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JANUARY, 1882. 

VOL. S' No. I. 

WHOLE No. 60. 


William W. Greenough, President. 

Hugh O'Brien, Alderman. 
Charles E. Pratt, Councilman. 
Samuel A. B. Abbott. 

George B. Chase. 
Henry W. Haynes. 
James Freeman Clarkb. 


Mellen Chamberlain, Librarian and Clerk of the Corporation. 
James L. Whitney, Principal Assistant Librarian, 

Arthur M. Knapp, Curator of Periodicals and 

William H. Foster, Proof-reader. 
Josfi F. Carret, Curator of Patents and Rn- 

gravings, and Registrar. 

Appleton p. C. Griffin, Custodian of Shelves. 
William F. Robinson, Registration Clerk. 
Thomas H. Cummings, Curator of Lovjer Hall 

Louis F. Gray, Office Secretary. 

William E. Ford, Janitor, Central Library. 


Arthur M. Knapp, Bates Hall. 
Edward Tiffany, Lower Hall. 
Mary E. Brock, Brighton. 
Cornelius S. Cart^e, Charlestown. 
Mary G. Coffin, Dorchester. 

Sarah C. Godbold, East Boston. 
Eliza R. Davis, Jamaica Plain. 
Sarah Bunker, Roxbury. 
Alice J. Bragdon, South Boston. 
Grace A. De Borges, South End. 

Mary A. Hill, Custodian, Loiver Mills. 
Harriet L. Towner, Custodian, Mattapan. 

Robert M. Otis, Custodian, Roslindale. 
Marion L. Woodward, Custodian, W. Roxbury. 


Information for Readers 2 

Bates Hall 3 

Lower Hall and Branches 27 

Roxbury Branch Library 36 

Dorchester Branch Library 41 

Charlestown Branch Library 4? 

Renaissance 48 

Indexes to Periodicals 52 

Copyright 59 

Notes 64 


Number of Volumes and Hours. 

All departments are open every secular day, 
except the six legal holidays, — February 23, 
Fast Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving 
and Christmas, — and such other days as the 
Trustees may direct. 

The Bates Hall is open from nine o'clock, a.m., 
until six, P.M., from October to March, inclusive, 
and until seven o'clock during the rest of the 
year. The Lower Hall of the Central Library is 
open from half-past eight o'clock, a.m., to nine 
o'clock, P.M. From July i to August 30, inclu- 
sive, the time of closing is one hour earlier. 
The Central Reading Room for Periodicals is 
open from nine o'clock, a-m., until ten, p.m., and 
on Sundays from two to ten. From July i to 
August 30, inclusive, the time of closing is one 
hour earlier. During these two months the 
Branch Libraries close one hour earlier than the 
time mentioned in the following table. 

Bates Hall 

■Newspaper Room . . . 
Duplicate Room . . . 

Lower Hall 

Brighton Branch . . . 
Charlestown Branch . 
Dorchester Branch . . 
East Boston Branch . 

iamaica Plain Branch . 
^ower Mills Delivery . 
Mattapan delivery . . . 

Roslindale Delivery . . 

Roxbury Branch . . . 
South Boston Branch . 
South End Branch . . 
West Roxbury Delivery 



) to 6 

to 9* 
to St 
to St 
4 107.30** 
3.30 to 7tt 
S3 to6tt 
1 7 toStt 
9 to 8 
9 to 9 
9 to St 
3 tostt 






in R. R. 




406,668 70s 

♦ Books are received after 8.30 A.M. ft Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur- 
tKeep<tpen tillSl'.M. Saturdavs. dars. 

iCIosnl 12 M to 2 p.m. ft Tuesdays to Saturdays, inclusive. 

(Readins Room 9 to '.i. oDeliveied to readers also on Sun- 

••Closed from 6tii6..30. daj-s. 

New Books as soon as received are entered on 
the Bulletin Boards of each Library. In the 
Bates Hall, before titles appear on the Board the 
new books are displayed (with the shelf-number 
attached) in a-glass case at the desk. The lists in 
the Lower Hall and at the Branches show only 
the books added to those departments. The Dor- 
chester list is posted also at the Deliveries at the 
Lower Mills and Mattapan, and the Jamaica Plain 
list at the Deliveries at Roslindale and West Rox- 
bury. The Bulletins are for sale (excepting those 
out of print) at five cents each. Books with num- 
bers below 2iioare in the Lower Hall; with 2110 
and above, in the Bates Hall. Those with Bri., 
Clm., l>or., E. B., J. P., Rox., S. B., or S. E. 
prefixed to the number are respectively in the 
Brighton, Charlestown, Dorchester, East Bos- 
ton, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, South Boston, or 
South End Branch. 

Bates Hall of the Central Library. 

I. The Index of 1861. (Includes the Bow- 
ditch Library.) Out of print. 

II. The Supplement of 1866. (Includes the 
Parker Library.) For sale in sheets at $2.00. 

III. The Catalogue of the Prince Li- 
brary. For sale at Si. 00. 

IV. The Catalogue of the Ticknor Col- 
lection of Spanish and Portuguese books. For 
sale at $5.00. 

V. The Catalogue ofthe Barton Collec- 
tion. Shakespearian pprtion. For sale at $^.00. 

VI. Public Card Catalogue. This con- 
tains, with some exceptions, the titles of all the 
books in the Bates Hall. 

VII. The Official Card Catalogue, which 
can be consulted, in cases of need, upon applica- 
tion, contains the titles of all books added to the 
Bates Hall since the publication of the Supple- 
ment in 1S66, and includes some titles of books 
received between 1866 and 1871, which are not 
in the Public Card Catalogue. 

There is a separate catalogue of the Tosti En- 
gravings in drawers at the north end of the Pub- 
lic Card Catalogue case in Bates Hall. 

Low^er Hall of the Central Library. 

I. Fiction and Juveniles, with notes for 
readers. 6th edition, April, 1877. Embraces 
the "Index to Historical Fiction." 20 cents. 

II. Arts, Sciences, and Professions. 2d 
edition, September, 1871. 10 cents. — Supplement- 
ary Catalogue, May, 1881. 20 cents. 

III. History, Biography, and Travels, 
with notes for readers. 2d edition, July, 1873. 
50 cents. 

IV. Books in Foreign Languages. 3d 
edition. May, 1881. /j" cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, Collections, and Mis- 
cellanies. 1st edition, August, 1870. 20 cents. 

VI. Card Catalogue. This contains the 
titles of all the books in the Lower Hall, alpha- 
betically arranged, both by authors' names and 
by the titles of books. An assistant, who alone 
has access to this catalogue, will furnish such 
information as may not be found in the printed 


Catalogues are for sale : — Brighton, 2^ cents, 
for the main Catalogue (including first Supple- 
ment), and J cents for each of the two subsequent 
Supplements; Charlestown, .3^/. 00; Dorchester 
(New catalogue in press) ; East Boston, 2^ cents ; 
Jamaica Plain, /j cents; Roxbury, jo cents; 
South Boston, .25 cents. 

Bates Hall books can be applied for at the 
several Branches and Deliveries, and, if they are 
on the shelves, they will be sent to the Branch 
or Delivery the same or following day. 

The Bulletins since the issues of the Branch 
Catalogues constitute supplements to these sev- 
eral lists. 

Prices of Catalogues to Non-Residents 

are fixed to cover cost of manufacture and post- 
age, as follows : — 

Bates Hall. — I. Prince Catalogue, <5'/-Z5- Tick- 
nor Catalogue, $j.oo. Barton Catalogue, Sj-oo. 

Loiver Hall. — II. History, Biography, and 
Travel. $1.30. 

III. Arts, Sciences, and Professions. 75 cents. 

IV. Fiction and Juveniles. 75 cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, and Miscellanies. $1.00. 
Bulletins. — VI. Quarterly issues, each, 20 cents. 
The Bulletins must be applied for as issued, 

during January, April, July, and October of each 
year, as subscriptions cannot be received. 

The Branch Catalogues and other publications 
will be furnished, as far as practicable, on terms 
to be made known on application. 

Central Periodical Reading Room. 
A list of periodicals currently received is for 
sale at j cents. There is also a List of serial 
publications now taken in the principal libraries 
of Boston and Cambridge. Price 20 cents. 


For further particulars see " Handbook for Readers," distributed grratis. 




Shelf-numbers aiio and upwards indicate books in Bates Hall. 

Shelf-numbers below 21 lo indicate books in the Lower Hall. 

Bri., Brighton Branch. 

CIin>, Charlestown Branch. 

I>or., Dorchester Branch. 

E. B., East Boston Branch. 

J. P., Jamaica Plain Branch. 

Rox., Roxbury Branch. 

S. B., South Boston Branch. 

S. E., South End Branch. 

N. R., Newspa])er Room. 

R. R., Reading' Room. 

C. R., Catalogue Room. 

M. S., Map SUnd. 

B., Boston. 




( ) 

* * 

, Leipzig. 


No date of publication given. 

No place of publication given. 
, Copyrighted. 

Enclose corrections or explanations. 

Stands for the preceding heading. 

Stands for a subordinate heading. 

Enclose names not usually retained. 

Permission of the Librarian, or officer in charge of Bates 
Hall, required to take the book out. Not attached to 
Lower Hall copies of the same book. 

Book cannot leave the Library. 

Permission of Trustees required to take the book out. 

*„,* Friends of the Public Library will confer a favor, if they will communicate the correction of 
any error they may discover in this List, the authorship of any works treated as anonymous, or the 
name of any person, entered only under a pseudonym. 


Absenteeism. See Tozer. 

Abyssinia. See Alvarez. 

Actors and acting. See Cook, D. ; — Doran ; 
— Winter. 

Adams, William H. D. The Eastern Archi- 
pelago. Illiis. and map. L. , 1880. 8°. 3079.70 

Africa. See Bainier ; — Geddie ; — Selous ; — 

Agnosticism. See Conflicts. 

Agricultural implements. See Allen, J. T. 

Agriculture. See Burn ; — Massachusetts. 
Board of agriculture ; — Roland ; — Tanner ; — 

Agrippa von Nettesheitn, Heinrich Cornelius. 
See Prost. 

Alcott, Louisa M. See Magasin. 

Alexander, Patrick P. Carlyle redivivus, being 
an occasional discourse on Sauerteig. Bj Smel- 
fungus \^pseud.\ Glasgow, 1881. Sm. 8°. 2559.79 

Alexander and Dindimus : or, the letters of 
Alexander to Dindimus, king of the Brahmans, 
with the replies of Dindimus; being a second 
fragment of the alliterative romance of Alisaun- 
der; tr. from the Latin, about A.D. 1340-50; 
re-ed. from the unique ms. in the Bodleian 
library. By W. W. Skeat. L., 
English text society.] 8". 

Algae. See Bornet ; — Farlow. 

Algebra. See Macfarlane. 

Algiers. See Ldlu. 

Allen, Grant. Early Britain. 
Britain. L. [1881 ?] Sm. 8". 



Allen, James T. Digest of agricultural imple- 
ments patented in the U. S. from 1789 to July, 
1881. [N. Y.,i88i.] I v.. Plates; I v., Claims. 
4°. Patent Room 

One of an edition of 100 copies. 

Alvarez, Francisco. Narrative of the Portu- 
guese embassy to Abyssinia, 1520-1527. Tr. from 
the Portuguese, and ed. by Lord Stanley of 
Alderley. L., 18S1. Map. [Hakluyt soc. Publ.] 
8°. *2264.70 

Amazon river. See Verne. 

America. See Mackenzie. 

America, South. See Dahlgren; — Mulhall. 

American colonies. See Dillon. 

American entomological society, Philadel- 
phia. Transactions. Vol. i-8. Phila., 1867- 
80. Plates. 8°. *3893.50 

Vols. 7 and 8 have added to the title " and proceedings of 
the Entomological section of the Academy of natural 

American gynecological society. Transac- 
tions. Vol. 4, 5. 1879, 80. B., 1880, 8i. Portr. 
Illus. 8°. *5774'5i 

Each volume contains an index to the gynecological and 
obstetric literature of all countries for the preceding year. 

American journal of mathematics. Vol. 3. 
Camb., 1880. Plates. 4°. *79ioa.55 

American tube works, Boston. List of sizes, 
weights, etc., of seamless drawn brass tubes, and 
seamless drawn copper tubes. B. [1879.] 8°. 




Americana. See Stevens. 
Anatomy, Artistic. See Warren. 
Ancient parish church, The, of Eccles. Eccles, 
1864. Sm. 8°. *2498.i8 

The preface is signed Crux. 

Ancona, Eligio. Historiade Yucatan. Merida, 
1S78-S0. 4v. Portr. Plate. 8°. *23i2.57 

Anderson, Joseph. Scotland in early Christian 
times. (2d ser.) The Rhind lectures in archaeology 
for 1880. Edinb., 1881. Illus. 8°. 24703.67 

Andrews, Alfred. Genealogical history of 
Deacon Stephen Hart and his descendants, 1632- 
1875. Published by Austin Hart. Hartford, 1875. 
Portrs. 8°. *4338-64 

Anglo Saxon language and literature. See 
Blickling homilies. 

Anjou, Counts of. See Marchegay. 

Annales du theatre et de la musique. 2e-6e 
annee. 1876-80. P., 1877-81. 5 v. 12°. *4699.50 

Edited by :6douard Noel and Edmond Stoullig. 

Annee m^dicale, L'. 36 ann^e. 1880. P., 
1881. 18°. *37i9-55 

Annuaire de I'armde fran<jaise pour 1879. ^-j 
1879. 8°. *4638.i2 

Annuaire de la noblesse de France. 1879. 
P. [1879.] Plates. 12°. , *4639.i4 

Annuaire de la presse frangaise. Emile Mer- 
met,^d. 1880. le annee. P., 1880. 18°. *6i99.3 

Anonymous works. See Halkett. 

Antiquities. See Anderson; — Baye; — Bou- 
tell ; — Cambridge, England ; — Clermont-Gan- 
neau ; — Gastaldi ; — Halevy ; — Haynes ; — Mari- 
ette; — Martigny; — Mdnant; — Oppert; — 
Soldi ; — Wilson ; — Yemen. 

Ants. See McCook. 

Appleton, John H. A short course in quanti- 
tative chemical analysis. 3d ed. Phila., 18S1. 
Illus. 16°. 5979-75 

Aramaeans. See Featherman. 

Architecture. 6'«c Delaporte ; — Paris. Exposi- 
tion ttniverselle ; — Viollet-le-Duc ; — ^Zamarski. 

Archives de biologic, publiees par E. van 
Beneden et C. van Bambeke. T. i. P., 1880. 
Illus. Plates. 8°. *3887.50 

Arctic regions. See Beesly; — Gilder. 

Ariosto, Ludovico. The Orlando Furioso. 
Tr. into English verse, by W. S. Rose. New ed. 
L., 1876, 77. 2 V. Illus. Portr. Sm. 8°. 2777.58 

Aristoteles. The Nicomachean ethics. IBooks 
1-4, and book 10, chaps. 6-9. Being the portions 
required in the Oxford pass school. With notes 
by E. L. Hawkins. Oxford, 1881. 8°. 2972.54 

Arnold, Edwin. See Flanders. 

Arnold, Matthew. Merope. A tragedy. L., 
1858. Sm. 8°. 45603.30 

The preface gives an account of other tragedies based 
upon the story of Merope. 

Amould, Jules H. Nouveaux Elements d'hy- 
giene. P., 1881. Illus. 8°. 3763.65 

Aroostook county, Maine. See Roe. 

Ars moriendi. The. (Editio princeps, circa 
1450.) A reproduction of the copy in the British 
museum. Ed. by W. Harry Rylands. With an 
introd. by George Bullen. L., 1881. Illus. 
[Holbein society.] 4°. *^*407i.75 

Art, U. T. 25. P., 1S81. Fo. *735o.2 

Art amateur. The, a monthly journal. V. 3, 4. 
June, 1880, to May, 81. N. Y. [1880-81.] 2 v. 
in I. Illus. F°. ^6950. 1 

Asia Minor. See Steveneoijf 

Assyria, See Oppert, 

Astronomy. See Faye ; — Great Britain ; — 
Holden ; — Proctor ; — Radcliffe ; — Sydneys ; — 
United States. Naval observatory. 

Aubertin, Charles. Histoire de la langue et 
de la litterature franQaises au moyen age d'apr^s 
les travaux les plus recents. P., 1876, 78. 2 v. 
8°. 2673.57 

Austin, Alfred. Savonarola. A tragedj'. L., 
1881. Sm. 8°. 2563.63 

Australia. See Etheridge ; — Woolls. 

Austria. See Linz. 

Authors. See Wheeler, W. A. 

Ayer, N. W., and Sons. American newspaper 
annual, with a description of each state, territory 
and county in the U. S. Phila., 1881. Illus. 8°. 


A)rres, Alfred, pseud. See Osmun, Thomas E. 

Babcock, Emma W. Household hints. N. Y., 
1881. [Appletons' home books.] 12°. 6007.34 

Babylon. See Halevy. 

Baffin, William. See Markham. 

Bainier, P. F. La geographic appliqude a la 
marine, au commerce [etc.]. T. i, 3. P., 1877, 
78. L. 8°. ♦2271.50 

Contents. — i. Gtographie gdndrale ; France. — 3. Afrique. 

Baldwin, Mary B. See Pitman. 

Banning, Hubert A., and Arden, Henry. Re- 
ports of patent causes, decided in the circuit 
courts of the United States siece January 1. 1874. 
Vol. I. N. Y., 1S81. 8°. *3663.56 

Baptists. See Dexter. 

Barbour, George M. Florida for tourists, 
invalids and settlers. With map and illus. N. Y., 

1882 [1881]. 12°. 2363.74 

Bardeen, C. W. Educational journalism. Ad- 
dress, Aug. 7, 1881. Syracuse, i88i. 8°. 5594.58 

Bardoux, Agenor. Le comte de Montlosieret 
le gallicanisme. P., 1881. [Etudes sociales et 
politiques.] 8°. 26503.62 

The count Montlosier, b. 17SS, d. 1838, was attitched to 
the Bourbons in his political sympathies. Though opposed 
to some of the methods of the ecclesiastical power in France, 
be was an ardent catholic. 

Barrett, Lawrence. Edwin Forrest. With 
illus. B., 1881. Portrs. [American actor 
series.] 8°. 4348.114 

Baye, Joseph, baron de. L'archdologie pr^- 
historique. P., 18S0. 8°. 22303.58 

Beard, George M. Stimulants and narcotics. 
N. Y., 1877. 12°. 37903.60 

Beers, Frederick Vi,,fub. Atl3s of Cumber- 
land CO., Maine; from actual surveys. N. Y., 
1 87 1. F°. ^ *4430.54 

Beesly, Augustus H. Sir John Franklin. L. , 
1881. Maps. [New Plutarch.] Sm. 8°. 24593.69 

Beggs, Thomas. Sketch of the life and labours 
of Alderman John Guest, of Rotherham, with 
selections from his poems and letters. L. , 1881. 
Portr. Sm. 8°. 24593.67 

Beljame, Alexandre. Le public et les hommes 
de lettres en Angleterre au xviue sifecle, 1660- 
1744. (Dryden — Addison — Pope.) P., 1881. 
8°. 2551.5a 

Pages 412-503 contain a selected bibliography of English 
literature from 1660 to 1744. 

Belize, Armand, and Duchemin, Victor, ed. 
Cahiers de plaintes et dol^ances des paroisses de 
la province du Maine pour les Etats gen^raux de 
1789. T. I. Le Mans, 1881. [Extrait de I'An- 
nuaire de la Sarthe.] i8°. 46i9-53 



Bengali language. See Browne. 

Benjamin, Samuel G. W. Our American 
artists. [ist], 2d series. lUus. For young 
people. B. (CoJ>. 1879,81.] 2 v. 4°. *4074.85 

Conlents.— i.W. H. Beard ; A. F. Bellows ; R. S. Gifford ; 
W. M. Chase; S. R. Giflford; W. Shirlaw; J. J. Enneking; 
T.W.Wood; S. Colman; Wordsworth Thompson; G. L. 
Brown ; D. Neal. — 3. John I^afarge ; Arthur Quartley ; Daniel 
Huntington; Thomas Hill; E. L. Weeks; J. W. Champney; 
G. Inness; J. S. Hartley; C. S. Reinhart; Lady illustrators; 
A. V. S. Anthony; Architecture. 

Benson, Eugene. Gaspara Stampa. With a 
selection from her sonnets, tr. by George Flem- 
ing [pseud, of Julia Fletchei-]. B., 1881. 12°. 


Bent, James T. The life of Giuseppe Gari- 
baldi. With a portr. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 2748.55 

Bergen, Teunis G. Register in alphabetical 
order, of the early settlers of Kings county, Long 
Island, to 1700; with biographies and genealo- 
gies. N. Y., 1881. 8°. *2376.69 

Berneck, Carl G. von. Der Welfenlegionar. 
Erzahlung von Bernd von Guseck [pseud."]. 
Berlin, 1869. 16°. 4872.71 

Besant, Walter, and Rice, James. Sir Richard 
Whittington, lord mayor of London. L., 1881. 
[New Plutarch.] Sm. 8°. 2459a.66 

Besant, William H. A treatise on hydrome- 
chanics. 3d ed. Camb., 1877. 8°. 3944.60 

Biart, Lucien. See Magasin. 

Bible. The international revision commen- 
tary on the New Testament, based upon the re- 
vised version of 1881. By English and American 
scholars and members of the revision committee. 
Ed. by P. SchafF. Vol. 2. The Gospel accord- 
ing to Mark [explained by M. B. Riddle]. N.Y., 
1881. Map. Sm. 8°. **H.98.42 

— % Le nouueau Testament | auquel est de- 
monstre lesu Christ sauveur du monde estre 
venu. Anuers \ ^ar Martin Lempereur Ian. M.D. 
XXXI. 16°. **G.288.34 

This is the first French translation of the New Testa- 
ment, made by Jacques Le Ffevre d'Estaples. 

— See Home ; — Mdnant ; — Murray ; — Neil ; 
— Pentecost ; — Wogue. 

Bibliography. See Beljame ; — Cook, J. ; — 
English dialect soc. Series A. ; — Halkett ; — Index 
medicus ; — Lambert ; — McClintock ; — Muehl- 
brecht ; — Sutton ; — U. S. Deft, of State. 

Bibliothfeque nationale, Paris. Departeraent 
des manuscrits. Catalogue des manuscrits fran- 
9ais. T. 1,3. P., 1868, 81. 4°. *6i40.5 

Billee Taylor, nautical opera. See Stephens. 

Billings, John D. The history of the Tenth 
Massachusetts battery of light artillery, 1862-65. 
B., 1881. Portrs. Illus. 8°. 4222.63 

Bingham, D. A. The marriages of the Bona- 
partes. L., 1881. 2 v. Sm. 8°. 4646.56 

Biography. {Collections.) 5cc Benjamin ; — 
Cochrane ; — Cook, D. ; — Homes ; — Koeni- 
gliche ; — Shedd ; — Williams. 

Biology. See Archives. 

Birds. See Brown, J. A. H; — Maynard; — 
Rolland ; — Watkins. 

Birthday books. See Longfellow ; — Whittier. 

Black, John R. Young Japan. Yokohama 
and Yedo. A narrative of the settlement a;id the 
city from 1858 to the close of 1879. With a 
glance at the progress of Japan. Yokohama, 
1880, 81. 2 V. 8°. 3012.56 

Black hills, Dakota. SeeV. S. Geoff, survey. 

Blackboard exercises. See Crafts. 

Blackie, John S. Lay sermons. L., 1881. 
8°. 5445.73 

— Same. N. Y., 1881. 12°. 5445-75 
Blanc, (J.J.) Louis. Questions d'aujourd'hui 

et de demain. ire-3e s^rie. Politique. P., 
1873-80. 3 V. 12° 2659.71 

Blavier, E. E. Des grandeurs ^lectriques et 
de leur mesure en unites absolues. P., 1881. 
Plate. 8°. 3966.76 

Blickling homilies, The, of the loth century. 
From the Marquis of Lothian's unique MS. a.d. 
971. Ed. with a tr. and index of words, by R. 
Moi-ris. L., 1880. Fac-simile. [Early English 
text society.] 8°. *^*24i7,65 

Block books. See Ars moriendi. 

Blood. See Marey. 

Bock, Carl. The head-hunters of Borneo : a 
narrative of travel up the Mahakkam and down 
the Barito ; also, journeys in Sumatra. With 
coloured plates, map, and other illus. L., 1881. 
8". 307oa.52 

Bonaparte family. See Bingham. 

Bonet-Maury, G. Des origines du christia- 
nisme unitaire chez les Anglais. P., 1881. 8°. 


Books. See Porter ; — Rouveyre. 

Bordeaux, Prance. See Michel. 

Borneo. , See Bock. 

Bornet, Ed., and Thuret, G. Notes algolo- 
giques. Fasc. 1,2. P., 1876, 80. 2 v. Plates. 
Po. *3850.50 

Boston. Auditor of accounts' annual report. 
1880-81. '*6358.ii 

— Board of health. Ninth annual report. 
1880-81. *7765-50 

— City hospital. Seventeenth report of the 
trustees, 1881. *5765.69 

— Municipal register. 1881. *6357.i9 

— School committee. Annual report, 1880. 

"^6347. 1 

— Water board. Fifth annual report. 1881. 


— See Drake ; — Stranger's ; — Winsor. 
Botany. See Hervey ; — Meehan ; — Ruskin ; 

— Woolls. 

Boub^e, Simon. Mongroldon ler, roi du 
Kaor-Tay. 2e ^d. P., 1880. 18°. 4664-57 

Bouchardat, Apollinaire. Traits d'hygiene 
bas^e sur r^tiologie. P., 1881. 8°. 3763-64 

Bourneville, Magloire D., and Regnard, P. 
Iconographie photographique de la Salpetrifere. 
Service de M. Charcot. P., 1877-80. 3 v. Illus. 
40. *38o6.69 

Contains photographs of epileptics. 

Boutell, Charles. Christian monuments in 
England and Wales. L., 1854. Illus. 80.8064.62 

Bowditch, Nathaniel. The new American 
practical navigator : containing tables. With 
appendix. Wash., 1880. 8°. *7952-56 

Bowman, Frederic H. The structure of the 
cotton fibre in its relation to technical applica- 
tions. Illus. Manchester, 1881. 8°. 8017.55 

Boyce, C. W. Electricity; with a study on 
electro-therapeutics. Chicago, 1880. Sq. 16°. 


Bracton, or Bretton, Henry de. De legibus et 
consuetudinibus Angliae libri 5. Ed. by Sir 
Travers Twiss. Vol. 4. L., 1881. [Great Brit- 
ain. Pub. record office. Chronicles and memo- 
rials.] 8°. *7028.50 

Bradley family. See Lloyd. 



Brett, William H. Mission work among the 
Indian tribes in the forests of Guiana. With 
map and illus. L. [1881 ?] Sm. 8°. 2363.76 

Brewing, See Paris. Exposition universelle. 

Bric-^-brac. See Goncourt ; — Oppenheim. 

Bright, Henry A. The English flower garden, 
with notes. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 5999.62 

Reprinted from the Quarterly review, London, April, 

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In favor of free trade. 

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Mostly in Chili. 

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Contents. — The catacombs ; Buddhist monks of Central 
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Anselm, Bernard, and their times; Jeanne D'Arc; Savon, 
arola and the renaissance ; Luther and the reformation ; 
Loyola and the Jesuits; Mystics in all religions; George 
F"ox and the Quakers; The Huguenots; John Wesley and 
his times. 

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David Brewster; Charles Knight. 

— Great orators, statesman and divines ; brief 
lives, with specimens of characteristic speeches. 
Edinb., 1881. Portr. Sm. 8". 24593.73 

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Lord chief justice of England in the case of the 
queen against Thomas Castro, otherwise Arthur 
Orton, otherwise Sir Roger Tichborne. L., 
1874,75. 2 v. 8°. *7687.n 

The delivery of this charge was begun on the i6otli day 
and finished on the 188th day of the trial. The volumes 
contain each 821 pp. Vol. 2 has 23 plates of fac-similes of 

Coffin, James H. See Clyde. 

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See Laurie. 

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Contents. — An advertisement for a new religion, by an 
evolutionist. The confession of an agnostic, by an agnos- 
tic. What morality have we left? by a new light moralist. 
Review of the fight, by a Yankee farmer. 

Papers republished from the North American review, 
with a few additional paragraphs. 

Contagion. See U. S. Bureau of agriculture. 

Conversation. See Huntington. 

Conversations on the creation : chapters on 
Genesis and evolution. By a layman. L. 
[1881.] Sm. 8°. 5489a.5i 



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Conttnts. — Vol. i. Will Mountford and Lord Mohun; 
Mrs. Woffington; Poor Perdita; Sir Peter Teazle; Lady 
Teazle; Joseph Surface; Charles Surface; Sir Benjamin 
Backbite; Mr. Crabtrce; Mrs. Candour; Sir Oliver Sur- 
&ce. — a. Mr. and Mrs. Baddeley; Married beneath her; 
A genUeman of the name of B<K>th; Miss Smithson; Old 
Farren; Mrs. Glover; Sir Charles Coldstream; Charlotte 
Coshman ; Rachel Felix ; Charles Kean ; A note on Fechter. 

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The " Shadows of coming events," by the same author, 
rewritten, and much added. 

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its allied and auxiliary industries. Vol. i, 2. 
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Title of vol. 2 is, " Cotton and its allied industries. The 
Journal of the cotton, woollen, silk, jute, and linen trades." 

Cotton fibre. See Bowman. 

Couffon de Kerdellech, Alexandre. Recherches 
8ur la chevalerie du duch^ de Bretagne ; suivies 
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couronne de France qu'a produits la Bretagne. 
Nantes, 1877. 2 v. 8°. 2635.57 

Counterpoint. See Richter. 

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of common things. With illus. L., 1882 [1881]. 
Sm. 80. 8038.7 

This is in substance an English edition of Champlin's 
•• Young folks' cyclopxdia of common tilings." The changes 
are few and unimportant; the American authorship, however, 
is unacknowledged. 

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English government. L., 1863. 8°. 2513.22 

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shire. With heliotypes and other illus. Ches- 
terfield, 1875-79. 4 V. 8°. 4094.65 

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board and slate, and other illustrations in the 
Sunday-school and home. Added, illustrative 
teaching in the primary or infant school, by 
Mrs. W. F. Crafts. N.Y. [1881.] 12°. 5445.77 

Creation. See Conversations; — Obry. 

Crickets. See U. S. Entomological com. 

Crimea. See Phillipps-Wolley. 

Cromwell, Oliver. See Cornish. 

Crosby, Howard. See Moderation. 

Cruikshank, George. See Hone: — Queen: 
— R .... 1 fowls. 

Crustacea. See Rolland. 

Cuba. See Steele. 

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dice: Notice sur C^sar Cui.] P., 1880. 8°. 


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Incidents of a residence in South America. 

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fornia. B., 1881. 16°. 2363.73 

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etable mould, through the action of worms, with 
observations on their habits. With illus. L., 
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spirations royalistes du Midi sous la revolution. 
(1790-93.) P.,i88i. Folded maps. 16°. 46293.57 

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Decorations of honor. See Burke. 

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Denmark. See Ott^. 

D6ploiement stratdgique probable des forces 
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Extract du Journal des sciences militaires. 

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son histoire, son proems (1633). P., 1881. 
[Etudes sur le rfegne de Louis xiii et sur I'ad- 
ministration de Richelieu.] 8°. 6622.6 

De Quincey, Thomas. See Masson. 

Derbyshire, England. See Cox, J. C 



Deschamps, Eustache. CEuvres completes, 
publiees par le marquis de Queux de Saint- 
Hilaire. P., 1878, 80. 2 v. Fac-simile. [So- 
ci^te des anciens textes fran(jais.] 8°. 2694.71 

Design. See Rimmer. 

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tive church, together with the life of St. Patrick, 
and his confession. N.Y., 1870. 16°. 5527.12 

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Beautv in dress. N.Y., 1881. 16°. 6007.74 

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the Se-Baptist; with an inquiry whether dipping 
were a new mode of baptism in England, in or 
about 1641. With collections toward a bibli- 
ography of the first two generations of the 
Baptist controversy. B., 1881. 8°. " *3543-69 

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Ed. by his sister-in-law and his eldest daughter. 
L., 1882 [1881]. 8°. 2455.60 

— Same. Vol. 3. N.Y., 1881. 12°. 2457.65 

— See Cook, J. ; — Hassard. 
Dictionnaire cor^en-fran9ais. Contenant : i. 

Partie lexicographique ; 2. Partie grammaticale ; 
3. Partie geographique. Par les missionnaires de 
Corde de la Societe des missions etrangeres de 
Paris. Yokohama, 1880. 3 parts in i v. Map. 
8°. 3031-66 

Diet. See Kingsford. 

Dillon, John B. Oddities of colonial legisla- 

' tion in America, with authentic records of the 

origin and growth of pioneer settlements [etc.]. 

Indianapolis, 1879. Portr. 8°. 4222,61 

Diocesan histories. See Low ; — Poole ; — 
Stephens, W. R. W. 

Diplomacy. See U. S. Dept. of State. 

Dolomites. See Leclercq, J. 

Domesday book. Vol. i, 11 [and iii, iv]. 
[London.] 1783, i8i6. 4 v. F°. *7040.4-6 

Contents. — i, 2. Domesday book. 3. Libri censualis 
vocati Domesday book, indices. 4. Libri censualis, addi- 
tamenta ex codic. antiquiss. Exon' Domesday. Inquisitio 
Eliensis. Liber VVinton'. Boldon book. 

Volumes I, 3, were published in 1783, under the care of 
Abraham Farley, and were never reprinted, althoug^h titles, 
dated 1S16, are often added to these volumes. Volumes 3, 4, 
were prepared by a Record commission, appointed in 1800. 

" '1 he most ancient record in the kingdom, and the regis- 
ter from which judgment was to be given upon the value, 
tenure, and services of tlie land, therein described." — 

Domestic animals. See U. S. Bureau of 

Domestic economy. See Babcock. 

Donaldson, Thomas. See Brown, G. W. 

Doran.John. In and about Drury Lane and 
other papers. Repr. from 'Temple Bar.' L., 
1881. 2 V. 8". 2555-72 

In vol. 1 arc biographical sketches of Master Betty, 
Charles Young, Wm. C. Macrcady; and in vol. 2, of the 
Dibdins, Horatio Nelson, £mma Hamilton, and £. W. 

Drake, Samuel A. Around the Hub. A boys' 
book about Boston. B., 1881. Illus. 16°. 2359.78 

— The heart of the White Mountains, their 
legend and scenery. With illus. by W. Hamilton 
Gibson. N. Y., 1880 [1881]. Map. 4°. *238oa.2 

Drama (including the stage). See Annales; 

— Cook, D. ; — Doran ; — Fitzgerald, P. ; — 
James ; — Matthews ; — Zola. 

Draper, Lyman C. King's mountain and its 
heroes : history of the battle, Oct. 7th, 1780. 
With steel portrs., maps, and plans. Cincinnati, 
1 88 1. 8°. 4222.62 

Dress. See Dewing. 

Drury Lane theatre. See Doran. 

Du Bled, Victor. Histoire de la monarchic 
de juillet de 1830 a 1848. Avec une introd. sur 
le droit constitutionnel aux Etats-Unis, en Suisse, 
en Angleterre et en Belgique. P., 1877, 79- 2 v. 
8". 2616.59 

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night sun : journeys through Sweden, Norway, 
Lapland, and northern Finland. With map and 
illus. L., 1881. 2 V. 8°. 2862.64 

Duerer, Albrecht. See Heath, R. F. 

Dulles, John W. The ride through Palestine. 
Illus. by maps and engr. Phila., 1881. 12°. 


Duparc, Henry, and Cochin, Henry. Expul- 
sions des congregations religieuses; r^cits et 
tdmoignages. Preceddes d'une preface par M. le 
due de Broglie. P., 1881. 18'*. 5528.54 

Durand, Alice. Les degr^s de I'^chelle. Par 
Henry Grdville [;)5e?<^.]. ge dd. P., 1881. 18°. 


Durham, England. , See Low. 

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sailles. Histoire et description. Versailles, 
1881. 2 V. Illus. 80. 2635.65 

Dutuit, Eugene. Manuel de I'amateur d'es- 
tampes. Ouvrage enrichi de fac-similes des 
estampes les plus rares reproduites par I'h^lio- 
gravure. [T. 4.] P., 1881. 8«. *6o73.50 

Contents. — 4. ficoles flamande et hollandaise. T. i. 

Dyer, Thomas F. T. Domestic folk-lore. L. 
[1881.] Sm. 8°. 24693.85 

Earliest royal decree, The, on printing; or, 
Thierry Martins in Spain. (Seville, December 
25. 1477-) New Haven, i88i. F°. **6ii9.i5 

Number five of fifty copies only, reproduced from a tra- 
cing of the original manuscript, and edited by W. I. Knapp. 

Early English text society. See Alexander 
and Dindimus ; — Blickling homilies ; — Brink- 
low ; — Fisher, J. ; — Furnivall ; — Generydes ; — 
Gesta Romanorum ; — Lay folks ; — Morris ; — 
Myroure ; — Romance ; — WicklifF. 

Earth, The. See Hallock. 

East, The. See Stanley. 

Eastern question. See Cory. 

Ebers, Georg M. The emperor. A romance. 
From the German by Clara Bell. N. Y., 1881. 
2 V. 16°. 48703.67 

The scene is laid in Egypt at the time of tlie emperor 

Eccles, Lancashire. See Ancient. 

Ecclesiastical history. See Clarke ; — Sim- 
cox ; — Sorley. 

Eclectic magazine. Index. See Griswold. 

Eczema. See Bulkley. 

Eden, Garden of. See Obry. 

Edinburgh university calendar. 1864-65, 80- 
81. Edinb., 1864, 80. Sm. 8". *2487.22 

Education. See Bardeen ; — Browning, O. ; — 
Calkins ; — Massachusetts. Board of education; 
— Pierre ; — U. S. Bureau of education. 

Edwards, Eliezer. Words, facts, and phrases. 
A dictionary of curious, "quaint, and out-of-the- 
way matters". L., 1882 [1881]. Sm. 8°. 2247.69 

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Electric light. See Great Britain. Com. of 

Electricity. See Blavier ; — Boyce ; — Max- 
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— See Manchester ; — Sutton. 

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Encyclopaedias, See Cox, Sir G. W. ; — Ed- 

Engines (Air, Gas, etc.). See Great Britain. 
Com. of patents. 

England. History., etc. See Gairdner ; — 
Glover ; — Hassard ; — Palgrave ; — Syme ; — 
Taswell-Langmead ; — Traill; — Winter; — 

England, Church of. See Diocesan histories ; — 
Franklin, B. 

English dialect society. 

— Series A. Namely: — 

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— Series B. Namely : — 

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Namely : — 

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words : gleaned from agricultural Ijooks. 


— Courtney, Margaret A., and Couch, Thomas 
Q^ Glossary of words in use in Cornwall. 

No. I in ***46o5.57 

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and phrases pertaining to the dialect of Cumber- 
land. No. 2 in ***46o5.55 

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No. 2 in ***46o5.57 

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in the wapentakes of Manley and Corringham, 
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Yorkshire. No. i in ***46o5.55 

— Skeat, Walter W., ed. Cleveland words 
[etc.]. No. 2 in ***46o5.5o 

English dialect society, continued. 

— Series D. Natnely : — 

— Specimens of English dialects, i. Devon- 
shire. An Exmoor scolding and courtship, ed. by 
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ed. by W. W. Skeat. L., 1879. 


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English language and literature. See IBeljame ; 
— Davies ; — Early English text society ; — Hal- 
kett ; — Hall, T. D. ; — Hodgson ; — 'Hows ; — 
Hunt ; — Jackson ; — Osmun ; — Webster. 

Engravings. See Dutuit. 

Entomology. See American entomological 
society ; — Rolland ; — Rothschild ; — U. S. JEn- 
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Tr. from the Greek, with preface and notes, by 
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Epilepsy. See Bourneville. 

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Ethnography. See Paris. Exposition uni- 

Eton college library. See Thackeray. 

Europe. See Seguin. 

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Everett, Anne G. See Bush. 

Every man his own mechanic. With 750 
engravings on wood. L. [1881.^] 8°. 8017.37 

Evidences of a revealed religion. Sec Bruce. 

Evolution. See Conversations ; — Schurman. 

Expftlsion of religious orders from France. 
Sec Duparc. 

Eye. See Giraud-Teulon. 

Fabrics. See Great Britain. Com. of patents. 

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life and art. Tr. by W. H. Browne. Illus. N.Y., 
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England and adjacent coast. Wash., 1881. 
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Repr. from the report of the U. S. fish com., for 1879. 

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with specific references to valuable books. Chi- 
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few last words on Christian eschatology with 
reference to Pusey's " What is of faith ? " N. Y. , 
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taires publics par Mme Vve Jules Favre. T. 3, 4. 
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Contftits. — ^. Discours, 1865-1870.-4. Discours, 1S70- 
1878; Ecrits divers, 1836-1879. 




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I'Ecole polytechnique. ire partie. P., 1881. 
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8". , 6232.8 

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Fiji islands. See Home, J. 

Finagh, Tyrone co., Ireland. See Lowrj- 

Finance. See Laveleje. 

Fine arts (including finely illustrated books). 
See Ars moriendi ; — Art, L' ; — Art amateur ; — 
Benjamin ; — Drake ; — Falke ; — Farrar ; — French ; 

— Goethe : Hermann and Dorothea ; — Goncourt ; 

— Grace ; — Havard ; — Haweis ; — Heath ; — 
Hervey; — Hewetson ; — Hill; — Labarte ; — 
Leclercq ; — Oppenheim ; — Poets ; — Revue ; — 
Seguin ; — Shedd ; — Smith, C. H. ; — Soldi ; — 
Timbal ; — Watkins ; — Watts, A. M. H. 

Finland. See Du Chaillu. 

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martial law, with special reference to its regula- 
tion and restraint; with an introd., containing 
comments upon the charge of the lord chief jus- 
tice in the Jamaica case. L., 1867. 8°. 5637.4 

Fish. See Rollapd. 

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Fisher, bishop of Rochester. Now first collected 
by John E. B. Mayor. Parti. L., 1S76. Map. 
[Early English text society.] 8°. *^*46o7.29 

Fishing. See Lambert. 

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Fitz-George, H. W., pseud. ? Memoirs of the 
late Mrs. King (otherwise the diamond q-n!!), 
with biographical anecdotes. L. [n. d.] 8°. 

No. 4 in *,^*6562.7 

A satire on George iv and Queen Caroline. 

Fitzgerald, James E. An examination of the 
charter and proceedings of the Hudson's Bay 
company, with reference to the grant of Van- 
couver's island. L. , 1849. Map. Sm. 8". 

Fitzgerald, Percy. The world behind the 
scenes. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 2476.66 

Theatrical sketches. . 

Fitzwilliam, William, viscount Milton. History 
of the San Juan water boundary question, as 
affecting the division of territory between Great 
Britain and the United States. With maps. L., 
1869. 8°. 4463-54 

Flags. See Orden. 

Flanders, George T. Christ or Buddha.? a re- 
view of Edwin Arnold's poem; "The Light of 
Asia." [Repr. from the Universalist quarterly.] 
Salem, Mass., 188 1. 16°. 3028.56 

Fleuriot, Zenaide M. A. Bonasse. P., 1880. 
18°. 4664.59 

— La rustaude. P., 1880. 18°. 4664.67 

Flint implements. See Haynes. 

Florida. See Barbour. 

Flowers. See Hervey ; — Meehan ; — Ruskin. 

Folk lore. See Dalyell ; — Dyer. 

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Corinth. N. Y. , 1881. Maps. [Campaigns of 
the civil war. 2.] 12**. 2324.85 

Formosa. See Hughes. 

Forrest, Edwin. See Barrett. 

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ing : a plea for English gardens of the future, 
with practical hints for planting them. L. , 1881. 
Sm. 80. 5999-61 

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ed. rev. and enl., by H. Watts. L., 1877. 2 v. 
Illus. Sm. 8°. ' 5977-63 

France. History., etc. See Annuaire ; — 
Bainier ; — Bardoux ; — Blanc ; — Daudet ; — De- 
molins ; — Deploiement ; — Depping ; — Du Bled ; 

— Fregeoliere ; — Poncet de Bermond. 

— Revolution, 1789. See Bellee ; — Lockroy; 

— Pierre ; — Taine. 

France ecclesiastique, La. Almanach du 
clerge. 1880, 81. 3oe, 3ie ann^e. " P., 1880, 81. 
2 V. 18°. *6639a.i 

Francia, Francesco Raibolini, called. See 

Francis, F. War, waves, and wanderings. A 
cruise in the " Lancashire witch." L., 1881. 2 v. 
Sm. 8°. 2267.71 

Description of events in South Africa, and of travel 
thence via Madagascar and the Indian ocean to Siam, Japan, 
across the Pacific to California and Alaska. 

Franklin, Alfred L. A. Les anciennes bib- 
liotheques de Paris, ^glises, monasteres, col- 
leges, etc. P., 1867, 70. 2 V. Illus. [Histoire 
g^nerale de Paris.] 4°. *2640.54 

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Franklin, Benjamin, D.D. The creed and 
modern thought. N. Y., 1881. 12°. 5445-74 

Franklin, ^/VJohn. 6>?Beesly; — Gilder. 

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with German and English words, and notes from 
German critics. B., 1880. Portr. 4". 8051.108 

Free masonry. The masons of Lowell, Mass., 
Sept. 26, 1881. In memoriam. James A. Gar- 
field. [Lowell, 1881.] Portr. 8°. 43403.135 

Free religious index. Vol. i, new sen. B., 
1880, 81. Fo. *76oo.5o 

A collection of the numbers which contain articles written 
by F. M. Holland. 

Free trade. See Butts. 

Freeman, Edward A. Sketches from the sub- 
ject and neighbour lands of Venice. With illus. 
L., 1 88 1. Sm. 8°. , 2769.74 

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et chouannerie. M^moires, compl^t^s par son 
arri^re-petit-fils. Eau-forte. P., 1881. 8°. 4612.50 

The author of these memoirs, as a "Chouan" or adherent 
of the elder brancli of the Bourbons, took part in the opera- 
tions against tlie Revolution and Bonaparte from 1789 to 

French, Harry W. Art and artists in Con- 
necticut. B., 1879. Illus. Sm. 4°. 4076.75 

— Gems of genius : famous painters and their 
pictures. With fifty full-page illus. B., 1881. 
Sm. 4°. 4076.74 

French, Airs. L. Virginia. Kernwood. A 
historical romance founded on the events of the 
late war, from the manuscript of a confederate 
spy. By L'InconHue \^pseud.~\. Louisville, Ky., 
1868. 12°. 4505.76 

French language and literature. See Aubertin ; 
— Hennequin ; — Matthews ; — Thurot ; — Zola. 



Fuentes, Manuel A. Lima, or sketches of the 
capital of Peru. P., 1866. Illus. Portrs. 8°. 

Functions (mathematical term). See La- 

Furnivall, Frederick J., ed. Adam Davy's five 
dreams about Edward 11. The life of St. Alexius. 
Solomon's Book of Wisdom. St. Jeremie's Fif- 
teen tokens before doomsday. The lamentacion 
of Souls. Ed. from the Laud ms. in the Bodleian 
library. L., 1878. [Early English text society.] 
8". *^*24i7.69 

Future life. See Farrar, F. W. 

Gairdner, James, and Spedding, James. Studies 
in English history. Edinb., i88i. 8°. 2424.24 

Contents. — J. Gairdner: The Lollards; On the historical 
element in Shakespeare's Falstaff ; Katharine of Arragon's 
second marriage; The divine rio^hts of kings, history of the 
doctrine; Sundays .incient and modern. J. Spedding- : 
Negotiations with Spain in the 15th century; Katharine of 
Arragon's first marriage; Review of the evidence respecting 
the conduct of James i in the case of Sir T. Overbury. 

Papers reprinted from the Fortnightly review, f"raser's 
magazine, etc., with some alterations. 

Gallagher, William D. Miami woods. A 
golden wedding, and other poems. Cincin., 
1 88 1. i2». 2404.68 

Garfield, James A. Garfield's Avords. Compiled 
byW. R. Balch. B., 1881. Portr. 16°. 239ob.52 

— 6'<'c Free masonry; — Hinsdale. 

Garibaldi, Giuseppe. See Bent. 

Garrison, William Lloyd. Set? Johnson. 

Gastaldi, Bartolomeo. Lake habitations and 
pre-historic remains in northern and central 
Italy. Tr. by C. H. Chambers. L., 1865. Illus. 
[Anthropological society of London. Publica- 
tions.] 8°. 2235.23 

Geddie, John. The lake regions of central 
Africa. With illus. L., 1881. Map. 8°. 50593.28 

Genealogy of a portion of the Pope family, 
together with biographical notices of Col. Wil- 
liam Pope of Boston, and some of his descend- 
ants. B., 1862. 8°. *4338.63 

Genealogy. See Andrews ; — Bergen ; — El- 
lery ; — Hayward ; — Hubbell ; — Lancashire ; — 
Lee, S. M. ; — Lloyd ; — Paine ; — Russell ; — 
Seagrave ; — Shuey ; — Tilley ;— Ward ;— Welles ; 
Winter ; — Wolcott ; — Yardley. 

Generydes : a romance in seven-line stanzas. 
Ed. from the unique paper ms. in Trinity college, 
Cambridge. By W. Aldis Wright. L., 1878. 
[Early English text society.] 8°. *^,*24i7.63 

Genet, J. V.,, abbi. Une famille remoise au 
xvine siecle. Etudes historiques sur la vie, les 
travaux, etc. de Louis Jean L^vesque de Pouilly, 
Jean L^vesque de Burigny, Gerard Ldvesque de 
Champeaux, Simon Louis L^vesque de Pouilly. 
Reims, 1881. 8°. 4642.63 

Genna, E., pseud. Irresponsible philanthro- 
pists. Being some chapters on the employment 
of gentlewomen. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 5574.64 

Geography. See Bainier ; — Chisholm ; — Paris. 
Exposition universelle ; — Royal geographical 

Geology. See Etheridge ; — Lyell ; — Murray ; 

— U. S. Gcog. and geol. survey; — Winchell. 
German language and literature. See Otis; 

— Stern ; — Winkworth. 

Germantown Friends' protest against slavery, 
1688. [With artotype facsimile.] Phila., n. d. 

^- **757o.53 

Germany. See D^ploiement ; — Scheer ; — 

Gesta Romanorum. The early English ver- 
sions of the Gesta Romanorum. Formerly ed. 
by Sir Frederic Madden for the Roxburghe club, 
and now re-edited from the mss. in British 
Museum, and University library, Cambridge. 
With introd., notes, glossary, etc., by Sidney J. 
H. Herrtage. L., 1879. [Early English text 
society.] 8°. ***46o7.3a 

Gibson, William H.j illustrator. See Drake. 

Gilbert, William S., and Sullivan, Arthur. 
Patience ; or, Bunthorne's bride : an aesthetic 
opera in two acts. [Music, songs and dialogue.] 
B., 1881. 4°. 8052.107 

Gilder, William H. Schwatka's search : sledg- 
ing in the Arctic in quest of the Franklin records. 
Wkh maps and illus. N. Y., 1881. 8°. 2262.58 

Gill, John B. Indigestion : what it is ; what it 
leads to ; and a new method of treating it. 2d ed. 
Phila., 1881. Sm. 8°. 5765.27 

Gillet, Joseph A., and Rolfe, William J. Ele- 
ments of natural philosophy. N. Y., 1881. 16°. 


— Natural philosophy for the use of schools 
and academies. N.Y., 1881. Illus. 16°. 3966.77 

Gilsum, N. H. See Hayward. 

Giraud-Teulon, Marc A. L. F. La vision et 
ses anomalies. P., 1881. Illus. 8°. 3802.64 

Gladstone, William E. See Emerson, G. R. 

Glasgow naval and marine engineering exhibi- 
tion, 1880-81. Lectures. With catalogue of the 
exhibition. Glasgow, 1881. Plates. Map. 8°. 


Glover, Frederick R. A. England the remnant 
of Judah and the Israel of Ephraim. L., iSSi. 
Illus. 8". 2299.79 

On the Hebrew origin of the English race. 

God. See Fick. 

Goethe, Johann W. von. Hermann and 
Dorothea. Tr. by Henry Dale. With illus. by 
W. Kaulbach and'L. Hofmann. N. Y. [18S1?] 
4°- ***2870.54 

— Wilhelm Meister's travels. Tr. from the 
later and enl. ed. of the German, and ed. by 
Edward Bell. L., 1882 [1881]. Sm. 8°. 4872.73 

Goldsmith, Oliver. Works. Ed. by Peter Cun- 
ningham. N.Y., 1881. 4v. Portr. "8". 25603.5 

Gomm, Sir William M. Letters and journals 
from 1799 to Waterloo, 1815. Ed. bv Francis 
Culling Carr-Gomm. With portr. L.,'i88i. S". 

Goncourt, Edmond L. A. H. de. La maison 

d'un artiste. P., 1881. 2 v. 12°. 4077'75 

A descriptive study of the various rooms of the house of 

an imaginary artist. "All the works of art, furniture, books, 

etc., are supposed to be after the fashion of the eighteenth 


Goody Two-shoes, a facsimile reproduction of 
the ed. of 1766. With an introd. bj- Charles 
Welsh. L., 1881. 24°, 1. p. *4559a.65 

The authorship of this well-known nurserytale is ascribed 
in the British museum catalogue, to Giles Jones, {(mnd- 
father of J. Winter Jones, late principal librarian. Oliver 
Goldsmith has also been credited with being the author. 
The editor thinks the similaritv in style to Goldsmith's writ- 
ings, with other evidence, tends to support the claims made 
on his behalf. 

Gottschalk, Louis M. Notes of a pianist, dur- 
ing his professional tours in the U. S., Canada, 
the Antilles, and South America. Ed. by his 
sister, Clara Gottschalk. Tr. from the French by 
R.E.Peterson. Phila., 1881. Portr. 8°. 2363.71 

Gouge, Henry A. New system of ventilation. 
4th ed. enl., with illus. N. Y., i88i. 8°. 8094.13 



Grace, A. F. A course of lessons in landscape 
painting in oils. With nine reproductions in 
colour after Turner, Constable, etc., and numer- 
ous examples engraved on wood. L., 1881. 4°. 

***Cab.40, H.I 

Grand army of the republic. See Lovering. 

Grape. See Ladrey- 

Grasses. See Roland. 

Great Britain. The land law Ireland act 
[i88ij, with notes, index, and precis, by R. 
Johnston. L., 1881. Sm. 8". 5563.67 

— Commissioners of patents. Alphabetical 
index of patentees and applicants for 1880. L. , 
1881. L. 8«. Patent Room 

Journal. 1880, vol. 2, July-Dec. ; 1881, 

vol.i, Jan. -June. L.,i88i. 2 v. L.8°. Patent Room 

Patents for inventions. Abridgments of 

specifications. L., 1879, 80. Sm. 8°. Patent Room 
Namely : — 

Air, gas, and other motive power engines. 
Part II. 1867-76. 

Carriages and vehicles for common roads. 
1625- I 866. 

Dressing and finishing woven fabrics, and 
manufacturing felted fabrics (including folding, 
winding, measuring, and packing). Part li. 

Electricity and magnetism. Divisioniv. Elec- 
tric lighting, igniting, and heating. Parts i, 2. 

Farriery ; including the medical and surgical 
treatment of animals. Part 11. 1867-76. 

Lace-making, knitting, netting, braiding, 
and plaiting, including also the manufacture of 
fringe and chenille. 1675-1866. 2d ed. 

Letter-press and similar printing (excluding 
electro telegraphic and photographic printing). 
Part II. 1867-76. 

Manufactureof iron and steel. Part 11. 1867- 

"A new volume is in preparation, and will form Part i, 
of Iron and steel, in substitution of the existing Parts i, 2, 
3, 4." — Preface. 

Umbrellas, parasols, and walking-sticks. Part 
II. 1867-76. 

Subject-matter index of patents applied 

for and patents granted, for the year 1879. L., 
1 88 1. 8°. Patent Room 

— Public record office. Calendar of home 
office papers of the reign of George iii. 1770-72. 
Ed. by R. A. Roberts. L., 1881. L. S". *7045.50 

Chronicles and memorials. See Bracton. 

— Royal observatory, Greenwich. Astronom- 
ical and magnetical and meteorological observa- 
tions. 1879. L., 1881. L. 4°. *520i.i 

— See Allen, G. ; — Cox, H. ; — Syme ; — Tas- 
well-Langmead j — Yonge. 

Greece. See Clermont-Ganneau ; — Falke; — 
Pitman ; — Sathas. 

Greek language and literature. See Jennings ; 
— Legrand. 

Green, Rev. R. John Wesley. L. [1881?] 
[Cassell's popular shilling library.] 16°. 5559a. 54 

Green bag. The, a farce : as now performing 
with great applause, by His Majesty's servants. 
With caricature [colored] plates. L., 1820. 8°. 

No. 9 in ***6562.7 

A satire on the trial of Queen Caroline. 

Greenaway, Kate. Under the window. Pictures 
and rhymes for children, as originally engraved 
and printedbyE. Evans. N.Y. [1880.] 4°. *256i,73 

— See Mother Goose. 

Greg, William R. Miscellaneous essays. L., 
1882 [1881]. 80. 2555.71 

Contents. — Rocks ahead and harbours of refuee; For- 
eign policy of Great Britain — imperial or economic?; The 
echo of the antipodes; A ^rave peiplexity before us; Obli- 
gations of the soil; The right use of a surplus, or, remis- 
sion of taxes an abuse of revenue ; The great twin brethren ; 
Is the popular judgment in politics more just than that of 
the higher orders ?; Harriet Martineau; Verify your com- 
pass; The prophetic element in the gospels; Mr. Frederic 
Harrison on the future life; Can truths be apprehended 
which could not have been discovered? 

Gr^ville, Henry, pseud. See Durand, Alice. 

Griswold, William M. Eclectic magazine of 
foreign literature, science and art. A general 
index to vols. 1-96, and to vols. 37-148 of " The 
Living age." [^Anon.'\ Bangor, Me. , 1881. 8°. 


Grosart, Alexander B., ed. Swetnam, the 
woman-hater, arraigned by women. (1620.) 
Ed. with introd., notes and fac-similes. Man- 
chester, 1880. 4°. ***2535.23 

— See Pricket ; — Tasso. 

Gross, Joseph B. The belief in immortality 
on purely logical principles. Phila., 1882 [1881]. 
12". 5445-79 

Grote, Augustus R. The new infidelity. N.Y., 
1881. Sq. i6«. 5487.83 

"The author has endeavored to show that there is an 
essential difference between the religious temper of the 
Aryan races and the Semitic. He has also tried to show^ 
that revealed religion is not directly attacked by the dis- 
coveries of science." — Preface. 

Guerre d'Amerique (1861-65). le partie : Or- 
ganisation de I'armee am^ricaine. Campagne 
de 1861. P., 1881. 8°. 3956.18 

Extract du Journal des sciences militaires. 

Guest, John. See Beggs. 

Guiana. See Brett. 

Guilhermy, Roch F. M. N., baron de. Descrip- 
tion de la Sainte-Chapelle. Avec six gravures. 
4e ^d. P., 1880. 12°. 2639.74 

Guizot, Francois P. G. Henry iv and the end 
of the wars of religion. Ed. from Guizot's " His- 
tory of France," with notes, and tables. By G. 
Masson. L., 1881. Illus. Map. Sm. 8°. 2618.57 

Guseck, Bernd \or\, pseud. See Berneck, Carl 
G. von. 

Gustafson, Zadel B. Genevieve Ward. A 
biographical sketch. With portr. B., 1882 
[1881]. 16°. 4349-97 

Guy of Warwick. See Romance. 

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Haig family. See Russell. 

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Extrait du Journal asiatique, 1873, 74. 

— Rapport sur une mission archdologique 
dans le Y^men. P., 1872. 8°. 3028.7 

Extrait no. 2 de I'annde 1S72 du Journal asiatique. 

— Recherches critiques sur I'origine de la 
civilisation babylonienne. P., 1876. 8°. 3028.6 

Extrait du Journal asiatique, 1874, 76. 

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ary of the anonymous and pseudonymous liter- 
ature of Great Britain. Including the works of 
foreigners written in, or translated into the 
English language. Vol. i. A-Eyc. Edinb., 
1882 [1881]. 8°. *2i44.53 

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composition. With exercises. L., 1880. Sm. 8°. 





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David Cox. Ed., with additions, bjj. T. Bunce. 
L., 1881. Portr. 8°. 2443.65 

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and what it is made of. lUus. Peekskill, N.Y., 

1873- 3-°- 59693-27 

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B., 18S1. Plates. 8°. 3934-33 ; **5024.55 

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lands. Sketches of an American tour. Bv Ladv 
Duffus Hardy. L., 18S1. 8°. 2361.66 

Harmony. See Richter. 

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1820. Diaries and correspondence. Ed. by his 
grandson. L., 1844. 4 v. Portrs. 8°. 2540.50 

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and literature. L.. 1882 [1881]. IIlus." 8°." 2995.61 

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portrs. of eminent violinists. L., 1881. 8°. 4044.70 

Hart family. See Andrews. 

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short method of acquiring the art of swimming. 
Tr. and adapted from the Swedish by C. Lofving. 
With woodcuts. L. [1881.] Sm. 8«. 6007.80 

Harvard college. Catalogue. 1881-82. Camb., 
1881. 16°. *4388.20 

— Harvard university weekly calendar. 1881. 
[Camb., 1881.] Broadside. *449i.63 

These calendars make announcements not given in the 
reguhir Tabular views and programmes, and embrace such 
lectures and other exercises as are open to the public. They 
are issued every Saturday, and will be found posted in the 
Bates Hall study. 

Hassard, John R. G. A Pickwickian pilgrim- 
age [in England]. B., i88i. 160. 24693.88 

Letters published in the New York Tribune in 1S79, with 
slight changes and additions. Visits to the spots where 
Dickens is supposed to have found some of his characters. 

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Iroquois, and other legends. [Poems, j Chicago, 
1882 [1881]. Portr. i6<>. 2404.69 

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dais. P., 1879, So. 3^'- Ulus. Portrs. 8°. 8064.52 

Hawaiian or Sandwich islands. See Nicholson. 

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With illus. L., i88i. Sm. 8°. 4099.70 

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flint implements in upper Egypt. [B.] 1881. 
Plates. F°. *305o.i9 

Repr. from the Memoirs of the American academy of arts 
and sciences, vol. 10. 

Hayward, Silvanus. History of Gil sum, N. H., 
from 1752 to 1879. With maps, illus., and portrs. 
Manchester, 1881. 8°. *443i.6i 

Nearly half the volume is devoted to genealogies of resi- 
dents, and includes about 10,000 names. 

Health and hygiene. See Arnould ; — Bouchar- 

Heard, Franklin F. Oddities of the law. B., 
i88i. 16°. 56393.16 

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I grew there. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 3995-65 

— Where to find ferns. With a special chapter 
on the ferns round London. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 

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Illus. [Illus. biog. of the great artists.] 8°. 4077.72 
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by R. McLintock. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 28693.85 
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matic French. N. Y., i88i. 12°. 26893.82 

Henry IV, of France. See Guizot. 

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1729-1S47, from letters and journals. With portrs. 
Tr. by Carl Klingemann and an American col- 
laborator; with a notice by George Grove. L., 
1 88 1. 2 v. 8°. ' 28403.56 

Her Majesty's prisons : their effects and de- 
fects. By one who has tried them. L., 1881. 
2 v. Sm. 8°. 357oa.5i 

Heraldry. See Burke ; — Orden ; — Solly. 

Herodotus. The story of the Persian war 
from Herodotus. By Alfred J. Church. With 
illus. from the antique. L., 1882 [1881J. Sm. 
S». 2998.65 

Hervey, Alpheus B. Beautiful wild flowers of 
America. From original water-color drawings 
after nature, by Isaac Sprague. Descriptive text 
by A. B. Hervey. With extracts from Longfel- 
low, Whittier, Brvant, Holmes, and others. B., 
1882 [1881]. 4°. " _ *585i-4 

Hetzel, Pierre J. See Magasin. 

Hewetson, Henry B. The life and works of 
Robert Hewetson, boy painter and poet : contain- 
ing phototvpe illus. of drawings and paintings. 
L., 1881. Portr. 4". *8o72.63 

Higginson, Thomas W. Army life in a black 
regiment. B., 1870. 12°. 23293.64 

Hill, Albert. Hancock's copies for China 
painters. With directions by Albert Hill. 
Worcester [Eng.], 1881. Plates. 8°. *4025.8i 

Hindostan. Sec Sherring. 

Hinsdale, Burke A. President Garfield and 
education; Hiram college memorial. B., 1882 
[1881]. Portrs. 12°. 4348.121 

Histology. See Satterthwaite. 

Hitopades3. A new- literal translation from 
the Sanscrit text of F. Johnson. For the use of 
students. By Frederic Pincott. L., 1880. 4°. 


Hodgson, William B. Errors in the use of 
English. Edinb., 1881. Sm. 8°. 2488.77 

Hoffbauer, F. Paris a travers les ages. I2e 
livraison. Notre-Dame. L'H6tel-Dieu et les en- 
virons. P. [i88i.] Plates. Illus. F«. *,^*46,F.i 

Holbein society. See Ars moriendi. 

Holden, Edward S. The multiple star 2 748. 
Wash., 1881. [Washington observations for 1877. 
Appendix 2.] 4°. *5920.72 

Holland. See Havard. 

Holmes, Oliver W., jr. The common law. 
B., 18S1. 8°. 5638.15 

Hoist, Hermann von. The constitutional and 
political history of the United States. Tr. from 
the German by J. J. Lalor and A. B. Mason [and 
P. Shoreyj. [Vol. 1-3. 1750-1850.] Chicago, 
1877-81. 3 V. 8°. 23203.54:42203.66 

Holyo3ke, George J. Life of Joseph Rayner 
Stephens, preacher and political orator. L. 
[1881.] Portr. Sm. 8°. 24598.70 

Homer. See Harrison. 

Homes and haunts of our elder poets. With 
portrs. and illus. N.Y. [1881.] 4°. *2340.34 

Contents. — Bryant, by H.N. Powers; Longfellow and 
Whittier, by R. H. Stoddard; Emerson, Holmes and Lowell, 
by F. B. Sanborn. 

Homiletics. See Phelps. 

Hone, William. The Queen's matrimonial 
ladder, with fourteen step scenes ; and illustra- 
tions in verse with eighteen other cuts [all byG. 
Cruikshank]. loth ed. [.<4/50, The Joss and his 
folly.] L., 1820. 8°. No. II in ♦,*6562.7 

A satirical poem on George iv and Queen Caroline. 




Hood, Edwin P. Christmas Evans : the 
preacher of wild Wales. L., 1881. 8°. 24593.71 

Home, John. A year in Fiji, or an inquiry 
into the botanical, agricultural, and economical 
resources of the colony. L., iSSi. 8**. 3994-55 

Home, Richard H. Bible tragedies. L. [1881.] 
Sm. 8°. 3426.82 

Contents. — John the Baptist; or the valour of the soul; 
Rahman, the apocryphal book of Job's wife; Judas Iscariot, 
a mystery. 

Horticulture. See Bright ; — Foster ; — Heath. 

Houghton, Georgiana. Evenings at home in 
spiritual seance, ist series. L., 1881. 8°. 7604.54 

House, Edward H. Japanese episodes. B., 
1881. 16°. 30193.50 

" The purpose of this volume is to represent a few social 
and physical features of Japan which have seldom been mi- 
nutely examined by visitors." — Preface. 

Household art. See Art amateur; — Haweis. 
Household hints. See Babcock. 
Hows, John W. S., ed. Golden leaves from 
the American poets. With illus. N. Y. [1865.] 

12°. 2404.63 

Hubbard, (N.) Gustave. Histoire contempo- 
raine de I'Espagne. T. 4. (2e ser. T. 2.) R^- 
gences de Christine et d'Espartero, 1833-43. 
P., 1879. ' 8°- 5096-3 

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family, ist ed. N.Y., 1881. Portrs. Illus. 8°. 


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temps, ses Merits. Madame de Circourt, son 
salon, ses correspondances. Notice biographique. 
P., 1881. Portr. 8°. 4642.61 

Hudson's Bay company. See Fitzgerald, J. E. 

Hughes, Mrs. Thomas F. Among the sons 
of Han. Notes of a six years' residence in various 
parts of China and Formosa. With map. L., 
1881. 8°. 3016.10 

Hunt, (J. H.) Leigh. Wit and humour, 
selected from the English poets ; with an essay, 
and comments. New ed. L., 1875. Sm. 8°. 


Huntington, Frederic D. Good talking a fine 
art. Syracuse, 1881. 24°. 3589.68 

Hurd, John C. The theory of our national 
existence, as shown by the action of the govern- 
ment of the U.S. since"i86i. B.,i88i. 8°. 4222.58 

Hutchinson, Ellen M. Songs and lyrics. B., 
1881. 16°. 239ob.54 

Hydrodynamics. See Besant, W. H. 

Hymns. See Winkworth. 

Iceland. See Ottd. 

Ideville, Henry, comte d'. Le mar^chal 
Bugeaud, d'apr^s sa correspondance intime et 
des documents in^dits, 1784-1848. T. i. P., 
1881. Portr. 8". 26503.63 

Illustr3ted biographies of the great artists. 
See Cartwright; — Heath, R. F. 

Illustrirtes Patent-Blatt. B. 1-6. 1878-80. 
Herausg. : J. Brandt & G. W. v. Nawrocki. 
Berlin, 1878-80. 6 v. 4°. Pstent Room 

Immortality. See Gross. 

Inconnue, L', pseud. See French, Mrs. L. 

Index medicus. A monthly classified record 
of the current medical literature of the world. 
Compiled by J. S. Billings and R. Fletcher. 
Vol. I, 2. N.Y., 1879, 80. 4°- '^3722. 52 

Indians of America. See Hathaway. 

Indigestion. See Gill. 

Industrial arts. See Spon ; — Verein ; — Watt. 

Infidelity. See Grote. 

Insanity. See Luys. 

Insurance. 6'cc Massachusetts. Insurance com. 

International trade. See Phear. 

Inter-oceanic canal. See Byam. 

Ireland. See De Vinne; — Great Britain ; — 
Molinari; — Williams, A. M. 

Iron. See Great Britain. Com. of patents. 

Irving, Washington. See Warner. 

Italy. See Gastaldi ; — Laveleye ; — Lenor- 
mant; — Paget. 

Jackson, Georgina F. Shropshire word-book, 
a glossary of archaic and provincial words, etc., 
used in the county. L., 1879. Map. 8°. *2487.72 

Jacob, George A. A manual of Hindu pan- 
theism. The Vedantasara, tr. with copious anno- 
tations. L., 1881. 8°. 3025.68 

James, M. E. What shall we act.'' or, a hun- 
dred plays from which to choose. With hints 
on scene-painting, etc. L., 1882 [1881]. Sm. 
8°. 2559.78 

An analysis only of each play is given, with the list of 

Jamitzer, Wentzel. Wentzel Jamitzers Ent- 
wtirfe zu Prachtgefassen in Silber und Gold. 
Photolithographische Nachbildungen von Kan- 
tenseter u. Haas in Niirnberg, herausg. von R. 
Bergau. Berlin, 1879. 70 plates. 4°. "'4022.54 

Japan. 5'c£? Black ; — House. 

Jars, Fran9ois de Rochechouart, chevalier de. 
Sec Depping. 

Jefferson family. See Winter. 

Jennings, George H., and Johnstone, W. S , 
ed. Half-hours with Greek and Latin authors. 
From various English translations. With biog. 
notices. L. [1881.] 8°. 2967.61 

Jersey. Sec Molinari. 

Jews. See Sorley ; — Spencer ; — Weill. 

Johnson, Oliver. William Lloyd Garrison and 
his times. New and enl. ed. B., 1881. Portr. 
Plate. 16°. 43403.132 

Joinville, Francois F. P. L. M. d'Orleans,/r/«ce 
de. Campagne du Potomac, mars-juillet, 1862. 
Nouv. ^d. P., 1872. 18°. 23293.65 

Joksi, Moritz. Le manage de Pouchkine. 
Imitd de Maurice Jokai par Louis Ulbach. 2e 
6d. P., 1881. i8«. 3068.41 

Jones, McDuffee & Stratton. Crockery cata- 
logue. B., 1882 [1881]. 47 colored plates. 4«. 


Journalism. See Annuaire de la presse fran- 
(jaise ; — Bardeen. 

Junior army and navy stores, limited : estab- 
lished upon the principle of co-operation. [Price 
list, etc.] L., 1880. Illus. 16°. *756oa.59 

Kant, Immanuel. Text-book to Kant. The 
Critique of pure reason. Translation, repro- 
duction, commentary, index. With biog. sketch. 
By J. H. Stirling. Edinb., 1881. 8". 36003.70 

— See Schurman. 

Karr, Th^rfese A. Une rose blanche au pavs 
de Souabe. P., 1880. 18°. 4664.68 

Keddie, Henrietta. Footprints. Nature seen 
on its human side. By Sarah Tytler \_pscud.^^. 
With illus. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 3826.60 

Kent, C. H. Kent's new commentary : a 
manual for young men. Davenport, Iowa, 1880. 
Portr. Sq.'i6«. 3589-69 




Kettle, The, abusing the pot. A satirical poem 
[on George iv and Qiieen Caroline]. By the 
black dwarf. 3d ed. L.,1820. 8°. No. i in *^*6562.7 

Khorsabad, Turkey in Asia. 5ccM6nant; — 

Kings county, Long' Island. See Bergen. 

Kings county medical society. Proceedings. 
Vol. 5. 18S0. Brooklyn, N.Y., 1880. lUus. S". 


King's mountain. Battle of. See Draper. 

Kingsford, Anna. The perfect way in diet. 
L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 5765-28 

Advocates a vegetarian diet. 

Kinsley, William W. Views on vexed ques- 
tions. Phila., 18S1. 12°. 5487.82 

Contents. — The supernatural; Mental life below the 
human; When did the human race begin? Satan antici- 
pated; The key to success; Shelley; The Bronte sisters. 

Knighthood, Orders of. See Burke ; — Orden. 

Koenigliche Akademie der Wissenschaften, 
Munich. Allgemeine deutsche Biographie. B. 
13. Holstein-Jesup. Lpz., 18S1. 8°. *C.R.7.5.i 

Kohkani language. See Cunha. 

Labarte, Jules. Handbook of the arts of the 
middle ages and renaissance, as applied to the 
decoration of furniture, arms, jewels, &c. Tr. 
from the French. With notes. L., 1855. Illus. 
8°. 4077.69 

Labor question. See Massachusetts. Bureau 
of statistics of labor. 

Lace making. See Great Britain. Com. of 

La Chapelle, Salomon de. Histoire judiciaire 
de Lyon et des d^partements de Rh6ne-et-Loire 
etdu Rh6ne depuis 1790. Lyon, 1880. 2 v. 8°. 


Lacroix, Auguste. Conferences faites a un 
cercle d'ouvriers de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. 
Saint-Germain-en-Laye, 1879. 16°. 55603.56 

Ladrey, C. Traits de viticulture et d'oenologie. 
2e ^d. P. [1872-79.] 2 V. 8°. 4009.58 

Lagrange, Joseph L., comte. CEuvres, publi^es 
par les soins de J. A. Serret. T. 9. Thdorie des 
fonctions analytiques. P., 1881. 4°. 3911.50 

Laissant, Charles A. Introduction a la m^thode 
des quaternions. P., 1881. 8°. 3934-34 

Lajard, Jean B. F. Introduction a I'^tude du 
culte public et des mystferes de Mithra en Orient 
et en Occident. [P., 1847.] Texte, 4°; Plan- 
ches, F«. *3020.I3 

— Recherches sur le culte public et les mys- 
tferes de Mithra en Orient»et en Occident. ]P., 
1867. 4°. *302oa.5o 

Lake dwellings. See Gastaldi. 

Lambert, Osmund. Angling literature in 
England ; and descriptions of fishing by the 
ancients. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. *6i68.28 

Lancashire and Cheshire historical and gene- 
alogical notes. Ed. by J. Rose. Vol. 2. Leigh, 
18S1. 8». *2435.53 

Land tenure. See Blackie (Lay sermons) ; — 
Great Britain ; — Practical politics. 

Landscape painting and drawing. See Grace ; 
— Meusnier. 

Lange, Friedrich A. History of materialism. 
Authorized tr. by E. C. Thomas. L., 1877-81. 
3 V. 8°. 5604.52 

— Same. B., 1877-81. 3 v. 8°. 5604.50 
Lanman, Charles. Recollections of curious 

characters and pleasant places. Edinb., 1S81. 
8°. 2367.30 

Mostly sketches of American life and travel. 

Latin language and literature. See Jennings. 

Laurie, Simon S. John Amos Comenius, 
bishop of the Moravians, his life and educational 
works. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 3597-89 

Lapland. See Du Chaillu. 

Laveleye, £mile (L. V.) de. Lettres d'ltalie. 
[187S-1879.] Bruxelles, 1S80. i6». 2768.65 

— Le marchd mon^taire et ses crises depuis 
cinquante ans. P., 1865. 8°. 3654.60 

Law. See Heard ; — Holmes ; — Muehlbrecht ; 
— U. S. Dept. of State. 

Lay, Alfred M. Memorial addresses on Alfred 
Morrison Lay (a representative from Missouri), 
in the House of representatives and in the Senate, 
46th congress, 2d session. [Dec, 1879.] Wash., 
18S1. 8°. 4441-74 

Lay folks, The, mass book, or the manner 
of hearing mass, with rubrics and devotions for 
the people in four texts, and offices in English 
according to the use of York, from manuscripts 
of the xth to the xvth century. With appendix, 
notes and glossary by T. F. Simmons. L., 1S79. 
[Early English text society.] 8". *i>*24i7.70 

Leclercq. femile. Caracieres de I'^cole fran- 
(jaise moderne de peinture. P., 1881. 12°. 4078.84 

Leclercq, Jules. Le Tyrol et le pays des Dolo- 
mites. Illus. d'une carte". P., 1880. "18". 2867.60 

Lee, Sarah M. John Lee, of Farmington, 
Conn., and his descendants. Norwich, 1878. 
Sm. 4". *233a.58 

Lee, Vernon, pseud. See Paget, Violet. 

Legouv^, (J. W.) Ernest (G.). See Magasin. 

Legoyt, Alfred. Le suicide ancien et moderne. 
P., 1 88 1. i8^ 5574-63 

Legrand, Emile, ed. Bibliothfeque grecque 
vulgaire. P., 1880, 8i. 3 v. 8°. 2962.61 

Leighton, Robert F. History of Rome. Illus. 
with maps, plans, and engr. N.Y.,i88i. i2°.2758.53 

L^u, Paul. En Algdrie. Souvenirs d'un 
colon. P., 1 88 1. 18°. 50593.31 

A collection of taies descriptive of life and customs in 

Le Marchand, Georges E. N. Deuxi^me cam- 
pagne des Anglais dans I'Afghanistan (1879-80). 
T. I. P., 1881. Maps. Plans. 160. 50593.30 

Lenonnant, Fran<;ois. La Grande-Grfece : 
paysages et histoire. Littoral de la mer lonienne. 
P., 1881. 2 v. 8°. 2735.15 

Le Sage, Alain R. Asmodeus, or the devil 
upon two sticks. Preceded by dialogues between 
two chimneys of Madrid. Tr. from the French. 
With etchings by R. de Los Rios. L.. 1881. 
Sm. 8°. 6674.17 

— The bachelor of Salamanca. Tr. from the 
French by J. Townsend. With etchings by R. 
de Los Rios. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 6674.15 

— The history of Vanillo Gonzales, surnamed 
the merry bachelor. Tr. from the French. With 
etchings' by R. de Los Rios. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 


Lesley, Joseph P. Man's origin and destiny 

sketched from the platform of the physical 

sciences. 2d ed., enl. B., 1S81. 16°. 5823.9 

The first ten of these lectures appeared in 1S68 as reports 
of a course of Lowell institute lectures in Boston. In the 
present edition the eleventh lecture on " Arkite symbolism " 
IS expunged, and six new lectures on " The destiiiy of man " 
are added. 

L^vesque family. See Genet. 

Liddon, Henry P. Sermons to the people, 

preached chiefly in St. Paul's cathedral. N. Y., 

1881. 1 20. ■ 5445-76 





Liguori, Alfonso M. de. Theologia moralis 

beati A. M. de Ligorio. Vesontione, 1834. 9 v. 

Portr. S'\ 7455-10 

The covers are dated 1S39. 

Lima, Peru. See Fuentes. 

Linn, S. P., compiler. Golden gleams of 
thought, from the words of leading orators, 
divines, philosophers, statesmen and poets. 
Chicago. 18S2 [1881]. 16". 2404.71 

Linz, Austria. Chamber of commerce. Sum- 
marischer Bericht hetreftcnd die Verhiiltnisse der 
Industrie, des llandels und Verkehres Oberoster- 
reichs, 1878, 79. Linz, 1879, 80. 2 v. in i. 8". 


LitteU's living age. Index. Sec Griswold. 

Liverpool. Free public library. Catalogue. 
Pt. 2. Containing the books received from Jan., 
1871, toDec, 18S0. Liverpool, 1881. 4". ♦6200.6 

— See Brooke. 

Livingstone, David. Sec Loriot. 

Lloyd, Abigail P. Genealogy. Family of 
Aaron and Sarah Bradley, of Guilford, Conn. 
Hartford, Conn., 1S79. 8". *2332.57 

Locke, David R. (^Petroleum V. Nasby.) 
Hannah Jane. [Poem.] lUus. B., 1882 [1881]. 
Sq. 16°. , 2402.74 

Lockroy, Edouard E. A. Simon, called. The 
great French revolution, 1785-1793. Narrated in 
the letters of Madame J,....., of the Jacobin party. 
Ed. by her grandson Edouard Lockroy. From 
the French, by Miss Martin, and an American 
collaborateur. L., 1881. 8°. 2618.70 

Locust. See U. S. Entomological com. 

Logic. Sec Macfarlane. 

Longfellow, Henry W. The Longfellow birth- 
day-book. Arranged by Charlotte F. Bates. 
B., 1881. Portr. Illus. i6». 2390b. 58 

Longueval, Jacques, and others. Histoire de 
I'^glise gallicane, par les p&res Longueval, Fon- 
tenay, Brumoy et Berthier de la Compagnie de 
J^sus. 4e^d. augm. P., 1825-28. 26 v. i2». 55193.50 

Lopez de Gomara, Francisco. Historia de 
Mexico, con el descvbrimiento dela Nueua 
Espafla, conquistada por el muy illustre y 
valeroso principe don Fernando Cortes, marques 
del Valle. Aftadiose de la descripcion y tra9a de 
todas las Indias. Anvers, 1554. Sm. 8°. 


Lorimer, George C. Isms old and new. Sor- 
mon[s]. Chicago, 1881. 16°. 5487.81 

Loriot, Ch. F. David Livingstone et sa mis- 
sion sociale. P.,i88i. Portrs. Illus. 18°. 3058.21 

Lossing, Benson J. Harpers' popular cyclo- 
paedia of United States history, to 1876. Illus. 
N. Y., 1881. 2 v. 8«. *422i.50 

Lovering, Joseph F. Services for the use of 
the Grand army of the Republic. B., 1881. 16°. 


Low, John L. Durham. With map and plan. 
L., 1881. Sm. 8°. [Diocesan histories.] 5529.54 

Lowry-Corry, Somerset R., carl and viscount 
Belmorc. The history of two Ulster manors of 
Finagh, in the county of Tyrone, and Coole, 
otherwise manor Atkinson, in the county of Fer- 
managh, and of their owners. L., 1881. 8°. 


Lubbock, 5/r John. The origin of civilisation 
and the primitive condition of man. Mental and 
social condition of savages. 4th ed., with addi<- 
tions. L., 1882 [1881]. Illus. 8°. 6236.52 

Lusk, William T. The science and art of mid- 
wifery. With illus. N.Y., 1882 [1881]. 80. *3773,67 

Luys, Jules. Traits clinique et pratique des 
maladies mentales. P., 1881. 8^ 3802.63 

Lyell, A> Charles. Life, letters and journals. 
Ed. by his sister-in-law, Mrs. Lyell. With portr. 
L., 1S81. 2 V. 8°. ' 2540-55 

Lyons, France. See La Chapelle. 

McClellan, George B. Sec Webb. 

McClintock, John N. Bibliography of New 
Hampshire. (/« Granite montlUy, v. 4. Con- 
cord, 1S81.) ' *4435-54-4 

McCook, Henry C. The honey ants of the 
Garden of the gods, and the Occident ants of the 
American plains. With plates. Phila., 1882 
[188 1 ]. 8°. 3894.60 

Macfarlane, Alexander. Principles of the 
algebra of logic, with examples. Edinb., 1879. 
Sm. 8". 3936-15 

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Contains anion^other illustrated storit-s, the following;: — 

Alcott, Louisa M. Les quatre tillcs du docteur Marsch, 

Astlion, G. L'ami Kipps, v. 33, 34. 

Biart, L. Voyages et avcntures de deux enfants dans un 
pare, V. 35, 36. 

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— La gileppe, v. 39, 30. 

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Ejiger, Eniile. Histoire du livre, v. 37, 38. 
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par P. J. Stall! [/,««•«(/.], v. ig, 30. 

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Mac(5, Jean. La France avant les Krancs, v. 39. 
Verne, Jules. Un canitainc de quinze ans, v. 37, sS. 

— Les cmq cents millions de la B^gum, v. 39, 30. 

— Hector Servadac, v. 35, 36. 

— I^'ile niystirieuse, v. 19-33. 

— La Jangada; ire partie, v. 33, 

— La inaison i vapeur, v. 30-33. 

— Michel Strogoff, v. 33, 34. 

Magna Graecia. See Lenormant. 

Maine. Sec Varney. 

Malay archipelago. See Adams. 

Mallet, Emilie, nie Oberkampf. See Witt. 

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Man. Sec Lesley ; — Lubbock ; — Socidtd. 

Manchester, England. Sec Sutton. 

Manchester literary club. Papers. Vol. 7. 
1880-81. Manchester, Eng., 1881. 8°. *2504.50 

Vol. 7 contains, among other papers, fire essays upon 
George Eliot, one of which is a bibliography. 

Mantegna, Andrea. Sec Cartwright. 

Manufactures. See Linz ; — Spon. 

Manuscripts. See Bibliothfeque. 

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ed. Chroniques des comtes d'Anj"ou, recueillies 
et publi^es pour la Soci^td de I'histoire de France. 
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r^tat physiologique et dans les maladies. Avcc 
figures. P., 1881. 8". 3763.66 

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Itindraire de la Haute-Egypte, comprenant une 
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^d.] Alexandrie, 1872. Folded plates. 16°. 50593.32 




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of the Mark Newbie coppers, and the issues of 
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Martial law. See Finlason. 

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antiquites chretiennes. Nouv. ed., rev., aug., 
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1880. *6436.i 

— Auditor of accounts. Report, 1880. *6443.i 
-w- Board of agriculture. Twentj'-eighth an- 
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— Board of education. Forty-fourth annual 
report, 1879-S0. *6455.3 

— Bureau of statistics of labor. Twelfth annual 
report, 1881. *6443.3 

Industrial conciliation and arbitration. 

Compiled by Carroll D. Wright. B., 1881. 8°. 


— Insurance commissioner. Twentj'-sixth an- 
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— State board of health, lunacy and charity. 
Second annual report, 1S80. 2 v. *6458.20 

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[English men of letters. Ed. by John Morlev.] 
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electricity. Ed. by Wm. Garnett. Oxford, 1881. 
lUus. Plates. 8°. 3963.66 

— A treatise on electricity and magnetism. 
2d ed. Oxford, 1881. 2 v. 8°. 3962.61 

Maya language. See Charency ; — Perez. 

Maynard, C.J. The birds of eastern North 
America; containing 32 plates by the author. 
Newtonville, Mass., 1881. 4°. *590i.53 

— The naturalist's guide in collecting and 
preserving objects of natural historjs with a com- 
plete catalogue of the birds of eastern Massa- 
chusetts. With illus. Rev. ed. Newtonville, 
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Medical directory. 1881. L. [1881.] 8°. *4536.i 

Medicine. See Annee m^dicale; — Index; — 
Kings county ; — Nouveau ; — U. S. Marine hos- 

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ferns of the United States. 2d ser. Vol. i, 2. 
Chromolithographs. Phila., 1880. L. 8°. *3842.6o 

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— Inscriptions des revers de plaques du palais 
de Khorsabad, traduites sur le texte assvrien. 
p., 1865. L. fo. *3040.62 


Mendelssohn family. See Hensel. 
Merope myth. .See Arnold, M. 
Merrill, Selah. East of the Jordan. A record 
of travel. With illus. Map. N.Y., 1881. 8°. 


Mesopotamia. See Oppert. 

Meteorology. See Great Britain ; — RadclifFe ; 

— United States. Naval observatory. 

Meusnier, Georges. Lefusain. Charcoal draw- 
ing without a master. [By Karl Robert, pseud.^ 
Followed by lessons on studies after Allong^. 
Tr. from by Elizabeth H. Appleton. Cincin., 
1 880. Illus". 8°. 8064.61 

Mexico. See Lopez de Gomara. 

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degesteproven<jale, publieepour la premiere fois, 
d'apres le manuscrit unique appartenant a A. 
Didot. P., 1880. [Society des anciens textes 
fran<;ais.] 8°. 2694.74 

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et de la navigation a Bordeaux principalement 
sous I'administration anglaise. Bordeaux. 1867, 
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Middle ages. See Labarte. 

Migration of birds. See Brown, J. A. H. 

Milk. See Paris. Exposition universelle. 

Milwaukee. See Buck. 

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Memoirs, 1788-1815. Ed. by General Fleisch- 
mann. From the French by Mrs. Cashel Hoe v and 
JohnLillie. With notes. L., 1881. 2 v. 8°. 4642.65 

— Same. N. Y., 1881. 12°. 4642.64 

The memoirs in French are on 3653.8. 

Miot was minister, ambassador, councillor of state and 
member of the Institute. He was the friend of Joseph 
Bonaparte, and his companion in Spain, and Naples, and in 
the Peninsula. 

Miracles. See Westcott. 

Missions. See Brett. 

Mississippi river. See Brucker. 

Mithra.. 5ec Lajard. 

Moderation vs. total abstinence; or. Dr. 
Crosby and his reviewers. N.Y., 1881. 12°. 5574.66 

Contains Dr. Howard Crosby's Calm view of the temper- 
ance question, with replies and reviews by Mark Hopkins, 
Wendell Phillips, Mrs. J. E. Foster, T. L. Cuyler, Ezra M. 
Hunt, A. J. Gordon, and others. 

Modem review. The. A quarterly magazine. 
Vol. 1. 1880. L., 1880. 8°. *5369-5 

Molifere,Jean B. P. See Coquelin. 

Molinari, Gustave de. LTrlande, le Canada, 
Jersey ; lettres addressees au Journal des D^bats. 
P., 1881. i8». 2269a.68 

The part upon Ireland is devoted to a consideration of the 
Land question. 

MoUusca. See Rolland. 

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monnaie romaine. Trad, de I'allemand par le due 
deBlacas. P., 1865-75. 4V. Plates. 8". *275i.52 

Monograms. See Nagler. 

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The monks of the West, from St. Benedict to St. 
Bernard. B., 1872. 2 v. 8°. 55I3-5I 

Montlosier, Frah9ois D. R., comte de. See 

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William Shakespeare and circumstantial evi- 
dence. Cincin., 1881. 12*". 6592.14 

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L., 1881. 2 v. Portr. 8°. 2540.51 

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the twelfth century. 2d ser. L-, 1873. [Early 
English text society.] 8°. ♦46o8.a'7 



Mother Goose, or the old nursery rhymes. 
Illus. by Kate Greenaway. Engraved and pr. by 
E. Evans. L. [1881.] Sm. 8°. +2404.70 

Mould. See Darwin. 

Mount Desert island, Maine. Map. Pre- 
pared by Boston & Maine railroad. [B., 1880.?] 
Size, 21" X 22^ in. Scale, i| m. to i in. +44303.3 

Muehlbrecht, Otto, compiler. Uebersicht der 
gesammten staats- und rechtswissenschaftlichen 
Literatur. Jahrg. 12, 13. 1879, 80. Berlin, 1880, 
81. 2 V. in I. 8°. *2i68.6 

Muentz, Eugene. Raphael : his life, works, 
and times. From the French. With 154 engrav- 
ings in the text, and 43 full-page plates. Ed. by 
Walter Armstrong. L., 1882 [1881]. 8". +8072.64 

Mulhall, Marion. Between the Amazon and 
Andes : or ten years of a lady's travels in the 
Pampas, Gran Chaco, Paraguay, and Matto 
Grosso. With maps and illus. L.,i88i. 8". 2363.77 

Munich. See Watts, A. M. H. 

Munro, Wilfred H., ed.- Picturesque Rhode 
Island. Pen and pencil sketches of its cities, 
towns and hamlets, and of men who have made 
them famous. Providence, 1881. 8°. *2338.63 

Murray, Alexander, and Howley, James P. 
Geological survey of Newfoundland. L., 1881. 
Illus. 8°. 3863.75 

A republication of the whole set of Reports of progress 
on the geological survey, 1S64-18S0, with revisions and cor- 

Murray, Thomas C. Lectures on the origin 
and growth of the Psalms. N. Y., 1880. 120. 


Musgrave, George. Ten days in a French 
parsonage in the summer of 1863. L. , 1864. 2 v. 
Plate. Sm. 8°. 6668.12 

Music. See Annales ; — Cui ; — David ; — 
Elson ; — Franz ; — Hart ; — Marx ; — Richter. 

Myroure, The, of our Ladye, containing a de- 
votional treatise on divine service, with a trans- 
lation of the offices used by the sisters of the 
Brigittine monastery of Sion, at Isleworth, dur- 
ing the 15th and i6th centuries. Ed. from the 
original black-letter text of 1530, with introd. and 
notes, by J. H. Blunt. L., 1873. Fac-simile. 
[Early English text society.] 8". +,^+4607. 25 

The editor inclines to the belief that the author was 
Thomas Gascoign, of Merton college, Oxford, who was 
Vice-chancellor of that university in the years 1434 and 
1439, and Chancellor from 1443 to 1445. 

Mysteries (religious dramas). See Home. 
Myths. See Arnold, M. ; — Harrison. 

Nabathaeans. See Quatremfere ; — Renan. 

Nagler, G. C. Die Monogrammisten und 
diejenigen bekannten und unbekannten Kiinstler 
aller Schulen. Mit Beriicksichtigung von Buch- 
druckerzeichen, der Stempel von Kunstsammlern, 
u. s. w. Mit den raisonnirenden Verzeichnissen 
der Werker anonymer Meister. Miinchen, 1858- 
79. 5 V. 8°. *4097.2 

Napoleon I. See Miot. 

Napoleon III. See Orsi. 

Narcotics. See Beard. 

Naval art and science. See Glasgow ; — United 
States naval institute. 

Navigation. See Bowditch. 

Neil, James. Palestine explored with a view 
to its present natural features, and to the prevail- 
ing manners, customs [etc.], which throw light 
on the figurative language of the Bible. L. , 
1882 [i88i]. Sm, 8°. 3079.72 

Newbury district field club, Nerubury, Eng. 
Transactions designed to promote the knowledge 
of the natural history and antiquities of the 
neighbourhood. 1870-75. Newbury, 1871, 78. 
2 V. Illus. S''. +2496.60 

Newfoundland. See Murray, A. 

New Hampshire. See McClintock. 

Newport historical magazine. Vol. i. 1880- 
81. Newport, R. I. [1881.] 8°. *4436.58 

New South Wales. See Reid, G. H. 

New Sweden, Maine. Celebration of the 
decennial anniversary, July 23, 1880. Portland, 
1881. 8°. +2338.65 

New York illustrated. N. Y., 1881. Folded 
map. 8°. 2377.38 

Newspapers. See Annuaire ; — Ayer. 

Nicholson, Henry W. From sword to share ; 
or a fortune in five years at Hawaii. With map 
and illus. L. , 1881. Portrs. Sm. 8°. 3079.73 

Nicolay, John G. The outbreak of rebellion. 
N.Y., 1S81. [Campaigns of the civil war. i.] 
12°. 2324.86 

Nicolet, Jean. See Butterfield. 

NicoU, Henry J. Great movements and those 
who achieved them. With portrs. L., 1881. 
Sm. 8°. 2428.57 

Contents. — Prison reform, John Howard; The abolition 
of the slave trade, William Wilberforce ; The amelioration 
of the criminal code, Sir Samuel Romilly; Popular educa- 
tion, Lord Brougham ; Cheap literature, Constable, Cham- 
bers, Knight, Cassell; Penny postage. Sir Rowland Hill; 
The repeal of the corn laws, Richard Cobden, John Bright, 
C. P. Villiers; The repeal of the fiscal restrictions on 
literature and the press, T. Milner Gibson and others ; The 
introduction of gas, Murdoch, Winsor, Clegg, and others; 
The steam engine, and its application to locomotion, Watt, 
Stephenson, Fulton, Bell ; The electric telegraph, Cooke, 
Wheatstone, and others. 

Noel, Baptist W. Notes of a tour in Piedmont, 
in 1854. L., 1855. Map. Sm. 8°. 6668.11 

Northwest, The. See Butterfield. 

Norton, David. Sketches of the town of Old 
Town, Penobscot county, Maine; with bio- 
graphical sketches. Bangor, 1881. 8°. +4336.73 

Norway. See Du Chaillu. 

Notre-Dame cathedral, Paris. See Hoffbauer, 

Nouveau dictionnaire de mddecine et de chi- 
rurgie pratiques. Illus. T, 1-30, P., 1864-81, 
8°. *5739-a 

Nova Scotia historical society. Report and 
collections for 1878. Vol. i. Halifax, N.S., 
1879. 8°. +4316.52 

Numismatics. See British museum ; — Cohen ; 

— Maris ; — Mommsen. 

Oakey, Maria R. See Dewing, Maria R. 

Oberholtzer, Sara L. Coine for arbutus, and 
other wild bloom. [Poems.] Phila., 1882 [1881]. 
1 2°. 2390b, 56 

Object lessons. ^ccCalkins, 

Obry, Jean B, F. Du berceau de I'esp^ce hu- 
maine selon les Indiens, les Perses et les He- 
breux. P., 1858. 8°. 2234.56 

Obstetrics. See American gynecological soc. ; 

— Lusk ; — Playfair. 

Occult sciences. See Prost. 

Odyssey. See Harrison. 

Old Town, Penobscot co., Maine. See Norton. 

Old Yorkshire. Ed. by W. Smith. [Vol. 3.] 
L., 1 881. Illus. Portrs. 8°. +2495.54 

Omar Khayyam. The quatrains of Omar Khay- 
ydm. Tr. into English verse by E. H. Whin- 
field. L., 1882 [i88i]. 8°. 3025.69 

Opera, The. See Walshe. 




Oppenheim, Ancel. Connaissances n^ces- 
saires a un amateur d'objets d'art et de curiosity. 
P., 1879. ^^°- 4029.105 

Oppert, Jules. Expedition scientifique en 
M^sopotamie executee par ordre du gouverne- 
ment de 1851 a 1854, P^"" ^- Fresnel, F. Thomas 
et J. Oppert. Publi^e sous les auspices de S. Exc. 
M. le ministre d'dtat par J. Oppert. P., 1859, 
63. Texte, 2 V. 4°; Atlas of plates, i v. L. f". 

*307o.5o ; Atlas, *3070.25 

— Les inscriptions de Dour-Sarkavan (Khor- 
sabad), provenant des fouilles de M. Victor 
Place, d^chiffrees et interpretees par J. Oppert. 
P., 1870. L. fo. , *5oio.i6 

— M^moire sur les rapports de I'Egypte et de 
I'Assvrie dans I'antiquite, eclaircis par I'etude 
des textes cun^iformes. P., 1869. 4°. 3021.22 

Oppert, Jules, and M^nant, Joachim. Grande 
inscription du palais de Khorsabad, publiee et 
commentee. P., 1863. 16°. 3028.5 

Orden, Wappen und Flaggen aller Regenten 
und Staaten in originalgetreuen Abbildungen. 
Lpz., 1880. 38 plates. 40. *2223.57 

Orders. See Burke ; — Orden. 

Orkney islands. See Reid, J. T. 

Orsi, , count. Recollections of the last 

half-century. L., 1881. Illus. Portr. Sm. 8°. 


" Included in the volume are several articles previously 
published in Eraser's magazine, devoted to rectifying^ incor- 
rect notions which have prevailed hitherto in reference to 
events in the life of Napoleon iii prior to his advent to the 
presidency." — Preface. 

Osmun, Thomas E. The verbalist : a manual 
devoted to brief discussions of the right and the 
wrong use of Avords. By Alfred Avres [/5«??«/.]. 
N.Y., 1882 [1881]. 16°. ' 2488.78 

Otis, Charles P. Elementary German. N.Y., 
1881. 16°. 2889.81 

Ott^, Elise C. Denmark and Iceland. L., 
1881. Illus. Maps. Sm. 8°. 2868.80 

Paddock, Cornelia. The fate of Madame La 
Tour. A tale of Great Salt Lake. N.Y., 1881. 
16°. *2404.64 

Paget, Violet. Studies of the i8th century in 
Italy. By Vernon Lee [/*<?««/.]. L., 1880. "^ 8°. 


On the Arcadian academy, musical life, Metastasio and 
the opera, the Comedy of masks, Goldoni and the realistic 
comedy, Carlo Gozzi and the Venetian fairy comedy. 

Paine, Albert W. Paine genealogy. Ipsvvich 
branch. Bangor, 1881. 8°. *4338.6i 

Painting. See Grace ; — Hill ; — Leclercq, E. 

Palestine. See Dulles ; — Merrill ; — Neil ; — 
Pitman ; — Stanley. 

Palgrave, Francis T. The visions of England. 
[Poems.] L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 45603.31 

Pantheism. See Jacob ; — Plumptre. 

Paris. Exposition universelle, 1878. Con- 
gres et conferences du Palais du Trocadero. 
P., 1880,81. 8°. Namely: — 

— Congr^s international de g^ographie com- 
merciale. *6o25.8o 

— Congr^s internat. des architectes. *6o25.6i 

— Congres internat. des brasseurs. *6o25.83 

— Congrfes international des sciences ethno- 
graphiques. *6o25.57 

— Congrfes international pour le progres de 
I'industrie laitiere. *6o25.84 

— Congrfes scientifique international des insti- 
tutions de pr^voyance. *6o25.55 

Paris. See Franklin, A. L. A. ; — Hoftbauer. 
Pascoe, Charles E., ed. Everyday life in our 
public schools. Sketched by head-scholars of 
Eton, Winchester, Westminster, Shrewsbury, 
Harrow, Rugby, Charterhouse. Added a brief 
notice of St. Paul's and Merchant Taylors' 
schools, and Christ's hospital. With illus. L. . 
188 1. 8°. 3596.67 

Patents. See Allen, J. T. ; — Banning; — 
Great Britain ; — Illustrirtes. 
Patrick, St. See De Vinn^. 
Patriotism. See Salieres. 

Patton, Jacob H. Concise history of the Amer- 
ican people. With portrs, chart, maps, etc. N. Y. 
[1881. Cop. 1876.] 8°. 4222.59 

Paul, St. See Taylor, W. M. 

Pauperism. See Pretyman. 

Penobscot county, Maine. See Sherman. 

Pentecost, George F. "In the volume of the 
Book," or, the profit and pleasure of Bible study. 
N. Y., 18S0. Portr. 16°. 3417.62 

Perez, Juan P. Diccionario de la lengua Maya. 
M6rida de Yucatan, 1S66-77. 4°. *43ioa.i3i 

Personal liberty. See Deguerre. 

Peterborough, England. See Poole. 

Phear, Sir John B. International trade, and 
the relation between exports and imports. A 
paper read July22, 1881. L., i88i. Sm.8°. 3659.59 

Phelps, Austin. The theory of preaching. 
Letters on homiletics. N. Y., 1881. 12°. 3436.60 

Phillimore, Lucy. Sir Christopher Wren, his 
family and his times, with original letters and a 
discourse on architecture hitherto unpublished. 
1585-1723. With engr. L., 1881. 8°. 2540.52 

Phillipps-WoUey, E. Clive L. O. Sport in the 
Crimea and Caucasus. L., 1881. 8°. 3064.22 

Phillips, Wendell. The scholar in a republic. 
Address at the centennial anniversary of the Phi 
Beta Kappa of Harvard college, June 30, 1881. 
B., 18S1. 16°. 2387.70 

Phoenicia. See Clermont-Ganneau ; — Spen 

Physics. See Gillet. 

Physiography. See Thorn. 

Piedmont. See Noel. 

Piedmont church, Worcester, ^ Mass. See 

Pierre, Victor. L'^cole sous la revolution 
franQaise. P., i88i. 18°. 5598-54 

Pierson, Hamilton W. In the Brush : or, old- 
time life in the Southwest. With illus. N.Y., 
1 88 1. 12°. 2378.65 

Pioneer settlements. See Dillon. 

Pitman, Emma R. Mission life in Greece and 
Palestine. Memorials of Mary Briscoe Baldwin. 
L. [1881.] Portr. Illus. Sm. 8°. 3079.74 

Plants. See Cooke, M. C. 

Plate. See Jamitzer. 

Piatt, James. Economy. L., 1882 [1881]. Sm. 
8°. 365960 

Playfair, William S. Treatise on the science 
and practice of midwifery. 3d Amer. ed., rev. 
With notes and additions by R. P. Harris. With 
illus. Phila., 1880. 8°. *3773.66 

Plumptre, C. E. General sketch of the history 
of pantheism. L. [i88i.] 2 v. 8°. 5486.75 

Plutarch. Lives. Tr. from the Greek, with 
notes and a life, by A. Stewart and G. Long. In 
4v. Vol. 1-3. L., 1880, 81. Sm. 8°. 3008.50 

Plympton, A. G. The glad year round. For 
boys and girls. B., 1882 [i88ij. Illus. Sm. 4°. 





Poets and etchers. Poems by T. B. Aldrich ; 
W. C. Bryant; R. W. Emerson; J. R. Lowell; 
H. W. Longfellow; J. G. Whittier. Etchings by 
A. F. Bellows; Samuel Colman ; Henrv Farrer; 
R. Swain Gifford ; J. D. Smillie. B., 1882 [1881]. 
40. ***2400.53 

Poets and poetry. See Homes ; — Hows ; — 
Hunt ; — Shairp ; — Williams, A. M. 

Political economy. See Piatt. 

Political science. See Muehlbrecht ; — Traill. 

Poncet de Bermond, Hippolyte. Military 
events of the late French revolution [1830] ; or, 
an account of the Royal guard on that occasion. 
By a staff officer of the guards. From the French. 
4th ed. L., 1831. 8°. 6622.5 

A translation of " La garde royale pendant les ivine- 
ments du 26 juillet au 5 aout. Paris, 1830." 

Poole, George A. Peterborough [England]. 
L. [1881.''] Map. [Diocesan histories.] Sm. 

8°- 5529-55 

Pope, Alexander. Works. New ed., including 
several hundred unpublished letters, and other 
new materials. Collected in part by J. W. Croker. 
With introd. and notes by W. Ehvin, and W. J. 
Courthope. Vol. 3. With illus. L., iS8i. S". 


Pope, John, ^e«er«/. 5ee Ropes. 

Pope family. See Genealogy. 

Port-Royal. See Sainte Beuve. 

Porter, Noah. Books and reading. [Rev. ed.] 
With an appendix containing a select catalogue 
of books [by J. M. Hubbard]. N.Y., 1881. 16°. 


Positivism, See Broglie ; — Comte. 

Post mortem. [A story.] Edinb., 1881. 16°. 


Pottery. See Jones. 

Practical politics. L., 1881. 8°. 2510.27 

Contents. — The tenant farmer, by James Howard. — 
Foreign policy, by Mountstuart E. Grant Duff. — Freedom 
of land, by G. Shaw Lefevre. — British colonial policy, by 
Sir David Wedderburn. 

Prescott, George B. Electricity and the elec- 
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Contents. — i. AUgemeines und Wirbelthiere. 3. Die 

Pricket, Robert. Honors fame in trivmph 
riding [or, life and death of the earle of Essex]. 
(1604.) [Also,'] A trve coppie of a discourse 
written by a gentleman, employed in the late 
voyage of Spaine and Portingale, 1589. Ed. with 
introd. and notes by A. B. Grosart. [Man- 
chester.] 1881. 4°. *^,*2535.24 

Printing, ^cc Earliest ; — GreatBritain. Com. 
0/ patents. 

Prisons. See Her Majesty's prisons. 

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1881. Illus. Sm. 8°. 3929.79 

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oeuvres. T. i. P., 1881. Portr. [Les sciences 
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Protestant episcopal church. See Franklin, B. 

Proverbs. See Decourdemanche. 

Psalms. See Murray, T. C. 

Pseudonyms. See Halkett. 

Public schools. See Pascoe. 
Purcell, Henry. See Cummings. 
Pythagoras. See Epictetus. 

Quaternions. ^See Hardy, A. S. ; — Laissant. 

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Nabatdens. P., 1835. 8°. 3024.23 

Quebec. See Ramezay. 

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1820. 8°. No. 3 in *,^*6562.7 

Queen, The, that Jack found. With thirteen 
cuts. 6th ed. L., 1820. 8°. No. 10 in *,*6562.7 

The cuts are by George Cruikshank. A satirical poem on 
he trial of Qiieen Caroline. 

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ence extraordinary, relative to the defence of her 
majesty. A companion to the Royal letter-bag. 
L., 1820. Illus. 8°. No. 6 in ***6562.7 

Satirical poems on the trial of Qiieen Caroline. 

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1820. 8°. No. 2 in ***6562.7 

Purporting to be from Caroline to George iv. 

Quotations. See Linn ; — Shakespeare. 

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cliffe catalogues of stars for 1845 and i860. 
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— Results of meteorological observations. 
Vol. 1-37. 1840-79. Ed. by E. J. Stone [etc.]. 
Oxford, 1842-80. 37 V. Illus. 8°. *7925.50 

Vol. 1-13, 36 (1840-52, 76) are astronomical observations; 
vol. 14-35 ('843-75) are astronomical and meteorological ob- 
servations; vol. 37 meteorological observations. 

Raikes, Robert. See Taylor, J. 

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au sujet de la reddition de cette ville le 18 sept. 
^759- [.Also, Evdnements de la guerre en Canada 
pendant 1759 et 1760.] Quebec, 1861. 8°. *43i4.76 

Raphael. See Muentz. 

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tions des colonies angloises dans I'Amdrique 
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M. Du Rosoir places this work among those falsely attrib- 
uted to Raynal. 

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Illus. Phila., 1882 [1881]. 16°. 2404.67 

Re3l estate. See Burn. 

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Sczione di filosojia e filologia. Pubblicazioni. 
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islands. Edinb., 1881. Sm. 4°. *2463.58 

With etchings by the author. 

R6musat, Claire E. J. G. (de Vergennes). A 
selection from the letters of Madame de Rdmusat 
to her husband and son, from 1804 to 1813. 
From the French by Mrs. Cashel Hoey and John 
Lillie. L., 1881. Portr. 8°. 4642.62 

Renaissance. See Labarte. 

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s^mitiques dans I'histoire de la civilisation. 7e 
^d. P., 1875. 8°. 3024.2a 



Renan (J.) Ernest, continued. 

— An essay on the age and antiquity of the book 
of Nabathsean agriculture. Added an inaugural 
lecture on the position of the Shemitic nations 
in the history of civilization. L., 1862. 12°. 


— Questions relatives aux antiquit^s des peu- 
ples semitiques. (/« Revue archeologique. P., 

1856.) *22I7.5I.24 

Representative government. See Syme. 

Reptiles. See Rolland. 

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81. P., 1881. Plates. lUus. L. 8°. *692i.i 

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by J. C. D. Parker. B., 1873. 8°. 4044.69 

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by "J. C. D. Parker. B. [Cop. 1878.] 8°. 8052.87 

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woman suffrage movement. From 1774 to 1881. 
B., i88i. 12°. 5574-65 

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de I'eglise catholique continu^e jusqu'a nos jours 
par I'abbe Guillaume. Nouv. ^d. Avec des 
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land, laying down grass, artificial grasses, etc. 
Ed. by W. H. Ablett. L., 1881. Illus. 8". 


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France. Noms vulgaires, dictons, proverbes, 
Idgendes, contes et superstitions. T. 1-3. P., 
1877-81. 8°. 2686.13 

Roman catholic church. See Bardoux ; — 
Campello; — Montalembert; — Rohrbacher; — 
Young, A. 

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15th-century version. Ed. by Julius Zupitza. L., 
1875. 76- [Early English text society.] 8°. 


Rome. See Cohen ; — Falke ; — Leighton ; — 

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1881. Maps. [Campaigns of the civil war. 4.] 
120. 2324.88 

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1881. Sm. 8°. 456oa.28 

— Same. B., 1881. 16°. 45603.27 

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illustr^. Histoire naturelle des insectes. P., 
1876-78. 3 v. , Illus. Plates. 4°. *3892.52 

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livres. Par un bibliophile. P., 1880. i6«, 1. p. 


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Christianity. Lectures at St. Paul's cathedral. 
N. Y., 1881. 120. 3438.75 

R .... 1 [Royal] fowls, The; or the old 
black cock's attempt to crow over his illustrious 

mate. A poem. By the author of the R 1 

brood. 4th ed. L., 1820. 8°. No. 8 in %*6562.7 

On the trial of Queen Caroline. The vignette is by George 

Royal geographical societv, London. Journal. 
Vol. 48-50. L., 1878-80. Folded maps. 8°. *6275.i 

Royal letter-bag. The. 3d ed. L., 1820. 8°. 
No. 7 in *#*6562.7 

Satirical poems on the trial of Queen Caroline. 

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side flowers among the Alps, and in Scotland 
and England. Pts. 1-5. N. Y., 1875-77. 3 v- 
Illus. 12°. 2575.75 

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sketch. Cincin., 1881. Portr. 12°. 4348.119 

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1881. 8°. *2436.56 

History of a Scottish family, extending, as has been 
claimed, from S39 to the present time. 

Russia. See Chester ; — Tissot. 

Sabians. See Hal^vy ; — Siouffi. 

Sage, Bernard J. Davis and Lee : a protest 
against the attempt of the Yankee radicals to 
have them and the other confederate chiefs 
murdered : a vindication of the southern states. 
By P. C. Centz, barrister \_pseud.'\. L., 1865. 8°. 


— The republic of republics : or, American 
federal liberty. 4th ed. By P. C. Centz, barris- 
ter I pseud.']. B., 1881. 8°. 4424-69 

St. Lawrence, Gulf of. See Faucher de Saint- 

St. Lawrence river. See Chisholm's. 

Sainte Beuve, Charles A. Port- Royal. P., 
1871-78. 7 v. 16°. 5528.52 

A study of Pascal occupies vol. 2, pp. 377-510; vol. 3, pp. 

Sainte-Chapelle, Pan's. See Guilhermy. 

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San Juan water boundary. See Fitzwilliam. 

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I'histoire de la Grfece au moyen ^ge. ire s^r. 
Documents tir^s des archives de Venise, 1400- 
1500. T. I, 2. P., 1880, 8i. 2 v. Folded charts. 
L. 8°. 3071-52 

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tology. Ed. and prepared by T. E. Satter- 
thwaite in association with Thomas Dwight, J. 
Collins Warren [and others], with illus. N. Y., 
1881. 8°. 3722.60 

To all the chapters, except the first and twenty-sixth, are 
appended bibliographies. 

Savings-banks. See Paris. Exposition uni- 

Savonarola, Girolamo M. F. M. See Austin. 

Scandinavia. See Du Chaillu ; — Tyler. 

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sende deutschen Lebens. 3te Aufl. Stuttgart. 
[1879-81.] Illus. F". *28io.50 

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by G. Droppers and C. A. P. Dachsel. Mil- 
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Contents. — Biographical sketch; The misery of life; 
Metaphysics of love ; Genius; ./Esthetics of poetry ; Educa- 

Schurman, Jacob G. Kantian ethics and the 
ethics of evolution. Pub. by the Hibbert trus- 
tees. L., 1881. 8°. 3584.17 




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and abridged by D. Masson. Vol. 4. I58';-I592. 
Edinb., 18S1. L. 8°. *2472.5o 

— Sec Anderson ; — Dalyell. 

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works historical and romantic. Selected and ar- 
ranged by Wm. T. Dobson. With illus. in pho- 
tography. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. *4574.82 

Sculpture. See Shedd. 

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family, 17215-1881. With appendices. Worcester, 
1881. Plate. 8°. *4338.62 

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resque lands. France, Spain, Germany, Switzer- 
land, Holland, Belgium, Tyrol, Italy, Scandi- 
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in Africa : a narrative of nine years spent 
amongst the game of the far interior of South 
Africa. Illus. L., 1881. 8°. 5052.16 

Selsea, England. See Stephens, W. R. W. 

Semitic races. See Renan. 

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lectures at Oxford. Oxford, 1881. 8°. 2555.69 

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patra. Ed., with notes, by W. J. Rolfe. With 
engr. N. Y., 1881. 16°. 6596.24 

— The Shakespeare phrase book. By J. 
Bartlett. B., 1881. 12°. 6593.23 

— See Gairdner ; — Morgan ; — Vining. 
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ture. Illus. B., 1881. 12°. 4077.73 

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Maine. N. Y., 1875. 4°. *4430.53 

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illus. Calcutta, 1872-81. 3 V. 4°. 3041.51 

Shipbuilding. See Glasgow. 

Shropshire dialect. 5ee Jackson. 

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in America, from 1732 to 1876. Lancaster, Pa., 
1876. 12°. *4339-54 

Sicily. See Elliot. 

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South Wales. With illus. L., 1881. 8°. 2463.57 

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Christian church : lectures in Winchester cathe- 
dral. Rivingtqns, 1881. Sm. 8°. 5528.53 

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ou Sab^ens. P., 1880. 8°. 54803.53 

Skin diseases. See Bulkley. 

Slavery. See Germantown. 

Smelfungus, pseud. See Alexander, Patrick P. 

Smith, Charles H. The ancient >costume of 
Great Britain and Ireland, from the viith to the 
xvith century. With descriptions and illus. Im- 
proved ed. L. [1813.] 60 colored plates. 4°. 


Smith, George, F. S. A. Canal adventures by 
moonlight. L., 1881. Plate. Sm. 8°. 5574.67 

Describes the experiences of a philanthropist among 
the canal boat population in England. 

Smith, George B. The life and speeches of 
John Bright. With portrs. L., 1881. 2 v. 8°. 


Abstracts of the speeches only are given, with parts of a 
few verbatim as delivered. 

Smith, John, captain, 1579-1631. See Warner. 
Smyth, John, tke Se-Baptist. See Dexter. 
Snails. See Preussische. 

Soci6td d'anthropologie de Paris. Bulletins. 
3e s^r. T. 3. i88o. P., 1880. Portr. 8°. 


Soci^t^ litt^raire et historique, Quebec. Col- 
lection de memoires et de relations sur I'histoire 
ancienne du Canada, d'apres des manuscrits des 
archives publiques en France. Quebec, 1840. 8°. 

*43 14-74 
— Voyages de d^couverte au Canada, 1534-42, 
par Jacques Quartier, le sieur de Roberval, Jean 
Alphonse de Xanctoigne, etc. Suivis de la de- 
scription de Qj^i^bec en 1608, et de divers extraits 
relativement au lieu de I'hivernement de Jacques 
Quartier en 1535-36. (Avec gravures fac-simile.) 
Quebec, 1843. 8°. • 4314-75 

Contains a fac-simile of Champlain's Carte de Qii^bec et 
ses environs en 160S. 

Sociology. See Featherman ; — Spencer. 

Soldi, Emile. Les arts meconnus. Les nou- 
veaux musses du Trocadero. Ouvrage ornd de 
gravures. P., 1881. L. 8°. *4073.70 

Contents. — Les cam^es et les pierres gravies ; Les arts 
au moyen age; L'art persan ; L'art khmer; L'art am^ricain; 
L'art egyptien. 

Solly, Edward, compiler. An index of heredi- 
tary English, Scottish and Irish titles of honour. 
L., 1880. [Index society. Publications, 5.] 8°. 


Songs (with music). See Elson ; — Franz. 

Sorley, William R. Jewish Christians and 
Judaism. A study in the history of the first two 
centuries. Camb., 1881. 8°. 3423-67 

Sound, The (between Denmark and Sweden). 
See U. S. Hydrographic office. 

South, The. Sec Pierson. 

Southold, Long Island, N. Y. See Whitaker. 

Spain. See Gairdner; — Hubbard. 

Spencer, Herbert. Descriptive sociology. 
Div. 2. Pt. 2-B. L., 1880. F«>. *356o.5i 

Contents. — Hebrews and Phoenicians. Compiled by R. 

Spinnaker, pseud, t Spindrift from the Heb- 
rides. Edinb., 1881. Illus. 16°. 24693.86 
Stories of yachting in the Western islands. 

Spiritualism. See Houghton. 

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16°. 239ob.6o 

Spon's encyclopjedia of the industrial arts, 
manufactures, and commercial products. Div. 
4. India-rubber manufactures — Photography. 
Ed. by Charles G. W. Lock. L., 1881. Illus. 
L. 8°. *8o32.50 

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[of Plymouth]. B., 1881. Illus. 16". 239ob.53 

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Corinne ou ITtalie. Nouv. ^d. Prdc^dde d'une 
notice par Mme. N. de Saussure. N.Y., 1880. 
12°. 2662.21 

Statnpa, Gaspara. See Benson. 

Stanley, Arthur P. Scripture portraits and 
other miscellanies. Collected from [his] pub- 
lished writings. Newed. L.,i88o. Sm. 8°. 5445.78 

— Sermons preached before the Prince of 
Wales, during his tour in the East in 1862, with 
notices of some of the localities visited. L., 
1863. 8°. 5441-57 

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on [his] life and character, in the Senate and 
House of representatives, Feb. 24, 1876. Wash., 
1876. Portr. 8°. *434i.70 

Stars. See Holden ; — Radcliffe. 

Steel. See Great Britain. Com. of patents. 

Steele, James W. Cuban sketches. N.Y., 
1881. 16°. 2363.75 




Stephens, Henry P., and Solopion, Edward. 
Billee Taylor; or, "The reward of virtue." 
Nautical comic opera in two acts. B. [1881.] 4°. 


Music and words of the son§^ without the dialogue. 

Stephens, Joseph R. See Holvoake. 

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diocese, Selsey-Chichester. With map and plan. 
L., 1881. [Diocesan histories.] Sm. 8°. 5529.56 

Stem, Sigmon M. Studien und Plaudereien. 
New ed. rev. Ser. 1, 2. N.Y. [1879, S^-J 16". 


The 3d ser. is called " Studien und Plaudereien im Vater- 
land." By Sigmon M. and Menco Stern. 

Stevens, Henry. Catalogue of the first portion 
of the collections of rare books and manuscripts 
relating to the history and literature of America, 
and H. Stevens's Franklin collection. L., 1881. 
4°. ** 

Stevenson, Esm^ Scott. Our ride through Asia 
Minor, by Mrs. Scott-Stevenson. With map. 
L., 1881. ^. 3073.56 

Stimulants. . See Beard. 

Stranger's illustrated guide to Boston and its 
suburbs ; with maps of Boston and the harbor. 
B., 1881. 16°. * 

Strecker, Adolph. Adolph Streckef's short 
text-book of organic chemistry, byj. Wislicenus. 
Tr. and ed. with additions, by W. R. Hodgkin- 
son, and A. J. Greenaway. L., i88i. Illus. 8°. 


Street railroads. See Clark, D. K. 

Suicide. See Legoyt. 

Sumatra. See Bock. 

Sunday schools. See Crafts ; — Taylor, J. 

Superstitions. See Dalyell. 

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raphy, (in Manchester literary club. Papers, 
V. 7, pp. 97-107.) +2504.50.7 

— Manchester bibliography, 1880. (/« Man- 
chester literary club. Papers, v. 7, pp. 264-291.) 


Sweden. See Du Chaillu. 

Swimming. See Hartelius. 

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tragedy. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 45603.33 

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Results of astronomical observations made in 
1877 ^"d 1878, under the direction of H. C. Rus- 
sell. Sydney, 1881. Illus. Map. 8°. *7926.50 

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England: its faults and failures. L,., 1881. Sm. 
8°. 2515.16 

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France contemporaine." The revolution. Tr. by 
John Durand. L., 1878, 8i. 2 v. 8°. 4613.50 

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brief sketches of the men who made and com- 
mented upon it. Tr. by H. Polano. Phila., 
1876. 8°. 54803.54 

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of agriculture. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 5999.63 

Tasmania. See Etheridge. 

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^d. Montreal, 1878. 2 v. in i. Portrs. Illus. 

8°- *43i4-77 

Tasso, Torquato. Tasso's ' Godfrey of Bul- 
loigne.* (5 cantos.) Tr. by Richard Carew, 
(1594). Ed. with introd. and notes by A. B. 
Grosart. \^Manckester.'\ 1881. 4°. ***2535.25 

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stitutional historv. 2d ed., rev. with additions. 
L., 1881. 8°. " 4526.26 

Taunton, Massachusetts. See Walker. 

Taxidermy. See Maynard. 

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B., 1S82 [1881]. 8°. 2402.75 

— Home pastorals, ballads and lyrics. B., 
1875. 12°. 4505-80 

Taylor, John, 0/ Northampton, England. 
Robert Raikes and Northamptonshire Sunday 
schools. L., 1880. 8°. 5442.61 

Contains a list of publications by Northamptonshire 
authors, or issued from the press in Northampton, relative 
to Sunday schools. 

Taylor, William M. Paul the missionarv. 
N.Y.. 1882 [1881]. Illus. 12°. 3427.74 

Tegn^r, Esaias. Samlade Skrifter. Stock- 
holm, i860. 3v. 16°. 6877.11 

Telegraph. See Washburn. 

Telephone. See Washburn. 

Temperance. See Moderation. 

Tenth Massachusetts battery. See Billings. 

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Repr. from " Notes and queries." Eton, 1881. 
Photog. 8°. 2154.28 

Thackeray, William M. Extracts from [his] 
writings chieflv philosophical and reflective. L,., 
18S1. Portr. "Sm. 8°. 2555.70 

Theology. See Liguori. 

Theology, Natural. See Cellarius. 

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for^t. P., 1881. Illus. 8°. . 2662.63 

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theological. Ed. by J. J. Stewart Perowne and 
L. Stokes. L., 1881. 8». 2540.56 

— Letters to a friend. Ed. bv A. P. Stanlev. 
L., 1 88 1. 8°. ' 2540.57 

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physiography; with illustrations and questions 
from the science examination papers. South 
Kensington. Edinb., 1881. Sm. 8°. 3826.61 

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fran<;aise depuis le commencement du xvie sifecle. 
T. I. P., 1881. 8°. 2683.50 

Tichbome trial. See Cockburn. 

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family. Newport, R. L, 1878. 8°. *2338.64 

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et sur les artistes. Pr^c^d^es d'une liste des prin- 
cipaux ouvrages de peintre et d'une notice par le 
vicomte Henri Delaborde. P., 1881. 16°. 4078.83 

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[Germany]. 496 ^d. P., 1881. " 18°. 2867.59 

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Russie rouge, roman contemporain. loeed. P., 
18S1. 18°. 3068.4a 

Titles of honor. See Solly. 

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dence of landlords on the wealth of a com- 
munity. Camb., 1841. 4°. No. 2 in *565i.24 

From the Transactions of the Cambridge philosophical 
society, v. 7, pt. 2. 

Traill, Henry D. Central government. L., 

1881. [English citizen ser.] Sm. 8°. 2515.19 

Travels and voyages. See Alvarez ; — Beesly ; 

— Bock ; — Dall : — Dulles ; — Elliot ; — Faucher 
de Saint-Maurice; — Francis; — Gottschalk; 

— Hardy ; — Hughes ; — Markham : — Merrill ; — 
Noel ; — Seguin ; — Stevenson ; — Tissot ; — Ty- 
ler; — Verne. 




Treaty of peace, good correspondence & 
neutrality in America, between James ii, and 
Lewis XIV, concluded the f * day of Novemb. , 1686. 
In the Savoy, 1686. Sm. 40. No. 2 in *,^*65i7.40 

This treaty was executed at Whitehall, in the palace, by 
Barillon d'Ainoncourt, for the French, and by Jeffreys, 
Rochester, Sunderland, Middleton and Godolphin for the 

Charlevoix says of it, that it was made by the English 
" pour endormir les Francois de I'Am^rique." It did not 
result in the interest of peace, since, in the spring of 16S7, 
the English resumed hostilities. 

Trocad^ro. See Paris. Exposition univer- 
sellc ; — Soldi. 

Trowbridge, John T. A home idyl, and other 
poems. B., 1881. 12°. 2390b. 55 

Truebner and Co. Monthly list of new and 
forthcoming works, and new American books. 
Vol. 3, 4. 1879, So- L., 1879, 80. 2 V. in i. 8". 


Tyler, Katharine E. The story of a Scandina- 
vian summer. N. Y.,i88i. 12°. 2867.58 

Tyrol. See Leclercq, J. 

Tytler, Sarah, ^5e«^. See Keddie, Henrietta. 

Umbrellas. iS'ee Great Britain. Com.offatents. 

Unitarianism. See Bonet-Maury. 

United States. Board of supervising inspec- 
tors of steam-vessels. Proceedings of the 29th 
annual meeting, Washington, Jan., 1881. Wash., 
1881. 8°. *7958.4i 

— Bureau of agriculture. Contagious dis- 
eases of domesticated animals. Continuation of 
investigation. Wash., 1881. 8°. *5992.6i 

— Bureau of education. Report of the com- 
missioner. 1879. Wash., 1881. 8°. *7595-i 

— Bureau of Indian affairs. Instructions to 
Indian agents. Wash., 1880. 8°. *4464.76 

— Dept. of State. Catalogue of the works 
relative to the law of nations and diplomacy in 
the librarv of the department of state, May 13, 
1881. Wash., 18S1. 16°, 1. p. *2i86.28 

— Dept. of the Interior. Register containing 
a list of persons employed. Corrected to Jan. i, 
1879. Wash., 1879. 8°. ♦C.242.21 

— Entomological commission. Second report 
for 1878 and 79, relating to the Rocky mountain 
locust, and the western cricket. With maps and 
illustrations. Wash., 1880. 8°. *5893.i3 

— Geog. and geological survey of the Rocky mt. 
region. Report on the geology and resources of 
the Black hills of Dakota. With atlas. By H. New- 
ton and W. P. Jenney. Wash., 1880. Illus. Text,4°; 
Atlas, F°. *386i.68; Atlas. ***Cab.43.D.3 

— Hydrographic office. Sailing directions for 
the Kattegat, Sound, and Great and Little Belts, 
to the Baltic sea ; compiled from Danish and 
Swedish surveys. Originally published by Charles 
Wilson, London, 1865. Rearranged and corrected 
by William Gibson. Wash., 1881. 8°. *3956.i9 

— Marine hospitals. Hand-book for the ship's 
medicine chest. Wash., 1881. Illus. 16°. *3755.65 

— Naval observatory. Astronomical and 
meteorological observations, 1876. Pt. i, 2. 
Wash., 1880. Plates. 4°. **5i50.7 

Contents. — i. Astronomical and meteorological observa- 
tions in 1876. — 2. A subject-index to the publications of the 
U.S. naval observatory, 1845-75; Reports on telescopic ob- 
servations of the transit of Mercury, May 5-6, 1S78; Reports 
on the total solar eclipses of July 29, 1878,' and Jan. 11, 1880. 

— Public land office. Instructions of the com- 
missioner of the general land office to the sur- 
veyors general relative to the survey of the public 
lands and private land claims. May 3, 1881. 
Wash., 1881. Plates. 8°. * 

United States, continued. 

— History, etc. See Dillon ; — Hardy ; — Hoist ; 

— Hurd ; — Lossing ; — Mackenzie ; — Patton ; — 
Reemelin ; — Sage. 

— Revolution. See Draper ; — Raynal ; — 

— Civil war. See Billings ; — Force ; — 
Guerre; — Higginson; — Joinville; — Nicolay; 

— Ropes ; — Sage ; — Webb. 

United States naval institute. Proceedings. 
Vol. 1-6. 1874-80. Annapolis [etc.], 1875-80. 
6 V. in 3. Plates. 8°. *5953-58 

Utah. See Dall. 

Varicose veins. See Burnett. 

Varney, George J. A gazetteer of the state of 
Maine. With illus. B., 1881. 8^. *2385.56 

Vegetable diet. See Kingsford. 

Veins. See Burnett. 

Venice. See Freeman. 

Ventilation. See Gouge. 

Verein zur Befdrderung des Gewerbfleisses, 
Berlin. Verhandlungen. 1822-80. Redakteur: 
H. Wedding. Berlin, 1822-80. Text, 59 v. in 
32. Illus. 4°; Plates, 59 V. in 30. 4", obi. *6952.i 

Verne, Jules. La Jangada. 800 lieues sur 
I'Amazone. ire partie. P. [1881.] [Les voyages 
extraordinaires.] 18°. 4660a. 84 

— See Magasin. 

Versailles, France. See Dussieux. 

Vertebrates. See Preussische. 

Vine. See Ladrey. 

Vining, Edward. The mystery of Hamlet. 
Phila., 1881. 16°. 6593.22 

The author argues in favor of the theory that Hamlet was 
a woman, brought up and educated as a man. 

Violin. See David ; — Hart. 

Viollet-le-Duc, Eugene E. Discourses on ar- 
chitecture. Tr. by H. Van Brunt. Illus. B., 
1875, 81. 2 v. L. 8°. 4093-54 

The title x)f vol. 2 reads " Lectures on architecture," and 
is translated by Benj. Bucknall. 

— Lectures on architecture. Tr. from the 
French, by Benj. Bucknall. Vol. 2. Illus. L., 
1 88 1. 8°. 4092-57 

Voice. See Walshe. 

Wales. See Sikes. 

Walker, George H., pub. Atlas of Taunton 
city, Massachusetts. B., 1881. F°. *2350.74 

Walshe, Walter H. Dramatic singing physio- 
logically estimated. L., 1881. Sm. 8". 4049.81 

Ward, Genevieve, countess of Guerbel. See 

Ward, John. A memoir of lieut. -colonel 
Samuel Ward, ist Rhode Island regiment, army 
of the American revolution ; withgenealogy of the 
Ward family. N. Y., 1875. Portr. 4°. *443i.6o 

Warington, R. The chemistry of the farm. 
L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 3999.85 

Warner, Charles D. Captain John Smith 
(1579-1631), sometime governor of Virginia, and 
admiral of New England. A study of his life 
and writings. N. Y., 1881. [Lives of American 
worthies.] 16°. 4348.117 

— Washington Irving. B., 1881. Portr. 
[American men of letters.] 16°. 4348.120 

Warren, Henry. An artistic treatise on the 
human figure, containing hints on proportion, 
color, and composition. 4th ed. Ed. by Susan 
N. Carter. N. Y., 1S81. Illus. [Putnam's art 
hand books.] 16°. 80690.37 

Warsaw, N. Y. See Young, A. W. 




Washburn and Moen manufacturing com- 
pany, Worcester, Mass. Galvanized iron wire 
as employed in the telegraph and telephone. 
Worcester, 1881. 16°. 8oi9a.44 

— Galvanized iron wire as employed in the 
telephone. The standards of iron and steel wire 
in electrical transmissions. Worcester, 1881. 16°. 

Watkins, Morgan G. Pictures of bird life in 
pen and pencil. With illus. by Giacomelli. L. 
[1881.?] 4°. *»*3900-58 

Watt, Alexander. Mechanical industries ex- 
plained. With illus. Edinb.,1881. Sm. 8°. 8019.43 
Watts, Anna M. H. An art student in Munich. 
By Anna Mary Howitt. B., 1854. 16°. 2863.26 

— Same. By Mrs. Howitt- Watts. 2d ed. L., 
1880. 2 V. Sm. 8°. 2863.51 

W^atts.HenryE. AnewDonQuixote.**D.i43.i7 

Published anonymously in, and cut from, Blackwood's 

Edinburgh magazine, October, iSSi, pp. 469-490. A review 

of " A new translation from the originals of 1605 and i6c8, 

by A.J. Duffield, London, 1881." 

Webb, Alexander S. The Peninsula. Mc- 
Clellan's campaign of 1862. N.Y., 1881. [Cam- 
paigns of the civil war. 3.] 12°. 2324.87 

Webster, Noah. An American dictionary of 
the English language. New ed., rev., and enl. 
by C. A. Goodrich and Noah Porter. With an 
appendix. Springfield, 1882 [1881]. Portr. Illus. 
40. B. H. Desk, K. 2 

Weill, Michel A. La morale du Judaisme. P., 
1875. 77- 2 V. 8°. 3487-73 

Welles, Albert. American family antiquity. 
Illus. with portrs. , and emblazoned coats ar- 
morial. N.Y., 1880, 8i. 3 V. 4°. **4330.50 

Contents. — i. Washington; Barron; BueIl;Cary; Page; 
Frost; Stokes; Dunbar; Grace. — 2. Kip; Cooke; Lyon; 
Kendall; Flower; Starin; Connor; Mortimer. — 3. Snow; 
Wheeler; Martin; Conover; Fish; Watcrbury. 

Wesley, John. See Green, Rev. R. 

West, The. See Butterfield ; — Chisholm's. 

Westcott, Brooke F. Characteristics of the 
Gospel miracles. Sermons before the University 
of Cambridge, with notes. Camb., 1859. Sm. 

8°. 5439a.57 

Wheeler, William. In memoriam. Letters 
of William Wheeler of the class of 1855, Yale 
college. Printed for private distribution. [Camb.] 
1875. 8°. 4340a. 130 

Wheeler, William A. Who wrote it.-* An 
index to the authorship of the more noted works 
in ancient and modern literature. Ed. by C G. 
Wheeler. B., 1881. 160. B, H. Desk; *2i59.7 

Whitaker, Epher. History of Southold, L. I. ; 
its first century [1640-1740]. Southold, 1881. 
Illus. 120. *2378.64 

White mountains. See Drake. 

Whittier, John G. The Whittier birthday- 
book. Arranged by Eliz. S. Owen. B., 1881. 
Portr. Illus. 16°. 239ob.59 

Whittington, Sir Richard. See Besant. 

Wickliff, John, d. 1384. The English works of 
Wyclif, hitherto unprinted. Ed. by F. D. Mat- 
thew. L., 1880. Fac-simile. [Early English 
text society.] 8°. *,^*24i7.7i 

Wilcocke, Samuel H. History of the vice- 
royalty of Buenos Ayres. Illus. L. [1807.?] 
Map. 8°. *4463.53 

W^ild flowers. See Heath, F. G. — Hervey ; — 
Meehan ; — Ruskin. 

Williams, Alfred M., ed. The poets and 
poetry of Ireland. With essays and notes. B., 
1881. 12°. 456oa.26 

Williams college. General catalogue. [B.] 
1880. 8°. *2382.57 

Wilson, Erasmus. The Egypt of the past. 
With illus. L., 1S81. Sm. 8°." 5057.8 

Winchell, Alexander. Sparks from a geologist's 
hammer. Chicago, 1881. Illus. 16°. 3867.67 

Winkworth, Catherine. Lyra Germanica : 
tr. from the German by Catherine Winkworth. 
New ed. L., 1879. 2 v. in i. 16°. 5444.51 

Winsor, Justin, ed. The memorial history of 
Boston. In 4 v. Vol. 3. B., 1881. lUus. 
Portrs. Fac-similes. Maps. 4°. *445i.5i 

Contents. — 3. The revolutionary period; The last hun- 
dred j'ears. Pt. i. 

Winter, William. The JeiFersons. With illus. 
B., 1881. Portrs. [American actor ser ] 12°. 


— The trip to England. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 
With illus. by Joseph Jefferson. B., i88i. 12°. 


Wire. See Washburn. 

Wit and humor. See Hunt. 

With the Cape mounted rifles. Four years' 
service in South Africa [1877-81]. By an Ex C. 
M. R. L., 1881. 8°. 5052.15 

Witt, Henriette de, nee Guizot. A Christian 
woman : being the life of Madame Jules Mallet, 
nee Oberkampf. Tr. by Mrs. H. N. Goodhart. 
L., 1882 [1881]. 160. 46493.71 

Gives an account of her charitable work in Paris, espe- 
cially among the infant schools for the poor, which she was 
instrumental in establishing. 

Wogue, L. Histoire de la Bible et de I'ex^g^se 
biblique jusqu'a nos jours. P., 1S81. 8°. 3423.66 

Wolcott, Samuel. Memorial of Henry Wol- 
cott, one of the first settlers of Windsor, Conn., 
and of some of his descendants. N.Y., 1S81. 
Illus. Portrs. Fac-similes. 4°. *2330.3i 

Woman, Diseases of. See American gyneco- 
logical see. 

Woman, Employment of. See Genua. 

Woman suff'rage. See Robinson. 

Wood engraving. See Ars moriendi. 

Woodworth, Samuel. The old oaken bucket. 
Drawings by Miss L. B. Humphrey. B., 1881. 
Sq. 16°. 2404.65 

Woolls, William. Lectures on the vegetable 
kingdom, with special reference to the flora of 
Australia. Sydney, 1879. 8°. 5845.31 

Woolner, Thomas. Pygmalion. [Poem.] L., 
1881. Sm. 8°. 4565.68 

Words. See Osmun. 

World, A, of wonders; or marvels in nature. 
With illus. N.Y., 1881. 8°. 3826.63 

Worms. See Darwin. 

Wren, Sir Christopher. See Phillimore. 

Yardley, Thomas W. Genealogy of the Yard- 
ley family, 1402-1881. Phila., 1881. 8°. *2332.56 

Yeddo, Japan. See Black. 

Yemen, Arabia. See Hal^vy. 

Yokohama. See Black. 

Yonge, Charles D. The constitutional history 
of England from 1760 to i86o. L., 1882 [1881]. 
8°. 2510.28 

Yorkshire, England. See Old. 

Young, Alfred. The office of vespers. N.Y., 
1869. 8° 7441-53 

Young, Andrew W. History of Warsaw, N. Y., 
with family sketches and biog. notes. With 
portrs. and views. Buffialo, 18^. 16". 2379.16 

Yucatan. See Ancona. 




Zamarski, L. C. Bauschatz. Eine Sammlung 
hervorragender Bauwerke, Details, etc. in Repro- 
ductionen nach seltenen und kostbaren Werken, 
Einzelstichen, etc. Photolithog. vonL. C. Zamar- 
ski. B. I,. Wien. [1879.] F". *^*Cab.40.G.2 

Zola, Emile. Nos auteurs dramatiques. P., 
1 88 1. 12°. 4664.56 

Contents. — Theatre classique; Victor Hugo; Emile Au- 
eier; A. Dumas fils; V.,Sardou; E. Labiche; Meilhac et 
Hal^vy; E. Gondinet; E. Pailleron; A. d'Ennery; T. 

Zola, Emile, continued. 

Barriere; O. Feuillet; George Sand; T. de Banville; E. 
et J. de Goncourt; A. Daudet; Erckmann-Chatrian. 

— Les romanciers naturalistes. 2e €d. P., 
1 88 1. 12°. 4660a. 86 

Contents. — Balzac; Stendhal; Gustave Flaubert; Ed- 
mond et Jules de Goncourt; Alphonse Daudet; Les roman- 
ciers contemporains. 

Zoology. See Preussische ; — Rolland. 


Abbreviations : — Brl., Brighton; E. B., East Boston; 3. P., Jamaica Plain; S. B., South Boston; S. E., South End. 

Central Library Books can be applied for at the several Branches and Deliver- 
ies^ and., if they are on the shelves., they ivill be sent to the Branch or Delivery the 
same or folloiving day. 


Abbott, Edward. A trip Eastward. A book 
for boys and girls. With illus. 1747.12 

About, Edmund F. V. Le roman d'un brave 
homme. 1073.14 

Adams, Henry C. Who did it.? or, Holmwood 
priory. A schoolboy's tale. 1416.2 

Adams, William H. D. Eminent sailors, in- 
cluding an historical sketch of the British navy. 
Illus. 1540.41 

Adams, William T. {^Oliver Optic.) Going 
West. S. E. 61 1.6 

— Up the river. 51-29; Bri. 41.145 

E. B. 12.20; J. P. 223.24; S. B. 117.24 

S.E. 611.2 

Adder, Max, pseud. See Clark, Charles H. 

Ainsworth, William H. Stanley Brereton. 
[Fiction.] 54.31 ; J. P. 822.12; S. B. 140.50 

A story of modern life. 

Alcott, Louisa M. Little women. Part 2. 

S. E. 646.14 

Alden, Isabella M. {Pansy.) The pocket 

measure. 1461.1 

A story of methods of charity in church work. 

Alden, William L. The cruise of the "Ghost." 
Illus. 51.35 ; E. B. 29.114 ; S. B. 135-47 

S. E. 637.25 

A sequel to " The moral pirates." A cruise of boys 
around the waters of New York city. 

Alger, Horatio, jr. From canal-boy to presi- 
dent; or, the boyhood and manhood of James A. 
Garfield. Illus. 1524.6; Bri. 52. iii 

E. B. 199.15; J. P. 1136.6; S. B. 114.65 
Amenities of home. [Appletons' home books.] 

J. P. 2326.14 

Ames, Daniel T. Ames' alphabets, adapted to 

the use of architects, engravers, etc. 33 plates. 


Ames, Fanny B., compiler. Christmas day 

and All the year. *' Christian register " stories. 


Anderson, Rasmus B., and others, ed. Viking 
tales of the North. Transl. from the Icelandic. 
Also Tegndr's Fridthjof's saga, tr. by Geo. 
Stephens. S. E. 46.1 

Angell, Henry C. Records of William M. 
Hunt. Illus. S. E. 176.6 

Anthon, Charles. A system of ancient and 
mediaeval geography. S. B. 393.16 

Armstrong's primer of United States history. 

With maps. 218.10 ; Bri. 71. 112 ; E. B. 189.21 

J. P. 938.2; S. B. 159-30; S. E. 243.9 

Austen, Jane. Jane Austen and her works. 
By Sarah Tytler [pseud of Henrietta Keddie]. 
Illus. S. E. 414.5 

The plots of the novels are given and notes added. 

Austin, Jane G. Moonfolk. A true account 
of the home of the fairy tales. S. E. 641.7 

Auton, C., pseud. See Hoppin, Augustus. 
Ayres, Alfred, pseud. See Osmun, Thomas E. 

Babcock, Emma W. Household hints. [Ap- 
pletons' home books.] 1201.12; E. B. 369.17 
J. P. 2435.19; S. B. 328.35 

Baby Rue. [No name series.] S. E. 419- iQ 

Baker, William M. Blessed Saint Certainty : 
a story. E. B. 249.27 

Baliantyne, Robert M. The giant of the 
North ; or, pokings round the Pole. Illus. 51.39 

S. E. 617.16 

Banvard, Joseph. Pioneers of the new world 
and the old French war. Illus. 218.8 

— Soldiers and patriots of the American revo- 
lution. Illus. 218.9 

Barbou, Alfred. Victor Hugo; his life and 
works. From the French. S. E. 211.14 

Barbour, George M. Florida for tourists, in- 

valids and settlers. 
Barrett, Benjamin 

Barrett, Lawrence, 
can actor series.] 

660.18; S. E. 331-11 
F. The golden city. 

S. B. 296.30 
Edwin Forrest. [Ameri- 

550.10; J. P. 1115.5 

S. E. 176.2g 




Bartlett, John, compiler. See Shakespeare. 

Bellamy, Charles J. The Breton mills. A 
romance. [Knickerbocker novels.] S. E. 506.12 

Benjamin, Samuel G W. Our American ar- 
tists, [ist,] 2d ser. 2 v. Illus. 200.12 

Contents— \. W. H. Beard; A. F. Bellows; R. S. Gif- 
ford; W. M. Chase; S. R. Giftord; W. Shirlaw; J. J. Enne- 
king; T. W. Wood; S. Colman ; W. Thompson; G. L. 
Brown ; D. Neal. — 2. J. Larfag'e ; A. Quartley ; D. Hunting- 
ton; T.Hill; E. L. Weeks; J. W. Champney; G. Inness; 
J. S. Hartley; C. S. Reinhart; Lady illustrators; A. V. S. 
Anthony; Architecture. 

Benson, Eugene. Gaspara Stampa. With a 
selection from her sonnets, transl. by George 
Fleming [fseud. of Julia Fletcher]. S. E. 223.9 

Besant, Walter, and Rice, James. Sir Richard 
Whittington, lord mayor of London. [New 
Plutarch.] 1543-72 

Bird, Isabella L. The Hawaiian archipelago. 
Six months among the Sandwich Islands. With 
illus. S. E. 345-23 

Bjornson, Bjornstjerne. Arne. A sketch of 
Norwegian country life. Tr. from the Norwegian. 

No. 1 in 415.3 

— The happy boy. A tale of Norwegian 
peasant life. Tr. No. 2 in 415.3 

Blackie, John S. Lay sermons. S. E. 96.18 

Bloede, Gertrude. (^Stuart Sterne.') Giorgio 
and other poems. 1354.24 

Bloss, C. A. Heroines of the crusades. 1416.8 

Bonwick, James. Our nationalities. [Part i- 
4.] 4v. in I. 980.37 

Conttnts. — 1 . Who are the Irish ? — 2. Who are the Scotch ? 
— 3. Who are tlie Welsh ? — 4. Who are the English? 

Boyce, C. W. Electricity, with a study on 
electro-therapeutics. S. E. 134.26 

Boyesen, Hjalmar H. Qiieen Titania. 51.25 
S. B. 230.39; S.E. 488.12 

Contents. — Queen Titania; The mountain's face; A 
dangerous virtue. 

The story of Queen Titania was previously published in 
Scribner's Monthly, beginning Aug., 18S1. 

Brock-Arnold, George M. Gainsborough [and 
[Constable]. [Illus. biog. of the great artists.] 


Brook, Sarah, pseud. French history for Eng- 
lish children. With col. maps. J, P. 1026.10 

Sarah Brook is said to be a pseudonym adopted by a 
daughter of Sir Fitzjames Stephen. 

Brooke, Stopford A. Faith and freedom. 
[Sermons.] S. B. 298.45 

Brooks, Noah. The boy emigrants. With 
illus. S. E. 651. 1 

Previously published in St. Nicholas, beginning Nov., 

Brooks, Phillips. The candle of the Lord and 
other sermons. J. P. 2034.10 ; S. B. 296.19 

8. E. 94.12 

Brown, Robert, ed. Science for all. Part 21. 
Illus. Bri. 127.87; E. B. 481. i 

Brugsch, Heinrich C, called Brugsch-Bey. 
The true story of the exodus of Israel. With a 
brief view of the history of monumental Egypt. 
Compiled from [his] work. Ed. by F. H. Under- 
"W'ood. E. B. 368.37 

Bryan, Mary E. Wild work ; the story of the 
Red river tragedy. S. E. 558.15 

A story of Southern life since the civil war. 

Bryant, John D. Pauline Seward. A tale of 
real life. S. E. 491.22 

Buckley, Arabella B. Life and her children. 
Glimpses of animal life from the amoeba to the 
insects. With illus. S. fi. 329.17 

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward G. E. L., lord Lytton. 

The coming race. \_Auon.} 1471.28 

A fiction concerning a people inhabiting the interior of 
the globe. 

— Harold, the last of the Saxon kings. 

S. E. 56322 

Bunce, Oliver B. Bachelor Bluff: his opinions, 

sentiments, and disputations. 51-23 

E. B. 299.77 ; S. B. 249.49 

Burke, S. J. For Mack's sake. [Juvenile.] 

Illus. S. B. 124.40 

Burnett, Frances H. Pretty Polly Pemberton. 

J. P. 626. n 

Burnham, Clara L. {Edith Douglas.) We 

Von Arldens. [Fiction.] Illus. 1416.5 

Burton, William E., ed. The cyclopaedia 01 

wit and humor. S. B. 41.4 

Bush, Annie F. Memoirs of the queens of 

France. By Mrs. Forbes Bush. 2 v. Portrs. 

J. P. 1236.H 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Young folks' history 

of Boston. Illus. 222.10; E. B. 135.4 

J. P. 937-9; S. B. 159-23 ; S. E. 633.8 

— Zigzag journeys in Europe. Illus. 

E. B. 493.16.1 ; J. P. 212.22 

— Zigzag journeys in the Orient. The Adri- 
atic to the Baltic. Illus. 661.8; E. B. 493.16.3 

J. P. 212.23; S. B. 173-3; S. E. 650.12 

Calkins, Norman A. Manual of object-teach- 
ing, with illustrative lessons. 120.10 

Cambridge trifles; by the author of "A day of 
my life at Eton." 1899.4; Bri. ii3"io6 

Republished from the Cambridge [Eng.] review, iSSo-Si. 

Campbell, Loomis J. Handbook of English 
synotiyms, with appendix; also, a collection of 
foreign phrases. J, P. 1939.9 

Campbell, Loomis J., and Root, Oren,/?-. The 
Columbian speaker. 1393.21 ; J. P. 1825.13 

Campbell, Walter. The old forest ranger; or, 
wild sports of India. 1696.7 

Cantacuzene-Altieri, Olga, princess. Sabine's 
falsehood. Tr. bv Mary N. Sherwood. 1460.15 

A story of the time of the Franco- Prussian war. 

Carey, Rosa N. Nellie's memories. A novel. 

J. P. 626.13 

Carlyle, Thomas. Reminiscences. Ed. bvj. 
A. Froude. S. E. 189.4 

Cartwright, Julia M. Mantegna and Francia. 
Portrs. [Illus. biog. of the great artists.] 1543.68 

Cassell's Book of sports and pastimes. [Also 

Home pets, by Lewis Wright.] With illus. 

183.22; S. B. 327.14 

Castlemon, Harry, pseud. See Fosdick, 
Charles A. 

Catherwood, Mary H. Craque-o'-Doom. Illus. 


Craque-o'-Doom is the name of one of the characters in 
this story. 

Cav^, Marie £. Color. Tr. [Putnam's popular 
manuals.] J. P. 2326.13; S. B. 329.18 

Chadwick, John W. The man Jesus : lectures. 

S. B. 299.53 

Champlin, John D., Jr. The young folks' as- 
tronomy. Illus. S. B. 319.53 

— The young folks' cyclopzedia of common 
things. Illus. S. E., Ref. lib. 41 

— The young folks' cyclopaedia of persons and 
places. Illus. S. E., Ref. lib. 40 

— Young folks' history of the war for the 
Union. Illus. 210,9; J, P, 913.21 ; S. B. 157.36 

S. E. 634.32 




Chandler, Zachariah. Zachariah Chandler: 
his life and public services. By the Detroit Post 
and Tribune. S. E. 174-8 

Chaplin, Jeremiah, compiler. Chips from the 
White house; or, selections from the speeches, 
[etc.] of all the presidents. S. E. 242.4 

Chequered career, A ; or fifteen years in Aus- 
tralia and New Zealand. 661.14 

Clark, Charles H. {Max Adder.) The fortu- 
nate island, and other stories. 51.40; J. P. 336.8 

Clark, Edmund. Bible lessons, for Sabbath- 
school concerts and anniversaries. J. 1*. 1516.3 

Clarke, James Freeman. Events and epochs 
in religious history; lectures in the ^owell insti- 
tute, 1880. 2101.16; S. E. 102.5 

Contents. — The catacombs; Buddhist m(-nks of Central 
Asia; Christian monks and monastic life ; Augustine, An- 
selm, Bernard, and their times; Jeanne D'Arc; Savonarc^la 
and the renaissance ; Luther ana the reformation ; Loyola 
and the Jesuits; Mystics in all religions; George Fox and 
the Quakers; The Huguenots; John Wesley and his times. 

Clay, Bertha M. Betvireen two loves. A novel . 
1461.7; S. B. 283.55 

Clemens, Samuel L. {Mark Tivain.) The 
prince and the pauper: a tale for young people 
of all ages. With illus. 50.10 

One of the characters in this entirely imaginary t.ale is 
Edward VL 

Clement, Clara E. Egypt. With illus. 940.10 

— Eleanor Maitland. A novel. 1711.24 

E. B. 299.80; J. P. 527.27; S. B. 270.61 
Cobbe, Frances P. The duties of women. 
Lectures. Bri. 1 15.107 

Coffin, Charles C. The boys of '61. 

S. B. 155.53; S. E. 247.11 
Collier, William F. A history of English 
literature, in a series of biographical sketches. 

Bri. 64.35 

Collins, Clifton W. Plato. [Ancient classics 

for English readers.] 1817.29 

Collins, Mortimer. Miranda ; a midsummer's 

madness. 3 v. 1470.19 

— Who is the heir? A novel. 1470.20 
Colvin, Sidney. Landor. [English men of 

letters.] E. E. 198.25 

Comstock, William T. Modern architectural 

designs and details. Plates. 200.4 

Furnishes plans for country houses at a moderate cost. 

Conscience, Hendrik or Henri. The conscript, 
and Blind Rosa. Two tales. S. E. 525-1 

— The fisherman's daughter. S. E. 525.2 
Conway, Moncure D. Carlyle. 1523.30 

— The wandering Jew. S. E. 89.20 
Conwell, Russell H. The life, speeches and 

public services of James A. Garfield. Illus. 

Conybeare, William J., and Howson, John S. 
The life and epistles of St. Paul. 3 v. Illus. 

J. P. 1512.3 
Cook, Clarence. The house beautiful. 

S. B. 322.16 

Cooke, Frances E. A boy's ideal ; or, the story 

of a great life. [Sir Thomas More.] 550.9 

Cooke, George Willis. Ralph Waldo Emerson : 

his life, writings, and philosophy. Portr. 1547.12 

Bri. 64.34 ; S. E. 167.30 

Coolidge, Susan, pseud. See Woolsey, S. C. 

Cornish, Francis W. Life of Oliver Cromwell. 

[Historical biographies.] 550-8 

Cory, Charles B. Southern rambles. Florida. 

By Owen Nox {^pseud.\ Illus. 660.16 

Bri. 66.79 

Cox, Sir George W. An introduction to the 
science of comparative mythology and folklore. 

2081.5; S. E. 89.10 

Cozzens, Frederic S. The sayings of Dr. 

Bushwhacker, and other learned men. S. E. 447.2 

Craik, GeorgianaM. Two women. [Fiction.] 

1416.7; J. P. 822.8; S. B. 286.32 

Craven, Pauline. A sister's story. Tr. 

S. E. 601.13 

Dahlgren, Madeleine V. South sea sketches. 
A narrative. 660.19; J. P. 1325.12 

Dall, Caroline W. H. My first holiday; or, 
letters home from Colorado, Utah, and Cali- 
fornia. 660.17; J. P. 1325. 11; S. B. 336.30 

S. E. 336.14 

Darwin, Charles R. The formation of vege- 
table mould, through the action of worms. 

1141.19; S. B. 315-36 

Davis, Jefferson. The rise and fall of the Con- 
federate government. 2 v. S. E. 246.6 

Davis, L. Clarke. A stranded ship : a story 
of sea and shore. . S. E. 647.3 

De Amicis, Edmondo. Constantinople. Tr. 

S. E. 374-2 

— Holland and its people. Tr. from the 
Italian. Illus. S. E. 367.22 

— Spain. Tr. from the Italian. Illus. 

J. P. 1434.7; S. E. 363.21 
A visit to Spain during the time Amadeus was king, be- 
tween 1S70 and 1873. 

— Studies of Paris. Tr. from the Italian. 

S. E. 362.9 

Contains a chapter on the exposition of 1878, also sketches 
of Hugo and Zoa. 

De Forest, John W. The bloody chasm. A 
novel. 1460.14; E. B. 299.75; J. P. 626.12 

iS. ii. 279.70; S. E. 455-7 
A story of the South since the civil war. 

De Forest, Julia B. A short history of art. 
Illus. 200.7; E. B. 355-2; S. B. 327.13 

Dewing, Maria R., formerly Miss Oakey. 
Beauty in dress. 183.18; S. E. 113-24 

Diaz, Abby M. King Grimalkum and Pus- 
syanita; or, the cats' Arabian nights. Illus. 

50.6 ; S. E. 642.32 

— Polly Cologne. Illus. 51-36 
Dick, William B., ed. Recitations and read- 
ings. No. 13. 1396.6. 13; E. B. 159.19 

Diman, J. Lewis. The theistic argument as 

affected by recent theories. Lectures at the 

Lowell institute. S. E. 100.25 

Dodge, Mary M. Hans Brinker; or, the 

silver skates. A story of life in Holland. Illus. 

E. B. 494.16; S. E. 632.4 

Dole, Nathan H. Young folks' history of 

Russia. Illus. 910.20; E. B. 137-39 ; S. B, 59.38 

S. E. 634.34 

Douglas, Edith, /5e«<f. See Burnham, Clara L. 

Drake, Samuel A. Around the Hub. A boys' 

book about Boston. Illus. 222.11 ; Bri. 86.70 

E. B. 494.12; J. P. 913-20; S. B. 337-23 

S. E. 633.6 
Du Boisgobey, Fortund. The lost casket. 
[Fiction.] Tr. S. E. 446.22 

Du Chaillu, Paul B. The land of the midnight 
sun. Summer and winter journeys through 
Sweden, Norway, Lapland and northern Fin- 
land. With map and illus. 2 v. 661.12 
E. B. 233.23; J. P. 1422.6; S.B. 363-13 
S. E. 371-3 




Duffy, 5/V Charles G. Young Ireland. 1840-50. 

S. E. 260.23 

Dulles, John W. The ride through Palestine. 

Illus. S. B. 369-9 

Dunning, Mrs. A. K. Grace Avery's influence. 

Illus. 1460.20 

Dyer, Thomas F. T. Domestic folk-lore. 


Eaton, Dorman B. Civil service in Great 
Britain. 981.4 

Ebers, Georg M. Homo sum. A novel. 
From the German. E. B. 299.79 ; S. E. 487.27 

— Uarda. A romance of ancient Egypt. 
From the German. 2 v. E. B. 349-63 

Eddy, Daniel C. {Rupert Van JVeri.) Rip 
Van Winkle's travels in foreign lands. Illus. 

661. II 
Edgar, John G. History for boys : or, annals 
of the nations of modern Europe. Illus. 

S. B. 59-39 
Edwards, Eliezer. Words, facts, and phrases. 
A dictionary of curious, quaint, and out-of-the- 
way matters. Reading Room, A. 17 
Enchanted mirror, The. [Poem.] Illus. 343.15 
Encyclopaedia Britannica, The. 9th ed., Vol. 
13. Inf-Kant. E. B. R. R., I. i 
J. P. R. R.,E. 13; S. B. R. R. I 
S. E. Ref. lib. i 
Eucken, Rudolph. The fundamental con- 
cepts of modern philosophic thought. S. E. 107. i 
Ewing, Juliana H. Mrs. Overtheway's re- 
membrances. [Juvenile.] 51.22; £. B. 494.10 
J. P. 238.30; S. B. 139-51 

Contents. — Ida; Mrs. Moss; The snoring ghost; Reka 
Dom ; Kerguelen's land. 

— Six to sixteen. A story for girls. With 
illus. J. P. 237.24 

Farrar, Charles S. History of sculpture, paint- 
ing, and architecture. Topical lessons, with 
specific references to valuable books. 1201.13 

Farrar, Frederick W. Mercy and judgment. 

S. B. 298.41 

Fay, Amy. Music-study in Germany. 

S. £. 141-23 

Fenn, George M. The vicar's people. [Fic- 
tion.] [Trans-Atlantic novels.] 1711.23 
S. B. 270.63 ; S. E. 580.6 

Fields, James T. Biographical notes and 
sketches, with unpublished fragments and trib- 
utes. 591.6 ; S. E. 167.31 

Fisher, Frances C. ( Christian Reid. ) Car- 
men's inheritance. [Fiction.] S. E. 495-41 

— A daughter of Bohemia. A novel. 

S. E. 495-7 

— A question of honor. A novel. S. E. 495.40 
Fitzgerald, John F. V. Australia. Illus. 

Maps. [Foreign countries and British colonies.] 


Fitzgerald, Percy. The life of George iv, 

with a view of his reign. E. B. 212.7 

Flanders, George T. Christ or Buddha.? A 

review of Edwin Arnold's poem : " The Light of 

Asia." S. E. 63.41 

Fleming, May A. A changed heart. A novel. 

51-24; E. B. 3i6.'2i; S. B. 144.60 

S. E. 548.2 

— The secret sorrow. [Fiction.] 61.41 

E. B. 299.76; S. B. 144-59 

Fletcher, Austin B. Advanced readings and 

recitations. S, B. 45.2 

Force, Manning F. From Fort Henry to 

CoHnth. [Campaigns of the civil war.] 220.3 

Fosdick, Charles A. {Harry Castlemon.) 

George at the wheel. [Roughing it ser.] 1417.2 

E. B. 29.113; J. P. 235.30; S. B. 118.36 

S. E. 622.4 

Fothergill, Jessie. Kith and kin. A novel. 

[Leisure hour ser.] 1491.1 ; E. B. 249.82 

S. B. 249.46 

— Made or marred and " One of three." Lpz. 

i4i6.6;J. P. 822.7; S. B. 285.2 

— "One of three" and Made or marred. 
[Leisure hour ser.] J. P. 418.8; S. £. 417.30 

Fowler, Thomas. Bacon. [English philoso- 
phers.] 1541.19 

Freeman, Edward A. Historical and archi- 
tectural sketches : chiefly Italian. With illus. 

S. E. 268.27 

— Sketches from the subject and neighbour 
lands of Venice. With illus. S. E. 268.28 

French, Harry W. Art and artists in Con- 
necticut. Illus. S. E. 138.2 

— Gems of genius. Famous painters and 
their pictures. With illus. S. E. 138.3 

— Nuna : the Bramin girl. [Fiction.] Illus. 

1475.11 ; E. B. 299.81 ; S. B. 149.56 

S. E. 549-12 

Froissart, 5/VJohn. The boy's Froissart. Ed. 

by S. Lanier. Illus. E. B. 187.18 

Fullerton, Lady Georgiana C. (L. G.) The 

life of Luisa de Carvajal. 1540.40; J. P. 822.9 

S. B. 69.37 
Luisa de Carvajal was a Spanish missionary. She died in 
London in 1614. 

Gagneur, M. L. A nihilist princess. Tr. 
from the French. S. E. 482.23 

Garfield, James A. Garfield's words. Com- 
piled by W. R. Balch. Portr. 1897.12 

S. E. 170.18 

— The poets' tributes to Garfield. The col- 
lection of poems written for the Boston Daily 
Globe, and many selections. With portr. and 
biog. 1523.29 

Garrett, Edward, /5ea<f. See Mayo, Isabella F. 
Geikie, (J.) Cunningham. The life and words 
of Christ. S. B. 293.10 

Georgians, The. [Round-robin ser.] 

S. E. 509-33 

This story is attributed to Mrs. E. H. Hammond. 
Gerson, Virginia. Little Dignity. Pictures 
and rhymes of olden times. 341.14 

Gibbon, Edward. The student's Gibbon. The 
history of the decline and fall of the Roman em- 
pire. Abridged by W. Smith. Bri. 76.75 

Gibson, William H. Camp life in the woods 
and the tricks of trapping and trap making. 
Illus. "75-33 

Gilbert, William S., and Sullivan, Arthur. 
Patience, or Bunthorne's bride. An aesthetic 
opera. 202.29 

Gilder, William H. Schwatka's search : sledg- 
ing in the Arctic in quest of the Franklin records. 
With maps and illus. 1705.10; S. B. 332.14 

S. E. 323-13 

Girls and their ways. By one who knows 
them. 1137.15 

Goodwin, J. H. Improved book-keeping and 
business manual. 131.6 

Gottschalk, Louis M. Notes of a pianist, 
during his professional tours in the United 
States, Canada, the Antilles, and South America. 
Tr. from the French. 1633.9; S« E. 176.15 




Green, Anna K. A strange disappearance. 
[Knickerbocker novels.] S.E. 444.13 

— The sword of Damocles. A storj of New 
York life. E. B. 316.22 

Greey, Edward. Young Americans in Japan. 
Illus. 661.10 

Griffis, William E. Japanese fairy world. 
Stories from the wonder-lore of Japan. Illus. by 
Ozawa, of Tokio. S. B. 136.5 

Guest, M.J. Lectures on the history of England. 
With maps. S. B. 76.6 

Gustafson, Zadel B. Genevieve Ward. A 
biographical sketch. S. E. 176.32 

Haile, Ellen. Hazel-nut and her brothers. 

Illus. 50.7; S. E. 639.12 

Hale, Edward E. Stories of adventure told by 

adventurers. 660.15; E. B. 19.105; J. P. 937-8 

S. B. 159-47; S.E. 651.18 

Hale, Edward Everett, and Hale, Susan. A 

family flight through France, Germany, Norway 

and Switzerland. Illus. 661.13; Bri. 66.78 

E. B. 494.14; J. P. 1432.2; S. B. 363.12 

S. E. 352-2 
Hale, Lucretia P., compiler. The art of knit- 
ting. Illus. [Tilton's Needlework ser. No. 5.] 

183.23; S. B. 325-17 
Hardy, Thomas. A Laodicean. A tale of to- 
day. Illus. [Leisure hour ser.] 1456. 11 
E. B. 249.85; S. B. 249.53; S. E. 417-24 

Previously published in Harper's monthly, beginning 
Jan., 18S1. 

Harlan, Caleb. Elflora of the Susquehanna. 
A poem. Bri. 145. loi 

Harper, Thomas. The metaphysics of the 
School. 2 v. 891.6 

Harris, Amanda B., ed. Little folks' every 
day book. Illus. 1337.10 

Harrison, James A. Spain. [A history.] 
Illus. 910.18; E. B. 357.7; S. B. 76.2; S.E. 264.2 

Hartner, E. Severa. A novel. From the Ger- 
man, by Mrs. A. L. Wister. 1416. 11 ; E. B. 249.84 
J. P. 622.26; S. B. 216.45; S. E. 484-17 

Hassard, John R. G. A Pickwickian pilgrim- 
age. 1669.23 

See note in Bates Hall list. 

Hauff, Wilhelm. Little Mook, and other fairy 
tales. Illus. 1417-3; S. E. 641.35 

Haweis, Mrs. H. R. The art of decoration. 
With illus. S. E. 139.8 

Hayes, Isaac I. Pictures of Arctic travel. 
Greenland. S. K. 323.18 

Hayward, Almira L., ed. The illustrated 
birthday book of American poets. S. B. 250.38 

Heard, Franklin F. Oddities of the law. 


Heath, Francis G. My garden wild and what 
I grew there. 173-18 

A town garden devoted to vi-ild flowers and ferns, exclud- 
ing florist's flowers. 

Heath, Richard F. Albrecht Diirer. Portrs. 
[Illus. biog. of the great artists.] 1543.67 

Hennequin, Alfred. Practical lessons in idio- 
matic French. S. E. 709.1 

Henry, Joseph. A memorial of Joseph Henry. 
Published by order of Congress. J. P. 1131.6 

Henty, G. A. The cornet of horse. A tale of 
Marlborough's wars. 1460.22 

Higginson, Thomas W. Common sense about 
women. 120.9 

Hillern, Wilhelmine von. By his own might. 
A romance. From the German. J. P. 622.25 

— Higher than the church. An art legend of 
ancient times. From the German. 1461.5 

— A twofold life. From the German. 

S. E. 487.24 
Hinsdale, Burke A. President Garfield and 
education ; Hiram College memorial. 1522.23 
Bri. 154-43; E. B. 158.43; J. P. 1115.8 
S. B. 167.29; S. E. 182.10 
History, The, of a ship from her cradle to her 
grave. With a short account of modern steam- 
ships and torpedoes. New ed. Illus. igo.6o 
Holmes, Mary J. Madeline. A novel. 470.28 
E. B. 328.22; J. P. 413.18 
S. B. 218.39 ; S. E. 523-14 
Holmes, Oliver W. Poetical works. 2 v. Portr. 
1343.21 ; S. B. 250.39 ; S. E. 52.40 
Homoselle. [Fiction.] [Round-robin ser.] 

E. B. 299.78; S. E. 509.29 

Hoppin, Augustus. {C. Auton.) Recollections 

of Auton house. A book for children. Illus. 51.37 

House, Edward H. Japanese episodes. 1669.24 

J. P. 1418.17; S. B. 360.8; S. E. 381.27 

Howard, Blanche W. Aunt Serena. [Fiction.] 

470.27 ; Bri. 43.100; E. B. 308.50 

J. P. 527-25; S. B. 240.46 

S. E. 509-14 

Howe, John B. The common sense, the 

mathematics, and the metaphysics of money. 


Howells, William D. Doctor Breen's practice. 

A novel. 1456.12 ; Br i. 36.131 ; E. B. 316.24 

J. P. 623.24; S. B. 243.40; S. E. 416.30 

Previously published in the Atlantic monthly, beginning 
Aug., 1881. 

Hulme, F. Edward. Flower painting in water 
colours. Illus. J. P. 2322.6 

Huntington, Frederic D. Good talking a fine 
art. Bri. 101.135 

Irving, Fannie B. Six girls. A home story. 

1471.25; Bri. 36.132; E.B. 269.88 

J. P. 436.15; S. B. 240.54; S. E. 497-18 

Jackson, Catherine C, laJy. Old Paris, its 

court and literary salons. J. P. 1026.9 

Jackson, Helen M., formerly Mrs. Hunt. 

(H. H.) Mammy Tittleback and her family. 

A true story. With illus. 61.37; S. E. 668.8 

James, Henry, y>. The portrait of a lady. 

470.29; E. B. 316.23; J. P. 623.23 
S. B. 276.29; S. E. 459.17 

A story previously published in the Atlantic monthly, 
beginning Nov., 1880. 

Jennings, George H., and Johnstone, W. S., 

ed. Half-hours with Greek and Latin authors. 

From English translations. Bri. 115. 108 

J. P. 1613.4; S. E. 40.25 

Jewett, Sarah O. Country by-ways. 1825.35 

E. B. 349.64; S. E. 503-38 

John Barlow's ward. [Trans-Atlantic novels.] 

1442.1 ; S. E. 458.18 

Johnson, (E.) Rossiter. Phaeton Rogers. A 

novel of boy life. Illus. 61.43; E. B. 494.9 

J. P. 233.11 ; S. B. 114.64; S. E. 650.30 

Previously published in St. Nicholas, from Feb., iSSl. 

Johnston, Henry P. The Yorktown campaign 
and the surrender of Cornwallis, 1781. Illus. 

212.11; S. B. 155.52 




Josselyn, Mrs. C. R. The south shore : or, 
" as the twig is bent the tree is inclined." [Ju- 
venile.] 1455.22; J. P. 233.13 

Judd, John W. Volcanoes : what thej are and 
what they teach. [Internat. scientific ser.] 1141.18 

Judson, Emilj C. Memoir of Sarah B. Judson 
of the American mission to Burmah. E. B. 119. 6 

Kane, James J. Adrift on the black wild 
tide. S. E. 104.24 

A statement of his yellow-fever experience. 

Keetels, Jean G. A child's illustrated first 
book in French. 2061.17; E. B. 275.3 

Kingsley, Charles. His letters and memories 
of his life. Ed. bj his wife. Abridged ed. 

154713; J. P. 822.11 ; S. B. 89.6 

Kingston, William H. G. Peter Trawl ; or, 

the adventures of a whaler. Illus. 1416.10 

E. B. 22.38; SB. 119.62 

Kirby, Mary, and Kirby, Elizabeth. Stories 
about birds of land and water. With illus. 173.17 

— The world at home ; or, pictures and scenes 
from far-off lands. Illus. S. B. 329.19 

Kluckhohn, August. Louisa, queen of Prussia. 

Tr. from the German. S. E. 224.17 

Knortz,Carl. Amerikanische Skizzen. 2012.21 

Knox, Thomas W. Adventures of two youths 

in a journey to Ceylon and India [etc.]. Illus. 

[The boy travellers in the far East. Part 3.] 

1661.12; E. B. 49415; J. P. 143317 
S. B. 132.6; S.E. 650.1 

Lamartine, Alphonse M. L. de. Genevieve : 
histoire d'une servante. 1066.23 

— Graziella. 2077.20 
Lanier, Sidney, ed. The boy's Mabinogion : 

Welch tales of King Arthur in the famous Red 

book of Hergest. Illus. 5I.32; E. B. 494.13 

J. P. 312. 1 ; S. B. 174.6 

Larcom, Lucy. Wild roses of Cape Ann, and 
other poems. S. B. 256.47 

Lasaulx, Amalie von, religious name Sister 
Augustine. Sister Augustine, superior of the 
sisters of charity at the St. Johannis hospital at 
Bonn. From the German. J. P. 1236.13 

Le Conte, Joseph. Sight; an exposition of 
monocular and binocular vision. [International 
scientific ser.] 1141.17 

Leighton, Robert F. A history of Rome. 

950.6; J. P. 1036. 1 

Leitch, Richard P. A course of painting in 
neutral tint. With plates. 200.8 

— A course of sepia painting. With plates. 


— A course of water-color painting with col. 
plates. 1204.23 

Lesson, A, in love. [Round-robin ser.] 

S. E. 509-30 

Like a gentleman. [Fiction.] 1455.23 

E. B. 299.82; S. B. 14957; S. E. 581,20 

Locke, David R. {Petroleum V. Nasby.) 
Hannah Jane. [A poem.] Illus. 34i-i3 

Lodge, Henry C. A short history of the 
English colonies in America S. E. 234.11 

Lossing, Benson J. Harpers' popular cyclo- 
paedia of United States history, to 1876. Illus. 
2 V. " 241.6 

Lothrop, Harriet M. {Margaret Sidney.) Five 
little Peppers and how they grew. Illus. 51.27 

— So as by fire. [Juvenile.] Si-SO 
Ludlow, Johnny, pseud. See Wood, Ella P. 

Macalister, Alexander. Zoology. Rev. for 
America, by A. S. Packard, jr. 1154.13 

McCabe, James D. Our young folks abroad. 
Illus. 66i.g 

McCarthy, Justin. Donna Qiiixote. [Fiction.] 
1460.19; J. P. 822.6; S. B. 286.13 

McCook, Henry C. The honey ants of the 
Garden of the gods, and the Occident ants of the 
American plains. Illus. 171.18 

Mackenzie, R. America. A history. 210.10 

McLean, Sally P. Cape Cod folks. [6th ed.] 
Bri. 36.130; J. P. 623.27 

Macpherson, Gerardine. Memoirs of Anna 
Jameson. S. E. 198.13 

Macquoid, Thomas and Katharine. Pictures 
and legends from Normandy and Brittan>'. With 
illus. 1667.28; S. E. 360.29 

Markham, Richard. On the edge of winter. 
[Juvenile.] Illus. 5013; S. B. 133.21 

A Thanksgfiving at Rn old farm house in the Hudson 
Highlands, with some stories and ballads of the early days 
of this country. 

Martin, Henry N. The human body. [Ameri- 
can science ser.J E. B. 386.31 
Mason, Frank H. The life and public services 
of James A. Garfield. J. P. 11 15.6 
Massachusetts. Bureau of statistics of labor. 
Industrial conciliation and arbitration. Com- 
piled by C. D. Wright. 130.18; Bri. 117. 151 
E. B. 201.16; J. P. 913.22; S. B. 206.7 
S. E. 237.7 
Masson, David. De Quince}'. [English men 
of letters.] 1543.74; S. E. 189.23 
Mateaux, Clara L. The wonderland of work. 
200.11 ; Bri. 127.98; E. B. 381.2 
J. P. 2422.3; S. B. 32110; S. E. 666.1 

Illustrated chapters on curious mechanical and manu- 
facturing industries. 

Mathews, Joanna H. Bessie Bradford's secret. 
[Juvenile.] 50.8; S. E. 653.27 

Mathews, Margaret H. Dr. Gilbert's daughters : 
a story for girls. 51.28; Bri. 36.128 

Mathews, William. Literary style, and other 
essays. E. B. 203.41 

Matthews, J. Brander. French dramatists of 
the 19th century. 1365.18 

Mayo, Isabella F. {Ed-ward Garrett.) Family 
fortunes. A domestic storj'. 1416.4 

Merrill, Selah. East of the Jordan. A record 
of travel and observation in Moab, Gilead and 
Bashan, during 1875-77. 1691.8 

Meusnier, Georges. {Karl Robert.) Charcoal 
drawing without a master. Tr. Illus. 202.30 

Michelet, Jules. The sea. Illus. 141.8 

Mill, John Stuart. On liberty. The subjection 
of women. S. B. 314.32 

Milner, George. Country pleasures, the 
chronicle of a year chiefly in a garden [in Lan- 
cashire]. 173.19; S. B. 340.25; S. E. 358.25 

Miot, Andr^ F., comte de Melito. Memoirs. 
Ed. by General Fleischmann. From the French. 


MoUett, John W. Sir David Wilkie. Portr. 
[Illus. biog. of the great artists.] 1543.69 

Monroe, Lewis B., ed. Young folks' readings 
for social and public entertainment. E. B. 22.42 

Moore, Clara J. {Mrs. H. O. Ward.) Sensible 
etiquette of the best socitey. Bri. 115.106 

Morley, John. The life of Richard Cobden. 
Portr. 5915; S. B. 61.23 

Morris, George S. British thought and think- 
ers. J. P. 1236.10 




Morselli, Henry. Suicide : an essay on com- 
parative moral statistics. [The international 
scientific sen] I30-I7; S. E. 106.5 

Mother Goose's melodies. With illus. in 
color. S. E. 639.1 

Murray, David C. Joseph's coat. [Trans- 
Atlantic novels.] 1455.26; S. E. 580.4 

Musical blossoms ; collection of marches, etc. 
For the piano-forte. J. P. 2311.4 

My wife and my vifife's sister. [No naine ser.] 

1417.1; E. B. 249.83; J. P. 417.13 

S. B. 2403.28; S. E. 579.1 

Said to be by Miss K. P. Wormeley. The scene is in 
Parisi.'»n society after the French revolution. 

Neale, William J. The lost ship ; or, the At- 
lantic steamer. 50.11 

Needell, Mrs. John H. Julian Karslake's se- 
cret. A novel. 1455.24; S. E. 605.10 

Neison, Adrian. Practical boat building for 
amateurs. Illus. i90-59 

Newman, Mrs. — . With costs. A novel. 

Bri, 38.206 

New York illustrated. S. B. 331.19 

Nichols, Laura D. Underfoot; or, what Harry 
and Nelly learned of the earth's treasures. A 
sequel to Overhead. Illus. 51-38 

Nicolay, John G. The outbreak of rebellion. 
[Campaigns of the civil war.] 220.2 

S. B. 158.38 

Nordhoff, Charles. Stories of the island 
world. Illus. S. B. 179-31 

Contents. — Madagascar, Java, Iceland, Ceylon, New 

Nox, Owen, pseud. See Cory, Charles B. 

Oliphant, Margaret O. W. Harry Joscelyn. 
[Fiction.] 1475.12; J. P. 822.10; S. B. i40-74 

Oliver, Marie. Old and new friends ; or, the 
story of Ruby's daughters. Illus. E. B. 304.10 

Oliver Optic, pseud. See Adams, William T. 

Osmun, Thomas E. {Alfred Ay res.) The 
verbalist: a manual devoted to brief discussions 
of the right and the wrong use of words. 1406.13 

Ott€, filise E. Denmark and Iceland. [For- 
eign countries and British colonies.] 660.20 

Our little ones : illustrated stories and poems 

for little people. W. T. Adams, ed. [Vol. i.] 

With illus. 860.15 ; E. B. 483.1 ; J. P. 212.21 

S. B. 133-45 ; S. E. 614.25 

Paddock, Cornelia. The fate of Madame La 
Tour. A tale of Great Salt Lake. 

S. B. 249.50 ; S. E. 508.24 

Page, C. E. How we fed the baby. 1173.27 

Palmer, Lynde, pseud. See Peebles, Mary L. 

PBtxisy, pseud. See Alden. Isabella M. 

Patty's perversities. [Fiction.] [Round- 
robin ser.] Bri. 43-98; S. E. 509-3i 

Peebles, MaryL. {Lynde Palmer.) Jeannette's 

cisterns. [Juvenile.] 54-32 ; E. B. 494-^7 

J. P. 436.16; S. E. 130-28 

Peirce, Benjamin. Ideality in the physical 
sciences. Portr. J. P. 2014. i 

Percy, John. Metallurgy. Rev. ed. J. P. 2012.7 

Phelps, Elizabeth S. Friends : a duet. 

E. B. 299.84 

Phillimore, Catherine M. Fra Angelico [and 
the early Florentine painters of the 15th cen- 
tury.] [Illus. biog. of the great artists.] 1543-71 

Pierson, Hamilton W. In the Brush ; or, old- 
time life in the Southwest. 1626.4 

The author was a Circuit rider. 

Pittenger, William. Capturing a locomotive : 
a history of secret service in the late war. 275.13 

Plympton, A. G. The glad year round. For 
boys and girls. Illus. 341-11 ; S. E. 639.28 

Poole, DeWitt C. Among the Sioux of Dakota 
as an Indian agent. 210.8 

Poole, Stanley L. Egypt. [Foreign countries 
and British colonies.] 660.7 

Pope, Alexander. Poetical works. Ed. byH. 
F. Cary. S. E. 60.10 

Poynter, E. Francis. Among the hills. [Fic- 
tion.] [Leisure hour sen] S. E. 418.34 

Pratt, Ella. How two girls tried farming. 
Illus. J. P. 335-14 

Privat-Deschanel, Augustin. Elementary 
treatise on natural philosophy. Tr. Bri. 128.65 

Pulling, Frederic S. Sir Joshua Reynolds. 
[Illus. biog. of the great artists.] 1543-58 

Quackenbos, John D. Illustrated history of 
ancient literature. S. B. 38.31 

Rae, William F. Newfoundland to Manitoba, 
through Canada's provinces. 1648.18 

Rand, Edward A. All aboard for sunrise lands. 
A trip through California, across the Pacific to 
Japan, China, and Australia. -Illus. 661.7 

Rees, Janet E. R. Home decoration : art 
needle-work and embroidery; painting on silk 
[etc.]. Illus. [Appletons' home books.] 1201.15 

Reid, Christian, pseud. See Fisher, Frances C. 

R^musat, Claire £. J. G. (de Vergennes). A 
selection from the letters of Madame de R^mu- 
sat to her husband and son, from 1804 to 1813. 
From the French. J. P. 1236.12 

Robert, Karl, pseud. See Meusnier, Georges. 

Roberts, Margaret. France. By the author 
of "The atelier du Lys,"etc. [Foreign countries 
and British colonies.] 66o.g 

Robinson, Harriet H. Massachusetts in the 
woman suffrage movement. 1774 to 1881. 120.8 

Robinson, John. Ferns in their homes and 
ours. 1163.13 

Roe, Edward P. Without a home. [Fiction.] 

1416.1; E. B. 264.17 ; J. P. 512.2 

S. B. 278.19; S. E. 579-20 

Ropes, John C. The army under Pope. 
Maps. [Campaigns of the civil wan] 220.5 

Roscoe, William. The life of Lorenzo de' 
Medici, called the magnificent. Bri. 55-^^7 

Rosemary and Rue. [Round-robin sen] 

1454.7 ; J» P. 526.7 ; S. B. 24oa.5i 
S. E. 509-32 

Scene partly in Rhode Island during- the revolution. 

Rossetti, Christina G. A pageant and other 
poems. 1342-8 

In this pageant the months are personified by boys and 

Rousselet, (T.) Louis. The two cabin boys. 
With illus. 61.44; E. B. 494-7; J. P* 522.20 

S. B. 114.60 

Rowbotham, Thomas. The art of sketching 
from nature. With illus. [Putnam's art hand- 
books.] J. P. 2327.18 

Rowe, A. D. Every-day life in India. 1696.6 

Rutherford, Mark. The autobiography of 
Mark Rutherford, dissenting minister. Ed. by 
Reuben Shapcott. 1815.16 

Rydberg, Viktor. Roman days. From the 
Swedish. With a sketch of Rydberg. 1668.13 

Contents. ^Thc Roman emperors in marble; Antique 
statues; Roman traditions of Peter and Paul; Pencil 
sketches in Rome. 





S., M. E. W. Home amusements. [Apple- 
tons' home books.] 1201.14 

Sands, J. Frank Powderhorn. A story of 
adventure in Buenos Ayres and Patagonia. 

1461.2 ; J. P. 522.21 

Sardou, Alfred. The French language self- 
taught. 2061.18 

Sargent, Mary E., ed. Sketches and reminis- 
cences of the Radical club of Chestnut street, 
Boston. lUus. S. E. 85.10 

Scott, Leader. Fra Bartolommeo [and Mari- 
otto Albertinelli. Also, Andrea d'Agnolo, called 
Andrea del Sarto]. [lUus. biog. of the great 
artists.] 1543-73 

Scott, William B. The little masters. [Illus. 
biog. of the great artists.] 1543.70 

Scudder, Horace E., ed. The children's book. 
A collection of the best stories and poems in the 
English language. With illus. 50.4; S. E. 650.20 

— Seven little people and their friends. Illus. 

S.E. 641.8 
Shakespeare, William. Antony and Cleo- 
patra. Ed. by Wm. J. Rolfe. 1392.15 

— Certain selected plays abridged for the use 
of the young. By S. Brandram. 1392.21 

Contents. — The Merchant of Venice ; Romeo and Juliet; 
Midsummer night's dream; Much ado about nothing-; 
Twelfth night; As you like it; Hamlet; Macbeth; The 

" The more important passages only are given, the other 
parts being supplied by short narratives." Preface. 

— A midsummer night's dream ; As you like 
it; Julius Czesar. Ed. by Robert R. Raymond. 
Illus. [Shakespeare for the young folk.] 391.6 

— The Shakespeare phrase book. By J. Bart- 
lett. S. E. 76.8 

Shaw, Flora L. Hector. A story. 1416.3 

J. P. 427-7 ; S. B. 139-52 

Shepard, William. Authors and authorship. 

1406.14; E. B. 209.14; S. B. 39.45 

S. E. 14.21 

Short, John T. The North Americans of 

antiquity. S. E. 342.12 

Sidney, Margaret, pseud. See Lothrop, H.M. 

Sikes, Wirt. Studies of assassination, 910.19 

Written after the assassination of the Czar Alexander 11. 

Simmonds, Peter L,. The commercial prod- 
ucts of the sea. S. B. 318.22 

Smith, Eliza W. Myths and idyls. Stories 
and dialogues, in prose and verse. 1825.34 

Smith, George IB. The life and speeches of 
John Bright. 581.4 

Abstracts of the speeches only are given, with parts 
of a few verbatim as delivered. 

Speaker's garland, The. Vol. 4. 100 choice 
selections, Nos. 13-16 S. E. 38.13 

Spurr, George G. The land of gold. [Cali- 
fornia.] A tale of '49. 1711.22; E. B. 95.17 

S. E. 336.15 

Stables, Gordon. Wild adventures in wild 
places. Illus. 50.9 

Stanley, Arthur P. Thoughts that breathe. 
SeTected by E. E. Brown. J. P. 1614.1 

Stark, James H. Illustrated history of 
Boston harbor. S, B. 339.17 

Steele, James W. Cuban sketches. 1637.19 

S. E. 344-13 

Stephens, Charles A. The Knockabout 
club in the woods. [Maine and Canada.] 
nius. 50.5; E, B. 494.11; J. P. 1432.1 

S. B. 215.30 

Stephens, Frederick G. Sir Edwin Landseer. 
[Illqs. biog. of the gr^fvt artists.] 1543-57 

Sterne, Stuart, pseud. See Bloede, Gertrude. 

Stewart, Balfour. Phj'sics. 1 144.15 

Stockton, Frank R. The floating prince and 

other fairy tales. Illus. 51-31 ', S. E. 647.9 

— Round-about rambles. S. E. 647,7 

— Tales out of school. 61,38; S. E. 647,8 
Stoddard, Willjam O. Dab Kinzer. A story 

of a growing boy. Bri. 43.99 

— Esau Hardery. A novel of American life. 

1461,3 ; Bri. 36,129 ; E. B. 296.2 
S. B. 283.2a 

— The heart of it. A romance of East and 
West. [Knickerbocker novels.] S. E. 506,9 

— The quartet. J. P. 233.12 
A sequel to Dab Kinzer, 

Stowe, Edwin. Velasquez. [Illus. biog. of 
the great artists.] ^543-56 

Sweet, Frank. Sparkling jewels for Sunday- 
school concerts. [With musical accompani- 
ments.] 2096.24 

Swinburne, Algernon C. Mary Stuart. A 
tragedy. 1354-25 

Symington, Andrew J. William Wordsworth : 
with selections. 2 v. 550.20; S. E. 205.9 

Talbot, Charles R. The story of Honor 
Bright. S. E. 654.25 

Ta.\co\\.,yi.. ^., formerly Mrs. Goodzvin. Dr. 
Howell's family. [Fiction.] J. P. 527.26 

Taylor, Bayard. Home ballads. With illus. 

S. E. 56.9 

Taylor, Meadows. Tippoo Sultaun ; a tale of 
the Mysore war. 1470.21 

Taylor, William M. Paul the missionary. 
Illus. J. P. 1614.2 

Thayer, William M. From log-cabin to the 

White house : life of J. A. Garfield. E. B. 199.14 

J. P. 1114.2; S. B. 168.41; S. E. 182.12' 

Timayenis, T. T. A history of Greece to 
[1880I. 2v. S. E. 272.2 

Tincker, Mary A. Grapes and thorr.s. [Fic- 
tion.] S. E. 509.28 

Tissot, Victor, and Am^ro, Constant. The 
exiles. A Russian stor}'. S. B. 149.32 

Tourgee, Albion W. A royal gentleman, and 
'Zouri's Christmas. 1711.21 

A royal gentleman was originally published in 1874, 
under the title of Toinette. The scene is laid in the South 
before and during the Civil war, so that it precedes chrono- 
logically the author's otlier works. 

Towle, George M. Ralegh : his exploits and 

voyages. Illus. [Young folks' heroes of history.] 

1540.33 ; Bri. 82.69 ; E. B. 137-38 

J. P. 1017.17; S. B. 159.40; S. E. 636.14 

Townsend, Luther T. The art of speech. 2 v. 

Townsend, Virginia F. Lenox Dare. [Fic- 
tion.] J, P. 623.25 

— A woman's word. J. P. 623.26 
Treadwell, John H. Martin Luther and his 

work. Portr. [New Plutarch.] 1541.20 

Trench, Richard C Supine's Trench on 

words. E. B. 158.4a 

TroUope, Anthony. Ayala's angel. [Fiction.] 

Lpz. 1460.18; J, P, 822.5; S« B. 280a. 23 

— Same. N. Y. J. P. 431.16 
Trowbridge, John T. A home idyl, and other ' 

poems. 1351-3 

— The pocket-rifle. [Juvenile.] Illus. 61.42 

Bri. 23.138; E. B. 249,81 

J. P. 223.25; S. B. 114-53; S. E. 6295.21 

Twain, Mark,^5e«rf. See Clemens, Samuel L. 





Tyler, Katharine E. The story of a Scandi- 
navian summer. 1665.18; S. E. 37i'4 

Tyler, Moses C. A history of American litera- 
ture. 1607-1765. 2 V. 391-5 

United States. Commissioners to the Paris 
universal exposition, 1878. Reports. Vol. i, 
3, 4, 5. Illus. J. P. 1912.3 

Vago, A. L. Instructions in the art of model- 
ing in clay. 200.10 
Valentine, Mrs, Shakspearian tales in verse. 
341.12; S. B. 251.18 

Four plays selected, and illustrated by large colored 

Vandegrift, Margaret. Under the dog-star. 
For boys and girls. Illus. 50.12 

Van Wert, Rupert, pseud. See Eddy, Daniel C. 

Vernej Jules. The exploration of the world. 
The great explorers of the nineteenth century. 
Tr. from the French. Illus. 1662.11 

— The giant raft. (Part i.) Eight hundred 
leagues on the Amazon. Tr. Illus. 1455.25 

Bri. 114.111; E. B. 299.83; J. P. 512.3 
S. B. 334-13 ; S. E. 630.16 

A translation of La Jangada, published in the Magasin 
d'education et de recreation, in :S8i. This magazine can be 
found in Bates Hall []. 

Vincent, Frank, jr. Norsk, Lapp, and Finn. 

S. E. 371.2 

Walford, Lucy B. Troublesome daughters. 
[Fiction.] 1454-8; J. P. 822.13 ; S. B. 140.67 

\Vard, Mrs. H. O., pseud. See Moore, Clara J. 

Warner, Charles D. Captain John Smith (1579- 
1631). [Lives of American vs^orthies.] 1526.25 

— Washington Irving. [American men of 
letters.] S. E. 153-29 

Warner, Susan. The letter of credit. [Fic- 
tion.] 51.26; J. P. 622.24; S. B. 228.35 

S. E. 415-15 

Warren, Henry. An artistic treatise on the 
human figure. [Putnam's art hand-books.] 

S. B. 320.8 

Watson, Henry C The old bell of indepen- 
dence; or, Philadelphia in 1776. 1416.9 

After\vards published with the title " Noble deeds of our 

Webb, Alexander S. The Peninsula. Mc- 
Clellan's campaign of 1862. [Campaigns of 

the civil war.] 220.4 

Wheeler, William A. Who wrote it.-* An 
index to the authorship of the more noted works 
in ancient and modern literature. Ed. by C G. 
Wheeler. 1404.24 

White, Charles A. The student's mythology. 

S. B. 35-28 

White, Richard G. England without and 

within. Bri. 64.36; J. P. 1434.8; S. E. 355.3 

Whitney, Adelaide D. T. The other girls. 

[Fiction.] S. E. 502.26 

Williams, Alfred M. The poets and poetry of 

Ireland. 1354-23 

Winchell, Alexander. Preadamites ; or, a 

demonstration of the existence of men before 

Adam. S. E. 124.13 

Winsor, Justin, ed. The memorial history of 

Boston. Vol. 3. The revolutionary period ; The 

last hundred years. Pt. i. Bri, 88.42 

E. B., H. 2; J. P. 921.9; S. B. 152.24 

S. E. 237.11 

Winter, William. The Jeffersons. With illus. 

[American actor sen] 550.ii ; J. P. 1115.7 

S. B. 68.45 ; S. E. 176.30 

Gives information about early dramatic matters in this 

W^ise, Daniel. ThornclifFe hall. [Juvenile.] 

[Winwood cliff ser.] 61.40; Bri. 41.144 

E. B. 13-35; J. P. 227.10; S. B. 126.34 

S. E. 652.33 

Wood, Ella P. Anne and other tales. By 

Johnny Ludlow [pseud.']. 1460.17; J. P. 822.4 

S. B. 287.55 
Woodbury, J. H. How I found it. North and 
South. With Mary's statement. [Anon.] 

E. B. 283.36 
Woods, Kate T. Doctor Dick. Illus. 1461.6 

S. E. 659.3 

Woolsey, Sarah C. {Susan Coolidge.) Cross 

Patch, and other stories. Adapted from the 

myths of Mother Goose. With illus. 1460.16 

E. B. 494.8 ; J. P. 237.23 ; S. B. 137-27 

S. E. 656.16 

Worboise, EmmaJ. The wife's trials. A tale. 


World, A, of wonders ; or, marvels in nature. 

Illus. 171-17; Bri. 127.97; E. B. 381.21 

J. P. 1933-20; S. B. 317-45; S. E. 125.2 

Yonge, Charlotte M. The little duke ; Richard 
the fearless. Illus. Boston. 1451.11 

— The little duke. Ben Sylvester's word. 
Lpz. 55-10.5 

— The prince and the page. A story of the 
last crusade. 1451.10 

— Same. (/« The Danvers papers.) 490-41 
Young, Charles A. The sun. With illus. 

[International scientific sen] IX43'2 





Recent publications, etc. 

Adams, William T. (^Oliver Optic.) Up the 
river. 1126.19 

Adamson, Robert. Fichte. [Philosophical 
classics for English readers.] 7335-6 

Ainsworth, William H. Stanley Brereton. 


Alden, William L. The cruise of the " Ghost." 
[Juvenile.] Illus. 1118.23 

Alger, Horatio, yr. From canal boy to presi- 
dent; or, .the boyhood and manhood of J. A. 
Garfield. Illus. 1017.7 

Andrews, William. Punishments in the olden 
time. 5925.14 

Anicetus, pseud. See Clark, William A. 

Armstrong's Primer of United States history. 

618.19; 50375 

Babcock, Emma W. Household hints. [Ap- 
pletons' home books.] 1725.8 

Barbour, G. M. Florida for tourists, invalids, 
and settlers. 435-22 

Barrett, Lawrence. Edwin Forrest. [Ameri- 
can actor ser.] 1033. i 

Baur, Ferdinand C. Die christliche Kirche des 
Mittelalters. 2023.2 

Beard, George M. American nervousness. 


Billings, John D. The history of the Tenth 
Massachusetts battery of light artillery, 1862-65. 
Portrs. Illus. 833.8 

Blackie, John S. Lay sermons. 7384.12 

Boston. Memorial of the dedication of the 
Public Latin and English high school-house. 
With a description. 5024.11 

Boyesen, Hjalmar H. Queen Titania. 2423.2 

Brook, Sarah, pseud. French history for Eng- 
lish children. With col. maps. 623.17 

Brooks, Phillips. The candle of the Lord 
and other sermons. 21 14.7 

Brown, Robert, ed. Science for all. 4 v. 
Illus. 6630.4 

Browning, Robert. Aristophanes' apology : 
including a transcript from Euripides. 5638.6 

— Balaustion's adventure : including a tran- 
script from Euripides. 5638.10 

— The inn album. 5638.9 

— Pacchiarotto : with other poems. 5638.7 

— Poems [and dramas]. 2 v. 5638.12 

— The ring and the book. 2 v. 5638.11 

— Sordello, Strafford, Christmas-eve and 
Easter-day. 5638.8 

Bruce, Wallace. The Hudson. [Poems.] 1622.4 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Young folks' history 

of Boston. Illus. 615.23 

— Zigzag journeys in the Orient. The Adriatic 
to the Baltic. Illus. 434.14 

Carleton,Will. Farm festivals. [Poems.] 1621.5 
Chadwick, John W. The man Jesus. 7386.24 
" Children busy, children glad, children 

naughty, children sad." Pictures by T. Pym. 

Stories by L. C. 7417-2 


Church, Florence, formerly Miss Afarryat. A 
lucky disappointment. 2410.16 

Clark, William A. {Anicetus.) Our modern 
Athens. A poem. 1623.13 

Clarke, James Freeman. Events and epochs 
in religious history. 7383.8 

See Bates Hall list for contents. 

Clement, Clara E. Egypt. With illus. 7365.6 

— Eleanor Maitland. A novel. 2423.5 
Coffin, Charles C. The boys of '61. 612.18 
Colvin, Sidney. Landor. [English men of 

letters.] 1023.22 

Conwell, Russell H. The life, speeches, and 
public services of James A. Garfield. 1015.20 

Coolidge, ^u?,3.n, pseud. See Woolsey, SarahC. 

Cox, Sir George W. An introduction to com- 
parative mytholog}- and folklore. 1924.5 

Craik, Georgiana M. Two women. 2318.20 

Dall, Caroline W. H. My first holiday; or, let- 
ters from Colorado, Utah, and California. 413.16 

Darwin, Charles R. The formation of vege- 
table mould, through the action of worms. 6615. 11 

De Forest, John W. The bloody chasm. 2413.27 

A story of the South since the civil war. 

Diman, Jeremiah Lewis. Orations and essays : 
with selected parish sermons. 5826.21 

Disraeli, Benjamin, earl of Bcaconsfield. Wit 
and wisdom of Benjamin Disraeli. 5637.16 

Dole, Nathan H. Young folks' history of 
Russia. Illus. 625.9 

Drake, Samuel A. Around the Hub. A boys' 
book about Boston. Illus. 834-3 

Du Chaillu, Paul B. The land of the mid- 
night sun. Journeys through Sweden, Norway, 
Lapland and northern Finland. Illus. 2 v. 431. 11 

Duet gems. A selected collection of music 
arranged for four hands. 1630.17 

Easy lessons for learning French. 2018.9 

Edwards, Eliezer. Words, facts, and phrases. 
A dictionary of curious matters. R.R..G.3.2 

Eidlitz, Leopold. The nature and function of 
art, more especially of architecture. 6221.10 

Ewing, Juliana H. Mrs. Overtheway's remem- 
brances. [Juvenile.] 1136.12 

Falke, Jakob von. Greece and Rome : their 
life and art. Tr. Illus. ♦6230.13 

Fenn, George M. The vicar's people. 2423.7 

Fergusson, James. History of Indian and 
Eastern architecture. Illus. 6222.3 

Feudge, Fannie R. India. [History.] 625.15 

Fields, James T. Ballads and other verses. 


Fleming, May A. A changed heart. 2412.23 

— The secret sorrow. 2412.22 
Forbes-Robertson, John. The great painters 

of Christendom. Illus. *6230. 14 

Fosdick, Charles A. {Harry Castlemon.) 

George at the wheel. 1x36.13 



Foster, Michael. A text-book of physiology. 
With illus. 5th ed. 6035.20 

Fothergill, Jessie. Kith and kin. A novel. 
[Leisure hour ser.J 2423.6 

— Made or marred and " One of three." 2318.21 
Freeman, Edward A. Sketches from the sub- 
ject and neighbour lands of Venice. 5524.10 

French, Henry W. Nuna : the Bramin girl. 
[Fiction.] 2423 9 

Fullerton, Lady Georgiana C. (L. G.) The life 
of Luisa de Carvajal. 1028.16 

Garfield, James A. Garfield's words. 1017.6 

— The poets' tributes to Garfield. Poems 
written for the Daily globe, and selections. With 
biog. 1625.28 

Garrett, Edward, ^5<?«(/. Sec Mayo, Isabella F. 

Gilmore, James R. {Edmund Kirke.) The 
life of J. A Garfield. With extracts. 5231.2 

Godet, Fr^d^ric. Lectures in defence of the 
Christian faith. Tr. 6337.12 

Graham, Wm. The creed of science. 5834.15 

Green, Samuel A. A centennial address, June 7, 
1881, before the Massachusetts medical society. 


Greey, Edward. Young Americans in Japan. 
Illus. 432- 15 

Hale, Edward E. Stories of adventure told by 
adventurers. 618. 11 

Hale, Edward E., and Hale, Susan. A family 
flight through France, Germany, Norway, and 
Switzerland. Illus. 432.16; 5910.10 

Hardy, Thomas. A Laodicean. [Leisure hour 
sen] 2423.11 

Harrison, James A. Spain. [A history.] 625.8 

Hartner, E. Severa. A novel. From the 
German, by Mrs. A. L. Wister. 2423.8 

Higginson, Thomas W. Common sense about 
women. 5226.3 

Hinsdale, Burke A. President Garfield, and 
education; Hiram college memorial. 1015.21 

Holmes, Mary J. Madeline. A novel. 2423.4 

Hoist, Hermann von. The constitutional and 
political history of the United States. [Vol. 3.] 
1846-1850. Annexation of Texas — Compromise 
of 1850. Tr. from the German. 5014.8 

House, Edward H. Japanese episodes. 638.2 

Howard, Blanche W. Aunt Serena. 2423.3 

Howells, William D. Doctor Breen's practice. 
A novel. , 2422.3 

Irving, Fannie B. Six girls. A home story. 


Jackson, Helen (M.). (H. H.) Mammy Tittle- 
back and her family. 11 14. 11 

James, Henry,yr. The portrait of a lady. 


Jewett, Sarah O. Country by-ways. 119.26 

Johnson (E.) Rossiter. Phaeton Rogers. A 
novel of boy life. Illus. 931.22 

Kant, Immanuel. Text book to Kant. The 
Critique of pure reason. Translation, reproduc- 
tion, commentary, index. With biog. sketch, 
by J. H. Stirling. 5831.10 

KingslSy, Charles. His letters and memories 
of his life. Ed. by his wife. Abridged ed. 1028.17 

— Out of the deep : words for the sorrowful. 
From [his] writings. 5835.21 

Kingston, William H. G. Peter Trawl ; or, 
the adventures of a whaler. Illus. 93I-23 

Kirke, Edmund, pseud. See Gilmore, James R. 

Knox, Thomas W. Adventures of two youths 
in a journey to Ceylon and India. Illus. [The 
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— France. Dictionnaire encyclopddique. T. 
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Preached chiefly in St. Paul's cathedral. 21 14.8 

Like a gentleman. [Fiction.] 2423.10 

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paedia of United States history, to 1876. 2 v. 


Lowell, James R. . Among my books, [ist] 
2d series. 2 v. 5215.4 

— Fireside travels. 5215.5 

— My study windows. 5215.3 

— Poetical works. 5216.13 
Ludlow, Johnny, pseud. See Wood, Ella P. 
Ludlow, Park. Once in fun, twice in earnest; 

or, Nick Hardy. Illus. 11 15.14 

McCarthy, Justin. Donna Quixote. 2318.19 
McClintock, John, and Strong, James. Cyclo- 
paedia of biblical, theological, and ecclesiastical 
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history. 7334-6 

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Markham, Richard. Aboard the Mavis. 434.17 
Massachusetts. Bureau of statistics of labor. 
Industrial conciliation and arbitration. Com- 
piled by C. D. Wright. 1732.5 
Masson, David. De Quincey. [English men 
of letters.] 1023.21 
Mat^aux, Clara L. The wonderland of work. 
Illus. 1710.3 
Mayo, Isabella F. Family fortunes. 2422.1 
Merrill, Selah. East of the Jordan. A record 
of travel and observation in Moab, Gilead and 
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Muentz, Eugene. Raphael : his life, works, 
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My wife and my wife's sister. [No name ser.] 


Attributed to Miss K. P. Wormeley. 

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pendix, containing a select catalogue of books 
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A trip through California, across the Pacific to 
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Rimmer, William. Elements of design. Illus. 





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A collection of the most famous stories and 
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— All's well that ends well. 5638.28 

— Antony and Cleopatra. 5638.24 

— As you like it. 5638.21 

— Comedy of errors. 5638.33 

— Coriolanus. 5638.31 

— Cymbeline. 5638.26 

— King Henry the fourth. Part i [2]. 5638.17 

— King Henry the fifth. 5638.29 

— King Henry the eighth. 5638.18 

— King Lear. 5638.34 

— King John. 5638.22 

— King Richard the second. 5638.32 

— King Richard the third. 5638.25 

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— Merchant of Venice. 5638.19 

— Midsummer-night's dream. 5638.15 

— Much ado about nothing. 5638.13 

— Othello. 5638.20 

— Romeo and Juliet. ■ 5638.27 

— The taming of the shrew. 5638.35 

— The tempest. 5638.14 

— Twelfth night. 5638.23 

— The winter's tale. 5638.30 
Shaw, Flora L. Hector. A story. 1123.27 
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— Famous sculptors and sculpture. Illus. 6215. 15 
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' "34-4 

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World, A, of wonders ; or, mar\'els in nature, 
Illus. 1712.7 

Young, Charles A. The sun. With illus. 
[International scientific ^er.] 1724.9 


Teubner Collection of the Classics. 

The following volumes of this collection, published at Leipzig between the years 1853 and 
i88i, have recently been added to the Fellowes Athenaeum. 

^lianus, Claudius. De natura animalium libri 
XVII ; varia historia; epistolae; fragmenta. Ex 
recog. R. Hercheri. Accedunt rei accipitrariae 
scriptores, Demetrii Pepagomeni Cynosophium, 
Georgii Pisidae Hexaemeron, Fragmentum Her- 
culanense. 2 v. 6125.6 

— Varia historia, ex recog. R. Hercheri. 6122. 11 

^neasTacticus. Commentarius poliorceticus. 
Recens. A. Hug. 6124.22 

^schines. Orationes. Iterum ed. F. Franke. 


.Sschylus. Tragoediae. Recog. G. Dindor- 
fius. ' 6122.18 

^sopus. Fabulae collectae. Ex. recog. C. 
Halmii. 6128.40 

Albertus Stadensis. Troilus, primum ex unico 
Guelferbytano codiceed. aT. Merzdorf. 6126.25 

Ammianus Marcellinus. Rerum gestarum 
libri qui supersunt. Recens. V. Gardthausen. 


Ampelius, Lucius. Liber memorialis. Recog. 
E. Woelfflin. 6128.44 




Anacreon. [Symposiaca] exAnthologiaePala- 
tinae volumine altero tertium ed. a V. Rose. 


Andocides. Orationes, ed. F. Blass. 6122.6 

Anthimus. De observatione ciborum, epistula 
ad Theudericum regem Francorum. Iterum ed. 
V. Rose. 6124.28 

Anthologia Latina sive poesis Latinae svpple- 
mentvm. 6126.13 

Antiphon. Orationes et fragmenta, adivnctis 
Gorgiae Antisthenis Alcidamantis declamationi- 
bus, ed. F. Blass. 6126.19 

ApoUodorus Atkeniensis. Bibliotheca. Ex 
recog. I. Bekkeri. 6124.21 

ApoUonius Rhodius. Argonautica, recens. R. 
Merkel. 6126.15 

ApoUonius Tyrius. Historia. Recens. A. Riese. 


Appianus. Historia Romana. Ed. L. Men- 
delssohn. 2 V. 6123.5 

Archimedes. Opera omnia cum commentariis 
Eutocii. Recens., Latine uertit, notisque illus- 
trauit. J. L. Heilberg. 2 v. 6123.8 

Aristophanes. Aristophanis comoedias ed. T. 
Bergk. 6124. 11 

Aristoteles. De arte poetica liber. Recens. G. 
Christ. 6122.7 

— De coelo et De generatione et corruptione. 
Recens. C. Prantl. 6124.7 

— De partibus animalium libri quattuor. Ex 
recog. B. Langkavel. 6126.12 

Arrianus, Flavins. Anabasis. Recog. C. 
Abicht. 6128.20 

Augustinus, Aurelius, St. De civitate Dei 
libri xxii. Iterum recog. B. Dombart. 2 v. 6123.9 

Avlvlaria sive Qyerolvs, Theodosiani aevi 
comoedia, Rvtilio dedicata, ed. R. Peiper. 6126.20 

Babrius. Fabulae ^sopeae. Ed. F. G. 
Schneidewin. 6128.42 

Bible. Novvm Testamentvm Graece ad fidem 
potissimvm codicis Vaticani B recens., varias 
lectiones adiecit P. Bvttman. 6121.9 

— John, St. Nonni Panopolitani Paraphrasis 
S. Evangelii Joannei. Ed. A. Scheindler. Ac- 
cedit S. Evangelii textus. 

Boethius, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severi- 
nus. Commentarii in librum Aristotelis [De 
interpretatione], recens. C. Meiser. 2 pts. in i v. 


— De institutione arithmetica libri duo, De 
institutione musica libri quinque. Accedit 
Geometria quae fertur Boetii. Ed. G. Friedlein. 


— Philosophiae consolationis libri qvinqve, 
accedvnt eivsdem atqve incertorvm opuscula 
sacra, recens. R. Peiper. 6122.12 

Caesar, Caius Julius. Commentarii cum A. 
Hirtr-aliorumque supplementis. Recog. B. Din- 
ter. 6128.24 

Capella, Martianus. [De nuptiis Philologije et 
Mercurii.] F. Ejssenhardt recensvit. Accedvnt 
Scholia in Caesaris Germanici Aratea. 6124.6 

Cassius Felix. De medicina ex Graecis logicae 
sectae auctoribus liber nunc primum ed a V. 
Rose. 6122.23 

Catullus, Caius Valerius, and others. Catvlli, 
Tibvlli, Propertii Carmina. Accedvnt Laevii, 
Calvi, Cinnae, aliorvm reliqyiae et Priapea. 
Recens. L. Mveller. 6126.14 

Cebes. Tabula. Recog. F. Drosihn. 6128.23 

Celsus, Aurelius Cornelius. De medicina 
libri octo. Recens. C. Daremberg. 6123.12 

Censorinus.' De die natali liber. Recens. F. 
Hultsch. 6128.21 

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Scripta quae manse- 
runt omnia. Recog. R. Klotz. 4 pts in 9 v. 


Commodianus. Carmina recog. E. Lvdwig. 


Constantinus I, the Great. Incerti auctoris de 
Constantino magno eiusque matre Helena libel- 
lus. E codicibus primus ed. E. Heydenreich. 


Curtius Rufus, Qjiintus. Historiarum Alex- 
andri Magni Macedonis libri qui supersunt. 
Recog. T. Vogel. 6124.27 

Dares Phrygius. De excidio Troiae historiae. 
Recens. F. Meister. 6128.7 

Demosthenes. Orationes ex recens. G. Din- 
dorfii. 3 V. 6125.5 

Dictys Cretensis. Ephemeridos belli Troiani 
libri sex. Recog. F. Meister. 6126.18 

Dinarchus. Orationes adiecto Demadis frag- 
mento. Ed. F. Blass. 6128.39 

Dion Cassius. Historia Romana. Cum annot. 
L. Dindorfii. 5 v. in 3. 6123. 11 

Dion Chrysostomus. Orationes. Recog. L. 
Dindorfius. 6128.29 

Diodorus Siculus. Bibliotheca historica. Ex 
recens. L. Dindorfii. 5 v. 6127.7 

Dracontius. Carmina minora. Ed. F. deDuhn. 


Duodecim panegyrici. Ed. JE,. Baehrens. 


Eclogae poetarum Latinorum in usum gymna- 
siorum, composuit S. Brandt. 6128.43 

Epicorum Graecorum fragmenta. Collegit 
G. Kinkel. Vol. i. 6121.19 

Erotici scriptores Graeci. Recog. R. Her- 
cher. 2 V. 6123.10 

Contents. — i. Parthenius; Achilles Tatius; lainbli- 
chus; Antonius Diogenes; Loneus; Xenophon Ephesius. 
— 2. Charito; Eustathius; Theodorus Prodromus; Nicetas 
Eugenianus; Constantinus Manasses. 

Eudocia Augusta, orginally Athen2Lis, Empress 
of Rome. Violarium, recens. I. Flach. 6124.5 

Euripides. Tragoediae, ex recens. A. Navckii. 
3 V. in 2. 6123.7 

Eusebius Fatnphtlus, or Ccesaricnsis. Opera. 
Recog. G. Dindorfius. 4 V. 6125. i 

Eutropius. Breviarium historiae Romanae. 
Ed. primam curavit D. C. G. Baumgarten- 
Crusius, alteram H. R. Dietsch. 6121.4 

Fabulae Romanenses Graece conscriptae ex 
recensione A. Eberhard. Continentur de Syn- 
tipa et de yEsopo narrationes fabulosae. 6122.27 

Flaccus, Caius Valerius. Argonauticon libri 
octo. Recog. J£.. Baehrens. 6122.29 

Florus, Julius. Epitomae de Tito Livio bel- 
lorvm omnivm annorvm DCC libri dvo. Recog. 
C. Halm. 6128. 1 1 

Frontinus, Sextus Julius. Strategematicon 
libri quattuor. Eiusdem De aquaeductibus urbis 
Romae liber. Recens. A. Dederich. 6126.26 

Gaius. Institutionum iuris civilis commentarii 
quattuor. Recens. P. E. Huschke. 6126.21 

Gellius, Aulus. Noctivm Atticarvm libri xx. 
Ex recens. M. Hertz. 6128.1a 

Heliodorus. yEthiopicorum libri decern, ab 
I. Bekkero recog. 6123.16 

Herodianus. Ab excessu Divi Marci libri 
octo. Ab I. Bekkero recog. 6122.10 

Herodotus. Historiarum libri ix. Curavit H. 
R. Dietsch. 6128.35 




Hesiodus. Carmina. Recens. I. Flach. 


Hesychius Milcsius. Hesjchii Milesii de viris 
illustribus librum, recens. I. Flach. ^X7,i.ib 

Hieronymus. De viris inlustribus liber. Ac- 
cedit Gennadii catalogus virorum inlustrium. 
Ex recens. G. Herdingii. 6126.17 

Historici Graeci minores. Ed. L. Dindorfius. 
2 V. , 6127.8 

Homer. Hjmni Homerici, accedentibus 
Epigrammatis et Batrachomyomachia. Ex recens. 
A. I3aumeister. 6125.10 

— Iliadis carmina xvi. Scholarum in usum 
restituta, ed. A. Koechlj. 6122.8 

— Ilias. Ed. G. Dindorf. Praemittitur "M. 
Sengebusch Homerica dissertatio prior. 6124.13 

— Odjssea. Ed. G. Dindorf. Praemittitur M. 
Sengebusch Homerica dissertatio posterior. 


Horatius Flaccus, Quintus. Carmina. Itervm 
recog. L. Mveller. 6122.9 

Hyginus Gromaticus. Liber de munitionibus 
castrorum. Ex recens. G. Gemoll. 6128.19 

Hyperides. Orationes quattuor, cum cetera- 
rum fragmentis. Ed. F. Blass. 6128.6 

Isaeus. Orationes cum aliquot deperditarum 
fragmentis. Ed. C. Scheibe. 6124.20 

Isocrates. Orationes. Recog. G. E. Bense- 
ler. 6124.16 

Julianus, Flavius Claudius, Emperor. Quae 
supersuntpraeter reliquias apud Cjrillum omnia. 
Recens. F. C. Hertlein. 6121.17 

Jvrisprvdentiae anteivstinianae quae svper- 

svnt. In vsvm maxima academicvm composvit 

P. E. Hvschke. 6122.21 

_ Bound with this is Ad Hvschkii Ivrisprvdentiam anteivsti- 

nianam indices, confecit F. Fabricivs. 

Justinianus I, Flavius Anicius, emperor. 
Institvtionvm libri qvattvor, cum praef. ex recog. 
P. E. Hvschke. 6123.18 

— Novellae. Ed. C. E. Zachariae a Lingenthal. 
Pars I. 6121.15 

Justinus. Trogi Pompei Historiarum Philip- 
picarum epitoma. Recens. I. leep. 6128.16 

Juvenalis, Decimus Junius. Satirarum libri 
quinque. Accedit Sulpiciae satira. Ex recog. 
C. F. Hermanni. 6128.8 

Laurentius Lydus, Joannes. Liber de ostentis 
et Calenduria Graeca omnia, ed. C. Wachsmvth. 
Accedvnt anecdota dvo de cometis et de terrae 
motibvs. 6121.8 

Livius Patavmus, Titus. Ab urbe condita 
libri. Iterum recog. W. Weissenborn. 6 pts. in 
3 V. 6125.4 

Lucianus Samosatensis. Opera. Ex recog. 
C. lacobitz. 3 V. in 2. 6125.7 

Lucretius Carus, Titus. De rerum natura libri 
sex. Recog. I. Bernaysius. 6124.23 

Lycophron. Alexandra. Recens., scholia vetera 
codicis Marciani addidit G. Kinkel. 6128.2 

Lycurgus. OratioinLeocratem. Ed. C. Scheibe. 


Lysias. Orationes, recens. C. Scheibe. Ac- 
cedunt orationum deperditarum fragmenta. 


Macrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius. 
[Opera.] F. Eyssenhardt recog. 6122.14 

Manetho. Apotelesmaticorum libri vi. Relegit 
A. Koechly. Accedunt Dorothei et Annubionis 
fragmenta astrologica. 6126.28 

Martialis, Marcus Valerius. Epigrammaton 
libri. Ed. F. G. Schneidewin. 6121.13 

Maximus of Epirtis., and Ammon. Carminum 
de actionum auspiciis reliquiae. Accedunt anec- 
dota astrologica. Recens. A. Ludwich. 6126.24 

Mela, Pomponius. De chorographia libri tres. 
Recog. C. Frick. 6128.41 

Metrologicorum scriptorum reliquiae. Collegit 
F. Hultsch. 6128.17 

Muret (^Latiti Muretus), Marc A. F. Scripta 
selecta. 6124.10 

Nepos, Cornelius. Vitae. Ex recensione C. 
Halmii. 6128.38 

Nicephorus, patriarch of Constantinople. 
Opvscvla historica. Ed. C. De Boor. Accedit 
Ignatii Diaconi Vita Nicephori. 6124.14 

Nicomachus Gerasenus. Introdvctionisarith- 
meticae libri 11. Recens. R. Hoche. Accedvnt 
codicis Cizensis problemata arithinetica. 6128.25 

Nonnus Panofolitanus. Dionysiacorum libri 
XLViii. Recens. A. Koechly. 2 v. 6121.16 

Onosander. De imperatoris officio liber. 
Recens. A. Koechly. 6128.10 

Ovidius Naso, Publius. [Carmina.] Ex recog. 
R. Merkelii. 3 v. in 2. 6123.4 

Paterculus, Caius Velleius. Ex Historiae 
Romanae libris duobus quae supersunt. Ed. 
C. Halm. 6128.22 

Pausanias. Descriptio Graeciae. Recog. J. 
H. C. Schubart. 2 v. 6124.4 

Persius Flaccus, Aulus. Satirarum liber. Ex 
recens. C. F. Hermanni. 6128.9 

Phaedrus. Fabvlae ^sopiae. Recog. L. 
Mveller. 6128.5 

Philostratus, Flavius. Opera auctiora ed. C. 
L. Kayser. Accedunt Apollonii epistolae, Euse- 
bius adversus Hieroclem, Philostrati junioris 
imagines, Callistrati descriptiones. 2 v. 6126. 11 

Pindarus. Carmina cum deperditorum frag- 
mentis selectis. Recog. W. Christ. 6124.24 

Plato. Dialogi secundum ThrasylliTetralogias 
dispositi. Ex recog. C. F. Hermanni. 6 v. 


Plautus, Titus Maccius. Comoediae. Ex 
recog. A. Fleckeiseni. 2 v. in i. 6121.14 

Plinius Csecilius Secundus, Caius. Epistu- 
larum libri novem ; Epistularum ad Traianum 
liber; Panegyricus. Recog. H. Keil. 6128.33 

Plinius Secundus, Caius. Naturalis historiae 
libri XXXVII. Recog. L. Janus. [Vol. 2. C. May- 
hoff.] 6 V. in 3. 6127.6 

— Plinii Secundi quae fertur una cum Gargilii 
Martialis medicina, nunc primum ed. a V. Rose. 


Plutarchus. Moralia, ex recens. R. Hercheri. 

Vol. I. 6121.18 

— Vitae parallelae. Iterum recog. C. Sintenis. 
5 V. 6125.2 

Poetae Latini minores. Recens. JEi. Baehrens. 


Polemon, Antonius. Declamationes quae 
exstant duae. Recens. H. Hinck. 6121.12 

Polyaenus. Strategicon libri octo. Recens. E. 
Woelfflin. 6122.16 

Porphyrio, Pomponius. Commentarii in Q^ 
Horatium Flaccum. Recens. G. Meyer. 6121.5 

Porphyrius. Opvscvla tria. Recog. A. Navck. 


Proclus Diadochus Lycitis. In primum Eucli- 
dis elementorum librum commentarii. Ex recog. 
G. Friedlein. 6128.15 

Quintilianus, Marcus Fabius. Institutionis 
oratoriae libri duodecim. Recens. E. Bonnell. 





Quintus Smyrnceiis. Posthomericorum libri 
XIV. Relegit A. Koechly- 6126.22 

Rervm natvralivm scriptores Graeci minores. 
Recens. O. Keller. 6121.20 

Contents. — Vol. i. Antig-onvs, Apollonivs, Phlegon, 
Anonyravs Vaticanvs. 

Ruhnken, David. Elogivm Tiberii Hemster- 
hvsii. 6122.15 

Rutilius Numatianus, Claudius. De reditv svo 
libri II. Accedvnt Hadriani, Flori, Apvleii, An- 
niani, Sereni, aliorvmqve poetarvm reliqviae. 
Recens. L. Mveller. 6126.27 

Sallustius Crispus, Caius. Libri de Catilinae 
conivratione et de bello Ivgvrthino. Accedvnt 
orationes et epistvlae ex historiis excerptae. Ed. 
R. Dietsch. 6121.7 

Scriptores historiae Avgvstae, recens. H. Peter. 


Scriptores metrici Graeci. Ed. R. Westphal. 
Vol. I. 6121.6 

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus. Opera quae super- 
sunt. Recog. F. Haase. 3 v. in 2. 6125.3 

— Oratorvm et rhetorvm sententiae, divisiones, 
colores, recog. A. Kiessling. 6126.16 

— Tragoediae, accedvnt incertae originis tra- 
goediae tres. Recens. R. Peiper et G. Richter. 

Sophocles. Tragoediae. Ex recensione G. 

Dindorfii. 6128.27 

Statius,Publius Papinius. ^chilleisetThebais. 

Recens. P. Kohlmann. Ease. i. .^chilleis. 6121.11 

— Siluae. Recens. JE.. Baehrens. 6124.12 
Stobaeus, Joannes. Eclogarum physicarum et 

ethicarum libri duo. Recens. A- Meineke. 6124.9 
Strabo. Geographica. Recog. A. Meineke. 3 v. 

Suetonius Tranquillus, Caius. Quae super- 

sunt omnia. Recens. C L. Roth. 6123.15 

Symeon Sethus. Syntagma de alimentorum 

facultatibus. Ed. B. Langkavel. 6128.37 

Tacitus, Caius Cornelius. Libri qui supersunt. 
Tertium recog. C. Halm. 6124.19 

Terentius Afer, Publius. Comoediae. Recens. 
A. Fleckeisen. 6128.13 

Themistius. Paraphrases Aristotelis librorum 
quae supersunt. Ed. L. Spengel. 6128.30 

Theocritus, and others. Bucolicorum Grae- 
corum Theocriti, Bionis, Moschi reliquiae, acce- 
dentibus incertorum idylliis. Recens. H. L. Ah- 
rens. 6124.17 

Theodorus Prodromus. Catomyomachia. Ex 
recens. R. Hercheri. 6128.4 

Theon, of Smyrna. Expositio rerum mathe- 
maticarum ad legendum Platonem utilium. 
Recens. E. Hiller. 6122.28 

Theophrastus. Characteres. Ed. H. E. Foss. 


— Opera quae supersunt omnia. Ex recog. F. 
Wimmer. 3 v. in 2. 6123.6 

Thucydides. De bello Peloponnesiaco libri 
octo. Iterum recog. G. Boehme. 6122.20 

Valerius Maximus, P. Factorvm et dictorvm 
memorabilivm libri novem. Ivlii Paridis et 
lanvarii Nepotiani epitomis adiectis, recens. C. 
Halm. 6122.22 

Vegetius Renatus, Flavius. Epitoma rei mili- 
taris. Recens. C. Lang. 6123.17 

Vergilius Maro, Publius. Opera in usum 
scholarum, recog. O. Ribbeck. Praemisit de 
vita et scriptis poetae narrationem. 6124.18 

Xenophon Atheniensis. Commentarii. Recens. 
L. Dindorfius. 6128.26 

— Expeditio Cyri, recens. A. Hvg. 6124.26 

— Historia Graeca [Hellenica]. Recens. L. 
Dindorfius. 6124.15 

— Institutio Cyri [Cyropaedia]. Recens. L. 
Dindorfius. 6124.15 

— Scripta minora. Recog. L. Dindorfius. 


Zonaras, Johannes. Epitome historiarum. Ed. 

L. Dindorfius. 6 v. in 3. 6125.8 


A new Catalogue of this Branch Library is in type, and will be completed before the issue of 
another Bulletin. It can be found, as far as finished, on the tables, and at the Deliveries at the 
Lower Mills and Mattapan. 

Abbott, Jacob. Force. [Science for the young.] 


— History of Darius the great. 259.30 

— History of Romulus. 259.32 

— History of Xerxes the great. 259.31 
Abbott, John S. C. The mother at home. 


Adams, William T. {Oliver O^tic.) Up the 
river. 255.20 

Adeler, Max, pseud. See Clark, Charles H. 

Ainsworth, William H. Stanley Brereton. 


Alden, Isabella M. (Pansy.) The pocket 
measure. 409a. 17 

Alden, William L. The cruise of the " Ghost." 
[Juvenile.] 258.1 

Alger, William R. The school of life. 358.35 

Andersen, Hans C. Stories for the household. 
Tr. With illus. 415.1 

Armstrong's Primer of United States history. 


Audran, Edmond. The " Mascot." Comic 

opera. [With music] English tr. 39I-9 

— Olivette, opera comique. [With music] 
English adaptation. 39^-8 

Auerbach, Berthold. The professor's lady. 
A novel. Tr. 3i5-3i 

Auton, C, pseud. See Hoppin, A. 

Ayres, Alfred, pseud. Sec Osmun, Thomas E. 

Babcock, Emma W. Household hints. [Ap- 
pletons' home books.] 357-33 

Badeau, Adam. Military history of U. 8. 
Grant. 2 v. 75-5 

Banvard, Joseph. Pioneers of the New world 
and the old French war. Illus. 384.20 

— Plymouth and the pilgrims. 384.18 

— Soldiers and patriots of the American revo- 
lution. Illus. 384-21 




Barbour, George M. Florida for tourists, in- 
valids, and settlers. 122.34 
Baring-Gould, Sabine. Sermons to children. 


— The vicar of Morwenstow. A life of R. S. 
Hawker. 377-24 

Beard, George M. American nervousness. 


— Stimulants and narcotics. 356.37 
Bonwick, James. Who are the Irish.' 384.19 
Boston. Public Library. Catalogue of the 

Spanish library and Portuguese books bequeathed 
by George Ticknor. R.R. 214.3 

— Catalogue of books in foreign languages in 
the Lower hall. 3d ed. R.R.,D. 22 

— Catalogue of works in the arts and sciences 
in the Lower hall. Supplementary list. 

R.R.,D. 23 
Brine, Mary D. Grandma's attic treasures. 

[Poem.] 14-17 

Brook, Sarah. French history for English 

children. With maps. 384.15 

Brooks, Phillips. The candle of the Lord and 

other sermons. 355-28 

Bruce, Wallace. The Hudson. [Poems.] 114.6 
Bryant, W'm. C. Orations and addresses. 286.7 
Bunce, Oliver B. Bachelor Bluff. 357-31 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Zigzag journej'S in 

the Orient. The Adriatic to the Baltic. 154.37 
Buxton, Bertha H. Sceptre and ring. 324.45 
Chadwick, John W. The man Jesus. 358.33 
Champlin, John D., jr. The young folks' 

astronomy. Illus. 198.69 

— Young folks' history of the war for the 
Union. 385-^5 

Chaplin, Jeremiah, compiler. Chips from the 
White house ; or, selections from the speeches 
[etc.] of all the presidents. 286.8 

Clark, Charles H. (^Max Adder.) The fortu- 
nate island, and other stories. 4^5-2 

Clarke, James Freeman. Events and epochs 
in religious historj'. 395-5 

For contents see Bates Hall list. 

— • The hour which cometh, and now is : 
sermons. 358.37 

— How to find the stars. With an account of 
the astronomical lantern. 99.65 

Clement, Clara E. Eleanor Maitland. 419.26 
Coffin, Charles C The boys of '61. 386.13 
Conway, Moncure D. Thomas Carlyle. 377.23 
Cooke, George W. Ralph Waldo Emerson : 
his life, writings, and philosophy. 376.17 

Cooke, Josiah P. Scientific culture, and other 
essays. 358-34 

Cooke, Laura S. H. Dimple Dopp and other 
stories. Illus. 256.10 

Crafts, William F. Plain uses of the black- 
board, and other illustrations in the Sunday- 
school. 396.1 
Craik, Georgiana M. Two women. 417.29 
Dahlgren, Madeleine V. South sea sketches. 
A narrative. 427.20 

Incidents of a residence in Sotith America. 

Dall, Caroline W. H. My first holiday; or 
letters home from Colorado, Utah, and California. 

Dana, James D. Manual of geology. 3d ed. 


Darwin, Charles R. The movements and 

habits of climbing plants, 193.33 

De Amicis, Edmondo. Constantinople. 427.12 

— Spain. Tr. from the Italian. 427.13 
De Forest, John W. The bloody chasm. 419.13 
A story of the South since the civil war. 

Dole, Nathan H. Young folks' history of 
Russia. 268.19 

Drake, Samuel A. Around the Hub. A boys' 
book about Boston. Illus. 384.13 

Du Chaillu, Paul B. A journey to Ashango- 
land, and further penetration into equatorial 
Africa. 426.9 

— The land of the midnight sun. Journeys 
through Sweden, Norway, Lapland and Northern 
Finland. With illus. 2 v. 426.8 

Duet gems. A selected collection of music for 

four hands. 39^.5 

Eggleston, Edward, and Seelye, Lillie E. Te- 

cumseh and the Shawnee prophet. 266.13 

Encyclopaedia Britannica, The. 9th ed. Vol. 13. 

217. 1 
Ewing, J. H. Mrs. Overtheway's remembran- 
ces. [Juvenile.] 253.21 
Fields, Annie. Under the olive. [Poems.] 119. 8 
Fields, James T. Ballads and other verses. 117.33 
First help in accidents and in sickness. 398.1 
Fleming, May A. The secret sorrow. 409a. 11 
Force, Manning F. From Fort Henry to 
Corinth. 384.14 
Fosdick, Charles A. (^Harry Castlemoti.) 
George at the wheel. 255.27 
Fothergill, Jessie. Kith and kin. A novel. 
[Leisure hour ser.] 419.19 

— Made or marred and '* One of three." 418.31 
Franklin, Benjamin, D.D. The creed and 

modern thought. 355-29 

Franz, Robert. Album of songs. New ed., 
with German and English words. 39^.6 

FuUerton, Lady Georgiana C. (L. G.) The 
life of Luisa de Carvajal. 378.5 

Garfield, James A. Garfield's words. 209.14 

George, Henry. The Irish land question. 193.34 

Gerson, Virginia. Little Dignity. Pictures 
and rhymes of olden times. 256.17 

Gibson, William H. Camp life in the woods 
and the tricks of trapping and trap making. 357.30 

Gilbert, William S. More "' Bab "ballads. 114.4 

Gilbert, William S., and Sullivan, Arthur. 
Patience, or Bunthorne's bride. An aesthetic 
opera. [Music with songs and dialogue.] 391.10 

Gill, John B. Indigestion. 198.66 

Gilmore, James R. (Edmund Kirke.) The 
life of J. A. Garfield. With extracts from his 
speeches. Illus. 274.3 

Grant, Alexander H. The church seasons his- 
torically and poetically illustrated. 358.32 

Greey, Edward. Young Americans in Japan. 


Griswold, Rufus W. The prose writers of 
America. Portrs. 274.1 

Groome, Francis H. In gipsy tents. 125.35 

Hailman, William N. Kindergarten culture. 
A complete sketch of Froebel's system, adapted 
to American institutions. 197-58 

Hale, Edward E. Stories of adventure told by 
adventurers. 253.20 

Hale, Edward E., and Hale, Susan. A family 
flight through France, Germany, Norway, and 
Switzerland. Illus. 426.12 

Hardy, Thomas. A Laodicean. [Leisure hour 
ser.] 419-29 

Harris, Joel C. Uncle Remus. The folk-lore 
of the old pUntfttion. 



Hartner, E. Severa. A novel. From the 
German, tr. by Mrs. A. L. Wister. 419.20 

Hatton, Joseph. To-day in America. 426.11 
Hay, John. Castilian days. 122.33 

Heard, Franklin F. Oddities of the law. 358.36 
Higginson, Thomas W. Army life in a black 
regiment. 268.18 

— Common sense about women. 398.2 
Hinsdale, Burke A. President Garfield and 

education; Hiram college memorial. 376.20 

Holland, Josiah G. Plain talks on familiar 

subjects. [Rev. ed.] • 208.25 

Holmes, Mary J. Madeline. A novel. 416.25 

Holmes, Oliver W. Songs in many keys. 116.36 

Hoppin, Augustus. (^C. Anton.) Recollections 

of Auton house. A book for children. With 

illus. 256.16 

Howard, Blanche W. Aunt Serena. 419.16 

Howells, William D. Doctor Breen's practice. 

A novel. 409a. 22 

Irving, Fannie B. Six girls. A home story. 

Jackson, Helen (M.). {H. H.) Mammy Tit- 
tleback and her family. 255.23 

James, H.jyV. The portrait of a lady. 4093.20 
Jewett, Sarah O. Country by-ways. 419-15 
Johnson, Helen K. Our familiar songs and 
those who made them. With piano accom- 
paniment, and sketches of the writers. 14.16 
Johnson, (E.) Rossiter. Phaeton Rogers. A 
novel of boy life. Illus. 255.25 

Previously published in St. Nicholas, from Feb., 18S1. 

Johnston, Henry P. The Yorktown campaign 
and the surrender of Cornwallis, 1781. 386.12 

Judd, John W. Volcanoes. [International 
scientific ser.] 356.39 

Kingsley, Charles. His letters and memories 
of his life. Ed. by his wife. Abridged ed. 378.6 

Kingston, William H. G. Great African trav- 
ellers. 123.29 

— Peter Trawl ; or, the adventures of a whaler. 


Kirke, Edmund, fseud. See Gilmore, James R. 

Kluckhohn, August. Louise, queen of Prussia. 
A memorial. Tr. from the German. 172.27 

Knox, Thomas W. Adventures of two youths 
in a journey to Ceylon and India. [The boy 
travellers in the far East. Part 3.] 126.15 

Lamson, Mary S. Life and education of Laura 
D. Bridgman, the deaf, dumb, and blind girl. 


Lanier, Sidney, ed. The boy's Mabinogion : 
Welsh tales of King Arthur in the famous Red 
book of Hergest. Illus. 256.11 

Lawrence, Eugene. A primer of American 
literature. 99.66 

Lewes, George H. Problems of life and mind. 
1st series. The foundations of a creed. 2 v. 395.2 

— Same. 2d series. The physical basis of 
mind. With illus. 395-3 

— Same. 3d series. Problem 1-4. 2 v. 395.4 

— Studies in animal life. 356.38 
Locke, John. Philosophical works. With 

essay, by J. A. St. John. 2 v. 286.9 

Longfellow, Henry W. The Longfellow birth- 
day-book. Arranged by Charlotte F. Bates. 119.9 

Lossing, Benson J. Harpers' popular cyclo- 
paedia of United States history, to 1876. Illus. 
2 V. 386.13 

Lothrop, Harriet M. {Margaret Sidney.) Five 
little Peppers. [Juvenile.] Illus. 156.33 

Ludlow, Johnny, pseud. See Wood, Ella P. 

Lupton, James I. The horse. Illus. 356.40 
McAdam, Graham. An alphabet in finance. 


McCabe, James D. Our young folks abroad. 
Illus. 256.13 

McCarthy, Justin. Donna Quixote. 418.30 

McCaskey, J. P., compiler. Franklin square 
song collection. 391-11 

M'Clintock, John, and Strong, James. Cyclo- 
paedia of biblical, theological, and ecclesiastical 
literature. Vol. 6-10. R.R.,C.4 

Mackenzie, Harriet D. S. Switzerland. 384.16 

Macleod, Norman. Reminiscences of a High- 
land parish. 125.34 

Marenholtz-Buelow, Bertha, Freiin von. Remi- 
niscences of Friedrich Froebel. 77-42 

Massachusetts. Bureau of statistics of labor. 
Industrial conciliation and arbitration. Com- 
piled by C. D. Wright. 204.19 

Mat6aux, Clara L. The wonderland of work. 
Illus. 397-1 

Mathews, Joanna H. Bessie Bradford's secret. 


Michelet, Jules. The sea. Illus. 195.28 

Miot, Andr^ F., comte de Melito, 1762-1841. 
Memoirs. Ed. by General Fleischmann. From 
the French. 173-24 

Mitford, Mary R. Recollections of a literary 
life. 376.18 

Mortimer, Favell L. Line upon line; or, a 
series of the earliest religious instruction. 259.34 

— The peep of day. ^55-5 

— Precept upon precept. 259.33 
Mother Goose ; or, the old nursery rhymes. 

Illus. by Kate Greenaway. 116.38 

My wife and my wife's sister. [No name ser.] 

Nicolay, John G- The outbreak of rebellion. 
[Campaigns of the civil war. i.] 384.17 

01iphant,MargaretO.W. Harry Joscelyn. 417.30 
Osmun, Thomas E. 1, Alfred The 
verbalist : a manual devoted to brief discussions 
of the right and the wrong use of words. 209.15 
Our little ones : illustrated stories and poems 
for little people. W. T. Adams, ed. [Vol. i.] 
With illus. 256.9 

Our young folks at home. Illus. prose stories. 
By American authors and artists. 256.19 

Pansy, pseud. See Alden, Isabella M. 
Pierson, Hamilton W. In the Brush; or, old- 
time life in the Southwest. 427.21 
Plympton, A. G. The glad year round. For 
bovs and girls. Illus. 256.15 
Read, Thomas B. Brushwood. [Poem.] 114.5 
Rees, Janet E. R. Home decoration. [Apple- 
tons' home books.] 357-35 
Richardson, Joseph G. Long life, and how to 
reach it. 99-63 
Robinson, Frederick W. The black speck. 
A temperance tale. 324-44 
Roe, Edward P. Without a home. 4093.19 
Rosemary and Rue. [Round-robin ser.] 419.14 
Rosengarten, A. A handbook of architectural 
styles. Tr. from the German. With illus. 394-3 
Rossetti, Dante G. Ballads and sonnets. 116.39 
Rousselet, (T.) Louis. The two cabin boys. 


Row, Charles A. Reasons for believing in 

Christianity Lectures. 356-33 

Russell, William C. An ocean free lance. 324.46 

S.,M. E.W. Home amusements. [Appletons' 

home books.] 357-34 




Scudder, Horace E., ed. The children's book. 
A collection of the most famous stories and 
poems in the English language. 256.12 

Shakespeare, William. Antony and Cleopa- 
tra. Ed. by W. J. Rolfe. 17.44 
Shaw, Flora L. Hector. A story. 419. 17 
Shelly, Chas. P. B. Workshop appliances. 358.38 
Sidney, Margaret, pseud. See Lothrop, Har- 
riet M. 

Smith, Goldwin. Lectures on the study of 
history, in Oxford, 1859-61. 205.28 

Smyth, William. Lectures on the French revo- 
lution. 2 V. 167.29 
Some curious schools. Illus. 391-7 
Spencer, Herbert. Essays. 285.10 

— The principles of psychology. 2 v. 95.40 

— Recent discussions. 285.11 
Stearns, Winfrid A. New England bird life : 

a manual from [his] manuscript, by E. Coues. 

Illus. Part I. Oscines. 395-6 

Stephen, Leslie. Hours in a library. 205.27 
Contents. — De Foe's novels; Richardson's novels; Pope 

as a moralist; Mr. Elwin's edition of Pope; Some words 

about Sir Walter Scott; Nathaniel Ha\ythorne; Balzac's 

novels ; De Quincey. 

Stephens, Charles A. The Knockabout club 
in the woods. [Maine and Canada.] 256.18 

Stockton, Frank R. The floating prince and 
other fairy tales. Illus. 256.14 

These tales were originally published in St. Nicholas, in 

Stoddard, William O. The quartet. A sequel 
to Dab Kinzer. 255.21 

Stowe, Harriet E. B. Woman in sacred his- 
tory. Illus. 274.2 

Strickland, Agnes. Tales from English his- 
tory. For children. 159-36 

— True stories from ancient history to the 
death of Charlemagne. 419-23 

— True stories from modern history, from the 
death of Charlemagne to Waterloo. 419.22 

Sully, James. Illusions: a psychological study. 
[International scientific ser.] 356.34 

Sweetser, Moses F., ed. Artist-biographies. 
Namely: — 

— Claude Lorraine. 179-34 

— Diirer. I79-3I 

— Michael Angelo. 179-33 

— Murillo. 179.30 

— Raphael. ^79-35 
Swinton, Wm. Studies in English literature. 

Taylor, John E. The aquarium. Illus. 396.2 

— Natural history rambles. Underground. 
Illus. 398.3 

Thayer, William M. From log-cabin to the 
White house : life of J. A. Garfield. 377.22 

— The printer boy; Ben Franklin. 178.35 
Timbs, John. Wonderful inventions. 357.32 
Tomes, Robert. The Bazar book of decorum. 

[_Anon.'\ 198.68 

— The Bazar book of healtli. 198.67 

Towle, George M. Ralegh : his exploits and 
voyages. [Young folks' heroes of history.] 

Trench, W. Steuart. Realities of Irish life. 


TroUope, Anthony. Ayala's angel. 418.29 

Trowbridge, John T. The emigrant's story, 

and other poems. ii7-37 

— A home idyl, and other poems. 116.37 

— The pocket-rifle. [Juvenile.] 252.21 

— The vagabonds, and other poems. 116.35 
Turgenef, Ivan S.- Fathers and sons. 419.25 
Walford, Lucy B. Troublesome daughters. 

Walker, James B. Experiences of pioneer life 

in the early settlements of the West. 123.30 

Waring, George E., Jr. Tyrol and the skirt 

of the Alps. Illus. 426.10 

Originally appeared in Harper's magazine, 1S79. 

Warner, Charles D. Washington Irving. 

[American men of letters.] 178-34 

Warner, Susan. The letter of credit. 4oga.i2 

Watson, John. Kant and his English critics. 


Webb, Alexander S. The Peninsula. Mc- 

Clellan's campaign of 1862. [Campaigns of the 

civil war.] 266.14 

Whittier, John G. Among the hills, and other 

poems. 117-34 

— Miriam, and other poems. 117^36 

— The tent on the beach, and other poems. 


Wilson, John. Lights and shadows of Scottish 
life. Illus. 419-24 

Winsor, Justin, ed. The memorial history of 
Boston. Vol. 3. R. R. Desk 

Winter, William. The Jeffersons. With illus. 
[American actor sen] 376.19 

Wise, Daniel. Thorncliffe hall. 253.19 

Wise, John. Through the air : a narrative of 
forty years' experience as an aeronaut. 191.30 

Wood, Ella P. Anne and other tales. By 
Johnny Ludlow \^pset4d.']. 418.28 

Wood, Horatio C. Brain-work and overwork. 


Woods, Kate T. Doctor Dick. [Juvenile.] 


Woolsey, Sarah C. Cross Patch, and other 
stories. 255.9 

Woolson, Abba G. Woman in American 
society. 208.41 

World, A, of wonders; or, marvels in nature. 
Illus. 95.39 

Yonge, Charles D. Three centuries of modern 
history. * 384.12 

Yonge, Charlotte M., ed. A storehouse of 
stories, [i, 2 ser.] Newed. 2 v. Illus. 419.21 

Youmans, Edward L. The hand-book of 
household science. 395-1 

Young, Charles A. The sun. [International 
scientific ser.] 356.32 






Recent Harris Fund Purchases. 

By the provisions of the will of Miss Charlotte Harris, the income from this fund is to be spent 
for books published previous to 1850. 

Clavigero, Francesco S. The history of Mex- 
ico. Illus. Tr. L., 1787. 2 V. 1213.4 

Cloquet, Jules. Recollections of the private 
life of Lafayette. With engrs. L., 1835. 1013.7 

Cobbett, William. The political Proteus. A 
view of the public character and conduct of R. 
B. Sheridan. L., 1804. 1013.12 

Comic coronal, The. With illus. by R. Cruik- 
shank and R. Seymour. L., 1830, 31. 738.4 

Cramer, John A. A geographical and his- 
torical description of ancient Italy. Oxford, 1826. 
Text, 2 v. ; Atlas, i v. 1026.7 

Cunningham, Allan. Traditional tales of the 
English and Scottish peasantry. L., 1822. 2 v. 


Day, Samuel P. Monastic institutions. 2d 
ed. L., 1846. 733-2 

Demonologia. By J. S. F. L., 1827. 735.5 

Decastro, J. The memoirs of J. Decastro, 
comedian, [with] anecdotes ; accompanied by an 
analysis of the life of Philip Astley. Ed. by 
R. Humphrey. L., 1824. Illus. 745-13 

Dibdin, Thomas F. A bibliographical, anti- 
quarian, and picturesque tour in France and 
Germany. 2d ed. L., 1829. 3 v. Illus. 921.8 

Dorchester antiquarian and historical society. 
Collections. No. i. Memoirs of Roger Clap. 
1630. B., 1844. 1033.16 

— Collections No. 2. Annals of Dorchester. 
By James Blake. 1750. .B., 1846. 1033.15 

Drake, Nathan. Winter nights ; or, fire-side 
lucubrations. L., 1820. 2 v. in i. 1027. 11 

Dudley, Robert, earl of Leicester. Secret me- 
moirs. L., 1706. Illus. 1017.7 

Edinburgh review. Selections. Ed. by M. 
Cross. L., 1833. 4^- 932.4 

Fanshawe, Ann H., Lady. Memoirs. Writ- 
ten by herself. With extracts from the corre- 
spondence of Sir Richard Fanshawe. New ed. 
L., 1830. Portr. 921.10 

Fearon, Henry B. Sketches of America. 2d 
ed. L., 1818. 933-8 

Forster, George. A journey from Bengal to 
England, through the northern part of India, 
Kashmire, Afsihanistan, and Persia, and into 
Russia by the Caspian sea. L., 1808. 2 v. 1024.8 

Fortune, Robert. Three years' wanderings in 
the northern provinces of China. With illus. 
2d ed. L., 1847. 921.7 

Gardner, George. Travels in the interior of 
Brazil during 1836-41. L., 1846. Illus. 1013.1 

Gastineau, Henry, illustrator. Wales illus- 
trated. [With descriptions.] L. [1831.] 1213.5 

Gilley, William S. Narrative of an excursion 
to the mountains of Piemont, in 1823, and re- 
searches among the Vaudois. With maps, plates, 
and appendix. 4th ed. L., 1827. 1015.11 

Adolphus, John. Memoirs of John Bannister, 
comedian. L., 1839. 2 v. Portrs. 933-5 

American broad grins : ed. by Rigdum Funni- 
dos, Gent. 2d ed. With illus. L., 1S39. 733.6 

Arundell, Francis V. J. Discoveries in Asia 
Minor. L., 1834. 2 v. Illus. 933-3 

Barrow, 6'zVJohn. An auto-biographical me- 
moir. L., 1847. Portr. 921.6 

Bassompierre, Francois, baron de, marechal 
de France. Memoirs of [his] embassy to the 
court of England in 1626. Tr. L., 1819. 936.10 

Bayard, Pierre du Terrail, chevalier de. The 
right joyous and pleasant history of the Chevalier 
Bayard. By the loyal servant. L., 1825. 2 v. 

1012. 1 

Bell, James S. Journal of a residence in Cir- 
cassia during 1837-1839. L., 1840. 2 v. 921.5 

Biographical sketches of the French generals, 
who are appointed by Buonaparte, to invade 
England : also anecdotes of the republican painter 
David, and Talleyrand's Instructions to General 
Andreossi. L., 1804. Portr. 733.5 

Boileau Despreaux, Nicolas. Works. Made 
English. Prefixed his life. By Mr. Des Mai- 
zeaux. L., 1712. Illus. 1027.12 

Bonnycastle, Sir Richard H. The Canadas 
in 1841. L., 1841. 2 V. Illus. 921. II 

Brandon, Raphael, and Brandon, J. Arthur. 
Parish churches ; being perspective views of 
English ecclesiastical structures : accompanied 
by descriptions. L., 1848. 1015.13 

Budgell, Eustace. Memoirs of the illustrious 
family of the Boyles. 3d ed. L., 1737. 1017.8 

Burder, William. Religious ceremonies and 
customs. With engrs. L., 1841. 5715.20 

Burgess, Richard. The topography and antiq- 
uities of Rome ; including the recent discoveries 
made about the Forum and the Via Sacra. L., 
1831. 2 V. Illus. 933-7 

Butcher, Edmund. The beauties of Sidmouth. 
3d ed. Sidmouth. [1820.?] Illus. 924.12 

Caillie, Ren^. Travels through central Africa 
to Timbuctoo ; and across the Great desert, to 
Morocco, 1824-28. L., 1830. 2 v. Illus. 1024.9 

Carruthers, James. The history of Scotland, 
to the accession of the Stewart family. Edinb., 
1826. 2 V. 1024.6 

Carte, Thomas. A collection of original letters 
and papers, concerning the aifairs of England, 
from 1641 to 1660. L., 1739. 2 v. 1017.3 

Chalkley, Thomas. A collection of [his] 
works. L., 1751. 1017.6 

Chatfield, C. Teutonic antiquities. L., 1828. 


Clark, Henry G. Ship fever. B., 1850. 4427.9 

Clarke, Adam. Memoirs of the Wesley family. 
L., 1823. 924.10 




Gleig, George R. A narrative ef the cam- 
paigns of the British army at Washington and 
New Orleans, in 1814-15. 2ded. L., 1826. 1016.11 

Goodwin, Philo A. Biography of Andrew 
Jackson. Hartford, 1850. Portr. 1012.2 

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A satire upon the reign of George ill of England. 

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Recent Publications, etc. 


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Armstrong's Primer of United States history. 

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[The new Plutarch.] 2734.21 

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Previously published in the Atlantic monthly, bejfinning 
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Previously published in St. Nicholas, beginning Feb., 1881 . 

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World, A, of wonders ; or, marvels in nature. 


Young, Charles A. The sun. [International 
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Renaissance. (Conclusion.) 

Part IV. — biography. 

Since the publication of the list on the literary history of the Renaissance, Symonds's work 
has been cornpleted by the addition of two volumes upon Italian literature, which form volumes 
four and five of 2732.51. 

Gregorovius, F. Lucrezia Borgia. Nach 
Urkunden und Correspondenzen ihrer eigenen 
Zeit. Stuttgart, 1874. 2 v. in i. Plate. Fac- 
similes. 8°. 2746.20 

This work contains many important documents. "The 
latest and most precise notices on the genealogy of the 
Borgias." — Villari. 

The commonly accepted views of Lucrezia Borgia's 
character, it is said, are largely derived from Burchard, 
Guicciardini, Matarazzo, Pontano, and Sannazzaro, The 
epigramma ic satires of the last two, it is thought, contrib- 
uted largely to the popular accounts, Guicciardini especially 
showing their influence. Later historians have modified 
the harsh views of the earlier biographers. Gilbert [4746.14] 
and Gregorovius both write from more favorable stand- 
points ; the latter had the use of previously inedited docu- 
ments, and made extensive researches among the archives 
of different cities. Gregorovius also treats of the Borgia 
family in his " Gesch. der Stadt Rom.," v. 7 [4214.50], which 
is reviewed under the title of " The Borgias and their latest 
historian," in the North British rev., v. 53, p. 35 [*S309-"-S3] i 
also in Littell, 4th ser., v. 21, p. 259 [*]. For 
researches in regard to the genealogy of the Borgias, see 
Cittadella's " Saggio di albero genealogico e di memorie 
sulla famiglia Borgia." Torino, 1872. [Ordered.] 

Greswell, W. P. Memoirs of Politianus, Picus 
of Mirandula, Sannazarius, Bembus, Fracasto- 
rius, Flaminius, and the Amalthei. 2d ed. Man- 
chester, 1805. 8°. 2743.20 

For Poliziano see note under Meiners in this list. Tliere 
is a life of Pico della Mirandola in English by Mrs. Shelley 
[398. 1. 1 ], also a sketch by Pater in his" Studies of the Renais- 
sance" [4070.55; 4077.70]. See also Symonds [2722.51]. 
Consult the last for Sannazzaro. 

Grimm, H. Life of Michael Angelo. Tr. 4th 
ed. B., 1869. 2 V. Portr. 12°. 8067.12 

See also the note in the Boston Public Library History 
catalogue ; and under Buonarroti in this list. 

Guarino da Verona, humafiist, 1370-1460. See 
Rosmini, C. de'. 

Guidobaldo, I, duca di Urbino, 1472-1508. See 
Bembo ; — Dennistoun. 

Heaton, M. M., and Black, C. C Leonardo 
da Vinci and his works. Consisting of a life by 
Mrs. C. W. Heaton, an essay on his literary and 
scientific works by C. C. Black. L., 1874. 
Photog. 80. *4074.5i 

A popular account; see also Houssaye. 

Hettner, H. Italienische Studien. Zur Ge- 
schichte der Renaissance. Braunschweig, 1879. 
8°. 2723.61 

Houssaye, A. Histoire de L. de Vinci. P., 
1869. Portr. 8°.- 8065.3 

Houssaye's life is considered the most complete and satis* 
factory account; the appendix contains a list of authorities- 
Mrs. Heaton's [4074.51] life in English also gives authori- 
ties. Rio's is a valuable account [4079.11] ; see also his 

" De I'art Chretien " [4075.2]. Cldment treats of Da Vinci 
as an artist, in comparison with Michael Angelo and 
Raphael. Crowe and Cavalcaselle give a valuable account. 
See also Campori's " Nouveaux documents" in Gazette des 
beaux-arts, v. 20 [*]. Landon [S061.SI gives 
outline illustrations from his paintings. Blanc [0080.15] 
gives a list of his works, and of authorities. His con- 
nection with the Renaissance is considered in Symonds 
[2722.51.3]; also in Pater [4079.55; 4077.70]. Consult 
further his treatise on painting [4064.14, English; 4061.1, 
Italian]. RigoUot [4066.50] contains a list of Da \ inci's 
works. In regard to his scientific achievements, consult 
Libri [4275.20.3]. 

Jansen, A. Leben und Werke des Malers 
Giovannantonio Bazzi von Vercelli, genannt il 
Soddoma. Stuttgart, 1870. 8°. 8065.57 

There is an account of Bazzi, by Vischer, with illustra- 
tions from his works, in Dohme's " Kunst und Kiinstler des 
Mittelalters und der Neuzeit," 2te Abth., iter B., no. 30 
[S072.55] ; al^o in Keane's English transl.of Dohme[So72.6o] ; 
an essay by Frizzoni, in the Nuova Antologia, Agosto, 1S71 

from his painting. Bruzzi's " Notizie " in tlie "Miscel- 
lanea di storia italiana," v. i [4712.1], conUiin results of 
investigations regarding the place of his birth, and his family 



Julius II, pope. See Brosch. 

Koerting, G. Boccaccio's Leben und Werke. 
Lpz., 1880. [Gesch. d. Lit. Italiens imZeitalter 
der Renaissance. B. 2.] 8°. 2774.51.2 

— Petrarca's Leben und Werke. Lpz., 1S78. 
[Gesch. d. Lit. Italiens ini Zeitalter der Renais- 
sance. B. I.] 8°. 2774.51. 1 

Leti, G. Vita di Cesare Borgia. Con note 
di M. Fabi. Milano, 1853. ^^°- 2749.31 

See also Gregorovius, and Tomasi. His relation to 
Italian politics is discussed in Svraonds's " Age of the 
despots" [2722.51.:]; also in Villari's " Niccol6 Machia- 
velli" [274751.1]. 

Lomonaco, F. Opcre. Lugano, 1831-37. 9 v. 
12°. 2788.11 

Contains " Vite de' famosi capitani d' Italia; Vite degli 
eccellenti italiani." For full list of contents, see Bates Hall 

Machiavelli, Niccolo, author and politician, 
1469-1527. iSee Baldelli ; — Villari, 

Maehly, J. Angelus Politianus. Ein Cultur- 
bild aus der Renaissance. Lpz. ,1864. 16". 2749.61 

Malagola, C. Delia vita e delle opere di 
Antonio Urceo detto Codro, studi e ricerche. 
Bologna, 1878. 8°. 2744.59 

Contains a list of authorities, and a study of the literary 
history of Bologna during the Renaissance. The revival 
of classical study in Italy is also considered. There is a 
chapter on Urceo in Synionds's "Revival of learning" 
[2722.51.3]; also a sketch in Burckhardt, v. i [2723.53.1]; 
the relations of Urceo with Aldus are set forth in Didot 

Malespini, Antonio Giacomini Tebalducci. 
See Nardi ; — Pitti. 

Manetti, Giannozzo, orator and scholar, 1396- 
1459. Vita Nicolai v. pontificis. (/« Muratori. 
Rer. Ital. script., v. 3, pt. 2.) *27io.i.3 

Consult Ranke's "Lives of the popes"; and Miintz's 
" Les arts a la cour des papes " [2953.61.4]. 

— 5ee Naldi ; — Vespasiano da Bisticci. 
Marsigli, Luigi, Floretitine humanist, about 

1330-1394. See Reumont. Briefe heiliger Ita- 

Mazzuchelli, G. La vita di Pietro Aretino. 
Padova, 1741. Portr. 16°. 2749.4 

See also " Documenti inediti su P. Aretino " in Archiv. 
stor. ital., ser. 3 a, v. 3, pt. 3 [5255.1.3]. 

Medici, Lorenzo de', Florentine prince and 
patron of literature, 1448-1492. " Lettere al som. 
pont. Innocenzio viii, e piv altre di personaggi 
illvstri toscani. Firenze, 1830. 8°. 2744.12 

— See Buser ; — Fabroni ; — Reumont ; — Ros- 
coe ; — Valori. 

Meiners, C. Lebensbeschreibungen beruhm- 
ter Manner aus den Zeiten der Wiederherstellung 
der Wissenschaften. Zurich, 1795-97. 3 v. 8°. 


Contains biographies of Giovanni da Ravenna, Pico della 
Mirandola, Pohziano, etc. 

Mencke, F. O. Historia vitae et in literas 
meritorum A. Politiani. Lipsiae, 1736. Illus. 4°. 


Mezi^res, A. P^trarque. Etude d'apres de 
nouveaux documents. P., 1868. 8°. [Ordered.] 

Milan, Italy. See Giovio. 

Minutoli, C. Francesco Burlamacchi. Storia 
lucchese del secolo xvi. Nuova ed. Lucca, 
1863. 8°. 4745-28 

See also documents in Giornale storico degli archivi tos- 
cani, v. 4, pp. 309-317 [5265.39.4]. 

Monzani, C. Di Leonardo Bruni Aretino, 
discorso. (/« Archiv. Stor. ital., n. s., t. 5., pt. i, 
pp. 29-59; pt. 2, pp. 3-34.) *5255.i-5 


Naldi, N., 1420-1470. Vita Jannotii Manetti, 
1396-1459. {In Muratori. Rer. Ital. script., v. 

20.) *2720.1.20 

Nardi, J., Italian historian and statestnan, 
1476-1555. Vita d'Antonio Giacomini Tebalducci 
Malespini. Fiorenza, 1597. 4°. *2745.3 

Nicolas v., pope. See Manettij^ G. ; — Ves- 
pasiano da Bisticci. 

Nisard, M. E. C. Les gladiateurs de la r^pu- 
blique des lettres aux xve-xviie siecles. P., i860. 
2 -f. 8°. * 2256.10 

Relates to the literary quarrels of Filelfo, Poggio, and 

Oliphant, Margaret O. W. The makers of 
Florence: Dante, Giotto, Savonarola. L., 1876. 
Portr. Illus. 8°. 2746.55 

Paleario, Aonio, modern Latin poet and 
reformer, d. 1570. See Young, M. 

Palestrina, Giovanni Battista Pietro Aloisio 
da, musical composer, 1524-1594. See Baini, G. 

Palmieri, M., Florentine historian, 1405-1475. 
De vita et rebus gestis N. Acciajoli, 1310-1366. 
(/« Muratori. Rer. Ital. script., v. 13.) *27io.i.i3 

Panormita, A. B., humanist, 1394-1471. Al- 
fonsi regis dictorum ac factorum libri quatuor. 
Pisis, 1485. 4°. 

This edition is very rare; the work has been many times 
reprinted. Panormita was attached to the Court of Alfonso, 
in official capacities. He was a great favorite with the latter. 

Panvinio, O., Italian historian, I529-I568. 
Pontificvm Romanorvm vitae, a Xysto iv. papa, 
vsque ad Pivm v. (/« Sacchi, B. de' S. Historia 
de vitis pontificvm Romanorvm, pp. 341-472. 
Colonise Vbiorvm, 1600.) *6o8i.a 

Passavant, J. D. Rafael von Urbino und sein 
Vater G. Santi. Lpz., 1839. 2 v. 8°. , 4065.4 

— Raphael d'Urbin et son pere. Ed. fran- 
(jaise, refaite, et aug. par I'auteur sur la trad, de J. 
Lunteschutz. P., i860. Portr. 2 v. 8". 


— Raphael of Urbino and his father. Illus. 
L., 1872. L. 8°. *A.220.x 

Passavant's work, which, in the preface, characterizes the 
authorities, is considered the chief biography of Raphael. 
Chiatremere de Qiiincy's " Life " is the most valuable 
ofearlier lives [8068.32'; 4065.1; 543.12; 835.7I. Rumohr's 
" Itaiienische Forschungen," Vol. 3, is devoted to a study of 
Raphael and his contemporaries [407C).6o.3]. Of the works 
of later date than Passavant's, Springers " Raffael und 
Michelangelo" [*4o6i.39], Miintz's "Raphael" [S073.62; in 
English [8072.64], are tlie most important. Swcetser's is a 
concise popular account [4069.18]. For his relations to the 
Renaissance, consult Symonds's " Fine arts " [2722.51.3]. 
For studies of his works, there are Gruyer's " Essai sur les 
fresques de R. au Vatican" [4066.28], with illustrations; 
"Les vierges de Raphael" [8065.11] ;" Raphael et I'anti- 
quit^ " [8065.60] ; Lloyd's " Christianity in the cartoons " 
[4066.44J. Springer also contains studies and illustrations, 
some of^them from original drawings. The Tosti collection 

gallery [T. C. 3.1J. Kochler's " Polychrome Meistenverke " 
[C. C. la.i] has fine colortd illustrations. 

For Italian accounts of Raphael see Vasari ; Dolce's " Dia- 

logo della pittura" [4064.12] ; Armenino [4067.37); Lomazro 
[4072.^]; Borghini [4089.15J. For new biographical and 
critical sketches consult Index to the Gazette des beaux 
arts [73ioa.5i], and for volumes subsequent to the index, 
the manuscript index, at Bates Hall desk. 

Paul II, pope. See CannesiOj M. ; — Caspar da 

Peruzzi, L. Ricordi sulla vita di F. Petrarca 
e di Madonna Laura, scritti da L. Peruzzi loro 
contemporaneo. Bologna, 1866. [Romagnoli, 
G., ed. Scelta di curiositk letterarie. Disp. 69.] 
16°. 4762.1. 15 



Petrarca, Francesco. See Baldelli, G. B. ; — 
Campbell, T. ; — Crespan, G. ; — Geiger, L. ; — 
Koerting, G. ; — Mezieres, A. ; — Peruzzi, L. ; 

— Reeve, H. ;— Villani, F. 

Piccinino, Niccolo, Italian condottiere, 1375- 
1444. See Decembiio, P. C. ; — Porcellio, P. 

Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni, Italian phi- 
losopher^ 1463-1494. See Greswell, W. P. ; — 

Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni F. loannis 
Pici MiranduliE vfta. (/« Pico della Mirandola, 
G. Opera, ff. 1-19. Argentinse, 1504.) *4i8i.3 

Pitti, J. Vita di A. Giacomini, con annotazi- 
oni, e precedute da un discorso di C. Monzani. 
(/« Archiv. stor. ital., t. 4, pt. 2, pp. 73-270.) 

Pius II. De viris illustribus. Stuttgardia;, 

1842. [Bibliothek des literarischen Vereins, B. 

I.] 8°. *4225.i.i 

Short biographies of contemporaries. 

— In A. Panormitse De dictis ac factis Alphonsi 
Arragonum regis libros quatuor comnientaria. 
(/« his Opera, IF. 472-499. Basileze, 1551.) 


— See Campano, G. A. ; — Voigt, G. 
Platina, B. See Sacchi, B. de', called Platina. 
Plethon, Georgios Gemistos, Platonic philoso- 
pher, Jl. 1350-1450. See Schultze. 

Ploncher, A. Delia vita e delle opere di 
L. Castelvetro. Conegliano, 1880. [Ordered.] 

Poggio Bracciolini, Giovanni Francesco, hu- 
manist, 1380-1459. See Nisard ; — Shepherd. 

Poggio Bracciolini, Jacopo, 1441-1478. Vita 
di F. Scolari. Trad, da B. Fortini. {In Archiv. 
stor. ital., t. 4, pt. i, pp. 163-184.) *5245.2.4 

Polidori, F. L., ed. Vite di illustri italiani 
in^dite o rare, con illus. Firenze, 1843, 53. 2 v. 
(/« Archiv. stor. ital., t. 4, pt. i, 2.) *5245.2.4 

A compilation of contemporary biographies; including 
several lives by Vespasiano. 

Poliziano, Angelo Ambrogini, Italian poet, 
1454-1494. See Del Lungo, I. ; — Fabroni, A. ; 

— Greswell; — Maehlj, J.; — Meiners, C. ; — 
Mencke, F. O. 

Pomponazzo, Pjetro. See Ferri, L. 
Pontano, Giovanni Gioviano, modern Latiti 
author, 1426-1503. See Tallarigo, M. 

Popes. See Panvinio, O. ; — Ranke, F. L. v. ; 

— Sacchi, B. de'. 

Porcellio, P., Italian writer, i^th century. 
Commentaria comitis J. Picinini, 1452, 53. (/« 
Muratori. Rer. Ital. script., v. 20, 25.) 


Prendilacqua, F. Intorno alia vita di Vittorino 
da Feltre. Dialogo. Tr. e annotato dal prof. 
G. Brambilla. Como, 1871. Portr. 8°. 2744.57 

See also an article in Macmillan, "A schoolmaster of the 
Renaissance," v. 32, p. 509 [*7324.i.32]. 

Pulci, L., Italian -poet, 1431-1487. Lettere a 
Lorenzo il magnifico e ad altri. Lucca, 1868. 8°. 


See also, regarding Pulci, a chapter in Reumont's " L. de' 
Medici," and chapter in Symonds's " Renaissance." 

Rambaldoni, Vittore dei, called Vittorino da 
Feltre, Italian instructor, 1379-1447. See Pren- 
dilacqua, F. ; — Rosmini, C. de'. 

Ranke, F. L. von. Historisch-biographische 
Studien. Lpz., 1877. 8°. 2744.61 

Essays on Savonarola, Filippo Strozzi and Cosmo de' 
Medici, etc. 


Ranke, F. L. von, continued. 

— Die romischen Papste, im i6ten und i7ten 
Jahrhundert. 2te Aufl. Berlin, 1838, 39. 3 V. 8°. 


— Same. 4te Aufl. Berlin, 1854-57. 3 v- 8°. 

English translations: Glasgow, 1851, a v. [♦♦G.31Q.4] ; 
London, 1841, 3 v. [1085.19]; Phila., 1841, 3 v. [SSS2-S2j ; 
London, 1850, 3 v. [838.1]. 

Raphael. See Santi, Raffaello da Urbino. 

Reeve, H. Petrarch. Phila., 1878. [Foreign 
classics for English readers.] 12°. 1549-39 

Reumont, Alfred von. Lorenzo de' Medici, il 
magnifico. Lpz., 1874. 2 v. 8°. 2746.19 

— Lorenzo de' Medici the magnificent. 
Tr. L., 1876. 2 V. 8". 2746.22 

This, which contains information upon the history of 
Italy and Florence to the death of Lorenzo in 1492, is more 
discriminating than Roscoe's adulatory biography, for a long 
time considered the standard life for English readers. 

— ed. Briefe heiliger und gottesfiirchtiger 
Italiener gesammelt und erlautert. Freiburg iin 
Breisgau, 1877. S". 2746.69 

Among others, there are letters of Marsigli, Savonarola, 
Vittoria Colonna, and Traversari. 

Roscoe, Mrs. Henry. Vittoria Colonna : her 
life and poems. L., 1868. Portrs. 8°. 4749.15 

This is the most complete work available to English 
readers. Sketches may be found in Mrs. Jameson's " Lives 
of the poets" [657S.27;' 2558.16] ; Yonge's "Biographies of 
good women " [^249.55] ; and a more extended account in 
Trollope's " Italian women " [2746.14]. The Italian biogra- 
phies in this Library are Rota's [4746.8], prefacing a collec- 
tion of her poems; and Visconti's [2771. iSJ, also with poems. 
Visconti, who was connected with the Colonna family by 
marriage, had the advantage of access to the Colonna 
archives, and his work is pronounced a careful compilation. 
See also Reumont's " Briefe heiliger und gottesfiirchtiger 
Italiener," and lives of Michel Angelo. 

Roscoe, W. Illustrazioni storico-critiche alia 
sua Vita di L. de' Medici. Firenze, 1823. 2 v. 
8°. 274528 

— Life and pontificate of Leo the tenth. 
4th ed. L. 1846. 2 V. Portr. 8". 3552.8 

— Same. 5th ed. L.,1846. 2 v. Portr. 8°. 818.2 

— Life ofL. de' Medici. Revised by T. Roscoe. 
loth ed. L., 1851. Portr. 8°. 818.6 

Other editions: ist Amer. Phil., 1803. 3V. [4746.7]; 
N. Y., 1842 [543.11]; London, 1S46 [**G.205.i7]. 

The value of this work is prejudiced, by the author's par- 
tiality. His work "Illustrations historical and critical of 
the life of L. de' Medici " was written in reply to adverse 
criticisms by Sismondi, and others. See note under Reumont. 

— Vita di L. de' Medici. 2a ed. Pisa, 1816. 
4 V. 16°. 2745.27 

— Vita e pontificato di Leone x. Tr. dal conte 
L. Bossi. Milano, 1816, 17. 12 v. 8°. 2745.22 

Rosmini, C. de'. Idea dell' ottimo precettore 
nella vita e disciplina di V. da Feltre e de' suoi 
discepoli. Bassano, 1801. 4 V. 8°. [Ordered.] 

— Vita di Francesco Filelfo da Tolentino. 
Milano, 1808. 3 v. Portrs. 8°. 2744.58 

This is the chief biography of Filelfo. See in Nisard's 
" Les gladiateurs de la r^publique des lettres " [2256.10] for 
an account of his quarrels with Poggio and other writers ; 
and for an estimate of his literary qualities, consult Sy- 
monds's, "Revival of learning" and "Italian literature" 

— Vita e disciplina di Guarino Veronese e de' 
suoi discepoli. Brescia, 1856. 3 V. 8". [Ordered.] 

Sacchi, Bartolommeo de', called Platina, Ital- 
ian historian, 1421-1481. Liber de vita Christi 
ac pontificum omniH. [Colophon : — Nuren- 
berge, 1481.] F°. *6o8i.i 

Title-page granting. 




Sacchi, Bartolommeo de', continued. 

— Historia de vitis pontificvm Romanorvm, 
vsqve ad Pavlvm ii. Coloniae Vbiorvm, 1600. 
40. *6o8i.2 

Sannazzaro, Jacopo, modern Latin poet, 1458- 
1530. ^Sf-c Greswell ; Tallarigo. 

Santi or Sanzio, Raffaello da Urbino. See 
Passavant; — Springer. 

Sanuto, M., Italian historian, 1466-1535. 
Ragguagli suUa vita e sulle opere di M. Sanuto. 
Venezia, 1837, 38. 3 v. 8°. 4196.9 

This work, which is of great value, was compiled hy 
Rawdon Brown, who has spent fiftv years in Venice, in the 
study of the history and life of the Venetians. 

The Polybiblion for April, 1S78, announces that inedited 
documents of Sanuto are to be published by subscription 
In Venice. They relate especially to the visit of Charles 
VIII to Venice in 1494. 

— Vitae ducum Venetorum, 421-1493. (/« 
Muratori. Rer Ital. script., v. 22.) *2720.i.22 

Savonarola, Girolamo (Maria Francesco Mat- 
teo). 1452-149S. See Cappelli, A. ; — Oliphant, 
M. O. W. ; — Ranke, F. L. von ; — Reumont, A. 
von ; — Viliari, P. 

Schultze, F. G. G. Plethon und seine re- 
formatorischen Bestrebungen. Jena, 1S74. (/« 
Geschichte der Philos. der Renaissance, v. i.) 
8°. 5602.73.1 

For account of his works consult Ueberweg's " History 
of philosophy " [3462.50.2]. See also Symonds's " Revival of 
learning" [2722.51.2], and Vast's " Le cardinal Bessarion " 

Scolari, Filippo. See Poggio Bracciolini, J. 

Sforza, Francesco Alessandro, dtica di Milano, 
1401-1466. See Aleardo, F. ; — Crivelli, L. ; — 
Decembrio, P. C. ; — Simonetta, G. ; — Steger, F. 

The contemporary accounts or notices of F. Sforza are 
by Aleardo, Decembrio. and Simonetta. See further in 
Symonds's " Renaissance." 

Shepherd, W. Life of Poggio Bracciolini. 
[2d ed.] Liverpool, 1837. 8°. 543.8; 2745.12 

This is the only full biography in English. Tonelli, the 
editor of the Italian edition, made many additions and cor- 
rections based upon a study of new documents. Tonelli also 
edited a complete edition of his letters. There is a collection 
of his letters in Mai, " Spicilegium," v. i [3954.51. i]. See 
further regarding him Symonds's " Revival of learning " and 
"Italian literature" [2722.51]. 

— Vita di Poggio Bracciolini, trad, da T. 
Tonelli. Firenze, 1825. 2 v. 8°. 2742.61 

Signorelli, Luca, Italian painter, 1440-1525. 
See Vischer. 

Simonetta, G., Italian historian, d. 1491. 
Historia de rebus gestis Francisci primi Sfortiae 
vicecomitis, 1421-1466. (/« Muratori. Rer. Ital. 
script., V. 21.) *2720.i.2i 

Simonetta was attached to the court of Francesco Sforza, 
and he relates events of which he was an eye-witness. See 
Villari's " Machiavelli," v. i, p. 191. 

Springer, A. Raffael und Michelangelo. Lpz., 
1878. Illus. Plates. 4". *4o6i.39 

Forms B. 2, 2te Abth., of Dohme's Kunst und Kiinstler 
des Mittclalters " [8072.55]. 

Steger, F. Geschichte F. Sforza's und der 
italienischen Condottieri. Lpz., 1853. 8°. 2744.16 

Strozzi, Filippo, 1489-1538. See Ranke, F. L. 
von;— Trollope, T. A. 

Strozzi, L. La vita di F. Strozzi, scritta da 
suofratello. (/« Grajvius. Thes. antiq. Ital., t. 8, 
pt. 2.) *47lo.i.8 

Tallarigo, M. Giovanni Pontano e i suoi 
tempi. Roma, 1871. 8°. [Ordered.] 

Titian. See Vecellio, Tiziano, 

Tomasi, T. La vita di Cesare Borgia. Monte 
Chiaro, 1671. 4°. 

Traversari, A., modern Latin author, d. 1439. 
See Reumont, A. von, ed. 

Trollope, T. A. Filippo Strozzi. A history 
of the last days of the old Italian liberty. L., 
i86o. Portr. 8°. 4746.10 

See also regarding Strozzi in Gervinus's " Historische 

Tuscany. See Elogj degli uomini illustri tos- 

Umbria. See Fabretti, A. 

Urbino, //a/y. 5e^ Dennistoun. 

Urceo, Antonio, called Codro or Codrus di' 
huma7iist, 1446-1500. See Malagola, C. 

Valle, G. della. Lettere sanesi sopra le belle 
arti. Venezia, 1785, 86. 3 v. 4°. 

Valori, N. Vita di Lorenzo de' Medici. (/« 
Buonaccorsi, B. Diario. Firenze, 1568.) "'2744.8 

This was written soon after the death of Lorenzo, before 
the downfall of tlie Medici, and is, consequently, a flattering 

Vast, H. Le cardinal Bessarion (1403-1472). 
Etude sur la Chrdtiente et la Renaissance. P., 
1878. 8°. 3553.51 

Vecellio, Tiziano {_Eng. Titian), 1477-1576. 
See Crowe, J. A. 

Venice. See Egnazio, J. ; Sanuto, M. 

Vergerio, Pietro Paolo, 1349-1420. Vitae Car- 
rariensium principum, ad annum circ. MCCCLV. 
(/« Muratori. Rer. Ital. script., v. 16.) *272o.i.i6 

Vermiglioli, G. B. La vita e le imprese mili- 
tari di Malatesta iv. Baglioni. Con note, e docu- 
ments Perugia, 1839. 8°. 2744.1 

There is a contemporary life in Fabretti's " Capitani ven- 
turieri, dell' Umbria," v. 4 [2743. 13.4] . Matarazzo's " Cronaca" 
[5245.2.16, pt. 2] deals largely with the history of the Baeii- 
oni family. See also an article on Rimini in Symonds's 
" Sketches" [2769.69]. 

Vespasiano, da Bisticci. Commentario della 
vita di Giannozzo Manetti, aggiuntevi altre vite 
inedite. Torino, 1862. [CoUezione di opere 
inedite o rare.] 12°. 4762a.20.2 

Contains Letters of Manetti, to the condottiere N. Picci- 
nino. Manetti was pontifical secretary under Nicholas v, 
and later was secretary to Alfonso of Naples. " The ' Com- 
mentario' must be distinguished from tne short 'Vita' of 
Manetti by the same author, in which frequent reference is 
made to the former. Vespasiano was on intimate terms 
with Manetti, and in the biography tried to draw an ideal 
picture of a statesman for degenerate Florence. Ves. 
pasiano is Naldi's [2710.1.20] authority." — Burckhardt. 
See also Symonds's " Revival of learning," and " Italian 

— Eugenii iv et Nicolai v, pontificum Ro- 
manorum vitae. (/« Muratori. Rer. Ital. script., 

V. 25.) '»2720.1.25 

— Vite di uomini illustri del secolo xv. 
(/« Mai. Spicilegium Romanum, t. 1. Romae, 
1839.) *2954-5i.i 

— Same. Firenze, 1859. ^2°. [Ordered.] 

Valuable as a contemporary work. The writer was a 
Florentine dealer in books, and in these biographies gives 
an account of his relations with the men of letters, lovers ot 
literature, and collectors of libraries of his time. Burckhardt 
used this book as a basis for a chapter on the revival of 

Villani, Filippo, Florentine historian. Liber de 
civitatis Florentia; famosis civibus ex codice 
Mediceo Laurentiano nunc primum editus, cura 
G. C. Gailetti. Firenze, 1847. 8". [Ordered.] 

An edition of the Latin text of Villani's work on famous 
Florentine citizens, which differs in important respects from 
the Italian codex. See Archiv. stor. ital., 1848, app., t. 6, 




Villani, Filippo, continued. 

— Le vite d'uomini illustri fiorentini. Colle 
annotazioni del conte G. Mazzuchelli. Venezia, 
1747. 40. . 2742.7 

— Same. Ed. 2a. Firenze, 1826. 8°. 4196.8 

— Same^ Ed una cronica inedita, con illus- 
trazioni del cav. F. G. Dragomanni. Firenze, 
1847. 8°. 2725.3 

Burckhardt says of the subjects of the lives by Villani that 
"They are men of every calling- : poets, jurists, physicians, 
scholars, artists, statesmen, and soldiers, some of them then 
still living. Florence is here treated like a gifted familv, in 
which all the members are noticed in whom the spirit of the 
house expresses itself vigorously." 

— Vitae Dantis, Petrarchae et Boccaccii. 
Florentiae, 1826. 8° 2800.14 

Villari, P. The history of Savonarola and of 
his times. Trans. L., 1863. 2 v. 8°. 2746.6 

— La storia di Girolamo Savonarola e de' 
suoi tempi. Firenze, 1859, ^^- 2 v. 12°. 3556.24 

The first considerable biography of Savonarola was 
by Perrens [4749.51]. The author collected important material 
from the archives. It is thought by some critics to be defi- 
cient in arrangement, although Burckhardt says that it is 
" perhaps the most systematic and sober of all the many 
works upon the subject." Villari's work is, however, gener- 
ally held to be the most complete biography. Among the 
early biographies to which Villari was indebted were: 
Barsanti's " Vita," Livorno, 17S2, wrhich is largely polemical 
in character, being a reply to attacks made in a work by 
Rastrelli, published at Geneva in 1781 ; Rudelbach's work in 
German, published at Hamburg in i8?5, which is more a study 
of his writings than a biography, and is credited with having 
produced a favorable opinion of Savonarola in Germany; 
and Meier, whose work, published at Berlin, 1S36, failed to 
examine carefuUv, it is said, important documents to which 
he had access, t'adre Marchese, a Dominican monk of St. 
Mark, embodied in his " Storia di S. Marco," afterwards 
printed in his " Scritti vari " [476T.6], all the documents 
which that convent contained regarding Savonarola, which, 
with his comments, made a valuable contribution to a knowl- 
edge of his personal character. A synopsis of this work is 
contained in "S.Marco illustrate" [4720.50]. There are 
contemporary accounts by Burlamacchi [3556.18,19] and 
Pico della Mirandola, both of whom were personal friends 
of Savonarola. The " Archivio storico italiano " has printed 
important documents regarding Savonarola, for which see 
the "Indices" [5245.1]. George Eliot's "Romola" has 
Savonarola for the central figTire. Symonds and Burckhardt 
both discuss his life and character. 

— Geschichte Girolamo Savonarola's und 
seiner Zeit. Uebersetzt von M. Berduschek. 
Lpz., 1868. 2 V. 8°. 4745.11 

Villari, P., continued. 

— Niccolo Machiavelli and his times. Tr., 
bj L. Villari. L., 1878. 2 v. 8°. 2747.51 

Volume one is devoted to a study of the revival of liter- 
ature and the political state of Italy, during the Renaissance. 
Reviewed by J. A. Symonds in Academy, Dec, 7, 1S78 
[7390a. 2]. Another volume is to appear. Machiavelli has 
been the subject of numerous essays, etc., but this is the 
only full biography in English. 

— Macchiavelli e i suoi tempi. Firenze, 1877. 
8°. [Ordered.] 

Reviewed in " Archivio storico italiano," 1S78, p. 393. 

Vinci, Lionardo da, fainter., sculptor, and 
architect, 1452-1519. See Amoretti, C. ; — 
Heaton, M. M. ; — Houssaje, A. 

Vischer, R. Luca Signorelli und die italie- 
nische Renaissance. Lpz., 1879. 8"- 8065.55 

Also in Dohme's " Kunstund Kiinstler des Mittelalters " 
[S072.55], and transl. by Keane [8072.60]. Concerning 
Signorelli, see Symonds's " Fine arts " [2732.51.3]. Engrav- 
ings from his paintings, in the Duomo at Or%-ieto are con- 
tained in Valle's " Storia del Duomo di Orvieto " [D. 3. N. 
2]. Symonds, in an article on Orvieto in his " Sketches in 
Italy and Greece" [2769.59], criticises these frescoes. See 
also" articles in the " Gazette des beaux-arts," the Index 
of which is on 73ioa.5i. 

Visconti, Filippo Maria, duca di Milano, 1391- 
1447. See Decembrio. P. C. 

Visconti family. See Giovio, P. 

Vittorino da Feltre. See Rambaldoni, Vittore 

Voigt, G. Enea Silvio de' Piccolomini, als 
Pabst Pius der Zweite, und sein Zeitalter. Berlin, 
1856-63. 3 v. 8°. 3553.52 

There is a contemporary account of Pius 11 in Muratori 
v. 3 [2710.1.3]. See also Miintz, " Les arts jk la cour des 
papes " [2953.61.4,9]. See an article by Creighton, in Mac- 
niillan, v. 37, p. 113, 294 [7324.1.37]. 

Wilson, C. H. Life and works of Michelan- 
gelo Buonarroti. Life partly compiled from that 
by C. A. Gotti. L., 1876. Portr. 8°. 4074.68 

Largely an incorrect translation of Gotti's " Vita di M. B." 
[4074.73]. Contains technical studies of the frescoes in the 
Sistine chapel. See under Buonarroti, in this list. 

Young, M. Life and times of Aonio Paleario. 
L., i860. 2 v. 8°. 2745.13 

Indexes to Periodical Literature. 

In the Handbook for Readers, published by the Library in 1S79, and in earlier editions of the 
same book, can be found a List of the principal Periodicals in the Library, which have general 
indexes. As these contain the titles of on\y a portion of the Indexes in the Library at the 
present time, it has been thought best to print a new and enlarged List. 

Recently Published Periodicals. 

A list in manuscript of articles selected from recent numbers of periodicals has been made, from 
month to month, for several years at this Library. This is only a partial list, however, the pressure 
of other work having prevented its regular continuation. 

United States Congressio7ial Documents. 

The Index of these documents, begun under the superintendence of the late Professor Charles 
C. Jewett, and printed to the year 1863 in the two volumes of Catalogues of the Bates Hall Col- 
lection, has since that time been continued in manuscript on cards, with which have been embodied, 
in a greatly enlarged form, the contents of the printed lists referred to. The whole forms a col- 
lection of more than forty thousand titles, which are accessible to readers. 




The collection of congressional documents in the Boston Public Library, based on the col- 
lection made bv Peter Force and Edward Everett, and generously increased by the friends of the 
Library, is believed to be unrivalled. 

Parliamentary Sessional Papers of Great Britain. 

The Index of these papers, from 1807 to 1865, can be found in the two printed volumes of the 
Bates Hall Catalogue. Subsequent papers have been partially indexed by this Library ; the 
unfinished portion can be found in the indexes published yearly by the British government. An 
index of the papers for 1870 to 1878-9 forms volume 83, part i, of the documents for 1880. Indexes of 
subjects selected from the sessional papers from 1876 to 1879 are given in the Library Bulletins for 
July, 1878, January and April, 1880, and October, 1881, and it is intended to continue these indexes 
in the Bulletins whenever new documents are received. 

Agriculture. See Maine ; — Massachusetts ; — 
Royal agr. soc. ; — United States. 

American almanac, 1830-61. B., 1830-61. 
32 V. 12°. 4389.25; **A.ii8. 1 ; **G.3o8.i 

The volumes for 1S39, 49, 59, contain indexes. 

American cyclopaedia [Appleton's]. A general 
and analytical index. By T. J. Conant and 
BlandinaConant. N.Y., 1878. 8°. 

Bates Hall Desk 

Each volume of the "Annual cyclopaedia," also found 
at the Bates Hall Desk, contains an index. 

American journal of pharmacy. General in- 
dex, Dec, 1825, to Nov., 1870. Compiled by Hans 
M. Wilder. Phila., 1873. 8°. *7788.5o 

American journal of science and arts. New 
Haven, 1819-80. 8 v. 8°. *5i64.i 

General index. "Vol. i-jo, 1819-45, in vol. 50. 2d series. 
Vol. i-io, 1846-50, in vol. 10; vol. 11-20, 1851-55, in vol. 20; 
vol. 21-30, 1856-^, in vol. 30; vol. 31-40, 1861-65, in vol. 40; 
vol. 41-50, 1866-70, in vol. 50. 3d series. Vol. i-io, 1871-75 in 
vol. 10; vol. 11-20, 1876-80, in vol. 20. 

American jurist, The, and law magazine. 
General index to vol. i-20. 1829-39. B., 
1833,39. 2 V. 8°. Vol. ID, 20 of *76i6.i 

American law review. Index. ist series. 
[Vol. 1-13.] 1866-79. B., 1879. 8°. * 

American pharmaceutical association. Pro- 
ceedings. Index to vol. 1-17. 1852-69. Phila., 
1862, 71. 2 v. 8°, 

Vol. for 1862, 1871 of *5763.i 

Anatomy. See Arch i v. 

Annalen der Chemie und Pharmacie. Au- 
toren- und Sach-Register zu den Banden 1-164. 
1832-60. Lpz., 1861, 74. 2 v. 8°. ♦sgee.ia 

— Register zu B. 1-40. Heidelberg, 1843. 
Sm. 8°. ♦5966.1 

Annalen der Physik und der physikalischen 
Chemie. Sach- und Namen-Register zu den 76 
Banden. Herausg. von L. W. Gilbert. 1799 bis 
1824. Lpz., 1826. 8°. *39i8.3 

— Namen- und Sach-Register zu den Ban- 
den I bis 150 [etc.]. 1824-73. Bearbeitet von 

W. Barentin. Lpz., 1845-75. 4 v. 8°. *39i8.4 
Annales arch^ologiques. Table analytique et 

m^thodique, par X. Barbier de Montault. P., 

1881. 4°. [Ordered.] 

Annales de chimie et de physique. P., 1801-51. 

4 V. 8°. 

Table g^ndrale raisonnrfe des matiires. Vol. 1-96, 1789- 
1815, *3959.i ; 3e s^rie, vol. 1-75, 1816-40, *3o89.2; 3 e sene, 
vol. 1-30, 1841-50, *3999.3. The index for 1851-73 has been 

Annales des mines. Table alphab^tique et 
analytique des matiferes. Vol. 1-39, [also] ire- 
4e s^rie. 1794-1851. P., 1813-52. 5 v. in 4. 
8°. *3347-i 

Annales des ponts et chaussdes. M^moires et 
documents. ire serie, 1831-40. Tables gene- 
rates. P., 1843. 8°. No. 1 in *33i6.2 

— Lois, ordonnances et autres actes concern- 
ant I'administration des ponts et chauss^es. 
ire serie. 1831-40. Tables g^n^rales. P., 1843. 
8°. No. 2 in *33i6.2 

After 1841 each volume has an index. 

Annales des sciences naturelles. Table, ire 
s^rie. 1824-33. P., 1841. 8°. *5874.50 

Annuaire de la noblesse de France et de. 
maisons souveraines de I'Europe. P., 1868, 78. 
2 V. 12°, Vol. 25-34 of C.R. 9.7.1 

Tables des families, 1843-68, in vol. 25; 1869-78 in vol. 34. 

Annuaire de I'^conomie politique et de la 
statistique. Table g^n^rale. 1844-67. P., 1867. 
18°. 56493.4 

Annual register. General index. 1758-1819. 
L., 1826. 8°. C.R.19.3.5 

Antiquities. See Annales arch^ologiques ; — 
Archseologia; — Archaeological journal ; — Brit- 
ish archaeological association; — Bullettino; — 
Ecole des chartes ; — Institut de France ; — Insti- 
tuto archeologico di Roma ; — Notes and queries ; 
— Revue. 

Antologia giornale di scienze, lettere ed arti. 
Indice generate alfabetico. 1821-32. Firenze, 
1863. 8°. *5254-a 

Archaeologia; or, miscellaneous tracts, relating 
to antiquity. Index to vol. 1-30. L., 1839, 44. 
2 v. 40. *33".a 

Archaeological journal, The, published under 
the direction of the council of the Royal archaeo- 
logical institute. Index to vol. 1-25. L., 1878. 
8°. ♦2238.55 

Archaeology. See Antiquities ; — Matdriaux. 

Architecture. See Encyclop^die ; — Intime. 

Archiv fur Anatomie, Physiologie und wissen- 
schaftliche Medicin. Verzeichniss der Abhand- 
lungen. 1834-76. Herausg. von J. Miiller [etc.]. 
Lpz., 1879. 8°. *3758.50 

Archiv fiir das Studium der neueren Sprachen 
und Literaturen. General-Register. B. 1-50. 
Braunschweig, 1874. 8°. No. 2 in ♦3358.1.51 

Archiv fiir mikroskopische Anatomie. Herausg. 
von Max Schultze. Namen- und Sach-register 
zu B. 1-8. Bonn, 1872. 8». *575»-i5 




Archiv fiir pathologische Anatomic und Physi- 
ologic und fiir klinischc Mcdicin. Berlin, 1847- 
80. 8°. *77i7-i 

Inhalts-Verzeichniss zu B. 1-40, 1S47-66, in B. 41 ; B. 41- 
50,1867-70,111; B. 51-60, 1S7J-74, in B. 60; B. 61-70, 
1875-77, in B. 70; B. 71-80, 1878-80, in B. So. 

Archives g^ndralcs de m^decine. Table alpha- 
b^tique dcs matieres contenucs dans Ics trentc 
volumes de la 6e s^ric (1863 a 1877). P., 1878. 
8°. *7724.5o 

Archivio storico italiano. Indice generalc. 
ia-3a scr. ; Supplemcnto, 1842-77. Fircnzc, 
1857-77- 3 V. 8°. *5245-i 

Astronomische Nachrichten. General-Register 
der B. i bis 60. Hamburg, 1851-66. 3 v. 4°. 


Astronomy. See Astronomische ; — Royal 
astr. soc. 

Atlantic monthly, The. Index to volumes 1-38. 
(1857-76.) B.,1877. 8". B.H.Desk; C.R.19.2.14 

— Same. [2d ed.] B., 1877. 8"- B.H.Desk. 

— Supplementary index to vol. 1-38, and 
39-46. [By William M. Griswold.] Bangor, 
1880. 8°. *5324-50 

For Index for 1881, see Griswold. 

Belgium. See Messager. 

Biblical repertory, The, and Princeton review. 
Index vol. 1825-68. Phila., 1871. 80. *54i2.2 

Biblioteca de autorcs espafloles, desde la forma- 
cion del lenguaje hasta nuestros dias. Indices 
gencrales, por D. Isidro Rosell y Torres. Madrid, 
1880. 8°. **D.i6i.i.7i 

Bibliotheca sacra. Index. Vol. 1-13. [1844- 
56.] By W. F. Draper. Andover, 1857. 8°. 


— Index. Vol. 1-30. [1844-73.] By W. F. 
Draper. Andover, 1874. 8". 

C.R.19.2.7; B.H.Desk 

Bibliothek der schonen Wisscnschaften und 

der freycn Kiinste. Register. [B. 1-12.] Lpz., 

1767. 16''. **5ii4.i 

Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. General 

index. Vol. 1-50. [1817-41.] Edinb., 1855. 8°. 

♦5364.2; C.R.19.2.8 

Boston. Index to the city documents. 1834-74. 

B., 1875. 8°. *6354.2 

— Same. 1834-80. (/« Boston. City docs, 
for 1879. Vol. I.) *6353.i 

Botanical magazine. General index to the 
plants contained in the first 53 vols, (or old series 
complete). L., 1828. 8°. *3844-i 

Bridges. See Annales des ponts ct chaussecs. 

British almanac. Companion to the almanac. 
Complete index, from its commencement, in 
1828 to 1843 inclusive. L., 1843. 12°. 2489.64 

British archaeological association, London. 

iournal. General index to vols. 1-30. By W. 
)e Gray Birch. L., 1875. 8°. *42^i7.50 

The Library has ordered a copy of the Journal. 

British association for the advancement of 
science. Index to reports and transactions. 
1831-1860. L., 1864. 8°. *7922.5 

Bulletin general de th^rapeutiquc m^dicale et 
chirurgicale. Table generalc et alphabetique. 
Pv 1839-75. 7 V. 80. 

Vol. 1-13, 1832-37, in vol. 11-12, *3295.i ; vol. 13-24, 1838-43, 
in vol. 23-24, *3395.i; vol. 25-36, 1839-49, »" vol. 35-36, 
.*3«)S-'; vol. 36-48, 1839-54, '° vol. ^9, ♦3305.1; vol. 49-60, 
1855-61, •3305.2; vol. 61-72, 1863-67, in vol. 73, *3298.i; vol. 
73-8fi, 1868-73, in *329S.3. 

BuUettino di archeologia cristiana. Indici 
generali per gli anni 1870-1875, della seconda 
serie, compilati dall' autore Comm. Giovanni 
Battista de Rossi. Roma, 1876. 8". *32ioa.6o 

Chemical society, London. Journal. Index to 
the first 25 vols., 1848-72, and to the Memoirs and 
Proceedings. 1841-47. Compiled by Henry 
Watts. L., 1874. 8°. * 

Chemistry. See Annalen ; — Jahresbcricht; — 

Chetham society. General index. Vol. 1-30. 
[Manchester.] 1863. 4°. *24i5.i9 

Children, Diseases of. ^ce Journal. 

Christian examiner. Index. Vol. 1-87. 1824- 
1869. By Wm. Gushing. B., 1879. 8°. 

* ; B.H. Desk ; C.R. 19.2.17 

Civiltk cattolica. La. Indice delle serie ia-8a. 
Roma, Firenze, 1859-74. 6 v. 8°. 7461.2-7 

Congregational quarterly, The. B., 1S68, 78. 
8°. " *75i6.2 

General index to vol. i-io, 1S59-6S, in vol. 10; vol. 11-30 

(new series, 1-10), 1869-78, in vol. 20. 

Congressional globe. Index from 23d-33d 
cong., 34th cong., ist, 3d sess., 35th-42d cong. 
1833-1873. Wash., 1834-73. 4°- Patent Room 

These indexes are bound in the volumes of their respec- 
tive sessions, with the exception of the 42d cong., 2d sess., 
which is bound separately. 

Congressional record. Index to the 43d,'44th 
cong. ; 45th cong., ist sess. ; 46th cong., 1st, 3d 
sess. 1873-77, 79-81- Wash., 1873-81. 4°. 

Patent Room 

These indexes are bound separately, with the exception 
of the 45th cong., ist sess., which is bound in the volume of 
that session. 

Deutsche morgenlandischc Gcsellschaft. Zeit- 
schrift. Register zu B. 1-30. Lpz., 1858-77. 
3 V. in 2. 8°. *6955-5 

The Register to B. i-io, is bound with vol. 11 of the Zeit- 
schrift [*6955.2]. 

Dingler's polytechnische Journal. Real-Index. 
B. 1-198. 1820-70. Stuttgart, 1843-71. 4 V. 8°. 

Patent Room 
Ecclesiastical history. See Moroni. 
Eclectic magazine. General index to vols, i- 
96. [By William M. Griswold.] Bangor, 188 1. 8°. 

Bates Hall Desk 
For continuation see Griswold. 

Ecole des chartes, Paris. Bibliothfeque. Table, 
ire-6e s^rie. 1839-69. P., 1849-70. 3 v. 8°. 

The Table for the years 1839-49 is bound in * 

Edinburgh medical and surgical journal. Index 
to the first 19 vols. Edinb., 1824. 8°. ^5747. 1.20 

Edinburgh review, The. General index. 1802- 
44. Edinb. [etc.]. 1813-50. 3 v. 8«. C.R. i9-3-a 

Encyclopddie d'arciiitecture. Tables g^ndrales 
des matieres contenues dans les quatre premieres 
anndes (2e serie). (1872-75.) P., 1875. 4°. 


Engineering. See Annales — Inst, of civil 
engineers ; — Professional papers. 

Figuier, Guillaume L. Tables d^cennales de 
L'annee scientifique et industrielle. 1856-65. 
P., 1866. 120. ♦7927.1 

— L'annee scientifique et industrielle. Tables, 
1857-77. P-, 1877. 16°. ♦7927.1 

Fine arts. See Gazette. 




France. Ministry of agriculture and com- 
merce. Description des machines et precedes 
pour lesquels des brevets d'invention ont et^ 
pris sous le regime de la loi du 5 juillet, 1844. 
Table gen^rale des tomes 1-79. P., 1856-73. 3 
V. 4". Patent Room 

— See Annuaire ; — Hozier, C. R. de. 
Gartenlaube, Die. Sachregister. 1-15 Jahrg. 

(1853-67). Lpz , 1868. 4°. [Ordered] 

Gazette des beaux-arts. Table alphabetique et 
analjtique. T. 1-25 (1859-68), par Paul Cheron. 
P., 1866, 70. 2 V. 8°. C.R.16.1.1 

Genealogy. See Annuaire de la noblesse; — 
New England hist, and gen. register. 

G^nie industriel, Le. Table alphabetique. 
Vol. 1-24, 1851-62. P., 1863. 8°. * 

Gentleman's magazine. General index, 1731- 
1818. L., 1818, 21. 5 V. 8°. C.R.19.3.3 

Geography. See Gesellschaft fiir Erdkunde ; — 
M'ttheilungen ; — Rojal geog. soc. ; — Society de 

Geology. See Jahresbericht ; — Kaiserliche. 

.German literature. See Kajser. 

Gesellschaft t'lir Erdkunde, Berlin. Uebersicht 
der Aufsatze, Miscellen und Karten. welche in 
den Monatsberichten iiber die Verhandlungen 
der Gesellschaft (Jahrg. 1-4, Neue Folge : 
Jahrg. i-io, 1840-1853) sowie in der Zeitschrift 
fiir allgemeine Erdkunde (B. 1-6 und neue Folge : 
B. 1-14, 1853-63) enthaltensind. Berlin, 1863. 8°. 


Great Britain. Chronological table and index 
to the statutes. 4th ed. 1235-1877. L., 1878. 
L. 8". [Ordered.] 

— Chronolgical table of, and index to, the stat- 
utes to the end of the session of 1869. L., 1870. 
L. 8°. *7o8i.2 

— An index to the statutes, public and private, 
passed in the years (1801-1844). [L.] 1845. 2 v. 
F°. *7 100.5 

— Commissioners of patents. Alphabetical 
index of patentees. 1617-1880. L., 1854-81. 
29 V. 8". Patent Room 

Index to the foreign scientific periodicals 

in the Patent office library. "Vol. 1-3. L., 1867- 
69. 3 V. in I. 8°. Patent Room 

Reference index of patents of invention. 

Pointing out the office in which each enrolled 
specification of a patent may be consulted. Nos. 
1-14,359. 1617-1852. L.,1855. 8°. Patent Room 

Also, Appendix, containing abstracts from 

such of the early patents and signet bills as de- 
scribe the nature of the invention, and which 
patents have no enrolled specifications. L., 1855. 
8°. Patent Room 

Subject-matter index of patents of inven- 
tion. 1617-1879. L., 1854-81. 30 v. 8° 

Patent Room 

Titles of patents of invention, chrono- 
logically arranged. 1617-1868. L., 1854-69. i8v. 
8°. Patent Room 

See Hansard, and the note introductory to this list. 

— House of Commons. General index to the 
bills, reports, accounts, and other papers, 1801- 
44. [L.] 1833-44. 2 V. Fo. *7ioo.3,4 

Journals. General index. Vols. 1-107. 

1547-1852. [L.] 1785-1857. 8v. Po. **F.— 
Vols. 93-107, 1837-52, have been ordered. 

— House of Lords. General index to the ses- 
sional papers. 1801-37. [L.] 1839. f°- 

No. 2 in ♦7100.6 

Great Britain. House of Lords, continued. 

Journals. General index. 1509-1863. 

[L.] 1817-65. 6 v. F°. **F. — 

Vols. 1820-63 have been ordered. 

— Parliament. Catalogue of Parliamentary 
reports ,and a breviate of their contents. 1696- 
1834. [L.] 1S34. F". *7ioo.6 

— - Index to the rolls, comprising the peti- 
tions, pleas, and proceedings. (1278-1503). Pre- 
pared and ed. by John Strachey [etc.]. L., 1832. 
F*>. **F — ; ♦7090.1.7 

— Public record office. Record commissioners. 
Alphabetical index. Chronological index to the 
statutes of the realm from Magna Charta to the 
end of the reign of Qjieen Anne. [L.] 1824-28. 
2 V. F**. *7040. 1 ; ^7040. 2 

Griswold, William M. The C^ P. index annual 
for 1881. An index to the International review, 
The Popular science, The Century, Lippincott's, 
The Nation, The Atlantic, The Living age. Har- 
per's, and the Eclectic for 1880-81. Bangor, 
1882. 8°. *3i84.4 

Guy's hospital reports. General index. L,. 
1856-75- 3 V. 8°. 

General index, ist and 2d series, 1836-53, *7753.5; 3d 
series, vol. i-io, 1855-64, *; 3d series, vol. 11-20, 
1865-75. *7743- 1 -^o- 

Hansard, T. C. General index to [his] Parlia- 
mentary debates, 1803-30,68-78. Ed. by Sir John 
Philippart. L., 1803-78. 12 v. 8°. ♦7103.50 

Hardwicke's science-gossip. Classified index. 
Vol. 1-13. 1865-76. L., 1877. 8°. +791 1. la 

Harper's new monthly magazine. Index. 
Vol. i-6q. 1850-1880. Compiled by C. A. 
Durfee. N.Y., 1881. 8° C.R.19.2.4 

Earlier editions, one covering vols. 1-40, and another, 
vols. 1-50, are respectively on snelf-numbers *522o.i3, and 
*522oa.5i, and BatesHall Desk. For continuation, see Gris- 

Health and hygiene. See Practitioner. 

Hidalgo, D. Diccionario general de la biblio- 
grafia espafiola. T. 7. Indice de materias. 
Madrid, 1881. 8«>. [Ordered.] 

Histology. See Archiv. 

Historische Zeitschrift. Herausg. von Heinrich 
von Sybel. Register zu B. 1-20. Von Dr. C. 
Varrentrapp. Munchen, 1869. 8°. ♦5218.51 

— Same. B. 1-36. Bearbeitet von Max Posner. 
Munchen, 1878. 8°. ♦5228.55 
Historisches Taschenbuch. Lpz. ♦2309.1 

Contents, 1S30-69, in vol. for 1869. 

History. See Moniteur universel ; — Revue 

Hozier, Charles R. de. Indicateur du grand 
armorial gdn^ral de France. P., 1866. 2 v. in 
1. 8°. *2637.53 

Ibis, The : a magazine of general ornithology. 
Index, 1859-76. L., 1879. 8". *790i.5 

Index medicus : a monthly classified record of 
current medical literature of the world. Vol. 
1-3. N.Y., 1879-1881. L. 8°. ♦3722.5a 

A helpful guide to medical periodical literature previous 
to 1S30 will be found in Callisen's " Medicinisches Schrift- 
steller-Lexicon," 33 vols., C.R. 7.4.1. The arrangement is 
under authors' names. 

Index society. 

The publications of this society, as far as issued, have 
been received at this library. They do not include as yet 
any indexes of periodicals. 




Institut de France, Paris. Table gdn^rale et 
m^thodique des mdmoires contenus dans les 
recueils de I'Academie des inscriptions et belles- 
lettres, et de I'Academie des sciences morales et 
politiques, par Eugene de Rozifere et Eugene 
Chatel. P., 1856. 4° *3302.3 

— Academic des inscriptions et belles-lettres. 
Mdmoires. P., 1839, 74. 2 v. 4°. 

Tables des matiires, vol. i-io, 1815-33, *3392.j; vol. la-ai, 
1839-57. ♦3302.1. 

Tableau g^n^ral raisonn^ et m^thodique 

des ouvrages contenus dans le recueil des Me- 
moires de I'Academie jusques et compris I'annee 
1788; servant de supplement aux tables de ce 
recueil. Par. M. D [e I'Averdj]. P., 1791. 4°. 


— Academie des sciences morales et politiques. 
Table g^ndrale alphabetique et chronologique. 
1837-55- P., i860. 8°. *32i5.l 

— Academie royale des sciences. M^moires. 
Table gen^rnle des matieres. T. i-io. 1666- 
1790. P., 1 734- 1 809. 10 V. 40. *327i.ii 

Nouvelle table des articles. 1666-1770. 

P-. 1775-76- 4v. 4°. *327i.ia 

Comptes-rendus hebdomadaires des se- 
ances. Table 1-31 ; 32-61. P., 1853, 70. 2 v. 4°. 


Institution of civil engineers, London.- Min- 
utes of proceedings. General index. Vol. 1-30. 
1837-70- L., 1865, 71. 2 V. 8°. *4028.2 

— Subject index. Vol. 1-58. 1837-79. L., 
1881. 8°. *4028.59 

Institute archeologico di Roma. Repertorio 
universale. Indice, 1829-43, 1854-73. Roma, 
1848-75. 3 V. 8°. *5256.2 

The Repertorio for 1829-33 is bound in T. 5 of the An- 
nali [*S2S6.3. 1833]. There is no general index for 1844-53. 
The Indice to the Annali for these years forms pt. 2 of T. 25 
of the Annali. This volume is ordered. 

International review. General index. Vol. 1-9. 
1874-80. Bangor, 1881. 8". Bates Hall Desk 

For continuation see Griswold, W. M., the compiler of 
this Index. 

Intime club, Paris. Croquis d'architecturc. 
Table g^ndrale des vols. i-io. ireser., 1866-76. 
P., 1878. 8". Trustees' Room 

Ireland. House of Commons. General index 
to eleven volumes of the journals. [1630-1760.] 
Dublin, 1763. F°. **F — 

Italy. See Archivio. 

Jahrbiicher der Literatur. Universal Register, 
B. 1-125. 1818-1849. Wien, 1849. 3 v- i" 2. 
8°. *3236.i. 126-128 

Jahresbericht iiber die Fortschritte der reinen 
pharmaceutischen und technischen Chemie, Phy- 
sik, Mineralogie und Geologic. Register zuden 
Berichten fiir 1847-76. Giessen, 1858, 68, 80. 
3 V. 8°. *3985.a 

Journal des ^conomistes. Table alphabitique 
gen^rale des matiferes. P., 1844-74. 10 v. 8°. 

ire s^rie. T. 1-9, 1841-44, in vol. 9 of *7649.5o; T. 10-18, 
1844-47, •" vol 18; T. 19-37, 1847-50, in vol. 27; T. 28-37, 
'851-53, in vol. 37. 2rae s^rie. T. 1-20, 1S54-5S. in vol 30 of 
•7648.50; T. ai-40, 1859-63, in vol 40 of * ; T. 41-48, 
1864-65, in vol. 48 of •7647.51. 3me serie. T. 1-12,1806-68, 
in vol. 12 of •7647.C1 ; r. 13-24, 1S69-71, in vol 24 of ^7646.50; 
T. 35-36, 1872-74, in vol. 36 of *7646.50. 

Tables. P., 

Journal des math^matiques. 
1854, 74. 2 V. 4°. 

ire sirie. Vol. 1-20, 1836-55, in vol. 19-30 of •3363.3. amc 
sirie. Vol. 1-19, 1856-74, in vol. 19 of •3363.2. 

Journal des savants. Table g^ndrale des ma- 
tieres. 1665-1750. T. 1-10. P., 1753-64. 10 v. 

4°- , *33i3-i 

— Same. Table methodique et analytique des 
articles. 1816-58. P., i860. 4°. ' *3393-i 

Journal fiir Kinderkrankheiten. Vollstandiges 
Namen- und Sachregister iiber die Jahrgange 
1843-58 oder B. 1-31. Erlangen, 1851, 59. 2 v. 
in 1. 8°. *7766.9 

Journal fiir Ornithologie. General-Index. 
1853-67. Cassel, 1870. 8°. "^ 

Journal of mental science. General index to the 
first 24 vols., bj G. F. Blandford. L., 1879. 8°. 


Kaiserliche Akademie der Wissenschaften, 
Vienna. Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche 
Classe. Denkschriften. Vol. 26, 40of*33io.50 

— Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Clas- 
se. Sitzungsberichte. Register zu den Banden 
1-80. Wien, 1854-80. 8°. *337oa.6o 

— Philosophisch-historische Classe. Denk- 
schriften. Register zu den Banden 1-14. Wien, 
1866. 4° *3320.i.i4 

— Philosophisch-historische Classe. Sitzungs- 
berichte. Register zu den Banden 1-70. Zusam- 
mengestellt von Fr. Ser. Scharler. Wien, 1S74. 
8°. *335o.i6 

— Philosophisch-historische Classe. Sitzungs- 
berichte. Register zu den Banden i bis 90. 
Wien, 1854-79. 9 P^^ '" ^ ^'- 8°. *3350'I5 

Kaiserliche-koenigliche geologische Reichsan- 
stalt, Vienna. Jahrbuch. General-Register. B. 
1-20. 1850-70. Wien, 1863, 72. 2 V. in 1. 8°. *5866.4 

Kayscr, (^. G. Biicher-Lexikon. Sachregister. 
[1750-1832.] Lpz., 1838. 4° 

C.R.7.2.1 ; Ordering dept. 

Kerl, Bruno, ed. Repertorium der technischen 
Literatur. Neue Folge, 1854-77. Lpz- j 1871-79. 
5 V. 8°. ♦3981-51 

Koenigliche bayerische Akademie der Wissen- 
schaften. Inhaltsverzeichniss zu Jahrgang 1860- 
1870 der Sitzungsberichte. Miinchen, 1872. 8°. 


— Index generalis in monumentorum Boico- 
rum vol. 1-14. Monachii, 1847. 40. *2855.i 

Koenigliche Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, 
Giittingen. Allgemeines Register von 1753- 
1782. Goettingen, 1784. 2v. ini. 16°. *32i9.i 

Koenigliche preussiche Academie der Wissen- 
schaften, Berlin. Register fiir die Monatsbe- 
richte. 1836-73. Berlin, i860, 75. 2 v. 8°. *3384.4 

Kritische Vierteljahrschrift fiir Gesetzgebung 
und Rechtswissenschaft. Register, B. 1-19. 
\Also.'\ Register zur Kritische Ueberschau,B. 1-6. 
Miinchen, 1868, 78. 2 v. in 1. 8°. *56i9.3 

Law. See American jurist; — American law 
review; — Kritische Vierteljahrschrift; — Mas- 
sachusetts ; — Raithbj ; — United States. 

Leisure hour. The. Index for the first 2^ vols. 
1852-76. L., 1877. L. 8°. *73ii.50 

Lippincott's piagazine. General index to the 
first series. (Vol. 1-26.) [Comp. by William M. 
Griswold.] Bangor, 1881. 8°. Bates Hall Desk 

For continuation see Griswold. 

Littell's living age. General index to vols. 37- 
148. [Compiled by William M. Griswold.] 
Bangor, 1881. 8°. Bates Hall Desk 

For continuation see Griswold. 

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— , Board of agriculture. General index of 
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Vol. for i^Tj-'jS of *6445.4 

Mat^riaux pour I'histoire primitive et naturelle 
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Mathematics. See Journal. 

Medicine. See Archiv ; — Archives ; — Bul- 
letin ; — Edinburgh med. and surg. journal; — 
Guy's hospital; — Index medicus; — Journal 
fiir Kinderkrankheiten ; — Neale ; — Pathological 
8OC. ; — Practitioner; — Royal med. and chirurg. 

Mental science. See Journal. 

Messager des sciences historiques deBelgique. 
Tables gen^rales. 1823-30, 1833-53. Gand, 
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Metallurgy. See Revue univ. des mines, etc. 

Military art. See Revue militaire francjaise. 

Mines. See Annales des mines ; — Revue 
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Mittheilungen aus Justus Perthes' Geographi- 
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Vol. 46, contains a Table g^n^rale des matidres. 

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For continuation see Griswold. 

Natural historj'. See Museum. 

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means of ready reference to the principal contribu- 
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8^ * 

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Oriental literature, etc. 5e« Deutsche morgen- 
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Pharmacy. See American journal ; — Ameri- 
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Physiology. See Archiv. 

Political economj', etc. See Annuaire ; — 
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subjects, treated in the reviews and other period- 
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Professional papers on Indian engineering. 
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Revue arch^ologique. P., 1844-80. 8". 

Table generale alpliab^tiq-ue. Vol. i-io, i8|4-49i '" vol. 
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Revue de la numismatique beige. Table alpha- 
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s^r. of *5409.5o; 3e ser., 1S3S, in vol. 3, 36 ser. of *5409.5o. 

Revue universelle des mines, de la metallurgie, 
des travaux publics, des sciences et des arts 
appliques a I'industrie. Table g^n^rale des 
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Royal medical and chirurgical society, London. 
General index to the first 33 volumes of the 
medico-chirurgical transactions. 1809-50. L., 
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— General index to the first 53 vols. 1809-70. 
L., 1S71. 8°. *5745-i-2 

Royal society, I^ondon. Catalogue of scientific 
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[Arranged by authors' names.] C.R.6.2.1 

— Philosophical transactions. General in- 
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3 V. in 2. 4°. *326o.i5 

Schotte, F. Repertorium der technischen, 
mathematischen und naturwissenschaftlichen 
Journal-Literatur. iter, 2ter Jahrgang. , Lpz., 
1869, 70. 2 V. 8°. Patent Room 

Schubarth, E. L. Repertorium. Subject- 
matter index to the published inventions of all 
nations. 1823-53. L., 1856. 8". No. i in 3981. i 

— Repertorium der technischen Literatur. 
1823-53. Berlin, 1856. 8°. No. 2 in 3981. i 

Kept in the Patent Room. 

Science. See American journal ; — Annales 
des science naturelles ; — Antologia ; — British as- 
sociation ; — Figuier; — Hardwicke ; — Institut 
de France; — Jahresbericht; — Journal des sa- 
vants ; — Nuova antologia ; — Royal society ; and 
the names of Academies. 

Scotland. Parliament. General index to the 
acts. Edinb., 1875. F°. *7o8o.i.i2 

Scribner's monthly. Index. Vol. i-io, Nov. 
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♦7392.4; C.R. 19. 2.12 ; B.H. Desk 

— General index. [Compiled by W. M. Gris- 
wold.] Bangor, i88i. 8°. *7392.5 

For continuation, see Griswold (The Century). 

Society asiatique, Paris. Journal. P., 1822- 
80. 116 V. 8". 

Table des matiferes. 2e et 3me s^r., 182S-42, *3337.i.i4; 
Ame et 5 me serie, 1843-62, *3337.i.3o; 6me s^r., 1863-72, 
•3347.50.20. There is no general index for the first series. 

Soci6t6 de g^ographie, Paris. Bulletin. Table 
g^neralede la ire-4e s6rie. 1821-60. [Ordered.] 

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vols. 1-20. L., 1863, 73. 2v. in I. 8°. *72i2.5 

Spain. See Biblioteca ; — Campillo ; — Hi- 

Statistical society, London. Journal. General 
index to vols. 1-35. 1834-72. L., 1854-74. 3 v. 
in 2. 8° 2288.1 

Statistics. See Annuaire. 

Surgery. See Medicine. 

Technologiste, Le. Tables alphabdtique et 
analytique. T. 1-20. 1839-59. P-i 1867. 8°. *8o22.50 

Technology, etc. See Dingier; — Figuier; — 
Genie ; — Kerl ; — Muehlhausen ; — Oppermann ; 
— Revue ; — Schotte ; — Schubarth ; — Society of 

Theology, ^ee Biblical repertory; — Biblio- 
theca sacra ; — Christian examiner; — Congre- 
gational quarterly; — New Englander. 

Times, The. Index to the Times newspaper. 
1862-81. L., 1864-81. 8°. *5357.50 

Four volumes are published each year. 

United States. General index to the laws from 
1789-1827. Compiled by Samuel Burch. Wash., 
1828. 8°. *C.i59.8 

— Consolidated index of the executive docu- 
ments of the House of representatives from the 
26th-40th congress. Wash., 1870. 8°. *C.25i.i 

— Consolidated index of the reports of the 
committees of the House of representatives, from 
the 26th-4oth congress. Wash., 1869. 8°. *C. 251.2 

— Index to the documents of the House 
of representatives. i8th-2ist congress. Wash., 
1832. 8°. * 

— Index to the executive documents and 
reports of committees of the House of repr. 
1831-39. Wash., n. d. 8«. *C.i59.n 

— Journals of Congress. General index 
from the 1st to loth congress. By Albert Ord- 
way. Wash., 1880. 8°. * 

See the note introductory to this List and Congressional 

— Coast survey. General index of papers 
contained in reports from 1851-70. [Wash., 
187 1.] 4°. No. loa. in *446oa.53 

: — Dept. of agriculture. General index 
of the agricultural reports of the Patetit office, 
1837-61, and of the Department of agriculture 
1862-76. Wash., 1879. 8^ *599oa.40 

— Patent office. General index of the " Official 
gazette " and monthly volumes of patents. 1872- 
81. Wash., 1873-81. 10 V. 8°. Patent Room 

— Subject-matter index of patents for in- 
ventions. 1 790-1873. Wash., 1874. 3 V. 8°. 

Patent Room 
Unsere Zeit. Generalregister. Lpz., 1864-79. 

4 V. 8". *7322.2 

B. i-S, 1857-64 in B., 8; Jahrg. i-J, neue Folge, 1S65-69, 
in Jahrg. 5, Italfte 2; jahrg, 6-10, neue Folge, 1870-74, in 
Jahrg. 10, Halfte 3; Jahrg. 11-15, "^"^ Folge, 1S75-79, '■* 
Jahrg. 15, Halfte 2. 

Westermann, George. Tllustrirte deutsche 
Monats-Hefte fiir das gesammte geistige Leben 
der Gegenwart. General-Register zum 1-24 B. 
Braunschweig, 1869. 8"^. [Ordered.] 

Westminster review. General index. Vol. 
1-33. 1824-40. L., 1842. 8°. *3i56.x.37 

Zeitschrift fiir analytische Chemie. Autoren- 
und Sach-Register zu den Biinden i-io. (1S62- 
71.) Bearbeitet von W. Casselmann. Wiesbaden, 
1872. 8°. *397oa. 50.10 

Zoological society, London. Proceedings. 
Index, 1848-70. L., 1863, 72. 2v. 8°. * 





The following list embraces the titles of books and review articles, etc., on Copyright and 
kindred subjects, to be found in the Boston Public Library. Many works relating to Patents 
contain chapters on Copyright. 

Addison, C. G. Wrongs and their remedies. 
Pp. 41-47. L., 1873. 8°. 3663.50 

Address in behalf of the American copyright 
club. N.Y., 1843. 20pp. 8". No. 9 in *3664.8 

Agnew, W. F. The law and practice relating 
to letters patent for inventions. L., 1874. 8". 


Alison, 5/> A. The copyright question. (In his 
miscellaneous essays. Phila., 1S45.) 4555.10 

First published in Blackwood, Jan., 1S42. ^ 

American publishers and English authors. 
By Stylus [pseud.]. Bait, 1879. 23 pp. 8°. 

No. 2 in *5665.i6 

Arber, E., editor. A transcript of the registers 
of the company of stationers of London, 1554- 
1640. L., 1875-77. 4 V. Sm. fo. *246i.i2 

Blaine, D. R. Laws of artistic copyright. L., 
1853. 8°. [Ordered.] 

Blanc, E. Traits de la contrefacjon. 4e ^d. P., 
1855. [Ordered.] 

Bohn, H. G. The question of unreciprocated 
foreign copyright in Great Britain. Report of 
speeches at a meeting at Hanover Square rooms, 
July I, 1851. L., 1851. 8°. No. 4 in *5665.i6 

Breulier, A. Du droit de perpdtuitd de la 
propridt^ intellectuelle. P., 1855. 8°. 3621.14 

Brief observations on the copy-right bill ; in a 
letter to the bishop of Norwich [by M. A.]. June, 
1818. L., 1821. pp. 523-528. (/« Pamphleteer. 
Vol. 18.) *6575-i 

Britten, J. Rights of literature. L., 1814. 
vii, 80 pp. 8°. [Ordered.] 

Brunet, J. Constitution de la propridte intel- 
lectuelle. P., n. d. 16°. 3666.31 

Brydges, Sir Egerton. Reasons for a farther 
amendment of Act 54, Geo. iii., c. 156, being an 
Act to amend the Copyright act of Q^ieen Anne. 
L., 1817. 493-507 pp. (/« Pamphleteer. Vol. 
10.) *6575-i 

Buckingham, S. I. Copyright laws. Speech, 
in the House of commons, April, 1836. L., 1836. 
18 pp. 8". No. I in *3664.8 

Bump, O. F. The law of patents, trade-marks, 
and copy-rights. N.Y., 1877. 8". 3665.64 

Burke, P. Law of international copyright be- 
tween England and France. L.,1852. 12°. 3666.30 

— The present state of the law of copyright, 
with a view to its amendment. L., 1863. 18 pp. 
8°. No. 2rin 5566.6 

Campbell, J. Considerations and arguments 
proving the inexpediency of an international 
copyright law. N.Y., 1844. 24 pp. 8°. 

No. 6 in ♦3664.8 
Carey, H. C. The international copyright 
question considered. Phila., 1872. 30 pp. 8°. 

No. 16 in *3664.8 

— Letters on international copyright. Phila., 
1853. 72 pp. 8". No. 7 in *3664.8 

— Same. 2d ed. N.Y., 1868. 88 pp. 8°. 

No. 8 in *3664,8 

Carlyle, T. Petition on the copyright bill. 
1839. (^^ ^'^ Critical and miscellaneous essays. 
Vol. 4.) 2558.3 

Carte, T. Further reasons addressed I0 Parlia- 
ment for rendering more effectual the Act of Q^ 
Anne relating to vesting in authors the right of 
copies, for the encouragement of learning, by 
R. H. L., 1737. [Ordered.] 

Case stated between the public libraries and 
the booksellers. L., 1813. 343-368 pp. (/« 
Pamphleteer. Vol. 2.) *6575.x 

Chamberlin, F. American commercial law. 
Pp. 879-8S7. Hartford, 1870. 8°. 5664.2 

Champagnac, G- de. Etude sur la propri^t^ 
littdraire. P., i860. 12". 3666.36 

Christian, E. Reasons for a modification of the 
Act of Q^ Anne, respecting copyright. L., 1813. 
8". [Ordered.] 

— Vindication of the right of universities of 
Great Britain to a copy of every new publication. 
3d ed. L., 1818. 8°. [Ordered.] 

Christie, W. D. A plea for perpetual copy- 
right. L., 1840. 8°. [Ordered'.] 

Clark, H. J. Claim for scientific property. 
[Camb., 1863.] 3 pp. 8°. No. 12 in 3664.8 

Comettant, O. La propridt^ intellectuelle. 
P., 1858. 12°. 3666.33 

Copinger, W. A. The law of copyright in 
literature and art. L., 1870. 8°. 3663.6 

Copyright, national and international, from 
the point of view of a publisher. L., 1879. 
47 pp. 8°. 3667.22 

Curtis, G. T. Explanations of accompanying 
bill [for protection of copvright in designs]. 
[B., 1852.'] n. t. p. 18 pp. 8«. No. 2 in *5662.8 

— Treatise on the law of copyright in books, 
etc., in England and America. B., 1847. 8°. 3666.3 

Delalain, A. H. J. Legislation de la propri^t^ 
litteraire et artistique. Nouv. ^d. P., 1858. 8°. 


Dentu contra Dreyfous. Ein interessanter 
Pressprozess vor dem Zucht-Polizei-Gericht In 
Paris in Sachen der Uebersetzung des Buches 
von Moritz Busch : Graf Bismarck und seine 
Leute. Lpz., 1880. 23 pp. 8". 3667.24 

Drone, E. S. A treatise on the law of property 
in intellectual productions in Great Britain and 
the United States. B., 1879. S". 


Duppa, R. Address to the parliament of Great 
Britain, on the claims of authors to their own 
copvright. 3d. ed. By a member of the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge, n. p., 1813. S". (/« 
Pamphleteer. Vol. 2, pp. 169-202.) 

Vol. 2 of *6575.i 

Enquiry into the nature and origin of literary 
property. L., 1762. 8°. [Ordered.] 

Few words. A, on copyright questions, with 
some objections to Mr. Sergeant Talfourd's bill. 
L., 1839. 8». [Ordered.] 



Fliniaux, C. La propriety industrielle, et la 
propriete litteraire et artistique en France et a 
I'etranger. P., 1879. ^^^- 56693.9 

FoUeville, D. de. De la propriety litteraire et 
ar.istique. P., 1877. 33-|- PP- S°. 3665.18 

France. Ministry of state. Commission de la 
propriete litteraire et artistique. P., 1863. S". 5662.1 

Fraser, J. Handy-book of patent and copyright 
law, English and foreign. L., i860. Sm. 8°. 

3666.34; 133.20 

Friedlaender, M. Der einheimische und aus- 
landische Rechtschutz gegen Nachdruck und 
Nachbildung. Leipzig, 1857. 8°. 3666.7 

Gastambide, J. A. Historique et thdorie de la 
propriete des auteurs. P., 1862. 8°. 3666.9 

— Traite de la contrefaqon. P., 1837. 8°. 


Gerhard, F. Will the people of the United 
States be benefited by an international copyright 
law.? N.Y., 186S. 27 pp. 8^ No. 15 in *3664.8 

Godson, R. A practical treatise on the law of 
patents for inventions and copyright. 2d ed. 
Added a supplement, by P. Burke. L., 1851. 8°. 


Hood, T. Copyright and copy wrong. Let- 
ters to the editor of the Athenaeum. (/« his 
Prose and verse. N.Y., 1843.) 885.18 

Hotten, J. C. Literary copyright. L., 1871. 
8°. [Ordered.] 

Jobard, J. B. Organon de la propriete intel- 
lectuelle. P., 1851. 160. 5669.5 

Klostermann, R. Das geistige Eigenthum 
an Schriften, Kunstwerken und Erfindungen, 
nach preussischem und internationalem Rechte. 
Berlin, 1867, 69^. 2 v. 8°. 5663.3 

Laboulaye, E. R. L. Etudes sur la propriety 
litteraire en France et en Angleterre. Suivies 
des trois discours prononces au parlement d'An- 
gleterre par Sir T. N. Talfourd, trad, par P. 
Laboulaye. P., 1858. 8°. 3666.23 


Lamartine, A. M. L. de. Discours sur la pro- 
priete litteraire et artistique, le 13 mars, 1S41. 
n. t. p. 16 pp. 8° 2114.40 

Law, S. D. Copyright and patent laws of the 
U. S., 1790 to 186S. With notes of judicial de- 
cisions. N. Y., 1867. 12°. 3666.10 

— Digest of American cases relating to patents 
for inventions and copyrights from 1789 to 1862, 
also the American cases in respect to trade-marks. 
N. Y., 1862. 8°. 5661.2 

Law of copyright, regarding authors, dramatic 
writers, and musical composers. By a Bar- 
rister. L., 1842. [Ordered.] 

Lebret, G. A. La propriety litteraire et ar- 
tistique. P., 1878. 8'^. 3663.14 

Letter from a gentleman in Edinburgh, con- 
cerning literary property. Edinb., 1769. 8°. 

No. 12 in *Pph. V. 347 

Levi, L. Manual of mercantile law. p. 64. 
Phila., 1S54. 80. 3665.15 

Lieber, F. International copyright, in a letter 
to W. C. Preston. N.Y., 1840. 67 pp. 8°. 

No. 9 in Vol. 2 of *4295.26 

— Manual of political ethics. Vol. 1, p. 132. 
B., 183S. 4285.3 

Lowndes, J. J. Historical sketch of the law of 
copvright, with remarks on Talfourd's bill. 2d 
ed." L., 1842. 8°. 3666.25 

Macaulay, T. B., baron. Speeches respecting 
the law of copyright in the House of commons, 
5th Feb., 1841, and 6th April, 1842. (/« his 
Works. Vol. 8. L., 1866.) 2563.2 

Macfie, R. A. Copyright and patents for in- 
ventions. Vol. I. Edinb., 1879. 8". 3667.23 

Maclaurin, J., lord Dreghorn. Origin and 
progress of literary property. (/« his Works. 
Edinb., 1798. Vol. 2.) 6557.3 

Marshall, Walker. Copyright in the fine 
arts. (/« Juridical society papers. Vol. 2.) 


( To be continued.) 


***In consequence of some misapprehension as 
to the action of the Trustees in respect to the list 
of books of alleged questionable character in the 
Lower Hall, laid before the Library Committee 
of the City Council last summer, and by them 
referred to the Trustees, and as an act of justice 
to the authors and publishers of these books, it 
may be stated that on the receipt of the list the 
Trustees, in accordance with their invariable 
practice in similar cases, directed the books in 
question to be called in for their examination ; 
and, when it is completed, all books deemed by 
them unsuitable for circulation (should there 
be such) will be condemned, while such as are 
found to be unobjectionable will be returned to 
the shelves for circulation. 

Matt.\pan DELn'ERY. — A delivery station 
of the Boston Public Library has been opened at 
Mattapan, in the Post-Office building. Books 

will be given to readers from 3.30 P.M. to 7, from 
Tuesday to Saturday, inclusive. 

Early American Prints. — The Library has 
recently acquired, by purchase at Amsterdam, a 
considerable number of historical views, portraits, 
and caricatures, of the time of the Revolution, 
most of which, it is believed, are wholly unknown 
in this country. 

Bulletins Wanted. — The demand for re- 
cent numbers of the Bulletin has been so great 
that the supply is exhausted. The Library will 
gladly receive, copies from those who have them 
to spare. 


TosTi Engravings. — The framed engravings 
of this collection, which were removed tempo- 
rarily from the walls of the Reading Room and 
Art Room, are being returned. 





MARCH 1882. 

VOL. 5. No. 2. 

WHOLE No. 61. 

William W. Greenough, President. 

Solomon B. StebBTns7 Alderman. 
William H. Whitmore Councilman. 
Samuel A. B. Abbott. 

George B. Chase. 
Henry W. Haynes. 
James Freeman Clarke. 


Mellen Chamberlain, Librarian and Clerk of the Corporation. 
James L. Whitney, Principal Assistant Librarian. 

Arthur M. Knapp, Curator of Periodicals and 

William H. Foster, Proof-reader. 

Jos6 F. C arret. Curator of Patents and En- 
gravings, and Registrar. 

Appleton p. C. Griffin, Custodian of Shelves. 
William F. Robinson, Registration Clerk. 
Thomas H. Cummings, Curator of Lower Hall 

Louis F. Gray, Office Secretary. 

William E. Ford, Janitor., Central Library. 


Arthur M. Knapp, Bates Hall. 
Edward Tiffany, Lo-wer Hall. 
Mary E. Brock, Brighton. 
Cornelius S. Cart^e, Charlestoivn. 
Mary G. Coffin, Dorchester. 

Sarah C. Godbold, East Boston. 
Eliza R. Davis, Jamaica Plain. 
Sarah Bunker, Roxbury. 
Alice J. Bragdon, South Boston. 
Grace A. De Borges, South End. 

Mary A. Hill, Custodian, Lower Mills. 
Harriet L. Towner, Custodian, Mattafan. 

Robert M. Otis, Custodian, Roslindale. 
Marion L. Woodward, Custodian, W. Roxbury. 


Information for Readers 62 

Bates Hall 63 

Lower Hall and Branches 99 

Copyright iii 

Ireland and the Land Question 116 

Civil Service 120 

Parliamentary Sessional Papers, 1880 . . . 122 

Notes . 123 


Number of Volumes and Hours. 

All departments are open every secular day 
except the six legal holidays, — February 22, 
Fast Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving 
and Christmas, — and such other days as the 
Trustees may direct. 

The Bates Hall is open from nine o'clock, a.m., 
until six, P.M., from October to March, inclusive, 
and until seven o'clock during the rest of the 
year. The Lower Hall of the Central Library is 
open from half-past eight o'clock, a.m., to nine 
o'clock, P.M. From July i to August 30, inclu- 
sive, the time of closing is one hour earlier. 
The Central Reading Room for Periodicals is 
open from nine o'clock, a.m., until ten, p.m., and 
on Sundays from two to ten. From July i to 
August 30, inclusive, the time of closing is one 
hour earlier. During these two months the 
Branch Libraries close one hour earlier than the 
time mentioned in the following table. 

Bates Hall 

Newspaper Room . . . 
Duplicate Room . . . 

Lower Hall 

Brighton Branch . . . 
Charlestown Branch . 
Dorchester Branch . . 
£ast Boston Branch . 
Jamaica Plain Branch . 
Lower Mills Delivery . 
Mattapan delivery . . . 

Roslindale Delivery . . 

Roxbury Branch . . . 
South Boston Branch . 
South End Branch . . 
West Roxbury Delivery 



) to 7 

8.30 to 9 
9 to 8*t 
9 to 8* 
9 to 8* 
9 to 8* 
9 to8*t 
4 107.30** 
3.30 to 7jt 
J 3 to6tt 
J7 toStt 
9 to 8 
9 to 9 
9 to 8* 
3 to stt 





in R. R. 



* Kerp open till 9 P.M. Saturdays. 
+ Closed 12 m. to 2 p.m. 
I Reading Room 9 tu <J. 
••Closed from 6 to 6.30. 

4:1,639 713 

ttTueadays,, and Salai~ 

ttTueadayi tn SatunUy*. inclutlre. 
aDrliveied to leadrra u\m> on Sun- 

New Books as soon as received are entered on 
the Bulletin Boards of each Library. In the 
Bates Hall, before titles appear on the Board the 
new books are displayed (with the shelf-number 
attached) in a glass case at the desk. The lists in 
the Lower Hall and at the Branches show only 
the books added to those departments. The Dor- 
chester list is posted also at the Deliveries at the 
Lower Mills and Mattapan, and the Jamaica Plain 
list at the Deliveries at Roslindale and West Rox- 
bury. The Bulletins are for sale (excepting those 
out of print) at five cents each. Books with num- 
bers below 2iioare in the Lower Hall ; with 2110 
and above, in the Bates Hall. Those with Brl., 
Chn., I>or., E. B., J. P., Rox., 8. B.> or 8. E. 
prefixed to the number are respectively in the 
Brighton, Charlestown, Dorchester, East Bos- 
ton, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, South Boston, or 
South End Branch. 

Bates Hall of the Central Library. 

I. The Index of i86i. (Includes the Bow- 
ditch Library-) Out of print. 

II. The Supplement of 1866. (Includes the 
Parker Library.) For sale in sheets at $2.00. 

III. The Catalogue of the Prince Li- 
brary. For sale at $1.00. 

IV. The Catalogue of the Ticknor Col- 
lection of Spanish and Portuguese books. For 
sale at $j.oo. 

V. The Catalogue of the Barton Collec- 
tion. Shakespearian portion. For sale at Sj. 00. 

VI. Public Card Catalogue. This con- 
tains, with some exceptions, the titles of all the 
books in the Bates Hall. 

VII. The Official Card Catalogue, which 
can be consulted, in cases of need, upon applica- 
tion, contains the titles of all books added to the 
Bates Hall since the publication of the Supple- 
ment in 1866, and includes some titles of books 
received between 1S66 and 1871, which are not 
in the Public Card Catalogue. 

There is a separate catalogue of the Tosti En- 
gravings in drawers at the north end of the Pub- 
lic Card Catalogue case in Bates Hall. 

Lo'wer Hall of the Central Library. 

I. Fiction and Juv'eniles, with notes for 
readers. 6th edition, April, 1877. Embraces 
the "Index to Historical Fiction." 20 cents. 

II. Arts, Sciences, and Professions. 2d 
edition, September, 1871. 10 cents. — Supplement- 
ary Catalogue, May, 1881. 20 cents. 

III. History, Biography, and Travels, 
with notes for readers. 2d edition, July, 1873. 
JO cents. 

IV. Books in Foreign Languages, jd 
edition. May, 1881. vj cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, Collections, and Mis- 
cellanies. Jst edition, August, 1870. 20 cents. 

VI. Card Catalogue. This contains the 
titles of all the books in the Lower Hall, alpha- 
betically arranged, both by authors' names and 
by the titles of books. An assistant, who alone 
has access to this catalogue, will furnish such 
information as may not be found in the printed 


Catalogues are for sale : — Brighton, 2j cents, 
for the main Catalogue (including first Supple- 
ment), and 5 cents for each of the two subsequent 
Supplements; Charlestown, ^/. 00 ; Dorchester, 
7_5 cents; East Boston, 2 j cents ; Jamaica Plain, 
/J cents ; Roxbury, 30 cents ; South Boston, 
^j cents. 

Bates Hall books can be applied for at the 
several Branches and Deliveries, and, if they are 
on the shelves, they will be sent to the Branch 
or Delivery the same or following day. 

The Bulletins since the issues of the Branch 
Catalogues constitute supplements to these sev- 
eral lists. 

Prices of Catalogues to Non-Residents 

are fixed to cover cost of manufacture and post- 
age, as follows : — 

Bates Hall.— I. Prince Catalogue, ^/.7j. Tick- 
nor Catalogue, i?j.oo. Barton Catalogue,- ^j.oo. 

Lower Hall. — II. History, Biography, and 
Travel. $ 

III. Arts, Sciences, and Professions. 7j cents. 

IV. Fiction and Juveniles. 7j cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, and Miscellanies. $1.00. 
Bulletins.— \l. Quarterly issues, each, 20 cents. 
The Bulletins must be applied for as issued, 

during January, April, July, and October of each 
year, as subscriptions cannot be received. 

The Branch Catalogues and other publications 
will be furnished, as far as practicable, on terms 
to be made known on application. 

Central Periodical Reading Room. 

A list of periodicals currently received is for 
sale at j cents. There is also a List of serial 
publications now taken in the principal libraries 
of Boston and Cambridge. Price 2(T cents. 

For further particulars "see Handbook for Readers," distributed gratis. 




Shelf-numbers 2iioand upwards indicate books in Bates Hall. 

Shelf-numbers below 21 lo indicate books in the Lower Hall. 

Bri., Brighton Branch. 

Clm.) Charlestown Branch. 

Dor., Dorchester Branch. 

E. B., East Boston Branch. 

J. P., Jamaica Plain Branch. 

Roi., Roxbury Branch. 

S. B., South Boston Branch. 

S. E., South End Branch. 

N. R., Newspaper Room. 

R. R., Reading Room. 

C. R., Catalogue Room. 

M. S., Map Stand. 

B., Boston. 




[ J 

( ) 


, Leipzig. 


No date of publication given. 

No place of publication given. 
, Copyrighted. 

Enclose corrections or explanations. 

Stands for the preceding heading. 

Stands for a subordinate heading. 

Enclose names not usually retained. 

Permission of the Librarian, or officer in charge of Bates 
Hall, required to take the book out. Not attached to 
Lower Hall copies of the same hook. 

Book cannot leave the Library. 

Permission of Trustees required to take the book out. 

*,^* Friends of the Public Library will confer a favor, if they will communicate the correction of 
any error they may discover in this List, the ajithorship of any works treated as anonymous, or the 
name of any person entered only under a pseudonym. 



Mostly Recent Publications. 

Abbott, John S. C. Italy, and the war for 
Italian independence, including a biog. sketch of 
Pius IX. B., 1871. Portrs. 12°. 2726.57 

Abdo-'l-Wiihid al-Marr^koshi. The history 
of the Almohades, preceded by a sketch of the 
history of Spain, from the conquest till the reign 
of Yiisof Ibn-Yeshufin, and the history of the 
Almoravides. Ed. by R. Dozy. 2d ed. Leyden, 
1881. 8°. 3096.11 

The preface is in English ; the text in Arabic. 

Ablett, William H. Market-garden husbandry. 
L., 1S81. 8°. 3995-68 

Abyssinia. See Munzinger. 

Accidents. See Walford. 

Acland, Arthur H. D., and Ransome, Cyril. 
A hand-book in outline of the political history 
of England to i88i chronologically arranged. 
L., 1882. Sm. 8°. 2515.52 

Adam de St. Victor. The liturgical poetry of 
Adam of St. Victor. From the text of Gautier. 
With trans, into English in the original metres 
and notes by Digby S. Wrangham. L., 1881. 
3 V. Sm. 8°. *5444-52 

Adirondacks. See New York, state. 

Adulterations. See Vogl. 

.Esthetics. See Migne ; — Paget. 

Afghanistan. See Dey. 

Africa. See Rowley ; — Wilson, C. T. 

Agriculture, ^ce Tanner; — U.S. Bureau of 

Aimard, Gustave. Le coeur-loyal. 

— Les francs tireurs. P., 1861. 18' 

— La Mas-Horca. P., 1867. 12°. 

— Les rodeurs des frontiferes. P., il 

— Les scalpeurs blancs. L'^nigme. 

P., 1861 

. 4662.61 

P., 1873. 

L., 1882. 


Ainger, Alfred. Charles Lamb. 
[English men of letters.] Sm. 8°. 

Al Kindy (Abd al Masi'h Ibn Ishdc al Kindy). 
The apology of Al Kindy, written at the court 
of Al MamCin (a.h. 215; A.D. 830), in defence 
of Christianity against Islam. With an essay on 
its age and authorship. By Sir William Muir. 
L., 1882. 8°. 3485-71 

The Apology is given in the form of an abstract, with 

Aldrich, Thomas B. Friar Jerome's beautiful 
book, etc. [Poems.] Selected from Cloth of gold 
and Flower and thorn. B., 1881. 16°. 239ob.62 

Algebra. See Newcomb ; -7- Rodet. 

Algeria. See Barclay. 

Allen, Grant. Vignettes from nature 
Sm. 8°. 

Essays reprinted from the Pall Mall gazette. 

Almanach de Gotha. 1882. Gotha. [1881.] 16°. 

♦6219b. 50 
Almanacs. See American ; — Annuaire : — 
British ; — Eason ; — Gothaischer ; — Whitaker. 

L., 1881. 




Almohades, Almoravides. See Abdo-'l-Wd- 

America. See Bastian ; — Brown. 

America, British. See Bolton, E. C 

America, Central. See Bastian ; — Boyle. 

American almanac for 1882. Ed. by A. R. 
SpoflFord. N. Y., 1882. 8°. ♦2388.50 

American antiquarian society. The report of 
the council, April 27th, 1881, with remarks upon 
the revolutionary orderly books in possession 
of the society, by Nathaniel Paine. Worcester, 

1881. 8°. ' *2320.I2 

American art review. Vol. 2, 2ddiv. B., 1881. 
Plates. Illus. 40. *6953.i 

This publication has been discontinued. 

American association for the advancement of 
science. Proceedings, 28th, 29th meeting, 1879, 
80. Salem, 1880, 81. 2 v. Illus. 8°. *3935.i 

American sacred songs trans, into the Arme- 
nian language. {Armenian and English r\ Venice, 
1874. 240. 7444-63 

Anatomy. See Duval ; — Garrod. 

Andrd, C., Rayet, G., and Angot, A. L'astro- 
nomie pratique et les observatoires en Europe et 
en Amerique depuis le milieu du xviie siecle. 
P., 1874-81. 5v. in4. Illus. Plates. 12°. 3928.60 

Andrea, Richard. Allgemeiner Handatlas in 
sechsundachtzig Karten mit Text. Bielefeld, 

1 88 1. Fo. *2284.54 
Anecdotes. See Migne. 

Anglo-Saxon language. See Rask. 

Annuaire de la presse fran9aise. 1881. Par E. 
Mermet. 2eannde. P. [1881.] Illus. 12°. *6i99.3 

Annuaire de I'economie politique et de la 
statistique. 386 annee. P., 1881. 18°. ♦56493.3 

Annuaire diplomatique et consulaire de la re- 
publique fran9aise 1879-81. Ann^e 22-24. P-' 
1879-81. 3 v. Maps. 8°. *66i9a.i 

Antietam. See Palfrey. 

Antiquities. See Bastian ; — Buckman ; — 
Cartailhac ; — Collignon ; — Donnelly ; — Drum- 
mond ; — Hedges ; — Hicks ; — Kerslake ; — Me- 
nard ; — Migne; — Monuments ; — Stark; — Tiele; 
— U. S. Geog. surveys ; — Westropp. 

Anzengruber, L. Dorfgange. Gesammelte 
Bauerngeschichten. 2te Aufl. Wien, 1880. 2 v. 
in I. 16°. 48703.69 

Stories of Austrian and Bavarian country life. 

Aphorisms. See Migne. 

Appeal (Legal). See Fournier. 

Arabia Petraea. See Ludwig. 

Arakan, Burmah. See Hughes. 

Architecture. See Barry; — Breymann; — 
Fischer, Hermann ; — Fuller ; — Semper ; — Tay- 
lor, A. T.;— Wickes. 

Argentine confederation. See Fernau. 

Aristoteles. Aristotle on the parts of animals. 
Tr., with introd. and notes, by W. Ogle. L., 

1882. L. 8°. 3884.53 
Arithmetic. See Rodet; — Sawyer. 
Armenian church. See Migne. 
Armenian language. See American sacred 

songs; — Byron. 

Arms. See Drummond ; — North. 

Aryan races. See Zimmer. 

Asceticism. See Migne. 

Ashton, John. Chap-books of the eighteenth 
century with fac-similes, notes and introd. L., 
1882. Illus. 8°. 4573.71 

Assyria. See Haupt ; — Schrader ; — Tiele. 

Astrologia giapponese. Notizie di astrologia 
giapponese raccolte da libri originali per opera 
di A. Severini. Extraitde Atsume Gusa. Geneve, 
1874. Folded sheet. 4°. 5921.26 

Astrology. See Pearce. 

Astronomy. See Andr^ ; — Flammarion ; — 
Migne ; — Seiss. 

Atlantis. See Donnelly. 

Atlases. See Andree ; — Spruner. 

Atoms. Sec Fechner. 

Auerbach, Berthold. Die Genesis des Nathan. 
Gedenkworte zu Lessing's loojahrigem Todes- 
tag. 2te Aufl. Berlin. 1881. 8°. 2873,86 

Aurelius Antoninus, Marcus. See Renan. 

Autobiography of Thomas Allen. Bv the 
author of ' Post Mortem.' L., 1882. 3 v. Sm. 8°. 


Autographs. See Morley. 

Autumn leaves. See Heath. 

Avalokitecvara Sutra. Trad, italienne de la 
version chinoise avec introd. et notes par C. 
Puini. Texte chinois et transcription japonaise 
par F. Turrettini. Extrait de 1' Atsume Gusa. 
Geneve, 1873. Folded plate. 4°. 502oa.2^ 

Avon river, England. See Sumner. 

Babeau, Albert. L'ecole de village pendant la 
revolution. P., 1881. 16". 3596-70 

Bacon, Francis, baron Verulam and viscount 
Si. Albans. See Spedding; — Thomson. 

Baillon, (E.) H. The natural history of plants. 
Vol. 7. L., 1881. Illus. L. 8°. *5852.4 

Contents. — 7. Melastomaceae, Cornacea, Umbelliferse, 
Rubiacese, Valerianaceje, Dipsacaceae. 

Bain, Alexander. James Mill. A biography. 
L.. 1882. Portr. Sm. 8°. 24Sob.54 

— John Stuart Mill. A criticism ; with recollec- 
tions. L., 1882. Sm. 8°. 245ob.55 

Baker, George M., ed. The reading club and 
handy speaker. No. 10. B. [1882.] 16°. 239ob.68 

Baldwin, John D., and Clift, William. A 
record of the descendants of Capt. George Deni- 
son, of Stonington, Conn. With notices of his 
father and brothers, and some account of other 
Denisons who settled in America. Worcester, 

1881. Portrs. 8°. *4334-5l 
Ballads. See Hindley; — Smith, G. B. 
Ballou, Adin. History of the town of Milford, 

Mass., to 1881. Published by the town. B., 

1882. Portrs. Folded maps. ' 8°. ♦2353.81 
Baltet, Charles. The art of grafting and bud- 
ding. Illus. L., 1879. Sm. 8°. 5999-65 

Baltimore, Md. See Spencer, E. 

Bamberger, Ludwig. Das Schreiben des 
Reichskanzlers an den Bundesrath vom 15 Dec. 
1878 betrefFend die Revision des Zolltarifs. 4te 
Aufl. Berlin. 1879. 8°. No. i in '3562.53 

— ed. Die Reichstags- Verhandlungen iiber 
Miinzreform und Bankwesen. Berlin, 1880. 8°. 

No. II in ♦3562.53 

Banerjea, K. M. Two essays as supplements 
to the Arian witness. Calcutta^ 1880. 8°. 5465.34 

Banks and banking. See Bamberger; — Ban- 
quiers ; — Basch ; — Report ; — Walker. 

Banquiers, Les, et les quatre canges k Lidge 
avant 1468. Introduction : le double ^talon or 
et argent a Li^ge en 1328. Bruxelles, 1881. 16°. 


Barante, Amable G- P. B., baron de. Etudes 
historiques et biographiques. Nouv. ^d. P., 
1858. 2 V. 12°. 46493.73 

Among the longer essays are the following: £loge de M. 
Le comte MoU and Lc comte de Saint- Priest. 




Barbou, Alfred. Victor, Hugo and his time. 
Illus. with drawings by E. Bayard, etc., and 
drawings by Victor Hugo. Tr. from tlie French 
by Ellen E. Frewer. L., 1882. Portrs. Fac- 
simile. 8°. 4641.61 

Barclay, Edgar. Mountain life in Algeria. 
With illus. by the author. L., 1882 [1881]. 4°. 

' Barclay, John. See Dukas. 

Barrett, William A. English church com- 
posers. L., 1882. [Great musicians.] Sm. 8°. 

Barry, Edward M. Lectures on architecture 
delivered at the Royal academy. Ed. (with me- 
moir) by A. Barry. With portr. and illus. L., 
1 88 1. ,8". 4094-70 

Barry, John W., and Bramwell, Frederick J. 
Railways and locomotives. Lectures at the 
^ School of military engineering at Chatham in 
1877. L., 1882. Illus. 8». 8017.57 

The lectures on railways were delivered by Barry, those 
on locomotives by Bramwell. 

Barth, Auguste. The religions of India. Tr. 
by J. Wood. B., 1882 [i88i]. [English and 
foreign philosophical library.] 16°. ' 5483.6 

Barth, Th. Die handelspolitische Stellung der 
deutschen Seestadte. Berlin, 1880. 8°. 

No. 9 in *3562.53 

— Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der heutigen 
reactionaren Wirthschaftspolitik. Berlin, 1879. 
8°. No. 5 in *3562.53 

Bartholow, Roberts. On the antagonism be- 
tween medicines and between remedies and dis- 
eases. Being the Cartwright lectures for 1880. 
N.Y.,i88i. 8". 3791-58 

Bartlett, William H. Walks about the city 
and environs of Jerusalem. [2d ed.] L. [1855.] 
Illus. 8". 5071-55 

The first ed. was published in 1844. 

Bartolozzi, Francesco. See Tuer. 

Barton, B. T. Historical gleanings of Bolton 
and district [Lancashire, England]. Bolton, 
1881. Sm. 8°. *2498.2i 

Basch, Julius. Das Faustpfandrecht fiir 
Pfandbriefe und die Hypotheken-Banken. Ber- 
lin, 1S80. 8". No. 15 in*3562.53 

Bastian, Adolph. Die Culturlander des alten 
America. Berlin, 1878. 2 v. Folded maps. 8°. 


Bastille. See Ravaisson. 

Batten, John M. Reminiscences of two years 
in the U. S. navy [1864-66]. Lancaster, Pa., 
i88i. 12°. 4328.78 

Baudissin, Wolf W. , Graf von. Studien zur 
semitischen Religionsgeschichte. Lpz. , 1876, 
78. 2 V. in I. 8°. 7485.16 

Bauer, Karoline, Grdfin von Broel-Plater. Aus 
dem Leben einer Verstorbenen. Bearb. von A. 
Wellmer. Berlin, 1878, 80. 4 V. in 2. 8". 2845.67 

Baz, Gustavo, and Gallo, E. L. Historia del 
ferrocarril mexicano. Mexico, 1874. Illus. 
Portrs. 4°. ♦6010.51 

Beaconsfield, Earl. See Disraeli. 

Beard, George M. Practical treatise on sea- 
sickness. Enl. ed. N. Y.,i88i. 12". 37goa.67 

Bechmann, (G. C) August. Der Kauf nach 
gemeinem Recht. iter Theil. Erlangen, 1876. 
8°. 56ioa.56 

Contents. — Geschichte des Kaufs im roemischen Recht. 

Beckett, Sir Edmund, formerly Edmutid Beck- 
ett Dennison. Should the revised New Testa- 
ment be authorised ? L., 1882. Sm. 8°. 3416.81 

Bedell, William. See Cambridge. 

Beet sugar. See U. S. Bureau of agriculture. 

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Neun Symphonien 
fur Orchester in Partitur. Lpz. [1881.] 2 v. 4°. 


Contents. — i. Symphonic No. i, C dur; Symphonie No. 
3, Ddur; Symphonie No. 3, Eroica; Symphonie No. 4, B 
dur; Symphonie No. 5, C moll. — 2. Symphoni?No. 6 (Pas- 
torale) ; Symphonie No. 7, A dur; Symphonie No. 8, F dur; 
Symphonie No. 9, D moll. 

— Ouverturen. Partitur. Lpz. [1873, 74.^] 3 
V. in I. 4°. 8o4oa.57 

Contents. — i. Zu Leonore (Fidelio) No. i, Opus 138; 
Zu Leonore (Fidelio) No. 1, Opus 72 ; Zu Leonore (Fidelio) 
No. 3, Opus 72. — 2. Zu Fidelio, Opus 72, E dur; Zu Prome- 
theus, Opus 43; Zu Coriolan, Opus 62; Zu Egmont, Opus 
84.Tr-3. Zu Ruinen von Athen, Op. 113; Op. iij (Namens- 
feier) ; Zu Koiiig Stephan, Op. 117; Op. 134 (Wcihe des 

Beeton's Complete orator. L. [1881 ?] 2 v. in 
1. Sm. 8°. 3596.68 

Begging. See Lammers. 

Bemis, Charles A. History of Marlborough, 
Cheshire co. , N.H. With the report of its cen- 
tennial celebration in 1876; also genealogies and 
sketches of families from 1764 to 1880. B., 1881. 
Illus. Portrs. 8°. ^2354.70 

Benny, Philip B. The criminal code of the 
Jews according to the Talmud Massecheth 
Synhedrin. L., 1880. Sm. 8°. 5616.24 

Previously published in the Pall Mall gazette. 

Benoist, F^lix, and Lalaisse, Hippolyte. La 
Normandie illustrde : monuments, sites et cos- 
tumes dessinds d'apres nature par F. Benoist, et 
lithographies ; les costumes dessinds d'aprfes na- " 
ture par H'e Lalaisse. Texte par R. Bordeaux 
et Amelie Bosquet pour la Haute-Normandie, et 
par MM. Charma, Le H^richer, de La Sicotifere 
et Travers pour la Basse-Normandie. Nantes, 
1852. 2 V. Map. F°. ♦^^♦C.E.i3.i; ♦^♦C.E.i4,i 

Bentinck, Lord George F. C. See Disraeli. 

Bering, John A., and Montgomery, Thomas. 
History of the 48th Ohio veteran volunteer in- 
fantry, from Oct., 1861, to May 10, 1866. Hills- 
boro', Ohio, i8So. 16". 43293.86 

Berlin. Bericht iiber die Gemeinde-Verwal- 
tung der Stadt Berlin in 1861 bis 1876. 2tes Heft. 
Berlin, 1880. Folded sheets. L. 8^ ♦481 1.7 

Berlioz, (L.) Hector. Lettres intimes. P., 
1882 [i88i]. 12°. 4049-83 

Bernard, Auguste, ed. Recueil des chartes de 
I'abbave de Cluny. Complete, rev. et public par 
A. Bruel. T. 2. 954^87. P., 1880. [Collection 
des documents inedits sur I'histoire de France, 
ire serie. Histoire politique.] 4°. ♦6640.56 

Bernstein, A. Die Jahre der Reaktion. His- 
torische Skizze. Berlm, 1881. 8°. 2816.51 

Bersier, Eugfene. Saint-Paul's vision, and 
[nine] other sermons. Tr. by Marie Stewart. 
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Contents. — i. Genesis-2 Chronicles. — 4. New TesUraeat 
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— The Holy Bible according to the author- 
ized version (A.D. 161 1), with commentary and 
a revision by bishops and other clergy of the 
Anglican church. Ed. by F. C. Cook. N. T. 
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— Same. O. T. Vol. 6. N. T. Vol. 3, 4- 
N.Y., i88i [1882]. L. 8°. ♦74iob.xo 

ConUnts.—6. Ezekiel-Malachi. — N. T. 3. Romans-Philo. 
mon. 4. Hebrews-Revelation. 




Bible, continued. 

— See Brunton ; — Geikie ; — Migne ; — Ste- 

— Genesis. See Scholz. 

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the original Greek. The text rev. by B. F. 
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— Same. American ed. N.Y., 1881, 82. 2 
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Mark. See Volkmar. 

— Apocrypha. See Migne. 

Bibliography. See Brown ; — Brunet ; — Curi- 
osity ; — Deutscher ; — Dorer; — Dukas; — Engel- 
rnann; — Giebel ; — Jackson, J.; — Livre; — 
MinzlofF; — Reboul ; — Scartazzini ; — Siennicki ; 

— Stevens ; — Unflad. 

Bibliothfeque des dcoles fran<;aises d'Athenes et 
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Contents. — ti. Etudes d'^pigraphie juridique. De 
quelques inscriptions relatives ^ I'administration de DiocM- 
tien, par Edouard Cuq. — 32. Etude sur lachroniqueen prose 
de Guillaume Le Breton, par H. Francois Delaborde. — 33. 
L'Asclrfpieion d'Athenes d'apr^s de rdcentes decouvertes, 
par Paul Girard. — 34. Le manuscrit d'Isocrate Urbinas cxi 
de la Vaticane. Description et histoire. Recension du 
panegyrique, par Albert Martin. 

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Biography (Collections). See Barante; — 
Barrett ; — Bruemmer ; — Ferris ; — Hack ; — Kej- 
ser ; — Memorials ; — Men of mark ; — Migne ; 

— Mueller, W. ; — Reumont; — Salisbury; — 

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windmills; or, life in Holland. L., 1882 [1881]. 
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actual openings in the finest games, including 
the whole of the specimens contained in " Chess 
masterpieces." L., 1882. Plates. 8°. 6005.7 

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for use in schools and colleges. New ed. L., 
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dence on the Bosphorus throughout the Cri- 
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au bistre et "au lavis, de 1700 k 1800. P., 1875- 
79. 5 V. in 4. Portrs. Plate. 4°. *4o6i.3i 

Contents. — 1. Nicolas Lavreince. — a. Pierre Antoine 
Baudouin. — 3. Jean Baptiste Simfon Chardin. — 4. Nicolas 
Lancret. — 5. Augustin de Saint- Aubin. 

Bodemann, Eduard. Julie von Bondeli und 
ihr Freundeskreis, Wieland, Rousseau, Zimmer- 
mann, Lavater, u. a. Nebst bisher ungedruckten 
Briefen der Bondeli an Zimmermann und Usteri. 
Hannover, 1874. 18". 2845.66 

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tessa Guiccioli. Lord Bvroh juge par les temoins 
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language. L., 1863. Sm. 8°. 2889.82 

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Westchester [N. Y.], to the present time. Rev. 
Ed. by C. W. Bolton. N. Y., 1881. 2 v. Portrs. 
Folded map. Illus. 8°. *2374-65 

Bolton, England. See Barton. 

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Borneo. Sec Hatton, J. ; — Helms. 

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Sanskrit dictionary. Calcutta, 1877-81. 3 v. 
Sm. 4°. ♦3036.51 

Contents. — i. A to Falseness. — a. Falsification to Oyster. 
With treatise on higher Sanskrit grammar or gender and 
syntax. — 3. P to Z. With essay on the ancient geography 
of India. 

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van Devonshire. Romantische episode uit de 
jeugd van Elisabeth Tudor. 3de druk. 's Gra- 
venhage, 1880. 16°. 487oa.7i 

— Het huis Lauernesse. 's Gravenhage, 1876. 
2 v. in I. 16°. 48703.70 

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sterdam, 1877. Plate. 16°. 48703.72 

— Raymond de schrijnwerker. Novelle in 
gesprekken. Amsterdam, 1880. 16°. 4873.15 

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history from the fall of the Roman empire. Tr. 
and completed to the present time by J. D. Mor- 
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vertes et publiees, par A. L. Menard. T. i. Le 
cours royal complet sur Juvenal. P., 1881. Portr. 
8°. 2691.54 

Contains the Satires of Juvenal as read to the son of Louis 
XIV, by Cordemoy, his teacher, and the comments and moral 
aoDlication by Bossuet. 

Boston. City council. Memorial of J. A. Gar- 
field, from the city of Boston. [With eulogy bv 
N. P. Banks.] B., 1881. Portr. L. 8°. *2340.36 

Reports of proceedings, 1881. 2d ser. 

Volf2. B. [1882.] 40. ♦6350.2 

— Mayor's address. See Green, S. A. 
Boston. First church. See Ellis. 

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1882. B. [1881.J 32°. ♦4359a. I 

Botany. See Baillon ; — Bretschneider ; — 
Migne; — Renault. 

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IwanofF, 1806-58. Biographische Skizze. [Ger- 
man and Russian.] Berlin, 1880. 4°. ♦3060.7 

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statistical and commercial directory, and tourists' 
guide, 1880-81. Honolulu and San Francisco, 
1880. Illus. Portr. Map. 8°. *5074.50 

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consolatory and domestic, with some others. By 
the author of " The recreations of a country par- 
son," etc. L., 1883. Sm. 8°. 3589.73 

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L., 1882 [1881]. 8°. 3075-65 

Sketches of life in Centsal America. 

Brahmo Somaj (Hindu Theistic church). See 

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schaft. Berlin, 1879. 8°- No. 2 in *3562.53 

Brazil. See L^ry. 

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trische Tafeln mit sechs Decimalstellen. 8te 
Stereotyp-Ausg. Berlin, i88i. 8°. **502oa.5i 

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into theflora of China. Shanghai, 1881. i6°.*2i79.8 

From the Journal of the North China branch of the Royal 
Asiatic society. 

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tions-Lehre mit besonderer Beziehung auf das 
Hochbauwesen. Neu bearb. von H. Lang. 
Stuttgart, 1872-81. Text, 4 v. Plates, 4 v. 4°. 


Bricks. See Chabat. 

Brief history of ancient peoples, with an ac- 
count of their monuments, literatuife, and man- 
ners. N. Y., 1881. Illus. Maps. [Barnes's 
One-term series.] 12°. 2219.57 

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family. Cleveland, O., 1880. Portr. Fac- 
simile. 8°. *4334.52 

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L., i88i. Illus. Sm. 8°. '^2495.55 

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the almanac ; or, year-book of general informa- 
tion. 1882. L. [1881.] Sm.8°. *2509.i 

British museum. Catalogue of oriental coins. 
Vol.6. [Thecoinsof the Mongols. Classes 18- 
22, by Stanley Lane Poole. Ed. by R. S. Poole.] 
L., 1881. Plates. 8°. 3026.10 

— Index to the catalogue of additions to the 
manuscripts, 1854-1875. L., 1880. 8". *6i7i.i5 

— Departme7it of coins and medals. Guide to 
the principal gold and silver coins of the ancients. 
From circ. B.C. 700 to a.d. i. With 70 plates. 
2d ed. [2d, 4th, 5th issue. Plates 8-14, 22-35.] 
L., i88i. 3 V. 8". "^2225.55 

British trade journal. The. 1880. i8th year. 
L., 1880. 8°. *7004.i 

Brittany. See Luzel ; — S^billot. 

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A catalogue of books relating to North and South 
America in [his] library. Pt. i, 1482-1601 ; 
Pt. 3, 1701-1800, vol. 1, 2. With notes by John 
R. Bartlett. Prov., 1870-75. 3 V. Portrs. Illus. 
Fac-similes. L. 8°. C.R. 6.2.11 

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mythological investigation. L., 1881. Illus. 
Sm. 8°. 7485.17 

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Bv British and American authors. Chicago, 
1882. 8°. 25603.3 

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4 V. Sm. 8°. 4565.69 

Contents. — i. Pauline ; Paracelsus ; Strafford. — ^. Sordello ; 
Pippa passes. — 3. King- Victor and King Charles; Dramatic 
lyrics; The return of tlie Druses. — 4. A blot in the 'scut- 
cheon ; Colombe's birthday ; Dramatic romances. 

Brownson, Orestes A. Essays and review^ 
chiefly on theology, politics and socialism- 
N. Y.', 1880 {^cop. 1852]. r20. 2404.74 

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kon. Nachtrag. Eichstatt, 1877. 8°. 

C.R. 7.5.8 

Brugsch, Heinrich (Carl), c«//e<f Brugsch-Bey. 
Verzeichniss der Hieroglyphen mit Lautwerth in 
der gewdhnlichen und in der geiheimen Schrift 
sowie der allgemeinen Deutzeichen in dem 
Schriftsystem der alten Agypter. Lpz., 1872. 
4°- 3050.20 

Brunet, Pierre G. La bibliomanie en 1880. 
Bibliographic retrospective, par Philomneste 
junior \^fseud.'\. Bruxelles, 1881. i6<'. "'6129.29 

— Les fous litt^raires : essai bibliographique 
sur la littdrature excentrique, les illumines, vi- 
sionnaires, etc., par Philomneste junior [/««</.]. 
Bruxelles, 1880. 12°. 2247.70 

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Furstentochter (Helene, Herzogin von Orleans). 
2te Ausg. Bremen, 1879. Portr. 8". 4646.57 

Brunner, Heinrich. Zur Rechtsgeschichte der 
romischen und germanischen Urkunde. B. i. 
Berlin, 1880. 8° 56103.57 

Contents. — i. Die Privaturkunden Italiens; Das angel- 
sachsische Landbuch ; Die frankische Privaturkunde. 

Brunton, Thomas L. The Bible and science. 
With illus. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 3826.66, 

Bryce, G. Manitoba : its infancy, growth, and 
present condition. With map and illus. L., 
1882. Portrs. Plan. Sm. 8°. 2363.80 

Buckman, James, and Newmarch, Charles H. 
Illustrations of the remains of Roman art, in 
Cirencester, the site of antient Corinium. L., 
1850. Illus. Plan. 8°. '*2463.59 

Buddhism. See Davids. 

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Bilder. Lpz., 1861, 75. 2 v. Sm. 8". 3768.10 

Buff, George L., and Berger, Louis. Hand- 
book and illustrated catalogue of engineers' 
and surveyors' instruments. B. [1879]. 8°* 


— Same. [Later ed.] B.,n. d. 8". *8oi7.39 
Bulfinch, Thomas. The age of fable; or, 

beauties of mythology. New enl. and illus. ed., 
by E. E. Hale. B., 1882. 160. 3487-83 

Bullock, Alexander H. The centennial of 
the Massachusetts constitution. Worcester, 
1881. 8°. *643oa.4 

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward R. L., baron Lytton. 
Lucille. [Poem.] By Owen Meredith [pseitd.']. 
Illus. B., 1882 [1881J. Sm. 40. 2561.74 

Bunnell, Lafayette H. Discovery of the 
Yosemite, and the Indian war of 1851, which led 
to that event. Chicago. \Cop. 1880.] Portr. 
Illus. Map. 16°. 2363.78 

Bunsen, Ernest C. L. de. Die Plejaden und 
der Thierkreis, oder : das Geheimniss der Sym- 
bole. Berlin, 1879. 8°. 7485-M 

Burmah. See Laurie. 

Bums, Eliza B. Burnz' phonic shorthand, 
arranged on the basis of Isaac Pitman's " Phonog- 
raphy." N. Y., 1879. 12°. 2119.27 

Burton, William E., comp. The cyclopaedia of 
wit and humor; selections from the writings of 
eminent humorists of America, Ireland, Scot- 
land, and England. Illus. N. Y., 1881 [cop. 
1858]. Portrs. L. 8°. *256i.i8 

Butler, Samuel. Alps and sanctuaries of 
Piedmont and the canton Ticino. L., 1883 
[1881]. Illus. 8». 2862.65 




Byron, George G. N., bth baron. Lord Byron's 
Armenian exercises and poetry. {Armenian and 
English.^ Venice, 1870. 24°. 6609.5 

— See Boissy. 

Caine, T. Hall, comp. Sonnets of three centu- 
ries ; a selection including many examples hither- 
to unpublished. L., 1882. Sm. 4°, 1. p. 2562.65 

Calderon de la Barca, Pedro. See Dorer. 

California. See Helms. 

Calleva Atrebatum. See Hedges. 

Cambridge [England] in the seventeenth 
century. Camb., 1855-71. 3 v. Sm. 8°. ^iA'^.^l 

Contents. — i. Nicholas Ferrar. — 3. Matthew Robinson. 
— 3. William Bedell. 

Campbell, Christopher C. In the circuit court of 
the United States, Southern district of New York. 
C. C. Campbell, complainant, versus the city of 
New York, defendant. Pleadings and proofs. 
B., 1881. Plates. 8°. *3662.i7 

This suit was brought by Campbell, as assignee in trust, 
against the city of New York. for an alleged infringement of 
a patent granted to James Knibbs for improvements in 
steam fire-engine pumps. 

Campbell, Robert MacGregor, called Rob 
Roy. See Macleay. 

Canada. See Bolton, E. C. ; — Dawson; — 
Jones, C. H. ; — Le Clercq; —Russell, W. H. 

Candolle, Alphonse and Casimir de. Mono- 
graphise phanerogamarum prodromi nunc con- 
tinuatio, nunc revisio. Vol. 3. P., 1881. Plates. 
8°. *3843-53 

Contents. — 3. Philydraceae, auctore T. Caruel ; Alismaceae, 
Butomacei, Juncaginese, auct. M. Micheli ; Commelinaceje, 
auct. C. B. Clarke; Cucurbitaceae, auct. A. Cogniaux. 

Canler, — . M^moires de Canler, ancien chef 
de surete. P., 1882. 2 v. 12°. 4627.58 

The first edition was published in the year 1S62, in an 
abridged form, in order not to give offence to the govern, 
ment. It was condemned, however, and suppressed. 

Cardinals. See Migne. 

Carleton, Fanny E. Operas : their writers and 
their plots. By Notelrac [/5e«rf.]. Phila., 1882. 
12°. ' 4049.84 

Carrington, Henry B. Battle maps and charts 
of the American revolution, with notes. N. Y. 
{Cop. 1881.] Portrs. 8°. 422oa.67 

Cartailhac, £mile. L'^ge de la pierre en 
Asie. Lyon, 1880. Plates. [Congres des ori- 
entalistes, Lyon, 1878.] 4°. 3050.2a 

Cassino, Samuel E. The international sci- 
entists' directory. B., 1882 [1881]. 12°. *3826.68 

Catnach, James. See Hindley. 

Cavagnari, Sir P. L. N. See Dey. 

Celts. See Lemiere. 

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. See Dorer. 

Chabat, Pierre. La brique et la terre cuite ; 
^tude historique de I'emploi de ces mat^riaux. 
Avec la collaboration de F. Monmory. P., 1881. 
Woodcuts. 81 plates. L. 8°. *,»*Cab.40.K.2 

Challenger, ship. Report on the scientific re- 
sults of the voyage, 1873-76. Vol. 3. L., 1881. 
Plates. 40. ***588i.50 

Contents. — Report on the Echinoidea, by A. Agassiz ; 
Report on the Pycnogonida, by P. P. C. Hoek. 

Chamier, F. The book of knots, being a com- 
plete treatise on the art of cordage. Illus. by 172 
diagrams showing the manner of making every 
knot, tie and splice. By Tom Bowling {fseud.'\. 
L., 1876. 2 folded plates. Sm. 8°. 3959.84 

Chamisso, Adalbert von. See Fulda. 

Champlain, Samuel de. See Charavay. 

ChancellorsvUle, Va. See Doubleday. 


Chandler, Zachariah. Memorial addresses on 
the life and character of Z. Chandler, delivered 
in the Senate and House of representatives, Jan. 
28, 18S0. Wash., 1880. Portr. L. 8°. *434i.72 

Chap-books. See Ashton. 

Chapin, Henry. Address, Uxbridge, Mass., in 

1864, with further statements. Worcester, 1881. 
Portr. 8°. *2354.69 

Ed., with preface, biog. sketch of Judge Chapin, and ap- 
pendices relating to the history of Uxbridge, by Rushton D. 

Charavay, Etienne, ed. Documents inedits 
sur Samuel de Champlain, fondateur de Quebec. 
P., 1875. 8°. 4412-31 

Charitable Irish society, Boston. Constitution 
and by-laws, with a list of officers and members, 
and J. Boyd's Centennial anniversary address, 
March 17, 1837. B. [1S76.] Illus. 12°. 7575.56 

Charities. See Migne. 

Charles I. of England. See Gardiner. 

Charleston, 5. C. Proceedings of the city 
council and the citizens of Charleston, upon the 
death of president Garfield. Charleston, 1881. 
8°, 1. p. *2340.52 

Charnock, Richard S. Prsenomina ; or, the ety- 
mology of the principal Christian names of Great 
Britain and Ireland. L., 1882. Sm. 8°. 24393.54 

Charvet, Jules. Origines du pouvoir tempore! 
des papes precisees par la numismatique. P., 

1865. Illus. 8°. 5512.1 
Chemical philosophy. See Cooke, J. P. 
Chemical society, London. List of the officers 

and fellows. L.. 1879. S". 7966.9 

Chemistry. See Bolton, H. C. ; — Migne^ — 
Society of chemical industry ; — Watts. 

Chemoviz, Pedro L. N. Formulario e guia 
medica contendo a descripcjao dos medicamentos, 
as doses, as molestias em que sao empregados, as 
plantas medicinaes indigenas do Brasil [etc.]. 
ioaed.,aug. P., 1879. IHus. Plates. 12°. 57893.65 

Cheshire, England. Croston. See 

Chess. See Bird, H. E. 

Chester, Joseph L., ed. The parish registers 
of St. Thomas the apostle, London, containing 
the marriages, baptisms, and burials from 1558 
to 1754. L., 1881. [Harleian society. Registers, 
V. 6.] L. 8°. *24ioa.74 

Chicago. See One year. 

Children's hospital, Boston. [A collection of 
newspaper cuttings, from Jan. 20, 1869, to Dec. 
28, 1875; also circulars, reports, and other pam- 
phlets.] B., 1869-76. Sm. 40. ♦•5760.21 

" The papers and cuttings contained in this volume relate 
to the Children's hospital in Boston, to similar institutions 
elsewhere, to sisterhoods, and to organizations established 
for the care of children. They embrace nearly everything 
which has been printed concerning the Children's hospital 
to the date given." — Ms. note by the collector. Dr. Francis 
H. Brown. 

Chili. Ministerio de guerra i marina. Me- 

moria de guerra i marina, presentada al Con- 
greso nacional de 1878, 80. Santiago, 1878, 80. 
2 V. Folded sheets. 8°. *595i-52 

— Ministerio de rclaciones esteriores. Memoria 
de relaciones esteriores i de colonizacion presen- 
tada al Congreso nacional de 1878. Santiago, 
1878. 8°. *43ii.5a 

— Ministerio del ramo. Memoria de justicia, 
culto e instruccion piiblica presentada al Con- 
greso nacional. 1878, 80. Santiago, 1878, 80. 
2 V. Folded sheets. 8°. *43i2.56 

Memoria del interior presentada al Con- 
greso nacional en 1878,80. Santiago, 1878,80. 
2 V. Folded sheets. 8°. *43ioa.i38 



China. See Bretschneider ; — Fergusson; — 
Oliver, S. P. 

Chinese language and literature. See Avalo- 
kitecvara ; — Grisebach ; — Histoire ; — Si-Siang- 

Christ. See Fairbairn ; — Furness ; — Hay- 
wood ; — Holland ; — Little ; — Migne. 
. Christian art. See Migne. 

Christianity. See Godet ; — Migne ; — Renan ; 
— Williams. 

Chronology. See Crawford ; — Fergusson ; — 

Churchill, John, ist duke of Marlborough. See 
Creighton, L. 

Chwolson, D. A. Die semitischen Vdlker. Ber- 
lin, 1872. 16". 3029.60 

— i.iber Tammdz und die Menschenverehrung 
bei den alten Babyloniern. St. Petersburg, i860. 
8°. 3026.53 

On Ezekiel, viii, 14. 

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. See Meyer, P. 

Cirencester, England. See Buckman. 

Civil service. See Guide ; — Parton. 

Clark, Daniel K. Tramways, their construction 
and working, with special reference to the tram- 
ways of the United Kingdom. Vol. i, and Sup- 
plementary vol. With wood engr. and folding 
plates. L., 1878,82. 2v. 8°. 8017.56 

Clark, Edward E., pudl. Boston blue-book. 
1882. B., 1S82. 16°. *2359a.58 

Classics, The. See Engelmann. 

Claude, — . Memoires de Monsieur Claude, 
chef de la police de surety sous le second empire. 
T. 1-5. P., 18S1, 82. 12°. 2649a.67 

Clinics. See Jousset. 

Clinton, H. R. From Crecy to Assye : being 
five centuries [1346-1803] of the military history 
of England. With plans and maps. L. [1881.^] 
Portrs. 8". 2515.51 

Clough, J. E. From darkness to light : a story 
of the Telugu awakening. B., 1882 [1881]. 
Portr. lUus. 16". 3538.65 

Club of True Highlanders. See North. 

Cluny, Abbey of Sec Bernard. 

Cobden club. Local government and taxation 
in the United Kingdom. A series of essays. Ed. 
by J. W. Probyn. L., 1882. Sm. 8°. 356oa.62 

Codex Alexandrinus. See Bible. 

Coins. See Numismatics. 

Coles, Edward, governor of Illinois. See 

Collignon, Maxime. Manuel d'arch^ologie 
grecque. P. [1881.] Illus. 80. 8087.2 

Colonization. See Philippson. 

Com6die fran^aise. See Houssaye. 

Commerce. See Bechmann ; — Levi ; — Put- 
zel ; — Walker. 

Commission scientifiquedu Mexique. Archives 
de la commission, publiees sous les auspices du 
Ministere de I'instruction publique. P., 1865, 67. 
3 v. Illus. Folded sheets. Maps. 8<^. *43i5-65 

Common prayer, Book of. See Dix. 

Complaynt, The, of Scotlandc byth ane exor- 
tatione to the thre estaits to be vigilante in the 
deffens of their public veil. 1549. With an ap- 
pendix of contemporary English tracts. (1542- 
48.) [Parti.] Re-ed. with introd., and glossary 
by J. A. H. Murray. L., 1872. [Early English 
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The claims of Sir David Lyndesay and Robert Wedder- 
burn to the authorship of the Complaynt are rejected by the 
present editor. 

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— See Scartazzini. 

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classes from politics; Method of academic culture; At the 
unveiling of- the monument to Roger Williams; Settlement 
of Mount Hope; Sir Henry Vane; Religion in America; 
University corporations; Seven sermons. 

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The author attempts to show the island of Atlantis, 
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nation to which all civilizations may be traced. 

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1882. 16°. 239ob.66 

Attributed to Arthur J. Munby. 




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Drama (including the stage and theatre). See 
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East, The. See Maxwell ; — Schlaefli. 

Ecce Spiritus. (Anon.) See Haywood, Ed- 
ward F. 

Eccles, England. See Harland. 

Ecclesiastical history. See Migne ; — Sainte 
Marthe ; — Stanley ; — Wordsworth. 

Ecclesiastical law. See Migne. 

Ecclesiastical polity. See Ladd. 

Eclectic medicine. See Massachusetts. 

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Education. See Babeau ; — Kern ; — Mahaffy ; 
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Eighteenth century. See Goncourt ; — Hille- 

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Engineering. See Institution ; — Matheson. 

England. See Dammann ; — De Ranee ; — 
Goadby ; — Great Britain ; — Green, J. R. ; — 

England, Church of. ^ee Stanley; — Jennings. 

English language and literature. See Hunter, 
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B. ; — Storm. 

Engraving. See Bocher ; — Tuer. 

Eschmunazair, King: See Schlottmann. 

Etchings. See Law ; — North ; — Sumner. 

Ethics. See Grote ; — Sewall ; — Spencer, H. 

Ethnography. See Lucy-Fossarieu ; — Ma- 
Touan-Lin; — U. S. Geog. surveys. 

Europe. See Hale. 

Evelyn family. See Scull. 

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stants. L., 1879. Sm. 8". 3966.80 
" Substantially a new ed. of ' Illustrations of the C. G. S. 
system of units ' published in 1S7S by the Physical society of 
llondon, supplemented." 

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5444.56; **5444.59 

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— Smith, H. B. 

Evolution. See Hall, A. W. 

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Contents. — j. Our waste paper office ; Youthof Henry v; 
The captive of Castile (JuanalaLoca) ; A love match (Mary 
Tudor, duchess of Suffolk) ; The sweating sickness (1485- 
1557) ; A holy mission (Reginald Pole, 1554) ; A princess of 
the period (queen Elizabeth) ; The invincible armada, 




Ewald, Alexander C, continued. 
ijSS; The Earl of Essex's rebellion, 1601. — 3. The gfun- 
powder plot, 1605; A perished kernel (Robert Carr) ; Mas- 
sacre of Araboyna, 1623; Gathering of the storm (against 
Charles i) ; Lancashire witches ; Greatfireof London, 1666; 
A national scare (attack of the Dutch, 1667). 

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The scene of these stories is laid in the Argentine Con- 
federation about 1S32 to 1835. 

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Content!:. — Viotti ; LudwigSpohr; Nicol6 Paganini ; De 
Beriot; OleBuU; Muzio Clementi; Moscheles; The Schu- 
manns and Chopin; Thalberg and Gottschalk; Franz 

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Fiji islands. See Cumming. 

Finance. See Bamberger ; — Banquiers ; — 
France. Mini&tere des affaires etrangeres; — 

Fine arts (including finely illustrated books). 
See American art rev.; — Benoist; — Blanc; — 
Bocher ; — Duval ; — G. , E. A. ; — Gallery ;— Ga- 
zette des beaux-arts; — Gelre; — Gerspach ; — 
Goncourt; — Havard; — Heath; — Hozier; — 
Huish ; — Hulme ; — ^Johnston ; — Lacroix ; — Las- 
sus ; — Law ; — Lienard ; — Magazine ; — Men 
of mark ; — Michel ; — Migne ; — Minor ; — Mol- 
lett ; — Muntz ; — Paris. Salo7i; — Perry, W. C. ; 

— Schnorr ; — Semper ; — Smith, J. M. ; — Stark ; 

— Sumner ; — Tuer ; — Wheatley ; — Wickes. 
Finger alphabet. See Migne. 

Fires. See Heathman. 

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Contents. — 3ter Theil, ±. Band. Kiinstliche Beleuchtung 
der Raume, Heizung una Liiftung der Raume, von Her- 
mann Fischer; Wasserversorgung der Gebaude, von B. 
Contains lists of works upon each topic discussed. 

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Fishing. See Manchester. 

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1S81 ICop. 1872]. 120. ■' 54893.53 

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osites. du ciel. Description complete du ciel 
visible a I'oeil nu et de tons les objets celestes 
faciles a observer; supplement de I'Astronomie 
populaire. Illus. de 400 figures. P., 1882. Portr. 
L. 8°. 3922.60 

Flanders. See Varenbefgh. 

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of Hartford, Ct., and his descendants. N. Y., 
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[1878-80.] Illus. 4". *727i.5o 

Florence, Italy. Sec Poehlmann. 

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Flour. See Vogl. 

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in 1563 and 1564. Ed. by C. B. Norcliffe. 
L., 1881. [Harleian society. Publ.] L. 8°. 


Flowers. See Hulme. 

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Pflanzenreiches. 2te Aufl. ite Lief. Berlin, 
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Folk lore. See Migne ; — Rolland ; — S^billot. 

Food. Sec Eisner; — Fothergill. 

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In 2 v. Vol. I. B., 1882. Illus. Portrs. Map. 

8"- *3543.7i 

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Annie A. 

Forests. See Geher ; — Trees ; — U. S. Census 

Forster, Johann R., and Johann G. A. See 

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A. Beatrice R. Fothergill. L., 1882. Plate. 
Sm. 8°. 5769-37 

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These pour le doctoral soutenue le 30 juin, 1881. 
Versailles, 1881. 8". 3611.50 

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extracts from [her] journals and letters from 
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France. Annates du sdnat et de la chambre 
des deputes. T. 3-'i3. 26 f^v. au 28 ddc, 1S80. 
Suivi d'une table analytique. P., 18S1. 4°. 





France, continued. 

— Ministerc de riniericttr. Carte de la France 
dressee par le service vicinal. Echelle de i : 
100,000. P., 1879. *4634.50 

The portfolio now contains 20 sheets, each being: 1 1 X i5 
jnches in size, and covering an area of J degree of latitud*^ 
jjX 5 degree of longitude. 

— Ministere des affaires etrangercs. Con- 
ference monetaire internationale, avril-mai, juin- 
juillet, 18S1. Proces-verbaux. P., 1881. 2 v. 
in I. Tables. 4°. *3650.8 

— 5"ceAnnuaire diplomatique ; — Hillebrand ; — 
Hozier ; — Jackson ; — Lacroix ; — Louis xv ; — 
Mathieu-Bodet ; — Paul ; — Poplimont ; — Poudra ; 

— Ravaisson ; — Sainte Marthe ; — Spencer, H. 

— Revolution. See Babeau ; — Lockroy ; — 

Fredericksburg. 6'ce Palfrey. 
Freeman, Edward A. Select historical essays. 
Lpz., 1S73. Sq. 16^ 2559a.82 

Contents. — The Iioly Roman empire; The Franks and 
the Gauls ; The early sieges of Paris ; Frederick the first, 
king of Italy; The emperor Frederick the second; Charles 
the Bold; Presidential government. 

French language and literature. See Keetels ; 

— Luchaire ; — Qiiiehl ; — Schepkowski ; — Zola. 
Fr^son, Jules. La justice an xviie siecle, dans 

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Future life. See Russell, P. 

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Gaelic language. See Munro. 

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inaeqvali intemperie libri tres, Thoma Linacro 
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Reproduced in exact facsimile, with introd. by J. 
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— oec Boston; — Charleston, 6". C; — Pedder. 

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Gelre, or Geldre. Wapenboeck ou armorial de 
1334 a 1372 ; contenant les noms et armes des 
princes Chretiens, suivis de leurs feudataires, 
suivant la constitution de I'Europe et particulifere- 
ment de I'empire d'Allemagne, conformement a 
I'edit de 1356, appele la Bulle d'or. Prec^d^ de 
poesies heraldiques par Gelre, heraut d'armes. 
Public pour la premiere fois par Victor Bouton. 
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Gems. See Graser. 

Genealogy. Sec Almanach de Gotha ; — 
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Fullarton ; — Gothaischer ; — Lawrence ; — Lind- 
say ; — New England ; — Rogers ; — Runnels ; — 
Scull ; — Stowe ; — Van Voorhis. 

Geography, See Jackson, J. ; — Societ6. 

Geology. See Fisher ; — Giberne ; — King ; — 
Migne ; — Pennsylvania. 

Geometry, Analytic. See Eddy. 

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Contents. — 4. The dead towns of Georgia, by C. C.Jones, 
Jr. ; Itinerant observations in America. 

German language and literature. Sec Bruem- 
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Germany, History, etc. See Bernstein; — 
Biedermann; — Roth; — Volkswirthschaftliche. 

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go. 8087.4 

Gettysburg. See Doubleday. 

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Rcpertorium der gesammtcn ornithologischen 
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und geographischer Verbreitung. Lpz., 1872- 
77. 3 V. 8". *2i72.50 

Gilbert, John T. History of the Irish con- 
federation and the war in Ireland, 1641-1643. 
Containing A narrative of affairs of Ireland from 




Gilbert, John T., continued. 
1641 to 1643, bv Richard Bellings. With cor- 
respondence and documents, etc. Now for the 
first time published from original Mss. Illus. 
with portrs. and fac-similes. In 2 vol. Vol. i. 
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— See Creizenach; — Dorer; — Geiger; — 
Herbst ; — Hettner ; — Kuehn ; — L\'on. 

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wechsel von Katharina Elisabeth Goethe, Nach 
den Originalen mitgetheilt von Robert Keil. 
Lpz, 1871. \(P. 2847.58 

Gold mining. See Industrial. 

Goldsmiths' work. See Migne ; — Wheatley. 

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H. de. L'art du xviiie siecle. le serie. P., 
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Contents. — le s^rie. Watteau; Chardin; Boucher; La 

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Fen skating. With a map. L., 1882 [1881]. 
Illus. Sm. 8°. 6007.83 

Gorham manufacturing co., etc. Catalogue of 
silverware, jewelry, watches, diamonds. Issued 
[by] Gorham mfg. co., Carter, Sloan & co., 
Robbins & Appleton, and A. H. Smith «& co. 
Camb. [18S1.] Illus. 4°. 8012.65 

Goss family. See Lawrence. 

Gothaischer genealogischer Hofkalender nebst 
diplomatisch-statistischemjahrbuch. 1SS2. Gotha. 
[18S1.] 32°. C.R.9.7.2 

Grafting. See Baltet. 

Grammaire cordenne. Pr^cdd^e d'une introd. 
Suivie d'un appendice. Avec un cours d'exercices 
gradues. Par les missionnaires de Coree de la 
Societe des missions etrangeres de Paris. 
Yokohama, 1881. Folded sheet. L. 8°. 3031.68 

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burgh. Illus. [Vol. I.] L. [18S1?] 4°. 


Grape vine. See Davin. 

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glichen Museums zu Berlin mit Darstellungen 
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Vol. 72. Return of owners of land. 1873. L., 
1875. I V. in 3. 40. **F 

Contents. — Vol. 7a, pt. i, 2. England and Wales. — Pt.3. 

Includes the name and address of each owner of one acre 
and upwards with the estimated acreage and gross revenue. 

Great Britain, continued. 

— Public record office. Rolls calendars. Cal- 
endar of documents relating to Scotland. Ed. 
bv Joseph Bain. Vol. i. a. d. 1108-1272. Edinb., 
1881. L. 8". ♦7014.50 

— Sec Acland ; — Clinton; — Cobden club; 

— Elton; — Ewald; — Gardiner; — Levi; — 
Sergeant ; — Stanhope ; — Walpole. 

Greece. Sec CoUignon ; — Hicks; — Jaeger; 

— Mahaffy; —Maxwell, E. H. ; —Perry, W. C ; 

— Schoenborn ; — Wieseler. 

Greek language and literature. See Blackie ; 

— Engelmann ; — Paley ; — Teichmueller. 
Green, John R. The making of England. 

With maps. L., 1881. 8". 2412.49 

To the union of England under Ecgberht (S39). 

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mavor of Boston, Jan. 2, 1882. B., 1882. 8°. 


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collec. and ed. with notes, etc., by A. B. Grosart. 
Vol.2. Mamillia : parts I and 2. And Anatomie of 
flatterie. L., 1881-83. [The Huth library.] 8°. 


Grignan, Louis P. d'A. de M., marquis de. See 

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wechsel zwischen Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm aus 
der Jugendzeit. Herausg. von Herman Grimm und 
G. Hinrichs. Weimar, 1881. S'*. 28403.57 

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lawyers and general readers, suggested by 
Gui"teau's case. B., 1881. 8". *5686.29 

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Eine chinesische Novelle und ihre Wanderung 
durch die Weltliteratur. 3te Aufl. Stuttgart, 
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annual for 1881. An index to the International 
review, the Popular science, the Century, Lippin- 
cott's, the Nation, the Atlantic, the Living age. 
Harpers, and the Eclectic, 1880-81. Bangor, 1S82. 
8". *3i84.4 

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Ed. by J. B. Mayor. Camb., 1876. 8°. 3584-52 

Groton Heights, Conn. See Harris. 

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toire, ses souvenirs, ses sites, ses monuments. 
P., 18S2. Illus. Map. 4°. *^*3040.65 

About a third of the work is devoted to a description of 

Guide to employment in the civil service, the 
system of open competition, and offices and sala- 
ries. With an introd. by J. D. Morell. New and 
rev. ed. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 24293.54 

Guilds. See Migne. 

Guitar. See Winner. 

Guiteau, Charles J. See Grinnell. 

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edge. [Industrial arts.] N. Y.,1882. i6<'. 8019.44 

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1875. 16°. *5444-55 

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Gymnastics. See Jaeger. 

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of " Consecrated women." L., 1882. Sm. 8". 


Co«/^n/.«. — Anne Askew ; Isabel Brown; Helen Her- 
schell; Anne Maurice; Emma Maurice; Elizabeth Long; 
Mary Jane Graham ; Lydia Reid; Harriet Jukes; Susanna 
Gibson ; Agnes Jones. 




Hall, A. Wilford. 
life : embracing the 
'•evolution evolved." 
Portrs. S". 

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being of the Khoi-khoi. L., 1881. [Triibner's 
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through France, Germany, Norway and Switzer- 
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of Dublin. Ed., with some notice of the author's 
life by J. P. Prendergast. Dublin, 1881. Plans. 


The problem of human 

' evolution of sound " and 

20th rev. ed. N. Y., 1880. 


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body. B., 1870. Portr. Illus. 12°. 4445.65 

Handbuch der gericlitlichen Medicin. Bear- 
beitet von Dr. Belohradsky, Dr. L. Blumenstok 
[etc.]. Herausg. von J. Maschka. Tubingen, 
1881,82. 2v. Illus. 8«. 5785.59 

Contents, — i. Handbuch der gerichtlichen Medicin 
bearbeitet von Dr. V. Janowsky [etc.]. — 2. Die Verjiiftun- 
gen in gerichtsarztlicher Beziehung bearbeitet von Dr. B. 
Schuchardt, M. Seidel, Th. Husetnann, A. Schauenstein. 

Hare, The. See Gayot. 

Harland, John. The ancient parish church of 
Eccles [Lancashire, Eng.]. [^Anon.^ Eccles, 
1864. Sm. 8". *2498.i8 

The preface is signed Crux. 

Harp, The, of Renfrewshire : a collection of 
songs and other poetical pieces (many of which 
are original), accompanied with notes, and a 
short essay on the poets of Renfrewshire. 
Originally published in 1819. [ist ser.] Paisley, 
1872. Portr. 8°. *2562.5i 

Harris, William W. The battle of Groton 
Heights : a collection of narratives, official re- 
ports, records, etc., of the storming of Fort 
Griswold, the massacre of its garrison and the 
burning of New London by British troops under 
Benedict Arnold, on the 6th of Sept., 1781. 
With introd. and notes. Illus. Maps. Rev. and 
enl. with additional notes, by Charles Allyn. 
New London, Ct., 1882. Portrs. %". *4222.64 

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the drama of " The two men of Sandy Bar." B., 
1882. [Works.- Riverside ed.] 12°. 2404.79 

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Passionsspiel in seiner altesten Gestalt. Zum 
ersten Male herausg. Lpz., 1880. Sm. 8°. 2867.64 

Harvard college. Museum of comparative zo- 
ology. Bulletin. Vol. 6, 8. 1879-81. Camb., 
1879-81. Plates. 8°. 

For contents see Card catalogue. 

Hatch family. See Fletcher. 

Hatton, Joseph. " The new Ceylon," 
a sketch of British North Borneo, or 
With maps. L., 1881. Plate. Sm. 8". 

Hatton, W. M. The churches of Yorkshire 
illus. with descriptions. L., 1880. 8". *8o9i.5i 

Haupt, Paul. Die sumerischen Familienge- 
setze in Keilschrift, Transcription und Uberset- 
zung, nebst ausfiihrlichem Commentar und 
zahlreichen Excursen. Eine assyriologische 
Studie. Lpz., 1879. 4°- 3050.21 

" When the light of monumental history first dawns upon 
Babylonia we find that country inhabited by two races, the 



Haupt, Paul, continued. 
Sumir and Akkad; they spoke two different langxiages, 
one Turanian, the other Semitic." — Geo. Smith: "Early 
history of Babylonia." (/«" Records of the past. Vol \ 
Assyrian texts," p. 3) [3049.73.3]. 

Havard, Henry. Histoire de la peinture hol- 
landaise. P., 1882 [1881]. Illus. 8«. 8087.5 

Haven, Gilbert. See Wentworth. 

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of her lite. N. Y., 1882. Portr. 16°. 45603.37 

— Swiss letters and Alpine poems. Ed. by 
her sister J. Miriam Crane. N. Y., 1882. Plate. 
16°. 2867.62 

Hawaiian islands. See Bowser. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. See O'Connor. 

Haywood, Edward Farvvell. Ecce Spiritus. 
A statement of the spiritual principle of Jesus 
as the law of life. [^«o«.] B., 1881. 120. 


Health lectures for the people. Illus. 2d ser. 
Delivered in Edinburgh during the winter of 
1881-82. Edinb., 1882. Sm. 8». 5765.15 

Contents. — Some lessons from modern medicine, by J. 
A. Russell ; The human body, by D. J. Cunningham ; Para- 
sites in their relation to food and health, by A. Wilson ; The 
brain and its functions, by I. B. Tuke; The skin and iu 
management in health, by W. A. Jamieson ; How we digest 
our food, by J. Foulis; Small-pox and vaccination, by D. 
R. Haldane; A cold : what it means, its consequences, and 
how avoided, by J. O. Affleck. 

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coloured plates, and wood illus. of New forest 
scenery. L., i8Si. Sm-80. 3858.71 

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life and property from fire. L., 1882. Sm. 8". 


Heckford, Sarah. A lady trader in the Trans- 
vaal. L., 1882. Sm. 8". 5058*15 

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[England]. Embracing an attempt to fix the 
true site of Calleva Atrebatum. L., 1881. 2 v. 
Illus. Folded map. 8^. "'2493.58 

Heine, (H.) Eduard. Theorie der Kugelfunc- 
tionen und der verwandten Functionen. 2te 
Aufl. Berlin, 1878. 2 v. 8°. ♦*50i2.95 

Heine, Heinrich. See Della-Rocca. 

Helms, Ludvig V. Pioneering in the far East, 
and journeys to California in 1849 and to the 
White sea in 1878. With illus. L., 1882. Folded 
map. 8". 2262.64 

Heraldry. See Gelre ; — Hozier ; — Migne ; — 

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Gotha, 1881. Portrs. 8". 2845.64 

Herder, Johann G. von. See Mueller. 

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schen und des Romantischen in der neuern 
Philosophic. Lpz., 1877. 8". 36003.64 

Hesse-Wartegg, Ernest von. Tunis: the land 
and tlie people. With illus. L., 1882. 8". 5052.17 

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in ihrem inneren Zusammenhange mit Goethe 
und Schiller. Braunschweig. 1850. 16". 48703.68 

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and literature. Ithaca, N. Y., 1879. 8°. 3887.58 

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Hamline, late one of the bishops of the Metho- 
dist episcopal church. Cincin., 1880. Portr. 8". 


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torical inscriptions. Oxford, 1882. 8°. 2964.61 

Hieroglyphics. See Brugsch. 

Higginson, Thomas W. Common sense about 
women. B., 1882 [1881]. I2<>. 3589-70 




Hillebrand, Carl. Aus dem Jahrhundert der 
Revolution. Berlin, 1881. 8°. 2876.61.5 

— Frankreich und die Franzosen in der 
zweiten Halfte des xix Jahrhunderts. 3te Aufl. 
Berlin, 1879. 8°- 2876.61. i 

Hindley, Charles. A history of the cries of 
London. [With woodcuts by the Bewicks and 
their pupils.] L., 1881. Illus. Sm. 8'. 2496.61 

— The life and times of James Catnach (late 
of Seven Dials), ballad monger. L,., 1878. Illus. 
Portrs. 8». ***4573.69 

25 copies printed. Consists of reproductions of the bal- 
lads and other street literature printed by Catnach. Contains 
330 wood-cuts, 42 of which are by Bewick. 

Hinds, J. I. D. The use of tobacca. Lebanon, 
Tenn., 1882. 16°. 3799-86 

Hindu women. See LI. 

Hingham, Mass. The commemorative services 
of the First parish in Hingham on the two hun- 
dredth anniversary of the building of its meet- 
ing-house. Aug. 8, 1881. Hingham, 1882. 
Portr. Illus. 8°. *3543-72 

Hinton, James. Philosophy and religion. Se- 
lections from [his] manuscripts. Ed. by Caro- 
line Haddon. L., 18S1. Sm. 8°. '7604.58 

Histoire des Taira tiree du Nit-pon Gwai-si. 
Trad, duchinois par Francois Turrettini. Geneve, 
1874-75. [Atsume Gusa.] 4". 50203.24 

History, Ancient. See Brief; — Duncker. 

— General. See Lord. 

Hitchcock, Charles. In memory of C. Hitch- 
cock. [Chicago, i88i.] Portr. "4°, 1. p. 


Hodgson, Shadworth H. The practical bear- 
ing of speculative philosophy. Address deliv- 
ered before the Aristotelian societv, Oct. 10, 
1 88 1. [L.] 1 881. 8°. ' 36003.67 

Hogarth, William. See Wey. 

Holland, Frederick M. What kind of morality 
did Jesus and the apostles teach.' B. [1881.''] 
16°. 74893.8 

Holland, Josiah G. Every-day topics. 1st, 2d 
series. N. Y., 1882. 2 v. 16°. 2404.78 

Holland. See Bird, F. S. ; — Havard. 

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-2 V. Portr. 160. 2390b. 61 

Homer. The Iliad. A literal prose tr. by H. 
Hailstone. Camb. [Eng.], 1881. Sm. 8°. 


— The Odyssey, ed. with references, readings, 
notes, and facsimile plates, by Henry Hayman. 
Vol. 3. Books 13-24. L., 1 88*2. 8°.*' 2995.63 

Homiletics. See Hoppin. 

Homoeopathy. See International ; — Jousset. 

Hood, Thomas, the younger. The rhymester: 
or, the rules of rhyme. With dictionary of 
rhymes [etc.]. Ed., with additions, by Arthur 
Penn. N.Y., 1882. 160. 2488.80 

Hope, Frances J. Notes and thoughts on 
gardens and woodlands. Written chiefly for 
amateurs. Ed. by Anne J. Hope Johnstone. L., 
i88i. Sm. 8°. ' 5999-66 

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1881.] 80. 3434-50 

Horatius Flaccus, Qtiintus. The works of 
Horace trans, into English verse, with a life and 
notes, by Sir Theodore Martin. Edinb., 1881. 
2 V. 8°. 2927.59 

Horse. See Howden; — Percivall; — Still- 

Horticulture. See Hope. 

Household art. See Blanc. 

Housman, Henry. The story of our museum : 
showing how we formed it, and what it taught 
us. L. [18S1.] Illus. Sm. 8°. 3826.62 

Houssaye, Arsene. La Com^die frangaise, 
1680-1880. [P.] 1880. Portrs. Plates. Illus. 
F". ***C.F.ii.i 

Howden, Peter. Horse warranty. Guide to 
the various points to be noted. L., 1882. Sm. 8°. 


Hoyt. J. K., and Ward, Anna L., comf. The 
cyclopaedia of practical quotations, English and 
Latin, with appendix, containing proverbs from 
the Latin and modern foreign languages; names 
of quoted authors, etc. N. Y.,i8S2. 8". *6242.56 

Hozier, Louis P. d', and Hozier de Serigny, 
Antoine M. d'. Armorial general ou registres 
de la noblesse de France. Fac-simile de Tedition 
originale, 1738-1768. P. [1865-68.] lo.v. Illus. 
Folded sheets. F°. *2620.57 

Hubbardston, Massachusetts. See Stowe. 

Hughes, William G. The hill tracts of Arakan. 
Rangoon. 1881. Map. Plate. L. 8". 5072.61 

Hugo, Victor M., comte. CEuvres completes. 
Roman 6, 7,8. P., 1881. 8''. 2702.50 

Contents. — Roman. 6. Les inis^nibles, pt. 3. Cosette. — 7, 
pt. 3. Marius. — S, pt. 4. L'idyllc rue Pluraet et L'epopee rue 

— See Barbou. 

Huish, Marcus B. The years art, 1S81, to- 
gether with information respecting the events 
of 1882. L., 1882. Sm. 8°. *8o68.5i 

Hulme, Frederick E. Familiar wild flowers. 
2dser. With col. plates. L., n. d. 8". 3847.67 

— Flower painting in water colours. L. [iSSi.] 
20 plates. 8'^ *8o62.27 

Hulme, Frederick E. and Hibberd, Shirley. 
Familiar garden flowers, figured by F. E. Hulme 
and described by Shirley Hibberd. Ser. i, 2. 
With col. plates. L. [1880, 81.] Sm. 8^ 3858.63 

Humboldts, The. See Dove. 

Hungary. 6V<? " Magyarland." 

Hunter, Robert. The encyclopaedic diction- 
ary. With illus. Vol. 1. Part i, 2 [A-Ca- 
biritic].. L. [1882.] 8°. *46ooa.50 

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the border territory between the animal and vegetable king- 
doms; On certain errors respecting the structure of the 
heart attributed to Aristotle ; On the hypothesis that animals 
are automata, and its history; On sensation and the unity ot 
the sensiferous organs; Evolution in biology; The coining 
age of" The origin of species"; The connection of the bio- 
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Indexes to periodicals. See Griswold ; — In- 
stitut de France; — Institution; — Journal des 
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India. See Barth ; — Borooah ; — Clough ; — 
Hunter, W. W. ; — Strachey; — Tayler; — 
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Indians of America. Sec Lucy-Fossarieu. 

Indo-European languages. Sec Delbrueck. 

Indo-European races. See Grau ; — Mueller. 

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— Migne. 



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Indexes to the previous series have been published at in- 
tervals and bound with the publications. See list of Indexes 
in the Bulletin for January, 18S2. 

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The preface contains a list of works consulted. 

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Contents.— t. Proza. — J. Poezie. ^ , . 

Each extract is preceded by a bio graphical sketch of the 

author, with a list of his works. 

Khoi-khoi, The, of South Africa. See Hahn. 

King, William, and Rowney, Thomas H. An 
old chapter of the geological record, with a new 
interpretation : or, rock metamorphism (espe- 
cially the methylosed kind) and its resultant imi- 
tations of organisms. With an introd. giving 
an annotated history of the controversy on the 
so-called " Eozoon Canadense " and an appen- 
dix. L., 18S1. Plates. 80. 3866.71 
I King's chapel, Boston. See Foote. 




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12°. 3547-73 

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No. 16 in *3562.53 

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1-3. L., 1867-73. 8°. +4608.26 

Contents. — i. The " Vernon " text ; or text A. — 2. The 
Crowley text ; or text B. — 3. The Whitaker text; or text C. 
Richard the redeles, by the same author (1399 a.d.}; The 
crowned king, by another hand (1415 a.d.). 

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[i86-?] F". 



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The explanatory text seems to be by Owen J. DuUea, by 
whom the preface is signed. 

Law. See Bechmann; — Benny; — Brunner; 
Cooley ; — Cresp ; — Dyer ; — Fournier ; — Grin- 
nell ; — Narada ; — Pernice ; — Thompson ; — 

Lawrence, Rev. John. In memoriam. The 
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Winchester, N. H. The family of Selah Pom- 
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This work was first published at Paris, in 1691, under the 
title " Premier ^tablissemer.t de la foy dans la Nouvelle 
France," and in 1692 with the title " Histoire des colonies 
fran^oises," etc. The first volume is largely taken up with 
an account of the Recollet missions in Canada, and the 
second contains the first printed narratives of La Salle's ex- 
plorations, drawn up from journals of Menibre and Douay. 
The journals relating to La Salle were printed in 1S53 by 
Shea, in his " Discovery and exploration of the Mississippi" 
[2328.5]. Frontenac, it is asserted by Charlevoix, assisted 
m the compilation of this v/ork, and Shea admits that Le 
Clercq did not write all of it. See Harrisse, " Notes pour 
servir k I'hist. [etc.] de la Nouv. France," p. 158 [6158.14], 
and Field's " Indian bibliography," p. 230 [6163.24J, tor tne 
names of various persons to whom a share in the authorship 
has been ascribed. 

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1-3. P., 1873-75. 4°- *302oa.5i 

— Sur le nom de Tammouz. [P., 1873.] 8'^. 


A discussion of Ezekiet vill, 14, and the supposed rela- 
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le conseil de perfectionnementde I'enseignement 
des arts du dessin en Belgique. 125 planches. 
Li^ge, 1872. Fo. ***C.F.ii.2 

There is a heliotype reproduction of this work on shelf- 
number 0.270.5. 

Lindsay, Alexander (W.) C., Sth earl of Craw- 
ford and Balcarres. The earldom of Mar in 
sunshine and in shade during five hundred years. 
In reply to an address to the peers of Scotland by 
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Purports to be the autobiography of a Sir Charles Ken- 
yon, K. C. B., V. C. 

Local government. See Cobden club. 

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Sm. 8°. , , 2568.82 

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A history of the ceremonies and displays which took 
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during the Civil war were placed in the Capitol at Hartford ; 
witli some account of the regiments. 

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Locomotives. See Barry, J. W. 
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— See Hindley; — Treloar; — Wey. 

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Contents. — Les traversdes ; Les ponts ; Les labyrinthes ; 
Les reines ; Le solitaire ; La numeration ; Le baguenaudier ; 
Le taquin. 

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8°. 4a34-59 




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Carpathian societv, author of ' The Indian Alps.' 
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Contents. — S. The north-eastern boundary, by Israel 
Washburn, jr. ; Col. Arthur Noble, of Georgetown, by 
William Goold; Kducational institutions in Maine while a 
district of Mass., by J. T. Champlin ; The Pemaquid country 
under the Stuarts, by H. W. Richardson ; Fort Halifax, by 
W. Goold; Col.WilliamVaughan.of Matinicusand Damaris- 
cotta, by W. Goold; Norambega, by John E. Godfrey; 
Memoirs and biographical sketches: Reuel Williams, by 
John A. Poor; Edward E. Bourne, by Edwin B. Smith; 
E. Shepley, by Israel Washburn, jr. ; George T. Davis, by 
George F. Talbot; Edward Kent, by John E. Godfrey; 
Leonard Woods, by Charles C. Everett. 

Malaria. See Edwards, J. F. 

Malay language. See Maxwell, W. E. 

Mammalia. See Godron. 

Man, Prehistoric. See Donnelly ; — Westropp. 

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Anglers' evenings. Papers by the members of 
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angling or fish.] Ser. i, 2. Manchester, 1880, 
82. 2 V. Illus. 8". 6008.81 

Manitoba. See Bryce. 

Manners, The, of the aristocracy. By one of 
themselves. A guide to the etiquette of dinners, 
weddings, at homes, hostess and guest, town and 
country visits, etc. L.-^[i88i .''] Sm. 8°. 3589.71 

Manuscripts. See British museum. 

Mar, Earldom of. See Lindsay. 

Marbling. See Woolnough, 

Marcus, — . Gegen die Verstaatlichung der 
preussischen Privatbahnen. Berlin, 1879. S°. 

No. 7 in *3562.53 

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dtablissements des Fran9ais dans I'ouest et dans 
le sud de I'Amdrique septentrionale (1614-1754). 
Mdmoires et documents. T. 4. P., i88r. Portr. 
8°. *23i2.64 

Contents. — Decouverte par mer des bouches du Mississipi 
et ^tablissements de Lemoyne d'lberville sur le Golfe du 
Mexique (1694-1703). 

Marine engines. See Edwards, E. 

Marine signals. See U. S. Bureau of statis- 

Maritime law. See Cresp. 

Market gardens. See Ablett. 

Marlborough, N. H. See Bemis. 

Marriage. See Kingsbury. 

Maryland historical society. Fund publica- 
tions. No. 1-16. Bait., 1867-80. 2 V. 8°. *4472.9 

Contents. — i. History, possessions and prospects of the 
Maryland historical societv: Inaugural discourse of Brantz 
Mayer; a. The first commander of Kent Island [George 


Maryland historical society, continued. 
Evelin], bv S. F. Streeter; 3. In memory of George Pea- 
body; 4. A brief account of the settlement of Ellicott's 
Mills, by Martha E. Tyson ; 5. A lost chapter in the history 
of the steamboat, by J. H. B. Latrobe; 6. The first steam- 
boat voyage on the western waters, by J. H. B. Latrobe; 7. 
Narrative of a voyage to Maryland, by Andrew White 
[1634] ; An .iccount of the colony of the Lord Baron of Balti- 
more; Extracts from different letters of missionaries, 1635- 
1677. [Latin and E>i£-/ish.] Ed. by E. A. Dalrymple ; 8. 
The Lords Baltimore, by J. G. Morris; g. Papers relating 
to the early history of Maryland, by S. F. Streeter; 10. A 
sketch of the life of James McHenry, read by F. J. Brown; 
11. Maryland's influence in foundfng a national common- 
wealth or the history of the accession of public lands, by the 
old confederation, by H. B. Adams; 12. Wenlock Christi- 
son, and the early Friends in Talbot county, Maryland, by 
S. A. Harrison; 13. The expedition of Lafavett'e agains't 
Arnold, by J. A. Stevens; 14. A memoir of William Hind- 
man, by S. A. Harrison ; 15. A character of the province of 
Maryland, by George Alsop, 1666 (reissue) ; 16. Proceedings 
of the society in connection with the celebration of the one 
hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Balti- 

Masonry. See Bre_>'mann. 
Massachusetts. Manual for the use of the 
general court. B., 1882. 16°. ""6439.5 

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ports. Vol. 126-130. Nov., 1878-April, 1881. 
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— See Bullock ; — Crocker. 
Massachusetts eclectic journal. Medicine and 

general science. H. G. Barrows, Hermann G. 
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8°. ♦37203.50 

Massachusetts institute of technology. See 

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petit-fils de Madame de S^vignrf. P., 1882 [1881]. 
«°. 4645 64 

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8". 4016.60 

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Ma-Touan-Lin, called Kouei-iu. Ethnogra- 
phic des peuples Strangers a la Chine. Ou- 
vrage compost au xiiie si^cle de notre fere, trad, 
pour la premifere fois du chinois avec un com- 
mentaire perp^tuel par le marquis d'Hervey de 
Saint-Denj's. Genfcve, 1876. [Atsume Gusa.] 
4°. 502oa.2i 

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P., 1856. 2 V. 12°. 74893.7 

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damsche novellen. Met platen. 2de druk. Am- 
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Maxwell, Edward H. Griffin ahoy ! A yacht 
cruise to the Levant, and wanderings in Egypt, 
Syria, the Holy Land, Greece, nnd Italy, in 1881. 
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Maxwell, William E. Manual of the ^Ialay 
language. ' With sketch of the Sanskrit element 
in Malay. L., 1882. Sm. 8". 3038.55 

Medical botany. See Flueckiger. 

Medical jurisprudence. See Handbuch. 

Medicine. See Chernoviz ; — Massachusetts 
eclectic journal ; — Migne. 

Medina. See Keane. 

Meissonier, Jean L. E. See MoUett. 

Memorials of judges recently deceased, gradu- 
ates of Dartmouth college. 1880. Concord, 
i88i. B". ♦2382.58 

Contents.— ?i. S. Wilde; A. S. Woods; M. Harvey; W. 
H. Bartleu; R. Fletcher; I. Perley; J. Parker; I. Fr Red. 
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Merrimac valley. See Davis, R. I. 

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Metamorphic rock. See King. 

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or, instructions in the divine life of the soul. 
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Cojitents. — Part i. Christian counsel. Spiritual letters, by 
Fdnelon; Short and easy method of prayer, Concise view of 
the way to God. and of the state of "union, by Madame 
Guyon; Spiritual maxims, attributed to Pere La Combe. 

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neve, 1881. Illus. Maps. Plates. 4°. *502i.ii 

Meteorology. Sec Migne. 

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Tischbein, peintres allemands du xviiie si^cle. 
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gan, 1874-77. Extracts from governors' mes- 
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— Commissioners of fisheries. Report 1-4 of 
the state commissioners and superintendent on 
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8". +63903.58 

Microscope. See Davis, G. E. 
Middle ages. Set Migne ; — Schultz ; — Spru- 
ner ; — Stille ; — Wheatley ; — Wickes. 
Migne, Jacques P. 

The following volumes published by Migne, and belong- 
ing to the three series entitled Encyclopddie th^ologique, 
Nouvelle encyc. th^ologique, and TTroisienie et dernifire 
encyc. tlieologique, have recently been added to this Library. 
They bear dalfes from 1844 to 187^. The Public Library has 
also the other publications of Migne, numbering several 
hundred volumes, and including two sets of the " Patrologise 
cursus completus." 

— Andr^, Michel. Dictionnaire de droit civil 
eccl^siastique. Joint, L'infaillibilit^ pontificale et 
le concile du Vatican, par M. I'abb^ Joubert. 2 v. 


— Ault-DumesHil, Georges E. d'. Diet, hist., 
geogr. et biogr. des croisades. *7485.57 

— Belouino, Paul. Diet, des persecutions 
souffertes par I'^glise catholique. 2 v. *7495-58 

— Benoist de Matougues, — . Diet, de geo- 
graphic sacr^e et eccl^siastique, contenant le 
dictionnaire g^ographique de la Bible, par Barbid 
du Bocage [etc.]. 3 V. *7505-56 

— Bergier, Nicholas S. Diet, de th^ologie 
dogmatique, liturgique, canonique et discipli- 
naire. Nouv. ed. Annotations et articles par M. 
Pierrot. 4 v. *7505-58 


Migne, Jacques P., continued. 

— Berton, Charles. Diet, des cardinaux. 


Diet, du paranoic entre diverses doctrines 

philosophiques et religieuses, d'une part, et la 
foi catholique, de I'autre. *7465.63 

— Bertrand, Francois M. Diet, universel, 
de toutes les religions du monde. 4 v. +7505.55 

— Bourasse, Jean J. Diet, d'arch^ologie sacrde. 
2 V. *7495-64 

— Boyer, A. L. Diet, de physiologie. ♦7465.68 

— Brunet, Gustave. Diet, des apocryphes, ou 
collection de tous les livres apocryphes relatifs 
& I'Ancien et au Nouveau Testament. [Anon.] 
2 V. *7465.5a 

— Chesnel de La Charbouclais, Louis P. F. 
A., marquis de. Diet, de geologic. Diet, de 
chronologic universelle par M. Champagnac. 

Diet, delasagessepopulaire. Recueil mo- 
ral d'apothegmes, axiomes, aphorismes, maximes, 
pr^ceptes, sentences, etc. +7475.60 
Diet, de technologic, Etymologic et defini- 
tion des termes employes dansles arts et metiers. 

2 V. *7465-55 

— - Diet, des merveilles et curiosites de la na- 
ture et de I'art. *7485.63 

Diet, des superstitions, erreurs.prejuges et 

traditions populaires. *7465.50 

— Cheve, Charles F. Diet, des apologistes 
involontaires. T. 2. ♦7485.61 

— - Diet, des bienfaits et beautds du christia- 
nisme. *7475-58 

— ■ - Diet, des papes. ♦7465.58 

— Con.stant, A. L. Diet, de litterature chrE- 
tienne. *7495-6o 

— Diet, des abbayesou monastferes. +7475.64 

— Diet, des preuves de la divinity de JEsus- 
Christ. +7465.62 

— Diet. univ. de mythologie ancienne et mo- 
derne. , *7475'59 

— Djunkovskoy, Etienne de. Diet, des mis- 
sions catholiques. 2 v. *7465.69 

— Douhet, Jules, comte de. Diet, des Idgendes 
du christianisme. +7475.62 

Diet, des myst^res, ou collection g^nE- 

rale des mysteres, moralites, rites figures et cere- 
monies singuli^res jouEs sous le patronage des 
personnes ecciesiastiques, suivi d'une notice sur 
le theatre libre. *7475-50 

— Ganier, J. C, and Poussin, J. C. Diet. 
d'ascetisme. 2 v. +7485.62 

— Gautier {de Dol), Toussaint. Diet, des 
confreries et corporations d'arts et metiers. 


— Grandmaison, Pierre C. A. L. de. Diet, 
heraldique. ^ *7495-65 

— Grosse, E. Diet, d'antiphilosophisme, ou 
refutation des erreurs du iSe sitcle, d'aprfes Non- 
notte et Chaudon. +7475.66 

— Gu6nebault, Louis.J. Diet, iconographique 
des figures, legendes et actes des saints. +7495-53 

— Helyot, Pierre, called also Pire Hippolylc. 
Diet, des ordres religieux. 4 v. *7505'54 

— Hure, Charles. Diet. univ. de philologie 
sacree. Suivi du Diet, de la langue sainte, ecrit 
en anglais par le chevalier Leigh, tr. et augm. 
par L. de Wolzogue. Revu, augm. de nouveau 
et actualise par M. Tempestini. 4 V. +75p5-50 

— Jacomy, — . Diet, des savants et des igno- 
rants, ou guide de la lecture, de la conversation 
et de la composition. 2 v. *7465'65 




Migne, Jacques P., continued. 

— Jehun, Louis F., called Jehan de Saint- 
Clavien. Diet, apologetique, ou les sciences et 
la philosophie du xixe siecle dans leurs rapports 
avec la revelation chretienne. 2 v. *7475-54 

Diet, d'astronomie, de phjsique et de 

mdteorologie. *7495.52 

Diet, de botanique. *7495.6i 

Diet, deehimieetdemin^ralogie. *7495.54 

— - Diet, de cosmogonie et de pal^ontologie. 

Diet, de linguistique etdephilologieeom- 
parde. *7465.6o 
Diet, de philosophie eatholique. 3 v. 


Diet, de zoologie. 3 v. *7495.66 

Diet, des eontroverses historiques. 


Diet, des origines du ehristianisme, ou 

histoire des trois premiers sieeles de I'dglise 
ehr^tienne. *7475'63 

Diet, historique des sciences physiques 

et naturelles. *7465.56 

— Jouffroj, Aehille, marquis de. Diet, des 
erreurs soeiales. *7485.58 

— Jouhanneaud, Paul. Diet, d'anecdotes chre- 
tiennes. *7495-63 

— Jouve, Esprit G. Diet, d'esthdtique chre- 
tienne. . *7475-65 

— Lecanu, — , abbi. Diet, des prophdties et 
des miracles. T. i. *7485.6o 

— Le Noir, — , abbi. Diet, des droits de la 
raison dans la foi. *7465.67 

Diet, des harmonies de la raison et de la 

foi. *7475.66 

— Martin-Doisj, Fdlix. Diet, d'^conomie cha- 
ritable. 4v. *7475-57 

— Mas-Latrie, Jacques M. J. L. de. Diet, de 
pal^ographie, de cryptographic, de daetjologie, 
d'hieroglyphie, de stenographic et de tei^gra- 
phie. Par M. X * * *. *7475-5i 

Diet, de statistique religieuse, et de I'art 

de verifier les dates. Par M. X * * *. *7495.62 

Diet, des musses, ou description des 

prineipaux musses d'Europe. Suivi de notions 
sur la photographie. ^ Par M. X * * * *7475.56 

— Morin, Frederic. Diet, de philosophie et 
de theologie scholastiques, ou etudes sur I'en- 
seignement philosophique et theologique au 
moyen age. 2 v. *7465.5i 

— Nadal, J. C. Diet, d'eioquenee saeree. 


— Origines et raison de la liturgie eatholique, 
suivies' d'un traite de liturgie armenienne, trad, 
sur le texte italien du P. G. Avedichian. *7505.5i 

— Ott, Auguste. Diet, des sciences politiques 
et soeiales. 3 v. *7475-55 

— Peltier, Adolphe C. Diet. univ. des coneiles. 
2 V. *7505-52 

— Perenn^s, Francois. Diet, de biographic 
chretienne [vol. 3, et anti-ehretiennej. 3 v. 


Diet, de lemons et exemples de litterature 

chretienne en prose et en vers. 2 v. *7465.7o 
Diet, de noels et de cantiques, ou reper- 
toire universel de compositions poetiques pro- 
pres k 6tre ehantees dans les eglises, etc. *7465.7i 

— Pierrot, — , abbe. Diet, de theologie mo- 
'•ale. 2 V. *7505.57 

— Pinard, C. Diet, des objections populaires 
centre le dogme, la morale, la discipline et I'his- 
toire de reglise eatholique. *7465.59 

Migne, Jacques P., continued. 

— Pontas, Jean. Diet, de eas de conscience. 
2 V. *7505-53 

— Poujol, F. A. A. Diet, de medecine pra- 
tique et des sciences qui lui servent de fonde- 
ments. *7485.56 

Diet, des facultes intellectuelles et affec- 

tives de I'ame, oil Ton traite des passions, des 
vices, des defauts, etc. Suivi de I'Usage des 
passions par R. P. Senault. *7495-5i 

— Poussin, J. C, and Ganier, J. C. Diet, 
de la tradition pontificale, patristique et eon- 
eiliare. 2 v. *7475.6i 

— Prompsault, Jean H. R. Diet, raisonne de 
droit et de jurisprudence en matifere civile ecele- 
siastique. 3 V. *7495-50 

— Quantin, Maximilien. Diet, raisonne de 
diplomatique chretienne, contenant les notions 
neeessaires pour I'intelligenee des aneiens monu- 
ments manuserits, avee un grand nombre de fac- 
simile. *7495-55 

— Saulcy, Feiieien C. de. Diet, des anti- 
quites bibliques. *7465.64 

— Sevestre, A. Diet, de patrologie. 5 v. 


— Texier, — , abbi. Diet, d'orfeverie, de 
gravure et de eiselure ehretiennes. *7465-54 

— Thomassin, Louis. Diet, de discipline 
ecelesiastique. 2 v. *7465.53 

— Valiee, Louis. Diet, du protestantisme. 


Milford, Massachusetts. See Ballou. 

Mill, James. See Bain. 

Mill, John Stuart. See Bain. 

Miller-Hauenfels, Albert R. von. Die Dual- 
Functionen und die Integration der elliptisehen 
und hyperelliptischen DiSerenziale. Graz, 1880. 
8°. ' **5025.82 

Mineralogy. See Migne. 

Minnesingers. See Sehultz. 

Minnesota. See Neill. 

Minor, Ellen E. Murillo. L., 1882 [1881]. 
[Illus. biog. of the great artists.] Sm. 8°. 


MinzlofT, Charles R. Pierre le Grand dans la 
litterature etrangere. Publie d'apres les notes de 
M. le eomte de Korff. [Also, Supplement.] St.- 
Petersbourg, 1872. [Catalogue raisonne des 
Russica de la Bibliotheque imperiale publique de 
Saint-Petersbourg.] 8°. *2i62.34 

Miracles. See Migne. 

Miracles de Nostre Dame. [Manuscript copies 
made by Auguste Veinant from manuscripts in 
the Bibliotheque nationale, and collated with the 
originals.] 5 v. Sm. 4°. **G.285.84 

The Soci^W des anciennes textes fran^ais in its Miracles de 
Nostre Dame, publitfes par G. Paris et U. Robert [2674.5$], 
has thus far (iSSi) printed four volumes from the Mss., of 
which the above volumes are transcripts, as follows: — No. 
1-6 in vol, I ; 7-13 in vol. J ; 13-1$ in vol.3; 19-aa >n vol. 4. 

Mississippi river. See Laval ; — Le Clercq ; — 

Mitchell, John A. The summer school of phi- 
losophy at Mount Desert. N.Y., 1881. Plates. 
40. *2400.54 

Moabite stone. Ser De Costa. 

Mohammedanism. See Al Kind v. 

Moline, ///. See Land. 

Mollett.John W. Meissonier. L., 1882 [1881]. 
[Illus. biog. of the great artists.] Sm. 8*. 4077.77 

Monasteries. See Migne. 

Money. See Walker. 




Montague, William E. Besieged in the Trans- 
vaal. Edinb., 1881. Sm. 8°. 5059a.35 

The story of the defence of Standertou in iSSi, reprinted 
from " Blackwood's magazine." 

Montfort, Simon, earl of Leicester. See 
Creighton, M. 

Montgomerie family, earis of Eglinton and 
Winton. See Fullarton. 

Monuments pr^historiques de I'ancienne Po- 
logne. Publics par les soins de la commission 
archdologique de I'Academie des sciences de 
Cracovie. {^French and Polish.^ ire s^rie. 
Livr. I, 2. Cracovie, 1879, 81 • 4°- *3o6o.6 

Contents. — Prusse royale, par Godefroy Ossowski. Trad, 
du polonais par S. Zaborowski-Moindron. 

Moon, George W. The revisers' English. 
With photographs of the [English] revisers. A 
series of criticisms, showing the revisers' viola- 
tions of the laws of the language. L., 1882 
[1881]. Sm. 8°. 3416.80 

Moonj William. Light for the blind : a his- 
tory of the origin and success of [his] institution 
for embossing and circulating the Bible and 
other books in Moon's tvpe for the blind, in 
English and foreign languages. 5th ed. L., 
1879. Portr. Embossed sheet and map. 8°. 


Moore, T.W. Treatise and hand-book of orange 
culture in Florida. 2d ed., rev. and enl. N.Y. 
[1881.] 16°. 3995-69 

Moors. See Ibn. 

Morley, Henry. Of English literature in the 
reign of Victoria. With a glance at the past. 
Tauchnitzed., vol. 2000. Lpz., 1881. 16°. 4558.54 

With fac-similes of the signatures of the contemporary 
authors who have contributed to the Tauchnitz edition. 

Mormons. See Remy. 

Morris, William. Hopes and fears for art. Five 
lectures, 1878-81. L., 1882. Sm. 8°. 4077.79 

Morselli, Enrico. Suicide: an essay on com- 
parative moral statistics. N.Y., 1882 [1S81]. 
Map. [Internat. scientific ser.] 12°. 35703.54 

Mortgage. See Basch. 

Mosaics. See Gerspach. 

Mt. Desert, Maine. See Mitchell. 

Mozart, Johann C. W. A. Symphonieen. 
Partitur. Lpz. [i88ii'] L. 8°. 8042.94 

Contents. — i. Symphonie G moll (Sol mineur). — 2. 
Symphonic Es dur (Mi b^mol majeur). — 3. Symphonie C 
dur (Ut majeur). 

Mueller, Friedrich. Indogermanisch und semi- 
tisch. Ein Beitrag zur Wiirdigung dieser beiden 
Sprachstamme. Wien, 1870. 8''. 2952.62 

Mueller, Johann G. Aus dem Herder'schen 
Hause. Aufzeichnungen von J. G. Miiller. 
(1780-82.) Herausg. von J. Baechtold. Berlin, 
1881. 8°. 2847.60 

Mueller, Wilhelm. Historische Frauen. Ber- 
lin, 1876. 8°. 2244.51 

Contents. — Irene und Beatrix; Maria von Brabant; 
Margarctha von Thiiringen ; Anna Boleyn ; Johanna Gray; 
Maria Stuart und Elisabeth; Katharina von Medici; Chris- 
tine von Schweden; Elisabeth Charlotte [Herzogin von 
Orleans]; Charlotte Corday; Kaiserin Josephine; Konigin 

Munro, James. A new Gaelic primer. 4th ed. 
Edinb., 1873. Sm. 8°. 24893.92 

Muntz, Eugene. Les pr^curseurs de la Renais- 
sance. P., 1882. Illus. 4°. *6o72.59 

— Raphael, his life, works, and times. From 
the French. Illus. Ed. by Walter Armstrong. 
L., 1S82. 8°. **8o72.65 

Munzinger, Werner. Ueberdie Sitten und das 
Recht der Bogos. Mit einer Karte der nordlichen 
Grenzlander Abyssiniens. Winterthur. 1859. 
8°. No. I in *2262.62 

Murillo, Bartolomd E. See Minor. 

Music. See Barrett ; — Beethoven ; — Ferris ; 

— Flotow ; — Mozart ; — Plaidy ; — Winner. 
Musical herald. Vol. i. B., 1880. Illus. 40. 

Mysteries (Religious dramas). See Migne; 

— Miracles; — Proelss ; — Zezschwitz. 
Mythology. See Brown, R. ; — Bulfinch ; — 

Bunsen ; — Fiske ; — Migne ; — Roskoff. 

Names (Personal). 5^^ Charnock. 

Namur, Belgium. See Fr^son. 

Naples, Gulf of. See Dohrn ; — Solms. 

Napoleon III. ^ccjerrold. 

Ndrada. Ndradi'ya Dharmasdstra, or the in- 
stitutes of NArada. Trans, for the first time, from 
the unpublished Sanskrit original, by Julius Jolly. 
With a preface, notes, index [etc.]. L., 1876. 
Sm. 8". 3028.16 

Nash, Wallis. Two years in Oregon. N.Y., 
1882. Illus. 120. 2378.66 

A sequel to his " Oregon, there and back in 1S77." 

Natural history. See Cooke, M. C. ; — Hous- 
man; — Wilson. 

Nature. See Schmitz-Dumont. 

Nautical terms. See Roebuck. 

Naval hygiene. See Macdonald. 

Navigation. See U. S. Hydrographic office. 

Neill, Edward D. Minnesota explorers and 
pioneers from 1659 to 1858. Minneapolis, 1881. 
4°. *2370.32 

Neissac, F. Le dernier oncle d'Am^rique. 
Com^die. Pont-k-Mousson, 1878. 12". 4662.54 

Neue, Friedrich. Formenlehreder lateinischen 
Sprache. 2te Aufl. Berlin, 1875, 77. 3 v. 8". 


Neumann-Spallart, F. X. von. DerSchutz in 
der Weltwirthschaft. Berlin, 1879. 8°. 

No. 4 in *3562.53 

New England bibliopolist. The, or notices of 
books on American history, biography, geneal- 
ogy, etc. Ed. by J. W. Dean. Vol. i. 1880,81. 
B., i88i. 8'>. •2154.29 

Contains tlie book notices published in the Historical and 
genealogical register. 

New England historic genealogical society, 
Boston. Proceedings. 1^5-80. {^Aho\ Ad- 
dresses by the presidents of the society. B., 1865- 

80. 8«. *4435.aa 
New H3mpshire. Annual reports [to the 

legislature]. 1877-81. Manchester [etc.], 1S77- 

81. 5 V. 8^. •6322.50 
New Haven, Conn. See Decrow. 

New Jersey. See Whitehead. 

New London, Conn. See Harris. 

New York, city. See Valentine. 

New York, state. Topographical survey of 
the Adirondack region. Seventh annual report 
on the progress to 1879. Containing the con- 
densed reports for 1874-78. With maps. engr. 
and chromo-lithographs. By Verplanck Colvjn. 
Albany, 1880. 8°. •2361.68 

New York historical societA'- Collections, 
1877. Publication fund series. The Colden letter 
books. Vol.2. 1765-77- N. Y.,1878. 8°. ♦4472-19 

Newcomb, Simon. Algebra for schools and 
colleges. Jded. rev. N. Y., 1881. 12". 3938.68 

Newman, John Henry. See Jennings, H. J. 




Nibelungenlied. 5'ff Schnorr; —Woodward. 

Nichols, William R. Publications of the 
Massachusetts institute of technology and of its 
officers, students and alumni. 1862-81. B., 
1882. 8". *6i73.25 

Niedner, Felix. Das deutsche Turnier im xii 
und xin Jahrhundert. Berlin, i88i. S". 2833.56 

Nietner, Th. Die Rose, ihre Geschichte, Arten, 
Kultur und Verwendung nebst einem Verzeich- 
niss von fiinftausend beschriebenen Gartenrosen. 
Berlin, 1880. Illus. 4°. ♦5841.30 

Nitram Tradleg. pseud. See Geldart, Martin E. 

Nordenskiold, Adolf E. The voyage of the 
Vega round Asia and Europe, with a historical 
review of previous journeys along the north 
coast of the old world. Tr. by A. Leslie. With 
portrs., maps, illus. L., 1881. 2 v. 8*^. 2262.61 

Norman, Henry. An account of the Harvard 
Greek play. B., 1882 [1881]. Portrs. Illus. i6«. 


Describes the performance of the CEdipus Tyrannus of 
Sophocles, by students of Harvard college, in May, iSSi. 

Normandy. See Benoist. 

North, Charles N. M. Comunn nam Fior 
Ghael, or The book of the Club of True High- 
landers. A record of the dress, arms, customs 
[etc.] of the Highlanders. Illus. with etchings. 
L. [1881.] 2 V. F". *452oa.5 

Northern Wisconsin agricultural and mechani- 
cal association. Transactions, including a full 
report of the industrial conventions held at Osh- 
kosh [etc.], Wis., 1877-81. With other papers. 
Comp. by R. D. Torrev. ^'ol. 4-8. Madison, 
Wis., 1877-81. 8°. " *7997.7 

Norton, Charles B. American inventions and 
improvements in breech-loading small arms, 
heavy ordnance, and other munitions of war, 
including a chapter on sporting arms. 2d ed. 
B., 1882. Illus. 40. *395i.72 

Norway. See Woods. 

Notelrac, fsetid. See Carleton, Fanny E. 

Notre-Dame cathedral, Paris. See Lassus 

Nott, Charles C. and Hopkins, Archibald, ed. 
Digest of Court of claims reports from March, 
1863, to Dec, 1875, and of appealed cases in the 
supreme court. Wash., 1876. 8°. *3705.4 

Nottinghamshire, England. 6"e«? Briscoe. 

Numismatics. See British museum; — Char- 
vet; — Smj'th. 

Ober Ammergau passion play. See Hart- 

Oceanica. See Cumming. 

O'Connor, Eva M. Analytical index to the 
works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, with a sketch of 
his life. [ByE.M. O'C] B., 1882. 12°. *2393.36 

O'Dea, James J. Suicide, studies on its philos- 
ophy, causes, and prevention. N. Y., 1882. 8°. 


Offenbach, Jacques. Madame Favart, opera 

comique, music by Jacques Offenbach. English 

adaptation of words to music, by H. B. Farnie, 

the dialogue and business tr. and adapted by T. 

L. B. \Cop. 1881.] 4°. 8042.93 

Ogilvie, John. The imperial dictionary of the 

English language. New ed., rev. and augm. 

Ed. by Charles Annandale. Illus. Vol. i. A- 

Depascent. L., 1882. 8°. *46oo.50 

O'Keefe, Robert. Court of Queen's bench 

(Ireland). Report of the action for libel brought 

by the Rev. Robert O'Keefe, against Cardinal 

Cullen. With introd. by H. C. Kirkpatrick. 

L., 1874. 8°. 3464-51 

Old Elm, The, and other poems. [B., 1877.] 
16". 4505-82 

The poems are by various authors and are upon the great 
elm on Boston Common, the Paddock elms, the Washington 
elm in Cambridge, with extracts upon trees in general. 

Olga, St. See Elissalde. 

Oliphant, Laurence. The land of Khemi, up 
and down the middle Nile. With illus. L., 1882 
[1881J. Sm. 8°. 5058.8 

Oliver, James E., and others. A treatise on 
trigonometry, by Profs. Oliver, Wait and Jones. 
Ithaca, 1881' 8«. 3936.61 

Oliver, Samuel P. On and off" duty, being 
leaves from an officer's note-book. With illus. 
by the author. L., 1881. 4°. 3012.57 

Contents. — Turania: China and Japai». Lemuria: Mas- 
carene islands and Madagascar. United States of Colombia. 

— On board a Union steamer. Added "A 
sketch abroad," by .Miss Doveton. L., 1881. 
Illus. 8". 3073.62 

One year from the fire. October 9, 187 1- 
October 9, 1872. Chicago illustrated. Chicago, 
1872. Folded plate. 4°. *437o.6i 

Operas. See Carleton ; — Rodenberg. 

Opium. See Kane. 

Oppenheim, Heinrich B. Aus der Geschichte 
der englischen Kornzolle. Berlin, 1879. S°. 

No, 3 in *3562.53 

Orange, The. See Moore. 

Oratory. See Beeton ; — Migne. 

Oregon. See Nash. 

Orleans, Helfene L. E. de Mecklenbourg- 
Schwerin, duc/iesse d'. See Brunier. 

Ornament. See Li^nard. 

Ornithology. See Dresser; — Giebel. 

Ovidius Naso, Publius. P. Ovidii Nasonis 
Ibis ex novis codicibvs ed., scholia vetera com- 
mentarivm cvm prolegomenis, appendice, indice 
addidit, R. Ellis. Oxonii, 1881. 8». 2925.70 

Pacific ocean. See Cumming; — Stoddard. 

Paget, Violet. Belcaro, being essays on sundry 
sesthetical questions. By Vernon Lee \^pseud.']. 
L. [i88i.] Sm. 80. 2555.73 

Contents. — The book and its title; The child in the Vati- 
can ; Orpheus and Kurydice; Faustus and Helena; Chapel- 
master Kreisler; Cherubino; In Umbria; Ruskinism; Dia- 
logue on poetic morality ; Postscript. 

Pain. See Taylor, C. F. 

Painting. See Havard ; — Hulme. 

Palais-Royal, Paris. See Saint-Marc. 

Palestine. See Guirin ; — Maxwell, E. H. ; — 

Palestine exploration fund. Quarterly state- 
ments, 1878, 79. L., 1878, 79. 2 V. Illus. 8*. 


Paley, Frederick A., comp. Greek wit. 2d 
ser. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 29693.59 

Palfrey, Francis W. The Antietam and Fred- 
ericksburg. N. Y., 1882. Maps. [Campaigns 
of the Civil war.] 12°. 2324.89 

Palladius, Rutilius T. jE. On husbondrie. 
From the unique ms. of about 1420 a.d. in Col- 
chester castle. Ed. by B. Lodge. With a ryme 
index, ed. by S. J. H. Herrtage. L., 1873 "and 
1879. [Early English text soc] 8°. *24i7.6a 

Palmer, W. J. The Tvne and its tributaries. 
L., 1882 [1881]. Illus. Map. L. 8°. *246oa.56 

Pantopoda. See Dohrn. 

Papacy. See Charvet ; — Migne ; — Penning- 




Paris. Saloti. L'exposition des beaux arts. 
(Salon de 1881.) Comprenant planches en pho"- 
togravure par Goupil et cie, cent cinquante des- 
sins, avec le concours Htteraire de D. Bernard, G. 
Gcetschy [etc.]. P., 1881. 8°. -***8o63.56 

Parish registers. See Chester. 

Parliament. See Latchford ; — Sarcastic ; — 

Parloa, Maria. New cook book. B., 1881. 
Illus. 12^ 6007.82 

Parton, James. The beginning of the " spoils" 
system in the national government 1829-30. 
(Repr. from Parton's " Life of Andrew Jack- 
son.") N. Y., 1881. [Civil-service reform asso- 
ciation.] 12°. No. 2 in *556i.64 

Pasolini, Pietro D., ed. Documenti riguar- 
danti antiche relazioni fra Venezia e Ravenna. 
Imola, 1881. 8°. 2723.64 

Originally published in the Archivio storico italiano. 

Passions. See Migne. 

Patent law. See Thompson. 

Pattou, Ange A. The art of voice-production, 
with special reference to correct breathing. 
N. Y., 1882. !&>. 4048.96 

Paul, le capitaine. Revolutions frangaises de 
Cesar a Napoleon iii. Vol. 1-3 [b.c. 58-A.D. 
1483J. P., 1863-65. 8°. 4612.52 

Pauperism, ^ee Fowle; — Lammers. 

Payn, James. Some private views ; essays 
from the ' Nineteenth century ' review, [and] 
'Times.' L., 1881. Sm. 8*'. 2555.75 

Contents. — The midway inn ; Critic on the hearth ; Sham 
admiration in literature ; The pinch of poverty ; Story -telling ; 
Penny liction ; The literary calling and its future; Hotels; 
Maid-servants; Man-servants; Whist-players; Relations; 
Invalid literature; Wet holidays; Travelling companions. 

Peabody, George. See Hanaford. 

Peabody, Mrs. R. P. History of Shelburne, 
N H. Gorham, N. H., 1882. 16". *4339a-57 

Peabody education fund. Proceedings of the 
trustees, 1874-81. Vol. 2. B., i88i. Photogs. 
8«. *3592-5i 

Pearce, Alfred J. The science of the stars. 
L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 3929.80 

An epitome of astrology. 

Pedder, Henry C. Garfield's place in history. 
An essay. N. Y., 1882. Portr. 8". 4343-74 

Pennington, Arthur R. Epochs of the papacy 
from its rise to the death of pope Pius ix in 1878. 
L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 3467.62 

Pennsylvania. Second geological survey. Re- 
ports. Vol. A.«, G.^ H.^ H.», I." and Atlas, 0.^ 
Q^"*, R. and Atlas, T. and Atlas. Harrisburg, 
1880,81. 12 V. Maps. Plates. Illus. 8°. *7868.5o 

Contents. — A. 2 Special report upon tlie waste in mining 
anthracite, by Franklin Piatt. — G.< Pt. i. Geology of Clin- 
ton county; t't. 2. A special study of the carboniferous and 
Devonian strata along tlie West branch of the Susquehanna 
river, by H. Martyn Chance. — PI." Report of progress in 
Armstrong county, by W. G. Phitt. — H." Jefferson county, 
by W. G. Piatt. — 1.* Geology of the oil regions of Warren, 
Venango, Clarion, and Butler counties, by John F. Carll. 
1 vol. Text; i vol. Atlas. — O.2 Catalogueof the Geological 
museum, by Charles E. Hall. Pt. 2. — Q_.* Geology oflirie 
and Crawford counties, by I. C. White; Discovery of the 
preglacial outlet of Lake Erie, by J. W. Spencer. — R. 
Geology of McKean county, and its connection with that of 
Cameron, Elk, and Forest, by Charles A. Ashburner. i 
v. Text; i vol. Atlas. — T. Geology of Blair county, by 
Franklin Piatt, i vol. Text; 1 vol. Atlas. 

Percivall, William. Hippopathology, a sys- 
tematic treatise on the disorders and lamenesses 
of the horse. L., 1853-76. 4 v. in 6. Illus. 8". 


Contents. — i. Inflammation, etc. — 2. Parti. The chest 
and air-passages. — 3. Part 2. Digestive organs, etc. — 3. 

Percivall, William, continued. 

Disorders of the horse. — 4. Part 1, 2. Lameness of the 

Vol. 4 contains a general index. 

— Twelve lectures on the form and action of 
the horse: appended, the, effects of medicine on 
horses. With engr. L., 1850. 8<>. 6002.14 

Percussion. See Cutler. 

Periodicals. See Deutscher Journal-Katalog. 

Pernice, Alfred. Marcus Antistius Labeo. 
Das romische Privatrecht im ersten Jahrhunderte 
derKaiserzeit. iter Band. Halle, 1873. 8". 56i7-50 

Perry, Arthur L. Introduction to political 
economy. N. Y., i88i. 12°. 3659.63 

Perry, Walter C. Greek and Roman sculpt- 
ure. A popular introduction to [its] history. 
With illus. on wood. L., 1882. 8°. 4076.76 

Personal rights. See Pernice : — Willard. 

Peter the Great. See MinzlofF. 

Petrartfa, Francesco. See Mezi^res. 

Pfeiffer, Emily. Under the aspens. Lyrical 
and dramatical." L., 1882. Portr. Sm. 8"^. 


Pfizmaier, August. Die japanischen Werke 
aus den Sammlungen der Hauser. Wien, 1881. 
4°. **502oa.53 

Phanerogamia. See Candolle. 

Pharmaceutical chemistry. See Schmidt. 

Pharmacy. See Flueckiger ; — Schacht. 

Philippson, F. C. Ueber Colonisation. Ber- 
lin, 1880. 8". No. 12, 13 in *3562.53 

Philomneste j'unior, pseud. See Brunet, 
Pierre G. 

Philosophical apparatus. See Loewenherz. 

Philosophy. See Hermann; — Hinton; — 
Hodgson ; — Kant ; — Migne ; — Spencer, H. 

Phipson, Thomas L. Meteors, aerolites, and 
falling stars L., 1867. Sm. 8°. 59*3-=»7 

Phonography. See Burns. 

Physical constants. See Everett, J. D. 

Physiology. See Buechner; — Garrod; — 

Physics. See Migne"; — Worthington. 

Pianists. See Ferris. 

Pianoforte. See Plaidy. 

Piedmont. See Butler. 

Piers Plowman. See Langland. 

Pissemsky, Alexis. Dans le tourbillon, roman 
tr.du par V.Derdly. P., 1881. 12°. 4662.63 

Pius IX. See Abbott. 

Plaidy, Louis. The pianoforte teacher's guide. 
Tr. by Fanny R. Ritter. L. [1882.?] Sm. 4". 

■^ 8048.56 

Pleiades. See Bunsen. 

Plumbing. See Fischer, Hermann. 

Plutarchus. Life of Themistocles. {Greek 
texl.'] With introd., notes, and appendix, by H. 
A. Holden. L., 18S1. Sm. 8". 3009.68 

Poehlmann, Robert. Die Wirthschaftspohtik 
der florentiner Renaissance und das Princin der 
Verkehrsfreiheit. Gekronte Preisschrift. Lpz.. 
1878. [Fiirstlich Jablonowski'sche Gesellschaft. 
Preisschrift, No. 21.] 8°. 364»-54 

Poetry (Collections). Sec Browne ; — Came ; 
Harp ; — SchafT; — Stern. 

Poets. See Bruemmer ; — Trollope. 

Poisons. See Handbuch. 

Poland. See Monuments. 

Polariscope. See Landolt. 

Political economy. See Annuaire ; — Barth, 
T.; — Perry, A. L."; — Volkswirthschaftliche. 

Political science. See Braun ; — Migne. 




Pomroy family. See Lawrence. 

Ponds. See Cooke, M. C. 

Poor laws. See Fbwle. 

Poplimont, Charles. La France hdraldique. 
Saint-Germain [etc.], 1873-75. 8 v. 8°. *4635.50 

Porcelain. See Du Sartel. 

Portraits of distinguished Americans who 
flourished during the colonial period, the revolu- 
tion and the war of 1812. F". Trustees' Room 

A collection of unbound prints to which additions are 
being: made. 

Portuguese literature. See Puymaigre. 

Postmortem. [A story.] Edinb., 1881. 16°. 

4559a. 64 

Postage stamps. See Stanley. 

Pottery. Sec Wheatley. 

Poudra, Jules, and Pierre, Eugene, ed. Organi- 
sation des pouvoirs publics. Recueil des lois con- 
stitutionelles et ^lectorales de la Republique 
frangaise, complete par les lois et decrets sur le 
Conseil d'etat, le droit de reunion, la presse, etc. 
P., 1881. I2«. 2618.71 

Powers, The, of Europe and fall of Sebastopol. 
By a British officer. Illus. • B., 1856. Folded map. 
12°. 6308.9 

Printing. See Frommann; — Siennicki; — 

Proctor, Richard A. Familiar science studies. 
L., 1882 [1881]. Sm. 8°. 3929.81 

Contents. — Notes on infinity; Science and religion; A 
menacing comet; Meteoric dust; Biela's comet and meteors; 
Alovcments of Jupiter's cloud masses; Origin of the week ; 
Problem of the great pyramid ; Pyramids of Ghizeh ; Sun-spots 
and financial panics; Cold and wet; Our winters; About 
lotteries; Betting on races ; A gambling superstition; The 
fifteen puzzle ; Etna ; Weather forecasts ; Some strangely ful- 
filled dreams ; Suspended animatit n ; Our astronomers royal ; 
Photographs of a galloping horse. 

Proelss, Karl R. Geschichte des neueren Dra- 
mas. Lpz., 1880, 81. 2 V. in 3. 8". *6i93.i8 

Contents. — i. iteHalfle. Riickblick aufdieEntwicklung 
des mittclalterlichen Dramas; Das neuere Drama der 
Spanier. 2te Halfte. Das neuere Drama der Italiener. — 
2. ite Halfte. Das neuere Drama in Frankreich. 

Prophecy. See Migne. 

Protection. See Barth, T. ; — Neumann. 

Protestantism. See Migne. 

Proven9al literature. See Reboul ; — Tail- 

Proverbs. See Hoy t ; — Migne ; — RoUand. 

Prussia. See Marcus ; — Monuments. 

Psalmody. See Migne ; — \Vither. 

Psychology. See Egger. 

Putzel, Charles, and Baehr, H. A., ed. Com- 
mercial precedents selected from the column of 
replies and decisions of the New York journal of 
commerce. Hartford, 1881. 8°. 3654.62 

Puymaigre, Theodore J. B., comte de, ed. and 
tr. Romanceiro. Choix de vieux chants por- 
tugais, tr. et annotes. P., i88i. [Collection de 
contes et chansons populaires.] 12°. 3098.53 

Puzzles. See Lucas. 

Quiehl, Carl. Der Gebrauch des Konjunktivs 
in dem altesten franzdsischen Sprachdenkmalern 
bis zum Rolandsliede einschliesslich. Inaugural 
Dissertation. Kiel, i88i. 8°. 2686.64 

Quotations. See Hoyt. 

Rabbit, The. See Gayot. 

Rabelais, Fran9ois. See Ganghofer. 

Rae, Edward. The White sea peninsula, a 
journey in Russian Lapland and Karelia. Map 
and illus. L., 1881. 8°. 2862.66 

Railroads. See Barry, J. W. ; — Baz ; — Mar- 
cus; — Three. 

Raleigh, Rev. Alexander. Alexander Raleigh ; 
records of his life. Ed. by Mary Raleigh. 
Edinb., 1881. Portr. Sm. 8«. 245ob.52 

Ramsey abbey, Englatid. See Wise. 

Raphael. See Muntz. 

Rask, Erasmus. Grammar of the Anglo- 
Saxon tongue, from the Danish of Rask By 
B.Thorpe. 3d ed. L.,1879. Plate. Sm. 8°. 


Ravaisson, Francois, ed. Archives de la Bas- 
tille, documents inedits. T. 11, 12. P., 1880. 81. 
8°. 6642.3 

Contents. — 11. Regne de Louis xiv (1702-1710). — 12. 
Regnes de Louis xiv et de Louis xv (1709-1772). 

Ravenna, Italy. See Pasolini. 

Reading. See Legouve. 

Reboul, Robert. Anonymes, pseudonytnes et 
supercheries litteraires de la Provence ahcienne 
et moderne. Marseille, 1878. 8°. *2i44.54 

Reeves, John Sims. >S<?<? Edwards, (H.) S. 

Religion. See Baudissin ; — Davids ; — Encyclo- 
pedic : — Grau ; — Hinton ; — Matter ; — Roskoff. 

Religions. See Migne. 

Religious orders. See Migne. 

Remy, Jules. Vovage au pays des Mormons. 
P., i860. 2 V. Portrs. Plates. Map. 8°. 


Renaissance. See Muntz; — Poehlmann; — 
Schepkowski ; — Semper ; — Voigt. 

Renan, (J.) Ernest. Marc-Aurele et la fin du 
monde antique. P., 1882 [1881]. 8«. 3462.68 

The conclusion of the series of essays upon the origin of 


Renault, B. Cours de botanique fossile fait au 
Museum d'histoire naturelle. 2e annee. Avec 
planches lithog. P., 1882. 8«. *3852-5i 

Rendle, William. Old Southwark and its 
people. Southwark, 1878. 8<>. *249i.59 

Renfrewshire. See Harp. 

Report of the trial of the directors of the City 
of Glasgow bank, Edinburgh, Jan. 20, 1879. 
Edinb., 1879. Portrs. Sm. 8«. 5649-74 

Reumont, Alfred von. Biographische Denk- 
blatter nach personlichen Erinnerungen. Lpz., 
1878. 8°. 2244.50 

Contents. — Elisabeth, Konigin von Preussen; Louise 
von Bourbon, Herzogin von Parma; Marquis von Nor- 
manby; Don Carlo Kilangieri, Fiirst von Satriano; Wil- 
helm von Normann; Giovanni Rosini; Cesare Alficri; 
Johannes Gave; Antonio Coppi; Dr. Joseph Miiller; The- 
rese, Grafin Spaur; Luigi Cibrario; Luigi Crisostomo Fer- 
rucci; Carl, FrCiherr von Hiigel; Francesco Bonaini ; Al- 
phonse de Rayneval ; Gian Carlo Conestabile dellaStaffa; 
Emmanuele Cicogna; Federigo Sclopis. 

Revere, Paul J and Edward H. R. .Sf-^ Rogers. 

Revue egyptologique publ. sous la direction de 
H. Brugsch, F. Chabas, E. Revillout. le ann^e. 
P., 1880. Plates. Fac-similes. L. 8°. *505i.54 

Rhinebeck, iV'. Y. See Smith, E. M. 

Rhode Island historical tracts. No. 11-14. 
Providence, 18S0, 8i. 2 v. Sq. 12°. *4438.i5 

Contents. — 11. Bibliographical memoirs of three Rhode 
Island authors: J. K. Angell, Frances H. (Whipple) Mc- 
Dougall, Catharine R. Williams, by S. S. Rider. iSSo. — 13. 
The medical school formerly existing in Brown university, 
its professors and graduates, by C. W. Parsons. iSSi. — 13. 
The diary of T. Vernon. With notes by S. S. Rider. Added 
The Vernon family and arms, and the genealogy of Richard 
Greene, of Potowomut. 1S81.— 14. Roger Williams's " Chris- 
tenings make not Christians," 1645. Ed. by H. M. Dexter. 
[With] letters by Williams. 18S1. 

Rhymes. See Hood. 



Richards, Lvsander S. Vocophy. A system 
enabling a person to name the calling or voca- 
tion one is best suited to follow. Marlboro', 1881. 
160. 7608.68 

Ridgaway, Henry B. The life of E. S. Janes, 
late senior bishop of the Methodist episcopal 
church. X. Y.,1882. Portrs. Illus. 12°. 4445.66 

Riemann, Bernhard. Partielle Differential- 
gleichungen und deren Anwendungauf physika- 
lische Fragen. Herausg. von Karl Hattendortf. 
Mit Holzstichen. 2te Aufl. Braunschweig, 1876. 

8*^- 3934-35 

Rob Roy. See Macleay. 

Robertson, James C, ed. Materials for the 
history of Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canter- 
bury. 'Vol. 5. Epistles, 1-226. L.. 1881. [Great 
Britain. Public record office. Chronicles and 
memorials.^ L. 8*^. *7057.ioi 

Robinet, Jean F. E. Danton. M^moire sur 
sa vie privee. P., 1865. 8". 26503.64 

Robinson, Matthew. See Cambridge. 

Robinson. Phil. Noah's ark; or, mornings in 
the Zoo. Being a contribution to the study of 
unnatural history. L., 1S82. 8°. 3888.69 

Rock Island, ///. See Land. 

Rodenberg, Julius, and Rubinstein, Anton. 
The tower of Babel, sacred opera. Words by J. 
Rodenberg, composed by A. Rubinstein. Op. 80. 
Cleveland. {Cop. 1879.] 8". 8043.92 

Rodet, Ldon. Sur les notations num^riques 
et algebriques ant^rieurement au xvie siecle. P., 
i88i. F^ac-similes. 8°. **5024.6o 

Roebuck, Thomas. Laskari dictionary? or 
Anglo-Indian vocabulary of nautical terms and 
phrases in English and Hindustani. Rev. and 
cor. byVV. C. Smyth. Re-ed. and enl. by George 
Small. L., 1882."' Sm. 8°. *3039.6o 

Roehricht, Reinhold, ed. Quinti belli sacri 
scriptores minores, sumptibus Societatis illus- 
trandis Orientis Latini monumentis edidit Roh- 
richt. Genevae, 1879. [Societe de I'Orient latin. 
Publ. Serie historique. 2.] 8°. No. i in *229i.55 

Rogeard, Louis A. Les propos de Labienus. 
La critique historique sous Auguste. N. Y., 
1865. 8°. No. 16 in Pph.v. 466 

The author was sentenced to five years' imprisonment for 
publishing this pamphlet. 

Rogers of Dowdeswell. Genealogy of Rogers 
of Dowdeswell, Gloucester [England]. Privately 
printed, n.p., 1869. \°. *6530.5 

Rogers, Robert, and Revere, Maria. Memorial 
of Paul Joseph Revere and Edward H. R. 
Revere. yAnon.^ Pri\^tely printed. B., 1874. 
120. *4445-69 

Roget, Peter. M. Thesaurus of English words 
and phrases. New ed., enl., with index, by J. 
L. Roget. N. Y., 1881. 12°. *2487-73 

Rolland, Eugene. Faune populaire de la 
France. T. 4. Les mammifbres domestiques. 
P., 1881. 8°. 2686.13 

Contents. — 4. le partie. Noms vulgaire, dictons, prov- 
erbes, Mgendes, contes et superstitions. 

This volume includes the popular lore, etc., about the dog, 
the cat, the horse, and the ass. 

Roman catholic church. See Charvet; — 
Fick; — Migne; — O'Keefe; — Pennington; — 
Saintc Marthe. 

Romanceros. See Puymaigre. 

Rome. See Perry, W.C ; — Smyth ;— Wieseler, 

Roses. See Nietner. 

Roskoff, Gustav. Das Religionswesen der 
rohesten Naturvdlker. Lpz., 1880. 8°. 7485-54 


Roth von Schreckenstein, Carl H., Freiherr. 
Geschichte der ehemaligen freien Reichsritter- 
schaft in Schwaben, Franken und am Rhein- 
strome. Freiburg i. B. [1881 .'] 2 v. 8°. 2833.57 

Rowley, Henry. Twenty years in .Central 
Africa. With map. L. [1881?] Sm. 8". 5059.29 

A revised abridgment of the Story of the Universities 
mission to Central Africa, first published in 1866, with a con- 
tinuation to iSSi. 

Royer, Alphonse. Histoire du theatre con- 
temporain en France et a I'^tranger depuis 1800 
jusqu'a 1875. P., 1878. 2 v. 8°. 6193.2 

Duplicate of volumes 5, 6 of Histoire universelle du thea- 
tre [6193.1]. 

— Histoire universelle du theatre. P., 1869-78. 
6 V. 8°. 6193. 1 

Contents. — 1-4. Depuis les origines jusqu'i la fin du 
xviiie sidcle. — 5, 6. Depuis iSoojusqu'^ 1875. 

Rubenstein, Anton. See Rodenberg. 

Runnels, Moses T. History of Sanbornton, 
New Hampshire. In 2 v. Vol. 2. Genealogies. 
B., 1881. Portrs. 8°. *4435-33 

Russell, J. M. The history of Maidstone 
[England]. With illus. Maidstone, 1881. Sm. 
8°- *2495-57 

Russell, Percy. " After this life — what next .' " 
L. [188 1.?] Sm. 8«. 5444-53 

Russell, William H. Hesperothen ; notes from 
the West : record of a ramble in the United States 
and Canada in the spring and summer of 1881. 
L., 1882. 2 v. Sn». 8°. 2363-53 

Russia. See Elissalde ; — Von. 

Sabah. See Hatton, J. 

St. Clair, Arthur. The St. Clair papers. The 
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St. Thomas the apostle parish, London. See. 

Sainte Marthe, Denis, 1650-1725. Gallia 
Christiana in provincias ecclesiasticasdistributa, 
qua series & historia archiepiscoporum, episco- 
porum & abbatum F'rancia; vicinarumque ditio- 
num ab origine ecclesiarum ad nostra tcmpora 
deducitur et probatur opera et studio Domni 
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Saints. See G., E. A. ; —Migne. 

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Refers to the border counties of Wales : Chester, Salop or 
Shropslure, Hereford and Monmouth. 

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schaft. Herausg. von F. Hirsch. B. i- 1881. 
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Sanskrit language and literature. See Bo- 
rooah ; — Ndrada. 

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list of the " members that held places, both civil 
and military, contrary to the ordinance of April 
2,164?." Reprinted verbatim. [By J. C Hotten.] 
L., 1863- Sm. 4°. V2422-62 

The title of the original is" Long parliament. ThemysUry 
of the good old cause briefly unfolded. In a caUlogue ot 
such members [etc.). London : 1660." 




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system for multiplication and division without 
mental labour and without the use of logarithms. 
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[1881 .?] 37 plates. 40. ***2870.55 

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Schoolmen. See Migne. 

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Science. See American assoc. ; — Cultura ; — 
Huxley; — Lubbock; — Migne; — Proctor; — 
Spencer, H. 

Science and religion. See Brunton ; — Kinns. 

Scientists' directory. See Cassino. 

Scotland. See Complaynt ; — Drummond ; — 
Great Britain. Public record office. 

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In this volume are inserted the "Memoir and letters" 
[%*2455.6i] of Capt. \V. G. Kvelyn. a captain in the " King's 
Own" regiment, mortally wounded on Long Island, Oct. 
iS, 1776, a note concerning whom is to be found in Bulletin 
no. 53, for April, 18S0. 

Sculpture. See Perr^', W. C. 

Sea-sickness. See Beard. 

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Self-consciousness. See Fitzgerald. 

Semitic races. See Baudissin ; — Chwolson ; 
— Gellion ; — Grau : — Mueller, F. 

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vorragende Bildhauer-Architekten der Renais- 
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[i8So.] F". ♦**Cab.40.H.2 

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Seventeenth century. See Lacroix. 

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— See Steuerwald ; — Thom ; — Thomson ; — 

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Siberia. See Lansdell ; — Nordenskidld. 

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des imprimeurs celebres de I'ltalie, de la France 
et de In Belgique, conservees dans la Biblioth^que 
^ de rUniversite imperiale de Var.sovie. (Les 
Aide, les Junte, les Estienne et les Plantia.) 
VarBovie, 1878. 41 plates. 8°. *2iii.a6 



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Gusa.] 4". 502oa.23 

Skating. See Goodman.-: 

Skin. See Duhring. 

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beek, 1881. Map. 8°. *4475.68 

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a cabinet of Roman family coins belonging to the 
duke of Northumberland. -.L., 1856. 4°. *475i.4 

Social science. See Migne. 

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deaux Bulletins. 2e serie,2e, 3e annee. [Vol. 2, 
3.] 1879,80. Bordeaux, 1879, 80. Maps. [Associa- 
tion fran9aise pour I'avancement des sciences. 
Groupegeographique du Sud-Ouest.] 8°. *6272.5o 

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1881. Plates. 8°. *7976.5i 

Sociology. See Spencer, H. 

Sola Mendes, Frederic de. Defence, not 
defiance. A Hebrew's reply to the missionaries. 
N. Y., 1876. i6«. 5489.^ 

Contents. — Faith confirmed, selections from the work 
"Chizuk Eniunah" of Isaac Troki, the Karaite. Biblical 
and Rabbinical parallels to New Testament principfes. 

Solms-Laubach, Hermann, Graf zu. Die 
Corallinenalgen des Golfes von Neapel und der 
angrenzenden Meeres-Abschnitte. Eine Mono- 
graphic. Mit 3 Tafeln in Lithog. Lpz., 1881. 4°. 

No. 2 in *3820.65 

Songs (with music). See Elson. 

Sonnets. See Caine. 

Sophocles. OSdipus tyrannus. ^ee Norman. 

Sorghum. See U. 8. Bureau of agriculture. 

Soudan. See Wilson, C. T. 

South Hampton, N. H. 5ee Jewell. 

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Vol. 8. 1880. Richmond, 1680. 8°. *52i9a.50 

Southey, Robert. The correspondence of 
Robert Southey with Caroline Bowles [after- 
wards his wife]. Added : Correspondence with 
Shelley, and Southey's Dreams. Ed. with an 
introd. by Edward Dowden. Dublin, 1881. 
Portr. 8°. ■ 2540.58 

Southwark, London. See Rendle. 

Space. See Schlegel. 

Spain. See Abdo-'l-Wahid ; — Ibn ; —Webster. 

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der Metalle bei wiederholten Anstrengungen. 
(Fortsetzung der Wdhler'schen Festigkeitsver- u 
suche.) Mit 2 Kupfertafeln. Berlin, 1875. 4"- 




Spedding, James. Evenings with a reviewer, 
or Macaulay and Bacon. With a prefatory no- 
tice by G. S. Venables. L., i88i. 2 v. 8°. 2552.7a 

Spencer, Edward. Memorial volume, 1730- 
18S0. An account of the municipal celebration 
of the 150th anniversary of the settlement of 
Baltimore, October 11-19, 1880. With a sketch 
of the history, and summary of the resources of 
the city. lUus. Bait., 1881. 4°. ♦2370.56 

Spencer, Herbert. Descriptive sociology. Div. 
3. Pt. 2-C. French. Compiledby James Collier. 
L., 1881. F°. *356o.5i 

This number closes the publication of the Descriptive 


— Recent discussions in science, philosophy 
and morals. New and enl. ed. N. Y., 1882 
[Co/. 1871]. 120. 7608.66 

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buche. Lpz , 1874. 16°. 4875.68 

— Quisisana. Novelle. 3teAufl. Lpz.,i88i. 16°. 


Spinning. See Sharp. 

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schichte des Mittelalters und der neueren Zeit. 
3te Aufl., neu bearb. von Th. Menke. 90 colorirte 
Karten in Kupferstich mit 376 Nebenkarten. 
Gotlia, 1880. Po. •2284.53 

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tory of England, comprising the reign of queen 
Anne amtil the peace of Utrecht. 1701-1713. 
L., 1870. 8°. 4525<4 

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mon in Whitehall chapel, July 9th, 1865, in behalf 
of the Royal society for the prevention of cruelty 
to animals. Oxford, 1865. 8". No. 3 in *5540a.70 

— Dedication of Westminster abbey. Sermon, 
Dec. 28th, 1865, being the 8ooth anniversary of 
[its] foundation. Oxford, 1866. 8°. 

No. 4 in ♦55408.70 

— A letter to the lord bishop of London on 
the state of subscription in the Church of England 
and the University of Oxford. Oxford, 1863. 8». 

No. 2 in ♦55408.70 

— Three introductory lectures on the study of 
ecclesiastical history. Oxford, 1859. S'\ 

No. 1 iij ♦55408.70 

Stanley, Gibbons & Co. Descriptive cata- 
logue and price-list of British, colonial and for- 
eign postage stamps, post cards, etc. L., 1881. 
Illus. Sm. 4°. ♦2232.57 

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Gebiete der Archaologie und Kunstgeschichte. 
Herausg. vonG. Kinkel. Lpz., 1880. 8°. 8064.65 

Stars. See Flammarion ; — Pearce. 

Statistics. See Annuaire ; — Walford. 

Statistisches Jahrbuch der hdheren Schulen 
Deutschlands, Luxemburgs und der Schweiz. 
Iter Jahrgang. Lpz., 1880. 16°. ♦SSQ^-S* 

Steam pumps. See Campbell. 

Steeples. See Taylor, A. T. ; — Wickes. 

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tung. Mit biographisch-kritischen Einleitungcn. 
2te Aufl. Lpz., 1877. L. 8°. 2871.63 

— Funfzig Jahre deutschcr Prosa. 1820 bu 
1870. Mit biographisch-kritischen Einleitungcn. 
Lpz., 1873. L. 8-. . 287'.64 

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spere. Munchen, i88i. 8°. "SM-xa 

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Caxton memorial Bible, printed and bound m 
twelve consecutive hours, June .y>, 1877. L., 
1878. Fac-similes. 16°. ♦♦6189.15 



Stevens, Henry, continued. 

— Photo-bibliography; or, a word on printed 
card catalogues of old, rare, beautiful, and costly 
books, and two words on the establishment of a 
central bibliographical bureau. L., 1S78. Folded 
sheets. Sm. S". **2209.7 

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language. Book 1-4. N. Y., 1880. 4 v. in i. 

8" 5594-59 

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tory. Phila., 18S2. 12°. 2296.57 
Stillman, J. D. B. The horse in motion as 
shown by instantaneous photography, with a 
study on animal mechanics, in which is demon^ 
strated the theory of quadrupedal locomotion. 
B., 1882. Illus. 107 plates. 4°. *4ooi.57 

See Proctor's " Familiar science studies" [3929.S1] for a 
paper on this subject. 

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the South Seas. New ed., illus. L., 1881. Sm. 

8°. 3078.52 

Stone age. See Cartailhac. 

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tung zum wissenschaftlichen Studium der en- 
glischen Sprache. B. i. Die lebende Sprache. 
Heilbronn, 1881. 8". *2483.55 

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Mass., from 1686. With genealog[ies]. Hub- 
bardston, 1881. Illus. Portrs. 8". *2353.8o 

Strachey, 5'/r John and Richard. The finances 
and public works of India from 1869 to 18S1. 
L., 1882. 8°. 3654.61 

Street railroads. See Clark, D. K. 

Strength of material. See Spangenberg. 

Suicide. See Morselli ; — O'Dea. 

Sumac. See U. S. Bureau of agriculture. 

Sumir race of Assyria. See Haupt. 

Sumner, Heywood. The Avon from Naseby 
to Tewkesbury. Twenty-one etchings [with 
text]. L., 1882. F«. ***246o,59 

Superstitions. See Migne ; — Rolland. 

Surgery. Sue Yperman. 

Surveyors' instruments. See BufF. 

Sweden. See Woods. 

Switzerland. See Gallery ; — Havergal. 

Sx, /scud. See Schoolcraft, Oliver J. 

Symbolism. See G., E. A. 

Taillandier, Ren^ G. E., called Saint-Rend 
Taillandier. Etudes littdraires. Un poete co- 
mique du temps de Moliere (Boursault, sa vie et 
ses oeuvres). La renaissance de la poesie pro- 
ven^ale. P., 1881. 18". 4662.56 

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science of agricultural practice. L., 18S1. Sm. 
8°. , 5999-64 

Tariif. See Bamberger. 

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thian prize essay, 1881. Oxford, 1881. 8°. 4843.19 

Taxation. See Cobden club. 

Tayler, William. Thirty-eight years in India. 
With illus. by the author. Vol. i. L.,i88i. 8°. 

Taylor, Andrew T. The towers and steeples 

designed by Sir Christopher Wren. With illus. 

L.. 1 881. 8°. 4096.60 

Taylor, Charles F. Sensation and pain. N. Y., 

1881. Illus. i6<'. 379oa.65 

Teichmueller, Gustav. Literarische Fehden 

im vierten Jahrhundert vor Chr. Breslau, 1881. 

8°- 3002.53 

Telugu missions. See Clough. ' 
Temperament. Sec Galenus. 
Temperance. See Lewis. 

Temple, Sir Richard, bart. Men and events 
of my time in India. [1847-1880.] L., 1882. 8". 


Tennyson, Alfred. See Gatty. 

Terra cotta. See Chabat. 

Thalheimer, Mary E. The eclectic history of 
the United States. Cine. \_Cop. 1880.] Illus. 
Portrs. Maps. 16". 2329.80 

Thames river. See Law. 

Themistocles. 5'e^ Plutarch us. 

Therapeutics. See Bartholow ; — Luton. 

Thibetan language. See Jaeschke. 

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aires. Publics par [M. A.] Calmon. 3e partie 
(1868-70). T. 12. P., 1882. 8°. 4623.55 

Thorn, William T., ed. The Shakespeare 
prize. (Cut from -The Album. Salem, Va., 
i88i.) 4°. 4591-13 

In addition to correspondence, this contains the answers 
submitted b)' Miss £mma A. Mertins and Miss Hannah 
Wilson to questions upon Hamlet by H. H. Furness. 

Thomae, Johannes, d. 1840. Elementare Theo- 
rie der analytischen Functionen einer complexen 
Veranderlichen. Mit Holzschnitten. Halle a 
S., 18S0. 4°. **502oa.52 

Thomas k Becket. See Robertson. 

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law, of all countries. 5th ed., rev. L., 1882. 
Sm. 8°. Patent Room 

Thomson, William. On renascence drama, or 
history made visible. Melbourne, 18S0. 8". 


The author claims to give here ample proof of Bacon's 
claim to the authorship of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. 

Three Americas railway, The. Essays advo- 
cating free intercommunication between the six- 
teen republics of the New world. By supporters 
of the scheme : H. R. Helper, F. F. Hilder 
[etc.]. St. Louis, 1881. 16°. 3659.62 

Thugs. See Trevelyan. 

Thurman, William C. The way to God. 
[Chicago, 1881 .?] Illus. 8°. 5441-58 

Ticino. Si^e Butler. 

Tiele, C. P. Die Assyriologie und ihre Er- 
gebnisse fiir die vergleichende Religionsge- 
schichte. Rede an der Univeisitat Leyden. 
Aus dem Hollandischen von K. Friederici. Lpz. 
[1881.?] 80. 3054-14 

Tischbein family. See Michel. 

Tobacco. See Hinds. 

Torrens, William T. M. Reform of procedure 
in parliament to clear the block of public busi- 
ness. L., 1881. Sm. 8^ 2510.39 

Toul, France. See Godron. 

Tournaments. See Niedner. 

Towers. See Taylor, A. T. ; — Wickes. 

Tradleg, Nitram, pseud. See Geldart, Mar- 
tin E. 

Transvaal. See Heckford ; — Montague. 

Travels and voyages. Sec Gumming ; — Hale ; 

— Heckford ; — Helms ; — Keane ; — Lansdell ; 

— Lery; — Low; — " Magyarland "; — Max- 
well, E. H. ; — Nordenskidld ; — Oliver, S. P. ; — 
Rae ; — Remy ; — Rowley ; — Russell, W. H. ; — 
Schlaefli;— Wilson, C T. 

Treadwell,JohnH. Martin Luther. L., i88i. 
[The new Plutarch.] Sm. 8°. 3557-77 

Trees and how to grow them. With illus. 
L. [1881 .?] Sm. 8«. 3859-59 



Treloar, W. P. Ludgate Hill. Narrative con- 
cerning the people, places, legends, and changes 
of the great London highway. Illus. ist ed. 
L. [i88i.] Sm. 8«. 2498.22 

Trevelyan, Si'r Charles E. Christianity and 
Hinduism contrasted. L., 1882. Sm. S**. 548ga.52 

Contains a lecture before the Literary and pliilos. soc. of 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, :SSi, and The Thugs; or secret mur- 
derers in India, an article in the Edinburgh review, written 
in 1S36. 

Trigonometry. See Bremiker ; — Oliver. J. E. 

Tristram, Henry B. Pathways of Palestine : a 
tour through the Holy Land. Illus. with photo- 
graphs. 1st series. L. [1881.] L. 4°. *3040.64 

Troemel, Paul F. Schiller-Bibliothek. Ver- 
zeichniss derjenigen Drucke, welche die Grund- 
lage des Textes der Schiller'schen Werke bilden. 
Lpz., 1865. 8°. *2i63.3i 

Trollope, Frances E. and Thomas A. The 
homes and haunts of the Italian poets. L., 1881. 
2 V. Sm. 8°. 2747.53 

Troup, George E. Life of George Troup, 
journalist. Edinb., 1881. Portr. Sm.8''. 2450b. 53 

Tuckerman, Edward. A synopsis of the North 
American lichens. Parti. Comprising the Par- 
meliacei, Cladoniei and Ccenogoniei. B., 1882. 
8«. 3844-62 

Tuer, Andrew W. Bartolozzi and his works. 
A biog. and descriptive account. Illus. With 
observations on his prints [etc.] ; with a list of 
upwards of 2000 of the engraver's works. L. 
[1882.] 2 v. 8". *6o72.58 

Tunis. See Hesse-Wartegg. 

Tyne river, England. See Palmer. 

Uganda. See Wilson, C. T. 

Unflad, Ludwig. Die Shakespeare-Literatur 
in Deutschland. Shakespeare und seine Werke 
von 1762 bis 1879. Miinchen, 18S0. 8°. *6i62.53 

Unicorn. See Brown, R. 

United States. Bureau of agriculture. Spe- 
cial reports. Nos. 23-33. April, 1880-April, i8Si. 
W'ash., 1880, 81. II nos. in iv. Illus. Folded 
sheets. 8". *5992.7 

Besides the reports upon the condition of crops, there are 
some upon other topics; viz. — No. 26. On tlie culture of 
sumac in Sicily, by Wm. McMurtrie. No. 2S. On the cul- 
ture of the sugar beet and the manufacture of sugar there- 
from in France and the U. S., by Wm. McMurtrie. No. ^i. 
Contagious pleuro-pneumonia, "third report by Charles P. 
Lyman. No. 33. Work done on sorghum and cornstalks 
by the Chemical division, by Peter Collier. 

— Bureau of statistics. Annual list, 5th, 7th 
and 13th, of merchant vessels of the U. S., with 
the official numbers and signal letters awarded 
them. Also lists and distinguishing signals of 
vessels of the United States navy [etc.]. 1868- 
74, 80, 81. Wash., 1873-81. 3 v. 8°. ♦SQSS-SS 

— Census bureau. Forestry bulletin, no. 1-5. 
Wash., 1881. Maps. 4". *585o.5 

— Court of claims. Cases decided, 1866-80. 
Wash., 1868-80. Vol. 2-15. 8°. *3705.5 

— Deft, of state. Cotton goods trade of the 
world, and the share of the U. S. therein. Re- 
ports from consuls. No. 12. Wash., 1881. 8". 


Reports (Nos. i, 2 and 3, iSSo and 1881) 

from the consuls of the United States on the 
commerce, manufactures, etc., of their consular 
districts. W^ish., 1881. 8". *7643.i8 

This volume contains the matter of the first three reports 
rearranged and consolidated by bringing all relating to the 
same country or consulate together. The reports as origi- 
nally issued are on shelf-number 7643.12. 


United States, continued. 

— Geographical surveys west of the one hun- 
dredth meridian, in charge of G. M. Wheeler. 
Report. Vol. 7. Wash., 1879. Plates. Illus. 
4°- *7870.6 

Contents. — 7. Archaeology. Reports upon archxological 
and ethnological collections from vicinity of Santa Barbara 
[etc.], by Frederick W. Putnam, assisted by C. C. Abbott 

— Hydrografhic office. Catalogue of charts, 
plans, and views published by Hydrographic 
office, with a list of books sold to agents. July, 
1881. Wash., 1881. 8°. *6i73.24 

United States hydrographic notices from 

no. I to 100, for 1880. Wash., 1881. Folded 
maps. 8°. ♦3956.21 ' 

United States notices to manners from 

no. 1 to 180, for 1880. Wash., 18S0. 8°. *3956.25 

— Official register. Containing a list of offi- 
cers and employes in the civil, military and naval 
service on the first of July, i88i ; together with 
a list of ships and vessels belonging to the 
United States. Vol. i. Legislative, Executive, 
Judicial. W^ash., 1881. L. 8"^. C.R.23,2.7 

— Patent office. Decisions of the commis- 
sioner of patents. 1878-80. Wash., 1879-81. 
3 V. 8". Patent Room 

— War deft. The war of the rebellion : com- 
pilation of the official records of the Union and 
Confederate armies. Prepared under the direc- 
tion of the Secretary of war, by Robert N. Scott. 
Series I. Vol. 1,2. Wash., 1880. 8". *4223.5o 

Contents. — Series i. Vol. i. Operations in Charleston 
harbor. South Carolina, Dec. 20, iS6o-April 14, 1S61 ; in 
Florida, Jan. 6-Aug. ji, 1S61 ; In Texas and New Mexico, 
Feb. i-June ii, 1861 ; ni Arkansas, tlie Iqdian territorj', and 
Missouri, Feb. 7-May 9, 1861 ; the secession of Georgia, 
Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Louisiana. — 3. 
Operations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and We«t 
Virginia, April 16-July 31, iS6i. 

— Revolution. See American antiquarian 
soc; — Carrington; — Harris; — Jones, C. H. ; 
— St. Clair; — Scull. 

— Civil ivar. See Batten; — Bering; — 
Doubleday; — Jones, C. C. ; — Lockwood ; — Pal- 
frey ; — U. S. JVar dept. 

— History, travels, etc. See Cooley ; — Rus- 
sell, W. II. ; — Shea; — Thalheimer. 

United States digest ; a digest of decisions of 
the various courts within the United States. By 
Benj. V. Abbott, George F. Williams [etc.]. 
New sen Vols. 7-11, for 1876-80. B., 1877-S1. 
8<*. *570i.a 

United States naval academy, Annapolis, Md. 
Annual register, 1874-81. Wash., 1874-So. 8°. 


The register forjireceding years, without the examina- 
tion papers, can bcTound in the United States navy register 

Units. See Everett, J. D. 

Urwick, William. Indian pictures drawn with 
pen and pencil. L. [i88i?J Illus. Maps. L. 
80. 30700.53 

Uxbridge, Massachusetts. See Chapin. 

Vald^s, Juan de. xvii opuscules. Tr. from 
the .Spanish and Italian and ed. by John T. Betts. 
L., 1882. Sm. 8". ' 544a-6a 

Valentine, David T. History of the city of 
New York. N. Y., 1853. Illus. Folded maps 
and plates. 8". *a374-64 

Van Voorhis, Elias W. Notes on the ances- 
try of Major Wm. Roe Van Voorhis, of Fishkill, 
Dutchess county. New York. N. Y., 1881. 
Portrs. Fac-simile. Folded sheet. 8". ♦4434.18 




Vanity fair. Vol.25. L., 1881. F°. *7250.4 

Varenbergh, Emile. Episodes des relations 
exterieures du comte de Flandre. La Flandre et 
I'empire d'AUemagne. Bruxelles, 1873. [Aca- 
demie d'archeologie de Belgique.] 8°. 4823.8 

Venice. See Pasolini. 

Ventilation. See Fischer, Hermann. 

Verne, Jules. La Jangada. Huit cents lieues 
sur I'Amazone. ire, 2e partie. P. [i88i.] 2 v. 
[Les voyages extraordinaires.] 18°. 466oa.84 

Also found in Vol. ^3 of the " Magasin d'education et de 
recreation " [*7 2903.50^. 

Vibart, Henry M. Military history of the 
Madras engineers and pioneers. In 2 v. Vol. i. 
L., 1881. Folded maps. Plate. 8". *3073.6o 

Victoria. The queen's speeches in parliament 
[1837-82]. Ed. by F. Sidney Ensor. L., 1882. 
Sm. 8°. 2515-53 

Vierordt, Hermann. Das Gehen des Men- 
schen in gesunden und kranken Zustanden, nach 
selbstregistrirenden Methoden. Mit lithog. Ta- 
feln und Holzs. Tubingen, 1881. 8°. 3763.68 

Violin. See Ferris ; — Singer^ 

Virgilius Mar6, Publius. P. Vergili Maroms 
Aeneidos libri 11 & 1 11. The narrative of Aeneas. 
Ed. with introd. and notes by E. W. Howson. 
L., 1881. Map. Sm. 8°. 2929a.6o 

Virginia. Commissioner of agriculture. Hand- 
book of Virginia. 3d ed. Richmond, 1881. Map. 
'8°. *4375-8o 

Vocophy. See Richards. 

Vcgl, A. E. Die gegenwartig am hjiufigsten 
vorkommenden Verfalschungen und Verunreini- 
gungen des Mehles und deren Nachweisung. 
Mit Holzschnitten. Wien, 1880. 8°. 3973-67 

Voice. See Pattou. 

Voigt, Georg. Die Wiederbelebung des clas- 
sischen Altherthums, oder das e'ste Jahrhun- 
dertdes Humanismus. 2te umgearb. Aufl. Ber- 
lin, 1880, 8i. 2 V. 8°. 2192.18 

Volkmar, Gustav. Die Evangelien oder Mar- 
cus und die Synopsis der kanonischen und aus- 
serkanonischen Evangelien nach dem altesten 
Text mit Commentar. Lpz., 1870. 2 v.- 8°. 


Volkswirthschaftliche Gesellschaft in Berlin. 
Volkswirthschaftliche Zeitfragen. Vortrilge und 
Abhandlungen. Jahrgangi,2. Berlin, 1879, 80. 
2 v. in I. 8^ *3562.53 

The papers have been separately catalogued in this Bulle- 

Von Nicolaus i zu Alexander iii. St. Pe- 
tersburger Beitrage zur neuesten russischen 
Geschichte. 2te Aufl. Lpz., 1881. 16". 3066.21 

Vyse, Griffin W Egypt: political, financial, 
and strategical. Together with an account of its 
engineering capabilities and agricultural re- 
sources. (With maps and plans.) L., 1882. 
Sm. 8°. 5058.16 

Wagner, B. A. Lessing-Forschungen nebst 
Nachtragen zu Lessings Werken. Berlin, 1881. 
16°. 2847.61 

Waite, Rosamond. Life of the Duke of Wel- 
lington. With portr., maps, plans. L., 1S78. 
[Hist. biog. Ed. by M. Creighton.] Sm. 80. 


Waitz, Theodor. Allgemeine Padagogik und 
kleinere padagogische Schriften. 2te verm. Aufl. 
mit einer Einleitung iiber Waltz's praktische 
Philosophie herausg. von O. Willmann. Braun- 
schweig, 1875. S**. 3593-53 

Walford, Cornelius. On the number of deaths 
from accident, negligence, violence, and misad- 
venture in the United Kingdom and some other 
countries. L., 18S1. [Statistical society.] Sm. 
8°. ■' 3763-67 

Walker, Joseph H. A few facts and sugges- 
tions on money, trade, and banking. B., 1S82 
[1881]. 120. 3659.61 

Wallingford, England. See Hedges. 

Wallon, Henri A. Histoire du tribunal revo- 
lutionaire de Paris, avec le journal de ses 
actes. T. 5. P., 1881. 8\ 4614.56 

Walpole, Spencer. The electorate and the 
legislature. L., 18S1. [The English citizen.] 
Sm. 8^. 2515.50 

Ward, Robert D. An account of La Fayette's 
«isit to Virginia, in 1824-25. With a portr. 
Richmond, 1881. 8". 4375-79 

Washburne, Elihu B. Sketch of Edward 
Cole, second governor of Illinois, and of the 
slavery struggle of 1823-4. Prepared for the 
Chicago historical society. Chicago, 18S2 [1S81]. 
Portr. Fac-simile. S°. 43403.133 ; **434oa.i34 

Washington, George, ^c^" Johnston. 

Water color painting. See Hulme; — Mac- 

Water-supply. See De Ranee. 

Watts, Henry. Dictionary of chemistry and 
the allied branches of other sciences. 3d suppl. 
Pt. 2. L., 18S1. 8°. Bates Hall Desk 

Waugh, Edwin. Besom Ben stories. Man- 
chester [Eng], 18S1. 8°. *2466.53 

— Factory folk during the cotton famine [in 
1862J. Manchester. 1881. Illus. 8". *2466.52 

— Lancashire sketches [1855]. Manchester, 

1881. Portr. 8°. *2466.5i 

— Tufts of heather. [Seven stories.] Man- 
chester, 1881. Plates. Sm. 8°. *2466.54 

Weber, Max M. von. Die Entlastung der Cul- 
turarbeit durch den Dienst der physikalischen 
Krjifte. Berlin, 1S80. 8". No. 16 in *3562.53 

\AAebster, Noah. See Scudder. 

Webster, Wentworth. Spain. With illus. L., 

1882. Maps. [Foreign countries and British 
colonies.] Sm. 8**. 3098.7 

Weigert, Max. Der Volkswirthschaftliche 
Senat. Berlin, 1880. 8°. No. 8 in *3562.53 

\Veimar, Germany. See Kuehn. 

Wellesley, Arthur, duke of Wellington. See 

Wentworth, Erastus. Gilbert Haven : a mono- 
graph. Delivered before the Troy conference, 
April. 1880. N Y., 1881. Portr. "i6». 4449.87 

W^esley, John. Wesley his own historian. 
From his own diaries. Bv Edwin L. James. 
N. Y., 1870. 16°. ' 5558.54 

Westchester co., N. Y. See Bolton, R. 

Westerburg, Eugen. Der Ursprung der Sage, 
dass Seneca Christ gewesen sei. Eine kritische 
Untersuchung nebst einer Rezension des apo- 
kryphen Briefwechsels des Apostels Paulus mit 
Se"^neca. Berlin, 1881. 8°. 2948.50 

Western Pennsylvania hospital, Pittsburgh. 
Annual reports of the managers for 1867-79. 
Pittsburgh, 1868-S0. 8». ♦7807.6 

Westminster abbey. See Stanley. 

Westropp, Hodder M. Pre-historic phases; 
or, introductory essays on ^re-historic archae- 
ology. With illus. L., 1872. 8". 2235.70 

Wey, Francis (A.). Les Anglais chez eux, 
suivi de Hogarth et ses amis, ou Londres au 
sifecle pass^. Nouv. ^d. P., 1876. 16". 2466.60 




Wheat. See Kapp. 

Wheatley, Henry B., and Delamotte, Philip 
H. Art work in earthenware. L., 1882. Illus. 
[Handbooks of practical art.] 8". , 4025.83 

— Art work in gold and silver. Mediaeval. 
L., 1882. Illus. [Handbooks of practical art.] 
8°. 4025.82 

Whedon, Daniel D. The freedom of the will 
as a basis of human responsibility and a divine 
government. N. Y., 1880. 16°. 7604.56 

Wheeler, Ella. Maurine, and other poems. 
Chic , 1882 [1881]. 16". 2404.75 

Wheeler, William A.. Familiar allusions: 
handbook of miscellaneous information, includ- 
ing the names of celebrated statues, paintings, 
palaces, churches, ships, streets, clubs and the 
like. Completed and ed. hy Charles G Wheeler. 
B., 1882. S". *2247.7i ; B. H. Desk, 3A.8 

Whitaker, Joseph. Almanack, 1882. L. [1881.] 
Sm. S'^. *2499a.50 

Whitby abbey, Yorkshire, Eng: Cartularium 
abbathisE de Whiteby ordinis S. Benedicti, fun- 
data; anno mlxxviii. [Vol. i, 2. Edited by 
Rev. John C Atkinson.] Durham, 1879, 81. 
[Surtees society. Publ. Vol. 69, 72.] 8'^ 


White, Richard G. The American view of the 
copyright question. Repr. from the "Broadway 
magazine," May, 1868. With a postscript. N.Y., 
1880. 12°. 3669.57 

Whitehead, William A., ed. Documents re- 
lating to the colonial history of New Jersey. 
[First series.] Vol. i, 2. 1631-1703. Newark, 
1880, 81. 2 V. ■ 8°. *2376.68 

White mountains. 5'eeCeavitt. 

White sea ^'et' Helms ; — Rae. 

Wickes, Charles. Illustrations of the spires 
and towers of the mediiEval churches of Eng- 
land ; preceded by some observations on the 
architecture of the middle ages, and its spire- 
growth. \^Also, Supplemental vol.] L., 1853- 
59 3 V. F". *+*Cab.40.k.i 

Wiedemann, Alfred. Geschichte Aegyptens 
von Psammetich i, bis auf Alexander den Gros- 
sen. Lpz., 1880. 8". 5053-i6 

Wieseler, Friedrich. Theatergebaude und 
Denkmaler des Buhnenwesens bei den Griechen 
und Romern. Mit Kupfertafeln. Gdttingen, 
1851 4°. *296o.66 

\Arild flowers. See Hulme. 

\A^ill, Freedom of. See Whedon. 

Willard, Andrew J. An examination of the 
law of personal rights to discover the principles 
of the law. N. Y., 1882. 80. 3663-15 

Williams, John. The world's witness to Jesus 
Christ. The power of Christianity in develop- 
ing modern civilization. N. Y., 1882. [Bedell 
lecture for i88i.] Sm. 4°. 5444-57 

Wilson, Andrew. Leaves from a naturalist's 
note-book. L., 1882 [i88i]. [The Mayfair li- 
brary.] Sm. 8". 3826.64 

Contents. — Science and crime; Lost and missing; In 
some medical by-ways; At Jilmrach's; Jelly-fishes; Threads 
and thrums in lower life; Whales and their neighbours; 
Food and fasting; .Scientific ghosts; The earliest known 
life-relic ; Skates and rays ; TJie autobiography of a bar- 
nacle; Leaves; The autobiography of a fly; About kanga- 
roos; On giants; The polity of a pond. 

Wilson, Charles T., and Felkin, R. W, 
Uganda and the Egyptian Soudan. L., 1882. 
2 V. Illus, Folded maps. Sm. 8^ 5058.21 

Wine. See Ellis, J. ; — Kerr. 

Wingrave, Marion M. The May blossom ; or 
the princess and her people. From original 
illus. by H. H. Emmerson. With verses by Marion 
M. Wingrave. N. Y. [1882.] 4". ♦2561.76 

Winner, Sep .-' Winner's guitar practice. Vo- 
cal and instrumental. Phila., 1880. 4°. 8052.110 

Wisconsin. State historical society. Cata- 
logue of the library. Vol. 5 (3d suppl.). Pre- 
pared by D. S. Durrie and Isabel Durrie. 
Madison, 1881. 8°. •2203.21 

— State library. Catalogue. 1881. Madison, 
1881. 8". ♦6208.4s 

Wise, John, and Noble, William M. Ramsey 
Abbey, its rise and fall, taken from the " Ramsey 
history or chronicle," and other reliable sources; 
also, an account of the manor and parish since 
the " Dissolution." Huntingdon. [1881.] Illus. 
Sm. 8". »■ 2498.20 

■Wit. See Burton ; — Paley. 

^A^ithe^, George. The hy nines and songs of 
the church. [1623.] Manchester, 1881. [Spen- 
ser soc. Publ.] Sm. 8°, 1. p. ♦♦♦6605.30 

Woburn, Afass. Public library. Annual re- 
port, 17-20, 22, 23. of the library committee. 
Woburn [etc.], 1874-80. 8". ♦6194.26 

Bulletin of accessions, for year ending 

March i, 1880. Woburn. [1880.] 8'. ^6194.25 

Wolzogen, Hans von. Unsere Zeit und unsere 
Kunst. Lpz. [i88i.?I 8°. 2867.65 

Woman. See Hack; — Johnson; — LI., H. ; — 
Mueller, W. . 

— Rights of. See Higginson. 
Wood engraving. See Hindley. 

Woods, Francis H. Sweden and Norway. 
With illus. L., 1882. Maps. [Foreign coun- 
tries and British colonies.] Sm. 8". 2867.66 

Woodward, Annie A. Echoes from mist-land ; 
or the Nibelungen lay revealed to lovers of ro- 
mance and chivalry. By Auber Forestier [pseud. ] . 
Chicago, 1877. 12°. 4874.18 

Woolnough, C. W. The whole art of mar- 
bling as applied to paper, book-edges, etc. With 
illus. L., 1881. Sm. 8". 6116.8 

Woolsey, Theodore D. Divorce and divorce 
legislation, especially in the United States. 2d 
ed., rev. N. Y., 1882. 12°. 5562-74 

Wordsworth, Christopher, bishop of Lincoln. 
A church history. L., 1881, 82. 2 v. Sm. 8". 


Contents.— i. To the council of Nicxa, A.D. 3'S- — 
2. From the council of Nicxa to the council of Constanti- 
nople, A.D. 381. 

Worthington, Arthur M. An elementary 
course of practical physics. L., 1881. Sm. 8". 

Wren, Sir Christopher. See Taylor, A. T. 
Wrotham, England. See Frampton. 

Yale college. See Decrow. 

Yorkshire. See Flower; — Hatton, W. H. 

Yosemite valley. See Bunnell. 

Young men's "Christian associations of the 
United States and British provinces. Proceed- 
ings [etc.] of the i2th-24th annual conventions. 
[Vol. 2-4.] 1867-81. N.Y., 1867-81. 8». ♦7441.7 

Yperman, Jehan. La chirurgie de maitrc 
Jehan Yperman, chirurgicn beige (xiiie-xive 
siecle), publitfe pour la premiere fois d'aprts la 
copie flamande de Cambridge, par M. C. Broeckx. 
26 ^d., orn^e de vignettes gravies sur bois. 
Anvers, 1866. [Acadimie d'arch^ologie de Bel- 
gique.] 8". 3755-66 




Zaccone, Pierre. L'inconnu de Belleville. 
[Roman.] P., i88i. 16°. 6667.7 

Zeller, Eduard. Vortrage und Abhandlungen. 
iste, 2te Sammlung. 2te Aufl. Lpz., 1875, 77- 
2 V. S**. 2894.52 

Zestermann, A. Die Kreuzigung bei den 
Alten. Bruxelles, 1868. [Academic d'archeolo- 
gie de Belgique.] 8". 6232.10 

Zezschwitz, Gerhard von. Das mittelalter- 
liche Drama vom Ende des rdmischen Kaiser- 
thums deutscher Nation und yon der Erscheinung 
des Antichrists. Lpz. [1877.] Fac-simile. S**. 


Zimmer, Heinrich. Altindisches Leben. Die 
Cultur der vedischen Arier. Nach dem Samhita 
dargestellt. Eine vom vierten internationalen 
Orientalistencongress in Florenz gekronte Preis- 
schrift. Berlin, 1879. S°. 3021.52 

Zodiac, See Bunsen. 

Zola, Emile. Documents littdraires. Etudes 
et portraits. P., 1881. 12°. 4662.57 

Contents. — Chateaubriand; V. Hu^o; A. de Musset; T. 
Gautier; Les poetes contemporains ; George Sand; Dumas 
fils; Sninte-Beuve; La critique contempomine; De la mora- 
lite dans la litterature. 

Zoology. See Aristoteles ; — Migne ; — Robin- 


Earlier Publications. 

It has been the custom to print in the Bates Hall List in the Bulletin, with some exceptions, 
only the titles of books published within a few years. More attention than usual has been given 
within a year or two to the purchase from sale catalogues of interesting books, especially English 
books, long published. A special list, selected from the titles of such as have been received since 
January first, is here appended. 

Ackermann, Rudolph, publ. A picturesque 
tour of the English lakes, with accounts of an- 
cient and modern manners and customs, etc. 
lUus. with coloured views by T. H. Fielding and 
J. Walton. L., 1821. 4°. *456o.6 

Aikman, James. Annals of the persecution in 
Scotland [1660-88J. Edinb., 1842. Illus. 8°. 


Atlas, maritime. Recueil de cartes et plans. 
L'Amerique meridionale et ses details. 89 maps. 
4°. *436o.i2 

Three of the maps are dated 1762. They are all num- 
bered Tome 2. The volume number has been erased from 
the title-page and index. The north-west coast line of North 
America is left blank, as being unknown. New Zealand, 
Australia, and Tasmania are connected as if they formed 
one body of land. 

Barnard, George. Switzerland : scenes and 
incidents of travel in the Bernese Oberland, &c 
&c. Drawn from nature and on stone. L., 1843. 
26 plates. Fo. *^*486oa.3 

Bayard, Ferdinand M. Voyage dans I'int^- 
rieur des £tats-Unis, a Bath, Winchester, dans 
la vallee de Shenandoha, etc., pendant I'dt^ de 
1791. P., 1797. 8°. 4466.68 

Bell, Henry N. The Huntingdon peerage ; 
the house of Hastings. L., 1820. Portrs. 4°. 

Beltz, George F. A review of the Chandos 
peerage case, adjudicated 1803, and of the preten- 
sions of Sir S. E. Brydges. L., 1834. 8"- *2437.X7 
Bible. The Holy Bible, with annotations and 
parallel scriptures. Annex'd the harmony of the 
Gospels [etc.]. By Samuel Clark. L., 1690. 
Fo. **74io.58 

A note on the cover says, "The author's copy with nu- 
merous manuscript notes by him," apparently for a second 

— The book of Job paraphras'd. By Symon 
Patrick. L., 1697. Portr. Sm. %^. 7429.67 

— A new translation of the book of Psalms. 
With various readings and notes. By A. Ged- 
des. L., 1807. Sm. 8°. No. i in '7440.55 

There is a notice of this translation in Cotton's " Rhemes 
and Doway. Oxford, 1855," p. 70 [21S1.6], where it is stated 
that it is of " extreme rarity. The whole impression seems 
to have been bought up anH made away with; for a copy is 
scarcely ever to be seen in the public market." 

Bible, continued. 

— Part of the harmony of king Davids harp. 
Conteining the first 21 psalmes. Briefly & 
learnedly expounded byD. Victorinus Strigelius. 
Tr. byR. Robinson. L.", I5[S2]. Sm.40. **7444.59 

The title-page is mutilated. The above date is from 

— An exposition of Salomons booke, called 
Ecclesiastes or the preacher. L., 1573. Sm. 8''. 


— Song of songs : or sacred idyls. Tr., with 
notes. ByJ. M. Good. L., 1803.' Sm. 8°. 

No. 2 in *7440-55 

— Daniel his Chaldie visions and his Ebrcw : 
tr. after the original : and expounded by reduc- 
tion of heathen most famous stories vnto the 
exact proprietie of his wordes, and by ioyning all 
the Bible, and learned tongues to the frame of 
his worke. [By Hugh Broughlon.] L., 1596. 

Plates. Sm. 4°. 


— A catholike and ecclesiasticall exposition of 
the holy Gospell after S. lohn. Gathered out of 
all the singuler and approued Deuines. by Augus- 
tine Marlorate. Tr. out of Latin by Thomas 
Timme. L., 1575. Sm. f° (6). ' **54ii.64 

Bluett, Thomas. Some memories of the life 
of Job, son of the high priest of Bonda in Africa; 
who was a slave in Maryland. L., 1734. Sm. 8^. 


Blumhardt, Christian G. Versuch einer alige- 
meinen Missionsgeschichte der Kirche Christi. 
Basel, 1828-37. 3 V. in 5. 16". 3538.66 

Boehme, Jacob. Works of Jacob Behmen. the 
Teutonic theosopher. Prefixed his life. With 
figures, illustrating his principles, left by W. 
Law. L., 1744-81. 4 V. 4". 5491.50 

Broughton, Hugh. A reqvire of agreement to 
the groundes of divinitie studie : wherein great 
scholers falling, & being caught of lewes dis- 
grace the gospel : & trap them to distruction. By 
H. B. N. p., 1611. Sm. 4°. •*7444.6a 

Brudenell, James T., 7th earl of Cardigan. 
Trial for felony, before the House of peers, i6th 
Feb., 1841. L., 1841. 8°. '»768oa.4 

Charged with wounding; in a duel one Ca_t. Harvey Gar- 
nett Phipps Tuckett. ^ 



Brydges, Sir Samuel E. Memoirs of the peers 
of England. During the reign of James the first. 
[Ahou.] L., 1802. Portrs. 8°. 6544.77 

Buc'hoz, Pierre J., 1731-1807. Premiere [et 
seconde] centurie de planches repr^sentant au 
naturel ce qui se trouve de plus int^ressant et de 
plus curieux parmi les animaux, les vegetaux et 
lesmineraux. P. [etc.], 1775-81. 2 v. F^. *58io.4 

" Tous les oiivrag^es de Buc'hoz forment plus de 300 vol., 
dont 95 in-fol. " — Nohv. biog. universelU, 

Buffon, Georges L. L., comte de. Natural his- 
tory, general and particular, illus. with above 600 
copper plates. The history of man and quadru- 
peds tr., with notes and observations, by W. 
Smellie. New ed. and enl. by W. Wood. L., 
1812. 20 V. Portr. 8". 58103.26 

Contents. — i, 2. Theory of the earth. — 3. History of 
man. — 4-10. History of quadrupeds. — 11-20. History of 

Caussin de Perceval, Armand P. Examen 
d'une lettre de F. Fresnel sur I'histoire des 
Arabes avant rislamisme. [P., 1837.] [Extrait 
du Journal asiatique, 3e serie.] 8°. 3028.9 

Gavelet, William. Select specimens of Gothic 
architecture, comprising the most approved ex- 
amples in England. 2d ed. L., 1839. 80 plates. 
4°. *8o9i.53 

Charles I, king^ of Great Britain. (iaai'AiKa. 
The workes of king Charles, the martyr : with a 
collection of declarations, treaties, and other pa- 
pers concerning the differences betwixt his said 
majesty and parliament. L., 1663. 2 v. in i. 
F°. **6520.36 

Charles II, kinj^ of Great Britain. Account 
of the preservation of king Charles 11 after the 
battle of Worcester, drawn up by himself. 
Added his letters to several persons. [Ed. by 
D. Dalrymple.] L., 1766. 8°. *6542.65 

Chronicle of London, from 1089 *^o ^483) writ- 
ten in the 15th century, and for the first time 
prihted. Added, illustrations, consisting of royal 
letters [etc. Ed. by Ed. Tyrrell]. L., 1827. Fac- 
simile. 4°, 1. p. 4530.6 

Clark, Rev. Samuel, of Bennet-Fink. Amirrour 
or looking-glasse both for saints, and sinners, held 
forth in some thousands of examples. Collected 
out of the most classique authors, both ancient 
and modern. Added a geographical description 
of the world : as also the wonders of God in na- 
ture, and the rare, and costly works made by 
man. 3d ed., enl. L., 1657. Engr. t. p. Portr. 

4°- *5440-53 

Colman, Benjamin. Some observations on the 
new method of receiving the small-pox by in- 
grafting or inoculating. B., 1721. 16°. 

No. I in **H. 97.67 

Complete collection of state-trials, and pro- 
qeedings for high-treason, and other crimes and 
misdemeanours ; from the reign of king Richard 
II to the end of the reign of king George i 
[1377-1727]. 2d ed., with great additions. L., 
1730. 6v. 4°. *7690.6 

Cooper, William. A reply to the objections 
made against the small pox in the way of inocu- 
lation, from principles of conscience. By a 
minister in Boston. B., 1730. 16°. 

No. 2 in ♦♦H. 97.67 

Cruttwell, Clement. Concordance of parallels, 
collected from Bibles and commentaries pub- 
lished in Hebrew, Latin, French, and other lan- 
guages. L., 1790. 40. *7420.i3 


Dalrymple, Johanna G. Report of the judg- 
ment delivered in the Consistorial court of Lon- 
don, i6th of July, 1811, by Sir William Scott, in 
the cause of Dalrymple the wife, against Dal- 
rymple the husband. With an appendix. By 
John Dodson. L., 181 1. 8°. *7687.i6 

Discusses the Scottish law in regard to marriage. 

Davies, Mrs. Christian. Life and adventures 
of Mrs. Christian Davies, commonlj' called 
Mother Ross; who [served] in several cam- 
paigns under King William and the late Duke 
of Marlborough. L., 1740. 8". *6544.74 

Davis, William. A second journey round the 
library of a bibliomaniac. L., 1825. 8°. ♦2192.16 

Defense de Sir Joseph Yorke, ambassadeur 
d'Angleterre. N. p., 1779. 8°. No. 2 in ***6628.54 

Dionysius Periegetes. Dionysivs Lybicvs poetu 
De sitv habitabilis orbis a Simone Lemnio poeta 
lavreato nvper Latinvs factvs. Venitiis, 1543. 
16". 4979.18 

Duch6, Jacob. Caspipina's letters; contain- 
ing observations on a variety of subjects. Writ- 
ten by a gentleman who resided some time in 
Philadelphia. Added the life and character of 
W. Penn. Dublin, 1792. 2 v. in i. 8°. *4375.77 

The life of Penn .innexed to this edition of Duch^ was 
written by Edmund Rack, and the whole work was edited 
by him. — Sab in. 

Dupin, Francois P. C, baron. Essai histo- 
rique sur les services et les travaux scicntifiques 
de Gaspard Monge. P., 1819. Portr. 4°. 3911.56 

Dying speeches. The, and behaviour of the sev- 
eral state prisoners that have been executed the 
last 300 years. With their several characters. 
Being a Supplement to the State tryals. L , 1720. 
Sm. 8°. ' *7687.I9 

Englefield, Sir Henry. [Vases from his col- 
lection, drawn and eng. by H. Moses. L. [1819, 
20.] 39 plates. Portr. 8°. ' *8o63.58 

Estienne, Henri. Traict^ de la comformit^du 
language fran^ois avec le grec. Avec vne pre- 
face remonstrant quelque partie du desordre & 
abus qui se commet auiourdhuy en I'vsage de la 
langue fran9oise. [Geneve, H. Estienne. 1565 .>] 
16°. »^*2689.i8 

The first edition, containing pass.-igcs suppressed in the 
second edition of 1569. 

Ferraris, Joseph, comte de. Carte chorogra- 
phique des Pays-Bas autrichiens. Grav^ par L. A. 
Dupuis. N. p., 1777. In 25 sheets. Scale. 1143 
toises (or 7308 ft) to i inch. L. f". *#*F.5.3 

The parts when joined would make a map 109^X146) 
inches. One of the parts is a Plan topographique de la ville 
de Bruxelles etde ses environs, on a scale of 67.6 toises (or 
432-I- feet) to 1 inch. 

Fischer, Christian A. A picture of Madrid : 
taken on the spot. Tr. from the German. L., 
i8o8. Sm. 8°. 5099-a9 

Gallesio, Giorgio. Traits du citrus. P., 1811. 
8°. 5996" 

Geddes, Alexander. Address to the public on 
the publication of the first volume of his new 
tr. of the Bible. L., 1793. 4°. No. 4 in •5411.6a 

— General answer to the queries, counsils [«Vr] 
and criticisms submitted to him since the publi- 
cation of his proposals for printing a new tr. of 
the Bible. L., 1790. 4°. No. 3 in •5411.6a 

— Letter to Rev. John Douglass, bishop of 
Centuriae. L., 1794- 4"- No. 5 in ♦5411.6a 

— Letter to the bishop of London, conUming 
queries [etc.] relative to a vernacular version of 
the Scriptures. L., 1787. 4°- No. a in ♦5411.6a 




Geddes, Alexander, continued. 

— Prospectus of a new translation of the Bible. 
Glasgow, 1786. 4°. No. I in *54ii.62 

Geoffrey of Moyimouth. Galfredi Monumeten- 
sis historia Britonum. Ed. J. A. Giles. L., 
1844. 8°. No. I in **45i3.i3 

Gillespie, Alexander. Gleanings and remarks : 
collected at Buenos Avres, and within the upper 
country. Leeds, 1818. Map. Chart. 8". 4365.62 

Grove, Joseph. The lives of all the earls and 
dukes of Devonshire, descended from Sir W. 
Cavendish. Added, account of the High court of 
chancery. L., 1764. Portr. Sm. 8". 6544.78 

Hankin, Ralph B. Account of the public char- 
ities of the town of Bedford [England], etc. 
Bedford, 1828. 8°. , *2495.58 

Heath, Robert. Clarastella; with Poems oc- 
casional, Elegies, Epigrams, Satyrs. L., 1650. 
24°. *6563'.63 

The first three leaves are supplied, in manuscript. Con- 
tains a manuscript note by Alexander Dyce. 

Hill, Aaron. A full and just account of the 
present state of the Ottoman empire. L., 1709. 
lllus. Portr. Sm. P. *5o8o.6 

Historical and genealogical account of the Clan 
Maclean. L., 1838. Sm. 8°. *2436.57 

Honest Welch-cobler, The, for her do scorne 
to call herselfe the simple Welch-cobler: al- 
though her thinkes in all her consciences [etc.]. 
By Shinkin ap Shone, ap Griffith, ap Gearard, 
ap Shiles [etc.], all shentlemen in Wales. Pr. 
by M. Shinkin, and are to be sold at the signe of 
the Goat on the Welch Mountaine. 1647. Sm. 4". 


Home, Henry,//-. The citizen of nature, in a 
series of letters from an American Indian, in 
London, to his friend at home. L., 1823. 12°. 


Hunter, Joseph. Collections concerning the 
early history of the founders of New Plymouth, 
the first colonists of New England. L., 1S49. 
120. 4319-87 

Kelly, James. A complete collection of Scot- 
ish proverbs explained and made intelligible to 
the English reader. L., 1721. 8". *657ob.67 

King, Edward, viscount Kingsborough. An- 
tiquities of Mexico : comprising fac-similes of 
ancient Mexican paintings and hieroglyphics pre- 
served in the royal libraries of Paris [etc.]. With 
The monuments of New Spain, by M. Dupaix, 
lllus. by inedited manuscripts, by Lord Kings- 
borough. With drawings on stone, by A. Aglio. 
L., 1831, 48. 9 V. F°. **A.2io.5 

Vol. 1-4, Colored plates; vol. 5-9, Text. 

King's commission of the peace, etc. W^hole 
proceedings on the King's commission of the 
peace, oyer and terminer, and gaol delivery for 
the city of London, and for the county of Mid- 
dlesex, held in the Old Bailey. Taken'in short- 
hand by Joseph Gurney [etc.]. L., 1777-1825. 
24 V. 80. *7062.20 

Kingsborough. Ste King. 

Laet, Joannes de. Joannis de Laet Antwerpi- 
ani Notae ad dissertationem Hugonis Grotii de 
origine gentium Americanarum : etobservationes 
aliquot ad meliorem indaginem difficillimse illius 
quaestionis. Amstelodami, apud L. Elzevirium. 
1643. 16°. No. 2 in *44i9a.40 

" Refutes the arguments of Hugjo Grotius, who contro- 
verted the theory of the Scythian descent of the American 
Indians. On the ruins of his antagonist's theoretic struct- 
tures, Laet erected a hypothetical edifice quite as frail." — 
Field's Indian Bibliography. 


Laet, Joannes de, continued. 

— loannis de Laet Antwerpiani Responsio ad 
dissertationem secundam Hvgonis Grotii, de 
origine gentium Americanarum. Cum indice ad 
utrumque libellum. Amstelrodami, apud L. El- 
sevirium. 1644. 16°. No. i in '"44193.40 

Laud, William. The history of the troubles 
and tryal of William Laud, lord archbishop of 
Canterbury. Wrote by himself, during his im- 
prisonment in the Tower. Prefixed the diary of 
his own life. Subjoined a supplement. L., 1695. 
Portr. Sm. f . *6540.i6 

Le Geay, Giovanni L. [Twenty-four plates, 
signed J. L. Le Geay in v. et sculps. 1768.^] 4°. 


The plates seem to be largely from his Vasi, the engraved 
title-page of which is one of the plates. Besides this there 
are also engraved title-pages as follows : Torabeaux inven- 
tione di G. L. Le Geay architet, intagliate da lui stesso in 
luce 176S; Rovine inventione [etc.], 176S; Fontane par 
I'aqua [etc.], 1767. 

Linschoten, Jan H. van. Itinerarivm, ofle 
schip-vaert naer oost ofte Portugaels Indien [etc.] . 
Van nieus ghecorrigeert. T'Amstelredam, 1623. 
Folded maps. Sm. f'* (6). No. i in **626o.57 

Mannikintown, Va. Register containing the 
baptisms made in the church of the French refu- 
gees at Mannikintown, in 1721. N. t. p« N. p., 
n. d. Fo. *4334-50 

Marais, Mathieu. Histoire de la vie et des 
ouvrages de M. [Jean] de La Fontaine. P., 
181 1. 24°. 66493.54 

Marshman, James. Elements of Chinese 
grammar, with a dissertation on the characters, 
and the colloquial medium of the Chinese, and 
an appendix containing the Ta-Hyoh of Confu- 
cius, with a translation. Serampore, 1814. 4°. 


Martin, Gregory. A discovery of the manifold 
corruptions of the Holy Scriptvres by the here- 
tikes of our dales, specially the English secta- 
ries [etc.]. Rhemes, 1582. Sm. 8°. ♦6189.13 

Mather, Samuel. A funeral discourse preached 
on the occasion of the death of Frederick Lewis, 
prince of Great Britain. B., 1751. 8°. ♦♦H.97.68 

Mathieu, Abel. Devis de la langve fran<;oise, 
fort exqvis, et singvlier. Auecques vn autre 
deuis, & propos touchant la police, & les estatz. 
Faictz et composez par A. M. sieur des Mdysta- 
dieres. P., 1572. 16°. "**G.309.39 

Miller, Charles. [Receiving book for Nov., 
1775, kept by Charles Miller, commissary, at 
Cambridge, Mass.] ms. Sm. f". **G.3i.23 

Acknowledgments of the receipt of provisions from Jo- 
seph Trumbull, Commissary general, and others. 

Milton, John. Joannis Miltoni Angli Pro po- 
pulo Anglicano defensio contra Claudii anonymi, 
alias Salmasii Defensionem regiam. Ed. emen- 
datior. L., 165 1. F°. **6520.37 

Molina, Juan I. Compendio de la histori* 
geogrdfica, natural y civil del reyno de Chile, 
escrito in italiano. Primera parte traducida en 
espafiol por D. J. de Arquellada Mendoza. [Se- 
gunda parte por N. de la Cruz y Bahamonde.] 
Madrid, 1788, 95. 2 v. Portr. Folded map. 
Sm. 4». *43i8.63 

Montanus, Arnoldus (van Bergen, or van der 
Berg). Atlas Japannensis : being remarkable 
addresses by way of embassy from tlijp East-India 
company of the United Provinces to the emperor 
of Japan. Containing a description of their 
several territories, cities [etc.], with the character 
of the ancient and modern Japanners. Collected 


Montanus, Arnoldus, continued. 
out of their several writings and journals bv 
Arnoldus Montanus. English'd and adorn'd 
with above a hundred several sculptures, by John 
Ogiiby. L., 1670. 4°. *50io.i8 

Movers, Franz C. Das Opferwesen der Kar- 
thager. Commentar zur Opfertafel von Marseille. 
Breslau. 1847. 16''. 5058.14 

Naunton, Sir Robert. The court of queen 
Elizabeth : originally written bj' Sir Robert 
Naunton, under the title of " Fragmenta regalia." 
With biographical additions, by J. Caulfield. L., 
1814. Portrs. 40. *654i.6i 

Nicolas, Sir Nicholas Harris, ed. A journal 
by one of the suite of Thomas Beckington, during 
an embassy to negociate a marriage between 
Henrj' vi and a daughter of the count of Armag- 
nac. "1442. L., 1828. 8". 4542.56 

Nieuhoff, or Neuhoff, Johan. Embassy from 
the East-India company of the United Provinces, 
to the Grand Tartar Cham emperor of China 
delivered by P. de Goyer and J. de Keyzer. 
Wherein the cities, towns, etc. in their passages 
from Canton to Peking are described by J. Nieuv- 
hoff. Also an epistle of John Adams concerning 
the whole negotiation. With an appendix of 
several remarks taken out of Athanasius Kircher. 
English'd, and set forth with their several sculpt- 
ures, by John Ogiiby. 2ded L.,1673. F". *5oio.i7 

Sec Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 7, p. 231 [2260.13.7]. 

Nuova raccolta di cento principali vedute an- 
tiche e moderne dell' alma citta' di Roma e delle 
sue vicinanze disposte secondo il metodo dell' 
Itinerariodi Roma. Roma, 1796. 8"^, obi. *475i.5 

Nuttall, Thomas. The genera of North Ameri- 
can plants, and a catalogue of the species, to the 
year 1817. Phila., 181S. 2 v. in i. 12°. 5849.32 

Ogiiby, John, 1600-1676. Africa: being an 
accurate description of the regions of Egypt, 
Barbary, Lybia, and Billedulgerid, the land of 
negroes, Guinee [etc.]. With their customs, 
modes, and manners [etc.]. Collected and tr. 
from most authentick authors, and augmented 
with later observations. Illus. with notes, and 
adorned with peculiar maps, and proper sculpt- 
ures. L., 1670. F". •. *5070.3 

— Asia, the first part being an accurate descrip- 
tion of Persia, and the several provinces thereof. 
The vastempire of the great Mogol, and other parts 
of India : and their several kingdoms and regions : 
with the denominations and descriptions of the 
cities [etc.]. Collected and tr. from most au- 
thentick authors. Illus. with notes, and adorn'd 
with peculiar maps and proper sculptures. L., 
1673. Fo. * 5070.4 

drme, William. Bibliotheca biblica : a select 
list of books on sacred literature; with notices. 
Edinb., 1824. 8°. '^6185.15 

Oscar II, king of Sweden and Nortvay. On 
punishments and prisons. Tr. from the 2d 
Swedish ed., by A. May. L., 1842. Plates. 8°. 


Paulinus a Sancto Bartolomeo, Johann P. 
Wesdin, called. Monumenti indici del Museo 
Naniano illustrati dal P. Paolino da S. Bartolo- 
meo. Padova, MDCCic. Plate. 4". No. 2 {0*6231.4 

— Mumiographia Musei Obiciani exarata. 
Patavii, M.DCC.ic. Plate. 4°. No. i in '^6231.4 

Pauw, Cornells. Selections from Les re- 
cherches philosophiques sur les Am^ricains of 
M. Pauw. By Mr. W**-*. Bath, 1789. Sm. 8°. 



Peacock, Thomas L. Rhododaphne: or the 
Thessalian spell. A poem. [^«o«.] L., 1818. 

Sm. 8«. 'esee-is 

Pemberton, Thomas. An historical journal of 
the American war, 1765-84. B., 1793. 8". *44i2.65 

Peoples, The, antient and just liberties asserted, 
in the tryal of William Penn, and William Mead, 
at the Old-Baily, Sept. [i6]7o. L., 1682. Sm. 4°. 

No. I in **H.94.38 

Peoples, The, antientand just libertiesasserted, 
second part, in the proceedings against, and 
tryals of T. Rudyard, F. Moor, R. Mew, R. May- 
feild. [etc.]. At the Old Bailey, [June, July] 
1670. [L. .?] 1670. Sm. 40. No. 2 in •♦H. 94.38 

Peyr6, J. F. A. Manuel d'architecture religi- 
euse au moyen ^ge, rdsum^ de la doctrine des 
meilleurs auteurs. 2e ed., enrichie de figures 
explicatives par Tony Desjardins. P., 1848. 24 
plates. 12". 8099.9 

Pezerols, — de. La noblesse militaire et 
commer^ante ; en r^ponse aux objections failes 
par I'auteur de la Noblesse militaire. Par I'abb^ 
de **"'. Amsterdam, 1756. 24°. •6639.31 

Philip V, kitig of Spain. His Catholick 
Majesty's manifesto, justifying his conduct in 
relation to the late convention. With his reasons 
for not paying the ninety-five thousand pounds. 
\^Frenc/i and English.'] L., 1739. 8". 5096.29 

Philips, Miles. Voyages and adventures of 
Miles Philips, a West-country sailor. Written 
by himself in the plain stile of an English sailor. 
L., 1724. 24° 62693.58 

These voyages purport to have taken place during the 
reign of Elizabeth. 

Phillips, Charles. The lament of the Emerald 
isle. [Poem.] 7th ed., with additions. L., 
1818. 8°. No. 5 in •»*6562,7 

On the death of the Princess Charlotte Augusta, dauj^hter 
of George iv. 

Purchas, Samuel. A theatre of politicall fly- 
ing-insects. Wherein especially the nature, 
the worth [etc.] of right-ordering of the bee i« 
discovered and described. Annexed mecjilations, 
and observations theological, and moral, in three 
centuries, upon that subject. L., 1657. S*"- 4"' 


Raccolta di no. 40 vedute antiche e moderne 
della citta di Roma e sue vicinanze, incise dn 
Morel, Acquaroni, Parboni, edallri celebri bulini. 
Roma, n. d. 4", obi. *4750-57 

Retz (de Rochefort), — . Fragments sur 
I'eldctricit^humaine. Amsterdam, 1785. Sm.u'. 

No. 2 in •7779- 13 

Roger, Charles. A collation of the principal 
English translations of the Sacred Scriptures. 
With an historiial account ofthe English versions, 
and of the more ancient Mss. and editions. With 
memoirs of the principal translators. L., 1847. 
Plate. 4°. 54". 63 

Four versions of the Old Testament are compared, tho»e 
of John Rogers, of the bishops, the Genevan and Kln» 
James, and six of the New Testament, tho»c of %\ iclif, i>f 
Rogers, the Roman catholic version, the Genevan, King 
James and of Gilbert Wakefield. 

Rogers, Woods. Voyage autour du monde, 
1708-1711. Trad, de I'anglois. Oil Ton a joint 
quelques pieces curieuses touchant la riviire des 
Amazones & la Guiane. Amsterdam, 1716. 2 v. 
Illus. Maps. I2». 62690.59 

The Piices curieuses are a Relation de la rlviire des Ama- 
zones, trad, par M. de Gombervillc lur foriginal e.pagnol 
du P. Christophle d'Acugna, and lournal du voyage que les 
" pdres Jean GriUet et Francois Bechamel onl faU dan» la 
Goyane en 1674. 




Schneider, Gottlieb C. W. Das attische 
Theatervvesen. Mit einer Abbildung. Weimar, 
1S35. 16". 4969.21 

Scott, Sir Walter. The border antiquities of 
England & Scotland. [^Anon.'\ L., n. d. 2 v. 
Illus. 4°. ***457i.58 

The plates are dated from iSia to 1S16. See Bohn's 
Lowndes, p. 3227. 

Several treaties of peace and commerce con- 
cluded between the late king [Charles 11] de- 
ceased, and other princes and states [1667-16S2]. 
L., 1686. Sm. 40. No. I in *^,*65i7.40 

Siddons, Henry. Practical ilTustrations of rhe- 
torical gesture and action ; adapted to the English 
drama: from a work by M. Engel. With en- 
gravings expressive of the various passions, and 
representing the modern costume of the London 
theatres. 2d ed. L., 1822. 8". *5594.6i 

Simon, Richard, 1638-1712. Critical en- 
quiries into the various editions of the Bible. 
With animadversions upon a small treatise of 
Isaac Vossius, concerning the oracles of the 
sibylls ; and an answer to the objections of the 
late Critica sacra. Written originally in Latin 
by Father Simon of the Oratory. Tr. bv N. S. 
L., 1684. Sm. 40. **6i82.3 

Smith, John S. Mirabeau : a life-history. 
[Anon.} L., 1848. 2 v. Portrs. Sm. 8". 6647.28 

Steinman, George S. A history of Croydon 
[England]. L., 1834. Illus. 8". ' *2507.i9 

Stoughton, John. Notices of Windsor, in the 
olden time. L. [1844.] Plate. Sm. 8*'. 2498.24 

Tennent, Gilbert. Twenty three sermons upon 
the chief end of man. The divine authority' of 
the Scriptures, the being and attributes of God, 
and the doctrine of the Trinity, preach'd at Phila- 
delphia, 1743. Phila., 1744. Sm. 4°. **7444.6o 

Thomas, Francis S. A history of the State 
paper office ; with a view of the documents there- 
in deposited. L , 1849. 8". *70i8.54 

Traitez de paix conclus entre S. M. le roy de 
France et les Indiens du Canada. P., 1667. 4°. 


Tucker, Josiah. The notions of Mr. Locke, 
and his followers, that all civil governments what- 
ever, not founded on the personal choice of the 
governed, are so many usurpations on the un- 
alienable rights of mankind, considered and 
examined. [Glocester, Eng., 1778.] 4°. 


Vane, Charles W., marquess of Londonderry. 
A steam voyage to Constantinople, by the Rhine 
and the Danube, in 1840-41, and to Portugal, 
Spain, &c , in 1839. Annexed the author's cor- 
respondence with Prince Metternich, lords Pon- 
sonby, Palmerston, &c. ' L., 1842. 2 v. Portrs. 
8». 5084.24 

Vasconcellos, Simao de. Noticias cvriosas. e 
necessarias das covsas do Brasil. Lisboa, 1668. 
Sm. 4". *43 18.64 

Vertot d'Aubeuf, Rend A. de. The history 
of the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jeru- 
salem, styled afterwards the Knights of Rhodes, 
and at present the Knights of Malta. Tr. from 
the FVench. Edinb., 1770. 5 v. 12°. *6239.ii 

Vidal, E. E. Picturesque illustrations of 
Buenos Ayres and Monte Video, consisting of 
24 views, with descr. L., 1820. 4°. *436o.ii 

Villagutierre Sotomayor, Juan de. Ilistoria 
de la conquista de la provincia de el Itza, re- 
dvccion, y progressos de la de el Lacandon, y 
otras nacionCs de Indios barbaros, de la mediacion 
de el reyno de Gvatimala, a las provincias de 
Yvcatan. Primera parte. [ Colophon : — Madrid, 
M.DCCi.] Plate. Sm. P. **43ioa.i37 

The second part was never published. — Sah'dy Mallen. 

Voltaire, Francois M. A. de. La philosophic 
de I'histoire, par feu Mr. I'abbe Bazin [pseud.'\. 
Amsterdam, 1765. 8°. 6304.12 

Whewell, William. Of induction, with es- 
pecial reference to J. Stuart Mill's System of 
logic. L., 1849. Sm. 8«. 7608,67 

Whiter, Walter. Etymologicon universale; 
or, universal etymological dictionary: on a new 
plan. In which it is shewn that consonants are 
alone to be regarded in discovering the affinities 
of words; that languages contain the same fun- 
damental idea, and that they are derived from the 
earth, etc. With illustrations drawn from various 
languages. Camb., 1822. 2 v. 4°. ♦4951.50 

Willet, Andrew. Ecclesia trivmphans : the 
joy of the English chvrch, for the happie corona- 
tion of James, king of England. With a briefe 
exposition of the 122 P.-^alme, etc. [Anon.} 2d 
ed. Camb., 1614. Sm. f''(6). No. 4 in **54ioa.57 

Wills, James. Lives of illustrious and dis- 
tinguished Irishmen. Portrs. Dublin [etc.], 
1842, 47. 6 v. 8°. 6545.62 

Yorke, Joseph, baron Dover, d. 1792. Me- 
moire present^ par M. le Chevalier Yorke am- 
bassadeur & plenipotentiaire de sa majeste le ro| 
de la Grande Bretagne a leurs hautes puissances 
les Etats gdnerauxdes Provinces Unies des Pais- 
Bas, le 9avril, 1779. [French and Dutch.'\ N. p, 
[1779.] 8° No, I in *^,*6628.54 

Zoepfl, Heinrich, Historical essay upon the 
Spanish succession. Tr. from the French version 
of M. le baron de Billing, by C. T. O'G. L., 
1840. 8". 5096.50 

Zurlauben, Bdat F. A.J. D,, baron de La Tour 
Chdtillon de. Tableaux topographiques, pitto- 
resques, moraux, politiques, littdraires, de la 
Suisse. P., 1780, 86. 2 v., text; 2 v., plates. 
F°. *486oa.4 





Abbreviations : — BrI., Brighton; Chn., Ch;irlesto\vn ; I>or., Dorchester; E. B., East Boston; J. P., Jamaica 
Plain; Rox., Roxbury; S. B., Stuith Boston; S. K., South End. Shelf-numbers without these abbreviations indicate 
books in the Lower Hall of the Central Library. 

Central Library Books can be applied for at the several Branches and Deliver- 
ies^ and, if they are on the shelves^ they -will be sent to the Branch or Delivery the 
same or following day. 

Abbott, Benj. V. Judge and jury. Dor. 396.6 
Abbott, Edward. Out doors at Long Look. 

A story for boys and girls. Witli illus. 1747.13 
— A trip Eastward. A book for boys and 

girls. With illus. Dor. 152.33 

Abbott, Jacob. Rollo learning to talk. 440.32 
About, Edmund (F. V.) The round of wrong. 

A romance of to-day. Tr. by L. Wraxall. 1474.3 
Another translation, under the title " Germaine," may be 

found on shelf-number 1444.6. 

Account, An, of the second re-union of the 
graduates of the Training field school, Charles- 
town, Jan. 18, 1882. {Cui from The New enter- 
prise, Jan., 1882.) Chn. 5226.21 

Adam Stwin, pseud. See Richardson, James. 

Adams, Henry C. The Winborough boys; or 
Ellerslie park. J. P. 335.15 

Adams, VV. H. Davenport. The Eastern archi- 

pelago. With illus. 

Aimard, Gustave. [Romans.] 

— L'Araucan. 

— Balle-Franche. 

— Les Bohemes de la mer. 

— La castille d'or. 

— Les chasseurs d'abeilles. 

— Les chasseurs mexicains. 

— Le cceur de pierre. 

— Curumiila. 

— L'eclaireur. 

— La fievre d'or. 

— Les fils de la tortue. 
dienne au Chili. 

— Le forestier. 

— La foret vierge. 3 v. 

Contents. — i. Fanny Dayton, 
vautour fauve. 

S. E. 3836 
Namely : — 

Scenes de la vie in- 

-3. Le desert. — 3. Le 

— Les Gambucinos. 2071.24 

— Le grand chef des Aucas. 2 v. 2070.22 

— La grande flibuste. 2071.25 

— Le Guaranis. 2070.24 

— Le lion du desert. Scfenes de la vieindienne 
dans les prairies. 2071.27 

— Le Montonero. 2070.27 
Contents, — i. Les Pincheyras. — 3. Le Montonero. 

— Les nuits mexicaines. 2071.28 

— Les outlaws du Missouri. 2071.29 

— Le roi des placferes d'or. 2070.28 

— Rosas. 2070.29 

— Sacramenta. 2070.30 

— Lesscalpeurs blancs. Le sacripant. 2071.31 

— Les Titans de la mer. 2071.32 

— Les trappeurs de I'Arkansas. 2070.31 

— Valentin Guillois. 2070.32 

— Une vendetta mexicaine. 2071.33 

— Zeno Cabral. 2071.34 

Aimard, Gustave, and Crisafulli, Henri. 
Les invisibles de Paris. [Romans.] Namely: — 

— La cigale. 2070.37 

— Les compagnons de la lune. 2070.39 

— Le comte de Warrens. 2070.40 

— Hermosa. 2071.26 

— Passe-partout. 2071.30 
Ainger, Alfred. Charles Lamb. [English 

men of letters.] 1544.50; Chn. 2616.19 

Rox. 1023.23; S. B. 68.34; S. E. 198.6 
Alcott, Louisa M. Moods. A novel. 

Dor. 415.22; J. P. 424.28; Uox. 2423.17 

S.B. 219.34; S- E. 5273' 

Alden, Isabella M. (^Pansy.) Ester Ried : asleep 

and awake. 1461.9 

— The hall in the grove. 1460.24; Chn. 2187.9 

Dor. 415.11 ; Rox. 2423.15; S. B. 275.52 

S. E. 5093 

— A new graft on the family tree. 149' -3 

Rox. 2423.14 

— What she said : and what she meant, and 
People who haven't time and can't afford it. 

Bri. 35130 

Aldrich, Thomas B. Friar Jerome's Beautiful 

book, etc. [Poems.] S. E. 59.3 

Alexander, Mrs., pseud. See Hector, Annie F. 

American almanac for 1882. Ed. by A. R. 

Spofford. Bri. 116.65 ; Chn. 1435a ; l>or. 285.2 

E. B. 79.18; J. P. R. R.,E. 7; Rox. 1728.2 

S. B. R. R. Desk, 190 ; S. E. Rcf. Lib. 34 

Amory, Martha B. The domestic and artistic 

life of J. S. Copley. Portr. Rox. 5024.13 

Argles, M. Faith and unfaith. A novel. By 

the author of "Phyllis." i44i-33; Chn. 2187.8 

Dor. 415.20; E. B. 316.25; J. P. 624.27 

Rox. 2423.13 ; S. B. 283.50; S. E. 454-26 

— Mrs Geoffrey. [Fiction.] 1416.13 ;Dor.3i9-27 

J. P. 822.17; Rox. 2317.28; S. B. 285.55 

Armand, pseud. See Strubbcrg, Friedrich A. 

Arnold, Matthew. Poems. New ed. 1897.16 

Arnold, William T. The Roman system of 
provincial administration to the accession of 
Constantine the great. E. B. 208.31 

Arrom, Cecilia Boehl de. (Fernan Ctballero.) 

Spanish fairv tales. Tr. by J. H. Ingram. IIUik. 

' 1416.16 

Artistic amusements : being instructions for a 
variety of art work for home employment [etc]. 
Illus ' 1204.24 

Auerbach, Berthold. Dichter und Kaufmann. 
Ein Lebensgemalde aus der Zeit Moses MendcU- 
sohns. 2 v. in i. 1037.4 

Auton, C, pseud. Sec Hoppm, Augustus. 

Ayres, Alfred, pseud. See Osmun, Thomas E. 

Bagehot, Walter. The English constitution, 
and other political essays. Rox. 5836-23 




Bain, Alexander. John Stuart Mill. A criti- 
cism : with recollections. I537'9 
Baker, George M. , comp. The reading club and 
hand_y speaker, No. lo. 1367.16.10; Chn. 5116.10 
J. P. 1816.13; Rox. 1538.13; S. B. 48.21 
Baker, Henry B. English actors from Shake- 
speare to Macready. 2 v. [Amateur ser.] 

S. E. 163.10 
Balch, William S. A peculiar people. 1416.15 

A story descriptive of life in Syria. 

Ballou, Maturin M., compile}-. Pearls of 

thought. Bri. 113.107; Chn. 5427.20 

J. P. 1537-7; S. B. 3946; S. E. 48.28 

Barbauld, Anna L. Works. With a memoir, 
by Lucy Aikin. 2 v. Rox. 5634.7 

Barbour, George M. Florida for tourists, in- 
valids, and settlers. With map and illus. 

J. P. 1334- 18 

Baring-Gould, Sabine. The book of were- 
wolves. ' S. E. 104.15 

— Germany present and past. Dor. 386.16 
Barrett, William A. English church composers. 

[Great musicians.] Rox. 6235.8 

Barry, Edward M. Lectures on architecture 
delivered at the Royal academy. With illus. 

Rox. 6221.12 

Barth, A. The religions of India. Tr. by J- 

Wood. [The English and foreign philosophical 

library.] Rox. 7383.9 

Beale, Anne. Gladys, the reaper. [Fiction.] 

Dor. 415.5 
Beale, Lionel S. On slight ailments. 1172.19 

E. B. 35 23 
Beard, George M. A practical treatise on ner- 
vous exhaustion (neurasthenia). 162.19 

— Practical treatise on sea-sickness. 1172.18 
Bekker, Immanuel, ed. Scholia i.: !l vneri II- 

iadem. ItO.v. 61 10.4 

Benjamin, Samuel G. W. The multitudinous 
seas. [Appletons' New Handy-volume ser.] 

S. B. 319-54 

Benner, Samuel. Prophecies of future ups 
and downs in prices. 130.23 

Bersier, Eugene. Saint Paul's vision and other 
sermons. Trans, by Marie Stewart, Rox. 7384.13 

Besant, Walter, and Rice, James. The chap- 
lain of the Fleet. A novel. S. B. 232.80 

— Sir Richard Whittington, Lord mayor of 
London. [New Plutarch.] Dor, 77.43 

— When the ship comes home. [Fiction.] 

S. E. 469-13 

Bible. Ecclesia«tes ; or, the preacher, with 

notes, by E. H. Plumptre. Rox. 7382.19 

— St. Paul's Epistle to the Gaiatians. A re- 
vised text with notes. By J. B. Lightfoot. 

Rox. 7382.20 
Bikelas, D. Loukis Laras. Reminiscences of 
a Chiote merchant during the Greek war of in- 
dependence. S. E. 273.6 
Bird, Frederick S. The land of dykes and 
windmills [Holland]. Rox. 7364.19 
Bitzius, Albert. {Jeremias Gotthelf.) Uli. 
Eine Erzahlung. 1034.13 
Black, William. The beautiful wretch. 1416.12 
Dor. 319.28 ; J. P. 822.16 
Rox. 2317.29; S. B. 280.34 

— The four MacNicols. [Juvenile.] With 
illus. 5147; Dor. 258.2; Rox. 1138.27 

S. B. 119.55 

Blackie, John S. Greek and English dialogues. 

New ed. Rox. 6116.32 

Blackmore, Richard D. Christowell : a Dart- 
moor tale. Dor. 324.49 

Blaine, James G. Eulogy on J. A. Garfield. 
Portr. Rox. 5037.6 

Bonomi, Joseph. Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia. 
Illus. by photog. Rox. 7366.14 

Bosco, Giovanni. A compendium of Italian 
history from the fall of the Roman empire. Tr. 
and completed by J. D. Morell. Rox. *5520.4 

Boston. City council. Memorial of J. A. 

Garfield, from the city of Boston. [Eulogy by 

N. P. Banks ] Portr. Bri. 117. 152; Chn. 2742.9 

Dor. 274.4; E. B. 211. 7; J. P. 1131.7 

Rox. 1010.9 ; S. B. 151.42; S. E. 170.19 

— Record commissioners. A report containing 
the Boston records from 1660-1701. Bri. 176. 131 

Chn. 2738.8; Dor. 202.14; E. B. 201.9.7 
J. P. 923-"; S. B. 202.13; S. E. 238.9 
Bowne, Borden P. Metaphysics. 

Dor. 394-4; Rox. 5834-17 

Brewer, Ebenezer C. Dictionary of phrase 
and fable. 13th ed. Added, a bibliography of 
English literature. E. B. R.R., E.14 

Brewer, John S. English studies or essays in 
English history and literature. Rox. 7315.7 

Contents. — Memoir; The of Israel; New 
sources of English historj-; Green's Short history of the 
English people; Hatfield house ; The Stuarts; Shakspeare; 
The study of Shakspeare; The royal supremacy; Passages 
from the life of Erasmus; The study of history; The study 
of English history; On ancient London. 

Brief history. A, of ancient peoples. Illus. 

[Barnes's One term ser.] Dor. 384.23 

Brine, Marv D. Grandma's attic treasures. 

[Poem.] Illus. - J.P. 1812.2 ; S.B. 252.13 

Brook, Sarah. French history for English 

children. Rev. by G. C Eggleston. 

Chn. 436.6; E.B. 495.2 
S.B. 59.40; S.E. 261.3 
Brown, John, j1/.Z>. John Leech. Illus. 

Rox. 7327.1 
Brown, Robert, ed. Science for all. Vol. 5. 
[Index, V. 1-5.] Illus. i4i-5 

Bri. 127.87; E.B. 481. 1 
Browne, Sir Thomas. Religio medici, letter 
to a friend, etc. And Christian morals. [Golden 
treasury ser.] Rox. 5828.13 

Browning, Oscar. An introduction to the his- 
tory of educational theories. 130.22 
Bryce, James. The Holy Roman empire. 

E.B. 355 3 

— Transcaucasia and Ararat : notes ot a tour 
in 1S76. S.B. 366.11 

Buchanan, Robert. God and the man, a 
romance. Dor. 324.51 

Buchheim, Charles A. Modern German 
reader. Prose extracts from modern German 
writers. Part i. Rox. 2026.9 

Buckley, Arabella B Life and her children. 
Glimpses of animal life from the amoeba to the 
insects. S. E. 125.23 

Bulfinch, Thomas. The age of fable ; or, 
beauties of mythology. New and illus. ed. by E. 
E. Hale. 1082.9 

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward R. L., lord Lytton. 
{Oxi-cn Meredith.) Lucile. Illus. S.E.' 62.26 

Burke, S. J. For Mack's sake. QJuvenile.] 

J. P. 233.14 

Burton, John H. The Scot abroad. 

Rox. 827.10 

Burton, Richard F., ed. Camoens : his life 
and his Lusiads. 2 v. S. E. 70.10 




Butler, Samuel. Hudibras. With notes and 
memoir by T. R. Nash. Portrs. Dor. 116.40 

Butler, Samuel. Alps and sanctuaries of Pied- 
mont and the canton Ticino. Illus. Rox. 5514.10 

Byron, George G. N., bth baron. Poetry of 
Byron, chosen and arranged by Matthew Arnold. 
[Golden treasury ser.] 1353.2 

Caballero, Fernan, pseud. See Arrom, Cecilia 
B. de. 

Calkins, Norman A. Manual of object-teach- 
ing. S. E. 109.8 

Camoens, Luis de. Os Lusiadas (The Lusiads) : 
Englished by R. F. Burton. 2 v. S. E. 70.11 

— See Burton, R. F. 

Carleton, Fanny E. (^Notelrac.') Operas: 
their writers and their plots. 1366.26 

Carleton, William. Valentine M'Clutchy, the 
Irish agent. [Fiction.] S. B. 247.39 

Carraud, Zulma T. Trdsor de contes el^men- 
taires. With vocab. Rox. 2014.5 

Carroll, 'L.t.w'x^^fseud. 5eeDodgson, Charles L. 

Chamberlain, Joseph. The French treaty and 
reciprocity. A speech. [Cobden club publ.] 

Clin. 5118.34 

Champlin, John D., jr. The j'oung folks' 
cyclopajdia of common things. With illus. 

1196.14; E. B. R.R.,E.i6.i 

— The little cyclopaedia of common things. 
Ed. by Sir G. W. Cox, bart. With illus. 2d ed. 

R.R., A.15; iig6.i6 
This book is, with the exception of a few additions, the 
same as the preceding-. 

— The voung folks' cyclopaedia of persons and 
places. With illus. E. B. R.R., E.16.3 

— Young folks' history of the war for the 
Union. Illus. E. B. 495.1 ; Rox. R.R., H.5.16 

Charles, Elizabeth. The Bertram family. 
[Schdnberg-Cotta ser.] J. P. 535.29 

Chase, Frank E., and Goodridge, James F. 
Ballads in black. A series of original shadow 
pantomimes. Ballads by F. E. Chase. Illus. by 
J. F. Goodridge. ' 1364.5 

Chatterbox. [1880.] Illus. 1842.15 

Chaucer, Geoffre\'. The Canterbury tales. 
Condensed. New [Globe] ed. Dor. 117.39 

Church, Richard W. Dante. An essay. Added, 
a transl. of De Monarchia, by F". J. Church. 

Rox. 6114.15 

Clarke, Asia B. The elder and the younger 

Booth. [American actor ser.] Dor. 376.21 

J. P. 1115.10; S. E. 176.31 

Clarke, James Freeman. Events and epochs in 
religious history : lectures in the Lowell institute, 
1880. Illus. E. B. 363-36 

Clemens, Samuel L. {Mark T-Maiu.) The 

prince and the pauper: a tale for young people 

of all ages. With illus. Bri. 26.103 

Dor. 256.22; E. B. 296.38; J. P. 432.11 

Rox. 7412.8; S. B. 132.10; S. E. 633.9 

One of the characters in this entirely imaginary tale is 
Edward vi. 

Clement, Clara E. Eleanor Maitland. A 
novel. S. E. 458.15 

Clough, J. E. From darkness to light : a story 
of the Telugu awakening. 2101.17 

Cochrane, Robert. Earnest lives. 1547'7 

Contents. — Lucy Hutchinson; I.ady Rachel Russell; 
Frederick Perthes; Robert Moffat; Janet Hamilton; Sir 
David Brewster; Charles Knight. 

— Great orators, statesmen and divines. 1547.8 
Coffin, Charles C. The boys of '61. 

273.6 ; J. P. 914-a 
Same as Four years of fighting. 

Coffin, Charles C, continued. 

— The life of J. A. Garfield. With a sketch 
of C. A. Arthur. Illus. J. p. 1114.3 

Collection, A, of authentic papers, relative to 
the dispute between Great Britain and America, 
shewing the causes, from 1764-1775. L., 1777. 

Chn. 1036.10 

Known as Alraon's Prior documents. 

Collier, William F. The great events of his- 
tory, from the beginning of the Christian era. 
^, 910.23; E. B. 357.8 

— The history of England: with a sketch of 
our Indian and colonial empire. E. B. 186.3 

— A history of English literature, in bio- 
graphical sketches. S. E. 156.19 

Conflicts, The, of the age. J, P, 1612.1 

Contents. — An advertisement for a new relij^ion, by an 
evolutionist. The confession of an agnostic, by an aKnostic. 
What morality have we left? by a new light moralist. Re- 
view of the fiK''ti by a Yankee farmer. 

Republished from the North American review. 

Conway, Moncure D. The wandering Jew. 
[Study of the legend.] Dor. 415.19 ; J. P. 1614.3 

Conwell, Russell H. The life, speeches, and 
public services of J. A. Garfield. Including an 
account of his assassination [etc.]. J. P. 1115.9 

Cook, Dutton. Doubleday's children. [Fic- 
tion.] S. E. 445.17 

Cooke, Josiah P. Scientific culture, and other 
essays. 1144.18 

Cooke, M. C Freaks and marvels of plant 
life. Illus. 140.13 

— Ponds and ditches. 140.13 
Cornish, Francis W. Life of Oliver Crom- 
well. [Historical biographies.] Rox. 5428.29 

Cory, Charles B. (^Owen Nox.) Southern 
rambles. Illus. S. E. 331.10 

Craik, Georgiana M. Sydney. A novel. 

Dor. 324.48 

Crawfurd, Oswald J. F. Portugal old and new. 

S. E. 363-22 

Cross, John K. Imports, exports, and the 
French treaty. A speech in the House of com- 
mons, i2th August, 1881. [Cobden club publ.] 

Chn. 5118.34 

Cubitt, George. Columbus ; or, the discoverer 
of America. Illus. 1537.*0 

Cumming, Constance F. G. At home in Fiji. 
With illus. 1691.9; Dor. 426.14; Rox. 7364.20 

Cummings, William H. [Henry] Purccll. 
[Great musicians.] 1548.30 

Cushing, Luther S. Manual of parliamentary 
practice. Chn. 3024.110 

"Daisy Eyebright," pseud. A manual of eti- 
quette. [Putnam's Handy-book ser.] 134.26 

Dannenberg,Georg. {Goto liaimund.) Gcsucht 
und gefunden. Erzahlung. 2031.5 

— Verwaist. Roman. 2031^ 

— Zwei Braute. Roman. 2031.1 

— Zwei Menschenalter. Roman. 203X.3 

— Zweimal vermjihlt. Roman. . 2031.2 
Darwin, Charles R. The formation of vege- 
table mould, through the action of worms. 

Chn. 3827.12 
Davids, Thomas W. Rhys. Lectures on the 
origin and growth of religion as illustrated by 
some points in the history of Indian Buddhism. 
[The Hibbert lectures, 18S1.] Rox. 7382.18 

Davidson, Ellis A. Pretty arts for the employ- 
ment of leisure hours. , S. E. i40-9 
De Amicis, Edmondo. CoMtantinople. Ir. 
by Caroline Tilton. J. f • »434-9 



De Amicis, Edmondo, continued. 

— Holland and its people. Tr. by Caroline 
Tilton. Illus. J. P. 1434.10 

— Morocco ; its people and places. Tr. bv C. 
Rollin-Tilton. Illus. 1669.25 

Rox. 7364.16; S. B. 362.10 

— Studies of Paris. Tr. J. P. 1416.16 

Contains a chapter on the exposition of 1878, also sketches 
of Hugo and Zola. 

Deane, Margery, fseud. See Pitman, Marie J. 
Diaz, Abby M. Polly Cologne. Dor. 258.3 
Dickens, Charles. Letters. Ed. by his sister- 
in-law and his eldest daughter. Vol. 3. 1836- 
1870. N.Y. Dor. 377.5 

— Same. Lpz. Vol. 4. 1836-1870. 1548.17 

Dor. 378.3; J. P. 824.25; Rox. 1028.14 
S. B. 69.36 
Diman, J. Lewis. Orations and essays : with 
sermons. Portr. Clin. 5435.19; S. B. 355.2 

Dodgson, Charles L. {Le-wts Carroll.) Alice's 
adventures in Wonderland, and Through the 
looking-glass. With illus. 5I-48 

Donnelly, Ignatius. Atlantis : the antedilu- 
vian world. Illus. Rox. 1724.10; S.E. 124.15 
Dore, (P.) Gustave, and Jerrold, (W.) Blan- 
chard. London. A pilgrimage. Illus. 

Rox. R.R. Desk 
Fifty plates, withoat the text. 

Dorothy : a country story in elegiac verse. 

Dor, 116.41; Rox. 5637.22 

Attributed to Arthur J. Munby. 

Doubleday, Abner. Chancellorsville and Get- 
tysburg. [Campaigns of the Civil war.] 220.7 
Ohn. 2876.3; Dor. 38427; J. ?• 92519 
Rox. 5036.16; S. B. 158.40 
Douglas, Amanda M. There's no place like 
home. [Fiction.] Illus. 1454.10 

Identical with " The old woman who lived in a shoe." 

Douglas, Lady Gertrude. Linked lives. [Fic- 
tion.] S. E. 451.20 

Drake, Samuel A. The heart of the White 
mountains. Illus. by W. H. Gibson. J. P. 1331.3 

Draper, John W. History of the intellectual 
development of Europe. 2 v. S. E. 86.9 

Duff, C. P., W. H., and R. P. Book-keeping 
by single and double entry. 130.21 

Duffield, Mrs. William. The art of flower 
painting. With illus. by Dalziel. [Putnam's 
Art hand-books.] Dor. 358.39 

Duffy, Sir Charles G. Young Ireland. 1840- 
1850. E. B. 355-5 

Dulles, John W. The ride through Palestine. 
Illus. S. E. 376.3 

Duncan, Thomas C. How to be plump. 


Duncan, William, ed. Clavis Homerica. Ed. 
nova. Rox. 61 10.5 

Dyer, Sidney. Great wonders in little things. 
[Natural history.] Illus. 1172.8 

— Home and abroad ; or, the wonders of famil- 
iar objects. Illus. 1172.7 

Ebers, Georg (M.) The burgomaster's wife. 
A romance. From the German by Mary J. Saf- 
ford. 1461.13; Chn. 2178.29; Rox. 2416.10 

S. B. 285.31 

The scene is laid in the Netherlands in 1574. 

Edgar, John G. History for boys : or, annals 

of the nations of modern Europe. Dor. 269.6 

Edwards, Joseph F. Malaria. E. B* 159.34 

Eginhard, 770-840. Life of Charlemagne. 
Tr. from the "Monumenta Germanise," by S. E. 
Turner. Bri. 51.119 

Elliot, Frances. The diary of an idle woman 
in Sicily. 2 v. Rox. 7364.21 

Elliott, Charles W. Pottery and porcelain from 
early times to 1876. With illus. J. P. 2322.7 

Ellis, Arthur B. History of the First church 
in Boston, 1630-1880. S. E. 240.13 

Emerson, George R. W. E. Gladstone. A 
biography. Portr. Rox. 7373.4; S. E. 188.3 

Encyclopaedia Britannica. 9th ed. Vol. 13. 
Inf -Kant. Chn. 713.1 ; Rox. R.R.,G. 4.2 

Englaender, S. The abolition of the state. 

Rox. 1535-25 

Ernst, Louis. Complete Spanish course, in ac- 
cordance with the Robertsonian system. 2049.13 

Evans, Warren F. The mental-cure. 

Chn. 5233-25 

Everett, William. School sermons preached 
to the boys at Adams academy, Qiiincy, Mass. 

120.11;' Bri. 134.136; Dor. 398.9; J. P. i6i6.a 

Ewing, Juliana H. Jan of the windmill. A 
story. S. E. 654.32 

— Mrs. Overtheway's remembrances. [Juve- 
nile.] S.E. 654.33 

Fairbanks, Lorenzo S. The laws of Massa- 
chusetts relative to marriage and divorce. 

Rox. 6317.4 

Farquharson, Martha, pseud. See Finley, 

Farrar, Charles S. History of sculpture, paint- 
ing, and architecture. Topical lessons, with spe- 
cific references to valuable books. Bri. 116.67 

Rox. R.R., H. 5.15 

Farrar, Frederick W. Mercy and judgment: 
on Christian eschatology with reference to Pusey's 
*' What is of faith } " 2101.18 

Fay, Amy. Music-study in Germany. 

Rox. 437-14 

Fenn, George M. The vicar's people. [Fic- 
tion.] J. P. 626.14 

Ferris, George T. The great Italian and 
French composers. S. E. 141.27 

— The great violinists and pianists. 1549.43 

S. E. 141-28 

Field, John E. The apostolic liturgy and the 

Epistle to the Hebrews. Rox. 7384.14 

Fields, James T. Biographical notes and 

sketches with impublished fragments and tributes. 

Chn. 2882.4; Bor. 371.9; J. P. 1113.16 

Rox. 1032.8 

Financial reform almanack. The, for 1882. 

Bri. 117.153; Chn, 5213.15; Dor. 343.2 
Rox. 1730.4; S. B. 202.45 
Finlay, Hugh. Journal kept by Hugh Finlay, 
surveyor of the post roads of North America, 
during his survey of the post otfices between 
Falmouth and Casco bay, and Savannah in 
Georgia. Sept., 1773-June, 1774. Brooklyn, 
1867. Chn. 2822.8 

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— Nina's atonement, and [six] other stories. 

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scenes. [Theatrical sketches.] 1365.20 

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review of Arnold's "The Light of Asia." 

Dor. 395'8 



Fleay, Frederick G. Guide to Chaucer and 
Spenser. 1314-2 

— Introduction to Shakesperian study. 1392.23 

— Shakespeare manual. 1392.22 
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Dor. 415.4 

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the Mere Irish. Dor, 427.22 

Description of the county of Donegal. 

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[Boston]. In 2 v. Vol. i. Illus. Rox. 5024.12 

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Corinth. [Campaigns of the Civil war.] 

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lating to the origin, settlement, and progress of 
the colonies in North America, to 1776. 4 v. 

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Forest and stream. The American sports- 
man's journal. Vol. 8-16. 1877-81. Chn. 1312.1 

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United States. Illus. S. E. 124.14 

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1417.8; Dor. 417.32; J. P. 822.18 
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extracts from [her] journals and letters, from 
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day girl. Dor. 415.6 

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[Philos. classics for English readers.] Rox. 7335.5 

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ject and neighbour lands of Venice. 1667.29 

— The Turks in Europe. S. E. 274.29 
Freeman, Frederick. The history of Cape Cod. 

2 V. Portrs. Rox. 5221.6 

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a table of synonyms. 180.128 

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S. E. 222.3 

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and explanations. Bri. 128.66 

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and a way, and The handkerchief at the window. 

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city : a study of Greece and Rome. Tr. by W. 
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Vol. I. 1792-1814. With maps. E. B. 355.6 

Gannett, William C. A year of miracle. A 
poem in four sermons. Rox. 7387.4 

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young folks. Illus. E. B. 495.3 

— The fall of the monarchy of Charles i. 
Vol. I, 2. 1637-42. Folded map. Rox. 7315.9 

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field. With portr. and biog. 

Rox. 1625.29; S. B. 257.41 
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ical geography. J. P. 1937.7 
Geldart, Edmund M. The modern Greek lan- 
guage in its relation to ancient Greek. 

Rox. 61x6.33 

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the epics of the middle ages. With illus. 

1461.14; S. E. 46.10 

C«>«/<r«/5. — Gudrun ; Hild.i; Wild Hat^en: Beowulf- The 
death of Roland; Walter and Hildejfund. 

Gibson, W. Hamilton. Camp life in the 
woods and the tricks of trapping. Rox, 1727.4 

Gilder, Richard W. The poet and his master, 
and other poems. Rox. 5637.31 

Gilder, William H. Schwatka's search : sledg- 
ing in the Arctic in quest of the Franklin records. 
With illus. Bri. 57.95; Chn. 2345.8; Rox. 431.12 

Gilmore, Joseph H. The intermediate speaker. 


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N. Y., 1844. Chn. 934-4 

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Auguste zu Stolberg. Rox. 5733.18 

— Hermann and Dorothea. Tr. by Ellen 
Frothingham. With illus. S. E.71.5 

-^ Der junge Goethe. Seine Briefe und Dich- 
tungen von 1764-1776. 3 v. Rox. 5732.10 

Gore, Catherine G. F. The story of a royal 
favourite. 3 v. 79S.i8 

Gotthelf, Jeremias, pseud. See Bitzius, Albert. 

Goubaud, Madame Adolphe. Crochet instruc- 
tions. Illus. S. E. 109.13 

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painting in oils. With reproductions in colour 
after Turner, Constable, etc. Rox. •6230.15 

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other novelettes. 1804.19 

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Dor. 3 24 50 

Granville, J. Mortimer. How to make the best 
of life. Dor. 398.8 

— The secret of a clear head. Dor. 398.10 
Green, John R. The making of England. 

With maps. 981.5; Chn. 2882.3; J« P« X012.7 

Rox. 7315.8; S. E. 254.13 
Up to the union of England under Ecgbehrt [a.d. 819]. 

— ed. Readings from English history. 

Rox. 827.11 
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— Pictures from Bible lands drawn with pen 
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man popular stories. With illus. after designs 
of G. Cruikshank. Rox. 2422.9 

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A general index to vol. 1-96, and to vol. 37-148 
of " The Living age." Chn. 3222.x ; Rox. 13x4.4 

— The Nation. General index. Vol. 1-30. 

Chn. 3321.x; Rox. 1312.2 

— ed. The Q^ P. Index annual for 1881. An 
index to the International review. The Popular 
science. The Century, Lippincott's, The Nation, 
The Atlantic, The Living age. Harpers, and the 
Eclectic for i88o-8i. Bri. 105.90; Chn. 332X.i 

Gross, Joseph B. The belief in immortality on 
purely logical principles. S. E. 97-** 

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2d ed. Tr. by A. F. D. Rox. 74X2.XO 

Guest, M[ontague?J T. J. Lectures on the 
history of England. E. B. 355-4 

Gustafson, Zadel B. Genevieve Ward. A 
biog. sketch. X540.42 ; Box XOX7.8 

Guthrie, Frederick. The first book of knowl- 
edge. [Industrial arte.] X90.6X ; Box. 6417-7 




Hale, Lucretia P., compiler. The art of knit- 
ting. Illus. S. E. 109.14 

— ed. Designs in outline for art needlework. 
1st ser. Folded plates. S. E. 109.15 

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Hall, Granville S. Aspects of German culture. 

S. E.43.3 

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art and love in ancient Hellas. From the Ger- 
man by M. J. Saffbrd. 2 v. 1461.12; Bri. 33.111; 
Dor. 415-17; J. P. 527-28; S. E. 561.7 

Hanaford, Phebe A. The life of George Pea- 
bodj. Portr. Illus. 1534-3 

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prairie lands. Sketches of an American tour. 
By Lady DufFus Hardy. 1641.21 ; Dor. 426.13 

Hardy, Thomas. A Laodicean. [Leisure 
hour ser.] J. P. 418.10 

Hargreaves, William. Alcohol and science. 


Harkness, Albert. A practical introd. to Latin 
composition. E. B. 275.4 

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book. Illus. 1337.10 

Harris, Joel C. Uncle Remus. The folk-lore 
of the old plantation. J. P. 423.24 

Harrison, Constance C Woman's handiwork 
in modern liomes. Illus. Col. plates. E. B. 35.22 

Harrison, J. E. Myths of the Odyssey. Illus. 

Rox. 6111.10 

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age [in England]. Clin. 2325.5 

Hassaurek, Frederick. Four years among 

Spanish Americans [1861-65]. 1637.20 

Dor. 123.32 ; S. E. 346-6 

Hatton, 5/V Christopher. Memoirs. Including 
his correspondence. By Sir H. Nicolas. Portr. 

Clin. 1012.8 

Hatton, Joseph. '.'The new Ceylon." Being 
a sketch of British North Borneo, or Sabah. 
Illus. Rox. 427.18 

HaufT, Wilhelm. Longnose the dwarf, and 
other fairy tales. [Tr. by P. E. Pinkerton.] 
Illus. Rox. 7412.9 

The contents agree witli those of " Little Mook and other 
fairy tales. N. Y., iSSi." 

— Tales of the caravan, inn, and palace. 
With illus. Tr. by E. L. Stowell. Illus. 1417.4 

Havergal, Frances R. Poems ; with sketch of 
her life. Illus. 1351.8 

— Swiss letters and Alpine poems. Ed. by 
her sister J. Miriam Crane. 660.21; Rox. 7326.10 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. A wonder-book for 
girls and boys. 1461.10 

Haydn, Joseph. Dictionary of dates and use- 
ful information. 17th ed., to 18S1. R.R., N.32 

Hays, Mrs. W. J. The princess Idleways. A 
fairy story. Illus. S. E. 641.34 

Hazard, Ebenezer. Historical collections; con- 
sisting of state papers, and other documents; in- 
tended as materials for an history of the United 
States. Phila., 1792, 94. 2 v. Clin.1215.4 

Heath, Francis G. My garden wild, and what 
I grew there. Rox. 6625.14 

Heath, Richard. Edgar Qiiinet. [English and 
foreign philosophical library.] Rox. 7332.7 

Rox. 1032.9 

Hector, Annie F. {Mrs. Alexander.) The 

Freres. A novel. [Leisure hour ser.] 1470.24 

Chn. 2188.3; Dor. 415-24; E. B. 329.89 

J. P. 418.11; Rox. 2423.18; S. B. 238.43 

S. E. 417-23 

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(1729-1847), from letters and journals. 2 v. 

Portrs. 581.6; J. P. 1221.2; Rox. 5721.5 

S. B. 63.21 ; S. E. 220.11 

Henty, G. A. In times of peril. A tale of 
India. With illus. 51-50 

Her picture. [No name ser.] Clin. 2187.13 

Dor. 415.26 ; Rox. 2414.6 ; S. B. 2403.29 

S. E. 419.22 

Herbert Wendall : a tale of the Revolution. 
N. Y., 1835. 2 v. Cliii. 1726.19 

Herodotus. The story of the Persian war 
from Herodotus. By A. J. Church. With illus. 

Rox. 6114.13 

Hickcox, John H. A history of the bills of 
credit; or, paper money issued by New York, 
from 1709 to 1789. Chn. 2742.10 

Higginson, Thomas W. Common sense about 
women. 120.9 

Hillebrand, Carl. France and the French in 
the second half of the nineteenth century. Tr. 

Rox. 7332.8 

Hinsdale, Burke A. President Garfield and 
education; Hiram college memorial. 1522.23 

Hinton, James. Chapters on the art of think- 
ing. And other essays. Rox. 5825.19 

— Life in nature. Illus. Rox. 5825.20 

— Philosophy and religion. Ed. by Caroline 
Haddon. Rox. 5825.22 

— The place of the physician. With other 
essays. Rox. 5825.21 

Hodgkin, Thomas. Italy and her invaders, 
376-476. 2 V. Rox. 7332-9 

Hodgson, William B. Errors in the use of 
English. Rox. 5837-" 

Hoey, Mrs. Cashel. The question of Cain. 
A novel. Dor. 324.47 

Hofmann, Carl. A practical treatise on the man- 
ufactiu'e of paper in all its branches. Illus. 191.11 

Holt, Emily S. Joyce Morrell's harvest. A sto- 
ry of the reign of Elizabeth. 1417.6; J. P. 623.28 

Home, Henry, Lord Karnes. Elements of 
criticism. Rev., with a new analysis. Ed. by J. 
R. Boyd. Chn. 5217.30 

Homer. The Iliad. Tr. into English blank 
verse by W. C. Bryant. 382.8 

— The Odyssey. Tr. into English blank 
verse by W. C. Bryant. 382.9 

— The Odyssey done into English prose by 
S. H. Butcher and A. Lang. Rox. 6114.14 

Hook, Walter F. Life and letters. By W. R. 
W. Stephens. 2 v. Rox. 7325.22 

Hopkins, John B. Nihilism : or, the terror 
unmasked. S. E. 564.1a 

Hoppin, Augustus. (C. Auton.') Recollec- 
tions of Auton house. A book for children. 
With illus. Rox. 1112.9; S. B. 133.27 

Hoppin, James M. Homiletics. Rox. 5834.16 

Horatius Flaccus, Qiiintus. The works of 
Horace tr. into English verse, with a life and 
notes, by Sir T. Martin. 2 v. Rox. 6112.14 

Houghton, William. Walks of a naturalist 
with his children. Illus. 2 v. in i. Dor. 396.7 

Housman, Henry. The story of our museum : 

showing how we formed it, and what it taught 

us Illus. 140.11; Bri. 126.138; Chn. 3 J18.27 

Dor. 396.5 ; E. B. 494-i9; J. P« 1924-23 

Rox. 1726.6; S. B. 329.20; S. E. 125.3 

Howard, James. The tenant farmer : land 
laws and landlords. 130.19 

Howe, Henry. Historical collections of the 
great West. Illus. Cincin., 1853. Chn. 2346.13 




Hoyt, J. K., and Ward, Anna L., compilers. 
Cyclopcedia of practical quotations, English and 
Latin. J. P. i8ii.ii; Rox., R.R.,G. 3.3 

Hughes, Mrs. Thomas F. Among the sons of 
Han. Notes of a si.\ years' residence in China 
and Formosa. S. E. 379.4 

Hugo, Victor (M.), comte. Theatre com- 
plet. J. P. 2231.4 

Contents. — Ruy Bias; Marion Delorme; Hernani; 
Lucrice Borgia; Marie Tudor; L;i Esmeralda; Le roi 
s'amuse; Ang-elo; Les burjsjraves ; Cromwell. 

Huidekoper, Frederic. Judaism at Rome. 
B.C. 76 to AD. 140. Rox. 6337.13 

Hunt, Leigh. Stories from the Italian poets. 

J. P. 1614.5 

Hunt, Lucy B. Hand-book of light gymnas- 
tics. 180.127 

Hutchinson, Ellen M. Songs and lyrics. 

S. B. 250.40 

Illustrated household journal, The, and Eng- 
lishwoman's domestic magazine. [Vol. 3. Jan.- 
April, iSSi.] Illus. Rox. 6522.3 

Inchbald, Elizabeth. Memoirs. Added, The 
massacre, and A case of conscience ; now 
first published. Ed. by J. Boaden. L., 1833. 
2 V. Chu. 1012.3 

Industrial progress in gold mining. Review 
of the gold mining industry in the U. S. 140.9 

Ingelow, Jean. Songs of seven. Dor. 115. i 

Ingraham, Joseph H. Not "A fool's errand." 

Life and experience of a Northern governess in 

the sunny South. 33-43 

First published in jS6o under tlie tille "The sunny South" 


Jacob, George A. A manual of Hindu pan- 
theism. The Vedantasara, tr. with annotations. 
[English and foreign philosophical library.] 

Rox. 7383.10 

James, George P. R. Memoirs of great com- 
manders. Rox. 1026.12 

James, M. E. What shall we act.-* or, a hun- 
dred plays from which to choose. With hints on 
scene-painting, etc. 1366.25 

Jennings, George H., coinp. An anecdotal 
history of the British parliament. S. E. 254.6 

Jennings, George H., and Johnstone, W. S., 
ed. Half-hours with Greek and Latin authors. 

S. B. 33.23 

Jewett, Sarah O. Country- by-ways. S. B. 270.65 

Johnson, Franklin. True womanhood. 

Dor. 398.4 

Johnson, Oliver. William Lloyd Garrison and 
his times. Enl. ed. Clin. 2883.6 

Jones, J. B. Life and adventures of a country 
merchant. [Fiction.] Illus. 1726.10 

— The war-path : a narrative of adventures in 
the wilderness, etc. Battles with the Indians. 
Illus. [Wild Western scenes. 2d ser.] 1417.9 

— Wild Western scenes : wherein the exploits 
of Daniel Boone are particularly described. 1417.7 

Kane, Elisha K. Arcticexplorations ; the second 
and last United States Grinnell expedition in 
search of Sir John Franklin [1853-55]. IHus. 
With a biog. sketch, by C. W. Shields. 703.5 

Kant, Immanuel. Critique of pure reason. Tr. 
by F. Max Miiller, with introd. by L. Noird. 2 v. 

Rox. 5831,11 

Kavanaugh, Mrs. Russell. Exhibition reciter 
for very little children. 1365.19; E. B. 22.39 

Keane, John F. Six months in Meccah : an 
account of the Mohammedan pilgrimage to Mec- 
cah. Recently accomplished by an Englishman 
professing Morhammedanism. 8>B. 363>i4 

Keddie, Henrietta. {Sarah Tytler.) Footprints. 
Nature seen on its human side. S. E. 123.14 

Keese.John, ed. The poets of America : illus.'bv 
one of her painters. B. [Co;*. 1841.] Clin. 1646.39 

Keetels, Jean G. An elementary French gram- 
mar. New ed. J. P. 2214. 14 

Kennan, George. Tent life in Siberia. 

S. B. 369.8 

King, Moses. Hand-book of Boston. 4th ed. 
Ill"s. Rox. 815.11a ; S. E. 328.16 

Kmgston, William H. G. Will Weatherhelm ; 
the yarn of an old sailor. With illus. 51.41 

Kinsley, William W. Views on vexed ques- 
tions-. S. E. i07.a 

Knighton, Sir William. Memoirs, during the 
reign of George the fourth. L., 1838. 2 v. 

Chn. 101 a^ 

Knowlton, Helen M. Hints for pupils in draw- 
ing and painting. With illus. from charcoal 
drawings by W. M. Hunt. S. B. 320.13 

Knox, Thomas W. How to travel. Rox. 439.10 

Kuehne, Ferdinand G. Die Freimaurer. Eine 
Familiengeschichteausdem vorigenjahrhundcrt. 
3 V. in 2. X013.4 

Laffan, May. Hogan, M. P. A novel. 

1471.29; Dor. 415.7 

Lane, Edward W. An account of the manners 
and customs of the modern Egyptians, written in 
Egypt during 1833-35. L., 1836. 2 v. Illus. 

Chn. 1012.5 

Langstroth, Lawrence L. A practical treatise 
on the hive and honey-bee. 173.20 

Lansdell, Henry. Through Siberia. With illus. 
and maps. 2 v. 1691.10; Rox. 7366.15 

Lathrop, George P. In the distance. A novel. 

1416.18; Chn. 2138.24; Dor. 415-33 

J. P. 626.15; Rox. 2424.3 

S. B. 249.56; S. E. 497-'» 

Laube, Heinrich. Grafin Chateaubriant. Ro- 
man. 1029.24 

Liddell, Henry G. A history of Rome, to the 
establishment of the empire. Illus. E. B. 356.30 

Lillie, Arthur. Buddha and early Buddhism. 

Dor. 397-3 

Lindsley, David P. The note-taker; or, ele- 
ments of tachygraphy. Part 2. J. P. 1924.24 

Lloyd, William W. The age of Pericles, a y. 

E. B. 354" 

Locke, David R. {Petroleum V. Nash:) Han- 
nah Jane. [Poem.] Illus. J. P. 1833.3 

Lockroy, Edouard E. A. Simon, called. The 
great French revolution, 1785-1793- Narrated in 
the letters of Madame J—, of the Jacobin party. 
Ed. by her grandson, Edouard Lockroy. From 
the French. Box. 7334-7 

Lodge, Henry C. A short history of the Eng- 
lish colonies in America. E. B. 355-7 

Longfellow, I lenry W. The Longfellow birth- 
day-book. Arranged by Charlotte F. Bates. 

^ Rox. 1628.15 

— Seven voices of svmpathy. From [his] 
writings. Ed. by Charlotte F. Bates. J. P. 1817.18 

Longman, Frederick W. Frederick the great 
and the Seven years' war. [Epochs of modern 
history.] S- E- ?70-io 

Longstreet, Abby B- Social etiquette of New 
York. [A»o».^ E. B. ao9.i5 

Lord, John. Points of history. h. B. 59-45 

Lothrop, Harriet M. {Margaret Sidnev ) F ivc 
little Peppers. Illus. E. B. 494-i8 

— Half year at Bronckton. Illus. 50- » 5 

•^ 8. E. 456-a» 




Lounsbury, Thomas R. History of the Eng- 
lish language. S. E. 13.12 

Lower, Mark A. The curiosities of heraldry. 
With illus. from old English writers. With 
engrs. L., 1845. . Chn. 1012.6 

Lubbock, iS«> John. Fifty vears of science. 

S. E. 133-3 

Ludwig, Otto. Zwischen Himmel und Erde. 
Erzahlung. 1035.4 

Lundy, John P. Monumental Christianity; 
or, the art and symbolism of the primitive 
church. Hox. 6221.11 

Lyall, Edna. Won by waiting : a story of 
home life in France and England. . Bri. 36.133 

Lyell, Sir Charles. Life, letters and journals. 
Ed. by his sister-in-law. 2 v. Rox. 7373-3 

Macarthur, Blanche, and Moore, Jennie. Les- 
sons in figure painting in water colours. Col. 
plates. Rox. *62io.i9 

McCabe, James D. Our young folks abroad. 
Adventures in a journey through Europe to 
Constantinople. Illus. S. E. 650.5 

McCarthy, Justin. The comet of a season. A 
novel. 40.24 

McCaskey, J. P., comp. Franklin square song 
collection. S. B. 251.19 

McCoan, James C. Egypt as it is. S.E. 387.11 

McElhinney, John J. The doctrine of the 
[Episcopal] church. With a bibliography of the 
subject. Rox. 2113.9 

Macleay, K. Historical memoirs of Rob Roy 
and the clan Macgregor. [3ded.] Rox. 7326.13 

Macleod, Henry D. The elements of eco- 
nomics. In 2 V. Vol. I. Rox. 1736.29 

Macquoid, Katharine S. Beside the river. A 

story of the Ardennes. 1491.4; Dor. 417.31 

J. P. 822.14; Rox. 2318.26; S. B. 280.56 

— Esau Runswick. [Fiction.] 1726.8 

Chn. 2187. II ; Dor. 415.13; Rox. 2424.2 
S. E. 512.29 

— In the Ardennes. With illus. 1667.30 
Macquoid, Thomas and Katharine S. Pictures 

and legends from Normandy and Brittany. With 
illus. , Rox. 7365.7 

Madame Lucas. [Fiction.] [Round-robin ser.] 

1726.11; Chn. 2187.12; Dor. 415.14 

Rox. 2414.20; S. B. 24oa.52; S. E. 509.34 

Magazine, The, of art. Vol. 4. Illus. 

S. B. 195-4 

" Magyarland " ; being the narrative of our 
travels through Hungary. By a fellow of the 
Carpathian society, author of 'The Indian Alps.' 
2 V. With illus. Rox. 7366.17 

Mahaffy, John P. Old Greek education. 120.12 

Mahan, Milo. A church history of the first 
seven centuries. Dor. 395.7 

Manners and tone of good society. By a mem- 
ber of the aristocracy. 1 123.7 

— Same- 7th ed. 1123.9 
Manning, Samuel. American pictures drawn 

with pen and pencil. Illus. Dor. 426.18 

— Spanish pictures drawn with pen and pen- 
cil. Illus. by Dore, and other[s]. Dor. 426.17 

Marshall, Emma. Benvenuta. [Fiction.] 

51.44; Rox. 2423.16 
Martha, (B ) Constant. Les moralistes sous 
I'empire romain. Philosophes et pontes. 

Rox. 7353-25 

Martineau, Gertrude. Outline lessons on 

morals. Rox. 5827.18 

Maskell, Mrs. A. E. Anderson. Four feet, 

wings, and fins. Illus. Rox. 1112.11 

Mathews, Margaret H. Dr. Gilbert's daugh- 
ters : a story for girls. J. P. 624.26 

Matthews, J. Brander. French dramatists of 
the 19th century. Rox. 7332 6 

Melville, George J. Whyte. M. or N. " Simi- 
lia similibus curantur." [Fiction.] S. E. 499a.6 

Identical with ' Maud or Nina." 

Melville, Herman. Redburn : his first voyage. 

Dor. 123.31 

Men of mark : contemporary portraits. 6th ser. 

Rox. 7325.18 

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. Lieder ohne 
Worte fiir Pianoforte Solo mit Fingersatz ver- 
sehen von T. Kullak. Dor. 391.13 

Meredith, Owen, pseud. See Bulwer-Lytton, 
Edward R. L.. lord Lytton. 

Merivale, Charles. History of the Romans 
under the empire. 7 v. in 4. E. B. 355.8 

Merrifield, Mary P. The art of fresco paint- 
ing, as practised by the old Italian and Spanish 
masters [etc.]. Chn. 934.2 

— ed. Original treatises, dating from the 
i2th-iSth century, on painting in oil, miniature, 
mosaif, and on glass ; of gilding [etc]. 2 v. L., 
1819. Chn. 934.3 

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peal of the fiscal restrictions on literature and the press, T. 
M. Gibson and others; The introduction of gas, Murdoch, 
Winsor, Clcgg, and others; The steam engine, and its ap- 
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• :. . Chn. i2i4-a 

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The conquest of Mexico and Peru fete.]. L., 
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^ S. E. 35»-«5 
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^ J. P. 915-5 

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* Rox. i5»o-5 

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electric light, and other recent electrical mvcn- 

tions '• ^* ""•* 

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— Half-hours with the stars. Dor. 39»-" 
Proteus, pseud. The love sonnets of Proteus. 

Box. 50 X 8.x 8 




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A trip through California, across the Pacific to 

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Republican or democrat .-• A retrospect, x88o. 

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the conquest to the reformation : with a sketch 
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friars." 1779-39 

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S. E. 65.5 

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Dins. 1665.20 

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sforievl <5 V. 2032.1 

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— Noah Webster. [American men of letters.] 

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S. E. 637-13 

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Mass., to 1832; and of the adjoining towns, Bed- 
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J. P. 1537 8 

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club. Illus. rike Partington ser.] 1461.11 

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private. [Fiction.] 1470.2a 

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Jacobins [1794]. ' Rox. 5428.28 

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on various branches of the law : with notes. 2 v. 

Rov. 6312.3 

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Roman conquest. Rev. bv G. W- Greene. 

Bri. 76.76 

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the great pyramid. 4th ed. Illus. Rox. 7366 X3 




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United States naval academy. Rox. 1732.6 

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Judaism. , S. E. 101.8 

Souvestre, Emile. Au coin du feu. [Fiction.] 


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or, Macaulay and Bacon. 2 v. Kox. 5832.10 

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Canterbury [Eng.]. S. B. 176.9 

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expedition, against the revolted negroes of Suri- 
nam, in Guiana, 1772-77. Illus. L,., 1806. 2 v. 

CIiii. 1215.2 

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the history of the United States to 1872. 210.12 

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tales.] With illus. 51-49 

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comprising specimens of architecture, monastic, 
castellated, and domestic; with other vestiges of 
antiquity in Great Britain. L., 1815-18. 7 v. 
Illus. Chn. 737.10 

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Indianergrenze. [Roman.] 4 v. in 2. 2032.2 

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Chn. 5434.17 

Stuart, Esmfe. The white chapel. . A story. 


Suburban homes. The, of London. Rox. 5432.5 

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and old. With illus. 890.2; S. E. 639.14 

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comp. Golden book of tales : holiday readings 
in the legendary lore of all nations. Illus. 

50.17; Dor. 256.21 

Sword, The, and the pen. Published daily in 

the interest of the Soldiers' home bazaar. Dec. 

7-17. B., i88i. Bri. 203.6; Chn. 5211.27 

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The story of Honor Bright. 1491.2 

Tallahassee girl, A. [Fiction.] [Round-robin 

ser.] 1474.14; Chn. 2188.4; Dor. 415.25 

Rox. 2414.21 ; S. B. 2403.53; S. E. 509.35 

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A tale. Chn. 2188.2 

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Dor. 14.18 

Taylor, Edward. Abriefaccount of the Ameri- 
can people; for schools. Illus. 210.11 

Taylor, J. E. Geological stories ; a series of 
autobiographies in chronological order. Illus. 

Dor. 396.4 

— Half hours at the sea-side; or, recreations 
with marine objects. Illus. Dor. 396.3 

Taylor, Meadows. Ralph Darnell. Rox. 2422.5 

— Seeta. Rox. 2422.6 

This volume completes the series commenced with " Tar.-i," 
and continued in " Ralph Darnell." A tale of the Sepoy 
rebellion, 1857-58. 

— The story of my life. Rox. 7326.11 

— Tippoo Sultaun ; a tale of the Mysore war. 

Rox. 2422.7 

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Chn. 1513.24 

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writings, chiefly philosophical and reflective. 
Poitr. 1897.13 

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the United States. £. B. 135.15 

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Genealogy of fourteen families of the early set- 
tlers. of New-England. With notes, etc. Part 3. 
Genealogy of Ephraim and Sarah Thayer, to 
1835. Hingham, 1835. Chn. ioxa.7 

Thompson, Clara M. The rectory of Moreland. 
[Fiction.] [Anon.] 734.9 

First published under the title "Mary Evtnt; or, the 

rectory of Moreland " [734.9]. 

Thornbury, (G.) Walter, and Walford, E., ed. 

Old and new London. Rox. 5432.1 

Thucydides.. Tr. into English by B. Jowett. 

3 V. Rox. 6ZXI.9 

Timbs, John. Abbeys, castles, and ancient 
halls of England and Wales. With illus. 3 v. 

Dor. 384.26 

— Popular science : recent researches on the 
sun [etc.]. Dor. 398.7 

Tissot, Victor, and Am^ro, ConsLint. The 
exiles. A Russian story. Tr. from the French 
by G. D. Cox. S. E. 483.1a 

Tourgee, Albion W. John Eax, and Mamelon ; 
or, the South without the shadow. [Two stories.] 

51.46; S. E. 558-I* 

— A royal gentleman, and Zouri's Christmas. 
[Two stories.] Chn. 2186.1 

— The story of an earnest man. Figs and 
thistles : a romance of the Western reserve. 

S. H. 270.67 
Towle, George M. Modern France. Bri. 81.10 
Townsend, Virginia F. Darryll gap; or, 

whether it paid. [Fiction.] Rox. 2422.8 

Townsend, W. J. The great schoolmen of the 

middle ages. Rox. 57a5-7 

Trial, of British soldiers for the murder of 

Crispus Attucks [and others], March 5, 1770, at 

Boston. B., 1824. Chn. 3024-25 

TroUope, Anthony. The life of Cicero. 2 v. 

E. B. 217.13 
Twain, Mark, pseud. See Clemens, Samuel L, 
Tytler, Sarah, /5<?wrf. See Kcddic, HcnrietU. 
Underwood, Francis H. A hand-book of 

English literature. American authors. 1404-35 
United States. Connnissioners to the Paris 

Universal exposition, i^'jS. Reports. 5 V. Illus. 

l>or. 3455; Rox. 1721.10 

— Dept. of agriculture. Report of the cul- 
ture of the sugar beet, in France and the United 
States. Prepared by W. McMurtrie. J.P. ao2SL9 

— Dept. of state. Reports (Nos. 1-3. 1880 
and 1881) from the consuls of the United State*. 

J. P. i9»a-5 

Geog. and geol. survey of the Roeky mourn- 

tain region, J. W. Povjcll in charge. Report on 
the geology of the high plateaus of Utah. With 
atla? By C. E. Dutton. Illus. Kox. 7410.4 

Verne, Jules. The English at the North pole. 
With illus. E* B* 3*3-35 

— The exploration of the world. The great 
explorers of the nineteenth century. Tr. from 
the French [bv N. D'Anvers]. Illus. S. fc.3i7-5 

_ The wreck of the Chancellor. \Alto, iMar- 
tin Paz.] [Fiction.] Tr. from the French by 
Ellen Frewer. Illus. »769-3« 




Virgilius Maro, Publius. Opera, cum integris 
commentariis Servii, Philargyrii, Pierii, recen- 
suit P. Masvicus. 3 V. Rox. 6110.3 

— The yEneid tr. into English bv J. D. Long. 

" S. B. 255.24 

— Virgil. The Eclogues tr. by Wrangham, the 
Georgics by Sothebj, and the ^neid by Dryden. 
N. Y.,1842. 2v. Clin. 1525.6 

Virginia historical register, The. Ed. by W. 
Maxwell. Vol. 1-6. Richmond, 1848-53. 

Chn. 1023.2 

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pire. lUus. 2 V. Rox. 5712.7 

Walford, Lucy B. Dick Netherby. [Leisure 

hour ser.] 1454-9; Clin. 1727.20; Dor. 415.9 

E. B. 299.56 ; J. P. 418.9; Rox. 2423.12 

S. B. 239.58; S. E. 418.22 

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tions on money, trade, and banking. 

130.20; Rox. 5836.21 

Ward, Harrietta Oxnard, pseud. See Moore, 
Clara J. 

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ican men of letters.] Chn. 2875.4; Rox. 1034.2 

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plained. 2 V. With illus. 190.57 

Waugh, Ida, illustrator. Holly berries. With 
illus. 341-15; S. E. 639.13 

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Clellan's campaign of 1862. [Campaigns of the 
Civil war.] J. P. 925.16; Rox. 5036.13 

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mon telescopes. Illus. Chn. 3827.9 

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according to the discoveries of Belzoni and Gor- 
ringe. Illus. Chn. 5125.18 

Wentworth, Erastus. Gilbert Haven : a mono- 
graph. Portr. Rox. 1016.10 

Westcott, Brooke F. The Bible in the church. 

Rox. 7387.5 

— A general survey of the history of the 
canon of the New Testament. Rox. 7384.15 

— The revelation of the risen Lord. 

Rox. 7384.16 
Whately, Mary L. The story of a diamond. 
Illustrative of Egyptian manners and customs. 

Dor. 415-15 
Wheeler, J. Talboys. Tales from Indian his- 
tory. gio.22 
Wheeler, Lucius N. The foreigner in China. 

S. E. 379.2 
Wheeler, William A. Familiar allusions. 
Completed and ed. by C. G. Wheeler. 

R.R., A. 14; Dor. 285.12; J. P. R. R., E. 14 
Rox. R. R., G. 3.4 
W^hite,Walter. Holidays in Tyrol. S.E. 368.14 
Whitmarsh, Caroline S., comf. Prayers of 
the ages. Chn. 5837.27 

Wilkinson, Eliza. Letters during the inva- 
sion and possession of Charleston, S. C, by 
the British in the revolutionary war. Arranged 
by Caroline Gilman. N. Y., 1839. Chn. 745.14 
Willet, Joseph E. Wonders of insect life. 
Illus. 173.21 

Willis, Nathaniel P. Rural letters, and other 
records of thought and leisure. N. Y., 1854. 

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Contents. — 4. The last hundred years. Part a. Special 

■Winter, William. The JefFersons. [American 
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and occurrences in Massachusetts and the other 
New England colonies, 1630-1644. Hartford, 
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By Mrs. Henry Wood. 1416.17; Dor. 418.34 

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on natural history. Illus. Dor. 356.41 

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ury series.] I353-I 

Wright, Julia M. The oath-keeper of Forano. 
Illus. 1726.9; S. B. 227.26 

" This story is historically true. A correct picture is here 
piven of the methods and progress of the Vaudois church 
during the last twenty years." — Preface. 

— Practical life; or, ways and means for 
developing character and resources. Illus. 131.7 

Yonge, Charles D. Three centuries of modern 
history. [1485-1815.] E, B. 356.21 

Yonge, Charlotte M. Landmarks of history. 
Modern history : . from the reformation to the 
fall of Napoleon. 910.21 

— Landmarks of history. E. B. 188.18 
Contents. — 1. Ancient history. — a. Medixval history. — 

3. Modern history. 

— The last of the cavaliers. S. E. 566.24 
A story of the time of James 11. 

— Young folks' history of Greece. Cincin.. 
1878. " 940-2 

— Same. B. [Co/. 1879.] 940.11 
Zeta, pseud. Crewell work. Fifteen designs. 

With m.structions. J. P. 2431.4 



Copyright. — (Concluded.) 

A catalogue of books and articles relating to library property (copyright, international copyright 
and kindred subjects), is in course of publication in " The publishers' weekly," beginning with the 
number for April 8, 1882. This catalogue, which has been compiled by Mr. Thorvald Solbcrg, will 
contain some titles not found in the present list, which is confined strictly to books in the Boston 
Public Library. In Matthew Arnold's "Irish essays, London, 1882" [25103.50], is an essay on 

Marston, Edward. Copyright, national and 
international, from the point of view of a pub- 
lisher. lAfion.'] L., 1879. 47 PP- 8°- 3667.22 

Mathews, C. An appeal to American authors 
and the American press, in behalf of interna- 
tional copyright. N.Y., 1846. 16 pp. 12°. 

No. 4 in *3664.8 

— The better interests of the country, in con- 
nexion with international copyright. N. Y., 
1843. 30 PP- 12°. No. 5 in *3664.8 

— Speech on international copyright, Feb. 10, 
1842. N. Y., 1842. 16 pp. 8«. No. 3 in *3664,8 

Maugham, R. Treatise on the laws of literary 
property. L., 1828. 8". 3666.27 

Montefiori, J. The law of copyright. L., 
1802. 8". [Ordered.] 

Morgan, J. A. Anglo-American international 
copyright. N.Y., 1879. ^2°. [Ordered.] 

— The law of literature. With an appendix 
of the American. English, French, and German 
statutes of copyright. N.Y.,1875. 2 v. 8°. 3662.57 

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recht, u. s. w. Briissel, 1851. 79 pp. 8". *2ii4.7 

Nicklin, P. H. Remarks on literary property. 
Phila., 1838. 12°. [Ordered.] 

Nodier, C. Questions de litt^rature legale. 2e 
^d. P., 1828. 8°. ■ 2144.7 

Orgeval, R. Le B. d'. La proprj^t^ litt^raire 
en France et a I'dtranger, suivie des conventions 
Internationales conclues jusqu'a ce jour avec les 
principaux etats de I'Europe. P., 1868. 16''. 


Paris. Exposition nniverselle. 1878. Con- 
grfes international de la propri^t^ artistique. P., 
1879. 8°. *6o25.79 

Parton, J. International copyright. (/« Iiia 
Topicsof the time. B., 1871. pp. 95-131.) 894.17 

Paterson, J. Copyright. (/« Ais Liberty of 
the press, p. 241. L., i88o.) 5564.72 

Phillips, C. P. The law of copyright in works 
of literature and art, and in the application of 
designs. With the statutes relatfng thereto. 
L., 1863. 8°. 3662.63 

Plea for authors, and the rights of literary 
property. By an American. N. Y., 1838. 32 pp. 
8°. No. 37 in *6242.ix 

Proudhon, P. J. Les majorats litt^raires. 
(/» his CEuvres completes. P., 1868-76. Vol. 
16.) 4698.50 

Puettlingen, J. V. von. Das musicalische 
Autorrecht. Wien, 1864. 8". 3666.5 

Putnam, George H. International copyright, 
considered in some of its relations to ethics and 
political economy. Address, Jan. 29, 1879, b** 
fore theN. Y. Free trade club. N.Y., 1879. 54 PP* 
I2». No. 15 in 3649.78.3 

Ralph, J. Case of authors, 1762. [Ordered.] 

Reade, C. The eighth commandment. B., 

i860. 8°. 6577.18 

Renouard, A. C. Theory of the rights of 

authors in literature, sciences, and the fine arts 

B., 1839. 56 pp. 8°. 21 1440 

— Trait^ de« droits d'auteurs, dans la litl<f- 
rature, les sciences, et les beaux-arts. P., 1S38, 
39. 2v. 120. 3666.22 

Romberg, E. Compte rendu des travaux du 
congr^s de la propri^t^ litt^raire et artistique. 
[1858.] Bruxelles, 1859. 2 v. 8». 3666.21 

Schmid, C. E. Der Biichernachdruck aus dem 
Gesichtspunkte des Rechts, der Moral und Politik. 
Jena, 1823. 16°. . 3666.33 

Seuffert, L. Das Autorrecht an literarischen 
Erzeugnissen. Berlin, 1873. 26 pp. 8". (/« 
Virchow. Sammlung, u. s. w.) 

No. 18 in *59i4.5o. Ser.8. 

Shaler, N. S. Thoughts on the nature of in- 
tellectual property and its importance to the 
state. [Five essays.] B., 1878 [1877]. iv, 7s pp. 
8". 3664.1a 

Sheard, H. Brief statement on assumed copy- 
right. L., 1851. [Ordered.] 

Story, J. Commentaries on the constitution. 
Commentaries on equity jurisprudence. 

There are chapters on copyright in the various editiont of 
these works. 

Talfourd, Sir T. N. Observations on the l»w 
of copyright. L., 1838. 8». [Ordered.] 

— Speeches on the bill to amend the law or 
copyright, in the House of commons, 1837-39. 
(/« kis Critical and miscellaneous writings.) 


Tegg, Thomas. Remarks on the speech of 
Sergeant Talfourd on copyright. L., 1837. 23 pp. 
80. [Ordered.] 

Tennent, J. E. Treatise on copyright of de- 
signs, with notices on the state of' calico print- 
ing. L., 1841. ,12°. . it66.i» 

ThuUiez, L. Etude legislative, historique et 
juridique sur la proprirft^ littrfraire. P., 1876. 
8°. 36«a-«o 

Ticknor, G. International copyright. {In kis 
Life, letters, and journals. B., 1876. Vol. a, 
pp. 278-280.) ••D.ao3.i9 

Turner, T. Law of patents of invention and 
desien in art and manufactures. L., 1851. 8*. 
* [Ordered.] 

United States. Acts of congress in respect to 
copyrights, 1831 to 1 861, 1865, 1867. •3664.8 

— Copyright laws, 1870. pp. 25-32. 3665-5« 

— Library 0/ congress. A collection of forms, 
etc., to be used in obtaining a copyright. Wash., 

1870. «° •seeo.t 




Warburton, W. Letter from an author to a 
member of Parliament, concerning literary prop- 
erty, 1747. {In /it's Works. L., 1811. Vol.12.) 


Warren, S. R., and Clark, S. N. Copyright, dis- 
tribution, exchanges, and duties. (From Report 
of Bureau of education on Public libraries in the 
U.S., pp. 279-291.) No. 3 in *2205.32 

White, R. G. American view of the copyright 
question. Reprinted from the " Broadway maga- 
zine," May, 1868. N.Y., 1881. 8°. 3669.57 

Whitman, C. S. Patent laws, including copy- 
right laws. Wash., 1871. 12°. *5667.5o 

Worms, F. Etude sur la propriety litt6raire. 
Decret du ler germinal, an xiii [1805]. ire, 2me 
partie. P., 187S. 2 v. i6o. *3569.56 

United States Congressional Documents. 

The Revised Statutes of the United States contain the laws relating to copyright. See also the 

" Congressional Globe" and "Record." 

Explanations of Abbreviations. — The Arabic figures preceding the cofbn denote the Congress ; the numerals 
i, ii, iii, following the colon, denote the session; E., Executive documents of the House; S., Senate executive documents; 
H.M., House Miscellaneous; H.R., House Reports; S.R., Senate Reports. The figures following these capital letters 
denote the number of the document. 

Bill to amend acts relating to copyright, intro- 
duced by Mr. Ranney, April i, 1882. 

B. H. Desk 

Bill amending " An act to amend the law re- 
lating to patents, trade-marks, and copyrights," 
introduced by Mr. Buck, March 1.3, 1882. 

B. H. Desk 

Correspondence between the U. S. and Great 
Britain in relation to the law of copyright, 1839, 
trans. April 12, 1842. 27 : ii,E. 187 (v. 4). *C.i66.i 

Estimate for the preservation of copyright 
books. Letter from Sec. of int. transmitting, 
March i, 1850. 35 : ii. E. 107 (vol. 9). ♦C.143.1 

Report of committee on patents, on the bill 
to amend the "Act to amend the several acts 
respecting copyright," and on petitions for and 
against an international copyright law, June 25, 
1838. 25 : ii, S. 494 (vol. 6). *C.227.5 

Report of committee respecting laws relating to 
copyright, Dec. 17, 1830. 2i:ii,H.R. 3. *C. 157.5 

Report of committee on securing to authors the 
benefit of international copyright, Feb. 7, 1873. 
42: iii, S.R. 409 (vol. i). *C.22i.4 

Report of committee on the Library, in favor 
of international copvright, Feb. 21, 1868. 40: 
ii, H.R. 16 (vol. i). " *C.2i2.6 

Resolution relating to international copyright, 
Feb. 12, 1872. 42 : ii, H.M. 8o(vol. 2). *C.20i.3 

Statutes relating to copyrights. Brief to accom- 
pany House bill 2595, to revise, consolidate and 
amend the, March 17, 1876. 44: i, H.M. 136 
(vol. 5). *C.252.2 

The following are Memorials and Petitions 
for and against an international copyright : — 

American publishers and booksellers in favor, 
Dec. 16, 1843. 28: i, E. 10 (vol. i). *C.i86.2 

Booksellers of Boston, against, April 16, 
1838. 25: ii, E. 340 (vol. 10). *C.237.2 

J. A. Brevoort and O. S. Fowler, in favor of 
an extension of the copyright and patent laws 
to artists engaged in taking busts, etc, June 
8, 1838. 25: ii, S. 475 (vol. 6). *C.227.5 

Nahum Capen, of Boston, on international 
copyright, Jan. 15, 1844. 28: i, E. 61 (vol.3). 


Citizens of New York, in favor, April 24, 1838. 
25 : ii. S. 399 (vol. 5). *C.227.5 

Citizensof Philadelphia against, Jan. 15, 1838. 
25 : ii, S. 102 (vol. 2). *C. 227.5 

Citizens of Philadelphia, in favor, April 24, 
1S38. 25: ii, S. 400 (vol. 5). *C.227.5 

Citizens of the U. S. in favor, Feb. 4, 1837. 
24: ii, S. 141 (vol. 2). ♦C.217.3 

Columbia typographical society, of Washing- 
ton, against, Feb. 13, 1838. 25 : ii, S. 190 (vol. 
3)- *C. 227.5 

Peter S. Du Ponceau and others, praying con- 
gress to appoint a committee of inquiry, March 
18, 1838. 25 : ii, S. 309 (vol. 4). *C.227.5 

Edward Everett and others, of Boston, in 
favor, April 24, 1838. 25: ii, S. 398 (vol. 5). 


G. Furman and other writers! in favor, Feb. 
20, 1837. 24: ii. S. 192 (vol. 2). *C. 217.3 

Inhabitants of Massachusetts, against, June 
4, 1838. 25: ii, E. 416 (vol. 10). *C.237.2 

John Jay and W. C. Bryant and others, in 
favor, with Catalogue of American books pub- 
lished in Great Britain, March 22, 1S48. 30: i, 
H.M. 76. *C.236.6 

Thomas Moore and others, authors of Great 
Britain, in favor, Feb., 1837. 24: ii, S. 134 (vol. 
2). *C.2i7.3 

— Report on the above petition, Feb. 16, 1837. 
24: ii, S. 179 (vol. 2). ♦C.217.3 

New York typographical society, against, 
March 13, 1838. 25: ii, S. 296 (vol. 4). 


Printers and publishers against, Jime 13, 
1842. 27: ii, S. 323 (vol. 4). *C.i56.i 

Professors of the University of Virginia for 
an alteration of the laws respecting copyrights, 
Feb. 20, 1837. 24: ii. S. 193 (vol. 2). *C.2i7.3 

R. P. Smith and others against, April 10, 1838. 
25 : ii, S. 369 (vol. 4). *C.227.5 

Great Britain. Sessional Papers of Parliament. 

The Statutes contain the laws relating to copyright. For a digest of these laws see Copyright 
commission under this division. Consult also Cobbett's "Parliamentary history of England," 
1806-20 [7088.1], and Hansard's "Parliamentary debates," 1803-1880 [7098.2J. 

Abbreviations. — The letters A. P. stand for Accounts and Papers; B.P., Bills Public; R.Cr., Reports of Commis. 
siontrs; R.Ct., Reports of Committees. 

Bill for amending the law rel. to copyright, so I Bill for consolidating the laws relating to copy- 
far as regards the delivery of periodicals at the right. 1857, B.P., vol. i. 

British museum. 1868-9, B.P., vol. 2. | Bill for registering of copyrights and assign- 



ments thereof, and for the better securing the 
property therein. 1842, B.P., vol. i. 

Bill for securing copyrights. i8oi,B.P., vol. i. 
[First series, vol. 14.] 

Bill for securing copies of books to universities, 
and copyrights to authors. 1808, B.P., vol. i. 

Bill forsecuring to authors, in certain cases, the 
benefit of international copyright. 1837-38, 
B.P., vol. I. 

Bill intituled. An Act for preventing the pub- 
lication of lectures without consent. 1835, B.P., 
vol. 3. 

Bill to alter and extend the provisions of 54 
Geo. Ill, c. 156, with respect to dramatic writings. 
1830, B.P., vol. 2. 

Bill to amend the laws relating to dramatic 
literary property. 1833, B.P., vol. 2. 

Bill to amend the laws rel. to the protection iii 
the colonies of works entitled to copyright in the 
United Kingdom. 1847, B.P-, vol. i. 

Bill to authorize the purchase of literary prop- 
erty enjoyed by the King's and Marischal colleges 
in Aberdeen. 1S31-33, B.P., vol. i. 

Bill to authorize the purchase of the rights 
of literary property enjoyed by Aberdeen univer- 
sity. 1832, B.P., vol. I. 

Bill to carry into effect a convention with 
France on copyright, to extend the interna- 
tional copyright act, and to explain acts rel. to 
engravings. 1852, B.P., vol. i. 

Bill to extend the benefit of copyright in prints 
and engravings to Ireland. 1836, B.P., vol. 2. 

Bill to extend the provisions of the designs 
act, 1850, etc. 1851, B.P., vol. 2. Minutes of 
evidence before the committee on the [above] 
bill. 1851, R.Ct., vol. 18. 

Bill to repeal so much of the Act, 54 G. in, c. 
156, respecting copyrights, as requires the deliv- 
ery of a copy of every published book to the 
Libraries of Sion college, the four universities of 
Scotland, and of the King's Inn, in Dublin. 
1836, B.P., vol. 2. 

Bills rel. to copyright. 1864, B.P., vol. i ; 
1879, B.P., vol. 2. 

Bills to amend and extend copyright of designs. 

1839, B.P.. vol. I ; 1840, B.P., vol. 2; 1841, B.P., 
vol. 2; 1842, B.P., vol. 2; 1843, B.P., vol. 2; 

1850, B.P., vol. 3; 1858, B.P., vol. i; 1861, B.P., 
vol. i; 1875, B.P., vol. I. 

Bills to amend the law relating to international 

copyright. 1844, B.P., vol. i ; 1875, B.P., vol. 3. 

Bills to amend the law rel. to works of art. 

1851, B.P., vol. I ; 1862, B.P., vol. I. 

Bills to amend the several Acts relating to 

. copyrights. 1813-14, B.P., vol. 2; i8t8, B.P., 

vol. i; 1837-8, B.P., vol. i; 1839, B.P., vol. i; 

1840, B.P., vol. 1 ; 1841, B.P., vol. I ; 1842, B.P., 
vol. I. 

British museum. 

The annual accounts of the British museum, found !n the 
Sessional papers, give the number of volumes received in 
accordance with provisions of the copyright act. 

Convention between Great Britain and Bel- 
gium for the establishment of an international 
copyright, signed at London, 12 Aug., 1854. 
1855, A.P., vol. 55. 

Convention between Great Britain and France, 
3 Nov., 1851. 1852, A. P., vol.54; Orders in 
council of 10 Jan., 1852, in furtherance of the 
copyright treaty with France. 1852, A.P., vol. 


Convention between Great Britain and Han- 
over, 4 Aug., 1847. 1847-48, A.P., vol. 65; Ac- 
cession of the Grand duke of Oldenburg to the 
convention, 28 Dec, 1847. 1847-8, A.P., vol.65. 

Convention between Great Britain and Prussia. 
May, 1846. 1846. A.P., vol. 52. 

Convention between Great Britain and Spain, 
signed at Madrid, July 7, 1857. 1858, A.P., vol. 

Convention between Great Britain and the free 
Hanseatic city of Hamburgh, 16 Aug., 1S53. 
1854, P.P., vol. 72. 

Convention with Prussia, concluded 13 May, 

1846. 1846, A.P., vol. 52 ; Accession of the Duke 
of Anhalt, 8 Feb., 1853. 1852-3, A.P., vol. 102 ; 
Accession of the Duke of Brunswick, 30 March, 

1847. 1847, -^P-. vol. 70; Accession of the Grand 
duke of Hesse, 1862, A.P., vol. 63; Accession of 
the King of Saxony, 24 Aug., 1846. 1847, A. P., 
vol. 70; Accession of the States forming the 
Thuringian union, i July, 1847. 1847, A.P,, 
vol. 70. 

Convention with Prussia, additional to the con- 
vention concluded at Berlin, May, 1846, for an 
international copyright, signed at London, 14 
June, 1855. 1856, A. P., vol. 61. 

Copyright commission. The royal commis- 
sions and the report of the commissioners, 1878. 
1878, R.Cr., vol. 24. 

Contents.— The first commission, 6th Oct., 1875; The 
second commission, 17th April, 1876; The report of the 
commissioners : Home copyright, Colonial copyright, Inter- 
national copyright; Digest of the law of copyright. 

Correspondence between the foreign office and 
Her Majesty's representatives abroad, and foreign 
representatives in England, on copyright, 1873- 
75. 1875, A.P., vol. 82. 

Correspondence relating to colonial copyright 
1872, A. P., vol. 43; 1874, A. P., vol. 44. 

Correspondence with Canada, Victoria, Tas- 
mania, and New Zealand, on copyright; and 
copies of colonial acts relating to copyright. 
1875, A.P., vol. 51. 

Names and duties of registrars of works of 
literature and the fine arts, British books regis- 
tered, etc. 1864, A. P., vol. 9. 

Number of literary works and books of prints 
entered at Stationer's hall, 1 709-1826. 1826-37, 
A. P., vol. 20. 

Report from committee appointed to inquire 
into the laws affecting dramatic literature. 1831- 
32, R. Ct, vol. 7. 

Report from committee on the copyright bill, 
with proceedings, and minutes of evidence. 1&64, 
R. Ct., vol. 9. 

Report from select committee on the ex- 
pediency of extending copyright of designs, 
with minutes of evidence, etc. 1840, R. Ct., 
vol. 6. 

Report on copyright of printed books, and the 
delivery of them to public libraries, with min- 
utes of evidence. 1812-13, R. Ct., vol. 4. 

Report respecting the amendment of Act 54, 
George in, with minutes of evidence. 1818, 
R. Ct., vol. 9. . „ . . u 

Return of all the colonies and British posses- 
sions in favor of the Orders in council rel. to, 
etc. i8s7, A.P., vol. 28. . 

Treasury minute, 17 July, 1832, respecting the 
purchase of the rights of the University of Aber- 
deen to certain copies of books. 1831-32, A.I'., 
vol. 26. 

1 1.3 



Articles in Revietvs^ Magazines^ etc. 

Albany law journal. Copyright in private let- 
ters, bv I. Browne, vol. 2, Aug. 20, 1870. 

American almanac. 1840. Produce of copy- 
right. Extract from a letter of Thomas Tegg. 

American booksellers' trade list. On the law 
of copyright, by T. P. Washburn, vol. i, 1847. 


American jurist and law magazine. Literary 

property [by J. K. Angell.''], vol. 10, July, 1S33. 

— British international copyright law, vol. 21, 
July, 1839. *76i6.i 

American law review. The law of literature 
and art in England and America. — How near 
are we to an international copyright? Vol. 9, 
no. I, Oct., 1874. — Dramatic copyright. Case of 
A. Daly v. H. D. Palmer. Decision of Judge 
Blatchford, vol. 3, no. 3. April, 1869. *5664.i 

For copyright cases and book notices, see the Index of 
this review, 5664.10. 

American monthly magazine. Copyright and 
copyright law, by H. Cleveland, n. s., vol. 3, 4, 
Feb., Mar., Oct., 1837. ♦7406.1 

American quarterly review. Review of the 
Report of select committee of Senate of the U. S., 
to whom were referred the Address of certain 
authors of Great Britain, and Petition of certain 
American authors, in Senate, Feb. 16, 1837, vol. 
21, p. 214, March, 1837. ♦3174.1 

Atlantic monthly. International copyright by 
judicial decision, by A. G. Sedgwick, vol. 43, 
Feb., 1879. *5324-i 

Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. The copy- 
right question, by Sir A.Alison, vol. 51, Jan., 
May, 1842. — American copyright. Letter, N. Y. 
Aug., 1847, vol. 62, Nov., 1847. ♦3150.1 

Century magazine. The copyright negotia- 
tions, by A. G. Sedgwick, vol. 23, March, 1882. 

Reading Room 

See also Scribner's monthly. 

Criterion. Copyright, vol.i, Jan.26,i856.^6i92.i 

Edinburgh review. Literary property, vol. 38, 
May, 1823. — The copyright commission of Great 
Britain, 1878, vol. 148, Oct., 1878. ♦3122.1 

Foreign quarterly review. Copyright in Eng- 
land and America, vol. 26, Oct., 1840. — Copy- 
right in Italy, vol. 26, Jan., 1841. ♦5118.1 

Fortnightly review. The political economy 
of copyright, by W. B. Adams, vol. 2, Aug., 1865. 

— The copyright question, by E. Dicey, vol. 25, 
Jan., 1876. — American efforts after international 
copyright, by C E. Appleton, vol. 27, Feb., 
1877. — The principle of copyright, by T. H. 
Farrer, vol. 30, Dec, 1878. — Copyright, by 
Matthew Arnold, vol. 33, March, 1880. ^5372. 50 

Fraser's magazine. Literary and musical copy- 
rights, by D. R. Blaine, n. s., vol. i, Feb., 1870. 

— Landowning and copyright, by Grant Allen, 
n. s., vol. 22, Sept., 1880. — A publisher's view 
of international copyright, by Charles J. Long- 
man, n. s., vol. 23, March, 1881. ♦5187. i 

Galaxy, The. International copyright, by C. 
A. Bristed, vol. 10, Dec, 1870. *7365.2 

Gentleman's magazine. Petitions presented 

in 1814 to the House of commons against the 
copyright act, vol. 87, pt. i, June, 1817. — Review 
of Sir E. Brydges' Reasons for a farther amend- 
ment of act 54 Geo. iii, vol. 87, Aug. 1817. — Pro- 
posed amendment of the copyright act ; Glasgow 
petition; Bodleian petition, vol. 88, pt. i, March,- 
1818. — Petitions of authors, etc., against copy- 
right act, vol. 88, pt. I, p. 350, 445, 631, 632, 1818. 
— Report from select committee on the copy- 
right acts, June 5, 1818, vol. 88, suppl., pt. i, 
577- '^3165.1 

For shorter articles in this maerazine, consult the Indexes. 

Harper's new monthly magazine. Interna- 
tional copyright, vol. 46, May, 1873; vol. 58, 
May, 1879; vo'- ^2, May, 1881. ♦5210.12 

International review. Review of Drone's 
Treatise on copyright, vol. 6, June, 1879. — Con- 
siderations on the copyright question, by Wilkie 
Collins, vol. 8, June, 1880. ^5321. 2 

Journal of the Society of arts. ♦7212. i 

Several short articles mostly referring to copyright on 
works of art. 

Knickerbocker. International copyright, by 
Harry Franco, vol. 22, Oct., 1843. ♦5154. i 

Leisure hour. Hints on legal topics. Copy- 
right, 1865, vol. 14. ♦7311.1 

Library association of the United Kingdom. 
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Ireland and the Land Question. 

The past history and the social habits of the people of Ireland enter so largely into any con- 
sideration of the present agitation, that before giving the list of works lately added to the Public 
Library, it is proposed to mention a few of the specially necessary and important historical works, 
and also the most interesting travels and descriptions of manners and customs to be found in the 
Library. These references can make no pretension to completeness, but are only meant as a guide 
to a general but fair view of the whole question. 

General Histories. 

Mac-Geoghegan's [45103.3; 4511.23] extends to 1699 and Mi tchel's [451 4.1] continues it from 
that point. W. C. Taylor's " History of the civil wars of Ireland. 2 v." [830.68; 810.52] covers the 
period from the Anglo-Norman invasion to the Union in 1801. Haverty's "History" [2476.12] ex- 
tends to the Union, while Leland's "History of remarkable events in Ireland. 1781" [4518.8; 
2474.1], still of value, stops at 1688. According to Amory, Moore is swayed too much by English 
prejudice in his " History, 4 v." [4518.7], which he contributed to Lardner's Cabinet encyclopaedia, 
and which stops at 1646. Of a more popular character are Cusack's " Illustrated history"; Cusack's 
'• Student's manual of Irish history " [4528.23]; Cusack's " Patriot's history " [980.10]; "The story 
of Ireland, for youth. lUus." [4519.7], T. d'A. McGee's "Popular history. 2 v." [1996.1]; and 
D. O'Connell's "Memoir on Ireland, native and Saxon" [No. 8 in Pph. v. 129], called by Daunt 
"an indictment of England." The " Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the four masters, from 
the earliest period to 1616, ed. by J. O'Donovan, Dublin, 1851, 7 v." [4571.10]; " Calendar of the 
Carew manuscripts, 1515-1623, 6 v." [7043.55]; and "Calendar of the state papers relating 
to Ireland, of the reign of James I., 1603-25, 5 v." [7042.52], are among the most considerable 
collections of documents. See also under the publications of the Irish arch!eological society. 
Besides these general histories, some works covering important periods or events deserve notice. 
T. C. Amory's "Transfer of Erin" [2511.12], extending to 1603, contains, in chapter sixteen, a good 
list of references on Ireland and its literature. Bonwick's " Who are the Irish?" [2419.61] comes 
down to Cromwell's time, where Prendergast's " Cromwellian settlement of Ireland" [4573-15] 
begins. The latter shows how the present land question is an outcome of that settlement. In con- 




nection with this point, the Irish archaeological society pubHshed, in 1S51, Sir \Vm. Petty's con- 
temporary " History of the Down survey, 1655-6" [2414.63]. See also Hill's " Historical account 
of the plantation in Ulster, 1608-1620" [247oa.5o]. Two indispensable books are Froude't 

C45I9-23]- In the second volume of his " History of England in the eighteenth century [2422.59; 
245851] Lecky devotes several chapters to Ireland. The Lower Hall Catalogue of history, etc., 
contains a note on Ireland. 

Travels and studies of Irish life and character. 

Foremost among works of travel stands Arthur Young's " Tour in Ireland, made 1776-79 " 
[2464.7], which contains the first trustworthy account of the tenure of land in that country, although 
Fitzgibbon [4573.14] says his descriptions are delusive. Beaumont, in his " L'Irlande, socialc, poli- 
tique, et r^ligieuse. 2 v." [2476.2], ascribes the general misery which he witnessed in 1835, 37, to a 
"bad aristocracy." Travels subsequent to the famine of 1847 are Sir F. B. Head's "Fortnight in 
Ireland, 1852 " [2476.1], which views the distress with asympatheticyet strongly Protestant bias; John 
Forbes's "Memorandums in Ireland in 1852. 2 v." [4519 10]; and Osborne's "Gleanings in the 
west of Ireland" [2478.8], a philanthropical investigation during 1849-50 among the poor in Galway 
and Mayo, particularly in regard to the Union workhouses. Pueckler-Muskau's "Tour in England, 
Ireland and France, 1826-29" [6262.50; 2274.18]; Rodenberg's "The Island of the saints, 1861 " 
[2476.24], a very lively description ; and Thackeray's "Irish sketch-book" [4653.50.18; 25703.34], are 
among the best of numerous travellers' accounts. E. O'Curry's " On the manners and customs of the 
ancient Irish. 3 v." [2413.52] is first in importance and in order of study of the Irish people, though 
perhaps Bonwick [2419.61] or Th^baud's "Irish race in the past and present " [993.5] cover this 
ground sufficiently for general purposes. Mrs. A. M. Hall's " Sketches of Irish character" [2561.8] 
and her " Ireland. 3 v." [4511.18; 45ioa.9], from their sympathy with the subject, are very popular. 
On the other hand Trench's " Realities of Irish life" [4511.24], though popular, depicts the life of 
the peasantry as it appeared to the agent of a large estate, — that of the marquis of Lansdowne. 
Henry Giles, in his " Lecture and essays on Irish and other subjects " [6577.21], has several papers on 
the Irish character. Recent descriptions are Mrs. Houston's "Twenty years in the wild west; or, 
life in Connaught. 1879 " [2479-24 ; 1667.25], relating a somewhat unfortunate experience ; and Flore- 
dice's "Memories of a month among the Mere Irish [in Donegal]. 1881 " [2468.79]. The Lower 
Hall Fiction list points out under the heading Ireland some books, historical fiction and others, 
descriptive of social life. A late story based on the doings of the Land league is Harriet Jay's "The 
priest's blessing" [2468.82]. 

From the Rebellion of i'j()?> through the period of the famine of 1847. 

These titles, alphabetically arranged, though few, are sufficient to indicate the most imporUnt 
historical and economic features of this period. See in the Bates Hall Index and Supplement, 
under Great Britain, Sessional papers ; also the occasional indexes to the Sessional papers published 
in these Bulletins. 

Barrington, Sir J. Historic memoirs ; com- 
prising secret records of the Union. L., 1835. 
2 v. 4°. ♦4510.21 

Blacker, W. Essay on the best mode of im- 
proving the condition of the labouring classes in 
Ireland. L., 1846. 8". No. 3in *45ii.4 

Digest of the evidence in respect to the occu- 
pation of land in Ireland. Dublin, 1847, 48. 2 v. 



Known as the Devon contniission. 

Duffy, 5*> Charles G. Young Ireland. 1840- 
50. L., 1880. 8". 2510.17 

Same. N. Y., 1881. S". 2510.18 

Describes the failure of the Repeal movement, and the 
splitting- off of the Young Ireland party. The lives of the 
prominent agitators give further information, in particular, 
of course, that of O'Connell [Daunt's, 6548.11; McGee's, 
1546.3] • 

Field, H. M. The Irish confederates and the 
rebellion of 1798. N. Y., n. d. 12". [Ordered.] 

Foster, T. C Letter on the condition of the 
people of Ireland. Repr. from "The Times." 
L., 1846. 8°. a47«-3 

Contains chapters, derived from expcrienc«, on tbtente*. 
ism, Ulster tenant-right, and the ivrctchednc»» of the pew- 
antry. This writer, whose conclusion i» that the P«<'P'« 
have themselves to blame, bad s contn>ver»y with Daniel 

Greville, C. C. Past and present policy of 

England toward Ireland. 2d cd. L., 1845. I3«. 

^ 2476.90 

Griffith's valuation. 

Sir Richard Griffith's valuation, furnished in 1846, l» wJt • 
printed work, hut is open to inspection in Dub in, it Ui« 
office of the General survey and valuaUon of Ireland. »«• 
also Report. 




Harwood, P. History of the Irish rebellion of 
1798. L., 1844. 8°. 4174-3 

Hay, Edward. History of the Irish insurrec- 
tion of 179S. N. Y., 1846. 12°. 2479.14 

Martin, R. M. Ireland before and after the 
Union. L., 1843. Sm. 8°. 2476.7 

On the English side. 

Martineau, Harriet. Illustrations of political 
economy. No. 9. Ireland. A tale. Phila., 1833. 
24°. 65593.15.2 

Observations on the evils resulting to Ireland 
from the insecurity of title [etc.]. Dublin, 1847. 
Sm. 8°. Pph. Coll. 

O'Rourke, John. The history of the great 
Irish famine of 1847. With notices of earlier 
Irish famines. Dublin, 1875. Sm. 8°. 4517.26 

Report from the select committee on Townland 
valuation of Ireland. [Great Britain. Reports 
from committees. 1844. Vol. 3.] F. 

Griffith's evidence is here given. 

Thornton, Wm. T. A plea for peasant pro- 
prietors ; with the outlines of a plan for their 
establishment in Ireland. L., 1848. 12°. 


Same. New ed. L., 1874. Sm. 8". 5562.60 

A book much quoted in recent discussions. 

Tone, Theobald W. Memoirs, comprising a 
journal of his exertions for the liberation of Ire- 
land, and an account of the rebellion of 1798. 
L., 1837. 2 V. 8". 2555.X8 

From the outbreak of Fenianism^ between i860 and 70, down to the present crisis. 

Blackwood, F. T. H., earl of Dufferin. Irish 
emigration and the tenure of land in Ireland. L., 
1867. 8°. 4573.17 

Favors emigration and discourages small farming. 

— The case of the Irish tenant. L., 1870. S". 

No. 16 in *45ii.4 

— Speeches and addresses. L.,1882. 8°. 2511.5 
Contain speeches on Ireland from 1S47 to 1870. 

Butt, Isaac. The Irish people and the Irish 
land. Dublin, 1867. 8". 4573.16 

Daunt, W. J. O'C. England's greediness Ire- 
land's true grievance, n. p. [1875.] 16°. 

Pph. Coll. 

— Ireland and her agitation. New ed. Dub- 
lin, 1867. 12". 4518.18 

An advocate of Repeal. 

Fitzgibbon, Gerald. Ireland in 1868. 2d ed. 
L., 1868. 8°. 4573-14 

Opposed to disestablishment, and very conservative on the 
land question. 

Godkin, J. Land war in Ireland. L., 1870. 


Grant, Sir A., ed. Recess studies. Edinb., 
1870. 8°. 4574-" 

The first paper is by Geo. C. Broderick : The Irish land 

Heron, R. M. The aristocracy and the people. 
Industry for Ireland. L., 1870. 8°. 

No. 13 in '^451 1.4 

Jervis, H. J. W. Ireland under British rule. 
L., 1868. 8". 4517.4 

Letter to an editor on the land question. No. 
1, Jan., 1866. Sm. 8°. Pph. Coll. 

Macaulay, James. Ireland in 1872 : with re- 
marks on Irish public questions. L., 1873. Sm. 8°. 


Certain religious factors are held to be the cause of 
troubles and slowness of progress. 

Meagher, T. F. Speeches on legislative inde-. 
pendence of Ireland. N.Y.,1869. ^2°. [Ordered.] 
This author has written much on Irish matters. 

Mill, J. S. Chapters and speeches on the Irish 
land question. L., 1870. Sm. 8°. 5659.6 

The largest paper is on peasant proprietors. 

— England and Ireland. L., 186S. 8°. 4518.5 

In vol. 5 of his " Dissertations " [2473.54] is a review of 
Leslie's " Land system of Ireland, etc." and also papers on 
land tenure. 

Morris, W. O'C. Letters on the land question 
of Ireland. L., 1870. Sm. 8°. 5567.3 

LeUers first written to the " Times," by an Irish landlord, 
whose plan of land reform accords with Senior's. He would 
have the courts examine claims of tenants, and make out for- 
mal leases, thus securing certainty of possession, without 
injury to property. 

Murphy, J. N. Ireland : industrial, political, 
and social. L., 1870. 8°. 5653.6 

Considerations almost entirely of economic aspects. 

Perraud, A. Ireland under English rule. Tr. 
from the French. Dublin, 1864. 8°. 4514-4 

Russell, John, <far/. A letter to Chester For- 
tescue on the state of Ireland. L., 186S. 8°. 


— A second letter. L., 1868. 8°. 6516.1 
Rutherford, John. The secret history of the 

Fenian conspiracy. L., 1S77. 2 v. Sm. 8°. 

Senior, Nassau W. Journals, conversations and 
essays relating to Ireland. L., 1868. 2 v. 8°. 


Besides a few articles reprinted from the Edinb. rev.i 
these volumes contain journals of visits in 1S53, 58, and 63. 
The "Spectator" says that no publication in our time has 
thrown more light on the actual condition of Irish society. 

Sigerson, G. History of the land tenures and 
land classes of Ireland. L., 1871. Sm. 8°. 


Smith, Goldwin. Irish history and Irish char- 
acter. 2d ed. Oxford, 1862. 8°. 45^8.9 

Sullivan, A. M. New Ireland. L., 1S77. 2 v. 
8°. 2526.15 

Same. Phila., 1878. 120. 2526.16 

Carries the political history from the time of " Repeal " 
down to " Home rule" as it stood in 1S77. 

The Present Aspect. 

The best and freshest views are of course to be found in the leading English and other 
periodicals, to which it would be impossible to refer in detail. On the whole, the " Fort- 
nightly," the " Contemporary," and the " Nineteenth Century," afford, thus fdr, the ablest 
opinions on both sides. The manuscript index to current literature contains references, and is 




always accessible to readers in the Bates Hall. The SessiorAl papers of Great Britain necessarily 
contain much material. See in particular " Land owners in Ireland. Returns of owners of land of 
one acre and upwards." (In Accounts and papers, 1876, vol. 80.) An index to "Accounts and 
papers," from 1870-80, is in vol. 83, for 1880. The speeches of John Bright [4569.22; 457361- 
2441.61], of Gladstone, of Disraeli [2311.50, vol. 2], and other Pariiamentarv leaders, 'show the 
sentiments of the several parties. Dod's Parliamentary register [4539a.3i]' gives the attitude 
of each member on this question. Below are given the titles of lately added books, to the 
Public Library, dealing particularly with the land question, together with the titles of some not yet 
added, but likely to be. 

A., M. Cooperation in land tillage. L. [1881.] 
Sm. 8°. 5562.66 

On pp. 57-71, cooperation, instead of small tenants, is 
urged for Ireland. 

Arnold, Arthur. Free land. L., 18S0. Sm. 8°. 


The author means by Free land the same thing as Cobden's 
Free trade in land. There are several chapters on peasant 
proprietorship, and one on Ireland. 

Arnold, Matthew. Irish essays and others. 
L., 1882. Sm. 8°. 25103.50 

Written partly before and partly after the passage of the 
present land act. 

Atkins, T. De C. The case of Ireland stated. 
L., 1881. 8°. Pph. Coll. 

Becker, B. H. Disturbed Ireland. L., 1881. 
Sm. 8°. 2510.19 

Letters to the " Daily News," not pretending to any polit- 
ical views on the land question, but simply describing the 
people and land laws ; though the chapters on Boycott and 

Bence Jones incline to the side of the landlords. 
Blackie, John S. Lay sermons. L., 1881. 


— Same. N. Y., 1881. 12°. 

Contains a chapter on landlords and land laws. 

Blake, H. A. Pictures from Ireland. By 
Terence McGrath [peud.]. L.', 1880. Sm. 8°. 


Inimical in tone towards the Irish people. 

Boucicault, D. The story of Ireland. B., 
1881. 8". [Ordered.] 

Brodrick, G. C. Political studies. L., 1879. 
8°. 2527.17 

One chapter contains a brief history of the Irish land 

Burke, Edmund. Letters, speeches, and tracts 
on Irish affairs [1769-97]. Collected by Matthew 
Arnold. L., 1881. Sm. 8°. 2510.26 

Arnold, in his " Irish essays," says, "the Irish questions 
which now press upon us should make us seek out and read 
every essay, letter, and speech of Burke, on the subject of 

Cashman, D. B. The life of Michael Davitt. 
With a history of the National land league. B., 
1881. 12°. 2510.25 

Cox, S. S. Free land and free trade. N. Y., 
1880. i6». 3647.71 

Contains three chapters on Irish land. 

Cusack, Mary F. The case of Ireland stated ; 
a plea for my people and my race. Dublin, 
1880. Sm. 8°. 2510.20 

Made up of extracts from newspapers, correspondence, 
speeches, etc., of contemporary interest. It is a good ac- 
count of the social relations of landlords and tenants. 

Dennehy, H. E. The outcome of land re- 
form. The happy peasant proprietors of Europe. 
Dublin, iSSi. 8°. 5563.65 

Doyle, J. P. Old Ireland improved and made 
new Ireland. L., i88i. Sm. 8°. 2510.24 

Dun, Finlay. Landlords and tenants in Ire- 
land. L., 1881. Sm. 8». 5563.65 

Letters first published in the " Timci." 

Erin-Go-Bragh, pseud. Then and now; or 
Irish plots and Irish plotters. Dublin, 1882. i6». 

Pph. Coll. 

Counsels moderation. 

Errington, G. Irish land question : a letter to 
Mr. Childers. L., 1881. 8». [Ordered.] 

Fisher, Joseph. The history of land holding 
in Ireland. L., 1877. Sm. 8». 2526.1* 

Defends tenant rights. 

Flatley, P. J. Ireland and the land league. 
Key to the Irish question. B., 1881. 16°. 1986.5 

George, Henry. The Irish land question. An 
appeal to the land leagues. N. Y., i88i. i2<». 


Mr. George, in his " Progress and poverty " [5566. tS], pro- 
posed the substitution of a common for an mdlvidual owner- 
ship in land, as a means of social melioration. 

Great Britain. The land law Ireland act 
[1881], with notes, index, and precis, by R. 
Johnston. L., 1881. Sm. 8". 5563.67 

Hallett, T. G. P. Tenant right question. L., 
1881. 8°. [Ordered.] 

Higgins, C. The Irish land question : fact* 
and arguments. L., 1881. 8°. [Ordered.] 

Irish problem. The, and how to solve it. L., 
i88i. 8«. [Ordered.] 

Irish seditions, from 1792 to 1880. L., i88a 
8°. ^Ordered.] 

Jones, W. Bence. The life's work in Ireland 

of a landlord who tried to do his duty. L., 1880. 

Sm. 80. 5564-«4 

The author, an Englishman, disbelieves in the practical 

workings of peasant proprietorship. 

Kay,J. Free trade in land. 3d ed. L., 1879. 
Sm. 8°. 3566.77 

Suggests, on p. ^99 et tea., radical changes in Iri»h land 
law. The book is endorsed by John Bright. 
Kinnear, J. B. Ireland. 2d ed. L., 1881. 

Sm. 8°. P'^*'^^ 

— Principles of property in land. N. Y., 1880. 

Sm. 8°. 55«4-79 

A good summary for the present time. 
Lefevre, G. Shaw. English and Irish land 
Collected essays. L., 1881. Sm. 8». 

He has endeavored to explain in popular language the 
legal questions involved. 

— The working of the Bright clauses of the 
Irish land act, 1870. Dublin, 1879- Sm. S*. 5564-ft7 

Reprinted in •' English and Irish land question*." Advo- 
cates increased facilities by the SUte for pcamant propriet«>f- 
ship. J 

Longfield, M. The tetiurc of Und in Ireland. 
(/« Systems of land tenure in rariou* countries. 
Ed. by J. W. Probyn.) ,^ , 3567-67 

McDermot, G. Land law act, 81, landlord 
and tenant act. '70. L., 1881. 8f. [Ordered.] 





Molinari, G. de. L'Irlande, le Canada, Jersey ; 
lettres addressees au Journal des D^bats. P., 
i83i. i8°. 2269a.68 

What relates to Ireland is on the land question. 

O'Brien, R. B. The parliamentary history of 
the Irish land question, from 1829 to 1869; and 
the origin and results of the Ulster custom. L., 
i88d. Sm. 8'. 356oa.55 

Defends the Ulster system as the least which can be 

Parnell, Fannv. The hovels of Ireland. N. Y. 
[18S0.] 8°. ' Pph. Coll. 

Philp, K. Boycotting. N. Y., 1881. 8^ 

Practical politics. L., i83i. 8°. 2510.27 

Contains " The tenant fanner," by J. Howard, and " Free- 
dom of land," by G. Shaw Lefevre. 

Q., pseud. Quixote's baby in Ireland, Nov., 
1881. Dublin, 1882. 16°. Pph. Coll. 

Report of the proceedings at the great aggre- 
gate meeting of Irish landlords, Dublin, 3d 
Jan., 1882. Dublin, 18S2. 8». Pph. Coll. 

Revolution : the only remedy. A reply to 
"Dunraven." [2ded.] n.p. [1880.] 8". Pph. Coll. 

Richard, R. Ireland in 1880. With \t\.x\ agri- 
cultural] map of Ireland according to Giiffith's 
valuation. L., 1881. Sm. 4°. Pph. Coll. 

Richey, Alexander G, The Irish land laws. 
L., 1880. Sm. 8'. 5562.59 

Russell, Ch. "Nevi' views on Ireland," or 
Irish land. L.. 1880. Sm. 8°. 5564-83 

Letters based on actual visits in Ireland, particularly in 
Kerry. It is said that these letters were refused publication 
by the "Times." 

Staples, R. Agitation in Ireland, from a land- 
lord's point of view. L., 1881. 8". [Ordered.] 

Tuke, James H. Irish distress and its reme- 
dies. The land question. A visit to Donegal 
and Connaught in the spring of i83o. 5th ed. 
L., 1880. Map. 8^ 5562.67 

One ot the most trustworthy of recent pamphlets. 

Virgilius, A'^ttff. Parnell. N. Y., 1S80. 8". 


Wilde, Jane F. S., lady. The American Irish. 

2ded. Dublin. [188-.='] Sm. 8°. Pph. Coll. 

States fairly the merits of the present discontent. Lady 
Wilde is the mother of Oscar Wilde, the poet. 


The following list contains the most important recent publications upon Civil-service reform, 
now in the Library. It does not attempt to include all that has been written, relating more or less 
to the subject. The student who wishes to pursue his investigations farther, especially in the early 
years of our history, is referred to Mr. Foster's Literature of Civil-service reform [No. 6 in 5561.65]. 
He should also consult the files of Harper's Weekly, the Nation, and Congressional Record. 

Adams, H. B. Civil-service reform. (N. A. 
review, Oct., 1869.) 3i53-i-io9 

— Same. B., 1869. 8°. No. 6 in 5561.59 
Andrews, C. C. Report on the civil-service in 

Sweden. L., 1877. 8°. No. 17 in 5561.59 

B., R. H. Our civil-service; its past and its 
future. (Unitarian review, May, 187S.) 7501.50.9 

Bellows, H. W. Civil-service reform. (N. A. 
review, March, 1880.) 3i53-i>i30 

Bing, J. Our civil-service. (Putnam's mag., 
Aug., 1868 ) 5285.1, n.s. 2 

Boston civil-service reform association. Offi- 
cers, constitution, and by-laws. B., 1881. 8°. 

No. 16 in 5561.62 

Cambridge, Mass. Constitution and officers 
of the Cambridge association. (/« Civil-service 
reform assoc. Purposes.) No. 5 in 5561.65 

Cary, E. The administration and civil-service 
reform. (Internat. review, March, 1879.) 5321.2.6 

Civil-service record. Nos. i-io. B., 1881-S2. 


Civil-service reform association. Purposes. 
N. Y., 1881. 8°. No. I in 5561.64 

— Same. With constitution and officers of the 
Cambridge association. Camb., 1881. i6°. 

No. 5 in 5561.65 
Clarke, W. The " spoils" system in American 
politics. (Contemp. rev., Oct., 1S81.) 7321.3.40 
Cox, J. D. Civil-service reform. (N. A. re- 
view, Jan., 1871.) 3153.1.112 
Cox, S. S. Pretense and practice. Can fraud 
reform civil-service.' Speech, March 12, 1S78. 
Wash., 1878. 8°. No. 19 in 5561.59 

Coxe, B. Von Mohl on modes of filling civil 
offices. (Journal of social science, 1871.) 

No. 4 in 5572.67 

Curtis, G. W. Civil-service reform. Address 
at National confer, of Unitarian churches, Sept. 
20, 1878. (Unitarian review, Nov., 187S.) 

No. 7 in 5561.62 ; 7501.50.10 

A report of Mr. Curtis* address at Music Hall, Boston, 
April 2S, iSSi, may be found in the Boston Herald of the 
29th. The files of Harper's weekly contain much upon this 

Dana, R. H. Points in American politics. 
(N. A. review, Jan., 1877.) 3153.1. 124 

Dawes, H. L. 

The bill introduced by Mr. Dawes may be seen in the 
Boston daily advertiser of Jan. 34, 1882. His letters upon 
the subject are in the same paper, of various dates, in Feb. 
and March, 1SS2. 

Dickson, W. M. The new political machine. 
(N. A. review, Jan., 1882.) 3i53-i-i34 

Earle, A. L. Our revenue system and the 
civil-service. N. Y., 1878. [Economic mono- 
graphs, no. 5.] 160. No. 5 in 3649-78 

— Same. For International free trade alliance. 
N. Y. 24°. No. 2 in 5561.65 

Eaton, D. B. Assassination and the spoils 
system. (Princeton review, Sept., i88i.) 

5422.50, 1881, vol. 2 ; No. 14 in 5561.62 

— Cincinnati convention. Conditions upon 
which the republicans can elect a president, as 
affected by the question of civil- service reform. 
N.Y.,iS76. 8^ No. 5 in 5561.62; No. 17 in 4224.52 

— Civil-service. (Congregationalist, Jan. 11, 


Eaton, D. B. , continued. 

— Civil-service in Great Britain. N. Y., 
i83o. 8=>. 2510.H 

The introduction, by G. W. Curtis, gives a brief sketch of 
the civil-service movement in this country. 

— Civil-service reform. (Penn monthly, 
April, 1S81. 5254.50.12 

From the Report submitted to the president. 

— Experiment of civil-service reform. [Am. 
social science asso., Detroit, May, 1S75.] 8°. 

No. 15 in 5561.59 

— Same. (Journal of social science, May, 
1876.) No. 8 in 5572.67 

— New phase of the reform movement. (N. 
A. review, June, 1881.) 3153. 1. 132 

In reply to Judge Tourgee's article. 

— Patronage monopoly and the Pendleton 
bill. (Princeton review, March, 1882.) 

5422.50, 1882, vol. I 

— The "spoils" system and civil-service re- 
form in the custom-house and post-office at New 
York. N. Y., 18S1. 8°. No. 3 in 5561.64 

— Termand tenure of office. (Penn monthly, 
1881, 1882.) 525450, 1881, 1882 

A report of Mr. Eaton's address in Sanders Theatre, 
Cambridge, Nov. 30, iSSi, may be found in the Boston papers 
of the following day. 

Eliot, S. Civil-service reform. (Journal of 
social science, 1869.) 5572.67.1 

Fenton, R. E. Customs service. Speech, 
Jan. 8, 1872. Wash., 1872. 8°. No. 10 in 5561.59 

Field, D. D. Political corruption the root of 
the evil. (Internal, review, Jan., 1877.) 5321.2.4 

Foster, W. E. Civil-service reform movement. 
B., 1882. 160. No. 7 in 5561.65 

— Literature of civil-service reform in the 
U.S. Prov., 1881. 16°. No. 6 in 5561.65 

Garfield and civil-service reform. Broadside. 

No. 15 in 5561.62 

Godkin, E. L. The civil-service reform con- 
troversy. (N. A. review, April, 1882.) 3153.1.134 

Graves, E. O. How it was done in Great Britain. 
(Scribner's monthly, June, 1877.) 7392.2.14 

Great Britain. See Eaton, D. B. ; — Graves, 
E. O.;— Jackson, A. W. ; — Waters, E. F. ; — 
and Report by Mr. Jenckes, May 25, 1868. 

The regular file of British parliamentary documents in 
Bates Hall gives all the official reports. 

Hain, A. H. F. Brief essay on the< civil ser- 
vice of the U. S. Wash., 1869. 8°. 

No. 3 in 5561.59 

Harris, J. A. Boss-ism and civil-service re- 
form. (Penn monthly, Jul^, 1881.) 5254.50.12 

Hitchcock, R. D. Civil-service reform. A 
discourse, Thanksgiving day, Nov. 30, 1871. 
N. Y., 1871. No. I in 5561.65 

Hoar, G. F. The appointing power. (N. A. 
review, Nov., 1881.) 3i53.i-i33 

Howe, T. O. Speech [on tenure of office], 
Feb. 6, 1867. Wash., 1867. 8«. No. i in 5561.62 

Hoyt, J. W. Requisites to a reform of the 
civil-service. [Wisconsin acad. of science, arts, 
and letters, 1874.] 8°. No. 12 in 5561.59 

Jackson, A. W. Civil-service in England and 
America. (Unitarian review, Sept., Oct., 1881.) 


Jay, J. Civil-service reform. (N. A. review, 
Sept.-Oct., 1878.) 3153.1.127 

Relates especially to the N. Y. ctistom'house. 


Jenckes, T. A. Civil-service. Speech, April 

5, 1869. 8^. W., 1869. 8». No. 4 in 5561.59 

These speeches may be found also in the Congressional 

— Civil-service in the U. S. [From N. A. 
review, Oct.. 1S67.] B , 1867. 8». 

No. I in 5561.59; No. 29 in 4421.65 

— Same. (N. A. rev., Oct., 1867.) 3153.1. 105 
This bill is printed at the end of the article. 

— Speech, on the bill to regulate civil -service; 
Jan. 29, 1867. Wash, 1867. 8^ No. 3 in 5561.62 

— Speech, on the bill to regulate civil-service, 
May 14, i86S. Wash., 186S. 8\ No. 4 in 5561.6a 

Jenckes, T. A., and others. Civil-service. 
Remarks, May 3-5, 1870. Wash., 1S70. 8". 

No. 7 in 5561.59 

See also U. S. Reports, etc., below. 

Julian, G. W. Death struggle of the republi- 
can party. (N. A. review, March-April. 1878.) 


— Is the reformer any longer needed? (N. A. 
review, Sept.-Oct., 1878.) 3x53.1.127 

Lea, H. C. How shall the "spoils system" 
be abolished? (Penn monthly, March, I'SSi.) 

^ ^ 5a54.50«3 

Leammg, T. The American incubus. (Penn 
monthly, Oct., i88i.) 5254.50.12 

, Limet, F. La r^forme du service civil aux 
Etats-Unis. (Revue britannique, Jan., 1881.) 

53893.50, 1881, vol. I 

Macdonough, A. R. Civil-service reform. 
(Harper's magazine, March, 1870.) 5230.1a.40 

Mann, J. B. Civil-service and Jenckes' bill. 
8°. No. 5 in 5561.59 

Mayo, A. D. Civil-service reform. (Unitarian 
review, June, 1875.) 75o»-50-3 

Meade, E. R. Administrative reform. Speech, 
July 29, 1876. Wash., 1876. 8°. No. 16 in 5561.59 

New York. [Abstract of civil-serAicc ex- 
aminations in the N. Y. custom-house, April 3 
to June 3, 1879.] ^^S. No. 10 in 5561.62 

— Comments upon the civil-service reform in 
the N. Y. customs' service, by a well-wisher, 
Jan. 2, 1880. No. 9 in 5561.6a 

— Regulations in the customs' service and 
sub-treasury of N. Y., March 6, 1S79. S". 

No. 8 in 5561.6* 
See also Mr. Jay's Civil-scoice reform. 

Next phase of civil progress. N. Y., 1874. i8». 
No. 13 in 5561.59 

Parton, J. The beginning of the "sDoils" 
system. (From Life of A. Jackson.) N. Y., 
i88t. S". No. a in 5561.64 

— The power of public plunder. (N. A. 
review, July, 1881.) 3«53«-«J3 

— Uncle Sam's treatment of his servants. 
(/« his Topics of the time.) 894-X7 

Patterson, C. S. Municipal reform and civil- 
service reform. (Penn monthly, April, i88i.) 

5354.50. 14 

Pendleton, G. H. Civil-Ber\ ice reform. Speech 
in the Senate, Dec. 13. 1881. No. 13 in 55««-6* 

Also in Boston herald. Dec. i^, iSSi, and in Con(i!re*»io««l 
record. Dec. i j, iSSi. The Pendleton hill l« No. n io sjOi^AJ. 
and is reprinted in Foster's Civil.»cr» ice. 

Prentiss, G. L. Our national bane. N. Y., 
1877. 16". No. 18 in 5561.59; a3«9- 74 

Roscngarten, J. G. Civil-»er%ice reform. 
[From Penn monthly for Nov.] Phila., 187a 
80. No. 8 in 5561.59 ; No. 12 m 3655-57 

No. 6 in 4421.66 



Rosengarten, J. G., continued. 

— Sajiie. (Journal of social science, 1871.) 

No. 21 in 5561.59; No. 4 in 5572.67 

Stickney, A. The people's problem. (Scrib- 

ner's monthly, 1881.) 7392.2.22 

Sumner, W. G. Presidential elections and 

civil-service. (Princeton review, Jan., 1881.) 

542;5.50, 1 881, I 
Sweden. See Andrews, C. C. 
Tourgee, A. W. Reform vs. reformation. (N. 
A. review, April, 1881.) 3153. 1. 132 

United States. 

— Civil-service in the U. S. Report submitted 
by Mr. Jenckes, Feb. 4, 1867. 

39: ii: H. R. rept.. No. 8; No. 2 in 5561.62 

— Civil-service of the U. S. Report submitted 
by Mr. Jenckes, May 25, 1868. 

40 : ii : H. R. rept., No. 47 
The appendix contains testimony of the press, reviews, 
etc., and sketches of civil service in other countries. 

— The foreign service. Report of Mr. Patter- 
son to the senate, July 2, t868. 8°. 

No. 2 in 5561.59 ; 40: ii: S. rept.. No. 154 

— Report of the committee on retrenchment, 
Feb. 21, 1870. 41 : ii : S. rept.. No. 47 (C. 131.12) 

One subject examined was civil service, its conditions, 
appointments, etc. 

— Message of the president. [Recommending 
civil-service reform.] Dec. 5, 1870. 

41 : iii : H. R. Ex. doc. No. i (C. 161.9.1) 

— Message, transmitting the report of the 
commission apppointed to devise rules for the 
civil-service, Dec. 19, 1871. 

42 : ii : Ex. doc. No. 10 

— Same. Reform of the civil service : report 
to the president [on the act approved March 3, 
1871]. Wash., 1871. 8°. No. 9 in 5561.59 

By G. W. Curtis and others. 

— Rules and regulations respecting civil- 
service. Wash., 1872. 8°. No. 11 in 5561.59 

United States, continued. 

— Civil service in the war department, Feb. 
16, 1874. 43: i: E. doc, No. 139 (C. 257.1. 10) 

— Report of the Civil-service commission, 
April 15, 1874. Wash., 1874. 8°. 

43 : i : H. R. Exec, doc. No. 221 
A note gives the resolutions of various republican con- 
ventions, endorsing the proposed reform. The law appoint- 
ing this commission may oe found in " Acts and resolu- 
tions, Dec. 5, iS70-April 30, 1S71" (C. 139.10, 1S70-71). 

— Report of the Civil-service commission, 
April 15, 1874. 43 : i : S. doc, No. 53 

No. 14 in 5561.59 

— Resolution : That a committee of five mem- 
bers of the Senate be appointed to examine the 
branches of civil service, Feb. 19, 1875. 

43: ii: Sen. Misc. doc. No. 97 (C. 256.8.1) 

— Report, from select committee, to examine 
the branches of civil service, April 27, 1876. 

44: i : S. rept.. No. 289 (C. 253.3.1) 

— Testimony taken by the committee on civil- 
service. Wash., 1878. 8*. No. 6 in 5561.62 

45 : ii: H. of R. Misc. docs.. No. 36 
(C. 266.2, vol. 3) 

— Report, Feb. 24, 1880. On civil service 
and retrenchment. 46 : ii : S. rept.. No. 303 

(C. 260. B. 1, vol. 2) 

— Letter from the Secretary of the treasury, 
giving information in relation to appointments in 
the N. Y. custom-house. Feb. 28, 1881. 

46: iii : S. Ex. doc, No. 61 ; No. 12 in 5561.63 

— Regulation and improvement of the civil- 
service. Wash., 1881. 46 : iii: S. rept.. No. 872 

No. II in 5561.62 

Report presented by Mr. Pendleton, Feb. 16, iSSi. This 

Bill is reprinted in Foster's Civil-service reform movement. 

Waters, E. F. The great struggle in England 
for honest government. B., 1878. 8". 

No'. 20 in 5561.59 

White, A. D. Do the spoils belong to the 
victors? (N. A. review, Feb. 1882.) 3153.1134 

Parliamentary Sessional Papers of Great Britain, Session of 1880. 

The following is a selected list of subjects treated in the Sessional papers of 1880. 
An index to the papers for i860 to 78-9 constitutes volume 83 of the papers for 1880. 

Abbreviations : A. P. — Accounts and papers ; R.C. — Reports of committees ; R.Cr. — Reports of cominiisi6AM. 

Accounts, Public. R.C. 8 

Afghanistan, Correspondence [etc.] relating to 

affairs of. ^ A. P. 53 

Africa, South, Correspondence [etc.] relating 

to affairs of. A. P. 50, 51 

Agricultural interests commission. R.Cr. 18 
Alkali acts. R.Cr, 14 

Army affairs. R.Cr. 13 

— Estimates. A.P. 41 

— Militia and volunteers. A.P. 42 
Bankruptcy act. R.C. 8 
Banks, Chartered, bill. R.C. 8 
Bills, Public. Vol. 1-7 
Births and deaths registration bill. R.C. 8 

Births, deaths, and marriages. 

R.Cr. 16, 17; A.P. 76 
Bradlaugh, Charles. See Parliamentary oath. 
British museum. Income and expenditures. 
1879-80. A.P. 55 

Cattle diseases of the United States. A.P. 56 
Charities. A.P. 54 

Charities, City parochial. R.Cr. 20 

Charity commission. R.Cr. 18 

Church estates commissioners. R.Cr. 18 

Civil service. R.Cr. ai 

Civil service estimates. A.P. 45-47 

Colonies. A.P. 48-51 

Commercial reports from consuls. A.P. 72-75 


Commons. R.C. 8 

Contagious diseases acts. R.C. 8 

Co-operative stores. R.C. 8 

Customs. R.Cr. i8 

Debtors, Fraudulent, bill. R.C. 9 

Dublin. Sewerage and drainage. R.Cr. 30 
Ecclesiastical institutions. Finances. A.P. 54 

Education. England and Wales. R.Cr. 22 

— Ireland. R.Cr. 23 

— Scotland. R.Cr. 24 

— Finances. A.P. 54, 55 

— Science and art department. R.Cr. 25 
Elections. A.P. 57, 58 
England. Births, deaths, etc. R.Cr. i6 
Explosions and explosives. R.Cr. 15 
Factories, Inspector of. R.Cr. 14 
Finance. A.P. 40 
Fisheries. R.Cr. 14 
Fishing vessels (regulations as to lights). R.C.8 
Greenwich observatory. R.Cr. 25 
Index to Parliamentary papers. 1870 to 78-9. 

A.P. 83, pt. 1 

India, East. A.P. 52, 53 
Includes reports on famine, railways, etc. 

■ Ireland. Agricultural statistics. A.P. 76 

— Births, deaths, and marriages. R.Cr. 16 

— Births and deaths registration bill. R.C. 8 

— Land act. 1870. A.P. 56 

— Land sales. A.P. 56 

— Law and crime. A.P. 60 

— Local government board. R.Cr. 28 

— Municipal boundaries. R.Cr. 30 
Judicial statistics. A.P. 77 
Lav7 and crime. A.P. 59 
Libel, Law of. R.C. 9 
Liverpool. Water supply. R.C. 10 
Local government board. R.Cr. 26-28 
Local government and taxation. A.P. 61, 62 
London. Water supply. R.C. 10 
Lunacy. R.Cr. 29 
Merchant shipping. R.C. 11 




Municipal corporations. 

Navy. Accounts, etc. 

— Estimates. 

National gallery. 

Paris. Exhibition of 1878. 

Parliamentary oath. 



Post office. 

Post office telegraphs. 

Potato crop. 


Public records. 

Public works. 


Railways. Accidents. 


R.Cr. 25 

R.Cr. 15 

R.Cr. 18 

R.Cr. 31 

A.P. 44 

A.P. 43 

R.Cr. as 

RCr. 32, 33 

R.C. la 

R.Cr. as 

A.P. 59; R.Cr. 34 

R.Cr. tg 

A.P. 40 

R.C. 12 

A.P.59;R.Cr. 35, 36 

R.Cr. 38 

R.Cr. 16 

A.P. 64 ; R.Cr. tg 

A.P. 63 

Reformatory and industrial schools. R.Cr. 37 
Salmon fisheries. R.Cr. 14 

Scotland. Births, deaths, etc. R.Cr. 17 

Shipping. A.P. 65 

Slave trade. A.P. 6g 

Solar physics. R.Cr. 25 

South Kensington museum. Metallurgical 

laboratory. A.P. 55 

State papers. A.P. 78-8a 

Statistical abstract for the United Kingdom 

from 1865-79. A.P. 76- 

Statistics. A.P. 76 

Sugar industries. R.C. xa 

Tay bridge disaster. R.Cr. 3g 

Tithes. R.Cr. ig 

Trade. A.P. 67-71 

Trade and navigation accounts. A.P. 70, 71 
Turnpike acts. R.C. xa 

Veterinary department. R.Cr. ig 

Water supply. See Liverpool ; — London. 
Weights and measures. 

Woods, forests and land revenues. R.Cr.xg 


Dorchester Branch Library. — A new 

catalogue of 229 pages, in double columns, has 
just been printed for the Dorchester Branch 
Library. This Library was opened to the public 
January 25, 1875, at which time there were about 
3,700 volumes on the shelves. The number on 
the ist of April, 1S82, was 11,303 volumes. There 
are two delivery stations of this branch, one 
at the Lower Mills Village, and one, recently 
established, at Mattapan. Holders of cards at 
this Branch Library and the two delivery sta- 
tions can take out one volume at a time from 
the Branch, and one volume from the Bates 
Hall of the Central Library. One volume, also, 
can be taken from the Lower Hall of the Central 
Library, if the applicant at the time has none 

from the Branch. These books, if in the Cen- 
tral Library at the time, will be delivered on the 
day after the application is made. 

Maps of Boston. — The Librarian, hairing 
learned of the existence of a considerable num- 
ber of maps of Boston and its vicinity, between 
the years 1705 and 1775, existing among the 
"King's Maps" in the British Museum, has 
made them the subject of correspondence with 
the Librarian of the Museum, with a view to 
having copies made for the Public Library. It 
is expected that these maps will throw light 
upon the growth of the city and the neighboring 




Theodore Parker. — The Trustees have re- 
ceived, by gilt from Miss Matilda Goddard, a 
complete set of the writings of Theodore Par- 
ker, consisting of published volumes, articles 
in reviews and periodicals, occasional sermons, 
addresses and reports, and newspaper cuttings, 
the same being designed to constitute a complete 
collection of all the printed writings of Mr. 

New Building. — On petition of the City 
Council the Legislature has passed a bill author- 
izing the City of Boston to take for the Public 
Library the necessary land belonging to private 
parties adjoining the 32,500 feet of land granted 
by the State of Massachusetts. The Trustees 
have been directed by the City Council to con. 
sider and report upon the suitability of the new 
English High and Latin School Building for the 
Public Library. 

Reading Room and Delivery Room at the 
North End. — The School Committee of Bos- 
ton have placed a room in the basement of the 
Cushman school-house, on Parmenter street, at 
the disposal of the Trustees for a reading room 
and delivery station for the Public Library. It is 
the intention of the Trustees to place therein 
about one thousand volumes of books, with a 
collection of magazines, and to open it for the 
use of the public as soon as practicable. 

Centennial Map of the United States. — 
The Hon. Leopold Morse has presented to the 
Public Library the CentenniaJ map of the United 
States, which has been compiled, under the 
direction of the Committee on Public Lands, of 
the House of Representatives, by William L. 
Woods. This map, which measures ninety-three 
by one hundred and forty-two inches, and has 
been compiled from the official surveys of the 

General Land Office and other authentic source.*, 
has been mounted and hung in the Bates Hall 

Books for the Blind. — Samuel Gurney, of 
England, a nephew of Mrs. Fry, has presented 
to the Boston Public Library the Bible, in sixty- 
five quarto volumes, printed for the blind. 
This gift was made at the suggestion of Mr. 
Charles F. Dennet, of Brighton, England, who 
has sent to the library a copy of a selection 
from Longfellow's Poems, printed for the blind. 
These volumes are printed in embossed type, as 
designed by Dr. William Moon, of Brighton, 
England, and used by him in the printing of 
numerous books, a list of which, together with an 
account of his system, can be found in his "Light 
for the blind " [3596.69]. Recent English papers 
announce the death of Mr. Gurney, early in the 
month of April. 

The Public Library has a considerable col- 
lection of books of this kind, printed mostly at 
the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts Asy- 
lum. The titles of these are to be found in the 
Card Catalogue under the heading Blind. 
(Books printed for the blind.) 

Charles Darwin. — A list of references in 
periodical literature to Darwin and Darwinism 
can be found in the Card Catalogue in the Bates 
Hall. These titles are taken from the forth- 
coming new edition of Poole's Index, and they 
are also printed in the Boston Daily Advertiser, 
April 22, 1882. 

RoxBURY Branch. — A Portrait of Dr. Henry 
Bartlett, by Billings, has been presented to the 
Fellowes Athenseum by Miss Anna S. Everett. 
Dr. Bartlett was one of the original Trustees 
of the Fellowes Athenaeum, and his library, at 
the death of his widow, came into the possession 
of the Athenzeum. 




JULY, 1882. 

VOL. s- No. J. 

WHOLE No. 62. 

William W. Greenough, President. 

Solomon B. Stebbins, Alderman. 
William H. Whitmork Councilman. 
James Freeman Clarke. 

Samuel A. B. Abbott. 
George B. Chase. • 
Henry W. Haynes. 


Mellen Chamberlain, Librarian and Clerk of the Corporation. 
James L. Whitney, Principal Assistant Librarian. 

Arthur M. Knapp, Curator of Periodicals and 

William H. Foster, Proof-reader. 

Jos6 F. Carret, Curator of Patents and En- 
gravings, and Registrar. 

Appleton p. C. Griffin, Custodian of Shelves. 
William F. Robinson, Registration Clerh. 
Thomas H. Cummings, Curator of Lo-wer Hall 

Louis F. Gray, Office Secrttary, 

William E. Ford, Janitor, Central Library. 


Arthur M. Knapp, Bates Hall. 
Edward Tiffany, Lower Hall. 
Mary E. Brock, Brighton. 
Cornelius S. Cart^e, Charlestown. 
Mary G. Coffin, Dorchester. 

Sarah C. Godbold, East Boston. 
Eliza R. Davis, Jamaica Plain. 
Sarah Bunker, Roxbury. 
Alice J. Bragdon, South Boston. 
Grace A. De Borges, South End. 

Mary A. Hill, Custodian, Lower Mills. 
Harriet L. Towner, Custodian, Mattapan. 

Robert M. Otis, Custodian, Roslindale. 
Anna Hibbard, Custodian, W. Roxbury. 

Information for Readers 126 

Bates Hall 127 

Lower Hall and Branches 162 


Charlestown Branch Library 
South End Branch Library 




Number of Volumes and Hours. 

All departments are open every secular day 
except the six legal holidays, — February 23, 
Fast Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving 
and Christmas, — and such other days as the 
Trustees may direct. 

The Bates Hall is open from nine o'clock, a.m., 
until six, P.M., from October to March, inclusive, 
and until seven o'clock during the rest of the 
year. The Lower Hall of the Central Library is 
open from half-past eight o'clock, a.m., to nine 
o'clock, P.M. From July 1 to August 30, inclu- 
sive, the time of closing is one hour earlier. 
The Central Reading Room for Periodicals is 
open from nine o'clock, a.m., until ten, p.m., and 
on Sundays from two to ten. From July i to 
August 30, inclusive, the time of closing is one 
hour earlier. During, these two months the 
Branch Libraries close one hour earlier than the 
time mentioned in the following table. 

Bates Hall 

Newspaper Room . . . 
Duplicate Room . . . 

Lower Hall 

Brighton Branch . . • 
Charlestown Branch . 
Dorchester Branch . . 
East Boston Branch . 
Jamaica Plain Branch . 
Lower Mills Delivery . 
Mattapan Delivery . . 

Roslindale Delivery . . 

Roxbury Branch . . . 
South Boston Branch . 
South End Branch . . 
West Roxbury Delivery 



) toy 

8.30 to 9 
9 to 8»t 
9 to 8* 
9 toS* 
9 to 8* 
9 to 8*t 
4 to 7.30*^ 
3.30 to 7^ 
53 to6tt 
1 7 toStt 
9 to 8 
9 to 9 
9 to 8* 
3 to stt 






in R. R. 




* Keep open till 9P.M. Saturdays, 
t Closed 12 M. to 2 f.M. 
i Reading Room 9 1» 11. 
*» Closed from 6 to 6.30. 

407.90s 740 

■ftTuesdays, Tliursdays, and Satur- 
i^ Tuesdays to Saturdays, inclusive, 
a Delivered tu readers also on Sun- 

New Books as soon as received are entered on 
the Bulletin Boards of each Library. In the 
Bates Hall, before titles appear on the Board the 
new books are displayed (with the shelf-number 
attached) in a glass case at the desk. The lists in 
the Lower Hall and at the Branches show only 
the books added to those departments. The Dor- 
chester list is posted also at the Deliveries at the 
Lower Mills and Mattapan, and the Jamaica Plain 
list at the Deliveries at Roslindale and West Rox- 
bury. The Bulletins are for sale (excepting those 
out of print) at five cents each. Books with num- 
bers below 2 1 10 are in the Lower Hall ; with 2 no 
and above, in the Bates Hall. Those with Bri., 
Chn., ]>or., £. B., J. P., Rox., 8. B., or S. £. 
prefixed to the number are respectively in the 
Brighton, Charlestown, Dorchester, East Bos- 
ton, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, South Boston, or 
South End Branch. 

Bates Hall of the Central Library. 

I. The Index of 1861. (Includes the Bow- 
ditch Library.) Out of print. 

II. The Supplement of 1866. (Includes the 
Parker Library-) For sale in sheets at $2.00. 

III. The Catalogue of the Prince Li- 
brary. For sale at $j.oo. 

IV. The Catalogue of the Ticknor Col- 
lection of Spanish and Portuguese books. For 
sale at $j.oo. 

V. The Catalogue of the Barton Collec- 
tion. Shakespearian portion. For sale at Sj.oo. 

VI. Public Card Catalogue. This con- 
tains, with some exceptions, the titles of all the 
books in the Bates Hall. 

VII. The Official Card Catalogue, which 
can be consulted, in cases of need, upon applica- 
tion, contains the titles of all books added to the 
Bates Hall since the publication of the Supple- 
ment in 1866, and includes some titles of books 
received between 1866 and 1871, which are not 
in the Public Card Catalogue. 


There is a separate catalogue of the Tosti En- 
gravings in drawers at the north end of the Pub- 
lic Card Catalogue case in Bates Hall. 

Lo-wrer Hall of the Central Library. 

I. Fiction and Juveniles, with notes for 
readers. 6t/i edition, April, 1S77. Embraces 
the "Index to Historical Fiction." 20 cents. 

II. Arts, Sciences, and Professions. 2d 
edition, September, 1S71. 10 cents. — Supplement- 
ary Catalogue, Maj', 1881. 20 cents. 

III. History, Biography, and Travels, 
with notes for readers. 2d edition, July, 1S73. 
^o cents. 

IV. Books in Foreign Languages, jd 
edition. May, 1881. /J cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, Collections, and Mis- 
cellanies, jst edition, August, 1870. 20 cents. 

VI. Card Catalogue. This contains the 
titles of all the books in the Lower Hall, alpha- 
betically arranged, both by authors' names and 
by the titles of books. An assistant, who alone 
has access to this catalogue, will furnish such 
information as may not be found in the printed 


Catalogues are for sale: — Brighton, 2j cents, 
for the main Catalogue (including first Supple- 
ment), and J cents for each of the two subsequent 
Supplements; Charlestown, .^/. 00; Dorchester, 
7j cents; East Boston, 2j cents ; Jamaica Plain, 
/J cents ; Roxbury, jo cents ; South Boston, 
2 J cents. 

Bates Hall books can be applied for at the 
several Branches and Deliveries, and, if they are 
on the shelves, they will be sent to the Branch 
or Delivery the same or following day. 

The Bulletins since the issues of the Branch 
Catalogues constitute supplements to these sev- 
eral lists. 

Prices of Catalogues to Non-Residents 

are fixed to cover cost of manufacture and post- 
age, as follows : — 

Bates Hall.— 1. Prince Catalogue, .^/. 75. Tick- 
nor Catalogue, $j.oo. Barton Catalogue, Sj-oo. 

Lower Hall. — II. History, Biography, and 
Travel. $1.^0. 

III. Arts, Sciences, and Professions, yj cents. 

IV. Fiction and Juveniles. 75 cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, and Miscellanies. Si-oo 
Bulletins. — VI. Quarterly issues, each, 20 cents. 
The Bulletins must be applied for as issued, 

during January, April, July, and October of each 
year, as subscriptions cannot be received. 

The Branch Catalogues and other publications 
will be furnished, as far as practicable, on terms 
to be made known on application. 

Central Periodical Reading Room. 
A list of periodicals currently received is for 
sale at j cents. There is also a List of serial 
publications noW taken in the principal libraries 
of Boston and Cambridge. Price, 20 cents. 

For further particulars "see Handbook for Readers," distributed gratis. 




SKelf-numbers 21 10 and upwards indicate books in Bates Hall. 

Shelf-numbers below 21 10 indicate books in the Lower Hall. 

Bri., Brighton Brancli. 

Cllii<, Charlestown Branch. 

I>or., Dorchester Branch. 

E. B., East Boston Branch. 

J. P., Janiiiica Plain Branch. 

R.01., Roxbury Branch. 

S. B., South Boston IJranch. 

S. K., South End Branch. 

N. R., Newspaper Room. 

R. R., Reading Room. 

C. R., Catalogue Room. 

M. S., Map Stand. 

B., Boston. 







[ J 

( ) 

* «r 

, Leipzig. 


No date of publication given. 

No place of publication given. 
, Copyrighted. 

Enclose corrections or explanations. 

Stands for the preceding heading. 

Stands for a subordinate heading. 

Enclose names not usually retained. 

Permission of the Librarian.or officer in charge of Bate* 
Hall, required to take the book out. Not attachrd to 
Lower Hall copies of the same book. 

Book cannot leave the Library. 

Permission of Trustees required to take the book out. 

*^* Friends of the Public Library will confer a favor, if they will communicate the correction of 
any error they may discover in this List, the authorship of any works' treated as anonymous, or the 
name of any person entered only under a pseudonym. 



Mostly Recent Publications. 

Abbe, Frederic R. The temple rebuilt. A 
poem. New ed., enl. B., 1882. 12°. 345oa.87 

Abbott, Edwin A. Onesimus : memoirs of a 
disciple of St. Paul. B., 1882. 16°. 5444-66 

Abd al-Latif. Relation de I'figjpte, par Abd- 
AUatif, m^decin arabe de Bagdad; suivie de 
divers extraits d'ecrivains orientaux, et d'un dtat 
des provinces et des villages de I'Egypte dans le 
xive siecle. Trad, et enrichi de notes par 
Silvestre de Sacy. P., 1810. 4°. *5052.52 

Acoustics. See Everett. 

Adams, Charles K. Manual of historical 
literature, brief description of histories in Eng- 
lish, French, and German, with suggestions as 
to historical study. N. Y., 1882. 8". *2i59-9 

Adams, Francis. History of the elementary 
school contest in England. L., 1882. 8°. 3594-66 

Adams, George. Genealogy of the Adams 
family, of Kingston, Mass. B., 1861. 8". •4338-66 

Adams, John Q^ See Morse. 

Adams family. See Appleton. 

Adler, M. and H. La bouche. P., 1881. Illus. 
18°. 58093.31 

Relates entirely to the teeth. 

Adonis. See Bourquenoud ; — Brugsch. 
Adulterations. See Dufour. 
Esthetics. See Dyer. 
Africa, South. See Dobbs ; — Leyland. 
Agriculture. See Bowick ; — Rogers. 

Airy, Sir George B., ed. Account of observa- 
tions of the transit of Venus, 1874, Dec. 8, made 
under the authority of the British government. 
L., i88i. Illus. 4°. •• 

Alabama. See Brewer. 

Alcohol. Sec Hargreaves. 

Alcott, Amos Bronson. Sonnets and canzo- 
nets. B., 1882. 12°. a39ob.7« 

With an essay on the sonnet and canaonet, by F. B. 

— Same. [With portraits and autograph. 1 


Fifty copies printed. 

Alexis, Paul. Emile Zola. Notes d'un ami. 
Avec des vers in^dits de Zola. P., iSSj. Portr. 
1 20. 4649«-74 

Allies, Mary H. Three catholic reformer* of 
the isth century. L., 187S. Sm. 8". 3557-7* 

Contents. — Si. yincent Ferrer, iJS7-«4'9; SI. Bemar- 
dine of Siena; St. John CiipUtran, 1385-1450- 

Alliteration. See Woclfflin. 

Almanach des spectacles [publi^ par A. 
Soubiesl. Continuant Tancien Almanach de« 
spectacles. T. 1-7- 1874-80. P- '87.^-8i^7 v. 
Etched portrs. 32". 40»«-55 

There is. on shelf no. G. 3568-1. •«^'"P''*«,»*V«'l*/"w 
published, of the old " Almanach," from «tS;- SrS-*^ 
note under Calendrier historique in the card caUlogu* of 
the Barton library. 




Almanach des traditions populaires. [E. Rol- 
land, ed.] leann^e. P., 1882. 24°. *6i98.4 

Contains among other matter an '' Adresse des Folklo- 
ristes" and " Bibliographic." 

Alq, Louise d', pseud. Les secrets du cabinet 
de toilette. Conseils et recettes, par une femme 
du monde, sous la direction de madame Louise 
d'Alq. Nouv. ed. P., 1881. 8°. 6005.9 

Altmueller, F. Aegypten, Sinai-Halbinsel und 
Palastina. Begleitbericht zum Reliefplane der 
genannten Lander. Cassel, 1861. 8°. 

No. 19 in **5052.25 

Alvisi, Edoardo. Cesare Borgia, duca di 
Romagna. Notizie e documenti. Imola, 1878. 
16°. 2748.58 

Amarji, Ranchodji. Tarikh-i-Sorath. History 
of the provinces of Sorath and Halar in Kathia- 
wad. Tr. from the Persian. Bombay, 1882. 12°. 


America (hymn). See Smith, S. F. 

American church [Prot. episc] review. April, 
1882. N.Y., 1882. 8°. *5i42.5 

American iron and steel association. Tariff 
tract no. 1-4,1881. \_Also\ Hold the fort ! ; The 
tariff. Speech of Justin S. Morrill, in the 
Senate, Dec. 8, 1881, on the bill to establish a 
tariff commission. Phila., 1881. 8". *5649a.56 

In favor of a protective tariff. 

Ames, James B. Selection of cases on the 
law of bills and notes and other negotiable 
paper. With references and citations, and also 
an index and summary. Prepared for use in Har- 
vard law-school. B., 1881. 2 v. 8°. 3663.58 

Amory, Martha B. The domestic and artistic 
life of J. S. Copley, with notices of his works, 
and reminiscences of his son, Lord Lyndhurst. 
B., 1882. Portr. 8°. 4343-75 

Anchor, pseud. See De Peyster, John W. 

Ancient laws of Ireland. Vol. 1-4. Dublin, 
1865-79. Facsimiles. 8°. 2423.11 

Ancona, Alessandro d'. La poesia popolare 
italiana. Studj. Livorno, 1878. 16". 2777.59 

Contains a list of authorities. 

Andersen, Hans C. See Brandes. 

Anderson, Edward L. On horseback in the 
school and on the road. N. Y., 1882. 12°. 


Anderson, Thomas. History of shorthand, 
with a review of its present condition and pros- 
pects. L., 1882. Sm. 8". 2118:28 

Anderson, William, b. 1805. Genealogy and 
surnames : with some heraldic and biographical 
notices. Edinb., 1865. 8°. 6237.19 

Andrews, William. The book of oddities. 
L., 18S2. Sm. 8°. 2466.61 

Angelucci, Angelo. Ricerche preistoriche e 
storiche nella Italia meridionale, 1872-1875. 
Torino, 1876. Illus. Folded plate. 8°. 2735.17 

Anglo-Saxon language. See Sweet. 

Ann^e politique, 18S1. 8e annee. P., 1882. 
12°. ""22193.15 

Annuario della nobilita italiana. Anno [1-3]. 
1879-81. Pisa, 1878-80. Plates. 32°. *2739a.5i 

Antiquities. See Angelucci ; — Berger ; — 
Bourquenoud ; — Bruzza ; — Conze ; — Dasti \ — 
Garrucci ; — Gozzadini ; — Guardabassi ; — Iris- 
son ; — Lenormant; — Levy; — Marinoni; — 
Materiaux; — Mueller, H. A. ; — Oppert; — 
Poulain ; — Presuhn ; — Promis ; — Smithsonian ; 
Terrien ; — Texier ; — Western. 

See also Calendars ; — Chronology ; — Egypt ; — Hiero- 
glyphics ; — Obelisks ; — Papyri ; — Zodiac. 

Antiquities of Ionia, published by the Society 
of dilettanti. Parts i, 2, 4. L., 1797-188 1. 3 V. 
Plates. F». **Cab.4iC.D.i 

Vol. 2 is a republication of the first part, first issued in 

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius. The fourth book 
of the Meditations. Revised text with trans, and 
commentary, and an appendix on the relations of 
the emperor with Cornelius Fronto. By Hastings 
Crossley. L., 1882. 8". 2972.55 

Appleton, William S. The family of Badcock 
of Massachusetts. B., 1881. 8°. No. 2 in *4334.55 

Corrected and enl. from the N. E. hist, and geneal. reg., 
July, 1S65. 

— Some descendants of William Adams of 
Ipswich, Mass. B., 1881. 8°. No. 1 in *4334.55 

Printed in part in N. E. hist, and geneal. reg., July, 1S64. 

— [Thomas] Grav and [Rowland] Coytmore. 
Two English wills. ' B., 1880. 8°. 

No. 3 in *4334-53 
Reprinted from the N. E. hist, and geneal. reg. for July, 


Appletons' annual cvclopaedia. 1881. New 
ser., vol. 6. N. Y., 1882". Illus. 8». ♦4313. i 

Arabia. Sec Marcel. 

Arabian language. See Palmer, E. H. 

Archinard, Andre. La chronologie sacr^e, 
bas^e sur les decouvertes de Champollion. P., 
1841. 8". * 3423-69 

Architecture. See Boito ; — Durm ; — Ency- 
clopedic ; — Parker, J. H. ; — Smith, T. R. 

Aretino, Pietro. See Samosch. 

Aribo, archbishop of Mayence. See Mueller, 

Ariosto, Ludovico. See Carducci ; — Rajna. 

Aristophanes. The Acharnians. Tr. into 
English verse by C. J. Billson. L., 1882. Sm. 
8°. 2976.54 

Armenia. See Dulaurier ; — Korenatz. 

Army and navy gazette. Vol. 21. iSSo. 
[L., 1880.] F*'. " *6920.4 

Arnold, Julian T. B. Palms and temples ; being 
notes of a four months' voyage upon the Nile. 
With a preface by Edwin Arnold. L , 1882. 
Sm. 8". 3054-9 

Arnold, Matthew. Irish essays and others. 
L., 1SS2. Sm. 8°. ' 25103.50 

Contents. — The incompatibles; An unregarded Irish 
grievance; Ecce, convertimur ad gentes; Tne future of 
liberalism; Speech at Eton; The French play in London ; 
Copyright ; Prefaces to Poems. 

Arrivabene, Giovanni. Memorie della mia 
vita. 1795-1859. 2a ed. Firenze, i88o. Portr. 
16°. ' 2748.57 

Art, L'. T. 26, 27. P.,i88i. 2 v. F°. •7350.2 

Art, L', pour tous. Ann^e 19, 20. P., 1880-81. 
2 V. F". *736o.3 

Artillery. See Revue. 

Artists. See Bertolotti ; — Mueller, H. A. 

Aryan races. See Baissac. 

Ashantee, Africa. See Christaller. 

Associated charities of Boston. Constitution, 
adopted Dec. 9, 1879. B. [1879.] 8". 

No. 4 in *7573-65 

— Rules and suggestions for visitors. B , 

1879. '6". No. 5 in ♦7573.65 
Association fran<;aise pour I'avancement des 

sciences. Compte rendu. 9e session, Reims, 

1880. P., 1881. 8". *39i9-55 
Assyria. See Horamel ; — Lenormant ; — Re- 

cueil ; — Redford. 



Astronomy. See Airj; — France, Bureau 
des longitudes ; — United States, Naval observ- 
atory; — Roug^. 

Atlanta, Georgia. See Cof . 

Attitude. Sec Nicolas. 

Aubertin, J. J. A flight to Mexico. With 
illus. L., 1882. Folded map. Sm. 8«. 2363.83 

Aubign6, Theodore A. d'. L'enfer, satire 
" dans le goiit de Sancy," publiee pour la pre- 
miere fois avec une notice par Ch. Read. 
P., 1873. [Cabinet du bibliophile.] 16°. 4669.69 

Audiat, Louis, cd. Brouage et Champlain. 
Documents inedits. P., 1879. 8°. 2311.67 

Extrait des Archives historiques de la Saintonge et de 
I'Aunis, t. vi (1S79). 

Audsley, W. and G. Outlines of ornament in 
the leading styles. From ancient and modern 
works. L., 1881. 6o,plates. F^. *,^*Cab. C. E. 8.2 

Augier, (G. V.) Emile. See Da Amicis; — 

Austria. See Schaeffle. 

Authors. See Gubernatis. 

Authorship and publication : a guide for au- 
thors, including the law of copyright, and a 
bibliographical appendix. L., 1882. 8". 61 13.19 

Avenarius, Tony, illus. Historischer Festzug 
veranstaltet bei der Feier der Vollendung des 
Kdlner Domes am 16 October, 1880. Druck 
nach den Original-Aquarellen. Lpz. [i88i.] 
29 col. plates. Fo, obi. Trustees' Room 

Avery, Isaac W. The history of Georgia 
from 1850 to 1851 ; with portrs. N. Y. [1881.] 
Folded map. 8°. *4372-74 

Ayzac, C. L. d'. Demonstration de la seule 
dpoque k laquelle dut etre tracd le zodiaque de 
(Denderah). P., 1822. 8". No. 8 in *5922.76 

— Le rectifigateur des faits et des dates erron^es 
qui ont obscurci et d^natur^ I'histoire sacr^e et 
profane. P., 1821. 8^. No. 9 in *5922.76 

Azores islands. See Weeks. 

Babylon. See Oppert. 

Bacon, Francis, baron Verulam and viscount 
St. Albans. See Hudson. 

Bacon, Henry. A Parisian year. Illus. by 
the author. B., 1882. 12". ' 2662.22 

Bacon, Leonard W. and George B. The Sab- 
bath question. A sermon and two speeches, by 
L. W. Bacon. Six sermons, by G. B. Bacon. 
N.Y., 18S2. 12°. 5445-85 

Badcock family. See Appleton. 

Bagenal, Philip H. D. The American Irish 
and their influence on Irish politics. B., 1882. 
16". .2515-56 

Baildon, Samuel. Tea industry in India. L., 
1882. 80. 3993-66 

Bainbridge, Lucy S. Round the world letters. 
B., 1882. Illus. 16°. 2267.7a 

Baissac, Jules. De I'origine des denomina- 
tions ethniques dans la race aryane. P., 1867. 
8°. 2234.57 

Baldwin, Charles C. Rev. John Bower, first 
minister at Derby, Conn., and his descendants. 
N. p., 1879. 8". No. 5 in ♦4334-55 

Repr. from W. C. Sliarpe's History of Seymour, Conn. 

Baldwin, William J. Steam heating for build- 
ings. 2d ed. N. v., 1882. Illus. 16°. 40i7-i3 

Ballantine, William. Some experiences of a 
barrister's life. L., 1882. 2 v. Portr. 8^ 2450.52 

Ballou, Maturin M., comp. Notable thoughts 
about women. B., 1882. 160. *2244.52 


Balmes, Jaime L. The art of thinking well. 
Tr. from the Spanish by Wm. McDonald. Pre- 
ceded by a life of the author. Dublin, 1882. 
Sm. 8". 7604.6a 

Baltic sea. See Hoefer. 

Bancroft, George. History of the formation 
of the constitution of the United States. N. Y., 
1882. 2 V. 8°. 4aaoa.68 

Bank of North America. See Lewis, L. 

Banks and banking. See Hubbard; — Lewis, 
L. ; — Macleod. 

Banner, Edward G. Wholesome houses: a 
handbook of domestic sanitation and ventilation. 
New ed. Illus. L., 1882. Sm. 8". 3768.94 

Bargfes, Jean J. L. Nouvelle interpretation 
de I'inscription phenicienne d^couverte par Ma- 
riette dans le S^rap^um de Memphis. Examen 
critique de I'interpretation donn^c par le due de 
Luynes. P., 1856. Plate. 8°. 5053- 20 

Barlow, Joel. See Hill, M. 

Barrett, R. S. Character building : talks to 
young men. N. Y., 1882. 12". 3588.71 

Bartoli, Adolfo, ed. Scenari inediti della com- 
media dell'arte contributo alia storia del teatro 
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onn, 1 88 1. [Sammlune 
;, herausg. von K. Voll- 


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80 4475'''9 




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No. 3 in **5052.25 

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No. I in **5053.23 ; No. 21 in **5053.26 

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No. 2 in **5053.29 

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No. 4 in **5053-.29 

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No. I in **5053.26 ; No. 2 in ♦*5052.25 

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No. 7 in **5053.a6 
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A treatise on heraldic escutcheons, having a pair of shears 
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Published on the occasion of the celebration of the fourth 
centenary of his birth. 



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moeurs et coutumes des peuples modernes des 
m^mes contr^es. P., 183 1. 66 col. plates. F°. 

According- to the note on p. 600 of the catalog^ue of the 
library of the late F. Chabas (Paris, 18S2), the text of this 
work yet remains unprinted, in manuscript. This copy is 
a gift: to the Baron de Girardot from the author, and bears 
his autog-raph. Only one hundred copies were printed, and 
a part of them were destroyed by the falling of a building 
where they were deposited. 

— See Girardot. 
Calculus. See Hoiiel. 

Calendars. See Biot ; — Brugsch ; — Chabas ; 
— Villiers du Terrage. 

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A continuation of G. Invernizzi's Storia letteraria d'ltalia 
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Contains also an index to the People's edition of 
Carlyle's works. 

— See Froude. 
Carthage. See Berger. 

Cartulaire des abbayes de Saint-Pierre de la 
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— See Congrfes. 

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No. I in ••5053.48 

— See Archinard. 

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r^migration des nfcgres chez les blancs conRidrfrie 
comme moyen providentiel de rrfg^n^rcr la race 
nfegre et de civiliser I'Afrique int^rieure. ae <d. 
P. [1864?] 8°. , „ 5057- «4 

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Sydenham soc] S". •57a4-M 




Charities. See Associated ; — Gurteen ; — 
Hale; — Hill, O. ; — Paine; — Schujler ; — State ; 
— Tilden. 

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Contents. — 1. From the earliest times to the later Norman 
period. — 3. The period of the early Plantagenets. — 3. The 
wars of the roses. 

Cheever family. See Hassam. 

Chemistry. See Post, J. 

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— Geschichte ; — Giles ; — Mayers. 
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Chinese language. See Summers. 
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particularly as in Essex county, Mass. Salem, 
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Chronic diseases. See Charcot. 

Chronology. See Archinard ; — Ayzac ; — 
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— Villiers du Terrage. 

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Jehohanan, and Amessias, son of Zichri, hav- 
ing been the Hycsos rulers, Salatis Beon, 
Apachnas, Apophis, Jonias, and Assis. \^Anon.'\ 
N. p. [1844?] Folded sheet. 8°. 

No. II in **5052.25 

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Clocks. See Lund. 

Coal. See Meade. 

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Coffee houses. . See Clarke, J. F. 

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Tristram Coflfyn, of Nantucket, Mass., with 
reminiscences and anecdotes of his descendants." 
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Namely : — 

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Colon enviada de Lisboa A Barcelona en Marzo 
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riantes de los diferentes textos [etc.], y otras 
noticias porel Seudonimode Valencia. P., 1870. 
Black letter. Map. Sm. S". •*D.a6oa.37 



Columbus, Christopher, continued. 

— Lettre sur la decouverte du Nouveau monde. 
Publi^e d'aprfes la rarissime version latine con- 
servee a la Bibliothfeque impdriale. Trad, en 
frangais, commentde [etc.] par Lucien de Rosny. 
P., 1865. 8°. *23i2.8o 

— See Belgrano. 

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Vol. 3 contains a notice of F. J. Chabas and papers upon 
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Contracts. See SeufFert. 

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nisse der Ausgrabungen zu Pergamon. Vorlau- 
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8°. No. 5 in +5052.25 ; No. 19 in **5053.26 

Repr. from the British quarterly review. 

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Coptic language and literature. See Cham- 
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Copyright. See Arnold, M. ; — Authorship ; — 
Hotten ; — Marston, E. 

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Prefixed a memoir of the author by A. R^ville. 
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Repr. from the N. E. hist, and geneal. reg., April, 187S. 

Comet. See Squire. 


Corneto, Italy. See Dasti. 

Cornwall, England. See Boase ; — Western. 

Correggio, Antonio Allegri, called. See Mi- 

Cosmogony. See Eckstein ; — Richard. 

Costume. See Hefner. 

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16°. 2324.9a 

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Contents. — T\ie, tide at the flood; Victim* mnd victim, 
isers; "Odd" people; A little music; Cooies; Decayed 
gentlewomen; On novels and novel-makers; Li^ht in dark- 
ness ; An island of the blest ; How she told a lie ; A ruined 

Creation. See Eckstein ; — Monell ; —Richard. 

Credit. See Macleod. 

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penetration or effect of shot, calculated by Leo- 
nard Case, gun trials, by the Chicago Field, 
etc. Cleveland, O., 1880. Illus. 12°. 6007.86 

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12°. a459-9« 

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Cuneiform inscriptions. See Hmcks ; — L^nor- 
mant; — Oppert; — Saulcy ; — Tychsen. 

Currency. See Willson. 

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teaching of music : being the teacher s manual 
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and theVuture sUte. N. Y.. .882 "^-^ 5444-63 

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descendants of Richard Dana. ^B^. ^^^.^^^^ 

Dante Alighieri. Set Rcnier. 
Darlington, England. See Bousfield. 




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No. 5 in *4334-54 

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Contents. — A. Daudet; ]S. Zola; fe. Augier; A. Dumas 
• (fils) ; L'attore Coquelin ; P. DeroulMe. 

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Hieronimo da Verrazano, and a dissertation upon 
the globe of Vlpius. Prefixed a bibliography of 
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4°. *23ii.66 

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— Maspero. 

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and all the sea-side resorts of Rhode Island. 
With maps. 2d and rev. ed. Prov. [^Cop. 1880.] 
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experience in works of intermittent downward 
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A new edition of the author's " Quelques ann^es de ma 
vie. 1843." 

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Dining. See Brillat-Savarin. 

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II V. 8". Namely: — 

Alroy ; Ixion in heaven ; The infernal mar- 
riage ; Popanilla. ***4562.53 




Contarini Fleming. The rise of Iskander. 

Endymion. [Also, Memoir of the earl of 
Beaconsfield.] Portr. *^*4562.6o 

Henrietta Temple, a love story. *^*4562.54 

Lothair. ♦^*4562.59 

Sybil ; or, the two nations. *,*4562.57 

Tancred : or, the new crusade. ♦^*4562.58 

Venetia. ***4562.55 

Vivian Grey. *^*4562.50 

The young duke. Count Alarcos, a tragedy. 


Distemper (painting). See Lloyds. 

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Mvsore, South Africa, and Burmah. Dublin, 
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4°. *3890.5X 

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1882. 240. *4539a.3i 

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nordamerikanischen Union, iter Band. Lpz., 

1 88 1. 8°. 4222.66 

Contents. — i. Die Administrationen der Prasidenten 
U. S. Grant und R. B. Hayes. 

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Donnolo sul libro della Creazione. Pubblicato 
per la prima volta nel testo ebraico con note e 
introd. da D. Castelli. Firenze, 1S80. [R. isti- 
tuto di studi superiori.] L. 8°. 5024.27 

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stock-brokers and stock exchanges. N. Y., 1882. 
8"., *3663.57 

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1882. Illus. Folded map. Sm. 8°. 3016.11 
Douglass, Frederick. Life and times, written 

by himself. With introd. by G. L. RuflSn. 
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Drama. See Almanach ; — Bartoli ; — Bour- 
bon ; — Proelss. 

Draughts (game). See Birch. 

Drawing. See Foster. 

Drummond, James, 0/ Hampstead, England. 
Spiritual religion. Sermons on Christian faith 
and life. L., 1870. Sm. 8°. 5445-84 


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1882. 12°. *2499.5o 

— Dublin examination papers : a supplement 
to theUniversitycalendar for 1882. Dublin, 1882. 

12°; ^ ^ . , , , . *5599a.72 

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et pharmaceutique. P., 1882. 8°. 3784.73 

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burgh, or Queen's regiment light infantry militia 
(now) Third battalion the Royal Scots; with 
account of the militia, and a brief sketch of the 
Old Royal Scots. Edinb., 1882. Portrs. Illus. 
8°. 6523.62 

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meinen Principien der Mechanik. 2te verm. 
Aufl. Lpz., 1877. 8". 3946.72 

Duemichen, Johannes. The fleet of an Egyp- 
tian queen from the xvii century before our era. 
And ancient Egyptian military on parade, repre- 
sented on a monument of the same age. Both 
in some parts restored and published after a 
copy taken from the Terrace-temple of D6r-el- 
Balieri. With an appendix. Published as an 
addition to the History of the navigation and 
commerce of antiquity. Tr. from the German, 
by Anna Duemichen. Lpz., 1868. 33 plates. 
F°, obi ***Cab.29A.2 

Duerer, Albrecht. The passion of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, as pourtrayed by Albert Durer. Ed. 
by Henry Cole. L., 1870. Engrs. 8°. +8063. 21 

This edition of Diirer's Smaller Passion is virtually the 
same as the reprint of 1844 by the same editor. 

— See Thausing. 

Dufour, L. Petit dictionnaire des falsifica- 
tions, avec I'indication de moyens faciles pour 
les reconnaitre. Suivi d'une notice sur le La- 
boratoire municipal de Paris. 2e dd. rev. et 
aug. P. [1882?] 16°. 59793.29 

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ments serieux etcomiques, publics par D. Jouaust. 
P., 1869. [Cabinet du bibliophile.] 16". 4669.67 

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du royaume de la Petite-Armdnie, a I'dpoque des 
croisades [1080-1393]. P., 1862. Folded sheets. 
8°. No. 2 in *5053.22 

Dumas, Alexandre, ^/5. See De Amicis. 

Dumast, (A.) Prosper (F.), baron Guerrier 
de. Mdmoire sur la question de I'unitd des 
langues, lu dans les stances du 7 avril et du 30 
juin, 1843 de la Socidtd catholique Foi et lumiferes. 
2e 6d. P., 1875. Folded sheet. 8°. 2952.64 

Dupleix, Joseph F., marquis. See Bionne ; — 

Dupuis, Charles F. Mdmoire explicatif du 
zodiaque chronologique et mythologique. P., 
1806. Folded plate. 4°. No. 2 in ♦♦5922.74 

— Observations sur le zodiaque de Dendra. 
[P. ? 1822 ?] Plate. 8". No. 3 in ^5922.76 

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technische Entwickelung. i. Band. Die Bau- 
kunst der Griechen. Darmstadt, 1881. Plates. 
Illus. [Handbuch der Architektur. 2ter Th.] 
8°. 8092.50 

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revolution. P., 1882. , 8°. 3596.74 

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domination francjaise, d'aprfes les archives de la 
marine et de la guerre. 2e €d. P., 1862. Folded 
map. 12°. 4319.15 

Dutt, Toru. Ancient ballads and legends of 
Hindustan. With an introd. memoir by E. W. 
Gosse. L., 1882. Sm. 8°. 3029a.56 


Dyeing. Set Crookes. 

Dyer, Thomas H. On imitative art, its prin- 
ciples and progress. With remarks on beauty 
sublimity, and taste. L., 1882. 8<». 407677 

Earthquakes. See Fuchs. ■•/•// 

East, The. See Mills ; — Terrien ; — Truebner. 

Eckstein, Ferdinand, baron d'. Sur les sources 
de la cosmogonie de Sanchoniathon. P., i860. 

■„ , 3oa7-5x 

Kxtrait du Journal asiatique, 1859. 

Eddy family. The. Reunion at Providence to 
celebrate the 250th anniversary of the landing of 
John and Samuel Eddy, at Plymouth, Oct. 39 
1630. B., 1881. Illus. Portrs. 8<>. *433S-68 

Edersheim, Alfred. Sketches of Jewish social 
life in the days of Christ. L. [1877?] Plate. 
Sm. 8°. 5426.65 

Edessa, Syria. See Texier. 

Edinburgh, or Queen's regiment light infantry 
militia. See Dudgeon. 

Education. See Adams, F. ; — Duruy; 


Education : an international magazine. Bi- 
monthly. T. W. Bicknell, conductor. Vol. i. B., 
i88x. Portrs. 8°. * 

Edwards, Emory. Catechism of the marine 
steam engine, for the use of engineers, firemen, 
and mechanics. Illus. 3d ed., rev. Phila., 1881. 

12°. 4017.10 

Egypt. See Abd al-Latif; — Altmucllcr; — 
Belgium of the East; — Hope-Edwardcs ; — 
Manning; — Maspero. 
' — Antiquities. See Bargfes ; — Bertou ; — Biot ; 

— Birch ; — Bock ; — Briire ; — Brugsch ; — 
Cailliaud; — Calendars; — Chabas; — Chro- 
nology ; — Clibborn ; — Congrts ; — Cooper ; — 
Duemichen ; — Goodwin, C. W. ; — Hofmann; — 
Junker ; — Leemans ; — Letronne ; — Linant de 
Bellefonds ; — Loewe ; — Mariette ; — Martin, T. 
H. ; — Maspero; — Mayer; — Millin; — Obe- 
lisks ; — Passalacqua ; — Perrot ; — Pleytc ; — 
Portal ; — Quatremire ; — Recueil ; — Redford ; 

— Reinisch ; — Rougd ; — Schiaparclli ; — Uhle- 
mann; — Villette; — Villiers du Terrage; — 

Einhom, David. Ausgewahltc Predigtcn und 
Reden. Herausg. von K. Kohler. N. Y.. 1881. 
8°. 544X-M 

Electricity. See Cazin; — Fournier; — Ho»- 

Eliot, .SVr John, 1590-1632. De jure maicstatis, 
or political treatise of government (1628-30) and 
The letter-book (1625-1633). Now for the firat 
time printed. Ed. by A. B. Grosart. L.. 1883. 
2 V. Sm. 4°. •••»$34-»i 

Elizabethan England in gentle and simple life. 
Being: 1. England's address to her three daugh- 
ters. The universities of Cambridge and Oxford, 
and Lincoln's inn : from Polimantcia, 1595. a. 
A quest of enquiric by women to know whether 
the Tripe-woman was trimmed, 1595. Ed. with 
introd. and notes, by A. B. Grosart [Manchester.! 
i88i. Sm. 4». •.•a5J5-» 

EUery, Harrison. The Vernon family and 
arms. [B., 1879.] S". No. 11 in *4334-5> 

Repr. from the N. E. hl»t. and (fcoral. reirUler. July. i»?^ 

Elliot, Sir Henry M. The history of India, at 
told by its own historians. The Muhammadan 
period. Ed. by J. Dowson. Vol. 7, 8. L.. 1877. 
8°. 5<H4-«4 

Ellis, George E. The red man and the white 
man in North America. B.. 1882. 8». 2361.71 




EUwanger, H. B. The rose : a treatise of the 
cultivation, etc., of the various groups of roses 
[etc.]. N. Y. [1882.] 160. 3859.60 

Elwes, Dudley G. C., and Robinson, Charles 
J. A history of the castles, mansions, and 
manors of Western Sussex. With illus. by T. 
Batterbury and Wm. Penstone, and numerous 
reproductions from " The Sussex archaeological 
collections." [Pt. i.] L., 1876. Folded sheets. 
4°. *,^*246oa.59 

Contains pedigrees of many Sussex families. 

Embryology. See His. 

Encyclopedic d'architecture. Revue mensu- 
elle. 2e s^rie. [Texte et planches.] Ann^e 10. 
1881. P., i88i. F". *4090.5i 

Engel, Otto. Isis und Osiris. Eine mytholo- 
gische Abhandlung. Nordhausen, 1866. 8". 

No. 6 in **5052.25 

Engineering. See Wiebe. 

England. History, etc. See Chautauqua ; — 
Freeman ; — Lecky ; — McCarthy ; — Rogers ; — 

England, Church of. See Jennings; — Year 

English language and literature. See Cathol- 
icon ; — Chautauqua ; — Hodgson ; — Morley ; — 
Morris ; — Ogilvie ; — Oliphant ; — Peabody ; — 
Quellen, vol. 16, 20, 45; — Schipper; — Skeat; 
— Wilkins. 

Erckmann, Emile, and Chatrian, Alexandre. 
Le banni : roman patriotique. P. [1882.-*] 12°. 


Contains also Tiis moi! Quel est ton pays? Chant alsacien 
avec accompagnement de piano. Paroles d'Erckmann- 
Chatrian, musique d'Adolphe Sellenick. 

Etcher, The. Vol. 3. L., 1881. F". %*C.27oa.5 

Etchings, See Grindon. 

Ethics. See Pollock; — Posnett; — Stephen. 

Eton, England. See Rimmer. 

Euphuism. See Landmann. 

Europe. See Hallam ; — Harrington ; — King, 
E. ; — Loomis ; — Mission ; — Pitman. 

Everett, Joseph D. Vibratory motion and 
sound. L., 1882. Plates. 80. 3963.68 

Evolution. See Bouverie ; — Nicolas ; — 
Schmidt, (E.) O. 
. Fabens family. See Perkins, G. A. 

Fabre, Ferdinand. See Lindau. 

Fabretti, Ariodante. Raccolta numismatica 
del R. museo di antichita di Torino. Monete 
consolari. Roma, 1876. 8°. 2751.53 

Factories. See Thwaite. 

Fairbairn, Patrick. The typology of scripture. 
9thed.,with enl. index. N.Y., n.d. 2 v. 8°. 3423.61 

Fairy tales. See Sauveur ; — Stephens. 

Fanning, John T. A practical treatise on 
hydraulic and water-supply engineering. With 
tables and illus. 3d ed. N. Y., 1882. 8°. 3944.62 

Farina, Salvatore. Amorebendato. Racconto. 
3a ed. Milano. [1880.] 32°. 2779a.59 

— Capelli biondi. Romanzo. 3a ed. Torino, 
1879. ^6°. 2779a.58 

— Dalla spuma del mare. Racconto. 2a ed. 
Milano, 1876. 16°. 2779a.55 

— II tesoro di Donnina. 2a ed. Milano, 1878. 
16°. 2779a.54 

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judiciaires [1833-79]. Publics par Mme. v^e Jules 
Favre. P., 1882. 2 v. Portr. 8°. 4624.52 

Felton, Cyrus. A brief account of some of the 
descendants of Nathaniel and Mary Felton, of 
Salem, Mass. B., 1877. 8°. No. 4 in *4334.56 

Fentress, Walter E. H. Centennial history of 
the U. S. navy yard, at Portsmouth, N. H. 
Portsmouth, 1876. 8°. *4339-56 

Fermentation. See Schuetzenberger. 

Ferry, Orris S. Memorial addresses on [his] 
life and character. Delivered in the Senate and 
House of representatives, Feb. 8, 1876. [Wash.] 
1876. Portr. 8°. *434i.74 

Fiction. See Leypoldt. 

Finance. See Bulletin. 

Financial reform almanack, The, 1882. L. 
[1882.] 8°. *564oa.38 

Fine arts (including finely illustrated works). 
See Art ; — Art pour tous ; — Audsley ; — Avena- 
rius ; — Bible, Esther; — Buchta ; — Coquerel ; — 
Decoration ; — Dyer ; — Etcher ; — Gruyer ; — 
Guardabassi ; — Hamerton ; — Havard ; — Jahr- 
buch ; — Jahrbiicher; — Meisterwerke ; — Mi- 
gnaty ; — Mueller, H. A. ; — Paris, Salon ; — 
Perrot ; — Redford ; — Smith, J. C. ; — South Ken- 
sington ; — Thausing. 

Fisher, George P. Life of Benjamin Silliman. 
N. Y., 1866. 2 V. Portr. 8". 4349-27 

Fisher, Herbert W. Considerations on the 
origin of the American [civil] war. L., 1865. 
16°. 4329.40 

Fitzgeoffrey, Rev. Charles, 1575-1638. Poems. 
Ed. with introd. and notes by A. B. Grosart. 
[Manchester.] 1881. Sm. 4°. ***2535.27 

Fitzgerald, Percy. Recreations of a literary 
man, or does writing pay? L., 1S82. 2 v. Sm. 
8°. 2554.55 

Flaubert, Gustave. See Brandes; — Lindau. 

Fletcher family. See Genealogical. 

Florence, Italy. See Cook ; — Machiavelli. 

Florida. See Brooks, A. M. 

Floyer, Ernest A. Unexplored Baluchistan. 
A survey, with observations, etc., of a route 
through Mekran, Bashkurd, Persia, Kurdistan, 
and Turkey. With illus. and map. L., 1882. 
Portr. 8°. 3071.58 

Fluids. See Stanley, W. F. 

Folk lore. See Almanach des traditions popu- 
laires ; — Theal. 

Forster, Edward J., and Appleton, William S. 
Family of Foster, of Charlestown, Mass. [B., 
1871.] 8°. No. 6 in *4334.56 

Repr. from the N. E. hist, and geneal. reg., Jan., 1S71. 

Foster, Vere. Complete course of drawing, 
with instructions. By E. Duncan, J. Callow 
[etc.]. L. [1879.] 13 "OS. in 2 v. 8°, obi. 


Fothergill, John M. Chronic bronchitis, its 
forms and treatment. With illus. N. Y., 1882. 
8°. 379oa.70 

Foundations. See Powell. 

Fournier, George, ed. Recueil g^n^ral de tous 
les brevets d'invention ayant trait k I'^lectricit^, 
pris en France depuis le 7 Jan., 1791. P., 1881. 
[Exposition Internationale d'^lectricit^, Paris. 
1 88 1.] 8°. Patent Room 

Fowler, F. G. Short-hand execution. Appli- 
cable to any system of stenography. Bridge- 
port, Conn., 1881. 16°. 2119.29 

France. Annales du s^nat et de la chambre 
des deputes. (Nouvelle s^rie.) Session ordi- 
naire de i88i. P., 1881. 5 V. 40. *664oa.5i 

This set is a continuation of the Annales du srfnat « de 
la chambre des d<!putds [on •66soa.4]. No more of this 
Nouvelle sirie will be received, for the same matter is pub- 
lished with the Journal officiel de la Rrfpublique fran^aise. 



"^ France, continued. 

— Bureau des longitudes. Connaissance des 
temps ou des mouvements celestes. 1883. P., 
1881. 8°. *59i7-5 

— Ministry of finance. Bulletin de statistique 
et de legislation compar^e. Table des matieres 
contenues dans les dix premiers volumes. 
(1877-81.) P., 1882. 8°. *662oa.6o 

— Mitiistry of public instruction. Annales du 
bureau central m^t^orologique de France, pu- 
blides par E. Mascart. 1879. P-' ^881, 82. 4 v. 
in 2. Illus. Maps. 4°. *396o.50 

— Ministry of zvar. Manuel de I'instructeur 
de tir, approuv^ par le ministre de la guerre-le 
12 {6v., 1877. Limoges, 1880. 32°. 5959^.74 

— History, etc. See Jervis ; — Maurice ; — 
Rott ; — Touchard-Lafosse. 

— I^ouis JCV. See Jackspn, C. C. ; — Vandal. 

— Revolution. See Des EcheroUes ; — Duruy ; 

— Ginguen6 ; — Jervis. 

— Restoration, 1814-30. See Daudet. 

— Hundred days, 1815. See Gardner, D. 
Franco-German war, 1870, 71. See Deutsch. 
Franpois, Louise von. Phosphorus HoUunder. 

Zu Fiissen des Monarchen. Stuttgart. [1881.] 
16°. 4874-33 

Franklin, Benjamin. See United States. 

Franzos, Carl E. Stille Geschichten. 3te, 
der Miniatur-Ausgabe ite Aufl. Dresden, 1881. 
16°. 4875-70 

Contents. — Die Locke der heiligen Agathe ; " Sophie ! " ; 
Friedrich V. Schiller; Der Hiob von Unterach; Es liegt in 
derll^uft!; Unser Hans. 

Fraser, Robert W. Seaside divinity. With 
illus. bj H. N. Humphreys [etc.]. 2d ed. rev. 
L. [1862.] Sm. 8°. 5879-52 

A series of papers on the natural history of the sea 

Frederick IL, the Great, king of Prussia. 
See Oncken. 

Free will. See Herzen. 

Freeman, Edward A. The reign of William 
Rufusand the accession of Henry the first [1087- 
1135]. Oxford, 1882. 2 V. 8°. 2424.25 

Freiligrath, Ferdinand. Ferdinand Freiligrath. 
Ein Dichterleben in Briefen. Von Wilhelm Buch- 
ner. iter Band. Lahr, 1882. Portr. 8°. 2845.70 

The second and concluding volume will soon be received 
by the Library. 

Friederichs, Carl. Greek sculpture. Selec- 
tions from Friederichs' Bausteine : tr. and an- 
notated by D. Cady Eaton. Parts i, 2. New 
Haven, 1881. 8°. *8o69.24 

French and Indian war, 1754-59. See Rela- 

French language and literature. See Blad^; 

— Lindau ; — Littre ; — Sauveur ; — Qu^rard ; — 

Froude, James A. Thomas Carlyle. History 
of the first forty years of his life, 1795-1835. 
L., 1882. 2 V. Illus. Po/trs. 8°. 2450.51 

Fuchs, K. Les volcans et les tremblements 
de terre. 3e dd. P., 1881. Illus. Folded map. 
[Bibl. scient. internat] 8°. 3866.75 

Fucini, Renato. {Neri Tanfucio.^ Napoli a 
occhio nudo. Lettere ad un amico. Firenze, 
1878. 16°. 2768.67 

Fiihrer zu den Excursionen der Deutschen 
geologischen Gesellschaft nach der allgemeinen 
Versammlung in Wien 1877. Herausg. von den 
Geschaftsfuhrern Fr. v. Hauer und M. Neumayr. 
Wien. [1877.] Illus. Folded maps. 16°. 5869.57 


Fuller, J. Franklin, and Whitney, William H. 
Set of plans showing the Back bay [Bostonl 
1814-1881. B.,i88i. 15 ff. 6plan8. 40. •^*^zio.^^ 

Fulton, James A. Peach culture. Illus. New 
enl. ed. N. Y., 1882. 12°. 300570 

Fulton ferry, N. V. See Pierrepont. 

Futhey, J. Smith, and Cope, Gilbert. History 
of Chester county, Pennsylvania, with geneaf. 
and biog. sketches. Phila., 1881. Portrs. Illus. 
Maps. 4". •2370.57 

Future life. See Dana. 

Gallenga, Antonio. Summer tour in Russia. 
L., 1882. Folded map. 8". 3064.24 

Gardner, Asa B. The battles of " Gravellj 
Run," "Dinwiddle court-house," and "Five 
forks," Va., 1865. Argument on behalf of P. 
H. Sheridan, respondent, before the court of 
inquiry, in the case of G. K. Warren, applicant. 
Chic, 1881. Folded maps. 8". *43a3.86 

Gardner, Dorsey. Quatre Bras, Ligny and 
Waterloo. Narrative of the campaign in Bel- 
gium, 1815. L., 1882. Maps. 8". asix-sa 

Garfield, James A. See Bellows ; — Blaine ; — 

Gamier, Pierre. Dictionnaire annuel des 
progrfes des sciences et institutions m^dicales, 
i7e annee, 1881. P., 1882. 8P. •5736.16 

Garrigues, — . Le systime m^trique. Ou- 
vrage d I'usage des ^coles primaires. 30 id. 
P., 1881. Illus. 24°. 5939a->t 

Garrucci, RafFaele. Vetri ornati di figure in 
oro trovati nei cimiteri cristiani di Roma. Ed. 
2a, con atlante di 42 tavole. Roma, 1864. 3 v. 
Text, 4"; Atlas, Fo. •a750.54 

Gascony, France. See Blad^. 

Gautier, Jean B., 1697-1781. Armorial de la 
Chambre des comptes de Dijon, d'apris le 
manuscrit inedit du Pfere Gautier, avcc un cha- 
pitre suppMmentaire pour les officiers du bureau 
des finances de la m^me ville, par J. d'Arbau- 
mont. Dijon, 1 88 1. Illus. L. 8°. *^^-l 

Gautier, Th^ophile. One of Cleopatra** 
nights, and other fantastic romances. Tr. bj 
Lafcadio Hearn. N. Y., 1882. Portr. S-. 2662.64 

Contents. — One of Cleopatra's niehts ; Clarimonde ; Arria 
Marcella; The mummy's foot; Omphale; King Candauic*. 

Gay, Frederick L. John Gay of Dedham. and 
some of his descendants. B., 1879. 8". 

No. I in •4334-53 

Repr. from the N.E. hist, geneal. reg. for Jan., 1S79. 

Gedney family. See Waters. 

Geiger, Ludwig. Petrarka. L..1874. 8». 2744-63 

Geikie, Archibald. Geological skctchct at 
home and abroad. L., 1882. lUus. 8». 3866.76 

Gems. See Levy. 

Genealogical and historical sketches of the 
Fletcher family ; descendants of Robert FMctcher, 
of Concord, 'Mass., 1630; delivered at their 
second reunion at Lowell, Aug. 21, 22. 1878. 
Lowell, 1878. 80. No. 5 in •4334.5« 

Genealogy. See Adams, G. ; — Andcraon. 
W. ; — Annuario ; — Appleton, W. S. ; — Brown. 
T c. T. : — Chapman ; — Chipman ; — Colfin ; 

- Corey ; - Dana ; - Day ; - Edd^r ; - Ellerr ; 

— Elwes ; — F^elton ; — Forstcr ; — Gay ;- Good- 
win, D. ; — Gothaisches ; — Hassam : — Hayward ; 
-Hazen ; - Hill, M. ; - Libby ; - Mackenzie ; -- 
Merrick; — OHart; -Perkins. G. A.; --Rich, 
_ steiner ; — Titus ; — Waters ; — Wc«tcm ; — 

Geneva. See Roget. 




Genji monogatari ; the most celebrated of the 
classical Japanese romances ; tr. bj Suyematz 
Kenchio. L.. 1882. Sm. 8°. 3028.58 

Geology. See Fiihrer ; — Geikie ; — Harrison ; 
— Michigan, Geol. survey ; — Ohio. 

Georgia. See Aver_y. 

German language and literature. See Gost- 
•wick ; — Linnig ; — Mueller-Fraureuth ; — Qiiel- 
len; — Schmidt, (H.) J. 

Germany. Stenographische Berichte iiber die 
Verhandlungen des Reichstags. Berlin, 1880, 
81. 9 V. 40. ♦6851. 1 

— See Dahn; — Menzel ; — Renoux; — Rich- 
ter ; — Schaeffle. 

Geschichte der grossen Liao aus dem Mand- 
schu ubersetzt von H. Conon von der Gabelentz. 
Herausg. von H. A. von der Gabelentz. St. 
Petersburg, 1877. 8°. 3021.55 

Giles, Herbert A. Historic China and other 
sketches. L., 1882. 8°. 3018.55 

GilfiUan, George. Life of Sir Walter Scott, 
baronet. Edinb., 1870. Sm. 8°. 4548.60 

Ginguene, Pierre L., 1748-1816. De I'autorit^ 
de Rabelais dans la revolution prdsente et dans 
la constitution civile du clerge. Ouvrage pu- 
blic en 1791, rdimp. avec un avertissement par 
H. Martin. P., 1879. 12°. aSaga.yy 

Girardot, Auguste T., baron de. Frederic 
Cailliaud de Nantes, voyageur, antiquaire, natu- 
raliste. P., 1875. 8°. 4644.68 

Gloucestershire notes and queries. Ed. by 
B. H. Blacker. Vol. i. L., 1881. 8°. *2507.2 

Goethe, Johann W. von. Briefe an die Grafin 
Auguste zu Stolberg. Lpz., i88i. 16°. 2908.52 

— Faust. Mit Einleitung und Erklarung. 
Herausg. von K. J. Schrder. iter, 2ter Th. 
Heilbronn, 1881. 2 v. 8°. 4872.70 

— Goethe's Spriiche in Prosa. Revid. Ausg. 
Herausg. von G. von Loeper. Berlin. [1870.] 
i6^ 48703.79 

— See Stapfer. 

Goette, Alexander. Die Entwickelungsge- 
schichte der Unke (Bombinator Igneus) als 
Grundlage einer vergleichenden Morphologic 
der VVirbelthiere. Mit Atlas. Lpz., 1875. Text, 
8»; Atlas, F". 3884.56; Atlas *388o.53 

Gold coast, Africa. See Christaller. 

Goncourt, Edmond L. A. H. de and Jules A. Manette Salomon. [Roman.] Nouv. dd. 
P., 1876. 12°. 4662.67 

Goodwin, Charles W. Sur les papyrus hidra- 
tiques. Trad, par F. Chabas. P., 1861. 8°. 

No. 4 in **5053.28 

Goodwin, Daniel, jr. Memorial of the lives 
and services of James Pitts and his sons, John, 
Samuel and Lendall, during the American 
revolution, 1760-80. With geneal. and hist, 
appendix. Chic, 1882. S". **4334-59 

Gordon, Adoniram J. The ministry of heal- 
ing, or, miracles of cure in all ages. B., 1882. 
16°. 5445.86 

Gordon, George H. War diary of events in 
the war of the great rebellion. 1863-65. B., 
1882. Illus. Maps. 8°. 2326.73 

Gore, George. The scientific basis of national 
progress, including that of morality. L., 1882. 
Sm. 8°. 3916.67 

Gorringe, Henry H. Egyptian obelisks. N. Y. 
[1882.] Illus. Portrs. 4°. ***505o.6o 

Gostwick, Joseph. German culture and Christi- 
anity : their controversy, 1770-1880. L., 1882. 8». 


Gothaisches genealogisches Taschenbuch der 
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the tritameron of loue. Pts. 1,2; Arbasto: the anatomie of 
fortune. 1584-1587. — 4. The carde of fancie ; The debate be- 
tweene follie and loue; Pandosto: the triumph of time. 

Grierson, George A. Handbook to the Kayathi 
character. Calcutta, 1881. 30 plates. 4°. 3031.72 

By a recent order of the Bengal government the Kayathi 
character has been substituted for those previously used in 
all official documents written by hand. 

Grindon, Leopold H. Lancashire, brief his- 
torical and descriptive notes. With etchings and 
vignettes. L., 1882. Sm. f°. %*246o.6o 

Enlarged from articles in the " Portfolio " for iSSi. 

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FitzgeofFrey ; — Greene. 

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Guard duty. See Regan. 



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menti pagani e cristiani riguardanti I'istoria e 
I'arte esistenti nella provincia dell' Umbria. 
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E. ; — Loomis. 

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tatJie. See Palustre. 

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and substance of language, read in the sitting of 
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and title in Russian.) Saint Petersburg.] 1821. 8". 

No. 5 in **5052.22 

— Essai sur les hi^roglyphes d'Horapollon, et 
quelques mots sur "la Cabale. P., 1827. 40. 

No. 3 in **5052.22 

— [Observations on the zodiac of Denderah : in 
a letter to the editor of the Telescope. (Pamphlet 
and title in Russian.) Moscow.] 1831. 8*'. 

No. 4 in **5052.22 

Gunnery. See Cross. 

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official and commercial register and almanack 
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Contains a list of works on charity and kindred subjects. 

Gypsies. See Leland. 

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Claudia \J)seud.']. L., i88o. 8°. 5558-55 

Contents. — Catherine of Siena; Susanna Wesley and 
Amelia Sievekinjj; FrauTriidel; Charlotte Eliz.ibelh Ton- 
na; Margaret Wilson; Matilda, countess von der Recke 
Volmerstein; Christine Alsop; Sarah A-n and Elizabeth 
W.; Christian Eddy and Louise Schepler; Fidelia Fiske; 
Adelaide L. Newton ; Lena Huber; Wilhelmina, viscount- 
ess Glenorchy ; Isabella Graham ; Marie. 

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'Halliwell-Phillipps, James O. New lamps or 
old.' A few additional words on the momentous 
question respecting the E and the A in the 
name of our national dramatist. Brighton, 1880. 
8". No. 2 in **G.74.i6 

— Same. 2d ed. No. 3 in **G.74.i6 

— Which shall it be? New lamps or old? 
Shaxpere or Shakespeare? Brighton, 1879. 8". 

No. I in **G.74.i6 
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titanium, 1783-1876. [N. Y., 1877.] 8°. *2i73.28 
From the AnniUs of the New York Academy of sciences, 

vol. 1, nos. 2 and 3, 1877. 

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Oct. 25, 1876, and letters to the editor of the 
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Treatise on the varieties of drawing, painting, 
and engraving in comparison with each other 
and with nature. L., 1882. Plates. F". 


— Same. B., 1882. 160. [No plates.] 4076.79 
Hamilton, Alexander. See Lodge. 
Hamont, Tibulle. Un essai d'empire fran^ais 

dans rinde au i8e si^cle. Dupleix d'aprts sa 
correspondance in^dite. Accoinpagndde cartes. 
P., 1 88 1. S". 3073.66 

Harbors. See United States. 

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or, alcohol : what it is, and what it does. N.V., 
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obi •,»Cab.38L.3 

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8°. No. 4 in "4336.7^ 

Repr. from the N. E. hist, and ^eneul. rtg. July, 1S77, 
Oct., 1S79, and Jan., 18S0. 

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No. 6 in •4336.7a 

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No. 3 in ♦4334-57; No. 3 in •4336-7« 

Repr. from the N. E. hist, and gcncal. reg., April, 1S79. 

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No. I in ♦4336 72 ; No. 4 in ♦4334-5S 
Repr. from the N. E. hist, and gencal. rcg. for Oct.. 1S70. 

— Notes and queries concerning the Hansnm 
and Hilton families. B., 1880. 8". 

No. 5 in •4336-7* 

Repr. from the N. E. hist, and g^enpal. reK-. J"'y> *^- 

—Some of the descendants of William Hilton. 
B., 1877. Fac-simile. 8". 

No. 2 in ♦433672 : No. 8 in •4334-53 

Repr. from the N.E. hist, and geneal. ng. for April, t»JT 

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tungs-Maschincn der Bcrgwcrke. Mil Atlas von 
65 Tafeln. Lpz., 1879- i v. 8». •8oi7-5» 

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Illus. par C. Goutzwiller. P.. 1882. 4". •6o7<»a-54 

Hawaiian islands. Sec Coan. 

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tions du sang sous I'influence dcs agents m<dica- 
menteux et des pratiques th<{raneutiquc«. Lmi»- 
sions sanguines; transfusion du sang: fcr. Ke- 
cueillieset r^dig. par L. "'■^.v«"%B'-'«'^- ,|^;;f 
fig. et une planche. P., 1882. [Cours dc thrfra- 
peutique exp^rimentale ^' 
de Paris.] 8°. 

Faculty dc m^decinc 




Hayward, George W. Centennial gathering of 
the Ha_y"\vard family, with address by George W. 
Hayward, and poem, by Almira L. Hayward. 
Easton, Aug. 14th, 1878. Taunton, Mass., 1879. 
Map. 8°. No. 5 in *4334-53 

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alter bis Endedes iStenJahrhunderts nachgleich- 
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Heraldry. See Buddingh. 

Heresy. See White. 

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Map. 8". 2752.6 

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Lancashire. In 3 v., with illus. Ed. by J. H. 
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Plate. Sm. 8°. *2496.65 

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The nonconformist register of baptisms, mar- 
riages, and deaths, 1644-1752, generally known as 
the Northowram or Coley register. Ed. by J. H. 
Turner. Illus. Brighouse, 1881. Sm. 8°. *2496.64 

Hieroglyphics. See Brown ; — Brugsch ; — Bru- 
net de Presle; — Chabas; — Champollion ; — 
Gulianof ; — Roug^ ; — Salt ; — Uhlemann. 

Higginson, Thomas W. Common sense about 
women. L., 1882. Sm. 8°. 3589-75 

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Connecticut] from 1632, including a biog. sketch 
\}f Joel Barlow. Norwalk, 1879. 3-°- 

No. 7 in *4334-53 

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words to volunteer visitors among the poor; A 
more excellent way of charity ; A word on good 
citizenship; Effectual charitj'. B., 1S80. [As- 
sociated charities of Boston. No. 8.] 8*^. 

No. 7 in *7573.65 

Hilton family. See Hassam. 

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Assyrio-Babylonian cuneiform writing. Dublin, 
1863. Plates. 8". 3036.14 

Hindustani language. See Palmer, E. H. 

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Riicksicht auf die wichtigsten europaischen 
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History. See Adams, C. K. ; — Swinton. 

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gate, and other religious poems. Compiled by 
the editor of " The changed cross," etc. N. Y., 

1 88 1. 16°. 5445-90 

— The palace of the king, and other religious 
poems. N. Y., 1881. 16°. 5445-89 

— Unto the desired haven, and other religious 
poems. N. Y., 1881. 16". 5445.88 

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B. 4.] F«. ♦**286o.9 

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livr. Le Temple, la Place rovale, et le Marais. 
P. [1882.] Plates. Illus. F°. ***46F.i 

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israelitische Zeitrechnung. Ndrdlingen, 1847. 
8°. No. 4 in **5053.26 

Hohenzollem family. See Stillfried. 

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Holland. See Cook. 

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1882. [American statesmen.] 16°. 4348.133 
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assyrischen und israelitischen Geschichte von 
den altesten Zeiten bis zur Zerstorung Babel's, 
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Phila., 1882. 36 maps. F". 

Trustees' Room ; ***2350.75 

The scale varies from 300 ft. to i inch to 400 ft. to i inch. 

Horatius Fl3ccus, Quintus. The works of 
Horace trans, into English verse, with a life and 
notes, by Sir Theodore Martin. Edinb., 1881. 
2 v. 8°. 2927.59 

This is a re-arrangement of old materials rather than a 
new work. The Life of Horace can be found in the " An- 
cient classics for English readers," and the translations of 
the Odes have already passed through several editions. 
There are additions and improvements, and many odes have 
been retranslated, and the whole book has a permanent value 
which neither of its predecessors possessed. — Athenaum. 

Horsemanship. See Anderson, E. L. 

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electricity. Tr. and enl. by Julius Maier. With 
illus. L., 1882. 8°. 3963-70 

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1-3. P., 1878-80. 8°. **5022.58 

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poems. B., 1882. i6«. asgob.So 



House painting. See Rossiter. 

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round Asia and Europe. Popular account of the 
North-east passage of the " Vega," 1878-S0. Tr. 
from the Danish bj H. L. Braekstad. With 
maps and ilUis. L., 1882. Portr. 8°. 2262.65 

Howard- Vyse, (Elizabeth.?). A winter in 
Tangier and home through Spain. L., 1882. 
Sm. 8°. 3059-24 

The preface is signed L. H. V. 

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and bank directory of the world (with gazetteer 
and atlas combined). New Haven, 1882. 2 v. 
lUus. Portrs. 8°. *228i,5o 

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Burke, Webster, and Bacon, with notes, and 
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B., 1881 {^Cop. 1876]. 12". 2554.57 

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— Det menskliga elandet. Efter franska 
originalet "Les misdrables " ofversatt af N. & 
B. Spanier. 3e upplagan. Stockholm. [1862.] 
5 V. Portr. Illus. 16". 2708.59 
.. — Hafvets arbetare. Ofversattning af O. W. 
Alund. Stockholm. [1866.] 12°. 2708.58 

— See Lindau. 

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the Hocking valley. B., 1881. Folded map. 
8°. *3864.65 

Hydraulic engineering. See Fanning. 

Hydraulic pumps. See Colyer. 

Hydraulics. See Stanley, W. F. ; — Stone. 

Hydrography. See Wharton. 

Hydrostatics. See Walton. 

Ibis. See Rozifere. 

Ibn Batutah, Abu Abdallah Mohammed, called. 
Voyages d'Ibn Batoutah, texte arabe, accompagn^ 
d'un trad, par C. Defr^mery et B. R. Sanguinetti. 
(2e tirage.) P., 1874-79. 4 v- [Soci?td asia- 
tique. Coll. d'ouvrages orientaux.] 8°. 3027.50 

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glish ed. Vol. 4, 5. L., 1882. 8°. 2756.6 

Illustrated radial key map of Palestine. In 
the time of Christ. With modern Arabic names 
of localities added. Cop. by G. M. Powell, 
n. p., 1880. Size, 29! X 22I in. Scale, 65 m. to i 
inch. Folded. ♦5043.17 

Ilovaiskie, Dmitri. Kurzgefasste Geschichte 
des russischen Reichs. Nach der 7. Aufl. iiber- 
setzt und mit Erlauterungen [etc.] versehen von 
A. von Fabricius. 2te Aufl. Nach der i7ten 
Aufl. des Originals durchgesehen und verb, von 
H. Paucker. Reval, 1881. S". 3064.25 

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final [law] examination. Containing a com- 
plete course of study, with statutes, cases, and 
questions. 3d ed. L., 1880. 8°. 5638.17 

India. See Amarji ; — Baildon ; — Bionne ; — 
Dobbs ; — Elliot ; — Hamont ; — James ; — Mac- 
kenzie ; — Rowney. 

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L. [1882.] 8". *5073.56 

Indian outfits and establishments. By an 
Anglo-Indian. L., 1882. 8°. 3078-57 

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Annual report, ist, 2d, 1879, 80. Indianapolis, 
1880. 8°. *7864.59 

Indians of America. Sec Dodge; — Ellis; — 
Smithsonian ; — United States, Gcog. and gcol. 

Indo-European races. See Keary. 


Industrial arts. See Bevan. 

Infinite, The. See Beyda. 

Ingersoll, Ernest. Birds'-nesting : handbook 
of mstruction in gathering and preser\ing the 
nests and eggs of birds. Salem, i8Sj. lllu«. 


■ 3907*53 

Ingram, John H. Claimants to royaltv. L. 

1882. 80. - i^3 ; 

Insectivora. See Dobson. 

International scientific series. See Bernstein; 

— Le Conte ; — Lays ; — Marey ; — Ribot ; — 
Schuetzenberger; — Young. 

Invertebrates. See Brooks, W. K. 

Ionia. See Antiquities of Ionia. 

Ireland. See Ancient ; — Arnold, M. ; — Bage- 
nal ; — Cant- Wall ; — Great Britain. Public rec. 
off. ; — O'Hart ; — Pigott ; — Sullivan. 

Irish in America. See Bagenal. 

Irisson d'Hirisson, Maurice, comic d*. Rela- 
tion d'une mission arch^ologique en Tunisie. 
P., 1881. Illus. Folded maps. 4°. *30SO.a3 

The explorations were made at Utica. 

Iron. See Meade ; — Michigan, Geo/, survey; — 
United States, Ccnsui bureau. 

Iron founding. See Wylie. 

Ironmonger, The, and metal trades advertiser. 
Vol. 22, 25, 26 [each with Supplement], 1879, 
81. [L., 1879, 81.] 6 v. 4°. * 

The Supplements consist of the advertisements issued with 
each number. 

Isis and Osiris. See Engel. 

Istria. See De Franceschi. 

Italian language and literature. See Ancona ; — 
Canello ; — Samosch ; — Zanella. 

Italy. Ministcro di agricoltura, industria t 
commercio. Annali dell'industria e del com- 
mercio. 1881. Num.39. Commissione centrmle 
dei valori per le dogane. Atti c relazioni, 1880. 
Roma, 1881. 8°. •3655.73 

— Notizie intorno alle condizioni dell' agricol- 
tura, 1878-79. Vol. 1. Roma, 1881. Illus. L. 8". 

•599« 59 

— Ministcro delta ^utrra. Relazionc mcdico- 
statistica sulle condizioni sanitaric dcH'cscrcito 
itaiiano, 1878, comp. al comitato di sanitk miliure 
(uflicio statistica). Roma, 1881. Folded map*. 
8°. •375«.$4 

— Ministcro dei lavori fuhlici. Relazione 
statistica sui telegrafi del regno d'ltalia. 1880. 
Firenze, 1881. Folded maps. ^. *39te.9 

— Sec Angelucci ; — Annunno ; — Coouercl ; 

— Henneguv ; — Landau ; — McCosh ; — Machi- 
avelli ; — Mignatv. 

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Tr., enl., and arranged by W. E. Gowan. L.. 
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court, salons, and theatres. N. Y., l88i. 13*. 


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Manual of the metrical units and systems of the 
pre'ient centurv. With an appendix containing 
a proposed English system. L.. i88i. 8». ••50a4.«i 

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Sainte-Hoildc. Bar-lc-Duc. i88j. 8". •»6ioa.74 

Jacques, D. H. The temperaments; or, the 
varieties of physical constitution in man. con- 
sidered in their" relations to mental character and 
the practical affairs of Ufc N. Y., 1881. IHut. 
120. 7*H.59 




Jahrbuch der koniglich preussischen Kunst- 
sammlungen. B. i, 2. Berlin, 1880, Si. 2 v. 
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Jahrbiicher fiir Kunstw issenschaft. Herausg. 
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This work was discontinued at the death of the editor. 

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Lightning. See "Pamell. 

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"' ' ' 8«». 

9 in ••5053.26 

the Asiatic journal. [L., 1856.I 1 




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Contents. — The village blacksmith; A psalm of life; 
The old clock on the stairs ; Excelsior. 

— See Kennedy ; — Macchetta ; — Underwood. 
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travel and art-study in Europe. Alphabetically 
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— See Morelli. 
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Man. See Savage. 

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Chiefly translations from the German poets, and from the 

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Deir elBahari: documents recueillis dans ce 

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♦5051. 17; Atlas *505oa.5 

M3rigolds by the wayside ; or, the prose and 
poetry of life. Rendered by Theodore Parker, 
through the trance condition of Sarah A. Rams- 
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Marine engines. See Edwards ; — Sennett. 

Marine surveying. See Wharton. 

Marine zoology. See Eraser. 

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gli avanzi di umana industria in Lombardia. 
Milano, 1868. Folded map. Plates. 4". '^2730.56 

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Antiquity. P., 1862, 63. 2 v. 12". 357oa-58 



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sur la duree totale de ses 30 dynasties egyptiennes. 
P., i860. 8«. No. 15 in **5052.25 

Mary, mother of Christ. See Lehner. 

Mary, queen of Scots. See De Peyster. 

Marzabotto, Italy. See Gozzadini. 

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el-Bahari. Vingtphotog., par E. Brugsch. Texte 
par G> Maspero. Le Caire, iSSi. J^". *5050.6i 

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enne, trad, etcommentes. P., 1882. [Litteratures 
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Massachusetts. The public statutes, enacted 
Nov., 1881 ; to take eflect Feb., 1882. B., 1882. 
8». **B. H. Desk, 2.1.7 

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15. P. [1S80.] 8«. *6237.50 

Mathematics. See Clifford. 

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sic : added, a pronouncing dictionary and ency- 
clopedia of musical terms and information. 
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Maya language. See Brinton. 

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Chronologie in Vergleichung mit der west- und 
ost-asiatischer Kulturvolker. Bonn, 1862. 8*^. 

No. 5 in **5053.26 

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ment. Manuel of Chinese titles, with an appen- 
dix. Shanghai, 1878. Sm. 4". 5oi3-3i 

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tries of the United Kingdom. With maps of the 
deposits. L., 1882. 8°. 3866.74 

Mechanics. See Duehring; — Kirchhoff; — 

Medical jurisprudence. See Dubrac. 

Medicine. See Garnier ; — Nouveau ; — Pal- 
mer, A. B. 

Meisterwerke der Holzschneidekunst aus dem 
Gebiete der Architektur, Sculptur, und Malerei. 
B. 1-3. Lpz., 1880,81. F°. ♦**Cab.40.B.i 

Memory. See Ribot. 

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Lpz. [1881.] 4°. 8052.111 

Contents. — 1. Ouverture zum Somniernachtstraum. — 2. 
Die Fingals-Hohle (Hebriden). — 3. " Meeresstille und 
uluckJiche Fahrt." — 4. Ouv. zur SchSnen Melusine. — 5. 
Ouv. zu Kuy Bias. 

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gouvernement auprfes de la princesse. Public 
par son fils. P., 1882. 2 v. 8°. 4644.69 

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Meteorology. See France, Ministry of pub- 
lic instruction. 

Metric system. See Garrigues. 


Mexico. See Aubertin. 

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von F. Brunold {pseud.\ 2te Aufl. ZUrich, 
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des XI. Jahrhunderts. Eingeleitet von C. von 
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No. 4 in *a8i2.s8 


Mezzotints. See Smith, J. C. 

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1839, .'57-59- 61-65, 67, 69-74. Lansing [etc ], 
1839-74- -23 V. 8". *6397'ia 

— Joint documents. 1854-79. Lansing, 1855- 
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18°- No. I in * 

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^ No.8in*»5053.«6 

Lacks the lasi four pages. 

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— See Reville. 




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etc. Added, an account of Philadelphia, its scit- 
uation, etc. With a portraiture of plat-form 
thereof, directing to a catalogue of the pur- 
chasors names. | yl/.w, Appendix.] Slioreditch, 
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by T. Maguire. Dublin, 188: 
— See Maerkel. 
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Sm. 8\ 

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Political science. See Eliot; — Post, A. H. ; 
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partnership in England; Emplovers' liability; Theory of 
persecution; Oath of allegiance; History of English law as 
a branch of politics; Science of case-law; Casuistry of 
common sense; Ethics and morals; Marcus Aurelius and 
the Stoic philosophy; Spencer's Data of ethics. 

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Contains a list of authors cited. 

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First published in 1730. 

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♦6193. 18 

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Provident societies. See Merenda. 

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The translations are of the GeorgiM, Eumenides, The 
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vrier iSi"}, sur la Sphere caucasienne de C. G. S. 
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— See Gilfillan. 

Scottish language. See Jamieson ; — Michel. 

Sculpture. See Courajod ; — Friederichs ; — 

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Census bureau. 

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Smithsonian institution, continued. 
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Cessions of hind by Indian tribes to the United States, 
illustrated by those in the state of Indiana, by C. C. Rovce; 
Si^n language among North American Indians compared 
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For an account of thin edition and a list of the trrati*** in 
each volume sec K. W. FarrarV Introduction In F. I. Her- 
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Gallenga ; — Harrington ; — Hovgaard ; — How- 
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papers of Benjamin Franklin offered for sale by 
Henry Stevens, and recommending their pur- 
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1882. j 8°. **K.ii.i9 

Contains Henry Stevens' account of liis Franklin collec- 
tion, as printed elsewhere in his Catalogue of the first por- 
tion of the Collections [K. lo.ii; K. 11.17I and also in his 
Franklin's life and writings. A bibliographical essay 
[2150.34; K. 10.10]. Contains besides a complete chrono- 
logical index of the Franklin MSS. 



United States, continued. 

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Contents. — 4. Houses and house-life of the American 
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from 10 to 20 miles to i inch. 

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— History, etc. See Phillips; — Pidgeon. 

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— War of 1812. See Roosevelt. 

— Civil -war. See Cist ; — Cox ; — Fisher, H. 
W.;— Gardner, A, B.; — Gordon, G. H. ; — 
Southern hist. soc. 

— Administrations of Grant and Hayes. See 

University of Wisconsin. See Butterfield. 

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gapore, 1879. 8°- 5oi3-3a 

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Venice. 5ee Cook; — Molmenti. 

Ventilation. See Banner. 

Venus, Transit of. See Airy. 

Vercelli, Italy. See Bruzza. 

Vernon family. See Ellery. 

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provement of rivers, and the design, construc- 
tion, and development of canals. Vol. i, Text; 
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Verrazano, Giovanni da. See De Costa. 

Vertebrates. See Goette. 

Vibration. See Everett. 


Victor Emmanuel II, king of Italy. S«4 

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filscriminel. [Tragi-com^die. Trad, dc I'italien 
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Amsterdam. 1660. J Neue Ausgabe von W. 
Knorich. Heilbronn, 1881. [SammlunK fmn- 
zosischer Neudrucke, herausg. von K. Vollmol- 
ler.] i6«. 46606.50 

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dldmentaire appliqu^e a la chrunolo^ic Cj{vj»- 
tienne. P., 1854. 8'. No. 17 in ••505a'.a5 

— Examen de deux mimoires de M. Biol. 
P., 1854. 8". No. 18 in ••5052.25 

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Precedes d'un historique du Caveau, par E. Dcntu. 
Portraits et vignettes a I'eau-forte par Le Nain. 
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par un pretre de la Congregation dc la mikkion. 
1607-1660. P., 1882. 2 V. Portr. 8". 3553.64 

Violin. See Courvoisier. 

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tr. into English prose by John Coningtun. \, , 
1882. 8". 2927.60 

— See Comparetti ; — Prowett. 

Virmond, Loudolphe de. Ricr^alion* biblio- 
graphiques. P., 1882. 24°. 4649«.7S 

The writer draws parallels brtween the work* «»f living 
French authors and thi>sc of deccaMrd author* bcana( Mm 

same names, upon a theory that author* of the mmmmam* 
will always continue to reappear. 

Voice. See Behnke ; — Browne, L. 

Volcanoes. See Fuchs. 

Voltaire, Fran<;oi8 M. A. de. Lettrc* et po<»ie« 
in^dites adress^es k la reine de Pru«»e, Ik la prin- 
cesse Ulrique. i la margrave dc Barcuth. i iibl. 
par V. Advielle. P., 1872. [Cabinet du biblio- 
phile.] i8>'. 4M».M 

— See Wagner. 

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Vol. 8. On the PatcfnoitWr. L., 18S1. »•• 


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gart, 1S81. 16-. *•??•••? 

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seiner Apotheose. Heilbronn, iS8i. (I>cuti«che 
Litteraturdenkinale des i8 Jahrhundcrt* in Ncu- 
drucken.J i6->. No. a in ••4»74.3« 

Waite family. See Corey. 

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Stil in dor hamburgischcn Dramaturgic. Bcflin, 
1882. i6'. ^, ^ , .♦•^•y* 

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field citv, Massachu^ctl•. B.. 1882. K-. •«35p.77 

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Bein' a comparison Of the MiHem of landlord 
and tenant, with that of occupying ownership. 
L.,'i882. Sm. 8'\ 35«o**7 

Contains a Ii»t of work* to b« con»all«J. 

Wallace, William. Kant. Edinb.. l883. Portr. 
[Philos. classic* for English readers.] »"^^ 




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Cambridge. Collection of problems in illustra- 
tion of the principles of elementary mechanics. 
2ded. Camb., 1880. Plates. Sm. 8°." **5029.85 

— Collection of probjems in illustration of the 
principles of theoretical hydrostatics and hydro- 
dynamics. Camb., 1847. Plates. 8°. **5025.84 

— Collection of problems in illustration of the 
principles of theoretical mechanics. 3d ed. 
Camb., 1876. Folded plates. 8°. **502oa.57 

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for the use of colliery managers. L., 1S80. 
Illus. Folded plate. 8°. 3866.78 

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Warin, Jean. See Courajod. 

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Water color painting. See Leitch. 

\A^ater supply. See Bell ; — Fanning. 

\A^aterloo, Battle of. See Gardner, D. 

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From the Hist. coll. of the Essex institute, vol. 16. 

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From the Hist. coll. of the Essex institute, vol. 16. 

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Western antiquary, The ; or Devon and Corn- 
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rection from the " Weekly Mercury." Ed. by W. H. 
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ment.] Plymouth [Eng.], 1882. Sra.4°. *2503.6o 

The Supplement for March, iSSa, is a genealogy of the 
Bonython family. 

Westinghouse brake. See Morandiere. 

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veying. Description of the means and methods 
employed in constructing marine charts. L., 
1882. Map. 8«. 3943-57 

Wheildon, William W. Letters to the New 
York Herald, June 16 and 17, 1875, on the Battle 
of Bunker Hill, including General Burgoyne's 
description of the engagement, Frothingham's 
view of the battle-ground and the views of Colo- 
nel Parker. (32) pp. 8°. **4359-57 

Cut from the New York Herald. 

White, Joseph B. Observations on heresy and 
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of the author's life, by J. H. Thom [etc.]. L. 
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fathers. A selection of historical houses in Rhode 
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4°- *2338.66 

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lating to the colonial history of New Jersej'. 
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sledge journey from Canton to St. Petersburg 
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of the life of maj. Simon Willard, with notice of 
some of his descendants to the ninth generation. 
Cine, 1879. 8°. No. 10 in *4334.58 

Willers, Diedrich,y>. The centennial celebra- 
tion of General Sullivan's campaign against the 
Iroquois, in 1779. Held at Waterloo, Sept. 3d, 

1879. Prefixed, a sketch of the Waterloo library 
and historical society, by S. H. Gridley. [Water- 
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\A^illiain II (Rufus), of England. 5'ee Freeman. 

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Year book. The, of the church [of England] : 
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Year books. See Dickens. 

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book. A youth's manual of instruction in the 
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The conclusion to G. Invernizzi's Storia letteraria d'ltalia 
[2771.52] and U. A. Canello's Storia della letteratura iialiana 

Zodiac. See Ayzac ; — Brunet de Presle ; — 
Chabert; — Dupuis; — Gulianof; — Lenoir; — Le- 
prince ; — Paravey ; — Saint-Martin ; — Schwartz ; 
— Testa. . 

Zola, Emile. See Alexis ; — De Amicis ; — 





Earlier Publications (a selection). 

Accurate and account of the proceed- 
ings of the New-England "forces, during the late 
expedition against the French settlements on 
Cape Breton to the surrender of Louishourg, 
1745. Exon, 1746. Sm. 8". *44i7.a7 

Tliis journal was sent to England by Sir Win. Pepperell, 
with a certificate attesting^ its accuracy, sijrned by him and 
otherofficers in the expedition. It can also be found printed 
as an appendix to Wni. Shirley's Letter to the duke of New- 
castle, dated Louisbourg, Oct. 2S, 1745 [\o. 2 in **44i7.66]. 

Alison, St'r Archibald. The military life of 
John, duke of Marlborough. Edinb., 1848. 
Folded maps. 8". 65403.59 

Answer to Considerations on certain political 
transactions of the province of South Carolina. 
L., 1774. 8". *4376.72 

Apianus, Petrus. Cosmographia, iam denium 
ab omnibus vindicata mendis, ac nonnullis quo- 
que locis aucta, figurisque nouis illustrata : ad- 
ditis eiusdem argumenti libellis ipsius Gemse 
Frisii. Parisiis, 1553. Illus. Maps. 4°. 


Archaeological journal, The, published under 
the direction of the central committee of the 
British archaeological association. Vol. i. L., 
1845. Illus. 8°. *42i7.5i 

Continued as Journal of the Br. archaeol. assoc. It is 
identical with vol. i of the Archajological journal [*233S.So], 
published by the Royal archxniogical institute of Great 
Britain and Ireland, a society originally composed of mem- 
bers who left the British archaeological association. 

Armandi, Pierre D. Histoire militaire des 
Elephants, jusqu'a I'introduction des armes k feu. 
P., 1843. Plate. 8°. 3956-66 

Aspland, Robert B. Memoir of Robert Asp- 
land. L., 1850. 8". 654oa.57 

Athenaeum fran9ais. Bulletin arch^ologique. 
No. 1-12, 1855; i-io, 1856. P., 1855,56. 2v. in I. 
Illus. Map! Folded sheet 4°. *6220.6o 

Avila, Francisco de. Arte de la lengua mexi- 
cana, y breves pldticas de los mjsterios de N. 
Santa fee catholica, y otras para exortacion de su 
obligacion a los Indios. Mexico, 1717- Sm. 8°. 

♦♦D. 260a. 74 

Baldinucci, Filippo, 1624-1696. Vita di Fi- 
lippo di Ser Brunellesco, ora per la prima volta 
pubblicata, con altra piii antica inedita di anoni- 
mo contemporaneo scrittore [Antonio di Tuccio 
Manetti], precede una memoria intorno al ri- 
sorgimento delle belle arti in Toscana; e ai res- 
tauratori delle medesime dell'editore, D. Moreni. 
Firenze, 1812. 8". 2748.16 

Barlaeus {Dutch, van Baerle), Caspar. Rervni 
per octennivm in Brasilia ct alibi gestarum, sub 
praifectura I. Mauritii Nassavia;, etc., coniitis, 
historia. Ed. 2da. Cui accesserunt Gulielmi 
Pisonis tractatvs [etc.]. Clivis, 1660. Engr. 
t. p. Illus. Portrs. Maps. \(P. *»*43i9a.i8 

Bayly, Thomas. Certamen religiosum : or, a 
conference between the late king of England, 
and the late lord marquesse of Worcester, ton- 
cerning religion. With a vindication of the 
protestant cause. L., 1651. Sm. 4°. ♦♦7442.76 

Beaven, James. Recreations of a long vacm- 
tion ; or a visit to Indian mii>Kioni> in I'pper 
Canada. L., 1846. Illus. Sm. 8". 4468.61 

Bickham, George. The British monarcliv : 
or, a new chorographical description of all the 
doininions subject to the king of Great Britain 
[etc.]. Engrav'd bv G. Bickham. L., 1743. 47. 
44 plates. Illus. PS * 

Birch, Thomas. Memoirs of the rcijjn of 
queen Elizabeth, from 1581 till her death. From 
the original papers of Anthony Bacon. L.. 1754. 
2 v. 4°. *4S4r.i6 

Boaden, James. Memoirs of the life of John 
P. Kemble, including a history of the ktaftc. 
from the time of Garrick. L., 1825. 2 v. Portr. 
8'). 654oa.6a 

Boemus Aubanus, Johannes. The mannem, 
lawes, and customes of all nations, collected out 
of the best writers ; tr. out of Latin by Ed. 
Aston. L., 161 1. Sm. 4°. ♦,♦6364.69 

British archxological association. Journal. 
Vol. 1-34. L., 1846-78. Illus. 8«. ♦4a«7-5« 

The first volume published by thi» society w«« Ibe 
Archxological journal, vol. 1 [4ii7.'5>]. 

— A report of the proceedings at the fifth gen- 
eral meeting in Worcester, in Aug., 1848. Ed. 
by AlfredJ. Dunkin. L., 1851. 8». ♦4*16.61 

This report and that of the meeting "t Canterbury io 1&15 
were not authorized by the associatioo. 

— Transactions at its 2«l annual con|rre««, 
held at Winchester, Aug., 1845. L., 1846. Illu». 
Plates. 8°. ♦4*16.60 

Buddha and Buddhism. [Tran»lation by F. 
G. B. Davenport from a Siamese »acrcd book, 
giving an account of the variou't rc»idence« of 
Buddha, before his entrance into Nirvana. AI»o. 
an account of the origin of the Buddhi»t *acrcd 
books.] Folded MSS., dated Singajwrc. March, 
1839. 3^°- •74»»«to 

Bullock, William. Six months' residence and 
travels in Mexico. 2d cd. L., 1825. J v. Plate*. 

Map. Sm. 8°. , » \. ^i^ 

Cahier, Charles, and Martin, Arthur. Me- 
langes d'archrfologic, d'histoirc et de litt^raturc. 
Collection dc mdmoires sur rorfrfvrerie, etc. P., 
,847-56. 4v. Illus. Plates. 4°- ••060.M 

Campana, Giovanni P.. mar<kt%t. Anliche 
opere in plaslica discoperte. raccolte. e dichiarale. 
Parte 1-3. Roma, 1852. lai pi. .? P«rt. In jr. 
po ♦.•C«b.*9.B.i 

Cerisier, Antoine M. U destln de lAmJ^rique. 
ou dialogues pittoresques. \^Amom.\ Trad, de 
I'anglois L. [1780?] 8». No. 1 in •44«»-S6 

Consi^^M nf imairlnary dialo|CWM ^HJ**" '^''J? ^jJ^r^TM; 
I^rd North. I.ord Bute. etc.. sua ttfjbtrt*^ t.. Crri«^.by 
Barbier. It in lh.iuk'ht that it was not prlatcd Ul !-«>•••■• 
and it ik not regarded a» a tranalalloo. 

— Remarques sur les erreurs de I'Ifiatoire 
philosophique ct politique de G. T. Raynal. par 
rapport aux affaires de TAm^rique septentnonale. 
Amsterdam, 1783. ^- No. a In ♦44i»-J» 




Church-yard poetry of Lochlee, ivith a brief 
memoir of Alex. Ross. [Brechin, 184S-50.] 16°. 

Signed Z. 

Clement XI, fope, 1649-1721. Homilias, la- 
tino-espafiolas. Por Jvan de Ferreras. n. p., n. d. 
Engr. t. p. Vignettes. Sm. a^. 7445-56 

Cluny, Alexander. Le voyageur americain ou 
observations sur I'etat actuel, la culture, le com- 
merce des colonies britanniques en Amerique 
[etc.]. Trad, de I'anglois. Augment^ d'un 
precis sur I'Amerique septentrionale & la re- 
publique des treize-Etats-Unis par M. J[oseph] 
M[andrillon]. Amsterdam, 17S2. 8'. 4464.78 

Collection of coats of arms borne by the nobili- 
ty and gentry of the county of Glocester. L., 
1792. 62 plates. 4°. *^*652i.i4 

Cook, Capt. James, and others. The North 
American pilot for Newfoundland, Labradore, 
the gulf and river St. Laurence: being a collec- 
tion of 60 accurate charts and plans, drawn from 
original surveys : taken by James Cook and 
Michael Lane and Joseph Gilbert, and other offi- 
cers : chiefly engr. by T. Jefferys on 36 large cop- 
per-plates. L., 1779. F". " *^*F.4.i8 

Corbinelli, Jean, ed. Extraits de tous les beaux 
endroits des ouvrages de Balzac, Voiture, Costar, 
Urfee, Gomberville, Moliere, Scudery, Bergerac, 
Sarazin, Le Pays, Ablancourt. Amsterdam, 1681. 
5 v. in 3. Sm. 12°. *6669.6o 

Cotton, Peter, cotnp. The American star. A 
choice collection of patriotic and other songs. 
2d ed. Richmond, 1817. Plates. 12°. 4398.96 

De TAm^rique et des Americains, ou observa- 
tions curieuses du philosophe La Douceur, qui 
a parcouru cet hemisphere pendant la derniere 
guerre, en faisant le noble metier de tuer des 
hommes sans les manger. Berlin, 1771. 16". 

No. I in 44693.82 

Barbier attributes this to either Bonneville or Dom Per- 
nettjr ; while Qjierard assigns it to Pierre Poivt-e. See note 
in Sabin's Dictionary of books relating to America, vol. i, 
p. 163. 

Don y Bassols, Raimundo L. de. Fines- 
tresivs vindicatvs adversvs Henricvm Florizivm. 
Barcinone, mdcclxxii. Sm. 4°. 5096.55 

Drummond, Sir William. Origines; or, re- 
marks on the origin of several empires, states, 
and cities. L., 1824-29. 4 V. Maps. S**. 6295.7 

Dupaix, Guillaume. Antiquites mexicaines. 
Relation des trois expeditions du capitaine Du- 
paix, ordonnees en 1805, 1806 et 1807, pour la 
recherche des antiquites du pays, notamment 
celles de Mitla et de Palenque ; accompagn^e des 
dessins de Castaneda, et d'une carte ; suivie d'un 
parallele de ces monuments avec ceux de I'Egvpte, 
de ITndostan, et du reste de I'ancien monde par 
A. Lenoir ; d'une dissertation sur I'origine de I'an- 
cienne population des deux Ameriques par [D. 
B.] Warden [etc]. P., 1834. Texte, i v. : Atlas, 

1 v., 156 plates, ¥°. *»*Cab.43.F.i 
Duponcet, J. N. Histoire de Scanderbeg rov 

d'Albanie. P , 1709. Sm. 12°. 50893.18 

Egerton, Mary M. S., countess of Wilton. The 
art of needlework, from the earliest ages; includ- 
ing some notices of the ancient historical tapes- 
tries. L., 1840. 120. 6007.39 
Escolano, Caspar. Decada primera de la his- 
toria de la insigne y coronada ciudad y revno de 
Valencia. i a [y 2a] parte. Valencia, i6"io, 11. 

2 v. Sm. P (8). ♦*D. 120.31 


Exact collection of all remonstrances, declara- 
tions, and other remarkable passages betweene 
the kings most excellent majesty, and his high 
court of parliament beginning December 1641, 
and continued until March the 21, 1643. L., 1643. 
Plate. Sm. 4". **65i7.43 

Fitch, Rez'. Jabez. A plea for the ministers of 
New-England. Per amicum cleri, et populi. 
\_Anon.^ B., 1724. Sm. 8". 

**Prince 18.150; **Prince 27.209 

Fundgruben des Orients, bearbeitet durch eine 
Gesellschaft von Liebhabern. Auf Veranstaltung 
des Herrn Grafen Wenceslaus Rzewusky. Wien, 
1809-18. 6 v. Fac-similes. Maps. Folded 
plates. F°. *3020.55 

Gently, L., abbe. L'influence de la decouverte 
de I'Amerique sur le bonheur du genre hu- 
main. Orleans, 17S7. Plate. Folded map. 8". 


Goiffon, , and Vincent, . Memoire 

artificielle des principes relatifs a la fidelle repre- 
sentation des animaux, tant en peinture qu'en 
sculpture, lepartie, concernantlechevaj. Alfort, 
1775^ 3 ^'- i" I- Plates. 4°, 1. p. *8o6o.23 

Golovnin, Vasilie, d. 1832. Recollections of 
Japan. Added, chronological details of British 
commercial intercourse with that countrv. L., 
1819. 8". "5016.5 

Gore, Catherine G. F. Sketches of English 
character. L., 1846. 2 v. Sm. 8°. 6573.62 

Gosch, Josias L. Washington und die ameri- 
kanische Revolution. \^Anon.'\ Giesen, 1807. 
16°. 4349a.95 

Gray, Mrs. E. C. Emperors of Rome from 
Augustus to Constantine: being a continuation 
of the History of Rome. L., 1850. Illus. Folded 
sheets. 12°. 4759-13 

— History of Rome for young persons. By 
Mrs. Hamilton Gray. L., 1S47. 2 v. Illus. Sm. 
8". 4759" 

Grey, George, governor of South Australia. 
Journals of two expeditions of discovery in 
north-west and western Australia, 1837-39. With 
observations on the aboriginal inhabitants, etc. 
L., 1841. 2 V. Illus. 80. 507555 

Hardy, Robert W. H. Travels in the interior 
of Mexico, in 1825-8. L., 1829. Plates. Folded 
map. 8°. 4465 78 

Historical account of New South Wales and 
its dependent settlements : in illustration of 
twelve views, engr. by W. Preston, from drawings 
by Captain Wallis. L.,1821. Map. F". 


Johnston, Thomas Travels through Lower 
Canada, interspersed with Canadian tales and 
anecdotes. Edinb., 1827. Woodcut. 12°. 


Jorio, Andrea de. La mimica degli antichi in- 
vestigata nel gestire napoletano. Napoli, 1832. 
Plates. 8". 2735-16 

Jomad3 de los coches de Madrid a Alcala, 6 
satisfaccion al palacio de Momo, y A las apunta- 
ciones a la carta del Maestro de nifios. Zaragoza, 
1714. Sm. 4°. 5096.54 

Kircher, Athanasius. Mundus subterraneus, 
in XII libros digestus. Ed. tertia. Amstelodami, 
1678. 2 V. in I. Illus. Maps. Plate. 4". ***596o.2 

Lafitau, Joseph F. De zeden der wilden van 
Amerika [in twee deelen]. In'tFransch beschre- 
ven [en nu in Nederduits vertaalt. By H. W. 
van Welergen en P. H. Charlois]. 's Gra- 
venhage, 1731. Copper-plates. F°. *^*436o.i6 


Larrey, Isaac de. Histoire d'Angleterre, 
d'Ecosse, et d'lrlande ; avec un abr^g^ des ^vene- 
mens les plus remarquables arrivez dans les autres 
^tats. Rotterdam, 1697-1713. 4 v. F*". ** 

Vols. 2-4 read Enrichi dcs portraits des rois, etc. ; but these 
have all been removed in this copy. 

Leigh, Sir Egerton. Considerations on cer- 
tain political transactions of the province of 
South Carolina. [A»oh.] L., 1774. 8*^. *4376.73 

Leonhardi, Philipp F. W., Freiherr von. Das 
Austragalverfahrendesdeutschen Bundes. Frank- 
furt a M., 1838, 45. 2 V. 8". 7625.13 

Leyden, John. Scenes of infancy : descriptive 
of Teviotdale. [A poem.] Edinb., 1803. Plate. 
240. *6563.65 

Lockhart, John G. , tr. and ed. Ancient 
Spanish ballads. With notes. With illus. The 
borders and vignettes by Owen Jones. New ed., 
rev. L., 1859. Portr. 4°. 3091.62 

Long, George, 0/ Gray's Inn, barrister. In- 
quiry concerning religion. L., 1855. 8". 7453.36 

Longstreet, Augustus B. Georgia scenes, 
characters, incidents, &c. , in the first half century 
of the republic. By a native Georgian. 2d ed. , 
with illus. N. Y.,^845. 12°. 4379-8i 

Loredano, Giovanni F., and Michiele, Pietro. 
II cimiterio. Epitafij giocosi. Centuria prima 
[— terza]. [Venice.?] 1645. 24". 6779.26 

Lunt, George. The dove and the eagle. 
[Poem.) [Anon.] B., 1851. 160. 4409-29 

Mackintosh, 5/> James. View of the reign of 
James 11, from his accession, to the enterprise of 
the prince of Orange. L., 1835. Portr. 4". 654oa.56 

Mather, Cotton. Christian loyalty. Or, some 
suitable sentiments on the withdraw of king 
George the first, and the access of George the 
second. B., 1727. 16°. 

**H.97.73; **H.i6.242; ♦♦H. 16.287 

— The mystical marriage. A brief essay, on 
the grace of the Redeemer espousing the soul of 
the believer. B , 1728. 16°. •♦ 

The preface is signed S[amuel] M[ather]. 

Mathews, Anne (J.). Memoirs of Charles 
Mathews, comedian. By Mrs. Mathews. L., 
1838, 39. 4 v. Portrs. 8°. 654oa.6i 

On 65493.35 is A continuation of the memoirs of C. 
Matliews, in 3 v., vol. i, Phila., 1S39, which conUins the 
same matter as vol. 3 of the above London edition. 

Maucroix, Francois, 1619-1708. CEuvres 
diverses, publides par Louis Paris. P., 1854. 2 v. 
120. 2698.57 

Mirabeau, Honore G. R., co>n/e de. De la 
monarchie prussienne sous Frdd^ric le Grand 
avec un appendice contenant des recherches sur 
la situation actuelle des principales contr^es 
de I'Allemagne. Londres, Paris, 1788. Text, 
4 v., Portr., Folded sheets., 8°. ; Atlas, i v., F°. 
4821.55 ; Atlas, 48203.5 

" Indigeste compilation, dont le major prussicn Mauvillon 
avait fourni les principaux materiaux J» laquelle Mirabeau 
mit son nom, et qui fit faire banqueroute au libraire Lejay. 
II parait que J. Ch. Leveaux a eu part aussi it la composition 
d'une grande partie de cetouvrage." — ^tierard. 

Modestus, Joannes A. Oratio ad Carolvm Cae- 
sarem contra Martinvm Lvthervm. [ Colophon: 
Argentine 1521.] (18) ff. Sm. 4". No. i in *5466.2i 

Moigno, Francois (N.) M. J. Repertoire 
d'optique moderne. P., 1847, 50. 4 parts in 2 
v. 8°. 392367 

Muralt, B^at L. de. Lettres sur les Angloiset 
les Fran9ois. Et sur les voiages. \Anon.\ 
N. p., 1725. 16°. 


New, A, and further narrative of the state of 
New-England, being a continued account of the 
bloudy Indian-war [King Philip's], from March 
till August, 1676. L., 1676. Sm. (^. ••4411.18 

Signed N. T. Reprinted in S. G. Drake'* "Old IndUo 

chronicle," pp. 71-103 ^446(;a.3i]. Tliis copy hat ■ wood^vt 
of the royal arms ofOrcat Briuin on the titlc-pagc. SooM 
copies lack this. 

Nibby, Antonio. Degli orti Serviliani. dis- 
sertazione. N. p. [1833.'] 40. 37S<-8 

— Del Tempio della pace e della Basilica di 
Costantino. Dissertazione. Roma, 1819. Plate 
8". 2754.13 

— Della via Portucnse e dell' antica citu' di 
Porto. Roma, 1S27. 8°. 373S-5I 

— Elementi di archeologia ad uso dell* Archi- 
ginnasio romano. Roma, 1S28. 8". 4076.8a 

Nightingale, Joseph. Memoirs of her late 
majesty, Q^ieen Caroline, consort of king George 
the Fourth. L., 182 1, 22. 3 v. Portrs. Illus. 




Oliver, George. Historical and descriptive ac- 
count of the collegiate church of Wolverhamp- 
ton, in the county of Stafford. Wolverhampton. 
[1836.] Plates. 8". *a495-tS 

Oudin, Casimir. Commentarivs de scriptoribvs 
ecclesia; antiqvis illorvinqve scriptis tarn im- 
pressis qvam manv.scriptis [etc.]. Lipsiv, 
MDCcxxii. 3 V. F". * 

Ovalle, Alonso de. Historica relatione del 
regno di Cile, e delle missioni. e ministcrij che 
esercita in quelle la Compagniadi Gicsv. Roma. 
1646. Plates. 4°. •43io«.i40 

Person, David. Varieties: or, a svrveigh of 
rare and excellent matters, necessary and delect- 
able for all sorts of persons. Wherein the prin- 
cipall heads of diverse sciences are illustrated, 
rare secrets of naturall things unfoulded. &c. 
L., 1635. Sm. 8". •ftSTO.M 

Plato. The Cratvlus, Phwdo. Parmenide* and 
Timseus. Tr. by 't. Taylor. With notes on the 
Cratylus, and introd. to'each dialogue. L.. 1793. 
80. 5004.7 

Porny, Mark A. Elements of heraldry. Illu». 
with cuts, and copper plates. Annexed, a dic- 
tionary of the technical terms made u*c of in 
heraldry, &c. 5th ed- L., 1795- 8". • 

Poya's, Mrs. E. A. Our forefathers; their 
homes and their churches. Charleston, i860. 
120. NST*-?* 

Raumer, Friedrich L. G. von. Contributions 
to modern historv, from the British museum and 
the State paper o'ffice. Frederick II and his time. 
L i8u- Portr. Sm. 8". 4*»«-5« 

Regnault-Warin, Jean B. \. I. P. HiMoire du 
c^n^ral Lafayette en Am<irique. prrfcW^ d'une 
histoire dcsa vie. P.. 1832. 8». 6645.57 

Rome. [A collection of engravings giving 
views of buildings and ruins chiefly in and about 
Rome, with some architectural details. Korne. 
r738-.8.4.] 94 plat", t"-. VC.b.t«.B.l 

Only a very few arc Hated ; the dale rirra 'hp* •j' *• 
extVemc one*: AmonK ihoM n.< '♦•[^S^V''' "' "l^t!^ 
p"tcH 3-6, of the Escurial ; plate 7J-7S. L'*«IU« eathoMqi- 
i Berlin, T. Lc Ocay, sculp. 

Royal Asiatic fociety. Bombay branch. 
JotirTal. Vol. .-6. ^^,\-'^'' J^'^^l'^- 
^861. Folded maps. Plates. 8«. *5057.50 

Ruffini. Giovanni D. The P.raKreen. on a 
visit to the Paris universal exhibition. J- "JSJ- 
16°. 6570b.7S 




[Samtnlung von 353 merckwiirdigen Kup- 
ferstichen hoher und gelehrter Personen beson- 
dersauch von denen welche zur Zeit der Reforma- 
tion gelebt haben, nebst diesen auch andere.] 
N. p., n. d. 2 V. 8". **624i.i2 

The above title for this collection of portraits is taken 
from a note on the fly-leaf. Many of the plates are not 
signed. On the majority of those that are signed appears 
the name of Peter Aubry (1596-1666); others have Lucas 
Kilian (1579-1637), Isaac Bruun, Jac. ab Heyden, etc. 

Sanson (d'Abbeville), Nicolas. L'Am^riqve, 
en plvsievrs cartes novvelles, et exactes, &c., en 
divers traitez de g^ographie, et d'histoire. P. 
[1656] 4°. **23ii.68 

Seamier, Robert. Several sermons : preached 
in England and in the island of Barbadoes in 
America. N. p., 1685. Sm. 4". **7442.75 

Schmidt, (VV.) Adolf. Zeitgendssische Ge- 
schichten. Frankreich von 1815 bis 1830. Oes- 
terreich von 1830 bis 1848. Berlin, 1859. 8°. 


Schwarz, Friedrich H. C. Das Leben in seiner 

Bliite, oder Sittlichkeit, Christenthum und Erzie- 

hung in ihrer Einheit. Schluss der Erziehungs- 

lehre. Lpz., 1837. 8^ 3593-56 

— Die Schulen. Die verschiedenen Arten der 
Schulen. Lpz., 1832. 8". 3593-58 

Seccomb, Joseph. Business and diversion in- 
offensive to God. A discourse uttered in part at 
Ammauskeeg Falls, in the fishing season. 1739. 
B., 1743. 8'^. **7455-" 

The preface is signed Fluvialis Piscator. 

Sheridan, ed. The diadem, a book for the 
boudoir. L., 1838. Illus. F". *456o.7 

Simon, James. An essay towards an historical 
account of Irish coins, and of the currency of 
foregin [5/cJ monies in Ireland. With an ap- 
pendix. Dublin, 1749. Plates. 4°. *652i.i3 

Smith, Josiah. Jesus persecuted in his dis- 
ciples. A sermon preach'd in Charlestown, 
South Carolina, 1742. B., 1745. Sm. 8°. 

No. 1 in ** 

— A zeal of God encourag'd and guarded. A 
sermon preach'd at Charlestown, March 3d, 
1744, 5. B., 1745. Sm. 8". No. 2 in** 

Smyth, William H , rear-admiral. Descrip- 
tive catalogue of a cabinet of Roman imperial 
large brass medals. Bedford, 1834. 4". *475i.3 

Speechly, William. Treatise on the culture 
of the pine apple and the management of the 
hot-house. 2d ed., with additions. York, 1796. 
Folded plates. 8°. 5996.12 

Thacher, Peter. Reply to the strictures of 
Mr. J. S., a layman, upon the pamphlet entitled 
Observations upon the present state of the clergy 
in New England, &c. B. [1783.'] 8^. **H.94.4i 

Vaillant, Jean F. Nummi antiqui familiarum 
Romanarum perpetuis interpretationibus illus- 
trati. AmstelEedami, 1703. Text, 2 v. ; Plates, 
1 V. Sm. f°. *475o.58 

Valcke, P. F. Speculum et idea boni pastoris, 
in viginti adhortationibus. Mechlinize, 1826. i2<». 

Very short. A, and candid appeal to free born 
Britons. By an American. L., 1774. 8". *47i9.33 
Upon the Boston port-bill. Signed, A Carolinian. 

View of the history of Great-Britain, during 
the administration of Lord North, to the second 
session of the fifteenth parliament. In two parts. 
With statements of the public expenditure. 
Dublin, 1782. 8". 6517.42 

Walford, Edward. Hand-book of the Greek 
drama. L., 1856. Sm. 8". 2969.69 

Wilson, John (^Christopher North), and 
Chambers, Robert. The land of Burns, a series 
of landscapes and portraits, illustrative of the 
life and writings of the Scottish poet. The 
landscapes from paintings made by D. O. Hill. 
The literary department, by Professor Wilson 
and Robert Chambers. Glasgow, 1840. 2 v. in 
I. 4°. ***246oa.6o 

Wolcott, or Wolcot, John, ed. The beauties of 
English poetry. Selected from the most esteemed 
authors. L., 1804. 2 v. Illus. Sm. 8"^. 6563.66 

Wood, William, F. R. S. General conchol- 
ogy ; or a description of shells, arranged accord- 
ing to the Linnean system, and illus. with plates 
drawn and coloured from nature. Vol. i. L., 
1815. 8". *5872-5i 

No more was published. 



Abbreviations: — Brl., Brighton; Chn., Charlestown; Dor., Dorchester; E. B., East Boston; J. P., J[amaica 
Plain; Rox., Roxbury; S. B., South Boston; S. K., South End. Shelf-numbers without these abbreviations indicate 
books in the Lower Hall of the Central Library. 

Central Library Books can be applied for at the several Branches and Deliver- 
ies., and, if they are on the shelves., they will be sent to the Branch or Delivery the 
same or folloiving day. 

Abbott, Edward. Out doors at Long Look. 

Dor. 258.5 
Abbott, Jacob. The young Christian. Me- 
morial ed., with a sketch of the author by [Ed- 
ward Abbott]. Illus. Portr. 1086.32 

Dor. 396.16 

About, Edward F. V. Greece, and the Greeks 

of the present day. Tr. Rox. 5524.15 

— The Roman question. Tr. Kox. 5524.11 

Adams, Abigail. Letters of Mrs. Adams, the 
wife of John Adams. Portr. Rox. 5026.12 

Adams, Charles K. Manual of historical liter- 
ature, with suggestions as to methods and course 
of historical study. 1403 x ; Rox. 5714-9 

S. B. 77.10 

Adams, Henry C. The Indian boy. With 
illus. 1472.12; J." P. 336.9 

— The Winborough boys. Dor. 258.4 




Adams, William H. D. The bird world de- 
scribed. H. Giacomelli, illustrator. 8.6.321.11 

Adams, William S. {Oliver Optic.) The 
waj' of the world. A novel. J. P. 312.2 

Aikin, Lucy. Memoirs of the court of King 
James the first 2 v. J, P. 1221.4 

Alden, Isabella L. (Pansy.) The hall in the 
grove. E. B. 316.26 ; J. P. 334.13 

— Some young heroines. [Short stories.] 
Illus. 1471.30; Rox. 1114.12 

Alexander, il//-5.,/5e«</ See Hector, Annie F. 
Alger, Horatio,//-. Charlie Codman's cruise. 

J. P. 223.28 

— Frank's campaign. J. P. 223.27 

— From farm boy to senator; the history of 
Daniel Webster. Illus. 1540.44; J. P. 233.15 

Rox. 1017.9; S. B. 168.50 
Anderson, Edward L. On horseback. 

Dor. 396.14 
Andersson, Charles J. Lake Ngami. With 
illus. Rox. 593519 

Appletons' annual cyclopaedia of 1881. 

Dor. 215.1 ; Rox. R. R., C.3.1; S. B. 131 

• Argles, M. Faith and unfaith. [Fiction.] 

By the author of " Molly Bawn." 1416.22 

Dor. 319.34; J. P. 822.28; Rox. 2318.34 

S. B. 285.54 

Arnold, Edwin L. On the Indian hills; or, 

cofFee-planting in southern India. 2 v. 

J. P. 1434- 1 3 
Arnold, Matthew. Essays in criticism. 1897.14 

— Irish essays and others. ■ 1897.18 

Rox. 5825.23 

Contents. — The incompatibles ; An unreearded Irish 
Errievance; Ecce, conveitimur ad gentes; The future of 
liberalisni; Speech at Eton ; The French play in London; 
Copyright ; Prefaces to Poems. 

— Mixed essays. 1897.15 
Aschenbroedel. [Fiction.] [No name ser.] 

14B2.18 ; J. P. 41714 ; Box. 2414.7 
S. B. 2403.30 ; S. E. 419-23 
Atkinson, Edward. What is a bank.? 

No. 8 in Rox. 5821.19 

Aubertin, J. J. A flight to Mexico. With 

illus. Rox. 7365-" 

Auerbach, Berthold. Spinoza. A novel. From 

the German, by E. Nicholson. Lpz. 1726.12 

J.P. 822.22; Rox. 2318.32 ; S. B. 140.80 

— Same. [Leisure hour ser.] 1726.13 

Dor. 415.27; Rox. 2423.19; S.B. 238.44 

" The book which tells, with a due admixture of fact and 
fiction, the story of Spinoza's early life was the first by 
which Auerbach established his fame. The ablest part of 
the book, and that which makes it decidedly worth reading, 
is the picture it furnishes of Jewish manners and of the in- 
tellectual condition of Holland at that period. The char- 
acter of Spinoza, too— the manner in which his doubts 
arose, his philosophy was formulated — is well sketched. — 

Ayres, Alfred, fseud. See Osmun, Thomas E. 

Azeglio, (G. M. G. R.) Massimo (T.), mar- 
chese d'. Florence betrayed ; or, the last days of 
the republic. Tr. from the Italian. Rox. 7412" 

Baby Rue. [No name sen] Brl. ii.i5» 

Bacon, Henry. A Parisian year. Illus. 

1668.16; Dor. 42724; Box. 7365" 

Bagenal, Philip H. D- The American Irish 
and their influence on Irish politics. 210.14 

S.B. 156.25 

Bailey, W. Whitman. The botanical collec- 
tor's handbook. Ro'^- 1724-" 

Bain, Alexander. James Mill. A biography. 
Portr. , 1537.8; Box. 5335-5 

— John Stuart Mill. A criticism. Box. 5335-6 

Baker, George M., ej. The reading club and 

handy speaker: for readings and recitations. 

No. 79. s. B. 48-ai 

— Sam'. No. 10. Dor. 108.30 

Ballantine, William. Some experiences of a 

barrister's life. 533- 18; Dor. 275.2 

Rox. 7326.16; S. B. 67.33 

Ballard, Julia P. The estate, and other 

stories. 1462.28; Bri. 33.132 

Dor. 258.18; E. B. 249-89; 4- I*. 336.11 

Rox. 1114.13; S. B. 135.56 

Ballou, Maturin M., comp. Notable thoughta 

about women. E. B. 152.26 

Bancroft, George. History of the formation 

of the constitution of the United States, i v. 

301.1 ; Kox. 5024.14 
Barber, John W., and Howe, Henry. His- 
torical collections of the state of New York. 
Illus. Kox. 5233.3 

Barbou, Alfred. Victor Hugo and his lime. 
Illus. with 120 drawings by E. Bayard, etc., and 
drawings by Victor Hugo. Tr. 533.«7 

J. P. 1221.3 ; Rox. 7342.7 
Barbour, George M. Florida for tourists, in- 
valids, and settlers. Illus. S. B. 336.33 
Baring-Gould, Sabine. The vicar of Morwcn- 
stow. A life of R. S. Hawker. Portr. 560.2 
Barker, Fred C, and Danforth, John S. 
Hunting and trapping on the Upper Magalloway 
river and Parmachenee lake. Illus. i73->3 

Dor. 128.13 
Barrett, William A. English church com- 
posers. [Great musicians.] 1548-33 
Barrili, Anton G. The eleventh command- 
ment. A romance. From the Italian by Clarm 
Bell. ' M6*» 
A story of Italian life of the present day. 

Barritt, Leon, ed. All the world over, by rail, 
sail, saddle, paddle, and on foot. By famout 
American authors Illus. 5*-5* 

Batty, Joseph H. How to hunt and trap. 
With chapters upon outfits, guns, etc. 1 175-34 

— Practical taxidermy. Illus. S. B. 3>9-*s 

Baylies, Francis. An historical memoir of 
New Plymouth [to] 169^. a v. Rox. 5223.11 

Beale, Lionel S. On slight ailments. 

Dor. 390.1) 

Beard, George M. A practical trcatis* on 
sea-sickness. Rox« 6015.11 

Bede, Cuthbert, p%eud. Se* Bradley, fcdward. 

Beecher, Catharine E. The true remedy for 
the wrongs of woman. Box. 70"5 »7 

Truth stranger than fiction. Kox. 7015.16 

Berton, Pierre. Les iurons dc CadilUc. 
Comedie. «o- 3 >n Kox. 573a- «« 

Bible. The Holv Bible according to the au- 
thorized version (i<jii), with commentary (elc). 
Ed. by F. C Cook. 6 v. ,*f V •^^i 

Bird, Frederick S. The land of dykes and 
windmills; or. life in Holland. 66o.t3 

Black. William. Mr. Piikistratu* Brown, MP., 

in the Highlands. The four Mac NicoU The 

pupil of Aurclius. 1416.23 ; llor. 4«9.t 

J. P. 822.29 ; Rox. 2318.33 ; H. B. 288.46 

Blackmore, Richard n. Chriotowcll. A Dart- 
moor tale. „ *^':f"*'J*"H*^S 
J. P. 822.20; Rox. 13«8.3« ; J*« »• 284-56 

Bohn, Hcnrv G.. rd. A dictionary ol quota- 
tions from the English poet*. Rox. R- K-. «• 1«» 

Boston athcnKum. CaUlogueof [lU] library. 
1807-1871. 5v. B»». 6130.7 




Bradley, Edward. (^Cuthhert Bede.') Hu- 
mour, wit, and satire. With illus. i8g9-5 

Brittan, Harriet G. A woman's talks about 
India. Illus. 1696.9; J.P. 1417.15 

Bronson, Henry. The history of Waterburj, 
Conn. Illus. _ Rox. 5233-5 

Brown, Almedia M. Dtarj of a minister's 
wife. [Fiction.] Portr. Illus. 1726.17 

Brown, Francis H. The medical register for 
New England. Rox. 6037.5 

Buckland, Frank. Notes and jottings from 
animal life. With illus. 173-25 

The selections and arranjfement for publication were made 
by the author just before his death. 

Bulfinch, Thomas. The. age of fable; or, 
beauties of mythology. Enl. edition, ed. by E. 
E. Hale Illus. Rox. 5213.2 

Bulkley, Lucius D. The skin in health and 
disease. Illus. [Amer. health primers.] 1174.43 

Burke, Sir (J.) Bernard. Reminiscences an- 
cestral, anecdotal and historic. A remodelled and 
rev. ed. of " The rise of great families and other 
essays." Rox. 5335-7 

Burke, Peter. The romance of the forum, or, 
anecdotes from courts of justice. Rox. 7015. 11 

Burroughs, John, and others. Essays from 
"The critic." 1897.20; Ro.v. 5827.19 

Contents. — Thorcau's wildness, by J. Burroughs; Wil- 
liam Blake, by E. C. Stedman; Death of Carlyle, by W. 
Whitman; Death of Lons; fellow, by W. Whitman; George 
Eliot and the novel, bv Ed. Eegleston ; Frances Hodgson 
Burnett, by K. H. Stoddard; Thoreau's unpublished poetry, 
by F. B. Sanborn; Emerson and the superlative, by J. 
Burroughs; A company of spring poets, by Edith M. 
Thomas; Nature in literature, by J. Burroughs; Austin 
Dobson, by E. W. Gosse; Alphonse Daudet, by P. M. Pot- 
ter; Boston culture, by ]. H. Morse; The late Sidney Lanier, 
by E. C. Stedman; English society and Endymion, by 
Julia Ward Howe; Historical criticism of Christ, by H. W. 
Bellows; Whitman's Leaves of grass. 

Caine, T. Hall, ed. Sonnets of three centuries. 

Rox. 5624.8 

Caird, John. Sermons. Rox. 7386.25 

Gallery, J. M., and Yvan, Melchior. History 

of the insurrection in China. Tr. from the 

French. With map. Rox. 5524.14 

Carleton, William. Fardorougha, the miser. 


— Valentine M'Clutchy, the Irish agent. 
Portr. Dor. 466.3 

Qastlemon, \{&rTy, pseud. See Fosdick, Charles 

Catherwood, Mary H. Craque-o'-Doom. A 
story. Illus. Rox. 2424.4 

— Rocky Fork. [Juvenile.] Illus. 1726.20 

Dor. 257.1; Rox. 1136.20 

Caverley, Robert B. History of the Indian 

wars of New England, with [Life of] Eliot the 

apostle. Illus. Rox. 5015.9 

Chautauqua library of English history and 

literature. 3 V. 391.8; Bri. 86.71 ; Dor. 39*4.5 

E. B. 354-13 ; J* P» 1036-3 ; Rox- 1932-15 

S. B. 56.12 

Contents. — i. From the earliest times to the Norman 
period. — 2. The early Plantagcnets. — 3. Wars of the roses. 

Chellis, Mary D. All for money. 1462.19 

Bri. 33.120; Dor. 258.10; E. B. 249.87 

J. P. 227.15; Rox. 1134.23; S. B. 136.52 

— Bread and beer. 1462.14; Bri. 33.114 

Dor. 258.9; E. B. 249.86; J. 1*. 227.14 
Rox. 1134.24; S. B. 136.51 

— The brewer's fortune. 1462.15 

Bri. 23.140; Dor. 258.7; E. B. 19.106 
J. F. 227.12; Rox. 1134.21; 8. B. 136.49 

Chellis, Mary D., continued. 

— The brewery at Taylorville. 1417.13 
Bri. 23.139; l)or. 258.6; E. B. 19.107 

J. P. 227.11; Rox. -1 134.20; S. B. 136.48 

— From father to son. 1462.21 ; Bri. 23.141 
Dor. 258.8; E. B. 19.108; J. P. 227.13 

Rox. 1134.22; S. B. 136.50 

Chequered career. A; or, fifteen years in 
Australia and New Zealand. Rox. 7364.23 

Chess player's chronicle, The. Vol. i, 2. 
Illus. Dor. 191.32 

Chester, Henrietta M. Russia, past and pres- 
ent. Adapted from the German of Lankenau and 
Oel[s]nitz. With map and illus. Rox. 5715.13 

Church, Ella R. Money-making for ladies. 

Dor. 398.16 

Cist, Henry M. The army of the Cumberland. 

[Campaigns of the Civil war.] 220.8 

Dor. 384.28; Rox. 5036.17; S. B. 158.41 

Clark, Hugh. An introduction to heraldry. 
With illus. i8th ed. Rox. 7316.5 

Clarke, Asia B. The elder and the younger 
Booth. [American actor ser.] E. B. 152.27 

S. B. 169.31 

Clarke, James F. Events and epochs in relig- 
ious history. Illus. Bri. 136.101 

Contents. — The catacombs ; Buddhist monks of Central 
Asia; Christian monks and monastic life; Augustine, 
Anselm, Bernard, and their times; Jeanne D'Arc; Savon- 
arola and the renaissance; Luther and the reformation; 
Loyola and the Jesuits; Mystics in all religions; George 
Fox and the Quakers; The Huguenots; John Wesley and 
his times. 

Clemens, Samuel L. {Mark Trvain.^ The 
prince and the pauper. A tale. With illus. 

Rox. 1 1 13.8 

— The stolen white elephant, etc. 
J. P. 336.14; Rox. 2424.9; S. B. 219.39 

Contains eighteen papers, some of which have been 
published previously. 

Clement, Clara E. Charlotte Cushman. Portrs. 

[American actor ser.] 550.12; Dor. 376.23 

J, P. 1115.11; S. B. 169.30 

Collins, Mortimer. The princess Clarice. A 
story of 1S71. 2 V. 1462.7 

Collins, William L. La Fontaine and other 
French fabulists. [Foreign classics for English 
readers.] 1548.32; Rox. 1037.20 

Comfort, Richard. Nero : a tragedy. 

Rox. 1638.5 

Cooke, Carrie A. To-days and yesterdays. 
[Fiction.] 1711.25; Dor. 466.16 

Cooley, Le Roy C. Easy experiments in 
physical science. Illus. Bri. 122.115 

Courvoisier, Carl. The technics of violin play- 
ing. Ed. and tr. by H. E. Krehbiel. 1203.18 

Cowley, Charles. A history of Lowell. Illus. 

Rox. 5226.5 

Cox, Jacob D. Atlanta. [Campaigns of the 
Civil war.] 220.9; J« P« 925.20; Rox. 5036.18 

S. B. 158.42 

Cox, Samuel S. Arctic sunbeams : or from 

Broadway to the Bosphorus by way of the North 

cape. Illus. 1705.12; Dor. 424.2; E. B. 98.25 

J. P. 1434-13; Itox. 7365-8; S. B. 368.14 

— Orient sunbeams ; or, from the Porte to the 
Pyramids, by way of Palestine. Illus. 1705.13 

Dor. 424.4; E. B. 98.26 

Craik, Dinah (M.). His little mother, and 

" other tales and sketches. 34-99; Dor. 319.31 

J. P. 822.21 ; Rox. 2318.30; S. B. 140.6 

— Plain-speaking. Dor. 286. 11 ; J. P. 1614.6 
Rox. 1935-16; S. B. 143-47 




Craik, Georgiana M. Sydney. A novel. 

J. P. 431-17 

Creme, La, de la cr^me. A collection of music 
for advanced players. Vol. i. Nos. i-io. 

Kox. 1630.18 

Gumming, Constance F. G. At home in 
Fiji- Illus. J. p. 1433.18 

Cusack, Mary F. {religious name Mary Frances 
Clare). The case of Ireland stated. 980.39 

Daggett, John. Sketch of the history of Attle- 
borough. Rox. 5223.8 

Dahlgren, Madeleine V. South-mountain 
magic. A narrative. 1818.28 ; Rox. 7417.8 

The daily life and superstitions of a colony, mostly of Ger- 
man descent, living near tliis battle-field. 

Dana, Alexander H. Enigmas of life, death, 
and the future state. Dor. 396.8 

Dannenberg, Georg. {Golo Rainmnd.) From 

hand to hand. A novel. From the German, by 

Mrs. A. L. Wister. 51-57; Dor. 466.4 

J. P. 624.28; Rox. 2422.13; S. B. 216.54 

D'Anvers, N. An elementary history of art. 


Darby, John, pseud. See Garretson, James E. 

Darwin, Charles R. The formation of vegeta- 
ble mo^ld, through the action of worms. With 
illus. Dor. 356.42 

Davidson, Samuel. Introduction to the study 
of the New Testament. 2 v. Rox. 6330.2 

Dayton, Abram C. Last days of Knicker- 
bocker life in New York. 236.12 ; Bri. 104.93 

De Amicis, Edmondo. Morocco : its people 
and places. Tr. by C. RoUin-Tilton. Illus. 

, Dor. 424- 1 ; J. P. 1434- 1 1 

Deane, Margery, fseud. See Pitman, Marie J. 

De Kay, James E. Sketches of Turkey in 1831 
and 1832. By an American. 1833. Dor. 121. 21 

Delaumosne, — , abbd. The art of oratory, 
system of Delsarte, from the French, by Frances 
A. Shaw. 1393-25 

Denison, Mary A. Grandmother Normandy. 
[Fiction.] [V. I. F. series.] 1721.22 

Desmond hundred. The. [Round-robin ser.] 

1451.13; Dor. 467.1 ; J. P. 526.10 

Rox. 2414.23 ; S. B. 24oa.55 

Dickens, Charles, jr. Dictionary of days ; an 
every-day record of 1880. S. B. 176.13 

Dodge, Mary A. {Gail Hamilton.) Wool- 
gathering. Rox. 7015.20 

Dodge, Richard I. Our wild Indians. 

Dor. 456.2 ; Rox. 5033.13 

Donnelly, Ignatius. Atlantis : the antedi- 
luvian world. Illus. 1956.8 

The author attempts to show in the light of archxological 
and geological research that the island of Atlantis, described 
by Plato, really existed and was the home of a nation to 
which all civilizations may be traced. 

Doran, John W. Memories of our great towns. 

With illus. Rox. 5437-8 

Dorothea. [Round-robin sen] 1472-14 

Bri. 43.102; E. B. 299.88; J. P. 526.8 

Rox. 2414.22; S. B. 2403.54 

Dorothy: a country story in elegiac verse. 

kB. 259.5 
Attributed to Arthur J. Munby. 

Douglass, Frederick. Life and times written 
by himself. Portrs. Illus. Rox. 5026.16 

Drake, Samuel A. The heart of the White 
mountains. With illus. Bri. 68.65 

Dreyfus, Abraham. Le Klephte. Com^die. 

Rox. 5733-" 

Dudevant, Amantine L. A. I). {G.or^ 
Sand.) Teverino : a romance. Tr. Rox. 7417.3 
Dumas, Alexander (D.). La tulipe noire. 

R«X* 73S3-*< 

Du Moncel, Theodore A. L., com ft, and 
Preece, William H. Incandescent electric lights, 
with particular reference to the Edison lamp* at 
the Paris exhibition. Illus. 1141.SO 

Duncan, Thomas C. How to be plump. 

IKtr. 398.19 

Dutt.Toru. Ancient ballads and lcjiendt.c»i Hin- 
dustan. E.W.GosRc. Rox.s6i8.ig 

Dyer, Sidney. Black diamonds; or, the curi> 
osities of coal. Illus. II7S*9 

Eaton, Li 1 ley. Genealogical historv of Read- 
ing, Mass. 1639-1874. Illus. ftox. saai.fl 

Ebers, George (M.) The burgomaster's wife. 
A romance. From the German by Marv J. Saf- 
ford. Dor. 466.2 ; J. 1*. 517.30 

The scene is laid in the Xcthcrland> in 1574. 

— Der Kaiser. Roman. 2 v. aoia.aa 
Egger, Emile. Notions ^l^mentairesde grmm- 

maire compar^e pour servir k I'^tudc des trois 

langues classiques. Be ^d. Rox. 6115.13 

Elliot, Frances. The diary of an idle woman 

in Sicily. 1668.14; Dor. 28.35; J« !*• 822.23 

Rox. 228.5; ?*• B. 340.23 

— Pictures of old Rome. 1647.10; lk»r. 28.36 

J. P. 822.26; Rox. 228.6; S. B. 34024 

Ellis, George E. The red man and the white 

man in North America. Rox. 5033.14 

Elton, Charles. Origins of English history. 

English girl's account. An, of a Moravian set- 
tlement in the Black Forest. 
Ewald, Alexander C. Stories from the state 
papers. Fac-simile. 980.41 ; Box. 73'^*4 

Faiths, The, of the world : St. Giles* lectures. 

Rox. 73*4-** 

Conlenls. — Religions of India, bv J. Caird ; Of CWaa^b* 
G. Mathcson; Of Persia, bv J. .Milne; Of ■ncicirt Enrpi, 
by J. Dodds; Of ancient Greece, by W. Milllpiii Of ••• 
cient Rome, bv J. Maiurcgor; Teutonic and Scsqd WXto 
religion, by 0. S. Hums; Ancient rrliglnaj ofOsagW 
America, by J. .M. Lang; Judaikm. by M. C. TsT»a»; M». 
hommcdanism. bv J. C. Lee» ; Chri»ti«nity in relMioa U» a«ks« 
religions, by R.>*linL 

Falke, Jakob von. Greece and Rome. Tr. 
Illus. S. B. 37»-« 

Fenn, George M. Off to the wilds : the 
adventuresof two brothers [in Southern Africa]. 

Illus. .»*'7.»» 

Fitzgerald, Percy. Recreations of a literary 
man ; or, does writing pay ? a v. Rox. HJfi-A 

Fleming. May A. A changed heart. A 
novel. Bri.a4.96;J.V.6M.t7 

Forrester, Mrs. — . My lord and my lady. 

[Fiction. ] 1474- '9 ; !>•«'• 3«»-3» ; J* !*• 8»«.«5 

Rox. a3i7-3o: S. B. a«4 $9 

Fosdick. Charles A. ( tUrry CatfUmom Ihe 
buried treasure. E* ,»• *9-'»5 

— George at the fort. [Roughmx it »crics.] 

147a.11 ; Dor. ass.aS; J. P. 135.31 

Rox. 1136.14; H.B. 118.37 

Footer, Afrs. I. H. (Faye Nmmlimgtom. i Mr. 

Mackenzie'* answer. 146a "3 ; Bn. 33J«6 

Dor. 158 «6 ; E. B. 269 90 ; J. P. 33* «» 

Rox. 1114-14: ^<• B. 13MA 

— Riplev parsonage. A sequel to 'Mr. Mac- 
kenzie's an^w.r.- „ I46a.i6: Bri.33.«|7 

ll9r. 258.17; E. B. 269 9« . J- n- "! '^ 
Rox. U1415; H. B. 13M7 


ImO'wer hall and branches 


Fothergill, Jessie. Kith and kin. A novel. 
[Leisure hour sen] Bri. 33.113 

Fox, Caroline. Memories of old friends. 
Being extracts from journals and letters, from 
1835 to 1871. J. P. 1236.14; S. B. 68.43 

Fox, Emily. {Toler King.) Off the rocks. 
A novel. 1417.18 

Freeman, Edward A. The reign of William 
Rufus and the accession of Henry the first. 2 v. 
Maps. ROX. 7332.11 

Friswell, James Hain. About in the world. 
Essays. [Gentle life ser.] 120.14 

Froude, James A. Thomas Carlyle. History 

of the first forty years of his life. 1795-1835. 

Scribner. 2 v. 533.16; E. B. 214.16 

Box. 7326.15; S. B. 66.21 

— Same. 2 v. in i. Scribner. Dor. 275.1 

— Same. 2 v. in i. Harper. Bri. 64.37 
Fryer, Alfred C. Harold and the months. A 

fairy tale. lUus. 51.51 

Fuller, Albert W. Artistic homes in city and 
country. lUus. 200.13 

Fuller, Oliver P. The history of Warwick, 
R. I. Illus. Box. 5226.6 

Gardner, Dorsey. Quatre Bras, Ligny and 
Waterloo. Rox. 7332.10 

Garretson, James E. {John Darby.) Brush- 
land. i8i8.2g 

Sketches of life in the New Jersey barrens. 

Garrig^es, Adele M. Summer boarders. [Fic- 
tion.] 1726.18 

Gavazzi, Alessandro. Lectures delivered in 
New York. Rox. 5524.12 

Geddie, John. Beyond the Himalayas. Story 
of travel and adventure in the wilds of Thibet. 
Illus. i6g6.8 

Gems of the dance : a collection of waltzes 
[etc.] for the piano-forte. Rox. 1630.19 

Gerard, E. D., fseud. Beggar my neighbor. 
A novel. S. B. 232.82 

Gibbon, Charles. A heart's problem. A novel. 

Dor. 324- 52 

Gibeme, Agnes. Sweetbriar; or, doings in 
Priorsthorpe Magna. 1475.13; Dor. 466.7 

— The world's foundations, or geology for 
beginners. With illus. 140.14; Dor. 396.17 

Gibson, W. Hamilton. Pastoral days ; or, memo- 
ries of a New England 3'ear. Illus. Bri. 1 17.154 

Gilbert, William S., and Sullivan, Arthur. 
Patience. An aesthetic opera. J. P. 2311.5 

Gilder, William. Schwatka's search. Sledging 
in the Arctic in search of the Franklin records. 
With illus. Dor. 456.1 

Girls and their ways. By one who knows 
them. Dor. 398.15 

Goadby, Edwin. The England of Shakespeare. 

S. B. 340.29 

Godin.JeanB. A. The association of capital 
with labor. Being the laws and regulations regu- 
lating the Social palace, at Guise. Rox. 5821.19 

Goethe, Johann W. von. Faust. Tr. by Bay- 
ard Taylor. Bri. "^147.78 

Goodwin, J. H. Improved book-keeping and 
business manual. J. P. 2422.6 

Gordon, George H. War diary of events in the 

war of the great rebellion. 1863-^5. Illus. Maps. 

275.14; Dor. 385.16; J. P. 914.3; Rox. 5015.8 

Graham, Andrew J. The handbook of stand- 
ard or American phonography. Dor. 396.19 

Grant, James. Jane Seton. Illus. A Scottish 
historical romance. Rox. 7417.4 

— The Lord hermitage. A novel. 1804.20 

Granville, Joseph M. The secret of a good 
memory. Dor. 398.14 

Gray, Asa. School and field book of botany. 
Illus. S. B. 327.15 

Green, Anna K. The sword of Damocles. A 
story. S. B. 215.45 

Green, John R. History of the English people. 
With maps. 4 v. Dor. 385.17 

— The making of England. [449-829.] 

S. B. 72.10 
Greener, William W. Choke-bore guns, and 
how to load for all sorts of game. \Also, Ex- 
tracts from "Modern breech-loaders."] 173.22 
Gregorovius, Ferdinand. Athenais. Ge- 
schichte einer byzantinischen Kaiserin. [.4/50, 
Cyprianus und Justina. Dichtung der Kaiserin 
Eudokia, etc.] Rox. 5732.11 

— Korfu : eine jonische Idylle. Rox. 5633.21 
Grey, Henry, ed. The classics for the million. 

Dor. 286.10 

Greyson, R. E. W., pseud. >S«(? Rogers, Henry. 

Guest, M[ontague.'] J. Lectures on the his- 
tory of England. With maps. Dor. 266.14 

Guhl, Ernst, and Koner, Wilhelm. The life 
of the Greeks and Romans described from antique 
monuments. Tr. With illus. E. B. 331. i 

Guide to selecting plays : a complete descrip- 
tion of 1500 pieces. 1364.6 

Gunnison, John W. The Mormons, or Latter- 
day saints. Rox. 7015.8 

Gurteen, S. Humphreys. A handbook of 
charity organization. J. P. 1912.7 

Guthrie, Frederick. The first book of knowl- 
edge. S. B. 320.18 

Habberton, John. Mrs. Mayburn's twins. 
32.92; Bri. 12.119; £<B. 492.1 

Identical with Just one day [33.42]. 

Hall, Anna M. Midsummer eve; a fairy tale 
of love. 50.21 

— The Whiteboy ; a story of Ireland. 50.22 
Hallam, Henry. View of the state of Europe 

during the middle ages. Bri, 76.77 

Hamerton, Philip G. The graphic arts. 206.29 

E. B. 385.30 ; Rox. 6214.20 ; S. B. 329.21 

This lacks the illustrations of the English ed. [60703.55]. 

Hamilton, Gail, pseud. See Dodge, Mary A. 

Hardy, Thomas. A Laodicean. A tale of 

to-day. 51.60; Dor. 469.3; J. P. 823.2 

Box. 2316.19; S.B. 286.67 

Harland, John, and 'Wilkinson, T. T. Lan- 
cashire legends. 1818.27 

Harland, Marion, pseud. See Terhune, Mary 

Harrington, Adelaide L. The afterglow of 
European travel. Illus. 1665.22 ; Dor. 424.3 

Harris, W^illiam W. The battle of Groton 
heights: narratives, etc., of the storming of 
Fort Griswold, and the burning of New Lon- 
don, 6th of Sept., 1781. Rox. 5035.11 

Harte, Francis (Bret). Gabriel Conroy. 61.16 

— The luck of Roaring camp and other stories. 
Including earlier papers, Spanish and American 
legends, Tales of the Argonauts, etc. 1474.17 

— Tales of the Argonauts, and Eastern 
sketches. 5i'5* 

Hartner, E. Severa. A novel. From the 
German, by Mrs. A. L. Wister. Bri. 36.134 

Hartshorn, Nancy, pseud. Nancy Hartshorn 
at Chautauqua. Illus. 41.17; £. B. 299.89 

Hawkins, William G. Life of John H. W. 
Hawkins. Rox. 5037.8 




Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Hawthorne. [Ex- 
tracts from his works.] Portr. Illus. [Ameri- 
can classics for schools.] igo6.i ; Rox. 1036.7 

Hay, Mary C. Dorothy's venture. A novel. 
Bri. 38.207; Dor. 32453; J. P. 631.73 

Hector, Annie F. {Mrs. Alexander.) The 
Freres. A novel. [Leisure hour ser] Bri. 33.112 

Heimburg, W. Lottie of the mill. From the 
German, by Katharine S. Dickey. 1462.3 

Henderson, Peter. Handbook of plants. 

J. 1'. 2422.7 

— Practical floriculture. Illus. J. P. 2435.21 
Henry, Sarepta M. I. The pledge and the 

cross. [Fiction.] Bri. 33.125 ; Dor. 258.15 

E. B. 249.88; J. r. 336.19 ; Rox. 1114.25 

S. B. 136.67 

— The voice of the home. [Fiction.] 1462.26 

Bri. 33124; D«»r. 258.13; E. B. 19.114 
J. 1*. 336.18; Rox. 1114.26; S. B. 136.68 
Henson, Josiah. Story of his own life. 

Rox. 7015.19 

Her picture. [No name ser.] 1474.16 

Heraclitus, 0/ Ephesus. Reliquiae. Recens. 

I. By water. Rox. 6110.6 

Hervey, Alpheus B. Sea mosses. 20 plates. 

S. B. 315-37 
Hill, George C. Benedict Arnold. A biogra- 
phy. Illus. Rox. 5026.13 
Hoffmann, Francois B. Le roman d'une 
heure, comedie. Rox. 7421.2 
Holiday time at Forest house. [Juvenile.] 
Illus. by T. Pym. 54.33 
Holmes, Mary J. The Cameron pride ; or, 
purified by suffering. A novel. J. I*. 413.19 

— Madeline. A novel. Bri. 44.100 
Hoist, Hermann von. John C. Calhoun. 

[American statesmen.] 1533.3; Rox. 5026.18 

Holt, Emily S. Joyce Morrell's harvest. A 
story of the reign of Elizabeth. E. B. 329.90 

Holt, Mrs. M. A. John Bentley's mistake. 

1462.23; Bri. 22.166; Dor. 259.39 

E. B. 19.116; J. P. 338.8; Rox. 1 138. 12 

S. B. 135-52 

Holyoake, George J. The logic of co-operation. 

Rox. 5821.19 

Home circle, The : a collection of piano-forte 

music. Vol. 2. Rox. 1630.21 

Hood, Thomas. Memorials. Collected, by his 

daughter. Illus. 2 v. Rox. 7326.14 

Hopkins, Mark. An outline study of man. 

With diagrams. S. B. 324-" 

Horn, Georg. Count Silvius. A romance. 

From the German, bv M. J. Safford. i474-i8 

S. B. 216.50 

Hotspur, pseud. Twenty questions. A short 

treatise on the game. 183.26; Rox. 1737.21 

Hotze, C. L. First lessons in physics. Illus. 

Bri. 126.140 

Houstoun, Mrs. M. " Recommended to 

mercy." [A/ion.] Lpz. 750.16 

— Same. N. Y. 480.26 

— Zoe's brand. 750-" 
Howden, Peter. Horse warranty. A guitie to 

the various points to be noted. Rox. X7*7-5 

Hudson, Charles. History of Lexington, 

Mass., to 1868. Illus. Rox. 5421.8 

Hudson, I lenry N. Text-book of prose ; from 

Burke, Webster, and Bacon, with notes and 

sketches of the author's lives. 1396.14 

Hughes, Thomas. Lecture on co-operation, at 

Manchester [Eng], April 22, 1878. Rox. 5821.19 

— Rugby, Tenn. S. B. 158-50 

Hughes. Mrs. Thomas F. Among the son* of 
Han. Notes of a six years' residence in various 
parts of China and Formosa. 1694-21 

Hunter, Henrv. Sacred biography; or the 
history o( Jesus Christ. 1803. l»or. 371 10 

Hunter, William W. The Indian empire. 
Folded map. Rox. 5910.1 1 

Huntington, Faye, pseid. See Foster, Airt. 

Huntington, Frederic D. Good talking a fine 
""■^V . IKr. 398.17 

Huntington, Jedediah V. Alban. A ule of 
the New world. Rox. 7417-4 

Huxley, Thomas H. Science and culture, and 
other essays. Dor. 395-9! Rox. 1935.14 

Ingersoll, Ernest. Birds'-neMing : a handbook 
of instruction in gathering and preserving ne»ls 
and eggs. Illus. \Utr. 396.1a 

Innsly, Ov/en, pseud. 5<-* Jcnnlson, Lucv W. 

Ireland, Joseph N. Mrs. Duff. With illus. 
[American actor ser.] SSO.tS 

Island empire. The ; or, scenes of the firkt 
exile of Napoleon i. By the author of "Blond- 
elle. " Rox, 55a4-«7 

Jackson, Catherine C, lady. The French 
court and society. Reign of Louis xvi and the 
first empire. Portrs. 2 v. Uox. 7342.t 

— The old regime. 1000. ti 

James, George P. R. Rose d'Albrct. A 
romance. 1804.11 

James, Henrv. Substance and shadow: or 
morality and religion in their relation to life : an 
essay upon the phvsicsof creation. 1113.S 

Jebb, Richard C Bcntley. [English men of 

letters.] 1544.51; Dor. 176.31; J. P. 1236.14 

Rox. 1023.24 ; S. B. 68.35 

Jenkins, Edward. A paladin of finance. 1451.14 
Dor. 467-2; Rox. 2424.7; 8. B. 229.46 

A story s.ii(l to be baMrd uftoa the recent failure of Um 
Union g^n^rale in Frunce. 

Jenkins, John S. James Knox Polk, and a 
history of his administration. Rox. 3037.7 

Jennison, Lucy W. {Otvtm Jmmsly.) Love 
poems and sonnets. >3S<-*( 

Jerrold, Douglas (W.) The storr of a feather. 


Jervis, William H. The student's France. A 
hi>tory to 1852. [Amoh.] Illus. Bri. 74.7! 

Jewett, Charles. A forty years* fight with the 

drink demon. Portrs. Illus. "MiS 

Bri. 115.111; Dor. 39S-io; E. R. 158-44 

J. P. 1614.7: Box. 

John, Eugenie. {E. Marlitt.) Im Schiilings- 
hof. Roman. *03i.9 

Johnson, Franklin. True womanhood. 

H. B. 39.SO 

Johnson, Helen K: Our familiar sonR* and 
those who made them. Box. S>>o.t 

Johnson, Virginia W. .\n Kni;li.h "I)*!*? 

Miller." I4«7«4; BH. 34 «3»; K. B. «99-«o 

Rox. 2424-5 ; >*. B. 170.70 

Johnston, George. History of Cetil county, 
Md. Box. 5»«3«J 

Johnston, William and Alexander K., /•*/. 
The unrivalled cla»slcal atlas. S. B. 372.1 

Jones, Llovd. Co-opcralion. Box. 

Joyce. Robert D. Blanld. [Poem.) 

Box. i6t7.M 

Judd, John W. Volcanoes. With illus. 
[Internfit. scientific ser.] H. B. 

Kellogr, Lavinia S. How to paint in water 
colors. 1104.15; B«X. i7«7-<9 




Kemble, Frances A. Journal of a residence on 

a Georgian plantation, 1838-39. Rox. 7015.13 

Kemble, Marion. Introductory lessons in 

drawing and painting. Rox. 1712.11 

Kennedy, William S. Henry W. Longfellow : 

biography, anecdote, letters, criticism. Portr. 

and illus. 533-20 

Kenney, Minnie E. Gypsie. [Fiction.] 

1417.17; Rox. 2424.6 
Kimball, Harriet McE. Hymns. Dor. 1 14.7 
^^Swallow-flights. [Poems.] Dor. 19.32 

King, Moses, and Ivy, Thomas P. Harvard 
and its surroundings. Illus. 229.20 

Kingsley, Charles. Madame How and Lady 
Why; or, first lessons in earth lore for chil- 
dren. Illus. S. B. 329.23 
Kirton, John W. Frank Spencer's rule of life. 
1462.25; Bri. 22.165; Dor. 259.38 
E. B. 19.115; J. P. 338.7; Rox. 1138.11 
S. B. 135-55 
Kitchin, George W. A history of France. 
Vol. 2. 3, 1453-1793. Dor. 264.8 
Kitto, John. The history of Palestine. Illus. 

Rox. 7015.9 
Kleinistuber, Hermann. Das Geheimniss der 
SchatuUe. Roman. Dor. 287.16 

Klinisch, Carl. Initials and ornamental let- 
ters. Plates. Rox. *623o.i6 
Knighton, William. The private life of an 
eastern king [Nussir-ud-DeenJ. \^Anon.'] 

Rox. 5524-16 
Knowlton, Helen M. Hints for pupils in 
drawing and painting. With illus. Dor. 398.21 
Knox, Nelly L. Elementary lessons in Eng- 
lish. Pt. 1. How to speak and write correctly. 

S. B. 45.4 

Knox, Thomas W. The young Nimrods 

around the world. A book for boys. Illus. 

1460.27; Bri. 68.66; Dor. 256.8; E. B. 495.4 

J. P. 1432.3 ; Rox. 432.17 ; S. B. 132.5 

Kuehnoel, Christian G- Commentarivs in 

libros Novi Testamenti historicos. Ed. tertia. 

4 V. Rox. 6120.2 

Labiche, Eugene M., and Delacour, Alfred C. 

Lartigue, called. Permettez madame ! Comedie. 

Rox. 5732. 12 

Ladd, George T. The principles of church 

polity. Dor. 394.6 

Lansdell, Henry. Through Siberia. With 

illus. and maps. 2 v. Dor. 426.20 

Lathrop, George P. An echo of passion. 

51-53; Bri. 36-135; Dor. 466.1 

J. P. 613.27; Rox. 2422.12; S.B. 249.57 

— In the distance. E. B. 299.86 

Lawrence, Philip. The Lawrence speaker. 

Rox. 1935-15 

Lecky, William E. H. History of England in 
the eighteenth century. Vol. 3, 4. 

E. B. 186.18; Rox. 7314.6 

Leeds, Josiah W. A history of the United 
States. 277.5 

Leland, Charles G. The gypsies. Rox. 7316.3 

Leopardi, Giacomo, conte. Essays and dia- 
logues. Tr. byC. Edwardes. With biog. sketch. 

Rox. 1932.14 

Le Row, Caroline B. A fortunate failure^ 
[Fiction.] 1726.14 ; Dor. 466.12 

Rox. 2422.10 

Lever, Charles J. The adventures of Arthur 
O'Leary. 41.42 

Leypoldt, Frederick, comp. A reading diary 
of modern fiction. 1406.16 

Like a gentleman. [Fiction.] Bri. 35.131 

Lillie, Lucy C. Prudence : a story of aesthetic 

London. Illus. 1726.15; Dor. 415.28 

J. P. 527.29; Rox. 2423.20; S. B. 270.69 

Lincoln, William. History of Worcester, 

Mass., to Sept., 1836. Rox. 5223.9 

Lodge, Henry C. Alexander Hamilton. 

[American statesmen.] 1533-2; Dor. 276.3 

Rox. 5026.17 

— Life and letters of G. Cabot. Rox. 1031.3 
Long, James. Farming in a small way. 

Rox. 1512.19 
Longfellow, Henry W. Hyperion. A ro- 
mance. Rox. 5218.9 

— Outre-mer. Rox. 5218.10 

— Poetical works. [Household ed.J 1351.12 
Longstreet, Abby B. Social etiquette of New 

York. {Anon.'] Enl. ed. 1137.16; Bri. 112. 116 

Lothrop, Harriet M. {Margaret Sidney ) The 
Pettibone name. A New England story. 

1417.11 ; Dor. 466.9; Rox. 2425.1 

Lubbock, _5«V John. Sixty years of science. 

Por. 397-6 

Luys, Jules. The brain and its functions. 
[Internat. scientific ser.] 1144.20; Dor. 396.9 

McAdam, G. An alphabet in finance. [Put- 
.nam's Popular manuals.] E. B. 159.35 

McCarthy, Justin. The epoch of reform. 1830- 
50. [Epochs of modern history.] Rox. 5428.30 

Macchetta, Blanche Roosevelt (Tucker). The 
home life of Henry W. Longfellow. Remi- 
niscences of many visits at Cambridge and Na- 
hant, during 1880-82. Fac-simile. 533-19 

MacDonald, George. Gutta-percha Willie. 

Rox. 1 134.19 

M'Gavin, William. The Protestant. 1S33. 
Illus. 2 V. Rox. 2iii.a 

McKeever, Harriet B. Heavenward — earth- 
ward. [Juvenile.] Illus. 1461.18 

Mackenzie, Airs. Colin. Life in the mission 
[etc.], or six years in India. 1853. 2 v. 

Rox. 5935-18 

Mackenzie, Robert. The 19th century. A 
history. 921.12; S. B. 51.13 

McLaughlin, M. Louise. China painting. 
Illus. Dor. 396.18; S. It. 320.14 

Maclay, William. Sketches of debate in the 
first senate of the United States. Rox. 521 1. a 

Macleod, Henry D. The elements of eco- 
nomics. In 2 V. Vol. I. S. B. 325.27 

M'Nemar, Richard. The Kentucky revival. 
1846. Rox. 2H8.I 

Macquoid, Katherine S. Esau Runswick. 
[Fiction.] S. B. 219.46 

— Through Normandy. Illus. 1667.31 
Madame Lucas. [Round-robin ser.] 

E. B. 299.85 
Mahaffy.John P. The decay of modern preach- 
ing. Rox. 7384-17 

— Old Greek education. J. P. 1937.8 

S. B. 49-34 

Maid, The, of Florence. A novel of the 
thirteenth century. 50;20 

Maistre, Xavier de. CEuvres choisies. Ed. 
illus.^ Rox. 7353-27 

Malot, Hector H. No relations. From the 
French. J. P. 614.24 

Mann, Henry. Ancient and mediieval repub- 
lics. E. B. 354-14 

Manton, Walter P. Field botany. Hand-book 
for the collector. Illus. 140.18; Dor. 199.58 

J. P. 2018. 1 




Manton, Walter P., continued. 

— Insects, how to catch and how to prepare 
them for the cabinet. IlUis. 140.17 

— Taxidermy without a teacher. With a chap- 
ter on hunting and hygiene, instructions for preJ- 
6erving eggs [etc.]. Illus. 140.19 

Marlitt, E., pseud. .See John, Eugenie. 
Marshall, Emma. Benvenuta. [Fiction.] 51.59 
Dor. 469.2; J. P. 823.1; Rox. 2316.20 
S. B. 284.70 

— Dewdrops and diamonds. [Juverile.] Illus. 

1726.19; S. B. 130.30 
Martin, Kate B. Belgian days. [Friction.] 

1668.15; Dor, 466.8 

A story of an American governess in a Belgian family. 

Martineau, Harriet. The playfellow. Con- 
taining The settlers at home ; The peasant and 
the prince ; Feats on the fiord ; The Crofton 
boys. 51.54 

Massachusetts. Public statutes ; to take effect 
Feb. I, t882. Dor. 215.3 ; E. B. R. R., G. 6 

J. P. 1911.1 

Massachusetts historical society. Collections. 
Vol. 7. 5th series. Diary of Samuel Sewall. 
1714-29. Rox. 5211.1 

Mathers, Helen, noiv Mrs. Reeves. As he 

comes up the stair; Jock o' Hazelgreen ; " Who 

maketh the deaf to hear." 1472.13; Dor. 319.33 

J. P. 822.27; Rox. 2314.25; S. B. 140.83 

Medley, George W. The reciprocity craze. 
[Cobden club.] Rox. 5821.19 

Melville, Herman. Typee : a peep at Poly- 
nesian life. Rox. 5934-14 

Menzel, Wolfgang. The history of Germany, 
to the present time [1840]. Tr. by Mrs. George 
Horrocks. 3 v. E. B. 356.22 

Metcalf, John G. Annals of the town of Men- 
don, 1659-1880. Rox. 5221.7 

Miles, Pliny. Nordurfari; or, rambles in 
Iceland. Rox. 5935-21 

Minor, Ellen E. Murillo. [Illus. biog. of the 
great artists.] 1543-76 

Minto, William. Daniel De Foe. [English 
men of letters.] Rox, 1023.27 

— A manual of English prose literature. 

Rox. I93S>I3 

MoUett, John W. Meissonier. [Illus. biog. 

of the great artists.] 1543-75 

Monograph, The, a serial collection of indexed 

essays. [Essay 1-27. Ed. W. M. Griswold.] 

Rox. 6135.5 
Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat, baron de 
La Brede et de. Considerations on the causes of 
the grandeur and decadence of the Romans. 

Rox. 7334-8 
Morley, John. The life of Richard Cobden. 

J. P. 1221.5 
Morris, William. Hopes and fears for art. 
[Five lectures.] J. P. 2326.15 ; S. B. 320-" 

Morrison, Helena V. The class of '70. [Fic- 
tion.] 1721.21 ; Dor. 466.15 
Morse, John T., Jr. John Quincy Adams. 
[American statesmen.] Dor. 276.4; Rox. 5026.15 
My wife and my wife's sister. [No name ser.J 

Bri. 11.150 

Attributed to Mrs. K. P. Latimer, formerly Mis« 

Nadal, Ehrman S. Essays at home and else- 
where. Box. 5825-24 

Contents. — The old Boston road ; Artemus Ward ; Byron ; 
Thackeray's relation to English society; The conditions of 
dandyism ; Matthew Arnold ; A day or two in Sussex ; Two 

Nadal, Ehrman S., coutimutd. 
poems of Collins ; W. C. Br^-ant ; A trip to m pnlUical coa- 
vention; A recollection of the South; Joumalinn a* e». 
eraplihcd by \V. Bajjchot; Xewipaper literary criliiiwi,. 

Nason, Elias. A history of DuntUble, Mac*., 
101873. Illus. Rox. 5» 

Neale, Edward V. What is co-operation ? 

R«x. 5891.19 

Neale, John M. Theodora Phranza; or. tlie 
fall of Constantinople [1453). 1461.15 

New England historic genealogical KMrictr. 
Memorial biographies. Towne memopal fund. 
Vol. 2. 1853-1855. Rox. 5035.10 

Newcomb, Simon, and Holden. Edward S. 
Astronomy for high schools and collegcc. Illus. 

R«x. i7ia.ia 

Nichol, John. Byron. [English men of let* 
ters] ' Rox. 1033.S4 

Noble, Annette L. Eunice Lathrop, tpin»ter. 
[Fiction.] }i. R. 219.45 

Noble, Lucretia. A reverend idol. A novel. 

\Anon.^ 1462.4; Dor. 466.6; J. P. 

Rox. 2422.14; S. B. 21339 

Nordenskidld, Adolf E. The vovagc of the 
Vega round Asia and Europe. Witfi ilju*. 

Dor. 426.19; J. P. 1422.7; S. B.36a.ii 

Norris, W. E. Heaps of money. A novel. 
[Leisure hour ser.] 1430.44 

Old M'sieur's secret. Tr. by Louise Arinand. 


Oliphant, Laurence. The land of Khemi, up 
and down the middle Nile. With illuk. 1694.10 

Oliphant, Margaret (O.) W. A beleaguered 
city. Rox. a4aa.1t 

O'Meara, Kathleen. {Grace Ramaay.) A »«lon 
in the last days of the empire, and other 
sketches. I46a.6 

Oscanyan, C. The sultan and his people. 
Illus. Rox. 5534.13 

Osmun, Thomas E {Alfred Ayres.) The 
orthoepist; a pronouncing manual. 1406.17 

Oswald, Felix L. Physical education. 173.34 

llor. 396.15 

Palliser, George and Charles. Mmlcl hoinc». 
Illus. Bri. 137.99 

Poinsy, pseud. 5** Aide n, Isabella M- 

Parkman, Francis. Vassall Morton. A novel. 

Rox. 74t7'0 

Parr, Harriet. The life and death of Jcanoe 
d'Arc. Porlr. D»r. t7«.l 

Partington, Ruth, pstmd. See Shillaber. B. P. 

Paull, Margaret A. Still waters. [Fiction.] 


— Willie's choice; or, all i» not gold that kI««- 
ters. 5« 55; H. B. 134 37 

Payn, James. A grape from ■ thorn, ll-k- 
tion] 1460 26; J. P. 833.34; Box. a3i8.a9 

Peabody, Andrew P., r<>*»/ Convcr»«tion, 
its faults and its graces. WoT. iM-S0 

Peard, Frances M. Castle and town. 1461.17 

This story (like L..«ie of the mill) l»n» upom aocM 41ft- 
tinctions in Gcrmtiny. 

Peck. George. Wyoming : lu historjr [etc.]. 
Illus *•«• 7015-14 

Penn, William. Life, with ancodotes. [The 
Young American's library.! Ro«. V*^' 

Perkins. Henrv S., Danforth. H. J., and Dt- 
eraff. E. \' ,ed.' The song wave: dc»igncd for 
fJSoils [etc.]. ,, , ^ J. I*. 'S'S •» 

Peterson's magaiine. Vol.80. Kox. 3431.1 

Peto, Sir S. Morton. The resources and pro»- 
pects of America in 1S65. Illus. RoX. 833-9 




Pettigrew, James B. Animal locomotion. 

With a dissertation on aeronautics. lUus. [In- 

ternat. scientific ser.] 1147.25 

Phelps, Austin. 5len and books; or, studies 

in homiletics. Lectures. 11 14.22 

Dor. 284.1; Rox. 5834.18 

Phillips, E. C Meyrick's promise ; or, little 

fugitives from the Jamaica rebellion in 1S75. 

Illus. 1471.31 

Pidgeon, Daniel. An engineer's holiday. 2 v. 

Rox. 7365.13 
Contents. — 1. West [United States]. — 2. East [Asia]. 

Pitman, Benn. Second phonographic reader. 

Dor. 398.18 

Pitman, Marie J. {Margery Denne.^ European 

breezes. 1665.21; Bri. 55.118; J. P. 1416.17; 

Rox. 427.19 ; S. B. 340.26 

Sketches of travel in Europe. 

Plays for private acting. Tr. from the French 
and Italian by members of the Bellevue club of 
Newport. [Leisure hour ser.] E. B. 166 38 

Poor, Laura E. Sanskrit and its kindred 
literatures. E. B. 337. 10 

Poore, Benjamin P. The life and public ser- 
vices of A. E. Burnside. Illus. J. P. 1122.8 

Price, Henry C. How to make pictures : easy 
lessons for the amateur photographer. Illus. 

Rox. 1712.9 

Proctor, Richard A. Familiar science studies. 

S.B. 316.45 

Pym, T. Outlines for the little ones to color. 

Rox. 1712.13 

Quint, Alonzo H. The Potomac and the Rapi- 
dan. Army notes, 1S61-3. Rox. 7015.12 

Raimund, Golo, pseud. See Dannenberg, 

Ramsay, Grace, pseud. See O'Meara, Kath- 

Rand, Edward A. After the freshet. 5156 
Dor. 466.10; S. B. 130-54 

— The bark-cabin on Kearsarge. S. B. 127.31 

— Pushing ahead; or, big • brother Dave. 
Illus. , 1416.19; S. B. 127.45 

— Roy's dory at the sea-shore. Illus. 

1416.20; S. B. 127.46 

Rannie, David W. Historical outline of the 
English constitution, for beginners. S. B. 59.46 

Reclus, Elisee. The earth and its inhabitants. 
Europe. Vol. 1-5. Illus. Rox. R. R., H. 3.1. 

Reclus, Onesime. Geographie. La terre a 
vol d'oiseau. Illus. 2 v. Rox. 735328 

Redford, George. A manual of sculpture : 
Egyptian-Assyrian — Greek-Roman. [Illus. art 
hand-books.] 120216; Rox. 6214.14 

Redgrave, Richard. An elementary manual 
of colour. S. B. 31946 

Reichlin-Meldegg, Carl A., Frcihcrr von. 
Faust: an exposition of Goethe's Faust, from the 
German, byR. H. Chittenden. [Ft. i ] 

Rox. 2026.10 

Religion, The. of co-operation. Rox. 5821.19 

Remick, Martha. Agnes Stanhope : a tale 
of English life. 41-39 

Revolt, The, of man. [Fiction.] [Leisure 

hour ser.] 1462.2; D^r. 467.3 ; J. P. 418.12 

Rox. 2423.22 ; S. B. 238-45 

Richards, Lysander S. Vocophy. A system 
enabling a person to name the calling or voca- 
tion one is best suited to fol'ow. 130.26 

Riddell, Mrs. J. H. The >^enior partner. A 
novel. S. B. 232.81 

Roe, E. R. Brought to bay. [Fiction.] 

1417.16 ; Dor. 466.13 ; J. P. 613.29 

Rox. 2422.17 ; S. B. 214.17 

Roe, Edward P. Success with small fruits. 

With illus. J. P. 2422.5 

— Without a home. [Fiction.] Bri. 36.136 
Rogers, Henry. The Gre^'son letters : selec- 
tions from the correspondence of R. E. H. Grey- 
son, Esq. Rox. 7015.15 

Roosevelt, Robert B. {Barn-well.) Game 
fish of the northern states of America, and British 
provinces. Illus. Rox. 6617.12 

Roosevelt, Theodore. The naval war of 1812; 
or, the history of the United States navy during 
the last war with Great Britain. 210.15 


Roscoe, Henry E. Chemistry. With illus. 
[Science primers.] 1149.28 

Rosemary and Rue. [Round-robin ser.] 

Bri. 43.101 

Rosenkranz, (J.) Carl (F.) Pedagogics as a 
system. Tr. from the German, by Anna C. 
Brackett. Rox. 1932.13 

Rosenmueller, Johann G. and Ernst F. C. 
Scholia in Novum Testamentum. Ed. sexta. 5 v. 

Rox. 6120.3 

Rosenthal, Isidor. General physiology of mus- 
cles and nerves. [Internat. scientific ser. J 1147.24 

Rosier, Joseph B. Brutus, lache Cesar! 
Comedie. Rox. 5732.12 

Rossetti, Dante G. Ballads and sonnets. 

J. P. 1825.14 

Rydberg, Victor. The last Athenian. [Fic- 
tion.] Tr. from the Swedish. S. B. 227.22 

— Roman days. From the Swedish. 

S. B. 176.10 

S., J. of Dale, pseud. Guerndale. An old 
story. 1462.5 ; Dor. 466.5 ; Rox. 2423.23 

S. B. 238.52 

Saintsbury, George. Dryden. [English men 
of letters.] Rox. 1023.25 

Savage, Minot J. Beliefs about man. 

Dor. 396.11 

Schaff, Philip, and Gilman, Arthur, ed. Li- 
brary of religious poetr/. With notes. 341.17 

Schouler, James. History' of the United States 
of America, under the constitution. 2 v. 17S3- 
1S17. Rox. 5015.10 

Scribe, AugustinE. Genevieve, ou la jalousie 
paternelle. [Comedie-vaudeville.] Rox. 7347.6 

Scudder, Horace E. Noah Webster. [Ameri- 
can men of letters.] Dor. 276.2 

Sewall, Samuel. The history of Woburn. 
Mass., 1640-1S60. Rox. 5221.1a 

Sewell, Elizabeth M. Amy Herbert. 

Rox. 2423.21 

Shairp, John C. Aspects of poetry. Dor. 288.2 

Shakespeare, William. Timon of Athens. 
Ed. by W.J. Rolfe. 1392.26 

— The two gentlemen of Verona. Ed. by W. 
J. Rolfe. 1392.25 

Shapcote, Emily M. Among the lilies, and 
other tales ; with a sketch of the Holy house ot 
Nazareth and Loreto. 2101.19 

Shillaber, Benjamin P. {Ruth Partington.) 
Knitting-work. Illus. Ro.v. 7417.7 

Shorthouse, J. Henry. John Ingle^ant. A 
romance. 1726.16; Dor. 415.30; Rox. 2422.16 

The liero of this historical novel is represented as being 
the servant of Charles 1 of England and employed by hiiu 
in secret negotiations with the Catholics. Molino's the 
Qiiictist is sui)posed to be represented us one of the char- 




Sidney, Margaret, fseud. See Lothrop, Har- 
riet M. 

Simcox, Edith. Episodes in the lives of men, 
women, and lovers. 1461.16 

Sime, James. Schiller. 1548.31 

Skeat, Walter W. An etj'mological dictionary 
of the English language. 4 pts. 

Rox. R. R., H.5.17 

Smith, J. Mojr. Albvm of decorative figvres. 
50 plates. Rox. *623o.i7 

Smith, Jerome Van C. Turkey and the Turks. 

Rox. 5935-22 

Smith, Joseph. Some of the weaknesses of 
co-operation. Rox. 5821.19 

Smith, Ralph D. The history of Guilford, 
Conn. Ed. by L. H. Steiner. Rox. 5223.11 

Stanley, Arthur P. Sermons on special occa- 
sions preached in Westminster Abbey. 11 14.23 

— Westminster sermons. Dor. 394.7 

Rox. 2113.10 
Stevens, Charles W. Revelations of a Boston 

physician. S. B. 149.58 

Stewart, Elizabeth M. Stories of the Christian 

schools. 1467.41 

That is, of the " Society of Christian schools." 

Still^, Charles J. Studies in mediaeval history. 

Dor. 266.15 

Stockton, Frank R. Rudder Grange. [Fic- 
tion.] E. B. 329.91 

Stowe, Harriet (E.) B. A dog's mission. 
And [seven] other stories. Illus. 1416.21 

Strathesk, John. Bits from Blinkbonny; or, 
Bell o' the manse. A tale of Scottish village 
life between 1841 and 1851. With illus. 1462.8 

Struggles for life ; or, the autobiography of a 
dissenting minister. Rox. 7015.18 

Sturgis, Julian R. Dick's wandering. 1462.9 
Dor. 466.11 ; Rox. 2422.15; S. B. 283.58 

Sullivan, Christina. Elements and rules of 
perspective. With illus. 1202.15 

Sullivan, M. F. Ireland of to-day. 980.40 

Swisshelm, Jane G. Half a century. 3d ed. 

Rox. 193419 

Tallahassee girl, A. [Round-robin ser.] 

E. B. 299.87 ; J. P. 526.9 

Ascribed to Maurice Thompson. 

Taswell-Langmead, Thomas P. English con- 
stitutional history. E. B. 354-12 

Taylor, Bayard. The lands of the Saracen. 
Illus. Rox. 59i7-»5 

Taylor, Charles F. Sensation and pain. 

Dor. 398.13 

Taylor, J. Traill. The photographic amateur : 
a series of lessons. Illus. 1141.22; Rox. 1712.10 

Temple, Josiah H. History of Whately, Mass. 

Rox. 5221. II 

Terhune, Mary V. {Marion Harland.) Eve's 
daughters. ♦ 

Three in Norway. By two of them. With 
illus. Rox. 427.20; Rox. 73659 

Tileston, Mary W., cow/. Tender and true: 
poems of love. S. B. 250.41 

Toler King, pseud. See Fox, Emily. 

Tomes, Robert. The Americans in Japan. 
Illus. Rox. 5935-20 

Tourgee, Albion W. John Eax, and Mame- 
lon ; or, the South without the shadow. [Two 
stories.] Dor. 415-29; J« P« 626.16 

— Toinette : a tale of the South. Rox. 2424.8 
Townsend, Luther T. The art of speech. 

Vol. 2. S. B. 49-14 

TroUope, Anthony. The fixed period. A novel. 

1462.29; Dor. 324-54; l>or. 469-4 

J. P. 823.3 ; Rox. 2316.21 ; S. B. 18047 

An imagin.iry colony, who«« membcrt' lives w«» lo 
cease with the period of active UKcfulncks. 

Turner, J. Horsfall. Haworth, pact and pres- 
ent. Illus. Hox. 634-1 

Twain, Mark, /j«-«</. Sre Clemen*. S. L. 

Underwood. Francis H. Henry Wadkworth 
Longfellow. Portr. Illus. 'Box. 5213.10 

— James Russell Lowell. Illus. Portr. 

1532-4; Kox« 1032.10 

Vignoli, Tito. Myth and science. 140.15 

Vose, George L. A graphic method for solv- 
ing certain algebraic problems. 1149.17 

Wadsworth, Horace A., comf>. History of 
Lawrence, Mass. Rox. 5116.4 

Wagner, Carl (F. C), rd. Bricfc aus dcm 
Freundeskreise von Gdthe, Herder, Hdpfncr und 
Merck. 1034.10 

Wagner, Rudolf (J.), ed. Jahres-Bcricht libcr 
die Leistungen der cheniischcn Technolo};ic ftlr 
1881. Box. 5731 7 

Waite, Henry R., ed. Carmina colIcKeriHJa. 

Box. 1630.10 

Waite, Rosamond. Life of the Duke of Wel- 
lington. [Historical biog.] Box. 10i7.ll 

Wallace, W. Kant. 1537-4 : Box. 7335.7 

Washington, George. [Hi*] Diarv. from 1789 
to 1791. Ed. by B. J. Lossing. Box. 5026.14 

Webster, Wentworth. Spain. With illus. 66ail 

Wecden, William U. The social law of labor. 
130.25; Dor. 396.10; Box. 1733-4 

Weeks, Lyman H. Among the ,\zores. Illus. 

Dor. 128.16; J. P. 1336.11; Dor. 736s-«o 

S. B. 340.1S 

Werner, Ernst, fscud. See Bucrstcnbindcr, 

What Mr. Darwin saw in his vorage round 
the world in the " Beag.c." Illus Box. 11 11.14 

Wheatley, Henry B.,and Delamotte, IMiilip H. 
Art work in earthenware. Illus. [Handbooks 
of practical art.] 

— Art work in gold and silver. Medi«ral. 
Illus. [Handbooks of practical art.] 1101.19 

Wheaton, Henry. Elements of international 
law. I»*»r. t9«-J« 

Wheeler, William A. Familiar allusion*. 
Completed and ed bv C. G. Wheeler. 

1404.28; R.R.,A.i4; S. B. R.R.. Deik.ij* 

White, F. A. The civil service hiHorr of 

England. K« B« R.R-.E.l? 

White, James W. The mouth and the teeth. 

[Amer. health primers.] Ii74.4« 

Wilmer, Margaret E. The dumb traimr a 

story of " Keeping alive bv stimulants," 1461.10 

BrI. 33.119 ; I>or. 25* »« ; K« <*• *49-»o 

J. P. 336.17; Box. iii42« ; >*• B. i3«-63 

Eva's engagement ring. 1461,11 

BrI. 33.121 ; Dor. i5*-i9; E» ». i49-9« 
J. P. 336.10; Box. iii4-»o; H. B. 1J6.64 

A temperance »tory. 

— The glass cable. «4*»-«7 

BrI. 33- "8; Dor. 15610: K. »• «9-««« 
J. P. 336.16; Box. 1114-12 ; >*• B. i3»«« 

A temperance »l"ry. 

Wilson, Theodore P. Frank Oldfield 146114 

BrI. 34 140; Dor. 467 5 ; K. g. 19 i«3 

J. P. 336-15; Box. 1114-27; »• B. i3o.4» 

A temperance »tnry. 




Winslow, Margaret E. The secret of victory. 

1462.27; Brl. 33123; Dor. 258.14 

E. B. ig.112; J. P. 336.20; Box. 1114.28 

S. B. 13557 

A temperance story. 

Winter, William. Poems. I35i.9 

Wood, Charles W. Buried alone. 720.68 

Wood, Sara. The dwellers in our gardens. 
Illus. Box. 1726.7 

Woolson, Constance F. Anne. A novel. 

1462.31 ; Bri. 34.141 ; Dor. 467.4 

E. B. 269.92 ; J. P. 517,3 ; Box. 2423.25 

S. B. 229.47 

Previously publ. in Harper's, beginning Dec, iSSo. 

Wright, Julia McN. The curse and the cup. 

1462.10; Bri. 22.164; Dor. 259.37 

E. B. 19.110; J. P. 227.16; Box. 1138.9 

S. B. 13553 

— A day with a demon. 1462. 11 ; Bri. 22.163 

Dor. 209.36; E. B. 19.109; J. P. 227.17 

Box. 1138.10; S. B. 135-54 

Temperance stories. 

Wright, Thomas. Narratives of sorcery and 
magic. Box. 7015.10 

Yesterday. An American novel. [Leisure 

hour ser.] 1451.15 ; Bri. 33.115 ; E. B. 269.89 

Box. 2423.24; S. B. 238.51 

Yonge, Charles D. The constitutional history 
of England, from 1760 to i860. Dor. 267.10 

Yonge, Charlotte M. Cameos from English 
history. ist-4th ser. 4 V. 1982. i 

— History of France. Box. 7337.2 

— Lads and lassies of Langley. [Five stories.] 

1475.14; Dor. 259.35 

— Unknown to history : a story of the captivi- 
ty of Mary of Scotland. 1451.12; Dor. 466.14 

J. P. 622.28; Box. 2422.18; S. B. 227.24 

The story of the supposed daughter of Mary Stuart and 
Bothwell, concealed for reasons of state. 

— Young folks' history of France. 1000.10 

Dor. 268.20; S. B. 59.44 

— Young folks' history of Germany. 

S. B. 59.41 

— Young folks' history of Greece. S. B. 5942 

— Young folks' history of Rome. [b.c. 735- 
A.D. 800] Illus. 950-8 ; S.B. 59.43 

Young, Andrew W. The government class 
book. 130.24 



Recent Harris Fund Purchases. 

By the provisions of the will of Miss Charlotte Harris, the income from this fund is to be spent 
for books published previous to 1850. 

Abbott, Jacob. New England and her institu- 
tions. B., 1835. 1137.10 

Adams, Nathaniel. Annals of Portsmouth 
[N.H.]. Portsmouth, 1835. ii34-3 

Allen, Paul. A history of the American revo- 
lution. Bait., 1819. 2 V. II35-5 

Written for him by John Neal and Mr. Watkins. —Allen's 
Amer. hiog. diet. 

Ashe, Thomas. Travels in America, in 1806. 
L., 1808. 1137,11 

Baines, E. History of the late war, between 
the United States and Great Britain : with appen- 
dix, etc. By E. H. Cummings. Bait, 1820 1137.2 

Bankes, Henry. The civil and constitutional 
history of Rome, to the age of Augustus. L., 
1818. 2 V. 1034.6 

Barruel, Augustin de, abbi. Memoirs, illus- 
trating the history of Jacobinism. Tr. Hartford 
[etc.], 1799. 4V. in 2. 1 136.9 

Bayard,, Ferdinand M. Voyage dans I'int^- 
rieur des Etats-Unis, 1791. P., 1797. 1043.7 

Bayley, John. The history and antiquities of 
the Tower of London. L., 1825. 2 v. Illus. 


Beattie, William. Switzerland. Illus. L. 
[1836.] 2 V. in I. 1215.6 

Blair, Hugh. Sermons. New ed. L., 1815. 
5 V. ion. I 

Bourgoing, Jean F. de. Historical and philo- 
sophical memoirs of Pius the Sixth and his pon- 
tificate. [Anon.^ Tr. from the French. L., 
1799. 2 V. 1 134-8 

Buckingham, James S. The slave states of 
America. L. [1842.] 2 v. ii34-2 

Bunn, Alfred. The stage : both before and 
behind the curtain. [L.] 1840. 3 v. 1026. 11 

Burgoyne, John, general. A state of the ex- 
pedition from Canada, as laid before the House 
of Commons. L., 1780. Folded maps. 1215.9 

Collins, Arthur. The peerage of England, 
also coats of arms [etc.]. 5th ed. L., 1779. 8 
V. Illus. 1022. 1 

Crawfurd, John. History of the Indian archi- 
pelago. With maps and engrs. Edinb., 1820. 
3 V. 1012.13 

Dallas, Alexander J. An exposition of the 
causes and character of the war between the 
United States and Great Britain. [^«o«.] Con- 
cord, N. H., 1815. 733-8 

Dalrymple, William. Travels through Spain 
and Portugal, in 1744. L., 1777. Illus. 1215.8. 

Eaton, William, general. Life : principally 
collected from his correspondence and other mss. 
Brookfield, 1813. Portr. 1 136.8 

Ellis, Henry. A voyage to Hudson's bay, 
1746-1747, for discovering a north-west passage. 
Illus. L., 1748. 1032.2 

Faraday, Michael. Experimental researches 
in electricity. L., 1839-55. Illus. 3 v. 934-8 

Felt, Joseph B. Annals of Salem [Mass.]. 2d 
ed. Salem, 1845-49. ^ v. Illus. 1 135-3 

Field, The, of Mars : naval and military engage- 
ments in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, par- 
ticularly of Great Britain, from the ninth century 
toi8oi. Portrs., maps [etc.]. L., 1801. 2 v. 


Finlayson, George. The mission to Siam, and 
Hu6, 1821-2. [From his journal.] L.,1826. 1134.5 




Francis, Convers. An historical sketch of 
Watertown, Mass. Cainb., 1830. II34-4 

Franklin, Sir John. Narrative of a journey 
to the shores of the Polar sea, 1819-1822. 2d ed. 
L. . 1824. 2 V. Folded maps. 1032.7 

Godwin, William. History of the common- 
wealth of Encjland. L., 1824-28. 4 V. 1037.10 

Golovnin, Vasilii M. Narrative of my captiv- 
ity in Japan, 181 1-13. L., 1818. 2 V. 1032.6 

Halen, Juanvan. Narrative of fhis] impris- 
onment at Madrid. L., 1827. 2 V. Illus. 1022.5 

Haliburton, Thomas C. An historical and 
statistical account of Nova Scotia. Illus. Hali- 
fax, 1829. 2 V. 1136.13 

Halsted, Caroline A. Richard ill. L., 1844. 
2 V. Illus. 1014.8 

Harris, Thaddeus M. Journal of a tour into 
the territory north-west of the Alleghany moun- 
tains, in 1803. B., 1805. " 1134. 1 

Hawley, Zerah. A journal of a tour through 
Connecticut [etc.], including a residence in that 
part of Ohio styled New Connecticut or Western 
reserve. N. Y., 1822. 733- 10 

Holmes, Abiel. The life of Ezra Stiles. B., 

1798- 1 136.3 

Holmes, Mrs. Dalkeith. A ride on horseback 

to Florence through France and Switzerland. 

lAfiofi.'} L., 1842. 2 v. 1032.8 

Hood, George. A history of music in New 

England. B., 1846. "37-7 

Hubbard, William. A narrative of the Indian 

wars in New England, 1607-77. Danbury, 1803. 

" "37-4 

Keith, St'r William. The history of the 
British plantations in America. Part i. The 
history of Virginia. L., 1738. 1136.10 

Kettell, Samuel, comp. Specimens of Ameri- 
can poetry. B., 1829. 3 v. 1137. 6 

Lee, lienry. The campaign of 1781 in the 
Carolinas. Phila., 1S24. 1136.1 

Long, John. Voyages and travels of an Indian 
interpreter and trader. L., 1791. 1215.8 

Mathews, Anne J. Memoirs of Charles 
Mathews, comedian. 2d ed. L., 1839. 2 v. 1022.4 

Monk, James H. The life of Richard Bentley. 
2d ed. L., 1833. 2 V. Portr. 934-5 

Ogilvie, John. Providence, an allegorical 
poem. B., 1766. 733-9 

Perkins, Samuel. A history of the events of 
the late war between the United States and Great 
Britain. New Haven, 1825. x 136.6 

Polyanthea, The; or, fragments in prose and 
verse. L., 1804- 2 v. xr34-9 

Ramsay, David. The history of the revolution 
of South-Carolina. Trenton, 1785. 3 v. 1136.2 

Raynal, Guillaume T. F. A philofcophjcal 
and political history of the settlements and trade 
of the Europeans in the Eaut and West Indie*. 
Tr. from the French, by |. O. Justamond. With 
maps. L.. 17S3. 8 v.' ' ,oii.a 

Retrospect, .\, of the Boston tea-partv, with a 
memoir of George R. T. Ilewes. By "a citixcn 
of New York. N. Y., 1834. ' ««37-t 

Sanson, Joseph. Letters from Europe, 1801-3. 
Phila.. 1S05. 2 V. Ii34>6 

Seward, William, Anecdotes of dihtinguifthcd 
persons. \^Anon.^ 4th ed. L., 1798 4 V. 934.7 

Smith, Captain John. Trve tntvcl«, adven- 
tvres and observations [and The gcnerall hiklorie 
of Virginia, New England, and the Summer 
isles]. Richmond, 1S19. 2 v. Illu*. 'IJS.I 

Southey, Robert. History of the Peninsular 
war. L., 1S23-32. 3 V. 1215.5 

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Spragucs in Hingham. {AmoH.^ Ilingham. 
1882. «»37-9 

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mer. L., 1831. 2 v. Portrs. 934-6 

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L., 1832. to«i.3 

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with a proposal for the gradual abolition of ^it, 
in Virginia. Phila., 1790. "30.4 

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well. L.. 1839. 2 V. Portrs. I03M 

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the Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jeniui- 
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the convention of Virginia. [1788.] Jd ed. 
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Rupert [of Bavaria], and the cavalier*. L.. 1849. 
3 v. Portrs. I03*.S 

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in the new world. \Amom.'\ Ed. by Eliot War-' 
burton. 2d ed. L., 1846. ' ^IS-I) 

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of the mammalia. L., 1S46. 48. J v. Illu*. T%\.% 

Wilkinson, Sir lohn G. Topography of 
Thebe.s, and general view of Egypt. L.. 1835. 
Illus. io)t.s 

Williams, Hugh W. Jielect views in Greece. 
with illus. L., 1820. 2 v. in 1. l«»S-7 

Wilson, .Mcxancfcr, and Bonaparte. Charle* 
L. J. L., /r/J»<f of CamiMo. American ornillwl- 
ogv. L.. 1832. 3 v. Illu*. 7t*.l« 

Wimpffen, Fnini A. S.. Frtiktrr von. A 
voyage to Saint l>omingo, 1788-1790. I«, 1817. 
Folded map. 93)-f 


Recent Publications, etc. 

Alden, Isabella M. {Pansy.) Some young 
heroines. [Short stories.] 43^.7 

Alger, I loratio, /V. From farm boy to senator ; 
the history of Daniel Webster. 43^.9 

Amory,'Martha B. The domestic and artistic 
life of John Singleton Copley. 2737.20 

Aschenbroedel. [No name scr.] 2187.2a 

Auerbach, Berthold. Spinoza. A novel. 
[Leisure hour ser.] 2188.6 

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Baker, George M., ed. The reading club and 
handy speaker. No. 6, 7, 9. 51 16.10 

Ballard, Julia P. The lo*t e*Ute, and other 
Rtoriex. •I71-4 

Bancroft, George. Hi*tonr of the formation 
of the constitution of the I'nited Suie*. i v. 


Buxton, Edward N. The A B C of free tradt. 
[Cobdon clubpubl.] 5««»36 

Carlyle, Thoma*. Reminltcence* of my ln»h 
journcv in 1S49. «3*5-'4 

Catherwood, Marv H. Rocky Fork. 436-«« 

Chauuuqua library of EnglUh hl*tory^d 
literature. 3 v. 




Chellis, Mary D. All for money. 2173.9 

— Bread and beer. 2173.10 

— The brewer's fortune. 2188.10 

— The brewery at Tajlorville. 2188. 11 

— From father to son. 436. ii 
Cist, Henry M. The Arm>' of the Cumberland. 


Clemens, Samuel L. (^Mark Txvain.') The 

prince and the pauper. 2175. i 

— The stolen white elephant, etc. 2187.21 
Cook, Button. Hours with the players. 2 v. 

Cox, Jacob D. Atlanta. 2876.5 

Dannenberg, Georg. (^Golo Raimund.^ From 
hand to hand. A novel. From the German, by 
Mrs. A. L. Wister. 1927.19 

Desmond hundred, The. 2187.18 

Dicey, Edward. Victor Emmanuel. 2877.1 
Dorothea. [Round-robin series.] 2188.9 

Duet gems. 501 1.2 

Education : an international magazine. Bi- 
monthly. Vol. I. 1881. 5512.3 
Fosdick, Charles A. (^Harry Castlemon.) 
George at the fort. 436.8 
Foster, Mrs. I. H. {_Faye Huntington.^ Mr. 
Mackenzie's answer. 2173.3 

— Ripley parsonage. 2173.5 
Fox, Caroline. Memories of old friends. 


Froude, James A. Thomas Carlyle. 1795- 
1835. 2 V. in I. 2737.21 

George III, of England. Correspondence 
with Lord North, 1768-1783. L., 1867. 2 v. 

Henry, Sarepta M. I. Pledge and the cross. 

2173. II 

— Voice of the home. 2173.14 
Holt, Mrs. M. A. John Bentley's mistake. 


Honor Bright ; or, the four-leaved shamrock. 

Illus. 2188.8 

Jebb, Richard C. Bentley. 2616.20 

Jenkins, Edward. A paladin of finance. 


Jewett, Charles. A forty years' fight with the 

drink demon. 2734.22 

Johnson, Virginia W. An English " Daisy 

Miller." 2177.27 

Kenney, Minnie E. Gypsie. [Fiction.] 2176.24 
Kirton, John W. Frank Spencer's rule of life. 

Knox, Thomas W. The young Nimrods around 

the world. A book for boys. Illus. 611. 15 

Lathrop, George P. An echo of passion. 

[Fiction.] 2187.15 

Lillie, Lucy C. Prudence. A story of aesthetic 

London. Illus. 2188.5 

Lothrop, Harriet M. {Margaret Sidney.') The 

Pettibone name : a New England story. 2187.14 
Massachusetts. Public statutes, 1S82. 3045.1 
Noble, Lucretia. A reverend idol. A novel. 

[Anon.^ • 1927.20 

Oppert, Ernest. A forbidden land : voyages 

to the Corea. With illus. 2344.11 

Revolt, The, of man. [Fiction.] 1818.22 

Roe,E.R. Brought to bay. [Fiction.] 2037.15 
S., J. of Dale./5('«rt?. Guerndale. 1818.11 

Sturgis, Julian R. Dick's wandering. 2187.16 
Tourgee, Albion W. John Eax, and Mamelon. 

[Two stories.] 2188.7 

United States. Adjutant general's office. 

Official army register for Jan., 18S2. 5323.2 

— Register of the officers of the navy, to Jan., 
18S2. 5323-2 

Ward, Adolphus W. Dickens. [Englishmen 
of letters.] 2616.21 

Wilmer, Margaret E. The dumb traitor: a 
story of " keeping alive by stimulants." 2173. i 

— Eva's engagement fing. 2173-7 

— The glass cable. 2173.6 
Wilson, Theodore P. Frank Oldfield. 2173.2 
Winslow, Margaret E. Secret of victory. 

Woolson, Constance F. Anne. A novel. 2187. 17 
Wright, Julia McN. The curse and the cup. 


— A day with a demon. 415-25 
Yesterday. An American novel. 2187.20 
Yonge, Charles D. The constitutional history 

of England from 1760 to 1S60. 2737.19 

Yonge, Charlotte M. Unknown to history : a 

story of the captivity of Mary of Scotland. 2186.3 


Abbott, Jacob. Force. 

— Handle. 

— Heat. 

— History of Genghis Khan. 

— History of king Richard the first. 

— History of king Richard the second. 

— Juno on a journey. 

— Mary Osborr\e. 

— RoUo at play. 

— RoUo at school. 

— RoUo at work. 

— Rollo in Geneva. 

— Rollo in Holland. 

— Rollo in Naples. 

— Rollo learning to read. 

— Rollo learning to talk. 

— Rollo's correspondence. 

— Rollo's experiments. 

— Rollo's museum. 

— Rollo's philosophy. Air. 

— Rollo's philosophy. Fire. 






















Abbott, Jacob, continued. 

— Rollo's philosophy. Sky. 

— Rollo's travels. 

— Rollo's vacation. 

— Water and land. 

Abbott, John S. C. The adven 
Salle and his companions. 

— Benjamin Franklin. 

— Captain William Kidd. 

— Christopher [Kit] Carson. 

— Daniel Boone. 

— David Crockett. 

— Ferdinand de Soto. 

^ — George Washington. 

— History of Frederick the second 

— History of Henry the fourth. 

— Historj' of Hernando Cortez. 

— History of Hortense. 

— History of Joseph Bonaparte. 

— The life of John Paul Jones. 

tures of La 

[the Great]. 




Abbott, John S. C. , continued. ■ 

— The life of Christopher Columbus. I59.X3 

— Miles Standish. 

— The romance of Spanish history. 264.3 
Adams, Charles K. A manual of historical 

Ref. Libr. 50 


Adams, William ' 
coming wave. 

— Little by little. 

— Ocean-born. 

— Out west. 

— Poor and proud. 

— The sailor boy. 

— Watch and wait. 

{Oliver optic.) The 

611. 1 


— The way of tlie world. A novel. 535.10 
Alger, Horatio, yV. From farm boy to senator; 

the history of Daniel Webster. 616.19 

Aschenbroedel. [No name series.] 419-23 
Auerbach, Berthold. Spinoza. A novel. 

[Leisure hour ser.] 418.27 

Bacon, Henry. A Parisian year. Illus. 361.2 
Ballantine, William. Some experiences of a 

barrister's life. 81.8 

Ballard, Julia P. The lost estate, and other 

stories. 599-43 

Ballou, Maturin M., comp. Noble thoughts 

about women. 110.3 

Barker, Fred C, and Danforth, John S. 

Hunting and trapping on the Upper Magalloway 

river and Parmachenee lake. 147-6 

Bradley, Warren L {Glance Gaylord.) After 

years. 627.16 

— The boys at Dr. Murray's. 627.17 

— Jack Arcombe. 627.23 

— Will Rood's friendship. 627.24 
Buchanan, Robert. God and the man, a 

romance. 440.3 

Buerstenbinder, Emilie. {Ernst Werner.) 

Fruehlingsboten. Roman. 700.1 

Chautauqua library of English history and 

literature. 3 v. 254.15 

Chellis, Mary D. All for money. 605.21 

— Bread and beer. 605.22 

— The brewer's fortune. 668.35 

— The brewery at Taylorville. 668.34 

— From father to son. 668.36 
Church, Ella R. Money-making for ladies. 110.6 
Cist,H.M. Thearmyofthe Cumberland. 248.13 
Clarke, Rebecca S. {Sofkie May.) Aunt 

- Madge's story. 649-30 

— Doctor papa. ^9-34 

— The doctor's daughter. 649-> 

— Flaxie Frizzle. 649.35 

— Little folks astray- 649- »7 

— Little grandmother. ^49-39 

— Little pitchers. 649-36 

— Little Prudv- 649.16 

— Miss Thistledown. 649.38 

— Our Helen. [Maidenhood ser.] 649-6 
Clemens, Samuel L- {Mark Twain.) 'I'hc 

stolen white elephant, etc- 476-5 

Clement, Clara E. ChRrlotte Cuthmnn- 

[American actor scr-] ^ 176.38 

Clemmer, Mary. A memorial of Alice and 

Phoebe Cary. 167.17 

Confessions of a medium. With illui. 104.13 
Conflicts, The, of the age- 97- «7 

Cooke, George W. R. \V. Emerson. 167.33 
Cooper, James P'cnimore. Jack Tier. 463.1a 

— The oak openings. 463.1 1 

— The Red rover : a tale. 463.10 

— Wyandotte. A tale. 463.13 

Cox, Jacob D. Atlanta. 348-1$ 

Camming, C. F. G. At home In Fiji. 345.S7 
Dannenberg, Georg. {Golo Raimmmtl.) From 
hand to hand. A novel. From the German, br 
Mrs. A. L. Wistcr. 4M.rt 

Dayton, C. La«t da^-a of Knicker- 
bocker life in New York. 330.3 
De Amicis, Edmondo. Morocco. Tr. 386.31 
Dixie, Lady F. C. Acro»« Patagonia. 346.14 
Dorothea. ' [Round Robin 6er.] S09-3t 
Douglas, Amanda M. Thcre't no place like 
home. [Fiction.] 65a.* 
Ebcrs, C>. M. The burgomanter'a wife. AlByM 
Edwards, Eliezer. Word*, facU, and phratea. 

Ref. Libr. ij 
Emerson, R. W. The conduct oflirc. 16.17 

— Letters and social aims. 16.16 
Farrar, F. W. Mercv and judpnent 97-19' 
Fisher, Osmond. Physics of ihc earth's crust 


Forrester, F"rancis, ptemd. See Wise, Daniel. 

Fosdick, C. A. {Harry CattUmtom.) George 

at the furt. 0ts.5 

— The mail carrier. 6ae.) 
Foster, Mrs. I. H. {Fay Hmmliugl^m.) Mr. 

Mackenzie's answer. 605.27 

— Ripley parsonage. 605.28 
Fox, Caroline. Memories of old friends. 108.5 
Froude, James A. Thomas Cariyle, 1795-1835. 

2 V. in I. 169-3 

Garrigues, A. M. Summer boarders. 491. 11 

Gaylord, Glance, /5<'W. .SVr Bradley, Warrrn I. 

Gerard, E. D., pseud. Beggar my neighbor. 
A novel. 440.ll 

Gordon, Adoniram J. The ministry of heal* 
ing. toai7 

Gordon, George H. A war diary of events in 
the war of the great rebellion. 347-S 

Harrington, Adelaide L. The afterglow of 
European travel. S5X-<4 

Henry, Sarcpta M- I. Pledge and the ci^oss. 


— The voice of the home. )99-49 

Temperance •toHcs. 

Hillcm, Wilhelmine ii'on- Higher than the 

church : an art legend- 4^-*S 

Hilton, John. Rest and pain. tig-ta 

Holland, Frederic M- bordello: • story from 

Robert Browning. 18.1) 

Holt, Mrs. M. A. John Bcntley's mistake. S99^ 

Household words. A weekly jo«msl oott* 

ducted bv C. Dickens. Vol. 5, 7, tl, 15. fpkt 

Jenkins, Edward. A paladin of fiiwnoe. SS7->7 
ewett, Charles. Forty years' fight with the 
unnk demon. S99-$7 

Kellogg. Elijah. The ark of Elm iaUnd. 614.1J 

— The boy fanners of Elm iaUod. 614.14 

— Bruugh't to the front. 

— Burviug the hatchet. 

— Ch.Vrlic Bell. 

— (iood old times. 614-3J 

— The llard-kcrabhle of Elm laUnd. 

— Lion Ben of Elm i«land. ••4.8I 

— The miokinn of Blank Kific. AM-SI 

— Sowed by the wind. ••4-37 

— The »park of genius. 614.17 

— The turning of the tide. 614- it 

— Winning hii sputa. 6a4«9 

— Wolf Run. 6hi« 

— The young ship*builden of Elm UUikL 



Kirton, J. W. Frank Spencer's rule of life. 

Knox, Thomas W. The young Nimrods 

around the world. A book for boys. lUus. 650.2 
Laffan, Mary. Hogan, M. P. A novel. 549.15 
Leland, Charles G. The gypsies. 283.3 

Lewes, George H. Ranthorpe. 576.20 

Loomis, Lafayette C. The index guide to 

travel and art study in Europe. Ref. Libr. 42 

Luys, Jules. The brain and its functions. 

With illus. [Internat. scientific sen] 106.12 

McKeever, Harriet B. Edith's ministrj'. 501.6 

— Eleanor's three birthdays. 643.17 

— Heavenward — earthward. [Juvenile.] 643.21 

— Lucy Forrester's triumph. 643.18 

— Mary Leslie's trials. 643.19 

— Tender and true. 643.16 

— Twice crowned. 565.19 
Macquoid, Katharine S. In the Ardennes. 

With illus. 360.28 

Mahaffy, J. P. Old Greek education. 109.9 
Massachusetts. Statutes, 1882. 238.12 

May, Sophie, fseud. See Clarke, Rebecca S. 
Morris, W. Hopes and fears for art. 138.14 
Mountford, William. Euthanasy. 97-i8 

Noble, Lucretia. A reverend idol. A novel. 

\_Afiofi.] 508.28 

Norris, W. E. Heaps of money. A novel. 

[Leisure hour ser.] 148.6 

O'Dea, James J. Suicide. 106.13 

Osmun, Thomas E. (^Alfred Ayres.) The 

verbalist. 12.25 

Oswald, Felix L. Physical education. 117.2 
Peabody, Andrew P. Conversation. 12.24 
Peard, Frances M. Castle and town. 503.34 
Perez Galdos, B. Gloria. Novel. 2 v. 489.1 
Revolt, The, of man. [Fiction.] 418.30 

Riddell, Mrs. J. H. The senior partner. A 

novel. 410.34 

S., J. of Dale, ^seud. Guerndale. 411. 19 

Scott, Michael. Tom Cringle's log. 5993.38 


Seiss, Joseph A. The gospel in the stars. 135.20 
Simcox, Edith. Episodes in the lives of men, 

women, and lovers. 85.16 

Stael-Holstein, Anne L. G. (N.), barotine de. 

De I'Allemagne. 703.1 

Still^, C.J. Studies in mediaeval history. 276.2 
Stowe, Harriet (E.) B. A dog's mission and 

[seven] other stories. 638.21 

— Qj.ieer litile people. Illus. 638.20 
Sturgis, Julian R. Dick's wandering. 5993.23 
Sully, James. Illusions. 106.14 
Tozer, Henry F. Turkish Armenia and east- 
ern Asia Minor. Illus. 378.4 

Trowbridge, John T. A chance for himself. 
[Juvenile.] 629b. 24 

— Neighbor Jackwood. [Fiction.] 525.33 
Underwood, Francis H. Henry Wadsworth 

Longfellow. Illus. Portr. 167.9 

— James Russell Lowell. Illus. Portr. 167.8 
Vignoli, Tito. Myth and science. 89.H 
Weeks, Lyman H. Among the Azores. 364.2 
Wilmer, Margaret E. The dumb traitor: a 

story of " keeping alive by stimulants." 599.31 

— Eva's engagement ring. 599-33 

— The glass cable. 599-32 
Temperance stories. 

Wilson, T. P. Frank Oldfield. 599-47 

Winslow, Margaret E. Secret of victory. 599.53 

Wise, Daniel. Dick Duncan. 652.36 

— Guy Carlton. 652.35 

— Kate Carlton. 652.39 

— Walter Sherwood. 652.38 
Woolson, Constance F. Anne. A novel. 591.20 
Worcester, Joseph E. Dictionary of the Eng- 
lish language. New ed. 18S2. Ref. Libr. 12 

Wright, Julia McN. The curse and the cup. 


— A day with a demon. 669.26 
Yonge, Charlotte M. Unknown to history : a 

story of the captivity of Mary of Scotland. 566.26 


Reading-Room and Delivery Station at 
THE North End. — In the last Bulletin it was 
stated that a Reading-Room and Delivery Sta- 
tion of the Library were to be opened in the Cush- 
man School-house. On examination it has been 
found that the School Committee can place at 
the disposal of the Trustees more eligible rooms 
in the Hancock School-house, on Parmenter 
street, and these are now being fitted up for 
occupancy, which will take place about the first 
of August. 

Wendell Phillips. — The Library has re- 
ceived, by gift from Mr. Wendell Phillips, several 
hundred volumes, with a collection of bound 

pamphlets, largely upon slavery. Several are 
of interest to the antiquarian, among them a 
very rare collection of the Annual laws of the 
Province of Massachusetts, preceding the Revi- 
sion of 1699, Mather publications, and manuscript 
records of the American Anti-slaverj' Society, 
beginning with the year 1833. There is also a 
complete file of the National Anti-Slavery 
Standard, and other periodicals. 


Egyptology. — This Bulletin contains the 
titles of a large number of books on Egypt, 
Assyria, etc. These were purchased mostly from 
the library of M. Chabas, the distinguished 
French Egyptologist. 




OCTOBER, 1882. 

VOL. s- No. 4. 

WHOLE No. 6j. 

William W. Greenough, President. 

Solomon B. Stebbins, Alderman. 
William H. Whitmore, Councilman. 
James Freeman Clarke. 

Samuel A. B. Abbott. 
George B. Chase. 
Henry W. Haymes. 


Mbllen Chamberlain, Librarian and Clerk of ik« Corporation, 

James L. Whitney, Principal Assistant Librarian. 

Arthur M. Knapp, Curator of Periodicals and 

William H. Foster, Proofreader. 

Jos6 F. Carret, Curator of Patents and En- 
gravings, and Registrar. 

Ai>pleton p. C. Griffin, Custodian ofSMvM. 
William F. Robinson, Registration Cltrk. 
Thomas H. Cummings, Cnrator of Lowor Hmii 

Louis F. Gray, Ojfue Secretary. 

William E. Ford, fanitor., Central Library. 

Arthur M. Knapp, Bates Hall. 
Edward Tiffany, Lower Hall. 
Mary E. Brock, Brighton. 
Cornelius S. Cart^e, Ckarlesto-wn. 
Mary G. Coffin, Dorchester. 

Sarah C. Godbold, Ernst Bottom. 
Eliza K. Davis, Jmutmitm Plmim. 
Sarah Bunker, Ronhury. 
Alice J. Bragdon, Somtk Boot«m. 
Grace A. Dr Borou, SomtA Emd, 

Mary A. Hill, Custodian, Lower Mills. I Robert M. Otis, Custodian, RoslimJmU. 

Harriet L. Towner, Custodian, Mattapan. \ Anna Hibbard, Custodian, W Ranhury. 
Eliza R. Davis, Custodian, North Emd. 


Information for Readers 178 

Bates Hall I79 

Lower Hall and Branches 3o6 

North End . . . 
Benjamin Fnnklin 



Number of Volumes and Hours. 

All departments are open every secular day 
except the six legal holidays, — February 22, 
Fast Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving 
and Christmas, — and such other days as the 
Trustees may direct. 

The Bates Hall is open from nine o'clock, a.m., 
until six, P.M., from October to March, inclusive, 
and until seven o'clock during the rest of the 
year. The Lower Hall of the Central Library is 
open from half-past eight o'clock, a.m., to nine 
o'clock, P.M. The Central Reading Room for 
Periodicals is open from nine o'clock, a.m., 
until ten, p.m., and on Sundays from two to 

Bates Hall 

Newspaper Room . . . 
Duplicate Room . . . 

Lower Hall .* 

Brighton Branch . . . 
Charlestown Branch . 
Dorchester Branch . . 
£ast Boston Branch . 
Jamaica Plain Branch . 
Lower Mills Delivery . 
Mattapan Delivery . . 
North End Delivery . 

Roslindale Delivery , . 

Roxbury Branch . . . 
South Boston Branch . 
South End Branch . . 
West Roxbury Delivery 



) to 7 

8.30 to 9 
9 to 8*t 
9 to 8* 
9 to 8* 
9 to 8* 
9 to 8*1 
4 to 7.30*^ 
3.30 to 7tt 
4 to 10 
J 3 to6tt 
h to8tt 
9 to 8 
9 to 9 
9 to 8* 
3 to stt 






in R. R. 



• Keep cipeii till 9 p.m. Saturdays. 
+ Closed 12 M. to 2 I'.M. 
t Reading Room 9 to <J. 
"Closed troiii 6 to 6.30. 

4>3.142 744 

tf Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur- 
$$ Tuesdays to Saturdays, iuclusive. 
o Delivered to readers also on Sun- 


New Books as soon as received are entered on 
the Bulletin Boards of each Library. In the 
Bates Hall, before titles appear on the Board the 
new books are displayed (with the shelf-number 
attached) in a glass case at the desk. The lists in 
the Lower Hall and at the Branches show only 
the books added to those departments. The Dor- 
chester list is posted also at the Deliveries at the 
Lower Mills and Mattapan, and the Jamaica Plain 
list at the Deliveries at Roslindale and West Rox- 
bury. The Bulletins are for sale (excepting those 
out of print) at five cents each. Books with num- 
bers below 2 1 ID are in the Lower Hall; with 2110 
and above, in the Bates Hall. Those with Bri., 
Clui., Dor., E. B., J. P., Rox., S. B., S. 3E., 
or W. Rox., prefixed to the number are respect- 
ively in the Brighton, Charlestown, Dorchester, 
East Boston, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, South 
Boston, South End, or West Roxbury Branch. 

Bates Hall of the Central Library. 

I. The Index of i86i. (Includes the Bow- 
ditch Library.) Out ofj)rint. 

II. The Supplement of 1866. (Includes the 
Parker Library.) For sale in sheets at $2.00. 

III. The Catalogue of the Prince Li- 
brary. For sale at $1.00. 

IV. The Catalogue of the Ticknor Col- 
lection of Spanish and Portuguese books. For 
sale at Sj.oo. 

V. The Catalogue of the Barton Collec- 
tion. Shakespearian portion. For sale at Sj-oo. 

VI. Public Card Catalogue. This con- 
tains, with some exceptions, the titles of all the 
books in the Bates Hall. 

VII. The Official Card Catalogue, which 
can be consulted, in cases of need, upon applica- 
tion, contains the titles of all books added to the 
Bates Hall since the publication of the Supple- 
jnent in 1866, and includes some titles of books 
received between 1866 and 1871, which are not 
in the Public Card Catalogue. 


There is a separate catalogue of the Tosti En- 
gravings in drawers at the north end of the Pub- 
lic Card Catalogue case in Bates Hall. 

Lo'wer Hall of the Central labrary. 

I. Fiction and Juveniles, with notes for 
readers. 6tA edition, April, 1877. Embraces 
the "Index to Historical Fiction." 20 cents. 

II. Arts, Sciences, and Professions. 2d 
edition, September, 1871. 10 cents. — Supplement- 
ary Catalogue, May, 1881. 20 cents. 

III. History, Biography, and Tr.wels, 
with notes for readers. 2d edition, July, 1873. 
JO cents. 

IV. Books in Foreign Languages, jd 
edition. May, 1881. fj cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, Collections, and Mis- 
cellanies, ist edition, August, 1870. 20 cents. 

VI. Card Catalogue. This contains the 
titles of all the books in the Lower Hall, alpha- 
betically arranged, both by authors' names and 
by the titles of books. An assistant, who alone 
has access to this catalogue, will furnish such 
information as may not be found in the printed 


Catalogues are for sale: — Brighton, 2j cents, 
for the main Catalogue (including first Supple- 
ment), and 5 cents for each of the two subsequent 
Supplements; Charlestown, ^/.oo/ Dorchester, 
2J cents; East Boston, 2j cents ; Jamaica Plain, 
ij cents; Roxbury, jo cents; South Boston, 
2j cents. 

Bates Hall books can be applied for at the 
several Branches and Deliveries, and, if they are 
on the shelves, they will be sent to the Branch 
or Delivery the same or following day. 

The Bulletins since the issues of the Branch 
Catalogues constitute supplements to these sev- 
eral lists. 

Prices of Catalogues to Non-Residents 

are fixed to cover cost of manufacture and post- 
age, as follows : — 

Bates Hall. — I. Prince Catalogue, ^/. 75. Tick- 
nor Catalogue, Sj-oo. Barton Catalogue, Sj-oo. 

Lower Hall. — II. History, Biography, and 
Travel. S^-JO. 

III. Arts, Sciences, and Professions, yj cents. 

IV. Fiction and Juveniles, yj cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, and Miscellanies. $1.00. 
Bulletins. — VI. Quarterly issues, each, 20 cents. 
The Bulletins must be applied for as issued, 

during January, April, July, and October of each 
year, as subscriptions cannot be received. 

The Branch Cata