -ism, 

-on y, pi. -on ies, -et age, -et cy, 

ba ro'ni al, bar on nette', bar'on- 

ba rang', 
ba rogue' (-rok') or ba roc'co or 

ba ro'co, Arch., ba roque'-pearl. 
b3.r'o scope, -scop'ic, -ic al. 
bar o sel'e nite. 
bdr^o tax'is. 

bar''o ther'mo graph, 
ba rouche' (-roosh'), -rou chet' 

(-roo sha'). 
ba rox'y ton. 
barque. See bark. 
b^r'ra can. 
ba.r'rack, =mas ter. 
bir'ra clade. 
hkr ra coon'. 

bSr ra cu'da or -cou'ta (-kdo'). 
bar'ra gan. 
bar 'rage. 

bar ra gu'do (-goo'-). 
bdr ran'ca or -co. 
Bar ran quil'la (-kel'ya), prov. 


bir'ra tor, -trous, -trous ly, -ra- 

bdr re' (-ra'). Bar're, tp. and 
vil. Mass.; tp. and vil. Vt. 
I barred, -owl. 

bar'rel, -reled or -relied, -rel ing or 
-ling, bar'rel-bay^o net, -beMled, 
-bolt, -bulk, -filFer, -fish, -gage, 
-head, -hooks, -hoop, =hoop ing, 
-lift^er, -mak ing, -plate, -roll er, 
-saw, =screw, =set^ter, -shaped, 
-vise (vis), -wash er, -work, bar'rel 
curb, b. drain, b. loom, b. or gan, 
b. pen, b. pier, b. pro cess, b. 

ba.r'ren, -ly, -ness, -wort, -spir'- 
it ed. 

bir'ret, -cap. 

bdr re te'ro (-ta'-). 


hkr ri cade', -cad'ed, -cad'ing, 
-cad'er, -ca'do. 

b^r ri'co (-re'-). 

b&r'ri er, -gate, b. reef, b. sys'tem, 
b. trea'ty. 

bar ri gu'do (-goo'-). 

bdr'ri o, pi. -ri os (-re 6z). 


bir'ris ter, -ter ship, -te'ri al. 

bir'row, -man, -way, -coat, -pig, 
-pump, -tram, -truck. 

Bar'row ist. 

b^r'ru let, -ru ly, -ru let ty, -ru lee' 



bars' -gem^el (barz'-jem'el). 

bar'ter, -ing, -er, -tered. 


Bar thol'di (-tol'de or -toFde'), Fr. 

Bar thoro mew-tide, B. day, B. 

Bar thol'o mite. 

Bar^tJ mae'us (-me'-). Bib. 

bar'ti zan, -zaned. 


Ba'ruch (-ruk). Bib. 

b3.r'u tine. 

bar y cen'tric. 

ba ryph'o ny, bar y pho'ni a. 

ba ry'ta, -ry'tes (-tez), -ryt'ic, bS.r'y- 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




bSr'y tone or -i tone. 

ba ry'tum. 

ba'sal, ^nerved. 

ba salt', -ic, -i form, -salt'oid. 

bas'a nite {or baz'-). 

has'bleu' or b. bleu' (ba ble'). 

bas'ci net or bas'i-. 

bas cu la'tion. 

bas'cule, b. bridge. 

base, -ly, -less, -less ness, -man, 
-ness, -ball, based, ba'sic. 

base'=bag, aboard, -born, -bred, 
-bul lion, -burn'er, -burn'ing, 
-court, -dance, -heart ed, -hit. 
-lev^el, -hne, -mind^ed, -mind- 
ed ly, -mold^ing, -plate, -ring, 
-rock er, =rock et, -run^ning, 
-run'ner, =spir it ed, base broom, 
b. fee, b. ten ure. 

Ba'sel-Land (-zel-) or Bale- (bal), 
or Basle (bal), prov. Switz, 

base'ment, sto^ry. 

ba se or© gy. 

Ba'shan, Bib. 

ba shaw'. 

bash'ful, -ly, -ful ness. 

bash'i'ba zouk' (-zook'). 

bash'lyk or -lik. 

ba^si-al ve'o lar. 

ba sic'i ty (-sis'-). 

ba'sic slag. 

ba sid'i urn. 

ba' si fixed, -sif'u gal. 

ba' si fy, -ing, -fi er, -fied, -fl ca'- 

Ba'sil or -sil'ius, Biog., -sil'i an 
(or -yan). 

bas'il (baz'-), -ing, -iled, bas'il- 
weed, bas'il=oil, -thyme. 

bas'i lar (baz'-), -la ry. 

ba sil'ic, a portico or hall, -ic al, 
-i can, -i con, bas i lis'dne. 

Ba sil'i ca, a code of laws, 

Bas i lid'i an, -an, ism. 

Bas'i lis'co. 

bas'i lisk. 

ba'sin (-sn), -sined, ba'sin-cock, 
-grate, -plug, -stop per, -trap, 
-waste, -wrench, ba' sin ing- 

bas'i net or bas'net. See bascinet. 

ba'si on. 

ba'sis, pi. -ses (-sez). 

bask, -ing, -basked. 

bas'ket, -ful, -ket ry, -wood, a 
plant, -work, -ball, -bea'gle, 
-cloth, -fern, -fish, -han die, 
-hare, -hilf'ed, -hood, -hoop, 
-liz'ard, -mak ing, -oak, -palm, 
-shell, -ur''chin, -weave, -withe, 
-wood, -worm, bas ket-of-gold, 
bas ket boat, b. but ton, b. 
car riage, b. couch ing, b. grate, 
b. hilt, b. rack. 


ba'so phile or -phil, -phil'ic, 
-soph'i lous. 

Basque, a language; a people. 

basque, basqued, bas quine' 

bas qui' na (-ke'nya), -quine' (-ken'). 

bas'^re lief' (ba'») or bass-. 

bass, a fish; a tree; a mat, bass'- 
wood, bass' -rope. 

bass, a part in music; a term in 
mining, bass' -bar, b. clar' i net, 
b. clef, b. cor'net, b. drum, b. 
horn, b. staff, b. string, b. vi' ol, 
b. voice. 

Bass' goose. 

bas sd'li a, -H an. 

Bis sa'nl 6. 

bas'set, -ing, bas'set horn, b. 

bas'si net. 

bds'so, -buffo, 'Con ti'nu a {-ie'- 
noo 6), 'di'Can'e ra (-de-), 
'OS ti nd'to, 'pro jon'do or -fun'-, 
-ri lie'vo ( -re lya'vo) or -re lie'vo 
(bas'so re le'vo). 

bas soon', -ist, bas son'. 

bast, -palm, -tree. 

bds'td, an interjection, bas'ta, a 
term in cards. 

bas'tard, -ize, -ized, -i zing, 
-tar dy, bas'tard tur'bot, b. 
type, b. wheel, b. wing. 

baste, bast'ing, -ed, -er, bast'ing- 
ma chine. 

bas ter'na. 

bas tide' (-ted' or bas'tid). 

bas tile or -tille (\)as teel' or 

bas'ti na'do, pi. -does (-doz), 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fd&t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




b&s'tion (-chun), -tioned, -tion et. 


ba su'tos (-soo'toz). 

bis'yl or -yle {or ba'-), -y lous. 

bat, -ted, -ting, -ty, -ter, -let, 
-fish, -man, bats'man, bat-bolt, 
-fowl er, -men ey, -print ing, 
-shell, -tick, bat's-wing. 

ha td'ra. 

ha tar deau', pi. -deaux' (-doz'). 

ha td'tds or ha td'ta, Ba ta'ta, 
Bot. genus. 

Ba ta'vi an. 


bate, -ment, -stone, bat'ed, -ing, 

bat'e a. 

ha teau' or hat teau' (-to'), pi. 
-teaux' (-toz'), ba teau'-bridge. 

bat'e leur (-ler). 

bath, pi. baths (bathz), bath'room, 
-tub, -wort, -chops, -cock, -fur- 
nace, -heat er, -house, -kol, 
-sponge, ^spring, bith, a measure. 

Bath brick, B. bun, B. chair, B. 
met^al, B. note, B. o'o lite, B. 

bathe, bath'ing, -er, bathed. 

ba thet'ic. 


batll'ing'box, -dress, -house, -ma- 
chine^ 'Suit, "tub. 

bath'mic, bath'mism. 

bath' mo d6nt. 

bath'o lith or -lite. 

ba thom'e ter. 



Bathshe'ba {or bath'-), Bih. 

ha thyh'i us, -i al, -i an, -an' ic. 

bath' y lim net' ic. 

ba thym' e try, bath^ y met' ric, 
-ric al. 

bath'' y pe lag' ic (-laj'-). 

ba tiste' (-test'). 

ba tol'o gist. 

bat'on {or ba ton'), bat'on -cross. 

Bit'on Rouge (roozh), c. La. 

Ba tra'chi a (-kl-), ba tra'chi an. 

hat' fa. 

bat tage' (-tazh'). 

bat tal'ion (-yun), -ioned, bat- 
tal'ion drill. 

bat''tel, -er. 

bat'ten, -ing, -tened, bat'ten door, 
b. floor. 

bat'ter, -ing, -er, -tered, -ter y, 
bat'ter=head, =lev el, =rule. 

bat'ter ing=charge, -gun, -piece, 
=ram, =rule, -train. 

bat'ter y, -box, -brush, -gun, 
=head, -shoot^ing, -waggon. 

bat'ting, -block, -ma chine, -staff. 

bat'tle, -tied, -tling, -tie ment, 
-ment ed, bat'tle=ax or -axe, 
-bolt, -brand, -club, -cry, -field, 
-flag, -ground, -Ian tern, -mace, 
-piece, -scarred, -shout, -song. 

bat'tle dore or -door. 

bat tol'o gy, -o gize, -o gist, -to- 
log'ic al. 

hat'tue {or -tue'). 

hat ture' {or bat'-). 

bat tu'ta (-too'-). 

b^t'ule {or ba tool'), bat toule'- 
board (-tool'-). {or bats), pi. batz'en {or 


Bau'cis and Phi le'mon. 

bau'de kin or baud'kin. 

bauge (bozh). 

bau'le a. 


Bau^me's' scale (bo^maz'). 

baun'scheidt ism (boun'shit izm). 

bau'son, -sond, bau'son-faced. 

Bau tain' (bo' tan'), Fr. theol. 

ba var dage' (-dazh'). 

Ba va'ri a, Ger., -ri an. 

ba vette' (-vet). 

ba vihe' (ba vyar'). 

baw bee' or bau-. 

bawd, -y, -i ly, -i ness, -mon'ey, 
-ry, bawd'ship, bawd'y -house. 

bawl, -er, -ing, bawled. 


Bax'ter, -te'ri an, -an ism. 

bay, -ing, -ber ry, -man, bayed, 
bay' -ant ler, -birds, -bolt, 
-breastfed, -cod, -gall, -goose, 
-leaf, -ma hog'a ny, -ol, -por- 
poise (-pus), -salt, -stall, -tree, 
-winged, -wood, -yarn, b. rum, 
b. win'dow, bay'ber ry-tal low. 

hd'ya, -bird. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, in, note, 




ba yad' or -yatte' . 

ba ya dere' or -deer'. 


ba ya'mo. Ba ya'mo, t. Cuba. 


Bay'ard (bi'ard). Amcr. states- 

Bay'ard, de (de ba'ard), Cheva- 
lier, Fr. warrior. 

Bay'ard, Rinaldo's famous steed. 

Ba yeux' (ba^yu'), Geog., B. 
tap'es try. 

Bay of Ni'pe (ne'pa), Cuba. 

Bay of Qulnte, Can. 

bay'o net, -ed, -ing, bay'o net- 
catch, »clasp, -scab bard, b. 
clutch, b. joint. 

bay'ou (bi'oo), pi. -ous (-ooz). 

ba zaar' or -zar' (-zar'), -maund. 

ba za'ras. 

bdel lat'o my (del-), -lom'e ter. 

bdel'li um {or del'yum). 

be, -ing, -ing less, -ing ness, 
Be'ing, the Supreme Being, be'- 

beach, -ing, -y, -man, -mas ter, 
beached, beach-birds, -clam, 
-comber (-kom er), -flea, -grass, 
-pea, -plum, -wag on. 

bea'con, -age, -less, bea'con-blaze, 
-fire, -tow er. 

Bea'cons field {or bek'-), Benja- 
min Disraeli, Eng. statesman. 

bead, -ed, -er, -ing, -y, -wom^an, 
-work, -house or bede'house, 
bead'man or beads- or bedes-. 

bead' -fur nace, -loom, -mold, 
-mold^ing, -plane, -proof, -roll, 
-sight, -snake, -stuff, -tool, -tree, 
bead' work -lathe . 

bea'dle, -dom, -ism, -ry, -ship. 

bea'gle, -gling. 

beak, -er, beak'head, -i^ron, beaked, 
beak -rush, -sheath, beak'er-cells, 

beal, a drink; beal {or bal), a 
narrow pass. 

beam, -ing, -ing ly, -ful, -y, -i ly, 
-i ness, -less, -let, -age, -ster, 
beamed, beam -bird, -board, 
-caFi per, -cen ter, -com pass, 
-en gine, -feath er, -filFing, 
-gud'geon (-jun), -hook, -knife. 

-light, -line, -plat'form, -roll, 
-room, -trawl, -tree, -truss, beam'- 
ing-ma chine''. 

bean, -y, bean' -brush, -cake, -cam- 
per, -cod, -crake, -curd, -dol''- 
phin, -feast, -fed, -fly, -goose, 
-hardest er, -har^vest ing, -king, 
-meal, -mill, -pole, -shelter, 
-shoot er, -shot, -stalk, -tree, 
-tre foil, -wee vil, 

bear (bar), -er, -ing, -ish, -ish- 
ness, -a ble, -a bly, -ance, -bane, 
-ber ry, -bine or -bind, -herd, 
-skin, -ward, -wood, -wort. 

bear - an i maP cule, -bait^ing, 
-cat'er piFlar, -cloth, -dog, -gar^- 
den, -grass, -hound, -lead''er, 
-moss, -mouse, -oak, -pig, -pit, 

beard, -ing, -less, -less ness, -let ed, 
-ling, -y, beard'tongue, a plant, 
beard' -grass, -moss, beard'ing- 

bear er-bar, -pin. 

bear'ing-bin^na cle, -cloth, -feed- 
er, -neck, -note, -rein, -robe. 

bear's-bed, -birber ry, -breech, 
-ear, -foot, -gar^lic, -grape, -weed. 

beast, -hood, -like, -ly, -li ness, 
beast' -hide, beast's -bane. 

beat, -en, -er, -ing. 


beat'ing-brack^et, -en^gine, -ham- 
mer, -ma chine'. 

be a tif'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -at'i fy, 
-i fled, -fi ca'tion, -i tude. 

Be'a trice. 

Beat'tie (be'ty or ba'-), Scotch 

be at'tle. 

beau (bo), pi. beaus or beaux 
(boz), -ish, -ship, beau'-i de'al, 
'monde, -pot. 

Beau Brum'mel (bo-). 

Beau'champ (bee'cham), de, Eng. 

Beau champs' (bo'shoh'), Fr. 

Beau'clerk (bo'clark), Eng. schol. 

Beau court', de (de bo'koor'), 
Fr. hist. 

beau'fet (bo'-). 

beau'fin (bo'- or bif'-). 

n6t, nor, use, up, <irn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




Beau'fort, Eng. cardinal; t. S. 

Beau'fort (bo'fort), t. N .C— 

(bo for'), t. Fr. 
Beau'fort's scale (bu'-). 
Beau har nais', de (de bo'ar'- 

na'), Alexandre, Vicomte. 
Beau har nois' (bo^ar^nwa'), co. 

beau'mont ite. 

Beaune (bon), t. Fr.; a wine. 
Beau'regard (bo'regard), Confed. 

heau seant' (bo sa an' or bo'-). 
Beau temps' =Beau pre' (bo^t6n'= 

bo'pra'), Fr. scientist. 
beau'ty (bu'-), -te ous, -ous ly, 

-ous ness, -ti fy, -fy ing, -fied, 

-fi er, -fl ca'tion, -ful, -ful ly, 

-ti less. 
beau'ty=sleep, -spot, -wash, -of- 

the=night, a plant. 
Beau^vais' (bo va'), c. Fr. 
beaux'ite (boz'-). 
bea'ver, -vered, -ver teen, bea'ver- 

root, a plant, -tongue, a plant, 

bea ver^poi'son, -rat, -tree. 
be bJ za'tion. 
be blub'ber, -bered. 
be'bung (ba'-). 

be calm', -ing, -ment, -calmed. 
be came'. 

be cap', -ping, -capped. 

be cSsse', -cas sine' (-sen'). 
be cause'. 
hec ca hun'ga. 
hech'a mel (besh'-). 
be chance'. 
heche (bash). 

hechc'de'iner (bash^de mar'). 
be'chic (-kik). 
Bech u a'nas (bech^d6-). 
beck, -ing, becked, beck'-i''ron. 

beck'on (-n), -ing, -er, -oned. 
be cloud', -ed, -ing. 
be come' (-kum'), -com'ing, -ing- 

ly, -ing ness, -came'. 
hec que' (be ka'). 
becque-'rel' rays (bek^-). 
Bec'se (bet'che), t. Hung. 

be cui'ba=nut (-kwe'-). 
he cu'na (or ba kob'na). 

bed, -ded, -der, -ding, -bug, -cham'- 
ber, -clothes, -cord, -cov^er 
(-kuv''-), -fast, -fel low, -gown, 
-mak^er, -mate, -plate, -piece, 
-post, -quilt, -rid den, -room, 
-side, -spread, -stead, -stock, 
-stone, -straw, -tick, -tick ing, 
-time, -way, -work. 

bed=ale, aboard, =bolt, =bot tom, 
-chair, =clip, =fast'en er, -frame, 
=hang ings, -key, -lathe, =]in en, 
-lounge, -mold ing, -pan, -press- 
er, -right, -rite, -rock, -sack ing, 
-screw, -sore, -spring, -steps, 
-thrall, -tool, -vein, -wrench. 

bed'ding-mold ing, -plant, -stone. 

be dab'ble, -bled, -bling. 

hed'a gat. 

be dash', -dashed', -dash'lng. 

be daub', -ing, -daubed. 

be daz'zle, -zled, -zling, -zling- 


be deck', -ing, -decked. 

hed'e gar or -guar (-gar). 

Be de'iah (-yah), Bib. 

be'del or -dell', -ry. 

be dew', -er, -ing, -ment, -dewed'. 

bed'ger y. 

be dight'. 

be dim', -ming, -dimmed'. 

Bed'i vere, Sir. 

be dJz'en {or -di'zen), -ment. 

bed'lam, -ite, -ism. 

Bed'ou in (-00 in or -en), -ism. 

be drab'ble, -bling, -bled. 

be drag'gle, -gHng, -gled. 

be dye', -dyed', -dye'ing. 

bee, -hive, -house, -keep er, -keep- 
ing, -mas ter, bees'wax, -wing, 

bee'-bird, -block, -bread, -cul ture, 
-eat er, -feed, -feed er, -fu^mi- 
ga tor, -flow er, -fly, -gar den, 
-glue, -gum, -hawk, -herd, 
-kill er, -king, -line, -louse, 
-mar tin, -moth, -net tie, -or^chis 
(-kis), -par a site, -scap, -skep, 
-tree, -wolf, -worm, b. lark''spur. 


beech, -en, -y, beech'drops, -nut, 
-coal, -fern, -finch, -fun^gus, 

fate, fa,t, far, f^ll, f^re, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




-gall, =hop per, -mar^ten, ^mast, 
-oil, =owl. 

beef, pi. beeves, beefy, -ish, 
-i ness, -steak, -wood, =brained, 
'cat^tle, =eat er, =head ed, =herd, 
=kid, =mea sle, =wit ted, beef tea. 

beef steak =fun gus, -plant, beef - 

Be ef ze bub, -ze bul. 

been (bin). 

beer, -y, -i ness, -stone, beer'- 
bar rel, =brew er, =drink ing, 
»en''gine, =fau cet, =float, =foun- 
tain, '■garMen, =glass, =hop per, 
-house, -ma chine, =meas ure, 
-mon''ey, =pre serv^er (-zerv^-), 
-pull, -pump, =sa loon^, -sell ing, 
-shop, 'swill er, -vat. 

Be'er, Bih. 

Be er she' ba {or be er' she ba), 

beet, -chards, -fly, -mas ter, 
-mis ter, -press, -rad ish, =rave, 

Bee'tho ven, van (van ba'to ven), 
Prus. composer. 

bee'tle, -tied, -tling, bee'tle head, 
a person; a bird, -stone, -brow, 
-browed (-broud), -head ed, 
-mite, -stock, bee'tling-ma chined 

be fall', -en, -ing, -fell'. 

he fd'na, a gift. Be jd'na, a fairy. 

be fit', -ted, -ting, -ting ly. 

be fool', -ing, -fooled'. 

be fore', -hand -time. 

be foul', -ing, -fouled'. 

be friend', -ed, -er, -ing. 

be frill', -ing, -frilled'. 

be fud'dle, -died, -dling. 

beg, -ging, -gar, -gar ly, -li ness, 
-gar hood, -gar ism, -gar dom, 
-gar y, begged, beg' gar weed, 
beg'gar-my^neigh'bor, beg'gar's- 
bas'ket, -lice, -nee die, -ticks. 

be get', -ting, -got'ten, -got'. 

Beg'hard or Be guard'. 

be gin', -ning, -ner, -gan', -gun'. 

be gird', -ed, -ing, -girt', -gir'dle. 

heg'ler beg' {or ba'lcrbaO, or bey'- 
ler bey (ba'-). 

be g6ne'. 

be go'ni a, a plant, -a'ceous 
(-shus). Be go'ni a. Bat. genus. 

be grime', -grimed', -grlm'er, 

be grudge', -grudged', -grudg'ing, 

-ing ly. 
be guile' (-gil'), -ment, -gulled', 

-gull'ing, -ing ly, guil'er. 
Be guin or -guine (beg'in or ba- 

gan' or beg' win), he'gui'nage' 

(ba ge nazh'). 
he' gum {or ba'-). 
be half (-haf). 
be have', -haved', -hav'ing, -hav'- 

ior (-yur). 
be h6ad', -ed, -ing. 
be'he moth {or -he'-). Be'he- 

moth, Bih. 
be'hen or behn. 
be hest'. 
be hind', -hand. 
be hold', -en, -ing, -er, -held'. 
be hoof, -hoove', -hooved', 

heige (bazh). 
bei gnet' (ba nya'). 
Bei'rut or Bey'root (ba'root), t. 

be'jan or -jant. 
be jew' el, -eled or -elled, -el ing 

or -ling. 
he ju'co (ba hoo'ko). 
be jum'ble, -bled. 

be knot'ted, -ness. 
bel, a tree. Bel, a Babylonish 

be la'bor, -ing, -bored. 
be late', -lafed, -lat'ing. 
be lay', -ing, -laid' or -layed', 

be lay'ing=bitt, -pin. 
belch, -ing, belched. 
bel'd^m or -dame {or -dam). 
hel du'qu^ (-doo'ka). 
be lea'guer (-le'ger), -er, -ing, 

-ment, -guered. 
be'lem nite {or bel'em-), -nit'ic. 
helves prit' (-pre'), pi. heaux- 

es prits' (boz es pre'). 
Bgl'fast, c. Me.— (-fast'), c. Ire. 
bel'fry, pi. -fries, -fried, bel fry- 
owl, =tur'ret. 
Bel'gi um, -gi an, -gic. 
Bel gra'vi a, -vi an. 
Be'Hal {or bel'yal). 

not, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 




be lie', -lied', -ly'ing. 

be lieve', -lieved', -liev'a ble, 
-a ble ness, -liev'er, -ing, -ing ]y. 

be like'. 

be lit'tle, -tied, -tling. 

bell, -flow er, -man, -mouth, v., 
-wort, belled. 

bell'^anl mal, -an i maF cule, 
-bind, -bird, -bloom, -bot tie, 
-boy, -buoy (-bwoi), -cage, -call, 
-can o py, -cham ber, -chuck, 
-cord, -cote, -crank, -found er, 
-found ry, =ga ble, -gam ba, 
-gas'tru la, -hang er, -mag nate, 
-mag pie, -mare, -met al, -met'- 
ro nome, -mouth, n., mouth of a 
bell, -mouthed, -nosed, -pep per, 
-pol yp, -pull, -punch, -ring er, 
-rope, -rose, -shaped, -sound, 
-tow er, -tur'ret, -weth er, -work. 

bell bear^er, b. glass, b. harp, 
b. jar, b. mouth, n., a mouth- 
piece of bell shape, b. pump, 
b. roof, b. screw, b. tel'e graph, 
b. trap. 

beFla don'na, -nin or -nine. 

bel'lar mine. 

Bel la'ry, dist. India. 

bel la s dm' bra. 


bel leek' -ware. 

B611e'f6n'taine, t. O. 

BgUe Isle' (-il'), isl. in Atlantic. 

Bel Igr'o phon. 

Bel le'rus. 

helles4et'lres (bel-let'tr), -let trist, 
-tris'tic, -tic al. 

bel'li cose, -cose ly (-kos-), -cos'- 

bellig'erent (-lij'-), -ently, -ence, 
-en cy, -lip'o tent. 


Bel lo'na, Myth, bel lo'na, Herpet. 

bel lo'ni on. 

bel'low, -ing, -er, -lowed. 

bel'lows (-lus or -loz), -cam e ra, 

- -fish, -pump, -sound. 

bel'ly, pi. -lies (-liz), bel'lied, 
-ly ing, -ly ache, -ful, bel'ly -band, 
-boards, -bound, -brace, -but- 
ton, -churl, -doub'let, -god, 
-guy, -piece, -pinched, -pipe, 
-rail, -roll, -slave, -stay, -tim- 

ber, -ven geance (jans or -jens), 
-wash, -worm. 

bel' o man cy. 

be 16ng', -ing, -longed'. 

bel'o nite, -o noid. 

Bel oo'che or -chee. 

be loved', -lov'ed, p. a. 

be low'. 

Bel phoe'be (-fe'-). 

belt, -ed, -ing, belt' -clamp, -clasp, 
-coup'ling, -cut ter, -la cing, 
-mold ing, -pipe, -punch, 
-punch ing, -rail, -saw, -screw, 
-shift er, -ship^per, -speedier, 
-splicing, -stretchier, -tight^- 
en er, -tool, -weav ing. 


be lu'ga {or bel'oo-), a sturgeon. 
Be lu'ga, a genus of whales. 


bel ve dere', -dered'. 

Bel vi de'ra. 

hel'ze huth. 

be'ma, pi. -ma ta, -ma tist. 

be moan', -ing, -er, -a ble, 

be mourn', -ing, -mourned'. 

be mud'dle, -died, -dling. 

be muffle, -fled, -fling. 

bfin, -kit, -nut, -oil, -teak. 

Bena'iah (-yah). Bib. 

bench, -er, -ing, benched, bench 
mas ter. 

bench'-clamp, -drill, -forge, 
-ham''mer, -hook, -lathe, -lev cl, 
-mark, -plane, -reel, -screw, 
-shears, -stop, -strip, -ta ble, 
-vise, -war rant, bench show. 

ben chu'cha (-choo'cha). 

bend, -ed, -ing, -er, -a ble, -let, 
-wise, bent, bent'y, bent'ing- 
time, bend'-leath''er, bent-grass, 
bend ing-ma chine, -strake. 

ben'dy, -tree, ben'dy bar^ry, b. 

be neatll' {or -neth'). 

Ben' e die, -dic'ite (dis'-), a hymn, 
-dic'tus, ben e dic'i te, an invoca- 

ben'e dick or -diet. 

Ben e dic'tine. 

ben e dic'tion, -al, -a ry, -dic'tive, 
-dic'to rv. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her. Ice, in, note, 

bene discessit 


bersa gliere 

be'ne dis ces'sit, b. ex'e at. 

1 be queath', -ing, -al, -er, -a ble. 

ben e fac'tion, -fac'tor, -tress. 

-ment, -queathed'. 

ben'e flee, -less, -flced. 

be quest'. 

be nef i cence, -cen cy, -cent, 

Bfir^ai'ah, Bib. 

-cent ly, -cen'tial, -nef ic. 

Be ranger', de (d6h ba'rSn'zha'), 

ben'e fit, -ed, -ing, -er, -fi cial 

Fr. poet. 

(-fish'al), -cial ly, -cial ness. 

be rate', -rat'ed, -ing. 

-fi'ci a ry (-fish'i a ry or fish'a- 


ry), -fi'ci ate ( fish' ), -a ted, 


-a ting, -a'tion. 

Be re'an. 

be'ne plac' i to {or ha. na. placheto). 

be reave', -ment, -reav'ing. 

be nev'o lence, -lent, -lent ly. 

-reaved, -reft. 

Ben gal', prov. India, -gal'ee or 

Ber en ga'ri an, -an ism. 

-gall' (-gal'e or -gale'), -galese' 

Ber e ni'ce, -ni'ce's locks, B. 

(-ez'). bengal', a fabric. 

hair. Ber^gn i'ce, c. Egypt. 

Ben gal' grass, B. light, B. 

be ret' (ba ra'). 

quince, B. root, B. stripes, B. 

berg, berg'y. 


Ber'ga mask or -go mask. 

ben go'la. 

ber'ga mot, -oil. 

B6n gue'la (-ga'-), coun. Afr. 

Ber'ge rac {or berzh rak'). 

Ben^^ha'dad, Bib. 

berg' man ite. 

Ben'»Hur {or Ben'=hurO, Bib. 


Be ni' (ba ne'), r. S. A. 

berg'meal or -mehl (-mal). 

be night', -ed, -ing, -ment. 

berg'schrund (-shrdont), berg'stock. 

be nign' (-nin'), -ly, -nig'nan cy, 

ber'i ber i or be'rt be rt (ba'-). 

-nig'nant, -nant ly, -nig'ni ty. 

bgr^r g6r'a. 

be nish' (nesh'). 

Be ri'ites. Bib. 

ben'i son (-zn). 

Be'rites, Bib. 

be ni'tier (ba ne'tya). 

Berke'ley, -ism, -le'ian. 

Ben'ja min, -ja mite. 

ber'ko vets, -ko witz (-vits). 

ben'ja min, »bush, -tree. 

Ber'lin {or -lin'), cap. Prus., B. 


wool, B. work. 

Ben=Lo'mond, mt. Scot. 

ber'lin {or -lin'), a carriage; a 




Ber li oz' (b6r le oz'), Fr. com- 

Bennu'i, Bib. 


Ben 6'ni, Bib. 

berm or berme. 


ber mil'lians. 

Ben'tham (-tarn or -tham), Eng. 

Ber mu'da, an isl., -mu'di an. 

writer, -tham ism, -tham ite. 

Ber mu'da grass. 


Ber na ddtte' {or ber-), Fr. mar- 



be numb' (-num'), -ing, -ment, 

ber'na fly. 

-numbed', -numbed'ness. 

Ber'nar dine. 

ben'zene {or -zen'). 

B^me, t. Switz. Bernese' (-nez'). 

ben'zlle {or -zile), -zil'ic. 

Ber ni'ce. Bib. 

ben'zJn or -zine {or -zen'). 

ber'ni cle, ■^goose. 

ben'zo ate, -a^ted. 

be roon'. 

ben'zo in {or -zoin'), a gum, 

b6r ret'ta. See bi ret'ta. 

-zoin'a ted. 

ber'ru gate. 

ben'zol or -zole', -zo lin or -line. 

ber'ry, -ing, -ried. 

-zo lize, -lized, -li zing. 

ber'sa glie're (bar'sa lya'ra), pi. 

Be'owulf (-wd61f or ba'-). 

-ri (re). 

not, nor, use, up, 6rn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




ber'serk or -ser ker. 

berth, -age, -ing, berthed, berth' « 

brace, -deck, -latch, =room, berth'- 

Ber'tha, Chr. name. 
ber'tha, a drapery. 
Ber'til'lon' sys'tem (bar te yon'). 
B6r ti'ni (-te'ne), Fr. composer. 
ber'tram or bar'-. 
bfir'yl, -line, -loid, be ryl'li um. 
bes'a bol. 
Be sant' (-sant' or -zant' or bez'- 

ant), Eng. auth. 
be seech', -ing, -ing ly, -ing ness, 

-seech'ment, be sought. 
be set', -ting, -ter, -set'ment. 

he show' {or -shou'), a fish. 
be shroud', -ed, -ing. 
bes i clom'e ter. 
be side', -sides'. 
be siege', -ment, -sieg'ing, -ing ly, 

-er, -sieged'. 
be smear', -ing, -er, -smeared'. 
be smirch', -ing, -smirched'. 
be'som (-zum). 
be sot', -ted, -ted ly, -ted ness, 

-ting, -ting ly. 
be span'gle, -gled, -gling. 
be spat'ter, -ing, -tered. 
be speak', -ing, -spoke', -spo'ken. 
be sprin'kle, -kler, -kling, -kled. 
Bes sel'ian or -sel'li an. 
Bes'se mer, -ize, -ized, -i zing, B. 

convert'er, B. iron, B. pr6'cess, 

B. steel. 
be stfiad'. 
bes'tial (-chal or best'yal), -ize, 

-ized, -i zing, -tial ly, -tial'i ty. 
bes'ti a ry, a treatise on beasts. 
be stir', -ring, -stirred'. 
be stow', -ing, -er, -al, -ment, 

-a ble, -stowed'. 
be strad'dle, -died, dling. 
be strew' or be strow', -strew'ing, 

-strewed', -strewn'. 
be stride', -strode', -strid'den, 

be stud', -ded, -ding. 
he su'go (ba soo'-). 

Be'ta, Bot., be'ta {or ba-), a Greek 

letter, -cism. 
hete (bat), hete noire (nwar). 
be'tel, -box, -pep^per, be'tel-nut 

or be'tel nut. 
Bet'el guese (-gez). 
B6th^-ab'a ra. Bib. 
beth ab'a ra wood. 
Bethgs'da (-thez'-). Bib. 
Beth' -ga'der. Bib. 
be think', -ing, -thought'. 
Beth'le hem, -ite or -lem ite. 
Beth' -pe'or. Bib. 
Beth'pha ge (-fa je or faj). Bib. 
Beth' sa'i da. Bib. 
Be thu'el, Bib. 
Beth'u li'a. Bib. 
be thumb', -thumbed'. 
Be thune (-thoon' or -thun'), 

Amer. poet. 
Be thune' (ba'tun'), t. Fr. 
be tide', -tid'ed, -tid'ing. 
be times'. 

be to'ken, -ing, -kened. 

be ton' (ba ton' or bet'on). 
bet'o ny, be ton'i ca. 
be tray', -al, -er, -ing, -trayed'. 
be tr6th' {or -troth'), -al, -ment, 

-ing, -trothed'. 
bet'ter, -ment, -most, -ness. 
be tween', -twixt', be tween'- 

heur re' (bur ra'). 
bev'el, -eled or -elled, -el ment, 

-el ing or -ling. 
bev'el=gear, -hub, -jack, -joint, 

-plat'er, -pro trac'tor, -rest, 

-square, -tool, -ways, -wheel, 

bev'el ing -board, -edge, -frame, 

-ma chine'. 
bev'er age. 
be vue' . 

bev'y, pi. -ies. 
be wail', -ing, -er, -a ble, -ment, 

be ware', 
be wil'der, -ing, -ing ly, -ment, 

-dered, -dered ness. 
bew'it or -et (bu'-). 
be witch', -ing, -ing ly, -ing ness, 

-er, -er y, -ment, -witched. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 




Be xar' (ba har'), co. Tex. 

bey (ba), -lie or -lik, -ship. 

be yond', -sea. 

Be'zai (-za), Bih. 

Be zil'e 61, Bih. 


be zant' or bgz'-, be zan'ty. 

bez an t^e' or -te' (-ta'). 


bez'Sl, -eled or -elled, -el ing or 

be zet'ta. 
Be ziers' (ba zya'). 
be zique' or ba- (-zek'). 
be'zoar, bez o ar'dic or -tic, be'- 

be zo'ni an. 
be zu'go (ba sod'-). 
bhang or bang. 
bhees'ty or -tie, bhis'tee or -tl 

Bhil (bel). 
bho'gai (bo'gi). 
hhim'der (b^n'-). 
Bhu tan ese' (boo tan es' or -ez'). 
bi ac'id. 
Bi an'ca (be-). 
bi an'gu lar, -late, -la''ted. 
bi an'nu al, -al ly. 
bi an ther if er ous. 
Biar'mi an (byar'-) or BI ar'-. 
Bi ar ritz' (be ar rets'), t. Fr., 

bi ar ritz', cloth. 
bi ar tic'u late, 
bi'as, pi. -as es (-Sz), -ing or -sing, 

-ased or -assed, bi'as=-draw ing. 
bi au ric'u lar. 
bi au ric'u late, 
bi ax'al or -i al. 
bi'az (be'az). 
bib, =cock. 
bi bac'i ty (-bas'-), ba'cious, -ba'- 

tion, bib'a tive ness, -a to ry, 

bib'u lous, -lous ly. 
bi ba'sic. 

hihe'lot (bib'lo). 
bibe'ron (bib-). 
Bi'ble, =clerk, -oath, Bib'Ii cism, 

-cist. Bib'list, -li ol'a ter. 
bi'ble, bib'lic, -lie al, -al ly, -li- 

cal'i ty, -li o clast, -li o graph, 

-og'ra pher, -ra phy, -o graph'ic. 

-ic al, -al ly, -ol'a try, -a trist, 

-ol'o gy, -o log'ic al, bib'li o- 

man cy, -ma'ni a, -ni ac, -ni'- 

ac al, -li og'nost, -og nos'tic, 

bi'ble -press. 
bib li op'e gy, -e gist, -gis'tic, 

-o peg'ic (-pej'-). 
bib'li o phile, -oph'i lism, -i list, 

-o pho'bi a. 
bib'li o pole, -op'o lar, -o lism, 

-o list, -lis'tic, -o pol'ic. 
bib'li o taph, -ot'a phist. 
bib'li o thee, -the'ca, -the'cal. 
bibs, a cloth, bibbs, timber. 
bi cap'i tate, -ta ted. 
bi cap'su lar. 
bi car'bon ate. 
bi car' bu ret ed or -ret ted. 
bi cau'dal, -date. 
bice or bise. 

bi cen'te na ry, -ten'ni al. 
bi ce phal'ic {or -ceph'-), -a lous. 
bi ces'sis. 
hi chir' (be sher'). 
bi chlo'rid or -ride. 
hi'cho (be'cho). 
bi'chord (-kord). 
bi chro'mate, -mat'ic, -chro'mic, 

-ma tize, -tized, -ti zing. 

bi cir'cu lar, -cir'cloid. 
bick'er, -ing, -er, -ered. 
bick'ern, bick'i ron. 
bi cla'vate. 
bi col lat'er al. 
bi col'li gate. 
bi'coFor, -ored. 
bi con'cave. 
bi con'dy lar (-dl-). 
bi con so nan'tal. 
bi con'vex. 
bi'corn, -corned, -cor'nous, -cor'- 

nu ate. 
bi cor'po ral, -po rate. 
bi cres cen'tic. 
bi cus'pid, -al, -ate, bi cus'pid 

bi'cycle (-cl-), -cled (-kid), -cling, 

-cHsm, -clist, bi cyc'lic, -cyc'u lar. 
bid, -ding, -der, -da ble, -dance, 

-den, bade, bid -hook, -stand. 
bi dac'tyl. 

not, nor, use, up, 6rn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 




bid a go'va. 

bi glan'du lar. 

bid'der y=ware. 

Big no'ni a, -ni a'ce cb, big no ni a'- 

bid'ding=prayer (=prar). 


Bid'dy, a domestic, bid' 

dy, a 


big'ot, -ot ed, -ed ly, -ot ry. 

bid'dy bid. 

Bigot' (be'go'), Fr. auth. 

bide, bid'ing. 

big'root, b. tree. 

bi'dent, -den'tal, -tate, 



bi hour'ly. 

u late. 

bi-il'i ac. 

bi den'tal, pi., ta'li a. 

hi jou' (be zhoo'), pi. hi joux 

bi det' {or be da'), -pan 

(-zhoDz'), -jou'try. 

bid'ri, =ware, -work. 

bi ju'gate, -gous, -gal {or bij'-). 

bid'u ous. 


Bie'la's com'et. 



bi'kos, pi. -koi. 

bi en'ni al, -ly. 

bik'shu, -shu ni (-ne). 

bier, -right. 

bi'ku ktil'la. 

biest or beest, -ings. 

bil, a fish. 


W la'lo. 

bi fa'cial. 

bi lam'el late, -la ted, -lam'i nar. 

bif a ra. 

-i nate. 


bil'an der {or bi'lan-). 

bi'fid, bifidate, -dated, 



bi lat'er al, -ism, -ly, -al ness, 

bi fi'lar {or bifi-), -ly. 

-al'i ty. 

bi fis'tu lar, -tu lous. 

Bilba'o, c. Sp. 

bi flec'node. 

bil'ber ry. 


bil'bo, pi. -boes or -bos (-boz). 

bi flo'rate, -rous. 

bil'bd quel (-ket or -ka'). 

bi fo'cal. 



bild' stein. 

bi fo'li ate, -li o late, - 

li um, 


bile, -stone, bi'lic, bile-cyst, -duct, 

-li a. 


bi fo'rate {or bif'o-). 


bilge, -ways, bil'gy, bilge' -board, 

bif o rine. 

-coad, -free, -keel, -keel son. 


-piece, -plank, -pump, -waiter. 

bi'form, -formed, -form' 


Bil har'zt a. 

bi'fr6ns, -front (-frunt). 

-front ed. 

bil'i a ry, -i a'tion, bi lifer ous. 

big, -ger, -gest, -ly, -ness, big 


bi lin'e ar, -e ate, -a ted. 

a fish, -foot, a bird. 

-head, a 

bilin'gual, -ly, -ism, -guar, -guist, 

person; a fish, -horn. 

a sheep. 

-guous (-gwus). 

-mouth, a fish, -root, a 

vine, - 


bil'ious (-yus), -ness. 

a person. 

bi lifer al, -al ism. 

big=belUed, -boned, 



bilk, -ing, bilked. 

-eyed, -sound ing. 

bill, -ing, billed, bill' bee tie, -bug, 


-fish, -board, -book, -bro ker, 

big'a my, -a mist, -a mous. 

-cham ber, -hawk, -head, -hook, 

big'a rade. 

-post'er, -scale, -stick er. 

big a roon', -ar reau' ( 


bil'la long' or bil'ly-. 

bi gas'ter. 


bi'ge ner (-je-), -ner'ic. 

bil'let, -ing, -ed, bil'let-ca ble, 



-head, -mas ter, -mold ing, bil'let- 

big'gon, -go net. 

ing-roU, bil let-doux' (biria doo'), 

big' ha (be'ga). 

pi. -letS'doux (-la-dooz'). 


bil'liard (-yard), -liards, -liard ist, 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 




billiard-ball, -cloth, -cue, -mark- 

bi nor'mal. 

er, -play er, -room, -ta ble. 

bi no'tate, -ta ted. 


bi not'o nous. 

biriings gate. 


bil'lion (-yun), -aire, -ism, -lionth. 

bin'Hi rong. 

bill'man, pi. -men. 

bi cen'tric. 

hU'lon' {or be yon')- 

bi chem' is try (kem'-), -chem'ic. 


bi'od, -o dy nam'ic (-dl-), -ic al, 

bil low, -y, -lowed. 

-nam' ics. 

bil'ly, pi. lies ( liz), -boy, -cock, 

bi' gen, -ge na' tion, -gen' e sis, 

bil'ly-blt er, -gate, -goat, -piecer. 

-e sist, -ge net'ic, -ic al ly, -og'e- 

-roll er, -web. 

nist (-oj'-), -e ny. 

bi'lobed, -lo'bate {or bi'-). 

bi og'ra phy, -ra pher, -ra phist, 

bi lo ca'tion, -loc'u lar, -u late. 

bi'o graph, -o graph' ic, -ic al. 

bi lo cel'late. 

-a] ly. 

bi loph'o d6nt. 

bi^o ki net'ics. 

bi lo'qui al, bil'o quist. 

bi ol'o gy, -o gist, -o log'ic, -ic al, 


-al ly. 


hi ol'y sis, -o lyt'ic. 

bil' long or -tongue. 

bi mag'net ism, -net'ic. 

bi mac'u late, -la ted. 

bi om'e try. 

Bim'a na {or bl'ma-), bim'a nous. 

bi'o phor or -phore. 

bi man'u al. 

bi'o phys i og'ra phy, -i ol'o gy. 

bi mar'gin ate. 

-o gist, -o log'ic al. 

bi mis' tism, -mas'tic, -mas'toid. 

bi'o plasm, -plas'mic (-plaz'-). 


-plast, -plas'tic. 

bi me' di al. 

bi or'di nal. 

bi mem'bral. 

bi or'gan. 

bi mes'tri al. 


bi me tal' lie, -met'al lism, -list. 

bi'o scope. 


bi stat'ics, -stat'ic al, -sta tis'tics. 

Bi'mi ni (be'me ne). 

bi'o tax y. 

bi month'ly. 

bi ot'ics, -ot'ic, -ic al. 

bi mus'cu lar. 

bl ot'o nus. 

bi'na (be'-). 

bi pal' mate. 

bi'na ry. 

bi pa.r'a sit'ic. 


bi pa ri'e tal. 

bin au'ral {or bi nau' ). 

bip'a rous. 

bind, -er, -er y, -ing, -ing ly, -ing- 

bi part'ed, -part'! ble, -par'tient. 

ness, bound, bind' web, -weed, 


-with, -wood, a plant, bind-rail. 

bip'ar tite {or bi par'-), bi par ti'- 

bind'er-frame, bind'ing-cloth, 

tion (-tish'un). 

-guide, -joist, -piece, -post. 

bi pas'chal (-kal). 

-raft^er, -screw, -strakes, -wire. 

bi pec'ti nate, -na ted. 

bi nerv'ate. 

bi'ped, bip'e dal {or bl pe'-). 

bing'stgad, bing-hole, -ore. 

-dal'i ty. 


bi pen' nate, -na ted, -ni form, 

bin'na cle, b. list. 

-nat'i fid. 


bl pen'nis, pi. -7ies (-nez). 

bin'o cle, bin oc'u lar {or bi noc'-), 

bi pet'a lous. 

-lar ly, -lar'i ty, -oc'u late. 

bi pin'nate, -ly, -na ted, -nat'i fid, 

bi'node, -nod'al. 

-i form. 

bi no' mi al, -ism, -ist, -mi al ly. 

bi'plane, -pla'nar. 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fcJ&t, anger, bonmot, thus. Bach. 




bip'li cate (or bi'pll-), bl plic'i ty. 


bi po'lar, -lar'i ty. 

bi'sa or -za (be'za), bi sa an'te- 

Bi'pont, -pon'tine. 



bi sac'cate. 

bl pul'mo na ry. 

bis ca'cha or biz-. 

bi punc'tate, -tu al. 

Bis cay'an. 

bi pu'pil late. 

Bis ceg lie (be shal'ya), t. It. 

bi py ram'i dal (-pi-). 

bis coc'ti form. 

bi quad'rate, -rat'ic (-kw6d-). 

bis'cro ma. 

bi quar'ter ly. 

bis'cuit (-kit), -co tin, bis'cuit- 


ov^en (-uv^-), -root. 

bi^qua ter'ni on. 

bisMi a pa'son (or -zn). 

bi ra'di ate, -a ted, -ra'di al, -al ly. 

bise (bez). 

bi ram'bi. 

bise (bis). 

bi ra'mose (-mos), -ra'mous. 

bi sect', -ed, -ing, -sec'tor, -sec'- 

bi ra'tion al (-rash'un-). 

tion, -tion al, -al ly, -sec'trix, pi. 

birch, -en, -ing, birched, birch'- 

-tri'ces (-sez). 

wort, birch =cam phor, -bark, =oil. 

bi seg'ment, -men'tal. 

=wa ter, birch broom, b. wine. 

bi sep'tate. 

bird, -ie, -gaz^er, -i kin, -ing, -let, 

bi se'ri al, -al ly, -ri ate, -ate ly. 

-hke, -lime, -Ung, -man, bird-bait^- 

bi sgr'rate. 

ing, =bolt, =cage, -call, -catch''er, 

bi sette' (-zet'). 

-dog, »duf fer, -eye, -eyed, -fan^- 

bi'sexed, -sex'u al. 

ci er, -fau na, -foot, -house, -louse, 

bish'op (-up), -dom, -Hke, -ly, -ric, 

-net, -or'gan, -pep'per, -piece. 

-hood, -ship, -weed, bish'op - 

-plant, -seed, -shot, -spiMer, -tick. 

bird, -ray, -sleeve, bish'op's-cap, 

-trap, -wit ted, bird's-bread, -eye. 

-el der, -hat, -leaves, -mi ter, -ring, 

-foot, -mouth, -nest, a., -nesting. 

-weed, bish op's length. 

-tares, -tongue, bird's nest, n. 

bis il'i ac. 

bi rec tan'gu lar. 

bi sil'i cate. 

bi re frin'gence, -gent. 

bi sil'i quous (-kwus). 


bi sin'u ate, -a'tion. 

Bi re'no (be ra'no). 

bisk or bisque, a soup; ice- 

bi ret'ta or bir ret'- or ber ret'-. 


bi rhom boid'al. 

bis'mer or -mar, -pund (-pd6nd). 

bi^ri mose' (-mos). 

bis mil'lah. 


bis'muth (biz'-), -al, -ic, -id, -ous, 


-ite or -mut ite {or -mu tite), 


-muth yl, -al, -in or -ine, -if'er- 


ous, bis'muth -blende, -fur nace, 



bi ros'trate, -tra ted. 


bi ro ta'tion, -ro'ta to ry. 

bi'son, -tine. 

bir'o tine. 

bi'so nant. 

bi ro'tu late. 

bi sphgr'ic al. 


bi spi'nose (-nos), -nous. 

bir'rus, pi. -rl. 

bi spi'ral. 


bi'spore, -spo'rous. 

birth, -day, -land, -less, -mark. 

bisqiie (bisk), a soup; unglazed 

-night, -place, -right, -root, a 


plant, -wort. 

bisque (bisk), a term in tennis and 

birth' =child, -hour, -rate, -sin. 


-song, -stran^gled. 

bis sex'tile. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 



black pudding 

bis'ter or -tre, -tered or -tred. 

bi stip'uled, -u late. 


bis'tou ry, -tour nage. 

bis tur'ris, pi. -res (-rez). 

bi sul'cate, 

bi sul'phate, -phid, -phite, -phu- 

bis u nique' (-nek'). 

bi syl lab'ic, -syl'la bism. 

bi sym'me try, -met'ric al. 

bit, -less, bit=brace, -key, -pin'cers, 
=stock, =strap. 

bi tan'gent, -gen'tial (-shal). 

bitch, "Wood. 

bite, -less, bit'er, bit'ing, -ly, -ness, 
bit, bit'ten, bit'ing»drag^on. 

bi tem'po ral. 

bi ter'min al. 

bi ter'nate. 

U'li (be'te). 

Bitais' (-les'), t. Turk. 

bit no'ben. 

bi'to (be'-), 'tree. 

bitt, =head, -pin, -stop'per, bitts. 

bit'ter, -ish, -ing, -ness, -ter ly, 
-ters, bit' ter bark, -blain, -bloom, 
a plant, -bush, a plant, -head, a 
fish, -nut, a tree, -root, a plant, 
-stem, a plant, -stick, a plant, 
-sweet, a plant, -weed, -wood, a 
tree, -wort. 

bit'ter-end, a nautical term, -grass, 
=herb, =king, -spar, -sweet, bit'ter 
earth, b. end, b. salt, b. vetch. 

bit'ter ling. 


bit'ting, -hardness, -rig^ging. 



bi til' men, -mi nate, -na ted, 
-na ting, -mi noid, -mi nous, 
-mi nize, -nized, -ni zing, -m za'- 
tion, -nif'er ous. 

bi ii'ni ty, -ni al. 

biv'a lent or bi'-, -lence, -len cy. 

bi'v5.1ve, -valved, -val'vous, -val'- 
vu lar, -val'vi a. 

bi vas'cu lar. 

bi vault'ed. 

bi vec'tor. 

bi ven'ter, -tral. 

bi'verb, -ver'bal. 

bi vit'tate. 

hiv'i um. 

bi vo'cal, -ized. 

biv'ouac (-wSk or -ab ak), -ouacked 
(-wakt), -ouack ing. 

bi'wa (be'-). 

bi'week ly {or -week'-). 

bi Z3LTTe\ -zar're rie. 

bi zet' (be-). 

bi zy go mafic (-zi-). 

bjel'kite (byel'-). 

Bjornson (byern'son or beyurn'-), 
Norw. auth. 

blab, -bing, -ber, blabbed, 

black, -en, -en er, -en ing, -ened, 
-er, -ish, -ly, -ness, -y or -ey, 
blacked, black'a moor, -a vised. 

black'back, a bird; a fish, -ball, 
v., -band, -beFly, a fish, -ber^ry, 
-ber^ry ing, -bird, -board, -bon- 
net, a bird, -boy, a tree, -breast, 
a bird, -bur, a plant, -butt, -cap, 
a bird; a plant, -coat, a person, 
-cock, -fin, a fish, -fish, -fishier, 
-foot, a person, -guard, -guard- 
ism, -guard ly, -head, a duck; 
a fish, -heart, a cherry, -lead, v., 
-leg, a person, -Hst, v., -mail, 
-meat, -mouth, a person, -nob, 
-pole, -root, a plant, -seed, a 
plant, -size, v., -smith, -snake, 
-tail, a fish; a deer, -thorn, a 
plant, -wall, -wood, a tree, -work, 
-wort. black'lead ing-ma chine', 

black' -bee^tle, -browed, -brush, 
-cat -draught, -drop, -duck, 
-dye, -ex'tract, -flea, 'fly, -fox, 
a bird, -grass, -gum, -heart^ed, 
-horse, a fish, -jack, -knot, 
-liq'uor, -mack, -match, -moss, 
-mouthed, -pig'ment, -pot, 
-quar''ter, -rod, a person, -salf'er, 
-samp^son, -shell, -spaul, -spot, 
-strap, -stripe, -tongue, a disease,, 
-wad (wod), -ward, -wash, -wai- 
ter, black' -eyed Su'san, black- 
var nish tree. 

black'ing'box, -brush, -case. 

black bass, b. cat'tle, b. damp, 
b. fri ar, b. heFmet, b. hole, 
b. lead, «., b. lef'ter, b. list, «., 
b. muFlet, b. plate, b. pudMing, 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 

black salts 



b. salts, b. tur^peth, b. vom'it, 
b. whale. 

Black Flags, B. Fri'day, B. 
Hand, B. Ma ri' a, B. Mon'day, 
B. Rod. 

blad'der, -fish, -nose, a seal, -nut, 
a plant, -pod, a plant, -snout, a 
plant, -wort, blad'der y. blad'der- 
blight, -brand, -cam^pi on, -fern, 
-gas'tru la, -green, -herb, -kelp, 
-ket'mi a, -nosed, -sen na, 
-worm, -wrack. 

blade, -let, blad'ed, -er, -ing, -y, 
blade'fish, blade' -bone, -met^al, 
-mill, -ore, -spring. 

blae (bla or ble), -ber ry, -lin en. 

blae'si tas (ble-'). 




blake, -ling. 

blame, blam'a ble, -ble ness, 
-a bly, blame'ful, -ful ly, -ful- 
ness, -less, -less ly, -less ness, 
-wor thy, -thi ness. 

blanc (blangk or bl6n), blanc- 
mange' (bla mahzh'), -man ger' 
(-man zha'). 

blan'card (blang'-). 

blanch, -er, -ing, -im'e ter, 
blanched, blanch' -farm, -hold- 
ing, blanch'ing-liq uor. 


bland, -ly, -ness, blan'dish, 
-dish er, -dish ment, -dil'o- 
quence, -dil'o quous, (-kwus), 
-di lo'qui ous. 

blan'du ril'la. 

blank, -ly, -ness, blank'-book, 
printed forms, blank book, a 
book that is blank, blank'ing- 

blan'ket, -ed, -ing, -y, -eer', -leaf, 
a plant. blan'ket-bar, -clause, 
-de pos''it, -piece, -sluice, -wash er. 
b. baFlot, b. mort^gage (mor-), 
b. sheet. 

Blanque'fort (blonk'-). 

hlan quette' (blon ket'). 

blan quil'lo (blSng kel'yo). 

blare, blar'ing, blared. 

blar'ney, -ing, -neyed (-nid). 

bid se' (-za'). 

blash, -y. 

blaspheme', -phemed', -phem'ing, 

-er, blas'phe mous, -mous ly, 

-phe my. 
blast, -ed, -er, -ing, -y, -ment. 
blast' -box, -en'gine, -fur'nace, 

-gate, -hearth, -hole, -lamp, 

-ma chine^ -me^ter, -noz''zle, 

-6r^i fice, -pipe, -re cord^er, -reg'- 

u la tor. 
blast'ing-car^tridge, -fuse (-fuz), 

-geFa tin (-jeK-), -mix^ture, 

-needle, -oil, -poVder, -tools, 

bids te'ma, pi. -ma ta, -mal, -mat'ic. 
blas'tJde {or -tid), -tid. 
bias to car'pous. 
blis'to cele. 
blfis'to derm, -der'ma, -der'mal, 

-ma ta, -mic, -mat'ic. 
blas'to disc, -to col'la. 
blas'toid, -toid'e a. 
blfts'to mere, -mer'ic. 
blis'to phore, -t6ph'o ral, -to- 

phor'ic, -to pore, -to por'ic, -to- 

blas'to sphere, 
blas'to style. 
blds'iu la, -tule, -tu la spore, -tu- 

blas'ius, n., pi. -ti, -tous, a. 
bla'tant, -ly, -tan cy. 
blattl'er, -y, -skite. 
blat'ta, -ti form. 
blat'ter, -ing, -er, -tered, -ter a'- 

blau'bok (blou'-), -fish (blaw'-). 
bla'wort or blae'-. 
blay, -ber ry, -lin en. 
blaze, -less, blazed, blaz'ing, -ing- 

ly, -er, blaz'ing-star, a plant. 
bla'zon (-zn), -er, -ing, -ment, -ry. 
blea, -ber ry. 
bleach, -er, -er y, bleached, 

bleach'ing, -flu id, -liq uid, 

bleak, -ish, -ly, -ness. 
blear, bleared, -ness {or blear'ed- 

ness), blear'i ness, -y, -eye, a 

disease, -eyed, -wit ted. 
bleat, -ed, -er, -ing. 
bleb, -by. 

fate, fat, far, f§ll, f^re, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 




bleed, -er, -ing, bled, bleed'ing- 
heart, a plant, -tooth, -valve. 


blem'ish, -ing, -less, -ment, -ished. 

blem'ma trope. 

blench, -er, -ing, blenched. 

blend, -ed, or blent, blend'er, 
-ing, blend'^corn, -wa ter. 

bl6nde. Mineral, blend'ous, -y. 

Blen'heim (-im), B. or^ange, B. 
span^iel, B. wig. 

blen nog'e nous (-n6j'-), blen'- 

blen'nor rhe'a, -rhe'al. 



bleph a ri'tis. 

bles'bok or bless'-. 

bless, -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, -ing, 
blessed, bless'ed-herb, a plant, 
b. this'tle (-1). 

blet, -ted, -ting. 

blet'on ism {or ble'ton-), -on ist. 


blew'its (blot)'-). 




bligh'ia (bli'ia). 

blight, -ed, -ing, -ing ly, pi. 
blights, blight'bird. 

blind, -ed, -ed ly, -ing, -ing ly, 
-ly, -ness, -age, -er, blind'ball, 
-fish, -fold, -fold^ed, -fold''ing, 
-man, -snake, -stitch, v., -worm. 

blind' -ball, -born, -fast, -Har ry, 
-ink, -lift, -of^fi cer, -op^e ra tor, 
a machine, -pull, -slat, -style, 
-sto ry, -tool ing, blind'age- 
frame, bhnd a're a, blind man's 
ball, b. man's bel'lows (-lus), 
b. man's buff, b. man's holi- 

blink, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -y, -ard, 
blinked, blink' -beer, -eyed, blink'- 
ing chick'weed. 

blirt, -y. 

bliss, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -less. 

blis'ter, -ing, -y, -tered, blis'ter- 
bee'tle, -cop per, -fly, -plas ter, 


blithe (or bllth), -ful, -fully, -ly. 

-ness, -some, -some ly, -some- 


bloat, -ed, -ed ness, -er, -ing, 

blob, -by, blob' -kite. 

bio cage' (-kazh'). 

block, -age, -an, -er, -ish, -ish ly, 
-ish ness, -y, -i ness, -ade', 
blocked, block' head, -house, 

block'-bond, -book, -colors, -fur^- 
nace, -hole, -ma chine^ -mak^- 
-ing, -plane, -print^ing, -ship, 
trail, -truck, block ade '-run ner, 
block coal, b. tin. 

block'ing, -course, -ham^mer, -ket'- 
tle, -ma chine', -press. 

bloke or bloak. 

blfind or bl6nde, a., -ness. 

bldnd or bl6nde, n. blonde is 
sometimes used as the feminine 
of blond, blond' -lace, -met al. 

blood (blud), -ed, -y, -i ly, -i ness, 
-less, -less ly, -less ness. 

blood' -bap'tism, -be spot' ted, 
-bought, -cell, -con sum'ing, 
-cor''pus cle, -cups, -curd ling, 
-disk, -dri er, -finch, -fine, 
-guilt y, -guilt less, -guilt'i ness, 
-heat, -horse, -hot, -leech, -mare, 
-mon ey, -or ange, -pheas Snt, 
-plaque (-piak), -plate, -poi'son- 
ing, -red, -re la'tion, -re la'tion- 
ship, =sac''ri fice, -sound, -spav- 
in, -spill er, -stain, -staunch, 
-stick, -stone, -strange, -stroke, 
-suck er, that which sucks blood, 
-suck ing, -swell ing, -tree, -vas'- 
cu lar, -ves sel, -warm, -wite, 
blood pud ding. 

blood' drop, -flow er, a plant, 
-hound, -let, v., -root, a plant, 
-shed, -shed'der, -shedding, -shot, 
-suck^er, a lizard, -thirst y, 
-thirst'i ness, -wood, a tree, 
-worm, -wort. 

blood'y-bones, -eyed, -faced, 
-fluxed, -mind ed, -red, -war- 
rior, a plant, -man's-fin ger, a 

bloom, -ing, -ing ly, -ing ness, 
-er, -er y, -y, -less. 

bloom' -hook, -tongs, bloom'er-pit, 

n6t, nor, use, iip, firn, etiide, food, fd6t, a^ger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




bloom'ing-mill, -sal ly or Sal-, a 

blos'som, -less, -y, -somed, blos'- 
som-bill, -head, -peck er, -ri fler. 

blot, -ted, -ting, -ting ly, -ter, -ty, 
-less, blot'ting-book, -pad, -pam- 

blotch, -y, blotched. 

blot tesque', -ly. 

Blou et' (bloD^a'), Paul, "Max 
O'Rell," Fr. writer. 

blouse (blouz), bloused. 


blow, -ing, -er, blown, blew, 
blow'fish, -out, -pipe, blow-ball, 
-cock, -fly, -gun, -hole, -milk, 
-off, -oVer, -point, -through, 
-tube, -up, -valve, -well. 

blow'ing=ad der, -charge, -cylin- 
der, -en^gine, -fan, -fur^nace, 
-house, -i^ron, -ma chine^ -pipe, 
-pot, -snake, -tube. 

blowze (blouz), blowz'y, blowzed. 

blub'ber, -ing, -ing ly, -er, -ous, 
-y, -bered, blub'ber-chain, -fork, 
-guy, -hook, -knife, -lip, -hpped, 
-spade, -tac kle. 

Blii'cher, von (fon bloo'ker or 
bluCh er), Prus. field-marshal. 

blu'cher (Ijloo'cher or blu'ker), 

blud'geon (-jun). 

blue, -ness, -ling, -ly, blued, blue- 
ing, -er, -est, -ish, -ey. 

blue 'back, -beard, -bell, -ber^ry, 
-bill, -bird, -bon''net, -bot^tle, a 
fly; a flower, -breast, -buck, 
-bush, -but^tons, -cap, -coat, 
-fin, -fish, -gown, -head, a fish, 
-hearts, -jack, -jack^et, -leg, -man- 
tle, -mope, -nose, -pod, -point, 
point er, -poll, a fish, -sides, 
-start, -stem, -stock^ing, n., 
-stock ing ism, -stone, -tail, 
-throat, -tongue, -weed, -wing, 

blue' -ball, -bil ly, -black, -blaz'er, 
-blind, -chat, -curls, -dis ease'', 
-eyed, -grass, -gum, -hafit, 
-hot, -John, -laws, -mold, -oak, 
-pai'dle, -pa per, -pe ter, a bird, 
-pi geon, -pipe, -pok er, -pot, 
-print, -print'ing, -rib bon ism, 
-rib bon ist, -sit, a bird, -spar. 

-stock ing, a., -tan gle, -eyed- 
Ma ry, a plant. 

blue' book, b. but ter, b. cod, b. 
creep er, b. devils, b. glede, b. 
hawk, b. jay, b. kite, b. lake, b. 
light, b. mass, b. o cher, (-ker), 
b. oint ment, b. pear^ main, b. 
perch, b. pe ter, a signal flag, 
b. pie, a bird, b. pike, b. pill, 
b. pox, b. pro cess, b. ra cer, b. 
rib bon, b. rob in, b. rock, b. 
ru^in, b. snap''per, b. this tie, b. 
wa ter. 

bluff, -er, -ing, -ness, -ly, -y, 
bluffed, bluff' -bowed (-boud), 
-head ed. 

blun'der, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -dered, 
blun'der buss, -head, -head ed, 
-head ed ness. 

blunge, blun'ger, -ging. 

blunk, -er. 

blunt, -ed, -ing, -ness, -ly, -ish, 
-ish ness, blunt'head, blunt'- 
wit ted. 

blur, -ring, -ry, blurred. 

blurt, -ed, -ing. 

blush, -ing, -ing ly, -er, -ful, 
-ful ly, -less, -y, blushed, blush'- 
wort, -rose. 

blus'ter, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -ous, 
-y, -ter a'tion, -tered, blus'trous- 

bo'a, -con stric'tor. 

bo'a lee. 

Bo'a ner'ges (-jez). Bib., -ner'- 
gism (-jizm). 

boar, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, boar'- 
fish, -spear, -stag, boar's tusk. 

board, -ed, -er, -ing, -a ble, 
board' school, board' -clip, -cut- 
ter, -meas ure, -rack, -rule, 
-scale, -wa ges, board'ing-clerk, 
-gage, -house, -joist, -knife, -ma- 
chine, -net ting, -of fi cer, -pike, 

boast, -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -er, -ful, 
-ful ly, -ful ness, -less, boast'ing- 

boat, -ed, -ing, -er, -a ble, -age, 
-bill, -ful, -man, -man ship, 
-swain {or bo'sn), -tail, -wom an, 
-Wright, boats'man. 

boat'-build er, -car, -chock, -dav- 
it, -fly, -hook, -house, -in'' sect. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice. In, note, 




-keep er, -low er ing, -race, -ra- 
cing, -rope, -shaped, -shell, -skid, 
-song, -tailed, -yoke, boat 
bridge, boat's gripes, boat'- 
swain's chair. 

bob, -ber, -bing, bobbed, bob'cat, 
-stay, -tail, -tailed, bob'-cher ry, 
-fish ing, -fly, -je rom, -lin coin 
(-kn), -sled, -sleigh, -white, 
-wing, bob'stay-piece, bob'tail- 
wig, bob veal. 

bo'bac {or bob'ac). 

Bob'a dil, -ism, -dil'ian. 

bob'bin, -net', -windier, -work, 
bob bi net'. 

ho'ca, bo'cal. 

bo car'do or -kar'-. 

boc'a sine. 

hoc'ca, -rel'la. 

Boc cac'io (bok kat'cho). It. 
novelist, boc cac'cio, a fish. 

boc cd'le. 

bock, -pot, b. beer. 




bo cd7i', pi. -co'nes (-ko'nas). 

bo dark'. 

bode, -ful, bod'ed, -ing, -ing ly. 

bo de'ga. 

Bo'den heFmer. 

Bo'dhi sat (-dl-), -ship, -satt'va, 

bo'di an. 

bod'Ice, -Iced (-ist). 

bo'di e'ron. 

bod'kin, -work. 

bo'dle {or bod'l). 

Bod lei'an {or bod'-). 

bo dfick'. 


bod'y, pi. -ies (-iz), -like, bod'ied, 
-i less, -i li ness, -i ly. 

bod'y -bag, -bol ster, -brace, -cav''- 
i ty, -cloth, -clothes, -coat, 
-col or, -guard, -hoop, -horse, 
-knee, -log, -loop, -louse, -oil, 
-plan, -post, -serv'ant, -snatch- 
er, -tran som, -var nish, -wall, 
-whorl, b. cor^por ate, b. pol i tic. 

Boeh'men ism, -men ist. 

Boe o'ti a (be o'shi a), -tian (-shan), 
-ot'ic, bceo'tarch (-tark). 

Boer (boor) or Boor. 

Boeuf, Front de (fron de buf). 

bog, -gish, -gy, -gi ness, -gler, -let. 

bog'house, -jump er, -suck er, 
-trot, -wort. 

bog-as^pho del, -biFber ry, -bean, 
-ber ry, -bird, -blit^ter, -bluit er 
(-bloDt-), -bull, -bump er, -but- 
ter, -cut ting, -earth, -glede, 
-i ron, -land, -man'gan ese, 
-moss, -myr tie, -oak, -on ion, 
-or ange, -or^chis (-kis), -ore, 
-rush, -spav in, -trot ter, -vi'o let, 


bo'gie or -gey or -gy (-gy), bo'gle, 
bo'gie-bar row, -car riage, -en^ 

bog'o mile. 


Bo go ta', c. S. Amer. 



bo hea'. 

Bo hS' mi a, -mi an, -an ism. 
Bo he' mi an Breth' ren, B. glass. 

bo hi' a (bo e'o). 



bo iar (bo yar' or boi'ar). 

boil, -er y, boiled. 

boil'er, -a larm^, -brace, -clamp, 
-feed er, -fer rule, -float, -fur'- 
nace, -house, -i ron, -keeFson, 
-mak ing, -me ter, -plate, -pro- 
tec'' tor, -prov er (-prdov-), 
-shell, -shop, -smith, -tube, 
-wag on. 

boil'ing, -fur nace, -point. 

bois (bwo), -bru le' (-brdo la'), 
'chene (-shan), -dur ci' (-door- 
se'), b. d'arc'. 

Boi'se (-za), co. Ida. 

Bois GuiFbert', Bri an' de (bre- 
an' de bwa gel bare'). 

bois seau' (bwo so'). 

bois'ter ous, -ous ly, -ous ness. 

bo jo'bL 

bo'ka dam' {or b6k'a-). 



B6k ha'ra (-a'ra), Turkestan. 


not, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bohmot, thus, Badh. 




bo lar'go. 



bo'lus, pi. -luses. 

bold, -er, -est, -en, -ened, -ly, 


-ness, -face, a person. 


bold'=face, a., a type, -faced. 

bo md're a. 

-splr'it ed. 

bomb (bom or bum), -shell, bomb'- 


chest, -fuse, -gun, ^-har poon^ 


-ketch, -lance, -proof, -ves sel. 

bo lec'tion, -tioned. 

bom'ba cd'ce cr, -ca'ceous (-shus). 

bole'ro (-la'-). 

bfimba'ceous (-shus). 

Bo le'tus, bo let'ic. 

bom'bard, n., bom bard' {or 

Bol'eyn (bobl'in), Anne, wife of 

bum-), v., -ed, -ing, -ment, 

Henry VIII. 

-bar dier', -bar'don, bom bar- 

bo'Ude {or -lid). 



b6m'bast {or bum'-), -bast ry, 

boli'ta (-le'-). 

-bas'tic, -tic al, -al ly. 

Bdl'i var, a liberator of Bolivia. 

B6mbas'tes Furio'so (-tez foo-). 

bol'i var, a coin. 


Bo liv'ian, B. bark, bo liv i a'no 

B6m bay', c. India, B. duck, B. 

{or -le ve-). 


boll, -ing, boiled, boll'man, -rot, 

b6m^ba zet' or -zette' {or bum^-). 


b6m''ba zine' or -sine' (bom ba- 

Bol'land ist. 

zen' or biim-). 

bollard, -tim^ber. 


bolli'to (-le'-). 

bfim'bi late, -la'tion, -bi nate, 




bombil'la (-bil'ya). 

Bo lo'gna (-lo'nya or -lo'na), c. 

bom'bo lo, pi. -loes. 

and prov. It., -lo''gnese' (-nyez' 

b6m'bou {or bum'-). 

or -nez), -lo'gnian (-lo'nyan or 

b6m'bus, a buzzing noise. B6m'- 

-lo'ni an). 

bus, a genus of bees. 
b6m byc'i nous (-bis'-), -i form. 

Bo lo'gna phos'phor us, B. sau^- 

sage, B. stone, B. vi al. 

hon (bon), b. jour (zhoor), b. mot 

bo lom'e ter, -lo met'ric. 

(mo), pi. bons mots (bon moz), 


b. soir (swor), b. ton, b. vi vant' 


(ve van), bonmot is often written 

bol'ster, -er, -ing, -stered, bol'ster- 

as one word. 

plate, -spring, -work. 

bo'na ci' (-se'). 

bolt, -ed, -ing, -er, -less. 

bo'na frde, bo'na-fiMe, a., bo'na 

bolt' -auger, -blank, -boat, -chis- 

notabiVia, b.perltu'ra,'ba. 

el, -clipper, -cutter, -die, -dog, 

bo nang'. 

-ex tract or, -feed er, -head, -head- 

bo nan'za. 

er, -holder, -hole, -hook, -knife, 

Bo' na parte, -part^ism, -part'ist, 

-mak^er, -rope, -sawing, -screw- 

-part'e an. 

ing, -strake, -thread er, bolt'er- 

bo na'sus or -nas'sus. 


bon'bon', -niere' (-nyar'). 

bolt'ing-chest, -cloth, -cord, -house. 


-hutch, -mill, -mill stone, -reel. 

Bon'-chre'tien' (bon krat^yan')- 


bon'ci late or -si-. 


bond, -ed, -ing, -er, -age, -folk, 


-hold er, -land, -less, -maid, 


-man, -wom'an. bonds'man, 

bol'ton ite. 

-worn an. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fire, fast, sofa, mete, mgt, her, ice, In, note, 




bond' -coop er, -cred^it or, -debt, 
-pa per, -serv ant, -serv ice, 
-slave, -stone, -ten ant, -tim ber. 

bon'duc, -seeds. 

bone, -less, -fish, -flow er, -set, 
boned, bon'ing, -y, -i ness, bon'y 

bone' -ace, -ache (-^ak), -ash, -bed, 
-bind er, -black, -break^'er, 
-brec cia (-bretch ya), -brown, 
-car^ti lage, -cave, -cell, -char- 
coal, -cor pus cle, -dog, -dust, 
-earth, -eat er, eFe va''tor, -fe ver, 
-flour, -gel a tin, -glass, -glue, 
-heap, -lace, -laced, -ma nure', 
-meal, -mill, -naph tha {or 
-n3,p-), -nip pers, -oil, -phos- 
phate, -porce lain, -pot, -saw, 
-set ter, -shark, -spav in, -spir it, 
-tur quoise (-koiz^, -waste, 
-whale, -yard, bon'ing-rod. 



bong -bong'. 


Bon heur' (bonder'), Rosa, Fr. 

hon'ho mie' or -horn mie' (bon 6- 

Bon'homme', Jacques (zhak 
bo nom'). 

B6n'i face, -fa'cial. 

b6n'i fy, -ing, -fled, -i fi ca'tion, 
-i form. 

bon^i ta'ri an, bon' i ta ry. 

bo ni'to (-ne'-). 

Bon nat' (-na'), Fr. painter. 

bonne (b6n), b. bouche (boosh), pi. 
bonnes bouches (bon'' boosh'). 

bon'net, -ed, -less, -head, a fish. 

bon'net'block, -fluke, -grass, 
-laird, -lim pet, -ma caque', 
-mak ing, -mon key, -pep per, 
-piece, 'Touge (-roozh), -shark, 
-shell, -stack, -string, =worm. 

b6n'ny or -nie, -ni ly, -ni ness, 

bon'ny claVber. 

bo no'te (-ta). 

b6n'si late. 

Bon'temps', Ro ger' (ro'zha' 
bon tan'). 

b6n'ze or bonze, bon'zi an. 


boo'by, -ish, -ism, -al'la, -hatch, 
-hut, -hutch, -prize. 

Boodh u)r Boo'dha, -ism, -ist. 
See Buddha. 

boo'dle, -dler. 


boo'hoo', -hooed'. 

book, -ful, -ing, -ish, -ish ly, -ish- 
ness, -less, -let, -lung, -y. 

book'-ac count, -back, -buy er, 
-clamp, -cov er, -crab, -debt, 
-edge, -fair, -fold ing, -formed, 
-han dler, -hold er, -hunt er, 
-ink, -knowledge (-ndF-), 
-learned {or -learn^ed), -learn- 
ing, -lore, -louse, -lov er, -mad- 
ness, -mak''er, -mark, -mus lin 
(-muz-), -name, -no tice, -num- 
ber, -oath, -plate, -post, -rack, 
-room, -scor^pi on, -sew ing 
(-so-), -shop, -slide, -stall, 
-stamp, -stand, -stone, -trade, 
-tray, -trim mer, -work. 

book'bind er, -er y, book'case, 
-craft, -keep er, -keep ing, -land, 
-man, -mate, -mon ger, -sell er, 
-sell ing, -shelf, -store, -worm, 

book'ing=clerk, -ma chine'', -of- 

boom, -er, -ing, -kin, boomed, 
boom' slang' e, boom' -boat, -cover, 
-i ron, -jig ger, -main sail, 
-tac kle. 


boom'er ang {or -e rang). 

boon, -work. 

boon'ga ry. 


boor, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness. 

boost, -ed, -er, -ing. 

boot, -ed, -ing, -ee', -less, -less ly, 
-less ness, -bill, -black, -jack, 
-lick, -mak er, boots. 

boDt'-but ton er, -calk (-kak), 
-catch er, -chan^nel ling, -clamp, 
-clos er (-kloz-), -crimp, -crimp- 
ing, -cuff, -edge, -groov ing, 
-heel, -hold er, -hook, -hose, 
-lace, -last, -leg, -pat'tern, -pow'- 
der, -rack, -seam, -shank, -spat- 
tern, -stock ing, =stretch''er, -top, 

n6t, nor, use, up, tarn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




-top ping, -tree, -ven'ti la tor, 

Bo o' tes (bo 6'tez), Astron. 
booth {or booth), -age. 
bTO'ty, -tied. 

booze, booz'er, -ing, -y, boozed. 
bo'ra, a dry wind; an aboriginal 

rite, ho'ra, Meteor. 
bo rac'ic (-ras'ik), bo'ric, -ride 

{or -rid), bo'ra cite, -ra coiis, 

-ra cifer ous. 
bor'age (biir'-), -wort, bo rag^i- 

na'ceous (-r^j i na shus), bo^ra- 

gin'e ous (-jin-). 
ho ras'co. 

bo'rax, -rate, bo'rax-bead. 
bord, -land, -lode, -serv ice. 
Bor deaux' (-do'), c. Fr.; tp. S. C. 

B. mix'ture, BorMe lais' (-la'). 
bor'der, -ing, -er, -dered, bor'der- 

knife, -land, -lights, -plane, 

-shears, -stone, -war rant 

(-w6r^-), bor'der ruffian (-yan), 

b. tow'er, bor'der ing-wax. 
hor'dereau' {-to'), pi. -reaux (-ro'). 
bore, -dom, -ism, bored, bor'er, 

bore -bit, -hole, -log, -meal, -rod, 

-tree, -worm. 
Bo're as. Myth., -re ad, bo're al, 

-re an. 

bor'ee^, a dance; bo ree', a tree. 
bo reen'. 
b6r'e gat. 
bfir'e le. 

B6r get'to, t. Sicily. 
B6r ghet'to (-gat'to), t. Lom- 

Bor'gia (-ja), Lucrezia, Duchess 

of Ferrara. 
bor'ing, ^an^chor (-kur), -bar, 

-bench, -bit, -block, -coFlar, 

-dust, -gage, -head, -lathe, -ma- 

chine^ -mill, -rod, -sponge, -ta'- 

ble, -tool. 

bor'lase (-las). 

b6rn, borne. 
hor ne' (bor na') . 
bor'ne ene, -ne 61. 

r'ne o, isl. 

-ne an, Bor'ne o cam^phor. 
bor'nine, -nite. 
B6r 6 di'no (-de'-), t. Russ. 
bo'ron, bo ro cal'cite, -ro glyc'er- 

ide {or -ide), -glyc'er in (-glls'-). 
bor'ough (bur'-), -mas'ter, -mon'- 

ger, -mon^ger ing, -ship, bor'- 
ough -court, -En glish, =hold er, 

-reeve, -ses sions, -town. 
bor ras'ca {or -ras'-). 
B6r'rel ist. 
B6r ro me' 6 (-ma'o), Carlo, It. 

bor ro' to. 
bSr'row, -ing, -er, -rowed, bor'row- 

head, bor'row ing-days. 
b6r sel'la. 

bos'cage or -kage. 
Bos'ca wen, Eng. admiral. 

bosh'bok, or bosch'-, -vark. 
Bos'jes man (bosh'ez- or bos'yes-), 

pi. -mans or -men. 
b6sk, bos'kage, -ket or -quet (-ket). 
bosk'y, -i ness. 
bos'om (bdbz'um or boo'zum), 

-ing, -y, -omed. 
bos'om 'board, -spring, -staff. 
bSss, pi. -es, bossed, v., boss'ing, 

-ism, -i ness, -age. 
b6s'se lasted. 

B6s suet' (-swa'), Fr. orator. 
bos'sy, w., a cow or calf, boss'y, a., 

studded with bosses; domineering. 
bos tan'jt. 
Bos'ton, c. Mass. bos'ton, a game 

of cards. 
bos'try choid (-tri koid), -choid'al. 
Bos'well (boz'-), Eng. writer, 

-well ism, -well ize, -ized, i zing, 

-wel'li an. 
Bos'wort (boz'-), Eng. philol. 
b6t, bots, bot'-fly. 
bot'a ny, -a nize, -nized, -ni zing, 

-ni zer, -nist, bo tan'ic, -ic al, 

-al ly. 

fate, fat, far, fall, f^re, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note, 




bo tar'go or -ga. 

houche (boDsh). 

botch, -er, -ery, -y, 


bou dice' (boo sha'), pi. -chees' 



bot'6 rol or -roll. 

bou'cherize (boo'sher-), -ized, -I- 

Bdt'etoiirt, co. Va. 


both, =hand^ed, -hand'eo 


bouchette' (boo shet'). 

=sld ed, -sid'ed ness. 

bou'ching (boo'shing), -bit. 

both'er, -er ing, -ment, 


Bou ci cault' (boo'se^ko'), Irish 

-a'tion, -ered. 


Bdth'ni a, -ni an, -nic. 

Bou'di not (boo'de not), Amer. 

b6th ren'chy ma (-kl-). 


hoth'rt um, pi. -ri a. 

bou'doir (boo'dwor). 

Bdth'well (both'-), James 


bou} }ant' (boo foh'). 

burn, Biog. 

boup (boof). 

ho'tocu'dos (-koo'doz). 

bouf'fons (boo'fo hz). 

ho ton', pi. -to'nes (-to'nas). 

bouge (boDJ). 


bou'get (boo'jet or -zha'). 

bot'ry gen (-jen). 

bough (bou), -y, bough' -pot. 

bot'ry oid, -oid'al, -ally. 

bou gie (bdb'jl or -zhe'). 

bot'ry lite. 

bou'gong (boo'-). 

bot'ry ose (-6s). 

Bougue reau' (boog^ro'), Fr. paint- 



bott'ham mer. 

bouil li (boo''ye' or bdol'yeO, 

Botticel'li (-te chSl'le), It. 


bouillon (bool'yoh'' or boo'yoh'). 


bouk or bowk. 

bottine' (-teen'). 

boul or bool (bool). 


Bou Ian ger' (booadh^zha'), Fr. 

bot'tle, -ded, -tier, -tling, bot'tle- 


flow^er, -head, -nose. 

bou lan'ger ite (boo lan'jer it). 

bot'tle = bellied, =bird. 


boul'der, -y, boul'der-belt, -clay, 

-brush, =brush ing, -bump, 


-crack er, -fans, -head, -pave- 

ri er, -case, -char'ger. 


ment, -pav^'ing, -stone, -train, 

-clip, -coast er, -cod, -com pan^- 

boul'der ing -stone. 

ion, -con''jur er (=kun^-). 


boule (bool), same as buhl; 

sy, -fau''cet, -fill er. 


bou'le (bob'le). 

-friend, -glass, -gourd, 


bou let' (boo la'), -lette'. 

-green, -hold er, -imp. 


bou'le vard (boo'-), -var dicr' {or 

-mold, -mold ing, -nosed. 



-pump, -rack, -screw. 


bou'lon (boo'-). 

-stoop, -stop per, -tit. 


bounce, -a ble, bounced, boun'- 

-track, -tree, -wash er, 


cing, -cing ly, -cer, boun'cing- 

bot tie nose -oil. 


bot'tling-ma chine, -room. 

bound, -a ble, -ed, -er, -ing, -less. 

bot'tom, -ing, -less, -less ness. 

-less ly, -less ness, bound baiFiff. 

-most, -ry, -tomed. 

bound'ary, pi. -a ries (-riz). 

bot'tom-cap'taln, -fish, -fish ing, 

boun'ty, -te ous, -ous ly, -ous ness, 

-glade, -grass, -heat, -ice. 


-ti ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, boun'ty- 

-Hft, -plate, -tool, bot'tom ing- 


hole, -tap. 

Bou pho'ni a (boo-). 

bot'ton y. 

bou quet' (boo ka'), -hold er, bou- 

bot'u 11 form. 

quet ier' (bob ka teer'). 

bot u lin'ic. 

bou que tin' (bob ka tan'). 

bou charde (boo shard'). 

bou rasque' (boo rask'). 

n6t, nor, use, up, <irn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 



box car 

Bour'bon (boor'-), -ism, -ist, Bour'- 
bon palm, B. whis key. 

Bour da loue' (boDi^da^looO, Fr. 

bour'don (bcror'-). 

bour don n€' (boor don na'). 

Bourg (boorg), a wine; bourg, a 

bour gdde' (boor-). 

bour geois' or bur- (bur jois'), a 
size of printing type, bour geois' 
(boor zhwa'), a burgher, bour- 
geoi sie' (-zhwa ze')- 

bour'geon (bur'jun). 

Bourges (boorzh), c. Fr. 

Bour^get' (boor^zha'), 1. Fr. 

Bour guig non' (boor ge nyoh'). 

bou'ri (bob're). 

Bou rign'ian (boo rin'yan), -ian- 
ism, -rign'on ist (-yon ist). 

bourn or bourne, a stream. 

bourn or bourne (boorn), a boun- 

Boume'moflth, t. Eng, 

bour'non ite (boor'-). 

bour ree' (boor ra'). 

bourse (bdbrse). 

bour'=tree (boor-). 

bouse or bowse (bous), v., boused, 
bous'ing, to haul with tackle; 
bouse' (bous or boos), n., impure 
ore. bouse'-team. 

bou stro phe'don (boo-), -don'ic, 
-stroph'ic. j 

bou'ton (bob'-), bou'ton'niere' (boo- 
ton nyar'). 

bouts 'ri mes' (bob re ma'). 

Bou var'di a (bob-). 

Bou vier' (bob'vya'), Fr. physi- 

Bou vier' (boo veer'), Amer. 

Bou'zy (bob'-). 


bo'vlne or -vine, bo'vid, -vi form. 


bow, -er, -ing, -bell, -bent, -fin, 
-less, -man, -men, -pot, -spirit, 
-staff, pi. -staves, -spring, -string, 
-wood, bowed. 

b6w'=arm, -backed, -bear er, 
-billed, -boy, -brace, -case, 
-cla vi er, -com pass (-kum-). 

-drill, -hand, -harp^si chord, 
-head, -h^d ed, -in''stru ment, 
-i ron, -kail, -knot, -leg^ged or 
-legged, -net, -pen, -pen cil, 
-pin, -saw, -shot, -wise, bow'- 
man's-root, bow win dow. 

Bow' -bell, -bells, -dye. 

bow (bou), -ing, -ing ly, -man, pi. 
-men, bowed. 

bow' -chaster, =fast, -grace, -oar, 
-piece, -tim bers. 

Bow'dich (bou'-), Eng. trav. 

Bow'ditch, Amer. schol. 

Bowd'ler ism {or boud'-), -ler ize, 
-ized, -i zing, -I za'tion. 

Bow'doin (bo'dn), Amer. states- 

Bow'doin ham (bou'dn am), t. 

bow'ei, -eled or -elled. 

bow'en ite. 

bow'er, -ing, -er y, -ered, bow'er- 
an^chor, -bird, -eaves, -maid, 
-thane, -worn an. 

bow'ess, bow'et. 

bow'ie (bou'-), a wooden bowl. 

bow'ie -knife {or bob'-). 

bowl, -er, bowls, bowl' -ma chine^ 
-spir it. 

bow'llne {or -hn), -bri'dle, -crin''- 
gle, -knot. 

bowl'ing, -al ley, -crease, -green, 

Bow'ling Green, c. Kv.; vil. Mo.; 
vil. O. 

bow'string-bridge, -gird er. 



box, -ing, -er, boxed, box'bgr ry, 
-fish, -haul, -haul ing, -wood, 
Box'er, a Chinese insurgent. 

box'-chro nom e ter, -coat, -coup- 
Hng, -crab, -day, -el der, -hook, 
-i ron, -keep er, -key, -lob by, 
-lock, -mak ing, -met al, -monk- 
ey, -of fice, -oys ter, -o''pen er, 
-pack ing, -plait ing, -re lay, 
-room, -scrap er, -seat, -set, 
-set ter, -slat er, -sta pie, -stew, 
-strap, -thorn, -tor^toise (-tis), 
-turn ing, -tur tie, box'-and-tap'. 

box bSr^row, b. beam, b. bed, 
b. bridge, b. cage, b. car, b. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 

box chum 


Bramah press 

churn, b. coil, b. drain, b. 

frame, b. gird er, b. plait, b. 

slip, b. snuFfers, b. stall, b. 

steps, b. stairs, b. trap, b. 

box'ing-=glove, -machine^ -match, 

«night, b. off, Box'ing-day, -time. 
boy, -hood, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, 

boy bish op, boy's-love, a plant, 

boy's play. 
boy'ar, -ard, -ard ism. 
boy au (bwa'yo or -yo' or boi'6). 
boy'cott, -ed, -er, -ing, -ism. 

boy u'na (-oo'na or bo yu'-). 

Boze'man, t. Mont. 
Boz zar'is or Bot'zar is (boz zar'is 

or bot'sa res), Gr. patriot. 
Bra ban gon' {hra.h6h son'), -jonne 

(-son'), -ban'ter, -ban'tlne. 
br^b'ble, -ment, -bled, -bling. 
bra'cae (-se), brac'cae (brak'se). 

brae ci d'le (brak si-). 
brac'cio (brat'cho), pi. -cia 

brace, -let, braced, bra'cer, -cing, 

-cing ly, -cing ness. 
brace' -drill, -head,- -key, -mold, 

-pend''ant, -stake, bra'cing-chain. 
brach'i al (brak'- or bra'ki al), 

-i ate, -i mn, pi. -i a. 
brach'i og'anoid (brak^-), -noid'- 

e i, -i o Id'ri a. 
brach'i o pod (brak'-), -i op'o da. 
brack' y car'di a (brSk-), -y di ag'- 

o nal, -y dome, -y dont, -y el'y- 

brach'y ce phal'ic (brak-), -y- 

ceph'a lous, -a ly, -a lism. 
bra chyc'er al (-kis'-), -er ous. 
bra chyg'ra pher (-kig'-), -ra phy, 

-chyl'o gy (-kil'o jy), -chyp'te ra 

(-kip'-), -tt res (-rez), -ter ous, 

-chys'to chrone (-kis' to kron). 
bra c'hyp'o dous (-kip'-). 
brach'y prism (brak'-), -y pyr'a mid. 
brach'y tin'a cold (brak'-), brach'- 

y ty'pous {or bra kit'i pus), -y u'- 

ra, -u'ral, -u'ran, -u'rous. 

i brack. 

I brack'en, -clock. 

brack'et, -ed, -ing, brack'et-cock, 
-orab, -trail. 

brack'ish, -ish ness. 

brac'o nid. 

bract, -ed, -less, -let, brac'te al, 
-te ate, -te I form, -te o late, -te ole. 

brad, -awl, -driv'er, -set ter. 

Bra da man'te (bra da man'ta). 

brae (bra). 

brag, -gart, -gart ly, -ger, -ging, 
-ging ly , -ga do'cio (-sho or -shyo) , 

Brag^marMo', Ja'no'tus' de (zha'- 
no'td^s' de brag'mar'do'). 

bra gue'ro (-ga'ro). 

Brahe (bra or bra), Dan. astron. 

Brah'ma, -ma'ic, -man or -min, 
-ma na, -ma nee, -man ess, 
-man i (-e), -man'ic, ' -ic al, 
-man ism, -man ist, -mo ism, 
Brahm, Brah'mo-So maj'. brah'- 
ma, a hen. 

Brah'ma pu'tra (-poo'-), r. India. 

braid, -ed, -er, -ing, -ist, braid'- 
comb, -poFish ing, -siz'ing, 
braid'ing-ma chine'. 

brail, Naut. 

braille (bral) or brail le (bra'Iya'), 

brain, -ing, -y, -less, -less ness, 
brained, brain'pan, -sand, -sick, 
' -sick ness, -stone. 

brain' -blad'der, -box, -case, 
-cav'i ty, -fag, -mag' got, -rack- 
ing, -stem, -throb, -tu'mor, 
-wave, -work, -worm, b. cor'al, 
b. fe'ver, brain'stone cor'al. 


braise or braize, brais'er, brais si' 
(bra za'), braiz'ing-ket tie, -pan. 


brake, -age, brak'y, brake'man, 
brakes'man, brake'-band, -bar, 
-beam, -block, -cyl in der, -dog, 
-fin ger, -hang'er, -head, -hop'- 
per, -hose, -16ath'er, -pipe, -rod, 
-rub ber, -shaft, -shoe, -sieve, 
-spool, -strap, -van, -wheel, 
brak'ing=ma chine. 

Bra'ma. See Brahma. Bra'ma, 
Bra'mah lock, B. press. 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fdbt, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 





Bra man tesque', bra'man tip {or 

bram'ble, -bled, -bling, -bly, -ber- 
ry, bram'ble=bond, -bush, -finch, 
-net, -rose, -worm. 

bran, -ny, -tail, -drench, -dust er, 
-new. See brand-new. bran 


branch, -er, -er y, -ing, -i ness, 
-less, -let, -y, -stand, branched, 
branch' -block, -chuck, -her- 
ring, -leaf, -pi lot, -pipe, -point. 

bran'chi al (-kl-), -chi ate. 

bran chic'o lous (-kik'-), brai;i'- 
chi o mere^ (-kl-), -chi reme. 

bran'chi o pod (-ki-). 

brand, -ed, -er, -ing. 

brand' -book, -goose, -i ron, 
-mark, -new or bran'-, -spore, 
brand'ing-chute, -hel met, -i ron. 

Bran'den burg (-boorg), prov. 
Prus., B. porce'lain. br^n'den- 
burg, a button; an ornament. 

bran'der, -ing. 

bran'dish, -er, -ing, -dished. 

brand'ling or -lin. 

bran'dy, pi. -dies (-diz), -died, 
bran'dy-bot tie, -faced, -fruit, b. 
paw^nee, b. smash, b. snap. 

brank'ur sine. 

branle (branl). 


brant, -bird, -coot, -fox, -goose, 

bra se'ro (-sa'-). 

brash, -y. 

bra'sier. See brazier. 


brass, -y, -i ly, -i ness, brass'back, 
a bird, -black ing, -col or, 
-fin^ish er, -foil, -found er, -fur- 
nace, -leaf, -paved, -pow der, 
-smith, -vis aged (-viz-), -ware, 
-wind, b. bass. 


bras'sart or -sard. 

brasse, a fish. 

Bras' si ca, bras'si ca'ceous. 


brat' sell e. 

brat'tach (-tak). 

brat'tJce, -cloth. 

brat'tle, -tied, -tling. 

brau'lid, -loid. 


Brau ne ber'ger (brou ne bar'- 

braun'ite (broun'-). 
bra va'do, pi. -does (-doz). 
brave, -ly, -ness, brav'ing, -ing ly, 

-er y, braved. 
bra'vo {or bra'-), pi. -vos or -voes 

(-voz), -vis'si mo. 
bra vu'ra (-voo'-). 
braw, -ly. 

brawl, -er, -ing, -ing ly, brawled. 
brawn, -y, -i ness. 

bray, -er, -ing, brayed. 
bra'za (bra'tha). 
braze, brazed, braz'ing, braz'ing- 

bra'zen (-zn), -ing, -ly, -ness, 

-face, n. 
bra'zen -browed (-broud), -faced, 

-fist ed, b. age, b. sea. 
bra'zier or -sier (-zher). 
Bra zil', -zil'ian, Bra zil'-nut, 

-root, B. tea, B. wax. 
bra zil' -wood. 
braz'i let' to. 
bre a (bra' a). 
breach, -ing, -y, breached, breach'- 

ing-bat'ter y. 
brfiad, -less, -ber ry, -fruit, -meal, 

-nut, -root, -stuff, -win ner. 
bread' -barge, -bas^ket, -corn, 

-crumb, -knife, -mak ing, -rasp, 

-room, -sli cer, -tray, -tree, 

-weight, bread'fruit-tree. 
brfiadth, -less, -ways, -wise. 
break, -ing, -age, -a ble, -er, 

-a way, broke, bro'ken (-kn), 

break'ax, -bones, -cir''cuit (-kit), 

-down, -neck, -share, -staff, -stone, 

-wa ter. 
break' -back, -club, -in, -i ron, 

-joint, -lathe, -Hne, -off, -prom- 
ise, -sig nal, -up, -van. 
break'ing-crew, -di am'e ter, =en'- 

gine, -frame, -ma chine, -weight. 
brgak'fast, -ed, -ing, break'fast- 

cap, -dish es, -set, -ta ble, -time. 
bream, -ing, breamed, bream'- 


fate, fat, far, fall, fire, fast, sofa, mete, mgt, her, ice, in, note. 




breast, -ed, -ing, -pin, -plate, 
-weed, -wise, -work. 

brgast'=back'stay, =band, -beam, 
-board, -bone, -chains, -col lar, 
-deep, -drill, -fast, -gas^ket, 
-har'ness, -height, -high, -hook, 
-knee, -knot, -line, -mold ing, 
-pain, -pang, -plow, -pump, 
-rail, -strap, -sum mer, -wall, 
-wheel, -wood, breast'ing-knife. 

brfiath, -less, -less ness, -y, 
breath' -sound. 

breathe, breath'er, -ing, -a ble, 
-a ble ness. 

breattl'ing-hole, -mark, -place, 
-pore, -sound, -space, -spell, 
-time, -tube, -while. 

hrec'cia (bret'cha), -ci a ted (-chl- 
a ted or brek'shi-), -ci a'tion. 

breech {or brich), -ing, -less, 

breech-band, -bar^row, -block, 
-cloth, -clout, -load er, -load ing, 
-mech'an ism (-mek^-), -piece, 
-pin, »plug, -screw, -sight, 

breeches (britch'gz), -buoy (-bwoi 
or boi), -flue, -pipe. 

breech'ing-bolt, -hook, -loop, 

breed, -ing, -er, bred. 

breed'ing-cage, -ground, -pen, 
-place, -pond, -sea son. 


breeze, -less, breez'y, -i ly, -i ness, 
breeze' -fly, -ov en (-uv-). 

hreg'ma, pi. -ma ta, -mat'ic. 

breit'haup tite (-houp-). 

Breit'mann, Hans, Amer. humorist. 

breit'o line. 

hre Ian' (-lah'). 

bre loque' (-16k'). 

Brgm'en, c. Ger. 

brent, -fox, -goose. 



brgq'ugt -chain. 

Bres'ci a (bresh'e a), prov. It. 

Brgs'lau (-lou), c. Prus. 


Bre tagne' (br6 tanye'), prov. Fr. 


Brgt'on {or brit'-). 


bre vet', -ted, -ting, -cy. 

bre'viary {or brev'i a ry or brev'- 
ya ry). 

brev i cau'date, -fo'li ate, -i Hn'- 
gual, -i pen'nate, -i ros'tral, -ros'- 

bre vier' (-veer'). 

brev'i ty. 

brew, -ing, -age, -er, -er y, 
brewed, brew'-house, -ket tie, 

brews'ter ite. 

Bri a're us. Myth., -a're an. 

bribe, bribed, brib'ing, -a ble, -er, 
bribe' -bro ker, -pan der, -tak er. 

brib'ery, -oath. 

brie' -i -brae. 

brick, -bat, -field er, -lay er, -mak- 
er, -nog, -nog ging, -stone, -wise, 

brick' -ax, -bar^row, -built, -clamp, 
-clay, -dri er, -dust, -earth, 
-eFe va tor, -field, -fur^nace, 
-kiln (-kil), -ma chine, -ma son, 
-mold, -oil, -pane, -press, -tile, 
-trim^mer, -truck, -yard, brick 

hri cole'. 

bride, -groom, -groom ship, -hood, 
-maid, -man, -ship, -stake, 
-wain, -well, -wort. 

bride' -ale, -bed, -bowl, -cake, 
-cham ber, -day, brides' -la ces. 

brides'maid, brides'man, bri'dal- 
wreath, bri'dal trip. 

bridge, -less, -wa ter, bridged, 

bridge' -bar, -board, -crane, -deck, 
-head, =is''let (-i^let), -pile, -pit, 
-rail, -stone, -tow er, -train, 
-tree, -truss, -ward. 

bridg'ing, -floor, -joist, -piece. 

bri'dle, -less, -wise, -died, -dling, 
-dler. brl'dle-bit, -ca'ble, 

-chains, -hand, -i ron, -path, 
-port, -rein, -road, -rod, b. 
strict ure. 

brJ doon'. 

brie' cheese (bre-). 

brief, -ly, -less, -less ness, -less ly, 

n6t, nor, use, lip, tirn, etiide, fcrod, fd6t, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 




bri'er or -ar, -er y, bri'er-bird, 

'root, -rose, -wood. 

br! gade', -ma jor. 
brig a dier', =gen er al. 
brig'a low. 
brig'and, -age, -ish, -ism, -an- 

dine {or -din), -an tine {or -tin). 
Brighgl'la (bre-). 
bright, -en, -en ing, -ish, -ly, 

-ness, -some, -work, bright' -cut, 

-eyed, -har nessed. 
Brign oles' (bren yol'), t. Fr. 

hril lan'te (brel liin'ta). 
bril'liant (-yant), -ly, -ness, 

-liance, -lian cy. 
bririiantine (-yanten). 
brim, -ful, -ful ness, -less, -mer, 

-ming, -ming ly, -stone, -stone- 
wort, brimmed. 

Brin'di si (bren'de se), c. It. 
brin'dle, -died, brin'dle»moth. 
brine, brin'y, -i ness, -ish, -ish- 

brine' -e vap'o ra tor, -fly, -gage, 

-pan, -pit, -pump, -shrimp, 

-spring, -valve, -worm. 
bring, -ing, -er, brought. 
brin'jal or -jaul. 

brinjar'ree or hrinja'ree' or -jar'ry. 
hri'o (bre'o). 
hri oche' (bre osh'). 
hri'o lette' (bre-), or bri'o let. 
bri quet' (-ket' or brik'-) or 

hri quelle', a block of stone or 

hri qtcet' (-ket' or bre ka'). Her. 
brise (briz), fallow ground. 
hri se' (bre za'), broken, as music. 
hrise'menl (brez'-). 
brI sin'goid. 
brisk, -ly, -ness. 
bris'ling, a fish. 
bris'tle (-1), -tied, -tling, -tlings. 

-tly, -tli ness, bris'tle tail, -wort. 
bris'tle -fern, -bird, -grass, «herVing, 

-like, -moss, -point^ed, -rat, 


Bris'tol, -board, B. brick, B. 
diamond {or di'mond), B. milk, 
B. pa per, B. porce'lain, B. pot- 
ter y, B. red, B. stone. 

bris'ure (briz'- or bre zur'). 

brit or britt. 


Bri tan'ni a. Great Britain, -tan'- 
nic, bri tan'ni a, a metal. 

Brit'ish, -ish er," -i cism, Brit'on. 

Brit o mar'tis or Brit'o mart. 

brit'ter worts. 

brit'tle, -ness, -worts, b. star. 

britz'ska or brits'ka. 

broach, -er, -ing, broached. 

broach'post, -turn er, broach'ing- 

broad, -en, -er, -est, -ly, -ness, 
-ish, -cast, -side, -wise, -ax or 
-axe, -bill, -brim, -cloth, -horn 
-leaf, -mouth, -stone, -sword, 
-tail, -throat. 

broad -backed, -based, -billed, 
-brimmed, -chest ed, -church, 
-church man, -eyed, -front ed, 
-gage, a., -gaged, -horned, 
-leaved, -piece, -seal, v., -shoul- 
dered, -sight ed, -spo ken, 
-spread, -spread ing, -tread, 

broad ar^row, b. gage, «., b. 
lig^a ment, b. seal, b. tool, 
Broad Church. 


Brob'ding nag, -nag'i an. 

bro cade', -cad'ed, -cad'ing, bro- 
cade' -shell. 

br6c'ard, bro car'dic. 

bro'catel or -telle {or broc'-) -tel'lo. 

brdc'co n. 

broch (brok or briik). 


brS'chant (-shant). 

bro chan'tite (bro shSn'tite or 

brS'chate (-kate). 

hro che' (bro sha'), brocaded; 

bro chef (bro sha'), a fish. 

bro chetle' (-shet'), a skewer. 

bro chid'o drone (-kid'-). 

hrd chure' (-shoor'). 

br6ck, -faced. 

fate, fS,t, far, fg,ll, fS,re, fast, sofa, mSte, mSt, her, ice, In, note, 





Broc'ken spec'ter (-kn). 


br6d, -die. 

bro'gan (or -gan'). 

brog'ger ite (breg'-). 

Brog'lie, de (de bro'y), Fr. states- 


broid'er, -ing, -er, -ered, -er y, 
pi. -er ies. 

broil, -er, -ing, broiled. 

broke, bro'ken (-kn), -ken ly, -ken- 

br6'ken=backed, -bod ied, ^down, 
-heart'ed, -kneed, -wind^ed, b. 
breast, b. cord, b. coal, b. line, 
b. vict uals. 

bro'ker, -age. 

bro'ma, -mal, -mate, -ma loin, 
-ma tog'ra phy, -ma tol'o gy, 
-o gist. 

brome-grass or brom-. 

Bra me'li a, bro me^li a'ceous. 

bro'me lin. 

Bro' mi an. 

bro'' mine, -mic, -mide {or -mid), 
-mi na ted, -min ism, -mism, 
-mite, -mize, -mized, -mi zing, 
-mo gel'a tin, -mog'ra phy, -mu- 
ret, -ret ed, -my rite, brome. 


bro mog' ra phy. 

bron'cho (-ko) or -co. 

hron'chus (-kus), pi. -chi (-ki), 
-chi a (-ki-), -chi al, -chic, -cho- 
cele, -cho tome, bron chit'ic 
(-kit'-), -chi'tis, -coph'o ny, -chot'- 
o my. 

Br6n'te, Charlotte, Eng. novel- 

bron tol'o gy, -tom'e ter, bron'to- 

bron to sau'rus, -to the'ri um, -to- 

br6nze, bronzed, bronz'ing, -ine, 
-ist, -ite, -y, bronze'wing. 

bronze' =back''er, -gold, -liq uid, 
=liq uor, -paint, -pow der, bronz'- 
ing-ma chine', =salt. 

Br6n z6 mar'te. 

brooch (broch or brooch), a breast- 

broDd, -ed, -ing, -er, -y, brood' - 

bud, -cap'sule, -cav'i ty, -cell, 

-comb, -food, -mare, -pouch, 

brood' -spi'oen (brod'-spe un). 
brd6k, -ing, -let, -y, -ite, brooked, 

brook'fish, a kilUfish, -Ume, -side, 

brook'-fish, -bet' o ny, -lam prey, 

-mint, -moss, -ou zel, -pick'er el, 

-runner, -trout. 
Brdok'line, t. Mass. 
brOT>m, -y, -ster, -staff, -stick, 

broom' -brush, -bush, -corn, 

-crow'ber ry, -grass, -han die, 

-hfiad, -man, -palm, -pine, 

-rape, -root, -sedge, -sew'ing 

(■=s6'-), -tree, -vise (-vis). 
brose (broz), bro'sy. 
brot'an, -a ny. 
broth'er (bruth'-), -hood, -less, 

-like, -ly, -H ness, -tail, -ship, 

-wort, broth'er-in-law, b. ger man, 

b. of fi cer. 
brough (br6k or bruf). 
Brough'am (broo'am or broom), 

Brit, statesman, brough'am, a 

brought (brawt). 
brow (brou), -beat, -beat er, -ing, 

brow' -a gue, -ant ler, -band, 

-bound, -post, -snag, -spot, 

-tran som. 
brown, -er, -est, -ish, -ness, -ing, 

-back, -bill, -ie, -tail, -stone, -wort, 

brown' -backed, -bess, -crops, 

-george, -lee mer, -spar, brown 

blaze, b. coal, b. mix ture, b. 

stout, b. stud y, b. thrash er, b. 

Brown'ian, Brown ism, -ist, -istic, 

-ic al. 
Brown -S^ quard' (-sa''kar'), Fr. 

browse (brouz), browsed, brows'- 

ing, -er, browse' -wood. 
hru'ang {or -ang'). 
bru'chid (-kid). 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, f^t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




Bru'ges (bru'jez or broozh'-), c. 

hruh (broo), a monkey. 


bruise, -wort, bruis'er, -ing, bruised, 
bruis'ing'ma chine, -mill. 


Bru'le (broo'la), co. S. Dak. 

hru'lee (broo'la). 

bru'mal, bru'mous, Bru maire'. 


Brfim'mel, Beau Brum mel, Eng. 

Bru'nehild (broo'ng hilt) or Bru'- 
ne hil'de. 

bru ngtte'. 

hru nis sure' (broo''ne^soDr'). 

brun'ner ite (broon-) . 

Bruns'wick, co. N. C; co. Va.; 
c. Ga., B. black, B. green; 
bruns'wick, a lady's coat. 


brush, -er, -ing, -ful, -y, -i ness, 
-ite, -let, -man, -ment, -wood, 

brush' =bird, -burn, -cher ry, -har- 
row, -hat, -hook, -jack, -mon- 
key, -ore, -plow, -pull er, -rat, 
-tailed, -tongued, -tur key, 
-wheel, brush'ing=ma chine^. 

briisk or brusque (broosk), -ness, 
brus'que rie (brd6s'ke re). 

Brus'sels, c. Belg., B. car'pet, B. 
lace, B. point, B. sprouts. 



bru'tal, -ize, -ized, -i zing, -I za'- 
tion, -ly, -tal'i ty. 

brute, -hood, -ness, bru'ti fy, -fy ing, 
-fied, bru'tish, -ly, -ness, -tism. 

hru'tum ful'men. 

Bru'tus, Biog.; bru'tus, a wig. 

bru ySre' (-yar'). 

Bry d'ce a, bry a'ceous (-shus). 

Bry'an ite. 

Bryce (bris), Eng. writer. 


bry ol'o gy (bri-), -o gist, -o log'ic- 
al (-16J'-). 

Bry o zo'a (bri''-) , bry o zo'an, -zo'- 
id, -zo'um. 

Brze za'ny (bzha zha'ne), t. Aust. 

Brze'zyn (bzha'zin), t. Pol. 

hu an su'ah (boo an soo'a). 

hu'at (boo'-). 

bu'aze, -fibber. 

bub'ble, -bled, -bier, -bling, -bly. 

=tri er, bub'bling- 
-bon'o cele. 

bub'ble -shell, 


bu'bo, Med., -bon'ic, 
Bu'bo, Ornith. 

bu'bu lin. 

buc'an or -can. 

hu'ca ro (boo'ka ro). 

buc'ca, pi. -ccB (-se), -cate, -cal, -cw- 

buc'ca neer' or buc a- or -nier, 

hue che'ro (book ka'-). 

huc'ci na, pi. -ct nee, -ci nal, -ci- 
na'tor, -na'to ry. 

Buc ci'no (boot che'no), t. It. 

bu cen'taur. 

Bu ceph'a lus. 

Bu chan'an (-kan'-) {or buk an'- 
an), Biog. and Geog. 

Bu'cha rest' (-ka-), c. Roum. 

bu'chu (-ku). 

buck, -er, -ish, -ism, bucked, 
buck'board, -eye, -finch, -pot, 
-shot, -skin, -thorn, -wash, -wash- 
ing, -wheat, Buck'tail. 

buck-a gue, -bas ket, -bean, 
-eyed, -fe ver, -fly, -hound, 
-jump er, -log, -mack''er el, 
-moth, -plate, -rake, -saw, -stall, 
-tooth, -wag on, buck-and-ball, 
buck's-beard, -horn. 

buck'et, -ful, -en gine, -hook, 
-lift, -mak ing, -pitch, -pump, 
-rod, -shop, -valve, -wheel. 

buck'horn, -sight. 

buck'ie or -y. 

buck'ing, -i ron, -kier or -keir, 
-plate, -stool, -strap, =ta ble. 

buc'kle, -kled, -kling, -kler. 

buc'kle-beg gar, -chape, -horns. 

buc'kler-fern, -fish, -head ed, 
-mus tard, 

buck'ling, a fish. 




bu col'lc, -ic al, -al ly. 

hu cra'ni um, pi. -ni a, bu crane' 
(or bu'-). 

fate, fS-t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice, in, note. 




Bu'czacz (boo'chach), t. Aust. 
bud, -ded, -ding, -let, bud' -cell, 

=finch, bud'ding=knife. 
Bud'dha (boo'da), -dhism, -dhist, 

-dhist'ic, -ic al. 

Bude burn'er, B. light. 
budge, budg'er, -ing, -y, budge'- 

budg^er ee gah' or -er i gar'. 
budg'e ro or -row {or buj'ro). 
bud' mash. 
Bue'na VJs'ta, co. lo.; t. Col; 

(bwa na ves'ta), t. Mex. 
Bue'nos Ay'res (bo'nus a'riz or 

bwa'nos i'res), prov. Arg. Rep. 
buff, -y, bu£f'=coat, =laced, -leath- 
er, =stick, -tip, -ware, -wheel, 

b. jer kin. 
bu/'fa (boDf'a). 
buf fa lo, pi. -loes or -los, buf- 

fa lo=ber''ry, -bird, -bug, -chips, 

-clo''ver, -cod, -fish, -fly, -gnat, 

-grass, -hide, -hunt, -hunt ing, 

-jack, -moth, -nut, -perch, 

-range, -robe, -skin, -wal low. 
buffer, -arm, -bar, -beam, -block, 

-head, -spring, -thim ble. 
buffet, v., -ed, -ing, -er. 
biiffet, n. {or boo fa'), -car, 

buffing, -block, -lathe, -machine^ 

-spring, -wheel. 
buj'jo {or bdof'-). 
buf foon', -ish, -ism, -ly, -er y. 
Bu'fo, -fon ite, -fon id, -oid, -fon' i- 

^^S» "g6^> "gy» "gi ness, bug'bane, 

-bear, -eye, -fish, -head, -seed, 

-wort, -shad. 
bug'a boD {or -boo'). 
bug'ger y. 
bug'gy, pi. -gies, bug'gy-boat, b. 

cuFti va tor, b. plow. 
bu'gis (bdo'jis). 
bu'gle, -gled, -gler, -gling, bu'gle- 

weed, -wort, -call, -cap, -horn, 


bu'hach (-hatch). 

buhl {or bobhl), -work, -saw. 

buhr (bur), -stone, -dress er, 
-driv er. 

build, -ed, -ing, -er, built. 

build'ing-block, =i ron, -mov er, 
-slip, -stance, -wax, b. lease, 
built-up, a. 

buire (bwer) or bu ire (boo er'). 

buis son' (bwe son'). 

bu'ke (boo'ka). 

buk'kum, -wood. 



Bu la can' (boo^la kan'), prov. 
P. I. 

bulb, -ar, -el, -let, -ous, -i form, 
-ule, -y, bul bif'er ous, -ba'ceous, 
bul'bo-tu ber. 

bul'ber ry. 

bul bil'la. 

bul'bul (bd61'bd61). 

Bul'gar, -ga'ri an, -gSr'ic. 

biilge, -ways, bulged, bul'gy (-jl), 
-ging, -ger. 

bu lim'i a, -lim'ic, -lim'i ous. 

bulk, -ing, -er, -y, -i ness, bulked, 

bull (bdol), -ish, -ish ly, -bat, 
-beg'gar, -berry, -bri'er, -comb'- 
er, -dog, -doze, -dozed, -doz er, 
-doz ing, -finch, -fish, -fist, -fly, 
-frog, -head, a fish, -hoof, -huss, 
-jub, -knob, -nose, -nut, -pout, 
-weed, -wort. 

buU-baifing, -bay, -bee, -beef, 
-bird, -boat, -calf, a person, 
-dance, -faced, -feast, -fight, 
-fight er, -fronts, -head, a., 
-head ed, -hide, -neck, -necked, 
-net, -pine, -poll, -pout, -pump, 
-ring, -roar^er, -rope, -rout, 
-segg, -snake, -spink, -stag, 
-stang, -ter^ri er, -trout, -voiced, 
-wal lop er, -whack, -whack er, 
-wheel, -whip, bull'head-plov er 
(-pluv-), buUs-and-cows, bull's- 
eye, -foot, -mouth, -nose, b. 


bul'late, -la ted, -la'tion, -lous, 

bul'len (bd61-), -buFlen, -nail. 

not, nor, use, up, tirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi, 




bul'let (bool'-), -head, a person, 
=bag, -com pass es, -ex tract^or, 
-head, a round head, -head ed, 
-hook, -la''dle, -ma chine, -mak^- 
ing, -mold, -mold^ing, -probe, 
-proof, -screw, -shell,- -tree, 

bul'le tin (bd61'-), -tin ist, -board. 

bulling (bool'-), -shov^el (=shuv^-) 

bul'lion (bool'yon), -ism, -ist, 
bul'lion-bar, -fringe, -point, 

buriock (bool'-), -shell, bul'lock's- 
eye, -heart. 

bul'ly (bdol'-), pi. -Hes, -lied, 
-ly ing, bul'ly rag, bul'ly-beef, 
-boy, -cod, -head, -rock, -ruf- 
fian, -tree. 

Bu'low, von (fon bii'lo), Prus. 

bul ree'dy (bd61-). 

bul'rush (bool'-), -y. 


bmt, bul'tow (bd61't6). 

hul'tong or hil'-. 

bul'wark (bdol'-). 

Bul'wer (bdol'-), WiUiam Henry 
Lytton Earle, Eng. auth. 

Bul'wer-Lyt'ton, Edward George 
Earle Lytton, Brit, novelist. 

Bul'wer-Lyt'ton, Edward Robert, 
Eng. poet. 

bum, -mer, -ming, bummed, 
bum'bail iff, -bar rel, -boat, 
-clock, -wood. 

bu mas'tus. 

bum'ble bee, bum'ble ber ry, 
-dom, -foot, a disease of fowls, 
-kite, -pup py, -pup pist, -foot, 
-foot ed, -staff. 

Bii me'li a. 

bum' ick y. 

bum'kin, a beam or spar. 

hum' ma lo. 

bump, -er, -ing, -tious, -tious ness, 
-y, bumped. 

bump'er=tim ber, bump'ing-post. 

bump'kin, a rustic, -ly. 

bun or bunn. 

bunch, -ing, -y, -i ness, bunch'- 
back, -backed, -ber ry, -flow er, 
-fish, -grass, -oys ter, -whale. 

bun'co or -ko, -ing, -coed (-kod), 

bun'co-game, -joint, -man, 

bun'combe (-kum), or bun'kum. 

bund, an embankment. 

bund (bdond), a league. 

bun'der, -boat. 

Bun' des rath or -rat (bdbn'des rat). 

bun'dle, -died, -dling, bun'dle- 
pil lar, -sheath, bun' dling -ma- 
chine, -press. 

bun'do bust. 

bung, -ing, bunged, bung'buck'et, 
-bor er, -cut ter, -draw er, -hole, 
-lathe, =plug, -seat, -start er, 
-stave, -vent. 


bun'ga low. 

bun'ga rum. 

bun'gle, -some, -gled, -gling, 
-gling ly, -gler. 

bun'go, -tree. 

bun'ion or -yon. 

bunk, bun'ker. 

bun'ker, a sand hole; bunk'er, a 



bu'no d6nt. 

Bun'sen (boon'-), Ger. chem. 

Bun'sen burn er (bdon'-), B. 
bat'ter y, B. cell, B. fil ter- 

bun'sen ite (boon'-). 

bunt, -box, -y, bun'ter, -ted, bunt- 
ear, -gas^ket, -jig ger, -whip. 

bun'ting, -crow, -finch, -i ron, 

bunt'lJne, -cloth. 


bun'ya, -bun'ya. 


buoy (bwoi or boy or bdo'y), 
-age, -ance, -an cy, -ant, -ant ly, 
-ant ness, buoy' -rope, -safe. 

bur or burr, -rish, -ry, bur'fish, 
-stone, -bark, -brick, -chis el, 
-cut ter, -dress er, -drill, -driv er, 
-gage, a drill gage, -grass, -mar- 
i gold, -mill stone, -nip per, 
-oak, -pars ley, -pump, -reed, 
-this tie, -tree. 

hu'ran (boo'-). 

hu rat ti'no (boo rat te'no). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 





bur'bot, -bolt, bur'bot-eel. 

bur'da lane or -lone. 

bur'de kin. 

bur'den or -then, -ing, -er, -some, 

-some ly, -some ness, -dened, 

Bur dett'=Coutts' (-koots'), Eng. 

bur'dock, »grass. 
bu'reau (-ro), pi. -reaus, bu'reau- 

crat, -crat'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

-reau'cra cy, -era tist. 
bu re'o (boo ra'o). 
hu rette'. 
burg, burgen'sic (-jen-), burg'grave 

or bur'-, -gra'vi ate. 
burg'age, -ten'ant, -ten^e ment. 

bur'ga net or -go net. 
bur'gee (-je). 
bur'geon (-jun). 
bur'gess, -dom, -ship, bur'gess 

list, b. oath, b. roll. 
burgh, -al, -er, -er mas^ter, -er- 

ship, burgh'mas ter, bur'go- 

bur'glar, -ize, -ized, -i zing, -gla- 

ry, -gla'ri ous, -ous ly. 
bur'glar^a larm, -proof. 
Burgoyne', Eng. gen., burgoyne', 

an implement. 
Bur'gundy, B. pitch. 
bur'hel or -rhel {or bd6r'-). 
bur'i al (ber'-), -aisle, -case, 

-clothes, -ground, -hill, -mound, 

-place, -robe, -vault, bur'i al 

serv ice, b. so ci e ty. 
bu'rin, -ist. 
bu'ri on. 
bu ri ti' (-tee'). 
burke, burked, burk'ing, -er, 

burl, -ing, -er, burled, burl'ing- 

i ron, -ma chine. 
bur lesque', -ly, -ness, -lesqued' 

(-leskt'), -les'quer, -lesqu'ing 


bur let'ta. 

Bur'lin game, Amer. dipl. 

bur'ly, -li ly, -li ness, bur'ly- 

boned, -head ed. 
Bur' man, pi. -mans (-manz). 
Bur tnan'ni a. 

Bur mese' (-mes' or -mez'). 
burn, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -a ble, 

burned, burnt, burn'bake, -gate, 

-side, -Stic kle, -wood, -beat, 

-fish ing, -mouth, -trout. 
burn'ing-bush, -flu^id, -glass, 

-house, -lens, -mlr^ror, -point. 
bur'net, -moth, -rose, 
bur'nish, -a ble, -er, -ing, 

-ment, -nished, -ing -ma chine. 
burn'-nose^ bark. 
bur'noDse or -nous' (-nous). 
burnt, -ear, -stone, b. offer ing, 

b. sac^ri fice, b. si en na, b. 

um ber. 
bur'ra mun'dL 
bur'ra wang. 
bur'rel, -fly, -shot. 
biir'ring, -ma chine, -saw, -wheel. 
bur ri'to (bd6r re'-) . 
bur'ro, a donkey. 
Bur'roughs (-roz), Amer. auth. 
bur'row, -er, -ing, -rowed, bur'- 

row-duck, bur'row ing owl. 
bur'sa, pi. see, -sal. 
bur sa'lis, -sal'o gy. 
bur'sar, -ship, -sa ry, -sa'ri al. 
bursch (bd6rsh), pi. bursch'en. 
burse, bur sic'u late, bur'si form, 

bur sl'tis, burse'hold er. 
Bur'se ra, bur^se ra'ceous (-shus). 
Burs'lem porce'lain, B. pottery, 
burst, -er, -ing, burst'wort, burst'- 

bur'then. See burden. 
bur'y (b6r'ry), -ied, -y ing, bur'- 

i er. 
bur'y ing -bee tie, -ground, -place. 
bus or buss, an omnibus. 
bus' -bars, -rods, -wires. 
bus'by (buz'-), -bag. 
bus' con, pi. -co'nes. 
bush (bdosh), -ing, -y, -i ly, 

-i ness, bushed, bush'boy, -buck, 

-cat, -chat, -man, -mas^ter, 

-ran'ger, -whack er. 

n6t, nor, use, iip, tin, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




bush'-bab^bler, -bean, -beat er, 
-block, -chirp^er, -cor al, -cow, 
-creep''er, 'dog, «ex tract^or, 
-fight ing, =goat, =ham'mer, 
-har^row, =hawk, -hog, -hook, 
-lark, -law^yer, -met'al, -ov^en, 
-quail, -rope, -scythe, -shrike, 
-tailed, -tit. 

bush'61 (bd6sh'-), -el age, -el er or 
-ler, -el ing or -Hng, -man, 
-worn an, -bar rel, -oys ters. 

busi'ness (biz-), -like. 

busk, -ing, busked. 

bus'kin, -kined. 

bus'sU'palm (bd6s'sOT)-pam). 




bus'tle (-1), -tied, -tling, -tier. 

bus'y (biz'-), -bod'y, pi. -ies, 
bus'i ly. 

butch'er (bdoch'-), -dom, -ly, -li- 
ness, -y, -ing, -ered, butch'er- 
bird, -crow, -knife, -meat, 
butch'er's -broom, -prick wood. 

Bu'te a. 


but'ler, -y, -age, -dom, -ship. 

bu' to mad. 

but'ment, -cheek. 

butt, -worn an, -bolt, -chain, -end, 
-hinge, -how el, -joint, -shaft, 
-strap, -weld, but ting-joint, -ma- 
chine, -ring, -saw, butt leath er, 
butt and butt, butts and bounds, 
butt's length. 

Butte (but), CO. Cal.; co. S. Dak. 
hutte (but or bd6t). 

but'ter, -ing, -y, -tered, but'ter 
ball, a duck, -bump, a bird, -cup, 
-flip, -flow er, -fly, -man, -milk, 
-munk, -nut, -weed, -wife, 
-wom an, -wort. 

but'ter=ale, -ball, -bean, -bird, 
-boat, -bowl, -box, -burr, -car- 
ri er, -col or, -cow, -crock, 
-dai ry, -dai sy, -dock, -duck, 
-ex tract or, -fin^gered, -fin gers, 
-fir^kin (-fer^-), -fish, -knife, 
-la die, -mak'ing, -mold, -pad- 
dle, -pat, -plate, -pot, -print, 
-ra tions, -scotch, -shag, -snipe, 
-stamp, -store, -t6ngs, -tooth, 

-tree, -tri er, -tub, -work er, 
but'ter-and-eggs, a plant. 

but'ter fly -fish, -gur^nard, -lil y, 
-nose, -or chis (-kis), -pea, 
-plant, =ray, -shaped, -shell, 
-weed, b. cock, b. damp er, b. 

but'ter y-bar, -book, -hatch. 

but'ter in or -Ine. 

but'tock, -er, -tock-Hne. 

but'ton (-tn), -ing, -er, -y, -toned, 
but'ton flow er, -hole, -weed, 

but'ton=ball, -blank, -brace, -bush, 
-cau ter y, -ear, -eared, -fas'- 
ten er (-fas' n er), -hook, -lathe, 
-loom, -mold, -nosed, -piece, 
-quail, -riv et ing, -shell, -sol- 
der, -soFder ing, =su ture, -tool, 
-tree, but' ton hole-ma chine. 

but'ton hole, v., -holed, -hoi ing, 
-hoi er. 

but'tress, -ing, -tressed, -tress- 
tow er. 

but'ty, -coFlier, -gang. 

bux'om, -ly, -ness. 


buy, -er, -ing, -a ble, bought. 

buzz, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -y, buzzed, 
buzz' wig, a person, buzz' -saw, 
-wig, a wig. 

buz'zard, -clock, -hawk, -moth, 
buz'zard dol lar. 

by, -gone, -play, -stand er, -wa ter, 
-way, -word. 

by'-aim, -al tar, -ball, -bid der, 
-blow, -book, -busi ness, -cause, 
-com ment, -cor ner, -dwell er, 
-e lec'tion, -end, -lane, -law, 
-mat ter, -mo tive, -name, -note, 
-pass, -pas sage, -pass er, -past, 
-path, -place, -plot, -prod^uct, 
-pur^pose, -road, -room, -speech, 
-street, -stroke, -talk, -term, 
-view, -walk, -wash. 


by the by, by and by. 

by -by or bye-bye, farewell. 

bye' -ball. 

byn'e des'tin. 



byr'law, -man, -court. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice. In, note, 




byr'nie (ber'ny). 

hys'sus, pi. -si, -sin 

or -sine, 

By'ron, Brit, poet, -ism, -ro'm an, 

-sog'e nous (-soj'-). 

-ron'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

Byz'an tine or By zan'- 

, -zan'tian 

bys'sal, -sa'ceous, -sif er ous, -so- 

(-shan), -zan'tin ism. 

by zan'- 


tine (bl-), a coin. 

C string. 

caa'ing -whale (caw'-). 


cib, -man, -men, =stand. 

ca bdl', -balled', -bai'ling, -er, 
cab'a list, -lis'tic, -tic al, -tic- 

cab'a la or kab'-. 

cab a let'ta. 

cdb'al la'ri a or ca hal le ri'a (ka''- 
val ya re'a), ca'hal le'ro (ka'ba- 
lya'ro or ka''val-), cab'al line. 

ca bal'lo (ka val'yo). 

ca ban' {or -van'). 

cab as (kab'a or ka ba'). 

cab as set'. 

ca bas'son (-sod). 

cab'bage, -baged, -ba ging. 

cab'bage-bug, -bufter fly, -flea, 
-fly, -mag^got, =moth, -oil, -palm, 
-pal met^to, -rose, -tree, -wood, 

cab'ble, -bled, -bling, -bier. 

cab'by, pi. -bies (-biz). 

ca be'ga (ka ba'sa) or ca besse'. 


Ca be're a. 

ca bes'tro (-vas'-). 

caVe zon' {or ka''ba thon'). 

C&b'ln, -ined, cab'in-boy, -mate. 

cab'i net, -mak''er, -mak^ing, 

Cab i re'an. 

ca bl'rl, -bir'ic, -blr'i an, cab i- 

ca'ble, -gram, -way, -bled, -bling, 

ca'ble -bend, -buoy (-bwoi), -cSr^- 
rl er, -cur^rent, -drill ing, -grip^- 
per, -hd6k, -laid, -lock er, 
-mold ing, -nip'per, -rail road, 
-road, -screw, -shac kle, -stop'- 
per, -tier, -tools, ca'ble's length. 

cab6b' or kabdb', -bing, -bobbed- 

cab o ceer'. 

ca b6ched' (-bosht') or -boshed. 

ca bo chon' (-shon'). 

ca boc'le (-bdk'l). 

Ca bom'ba. 

ca bao'dle. 

ca boDse'. 

C&b'ot, Eng. nav. 

ca bot' (-bo'), a dry measure. 

cab'o tage. 

ca bou'ja (-boo'ya) or ca bu'ya 

ca bre (-bra'), Heraldry, 
ca bree (-bra'), an antelope. 
ca brll'la {or -brel'ya). 
caVri o let' (-1&'). 
cib'rit {or ca bre'), an antelope, 
cab'rite, a lizard. 
cab rou'et (-roo'-). 
ca ca'ln or -ine. 
ca'ca jao' (ka^ka zhoung'). 
ca ca'o, -but ter, -nut. 
Ca'ce res (ka'tha res), prov. Sp. 
cach'a lot (kash'- or katch'-). 
Cache (kash), co. Utah. 
cache {or kash), n., -pot' (-p6'), 

cached, cach'ing. 
ca che'mi a (-ke'-), -che'mic. 
ca chet' (-sha' or kash'a). 
ca chex'i a (-kek'si a), -chex'y, 

cach'i bou (kash'i boo or ka^- 

she boo'). 
cach^in na'tion (kak''-), ca chin'- 

na to ry (-kin'-). 
ca chi'ri (kashe're). 
cach'o long (kash'-). 
ca chou' (-shot)'). 
ca chu'cha (-choo'cha). 
ca chun'de (-choon'da). 
ca cique' (-sek'). 
cac'kle, -kled, -kling, -kler. 

n6t, nor, use, up, tarn, etiide, food, fd&t, anger, boiimot, thus, Badh. 




ca CO'. 

cd'dre (-dr). 

cac cho'li a, -o chyl'i a (-kil'-), 

ca du'ce us, -ce an, -ci a ry (-shI), 

-0 chym'i a, -chym'ic, -ic al. 

-ci branch (-brank), -bran'chi- 

cac^o de'mon, -de mo'ni al, -de'- 


mon ize, -ized, -i zing. 

ca du'ci ty, -du'cous, -du'ci corn. 

cac'o dox'y, pi. -dox'ies, -dox'- 

ca'dus, pi. -di. 

ic al. 

cad wal'a der (-w61'-), Amer. 

cac'o ep y, -o e'thes (-thez), 


-o gas'tric, -o gen'e sis, -o graph'- 

ca'ca (se'ka), ce'cal, -cal ly. 

ic, -ic al, ca cog'ra phy. 

CcB'ci as or Ce-. 

cac'o let (-0 la). 

ccB'cum, pi. -cums or -ca. 

cac'o nym, -nym'ic, ca con'y- 

Caed'mon (ked'- or kad'-), poet. 


cae lom'e ter (se-). 

ca coon'. 

Caen (kon), c. Fr. 

ca coph'o ny, cac^o phon'ic, -ic al. 

CcB no gee' a (se no je'a), cae no- 

-coph'o nous, -o pho'ni ous. 

gse'an, -gen'e sis, -ge net'ic. 

cac^o plas'tic, -o pra'gi a, -o so'- 

Cae'no zo'ic or Ce-. 

mi um, -o thym'i a, ca coth'y my. 

Ca'en stone. 

-cot'ro phy. 

Cae'sar (se'zar), -ism, -sa're an 

cac ta'ceous. 

or -rl an (-za'-). 

cac'tus, pi. -tus es or -ti, -tal, 

Caes'a re'a (s6s'-), C. Phi llp'pl. 

-tin or -tine, cac'tus-wren. 

Bib., -re'an. 

ca cu'men, pi. -mi na, -mi nal. 

cae'si um (-zi um). 

cad, -dish, -bait. 

cae su'ra (se zu'- or -su'-). See 

cadas'ter or -tre, -das'tral, cad^as- 



ca'fe (ka^fa'), ca'fe tal (ka'fa tal), 

ca dav'er or -da'ver, -dav'er ic. 

caf fe'ic, -fe'ine, -fe'inism, -fe'one. 

-In or -Ine, -er ous, -ous ly, -ous- 

-fe tan'nic, c. chan tant (shoh^- 


toh'), c. noir (nwor). 

cad'dis or -dice, «fly, -shrimp. 

ca fe cil'lo (ka fa sel'yo). 




ca fis'so. 

cad'dy or -die, pi. -dies. 

caftan {or -tan'). 

cade, -lamb, -oil, -worm. 

Ca gay an' (-gi-), prov. Luzon, 

ca dglle'. 

P. I. 

cad'e nas. 

cage, -ling, caged, ca'ging, cage'- 

ca'dence, -denced, -dencing, -den- 

bird, -guides, -seat, -shuts. 

cy, -dent, -den'za. 

ca'git (-jit). 

ca dene'. 

Ca glio'stro (kal yd'stro), a lit- 

Ca de'nus. Swift. 

erary imposter. 

ca det', -ship. 

Ca'got' (-go'). 

cadge, cadg'ing, -er, -y, -i ly. 

Ca hens'ly ism. 

-i ness. 

ca hier' (ka^ya'). 

ca'di or ka'di (ka'dl or ka'de). 

ca hin'ca-root. 

Cad^illac', t. Mich. 

ca hiz' (ca eth'), -hiz a da (-e tha'- 

ca diriac [or kad'il lak'), a pear. 


Ca'diz, prov. Sp., C. lace.— (kad'- 

ca hoot'. 

iz), t. O. 

Ca'ia phas (ka'ya fas), Bih. 

Cad me'an. 

call cgd'ra (kil-), -ced'rin. 

cad'mi a. 

cail lette' (ka let' or kal yet'). 

cad'mi um, cad'mic, -mif'er ous, 

call lou' (ka yoo'), -lou tage 

cad'mi um red, c. yel low. 

(-yoD tazh'). 


cai'ma cam' (ki^ma kam'). 

fate, fat, far, f3.ll, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note. 




Cai'man, Her pet. genus, cai'man, 

an alligator. See cayman, 
cai mi' to (ki me'to). 
Cain'-and=A'bel, a plant. 
ca ique' (ka ek'). 
Qa i ra' (sa^e ra') . 
Cai rene' (ki-). 
cairn, -gorm, -y, cairned, cairn - 

tan gle or earn-. 
Cai'ro (ki'ro), c. Egypt. — (ka'ro), 

t. 111.; t. N. Y. 
cais'son (kas'-), -dis ease'' 
cij'e put. 

ca ji' (-he') or -xi (-he'). 
ca jole', -ment, -joled', -jol'ing, 

-er, -er y, -er ies. 
ca jon' (-hon'). 
ca'jiin, of Acadian descent. 
ca jun' (-hoon'), a plant. 
cake, ^aFum, -bak^er, -bas'ket, 

-bread, -cop^per, «cut'ter, -lake, 

-mix^er, -steamier, -ur^chin, 

cal'a ba, -ba zil'la or -cil'la (-sel'- 

Cal'a bar, C. bean, c. skin. 
cal'a bar in or -ine {or bar'-). 
cal'a bash, =tree. 
cal^a ba zil'la (-sel'ya). 
cal'^a boDse'. 
caFa bra sel'la. 
Ca la'bri a, prov. It., -bri an. 
cal'a bur4ree. 
ca lade' . 

Ca Id'di um. Bot. genus. 
Ca lais' (ka^a'), t. Fr.— (kai'is), 

t. Me. 
cal'a ite (or -a-). 
caFa man'co. 
cal^a man'der=wood. 
Cal^a md'ri a, cai a ma'ri an. 
cal'a ma ry. 
cal'a m bac, -am bour (-boor), 

caFa mif er ous, ca lam'i form 

{or kai'-). 
cal'a min or -mine. 
cal'a mint. 
cal'a mis'triim, pi. -tra. 
ca lam'i ty, -i tous, -tous ly, -tous- 


caPa mog'ra pher. 
cal'a mus, pi. -a mi. 
ca lan'chi. 

ca Idn'do. 

ca lan'dra, -drid, -droid. 

cai an dro'ne. 

ca Ian' gay. 

cal'a pitte. 

ca lish'. 

ca la'ta. 

cal'a thus, pi. -thl, ca lath'i form 

{or kal'-). 
ca la ve'rite {or kal-). 
cai ciire'. 
cat ca'ne um, pi. -ne ums or -ne a, 

-ne al, -ne an. 
cal'car, a furnace. 
cai' car, pi. -ca'ri a, Bot.; Zool.; 

Anat., -ca rate, -ranted. 
cal ca're o=ar gil la'ceous, -bi tu'- 

mi nous, =si li'cious. 
cal ca're ous, -ness, -cSr'i form, 

-ca rif'er ous, cal'ca rine. 
cal ca ro'ne. 

caVce a men'tum, pi. -la. 
cal ced'o ny, -ce don, -don'ic, 

-do'ni an. See chalcedony, 
cal'ces (-sez), -cic (-sik), -ci cole, 

-ci form, -cif'er ous, -cif'u gous, 

-cig'e nous (-sij'-), -cig er ous. 
cal cid'e ra. 

cal'ci fy, -ing, -ci fied, -ci fi cap- 
cal'ci grade, 
cal'ci mine {or -min), -mined, 

-minting, -mi ner, -ci mu'rite, 

-cim'e ter. 
cal'cine {or -cine'), -cined, -cin- 

ing, -cin a ble, -cin er, -cin ize, 

-cin'a to ry, -ci na'tion. 
cal ciph'o reus, 
cal'cite, -ci trant, -ci trate, -ci um, 

-cit'ic, -civ'o rous, -coph'o rous. 
cal cog'ra phy, -ra pher -co- 

graph'ic, -ic al. 
calc'=sin^ter, =spar, -tu^fa, -tuff. 
cal'cu late, -la ted, -ting, -la ble, 

-la tive, -la tor, -to ry, -la'tion, 

cal'cu la ting-ma chined 
cal'cu lus, n., pi. -H, -cu lous, a. 
cal de'ra (-da'ra), cal dd'ri um, pi. 

-ri a. 

n6t, nor, use, up, lirn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bohmot, thus, BaCh. 




Cal de rd'rl. 

Entom. ca lig'u la, pi. -lae, 





cale can'non or cole-. 

cal i ol'o gy, -o log'ic al. 

cdleche' (-lash'). 

cal i pash' {or cal'-). 

Cal^e do'ni a, -ni an, C. brown. 

cal i pee' {or cal'-). 

ca led'o nite or cal'e-. 

cal'i pers. 

cal e fa'cient, -fac'tion, -fac'tive, 

Calip'olis, Shak., Henry IV. 

-fac'tor, -to ry. 

CaFi sa'ya bark. 

cal' em hour' (-boor^). 

Ca lis'ta, Rowe, Fair Penitent. 

cal'en dar, an almanac, a table 

cal' is the'ne um, -then'ic, -then'ics. 

of days, -dared (-derd), -daring. 

Ca lix'trne. 

-dar-clock, cal'ends, cal en dog'- 

calk or caulk (kawk), -ing, -er. 

ra pher, ca len'dric, -dric al. 

calked, calk'-swage, calk'ing- 

caren der, a smoothing machine, 

i^ron, -maFlet. 

-dered, -der ing, -en drer, cal'- 

call, -ing, -er, called, call'-bell, 

en der ing=rub^ber. 

-bird, -box, -boy, -but^ton, 

Cal'en der or Kal'-, a dervish. 

-chan^ges, -loan, -note. 

ca len'du lin. 

call'ing=crab, -dorp, -hare, -wire. 

cal'en ture. 


ca le sa (ka la' sa), -le sin (-la sen'). 

Cal la'6 {or -ya'o), t. Peru. 

ca les'cence. 

caVle (kal'ya or -la). 

calf, pi. calves (kavz), calf'kill, 

cal lig'ra phy, -ra phist, -ra pher. 


-li graph'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

calf'bone, -lick, -like, -love. 

cal'li mus, Mineral. Cal'li mus, 

-snout, -ward. 


calf's -foot, -head. 

Cal li'o pe. Myth, cal li'o pe, a 

Cai houn' (-hdon'), Amer. states- 

steam organ. 


cal'li op' sis. 

Cd'H or Kd'li (-le). 

calli thump'i an. 

cal'i a tour -wood (-tobr-). 

cal lo'sum, -lo'sal. 

Cal'iban, Shak., Tempest. 


cal'i ber or -bre, c. gage, c. rule. 

cal'lous, a., -ly, -ness, -beaked, 

c. square. 

cal los'i ty. 

cal i bo'gus. 


cal'i brate, -bra'ted, -ting, -bra'- 

cal'lus, n., pi. -li. 


calm, -er, -ly, -ness, -ing, -a tive. 


calmed, calm-belt, -latl tude. 

cali'che (-le'che or -cha). 

cal' muck, pi. -mucks. 

cal'i cle. 

cal'o mel. 

cal'i CO, -back, -bass, -bush, 

Cal'o phyl'lum. 

-print er, -print ing, -wood. 

calor'ic, -lor'iduct, -i fa'cient, -i- 

ca lic'u la, pi. -Ice, -u lar, -u late. 

fere, -i fi'ant, -i fi'cient (-fish'ent). 

cal'i da'ri um, pi. -ri a. 

-fi ca'tion, -i met'ric, -ric al, -al ly. 

Cal'i dore, Spenser, Faerie Qiieene. 

-i mo'tor, -cal'o ry, -o rie, -o rist. 

ca'lif or -liph, -ship. 

-o res'cence, -o ric'i ty, -o rif'ic. 

cal'i fate or -phate. 

-o rim'e ter, -e try, ca lor'ic par'- 

Call for'ni a, C. coffee, C. con'- 

a dox. 

dor, C. jack. 

ca lotte' or cal'lot, -lot'tist. 

cal'i ga, pi. -i gae (-je). 

cal'o type, -o ty'pist. 

cal'i ga'ted. 

ca loy'er {or cal'oy er). 

ca lig'ra phy. See calligraphy. 

cal'pac or -pack, -packed. 

Ca lig'u la, Rom. Emperor; 


fate, fS.t, far, fall, fire, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 




c3.1pe, Cal'pe, Entom. genus. 

cal te tep'on. 

ca lum'ba. 

ca lum'bin. 

cal'u met. 

ca lum'ni ate, -a ted, -a ting, 

-a tor, -to ry, -ni ous, -ous ly, 

-ous ness, -ni a'tion, cal'um ny. 
cal va'ri a, -ri an. 
Cal'va ry, cal-, a shrine. 
calve (kav), calved, calv'ing, 

calves' -snout, -tongue. 
Carvin, -ism, -ist, -is'tic, -tic al, 

-vin ize, -ized, -i''zing, -vin'i an. 
cal vi'ti es (-vish'I ez). 
calx, pi. -es or cal'ces (-sez). 
cal'y bite, 
cal y can'the mous, -can'the my, 

-y flo'rate, -flo'rous, ca lyc'i form 

(-lis'-), -i nal. 
cal'y cine, -y cle, -y cled (-kid). 
Cal y CO zo'a, caFy co zo'an, -zo'ic, 

ca lyc'u lar, -u late, -u lasted. 
ca lym'na. 

Ca lyp'so. Homer, Odyssey. 
ca lyp'to blas'tic, -to crin'id, -to- 

ca lyp'tra, -trate, -tri form, -tri- 

mor'phous, -tro gen. 
ca'lyx, pi. -es or cal'y ces (-sez), 

cal'y cate, -y cif'er ous, -y coid, 

-coid'e ous. 
calza'da (kal sa'tha or -thatha). 
cam, -cut'ter, -loom, -pump, -shaft, 

-wheel, -yoke, cam'wood. 
cd'md gon'. 
ca mail'. 
Ca mai'do li, -do lese' (-lez' or 

cd md lig (-leg'). 
cam'a ra, -wood. 
cam a rade rie' {or ka^ma raMe- 

cam aril' la {or -rel'ya). 
cd'md ron'. 

ca mau'rum, pi. -ra. 
Cam'ba lu, a city in Cathay. 
cam'ber, -bered, -ber ing, cam'- 

ber-keeled, -slip, -win'dow, 

cam'ber ing-ma chined 
cam'bi o, -bist, -bist ry. 

Cam bon (k6n'b6n'), Fr. revolu- 

cam'bra sine {or -zen). 

Cam'bri a, -bri an. 

cam'bric, -grass, -musiin. 

Cam'bro-Brit'on, -Si lu'ri an. 

cam bu'ca. 

Cam'bus can {or -can'), Chaucer, 
Squire's Tale. 

Camby'ses (-bi'sez), King of Persia. 

cam'el, -ry, -backed, -bird, 
-crick^et, -driv'er, -grass, =in^- 
sect, -lo^cust, -necked, camel's- 
hair, -thorn. 

Ca mel'li a {or -mel'ya), ca mel'- 

ca mel'D pard {or kam'e lo-). 

Cam'e lot, parish in Somersetshire. 

Ca me'ncE. 

cam'en es (-ez). 

cam'e o, pi. -os (-oz), -type. 

cam'e o-conch (-konk), -glass, 
-press, -shell, -ware. 

cam'e ra, pi. -ras (-raz), -lens, 
-stand, c. lu'ci da, c. ob scu'ra. 

cam^e ra lis'tic, -tics. 

cam e ra'ri us, pi. -ri i. 

cam'e rine. 

came ri te'lous. 

cam er lin'go. 

Cam e ro'ni an. 

ca mes'tres (-trez). 

Ca mil'la, Virgil, ^neid. 

Ca mille' (-mel'), Dumas. 

ca mi' no (-me'-). 


ca mi'sa (-me'-), ca mise' (-mes'). 

Cam'i sard (-zard). 

cam'i sole. 

cam'let, -ed, -een'. 

cam' ma ron. 

cam' mock. 

Cam'o ens. Port. poet. 

cam'o mile or cham'- (kam'-). 

Ca mor'ra, -mor'rism, -rist. 

ca mo'te (-ta). 

ca mou'flet (-moo'fla). 

camp, -ing, -er, -shed, -sheet, -sheef*- 
ing, -shot, camped, camp-ceiF- 
ing, -chair, -drill, -fight, -fire, 
-foFIow er, -ket^tle, -meet ing, 
-sheath'ing, -stool, -vin^e gar. 

Cam pa'gna (-pan'ya). 

not, n6r, use, iip, tirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, tiius, Badi. 



Candlemas 'bell 

cam' pa' gnol' (kan pa nyol'). 

cam' pa gus, pi. -gi (-ji). 

cam paign' (-pan'), -er, -ing. 

cam pa'na. 

cam pane', -paned'. 

cam' pa ne'ro (-na'ro). 

cam pan'i form, -pa nil'i form, 

-pan'u late, -pa nol'o gy, -o gist, 

cam pan u la'ri an. 
cam' pa ni'le (-ne'la), -pa nist. 
Camp'bellite (kam'elite or -bel-). 
Cam peach'y wood. 
Cam pe'che (-pa'cha), state and 

bay Mex. 
cam pes'tral, -tri an. 
cam'phene {or -fen'), a substance 

resembling camphor, -phi lene. 
cam phine' (-fen'), rectified oil. 
cam'pho gen. 
cam'phor, -phorate, -a'' ted, -phyl, 

-phol, -phol'ic, -phor'ic, -pho- 

ra'ceous, -pho ron'ic. 
cam'phor-lau^rel, -oil, -tree, 

-wood, -wood oil. 
cam pi' Ian (-pe'-). 
cam'pi on. 
cam'po, pi. -pos (-poz), -po de'- 

i form, -po'de oid. 
cam poi'. 

camp te'ri um, pi. -ri a. 
camp'to drome, cam'py lo drome'. 
cam'py lite. 
cam''py lom'e ter. 
cam'py lo sper'mous, -lot'ro- 

can, -ning, -ful, canned, can- 

bot'tle, -buoy, -cart, -frame, 

-hook, -o'pen er, -rov ing, -soF- 

der ing. 
ca'na, a measure ; Ca'na, Bib. 
Ca'naan (-n§,n), Bib., -ite, -i tish. 
ca na' da (kan ya'da), a small 

ca na'da, a liquid measure. 
Can'a da, Geog., C. bal'sam, C. 

Ca na'di an, C. em broid'er y. 
ca nai'gre (-ger). 
ca naille' (-nal'). 
Can'a jo hir'ie, t. N. Y. 
can'a jong. 
ca nal', can a lie' u lar, -u late, 

-u la ted, -u lus, -u It, -a lifer ous, 
ca nal i ros'trate. 
ca nal'=boat, -lift, =lock. 
ca nal'ize, -ized, -i zing, 
ca nam'. 

Cdn'an dai'gua, t. N. Y. 
ca nard' {or -nar'). 
can'a rin or -rine. 
ca na'ry, -bird, 'creep'er, -finch, 
-grass, -moss, -seed, -stone, 
-weed, -wood. 
' ca nas'ter. 
; can a til'lo (-tel'yo). 
! can' can. 

can'cel, -celed or -celled, -eel ing 
j or -eel ling, -eel lous, -eel late, 
I -la ted, -la'tion. 
I can'cel ing=press, -stamp. 
can cel'li. 

Can'cer, Astron.; Zool.; Geog. 
can'cer, -cer ate, -eer ous, -ous ly, 
-ous ness, -cer ite, -cer a'tion, 
can'cer root, -weed, -wort. 
can'cer=band age, -cell, -juice, 

can'crid, -cri form, -crine, -cri- 
so'cial, -cri zans, -croid, -croid'e- 
an, -croph'a gous, -criv'o rous. 
can'crum, pL -era. 

can' da ce. Bib. 
can'da reen'. 

can de la'brum, pi. -bra or 
I -brums. 
i can'de ros. 

can des'cence, -des'cent. 
j can'did, -ly, -ness. 
I can'di date, -ship, -da cy, -da- 
ting, -da ture. 
Cah'dide' (-ded'), Voltaire. 
can diV (-del'). 
I Can'di ot or -ote. 
can di teer'. 
can'dle, -ber ry, -nut, -stick, 

can'dle -bal'ance, -beam, -bearer, 
-bomb, -case, -coal, -dip'ping, 
-end, -fir, -fish, -flame, -fly, 
-hold'er, -light, -mine, -mold, 
-pow er, -rush, -tree, -wast er, 
-wick, -myr'tle, -tree. 
Can'dle mas, -bell. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 





can'ni kin. 



can 'dor. 

can'non, pi. -nons or -non, -non- 


ade', -non eer', -eer'ing, -non ry. 


can'non-ball, -bit, -bone, -cast- 

can'dy, -ing, -tuft, -died, can'dy, 

ing, -lock, -met^al, -pin'ion, 

a weight. 

-proof, -range, -shot, -stove. 

can'dy 'puU, -pull ing, -su gar. 


cane, caned, can'ing, -y. 

can'nu la, -lar, -late, -la ted. 

cane'^bor'er, -brake, -corored. 

-la ting. 

-har^vest er, -hole, -juice, -kill- 

can'ny or -nie, -ni ly, -ni ness. 

er, -knife, -mill, -rush, -polish- 

ca noe' (-noo'), -noe'ing, -noe'ist. 

ing, -press, -scrapper, -splif'ter. 

-noe'man, -wood, -birch, «ce dar. 

-strip'per, -su^gar, -trash, -work'- 

can'on, -ess, -ist, -is'tic, -ize, 

ing, c. gun. 

-ized, -i zing, -i za'tion, -ic'i ty, 

ca nel'la, -wood. Ca nel'la, Bot. 

-on ry, -ship, ca non'ic, -ic al. 


-al ly, -al ness, -ic als, -i cate. 

ca nelle' -brown. 

can'on, or can'yon (-yun), can on- 

Ca neph'o rus, masc, pi. -ri, 

ci'to (-yun se'to), can'on-wren. 

-0 ra, fern., pi. -ra, can'e phore. 

ca non'i zant. 

ca nes'cence, -nes'cent. 

Ca no'pus, Egyp. god of water; a 



ca nette'. 

can'o py, pi. -pies, -pied, -py ing. 

can'e va. 

ca no'rae, -rous, -rous ness, -rous ly. 

can'field ite. 

cant, -ed, -ing, cant'-block, 


=board, -bod y, -chis el, -dog. 

can'gan or kan'-. 

-fall, -file, -frarnes, -hook. 

cangue (kang). 

-mold^ing, -piece, -pur^chase. 

Ca nic'u la or can'i cule, ca nic'- 

-rail, -rob^in, -spar, -tim'ber. 

u lar. 

cant'ing-coin, -wheel. 

ca nine', -ni'nal, -nin'i form, -nin'- 

can't, shortened form of cannot. 

i ty. 


can'ion (-yun). 

can td'hile (-be la). 

Ca'nis, C. Ma'jor, C. Mi'nor. 

Can ta'bri an. 

can'is ter, -shot. 

Can'ta brig'i an (-brij'-). 

ca ni'ti es (-nish'i ez). 

can'ta lev^er or -ti-. 

can' jar. 

can'ta loup or -loupe or -leup 

can'ker, -ing, -ous, -y, -kerber'ry. 


-root, -weed, -kered. 

can tan'ker ous, -ly, -ness, -os'i ty. 

can'ker-bird, -bit, -bloom, -blos^- 

can'tar, -ta'ro. 

som, -dort, -fly, -nail, -rash, 

can'ta ra. 


can td'td. 

can'na, a grass; a measure; Can'- 

Can td'te. 

na, Bot. and Entom. genus. 

can'ta trice (-tres) or -tri'ce {or 

Can'ne (-na), t. It. 

kan'ta tre'cha). 

c3.nne (kan), a measure. 

can teen'. 

can'nel, -coal. 

can'ter, -ing, -tered. 

can'nel la ted, -ne lure, -lured. 

Can'terbury, C. gal'lop, C. tale. 

can'ne quin (-kin). 

can'ter bur y, a stand for holding 

can'ner, -y. 

music; -bell, a plant. 

Cannes (kan), t. Fr. 

Can'tha ris, pi. -thar'i des (-dez), 

can'ni bal, -bal ly, -bal ism. 

can thar'i dal, -i din, -tha rid'- 

-ba lis'tic. 

i an, -rid'ic. 

n6t, nor, use, iip, (irn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




can'tha rus, pi. -rt. 

can'tho plas ty, -plas'tic. 

can'thusy pi. -thl, -thi'tis. 

can'ti cle. 

can'ti coy. 

can'ti cum, pi. -ca. 

can'ti le'na. 

can'til late, -la ted, -til la to ry, 

can'ti niere' (kan^'ten yar'). 
can ti'no (-te'-). 
can'to, pi. -tos (-toz), can' to 

fer'mo, c. fig u ra'to (fig 6b ra'to) . 
Can ton', c. China. Can'ton, c. 

O.; tp. Ct. Can'ton crape, C. 

flan nel. 
can'ton, a dist. in Switz. or Fr., 

-ment, -ize, -ized, -i zing, -toned. 
can to ne' (-na'). 
can'ton ite. 
can tODn'. 

can'tor, -tor al, -to'ris. 
can'trap or -trip. 

Canuck' or Ka-. 
can'ula, -lar, -la ted. 
ca nute'. 

ca nu til'lo {-nab tel'yo). 
can'vas, w., a strong, heavy fabric; 

a., made of canvas; v., to cover 

with canvas, can'vased or 

-vassed, -vas ing or -vas sing, 

can'vas »cut ter, -stretch er, -work, 

can'vas back. 
can'vass, n., solicitation; official 

scrutiny; v., to solicit trade or 

votes, -vassed, -vassing, -vass- 

can zo'ne or -zo'na (kan tso'na or 

-na), can'zo net' or -nette'. 
ca ouane' or -ouanne' (kawan'). 
caout'chin or -chine or -chene 

(kOT)'-), -choucin or -cine (koo'- 

choo sin). 
caout'chouc (-ch^k). 
cap, -ping, -ful, -peak, -stone, 

capped, cap=pa per, -piece, -pot, 

-pud ding, -rock, -screw, -scut- 

tle, -sheaf, -shore, -sill, -square, 

ca'pa ble, -ble ness, -pa bly, -bil'- 

capa'cious (-shus), -ly, -ness. 
ca pac'i ty, -i tate, -ta' ted, -ta'' ting. 
cap a pie'. 

capar'ison, -ing, -soned (-sund). 
ca pdr'ra or -re (-ra) or -ro. 
cape, caped, cap'ing, cape'net. 

cape' a dor' (kapa'athor' or -a'dor). 
Cape Agul'has (agoDl'yas), Afr. 
Cape Brgt'on {or brit'-), isl. N. S. 
Cape Ca to'che (-cha), Yucatan. 
Cape C6m'o rin, India. 
Cape Fin is tere' or -terre' (fe nes- 

tar'), headland Fr. 
Cape GSs'pe {or gas pa'), head- 
land, Can. 
Cape Gra'ci as-a-Di'os (gra'se as- 

a-de'6s), Cent. Amer. 
Cape Guardafui (gwarMa fwe'), 

ca'pfil or -pie. 

cape'lin {or kap'elin) or cip'e Ian. 
ca'pe line' (ka'pe len') or c3.p' el line. 
ca pel'la. 
ca pel'le (-la). 
cap'el let. 

ca pel li'na (ka pel ye'na). 
cd pell' ntels' ter. 
ca'p^r, -ing, -pered, ca'per-weed, 

-ber ry, -bush, -cut ting, -plant, 

-sauce, -spurge, -tea, -tree. 
Ca per'na um, -na ite, -it'ic, -ic al, 

-al ly. 
Cape San Juan (-hoo an' or sSn 

ju'an), Porto Rico. 
Ca pe'tian. 
Cape Traf al gar', Sp. 
cap e u'na (-e oo'-). 
caph or kaph (kif). 
ca'pi as. 

ca''pi ba'ra (-pe-). 
cap'idgi (-ji). 
cap'il laire'. 
cap^il la rim'e ter. 
cap'il la ry {or -pil'-), -la ri ness, 

-lar'i ty, ca pil'li, -li fo'li ous, -li- 

form, -li'ti um (-llsh'i um), pi. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note, 




-urns or -a, cap'il lose (-los), 



Cap'si cum, cap'si cin or -dne. 

cap'i rote. 

cap size', -sized, -siz'ing. 

ca pis' (rum, pi. -tra, ca pis'trate. 

cap'stan, -bar, -barrel, -swifter. 

cap'i tal, -ist, -is'tic, -ism, -tal ly. 


cap'i tal ize, -ized, -i zing, -i za'- 

cap'sule, -su lar, -la ry, -late, 


-la ted, -suled, -su hf'er ous, 

ca pi tan'^pa sha' or -cha' (ka^- 

-lig'er ous (-lij'-), -lot'o my, 

pe tan'=pa sha'). 

-su li'tis. 

cap'i tate, -ta'tim, -ta'tion. 

cap'tain, -cy, -ship. 

cap i td'tum, pi. -ta. 

cap'tain-gen'er al, -gen'er al cy, 

cap'i te. 

-pa sha', cap'tain cy-gen'er al. 

cap i tel'late, -lar, -li form. 


cap i tel'liim, pi. -la. 

cap'tious, -ly, -ness. 

cap'i tol, -to'li an, -to line. 

cap'ti vate, -va ted, -va ting. 

cap'i to ped'al. 

-ting ly, -va'tion. 

ca pit'u late, -la ted, -ting, -tor. 

cap'tive, -tiv'i ty. 

-to ry, -la'tion. 

cap'ture, -tured, -tur ing, -tur a- 

ca pit'u lum, pi. -la, -pit'u lar. 

ble, -tor, -to'ri al. 

-lar ly, -la ry, -u li form. 

Cap'u an. 

capi'vi (-pe've). 

Cap u chin (-u sheen' or cap'u- 

Cap noi'des (-dez). 

chin), a member of a religious 

cap'no man cy. 

order, cap u chin, a pigeon; 


a monkev; a crow; a cloak or 

ca'pon, -ize, -ized, -i zing, ca'- 


pon's-fSath er. 

cap'u cine. 

cap niere' or -on niere' (-ner'). 

cap'u let. 

ca pot', -ted, -ting. 

cap'u lin. 

cd'po las' to. 

ca'put {or cap'-), pi. cap'i ta. 

ca pote'. 

ca pu'ti um (-shI um), pi. -ti a 

ca pouch' (-pooch'). 

(-shI a). 

cap'pa dine. 

ca'py ba'ra. 


car, -ax le, -bas ket, -brake, -buf- 


fer, -bump er, -coup Hng, -driv- 

ca pre'o lus, pi. -It, -o line (or 

er, -heat er, -horse, -in'di ca tor. 

cap'-), cap're o late, -o lar, -o la- 

-jack, -lamp, -lan'tern, -load, 

ry, cap'ric, ca pro'ic. 

-lounge, -tan gle, -re plac'er, 

Ca'pri (-pre), isl. Bay of Naples. 

-seal, -seat, -spring, -stand''ard, 

ca pric'cio (ka pret'cho), -cio'so 

-stake, -starf'er, -stove, -swaF- 


low, -track, -truck, -truss. 

ca price' (-pres') -pri'cious 

-wheel, -win'dow. 

(-prish'us), -ly, -ness. 

cd^rd bd'o. 

Cap'ri corn, A sir on., cap'ri corn. 

car'a bid. 

cap'ri fig, -ri fi'cus. 

car'a boid. 

cap'ri fS'li um, -fo'li a'ceous, -ri- 

car'a cal. 


c^r a car'a (or ca^ra ca'ra). 

cap'ri form, ca prig'e nous (-prij'-). 

Cara'cas, dist. Venez. 

cap'rine, -ri ped. 

Car ac cesque' or Car rac- (ka- 

cap'ri fy, -fy ing, -fied,* -fi cate. 

ra chesk'). 

-fi ca'tion. 

cSr'ack or cSr'rack. 

cap'ri ole. 

C^r'a cole, en car a cole' (ah^ ka'- 

cap'ri zant. 


cap'ro ate. 

car'a col'y or -col I. 

n6t, n6r, use, up, iirn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, tilus, Badi. 




cir'a core or -co'ra. 

car cha ri'nus (-ka-), car char'o- 

carafe' or -raffe'. 

dont (-kar'-). 

car a i' pi (kar a e'pe) or ca rai'- 

car che'si um (-ke-). 

pi (-pe). 

car^ci nol'o gy, -ogist, -nolog'ical, 

cir a ja'ra or -ju'ra. 


caram'ba, -ram'bo la (or -bo'la). 

car ci no'ma, pi. -ma ta, -nom'a- 

cdr'a mel, -ize, -ized, -i zing, 


-1 za'tion. 

car'ci nus, pi. -ni, -ci no' sis, -ci no- 

car'a mote. 


cd rang'. 

card, -ed, -er, -ing, -i form. 

c^r'ap, =oil, »wood. 

-board, -bas ket, -case, -cloth- 

Car'a pa. 

ing, -cut ter, -grind er, -mak er. 

cir'a pace, -a pax, -pa'cial. 

-match, -par ty, -play er, -rack, 

ca rd'po. 

-press, -print ing, -set ting, 

car'at or kSr'-. 

-sharp er, -ta ble, -tray, c. 

ca rau'na or -ran'na. 

cat a ogue, card'ing -engine, -ma- 

cSlt'sl van (or -van'), -eer', -van'- 


sa ry. 

Car'da mine {or -dam'i ne or 

c^r'a vel. 

-da mi'ne). 

cir'a way. 

car'da mom. 

car'bid or -bide, -bi mJde. 

car dan'ic. 

car'bine, -bi neer', car'bine- 



car'de naV . 

car'bi nol. 

car'der, a jackdaw, card'er, one 

car^bo hy'drate, -hy'dride, -hy'- 

who cards, car'der-bee. 


car'di a, -di ac, -dl'ac al, car'di ac- 

car'bol'ize, -ized, -i zing, -bo la- 

pul mon'ic. 

ted, -bo lu'ri a, -bol'ic. 

car'di al'gi a, -di al'gy {or car'-) 

car'bon, -ate, -a ted, -ide, -bo na'- 

-di a nas'tro phe, -di asth'ma 

ceous, -bon'ic, -if er ous, -ize. 

(-ast- or -as'-), -di a tro'phi a, 

-ized, -i zing, -i zer, -i za'tion. 

-di ec'ta sis. 

-o hy'drous, -om'e ter, car'bo- 

car'di gan, c. jack et. 

nous, -bon yl. 

car'di id. 

car'bon=black, -bronze, -but ton. 

car'di nal, -ate, -ist, -ize, -ized, 

-paper, -point, -print, -printing, 

-ship, -bird, -fish, -flow'er, -red. 

car'bon i zing-fur nace, -i za'- 

car'di oid, -di om'e try. 


carMi in hib'i to ry, -di ol'o gy, 

Car bo na'ro, pi. -ri, -na'rism. 

-di o ma la'ci a (-shI a), -di o- 

ca/bo fie'ro (-na'-»). 

pal'mus, -o per i car^di'tis, 

car^bo run'dum. 

-o pneu mat'ic (-o nu-), -o pul'- 


mo na ry, -o py lor'ic, -o rhex'is. 

car'bun cle, -bun cled (-kid). 

-o sphyg'mo graph, -o ste no'sis, 

-bun'cu lar, -cu late, -cu la'tion. 

-ot'o my, -ot'ro mus, car dl'tis. 

car'bu ret, -ed or -ted, -ret ing 

car' do, pi. -di nes (-nez). 

or -ret ting, -ret er or -ret or. 

car doon'. 

car'bu rize, -rized, -ri zing, -ri za'- 

care, -ful, -ful ly, -lul ness, -less, 

tion, -rom'e ter. 

-less ness, -less ly, -tak er, cared, 

car'ca jou (-joo). 

car'ing, care'-crazed, -kill ing. 

car'ca net. 

-lined, -tuned, -worn. Care Sun- 

car'cass or -case. 


Car ca vel'hos (kar^ka val'yos). 

ca reen', -ing, -age, -reened'. 

Car eel' lamp. 

ca reer', -ing, -reered'. 

car'ce rule, -cer'u lar. 

ca ress', -ing, -ing ly, -ressed'. 

fate, fat, far, f§,ll, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, in, note, 




ca'ret {or car'et), a printer's 

car'ni val, -val esque' (-esk). 


Car niv'o ra, car'ni vore, -niv'o- 

car 'go, pi. -goes, -block, -book. 

rous, -rous ly, -rous ness, -o ral, 

car'goDse, pi. -geese. 

-niv'o rac'i ty. 

c&r'i a ecu (-koo) or ciir'ja cou. 

car nos'i ty, car' nous or -nose' 

cd'ri a' ma or fa rf- (sa''re-). 


Car'ib or -ib bee, -ib be'an. 

Car'not' (-no'), Hippolyte Lazare, 

car'i he {or ka're'ba). 

Fr. writer; Marie Francois Sadi, 

zkr'x bou or -boo (-boo). 

Pres. Fr. 

car'i ca ture, -tured, -tur ing, 


-tu''rist, car'i ca ture-plant. 

cir'ob, -bean. 

car'i cJn or -cine. 

car'ol, -died or -oiled, -ol ing or 

car i cog'ra phy, -col'o gy, -o gist. 

-ol Hng, -ol er. 

car'i ecus. 

car'o la. 

ca'ri es (-ez). 

car'o lin, a coin. 

cir'il Ion. 

Cir'o li'na, C. bark, C. pink, 

ca ri'na, pi. -nee, -ri'nal, -rin'i- 

Car o lin'i an. 

form, -ri^no lat'er al. 

car lit'ic or -lyt'-. 

cSr'i nate, -na ted. 

Car'o lus, pi. -lus es or -h. 

car'i ole. 

car'om or car'rom. 

ca'ri ous, -ness, -ri os'i ty. 

Ca ron'de let (-la), tp. Mo. 

cark, -ing. 

car tel' or -teel'. 

carl, -cat, -crab, -hemp. 

ca rot'id, -id al, -i co tym pan'ic, 


ca ro'tis, pi. -rot'i des (-dez). 


ca rotle'. 

car'line {or -lln). 

ca rouse', -roused', -rous'ing, -ing- 

carli'no (-le'). 

ly, -rous'er, -rous'al. 

Carlisle' (-lil'). Sir Anthony, Eng. 

carp, -ing, carped, carp' -bream, 

surgeon, John G., Amer. states- 

-suck er. 


car pa de'Ii um, pi. -li a. 

Carl'ist, -ism. 

car'pal, c. an gle. 


car pd'le, pi. -li a. 
Car pa'thi an. 

Car lo vin'gi an. 

Carls'bad twins (-bat). 

car'pe di'etn. 

Car lyle', -Iv'li an or -ly'le an. 

car'pel, -pel la ry. 

-ly lese', -lyVism (-111-). 

car'pen ter, -ing, -pen try, car'- 

car'ma'gnole' (kar ma nyol'). 

pen ter-ant, -bee, -bird, -moth, 

Car'mel ite, -mel in. 


car'min ate, -mi na ted, -min'a- 

car'pet, -ed, -ing, -less, -bag, 

tive, -min'ic. 

-bag^ger, -mon^ger, -weed. 

car'mine {or -mine), -min'ic. 

car'pet -heather, -bed'ding, -bee- 

car' mot. 

tle, -broom, -brush, -clean er. 


-dance, -fastener (-n-), -friend, 

car'nal, -ly, -ism, -ist, -ize, -ized, 

-knight, -hn ing, -loom, -moth, 

-i zing, -nal'i ty, car'nate, -ne- 

-rod, -sew er (-so-), -snake. 

ons, -nic, car'nal -mind^ed, -mind^- 

-strain er, -stretch er, -sweep er, 

ed ness. 

-tack, -thread, -worst ed. 

car na'tion, -na'tioned, car na'- 

car phol'o gy. 

tion -grass. 

car'pid, -pid'i um, pi. -i a. 

car nau'ba (-non'- or -na oo'-). 

car pin'cho. 

car nel'ian or cor-. 

car' pin te'ro (-pen ta'-). 

car'ni jex. 

car po hql'sa mum. 

car'ni fy, -fied, -fy ing, -ft ca'tion. 

Car'po cra'tian. 

not, nor, use, up, (irn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




car pol'o gy, -o gist, -po log'ic al, 

Car taph'i lus, the Wandering 

-po lite. 


car'po md'ni a. 

car'ta ret. 

car^po met a car'pal, -po ped'al. 

car ter {or car'-), -ship. 

car'po phore, -po phyl, -po phyte. 

Car te'sian (-zhan), -ism. 

car pop'o dite, -dit'ic. 

Car tha gin'i an. 

car'po spore, -spor'ic, -po stome, 

car'tha min or -mine, -tham'ic. 

-po sperm. 

Car thu'sian (-zha?n). 

car' pus, pi. -pi. 

Car^tier' (-tya'), Fr. nav. 

car quaise' (-kaz'). 

car'ti lage, -lag'i nous (-laj'-). 


-i noid, -la gin'e ous, -gin''i fi- 

c3.r'rageen or -rha- or -ri- (-gen). 


Carra'ra, c. It. 


Car ras'co, Cervantes. 

car tog'ra phy, -ra pher, -to- 

car re' (ka ra'). 

graph'ic, -ic al ly. 

carreau', pi. -reaux' (-ro', -r5z'). 

car'to man'cy. 


car'ton, car ton' -pate' (-pat'), 

cdr'rel age {or kar^re lazh'). 

-pierre (-pyare'). 

car re'ta (-ra'-). 

car'ton nage {or -nazh'). 

car' re ton' (-ra-). 

car toon', -ist. 

cir'riage, -a ble, -way, -bolt, 

car touch' or -touche' (-toosh' or 

-brake, -bridge, -coup ling, -free. 

-tdoch'), pi. -es (-ez). 

-guard, -jack, -lock, -piece. 

car'tridge, -bag, -belt, -block. 

-shac'kle, -spring, -top, -wheel. 

-box, -cap per, -case, -fill er, 

C^r'rick, -bend, -bitt or -bitts. 

-gage, -load er, -pa per, -pouch, 

C&r'ri on, -bee^tle, -buz'zard, -crow. 

-primmer, -re tracf'or, -wire. 

-feed^er, -flow'er, -hawk, -vuF- 

car'tu la ry, pi. -ries. 


cir'u cate or -ru-. 


ca run'cu la, -cu lar, -cu lous, -cu- 


late, la''ted, car'un cle. 

car roc'cio (-rSt'cho), pi. -roc'ci 


(-rSt'che), c^r'roch. 

ca ru'to. 

car'roU ite. 


car ron ade'. 

carve, carved, carv'ing, -er. 


car'vel, -built, -joint, -work. 

cir roon'. 

carv'ing-chis el, -fork, -knife. 

c&r'rot, -y, -i ness, -tree. 

-lathe, -ma chine^ =ta ble. 

car'rou sel (-roo zel) or car'ou sal 

ckr'y at'id, -at'ic, -at'i des (-dez). 

or -sel. 

-i de'an. 


c&r'y in or -Ine. 

c&r'rub, a fish. 

cir'y phyl la'ceous (-shus). 

cir'ry, -ing, -all, -ri a ble, -ri er, 

-y oph'yl lous, -yl Un {or -6 fil'-). 


cir'y op'sis. 

car sack'ie. 

cd'sa {or ka'-), -sal. 



cart, -ed, -ing, -age, -er, -ful, 

cas'ca bel. 

-man, -way, -wright, -bod y, 

cas cade'. 

-bote, -horse, -jade, -lad der, 

cds cdl'ho (-yo). 

-load, -sad die, -tail. 

cas can' or -cane'. 

Cartage'na (-je'-) or -tha-, c. Sp.; 

cas'ca ra. 

c. Colom. 

cas^ca ril'la, c. bark. 

carte, 'de-vi site' (-da-ve zet'), pi. 

cas'chrom (-krom). 

cartes-, c. blanche' (blansh'). 

cds'co {or cas-). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 




case, -man, -weed, cased, cas'ing, 

case=bay, ■-bear er, -bear ing, 
'bind ing, =bot tie, »char, -end- 
ing, =hard en, -hard ened, -knife, 
-lock, -mak er, -pa per, -rack, 
-shot, -work, -worm. 

ca'se ate, -se a ted, -a ting, -a'tion, 
-se fied, -se ic, -se in or -ine, 
-in'o gen, -se ous, -ose, -se um. 

Ca sel'la, Dante. 

case'mate, -malted, case'mate- 
car riage, -gun, -truck. 

case'ment, -ment ed. 

ca'sern (-zern or -zern'). 

cash, -ing, cashed, cash' -book, 
-box, -boy, -car ri er, -cred it, 
-day, =girl, -keep er, -note, c. 


ca shew', -bird, -nut, -tree. 

cash ier', -ier'er. 

cash'mere, c. shawl, cash' me- 

Cash me'ri an. 

ca si' no (-se'-). 

cask, c^s'ket. 

casque (cask), a helmet. 

Cas sa gnac', de (de ka''san'yak'), 
Fr. journalist. 

cas'sa reep or -si reepe. 

cas sa'tion. 

cas sa'va, -wood. 

cas se'na, a plant. 

casse'=pa''per or cas'se-, 'tete 

cas'se role, -fish. 

cas sette'. 

Cas'sia (cash'a), Bot. genus, -bark, 
-buds, -lig^ne a, -oil, ^pulp, 

cas'si can. 

cas sid'e ous. 

cas'si mere. 

cas sine' (-sen'). 

cas si nette'. 

Cas sin'i an, C. o'val. 

cas'si noid. 

Cas'si o (kash'io), Shak., Othello. 

cas'si o ber'ry (kas'-). 

Cas^si o pe'ia (-ya). 

Cas'si us Lon gi'nus (kash'e us 
Ion jl'nus), Rom. patriot. 

cas'sius (kash'yus or kas'-), a pig- 

cas'sock, -socked. 

cas' so lette {or -lette'). 

cas'^son ade'. 

cas soon'. 

cas soum'ba (-sdom'-). 

cas'so wa ry. 

cas^'su mu'nar, -mu'ni ar. 

cast, -ing, -er, -gate, -i ron, a., 
-net, -off, a., -steel, a., cast'- 
i ron, n., c. knit ting, c. shad ow, 
c. steel, n. 

cas'ta'gnole' (kas tan yol'). 

Cas ta'li a, a fountain. Myth., 
Cas ta'li an, Myth., Cas td'li a, 
Zool. and Entom. genus. 

Cas ta'ne a. 

cas ta'ne ous. 

cas'ta net, -nets. 

cast'a way. 


cas'tel Ian, -tel la ny, -lar, -let, 
-la ted, -la'tion. 

Cas tel lane', de (de kas'teFlan'), 
Fr. marshal. 

cas'ter, -wheel. 

cas'ti gate, -ga ted, -ga ting, -ga- 
tor, -to' ry, -ga'tion. 

Cas ti glio'ne (kas tel yo'na), t. It. 

Cas tile' (kas tel'), prov. Sp. 

cas'tile soap (-tel or -tel'). 

Cas til'ian (-yan). 

cast'ing-bot tie, -box, -glass, 
-la die, -net, -pit, -pot, -press, 
-slab, -ta ble, -weight, c. vote. 

c^s'tle (kas'l), -tied (-Id), -tling, 
-tlet, -tie ry. 

cis'tle wick, -wise, -build er, 
-guard -stead, -town, -ward. 

cas'tor, a beaver; a hat; a kind 
of cloth, cast'or, a small wheel. 
Cas'tor, Zool. genus. 

Cas'tor and Pol'lux. 

cas'tor-bean, -oil. 

cas'to rin or -rine. 

cas^tra me ta'tion. 

cas'trate, -tra ted, -tra ting, -tra'- 
tion, -tra'to. 

cas'trum, pi. -tra, -tren'sial, -tren'- 

cas'u al (kazh'-), -ism, -ist, -ly, 
-ness, -ty. 

not, nor, use, iip, urn, etiide, food, fd&t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




cas'u ist (kazh'-), -ist ry, -is'tic, 
-tic al, -tics. 

cas'u la. 

ca'sus hel'li. 

cat, -bird, -bill, -brain, -bri er, 
-call, -fish, -gut, -head, v., -like, 
-mint, -nip, -nut, -skin, -stitch, 
-tail, a plant. 

cat'=back, =beam, =block, =boat, 
=cas tie, =chop, =eyed, =foot ed, 
=fall, -gold, -hammed, =har pin, 
«haws, -head, n., -hole, -hook, 
-ice, =lap, -nap, -owl, -pipe, 
-rake, -raked, -rig, -rigged, 
-rope, -rush, -salt, -shark, -sil- 
ver, -squir rel, -stane, -stick, 
-stop per, -tac kle, -thrash er. 

cat's-brains, -claw, -era die, -ear, 
-eye, -foot, -head, -milk, -purr, 
-tail, cat-in-clo ver, cat-o'- 
moun tain, cat=o' -nine-tails. 

ca tab' a sis, pi. -ses (-sez). 

cat^a bi ot'ic. 

ca tab'o lism, cat a bol'ic. 

cat^a caus'tic. 

cafa chre'sis (-kre'-), pi. -ses 
(-sez), -chres'tic, -tic al, -al ly. 

cat ach thon'ic (kat ak-). 

cat^a cli'nal. 

cat'a clysm (-kllzm), -clys'mal, 
-mic, -mist, -a clasm, -a clas'tic. 

cat'a comb (-kom). 

cat^a CO rol'la. 

cat''a cous'tics (or -koos'-). 

cat a crot'ic, ca tac'ro tism. 

cat^a di op'tric, -trie al, -tries. 

cat'a drome, ca tad'ro mous. 

cat'a falque' (-falk). 

cat^ag mafic, -ic al. 

Cat'a Ian. 

cat a lec'tic, -lec'ti cant. 

cat'a lep sy, -sis, -lep'tic, -ti form, 
-lep'tize, -tized, -ti zing, -lep'- 

cat a I ex' is. 

ca'ta li ne'ta (ka ta le na'ta). 

cat al lac'tics. 

cat'a logue, -logued, -logu er, 
-logu ing (-logging). 

Cat a lo'ni an. 

ca tai'pa. 

ca tal'y sis, pi. -y ses (-sez), 
cat^a lyt'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

cat a lys'o type, 
cat^a ma ran'. 

cat a me'ni a, -ni al. 

cat'a mite. 

cat'a mount. 

cat a pan'. 

cat'a pasm. 

cat^a pet'al ous. 

cat a pha'si a (-zhi a). 

cat'a phebe (-feb). 

cat^a phon'ic, -ics. 

cat a phor'ic, -a pho re' sis. 

cat'a phract, -ed, -phrac'tic. 

cat a phyl'lum, pi. -la. 

cat a phys'ic, -ic al. 

ca tap' la sis. 

cat'a plasm. 

cat'a plex y. 

cat'a piilt, -pul'tic, -pul tier'. 

cat'a ract, -for'ceps, -knife, -nee'- 

dle, -spoon. 
ca tarrh' (-tar'), -tarrh'al, -ous, 

cat'ar rhJne {or -rin). 
cafa sar'ca. 
cafa stai'tic. 
ca tas'ta sis, cat a stat'ic. 
ca tas'ter ism. 
ca tas'to mid, -to moid. 
ca tas'tro phe, -tro phism, -tro- 

phist, cat^a stroph'ic. 
Ca taw'ba. 
citch, -er, -ing, -a ble, -y, -all, 

-pen ny, -poll, -wa ter, -weed, 

-word, -work. 
catch' -bar, -basin (-ba'sn), -bolt, 

-club, -drain, =feed''er, -fly, -hd6k, 

-land, -lev^er (or -leaver), -line, 

-match, -mead ow, -weight, 

catch'up or ketch'up or cat'sup. 
cat e chef ic (-ket'-), -ic al, -al ly, 

cafe chin or -chine (-chin). 
cafe chize or -chise (-kiz), 

-chized, -chi zing, -chi zer, 

-chl za'tion, -chist, -chism, -chis'- 

tic, -tic al, -al ly, -chis'mal. 
cafe chol (-kol or -chol). 
cafe chu (-choo or -ku), -chu'ic, 

cat e chu'men (-ku'-), -men al, 

-men ate, -men ist, -men'ic al. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, Ice, in, note, 




cafe go rem, -go re' ma, pi. -ma ta, 

caftle, -men, -beet, -bell, -cab- 

-gor e mafic, -ic al, -al ly. 

bage, =chain, -farm, -feed er. 

cafe go ry, -go rist, -gof ic al, 

=guard, -h6r on, -lead er, =louse. 

-al ly, -al ness, -gor i za'tion. 

=mar ket, -mark ing, ^pen, 

cat e lec'trode, -tro ton'ic, -trot'- 

-plague, -pump, -ranch, -range, 


-run, -show, -stall, -tie, -trade, 

ca te'na, pi. -nee, cafe nate, -na ted. 


-na ting, -na'tion. 


ca ten'u late. 

Cau ca'sian (-shan or -cash'yan). 

ca'ter, -ing, -er, -ess, -tered, 

cau'cus, -er, -ing or -sing, -cused 

ca'ter=cof nered {or c3.t'er=), 

or -cussed. 

=cous in (=kuz n), -cous in ship. 

cqu'da, pi. -dcB, -dad, -dal, -dal ly, 

cif er pil lar, =catch'er, »eaf er, 

-date, -da ted, -da'tal, -dex, pi. 

-fun^gus, =hunfer. 

-dex'es or -di ces' (-sez), -di cle, 

caf er waul, -ing, -wauled. 

-dic'u la, -di trunk, -do tib'i al, 


-i a'lis. 

Cath'a rl, -rism, -ris'tic. 

cau'dle, -died, -dling, cau'dle-cup, 

cath'a rlne=wheel or -e rine-. 

Cau'dle lec^ture. 

Cath'a rist. 

cauf, -ward. 

cath'a rize, -rized, -ri zing, -rism. 


ca thar'ma. 

cauk, -er, -ing, -y. 

ca thar'sis, -thaf tate, -tic, -tic al, 


-al ly, -al ness, -tin, -to gen'ic. 


-to man'nit. 

cau'li cle, -li cole, -li cule, -lic'o- 

Ca thay'. 

lous, -lifer ous, -lig'e nous (-lij'-), 

cath'e dra {or ka the'), -the'dral, 

cau'li form, -li na ry, -line. 


cau'li flow^er. 

cath e ref ic. 

caulk (kawk). See calk. 

cath'e ter, -ize, -ized, -i zing, -ism. 

cd u ong (ka'oodng). 

-i za'tion. 

cause, -ful, -less, -less ly, -less- 

cath'e tus, pi. -ti, -e tal, -e tom'e- 

ness, caus'a ble, -al, -al ly, -al ty, 


-a tive, -tive ly, cau sal'i ty 

ca this'ma (-thiz'-), pi. -ma ta. 

(-zal'-), -sa'tion, -tion ist, cause- 

cath'ode, -odal, cathod'ic, -thod'- 

rie (koz re' or koz'-). 

o graph. 

cau'seuse' (k6''sez'). 

cath'e lie, -ly, -ness, -lic'i ty 


(-lis'-), ca thol'i cal, -i cism. 

cau'si a. 

-i cize, -cized, -ci zing, -i con. 


-i cos or -i cus. 

cau sid'i cal. 

Cat' i line, Rom. conspirator, -li- 

caus'tic, -tic al, -al ly, -ness, -tic'- 

na'ri an. 

i ty (-tis'-), caus'tic-vine. 

caf i on or kat-. 

cau'sus, Med., Cau'sus, Herpet. 


cau'ter ize, -ized, -i zing, -i za'- 

caf lin ite. 

tion, -ter ant, -ism, -y, cau'- 


ter y-e lec^trode. 

cat ca thar'tic. 


cat' o d6nt. 

cau'tion, -a ry, -er, -ing, -ry. 

Ca to'ni an. 

-tious, -tious ly, -tious ness. 

ca tODse', -toosed'. 

-tioned, cau'tion-monW. 

ca top'ter, -top'tric, -trie al. 

Ca vai gnac' (ka'vanViik'), Fr. 

-tries, -top'tro man cy. 


ca tos'to mid, -to moid. 

cav al cade' {or cav'-). 

cat ti man'doD or kat-. 

cav a lier', -ish, -ism, -ly, -ness, 

n6t, ndr, use, tip, <irn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, Oius, Badi. 




Cav a lier', belonging to the 

party of Charles I of England, 
ca vdl'la. 

cav al lard' (-al yard'). 
ca val le'ri a (ka val ya're a). 
cav'al ry, -man. 
cav a sl'na {or ka va se'na). 
ca vass' or ka-. 
cav a ti'na (-te'-). 
cave, -man, caved, cav'ing, ca va'- 

cave' -bear, =crick et, =dwell er, 

-fish, =hy e na, -keep er, »li on, 

-pi ca, -swal low, -ti ger, cav'ing- 

cd've a, pi. -ve cb. 
ca veach'. 

cd've at, -a tor, -a ting. 
Cav e lier (kav''le a' or -vel ya'), 

Fr. sculp. 
cav'en dish, 
cav'ern, -ous, -er nose (-n5s), 

-erned, -er nic'o lous, -er nule, 

ca ver'nu lous. 
cav'es son or -e zon. 
ca vet' to. 

cav i ar' {or cav'-). 
cav'i corn, Cav'i cor'ni a. 
cav'Il, -iled or -illed, -il ing or 

-il ling, -ing ly or -ling ly, -il er 

or -il ler. 
ca vin'na-wood. 
cav'i ta ry. 

Ca vi te' (-ve ta'), prov. Luzon, 
cav'i ty, -i tied. 
ca'vo=re lie'vo or -ri lie'vo (-re- 

ca vort', -ed, -ing. 
cd'vum, pi. -va. 
ca'vy, pi. -vies. 
caw, -ing, cawed, 
caw'ney or -ny. 
Cawn^pur' (-poor'), c. India, 
cax'on (-n). 
Cay enne' {or kl-), C. pep per, 

C. rose, cay enned'. 
Cay'ley an, Cay'ley's the'o rem. 
cay' man. 
Ca yu'gas. 

cay use' (ki-). 

ca'zl or cau'-. 

ca zi'mi (-ze'-). 

ca zique' (-zek') or -cique (-sek'). 

cd'zo (-tho or -so). 

cease, -less, -less ly, -less ness, 

ceased, ceas'ing. 
Ce bi'nae, ce'bine, -boid. 
Cec chet'ti (chek ket'te). It. hist. 
Cec'chi (chek'ke). It. poet. 
Cec co'ni (chek ko'ne), It. writer. 
Cech or Czech (chek), Bohem. 

ce cid' i um, pi. -i a. 
Cec'il (ses'il or sis'-), Eng. states- 
ce'co graph, 
ce'co morph, -mor'phic. 
ce'dar, -dared, -darn, ce'dar- 

ap pie, -bird, -gum, -lark, -oil, 

-pine, -tree, -wood. 
cede, ced'ed, -ing. 
ce dil'la. 
ce'drate or -drat, -drene, -drin or 

-drine, -dri um. 
Ced'ric (ked'- or sed'-), Scott, 

ced'u la. 

ce'i ha (sa'I ba or sa'e va). 
ceil, -ing, ceiled, ceil'ing -boards, 

-joist, -plate. 
ce'ja (sa'ha). 
cel'a don. 
Ce lae'no (-le'-). 
cel'an dine, 
ce la'rent. 

ce las'trin or -trine. 
ce la'tion, cel'a tive. 
C61'e bes (-bez), isl. Malay Archi- 

cel'e brate, -bra ted, -ting, -tor or 

-ter, -bra'tion. 
ce leb'ri ty. 
eel e min' (thel a men'), cel'el- 

minth {or se lei'-). 
cel'e o morph, -mor'phic. 
ce le'ri ac {or -ler'i-). 
ce 16r'i ty. 
cel'er y, -pine. 
ce Ifiste'. 
ce les'tial (-chal), -ize, -ly, -ness, 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice, In, note, 




cel'es tine, -tite, CeFes tin i' an 

or -tine. 
Ce'li a {or sel'ya), Shak., As You 

Like It. 
ce'li ac. 

cel'i ba cy {or ce lib'-), -bate. 
Ce^li^mene' (sa le man'), Moliere. 
cell, celled, eel lifer ous, cel'lu lar, 

-lule, -lu lifer ous. 
cell' -an i mal, =cap'sule, =de vel- 

op ment, -en am''el, >mem brane, 

=mouth, =par a site, =pro to- 

plasm, -sap, =space, -sub stance. 
cel'la, pi. -IcB. 
cel'lar, -age, -er, -ing, -ist, -man, 

pi. -men, -ous. 
cel'lar -book, -flap, -rat, -snail, 
cel'lar et {or -ex.'). 
eel la ri'no (chel la re'no). 
Cel li'ni (chel le'ne). It. artist. 
ceVlo (chel'lo), cel'list (chel'-). 
cel'lu late, -la ted, -la'tion. 
eel lu It' lis. 
cel'lu loid. 

cel'lu lose (-los), -lo'sic. 
ce los'to my. 
ce lot'o my. 
cel'sl an {or -shi-). 
Cel'si us, C. ther mom^e ter. 
Celt or Kelt, Celt i be'ri an, Celt'- 

ic, -i cize, -i cism, -ish, -ism, 

-ist, -o ma'ni a, CeFto-Ro'man. 
cem'ba lo {or cham'-), -bal ist. 
ce ment' {or cem'-), n., -a to ry, 

ce ment'-cop^per, -duct, -gland, 

-mill, -stone. 
ce ment', v., -ed, -ing, -er, cem^- 

en ta'tion. 
ce ment'ing-fur^nace, -ov'en, cem- 

en ta'tion-box, -fur^nace. 
cem'e ter y. 
ce nan'thy. 
Cen'ci, Be a tri'ce (ba a tre'cha 

chen'che), Rom. beauty. 
cen'o bite {or ce'-), -bit'ic, -ic al, 

cen'o bl tism {or ce'no bl-). 
ce no'bi um, pi. -bi a, cSn'o by {or 

ce nog'a my, -a mous, -o nous, 

cen^o gen'e sis, -o ge net'ic. 
cen'o taph. 
ce^no zo'ic, -zo ol'o gy. 

cens (san or sans), cSn'sive, cen'- 

so (san'so or than'so). 
cense, cen'ser, a vase. 
cen'sor, a critic, -ship, -ate, -so'- 

ri al, -ri an, -ri ous, -ous ly, -ous- 

cen'su al (-shu-). 
cen'sure (shd6r), -sured, -sur a- 

ble, -ble ness, -a bly, -er. 
cen'sus, -pa per. 
cent, -age. 

cen'taur, -tau rom'a chy (-ky). 
cen td'vo (then- or san-). 
cen te nd'ri us, pi. -rl i. 
cen'te na ry, -na'ri an, -ten'ni al, 

-al ly, -ni um. 
cen'ter or -tre, -tered or -tred, 

-ter ing or -tring, -ter board, 

cen'ter-bar, -bit, -block, -chis el, 

-chuck, -drill, -fire, -gage, 

-guide, -lathe, -mold, -pin, 

-plate, -punch, -rail, -saw, -sec''- 

ond, -ta''ble, -tools, -valve, -ve^- 

lic, -wheel. 
cen'ter ing or -tring-gage, -ma- 

chine^ -tool. 
cen tes'i mal, -mal ly, -i mate, 

-ma ted, -ma ting, -ma'tion. 
cen tes'i mo {or ch6n-). 
cen te'sis. 
cen'ti are. 
cen'ti grade. 

cen'ti gram or -gramme. 
cen'ti lifter or -tre (-le^tr or 

cen' time' (san^tem'). 
cen'ti me^ter or -tre {or -tim'-), 

-ti nor'mal. 
cen tin'o dy. 
cen^ ti nor' mal. 
cen'ti p6d, -ti ped'al. 
cen'ti stere. 
cen'to, pi. -tos (-toz), -to ist, -to- 

cen to'ne (ch6n-). 
cen'tral, -ism, -ist, -ize, -i zing, 

-i zer, -ly, 


not, nor, use, up, tarn, etiide, food, fdt)t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




cen traV (san tral' or than-), a 
sugar mill. 

cen trax o'ni a, -ni al. 

cen'tric, -al, -al ly, -tric'i ty 
(-tris'-), -tri cip'i tal. 

cen trif u gal, -ly, cen'tri fuge. 

cen trip'e tal, -ly, -ism, -e tence, 
-ten cy. 

cen tris'coid. 


cen'trode, -troid, -tro some. 

cen'tro sphere, -tro sym'me try. 

cen'trum, pi. -trums or -tra. 

cen' turn. 

cen tum'vir, pi. -virs or -vi ri, 
-vi ral, -vi rate. 

cen'tu pie, -pled (-pld), -pling, 
-tu'pli cate, -ca ted, -ca ting. 

cen'tu ry, -ried, -tu'ri on, cen'- 
tu ry-plant. 

ce pa'ceous. 

ceph'a lad. 

ceph a lag'ra, -lal'gi a, -lal'gic, 
ceph'a lal gy. 

ceph'a late, ce phal'ic. 

ceph a le'tron. 

ceph'a li'tis. 

ceph'a lize, -lized, -\i zing, -II za'- 

ceph^a lo bran'chi ate (ki-), -lo- 
cau'dal, -lo celc, -lo cer'cal, -lo- 
chord -chord'al, -lo cone, -con'- 
ic, -lo'd!ne, -lo dyn'i a, -lo gen'- 
e sis, -lo ge net'ic, -log'ra phy, 
-lo hu'mer al, -lol'o gy, -lo men- 
in gl'tis (-ji'-), -lom'e ter, -e try, 
-lo met'ric, -lo man cy or -lon'o- 
man cy, -lop'a thy, -lo pode, 
-pod'ic, -lop'o dan, -o dous, 
-lop'ter id, -ter oid, -ter ous, 
-lo tho'rax, -tho rac'ic (-ras'-), 
-lo tome, -lot'o my, -lo tribe, 
-lo trip sy, -lo troch^ (-trok''), 
-lot'ro chal, -lo troch'ic (-trok'-), 
-lot'ro chous (-kus). 

ceph'a loid, -a lont, ce phal'o- 
phine, -o phore, ceph'a lo- 
phragm (-fram), -lo pod, -a lous, 
-lop'o da, -lop'te ra, -lot'ro cha 

Ceph a lo'ni a (sef- or chef-), isl. 
Medit. Sea. 

Ce'pheus (-fus), Astron. 

cep'o lid, -o loid. 

ce ram'ic or ke-, -ram'ics, cer'a- 

cer a mog'ra phy, -mo graph'ic. 
cSr'a' sin, -a site, ce ras'i nous. 
ce'rate, -ra ted, -rig'er ous (-rij'-), 

cer'a to blast. 
Cer' a to bran'chi a (-ki-), cer^a to- 

bran'chi al, -chi ate. 
ce ra'tum. 

ce rau'nic, -nics, -nite, -no scope. 
Cer'iie rus, -be're an. 
cer'ca, pi. -ca, cer'cal. 
cer'cl6 (-kla). 
cer'cus, pi. -ci. 
cere, cered, cer'ing. 
ce're al, -re a lin or -line. 
Ce re a'li a, -a'li an. 
cer'e bel'lum, pi. -lums or -la, 

-bel'lar, -bel'lous, -bel li'tis, 

-bel lo spi'nal. 
cfir'e bral, -ism, -ist, -ize, -ized, 

-i zing. 
cSr'e brate, -bra ted, -bra ting, 

ce rgb'ri form, -form ly, cer e- 

brif'u gal. 
cer'e brin or -brine, -e brize, 

-brized, -bri zing, -hrl'tis. 
cer^e bro gan'gli on, -on'ic, -bro- 

me dul'la ry, -brop'a thy, -bros'- 

co py, -bros'i ty. 
c6r'e bro side (or -sid). 
cer'e bro spi'nal, c. ax''is, c. fe'ver, 

c. men in gi'tis. 
cer'e brum, pi. -brums or -bra. 
cSr'e mo ny, -mo'ni al, -al ism, 

-al ly, -al ness, -al'i ty, -mo'ni- 

ous, -ous ly, -ous ness. 
Ce'res (-rez). Myth.; Astron. 
cSr'e sin {or ce're-). 
ce're ous, like wax. 
Ce're us, Bot. genus. 
c6r'e vis. 

ce'rin or -rine, -ric, -rif'er ous. 
Ce rin'thi an. 

cSr'iph or ser'if or ser'iph. 
ce rise' (-rez'). 
ce rith'i oid. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, Ice, In, note, 




ce'ri um, -ric. 

cern, -ing, cerned. 

cer'nu ous. 

ce'ro {or sa'-), -graph, -graph'ic, 

-ic al, -rog'ra phy, -ra phist, 

-ro'le in, -ro lite, -ro'ma, -ro- 

man cy, -ro mel, -ro plas'tic, 

-ro plas'tics, -ro plas'ty, -ro sin 

or -sine, -ro tate, -rot'ic, 
ce roDii'. See seroon. 
cer'ris, -ri al. 
cer'tain, -ly, -ness, -ty. 
cer tif i cate, -ca ted, -ca ting. 
cer'ti fy, -ing, -fied, -fi er, -fi cap- 
cer'ti a rd'ri (-shi o-). 
cer'ti tude. 
cert'=mon ey. 
cer to'sa (cher-), -to si'na=work 

(cher to se'na=). 
ce ru'le an, -le in, -le um, cer u- 

les'cent, -u lif'ic. 
ce ru'men, -min ous, -mi nif'er ous, 

-mi nip'a rous. 
ce'ruse {-robs), -rused, -ru site or 

-rus site. 
Cer van'tes (-tes or -tez or -tez), 

Sp. novelist, -van'tist, -tic. 
cer'van tite (or -van'-). 
Cer va'ro (cher-), t. It. 
cer ve Here' (-lyar' or sar-). 
Cerve'ra (the'r va'ra), t. Sp.; Sp. 

cfir'vi cal, -vi ci plex, -vi ci car'- 

di ac, -vi ci spi'nal, -vi ci'tis. 
cer vi cap'rine, -vi cide, -vi corn, 

cer' vine, -vid, -void. 
cer vi co bra'chi al (-ki-), -bran'- 

chi ate, -vi co dvn'i a, -co fa'cial 

cer vic'u late, cer'vix, pi. -vix es 

or -vi ces (-sez). 
ce'ryl, -ryl'ic. 
ce'sa re (-za re). 
Ce sa're an or -ri an (-za'-). See 

Ces no'la (ches no'la), It. archaeol. 
Ces'pe des (thes'pa des or thas- 

pa thas), Cuban revolutionist. 
ces'pi tose (-tos), -tous, -pit'u lose. 
ces sa'tion. 
ces sd'vit. 


-toid'e an, -e ous. 
genus. ces'trum, 

ces' si o bo no' rum (s6sh'-). 
ces'sion, -a ry. 
cess'pool, -pit 
ces'tode, -toid 
Ces'trum, Bot 

pi. -tra. 
ces'tus, a girdle, pi. -tl; ces'tus 

or caes' (ses'-), a gauntlet, pi. 

ces'tus or caes'tus. 
ce su'ra or cae- (se zu'ra or -su'-), 

pi. ce su'ras (-raz) or cae su'rae 

(-re), -su'ral, -su'ric. 
Ce td'ce a (or -she a), ce ta'cean 

(-shan), -ceous. 
Ce'le, Zool., ce'tene, -tic, -tin or 

cet'e rach (-rak). 
cet'e ris par'i bus. 
Cete wa'yo or Cety v^a'yo or Ket- 

chwa'yo (Ketch wa'yo) or Cet'- 

ti- or Cet'ty- (set'tl-), Zulu king. 
ce toro gy, -o gist, -to log'ic al, 

-to mor'phic. 
Cette (set), t. Fr. 
Cet tin'je (chet'ten'ya or cha''-), 

t. Montenegro. 
ce'tus, a vi^hale; Ce'tus, a con- 
ce'tyl, -tyl ene, -tyl'ic. 
Ceu'ta (su'ta), t. Sp. 
Cey 16n' (se-), -Ion ese' (-es' or 

-ez'), cey 'Ion ite or -Ian- (or 

-Ion'-, -Ian'-), Cey Ion' moss, 

C. stone. 
Cha blis' (sha ble'). 
cha bouk' or 



cha conne' or -cone' (sha-). 
cha cu'ru (-koo'-). 
Chad or Tchad or Tschad (chad), 

1. Afr. 
chad, -an, -ding, -lock, •=pen''ny. 
chae nich'thy id (ke nik'thi id). 
Chaer o ne'a (ker-), c. Gr. 
ch(F.'ta (ke'-), pi. -tee, -tif'er ous 

or -toph'o rous. 
chae'to d6nt (ke'-), -don'tid, -toid. 




buk' (cha book' or 
or cha'-), Cha'ca, 

not, nor, use, up, <irn, etude, food, f<^t, anger, boiimot, thus, Badi. 




chae'to tax''y (ke'-). 

chafe, chafed, chafing, chafer, 
one who chafes; -er y, cha'fer, 
a beetle; chafe'weed, chafing= 
board, =check, =dish, =gear, =plate. 

chaff, -ing, -er, -er er, -er ing, 
-less, -y, chaffed, chaffseed, 
-wax, -weed, =cut''ter, "-en^gine, 
=flow'er, =haFter. 


cha gi'gah (ha ge'ga). 

Cha'grls, t. Colom. 

cha grin' (sha grin' or -gren'), 
-ing, -grined. 

cha gul' (-gool'). 

chain, -ing, -less, -let, -man, 
-smith, -wise, -work, chained. 

chain' =ball, ^bear^er, =bit, =boat, 
-bolt, =chest, =coup^ling, -fas^ten- 
ing, -fern, -gang, -gear, -grate, 
-guard, -hook, -in cli nom^e ter, 
-knot, -lift^er, -lock, -lock^er, 
-loom, -mold^ing, -pier, -pin, 
-pipe, -plate, -puFley, -pump, 
-rule, -saw, -shot, -snake, 
-stitch, -stop'per, -tim^ber, -tow^- 
ing, -wale, -well, -wheel. 

chain' bond, c. bridge, c. ca''ble, c. 
c6r^al, c. lightening, c. mail, c. 
syFlo gism. 

chair, -man, -man ship. 

chair'-arm, -back, -bear'er, -bed, 
-bolt, -days, -leg, -mak^er, -ori- 
gan, -rail, -seat, -spring, -web. 

chaise (shaz). 

chait'ya (chit'ya). 

chd'ja (-ha or -ja). 



cha las'tic (ka-). 

cha Id'za (ka-), pi. -zas or -Z(B, 
-la'zal, -laze', -Id'zi on or -zi um, 
pi. -zi a, chal a zif er ous (kal-). 

Chal ce'don (kal-), -do'ni an. 

chalced'ony (kalsed'- or kal'se-), 
-ced'o nyx, -o nus, -ce don'ic, 
-do'ni an. 

chal'chi huitl' (-che wetl'). 

chal cid'i an (kal-), chal'cid, 
chalcid fly. 

Chal cid'i an (kal-), pertaining to 
Chalcis, Chal cid'ic. 

chal cid'i cum, pi. -i ca. 

chal'cJ dfne (kal'-), -cid'i form. 
chal'co cite (kal'-), -co dite. 
chal'co graph (kal'-), -co graph'ic, 

-ic al, -cog'ra pher, -ra phist, 

-ra phy. 
Chal'dee (kal'dee or -dee'), -de'an, 

-da'ic, Chal'da ism, -dae ism. 
chal'der, a measure; a rudder- 
chal'drich or -drick (chawl'dritch 

or kal'drik). 
chai'dron {or chawl'-). 
cha let' (sha la'). 
chal'Jce, -Iced, chal'ice-case, -cells, 

-pall, -spoon, -veil. 
chal i co'sis (kal-). 
cha lil' (ha lei'). 
chal'i noid (kal'-). 
chalk (chawk), -ing, -i ness, -y, 

-stone, chalked, chalk'-box, -cut''- 

ter, -drawling, -en grav'ing, -line, 

-mark, -pit. 
chal'lenge, -a ble, -len ger, -len- 

ging, -lenged. 
chal'lis (shal'll) or shal'li. 
Chal Ions' (shaFlon'), t. Fr. 
chal u meau' (shal u mo'). 
Cha lyb'e an (ka- or kal i be'-), 

pertaining to the Chalybes. 
cha lyb'e ate (ka-), -e ous, -e an, 

chal'y bite (kal-). 
cha made' (sha mad' or -mad'). 
cham-'ae ce phal'ic (kam-), -ceph'- 

a ly. 
cha mce'rops (ka me'-). 
cha'mal (ka'mal). 
cha mar', 
cham'ber, -ing, -let, -maid, -la!n, 

-lain ship. 
cham'ber-coun'cil, -counts el, 

-coun^sel lor, -feFlow, -gage, 

-hang''ings, -kiln, -mas^ter, 

-mu''sic, -origan, -piece, -prac''- 

tice, -sto''ry. 
Cham ber tin' (shan^ber tan'). 
Cham bord, de (de sh6n''bor'), Fr. 

cham branle' (sham branl'). 
Cham bray, de (de shon'bra'), Fr. 

cham'bray (sham'-). 
cha meek' (sha- or cha-). 

fate, f3,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




cha me'le on (ka-), -on ize, -on- 
fly, =moth. 

cham'fer, -ing, -fered, -fret, -fret- 
ing, -fron. 

cham'id (kam'-), -oid. 

cham'i sal. 

chim'i so. 

cham'ois (sham'my or sha moi' 
or sham'wo). 

cham'o mile (kam'-). See camo- 

Cha mou ni' (sha^moo ne'), val. 

chSmp, -er, -ing, champed. 

Cham pagne' (shoh pan' or sham- 
pan'), prov. Fr. cham pagne' 
(sham pan'), a wine. 

Champaign' (sham pan'), cc, tp., 
and c. 111.; co. O. champaign' 
(sham pan'), a plain. 

cham'pak or -pac. 

cham pa'na (shan pa'na). 

cham'per tor, -per ty, -per tous, 
cham' part' (shah par'). 

cham pi'gnon (sham pin'yon). 

cham'pi on, -ing, -ess, -ship, -pi- 

champ le ve' (shamp le va'). 


chance, chanced, chan'cing, 

chan'cel, -aisle, -arch, -rail, 
=screw, -ta^ble. 

chan'cel lor, -ship. 

chan'cer y. 

chan'cre (shan'ker), -croid, -crous. 

chan da'la or -daul'. 

chan de lier' (shan^de ler'), -tree. 


chan'dler, -y. 

chan dad'. 

chan'frin {or shan'-), -fron. 


change, -a ble, -a ble ness, -a bly, 
-a bil'i ty, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, 
-less, -less ly, -less ness, -ling, 
chan'ging, -ger, -ger wife. 

change' =house, =pump, -ra'ti o, 
=ring^ing, -wheel, chan'ging- 

chank, =shell. 

chan'nel, -neled or -nelled, -nel- 
ing or -nel ling, -nel bill, a bird. 

chan'nel =bar, -bass, -board, 

-bone, -cat, -duck, -goose, 

-i''ron, -leaved, -plate, -stone, 

-wale, chan'nel ing-ma chined 
Cha'nos (ka'nos), cha'nl (ka'-). 
chan'son (shan'-), -netle'. 
chant, -ed, -ing, -er, -ey, -ress, 

chan'tant' (shah^tah'). 
chan'tage' (shah tazh' or chant'aj). 
chan'te relle' (shah-). 
chan'ti cleer. 
chan' tier' (shaiVtya'). 
Chan''tiFly' (shoh tel ye' or -ih'- 

ye'), t. Fr., C. lace, C. porce'- 


cha'nu ca (ha'noo-). 
cha'os (ka'-). -ot'ic, -ic al ly. 
chao'-ting' (chou'-ting'). 
ch^p, n., a cleft or crack; a 

chap (chop), «., pi. chaps (ch6ps), 

the jaws or mouth. 
ch&p, v., to crack; to strike. 

-ping, chapped. 
cha' pa. 

cha pd pd'te (-ta) 
chd'pdrd'jos (-hos), -pare'ras (-ra'- 

chd'parrdl' {or cha'par ral'), -cock. 
chape, less. 
cha^peau' (sha'po'), pi. -peaux' 

(-poz'), c. bras (bra). 
chap'el, -ry, -et, -Ine, -lage. 
chap'el=cart, -clerk, -mas'ter, 

cha pel' 'deafer' (sha-). 
chap'er on (shap'-), -age, -ing, 

chap'fall en (ch6p'-). 

chap'laJn, -cy, -ship, 
chd pd'te (-ta). 
chap paul'. 

chap pe' (sha pa') or chappe (shap). 
chSp'pie or -py, a little chap. 
ch^p'py, chapped. 
chap'ter, -ing, -al, -tered, chap'ter- 

head, -head'ing, -house, -lands. 
cha que'ta (cha ka'-). 

n6t, n6r, use iip, Orn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 




char, to burn or blacken, -ring, 

-ry, charred, char'«ov^en. 
char or chare, a job or chore, 

-wom''an, -work. 
Cha'ra (ka'-). 
char^^a 'bancs' (shar^=a=ban'). 
char'ac ter (kar'-), -ize, -ized, 

-i zing, -ism, -less, -is'tic, -tic al, 

-al ly, -I za'tion. 
cha rade' (sha-). 
char'b6n (shar'-). 
char' CO. 
char'coal, -black, -burn'er, -cooF- 

er, -draw ing, =fiFter, »fur^nace, 

-i'ron, »pa^per, »pen''cil, -pit, 

-plates, -tree. 
Char'cot' (shar ko'), Fr. neurolo- 

Char'don (shar'-), vil. O. 
charge, -a ble, -a ble ness, -a bly, 

-less, charged, char'ging, charge' - 

char ge (V a} faires' (shar zha'daf - 

far'), charge' ship (shar zha'-). 
char'ger, -pit. 
char'i nid (kar'-), -i noid. 
chJkv'i ot, -ee', -eer', -eer'ing, 

char'i ot-man, -race. 
char'ism (kar'- or ka-'), -ismat'ic, 

cha ris'ma (-riz'-), pi. -ma ta. 
char'i ta ble, -ble ness, -ta bly. 
char'i ty, c. boy, c. child, c. girl, 

c. school. 
cha ri'va ri' (sha re va re' or shar- 

char'la tan (shar'-), -ism, -ry, 

-tan'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 
Char le boix', de (de sharpie bwa'), 

Jesuit missionary. 
Char'le magne (shiir'le man), Fr. 

Charles's Wain, C. law. 
char'ldtte (shar'-), a delicate dish. 

c. russe' (rd6s'). 
charm, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -ing ness, 

-less, -ful, charmed. 
char'nel, -house. 

Cha'ron (ka'-), Myth. 

char' pie (shar'py). 


char'que (-ke). 

char ri ere' (sha ri ar'). 

chart, -ed, -ing, -less, -room. 

char ta'ceous (kar-). 

char'ta (kar'-), pi. -tee. 

Charte (shart). 

char'ter, -ing, -er, -ist, -a ble, 

-age, -tered. 
char'ter-land, -mas^ter, -parity. 
Char'ter house, -ter ist or Chart'- 

ist, -ter ism. Charter boy, C. 

Char ti er' (shar'te a' or shar tya'), 

Fr. poet. 
Char'tiers', tp. Pa. 
char tog'ra pher (kar-), or car-, 

-ra phy, -to graph'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

-to man'cy, -tom'e ter. 
Char tres, de (d6 shartr), Fr. 

Char'tres (shar'tr), c. Fr. 
char'treuse' (shar^trez'), -treuoc' 

char'tu la ry (kar'-). 
chir'y {or cha'ry) . 
Cha ryb'dis (ka-). 
Cha rytch' (cha rich'), r. Siberia. 
chase, chased, chas'ing, -er, chase'- 

gun, -moralise, -port, -ring. 
Chas'i dim (kas'- or chas-). 
chas'ing-chis^el, -ham^mer, -lathe, 

Chasle'si an (shal'zi an). 
chasm (kazm), chasmed, chas'my 

chas' ma (kaz'-). 
chas mog'a my (k3.z-), -a mous. 
chasse (shas), a shrine, chasse 

(shas), a drink. 
chasse' (shassa'), chas sed' (-sad'), 

chas se'ing (shas sa'ing). 
chas'se las (shas'-). 
chasse'pot' (shas p6'), chasse'- 

maree (-ma^ra'), 'Ca'fe (-ka'- 

chas'seur' (shas^ser'). 
ch^s'sls {or shas-). 
chaste, -ly, -ness, -eyed, -tree, 

chas'ti ty. 
chast'en (cha'sn), -er, -ing, -ened. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mgt, her, ice, in, note, 




chas tise' (-tiz'), -tis'a ble (-tiz'-), 
-tis'er, -tis'ing, chas'tise ment 

chas'u ble (or chaz'-). 

chat, -ted, -ting, -ty, -some, -rolFer, 
=thrush, =wood. 

cha'teau' (sha to'), pi. -teaux' (-toz'). 

Cha teau bri and', de (d6 sha'^- 
to^bre^on'), Fr. auth. 

Cha teau bri ant' (sha^to^bre^oh'), 
t. Fr. 

Chateau gay' (shatoga'), t. N. Y. 

chafe lain (shat'-), a keeper of a 

chafe laine (shat'-), a clasp or 

Chat e lef (shat la' or -t6 la'), t. 

cha'ti' (sha te'). 

cha ton' (sha ton'). 

cha toy'ant (sha-), -an cy, -toy'- 

chat'tah or -ta, an umbrella. 

chaftel (-tel or -tl), -ize, -ized, 
-i zing, -ism, -hood. 

chafter, -ing, -er, -a'tion, -tered, 
chat'ter box, =bas''ket, -pie, -wai- 

chau (chou). 

Chau'cer, -ism, -ce'ri an. 


chauffer (shaf'-), a small furnace. 

chauj feur' (sho fer'). 

chaus (chouse), a trick; a trick- 

cha' us (ka'-), a lynx. 

Cha'us (ka'-), Zool. genus. 

chaus see' (sho sa'). 

chaus' ses (sho'sez or shos). 

chaus' sure' (shos soor'). 

Chau tau'qua (sha ta'-), vil. and 
1. N. Y. 

Chau veau' (sho^vo'). Can. states- 

Chau ve net' (shoVe na' or sho'-), 
Amer. math. 

Chau vin' (sho'van'), Fr. refugee, 
chau vin' (shoS'an'), a wild en- 
thusiast, -Ism, -ist, -ist'ic. 

Chav'i ca (kav'-), Bot. genus, 
chav'i cha (ch3,v'i cha), a fish. 

chay (sha). 

cha zan' or chaz zan' (ka zan'). 

cheap, -ness, -ly. 

cheap'en (-n), -er, -ing, -ened. 

cheat, -a ble, -ble ness, -er, -ing, 

-ing ly, -ed. 
Che bac'co-=boat {or she-). 
che'bec {or she'-), a boat; a xebec. 
che bee', a bird. 
Che ci'ny (ket sen'ye), t. Pol. 
check, -age, -er, -ered, -less, -mate, 

-matted, -matting, -y, checked. 
check' -book, -bridge, -chain, -clerk, 

-cord, -end, -hook, -key, -line, 

-list, -lock, -nut, -rail, -rein, -roll, 

-rope, -row^er, -stop, -strap, 

-string, -tak^er, -valve. 
check'er, -ers, -ered, -er ber^ry, 

-wise, -work. 
check'er-board, -roll, -tree, check'- 

Ched'dar, C. cheese. 
cheek, -y, cheeked, cheek'-band, 

-blade, -block, -bone, -piece, 

-pouch, -strap, -tooth. 
chee'la or che'-, -ship. 
cheep, -ing, -er, -y, cheeped. 
cheer, -er, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, 

-i ly, -i ness, -ing, -ing ly, -less, 

-less ly, -less ness, -y. 
cheese (chez), chees'y, -i ness, -lip 

or -lep, -mak^er, a plant; -mon''- 

ger, -par''ing, -wood. 
cheese'-cake, -cement^ -cloth, 

-cut^ter, -fly, -hoop, -mag''got, 

-mak''er, -mite, -mold, -pale, 

-press, -ren net, -room, -run'- 

ning, -scoop, -shelf, -tastier, 

-toast^er, -turn^er, -vat. 

chee'tah. See chetah. 
chef (shef or shaf), 'd'ceuvre 

(=devr'), pi. chefs' (sha-). 

Chei lan'thes (ki lan'thez). 
cheir (kir). 
che ki' (-ke'). 
che' la (ke'-), a claw, pi. -Ice, -late, 

che' la (cha'), a novice. 
chel'i fer (kel'-), -i form {or ke'-), 

che lifer ous (ke-). 

n6t, nor, use, tip, <irn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 




che'li ped (ke'-). 

chel'o drne (kel'-). 

Che lo'ne (ke-). 

chel'ys (kel'ls), a lyre. Chel'ys, 

Zool. genus. 
che'me (ke'me). 
chem'ic (kem'-), -ic al, -al ly. 
chem'i co-al ge bra'ic (kem'-), 

-e lec'tric, ^gal van'ic, -tech'nic- 

che min' de ronde' (she min' de 

che mise' (she mez'), chem i sette' 

(shem I zet')- 
chem'ism, chem'ist, -is try, -i type, 

-i typy (-i tfpy). 
Chem'nitz (kgm'nits), t. Ger.; 

Ger. divine, 
che'mdsh (ke'-). 
chem^o tax'is (kem-). 
che mot'ro pism. 
Che mung' (she-), co. N. Y. 
che nille' (she nel'), -ma chine^ 

cheque (ch6k) . Sometimes used in- 
stead of check, as an order on a 

che ras'sl. 
Cher bourg (sher'burg or sh6r- 

boor'), naval arsenal Fr. 
Cher bu 11 ez' (sher'boD le a'), Fr. 

cher if (sh6r'-). See sherif. 
cherl moy'er. 
ch6r'ish, -ing, -er, -ished. 
cher' ma ny. 

cher'na {or cher'-), -ne, -nette'. 
cher'no zen. 
Chfir^o kees' (-kez'). 
che root' (she- or che-). 
chfir'ry, -bird, -blight, -blos'som, 

-chop'per, -coal, -cob, -coffee, 

-col'ored, -finch, -gum, -lau^rel, 

-net, -oil, -pep^per, -pit, -plum, 

-snipe, -stick, -stone, -stonier, 

cher'ry bounce, c. bran'dy, c. 

cor'dial, c. pie, c. rum, c. wine. 
cher'si an (ker'-), -sid, -site. 
cher'so nese (ker'so nes or -nez). 
chert, -y. 

Chert'sey (ches'se or chert'sy), t. 

Che'rub (ke'rub), a city. Bib. 
chfir'ub, pi. -ubs or -u bim, -u bim'- 

ic, che ru'bic, -bic al. 
Che ru bi'ni (ka roo be'ne). It. 


Ches'a peake, a bay. 
chess, -man, pi. -men, -board, 

-ap^ple, -play^er, -rook, -tree, 

ches'sel, a vat. 

ches'sil (-si), gravel. 
chest, -ed, -bellows (-lus), -foun'- 

der, -lock, -meas^ure, -reg'is ter, 

-rope, -saw, -tone, -voice. 
Chgs'te (-ta), t. Spain. 
Ches'ter field, Eng. earl, -field^i an, 

ches'ter field, a top coat. 
ches'ter lite, 
chest'nut (ches'-), -ting, -brown, 

-bur, -meal, -oak, -tree, c. coal. 
che'tah or chee'- or chee'ta. 
ch6t ve rik', chet'vert, -ver tak, 

che vdV (she-), pi. -vaux' (-vo'), 

che val' -glass, -screen. 
che vaV 'de-frise' (-de=frez'), pi. 

che vaux''de' (she vo'-). 
che vale'ment (she val'mon). 
chev'a let (shev'a la) 
Che va 11 er' (she va^le a' or -val'- 

ya'), Fr. economist. 
chev'a Her' (shev-). 
chev e lure' (shev loor' or shgv'e- 

che vet' (she va'). 
che ville' (she vel'). 
Chev'l ot, a breed of sheep; chev'- 

i ot, a woolen fabric. 
chev'ron (shev'-) or chev'c ron, 

-roned, -ro ne (-ro na'), chev'ro- 

nel, -ron ways, -ron wise. 
chev'ron-bone, -mold^ing, -work, 
chev'ro tain (shev'-). 
chSv'y, -chase. 
chew (choD or chu), -er, chewed, 

chew' -stick. 
che wagh' (-wa'). 
chew'lng, -ball, -gum. 
che wink'. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




Chey enne' (shi 6n0, co. Col.; co. 


Kan.; co. Neb.; c. Wyo. 

chiff'chafif or chiff-. 

Chey enne' (she en'), pi. -ennes' 

chiffon (shlf- or she^fon'), -work. 

(-enz'), a tribe of Indians. 

chif fo nier' or chef- (shlf- or 

che yo'te (cha yo'ta), -yo til'la (-yo- 



chi'gnon (shin'yon or she'nyon). 

chan'das (chan'das). 


chi, a fish; (che) a magistrate; 

chih (che). 

(ki or ke or he) a Greek letter. 

chi kd'ra, an antelope; chlk'a ra, 

chi' a (che'a). 

a stringed instrument. 

Chi'an (ki'an), C. earth, C. tur'- 


pen tine. 

child, pi. chil'dren, child'bed, 

chi kn'ti (ke-). 

-birth, -like, -like ness, -hood, 

chiar'oscu'ro (kyar 6s koo'ro) or chi- 

-ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, -less, -less- 

a'ro'os cu'ro (ke a'ro-os koo'ro), 


-ros cu'rist. 

child' -beir'' ing, -crowding, c. bish'- 

chi'asm or -as' ma (ki'azm or 

op, c. wife, child'ish-mind'ed, 

ki az'ma), -as'mal, -as'mus, -as'tic. 

-mind''ed ness. 

chi as'to lite (ki-). 

Chil'der mas, C. day. 

chi as to neu'ral (ki as-), -neu'- 

Chi'le (che'la or chll'e), rep. S. 


Amer.; Chll'i (-e), prov. China; 

chi bouk' or -bouque' or -buk' 

Chll'I, tp. N. Y.; Chil'e an or 

(chi book'). 

-i an. 

chic (shek). 

chil'i ad (kll'-), -i a gon, -i a he'- 

chi'ca (che'ka). 

dron, -i arch (-ark), -arch y (-ark- 

Chi ca'go (shi ka'go or she ka'go). 

y), -i asm -i ast, -as'tic. 

c. 111. 

chill, -i ness, -ing, -ish, -ness, -y, 

chi ca lo'te (che ka lo'ta). 

-har^den ing. 

chi cane' (shI-), -can'er, -er y. 

chU'lJ or -e or -i or -ly, the pod 

chich (chltch). 

of the Guinea pepper, -coy'o te 

chi'cha (che'-). 

(-ki'o te), -pep^per. 

chi chdr'ro (che-). 


chich'e ree. 

chil'lum, -chee. 

Chich'es ter, c. Eng. 

chi'log nath (ki'-), -log'na than, 

chick, -a ber^'ry, -a bidMy, -a dee, 

-nath o mor'phous, -log'na thous, 

-a ree, -stone, -weed, -house, -pea. 

-lo'ma, pi. -ma ta, -lo plas ty. 

chick d'ra. 

-lo pod, -pod^i form, -pod o mor^- 

Chick'a saw, C. plum. 

phous, lop^o dan, -o dous, -lo- 


stom'a tous, -los'to mous. 

chick'en, -y, -weed, -bird, -breastf- 

Chil'tern Hun'dreds. 

ed, -choFer a, -coop, -corn, -feed^- 


er, -grape, -haFi but, -hawk. 

chi man' go (she- or kl-). 

-heart, -pox, -tor''toIse, chick'- 

Chim bo ra'zo, mt. S. A. 


chime, chimed, chim'ing, -er, 

chic'le, -gum. 

chime' -bar^rel, -bell, -ring^ing, 

chi'co (che'-), Chi'co, c. Cal. 

chim'ing-ma chined 

chic^o lar'. 

chi me'ra or -mae'- (kl-), an idle 

chic'o ry. 

fancy, -mer'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

chi'cot (che'ko). 

chi mere' or -me'ra (shI-), an 

chide, chld'ed, -ing, -ing ly, -er. 

outer robe. 

chief, -less, -ly, -ry, -ship, -tain. 


-tain cy, -tain ship, chief-jus'tice- 

chim'ney, pi. -neys (-niz), -neyed 

ship, -rent, c. jus'tice. 

(-nid), -ney board, -piece. 

n6t, nor, use, lip, 6rn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 

chimney -breast 



chim'ney=br6ast, -can, -cap, -coF- 

iar, -coroner, -head, -hook, -jack, 

-jamb, -mon''ey, -pot, -shaft, 

-stack, -stalk, -swaFlow, -sweep, 

-sweep^er, -swift, -top, -valve, 

chim pan'zee {or -zee'). 
chin, -band, -cloth, -jerk, -piece, 

-scab, -strap, -welk. 
Chi'na, -nese' (-nes' or- nez'), -na- 

man, C. as'ter, C. bark, C. blue. 
chrna, -ware, -ale, -clay, -grass, 

-root, -shell, -shop, -stone, -to^- 

ken, -tree, -withe. 
chJ nar', -tree. 
chinch, -bug. 
chin'che or -cha. 
chin chil'la, an animal; fur used 

for muffs, etc ; a thick cloth. 

Chin chil'la, Zodl. genus. 
Chin cholle' (shah''sh6r), Fr. writer. 
chine, chined, chin'ing, chine' - 

chi ne' (she na'). 
Chin gach'gdok (-gak'-). Cooper, 

Leather Stocking Tales. 
chink, -y, -ing. 
chJn'ka pin or -ca- or -qua-, 

chin ka'ra. 

chink'ie, a chinaman. 
Chin'ne reth (kin'-), Bih. 
Chin'ne roth (kin'-), Bih. 
chi'noi'ser ie' (she nwa ze re'). 
chin'o line (kin'-). 
Chi nd6k'. 

chin'qua pin. See chinkapin. 
chinse (chince), chinsed, chins'ing. 

chintz, cotton cloth. 
Chi ob'be (che ob'ba), c. China. 
Chi og'gia (ke od'ja), t. It. 
chi'o lite (ki'-). 
chip, -per, -py, chipped, chip'chop, 

n., -chop, a. 
chip'pen dale, 
chip'ping, -bird, -chis'el, -knife, 

-ma chine^ -piece, c. spar^row, c. 

squir^rel, c up. 

chi ret'ta {or ki-). 

Chi ri qui' (che re ke'), r. Colom. 

chi'ri vi'ta (che'' re ve'ta). 



chi'ro (che'-). 

chi rog'no my (ki-), -nom'ic, -ro- 

graph, -rog'ra pher, -ra phy, -ra- 

phist, -ro graph'ic, -ic al, -graph- 

o soph'ic, -ro gym'nast. 
chi rol'o gy (ki-), -o gist, -ro 16'- 

gi a, -log'ic al, -ro man''cy, -man- 

cer, -ro mant, -man'tic, -tic al, 

-man^tist, -ron'o my, -o mer, -ro- 

chi'ro nym (ki'-), -ro plase (-plaz), 

-ro plast, -ro pod, -rop'o dy, -o- 

dist, -o dous. 
chi rop'ter (ki-), -ter an, -ter ous, 

-te ryg'i an (-rij'-), -i ous. 
chi ros'o phy (ki-), -o phist, -ro- 

soph'ic al, -ro the'ca, -rot'o ny. 
chirp, -ing, -ing ly, -er, chirped. 

chir'rup, -ing, -y, -ruped. 
chi rur'geon (ki rur'jun), -ly, -rur'- 

chis'el (chiz'-), -eled or -elled 

-el ing or -el ling. 
chis'el -draft, -edge-point, -shaped, 

Chis'holm (chiz'om), Eng. philan- 
Chis'wick (chiz'ik), t. Eng. 
chit, the germ of a seed; a short 

writing; -ty, chit' -book, -chat. 
chitai (che'ti'). 
chit'a ra. 
chi'tin or -tine (ki'-), -ti nized, 

-ni za'tion, -ti nous, -nog'e nous 

(-n6j'-), -no cal ca're ous, -no- 

-ar e na'ceous (-shus). 
chi' ton (ki'-), -to nid. 
chit'ra or -tra, a deer. Chit'ra, 

Zool. genus. 

chit'ta gong, -wood. 
chit'ter lings. 
Chit'tim (kit'-), Bih. 
chit'ty, n. In the East Indies, a 

short letter or writing. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fire, fist, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice. In, note, 




chiv'al ry (shiv'-), -al ric {or shl- 

val'-), -al rous, -rous ly, -rous- 

ness, -al resque'. 
chi vdr'rds or -ros (che-). 
chive or cive, =gar^lic. 
Chi vil CO y (che vel ko' e), t. Arg. 

chlad'nite (klad'-). 
chlae'na, pi. -nae. 
chlak (klak). 
chlam'y date (klam'-), -y do spore, 

-y phore, chla myd'e ous (-mid'-). 
chld'mys (kla'- or kl3,m'-), pi. 

-y des (-dez). 
chlo an'thite. 
chlo as' ma (klo az'-). 
Chlo'e (klo'-), one of a pair of 

Greek lovers. 
chlo'ral, -ism, -ist, -ize, -ized, 

-i zing, -am^ide, -rac'e tate (-ras'-), 

-ra cet'ic (or -se'-), -ra gog'ic 

(-goj'-), -ral'o in. 
chlo'rate, -ric, -rid or -ride, -ri- 

date, -rid'ic, -rid ize, -ized, -i- 

zing, -rim'e ter. 
chlo'rfn or -rine, -rin ate, -ri na- 

ted, -na'tion, -rin ize, -ized, -i- 

chlo'rite, -rit'ic, -ri toid, -rize, 

-rized, -ri zing, chlor'meth'ane. 
chlo ro cal'cite, -ro car bon'ic, -ro- 

chrous (-krus), -ro cy an'ic (-ci-). 
chlo'ro form, -formed, -form ing, 

-for'mic, -mi za'tion, -ro fu'cine, 

-ro gen'ate, -gen'ic, -gen'in, -ro- 

hy'dric (-hi'-), chlo'roid. 
chlo rom'e ter, -e try, -ro met'ric. 
chlo'ro phyl or -phyll, -ro phane, 

-ro phyl la'ceous (-shus), -phyl'- 

lan, -phyl'li an, -phyl lifer ous, 

-lig'e nous (-lij'-), -lig'er ous 

(-lij'-), -phyl'lite, -phyl'loid (or 

-rof'-), -phyl'lous (or -rof'-). 
chlo ro'sis, -ro sperm, -sperm'a tous, 

-sper'mous, -ros'po rous, -rot'ic, 

-ro tile, -rous. 
Chmi el'nik (dime el'mk), t. Russ. 
cho'a na, pi. -no;, -a nate, -a nite, 

-a no cyte (-cite), -cy'tal (-ci'-), 

-no flag'el late (-flaj'-). 
cho'a noid, -noid'e us, -a noph'o- 

rous, -a no some, -no so'mal. 
Choate, Amer. jurist. 




cho'cho or -co. 

ch6ck, -block, -full, -a-block, -and- 

choc'o late, -house, -root, -tree. 
choe ro'di an. 

choice, -ly, -less, -ness, -note. 
choil, a term used in cutlery; 

choile, to overreach. 
choir (kwir), -man, -mas ter, -boy, 

-of^fice, -or''gan, -pitch, -ruFer, 

-screen, -serv^ice, -tip^pet. 
choke, choked, chok'age, -ing, -er, 

-y or -ey, -ber^ry, -weed, -wort, 

-bore, -cher^ry, -damp, -pear, 

-pond^weed, -strap. 
cho'ki dar. 
Chok'mah (hok'-) 
cho Ice' mi a (ko le'-), -lae'mic. 
chol'a gogue (kol'-), -a gog'ic 

(-goj'-), cho lan''gi o i'tis (-ji-). 
cho'la=plant (ko'-). 
chol'ate (kol'-), -e ate, -e cyst, 

-cys'tic, -cys'tis, -cys ti'tis, -cys- 

tot'o my. 
chol'e doch (kol'e dok), cho led'- 

o chous (-kus), chol e dog'ra phy, 

-dol'o gy, chol'e ic (or cho le'-), 

-e in. 
chol'er (kol'-), -er ic, -ic ly. 
chol'er a (kol'-), -a'ic, -er i form, 

-er ig'e nous (-ij-), -er ine, -er i- 

za'tion, -er oid, -er o pho'bi a, 

cho ler'o phone. 
cho'liah (ko'-). 
cho'li amb (ko'-), -am'bic. 
chol'oid (kol'-), -oi din'ic, cho- 

loid'ic (or -lo id'ic). 
chol'try or choul'-. 
cho' mage' (sho^mazh'). 
chon'dral (kon'-), -dral'gi a, -drar'- 

se nite. 
chon dren'chyme (kon dren'kim), 

-chym'a tous (-kim'-). 
chon'dri fy (kon'dri fi), -ing, -fied, 

-fi ca'tion. 
chon'dri gen (kon'-), -drig'e nous 

(-drij'-), -dri glu'cose (-kos). 
chon'drin or -drine (kon'-), -drite, 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




-drit'ic, -dri'lis, -dro cra'ni um, 
pi. -ni a, -ni al, -dro dite, -dro- 
gan'oid, -dro gen (-jen), -gen'e- 
sis, -ge net'ic, -drog'e ny (-droj'-), 
-e nous, -dro glos'sus, -glos'sal, 
-drog'ra phy, -dro graph'ic, -droF- 
o gy, -dro log'ic (-loj'-). 

chon'dro blast (kon'-), -dro cos'- 

chon dro'i tin (k6n-), -dro it'ic, 
-dro mu'coid, -dro sin, -dro skel'- 
e ton. 

chon'dro phore (kon'-), -droph'o- 
rous, -dro plast, -drop te ryg'i an 
(-rij'-), -ryg'i ous, -dro sar co'ma, 
-com'a tous, -dro'sis, -dros'te ous, 
-drot'o my, -dro tome. 

chone (kon). 


choose, chose, cho'sen (zn), choos'- 
a ble, -er, -ing, choos'ing=stick. 

chop, -ping, -per, -py, chopped, 
chop=boat, -cher^ry, -doFIar, 
-ham'mer, -house, -log^ic (=loj^-), 
-nut, -sticks. chop'ping-block, 
-board, -knife, -mill, -note, 
-tray, chop'per-cot. 


Chopin' (sho^pin'), Pol. mus.; 
chop'in or -pin, a liquid measure. 

cho pine' (-pen') or cho pin', a clog. 

cho quette' (sho ket'). 

cho rd'gus (ko-) or -re'gus, pi. 
-rd'gl or -re'gl, -rag'ic (-raj'-), 
chor'a gy or -e gy. 

cho'ral (ko'-), -ist, -ly, -ra'le on, 
-rau'la, cho'ric, cho'ral-book. 

Cho'ra'zin (ko-), Bih. 

chord (kord), chor'dal, -dom'e ter, 
-do to'nal. 

chor'da (kor'-), pi. -dae, Chor'da, 
Eot. genus. 

Chor da'ta (kor-), chor'date (kor'-). 

chor dau lo'di on (kor-). 

chor'del (kor'-). 

ch5re, -wom^an. 

cho re'a (ko-), -re'al, -re'ic, -re'i- 
form, -re'oid. 

cho'ree (ko'-). 

cho re og'ra phy (ko-) or -reg'ra- 
phy or -rog'-, -re o graph, -graph'- 
ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

cho' re pis'co pus, -co pal. 

cho re' us (ko-). 

cho''ri am'bus (ko-), pi. -bus es or 

-hi, -ri amb, pi. -ambs, -am'bic. 
cho'ri on (ko'-), pi. -ri a, -on'ic, 

-o ret i ni'tis. 
chor'is ter (k6r'-). 
cho ris'to pod (ko-), -top'o dous. 
cho'ro di das'ca lus (ko-), pi. -ca- 

cho'roid, -roid'al. 
cho rol'o gy (ko-), -o gist, -ro- 

log'ic al (-loj'-), cho rom'e try. 
cho'rus, -rused or -russed, -rus ing 

or -sing, cho'rus -mas^ter. 
chose (shoz), n., pi. cho'ses (sho'sez), 

chose, V. See choose. 
cho tei' (-ta'). 

chou (shoo), pi. choux (shoo). 
Chou'an (shoo'-), -an'ne rie. 
chou ca'ri (choo ka'rl). 
Chou et' (shoD^a'), Swiss philos. 
chough (chuf). 
chourt'ka (chcrort'-), Chourt'ka, 

Ornith. genus. 
chouse, choused, chous ing, 
chou' sing ha. 

cho'vy, pi. -vies. 
chow'chow or chow-chow. 
chow'der, -beer, -head ed. 

chre^ma tis'tics (kre-). 
chres tom'a thy, -to math'ic, -ic al. 
Chriem'hild (krem'hilt) or Kriem'-, 

a German heroine of rare beauty. 
chrism, chris'mal, -ma'ri um, pi. 

-ri a, -ma'tion, -ma to ry, chrism' - 

chris'mon (kriz'-). 
Christ, -hood, -less, -like, -li ness, 

-ly, -child, Christ's-thorn. 
ChrJs'ta del'phi an. 
Chris'te e le'i son (kris'te e la'i- 

chris'ten (-n), -ing, -tened. 
Chris'ten dom (-n-). 
Chris'tian (-chan or krist'yan), 

-ti an'i ty (or -chan'i ty), v., -tian- 

ize, -ized, -i zing, -I za'tion. 
chris'tian, a coin; -ti a'na, a coin; 

-tian ite, a mineral. 
Christ'mas (kris'-), -tide. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




Chris to cen'tric, -tora try, -tol'o- 
gy, -to log'ic al, -to lyte, -toph'- 
a ny. 

Chris to'fi a, -to phite. 

chro mam'e ter, -ma scope. 

chro'mate, -mat'ic, Acs, -ic al ly, 
-ma tin. 

chro'ma tize, -tized, -ti zing, -tism. 

chro mat'o graph, -ma tog'ra phy, 
-tog'e nous (-toj'-), -tol'o gy, 
-tom'e ter, -to path'i a, -path'ic, 
-to phile, -to phore, -toph'o rous, 
-top'si a, -top sy, -to scope {or 
chro mat'-), -tos'co py, -to' sis, -to- 
spher'ic, -ma trope or -mo-, -ma- 
tu'ri a, -ma type, -mat'y py. 

chrome, =aFum, ^coFor, =i^ron, 
'i''ron stone, -mi^ca, -5'chre 
(-ker), 'Ox^Ide, c. black, c. green, 
c. or'ange, c. red, c. yel'low. 

chro'mic, -mid, -mid'i urn, pi. -i a, 
-mi dro'sis, -mif'er ous. 

chro'mi om'e ter, -mi um. 

chro mo crin'i a, -mo blast, -mo- 
col'lo graph, -graph'ic, -log'ra- 
phy, -mo cy'clo graph (-cl'-), -col'- 
lo type, -mo cy tom'e ter (-ct-), 
-mo gen, -gen'ic, -mog'e nous 
(-moj'-), -mo graph, -moid, -mo- 
leu'cite, -mo lith, -lith'ic, -lith'o- 
graph, -graph'ic, -li thog'ra pher, 
-ra phy, -mo mere. 

chro' mo phan or -phane, -mo- 
phlle {or -fll), -moph'i lous, 
-moph'o rous, -mo pho'to graph, 
-to graph'ic, -tog'ra phy, -mo- 
plasm, -plas'mic (-plaz'-), -mo- 
plas'tid, -pro'te id, -mop tom'e- 
ter, -to met'ric al, -mo trope, 
-mop'si a, -mop'sy, -mo sphere, 

chro' mo type, -typ'ic, -ty pog'- 
ra phy (-ti-), -mo ty^py (-tr-), 
-mo xy'lo graph (-zi'-), -mo xy- 
log'ra phy (-zi-). 

chron'ic, -ic al, -al ly, chro nic'i ty 

chron'i cle, -i cled (-kid), -i cHng, 
-i cler, -i con. 

chron'o ha rom'e ter, -o gram, 
-gram mat'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -gram'- 
ma tist, -o graph, -graph'ic, 
chro nog'ra pher, -ra phy, -nol'- 

o ger, -o gist, -o gy, chr6n o log'- 
ic al (-loj'-), -al ly, chro nol'o- 
gize, -gized, -gi zing, chron^o V- 
so ther'mal, -o pho'to graph, 
chro nom'e ter, -e try, chr6n o- 
met'ric al, -o pher, -o scope, 
-o ther mom'e ter, chro nos'co py, 
-nos'te al, -nos'te on, pi. -te a. 

Chr6''n6n h6^t6n th61'6 g6s, hero 
in Carey's burlesque tragedy. 

chro s per' ma. 


chrys'a lis, pi. -lis es or chry sal'- 
i des (-dez), chrys'a lid, -a line, 
-a loid, chrys'a lis=shell. 

chrys'a mine or -am'- (chris'-), 
-am'mic, -am min'ic, -a nis'ic. 

chrys am' pho ra (chrls-). 

chrys an'the mum, Chrys an'the- 
mum, Bot. genus. 

chrys'a zin (chris'-), chrys'in. 

Chry se'is (kri-). Homer, Iliad. 

chrys'o bfir yl, -o chlore, -o chlor'- 
ous, -o chrous, -o coFla, -o gen, 
-o graph, chry sog'ra phy (kri-), 
chrys'oid, -oi'dlne {or -o'l dine), 
-o lep'ic, -o Un, -o Ute, -o hth, 
-o ht'ic. 

chrys'o car'pous (kris^-). 

chry soph'e nin (kri sof'-). 

chrys'o po et'ic. 

chrys'o prase (-praz), -o tan'nin, 
-o tile, -o to lu'i dine, -o type. 

Chrys'6s 16 m (kris'- or kris os'-), 
Gr. theol. 


chtho'ni an (tho'-), -noph'a gy (-jl), 
chthon'ic, chthon o phd'gi a. 

chub, -by, -bi ness, chub' -cheeked, 
=mack'er el, =suck'er. 

chuck, -er, -ing, chucked, chuck'- 
a bid'dy. 

chuck' =far'thing, -full, -lathe, -a- 
by, chuck'ing-ma chine', chuck'- 

chuc'kle, -kled, -kling, chuc'kle- 
head, a person; -head, a head; 

chud'da or -dah. 

chud'der or -dar. 

Chu'di, -die. 

Chu e'ta (choo a'-), pi. -tas. 


not, nor, use, up, ^rn, etiide, food, f^t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




chuff, chuf fy, -fi ly, -fi ness. 

chug, -ger, -ging. 


chum, -ming, -my, -ship, chummed. 

chump, =end. 

chu nam'. 

chunk, -y, -head, -block -yard. 

chu' pa or -pah (chdo'-). 

chu pa ro'sa (choo-). 

chu pat'ty. 

chu pras'sy. 

Chu qui sa'ca (choo ke sa'ka), 

dept. Boliv. 

church, -dom, -go er, -go ing, -ism, 
-less, -like, -ly, -li ness, -man, 
-man like, -men, -man ly, -man- 
ship, -ship, -war^den, -warMen- 
ship, -way, -wom^an, -y, -yard. 

church' -ale, -bread, -bug, -gang, 
-garth, -haw, -hay, -house, -land, 
-lit'ten, -loaf, -mem^ber, -mouse, 
-owl, -quack, -rate, -scot, -town, 
-wake, -work, -writ, c. dues, c. 
trus tee'. 


chu'ri a (chdo'-). 

churl, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, -y, 
churl's-head, -trea'cle. 

chum, -ing, churned, churn'- 
dash^er, -drill, -jumpier, -milk, 
-owl, -powder, -staff. 

churr, -worm. 

chur ro' (choo-). 

chur'rils or -ras. 

Chu ru bus'co (choo roo boos' 6), 
t. Mex. 

Chu san' (choo^san'), China. 

chu'site (choo'-). 

chute (shoot). 


chu'va (choo'-). 

chyle (kil), chy la'ceous (ki la'- 
shus), -la'que ous, -li fy (-fi), -fy- 
ing, -fied, -lifer ous, -lif'ic, -lif'i- 
ca to ry, -lous, chyl i fac'tion (kiF- 
I- or ki^l!-), -fac'tive, -i fi ca'tion. 

chyle -bladder, -cor^pus cle, -in- 
tes^tine, -space, -stom'ach. 

chy'lo cyst (ki'-), -cys'tic, -lo gas'- 
ter, -gas'tric, -lo-poi e'sis, -lo poi- 
et'ic, -lo'sis, -lu'ri a. 

chyme (kim), chym'i fy (kim'- or 
ki'-), -fy ing, -fied, -fl ca'tion, 

chy mlf'er ous (ki-), -mous, -ma'- 
que ous, -mo sin, -mo sin'o gen 
(-jen), -om'e ter, chyme-mass. 

chypre (shepr). 

chy t' rid i a'les (kit-). 

cJ ba'ri ous, -ri al, -ri an, -ba'tion. 


ci bo'ri um, pi. -ri a. 

ci ca'da, pi. -das (-daz) or -dae, 

ci ca'la (si ka'la or che ka'la). 

cic'a trfce (sik'-), pi. -tri'ces (-sez), 
-tri'cial (-trish'-), -tri cose (-kos), 
-tric'u la, pi. -lae, -tri'sive, cic'a- 
trix {or -ca'-), pi. etc a tri'ces 
(-sez), cic'a trize, -trized, -tri^- 
zing, -tri^zant, -tri za'tion, -a- 
trose (-tr5s). 

cic'e ly (sis'-). 

Cic'e ro (sis'-), Rom. orator, -ro'- 
ni an, -an ism, -an ist. cic'e ro, 
a printer's type. 

cic e ro'ne {or che cha ro'na). 

cich'lid (sik'-), -loid, -lo mor'phic. 

Ci co'gna (che kon'ya), It. writer. 

cic'o nine (sik'o nin or -nin). 

cic'u tox'in. 

Cid (sid). 

cid'a ris, pi. -res (rez). 

ci'der, -ap pie, -mill, -press, -tree, 
c. bran'dy, c. vin'e gar. 

ci'de vant' (se^-de van'). 

ci e rid'ga (se- or se a'na ga). 

Ci en fue'gos (se en'fwa'gos), t. 

cierge (syarzh). 

Ci e za (the a'tha), t. Sp. 

ci gar', -bunMler, -case, -fish, 
-hold^er, -light'er, -ma chine', 
-mak'er, -plant, -press, -steamier, 
-store, -tree, -tube. 

cJg'a rette', -filFer, -ma chine^ 
-pamper, c. bee'tle. 

Ci gna ro'li (chen ya ro'le), It. 

ci'gua te'ra (se'gwa ta'ra or the-). 

cil'i a. 

cH'i ate, -ly, -a ted, -a ting, -a ry 
{or -ya ry) -a'tion. 

cil'Jce, -i um, pi. -i a, -i el'la, pi. 

Ci li'cian (-Hsh'-). 

ci lic'i um (-lish'i-), pi. -lic'i a. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 




cJ lifer ous or ciFi if'-, cil'i form, 
-i o bra'chi ate (-bra'kl- or 
-brak'-), -i o fiag'el late (-flaj'-), 
-i o grade, -i o late, -i o spl'nal, 
ci li'o lum, pi. -la. 

cirio, -lo'sis, -lot'ic. 

ci mar ron' (se-). 

cim'bi a, pi. -ae, -bi al. 

Cim'bri an, -brie. 

ci me'li um, pi. -li a. 

cJm'i cJne, -i cif u gin (-jin), -i- 


Cim me'ri an. 

cim'o lite, ci mo'li an. 


Cin cho'na (-ko'-), cin'cho nate, 
-cho nine, -nin'ic, -na'ceous, 
-cho'ni a, -nid'i a, -chon'a mine, 
-chon'i cine, -i dine, -i di'na, 
-chon'ic, -cho nize, -nized, -nl- 
zing, -nism, -cho tan'nic, cin cho'- 
na = tree. 

Cin cin na'tus, Rom. dictator. 

cin'clis, pi. -cli des (-dez), -did. 

cinc'ture (sink'-), -tured. 

cin'der, -y, =bed, =cone, ^fall, 
"frame, =notch, »sift^er, -tub, 
•wench, =wom'an, =wool, c. 
path, c. pig. 

cin^e mat'o graph. 

ci ne'mo graph. 

cin e rd'ri um, pi. -ri a. 

ci ne're a, -re al, -re ous, cin e ra'- 
ceous, -e ra'tion, -e res'cent, -e ri'- 
tious (-rish'-), -e ra ry. 

Cin^ga lese' (or -lez') or Sin gha-. 

cin'gu lar. 

cin'gu lum, pi. -la, -gu late, -la ted. 

cin'na bar, -bar'ic, -bar Ine, -bar= 

cin'na mate, -na mene, -na mic 
{or -nam'-), -na mo'me ous, 

cin'na men, -brown, -fern, -oil, 
•stone, =su^et, =wa''ter. 

cin'no IJne or -lin. 

cinq''trou (sink'^troo). 

cinque (sink), -foil, -pace. Cinque 

cin que'Cen'tist (ching'kwe-chen'- 
tist), "cen'to (-chen'to), cin qui'- 
no (ching kwe'no). 

cin quieme' (san kyam'). 

Ci nU'ra, ci nu'rous. 

ci o^no cra'ni al, -nor rha'phi a, 

-on'o tome, -o not'o my. 
ci'pher, -ing, -er, -hood, -phered, 

ci'pher-key, -tun^nel, ci'pher ing- 

-book, -slate. 
cip'o lin, -ol li'no (-o le'no). 
dp' pus, pi. -pi. 
Ci pri a'ni (che pre a'ne), It. 

cir car'. 
Cir cas'si a (-kash'i a), -sian 

(-shan), -sic. 
cir cas si enne'. 
Cir'ce, -ce'an. 
cir cen'sian (-shan), -sial. 
cir'ci nal. 
Cir'ci nus. 
cir'cle, -cled, -cling, -cler, -clet, 

cir'cle-cut''ter, -i'ron, -readying, 

cir con da'ri o (cher-). 
cir'cuit (-kit), -cu'i tous, -tous ly, 

-tous ness, -cu'i ty. 
cir'cuit =break'er, -cl6s''er, -rid^er. 
cir'cu lar, -cu lant, -lar'i ty, -lar- 

ize, -ized, -i zing, -ly. 
cir'cu late, -la ted, -la ting, -la to''- 

cir cu la'tion, -coil, -stove. 
cir'cu lus, pi. -li. 
cir cum am'bi ent, -ence, -en cy. 
cir cum am'bu late, -la ted, -la- 
ting, -la tor, -la'tion. 
Cir cum cel'lion (-sel'yun). 
cir'cum cen^ter, -cen'tral, -cum- 

cir'cum cise, -cised, -ci ser, -ci- 

sing, -ci' sion (sizh'un). 
cir'cum cone, -con'ic, -cu'bic, 

-cres'cent, -cum de nu da'tion, 

-cum duct', -duc'tion, -duc'to ry, 

-cum e so pha'ge al. 
cir cum'fer ence, -fer ent, -fer- 

en'tial, -tial ly, -en'tor. 
cir'cum fleet (or -fleet'), -cum flex, 

-flex'ion (-flek'shun) or -flec'tion, 

cir cum'flu ence, -ent, -flu ous, 

-fo ra'ne an, -ne ous. 
cir cum fuse', -fused, -fus'ing, -fu'- 


not, nor, use, iip, txn, etiide, food, fcJbt, anger, bofimot, tiius, Badi. 




cir cum gy'rate (-jl'-), -ra-'ted, -ran- 
ting, -ra to^ry, -ra'tion. 

cir^cum in ces'sion, -in'su lar. 

cir cum ja'cent, -ja'cence, -cen cy, 
-jo'vi al, -vi an. 

cir cum li'tion (-lish'un), -lit'- 
to ral. 

cir cum lo cu'tion, -tion al, -tion- 
a ry, -loc'u to ry, -cum me rid'- 
i an. 

cir^cum nav'i gate, -ga ted, -ga- 
ting, -ga ble, -ga tor, -ga'tion. 

cir cum nu'tate, -nu'ta ted, -ta- 
ting, -ta tor y, -ta'tion, -nu'cle- 
ar, -oc'u lar, -o'ral, -pal'li al, 
-par^al lel'o gram, -pen'ta gon. 

cir cum po'lar, -pol'y gon, -po si'- 
tion, -ra'di us, pi. -ra dl i, -re'- 

cir cum ro'tate, -ta ted, -ta ting, 
-ta ry, -ta to^ry, -ta'tion, -scis'- 

cir cum scribe', -scribed', -scrib'- 
ing, -scrib'er, -scrib'a ble, 

-scrip'tion, -tive, -tive ly, -sep'- 
ted, -so'lar. 

cir'cum spect, -ly, -ness, -spec'tion. 

cir'cum stance, -stanced, -stan- 
cing, -stan'tial, -tial ly, -ti al'i ty 
(-shi al'-), -stan'ti ate, -ti a' tion, 
-cum tor'sion, -cum tri^an gle, 
-cum trop'ic al. 

cir cum val'late, -la ted, -la ting, 

cir cum vent', -vent'ed, -ing, -ive, 
-or, -ven'tion, -cum'vo lant, -vo- 

cir'cus, »ring. 

cire per due' (ser per dii'). 


cirque (serk). 

cfr'rate, -ra ted. 

cir rho'sis, -rhSt'ic, -rhSn'o sus, -ri- 
bran'chi ate (-kl-). 

cir ro-cu'mu lus, -stra'tus, -ve'- 

cJr'ro p6d or -pode, -rop'o dous. 

cir'rose (-ros), -ro stom'a tous, 
-ros'to mous, -roiis. 

ctr'rus, pi. -n, -rus^sac, =-sheath. 

cir'so cele (ser'-), cir'soid, -som'- 
pha Ids, -soph thal'mi a, -thal'- 
my, cir'so tome, -sot'o my. 

cis ai'plne, -at lan'tic, -lei'than 

{or -tan), -mon'tane, -o ce an'ic 

(-she-), -pa'dane, -sa hSr'ic. 

cise'leur (sez'ler), -lure. 

cis'soid, -soid al {or -soid'-). 
cist, -ed. 

Cis ter'cian (-shan). 
cis'tern, -ba rom'e ter. 
cis toph'o rus, pi. -o ri, -to phor'ic, 

-to phore. 
cis'tu la, pi. -lae, Cis'tu la, Zool. 

cit, a citizen; Cit (chit), a Spirit. 
cit'a del. 

cite, cit'ed, -ing, -er, -a ble, ci ta'- 
cith'a ra, -a rist, -ris'tic. 
cith'er or -ern or cit'tern. 
cit'i grade. 

cit'i zen (-zn), -ry, -ship. 
cit'rate, -ra con'ic, -re an, -rene, 

-re ous, -ric. 
cit'ril, =finch. 
cit'rine, -rin ous, -ri na'tion, ci- 

trom'e ter. 
cit'ron, -ro na'tion, -ro nel'la. 
cit'ron=oil, -tree, -wa''ter, -wood, 

cit'rus, -fruits, -tree. Cit'rus, Bot. 

cit'y, pi. -ies, cit'y ful, -ward. 

civ'et, -cat. 
civ'ic, -ics, -i cism. 
civ i ere' (-ar'). 
civ'il, -ist, -ly, ci vil'ian, -vil'i ty, 

civ'il-suit ed. 
civ'i lize, -lized, -ll zer, -li zing, 

-li^za ble, -II za'tion. 
clab'ber, -y. 
cladi, -an. 
clack, -ing, -er, clacked, clack-box, 

-dish, -door, -goose, -mill, -piece, 

-seat, -valve. 
clag, -gy. 
claim, -ing, -a ble, -ant, -er, -less, 

claimed, claim'-no^tice. 
cliir au'di ence, -di ent, -voy'- 

ance, -voy'ant, 'oh scure'. 

fate, fat, far, fall, ikie, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, in, note, 




clam, -ming, -my, -mi ly, -mi ness, 

clammed, clam'bake, -cod, «crack^- 

er, -scrapper, =shell, =tongs, -worm, 

clam'ming=ma chined 
cla'mant {or cl3,m'-), -ly. 
clam'ber, -ing, -bered. 
clam jam'phrle or -jam'fe ry. 
clam'mer, -ming. 
clam'or, -ing, -er, -ous, -ous ly, 

-ous ness, -some, -ored. 
clamp, -ing, -er, clamped, clamp' - 

cell, -con nec^tion, -coup^ling, 

-dog, -i''ron, -kiln, -nail, -screw. 
clan, -nish, -nish ly, -nish ness, 

-ship, clans'man, pi. -men. 
clan des'tine, -ly, -ness. 
clang, -ing, clanged, clang' -coFor, 

clan'gor, -ous. 
clank, -ing, -less, clanked. 
clap, -ping, clapped, clap'match, 

-trap, -brSad, -dish, -net, -sill, 

clap'board (klab'bord), -gage. 
clap'per, -ing, -pered, -per bill, 

-claw, -stay, -valve. 
clique (kiak), da'queur' (-ker'). 
Clar'chen (kler'chen or -kyen), 

cl&r'ence, a carriage. 
Clir'en ceux or -cieux (-shoo or 

cl&r'en don, a printer's type. 
clir'et, -cup, -red. 
clS.r i bel'la, clar'i chord, -i cym'- 

bal, clar'i bel-flute. 
clir'i fy (-fi), -ing, -fied, -fier, -fi- 

clar i ga'tion. 
da ri ne' (-re na'). 
cia.r'i net {or') or -i o net', 

-net'tist, cla rin' (-ren'), cla ri'- 

no (-re'-). 
clar'i on. 

Cla risse' (-res'), an order of nuns. 
cUr'i ty. 

cla'ro-ob scu'ro (-skoo'-). 
clart, -y. 
cla'ry, -waiter. 
clash, -ing, -ing ly, clashed. 
clasp, -ing, -er, -ered, clasped, 

clasp'-hook, -knife, -lock, -nail. 

class, -a ble or -i ble, -ing, -man, 
-mate, -room, classed, class' -day, 
-feKlow, -lead''er, -shoot^ing. 

cl&s'sic, -al, -al ly, -al ism, -al ist, 
-al ness, -si cal'i ty, -si cism, -si- 

clas'si fy, -ing, -fi'a ble, -fi er, 
-fied, -fi ca^to ry {or -sif'-), -sif- 
ic, -si fi ca'tion. 

cias'sis, pi. -ses (-sez). 
i clas'tic. 

cl&th'rate, -rose (-ros), -roid. 

clat'ter, -ing, -ing ly, -er, -tered, 
-ter -goose. 

Claude glass, C. Lor rain' mir'ror. 

Clau'di o, Shak., Measure for Meas- 

Clau'di us, -di an. 

clause, clau'su lar (-zu-), clause'- 

claus'thal ite. 


claus tro pho'bi a, -tro pho'bic. 

daus'trum, pi. -tra. 

dd'va, pi. -v(B, -val, Cla'va, Zool. 

cla'vate, -ly, -va ted, -va'tion, clav'- 
el late, -la ted. 

cla veau' (-v6'). 

clav'e cin, -cin ist. 

ciav'i chord, -i a tur' (-toor'), -i a- 
ture, -i ole, -i cyl'in der. 

cl&v'i cle, da vic'u la, pi. -Ice, -u- 
lar, -u late, -u lus, pi. -ll. 

clav'i corn, -cor'nate. 

cla'vi er {or -ver'), -er ist. 

clav'i form. 

dav'i ger, cla vig'er ous (-vij'-). 

Cla vi le'no A li ge'ro (kla ve la'- 
nyo a le ha'ro), a wooden horse. 

da' vis, pi. -ves (-vez). 

cla' vis m. 


ddv'o la, pi. -l(B, -o let. 

dav'u la, pi. -Ice, -ule. 

dd'vus, pi. -vl. 

claw, -ing, -less, clawed, claw'- 
back, -ham''mer, a coat; -balk, 
-bar, -foot, -ham''mer, a hammer; 
-hand, -joint, -sick, -wrench. 


clay, -ey, -ish, -band, -bead, 
-brained, -built, -clot, -cold, 

n6t, nor, use, up, <irn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, tiius, Badi. 




-course, -kiln, -mill, -pit, -puF- 
ver i zer, -screen^ing, -stone, 
-yeFlow, clay'ing-bar. 

clay' more. 

Clay to'ni a. 



clean, -er, -ness, -skins, -cut, 
=hand''ed, -limbed, -up. 

clean'ing, -hvMrant (-hi''-), -ma- 
chine^, -valve. 

cl6an'ly, a., habitually clean, -li- 
ly, -li ness. 

clean'ly, adv., in a clean manner. 

cleanse, cleansed, cleans'er. 

clfians'ing, -days, -round, -square, 
-vat, -week. 

Cle ante' (kla^ant'), Moliere. 

clear, -age, -ance, -er, -ly, -ness, 
-starch, -starchier, -sto^ry, -weed, 
-wing, cleared, clear' -cole, -cut, 
-eyed, -head^ed, -head^ed ness, 
-melt^ing, -seer, clear'er-bar. 

clear'ing, -bafter y, -beck, -house, 
=nut, -pan, -plough, -ring, -sale, 
-screw, -stone. 


cleav'age, -cavity, -cell, -globule, 
-mass, -nu'cle us. 

cleave, cleav'er, -a ble, -a biFi ty, 
cleaved or cleft. 

cleave'land ite. 

cleav'ing, -knife, -saw 

cU'che' (kla''sha') 

cledge, cledg'y. 



cleft, -footled, -graft, -graft^ing. 

clei'do man'cy. 

cleik or cleek. 

cleis'to carp. , See clistocarp. 

Cle lie' (kla^le'), heroine of an his- 
torical romance. 


clem'a tis, a plant. Clem'a tis, 
Bot. genus. 

clem'en cy, -ent, -ent ly. 

Clem'en tine {or -tine). 

clench. See clinch, clench' -bolt, 
-nail, -ring. 

Cle o ma'che an (-ke-). 

Cle o pa'tra, Queen of Egypt. 
Cle^o pa'tra's nee'dle, an obelisk. 

clep'sy dra (-si-), pi. -dras. 

clep to ma'ni a. See kleptomania. 

Clerc (clare), Fr. hist. 

cler'gy, -man. 

clfer'ic, -al, -al ism, -i cal'i ty, -i- 

clgr'i go. 

clerk, -ing, -ly, -ship, clerked, 
clfir'o man cy {or cle'-). 
cle'ruch (-rook or -ruk), -ru'chi al, 

-ru chic (-kik), -ru chy, pi. -chies 

clench or cleugh (kloodi or kld6k). 
clgv'er, -ly, -ness. 
clSv'is, pi. -is es (-ez), or clev'y, 

pi. ies, clev'is-bolt. 
clew or clue. 
clich (klitch). 
cli che (kle sha'). 
Cli chy' (kle she'), t. Fr. 
click, -er, -et, -y, clicked, click'- 

bee^tle, -puFley, -wheel. 
cli'do man cy, -mas'toid, -do ster'- 

cli'ent, -age, -ship, cli'en cy, -en'- 

tal, -en'te lage, -te la ry, -en tele' 

{or cli'-). 
cliff, -brake, -lime^stone, -swaFlow. 
clift, -ed, -y. 
clif'ton ite. 
cli' ma. 
cli mac'ter, -mac'ter ic {or cllm^- 

ac ter'ic), -ic al. 
cli' mat (kle'ma). 
cli' mate, -mat'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

-ma tic'i ty, -tog'ra phy, -to- 

graph'ic al, -tol'o gy, -o gist, 

-to log'ic al, -al ly, -tom'e ter, 

-ma tize, -tized, -ti zing, -tar'- 

chic (-kik). 
cli' max, -mac'tic. 
climb (klim), -a ble, -er, climbed. 
climb'ing, -fish, -i'rons, -perch, 

c. boy, c. fern. 

ell nd'men, pi. -nd'mt na. 
clinch or clench. These two terms 

are used somewhat synonymously. 

In nautical and mechanical uses, 

and in colloquial discourse, the 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, in, note. 




former is more generally em- 
ployed. cUnch'er, clinch'ing 
clinched, clinch=built, clinch'er- 
built, =plat^ing, =work. 

cling, -ing, -fish, -stone, clung. 

clin'ic, -al, -ai ly, -i cist, cli ni'cian 
(-nish'an), -nique (-nek'). 

cli nid'i um, pi. -i a. 

clink, -ing, -stone, clinked, clink'= 

clink'er, =bar, --built, =plat'ing, 

cli no ceph'a ly, -ce phal'ic, -no- 
chlore, -node, -no di ag'o nal, -no- 
dome, -no graph'ic, -no he'drite, 
-no hu'mite, -noid, -no log'ic, 
-nol'o gy, -no met'ric (or clin-), 
-ric al, -nom'e try, cli''no=ax'is. 

cli nom'e ter, =lev^el. 

cli no pin'a coid, -coid'al, -no- 
prism, -no pyr'a mid, -no rhom'- 

din' quant (klln'kant). 

clin'ton ite, Clin to'ni a. 

Cli'o {or kle'o). 

clip, -ping, -per, clipped, clip'- 
chair, =can'dle stick, =finch, -hook, 
-plate, =puFley, =swage, =yoke, 
clip'per-built, -ship, -ping-ma- 
chine'', -shears, -time. 

clip'fish or clipp-. 

clique (klek), w., clique, v., cli'quish 
(kle'kish), -quish ness, -quism. 

clis e om'e ter. 

clish'ma clash, -ma claVer, clish'- 

clis'to carp, -car'pous, -to gam'ic, 
-tog'a mous, -a my, -to gene, -tog'- 
e nous (-toj'-), -tog'e ny. 

cli tel'lum, pi. -la, -teVlus, pi. -ll. 

clith rid'i ate. 

cli' to ris {or kllt-), -to rid'e an, -to- 
ri dec'to my, -to rism, -to ri'tis 



cli'vus, pi. -vi. 

clod'ca, pi. -cas (-kaz) or -ccb (-se), 

cloak, -ing, -room, cloaked, 
cloak'=a nem''o ne, -bag, -fern. 

cloam or dome. 

cldck, -bird, -like, -wise, -work, 
clocked, -a larm', -bee'tle, -case, 

-face, -mak^er, -move^ment, -oil, 
-piFlar, -set'ter, -spring, -star, 
-stock'ing, -tow^er, -tur^ret, 

clod, -dish, -dish ness, -dy, -hop- 
per, -hop ping, -pate, -pat'ed, 
-poll, -break^er, -crush^er, -fish^- 

cl6ff or clough (kl6f), a rebate. 

clog, -ging, -gi ness, -gy, clogged, 
clog'head, -weed, -aFma nac, 
-bur nish er, -dance, -dan^cer, 
-horn'pipe, -pack. 

cloi'son (-zn), -son nage, -son ne 
(-na' or klwa z6 na'). 

clois'ter, -tered, -ter er, -tral, clois'- 
ter -garth, c. vault. 

clo'nus, -nic'i ty (-nis'-), clon'ic, 
-ism {or klo'-). 


cloot, Cloo'tie. 

Clo'quet' (-ka'), Fr. surgeon. 

close (kloz), v., closed, clos'ing, 
-ed ness, clo'sure (-zhur). 

close (klos), a., -ly, -ness, 
-est, clos'er (kloz'-), n., 
fist ed, -hand ed. 

close' -bandied (klos'-), 
-bod^ied, -fights, -hug, 
-plane, -point, -quar^ters 
heads; -sea'son, -stool, -time 
-wing, -work, c. quar^ters, clos'' 
ing-ham^mer, -ma chine''. 

clos'et (kloz'-), -ed, -ing. 


Clos Vou geol' (klo voo zho') 

clot, -ted, -ting, -ty, clot'bur, 

cl6th {or klawth), pi. cloths 

cloth' -creas^er, -dress'ing, 
ing, -fin^ish ing, -fold^ing, 
=lap''per, -meas^ure, -meas^ur ing, 
-pamper, -plate, -press, -prov^er 
(-proDV-), -shear^er, 
-spon''ger (-spunj''-), 
-stitch^er, -teaz^ler, 
-var''nish ing, -wheel, 

clothe, clothed or clad, 
-ier, clothes. 

clothes' -bas^ket, -brush, -driver, 
-horse, -line, -moth, -pin, -press, 
=sprin^kler, -wring^er. 

Clo'tho. Myth. 










n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fdot, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 




clo'ture' (-td6r'). 

cloud, -ed, -ing, -y, -i ly, -i ness, 

-less, -less ly, -let, -land, -ber^ry, 

-burst, -scape. 
cloud' =bank, -born, -capped, -com- 

peFler, -drift, -kissed, -rack, 

-ring, -topped. 
clou e' (kloD a')- 

clough (kl6f), a rebate. See clojf. 
clough (kluf or klou), a sluice, 

-arch (kluf-). 
clour (kloor). 

clout, -ed, -ing, -nail, -shoot ing. 
clove, v., clo'ven (-vn), clo'ven- 

ber^ry, -foot'ed, -hoofed. 
clove, n., -wort, -bark, -cin'na mon, 

-giFly flow er, -hitch, -hook, -nut^- 

meg, -or^ange, -pink. 
clo'ver, -y, -vered, clo^ver-grass, 

-hulFer, -leaf, -sick, -weeVil (-vl), 
clown, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, -ist, 

-heal, clown's-mus^tard, -trea'cle. 
cloy, -ing, -less, cloyed. 
club, -bing, -ber, -bish, -bist, -fist, 

-fist'ed, -foot, -footled, -hand, 

-haul, -house, -man, one who 

uses a club; -room, -root, clubbed. 
club' -ball, -com^pass es, -grass, 

-law, -man, a member of a 

club; -mas^ter, -moss, -palm, 

-rush, -shaped, -skate, -top sail. 
cliick, -ing, -ing-hen, clucked. 
clue. See clew. clue' -gar^ net, 

-i''ron, -jig^ger, -line, -net. 
clump, -ing, -y, clumps, clump'- 

block, -boot. 
clum'sy (-zy), -si ly, -si ness, -boots, 

cltmch, -y. 
Clu'ni ac. 

Clu'ny lace, C. gui gure' (ge-). 
clu'pe id, -pe i form, -pe oid. 
clu'pe in. 
clus'ter, -ing, -ing ly, -ter y, -tered, 

-ter-cups, -pine, -spring. 
clutch, -ing, clutched, clutch'tail, 

-drill, -lamp. 
clut'ter, -ing, -ment, -tered. 
clyp e as'troid, -e ate, -e i form, 

-e o front'al, -e ole, cly pe'o la 

(kli-), -o lar, -o late. 

cly s' mi an (kliz-), -mic. 

clys'ter, -ize, -ized, -i zing, -pipe. 

Cly tem nes'tra (kli- or kllt-), 
wife of Agamemnon. 

Cly'ti e (kli'tl e or klit'- or klish'i e), 
a sea nymph. 

cne'mis (ne-), pi. -mi des (-dez), 
-mi al, -ma poph'y sis, -mid'i um, 
pi. -i a. 

cni'cln (ni'-). 

cnic'node (nik-), cnic'trope. 

Cni'cus (ni'-). 

cni'da (ni'-), pi. -da, cni'do blast, 
-do cell, -do cil, -do phore. 

Cni'dus (ni'-), Bib. 

Cnos'si an (nos'-). 

coach, -ful, -ing, -let, -bell, -feFlow, 
-mak^er, -man, -mas''ter, -whip, a 
snake; a pennant; -wood, coached. 

coach' -bit, -box, -colors, -cur^ri er, 
-dog, -found''er, -horse, -leaves, 
-Office, -screw, -stand, -trim^- 
mer, -wheel, -whip, coach'whip- 

CO act', to compel, -ac'tion, -ac'- 
tive, -tive ly. 

CO -act', to act together, -ac'tive, 
-ac tiv'i ty, -ac'tor, 

CO ad ja'cent, -cence. 

CO ad just', -ment. 

CO ad jute', -ju'tive, -ju'tor, -tor- 
ship, -ju'tress or -trix, -ad'ju tant. 

CO ad'ju vant, -van cy. 

CO ad min'is tra'tor, -tra'trix. 

CO ad'u nate, -na'tion. 

CO a'gent, -gen cy. 

CO ag'u late, -la ted, -la ting, -tive, 
-tor, -to ry, -u la ble, -la bil'i ty, 
-la'tion, -u lum, pi. -la. 

CO al'ta. 


co'a kum, 

coal, -ing, -fish, -man, -mas''ter. 

coal'-back^er, -barge, -ba^sin 
(-sn), -bed, -bin, -black, -hording, 
-box, -brand, -brass, -break'er, 
-bun^ker, -car, -car^ri er, -cart, 
-chute (-shoot), -cut'' ting, -drop, 
-dumpling, -dust, -field, -fit^ter, 
-gas, -goose, -heavier, -hod, 
-hole, -hood, -hulk, -meas^ures, 
-me^ter, -mine, -mincer, -mouse, 
-note, -oil. 

fate, fit, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note. 



cockatoo fence 

c6al'=pass^er, -pipe, -pit, -plant, 
-sack, -screen, -scut^tle, -ship, 
-slack, -sledge, -smut, -staith, 
-stone, -stove, -tar, -tit, -tongs, 
-trim''mer, -vieW'er, -whip^per, 
=work''ings, -works, coal'y, 

CO a 16sce', -lesced (-lest), -les cing, 
-cence, -cent. 

CO a li'tion (-lish'un), -er, -ist. 

co-al ly'(-li'), pl' -lies'. 


CO apt', -ap tate, -ap ta'tion, co'- 
ap ta'tor. 

co'arb {or -arb') or co'marb. 

CO arc'tate, -ta'tion. 

coarse, -ly, -ness, -grained. 

CO ar tic'u la ted, -la'tion. 

coast, -al, -ed, -er, -ing, -wise, 
-ward, -wards. 

coast'-guard, -ice, -line, -pi''lot, 
-rat, -wait^er. 

coat, -ed, -ing, -less, -ar^mor, -but'- 
ton, -collar, -link, -mon''ey, 
-pock^et, -sleeve, -tail. 

coat ee'. 

CO a'ti (-te or -a'tl). 

coax, -er, -ing, -ing ly, coaxed. 

CO ax'al or -ax'i al, -al ly. 

cob, -bing, -by, cobbed, cob'coal, 
-head, -nut, -stone, -swan, -web, 
-web''bing, -web^by, -webbed, 
-worm, -horse, -i^ron, -joe, -loaf, 
-poke, -stack''er, c. house, c. 

c6 ba'do. 

cS'balt {or -b61t), -ine, -ite, -balt'ic 
{or co'-), -ous, -if'er ous, -i cy'a- 
nlde, -bal tom'e nite. 

co'balt'broom, =br6nze, -crust, 
-glance, -o^chre (-ker), -vit'ri ol, 
c. blue, c. green, c. yel'low. 

co'bang or ko-. 

CO ba'ya. 

cob'ble, -bled (-bid), -bling, -bier, 
-bier y, -bly, -ble stone, -bler-fish. 

CO be zou'ti ant (-zoo'-), -zou'toid. 

co'bJ a, cob'i tid, -i toid. 

Co'blenz or Ko'- (-blents), c. Ger. 


co'bra, -brie, -bri form, co'hra'de- 
ca pel'lo, »m6n''il. 

Co'b^rg or -bourg (-bd6rg). 

co'ca, -ca ine, -in ism, -in ize, -ized, 
-i zing, -i za'tion. 

C6c agne' (-an'). 

coc'a Ton. 

CO cdrde' . 

Coc ce'jus or -ius (k6k tsa'yd6s), 
Dutch theol. -ce'ian (-yan), 
-ian ism. 

coc'ci form, -cif'er ous, -coid, -cid. 

coc cin'e an, -e ous, -ci nin, -nel'- 
Hd, -nel'line, Coc'ci nel'la. 


coc'co lite, -co Hth, -co sphere. 

Coc cos'te us. 

coc cu lifer ous. 

coc'cus, pi. -ci, -cous, -cule. 

coc'cy go morph, -mor'phic. 

coc'cyx, pi. -cy'ges (-si'jez), -cyg'e al 
(-sij'-), -e us, -e I, -i an, -cy gine' 
(-si-), -cy go dyn'i a (-din'-) or 
-cy o dyn'i a. 


Co'chin Chi'na, Geog. co'chin- 
chi^na, a fowl. 

coch'i neal {or -nel'), c. fig. 

CO chi'no (-che'-). 

coch'le a, pi. -le ce. (kok'-), -le an, 
-le ar, -ar'i form, -le'i form, -a- 
ry, -ate, -a ted, -le oid, -le ous, 
-a're, pi. -a'ri a. 

CO ci ne'ra (ko thi na'ra). 

co'ci nin, -ci nate, -cin'ic. 

cock, -ing, cocked, cock'bill, -boat, 
-cha'fer, -crow, -crow ing, -eye, 
-eyed, -grass, -head, -horse, -loft, 
-mate, -pit, -roach, -rob^in, -spur, 
-stone, -tail, -up, a fish; -web, 

cock'=ale, =bead, -brass, -bread, 
-broth, -feath'er, -fight, -fighf'er, 
-gar^den, -hedge, -laird, -mas^ter, 
-match, -met'al, -nest,- pen^ny, 
-schnap^per, -spar''row, -sure, 
-up, a., -wa''ter, c. lob'ster. 

cock'-a-hoop, -and-bull, cocked - 
hat, cock'ie-leek^ie, cock'ing-main, 

cock ade', -ad'ed. 

Cock aigne' (-an'), an imaginary 
country of idleness and luxury. 

cock'a ma roo'. 

cock'a teel. 

cock'^a too', -bush, c. fence. 

n6t, nor, use, up, (irn, etiide, food, f^t, anger, bonmot, tilus, BaCh. 




cock'a trice (-tris or -tris). 

Cock'burn (ko'burn), Eng. jurist. 

cock ee'. 

cock'er el. 

cock'er megs. 

coc'kle, 'boat, =brained, =bril lion, 
=bur, 'gar'den, =hat, =oast, =sauce, 
-shell, =stair, -stove, =wife. 

cock'ney, -neys (-niz), -nay dom, 
-ney fy (-fl), -ney ish, -ney ism. 

cocks'comb, =grass, =oys'ter, 
cocks'foot 'grass, cocks'head, a 

cock'swain or cox'-. 

cock'y oFly=bird. 

co'coa (-ko) or co'co, -nut, -nut- 
crab, -nut'oil, -nut-tree. 

co'coa-oil, -plum, -powMer, -tree. 

CO CO bo'lo or -bo' las. 

CO co-de=mer (-mar), -wood or 

CO coi'. 

CO coon', -er y, -ing, coc'u Ion. 

co'co rite. 

coc'tile, -tlve. 

CO cui'sa or -za (-kwe'sa) 

co'cum-but^ter, -oil. 

c6 cyt'i nid, -i noid. 

cod, -ded, -ding, -der, cod -fishier, 
-fishier y, -glove, -line, -liv^er, 
-piece, -pole, -sound, -worm. 

co'da, CO del'ta. 

cod'dle, -died, -dling. 

cod'dy, -modMy. 


co'dex, pi. cod'i ces (-sez), cod'i cal. 

cod'fish, c. ball, c. cake. 


cod'i cil, -i cil'la ry. 

cod'i fy, -fied, -fi er, -fy ing, -fi ca'- 

CO dil'la. 

CO dlUe'. 

cod'Iing, -moth. 




CO do nos'to ma, pi. -mas. 

CO ef fi'cient (-fish'-), -ly, -cien cy. 


ccel'a canth (sSl'- or se'-). 

cce Id'ri um (se-), pi. -ri a. 

Coe'lebs (se'-), hero of Hannah 

More's novel, Ccelebs in Search of 

a Wife, coe'lebs. 
Cceflel mln'tha (se^lel- or seFel-) or 

-min'thes (-thez), coe'lel minth, 

Coe len'te ra (se-), -te ron. 
CO el' ho (-al'yo). 

cos'li a (se'-), pi. -li (f, -li ac, -li an. 
coe li ag'ra (se-), -li al'gi a. 
coeli ot'o my. 
coe lo blas'tu la (se- or sel-), -lo gas'- 

tru la. 
coe'lo d6nt (se'-). 
coe lo neu'ral (se-), -lo-nav^i ga'- 

coe lo plan'u la {or sel- or -pla nu'- 

la), -no gen'e sis (or sen'o-), -no- 

ge net'ic, -no site (or sen'o-) 

coe ru'le in. 
coe'lo sperm, -sper'mous (or sel-). 
coe'lum (se'-), pi. -la. 
coe lu'rid (se-). 
CO en'doo or -dou (-doo). 
coen es the'sis (sen-), -the'si a. 
coen'o bite (or se'-). 
coe no'bi um, pi. -bi a. 
coe'no blast (se'-), -blas'tic. 
coe nog'a my. 
coe nos'te um, -te al. 
coe'no type (se'-), -typ'ic. 
coe'nure, -nu'rus. 
CO e'qual, -qual ly, -qual ness, 

-qual'i ty (-kwol'-). 
CO erce', -erced, -er'cing, -cion, 

-ci ble, -ble ness -cive, -cive ly, 

-cive ness. 
coer'e bine (ser'-). 
co'es sen'tial, -ly, -ti al'i ty. 
CO e ter'nal, -ly. 
coeur (ker). 
Coeur de Li on' (koor de le on' 

or kur de li'on), Richard I of 

CO e'val. 
CO ex ist' (-eg zist'), -ence, -ent, 

CO ex ten'sive, -sive ly, -sive ness, 

c6-feoff'ee (-fgf-). 

c6f' fee, -bean, -ber ry, -big^gin, 
-blight, -border, -bug, -clean'er, 
-corn, -cup, -grind^ing, -house, 
-hull'er, -mak'ing, -man, -mill. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 

coffee =nib 



-nib, -nut, -polish er, -pot, 

-pulpier, -roast'er, -room, -sage, 

-shop, -stand, -tree. 
coffer, -ing, -fer work, -dam, 

c6f'fin, -less, coffin-boat, -bone, 

-car^ri er, -fish. 

cof'fre-fort (-fr-), cof'fret. 
cog, -ging, -ger, cogged, cog'ware, 

-wood, -bells, -rail, -wheel. 
co'gent, -ly, -gen cy. 

cog'gle, -gled, -gling, -gle dy, -gly. 
cog'i tate (k6j'-), -ta ted, -ta ting, 

-ta ble, -ta bil'i ty, -ta bun'di ty, 

-ta tive, -tive ly, -tiv'i ty, -ta'tion. 
cog'i to er'go sum (k6j'-). 
Co'gnac' (kon^yak'), t. Fr., C. pot'- 

ter y. co'gnac (kon'yak). 
cog'nate, -ness, -nd'it, -na'tion, 

cog'ni turn, pi. -ni ta, -ni tive, -ni'- 

tion (-nish'un). 
cog'nize, -nized, -ni zing, -ni za- 

ble, -za bly, -zance, -zant, -zee', 

cog no' men, -nom'i nal, -i nate, 

-na ted, -ting, -i ne, -na'tion. 
cog nosce' (-n6s'), -nosced (-n6st') 

-nos cing, -nos cence, -ci ble, 

-ci bil'i ty, -no'vit, -nos cen'te, pi. 

CO gdn\ -gondl', pi. -nd'les (-las). 
CO gre'di ent. 
CO hab'it, -ed, -ing, -ant, -an cy, 

-i ta'tion. 
CO heir' (-air'), -ess, -ship. 
CO here', -hered', -her'ing, -her'er, 

-ence, -en cy, -ent, -ent ly. 
CO he'sion (-zhun), -sive, -sive ly, 

-sive ness. 
co'ho bate, -ba ted, -ting, -tor, 

Co hoes' (ko hoz'), c. N. Y. 
CO hoes', a salmon. 
CO hort'a tive. 
co'h6sh {or -hosh'). 
CO hune' (-boon') . 
coif, -fure, -}eur' (kwof fer'), coifed, 

coif fette' (kwof fet'). 

coiffe''de'}er (kw6f'-de-f6r), 'de- 
mailles' (-mal'). 

coign or coigne (koin), coign'y. 

coil, -ing, coiled, coil'-plate. 

Co'i la, dist. Scot. 

coin, -a ble, -age, -ing, -er, -less, 
coined, coin'-as sort^er, -bal- 
ance, -count^er, -silver, -weight- 
ing, coin'ing-press. 

CO in cide', -cid'ing, -ed, -er, -in'- 
ci dence, -den cy, -dent, -dent ly, 
-den'tal, -tal ly. 

CO in'di cant, -di ca'tion. 

CO in here', -hered', -her'ing, 
-her'i tance, -i tor. 

CO in sure', -sured, -sur'ing. 

CO in verse'. 

coir or coire (koir or kir). 

CO i'tion (-ish'un). 

co'i tus. 

coke, -bSr'row, -fur^nace, -mak'- 
ing, -om^ni bus, -ov^en, ^tow^er, 
c6k'ing=kiln, -ov^en. 

col, a mountain pass. 

co'la, -nut, -seed. Co^la, Bot. 

col'an der (kul'-) or cul'len der, 

col dr'co. 

Col'burn, Amer. math. 

col can'non. 

col'chi cin (-ki- or -chi-) or -cine 
(-sin or -sen). 

Col'chi cum (-kl- or -chl-), Bot. 

CSl'chis (-kis), prov. Russ. 


col'co thar. 

cold, -ly, -ness, -blood'ed, -drawn, 
-chis'el, -cream, -ham^mer, 
-kind, -mov^'ing, -pale, -sheet, 
-short, -shot, -sore, -stok^ing, 
-sweat^ing, -tank^ard, -tin'ning. 

cole, -mouse, -perch, -wort, -rape, 
-seed, -slaw, -tit. 

CO lec'to my. 

c6re 6 phyl, -phyl'lous. 

Co^le op'te ra {or coF-), co'Ie op'- 
ter, -op'ter al, -ter an,- -ter ous, 
-ter ist, -tile, -le o rhl'za, -le pid. 

cole'pix y. 

co-les see', -les sor'. 

Co'le us. 

n6t, nor, use, up, firn, etiide, food, fdbt, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 




C61'fax, V. Pres., U. S. 

col'let in. 

CO li'hri (-le'bre or kol'I bri). 

col lide', -lid'ed -ing, -li'sion 

c61'ic, -al, -ick y, -wort, -ic-root. 

(-lizh'un), -li'sion al, -li'sive. 

c61'ie. See coly. 

c61'li dJne. 

c6ri form. 

col'lie, a dog, -shang^ie, =brand. 

Co li gny or -gni, de (d6 ko^len^ye' 

col'lier (-yer), -y, pi. -ies, -a'phis. 

or -len'-), Fr. admiral. 

c61'li form. 


col'li gate, -ga ted, -ga ting, -ga'- 

col in'de ry, pi. -ries. 


coFi mor'phic. 

col li lon'gus, pi. -gi (-ji). 

Col i se'um. See Colosseum. 

col'li mate, -ma ted, -ma ting, -ma- 

CO ll'tis. 

tor, -ma'tion. 

col lab'o rate, -ra ted, -ting, -tor, 


-ra teur' (-ter'), -ra'tion. 

col lin'e ate, -e ar, -e a'tion. 

col'la gen(-jen), -lag'e nous (-laj'-). 

col lin'ic. 

See collogen. 

col'li quate, -qua ted, -qua ting. 

col lapse', -lapsed, -laps ing, -laps'- 

-qua'tion, -liq'ua ble (-lik'wa-). 

i ble or -a ble. 

-ua tive, -tive ness, -ue fac'tion. 

col'lar, -age, -ing, -bags, -lared, 


-lar et or -ette'. 

col'lo cate, -ca ted, -ca ting, -ca'- 

col'lar-awl, -beam, -bird, -block, 


-bolt, -bone, -box, -but^ton. 

col lo'di on, -ize, -ized, -i zing. 

-cell, -check, -hardness, -laun^- 

-di o type, -di um. 

der, -nail, -plate, -swage, -tool. 

col'lo gen (-jen) or -la-, -lo gen'ic. 


-log'e nous (-loj'-). 


col'lo graph, -graph'ic, -log'ra phy. 

col la're, pi. -ri a. 

col'loid, -loid'al, -loi dal'l ty. 

col late', -lat'ed, -ing, -a ble, -la'- 


tion, -tive, -tor. 

col'lo phore. 

col lat'er al, -al ly, -al ness. 

col lo'qui al, -al ism, -al ize, -ized. 

col'league, -ship. 

-i zing, -lo quist, -lo quy, pi. 

col lect', -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, -a ble 

-quies, -lo'qtd um, pi. -qui a. 

or -i ble, -ive, -ive ly, -ive ness. 

col'lo type (-tipe). 

-or, -or ate, -or ship, -lec'tion. 

col lude', -lud'ed, -ing, -er. 

-tion al. 

col' turn, pi. -la. 

col lect'ing, -bot'tle, -cane, -net. 

col lu'sion (-zhun), -lu'sive, -sive- 

col lect'or mag'is trate. 

ly, -sive ness, -so ry. 

col lect'iv ism, -ist, -lee tiv'i ty. 

col'lu to ry, -to'ri um, pi. -ri a. 

col'leen {or -len'). 

col lu'vi al. 

col'lSge, -leg er, -le'gi al, -al ism. 

col'ly bos, pi. -ba. 

-gi an, -gi ate, -gi urn, pi. -gi a. 

col'ly bus, pi. -bl. 

Col le'gi ant. 

col lyr'i um, pi. -urns or -i a. 

col le'gno (c61 la'nyo). 

col' mar. 

Collem'hola, col'lem bole, -b61'ic, 

CO lo'bi on, -hi um, pi. -hi a. 

-lem'bo lous. 

col bo'ma, pi. -ma ta. 

col le'me Ine, -le'moid. 

col ceph'a lo&s. 

col len'chy ma (-kl-), -chym'a tous 

col co'lo. 

(-kim'-), -len'chyme (-kirn). 

col'o cynth, -cyn'the in, -thin, -thi- 

col'len cyte (-site), -cy'tal (-si'-). 


col'ler y-stick. 

Co lo'gna (ko lon'ya), t. It. 


Co logne' (-Ion'), t. Ger., C. earth. 

col le ie'ri um, pi. -ri a, -ri al, -le'- 

C. glue, C. ware, co logne'. 

ter, -let'ic, -le to cys'to phore. 

col'o lite. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note. 




CO lom'bin. 

CO lom'e try. 

co'lon, a mark of punctuation. 
CO Ion' , a coin. Co'lon, t. Pana- 

CO 16'nate. 

colo'nel (kur'nl), -cy, -ship. 

CO 16'ni al, -ize, -ized, -i zing, -al- 
ly, -al ism, col'o nist, -o nize, 
-nized, -ni zing, -ni zer, -o ni- 
za'tion, -tion ist, -o ny, pi. -nies, 
CO lo'ni al goose'. 

col o nVtis. 

col on nade'. 

CO 16nne', col on nette'. 

CO lo'nus, pi. -ni. 

col'o phon, -pho'ni an. 

col'o pho'ny (or ko lof'-), -o- 

col'or (kul'-), -a ble, -ble ness, 
-a bly, -ant, -ing, -ine, -ist, -less, 
-less ness, -a ture, -a'tion, -if'ic, 
-im'e ter, -e try, -I met'ric, -or- 
man, -ored. 

col'or-bear''er, =blind, -blind^ness, 
-box, -chart, -cir^cle, -com bi- 
na^tion, -com^pa ra tor, -cone, 
-con^trast, -cyFin der, -di^a- 
gram, -doc^tor, -e qua'tion, 
-guard, -lake, -Hne, -parity, 
-print^ing, -re ac^tion, =>sen sa'- 
tion, -sense, -ser^geant (=sar^- 
jent), -strik^er, -tri^an gle, =va ri- 
a'tion, -va ri''e ty, col'or ing- 

CoFo ra'do, state and r. U. S.; 
CO. and t. Tex. C. bee'tle, C. 
group, col o ra'do ite. 

CO 16s'sal. 

Co 16s'se or -sae, Bih. 

Col OS se'um or CoFi se'um. 

Co los'sian (-los'yan), pertaining 
to Colossae. 

Co 16s'sJ ans {or -I6sh'i anz or 
-losh'anz), a book of the Bible. 

CO los'sus, pi. -si or -sus es, -sus- 

CO los'trum, -los'trous, -los'tric, col- 
os tra'tion. 

CO lot'o my. 

col pen'chy ma (-kl-). 

col peu ryn'ter. 

col pl'tis. 

col'por^tage, -por ter or -teur. 

Colqu houn' (ko boon'), Brit, ex- 


colt, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, -ale, 
-eVil, -like, -pix^y, colts'foot, 
a plant; colt's-tail, a plant; colt's 

col'ter or coul'ter, -neb. 

Col'u her, col'u brid or -bride, -u- 
brine, -broid, co lu'bri form. 

col'u bris. 

CO lum'ba, Co lum'ba, pi. -bcB, 
Ontith. genus, col um ba'ceous, 
-bd'ri um, pi. -ri a, -ba ry, co- 
lum'bid, -boid, 

CO lum'bate. 

Col um be I' la. 

Co lum'bi a, -bi an. 

CO lum'bi ad. 

CO lum'bi er. 

CO lum'bin. 

col'um bine. 

CO lum'bi um. 

col'u mel, -mel'la, pi. -meV\sc, 
-lar, -li form. 

col'umn (-um), colum'nar, -na- 
ted, -ni a'tion, -nu la, pi. -lae, 
col'um nar'i ty, -umned (-umd), 
-um nif'er ous, col' umn-lathe, 
-rule, -skulls. 

CO lure', pi. -lures'. 

c61'y {or c6'-) or col'ie, a bird; pi. 

CO lym'bi on. 

c6rza, -oil. 

co'ma, -mal, -mate, -ma tose (-tos), 

Co man'che {or -cha), pi. -ches 
(-chSz or -chaz). 

co'marb, -ship. See coarb. 

Co mat'u la, co mat'u lid. 

comb (kom), -er, -ing, -less, 
combed, comb'-bear'er, -broach, 
-brush, -cap, -cut^ter, -frame, 
-hon'ey. -jel'ly, -pamper, -pot, 
-rat, -saw, -ing-ma chine'. 

cftm'bat (or kum-), -ant, -er, -ive, 
-ive ness, -a ble (or -bat'-). 

com'bat'tant' (kon ba tan'). 

Combe (koom or kom), Scot, 

Combes (konb), Fr. writer. 

n6t, nor, use, up, tlrn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




com bine', -bined, -bin'ed ly, 
-bin'er, -bin'ing, -bin'a ble, -ble- 
ness, -bi na'tion, -bi'nant {or 
kom'-), -bin'a tive, -a to ry, -a- 
to'ri al. 

com bus'ti ble, -ble ness, -tive, 
-tion (-chun), -ti bil'i ty. 

come (kum), =at=a ble, =at=-a bil'i ty, 
'down, =6flf, com'er, com'ing, 
"floor, »in. 

c6m'e dy, pi. -dies, co me'di an, 
-me di enne' (ko ma/dl 6n'), co- 
me' di ei'ta. 

come'ly (kum'-), -li ness. 

CO mfen'ic. 

CO meph'o rid. 

co'mes (-mez), pi. com'i tes (-tez). 

CO mes'ti ble. 

com'et, -e ta ry, -e ta'ri um, pi. 
-ri a, -et og'ra phy, -ra pher, 
-ol'o gy, CO met'ic, com'et°find^- 
er, =seek'er. 

com'fit (kum'-), -fi ture. 

com'fort (kum'-), -ed, -ing, -er, 
-a ble, -ble ness, -bly, -less, -less- 
ly, -less ness. 

com'frey (kum'fry). 

com'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -al ness, -i cal'- 
i ty, -ique' (-ek'). 

CO mi'da (ko me'da). 

com i ta'li a. 

com i ta'tus. 

CO mVti um (-mish'i-), pi. -ti a, -mi'- 
tial (-mish'al). 

c&mi ti'va (-me te'-). 

com'i ty. 

c6m'ma, pi. -mas (-maz), -mat'ic, 
-ic al, -ma tism, -ma»tipped. 

com mand', -ed, -ing, -ing ly, 
-a ble, -er ship, -er y, -ment, 
-man dant', -man'do. 

com mand'er, »in=chief, -man- 

com mas'see. 

comme il }aut (kom el fo). 

com mem'o rate, -ra ted, -ting, 
-ble, -tive, -tor, -to ry, -ra'tion. 

com mence', -ment, -menced', 

com mend', -ed, -ing, -a ble, -ble- 
ness, -a bly, -a tor, -to ry, -men- 

com men' dam. 

com men'sal, -sal ism, -sal'i ty. 
com men'su rate, -ly, -ness, -ra- 
ted, -ting, -ble, -bly, -bil'i ty, 

com' ment, n. com'ment {or 

-ment'), v., -ed, -ing, -er or -or, 

-ment'a tive, -men ta'tion. 
com' men ta^tor, -ship, -ta to'ri al. 
com'merce, -mer'cial, -cial ism, 

-cial ly. 
com mi na'tion, -min'a to ry. 
com min'gle, -gled, -gling. 
com' mi nute, -nu ted, -nu ting, 

com' mis' (ko me'). 
com mis'er ate (-miz'-), -a ted, 

-a ting, -a tive, -a tor, -a ble, 

com' mis sa ry, -ship, -sa'ri at, 

-ri al, com'mis sa ry^court, »gen'- 

er al, =ser'geant («sar'jent). 
com mis'sion (-mish'un), -er, -er- 

ship, -sioned, -sion ing, -sion al, 

-a ry, -aire', -ship, c. a'gent, c. 

com'mis sure (-shoor or -mish'-), 

-su'ra, pi. -rcB, -mis'su ral 

com mit', -ted, -ting, -tal, -ta ble, 

-ter, -tor, -ment. 
com mit'tee, -man, =room. 
com mix', -mixed, -mix'ing, -mix'- 

tion (-chun), -ture. 
com'mo dd'tum, pi. -ta. 
com mode'. 

com mo'di ous, -ous ly, -ous ness. 
com mod'i ty. 
com'mo dore. 

Com'mo dus, Rom. Emperor. 
com'mon, -age, -a ble, -al ty, -er, 

-ish, -ly, -ness, -place, -place- 

ness, -weal, -wealth, com'mons, 

-mon=sense, a., -mon place=book. 
com'mo rant, -ranee, -ran cy. 
cdm'mos, pi. -moi. 
com mo'tion. 

com'mu nal, -ism, -ist, -is'tic. 
com'mune, n., -mu nard, -mu- 

ner, com mu'ne bo'num. 
com mune', v., -muned', -mun'- 

ing, -mun'er. 
com mu'ni cate, -cant, -ca ble, 

-ble ness, -ca bly, -ca tive, -tive ly. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 




-tive ness, -ca tor, -to ry, -ca ted, 

-ting, -can'tes (-tez). 
com mu ni ca'tion, =plate, -valve. 
com mu'ni o. 
com mun'ion, -cloth, -cup, -rail, 

com'mu nism, -nist, -nis'tic, -tic- 

com mu'ni ty, -ni ta'ri an. 
com mu ta'tion, c. tick'et. 
com mute', -mut'ed, -mut'ing, 

-mut'er, -mut'a ble, -ble ness, 

-mut a bil'i ty, com'mu tate, -ta- 

ted, -ta ting. 

Co'mon fort, Pres. Mexico, 
co'mose (-mos), -mous 
c6m pa'cho. 
com'pact, n., -pact', a. and v., 

-ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, -er, -i ble, 

-ly, -ness. 
com page', -pa'ges (-jez). 
C6m pa gno'ni (-pan yo'ne), It. 

c6m pan'ion, -a ble, -ble ness, 

-a bly, -less, -ship, -way, -ladMer. 
com'pa ny (kum'-). 
c6m pare', -pared', -par'ing, -par'- 

er, -pa ra ble, -ble ness, -pa rate, 

-par'a tive, -tive ly, -pa ra tor 

{or -p3.r'-), -p3.r'i son. 
com part'ment, -par ti men' to. 
com'pass (kum'-), -passed, -pass- 
ing, -a ble, -less. 
com'pass-bar (kiim'-), -board, 

-bowl, -box, -brick, -card, =di^- 

al, -head^edj -joint,- -neeMle, 

-plane, -plant, -saw, -sig^nal, 

-tim^ber, -win^dow, c. roof. 
c6m pas'sion (-pash'un), -ate, 

-a ted, -a ting, -ate ly, -ate ness. 
c6m pat'i ble, -ble ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
c6m pa'tri ot, -ot ism. 
c6m pear', to appear in court; -er, 

com peer', an equal. 
com pel', -ling, -ling ly, -ler, -la- 

bly, -la to ry, -pelled'. 
com pel'la tive, -pel la'tion. 
cSm'pend, -pen'di ous, -ous ly, 

-ous ness, -di um. 
com'pen sate {or -pen'-), -pen'sa- 

tive, -tive ness, -sa to ry, com'- 
pen sa tor. 
com pen sa'tion, c. bal'ance; c. 

bars, c. pen'du lum. 
com pete', -pet'ed, -pet'ing, -pSt'- 

i tive, -i tor, -to ry, -pe ti'tion 

(-tish un). 
c6m'pe tent, -ly, -tence, -ten cy. 
com'pe ten'tes (-tez). 
com pile', -piled, -pil'ing, -pil'er, 

-pi la'tion. 
com pi td'li a. 
c6m pla'cent, -cence, -cen cy, 

-cent ly. 
c6m plain', -er, -ing, -ing ly, 

-plained', -plaint'. 
cSm'plai sance (-pla zans or 

-zans), -sant, -sant ly, -sant ness, 

com pla na'tion. 
c6m'ple ment, -men'tal, -men'- 

ta ry. 
com plete', -ly, -ness, -plet'ed, 

-ed ness, -ing, -ple'tive, -ple'tion, 

-pie to'ri um, pi. -ri a. 

ness, -plex'i ty, 

(-plek'shun), -ist. 

-an cy, -ant, 
-ly, -ness, 

-ant ly. 
-ca cy, 

com'plex, -ly 

com plex'ion 

-al, -ioned. 
com pli'ance, 
com'pH cate, 

-ca tive, -cant, -ca'tion. 
com plic'i ty (-plls'-). 
c6m'pU mfint, -ed, -ing, -er, -men'- 

ta ry, -ta ri ly. 
com'plin or -pllne. 
cSm'plot, «., -plot', v., -ted, -ting, 

-ting ly, -ter, -ment. 
com plu'vi um, pi. -vi a. 
com pd'ne, -poned'. 
c6m po'nent, -nen cy, -nen'tal. 
c6m port', -ed, -ing, -a ble, -ment. 
com pose', -posed, -pos'ed ly, -ed- 

ness, -er, -pos'i tive, -i tor, 

-p6 si'tion (-zish'-), -po'sure. 
com pos'ing, -frame, -ma chine^, 

-room, -rule, -stand, -stick. 
Com pos'i toe. 
com pos'ite, -i tous. 
cbm'pos men'tis. 

cbm'pote, com po ti er' (-po te a'). 
com'pound, n. and a., -pound', 

v., -ed, -ing, -er, -a ble. 

n6t,- n6r, use, up, iirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bohmot, thus, BaCh. 




com prd dor'. 

com pre hend', -ed, -ing, -er, i ble, 

-hen'si ble, -ble ness, -bly, -bil'- 

i ty, -hen'sive, -sive ly, -sive- 

ness, -hen'sion. 
cfim'press, w., -press', v., -ing, 

-ive, -i ble, -ble ness, -i bil'i ty, 

-or, -pres'sure, -sion, -pressed', 

com pres' sion «cast^ ing, -cock, 

-ma chined 
com prise', -prised', -pris'ing. 
cSm'pro mise, -mised, -mi sing, 

-mi ser, c. wheel. 
compt'o graph (kount'o-), c6mp- 

tom'e ter. 
comp trol'ler (k6m-), -gender al. 

See controller. 
com pul'sion, -sive, -sive ly, -ness. 
com pul'so ry, -so ri ly, -ri ness. 
com punc'tion, -less, -tious, -tious- 

com'pur ga tor, -to'ri al, -ga'tion. 
c6m pute', -put'ed, -put'ing, -put'- 

er, -a ble, -a bil'i ty, -pu ta'tion, 

-ta'tion al. 
c6m'r&de {or -rad or kum'rSd or 

-rad), -ship. 
comte (kont), the French title for 

Comte (kont), Fr. philos. Com'ti- 

an (k6m'ti an or kon'-), Comt'- 

ism (komt'izm or kont'-), -ist. 
c6n, -ning, -ner, conned, con'ning- 

tow er. 
c5n a} jet' to, con a mo're, con hri'o 

con am'a rin. 
CO nd'ri um, pi. -ri a, -ri al. 
CO na'tion, -nd'tus, co'na tive. 
c6n ax'i al. 
con cam'er ate, -a' ted, -a' ting, 

con cat'e nate, -na^ ted, -na' ting, 

con cau les'cence, -les'cent. 
con'cave {or kon-), -ly, -ness, 

-cav'i ty, -ca va'tion. 
con ca'vo -con'cave, -con' vex. 
con ceal', -ed ly, -ed ness, -er, 

-ing, -ment, -a ble, -cealed. 
con cede', -ced'ed, -ed ly, -er, -ced'- 


con ceit', -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness. 
con ceive', -ceiv'a ble, -ble ness, 

-a bly, -er, -ing, -a bil'i ty. 
con cen'ter or -tre, -tered or 

-tred, -ter ing or -tring. 
con cen'trate {or con'-), -tra ted, 

-tra ting, -tra tive, -tive ness, 

-tra'tion, con'cen tra'to. 
con cen'tric, -al, -al ly, -tric'i ty. 
con cen'tus. 
con'cept, -ism. 
con cep'ta cle, -tac'u lum, pi. 

-u la, -u lar. 
con cep'tion, -ist, -al, -al ist, 

-cep'tive, -tu al, -al ism, -al ist, 

con cern', -ed ly, -ed ness, -ing, 

-ment, -cerned'. 
con'cert, n., -cert', v., -ed, -ed ly, 

-mas^ter, c. grand, c. mu'sic, c. 

piece, c. pitch. 
con cer tdn'te (-char-). 
con cer ti'na (-te'-), -cer ti'no {or 

-char te'-). 
con cer'to {or -char'-), pi. -tos 

con ces'sion, -ist, -ces sive, -sive ly, 

-so ry. 
con cet'to {or -chat'-), pi. -cet'ti. 
conch (k6nk), con'cha (k6n'ka), 

pi. -chce, -chal (-kal), -chate 

(-kat), -chlt'ic, -choid, -choid'al, 

Con chij'e ra (-klf-), con'chi fer 

(-kl-), -chif'er ous, -chi form. 
con chin'a mine (-kin'-), con'chi- 

C6n'ch6, r. Tex., con'cho-grass. 
con chol'o gy (-kol'-), -o gist, 

-chom'e ter, -e try, -cho spi'ral. 
con'chus (-kus), pi. -chi (-ki), -chy- 

la'ceous or -chyl i a'ceous, -chyl'- 

i a ted, -chy lifer ous, -chyFi- 

om'e ter, -e try, -i o mor'phite, 

-chyl'i ous, -i um, pi. -i a. 
con'cierge' (k6n''syarzh'), -cierge'rie. 
con cil'i ate, -a ted, -a ting, -a ble, 

-a tive, -a tor, -to ry, -a'tion. 
con cil'i um, pi. -i a, -i ar, -a ry. 
con cin'ni ty. 
con cise', -ly, -ness, -cis'ion (-sizh'- 

con ci to! to (-che ta'-). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 




con'clave (or kon'-), -cla vist. 
con elude', -clud'ed, -clud'ing, -er, 

-i ble, -clu'sive, -sive ly, -sive- 

ness, -sion (-zhun). 
con coct', -ed, -ing, -er, -ive, -coc'- 

con col'or (-kul'-), -or ate, -or ous. 
con com'i tant, -tant ly, -tance, 

-tan cy. 
con'cord, -cord'an cy, -ant, -ant- 

ly, -ist, -cor'dat. 
con cor'po rate, -ra'tion. 
con cos'tate. 
con cours' (kon^koor'). 
con crfisce', -cresced', -cres'cing, 

-(pres'cence, -cres'ci ble. 
con'crete, n., con'crete {or kon'- 

or -kret'), a., con crete', v., -ly, 

-ness, -cret'ed, -cret'ing, -cre'- 

tion, -tion al, -a ry, -tive, -tive- 

ly, -tor, con'cretC'press. 
con'cu bine, -cu'bi nage, -bi nal, 

-bi na ry, -na'ri an. 
con'cu la, pi. -lae. 
con cu'pis cence, -cent, -ci ble, 

-ble ness. 
con cur', -curred', -cur'ring, -rence, 

-ren cy, -rent, -rent ly, -ness. 
con cur'so. 
con cuss', -cus'sive, -sion, -sion- 

con cu'ti ent (-shI-). 
con cyc'lic (-sik'-). 
Conde', de (d6 koriMa'), Fr. 

con del i ca tez'za (da le ka tet'say, 

con de li'ri o (da le're o) . 
con demn', -demned', -dem'ning 

{or -dem'ing), -dem'na ble, -na- 

to ry, -ned ly, -ner {or -dem'er), 

con dense', -densed', -dens'ing, 

-er, -er y, -den'sa ble, -sa bil'i ty, 

-sate, -sa tive, -sa'tion, -dens'er= 

gage, -ing-coil. 
con de scend', -ed, -ing, -ing ly, 

-ence, -scen'sion. 
con dic'tion. 

con dign' (-din'), -ly, -dig'ni ty. 
con'di ment, -men'tal. 
con di'tion (-dish'un), -al, -al ly, 

-al'i ty, -ate, -di'tioned, -di ti o- 

nd'tum, -tion ing=house, con di'- 
tio sVne qua won (kon dish'i o). 

con dol'. 

con dole', -doled', -dol'er, -ing, 
-do'la to ry, -do'lence. 

con do min'i um, -dom'i nate. 

con done', -doned', -don'ing, -do- 


con' dot tie' re (-tya'ra). 

con duce', -duced, -du'cing, -ci- 
ble, -ble ness, -bil'i ty, -cive, 
-cive ness. 

con'duct, w., -duct', v., -ed, -ing, 
-ance, -i ble, -bil'i ty, -ive, -or, 
-o ry, -duc'tion, -due tiv'i ty, 
-due tom'e ter, con'duct-mon''ey, 

con'duit (kon'dit or kiin'-). 

con du'pli cate, -ca ted, -ca ting, 
-cant, -ca'tion. 

con dur'rite. 

con'dyle (-dil or -dil), -dy lar (-dl-), 
-dy loid, -lome, -lus, pi. -li, 
-lo'ma, -I6m'a tous, -dyl'i an, 
-dyl'o pod, -dy lop'o dous (-dl-), 
con'dy loid joint. 

cdne, co'noid, -noid'al, -noid'ic, 
-ic al, cone'flow^er, -bear ing, 
-billed, -gam'ba, -gear, -gran^- 
ule, -in-cone, -joint, -nose, 
-plate, -seat, -shell, -valve, c. 
bit, c. clutch, c. pul'ley, c. wheel. 

CO ne'jo (-na'ho). 

CO nen'chy ma (-kl-). 

co'ne patl, -pStl {or -patl). 

con'fab, -fab'u late, -u lar, -u la- 
tor, -to ry, -la'tion. 

con fAr're ate, -re a'tion. 

con fec'tion, -a ry, -er, -er y, -pan. 

con fed'er ate, -er a cy, -al, -a tive, 

con fer', -ferred', -fer'ring, -ra ble, 
-ral, -rer, -fer ee', con'fer ence. 

con fer ru'mi nate, -na ted. 

Con fer'va, pi. -vce, -fer vd'les (-lez) 
con fer'void, -vous, -vite, -va' 

con fess', -ed ly, -er, -or, -or ship, 
-ing, -fes'sion, -sion al, -al ism, 
-a ry, -ist, -fessed', -fes'sion- 

con jet' to, pi. -tl. 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus. Bach. 




con fide', -fid'ed, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 

-ing ness, con'fi dence, -dent, 

-dent ly, -dent ness, -den'tial, 

-tial ly, -fi dant', }em. -dante'. 
con fig u ra'tion. 
con'fine, n., -fine', v., -ment, 

-fined', -fin'ing, -fin'er. 
con firm', -ing, -ing ly, -a ble, 

-ance, -a tive, -tive ly, -a to ry, 

-ed ly, -ed ness, -er, -fir mee', 

-ma'tion, con'fir master, -firmed'. 
con'fis cate {or -fis'-), -ca ted, 

-ting, -tor, -fis'ca to ry, -fis'ca- 

ble, -ca'tion. 
con^fla gra'tion. 
conflate', -flat'ed, -flat'ing, -fla'- 

con'flict, n., -flict', v., -ed, -ing, 

con'flu ence, -ent, -ent ly. 
con'fiux, -flux'i ble, -ble ness. 
con fo'cal. 
con form', -ing, -a ble, -ble ness, 

-bly, -bil'i ty, -form'er, -ist, -i ty, 

-for ma'tion, -formed'. 
con' for'za (for'tsa). 
con foimd', -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, 

-ing, -er. 
con frac'tion, -to'ri um. 
con fra ter'ni ty. 
con frere' {or kon^frar'). 
con front' (-frunt'), -er, -ment, 

con'jron'te (k6n''fr6n'ta'). 
Con fu'cian (-shan), -ism, -ist. 
con juo'co (fwo'ko). 
con fuse' (-fuz'), -fused', -fus'ed ly, 

-ed ness, -ing, -ing ly, -fu'sive 

(-siv), -sion. 
con fute', -fut'ed, -ing, -er, -a ble, 

-ant, -a tive, -fu ta'tion. 
con' ge' (kon zha' or k6n'je), »., 

c6n'ge, v., -ge a ble, -ing, -geed. 
con geal', -a ble, -a ble ness, -ed- 

ness, -ment, -ing, -gealed', -ge- 

cfin'gee {or kiin'je), n., leave- 
taking, con gee', «., boiled rice; 

a jail. con'gee, v., -ing, -geed, 

-gee=house, -waiter. 
c6n'ge ner, -ge ner'ic, -ic al, -net'- 

con ge'ni al, -al ly, -al ness, -al'- 

i tv 

con gen'i tal, -tal ly, -i ture. 
con'ger, -ee', -ger-doust, -eel. 
con ge'ri es (-je ri ez). 
con gest', -ed, -ive, -ing, -ges'tion 

con'gi a ry, pi. -a ries. 
con'gi us, pi. -gt I. 
conglo'bate {or con'-), -ly, -ba'tion. 
con glom'er ate, -er it'ic, -a'tion. 
con glu'tin or -tine, -ti nant, -ti- 

nate, -na ted, -ting, -tive, -tor, 

-ti nous, -nous ly, -na'tion. 
Con'go, C. pea, C. red, C. snake. 

con'go, a dance, con'gO'eeF. 
con gon'ha (-ya). 
con'gou (-goo). 
con grat'u late, -la ted, -la ting, 

-la tor, -to'ry, -la ble, -lant, -la'- 

con'gre gate, -ga ted, -ga ting, 

-ga'tion, -tion al, -al ly, -al ism. 
Con gre ga'tion al ist, -al ism. 
con'gress, a meeting or assembly. 

Con'gress, the national legislature 

of U. S. con gres'sion al, con'- 
gress man {or Con'-). 
con'greve, Con'greve rock'et. 
con'grid, -groid. 
con'gru ence, -en cy, -ent, -ent ly, 

-ous, -ous ly, -ous ness, -ist, -is- 

tic, -gru'i ty. 
con hy'drine (-hi'-). 
CO ni'a {or ko'nl a). 
c6n'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -al ness, -i cal'- 

i ty, -i cle, -i co cy lin'dric al 

(-si-), -i coid, -ics, -ic-a cute', 

con'id, CO nid'i um, pi. -i a, -i al, 

-nid I if'er ous, -nid'i oid, -i o- 

phore, -i oph'o rous, -o spore. 
co'ni fer, -ni form, -nif'er ous, 

con^i o sper'mous, Co nif'e ra. 
CO nif'er in, co'nine, -nite. 
con'i ma. 
con'i o cyst. 
CO ni ros' ter, -ros'tral, Co'ni ros'tres 

CO nis'lra. 
con jec'ture, -tur a ble, -al, -al ly, 

-al ist, -al'i ty, -tur er, -ing, 

con join', -ing, -ed ly, -joint', 

-joint'ly, -joined'. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice in, note, 




con'ju gal, -ly, -ga cy, -ju'gi al (-JI-). 
con'ju gate, -ga ted, -ga Uve, -ga'- 

tion, -tion al, -al ly, con ju ga'- 

tion-bod''y, =cell, 'nu^cle us. 
con junct', -ly, -junc'tion, -tion al, 

-al ly, -live, -tive ly, -tive ness, 

-ture, -ti vi'tis. 
con June ti'va, -ti'val. 
con'jtire (kun-), to effect by magic, 

-jur er, -jur ing, -jur y, -jured, 

-jur ing'cup. 
c6n jure', to adjure, -ment, -ing, 

-er, -jured'. 
con mo'to. 
c6n'nate {or -nat'), -na'tion, -na'- 

tion al, -nate=per f6''li ate. 
con nat' u ral, -ly, -ness, -na'ture. 
con'naught, a cotton fabric. Con'- 

naught, prov. Ire. 
C6n ne aut', t. O. 
con nect', -ed, -ed ly, -ing, -ive, 

-ive ly, -or, -nec'tion, con nect'- 

ing-cell, =link, -rod. 
con nel'lite. 
con'ner (kun'-), a fish. 
cdn'nex, -nex'i ty, -i'vum, pi. -va. 
con^nive', -nived', -niv'ing, -ance, 

-ent, -er. 
c6n nois seur' (-nis sur' or -sur' 

or -soor'), -ship. 
con'no tate, -ta ted, -ting, -ta'tion, 

con note', -not'ed, -ing, -a tive, 

-tive ly. 
con nu'bi al, -ly, -al'i ty. 
con nu tri'tious (-trish'us). 
co'no d6nt. 
co'no scope, 
con'quer (-ker), -a ble, -ble ness, 

-ing, -ing ly, -or, -quered, -quest. 
con quet' (-kwet'). 
con quis'ta dor {or -kis ta dor'). 
con san guin'i ty, -guin'e al, -e an, 

-e ous, -san'guine. 
con' science (-shens), -less, -smit- 
con sci en'tious (-sM en'shus), -ly, 

-ness, -scion a ble, -ble ness. 
con'scious (-shus), -ly, -ness. 
con'script, a. and n., -script', v., 

-ed, -ing, -scrip'tion, -tion al. 
con'se crate, -era tor, -to ry, -cra'- 

tion, -cra'tion-cross. 

con^se cu'tion. 

con sec'u tive, -ly, -ness. 

con sen'sus, -su al (-shoo-). 

con sent', -ed, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 

-a ble, -sen ta'ne ous, -ous ly, 

-ous ness. 
con sen'tience, -tient (-shent). 
con'se quent, -ly, -quen'tial, -dal- 
ly, -tial ness, -se quence. 
con serv'a tive, -ly, -ness, -serv'- 

a ble, -ant, -an cy, -a tism, -a to- 

ry, -ser va'tion, -tion al, -va''tor. 
con'ser'va toire {or -twor'). 
con serve', -served', -serv'ing, 

con sid'er, -a ble, -a bly, -ing, 

-ing ly, -a'tion. 
con sid'er ate, -ly, -ness. 
con sign' (-sin'), -ing, -or {or 

-si nor') or -er, -signed', -sig'na- 

to ry, -na ture, -na'tion. 
con sil'i a ry, -i ence, -i ent. 
con sist', -ed, -ing, -ence, -en cy, 

-ent, -ent ly, -sis ten'tes (-tez). 
con sis'to ry, -to'ri al, -ri an. 
con'so bri'nal. 

con so'ci ate, -a ted, -a ting, -a'- 
tion, -tion al, -tion ism. 
Con so Id' to del Md're. 
con sole', -soled, -sol'ing, -sol'a- 

ble, -ble ness, -s61'a to ry, -s5- 

la^tor, -la'tion. 
con'sole, n., -ta^ble. 
con sdl'i date, -da ted, -da ting, 

-da tive, -da'tion. 
con's61s {or -solz'). 
con som me (-so ma' or kon-). 
con'so nant, -ly, -ness, -ism, -ize, 

-nance, -nan cy, -nan'tal, -so- 

con sor di'ni (-de'ne), c. spi'ri to 

(spe're to). 
con sort', -ed, -ing, -a ble. con'- 

sort, n., -ism, -ship, -sor'ti um 

con spec'tus. 
con sperse'. 

con spic'u ous, -ly, -ness. 
con spire', -spir'ing, -ing ly, 

-splr'er, -ant, -splr'a tor, -a cy. 
con'spur cate. 
con'sta ble (kun-), -ship, c6n- 

stab'u la ry. 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bofimot, tilus, BaCh. 




Con^stans' (kon^stofi'), Fr. poli- 
tician. Con'stans (-stanz), Rom. 

con'stant, -ly, -ness, -stan cy. 

Con stan'ti a (-shi-). 

CSn'stan tine, Rom. Emperor. 

Con stan^ti no'ple, c. Turk., -no- 
pol'i tan. 


con state', -stat'ed, -ing. 

con stel la'tion, -stel'late {or 
kon'-), -stel'la to ry, 

con ster na'tion. 

con'sti pate, -pa ted, -pa ting, 

con stit'u ent, -en cy. 

con'sti tute, -tu ted, -ting, -tive, 
-tive ly, -ter, -tor, -tu'tion, -tion- 
ist, -tion al, -al ism, -al ist, -al ly, 
-al ize, -ized, -i zing, -al'i ty. 

con strain', -ing, -er, -ed ly, -a ble, 
-strained', -straint'. 

con strict', -ed, -ing, -ive, -or, 

con strin'gent. 

con struct', -ed, -ing, -or or -er, 
-ive, -ive ly, -ive ness, -struc'- 
tion, -tional, -ally, -ist, -tion-w^ay. 

con'strue {rarely -strw'), -strued, 
-stru ing. 

con^sub stan'tial, -ism, -ist, -ly, 
-ti ate, -ti al'i ty, -ti a'tion. 

Con su e lo (-a'lo or kon^soo^a^- 
16'), George Sand. 

con sue tu'di na ry (-swe-). 

con'sul, -age, -ship, -su lar, -late, 
-sul -gender al, -su late -gender al. 

con suit', -ed, -ing, -er, -ive, -a ry, 
-a tive, -a to ry, -sul ta'tion. 

con'sum ah or -ar. 

con sume', -sumed', -sum'ing, 
-ing ly, -er, -sump'tion, -sump'- 
tive, -tive ly, -tive ness. 

con sum' mate, a., -ly, -ma tive. 

con sum' mate {or kon'-), v., -ma- 
ted, -ma ting. 

con sute'. 

con ta bes'cence, -cent. 

con'tact, -tac'tu al, -tact-break^er, 
=lev''el, =lev^er. 

con td di'no (-de'-), pi. -di'ni (-de'- 
ne), fem. -di'na (-de'na), pi. 
-di'ne (-de na) or -di'nas (-naz). 

con ta'gion (-jun), -ist, -gious 

(-jus), -gious ly, -ness, -ta'gi um, 

-gioned (-jund). 
con tain', -er, -ing, -a ble, -ment, 

con tam'i nate, -na ted, -na ting, 

-na tive, -na'tion. 
con tan'go, pi. -goes. 
Con te (koh^ta'), Fr. painter. 
con temn', -temned (-temd'), 

-tem'ning {or -tem'ing), -ner {or 

con tem'plate {or kon'-), -pla ted, 

-ting, -tive, -tive ly, -tive ness, 

con tem^po ra'ne ous, -ly, -ness, 

-ra ne'i ty. 
con tem'po ra ry, -ri ness. 
con tempt', -i ble, -ble ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty, -temp'tu ous, -ous ly, 

-ous ness. 
con tend', -ed, -ing, -er. 
con ten'e ment. 

con'tent, «., that vi^hich is con- 
tained; the contents; -less, -tents 

{or -tents'). 
con tent', a., n., and v., -ed, -ed ly, 

-ed ness, -ment. 
con ten'tion, -tious (-shus), -ly, 

con ter' mi nal, -na ble, -nant, 

con test', v., -ed, -ing, -ing ly, 

-a ble, -ant, -tes ta'tion, con'- 

test, n. 
con'text, -tex'tu al, -al ly, -tur al, 

C6n'ti (-te), It. poet. 
con tig'u ous, -ly, -ness, -ti gu'i ty. 
con'ti nent, n.,' -nen'tal, -tal ist, 

-tal ism. con'ti nent, a., -ly, 

-nence or -nen cy. 
con tin'gent, -ly, -ness, -tin'gence, 

-gen cy. 
con tin'ue, -ued, -u ed ly {or -ud- 

ly), -u er, -u ing, -ing ly, -u ous, 

-ous ly, -u al, -al ly, -al ness, 

-u ance, -ant, -u a tive, -tive ly, 

-a tor, -a'tion, -ti nu'i ty. 
con tm'u d {or -te'noo-). 
c6nt4ine {or A\n), =splice 
con tor'ni ate. 

fate, f3.t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 




con tort', -ed, -ing -tor'tion, -tion- 

ist, -tor'tive, -tor tu'pli cate. 
con tour' (-toor' or k6n'-), -ing, 

-tour'=feath''er, -hair, -line. 
con tour nc (-na') 
con'tra band, -ism, -ist. 
con'tra bass {or -bas') -bas'so, 

-tra oc'tave. 
con'tra ho'nos mo' res (-rez). 
con'tract, n., con tract', v. -ed, 

-ed ly, -ed ness, -i ble, -ble ness 

-lie, -ive, -or, -ant, -i bil'i ty, 

-trac'tion, -ture, -til'i ty, -tion- 

con'tra =dance. 
con tra diet', -ed, -ing, -er, -a ble, 

-ive, -ive ly, -o ry, -ri ly, -ri ness, 

-dic'tion, -tion al, -tious, -tious- 

con^tra dis tinc'tion, -tinc'tive, 

con'tra fa got' to. 

con'tra fis'sure (-fish- or -fish'-). 
con tra gre'di ent. 
con tr^rto. 
con tra'ri ant. 
con'tra ry, -tra ri ly, -ri ness, -ri- 

v^^ise^ -ri'e ty, -tra ry=mind^ed. 
con'trast, n., -trast', v., -ed, -ing, 

-ive, con'trast -di^a gram. 
con''tra stim'u lant. 
con'trate, -wheel. 
con'tra tensor. 
con''tra val la'tion. 
con tra vene', -vened', -ven'ing, 

-ven'er, -ven'tion. 
con'tra yer'va. 
con'tre fort (-tr-), -tre temps' (-tan'), 

con'trC'Coup (-koo), "Vair', -er'- 

mine, 4et'tre. 
C6n tre'ras (-tra'-), t. Mex. 
con trib'ute, -u ted, -ting, -tive, 

-tor, -to ry, -tri bu'tion, -tion al. 
con'trite, -Iv, -ness, -tri'tion 

con trit'u rate, -ra ted, -ra ting. 
con trive', -trived', -triv'a ble, 

-ance, -er. 
con trol', -ling, -la ble, -ble ness, 

-bil'i ty, -ment, -ler ship, -ler or 

comp-, -trolled', con trol' -ex per^- 

i ment, -trol'ler-gen'er al, -trol'- 


con'tro ver sy, -ver'sial, -sial ist, 

-sial ly. 
con tro vert' {or kon'-), -ed, -ing, 

-er, -i ble, -i bly, -ist. 
con'tu ma cy, -ma'cious (-shus), 

-cious ly, -ness. 
con'tu me ly, -me'li ous {or -mel'- 

yus), -ous ly, -ous ness. 
con tuse' (-tuz), -tused, -tus'ing, 

-tu'sive (-siv), -tu'sion. 
CO niin'drum. 
CO nure' {or kon'-). 
co'nus, pi. -ni; Co'nus, Conch, genus. 
con va lesce', -lesced' (16st), -les'- 

cing, -cence, -can cy, -cent, 

-cent ly. 
Con' val Id'ri a. 
con va nesce', -nesced' (-nest'), 

-nes'cing, -nes'ci ble. 
con vec'tion, -vec'tive, -tive ly. 
con vene', -vened', -ven'ing, -ven'- 

a ble, -ven'er. 
con ven'ience, -ien cy, -ient, -ient- 


con'vent, -ven'ti cal, -ven'tu al. 

Con ven'tu al, a member of a 

religious sect. 
con ven'ti cle, -ti cler. 
con ven'tion, -al, -al ism, -al ist, 

-al ize, -ized, -i zing, -I za'tion, 

-al ly, -al'i ty, -a ry, con ven'tion 

coin, c. dol'lar. 
con verge', -verged', -ver'ging, 

-gence, -gen cy, -gent, -ges'cence. 
con' ver sant, -sant ly. 
con ver sa'tion, -al, -al ist, -al ly, 

-ism, -ist, -tion-tube, con'ver sa'- 

zi o'ne (k6n' ver sa'tse 6'na or 

kon-), pi. -0 ni (-ne). 
converse', -versed' (-verst), -vers'- 

ing, -er, -a ble, -ble ness, -bly. 
con'verse, n. and a., -ly, -vers'i- 

con vert', -ed, -ing, -er, -i ble, -ble- 

ness, -i bly, -i bil'i ty, -ver'sive, 

-ver' si ble, -ver'sion, -vert'ing- 

con'vert, n., -ver tend'. 
con'vex, -ly, -ness, -vexed', -vex'- 

ed ly, -ed ness, -i ty, -vex'o- 

con'cave, -con'vex, -plane. 
con vey' (-va'), -a ble, -ance, -an- 

cer, -an cing, -er or -or, -veyed'. 

not, nor, use, up, urn, etude, food, fo6t, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 




con'vict, n., -ism, -vict', v., -ed, 

-ing, -ive, -ive ly, -ive ness, -vic'- 

con vince', -vinced', -vin'cer, 

-cing, -cing ly, -cing ness, -ci ble, 

con viv'i al, -ist, -ly, -al'i ty 
con voke', -voked', -vok'ing, -vo- 

ca'tion, -tion al, -al ist. 
con'vo lute, -lu''ted, -tive, -lu'tion. 
con volve', -volved', -volv'ing, 

Con vol'vu lus, pi. -lus es or -vu li, 

-vu la'ce CB, con vol vu la'ceous. 
con'voy, n., -voy', v -voyed', 

con vulse', -vulsed' (-vulst), -vul'- 

sant, -sing, -sive, -sive ly, -sion, 

-sion al, -sion a ry, -sion ist. 
co'ny {or kiin'y), pi. co'nies, c6'- 

ney, pi. -neys (ko'niz or kiin'iz), 

c6'ny=bur^row, -fish, -wool. 
coo (icoo), -ing, -ing ly, -ey, -ee', 

cooed, coo'-in-new'. 
CO ob H gor'. 
coo'ey or -ee or -ie. 
coof (koof). 
cook, -ing, -y or -ey or -ie, -er y, 

-maid, -room, -shop, -ish, 

cooked, cook'-book, -con^ner, 

-house, -wrasse (=rass),-ing«range, 

cool, -ing, -er, -ish, -ish ly, -ish- 

ness, -ly, cooled, cool'weed, 

-wort, -cup, -head^ed, -tank^ard, 

cool'ing-cup, -floor. 
cool'a man. 
coo'li bah (-Ie ba). 
cdo'He or coo'ly, pi. -lies (Hz). 

coomb (koom). 

cot)n, -skin, -bear, -heel, -oys''ter. 
coon'tee, a harrow. 
coon'tie or -ty, a plant. 
CODp, -ing, cooped. 
coop'er, -age, -ing, -y, -er's-wood. 
CO op'er ate, -er a tive, -a tor, 

-ant, -a'tion, -tion ist. 
CO op'ta tive. 

CO or dain', -ing, -dained', -or'di- 

CO or'di nate, -ly, -ness, -na ted, 

-na ting, -tive, -to ry, -na'tion. 
Co 6s', CO. N. H. — (coos), co. Ore. 

— (ko'os), Bib. 
coot, -foot, a bird, -footled, -grebe. 
coo thay'. 
cop, -frame, -spin ning, -tube, 


CO pai'ba or -va, -pai'vic, -ba-oil. 
CO pai'ye-wood (-pa'ya-). 
co'pal, -pal in or -ine, -if'er ous, 

CO pal'che or -chi. 

CO par'ce ner, -ce ny, -ce na ry. 
CO part'ner, -ner ship, -ner y. 
CO pa'trl ot. 
cope, coped, cop'ing, -er, cope'- 

stone, -chis^el. 
co'peck or ko'-. 
Co^pen ha'gen, c. Den. 
CO pen ha'gen, a drink; a game. 
Co per'n! cus, Pol. astron., -nl- 

Co phet'u a, Tennyson's The 

Beggar Maid, 
co'pi a ver bo' rum. 
co'pi ous, -ness. 
c6p pe (-pa'). 
C6p p6e (-pa'), Fr. poet. 
cop'per, -ing, -ish, -ize, -ized, 

-lazing, -y, -pered, cop'per bell, 

-bel ly, -head, -nose, -plate, 

-smith, -wing, -work. 
cop'per -bit, -bot'tomed, -coF ored, 

-faced, -fas'tened, -fur''nace, 

-glance, -laced, -nick^'el, -pow'- 

der, -rose, -wall, -works, -worm, 

c. cap'tain. 
cop'per as. 

c6p'ping-plate, -rail. 
cdp'ple, -pled, -pie-crown, -crowned. 
c6p'po, pi. -pi. 
co'pra {or k6p'-). 

fate, f&t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




CO pre'mi a or -pra'-, -prem'e sis, 

cop'ro lite, -lit'ic. 
CO prol'D gy, -proph'a gy, -proph'- 

i lous. 
CO proph'a gan, -a gous. 
cfipse, -wood, cops'y. 
C6pt, Cop'tic. 

cop'u la, pi. -las or -lae, -u lar. 
cop'u late, -la ted, -la ting, -la- 

tive, -tive ly, -la to^ry, -la'- 

COp'y, pi. -ies, -led, -y ing, -i er, 

-y ist, -y graph, -hold, -hold^'er, 

-right, 'book, 'hold^er, =mon''ey. 
cop'y ing-ink, -lathe, =ma chine^ 

=pa^per, =pen''cil, -press, =rib''bon. 
coque (kok). 

Coquelin' (k6k''lah'), Fr. actor. 
coque' li qiiot (kok'li ko). 
CO quet', v., -ted, -ting, -ry (or 

co'-), -tish, -tish ly, -quette', n. 
CO quil lage' (ko kel yazh'). 
CO quiria-nut (-kel'ya=), co quil'lo 

CO quille' (-kel'). 
CO quim'bite (or -kim'-). 
Co quim'bo (-kem'-), prov. Chile. 
CO quim'bo (-kim'-), an owl. 
CO qui'na (-ke'-). 
CO qui'to (-ke'-), -oil. 
c6r'a cle. 

c6r'a cold, -coid'al. 
CO rad'i cate. 
c6r'al, -let, -line, -lite, -lit'ic, -al- 

loid, -loid'al, -la'ceous, -Hf'er- 

ous, -lig'e nous (-lij'-), -Ug'er- 

ous, -aled, co ral'li form, co raV- 

cor'al ber-'ry, -root, -wort, -fish, 

-in^sect, -mud, -plant, -poFyp, 

-rag, -snake, -stitch, -tree, 

-wood, -zone. 
CO ra'mJ. 
co'ram jii'dice, c. no'his, c. non ju'' 

di ce, c. par'i dus, c. pop'u lo. 
corb, cor'ban. 
cor'beil (-bel). 
cor'bel, -beled or -belled, -bel ing 

or -bel ling, cor'bel-piece, -steps, 


cor hic'u lum, pi. -u la, Cor hic'u la, 

Zool. genus. 
c6rd, -age, -al, -ed, -ing, -wain, 

-wain er, -grass, -leaf, -ma- 

chine^ =shng, -stitch, -wood, 

cor'date, -di form, cor'date-lan'ce- 

o late, -ob'long, -sag'it tate 

cor'dax, -dac'tes (-tez). 
cor^de'chasse' (-shas'). 
cor del' (kor dal'). 
Cor de'li a {or -del'ya), Shak., 

King Lear. 
Cor de lier'. 
cor de Here' (-del yar'). 
cor'delle {or -del'). 
cor'dial (-jal or kord'yal), -ly, 

-ness, -dial'i ty. 
cor'd! es (-ez). 
cor dil'las (-laz). 
cor dil'ler a {or -dil ya'ra). 
C6r'do ba or -va, prov. Sp. Cor'- 

do va, prov. Arg. Rep.; t. Mex. 
cor'don, -do nette', -don net (-na'). 
cor don nier' (-don nya'). 
cor'do van. 

cor dua soy' (-dwa soi'). 
oor'du roy. 
core, -less, cored, cor'ing, -er, 

core'-bar^rel, -box, -llft'er, -piece, 

-print, -valve, -wheel. 
CO rec'ta sis. 
CO rec'tome, -to my, cor ec to'- 

mi a, -to'pi a, -e di al'y sis. 
CO rel'la. 
Co re op' sis. 
c6r'e plas ty, -plas'tic. 
CO -re sid'u al (-zid'-). 
CO -re spond'ent or co re-. 
corf, corves, corf -house. 
Cor'fJ ote or -fute. 
co^ri a'ceous. 
co^ri an'der, -seed. 
Co rinne' (-ren'). Madam De 

co' rinne' {or -ren'). A quadruped; 

a bird. 
CSr'inth, Co rin'thi ac, -thi an. 
Co^rJ 6 la'nus, Rom. hero. * 

n6t, nor, use, up, iirn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 



corps d*armle 

co'rr um. 

cork, -age, -er, -ing, -y, -i ness, 
corked, cork'brain, -screw, -wood. 

cork'=bark, -black, -board, 

-brained, -clasp, -cut^ter, -fas'- 
ten er, -fau^cet, -fos''sil -leath^er, 
-ma chine', -oak, -press, -press'er, 
-pull, -puIFer, -tree, cork'ing- 
ma chined 

corm, -el, -oid. 


Cor mid'i um, pi. -*' a 

cor moph'y ly. 

cor' mo rant. 

cor'mus, pi. -mi. 

corn, -bells, -bind, -bot'tle, -brash, 
-cob, -crake, -crib, -field, -flow'er, 
-shelter, -shuck, -stalk, -starch, 
-stone, -y, corned. 

corn'-bad'ger, -bee'tle, -chanMler, 
-clean''er, -coc'kle, -cov'er er, 
-crack''er, -cuFti va tor, -cut'ter, 
-drill, -eat'er, -fac'tor, -fed, -flag, 
-floor, -fly, -goose, -grat'er, 
-growling, -harp, -hardest er, 
-hook, -hulFer, -husk, -huskier, 

corn' -juice, -knife, -land, -law, 
-lift, -loft, -mar'i gold, -me'ter, 
-mill, -mint, -moth, -mulFer, 
-oys''ter, -pars''ley, -pipe, -plant'- 
er, -plas'ter, -plow, -pop'per, 
-pop'py, -rent, -rig, -rose, -row, 
-saFad, -saw'fly, -shuck'ing, 
-snake, -strip'ping, -thrips, -van, 
-vi'o let, -weC'vil, -worm, corn'- 
ing -house. 

corn ball, c. bread, c. cake, c. 
dod'ger, c. ex change', c. frit'ter, 
c. pone. 

cor'ne a, -ne al, -ne i'tis, -ne ule, 
cor'ne a»lens, -re'flex. 

Cor neille' (-nal'), Fr. poet. 

cor'ne in. 

cor'nel, -tree. 

cor'ner, -er, -ing, -wise, -nered, 
cor'ner-chis'el, -cut'ter, -drill, 
-piece, -plate, -punch, -saw, 
-stone, -tooth, -valve, cor'ner- 
ing-ma chine'. 

cor'net, -y, -er, -tist or cor'nist, 

cor ne'Ja (-na'-). 

cor nette'. 


cor'nJce, -nked (-nist), -nice -hook, 

-plane, -ring. 
cor nic'u lum, pi. -la, -u late. 
cor'ni fy, -ing, -fied, -nif'ic, -nif- 

er ous, -ni form, -ni fi ca'tion, 

-nic' u late, -nig'er ous (-nij'-). 
cor'nin or -nine. 
cor'ni plume. 
Cor'nish, -man. 
cor' no di bds set' to (de), pi. cor'ni 

(-ne), cor'no In gle'se (engla'za). 
cor'nu, pi. -nu a, -nu al, -nute', 

-nut'ed, -ny. 
cor nu co'pi a. 
cor'nu pete. 
c6r'o core. 
CO rol'la, cor'ol, -ol list, -ol late, 

-la ted, -la'ceous, -lifer ous, 

CO rol'li form, -rol'line {or cor'-), 

-li flo'ral, -flo'rous, co rol'lu la, 

pi. -IcB. 
cor'ol la ry, pi. -ries. 
Cor'o man'del, Geog. C. wood. 
CO ro'na, pi. -nas or -nse, cor'o nal, 

-nal ly, -o na ry, -o nate, -na'- 

ted, CO ro'ni um. 
cor'o nach or -a nach (-nak). 
CO ro nd'do (-na'tho). 
c6r o na'men. 
c6r o na'tion, -oath, -roll. 
CO ro'ne, -ron'i form, cor'o nule. 
c6r'o ner. 
c6r'o net, -ed. 
C6r o nil'la, Bot. genus. 
CO ro nil'la (-nel'ya), a coin. 
CO ro'ni um. 
CO ro'nis. 
cfir'o noid. 
CO ro'zo (-tho) or -ros'so (-ro'- 

cor'po ral, -ly, -ral ship, -ral'i ty, 

-ral-case, -cloth, -cup. 
cor'po rate, -ly, -ness, -ra tor, 

-ra ture, -ra'tion, -tion stop. 
cor po're al, -ism, -ist, -ly, -ness, 

-re'i ty, -re al'i ty, -po're al ize, 

-ized, -i zing, -i za'tion, -po ros'- 

i ty. 
cor'po sant (-zant). 
corps (kor), pi. corps (korz), 

corps d'ar mee (kor'dar'ma'). 

fate, fa,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 




corpse, =canMle, -cooler, -gate, 

'light, -plant, -preserv^er, -sheet. 
cor'pu lent, -ly, -lence, -len cy. 
cor' pus, pi. -po ra. 
cor'pus cle (-1), -pus'cu lar, -la- 
ted, -cu loiis, -cu la'ri an, -cu lum, 

pi. -la. 
c6r ril', n. and v., -railed' {or 

raid), -ral'ling. 
cor ra'sion (-zhun). 
c6r're al. 
cor reef, -ed, -ing, -a ble or 

-i ble, -ly, -ness, -or, -o ry, -rec'- 

tion, -tion al, -rect'ive, -rect'ing- 

Cor reg'gio (kor red'jo), t. It. 
Cor reg'gio, da (da k6r rSd'jo), 

It. painter. 
cor reg'i dor (-rej'-), -reg'i mi en'to. 
cor re late' (or cor'-), v., -lat'ed, 

-lat'ing, -la'tion, cor're late, a. 

and «., -rel'a tive, -tive ly, -tive- 

ness, -tiv'i ty. 
cor re'd (-ra'o). 
cor re spond', -ed, -ence, -en cy, 

-ent, -ent ly, -ing, -ing ly, -spon'- 

sive, -sive ly. 
c6r'ri dor. 

cor'ri gen'dum (-jen'-), pi. -gen' da. 
c6r'ri gent. 

c6r'ri gi ble, -ness, -bil'i ty. 
c6r r6b'o rate, -ra ted, -ting, 

-rant, -ra tive, -ra to'ry, -ra'tion. 
cor rob o ree' {or -rob'-) or -rob'- 

o ry. 
cor rode', -rod'ed, -rod'ing, -i ble, 

-roMi bil'i ty, -ro'sion. 
c6r ro'sive (-siv), -ly, -ness, -si ble, 

-ble ness, -bil'i ty. 
c6r'ro val, -val Ine {or -to'-) . 
c6r'ru gate, -ga ted, -ga ting, 

-ga tor, -gant, -ga'tion. 
cor nipt', -ed, -er, -i ble, -ble ness, 

-bly, -bil'i ty, -ing, -ing ly, -ive, 

-ive ly, -less, -ness, -rup'tion, 

-tion ist. 
cor'sage {or -sazh'). 
cor'sak or -sac. 
cor sesque' (-sesk'). 

cor'set, -ed, -ing, cor'set-mak'er. 

Cor'sl can. 


cor'tege' (-tazh'). 

Cor te re al' (kor ta ra al'). Port. 

Cor'tfis or -tez, Sp. conqueror. 

Cor'tes, the national legislature 

of Sp. or Port. 
cor'tex, pi. -tl ces (-sez), -ti cal, -ti- 

cate, -ca^'ted, -ca ting, -ca'tion, 

-tic'i fer (-tis'-), -i form, -ti cif- 

er ous, -ti cine, -cin'ic, -ti cole, 

-cose, -cous, -tic'o line, -o lous. 
cor'tHe {or -te'le). 
Cor ton'. 

Co ru'na (ko roon'ya), prov. Sp. 
CO run'dum, pi. -dums, -run- 

doph'i lite, -dum -point, -tool. 
Co riin'na, c. Mich, 
cdr'us cate {or ko rus'-), -ca ted, 

-ca ting, -ca'tion. 
cor'vee' (-va' or -ve'). 
cor vette'. 
cor vet' to. 

cor vi'na {or -ve'-). 
cor'vJne {or -vin), -vi form, -void. 
c6r'y bant (-I-), pi. -bants or 

-ban'tes (-tez), -ban'tic, -ban'ti- 

asm, -bant'ism. 
C6r'y don, Virgil. 
Co'ry 611' (-ri-), co. Tex. 
c6r'y lin (-i Un). 
c6r'ynib (-imb or -im), -ymbed, 

-ym bif'er ous, co rym'bi ate, -bi- 

a ted, -rym'bose (-bos), -bose ly, 

-bous, -bu lose (-los), -bu lous, 

-rym'bus, pi. -bi. 
c6r^y phae'noid (-fe'-). 
co'ry'phee' (ko re fa'). c6r^y phe'us, 

pi. -us es or -phe'i. 
c6r'y phene. 

Co ryph'o don, co ryph'o dont. 
c6r ys te'ri um, pi. -ri a. 
CO ry'za (-ri'-). 

cos cin'o man'cy {or cos'ci no-). 
cos' CO ro'ha {or cos cor'-). 
CO se'cant. 

CO seis'mal, -seis'mic. 
CO sen'tient (-shent). 
c5sh'er, -ered, -er ing, -er er, -er y. 
Co'si or Ko'- (ko'se), r. Ind. 
CO sig'na to ry. 

not nor, use, up, urn, etude, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 





CO tan'gent. 



cos met'ic (k6z-), -ic al, -me tol'- 

CO teau' (-to'), pi. -teaux (-toz'). 


co'te le (ko'te la). 

cos'mic (koz'-), -mic al, -al ly, 

CO te line' (-len'). 


CO tem^po ra'ne ous, -ly, -ness. 

cos mog'o ny (k6z-), -o nal, 

-tem'po ra ry. 

-o ner, -o nist, -mo gon'ic, -ic al. 

CO te rie {or -re'). 

COS mog'ra phy (koz-), -ra pher, 

CO ter'mi nous. 

-ra phist, -mo graph'ic, -ic al. 

C6te'-ro tie'. 

-al ly. 

Co te'sian (-zhan). 

cos' mo labe (k6z'-). 


COS mora try (k6z-). 

CO thum', -thur'nate, -na ted. 

cos' mo line (k6z'-). 

-nal, -nus, pi. -ni. 

cos mol'o gy (k6z-), -o gist, -mo- 

c6t i ce (-sa'). 

log'ic al, -al ly, -mom'e try, -mo- 

CO tic'u lar. 


CO tid'al. 

cos mop'o lite, -mo pol'i tan, -tan- 

CO ti gnac' (-ten yak'). 

ism, -po lit'ic al. 

CO til'lion (-yun). 

cos mo ra'ma (or -ra'-), -rSm'ic. 

CO tin'ga. 

cos'mos (koz'-), -mo scope, -mo- 

co'to, Co'to bark. 

sphere, -mo the ism, -thet'ic, 

CO to'ne a. 

-mo poi et'ic. 

co'trus tee'. 

Cosne (kon), a wine. 



cot'ta, pi. -tas or -tae. 


cot'ta bus. 

cos'sas (-S3.Z or -saz). 

cot'tage, -taged, -ta ger. 


cot'ter, -tered, -ter el, -ter -drill, 


-file, -plate. 

cos sette'. 

cot'tise, -tised (-tist). 



cos'sy rite. 


c6st, -ing, -less, -ly, -li ness, cost'- 

cot'to lene. 

book, »free, -sheet. 

cot'ton (-n), -ade' {or cot'-), -ee', 

cos'ta, pi. -tcB, -tal, -tal ly, -tate, 

-ous, -y, -ize, -ized, -i zing, 

-ta' ted, -ta' to ve'nose (-nos), 

-mouth, -tail, -weed, -wood. 

-tel'late, -tel'lum, pi. -la, -tif'er- 

cot'ton -bale, -blue, -bro^ker. 

ous, -ti form, -ti spi'nal, -to cla- 

-brush, -cake, -chop^per, -cleans- 

vic'u lar, -to col'ic, -to cor'a coid. 

er, -el^e va tor, -fibber, -float'er. 

-to scap'u lar, -u la'ris, -to ster'- 

-gin (-jin), -grass, -hook, -lord, 

nal, -to tome, -to trans verse'. 

-ma chine', -man u fac'to ry. 

-to ver'te bral, -to xiph'oid (-zif-), 

-man u fac'ture, -mill, -o'pen er. 

cos'tal -nerved. 

-pick'er, -plant, -planf'er, -plan- 

cos tean', -ing, -tean'-pit. 

ta'tion, -powMer, -press, -rat, 

cos'ter, -mon'ger, -boy. 

-rush, -scrapper, -sedge, -shrub. 

c6s'tive, -ly, -ness. 

-stain'er, -sweep, -this'tle (-1), 

cdst'ma ry. 

-topSper, -tree, -waste, -wool. 

cos'tume {or -tume'), »., cos- 

Cot to'ni an. 

tume', v., -tumed', -tum'ing. 

cot'ton seed, -cleanser, -mill, -oil. 

-tum'er {or cos'tum^-). 

cot'y le, -y loid, -loid'al, -y lig'- 


er ous (-lij'-), co tyl'i form. 

cot, -bet^ty, -roll er, -town, cot'tar- 

cdt'yle'don, -led'on al {or -le'-), 


-on ar, -on a ry, -on ous, -on oid, 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice. In, note. 



counter -signature 

-y loph'o rous, Cot'y le'don, Bot. 

cou'a (koo'a), Cou'a, Ornith. 
genus, cou'cal (koo'-). 

couch, -ing, -er, -ant, -an cy, -less, 
couched, couch' -feFlow, -grass, 

cou de' (koD da'), bent at right an- 
gles, cou di ere' (koo di ar') . 

cou'dee (koo'da), a measure. 

Coues (kowz), Amer. naturalist. 

cou'gar (koo'-). 

cough (kawf), -ing, -er, -wort, 

coug'nar (koog'-). 

could (kdt)d). 

cou le (koD la'). 

cou' lee' (koD^la'). 

cou'leur' (koo'ler'). 

cou lisse' (koo les'). 

cou loir' (kdt) Iwar'). 

cou'lomb' (koo'lom' or -lomb' or 
-Ion'), -me^ter. 

cou' lure' (koo'loor'). 

cou' ma rou (koo'ma roo). 

coun'cil, -or or -lor, -man, -board, 
-book, -cham^ber, -house, -ta'- 

coun'sel, -seled or -selled, -sel ing 
or -sel ling, -sel or or -lor, -or- 
ship, -sel-keep^er. 

count, -ed, -ing, -a ble, -er, -less, 
-fish, -ship, -out, -wheel, count'- 
ing-house, -room. 

coun'te nance, -nanced, -nan- 
cing, -nan cer. 

coun'ter, -act', -act'ed, -act'ing, 
-act'ive, -ive ly, -ac'tion, -a'' gent, 
-bal'ance, -anced, -an cing, 
-blasts -brace', n., -brace', v., 
-braced', -bra'cing, -buff', n., 
-buff', v., -buffed', -buff'ing, 
-change', «., -change', v., 
-changed', -chan'ging, -charge', 
n., -charge', v., -charged', 
-char'ging, -charm', n., -charm', 
v., -charmed', -charm'ing, 
-check', n., -check', v., -checked', 
-check'ing, -draw', -draw'ing, 
-drawn', -faced', -foil', -force', 
-fort', -gage', -glow'. 

coun'ter mand, n. -mand', v., 
-ed, -ing, -a ble, -march', «., 

-march', v., -marched', -march'- 
ing, -mark', «., -mark', v., 
-marked', -mark'ing, -mine', «., 
-mine', v., -mined', -min'ing, 
-move', n., -move', v., -moved', 
-mov'ing, -mure', «., -mure' v., 
-mured', -mur'ing, -paled', -pa'- 
ly, -pane', -pSr'ry, v., -par'ried 
-par'rying, -part', -ped'al, -plead', 
-ed, -ing, -er, -plot', n., -plot', 
v., -plot'ted, -ting, -point', -poise', 
«., -poise', v., -poised', -pois'- 
ing, -pon'der ate, -a ted, -a ting, 
-prove', -proved', -prov'ing. 

coun'ter scarp', -seal', v., -sealed', 
-seal'ing, -sign', «., -sign', v., 
-signed', -sign'ing, -sig'nal, 
-sink', «., -sink', v., -sink'ing, 
-sunk', -stock', -turn', -vail', «., 
-vail', v., -vailed', -vail'ing, -view', 
-weight', -wheel', -wheeled', 
-wheel'ing, -work', n., -work', 
v., -worked', -work'ing. 

coun'ter-ap peal', -ap pel'lant, 

-ap proach', -arch', -at tired', 
-at trac'tion, -at tract'ive, -bat'- 
ter y, -bat'tled, -beam', -bond', 
-brand', -camp', -carte', -chev'- 
ron ny (-shev'-), -claim', -clock'- 
wise, -col'ored, -com po'ny, 
-couch'ant, -cou'rant {or -rant'), 
-cur'rent, -deed', -dis tinc'tion, 
-drain', -earth', -em bat'tled, 
-em bowed', -en am'el, -er'mlne, 
-es cal'Ioped (-kol'-), -ev'i dence, 
-ex ten'sion, -fall'er, -force, 
-gear', -guard', -hurt'er, -in'flu- 
ence, -Ir'ri tant, -ir ri ta'tion, 
-jump'er, -light', -lode'. 

coun'ter -mo't ion, -mo'tive, 
-move'ment, -nai'ant, -neb'u le 
(-la), -ne go ti a'tion (-shi a'-), 
-noise', -o'pen ing, -pace', -par'- 
a dox, -pa rol', -par'ry, n., -pas'- 
sant, -pend'ent, -pis'ton, -plea', 
-plot', «., -poi'son (-zn), =po'- 
tent, -prac'tice, -pres'sure, 
-proj'ect, -proof, -punch', 
-quar'tered, -rag tiled', -rail, 
-ram'pant, -re flect'ed, -rev o- 
lu'tion, -rev o lu'tion a ry, -rev- 
o lu'tion ist, -round, -scuffle, 
-sea', -seal', n., -shaft', -sig'na- 

n6t, nor, use, up, <irn, etiide, food, fdbt, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




ture, -slope'', -stand'', -state'- 
ment, -stat^ute -step', -stroke', 
-sub'ject, -sure'ty, -sway', -tal'- 
ly, -ten'den cy, -ten'or, -term'', 
-tide, -tierce', -tim'ber, -time', 
-trac'tion, -trench', -trip'pant, 
-trip'ping, -turn, -type', -vair', 

coun'ter felt, a., «., and v., -ed, 
-ing, -er, -ly, -ness. 

count'ess, pi. -ess es (-ez). 

coiin'try, -tri fy (-fi), -fy ing, 
-fied, -man, -side, -wom'an, 
-base, -bred, -dance, -rock, 

coun'ty, -seat. 

coup (koo), n., coup' de grace', 
coup' de main', c. d. so leW 
(-lal'), c. d'e tat' (da ta'), c. 
d'asW (-del' or -dey). 

cou pe (koo pa'), a carriage. 

cou pee' (koD pe' or -pa'), a motion 
in dancing; cou pee (koo pa'), 
a term in heraldry; couped 

coupe' 'gorge' (koop'-gorzh'). 

cou'per (koo'-). 

cou'ple (ku'pl), -pled (-pld), 
coup'ler, coup'let, cou'ple -close 

coup'ling, -box, -link, -pin, -pole, 
-strap, -valve. 

cou'pon (koo'-), c. bond, c. 

cou piire' (koo-). 

cour'age, -a'geous (-jus), -geous ly, 
-geous ness. 

cou'rant (koo'rant or -rant'), a. 
and n., a term in heraldry. 

cou rant' (koo-), n., a dance; a 
kind of music. 

cou'rant (koo'rant or -rant'), a 

cou rap' (koo-). 

cour'ba ril (kdor'-). 

cour q.on' (koor'sdn'). 

courge (koorzh). 

cou'ri er (koo'-). 

cou'ril (koo'-). 

cour'lan (koor'-). 

cour'lett (koor'-). 

cour'mi (koor'-) or cur'-. 

cou'rol (koo'-). 

cou ron ne' (koo ron na'). 
cou'rou cou (koo'r<ro koo). 
course, coursed, cours'er. 
cours'ing, -hat, =joint, -tri'al. 
court, -ed, -ing, -er, -ier (-yer), 

-ier ly, -like, -ly, -li ness, -ling, 

-craft, -ship, -yard. 
court' -b^r'on, -bred, -card, -day, 

-dress'er, -hand, -house, -lands, 

-leet, -mar'shal, a marshal at 

court; -mar'tial, v., to arraign; 

-plas'ter, -rolls, -shift, -ten'nis, 

c. chap'laln, c. dress, c. fa'vor, 

c. fool, c. guide, c. mar'tial, «., 

a trial; c. mourn'ing, c. sword. 
cour'te sy (kur'-), pi. -te sies (-siz), 

courte'sy (kurt'sy), -sied, -sy ing. 
cour' te zan or -san (kur'-), -ship. 
cou'ry (kow'-). 
cous'-cous (koos'-koos) or cous'- 

cou sou' (-koo soo'), a favorite 

African dish. 
cous'cous (koos'koDs), Zool. 
cou'se ran ite (koo'ze-). 
Cou sin' (koo'zan'), Jean, Fr. 

painter; Victor, Fr. philos. 
cous'in (kuz'n), -hood, -ly, -ry, 

cous' si net' (koo'si net' or- se na'). 
cou su' (koo-). 
cou teau' (koo to'), pi. -teaux 

cou'til (koo'- or -til'). 
cou'vdde' (koo'-). 
cou verte' (koo vert'). 
cou veuse' (koo vez'). 
cou'vre-nuque (koo'vr-nuk). 
cou'xi a (kdo'shl a), -xi o (-shi o). 
CO vd'do. 
CO va'ri ant. 
cove, coved, cove'-brack'et ing, 

CO vel'Une or -lite {or cov'el-). 
cov'e nant (kuv'-), -ed, -ing, -er, 

one who makes a covenant; -or 

and -nan tee', in law, parties to 

a contract. Cov'e nan ter, a 

religious body. 
Cov'en try (kuv'-), t. Eng. C. 

Act, C. blue, cov'en try-bell, 

cov'er (ktiv'-), -ered, -er er, -er- 

ing, -er let, -er Ud, -er -cloth, 

fate f§,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




-glass, -point, -side, -slip, -er- 
ing'board, -strap. 

CO -versed' sine. 

cov'ert (kuv'-), -ly, -er ture, 
cov'ert-bar'on, -feath^er, -way. 

cov'et (kuv'-), -a ble, -ed, -er, -ing, 
-ous, -ous ly, -ous ness, -ive- 

CO vet'ta. 

cov'ey (kuv'y), pi. -eys. 



cow, -ing, cowed, cow'bane, -ber^- 
ry, -bind, -bird, -boy, -catchier, 
-fish, -herd, -hide, -lick, -like, 
-pock, -pox, -quakes, -sUp, 

cow'-beck, -bell, -black^bird, 
-blakes, -bun''ting, -cher^vil, 
-cress, -doc^tor, =feed'er, -gate, 
-grass, -heel, =herb, =hitch, 
-hocked, -horn, =house, =keep'er, 
-kilFer, -leech, -leech^ing, -man, 
-oak, -pars'ley, -pars''nip, -path, 
-pea, -pi'lot, -plant, =poi'son, 
-po'ny, -shark, -stone, -tree, 
-troop^i al, -wheat, c. calf, cow'- 

cow'ard, -ice (-iss), -ly, -li ness. 


cow'er, -ing, -ered. 

cow'hage (-aj). 

cowl, -mus^cle. 

cowle (koul). 

Cow'per {or koo'-), Eng. poet. 
Cow pe'ri an, -ri an glands. 

cow'rie=pine or -ry-. 


cox' a, pi. -CB, -al, -aFgy, -al'gl a, 

cox'comb (-kom), -comb'ic al 
(-kom'-), -al ly, -comb ry. 

COX en'dix, pi. -di ces. 

cox'swain. See cockswain. 


coy, -ish, -ly, -ness. 

coy'6 te (ki'-) or -ote or c6 yo'te. 

coy'pou or -pu (-poo). 

coz (kuz). 

CO za'ri. 

coz'en (kuz'n), -age, -er, -ing. 

co'zy, -zi ly, -zi ness. 

crab, -ber, -bing, -ber y, -catchier, 

a bird; -eat^er, a fish; -slMle, 
-stick, -stock, -stone. 

crab'=ap''ple, -catchier, a person; 
-eat^er, a person; -farm^ing, 
-grass, -lob^ster, -louse, -oil, 
-pot, -roIFer, -spiMer, -tree, 
-winch, -wood, -yaws, crab's- 
claw, -eyes. 

crab'bed, -ness. 

crack, -ing, -er, cracked, crack'- 
skull, -tryst, cracks'man,. crack'- 
brained, -wiFlow, -er-bak^er. 

crac'kle, -kled, -kling, c. chi'na, 
c. glass, c. porce'lain, c. ware. 



Cra co'vi an. 

era co'vi enne'. ► 

cra'dle, -died, -dling, -die -bar, 
-cap, -clothes, -hole, -rockier, 
-scythe, c. vault. 

craft, -i ly, -i ness, -less, -y, 
crafts^man, -man ship. 

crag, -ged, -ged ness, -gi ness, -gy, 


craig, -fluke, c. flounder. 

crair -capon. 

crai'sey (-zy) or -zey. 

crake, craked, crak'ing, crake'- 
ber^ry, -hSr^ring, -neeMles. 

crim, -ming, -mer, crammed. 

crim b^m'bu 11 or -lee. 

crim'bo, -clink, -jin^gle. 

cramp, -ing, -y. -fish, cramped, 
cramp' -bark, -bone, -drill, =i ron, 
-joint, -ray, -ring, -stone. 

cram'pet or -pit. 

cram'pon or -poon', -po nee'. 

cran'ber ry, -gath'er er, -tree. 

cranch. See craunch. 


crane, craned, cran'er, -ing, -age. 

crane'-fly, -laMle, -Hne, -necked, 
-post, -shaft, -stalk, cranes'bill, 
a plant. 

cra'ni um, pi. -ni a, -ni al, -ni a- 
cro'mi al, -ni o fa'cial, -o clasm, 
-o clast, -o graph, -ol'o gy, -o- 
gist, -o log'ic al, -om'e try, 
-o met'ric, -ric al, -os'co py, 
-co pist, -ot'o my. 

crank, -i ness, -y, -bird, cranked. 

not, nor, use, up, tarn, etiide, food, fdot, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 

crank -axle 



crank' =axle, -brace, -hatch^es, 
-hook, -pin, -plane, -pull''er, 
-shaft, -sidled, -wheel. 

cran'nog or -noge (-noj). 

cran'ny, -nied, -ny ing. 


cran'ta ra (or -ta'ra or -ta'ra). 

crap'au dine. 

crape, craped, crap'ing, -y, 
crape' -cloth, -fish, =hair, -myr^- 
tle, crap'ing=ma chined 

cra.p'p3[e or crap'et. 



crap'u lence, -u lent. 

cr&sh, -ing, crashed. 


eras ped'o drome. 

criss, -ness, -ly. 

erases! lin'gual. 

eras su la'ce ous. 

crate, crat'ed, -ing. 

cra'ter, -al, -ter let, -ter ous, -tSr'- 
i form. 

craunch or cranch, -ing, craunched. 

era vat', -ted, -vat'-goose. 

crave, craved, crav'ing, -ing ly, 
-ing ness, -er. 

cra'ven (-vn). 


craw, -fish or cray'fish. 

crawl, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -y, crawled, 
crawl' -a -bot^ torn. 

craw'ley, -root. 

cray'on, -6ned, -on ing, -on-board, 

craze, crazed, craz'ing, -ed ness, 
cra'zy, -zi ly, -zi ness, -zy weed, 
cra'zy-bone, -quilt, -work. 

creak, -ing, -ing ly, -y, creaked. 

cream, -er, -er y, -i ness, -y, 
-cups, a plant; -fruit, -cake, 
-colored, -faced, -freez^er, -jug, 
-laid, -nut, -pan, -pitchier, -pot, 
-slice, -white, -wove, c. cheese, 
c. ware, cream'ing-pan. 

crease, creased, creas'er, -ing, -y, 
-ing-ham'mer, -tool. 


ere ate', -a'ted, -a'ting, -a'tive, 
-a tive ness, -a' tor, -tor ship, 
-a'tion, -tion al, -tion ism. 

ere a toph'a goiis. 

erea'ture, -ship. 

cre^brJ cos'tate, -bri sul'cate. 

creche (krash). 

Cr^'cy (kres'sl or kra se'), t. Fr. 

cre'dence, -den'dum, pi. -da, 

-dent, -dence-ta^ble. 
ere den'tial. 

erfid'i ble, -i bly, -i bil'i ty. 
crfid'it, -ed, -ing, -or, -a ble, -ble- 

ness, -a bly, cred'it-un''ion. 
cre'dit' ]on'cier' (kraMe' fon^sya'), 

Cre dW Mo' hi' Her' (mo^beFya'). 
cre'do, -du'U ty, cred'u lous, -lous- 

ly, -lous ness. 
Cree, pi. Crees, a tribe of Indians. 
cree, to soften by boiling; cree'ing, 

creed, -less, creeds'man. 
creek, -y, -fish, -duck. Creeks, a 

tribe of Indians. 
creel, -frame. 

creep, -er, -y, -i ness, -hole, -mouse. 
creep'ing, -ly, -disk, -jack, -jen^- 

ny, -saiFor, -sheet, -sick^ness. 
creese, a sword. 
Cre'feld (kra'felt). t. Ger. 
ere' mail' Vere' (kra^maFyar') . 
ere mas' ter, crem'as ter'ic. 
cre'mate (or -mate'), -ma'tor, 

-ma'tion, -tion ist, crem'a to ry 

{or ere'-), -to'ri um, pi. -ums. 
crem'ba lum, pi. -ba la. 
creme (kram or kram). 
crfim'o carp. 
Cre mo'na, -mo nese' {or -nez'), 

-mo'ni an. 
cre'na, pi. -ncB, cren'u la, pi. -Ice. 
cre'nate, -ly, -na ted, -na'tion, 

cr6n'a ture {or kre'-), cren'u- 

late, -lasted -la'tion. 
cren'el ate or -late {or kre'-), 

-a ted or -la ted, -a ting or -la- 
ting, -a'tion or -la'tion. 
ere nfelle' or -nel', -nelled'. 
cre'nic, -nit'ic. 
cre'o lin. 
cre oph'a goiis. 
cre'o sol {or -sol). 
cre'o sote, -bush, -wa'ter. 
cre'pance or -pane. 
crepe (krap), 4isse' (-les'). 
crep'e ra, pi. -rae. 

fate, f§,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 

crepida 245 crithomancy 

crep'i da, pi. -dae. 

erib'rate, -ri form, rose (-ros), 

ere pi do' ma, pi. -ma ta. 

-rum, -rate, -punc'tate. 

crep'i tac'ti lum, pi. -la. 

erie (krik). 

crep'i tate, -ta''ted, -tasting, -ta^- 

Crieh'ton (kri'-), Scotch schol. 

tive, -i tant, -i tus, -i ta'tion. 

eriek (krik). 

cre'pon (krep'- or kre'- or kra'pon'). 

erick'et, -er, -ings, -ball, -bat, 

ere pus'ele or -cule, -cu lar, -cu- 

-bird, -club, -field, -frog, -game, 

lous, -cu lum. 

-ground, -i''ron, -play^er, -shoes. 

eres cen'do {or kre shen'do). 

eri'eoid, cri co pha ryn'geal, -co- 

eres'eent, -ed, -cen toid, -cen'tic, 

thy'roid (-thi'-) -roid'e an, -e us. 

-tic al ly, -ti form, -cent wise, 

eried, cri'er. 


erJm, -ming, crimmed. 


erime, crim'i nal, -nal ly, -nal ist. 

ere'sol {or -s61). 

-nal ness, -nal'i ty. 

ere s6t'ie. 

erim'i nate, -na ted, -na ting. 

eress, -y, -rock^et. 

-tive, -tor, -to ry, -na'tion, -nol' 

eres selle'. 

ogy, ogist. 

eres'set, -light, -stone. 

erimp, -age, -er, -ing, crimped, 

erest, -ed, -ing, -less, -fallen. 

crimp' -press, crimp'ing-board, 

eres tol'a try, crest' -tile. 

-fit, -house, -i''ron -ma chined 

ere syl'ie. 

erim'son (-zn), -son ing, -soned 

ere ta'eeous (-shus), -ceous ly. 

(-znd), -son-warm. 

-tac'ic (-tas'-). 

eri'nal, -nate, -na ted, crifn'a to ry 

Crete, isl. Med. Cre'tan, -tic, -ti- 

{or kri'-). 

cism, -tism. 

eringe, cringed, crin'ging, -ging ly, 

Crete (krat). 


Cre'ti ans (-shI anz or -shanz), 



crtn iere' (-yar'). 

cre'ti fy, -ing, -fied, -fac'tion, -fi- 

cri'nite, crin'i to ry {or kri'-). 

ca'tion, cre'tose (-tos). 

cri nif'er ous, -nig'er ous (-nij'-). 

cre'tin, -ism, -tin ous. 

erin'kle, -kled, -kling, -kly, -kle- 



ere tSnne'. 

eri'noid {or crin'-), -noid'al. 

ereut'zer (kroit'ser). See kreulzer. 

-noid'e an. 

creux (kre). 

erin'o line {or -lin). 

ere v^sse' {or krev as'), -vassed'. 

cri ceph'a lus, pi. -a li, -a lous, 


-0 sphinx. 

creve'cceur' (krav'ker') 

crip'ple, -pled, -pier, -pling, -ply. 


cri'sis, pi. -ses (-sez). 

erev'ice, -ked, -in. 

crisp, -er, -ly, -ness, -y, crisp'ing- 

ere visse' (-ves'). 

i''ron, -pin. 

erew (krdo). 

cris'pate, -pa ted, -pa ture, -pa'- 

Crewe (kroo), t. Eng. 


erew'el (kroo'-), -stitch, -work. 

Cris'pi (kres'pe), It. statesman. 

Crey'ton (kra'-), pen name of J. 


T. Trowbridge. 


erib, -bing, -ber, cribbed, crib'- 

criss'cross', -crossed, -cross-crow. 

work, -bitter, -dam, -muz'zle. 

cris'sum, pi. -sa. 


cris'ta, pi. -tae, -tate, -ta ted. 

erib'bage, -board, -plav^er. 

-ti form, -tim'a nous. 

crib'ble, -bled, -bling, -ble-bread. 

cris to bal'ite. 

cri hel'lum, pi. -la. 

cri te'ri on, pi. -ri a. 

crible' (krebla'). 

crith, -o man cy. 

not, nor, use, up, drn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badh. 




crit'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -al ness, -ic- 

crd quis' (-ke'). 

as^ter, -i cal'i ty. 


crit'i cize or -cise, -cized, -ci zing, 

cro'sier (-zher). See crozier. 

-ci za ble, -ci zer, -cist, -cism. 

crdss, -ing, crossed, cross'beak, 

cri tique' (-tek'). 

-bill, a bird; -bow, -bow'man. 

criz'zle, v., -zled, -zling. 

-cut, v., -fish, -flow, -flow^er. 

criz'zle or -zel, n. 

-grained, -legged, -piece, -roads. 

croak, -er, -ing, -y, croaked. 

-tree, -wort. 

Cro'at, -a'tian (-shan). 

cross -ac'tion, -aisle (=il), -armed. 


-ax''le, =ban^is ter, -bar, =beam, 

croche (kroch). 

-bear^er, -bear^ings, =bed^ding, 

cro chef (-sha'), -cheted' (-shad'), 

-belt, -bill, in law; -birth, =bit. 

-chet ing (-sha'ing), cro chet'- 

-bond, =bone, -breed, =bun, 

=hook, =lace, =neeMle, -type, 

-but^tock, =chock, -cloth, =clout. 


-coun'try, -course, -curve, -cut. 

crock, -er y, -y, crock' =saw. 

n. and a., =days, -ex am^ine. 

croc'o dile, -dil'i an or -e an, 

-eye, -eyed, -fer^til ize, -file, 


-fire, -fox, -frog, -fur^row. 

cro co'ta, pi. -tae. 

-gar^net, -guard, -hair, -hatch^- 


ing, -head, -hilt, -in ter rog'a- 

Croe'sus (kre'-), King of Lydia. 

to ry. 

cr6ft, -er, -ing, -land. 

cross' -jack, -lode, -loop, -mar^- 


ria ges, -mouth, -mul ti pH ca'- 

cro' ma. 

tion, -nerv^ure, -pawl, -pile. 

Crom'ar ty, co. Scot. 

-piled, -pol li na'tion, -pur^pose. 

cro me. 

-quar^ters, -ques''tion, -readying, 

crom'lech (-lek). 

-refer ence, -road, -row, -ruff, 

cro mor'na. 

-rule, -sec^tion, -set, -shed, -sill, 

Cr6m'well {or krum'-), Oliver, 

-spi^der, -springier, -staff, 

Protector Eng. 

-stitch, -stone, -sum^mer, -tail, 

crone, -bane. 

-tie, -tim''ber, -tinging, -valve, 

cro'nel, -net. 

-vault^ing, -vein, -vine, -way, 


-weav^ing, -web'bing, -week, 

Cron'stadt (-stat), t. Russ. 


cron'stedt ite (kr6n'stet it). 


cro'ny, pi. -nies. 

cr6s'set, -sette'. 

crd6k, -ed, a. -ed ly, -ed ness. 


crooked, v. crook'back, -backed. 

Crot'a Id'ri a {or kro-), cr6t'a line, 

-bill, -neck, -raffer, crook'ed- 

-a Hn, -a lid. 


crot'a lo, -a lum. 


Crot'a lus (or kro'-). 

Crdokes' tube or Crookes's tube. 

cro'ta phe {or krot'-), crot'a phite, 


-phit'ic, cro taph'ic. 

croon, -er, -ing, crooned. 

crotch, -et, -et ed, -et y, -et i ness, 

crop, -per, -ping, -ful, -py, -fish. 

-et eer'. 

-weed, cropped. 

cro'ton, -ate, -in or -Ine, -ton'ic. 

crop'^ear, =eared, »hide, -ore, 

-ton'y lene, cro'ton-bug, -oil, 


Cro'ton, Bot. genus. 

cro quant' (-kan'). 

crouch, -ing, -back, crouched. 

cro quet' (-ka'), -queted' (-kad'). 

crouch' -clay, -ware. 

-quef'ing (-ka'-), -quet' -ball, 

croup (kroop), -al, -i ness, -ous, 

-ground, -maFlet, -play^er. 


cro quette' (-k6t'). 

crou pade' (kroo-). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




crou'pi er (kroo'-). 

crou pi ere' (kroo pi ar'). 

crou'stdde' (kroo''-). 

crow, -ing, -bar, -bells, -ber^ry, 
-flow^er, -foot, -stone, -toe. 

crow'=bait, »black''bird, «corn, 
'flight, =neeMles, =nest, -net, 
-quill, -roost, -shrike, -silk, 
-steps, crow's'bill, -foot, -nest, 
crow'foot -haFyard. 

crowd (kroud), -ed, -ing. 

crow'dy or -die (krou'-), -time. 

crowl (kroul), -ing. 

crown, -ing, -er, -land, a province; 
-less, -let, crowned, crown'beard, 
-piece, a strap; -work. 

crown' -antler, -arch, -badge, 
-bar, -crane, -face, -gate, 
-graft^ing, -head, -im pe^ri al, a 
plant; -net, -palm, -pa''per, -pi''- 
geon, -post, -saw, -scab, -sheet, 
-shell, -spar^row, -sum^mit, 
-this''tle, -tile, -valve, -wheel. 

crown' glass, c. land, land owned 
by the crown; c. piece, a coin; 
c. prince. 



croze, cro'zer, -zing, crozed, cro'- 
zing-ma chined 

cro'zier (-zher) or -sier (-zher), 

croz'zle, -zled, -zling. 

cru'cial (-shal). 

cru'cian (-shan), c. carp. 

cru'ciate=com'plicate (-shi-), -in- 

cru'ci ble, -mold, -ov'en, -tongs. 

cru'ci fer. 

cru'ci fix, -ci fix'ion (-flk'shun), 
-ci form, -cig'er ous (-sij'-). 

cru'ci fy, -ing, -fied, -fi er. 

crude (krood), -ly, -ness, cru'di ty. 


cru'61, -ly, -ty. 

cru'et, -stand. 

Cruik'shank (krdok'-), Eng. artist. 

cruise (krooz), cruised, cruis'er, -ing. 


crumb (krum), -ing, crumbed, 
crum'my or crumb'y, crumb' - 
brush, -cloth, -knife, -re mov^er, 

crum'ble, -bled, -bling, -biy. 



crum'ple, -pled, -pier, -pling, -ply. 

crunch, -ing, crunched. 

cru'node, -no'dal. 

cru'or, -o rin or -rine. 

crup'per, -ing, -pered, -per-chain. 

cru re'us or -rce-. 

crus, pi. cru'ra, cru'ral. 

cru sade', -sad'ed, -er, -ing. 

cru sa'do or -za'-. 

cruse (krobs), cru'set. 

crush, -er, -ing, crushed, crush' - 

-hat, -room, crush'er-gage, 

crush'ing-ma chine''. 
cru'so ere at'i nJn. 
crust, -ed, -ing, -y, -i ly, -i ness, 

crus'ta ted, -ta'tion, crust-hunt, 

-hunt'er, -liz^ard. 
crus'ta, pi. -tee. 
Crus td'ce a (-she a or -se a), crus- 

ta'cean (-shan), -ceous, -ceous- 

ness, -ce ol'o gy, -o gist, -o log'- 

ic al. 
crus tal'o gy, -o gist, -ta log'ic al. 
crutch, crutched, crutch' -han'dle, 

-han''dled, -paFsy. 
crux, pi. -es or cru'ces (kroo'sez), 

c. an sd'ta. 
Cruys hau tern (krois how'-) t. Belg. 
cry, -ing, cri'er, cried, cry'ing-bird. 
cry'er (kri'-), a bird. 
cry mo dyn'i a (kri mo din'-). 
cry oc'o nite (kri-). 
cry'o gen (kri'-), -o hy'drate (-hi'-), 

-o lite or kry'-, -oph'o rus, 

-o phor ic, -o phyl'lite, -os'co py, 

-o scop'ic. 
cry om'e ter (kri-). 
crypt (kript), cryp'ta (krip'-), pi. 

-tcB, -tal, -tic, -tic al, -al ly, -ti- 

Cryp'to gd'mi a, cryp to ga'mi an, 

-gam'ic, -tog'a mous, -a mist, 

-a my. 
cryp'to gram, -to graph, -graph'ic, 

-ic al, -tog'ra phal, -ra pher, -ra- 

phist, -ra phy. 
cryp'to lite, -tol'o gy. 
cryp'to nym. 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etude, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




cryp'to pine, -perth'Ite, -to phyte, 

-to'pi a. 
cr3rp to por'ti cus, -to scope, -tos'- 

co py. 
Cryp tu'ri. 
crys'tal, -tal'lic, -lifer ous, -lig'- 

er ous (-lij'-), -tal Un, w., -tal- 

line {or -lin), a. and w., -lin'i ty, 

-lite, -li'tis. 
crys'tal lize, -lized, -li zing, -zer, 

-za ble, -li za'tion, -tal lod, 

-lo gen'ic, -log'e ny (-loj'-), 
log'ra pher, -lo graph'ic, -ic al, 

-al ly, -log'ra phy, -tal loid, 

-loid'al, -lol'o gy, -lo mag net'ic, 

-lo man cy, -lom'e try, -lo type, 

-lur gy, -tal wort. 
Csik (chik), CO. Hung. 
cte nid'i um (te nid'-), pi. -i a, 

-i al, -i o bran'chi ate (-kl-). 
cten'o branch (ten'o brank or 

te'no-), -bran'chi ate. 
Cte noid'e i (te-), -noph'o ra, cte- 

noph'o ral, -o ran, -o rous, 

cten'o phore, -phor'ic. 
cua'dra (kwa'-). 
cudr'ta (kwar'-). 
cuar'tas (kwar'tas). 
cudr til' la (-tel'ya), -til'lo (-tel'yo). 

cub, -hood, -less. 
cu'ban ite. 
cub'bridge -heads, 
ciib'by, pi. -bies, -by hole, -house, 

cube, cubed, cub'ing, -age, -an'gle, 

-a ture, -i form, cu^boid, -boid'- 

al, -boi'des (-dez), cube' -spar, 

c. ore, c. powder. 
cu'beb, -beb in, -beb'ic, cu'beb- 

cu'bic, -al, -al ly, -al ness, -bi cite, 

-bi cone, -bi con tra va'ri ant, -bi- 

co va'ri ant. 
cu bic'u lar. 
CM hic'u lum, pi. -u la. 
cu'bit, -bit al, -bit ed -bit -bone, 

cu^bi ti dig'it al (-dij'-). 
cu^bi to-car'pal, -ra'di al. 
cu hi tus, pi. -ti. 

cub''oc ta he'dral, -oc ta he'dron, 
cu'bo=cube, -cu'ne i form, -do dec- 

a he'dral, =oc''ta he'dral, -oc'ta- 

he'dron, cu'bo-cu''bo=cube, cu bo- 

cu'ca (koo'-), -ca ine. 
ciick'old, -old ize, -ized, -old ly, 

-old ry, -ol dom, -old-mak''er, 

cuck'old's-neck, -old's knot. 
cuck'oo (kdok'do), -ale, -bee, 

-dove, -fish, -flow^er, -fly, -grass, 

-gur^nard, -pint, -shell, -shrike, 

-spit, cuck'oo's-btead, -eye, 

-maid, -mate, -meat. 
cu cu'jo (koD koo'ho or ku'ku jo), 

a beetle. 
cu cul'lis, pi. -It, cu'cul late {or 

-kul'-), -la ted, -cul'li form. 
cu'cu loid, -cu li form, -cu line. 
cu'cum ber, cu cu'mi form {or 

cu'cu-), -cum ber-bee'tle, -oil, 

-root, -tree. 
cu'cu pha. 
cu cur'bit or -bitej -bi tal, -bi- 

tin or -tine, -bi tive, bi ta'ceous 

cu cu'yo (koD kdo'yo), a fish. 
ciid, -bear, -weed. 
cud'dle, -died, -dling. 
cud'dy, pi. -dies, -dy-legs. 
cudg'el, -eled or -elled, -el er or 

-el ler, -el ing or -el ling, 

cudg'el-play, -proof. 
cudg'er ie. 

cue, -ball, -but'ton, -owl, -rack, -tip. 
Cuen'ca (kwen'-), prov. Sp. 
cuer'dd (kwer'- or kooar'da). 
cuer'po (kwer'-). 
Cuesmes (kwam), t. Belg. 
cues' ta (kwas'ta). 
cuff, -ing, cuffed, cuff' -but'' ton, 


cui ho' no (ki or ke). 
cuin'age (kwin'-). 
cui rass' (kwe ras' or kwe'-), 

-rassed, -ras sier' (-ser'). 
cuir'tan (kwer'-). 
cuish (kwish or kwis), -es. 
cui' sine' (kwe^zen'). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note. 




cu'ldsse' (kd6^-). 
Cul'dee {or -de')- _ 

cul'de'jour' (koDF»de=foor' or 
kuF=), pi. culs'de'four', 'de- 
lampe' (=16mp'), 'dc'sac' . 

cu'le us, pi. -le i. 
Cu'lex, cu lic'i form (-Its'-), -i fuge. 
cu'li cM. 

cu'li na ry, -na ri ly. 
cull, -ing, -er, culled. 
cul'len der. See colander. 
cul'len gey. 
cul'lion (-yun). 
cul'lis, pi. -lis es. 

cul'ly, -ing, -lied, 
culm (kulm), cul mic'o lous, -mif- 

er ous, -mig'e nous (-mij'-), 

cul' men. 
cul' mi nate, -na ted, -na ting, 

-nal, -nant, -mi na'tion. 
cu'lot (-16). 
cu lot'tic, -lot'ism. 
cul'pa ble, -ness, -pa bly, -bil'i ty, 

-pa to ry. 
cult, -ism, -ist. 

cul tel Id'ri us, pi. -ri i. 
cul tel la'tion. 
cul tel'lus, 'pi. -li. 
Curti ros'tres (-trez), -ros'tral. 
cul'ti vate, -va ted, -va ting, -va- 

ble, -va''ta ble, -va tor, -va'tion. 
cul'trate, -tra ted, -tri form, -tri- 

cul'ture, -less, -tured, -tur al, 

-tur a ble, -tur ist, -ture=bulb, 

-cell, ■=flu''id, -meMi um, -ov''en, 

cul'tus, =cod. 

cul'ver, -house, -tail, -wort, 
cul'ver in, -in eer'. 
cul'ver key. 
cul'vert, -age. 
cum'ber, -ing, -er, -some, -some- 

ly, -some ness, -brous, -brous ly, 

-brous ness, -be red. 
cum'in or cum'min, -in'ic. 

cum'mer bund. 


cum'ming ton ite. 

cum'61 {or -61). 

cum'quat (-kwot) or kum'-. 

cum'shaw or kum'-. 

cu'mu lant. 

cu'mu late, -la ted, -la ting, -la- 

tive, -tive ly, -la'tion. 
cu'mu lite, 
cu^mu lo-cir'ro»stra'tus, cu'mu- 

lo=cir'rus, -nim'bus, =stra'tus. 
cu'mu lus, pi. -li, -mu lose (-los), 

cu nab'u lar. 
cun du rin'go. 
cu'ne ate, -ly, -a ted, -a tor, -ne- 

al, -at'ic. 
cu nette' . 
cu'ne us, pi. -ne I, -ne'i form or 

cu nic'u lus, pi. -li, -u lar, -u late, 

Cu nic'u los, Zool. genus. 

cun'ning, -ly, -ness. 
cup, -per, -py, cupped, cup'board, 

-cor al, -ful, -man, -rose, -seed, 

-anVil, -bear^er, -cake, -gall, 

"guard, -hilt'ed, -land, -leath^er, 

-li''chen (-ken), -moss, -mush'- 

room, -plant, -purse, -shaped, 

-shrimp, -sponge, cup-and-cone, 

cup'-and-sau'cer, cup guard, c. 

purse, c. valve. 
cu pee', 
cu'pel, n., cu pel', v. -pelled', 

-pel'ling, -pel la'tion, cu'pel-dust. 
Cu'pid, cu pid'i ty, -i nous. 
cu'pi done, 
cu'po la, -fur'nace. 

cup'ping, -glass, -ma chine^ -tool. 
cu'pre a-bark, cu'pre Ine, -pre- 

cu'pric, -prif er ous, -prite, -proid, 

cu'pule, -pu late, -pu lar -li form, 

-pu lif'er ous. 
cur, -rish, -rish ly, -rish ness, 

-ship, c. dog. 
cu ra goa' (koo ra so' or -so'a) or 

n6t, nor, use, up, tirn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi, 



customs union 

-^ao' (-so'), cu ra jao'-bird, 

Cu ra jao, isl. W. I. 
cu r§.'re or -ra'ri or -ra'ra (or 

koD ra'-), cu ra'rin or -rine {or 

koD ra'-), -ra rize, -ri za'tion. 
cu ris'sow. 
cu'rate, -ship, -ra cy. 
cu ra'tor, -ship, cu'ra to ry. 
curb, -ing, -less, curbed, curb'- 

stone, =bit, =chain, ^key, -pin, 

-plate, -send^er, c. roof. 
cur cu'li o, -li on'i dous, -li o«trap. 
curd, -y, -i ness, -less, cur'dle, 

-died, -dling, curd'-break^er, 

=cut^ter, -mill. 
cure, -less, cur'a ble, -ble ness, 

-bil'i ty, -a tive, -tive ly, -er, 

-ing, cured, cure-all, cur'ing- 

cu re (koD ra'). 

cu rette' {or kd6-), -ret'ted, ret' ting. 
cur'few, -bell. 
cu ri a, pi. -cb, -ri al -al ism -ri- 

ate, -a lis' tic. 
cu'ri o, pi. -ri os (-oz), -o log'ic 

cu ri os'i ty, -shop. 
cu'ri ous, -ly, -ness, -ri o'so, pi. -sos 

(-soz) or -si (-se). 
curl, er, -ing, -ing ly, -ed ness, 

-y, -i ness, curled, curl' -cloud, 

-pate, curl'y-pate, -head'ed, 

-ing-i'ron, -stone, -tongs. 
cur'lew, -ber'ry, -jack, -knot, 
curl'i cue or -y cue. 
cur'He wurlie. 
cur mud'geon (-jun), -ly. 
cur'rant, -bor er, -clear' wing, 

-gall, -moth, -tree, -worm. 
ciir'rent, -ly, -ness, -ren cy, -rent- 

break^er, -fend^er, -gage, -me'- 

ter, -mill, -reg^u la tor, -sail'ing, 

ciir'ri cle, -ri cled, -ri cling. 
cfir ric'u lum, pi. -lums or -la. 

-ri er, -n er y, -ry mg, 


-ried, -ry comb, -ry-card, -leaf, 
-pow^der, -ry ing-glove. 

curse, curs'er, -ing, cursed, v., 
curs'ed, a., -ed ly, -ed ness. 

cur'si tor. 

cur'sive, -sive ly. 

Cur so' res (-rez). 

cur'so ry, -so ri ly, -ri ness, -so'- 

ri al, -ri ous. 

curt, -ly, -ness. 

cur tail', -ing, -er, -ment, -tailed'. 
cur'tail-step, c. dog. 
cur'taJn, -less, -tained, -tain- 

an''gle, -lec^ture, -pamper, -wall, 
cur'tate, -ta'tion. 
Cur ta to'ne (koor^- -na), t. It. 
cur tein' (-tan') or -ta'na. 
cu'ru ha (kob'rob ba). 
cu'ru cu'cu (koo'rob koo'koo). 

cu ru'ro (koo roo'ro). 
curve, curved, curv'ing, -ed ness, 

-al, -ant, -ate, -a ted, -a tive, 

-a ture, cur va'tion. 
cur'vet {or -vet'), -ed or -ted, -ing 

or -ting. 
cur'vi cau'date, -cos'tate, -den'- 

tate, -fo'li ate, -lin'e ad, -lin'e al, 

-ear, -ar ly, -3,r'i ty, -vi ros'tral, 

-vi ner'vate, -se'ri al, cur'vi- 

form, -vi nerved, -vi ty, -vo- 

graph, -vu late. 
Cur^vi ros'tres (-trez). 
Cus'co bark, C. chi'na, cus'co- 

cin'cho nin (-ko-). 
cus'cus, -grass, -oil, Cus'cus, 

Zobl. genus. 

cush'at (kd6sh-). 
ciish'ew=bird (-oo-). 
cush'ion (kdbsh'un), -ing, -less, 

-y, -ioned, -ion et, -ion-cap''i tal, 

-car'om, -dance, -pink, -raft'er, 

-scale, -star, -stitch. 
Cush'ite, Bih. 
ctisk, -eel. 
c&sp, cus'pa ted, cus'pis, pi. cus'- 

pi des (-dez). 
cus'pid, -pi dal, -pi date, -darted, 
cus'pi dor. 

Cus set (kus sa'), t. France. 
cus'so (kus'- or koos'- or kus'-). 
cus'tard, -ap'ple, -cups, a plant, 
cus'to dy, -tode, -to dee', -to'di al, 

-di am, -di an, -an ship, cus'tos, 

pi. -to' des (-dez). 
cus'to m, -a ry, -a ri ly, -ri ness, 

-er, cus'tom -house, cus'toms 

du'ty, c. un'ion. 

fate, fa,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 




cut, cut'a way, cut'purse, -throat, 
-waiter, -weed, -worm, -a gainst 
(-genst), =chunMoo, =grass, =lips, 
-lugged, =mark, =off, -out, -pile, 
-splay, -toothed, -work, c. drop. 

cu ta'ne ous, -ous ly. 

cutch, -er, -er y. 

cute, -ly, -ness. 

cu'ti cle, -tic'u la, pi. -1(b, -u lar, 
-lar ize, -ized, i zing, I za'tion, 
-u lum, cu'ti fy, -fied, -fy ing, 
-fl ca'tion, cu'tin, -tin ize, -i za'- 
tion, cii'tis, -ti punc'tor, -ti sec'- 

cut'las or -lass, -fish. 

cut'ler, -ler y. 




cu'tose (-tos). 

cut'ter, -bar, -grind^'er, -head, 

cut'ting, -board, -box, -com''pass 
(-kum''-), -en''gine, -file, -gage, 
-line, -lip^per, -nip'pers, -off, 
-out, -plane, -pliers, -press, 
-punch, -shoe, -spade, -thrust, 

cut'tle, -bone, -fish, -fish-bone. 


cut'tOD -plate {or -too'-). 

cut'ty, -gun, -quean, -stool, -wren. 


cu vette'. 

Cu vi er' (koo've a'), Fr. natural- 

Cuy a ho'ga (ki-), co. O. 

Cuz'co (kobs'-), dept. Peru. 

Cwm'du (koom'de), t. Wales. 

cy^an am'id or -ide {or si'-). 

cy'a nate (si'-), -a'ne an, -an'ic, 
-an au'rate. 

cy'an hem'a tin (si^-), -an hy'dric 

cy'a nJd or -nide (si'-), -a nine, 
-a nite, -an'o gen (-jen). 

cy^a no hem^o glo'bin (si^-). 

cy a nom'e ter (si-), -e try, -nop'- 
a thy. 

cy'a no phyc'e cb (si'a no fis'-), -phy'- 
ceous (-fish'us). 

cy an'o phyl or -pl)yll (si-), 
cy a noph'i lous. 

cy a no' sis (si-), -a nosed (-nost), 
-an'o site, -o type, -a not'ic. 

cy an'u ret (si-), -a nu'rate, a- 
nu'ric, -an u ram'Ide. 

Cy ath'e a (si-), cy'a thoid, -a tho- 

cy ath'i form (si-), -ath'o llth, 
-a tho phyl'loid. 

cy'a thus (si'-), pi. -a thl. 

Cyb'e le. Myth. 

Cy'cas (si'-), cy'cad, eye a da'- 
ceous (sik-). 

Cyc'la men, Bot. genus, cyc'la- 
min, Ghent. 

cyc'las {or si'-). 

cy'cle, -cled, -cler, -cling, -clist, 
-elide, cyc'Uc {or si-), -lie al. 

Cy^clo bran'chi a (si klo brang'- 
ki a), -chi a'ta, cy clo bran'chi- 
ate (-kl-), -clo ceph'a lus, pi. 
-li, -ce phal'ic. 

cy^clo cae'lic (si klo se'Hk). 

cy'cloid, -cloid'al, -cloid'e an, 
-clo graph. 

cy'clo nth. 

cy clom'e ter (si-), -e try, -clo- 

cy'clone, -clo nal, -clon'ic, -ic al- 
ly, -clo'no scope. 

cy^clo neu'ral, -neu'rous. 

cy^clo pe'di a or -pa;'-, -pe'dic 
{or -p6d'-), -die al, -pe'dist. 

Cy'clops, -clop'ic, -clo'pi a. 

cy clop'ter id (si-), -ter Ine, -ter- 

cy'clo ra'ma {or -ra'-), -ram'ic. 

cy'clo scope. 

cy clo'sis (si-). 

cy'clo style, -sty'lar. 

cy clot'o my (si-), -clo tom'ic. 

cy dar'i form (si-). 

cyg'net, -ne ous, -nine. 

cyl'in der, -in dra'ceous, -dric'i ty, 
-droid, cy Hn'dric, -dric al, -al ly, 
-dri form, -dro met'ric, cyl'in der- 
ax^is, -bit, -bore, -cock, -cov'er, 
-face, -grind''er, -mill, -milling, 
-port, -powder, -snail, -snake, 
-staff, -tape, -wrench, c. car, c. 
desk, c. en''gine, c. es cape'ment, 
c. gage, c. glass, c. press. 

cyl'in dren'chy ma (-ki-). 

Cyl le'ni an. 

not, nor, use, iip, ixrn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




cy'ma (si'ma or ke'ma), pi. -m<z, 
-ma'ti um (-shi um), pi. -ti a. 

cy'ma graph (si'-), -ma phen. 

cy mat'o lite (si-). 

cym'bal, -er or -ler, -baled or 
-balled, cym'bal»doc^tor. 

cym'bate, -be ce phal'ic (or 
-sef'-), -bi form, -bo ce phal'ic 
{or -sef'-), -bo ceph'a ly. 

Cym'be Une {or -lin), Shak. 

cyme, -let, cy mif'er ous (si-), 
cy'moid, -mose (-mos), -mose ly, 
-mous, -mule, -mu lose. 

cy'mene (si'-), -mol. 

cy'mic (si'-). 

cy'mi dine. 

cym'lin or -bHn, or -ling or -bling. 

cy'mo gene. 

cy'mo phane {or sim'-), -moph'a- 

cy mot'ri chous (si-, -kfis). 

Cym'ry (kJm'-) or Kym'ry, -ric. 

cy nan'che (si nang'ke). 

cy nin'thro py (si-). 

cyn'arc tdm'a chy (-kl). 

cyn hy e'na (-hi-). 

cynl at'rics. 

cyn'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -al ness, 
-i cism. 

cyn'i pid, -i poid, -pid'e ous, cy- 
nip'i dous (si-), Cyn'ips {or si-). 

cyn o ceph'a lous, -ce phal'ic {or 
-sef'-), Cyn'o ceph'a lus {or sV- 

cy'noid {or sin'-), -noi'de a, -no- 
lys'sa, -no su'ral (-shoo'-), -no- 
morph'ic, -no phre nol'o gy, -no- 
pi the'coid. 

cyn'o pho'hi a {or si-). 

cy nop'o dous (si-). 

cy'no sure (-shoor or sin-), -su'- 

Cyn'thi a, Myth., Entom. genus. 

Cy pe'rus {or sip'-), cy'pe rog'ra- 
pher, -rol'o gist. 

cy'phel, -phel'la, -phel'late, -phel'- 
Ise form. 

cy'pho nau'tes (-tez or sif^-). 

cy'pho nism {or sif'-). 

cy pho'sis (si-). 

cy prae'id (si pre'-), -prse'oid. 

cy'press, -knee, =moss, »root, 
-tree, -vine. 

cyp'rJne, -ri ot, -ri noid. 


Cy'prus, isl. Med. Cyp'ri an, cy'- 
prus=bird, -lawn, C. tur'pen tine. 

Cyp'se li, -se line, -loid, -lo- 
morph, -morph'ic, -sel'i form {or 

Cy re'ne (si-), -ni an, Cyr^e na'ic, 
-na'i cism. 

cyr'to lite (ser'-). 

cyr tom'e ter. 

cyr to'sis. 

cyr'to style (ser'-). 

cyst, -ed, -ic, -e in, cys tal'gi a, 
cys'tel minth, -ti cle, cys'tous. 

cys ten'chy ma , (-ki-), cys't en- 
chyme (-kim), -chym'a tous 

cys ti cer'cus, -cer'coid. 

cys'ti tome. 

cys'to carp, -carp'ic. 

cys'to cele. 

cys to coc'coid. 

cys'to cyte, -to scope. 

cys'to lith, -lith'ic, -U thi'a sis. 

cys to' ma, pi. -ma ta, -to mor'- 
phous, -to pa ral'y sis. 

cy't&s ter {or si tas'-). 

cyte (sit). 

Cyth e re'a, -re'an. 

cyt'i sin. 

Cyt'i sus. 

cy'to chy le'ma (si' to ki-), -to cld'- 
sis {or -tSc'la-), -clas'tic, -to- 
derm, -to glo'bin, -tol'o gy, -toV- 
y sis, -to lymph, -to pr6ct, -to- 
re tic'u lum, -to sin, -to some, 
-to tax'is, -toth'e sis, -tot'ro pism. 

cy to coc'cus (si-). 

cy to gen'e sis (si to jen'-), -gen'- 
ic, -ge net'ic, -tog'e nous (-toj'-), 
-tog'e ny. 


cy'to stome, -tos'to mous. 

cy'var (ke'-), cy've lin (ke'-). 

Czai kov'ski (chi kov'ske), Pol. 

czar (zar), or tzar or tsar (tsar), 
-e vitch or -o vitch or -o witz, 
cza rev'na, -ri'na (-re'-), -rit'za 
or -sa. 

Czar to rys'ki (char to ris'ke), Pol. 

fate, fa.t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note. 




Czech (chek), -ic. 
Czer'no witz (cher'no vits), 

Czer'ny (cher'ne), Aust. com- 
Czu'czor^ (tsoo'tsor^), Hung, writer. 

D links, D string, D valve. 

(-tip), -o typed, -o ty'ping, -ty^- 

daal'der (dal'-). 

per, -ty'pist, -ty'py, -typ'ic 



dab, -ber, -bing, dabbed, -bing- 

da ha he' ah or -ha hi'yeh (-be'e). 

ma chined 

Dah'lia (-lya or dal'va), pi. -lias 

dab'ble, -bled, -bling, -bling ly. 


dab'chick, =wash. 

Dahd'mey (-ma), king W. Afr. 

dab'er lack. 

da hoon'. 

dab'i tis. 


da hoy' a or -hoi' a. 


da ca pel'la, da cd'po, da chie'sa 

Dai' mi o (di'mi o or dim'yo). 


dain'ty, -ti ly, -ti ness. 


dal'ri (-re), 'Sd'md. 

da'cey (-si). 

dai'ry, pi. -ries, -ry ing, -ry maid, 

dachs'hund (dadis'hd6nt or daks-). 

-man, -wom''an, -farm. 

da'cian (-shan). 


dack'er, -ered, -er ing. 

dai'sy (-zy), pi. -sies, -sied, -sy- 

da coif, -koit or -coit'y. 

bush, -cut'ter. 

dac'ry o lite or -lith. 

daj'aksch (di'aksh). 

dac'tyl or -tyle (-til), -ty lar, -tyl'ic, 


-tvl ist. 

Dako'ta, -tan. 

Dac'ty li, Myth. 


dac tyl'i o glyph, -i og'ly phy, -og'- 

dale, -land, -landmen 

ra phy, -ol'o gy, -o man'cy. 

dales' man. 

dac'tyl on'o my, -op'ter ous, -tyl- 


o zo'oid. 

dalles (daiz). 

dad'dle, -died, -dling. 

dai'ly, -li ance, -li er, -lied, -ly- 

dad'dy or -die, -dy^long'legs. 

ing, -ing ly. 

da'do {or da'-), pi. -does, -do-plane. 

dal mafic or -i ca. 

dae'dal, -dal'ian (-yan). 

ddl'r! pa. 

Daed'alus (ded'-). Myth. 

dal se'gno (san'yo). 

daf fo dil, -diFly, -fo down dil'ly. 

Dal'ton, Amer. physiol. 

daft, -ly, -ness. 

Dal'to'ni an, dal'ton ism. 

dag'gar, a fish. 

dam, »head, -plate, -stone. 

dag'ger, -fibber, =knee, -knife. 

dam'age, -a ble, -aged, -a ging. 

-moth, -plant, -thrust. 

da' man. 


D'A^gin'court' (da'zhaii^koor'), Fr. 

D^m'as cene, n. and a. 

da.m as cene', v., -cened', -cen'ing. 


dam'as cene, n., a plum. 


Dam'a scenes', Bih. 

da'go or Da'go. 

Da mas'cus, a city. da mas'cus, 

da go'ba (or dag'-). 

a kind of sword. 

Da'gon, an idol; da'gon, an ox. 

d&m'ask, -ing, -asked, -ask-Ioom. 


dam as keen' {or dam'-), -ing, 

Da'guerre' (-ger'), Fr. inventor, 


Da guer're an, da guerre'o type 

da mas se' (dS, mas sa'), dam as sin'. 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fdot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 



dasher "block 


da'neq (-nek). 

dame, -wort, ^school. 

dan'ger, -ous, -ous ly, -ous ness, 

Da'ml an ite, -an ist. 


Da^mis' (da^me'), MoHere. 

dan'gle, -gled, -gling, -gler, -gle- 

dam' mar, -gum, »pine, -pitch, 


=res'in (»rez'-). 

dank, -ish, -ness. 

damn (dam), damned, dam'na- 

Dan'ne brog or Dan'e-. 

ble, -ble ness, -na bly, -na bil'- 

Din'te {or dan'ta), It. poet, Dan'- 

i ty, -na to ry, -na'tion, -ning 

te an {or -te'an), -tesque', -tist. 

{or -ing), -nific, -nif'i ca ble. 

-toph'i list. 

-ni fi ca'tion, dam'num, pi. -na. 

dant'su (-soo). 

da mo'. 

Dant'zic or Dan'zig (-tsig), c. 

Dam'o cles (-klez), -cle'an. 

Ger., D. beer, D. wa ter. 

Da moe'tas, Virgil. 

dap, -ping, dapped. 

Da'mon, friend of Pythias. 

Daph'ne, Myth.; Bot. genus. 

da mouch' (-mooch'). 


da mour'ite (-moor'-). 

Daph'ni a, daph'net in, -ni a'- 

damp, -ing, -en, -en er, -er, -ish, 

ceous, -ni ad, -nin, -no man'cy. 

-ish ly, -ish ness, -ly, -ness. 

dap'per, -per ling. 

•damped, damp'er»p6d^al. 

dap'ple, -pled, -pling, -pie -bay, 

Dam'rosch (-rosh or -rosh), Prus. 



Dar'by, -ism, -ites, dar'by, a 

dam'sel (-zel), -fly. 

plasterer's tool. 

Dan, -ite, Bih. 

Dar^da nfelles', strait bet. Europe 


and Asia. 

Dan'a e. Myth. 

Dar dSnne', tp. Mo. 

da'na Jd, -ide. 

dare, dared, dar'ing, -ing ly, -ing- 

Da'na is or -us, DSn a'i des 

ness, dare'dev il, -il try. 

(-dez), Da^na id'e an {or din'-). 


da'na ite, -na lite. 

da'ri i. 

dan'bur ite. 

dd'ri ole. 

dance, danced, dan'cer, dance' - 

Da ri'us. Bib.; king of Persia. 


dark, -en, -ened, -en er, -en ing, 

dancette', -cet te' (-setta'), -cet'- 

-ly, -ness, dark' -arch es, -slide. 


dar'kle, -kled, -kling, -kling-bee'tle. 

dan'cing, -dis ease^ -girls, a 

dar'ky or -key. 

plant; -mas''ter, -room, -school, 


d. girls, dan sense' (don sez'). 

dam, -ing, -er, darned, darn'ing- 


ball, -last, -neeMle, -stitch. 

dan'de li on. 


dan'der, -der ing. 

da ro'ga or -gha. 

ddn'di (-de). 

da roD'-tree. 

dan'di prat or -dy prat. 

dar'ri ba. 

dan'dle, -died, -dling, -dler. 

dart, -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -er, dart'- 

dan'druff or -driff. 

moth, -sack, -snake, -er-fish. 

dan'dy, -ish, -ism, -ize, -ized, -ling. 


-di fy, -fy ing, -tied, dan'dy -brush, 


-cock, -fe'ver, -hen, -horse, -note, 

dar'tre (-tr), -trous. 

-rig, -rolFer. 

Dar win'i an, -ism, -win ism, -ist, 

Dane, Da'ni cism, Dan'ish, -ism. 

-ize, -ized. 

Dans'ker, -ker man, dane'flow'- 

dash, -ing, -ing ly, -er, -y, dashed, 

er, -weed, -wort, danes'blood. 

dash'board, -guard, -lamp, -pot, 

Dane'geld or -gelt, Dane'law. 

-rule, -wheel, -er»block. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in note, 





das'tard, -ly, -li ness. 

das tu'ri (-too'-). 

da sym'e ter. 

date, -less, dat'ed, -er, -a ble, 
-ing, date'=line, »mark, ^palm, 
-plum, 'Shell, -sug'ar, »tree, d. 

da te d'tro (ta a'-), da ti rar'si 
(te rar'se). 

da ti'si. 

da'tive, -ly, -ness. 

da'to or -tu (too) or dat'to. 

dd'tum, pi. -ta, =line, =plane. 

daub, -er, -ing, -y, daubed. 

Daub (doup), Ger. theol. 

Daube'ny (dob'ny or dau'be ny), 
Eng. chemist. 

D'Au^bi'gne' (do^be^nya'), Fr. 

Dau'bi^gny' (do''be''nyeO, Fr. 

dau bree'lite, -bre'ite. 


Dau'det' (doMa'), Fr. auth. 

daugh'ter, -less, -li ness, -ly, -in- 

daunt, -ed, -ing, -er, -less, -less ly, 
-less ness. 

dau'phin, -ess, -phine (-fen). 

dauw (daw). 

div'en port, a desk. 

dav'it {or da'-), -fall, -hook. 


da'vyne (-vine), -vy um. 

daw, -ish, -fish, -pate, -dress^ing. 

daw'dle, -died, -dler, -dling. 



dawn, -ing, dawned. 

daw'son ite. 

day, -ber^ry, -break, -flow^er, 
-man, -mare, -shine, -sight, 
-spring, -time, -wom''an, -blind^- 
ness, -book, -coal, -dream, 
-feed^er, -fly, -hole, -house, -la''- 
bor, -lev^el, -liFy, -nurse, -nur^- 
ser y, -owl, -peep, -room, -rule, 
-schoFar, -school, -star, -tale, 
-work, -writ, days'man. 


daze, dazed, daz'ing, -ed ly, -ed- 

daz'zle, -zled, -zling, -zling ly, 

dea'con, -ess, -hood, -ry, -ship, 

dSad, -en, -en er, -en ing, -ened, 
-ly, -li ness, -ness, -eye, -fall, 
-head, a person; -light, -lock, 
-man, a log; -an''gle, -beat, 
-born, »cen''ter, -clothes, -color- 
ing, -dip'ping, -door, -file, -flat, 
-ground, -hand, -head, a term 
used in machinery; -house, 
-latch, -line, -lock, a door-lock; 
-march, -neap, -net^tle, -oil, 
-plate, -pledge, -point, -reck''on- 
ing, -rise, -sheave, -shore, 
-spinMle, -stroke, -tongue, -wai- 
ter, -weight, -well, -wind, 
-wood, -wool, -work, -works, d. 
load, d. rope, d. set. 

dead' -man's -hand, a plant; 
-men's-bells, a plant; -men's- 
fin''gers, a plant; -men's-lines, a 
plant; dead'ly-hand''ed, -live^ly. 

dSaf {or def), -en, -en ing, -ly, 
-ness, -adMer, -dumb''ness, 
-mute, -mute^ness, -mut ism. 

deal, -ing, -er, dSalt, deal'fish, 
-frame, -tree. 

De A mi'cis (da a me'ches). It. 

dean, -er y, -ship. 

dear, -ly, -ness, -y or -ie, -bought, 



dearth, -ful. 

dea'sil (-shel). 

dSath, -ful, -ful ness, -less, -less- 
ness, -like, -ly, -li ness, -ward, 
-bed, -blow, -watch, a beetle; 
-adMer, -ag^o ny, -bell, -bird, 
-cord, -damp, -dance, -day, 
-fire, -grap^ple, -hunt^er, -mask, 
-point, -rate, -rat'tle, -stroke, 
-struck, -throe, -tick, -to^ken, 
-trance, -trap, -war'rant, -watch, 
a watcher; -wound, death's- 
head, -herb. 

de ba'cle {or -bak'- or -ba'kl). 

de bar', -ment, -ring, -barred'. 

de bark', -ing, -barked', -bar ka'- 

n6t, nor, use, up, Am, etiide, food, fdot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




de base', -ment, -based', -bas'er, 

-bas'ing, -ing ly. 
de bate', -bat'a ble, -bat'ing, -ing- 

ly, -er, -ed. 
de bauch', -ment, -ed ly, -ed ness, 

-er, -er y, -ing, -bauched', deb'- 

au chee' (-6 she' or da^bo''- 

de beige' (-bazh'). 
de ben'ture, -tured. 
de bJl'i tate, -ta ted, -ta ting, -ta'- 

tion, -i ty. 
dfib'it, -ed, -ing. 

de hi tu'min ize, -min i za'tion. 
de hlai' (da bla'). 
dSb^o niir', -ly, -ness. 
de bouch' (-bdosh'), -ment. 
de'hou'che' (da^bdo^sha'), -hou'- 

chure' (-shd6r'). 
de bride'ment (da bred'm6n). 
de'hris' (da^bre'). 
de bruised'. 

debt (det), debt'or, -ee', -less, -let. 
de'bu scope (da'bd6-). 
de'but' (da^bot)'), -hu'tant' (-t6n'), 

-tante' (-t6nt'). 
dfic'a chord, -chor'don, -a cu'mi- 

dec'ade or ad, -a dal, -a da'tion. 
de ca'dence, -den cy, -dent. 
dec'a gon, -a gram or -gramme, 

-a gyn (-jin), -gyn'i an, de cag'o- 

nal, -cag'y nous (-kaj'-). 
dec a he'dron, -he'dral. 
de cal'ci fy (-fi), -ing, -er, -fied, 

-fi ca'tion. 
de cal CO ma'ni a. 
dec'a let. 
dec'a lifter or -tre (-letter or 

de kal'-), -lit'ron, pi. -ra. 
dec'a logue, de cal'o gist. 
De came ron'ic. 

dec'a me ter or -tre, de cam'er ous. 
de camp', -ing, -ment, -camped'. 
dec'a nal, de cd'nl. 
dec'a nate. 

de can'drous, -can'dri an, -can'der. 
dec an'gu lar. 

de cant', -ed, -er, -ing, -can ta'tion. 
dec'a pet'a lous, -a phyl'lous {or 

de caph'-). 
de cap'i tate, -ta ted, -ta ting, -ta'- 

De cap'o da, de cap'o dal, -o dous, 

dec'a pod, -a pod'i form. 
de car'bon ize, -ized, -i zing, 

-i zer, -bon ate, -a ted, -bu rize, 

-rized, -ri za'tion, -bon i zing= 

dfic 4re' {or dek'-), dec'a stere {or 

dec a se'mic. 
dec'a stich (-stik), -a style (-stile), 

-a syl lab'ic, -a to'ic. 
de cau'date, -da ted, -da ting. 
de cay', -a ble, -er, -ed ness {or 

-cayed'ness), -ing. 
de cease', -ceased', -ceas'ing, -ce'- 

de ceit', -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -less. 
de ceive', -ceived', -ceiv'ing, -er, 

-a ble, -ble ness, -bly. 
De cem'ber, -ber ly, -brist. 
de cem cos'tate, -cem den' tate, 

-cem'fid, -cem loc'u lar, -cem- 

ped'al {or -cem'pe-), -cem pen'- 

de cem'vir, pi. -virs or -vi ri, 

-vi ral, -vi rate, -vir ship. 
de cen'na ry, -ni al, -ni urn, pi. 

-urns or -a, -no val. 
de'cent, -ly, -ness, -cen cy. 
de cen'tral ize, -ized, -i zing, 

-I za'tion. 
de ceph'a lize, -hzed, -li zing, -II- 

de cep'tive, -ly, -ness, -cep'tion. 
de chaus se' (da sho sa'). 
dech'en ite. 
dec iare' (d6s yar'). 
de cide', -cid'ed, -ed ly, -er, -ing. 
de cid'u a, -u al, -u ate, -u ous, 

-ous ness. 
dec'i gram or -gramme (d6s'-), 

-i lifter or -tre (-letter or de sil'-), 

dec'il or -ile. 
de cil'lion, -lionth. 
dec'i mal (des'-), -ize, -ized, 

-i zing, -1 za'tion, -mal ism, 

-mal ly, -i mate, -ma tor, -ma'- 

tion, -i ma, pi. -mae, de cime' 

(da sem'). 
dec'i me'ter or -tre (des'- or 

de cim'-). 
dec'i mo (des'-), =sex'to, 
dec'i mole (des'-). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, Ice, in, note, 




de ci'pher, -a ble, -ing, -ment, 

de ci'slve, -ly, -ness, -cis'ion. 

dec'i stere (des'i ster or -star')- 

deck, -ing, -er, decked, deck'- 
head, =beam, -bridge, -car^go, 
-Caroline, -cleat, -collar, -curb, 
-feath^er, -feed, -flat, -hand, 
-hook, -house, -light, -load, 
=mold''ing, -nail, -pas^sage, 
-pas''sen ger, -pipe, -plank''ing, 
-plate, -pump, -sheet, -stop^per, 
-tac'kle, -tran^som. 

dec'kle or deck'el, dec'kle -edged, 

de claim', -ing, -er, -claimed', 
-clam'a to ry, dec^la ma'tion. 

de clare', -clared', -clar'ing, -ed ly, 
-ed ness, -er, -a ble, -ant, 
-cl^r'a tive, -tive ly, -a to ry, 
-to ri ly, dec'la ra''tor, -ra'tion. 

de clen'sion, -al. 

de cline', -clined', -clln'ing, -a ble, 
-al. -a to ry (or -klin'-), -a ture, 
-ous, dec'li nate, -na'tion, -na^- 
tor, -nom'e ter. 

de cliv'i ty, -i tous, -cli'vous, dec'- 
li vent, -li vate, -vant. 

de coct', -ed, -ing, -ive, -i ble, 

de col'late, -la ted, -la ting, -la'- 
tion, de'col'le te' (da''k6ria ta'), 
-tee, n. fern. 

de col'or, -ant, -ate, -ize, -ized, 
-i zing, -\ za'tion or -a'tion. 

de com pose', -posed', -pos'ing, 
-pos'a ble, -pos'er, -pos'ite -po- 
si'tion (-zish'un), -pos'ing -fur' - 

de'com pound', -ed, -ing, -a ble. 

dec'o rate, -ra ted, -ra ting, -ra- 
tive, -tive ness, -ra tor, -ra'tion. 

de co'rous {or dek'-), -ly, -ness, 

de cor'ti cate, -ca ted, -ting, -tor, 

de cou pie' (da koo pla'). 

de coy', -ing, -er, -coyed'. 

de coy', d. bird, d. duck. 

de crease', -creased', -creas'ing, 
-ing ly. 

de cree', -a ble, -ing, -cre'er, 
-cre'tal, -cre'tist, -tive. 

dec're ment. 

de crep'it, -i tate, -ta ted, -ta ting, 

-i tude, -i ta'tion. 
de cres cen'do {or da kr§, shen'do). 
de cres'cent, -pin^nate. 
dec're to ry, -ri ly. 
de cms ta'tion. 
de cry', -ing, -cri'al, -cri'er, 

dec'u man. 

de cum'bent, -ly, -bence, -ben cy. 
de cu'ri on, -on ate. 
de cur'rent, -ly, -ren cy. 
de ciir'sive, -sive ly. 
de curve', -curved', -cur'va ture, 

dec'u ry. 
de cus'sate, -ly, -sa ted, -tive, 

-tive ly, -sa'tion. 
de cus'sis, pi. -ses (-sez). 
de cus so'ri um, pi. -ri a. 
de'cyl (-sll or des'sll), -cyl'ic. 
de'dal or dae'-, dal'ian (-yan), 

ded'a lous. 
dedans' (de dan' or de'dans).' 

ded'i cate, -i cant, -ca ted, -ea- 
ting, -ca tor, -to ry, -to'ri al, 

-i ca'tion, 
ded'i mus. 
de dW (da de'). 
de'do (da'-). 
ded o la'tion. 
de duce', -duced', -du'cing, -ci- 

ble, -ble ness, -bly, -bil'i ty, 

de duct', -ed, -ing, -i ble, -ive, 

-ive ly, -duc'tion, -due' tor. 
deed, -ful, -less, -y, -box. 
deem, -ing, deemed. 
deep, -en, -ly, -ness, -laid, 

-mouthed, -sea, a., -waisf'ed. 
deer, -let, -ber'ry, -herd, -hound, 

-skin, -fold, -grass, -hair, -lick, 

-mouse, -neck, -stalk'er, -ti'ger, 

deer's-hair, -tongue. 
deese (dez). 
de face', -ment, -faced', -fa'cer, 

de lac' to. 

de far cate, -ca ted, -ca ting, -ca'- 
tion, def'al ca'tor. 

not, nor, use, up, <irn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bofimot, thus, Badi. 




de fame', -famed', -fam'ing, -ing- 

ly, -er, -fam'a to ry, defa ma'- 

de fault', -ed, -ing, -er. 
de fea'sance (-zans), -sanced, 

-fea'si ble, -ble ness. 
de feat', -ed, -ing. 
def'e cate, -ca ted, -ca ting, -ca- 

tor, -ca'tion. 
de feet', -ive, -ive ly, -ive ness, 

-less, -fec'tion. 
de fend', -ed, -ing, -er, -a ble, -ant. 
de fense', -less, -less ly, -less ness, 

-fen'si ble, -ble ness, -sive, -sive- 

ly, -sor, -so ry, -si bil'i ty. 
de fer', -ring, -rer, -ment, -ferred', 

defer ence, -er ent, -en'tial 

(-shal), -tial ly. 
de fi'ance, -ant, -ant ly, -ant ness. 
de fi'cien cy (-fish'en-), -fi'cient, 

-cient ly, def'i cit. 
de fi'de. 

def i lade' {or de^fi-), -lad'ing. 
de file', v., -ment, -fil'er, -ing, 

-filed', -file' {or de'-), n. 
de fine', -fined', fin'ing, -fin'a ble, 

-a bly, -er, def i ni'tion (-nish'- 

def'i nJte, -ly, -ness. 
de fJn'i tive, -ly, -ness, -i tude, 

def i ni'tum. 
def'la grate, -gra ted, -ting, -tor, 

-gra ble, -bil'i ty, -gra'tion. 
de fla'tion. 
de fleet', -ed, -ing, -or, -a ble, 

-flec'tion, -tion ize, -I za'tion. 
de flex', -flexed', -flex'ion (-flek'- 

shun), -flex'ure (fleks'-). 
de flo'rate, def lo ra'tion. 
de fo'li ate, -a ted, -a tor, -a'tion. 
de foree', -ment, -forced'. 
de for'eiant (-shant), -for ci a'- 
tion (-shi-). 
de f6r'est, -es ta'tion. 
de form', -er, -ing, -i ty, -a ble, 

-ed ly, -ed ness, -a bil'i ty, def- 

or ma'tion. 
de fraud', -ed, -ing, -er. 
de fray', -al, -er, -ment, -ing, 

deft, -ly, -ness. 
defter dar. 
de fimet'. 

de fy' (-fi'), -ing, -fied', -fi'er. 
deg, -ger, -ging, degged, deg'ging- 

ma chine''. 
de ga ge' (da ga zha'). 
de gen'er ate, -ly, -ness, -a cy, 

-a tive, -a'tion, -tion ist. 
de ger' mi na tor. 
de glu'ti nate, -na ted, -na ting, 

-ti to ry, deg^lu ti'tion (-tlsh'un). 
de gote'. 
de grade', -grad'ed, -ing, -ing ly, 

deg ra da'tion, -tion al. 
dc gras' (da gra'") 
de gree'. 

de'gu (da'gob or deg'-). 
deg^us ta'tion. 
de ha die' (da ha sha'). 
de hisce', -hisced' (-Mst'), -his'- 

cence, -cent. 
de horn', -ing, -horned', 
de hors' (-horz' or -hor'). 
de hu'man ize, -ized, -i zing, 

-I za'tion. 
de hy'drate (-hi'-). 
de hy'dro gen ize, ized, i'zing, 

i za'tion. 
De^i a ni'ra, wife of Hercules. 
deic'tie, -al ly. 
de'i fy, -ing, -fied, -fi er, -form, 

-if'ic, -ic al, -i fi ca'tion. 
deign (dan), -ing, deigned. 
De I grd'ti a (-shi a), De I ju di'- 

ci iim (-dish'i um). 
Del'mos, Astron. 
Deip nos'o phist. 
de ip'o tent, 
de'ism, -ist, -is'tic, -tic al, -al ly, 

-al ness, de'i ty. 
de ject', -ed, -ed ly, -ing, -er, -jec'ia, 

-tion, -to ry, -ture. 
de'jeu'ner' (da^zhe'na'). 
de ju're. 

dSk'a draehm (-dram), a gram. 
De Kaib', Ger. gen. 
de laine'. 
de lam i na'tion. 
de lay', -ing, -ing ly, -er, -a ble, 

del cred'er e. 
de'le, de lete', -le'ted, -le'ting, 

-le'tion, -le'tive, del'e to ry, 

-e ti' tious (-tish'-). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note. 




de lec'ta ble, -ness, -ta bly, -bil'- 

i ty, -lee ta'tion. 
del'e gate, -e gant, -ga ted, -ting, 

de len'da. 

del e te'ri ous, -ly, -ness. 
delf or delft, -ware. 
Del'hi (del'le or del'hl), Brit. 

Ind.— (del'hi), tp. N. Y.; tp. O. 
De'li an. 
de lib'er ate, -ly, -ness, -a ted, -ting, 

-tive, -tive ly, -a ter or -a tor, 

del'i cate, -ly, -ness, -ca cy. 
del'hi ca tesse' (-tes'), -ca tes'sen. 
de li'cious (-lish'us), -ly, -ness. 
de lie' turn, pi. -ta. 
del'i gate, -ga'tion. 
de light', -ed, -ed ly, -ing, -er, 

-a ble, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, 

-some, -some ly, -some ness, 

De li'lah, Bih. 

de lim'it, -ed, -ing, -i ta'tion. 
de lin'e ate, -a ted, -ting, -tor, 

-to r>', -a ture, -a ble, -a ment, 

de lin'quent, -ly, -quen cy. 
dePi quesce', -quesced' (-kwesf), 

-ques'cing, -cence, -cent. 
de lir'i um, -i ant, -i ous, -ous ly, 

-ous ness, -i fa'cient. 
De'Litzsch (da'lich), Ger. theol. 
de liv'er, -a ble, -ance, -er, -ered. 
de liv'er y, =rolFer, -valve. 
dell, =bird. 
Delia Crus'ca, -Crus'can, D. 

Rob'bi a ware. 
Del Nor'te (-ta), co. Cal. 
de lo'cal ize, -ized, -i zing, -i za'- 

de loo' {or da'lo). 
Del'phi an, -phic, del'phin or 

DePsarte' sys'tem. 
del'ta, -ta'ic, -tid'i um, pi. -i a, 

-to he'dron, -toid, -toi'des (-dez), 

de lu'brum, pi. -bra. 
de lude', -lud'ed, -ing, -er. 
del'uge, -uged, -u ging (-jing). 
de lun'dung. 
de lu'sive (-siv), -ly, -ness, -lu'so ry. 

-lu'sion (-zhun), -sion al, -sion- 

del vaux'ene (-vd'zene), -vaux'ite 

delve, delved, delv'er, -ing. 
de mag'net ize, -ized, -i zing, 

-i za'tion. 
dem'a g6gue, -gog ism, -gog'ic 

(-goj'-), -ic al, -gog'y (-goj I). 
de mand', -ed, -ing, -a ble, -ant, -er. 
de man'toid. 

de mar'cate, -ca'tion, de mark', v. 
de' march (-mark), n. 

de mean', -or, -ing, -meaned'. 
de ment'ed, -men'tate, -men'ti a 

(-shi a), -men ta'tion. 
de meph'i tize, -tized, -ti zing, 

-ti za'tion. 
de mSr'it. 

de mersed', -mer'sion. 
de mesne' (-men'). 
De me'ter. Myth. 
De me'tri us, Gr. orator. 
dem'i cir^cle, -i far'thing, -I god, 

-I John, -1 rep, -I sem^i qua'ver. 
dem'i =gaunt'let, «m6nde' {or 

-mond'), 'vi lie'vo (=re lya'vo), 

-volt, =wolf. 
de mil'i ta rize, -rized, -ri zing. 
de mise' (-miz'), -mis'a ble (-miz'-), 

-a bil'i ty. 
dem'i urge, -ur'gic. 
de mdb'i lize, -lized, -li zing, 

-II za'tion. 
dem'o crat, -crat'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

de moc'ra cy, -ra tism, -ra tist. 
De moc'ri te'an, Dem o crit'ic, 

-ic al. 
De^mo gor'gon {or dem-). 
de mog'ra phy, -ra pher, dem o- 

dem oi selle' (dem wo zel'). 
de mol'ish, -ing, -er, -ished, 

dem o li'tion (-lish'un), -tion ist. 
de'mon, -ism, -ist, -ize, -ized, 

-i zing, -ship, -mon'ic, -mon'i- 

fuge, -mon oc'ra cy, -og'ra pher, 

-ol a ter, -a try, -ol'o gy, -o gist, 

-o log'ic al, -o man'cy, -o ma'- 

ni a, -op'a thy, -o pho'bi a, -mo'- 

ni ac, -ni'a cism, dem o ni'a cal, 

-cal ly. 

n6t, nor, use, up, tirn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




de mon'e tize, -tized, -ti zing, 

-ti za'tion. 
de mon'strate {or dem'-), -stra- 

ble, -ble ness, -bly, -ted, -ting, 

-tive, -tive ly, -tive ness, dem'- 

on stra^tor, -tor ship, -stra'tion. 
de m6r'al ize, -ized, -i zing, -I za'- 
De mos'the nes (-nez), Dem os- 

the'ni an or -ne an, -then'ic. 
de mot'ic. 
de murcent. 
de miir', -ra ble, -rage, -ral, -rer, 

-ring, -murred'. 
de mure', -ly, -ness. 
de my' (-mi'), pi. -mies' (-miz'), 

de my'ship (-mi'-). 
den, =tree. 
de nar'co tize, -tized, -ti zing, 

-tl za'tion. 
de nd'ri us, pi. -rt I, de na'ro 

(da na'-). 
den'a ry. 
de na'tion al ize (-nash'-), -ized, 

-i zing, -i za'tion. 
de nat'u ral ize, -ized, -i zing. 
den'dra chate (-kat). 
den dran thro pol'o gy. 
den'drite, -drit'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

-dri form. 
den'gue (den'ga). 
de ni'al, -ni'a ble, -nl'er. 
de flier' (-ner') n. (-nya') v. 
de ni'trate, -tra'tion, -tri fy, -fy- 

ing, -fied, -fi ca'tor, -li ca'tion. 
den'i zen (-zn), -ship, -i za'tion. 
de nom'i nate, -i nant, -na ble, 

-na ted, -ting, -tive, -tive ly, 

de nom i na'tion, -al, -al ism, 

-al ist, -al ly. 
de note', -not'ed, -ing, -ive, 

-not'a ble, -a tive, -tive ly, -no- 

de'noue'ment (da'noo'mSn or 

de nounce', -nounced', -noun'cing, 

de no'vo. 

dens (denz), pi. den'tes (-tez). 

dense, -ly, -ness, den'si ty. 

den'sher or -shire (-sher). 

den sim'e ter. 

dent, -ed, -ing. 

den'tal, -tal'i ty, -tag'ra, -tal ite, 

-tal'I id, -tal i za'tion, -ta ry, 

-ta'ta, -ti cle, -tic'u late, -la''ted, 

-late ly, -la'tion, den'ti fac^tor, 

-ti form, -ti frice (-fris), -tig'er- 

ous (-tij'-). 
den'tate, -ly, -tate^cil i ate, »ser'- 

rate, =sin'u ate. 
den telle' . 
den'ti cine. 

den'ti cule, -tic'u lus, pi. -li. 
den'tn or -tel. 
den t\ la'bi al, -ti lin'gual or den'- 

to-, -til'o quy, -o quist, den ti- 

na'sal or den''to-. 
den'ti lasted, -ti la'tion, -tile. 
den'tin or -tine, -ti nal, -ti phone. 
den ti ros'ter, -ros'tral, -trate. 
den'tist, -ry, -ti scalp, -toid, -ture, 

-ti'tion (-tish'un). 
de nude', -nud'ed, -ing, den^u- 

de nu'mer ant, -mer a'tion. 
de nun'ci a (da noon'thi a), -ci a- 

mi en' to (-me an'to). 
de nun'ci ate (-shI-), -a^ted, 

-acting, -a tive, -a' tor, -to'ry, 

-a ble, -ant, -a'tion. 
de nu tri'tion (-trish'- or den u-). 
de ny (-nl'), -ing, -ing ly, -nied'. 
de'o dand. 
de o dar'. 
de o'dor ize, -ized, -i zer, -i zing, 

-i za'tion, -dor ant. 
De'o jd ven'te, De'o grd'ti as 

(-shI-), De'o vo len'te. 
de on tol'o gy, -o gist, -to log'ic al 

de 6 per'cu late, -la ted, -la ting. 
de os'si fy, -ing, -si fied, -ft ca'- 
de ox'i dize, -dized, -di zer, -zing, 

-dl za'tion, -i da'tion. 
de ox'y gen ize, -ized, -i zing, 

-gen a'tion. 
de 6'zon ize, -ized, -i zing. 
de part', -ed, -ing, -er, -par'ture. 
de part'ment, -men'tal, -tal ly. 

fate, fa.t, far, fall, f^re, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, Ice, In, note, 





de pau'per ate, -a ted, -a ting, 

-per ize, -ized, -i za'tion. 
de pend', -ed, -a ble, -ble ness, 

-ence, -en cy, -er, -ing, -ing ly. 
de pend'ent or -ant, n. de pend'- 

ent, a., -ent ly. 
de phleg'mate, -ma ted, -ting, 

-tor, -to ry, -ma'tion. 
de phos'phor ize, -ized, -i zing, 

-i za'tion. 
de pict', -ed, -ing, -er, -pic'tion, 

-pic'ture, -tured, -tur ing. 
dep'i late, -la ted, -ting, -tor, -la'- 

tion, de pil'a to ry. 
dep'la mate {or de pla'-). 
de pld'no. 
de plete', -plet'ed, -ing, -ple'tive, 

-to ry, -tion. 
de plore', -plored', -plor'ing, -er, 

-a ble, -ble ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
de ploy', -ing, -er, -ment, -ployed'. 
de plume', -plumed', -plum'ing, 

-plu'mate, dep^lu ma'tion. 
de po'lar ize, -ized, -i zing, -i zer, 

-i za'tion. 
de po'nent. 

de pop'u late, -la ted, 

-la ting, 

-la tor, -la'tion. 

de port', -ed, -ing, 
-por ta'tion. 

de pose', -posed', -pos'ing, -pos'er, 
-pos'a ble, dep o si'tion (-zish'- 

de pos'it, -ed, -ing, -i ta'tion, -i tive, 
-i tor, de pos'it -re ceipt^ -it ing- 

de pos'i ta ry, a. and n., -i to ry, 
n. As nouns these words are, 
to some extent, used interchange- 
ably. The better usage limits 
depositary to the person, and de- 
pository to the place. 

de'pot (de'po or dep 6' or da p6'). 

de prave', -praved', -prav'ed ly, 
-ed ness, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 
-prav'i ty. 

dep're cate, -ca ted, -ca ting, 
-ting ly, -ca tive, -tive ly, -cantor, 
-to^ry, -ca'tion. 

de pre'ci ate (-shI-), -ci active, 
-tive ly, -tor, -to^ry, -ci a'tion. 

dep're date, -da'' ted, -darting, -da^- 

tor, -to ry, -da'tion. 
de press', -ing, -ing ly, -ive, 

-ive ness, -i ble, -or, -ant, -pres'- 

dep're ter. 
de prive', -prived', -priv'ing, -er, 

-a ble, dep^ri va'tion. 
de pro fUn'dis. 
depth, -less, -gage, 
de pulp'er. 
dep'u rate, -ra ted, -ting, -tive, 

-tor, -rant, -ra'tion. 
de pute', -put'ed, -ing, dep'u ta- 
ble, -u tize, -tized, -ti zing, -ty, 

de rail', -er, -ing, -ment, -railed'. 
de range', -a ble, -ment, -ranged', 

-ran'ging, -ran'ger. 
de ray'. 

Der'be, Entom. genus. 
der'boun (-boon). 
Der'by (-bi), tp. Conn.; tp. and 

vil. Vt.; (der'by or dar'-), co. 

Der'by, Eng. earl; a horse race. 

D. day. 
der'by, a float; a hat. 
Der'by sWre, D, drop, D. neck, 

D. spar. 
de re'cho (da ra'-). 
d§r'e lict, -lic'tion. 
dSr'ham (-am). 
dfer'ic, a. 
de ride', -rid'ed, -ing, -ing ly, -er, 

-ri'sive, -sive ly, -sive ness, -so- 

ry, -ri'sion (-rizh'un). 
de ri'giLeur' (re^ger'). 
dfir'i vant {or de ri'-) . 
de rive', -rived', -rlv'a ble, -a bly, 

-a bil'i ty, -riv'a tive, -tive ly, 

-tive ness, der i va'tion, -tion al, 

-tion ist. 
der'ma, -mad, -mal, -mal'gi a, 

derm'=skeKe ton. 
der map'ter an, -ter ous, -mat'ic, 

-ma ti'tis, -ma tog'ra phy, -ma- 

toid, -tol'o gy, -o gist, -tol'y sis, 

-to my co'sis (-mi-), -ma ton'o- 

der'ma to phyte (-fit), -phyt'ic 

(-fit'-), -top'a thy, -to plas'ty, 

not, nor, use, tip, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




-ma t6r rhe'a, -ma to'sis, -to skel'- 

e ton. 
Der mes'tes (-tez), der mes'tid, 

der' mis, -mic. 
der mo bran'chi ate (-ki-), -mo- 

gas'tric, -mo he'mal, -mo he'- 

mi a, -mo hu'mer al, -hu me ra'- 

lis, -moid, -mo mus'cu lar, -mo- 

neu'ral, -mo os'se ous, -os'si fy, 

-fy ing, -fied, -fi ca'tion, -mo- 

path'ic, -mop'a thy. 
der' mop tere, -mop'ter an, -ter- 

der'ni er {or dgr^nya'). 
dgr'o gate, -ga ted, -ga ting, -ga'- 

tion, de rog'a tive, -tive ly, -to- 

ry, -to ri ly, -ri ness. 
dfir'o treme, -trem'a tons, -tre'- 

De'roua^de' (da'roo'ladO, Fr. 

dSr'rick, -car, -crane, 
dSr'rin ger. 
Des^brosses' (da'brSs'), Fr. 

des'ca mi sa'do (das'ka me sa'do or 

des'cant, n., -cant', v., -ed, -ing, 

-er, des'cant=vi ol. 
Des^cartes' (da^kart'), Fr. philos. 
de scend', -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -er, 

-i ble, -i bil'i ty. 
de scend'ant, n. de scend'ent, a., 

-seen den'tal ism, -tal ist. 
de scent', -scen'sion, -sion al, 

Des champs' (da''sh6n'), Fr. 

de scribe', -scribed', -scrib'ing, 

-er, -ent, -scrip'tion, -tive, -tive- 

ly, -tive ness. 
de scry' {or des cry'), -ing, 

-scried', -scri'er. 
DesMe mo'na (dez^-), Shak., 

des'e crate, -era ted, -ting, -ter 

or -tor, -cra'tion. 
de seg'ment ed, -men ta'tion. 
de serf (-zert'), v.. -ed, -ing, -er. 

des'ert (dez'-), «., -chough 

(»chuff), =faFcon (-fa'kn), =hare, 

-mouse, -palm, -pea, -snake. 
de serve', -served', -serv'ed ly, -er, 

-ing, -ing ly. 
des'ic cate, -ca ted, -ca ting, -cant 

{or de sic'-), -ca tive {or de sic'-), 

-ca tor, -ca'tion. 
de sid'er ate, -a ted, -a ting, -a- 

tive, -e ra'tum, pi. -ra'ta. 
de sign' (-zin' or -sin'), -ing, -er, 

-a ble, -ed ly, -ed ness, -less, 

-less ly, -signed'. 
des'ig nate (des'-), -na ble, -na- 

ted, -ting, -tive, -tor, -to ry, 

de sil'i cated, -si lie'' ida'tion (-lis^-), 

-lic'i fi ca'tion, -lic'i fy, -fy ing, 

-fied, -sil'i cized, -sil'i con ize, 

-ized, -i zing. 
de sil'ver, -vered, -ver ize, -ized, 

-i zing, -I za'tion. 
des'i nence. 
de sire' (-zir'), -less, -sir'a ble, 

-ble ness, -a bly, -er, -ous, -ous- 

ly, -ous ness, -ing, -a bil'i ty, 

de sist' {or -zist'), -ed, -ing, -ance. 
Des^jar'dins' (da^zhar^d3,n'), Fr. 

desk, -cloth, -knife, -mak^er, 

-room, -work. 
des'ma, pi. -mas (-maz) or -ma ta, 

-ma chy'ma tous (-ki'-), -ma- 
chyme, -ma cyte (-sit). 
des' man. 

des mid i ol'o gy, -ol'o gist. 
des' mine, 
des mi'tis. 
Des^mou'lins' (da^moo^ian'), Fr. 

-des'o late, -ly, -ness, -la ted, -la- 
ting, -la ter or -tor, -la'tion. 
De So'to (da), Sp. explorer. 
des ox'a late, -ox al'ic. 
de spair' {or d6s-), -ing, -ing ly, 

-ing ness, -spaired'. 
des patch' {or de-) or dis-, -er, -ing, 

-patched', -patch' -boat, -box, 

des'per ate, -ly, -ness, -a'do, -a'- 

des'pi ca ble, -ness, -bly. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




de spise' {or des-), -spised', 
-spls'ing, -ing ly, -er. 

de spite' {or des-), -ful, -ful ly, 
-ful ness. 

Des Plaines' (da plan'), r. Wis. 

de spoil' {or des-), -er, -ing, -ment, 
-spoiled', -spo li a'tion. 

des pond' {or de-), -ed, -ence, 
-en cy, -ent, -ent ly, -er, -ing, 
-ing ly. 

des'pot, -ism, -ist, -ize, -ized, 
-i zing, -pot'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 
-al ness. 

Des'pres' (da'pra'), Fr. litterateur. 

des'pu mate {or de spu'-), -ma- 
ted, -ting, -ma'tion. 

des'qua mate {or -kwa'-), -ma'- 
tion, de squa,m'a tive, -a to ry. 


Des''saix' (da^sa'), Fr. soldier. 

Des^sa^lines' (da^sa^len'), ruler of 

des serf (dez zert'), -spoon. 

dfes'sia tine (-ya-). 

des sus' (des sod'). 

D'Es taing' (des'tan'), Fr. ad- 

des'tine, -tined, -tin ing, tl ny, 
-ti na'tion. 

des'ti tute, -ly, -ness, -tu'tion. 

des' to {or das'-). 

des'trd md'no. 

des troy' {or de ), -ing -er, -a ble, 

de struct'! ble, -ness, -bil'i ty, 
-struc'tive, -tive ly, -tive ness, 
-tor, -tion, -tion ist. 

des^u da'tion. 

des'ue tude (-we-). 

de sul'phur, -ing, -phured, -phu- 
rate, -ra'tion, -phur ize, -ized, 
-i zing, -i za'tion, -phu ret ed or 
-ret ted, -phur i zing=fur^nace. 

des'ul to ry, -to ri ly, -ri ness. 

de''syn on'y mize, -y mi za'tion. 

de tach', -a ble, -ed ly, -ing, 
-ment, -a bil'i ty, -tached', 

de tail', v., -ing, -er, -tailed'; 
de tail' {or de'-), n. 

de tain', -ing, -er, -tained', -ten'- 
tion, -ten'tive, -tent', -tent'=joint. 

de tect', -ed, -ing, -ive, -a ble or 

-er, -tec'tion. 



-i ble -or or 

de t#r', -ment, 

de terge', -terged', 

-gence, -gen cy, -gi ble, 
de te'ri o rate, ' -ra ted, -ra ting, 

de ter'ma. 

de ter'mi nate, -ly, -ness, -na- 
tive, -na'tion. 
de ter'mine, -mined, -min ed ly, 

-min er, -mIn ism, -min ist, 

-min is'tic, -min ing -mi na ble, 

-ble ness, -bil'i ty, -mi nance, 

de ter'sive, -sive ly, -sive ness, 

de test', -ed, -er, -ing, -a ble, 

-ble ness, -bly, -bil'i ty, det^es- 

ta'tion {or de tes-). 
de throne', -ment, -throned', 

-thron'ing, -er. 
det'i net, -i nue. 
det'o nate, -na ted, -ting, -tive, 

-tor, -na ble, -na'tion, -na ting- 
fuse, -tube. 
det'o nize, -nized, -ni zing, -nl- 

de tour' (-tobr'). 
de tract', -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -or 

or -er, -o ry, -trac'tion. 
det'ri ment, -men'tal, -tal ly, -tal- 

de trite', -tri'tal, -trl'ted, -tri'tus, 

-tri'tion (-trish'un). 
de trop (tro). 
de tnide', -trud'ed, -ing. 
de trun'cate, -ca ted, -ca ting, 

de'tur {or da'td6r). 
Deu ca'li on. Myth. 
deuce, deu'ced, -ced ly. 
Deu 61', CO. Neb.; co. Dak. 
De'us mis'er e a'tur (miz^-). 
deu'ter o ca non'ic al, -ter og'a- 

my, -a mist, -ter o gen'ic, 

-o me'sal, -op'a thy, -o path'ic, 

-os'co py, -os'to ma, -o stom'a- 

tous, -o zo'oid. 
Deu^ter on'o my, -o mist, -mis'- 

tic, -o nom'ic, -ic al. 
Deutsch (doich), Ger. scholar. 

not, nor, use, iip, tarn, etvide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




Deutz (doits), t. Prus. 

Deut'zi a (doit'sl a or dut'sl a). 

deux' 'temps' (de'=t6h'). 

dev {or dav) or de'va (da'-), pi. 

de vap o ra'tion. 
dev'as tate, -ta ted, -ting, -tor, 

-ta'tion, -ta'vit. 
de vel'6p {or -up), -ing, -er, -a ble, 

-ment, -men^tal, -tal ly, -ment- 

ist, -oped. 
de ver'soir (-sw6r). 
de'vi ate, -a ted, -ting, -tor, 

de vice', 
dev'il (-1), -iled or -illed (-Id), -iling 

or -il ling, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, 

-kin, -ment, -ry, -ship, -try, -fish, 

-wood, 'bean, »bird, -bolt, 

-car^riage, »screech^er, -tree, 

dev'il's^ap^ple, -a^pron, -bird, -bit, 

-claw, =club, -cot^ton, -cow, -dust, 

-ear, -fig, -fin^ger, -horse, -milk, 

dev'il-in-a=bush, a plant; dev'il- 

de'vi o scope, 
de'vi ous, -ly, -ness. 
de vis'cer ate, -a ted, -a ting, -ation. 
de vise' (-viz'), -vised', -vis'ing, 

-vis'a ble, -vis'al. 
de vis'er, one who invents; de- 

vis'or, one who bequeaths; dev'- 

i see' (-ze'). 
de vi'tal ize, -ized, -i zing, -I za'- 

de vit'ri fy, -ing, -fied, -fi ca'tion. 
de vo'cal ize, -ized, -i zing, -I za'- 

de void'. 

de voir' (d6 vwor'). 
de volve', -volved', -volv'ing. 
Dev'on, co. Eng., De vo'ni an, 

Dev'on shire col'ic, D. lace. 
de vote', -vot'ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, 

-er, -ing, dev o tee', -tee'ism. 
de vo'tion, -al, -al ist, -al ly. 
de vour', -a ble, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 

-ment, -voured'. 
de vout', -less, -less ly, -less ness, 

-Iv, -ness. 

dew, -y, -i ness, dew'ber^ry, 

fall, -lap, -stone, -worm. 

dew'-beat''er, -be sprent, 



-cup, -drink, -grass, 

-point, -shoe. 
dewan', -wa'ni. 
dex i o trop'ic. 
dex'ter ous or dex'trous, -ly, 

-ness, dex ter'i ty, dex' trad, -tral, 

-tral ly, -tral'i ty. 
dex'trine, -tro ro'ta to ry, -trorse' 

{or dex'-), -tror'sal. 
dex'trose (-tros), -tron'ic, -trot'- 

ro pous. 
dey (da). 

de zinc'i fy, -I fi ca'tion. 
de zy'mo tize (-zi'-), -tized, -ti- 

dhabb (dab). 
dha'di um. 
dhai'ee. _ 
Dhaula gi'ri (dou^la ge're) or 

Dha wal a ghi'ri (da wol a ger'e), 

mt. peak India. 

dho'hte or -by, -bie man. 

dh6'tee or -ty. 
dhow (dou). 
Dhu leep' Singh (doo leep' sing), 

Indian prince. 
Dhflr^rum pur' (-poor'), Rajput 

state, India. 
di'a base, -ba'sic, -ba te'ri al, 

-ban'tite, -a base-por'phy rite. 
di^a be'tes (-tez), -bet'ic, -ic al. 
Di'a'ble, Le (le de^a'bl), Satan. 
di^a bol'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -al ness, 

-ab'o lism, -o lus, Di ab'o lus, 

Zool. genus. 
di a brot'ic, -a ca thol'i con, -a- 

caus'tic, -a ce'tin, -a che'ni um 

(-ke'-), pi. -ni a, -a cho'ri al, 

-ach'y Ion or -y lum (-3,k'-), 

-ach'y ma, -ac'id, -a da' sis {or 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice, In, note, 




dl ak'-), -cli'nal, -a co'di um, 

-a cce'li a. 
di ac'o nate, -o nal, -a con'i ca, 

-i con or -l cum. 
di ac'o pe, Dl ac'o pe, Ichth. and 

Entom. genus. 
di a cous'tic (-koos'- or -kous'-), 

-tics, -a cran te'ri an, -a cris i- 

og'ra phy. 
di a crit'ic, -ic al. 
di ac'tine, -ti nal, -tin'ic. 
di'a dem, -demed, -dem'a tid, 

-dem»le''mur, ^spi^der. 
di a dex'is. 
di^a do'chi an (-ki-). 
di aer'e sis. See dieresis. 
di^a ge o trop'ic, -ge ot'ro pism. 
di'a glyph, -ic or -glyp'tic. 
di^ag nose' (-nos'), -nosed' 

(-nost'), -nos'ing, -no'sis, di'- 

ag nost, -nos'tic, -tics, -ti cate, 

-ca ted, -ca ting, -ti cian (-tish'-). 
di a gom'e ter. 
di ag'o nal, -ly, -nal»built. 
di'a gram, -gram mat'ic, -ic al, 

-al ly, -gram'ma tize, -tized, -ti- 

zing, -gram'me ter. 
di'a graph, -graph'ic, -ic al, -ics. 
di a gryd'i ate, -i um. 
di a gy'i os (-ji'-). 
di a heli o trop'ic, -li ot'ro pism. 
di'al, =bird, =lock, =plate, =re sist'- 

ance, =tel'e graph, =wheel, »work. 
di'a lect, -lec'tal, -tal ly, -tic, 

-tic al, -al ly, -ti cian (-tish'an), 

-ti cism, -tics, -tol'o gy, -o ger, 

-o gist, -to log'ic al. 
di'al er or -ler, -al ing or -ling, 

-al ist. 
dl al'la ge (-je), Rhet., di'al lage. 

di al le'lon, pi. -le'la, -le'lous, a., 

-le'lus, «., pi. -le'li. 
di'al6gue, -log'ic (-loj'-), -ical, -al- 
ly, -al'ogism, -o gist, -gis'tic, -tic- 

al, -al ly, -al'o gize, -gized, -gi zing. 
di'a lyze, -lyzed, -Iv'zing (-li^-) , -zer, 

-lyz'able (-liz'-),' -ly za'tion (-1!-). 
di^a mag net'ic, -ic al ly, -mag'- 

net ism, -net i za'tion, -mag ne- 

tom'e ter. 
di am'e ter, -e tral, -tral ly, 

-a met'ric, -ric al, -al ly. 

di am'id or -ide, -am'in or -ine 
{or di'-) 

di'a mond (-a mund or di'mund), 
-ed, -mond back, ^backed, =bee^- 
tle, »bird, =break''er, ■•cut^ter, 
=draft, =drill, »dust, -finch, 
-flounder, =gage, -knot, -mor^- 
tar, =plaice, =plate, =point, 
-pow^der, -set^ter, -shaped, 
-snake, -spar, -truck, -wee^vil, 
-wheel, -work. 

di^a mo to'sis. 

Di an'a {or di a'na). Bib. 

Di an'a {or -a'na). Myth.; Ichth. 
genus. di an'a, a kind of silver; 
a species of monkey. 

di an cis'tron. 

Dl an'dri a, di an'der, -an'dri an, 

di a no'dal, -a nome. 

di a no et'ic, -a noi al'o gy. 

di a pa' son (-zon or -son), 

di'a ped. 

di'a pe de'sis, -pe det'ic. 

dl a pen'te. 

di'a per, -pered, -per ing, -per- 

di aph'o noiis, -nous ly, -nous- 

di aph'o ny, -a phon'ic, -ic al, 

di^a pho re'sis, -pho ret'ic, -ic al. 

di'a phragm (-fram), -phrag'mal 
(-frag'-), -mal'gia, -malgy, -mat'- 
ic, di'aphragm-fau^cet, -plate, 
-pump, -valve. 

di ap no'ic, -not'ic. 

di^a po re'sis. 

di^a pos'i tive. 

di'arch y (-ark-). 

di^ar rhe'a or -rhoe'a, -rhe'al, 
-rhe'ic, -rhet'ic. 

dl ar thro' sis, pi. -ses (-sez), 
-thro'di al. 

di'a ry, -a rist, -a rize, -rized, 
-ri zing, -a'ri al, -ri an. 

di'a schis'ma (-skiz'-). 

di a'si a (-si-). 

di'a skeii'a sis, -skeu'ast. 

dl as'po ra. 

di'a spore. 

di a stal'tic. 

di'a stase, -as'ta sis. 

n6t, nor, iise, up, 6rn, etude, food, fdot, anger, bonmot, thus, Bacfh. 




di a stim'e ter. 

dl as' to le, -as tol'ic. 

di as'tro phism, -as troph'ic. 

di'a style. 

di a tes'sa ron. 

di atheroma nous, -ther'mal, -man- 

cy, -man ism, -mic, -mom'e ter. 
dl ath'e sis, -a thet'ic, -ic al ly. 
di at'o min or -mine, -o mist, 

-o mite, -o moiis, -a tom'o scope. 
di a ton'ic, -ic al ly, -at'o noiis. 
di'a tribe, -at'ri bist {or -a tri'-). 
dl au'los. 
di ax'on, -o'ni a. 
di kz'o tize. 
di az'o type. 

di a zeiix'is, -zeuc'tic or -zeu'tic. 
di a zo'ma, pi. -ma ta, -zon'al. 
dib, -bing, -ber, dibbed, dib'- 

stone, 'hole. 
dib'ble, -bling, -bier, -bled, -bling= 

ma chined 
di blas'tu la, pi. -la. 
di'brach (-brak). 
di bran'chi ate (-kl-). 

di cae ol'o gy (-se-). 
di cal'cic, di car bon'ic. 

di cat a lex'is, -a lec'tic. 
dice, di'cer, dice'=box, -coal, 

=play^er, di'cing-house. 
di cel'late. 
Di cen'tra, Bot. genus; di cen'tra, 

a plant. 
di cer'i on, dic'er ous (dis'-). 
di'chas (-kas). 
dichd'sium (-ka'st- or -ka'zl-), pi. 

si a, -si al. 
di chog'a my (-kog'-), -a mous, 

-cho gam'ic. 
di chop'tic (-k6p'-). 
di chot'o mize (-k6t'-), -mized, 

-mi zing, -ml za'tion, -chot'o- 

mal, -o mous, -mous ly, -o my, 

-cho tom'ic, -ic al ly. 
di'chro ism (-kro-), -chro is'tic, 

-chro Ite, -it'ic. 
di chro' mate, -ma tism, -mat'ic, 

di'chro nous, -chro scope, -scop'ic. 
dick'er, -ing, -er, dick'ered. 

dick'y, a donkey, pi. -ies. 
dick'y, pi. -ies, or dick'ey, pi. 

-eys, an apron or bib; a shirt 

front or collar; a carriage =seat. 
di clin'ic, di'clin ate, -clin ism, 

dic'li nous {or di kli'-). 
di cot y le'don, pi. -dons, -I6d'- 

on ous {or -le'-), di co tyl'i- 

di crot'ic, -cro'tal, dic'ro tism, 

-ro tous {or di'kro-). 
dic'tate, -ta ted, -ta ting, -ta'tion, 

-ta'tor, -to'ri al, -al ly, -al ness, 

-ta'tor ship. 
dic'tion, -a ry. 
die' turn, pi. -ta or -turns. 
did, didn't, didst', rarely did'dest. 
di dac'tic {or di-), -tics, -tic al, 

-al ly, -ti cism, -ti'cian (-tish'-). 
did'ap per {or di'dap-) or -op per. 
did'dle, -died, -dling, -dler. 
Dide'rot' (ded'ro'), Fr. philos. 
di'do, Di'do, Queen of Carthage. 
di doMec a he'dral, -dron. 
Di dot' (deMo'), Fr. printer. 
di'drachm (-drSm), -drach'ma 

(-dr3,k'-), -drach'mon. 
die, v., died, dy'ing (di'-), -ing ly, 

-ing ness. 
die, n., a cube, pi. dice. die, 

general pi., dies. 
die'=a way', »back, -hold^er, 

=sink^er, »stock, -work. 
dieb (deb). 

di e'cian or di oe'-, -e'cious. 
di e'do (de a'do). 
di'e ge'sis. 
di e lec'tric. 

Di eppe' (de ep'), t. Fr. 
di er'e sis or di aer'-. 
di e ret'ic. 
Di'es I'rcB (di'ez i're), dl'es 

ju rid'i cus. 
Diest (deste), t. Belg. 
di'et, -ed, -ing, -er, -et a ry, -ine, 

-ist, di''e ta'ri an, -e tet'ic, -ic al, 

-al ly, -tet'ics, -tet'ist, -et'ic, 

-ic al, di'et'bread, -drink, 

Die'trich (de'trlch or -trik), Ger. 

Diez (deets), Ger. philol.; t. Ger. 

fate, fat, far, fall, f^re, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note, 




di e zeug'me non. 

differ, -ing, -ent, -ent ly, -en'ti a 

(-shI a), pi. -ti ce, -en'tial, -dal- 
ly, -ti ate, -a ted, -a ting, -a tor, 

-a'tion, -en'ti ant (-shi ant). 
differ ence, =en^gine, =e qua^tion, 

dif fi cult, -cul ty. 
dif fi dent, -ly, -dence. 
dif flu ent, -flu ence. 
dif form, -for'mi ty. 
dif fracf , -ed, -ing, -frac'tive, 

-tive ly. 
dif frac'tion, d. grat'ing, d. spec'- 

dif fran'gi ble, -gi bil'i ty. 
dif fuse' (-fuz'), v., -fused', -fus'- 

ed ly, -ed ness, -er, -ing, -i ble, 

-ble ness, -bil'i ty, -fu si om'e- 

dif fuse' (-fus'), a., -ly, -ness, 

-fu'sive, -sive ly, -sive ness. 
dif fu'sion (-zhun), =os^mose 

(-6z''mos), =tube, =voFume. 
dig, dug or digged, dig'ging, -ger, 

-ger=pine, «wash, -ging-machine'. 
di gal'lic. 

di gam' ma, -gam'mate, -ma ted. 
di gas'tric. 
dig'by, pi. -bies. 
di gen'e sis, -ge net'ic, dig'e nous 

di gest', v., -ed, -ed ly, -ing, -er, 

-i ble, -ble ness, -bil'i ty, -ive, 

-ive ly, -ges'tion (-chun), di'gest, n. 
dight, -ly. 
dig'it (dij'-), -i tal, -tal in or -Ine, 

-ta'li a, -tal'ic, -tal'i form. Dig i- 

dig'i tate (dij'-), -ly, -ta ted, -ta'- 

tion, -i ti form, -ti grade, -gra- 

dism, -ti nerved, -ti par'tite. 
dig i to'ri um, pi. -ri a, -i tox'in 

or -ine, -i tule, -i tus, pi. -tl. 
di'glot, -glot'tic. 

Digne (den), t. Fr. 
dig'ni fy, -ing, -fied, -fied ly, 

-ni ta ry, -ni ty. 
di go neu'tic, -neu'tism, -go nop'o- 

rous, dig'o nous (or di'-). 
di gra'do (de gra'do). 
di'graph, -graph'ic, di'gram. 

dJ gress' {or di-), -gressed', -gres'- 

sing, -sive, -sive ly, -gres'sion 

(-gresh'un), -sion al. 
di'gyn, -gyn'i an (-jIn'-), dig'y- 

nous (dij'-). 
di he'dron, -he'dral, -hex ag'o nal, 

-hex a he'dral, -he'dron, di hy'- 

drite (-hi'-). 
di i amb', pi. -ambs', or -am'bus, 

pi. -bl. 
Di-'jon' (de''zh6h'), c. Fr. 
di'ka (de'- or di'-), di'ka "bread, 

dik a mai'I. 
dike, -let, diked, dik'ing, dik'er, 

dike'=grave, =reeve. 
di ke'tone. 
di lamb'do d6nt. 
di lap'i date, -da ted, -ting, -tor, 

dilate' (or di-), -lat'a ble, -bil'i- 

ty, -ed, -ed ly, -er or -or, -ing, 

-ive, -la'tant, -tan cy, -la'tate, 

-la'tion, dil'a ta''tor, -a ta'tion. 
dil'a to ry, -to ri ly, -ri ness. 
di lem'ma {or di-), -lem'mist, 

-lem mat'ic. 
dil'et tant^, a., -tint', n., dU'et- 

tan'te (-ta or de^lat tan'ta), 

-tant'ish or -tan'te ish, -ta,nt'ism 

or -tan'te ism. 
dil'i gent, -ly, -gence. 
dill, -weed. 
dil'ly, =daFly. 
dil'o gy. 

di'lu en' do (de^ldo an'do). 
di lute', -lut'ed, -ed ly, -ing, -er, 

-lu'tion, -lute'ness, dil'u ent. 
di lu'vi al {or di-), -ist, -vi an, 

-an ism, -vi on, -vi um, pi. 

-ums or -a. 
dim, -ly, -ming, -mer, -mish, 

-ness, dimmed, dim'=sight^ed, 

=sight^ed ness. 
dim'a ris or -a tis. 
di men'sion, -sion al, -al'i ty, 

-sion less, -men'sum. 
di me tal'lic. 
dim'e ter, di met'ric. 
di meth'yl, -y lan'i lin or -line, 
di mid'i ate, ' -a^ted, -acting, 


n6t, nor, iise, iip, urn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




dl min'ish, -a ble, -er, -ing, -ing- 

Di og'e nes (-6j'e nez), Gr. 

ly, -ished, -min'u ent, -u en'do, 

philos., -o gen'ic, -e nes=crab, 

dim^i nu'tion, di min'ish ing«nile, 


=scale, 'Stuff. 

di'o nym, -on'y mal. 

61 min'u tive, -ly, -ness, -u ti'val 

Di 6 nys'i us (-nish'i us), tyrant 

(or -min'u tKv-). 

of Syracuse; Gr. hist.; Rom. 

di min'u tize, -tized, -ti zing. 

abbot; Bib. 

dim'is so ry, -so'ri al. 

Di 6 ny' sus (-ni'-), Myih., -nys'- 

dJ mit', -ted, -ting. 

i a (-nis'-), -nys'i ac, -nys'i an. 

dim'i ty. 

Di 6 ph&n'tus, Gr. arithmetician, 

di mol'to (de). 


di'morph, -mor'phic, -phism, 

di op'side {or -sid), -op'tase, -op'- 


ter, -op'trate. 

dim'ple, -pled, -pling, -ply. 

di op'tric, -al, -al ly, -tries, -tron, 


pi. -tra, -try (-tri). 

Dim'y a, -y a'ri a, dim'y a ry, 

di ra'ma {or -ra'-), -ram'ic. 

-a'ri an. 

di'o rite, -rit'ic. 

din, -ning, dinned. 

di or tho'sis, -thot'ic. 

Di naj pur' (de naj poor'), t. India. 

di OS co're in, -re a'ceous. 

di nan'de rie (de non'de re). 

Di OS cu'ri, -cu'ri an. 

di nar' (de- or di'-). 

di os'mose, -mo'sis, -mot'ic. 


Di 6t're phes (-fez), Bih. 

dine, dined, din'ing, -er, -er-out. 

dip, -per, -per ful, -ping, dipped, 


dip'=buck'et, -cir^cle, -head. 

di ne'ro (de na'ro). 

»net, 'pipe, -reg'u la tor, -rod, 

ding, -ing, dinged (dingd), ding'- 

-rolFer, -sec'tor, -splint, -tray, 


-tube, -per-clam. 


di pd' (de pa'). 

din'gey or -ghy (ding'gy). 

di pet'a lous. 

din'gle, -gled, -gling, -gle=dan'gle. 

di pet' to (de). 


diph the'ri a (dif- or dip-), -the- 

din'gy (-ji), -gi ly, -gi ness. 

rit'ic, -ic al ly, -ri'tis. 

din'i cal. 

diph'thong (dif- or dip'-), -ize, 

di ni^tro cel'lu lose (-los). 

-ized, -i zing, -thong'ic, -thon'- 

din'ner, -less, -ly, -y, di nette', 

gal, -gal ize, -ized, -gal ly, -ga'- 

din'ner»bell, =hour, -ta^ble, 


=time, =wag^on. 

diph y cer'cal, diph'y cer cy. 

di nom'ic. 

diphyl'lous {or diph'-), diph'y- 

dl'nds, pi. -nl. 

o dont (-!-), -o zo'oid or -y z6'- 

di'no saur, -sau'ri an. 


Di no the'ri um, dl'no there. 

dip'la cH'sis. 

dint, -less. 

dipla'sion (-si-), -plas'ic. 



di 6b'ol. 

di ple'gi a, -pleg'ic (-plej'-). 

di'o cese, pi. -ces es, -oc'e san 

dl plei'do scope. 

(-os' or di'o se'-). 

di pleu'ral, -pleu'ric. 



di oc ta he'dral. 

di plo'ma, -cy, -ma tism, -tist, 

di'o d6nt. 

-tize, -tized, -ti zing, dip'lo mat, 

Di do'rus, Rom. hist. 

-mat'ic, -jc al, -al ly, -mat'ics. 

di oe'cian (-e'shan), -cious, -cious- 

di plo'pi a, -plop'ic. 

ly, -cious ness, di'e cism. See 

dip neii'mo nous. 


di'pode, -pod'ic, dip'o dy. 

fate, f3.t, far, fall, fire, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




di po'lar. 

dip'ping=com^pass, 4rame, =house, 

=lIq^uor, =neeMle, =pan, -tube, 

»vat, wheel. 
dip'sas. Dip'sas, Zool. and Entom. 

dip'sey (-si) or -sy, =Iine. 
dip so ma'ni a, -ni ac, -ni'a cal. 

dip sop'a thy, -so'sis. 
dip'ter, -ad, -al, -an, -ist, -ol'o gist, 

-o gy, -o log'ic al. 
dip'tych (-tik). 
dipy'gus (-pi'-), pi. -gi (-ji). 
dip'ylon (-!-), pi. -la. 
di py re'nous (-pi-). 
Dir cae'an. 

dire, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness. 
dl reef, -ed, -ing, -ive, -ive ly, 

-ness, -or, -o rate, -o ry, -or- 

ship, -ress or -rix, -rec to'ri al, 

-rec'tion, -rect'=ac^tion, -draught, 

dirge, -ful. 
dJr'i gi ble, -i gent, -i go, -i go- 

dirk (derk), -knife. 
dirl (derl). 
dirt, -y, -i ly, -i ness, dirt'-bed, 

-board, -cheap, -eat^ing, -scrapp- 
er, dirt'y-aFlen. 
dis a'ble, -ment, -bled, -bling, 

-bil'i ty. 
dis a buse' (-buz'), -bused', -bus'- 

dis ac cord', -ed, -ing, -ant. 
dis ac cus'tom, -ing, -tomed. 
dis'ad van'tage, -taged, -ta'geous, 

-geous ly, -geous ness. 
dis^af feet', -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, 

dis af firm', -ing, -ance, -firmed', 

-fir ma'tion. 
dis af fSr'est, -ed, -ing, -ment, 

-es ta'tion. 
dis ag'gre gate, -ga ted, -ga ting, 

dis a gree', -a ble, -ble ness, -bly, 

-ment, -greed', 
dismal low', -a ble, -ble ness, -ance. 
dis ally' (-li'), -ing, -allied'. 
dis an nul', -ler, -ment, -ling, 


dis ap par'el, -eled or -elled, -cl- 
ing or -el ling, 
dis ap pear', -ance, -ing, -peared'. 
dis ap point', -ed, -ing, -ment. 
dis ap'pro ba'to ry, -ba'tion. 
dis ap pro'pri ate, -pri a'tion. 
dis ap prove' (-proov'), -proved', 

-prov'er, -prov'ing, -ing ly. 
dis arm', -ing, -er, -a ment, 

dis ^r range', -ment, -ranged', 

dis kr ray', -ing, -ment, -rayed'. 
dis^as so'ci ate (-shI-). See dis- 
dis as'ter (diz as'ter or dis is'-), 

-as'trous, -trous ly, -trous ness. 
dis a vow', -al, -er, -ing, -ment, 

dis band', -ed, -ing, -ment. 
dis bar', -ring, -ment, -barred'. 
dis be lieve', -Uev'er, -lieved', 

dis bur'den (-dn), -ing, -dened. 
dis burse', -ment, -burs'er, -ing, 

disc, dis'cous, -cal. See disk. 
dis calced' (-kalsf). 
dis card', -ed, -ing. 
dis case', -cased', -cas'ing. 
dis cern' (diz zern'), -er, -i ble, 

-ble ness, -ing, -ing ly, -ment, 

dis charge', -char'ger, -ging, 

-charged', -charge' -valve, dis- 

char'ging-arch, 'gear, -rod, 

dis church', -churched'. 
dis^ci flo'ral, -flo'rous, dis'ci form, 

-cif'er ous. 
dis ci'ple, -ship, -pled, -pling, -cip'- 

u lar. 
dis'cJ plJne, -plined, -plln^ing, -er, 

-a ble, -ble ness, -pli na'ry, 

-na'ri an, -ri um, pi. -ri a. 
dis cis'sion (-sish'-). 
dis claim', -er, -ing, -claimed'. 
dis close' (-kloz'), -closed', -clos'- 

er, -ing, -clo'sure (-zhoor). 
dis cob'o lus, pi. -li. 
dis'co carp, -car'pi um, pi. -pi a, 

dis'coid, -coid'al. 

not, nor, use, up, 6rn, etude, food, foot, anger, bohmot, tllus, Badi. 




dis'co Uth. 

dis col'or, -ored, -or ing, -or a'tion. 

dis com'fit (-kiim'-), -ed, -ing, 

-ft ture. 
dis com'fort (-kum'furt), -ed, 

-ing, -a ble, -ble ness. 
dis com mode', -mod'ed, -ing, 

-mo'di ous, -ous ly, -ous ness. 
dis com pose' (-poz'), -posed', 

-pos'ing, -ed ly, -ed ness, -p6'- 

dis con cert', -ed, -ing, -ment. 
dis con nect', -ed, -ed ly, -er, -ing, 

dis con'so late, -ly, -ness. 
dis con tent', -ment, -ed, -ed ly, 

-ed ness. 
dis''con tin'ue, -tin'ued, -u ing, 

-u ance, -u or, -u ous, -ous ly, 

-u ee', -u a'tion, -con''tI nu'i ty. 
dis'cord, -cord'ance, -an cy, -ant, 

-ant ly, -ant ness. 
dis'count, n., dis'count {or -count'), 

v., -ed, -ing, dis'count^er, -count'- 

a ble, dis'count bro'ker. 
dis coun'te nance, -nanced, -nan^- 

cing, -nan'cer. 
dis coiir'age, -ment, -a ble, -aged, 

-a ging, -ging ly, -a ger. 
dis course', n. and v., -coursed', 

dis coiir'te ous, -ly, -ness, -te sy. 
dis cov'er, -a ble, -er, -ing, -y, 

-ered, -y -claim. 
dis cred'it, -ed, -ing, -or, -a ble, 

-a bly. 
dis creet', prudent; -ly, -ness, 

-cre'tion (-kr6sh'-), -tion al, -al- 
ly, -a ry, -a ri ly. 
dis crep'ance, -an cy, -ant (or 

dis Crete', disconnected; -ly, -ness, 

-cre'tive, -tive ly. 
dis crim'i nate, -ly, -ness, -na- 

ted, -ting, -ting ly, -tive, -tive ly, 

-tor, -to'ry, -nal, -nant, -nant^al, 

-na'tion, -i noid, -noid'al. 
dis crown', -ing, -crowned', 
di' cur'sive, -ly, -ness, -cur'sus. 
dis'cus, pi. -cus es (-6z) or -ci (-si). 
dis cuss', -a ble, -er, -ing, -cussed', 

-cus'sive, -sion, -sion al. 
dis cu'tient (-shent). 

dis dain' {or diz-), -ful, -ful ly, 

-ful ness, -ing, -dained. 
dis ease' (diz ez'), -eased. 
dis em bark', -ing, -ment, 

-barked', -bar ca'tion. 
dis em bSr'rass, -ment, -rassed. 
dis em bat'tled. 
dis em bit'ter, -ing, -tered. 
dis em bod'y, -bod'ied, -bod'i- 

dis em bogue' (-bog'), -ment, 


LS em bo\ 

or -elled. 
dis em broil', -ing, -broiled'. 
di se'mic. 

dis en chant', -ed, -er, -ing, -ment. 
dis en cum'ber, -ing, -ment, 

-bered, -brance. 
dis en dow', -ing, -ment, -do wed'. 
dis en gage', -ment, -gaged', -ga'- 

ged ness, -ga'ging, -ga'ging= 

dis~ en no'ble, -bled, -bling. 
dis en shroud', -ed, -ing. 
dis en tail', -ing, -tailed'. 
dis en tan'gle, -ment, -gled, 

dis en thrall', -ing, -ment, 

dis en ti'tle, -tied, -tling. 
dis en tomb' (-toom'), -tombed'. 
dis en trance', -ment, -tranced', 

dis en twine', -twined', -twin'ing. 
di sep'a lous. 
dis es tab'lish, -ing, -ment, 

dis es teem', -ing, -teemed'. 
dis fa'vor, -ing -er, -vored. 
dis fea'ture, -tured, -tur'ing. 
dis fel'low ship, -ing, -shiped or 

dis fig'ure, -ment, -ur ing, -ured, 

-u ra'tion. 
dis f6r'est, -ed, -ing. 
dis fran'chise (-ch!z or -chiz), 

-ment, -chised, -chis ing. 
dis gorge', -ment, -gorged', -gor'- 

ging, -ger. 
dis grace', -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, 

-graced', -gra'cer, -gra'cing. 
dis grun'tle, -tied, -tling. 

fate, fat, far, fall, ikre, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




dis guise' (-giz'), -guised', -guis'- 
ed ly, -ed ness, -er, -ing. 

dis gust', -ful, -ful ness, -ing, 
-ing ly, -ing ness. 

dish, -ing, dished, dish'ful, 
-washier, -waiter, -catch, 

-cloth, =clout, -faced, -heather, 
-hold^er, -rack, -rag, -tow^el. 

dis^ha bille' (-a bil' or -bel'). 

dis hal'low, -ing, -lowed. 

dis bar' mo nize, -nized, -ni zing, 
-mo ny, -mo'ni ous, -mon'ic. 

dis heart'en, -ing, -ment, -ened. 

dis helm', -helmed'. 

dJ shev'el (-1), -ment, -eled or 
-elled, -el ing or -el ling. 

dis hon'est {or diz-), -ly, -es ty. 

dis hon'or {or diz-), -a ble, -ble- 
ness, -bly, -er, -ing, -ored. 

dis horn', -ing, -horned'. 

dis'il lu'sion (-zhun), -ing, -ment, 
-ize, -ized. 

dis^in cline', -clined', -clin'ing, 
-cH na'tion. 

disln close', -closed', -clos'ing. 

dis'in cdr'po rate, -ranted, -ran- 
ting, -ra'tion. 

dis^in crus'tant. 

dis^in feet', -ed, -ing, -ant, -or, 

dis'in ggn'u ous, -ly, -ness. 

dis^in hfir'it, -ed, -ing, -ance. 

dis in'te grate, rgra ted, -ting, 
-tive, -tor, -gra'tion. 

dis in ter', -ment, -ring, -terred'. 

dis in'ter est ed, -ly, -ness. 

dis in vig'or ate, -a ted, -a ting. 

d! sip'pus. 

dis ject', -ed, -ing. 

dis join', -ing, -joined. 

dis joint', -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, -ing. 

dis junct', -junc'tive, -tive ly, -tion, 
-ture, -tor. 

disk or disc, -less, disk-gas'tru la, 
-owl, -shell, -wheel, d. ar^ma- 
ture, d. clutch, d. dy'na mo 
(di'-), d. bar' row, d. teFe graph, 
d. valve. 

dis like', -liked', -lik'ing, -lik'a- 

dis'lo cate, -ca ted, -ting, -ca'tion. 

dis lodge', -lodged', -lodg'ing, 

dis loy'al, -al ly, -al ty. 
dis'm'al (diz'-), -ly, -ness. 
dis man'tle, -tied, -thng. 
dis mast', -ed, -ing, -ment. 
dis may', -ful, -ing, -mayed'. 
dis mem'ber, -er, -ing, -ment, 

dis mem'bra tor. 
dis miss', -al, -ing, -ive, -missed', 

-mis'sion (-mish'-), -mis'so ry. 
dis mount', -ed, -ing. 
dis 6 be'di ent, -ly, -ence. 
dis o bey' (-ba'), -ing, -er, -beyed'. 
dis o blige', -ment, -bliged', -bli'ger, 

-bli'ging, -ging ly, -ging ness. 
di so' ma tous. 
Di son' (de^zon'), vil. Belg. 
dis or'der, -ly, -li ness, -dered, 

-dered ness. 
dis or'gan ize, -ized, -i zing, -i zer. 
dis own' {or diz-), -ing, -ment, 

dis pir'age, -ment, -a ger, -a ging, 

-ging ly. 
dis'pa rate, -ly, -ness. 
dis pir'i ty. 
dis part', -sight. 
dis pas'sion ate (-pash'-), -ate ly, 

dis pau'per ize, -ized, -i zing, 
dis pel', -ler, -hng, -pelled'. 
dis pen'sa ble, -ness, -sa ry, -sa- 

tive, -tive ly, -sa tor, -to^ry, 

-to^ri ly, -sa'tion, -tion al, -sa- 

dis pense', -pensed', -pens'er, -ing. 
dis peo'ple, -pled, -pling, -pier. 
di sper'mous, -ma tous. 
di sperm'y, -sperm'ic. 
dis perse', -persed', -pers'ed ly, 

-ed ness, -er, -ing, -ive, -ive ly, 

-ive ness, -per'sion. 
di sphe'noid. 
dis pJr'it, -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, 

-it ment. 
dis place', -a ble, -ment, -placed', 

-pla'cer, -pla'cing, -place'ment- 

di'a gram. 
dis plant', -ed, -ing, -er, -plan ta'- 

dis play', -er, -ing, -played', 

-play' -let' ter, -line, -stand, -type. 
dis please', -pleased', -pleas'ed ly, 

n6t, nor, use, up, Arn, etiide, fcrod, fd6t, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 




-ed ness, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -ing- 

ness, -pleas'ure (-plezh'-), -ur a- 

di spon'dee, -spon da'ic, -spon de'- 

dis port', -ed, -ing, -er, -merit. 
dis pose' (-poz'), -pos'al (-poz'-), 

-pos'a ble, -posed', -p5s'ed ly, 

-pos'er, -pos'ing, -ing ly, -po si'- 

tion (-zish'un), -tion al. 
dis''pos sess' (-poz zes' or -pos- 
ses'), -sessed', -sess'or, -sess'ing, 

dis praise' (-praz'), -praised', 

-prais'ing, -ing ly. 
dis pro por'tion, -a ble, -al, -al ly, 

-al'i ty, -ate, -ate ly, -ate ness, 

dis prove' (-proov') , -prov'al, -a ble, 

-er, -proof. 
dis pute', -less, dis'pu ta^ble {or 

-put'a-), -ble ness, dis'pu tant, 

-ta'tion, -ta'tious, -tious ly, -tious- 

ness, -put'a tive, -er, -ing, -ed. 
dis qual'i fy (-kwol'-), -ing, -fied, 

-ft ca'tion. 
dis qui'et, -ed, -ing, -er, -ly, -ness, 

-e tude. 
dis qui si'tion (-zish'un), -al, 

-a ry, -quis'i tive, -i to ry, -to'- 

ri al. 
Dis ra'el i (diz ra'el i or -ra'le or 

-re'le), Eng. statesman. 
dis rate', -rat'ed, -rat'ing. 
dis re gard', -ed, -ing, -er, -ful, 

-ful ly. 
dis rel'ish, -ing, -ished. 
dis re piir'. 

dis re pute', -rep'u ta ble, -ta bly. 
dis re spect', -ed, -ing, -ful, -ful ly, 

-ful ness. 
dis robe', -robed', -rob'er, -rob'ing. 
dis rupt', -ed, -ing, -ive, -ive ness, 

-rup'tion, -rup'ture. 
dis sat'is fy, -ing, -fied, -is fac'- 

to ry, -to ri ness, -fac'tion. 
dis sect', -ed, -ing, -i ble, -sec'- 

tor, -sec'tion, -sect'ing-for^ceps, 

=knife, =mi cro scope. 
dis seize, -seized', -seiz'ing, -sei'- 

zor, -sei zee', -sei'zin, -sei'zure 


dis sem'ble, -bled, -bling, -bling- 
ly, -bier. 

dis sem'i nate, -na ted, -ting, 
-tive, -tor, -na'tion. 

dis sent', -ed, -ing, -er, -sen'sion, 
-sen ta'ne ous, -sen'tient (-shent), 
-tious, -tious ly. 

dis sep'i ment, -men'tal. 

dis'ser ta'tion, -al, -ist. 

dis serv'ice, -a ble, -ble ness, -bly. 

dis sev'er, -ing, -ance, -ment, 

dis'si dence, -si dent. 

dis sil'i ent, -i ence, -i en cy. 

dis sim'i lar, -ly, -lar'i ty. 

dis sim i la'tion, -sim'i la tive, 

-si mil'i tude. 

dis sim'u late, -la ted, -ting, -tor, 

dis'si pate, -pa ted, -ting, -tive, 

dis so'cial (-shal), -so'cia ble 
(-sha-), -bil'i ty. 

dis so'ci ate (-shi-) or dis as so'- 
ci ate, -a ted, -ting, -tive, -a'tion. 

dis'so lu ble, -ness -lu bil'i tv {or 

dis'so lute, -ly, -ness. 

dis solve' (diz zolv'), -solved', 
-solv'ing, -ing ly, -er, -ent, 
-a ble, -ble ness, -a bil'i ty, dis'- 
so lu'tion (dis'so-). 

dis'so nant, -so nance. 

dis suade' (-swad'), -suad'ed, -ing, 
-er, -sua'sive (-siv), -sive ly, 
-so ry, -sua'sion (-zhun). 

dis syl'la ble, -lab'ic, -lab'i fy, 
-fy ing, -fied, -fi ca'tion, -sylla- 
bize, -bized, -blazing, -la bism. 

dis sym'me try, -sym met'ric, -ric- 


dis'taff, pi. -taffs, rarely -taves. 

dis'tal, -ly. 

dis'tance, -tanced, -tan cing, 
-tant, -tant ly, -tance 'block, 
=judge, -piece, -post, -sig'nal. 

dis taste', -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness. 

di ste'mo nous. 

dis tem'per, -ing, -ate ly, -pered, 
-per-brush, -ground. 

dis tend', -ed, -ing, -er, -ten'si ble, 
-bil'i ty, -sive, -ten'tion. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her. Ice, in, note, 




dis'tich (-tik), -ti chous (-kus), 

-chous ly, -ti chi'a sis (-ki'-). 
dis tip or -till', -tilled', -til'ling, 

-la ble, -late, -la to ry, -ler, 

-ler y, -la'tion, -ler y^fed''. 
dis tinct', -ly, -ness, -tinc'tive, 

-tive ly, -tive ness, -tion. 
dis tin'guish, -able, -ble ness, 

-a bly, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -guished. 
dis tdrt', -ed, -ed ly, -er, -ing, 

-ive, -tor'tion. 
dis tract', -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, 

-er, -i ble, -ile, -ing, -ive, -ive ly, 

dis train', -a ble, -er or -or, 

-ment, -ing, -trained', -traint'. 
dis trait' (-tra'). 
dis traught' (-traf). 
dis tress', -ful, -ful ly, -ing, -ing- 

ly, -ed ness, -tressed'. 
dis trib'ute, -u ted, -u ting, -u ter, 

-u ta ble, -u ta ry, -u tive, -tive- 

ly, -tor, -tee', -tri tju'tion, -tion al. 
dis'trict, -ed, -ing. 
dis trin'gas. 
dis trust', -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -er, 

-ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -less. 
dis turb', -ance, -er, -ing, -turbed'. 

di sul'phate, -sul'phid, -sul phu'ric. 
dis un'ion, -ist, -u nite', -nit'ed, 

-ing, -er, -u'ni ty. 
dis use' (-tiz'), v., -used', -us'ing, 

dis use' (-us'), n. 
dis u'til ize, -ized, -i zing, -til'i ty. 
dis w6ap'on (-n), -oned. 
di syn'theme. 

dis yoke', -yoked', -yok'ing. 
ditch, -er, -ing, ditched, ditch'- 

bur, =dog, =fern, -grass, -waiter, 

-ing-ma chine^ -plow, -tools. 
di^te trag'o nal. 
di the'cal, -the'cous. 
di'the ism, -the ist, -is'tic, -tic al. 
dith'er, -ing, -ered, -ing-grass. 
dith i on'ic. 
dith'y ramb (or -ram), -ram'bic, 

dit'o koiis (or di-). 

di'tri glyph, -trig'o nal. 

di tro'chee (-ke), -che an. 


dit'to, -gram, graph, -tog'ra phy, 

-tol'o gy, dit'to-suit. 
dit tob'o lo. 
dit'ty, -bag, -box. 
di u re'sis, -ret'ic, -ic al. 
di ur'nal, -ly, -ness, -na'tion. 
di'va (de'-). 
dfva gate, -ga''ted, -ga''ting, -ga'- 

di'va lent (or div'-). 
di van'. 

di vap o ra'tion, -ri za'tion. 
di vir'i cate, -ly, -ca ted, -ting, 

-ca tor, -ca'tion. 
dive, dived, div'ing, div'cr, 

div'ing-bell, -dress, -net, -stone, 

d. bee^tle, d. bird, d. buck, d. 

di ver'bi um, pi. -hi a. 
dJ verge', -verged', -ver'ging, 

-ging ly, -gence, -gen cy, -gent. 
di'vers, a. 

diverse' (or dl'-), -ly. 
dJ ver'si fy, -ing, -fied, • -fi^a ble, 

-si form, -si fi ca'tion, -si flo'rous, 

-si fo'li ous, -ver'si ty. 
di vert', -ed, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 

-ing ness, -i ble, -ver'sion (-shun) 

-vert'ise ment (-iz-). 
dl'ver tic'u luni (or div^-), pi. -u la, 

-tic'u lar, -u la ted. 
di vest', -ed, -ing, -i ble, -i ture. 
di vide', -vid'ed, -ed ly, -er, -a ble, 

-ing, div'i dend, di vld'ing-en^- 

gine, =i ron, -ma chined 
di vine', -ly, -ness, -vined', -vln'- 

ing, -vin'er, -vin'a to ry, -vin'- 

i ty, div'i na tor, -na'tion, di- 

vin'ing-rod, -staff. 
di vi'si (de ve'ze). 
di vi'sion (-vizh'un), -al, -a ry, 

-vis'i ble (-viz'-), -ble ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty, -vi'sive (-siv), -sive ly, 

-sive ness, -vi'sor (-zor), di vi'- 

sion-board, -mark, -plate. 
di vorce', -a ble or di vor'ci ble, 

-less, -ment, -vor'cing, -cer, -cee'. 
di vort'. 
div'ot, -spade. 
di vo'to (de-). 

n6t, nor, use, iip, tirn, etude, fcrod, fdbt, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 




dl vulge', -vulged', -v u 1' g i n g, 

di vul'sor, -sion. 
dix (des). 

diz'en (-n or dl'zn). 
diz'zy, -zi ly, -zi ness. 
Dnie'per (ne'-), r. Russ. 
Dnies'ter (nes'-), r. Russ. 
do (doo), -ing, did, does (diiz), 

done (dun), do-all. 
do, a syllable in music. 
doab, a dark clay. 
do' ah {or -ab) or doo (doo), a tract 

of country. 
do'bdsh or -bhash or du bash' 


dob'by, »ma chine', 
do'bla, do hldn'. 

doch'me (dok'-). 
doch'mius (d6k'-), pi. -mil, -ml'a- 

doc'ile (dos'il or do'sil), doc i- 

bil'i ty (dos-), do cil'i ty. 
dock, -age, -er, -ing, -mas'ter, 

-yard, ' -docked, dock' -block, 

-char'ges, -cress, -dues, -rent, 

dock'et, -ed, -ing. 
doc'tor, -al, -ate, -ing, -ship, 

-tored, doc'tor-box, -fish, -gum. 
doc'trlne, -tri nal, -nal ly, -na'ri- 

an, -an ism, -ndire'. 
doc'u ment, -men'tal, -ta ry. 
dod or dodd, dod'ded. 
D6d'a nim, Bih. 
dod'der, -dered, dod'der-grass, 

-lau^rel, -seed. 
do dec'a gon, -a gyn (-jin), -gyn'- 

i an, -a he'dron, -de cag'o nal, 

-cag'y nous (-kaj'-), -de cam'er- 

ous, -de can'der, -can'dri an, 

doMec a se'mic. 
do'dec a style (or -dek'-). 
doMec a syl'la ble {or -dek'-), 

-syl lab'ic. 
dodge, dodged, dodg'ing, -er, -y. 
do'do, pi. -does (-doz). 
doe, pi. does (doz), -skin, doe -bird. 
doe'gan (do'-). 

ddff, -ing, -er, doffed, doflf'er- 
roll, doff'ing=cyFin der, -knife. 

d6g, v., -ging, dogged, dog'ged, a., 
-ged ly, -ged ness. 

dog, n., -gish, -gish ly, -gish ness, 
-gy, -bane, -ber ry, -blow, -bri er, 
-fish, -hood, -like, -rose, -shore, 
-skin, -tooth, a shell; -wood, 
dog' -belt, -bis cuit, -cart, 

-catch''er, -cheap, =cher''ry, -col- 
lar, -dai'sy, -days, -draw, 
-eared, -faced, -fan^ci er, -fen^- 
nel, -fly, -grass, -grate, -head, 
-house, -ken^nel, -L a t' i n, 
-leech, -let^ter, -U'chen, -muz'- 
zle, -nail, -nose, -pars^ley, 
-powMer, -pow'er, -ray, -salm^on, 
-shark, -show, -sleep, -star, 
-tent, -tooth, -tree, -trick, 
-vane, -watch, -wea'ry, -wheat, 
-whelk, -whip''per, -wor^ship, dog 
ape, d. bee, d. fox, dog'wood- 
bark, -oil, -tree. 

dog's -bane, -chop, -ear, -fennel, 
-grass, -nose, -tongue, dog's meat. 

do gd'na. 

doge (doj), -ship, do'gal, -gate or 
doge'ate, do ga res'sa. 

dfig'ger, a fishing vessel, a_ mineral; 

dfig'ger el. 

dog' ma, pi. -mas or -ma ta, 
-mat'ic, -ics, -ic al, -al ly, -al- 
ness, -ma tism, -tist, -tize, 
-tized, -ti zing, -ti zer. 


doit, -kin. 

ddkh'ma or -meh. 

do Id'bra, pi. -hrcB, -la'brate, -ISb'- 
ri form. 


dol'ce (dol'cha or dol'-). 

dol'ce far ni en'te (dol'cha far 
ne an'ta), dol'ce men'te (-cha- 
man'ta), dol ci'no (-che'no) or 
-ci a' no or -ci'na (-che'na). 


dole, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -some 
(-sum), -some ly, -some ness, 
doled, dol'ing, dole'stone, -fish, 

do len tis'st mo. 

ddl'er ite, -it'ic, -e roph'a nite. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fire, fist, sofa, mete, met her, ice, In, note, 




Dd^go rou'ki (-roo'ke), Russ. 

DoFgo ru'ki (-roo'ke), Russ. 

dd'li ca'pax (-paks). 
ddFi chu'rus (-ku'-), -chu'ric. 
d611, dol'ly, Dol'ly Var'den, Fic- 
tion) a gown; a fish, dol'ly-bar, 

-shop, =tub. 
d61'lar, =bird, -fish, -mark. 

ddl'man, a garment, pi. -mans. 
ddl'men, a stone, pi. -mens, 

ddl'o mite, -o mize, -mized, -mi- 
zing, -ml za'tion or -mit i za' 

tion, -mit'ic. 
dSl'or ous, -ly, -ness, -or ifer ous, 

-if'ic, -ic al, do Id ro'so. 
do'lose (-I6s). 

dol'phin, -flow'er, -fly, -strik^er, 
dolt, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness. 
ddm, a title; a term used in cards. 

dom pe'dro, a game. 
d6 main', -ma'ni al. 
dSme, do'mal, do'mical {or d6m'i- 

cal), -cal ly, dome'-cov'er, -head. 
do mes'tic, -al, -al ly. 
do mes'ti cate, -canted, -ting, 

-ca''tive, -ca'tion, -mes' ti cize, 

-cized, -ci^zing, -tic'i ty. 

do mey'kite (-ma'- or do'ml-). 
dfim'i cJl or -die, -died, -dl'ing, 

-cil'i a ry {or -sll'ya ry), -i ate, 

-a ted, -ting, -a'tion. 
dfim'i nant, -ly, -nance, -nan cy, 

-nate, -na^ted, -ting, -tive, -tor, 

do'mj ne {or d6m'-), a clergyman; 

a fish. See dominie. 
dom i neer', -ing, -ing ly, -neered'. 
do min'ic al, do minH ca'le. 
Do min'i can, dom'i nie {or do'-). 
dominie {or do'-), a schoolmaster; 

a clergyman. 
do min'ion, -min'i um. 
d6m'i no, a garment; a person; 

a mask. pi. -nos (-noz). 
d6m'i noes (-noz), a game; the 

pieces used in the game. Some 

authorities prefer dominoes as the 
plural of domino in every sense. 

do mi no tier' (do me no tya'). 

dom'i nus, pi. -ni. 

dO'mite, -mit'ic. 

d6n, v., -ning, donned. 

d6n, n., an important personage; 
a fellow of an English university. 
Don, a title in Spain and Italy 
corresponding to Sir in England. 
do'na (don'ya), fem. of don, 

do'nd no' bis. 

do'nate, -na ted, -ting, -na'tor, -na'- 
tion, don'a tive, -a to ry, do'- 
nor, -nee', do na'tion par'ty. 

Do na'ti (-te). It. astron. 

D6n'a tist, -a tism, -tis'tic, -tic al. 

do'naught {dob'-), do'noth ing, 
-ing ness. 

do'nax, Do'nax, Conch, genus. 

don eel' la {or don thal'ya). 

done (dun). 

D6n e gal', co. Ire. 



D6n'g6 la, prov. Afr. 


Do ni zet'ti (-ne dzgt'te). It. mus. 

don'jon (dun'jun or d6n'j6n),. 
don jon ne (-na'). 

D6n Ju'an, Byron's Don Juan. 

dSn'key (don'kl or dung'ky), -en- 
gine, -pump, -rest. 

d5n'na, a lady. Don'na, a title 
of respect, for It., Sp., and 
Port, ladies, corresponding to 
Span. Dona. 

don' nee' (do^na'). 

Don Quix'ote (Sp. pron. don ke- 
ho'ta), Cervantes. 


dTOd, -waFlah (-w6K-). 

doo'dle, -sack, -died, -dling. 


doD'ly or -lee. 

doom, -ful, doomed, dooms'day, 
Dooms'day Book or Domes'day, 



door (dor), -case, -check, -keep'er, 
-less, -nail, -plate, -post, -sill, 
-st6ad, -step, -stone, -stop, -way, 

n6t, nor, use, iip, iirn, ettide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




-weed, -yard, -a larm^, -bell, 
-fas^ten er, -frame, -guard, 
-hang^er, -jamb, -knob, -knock^- 
er, -latch, -lock, -mat, -piece, 
-pin, -pull, -rolFer, -shaft, 
-spring, -strap, -strip. 

doom (dorn). 


doD soD'tee. 

d6p, -chick''en, dop'per-bird. 

dope, doped, dop'ing, -ey. 

dop'pia (-ya), -piet'ta (-yet'ta). 

dop'pler Ite. 

do put'ta. 

d6r or dorr, -bee'tle, -bug, -fly, 

Do'rante', Moliere. 

Dor dogne' (-don'), dept. Fr. 

Do'' re' (do'ra'), Fr. artist. 

do'ri a. 

Do^rine' (-ren'), Moliere. 

Do'ris, ancient Gr. city; -ri an, 
D6r'ic, -i cism, -i cize, Do'ris, 
Conch, genus. 


ddr'mant, -mancy, -mitive, -mi- 
to'ry, dorm. 

ddr'mer, -mered, -mer-winMow. 

46r'mouse, pi. -mice. 

dor 'my. 

ddr'nick or -nock. 

dor' sal, -ly, -sad, -sad'i form. 


d6r si cum'bent, dor'si fixed, -si- 
grade, -sig'er ous (-sij'-), -si- 
lat'er al, -sip'a rous, -si spi'nal, 
-si ven'tral, -tral ly. 

d6r so cau'dal, -so cer'vic al, -so- 
dyn'i a, -so lat'er al, -so lum'- 


do'ry, pi. -rles, a fish; a boat. 

dos, dos'^a'dos' (do'-za-do'). 

dose (dos), dos'age, -ing, dosed, 
do sim'e ter, -sol'o gy or -si ol'o gy. 


do shal'la. 

do sim'e try, -e trist. 

d6s'sal or -sel, a woven fabric. 



dos'sier' (do^sya' or d6s'si er), 
dos'siere (d6''syar'). 

dds'sil or -sel, a spigot; a wisp 
of hay; a bit of lint; a cloth. 

dot, -ted, -ting, -ter, dot' -punch, 
-stitch, -wheel, -ting-pen. 

do'tage, -tard, -tard ly, -tish. 



dote, dot'ed, -ing, -ing ly, -y. 

doth (duth). 

do'ti (-te). 

dou ane' (ddoan') ,-anier' (-a'nya'). 

dou'ar (doo'-). 

dou'ble (dub'l), -ness, -bled, 
-bier, -bly, -ble tree, -act^ing, 
-bank, -banked, -bar^reled, 
-bass, -benched, -bit'ing, -bitt, 
-bod''ied, -breastfed, -breath^er, 
-charge, -con^cave, -cone, -con'- 
vex, -crown, -deal^er, -deck'er, 
-dye^ing. -ea^gle, -edged, -end''er, 
-face, -faced, -first, -flow'ered, 

dou'ble -gear, -gild, -handled, 
-head^ed, -headier, -hung, -lock, 
-man, -manned, -mean^ing, 
-milled, -mind^ed, -na^tured, 
-nos^triled, -quick, -rip''per, -ruff, 
-run^ner, -shade, -shinning, -shot, 
-snipe, -stop, -struck, -time, 
-tongue, -tongued -top'sail, 
-touch, -trou''ble, -worked. 

dou'ble d'or (doo'bl dor), d. en ten' 
dre (on t6h'dr). 


dou'bling, -frame, -nail. 

doiib loon'. 

dou'blure' (dob'bld6r'). 

doubt (dout), -ed, -er, -ful, -ful ly, 
-ful ness, -ing, -ing ly, -less, 
-less ly. 

douc (dook). 

douce (dous), dou'ceur' (doo'ser'). 

douche (doDsh). 

dou cine (doo sen' or doo'-). 

dough (do), -y, -i ness, -face, a 
person; -nut, -baked, -balls, 
-bird, -brake, -knead^er, -mak'- 
er, -mix'er, -rais''er, -trough. 

dough'ty (dou'-), -ti ly, -ti ness, 
-ty -handled. 

doup, -weav^ing. 

doupe (ddop). 

dour (door), -ness. 

fate, fat, far, f^U, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice, In, note, 




dou'ree (doo'-). 

Dou'ro {dob'-), r. Sp. 

don rou cou'li (doo roo coo'll). 

douse or dowse, doused, dous'ing, 
-er, dous'ing=chock, -rod. 

dou'zain' (doo'zan'), a piece of 

dou'zaine' (doo^zan'), a dozen 

dove (duv), -kie, -let, -like, -ling, 

dove'-coFor, -cote, -dock, -eyed, 
-house, -plant, -wood. 

dove'tail, -tailed'', -tailing, -tail- 
box, -cuf'ter, -fish, -mark^er, 
-plane, -saw, d. joint, d. mold^- 
ing, d. plates. 

Do'vre field or -fjeld' (-fyeld'), 
mts. Norw. 

dow'a ger, -ism. 

dow'dy, -ish, -di ly, -ness. 

dow'el, -eled or -elled, -el ing or 
-el ling, dow'6l=bit, -joint, -pin, 
-pointier, -el ling-ma chine^. 

dow'er, -less, -ered, -er-house. 


dow'las or -lass. 

down, -y, -i ness, downed, down'- 
bear, -cast, -come, -draw, -fall, 
-haul, -heart^ed, -hill, -land, 
-looked, -ly'ing, -pour, -right, 
-rush, -set, -sit'ting, -take, 
-throw, -trodMen, -ward, -wards, 
-weed, -weigh. 

down' -beard, -by, -drought, -east, 
a., -east^er, -share, -stairs, 
-stream, -town, d. bed. The 
Downs, a roadstead in Eng. 


dox ol'o gy, -o gize, -gized, -gi- 
zing, dox''o log'ic al (-loj'-) 

dox'y, pi. -ies. 

doy'en' (dwa''yan'). 

doze, dozed, doz'ing, -er, -y, 
-i ness. 

doz'en (duz'-). 



drab'ble, -bled, -bier, -bling. 

Dra'dien fels {or -ken felsO, mt. 

drachm (dra,m), drach'ma 

(dr3,k'-), pi. -mas or -mae. 

Dra'co, -co'ni an, -c6n'ic, -ic al ly. 

drac'o nin (drak'- or dra c6'-), 
dra'cin or -dne, -cl'na. 

draff, -ish, -y. 

draft or draught (draft), -y 
-i ness, drafts'man, -man ship, 
draft' -an^i mal, -bar, -box, 
-cat^tle, -com^pass es (-kum^-), 
-en''gine, -e^qual i zer, -eye, 
-fur^nace, -hole, -hook, -horse, 
-net, -ox, -reg^u la tor, -rod, 
-spring, -tree, -tug. 

drag, -ging, dragged, drag'man, 
pi. -men, drags'man, pi. -men. 

drag'-an'chor, -bar, -bench, -bolt, 
-chain, -driv^er, -hook, -hound, 
-hunt, -link, -net, -rake, -rope, 
-sail, -saw, -seine, -sheet, 
-spring, -staff, -twist, -wash'er. 

dra gan'tin. 

dra gee (-zha'). 

drag'gle, -gled, -gling, -gly. 

drag'o man, pi. -mans. 

drag'on, -ess, -et, -ish, -on root, 
-wort, -beam, -fish, -fly, -leech, 
-piece, -shell, -stand''ard, -tree, 
-wa ter, -on's -blood, -eye, -head, 

drag on ade' or -on nade'. 

drag'on ne' (-na'). 

dra goon', -ing, -gooned', -goon'- 


drain, -a ble, -er, -ing, -pipe, 
-tile, -trap, drained, drain'-cap, 
-cock, -curb, -gage, -gate, -well. 

drain'age, -way, -ba^sin, -tube. 

drain'ing-au^ger, -en^gine, -ma- 
chine^ -plow, -pot, -pump, -tile, 

drai sine' (dra zen'). 

drake, -stone, -fly. 

dram, -selFer, -shop. 

dra'ma {or dra'-), dra mat'ic, -ic- 
al, -al ly, dram'a tize, -tized, 
-ti zing, -ti za ble, -tl za'tion, 
-a tist, -a turge, -tur^gy, -tur^- 
gist, -tur'gic. 

drank. See drink. 

drap' d^ete' {draf da ta'). 

drape, draped, dra'ping, -per, 
-per y, pi. -per ies. 


not, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, ftus, Badi. 



drone -trap 

draught (draft), -board, draughts'- 
man, pi. -men, draughts'man- 
ship. The older form draught is 
giving way to the shorter form 

draughts, the game of checkers. 

Dra vid'i an, -vid'ic. 

draw, drew, drawn, draw'a ble, 
-back, -bore, v., -bridge, -er, 
-ee', -file, v., -glove, a game; 

draw -bar, -bays, -bench, -bolt, 
-bore, «., -boy, -cut, -gate, 
-gear, -glove, a glove; -head, 
-horse, -kiln, -knife, -lid, -link, 
-loom, -net, -plate, -point, 
-pokier, -rod, -spring, -stop, 
-tamper, -tim^ber, -tongs, -tube, 
-well, drawn' -work. 

draw'ing, -awl, -bench, -block, 
-board, -book, -com^pass, -en^- 
gine, -frame, -glove, -hook, 
-knife, -lift, -ma chine^ -mas^- 
ter, -ma te^ri als, -pamper, -pen, 
-pen'cil, -pin, -point, -press, 
-rolls, -room, -ta''ble, d. in. 

drawl, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -ing ness. 

dray, -age, -man, pi. -men, dray'- 
cart, -horse. 

drSad, -ed, -ing, -er, -ful, -ful ly, 
-ful ness, -less, -less ness. 

drfiad'naught or -nought. 

dream, -er, -ful, -ful ly, -y, -i ly, 
-i ness, -ing, -ing ly, -less, -less- 
ly, -land, dreamed or dreamt, 
dream' -hole, =while, -world. 

drear, -y, -i ly, -i ness. 

drfidge, -man or dredg'er man, pi. 
-men, dredg'er, dredge' -boat, 
-box, -net. 

dredg'ing, -box, -ma chined 

Dred Scot case. 

dregs, dreg'gy, -gi ness, -gish. 

drei'bund' (dri'bd6nt0 • 

drench, -er, -ing, drenched, -ing- 

Dres'den {or drez'-), c. Ger.; 
(dr&z'-), t. Ohio; D. ware, D. 

dress, -er, -y, -i ness, dressed, 
dress'mak'er, -mak^ing, "cir'cle, 
-goods, -guard, -spur, d. coat, 
d. pa rade,' d. u'ni form. 

dress'ing, -bench, -case, -floor, 
-frame, -gown, -jack'et, -knife, 
-ma chine^ -room, -sack, -ta'ble. 

dres'soir' (-swar'). 

Drey'fus ite (dri'-). 

drib'ble, -bled, -bier, -bling, -let 
or -blet' 

drid'dle, -died, -dling. 

dri'er, dri'est, dri'ly. See dry. 

drift, -ed, -ing, -y, -age, -bolt, 
-less, -piece, -pin, -way, -weed, 
-wind, -wood, -an'chor (-kur), 
-cur^rent, -ice, -land, -lead, 
-min''ing, -net, -net^ter, -sail. 

drill, -er, -mas^ter, -stock, -bar^- 
row, -bit, -bow, -chuck, -clamp, 
-ex tract' or, -gage, -hS.r'row, 
-hold'er, -hus'band ry, -jar, 
-pin, -plate, -plow, -press, -rod, 
-ser'geant, -spin'dle, -tongs. 

drill'ing, -jig, -lathe, -ma chine'. 

drink, drank, drunk drink'a ble, 
-ble ness, -er, -ing, -less, -mon'- 
ey, -offer ing, drink'-a-pen'ny, 
dri nk'er -moth, -ing-bout, -foun'- 
tain, -horn. 

drip, -ping, -stone, dripped, drip- 
joint, -pipe, -pump, -stick, 
-tray, -ping -pan. 

drive, drove, driv'en, driv'er, 
drive'pipe, -way, drive' -boat, 
-bolt, -wheel, driv'er-ant, -boom. 

driv'ing, -ax'le, -band, -bolt, -box, 
-cap, -chis'el, -gear, -gloves, -rein, 
-shaft, -spring, -wheel. 

driz'zle, -zled, -zling, -zly. 

dro'ger or -gher. 

Dro'gl 6 (-ji o), Zeno's imaginary 


dro guet' (-ga'). 

droit {or drwa). 

droll, -er y, -ing ly, -ish, droll'y. 

drom'e da ry (drum'-), -da rist, 
-da'ri an. 

dro'mo graph, -mo scope, mom'e- 

drdm'os (or dro'-), pi. -oi, drom'ic, 
-ic al. 

drone, -pipe, dron'ish, -ish ly, 
-ish ness, -ing, droned, drone' - 
bass, -bee, -bee'tle, -cell, -comb, 
-fly, -trap. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice. In, note, 




dron'go, ■'cuck'oo, -shrike. 


droo'ge -veld (dro'gg f61t). 


droop, -er, -ing, -ing ly. 

drop, -per, -ping, -ping ly, -let, 
-light, -stone, -wort. 

drop' 'bar, -black, -bot^tom, -box, 
-curls, -cur^tain, -drill, -el'bow, 
-fin^gers, -flue, -fly, -foraging, 
-glass, -ham'mer, -han'dle, 
-keel, -let^ter, -me^ter, -net, 
-press, -ripe, -rolFer, -scene, 
-shut^ter, -ta^ble, -tee, -tin, 
-worm, drop -the -hand'ker chief, 
drop'ping=bot''tle, -tube, drop'- 

drop'sy, -si cal, -cal ness. 

dr6sh'ky or dros'ky, pi. -kies. 

dro som'e ter. 

dr6ss, -less, -y, -i ness. 


drought (drout) or drouth, -y, 
-i ness. 

Drou of (droo^o'), Fr. gen. 

drove, dro'ver, -ving. 

drown, -ing, drowned. 

drowse (drouz), drowsed, drow'- 
si ly, -si ness, -sy, -sy head, 

drub, -ber, -bing, drubbed. 

drudge, drudged, drudg'er, -er y, 
-ing, -ing ly. 

drug, -ging, -gist, drugged, drug'- 
bee''tle, -mill, -sift^er, -store. 


dru'id, -ish, -ism, -id'ic, -ic al, 

druk (drook), -ker. 

drum, -mer, -ming, -beat, -fish, 
-head, -stick, -wood, drummed. 

drum'=call, -corps, -curb, -cyF- 
in der, -guard, -ma'jor, -saw, 
-sieve, -skin, -wheel, d. ar'ma- 
ture, drum'ming-log. 

drum' mock. 

Drum'mond light. 

drunk, -ard, -en, -en ly, -en ness, 
-en ship, -wort. See drink. 

drupe, -let, dru pa'ceous, -pel, 
-pe ole, -pe'tum, pi. -pe'ta. 

Druse (drooz), a religious sect. 
Dru'si an (-zt an), pertaining to 

the Druses. Dru'si an (-si an), 

relating to Drusus. 
drux'y or -ey. 
dry, -ing, -ly, -ness, dried, dri'er, 

dri'est, d. wash. 
dry'-blow^ing, -boned, -cashing, 

-cas^tor, -cup, -cup^ping, -cure, 

-eyed, -gild^ing, -goods, -grind'ing, 

-house, -muKture, -nurse, n., 

-pipe, -point, -press, -rent, -rot, 

-rub, -salt, -sand, v., -stone, 

-stove, d. dock. 
dry'ing-box (dri'-), -case, -cham^- 

ber, -floor, -house, -ma chine', 

-ov'en, -plate, -room, -stove, 

-tube, d. off'. 
dry'nurse, v., -nursed. 
dry'salt er, -er y. 
du'ad, -ad'ic. 

du'al, -ism, -ist, -is'tic, -al'i ty. 
du'al in. 

du'arch y (-ark-). 
dub, -ber, -bing, dubbed, dub'- 

dub' -a -dub', 
dubb, a bear. 
dub'ber, a leathern bottle, 
du'bi ous, -ly, -ness, -bi os'i ty, 

-bi'e ty, -bi ta ble, -ta'tion. 
du'cal, -ly. 

duc'at, due a toon'. 
du'ces te'cum (-sez). 
Du ChaiFlu' (du sha'yu'), Fr.- 

Amer. traveler. 
Du che (dii sha'), chaplain First 

Cont. Congress. 
duch'ess, duch'y, pi. -les, duch'y- 

du chesse' d'An'gou'leme' (doo , 

shas' dan'goo'lam'), a kind of 

duck, -er, ducked, duck'bill, a 

quadruped; -ling, -meat, -weed, 

-ant, -bar^na cle, -billed, -hawk, 

-legged, -mole, -oak, -shot, 

-snipe, -weight. 
duck'ing, -gun, -sink, -stool, 

duck's -bill, -egg, -foot, -meat. 
duct, -less, duc'tus. 
duc'tJle, -ly, -til'i ty, -ti lim'e ter. 

n6t, nor, use, up, <irn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




dud'dy or -die, dud'der y, dud'- 

dum'dum bul'let. 

man, pi. -men. 

dum'found' or dumb'-, -ed, -er, 

dude, dud'ish, -ish ness, -ism, 


-ine' (-een'), du di nette'. 

dum' my, -ing, -ism, -mied. 

du deen'. 

Du' Mont' (du' mon'), Augustin 

du'du (doo'doo). 

Alexandre, Fr. sculp.; Pierre 

dudg'eon, =tree. 

Etienne Louis, Swiss scholar. 

due, =bill, du'ly. 

dump, -age, -ing, -er, dumped. 

du'e (doo'a), mus. term. du'e 

dump' -bolt, -car, -cart, dump'- 

cor'de (kor'da). 

ing-buck'et, -car, -cart, -ground, 

du'el, -ing or -ling, -ist or -list, 

-reel, -sled, -wag'on. 


dum'ple, -pled, -pHng, -pling- 

du en'na {or doo a'nya), pi. -nas. 


duet', -etti'no (doo'gt te'no), -et'- 

dump'ling, a pudding. 

to (-at'to), du'o. 

dump'y, dump'ish, -ish ly, -ish- 

Du^faure' (-for'), Fr. statesman. 

ness, -y-lev'el. 

duff, =day. 

dun, -ning, -ner, -nish, -bird, -fish. 

duf fa dar' {or -fa'dar). 

dunned, dun-cow, -div'er. 

duffel or -fie. 



dunce, -dom, -poll, dun'cer y, 


-ci cal, dunce'-ta'ble. 


dun'der, -bolt, -funk, -head, 

dug, -way. See dig. 

-head'ed, -pate, -poll. 


Diin ferm'line (-fer'ltn or -ferm'- 


or dum fer'-), t. Scot. 

duke, -dom, -ling, -ly, -ship. 

dung, -hill, -y. 


dun ga ree'. 

Du kho bort'si (doo ko-). 

dun'geon (-jun), -er. 

duk'n (dook'n). 

dun'gi yah. 

dul ca ma'ra, -rin. 


dulce, sweet; sweet wine; dul'cet, 

Dun'ker or -kard or Tun'ker. 

-cet ness. 


dul'ci an' a. 

dun'nage, -naged, -na ging, -nage- 

dul'ci fy, -ing, -fied, -fi ca'tion. 


dul'ci mer. 

dun'ning, curing fish. 



du IVa. 

dun'pic kle. 

du lil'J (doD-). 

dun'rob in. 

dull, -er, -ing, -ish, -ard -ness or 
dul'-, -head, dul'ly, dulled, dull'- 

Diin'sl nane', hill Scot. 

dun'sta ble, a woven fabric. 

brained, -browed, -eyed, -sight^- 


ed, -wit'ted. 

du 6 dec a he'dron, -he'dral, -de- 

dulse, a seaweed. 

cen'ni al, -dec'i mo (-des'-). 

du'mal, du'me tose, du'mose or 

-i mole, -i mal, -mal ly, -de cin'- 


i fid, -dec'u pole, -den'a ry. 

Du'mas' (du^ma'), Fr. novelist. 

du'o dene, -de'nal. 

Du Mau'ri er' (du mo' re a'), Fr. 

du de'num, pi. -de'na, -de'nal, 

artist and writer. 

-de nVtis, -de nos'to my. 

dumb (dum), -ly, -ness, dumb'» 

du dra'ma, -o lit'er al^ -o logue. 

bell, =bid'ding, -bird, -cake, 

du om'a chy (-ky). 

-cane, -chal'der, -craft, -plate, 

duo' mo (dwo'-). 

-wait'er, d. show, d. spin'et. 

du'o pod. 

dum'ble, -dore. 

dup (diip). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 



dynamite -gun 

dupe, dup'a ble, -er, -ing, -a biK- 

Dutch, a. and n., D. gold, D. 

i ty, duped. 

lace, D. liq'uid, D. met'al, D. 

du'pi on. 

ov'en, D. roll'er, D. school. 

Du^ples^sis' (du'pla^se'), Fr. 

dutch, v., -ing, dutched. 


Dutch' man, pi. -men, -man's- 

du'plex, -ing, -plexed. 

breech''es (-brich'ez), a plant; 

du'pli cate, -canted, -ting, -tive. 

-pipe, a plant. 

-tor, -ture, -cand, -ca'tion. 

du'ty, pi. -ties, -te ous, -ous ly, 

du plic'i dent (-plis'-), -pli ci den'- 

-ous ness, -tied, -ti a ble, -ti- 

tate, -ci pen'nate. 

ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, du'ty -free. 

duplic'ity (-plIs'-). 

du um'vir, pi. -virs or -vi ri, -vi- 

tin pon'di us, -di l. 

ral, -vi rate. 

Du'quesne' (dii^kan'), Fr. naval 

du vet' (doo va'). 


dux, pi. du'ces (-sez). 

dur (door). 

Duyck'inck (di'kink), Amer. 

du'ra, -ral, du'ra md'ter. 


du'ra ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 

duy'ker or -ker hok (di'-). 

du rd'men. 


dur'ance, -an cy, du ra'tion. 

Dvor'ak (dvor'zhak), Bohem. mus. 

Du r&nd', Amer. painter. 


Du'rand' (du^rdn'), Fr. architect. 

dwalm (dwam). 

Du ran'te (doo ran'ta), It. com- 



dwarf, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, -ing, 

du ran'te he ne plac'i to (-plas'-), 

-ling, dwarfed. 

d. vi'ta. 

dwell, -er, -ing, dwelt or dwelled, 

Du raz'zo (doo rat'so), t. Turk. 

dwell'ing-house, -place. 


Dwen'dl (dwan'-). 


dwi (dwe). 

Du'rer (dU'rer), Ger. painter. 

Dwi'na (dwe'-), r. Russ. 

du'ress {or -ress'), n., -ress', v., 

dwin'dle, -ment, -died, -dling. 


dy'ad (di'-), -ad'ic, dv'ad-deme 

Dur'ga (door'-). 


Dur'ham (-am), co. Eng.; a breed 

Dy'ak (di'-). 

of cattle. 

dy'arch y (di'arch y or -ark y). 


Dy'as (di'-), -as'sic. 


dye (di), -ing, -stone, -stuff, -ware, 

dur' mast. 

-weed, -wood, dy'er, dyed. 

durn or durns. 

dye'-bath, -beck, ' -house, -ket'tle. 

du'ro (doo'-). 

-pine, -pot, -tri''al, -vat, -works. 

du rom'e ter. 

dy'er's-broom (di'-), -greens- 

dar'ra {or door'-). 

weed, -moss, -weed, dye'wood- 



dusk, -y, -i ly, -i ness, -ish, -ish- 

dy'go gram (di'-). 

ly, -ish ness. 

dy'ing (di'-), -ly, -ness. See die. 

Dus'sSl d6rf , c. Prus. 

dy nac ti nom'e ter (di-), dv'na- 

dust, -ed, -er, -less, -y, -i ness. 

graph (di'-). 

-brush, -man, -pan, -ward, -ball. 

dy nam'ic (di-), -al, -al ly, -ics. 

-bin, -brand, -cart, =cham''ber. 

• dy'nam (di'-), -nam'e ter, -na- 

-coFlar, -fgath^er, -guard, -hole. 

met'ric, -ric al, -na mism, -na- 

-prig, -shot, -storm, -whirl. 

mist, -mist'ic, -na mi tard^ 

dust'y-miFler, a plant. 

dy'na mite (di'-), -minted, -ting. 

dust'ing, -brush, -coFors. 

-ter, -tism, -mif'ic al, -al ly, 

dus toor' i-iobr'), -toor'y. 

dy'na mite-gun (di'-). 

n6t, nor, use, up, Arn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bohmot, thus. Bach. 




dy'na mize (di'-), -mized, -mi- 

dys'no my. 

zing, -mi za'tion. 

dys'o d6nt. 

dy'na mo-e lec'tric (di'-), -e lec^- 

dys 6'pi a, -op'si a, 


tric al. 

-o rex'i a, -rex y. 

dy nam'o gen (dl-), -na mog'e ny 

dys pep'si a or -pep'sy, 


(-moj'-), -mo gen'ic, -gen'e sis, 

-tic al, -pep'tone. 

-nam'o graph, -na mo met'a mor'- 

dys phd'gia or dys'phagy, 


phism, -mox'phosed (-fost), -na- 


mom'e ter, -mo met'ric, -ric al, 

dys phd'si a {or -fa'zhi a). 

-mom'e try, -mo'tor. 

dys pho'ni a or dys'pho ny 

dy'nas ty (di'-), pi. -ties, -nast, 

dys pho'ri a. 

-nas'tic, -ti cism. 

dysp noe'a (disp ne'a). 


dyne (din). 


dy'o phy sit'ic (di^o fi zit'-), -o- 

dys teFe ol'o gy, -o gist, 

-o log'- 

the ism, -oth'e lism, -oth'e lite. 


dys al'bu mose' (-mos'). 

dys thy' ml a (-thi'-). 


dys an'a lyte (-lit). 


dys ar'thri a, -ar'thric, -ar thro' sis. 

dys'tome, -to moiis, -tom'ic. 

dys era' si a (-zhi a or -si a), 

dys'tro phy, -troph'ic. 


dze'ren or -ron. 

dys'en ter y, -ter'ic, -ic al. 

Dzi a lo szi'ce (dze a lo she'tsa), 

dys la'li a, dys lex'i a, dys'lo gy, 

t. Pol. 

-lo gis'tic, -tic al ly. 

dzig'ge tai (-ge ti). 


E string. 

E'a cles (e'a klez), Entom. genus. 

Eads (edz), Amer. eng. 

ea'ger, -ly, -ness. 

ea'gle, -stone, -wood, -glet, 
ea'gle-bird, -eyed, -flight^ed, 
-hawk, -owl, -ray, -sight'ed, 

ear, -ing, -less, -ache, -bob, -drop, 
-drum, -lap, -lid, -lock, -mark, 
-marked, -pick, -reach, -ring, 
-shot, -wax, -wit'ness, -wort, 

ear'=bone, -brush, -cap, -conch 
(=konk), -cor'net, -cough, -dust, 
-flap, -gland, -hole, -lap'pet, 
-lift'er, -lobe, -net, -pend'ant, 
-piece, -pier^cer, -pock'et, -riv'- 
et, -sand, -shell, -snail, -split'- 
ting, -string, -syr'inge (-slr^->i 
-worm, ear-drop tree, ear'ing- 

earl, -dom, -duck, -mar'shal. 

dar'ly, -li er, -li est, -li ness. 

earn, -ing, earned, earn'ing. grass. 

dar'nest, -ly, -ness, -mon'ey. 

earth, -en, -en ware, -i ness, -li- 
ness, -ly, -bag, -bank, -board, 
-born, -bred, -drake, -fall, -fork, 
-kin, -nut, -pea, -shock, -star, 
-ward, -wards, -wolf, -work, 
-worm, -y. 

6arth-au'ger, -ball, -bath, -bat'- 
ter y, -border, -car, -chest' nut, 
-clos'et, -crab, -cur'rent, -eat'er, 
-fast, -flax, -flea, -fly, -foam, 
-gall, -hog, -house, -in duct'or, 
-louse, -moss, -oil, -pea, -pig, 
-pit, -plate, -pul sa'tion, -shine, 
-smoke, -stop'per, -ta'ble, -tilt'- 
ing, -tongue, -treat'ment, -tre'- 
mor, -wire. 

earth'ly-mind'ed, earth'nut=pea. 

earth'quake, -a larm', -shad'ow, 

ear'wig, -ging, -wigged. 

ease, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -ment, 
eased, eas'ing, -i ly, -i ness, 
ease' -off, eas'ing-spar'row, -swal'- 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




east, -er ly, -er ling, -ern, -ern er, 

-ern most, -ing, -ward, -ward ly, 

the East, the Orient; the East'ern 

Eas'ter, -tide, -flow^er. 
East'In'di an, -In'dia man. 
eas'y, eas'i er, -i est, eas'y=go''ing, 

e. chair. 
eat, ate or eat, -en, -ing, -a ble, 

-age, -er, -ing-bat, -house. 
eau (6), pi. eaux (oz), eau'-de.- 

Co logne' (-ion'), eau' 'dc'vie' 

(-ve'), eau' ce teste' {6' sa^lest'), 

eau' forte' (fort')- 
Eau'claire' (o^klar'), co. and r. 

Eaux Vives (o vev), vil. Switz. 
Eauze (6z), t. Fr. 
eaves, -drop, v., -drop'ping, -per, 

-dropped, eaves' -board, -catch, 

-drip, -drop, n., -lath, -swaF- 

low, -trough. 
e hail choir' (a bo shwor'). 
ebb, -ing, ebbed, ebb'-an^chor, 

E'bers (a'bers), Ger. novehst. 
E'bJ on ite, -on it'ic, -on ism or 

-o m''tism. 
Eb'lis (-lez), a fallen angel. 
e'boe, -light, -torchVood, -tree, 
feb'on, -ist, -ite, -ize, -ized, -i zing, 

e hoide'ment (a boormSh). 
e hril lade' (a brel yad') . 
e bul'lient, -Hence, -lien cy, -lio- 

scope (-yo-), ebulli'tion (-lish'-). 
eb'u rJn or -rine, -rite, e bur'na- 

ted {or eb'ur-), -ne an, -ne ous, 

-ni fi ca'tion, eb ur na'tion. 
e cail le (a^kaFya'), -work. 
e car tc (a^kar'ta'). 
ec'ha sis, -bat'ic. 
ec'bo le, -bo line, -bol'ic. 
Ec'ce Ho'mo or ec'ce ho'mo, 

ec'ce sig'num. 
ec cen'tric, -al, -al ly, -tric'i ty, 

ec cen'tric -gear, -hoop, -rod, 

ec cle'si a (-zl a), pi. -si ce or -5I as, 

-si an, -si arch (-zi ark), -si ast, 

-si as'tic, -tic al, -al ly, -as'ti- 

cism, -si og'ra phy, -si ol'o gy, 

-o gist, -o log'ic al (-loj'-). 

Ec cle si as'tes (-zi as'tez), -as'ti- 

ech'e Ion (esh'-), -lens. 
e chid'nine (-kid'-). 
ech'i nate (ek'-), -na ted. 
e chi'no derm (-ki'-), -der'mal, 

-der'ma toils. 
e chi'nus (-ki'-), pi. -ni, -chi'noid, 

-chin'u late (-kin'-). 
ech'o (6k'o), pi. -oes (-oz), -er, 

-ic, -ing, -ism, -less, -scope, 

ech'oed, ech'o-or'gan, -stop. 
e chom'e ter (-kom'-), -e try. 
E'ci ja (a'the cha), t. Sp. 
e clair (a^klar'), -clair'cize, -cized, 

-ci zing, -cisse ment (-sis ment 

or -ses mon'). 
e clat' (e kla' or a-). 
ec lec'tic, -al ly, -ti cism. 
ec lim'e ter. 
e clipse', -clipsed', -clips'ing, 

ec'ly sis (ek'li-). 
ec mne'si a (ek ne'-). 
ec'o nome. 
e con'o mize, -mized, -mi zing, 

-mi zer, -o mist, -o my, e co- 

nom'ic {or 6c o-), -ic al, -al ly, 

e^cor che (a'kor'sha') . 
E cos saise' (a kos saz') or e cos-, 
e coute (a^koot'). 
ec pho ne'sis, pi. -ses (-sez). 
e era seur' {afkxSi'zQv'), -erase ment' 

e cru' (a^kroD'). 
ec'sta sy, -stat'ic, -ic al. 
ec'ta sis. 
ec trop'ic. 
ec tro pom'e ter. 
e cu' (a ku' or a'-). 
Ec ua dor' (ek wa dor'), rep. S. 

Amer., -do'ri an or -dor'an. 
ec u men'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -me- 

nic'i ty (-nis'-). 
ec'ze ma, -zem'a tous. 
e da'cious, -ly, -ness, -dac'i tv 

Ed'da, -die or -da'ic. 
ed'dy, pi. -dies, -dy ing, ed'died, 

-dy-wa'ter, -wind. 

not, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




e'del welss (a'dl vis or ed'el wis). 

E'den, -den'ic. 

e den'tate, -den'tu late, -tu lous, 

Edes, Amer. antiq. 
ed es'tin. 
edge, -less, -shot, -ways, -wise, 

edg'er, -y, edged, v., edged or 

edg'ed, a. 
edge'»bolt, «coals, =cut^ting, -joint, 

=key, -mail, »mill, -mold^ing, 

-plane, -play, -rail, -roll, -set'- 

ter, -stitch, -stone, -tool, -trim^- 

mer, -wheel. 
edg'ing, -i^ron, -ma chine'', -saw, 

-shears, -tile. 
ed'i ble, -ness, -bil'i ty. 
e'dict, -dic'tal {or b'-). 
ed'i flee, -fi'cial (-fish'al). 
ed'i fy, -ing, -ing ly, -fied, -fl ca'- 

e'dile, -ship, -dil'i an. 
E di'na, poetic for Edinburgh. 
Ed'in burg, t. Ind. 
Ed'in burgh (-biir^ro), c. Scot. 
Ed'i son, Amer. elec. 
Ed'is to, r. S. C. 
ed'it, -ed, -ing, -i tor, -to'ri al, 

-al ly, -tor ship, e di'tion (-dish'-). 
e di Hon' de luxe' (aMe'syon' de 

e di'ti o prin'ceps (-dish'i o). 
ed'u cate, -ca ted, -ting, -tive, 

-tor, -ca ble, -bil'i ty, -ca'tion, 

-tion al, -tion ist. 
e duce', -duced', -du'cing, -du'ci- 

ble, -duc'tion, -duc'tive, -tion- 

pipe, -port, -valve. 
e dul'co rate, -ra ted, -ting, -tive, 

-tor, -rant, -ra'tion. 
eel, -buck, -er, -er y, -y, -fare, 

-grass, -pot, -pout, -skin, 

eel'-bas-'ket, -fish, -fly, -fork, -gig, 

-hook, -moth'er, -oil, -pump, -set, 

-shaped, -shark, -trap, -worm. 
e'en (en). 
e'er (air). 

ee'ry or -rie, -ri ly, -ri ness. 
ef face', -a ble, -ment, -fa'cing, 

ef feet', -ed, -ing, -er, -i ble, -ive, 

-ive ly, -ive ness, -less, -less ly. 

-fec'tion, -fec'tu al, -al ly, -al- 
ness, -tu ate, -a ted, -a ting, 

ef fem'i nate, -ly, -ness, -i na cy. 

ef fen'di, pi. -dis or -dies (-diz). 

ef 'fer ent. 

ef fervesce', -vesced' (-vest'), -ves'- 
cing, -cence, -cen cy, -cent, -ci ble, 

ef fete', -ness. 

ef'fi ca cy, -fi ca'cious, -cious ly, 
-cious ness. 

ef fi'cient (-fish'-), -ly, -cien cy. 

ef'fi gy, pi. -gies, -mound. 

ef fla'tion. 

ej'fleu rage' (ef floo razh') . 

ef flo resce' (-res'), -resced' (-rest'), 
-res'cing, -res'cence, -cen cy, -cent. 

ef'flu ence, -en cy, -ent. 

ef flu'vi um, pi. -vi a, -vi al. 

efflux, -flux'ion (-flGk'shun). 

effort (-furt), -less. 

e} fray' ant, ef fra ye' (-ya'). 

ef front'er y. 

ef fiirgent, -ly, -gence. 

ef fuse' (-fuz'), v., -fused', -fus'- 
ing, -fu'sion (-zhun). 

ef fuse' (-fus'), a., -fu'sive, -sive- 
ly, -sive ness, 


E ge'ri a, Myth. 

Eg'er ton (6j'-), Eng. statesman. 

e gest', -ed, -ing, -ges'ta, -ges'tive, 
-ges'tion (-chun). 

egg, -er, -er y, -ing, -fish, -hot, 
-ler, -nog, -plant, -shell, -wife, 

egg'-al bu'min, -an'imal, -appa- 
ra^tus, -ap'ple, -as sort^er, -bag, 
-bald, -bas'ket, -beat'er, -bird, 
-blow'er, -boiFer, -born, -cS-r^- 
ri er, -case, -cell, -cleav^age, 
-coc^kle, -co coon^, -cup, -dance, 
-de tect^er, -de v e To p ment, 
-drill, -endued, -flip, -for^ceps, 
-glass, -glue, -hatch^ing, -lay^ing, 
-light'er, -mem^brane, -mite. 

egg'-pir^a site, -pie, -pod, -pop, 
-pouch, -sac, -shaped, -shell, 
-slice, -spoon, -squash, -suck^er, 
-syr'inge (-slr^-), -testier, -timber, 
-tongs, -tooth, -trot, -tube, 
-ur'chin. eggs -and -ba con, a 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, Jn, note. 




plant; eggs -and -col'lops, a plant; 

egg'sauce, e. nu'cle us. 
Eg'gles ton (eg'glz-), Amer. writer. 
e^gi^gi' (a''he'he'). 
e'gis or se'-. 

e glan'du lar, -du lose, -du lous. 
eg'lan tine {or -tin). 
e'go {or eg'o), -ism, -ist, -is'tic, 

-tic al, -al ly, -go'i ty, -go the'- 

ism, -go tism, -go tist, -tist'ic, 

-ic al, -al ly. 
e gre'gious (-jus), -ly, -ness. 

e'gret {or gg'ret) or e grette'. 
e'gri ot. 
E gyp'tian (-shan), -tol'o gy, 

-o gist, -o ger, -to log'ic al. 
Eh'ren breit'stein (a^ren-), t. Prus. 
Eh'ret (a'ret), Ger. painter. 
Eich'bSrg (icii'-), Ger. mus. 
Ei'der, r. Ger. 
ei'der, -down, -duck, -goose, 

ei'do graph, -do scope, -do trope, 

-do lol'o gy, -do'lon, pi. -la. 
ei do'lo scope, 
ei dou ra'ni on (-doo-) . 
Ei'fel (i'fel), mt. Ger. 
Eiffel (i'fel or gffel'), Fr. eng.; 

the Eiffel tower. 
eight (at), -een^ (a'teen^, -een mo, 

-eenth, -foil, -fold, -score, -i eth, 

-y, eighth, eighth'ly, eighth 

note, e. rest. 
ei'kon, pi. -ko nes (-nez), ei kon'ic. 
Eil'don (el'-), hills Scot. 
Ei'len burg (i'len bd6rg), t. Ger. 

Ei'sen ach, t. Ger. 
Ei'sen bfirg, t. Ger. 
Ei'sen burg (i'zenbd6rg), co. Hung, 
ei'sen rahm (-zn ram). 
Ei'sen stadt^ (I'zen statO, t. Hung. 
Eis'le'ben (is'la'-), t. Ger. 
eis tedd'fod (i steth'vod), pi. 

-fod'au (-vod'ou). 
eis' -wool. 

ei'ther (e'ther or i'-). 
e jac'u late, -la ted, -ting, -tor, 

-to'ry, -la'tion. 
e ject', -ed, -ing, -ment, -or, 

-jec'tive, -tive ly, -tion, -ta, -or- 

con dens'er. 

e ji'do (a he'do). 

e'joo (-joo). 

eke, eiced, ek'ing. 

e'ki a {or 6k'-). 

e lab'o rate, -ly, -ness, -ra ted, 
-ting, -tor, -to^ry, -ra'tion. 

el ae om'e ter or e lai om'-, -op'- 
tene, -o sac'cha rine (-ka-). 

E laine' (-Ian'), Tennyson. 

e Ian' (a 16h'). 

e'land {or el'-). 

e lapse', -lapsed', -laps'ing. 

e las'tic, -al ly, -ti cian (-tish'an), 
-tic'i ty. 

e late', -lat'ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, 

e lat'er ist, -er ite, -e rom'e ter, 
el a trom'e ter. 

Elbe (elb), r. Ger. 

el'bow, -ing, -board, -chair, -room, 
-bowed, el'bow-cuff, -gaunt'let, 
-grease, -guard, -joint, -piece, 
-plate, -rail, -scis^sors, -shakier, 
-shield, -sleeve, -tongs. 

EFbruz' (-broDz'), mts. Pers. 

eld'er, -er ly, -er ness, -er ship, 

ei'der, a plant, -b6r''ry, -wort, 
-tree, e. gun, e. wine. 

El Do ra'do or El do ra'do {or 

El e at'ic {or e le-), -at'i cism. 

ePe cam pane'. 

e lect', -ed, -ing, -ive, -ive ly, -or, 
-or al, -or ate, -or ship, e lec'- 
tion, -tion eer', -eer'er, -eer'ing. 

e lec'tric, -al, -al ly, -al ness, 
-tric'i ty, -tri'cian (-trish'an), 
-tri fy (-fi), -fy ing, -fied, -fina- 
ble, -fl ca'tion, -trine, -tri'tion 
(-trish'un), -trize, -trized, -tri'- 
zer, -tri''zing, -tri za'tion, -trep'- 
e ter, e. wave. 

e lec'tro, -bal lis'tic, -bal Hs'tics, 
-bath, -bi ol'o gy, -bi ol'o gist, 
-bi os'co py, -cap'il la ry, -cap''il- 
lS.r'i ty, -chem'ic al, -chem'is try, 
-chron'o graph, -chron^o graph'ic, 
-cuFture, -dy nam'ic (-di-), -dy- 
nam'ic al (-di-), -dy nam'ic s 
(-di-), -dy^na mom'e ter (-di'-), 
-gild'ing, -gilt, -ki net'ic, -ki- 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




e lec'tro mag'net, -mag net'ic, 
-mag'net ism, -met'al lur^gy, -mo'- 
tion, mo'tive, -mus'cu lar, -neg'a- 
tive, -phys i ol'o gy, -phys I 5- 
log'ic al, -po'lar, -pos'i tive, 
-punc'ture, -ste're o type (or 
-ster-), -te leg'ra phy, -teFe- 
graph'ic, -ther'a peu'tics, -ther'- 
a py, -ther'man cy, -vi'tal, -vi'- 
tal ism. 

e lec'tro cute or -tri cute, -cu^ted, 
-ting, -cu'tion. 

e lec'trode, -tro gen'ic, -gen'e sis, 
-trog'e ny (-tr6j'-), -tro graph, 
-tro Her', -trol'o gy, -trol'y sis, 
-tro lyte (-lit), -lyt'ic (-lit'-), 
-ic al, -lyze, -lyzed, -ly^zing 
(-li^-), -ly za'tion (-11-), -tro- 
poi'on, -tech'nics (-tek'-), -tech'- 
nic al. 

e lec^tro-en grav'ing, -etch'ing, 
"op'tic, -op'tics. 

elec trom'e ter, -e try, -tro met- 
ric, -ric al, -tro mo'tor, -trop'a- 
thy, -tro phone, -troph'o rus, 
-tro plate, -planted, -ting, -ter. 

e lec'tro scope, -scop'ic, -stat'ic, 
-stat'ics, -tro tint, -tro ton'ic, 
-tro to nic'i ty (-nis'-), -trot'o- 
nize, -o nous, -o nus. 

e lec'tro type (-tip), -typed, -ty'- 
ping, -ty'per, -ty'py, -typ'ic 

el ee mos'y na ry, -na ri ly, -ri- 

el'e gant, -ly, -gance, -gan cy. 

e le'gi ac (or 61'e ji'ak), -gi ast, 
eVe gi'a cal. 

el'e gy, pi. -gies (-jlz), -e gize, 
-gized, -gist. 

el'e me or -e ml. 

el'e ment, -men'tal, -tal ism, -tal- 
ly, -tal'i ty, -ta ry, -ri ness. 

el'e phant, -phan'ter, -phan'tid, 
-tine, -toid or -toid'al. 

el'e phant -ap'ple, -bee'tle, -bird, 
'Creepier, =fish, -grass, -mouse, 
-seal, -shrew, el'e phant's-ear, 
a plant, -foot, -tusk, a mollusk. 

el'e phan ti'a sis, -phan'ti ac 

El eu sin'i a, -i an. 

el'e vate, -va ted, -ted ness, -va- 
ting, -tor, -to ry, -va'tion. 

e ISv'en (-n), -enth. 

elf, pi. elves, -in, -ish or elv'-, 

-ish ly, -ish ness, -kin, -land, 

elf'-ir^row, -bolt, -child, -dart, 

-dock, -fire, -king, -queen, 

-shot, -stone. 
Elgg (elk), t. Switz. 
El'gin mar'bles. 
E'll a, Charles Lamb. 
E li'ab, Bib. 
E li'a kim, Bib. 
E li'am, Bib. 
e lic'it (-lis'-), -ed, -ing. 
e lide', -lid'ed, -ing, -lis'ion 

E'U el. Bib. 
E^H e'zer. Bib. 

el'i gi ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
E li'hu, Bib. 
e lim'i nate, -na ted, -ting, -tive, 

-tor, -to^ry, -na ble, -nant, -na'- 

E Uph'a let, Bib. 
el'i quate, -qua ted, -ting, -qua'- 

tion, e liq'ua ment (-lik'-), 
E'lis, anc. Gr. city. E'li ac. 
e'lile' (a'let'). 
E ll'u, Bib. 
E ll'ud, Bib. 
e lix'ir (-er). 

E liz'a beth'an (or -bSth'-). 
elk, -nut, a plant; -wood, a tree; 

El ka'nah (or el'-), Bib. 
fill, a measure; a wing of a house; 

an elbow of a pipe or tube. 
el'la chick, 
el'le bo rin or -rine. 
el lipse', -lip'so graph, -soid, 

-soid'al, -lip'tic, -tic al, -al ly, 

-tic'i ty, -to graph, -toid. 
el lip'sis, pi. -ses (sez). 
elm, -y, -bee^tle, -border, -but'ter- 

flv, -moth, -saw'fly, -wood. 
El'nathan, Bib. 
el o cu'tion, -a ry, -ist. 

e lo'di an (or el o'-). 
e'loge' (a'lozh'). 

e lon'gate, -ga^ted, -ting, -ga'tion. 
e lope', -ment, -loped', -lop'ing, 


fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice, In, note, 




el'o quent, -ly, -quence. 

El Pa'so, CO. Col. and Tex.; c. 111. 

else, -where. 

e lu'ci date, -da ted, -ting, -tive, 

-tor, -da'tion. 
e lude', -lud'ed, -ing, -i ble, -lu'- 

sion (-zhun), -lu'sive, -sive ly, 

-ness, -lu'so ry, -so ri ness. 
e lu'tri ate, -a ted, -ting, -a'tion. 
el' van, -ite, -it'ic. 
E lys'i um (-lizh'i um or -liz'i um 

or -lizh'yum), E lys'ian (-lizh'- 

yan or -liz'yan or -lizh'an). 
el'y trum (-!-) or -tron, pi. -tra, 

-trig'er ous (-trij'-), e lyt'ri form. 
El'ze vir (-ver), Dutch printer; 

-vi'ran (-ve'-) or -vir'i an. 
em, pi. ems, Typog. 
e ma'ci ate (-shi-), -a^ted, -ting, 

em'a nate, -na^ted, -ting, -tive, 

-tive ly, -to'ry, -nant, -na'tion. 
e man'ci pate, -parted, -ting, -tor, 

-to^ry, -pa'tion, -tion ist, -ci pist. 
e mar'gi nate, -ly, -na^ted, -na'- 

e mas'cu late, -lasted, -ting, -tor, 

-to^'ry, -la'tion. 
embalm' (-bam'), -ing, -er, -ment, 

em bank', -ing, -ment, -banked'. 
em bar'go, -goed, -go ing. 
em bark', -ing, -ment, -barked', 

-bar ka'tion. 
em blLr'rass, -ing, -ing ly, -ment, 

-rassed, -rassed ly. 
em'bas sy, pi. -sies. 
em ha te'ri on, pi. -ri a. 
em bat'tle, -ment, -tied, -tling. 
em bel'lish, -ing, -ing ly, -er, 

em'ber, -tide, -bered, em'ber» 

days, =eve, -fast, »goose, =week. 
em bez'zle, -ment, -zled, -zling, 

em bit'ter or im-, -ing, -er, 

-ment, -tered. 
em blaze', -blazed', -blaz'ing. 
em bla'zon, -ing, -er, -ment, -ry, 

em'blem, -at'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

-blem'a tize, -tized, -ti zing, 

-tist, -hle'ma, pi. -ma ta. 

em'ble ment. 

em bod'y, -ing, -bod'i er, -i ment, 

em bog', -ging, -bogged'. 
em bold'en (-n), -ened, -en ing, 

-en er. 
em'bo lism, -lis'mal (-Hz'-), -lis- 

mat'ic, -ic al, -lis'mic, -mic al, 

em'bo lite. 

em'ho Ion or -lum, pi. -la. 
em^bo lo pha'si a (-fa'zl a). 
em bon point' (6n^b6n'pw3,n'). 
em bor'der, -ing, -dered. 
em b6ss', -ing, -er, -ment, 

-bossed', -ing=i^ron, -ma chine^, 

em bou chure' (Sn^boo^shdor'). 
em bow'er, -ing, -ered. 
em brace', -ment, -braced', -bra'- 

cing, -cer, -cer y. 
em branch' ment. 
em bra'sure (-zhur). 
em'bro cate, -ca ted -ting, -ca'- 

em broid'er, -er, -ing, -y, -ered, 

em broid'er y-frame, -neeMle, 

em broil', -er, -ing, -ment, 

em brown', -ing, -browned'. 
em'bry 6 (-bri-), -gen'ic, -og'e ny 

(-6j'-), -og'o ny, -og'ra phy, 

-o graph, -graph'ic, -ol'o gy, 

-o gist, -o log'ic (-loj'-), -ic al, 

-al ly, -bry o nal, -o nate, -na'- 

ted, -on'ic, -ic al ly, -o plas'tic, 

-o scope, -scdp'ic, -ot'o my, 

-ot'ic, em'bry o=sac (-bri-). 
Em e lye' (-le'), Chaucer. 
e mend', -ed, -ing, -er, -a ble, 

-a to'ry, em'en da^tor, -da'tion. 
em'er aid, -Ine, -ald-fish, -moth. 
e merge', -merged', -mer'gen cy, 

-gence, -gent, -mer'sion. 
e mSr'i tus. 

Em'er son, Amer. philos.; -so'ni an. 
gm'er y, -bag, -board, -cake, 

-cloth, -pamper, -powder, -r^fle, 

-stick, -stone, -wheel. 
e met'ic, -ic al ly, em'e sis, -e tol'- 


e'meute' (a'mut' or -met'). 

not, nor, use, up, (irn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




em'i grate, -grafted, -grafting, 

-grant, -gra'tion, -tion al, -tion- 

ist, emigre (a''me'gra'). 
E^mile' (a^mer), Rousseau. 
E mil'ian (-yan). 
em'i nent, -ly, -nence. 
e mir' (e mer' or e'mer), e mir'ate, 

em'is sa ry, -ship. 
e mit', -ted, -ting, -ta ble, e mis'- 

sive, -si ble, -mis'sion (-mish'-). 
em'met, an ant. Em'met, Irish 

em 'me trope, -tro'pi a, -trop'ic. 
e moriient (-yent or -II ent). 
e mdl'u ment. 
e mo'tion, -al, -al ism, -al ist, 

-al'i ty, -mo'tive, -tive ly. 
em pale'. See impale. 
em pan'el, -ing, -ment, -eled. 
em'per or, -ship, -press. 
em'pha size, -sized, -si' zing, -sis, 

-phat'ic, -ic al ly. 
em'pire, -ship, -per y. 
em plr'ic, -al, -al ly, -i cism, -i cist, 

Em pir'ic, one of an ancient 

Greek sect. 
em plas'tic. 
em plec'tum or -ton. 
em ploy', -ing, -er, -ment, -a ble, 

-ployed', -ploy'ed ness, em ploy- 

ee' {or -ploy'-), em'ploy'e' (-a' 

or 6fi plw6 ya'). 
em plume', -plumed', -plum'ing. 
em po'ri um. 
em pow'er, -ing, -ered. 
em prise', (-priz'). 
emp'ty, -ing, -ti er, -ti ness, -tied, 

em pur'ple, -pled, -pling. 
em pyr'e al (-plr'e al or -pi re'al), 

-py re'an. 
em'u late, -lasted, -ting, -tive, 

-tive ly, -tor, -to'ry, -la'tion. 
em'u lous, -ly, -ness. 
e mul'si fy (-fi), -ing, -fied, -fl ca'- 

tion, -mul'sic, -sive, -sion, -sion- 

ize, -ized, -i''zing. 
en a'ble, -bled, -bling. 
en act', -ed, -ing, -ive, -ment, -or. 
en al'la ge (or e nal'-) . 
en am'el, -eled or -elled, -el ing 

or -el ling, -el er or -el ler, -el- 

ist or -el list. 
en am'el'blue, »cells, «coFumns, 

«cu'ti cle, -fibbers, -germ, »kiln, 

-mem'brane, -origan, »paint'ing, 

-pamper, =prisms, -rods, en am'- 
el ing-fur'nace, -lamp. 
en am'or or -our, -ing, -ment, 

en arched', en ar che (-sha'). 
en' bloc' (6n' blok'). 
en ca chette' (oh ka shet'). 
en cage', -caged', -ca'ging. 
en cal'en dar. 

en camp', -ing, -ment, -camped'. 
en case'. See incase. 
en caus'tic. 
en ceinte' (6h saht'). 
en chain', -ing, -ment, -chained'. 
en chant', -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -er, 

-ment, -ress. 
en chase', -chased', -chas'er, -ing. 
en cinc'ture (-sink'-), -tured, -tur- 

en cir'cle, -eled, -cling. 
en clasp', -ing, -clasped'. 
en clois'ter, -ing, -tered. 
en close'. See inclose, 
en cceur (oh ker). 
en coffin, -ing, -fined. 
en coi gnure' (6h kwo nyiir'). 
en co'mJ um, pi. -ums, -mi ast, 

-as' tic, -tic al, -al ly. 
en com'pass (-ku'm'-), -ing, 

-ment, -passed. 
en CO quille' (oh ko kel'). 
en core' (6h kor'), -cored, -cor'- 

en coun'ter, -ing, -er, -tered. 
en cour'age, -ment, -aged, -a ging, 

-ging ly. 
en crim'son (-zn), -ing, -soned. 
en croach', -er, -ing, -ing ly, -ment, 

en crust', -ed, -ing, -ment. 
en cum'ber, -ing, -ing ly, -bered, 

-brance, -bran cer. 
en cyc'li'c (-sik'-), -al. 
en cy'clo pe'di a (-si''-) or -pae'-, 

-pe'dic (or -ped'-), -die al, -pe'- 

dism, -pe'dist. 
en cyst', -ed, -ing, -ment, -cys- 


fate, fS-t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m^t, her, ice, in, note, 




end, -ed, -ing, -a ble, -less, -less- 
ly, -less ness, -most, -ways, 
-wise, end=all, -ar^ter y, -bulb, 
-game, -i'ron, -leaf, -man, -on', 
-pamper, -piece, -plate, -play, 
-prod^uct, -shake, -stone. 

en dan'ger, -ing, -ment, -gered. 

en dear', -ing, -ing ly, -ed ly, -ed- 
ness, -ment, -deared'. 

en dfiav'or, -ing, -er, -ored. 

en dem'ic, -al, -al ly, -de mic'i ty, 
-mi ol'o gy. 


en dog'a my, -a mous. 

en'do gen, -do ge net'ic, -dog'e- 
nous (-doj'-), -nous ly. 

en dome', -domed', -dom'ing. 

en doph'a gy (-dof'a ji), -a gous. 

en dow', -ing, -er, -ment, -dowed'. 

en due', -ment, -dued', -dii'ing. 

en dure', -dur'a ble, -ble ness, 
-bly, -bil'i ty, -dur'ance, -er, 
-ing, -ing ly, -ing ness, -dured'. 

En dym'i on (-dim'-), Myth. 

en e chelle' (6n a shel'). 

6n'e ma {or e ne'ma), pi. -mas 
or -ma ta. 

en'e my. 

en er get'ic (-jet'-), -al ly, -al- 
ness, -ics, en'er gize, -gized, -gi- 
zing, -gi zer, -gy, pi. -gies. 

e ner'vate {or en'er-), -va ted, 
-ting, en''er va'tion. 

en fa mille' (on fa mel'). 

en fee'ble, -ment, -bled, -bling, 

en feoff' (-fef), -ing, -ment, 
-feoffed' (-feff). 

en f J lade', -lad'ed, -lad'ing. 

en fold', -ed, -ing. 

en force', ' -ment, -a ble or -for'- 
ci ble, -forced, -for'cing, -cer. 

en fSr'est, -ed, -ing. 

en fran'chise (-chiz or -chiz), 
-ment, -chised, -chis er, -ing. 

en gage', -ment, -gaged', -ga'ged- 
ly, -ged ness, -ga'ger, -ging, 
-ging ly, -ging ness. 

en gen'der, -ing, -er, -dered. 

en'gine, -r\', -man, -gi neer', 
-neered', -neer'ing, en'gine- 
bear^er, -count'er, -driv'er, -fur''- 
nace, -house, -lathe, -plane, 

-room, -run^ner, -shaft, -turned, 

en gird', -ed, -ing, -gir'dle, -died, 

Eng'land (ing'gland), -lish 

(-glish), -lish man, -wom^an. 
en gobe'. 
en gorge', -ment, -gorged', -gor'- 

en grail', -ing, -ment, -grailed'. 
en grave', -ment, -graved', -grav'- 

ing, -er. 
en gross', -er, -ing, -ment, 

en gulf, -ing, -ment, -gulfed', 
en'gy scope (-ji-). 
en hance', -ment, -hanced', -han'- 

cer, -cing. 
en har mon'ic, -al, -al ly. 
en hy'drite (-hi'-), -hy'drous. 
en hy pos'ta tize (-hi-), -tized, 

-ti zing, -po stat'ic. 
e nig' ma, pi. -mas, -mat'ic, -ic a\, 

-al ly, -ma tize, -tized, -ti zing, 

-tist, -tog'ra phy, -tol'o gy. 
en join', -ing, -er, -joined' 

en joy' 

-a ble, -ble ness, -er, 

-mg, -ment, -joyed'. 
en kin'dle, -died, -dling. 
en lace', -ment, -laced'. 
en large', -ment, -larged', -lar'- 

ged ly, -ged ness, -ger, -ging. 
en lau'rel, -reled or -relied, -rel- 

ing or -rel ling. 
en light'en (-n), -er, -ment, -ened. 
en list', -ed, -ing, -ment. 
en liv'en (-n), -er, -ing, -ment, 

en man che' (6h m6n sha'). 
en masse' (6n mas'). 
en mesh', -ing, -ment, -meshed'. 
en' mi ty. 
en no'ble, -ment, -bled, -bhng, 

en nui' (6h nwe'), en nuy e (6h- 

nwe a'), -nuy'ee' (-nwe^a'). 
e nod'al, -ly, -nod'ous. 
e nol'o gy. 

e nor' mi ty, -nor'mous, -mous ly. 
en or'tho trope, 
e nough' (-nuf). 
e nounce', -ment, -noun'cing, 


not, nor, use, up, (irn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, tiius, Bacfh. 

en passant 


en pas sani' (6n pS.s s6ii'). 

en pied (6n pya). 

en prince (on prShs). 

en rage', -raged', -ra'ging, 

en rap port' (6n rap por'). 

en r^pt', -rap'ture, -tured, -tur ing. 

en reg'le (on reg'l). 

en rich', -er, -ing, -ment, -riched'. 

en robe', -ment, -robed', -rob'ing. 

en roll' or -rol', -roll'er, -rol'ment 

or -roll'-. 
en' route' {6h' xabi'). 
en sam'ple. 
en san'guine (-gwin), -g^vIned, 

-guin ing. 
Ens che'de (ens dia'de), t. Neth. 
en sc6nce', -sconced', -scon'cing. 
en sem'hle (6n s6m'bl). 
en shrine', -shrined,' -shrin'ing. 
en shroud', -ed, -ing. 
en'sign (-sin), n., -cy, -ship, 

en sign' {or en'-), v., -ing, -signed', 
en'si lage, -laged, -la''ging, en'- 

sile, -siled, -sil'ing, -si Ust. 
en slave', -ment, -slaved', -slav'- 

ing, -ed ness, -er. 
en snare', -snared', -snar'er, -ing, 

-ing ly. 
en sue', -sued', -su'ing. 
en suite' (6n swet'), en tab li er' 

(6n tab II a'). 
en tab'la ture. 

en tail', -ing, -er, -ment, -tailed'. 
en tan'gle, -ment, -gled, -gling, 

en tente' cor di ale' (6n t6nt' kor- 

dl ai'). 

en'ter, -ing, -er, -tered, -ing- 

chis^el, -file, »port. 
en te rl'tis, -tSr'ic, -te rit'ic. 
en'ter prise (-priz), -pris'ing, 

-ing ly.^ 
en ter tain', -er, -ing, -ing ly, 

-ing ness, -ment, -tained'. 
en thrall', -ing, -ment, -thralled'. 
en throne', -ment, -throned', 

-thron'ing, -ize, -ized, -i zing. 
en thu'si asm (-zl azm), -si ast, 

-as'tic, -tic al, -al ly. 
en tice', -a ble, -ment, -ticed', 

-ti'cing, -cing ly, -cer. 
en tire', -ly, -ness, -ty. 

en ti'tle, -tied, -tling. 

en'ti ty, pi. -ti ties, -ti ta^tive, 

-tive ly. 
en'to cele. 
en tomb' (-toom'), -ing, -ment, 

en to mol'o gy, -o gize, -gized, 

-gi zing, -gist, -mo log'ic, -ic al, 

-al ly, -mom'e ter. 
en tou rage' (on^too^razh'). 
en'tr'acte' (Sh'tr act' or 6h^ tract'). 
en'trance, n., -way, -trant, 

-trance=hall. en trance', v., 

-ment, -tranced', -tran'cing. 
en trap', -ment, -trapped', -trap'- 

ping, -pingly. 
en treat', -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -er, 

-a ble, -y. 
en tree' (6n tra'). 
en tre mets' (on tr ma'). 
en trench'. See intrench, 
en' tre nous (6n'tr noo). 
en' tre pas (on'tr pa). 
en' tre pdt (on'tr p6). 
en tre pre neur' (6n tr pre ner'). 
En'tre Ri^os (en'tra re^os), prov, 

Arg. Rep. 
en'tre sol (6n'tr sol or en'-). 
en trust' or in-, -ed, -ing. 
en' try, pi. -tries, -try man, -way. 
en twine', or in-, -ment, -twined', 

en twist', -ed, -ing. 
e nu'cle ate, -a ted, -a ting, 

-a'tion, -a ter, one who enu- 
cleates; -a tor, a bird; E nu^cle- 

a to'res (-rez), the parrots. 
e nu'mer ate, -a ted, -ting, -tive, 

-tor, -a'tion. 
e nun'ci ate (-shI-), -a'ted, -ting, 

-tive, -tive ly, -tor, -to^ry, -a ble, 

-bil'i ty. 
en u re' sis. 
en vel'op (-up) or -ope, v., 

-oped (-lipt), -op ing, -op ment. 
en'vel ope {or -vel'- or 6h've lope) 

or -vel'op (-up), n., en'vel ope- 

ma chined 
en ven'om (-um), -ing, -omed. 
en vi'ron, -ing, -ment, -men'tal, 

-tal ly, -roned (rund), -vi'rons 

{or gn'vi rons). 

fate, fS.t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, h6r, ice, in, note, 




en vis'age (-viz'-), -ment, -aged, 

-a ging. 
en'voy, -ship. 
en'vy, -ing, -vi a ble, -ble ness, 

-bly, -vi er, -vi ous, -ous ly. 
en wrap', -ping, -wrapped'. 
en wreatke', -wreathed', -wreath'- 

en zo ot'ic. 
e^o la'tion. 
e'on or ae'on, -o nist, -o'ni an, 

E'os, Myth. 
e 6 zo'ic. 

e'pact {or gp'act). 
epago'ge, -gog'ic (-g6j'-). 
E pam'I non'das, Theban gen. 
ep'arch (-ark), -arch y. 
ep'au let or -lette, -let ed or -let- 
ted, e pau Here' (a p6 lyar'). 
e pergne' (-pern'). 
E per nay' (a per-), t. Fr. 
e'phah or -pha (e'fa). 
eph'ebe (6f'eb), -e be'um, pi. 

-he'a, e phe'bic. 
e phem'e ra, pi. -ras or -rce, -e ral, 

-ral'i ty. 
e phem'e ris, pi. eph e mgr'i des 

(-dez), e phem'er ist, -er ous, 

eph e me'ri us. 
Eph'e sus (6f'-), anc. city. 

E phe'sian (-zhan) or Eph'e- 

slne. E phe'sians, Bib. 
e pi' (a pe'). 
ep'ic, -al, -al ly. 
ep i car'di um, -di al, -di ac. 
ep'i cen ter. 
Ep''ic te'tus, Rom. philos. -te'- 

tian (-shan). 
ep'i cure, -cur ize, -ized, -i zing, 

Ep''i cu'rus, Gr. philos., -cu re'an, 

-an ism. 
ep'i cy cle (-si-), -cy'cloid (-si'-), 

-cloid'al, -cyc'lic (-sik'-). 
ep i dem'ic, -al, -al ly, -de m5 og'- 

ra phy, -mi ol'o gy, -o gist, 

-o log'ic al, -al ly. 
ep i der'mis, ep'i derm, -der'mal, 

-der'mic, mic al, -mi za'tion. 
ep i dic'tic or -deic'tic, -tic al. 
ep i gas'tric. 

ep i glot'tis, pi. -ti des (-dez), 
-glot'tic, -tid'e an. 

E pig'o nus, pi. -o ni. 

ep'i gram, -ist or -gram mist, 
-gram mat'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 
-gram'ma tize, -tized, -ti zing, 
-ti zer, -tist, -tism, ta'ri an. 

ep'i graph, -graph'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 
-ics, e pig'ra phy, -ra phist, -ra- 

ep'i lep sy, -lep'tic, -tic al, -al ly, 
-ti form, -to gen'ic, -tog'e nous 

ep'i 16gue, -log'ic (-loj'-), -ic al, 
-lo gis'tic, -lo gize, -gized, -gi- 

Ep I mgn'I des (-dez), Cretan 

e piph'a ny (-pif-), an appear- 
ance. E piph'a ny, a Christian 

E pi'rus, -pi'rote or -rot, Ep i- 

e pis'co pa cy, -co pal, -pal ism, 
-pal'ian ism, -p3,l ly, -co pate, 
-co pize, -pized, -pi zing. 

E pis'co pal, relating to the Epis- 
copal Church, -co pa'li an {or 
-pal'yan), -an ism. 

ep'i sode, -so dal, -so'di al, -sod'ic, 
-ic al, -al ly. 

e pis'tle (-1), -to la ry, -to le'an, 
-tol'ic, -ic al, -to li zer, -to lo- 
graph'ic, -log'ra phy 

E pis'tle, in liturgies. 

ep'i style (-stil), -sty^lar. 

ep'i taph, -er, -ist, -taph'ic. 

ep^i tha la'mi um or -ml on, pi. 
-mi ums or -mi a, -thal'a mize, 
-mized, -mi zing. 

e pith'e sis. 

ep'i thet, -thet'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

ep'i thyme (-tim). 

e pit'o me, pi. -mes (-mez), 
-o mist, -o mize -mized, -mi- 
zing, -mi zer. 

e pit'ro pe. 

ep i zo'o ty, -zo ot'ic. 

e plu'ri bus U'num. 

ep'och (ep'ok or e'pok), ep'o- 
chal (-kal), ep'och -mak'ing. 

ep'o nym (-nim), -nym'ic, e pon'- 
y mal, -v mist -y mous, -y my. 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi, 




e'qual, -ly, -ness, e'qua ble (or 
6k' wa-), -ble ness, -bly, e qualed 
or e quailed, e qual ing or -ling, 
e qual'i ty (-kwal'-), e'qual- 
end''ed, >=fairing. 

e'qual ize, -ized, -i zing, -i zer, 
-I za'tion, -i zer-spring, -i zing- 
bar, -file, e'qual i'zing cur'rent. 

e qua nim'i ty. 

e qua'tion. 

e qua'tor, -to'ri al -al ly 

eq uer ry or -ue ry (ek'wer ry or 
e kwer'e). 

e'ques (e'kwez), pi. eq'ui tes (ek'- 
wi tez), Rom. antiq. 

e ques'tri an, -ism, -tri enne^ 

e'qui an^gled, -an'gu lar. 

e qui dis'tance, -tant, -tant ly. 

e'quJ form. 

e qui lat'er al, -al ly. 

e quJ lib'ri um, pi. -urns or -a, 
-lib'ri ous, -ous ly, -ri ty, e qui- 
li'brate, -bra ted, -ting, -to ry, 
-bra'tion, -li'brism, -ll'brist {or 
-qull'i brist), -lib'ri um-s c a 1 e, 

e'quJne {or -kwin). 

e'qui nox, -noc'tial (-n6k'shal), 
-tial ly. 

e quip', -ping, -ment, -quipped'. 

eq'ui page (ek'wl-). 

e'quJ poise. 

e qui pon'der ate, -a ted, -ting, 
-ant, -ance, -an cy. 

eq'ui ta ble (ek'-), -ble ness, -bly. 

eq'ui tes (ek'wi tez). See eques. 

eq'ui ty (ek'wi ty), pi. -ties. 

e quiv'a lent, -ly, -a lence, -len cy. 

e quiv'o cal, -ly, -ness, -cant. 

e quiv'o cate, -canted, -ting, -tor, 
-to^ry, -ca'tion. 

E'quus (e'kwus), e quiv'o rous. 

e'ra, pi. -ras (-raz). 

e ra dJ a'tion. 

e rad'i cate, -canted, -ting, -tive, 
-ca ble, -cantor, -to^ry, -ca'tion. 

e rase' (-ras'), -rased', -ras'ing, 
-ras'er, -a ble or -i ble, -ra'sion 
(-zhun), -ra'sure (-zhur or 

E ras'mus (-raz'-), Dutch schol. 

Er'a to (er'-), Myth. 

ere (ar), ere^long', ere'' while'. 

Er'e bus (6r'-). 

e rect', -ed, -ing, -a ble, -er, -lie, 

-ive, -ly, -ness, -rec'tion, -rec- 

til'i ty, -rec'tor. 
fer'e mite, -mlt ish, -mif'ism, 

-mit'ic, -ic al. 
Er'furt (er'foort), c. Prus. 
er^ga tan'drous, -ga tog'y nous 

(-toj'-), -ga toid. 
er'go graph, -gom'e ter, -go met'- 

6r'got, -got ed, -got'ic. 

Er'ics son (er'Ik son), Sw. eng. 
E rid'a nus. 
E rin'ys {or -ri'-), pi. -rin'y es 

(-1 ez), Myth. 
Er'lang en (er'-), t. Ger. 
er'mine, -mined, -min ing, er'- 

e rode', -rod'ed, -ing, -ent, -i ble, 

-ro'sion (-zhun), -sion ist, -ro'- 

sive (-sTv). 
E'ros, Myth, e rot'ic, -ic al. 
e rose' (-ros'). 
^rr, erred, err'ing {or er'ing), 

-ing ly, er'ra ble, -ble ness, -ro'- 

ne ous, -ous ly, -ous ness, er'ror, 

er'ran cy. 
gr'rant, -ry. 

6r rat'ic, -al, -al ly, -al ness. 
er rd'ttim, pi. -ta. 
krs (ers), a plant. 
Erse (ers), a language, 
drst, -while^ 

6r u bes'cent, -cence, -can cy. 
e ruc'tate, -tasted, -ting, -ta'tion. 
fer'u dite {or er'oo-), -ly, -ness, 

-di'tion (-dish'-). 
e rupt', -ed, -ing, -rup'tion, -tion- 

al, -tive. 
fer'y sip'e las (er^i-), -sip'e lous. 
es ca lade', -lad'ed, -ing, -er. 
es^ca la'tor. 

es cal'ier4ace (-kal'ya-). 
es cal'lop or -cal'op (-kol'-), 

-loped, -lop-shell. 
es cape', -ment, -caped', -cap'ing, 

-ca pade', -cape'-valve, -wheel. 
es carp', -ment. 

fate, fa,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




es car te W (-te la'), or -car'te lee, 

es ta cade' {or -kad'). 


es td ddV. 

es cheat', -ed, -ing, -a ble, -age, 

es ta let' (^r -Jette'. 

-or, -or ship. 

Es^taing', d' (d6s'tan'), Fr. ad- 

es chew' (-choo' or -chu'), -al, 


-ance, -er, -ment. 

es tam'in. 

es cldt te' (-ta'). 

es ta'mi net' (-me na'). 

es col'ta, -col' tar. 

es tan'ci a (-tan' the a), -ci e'ro 

es CO pet', -pette'. 

(-the a'ro). 

es co'ri al, a mine; Es co'ri al or 

es tan' CO. 

Es cu'ri al, a palace. 

es tate'. 

es'cort, n., es cort', v., -ed, -ing. 

es teem', -ing, -er, -teemed'. 

es^crl toire' or -toir' (-tw6r'), -to'- 

Es^terha'zy (es'ler ha'ze). Hung. 

ri al. 


es cii'do (-koo'do or -tho). 

es the' si a or as-. 

Es'cu la'pi us or lEs cu la'pi us, 

es'thete or ses'-, -thet'ic, -ic al, 

-pi an. 

-al ly, -ics, -the ti'cian (-tish'an), 

es'cu lent. 

-thet'i cize, -cized, -ci^zing. 

Es cu ri al' (6s koo re al'), t. Sp. 

es'tJ m.ate, -malted, -ting, -tive, 

es cutch'eon (-un), -eoned. 

-tor, -ma ble, -ble ness, -bly, 

Es'ki mo, pi. -mos (-moz) or 


-qui mau (-ke mo), pi. -qui- 

es tin' to (-ten'-). 

maux (-ke moz). 

es'ti vage. 

es^me rai'da. 

es'ti val {or -ti'-) or aes-, -ti vate, 

e soph'a gus or oe soph'-, -a ge'al, 

-va ted, -va ting, -va'tion. 

{or -so faj'e al), -a gism. 

es toile' (as twal'). 

es'o tSr'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -ter'ics. 

es top', -ping, -pel, -topped'. 

-i cism, -ter'ist, -ter y. 

es toil fade' (-too-). 

es pa' da (-pa'tha). 

es trade'. 

es pd gno lette' (-nyo Igt'). 

Es tra e'lon, plain in Palestine. 

es pal'ier (-yer). 

es trange', -ment, -tranged', 

es par'to, =grass. 

-tran'ging, -ged ness, -ger. 

es pe'cial (-pesh'al), -ly. 

es tra pade'. 

es pla nade'. 

es tray'. 

es plees' (-plcz'). 

es treat', -ed, -ing. 

es pouse' (-pouz'), -ment, -pous'al. 

es trepe', -ment, -treped', -trep'- 

-ing, -er, -poused'. 


es pres si'vo (-se'vo). 

es'tu a ry, -a rine, -a'ri an. 

es prW (-pre'). 

es tu'fa (-too'-), pi. -fas. 

es py' (-pi'), -ing, -pied', -pi'al, 

e ta gere (a ta zhar'). 

-pi'er, es'pi o nage {or -niizh'). 

Et'a min, a star. et'a mine, a 

es quire'. 

textile fabric. 

es'say, «., -ish, -ist, -is'tic, -say- 

e tape' {or a^tap'). 

ette', essay', v., -er, -ing, -sayed'. 

e tat' -ma jor' (a ta'»ma zhor'). 

es'sence, -senced, -sen cing. 

et cet'e ra or et cet'e ra or et 

Es senes' (-senz'), a community 

ccet'e ra. 

of Jews, -se'ni an, -se'nism {or 

etch, -er, -ing, etched, etch'- 


grain, -ing=embroid''ery, -ground. 

es sen'tial (-shal), -ly, -ness, 

-nee^dle, -point, -var^nish. 

-ti al'i tv (-shI al'-). 

e ter'nal, -ist, -ly, -ni ty, -nize. 

Es^sonnes' (-son'), vil. Fr. 

-nized, -ni^zing, -nl za'tion, nal'- 

es tab'lish, -ing, -er, -ment. 

i ty. 


e te'sian (-zhan). 

n6t, nor, iise, up, <arn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




e'ther, e the're ous, -re al, -al ly, 
-al ness, -al ism, -al ize, -ized, 
-lazing, -! za'tion, -al'i ty. 

e'ther ize, -ized, -i^zing, -i'zer, 
-I za'tion, e ther'ic, -ic al, e'ther- 
i fy^ (-fiO) -fy i"g> -fied, -form. 

feth'ics, eth'ic, -ic al, -al ly, eth'i- 
cist, -i cize, -cized, -ci^zing. 

E'thJ op, -op'ic, -6'pi an. 

eth'narch (-nark), -y. 

eth'nic, -al, -al ly, -ni cism, -nog'- 
e ny (-noj'-), -no gen'ic, -nog'- 
ra phy, -ra pher, -ra phist, -no- 
graph'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -nol'o gy, 
-o ger, -o gist, -no log'ic (-loj'-), 
-ic al, -al ly. 

eth^no psy choro gy (-si kol'-), 
-cho log'ic al (-loj'-). 

e thog'ra phy, -thol'o gy, -o gist, 
eth o log'ic (-loj'-), -al. 

€^ iJtOS * 

gth'yi, -V lasted (-1 la^-), e thyl'ic 

(-thil'-), eth'yl-blue. 
eth'ylene (-I-), -blue. 
E^tienne' (a''tyen'), Fr. writer. 
Et In car nd'ius, Et Res ur rex'it. 
e'tJ o late, -lasted, -la'tion. 
et'i quette (-ket or -ket'). 
Et'na, vol. Sic, -ne'an, et'na, a 

vessel for heating water. 
e toile' (a tw6l'). 
e tou pille' (a too pel'). 
Et'o wah, CO. Ala. 
E tru'ri an, -trus'can. 
e tude' (a tiid'). 
e tut' (a twe'). 
et y mol'o gy (-I-), -o gist, -o gize, 

-gized, -gi''zing, -mo log'ic (-loj'-), 

-ic al, -al ly. 
Eu boe'a (u be'a), isl. Med., 

Eu ca lyp'tus, Bot. genus; eu''ca- 

lyp tog'ra phy. 
eu'cha rist (-ka-), -ris'tic. 
eu'chre (-ker), -chred (-kerd), 

-chring, eu'chre-deck, -pack. 
Eu did e'an or -clid'i an. 
Eu fau'la, c. Ala. 
Eu g6 nie' (u^zha^ne'), Fr. em- 
Eu'ler (u'ler or oi'ler), Swiss 

eu lo'gi a, pi. -cb. 

eu'lo gize, -gized, -gi'zing, -gist, 

-gis'tic al, -al ly, -lo gy, pi. -gies, 

-lo'gi um, pi. -urns. 
Eu'me nes (u'me nez), Bih. 
Eu men'i des (-dez). 
Eu'nice (u'nis or u ni'ce), Bih. 
eu'nuch (-nuk). 
eu'phe mism, -mis'tic, -tic al, 

-al ly, -mize, -mized, -mi^zing. 
eu pho'ne, -pho'ni ad. 
eu ph6n'ic, -al, -pho'ni ous, -ous- 

ly, -ni um, eu'pho nize, -nized, 

-ni^zing, -pho nous, -pho ny. 
Eu phrSs'y ne (-fros'i-). Myth. 
Eu'phu es (u'fu ez). Fiction. 
eu'phu ism, -phu ist, -is'tic, -tic- 

al ly, -phu ize, -ized, -i^zing. 
Eu ra'sia (-rash'ya or -sha), -ra'- 

sian (-shan or -zhan). 
eu re'ka. 

Eu rip'i des (-dez), Gr. poet. 
Eu roc'ly don (-It-), Bib. 
Eu ro pe'an, -ism, -an ize, -ized, 

-i^zing, -I za'tion. 
Eu ryd'i ce (-rid'-), Myth. 
Eu se'bl us, Father of Church 

Historv; -bi an. 
Eu sta'chi an (-kl-). 
Eu ter'pe, Myth., -pe an. 
eu tha na'si a (-zhi a or -zi a). 
eu thym'i a (-tMm'-). 
eu'tro phy, -troph'ic. 
Eu'ty chus (u'ti kus), Bih. 
e vac'u ate, -a ted, -ting, -tive, 

-tor, -ant, -a'tion. 
e', -vad'ed, -ing, -a ble or 

-i ble, -va'sive, -sive ly, -sive- 

ness, -sion (-zhun). 
E v&d'ne, Beaumont and Fletcher. 
6v a nesce', -nesced' (-nest'), -nes'- 

cing, -nes'cence, -cent, -cent ly, 

-ci ble. 
e van'gel, -ism, -ist, -is tic, -ize, 

-ized, -i''zer, -i^zing, -I za'tion. 
ev'an gel'ic {or e''van-), -al, -al ly, 

-al ness, -al ism, -gel'i cism. 
E v3.n'ge line {or -lin), Long- 
e vap'o rate, -ranted, -ting, -tive, 

-ra ble, -ra'tion, -rom'e ter or 

-rim'-, e vap'o ra ting-cone, -dish, 

-fur^nace, -pan, -ra'tion -gage. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met; her, ice,, in, note, 




Sve, -churr. 

e'ven (-vn), v., -er, e'ven ing, 

making even; -ly, -ness, -vened, 

e'ven-fall, -handled, -hand^ed- 

ness, -mind^ed, ■"tem''pered, 

-song, e. down. 
eve'ning {or e'vn ing), the close 

of the day; -tide, »flow er, =gros- 

beak, 'prim rose, =song, e. star. 
e vent', -ful, -less, -ven'tu al, 

-al ly, -al'i ty, -tu ate, -a' ted, 

-ting, -a'tion. 
ev'er, -last'ing, -ing ly, -ing ness, 

-er glade, -green, -more, »bloom'- 

er, =dur^ing, -liv^ing. 
6 ver'sion (-shun), -ver'si ble. 
eve'ry (ev'ry or 6v'er y), -bddV, 

-thing, -where, -ry-day, a. 
e vict', -ed, -ing, -or, -vic'tion. 
ev'i dent, -ly, -ness, -dence, 

-denced, -denoting, -den'tial 

(-shal), -tial ly. 
e'vil (-vl), -ly, -ness, -vil -dis- 
posed'', -do^er, -eyed, -mind^ed, 

E'vil M6r'6 dach (-dak or e'vil - 

me ro'dach), Bib. 
e vince', -ment, -vinced', -vin'- 

cing, -vin'ci ble, -ci bly. 
e vis'cer ate, -a ted, -ting, -a'tion. 
e voke', -voked', -vok'ing, ev'o- 

ca ble, -ca tor, -ca'tion. 
6v o lu'tion, -al, -a ry, -ism, -ist, 

-is'tic, -o lute, -lu^tive. 
e v61ve', -ment, -volved', -v61v'a- 

ble, -ing, -ent, -er. 
E'wald (a'valt), Ger. critic. 
ewe (u), -cheese, -lease, -neck, 

Ew'ell (u'el), Confed. gen. 
ew'er (u'er), -y, pi. -les. 
ex ac'er bate (egz a,s'-), -baited, 

-baiting, -bes'cence. 
ex act' (egz akt'), -ed, -ing, -ing- 

ness, -ly, -ness, -ac'tion. 
ex act'er (egz-), in general, one 

who exacts. ex act'or, specific- 
ally, an officer. 
ex ag'ger ate (egz aj'-), -a'' ted, 

-ted ly, -acting, -tive, -tive ly, 

-tor, -to''ry, -a'tion. 
ex alt' (Sgz-), -ed, -ed ly, -ed- 

ness, -ing, -er, -al ta'tion. 

ex am'ine (egz-), -ined, -in ing, 

-i na ble -na bil'i ty, -nant, 

-nate, -na'tion, -tion al, -tion- 

ism, -i nee', -in er, -er ship, 

-i na'tion -pa''per. 
ex am'ple (6gz-). 
ex'a ris'tate. 
ex as'per ate (6gz-), -a ted, -a- 

ting, -a ter, -a'tion. 
ex'ca vate, -va ted, -ting, -tor, 

ex ceed', -ed, -er, -ing, -ing ly. 
ex eel', -celled', -cel'ling. 
ex'cel lent, -ly, -lence, -len cy. 
ex cel'sl or, w., ex cel'si or, ever 

ex cept', -ed, -ing, -er, -cep'tion, 

-tion a ble, -ble ness, -a bly, 

-tion al, -al ly, -al ness, -al'i ty, 

-tion less, -cep'tive, -tor. 
ex cerpt', -ed, -ing, -cerp'tive, -tor, 

ex cess', -ive, -ive ly, -ive ness. 
ex change', -a ble, -a bly, -a bil'- 

i ty, -changed', -chan'ging, -ger. 
ex chfiq'uer (-chek'er). 
ex cise' (-siz'), -man, pi. -men, 

-cised', -ci'sing (-zing), -ci'sion 

ex cite', -ment, -ful, -cit'ed, -ing, 

-ing ly, -a ble, -a bil'i ty, -cit'ant, 

-a tive, -ive, -or, -cit'a to ry, ex'- 

ci ta'tor, -cl ta'tion. 
exclaim', -er, -ing, -claimed', 

-cl3,m'a tive, -tive ly, -a to^ry, 

-to''ri ly, -cla ma'tion, -ma'tion- 

mark, -point. 
ex elude', -clud'ed, -ing, -er, -clu'- 

sion (-zhun), -sion ism, -sion ist, 
-clu'sive (-siv), -sive ly, -sive- 

ness, -siv ism, -siv ist, -so ry. 
ex cog'i tate (-k6j'-), -i ta'tion. 
ex com mu'ni cate, -ca'ted, -ting, 

-ca ble, -ca''tor, -to'ry, -cant, -ca'- 
ex con ces'so. 
ex co'ri ate, -a ted, -ting, -a ble, 

ex'cre ment, -men'tal, -men'ta ry, 

-men ti'tial (-tish'al), -ti'tious 

ex cres'cence, -cen cy, -cent, 


not, nor, use, up, (irn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 




ex Crete', -cret'ed, -ing, -cre'tive 

(or ex'-), ex'cre to ry {or -ere'-). 

ex cre'ta, -cre'tal {or ex'-), -cre'- 

ex cru'ci ate (-shi ate), -a^ted, 

-ting, -ting ly, -a'tion. 
ex cu'bi to'ri um, pi. -ri a. 
ex cul'pate, -pa ted, -ting, -to''ry, 

-pa ble, -pa'tion. 
ex cu'ri a. 

ex cur'sion (-shun), -al, -ist. 
ex cur'sJve, -ly, -ness, ex cur'sus. 
ex cuse' (-kuz'), v., -cused', 

-cus'ing, -cus'a ble, -ble ness, 

-a bly, -a to^ry, -er. 
ex cuse' (-kus'), w., -less. 
ex'e crate, -crafted, -ting, -ara- 
ble, -bly, -tive, -tive ly, -to'ry, 

ex'e cute, -ousted, -ting, -ta ble, 

-cutter, -cu'tion, -tion er. 
ex ec'u tive (6gz-), -tive ly, -u tant, 

-tor, -tor ship, -to'ry, -to'ri al, 

-u trix or -tress, ex e cu tmre' (egz- 

a kdo tw6r'). 
ex e ge'sis, -get'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

-ics, ex'e gete, -ge'tist. 
ex em'plar (egz-), ex'em pla^ry 

(egz'- or 6ks'-), -ri ly, -ri ness. 
ex em'pli fy (egz-), -ing, -fied, 

-fi^a ble, -fi^er, -fl ca'tion. 
ex em'pli gra'ti a (egz em'pli gra'- 

shl a). 
ex empt' (Sgz-), -ed, -ing, -i ble, 

ex'e qud'tur. 
ex'e quy, -e'qu! al. 
ex'er cise (-siz), -cised, -closing, 

-ci''sa ble, -ser, -ci ta'tion. 
ex er'cl tor (ggz-), -to'ri al. 
ex erf (Sgz-), -ed, -ing, -ive, 

ex'e unt. 
ex hale', -haled', -hal'ing, -a ble, 

-ant, -ha la'tion. 
exhaust' (6gz aust' or -haust'), 

-ed, -ing, -ing ly, -er, -i ble, 

-i bil'i ty, -ive, -ive ly, -less, 

-haus'tion (-chun), ex haust'- 

cham^ber, -draught, =fan, =noz^zle, 

-pallet, -pipe, -port, -pu^ri fi er, 

-reg'u la tor, -steam, -syr^inge 

(-sir^-), -valve. 

ex hib'it (egz ib'it or eks hib'it), 

-ed, -ing, -er, -ant, -ive, -ive ly, 

-or, -o''ry, ex hi bi'tion (eks hl- 

bish'un), -tion al, -tion er. 
ex hil'a rate (egz il'-), -ranted, 

-ting, -ting ly, -a rant^ -a ra'- 

ex hort' (egz ort'), -ed, -ing, -er, 

-hor'ta tive, -ta to''ry, ex hor ta'- 
tion (eks^hor-). 
ex hume', -humed', -hum'ing, -hu- 

ex'i gen cy, -gence, -gent, -gi ble. 
ex ig'u ous (egz ig'- or eks ig'-), 

ex'ile (eks-), -iled, -iFing. 
ex ist' (egz-), -ed, -ing, -ence, 

-en cy, -ent, -i ble, -bil'i ty. 
ex'it, ex i'tial (egz ish'al), -i'tious 

ex le'ge (eks le'je). 
ex li'bris. 

ex'o dus, ex'ode, -od'ic. 
ex of fi'ci (-fish'l 6). 
ex og'a my, -a mous, -o gam'ic, 

-ga mit'ic. 
ex'o gen, -ge net'ic, -og'e nous 

ex on'er ate (5gz-), -a^ted, -ting, 

-tive, -tor, -a'tion. 
ex'o ra ble (eks'-). 
ex or'bi tant (egz-), -ly, -tance, 

-tan cy. 
ex'or cise, -cised, -casing (-zing), 

-ci^ser, -cism, -cis'mal (-siz'-), 

ex or'di um (egz-), pi. -ums or 

-a, -di al. 
ex os'cu late {or egz-), -lasted, 

-ting, -la'tion. 
ex'os mose^ (-mos' or ex'6s'-), -os'- 

mic or -os mot'ic, -mo' sis. 
ex o tfir'ic, -al, -al ly, -i cism, 

ex ot'ic (egz- or eks-), -ic al, -al- 

ness, -i cism. 
ex pand', -ed, -ing, -er, -panse', 

-pan'si ble, -ble ness, -bly, -bil'- 

i ty, -pan'slle, -pan'sive, -sive ly, 

-sive ness. 
ex pan'sion, -ist, -sion-can, -coup^- 

ling, -curb, -curve, -drum, -en''- 

gine, -gear, -joint, -valve. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice. In, note. 

ex parte 



ex par'te, adv., ex'par'te, a. 

ex pa'ti ate (-shi-), Vted, -ting, 

-tor, -to''ry, -a'tion. 
ex pa'tri ate, -a' ted, -ting, -a'tion. 
ex pact', -ed, -ed ly, -ing, -ing ly, 

-a ble, -ance, -an cy, -ant, -ant- 

ly, -a tive, -pec ta'tion. 
ex pec'to rate, -ra''ted, -ting, -tive, 

-rant, -ra'tion. 
ex pe'di ent, -ly, -di en cy, -en'- 

tial, -tial ly. 
ex'pe dite, -ly, -dieted, -ting, -di'- 

tious (-dish'us), -tious ly, -tious- 

ex pe dJ'tion (-dish'un), -a ry, -er. 
ex pel', -ling, -la ble, -lant, -ler, 

-pelled', -pul'sive, -sive ness, 

ex pend', -ed, -ing, -er, -a ble, 

-i tor, -i ture. 
ex pense', -pen'sive, -sive ly, 

-sive ness. 
ex per ge fac'tion (-je-). 
ex pe'ri ence, -enced, -en cing, 

-en cer, -en'tial, -tial ism, -tial- 

ex pSr'i ment, -ed, -ing, -men^ter, 

-tist, -men'tal, -tal ist, -tal ize, 

-tal ly, -men ta'tion. 
ex pert', a., -ly, -ness. ex'pert 

{or -pert'), n. 
ex'pJ ate, -a ted, -ting, -tor, -to^ry, 

-a ble, -a'tion, -tion al. 
ex pire', -pired', -pir'ing, -a ble, 

-ant, -a to^ry, -pi ra'tion. 
ex plain', -ing, -er, -a ble, 

-plained', -plan'a tive, -a to''ry, 

-to ri ly, -ri ness, -pla na'tion. 
ex'ple ment. 

ex'ple tive, -tive ly, -to^ry. 
ex'pli cate, -canted, -ting, -ca ble, 

-ble ness, -tive, -tor, -to ry, -cand', 

ex plic'it (-plis'-), -ly, -ness. 
ex plode', -plod'ed, -ing, -ent, -er, 

-plo'si ble, -sive (-siv), -sive ly, 

-sive ness, -sion (-zhun). 
ex ploit', -ed, -ing, -er, -ploi'ture, 

-ploi ta'tion. 
ex plore', -plored', -plor'ing, 

-plor'a ble, -a tive, -to'ry, -er, 

-plo ra'tion. 
ex po'nent, -nen'tial. 

ex'port, 71., ex port', v., -ed, -ing, 

-a ble, -a bil'i ty, -er, -por ta'- 
ex pose' (-poz'), -posed', -pos'ed- 

ness, -pos'er, -al, -ing, -po'sure 

(-zhur), -po si'tion (-zish'un). 
ex po se' (eks''p6''za'). 
ex pos'i tor (-poz'-), -i to^ry, 

-i tive. 
ex post fac'to. 
ex pos'tu late, -la''ted, -ting, -tor, 

-to^ry, -la'tion. 
ex poiuid', -ed, -ing, -er. 
ex press', -age, -ing, -er, -i ble, 

-i bly, -ive, -ive ly, -ive ness, 

-ly, -ness, -pressed', -press'man, 

-press'»buFlet, ■-car, =ri''fle, =train, 

ex pres'sion (-presh'un), -al, 

-less, -sion=mark, =point, »stop. 
ex pro'pri ate, -a'ted, -ting. 
ex punge', -punged', -pun'ging, 

ex'pur gate {or -pur'-), -ga tor, 

-pur'ga to ry, -to'ri al, -ga'tion. 
ex'qui site (-zit), -ly, -ness. 
ex sect', -ed, -ing, -sec'tion. 
ex sert'ed or -sert', a., -ser'tlle, 

ex'sic cate {or -sic'-), -canted, 

-ca''ting, -cantor, -sic'ca tive, 

ex'tant {or -tant'). 
ex tern po ra'ne ous, -ly, -ness, 

-tem'po ra ry, -ra'ri ly, -tem'- 

po re. 
ex tem'po rize, -rized, -ri^zer, 

-ri^zing, -ri za'tion. 
ex tend', -ed, -ed ly, -ant, -er, 

-ing, -i ble, -i bil'i ty, -ten'si ble, 

-ble ness, -bil'i ty, -sile, -sion al, 

-sive, -sive ly, -sor, pi. -sors or 

-so'res (-rez), -som'e ter, ex tent'. 
ex ten'sion, =ped^al, =ta'ble. 
ex ten'u ate, -a''ted, ting-, -ting ly, 

-tive, -tor, -to'ry, -a'tion, 
ex te'ri or, -ly, -ize, -ized, -i^zing, 

-I za'tion, -or'i ty. 
ex ter' mi nate, -nVted, -ting, -tor, 

-to^ry, -na'tion. 
ex ter'nal, -ly, -ism, -ize, -ized, 

-lazing, -i za'tion, -is'tic, -nal'i ty, 

ex^tern' or -terne'. 

not, nor, use, iip, tarn, etiide, food, fdot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




ex tinct', -tinc'tion. 

ex tin'guish, -a ble, -er, -ing, 

ex'tir pate {or -ter'-), -pa''ted, 

-ting, -live, -tor, -tir'pa to^ry, 

ex tSr {or -tol'), -ling, -ler, 

ex tort', -ed, -ing, -er, -tor'tion, 

-tion a ry, -ate, -er, -ist. 
ex'tract, n., ex tract', v., -ed, -ing, 

-a ble or -i ble, -ive, -or, 

ex'tra dite, -dieted, -di'ting, -di'- 

ta ble {or -di'-), -dl'tion (-dish'- 

ex tra'dds, -d6sed. 
ex'^tra-es sen'tial. 
ex^tra haz'ard ous, -ju di'cial 

(-dish'al), -cial ly, -mun'dane, 

ex tra'ne ous, -ly. 
ex traor'di na ry (-tror'-), -na- 

ri ly, -ri ness. 
ex trav'a gant, -ly, -gance, -gan'za, 

ex treme', -ly, -ness, -trem'ist, 

-trem'ism, -trem'i ty. 
ex'tri Gate, -ca ted, -ting, -ca'tion. 
ex trin'sic (-stk), -al, -al ly, -al- 

ness, -si cal'i ty. 

ex trorse', -ly, -tror'sal. 

ex trude' '(-trdod'), -trud'ed, 
-trud'ing, -tru'so ry, -tru'sion 

ex u'ber ance {or egz-), -an cy, 
-ber ant, -ant ly. 

ex ude', -ud'ed, -ud'ing, -ud'a- 
tive, -u da' tion. 

ex ult' (egz-), -ance, -an cy, -ant, 
-ing, -ing ly, -ed, -ul ta'tion 

ex u'vi ate {or egz-), -a ted, -ting, 
-vl al, -a ble, -a bil'i ty, -a'tion. 

eye (i), eyed, ey'ing or eye'ing, 
eye'less, -bait, -ball, -bar, -beam, 
-bolt, -bright, -brow, -cup, 
-drop, -flap, -glance, -glass, 
-hole, -lash, -let, -let eer', -lid, 
-piece, -reach, -salve, -serv'ant, 
-serv^er, -serv'ice, -shot, -sight, 
-sore, -stalk, -stone, -string, 
-tooth, -wash, -waiter, -wink, 
-wink^er, -wit^ness, -wort. 

eye' -agnate, -bone, -brighf'en ing, 
-case, 'doc^tor, -dof'ter, -for^- 
ceps, -in^stru ment, -lens, "line, 
-lobe, -mem^o ry, -m indeed, 
-o'pen er, -pit, -point, -pro tect^- 
or, -shade, -spec'u lum, -splice, 
-spot, -spot'ted. 

ey'ra (i'ra). 

eyre (air). 

/[-hole, F-pan el, F clef. 

fa, a musical syllable. 

fa', contraction of fall. 

fa'ljer, a fish. Fa'ber, Eng. divine. 

Fa'ber, Ger. divine. 
fa'ble, -bled, -bling, -bier, -ble- 

mon^ger (-mun''-). 
f3.b'ric, -ri cate, -canted, -ting, 

-tor, -cant, -ca'tion. 
Fa bri'ci us (fa brish'i us), Rom. 

gen. and statesman. 
Fa bri'ci us (fa brit'se d6s), Ger. 

fab'u lous, -ly, -ness, -u list, -u lize, 

-lized, -li^zing. 

)a Qade' (-sad' or -sad'). 

face, faced, fa'cer, fa'cing, face'- 
a ble, fa'cial, -cial ly, -ci es 
(-sh! ez). 

face-ache, -a'gue, -card, -cloth, 
-cov'er, -guard, -ham'mer, -joint, 
-lathe, -mite, -mold, -paint^er, 
-piece, -plan, -plate, -poVder, 
-wall, -wheel, f. val'ue. 

fac'et (fas'-), -ed, -ing. 

fa ce'tious (-shus), -ly, -ness, 
-ce'ti a (-shi e). 

fac'Ile (fas'-), -ly, fac'ile prin'ceps. 

fa cil'i tate, -tasted, -ting, -cil'i ty, 
-I ta'tion. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note. 




fa'cing'brick, <=ma chine^ «sand. 

fack'el tanz (-1 tiints). 

fac sim'i le (fak-), pi. -i les (-lez), 
-i list. 


fac'tion, -al, -tion ist, -tious, -tious- 
ly, -tious ness. 

fac ti'tious (-tish'us), -ly, -ness. 

fac'ti tive, -ti tude. 

fac'tor, -age, -tor ize, -ized, 
-^zing, -tor ship, -to ry, -to'ri al. 

fac to'tum, pi. -turns. 

fac'ul ty, -ul ta'tive, -tive ly. 

fad, -dish, -dish ness, -dist. 

fa daise' (-daz'). 

fade, -less, -less ly, fad'ed, -ed ly, 
-ing, -ing ly, -ing ness. 

fce'ces (fe'sez). See feces. 

Faed (fad), Scot, artist. 

fcBX pop'u II (feks). 

fag, -ging, fagged, fag-end, -mas'- 

fag'ot, -ed, -ing, fag'ot=i^ron, 
-vote, -vot'er. 

fa got' to. 

Fah'ren heit (fa'- or fSr'-), the 
name of the thermometer and its 

Fai dherbe' (fa^erb'), Fr. gen. 

fa ience' (fa yohs')- 

fail, -ing, -ure, failed. 

faille (fa'y' or fal). 

Fail Ion'' (fa-'yon'), Fr. auth. 

fain, -ness. 

Fai n^ ant', Le Noir (le nwar 
fa^na''6h'), Scott, Ivanhoe. 

fai ne ant' (fa na oh'), fain'e 3.nce. 

Fai ne ants', Les Rois (la rwa 
fa''na^6h'). Fiction. 

faint, -ed, -ing, -ish, -ish ness, 
-ly, -ness, »heart, -heart'ed, 
-heart ed ly, -heart ed ness. 

fiir, -ly, -ness, -way, -con di^- 
tioned, -faced, -fin^ished, 

-ground, -hair, -haired, -lead^er, 
-maid, a fish; -mlnd^ed, -mind- 
ed ness, -na^tured, -seem^ing, 
-spo^ken, -weath''er, a., fair- 
maids -of -Feb'ru a ry, a plant; 
fair=maids-of-France, a flower. 

Fair G6r'al d!ne. 

fdir'y, -land, -like, -ism, fair i ly, 
fair'y-bird, -but^ter, -cups, 

-fin^gers, -loaf, -mar^tin, -pursues, 

-shrimp, -stone. 
fait ac com' pit (fat ac con'ple). 
faith, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, 

-less, -less ly, -less ness, -cure, 

-doc^tor, -heaFer. 
Fai za'bad' (fi za'bad'), div. and 

t. Brit. India. 
fake, -ment, faked, fak'ing, fak'ing- 

fa'ker, a surf man; a street 

vender; one who originates a 

fake; a pickpocket. Sometimes 

spelled fa'kir. 
fa'kir (fa'ker or -ker'), a Mo- 
hammedan mendicant; -kir'ism. 
fai cade'. 

fa,l'cate, -ca ted, -ca'tion. 
fal'chion (-chun). 
Fal con', state Venez. 
fal'con (fa'kn or fa.l'kon), -con er 

(fa'kn er), -con ry, fil'co net, 

fai'con-bill, -eyed, -gen^tle, 

Fal'con er (fawk'ner or faw'kon- 

er), Scot, poet; Scot, scientist. 
m det'ta. 

Fa ler'no, -ler'ni an. 
fall, fell, fall'ing, -en (-n), -er, fall'- 

fish, -way. 
fall' -block, -board, -cloud, -gate, 

-rope, -trap, -unMer. 
fall'ing-door, -sickness, fall'ing 

off, f. out, f. star, fall'en-star, 

a plant; fall'er-wire. 
fal la'cious (-shus), -ly, -ness, 

fal'la cy, pi. -cies. 
f&l'low, -ness, -chat, -crop, -dun, 

-finch, f. deer, 
false, -hood, -ly, -ness, -faced, 

-heart^ed, -heart'ed ness, -hoofed. 
fal set'to, pi. -tos (-toz). 
fal'si fy, -ing, -fied, -fi'a ble, 
"'-fier, -f! cantor, -ca'tion, fal'- 
si ty. 
Fal'staff, -staf'fian. 
fai'ter, -ing, -ing ly, -tered. 
fa lu'a (-loo'-). 
falx (falks), pi. fdl'ces (-sez). 
fame, -less, famed, fam'ing, 
fa meuse' (-muz' or -mez'). 
la mil'iar (-yar), -ly, -ness, -mil- 

i a.r'i ty (or -mil ySr'-). 

not, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bohmot, thus. Bach. 




fa mil'iar ize (-yar-), -ized, 
-i zing, -l za'tion. 

fam'i ly. 

Fa min' (fa^man'), Fr. publicist. 

fam'ine, -bread. 

fim'ish, -ing, -ished. 

fa'mofis, -ly. 

fam'u lus, pi. -ll, -u list. 

fan, -ner, -ning, fanned, fan'fish, 
-foot, -light, -tail, -wise, fan'- 
blast, -blow^er, »c6r^al, -crest, 
-crest^ed, -crick^et, -frame, 
-gov'ern or, -jet, -lace, -palm, 
-shell, -tailed, -tan, -train^ing, 
-veined, -ven''ti la tor, -wheel, 
-winged, f. struc^ture, f. tra'- 
cer y, f . win'dow, fan'ning-ma- 
chine'', -mill, f. out. 


fa nam'. 

fan&t'ic, -al, -ally, -alness, -icism, 
-cize, -cized, -ci''zing. 

f&n'cy, -ing, -ci er, -ci ful, -ful ly, 
-ful ness, -ci less, fan'cy-free, 
-line, -mon^ger, -sick, -store, 

fan dan'gle. 

fan dan'go. 


ja ne'ga (-na'-). 

Fan'euil (f^n'el or fun'el), founder 
of Faneuil Hall in Boston. 

fan'fare, -far o nade'. 

fang, -er, -ing, -less, fanged, 




fan tas'tic, -al, -al ly, -al ness, 
-ti cal'i ty, fan tasque' (-task')- 

fan'ta sy, -ing, -ta sled, fan ta'- 
si a (-zl a). 

fan toe ci'ni (fan^tot che'ne). 

far, -ness, -a way'', a., -fetched, 
-off, -reach''ing, -seeding, -sight, 
-sight'ed, -sought. See farther. 

F3.r'a day, Eng. scientist; -da'ic, 
f3.r a da'ic, pertaining to elec- 
tricity, fflr'ad, -ad'ic, -a dism, 
-a dize, -dized, -di^zing, -zer, 
-dl za'tion. 

far al Ion' (far al yon'). 

fa ran dole' or -ran'do la. 

farce, far'cl cal, -cal ly, -cal ness, 
-cal'i ty, -ceur' (ser'). 



far'dage {or -dazh'). 

far'del, -bound. 



f4re, fared, far'ing, fare well', 
fare' -box, -inMi ca tor, -wick^et. 

Fa ri bault' (fa^re bo'). Can. anti- 

Far^i bault' (far^e bo'), co. and c. 

fa ri'na (-re'- or -ri'-), far'i na'- 
ceous, -ceous ly, -i nose (-nos), 
-nose ly, fa ri'na -boiler. 

Fa ri na'ta de'gli U ber'ti (fa- 
re na'ta da'lye d6ber'te), Dante, 


farm, -ing, -er, -a ble, -house, 
-stead, -yard, -baiFiff, -build'ing, 
-hand, -meal, -office, -place, 

fa'ro, a game, -bank, -box. 

fa'ro, a Belgian beer. 

Fa'ro, t. Port, (fa'rot)), isl. Baltic 

Fa'roe (fa'ro or -rob e), -ro ese' 
{or -ez'). 

Far'quhar (far'kwar), Irish dram. 

far rd'go. 

Fir'rar, Eng. divine. 

fir'ri er, -er y. 

f&r'row, -ing, -rowed. 

far't&er, -most, -thest, fur'ther, 
-thest. Some writers limit far- 
ther and farthest to distance in 
time or space, and further and 
furthest to quantity or degree. 
This distinction is not sustained 
by the dictionaries. 


far'tRin gale. 

fas'ces (-sez). 


fas'ci a (fSsh'i a), pi. -ci oe, -ci al, 
-ci ate, -a ted, -ate ly, -a'tion, 
fas'ci a-board. 

fas'ci cle, -cled, -ci cule, -cic'u- 
lar, -lar ly, -u lus, pi. -u It, 
-u late, -lasted, -late ly, -la'tion. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note, 




fas'ci nate, -na^ted, -ting, -ting- 

ly, -tor, -na'tion. 
fas cine' (-sen'), -cined', -cin'ing 

(-sen' ing), fas cine' ^d welder, 

fash, -er y. 
f^sh'ion (-un), -ing, -a ble, -a bly, 

-a ble ness, -er, -less, -ioned. 
fash'ion-mon'ger, -piece, «plate, 

'tim'ber, fash'ion ing=neeMle. 
Fas quelle' (-k61'), Fr. auth. 
fast, -ed, -ing, -er, -ness, -land, 

-day, -handled, «shot, fast'ing- 

fas' ten (f2,s'n), -ing, -er, -tened 

fas tid'i ous, -ly, -ness. 
fas tig'i ate (-tij'-), -ly, -a ted, 

-i um, pi. -i a. 
f&t, -ted, -ting, -ling, -ly, -ness, 

fat'ten (-n), -tened, -ten er, 

-ten ing, -ty, -ti ness, -back, a 

fish; -head, a fish. 
fat'»bird, the sandpiper; -brained, 

-cell, -faced, -hgad'ed, -hen, a 

plant; -lean, -lute, fat'ting- 

fa'tal, -ly, -ness, -ism, -ist, -ist'ic, 

-tal'i ty. 
fa'ta Mdrga'na. 
fate, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, fat'ed, 

fa'ther, -ing, -hood, -less, -less- 

ness, -ly, -li ness, -land, -ship, 

Fa'ther, the Supreme Being; a 

fath'om (-um), -ing, -a ble, -er, 

-less, -omed, -om=line, -wood. 
fa tid'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 
fa tigue' (-teg'), -tigued', -tigu'- 

ing (-teg'ing), -ing ly, -tigue'- 

some, -call, -cap, -dress, -du''ty, 

Fa'ti ma (-te-), daughter of 

F&t'J ma, Fiction. 
Fat'i mite or -mide. 
fa tis'cence, -cent, 

fat'u ous, fa tu'i tous, -i ty. 
fau'hourg (fo'boorg or fo^boor'). 
fau'ces (-sez), fau'cal 

fau'cet, -bit, -fiFter, -joint, -key, 

}au' chard (fo'shard). 

Fau cher' (fo'sha'), Fr. economist. 

Fau g^re'- (fo'zher'), Fr. littera- 

Fau'glia (foul'ya), vil. It. 

fault, -y, -i ly, -i ness, -less, -less- 
ly, -less ness, -find^er, -find^ing, 
-block, -es carp^ment, -rock, 


fau'na, pi. -nae or -nas, -nal, 
-na'li a, -nist, -nist'ic, -nol'o gy, 
-no log'ic al, -nule. 

Fau'nus, Myth, fau'nus, pi. -ni, 

Faust (foust), Ger. necromancer. 

Faus'tus, Fiction. 

fdu'teuil' (fo'tel'). 

faux jour {io' zhoor'), faux/ pas' 

fa ve'o late, -o lus, pi. -li, fa- 

fa vil'lous. 

fa vis'sa, pi. -scs. 

Fa vo'ni us, Myth., -ni an. 

fa'vor, -ing, -ing ly, -a ble, -bly, 
-ble ness, -Ite, -it ism, -ize, -ized, 
-i^zing, -less, -vored, -vored ly, 
-vored ness. 

Favre (favr), Fr. politician. 

fawn, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -ing ness, 
fawned, fawn'-coFored. 

fay, -ing, fayed. 

Fay al' (fi al'), Azores isl. 

fe'al ty. 

fear, -ing, -er, -ful, -ful ly, -ful- 
ness, -less, -less ly, -less ness, 
-naught, -some, -some ly, 


fea'si ble (fe'zl-), -ble ness, -bly, 
-bil'i ty. 

feast, -er, -ing, -ful, -ed, feast' - 


ffiath'er, -ing, -y, -i ness, -less, 
-let, -few, -foil, -head, -top, -bone, 
-brain, -weight, a person; -wing, 
a moth; feath'ered. 

f6atli'er=al'um, -bear^er, -bed, 
a bird; -bird -board'ing, 
-brained, -cloth, -curl er, -driv- 
er -edge -fish er, -grass, -joint. 

n6t, nor, use, up, 6rn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 

feather=> maker 



-mak er, -man, -moss, -ore, 
-palm, -poke, -ren'o va tor, 
-shot, -spray, -spring, -star, 
-stitch, -tract, -veined, -weight, 
a weight; -work, f. bed, a bed. 

fea'ture, -less, -ly; -li ness, -tured, 
-tur ing. 

fe'brlle (or feb'-), -bril'i ty, 
-brif'er ous, -brif ic, -brif u gal, 
feb'ri fuge, -ri fa'cient. 

Feb'ru a ry. 

Feb'ru lis, Myth., feb ru a'tion, 

fe'ces (-sez) or fce'ces, fe'cal. 

Fech'ner (fgdi'ner), Ger. natural- 

Fech'ter (fgdi'ter), Fr. actor. 


fec'u lence, -len cy, -lent. 

fSc'und, -un date, -da'ted, -da tor, 
-da'tion, fe cun'di ty. 


fed'er al, -ism, -ist, -ize, -ized, 
-lazing, -I za'tion. 

fed'er ate, -a ted, -ting, -tive, 
-tive ly, -a'tion, -a'tion ist. 

(fa da re'che), 


Fe de ri'ci 


fe do'ra. 

fee, -a ble, -ing, feed, fee'-es tate, 
-farm, ^fund, -grief. 

fee'ble, -ness, fee'bly, -ble- 
mind^ed, -mind''ed ness. 

feed, -ing, -er, fed, feed' -a pron 
(-a^purn), -bag, -cloth, -cut ter, 
-door, -hand, -head, -heat er, 
-mo tion, -pipe, -pump, -rack, 
-reg^u la tor, -roll, -screw, 
-trough, -wa ter, -wheel, -wire. 

feed'ing-bot tie, -en^gine, -ground, 
-head, -plat^form. 

Fee jee'an. See Fijian. 

feel, -er, -ing, -ing ly, felt. 

feer, -ing, feered. 

feign (fan), -ing, -ing ly, -er, -ed, 
-ed ly, -ed ness, feigned. 

feint (faint). 

Feith (fit), Dutch poet. 


Fe li'ce (fa le'cha). It. auth. 

fe lic'i tate (-lis'-), -i tous, -tous- 
ly, -tous ness, -i ty, -i ta ted 
-ting, -ta'tion. 

fe'line, -lln'i ty, -lit'o mist, -o my. 

Fe'lix, a Bishop of Rome. 
Fe lix' (fa les'), Fr. preacher. 
fell, -a ble, -er, -ing, -ness, 

felled, fell'ing-ax, -ma chine^ 

-saw, -wedge. 
fel'low, -less, fel'low-craft, -feel, 

-feel'ing, -like, -wheel. 
fel'low be'ing, f. cit'i zen, f . 

com'mon er, f. coun'try man, f. 

crea'ture, f. gen'er a tor, f. heir, 

f. help'er, f. man, f. mor'tal, 

f. sub'ject. 
fel'low ship, -ping, -shipped. 
fel'ly or fel'loe, pi. fel'lies, fel'- 

loes (-loz), fel'ly-au^ger, -bend'- 

ing, -hording, -coup^ling, -dressi- 
er, -ma chine'', -plate, -saw'ing. 
fel'on, -y, -ry, -wood, -wort, 

fe lo'ni ous, -ous ly, -ous ness, 

fel'on -grass, -herb, -weed. 
felt, -ed, -ing, -y, -mak''er, -work, 

-cloth, -grain, felt'ing-ma chined 
Fgl'tre (-tra), t. It. 
fe luc'ca. 
fe'male, -mal'i ty. 
feme, jemme (f6m), 
fem'er ell or -el or -al. 
fem'f nine, -ly, -ness, -nin'l ty, 

-i cide, -nal'I ty. 
femme' 'de'Cham'hre (f3,m'-de-shon'- 

fe'mur, pi. -murs or fem'o ra. 
fen, -nish, -ny, -ber ry, -man, 

fen-boat, -crick et, -duck, -fire, 

-fowl, -goose, -land, -or^chis 

(-kis), -thrush. 
fence, -ful, -less, fen'cing, -cer, 

-ci ble, fenced. 
fence'-jack, -Uzard, -month, 

-play, -post, -rail, -time, 

-view er, fen'cing-gage, -ma- 

chine^ -nail, -school. 
fend, -ed, -ing, -er, fen'der-beam, 

-board, -bolt, -pile, -pose, -stop. 
fen dil W (fonMel^ya'). 
fen du' (fon dii'). 
Fe^ne Ion' (fa'ne Ion' or fanlon'), 

Fr. prelate. 
fe nes'tral, -trate, -tra^ted, fen- 

es tra'tion. 
fen'gite (-jit). 
Fe'ni an, -ism. 
fen'nel, -flow er, -seed, -wa ter. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fa,re, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




Fe'o dor (fa'6 dor), Czar of Russ. 
feoff (fef), -ment, feofifed, feof- 

fing, feoffor or -fer. 
fe'ral, fe'rine, -rine ly, -rine ness, 

fer'i ty. 
Fe ra'li a. 
fer'ment, w., -oil, -origan ism, 

-se cre''tion. 
fer ment', v., -ed, -ing, -a ble, 

-a bil'i ty, -a tive, -tive ness, 

-men tive, -ta'tion, fer ment'ing- 

square, -vat. 
fer'me ture. 
fern, -gale, -leaf, -shaw, -y, 

fer'ner y, fern' -bird, -owl, -palm, 

-seed, -tree. 
Fer n3.n'd6z, Sp. navigator. 
fe ro'cious, -ly, -ness, -roc'i ty 

F6r ra'ra, prov. It.; -ra rese' (-res' 

or -rez') . 
fgr'ret, -ed, -er, -ing. 
ffir'ric, fer'rous, -ru'gi na ted, -gi- 

nous, -gin'e ous (-jin-). 
f fir'ro type, -ty per (-ti^-) . 
fSr'rule (fer'ril or -rool), a ring 

or cap of metal; -ruled. 
ffer'ry, «., -man, -boat, -bridge, 

fer'ry, v., -ing, -ried, -ri age. 
flr'tile, -ly, -ness, -til'i ty. 
fer'ti lize, -lized, -li^zing, -li zer, 

-11 za'tion, -tion-tube. 
ffir'ule (-odI or -il), a rod, cane 

or ruler; -uled, -ul ing. 
fer' vent, -ly, -ven cy. 
fer'vid, -ly, -ness, -vor, -ves'cent, 

-vid'i ty. 
fgs'tal, -ly. 
fSs'ter, -ing, -tered. 
ffes'ti val, -tive, -tive ly, -tiv'i ty. 
ffes tODn', -er, -ing, -y, -tooned', 

fes toon' -blind. 
fetch, -er, -ing, fetch' =can''dle, 

]ete (fat), -day, jele cham pe'tre 

(sh6n pa'tr). 
fSt'id, -ness, fe'tor. 
fe'tish or -tich (-tish), -ism, -ist, 

-is'tic, -man, -snake. 
fgt'lock, -locked, -lock-boot, -joint. 

fet'ter, -ing, -er, -less, -lock, 
-tered, -ter-bone, -bush. 

fet'tle, -tied, -tHng. 

feud, -ist, feu'dal, -dal ism, -dal ist, 
-is'tic, -dal'i ty, -dal ize, -ized, 
-i^zing, -i za'tion, feu'da ry, -da- 
to^ry or -ta ry. 

jeu de joie (fe de zhwo). 

Feu'er bach (foi'er badi), Ger. 

FeuiFlet' (fe'ya'), Fr. auth. 

fe'ver, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, 
-ous, -few, -bush, -nut, -root, 
-twig, -weed, -wort, -bark, 
-blis ter, -heat, -sore, -tree. 

few, -ness. 


fez, pi. fez zes (-Sz). 

Fgz'zan', N. Afr. 

fi a' ere {ih a'kr or fya'kr). 

■fi an ce, fem. -cee (fe oh sa'). 

fias chef la (fyas kgt'ta), -chi no 
(-ke'no), pi. -chi'ni (-ke'ne). 

fi as' CO (fe as'ko), pi. -coes or -cos 


fi au'i (fe a'e). 

fib, -ber, -bing, fibbed. 

fi'ber or -bre, -bered, -ber less, 
-brous, fi'ber-cross, -faced, -gun, 
-plant, -stitch. 

fi'bril, -hriVla, pi. -Ice, fibrillar, 
-late, -la ted, -la'tion, -lifer ous, 
-bril lose (-los), -lous. 

fi'brin, -bri nous, -bri na'tion. 

Fich'te (fldi'te), Ger. philos. 

fi chu' (fe shoo' or fish'db). 

fic'kle (-1), -ness. 

fi'co (fe'ko), fi'coid, -coid'al. 

fic'tJle, -ness, -til'i a, -til'i ty, -tor. 

fic'tion, -al, -ist. 

fie ti'tious (-tish'us), -ly, -ness. 

fid, -ded, -ding. 

Fi dal'go (fe-), harbor Alas. 

fid'dle, -died, -dUng, -dler, -die- 
stick, -wood, a tree. 

fid'dle -bee tie, -block, -bow, 
-de-dee', -fad die, -fish, -head, 
-shaped, -string, -wood, wood 
used in making fiddles; fid'dler- 


Fi de'le, Shak., Cymheline. 

n6t, nor, use, up, tarn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 



filtering --tank 

fl del'i ty. 

fid'get, -ed, -ing, -y, -iness. 

f J du'ci a ry (-shi-), -du'cial 



field, -ed, -ing, -er, -fare. 

field' =ale, -ar tlFler y, -bat'ter y, 
-bean, "bed, -bird, -book, 
-bug, -car''riage, -coFors, -coro- 
net, -crick^et, -day, -der rick, 
-eq^ui page (-ek'^wi-), -glass, 
-gun, -hand, -hos''pi tal, -house, 
-lark, -lens, -lore, =mad''der, 
-mag'net, -mar^i gold, -mar shal, 
-mar tin, -mouse, -night, -notes, 
-of fi cer, -park, -piece, -plov^er 
(-pluv^-), -preach'er, -rolFer, 
-serv^ice, -spar'row, -sports, 
-staff, 'teVe graph, -train, -vole, 
-work, -works. 

fiend, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, -like. 

Fi'e ra bras' (fe'a ra bra'). Fiction. 

fierce, -ly, -ness. 

fi'e ri fd'ci as (-shI-). 

fi'er y {or fl'ry), -flare, -foot ed, 
-hot, -new, -short. 

Fies'o le (fyes'6 la), t. It. 

fi es'ia (fe es'ta). 

fife, fifed, fifing, fifer, fife- 
ma'jor, -rail. 

fifteen^, -teenth. 

fifth, -ly. 

fifty, -ti eth, -ty-fold. 

fig, -ging, -gy, fig'eat er, a beetle; 
-feed'er, an insect; -wort. 

fig-ap pie, -ba na'na, -blue, -cake, 
-dust, -eat er, a person; -faun, 
-gnat, -leaf, -mar^i gold, -moth, 
-shell, -tree, -wart, -worm. 

Fi^ga'ro' (fe'ga^ro'), Fiction. 

fight, -er, -ing, fought (fawt), 
fight'ing-fish, -sand^pi per, -stop^- 
per, f. cock. 


Fi gui er' (fe ge a'), Fr. auth. 

fig'u late, -la ted, -line. 

fig'ure, -ur al, -ur a ble, -a bil'- 
i ty, -ured, -ur ing, -ur ism, 
-u rine' (-ren'), -u rant, Jem. 
-rante', -ur ate, -a^ted, -a ting, 
-a tive^ -tive ly, -tive ness, -u ra'- 
tion, fig'ure head. 

fig'ure-cast^ing, -dance, -mak^er, 

Fi'ji an (fe'je an or -je'-) or 

Fee'jee an {or -jee'-). 
ff la'ceous (-shus). 
fil'a ment, -ed, -men'ta ry, -tous, 

-tif er ous. 
fi lin'der. 
fi'lar, fil'a ture. 
fi lasse' (-las'). 
fil'a tor. 

fil'bert, -gall, -tree. 
filch, -er, -ing, -ing ly, filched. 
file, -fish, fil'er, -ing, filed, file'- 

blank, -card, -car''ri er, -chis^el, 

-cleanser, -clos^er (-kloz^-), 

-cloth, -cut'ter, -fin''ish ing, 

-firming, -grmd''ing, -guard, 

-lead''er, -march^ing -mark, 

-sharp^en ing, -shell, -strip^per, 

-tem^per ing. 
fil'ing -block, -board, -ma chine^ 

fil'ings-sep'a ra tor. 
filet' (fela'). 
fil'ial (-yal), -ly, fil'i ate, -a ted, 

-ting, -a'tion. 
fil'i beg. 
fil'i bus ter, -er, -ing, -ism, 

fil iere' (fel yar'). 
fil'i form, -formed, fi lifer ous, 

fi'lose (-los), fil o selle' (-zel' or 

fil'o sel or -sef). 
fil'i gree, -glass, -point, -work. 
Fil i o'que. 
Fil i pi'no (-pe'-), pi. -nos (-noz), 

}em., -pi'na, pi. -nas (-naz). 
fill, -er, -ing, filled, fill'er-box. 
fill'ing-can, -en gine, -pile, -post, 

-thread, -tim bers. 
fil'let, -ed, -ing, -cut ter, -plane. 
fil'lip, -ing, -liped. 
film, film'y {or fil'my), film'i ness 

{or fil'mi-) 
fils (fes). 
fil'ter, -er, -ing, -tered, fil'ter-bed, 

-fau cet, -gal ler y, -pa per, 

-press, -pump. 
fil'ter ing=bag, -ba^sin (-sn), 

-box, -cup, -fun^nel, -hyMrant 

(-hi^-), -pa''per, -press, -stone, 


fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 




filth, -y, -i ly, -i ness. 

fil'trate, -tra ted, -ting, -tra'tion. 

fim'ble, -hemp. 

fim'bri ate, -a ted, -ting, -a'tion. 

fim'e ta'ri ous. 

fin, -ning, -ny, finned, fin'back, 
-fish, -foot, a bird; -tock, -weed. 

fin'=chain, -fold, -foot, foot of a 
bird; -pike, -ray, -spine, -told, 
-whale, -winged, fin'back-calf. 

fi'nal, -ly, -nal'i ty, fi na'le 
(fe na'la). 

fl nance', -nan'cial, -cial ly, -nan- 
cier', -cier'ing, -ciered', 

finch, finched, finch' -backed, 
-faFcon (-fa''kn), -tan'a ger. 

find, -a ble, -er, -ing, found, 
find'-spot, find'ing-list, -store. 

fine, -ly, -ness, fin'a ble, fin'er, 
-er y, fine'spun, fine-arch, -cut, 
-fin^gered, -rolls, -still, -spo ken 
(-kn), -fine'top -grass. 

fin'ing, -forge, -pot, -roll er. 

fine'draw, -er, -ing, -drawn, 
-drew, -drawn, a. 

fi nesse' (-nes'), -nessed', -nes'- 

fin'ger, -er, -ing, -ling, -gered, 
fin'ger breadth, -flow er, a plant. 

fin'ger, -aFpha bet, -bar, -board, 
-bowl, -brush, -c6r al, -count- 
ing, -cym bals, -fern, -glass, 
-grass, -"grip, -guard, -hole, 
-key, -mark, -mir ror, -nut, 
-plate, -point, -post, -puff, 
-read ing, -ring, -shell, -shield, 
-sponge, -stall, -steel, -tip. 

fJn'i al. 

fin'i cal, -ly, -ness, -cal'i ty, -ick- 
ing, -ick y. 

fin'i kin. 


fin'ish, -er, -ing, -ished, fin'ish- 
ing-card, -drill, -ham mer, 
-press, -rolls, -tool, fin'ish-turn. 

fi'nite, -ly, -ness, fin'i tude. 

Finn, Fin'land^er, Finn'ic, -ish. 

fi'nos (fe'noz). 


fiord or fjord (fyord). 

fip'pence, -pen ny. 

fir (fer), -ry, fir=p3.r rot, -tree, 
-wood, -wool. 

fire, fired, fir'ing, fi'er y, fire'arm, 
-back, -board, -bod y, -brand, 
-bug, -crack er, -crest, a bird; 
-drake, -flare, -flirt, -fly, -Ught, 
-lock, a gun; -man, -place, 
-proof, v., -side, -tail, an insect; 
a bird; -weed, -works. 

fire -a larm, -an ni''hi la tor, -ant, 
-ar row, -backed, -ball, -bal- 
loon, -bar, -bar rel, -bas ket, 
-bea con, -bell, -bill, -bird, 
-blast, -blight, -bo^t, -boom, 
-bote, -box, -brick, -bridge, 
-bri gade,^ -brush, -buck et, 
-cage, -cham''ber, -clay, -cock, 
-com^pa ny, -cross, -damp, -dog, 
-door, -dress, -eat er, -en gine, 
-es cape, -ex tin^guish er, -eye, 
a bird. 

fire' -fan, -feed er, -fiend, -finch, 
-fish ing, -flag, -fork, -gild ing, 
-gilt, -god, -grate, -guard, -hold- 
er, -hole, -hook, -house, -hunt, 
-hunt ing, -hy drant, -in sur^ance 
(-shoor^-), -i''ron, -kiln (-kil), -lad- 
der, -leaves, -hght er, -lock, a 
lock; -mace, -main, -mar ble, 
-mas ter. 

fire' -new, -of fice, -o pal, -or'- 
de al, -pan, -pike, -pink, -platt- 
ing, -plug, -point, -poFi cy, -pot, 
-proof, a., -quar ters, -raft, 
-rais ing, -red, -reg'u la tor, 
-roll, -room, -screen, -set, -set- 
ting, -shield, -ship, -shov el, 
-siFver ing, -spir it, -spot, -steel, 
-stick, -stone, -stop, -sur face, 
, -swab, -teFe graph, -tow er, 
-trap, -tree, -tube, -ward, 
-war den, -wa ter, -wood, 

-worm, -wor ship, fire de part^- 

fir'ing-i ron, -ma chine', -par ty, 
-pin, -point. 

fir'kin (fer'-). 

fir'lot (fer'-). 

firm, -er, -est, -ly, -ness, firm'- 
foot'ed, -hoofed, firm''er-chis'el, 
firm name. 

fir'ma ment, -men'tal. 

fir' man (fer'- or -man'). 

fir me (ferm). 

firn (fern). 

n6t, nor, use, up, ilrn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




first, -ly, -ling, first' -be got' ten, 
"■class, -foot, -fruit, -hand, -rate. 

fis'cal, fisc, fis'cus. 


fish, pi. fish, collectively; fish'es, 
individually; fished, fish'ing, -er, 
-er y, -a ble, -y, -i ness, fish'- 
ber'ry, -mon ger, -moth, -tail, 
an insect; -way, -wife, -worn an, 
-worm, fish'er man, -er folk, -er- 

fish' -back, -backed, -bait, -ball, 
-bar, -bas ket, -beam, -bed, 
-block, -bolt, -book, -boom, 
-breed er, -cake, -can, -car, 
-carv er, -chum, -coop, -creel, 
-crow, -cul ture, -cul'tur ist, 
-dav it, -day, -driv er, -duck, 
-fag, -fall, -farm, -farm er, 
-flake, -flour, -food, -fork, 
-freez er, -front, -fun gus, 

-garth, -gig, -globe, -glue, -god, 
-gua'no (-gwa'-), -hawk, -hook, 
-hus'band ry. 

fish'-joint, -kettle, -knife, -ladder, 
-line, -market, -maw, -meal, -net, 
-oil, -owl, -packing, -pearl, -plate, 
-poison, -pomace (-pum-), -pond, 
-pool, -pot, -pre serve', -prong, 
-rgf'use, -roe, -sauce, -scale, 
-scrap, -show, -skin, -slice, 
-slide, -smoth er, -sound, -spear, 
-stage, -store, -sto ry, -strain er, 
-tac kle, -tail, tail of a fish; 
-tongue, -tor pe'do, -trap, -trow- 
el, -van, -war den, -weir, -wood, 
-work er, -works, f . chow der, 
f. pie. 

fish'ing-banks, -boat, -duck, 
-ea'gle, -float, -frog, -ground, 
-hawk, -line, -net, -place, -rod, 
-room, -smack, -sta'tion, -swiv'- 
el, -tac'kle, -tube, f. out. 

fis'sion (fish'un), fis'sate, -slle, 
-sil'i ty, -si lin'gual. 

fis'si ped, -al {or -sip'e dal), -si- 

fis'sure (fish'-), -less, -sur al 
(-shdor-), -su ra'tion, -sured, fis'- 
sure -nee die, -vein. 

fist, -ic, -i cuff", -cuff er, -ing, 
-i an'a, fist' -ball, -law, -mate. 

fis tu'ca. 

fis'tu la, -tu lar, -lar y, -late, 

-la' ted, -lose (-los), -lous. 
fit, -ted, -ting, -ting ly, -ting ness, 

-ter, -ful, -ly, -ment, -ness, 

-ful ly, -ful ness, fit weed, -root, 

a plant; -rod, fit ting-shop. 
fitch, -brush. 
five, five'fin'ger, a plant; -fin gers, 

a starfish; -leaf, a plant; 

-mouth, a parasite; -pence, 

five' -boat er, -fin gered, -spot, 

-square, -twen ty, -fin ger-tied, 

Fives (fev), vil. Fr. 
fix, -a ble, -ate, -a tive, -a ture, 

-a'tion, -ed ly, -ed ness, -er, -ing, 

-i ty, -ture, fixed, fixed -eyed, 

Fi'zen' (fe'zen'), prov. Japan. 
fizz, -ing, fizzed, fiz'gig. 
fiz'zle, -zled, -zhng. 
}jeld (fyeld). 
fjord. See fiord. 
flab'by, -bi ly, -bi ness. 
flac'cid, -ly, -ness, -cid'i ty. 
flag, -man, -pole, -staff, -stone, 

-worm, -ging, -ging ly, flagged. 
flag -bear er, -cap tain, -feath er, 

-lieu ten'ant, -of fi cer, -root, 

-share, -ship, -sta tion, f. side, 

flag'ging-i ron. 
flag'el late (flaj'), -la'ted, -ting, 

-tor, -lant, -la' tion. 
fla gel'lum, pi. -lums or ~la. 
flag'eo let (flaj '6-), -tones. 
fla gi'tious (-jish-), -ly, -ness. 

fla'grant, -ly, -gran cy. 
fiail, -stone. 
flake, flaked, flak'ing, -er, -y, 

-i ness. 
flake' -fgath er, -room, -stand, 

-white, -yard, flak'ing-ham'mer. 
flam bage' (-bazh'). 
flam he (fl6n ba'). 
fl&m'beau (-bo), pi. -beaux or 

-beaus (-boz). 
flam boy'ant, -ly, -an cy. 
flame, -less, flam'ing, -ing ly, 

flam'y, flam'mule, flamed, 

flame'flow er, a plant. 

fate, fa,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note, 

flame -bearer 



flame' -bear er, -bed, -bridge, 

-cell, -cham ber, -col or, -col- 
ored, -en gine, -re ac''tion, -stop, 

-tree, -of -the = woods, a plant. 
fla'men, pi. -mens or flam'i nes 

(-nez), -men ship, fla min'e ous, 

-min'i cal. 
fla min'go, -plant. 
fl^, a flaw; a sudden gust of wind. 
jian (flon), a piece of metal. 
flinch, flanched. 
fid neur' (-ner'), -ne rie' (-re'). 
flange, flanged, flan'ging, flange'- 

gage, -joint, -Up, -pipe, -rail, 

-turn ing, -wheel, flan'ging- 

ma chine, -press. 
flank, -er, -ing, flanked. 
flan'nel, -let, -neled, flan nel- 

flow er, -mouthed, -plant, f. cake, 
flap, -per, -ping, flapped, flap'- 

drag on, -jack, -tail, a monkey; 

-door, -eared, -keep er, -tile, 

-valve, flap'per-skate. 
flare, flared, flar'ing, -ing ly, 

flare'-tin, -up. 
flash, -er, -ing, -y, -i ly, -i ness, 

flash'board, -man. 
flash'-flue, -house, -light, -pan, 

-pipe, -point, -test, -torch, 

-wheel, flash'ing-board, -bot tie, 

-fur nace, -point. 
flask, -board, -clamp, -shaped. 
flat, -ly, -ness, flat'bill, a bird; 

-boat, -fish, -long, -top, a plant; 

-wise, -worm, Flat'head, an 

flat' -bot tomed, -clam, -house, 

»i ron, -or^chil (-kil), -press, 

v., -rod, -tool, -ware, f. car. 
flat'ten, -er, -ing, -tened. 
flat'ten ing-fur nace, -hearth, 

-mill, -ov en, -plate, -stone, 

flat'ter, -a ble, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -y. 
flat'ting, -coat, -fur nace, -hearth, 

-mill, -plate, -stone, -tool, 
flat'u lent, -ly, -lence, -len cy, 

-u ous, -ous ness, fla'tus. 
Flau'bert' (flo'ber'), Fr. novelist. 
flaunt, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -y. 
flau'to (flou'to), flau tan' do, -td'to, 

-ti'no (-te'-), -to'ne. 

fla van'i line. 

fla ve'do. 

fliv'in, flav'i cant, fla ves'cent. 

fla'vor, -ing, -less, -ous, -vored. 

flaw, -less, -less ly, -y, flaw' -piece. 

flax, -en, -y, flax'seed, -weed, 
-bird, -brake, -bush, -comb, 
-cot ton, -cut ting, -dress er, 
-mill, -plant, -pull er, -scutch er, 
-thresh er, flax'seed-mill. 

flay, -er, -ing, flayed. 

flea, -bane, a plant; -bite, -bit ten, 
-seed, a plant; -wort, -bee tie, 
-bug, -glass, -louse. 

fleam, -tooth. 

fleche (flash). 

fleck, -er, -less, -y, -i ness, 


flec'tion or flex'ion (flgk'shun), 
-al, -less. 

fledge, fledged, fledg'ling or 
fledge'ling, fledg'y. 

flee, -ing, fle'er, fled. 

fleece, fleeced, flee cer, -cy, -cing, 
fleece-fold er, -wool. 

fleer, -ing, -ing ly, -er, fleered. 

fleet, -ing, -ing ly, -ing ness, -ly, 
-ness, fleet' -dike, -foot, -foot ed, 


Flei'scher (fli'sher), Ger. orien- 

Flfim'ing, Flem'ish, Flem'ish 
bond, F. brick, F. coil, F. 
di'a monds, F. point-lace, F. 

Flers (flar), t. Fr. 

flesh, -er, -ful, -y, -i ness, -less, 
-ly, -11 ness, -mon ger. 

flesh'-ax, -brush, -clogged, -col or, 
-crow, -eat er, -flea, -fly, -fork, 
-hd6k, -hoop, -juice, -knife, 
-meat, -pot, -red, -spic ule, 
-tint, -tooth, -worm, -wound, 
f. broth, flesh'ing-knife, flesh'ly- 
mind ed. 

fletch, -er, -ing, fletched. 

fleur-de4is' (fler-de-le'), pi. fleurs' 
(fler-), 'vo lant' (fler-v6 I6n'). 

fleu'ret (floo'-), fleu ron' (fle r6n'). 

flewed, flews (flooz). 

flex, -ing, flexed. 

n6t, nor, use, up, <irn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




flex'i ble, -ness, -I bly, -i bil'i.ty, 

flex'ion. See flection. 

flex'ure (flek'shd6r), -u ral, 
-u ose, -u ous, -or, pi. -ors or 
-o'res (-rez). 

flick, -ing, flicked. 

flick'er, -ing, -ing ly, -ered. 

fli'er or fly'er. Some autiiorities 
prefer flyer in certain cases. 

flight, -y, -i ly, -i ness, -less, flight'- 
ar^row, =feath^er, =goose, -shaft, 
-shoot ing, -shot. 


flim'sy (-zy), -si ly, -si ness. 

flinch, -er, -ing, -ing ly, flinched. 

flin'der, -ders. 

fling, -er, -ing, flung, fling'ing- 

flint, -y, -i ness, flint'lock, a gun; 
-stone, -ware, -wood, -heart ed, 
-knack er, -knap per, -lock, a 
lock; -mill, -par ing, -rope, 
-sponge, f. glass. 

flip, -ping, flipped, flip'flap, -jack, 

flip'pant, -ly, -ness. 


flird (flerd). 

flirt, -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -i gig. 

flisk, -ing, -y, -ma hoy, flisked. 


flit, -ted, -ting, -ting ly, -ter, -ty. 

flitch, -beam. 

float, -age, -ed, -er, -ing, -y, -stone, 
-board, -case, -cop per, -file, 
-grass, -min er al, -ore, -valve. 

float'ing -board, -heart, -is land, 
-lev er, -plate, -screed. 

floc'cus, pi. -cl, floc'cose (-kos), 
-cu lar, -cule, -cu lence, -cu- 
lent, -cu lose, -cu lus, pi. -ll. 

flock, -ling, -ing, -y, flocked, 
flock'man, -mas ter, -cut ter, 
-duck, -grind ing, -o pen er, 
-7)a per, -pow der, -print ing, f. 
bed, flock'ing-fowl, -ma chine. 

flo coon'. 

floe, -berg, -ice, -rat. 

flog, -ger, -ging, flogged, flog'- 
mas'ter, flog'ging-chis el, -ham- 

Floirac' (flw6 r^k'). 


flood (fliid), -age, -ed, -ing, -er, 
-gate, -an chor, -cock, -fence, 
-flank ing, -mark, -tide. 

floor, -age, -er, -ing, -less, -chis el, 
-cloth, -cramp, -frame, -guide, 
-hang er, -head, -hoi low, -light, 
-pan, -plan, -plate, -tim ber, 
-walk er, floor'ing-clamp. 

flop, -per, -ping, -py, -wing, 
-damp er. 

Flo'ra, Goddess of flowers; name 
of a person. 

flo'ra, Bot., flo'ral, -ral ly, -rist, 
-ra scope, -re a ted, -res'cence, 
-res'cent, flo'ret, -ri cul'ture, 
-cul'tur ist, -tur al. 

Flo re aV (flo ra ai'). 

Fldr'en tJne {or -ten or -tin). 

flo'res (-rez). 

flfir'id, -ly, -ness, -u lent, flo rid'- 
i ty, -rif'er ous, -ri form, flo- 

F16r'i da, F. bark, F. wood, 
Flo rid'i an. 

flo rid'e ous. 

flo rid'i a-green, -red. 


flosh, -hole, -silk. 

floss, -y, floss -em broid er y, 
-hole, -silk, -yarn. 

fl6 til'la, flo'tant, -ta'tion. 

Flo'tow (flo'to), Ger. mus. com- 



flounce, flounced, floun'cing. 

floun'der, -er, -ing, -dered, -der- 
lan tern. 

flour, -y, flour -bar rel, -bee tie, 
-bolt, -box, -cool er, -dredge, 
-dredg er, -dress er, -em'er y, 
-gold, -mill, -mite, -pack er, 
-sift er, -worm, flour'ing-mill. 

flofir'ish, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 
-ished, flour'ish ing-thread. 

flout, -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -er, -ing- 

flow, -age, -ing, flowed, flow-bog, 
-lines, -moss, flow'ing-fur nace. 

flow'er, -age, -er, -et, -y, -i ness, 
-ing, -less, -less ness. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fist, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, in, note, 




flow'er-an i mals, -bell, -bird, 
-bug, -clus ter, -fence, a plant; 
-fly, -gen tie, a plant; -head, 
-peck er, a bird; -piece, -pot, 
-pride, a plant; -stalk, -wa ter, 
-work, -de-luce, f. clock. 


fluc'tu ate, -a ted, -a ting, -ant, 

flue, flu'ey, flued, flue'-boil er, 
-bridge, -brush, -cin der, -clean- 
er, -ham mer, -plate, -scrap er, 
-stop, -sur face, -work. 

flu'ent, -ly, -ness, -en cy. 

fluff, -y, -i ness, -i er, -i est, 

Flii'gel (flii'gel), Ger. orientalist. 

ftu'gel, -horn, -man. 

flu'id, -al, -ness, -id'ic, -id'i ty, 
-i fy, -fy ing, -fled, -fl ca'tion, 
flu'id ize, -ized, -i^zing. 

flu'id-com pass, -lens, -me ter. 

fluke {or flook), fluk'y, fluke'- 
wort, -chain, -rope, -spade, 

flume, -car. 

fliim'mer y. 

flunk, -ing, flunked. 

flunk'y or -ey, -dom, -ism. 

flu o res'cence, -res'cent. 

flu'or o scope, -scop'ic, -os'co py. 

flur'ry, -ing, -ried. 

flush, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -ness, 
flushed, flush'board, -box, 
-decked, =pot, -tank, -wheel, 
flush'ing=box, -rim. 

flus'ter, -ing, -tered. 

flute, flut'ed, -er, -ing, -ist, -y, 
flute'mouth, -bird, -bit, -or gan, 
-pipe, -play er, -shrike, -stop, 

flut'ing-cyFin der, -i ron, -lathe, 
-ma chine, -plane, -scis sors. 

fluti'na (-te'-). 

flut'ter, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -y, 

flu'vi al, -ist, -a tile, -at'ic, -vi o- 
graph, -om'e ter. 

flux, -ing, -i ble, -ble ness, -i bil'- 
i ty, -a'tion, -ion (fluk'shun), 
-ion al, -ion a ry, -ion ist, -ure. 

flux'weed, flux'- root, -spoon, flux'- 
ing-bed, flux'ion-struc ture. 

fly, w., pi. flies. Plural of fly^ a 

light carriage, is fiys. 
fly, v., flew, flown. 
fly'a way, fly'bane, 

-boat, -catch er, 

-blow, -blown, 
a bird; -fish, 
a bird; -tail, 

-man, -snap per, 
a net; -wort. 

fly' -a garlc, -bait, -bit ten, -bUs- 
ter, -block, -board, -book, -boy, 
-brush, -bug, -cap, -case, 
-cast er, -catch er, -catch ing, 
-clip, -dress ing, -drill, -fin ish- 
er, -fish er, -flap, -flap per, 
-frame, -fringe, -gal ler y, -gov- 
ern or, -hon ey sue kle, -hook, 
-leaf, -line, -mak'er, -mix ture, 
-net, -nut, -oil, -or chis (-kis), 
-pa per, -pen ning, -poi son, 
-pow der, -press, -punch ing, 
-rail, -reed, -rod, -sheet, -shut- 
tle, -specked, -tac kle, -tak er, 
-tent, -ti^er, -tip, -trap, -wa ter, 
-wee vil, -wheel. 

fly'ing-fSatll er, -ma chine, -watch- 

fly'ing cat, f. drag on, f. fish, f. 
fox, f. frog, f. geek o, f. gur- 
nard, f. hook, f. le mur, f. 
liz ard, f. mar mot, f. pha lan'- 
ger, f. rob in, f. shot, f. squid, 
f. squir rel (skwer-), f. torch, 
f. watch man, fly'er-lathe, fly a- 
way-grass, fiy-up-the-creek, a 
bird; a person. 

foal, -foot, a plant; -teeth. 

foam, -ing, -ing ly, -less, -y, 
-bow, -cock, -col lect^or, -spar, 

fob, -bing, fobbed, fob' -chain, 

fo'CUS, pi. -cus es or -ci (-si), 
-cus ing or -cus sing, -cused or 
-cussed, -cal, -cal ize, -ized, 
-lazing, -I za'tion, fo cim'e try. 

fo'cus ing»cloth, -frame, -glass. 

fod'der, -ing, -er, -dered, fod'der- 
grass, -plant. 

foe, -man. 

joehn (fen). 

fog, -ging, -gy, -gi er, -gi est, 
-gi ness, -gi ly, -less, fogged, 


a plant; fog' -a larm'. 

•bell, -bound, 


n6t, nor, use, iip, urn, etiide, food, fdot, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 




-cheese, -dog, -eat er, -gun, 

-horn, -ring, -sig nal, -smoke, 

-trum pet, -whis tie (-1), fog'gy- 

Fog'gia (fod'ja), prov. It. 
Fog gi'ni (f6d je'ne), It. archaeol. 
Jo gli et'io (fol yi et'to). 
fo'gy, pi. -gies (-giz), -gy dom, 

-gy ish, -gy ism. 
F6h, -ism, -ist. 
f6h, an exclamation. 
foil, -a ble, -er, -ing, foiled, 

foil'=c3.r^ri er, -stone. 
foist, -ed, -ing, -er. 
Foix (fwa), t. Fr. 
fold, -ed, -ing, er, -age, -less, fold'- 

garth, -net, -yard, fold'ing- 

boards, -ma chine. 
Jo li'a. 
fo'li age, -aged, -li ar, -li ate, 

-a^ted, -a'tion, -a'ceous, fo'U- 

ous, -li um, pi. -urns or -a, 

fo'li age-plant, -tree. 
fol'io {or fo'li o), fo'li ose (-os), 

-os'i ty. 
folk (fok), -land, -moot, -free, 

-lore, -psy choFo gy, -right, -song, 

-speech, -sto ry. 
Fol'kg thing (-ting). 
ffil'li cle, -lic'u lar, -u late, -lasted, 

-u lose, -u lous. 
fdl'low, -er, -ing, fol'Iow-board, 

-low er=plate, -low ing-time. 
fo ment', -ed, -er, -ing, -men ta'- 

fon'dle, -died, -dler, -dling, 

caressing; fond'ling, a person; 

fond'ly, -ness. 

fon die', a., blended; softened. 
fon due' (-dii'), a pudding. 
font, -al. 
food, -less, -stuff, -fish, -lamp, 

-yolk (=y6k). 
fool, -er y, -har^dy, -har^di hood, 

-di ly, -di ness, -ish, -ish ly, 

-ish ness, -fish, -stones, a plant; 

-born, -duck, -fan gle, -hen, 

-kill er, -trap, fools'cap, a 

paper; fool's cap, a cap; fool's- 

coat, -pars ley. 

foot, -ed, -ing, -er, -less, -ling, 
-ball, -boy, -fall, -hold, -hook, 
-lights, -man, -mark, -pace, -pad, 
a person; -print, -set, -stalk, 
-stall, -step, -way. 

foot'-ar tiller y, -band, -bank, 
-bar^racks, -base, -bath, -bel- 
lows (-us), -bench, -blow er, 
-board, -breadth, -bridge, -brig, 
-cloth, -cush ion, -fight, -folk, 
-gear, -grain, -guard, -halt, 
-ham mer, -hand ed, -hawk er, 
-hedge, -hill, -hot, -i ron, -jaw, 
-joint, -key, -lathe, -lev el, 
-line, -loose, -muff, -note. 

foot -pad, a padding; -page, -pas- 
sen ger, -path, -pave ment, 
-pick er, -plate, -plow, »po et, 
-post, -pound, -pound al, 

-press, -race, -rail, -rat, -rest, 
-rope, -scent, -screw, =se ere tion, 
-sol dier, -sore, -stick, -stove, 
-stump, -ton, -tub, -tu ber cle, 
-valve, -vise, -wal ing, -walk, 
-wall, -warm er, -wash ing, 

foot'ing-beam, foot man-moth, 
foot rule, foot-space rail. 

fop, -pish, -pish ly, -pish ness, -ling, 
-per y. 

f6r'age, -aged, -a ging, -a ger, 
for' age-cap, -guard, -mas ter, 
for'a ging-cap. 

for'as much', 

fSr'ay, -er. 

for beir', -ance, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 
-bore, -borne. 

for bid', -den, -den ly, -der, -ding, 
-ding ly, -ding ness, -bade'. 

force, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -less, 
-a ble, that may be forced; for'- 
ci ble, vigorous; -ble ness, -ci bly, 
-cing, force'meat, forced. 

force'-di'agram, -func'tion, -piece, 
-pump, for'cing-house,-pit, -pump. 

for'ceps, -canMle stick, -tail. 

ford, -a ble, -a ble ness. 

fore, fore'arm, n., fore arm', v., 
-armed', -arm'ing. 

fore'bay, -beam, -bod^y, -brace, 

fore bode', -bod'er, -bod'ing, 
-ing ly. 

fate, f3,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met her, ice, in, note. 




fore'cast, m., -cast', v., -cast'er, 

fore'cas tie (-kas 1), -man. 
fore close', -closed', -clos'ing, 

-clo'sure (-zhur). 
fore date', -dat'ed, -dat'ing. 
fore doDm', -ing, -doomed'. 
fore'fatli er, -fin ger, -foot, the 

fore part of a foot; -front, -girth, 

-gleam, -gUmpse. 
fore go', -er, -ing, -gone', -went'. 
fore'ground, -ham mer, -handled, 

-hard, -head (for'ed), -hearth, 

-hold, -hook. 
for'eign (-in or -en), -er, -ism, 

-ize, -ized, -i^zing, -ness. 
fore judge', -judged', -judg'ing, 

fore know', -a ble, -er, -ing, 

-ing ly, -knew', -known'. 
fore'land, -lock, -man, pi. -men, 

-man ship, -mast, -mast man, 

-most, -moth er, -name, -named, 

-night, fore'noon'. 
fo ren'sic, -al. 
fore or dain', -ing, -dained', -ordi- 

fore'peak, -plan, -post. 
fore run', -ner, -ning, -ran'. 
fore see', -ing, -ing ly, -se'er, 

-saw', -seen'. 
fore shad'ow, -er, -ing, -owed. 
fore'shaft, -ship, -shore, -shot, 

fore short'en, -ing, -ened. 
fore show', -er, -ing, -showed', 

fore'sight, -ed, -sketch, -skin, 

f6r'est, -ed, -ing, -age, -al, -er, 

-ry, -less, -bug, -court, -fly, 

-folk, "liz ard, -mar ble, -ox, 

-peat, -tree. 
fore stall', -er, -ing, -stalled', 
fore'stay, -sail, -stick, -stone, 

-sum mer. 
fo ret' (fo ra'). 
fore'taste, n., -taste', v., -tast'er, 

-tast'ing, -tast'ed. 
fore tell', -er, -ing, -told'. 
fore'thought, -time. 
fore'to ken, »., -to'ken (-kn), v. 

fore'top, -man, -mast. 

for ev'er, -more. 

fore warn', -ing, -er, -warned'. 

fore'wind, -wom an, -word, -yard. 

fore'=bank, -boom, -car'riage, 
-choir, =ci''ted, -deck, -door, 
-gaflf, -gift, -loop er, -pas sage, 
-piece, -plane, -plate, -rake, 
-room, -sheet, -staff, -stall, 
-star Hng. 

fore end, f. foot, the front foot; 
fore'head -cloth (f6r'ed-) fore'- 
lock-bolt, fore lock -hook, fore'- 
part, fore' -part i ron, fore' 
teeth, fore' wing, fore'yard-arm. 

for'feJt, -ed, -ing, -er, -a ble, 
-fel ture. 

for gattl'er, -ing, -ered. 

forge, -a ble, -a bil'i ty, -mas ter, 
-man, forged, for'ger, -ger y, 
-ging, forge' -roll, -scale, -train, 
-wa ter, for'ging-ham mer, -ma- 
chine, -press. 

for get', -a ble or -ta ble, -ble ness, 
-ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -ter, -ting, 
-ting ly, -got', -got'ten, for get'- 
me-not, a plant. 

for give', -ness, -giv'a ble, -giv'er, 
-ing, -ing ly, -ing ness, -gave', 

for go'. This spelling has been 
almost entirely superseded by 

fork, -ing, -er, -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, 
-less, -y, -i ness, forked, fork'- 
beard, a fish; -tail, a fish; a 
bird; -beam, -moss, -rest, 
-tailed, forked' -beard, forks- 
and 'knives, a moss; fork' chuck, 
f. head, f. wrench. 

for lorn', -ly, -ness. 

form, -a ble, -al, -al ly, -al ism, 
-al ist, -al ize, -ized, -fzing, 
-a tive, -tive ly, form'less, -less- 
ly, -less ness, for mal'i ty, -ma'- 
tion, form -board, =eVe ment, 
-ge nus, -spe cies, -word, form'- 
ing=cyl in der, =i ron, =ma chine. 

for'mal, n. 

for mat' (-mat or -ma' or -mat'). 

for'mer, a., -ly, form'er, n. 

For'mes (-mes), Ger. vocalist. 

for'mic, -mi cate, -ca ry, -ca'tion. 

n6t, nor, use, up, <jrn, etiide, food, fdot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




for'mi da ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
for'mu la, pi. -las or -lae, -mu lar, 

-la ry, -la ris'tic, -lar ize, -ized, 

-lazing, -I za'tion. 
for'mu late, -lasted, -ting, -to^ry, 

for'mu lize, -lized, li^zing, -lism, 

-li^ za'tion. 
for'ni cate, -ca''ted, -ting, -tor, 

-tress, -captive, -nic'i form 

J or' nix, pi. -ni ces (-nl sez), -ni- 

for sake', -sak'ing, -sak'en (-n), 

-sak'er, -sook'. 
for sooth'. 

for speak', -spoke', -spo'ken. 
for spend', 
for swe^r', -er, -ing, -swore', 

For syth' (-sith'), co. Ga.; co. 

N. C; Amer. statesman. 
fort, -a lice, -let, -ad^ju tant. 
forte, that in which one excels; 

part of a sword. 
for'te (-ta), Mus., for'te^pi a' no 

(»pe a'no), for its' si mo. 
For'tes cue, Eng. jurist. 
Fort Gra'ti ot (grash'I ot), c. Mich. 
forth, -combing, -goring, -put^ting, 

-right, -with' {or -with'), -is'su- 

ing (-ish'oo), -pushing. 
for'ti fy, -ing, -fied, -fi^a ble, 

-fi er, -fl ca'tion, -ca'tion- 

For'tin bras, Shak., Hamlet. 
for'ti tude. 

fort'nlght (or -ntt), -ly. 
for'tress, -tressed. 
for tu'i tous, -ly, -ness, -tu'i ty. 
For tu'na, Myth.; Astron. 
for'tu nate, -ly, -ness. 
For^tu na'tus. Bib. 
for' tune, -less, -tuned, for'tune- 

book, -hunt^er, »tell er. 
for'ty, -ti eth, for'ty-five, -knot, 

-nin'er, -spot. 
f6r'ula, pi. -la. 
fo'rum, pi. -rums or -ra. 
for'ward, -er, -ed, -ing, -ly, -ness. 
for zan'do (for tsan'do), for za'to 

f6ss, -way. 

fos'sa, pi. -S(B. Fos'sa, Zool. 

fos sette'. 

fos'sil, -ism, -ist, -ize, -ized, 
-i''zing, -I za'tion, -if'er ous, 

fos'sor, pi. -so' res (-rez), -so'ri al. 

fos'ter, -age, -er, -ing, -hood, 
-Ung, -ship, -tered. 

fos'ter-babe, -broth er, -child, 
'dam, -daugh ter, -earth, -fath- 
er, -land, -moth er, -nurse, 
-par ent, -sis ter, -son. 

Fou cauld' (foo^ko'), Fr. philos. 

Fou cault' cur'rents (foo kol'). 

Fou che (foo'sha'), Fr. officer. 

Fou Cher' (foo^sha'), Fr. jurist. 

Fou geres' (fob'zhar'), t. Fr. 

Fou ge roUes' (foo''zhe rol'), dept. 

foul, -ing, -ly, -ness, fouled, foul- 
brood, a disease of bees; -faced, 
-mouthed, -tongued. 

fou lard' (foo lard' or -lar'), -lar- 
dine' (-den'). 

found, -ed, -ing, -er, n. 

foun da'tion, -al, -less, -chain, 
-mus lin, -net, -school, -square, 

foun'der, v., -ing, -dered. 


found'ry or -er y, -man. 

foun'tain, -less, -let, -head, 
-tained, fount, foun'tain-fish, 
-shell, f. ink'stand, f. pen, f. 

four, -fold, -pence, -pen ny, 
-score, -square, -wings, a bird; 
-boat er, -cant, -cen tered, -cor- 
ners, a game; -horse, -joint er, 
-o'clock, a plant; -part, -post er, 
-pound er, -way, -wheel er, -in- 
hand, -lane-end. 

four chette' (foor shet'). 

Fou'ri er (fdo're er or -re a'), Fr. 

Four mies' (foor^me'), vil. Fr. 

Four ni er' (foor^ne a'), Fr. Ht- 

fourth, -ly, fourth -class, -rate, 
four'teen^ four'teenth^ 

fowl, -er, -er y, -ing, fowl'- 
choFer a, fowl'ing-net, -piece. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




fox, -y, -i ness, -ing, -ish, -er y, 
foxed, fox'bane, a plant; -berry, 
a plant; -fire, -fish, -glove, a 
plant; -hound, -tail, a grass; 
-tongue, a plant; -wood. 

fox=bat, -bolt, =brush, -case, 
-chase, -earth, -e vil, -finch, 
-goose, -grape, -hunt, -hunt er, 
-moth, -nosed, -shark, -sleep, 
-snake, -spar row, -squir^rel, 
-trap, -trot, -wedge, -wolf. 
Fox-type, fox'glove-pug, a moth, 
fox'tail-grass, -pine. 

foyer' (fwo^ya'). 


frache (frash). 

frac'tion, -al, -al ly, -a ry, -ate, 
-a^ted, -acting, -a'tion, -tious, 
-tious ly, -tious ness. 

frac'ture, -tured, -tur ing, -tur al, 
-tu os'i ty, frac'ture -box. 

Fra Di a'vo lo (de a'vo lo). 

frag'ile (fraj'il), -ly, -ness, fra- 
gil'i ty. 

frag'ment, -men ta^ry, -ta^ri ly, 
-ri ness, -men'tal, -men ta'tion. 

fra'gra.nt, -1}', -ness, -grance, 
-gran cy. 

frail, -ly, -ness, -ty. 

jraise, n., fraise, v., fraised. 

frame, framed, fram'ing, fram'er, 
frame'work, a structure; -break- 
er, -di^a gram, -hel met, -house, 
a house in which framing is done; 
-knit ting, -lev el, -saw, -tim ber, 
-work, fancy-work done on a 
frame; fram'ing -chis el, -table, 
frame bridge, f. house. 

frinc, -ar cher' (fronk'-ar sha'). 

fran gaise' (froii saz'). 

Fran ces'ca da Ri'mi ni (fran- 
ches'ka da re'me ne), Fiction. 

fran'chise (-ch!z or -chiz), -ment, 
-chised, -chis er, -chis ing. 

Franck (frohk), Fr. philos. 

Franc'ke (frang'ke), Ger. divine. 

francke'ite (frank'-). 

Fran'co=Chi nese'' (-ncz^ or -nesO, 
-Prus'sian (-Prush'an or 


Fran^coeur' (frSn'ker'), Fr. 


fran'co lin. 

Fran cuc'ci (fran kOT)t'che), It. 

fran'gi ble, -ness, -bil'i ty. 

Frank, n., frank, a., -ly, -ness, 
frank, v., -ing, -er, franked. 

frank' -bank, -chase, -fee, -ferm, 
-heart ed, -law, -mar riage, 
-pledge, -serv ice, -ten ant, 
-ten e ment. 

Frank'en stein,^ Fiction. 

frink furt'er (-fd6rt'-). 

frank'in cense. 

Frank'lin, -ism, -lin'ic, -lin'i an. 

fran'tic, -al ly. 

jrap pe' (frap pa'). 

I frd'te (-ta), pi. -ti (-te). 

fra ter'nal, -ly, -ni ty, frSt'er- 
nize, -nized, -ni zing, -nl zer, 
-ni za'tion. 

frat'rJ cide, -cf dal. 

}rau (frou), pi. frau'en, frau'lein 
(froi'-). As titles, capitalized. 

fraud, -ful, -ful ly, -less, -less ly, 
-less ness, -u lence, -len cy, 
-lent, -lent ly. 

fray, -ing, frayed. 

freak, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, -y, 
-i ness. 

frec'kle, -kled, -kled ness, -kling, 
-kly, frec'kle -faced. 

free, -ing, -ly, -ness, fre'er, fre'- 
est, free'man, -mar tin, -ma son, 
-stone, a peach; a brownstone; 
-think er, -war ren, -worn an, 
freed, freed'man, freed'wom an. 

free -bench, -board, -born, -bor- 
ough, -chase, -foot ed, -hand, 
-hand ed, -lance, -liv er, -lov er, 
-mill ing, -soil, a., -swim mer, 
-trade, a., -trad'er, -will, a., 
-writ er, Free'-soiFer, -soil'ism, 
free'-and-eas'y, free'ing-stick, 

free'ma son's-cup. 

free love, f. soil, f. trade. 

freeze, freez'a ble, -er, -ing, 
-ing ly, froze, fro'zen, freez'- 
ing-box, -liq uid, -mix ture, 

fre gia iu'ra (fra ja tdo'ra). 

Frei'bSrg, t. Sax. 

Frei'burg (-bd6rg), dist. and c. 

n6t, nor, use, iip, tarn, etiide, food, f<^t, anger, bofimot, thus, Badi. 




freight (frat), -age, -er, -ing, 

-less, -car, -en gine, -house, 

»lo CO mo'tive, -train. 
frei'herr (fri'-). 
Frei'schutz (fri'shoots). 
Fre'ling huy sen (-hi zn), Amer. 

Fre''mi et' (fra''me a'), Fr. sculp. 
Fre mdnt', Amer. gen. 
French, -i fy, -fy ing, -i fied, 

-i ness, -man, -wom an. 
fre net'ic, -al, -al ly. 
fren'zy, -zied, -zied ly. 
fre'quent, a., -ly, -ness, -quen cy. 
fre quent', v., -ed, -ing, -er, 

-a ble, -quen ta'tion. 
Fr^re (frar), Fr. painter. 
Frere (freer), Eng. baronet. 
fres'co, n., pi. -coes or -cos (-koz), 

fres'co, v., -ing, -er, -coed, 
fres'co -paint er, -paint ing. 
fresh, -er, -est, -ly, -ness, fresh' - 

blown, -col ored, -wa ter, a. 
fresh'en, -ing, -er, -ened. 
fresh' man, -hood, -ship, -man'ic, 

fresh' wom an. 
Fres nel' (fra^nel'), Fr. optician. 
Fresnes (fran), t. Fr. 
fret, -ted, -ting, -ter, -ful, -ful ly, 

-ful ness. 
frette (fret), fret'tage, fret'ted, 

fret'ty, fret' work, fret' -saw. 
Freu'den stadt (froi'den statO, t. 

Freu'den thai (froi'den taF), t. 

Freud'wei ler (froit'vi ler), Swiss 

Freund (froint), Ger. lexicog- 
Frey (fri), Frey'a, Myth. 
Frey (fri), Swiss engraver. 
Frey ci net', de (de fra^se^na'), 

Fr. statesman. 
Frey'stad tel (fri'stet tel), t. 

Frey 'tag (fri'tag), Ger. orientalist; 

Ger. auth. 
fri'a ble, -ness, -bil'i ty. 
fri'ar, -y, fri'ar-bird, -skate, 

fri ar's-cap, -cowl, -crown, 

-Ian tern, -this tie. 
frib'ble, -bier, -bled, -bling. 

}ric an deau' (-do'), pi. -deaux' 

(-doz'), -an delle'. 
fric as see', -ing, -seed'. 
fric'tion, -al, -al ly, -less, fric'a- 

tive, fri ca'tion. 
fric'tion-balls, -brake, -brec cia 

(-bret cha), -card, -clutch, 

-cones, -coiip ling, =gear, 

-match, -plate, -pow der, -pri''- 

mer, -sound, -tight, -tube, 

Frie'de mann (fre'dg man), Ger. 

Fried'land (fret'lant), t. Hung.; 

t. Ger. 
Fried'lan der (fret'len der), Ger. 

Fried'rich (fred'rldi), Ger. theol. 
frifind, -less, -less ness, -like, -ly, 

-li ly, -li ness, -ship. 
Friese (frez), Frie'sian (fre'zhan) 

or Fris'ian (friz'yan), Fries'ic 

(frez'-), -ish. 
frieze, friezed, friez'ing, friez'er, 

frieze' -pan'el, -rail, friez'ing- 

ma chine. 
frig'ate, -bird, -built, -mack'er el, 

-peFi can. 
Frigg, Frig'ga or Frig'a, Myth. 
fright, -ed, -ing, -en, -ened, -en- 

a ble, -ful, -ful ly, -ness. 
frXg'id (frij'-), -ly, -ness, -i da'ri- 

um, pi. -da'ri a, fri gid'i ty, 

frig o rif'ic (frig-), -rif'ic al. 
fri jole' (fre hoi'), fri jo lil'lo (fre- 

ho lel'lo). 
frill, -ing, frilled, frill'back, 

-liz ard. 
Fri maire' (fre'mar'). 
fringe, -less, -let, frin'ging, -gy, 

fringed, fringe'pod, -backed, 

-like, -tree. 
Fri'o (fre'6), co. Tex. 
frip'per, -er, -y. 
}ri seur' (fre zer'), fris'let (friz'-), 

fri sure' {irb'zdbr'). 
frisk, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -ful, -y, 

-i ly, -i ness, frisked. 
frit, -ted, -ting, -ter. 
frith, -borg, -gild, -so ken, -splot, 


fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice. In, note, 




frit'ter, -er, -ing, -tered, frit'ting- 
fur nace. 

fri vol'l ty, friv'o lous, -ly, -ness. 

frizz or friz, frizzed, friz'zy, 
friz'zing=ma chine. 

friz'zle, -zled, -zling, -zler, -zly, 
friz'zling=i ron. 


FrSb'ish er, inlet Brit. N. A. 

frock, -ing, -less, frocked, frock'- 

Froe'bel (fre'-), Ger. educational- 
ist; -ism, -bel'i an. 

frog, -ging, -ger, -ger y, -gy, -gi- 
ness, -gish, -ling, frogged, frog'- 
bit, -fish, -foot, a plant; -hop- 
per, an insect; -mouth, a bird; 

frog'Cheese, -clock, -crab, -eat er, 
-fish ing, -fly, -grass, -mouthed, 
-or chis (-kis), -plate, -shell, 
-spawn, -spit, -spit'tle, frog's- 
bit, frog's march. 

Frois'sart (frois'art or frwa sar'), 
Fr. writer. 

frol'ic, -icked, -ick ing, -ick y, 
-ic some, -some ly, -some ness. 

Fro^ment' (-moh'), Fr. painter. 

fr6nd, -age, -ed, -let, fron da'tion, 
fron desce', -deseed' (-dest), -des'- 
cing, -des'cence, -des'cent, -dif'er- 
ous, fron'dose (-dos), -dose ly, 

Frfinde, Fr. hist. 

front (frunt), -age, -a ger, -ed, 
-ing, -let, -wise, fron'tal. 

Fr6n^te nac', co. Ont. 

frdn'tier {or -ter'), -tiers man or 
-tier man. 

Fron ti gnan' (fron te nyon') or 
Fron ti niac' (-te nyak'). 

frSn'tis piece. 

frost, -ed, -ing, -y, -i ly, -i ness, 
-less, -fish, -root, -weed, -work, 

frost -bear er, -bird, -bite, -bUte, 
a plant; -bound, -but ter flies, 
-line, -mist, -nail, -smoke, 

froth, -ing, -y, -i ly, -i ness, -less, 
-fly, -in sect, -spit, -worm, 

frot te' (frot ta'). 

f rot' to la. 

Froude (frood), Eng. hist. 

frou'^-frou (froo'-froD). 

fro'ward, -ly, -ness. 

frown, -er, -ing, -ing ly, frowned. 

frow'zy, -zi ly. 

fro'zen (-zn), -ness. See freeze. 

Fruc ti dor'. 

fruc'ti fy, -ing, -fied, -fi'a ble, 
-ti cist, -tif'er ous, -tes'cence, 
-tu a ry, -tule, -tu a'tion. 
I fru'gal, -ly, -ness, -gal'i ty, 
-giv'o rous (-jiv'-). 

fruit, -age, -ed, -er, -er er, -er y, 
-ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -ing, -y, 
-i ness, -less, -less ly, -less ness, 
-let, fru i'tion (-ish'un). 

fruit -al CO hoi, -bat, -bear er, 
-bud, -cake, -car, -crow, -cul- 
ture, -dot, -dri er, -fly, -gath- 
er er, -house, -jar, -knife, -loft, 
-pick er, -piece, -pi geon, 

-press, -stand, -store, -su gar, 
-tree, -trench er, -worm. 

fru men ta'ceous, -ta'ri ous, -ta'- 
tion, -men'tum, -men ty. 

frus'trate, -tra^ted, -ting, -tra'tion. 

frus'tum, pi. -tums or -ta. 

fru tes'cent, -cence. 

fry, -er, -ing, fried, fry'ing-pan. 

Fu cec'chi o (foo chek'ke 6), t. 

Fu'chau (foo'chow), c. China. 

Fuch'si a (fu'shi a or -sha), pi. 
Fuch'sias or -si ae (-shaz or 
-shI e), a genus of plants; 
fuch'si a, a species of plants. 

fuch'sin or -sine (fdok'sin), -site. 


fud'dle, -died, -dling, -dler. 

fudge, -wheel. 

fu'el, -e con'o mi zer, -feed er, -gas. 

fuga'cious, -ness, -gac'ity (-gas'-). 

fu'gi tive, -ly, -ness, -tiv ism. 

fu'gle man, pi. -men. 

fugue, fu'gal, }u gd'ra (foo-), 
/w ga'to (foo ga'to), ]u ghet'to 
(-get'-), fugued, fu'guing (-ging), 
-guist (-gi_st). 

Fu'ki en (foo'ke 6n), prov. China. 

Fu ku'i (foo koo'e), t. Japan. 

ful'crum, pi. -crums or -era, 

Ful'da (fdt)l'da), r. and t. Ger. 

not, nor, use, up, tarn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




fulfil' or -fill', -filled', -fil'ling, 
-fil'ment or -fill'ment. 

ful'gent, -ly, -gen cy. 

ful'gu rite, -gu rous. 

fu lig'i nous (-llj'-), -ly, -nos'i ty. 

full, a., -er, -est, -ness, ful ly, 
full'=armed, -blood ed, ^bloomed, 
-blown, "born, -bot torn, -bot- 
tomed, -bound, -bril liant, -cen- 
tered, -charged, -dress, -eyed. 

full' -face, -faced, -fed, -fleshed, 
-flow ing, -for tuned, -gorged, 
-grown, -hand ed, -heart ed, 
-length, -mouth, -mouthed, 
-orbed, -roed, -sailed, -souled, 
-summed, -tide, -toned, -tuned, 
-voiced, -winged. 

full, v., -ing, -er, -er y, fulled, 
full'er's-tea zel, -this tie, -weed, 
full'ing-mill, -soap. 

full' -back, -bind^ing. 

ful'mi nate, -na^ted, -ting, -nant, 
-na to'ry, -na'tion. 

ful' mine, -mined, -min ing, -min'- 
e ous, -min'ic. 

ful'some, -ly, -ness. 

fiil'vid, ful'vous. 

fum'ble, -bled, -bier, -bling, 
-bling ly. 

fume, fumed, fum'ing, -ing ly, -y, 
-ily, fume'wort, fum'ing-box, -pot. 

fu'me' (fu'ma'). 

fu mette'. 

fu'mi gate, -ga'ted, -ting, -tor, 
-to^ry, -ga'tion, -ga to'ri um. 

fun, -ning, -ny, -ni ly, -ni ness, 
fun'ny-bone, f. man. 

Fun chal' (fobn shal'), t. Madeira 

func'tion, -al, -al ly, -al'i ty, -al- 
ize, -ized, -i^zing, -a ry, -less. 

fund, -ed, -ing, -er, -a ble, -less, 
-hold er, -mon ger. 

fun da men'tal, -ly, -ness. 

Fu'nen (fu'nen), isl. Baltic sea. 

fu'ner al, -ne're al, -al ly. 

Fiinf'haus (funf'hous), t. Aust. 

fun'gus, pi. fun'gl (-ji) or -gus es, 
-gous, -gos'i ty, fun'gus-bee tie, 
-eel lu lose, -foot, -gnat, -midge, 
-stone, -tin der. 

fu'ni cle, -nic'u lar, -nic'u lus, pi. 

fim'nel, -neled or -nelled, -nel- 

form, -nel-like, -shaped, -top. 
fiir, -ring, -ri er, -er y, -ry, -ri ly, 

furred, fur-bear ing, -moth, 

fiir'be low, -lowed. 
fur'bish, -a ble, -er, -ing, -bished. 
fur'cal, fur cel'late. 
fu'ri ous, -ly, -ness, }u ri o'sd. 
fiirl, -ing, -er, furled, furl'ing-line. 
fiir'lough (-16), -ing, -loughed 

fiir'nace, -man, -bar, -bridge, 

-burn ing. 
Fur'ness, Amer. writer. 
fiir'nish, -er, -ing, -ment, -nished. 
fiir'nJ ture, -plush, -print, -store, 

-stop, an organ-stop. 
fiir'row, -ing, -y, -rowed, fur'row- 

drain, -faced, -slice, -weed, 

fur'row ing-ma chine. 

furst (foorst or furst), pi. jurst'en. 
fiir'tlier, -ance, -er, -ing, -more, 

-most, -thered, -thest. See 

fiir'tive, -ly, 
fur'wd (foor'-). 
fu'ry, pi. -ries. 
fiirze, furz'y, furze'chat, -chirp er, 

-chit ter, -hack er, -wren. 
fuse (fuz), fused, fus'ing, fu'si ble, 

-si bil'i ty, -si form, -sion (-zhun), 

-sion ism, -sion ist, -sion'less, 

fuse' -au^ ger, -ex tract or, =gage, 

-hole, -mal let, -plug, -set ter, 

-wheel, -wire, -wrench, fus'ing- 

disk, -point. 
fu see' (-ze'), -en gine. 
fu'sel (-zel), -oil. 
fu'sil (-zil), -sil eer' or -ier', -sil- 

lade', -lad'ed, -lad'ing, fu'sil- 

mor tar. 
fuss, -y, -i ly, -i ness. 
fus'tian (-chan), -ist. 

fus'ti gate, -ga'ted, -ting, -ga'tion. 
fus'ty, -ti ness. 

fu'tJle, -ly, -til'i ty, -i ta'ri an. 

fate, fat, far, fall, f^re, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note. 



gallery road 

Fiit teh pur' (-poor'), dist. Brit. 

fut'tock, -band, -hoop, -plates, 
-shrouds, -staff, -stave, -tim- 

fu'tiire, -less, -tur ist, -tu'ri ty. 

Furzes' Gyar^math' (fu'z&sh' 

dyor^mat'), t. Hung. 
ffizz, -y, fuz'zi ly, -zi ness, fuzz'- 

fyke (fik), -fish er man, -net. 
Fy'vie (fi've), parish Scot. 

G string. 

gab, -bing, gabbed, gab' -lever, 

gab'ar dine' or -er- (-den'). 

Gib'ba tha, Bib. 

gab ble, -bled, -bling, -bier. 


ga'bi (-be). 

ga'bi on, -age, -oned, -on ade'. 

ga'ble, -bled, ga'ble -board, 

-endued, -pole, -win^dow, g. end, 
g. roof. 

Ga bo ri au' (-re 6'), Fr. novelist. 

gad, -ded, -der, -ding, -ding ly, 
-dish, -dish ness, -a bout, -fly, 
-wall, -bush, -steel, -stick, 
-whip, gad'ding-car, -ma chine'', 

G3.d'a ra, -a renes'. Bib. 

Gad danes'. 

Gael (gal), -ic. 

Ga'e ta (ga'a ta), c. It. 

giff, -er, -ing, gaffed, gaffs'man, 
gaff -hook, -top sail. 

gag, -ger, -ging, gagged, gag root, 
a plant; gag' -law, -rein, -run- 

gage or gauge, gaged or gauged, 
ga'ging or gau'ging, ga'ger or 

gag'gle, -gled, -gling, -gler. 

gai'e ty or gay'e ty, gai'ly or 
gay'ly. See gay. 

gain, -a ble, -er, -ful, -ful ly, -ful- 
ness, -ing, -less, -less ness, -ly, 
gained, gain'ing=ma chine^ -twist. 

gain say', -ing, -er, -said' (-sed'). 

Gains'bor ough, Eng. painter. 



Ga'ius (-yus), Bib. 

ga'la, -day, -dress. 

ga'lah {or ga'-). 

ga lan'gal. 

gal'an tine. 

gal a pa'go. 

Ga 14p'a gos, isl. Pacific ocean; 
Gal a pa'gi an. 

Gal a te'a. Myth. 

Ga la'tian (-shan). 

Ga la'tians (-shanz), Bib. 

Gal'ax y, Astron.; gal'ax y, pi. 
-ax ies. 

gale, -beer, -day. 

Ga'len, Rom. physician; -ism, 
-ist, -le'ni an, -len'ic, -ic al. 

Gale'na, c. Kan.; tp. Mo.; mt. 

ga le'na, -len'ic, -ic al, -if'er ous. 

ga IStte'. 

Gali'bis' (ga''le^be'). 

Ga li'ci a (ga lish'i a), prov. Aust.; 
-li'cian (-lish'yan). 

Ga lig na'ni (ga len ya'ne), Eng. 

Gal'i lee. Bib.; -i le'an. 

gal'i lee, a chapel; -porch. 

gall, -ing, -ing ly, -ing ness, 
galled, gall'nut, -wort, -ap pie, 
-bee tie, -blad der, -cyst, -duct, 
-fly, -gnat, -in sect, -louse, -mak- 
er, -midge, -mite, -moth, -pipe, 
-sick ness, -stone, -wasp. 

gal'lant, adv., -ly, -ness, -ry. 

gal lant', v., -ed, -ing. 

gal lant', a., courtly, polite, at- 
tentive to ladies. 

gal lant', n., one who is attentive 
to ladies. 

G5.1 lau dSt', Amer. clergyman. 

gSl'le in. 

gai'le on. 

gal'ler y, -ler ied, -ler y-fur nace, 
g. pic ture, g. road. 

n6t, n6r, use, up, iirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




gal'let, -ted, -ting. 

gam'brel, -ing or -ling, -breled 

gal le'ta-grass (gal la'ta-). 

or -brelled, gam'brel roof. 

gariey, -balk, =bird, -cab i net, 

gam broDn'. 

-fire, -man, -news, -proof, -punt. 

game, -less, -ly, -ness, -some, 

-rack, -rest, -slave, -work, -yarn. 

-some ly, -some ness, -ster, 

gariiard (-yard). 

gam'ing, gam'y or -ey. 

g&l'lic, -li can, -can ism, -li cism, 

game'keep er, -bag, -bird, -cock. 

-li cize, -cized, -ci^zing. 

-egg, =fish, 'fowl, -hawk, -law, 

gai'lic, g. ac^id 

-pre served -pre serv^er, gam'- 

gal li gas'kins. 

ing-house, -room, -ta ble. 

gSl'li nip per. 

gam'in {or ga man'). 

gai'li pot. 

gam'ma, -moth. 

galli'to (gal ye' to). 

gam'ma cism, -cis'mus (-siz'-). 

Gal'lit zin, t. Pa. 

gam'm^on, -ing, -moned, gam'- 

gai li vant', -ed, -ing. 

mon-plate, -shac^kles, gam'mon- 



gai loon', -looned'. 


gal'lop (-lup), -er, -ing, gal loped, 


-lo pade', -pad'ed, -pad'ing. 


gal'lop er-gun. 

gan'der, -par ty, -pull, -pull ing. 

gario way. 
g^riow glass. 

gan dou'ra (-dob'-) 

gang, -board, -flow er, -mas ter. 

gal'lows (-lus or -loz), pi. -lows es 

-plank, -way, gangs'man. 

(-lus es) or -lows, gal lows-bird. 

gang' -boring, -by (-bi), -cash. 

-bitts, -faced, -frame, -free. 

-cuFti va tor, -day, -drill, -edg- 

-locks, -ripe, -Stan chions, -top, 

er, -plow, -press, -punch, -rid^er, 


-saw, -tide, -week, gang' way - 

ga 16che' or -loshe' or -losh' 

lad der. 

(ga losh'). 

gan'ging (-jing), -line. 

gal'op {or gai'5 or ga l6'). 

gan'gli on, pi. -gli ons or -gli a. 

ga lore'. 

Galva'ni (-ne). It. inventor. 

-gli al, -gli ar, -gli ate, -aled, 

-gli form, -gli on a ry, -on a'' ted, 

gal van'ic, -al. 

-on ic, -gU ous, gan'gli on -cell. 

gal'van ize, -ized, -i^zing, -i^zer. 

-cor pus cle, -glob ule. 

-ist, -ism, -I za'tion. 

gan'grene, -grened, -gren ing. 

gaFva nom'e ter, -e try, -van o- 

-gre nous, -gre nes'cent. 

met'ric, -ric al, -van'o scope. 


-scop'ic, gaFvan o-ther mom'e- 




gam, -ming, gammed. 

Ga'ma, da (da ga'ma), Port. 


Gans (ganss), Ger. jurist. 


Gin'se boort, Amer. officer. 

ga'ma -grass. 


Gama'Uel, Bih. 

gant'let, a military punishment. 
Gan'y mede. Myth. 

gam bade', -ba'do. 


ga ou'es (-ob'as). 

gam'ble, -bled, -bling, -bier. 

gap, -ping, -per, gapped, gap- 


lathe, -toothed, -win dow. 

gam 'bo. 

gape {or gape), gap'er, -ing. 

gam boge' (-boj' or -booj'), -bo'- 

-ing ly, gaped, gape'mouth, a 

gi an, -bo'gic (-jik). 

fish; -seed, -eyed, -gaze, gap'- 

gam'bol, -boled or -boiled, -bol- 


ing or -bol ling. 


fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice, In, note. 



19 gastritis 

gir'an cin, ga ran ceux' 

(ga r6n- 

gir'n son, -ing, -soned, -son- 

se'). _ 

ar tiFler y. 

garb, -ing, garbed. 

gar'rot, a duck; a bandage. 


gir rote', -rot'ed, -r5t'ing, -rot'er. 


gir'ru lous, -ly, -ness, -ru'li ty. 


Gir'ru lus. 

gar'ble, -bled, -bier, -bling 

gar'ter, -ing, -tered, gar'ter-fish, 

gar'board -plank, -strake. 

-plate, -ring, -snake. 


Gar'ter king, Order of the Gar- 

Gar ci'as, PeMro (paMro gar- 


the'as), Fiction. 

garth, -man. 

gar gon' (-son')- 

gd'rum, ga'rous. 


gas, n., pi. gas'es (-gz), gas, v., 

garde' bras' (-bra), -nuque ( 


gassed, gas'sy, gas'light, gas'e- 

gar'den (-dn), -ing, -er, 



-less, -dened. 

gas' -a larm, -an^a lyz er, -ap pa- 

gar'den-balm, -bal sam. 

-bee tie, 

ra^ tus, -bag, -bath, -bat ter y, 

-bird, -bond, -dor mouse, -en- 

-bellows (-lus), -black, -bleach- 

gine, -flea, -gate, a 


ing, -blow pipe, -boil er, -brack- 

-glass, -house, -mite, 


et, -buoy, -burn er, -car bon, 

-net, -par ty, -plot. 


-check, -coal, -com press^or, 

-snail, -spi der, -squint, 


-con dens'er, -drain, -drip, -en- 

-stuff, -sweep, -war bier. 

gine, -field, -fit ter, -fix ture, 

gare, -fowl. 

-flame, -fur nace, -gage, -gen'- 

Gir'eth, Knight of the 


er a tor, -globe, -gov^ern or, -gun. 


gas'-heat''er, -holder, -house, 


Gar ga nelle'. Fiction. 

-in'di ca tor, -jet, -lamp, -light- 

ing, -lime, -liq uor, -ma chine, 

Gar gan'tu a. Fiction. 

-main, -man, -me ter, -mo tor, 

gar'ga rism. 

-ov en, -pipe, -plant, -plate, 


-plot, -pore, -port, -pu^ri fi er. 


-range, -reg is ter, -reg^u la tor. 

gar'gle, -gled, -gling. 

-re tort, -ring, -sand, -sock et. 


Gar I bai'dJ, It. patriot; 

-stove, -ta ble, -tank, -tar. 


-trap, -tube, -valve, -wash er. 

an; gir i bal'dl, a garment; a 

-wa ter, -well, -works. 


gas con ade', -ad'ed, -ad'ing, 

gir'ish or gair'ish, -ly, -ness. 


gar'land, -ed, -ing, -less, -ry, 

Gas'con y, prov. Fr.; Gas'con. 

-land-flow er. 

gash, -ing, gashed, gash-vein. 

gar'lic, -wort, -lick y, -lie 

:-eat er. 

gas'i fy, -ing, -fied, -fi ca'tion. 

-mus tard, -shrub. 


gar'ment, -less. 


gar'ner, -ing, -nered. 


gar'net, -if'er ous, -ber ry, 



-blende, -hinge, -rock. 

gas'o Hne or -lene, -o Her' or 

gar'nish, -ing, -er, -ee', 


-a lier', gas om'e ter, -e try. 

-eed', -ment, -nished, gar'nish- 

-o met'ric, -o scope. 


gasp, -ing, -ing ly, gasped. 

Ga ronne', r. Sp. 

Gaspe' (-pa'), dist. Que. 

ga roD'kuh. 

gas'sing, -frame. 


gas soul' (-sool'). 

gir'ret, -eer'. 

gas'tric, -tri'tis. 

n6t, nor, use, up, <irn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 




gas'tro graph, -tro soph. 

gas tron'o my, -o mist, -o mer, 
-tro nom'ic, -ic al. 

gas tros'to mize, -mized, -mi- 
zing, -tros'to my, -trot'o my, 
-tro tom'ic. 

ga ta'. 

gate, -less, -house, -keep'er, -man, 
-post, -ward, -way, -wise. 

gate-bill, =cham''ber, =chan^nel, 
-end, -fine, =hook, -meet^ing, 
-monkey, -post, -road, -saw, 
-shut^ter, -tow^er, -valve, -vein. 

gath'er, -a ble, -er, -ing, -ered, 
gath'er ing-board, -coal, -hoop, 
-i ron, -note, -pallet, -peat, 
-rod, -string, -thread. 


gat tine' (-ten'). 

gauche (gosh), -rie' (-re'). 

Gau cher' (go sha'), Fr. writer. 

Gau'cho (gou'cho), pi. -chos 

Gau cin' (gou then' or -sen'), t. 
Sp. i 

gaud, -y, -i ly, -i ness, -er y. 

gau de a'mus {or gouMa a'mus). 

gauge, -a ble, gauged, gau'ging, 
gau'ger, -ger ship. See gage. 

gauge' -bar, -block, -box, -cock, 
-con cus'sion, -door, -glass, 
-knife, -lad der, -lathe, -pin, 
-play, -point, -saw, -stuff, 
-wheel, gau'ging-caFi per, -rod, 
-rule, -thread. 

Gaul ti er' (go te a'), Fr. educa- 

Gaul tier (goul'teer), Leonhard, 
Ger. engraver. 

gaum, -less, -y, gaum'-like. j 

gaunt, -ly, -ness. j 

gaunt'let, -ed, -ing, gaunt'let- I 
guard, -pipe, -shield, -sword. I 

gauss (gous). } 

Gau'ta ma (gau'ta ma), Indian i 

Gau ti er' (go te a'), Fr. novelist. 

gauze, gauz'y, -i ness, gauze' - 
dress er, -tree, -winged. i 

ga vage' (-vazh'). 

Ga vaz'zi (ga vat'se). It. politi- 

g&v'el, -er, -et, -eled. | 

giv'ot or ga votte'. 

gawk, -y, -i ness. 

gawp, -ing, gawped. 

gay, gai'ly or gay'ly, gai'e ty or 

gay'e ty, gay'ness, gay'some, 

gay'featil er, a plant. 
gay' -you (gi'-u). 
gaze, gazed, gaz'ing, gaze'hound, 

gaz'ing -stock. 
ga z611e or ga zel'. 
ga z6tte', -zet'ted, -zet'ting, gaz'- 

et teer'. 
gaz zet'ta (gat set'ta). 
gean (gen). 
gear (ger), -ing, geared, gear-box, 

-cut ter, -wheel, gear'ing-chain, 

Gea'ry (ge'ry or ga'-), co. Kan. 
Gea'ry (ga'ry or ge'ry), Amer. 

geat (jet). 

Ge au'ga (je a'ga), co. O. 

Ge'ber (ge'-), Bih. 
Ge'bir (je'-). Fiction. 

gee'bung (je'-). 

Gef'le (yev'la), t. Sw. 
Ge ha'zi, Bih. 
Ge hen'na (ge-), Bih. 
Gei'kie (gee'ki), Eng. auth. 
Gei'sen hei mer. 
Geish (gash), mt. Afr. 
gei'sha (ga'-). 
geit'je (git'ye). 
ge la'sian (je la'shan). 
gel'a tin or -tine (jgl'-), -tin ate, 

-tin'i form, -tin if'er ous, ge lat'i- 

nate, -na ted, -na ting, -na'tion, 

ge lat'i nize, -nized, -i nous, -nous- 

ly, -nous ness. 
ge leem' (ge-). 
ge los'co py (je-). 
gem (jem), -cut ting, -en grav^ing, 

-peg, -ring, -sculp^ture, -stick, 

-stone, gem'my. 
gem 'el (jem'-), -ring, -win dow. 
gem'i nate (jem'-), -ly, -na tive, 

Gem'i ni (jem'-), -i nid. 
gems'bok (gemz'-), gems'horn. 
ge nappe' (je nap'). 

fate, fat, far, fall, fire, f^st, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note, 




gen darme' (jen darm' or zhon^- 

darm'), pi- gen'darmes' (zh6h^- 

darm'), -darm'er ie or -er y. 
gen'der, -less. 
gen''e al'o gy (jen''-), -ogist, -ogize, 

-gized, -gi'zing, -a log'ic, -ic al, 

-al ]y. 
gen'er al, -ize, -ized, -f zer, -lazing, 

-i''za hie, -1 za'tion, -al ly, -al'i ty. 
gen'er ate, -a^ted, -ting, -tive, 

-tor, -able, -a bil'i ty, -a'tion, 
ge ngr'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -al ness. 
gen'er ous, -ly, -ness, -os'i ty. 
Gen e see' (i6n-), co. Mich'.; co. 

N. Y. 
Gen e se'o, c. 111.; vil. N. Y. 
gen'e sis, pi. -ses (-sez), ge net'ic, 

-ic al, -al ly. 
Gen'e sis, Bih. 
Ge ne'va, G. ar hi traction, G. 

a ward^ G. Bi ble, G. con- 

ven''tion, G. cross, G. goWn. 
Gen e vieve' (jen e vev'), heroine of 

a ballad by Coleridge. 
Ge nev'ra, in Orlando Furioso. 
gen e vrette' (jen-). 
Gen'ghis Khan (jen'gis kan), 

Asiatic conqueror. 
ge'nJ al {or jen'ial), -ly, -ness, 

-al'i ty. 
Ge nin' (zha nan'), Fr. philol. 
gen'i tive, -i ti'val {or jen'i tiv al). 
gen'ius (jen'yus or ge'nl us), pi. 

-es (-ez). 
ge'ni us, a spirit; pi. ge'nl i. 
ge'ni us lo cl. 
Gen nfis'a ret (gen-), Bih. 
Gen'o a (jen-), prov. It.; t. N. Y. 

-o ese' {or -ez'). 
gen'o type (jen'-). 
Ge noude' (zhe nood'), Fr. jour. 
gen' re (zhan'r). 
gens (jenz), pi. gcn'tcs (-tez). 
Gen'seric (jen'-). King of the Van- 
gent, gen teel', -teel'ly, -teel'ness. 
gen'tian (jen'shan), -wort, -bif- 

ter, -splr^it. 
Gen'tile, Bih. Gen'tile or gen'- 

tile, among the Mormons, one 

who is not of their church, 
gen'tile {or -til), -til ism. 
Gen til ly' (zhoii te ye'), t. Fr. 

gen'tle, -ness, -tly, -try, -tie folk, 
-tie hood, -tie man, -man hood, 
-man like, -man ly, -li ness, -man- 
ship, -wom an, =heart ed. 

ggn u fleet' (jen-), -ed, -ing, -flec'- 
tion or -flex'ion. 

gen'u Jne, -ine ly, -ine ness. 

ge'nus, pi. gen'e ra. 

ge'ode, -o des'ic, -ic al, -od'e sist, 
-e sy, -o det'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

Geoffrey (jgf'ry), Eng. chron. 

Geof froy' (zho frwa'), Fr. painter. 

ge og'e ny (-6j'-), -e nous, -o- 

ge og'no sy, -nos'tic, -tic al, -al ly. 

ge og'ra phy, -ra pher, -o graph'- 
ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

ge ol'o gy, -o gist, -o gize, -gized, 
-glazing, -o log'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

ge'o man cy, -man cer, -man'tic, 
-tic al, -al ly. 

ge om'e try, -om'e trize, -trized, 
-tri'zing, -o met'ric, -ric al, -al- 
ly, -om e tri'cian (-trish'an). 

ge'o mor^phy, -mor'phic, -mor- 
phol'o gy. 

Ge'orgs wal de (ga'orgs val de), t. 

Ge'ra (ga'ra), t. Ger. Ge'ra, Bih. 

ge'rah (ge'-). 

ge ra'ni um. 

gerbe (jerb). 

ger'faFcon (jer'fa^kn) or gyr'-. 

Ger'ge senes' (ger^'ge-), Bih. 

Ger'ge sites (ger'ge-), Bih. 

G6r'i zim (ger'-), Bih. 

germ, -ule, =3.^ re a, =cell, -cup, 
-dis ease, -disk, =form, =-gland, 
'his to ry, -lay er, -mem brane, 
-plas ma (=plaz-), -pore, -shield, 
-stock, -tube, -ves i cle. 

ger' man, closely related; a term 
used in dancing. 

Ger'man, pertaining to Germany, 
-man ism, -man ist, -man ize, 
-ized, -lazing, -i za'tion, -man'ic, 
-man o phobe, -o pho'bi a. 

ger man'der. 

ger mane'. 

ger'man town, a carriage. 

ger'mi cide, -ciMal, -mi cul ture, 
-cul'tur ist. 

not, nor, use, iip, iirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 





ger'mi nate, -na^ted, -na'ting, 
-nant, -nal, -na tor, -na'tion. 

Ge ron'i mo, Indian chief. 

Ge ronte' (zha ront'), a character 
in Moliere's comedy. 

Gfir'ry, Vice-pres. U. S. 

ger'ry man der (ger'-), -der ing, 
-dered . 

gfir'und (j6r'-), ge run'di al, -al ly, 
-run'di val, -run'dive, -dive ly. 

Ger vi'nus (ger ve'n^s), Ger. 

ger yg'o ne (jer ig'-). 

Ge se'ni us (ge se'n! iis), Ger. 

GSsh'u rites (gesh'-), Bih. 

GessCler (ges'ler), Aust. tyrant. 

ges'so (jes'-). 

ges tate' (jes-), -ta'ted, ta'ting, 
-ta to'ry, -to'ri al. 

ges tic'u late (jes-), -lasted, -ting, 
-tive, -tor, -to'ry, -la'tion. 

ges'ture (jes'-), -tured, -tur ing, 
-tur er, -tur al, -ture less, ges'- 
ture =lan guage, -speech. 

get, -ter, -ting, got, got'ten, 
get'«noth ing, =up, get'ting-rock. 

Geth sem'a ne, Bih. 

Ge va'ert (ha va'6rt), Belg. com- 

gew'gaw (gu'ga), -gawed. 

gey'ser (gi'-), -ic, -ser ite. 

ghast'ly (gast'-), -li ness. 

ghat or ghaut. 

ghd ivd'zee. 

Ghe'ber (ge'ber or ga'-) or Gue'- 

ghee (ge), a liquid butter. 

gher'kin (ger'-). 

Ghel to (get'to or gat'o), pi. 
Ghet'tl or -tos (-toz). 

ghor, a valley. 

ghost, -like, -ly, -li ness, -fish, 
-land, -ship, ■=can''dle, '=coal, -de'- 
mon, ^flow^er, =moth, -plant, -seer, 
-show, -soul, -sto ry, -train, 

ghoul (gool), -ish, -ish ly. 

ghur ry. 

Gia CO mel'li (ja ko mel'le) Fr. 



(zham'shid), Pers. 

gi'ant, -ess, -ant ish, -ship, 

gi'ant-ket tie, -kill er, -quell er, 

g. pop^py, g. pow der, giant's 

giaour (jour). 
Giar're (jar'ra), t. It. 
gib (jib), -bing, gibbed, gib'staff. 
gib (gib), -ber, -ber ish, -bing, 

-bered, gib-cat, -fish, -keel er, 

gi ba'ro {or he'baro), pi. -ros (-roz). 
gib'bet (jib'-), -ed, -ing, gib'bet- 


gib'bous, -ly, -ness, -bos'i ty. 
gibe (jib), gibed, gib'ing, gib'er. 
GJb'e a, Bih. 

gib'let (jib'-), -check, -cheek. 
gi'bus (ji'bus or zhe'bu). 
gJd'dy, -di ly, -di ness, -dy-head, 

-head ed, -paced, -pate, -paf'ed. 
gies (ges), mats of bark. 
gift, -ed, -ed ness, gift'-en^ter- 

prise, -horse, -rope. 
gig> -ger, -ging, gigged, gig'man, 

gig'-lamp, -ma chine^ -mill, 

-sad die, -saw, -tree, gig'ging- 

ma chine''. 
gi gan'tic (ji-), -gan'te an, -gan- 

gig'gle, -glcd, -gling, -gler. 
Gig noux' (zhen yoo'), Fr. painter. 
Gi goux' (zhe goo'), Fr. painter. 
gigue (zheg). 
Gi'h6n, Bih. 
Gi'la (he'la), r. Col.; co. Ariz. 

G. monaster. 
gil'bert, a magnetic unit. 
Gil Blis (zhel bias), hero of the 

romance by Le Sage. 
Gilbo'a, Bih. 
gild, -ed, -ing, -er, gild'ing-press, 

-size, -tool, -wax. 
Giles (jilz), Amer. clergyman. 
gi let' (zhe la') . 
GH'gai, Bih. 
gil'guy (gTl'gi), -hooter. 
gill (gil), -ing, -er, gilled, gill'- 

arch, -bar, -box, -breath er, 

-cav'i ty, -cham'ber, -cleft, 

-comb, -cov er, -fiFa ment, 

-fish ing, -flap, -frame, -hoot er, 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note. 



-lid, -ma chine^ -mem'brane, 
-net, -net ter, -net ting, -o pen- 
ing, -plate, -plume, -rak^er, 
«sac, -slit. 

gill (jil), -beer, -house. 

Gil les'pie (gil-), Amer. engineer. 

Giriott (gil'lot), Eng. manfr. of 
steel pens. 

gil'ly flow^er (jil'-), -floVer-ap''- 

gilriv'age (gil-). 

gilt, -head, a fish; -poll, -tail, 
-bronze, -edged. 

gim'bal (jTm'-), -bals, gim'bal- 

gim'crack (jim'-), -er y. 


gim'let, -ed or -ted, -ing or -ting, 
gim'let-eye, -eyed. 

gimp, -ing, -y, gimp' -nail. 

gin (jin), -ner, -ning, ginned, gin'- 
block, -horse, -house, -mill, 
-pal'ace, -race, -ring, -saw, 
-shop, -tac'kle, -wheel, gin fizz, 
g. sling. 

ginge (ginj). 

gin'ger (jin'jer), -ade, -bread, -ly, 
-nut, -ous, -snap, -wort, -grass, 
-pine, ginger ale, g. beer, g. 
pop, g. wine, gin'ger bread- 
palm, =plum, -tree, -work. 

ging'ham (ging'am). 

ging'ko (ging'-), -tree. 

gin'seng (jin'-). 

gio co'so (jo ko'so). 

Gior da'no (jor da'no), It. painter. 

Gior gio'ne (jor jo'na). It. 


Giot'to (jSt'to), It. painter; 
Giot tesque' (jot tesk'). 

Gio van'ni (jo van'ne), It. philos. 

Gip'sy or Gyp'sy (jip'-), n. 

gip'sy, v., -ing, -dom, -ism, -ry, 
-wort, -Sled, gip'sy-cart, -herb, 
-herring, -moth, -winch, g. rose. 

gi raffe' (ji raf). 

gir'an dole (jir'-). 

Gi rard' (zhe rar'), Fr. philol. 

Gi rard', Stephen (je rard'), 
founder of Girard College. 

gird, -ed, -ing, -er. 

gird'er, -age, -bridge, gird'ing- 
beam, -hook. 

gir'dle, -died, -dling, -dler, gir'- 

dle-belt, -bone, -knife, -swiv^el, 

Gir'ga shite or -site (ger'-), Bih. 
girl, -ie, -ish, -ishly, -ishness, -hood. 
gi'ro (je'ro). 
Gi ronde' (jl rond'), -ron'dist, 

gir'ouette' (zher^'wet'). 
girt, -Hne. 
girth, -ing, girthed, 
gist (jist). 

gi td'no (jl-), fem. -td'na. 
Giu glia'no (jool ya'no), t. It. 
Giuliano'va (joolea no'va), t. It. 
gius'to (joDs'to). 

give, gave, giv'en, giv'ing, giv'er. 
Gi vet' (zhe va'), t. Fr. 
gi vre (zhe'vr). 

giz'zard, -fallen, -shad, -trout. 
gla bres'cent. 
gla ce (gla sa'). 
gla'cial (-shal or -shi al), -ist, -ly, 

-ci ate (-shI at), -a^ted, -a ting, 

gla'cier (-sher) or gla'ci er 

(glas'I er), -et, -ci ol'o gy (-shI-), 

-ogist, -olog'ical (-loj'-), -om'e- 

ter, -ci ere' (gl3.s i ar'). 

gla giire' (gla soor'). 
glad, -der, -dest, -den, -dened, 

-den ing, -ly, -ness, -some, 

-some ly, -some ness, glad' -eye, 

a bird. 
glade, -net. 
giad'i a tor, -ism, -ship, -to'ri al, 

-ri an. 
gla di'o lus, glad'i ole. 
Glad'stone, -sto'ni an. 
glair, -in, -ing, -e ous, -y, glaired, 
gl&m'our {or gla'mur), -ous, ous- 

ly, -ly. 
glance, glanced, glan'cing, -cing- 

ly, glance'-coal, -fish, -pitch. 
gland, -box, -cock, glan'du lar, 

-lar ly, -dule, -du lifer ous, 

-du lous. 
glan da'ceous, -da'ri ous, -dif'er- 

ous, -di form. 
glan'der, -ous, -ders. 
glare, glared, glar'ing, -ing ly, 

-ing ness, -y, -i ness. 

n6t, nor, use, iip, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 




glass, -y, -i ly, -i ness, -ful, 
-chord, -eye, a bird; a fish; 
-man, -ware, -work, -wort. 

glass' =ar^go naut, -blow er, -cav^- 
i ty, =ce ment, -cloth, =col or ing, 
-crab, -cut ter, -dust, -en am^el, 
-en grav^ing, -eyed, -fur nace, 
-gall, -gaz^ing, -grind er, -hard, 
-house, where glass is made; 
-mak''er, -met al, -mold, -mount- 

glass' =ov en, -painter, -paper, 
-pot, -press, -rolFing, -rope, 
-shell, -shrimp, -sil ver ing, 
-snail, -snake, -soap, -solder- 
ing, -spin ning, -sponge, -stain- 
er, -tin ner, -tongs, -weld ing, 
-work er, -works, g. coach, 
glass'ing-jack, -ma chine. 

Glau'ber (glou'ber), Ger. chem.; 
G. salt, glau'ber ite. 

glau'cous, of a greenish color. 

Glau'cus, Ichth. and Conch, 
genus; glau'cus. 

glave or glaive, glaved. 

glaze, glazed, glaz'ing, -y, glaze- 
kiln, -wheel, glaz'ing-bclr^rel, -ma- 
chine, -pan el, -tool, -wheel. 

gla'zer, one who or that which 
glazes; gla'zier (-zher), one who 
sets window glass. 

gleam, -ing, -y, gleamed. 

glean, -er, -ing, gleaned. 

glebe, -less, glebe -house, -land. 


gledge (glej), gledged, gledg'ing. 

glee, -ful, -ful ly, -some, -man, 

gleek, -ing, gleeked. 


Gleig (gleg), Scot, divine. 

Gleim (glim), Ger. poet. 


Glen'dower (-door), Welsh chief- 

glen gir'ry, a cap. 

glib, -ly, -ness. 

glide, -wort, glid'ed, -er, -ing, 
-ing ly, glid'ing-plane. 

glim'mer, -ing, -ing ly, -mered. 

glimpse, glimps'ing, glimpsed. 

glis sdde', -san'do (gles san'do), 

-ing, -tened. 

-ing ly, -y, -tered. 

glis' ten (-n), 

glit'ter, -ing, 

gloam, -ing. 

gloat, -ed, -ing. 

globe, glo'bate, -baited, -bose, 

(-bos'), -bose'ly, -bos'i ty, 

globe'wise, -fish, -fiow^er, glob'y. 
globe' -am'a ranth, -an i mal, 

-dai sy, -ra nun^cu lus, -run ner, 

-sight, -sla^ter, -this tie, -trot^- 

ter, -tube, -tu''lip, g. cock, g. 

lightening, g. valve. 
gl6b'ule, -u Tar, -lar ly, -lar ness, 

-u let, -u lin, -u lism, -u list, 

-u lite, -u lit'ic, -u loid, -u lose, 

-u lous, -lous ness. 
glo'chis (-kis). 
gloom, -ing, -y, -i ly, -i ness, 

glo'ri fy, -ing, -fi er, -fied, -fl ca'- 

glo'ry, -ri ous, -ous ly, -ous ness, 

glo'ry-flow er, -hole, -pea, -vine. 
gl5ss, -ing, -ing ly, -er, -less, -y, 

-i ly, -i ness, glossed. 
glds'sa ry, -rist, -sa'ri al, -ri an, 

glos'so graph, -sog'ra pher, -ra- 

phy, -graph'ic al. 
glos sol'o gy, -o gist, -so log'ic al 

Glos'ter or Glou'ces ter (glos'ter), 

a kind of cheese. 
gl6t'tis, pi. -tl des (-dez), -tal, 

-tic, -tid, -tid'e an. 
Glou'ces ter (glSs'ter), t. N. J.; 

t. Mass.; t. Eng. 
glove (gluv), glov'er, -ing, gloved, 

glove-band, -bufton er, -calf, 

-clasp, -fight, -hdok, -leaOl er, 

-mak^er, -money, -sheep, -shield, 

-siFver, -sponge, -stretchier. 
glow, -ing, -ing ly, glowed, glow'- 

worm, -lamp. 
glow'er (glour), -ing, -ered. 
gloze, glozed, gloz'ing. 
Gliick, Ger. jurist. 
glu com'e ter. 
glu'cose (-kos), -co sid or side, 

glue, glued, glu'ing, -er, -ey, 

-ey ness, -ish, -tin ous, -ous ness, 

-ti nos'i ty. 

fate, f3,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, in, note, 

glue -boiler 



glue' -boiler, -can, -dri er, -plant, 

-pot, -size, -stock, glu'ing-ma- 

chine^ -press. 
glum, -ly, -ness. 
glume, glu'mous, -mel'la, -meVlu la, 

-mif'er ous, -mi flo rous. 
glut, -ted, -ling, glut'-her^ring. 
glu'ten, -bread, -ca^se in, -fibrin. 
glu'tin ize, -ized, -f zing. 
gliit'ton (-tn), -ish, -ize, -ized, 

-i^zing, -ous, -ous ly, -ous ness, -y. 
glyc'er in or -ine (glis'-), -er ize, 

-ized, -i''zing. 
glyph (glif), '-ic. 
glyph'o graph, -graph'ic, gly- 

phog'ra pher, -ra phy. 
glyp'tic, -tics, -to graph, -graph'ic, 

-tog'ra pher, -ra phy. 
Gmel'i na (mel'-). 
gnarl, -ing, -y, gnarled, gnarl'ing- 

gnash, -ing, -ing ly, gnashed. 
gnat, -ling, -catchier, -flow^er, 

-hawk, -worm. 
gnat'ter, -ing, -tered. 
gnaw, -a ble, -ing, -er, gnawed. 
gneiss (nis), gnels'sic, -sold, -sose 

Gneist, Ger. publicist. 
gnome (nom), gnomed, gnom'ic 

{or nom'-), -ic al, -al ly, -ist, 

gnome -owl. 
gno'mon, -ist, -mon'ic, -ic al, 

-al ly, -mon'ics, -mon ol'o gy. 
gno'sis (no'-), gnos'tic, -tic al, 

-al ly, -ti cize, -cized,. -ci^zing. 
Gnos'tic, -ti cism. 
gnu (nu). 
go, -er, -ing, went, goes, gone, 

go'-a head', a., -a head'a tive, -a- 

head'a tive ness, -be tween^, -by, 

-cart, -down, -har vest, go'ing- 

bar^rel, -fu see^ (-zeO, -wheel, 

go'ings-on, go=to-bed-at=noon, 

a plant; go-to=meet^ing, a. 
goad, -ed, -ing, -ster, goads'man, 

goal, -keep^er, -post. 
goat, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, 

-beard, a plant; -chaffer, a 

beetle; -fish, -head, a bird; 

-herd, -land, -skin, -stone, 

-suck'er, a bird; -weed. 

goat'-an^te lope, -bush, -leath''er, 
-mar^jo ram, -milkier, -moth, 
-owl, goat's'-bane, -beard, -foot, 
-horn, -rue, -thorn, goat'weed- 
but'ter fly. 

gob, -bing, gobbed, gob'-line, 

go bang'. 

gob'ble, -bled, -bier, -bling. 

G6b'e lin {or g6b'lah'), Fr. dyer. 

go'be Hng {or gob'- or go be- 

g6b'let, -cell, -shaped. 


go bdr'ro. 

go bur'ra. 

god, -child, -daugh^ter, -dess, 
-fa ther, -hood, -less, -less ly, 
-less ness, -hke, -like ness, -ly, 
-li ly, -li ness, -moth^er, -send, 
-ship, -son, -wit, a bird; god- 
mak^er, -tree. 

God, -head, -ward, -fear ing, -for- 
sak^en, -speed, God's'-a^cre. 

Go di'va, title of a poem by Ten- 

Goen toer' (goon toor'), vol. Java. 

Goes (hoos), t. Neth. 

Goe the' (gwet te'), tp. S. C. 

Goe'the (ge'te), Ger. auth. 

go'e ty, -e tic. 

goffer, -ing, -fered, goffer ing- 
i'ron, -press, -tool. 

gog'gle, -gled, -gling, -gler, -gly, 
gog'gle nose, -gle-eye, -eyed. 

goi'ter or -tre, -tered, -trous, -tral, 

Go'i to (go'e to), vil. It. 

gold, -en, -bas ket, a plant; 
-breast, a bird; -crest, a bird; 
-cup, a plant; -dust, a plant; 
-finch, -fin'ny, -fish, -ham^mer, 
a bird; -sin ny, a fish; -smith, 
-spink, -stone, -tail, a moth; 
-thread, a plant; -wasp, -worm. 

gold' -bank, -bearding, -heather, 
-block^ing, -book, -bound, 
-cush^ion, -dig^ger, -dust, -frrn, 
-field, -filled, -find^er, -foil, -fur^- 
nace, -ham''mer, -hunt'er, -knife, 
-leaf, -liFy, -mine, -minting, 
-mole, -note, -paint, -pow^der, 
-proof, -shell, -size, -stick. 

not, nor, use, up, drn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 




-washier, -of»pleas ure, a plant; 

gold'en back, a bird; -en bough, 
a plant; -en bug, a bird; -en- 
chain, a plant; -en club, a 
plant; -en ear, a moth; -en eye, 
a duck; a fish; an insect; -en- 
head, a duck; -en knap, a bird; 
-en maid, a fish; -en pert, a 
plant; -en rod, a plant; -en seal, 
a plant. 

gold'en-cheeked, »flow^er, ^spoon, 
a tree; ^swift, a moth; gold'en- 

golf, -er, -ing, golf=club, -stick, 
golf'ing=ground, golf arm. 

G6rg6 tha. Bib. 

go'li a. 

go'li ard, -y, -ar der y, -ar'dic. 

go li'ath, =bee'tle. Go li'ath. Bib. 

Go mSr'rah, Bib. 

gon'do la, -do let, -do lier'. 

gone. See go. 

Gon'er il, daughter of King Lear. 

gon'fa Ion, -fa Ion ier'. 

g6ng, =bell, -ham^mer, -met^al, 

go nl om'e ter, -e try, -o met'ric, 
-ric al. 

gon or rhe'a or -rhoe'- (-re'-), 

gdod, -ish, -like, -ly, -li ness, -ness, 
-y, -man, -wife, -sire. 

good' -by or -bye, -con di^tioned, 
-day, n., -e ven, n., -e'ven ing, 
n., -morn ing, n., -mor^row, n., 
-night, n., -will, of a business; 
g. will. 

goods -en gine, -shed, -train, 
-truck, -van, -wag''on. 

good'y-bread, -good, -good'y, 
-good'y ism. 


goose, pi. geese, goose'beak, a 
fish; -ber'ry, -fish, -flesh, -foot, 
a plant; -herd, -neck, -tongue, 
a plant; goos'y. 

goose' -bird, -brant, -corn, -egg, 
-footled, -grass, -green, -gull, 
-house, -mus^sel, -pim'ples, 
-quill, -skin, -step, -tan^sy, 
-wing, goose'ber^ry-bush, -moth, 


gope, goped, gop'ing. 

go'pher, -root, a shrub; -wood, a 

tree; go'pher-man, -snake, -wood, 

the yellow -wood. 
go'pu ra (-poo-). 
Gor'di an. 
gore, gored, gor'ing, -y, gore'bill, 

a fish; gore'-strake. 
gorge, gorged, gor'ging, -ger, 

gorge-cur'tain, -hook. 
gor'geous (-jus), -ly, -ness. 
gdr'get (-jet). 
Gor'gi o (-gl-). 
gor'gon, -go'ne an or -ni an, 

-go nei'on, -gon esque', gor'gon's- 

go ril'la. 
gor'mand or gour'- (goor'-), -ize, 

-ized, -I'zer, -i''zing. 
gftr'ri on. 
gorse, gors'y, gorse'hatch, a bird; 

-hop^per, a bird; -duck, 
Go'shen, Bib. 
go'shen ite. 

gos'ling (goz'-), gos let, -ling- 
g6s'pel, -er, -ize, -ized, -i'zing, gos'- 

pel-list, -oak, -oath, -tree, 
gos'sa mer, -y. 
gos'sip, -er, -ing or -ping, -siped 

or -sipped, -y, -mon''ger. 
gos soon'. 

gos'sy pine, -sy pose (-pos). 
G6th, -ic, -i'cism, -incize, -cized, 

-ci''zing, -i cist. 
Go'tham, t. Eng., a name applied 

to New York city; -ist, -ite. 
G6tt'schalk, Amer. composer. 
gouache (gwash). 
gou a ree' (goo a re'). 
gouge (gouj), gouged, gou'ging 

(-jing), gou'ger, gouge-bit, 

-chis'el, -fur''row, -sUp. 
Gough (gof), Amer. temperance 

gou' j on (goo'-). 
gou'lard (goo'-). 
gou'lash (goo'-). 
Gou'nod' (goo^no'), Fr. composer. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice, In, note, 




gourd, -y, -i ness, -mouth, a fish; 
-worm, =meFon, "shaped, -shell, 
-tree, gourd'seed=suck^er, a fish. 

gour met' (goor ma' or goor'met). 

gou'rou=nut (goo'roo-). 

gout, -ish, -y, -i ly, -i ness, -weed, 
-wort, »stone, gout'y=gall. 

Gouv er neur' (goov er noor'), 

vil. N. Y. 

gov'ern (guv'-), -a ble, -ble ness, 
-bil'i ty, -erned, -em ing, -ess, 
-ment, -men'tal, -or ship. 

gov'ern or, -block, -gender al, 
-valve, gou'ver ndnte' (gdb^-). 

gown, -ing, -boy, -man, gowned, 

grab, -bing, -ber, grabbed, grab- 
all, -bag, -game, -hook, -i ron, 

grab'ble, -bled, -bhng. 

Grac'chus (grak'us), Rom. states- 

grace, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -less, 
-less ly, -less ness, graced, gra'- 
cing, the Graces, Myth.; grace' - 
hoop, -note, -stroke, -term, -wife. 

grac'ile (gras'il), gra cil'i ty. 

grd ci o'so. 

gra'cious, -ly, -ness. 

gra'date, -da''ted, -ting, -da'tim, 
-da'tion, -tion al, grad'a to ry. 

grade, grad'ed, -ing, -er, gra'di- 
ent, grad'ing=in stru ment, -plow, 
-scrapper, -shov^el. 

gra di'no (gra de'no) pi. -nos 


grad'u al, -ly, -ness, -ist, -al'i ty. 

grad'u ate, -ship, -a''ted, -a ting, 
-and', -a''tor, -to^ry, -a'tion, 

Graeme (gram), Scotch poet. 


griff, -age. 

graft, -age, -ed, -er, -ing, graft' -hy'- 
brid, -hy brid i za''tion (=hi-). 

graft'ing-chis'el, -knife, -saw, 
-tool, -wax. 

Gra'ham (-am), a diet reformer; 
-ize, -ized, -i^zing, -ism, -ite, G. 

grail, a cup or chalice. 

grail or graille, a file. 

grain, -age, -er, -ing, -y, -fields, 
grained, grains'man. 

grain' -aFco hoi, -bin, -bind'er, 
-bruis'er, -car, -clean''er, -cra''- 
dle, -damp^er, -door, -driver or 
-dry^er, -farm, -fork, -gage 
-har^vest er, -hulFer, -I6ath^er, 
-me^ter, -mill, -mois^ten er, 
-moth, -oil, -rake, -sack^er, 
-scale, -scour'er, -screen, -sep^- 
a ra tor, -shov'el, -soap, -staff, 
-test'er, -tin, -tree, -wee^vil, 

grain'ing-board, -coFors, -plate, 

gram or gramme, -cen''ti me ter, 
-de gree^ -me'ter. 

gra' ma -grass. 

gram' mar, -ma'ri an, -an ism, 
-mar less, -mat'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 
-al ness, -mat'i cism, -cize, 
-cized, -ci''zing, -ma tol'a try. 

gram'o phone. 


grin'a ry, -bee'tle. 

grand, -ly, -ness, -aunt, -child, 
-daugh^ter, -farther, -ther ly, 
-ma, -mSm ma' or -ma ma' {or 
-ma'ma), -moth'er, -er ly, 

-neph'ew (-nef- or -nSv'-), 
-niece, -pa or -pa pa (-pa pa' or 
-pa'pa), -par'ent, -ent age, -sire, 
-son, -un'cle, -pere' (gr6h'par'). 

grand' -du'cal, -duke, an owl; 
-guard, armor; -piece, armor; 
grand'fa'ther-long-legs, Grand' 
Bank'er, g. duke. 

gran'dim or -dame. 

gran dee', -ship. 


gran dil'o quent, -ly, -quence, 
-quous (-kwus). 

gran di ose' (-6s'), -ly, -o'so, 
-os'i ty. 

Grand pre', de (de groh pra'), Fr. 


grange, gran'ger, -ger ism, -ger- 
ite, -ize, -ized, -i'zer, -i'zing. 

grin'ite, gra nit'ic, -ic al, -nit'i fy, 
-fy ing, -fied, -fl ca'tion, -i form, 
gran'ite ware, -ax, -por'phy ry. 

gra niv'o rous. 

n6t, nor, use, up, <irn, etiide, food, fdot, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 



grebe -cloth 

grin'ny, -knot or gran'ny's knot. 

grd'no, pi. -ni (-ne). 

grant, -ed, -ing, -er, -a ble. In 
law, grant'or and gran tee'. 

gran'u la, pi. -lae, -u lar, -lar ly, 
-lar'i ty, -u late, -la'' ted, -lasting, 
-la^'tive, -latter, -la'tion, gran'u- 
la^ting=ma chined 

gran'ule, -u lifer ous, -u lose 
(-los), -u lous, gran'ule-cells. 

gran'u lite, -lit'ic. 

gran'u lize, -lized, -li'zing. 

grin'za, pi. -zas (-zaz). 

grape, -less, -let, -flow^er, a plant; 
-fruit, a tree and its fruit; 
-stone, -vine, grap'y, -er y. 

grape =cure, «fern, -hy^a cinth, 
-juice, -louse, -miFdew, -root, 
-rot, -shot, -su^gar, -tree, 

graph'ic, -al, -al ly, -al ness, -ics. 

graph'ite, gra phit'ic. 

gra phol'o gy, -o gist, graph o- 
log'ic al (-loj'-), -o met'ic, -ic al, 
-met'rics, gra phom'e ter. 

graph'o phone, -phon'ic, -o scope, 
-o spasm, -o type, -typ'ic. 

grap'nel, -plant. 

grap'ple, -pled, -pier, -pling, 
grap'ple -plant, -shot, grap'- 
pling-i ron, -line, -tongs. 

grasp, -a ble, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 
-ing ness, -less. 

grass, -er, -ing, -y, -i ness, -less, 
-chat, a bird; -finch, -man, -nut, 
-quit, a bird. 

grass' -bar, -bass, -bird, -bleach^- 
ing, -cloth, -cut ter, -drake, 
-em broid''er y, -green, -grown, 
-hand, -har^vest er, -land, -like, 
-lin en, -moth, -oil, -par^ra keet, 
-pink, -plot, -plov'er, -seed, 
-snake, -snipe, -spiMer, -sponge, 
-ta ble, -tree, -vetch, -war^bler, 
-wid^ow, -wid''ow er, -worm, 
-wrack. Grass' -week. 

Grasse (gras), t. Fr. 

grass'hop per, -beam, -en^gine, 
-lark, -mouse, -spar row, -war- 

grate, grat'ed, -ing, -ing ly, -er, 
grate'-bar, -room, -sur^face. 

grate'ful, -ly, -ness, grat'i tude. 

Gra ti a'no (gra she a'no), one of 
Shakspeare's characters. 

grat'i cule, gra tic u la'tion. 

grat'i fy, -ing, -ing ly, -fied, -fi''er, 
-fi ca'tion. 

gra tin' (-tan'), grat'i nate, -na'ted, 

Gra'ti ot (grash'i ot), co. Mich. 


gra tu'i tous, -ly, -ness, -i ty. 

grat'u la to^ry, -la'tion. 

gra vd'men, pi. -vd'mens or -vdm'- 
i na. 

grave, -less, -ly, -ness, -stone, 
-yard, -clothes, -dig^ger, -rob- 

grave, v., graved, grav'ing, -er, 
grave' -dock, -piece. 

grav'el, -ing or -ling, -ly, -root, a 
plant; -blind, -car, -mine, -pit, 
-plant, -stone, -weed. 

Grave lot' (grav lo'), Fr. engraver. 

graves or greaves, refuse; sedi- 

Graves (grXv), a wine. 

grav'i tate, -ta'ted, -ting, -tive, 
-ta'tion, -tion al, -al ly. 

grav'i ty, -bat^ter y, -fault, -rail- 
road, -so lu'tion. 


gra'vy, -boat. 

gray or grey, -ish, -ish ness, -ly, 
-ness, -back, a person; a duck; 
-beard, a person; -bird, -coat, a 
person; -fish, -head, a person; 
-lord, a fish; -stone, -w^ckfe {or 
-w3,k), -weth^er, -bear, a spider; 
-fly, -wash^ing, -whaFer. 

graze, graz'er, -ing, gra'zier 
(-zher), grazed, graz'ing- 


gra'zi o'so (gra'tse o'so). 

grease (gres), «., -wood, a plant; 
-box, -cock, -cup, -jack, -pot. 

grease (grez or gres), v., greased, 
greas'ing, -y, -i ly, -i ness, -er. 
Greas'er or greas'er, a Mexican. 

great, -ly, -ness, -coat, -head, a 
duck; -aunt, -eyed, -fruit'ed, 
-grand''fa ther, -heart'ed, -un cle, 
-great-grand son. 

greaves, greaved. 

grebe, -cloth. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note, 




Gre'cize or -cian ize, -ized, 

Gre'cO'Bac'tri an, -Lat^in -Rod- 
man, 'Turk^ish, Gre col'a try. 

grecque (grek) . 

Gre'cian, G. bend, G. fire, G. 
horse, G. knot, G. leath er, G. 
net^ting, Greek. 

greed, -y, -i ly, -i ness. 


green, -er y, -ing, -ish, -ish ness, 
-let, -ness, -bane, a fish; -bird, 
-bone, a fish; -briber, -broom, 
a plant; -cha''fer, an insect; 
-finch, -fish, -fly, -gill, an 
oyster; -gro''cer, -head, a bird; 
-heart, a tree; -horn, a person; 
-house, -room, a room in a 
theater; -sand, a sandstone; 
-sauce, a plant; -shank, a bird; 
-sick, -sick^ness, -stone, -sward, 
-weed, -wing, a duck; -withe, a 
plant; -wood, a forest. 

green' =bag, ^beard^ed, -coat, -cod, 
a fish; -corn, the egg -capsules 
of a mollusk; -laVer, a seaweed; 
-rot, -snake, -stall,, -stick, -tail. 

green bass, g. book, g. cheese, 
g. cloth, g. corn, g. slr^up, g. 
stur^geon, g. ta'ble, g. tar, g. 
wa ter. 

green'back, Green'back er, -back- 

Green'wich, vil. Ct.; tp. N. J.; 
tp. N. Y. (GrSn'ij); t. Eng. 

greet, -ed, -er, -ing. 

greeve, -ship. 

gre ga'ri an, -ism, -ri ous, -ous ly, 
-ous ness. 

grei'sen (-sn). 

gre lot' (-16'). 

gre nade', -na'do, gren a dier'. 

gren'a din. 

gren a dine' (-den'). 

gres (gra or gra). 

gres so'ri al, -ri ous. 

Gre'vy' (graVe'), Pres. Fr. repub. 

grey'hound (gra'-). 

grid'dle, -died, -dler, -dUng, -cake. 

gride, grld'ed, -ing. 

grid'i ron. 

grief, -mus'cle, -shot. 

Gries (gre), mt. Switz. 

j grieve, grieved, griev'ing, -ing ly, 

I -er, -ous, -ous ly, -ous ness. 

1 griff, a piece of machinery; a 

rocky glen. 
griff or griff e, a mulatto. 
griff e (grif), a term used in 

architecture and in wine making. 
griffin. Myth.; -age, -fin ish, 

-fin ism, griffin-male, -vuKture. 
Griffon, a person; griffon, a dog. 
grif f on age {or -azh'). 
grill, -ing, grilled, gril lade', 

-lage, grill' -room. 
grille (gril or grel). 
gril W (gre lya') . 
grim, -mer, -mest, -ly, -ness, -grib- 

gri mace', -maced'. 
gri mai'kin {or -mal'-). 
grime, grimed, grim'ing, -y, -i ly, 

-i ness. 
grin, -ning, grinned, grin'ning- 

grind, -ing, -ing ly, -er, -er y, 

-stone, ground. 
grind'ing-bed, -bench, -block, 

-clamp, -frame, -lathe, -ma- 
chine', -mill, -plate, -roll, -slip, 

-spheres, -tooth, -vat, -wheel, 

gri otte' . 
grip, -ping, -per, gripped, grip'- 

man, -sack, -car, -grass, -puF- 

ley, -yard, grip'ping-wheel. 
gripe, griped, gnp'ing, -ing ly, 

grippe (grip), an influenza. 
Gri'qua (gre'-), pi. -quas. 
gri saille' (gre zal' or -za'y'). 
grise (gris). 
Gri s61'da, one of Chaucer's 

gri sette' (-zet'). 
gris'ly (griz'-), -h ness. 
gri'son, a monkey. 
Gri sons' (gre zung' or gre''z6n'). 
grist, -mill. 

gris'tle (-1), -tied, -tly, -tli ness. 
Gris'wold (griz'uld), Amer. auth. 
grit, -ted, -ting, -ty, -ti ness, 

-stone, -cell, -rock. 

n6t, nor, use, up, <irn, etude, food, f<rot, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 




griz'zle (-zl), -zled, -zling, -zly. 

groan, -er, -ing, groaned, groan'- 

groat, a coin. 

groats, hulled oats. 

gro'cer, -y, -y man, -y -store. 

grog, -ger y, -gy, -gi ly, -gi ness, 
grog'=blos^som, -shop. 

gr6g'rani, -yarn. 

groin, -er y, -ing, groined, groin- 
arch, -cen''ter ing, -point, -rib. 

grdm'met or -et, g. wad (wod). 

groom, -er, -ing, groomed, 
grooms'man, groom -grub''ber, 

groDve, grooved, groov'er, -ing, 
-y, groove^ -board, -feFlow, -ram, 
-rolFer, groov'ing-plane. 

grope, groped, grop'er, -ing, 
-ing ly. 

gros (gro), g. de Tours (gro de 
toor), gros'grain (gro'-). 


gro'schen (-shen or gr6sh'en). 

gross, -ly, -ness, -head''ed. 

Gros Ven'tres (gro van'tr). 

gro tesque' (-tesk'), -ly, -ness. 

Gro'ti us (-shi-), Dutch jurist; 
-ti an (-shi an). 

Grot'te (grot'ta), vil. It. 

grSt'to, pi. -toes (-toz), grot, 
grot' to -work. 

Grou^chy', de (de groo^she'), Fr. 
gen.; grouchV, sulky. 

ground, -age, -ed, -ed ly, -er, -ing, 
-less, -less ly, -less ness, -ling, 
-ber^ry, -nut, -sill, -ways, -work. 

ground' -an^gling, -an^nu al, -ash, 
-au^ger, -bai^liff, -bait, -beam, 
-bee^tle, -bird, -cher''ry, -cis tus, 
-cloth, -cock, -cuck''oo, -cy'- 
press, -dove, -down, «., -fast, 
-feed er, -finch, -fir, -fish, 
-game, -gru, -gud^geon, -hem^- 
lock, -hog, -hold, -horn''bill, 
-ice, -i vy, -joint, -joist, -keep''- 
er, -lay^er, -line, -liv^er wort, 
-liz^ard, -mail, -mark''er, -mass, 
-mold, -muFlet. 

ground'nest, -net, -niche (-nich), 
-par ra keet^ -pea, -pearl, -pig, 
-pi^geon, -pine, -plan, -plane, 
-plate, -plot, -plum, -rat, -rent, 

-rob''in, -rolFer, -rope, -scrapper, 

-scratch''er, -sea, -seat, -shark, 

-sloth, -sluice, -snake, -spar^- 

row, -squir^rel, -startling, -strake, 

-swell, -ta^ble, -tac^kle, -throw, 

-thrush, -tim''bers, -wheel, 

ground'ing-tool, ground'sel-tree, 

ground floor, g. form. 
group (groop), -age, -er, -ing, 

grouped, group' -spring. 
grouse, -pl^geon. 
grout, -er, -ing, -head, a person; 

-ale, -head''ed. 
gr6v'el (-1), -eled or -elled, -el ing 

or -el ling, -el er or -el ler. 
grow, -a ble, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 

grew, grown, grown' -up, grow'- 

ing-cell, -slide. 
growl, -er, -ing, -ing ly, growled. 
grSwth, -ful, growth -form. 
gro'zing-i ron. 
grub, -ber, -ber y, -bing, grubbed, 

grub'worm, -ax, -hook, -plank, 

-saw, -stake, -time. Grub street, 

grub'bing-ax, -hoe. 
grudge, grudged, grudg'er, -er y, 

-ing, -ing ly, -ing ness. 

gru e'so (-a'so). 
grue'some or grew'-, -ness. 
gruff, -ly, -ness. 
gru'=gru, g. palm, g. worm. 
grum, -ness. 
grum'ble, -bled, -bier, -bling, 

-bling ly. 
grump'y, grump'i ly, -i ness, -ish. 
grun'dy, a metal; Grun'dy, a 

critic of society; -di fied, -dy ism. 
grunt, -ed, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 

-ling, grunt'ing ox. 
grup'po (grobp'po) . 
Gua da la ja'ra (-la ha'ra), prov. 

Sp.; c. Mex. 
Gua dal ca zar' (-ka sar'), t. Mex. 
Gua dal qui vir' (-ke ver'), r. Sp. 
Gua da lupe' (ga da loop'), co. 

Tex.; mt. Sp.; t. Uruguay. 
Gua de loupe' (ga da loop'), Fr. 

West India colony. 
Gua di ana (gwa de a'na), r. Sp. 
Gua'na (gwa'na), isl. W. I. 
gua'na, a lizard; a cloth. 
gua na'co. 

fate, fat, far, fall, f^re, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note, 



guinea -worm 

Gua na jay' (gwa na hi'), t. Cuba. 

Gua na jua'to (gwa na hwa'to), 
state Mex. 

gua'no, pi. -nos (-noz), gua'nize, 
-nized, -ni^zing, gua'no»mix^er, 


gua ra'cha. 

guar an tee', pi. -tees' (-tez'), one 
who receives a guaranty, guar'- 
an tor, -an ty, a warrant, pi. 
-ties (-tiz), guar an tee', v., 
-teed', -tee'ing. 

gua rd' po. 

gua rau'na. 

guard, -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, -ing, 
-a ble, -ant, -less, -ship, pro- 
tection, -fish, guards'man. 

guard'boat, »book, =brush, -cell, 
-chain, -cham''ber, =du ty, -fin- 
ger, -flag, -house, -i^rons, -lock, 
-mount^ing, -pile, -plate, -rail, 
-rein, -ring, -room, -ship, 
a vessel; -tent. 

guard'! an {or -yan), -less, -ship, 
-cell, g. an'' gel. 

Gua te ma'la (ga-). Cent. Amer.; 
-ma'lan or -li an. 


Gua vi a're (gwa ve a'ra), r. 
Colombia, S. A. 


Guay a can' (gwi a kan'), vil. 

Guay a'ma (gwi ii'mii), t. Porto 

Guay a quil' (gwi a kel'), c. 


gu^ber na to'ri al. 

gud'geon (-jun). 

Gue'ber (ge'-). See Gheher. 

Guelf or Guelph, -ic, -ism. 

gue'lis (gwa'les). 

Guelph (gwelf), c. Ontario. 

guer'don (ger'-), -a ble, -er, -ing, 
-less, -doned. 

Gue rin (ga ran'), Fr. surgeon. 

gue rite (ga ret' or ger'it). 

guern'sey (gern'zy), a garment. 

Guern'sey (gern'zy), isl. Eng.; co. 
O.; G. blue, G. cow, G. ear-shell, 
G. \xVy. 

guer ril'la (ger ■) . 

Gues clin' (ga kl^n'), Fr. officer. 

guess (ges), -a ble, -er, -ing, 

-ing ly, -work, guessed, guess'- 

rope, -warp. 
guest, -ling, -ant, -cham'ber, -fly, 

-moth, -room, -rope, -wasp. 
Gueux (ge). 
guf faw', -ing, -fa wed'. 
Gug liel'mi (gobl yel'me), It. 

gui'da (ge'da) , 
guide (gid), guid'a ble, -ance, -er, 

-ing, -ing ly, guide'craft, -less, 

-way, -bar, -block, -book, -eye, 

-feath^er, -flag, -pile, -post, 

-pul''ley, -rail, -rolFer, -ropes, 

-screw, -tube, -yoke. 
Gui'di (gwe'de). It. poet. 
Gui'do (gwe'do). It. gen.; -do'- 

ni an. 
Gui'do Re'ni (gwe'do ra'ne). It. 

Guignes, de (de gen'), Fr. 

guild, -hall, -house, -ale, -broth'- 

er, -rent, 
guil'der (gil'-). 
guile (gil), -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, 

-less, -less ly, -less ness. 
guil laume' (gel yom'), a tool. 
GuiMaume' (ge^yom'), Fr. painter. 
GuiFlan'met' (ge^yo^ma'), Fr. 

GuiFle met' (ge^ye ma'), Fr. artist. 
GuiFle min' (ge^ye man' or geF- 

m3,h'), Fr. scientist. 
guil'le mot (gil'-). 
guil'loche' (ge'yosh' or gil losh'). 
GuiMon' (ge'yoh'), Fr. auth. 
guil'lo tine (gil'lo ten), m., -tine' 

(-ten'), v., -fined', -tin'ing, 

guills (gilz). 
guilt (gilt), -y, -i ly, -i ness, -less, 

-less ly, -less ness, guilt'=sick. 
guimp (gimp). 
gui na'ra (ge-) . 
guin'ea (gin'e), -boat, -cock, -corn, 

-drop per, -edge, -fowl, -goose, 

-grains, -grass, -green, -hen, -pig, 


n6t, nor, iise, up, (irn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, tilus, BaCh. 




Guin'ea (gin'e), Afr., -man, a 
ship; -e an, Guin'ea-cloth, G. 
hog, G. peach, G. pep''per, G. 

Guin'e vere (gwin'-), Queen to 
King Arthur. 

guipure' (ge-). 

gui'ra (gwe-). 

Guise, de (de gwez'), Fr. states- 

Guise (gez), t. Fr. 

guise (giz), guised, guis'er, -ing. 

gui tar', -ist, -play^er, -string. 

Gui''zot' (ge'zo' or gwe^zo'), Fr. 

gu'la, pi. -l(B or -Ids (-laz), -lar. 


gul'den (gd61'-), -head. 

gules, gul'y. 

gulf, -y, -weed. 


gull, -er, -er y, gull' -billed, 
-catchier, a bird; -chaster, a 

gul'let, -er, -ing, -lar val, -saw, 
gul'let ing-file, -press, -stick. 

gul'li ble, -bil'i ty. 

gul'ly, -ing, -lied, gul'ly mouth, a 
pitcher; -drain, -hunf'er, -rak^er, 
-squall, -wind. 

gu'loc (gdo'-j. 

gulp, -er, -ing, gulped. 

gum, -mer, -ming, -mous, -my, 
-mi ness, gummed, gum'wood, 
a tree; gum'-an^i mal, -boil, 
-cis'tus, -drop, -game, -plant, 
-pot, -rash, -stick, -tree, -wai- 
ter, -wood, wood of the gum- 
tree; g. dy'na mite (df-), g. 
res''in, gum'-top tree. 

Gum'mer e, Amer. math. 

gun', -ning, -ner, -ner y, -boat, 
-cot ton, -mak er, -man, -pow- 
der, -shot, -smith. 

gun'-bar^rel, -bat'ter y, -brig, 
-cap tain, -car riage, -case, -deck, 
-fire, -flint, -gear, -har poon'', 
-i ron, -lift, -lock, -met al, 
-mon ey, =pen''du lum, -pit, 
-port, -reach, -room, -search'er, 
-shy, -slide, -sling, -stick, 
-stock, -stockier, -tac kle, -wad, 
-wad ding, -work. 

gun'ner-fluke, gun'ner y-licu ten^- 

ant, -ship. 
gun'ning-boat, gun'pow der-man- 

u fac'tory, -mill, -pamper, -press, 

gun'ny-cloth, g. bags. 
Gun'ter's chain, G. Hne, G. 

quad rant, G. scale. 
Gun'ther (giin'ter), Gr. philos. 
gur'gle, -gled, -glet, -gling, 

-gling ly, -gi ta'tion (-ji-). 
Gu row'ski (gob rov'ske), Polish 

gur'ry, -ing, -ried, gur'ry-bait, 

-butt, -fish, -ground, -shark. 
gu'ru (gob'rob), -nut. 
gush, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -y, gushed. 
gus'set, -neeMle, -plate, -stay. 
gust, -y. 

gust'a tive, -a to'ry. 
gus'to, -to' so. 
gut, -ted, -ting, -wort, gut'- 

formed, -hook, -length, -scrap'er 

Gu'ten berg (goo'ten berg), Ger. 

inventor of printing. 
gut'ta-per'cha, -pu'tih (-poo'ti), 

-ram^bong, -she'a, -sing'ga rip, 

-sunMek, -ta'ban, -trap. 
gut ta'tim. 
gut'ter, -y, -ing, -tered, gut'ter- 

blood, -board^ing, -cock, -flag, 

-hole, -ledge, -man, -snipe, -spout, 

-stick, -tee^tan. 
gut'tu la, pi. -l(B, -tu late. 
guy (gi), -er, -ing, guyed, guy'- 

Guy an dotte' (gi an d6t'), r. W. 

Guy'on (gi'on), Fr. authoress. 
Guy'ot' (ge^o'), Swiss naturalist. 
Guz man'-Blan'co (gobth man'- 

blan'ko), Pres. Venezuela. 
guz'zle, -zled, -zler, -zUng. 

Gy'ges (ji'jez), King of Lydia. 
gym na'si um (-zl um or -zhl- 

um), -si al, -si arch (-zl ark), 

-si ast, gym'nast, -nast'ic, -ic al, 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, Ice, In, note, 



hair -picker 

-al ly, -nas'ti cize, -cized, -ci^- 

zing, -nas'tics. 
gyn e col'o gy (jin-), -o gist, 

-co log'ic al, -co ni'lis, -cop'a thy, 

-co path'ic. 
Gyo'ma (dyo'mo), vil. Hung. 
Gyon^gyos' (dyenMyesh'), t. Hung. 
Gyon'gyo sy (dyen'dye she). Hung. 

Gyp'sey (jtp'-). See Gipsy. 
gyp'sum (jip'-), gyp'sous, gyp'sum- 

Gyp'sy. See Gipsy. 

gy'rate (ji'-), -ranted, -ranting, 
-ral, -ra to'ry, -ra'tion, -tion al, 
gyr'o man cy (jir'-). 

gyre'-car''lin (glr'-). 

gyr'faFcon (jer'fa''kn). See ger- 

gy'ro scope (ji'-), -scop'ic. 

gy'ro Stat (ji'-), -stat'ic. 

Gy'ro wetz (ge'ro vSts), Bohem. 

Gyu'la (dyoo'ia), t. Hung. 

Gyu'lai (dydo'h). Hung. gen. 

gyve (jiv), pi. gyves. 


H=branch, -drill, -piece. 

Habak'kuk {or h&b'-), Bib. 

hd'he as cor'pus. 

hab'er dash er, -y. 

ha bll'i ment, -ed. 

ha bil'i tate, -ta'ted, -tasting, -ta'- 
tor, -ta'tion. 

hab'it, -ed, -ing, -i tude, -a ble, 
-a ble ness, -a bil'i ty, -ant, 
hab'i tat, -ta'tion, ha bit'u al, 
-al ly, -al ness, -u ate, -a'ted, 
-acting, -a'tion, ha hi tu e! (ha- 
bit^u a' or a be td6 a'). 

hab'it =cloth, -mak''er, -shirt. 

hd'cl en' da {or a^the an'da). 

hack, -er, -ing, hacked, hack'- 
ber^ry, -bolt, a bird; -man, 
-bar^row, -file, -ham^mer, -i ron, 
-trap, -watch, hack'ing-seat. 

hack'a more. 



hack'er y. 

hac'kle, -kled, -kling, -kler, 
hac'kle=bar, -feath''er, -fly, 
hac'kling=ma chined 

hack' ma tack. 

hack'ney, -man, -ing, -neyed (-nid), 

Ha'dad, Bih. 


had'dock, -er, -dock-tea. 

Ha'des (-dez). 


Had'lai {or -la i), Bih. 


haft, -ed, -er, -ing, haft' -pipe. 

hag, -ging, -gish, -gish ly, bagged, 
hag'ber^ry, -fish, -weed, -gull, 
-mouth, -ridMen, -stafi', -ta per, 
-tracks, -worm, hag's-tooth. 

Ha'gen, Fiction. 

Hig'gai, Bih. 

hag'gard, -ly, -ness. 

hag'gle, -gled, -gler, -gling. 

ha'gi ar chy (-ji-), -gi oc'ra cy, 
-gi o graph, -og'ra phal, -ra- 
pher, -ra phy, -o graph'ic, -ol'a- 
try, -ol'o gy, -o gist, -o log'ic, -ic al. 

Hague^nau' (ag'no'), t. Ger. 

ha'-ha', laughter; ha^ha' {or ha'haO, 
a fence or ditch. 

Hal dee' (hi-), a character in 
Byron's Don Juan. 

haik (hik). 

hai^kwan' (hi^-). 

hail, -ing, hailed, hail'stone, -feF- 
low, -storm. 

Hai nan' (hi-), isl. China. 

Hai^naut' (ha'no'), prov. Belg. 

hMr, -y, -i ness, -less, haired, 
hair'brained, -breadth, -cloth, 
-pin, -streak, a butterfly; -tail, 
a fish; -worm. 

hiir'-bird, -brack^et, -brush, 
-bulb, -cell, -clam, -com^pass es, 
-dress, -dressier, -dye, -eel, 
-feath^er, -foFli cle, -gland, 
-grass, -knob, -lace, -li'chen 
(-ken), -line, -net, -oil, -pick'er. 

n6t, nor, use, lip, (irn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




-powMer, -quag, -sack, -salt, 
-seal, -shaped, -sheath, -space, 
-split'ter, -spring, -star, -stroke, 
-trig'ger, -weav^ing, -wofk. 

hMr'branch=tree, hair'cap-moss, 
hair'cup-plow, hair'trig ger- 

flow er, hair'y bait, a worm; 
-y crown, a bird; -y head, a 
bird; hair's breadth. 

hake, haked, hak'ing, hakes'dame, 
a fish, hake's-tooth, 

Halas' (ho'losh'), t. Hung. 

hai'berd {or hoi'-), -ier', -man, 
-head'ed, -shaped, -weed. 

hal'cy on (-si-), -on'ic, -6 nine'', 
-6 nite'', -5 noid^. 

Hal cy'o ne (-si'-), Myth. 

hale, -ness, -wort, hal'ing, haled. 

half (haf), -beak, a fish; -bill, a 
bird; a fish; -pen^ny. 

half-ape, -back, -baked, -belt, 
-bent, -bind^ing, -blood, -bloom, 
-board, -board^er, -boot, -box, 
-breed, -brilliant, -broth^er, 
-caste, -cent, -cheek, -chess, 
-cock, -crown, -deck, -dime, 
-doFlar, -ea^gle, -face, -far^- 
thing, -feath^er, -guin^ea, -hitch, 
-hoFi day, -hose, -hour, -hour'- 
ly, -length, -line. 

half -mask, -mast, -me assure, 
-moon, -mount'ing, -mourn^ing, 
-pace, -pay, a., -pike, -port, 
-price, a. and adv., -prin'ci pal, 
-re lief, -round, -roy'al, -shell, 
-sis''ter, -sole, -sov'ereign, -stitch, 
-stop, -stuff, -tan^gent, -thought, 
-throw, -tide, -tim^ber, -tint, 
-tone, -tongue, -trap, -trav^el, 
-truth, -vir''tue, -way, -wit, 
-yard, -yarn, -year, -year^ly. 

half-and-half, hiilf'-seas-o ver, 
half dis''tance, h. note, h. pay, 
w., h. price, w., h. rest, h. step. 

hal'i but (hoi'-), -broom, -slime. 

hall, -way, -house, -mark, h. 
Bi ble. 

hal''la ba loo'. See hullabaloo. 

Hal'16, c. Prus. 

hai le lu'iah or -jah (-loo'ya). 

Hailo'esh, Bih. 

hai l(ro' or hel lo' or hol'lo {or -16') 
or hul 16', hal loo'ing, -looed'. 

hariow, -ing, -lowed. 

Hai low e'en', Hal low-eve', -fair, 

hal lu'cX na tor, -to''ry, -na'tion. 

ha'lo, pi. -los (-l6z). 

halt, -ed, -er, -ing, -ing ly. 

hal'ter, -ing, -tered, hal'ter- 

halve (hav), halved, halv'ing, 
halve=net, halv'ing-belt. 

hai'yard, -rack. 

Ham, Bih., -ite, -it'ic. Ham 
(6h), vil. Fr. 

ham, -string, n.,. -bee^tle, -knife. 

ham'a dry^ad, pi. -ads or -dry'- 
a des (-dez). 

Ha ma mat su' (ha ma mat s66'), 
t. Japan. 

Ha' man, Bih. 

hame, -fas^ten er, -lock, -ring, 

Ha mri'car, Carth. gen. 

ham'let, Ham'let, in Shakspeare. 

ham'mer, -ing, -er, -mered, 
ham'mer head, a fish; a bird; 
-man, -wort. 

ham'mer-ax, -beam, -blow, -cap, 
-catchier, -cloth, -dressed, -fish, 
-hard'en, -head, the head of a 
hammer; -helve, -joint, -mark, 
-nail, -oys'ter, -pick, -pike, 
-scale, -sedge, -shell, -spring, 
-stone, -tail, -tongs, -wrought. 

Ham'mer f6st, t. Norw. 

h^m'mock, -bat^ten, -cloth, 
-clues, -net^tings, -rack. 

H^m'o nah {or ha mo'-), Bih. 

ham'per, -ing, -pered. 

ham'shac'kle, -kled, -kling. 


ham'string, v., -ing, -strung or 

Ha nan'e el {or hSn'a neel), Bih. 

Ha na'ni {or han'-), Bih. 

han'a ster. 

Ha'nau (-nou), t. Prus. 

hind, -ed, -ing, -er, -ful, -less, 
hand'ball, -bill, a circular, 
-book, -brgadth, -cuff, -fish, 
-hold, -lin''ing, -locked, -maid, 
-maid^en, -screw, -spike, -spike''- 
man, -spring, -staff, -while, 
-worm, -wrist, -write, -viTit'ing. 

fate, fat, far, fall,, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 



harlequin duck 

h&nd'=an''vil, -bag, -bag'gage, 
-bar^row, -bell, -bill, an im- 
plement; -bor^row, -bow, -brace, 
-bridge, -buc kler, -can non, 
-car, -cart, -claw, -di rec^tor, 
-drop, -flail, -float, -fly, -footl- 
ed, -fork, -frame, -gal lop, 
-gear, -glass, -gout, -gre nade^ 
-grip, -gripe, -guard, -guide, 
-gyve (-jiv), -ham'mer, -har- 
mon'i ca, -heat, -hole, -hook. 

hand'-i'ron, -lan^guage, -lathe, 
-lead, -let ter, -lev^er, -line, -list, 
-loom, -made, -mill, -mir ror, 
-mold, -monkey, -mor^tar, -or^- 
chis (-kis), -origan, -pa''per, 
-plant, -play, -plow, -post, -pot, 
-press, -prom^ise, -pump, 

-punch, -quill, -rail, -run^ning, 
-sail, -sale, -saw, -screen, 
-shake, -spear, -strap, -tar get, 
-taut, -ten nis, -tight, -vise, 
-waled, -warm er, -wheel, 
-work, -wrought. 

hind'flow er-tree, h a n d' m a i d- 
moth, hand'saw-fish, hand-to- 
hand, a., hand-to-mouth, a., 
hand's breadth, hand's turn. 

hand'ker chief (han'ker chlf). 

han'dle, -died, -dling, -dler, 

hand'some (han'sum), -ly, -ness, 
-som er, -som est. 

han'dy, -di er, -di est, han'dy- 
biriy, -dan'dy, han'dy man. 

Ha'nes (-nez). Bib. 

hang, -ing, -er, -a ble, hung or 
hanged, hang'bird, -dog, a., 
-man, -nail, -nest, a bird. 

hang'-choice, -nest, a nest, 
-worm, hang'er-board, -on. 

hang'ing-bird, -guard, -ma chine^ 
-moss, -needle, -pear, -post, 
-stile, -tie, -tool. 


ha nif (ha nef), han'if it ism. 

hank, -worsf'ed (-wd6st^ed). 

han'ker, -ing, -ing ly, -kered. 

Ha no'i (-no'e), c. Indo-China. 

h3.nse, han se at'ic, hanse-house. 

H&nse, Hanse towns, Han se at'ic 

hin'som (-sum), h. cab. 

h&p, -ping, -less, -less ly, happed, 

hap -warm. 

hap'pen (-pn), -ing, -pened. 
hap'py, -pi ly, -pi ness, hap py- 

go-luck y. 
ha pu'ku (ha poo'koo). 
ha'ra-ki''ri (-ke''ri). 
Ha'ran, Bib. 
ha rangue' (-rang'), -rangued', 

-rangu'ing (-rang'ing), -rangue'- 

ful, -rangu'er (-rang'er). 
h3.r'ass, -er, -ing, -ment, -assed. 
har'bin ger (-jer), -ing, -gered, 

har'bin ger-of-spring, a plant. 
har'bor, -age, -er, -less, -ing, 

har'bor-dues, -gas^ket, -light, -log, 

-mas^ter, -reach, =seal, -watch. 
hard, -er, -est, -ly, -ness, -bake, 

a sweetmeat; -beam, a tree; 

-bill, a bird; -hack, a plant; 

-hay, a plant; -head, a coin; 

a fish; -mouth, a fish; -ship, 

-tack, a duck; a biscuit; -tail, 

a fish; -ware, -ware man, -wood, 

a tree. 
hard'-bit^ted, -fa^vored, -fea'- 

tured, -fern, -fish, -fist''ed, 

-fought, -grass, -handed, -headed, 

-heart^ed, -pan, -pear, a tree; 

-port, a., -shell, -vis'aged, 

-wood, a., hard fin^ish, h. 

met'al, h. wood, a solid wood. 
hard'en (-n), -er, -ing, -ened, 

hard'en ing=fur''nace, -kiln, -ma- 

chine^ -skin. 
har'dy, -di ly, -di ness, -di hood. 
hire, -brain, a person; -brained, 

-foot, a plant; -hound, -lip, a 

fish; a divided lip; -stane. 
hire'^eyed, -foot, like a hare's 

foot; -kan ga rob^ -this^tle. 
hire's' -bane, -beard, -cole wort, 

-ear, -foot, -let'tuce (-let'tis), 

-palace, -pars''ley, -tail. 
Har ha'iah (-ya or -ha i'ah). Bib. 
har'i cot, -bean. 

hark, -en, -en er, -en ing, -ened. 
fiar'le ian (-yan). 
har'le quin (-kin or -kwin), 

-ade', -quin ize, -ized, -i^zing, 

har'le quin-flow^er, h. duck. 

not, nor, use, up, tlrn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bohmot, thus, BaCh. 




har'lot, -lot ry. 

harm, -er, -ing, -ful, -ful ly, 

-ful ness, -less, -less ly, -less- 

ness, harmed. 
har'ma la, =red. 
har mat'tan. 
har mon'ic, -al, -al ly, -mon'i ca, 

-icon, -ics, -i chord, -icism, -mon'- 

o graph. 
har mo'ni ous, -ly, -ness, -ni um. 
har' mo nize, -nized, -ni^zer, -ni^- 

zing, -nl za'tion, -mo ny, -mo- 

nom'e ter. 
har'ness, -er, -ing, -nessed, har'- 

ness-bell, -board, -cask, -clamp, 

-hook, -16ath''er, -mak^er, 

-mount^ing, -pad, -plate, -room, 

-sadMle, -snap, -tub, -weav^er. 
Ha'rod, Bib. 

harp, -er, -ing, -ist, harped, 
harp' -lute, -ped^al, -play er, 

-seal, -shell, -shil ling, -string, 

-style, -tread^le. 
har poon', -er, -ing, -pooned', 

har poon'-ar'row, -fork, -gun, 

-rock^et, -shut'tle. 
harp'si chord (-kord), -gra'ces. 
har'py, pi. -pies, har'py-ea''gle, 

h^r'ri dan. 

har'row, -ing, -ing ly, -er, -rowed. 
hir'ry, -ing, -ri er, -ried, -ri- 

ment, har'ry-gad, -gaud. 
harsh, -ly, -ness. 
hart, -beest, -ber'ry, -wort, -crop, 

harts'horn, harts'horn-plan^taln. 
hart's^-clo'ver, -thorn, -tongue, 

-tre'foil, -truffles (-troof-). 
ha rus'pex or -rus'plce, pi. 

-pi ces (-sez), -pi cy, -pi ca'tion. 
har'vest, -ed, -er, -ing, -ry, -man, 

a man; a spider. 
har'vest -ap pie, -bells, -bug, 

-doll, -feast, -field, -fish, -fly, 

-goose, -home, -la dy, -lord, 

-louse, -mite, -month, -moon, 

-mouse, -queen, -spi'der, -tick, 

har'vest ing-ma chine^. 
Har'wJch, vil. Mass. — (har'rij), t. 

has' -been (-bin). 
hash, -ing, hashed. 

Hash bad'a na. Bib. 

hish'ish (-eesh) or -eesh. 


hasp, -ing, hasped, hasp -lock. 

Has''se na'ah. Bib. 

His'shub (hash'ub) or Ha'shub, Bib. 

h3.s'sock, -filler, -grass. 

hS-S'tate, -ly. 

haste, hast'ed, -ing, hast'ing- 
ap pie, -pear. 

has'ten (-n), -ing, -er, -tened. ■ 

has'ty, -ti ly, -ti ness, has'ty- 
foot ed, -wit^ted, h. pud' ding. 

Ha su'pha. Bib. 

hat, -ter, -ted, -less, -band, -pin. 

hat' -block, -bod'y, -box, -brush, 
-case, -die, -em boss'ing, -fin'- 
ish ing, -fit ting, -form ing, 
-full ing, -har den ing, -i ron- 
ing, -mak er, -meas ure, -mold, 
-mon ey, -nap''ping, -piece, 
-plank''ing, -plant, -press, -rack, 
-rail, -rolFer, -stand, -store, 
-stretch ing, -sweat, -tip, -tree, 
-ven'ti la tor, -weav ing, -wor- 

Ha'tach (-tak), Bib. 

hatch, -er, -er y, -ing, -way, 
hatched, hatch' -bar, -boat, -lad- 
der, hatch'ing-box, -jar, -trough. 

hatch'el, -eled or -elled, -el ing 
or -ling, -er or -ler. 

hatch'et, -bolt, -face, -faced, 
-stake, -vetch. 

hate, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -less, 
ha'tred, hat'ed, -ing, -er. 

Hat'i pha (or ha ti'-), Bib. 

Hat'ita (or ha ti'-), Bib. 

Hat ta'a vah, Bib. 

hau'ber geon (-jun), hau'berk. 

Hauch, von (fon houk), Danish 

Hauck (houk), Ger. -Amer. singer. 

haugh'ty, -ti ly, -ti ness. 

haul, -age, -er, -ing, hauled, 
haul' -seine, haul'age-clip. 

haunch, -ing, haunched, haunch' - 

haunt, -ed, -er, -ing. 

Haupt (houpt), Ger. philol. 

hausse (hos), -co/, 'pouch. 

Hauss mann' (oss'man'), Fr. admr. 

haut'boy (ho'-), -ist. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note, 



hearse 'like 

haute' 'de'harde (hot'de bard), -piece, 
4isse' f-les'). 

Haute feuille', de (d6 ot'fel'), Fr. 

hau'teur' (h5^ter'). 

haul gout' (ho^goo'). 

hive, hav'ing, had. 

have'lock (hav'lok). 

ha'ven, -age, »mas'ter. 

hav'er sack. 

Ha^vet' (a^va'), Fr. litt. 

Hav'ilah {or ha vi'-), Bih. 

hav'il dar {or -dar'). 


haw, -ing, hawed, haw'buck, a 
person, -finch, -thorn, hawthorn- 
gros^beak, -thorn =tree. 

Ha wai'i (-wi'e), isl. Pacific, 
-wai'ian (-wi'yan). 

Haweis (hois), Eng. author. 

hawk, -er, -ing, -ish, hawked, 
hawk'bill, a turtle, -bit, a plant, 
-nut, a tuber; a plant, -weed, 

hawk'=bell, -billed, -boy, -ea gle, 
»fly, -moth, -owl, -par^rot, 
-swallow, hawk's'-beard, -bill, 

hawse (haz), -bag, -block, -bol- 
ster, -buc^kler, -hole, -hook, 
-piece, -pipe, 'plug, -tim ber, 

haw'ser (-zer), haws'ing, -ing- 
i ron, -mal let. 

hay, -ey, -ing, -cock, -maid en, a 
plant, -maids, a plant, -mak er, 
-mow, -rake, -rick, -seed, a 
plant; a person, -stack, -stack^er, 
-suck^er, a bird, -thorn. 

hay'-asth''ma, -ba ciFlus, -band, 
-bird, -cap, -car, -cart, -cold, 
-cut'ter, -eFe va tor, =fe ver, 
-field, -fork, -hook, -jack, 
-knife, -load er, -loft, -mar ket, 
-plant, -press, -rack, -scent, 
-seed, seed of hay, -spread er, 
-tea, -tedMer, -un load^er, 
-wag on. 

Hay'nau or Hai'nau (hi'now), t. 

Hay'ti or Hai'ti (ha'tl), isl. West 
Indies, -ti an. 

Hiz'a el (or ha'za el), Bih. 

Ha za'iah, Bih. 

haz'ard, -ed, -ing, -er, -a ble, -ous, 
-ous ly, -ous ness, haz'ard-ta'ble. 

haze, hazed, haz'ing, -er, -less, 
haz'el nut, -wort. 

haz'el-crot^tles, -earth, -grouse, 
-hen, -oil, -rag, -raw, -tree. 

Haze brock' (az^brook'), t. Fr. 

Ha ze'rim, Bih. 

Haze'roth, Bih. 

ha'zy, -zi ly, -zi ness. 

hfiad, -ed, -er, -ing, -ful, -y, -i ly, 
-i ness, -less, -long, -most, -ship, 
-first', -fore'most. 

hfiad'ache, head'board, -boom, 
-bor''ough, -cheese, -fast, -fish, 
-land, -ledge, -Hght, -quar^ters, 
-race, -shake, -spring, -stone, 
-strong, -waiters, -way, heads'- 

head' -band, -bay, -block, -case, 
-cell, -chair, -chute (-shoot), 
-cloth, -coal, -court, -crack er, 
-crin gle, -dress, -earning, 

-frame, -gate, -gear, -guide, 
-house, -hunt er, -ker'chief, 
-kid ney, -knee, -knot, -Une, 
-linking, -louse, -marl, -mold, 
-mold ing, -mon ey, -net ting, 
-note, -oil, -pen ny, -piece, 
-plate, -post, -pump, -rail, 
-reach, -rest, -ring, -rope, -sails, 
-sheets, -shield, -sill, -sil ver, 
-skin, -spade, -stall, -sta tion, 
-stick, -stock, -stool, -sword, 
-ta'bling, -tim ber, -tire, -tone, 
-turn^er, -valve, -veil, -voice, 
-wark, -word, -work, -yard. 

hSad'ache-tree, -weed, head-and- 
head, head man, h. mas^ter. 

hfead'ing-chis^el, -cir^cler, -course, 
-joint, -knife, -ma chine^ -tool. 

heal, -er, -ing, -a ble, healed, 
heal'all, a plant, heal-dog, 
heal'ing-herb, -pyx. 

hfialth, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, -y, 
-i ly, -i ness, -less, -less ness, 
health-guard, -lift, h. offi cer. 

heap, -er, -ing, -y, heaped, 
heap' -cloud, -keep''er. 

hear, -er, -ing, heard, hear'say, 
hear'ing-trum pet. 

hoarse, -cloth, -like. 

not, nor, use, dp, tim, etiide, fo&d, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi, 





heart, -ed, -ed ness, -en, -en er, 
-en ing, -ened, -y, -i ly, -i ness, 
-leas, -less ly, -less ness, -some. 

heart'ache, heart'break, -break^ing, 
-bro^ken, -burn, -burn^ing, -felt, 
-leaf, a plant, -quake, -rend''ing, 
-seed, a plant, -shake, -wort, 
hearts'ease, a plant. 

heart' -beat, -bird, -block, -blood, 
-bond, -cam, -clot, -clo ver, 
-coc kle, -dis ease, -ease, -eas- 
ing, -eat ing, -fail ure, -free, 
-heav i ness, -heav y, -liv er- 
leaf, -net, -pea, -rob bing, -rot, 
-scald, -seine, -serv'ice, -shaped, 
-shell, -sick, -sick''en ing, -sink^- 
ing, -snake root, -sore, -spoon, 
-steel, -stir ring, -struck, -swell- 
ing, -throb, -tre^foil, -ur^chin, 
-wheel, -whole, -wood, -yarn, 
heart-of-the-earth, a plant, 
heart's ease, ease of the heart. 

hearth, -stead, -stone, -broom, 
-brush, -cinMer, -crick^et, -ends, 
-mon ey, -pen ny, -plate, -rug, 

heat, -ed, -ing, -er, -less, heat'- 
ap^o plex y, -e con^o mi zer, -en^- 
gine, -fac tor, -fe ver, -fo'cus, 
-pim^ple, -po ten^tial, -reg^u la- 
tor, -spec'trum, -spot, -u nit. 

heat'er-car, -plate, -shaped, heat'- 
ing-ap pa ra^tus, -back, -cham^- 
ber, -ov en, -pan, -stove, -sur'- 
face, -tube. 

heath, -ber^ry, -cup, a plant, 
-bell, a flower, -bird, -clad, 
-cock, -corn, -cy^press, -egg''er, 
-fowl, -grass, -hen, -hon ey- 
suc kle, -pea, -peat, -poult, 
-pout, -snail, -thros tie. 

hSa'then (-thn), pi. -thens, in- 
dividually, -then, collectively, 
-dom, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, 
-ism, -ize, -ized, -i^zing, -ness, 


hSath'er, -y, heath'er-bell, -bleat, 

-bleat er, -claw, -grass, -lin tic, 

-peep er, -wool. 
heaume (hom). 
heave, heaved, heav'ing, -er, 

heave' -of fer ing, -shouFder, heav'- 

ing-days, -line. 

hfeav'en (-n), -ly, -li ness, -ward, 
heav'en-born, -bright, -built, 
-di rect'ed, -kiss'ing, -tree, 
heav'en ly-mind^ed, -mind'ed- 

hgav'y, hgav'i er, -i est, -i ly, 
-i ness, heav'y weight, a person, 
heav'y-armed, -handled, -head'ed, 
-heart^ed, -lad''en, -pine, -spar, 

hfib'do mad, -dom'a dal, -dal ly, 
-da ry. 

He'be, Myth. 

hfeb'e tude, -tu'di nous. 

He'brew, -bra'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 
-i cize, -cized, -ci^zing, -bra ist, 
-is'tic, -tic al, -al ly, -bra ize, 
-ized, -lazing, -I za'tion. 

He'bron, Bih. 

Hec'a te. Myth., -te'an. 

hfic'a tomb (-tdbm or -t6m). 

heck, -ber^ry, -box. 

hec'kle, -kled, -kling, -kler, hec'- 

Hfic'la or Hek'la, vole. Iceland. 


hfec'tic, -al, -al ly. 

hfec'to gram or -grSmme, -to- 
graph, -graph 'ic, -to li ter or 
-tre (-letter), -to me'ter, -to- 

hfec'tor, -ing, -ly, -tored. 

H6c'u ba. Myth. 

hfid'dle, -died, -dling, hed'dle-eye, 
-hook, -yarn. 

hfedge, hedged, hSdg'ing, -er, 
hedge'bells, a plant, -ber'ry, 
-hog, -maids, a plant. 

hfidge'-ac cent'or, -bed'straw, 
-bill, -blnd'ing, -bind^weed, 
-bird, -born, =bote, -car^pen ter, 
-chaffer, -chant er, -chick^en, 
-clip per, 'gar''lic, -hys'sop 
('his'-), -jug, -knife, -lau rel, 
-mar riage, - -mike, -mush room, 
-mus tard, -net tie, -pars ley, 
-par son, -peak, -pink, -plant, 
-plant er, -priest, -rhyme, -row, 
-school, -schooFmas ter, -scis'- 
sors, -shrew, -spar row, -speak, 
-spick, -ta per, -thorn, -vine, 
-vi o let, -war bier. 

hfidg'ing-bill, -glove, -tools. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, In, note, 




hedge'hog-cac^tus, -fruit, 'grass, 

-pars''ley, -plant, -rat, -this''tle. 
he don'ic, -al, -ics, hed'on ism, 

-on ist, -o nis'tic. 
heed, -ed, -ing, -er, -ful, -ful ly, 

-ful ness, -less, -less ly, -less- 

heel, -er, -ing, heeled, heel'piece, 

v., -tap, V. 
heel'-ball, -blank, -block, -bone, 

-brgasfing, =bur''nish ing, -calk, 

-chain, -cut ter, -i ron, =jig'ger, 

-joint, -knee, -lift, -ma chine'', 

-pad, -path, -piece, n., -plate, 

-post, 'ring, -rope, -seat, 

-shave, -tap, n., -tip, -tool, 

-tree, -trim^mer, heel'ing-6r^ror. 
hgft, -y. 

He'ge (-ge), Bih. 
He'gel (ha'-), Ger. philos., He- 

ge'll an {or ha ge'- or ha ga'-), 

-an ism, -gel ism. 
he'ge mo ny (or-jem'o ny), -mon ic, 

-ic al. 
heg'i ra {or he jl'ra), a flight; 

Heg'i ra, the flight of Mohammed. 
heifer (h6f-). 
heigh (hi), -ho. 
height (hit) or hight, -en, -en- 

ing, -en er, -ened, height' - 

board, -staff. 
Hell bronn' (hirbron'), t. Ger. 
Hei'li gen stadt (hi'll gen statO, 

t. Prus.; t. Aust. 
hei'min (ha'-). 
Hei'ne (hi'ng), Ger. writer. 
hei'nous (ha'nus), -ly, -ness. 
heir (air), -dom, -ess, -less, 

-loom, -ship, heir-ap parpen cy, 

-land, h. ap par^ent. 
hei'=te'ki (hr=te'kl). 

hfij'i ra {or he ji'ra). See hegira. 
Hel chi'ah (-ki'-), Bih. 
hel'coid, hel co'sis. 
Hgl'dai {or hel'da i), Bih. 
H61'e na, c. Ark.; c. Mont, 
he'li ac, -li'a cal, -cal ly. 
he'll o chrome (-krorn), -chro'- 

mic, -chro'mo scope, -mo type, 

-H och'ro my (-ok'-). 
H6 H o do'nis, Bih. 
he^H o-e lec'tric, -en grav'ing. 

he'll o graph, -graph'ic, -ic al, 
-og'ra pher, -ra phy, ' -ol'a try, 
-a ter, -a trous, -om'e ter, 

-e try, -o met'ric, -ric al, -al ly, 
-o scope, -scop'ic, -o stat. 

He'lJds, Myth. 

he'U o trope, -trop'er, -tr6p'ic, 
-ic al, -al ly, -ot'ro pism. 

he'U o type, -typed, -typ'ing (-tipO, 
-ty^py (-ti''-). -typ'ic (-tip'-). 

he'lix, pi. he'lix es or hel'i ces 

Hgl'kai {or -ka i), Bih. 

hSU, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, -ben'- 
der, -ward, -bent, -black, -born, 
-brood, -broth, -cat, -div'er, 
-doomed, -driv^er, -fire, -gate, 
-hag, -haunt ed, -hound, -kite, 

hSl'le bore, -bo rism, -bo rize, 
-rized, -ri^zing. 

Hel'lene, a Greek, Hel le'ni an, 
-len'ic, -ic al ly, -len'i cism, 
-len ism, -len ist, -le nis'tic, 
-tic al, -al ly, -len ize, -ized, 
-i^zer, -i''zing, -I za'tion. 

hel lo'. See halloo. 

helm, -ing, -less, helmed, helm'gd, 
a., helms'man, helm -bar, 

-cloud, -guard, -port. 

hSl'met, -ed, hel'met-bee'tle, 
-bird, -cock a too^, -crab, -crest, 
-flow'er, a plant, -quail, -shaped, 

He lo ise' (a 16 ez'), Fr. abbess. 

He'lon, Bih. 

He'lot {or hgl'ot), -age, -ism, -ry. 

help, -ing, -er, -ful, -ful ly, -ful- 
ness, -less, -less ly, -less ness, 
helped, help'mate, -meet, 

-worth''y, -ale. 


hSlve, helved, helv'ing, helve'- 

HSl ve'tian (-shan), -vet'ic. 

H61 ve'ti us (-shi us), Fr. philos. 

hem, -ming, -mer, hemmed. 

he'mal, he mat'ic, -ics. 

Hfim'ans, Eng. poetess. 

hfim'a tite, -tit'ic, -toid, -tose, 

hem a tom'e ter, -e trv'. 

hem au'to graph, -tog'ra phy. 

n6t, nor, use, iip, tirn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 



hermit =warbler 

hgm'i sphere, -spher'ic, -ic al. 
hSm'i stich (-stik), -al {or he- 
hfim'lock, =drop wort, -pars ley, 

•pitch, ^spruce. 
hem'ol, he mol'y sin. 
hem o pho'bia. 
hSm'or rhage (-raj), -rhag'ic 

(-raj'-), -or rhoid, pi. -rhoids, 

hemp, -en, -y, -weed, -wort. 
hemp'-ag''ri mo ny, =brake, =bray, 

-bush, -har'vest er, -net' tie, 

-palm, -plant, -res'in (-rez''-), 

-seed, -tree. 
hfem'stitch, -ing, -er, -stitched. 
hen, -ner y, -ny, hen'bane, -bill, 

a bird, -bit, a plant, -fish, -peck, 

-pecked, -ware, -wife, -wom'an. 
hen'-billed, -blind'ness, -clam, 

-coil, -coop, -cur'lew, -hawk, 

-house, -huz'zy, -mold, -plant, 

hen -and -chick ens, a plant, 

hen's-bill, -foot. 
He nault' (a'no'), Fr. hist. 
Hen'gist (-gist), Jutish chief. 
Hgn'ne pin, Fr. explorer. 
Henne quin' (en'kan'), Fr. auth. 
he no' sis. 

Hen ri'ci (-rit'se), Ger. math. 
he pat'i ca, -pat'ic, -ic al. 
He phaes'tus (-fes'-). Myth., 

-pha^s'ti an. 
He'pher, Bih. 
Heph'zKbah (hef-), Bih. 
hfip'ta gon, -tag'o nal, -tam'e ter, 

-tan'gu lar. 
Hep'ta pla. 
hfip'tar chy, -tarch (-tark), -tar'- 

chic (-kik), -tar chist (-kist). 
h^r, -self, hers. 
He'ra or He're, Myth. 
H6r a cle'an or -cle'ian, H6r'a cles 

(-klez), Gr. form of Hercules. 
Hfir a cli'tus, Gr. philos., -ch te'- 

an, -an ism, -cllt'ic. 
hfir'ald, -ed, -ing, -er, -ry, -ship, 

he ral'dic, -die al ly, her'ald- 

crab, -moth. 
Her at', c. Afghan. 
He rault' (a'ro'), dept. Fr. 

herb (erb or herb), -age, -aged, 
-al, a., herb'al, n. (herb'-), 
-al ism, -al ist, her ba'ri um, pi. 
-ri ums or -ri a, her'ba ry,- 
-bes'cent, -bif'er ous, herb'ist, 
herb'let, -less, -ous, -y, her bose'. 

herb'wom'an, -bane, -bar'ba ra, 
-ben net, -car'pen ter, -chris''- 
to pher, -doc'tor, -frank'in- 
cense, -ger'ard, -grace, -i vy, 
-HI y, -lou i''sa, -mar''ga ret, 
-par''is, -pe ter, -re pent'ance, 
-rob ert, -so phi'a, =trin''i ty, 
-true''love, -two''pence, -wiFliam, 
herb'age -plant, herb -of -grace, a 

Her cu la'ne um, anc. Rom. city, 
-ne an, -nen'si an. 

Hdr'cu les (-lez), Myth., -cu'le an, 
Her'cu les' -bee' tie, Her'cu les'- 

hSrd, -ed, -er, -ing, -boy, herds'- 
man, herds'wom an, herd-book, 
-grass, herd'ing-ground, herd's- 


here, -a bout', -a bouts', -aft'er, 
-S,t', -a way', -by' (-bi'), -from', 
-in', -in aft'er, -in be fore', 
-in'to, -of (-ov'), -on', -to', 
-to fore', -un'der, -un'to {or 
-to'), -up on', -with' {or -with'). 

he rfid'i ty, -i ta ry, -ta ri ly, -ri- 
ness, her e dit'a ment. 

He'res (-rez), Bih. 

hfir'e si arch ( -ark or he re'zi- 
ark), -si og'ra phy, -ra pher, -si- 
ol'o gy, -o gist. 

hSr'e sy, -e tic, he ret'ic al, -al ly. 

hgr'it age, -it a ble, -a bil'i ty. 

h^r'ling or hir'-. 

her md'no, pi. -nos. 

h§r maph'ro dite, -dit'ic, -ic al, 
-al ly, -dit ism. 

H^r'mes (-mez). Myth.; Bih., 
-met'ic, -ic al, -al ly, her met'ics. 

Hfir'mfes, Ger. theol., -me'si an, 
-an ism. 

Her mi'o ne, Shak. Winter's Tale. 

hSr'mit, -age, -a ry, -ess, -mit'- 
ic al. 

hfer'mit-bird, -crab, -crow, 
-thrush, -war bier. 

fate, f3,t, far, fall, f^re, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice, in, note. 




Her mog'e nes (-m6j'e nez), Bib., 

-mo ge'ne an. 
Her na'ni or Er- (ar na'ne), 

Hugo's tragedy; Verdi's opera. 
her'ni a, -ni al, -ni a ted, -ni oid, 

-ni ol'o gy, -ot'o my. 
he'ro, -ro'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -ro i- 

com'ic, hgr'o ine, -o ism, he'ro- 

wor ship, =wor ship er. 
Hgr'od, King of the Jews, He ro'- 

di an. 
HS ro'di as, Bib. 
He r6d'o tus, Gr. hist., -o te'an. 
he ro'in or -ine, Chem. 
hfir'on, -ry, her'on's=bill. 
h§r pe tol'o gy, -o gist, -to log'ic, 

-ic al, -al ly, her'pe toid, -tot'- 

o my, -o mist. 
H6rr, a Ger. title equivalent to Mr. 
hfir'ring, -er, her'ring-bank, 

-bone, =buss, -cobs, -cod, 

-curler, -driv^er, -fish er y, -gull, 

-hake, =hog, =king, -pike, 

-pond, -spink, -work, h. moun'- 

Her'schel, Eng, astron., -sch61'- 

i an. 
Her ve' (erVa'), Fr. journalist, 
her^vi de'ro (-da'-). 
Her ze go vi'na (hert^se go ve'na), 

prov. Tur. 
He'sJ od, Gr. poet, -od'ic. 
He si'o ne. Myth.; a genus of 

hfis'i tate (hez'- or hes'-), -ta ted, 

-ta ting, -ting ly, -ta tive, -ta tor, 

-tant, -tant ly, -tan cy, -ta'tion. 
Hfes'per, -per id, -pe rus, -pe'ri an, 

Hes per'i des (-dez). Myth., 

-pe rid'i an. 
Hesse' =Nas'sau (hes'-nas'sou), 

prov. Prus. 
Hes'sian (hesh'an). 
h6t'er o dox, -ly, -ness, -al, 

-dox y. 
better o ge'ne ous, -ous ly, -ous- 

ness, -ge'ne al, -ge ne'i ty, -ge- 

het'er o lith. 

hfit'man, -man ate, -man ship. 
Heug'lin, von (fon hoig'lin), Ger. 


Heus'de (hes'deh), Dutch auth. 
Heu zey' (e^za'), Fr. archaeol. 
hew (hu), -er, -ing, hewed, hew'- 

hole, a bird. 
hex'a gon, -ag'o nal, -nal ly. 
hex am'e ter, -e tral, -e trist, 

-a met'ric, -ric al. 
hex'a seme, -se'mic. 
hey (ha), -day. 
Hfiz'ra i {or -rai). Bib. 
hi a'tus, pi. -tus or -tus es. 
HFa wa'tha, Longfellow's poem. 
hi'ber nate, -na^ted, -na^ting, 

-ber'nal, -na'tion. 
Hi ber'ni a, Ireland, -ni an, -an- 

ism, -ni cism, -ni cize, -cized, 

-cf zing, -nol'o gy, -o gist, Hi- 

hie a tee', 
hic'cup or -cough (hik'up), -ing, 

-er, -cupped or -coughed 

htc' ja'cet. 
hick'o ry, -head, a duck, -a ca^- 

cia, -elm, -eu ca lyp^tus, -gir- 

dler, -nut, -pine, -shad, h. 


hi dai'go, -dal'gism (-jizm). 
Hid'dai {or -da i), Bib. 
hide, hid, hid'den, -den ly, -den- 

ness, hid'er, -ing, hide'bound, 

-blown, -handler, -mill, -rope, 

-scrapper, -shav^ing, -stretchier, 

-work'er, hide-and-seek, hid'ing- 

place, hid'den-eyed. 
hid'e ous, -ly, -ness. 
hie, hied, hy'ing (hi'-) or hie'ing. 
hiel'a man, -tree. 
hi'e mate, -ma'ted, -malting, 

-mal, -ma'tion, hi'ems. 
hien (hen or hyen). 
hi'er arch (-ark), -al, -archaism, 

-arch'^y, -arch'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 
Higr'eel, Bib. 
Hi 6r'e m6th, Bih. 
Hi er'i e'lus. Bib. 
Hi er'mas, Bib. 
hi'er o glyph, -ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

-og'ly phist, -ly phize, -phized, 

hi'er o gram, -gram'mat, -mat'ic, 

-ic al, -gram'ma tist. 

n6t, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 



hive -vine 

hi er oro gy, -o gist, -o log'ic, 
-ic al, -ol'a try. 

Hi'e r6n'y mus, Bib. 

hi Sr'o phant {or hi'er-), -phan'tic. 

Hig ga'ion, Bib. 

hig'gle, -gled, -gler, -gler y, 

hig'gle dy-pig'gle dy. 

high (hi), -er, -er most, -est, -ly, 
-ness, -bind''er, -hold^er, a bird, 
-hole, a bird, -land, -road, -way, 
-way man, High'land man. 

high'«backed, -bloodied, -boy, 
-cock a lo'rum, -cross, -day, 
-fli^er, -flown, -go, -hook, -line, 
a fisherman, -low, -maFlow, 
-pres^sure, -priesthood, -priest'- 
ly, -priest'ship, -proof, -reach- 
ing, -sound^ing, -step^per, 
-street, -ta per, -top, an apple, 
High'-church, -church ism, 
-church man, high-low-jack, h. 

hi la'ri ous {or hi-), -ly, -lar'i ty. 

hill, -er, -ing, -y, -i ness, -ock, 
hilled, hill'ber^ry, -man, -side, 
-top, -wort. 

hill' -ant, -bird, -coun^try, -dig^- 
ger, -fe^ver, -folk, -fort, -oat, 
-par^tridge, -plov^er, -site, 

-spar' row, -star, -tit, hill'ock-tree, 
hill' side -plow. 

hilt, -ed. 


him, -self. 

HI ma'la ya {or him a la'ya), 
mts. in Asia, -la yan. 


hind, -er, -most, -er most, -ber^ry, 
-brain, -hand, -head, -sight, 
-ward, hind'-fore'most. 

hin'der, -er, -ing, -dered, -drance 
or -der ance. 

Hin'du (-doo) or -dob, pi. -dus or 
-doDS, -du ism, -du ize, -ized, 
-i'zing, -du stan'i (-e). 

hinge, -less, hinged, hin'ging, 
hinge' -band, -joint, -line, -pil'- 
lar, -pin, -tooth, hin'ging-post. 

hin'ny, -ing, -nied, hin'ny, «., 
pi. -nies. 

hint, -ed, -er, -ing, -ing ly. 

hin'ter land (-lilnt). 

hip, «., hip'ber^ry, -bri er, a 
plant, -rose, a plant, -wort, 
-bath, -belt, -bone, -gir'dle, 
-gout, -hop, -joint, -knob, 
-lock, -mold^ing, -raft er, -roof, 
-shot, -strap, -tile, -tree, -tub. 

hip, v., -ping, hipped. 

hipe, hiped, hip'ing. 

hip po cam'pus. 

Hip poc'ra tes (-tez), Gr. physi- 
cian, -ra tism, -po crat'ic. 

Hip'po crene. Myth. 

hip'po drome. 

hip pol'o gy, -o gist, -poph'a gy, 
-a gous, -a gist (-jlst), -a gi, hip'- 
po phile. 

Hip p61'y ta (-I-), Shak. Mid- 
summer Night's Dream. 

Hip pol'y tus. Myth. 

hip po pot'a mus, pi. -mus es or 

hir car'ra. 

hire, -less, -hng, hired, hir'ing. 

Hi ro shi'ma (he'ro she'ma), c. 

hir sute' (her-), -ness. 

His pa'ni a, Spain, -pan'ic, -pan'- 
i cism, -pan'i cize, -cized, -ci'- 
zing, -pan'i o late, -la'ted, -las- 
ting, -pan'i o lize, -lized, -Ha- 
zing. His pan'o-Gal'li can. 

his'pid, -pi darting, -pid'i ty, -pid'- 
u lous. 

hiss, -ing, -er, hissed. 


his tol'o gy, -o gist, -to log'ic, 
-ic al, -al ly, -tol'y sis, -to lyt'ic. 

his tS'ri an, -tor'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 
-al ness, -to ri og'ra pher, -ra- 
phy, -o graph'ic, -ic al, -ri ol'- 
o gy, his'to ry, -to ric'i ty, -paint'- 
ing, -piece. 

his tri on'ic, -al, -al ly, -on'i cism. 

hit, -ting, -ter, hit' -off, hit-or- 

hitch, -er, -ing, -y, -i ly, -i ness, 
hitched, hitch'ing-bar, -clamp, 

hith'er, -most, -to' {or hith'-), 


hive, hived, hiv'ing, -er, hive -bee, 
-nest, -vine. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 





hoar, -y, -i ness, -stone, h. frost. 

hoar'hound or hore'hound. 

hoard, -ed, -er, -ing. 

hoarse, -ly, -li ness. 

hoax, -er, -ing, hoaxed. 

hob, -like, -thrush, ^nail, hob'- 
nail=llv^er, hob'thrush-louse. 

Ho ba'iah, Bih. 

hob'ble, -bled, -bling, -bhng ly, 

hob'ble de hoy', -ish. 

Hobbs (hobz), Eng. philos. 

hSb'by, -ist, hob'by»horse, -owl. 

hob gob'lin. 

hob'nob' {or -nobO, -bing, 

ho'bo, pi. -bos or -boes (-boz). 

Hoche (osh), Fr. gen. 

hock or hough (hok), -er, -ing, 
hocked, hock'^cart, -glass. 

hock'ey, -cake, -load. 

ho'cus, -cused (-kust) or -cussed, 
-ing or -sing, ho'cus-po'cus. 

hod, -ded, -ding, -ful, -man, 
hod'-car^ri er, -eFe va tor. 

Ho da'iah {or hod^a i'ah), Bih. 

hod'den, -gray. 

Ho de'vah, Bih. 

hodge, -podge, -pud^ding. 

ho dom'e ter, hod o met'ric al. 

hoe, -ing, ho'er, hoed, hoe'-cake, 
-down, -plow, hoe'ing-ma chined 


hog, -ging, hogged, hog'ger, 
-ger y, -gish, -gish ly, -gish ness. 

hog'back, a fish, -chok''er, a fish, 
-fish, -herd, -mol ly, -nut, -skin, 
-sty (-sti), -suck^er, a fish, -wash, 
-weed, -wort. 

hog' -ape, -ap'ple, -back or 
-backed, shaped like the back 
of a hog, -bean, -bed, -brace, 
-cat^er pil lar, -chain, -cher^ry, 
-choFer a, -colt, -cote, -deer, 
-eFe va tor, -fen nel, -fleece, 
-frame, "gum, -hook, -louse, 
-mace, -mane, -meat, -mon ey, 
-mon''key, -muFlet, -pea nut, 
-pen, -plum, -rat, -reeve, -ring, 
-ring''er, -rub ber, -scald^ing, 

■ -score, -shearling, -snake, -suc^- 
co ry, -waFlow. 

hog's' -back, -bane, -bean, -bread, 

-fen^nel, -gar^lic, -haw, -pud^- 

ding, hog'ger-pipe, hog'ging- 

frame, hog'-in-ar'mor, hog'- 

nose -snake. 
Ho'hen lo he (ho'en lo^eh), a 

Ger. family. 
Ho'hen zol lern (ho'en ts61 16rn), 

a Ger. family. 
hoi'den or hoy'-, -hood, -den ish, 

-den ism. 
hoist, -ed, -er, -ing, -way, -bridge. 
hoist'ing-ap pa ra^tus, -crab, -en^- 

gine, -jack, -ma chine', -tac'kle. 
hoi'ty toi'ty. 

Hol'brook, Amer. naturahst. 
hold, -er, -ing, held, hold'back, 

-fast, -beam, 'gang, hold'er- 

forth, hold'ing -ground. 
hole, holed, hol'ing, hol'er, hole'- 

wort, -board, -dove, -stitch, 

hol'ing-ax, -pick. 
Hoi guin' (hoi gen'), t. Cuba. 
h6ri day. 
Hdl'land, the Netherlands, -er, 

h61'land, linen imported from the 

HoMan daise (-daz'), H. sauce. 
hSriands, gin made in Holland, 
hdl'lle -point, -stitch. 
h61 16', inter j., h6l'l6, v., -ing, 

-loed. See halloo. 
h61'l6w, -ing, -ly, -ness, -lowed, 

hSl'low head, a bird, -root, a 

plant, -stock, a plant, -wort, 

-billed, -horn, a disease, -plane, 

hoi'low ing-knife, -plane. 
hSl'ly, -fern, -lau rel, -oak, -rose, 

hfil'ly hock, -rose, -tree, 
holm {or how), -cock, -oak, 

-screech, -thrush. 
hdl'o caust. 

H61'o figr'nes (-nez), Bih. 
hdl'o graph, -ic, -ic al. 
ho 16m'e ter. 

Hol'stein, Prus.; a breed of cattle, 
hol'ster, -stered, -ster-pipe. 

ho'ly, -li er, -li est, -li ly, -li ness. 
ho'ly stone, -stoned, -ston ing. 

n6t, nor, use, iip, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bofimot, thus, Badi. 



hooting -owl 

h6'ly-cru'el, »hay, -herb. 

Holy Ghost, Holy-Ghost pear, 
Holy-Ghost plant. 

Hol'yoke, Amer. reformer. 

hdm'age, -a ble, hom'a ger, 

home, -less, -like, -like ness, -ly, 
-li ly, -li ness, -bound, -come, 
-sick, -spun, -stall, -stead, 
-ward, -ward ly, -wort, homed, 

ho me' -born, -brew, -combing, 
»keep''ing, -ruFer, ho me' ward - 
bound, hom'ing-mill, home rule. 

hSm'i cide, -ci^al, -dal ly. 

h6m i let'ic, -al, -let'ics. 

hom'i ly, -i list. 

h6m'i ny. 

ho mo ge'ne ous, -ly, -ness, -ge- 
ne'i ty, -ge net'ic. 

ho m6g'e nize (-moj'-), -nized, 
-nf zing, -e nous, -e ny. 

ho'mo graph, -graph'ic, -mog'- 
ra phy. 

ho m61'o gous, -o gize, -gized, 
-gl'zing, -mo log'ic al, -al ly, 
-mo logue {or h6m'-), -mol'o gy. 

ho'mo nym {or h6m'-), -mon'y- 
my, -y mous, -mous ly. 

ho'mo phone {or h6m'-), -phon'ic, 
-m6ph'o nous, -o ny. 

ho'mo type {or h6m'-), ho'mo- 
ty'py (-ti^-), -typ'ic (-tip'-), 
-ic al. 

Hon du'ras (-doo'-), rep. Cen. 

hone, -stone, -wort, honed, hon'- 

hon'est (6n'-), -ly, -es ty, hon'est- 

h6n'ey (hun'-), -eyed (-Id), 
-eyed ness, -ey less, hon'ey- 
ber^ry, -bread, a tree, -comb, 
-dew, -moon, -stone, -suc^kle, 
-sweet, a plant, -ware, a plant, 

hon'ey-ant, -bad^ger, -bag, -balm, 
-bas ket, -bear, -bear^er, -bee, 
-bird, -blob, -bloom, -brown, 
-buz zard, -cell, -creepier, -crock, 
-eat er, -flow er, -gar^lic, -guide, 
-lo cust, -lo tus, -mes quit' (-mes- 
ketO, -moth, -mouthed, -pod. 

-pot, -stalk, -stom'ach, -strain'- 
er, -suck er, -su gar, -sweet, a., 

hon'ey sue kle-ap pie, -clo'ver, 

Honfleur' (on'fler'), t. Fr. 

honk, -er, -ing. 

hon'or (6n'or), -ing, -a ble, -a ble- 
ness, -a bly, -a ry, -o rd'ri um, 
-er, -if'ic, -less. 

hon'or=court, -man, -point. 

hon or if i ca bil I tu din'i ty. 

ho no'ris cau'sa (-za). 

hoo'cW noo. 

hd6d, -ed, -ing, -er, -less, -lum, 

hd6d'-cap, -cov'er, -end, -gas'tru- 
la, -jel ly, -mold, -mold'ing, 
-sheaf, =shy, hood'ing-end, 
hood'man -blind, hood top. 


hdt)d'wink, -ing, -winked. 

hoof, -y, hoofed, hoof -bound, 
=cush''ion, -mark, -pad, -parking, 
-pick, -spread'er, hoof'ing-place. 

hd6k, -ing, -er, -ed, a., -ed ness, 
-let, -y, hooked, hook'bill, a 
fish, -heal, -tip, a moth, -weed. 

hdok' -beaked, -bill, -billed, 
-block, -bolt, -bone, -climb'er, 
-ladder, -land, -monkey, -mo'- 
tion, -net, -pin, -plate, -rope, 
-scarf, -squid, -suck'er, -swiv'el, 
-tool, -wrench, hook'ing-frame, 
hook and eye. 

hdb'ka or -kah, -stand. 

hod' lee. 


hoop {or hd6p), -ing, -er, hooped. 

hoop' -ash {or hd6p'-), -bee, 
-bend'ing, -coining, -cramp, 
-crimp ing, -cut ting, -dress ing, 
-driv'er, -lock, -net, -pine, 
-planning, -pole, -punch ing, 
-rack ing, -rlv'ing, -saw'ing, 
-shav'ing, -shell, -skirt, -snake, 
-spHtting, -tree, -withe, hoop'- 
koop -plant, hoop' i'ron. 

hdo'poe or -poo. 


Hoo'sier (-zher). 

hoot, -ed, -ing, -er, hoot' -owl, 
-toot, hoot'ing-owl. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note. 



horse -rack 

hoDve, hoov'en. 

hop, -ping, -per, -bine, hopped, 
hop'per doz^er. 

hop'=back, -border, -bush, -clo^ver, 
-cush ion, -dog, -driver, -fac^tor, 
-feed^er, -flea, -fly, "frame, 
-frog'fly, -froth^fly, -gar den, 
-horn^beam, -jack, -kiln, 

-mar^jo ram, -mer^chant, -miF- 
dew, -oil, -pest, -pick er, -pock- 
et, -pole, -press, -rais^ing, -sack- 
ing, -scotch, -set ter, -tree, -tre'- 
foil, -vine, -yard. 

hop'per-boy, -cake, -cock, -hood, 
h. car, h. clos''et, hop'ping-dick, 
-John, hop-o'-my-thumb, hop' 

hdp'ple, -pled, -pling. 


Hdr'ace, Latin poet. Ho ra'tian 

ho'ral, -ra ry. 

horde, hord'ed, hord'ing. 

her de a'ceous. 

hor de'i form. 

hore'hound. See hoarhound. 

ho ri'zon, -glass. 

h6r i z6n'tal, -ly, -tal'i ty, -I za'- 

horn, -ing, -er, -ful, -ist, -less, 
-less ness, -let, -y, -blende, 

horn'beak, a fish, -beam, a tree, 
-bill, a bird, -book, -finch, -fish, 
-pie, a bird, -pipe, -plant, 
-snake, -stone, -tail, an insect, 
-weed, -work, -wort, -wrack, 
horns'man, an adder. 

horn' -band, -bar, -beech, -bloV- 
er, -bug, -card, -coot, -core, 
-cui rass^ -dis tem^per, -drum, 
-eel, -footled, -grass, -lead, -ma- 
chine^ -mad, -mad''ness, -mak^er, 
-mer^cu ry, -mul let, -nut, -ore, 
-owl, -pike, -pith, -plate, -play- 
er, -pock, -pop py, -pout, -pox, 
-press, -press''er, -quick' sil ver, 
-shav'ings, -shoot, -siFver, -tip, 
-of-plenty, a plant. 

horn mail, h. of plen ty, a 
cornucopia, h. swiv'el. 

horn'y head, a fish, -y wink, a 
bird, -y-fist ed, -hoo let. 

hdr'net, -clear wing, -fly, -moth. 

hdr'o graph, ho rog'ra pher, -ra- 

h6r'o loge (-l6j), -16g'ic al, -16^- 
gi og'ra pher, -ra phy, -gi o- 
graph'ic, ho rol'o ger, -o gist, 

ho rom'e ter, -e try, hor'o met'- 
ric al. 

ho''ro pi'to (-pe'-). 

hfir'o scope, -sco'per, ho r6s'co- 
py, -co pist. 

h6r'ri ble, -ness, -bly, -rid, -rid- 
ness, -rent, hor rih'i le dic'tu. 

hfir'ri fy, -ing, -fied, -rif'ic, -ri- 
fi ca'tion. 

h6r'ror, -strick'en, -struck, 

hors de com hat' (hor' de kon ba'), 
hors' -d' oeuvre' (hor'-devr'). 

horse, hors'y, -i ness, horse'back, 
-bane, -briber, a plant, -finch, 
-fish, -flow'er, -foot, a plant; 
a crab, -hair, -head, a fish; a 
duck, -heal, a plant, -hoof, a 
plant, -leek, -less, -man, -mas'ter, 
-mint, -pox, -rad'ish, -shoe, 
-tail, -tongue, a plant, -way, 
-weed, -whip, -wom'an, -wood, 
a tree. 

horse' -5.1'oes, -ant, -arm, -ar'- 
mor, -ar til'ler y, -balm, -bean, 
-beech, -blob, -block, -boat, 
-box, -boy, -bram'ble, -break' er, 
-brush, -cad'ger, -cane, -cap'per, 
-car, -cas'sia (-k3,sh'a or -ya), 
-chant'er, -chest'nut, -clip'per, 
-cloth, -col'lar, -crab, -dai'sy, 
-deal'er, -doc'tor, -drench, -el- 
der, -em'met, -eye, -faced, 
-fair, -fet'tler, -flesh, -fly, -fur'- 
ni ture, -gear, -gen'tian, -gin, 
-gin'seng, -gogs, -gram, -guards, 
-hal'ter, -hitch'ing, -hoe, -hold'- 
er, -hook, -i'ron, -jock'ey. 

horse'-knack'er, -knop, -lat'i- 
tudes, -laugh, -leech, -lit ter, 
-load, -lot, -mack'er el, -ma rine', 
-match, -mill, -mus sel, -nail, 
-net, -net tie, -pars'ley, -path, 
-pick, -piece, -pile, -pipe, 
-pis'tol, -play, -plum, -pond, 
-pop py, -post, -pow'er, -purs- 
lane, -race, -ra'cing, -rack, 

not, nor, use, up, lirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus. Bach. 

horse 'railroad 



-raiFroad, =rake, 'rough, ^run, 
-sense, -shov^el, =soFdier, -s6r^- 
rel, -sponge, =steaFing, -stingier, 
-su^gar, -thief, -this'tle, -thrush, 
-thyme (-tim), -tick, -train^er, 
-tree, -trick, -vetch, -vi^o let, 
-whim, -win''kle, -worm, -wran'- 

horse'flea-weed, horse'fly-weed, 
horse'foot'snipe, h. crab, horse'- 
hair-H^chen, -worm, horse'rSd- 
ish'tree, horse'tail-tree, h. 
li''chen, horse' well -grass, hors'- 
ing-block, =i''ron. 

horse'shoe^ing, -sho'er (-shoo'-). 

horse'shoe-an'vil, -blank, -head, 
-kid ney, -ma chine^ -nail, h. 
bat, h. crab, h. mag'net, h. 


hor'ta to ry, -ta tive, -ta'tion. 

hor'ti cuFture, -cul'tur al, -tur ist. 

Ho'rus, Myth. 

ho san'na (-z3,n'-), pi. -nas (-naz). 

hose (hoz), -man, -net, ho'sier 
(-zher), -sier y. 

hose -bib, -bridge, -car'riage, -car'- 
ri er, -cart, -clamp, -coup'ling, 
-fit tings, -hook, -jumpier, -nip'- 
ple, -pipe, -pro tecFor, -reel, 
-screw, -shield, -un'ion, -wrench, 
hose' -in -hose', hose' com'pa ny. 

Ho se'a (-ze'-), Bih. 

Ho sha'iah {or hosh'a I'ah), Bib. 

H6sh'a ma, Bih. 

Ho she'a, Bih. 

h6s'pi ta ble, -ness, -ta bly, -tal'- 
i ty, -pi'ti um (-pish'i um), 

h6s'pi tal, -er, -tal ism, hos'pi tal- 
fe'ver, h. ship. 

h6st, -ess, -ess ship, -plant. 


h6s'tel, -er, -ry. 

h6s'tne, -ly, -til'i ty. 

hfis'tler (hSs'ler or 6s'-). 

hot, -ly, -ness, -bed, -foot, adv., 
-head, a person, -house, -skull, 
a person, -spur, a person. 

hot' -air, a., -bloodied, -chis'el, 
-flue, -plate, -pot, -press, -saw, 
-short, -shot, a person, -wall, 
-well, hot-and-hot. 

hotch, -pot, -potch. 

ho t61', -car. 

HSth'am, t. Austral. 

HSt'ten tot, -ism, -tot'ic. 

hou'dah. See howdah. 

Hou din' (doMah'), Fr. conjurer. 

Hou don' (oo''d6n'), Fr. sculp. 

Hough (huf), Amer. writer; hough 
(hok), to hamstring, -er. 

hough'ite (h6f'-). 

Hough'ton (ho'ton), Amer. pub- 

hou guette' (hoo get'). 

hound, -ed, -er, -ing, -fish, 
-plate, -shark, hound's' -ber'ry, 
-tongue, -tree. 

hour (our), -ly, hour-bell, -cir'cle, 
-glass, -hand, -hne, -plate. 

house, -ful, -less, house'break'er, 
-fa ther, -hold, -hold er, -keep- 
er, -leek, -maid, -mate, -mon'- 
ger, -moth er, -stead, -top, 

. -warm'ing, -wife, -wright. 

house' -argent, -ball, -bell, -boat, 
-car, -crick'et, -dog, -du ty, 
-en'gine, -fac'tor, -finch, -flag, 
-fly, -fun'gus, -line, -lot, -mar- 
tin, -mas'ter, -mov'er, -paint'er, 
-pi'geon, -place, -proud, -rais''- 
ing, -room, -shrew, -snake, 
-spS.r'row, -spiMer, -swaFlow, 
-tax, -urn. 

house' phy si'cian, h. stew'ard, 
h. sur'geon, house'leek-tree. 

house (houz), v., housed, hous'- 
ing, hous'ing-box, -cloth, -frame. 

Hous'sain (hdos'san), Arahian 

Hous saye' (oo'sa'), Fr. auth. 

Hous'ton (hus'-), co. Ga.; co. 
Minn.; co. Tenn.; c. Tex.; t. 
Va.; Amer. statesman. 


hou va ri' (hoo va re'). 


hSv'el, -eled or -elled, -el ing or 
-el ling, -el er. 

hov'er (hiiv'er or h6v'-), -er, -ing, 
-ing ly, -ered, hov'er-hawk. 

how, -ev'er, -so ev'er. 

how adj'L 

how'dah or hou'dah. 

how'itz er. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, mgt, her, ice, In, note, 




howl, -er, -ing, howled. 

hoy'den. See hoiden. 

hua'ca (wa'ka), -cal. 

hua ra'cho (wa ra'cho), pi. -chos. 

Hua raz' (wa ras'), t. Peru. 

Hua ri' (wii re'), t. Peru. 

hub, -bub, hub'=bor'er, =cen^ter- 

ing, 'lathe, =mor'tis ing, «turn''- 

huck, -ber^ry. 

huc'kle, -backed, -ber^ry, »bone. 
huck'ster, -age, -er, -ing. 
hud'dle, -died, -dler, -dling. 
hud dup'. 

Hu'di bras. Fiction, -bras'tic. 
Hu e' (hoD a'), c. Annam. 
hue, -less, hued, hu'er. 
Huel'va (wel'va), prov. Sp. 
huff, -ing, -ish, -ish ly, -ish ness, 

-er, -y, huffed. 
hug, -ging, -ger, hugged. 
huge, -ly, -ness. 
Hu ger' (yoD je'), Amer. Rev. gen.; 

Confed. gen. 
Hughes (huz), Eng. auth. 
Hu'go, Fr. writer. — (oD'go), Ger. 

Hu'gue not (-ge n6t), -ism. 
Hui'et (hu'et), tp. S. C. 
hui sa'che (hwe-). 
hulk, -y. 
hull, -er, -ing, hulled, hull' -gull, 

hull'er=gin, huU'ing-ma chine^. 
hiiMa ba loo' or haF-. 
hul 15'. See halloo. 
hum, -ming, -mer, hummed, 

hum'dug^geon, hum=cup, hum'- 

ming=bird, -stick. 
hu'man, -kind, -ly, -ness, -ism, 

-ist, -is'tic, -tic al ly, -man'i ty, 

hu'man-heart'ed ness. 
hu mane', -ly, -ness. 
hu man'i ta'ri an, -ism. 
hu'man ize, -ized, -f zer, -f zing, 

-I za'tion. 
hum'ble, -bled, -bling, -bling ly, 

-bier, -blest, -bly, hum'ble bee, 

hum'ble-mouthed, -pie, -plant. 
hum'bug, -ging, -ger, -ger y, 

hum'drum, -ming, -drummed. 
hu'me fy, -ing, -fied. 

hu'me rus, pi. -ri, -me ral. 


hu'mid, -ness, -mid'i ty, -mid'or. 

hu mil'i ate, -a ted, -a ting, -i ty, 
-i a'tion. 

hiim'mock, -y, -mocked. 

hu'mor (or u'mor), -ing, -ist, 
-is'tic, -less, -ous, -ous ly, -ous- 
ness, -some, -some ly, -some- 

hump, -ing, -less, -y, humped, 
hump'back, -back -grunt, -white-- 

humph (hiimf). 


hu'mus, hu'mous, hu'mic, hu'- 

hunch, -ing, -back, -backed, 

hun'drgd, -fold, -weight, -dredth, 
hun'dred-court, -eyes, -legs. 

Hun'ga ry, -ga'ri an. 

hun'ger, -er, -ing, -ful, -gered, 
"8^7' "gri ly, hun'ger weed, 
-bit^ten, -flow^er, -grass, -rot. 


hun'ker, v., -ing, -kered. 

Hun'ker, n., hun'ker, a., -ism. 


hunt, -ed, -er, -ing, -a ble, -ress, 
hunts'man, pi. -men, -man ship, 

hunt'ing-box, -cap, -case, -coat, 
-cog, -crop, -dog, -field, -ground, 
-horn, -jug, -knife, -leop^ard, 
-seat, -shirt, -skiff, -song, 
-spi'der, -sword, -tide, -watch, 
-whip, hunts'man's-cup, -horn, 


Hu'rai (or -ra i). Bib. 

hur'dle, -man, -died, -dler, 
-dling, hur'dle-nail, -race. 


hurl, -ing, -er, -bone, hurled. 

hur'ly-bur'ly, -hack''et, -house. 

Hu'ron, -rons, -ro'ni an, Hu'ron- 
Ir''o quois' (-kwoi'). 

hur rah' or -ra' (hoo ra' or hd6-), 
-ing, -rahed' or -raed'. 

hur'ri cane, -deck. 

hur'ry, -ing, -ri er, -ried, -ried ly, 
-ried ness. 

not, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 

hurry -skurry 





hiirst, -beech. 

hiirt, -er, -ing, -ful, -ful ly, 

-ful ness, -less, -less ly. 
hfir'tle, -tied, -tling, -ber^ry. 
hus'band (huz'-), -ed, -er, -ing, 

-age, -less, -ry, -man. 
hiish, -ing, hushed, hush'a by'' 

(-hV), hush'=mon^ey. 
Hu'shai {or -sha i), Bib. 
hu'si (hoo'se). 
husk, -er, -ing, -y, -i ly, -i ness, 

husked, husk' 'hacklier, husk'ing- 

bee, =glove, =peg, =pin. 
hus sar' (huz zar' or h(fez-). 
hiis'sy (huz'zy). 
hiis'tle, -tied, -tier, -tling, -tle- 

ment, -tle=cap. 
hut, -ted, -ter, -ting, hut=urn. 
hutch, -ing, hutched. 
hut'ton, -ing. 
huz za' {or hd6z-). 
hy'a cinth, -cin'thi an, -cin'thine. 
Hy a cinthe', Pere (par e^a^saht' 

or ya^saht'), Fr. orator, 
hy'a line, -a lite. 

hy ai'o graph (hi-), -a log'ra phy. 
hy al'o plasm (hi al'o plazm). 
hy'brid {or hib'-), -ism, -ist, -ize, 

-i^zer, -i^zing, -ous, -ist, -brid'- 

i ty, -i za'tion. 
Hy dis'pes (hi das'pez), Bih. 
hy'dra, pi. -dras or -drae. Myth., 

=head^ed, Hy'dra, Astron. 
hy dran'ge a (hi dran'je a), a 

plant. Hy dran'ge a, a genus of 


hy'drate, -dra'tion. 
hy drau'lic (hi-), -al, -al ly, -li- 

cian (-lish'an), -Uc'i ty, -drau'- 

lics, -list. 
hy dro ce ram'ic. 
hy^dro dy nam'ic, -al, -ics, -dy- 

na mom'e ter. 
hyMro=e lec'tric. 
hy'dro gen, -ize, -ized, -i'zing, 

-dro gen ate, -a'ted, -acting, 

-ge na'tion, -drog'e nous (-droj'-). 
hy dr6g'ra phy (hi-), -ra pher, 

-dro graph'ic, -ic al. 

hy^ro ki net'ics. 

hy drol'o gy (hi-), -o gist, -dro- 

log'ic, -ic al, -drol'y sis, -dro- 

lyt'ic, -dro man cy, -man'tic. 
hy drom'e ter (hi-), -e try, -dro- 

met'ric, -dro mo'tor. 
hy'dro, -path'ic, -ic al, 

-drop'a thist, -a thy. 
hy dro pho'bJ a (hi-), -pho'bic 

{or -fob'-). 
hy'dro phone (hi'-). 
hy'dro phyt'ic. 
hy'dro scope, 
hy'dro stat, -stat'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

-ics, -sta ti'cian (-tish'an). 
hy'dro sfil'phu refed, -phu'ric, 

-sul'phur ous. 
hy'dro tech'ny (hi'dro tek'-), 

-tech nol'o gy. 
hy'dro thfer'a py, -a peu'tic, -tics, 

-ther'mal, -dro tim'e ter. 
hy'dro zo'al, -zo'an, -zo'ic, -zo'- 

on, pi. -zo'ons or -zo'a. 
hy'dru re' sis. 
hy e'na (hi-), pi. -nas, -en'ic, 

-en'i form, -e'nine, -e'noid, 

hy e'na=dog. 
hy'e tal, -e to graph, -graph'ic, 

-ic al, -tog'ra phy, -tol'o gy, -to- 

log'ic al, -tom'e ter. 
Hy ge'ia (hi je'ya). Myth., -ge'- 

hy'gi ene, -en'al, -en'ic, -ic al ly, 

-en'ics, -en ism, -en ist. 
hy'gro graph, -grom'e ter, -e try, 

-gro met'ric, -ric al. 
hy'gro scope, -scop'ic, -ic al, 

-gro stat'ics. 
Hy'men, Myth., hy'men, Anat., 

hy me ne'al, -ne'an, -men'ic. 
Hy'me ne'us. Bib. 
hymn (him), -ing {or -ning), 

hymned (himd), hym'nal, -nic, 

-nist, -no dy, -no dist, -nog'ra- 

pher, -ra phy, -nol'o gist, -o gy. 
hymn' -book, -sing'ing, -tune, 

hy'o glos'sus, -glos'sal. 
hy'oid, -e al, -e an. 
Hy pa'ti a (hi pa'shi a), of 

hy per'ba ton (hi-), -bat'ic, -le- 
al ly. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 



ice -yachtsman 

hy per'bo la (hi-), -bo le, -bSl'ic, 
-ic al, -al ly, -b6l'i form, -ho- 
lism, -ho list, -ho lize, -lized, 

hy'per bo're an. 

hyper crit'ic al, -ly, -i cize, 
-cized, -ci''zing, -cism. 

hy'per cy e'sis. 

hy per gen'e sis. 

hy^per met^a mor'phic, -mor'- 
phism, -mor'pho sis, -met a- 
phor'ic al. 

hyper sen'si tive, -ness. 

hy per'tro phy (hi-), -tro phous, 
-troph'ic, -ic al, -tro phied (-fid), 
-phy'ing (-fi'-). 

hy'phen, -ate, -a''ted, -a''ting, 

hyp'no tism, -no tist, -tize, -tized, 
-ti^zer, -ti''zing, -tl za'tion, -not'ic, 
-ic al ly, hyp'nic, -no dy. 

hyp o chon'dri a (hlp''6 kon'drl a 
or hi p6-), -dri ac, -ac al, 
-al ly, -dri al, -dri'a sis, -chon'- 
dri asm, -dri ast. 

hyp'o crite, -crit'ic al, -al ly, 

hy poc'ri sy (hi-). 
hyp'o der'ma {or hi'po-), -der'mic, 

-mic al, -al ly, -der'mis. 
hyp'o gene (-jen), -ge'al, -ge'an, 

hyp ge'um, hy pog'e nous (hi- 

hy pos'ta sis (hi-), pL -ses (-sez), 

-ta sy, -po stat'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 
hy pds'ta tize (hi-), -tized, -ti'- 

zing, -tl za'tion. 
hy p6t'e nuse or -poth'- (hi-), 

hy poth'e cate (hi-), -canted, 

-ca''ting, -cantor, -t6''ry, -ca ry, 

hy poth'e sis (hi-), -e sist, -e size, 

-sized, -si''zing, -po thet'ic, 

-ic al, -al ly. 
hyp som'e ter, -e try, -so met'- 

ric, -ric al, -al ly. 
hy'son (-sn). 
hys'sop (-sup). 
hys te'ri a, -ter'ic, -ic al, -al ly, 

-i form. 

I beam, I i^ron (i'urn), I rail. 
I ac'chus (i ak'kus), Myth., -ac'- 

chic (-ak'kik). 
lach'i mo (yak'I mo), Shak. 

I a'go (e a'go), Shak. Othello. 
i im'bic, -al ly, -am'bus, pi. 

-bus es (-Sz) or -hi, -am'bist. 
i an'thlne. 
I be'ri an, -ism. 
i'bex, pi. -hex es or Ib'i ces 

\ bi'dem. 

lb ne'iah (-ya), Bih. 
I ca'ri an (i ka'-), -ism. 
Ic'arus (Ik'-), Myth. 
ice, iced, i'cer, -cing, -cy, -ci ly, 

-ci ness, ice'berg, -leaf, a plant, 

-man, -work. 
ice'=an'chor, -a'pron, -au ger, 

-ax, -bag, -ban''ner, -beam, 

-bear^er, -belt, -bird, -blink, 

-boat, -bone, -bound, -box, 

-break^er, -brook, -built, -calk, 
-cal o rim^e ter, -ca noe^ 'Cap, 
-car'riage, -chair, -chest, 

-chis''el, -claw, -clos et, -cold, 
-cream, -creepier, =crush''er, 
-cut'ter, -drift, -drops, -eFe- 
va tor -es cape', -fall, -feath'- 
ers, -fern, -field, -fish ing, 
-float, -floe, -foot, -fork, -fox. 
ice' -glass, -gorge, -gull, -hill, -hook, 
-house, -ledge, -lev'el er, -lo- 
co mo'tive, -loon, -ma chine', 
-mak ing, -mal let, -mark, 
-mark'er, -mas ter, -moun'tain, 
-pack, -pail, -pa per, -pick, 
-pit, -pitch'er, -plane, -plant, 
-plow, -poul'tice, -pre serv'er, 
-quake, -riv'er, -safe, -san dal, 
-saw, -scrap'er, -screw, -sheet, 
-ship, -spade, -spar, -stream, 
-ta ble, -tongs, -tools, -wag'on, 
-wall, -waiter, -whale, -wool, 
-worm, -yacht, -yacht'ing, 

n6t, n6r, use, up, urn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bo nmot, thus, Badi. 




Ice'land, -er, -lan'dic, Ice'land 
faFcon, I. gull, I. moss, I. spar. 

ich neu'mon (ik nu'mon), -fly. 

ich'no graph (Ik'-), -graph'ic, 
-ic al, -nog'ra phy. 

ich'no lite (Ik'-), -lit'ic, -li thol'- 
o gy, -no litVo log'ic al, -nol'o- 
gy, -no log'ic al, ich'nite. 

ich'no man^cy (Ik'-). 

i'chor (-kor), -ous, i'cho rose. 

ich^thy og'ra phy (Ik'thI-), -o- 
graph'ic, -ol'a try, -a trous, 
-ol o gy, -o gist, -o log'ic, -ic al, 
-al ly, -o man^cy, -man tic. 

ich thy oph'a gus (Ik^thi 6f'-), n., 
a gous, a., -a gist (-jist), -a gy. 

ich^thy op'o lism (Ik''thi op'o lizm). 

ich'thy o saur^ (Ik'thl 6 sar^), -sau'- 
ri an, -sau'rus. 

ich'thys (Ik'thiss). 

Ic'i ca (Is'-), ic'i can. 

i'cJ cle, -cled. 

i'con, pi. -cons or -co nes (-ko- 
nez), i con'ic, -ic al. 

i con'o clasm, -o clast, -clas'tic. 

i con'o graph, -graph'ic, -ic al, 
-co nog'ra pher, -nog'ra phy, -co- 
nol'a ter, -a try, -nol'o gist, 
-o gy, -nom'e ter, -e try, -no- 
met'ric, -ric al, -al ly. 

i CO nom'a chy (-ky), -a chist 
(-kist), -con o mat'ic, -mat'i- 

ic'ter ode. 


Ida'lah (Ida'-), Bih. 

I dal'i a. 

i de'a, i de'al, -al ly, -al ism, 
-de'a less, -de'al ist, -is tic, 
-al'i ty, i de'al ize, -ized, -i'zer, 
-i'zing, -I za'tion, i de'ate, 

-a'tion, -tion al, -de'a tive, 
i de'al-re al, -re'al ism. 


i den'tic al, -ly, -ness. 

i den'ti fy, -ing, -fied, -fi'er, 
-fi''a ble, -fl ca'tion, i den'ti ty, 

i'de o graph {or i de'-), -graph'ic, 
-ic al, -al ly, -graph'ics, -og'ra- 
phy, -ol'o gy, -o gist, -o gism, 
-o gize, -o log'ic, -ic al, -o glyph, 
-ol'a try. 

i'de o phone, -oph'o nous, -o- 

ides (idz). 

id'i o graph, -graph'ic. 

id'i om, -o mat'ic, -ic al, -al ly. 

\&\ 6 syn'cra sy. 

id'i ot, -i o cy, -ot'ic, -ic al ly. 

i'dle, -ness, -died, -dling, -dler, 
i'dle=moss, =wheel. 

i'dol, -ize, -ized, -i''zer, -i^zing, 
-I za'tion, -dol'a ter, -a tress. 
-a trous, -trous ly, -a try, -o clas'- 
tic, -o ma'ni a, i'dol -fire, -shell, 

Id u me'a, Bib. 

i'dyl (-dil), -ism, -ize or -lize, -ist, 
-dyl'lic, -lie al. 

I er'ne, Ireland. 

I e'si (e a'se), t. It. 

Ig'dra syl. See Ygdrasyl. 

1 ger'na (I ger'na). Legendary. 

I gle'si as (e gla'se as), Mex. 

Ig na'ti 6ff, Russ. dipl. 

ig'ne ous, ig'ni fy, -fy'ing, -fied, 
-ni form, -nes'cent. 

ig'nis jdt'u us, pi. ig'nes jat'u i 
(Ig'nez fa.t'u i). 

ig nite', -nit'ed, -ing, -i ble, -or, 
-ni'tion (-nish'-). 

ig no'ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 

ig'no min y, -min'i ous, -ous ly. 

ig'no rant, -ly, -ranee, -ra'mus. 

ig nore', -nored', -nor'ing, -no- 

Ig'or ro'te (-ta or e gor-). 

i gua'na, -gua'ni an, -nid. 

ih ram' (I ram'). 

i i'wi (e e'we). 

I'lai (i'la), Bih. 

Il'i ad, -ist, -ad'ic, -i ac, -i an. 

ill, -ness, il'ly, worse, worst, ill'- 
ad visaed, -bred, -breed^ing, 
-con di''tioned, -dis posed'', -fat'ed, 
-faVored, -got'ten, -hu'mored, 
-judged, -look'ing, -man'nered, 
-matched, -na''tured, -o^mened, 
-sort^ed, -starred, -tem^pered, 
-timed, -treat, -treat^ed, -willed, 
ill treat ment, ill will. 

il le'gal, -ly, -ness, -gal'i ty. 

il ISg'i ble (-lej'-), -ness, -bly, 
-bil'i ty. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fire, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 




il le git'i mate, -]y, -ma cy, -ma- 
tize, -tized, -ti^zing. 

il lib'er al, -ly, -ness, -al'l ty. 

il lic'it, -ly, -ness. 

II li ma'ni (el ye ma'ne), mt. 

il lim'i ta ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

II 11 nois' (-noi' or -noiz'), state 
U. S., -nois'an or -i an (-noi'an 
or -zi an), II li nois'=nut. 

il lifer ate, -ly, -ness, -a cy. 

il log'ic al (-loj'-), -ly, -ness. 

il lu'mi nate, -na'ted, -na'ting, 
-na ble, -nant, -naVy, -na^tive, 
-na^tor, -na^tist, -na'tion. 

il lu'mJne, -mined, -min ing, 
-min ism. 

il lu'sion (-zhun), -ism, -ist, -lu'- 
sive, -sive ly, -sive ness, -so ry. 

il lus'trate, -tra^ted, -trailing, 
-tra''tive, -tive ly, -tra''tor, -to'ry, 

il lus'tri ous, -ly, -ness. 

Ilo ca'no {h'\6 ka'no). 

I lo i'lo (e''l6 e'lo), prov. P. I. 

im'age, -age less, -age ry, -aged, 
-a ging, -a ge'ri al, im'age -break^- 
er, 'mug, =wor^ship. 

im ag'ine (-aj'-), -Ined, -in er, 
-in ing, -i na ble, -ble ness, 
-bly, -bil'i ty, -na'ry, -ri ly, 
-ri ness, -na'tion, -tion al, -al- 
ism, -na^tive, -tive ly, -tive ness. 

t mam', -ate. 

I ma'ret {or im'-). 

im'be cHe, -cil'i ty. 

im'bed', -ded, -ding. 

im bibe', -bib'er, -ing, -bibed, 
-bi bi'tion (-bi bish'un). 

im bit'ter. See embitter. 

im'brex, pi. -bri ces (-cez). 

im'bri cate, -ly, -ca'ted, -ca''ting, 

im brogl'io (-brol'yo). 

im bnie', -ment, -brued', -bru'ing. 

im bue', -ment, -bued', -bu'ing. 

im'i tate, -tasted, -tasting, -ta- 
ble, -ble ness, -bil'i ty, -ta tive, 
-tive ly, -tive ness, -ta'tor, -tor- 
ship, -ta'tion. 

im mSc'u late, -ly, -ness, -la cy. 

im marie a ble. 

im'ma nent, -ma nence, -nen cy. 

im ma te'ri al, -ism, -ist, -ri al- 
ly, -al ness, -al ize, -ized, 
-i'zing, -al'i ty. 

im ma ture', -ly, -ness, -tured', 
-tu'ri ty. 

im meas'ur a ble (-mezh'-), -ness, 
-bly, -bil'i ty. 

im me'di ate, -ly, -ness, -di a cy. 

im'me mo'ri al, -ly. 

im mense', -ly, -ness, -men'si ty, 
-men'su ra ble (-shu-), -ra bil'- 

im merge', -merged', -mer'ging, 

im merse', -mersed', -mers'a ble 

or -i ble, -ing, -mer'sion, -sion- 

ist, im mer'sion=lens. 
Im'mJ grate, -grafted, -grafting, 

-grant, -gra'tion. 
Jm'mi nent, -ly, -nence. 
im mis'ci ble, -ci bil'i ty. 
im mit', -ted, -ting, -mis'sion. 
im mit'i ga ble, -ga bly. 
im mo'blle, -bil'i ty, -mo'bil ize 

{or -m6b'-), -ized, -i'zing, 

-i za'tion. 
im mod'er ate, -ly, -ness, -a'tion. 
im mod'est, -ly, -es ty. 
im'mo late, -lasted, -lasting, -la'- 

tor, -la'tion. 
im mSr'al, -al ly, -mo ral'i ty. 
im m6r'tal, -ly, -ism, -ist, -ta'l'i ty, 

-tal ize, -ized, -i^zing, -i za'tion, 

im^mor tglle'. 
im mov'a ble (-moov'-), -ness, 

-a bly, -a bil'i ty. 
im mune', -mu'ni ty, -mu'nize, 

-nized, -ni zing, -nl za'tion. 
im mure', -ment, -mured', -mur'- 

im mu'ta ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
Im'o gen, Shak. Cymheline. 
imp, -ish, -ish ly, imp'=pole. 
im pact', -ed, -ing, -pac'tion. 
im pMr', -er, -ing, -ment, -paired'. 
im pale' or em pale', -ment, 

-paled', -pal'ing. 
im pil'pa ble, -pa bly, -pa bil'- 

i ty. 
im pal'u dism. 
im pan'el, -ment, -eled or -elled, 

-el ing or -el ling. 

not, nor, use, up, tarn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




im pa.r'a dise (-dis), -dised, -dis- 

im par ! syl lab'ic. 
im park', -ing, -parked'. 
im part', -ed, -er, -ing, -i ble, 

-i bil'i ty, -ment, -par ta'tion. 
im par'tial, -ly, -ness, -ti al'i ty 


im pass'a ble, not passable, -ness, 

im' passe' (Im pas' or an^pas'). 
im pas'si ble, incapable of suffer- 
ing, -ness, -bil'i ty. 
im pas'sion (-pash'un), -a ble, 

-ate, -sioned. 
im pas'sive, -sive ly, -sive ness, 

-siv'i ty. 
im paste', -past'ed, -past'ing, 

-pSs ta'tion, im pas'to. 
im pa'tient, -ly, -tience. 
im peach', -a ble, -er, -ment, -ing, 

im pearl', -ing, -pearled', 
im pec'ca ble, -ca bil'i ty, -cance, 

-can cy, -cant. 
im pe cu'ni ous, -ni os'i ty. 
im pede', -ped'ed, -ing, -ance, 

-ped'i ment, -men'tal, -men'ia, 

-ped'i tive, -pe'di ent. 
im pel', -ling, -lent, -ler, -pelled'. 
im pen', -ning, -penned'. 
im pend', -ed, -ing, -ence, -en cy, 

im pen'e tra ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty, -pen''e trate, -tra^ted, 

-tra'ting, -tra'tion. 
im pen'i tent, -ly, -i tence, -ten- 

im pfir'a tive, -ly, -ness, -ti'val. 
im'pe ra'tor {or im'pe- or -per a'- 

tor), -per'a to ry, -to'ri al. 
im per cep'ti ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty, -cep'tion, -tive, -cip'i- 

im per'di ble. 
im per'fect, -ly, -ness, -fec'ti ble, 

-ti bil'i ty, -tion. 
im ps'ri al, -ism, -ist, -is tic, -ly, 

-al'i ty, -pe'ri al ize, -ized, 

-lazing, -I za'tion, -ri ous, -ous- 

ly, -ous ness, -ri urn, pi. -ri a. 
im pfir'il, -ing or -ling, -ment, 

-iled or -illed. 

m pgr'ish a ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

m per' me a ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

i ty, -me a tor. 
m per script'! ble. 
m per' son al, -ly, -al'i ty. 
m per'son ate, -a' ted, -acting, 

-a^tor, -a tive, -a'tion. 
m per'ti nent, -ly, -nence, -nen cy. 
m per turb'a ble, -a bly, -a bil'- 

m per'vi ous, -ly, -ness. 
im'pe ti'go. 

m pet'u ous, -ly, -ness, -u os'i ty. 
m'pe tus. 
m'phee (-fe). 
mp'ing, »neeMle. 
m pinge' (-pinj'), -ment, -pinged', 

-pin'ging, -pin'gent. 
m'pi ous, -ly, -ness, -pi'e ty. 
m pla'ca ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
m plant', -ed, -ing, -plan ta'tion. 
m plau'si.ble (-zi-), -ness, -bly, 

-bil'T ty. 
m plead', -ed, -ing, -a ble, -er. 
m'ple ment, -men'tal. 
m'pli cate, -ca ted, -ting, -tive, 

-tive ly, -ca'tion. 
m pHc'it (-plis'-), -ly, -ness. 
m plore', -plored', -plor'ing, 

-ing ly, -er, -a td^ry. 
im plu'vi um, pi. -vi a. 
m ply' (-pli')> -i'^g' -plied', 

-pli'ed ly. 
m pol'i cy. 
m po lite', -ly, -ness. 
m p61'i tic, -ly, -ness. 
m pon'der a ble, -ness, -bil'i ty. 
m po'rous. 
m port', -ed, -er, -ing, -a ble, 

-por ta'tion, im'port, n. 
m por'tant, -ly, -tance. 
m por'tu nate, -ly, -ness, -na^cy. 
m^por tune', -tuned', -tun'ing, 

-tun'er, -tu'ni ty. 
m pose' (-poz'), -posed', -pos'- 

a ble, -ble ness, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 

-ing ness, -po si'tion (-zish'un), 

im pos'ing=stone, =ta''ble. 
im p6s'si ble, -si bly, -bil'i ty. 
im pos'tor, -ship, -pos'ture, -tur- 

im po'ta ble. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




im'po tent, -ly, -tence, -ten cy. 
im pound', -age, -ed, -er, -ing. 
im p6v'er ish, -ing, -er, -ment, 

im prac'ti ca ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
im'pre cate, -canted, -casting, 

-ca to''ry, -ca'tion. 
im preg'nate, -na'ted, -na'ting, 

-na ble, -ble ness, -na bly, -na- 

bil'i ty, -na to^ry, -na'tion. 
im'pre sa'ri o (em''pra sa're 5), pi. 

-ri OS (-6z). 
im pre scrip'ti ble, -ti bly, -bil'i ty. 
im press', -ing, -i ble, -ble ness, 

-bly, -i bil'i ty, -ive, -ive ly, 

-ive ness, -ment, -or, -pres'sion, 

-sion a ble, -a ble ness, -a bil'- 

i ty, -sion ism, -ist, -is'tic. 
im pre vis'i ble (-viz'-), -i bil'i ty, 

-vis'ion (-vizh'un). 
im'prl md'tiir. 

im print', -ed, -ing, im'print, n. 
im pris'on (-priz'n), -ing, -ment. 
im pr6b'a ble, -a bly, -a bil'i ty. 
im prdb'i ty. 
im promp'tu. 

im prSp'er, -ly, -pro pri'e ty. 
im prove' (-proov'), -ment, 

-prov'a ble, -ble ness, -a bly, 

-a bil'i ty, -prov'er, -ing, -ing ly, 

im prSv'i dent, -ly, -dence. 
im pro vise' (-viz'), -vised', 

-vis'ing, -vis'er, -prov'i sate, 

-sartor, -to^ry {or -pro viz'-), -to'- 

ri al. 
im'prov vi'sa to're (em^prov ve'za- 

to'ra), pi. -to'ri (-re), fem. 

im prov vi sa tri'ce (em^prov ve^- 

za tre'cha), pi. -tri'ci (-tre che). 
im pru'dent, -ly, -dence. 
im'pu dent, -ly, -dence. 
im pugn' (-pun'), -a ble, -er, 

-ing, -ment, -pugned'. 
im'pulse, -pul'sion, -sive, -sive ly, 

-sive ness. 
im pu'ni ty. 

im pure', -ly, -ness, -pu'ri ty. 
im pute', -put'a ble, -ble ness, 

-bly, -bil'i ty, -put'a tive, -tive- 

ly, -put'ed, -er, -ing, -pu ta'- 


i mu' (e moo'). 

in a bil'i ty. 

in ac cess'i ble, -ness, -i bly, 

-i bil'i ty. 
in ac'cu rate, -ly, -ra cy. 
in ac'tive, -ly, -tiv'i ty, -ac'tion. 
in ad'e quate, -ly, -ness, -qua^cy. 
in ad mis'si ble, -si bly, -si bil'- 

in ad vert'ence, -en cy, -ent, 

-ent ly. 
in ad vis'a ble (-viz'-), -a bil'i ty. 
in al'ien a ble (-yen-), -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
in a mo ra'to (en a''m6 ra'to), pi. 

-tos (-toz), fem. -ra'to,. 
in ane', -ly, -an'i ty. 
in 3ji'i mate, -ness, -malted, 

in'a ni'tion (-nish'un). 
in ap'pe tence, -ten cy. 
in ap'pli ca ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

in ap'po site (-zit), -ly. 
in ap pre'ci a ble (-shi-), -a tive, 

in ap pre hen'sive, -si ble, -sion. 
in ap proach'a ble, -a bly. 
in ap pro'pri ate, -ly, -ness. 
in apt', -ly, -i tude, -ness. 
in ir'a ble. 

in ar tic'u late, -ly, -ness, -la- 
ted, -la'tion. 
in ar tis'tic, -al, -al ly. 
in''as much', 
in at ten'tion, -ten'tive, -tive ly, 

-tive ness. 
in au'di ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty, 

-di phone. 
in au'gu ral, -gu rate, -ra'ted, 

-ranting, -raptor, -to^ry, -ra'tion. 
in aus pi'cious (-pish'us), -ly, 

in breathe', -breathed', -breath'- 

in breed', -ing, -bred', in'bred, a. 
in'ca, a chief, =bone. 
In'ca, an ancient emperor of Peru; 

In ca'ri al. 
in cal'cu la ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

in ca les'cent, -cence, -cen cy. 

not, nor, iise, iip, firn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 

m camera 



tn cam'e ra. 

in can desce', -deseed' (-dest), 

-des'cing, -cence, -cen cy, -cent. 
in can ta'tion, -can'ta to^'ry. 
in ca'pa ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
in ca pa'cious, -ness. 
in ca pac'i ty (-pas'-), -pac'i tate, 

-tasted, -ta''ting, -ta'tion. 
in cap'su late, 
in car'cer ate, -a^ted, -acting, 

-a^tor, -a'tion. 
in car'di nate, -na^ted, -na''ting. 
in car'na dine, -dined, -din ing. 
in car'nate, -na'ted, -na^ting, 

-na'tion, -tion ist. 
in case' or en case', -ment, 

-cased', -cas'ing. 
in cau'tious, -ly, -ness, -tion. 
in caved', -ca'vate, -va'ted {or 

in'ca-), -va'tion. 
in ca'vo. 

in cen'di a ry, -a rism. 
in cense', -ment, -censed', -cen'- 

sing, -cen'ser or -sor, -so ry, 

in'cense, n., -boat, -breatti^ing, 

-burn^er, -ce dar, -cup, -tree, 
in cen'tive, -ly. 
in cep'tive, -ly, -cep'tion. 
in'ce ra tive {or in c6r'-), -ra'- 

tion {or -cer a'tion). 
in cer'ti tude. 
in ces'sant, -ly, -ness. 
in'cest, -ces'tu ous, -ous ly, -ous- 

inch, -worm, -meas'ure, -pound, 

-rule, -tape, inch board, i. stuff. 
in'cho ate (-ko-), -ly, -cho ant, 

-cho'a tive, -a'tion. 
in'ci dence, -dent, -dent less, 

-den'tal, -tal ly. 
in cin'er ate, -a^ted, -acting, 

-a^tor, -a'tion, 
in cip'i ent, -ly, -i ence, -en cy. 
in cir'cum spect, -ly, -spec'tion. 
in cise' (-siz'), -cised', -cis'ing, 

-ci'sion (-sizh'un), -cis'ure 

in ci'sive (-s!v), -ly, -ness, -cise-ly, 
in ci'sor, -so ry, -so'ri al. 
in cite', -ment, -cit'ed, -ing, 

-ing ly, -er, -ant, -ci ta'tion. 
in clem'ent, -ly, -en cy. 

in cline', -clined', -clin'ing, -a ble, 

-ble ness, -cli na'tion, -clin'a- 

t6''ry, -to'ri ly. 
in close' or en close', -closed', 

-clos'ing, -er, -clo'sure (-zhur). 
in elude', -clud'ed, -ing, -i ble, 

-clu'sive (-siv), -sive ly, -sion 

in cog'i tant (-koj'-), -ly, -i ta'- 

tive, -i ta ble, -ta bil'i ty, 

-i tance, -tan cy. 
in cog'ni to, fern, -ni ta, -ni zant, 

-ni zance, -ni za ble, -za bil'i ty, 

in cog'. 
in cog nos'ci ble, -ci bil'i ty. 
in CO her'ence, -en cy, -ent, 

-ent ly, -ent ness, -he'sion 

in CO in'ci dent, -ci dence. 
in com bus'ti ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
in'come (-kum), -com er, -com- 
in com men'su ra ble (-shoo-), 

-ness, -bly, -bil'i ty, -su rate, 

-rate ly, -rate ness. 
in com mode', -mod'ed, -ing. 
in com mo'di ous, -ly, -ness. 
in com mu'ni ca ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty, -ca tive, -tive ly, -tive- 

in com mut'a ble, -ness, -bly, 

-mu'ta bil'i ty. 
in com'pa ra ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
in com pit'i ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
in com'pe tent, -ly, -tence, -ten- 

in c6m plete', -ly, -ness, -plet'ed, 

in com plex' {or -com'-), -ly. 
in com pre hen'si ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty, -hen'sive, -sive ly, -sive- 

ness, -hen'sion. 
in com press'i ble, -ness, -bil'i ty. 
in con ceiv'a ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
in con'gru ence, -ent, -ous, -ous- 

ly, -ous ness, -con gru'i ty. 
in con'se quent, -ly, -ness, 

-quence, -quen^tial, -tial ly. 
in con sid'er a ble, -ness, -bly. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 




in con sid'er ate, -ly, -ness, 

in con sist'ent, -ly, -en cy. 
in con sol'a ble, -ness, -bly. 
in con'so nance, -nan cy. 
in con spic'u ous, -ly, -ness. 
in con'stan cy, -stant, -stant ly. 
in con tam'i na ble. 
in con test'a ble, -ble ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
in con tig'u ous, -ly. 
in con'tin ent, -ly, -nence, -nen cy. 
in con tro vert'i ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
in con ven'ience (-yens), -ien cy, 

-lent, -lent ly. 
in con vert'i ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

i ty. 
in cor'po rate, -ranted, -ranting, 

-ra tive, -raptor, -ra'tion. 
in c6r po're al, -ism, -ist, -ly, 

-re'i ty, -re al'i ty. 
in cor reef, -ly, -ness. 
in c6r'ri gi ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

in cor rod'i ble. 
in cor rupt', -ly, -ness, -ive, 

-i ble, -ble ness, -bly, -bil'i ty, 

in cras'sate, -salted, -sa tive, 

in crease', -creased', -creas'ing, 

-ing ly, -a ble, -a ble ness, -er, 

in'crease, n., in cres'cent, -cres- 

in cred'i ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
in cred'u lous, -ly, -ness, -ere du'- 

li ty. 
in'cre ment, -men'tal. 
in crim'i nate, -na'ted, -na^ting, 

-na to^ry, -na'tion. 
in crust', -ed, -ing, -ment, -crus- 

in'cu bate, -baited, -baiting, -ba'- 

tive, -ba'tor, -cu'ba to ry, -ba'- 

tion, -tion al. 
in'cu bus, n., pi. -bus es or -hi, 

in'cu bous, a. 
in cul'cate, -canted, -casting, -can- 
tor, -to^ry, -ca'tion. 
in cul'pate, -pa''ted, -parting, 

-to^ry, -pa ble, -ble ness, -bly, 

-pa tive, -pa'tion. 

in cum'bent, -ly, -ben cy. 

in cur', -ring, -curred'. 

in cur'a ble, -ness, -bly, -a bil'- 

in cu'ri ous, -ly, -ness. 
in cur'sion (-shun), -sive. 
in curve', -curved', -curv'ing, 

-ate, a., -a ture, -cur'vate, v., 

-va''ted, -va'ting, -va'tion. 
in dd'ba. 

In'da pur (-poor), t. Bombay. 
in debt'ed (-det'-), -ness. 
in de'cent, -ly, -cen cy. 
in de ci'pher a ble. 
in de ci'sive (-siv), -ly, -ness, 

-ci'sion (-sizh'un). 
inMe co'rous (or -dek'-), -ly, 

-ness, -co'rum. 
in de fat'i ga ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
in de fea'si ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

in de fen'si ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

in de fin'a ble, -a bly. 
in dSf i nite, -ly, -ness. 
in dSl'i ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
in dgl'i cate, -ly, -i ca cy. 
in dem'ni fy, -ing, -fled, -ni ty, 

-ni tor, -ni tee'. 
in de mon'stra ble, -ble ness, -bil'- 
. ity. 

in dent', -ed, -ed ly, -ing, -den'- 
tion, -ture, n., -ta'tion. 

in den'ture, v., -tured, -tur ing. 

in de pend'ent, -ly, -ence, -en cy. 

in^de scrib'a ble, -a bly. 

in de struc'ti ble, -ness, -bly, 
-bil'i ty. 

in de ter'mi na ble, -ness, -na- 

in de ter'mi nate, -ly, -ness, -na'- 
tion, -ter'mlned, -min ism, 
-min ist. 

in'dex, n., pi. -dex es or -dl ces 
(-sez), -dex less, -dex'ic al, in'dex = 
cor rec'tion, »dig^it (=dij^-), -er''- 
ror, =fin ger, =gage, =glass, =law, 
=ma chined 

in'dex, v., -ing, -dexed. 

In'dJ a, -di an, -an ist, -di a man, 
-die, -an ol'o gist, In'dies (-diz). 

n6t, nor, use, up, drn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, tilus, Badi. 

Indian =arrow 



In'di an-ir-'row, a plant, -cup, a 

plant, 'dye, -eye, a plant, 

-heart, a plant, -pipe, a plant, 

-poke, a plant, -root, a plant, 

-sal or -saul, a plant, -shoe, a 

plant, -shot, a plant. In di an's- 

dream, a plant. 
In'di an ar''row, I. balm, I. bark, 

I. ber'ry, I. dart, I. hemp, I. 

meal, I. pud''ding, I. rice, I. 

sum''mer, I. tur^nip. 
in'di a»rub^ber. 

in'di cate, -ca''ted, -ca''ting, -can- 
tor, -to^ry, -cant, -dic'a tive, 

-tive ly, -di ca'tion, in'di ca tor- 

di^a gram, -card. 
in dic'o lite. 
in diet' (-dit'), -ed, -er, -ing, 

-a ble, -ment, -or, -ee', -dic'- 

tion, -tion al. 
in di enfie' (ah dl 6n'). 
in differ ence, -en cy, -ent, 

-ent ism, -ist, -ly. 
in'di gence, -gen cy, -gent, -gent ly. 
in dig'e nous (-dij'-), -ly. 
in di gest'i ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

i ty, -gest'ed, -ed ness, -ges'tive, 

-ges'tion (-chun). 
in dig'nant, -ly, -na'tion. 
in dig'ni ty. 
in'di go, -ber^ry, -bird, -broom, 

-cop^per, -finch, -mill, -plant, 

-snake, -weed. 
in'di go blue, i. brown, i. car^- 

mlne, i. ex^tract, i. red, i. 

in dJ reef, -ly, -ness, -rec'tion. 
in dis cern'i ble (-diz zern'-), -ness, 

in dis creet', not prudent, -ly, -ness, 

-cre'tion (-kresh'un). 
in dis Crete', not separated. 
in dis crim'i nate, -ly, -na'ting, 

-ting ly, -na tive, -na'tion. 
in dis pen'sa ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
in^dis pose' (-poz'), -posed', -pos'- 

ed ness, in dis^po si'tion (-zish'- 

in dis'pu ta^ble, -ness, -bly, -dis^- 

pu ta bil'i ty. 
in dis'so lu ble, -ness, -bly, -dis'- 

so lu bil'i ty. 

in dis tinct', -ly, -ness, -tinc'tive, 

-tive ly, -tive ness, -tinc'tion. 
in dis tin'guish a ble, -ness, -bly, 
in dite', -ment, -dit'ed, -er, -ing. 
in di vid'u al, -ism, -ist, -is tic, 

-ize, -ized, -i^zer, -lazing, -i za'- 

tion, -al ly, -vid'u ate, -a^ted> 

-a''ting, -a''tor, -a'tion. 
in di vis'i ble (-viz'-), -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
InMo-Ar'yan (=ar'-), -Brit'on, 

-Chi nese^ -Eu ro pe'an, -Ger- 

man'ic, -I ran'ic, -Pa cif'ic. 
in'do lent, -ly, -lence, -len cy. 
In dol'o gy, -do lo'gi an. 
in ddm'i ta ble. 
in'door, -doors. 
In'do phile, -do'phil ist, -phil- 

in dorse', -ment, -dorsed', -dors'- 

ing, -a ble, -er; in law, -or, 

-dor see'. 
in'do tint. 

In'dra, Hindu Myth. 
in'draft or -draught. 
in du'bi ta ble, -ness, -bly. 
in duce', -ment, -duced', -du'- 

cing, -cer, -ci ble. 
in duct', -ed, -er, -ing, -ive, 

-ive ly, -due tiv'i ty, -duc'tion. 
in duc'te ous, -duc'tlle, -til'i ty, 

-due to'ri um, pi. -ri ums or 

-ri a, -duc'tric, -trie al, -to- 

scope, -tom'e ter, -duct'or. 
in duc'tion-baFance, -bridge, -coil, 

-ma chine^ -mo'tor, -pipe, -port, 

-valve, in duct' -pipe. 
in due', -ment, -dued', -du'ing. 
in dulge', -dulged', -dul'ging 

(-jing), -dul'gence, -gen cy, 

-gent, -gent ly, -ger. 
InMu na'. 
in'du rate, -ra''ted, -ranting, -ra- 

tive, -ra'tion. 
indu'sium, pi. -si a (-zi-), -si- 
in dus'tri al, -ism, -ist, -ly, -ize, 

-ized, -i'zing, -tri ous, -ous ly, 

-ous ness, in'dus try. 
in e'brJ ate, -a'ted, -acting, -ant, 

-bri ism, -bri ous, -bri'e ty, -bri- 


fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her. Ice, in, note. 




in 6d'i ble, -biri ty. 

in ed'i ta, -i ted. 

in ef fa ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 

in ef face'a ble, -a bly. 

in ef fect'ive, -ly, -ness, -fec'tu al, 

-al ness, -al ly, -al'i ty. 
in ef fi ca'cious, -ly, -ness, -ef- 

fi ca cy. 
in ef fi'cient (-fish'ent), -ly, 

-cien cy. 
in e las'tic, -tic'i ty. 
in el'e gant, -ly, -gance, -gan cy. 
in el'i gi ble, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
in el'o quent, -ly, -quence. 
in ept', -ly, -ness, -i tude. 
in e qual'i ty (-kwol'-). 
in eq'ui ta ble (-ek'wl-), -ta bly, 

-eq'ui ty. 
in e rad'i ca ble, -ca bly. 
in Sr'ra ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty, 

-rant, -ran cy. 
in erf, -ly, -ness, -er'ti a (-shI a), 

in es'ti ma ble, -ma bly. 
in ev'i ta ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

in ex act' (-egz akt'), -ly, -ness, 

-i tude. 
in ex cus'a ble (-eks kuz'-), -ness, 

-bly, -bil'i ty. 
in ex haust'i ble (-egz aust'-), 

-ness, -bly, -bil'i ty, -haust'ed, 

-ed ly, -ive. 
in ex'o ra ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

m ex pe'di ent, -ly, -ence, -en cy. 

in ex pen'stve, -ly, -ness. 

in ex pe'ri ence, -enced. 

in ex pert', -ness. 

in ex'pJ a ble, -riess, -bly. 

in ex plain'a ble, -a bly. 

in ex'pli ca ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

i ty 
in ex plic'it (-plls'it). 
in ex press'! ble, -i bly, -ive, 

-ive ness. 
in ex pug'na ble (or -pun'a-), -na- 

in ex tin'guish a ble, -a bly. 
in ex ire' mis. 

in ex'tri ca ble, -ness, -bly. 
in fa ci e cu ri ce (in fa'shi e 

ku ri e). 

in fai'li ble, -ness, -bly, -bil ism, 

-bil ist, -bil'i ty. 
in'fa moiis, -ly, -ness, -fa my. 
in'fan cy, -fant, -fant hdbd, 

-fan'ti cide, -ci'dal, -fan tile 

{or -til) or -tine (or -tin), 

in fdn'ia, masc, -fan ie (-ta), 

in'fant=class, ^school. 
in fan'try, -man. 

in fat'u ate, -a'ted, -a'ting, -a'tion. 
in fea'si ble, -ble ness. 
in feet', -ed, -ed ness, -er, -ing, 

-i ble, -ive, -ive ness, -fee tiv'- 

i ty, -fec'tion, -tious, -tious ly, 

-tious ness. 
in fe cun'di ty. 
in fe lic'i ty (-lis'-), -i tous. 
in fer', -ring, -ferred', -fer'a ble 

or -ri ble. 
in'fer ence, -en'tial, -tial ly. 
in fe'ri or, -ly, -or'i ty. 
in fer'nal, -ize, -ized, i'zing, -ly, 

-nal'i ty, in fer'no. 
in fer'ri ble. See infer. 
in fest', -ed, -er, -ing, -ive, 

-fes ta'tion. 
in'fi del, -ize, -ized, i'zing, -del'i ty. 
in'field, a., in'=field, n. 
in fVe ri. 
in fil'trate, -tra'ted, -tra'ting, 

in'fin ite, -ly, -ness, -i tes'i mal, 

-mal ism, -mal ly, -fin'i tive, -tive- 

ly, -i tude, -i ty, infini'to (-ne'-). 
in firm', -ly, -ness, -a ry, -i ty, 

-fir ma'ri an. 
in flame', -flamed', -flam'er, 

-ing, -flam'ma ble, -ble ness, 

-bly, -bil'i ty, -ma tive, -ma- 

t6''ry, -ma'tion. 
in flate', -flat'ed, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 

-fla'tion, -tion ist, in fld'tus. 
in fleet', -ed, -ing, -ive, -flec'tion, 

-tion al, -tion less, -flec'tor. 
in flex'i ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
in flict', -ed, -er, -ing, -ive, 

in flo res'cence, -cent. 
in'flu ence, -enced, -en cing, -en- 

cer, -en'tial, -tial ly, in'flu ence- 

ma chine'. 
in flu en'za. 

not, nor, use, up, <irn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 




in'flux, -flux'ion (-fluk'shun), 

-ion ism, -ion ist. 
in form', -al, -al ly, -ant, -a tive, 

-er, -ing, -ing ly, -formed', 

-for mal'i ty, -ma'tion. 
in frac'tion, -tor. 
in fran'gi ble, -ness, -bil'i ty. 
in fre'quent, -ly, -quen cy. 
in fringe', -ment, -fringed', 

-frin'ging (-jing), -frin ger. 
in fruc'tu ous, -ly. 
in fu'ri ate, -a'' ted, -acting. 
in fuse' (-fuz'), -fused', -fus'ing, 

-er, -i ble, -i ble ness, -i bil'i ty, 

-fu'sive (-siv), -fu'sion (-zhun), 

-fu'sor (-zor). 
in'gatli''er ing. 

In'ge low (in'je 16), Eng. poetess. 
in ge'ni o. 
in ge'ni ous, -ly, -ness, -ge nu'- 

in'g'e'nue' (3,n''zha^nd6'). 
in gfin'u ous (-jen'-), -ly, -ness. 
in'gle, -side, -cheek, -nook. 
in glo'ri ous, -ly, -ness. 
in'got, -i^ron, -mold. 
in graft', -ed, -er, -ing, -ment. 
in grain', v., -ing, -grained', in'- 

grain, n. and a. 
in gra'ti ate (-shI-), -a^ted, -acting, 

-a to'ry. 
in grat'i tude. 
in gre'di ent. 

Ingres (3.ngr), Fr. painter. 
in'gress, -gress'ive, -gres'sion 

in groove', -grooved', -groov'ing. 

in gur'gi tate (-jl-), -tasted, -tas- 
ting, -ta'tion. 
in hab'it, -ed, -ing, -a ble, -ance, 

-an cy, -ant, -er, -ive, -i tac- 
in hale', -haled', -hal'ant or -ent, 

-er, -ing, -ha la'tion. 
in har mo'ni ous, -ly, -ness, 

-mon'ic, -ic al. 
in here', -hered', -her'ing, -ence, 

-en cy, -ent, -ent ly. 

in hgr'it, -ed, -er, 
-a bly, -a bil'i ty, 
-ress or -rix. 

-ing, -a ble, 
-ance, -or. 

in hib'it, -ed, -er, -ing, -i tor, 
-to'ry, -hi bi'tion (-bish'un). 

in hoc. 

in hos'pJ ta ble, -ness, -bly, -pi- 
tal'i ty. 

in hu'man, -ly, -man'i ty. 

in hu mane'. 

in hume', -humed', -hum'ing, 
-hu ma'tion. 

in im'i cal, -ly, -cal'i ty. 

in im'i ta ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

in iq'ui tous (-ik'wi tus), -ly, -ui ty. 

in rtial (-ish'al), -ly, -ize, -ized, 

in i'ti ate (-ish'i-), -ti a tive, 
-a'tor, -to'ry, -a'tion. 

in ject', -ed, -ing, -or, -jec'tion, 
in jec'tion-cock, =con dens'er, 

-en'gine, -pipe, -syr'inge (-sir'-), 
-valve, =wa ter, in ject'or-valve. 

in ju di'ci o (-dish'i o). 

in ju di'cious (-dish'us), -ly, -ness. 

in junc'tion, -junc'tive, -tive ly. 

in'jure (-joor), -jured, -jur er, 
-jur ing, -ju'ri ous, -ous ly, 
-ous ness, in'ju ry. 

in jus'tice (-tis). 

ink, -er, -ing, -y, -ish, -i ness, 
inked, ink'ber'ry, -fish, -hold'er, 
-horn, -nut, -root, -shed, 
-stand, -stone, -wood. 

ink' -bag, -ball, -bench, -block, 
-bot'tle, -bray'er, -cap, -cup, -cyF- 
in der, -duct, -e ras'er, -foun'- 
tain, -gland, -knife, -mush'- 
room, -pad, -pen cil, -plant, 
-pow der, -roll er, -sac, -slice, 
-sling'er, -sur'face, -ta'ble, 
-well, -writ'er. 

ink'ing-ap pa ra'tus, -ball, -pad, 
-roll er, -ta ble, -trough, ink'- 

Ink er man', t. Russ. 

in'kle, -kled, -kling, suspecting, 
ink'ling, n., a hint. 

in knit' (-nit'), -ted, -ter, -ting. 

in'land, -er. 

in lay', -er, -ing, -laid'. 

in'let, n. 

in lim'i ne, in lo'co, in lo'co 
pa ren'tis. 

in' mate. 

fate, fS,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note. 

in medias res 


inspection 'general 

in me'dtas res (rez), in memo'- 

in scribe', -scribed', -scrib'a ble, 

ri am. 

-ble ness, -er, -ing, -scrip'tive, 


-ti ble, -tion, -tion ist. 

inn, a dwelling, -hold^er, -keep'er. 

in scru'ta ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

in'nate^, -ly, -ness, -nas'ci ble. 


In'ner, -most. 

in sculpt'. 

in ner'vate, -va^ted, -va^ting, 

in'sect, -sec ta^ry, -ta'ri urn, pi. 


-urns or -a, -sec'ti cide, -tl cl'- 

in nerve', -nerved', -nerv'ing. 

dal, -sec'ti form, -ti fuge (-fuj), 


-tif'er ous, in'sec tile. 

in'no cent, -ly, -cence, -cen cy. 

in'sect'de stroy^er, -fun^gi (-ji), 

in noc'u ous, -ly, -ness. 

-gun, -net, =pow der, -trap. 

in'no vate, -va^ted, -va^ting, 

in se cure', -ly, -ness, -cu'ri ty. 

-va^tive, -va'tor, -va''to ry, -va'- 

in sen'sate, -ness. 

tion, -tion ist. 

in sen'si ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty, 

in nox'ious (-nok'shus), -ly, -ness. 

-si tive, -tive ness, -sen'tient 

Inns'bruck (-prd6k), c. Aust. 


in nu'ce. 

in sep'a ra ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

in'nu en'do, pi. -does (-doz). 

. -^^y- 

in nu'mer a ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

\n serf, -ed, -ing, -ser'tion. 


in ses'sor. 

in nu'tri tive, -tri'tious (-trish'us). 



in'shore, a., in'shore', adv. 

in oc'u late, -lasted, -lasting, -la- 

in'side, n., in'side', adv., -sid'er. 

tive, -la^tor, -la'tion. 

in sid'i ous, -ly, -ness. 

in o'dor ous, -ness. 


in of fen'sive, -ly, -ness. 

in sig'ni a. 

in^Sffi'cial (-fish'al), -ly, -cious, 

in sig nif i cant, -ly, -cance, 

-cious ly. 

-can cy, -ca tive. 

in op'er a tive. 

in sin cere', -ly, -c6r'i ty. 

in op'por tune', -ly, -ness. 

in sin'u ate, -a''ted, -acting, 

in or'di nate, -ly, -ness, -di na cy. 

-ting ly, -a tive, -a''tor, -to'ry, 

in or g^n'ic, -al, -al ly. 


in per pet'u urn, in per so'nam, 

in sip'id, -ly, -ness, -si pid'i ty. 

in pro'pri a per so'na. 

in sist', -ed, -ence, -ent, -ent ly, 


-ing, -ingly. 

in'qui line. 

in si'tu. 

in quire', -quir'a ble, -qulr'er. 

in snare'. See ensnare. 

-ing, -ing ly, -y. 

in so bri'e ty. 

in qui si'tion (-zish'un), -al, -a ry. 

in'so late, -lasted, -lasting, -la'- 

in quis'i tive (-kwiz'-), -ly, -ness. 


-i tor, -to'ri al, -al ly, -in quis'- 


i tor=gen'er al. 

in'so lent, -ly, -lence. 

m re. 

in s61'u ble, -ness, -bil'i ty. 


in s6rvent, -ven cy. 


in s6m'ni a, -ni ous. 

in sa lu'bri ous, -bri ty. 

in^so much'. 

in sane', -ly, -ness, -san'i ty. 

in' sou' ciance' (an'soo^syans'), -ciant' 

in san'i ta ry, -i ta'tion. 


in sa'tia ble (-sa'sha- or -sash'- 

in spect', -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -ive, 

ya-), -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty, 

-or, -or ate, -or ship, -spec'tion, 

-sa'ti ate (-shi-), -ate ly, -ate- 

-tion al, in spec'tion-car, -gend- 


er al. 

not, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bohmot, thus, Bacfh. 




in spire', -spired', -spir'er, -ing, 

-ing ly, in'spi rate, -ranted, -ra''- 

ting, -ra''tor, -spir'a to^ry, -spl- 

ra'tion, -tion al, -tion ist, -tion- 

ism, -spi rom'e ter. 
in spir'it, -ed, -ing. 
in spJs'sate, -salted, -salting, -sant, 

in' -square, 
in sta bil'i ty. 
in stair, -ing, -stalled', -stai la'- 

tion, -stal'ment or -stall'-. 
in'stance, -stanced, -stan cing. 
in'stant, -ly, -stan''ta'ne ous, -ous ly, 

-ne'i ty, -stan' ter. 
in std'tu quo. 
in stfiad'. 
in'stJ gate, -ga^ted, -ga^ting, -ting- 

ly> -g^'^tor, -ga'tion. 
in stil' or -still', -stilled', -stil'- 

ling, -ler, -ment, -la'tion. 
in'stinct, w., -stinct', a., -stinc'- 

tlve, -tive ly. 
in'stJ tute, -tutted, -tutting, -tu^- 

tive, -tive ly, -tu''tor, -tu'tion, 

-tion al, -al ism, -al ist, -tion a ry. 
in struct', -ed, -ing, -ive, -ive ly, 

-ive ness, -or, -ress, -struc'tion, 

-tion al. 
in'stru ment, -men'tal, -tal ist, 

-tal ly, -tal'i ty, -ta'tion, -men^- 

in sub jec'tidn. 
in sub or'di nate, -na'tion. 
in sub stan'tial (-shal), -ti al'i ty 


in suffer a ble, -a bly. 

in suf fi'cient (-flsh'ent), -cien cy, 

-dent ly. 
in'su lar, -ize^ -ized', -i^zing, -ism, 

-ly, -lar'i ty. 
in'su late, -Ia''ted, -lasting, -la'- 

tor, -la'tion. 
in'sult, n., in suit', v., -ed, -er, 

-ing, -ingly. 
in su'per a ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

in sup port'a ble, -ness, -bly. 
in sup press'i ble, -i bly. 
in sure' (-shoor'), -sured', -sur'er, 

-ing, -a ble, -ance, -ee'. 

in sur'gent, -gen cy. 

in sur mount'a ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
in sur rec'tion, -al, -a ry, -ist. 
in sus cep'ti ble, -ti bly, -ti bil'- 

in tact', -ness, -tac'ti ble or -ta- 
in tagl'io (-tal'yo), pi. -ios (-yoz), 

-io type. 
in'take, -tak'er, in'take-hoFder. 
in tan'gi ble (-jl-), -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
Jn'te ger, -te gral, -gral ism, -gral- 

ly, -gra ble, -bil'i ty. 
in'te grate, -gra'ted, -grafting, 

-gra tive, -grantor, -grant, -gra'- 

in teg'ri ty. 
in teg'u ment, -men'tal, -ta ry, 

in'tel lect, -lec'ti ble, -tion, -tive, 

-tive ly, -tu al, -al ism, -al ist, 

-al ly, -al ness, -al is'tic, -al'i ty, 

-al ize, -ized, -i^zing, -I za'tion. 
in tfil'li gent, -ly, -gence, -gen^'cer, 

-gen'tial, -gi ble, -ble ness, 

-bly, -bil'i ty. 
in tem'per ate, -ly, -ness, -per- 

in tem'po. 
in tend', -ance, -an cy, -ant, -ed, 

-ed ly, -er, -ing. 
in tense', -ly, -ness, -ten'sion, 

-sive, -sive ness, -si ty, -si ty=cur^- 

in ten'si fy, -ing, -fled, -fl er, 

-fl ca'tion. 
in tent', -ly, -ness, -ten'tion, 

-tion al, -al ly, -al'i ty, -tioned. 
in tSr', -ring, -ment, -terred'. 
in ter act', -ac'tion, -ac'tive. 
in' ter a' It a. 

in^ter ca'dence, -ca'dent. 
in ter'ca lar, -la ry, -ca late, -la- 

tive, -lasting, -la'tion. 
in ter cede', -ced'ed, -er, -ing, 

-ces'sor, -so ry, -so'ri al, -ces'- 

in ter cept', -ed, -er, -ing, -ive, 

in ter change', -a ble, -ble ness, 

-a bly, -a bil'i ty, -changed', 

fate, fa.t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 

interchanging 361 intoed 

-chan'ging, -chan'ger, in'ter- 

in ter mon'tine, -mun'dane. 

change, n. 


in^ter col le'gi ate, -co lo'ni al, 

in ter'nal, -ly, -nal'i ty. 

-al ly, -co lum'nar, -lum ni a'- 

in ter na'tion al (-nash'un-), -ist, 

tion, -cos'tal. 

-ly, -ize, -ized, -i^zing. 

in'ter course. 

in terne' (-tern'). 

in ter cul'tur al. 

in'ter ne'cJne, -ne'cive. 

in^ter de pend'ent, -ence, -en cy. 

in'ter nos. 

in ter diet', -ed, -ing, -ive, -o ry, 

in'ter pel'late, -la tor, -pel'lant, 



in'ter est, -ed, -ed ly, -ed ness, 

in ter plead', -er, -ing. 

-ing, -ing ly, -ing ness. 

in'ter poc'u la. 

in ter fere', -fered', -fer'ence, 

in ter'po late, -la'ted, -la'ting, 

-fer'er, -fer'ing, -ing ly, in ter- 

-la'tor, -la'tive, -tive ly, -la'tion, 


-la ble, -lar, -la ry. 

in'ter im. 

in ter pose' (-p6z'), -posed', 

in te'ri or, -ly. 

-pos'er, -ing, -po si'tion (-zish'- 

in ter jac'u la to'ry. 


in ter ject', -ed, -ing, -jec'tion. 

in ter'pret, -ed, -er, -ing, -a ble, 

-tion al, -al ly, -tion a ry. 

-pre ta'tive, -tive ly, -ta'tion. 

in ter lace', -ment, -laced', 

in ter reg'num, pi. -nums. 


in tSr'ro gate, -ga'ted, -ga'ting. 

In ter lak'en or -ladi en, vil. 

-ga-'tor, -ga tee', -ga'tion, -rog'- 


a tive, -tive ly, -to^ry. 

in ter lap', -ping, -lapped'. 

in ter rupt', -ed, -ed ly, -er, -ing, 

in ter lard', -ed, -er, -ing, -ment. 

-ive, -ive ly, -rup'tion. 

in'ter leaf, pi. -leaves, -leave', v., 

in ter sect', -ed, -ing, -sec'tion, 

-leaved', -leav'ing. 

-tion al. 

in ter line', -lined', -lin'ing. 

in ter sperse', -spersed' -spers'- 

-lin'e ar, -e ate, -a ry, -S,r ly, -a ri- 

ing, -sper'sion. 

ly, -a'tion. 

in'ter state. 

in ter lock', -ing, -locked'. 

in'ter stice (-stis or -ter'stis). 

in ter 16c'u tor, -to'ry, -u live, -lo- 

-sticed (-stist), -sti tial (-stish'al). 


-tial ly. 

in'ter lo'per, -lope', -loped', 

in ter twine', -twined', -twin'ing, 


-ing ly. 

in'ter lude, -luMed, -luMer, -lu'- 

in'ter ur'ban. 


in'ter val. 

in ter lu'nar. 

in ter vene', -vened', -ven'er, -vend- 

in ter mar'ry, -ing, -ried, -riage. 

ing, -ven'tion, -tion ist. 

in ter mgd'dle, -died, -dler. 

in'tferview (-vu), -er, -ing, 

-dling, -die some, -some ness. 


in ter me'di ate, -ly, -di a cy. 

in^ter vo lute'. 

-di al, -di a ry, -di a tor, -di a'- 

in ter weave', -weav'ing, -wove', 

tion, -di et'to, in^ter mez'zo 

-wov'en (-n). 


in tes'tate, -tes'ta ble, -ta cy. 

in ter'mi na ble, -ness, -bly. 

in tes'tine, -ti nal. 

in ter min'gle, -gled, -gling. 

in'ti mate, -ly, -ma'ted, -ma'- 

in ter mit', -ted, -tence, -ten cy. 

ting, -ma cy, -ma'tion. 

-tent, -tent ly, -ting, -ting ly. 

in tim'i date, -da'ted, -da'ting, 


-da to'ry, -da'tion. 

in ter mix', -ed ly, -ing, -ture, 




not, nor, use, up, urn, etiide, food, foot, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCli. 




in tol'er a ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

i ty, -ance, -an cy, -ant, -ant ly. 
in to'nd co or -ni co (-ne ko). 
in'to nate, -na'ted, -na^ting, 

-na'tor, -na'tion, in tone', 

-toned', -ton'ing. 
in tox'i cate, -canted, -casting, -ca''- 

tive, -cant, -ca'tion. 
in tract'a ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

in tra mun'dane, -mu'ral. 
in tran'si tive, -tive ly. 
in tran'st tu. 
in trench', -er, -ing, -ment, 

in trgp'id, -ly, -tre pid'i ty. 
in'tri cate, -ly, -ness, -ca cy. 
in trigue' (-treg'), -trigued', 

-trigu'er, -er y, -ing, -ing ly, 

in'tri gant, fern, -gante'. 
in trin'sic (-sik), -al, -al ly, -al- 

ness, -si cal'i ty. 
in tro duce', -duced', -du'cer, 

-cing, -duc'tive, -tive ly, -to ry, 

-to ri ly, -duc'tion. 
in tro'it. 

in'tro mis'si ble, -sive, -si bil'i ty. 
in trorse', -ly, -tror sal. 
in tro spect', -ed, -ing, -spec'- 

tive, -tion, -tion ist. 
in trude', -trud'ed, -er, -ing, 

-ing ly, -tru'sive, -sive ly, -sive- 

ness, -sion (-zhun), -sion ist. 
in trust' or en trust', -ed, -ing. 
in'tu bate, -baited, -ba''ting. 
in'tu ent. 
in tu i'tion (-ish'un), -al, -al ism, 

-al ist, -ism, -ist, -tu'i tive, 

-tive ly, -tive ism, -tive ist. 
in twine'. See entwine. 
in un'date, -da''ted, -da'ting, 

in ure', -ment, -ured', -ur'ing. 
in urn', -ing, -urned'. 
in vade', -vad'ed, -ing, -er, 

-va'sive, -va'sion (-zhun). 
in'va lid, n., -ism, -lid'i ty, in'- 

va lid 'bed, -chair. 
inv&l'id, a., -ly. 
in vai'i date, v., -da'ted, -darting, 

in \kV\x a ble, -ness, -bly. 

in va'ri a ble, -ness, -bly, -bil' 

i ty, in va'ri ant. 
in vec'tive, -ly. 
in veigh' (-va'), 

in vei'gle (-ve'-), 

-gler, -gling. 
in vent', -ed, -er, 

-ble ness, -ive, 

in ven td'ri o. 
in'ven to^ry, -ing, 

ri al, -al ly. 
In ver ness', co. 

ness, a garment. 
in verse', -ly, -ver'sive. 
in vert', -ed, -ed ly, -ing, -i ble, 

-or, -ver'sion (-shun), in'vert- 

in vest', 

-i ture. 
in ves'ti gate. 





-ive ness 

-i ble, 





-ed, -ing, -ment. 


ga'ted, -ga^ting, 

-ga^tive, -ga^tor, -ga'tion. 
in vet'er ate, -ly, -ness, -a cy. 
in vid'i ous, -ly, -ness. 
in vig'or ate, -a'ted, -a''ting, -ant 

in vin'ci ble, 
in vi'o la ble, 

-late, -late ly, -late ness. 
in vis'i ble (-viz'-), -ness 

-bil'i ty. 
in vite', -vit'ed, -er, -ing, -ing ly, 

-ing ness, -vi'ta to^ry, -vi ta'- 

tion, in'vl tant, -vi tee'. 

ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
-ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 


in'voice, -voiced, 

voice 'book. 
in voke', -voked', 

-v6c'a tive, -to'ry, 
in'vo lii^cre (-ker), 

in vSl'un ta ry, -ta ri ly, -ri ness. 
in'vo lute, -lu'ted, -lu'tant, -lu'- 

in v61ve', -ment, -v61ved' 

ing, -volv'ed ness. 
in vul'ner a ble, -ness, 

-bil'i ty. 
in' -wale, 
in wall', -walled'. 
in'ward, -ly, -ness. 
in weave', -weav'ing, 

-wov'en (-n). 

vorcing, in - 

-vok'er, -ing, 
-vo ca'tion. 
-cred (-kerd). 



fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, Ice, in, note, 




inwork', -ing, -worked' or 

in ya'la. 
i'6, an exclamation; a moth; a bird. 

I'd (i'o), Myth.; Astron.; En- 

i'o did (i'6 did) or -dide {or -did), 

-o din or -dine. 
i'o dize, -dized, -dl^zing, -di^zer. 
i''6 do met'ric, -do ther'a py, -do- 

thy'rin (-thi'-). 
i'6 lite. 

i'on, i'on ize, -ized, -I za'tion. 
I 6'ni a, -ni an, -on'ic, -on'i cize, 

-cized, -cfzing, I'o nism, 

-o nist, -on'i cism. 
i 6'ta, -cism, -ta cist. 
I'o wa, state U. S., -o wan. 
ip'e cac, -cac u an'ha. 
Iph^e de'iah (If e de'ya), Bih. 
Iph^I ge ni'a, Myth. 
i'pil (e'pil). 
ip'se dix'it, ip sis' si ma ver'ha, 

ip'so fac'to. 
I qui'que (e ke'ka), t. Chile. 
i ra cun'di ty. 
I ran' (e''ran'), Persia, I ra'ni an 

(i ra'-), I ran'ic. 
i ras'ci ble, -ness, -ci bly, -bil'- 

ire, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, i rate'. 
Ir e nae'us (Ir e ne'us), Bishop of 

I rene' (i ren'), Chr. name, 

I re'ne (i re'ne), Empress of 

Constantinople; Astron.; Zool. 

i rSn'ic, -ic al, -i con, pi. -i ca. 
ir i des'cent, -cence, -cen cy. 
i rid'i um. 

ir'i dize, -dized, -di^zing, -dl za'- 
i'ris, pi. -ris es or -rl des (-dez), 

Anat.; the rainbow, i'ris a' ted, 

i'rl scope, i'rised (-rist), i'ris- 

di'a phragm, =raot, »swa]''low. 

I'ris, Myth.; Astron.; Bot. genus. 
I'rish, -ize, -ized, -i'zing, -ly, -ism, 

-man, -wom''an, =A mer'i can. 
irk'some, -ly, -ness. 
Irkutsk' (Irkootsk'), c. Sib. 
i'ron (i'urn), -roned (-urnd), 

-ron'ing, -y, a. 

i'ron bark, a tree, -clad, n., 
-head, a duck, -heads, a plant, 
-man, -mas^ter, -mon^ger, -sides, 
a person, -smith, -stone, -ware, 
-weed, -wood, a tree, -work, 

i'ron-al^um, -black, -bound, 
-cham''ber, -clad, a., -clay, 
-cloth, -flint, -found^er, -found^- 
ry, -fur^nace, -glance, -grass, 
-gray, -gum tree, -i''o did, 
-fine, -Uq^uor, -mold, -oak, 
-o''chre (-o^ker), -red, -rust, 
-sand, -saw, -scale, -shrub, 
-sick, -stain, -strap, -tree, 
-work^er, -works, -yeFlow. 

i'ron age, i. ce ment^ i. cross, 
i. crown, i. horse, i. lac^quer. 

i'ron ing -board, -box, -cloth, 
-lathe, -ma chine', i'ron bark' 

i'ron y (-riin-), n. 

Ir'o quois' (Ir'o kwoi'), -quoi'an. 

Ir'pe el (Ir'pe 61), Bib. 

ir ra'di ate, -a^ted, -a'ting, -ance, 
-an cy, -a tive, -a'tion. 

ir ra'tion al (-rash'un-), -ly, -ism, 
-ist, -ness, -al'i ty. 

ir^re cep'tive. 

ir re claim'a ble, -ness, -a bly. 

ir rec'og ni^za ble. 

ir rec'on cMa ble, -ness, -bly, 
-bil'i ty, -cile^ment, -clFi a'tion. 

ir re cov'er a ble (-kuv'-), -ness, 

ir're deem'a ble, -ness, -bly, 
-bil'i ty. 

ir re dii'ci ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

ir ref ra ga ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

ir re fran'gi ble, 
-bil'i ty. 

ir're fut'a ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

ir reg'u lar, -ly, -lar'i ty. 

ir rgl'a tive, -ly, -re la'tion. 

ir rel'e vant, -ly, -vance, -van cy. 

ir re li'gion (-llj'un), -ist, -giou's, 
-gious ly, -gious ness. 

ir re me'di a ble, -ness, -bly. 

ir re mis'si ble, -ness, -bly, -sive, 
-sion (-mish'un). 



n6t, nor, iise, up, urn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bohmot, thus, Bach. 




It re mov'a ble (-moov'-), -ness, 

-a bly, -a bil'i ty. 
It rep'a ra ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

It rep re hen'si ble, -ness, -bly. 
Jr re press'i ble, -ness, -i bly. 
Ir re proach'a ble, -ness, -bly. 
ir re sist'i ble (-zlst'-), -ness, 

-bly,. -bil'i ty. 
ir res'o lu ble (-rez'-), -ness. 
It res'o lute (-rez'-), -ly, -ness, 

ir re s61v'a ble (-zolv'-), -ness, 

-bil'i ty. 
It re spec'tive, -ly. 
It re spon'si ble, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
ir re spon'si ve, -ness. 
ir re strain'a ble. 
ir re trace'a ble. 
ir re triev'a ble, -ness, -bly, 

-bil'i ty. 
ir rev'er ent, -ly, -ence. 
ir re vers'i ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

ir rSv'o ca ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'- 

ir'ri gate, -ga^ted, -ga^ting, -ga- 
ble, -ga^tive, -ga'tor, -ga'tion, 

-tion ist. 
ir'ri ta ble, -ness, -bly, -bil'i ty. 
ir'ri tate, -tasted, -tasting, -ting ly, 

-ta^tive, -tant, -tan'cy, -ta'tion. 
ir rup'tion, -rup'tive. 
i'saac (i'zik), a bird. I'saac, a 

Chr. name. 
is'a bel or -belle (Iz'a b61), a 

color. Is'a bel, a proper name. 

is'a bel»yel low. 
is a bel'la (iz-), -bel'ite, -bcl'llne, 

is a bel'la 'Wood. 
i sa gog'ic (-goj'-), -ic al, -gog'ics. 
I sa'iah (i za'ya or -za'ya), 

I sa ian'ic (i za ya,n'ik). 
Is'chi a (iss'ke a), isl. It. 
is'chi al'gic (-kl-), -gi a. 
is'chi or rho'gic (-ki or -ro'jik). 
I'sen grin (e'zen gren), a legend- 
ary wolf. 
Tser (e'zer), r. Aust. 
I sere' (e'zar'), dept. Fr. 
Ish'me rai. Bib. 
Ish'u ai. Bib. 
i'sin glass (-zin-), -stone. 

I'sis (i'sis), Myth., I'sl ac. 
Is'lam (iss'lam or Iz lam or 

iss lam), -ism, -ite, -it'ic, -ize, 

-ized, -i zing, -lam'ic. 
is'land (i'-), -er. 
Is'lay (i'la) or Is'la (I'la), isl. 

isle (il), is'let (i'let), -let ed. 
I'slip (i'slip), vil. N. Y. 
Is ma'iah (-ya or Is ma i'ah). 

Is ma il' (es ma el'), t. Russ. 
Is ma il' (Is ma el'), -ma il'i an 

or -mae'li an, -ma il ite or -ma- 

61 ite, -ma i llt'ic or -ma el it'ic, 

Is ma il' Pa sha' (Iss ma el' 

pa sha'). 
Is ma il'ia (es^ma el'ya), t. Egypt. 
isn't, contraction of is not. 
i'so bar, -ism, -bir'ic, -bar'o- 

met'ric, -so b&th'i therm, -ther'- 

mal, -ther'mic. 
i soch'ro nal (-sok'-), -ly, -ro- 

nism, -ro non, -ro nous, -nous- 

ly, -ro us, -so chron'ic. 
i'so cline, -cli'nal, -clln'ic. 
i sog'ra phy, -so graph'ic, -ic al- 
is'o late (is'- or i'so-), -lasted, 

-ted ly, -lasting, -la^tor, -la'tion. 
I solde' (I sold'), Round Table, 

spelled also Isolt, Isoud, Ysolde, 

Ysoude, Yseult. I sol'de 

(I sul'de), Wagnerian opera. 
i so mfir'ic, -ic al, -al ly, -som'- 

er ism. 
i so mgt'ric, -ric al. 
i'so morph, -mor'phic, -mor'- 

phism, -mor'phous. 
i s6n'o my, -so no'mi a, -nom'ic. 
i s6s'ce les (-lez). 
i sos'ta sy, -tat'ic. 
i'so therm, -ther'mal. 
i'so trope, -sot'ro py, -ro pous, 

-ro pism, -so trop'ic. 
Is'ra el (Iz'ra el or -ra-), -ite, -i'tish, 

is'sue (Ish'oo), -less, -su a ble, 

-a bly, -ance, -ant, -er, -ing, 

isth'mus (Iss'- or 1st'-), -mi an, 

Is'tri a, pen. Adriatic, -tri an. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, m6t, her, ice, in, note, 




I t&l'i cize, -cized, -ci''zing, -d- 

za'tion, i tal'ic, a printer's type. 
It'a ly, I tal'ian (i taryan), -ism, 

-ian ize, -ized, -i'zing, -i za'tion, 

-tal'ic, -i cism, -ian esque', It'a- 

lo-By zan'tine (»bi-). 
itch, -ing, -less, -y, -i ness, 

itched, itch'weed, -in^sect, 

-mite, itch'ing'ber^ry. 
i'tem, -ize, -ized, -i^zer, -i^zing, 

-1 za'tion. 
it'er ate, -a'' ted, -a'' ting, -a tive^ 

-tive''ly, -ant, -a ble, -an^cy, 

-ate ly, -a'tion. 
Ith'a ca, c. N. Y.; vil. Mich.; 

isl. Mediterranean. 
rthai (i'tha or ith'a i). Bib. 
I tho'me (e tho'ma), mt. Gr. 
i tin'er a cy, -an cy, -ant, -ant ly, 

-a ry, -er ate, -a^ted, -acting. 
its, pos. pro.; it's, contraction of 

ii is; it self. 
It'tai [or it'tai), Bib. 

I tur bi'de, de (da e toor be'da), 

Emp. of Mex. 
i vaar'ite (e var'-). 
I van' I van'o vitch (e van' 

e van'o vich). 
I'vi son (i'vi son), Amer. pub. 
i'vo ry, -bill, a bird, -nut, -type, 

-wood, 'billed, »black, =brown, 

=gull, «gum, =palm, =pa''per, 

-paste, -porce^lain, -shell, -tree, 

-white, -yeFlow, i'vo ry lines, i. 

i'vy, i'vied, i'vy wort, -bindVeed, 

-bush, -gum, -leaf, -man''tled, 

-owl, -tree. 
i wa'na (e wa'-). 
Ix i'on. Myth. 
Ixt HI xo'chitl (ixt lei ho'chetl), 

Mex. hist. 
I'yar (e'ar) or ly'yar' (e^yar'). 
I'ynx (i'inks). 
Iz'ard (Iz'-), Amer. statesman. 

Ja'akan, Bib. 

JsL^a. ko'bah. Bib. 

Ja a'la, Bib. 


Jaa'siel, Bib. 

jab, -ber, -bing, jabbed, -ber er, 
-ber ing, jab'ber ing crow. 

jab'ne SI or -nel, Bib. 

jab' at (jab'o or zha bo'). 

ja bul (ha bobl' or ha vool'). 

ja cal' (ha kal'). 


jack', -a dan'dy, -a nape, -a- 
napes, -daw, -fish, -man, -smith, 
-stone, -straw, -weight, -y. 

jack' -ad' a ms, a fool, -ape, 
-arch, -back, -bak'er, -bird, 
-block, -boot, -chain, -cross^tree, 
-cur lew, -en^gine, -fish''ing, 
-flag, -frame, -fri'ar, -fruit, 
-hare, -hern, -hole, -hunt ing, 
-knife, -lad der, -lamp, -lan- 
tern, -light, -oak, -pin, -pit, 
-plane, -pot, -pud ding, -rab- 
bit, -raft'er, -rib, -roll, -saF- 

mon, -saw, -screw, -sink er, 
-snipe, -span iard, -spin ner, 
-staff, -stay, -tim ber, -tow el, 
-tree, -wood. 

jack'-at=the-hedge, a plant, -in- 
a-bot tie, -in-a-box, -in=the- 
bush, -in-the-pul pit, -jump- 
a bout. 

Jack'-a-green, -a-Lent, -o' -lan- 
tern, =o'-Lent. 

jack'al, -buz^zard, jack'als-k6st. 

jack^a rob'. 

jack'ass, =brig, -deer, -fish, -pen'- 
guin, -rab'bit. 

jack'et, -ed, -ing. 





Jac'o bin, -ism, -bin'ic, -ic al, 
-al ly, -bin ize, -ized, -i^zing. 

Jac'o bite, -bit ism, -bit'ic, -ic al, 
-al ly. 

Ja'cob's-ch^l ot, -lad der, -rod, 
-staff, -sword. 

jac'o net. 

not, nor, use, iip, 6rn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Badi. 



jaundice »tree 

Jac'quand' (zha^k6n'), Fr. painter. 
Jac quard' (zha kar'), Fr. in- 
Jac quard' (jak kard'), J. loom. 
Jacque mart' (zhak^'mar'), Fr. 

Jacque'mi not (jak'mi no). 
Jacque mont' (zhak'mon'), Fr. 

Jacqice'rie' (zhak''re'). 
jade, jad'ed, -ed ly, -ing, -er y, 

-ish, -y. 
Ja'61, Bib. 
jag, -ger, -ging, jagged, jag'ged, 

-ged ness, -gy, jag'ger y=palm, 

jag'ging=board, =i ron. 
ja guar' {or jag'war), jd gud rdn'- 

dl, jag'uar ete^ 
Jah (ja or ya), -veh, -vism, -vist, 

Ja Ml'e lei. Bib. 
Jah'dai {or -da i), Bib. 
Jah'legl, Bib. 
Jah'mai {or -ma i), Bib. 
Jahn (yan), Ger. philol. 
jahr'zeit (yar'tsit). 
ja i'ba (ha e'ba). 
jail, -er, -ing, jailed, jail'bird, a 

person, -de liv^er y, »fe ver, 

'house, -keep'er. 
Jai'pur (ji'pdor), India. 
Ja'ir, Bib. 
Ja'r rus. Old Test. Ja i'rus. New 

jai'ap, =plant. 

Ja la'pa (ha la'pa), c. Mex. 
ja'lee or ja'li (ja'le). 
ja le'o (ha la'o). 
ja let' (zha la'). 

Ja lis'co (ha les'ko), state Mex. 
ja lou sie' (zha loo ze'). 
jam, -mer, -ming, jammed, jam'= 

nut, »weld. 
Ja mai'ca (-ma'ka), isl. W. I.; 

t. N. Y., -mai'can, Ja mai'ca 

bark, J. bil'ber ry, J. birch, J. 

buck'thorn, J. chSr'ry. 
jamb, Arch., -linking, -post, 

-shaft, -stone. 
jambe (jSmb), armor, jam bi eres' 

(zhon be ar'). 
jam bo ree'. 

Jim'bres (-brez). Bib. 

j^m'e war. 

Ja'mJe son, Scotch lexicog. 

J&m'nJ a {or -ni'a), Bib. 


jim'pan, -pa nee'. 

jam'rach (-rak). 

jin'a pum. 

Ja'nau schek (ya'nou shek). Bo- 
hem, actress. 

Ja net' (zha'na'), Fr. auth. 

jan ga'da. 

jan'gle, -gled, -gler, -gling, -gly. 

j^n'i tor, -i tress. 

ja.n'i za ry, -za'ri an. 

J3.n'nes (-nez). Bib. 

Jan'sen, -ism, -sen ist. 

J&n'u a ry. 

Ja'nus, Myth., -cloth, -cord, 
-faced, -head''ed. 

Ja pa.n', -ism, -I za'tion, Jap a- 
nese' {or -nez'), -a nesque', Ja- 
pan' all'spice, J. black, J. color, 
J. earth, J. work. 

ja p^n', v., -ner, -ning, -panned', 

Ja'pheth, Bib., -ite, -phet'ic, 
-phet'i an. 

Japh'le ti {or -le'ti), Bib. 

ja pon'i ca. 

Ja'ques (ja,k'w6s), Shak. As You 
Like It. 

jaq'ui ma (jak'i ma). 

jar, -ring, -ry, jarred, jar'nut, 
-bird, -fly, -owl. 


jar di mere' (zhar de nyar') . 

jar'gon, -ist, -ize, -ized, -lazing, 

jar go nelle'. 

Jarn'dyce (-dis), Dickens Bleak 

jar' ret' (zha ra'). 

ja'sey (-zy). 

j is' mine, -tree. 

jaspe (jasp). 

jas'pe (jas'pa). 

jas'per, -a^ted, -per ize, -ized, 
-lazing, -per y, jas pid'e an, -pid'- 
e ous, jas'pure, jas'pered, jas'- 
per-dip, =o pal, -ware, -wash. 

Jau bert' (zh6''ber'), Fr. orient. 

jaun'dice, -diced, -di cing, jaun'- 
dice-ber'ry, -tree. 

fate, f3,t, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, in, note, 




jaunt, -ed, -ing, jaun'ty, -ti ly, 
-ti ness, jaunt'ing=car. 

Ja'va, isl. East Indies, -van, 
Jav a nese' (or -nez'), Ja'va 
almonds, J. cat, J. spar^row. 

ja'va, a breed of fowls, ja va li'na 
(ha''va le'na). 

Ja'van, Bib. 

jave'lin (jav'lin), =bat, -man, 

Ja vert' (zha''var'), Hugo Les 

jaw, -ing, -less, jawed, jaw'fall, 
-fall en, -smith. 

jaw'=bit, -bolt, -bone, -box, 
-break^er, -chuck, -foot, -foot- 
ed, -hole, -jerk, -lev er, 
-mouthed, -rope, -spring, -tac- 
kle, -tooth, -wedge, jaw'ing- 
tac kle. 





-cuck^oo, -pie, -teal, -thrush. 
jSal'DUS, -ly, -ness, -y. 
Jeames (jemz). 
jean (jan), jean ette' (ja net'), a 

kind of cloth, Jea nette' or 

Jean nette' (je net'), Chr. name. 
Jean Jacques (zhan zhak), 

Jean Paul {or zhan poul), Ger. 

Jeanne d'Arc (zhan dark), Joan 

of Arc (jon or jo an'). 
Jeb'u site (-zit), -sit'ic (-zlt'Ik). 
Je da'iah (-ya), Bih. 
Jed'dart jus tice, J. staff. 
Je de'iah (-ya), Bih. 
Je de'us, Bih. 

Je di'a el, Bih. 
JedI'dah {or jed'-), Bih. 
Je du'thun {or jed'-), Bih. 
Jed'wood ax, J. jus'tice. 
Je e'li, Bih. 

jeer, -er, -ing, -ing ly, jeered. 
Je e'zer, Bih. 
Jef fer son, Pres. U. S., -so'ni an, 

-an ism, jef'fer son ite. 
Je ha le'le 61 {or je hal'e lei), 

Je hoi'a Mm, Bih. 
Je ho'vah, -ho'vist, -vis'tic. 


Jehu'di, Bih. 

Je''hu di'jah, Bih. 

Je i'61, Bih. 

je June', -ly, -ness, -ju'nal. 

je'lick (ja'-). 

jfil'ly, -lied, -li fy, -fy ing, -fied, 

jel'ly fish, -bag, -leaf, -li''chen, 

jem'i dar. 
Je mi'ma, Bih. 
Jgm'u el {or je mu'el), Bih. 
jen'net, a horse. 
jen'net ing, an apple. 
jSn'ny, -spin^ner. 
Jen'ny ass, J. crud^le (-1), J. 

jeop'ard (jep'-), -ed, -er, -ing, 

-y, -ize, -ized, -i'zing. 
Jeph'thah (jef'tha), Bih. 
jer'bo a {or -bo'-), -mouse. 
Jfir'e chus (-kus), Bih. 
j6r eed' or -id' (jer ed'). 
JSr'e mai, Bih. 

J6r e mi'ah, -mi an'ic, jer e mi'ad. 
jer'fal con (-fa^kn). See gerfalcon. 
Jgr'ibai, Bih. 
jerk, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -y, -i ness, 

jer'ki net. 
J6r 6 bo'am, Bih. jer 6 bo'am, a 

metal bowl. 
Je ro'ham {or jer'-), Bih. 
jgr'ry, -build^er, -build^ing, -built, 

Jer'sey (-zy), isl. Eng. Channel; 

CO. 111.; a breed of cattle, -man. 
Jer'sey lighfning, J. cloth, J. cud- 
weed, J. flan'nel, J. live'long, 

mates, J. match, J. pine, J. tea, 

J. team, J. this^tle. 
jer'sey (-zy), woolen yarn; a 

Je rub'ba il {or jer^ub ba'al), 

J6r'u el {or je ru'el), Bih. 
Je ru'sa 16m, t. Syria; twp. N. Y. 

J. ar^ti choke, J. cher^ry, J. 

cow'slip, J. had''dock, J. oak, 

J. po^ny. 
JSsh'i mon {or je shI'-), Bih. 
Je shi'shai {or je shish'a i), Bih. 

not, nor, use, up, tirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, BaCh. 




JSsh'u run (or je shu'run), Bib. 

jess, jessed. 

Jes'se, Chr. name, masc. Jes'sie, 

Chr. name, fern., diminutive of 

jest, -ed, -er, -ing, -ing ly, -word, 

jest'=book, =mon^ger, jest'ing- 

beam, =stock. 
Jes'u it (jez'-), -u it ism, -it ry, 

-u it'ic. 
jes u it'ic al, crafty, -ly. 
JSs'u run {or je su'-), Bib. 
jet, -ted, -ting, -ty, -ti ness, jet- 
ant, -black, -break, -glass, 

jei (Teau' (zha^ do'). 
Je'thro {or jeth'-). Bib. 
jet'sam, jet'tage. 
jette (jet). 

jet'ti son, -ing, -soned. 
jet'ty, -ing, -tied, jet'ty head. 
jeu d'es prit' (zhe des pre'). 
Je'u61 {or jeu'-), Bib. 
jeune pre mier' (jen pre mya'). 
Jfiv'ons, Eng. philos. 
Jew, -dom, -ess, -ish, -ish ly, 

-ish ness, -ry, Jew-bait^er, -crow. 
Jews' -ap^ple, -maFIow, -man^na, 

-myr^tle, -stone, -thorn, -trump, 

Jew's-ear, a plant. 
jew, v., -ing, -fish, jewed, jew'- 

bush, jew's-harp. 
jew'el, -eled or -elled, -el ing or 

-el ling, -el er or -el ler, -el ry, 

-el y or -el ly, -weed. 
jew'el-block, -case, -draw^er, 

-house, -like, -of fice, -set ter, 

J6z'e bel. Bib.; a vicious woman. 
jez'iah (jaz'yii). 
Je'zJ el, Bib. 
Je zo'ar {or j6z'-). Bib. 
jhil (jel). 
jhou (jow). 

jib, -bing, -ber, jibbed, 
jib'-boom, -door, -frame, -hank, 

-head, =i ron, -lot, -net^ting, 

-sheet, -stay, -top sail, jib=o'- 
^ jib. 

jibe, jibed, jib'ing. 
ji'bi (je'bl). 

jig. -ging, -ger, -gered, -gisb, 

.. jigged. 

jig-clog, -giv^en, -mak'er, -mold, 

-pin, -saw, jig'ging-ma chined 

jig'ger-knife, -mast, -pump. 
jil gue'ro (hel ga'ro) . 
jilt, -ed, -er, -ing. 
jim'ber=jaw, -jawed. 
jim'-crow, a tool, Jim Crow, a 

minstrel, Jim -crow car, Jim'- 

crow's-nose, a plant. 
jim'son, -weed. 
jin'gle, -gled, -gler, -gling, -glet, 

jin'gle-jan gle, -shell. 
Jin'go ism. 
jink, -game. 
jink'er, -ers. 

jin rik'i sha. 
ji'va (je'va). 
Jo'a chim (-kim), Bib. 
Jo'a chim (yo'a chim), Ger. 

Jo an' of Arc {or jon'), The Maid 

of Orleans, Fr. heroine. 
j6b, -ber, -bing, jobbed, job'- 

mas''ter, -of fice, -print^er, -type, 

-watch, -work, job'bing-man. 
Job, Bib., Job's-tears, Job's com^- 

fort er, J. news, J. post. 
j6ck'ey, -ing, -ism, -ship, -eyed 

j6ck'ey-box, -club, -gear, -grass, 

-pad, -puFley, -sleeve, -stick, 

-wheel, -whip. 

jo cose' (-kos'), -ly, -ness, -cos'- 
_ i ty. 

jo cu' (ho koo'). 
j6c'u lar, -ly, -la^tor, -la t6''ry, 

-lar'i ty, joc'und, -und ly, -und- 

ness, jo cun'di ty. 
jo'del (yo'del). See yodel. 
jog, -ger, -ging, jogged, jog-trot, 

jog'gle, -gled, -ghng, -gly, jog'gle 

jog'gle -beam, -joint, -piece, -post, 

-truss, jog'gling-ta ble. 
John, Bib.; Chr. name, Jo han'- 

ne an, -han'nine, -nite. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice, In, note, 




John^Buirism, =crow, a bird, 

»crow's=nose, a plant, -do ry, 

=go=to=bed»at=noon, a plant. 
John Bar ley corn, J. Bull, J. 

Chi^na man, J. Com^pa ny, J. 

Crow beans. 
john'»ap pie, -paw, a fish, -to- 

john'ny, -cake, -cranes. 
John'ny-jump-up, a plant, 

-verde, a fish, John's-wood, 

Joi'a da, Bih. 
Joi'a kim, Bih. 
join, -er, -er y, -ing, joined, 
joint, -ed, -ed ly, -er, -ing, -less, 

-ly, -weed, -worm. 
joint-chair, -coup ling, -end, 

=e vil, -file, -fir, -grass, -hinge, 

-oil, -pipe, -pli ers, -rack ing, \ 

-ring, -rod, -saw, -snake, j 

-splice, -stock, -stool, -strip, j 

-test, -wire. ! 

joint'er-plane, joint'ing-ma chine'', i 

-plane, -rule. I 

join'ture, -ture less, -tured, -tur- 


J6k'de am, Bih. 
joke, joked, jok'er, -ing, -ing ly, 

-ish, -y. 
Jo li et' (zho''le a'), Fr. explorer. 

Jo'liet, c. 111. 
Jo li ette' (zho'le 6t'), co. Que. 
jdl'ly, -li \y, -li ness, -li ty, -h fi- 

ca'tion, jol'ly-boat, j. bal'ance. 
jolt, -ed, -ing, -ing ly, -head, a 

person, -head, a head. 
Jo ly' (zho^le'), Fr. actress. ' 
Jon'a than, Chr. name. Broth er 

Jon'a than, jon'a than, a cigar 

jong (yong). 
jonk'herr (yonk'-). 

Jo'rai {or jo'ra i), Bih. 
Jor'dan, r. Palestine, J. al mond, 

jor'dan, a bottle. 

jor na'da (hor na'tha). 
jo^ro ba'do (ho^-). 
Jo rul'lo (ho rool'yo), vol. Mex. 

Jo'seph (-zSf), Chr. name, J6'- 
seph=and-Ma ry, a plant, Jo'- 
seph's-coat, a plant, -flow'er, 
jo'seph, a garment. 

j6ss, -block, -house, -pa per, 
-pid gin, -stick, joss'ing-block. 

Jost (yost), Ger. hist. 

j6s'tle, -tied, -tling. 

jot, -ted, -ter, -ting. 

jo'ta (ho'tii). 

Jo'tham, Bib. 

Jou bert' (zhdo^ber'), Fr. gen. 

joule (joul), -me^ter. Joule's 
e quiv^a lent. 

jounce, jounced, joun'cing. 

joiir'nal, -naled or -nailed, -nal- 
ing or -nal ling, -nal ism, -ist, 
-is'tic, -ize, -ized, -i^zing, -ese' 

jour'nal-beir^ing, -book, -box, 
-brass, -pack ing. 

joiir'ney, -er, -ing, -neyed (-nid), 
jour'ney man, =ring, -weight, 

joust (just). See just. 

Jove, Jo'vi al, -vi an, -vin'i an ist, 
Jove's-fruit, -nuts. 

jS'vi al, -ize, -ized, -i'zing, -al ly, 
-al ness, -al'i ty. 

jowl (jol or joul), n., -er. 

joy, -ing, -ful, -ful ly, -ful ness, 
-less, -less ly, -less ness, -ous, 
-ous ly, -ous ness, -some. 

Joy euse' (zhwaVez'), the sword 
of Charlemagne. 

Ju a'rez (hob a'res), Pres. Mex. 

jH'ba, pi. -bcp, Zool.; Bot. ju'ba, 
a dance, jii'ba (hob'va), a snake, 
ju'ba-pat ting. 


jub'bah or juhh'a (jub'ba). 

ju'he {or zhdb^ba'). 

ju'bi lant, -ly, -lance, -late, -las- 
ted, -la''ting, -la'tion, -bi lee, 
-le'an, -bil ize, -ized, -i''zing, 
-bil ist, Ju bi la'te {or -la'te). 

ju'ho (hob'-). 

jiich 'ten (yoDdi'-) . 

Ju da'ic, -al, -al ly, Ju'da ist, -da- 
is'tic, -tic al ly, -da ize, -ized, 
-i^zer, -lazing, -t za'tion. 

Ju'das, -colored, -cup, -ear, 
-light, -tree, ju'das-hole. 

n6t, nor, use, up, tirn, etiide, food, fd6t, anger, bohmot, thus, Badi. 




judge, -ship,^ judged, judg'ing, 

-er, -ment, judge' =ad'vo cate. 
judg'ment-cap, -day, =hall, -note, 

ju'dJ ca ture', -ca ble, -captive, 

-cantor, -ca to^ry, -ca to'ri al, 

ju dJ'cial (-dish'al), -ly, -di'ci a- 

ry (-dish'i a ry), -di'cious 

(-dish'us), -cious ly, -cious ness. 
ju'ey (hoo'a). 
jug, -ger or -gar, -ful, -ging, -fish, 

jugged, jug-fish'ing. 
ju'gate, -ga^ted. 
Jug'ger naut. 
jug'gle, "-gled, -gler, -gler y, 

-gling, -gling ly. 
ju'gu lar, -la'tion. 
_juice, -ful, -less, jui'cy, -ci ness. 




Jul'ian (-yan), -ist, Jul'ian caF- 

en dar, J. ep^och, J. e^ra, J. 

pe^ri od. . 
ju li enne'. 
jum'ble, -bled, -bier, -bling, 

-bling ly, jum'ble-bead. 

ju melle' (zhd6 mel'). 
jump, -er, -ing, -a ble, -y, jumped, 

jump'a bout, a plant, jump'- 

coup^ling, -joint, -ring, -rocks, 

-seat, -weld. 
jump'ing-befty, j. bean, j. bug, 

j. deer, j. hare, j. mouse, j. 

mul let, j. rat, j. seed, j. shrew, 

j. spi der. 
jun'co, jun'cal. 
junc'tion, junc'ture,. junc'tion-box, 

-plate, -rails. 
June, -ap''ple, -ber'ry, -bug, 

Ju neau' (zhii'no'), Amer. pioneer. 
Ju neau' (ju^no'), t. Alas.; co. Wis. 
Jung'frau (yd6ng'frou), mt. Switz. 
jun'gle, -gled, -gly. 

jun'gle=bear, -benMy, -cat, -cock, 
-fe ver, -fowl, -nail, -ox, -sheep. 

Ju^nJ it'a, CO. and r. Pa. 

jun'ior (-yor), -ship, -ior'i ty. 

ju'ni per, -oil, -res^in (-rez''-). 

Jun'ius (jun'- or ju'ni us), Eng. 

junk, -man, -bot tie, -deal er, 
-ring, -shop, -strap, -vat, -wad. 

jun'ket, -ed, -er, -ing. 

Ju'no, -no'ni an, Ju'no's-rose, 

jun'ta, -to. 

Ju'pi ter, Ju'pi ter's-beard, -dis^- 
taflf, -eye, -flow er, -nut, -staff. 

ju pon' {or ju'-). 

Ju'ra, -ras'sic. 

ju'ral, -ly. 

Ju'ra men td'dd (hoo'-), ju ra- 
men'lo (hdo^-). 

ju'rat, -ra to'ry. 

ju're di vVno. 

ju rid'ic, -al, -al ly. 

ju ris dic'tion. 

ju ris pru'dence, -dent, -den'tial. 

ju'rist, -ris'tic, -tic al ly. 

ju'ry, -man, ju'ror, ju'ry-box, -du- 
ty, -leg, -list, -mast, -proc^ess 
(-pr6s'-), -rig, -rigged, -room, 
-rud der. 

just, -ly, -ness, jus'tice, -ship, 
jus'ti fy, -ing, -fied, -fi er, -fi'- 
a ble, -ble ness, -bly, -fl ca'tion, 
-cantor, -tif'i ca tive^ -i ca to'ry, 
jus'ti fy ing-stick. 

jflst or joust (just or joost), -er, 
-ing, just'ing-heFmet. 

Juste (zhiist), Bel. hist. 

Jus'ti (yd6s'te), Ger. auth. 

jut, -ted, -ting, -ting ly, -ty, 
jut'-win dow. 

Jute, a Ger. tribe, pi. Jutes, jute, 
a plant, jute'-fi ber. 

Ju've nal, Rom. poet, -na'li an. 

ju ve nes'cent, -nes'cence. 

ju've nJle, -nll'i ty. 

jux ta pose', -posed', -po'sing, 
-po si'tion (-zish'un), -tion al. 

fate, fat, far, fall, fare, fast, sofa, mete, met, her, ice. In, note, 




Kaa'ba or Caa'ba (ka'ba or ka'- 

-hound, -mouse, -rat, -thorn, 

a ba or ka'a ba or ka a'ba). 


Ka byle' (-bll'). 


Ka^esh^bar'ne a, Bib. 


ka'di (or ka'-). See cadi. 

Kan'sas, state U. S., -Ne bras'ka 

ka di=ka'ne. 


Kif'ir or Kaffir, Kaf'ir=boom, 

Kint, Ger. metaphys., Kan'ti an. 

-bread, =corn, -tea, KSfir's-tree. 

-an ism, Kant'ism, -ist; kant. 

ka go (kag'o or ka'go). 


kd'gu (-gob). 

Ka nuck'. See Canuck. 

ka hu'na (-hob'-). 

ka nun' (ka noon'). 

kai (ki). 

ka'o lin, -ite, -ize, -ized, -i'zing, 

kai'ak or kay'- (ki'- or ka'-), -er. 

-\ za'tion, -lin'ic. 

ka i'ka (-e'-). 

ka pel'le (-la), ka pelV mels' ter . 

kail, a game. 


ka'H, a tree. 

kapp'land (kap'lant). 

kai' ma kam' (ki^-). 

Karls kro'na (-kroo'-), t. Sweden. 

kain-fowl, -hen. 

Karls'ruhe or Carls- (karlz'roo). 

kai'ser (ki'zer), -ship. 

dist. Ger. 

ka ja'wah. 

Kar'na im (or -na'-), Bib. 

kd'kt, a fruit. 

ka'rob (or kar'ob). 

Ka la kow'a, King of Hawaiian 

ka roo' or kar roo', pi. -roos' 



kale, a plant, kale'stock, -wife, 

ka r6ss'. 

-bell, -blade, -brose (-broz). 


-pot, -runt, -tur nip, -worm. 


ka lei'do graph, -do phone, -do- 


scope, -scop'ic, -ic a . 

Kas'chau (kash'ou) or Kas'sa 

ka'li, a plant, kd'li (-le). Hind. 

(kosh'sho), c. Hung. 


Kash'mir' (-mer'), India. 

Kal'lai (or -la i). Bib. 

Kast'ner (kest'ner), Ger. poet. 

Kai'muck or Cal'-, a Mongolian, 


kai'muck, a kind of cloth. 

kat'chung (-choong). 


Ka'ti pu'an (-poo'-). 


ka'ty did. 

kal'so mJne. See calcimine. 

kau'ri (kou'ri), =gum, -pine, -res'in. 

Kam chat'ka or Kamt chat'ka. 

kay'ak. See kaiak. 

Russia, -chat'kan. 

kd zd' . 

Kamgha'meha, King of Ha- 

Kaz'in czy (kSz'in tse), Hung. 

waiian Isl. 



ka zoo'. 

ka mis' (ka mes'). 


kam ly'ka. 

Kear'ney (kar'ny), co. Neb.; tp. 


Mo.; Kear'ny, co. Kan.; Kear'- 

Kanik'a (or -na'ka). 

ny, Amer. gen. 

ka na'ri, -oil. 

Ke'ble, Eng. poet. 

kd ndt'. 

kec'kle, -kled, -kling. 



kan'ga tod', -ap pie, -bear, -bee- 

kedge, kedged, kedg'ing, -er, -y. 

tle, -dog, -grape, -grass, -hare, 

kedge'-an'chor, -rope. 

n6t, nor, use, up, tirn, etude, food, fd6t, anger, bonmot, thus, Bacli. 




Ke'dron, brook Palestine. 

ke ryg'ma, -rys'tic. 

keek, -er, -house. 

Kes'wick (kez'ik), t. Eng. 

keel, -age, -er, -ing, -less, keeled, 

Keszthely' (kest^hel'), t. 


keerhaul, -man, -rake, -vat. 


-block, -com peFling, -line. 

ketch'up. See catchup. 

-mold^ing, -pet'als, -shaped, keel'- 

ke thih' (ke thev'). 


ke tose (-tos). 

keel'son (kel'sun). 

ket'tle, -drum, an entertainment, 

keen, -er, -ly, -ness, -wit'ted. 


kee'na, -nut, -oil. 

ket'tle -bail, -case, -dock, 


keep, -er, -ing, kept, keep'sake, 

a drum, -drum^mer, -hole, -mo- 

-wor thy, keep'ing-room, keep'- 

raine'', -pin, -smock, -stitch. 

er less, -er ship. 

Ketu'rah, Bib. 

kef' ft eh. 

Ke un'jhar (ke oon'jar), India. 


kSv'el, -head. 

Ke ha' ma, a Hindu rajah. 

key, -ing, keyed, key'board 


Kehl (kal), t. Ger. 

-stone, -way. 

Keigh'ley (keth'ly), t. Eng. 

key'-ac tion, -bas^ket, -bed 

, -bolt. 

Keight'ley (kit'ly), Eng. auth. 

-bone, -bu'gle, -chain, 


Kei'lah {or kei'-). Bib. 

-coFor, -coup^ler, -desk. 


keir or kier (ker). 

-fas'ten er, -file, -fruit, - 


Ke la'iah (-ya), Bih. 

ing, -guard, -harp, -head. 


KSl at'. See Khelat. 

-pat tern, -piece, -pin, 


kel'ly, -ing, -lied. 

-plate, -point, =ring, 


kelp, -wort, -fish, -goose, -pi^- 

-sig^na ture, -stop, -tail. 


geon, -whaling. 

-trum pet, -valve, -word. 

Ke'nai (-ni). 

key 'hole -guard, -lim pet. 


ken'dal, a cloth, Ken'dal green. 

tect^or, -saw. 

Ken'dall's case. 

Keys, a parliament. 

Ke'ngz ite {or ken'-), Bih. 

Key'ser (ki'zer), tp. Ind.; 

t. W. 

Ken'il worth i'vy. 


Ke'nite {or ken'-), Bih. 

Kezi'a, Bib. 

ken'ne beck^er. 

Kha'ibar Pass (ka'e bar). 


ken'nel, -neled or -nelled, -nel- 

khd'kl, a kind of cloth. 

ing or -hng. 




ke no' sis, -not'ic, -ism, -not'i cism. 

khan, -ate, -jar, -jee. 

K6n'u el {or ke nu'el), Bih. 

khdn'sa man. 

Ke'okuk, co. la. 

kha num' (ka noom'). 

kep, -ball. 

Khartum' (kar^tdom'), t. 



khedive' (ka'dev'). 


Khel at' (kel at'), t. Baluchistan. 

ker au no pho'bi a. 

khi'no (ke'-) 

ker'chlef, -ing, -chiefed. 


kerf, kerfed, kerf ing-ma chine'. 

kl ac¥. 

ker'mes (-mez), -ber'ry, -in sect. 

ki^a o'ra (ke^-) 

-min er al, -oak. 

kib'ble, -bled, -bier, -bUng, -ble- 

kern, -ba'by, -cut, -dol'lie, -stone. 


ker'nel, -neled or -nelled, -nel ing 

kibe, kibed, kib'y. 

or -ling, -nel y or -nel ly, ker'- 

kick, -a ble, -er, -ing, 


nel wort, -sub'stance. 

kick' -a bout^ -off. 

kSr'o sene, -o se lene'. 

kid, -ded, -der, -ding, -ling 

, kid's- 

ker'sey (ker'zy), -mere, -nette'. 


fate, fS,t, far, fall, f^re, fast, sofa, mete, mSt, her, ice, In, note, 




kid'dle, -died, -dling. 

king'-ap pie, -auk, -bird, -bolt, 

kid'nap, -ping, -per, -napped. 

-crab, -crow, -dev il, -duck, 

kid'ney, -root, -wort, =bean, =cot- 

-eiMer, -fern, -gut ter, -hake. 

ton, =form, »link, -paved, 

-kilFer, -mul let, -or'to Ian, 

-shaped, -stone, -vetch, -worm, 

-pen'guin, -piece, -pin, -pine. 

kid'ney ore, k. po ta'to. 

-plant, -post, -rail, -rod, -roll- 

kief, -e kil or kef'fe kil. 

er, -sal mon, -snake, -ta ble. 

Kiel (kel), t. Prus. 

-truss, -ty rant, -vul ture. 

Kiel'ce (ke elt'sa), t. Pol. 

king's-clo ver, -cush'ion, -feath- 

kier. See keir. 

er, -fish er, -flow er, -hood, 

Ki ev' (ke ef ), c. Russia. 

-piece, -spear, king-at-arms. 

ki'kar (ke'-). 

King of Yvetot' (ev'to'), Ber- 

Ki lau e' a (ke^ lou a' a), vole. 

anger's model potentate. 



kil'der kin. 

kink, -ing, -y, kinked. 


kin'ni ki nic'. 

ki'ley, pi. -leys (-liz). 

ki'no (ke'no or ki'no), -no'ic. 

kill, -er, -ing, -ing ly, killed, kill'- 

ki osk'. 

buck, -calf, -cow, -dev il, -hog. 

Ki'6 wa, CO. Col.; co. Kan. 

-joy, -man. 

kip, -skin. 

kill'dee or -deer. 


kil'ma gore. 


kiln (kil), -man, -dried, -hole. 

Kir^i a tha'im, Bih. 


Kir jath-je'a rim, Bih. 

kil'o dyne (-din). 

kirsch'was'ser (-v6s'-). 

kil'o gram or -gramme, -o gram'- 

kir'tle, -tied, -thng. 

e ter, -o li''ter (-le^-), -o me^ter, 


-o stere {or -stare). 

kiss", -er, -ing, kissed, kiss'ing- 

kilon go'si (ke^-). 

bug, -com'fit, -crust, -dance, 

kira watt -hour. 

-gate, -hand, -kind, -mus cle. 

kilt, -ed, -er, -ing. 

kit, -ted, -ting. 

kJ mo'no. 

kit'-cat, -dress''ing, -drill, -had^- 

kin, -dred, -less, -ship, kins'folk. 


kins'man, -wom^an, -peo^ple. 


kin'a ki. 

kitch'gn, -dom, -er, kitch'en-fare,