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VOL. 6. No. I. 

WHOtE No. 67. 

William W. Greenough, President. 

Charles V. Whitten, Alderman. 
Godfrey Morse, Councilman. 
James Freeman Clarke. 

Samuel A. B. Abbott. 
George B. Chase. 
Henry W. Haynes. 


Mellen Chamberlain, Librarian and Clerk of the Corporation 
James L. Whitney, Principal Assistant Librarian. 

Arthur M. Knapp, Curator of Periodicals and 

William II. Foster, Proof-reader. 
Jose F. Garret, Curator of Patents and En., 

gravings, and Registrar. 

Appleton p. C. Griffin, Custodian of Shelves. 
William F. Robinson, Registration Clerk. 
Thomas H. Cummings, Curctor of Lower Hall 

Louis F. Gray, Office Secretary. 

William E. Ford, janitor. Central Library. 

Arthur M. Knapp, Bates Hall. 
Edward Tiffany, Loxver Hall. 
Mary E. Brock, Brighton. 
Cornelius S. Cart^e, Charlestovjn. 
Mary G. Coffin, Dorchester. 

Sarah C. Godbold, East Boston. 
Eliza R. Davis, Jamaica Plain. 
Sarah Bunker, Roxbury. 
N. Josephine Bullard, South Boston. 
Grace A. De Borges, South End. 

Mary A. Hill, Custodian, Lower Mills. 
Harriet L. Atkinson, Custodian, Mattapan. 
Grace E. Powars, Custodian, Neponset. 

Eliza R. Davis, Custodian, North End. 
Robert M. Otis, Custodian, Roslindale. 
Anna Hibbard, Custodian, W. Roxbury. 

Information for Readers 2 

Bates Hall 3 

Lower Hall and Branches 5^ 

The Eddas . . . ^ 74 


Matthew Arnold . • • 
American Local History 





Number of Volumes and Hours. 

All departments are open every secular day 
except the six legal holidays, — February 22, 
Fast Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving 
and Christmas, — and such other days as the 
Trustees may direct. 

The Bates Hall is open from nine o'clock, a.m., 
until six, P.M., from October to March, inclusive, 
and until seven o'clock during the rest of the 
year. The Lower Hall of the Central Library is 
open from half-past eight o'clock, a.m., to nine 
o'clock, P.M. The Central Reading Room for 
Periodicals is open from nine o'clock, a.m., 
until ten, p.m., and on Sundays from two to 

Bates Hall . . . . ... 

Newspaper Room .\ 1 V 
Duplicate Room . . . 
Lower Hall ...... 

Brighton Bmncli . . . 
Charlestown Branch . 
Dorchester Branch . . 
East Boston Branch . 
Jamaica Plain Branch . 
Lower Mills Delivery . 
Mattapau Delivery . . 

Neponsct Delivery . . 

North End Delivery . 

Roslindalc Delivery . . 

Roxbury Branch . . . 
South Boston Branch . 
South End Branch . . 
West Roxbury Delivery 



) to 6 
. '. /.. . 

8.30 to < 
9 to j 




9 to S*t 
4 to 7.30** 
3.30 to jll 
(8 108.30 
4 to 9*** 

to 6tt 

to Stt 

to 8 

to 9 


to stt 


in R. R. 



















I : ,636 







*Kepp<>pen till 9 P.M. Saturdavs. 
f Closed l-.'M to 2 I'.M. 
iKradiiiK Room i)to <.l. 
•♦Clostd troiii 6 t.i «.,•». 
ft Tueaday », Thuraday «, and.Satur- 

JlTucsdnvs to Saturdays, inclusive 
**• Saturdays from 2 to 9. 
oDeliveu'd to readers also on Sun- 



New Books as soon as received are entered on 
the Bulletin Boards of each Library. In the 
Bates Hall, before titles appear on the Board the 
new books are displayed (with the shelf-number 
attached) in a glass at the desk. The lists in 
the Lower Hall and at the Branches show only 
the books added to those departments. The Dor- 
chester list is posted also at the Deliveries at the 
Lower Mills, Neponset, and Mattapan, and the 
Jamaica Plain list at the Deliveries at Roslindale 
and West Roxbury. The Bulletins are for sale 
(excepting those out of print) at five cents each. 
Books with numbers below 2iioare in the Lower 
Hall; with 21 lo and above, in the Bates Hall. 
Those with Bri., Chii., Dor., E. II,, J. p., jv. K,, 
Rox., S. B., s. K., or w. Box., prefixed to the 
number are respectively in the Brighton, Charles- 
town, Dorchester, East Boston, Jamaica Plain, 
North End, Roxbury, South Boston, South End, 
or West Roxbury Branch. 

Bates Hall of the Central Library. 

I. The Index of i86i. (Includes the Bow- 
ditch Library.) Out offritit. 

II. The Supplement of 1866. (Includes the 
Parker Library.) For sale in s/icets at S^.oo. 

III. The Catalogue of the Prince Li- 
brary. For sale at $1.00. 

IV. The Catalogue of the Ticknor Col- 
lection of Spanish and Portuguese books. For 
sale at Sj.oo. 

V. The Catalogue of the Barton Collec- 
tion. Shakespearian portion. For sale at $^.00. 

VI. Public Card Catalogue. This con- 
tains, with some exceptions, the titles of all the 
books in the Bates Hall. 

VII. The Official Card Catalogue, which 
can be consulted, in cases of need, upon applica- 
tion, contains tlie titles of all books added to the 
Bates Hall since the publication of the Supple- 
ment in 1866, and includes some titles of books 
received l>etween 1866 and 1S71, which are not --^ 
in the Public Card Catalogue. ^^ 

Eugraviugs. o jT | 

There is a separate catalogue of the Tosti En- "V ri C *" 
gravings in drawers at the north end of the Pub- \) 'v? o^ 
lie Card Catalogue case in Bates Hall. . • r 

Lower Hall of the Central Library. 

I. Fiction and Juveniles, with notes for 
readers. 6th edition, April, 1877. Embraces 
the "Index to Historical Fiction." 20 cents. 

II. Arts, Sciences, and Professions. 2d 
edition, September, 1S71. 10 cents. — Supplement- 
ary Catalogue, May, 1881. 20 cents. 

III. History, Biography, and Travels, 
with notes for readers. 2d edition, July, 1S73. 
50 cents. 

IV. Books in Foreign Languages, jd 
edition, May, 1881. /j cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, Collections, and Mis- 
cellanies. 1st edition, August, 1870. 20 cents. 

VI. Card Catalogue. This contains the 
titles of all the books in the Lower Hall, alpha- 
betically arranged, both by authors' names and 
by the titles of books. An assistant, who alone 
has access to this catalogue, will furnish such 
information as may not be found in the printed 


Catalogues are for sale: — Brighton, 2^ cents, 
for the main Catalogue (including first Supple- 
ment), and J cents for each of the two subsequent 
Supplements : Charlestown, 50 fc« At; Dorchester, 
_50 cents; East Boston, 2j cents ; Jamaica Plain, 
/J cents; Roxbury, 20 cents; South Boston, 
20 cents ; South End, jo cents. 

Bates Hall books can be applied for at the 
several Branches and Deliveries, and, if they are 
on the shelves, they will be sent to the Branch 
or Delivery the same or following day. 

The Bulletins since the issues of the Branch 
Catalogues constitute supplements to these sev- 
eral lists. 

Prices of Catalogues to Non-Residents 

are fixed to cover cost of manufacture and post- 
age, as follows : — 

Bates Hall. — I. Prince Catalogue, .^'/./J. Tick- 
nor Catalogue, Sj.oo. Barton Catalogue, $j.oo. 

Lower Hall. — II. History, Biography, and 
Travel. $ 

HI. Arts, Sciences, and Professions, yj cents. 

IV. Fiction and Juveniles, jj cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, and Miscellanies. $1.00. 
Bulletins. — VI. Issues, each, 20 cents. 

The Branch Catalogues and other publications 
will be furnished, as far as practicable, on terms 
.0 be made known on application. 

Central Periodical Reading Room. 

A list of periodicals currently received is for 
sale at j cents. There is also a List of serial 
publications now taken in the principal libraries 
of Boston and Cambridge. Price, 20 cents. 




Shelf-numbers 3110 and upwards indicate books in Bates 

Shelf-numbers below 21 10 Indicate books in the Lower Hall. 
Bri., Brighton Branch. 

Clin., Branch. 

I>or., Dirchester Branch. 

K. B., East Boston Branch. 

J. P., Jamaica Plain Branch. 

N. K., North End Branch. 
Rox., Rnxbury Branch. 

8. B., South Boston Branch. 

8. £., South End Branch. 

W. Rox., West Roxbury Delivery Station. 
N. R., Newspaper Room. 

R. R. 
C. R., 
[ f 

( ) 

Reading^ Room. 

Catalofj^ue Room. 

No date of publication given. 

No place of^publication given. 


Enclose corrections or explanations. 

Stands for the preceding heading. 

Stands for a subordinate heading. 

Enclose names not usually rctiiined. 

Permission of the Librarian, or officer in charge of 
Bates Hall, required to take the book out. A^t at- 
tached to Lower Hall copies of the same book. 

Book cannot leave the Library. 

Permission of Trustees required to take the book out 

Friends of the Public Library will confer a favor, if they will communicate the correction of 
any error they m:iy discover in this List, the authors hip of any wjrks treated as anonymous, or the 
name of any person entered only under a pseudonym. 


A., E. H. The tribes on my frontier. An In- 
dian naturalist's foreign policy. With illus. 
Calcutta, 1883. Sm. 8«. " 3889.55 

Abbott, John S. C. The history of Napoleon 
Bonaparte. With maps and illus. N. Y. [1883.] 
2 V. 8°. 4651.12; **465i.i3 

First published in Harper's New monthly magazine, 
from August, 185 1, to February, 1855. 

Abbreviations. Sec Fallows. 

Abelard and Heloise. A mediaeval romance, 
with the letters of Heloise, edited by Abby S. 
Richardson. Boston, 1884 [^883]- ^^^ 2670b. 65 

Achiardi, Antonio d'. Bibliografia minera- 
logica, geologica e paleontologica della Toscana. 
Roma, 1875. L. S'^. *^\^2..^\ 

Acting. 6'cc Diderot; — Garcia. 

Adam, Lucien. Les idiomes ndgro-aryen et 
maleo-arven. Essai d'hybridologie linguistique. 
Paris, 18S3. 8». 495552 

Adams, George B. Mediaeval civilization. 
N. Y.,1883. [History primers.] 16". 22993.60 

Adams, Oscar F. A brief handbook of English 
authors. Boston, 1884 [1883]. 16*. 254ob.75 

Adams, Robert C. Evolution, a summary of 
evidence. N. Y., 18S3. '2°. 3826.77 

Adulteration. Sec Bell, J. 

.ffischylus. Aeschyli fabulae 'Itdriieq, Xorf<j>6poi 
in libro Mediceo mendose scriptae editae cum 
scholiis Graecis et brevi adnotatione critica cu- 
rante F. A. Paley. Cantabrigiae, mdccclxxxiii. 
8°. 3972.66 

^schylus, continued. 

— The suppliant maidens. Trans, into En- 
glish verse by E. D. A. Morshead. London, 18S3. 
Sm. 8^. 2979.77 

.Esthetics. See Fechner ; — Horsfall. 

Africa. See Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 6, 
Hotz) ; — Vinson. 

Agassiz, Louis J. R. See Guyot. 

Agricola, Rudolphus. See Bossert. 

Agriculture. See Steffen. 

Agrippa, Cornelius. See Prost. 

Aikin family. See Martin, M. E. 

Ainos, race in Asia. See Scheube. 

Aitareya Brahmanam, The, of the Rigveda, 
containing the earliest speculations of the Brah- 
mans on the meaning of the sacrificial prayers 
and on the Vedic religion. Edited, trans, and 
explained by Martin Haug. Bombay, 1863. 2 v. 
12". 74898.16 

Alaska. See Cruise. 

Albania. See Dozon. 

Albergati Capacelli, Francesco, marckese. See 

Albi, France. Cathidrale Sainte-Cicile. Set 

Alcott, William A. Tobacco: its effects on 
the human .system. With notes and additions by 
N. Sizer. N. Y.. 1883. Sm. 13°. 5574-85 

Original publication, 1S57, entitled, "The use of tobacco." 

Aldrich, Thomas B. Mercedes, and later lyr- 
ics. Boston, 1S84 [1883]. I3». •2402.23 



Alexander the Great. See Droysen. 

Alexandrine codex. See Bible. 

Alexis, 5/. See Stengel. 

Alger, William R. The poetry of the Orient. 
[5th edition.] Boston, 18S3. 12°. 3028.23 

Allen, Fred H. Cortes : or the discovery, con- 
quest and more recent history of Mexico. Bos- 
ton. [18S1.J Illus. 16°. ' 2318.75 

Allen, Jic-'. George, 0/ Worcester. Remi- 
niscences. With a biographical sketch and notes 
by Franklin P. Rice. Worcester, Mass., 1883. 
Portrait. 8°. *4440.62 

Allen, George G. Universal phonography, or 
shorthand by the "Allen method." Boston, 
1883. 16". 2119.46 

Allen, Grant. Flowers and their pedigrees. 
London, 1S83. Illus. Sm. 8". 3858.78 

Allen, John, fseud. See Clute, Oscar. 

Allen, Joseph H. Christian history in its three 
great periods. Third period. Modern phases. 
Boston, 1883. 160. 3528.65 

Allen, Zachariah. See Perry, A. 

Alsace. Sec Lee, K. 

Altemus, Jameson T. Helena Modjeska. 
With illus. N. Y. [1883.] Portrait. 160. 3067.38 

Amari, Michele. Racconto popolare del Ves- 
pro siciliano. Roma, 1882. 16°. 27293.55 

Amateur, L', d'autographes. Revue publiee 
sous la direction de E. Charavay. 1875, 76, 79-82. 
Paris, 1875-82. 6 v. in 3. Facsimiles. 8". 


— Table gen^rale des lettres at documents, 
ire serie, 1S62-74. Paris, 1877. 8°- *C.R.i8.3.i3A 

America. See Desimoni; — Hervey de Saint 
Denys ; — Kohl ; — Pezzi ; — Steffen. 

America, South. See Crevaux. 

American academy of arts and sciences. Me- 
moirs. Centennial volume. Cambridge, 1882. 
4°- *3370-50 

American register, The. Vol. i. Oct. i<;, 
i88i-Feb. 24, 1S83. [Washington, 1881-83.] 4«. 


Devoted to the interests of the Democratic party. 

Amherst, A^evj Hampshire. See Secomb. 

Amira, Carl von. Nordgermanisches Obliga- 
tionenrecht. iter B. Altschwedisches Obliga- 
tionenrecht. Leipzig, 1882. 8°. 3663.61 

Amos, Sheldon. The history and principles 
of the civil law of Rome. London, 1883. 8°- 


Anagnos, Julia Romana. Stray chords. 
[Poems.] Boston, 1883. i^°- 2402.21 

Anatomy. See Potter ; — Ruedinger. 

Ancient and honorable artillery company. See 

Ancient helmets and examples of mail. A 
catalogue of the objects exhibited in the rooms of 
the Royal archjeological institute, June, 1880. 
Accompanied by critical notes by the Baron de 
Cosson & W. Burges. The plates drawn by 
W. G. B. Lewis. London, 1881. 8°. *6237.23 

Ancona, Alessandro d'. I precursori di Dante. 
Firenze, 1874. 8". 2776.62 

Ancona, Alessandro d', and Comparetti, Do- 
menico, editors. Le antiche rime volgari secondo 
la lezione del cod ice Vaticano 3793. Bologna. 
1875-81. 2 V. 8°. *4763.52 

Anderson, Richard. Lightning conductors. 
With illus. London, 1880. 8°. 3961.62 

Contains a list of works consulted, also a bibliography of 
works bearing on lightning conductors. 

Anderson, Thomas. Shorthand systems : a 
full discussion of various English authors and 
experts of the respective merits of each system, 
with specimens of Taylor's, Gurney's, Pitman's, 
&c. London, 18S3. "Sm. 8''. *2i28.50 

Andree, Richard; Ethnographische Parallelen 
imd Vergleiche. Mit Tafelnund Holzschnitten. 
Stuttgart, 1878. 8". 6236.53 

Andrews, William. Curious epitaphs, col- 
lected from the graveyards of Great Britain and 
Ireland, with notes. London. [1883] Illus. 
Sm. 8". 2532.14 

Contains a bibliography of epitaphs. 

Anecdotes. See Imbault-Huart; — Taylor, 
R. V. 

Anglo-Saxon language. See Fac-similes. 

Animals. See Wilson, A. 

Annales d'hygiene publique et de medecine 
legale. Tables alphabetiques des volumes de la 
le, 26 sdrie, 1829 a 1878. Paris, 1855, 80. 2 v. in 
1. 8°. *3725-i5 

Ann^e maritime, L'. Revue des ^v^nements 
qui se sont accomplis dans les marines fran^aise 
et etrangeres. Annde 1-6. 1876-81. Paris, 
1877-83. 18°. 59593.65 

Annuaire de la presse francjaise, 1882, par 
Emile Mermet. 36 annee. Paris, 1882. Illus. 
Portraits. 18°. *6i99.3 

Annuario della nobilitk italiana. Anno 4, 5. 
1882, 83. Pisa, 1881, 82. Plates. 32°. *2739a.5i 

Anonymous authors. See Baur. 

Antiquities. See Ancient; — Archives; — 
Armellini ; — Baer ; — Bijdragen ; — Bursian ; — 
Carina; — Clermont-Ganneau ; — Corpvs; — 
Ephemeris ; — Fillion ; — Finzi ; — Gross; — 
Herder; — Kaibel; — Ledrain; — Madras; — 
Magerstedt; — Petrie; — Recueil; — Revue 
archeologique ; — Rosny ; — Societe nationale ; — 

Antiquities of Ionia, published by the Society 
of dilettanti. Parts 1-4. London, 1797-1881. 
4 V. Plates. F". **Cab.4i.C.i.andD.i 

Anuario universal para 18S2. Quinto afio. 
Mexico. [1881.^] 16". *43i9a.55 

Contains the tariff of Nov., iSSo, with regulations, etc. ; 
internal revenue law, foreign statistics, register of Mexican 
officials, commercial directory, etc. 

Aphorisms. See Fortunate men. 

Appel, Carl. Das Leben und die Lieder des 
Trobadors Peire Rogier. Berlin, 1882. 80.2687.27 

Aquarium. 5"^^ Martin, J. H. 

Arabia. See Ebers ; — Oeffentliche Vortrage 
(vol. 4, Desor). 

Arabian language and literature. See Basset; 

— Bidpai' ; — Huart ; — Palmer, E. H. ; — Slane. 
Arbaumont, Jules d', editor. Cartulaire du 

prieure de Saint-Etienne de Vignory. Publid 
sous les auspices de la Societe historique et 
archdologique de Langres. Langres, 1882. Plates. 
8°. *46ii.56 

Arbois de Jubainville, Marie Henri d'. Intro- 
duction a I'etude de la litterature celtique. Paris, 
18S3. 8°. 2551.58 

Architectural association of Boston. Sketch 
book. 1st issue. [Boston.] 1883. 30 plates. 
L. 4°. Trustees' Room 

This work is edited bv R. D. Andrews, E. M. Wheel- 
wright, Cass Gilbert, and W. E. Chamberlain. 

Architecture. See Bishop, H. H. ; — Camp; 

— Clark, T. M. ; — Fabricius ; — Handbuch ; — 
Laspeyres ; — Reed, S. B. ; — Saint- Paul ; — Schoy. 



Archives des missions scientifiques et litt^- 
raires. Choix de rapports et instructions public 
sous les auspices du Ministiire de I'instruction 
publique et des cultes. T. i-8; 2e s^rie, t. 1-7; 
3e s^rie, t. 1-9. Paris, 1850-82. 24 v. in 23. 
Illus. Plates. Folded maps. 8". *6224.5i 

Arctic regions. See Cruise ; — De Long ; — 
I leer. 

Aretino, Pietro. See Sinigaglia. 

Argot. See Boutmy. 

Arianism. See Gwatkin. 

Aristotle. See Auteurs. 

Aristophanes. Sec Martin, A. 

Arithmetic. See Sadler. 

Armellini, Mariano. Le catacombe romane. 
Roma, iSSo. F^olded plan. 8°. 2754-17 

Armenian language. See Lauer. 

Armor. See Ancient helmets. 

Arneth, Alfred, Ritter von. Geschichte Maria 
Theresia's. B. 1-9. Wien, 1S63-79. 8<>. 2853.7 

Arouet, pseud. £chos de I'esprit moderne. 
Par Arouet, arrifere-neveu de V^oltaire. Paris, 

1882. 12". 55603.70 
Arrom, Cecilia Boehl de. Cuatro novelas por 

Fernan Caballero \^pscitd.]. Leipzig, 1866. 16". 

**D. 160.109 

Contents. — Una en otr,i; Un servilon y un liberalito; 
Con mal 6 con bien a los tuyos te ten ; j Pobre Dolores ! 

— La Farisea, Las dos gracias y otras novelas 
escogidas de Fernan Caballero. Leipzig, 1867. 
16". **D. 160.61 

Art and letters : an illustrated monthly maga- 
zine. Conducted by J. C Carr. Vol. i, 2. 1881- 
83. London, 1882, 83. F". *695o.i5 

Art book of our presidents and their ladies. 
Containing the lives of the presidents and ladies 
of the White House. With tables of statistics, 
etc., laws of business, rules of etiquette, etc. 
Boston. [1883.] Portraits. Illus. 8^ ♦444I-70 

Arthur, William. On the difference between 
physical and moral law. The Fernley lecture of 

1883. London, 1883. 8°. 3584-25 
Artistic conservatories, and other horticultural 

buildings, designed to be constructed on the 
patent system of Messenger & company, from 
sketchesby E. W. Godwin, and from designs and 
drawings bv M. B. Adams. London, 1880. 20 
plates. 40,"obl. 8092.13 

Arts decoratifs pratiques, Les. Encyclopedic 
de I'ornement a toutes les epoques. Sculpture 
decorative, marbre, pierre, bois [etc.]. Par J. 
Justin Storck, graveur. le ann^e. Jan.-aofit, 
1883. Paris, 1883. Plates. 8°. *69ioa.50 

Ashenhurst, Thomas R. Design in textile 
fabrics. With coloured plates and diagrams. 
London, 1883. Sm. 8". 8028.34 

Ashton, John, editor. Humour, wit, & satire 
of the seventeenth centurv. N. Y. [printed Edin- 
burgh], 1884 [1883]. Illus. 8°. 4562.68 

Ashworth, Henry. Recollections of Richard 
Cobden, and the anti-corn-law league. London. 
[1879.="] Sm. 8«. 3659-85 

Appended, The returns of the Board of trade, showing 
the increase of foreign trade since tlie repeal of the corn and 
provision laws. 

Assam, India. See Barker. 

Assmus, Rudolf. Die jiussere Form neuhoch- 
deutscher Dichtkunst. Leipzig, 1882. 8^. 4871-13 

Association francjaise pour I'avancement des 
sciences, Paris. Compte rendu de la ii"' session. 
1882. Paris, 1883. Plates. 8°. * 

Association pour rencouragemenl des Etudes 
grecqucs en F'rance. Annuaire. i6" ann^e. 
Paris, 1882. 8". * 2966.50 

Associazione tipografico-libreria italiana, J/i- 
laii. Catalogo collettivo della librcria italiana. 
Nuova edizione, per la EspoKizione nazionale 
del 1881 in Milano. Milano. [i88t.] L. S^. 


Assyria. See Finzi; — Harkness; — Mdnant; 
— Reccuil. 

Astrology. See Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 5, 

Astronomy. See Great Britain, Royal observa- 
tory ; — M'Currick; — Observatoire; — Ocffcnt- 
iche Vortrage (vol. 4, Meyer) ; — Peters ; — 
United States, Bureau of navigation. Naval ob- 

Asvaghosha Bodhisattva. The Fo-sho-hing- 
tsan-king. A life of Buddha. Trans, from San- 
skrit into Chinese by Dharmaraksha, a.d. 420, 
and from Chinese into English by S. Beal. Ox- 
ford, 1883. [Muller, F. Max, editor. The sacred 
books of the East. Vol. 19.] 8'\ 3014.56 

Athens. See Caillemer; — Martha; — Schvarcz. 

Aubign^, Theodore Agrippa d'. See R^aume. 

Austen, Jane. 5'<?e Thackeray. 

Australasia. See Coote. 

Australia. 6VeBull; — Twopeny. 

Austria. See Hunter. 

Auteurs grecs, Les, expliquds d'apres une m<- 
thode nouvelle par deux traductions frant^ises, 
I'une litterale et juxtalineaire, I'autre correcte et 
precddee du texte grec. Aristote ; Po^tique. [Ex- 
pliquee et annot^e par M. F. Parnajon, et traduite 
par M. Egger.] Paris, 1875. 12°. 2979-76 

Authors. See Shepard. 

Autographs. See Amateur. 

Avery, Elroy M. The complete chemistry. A 
text-book. Illus. N. Y. [1883.] 12". 5979-83 

Avesta. The Zend-Avesta. Part i, 2. Trans, 
by James Darmesteter. Oxford, 1880, 83. 2 v. 
[Miiller, F. Max, editor. The sacred books of 
the East. Vol. 4, 23.] 8". 3024-5<S 

Contents.— \. The Vendidad. — J. The SirSzahs. YaaU, 

and Nyayis. 

Ayer, N. W., and Sons. American newspaper 
annual. Phila., 1883. 8°. ♦2140.17 

Bach, Johann Sebastian. See Spitta. 

Bachelin, L. Hans Makart et les cinq 
sens. Esquisse esth^tique. Paris. [1883] 16". 


Bacon, Francis, baron Verulam and viscomui 
St. Albans. See Lovejoy. 

Badke, Otto. Das italienische Volk in Spiegel 
seiner Volkslieder. Breslau. 1879. 8". 2774.66 

Baer, Wilhelm. Der vorgeschichtlicheMensch. 
2te vollig umgearb. Auflage von F. von HcUwald. 
Mit !;o9 Illus. und 6 Tonbildern. Leipzig, i88a 

go. " 6234.5a 

Bailleu, Paul, editor. Preussen und Frank- 
reich von 1795 bis 1807. Diplomatische Corrcs- 
pondenzen. iter Theil. 1795-1800. Leipzig. 
1881. [Publicationen aus den K. preussischen 
Staatsarchiven.] 8". 2813.59 

Baker, David, called Augustine. Sancta So- 
phia, or directions for the prayer of contempla- 
tion, etc. Extracted out of more than forty 
treatises written by Augustin Baker, and digested 
by Serenus Cressy. Now edited by Norbert 
Sweeney. Cincinnati. [1876?] Portrait- 8». 




Baldwin, Charles C. The Candee genealo»3'. 
With notices of allied families of AUyn, Catlin, 
Cooke, Mallerv, Newell, Norton, Pynchon and 
Wadsworth. Cleveland, Ohio, 1882. Plates. S". 


Baldwin, James. The story of Roland. N.Y., 
1883. Plates. 8°. 4660.52 

This is not a mere transcript of the old romances ; the in- 
dividual parts of the storj' have been arranged and retouched 
to adapt It to modern notions of propriety. — Preface. 

— Same. London. [1883.] Plates. 8°. 4660.53 

Balize, Central America. See Gibbs. 

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gua.] 8°. 476353; 4763-58 

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Pages iii-vi contain a list of authorities. 

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— I primi due secoli della letteratura italiana. 
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The ori{;Jns of the Italian language and literaUire, and 
studies of the works of Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio are 
the principal features of this work. 

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Bartsch, Carl F., editor, continued, 

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Basque language and literature. See Eys; — 

Basque provinces. See Haristoy. 

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3a edicion. 
8". 3097-50 
Edited bv F. 
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tres nouvelles. Nouvelle edition. Tournai, 1876. 

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Bedfordshire notes and queries. 
A. Blaydes. Part 1-3. 

No. I in 4660.61 

5e edition. 

36 edition. 


— Julie. Paris. [1863.] 

— La maison roulante. Illus. 
Paris, 1 88 1. 16°. 

— Par dessus la haie. Illus. 
Paris, 1876. 16". 

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Paris, 1882. i6«. 4660.58 

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16°. No. 2 in 4660.61 

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16°. 4660.56 

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Atlantico. Milano, 1872. Portrait. F". 


Belgium. See Biialmont; — Gantier; — Hu- 

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Bell, Charles U., compiler. Index, or sum- 
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form plan with, and being a continuation of, the 
" Massachusetts digest." Boston, 1883. 8". 


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Sm. 8". , 597764 

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1876. S". 467274 

Contains, pp. v-xiv, an Index bibliographiquc. 

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Sm. S". 3097-56 

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— Same. N. Y. [1SS3.] 120. 5059-63 

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Berry, old -province of France. See Nicolay. 

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A series of lectures before the College of France, 
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powder, trans, from the German of K. Braun 
by J. P. Wisser. And a bibliography of works 
on explosives. N. Y., 1883. [Van Nostrand's 
Science series.] Sm. 12°. 5969a.39 

Reprinted from Van Xostrand's magazine. 

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Neapel, und der angrenzenden Meeres-Ab- 
schnitte. Mit Tafel. Herausg. von der Zoolo- 
gischen Station zu Neapel. Leipzig, 1882. [Fau- 
na und Flora des Golles von Neapel. j 4". ♦3820.69 

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sies et oeuvres diverses. Avec une notice bio- 
bibliographique par E. Asse. Paris, 1879. Por- 
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tale elzevirienne.] 18''. ♦3029a. 72 

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277456; 477153 

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Vol. I, 2, 4. [London.] 1879-83. 4". ♦♦7420.53 

Contents. — t. Old Testament. Genesis -3 Chronicles- 
2. IIrisca-4 Miccabe:^. 4. New Testanioat and Clemen- 
tine epistles. 

This is an autotype facsimile. Baher's editi'>n of the 


Bible, continued. 
Alexandrine codex of the Old and New TestamenU, 
printed in characters resembling the original, is 00 shelf 
number •G.j8o.»6. 

— See Blaikie ; — Briggs ;— Pillion ;— Hadley ; 

— Ladd, G. T. ; — Manning; — Stanley. 

— Pentateuch. See Bartlett; — Bush; — Geb- 

— yob. See Ewald. 

— Ecclesiastes. See Wright. 

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on the New Testament. Edited by P. Schaff. 
Vol. 4. N.Y.,1883. i6». H.98.4a 

Contents. — ±. The gospel according to John, by W. 
Milligan, and W. F. Moiilton. 

— A popular commentary on the New Testa- 
ment. By English and American scholars of 
various evangelical denominations. With illus. 
and maps. Edited by P. Schaff. N. Y., 1879- 
83. 4 v. L. 8". 3412.58 

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— A commentary on St. Paul's Epistles to the 
Corinthians. By J. A. Beet. N. Y., 1S83. 8". 


— JVetv Testament. See Mitchell, E. C. 

— IVeiv Testament, /Revision. See Goodwin ; 

— Smith, G. V. 

— Gospels. See Bruce, A. B. 

— Epistles. See Theodore. 

Bibliografia romana. Notizie della vita e 
delle opere degli scrittori romani dal secolo xi 
fino ai nostri giorni. Vol. i. Roma, iSSo. 
[Ministero di agricoltura, industria e commercio.] 
8°. ♦6i6oa.ii 

A list of 14 contributors to the first volume is given, one 
of whom, Girolamo Amati, writes the Prolegwneni. 

Bibliography. See Achiardi ; — Anderson, R. ; 

— Bibliotheque nationale ; — Breitinger ; — Bur- 
sian ; — Cooke, G. W. ; — Cordier ; — Curtis, C. 
B. ; — Delayant; — Gracklauer; — Huart; — Petz- 
holdt; — Pigorini; — Portis; — Stevens, H G. ; 

— United States, Surgeon-general's office. 
Biblioth&que nationale, Paris. Dipartentent 

des imprimis. Catalogue de I'histoire de France. 

T. i-ii. Paris, 1855-79. " v. 4°. ♦6i6x.i 

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partementdesimprim^s. Paris, 1882. 8". ♦2176.62 

— See Delisle ; — Slane. 

Bibliotheque orientale elzevirienne. See Ba- 
siliadis ; — Bhartrihari ; — Chen-ki-souen ; — De- 
vic ; — Dhammapada ; — Fables turques ;— Fazil- 
Bey; — Harshadeva; — Kdlid.'isa; — Kitabi ; — 
Menant; — Pierret; — Poole; — Rosny; — 
Scherzer; — Sudraka; — Summer; — Sutra. 

Bibliotheque universelle et revue suissc. 
Table des travaux de la revue publics de Janvier 
1866 a decembre 1875. Lausanne, 1876. S". 


Bicycle. See Wheelman. 

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Privatelv printed. Phila., 1SS3. S». 424»-55 

Bidpaii or Pilpay. Deux versions h^braiques 
[de I'arabe] du livre de Kalilfth et Dimnah. la 
premiere accompagn^e d'une traduction fran«jaise, 
publiees par J. Dcrcnbourg. Paris. iSSi- [Bi- 
bliotheque de I'Ecolt des hautes etudes.] 9fi. 


The first translation is attributed to one Rabbi Joel. Th« 
secnnd is by Jacob ben Elazar. 



Biegeleisen, Heinrich. Charakteristik Trem- 
becki's. Ein Beitrag zur slavischen Literatur- 
geschichte der zweiten Halfte des achtzehnten 
Jahrhunderts. Inauguraldissertation. Leipzig, 
18S2. 16^'. 5062.10 

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8". 5975-59 

Bijdragen voor vaderlandsche geschiedenis en 
oudheidkunde, verzameld en uitgegeven door 
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i-io; 3de reeks, d. i. Arnhem[en 's Graven- 
hagej, 1837-82. 21 V. Folded phites. Tables. 
8". *48i6.5o 

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Spain; or, a spring in the Pyrenees. Illus. by 
Dor^ and Miss Blunt. London, 1883. Folded 
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Billederaf Livet paa Island. Islandske Sagaer. 
Paa Dansk ved F. Winkel Horn. Kj0benhavn, 
1871-76. 3 V. Folded map. 8°. 4872.5 

Bills of exchange. See Begouen. 

Biography. Sec Burke ; — Bursian ; — Finch ; 
— Koenigliche ; — Omond ; — Phillips ; — Shep- 
ard ; — Sketches ; — Thomas, E. A. 

Biology. Sec Doherty. 

Birds. Sec Dionne ; — Wilson, A. 

Birmingham, England. See Langford. 

Bishop, Coleman E., compiler. Pictures from 
English history. By the great historical artists. 
N. Y., 1883. Illus. Maps. Plates. Portraits. 
12°. 2429.66 

Extracts from historical writers, prepared for the use of 
the Chautauqua literary and scientific circle. 

Bishop, Henry H. Pictorial architecture of 
the British isles. London. [1883.] 4°, obi. 


The las£ chapter mentions some titles of books on archi- 

Bishop, Nathan. A laj'man's ministry. Notes 
on the life of Nathan Bishop, ll.d. [Printed 
for private circulation. 1883.^] Portrait. 16°. 

Bishop, William H. Old Mexico and her lost 
provinces. A journey in Mexico, Southern 
California, and Arizona, by way of Cuba. With 
illus. N. Y., 1883. 12°. 2318.73 

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von. Les discours de Bismarck. Avec som- 
maires et notes, table et index. Vol. i-io. Ber- 
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— Digte og Sange. Rettet og 0get Udgave. 
K0benhavn, 1880. 16°. 4870.84 

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benhavn, 1878. 16°. 4870.86 

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lien. Kj0benhavn, 1879. 16". 4870.85 

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16°. 4872.27 

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160. 4870.88 

— Maria Stuart i Skotland. 4de Udgave. Kj0- 
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Bjornsou, Bj0rnstjerne, continued. 

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16°. 4872.26 

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18S3. With illus., facsimiles of sketches by the 
artists. London, 1883. 8". *4077.62 

— Academy sketches containing illus. drawn 
by the artists, from various exhibitions. [First 
year, 1883.] London. [1883.] 8°. *8o85.56 

Blaetter fiir Kunstgewerbe. B. 11. Wien, 
1882. 40. *8o7o.54 

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tory in connection with the general history of 
the world. New edition, enlarged. London, 
1882. Sm. 8''. 5427.74 

Blake, Mary. Twenty-six hours a day. Bos- 
ton. [1883. J 16°. 5574-84 

"To busy mothers hoping to help solve some of the 
troublesome problems of a woman's life." — Dedication. 

Blatchford, John. Narrative, detailing his 
sufferings in the revolutionary war, while a 
prisoner with the British. With an introd. and 
notes by C. I. Bushnell. N. Y., 1865. Portraits. 
Plates. 8°. *44i5.66 

A reprint of the New London edition, 17S8. 

Block Island, Rhode Island. See Harris, E. D. 

Boccaccio, Giovanni. Delle donne famose di 
Giovanni Boccacci, traduzione di M. Donato 
degli Albanzani di Casentino detto I'Apennini- 
gena. Edizione 3a, curata da G. Manzoni. Con 
note. Bologna, 1881. [Collezione di opere 
inedite o rare del primi tre secoli della lingua.] 

8"- 4763-57 

Contains a list of members of La regia commissione 
italiana pe' testi di lingua ; also a necrology of members of 
the commission. 

— See Bartoli ; — Mamroth 

Bodfish, W. Parker. Through Spain on 
donkey-back; drawings by W. Parker Bodfish. 
Boston. [1883.] Sm. 40. 309oa.66 

A page of notes accompanies each plate. 

Bodmer, Johann J. Karl von Burgund. Ein 
Trauerspiel (nach Aeschylus). Heilbronn, 1883. 
[Deutsche Litteraturdenkmale des 18. Jahrhun- 
derts in Neudrucken herausg. von B. Seuffert.] 
16°. 4872.24 

Boehm, Theobald. See Welch. 

Boehmer, Dorothea Caroline A. M. Caroline. 
Briefe an ihre Geschwister, ihre Tochter Au- 
guste, die Familie Gotter, F. L. W. Meyer, A. 
W. und F. Schlegel, J. Schelling u. a. Nebst 
Briefen von A. W. und F. Schlegel u. a. Herausg. 
von G. Waitz. Leipzig, 1871. 2 v. 8°. 2853.51 

Bole, Heinrich C. See Weinhold. 

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lutrin. Paris, 1S65. 32". 6674.55 

Boissonade, Gustave. Projet de code de pro- 
cedure criminelle pour I'empire du Japon. 
Tokio, 1882. 8°. 3611.55 

Book-keeping. See Gordon, W. J. 

Books and reading. See Penn. 


Bordighera, Italy. See Hamilton. 

Borgia family. See Cittadella; — Du Mesnil 
de Maricoiirt. 

Born, Stephan. Die romantische Schule in 
Deutschland und in Frankreich. [Heidelberg, 
1879.] 8». 4872.25 

Taken from Fromniel and PfafTs Sammlung von Vor- 
tragen, Band 3, no. 4. 

Bossert, A. De Rodolpho Agricola Frisio, 
litterarum in Germania restitutore. Parisiis, 
1S65. 8°. 4873:34 

Boston. Revised ordinances, as passed prior 
to Dec. 31, 1882; being the 8th revision. Added 
the revised regulations of the board of alder- 
men. Boston, 1882. 8°. *635i.66 

B.H. Desk, I. 13 

— Foreign exhibitioHy 1883. The Foreign ex- 
hibition official gazette. No. 1-6. June-August, 
1883. Boston. [1883.] Illus. 40. * 

— See Bromley ; — Clark, E. E. ; — King, M. ; 

— New England manufacturers' institute. 

— Market, ^fc'e Wheildon. 

Boston college Stylus. Vol. i ; vol. 2, no. i, 2. 

Boston, 1883. F". *7240.52 

Botany. See Berthold ; — Herrick ; — Hooker ; 

— Luerssen ; — M'Alpine ; — Parlatore. 
Boucher, Pierre, d. 1717. Canada in the 

seventeenth century. From the French. By E. 
L. Montizambert. Montreal, 1883. Portrait. 
8°. 2317.67 

Bourges, France. See Nicolay. 

Bourgoin, Auguste. Un bourgeois de Paris 
lettr^ au xviie siecle. Valentin Conrart et son 
temps. Paris, 1883. 8°. 465oa.58 

The appendix contains selections from Conrart's poems. 

Boutmy, Eugene Dictionnaire de I'argot 
des typographes. Precede d'une monographie 
du compositeur d'imprimerie, et suivi d'un choix 
de coquilles typographlques celebres ou curi- 
euses. Paris, 1883. 12°. 6iig.i8 

Bradford, Massachui^etfs. See Kingsbury. 

Brahminism. See OetFentliche Vortrage (vol. 
4, Wackernagel). 

Brantome, Pierre de Bourdeille, seigneur de. 
CEuvres completes. Publiees par L. Lalanne. 
T. 10 Paris. 1881. 8°. *66i4.2 

Brassey, Sir Thomas. The British navy. 
Vol. 4, 5. London, 1883. 8°. *3953-62 

Contents. — 4. Dockyards, reserves, training', pensions. 
Bein^ a reprint of parliamentary speeches, letters, papers, 
and addresses, with additions. 5. British seamen. 

Brazil. See Cardim. 

Br6dif, Leon. Segrais, sa vie et ses oeuvres. 
Paris, 1883. 8". ■ 4652.56 

Breitinger, Heinrich. Das Studium des 
Italienischen. Die Entwicklung der Litteriir- 
sprache. Bibliographic der Hiilfsmittel des 
Studiums. Zurich, 1879. 8". 2774.65 

Brenner, Oscar. Altnordisches Handbuch. 
Litteraturiibersicht, Grammatik, Texte, Glossar. 
Leipzig, 1882. 8". 2886.69 

Contains a list: Hilfsbiicher zura Studium des Altiior- 

Brereton, Austin. Henry Irving: a biograph- 
ical sketch. Illus. with 17 full-page portraits. 
London, 1SS3. L 8". 2440.63 

Breton, Guillaume. Essai sur la podsie phi- 
losophique en Grece. Xenophane, Parmdnide, 
Empedocle. Paris, 1882. 8°. 2972.65 


Breymann, Hermann W. Die Lehre vom 
franzdsischen Verb, auf Grundlage der histori- 
schen Grammatik. MUnchen, 1882. 8". 2687.26 

Brialmont, Henri Alexis. Situation militaire 
de la Belgique. Travaux de defense de la Mcuse. 
Bruxelles, 1882. Folded map. 8". 3953-66 

Bridges. See Travaux. 

Briggs, Charles A. Biblical study, with a 
catalogue of books of reference. N. Y.,1883. 
8"- 3423-63 

Brockhaus' Conversations-Lexikon. Allge- 
meine deutsche Real-Encyklopadie. 131© Aufl. 
Mit Abbildungen und Karten. B. 4. Carlowitz- 
Deichselrecht. Leipzig, 1883. 8°. •C.R.7.7.1 

Bromley, George VV., & Co. Atlas of the city 
of Boston. Vol. I. City proper. Scale, 100 
feet to I inch. Phila., 1883. 21 plates. L. f>». 

Trustees' Room 

The area of each lot, the name of its owner, and the (ize 
and character of the buildings upon it, arc given. 

Brooks, Phillips. Sermons preached in En- 
glish churches. N. Y., 1883. 16". 5442.86 

Brown, John C, compiler. Finland: its for- 
ests and forest management. Edinburgh, 1883. 
Sm. 8°. 3859-72 

Brown, Marshall. Wit and wisdom of prover- 
bial philosophy. Phila., 1884 [1883]. 12°. 2400.80 

A collection of current humorous stories, etc. 

Brown, Oliver Madox. See Ingram. 

Brown, Robert, jr., F. S. A. The myth of 
Kirkfi : including the visit of Odysseus to the 
shades. An Homerik study. London, 1883. 8". 


Browning, John. How to use our eyes and 
how to preserve them by the aid of spectacles. 
With illus. London, 1883. Sm. 8". 3809.80 

Brubaker, Albert P. A compend of human 
physiology. Phila., 1883. [.' Quiz-compends.'J 
i6«. 576455 

Bruce, Alexander B. The Galilean gospel. 
Edinburgh, 1882. Sm. 8°. 544^-88 

— The parabolic teaching of Christ. A study 
of the parables of our Lord. London, 18S2. 8"». 


Bruce, Sanders D. The American stud-book ; 
containing full pedigrees of all the imported 
thorough-bred stallions and mares to the end of 
1877; also, all the native mares and their produce. 
Vol. 3. N. Y.,1882. 8". 4003.66 

Brunnhofer, Hermann. Giordano Bruno's 
Weltanschauung und Verhangniss. Leipzig, 
1S82. 80. 2744.69 

Bruno, Giordano. See Brunnhofer. 

Bubenik, Franz. Alexander Petofi. Eine 
Skizze seines Lebens und Dichtens. Wien, 
1882. 8". 2853.53 

Buchanan, Joseph R. Moral education : its 
laws and methods. N. Y. [1S82.] I2». 3584.33 

Buckham, Thomas R. Insanity considered in 
its medico-legal relations. Phila., 1SS3. 16". 


Buddhism. See Asvaghosha; — Lillic; — 
Summer ; — Vinaya ; — Widmann. 

Buerstenbindef,. Elisabeth. Der Egoist, von 
E. Werner {pseud.\ Stuttgart, 1S82. Piute. 
16''. 4870b. 6 1 

Buff, George L., and Berger, Louis. Hand- 
book and illustrated catalogue of the engineers' 
and surveyors' instruments, made by Buff &: Ber* 
ger. Boston, iS8v S". ' •80x7.40 

Building. See Clark. T. M. 



Buisson, Ferdinand, editor. Dictionnaire de 
pedago<jie, et d'instruction primaire. ire partie. 
T. I. Paris, iS83. 8". *3592.65 

Bulgaria. See Kanitz. 

Bull, John W. Early experiences of life in 
South Australia, and an extended colonial history. 
With illus. Adelaide, 1884 [18S3]. Sm. 8°. 3078.78 

Bulloch, James D. The secret service of the 
Confederate states in Europe; or, how the Con- 
federate cruisers were equipped. London, 1883. 
2 V. 8**. 4221.61 

Bunce, Oliver B., compiler. Fair words about 
fair woman. Gathered from the poets. N. Y., i 
1884 [1883]. Illus. Sm. 40. *256oa.66 

Bunker Hill monument association. Proceed- 
ings, 1883, with the address of Robert C Win- 
throp. Boston, 1883. 8°. *4355-67 

Buonarroti, Michael Angelo. See Eastlake ; 
— Longfellow. 

Burke, S. Hubert. Historical portraits of the 
Tudor dynasty and the reformation period. Lon- 
don, 1879-83. 4 V. 8°. 2440.65 

Bumham, Benjamin F. Records of Jesus re- 
■viewed, and fifty questions answered through five 
hundred reverent reasoners. Boston, 1883. 
Folded map. 12". 5444.86 

Burr, William H. The elasticity and resist- 
ance of the materials of engineering. N. Y. , 
1883. Illus. 8°. 4012.27 

Bursian, Conrad, editor. Biographisches 
Jahrbuch fiir Alterthumskunde. Jahrgang 1-4. 
1879-82. (/« Jahresbericht iiber die Fortschritte 
der classischen Alterthumswissenschaft. Vol. 
12, 15, 20, 24.) *6i79.5o 

A necrology of archaeologists deceased during each year. 

— Jahresbericht uber die Fortschritte der 
classischen Alterthumswissenschaft. 1873-1881. 
Berlin, 1874-82. 24 v. in 16. 8°. *6i79.5o 

Contains bibliographical lists. 

Bush, Robert W. A popular introduction to 
the Pentateuch. London. [1883.?] Sm. 8«. 3419.83 

Bussler, Ludwig. Geschichteder Musik. Sechs 
Vortrage iiber die fortschreitende Entwickelung 
der Musik in der Geschichte. Berlin, 1882. 8°. 


Butler, Clement M. The reformation in 
Sweden, and its triumph under Charles ix. 
Js. Y. [1883.] 8". 3525-66 

Butler, Samuel. See Roxberger. 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. The story of the 
notable prayers of Christian history. Boston. 
[1880.] i6'\ 5444-89 

Byron, Lord. See Weiser. 

Caballero, Fernan,^.";e«^. .See Arrom, Cecilia • 
B. de. 

Cabot, John. See Desimoni ; — Pezzi. 

Caesar, Caius Julius. See Gantier. 

Cage-birds. See Holden. 

Caillemer, Exupere. Le contrat de louage a 
Athenes Paris, 1869. S''. 5617.59 

— La naturalisation a Athfenes. Paris, 1880. 
8°. 5617.60 

— La prescription a Athenes. Paris, 1869. 8". 

Caix, Napoleone. Le origini della lingua 
poetica italiana, principii di grammatica storica 
italiana, con una introduzione suUa formazione 
degli antichi canzonieri italiani. [Firenze.'' 
1880?] 8°. 2771.60 

The same may be found in the Reale istituto di studi 
superiori, Florence. Sezione di filosofia e filologia. Pub- 
blicazioni, vol. 2, 1S80 [*322oa.5o.2] . 

Calcutta review. Selections from the Calcutta 
review. Vol. 6. February-May, 1883. Contain- 
ifig articles from nos. 45-52, July 1854-June 
1856. Calcutta, 1883. 8°. *5076.50 

Calderon de la Barca, Pedro. CEuvres drama- 
tiques. Traduction de A. de Latour, avec une 
dtude sur Calderon, des notices surchaque piece, 
et des notes. T. i, 2. Paris, 1871, 73. 8". 3094.51 

Contents. — i . Drames : La devotion a la croix ; Le m<<decin 
de son honneur; lyx vie est un songe; A outrage secret 
secrete vengeance; Le magicien prodigieux; L'alcade de 
Zaiamea; Aimer aprfes la mort. 3. Comedies : Maison ideux 
portes, maison difficile i garder; L'esprit-follet ; M<5fie-toi 
de I'eau qui dort; Luis Perez de Galice; II ne faut pas 
touiours caver au pire; Ma d.ame avant tout; Heur et 
malhcur du nom. 

— Calderons ausgewahlte Werke in drei 
Banden. Uebersetzt von A. W. Schlegel und J. 
D. Gries. Mit einer Einleitung des Grafen A. 
F. von Schack. iter, 2ter Band. Stuttgart. 
[1882.?] Portrait. 16°. 3097.54 

Contents. — i. Der wunderthatige Magus; Das laute 
Geheimniss. 2. Der standhafte Prinz; Das Leben ein 
Traum ; Der Richter von Zalamea. 

Caldwell papers. Selections from the family 
papers preserved at Caldwell. Part first. 1496- 
1853. Paisley, 1S83. Illus. [The New club 
series.] 4°. ""24603.63 

Calvert's magazine of art, science, literature, 
drama, society. Vol. 8. [Sept., 1882-Feb., 1883.] 
N.Y., 1883. L. 8°. *536i.55 

Cambrai, Bishops of. See Gesta. 

Cambridge university. Calendar for 1883. 
Cambridge. [1883.] Sm. 8°. *2490.3i 

— Statutes for the University of Cambridge and 
for the colleges within it, made, published, and 
approved (1878-1882) under the Universities of 
Oxford and Cambridge act, 1S77. With an ap- 
pendix of acts and orders. Cambridge act, 1877. 
With an appendix of acts and orders. Cambridge, 
18S3. 8°. 2493.64 

Camden societj'. See Christie. 

Camp, Frederick T. Draftsman's manual ; or, 
" How can I learn achitecture.^" New edition. 
N. Y.,i8S3. Illus. 16°. 8069.42 

Canada. See Boucher; — Dent; — Grant, G. 
M. ; — Strange, T. B. ; — White. 

Canal, Pietro. Delia musica in Mantova. 
Venezia, i88i. 40. 8040.64 

Estr. dal vol. 21 delle Memorie del Reale istituto veneto 
di scienze, lettere ed arti. 

Canals. See Travaux. 

Canary birds. See Holden. 

Candee family. See Baldwin, C. C 

CandoUe, Alphonse L. P. P. de and Casimir 
de. Monographiie phanerogamarum prodromi 
nunc continuatio, nunc revisio. Vol. 4. Parisiis, 
18S3. Plates. 8«. *3843-53 

Contents. — 4. Burseraceae et Anacardiaceae, auctore 
Engler; Pontederiaceae, auctore comite de Solms-Laubach. 

Caprellidae. See Mayer. 

Carafa, Carlo, cardinal, d. 1561. See Duruy. 

Cardim, Fernao. Do principio e origem dos 
Indios do Brazil e de seus costumes, adoragito e 
ceremonias. Rio de Janeiro, 18S1. 8°. 2363.24 

"This work is the first publication in the original tongue 
from a copy of the original Mss. preserved in the library of 
Kvora, of a chronicle known only in an English translation 
in Purchas' Collection, where it is attributed to Manuel 
Tristfto, a nurse of the College of Jesuits. The editor JoSo 
Capristrano de Abreu proves that it is the work ofFernfto 
Cardim, a Jesuit priest and a man of greater prominence in 
the order." — MS. note by Orville A. Derby, through whom 
this copy was presented to this Library by the editor. 


Carina, Alessandro. L'uomo preistorico. 
Sagsfio. 2a edizione, ampliata ed accresciuta di 
un frammento sui primi e piii antichi abitatori 
della provincia di Lucca. Lucca, 1 88 1. 8". 6232.63 

Fp. XV, xvi, contain a " Catalogo degli scritti di A. 

Carleton, William. Farm ballads. Illus. N. Y., 
1876. i6«. 2400.59 

Carlssen, Egbert. Erzahlungen. Halle a. S., 
1882, 83. 2 V. i6». 4872.18 

Contents. — i. Ein Stadtjunker von Braunschwcijj. his- 
torische Erzalilunor aus dim 14. Jahrhundert. 2. Degen 
und Palftti;, Roman aus Baycrns Vergungenhcit. 

Carnoy, E. Henry. Litt^rature orale de la 
Picardie. Paris, 1883. [Les littdratures popu- 
laires.] 16°. ♦467oa.59 

Caspari, Otto. Hermann Lotze in seiner 
Stellungzu der durch Kantbegriindeten neuesten 
Geschichte der Philosophic. Breslau, 1883. 8". 


Catacombs. See Armellini ; — Garrucci. 

Catalan language. See Saura. 

Cath6drale Sainte-Cecile d'Albi. Ses rich- 
esses artistiques. Planches photographiqucs 
de L. Aillaud; notice historique par J. Rolland; 
etude des planches, par le baron de Rivieres. 
Toulouse, 18S2. 55 plates. F°. *^*Cab.4i.F.2 

Cattle. 5f^ Janke. 

Caucasus. Sec Phillipps-Wolley ; — Wanderer. 

Cavalcanti, Guido. Le rime di Guido Caval- 
canti. Testo critico, pubblicato da N. Arnone. 
Firenze, 1881. Folded table. 8'\ 4771.50 

Cavallucci, Cammillo J. S. Maria del Fiore. 
Storia documentata dall'origine fino ai nostri 
giorni. Firenze, 1881. 8°. 4096.62 

Cavendish, /.<c«^. ^e^ Jones, Henry. 

Caxton, William. Caxton's game and plave 
of the chesf-e, 1474. A verbatim reprint of the 
first edition. With an introd. by W. E. A. Axon. 
London, 1883. Illus." [Antiquary's library.] 8**. 


Celesia, Emanuele. Storia della letteratura in 
Italia ne' secoli barbari. Vol. i. Genova, 
1S82. 8\ 2776.57 

Celtic literature. See Arbois de Jubainville. 

Censor, f scud Don't: a manual of mistakes 
and improprieties more or less prevalent in con- 
duct and speech. N. Y. [1883.] Sq. 160. 5588.66 

Cervera Bachiller, Juan. Creencias y super- 
sticiones, Iradiciones, leyendas, consejas, historias 
miticas y preocupaciones populares de todos los 
siglos y de todos los pueblos. Madrid, 18S3. 
16°. 3096.55 

Chabaneau, Camille, editor. Fragments d'une 
traduction provencjale du Roman de Merlin. 
Paris, 1883. 8'^ 4672.82 

Chabas, Francois J. Choix de textes ^gyptiens. 
Traductions inedites, publiees par P. J. de Hor- 
rack. Paris, 18S3. L. 8". 5052.70 

Chadwick, John W. In Nazareth town. A 
Christmas fantasy and other poems. Boston, 
1883. i6<>. 2402.19 

Chaetognatha. See Grassi, B. 

Challenger, ship. Report on the scientific 
results of the voyage, 1873-76. Prepared under 
the superintendence of Sir C. Wyville Thomson, 
and now of John Murray. Zoology. Vol. 7, 
London, 1883. Plates. L. 4°, ♦#*58io.7.7 

Contents. — 7. Report on theanatomy of the Sphen.scid.-e, 
by M. Watson; Report on the Pelagic IK-iniptera, bv F. 
Buchanan White; Report on the Hydroida, first part, Pluin-, 
ularida.-, by G. J. Allinan ; Report on the specimens of the 
Genus Orbitolites, by W. B. Carpenter. 


Chambers, George F. A practical and con- 
versational dictionary of the English, French, 
and German languages, in parallel columns. 
N.Y., 1S83. i6>. NsSQ." 

Chamisso, Adalbert von. See Farchi. 

Chandler, Seth. History of the town of Shir- 
ley, Mass , to 1882. Shirley, 1883. Illus. Por- 
traits. Map. 8". **35oa.54 

Channel islands. Sec Hugo. 

Chansons populaires de France. Edition du 
Petit journal. [Publides par G. Richard.] 
Paris, 1865. 16". 6673.7 

Chantal, Jeanne F. F. de, sainte. Sa vie et 
ses oeuvres. Paris, 1874-79. 8 *'• Portrait. 8*. 


Chapman, J. E. C, compiler. Easter hymns. 
Boston, 1876. 16". 5444.85 

Chardin,Jean or .S/> John. Les voyages en 
Perse et autres lieux de I'Orient, racont^s par 
lui-m6me. Collationn^ sur I'^dition originile, 
reduit et annot^ par G. Mantoux. Partie 1. 
Paris. [1883.] 18°. 3049.14 

Charit^-Annalen. Herausg. von der Direction 
des Koeniglichen Charit^-Krankenhauses in Ber- 
lin. Redigirt von Dr. Mehlhausen. Jahrgang 
7,8. Berlin, 1882. 83. 8». *379a-57 

Charity. See Fields ; — Uhlhorii. 

Charlemagne. See English ; — Perschmann. 

Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy. See 

Chaucer, Geoffrey. See Mamroth. 

Chautard, Charles. Chansons de metiers et 
chansons du village. Paris, 1883. 16°. 4668.63 

Chemistry. Sec Avery; — Journal fiir prak- 
tische Chemie ; — Roscoe, H. E. ; —United States 
naval academy ; — Ward, G. M. ; — Witthaus ; — 

Ch^nier, Andre M. de. See Oeffentliche Vor- 
trage (vol. 5, Born). 

Chen-ki-souen. L'encre de Chine, son his- 
toire et sa fabrication, d'apres des documents chi- 
nois. Traduits par M. Jametel. Avec gravures 
d'aprfes les originaux chinois. Paris, 1882. 
[Bibliotheque orientaleelzevirienne.] 18^ 80x9.71 

Cheshire, England. See Croston ; — Historic ; 

— Selby. 

Chess. See Caxton. 

Child, Lydia M., editor. Looking toward 
sunset. [2d edition.] Boston, 1865. Vignette. 
Sq. 12°. 4S0oa.7O 

A miscellaneous collection of piece* of prose and verse, 
on old age, by English, German, and American authors. 

Children. See Comstock; — Jarry; — Out- 
lines; — Rolland; — Thaxter; — Weingaertner. 

Chili. Hydrographic ofiicc. Anuario hidro- 
grafico de la marina de Chile. Aiio 1-3. Santi- 
ago de Chile, 1875-77. Charts. Plates. Folded 
maps. 8". •4361.5a 

— See Robiano. 

China. See Cordier ; — Scherzer ; — Williams, 
S. W. 

Chinese language and literature. See Giles ; 

— Imbault-Huart. 
Chiromancy. See Firth. 

Christ. See Bruce, A. B. ; — Burnham; — 
Lobstein ; — Lorimer ; — Mozoomdar. 

Christian art. See Eckl ; — Garrucci ; — 

Christian brothers. See Wilson, Mrs. R. F. 

Christianity. See Morris, G. S. ; — Nordhoff ; — 
Pelletan ; — Renan ; — Strange, T. L. ; — Victoria 



Christie, William D., editor. Letters addressed 
from London to Sir Joseph Williamson, while 
plenipotentiary at the Congress of Cologne, 1673, 
74. [Westminster.] 18/4. 2 v. [Camden so- 
ciety. Publications.] 8". *2426.39 

Christine de Pisan, b. 1363. Le livre dii che- 
min de long estiide. Public pour la premiere 
fois d'apres sept manuscrits par R. Piischel. 
Berlin. [1882?] 8°. 2687.25 

Church, Alfred J. Roman life in the days of 
Cicero. Sketches drawn from his letters and 
speeches. N.Y. [1883.] Illus. 12°. 2758.55 

— Stories from Livv. With illus. from designs 
by Pinelli. N. Y., 1883. 12°. 2949-63 

— Stories of the East from Herodotus. With 
illus. from ancient frescoes and sculptures. 
N.Y. [1883.] 12°. 2987.53 

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Cicero de officiis. 
Trans, with an introd. and notes. By A. P. 
Peabody. Boston, 1S83. 16". 2927.61 

— De natura deorum libri tres. With in- 
trod. and commentary by J. B. Mayor. With 
a new collation of several of the English mss., 
by J. H. Swainson. Vol. i, 2. Cambridge, iSSo, 
83. 8". 2925.63 

— Sec Church, A. J. 

Cid, Rodrigo, or Ruy Diazde Bivar, called the. 
The chronicle of the Cid. (Edited with an in- 
troduction and appendix, by Richard Markham, 
and illus. by H. W. McVickar and Alfred Bren- 
nan.) N. Y., 18S3. 8^ 3093.24 

The text is taken from Southey's translation, which was 
published iu iSoS [**D.i5ob.46]. 

Cieza de Leon, Pedro, 1518-1560. The second 
part of the Chronicle of Peru. Trans, and edited 
with notes and an introd. by C. R. Markham. 
London, 18S3. [Hakluyt society.] 8". *2274.5i 

The first part of the Chronicle was published bv the 
Hakluyt society in 1S64, with the title, "The travels of 
Pedro be Cieza de Leon, a.d. 1532-50, contained in the first 
part of his Chronicle of Peru" [*2364.53]. The second part, 
which was ascribed by Prescott to Juan Sarmiento, has been 
shown to be the work of Cieza de L'jon. 

Cincinnati. Chamber of commerce. Report 
of the relief committee, and of the Common 
council of the city of Cincinnati. Flood of 1883. 
[Cincinnati, 1883.] 8". *4376.75 

Cincinnati, Massachusetts society of the. See 

CipoUa, Francesco. Dei prischi Latini, e dei 
loro usi e costumi. [Verona.' 1878.] 8°. 2735.53 

Circe. 5'e<' Brown, R. 

Cittadella, Luigi N. Saggio di albero genea- 
logico e di memorie su la famiglia Borgia, special- 
mente in relazione a Ferrara. Torino, 1872. 
Folded tables. 8^ 2745.56 

City in the sea, The. Stories of the deeds of 
the old Venetians, from the chronicles. By the 
authorof "Belt and spur." N.Y. [1883.] Sm. 
8°. 2768.73 

The preface is signed E. L. S. The illustrations are 
principally from illuminated manuscripts. 

Clark, Edward E., publisher. Boston blue 
book. Boston, 1884 [1883]. 16°. *2359a.58 

Clark, Theodore M. Building superintend- 
ence : a manual for young architects, students, 
and others interested in building operations. 
Boston, 1884 [1883I. Illus. 16°. 4096.74 

Clarke, Richard F. My visit to distressed Ire- 
land. N.Y., 1883. i6«. 2517.52 

Classical literature. See Bursian ; — Fioretto ; 
— Lichtenheld. 

Classification of books. See Edmands. 

Clement, Clara E., nozv Mrs. Waters. An out- 
line history of painting. With indexes and 
illus. N.Y'., 1883. 8«. , 4077-5 

Clermont-Ganneau, Charles. Etudes d'arche- 
ologie orientale. T. i. Paris, 1880. [Biblio- 
th^ue de TEcole des hautes Etudes.] Sq. 8*^. 


Climate. Sec Whitney. 

Club-almanach. Annuaire des cercles et du 
sport. 1883. [Redigd par C. de Grimm.] Paris. 
[1882.?] Portraits Plates. 16°. *6oo3.69 

Part 1 contains G^nealoj^ie des souvcrains, Monographies, 
Ordres de chevalerie, Parlements etdife tes, M in istresde puis- 
sances, etc. Part 2, Cerilcsde soci^te et cercles sporliqucs; 
Yacht clubs et rowing clubs; Sport international. 

Clute, Oscar. The blessed bees. By John 
Mian [pseud.']. N. Y., 1878. 16°. 589721 

Coan, Titus M., editor. Art and literature. 
N. Y., 1883. [Topics of the time. No. 6.] 16°. 


Contents. — The philosophy of the beautiful, by J. S. 
Blaikie; Hellenism in South Kensington, a dialogue, by H. 
D. Traill ; The beginning of art, by S, L. Poole ; The ancient, 
mediseval and modern stage; The impressionists, by F. 
Wedmore; Wagner and Wagnerism, by E. Gurney. 

— Historical studies. N. Y., 1883. [Topics 
of the time. No. 4.] 16°. 2219.66 

Contents. — Village life in Norfolk 6oo years ago, by 
A. Jessopp; Siena, by S. J. Cappar; A few words ,ibout the 
eighteenth century, by F. Harrison ; France and England in 
1793, by Oscar Browning; General Chanzy. 

— Questions of belief N. Y., 1883. [Topics 
of the time. No. 5.] 16°. 3487.89 

Contents. — The responsibilities of unbelief, by Vernon 
Lee [pseud, of Violet Paget], Contemporary review; Ag- 
nostic morality, by Frances P. Cobbe, Contemporary review ; 
Natural religion, by E. Gurney, Mind; The suppression of 
poisonous opinions, by Leslie Stephen. Nineteenth century; 
Modern miracles, by E.L. Shuckburgh, Nineteenth century. 

Cobb, Samuel C. Massachusetts society of 
the Cincinnati An historical address on the oc- 
casion of the centennial celebration at Boston, 
Mass., July 4, 1S83. Boston, 1883. 8". *2353.85 

Cobbett, William. English grammar. Revised 
and annotated by Alfred Avres [pseud, of T. E. 
Osmun]. N.Y., 1884 [1883]. 16°. 4587-18 

— See Rogers, J. E. T. 
Cobden, Richard. See Ashworth. 

Cohn, Gustav. Volkswirtschaftliche Aufsatze. 
Stuttgart, 1S82. 8". 3562.70 

Colange, Leo de. The heart of Europe. From 
the Rhine to the Danube. Views with text, in- 
cluding illustrative poems by foreign and Ameri- 
can authors. Boston, 1883. F". *2270.52 

Coleridge, Samuel T. Ancient mariner. Illus. 
by David Scott. With life of the artist, and 
notices of the plates, by A. L. Simpson. London, 
1883. 25 plates. Sm. 8^. 2566.28 

— Lectures and notes on Shakspere and other . 
English poets. Now first collected, by T. Ashe. 
London, 1883. 8". 66ooa.22 

Colet, Louise, tide Revoil. Lui, roman con- 
temporain. Nouvelle edition. Paris, 1880. 16°. 


CoUette, Charles H. "Luther vindicated." 
London, 18S4 [1883]. 8°. 5552-6i 

An examination of two lectures by Baring-Gould entitled 
" Luther and justification," with answers to other popular 
charges against Luther and his writings. 

Collignon, Maxime. Mythologie figuree de la 
Grece. Paris. [1883.] Illus. [Bibliotheque de 
I'enseignement des beaux-arts.] 8". 8087. ij 



Colonna, Francesco, d. 1527. Le songe de Po" 
liphile, ou Ilypnerotomachie, litteralement tra- 
duit pour la premiere fois avec une introd. et des 
notes par C. Popelin. Figures sur bois. Paris, 
1883. 2 V. 8°. *2775-57 

A review, by A. Bonneau, of this work, may be found in 
LeLivre, mars 10, 1SS3 [*6i46.5o]. 

Common prayer, Book of. See Norris. 

Comstock, Anthony. Traps for- the 3'oung. 
N. v., 18S3. 12°. ♦^♦35703.78 

Conchology. See Tryon. 

Conder, Claude R. Heth and Moab. Explo- 
rations in Syria in 1881 and 1882. Published for 
the committee of the Palestine exploration fund. 
London, 18S3. Illus. S**. 3074.62 

Condorcet, Marie J. A. N. Caritat, marquis At., 
and Turgot, Anne R. J., baron d'Aulne. Corres- 
pondance inedite de Condorcet et de Turgot, 
1770-1779. Publiee avec des notes et une introd 
par C. Ilenry. Paris, 1883. 8". 46503.55 

Conflict in nature and life : a study of antago- 
nism in the constitution of things. N. Y., 1883. 
12°. 3567-77 

Congres g^ologique international. Compte 
rendu de la 2e session, Bologne, 1881. Bologne, 

1882. Plates. Illus. 8°. *6o25.73 

The Compte rendu of the first session was published as one 
of the Conyr^s et conferences du Palais du Trocadero, of the 
Exposition universelle of 1S78. 

Conifers. See Parlatore. 

Conkling, Howard. Mexico and the Mexicans ; 
or, notes of travel in the winter and spring of 
1S83. With illus. N. Y., 18S3. 16". 2318.74 

Conrart, Valentin, 1603-75. ^^'^ Bourgoin. 

Conrat (Cohn), Max. Das florentiner Rechts- 
buch. Ein System rdmischen Privatrechtsausder 
Glossatorenzeit. Aus einer florentiner Hand- 
schrift zum ersten Mai herausg. und eingeleitet 
von Max Conrat (Cohn). Berlin, 1882. 8°. 3617.53 

Conservatories. Sec Artistic. 

Constitution. See Dareste. 

Contemporary review. See Griswold. 

Contracts. See Amira. 

Cooke. George W. George Eliot : a critical 
study of her life, writings and philosophy. Bos- 
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Cookery. See Terhune. 

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— La F^rance en Chine au dix-huitifeme siecle. 
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Coronations, ^^jc Jones, W. 

Corpvs inscriptionvm. Latinarvm consilio et 
avctoritate Academiae litterarvm regiae Borvssi- 
cae editvm. Volvmen nonvm. Berolini, mdccx:- 

Lxxxiii. Maps. F". 


Contents. — 9. Inscriptiones Calabriae Apvliae Samnii 
Sabinorvm Piceni Latinae. Edidit T. Mrrmmsen. 
Volumes I to lo are already in this library. 

Corsica. See Ortoli 
Cortes, Hernan. See Allen, F. H. 
Corwin, steamer. See Cruise. 
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Contents. — i. Messalina. 3. Cleopatra. 4. CoIadiRienzo. 
J. I Borgia. 6. Nerone. 

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Srn. 8'\ 2516.57 

Cotton. See Parlatore. 

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Contents. — ^. A. Douglas; S. F. B. Morse; M. C. 
Kerr; Julian Hartridge; Prof. Joseph Hpnry; G. S. Hous- 
ton; B. H. Hill. 

Cranes (machines). Sec Towne. 

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Creole language. See Adam. 

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Andes "(1S78-79). 3. A travers la Nouvelle- 
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gravures sur bois, 4 cartes et 6 fac-simile. 
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Crimean war. See Skene. 




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bv principles instead of arbitrary signs. Revised 
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8°. * 2460a. 64 

Cruise of the revenue- steamer Corwin, in 
Alaska and the N. W. Arctic ocean, in 1S81. 
Notes and memoranda : medical and anthropo- 
logical [by I. C. Rosse] ; botanical [by J. Muir] ; 
ornithological [by E. W. Nelson]. Washington, 
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Cuneiform inscriptions. See Pognon. 

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also a brief account of the lives and works of the 
disciples of these artists, [and] a bibliography. 
With etchings. London, 1883. Portraits. 8^ 
1. p. ♦8062.51 

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schichte in Einzeldarstellungen. Herausg. von 
W. Oncken.] 8". 2211.51 

Dakota county, Minnesota. See Warner, G. E. 

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special reference to American geological history. 
Illus. by figures in the text, plates, and chart. 
3d edition. N. Y. [1880.] 8". 3867.19 

Dancourt, Florent C. See Lemaitre. 

Daneau, Lambert, d. 1595. See Felice. 

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Neu bearbeitet und mit Einleitung versehen von 
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16°. 2798.58 

— Dante's Divine comedy : the Purgatorio. 
A prose trans, by W. S. Dugdale, with the text 
as edited by Brunone Bianchi, and with notes. 
London, 1883. 8°. 2798.59 

— See Ancona; — Penci; — Petzholdt; — 

Dareste, F. R. Les constitutions modernes : 
recueil des constitutions actuellement en vigueur 
dans les divers ^tats d'Europe, d'Amerique et du 
monde civilisd. Traduites sur les textes et 
accompagn^es de notices historiques et de notes 
explicatives par F. R. Dareste, avec la colla- 
boration de P. Dareste. T. i, 2. Paris, 1883. 
8°. , 3562.64 

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Date palm. See United States, Bureau of 

Davies, G. Christopher. Norfolk broads and 
rivers or the water-ways, lagoons, and decoys of 
East Anglia. With illus. Edinburgh, 1883. 8». 


A collection of articles published in Blackwood's, Field, 
Gentleman's magazine, etc. 

Davies, Joseph. The Shaksperian characters 
of Richard iii. and Hamlet contrasted. War- 
rington, 1882. 8°. 6600.4 

Dayton, Laura C 8. Beth [a poem]. N. Y., 
1878. 16". 4399a-95 

De Amicis, Edmondo. Poesie. Milano, 1881. 
160. 27793.65 

— Ricordi di Parigi. 5a edizione. Milano, 

1882. 16°. 2639.78 
Contents. — II primo giorno a Parigi; Uno s^uardo all' 

Esposizione; VittorHugo; EmilioZola; Parigi. 

Decaisne, Joseph. Le jardin fruitier du 
Museum [d'histoire naturelle], ou iconographie 
de toutes les especes et varidtes d'arbres fruitiers 
cultivds dans cet etablissement. Public sous les 
auspices de M. le ministre de I'agriculture et du 
commerce. Paris, 1862-75. 9 V. Colored plates. 

4°- *3990.53 

Decoration. See Arts d^coratifs ; — Saward; 
— Union centrale. 

Degrees (college). See Wooton. 

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Barnaval. Edited with an introduction by C. 
DeKay. N. Y.,1883. 12°. 2390.76 

DtrKay is said to be the author both of the poems and 

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les premieres invasions jusqu'a I'avenement de 
S. Gregoire vii (859-862. 1016-1073). Paris, 

1883. 8". 2723.66 
Delayant, Gabriel L. Bibliographic roche- 

laise. CEuvre postume. La Rochelle, 1882. 
Portrait. 8°. '^2162. 36 

Contains a prefuce by George Musset, and a list ot De- 
layant's works, with liis portrait. 

Delff, Hugo. Ueber die Weg, zum Wissen 
und zur Gewissheit zu gelangen. Eine Confes- 
sion. Leipzig, 1882. 8". 3600.74 

Delisle, Leopold V. Bibliotheque nationale. 
Donation de P. E. Giraud. D^veloppement d'un 
rapport de L. Delisle, insert au Journal officiel 
du 13 sept. 1881. Paris, 1881. S". *6i62.56 

Delia Giovanna, Ildebrando. Pietro Giordani, 
e sua dittatura letteraria. Milano, 1882. 16°. 

2749a. 57 

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nette. The ship and ice journals of G. W. De- 
Long. Edited by Emma DeLong, with portraits, 
maps, and illus. Boston, 1883. 2 v. 8°. 22703.57 

Democracy. See Schvarcz. 

Democratic party in the United States. See 
American register. 

Dennis, John. Heroes of literature. English 
fMjets. A book for young readers. London, 
1883. Sm. 8°. 2553.65 

Dent, John C. The last forty years : Canada 
since the union of 1841. Toronto. [1881.] 2 v. 
Portrait. Plates. 8°. *23ioa.65 

De Peyster, John W. From the Rapidan to 
Appomattox Court-house. Reprinted from " The 
United service," July, 1883. Phila., 1883. 8°. 

No. 2 in *4440.68 

— An inquiry into the career and character of 
Mary Stuart. And a justification of Bothwell. 
N. Y.,1883. Portraits. 8°. 24403.64 




De Peyster, John W., continued. 

— James Hepburn, earl of Bothwell, third 
husband of Mary, queen of Scots. (Taken from 
The United service, Sept., Oct.. 1882. 8«.) 

No. 3 in '"4440.68 

— The life and misfortunes and the military 
career of Brig.-Gen. Sir John Johnson. N. Y., 
1882. Portraits. Folded map. Sm. 4°. ""4244.50 

First published as an Historical introduction to Sir J. John- 
son's Orderly book, Albany, iSSa [*«*4SO3.30]. 

— See Robinson. 

Derby, William P. Bearing arms in the 
Twenty-seventh Massachusetts regiment of vol- 
unteer infantry. 1861-65. Boston, 1883. Por- 
traits. Maps. Plans. 8°. *4224.7i 

D^roulede, Paul. Chants du soldat. Marches 
et sonneries. 28e Edition. Paris, 1883. Sm. 
12°. 4660b. 87 

— Nouveaux chants du soldat. Sie edition. 
Paris, 1S83. 12°. 466ob.88 

Deserts. See Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 4, 

Des Essarts, Emmanuel. De veterum poeta- 
rum turn Graiciae, tum Romae apud Miltonem 
imitatione. Parisiis, 1871., 8°. 2551.59 

Des Francs, Louis B. Etudes sur Gregoire de 
Tours, ou de la civilisation en France au vie 
siecle. These. Chamb^ry, 1861. 8°. 46503.57 

Design. See Henriet. 

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boto, genovese, scopritore del Labrador e di altre 
regioni dell' alta America settentrionale. Docu- 
menti. Geneva, 1881. 8*'. 23103.63 

Contains a list of authorities. 

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peaux frangais. Paris, 1874. 43 plates. Illus. 
8°. *462i.9 

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London, 1883. 8°. 3641.58 

Devic, L. Marcel, editor. Legendes et tradi- 
tions historiques de I'Archipel indien (Sedjarat 
malayou). Traduit pour la premiere fois du 
malais en fran^ais et accompagne de notes. 
Paris, 1878. [Bibliotheque orientale elzevi- 
rienne.] 18°. . 3079^.55 

Dewey, Orville. Autobiography and letters. 
Edited by his daughter, Mary E. Dewey. Bos- 
ton, 18S3. Portrait. 8°. 4243.56 

Dhammapada, Le, avec introd. et notes par 
Fernand HCi. Paris, 1878. [Bibliotheque orien- 
tale elzevirienne.] 16°. No. i in 30293.74 

Diagnosis. See Fothergill. 

Dial, The- A monthly review and index of 
current literature. Vol. 1-3. Chicago, 1881-83. 
8°. •53203.50 

Dicey, Albert V. Can English law be taught 
at the universities.' London, 1883. 8°. 5636.26 

Dictionary, A, of quotations from English and 
American poets. Based upon Bohn's edition, re- 
vised, corrected and enlarged [by Anna L. Ward. 
With a preface by R. H. StoddardJ. N. Y., 1883. 
8°. *4563-23 

This is the American vers- ion of the latest edition of 
Bohn's Dictionary of quotations from the English poets 
[•4563.16], with additions. — Pre/ace. 

Diday, P. A treatise on syphilis in new-born 
children and infants at the breast. Trans, by G. 
Whitley. With notes and an appendix bv F. R. 
Sturgis. N. Y., 1883. Plate. [Wood's Library 
of standard medical authors.] 8°. *3772'65 

Diderot, Denis. The paradox of acting. 
Trans, from Diderot's ' Paradoxe sur le covni- 
dien,' by W. H. Pollock. With preface by Henry 
Irving. London, 1883. Sm. 8". 4673.73 

Diet. See Newman. 

Dionne, Charles E. Les oiseaux du Canada. 
Qiiebec, 1883. Illus. 12". 5908.13; ♦♦5908.14 

Disinfectants. See Vallin. 

Dixon, Richard W. Mano, a poetical history : 
of the time of the close of the tenth century, 
concerning the adventures of a Norman knight: 
which fell part in Normandy and part in Italy. 
London, 1883. Sm. 8°. 25603.68 

Documents relating to the history of the early 
colonial settlements principally on Long Island, 
with a map of its western part, made in 1666. 
Edited, by B. Fernow. Albany, N. Y., 1883. 
[Documents relating to the colonial history of 
the State of New York. Vol. 14.] 4°. ♦2390.2.14 

Dodge, Theodore A. A bird's-eye view of our 
civil war. Boston, 1883. Folded maps. Plans. 
8°. 4221.59 

Dodsley, Robert. The economy of human 
life. Translated from an Indian manuscript, 
written by an ancient Bramin. In a letter from 
an English gentleman, residing in China, to the 
earl of * * ♦ ♦ ♦. [Anon.^ Printed for J. P. 
Hazard. Wakefield, R. I., 1883. i6<'. 5588.57 

First published in 1751. 

Dog. See Stables. 

Doherty, Hugh. Organic philosophy: or, 
man's true place in nature. London, 1864-78. 
5 v. 8°. 3823.51 

Domett, Alfred. " It was the calm and si- 
lent night." A Christmas hymn. Illus. Bos- 
ton, 1884 [1883]. 4°. *_5442-89 

Dominic, Saint, d. 1221. ^ge Lacordaire. 

Dore, Paul Gustave. See Poe. 

Dorsey, John W., and others. Proceedings in 
the second trial of the case of the United States 
vs. J. W. Dorsev, J. R. Miner, J. M. Peck, S. W. 
Dorsey, H. M. Vaile, M. C Rerdell, and T. J. 
Brady, for conspiracy. Stenographers : E. D. 
Easton and H. H. Alexander. Tried before the 
Supreme court of the District of Columbia. 
Washington, 1883. 4 V. L. 8*. *3696.3 

The proceedings in the second Star route trial. 

Doudan, Ximenes. Melanges et lettres. Avec 
une introd. par le comte d'Haussonville et des 
notices par MM. de Sacy [et] Cuvillier-Fleury. 
T. 3, 4. Nouvelle Edition. Paris, 1878. 8°. 


Doulcet, Henry. Essai sur les rapports de 
r^glise chrdtienne avec I'etat romain pendant les 
trois premiers sifecles. Suivi d'un memoire re- 
latif a la date du martyre de Sainte Fdlicitd et ses 
sept fils. Paris, 1883."^ Plates. L. 8*^. 3521.55 

Contains a list of the principal sources. 

Downes, William H. Spanish ways and by- 
ways, with a glimpse of the Pyrenees. Illus. 
Boston, 1883. 8°. 3095-63 

Dozon, Auguste, editor. Contes albanais. 
Paris, 1881. [Collection de chansons et de contes 
populaires.] 18°. 30293.60 

Drake, Samuel A. A book of New England 
legends and folk lore in prose and poetry. Illus. 
Boston, 1884 [1883]. 8°. 2356.75 

Dr3m3. See Bartoli ; — Fee ; — Gen^e ; — Hart- 
mann ; — Jullien ; — Kollewijn : — Lelion-Dami- 
ens ; — Mezi^res ; — Morris, M. ; — RafFaelli ; — 




Drawing. See Camp; — Moore, C. H. 

Dra3rton, Michael. Selections from [his] po- 
ems. Edited bj A. H. Bullen. Chilworth, 1883. 
Sm. 4". ♦2562.68 

Dress. See Gale. 

Dreyspring, Adolph. Cumulative method for 
learning German. N. Y., 1883. 8°. 2887.59 

Droysen, Johann G. liistoire de I'hell^nisme. 
Traduite de Tallemand sous la direction de A. 
Bouche-Leciercq. T. i. Histoire d'Alexandre 
le grand. Paris, 1883. 8°. 5071.6 

Du Barry, Marie J. G. de V., comtesse de. See 

Du Bois, Augustus J. The strains in framed 
structures, with applications to cranes, bridge, 
roof and suspension trusses, etc. Also, determi- 
nation of dimensions and designing of details 
[etc.]. N. Y., 1883. 28 plates. Diagrams. 4". 


Du Boulan, Gerard. L'^nigme d'Alceste. 
Nouvel aper9u sur le xviie siecle. Avec un 
portrait in^dit de Molifere. Paris, 1879. 8°. 


Alceste is a character in MoHJre's Misanthrope. The 
saying of Cousin : " Alceste est rest^ le secret du genie de 
Moli^re " is found on the title-page of this book. 

Du Cleuziou, Henri. L'art national. Etude 
sur I'histoire de l'art en France. [T. i, 2.] Chro- 
molithographies, planches et gravures. Paris, 

1882, 83 L. 8". *8o84.55 
Dudevant, Amantine L.A.D. Le marquis 

de Villemer. Par George Sand [^.fcwtf.]. Noii- 
velle edition. Paris, 1883. 18°. 4660.63 

Duehring, Eugen C Der Ersatz der Religion 
durch Vollkommeneres und die Ausscheidung 
alles Judenthums durch den modernen Vdlker- 
geist. Karlsruhe, 1883. 8°. 3485.72 

Duentzer, Johann HeinrichJ. Life of Goethe. 
Trans, bj T. W. Lyster. With illus. and fac- 
similes. London, 1883. 2 v. Sm. S". 2856.50 

Duerer, Albrecht. See Eastlake. 

Dumas, F. G. Catalogue iilustre du Salon, 
contenant environ 300 reproductions d'apres les 
dessins originaux des artistes. Ann^e 5. Paris. 

1883. 8°. , *8o63.53 
Dum6ril, Henri Lord Erskine. Etude sur 

le barreau anglais a la fin duxviiie siecle. Paris, 
1883. 8°. 2440.61 

Contains a bibliography. 

Du Mesnil de Maricourt, Rene, vicomfe. Le 
proces des Borgia considere au point de vue de 
i'histoire naturelle et sociale. Paris, 1882. 12°. 


Du Moncel, Theodore Achille Louis, com/e, 
and Geraldy, Frank. Electricity as a motive 
power. Trans., and edited with additions, by C. 
J. Wharton. With engravings and diagi-ams. 
London, 1883. 8°. 3967.69 

Duncker, Max. History of Greece to the end 
of the Persian war. Trans, from the German. 
By S. F. Alleyne. Vol. i. London, 1883. 8°. 


In the original, the History of Greece is included in the 
last three volumes of the History of antiquity [2213.56].— 
Translator's preface. 

Dupond, Albert. L'Argenis de Barclai. Etude 
litt^raire. Paris, 1875. 8". 2553.62 

Du Puynode, Michel Gustave Partounau. Ca- 
ractfereset portraits politiques. Paris. [1883.?] 8°. 



Durand, Henry Mortimer. The life of Sir 
Henry Marion Durand. London, 1883. 3 v. 
Portrait. Folded maps. 8". 2440.62 

Duruy, George. Le cardinal Carlo Carafa 
(1519-1561). 6tude sur le pontificat de Paul iv. 
Paris, 1S82. 8". • 35503.52 

Dutuit, Eugene. Manuel de I'amateur d'es- 
tampes. Enrichi de fac-similes des estampes 
reproduites par I'hdliogravure. [T. 4, 5.] Ecoles 
flamande et hollandaise. [Aken-Rembrandt.] 
Paris, 1881, 82. L. 8°. *6o73.50 

Duyckinck, Evert A. Geschichte des Krieges 
fur die Union, politisch und militarisch. Deutsch 
bearb. von F. Kapp. N. Y. [1863.] 2 v. Por- 
traits. Plates. 4*^. 4410.57 

Dyeing. Sec Textile colorist. 

Dynamo-electric machines. See Thompson, 
S. P. 

E mute (in French). See Mende. 

East, The. See Wallace, S. E. 

Easther, Alfred. A glossary of the dialect of Al- 
mondbury and Huddersfield. Edited by Thomas 
Lees. London, 1883. [English dialect society.] 
8°. ***46o5".6o 

Eastlake, Elizabeth R , lady. Five great 
painters. Essays reprinted from the Edinburgh 
and Qiiarterly reviews. London, 18S3. 2 v. 
Sm S*^. 8066.26 

Contents. — i. Leonardo da Vinci; Michael Angelo; 
Titian. 2. Titian; Raphael; Albert Dlirer. 

Ebers, Georg M. Durch Gosen zum Sinai. 
Aus dem Wanderbuche und der Bibliothek. 2te 
Autlage. Leipzig, 1881. Illus. Plates. Folded 
maps. 8°. 5071-57 

Contains much on inscriptions and hieroglyphics. The 
division Aus der Bibliothek is almost wholly devoted to 
those subjects. 

Ecclesiastical history. See Allen, J. H. ; — 
Doulcet; — Gwatkin; — Mac Hale. 

Eckl, B. Die Madonna als Gegenstand christ- 
licher Kunstmalerei imd Sculptur. Vollendet 
von C. Atz. Brixen, 1883. 8°- 8064.77 

Eclectic medicine. 6'^'e Jones, L. E. ; — Scud- 
der, J. M. 

Eclecticism (in philosophy). .See Zeller. 

Eco d;I Vesuvio Scelta di celebri canzoni 
napolitane. Napoli. [1880.''] F**. 8054.23 

A ciilection of solos and duets, with piano accompani- 

Eddas. See Vigfusson. 

Edersheim, E. W. The laws and polity of the 
Jew>;. London. [1883.'] 16°. 2298.63 

Edgeworth, Maria. See Thackeray ; —Zim- 

Edmands, John. New system of classification, 
and scheme for numbering books, applied to the 
Mercantile library of Philadelphia. Phila., 1S83. 
8"- *6i95-39 

Reprinted from the Bulletin of the library. 

Education. See Buisson ; — Kaemmel ; — 
Koerting; — Rycker; — Schmid. 

Educational almanack. The, 1883. London. 
[1883.] Sm.S". *5597-6o 

Edwards, Emory. Modern American loco- 
motive engines. Illus. Phila., 1883. 12". 4018.17 

Egerton, Francis, earl of Ellesmere. The 
sieges of Vienna by the Turks. Trans, from the 
German of Karl August Schimmer, and other 
sources, by the Earl of Ellesmere. New edition. 
London, 1879. Plan. Sm. 8°. 2829.82 



Egypt. Sec Berkley; — Chabas ; — France, 
Ministry of the interior ; — Ledrain ; — Massey ; 
— Pierret; — Reciieil ; — R^villout; — Wallace, 
D. M. ; —Wilson, Sir C. W. 

Ekkehards, four monks of St. Gall. See 
Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 3, Meyer von 

Electric light. See Holthof. 

Electricity. See Dary ; — Du Moncel ; — Glad- 
stone ; — Gordon, J. E. H. ; — Hospitaller; — 
Munro; — Thompson, S. P. 

Eleusinian mysteries. See Oeffentliche Vor- 
trage (vol. 5, Haggenmacher). 

Eliot, George, pseud. The essays of " George 
Eliot" complete. Collected and arranged, with 
an introduction on her " Analysis of motives." 
By N. Sheppard. N. Y. [18S3.] 16°. 4558.58 

Co«/«//.T. — CarIvIe's Life of Sterling; Woman in France; 
Evangelical teaching; German wit; Natural history of 
German life; Silly novels by Indy novelists; Worldliness 
and other-worldliness ; The influence of rationalism ; The 
grammar of ornament; Felix Holt's address to workingmcn. 

— See Cooke, G. W. 

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— Miscellanies. 2400.69 

— Nature, addresses and lectures. 2400.60 

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(From the unique Auchinleck MS., about 1330 a.d.) Re- 
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Continuation of "La jeunesse de Madame d't^inay" 


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Ethnology. See Andree; — United States, 
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quotations ; Abbreviations. 

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Fernandez Duro, Cesareo. Don Diego de 
Peilalosa y su descubrimiento del reino de 
Quivira [1662]. Madrid, 1882. 4°. 2311.72 

Contains the journal of Penalosa's reputed expedition to 
Quivira in 1662, drawn up by Nicolas de Freitas. Theprov- 
ince of Quivira is variously placed by historians. Shea put- 
ting it north-east of the Missouri, while most writers place it 
east or south of the Missouri, in a north-easterly direction 
from Santa F^. The writer of the present work discredits 
Penalosa's narrative. A bibliography of the expeditions from 
Mexico for the discovery of territories to the north, especially 
those to Cibola, Quivira, and Teg^iayo, from 1520 to 17S3, is 
included in the work. 

Ferns. S'ee Martin, J. H. 

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Ferrara, Italy. See Cittadella. 

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Criticisms of Mastriani's 

Del romanzo storico. 

' II duca di Calabria," and 

Guerrazzi's "Assedio di Firenze" [47793.68], and "Vita 
del Ferruccio," showing historical demerits, and defending 
certain historical characters, which tlie author claims are 
misrepresented in those works. 

Fetichism. See Schultze. 

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teraires du xvie siScle. Nouvelle Edition. Paris, 
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Piisquier, Nicolas Pasquier, Sc^vole de Sainte-Marthe, 
Jacques Amyot, F. Rabelais. 2. Henri Estienne, Agrippa 
d'Aubigne, Jean Bodin, Gui du Faur de Pibrac, Un po^te 
inconnu [Pierre Poupo]. 

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salons de conversation au xviiie sifecle. Paris, 

1882. 16°. 4660.70 
Fiction. See Rohde ; — Stauber. 

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tion and jurisdiction of the courts of the United 
States, on pleading, practice and procedure there- 
in, and on the powers and duties of commis- 
sioners of the circuit courts, with forms. Phila., 

1883. 8°. 3692.10 
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Mrs. J. T. Fields. Boston, 1883. 16°. 5574.82 

Fierebras. See Stengel. 

Figs. See United States, Bureau of naviga- 

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Bible d'aprfes les meilleurs documents, et surtout 
d'apres les decouvertes les plus recentes. Lyon, 
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An interesting book^for Sunday-school classes. 

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Fine arts (including finely illustrated books). 
See Architectural association ; — Art and letters; 

— Arts decoratifs ; — Belgibjoso ; — Blackburn ; 

— Blaetter ; — Cathddrale ; — Clement ; — Coan ; 

— Curtis, C. B. ; — Du Cleuziou ; — Dumas: — 
Dutuit ; — Eastlake ; — Eckl ; — Florence ; — 
Gazette; — Gracklauer; — Hippert; — Inven- 
taire; — Kirby; — Kraus ; — La Fontaine; — 
Laspeyres ; — Leitschuh ; — Meynell ; — Mitch- 
ell, L. M. ; — Morelli; — Muntz; — Narisch- 
kine; — New England manufacturers' institute ; 

— OefFentliche Vortrage (vol. 3, Voegelin) ; — 
Overbeck ; — Pecht ; — Perkins ; — Revue des arts 
decoratifs; — Salazaro; — Schreiber; — Wilson, 
Sir C. W. ; — Woermann. 

Finland. See Brown, J. C 

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mancy or the science of palmistry. Illus. Lon- 
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Fish and fishing. See Prouty; — Roscoe, E. S. 

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Fishery commission. Award of the fishery 
commission. Documents and proceedings of the 
Halifax commission, 1877. Washington, 1878. 
3 v. Folded maps. 8°. *422i.6o 



Fiske, John. Excursions of an evolutionist. 
Boston, 18S4 [1883]. 12'^. 2400.81 

Contents. — Europe befi>re the arrival of man ; The arri- 
val of man in Europe; Our Aryan forefathers; What we 
learn from old Aryan words ; Was there a primeval motlier- 
tongue?; Sociology and hero-worship; Heroes of industry ; 
The causes of |K:rsecution ; The origins of protestantism ; 
The true lesson of protestantism ; Evolution and religion; 
The meaning of infancy; A universe of mind-stuff; In me- 
nioriam ; Charles Dar\vin. 

These essays are dated from July, 1S76, to Nov., 1SS2. 

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1SS3. 16". 240oa.63 

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— See Cavallucci. 

Florida. See Gourgues ; — Long. 

Flowers. See Allen, Grant; — Heckle. 

Flute. See Welch. 

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Beitrag zur Frage nach dem Verhaltniss der 
Renaissance zur Antike. Rostock, i88o. 8". 

4075 23 

Foerster, Wendelin, editor. Aiol et Mirabel 
und Elie de Saint Gille. Zwei altfranzdsische 
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Folk-lore. See Black ; — Carnoj ; — Cervera 
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A. ; — Swainson ; — Vinson. 

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Oetfentliche Vortrage (vol. 6, Goetz). 

Force. See Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 5, 
Meyer, M. W. ). 

Forests. See Brown, J. C. ; — Orlandini. 

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ces and streams of the faiths of man in all lands; 
showing the evolution of faiths. With maps, 
illus., and chart of faith streams. London, 1883. 
2 v. Folded chart. 4*^. *348o.53 

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ausg. durch die Historische Commission bei der 
Koriigl. Academie der Wissenschaften. Gbttin- 
gen, 1862-82. 22 v. 8°. *48i8.5o 

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Fortifications. See United States, Board of 

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— See Griswold. 

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Contents. — 3. 18S3. Collectanea genealogica ; .Members 
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Inn, 15J1-1S81 ; Register of marriages at Gray's Inn chapel; 
Sims' index to heralds' visitations, etc. ; Funeral certificates 
of the nobility and gentry of Ireland, 1607-1719. 

— The royal lineage of our noble and gentle 
families, with their paternal ancestry. Vol. i. 
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Extended series. Sketches in water colors, by 
various artists, Richardson, Leitch, Houston 
[etc.]. With instructions for copying, edited by 
an experienced teacher. London. [1881.] Chro- 
molithographic plates. 4". ♦8061.54 

Fothergill, John M. The physiological factor 
in diagnosis. A work for young practitioners. 
N. Y., 1883. 8". 3790.70 

France. Assemblie nationale. Archives par- 
lementaires de 1787 a 1S60. Receuil complet des 
debats legislatifs et politiques des chambres fran- 
(jaises impriind par ordre du Sdnatetde la Cham- 
bre des deputes. le serie : tome 1-15. 1787-1799; 
2e serie : tome 1-52, i8cx>-mars 7, 1828. Paris, 
1862-83. 68 V. 8°. *66i6.50 

Vols. 1-6 consist of the Cahiers des ifttats g^n^raux, vol. 
7 being the index to them. Each volume contains an index. 
Vol. 14 bis, 2e s^rie, contains an index covering vols. 1-14, ae 
s^rie. Vols. 6-^, 2e serie, contain Le projetdu code civil. 

— Ministry of the interior. Statistique de la 
navigation dans les ports ^gyptiens. Ann^e 
18S0. Le Caire, 1883. 8°. *365oa.67 

— Ministry of marine and colonies. Annuaire 
de la marine et des colonies. 1866, 68. Paris, 
1866, 68. 2 V. 8". *66i7.3 

— Bureau of longitude. Annuaire pour Pan 
1883. Paris, 1883. 18°. • ♦7949a.x 

— History., etc. See Bailleu ; — Bibliotheque 
nationale; — Du Puynode; — Froissart; — Le- 
roux ; — Sourches ; — Sudre ; — Travaux ; — Vi- 
nols de Montfleury ; — Vuitry. 

Franco-German war, 1S70. See Marchi. 

Franzbsische Studien. Herausg. von G. Kbr- 
ting und E. Koschwitz. B. 1-3. Heiibronn, 
1881, 82. 3 v. 8'^. ♦4686.50 

Contents. — i. Syntaktische Studien iiber Voiture, von W. 
List; Der Versbau"bei Philippe Desportes und Francois de 
Malherbe, von P. Groebedmkel ; Der Stil Chrestien's von 
Troies, von R. Grosse; Poetik Alain Chartier's, von M. 
Hannappel; Uelicr die Wortstellung bei Joinville, von G. 
Marx ; Der Infinitiv mitder PrHpositiondim Altfranzosischen 
bis zum Ende des 13. Jahrhundcrts, von H. Soltmann; Cor- 
neille's M^d<^e in ihrem Vcrhaltnissc zu den Medea-Tragii- 
dien des Euripides und des Seneca betrachtet, von Th.C. H. 
Heine. 2. Moli^re's Leben und Werke, von R. Mahren- 
holtz. 3. Ueber Metrum und Assonanz der Chanson de 
geste " Amis et Amiles," von J. Schoppe; Diesiidwestlichen 
Dialecte der Langue d'o'il, von E. Goerlich ; Die Wortstel- 
lung in der altlVanzcisisc'ben Dichtung " Aucassin und Nico. 
lete," von 1. Schlickum; Historische Entwickehing der syn- 
taktischenVcrhaltnisse der Bedingungssatze im Altfranzasi- 
schen, von j. Klapperich; Die Assonanzen ini Girart von 
Rossillon, von K. Miiller; Unorganische L:iutvcrtretungln- 
nerhalb iler formalen Enlwickclung des franzosischcn Ver- 
balstammes, von D. Behrens ; Die Wortstellung in den alte- 
sten franzosischcn SprachdenkmUlern, von B. Volcker. 

Fraser, Alexander, baron Saltoun of Aber- 
ncthy. Scraps; or, scenes, tales, and anecdotes 
from memories of my earlier days. By Lord 
Saltoun. London, 1883. 2 v. Sm. 8". 4562.67 




Frederick II the Great, king of Prussia. 
Politische Correspondenz. B. 6-10. [174S-53.] 
Berlin, 1881-83. 8». 2840^.50 

— See Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 3, Jacoby) ; 

— Stadelmann. 

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With maps. N. Y., 1881. [History primers.] 
Sm. 12". 22993.59 

French language and literature. Sec Bartsch ; 

— Bellanger; — Breymann; — Chambers; — 
Chansons ; — Corona Bustamante ; — Engel ; — Es- 
tienne ; — Feugere ; — Foerster, W. ; — Franzo- 
sische ; — Gilli^ion ; — Godefroy ; — Loiseau ; — 
Mende; — Pannier; — Ragonot; — Raunie; — 
Samosch ; — Stauber ; — Stengel ; — Vapereau. 

Freytas, Nicolas de. The expedition of Don 
Diego Dionisio de Pefialosa, from Santa Fe to 
the river Mischipi and Quivira in 1662. By J. G. 
Shea. N. Y., 1882. 8°. *23ii.7i 

Contains the original with translation, etc. La Salle's 
failure to find the mouth of the Mississippi was, according 
to Shea, not in consequence of machinations of his enemies, 
but the resxilt of deliberate intent, his real object, in Mr. 
Shea's opinion, being to unite forces with Penalosa, and 
proceed agjiinst the Spanish mines in New Mexico. This 
opinion, it may be said, is not shared by Parkman or 
Margry. For a Spanish edition of De Freytas' journal with 
accessory documents, see volume on shelf-number *23ii.73_ 

Frischbier, Hermann. Preussisches Wdrter- 
buch. Ost-und westpreussische Provinzialismen 
in alphabetischer Folge. iterB. A-K. Berlin, 

1882. 8". *288oa.5i 
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Socidte de I'histoire de France, par Simeon Luce. 
T. 6, 7. 1360-1370. Paris, 1876, 78. 8°. 2613.54 

Fromentin, Eugene. See Gonse. 

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[Reprinted from the Contemporary review.] 
London, 1883. Sm. 8°. 5558.64 

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riger oorlog, 1588-1598. 3e uitgaaf. 'sGraven- 
hage, 1882. 8°. 2826.68 

Fruit, See Decaisne. 

Fuel. See Smoke. 

Fuentes y Guzman, Francisco A. de, b. 1642. 
Historia de Guatemala, 6, recordacion florida 
escrita en el siglo xvii, que publica por primera 
vez con notas e ilustraciones D. Justo Zaragoza. 
Madrid, 1882, 83. 2 v. Folded map. [Biblio- 
teca de los Americanistas.] 8°. 23103.66 

Fuller, Margaret. See Ossoli. 

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1883. Folded table. 8°. 3616.55 
Funck, Heiiirich. Beitrage zur Wieland- 

Biographie. Freiburg i. B., 1882. 8°. 2841.69 

Fungi. See Naegeli. 

Fu-sang. See Herveyde Saint Denys. 

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di Edoardo Fusco. Notizie e documenti raccolti 
dalla vedova di lui. Napoli, 1880, 81. 2 v. 
Portrait. 16°. 2748.65 

Gagini, Antonio, d. 1571. See Marzo. 

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Plate. 8°. 2746.62 

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12". 6003.67 

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(vol. 4, Terrier). 

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Roma, 1880. 8°. 2774.62 

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Gardening. See Loudon. 

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Lion Gardiner. 1599-1663. With an appendix. 
Edited, with notes, by Curtiss C. Gardiner. St. 
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scultura incisi in rame su cinquecento tavole ed 
illus. Prato, 1873-81. 6 v. F". ***Cab.G.2.i8 

Contents. — i. Teorica. 2. Pitture cimiteriali. 3. Pit- 
ture non cimiteriali. 4. Musaici cimiteriali e non cimiteriali. 
5. Sarcofagi ossia sculture cimiteriali. 6. Sculture non 

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1878. 8°. 2774-67 

Contains a list of books cited. 

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Geography. See International ; — Reclus ; — 
Societe de geographic. 

Geology. See Achiardi ; — Congres ; — Dana ; 

— Geikie ; — Hopkins, Evan ; — Portis ; — United 
States, Geological and geographical survey; — 
Whitaker ; — Winchell. 

Geometry. See Spencer. 

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Georgia. See Jones, C. C. 

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Germany. Kaiserliches Patentamt. Register 
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Patent Room 

— See Dahn ; — Forschungen ; — Keller; — 
Leroux; — Neumann; — Zorn. 

Gesta pontificum Cameracensium. Gestes 
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original publie pour la Society de I'histoire de 
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Contains " Une liste alphaWtique des sources." 

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Contains a list of authorities. 

— Same. Boston, 1883. [Famous women.] 
16°. 254ob.53 

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Previously published in The Century, beginning Novem- 
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researches in a church chest. Being a calendar 
of old documents now existing in the church 
chest of Kingsthorpe, near Northampton, with 
a selection of the ms. London, 1883. Sm. 8*. 


Gloves. Sec Beck. 

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Translated by Mrs. Wister with the title A noble name; 
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'sche Bibliothek der Weltlitteratur.] 16°. 2905.54 

— See Duentzer; — Haeckel ; — Hosaeus; — 
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Gold. See Whitney. 

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" A collection of articles that appeared in the Gazette 
des beaux arts, retouched and corrected." 

Appended, "The isle of R^, an unpublished fragment," 
and " Un mot sur I'art contemporain, a poem," both by 

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arranged and enlarged. London, 1883. 2 v. 8". 

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[1883.''] [Wyman's technical series.] Sm. 8". 


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studies. A contribution to the history of 

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Contents. — T. Lodge; J. Webster; S. Rowlands; Cap- 
tain Dover's Cotswold games ; R. Hcrrick; R. Crashaw; 
A.Cowley; The matchless Orinda; Sir G. Ethcredge; T. 

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8°. 4871.16 

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roque. Bordeaux, 1867. 8°. ' 2374.71 

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Archaologie u. Architcktonik welche von 1866- 
81 im deutschen Buchhandel erschienen sind. 
Mit Register. Leipzig, i8Si. 3 parts in i v. 8<*. 




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cdde d'une introduction sur les principes g^n^- 
raux de la ni^canique. Paris, 1882, 83. 3 v. 
Plates. Tables. F^. *394o.25 

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sistematica con aggiunte embriologiche. Con 
13 tavole litografiche e i incisione in zinco. 
Leipzig, 18S3. [Fauna und Flora des Golfes 
von Neapel herausg. von der zoologischen Sta- 
tion zu Neapel.] 4". No. i in *3820.67 

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similes. [Bibliothfeque de I'Ecole des hautes 
Etudes.] 8°. 3090a.65 

Grazzini, Antonio F^, called II Lasca. Rime 
burlesche edite e inedite, per cura di Carlo Ver- 
zone. Firenze, 1882. Portrait. [Raccolta di 
opere inedite o rare di ogni secolo della lettera- 
tura italiana.] 8°. 4771.51 

Pp. ix-lv contain a chronological list of the editions of 
Grazzini's works. 

Gr^ard, Octave. De litteris et litterarum 
studio quid censuerit L. Annseus Seneca, 
philosophus. Parisiis, mdccclxvi. 8°. 2945.51 

Great book robbery, The : a Warwickshire 
man seriously implicated by a literary thief. 
Dedicated to April 23d in every year. London, 
1881. 120. 6593.26 

A tract on the originality of Shakespeare. 

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to the British and foreign state papers; vol. i to 
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8». *7862.3 

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Chronicles and manorials. See Stubbs. 

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cal and magnetical and meteorological observa- 
tions, 1881. Under the direction of Sir G. B. 
Airy and W. H. M. Christie. London, 1883. L. 
4°. **520I.I 

— History, etc. See Bishop, C. E. ; — Burke ; 
— Glasson ; — Johns ; — McCarthy ; — MacDon- 
ald ; — Molloy ; — Rowe ; — Seeley ; — Sitwell ; — 

Greece. See Collignon ; — Curtius ; — Dunck- 
er ; — Larocque ; — Overbeck ; — Ropes ; — Will- 

Greek language and literature. See Associa- 
tion; — Breton; — Farrar; — Grasberger; — 
Graux ; — Leitschuh ; — Pape ; — Rolide ; — Tyr- 

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Contents. — 11. The blacke booke's messenger; The de- 
fence of Conny-catcliiiig; Philomela: The Lady Fitz- 
water's nightingale ; and A quippe for an vpstart courtier. 
1^93. 12. Prose: Orpharion ; Greens Groatsworth of wit; 
The repentance of Robert Greene; and Greenes vision. 
1592-' 599- 

Greenwood, Grace, pseud. See Lippincott, 
Sara J. 

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Sec Des Francs. 

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Contents. — i. Reden und Abhandlungen. 2. Abhand- 
lungen zur Mythologie und Sitlenkunde. 3. Abhandlungen 
zur Litteratur und Grammatik. 4-6. Recensionen und ver- 
mischte Aufsatze, Theil 1-3. 

— Teutonic mythology. Trans, from the fourth 
edition, with notes and appendix by James Steven 
Stallybrass. Vol. 1-3. London, 18S0, 83. 8". 

Griswold, William McC. A general index to 
the Contemporary review, the Fortnightly re- 
view, and the Nineteenth century. Bangor, 
1882. [Q^ P. Indexes.] 8°. *3i83 7 

— An index to articles relating to history, bi- 
ografy, literature, society, and travel contained 
in collections of essays (etc.). Bangor, 1883. 
[Q^ P. Indexes.] 8". *2i63.37 

— Table alfabetique gdndrale des matiferes et 
des noms des auteurs contenus dans les tomes 
193-268 de la " Revue des deux mondes " et 1-2 1 
de " La Nouvelle revue." Bangor, 1883. [Q^P- 
Indexes.] 8°. *3343'6o 

Grosart, Alexander B., editor. Fly-leaves, or 
additional notes and illustra-, '^*».s on the Occa- 
sional issues of unique or very rare books, in 
XXXVII vols, quarto, 1875-1881. N. p., 1883. 
Sm. 4°. *^*66o5.50 

A .set of 33 title-pages, and additional notes, for conven- 
ience in binding a uniform set of this editor's publications. 

— See also Greene ; — Nash ; — Spenser. 

Gross, Victor. Les protohelvetes, ou les pre- 
miers colons sur les bords des lacs de Bienne et 
Neuchatel. Avec planches en phototypie. Ber- 
lin, 1883. 4°. ' *223oa.6o 

Groton, Massachusetts. See Green, S. A. 

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structural principles of Herbert Spencer's philos- 
ophy : intended as a proof that theism is the 
only theory of the universe that can satisfy rea- 
son. Oxford, 1883. 8°. 3600.67 

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and musicians. With illus. and wood-cuts. In 
4 v. Vol. 1-3. London, 1880, 83. 8". *4045.74 



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und seiner einzelnen Fiirstenthiimer im Mittelal- 
ter. Leipzig, 1881, 83. 2 v. [Publicaiionen 
aus den K. preussischen Staatsarchiven.] 8". 


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Guatemala. See Fuentes y Guzman. 

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teratura italiana nel 1880. Firenze, 1881. 16". 


Guiana, British. See Thurn. 

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Paris, 1881-83. 3 V. Illus. Portraits. Plates. 
8". 3961.61 

Contents. — i. Le pesanteur et la gravitation universelle; 
Le son. 3. La luini^re. 3. Le magnetisine et IVlectricitd. 

Gunpowder. See Berthelot. 

Guthrie, Malcolm. On Mr. Spencer's unifica- 
tion of knowledge. London, 18S.:. 8°. 

3600.10; **36oo.66 

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Read before the National academy. Princeton, 
N.J., 1883. 8". 4440.67 

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chiefly referring to the character and chronology 
of the reaction which followed the council of 
Nicaea. Cambridge, 1882. 8". 3524.64 

Pp. xvii-xxvi contain a list of authorities and a chrono- 
logical table. 

Gymnastics. See Kloss. 

Habicht, 11. Die altdeutsche Verlobung in 
ihrem Verhaltniss zu dem Mundium und der 
Eheschliessung. Jena, 1879. S". 3616.53 

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Halberstadt, Germany. See Schmidt. 

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the way to them. Boston, 1S83. 16°. 3097.55 

Hall, Louise G. {Sister Louise.) See Van 

Hall, Thomas B. Modern spiritualism ; or, 
the opening way. Boston, 1883. ^6°. 3606.78 

The first two articles are reprinted, with slight alterations, 
from the " Unitarian review " for November, 1879, and Sep- 
tember, 18S2. 

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itrangeres. T. i, 2. Paris, 1879, 80. 16°. *6i98.2 

Contents. — i . Littes»' ^ures du Xord, le et 2e parties : Lit- 
\irfratures scandinavejJviliemande; hoUandaise, dcpuis leurs 
Wigines jusqu'en 1S50. 2. Litteratures du Nord, ,^e et 40 
parties: Litteratures anglaise; anglo-araericaine; slave. 

Haller, Albrecht von. Albrecht Hallers Tage- 

licher seiner Reisen nach Deutschland, Holland 

ulid England, 1723-1727. Mit Anmerkungen 

hirausg. von L. Hirzel. Anhang: ein bisher 

Ibekanntes Gedicht Hallers aus dem Jahre 1721. 

lipzig, 1883. 8°. 2266.56 

paller.Joseph. Altspanische Sprichworter und 
spiichwdrtliche Redensarten aus den Zeiten vor 
Cel-vantes, in's Deutsche iibersetzt, in spanischer 
una deutscher Sprache erortert, und verglichen 
mitiden entsprechenden der alten Griechen und 
Ronier, nebst Vorwort, Einleitung, Index, iter 
TheV- Regensburg, 1883. 8". 30903.63 

Halliday, Maria. A description of the monu- 
ment and effigies in Porlock church, Somerset. 
Torquay, 1882. Folded sheets. Plates. L. 8". 

*249i.63; **249x.64 

Hamilton, Frederick F. Bordighera and the 
western Riviera. Trans, from the French, with 
additional matter and notes, by A. C. Dowson. 
London, 1883. 8". 3762.60 

Handbuch der Architektur. HerauRg. von J, 
Durm, H. Ende, E. Schmitt und H. Wagner. 
Darmstadt, 18S1, 83. 8". 

Contents.— \terTUci\. Allgemeine Hochbaukunde. B. 
1. [*8o92.i9l ; 2ter Theil. Die haustile. B. 1. [•8092.50]; 
3terTheil. Die Hochbau-Constructionen. B. 4. [•8092.51.] 

Hanseatic league. See Hanserecesse. 

Hanserecesse. Leipzig, 1870-83. 11 v. L. 8^ 


Harbors. See Travaux. 

Hardy, Mary (MacDowell), lady. Down 
South. By Lady Duffus Hardy. London, 1883. 
S". 2366.78 

Travels in the United States. 

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Pays Basque. T. i. Bayonne, 1883. 8^2824.61 

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London, 1883.'* IHus. 12°. " 30793.57 

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Harper's voung people. [Vol. 1-4.] 1880-S3. 
N.Y. [1879^83.] L.8->. *535o.5 

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old epitaphs in the burying-ground of' Block- 
Island, R. I. Cambridge, 1883. 8°. *2339.76 

Harris, Samuel. The philosophical basis of 
theism. N. Y., 1883. 8". 34803.55 

Harris, William S. The Harris family. Thomas 
Harris, in Ipswich, Mass., in 1636, and his de- 
scendants to 1883. Nashua,N. H., 1883. Portraits. 
8^. *2333 56 

Harshadeva. Nag&nada, la joie des serpents ; 
drame bouddhique attribue au roi Qri-Harcha- 
Deva. Traduit pour la premiere foisdu Sanskrit 
et du prakrit en fran^ais par A. Bergaigne. 
Paris, 1879. [Bibliothequeorientale elzevirienne.] 
18". 30293.78 

Harte, Francis Bret. The Pliocene skull. 
Sketches by E. M. Schaeffer. n. p., 1871. Sni. 
4°. 2402.22 

— See Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 6, Honeg- 

Hartmann,, August. Volksschauspiele. In 
Bayern und Osterreich-Ungarn gesammelt. Mit 
vielen Melodien, nach dem Volksmund aufge- 
zeichnetvon H. Abele. Leipzig, 1880. 8". 4871.14 

Harvard college. Catalogue. 1883-84. Cam- 
bridge, 1883. 16°. *4388.20 

— Museum ofcomparatii'e zoolo^. Bulletin. 
Vol. 10. Cambridge, 1882-83. Plates. 8". *5885.4 

For contents see Bates Hall Card catalogue. 

Hassall, Arthur H. San Remo climatically 
and medically considered. With illus. New 
edition. London, 1883. Sm. 8". 2768.7a 

Hastings, Minnesota. See Warner, G. E. 

Hatton, Joseph, and Harvey, M. Newfound- 
land : its history, its present condition, and its 
prospects. Reprinted from the English edition: 
revised and enlarged. Illus. Boston, 1S83. 
Folded map. 8°. 436»-70 

Haven, Erastus O. Autobiography. Edited 
by C. C. Stratton. N. Y., 1883. Portrait. 16°. 





Havergal, Frances R. Specimen-glasses for 
the king's minstrels. London. [1881.J Portraits. 
Sm. 8". 5442-87 

Papers on modern hymns and hymn-writers contributed 
to "Tlie day of days." 

Havet, Louis. De Saturnio Latinorum versu 
scripsit Ludovicus Havet. Parisiis, 18S0. [Bi- 
bliotheque de I'Ecole des hautes Etudes.] 8°. 


Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Sketches and studies. 
Boston. [1883.] Portrait. [Little classic edi- 
tion.] Sq. 16". 2400b. 68 

Contents. — Life of Franklin Pierce; Chiefly about war 
matters; Alice Doane's appeal; The ancestral footstep; 

Haydn, Franz Jose^. See OefFentliche Vor- 
trage (vol. 6, Niggli*). 

Hayward, Edward F. Patrice : her love and 
work. A poem. Boston, 1883. 12°. 2401.72 

Hazard, Rowland G. Man a creative first 
cause. Two discourses at Concord, Mass., July, 
1882. Boston, 1883. i6«. 3600.76 

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presbyterian ministry and churches of New 
Hampshire. Reprinted from the " Congrega- 
tional quarterly," Oct., 1875, and April, 1876. 
Boston, 1875. 8°. *3545-57 

Health and hygiene. See Annales d'hygiene ; 
— King, L. ; — Kloss ; — Parkes. 

Heard, Franklin F. Shakespeare as a lawyer. 
Boston, 1883. Sm. 8". 66ooa.26 

A reprint, with additions and chang^es, of the author's 
" Legal acquirements of William Shakespeare." Boston, 

Hearn, Charles W. Studies in artistic print- 
ing. A complete manual of photographic print- 
ing. With six cabinet portrait studies. Phila., 
1877. 8°. 5975-60 

Hebrides. See Cumming. 

Heckle, A. The florist: a collection of flowers 
for imitation either in drawing or in needle-work. 
London, n. d. 23 plates. 4°, obi. * 

Heer, Oswald. Flora fossilis arctica. Die 
fossile Flora der Polarlander. Zurich, 1868-78. 
5 V. Plates. Illus. 4°. *584i.5 

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(vol. 3, Born). 

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F". *^,*8o86.8 

— Les medailleurs de la Renaissance. Niccolo, 
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cini, Baldassare Estense, Coradini, anonymes 
travaillant a Ferrare an xve siecle. Avec huit 
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Helmets. See Ancient. 

Hennepin county, Minnesota. See Warner, 
G. E. 

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I'usage des ecoles ^lementaires. Ouvrage conte- 
nant 749 figures dans le texte et un album de 138 
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Contents. — 6. Fragmente zu einer " Archiiologie des 
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die altesten Urkunuen, 1771,72; Aeltestc Urkunde des Men- 
schenjfeschleclits. 17. Briete zu Beforderung der ^^umani- 
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— See Church, A. J. 

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Hervey de Saint Denys, Marie J. L. , marquis 

d'. Memoire sur le pays connu des anciens Chi- 

nois sous le nom de Fou-sang. Paris, 1876. 8°. 


The author considers Fou-sang as identical with 

Hettner, Hermann J. T. See Moleschott. 

Hetzel, Pierre J. Voyage d'un etudiant et ses 
suites varices. Histoire d'un homme enrhumd. 
P. J. Stahl \^pseud."\. lie edition. Paris, 1875. 
12". 4660.50 

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Contents. — L'Arriibbiata ; Anfang und Ende; Marion; 
Am Tiberufer; Erkenne dich selbst ; Das Bild der Mutter; 
Im Grafenschloss ; Unheilbar. 2. Das Miidchen von Trep- 
pi; DieBlinden; Maria Francisca; Barbarossa; Die Reise 
nach deni Gliick ; Andrea Delfin ; Der Weinluiter. 3. Die 
Einsamen ; Der Kreisrichter ; Die kleine Mania; Kleopatra; 
Die Wittwe von Pisa; Der Kinder Siinde der Viiter Fluch; 
Die Pfadfinderin. 4. Die beiden Scliwestern ; Franz Al- 
zever; Ilelene Morten ; Geoffroy und Garcinde ; Das schone 
Kathchen; Lorenz und Lore; Der letzte Centaur; Lottka; 
Auferstanden. 5. Annina; Mutter und Kind; Vetter Ga- 
briel; Die Stickerin von Treviso; Beatrice; AmtodtenSee; 
Aufder Aim; Ein Abenteuer; Der verlorene Sohn. 6. Er 
soil dein Herr sein; Judith Stern; Das Ding an sich; Die 
Tochter der Excellenz; Die Kaiserin von Spinetta; Zwei 
Gefatigene; Beppe der Sternseher. 7. Jorinde; Getreu bis 
in den Tod; Die ungarische Grafin; Ein Miirtyrerder Phan- 
tasie; Nerina; Das Seeweib; Die Frau Marchesa. 8, 9. 
Kinder der Welt, id, ii. Im Paradiese. 

— Unvergessbare Worte und andere Novellen. 
Berlin, 1883. 16°. 487ob.62 

Contents. — Unvergessbare Worte ; Die Eselin ; Das 
Gliick von Rothenburg; Getheiltes Herz. 

Hibernia : a monthly popular review. Vol. i, 
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Highlands of Scotland. See Mackenzie; — 
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graveur hoUandais et beige du xix'"e siecle. 
ire-4e partie. Bruxelles, 1874-79. 8°. *4075.i8 

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bensbild von Shakespeare, zum ersten Male im 
Lichte arztlicher Wissenschaft zugleich als Bei- 
trag zur asthetischen Kritikder Tragddie " Ham- 
let." Danzig, 1881. 16°. 6590.38 

Historic society of Lancashire and Cheshire. 
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pool, 1880. Facsimile. Plates. 8°. *25o8.i 

— Index to the first and second series of the 
society's Transactions, comprising volumes 1-24 
inclusive. Prepared by A. Hume. Liverpool, 
1874. 8°. * 




History. See Pictorial ; — Wheeler. 

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Conn., July loth, 1878. N. Y. [1878.] 'Por- 
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ited by J. M. D. Meiklejohn. Edinburgh, 1883. 
Portrait. Sin. 8". 4547-66 

— See Woodhead. 

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London, 1883. Sm. 8°. 3067-41 

The volume includes articles in verse and prose, sev- 
eral of which are reprinted from tlie Penn monthly. 

Holden, George H. Canaries and cage-birds. 
N. Y. [18S3.] Colored plates. L. 8°. 3903.64 

Holland. See Bijdragen ; — Fruin. 

Hollow globe theory of the earth. See Sher- 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Grandmother's 
storvof Bunker hill battle. [Inverse.] Illus. by 
H. W.McVickar. N. Y. [1883.] Sm.4''. 2402.7 

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mutiny. With maps and plans. London, 1883. 
8°. 307464 

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neuesten Entvvickelung, mit besonderer Beriick- 
sichtigung der Pariser Elektricitatsausstellung, 
1S81. Hjtllea. S., 1882. Illus. 8°. 3964-75 

Contains a short bibliography of the subject. 

Home delights. A collection of new four hand 
pieces for pianoforte. Consisting of marches, 
polkas, waltzes, &c. Boston, 1882. 4°. 8052.129 

Homer. Sec Brown, R. ; — Penci. 

Homoeopathy. See New York medical times. 

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des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. 2te Auflage. 
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— Russische Literatur und Cultur. Leipzig, 
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Honourable artillery company (^England). 
See Raikes. 

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family surnames pronounced differently to what 
the spelling suggests. London. [1S83.''] Sm. 
8". 6239.13 

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\London, 1865. 8'^ 5862.66 

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i'-ix lectures given before the theological students 
Princeton on the L. P. Stone foundation. 
Y., 1883. i6«. 5442.85 

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H\>race. Complete in English rhvme and blank 
vel-se. By H. H. Pierce. Phila"'., 1884 [1883]. 
12^. 2927.62 

j- See Rosenberg. 

tlorse. See Bruce, S. D. 

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in large towns. Two papers. With an introd. 
by J. Ruskin. London, 1883. 8". 4075.24 

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Witli illus. Phila., 1SS3. [? Quiz-compends.'] 
16". \ 3759 62 

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(173^^809.) Ein Bild aus Goethe's Freundes- 
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or, the structure of states and the significance 
and relation of political forms. Boston, 1883. 
8°. 3562.69 

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electricity. Trans, and enlarged by J. Maicr. 
2d edition, with additions. With illus. London, 
1883. 3 V. 8". 3962.66 

ConttHls. — I. Electric generators; Electric light. 
3. Telephone ; Various applications ; Electric transmiskion 
of energy. 

Hotels. See Statia's. 

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politics (non-partisan), 1607 to 1882. Indian- 
apolis, 1883. Colored plates. 8". 4326.83 

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2540b. 56 

— Same. London, 1883. [Eminent women 
series.] Sm. 8". 25405.58 

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Notice des livres turcs, arabes et persans im- 
primes a Constantinople, durant la periode 1294- 
98 de I'H^gire (1877-81). Extrait du Journal 
asiatique. Paris, 1881, 82. 2 v. in i. 8**. •2176.61 

Hubbard, Lucius L. Woods and lakes of 
Maine. A trip from Moosehead lake to New 
Brunswick in a birch-bark canoe; added, some 
Indian place-names and their meanings. Illus. 
Boston, 1884 [1883]. S''. 2366.79 

Hiibert, Eugene. De Charles-Quint a Joseph 
II. Etude sur la condition des protestants en 
Belgique (^dit de tolerance de 1781). Bruxelles, 
1882. 8". 4813-56 

Pp. x-xv contain a Table des sources cit^s. 

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other poems. Illus. Cambridge, Mass. [18S2.] 
Plates. Portraits. 12". 2400.57 

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nature, and prevention without medicine or 
change in diet. Boston, 1883. 12°. 3790b. 54 

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ziergang um die Welt. Mit 317 Abbildungen 
und Portrat. Leipzig, 18S2. F°. ♦^•2260.64 

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tice of medicine. Phila., 1883. 2 v. [ .? Quiz- 
compends.'] 16°. 3729-56 

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Manche. Paris, 1883. 8°. 2261.64 

Sketches and descriptions of the Channel islands. 

— See Barbou. 

Humanists. See Fioretto ; — Geiger. 

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students in Europe. N. Y., 1S83. 12". 3736.56 

Hungarian language. See Singer. 

Hunter, Ella. Santo, Lucia, and co. in Aus- 
tria. Edinburgh, 1883. Plate. Map. Sm. 8". 


The additional title on the cover reads, " 1340 miles in 95 
days for £52." 

Hunterdon county. New Jersey. See Snell. 

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ductory. N. Y., 1882. Sm. 12°. 3829.33 

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cales de C. Huygens. Publi^es par W. J. A. 
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similes. [Socidtd pour I'histoire musicale des 
Pays-Bas.] 4". 4042.81 

The last So pages cont-iin Huygen's Pathodia sacra et 
profana occupati, first printed in 1647. 




Hydraulics. See Graeff. 
Hymns. See Luther. 
Icelandic literature. See Billeder. 
Ideal poems from the English poets. Illustra- 
tions bj American artists. Boston. [1883.] Sm. 

40. *256l.2I 

Idealism. See Gallo. 

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dotes, historiettes et bons mots, en chinois parl^, 
publics pour hi premiere fois, avec une trad, fran- 
^aise et des notes. Paris, 1882. 12°. 30293.57 

Imperiale reale istituto veneto di scienze, let- 
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1-3; serie 5, t. 1-7. Venezia, 1855-81. 32 v. 
8°. *5283.i 

— Memorie. Vol. 1-2 1. Venezia, 1843-79. 
Plates. 40. * 

Indexes to periodicals. See Amateur; — An- 
nales d'hvgiene; — Bell, C. U. ; — Bibliotheque 
nationale; — Entomological; — Fortnightly; — 
Griswold ; — Historic society ; — Institution ; — 
Journal des ^conomistes ; — Journal fiir prakti- 
sche Chemie; — Journal of the Institute of actu- 
aries; — Manchester statistical society; — Phar- 
maceutical journal ; — Repertorium ; — Revue ar- 
cheologique ; — Revue politique ; — Royal united 
service institution; — Societe de I'histoire de 
France; — Southern historical society; — Zeit- 
schrift; — Zoological society. 

India. See A., E. H. ; — Calcutta review; — 
Cotton ; — Cust ; — Holmes, T. R. E. ; — Madras ; 
— Mateer ; — Seeley ; — Stone ; — Wereschagin. 

India ink. See Chen-ki-souen. 

India list, The, civil and military. July, 1883. 
London, 18S3. 8". *5073-56 

Indiana. See Woollen. 

Indians of America. See Cardim ; — Mark- 
ham ; — Sanborn ; — Simms. 

Indo-European languages. See Bezzenber- 
ger ; — Regnaud. 

Industrial arts. See Lami ; — Union cen- 

Ingelow, Jean. The high tide on the coast of 
Lincolnshire, 1571. [With notes.] Boston, 1883. 
Illus. 8". *256i.8i 

The scene of this poem is laid in Boston, England 
Many of the illustrations are views taken in and near tha 
city, which was the birthplace of the author. 

Ingleby, Clement M. Shakespeare's bones. 
The proposal to disinter them : illustrated by 
instances of visits of the living to the dead. 
London, 1883. Portrait. Sm. 4". 4591.14 

Ingram, John H. Oliver Madox Brown. A 
biographical sketch. London, 1883. Portraits. 
Plate. 8''. 2440.60 

Insanity. See Buckham. 

Inscriptions. See Corpvs ; — EpJiemeris ; — 
Finzi ; — Kaibel ; — Merriam ; — Pognon. 

Institution of civil engineers, London. Char- 
ter, by-laws, and list of members. London, 1883. 
8°. *4028.64 

Institution of mechanical engineers. Pro- 
ceedings. General index. 1847-1873. Birming- 
ham, n. d. 8'^. *8oi8.50 

Instruments of precision. See BufF. 

Insurance. 5'ee Journal of the Institute. 

International congress of orientalists. Ver- 
handlungen des fiinften Internationalen Orien- 
talisten-Congresses, gehalten zu Berlin im Sep- 
tember 1881. Berlin, 1881, 82. 2 parts in 3 v. 
Illus. Fac-similes. Plates. 8°. *30i4.6 

International geographical congress. Terzo 
congresso geografico internazionale. Venezia, 
1881. Mostra. Catalogo generale [degli oggetti 
espostij. Venezia, 1881. 2 v. Plans. 8". 


Inventaire g^ndral des richesses d'art de la 
France. Archives du Musee des monuments 
fran^ais. ire partie. Papiers de M. Albert Le- 
noir, et documents tir^s des archives de I'adminis- 
tration des beaux-arts. Paris, 1883. [Ministere 
de instruction publique et des beaux-arts.] 
L. 8". *8o63.55 

Ionia. See Antiquities. 

Ireland, Alexander, compiler. The book- 
lover's enchiridion. 3d edition, with addi- 
tions. London, 1883. Sm. 8°. *6i25.40 

Ireland. See Clarke; — Uibernia; — Leaves; 

— McGee ; — Mackay ; — O'Brien. 

Irving, Henry, originally yohn Henry Brodrib. 
Henry Irving. A short account of his public 
life. With illus. N. Y., 1883. 16°. 25405.72 

Chapter 5 is devoted to Ellen Terry, William Terriss.and 
Thomas Mead. 

— See Brereton. 

Italian language and literature. See Ancona, 
and Comparetti ; — Associazione ; — Badke ; — 
Bartoli; — Biagi ; — Bibliografia; — Breitinger; 

— Caix ; — Celesia ; — Gaspary ; — Grassi ; — 
Gubernatis ; — Morsolin ; — Raffaelli ; — Reale 
scuola ; — Rezasco ; — Samosch ; — Sceita. 

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nerale delle gabelle. Movimento commerciale del 
regno d'ltalia nell' anno 1881, 82. Roma, 1882, 
83. 2 V. F". *3650.53 

— Minister o della guerra. Direzione generale 
delle leve e della trtippa. Delia leva sui giovani 
nati neir anno 1861 e delle vicende del R. eser- 
cito dal I" ottobre 18S1 al 30 settembre 1882. Re- 
lazione del tenente generale Federico Torre a 
S. E. il Ministro della guerra. Roma, 1883. 
Folded tables. 40. *3950.24 

— Ministcro di agricoltura, indiistria e coni- 
mercio. Annali di statistica. Indice analitico 
delle materie contenute negli Annali di statistica 
pubblicati nel decennio 1S71-81 (serie la e 2a). 
Roma, 1883. 8°. * 

— Servizio postale. Diciassettesima relazione. 
1881. Roma, 1882. 4°. *3650.20 

— See Annuario; — Cipolla; — Cross, J. ; — 
Fontana; — Oeftentliche VortrJige (vol. 4, Kin- 
kel) ; — Regia deputazione ; — Salazaro. 

Jackson, George A. The post-Nicene Greek 
fathers. N. Y., 1883. [Early Christian litera- 
ture primers. Edited by G. P. Fisher.] 24°. 


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Leipzig, 1S74. 8". 3956-7° 

Jaeschke, H. A. Tibetan grammar. 2d edi- 
tion, prepared by H. Wenzel. London, 1883. 
Sm. 8". 3039-70 

James I., of Ar agon, 1208-76. ^ecTourtoulon. 

James, Frank L. The wild tribes of the Sou- 
dan. An account of travel and sport, chiefly in 
the Base country. N. Y. [1883.] Plates. Maps. 
8°. 3051-21 

Janet, Paul A. R. Les maitres de la pensee 
moderne. Paris, 1883. 12°. 5600.67 

— The theory of morals. Trans, from the latest 
French edition. N.Y., 1883. 8°. 358424 

Janke, Heinrich. Die Vorausbestimmung des 
Geschlechts beim Rinde. 2te Auflage. Berlin, 
1881. 8°. 3994-57 




Japan. See Boissonade ; — Rosn v. 

Jarry, Jules. De pueris apud antiqiios poetas. 
Lille, i86S. 8". 2965.7a 

Jeanne de France, ducAesse d'Orldans et de 
Berry. See Maulde. 

Jeannette, sAi/). See De Long. 

JefTeries, Richard. The story of my heart. 
My autobiography. London, 1883. Sm.8'. 

4579 72 
Jenkins, Edward. Jobson's enemies. London. 
[1881.J 2 V. Illus. Sm. 8°. 255967 

Jesuits. See Parkman. 

Jevons, William Stanley. Logic. With illus. 
N. Y., 1881. [Science primers.] Sm. 12**. 


— Political economy. N. Y., 1882. [Science 
primers.] Sm. 12°. 3659.86 

Jews. See Duehring; — Edersheim; — Jose- 
phus ; — Montet ; — Renan ; — Zunz. 

John Pringle, printer and heretic. Paisley, 
1883. Sm. 8'. 2557.76 

A story of discipline in the Kirk of Scotland. 

John of Austria (Don John), d. 1578. See 

John XXII, pope. See Verlaque. 

Johns, — major, and Nicolas, Paul H. The 
naval and military heroes of Great Britain, or 
calendar of victory. London, i860. 24 portraits. 
8"^. 454864 

Johnson, Sir John, 1742-1830. See De Pey- 

Jones, Charles C.,jr. The history of Georgia. 
Bo.ston, 1883. 2 V. Portraits. Plans. 8". *4370.65 

Jones, Henry. The games of lawn tennis 
(with the authorized laws) and Badminton. By 
'' Cavendish " [/5C«</.]. 5th edition. London, 
1883. Sm. 8". 6oo9a.96 

Jones, L. E.. and Scudder, John M. The 
American eclectic materia medica and therapeu- 
tics. Cincinnati, 1868 [vol. 2^ 1859]. 2 v. in i. 
8". *7783i 

Jones, William, I*'.S.A. Crowns & corona- 
tions. A history of regalia. With illus. Lon- 
don, 18S3. 8°. 2229.70 

Jordan, H Topographic der Stadt Rom im 
Alterthum. Band i, Abtheilung i. Berlin, 187S. 
8°. 2738.3 

Jordan, William L. An answer to ' Knowl- 
edge.' [Anon.'] [London, 1883.] 12". 

No. I in *5965.26 

— An answer to " Nature." London, 1883. 120. 

No. 2 in *5965.26 

Joseph of Arimathea. Der Prosaroman von 

Joseph von Arimathia. Mit einer Einleitung 

ueber die handschriftliche Ueberlieferung, her- 

ausg. von G. Weidner. Oppeln, 1881. 8". 

Josephus, Flavius. Volgarizzamento della Is- 
toria delle guerre giudaiche. Testo di lingua 
antico ridotto a piii sana lezione da L. Calori. 
Bologna, 1878, 79. 2 v. 8'. 476354 

Journal des dconomistes. Table alphabetique 
g^ndrale des matieres contenues dans les deux 
premieres series (1841-65) [3e, 40 s^rie (T. 
i-i 2), 1866-80]. Paris, 1883. 6 parts in IV. 8°. 

Journal fiir praktische Chemie, herausgege- 
ben von O. L. Erdmann, R. F, Marchand und 
G. Werther. Sach- und Namenregister zu Band 
i-io8 dieser Zeitschrifl. 1834-69. Leipzig, 1844- 
71. 2 V. 8°. *7963.i5 

Journal of prison discipline and philanthropy. 
Published under the direction of "The Philadel- 
phia society for alleviating the miseries of public 
prisons," instituted 1787. 1845-79. Phila., 
1845-79. 20 v. in 13. Illus. 8<». *7575X 

This periodical was called " Pennsylvania journal of pris- 
on discipline and philanthropy " from 1S45 to 1S56. 

Journal of the Institute of actuaries and Assur- 
ance magazine. Index to the first twenty vol- 
umes. [1850-78J. London, 1883. 8". •'7644.5 

This index is issued in place of the number of the journal 
for January, 1SS3. 

JuUien, Adolphe. La comddie a la cour; les 
theatres de soci^t^ royale pendant le siecle der- 
nier. Paris. [18S3.] Illus. Portraits. 4". *467i.9 

Contents. — La comedie de socitfttf au sitele dernier; La 
duchesse du Maine et les g-nindes nulls de sceaux; Madame 
de Pompadour et le thi^Mre des pctits cabinets; Le th^tre de 
Marie-Antoinette it Trianon. 

Juncker, E. Im Zenith. [Vier Novellen.] 
Berlin. [i88o.] 16°. 4872.7 

Contents. — Was die Sterne lehren ; Die Frau des bcrUhm- 
ten Mannes; Die Lebensmiiden; Der g-etreu Eckart. 

Kaemmel, Heinrich J. Geschichte des deut- 
schen Schulwesens, im Uebergange vom Mittel- 
alterzur Neuzeit. Aus seinem Nachlasse herausg. 
von O. Kaemmel. Leipzig, 1882. 8°. 359476 

Kaibel, Georg. Epigrammata Graeca ex lapi- 
dibvs conlecta. Berolini, 1878. 8°. 2962.71 

Kdlidasa. Sakuntala, a Sanskrit drama in 
seven acts. The Deva-nagari recension of the 
text. Edited with literal trans, of all the metrical 
passages, schemes of the metres and notes, by 
Monier Williams. 2d edition. Oxford, 1876. 8°. 


— Vikramorvagi. Ourva^i donn^e pourprixde 
I'heroi'sme ; dra,me en cinq actes. Traduit du 
Sanscrit par P. E. Foucaux. Paris, 1879. [Bibli- 
otheque orientale elz^virienne.] 18°. 30293.77 

For an Ensjlish version see Wilson's Select specimens of 
the theatre of the Hindus [5025.6.1]. 

— See Summer. 

Kanitz, Felix P. Donau-Bulgarlen imd der 
Balkan. Historisch-geographisch-ethnographi- 
sche Reisestudien aus den Jahren 1860-80. 2te 
Auflage. B. 3. Mit Illus., Tafeln undOriginal- 
Karte. Leipzig, 18S0. L. 8". 3081. 11 

Karlowa, Otto. Die Formen der rdmischen 
Ehe und Manus. Bonn, 1868. 8". 3616.54 

— Der romische Civilprozess zur Zeit der Le- 
gisactionen. Berlin, 1872. 8°. 3614.55 

Kaulbach, Wilhelm. See Oeffentliche Vortrage 
(vol. 3, Kaiser; vol. 4, Kaiser). 

Kautz, Julius. Die geschichtliche Entwicke- 
lung der National-Oekonomik und ihrer Litera- 
tur. Wien, i860. 8>. 3656.58 

Keddie, Henrietta. Marie Antoinette, the 
woman and queen. By Sarah Tytler [/«<•«</.]. 
London, 1883. Portrait. [New Plutarch.] Sm. 8°. 


— Same. N. Y., 1883. 16°. 4657.52 
Keese, William L. John Keese, wit and litte- 
rateur. N. Y.,1883. Portrait. 8°. 4346.85 

Keller, Ludwig. • Die Gegenreformation in 
Westfalen und am Niederrhein. ActenstUcke 
und Erlauterungen. iterTheil. 1555-85. Leip- 
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Maps. 8°. *4379-93 




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edition. N. Y., 1872. 3 v. 8". 4396.10 

— Occasional addresses [1831-66]; and The 
letters of Mr. [Paul] Ambrose \^pseud.'\ on the 
Rebellion. N. Y., 1872. 8». 4396.13 

Included in the above are Discourse on the life and 
character of William Wirt, May 20, 1S34; O" George Cal- 
vert, first Lord Baltimore, Dec. 9, 1855; Life of William 
Thorn, lecture, Feb. 4, 1S46. 

— Political and official papers [1830-61]. 
N. Y., 1872. 8". 4396.14 

— See Tuckerman. 

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to [Dartmouth] college scenes and associations. 
Washington, 18S3. 16°. 4404.79 

Kinematics. See MacCord. 

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of the London obelisk, with an exposition of 
the hieroglyphics. London. [1883.] Illus. 
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Illus. 8°. 576453 

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Cambridge, 1883. Illus. 8°. *2359.84 

— King's pocket-book of Providence. Sub- 
scription edition. Cambridge. [1882.] 8". *2339.75 

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Bradford, Mass. Including addresses delivered 
at the two hundredth anniversary of the First 
church of Bradford, Dec. 27, 1882. Haverhill, 
1883. 8". +2356.74 

Kingsthorpe, England, See Glover. 

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moths. With 61 coloured plates. Based upon 
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4°- ***389i-56 

Kitabi Kulsfim Naneh, ou le livre des dames 
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moeurs, usages et superstitions d'int^rieur tra- 
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enne.] 18°. +30293.81 

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The plates are mostly the same as those in Wey's Rome 

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Contents. — I. Gedichte; Die Familie Schroffenstein ; 
Der zerbrochene Krug-. 2. Amphitryon; Penthesilea ; Das 
Kathchen von Heilbronn. 3. Die Hermannsschlacht; Prinz 
Friedrich von Homburg; Robert Guisk.ird. 4. Erzahlun- 
gen; Politische Aufsatze; Kleine vermischte Schriften; 

— See Zolling. 

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3te Auflage. Leipzig, 1875. Illus. 8°. 6002.22 

— Weibliche Haus-Gymnastik. Mit Abbil- 
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Trans, from the German. London, 18S3. Por- 
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— Same. N. Y., 1883. 8°. 5552.6o 

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avec deux textes. Paris, 1881. 8". 4671.58 

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[18S0?] 80. 4871.20 

Koran. See Poole. 

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zur christlichen Kuntgeschichte. Freiburg im 
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Parallel chronological tables showing contemporary 
history, architecture, sculpture, painting, technical arts, 
and art-literature, connectt-d with religious art. 

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8°. 4646.77 

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Labor and capital. See Mamiani della Rovere. 

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MM. L. Combarieu et F. Cangardel. T. i. 
Cahors, 1883. 8". 46ii-53 

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Scripture : a critical, historical and dogmatic 
inquiry into the Old and New Testaments. N. Y. , 
1883. 2 V. 8°. 3422.61 

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Mexico. N. Y. [1883.] Folded map. Illus. 
[Minor wars of the United States.] 12°. 23293.70 

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the French [mainly by Robert Thomson]. With 
twenty-five original etchings by A. Delierre. 
Boston, 1884 [1883]. Portrait. L. 8°. ***266i.6 

One of a number of copies printed for America, by Bal- 
lantyne, Hanson and CO., Edinburgh. 

— See Kulpe; — Souillie. 




Lake dwellings. See Gross. 

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de. See Haeckel. 

Lamb, Mary. Sec Gilchrist. 

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encjclopedique et biographiqiie de I'industrie et 
des arts industriels. T. 1-3. A-Cypres. Paris, 
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Lancashire, England. See Croston ; — His- 
toric ; — Sclby. 

Land tenure. See Nicholson; — Walker. 

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With illus. Phila., 1883. [.? Quiz-compends.?J 
16". *5779a.67 

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8ur Walther von der Vo'gehveide. Paris, 1879. 
8». 2841.66 

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Chiefly on Roman law. 

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life : or. a chronicle of local events, from 1741 to 
1841. Birmingham, 1868. 2 v. Portrait. Fac- 
simile. 8''. 4535.21 

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sance in Mlttel-Italien. Nach alteren Publica- 
tionen und neuen Aufnahmen von W. Bubeck 
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This work was completed, on the death of Laspeyres, by 
H. Ang-elroth. 

Latin language and literature. See Havet; — 
Lavollee ; — Massebieau ; — OetFentliche Vortrjige 
(vol. 4, Arbenz); — Pernwerth von Baernstein; 

— Tyrrell ; — Vissac, J. A. 

Latini, Brunetto. 1 230-1 294. II tesoro vol- 
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Parisiis, m.dccc.lxix. 8". 3066.24 

Law. See Amira ; — Amos ; — Begouen ; — 

Boissonade; — Caillemer; — Conrat; — Dicey; 

— Field ; — Gierke ; — Habicht ; — Karlovva ; — 
Kuntze; — Lange; — Leist; — Lightwood; — 
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A narrative of a tour in the Vosges. London, 
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Hambourg, n. d. 4°. 8053.55 

Leek, Staffordshire, England. See Sleigh. 

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Q^i^bec, 1877. 2 v. i6». 44003.78 

A series of light sketches on society and general topics. 

Legends. See Devic ; — Drake ; — Koch; — 

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populaires slaves. Paris, 1882. 18''. 30293.62 

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Leicestershire, England. See Elmhirst. 

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Contents. — 1,2. Les illustrations de Gaule et Singulari- 
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4660b. 89 

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— See Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 4, Born). 
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Paris. [1883.] Illus. [Bibliotheque de I'en- 
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— Same. Cambridge, 1878. [Harvard col- 
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moirs. Vol. 6, no. 2.] 4°. No. 2 in *5890.i.6 

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zwanzig Banden. und mit Einleitun- 
gen versehen von Hugo Goring. B. 1-5. Stutt- 
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Contents. — i. Gedichte, Fabcln und Abhandlunjren iibcr 
die K.ibcl. *3. Damon oder die wahre Kreundschaft; Der 
junge Gelehrte; Der Misogyne; Die alte lungfer; Der 
Krcigcist. v Die Judcn ; Dor Schatz ; Miss .Sara .Sampson ; 
Philotas; Minna von Barnhelm. 4. Kmilia Galotti ; Nathan 
der Weise. 5. Dnunatisdie Eutwiirfe und Krugraente. 



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original operetta. Words by A. G. Lewis. 
Music by Leo R. Lewis. Boston. [18S3.] 4°. 


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Lightning. See Anderson, R. 

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containing an answer to the " liibbert lectures " 
of 1881. With five illus. London, 1883. Sm. 
8°. 3486.76 

The work here criticised is T. \V. Rhys Davids's Lect- 
ures on the origin and growth of religion as illustrated by 
some points in the history of Indian Buddhism, London, 
1S81 [54803.55; 54803.56]. 

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Contents. — Sirmio; Nicht zu hoch; Die bregenzer 
Klnuse; Grenzen; Glauke. 

o Linnstrom, Hjalmar. Svenskt Boklexikon. 
Aren, 1830-65. Fdrra Delen. A-Lowenstein. 
Stockholm, 1883. I v. in 2. 8°. * 

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and other social essays. London, 1883. 2 v. 8°. 

257 1 23 

These essays, reprinted from the Saturday review, are 
mostly upon questions of the day concerning women. " The 
girl of the period" is to be found published by itself on No. 

Linton, William J., editor. Rare poems of the 
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. A supple- 
ment to the anthologies. Boston, 1883. Sm. 8°. 


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— English verse. Chaucer to Burns. N.Y., 
1883. Sm. 80. 4562.4 

— English verse. Dramatic scenes and char- 
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— English verse. Lyrics of the xix^h century. 
N.Y., 1883. Sm. 8°. 4562.5 

— English verse. Translations. N.Y., 1883. 
Sm. 8°. 4562.8 

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hood and womanhood. By Grace Greenwood 
ipseud.]. Illus. N.Y., 1883. Portraits. [Ex- 
emplary women series.] 16°. 2540b. 6g 

Lips. See Ziemssen. 

Liquor laws (Massachusetts). See Faxon. 

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Espaiia y Portugal en los siglos xv-xvii. Tradu- 
cidos del original y anotados por F. R. Madrid. 
[1879.?] 160. 3098.69 

Contents, — yiicoliis de Popielovo, 1484; Joannes Dantis- 
cus, 151^31; Erich Lassota de Steblovo, 1580-84; Jacobo 
Sobieski, 161 1. 

Literature. See Hallberg ; — Honegger. 

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4660b. 85 

Little girl, A, among the old masters. With 
introd. and comment by W. D. Howells. Boston, 
1884 [1883]. 54 plates. 8°, obi. 8066.35 

" The pictures are the work of a little girl of ten years, 
who made them without suggestion and quite without help 
or criticism." — Introduction. 

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lecture on tobacco, by Russell Lant Carpenter. 
And on the use of tobacco, by G. F. Witter. 
Boston, 1883. 16". 379ob-53 

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our daughters.'' Superfluous women. And other 
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Fils de Dieu. Paris, 1883. 8°. 3474-6o 

Locks. See Rivers. 

Locomotive engines. See Edwards. 

Logic. 6'ee Jevons; — Rogers, J. W. F. ; — 

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gique sur Jean Pillot et sur les doctrines gram- 
maticales du xvie sifecle. Paris, 1866. 8°. 4672.78 

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et son developpement jusqu'a la fin du xvie 
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12°. *2509a.55 

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Long Island, New York. See Documents. 

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George's " Progress and poverty," and Mill's 
Theory of wages. London. [1883. J 8". 3566.83 

The shelf-no. of" Progress and poverty " is 3566.7S. The 
theory of Mill here reviewed is to be found in his Principles 
of political economy, Book 2, chapters 11-14 [4281. 2.1]. 

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and other poems. Boston, 1876. 12°. 45Goa.68 

— Michael Angelo. A dramatic poem. Illus. 
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— Twenty poems. Illustrated from paintings 
by his son, Erne'st W. Longfellow. Boston, 1884 
[1883]. Portrait. Sm. 4". 2401.70 

Longitude. See United States, Hydrogra;phic 

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8"- *5338.5o 

Lord advocates of Scotland. See Omond. 

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who he is, why he came, and what he did. 
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— See Caspari. 

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Illus. Edited by QaneW.] Loudon. New edi- 
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The hymns of Martin Luther set to their orig- 
inal melodies. With an English version. Edited 
by L. W. Bacon, assisted by N. H. Allen. N. Y., 
1883. Portrait. 8°. 5441-72 

— See Collette; — Froude; — Koestlin; — 
Macaulay, J. — Rein. 




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to the practical study of plants, containing repre- 
sentatives of the leading forms of plant life, with 
letter-press. Edinburgh, 1883. 52 colored plates. 
40. ***3840-59 

Macaulay, George C. Francis Beaumont : a 
critical study. London, 1883. Sm. 8°. 2553.66 

This essay is, so far as I am aware, the first systematic 
attempt to separate Beaumont and Fletcher on broad grounds 
of criticism. — Preface. 

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orable sayings and doings of Martin Luther. 
[London, 1883?] Illus. Sm. 8°. 5559a.64 

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Vortrage (vol. 5, Kinkel). 

Macbeth. See Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 3, 

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times from the accession of queen Victoria to 
1880. London, 1883. Sm. 8°. 2429.67 

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Lives, works and achievements of Ireland's 
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and soldiers. Boston. [1881.I 4 v. in i. Portraits. 
Illus. 8°. ' 454763 

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torical and biographical sketches of the principal 
events and characters in the ecclesiastical history 
of the first four centuries. Edited by T. Mac- 
Hale. Dublin, 1883. 8°. 3553-66 

Machiavelli, Niccolo. See Villari. 

Machinery. See Verein. 

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graphy of an Irish conspirator. Edited from 
authentic documents. London, 1883. 2 v. Sm. 
8"- 4573 72 

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mons. Boston, 1883. i6°- 5441-71 

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of the Highland clearances; containing a reprint 
of Donald Macleod's " Gloomy memories of the 
Highlands " ; Isle of Skye in 18S2 ; and a verbatim 
report of the trial of the Braes crofters. Inver- 
ness, 1883. Sm. 8°. 3562.73 

— The Isle of Skye in 1882-1883 ; illustrated by 
a full report of the trials of the Braes and Glen- 
dale crofters, at Inverness and Edinburgh; and 
an introductory chapter. Also a full report of 
the trial of Patrick Sellar. Inverness, 1883. Sm. 
8°. 3562.72 

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mini Serbati, founder of the Institute of charity. 
In 2 V. Vol. I. London, 1883. 8°. 2742.70 

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Southern India. List of the antiquarian remains 
in the presidency of Madras. Compiled by Robert 
Sewell. Vol. i. Madras, 1882. 4°. *5070.55 

Magalhaens (Magellan), Fernando de. See 
Barros Arana. 

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schen Landwirthschaft. Sondershausen, 1858-63. 
6 V. in 3. Plates. 8°. 3994-58 

Magnetism. See Gordon, J. E. H. ; — Hop- 
kins, Evan. 

MahSbhfirata. Indian idylls. From the San- 
skrit of the Mah^bh^rata, by Edwin Arnold. 
London, 1883. 8". 3027.57 

— See Nalopakhydnam. 

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Edinburgh, 1883. 4°. *243oa.55 

Maine. See Hubbard. 

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Also Transactions for 1853-63 unbound. 

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Malagasy language (of Madagascar). See 
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Malay archipelago. See Devic 

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On the inspiration of the Bible. 

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"These pages contain extracts from the writings of 'de- 
vout men ' of many nations, fathers and teachers of the 
Christian church." — Preface. The Preface is signed with 
a monogram of the letters M and T. 

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betrothed. London, 1878. Illus. Sm. 8°. 2775.55 

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40 *^*4620. 12 

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scritte presentate all' Esposizione internazionale 
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Venezia, 1881. 8°. 2723.65 




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Marie Antoinette. See Keddie. 

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King Philip's war and the Indian troubles in New 
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[Minor wars of the United States.] 120. 


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4871. II 

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These memoirs are principally about members of the Aikin 
family, by a daughter of C. R. Aikin and grand-daughter of 
John Aikin. 

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Mary, queen of Scots. See De Peyster. 

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— Opere storiche inedite sulla citta di Palermo 
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originals of the myths and mysteries, types and 
symbols, religion and language, with Egypt for 
the mouthpiece and Africa as the birthplace. 
London, 1883. 2 v. 8°. 549oa.6o 

The Book of the beginnings is to be found on 54803.51. 

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Londun, 1883. Folded map. Illus. 8". 30703.59 
Travancore is a district upon the western coast of the 
southern part of India. 

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documents inddits recueillis par I'auteur avec la 
collaboration de MM. Sorin et de La Guere. 
Paris. [1883.?] 8°. 46503.56 

The princess appears among the characters of Scott's 
Quentin Durward as the unfortunate Princess Joan. 

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Containing a complete list of newspapers, maga- 
zines, reviews, &c., published in the United King- 
dom. 6th year. London, 1883. 8*'. *2i40.25 

Mays language. See Rosny. 

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Neapel und der angrenzenden Meeres-Abschnitte. 
Mit 10 Tafeln in Lithographic und 39 Zinkogra- 
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Medical education. See Hun. 

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See Ferrai. 

Medici, Lorenzo de', the magnificent. See 

Medicine. See Black ; — Charite ; — Gilbert; 
— Hughes; — Maine medical assoc. ; — Nou- 
veau ; — ■ Quain ; — United States, Surgeon- 
getieraPs office. 

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18°. , 30793-53 

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Mercantile library company, Philadelphia. 
See Edmands. 

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— Poems and lyrics of the joy of earth. Lon- 
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plate. 8°. 5052.68 




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Metal work. See Metaux; — Pattern. 

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Metaux ouvrds, Les. Emploi du fer, de la 
fonte, du cuivre, du zinc, etc., dans la construc- 
tion et de decoration. Publid par un comity 
d'architectes sous la direction de J. Br^asson. 
ire annde. Paris, 1SS2. Plates. 4". ""Soaoasa 

Meteorology. Sec Great Britain, Royal ob- 
servatory ; — Oliver; — Sydney; — United 
States, Naval observatory. 

Meteors. See Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 4, 

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vers. Publics par son fils le prince Richard de 
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the old manners and customs of Castile. With 
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1884 [1883]. L. 8°. ***309oa.64 

These etchings are tiiken from the editions of Lazarillo 
de Tormes, Guzman d'Alfarachc, Don Qiiixole, and Gil 
Bias, etc., published London, J. C. Ninimo, iSSi. The te.xt 
is descriptive of the scenes represented by the etchings. 

Mexico. See Allen, F. H. ; — Anuario ; — 
Becher; — Bishop, W. H. ; — Conkling; — 
Fernandez Duro; — Ladd, H. O. ; — Silliman. 

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The articles with the illustrations originally appeared in 
The magazine of art [*]. 

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Middle ages. See Adams, G. B. ; — Graf. 

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Milan, Italy. Atti del municipio di Milano. 

1859-81. Milano. [i86i]-8i. 15V. L.8°. *4720.5i 

Military art. ^St-ejaehns. 

Military engineering. See Royal engineers. 

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— See Des Essarts. 

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Mining. See Great Britain, Geological sur- 
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Minnesota. See Warner, G. E. 

Miracle plays. See Hartmann; — Paris, G. ; 
— Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 5, C. Meyer). 

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Missions. See Young. 

Mississippi river. See Freytas. 

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Paris. [1882?] Folded map. 8°. 5435-68 

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Julius Caisar. P2specially intended for candidates 
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Sm. 8". 6600a. 24 

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Modern languages. See Koerting. 

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B. 1,2. Stuttgart. [1882.] Portrait. 16". 


— Plays from Molifere. By English drama- 
tists. With an introd. by H. Morley. London, 1883. 
[Morley's universal library.] Sm. 8°. 267ob.6o 

Contents. — Sir Martin Marr-all [LVtourdi], by John 
Dryden ; The mistake [Le d^pit amoureux.], bv John Van- 
brugh; The plain dealer [Le misanthrope], by \V . Wvcher- 
ley; The mock doctor fLe mddccin malgre lui], 6v H. 
Fielding; The miser [L'avareJ, by IL Fielding; Thenon- 
juror [Le Tartuffe], by Colley Cibber. 

— See Du Boulan ; — Franzdsische Studien 
(vol. 2) ; — Lecocq ; — Lemaitre ; — Mangold. 

Molinos, Miguel de. Golden thoughts from 
the Spiritual guide of Miguel Molinos. With 
preface by J. H. Shorthouse. N. Y., 1883. 16". 


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Illus. Portrait. [Illustrated biographies of the 
great artists.] Sm. 8°. 4077-7 

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London, 1882, 83. 4 v. Sm. 8°. 24505.62 

Contents. — 1,2. London under the first Georges. 1714- 
1760. 3, 4. London under the last Georges. 1760-1S30. 

Money, Edward. The cultivation and manu- 
facture of tea. 4th edition, supplemented by ad- 
ditional chapters. London, 1883. 8". 3993.71 

Moniteur de la mode. A fashionable jour- 
nal appearing monthly. With which is in- 
corporated the Milliner and dressmaker. Vol. I. 
March-Dec, 1882. London. [1883.] Illus. 
Colored plates. F°. *536oa.6o 

The journal has also borne the titles : English-woman's 
domestic magazine, 1S79; Illustrated housenold journal, 
1S80-81; Milliner and dressmaker, iSSi. 

Montagu, Charles, earl 0/ Halifax. SeeRog- 
ers. J. E. T. , 

Monttfgut, Emile. Essais sur la litt^rature 
anglaise. Paris, 1883. '6°. 2557.75 

Contents. — Du caractere anglais; Caractires pin^raux 
de la litt^rature anglaise; Un Don Q,uichotte historique, 

Lord Herbert de Chtrbury ; Une hypothdse sur la Temii^tc 

;speare sont-ils faits 
pour etre reprrfsentiis?; Le dernier livre cle la litlerature g-al- 

de Shakespeare ; Les dramcs de Shakespeare sont-ils faits 

ioise, le Barde endormi d'Elis Wyn ; Laurence Sterne. 

Montet, Edouard. Essai sur les origines des 
parties saducden et pharisien et leur histoire 
jusqu'k la naissance de J^sus-Christ. Paris, 
18S3. 8°. 2292.68 

Monumenti di storia patria delle provincie 
Modenesi. Serie delle cronache. T. 1-9, 11, 12. 
Parma. 1861-77. 4°. *17".3 

Contents. — i. Cronaca modenesc dijacopino dc' Bianchi, 
3etto de' Lancellotti. 3-9, 11, la. Cronacii modcucse di 
Tommasino dc' Bianchi detto dc' Lancellotti. 




Moon. See United States, Naval observatory. 

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practice in delineation. Boston, 1884 [1883]. 
20 plates. F°. *8o83.56 

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mas. lUus. by W. T. Smedley [and others]. 
Phila. [1883.J Sq. 16°. 2401.74 

This same poem with the title " A visit from St. Nicho- 
las," and illustrated by F. O. C. Darley, may be found on 
2400a. 50. 

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galleries. A critical essay on the Italian pict- 
ures in the galleries of Munich, Dresden, Ber- 
lin. Trans, from the German by Mrs. Louise 
M. Richter. London, 18S3. Illus. 8°. 8085.55 

— Die Werke italienischer Meister in den 
Galerien von Miinchen, Dresden und Berlin. 
Ein kritischer Versuch von Ivan Lermolieft 
{pseud.']. Aus dem Russischen iibersetzt von 
Johannes Schwarze [^pseud.]. Leipzig, iSSo. 
Illus. 8". 8085.54 

The names of Lermolieff and Schwarze arc both pseudo- 
nyms of Morelli. 

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16". 3068.44 

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1 2°. 3486.73 

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With introductory matter and notes by C. F. 
Adams, jr. Boston, 1883. [Prince society. 
Publications.] Sm. 4°. ***43i5-55 

Mountain, lake, and river. A series of twenty- 
five steel line engravings from designs by W. H. 
Bartlett and others. The descriptive text by N. 
P. Willis and others, including illustrative poems 
by American and English authors. Boston, 
1884 [1883]. F°. *236o.57 

The plates and text (with changes) are selected from 
" American scenery . . . from drawings by William 
H. Bartlett, the literary department by N. P. Willis, London, 
G. Virtue, 1838," a well-known book [*2320.29]. 

Mountains. See Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol- 
5, Heim ; vol. 6, Heim). 

Mouth. See Ziemssen. 

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Christ. Boston, 1883. 8«. 3486.75 

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Neu bearbeitet von W. Deecke. Mit einer 
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Mueller, F. Max. See Tiele. 

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benliebhaberei der Honigbiene. Berlin, 18S3. 
8". 3894-63 

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gravings. London. [1883.^] Sm. 8°. 3967.67 

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pendant le xve et le xvie siecle. ire-3e partie. 
Paris, 1878-82. Plates. [Bibliotheque des ^co- 
les fran(jaises d'Athenes et de Rome.] 8°. 

Vol. 4, 9, 28 of 2953.61 

Murillo, Bartolom^ E. See Curtis, C B. 

Music. See Berg; — Bussler; — Canal; — 
Eco ; — Graun ; — Grove ; — Home delights ; — 
Huygens ; — OefFentliche Vortrage (vol. 6, 
Bagge) ; — Piano at home; — Ritter; — Sabat- 
tier; — Spitta. 

Mystfere du siege d'Orl^ans. See Tivier. 

Mythology. See Collignon ; — Grimm ; — 
Massey ; — Overbeck. 

Naegeli, Carl W. von. Untersuchungen iiber 
niedere Pilze aus dem Pflanzenphysiologischen 
Institut in Miinchen. Miinchen, 1882. 8". 3844.70 

Nalop&khy^nam. The story of Nala, an epi- 
sode of the Mahd-bhardta : the Sanskrit text, 
witii a vocabulary, and an improved version of 
Dean Milman's trans, by Monier Williams. 2d 
edition. Oxford, 1879. 8". 3021.65 

Names. See Hope. 

Nancy, France. See Courbe. 

Napoleon I. See Abbott. 

Narischkine, B. Catalogue des tableaux an- 
ciens et modernes, composant la collection de 
B. Narischkine. Par Me P. Chevallier avec 
le concours de C. Pillet, assiste de G. Petit. 
[Paris, 1883.] 17 plates. 4". *8o6i.53 

Nash, Thomas. Complete works. In 4 v. 
For the first time collected and edited by A. B. 
Grosart. Vol. i, 2. [London.] 1883-84. [The 
Huth library.] 8°. *#* 

Contents. — i. Memorial-introduction (biographical) ; 
Anatomic of absurditie ; Martin Marprelate tractiites : A 
counter-cuffe to Martin Junior, The returne of the renovVned 
Cavaliere Hasquill; The month's mind, The first part of 
Pasquils apologie. 1589-90. a. Pierce Penilesse his svp- 
plication to the diuell; Harvey-Greene tractates. 1592. 

Natal, South Africa. See Peace. 

Natural history. See Phipson. 

Naturalization. See Caillemer. 

Navy. See Ann^e maritime; — Brassey; — 
Parker, W. H. 

Nervous system. See Rambosson. 

Neumann, Gustav. Geographisches Lexikon 
des deutschen Reichs. Mit Ravensteins Spezial- 
atlas von Deutschland, vielen Stadteplanen, sta- 
tistischen Karten, Tabellen, und mehreren 
Hundert Abbildungen deutscher Staaten- und 
Stadtewappen. Leipzig, 1883. 2 v., 8°; Atlas, 
F°. *C.R.23.3.5 

New England. See Drake, S. A. ; — Mark- 
ham ; — Morton. 

New England manufacturers' and mechanics* 

institute. Catalogue of the Art department. 

[Exhibition of 1883. F. T. Robinson, art di- 

•rector.] Boston, 18S3. 58 plates. 4°. *8o84.66 

The illustrations are etchings, Albertypes, and photo- 

New Hampshire. See Hazen ; — Sketches. 

New Jersey. See Whitehead. 

New South Wales. See Sydney. 

New York. Produce exchange. Report for 
1882, with tables. N.Y., 1883. 8°. *364oa.57 

New York, state. See Simms. 

New York and Brooklyn bridge. Opening 
ceremonies, May 24, 1883. Brooklyn, N.Y., 
18S3. 8°. *2378.75 

New York medical times, a monthly journal. 
Editors : E. Guernsey, A. K. Hills. Vol. 9. 
N.Y., 1882. 4°. *3720.55 

A homoeopathic periodical. 

Newcomb, Edgar M. See Weymouth. 

Newfoundland. See Hatton. 

Newman, Francis W. Essays on diet. Lon- 
don. 1883. Sm. 8». 5764.56 

Newman, John H. Lead, kindly light. Illus. 
Boston, 1884 [1883]. 16°. *5442.92 

Newspapers. See Annuaire ; — Ayer ; — May 



Nicholson, Joseph S. Tenant's gain not land- 
lord's loss, and some other economic aspects of 
the land question. Edinburgh, 1S83. Sm. 8". 


Nicolay, Nicolas de. Description gdnerale 
du pais et duche de Berry et diocese de Bourges. 
Avec cartes geographiques et plan. Public 
d'apres le manuscrit autographe de la Biblio- 
theque nationale. Chateauroux, 18S3. 7 folded 
maps. 8'\ *46i6.56 

Nihilism. See Stepniak. 

Nineteenth century. See Griswold. 

Nineveh. See Menant 

Nohl, Ludwig. Life of Wagner. Trans, from 
the German by G. P. Upton. Chicago, 1884 
[18S3]. Portrait. [Biographies of musicians.] 
12". 4047.84 

Norcross, Otis. In memoriam. Otis Nor- 
cross. Boston, 1883. Portrait. 4°. "'4340.58 

Contains a biographical sketch, sermon by C. A. Bartol, 
newspaper notices, etc. 

Nord contemporain, Le. Journal paraissant 
deux fois par mois. Illustre de photographies. 
R^dacteur en chef: Maurice-Gerard. Annee 
1S82, S3. [Lille.] 1882, 83. 3 V. F". *7240.55 

Nordhoff, Charles. God and the future life. 
The reasonableness of Christianity. N. Y. , 
1883. 16". 3486.78 

Norfolk, England. See Davies, G. C. 

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book. New edition. N. Y., 1883. 16°. 5442.84 

Northcote, James S. Celebrated sanctuaries 
of the Madonna. London, 1868. 8°. 5556.2 

Northern Pacific railroad. See Smalley; — 

Norton, Caroline E. S. Bingen on the Rhine. 
Illus. Phila. [1883.] Sm. 4". 2402.8 

Norton, Thomas, and Sackville, Thomas, earl 
of Dorset. Gorboduc, or Ferrex and Porrex. 
A tragedy, a d. 1561. Edited by L. Toulmin 
Smith. Heilbronn, 1883. [Englische Sprach- 
und Literaturdenkmale des 16. 17. and 18. 
Jahrhunderts.] 160. 4556.50 

Notes and queries. Historical and genealogi- 
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The editor changes with vol. 15 to Contre-Amiral Mou- 
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OefTentliche Vortriige, continued. 

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sprichworter; Meyer von Knonau, G. : Die Kkkeharte 
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completed to the end of Trinity term, 18S3. 
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This forms the third issue of the Oxford Ten-year book. 

Painters and painting. See Clement; — East- 
lake ; — Foster, V. ; — Meynell ; -^ Pecht ; — 
Saward ; — Vinci. 

Palate. Sec Ziemssen. 

Paleontology. See Achiardi ; — Oeffentliche 
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Supplement to volume 1 of Palmer records. 
Address, poems, proceedings of the second 
Palmer familv reunion, Stonington, Conn., 
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A collection of poems upon precious stones. 

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— See De Amicis; — Maquet. 

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The author entered the Confederate navy during the Civil 

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4°- 5851-6 

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toire de la geographie depuis le xiiie jusqu'a la 
fin du xvie siecle. 4.] 8". *226oa.59 

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♦3030a. 6 1 

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Piloty; G. Max; E. Bcndemann; K. F. Lessing; A. 
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church, January 11, 1883. [Boston.] 1SS3 8*^. 


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& 13. Jahrhunderts aus dem Codex buranus mit 
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16°. 2939.82 

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Persia. See Chardin ; — Vdmbery. 

Persian language and literature. See Dar- 
mesteter ; — Huart ; — Kitabi ; — Palmer, E. H. ; 
— Saadi. 

Personal narratives of events in the war of the 
rebellion, being papers read before the Rhode 
Island soldiers and sailors historical society. No. 
i-io; 2d series, no. i-io. Providence, 1878-82. 
20 numbers in 2 v. Sm. 4°. *4324.77 

Contents. — i. The first campaign of the Second R. I. 
infantry, by E. H. Rhodes. 2. The R. I. artillery at the 
first battle of Hull Run, by J. A. Monroe. 3. Reminiscen- 
ces of service in the First R. I. cavalry, by G. X. Bliss. 
4. Mv first cruise at sea and the loss of the iron-clad Moni- 
tor, by F. B. Butts. 5. Kit Carson's fijjht with the Co- 
manche and Kiowa Indians, at the adobe walls, on the 
Canadian river, November 25, 1S64, by G. H. Pettis. 6. A 
trip to Richmond as prisoner of war, by E. P. Tobie. 7. 
Incidents of cavalry service in Louisiana, by C. H. Park- 
hurst. 8. The bay fight, a sketch of the battle of Mobile 
Bay, August 5, 1S64, by \V. F. Hutchinson. 9. Personal 
incidents in the early campaigns of the Third regiment R. 
I. volunteers and the Tenth army corps, by E. Metcalf. 10. 
Battle of the mine, by E. T. Case. 2a series, i. First 
cruise of the Montaufc, by S. T. Browne. 2. A country 
boy's first three months in the army, by C. H. Barney. 3. 
Organization and service of Battery F', First R. I. light 


Personal narratives of events in the war, cont'd. 

artillery, to January i, 1863. by P. S. Chase. 4. The marine 
artillery with the Burnside expedition and the battio of 
Camden, N.C., by W. B. Avery. 5. Burnsideexp<'di(i<in ia 
North Carolina: Battles of Rf>anokc island and Elizabeth 
City, bv L. Traver. 6. The Burnside expedition, by A. H. 
Burnside. 7. Reminiscences of two years with the colored 
troops, by J. M. Addeman. 8. A recruit before Petersburg, 
by G. B. Peck, Jr. o. Personal experiences of the Chancel, 
lorsville campaign, by H. Rogers. 10. The battle of Cedar 
Mountain : a personal view, August 9, 1862, by F. Denison. 

Perspective. See Ware. 

Peru. See Cieza de Leon. 

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Profile maps. 4°. 30503.52 

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Adiectae svnt Varronis et Senecae Satirae simi- 
lesqve reliqviae. Berolini, mdccclxxxii. i6». 


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graphiae Danteae ab anno mdccclxv inchoatae 

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8". ♦2161.9 

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documenti inediti esistenti nei RR. archivj di 

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Pharynx. See Ziemssen. 

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Phidias. See .Schreiber. 

Philip, King; sachem 'of Pokanoket. See 

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Svjlnetia. London, 1883. 2 v. lllus. Portrs. 
Sm. 8°. 3067.40 

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pendix of necrology for the last ten years. N. Y., 
1882. 8*'. C.R.Stand 

Phillips Exeter academy. ^^eBell.C H. 

Philosophy. See Brunnhofer; — Caspari; — 
Delff"; — Doherty; — Fontana: —Gill; —Janet; 

— Lotze ; — Morris, G. S. ; — Renan ; — Zart ; — 

Phipson, Emma. The animal-lore of Shak- 
speare's time. London, 1S83. Plate. 8". 3823.52 
Contains a list of authors quoted. 

Phoenicia. Sec Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 5, 

Phonetics and phonography. See Allen, G. G. 

Photography. See Bigelow; — Gihon ; — 
Hearn ; — Towler. 

Physical geography. See Gcikic. 

Physics. Sec Guillemin ; — Jordan. W. I^. ; 

— Stewart, B. ; — United States naval academy ; 

— WiU. 




Physiology. See Brubaker; — Foster, M. 

Piano, The, at home : a collection of standard 
and popular music. Arranged for four hands. 
(Suitable also for reed organs.) Boston. [1S74 ] 
4". 8052.130 

Piano-forte music. See Home delights. 

Piatt, John J., editor. The union of American 
poetry and art. A collection of poems by 
American poets. With illus. on wood. Parts 
1-4, 9, 10. Cincinnati, 1S80. Illus. Plates. 
Portraits. 4''. *450o.2i 

Picardy, France. See Carnoy. 

Pictorial records of remarkable events in the 
history of the world. Ilius. London. [1883.] 
8°. 2211.55 

Piere Rogier de Mirepoix, troubadour. See 

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le papyrus du Turin et les manuscrits du Louvre, 
accompagn^e de notes. Paris, 1882. [Biblio- 
theque orientale elzevirienne.] 18". 50593.51 

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of standard medical authors.] 8^ 3752.57 

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raccolti e confrontati con quelli degli altri dia- 
letti d'ltalia. Con discorso preliminare, glos- 
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Dore. With comment by E. C. Stedman. N. Y., 
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Poetry. (Collections.) See'Bunce; — Diction- 
ary ; — Ideal ; — Knortz ; — Linton ; — Pannier ; 

— Randolph; — Skelding; — Sunlight and 
shade; — Tyrrell. 

Poets and poetry. See Coleridge ; — Dennis ; 

— Gosse ; — Gottschall ; — Lavollee ; — Piatt ; — 
Vissac, J. A. 

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Texte, trad, et commentaire. Paris, 1879. [Bibli- 
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Poland. See Wolski. 

Polish literature. See Lavollee. 

Political economy. ^ceDevas; — Jevons ; — 
Journal des dconomistes ; — Kautz ; — Longe ; — 
Perry, A. L. ; — Smith, A. M. 

Political science. See Hosmer. 

Polynesia. See Coote. 

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the United States, for 1883. N. Y., 1883. 8". 


Pope, Alexander. See Weiser. 

Porlock church, Somerset, England. See 

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logique et paleontologique d'ltalie. Par les soins 
de comite d'organisation du 2'ne Congres geolo- 
gique international a Bologne. Bologne, 1881. 

8°. *2I72.52 

Portugal. See Liske. 

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Bundestag, 185 1 bis 1859. Documente der K. 
preuss. Bundestags-Gesandtschaft herausg. von 
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[Publicationen aus den K. preussischen Staats- 
archiven.] 8"^. 2813.62 

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anatomy. With illus. Phila., 1883. [ .=> Qiiiz- 
compends?] 16". 3749.61 

— A compend on hiateria medica and thera- 
peutics, with especial reference to the physio- 
logical actions of drugs. Based on the sixth 
revision of the U. S. pharmacopoeia. Phila., 
1883. [? Quiz-compends.'J 16°. 378978 

— Qiiestions on human anatomy. With ilhis. 
Phila., 1883. [ .'' Qiiiz-compends.-'J 16°. 374960 

— Speech and its defects. Lea prize thesis of 
Jefferson medical college. Phila., 1882. 16'^. 


Poultry. See Saunders. 

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to young men. N. Y., n. d. 12°. 57793.66 

Prayers. See Butterworth ; — Pulpit. 

Pr^cieuses, The, of the H6tel de Rambouillet. 
See Barthelemy. 

Precious stones. See Pannier. 

Presidents of the United States. 5(?e Art book. 

Preston, Edward. Unclaimed money. A 
handy book for heirs-at-law, next of kin [etc.]. 
[2dedition.] London. [1883.] Sm. 8°. 3667.67 

Pretorian cohort. Sec Pfitzner. 

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tinent with the Fifth cavalry. With portraits. 
N. Y., 1883. 8°. *422i.65 

An account of the services of the Fifth regiment United 
States cavalry from 1855 to 18S3, with the military record of 
its officers. 

Prices. See Scudder, M. 'L,.,jr. 

Princesses of Wales. See Finch. 

Printing. See Boutmy. 

Prisons. See Journal of prison discipline. 

Privateers. See Sheffield. 

Prose masterpieces from modern essayists. 
N. Y. [1883.] 3 v. Portraits. 16°. 4558.59 

Conienls. — i . The mutability of literature, by W. Irving ; 
The world of books, by Leigh Hunt; Imperfect sympathies, 
by Charles Lamb; Conversation, by T. DeQuiiicey; Peti- 
tion of the Thugs for toleration, by W. S. Landor; The 
benefits of Parliament, by W. S. Landor; Fallacies of anti- 
reformers, by Sydney Smith; Nil nisi bonum, by W. M. 
Thackeray; Compensation, by R. VV. Emerson; Sweetness 
and light, by Matthew Arnold; On popular culture, by 
John Morley. 2. On the art of living with others, by Arthur 
Helps; My winter garden, by Charles Kingsley; Work, by 

John Ruskin ; On a certain condescension in foreigners, by 
. R. Lowell; On history, by T. Carlyle; History, by T. B. 
Macaulav. 3. The science of liistofy, by J. A. Froude; 
Race and language, by E. A. Freeman ; Kin beyond sea, by 
\V. E. Gladstone; Private judgment, by J. H. Newman; 
An apology for plain-speaking, by Leslie Stephen. 

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[Les sciences et les arts occultes au xvie siecle.] 
8°. 36003.62 

Protection. See Schoenhof ; — Stebbins. 

Protest3nt episcopal church in the United 
States. Authorized report of the proceedings of 
the 1st, 2d, 8th congress. 1874, 75, 82. N. Y., 
1875-82. 8\ ''5544-8I 

Protestantism. See Hubert. 

Prouty, Lorenzo. Fish : their habits and 
haunts and the methods of catching them, to- 
gether with fishing as a recreation. Boston, 
1883. Portrait. \2°. 6003.63 




Provana del Sabbione, Luigi G. See Otto- 

Proven9al literature. See Chabaneau. 

Provence, France. See B^renger-Feraud. 

Proverbs. See Brown, M. ; — Haller, J.; — 
Litteratiire; — Oelfentliclie Vortrage (vol. 3, 
Osenbrueggen) ; — Pitre ; — Saura. 

Providence, Rhode Island. See King, M. 

Prussia. See Bailleu; — Frederick. 11; — 
Lehman n ; — Poschinger; — Tuttle. 

Pseudonyms. See Baur. 

Publishers' trade list annual. 1883. N. Y., 
18S3. L. S". *6i6i.7 

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gnifico. Lucca, 1882. Vignette. 8*^. 2745.55 

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1884 [18S3]. 8"- 3436.64 

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Hood of great renown, in Nottinghamshire. 
Written and illus. by Howard Pyle. N. Y., 1883. 
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Pyrenees. See Bilbrough. 

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cine, including general pathology, general thera- 
peutics, hygiene, and the di.seases peculiar to 
women and children. By various writers. 5th 
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W., 18S2. 16". 4872.4 

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Texte en vers restitue d'apres un principe nou- 
veau, et traduit en fran9ais. Precede d'un exa- 
men litteraire par L. Havet. Paris, 1880. 
[Bibliotheque de I'Ecole des hautes etudes.] 8''. 


This has been attributed to Plautus, as well as to other 
writers. The editor thinks that the author cannot be 

Quivira, Mexico. See Fernandez Duro. 

? Quiz-compends ? See Brubaker ; — Horwitz ; 

— Hughes; — Landis; — Potter; — Ward, G. 

Quotations.' See Dictionary; — Ireland, A.; 

— Werner, A. 

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and the heroic deeds of Pantagruel. Trans, by 
Sir T. Urquhart. With an introd. by Henry 
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library.] Sm. S^ 2670b. 64 

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Rhydding. London, 1881. Sm. 8'^ 2465.81 

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1600 sino ai nostri giorni. Estratto dal giornale 
musicale I'Armonia, anno 1856. Firenze, 1881. 
16°. 27793.66 

Ragonot, L. C. Vocabulaire symbolique an- 
glo-franqais. A symbolic French and English 
vocabulary : in which useful and common words 
are taught by illustrations. With upwards of 
850 wood-cuts, and 9 copper-plates, i ith edition. 
London, 1883. 4°. *2682 5 

Raikes, George A. Historical records of the 
First regiment of militia; or. Third West York 
light infantry. With illus. London, 1876. S". 

6521.5; **652i.i6 

Raikes, George A., continued. 

— The history of the Honourable artillery com- 
pany. With maps and illus. London, 1878, 79. 
2 v. Portraits. 8°. *6522.76; **6522.77 

Vol. 3 contains chapters concerning; the history of the 
Ancient and honorable artillery company of Boston. 

Railroads. See Poor; — Repertorium; — 
Schlagintweit; — Smalley ; — Travaux. 

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tellectuels et moraux, leur transmission par con- 
tagion. Paris, 18S3. 8". 3804.84 

Ramsey county, Minnesota. See Warner, 
G. E. 

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lands of God, and other religious poems. Se- 
lected and edited by the compiler of " The 
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von Nord-Amerika. Mit Holzschnitten und 
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rique du xviiie siecle. T. 8. Paris, 1883. [Re- 
cueil Clairambault-Maurepas.] 12°. 4665.66 

Real estate. See Maitland, F. 

Reale scuola normale superiore di Pisa. An- 
nali. Filosofia e filologia. Vol. 1-3. Pisa, 1873- 
80. 8°. . *5267.50 

R^aume, Eugene. Etude historiqueet litteraire 
sur Agrippad'Aubignd. Paris, 1883. 16°. 4646.76 

Receipts. See Cooley; — Terhune. 

Reclus, (J. J.) filisee. Nouvelle geographie 
universelle. La terre et les hommes. T. 1-8. 
Paris, 1878-83. Maps. Illus. 4°. *227oa.50 

Contents. — 1. L'Europe ineridionale. — 3. La France. 
— ,5. L'Europe centrale. — 4. L'Europe du nord^oucst. — 
5. L'Europe scandinave et russe. — 6. L'Asie russe. — 7. 
L'Asie orientale. — 8. L'Inde et L'Indo-Chine. 

Recreative arts. See Tissandier. 

Recueil de travaux relatifs a la philologie et a 
I'archeologie egyptiennes et assyriennes. 36 
annee. Paris, 1882. Plates. Illus. L. 8". *505i.6i 

Reed, John C. American law studies; or, 
self-preparation for practice in the United States. 
Boston, 1882. L. 8". 5636.24 

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and country homes. With plans and specifica- 
tions. With illus. N. Y., 1883. 12". 4099.74 

Reformation. See Baur; — Burke, S. H. ; — 
Butler, C. M. ; — Keller; — Stoughton. 

Regalia. See^onea, W. 

Regia deputazione di storia patria, Turin. 
Miscellanea di storia italiana. T. 20. Torino, 
1882. 8". *47i2.i 

Regia deputazione sugli studi di storia patria, 
Fiienze. [Documenti di storia italiana per le 
provincie di Toscana, dell' Umbria e delle Marche. 
T. 7.] Firenze, 1881. 4°. *47io.52 

Contents. — 7. Statuti della universiti c studio fiorentino 
dell' anno 1387, seg-uiti da un' appcndice di docuincnli dal 
1320 al 1473, pubblicati da A. Gherardi, con un discorso del 
C. Morclli. Volume unico. 

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calisme indo-europeen. Lyon, 1883. 8°. 2952.70 

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Novellen. Stuttgart, 1S83. i6». 4872-»5 

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Trans, from the German and edited by G. F. 
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Reis, johann Philipp. See Thompson, S. P. 

Religion. Sec Duehring; — Forlong; — G^- 
raud ; — Tiele. 




Renaissance. See Bartoli ; — Fioretto ; — Foer- 
ster, R. ; — Geiger ; — Heiss ; — Laspejres. 

Renan, Joseph Ernest. Histoire des origines 
du christianisme. Index general, avec une carte 
de I'extension du christianisme vers I'an i8o. 
Paris, 1883. 8°. 3524-72 

This is a consolidated index to the following works of Re- 
nan, viz. : — Vie dej^sus; Les Apotros, [35^4.66] ; St. Paul 
t3!;34.67] ; L'Antcchrist [3524.6S] ; Les Evangiles [,«J4.69] ; 
J]feglisc chretienne [3524.70] ; Marc Aurele [3524-7'J- 

— Le judaisme et le christianisme: identity 
originelle et separation graduelle. Conference 
faite a la Society des Etudes juives, le 26 mai, 
18S3. Paris, 1883. 8°. 3486-74 

— Philosophical dialogues and fragments. 
Trans, by Ras Eihari Mukharj. London, 1883. 
8°. 3600.73 

— Souvenirs d'enfance et de jeunesse. Paris, 
1883. 8". 4646.75 

Rent. See Caillemer ; — Walker. 

Repertorium der Journal-Literatur der Eisen- 
bahn-Technik. Herausg. von Franz Woas. i. Die 
Jahre i88ound 1881. Berlin, 1882. 16°. *8o39.23 

R6villout, Eugene. Chrestomathie demotique. 
Paris, 1880. 4°. *305oa.5i 

The main part of this book consists of facsimiles of the 
author's manuscript, containing parallel columns of Greek, 
Eg)'ptian, and French. 

Revue archeologique. Table decennale. Nou- 
velle serie, 1860-1869. Dressee par F. Delaunaj. 
Paris, 1874. 8°. *2237.6o 

Revue britannique. Revue internationale. Re- 
produisant les articles [traduits] des meilleurs 
Merits periodiques de la Grande-Bretagne et de 
I'Am^rique. Complet«5s par des articles originaux 
sous la direction de P. A. Pichot. 1849-83. 
Bruxelles& Paris, 1849-83. 126 v. 8°. *5409a.50 

The titles of the earlier volumes differ somewhat from this. 

Revue des arts d^coratifs. 36 annee. Paris, 
1883. lUus. Plates. L. 8°. *692i.i 

Revue des deux mondes. See Griswold. 

Revue politique et litteraire et Revue scien- 
tifique. Table des matieres contenues dans les 
vingt-six premiers volumes (1864 a 1880 inclu- 
sivement). Paris. [1881 .?] 4°. *529i.5o 

Revues scientifiques, publiees par " La re- 
publique fran^aise," sous la direction de P. Bert. 
5e annee, avec figures. Paris, 1883. S°. *39i6.5 

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Louis XIV et Guillaume iii. Histoire des deux 
traitds de partage et du testament de Charles 11, 
d'apres la correspondance de Louis xiv. Paris, 
1883. 2 v. 8°. 3097-4 

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italiano storico ed amministrativo. Firenze, 1881. 
8°. *2782.52 

Rhetoric. See Quackenbos. 

Rhymes. See Bellanger; — Masing; — Syl- 

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ciales de M. LePlay. Paris, 1882. 12". 55603.74 

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herd." The twenty-third psalm. In song and 
sonnet. Boston, 1884 [1883]. lUus. 4°. *5442.9i 

Richardson, Charles F. A primer of American 
literature. New and revised edition, with 12 por- 
traits. Boston, 1884 [1883]. 16". 2399.79 

Richmond howitzer battalion. Contributions 
to a history of the Richmond howitzer battalion. 
Pamphlet "^no. i. [Edited by C. McCarthy.] 
Richmond, Va., 1883. 8°. *422i.62 

Rimini, Francesca da. See Yriarte. 

Riordan, Roger. A score of etchings, with 
textbyR. Riorcian. N. Y. [1883?] F«. ***8o85.i3 
Ritson, Joseph, editor. Robin Hood : a col- 
lection of poems, songs, and ballads, relative to 
that celebrated English outlaw. With illus. 
London, 1884 [1883]. Sm. 8". 4559-74 

Ritter, Frederic L. Music in America. N. Y., 
1883. 8". 4046.65 

— Music in England. N. Y., 1883. Sm. 8". 

Rivail, Hippolyte L. D., called Allan Kardec. 
Genesis : the miracles and the predictions accord- 
ing to spiritism. By Allan Kardec. Translated 
by the spirit-guides of W. J. Colville. Boston, 
1883 12". , 7604.75 

Rivers, Horace P. On the development and 
distribution of primitive locks and keys. Lon- 
don, 1883. Plates. 4°. *8oii.70 
Riviera of Italy. See Hamilton. 
Rivifere, J., editor. Recueil de contes populaires 
de la Kabylie de Djardjura. Paris, 1882. [Col- 
lection de chansons et de contes populaires.] 18". 

Roads. 5'<'<? Scott; — Travaux. 
Roanoke collegian. Vol. 8, 9. Salem, Va., 
1881-83. Sm. 4". *725i.50 

Roberts, Sir Frederick S. See Low. 
Robertson, John. Michigan in the war. [1861- 
1865.] Revised edition. Lansing, 1882. Por- 
traits. 8°. *422i.64 
Robertson, William. A text-book of the prac- 
tice of equine medicine. London. [1883.] S**. 


Robiano, Eugene de, comte. Chili. De Chili, 

I'Araucanie, le detroit de Magellan, et retour par 

le Senegal. Ouvrage faisant suite a Dix-huit mois 

dans TAmdrique du Sud. Paris, 1882. 12°. 

Robin Hood. See Pyle ; — Ritson. 
Robinson, John C, and De Peyster, John W. 
Obituary notice of S. P. Heintzelman, by J. C. 
Robinson. Obituaries of S. P. Heintzelman and 
Joseph Hooker; by J. W. De Pevster. N. Y., 
1881. 16". No". 4 in *4440.68 

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jiineteenth century as seen in a syntactical analy- 
sis of the English language. London, 1883. 
Sm. 8°. 2486.65 

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A series of sketches. Montagu, Walpole, Adam 
Smith, Cobbett. London, 1869. Sm. 8°. 6548.10 
Rohde, Erwin. Der griechische Roman und 
seine Vorlaufer. Leipzig, 1876. 8°. 2964.72 

Roland, Song of. See Baldwin, J. ; — Persch- 

Rolland, Eugene, editor. Recueil de chansons 
populaires. T. i. Paris, 1883. 8°. 4672.84 

Contains the melodies to which the songs are sung. 
— Rimes et jeux de I'enfance. Paris, 1883. 
[Les litteratures populaires.] 16°. *467oa.6o- 
RoUett, Hermann. Die Goethe-Bildnisse. 
Biographisch-kunstgeschichtlich dargestellt. Mil 
78 Holzschnitten, 8 Radierungen von W. Unger 
und 2 Heliogravuren. Wien, 1883. L. 4<'. 


Romag^oli, Gaetano, editor. See Scelta. 

Romaic language. See Basiliadis ; — Geldart. 

Roman catholic church. See Lehmann ; — 
Papal claims. 

Romance literature. See Stengel. 

Romantic stories of the legal profession. 
London. [1883?] Sm. 8°. 4562.66 



Romanticism. See Born. 

Rome. See Church, A. J. ; — Creighton ; — 
Dahn ; — Graf; — Jordan, H. ; — Kleinpaul ; — 
Lange, L. ; — Magerstedt; — Pfitzner; — Ross- 

Romme, Gilbert, 1750-95. See Vissac, M. de. 

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ity of the Greeks. N. Y., 1S72. [John A. Porter 
university prize essays.] 8". 2961.58 

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rod. Edinburgh, 1883. bm. 8". 6006.57 

Sketches of fishing expeditions on the Continent. 

Roscoe, Henry E. Chemistry. N. Y., 1882. 
Illus. [Science primers.] Sm. 12^ 5979^-52 

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Asthetisch-kultur-historische Studien. Gotha, 
1883. 8". 2925.74 

Rosini-Serbati, Antonio. See MacWalter. 

Rosny, Leon de. La civilisation japonaise. 
Paris, 1S83. [Bibliothfeque orientale elzeviri- 
enne.] 18". 3029a. 83 

— Essai sur le dechiffrement de I'ecriture 
hidratique de I'Amerique centrale. Paris, 1S76. 
19 plates. Illus. F^. *^,*Cab.23 F.3 

Rossbach, Georg August Wilhelm. Romi.-^che 
Hochzeits- und Ehedenkmaler. Mit lithog. 
Tafeln. Leipzig, 1871. 8". 2752.56 

Row, Charles A. Revelation and modern the- 
ology contrasted; or, the simplicity of the apos- 
tolic gospel demonstrated. London, 1883. 8°. 


Rowe, Charles J. Bonds of disunion ; or 
English misrule in the colonies. London, 1SS3. 
Sm. 8". 2517.51 

Rowell, F. B. A map of the city of Lynn, 
Mass., based upon surveys by F. B. Rowell. 
Boston. [i88o?J Size, 24 X 196 inches. Scale, 
1 141 feet to I inch. Folded. *4454.45 

Roxberger, Rudolf. Butler's Hudibras. Ein 
echtes Zeit- und Sittengemalde. Inauguraldis- 
sertation. Leipzig, 1876. 8°. 4552-9 

Royal academy, London. See Blackburn. 

Royal engineers institute. Professional papers 
of the Corps of royal engineers. Edited by R. 
H. Vetch. Occasional papers. Vol. 8, 1882. 
London, 1883. Folded plates. 8". *5957.52 

Royal united service institution. Journal. 
Index of the lectures and papers contained in 
vols. 1-20, and also of the names of their au- 
thors. London, 1868, 78. 2v. ini. 8". *7956.3i 

Rued, Valerius, called \ws,\\e\m, d. 1540. See 
Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 6, Bloesch). 

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rurgische Anatomic des Menschen. Abtheilung 
1-4. Mit Tafeln enthaltend Figuren in Licht- 
druck und Holzschnitten. Stuttgart, 1873-78. 
3 V. L. 8°. 3743-55 

Rumpf, Carl, and others, editors. Technolo- 
gisches Wdrterbuch in deutscher, franzdsischer 
und englischer Sprache. 3te Auflage.- B. 1-3. 
Wiesbaden, 1874-78. 8°. *8o33.3 

Ruskin, John. Fors clavigera. Letters to the 
workmen and labourers of Great Britain. Part 3. 
N. Y., 1881. 12°. 2579a.69 

— See Mather. 

Russell, Addison P. Characteristics. Sketches 
and essays. Boston, 1884 [1883]. 12°. 2401.76 

Contents — The cnnversation of Coleridge; Sarah Sid- 
dons; Doctor Johnson ; I^ord Macaulav; I.anib; Burns; 
The Christianity of Woohnan ; John liandolph and John 
Brown; The audacity of Foote; Habit; The habit of de- 
traction; The art of living. 


Russia. See Hoffman; — Stepniak; — Stod- 

Russian language and literature. 5«eHoneg- 
ger ; — Pawlowsky ; — Vetter. 

Rycker, L. de Het openbaar ondcr^^'ijs in 
Vlaanderen, tijdens de xve en xvie eeuw. Gent, 
1882. 8<'. 559660 

Rydberg, Viktor. Den siste Athenaren. 
4de Upplagan. Stockholm. [1880.] 2 v. Por- 
trait. Sm. 8". 4872.2 

— Fribytaren pft Ostersjdn. 3je Upplagan. 
Gefle, 187*7. Sm. 8". 4870.77 

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sischen ubersetzt von F. Riickert. Leipzig, 18S2, 
16". 3028.22 

Sabattier, J. B. L'op^ra et la symphonic, ou 
idde generate de la musique. Paris, 1879. '■2"- 


Sacher-Masoch, Leopold, Rittcr von. Basil 
Hymen. Novelle. Leipzig, 18S2. 16". 4870b. 65 

— Das Paradies am Dniester. Novtlle. 
Leipzig, 1882. 16". 4872.10 

Sadler, W. II., and Nugent, A. J. Sadler's 
counting house arithmetic. Baltimore, 1880. 

s°. 3932.58 

Sagas.^ See Billeder. 

Saint-Etienne de Vignory, Pieur^ de. See 

Saint Gothard. See Oeffentliche Vortrage 
(vol. 3, Mueller). 

St. Paul, Minnesota See Warner, G. E. 

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travaux d'art et son syst^me arch^ologique. 2e 
edition. Paris, 1881. 8". 4094 75 

Salazaro, Demetrio. Studi sui monumenti 
della Italia meridionale dal iv al xiii secolo. 
Parte la, 2a. Napoli, 1871, 77. 48 plates. F". 
***Cab.4i.G.i. and H.i 

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Nationalliteratur des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. 
Mit Portrats. Stuttgart, 18S1. 8". 4871.12 

Salomone-Marino, Salvatore. Leggende popo- 
lari siciliane in poesia, raccolte ed annotate. 
Palermo, 1880. 16". 2776.65 

Pages xxvii-xxix contain a list of the sources from 
which this collection was drawn. 

Samarow, Gregor, pseud. See Meding, Oskar. 

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weide. Laibach, 1882. 16". 4872.9 

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sische Satiriker. Berlin, 1879. J^"- 2777.63 

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and social life of the Seneca Indians, of western 
New York. Gowanda,N.Y. [1S78.] 8". 4467.22 

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Sanders, William B. Examples of carved oak 
wood-work in the and furniture of the 
i6th and 17th centuries. With 25 illus. photo- 
lithographed. London, 1S83. F°. *^*Cab.40.A.4 

San Remo. See Ilassall. 

Sanskrit literature. 6Vtf Aitareya ; — Asvag- 
hosha ; — Avesta ; — Bhartrihari ; — Dhamma- 
pada ; — Harshadeva; — Kaliddsa; — MahabhA- 
rata : — Nalopikhydnam ; — Sudraka; — Utta.- 
rakinda; — Vinaya. 

Santa Maria del Fiore, church of Florcuce. See 

Satire. See Samosch. 

Saturnian metre (Latin). See Havet. 

Saunders, Alfred. Our domestic birds. A 
practical poultry book for England and New Zea- 
land. London," 1883. 8°. 4002.61 




Saura, Jaume' Angel. Diccionario manual, 6 
vocabulario completo de las lenguas castellana- 
catalana. 5a edicion aumentada. Barcelona, 
1870. 16°. *3098.67 

— Novissim diccionari manual de las llenguas 
catalana-castellana. Nova edicio addicionada, 
aumentada ab una copiosa col-leccio de refrans. 
adagis [etc.]. Barcelona, 1883. i6'>. *3098.68 

Savoy. See Litt^rature. 

Saward, Blanche C. Decorative painting: a 
handbook on painting and etching upon various 
objects and materials for the decoration of our 
homes. London, 1883. Illus. Sm. 8°. 8069.45 

Saxo Grammaticus. See Gericke. 

Scandinavian language and literature. See 
Brenner; — Hallberg; — Vigfusson. 

Scelta di curiosita letterarie inedite o rare dal 
secolo XIII al XVII. Dispensa 137-190. Bologna, 
1874-82. 55 V. 16". Namely: — 

The earlier numbers, lire catalogued in the first volume 
of the Bulletin of tlie Public Library. 

— Adimari, Alessandro. L'adorazione de' magi, 
azione drammatica, pubblicata secondo la ra- 
rissima stampa del 1642, per cura di A. Bacchi 
della Lega. 1882. Plates. *4762a.5o.96 

— Ammannati, Laura Battiferri, 1523-15S9. 
Lettere a Benedetto Varchi. 1879. *4762a.50.7i 

— Bellincioni, Bernardo, d. 1491. Rime, ris- 
contrate sui manoscritti, emendate e annotate da 
P. Fanfani. 1876, 78. 2 v. *4762. 1.57,58 

— Bonfadini, Antonio, d. 1428. Vite di S. 
Guglielma regina d'Ungheria e di S. Eufrasia 
vergine romana, pubblicate da G. Ferraro. 1878. 


— Borgognoni, Adolfo. Studi d'erudizione 
e d'arte. 1877,78. 2 v. *4762. 1.62.63 ; 2777.61 

— Bruni, Leonardo, called h.\-&Wwo. La priina 
guerra punica, testo di lingua, riprodotto su un 
codice a penna dell' Ambrosiana, pel dott. A. 
Ceruti. 1878. *4762a.5o.70 

— Buonaccorso da Montemagno, Giovane, 
d. 1429. Prose inedite alcune da due codici della 
Bibl. capitolare di Verona, per G. B. C. Giuliari. 
1874. " *4762.i.46 

— Campori, Giuseppe, marchesc, editor. 
Lettere di scrittori italiani del secolo xvx stampate 
la prima volta. 1877. *4762.i.64 

— Casa, Ugolino di Giovanni della, /I. i^tli 
century. Amore dispetto per costanza, visione. 
1880. *4762a 50.81 

Edited by P. Oldrini. Contains Lettere d'illustrazione 
alia visione di U. della Casa by Giambatlista Casotti, wiitten 
in 1/26. 

— Casini, Tommaso, editor. Le rime dei poet! 
bolognesi del secolo xiii. 1881. *4762a. 50.91 

— Ceruti, Antonio, editor. La seconda e terza 
guerra punica, testo di lingua inedito, tratto da 
un codice dell' Ambrosiana. 1875. *4762.i.55 

— Commento del Grappa sopra la Canzone 
[del Firenzuola] in lode della salsiccia. 1881. 

*4762a. 50.90 

Edited by C. Alderighi. The editor is inclined to think 
that " II Grappa" was the pseudonym of Francesco Beccuti, 
called 11 Coppetta. 

— Cronica degli impcratori romani, testo in- 
edito di lingua tratto da un codice della Biblio- 
teca Ambrosiana, per A. Ceruti. 1878. *4762.i.65 

— Defensione, La, delle donne d'autore ano- 
nimo. Scrittura inedita del sec. xv, ora pubbli- 
cata a cura di F. Zambrini. 1876. *4762.i.54 

Scelta di curiositk, continued. 

— Due farse del secolo xvi riprodotte sulle 
antiche stampe. Con la descrizione ragionata 
del volume Miscellaneo della Biblioteca di Wol- 
fenbiittel contenente poemetti popolari italiani, 
compilata dal dott. G. Milchsack, con aggiunte 
di A. d'Ancona. ♦4762a.50.93 

The first farce published in this work is possibly by J. 
del Bientina; the second is by F. Villani. 

— Eredia, Luigi d', d. 1604. Rime, ora per la 
prima volta stampate per cura di S. Salomone- 
Marino. 1875. *4762.i.47 

— Fabula, La, del pistello da I'agliata, tratta 
da un' antica stampa e la Quistione d'amore, 
testo inedito del sec. xv. 1878. *4762a. 50.67 

— Facezie e motti dei secoli xv e xvi, codice 
inedito Magliabechiano. 1874. *4762.i.43 

The editor ascribes 263 of the 2Sofncezie to Nicol6 di ser 
Baldassiiri delli .\n}j:elij dal BCicine,and the remainder (nos. 
264-2S0) to his son Teodoro. 

— Faytinelli, Ser Pietro de', called Mugnone. 
Rime di Ser Pietro de' Fajtinelli detto Mugnone, 
poeta lucchese del sec. xiv, ora per la prima 
volta publicate, con notizie sulla vita dell' 
autore ed altre illustrazioni da Leone del Prete. 
1874. *4762.i.44 

— Ferraro, Giuseppe, editor. Poesie popolari 
religiose del secolo xiv, pubblicate per la prima 
volta. 1877. No. I in *4762.i.59 

— Florus, Lucius Annseus. Compendio di 
storia romana di L. A" Floro, volgarizzamento 
inedito secondo un codice dell' Ambrosiana, 
pubblicato per cura del dott. Antonio Ceruti. 
1881. *4762a.50.86 

— Folgore da San Gemignano, Jl. 1305, and 
Cene de la Chitarra d'Arezzo, Jl. 14th century. 
Rime nuovamente pubblicate da G. Navone. 
1880. . *4762a.5o.77 

— Forestani da Siena, Simone di Dino, called 
II Saviozzo,^?. 1404, arid others. Alcune poesie 
del Saviozzo e di altri autori tratte da un ms. del 
sec. xv, e pubblicate per la prima volta dal prof. 
G. Ferraro. 1879. *4762a.50.73 

The authors represented, besides Forestani, are Bran- 
chino da Arimino ; Giovanni Pellegrini; Filippo da Pisa; 
Francesco Nannozzo; G. Nignisoli; Nerone Moricone da 

— Fortini, Pietro. Tre novelle inedite. 1877. 


Edited by C. F. Borgio. 

— Geta e Birria, novella riprodotta da un' 
antica stampa e riscontrata co' testi a penna da 
C. Arh'a. 1879. *4762a. 50.74 

The editor discusses the question of the authorship of 
this work, with conclusions favoring- the theory that Ghigo 
Brunelleschi wrote part of it, and that Domenico da Prato 
had a share in the authorship. The improbability of Boc- 
caccio's having written it is also shown. 

— Guasti, Cesare, editor. II sacco di Prato e 
il ritornode' Medici in Firenze nel mdxii. 1880. 
2 V. *4762a.5o.83,84 

— Justinus. Delle istorie di Giustino abbre- 
viatore di Trogo Pompejo, volgarizzamento del 
buon secolo, tratto dai codici Riccardiano e 
Laurenziano e migliorato nella lezione colla 
scorta del testo latino per cura di Luigi Calori. 
1880. I v. in 2. *4762a.5o.78,79 

— Libro del Gandolfo Persiano delle medesine 
de falconi, pubblicato per la prima volta dal. 
prof. G. Ferraro. 1877. *4762.i.6o 




Scelta di curiosita, continued. 

— Libro delle nature degli uccelli, fatto per lo 
Re Danclii, testo antico toscano niesso in luce da 
Francesco Zambrini. 1S74. ♦4762.1.45 

The editor considers -this work to be a compilation of 
oral precepts ascribed to a certain king in India, csUed 
Danco or Uanchi, first perha;is put into writing in Proven- 
cal, and translated from a Latin version into Tuscan. 

— Livius Patavinus, Titus. I primi quattro 
libri del volgarizzamento della terza deca di Tito 
Livio Padovano, attribuito a Giovanni Boccaccio, 
pubblicati per cura del conte C. Baudi di Vesnie. 
1875,76 2 V. ♦4762.1.48,49 

— Malagola, Carlo, editor. Lettere inedite di 
uomini illustri bolognesi. 1875. 2 v. 


— Manzoni, Luigi, compiler. Libro di carnevale 
dei secoli XV e XVI. 1S81. ♦4762a.50.87 

— Mazzatinti, Giuseppe, editor. Poesie re- 
ligiose del secolo xiv, pubblicate secondo un 
codice eugubino. 1881. ♦47623.50. 85 

— Passione, La, del N. S. Gesii Cristo, poema 
attribuito a G. Boccacci, pubblicato per cura 
di L. Razzolini. 1878. ♦4762a.50.68 

— Pellegrini, Giovanni, ft. 1446. Raccolta di 
sacre poesie popolari, pubblicata dal Prof. G. 
Ferraro. 1877. No. 2 in *4762.i.59 

The editor thinks from internal evidence tliat these poems, 
although ascribed to Pellegrini in the manuscript, were in 
some cases written by others, and were made into a collection 
by him. 

— Petrarca, Francesco. La vita solitaria di F. 
Petrarca, volgarizzamento inedito del secolo xv, 
tratto da un codice dell' Ambrosiana pel dott. 
A. Ceruti. 1879. 2 v. ^47623.50.75, 76 

Contains also " Prefazione composta per Tito degli 

— Petrucci, Giovantonio de', conte di Policas- 
iro, d. i486. Sonecti publicati per la prima volta 
dietro il manoscritto della Biblioteca nazionale 
di Napoli da Jules Le Coultre e Victor Schultze. 
1879. ♦4762a. 50.72 

Sonnets, composed by the author while imprisoned for 
participation in the conspiracy of the barons, in 1485. 

— Poggibonsi, Fra Niccolo da, Ji. 1345. Libro 
d'oltramare, pubblicato da Alberto Bacchi della 
Lega. 1S81. 3 V. ♦4762a.50.88, 89 

— Relazione delle scoperte fatte da C. Colombo, 
da A. Vespucci e da altri dal 1492 al 1506, tratta 
dai manoscritti della Biblioteca di Ferrara e pub- 
blicata per la prima volta ed annotata dal prof. 
G. Ferraro. 1875. ♦4762.1.50 

This anonymous relation presents variations from other 
contemporary accounts of the voyages of the early explor- 
ers. Vespucci's letter to Lorenzo di Pier Francesco de' 
Medici, describing his voyage in 1501 ; a letter from Colum- 
bus to the King of Spain, dated July 7, 1503, reporting his 
voyage in 1502, and a letter of Vianeflo, dated Dec. 2S, 1506, 
form part of this relation. 

— Ricciardi, Francesco di Piero, called Cecco- 
dfea, b. 1474. Ricordi storici dal 1494 al 1500, 
pubblicati per cura di Pietro Vigo. 1882. 

♦4762a. 50. 92 
Treats of the invasion of Charles vni in M04. and re- 
lates particularly the history of Florence and Pisa from 
1494 to 1500. 

— Ruspoli, Francesco. Sonetti. editi ed inediti, 
col commento di Andrea Cavalcanti, non mai 
fin qui .stampato. 1876. ♦4762.1.56 

Edited by A. Bucchi della Lega. 

Scelta di curiosita, continued. 

— Stcfano, vSt'r Bernardino del, ca//«</ Gambino 
d'Arezzo, d. about 1479. Versi, con iiii carme di 
T. Marzi, editi da O. Gamurrini. 1878. 

♦4762a. 50.69 

— Storia di Stefano, figliuolo d*un imperatore 
di Roma, versione in ottava rima del libro dei 
sette savi, pubblicata per la prima volta da Pio 
Rajna. 1880. ♦4762a. 50.8a 

— Storia di Ugone d'Avernia, volgarizzata nel 
sec. XIV, da Andrea da Barberino, non mai fin 
qui stampata. 1882. ♦47622.5094,95 

Edited by F. Zambrini and A. Bacchi della Lega. The 
editors ascribe a portion of this work to G. V'igicniino. 

— Tassoni, Alessandro. Rime, raccolte su i 
codicie lestampedaT. Casini. 1880. ♦4762a.50.80 

— Torelli di Montechiarugolo, Pompeo, conte. 
II Tancredi, tragedia. Nuovamente pubblicata 
per cura di L. Cappelletti. 1875. ♦4762.1.53 

This is a reproduction of the first edition published at 
Parma in 1507. The ston- of Gismonda and Guiscariio in 
Boccaccio's Uecamerone iorms the basis of this tragedy. 

— Zenoni {or Zeloni) da Pistoia, Z., fi. 1374- 
Pietosa fonte, poema in morte di Messer F. Pe- 
trarca. Testo di lingua, messo novellamente in 
luce con giunte e correzioni da Francesco Zam- 
brini. 1874. ♦4762.1.4a 

Pp. 93-123 contain " Rime d'alcuni antichi a Messer V. 
Petrarca ed in sua morte." 

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Schenck, his ancestry and his descendants. 
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Schenectady, New York. See Pearson. 

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Tafeln. Yokohama, 1882. Folded tables. Sm. 
8°. 3060-9 

" Aino, Ainoo, or Ainou, a race of men inhabiting the 
Kooril islands, Yesso, Saghalien, and parts of the Siberian 
province of Primorskaya." — LippincotVs Gazetteer. 

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— See Goettling ; — Penci ; — Wolzogen. 

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Schoenhof, J. The destructive influence of the 
tariff upon manufacture and commerce. N. V., 
1883. Folded tables. Sm. 8». 3659-87 

The greater part of this volume appeared in the Xcw 
York Evening post during the summer of iSSj, under the 
title, A tariff for protection —of what?— Preface. 

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enne sur I'architecture dans les Pajs-Bas. Bru- 
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For a review of this work see No. 2 in tliis volume. 

— See Tiele. 

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8°. ■*79i2.5i 

Science. See Archives; — Association fran- 
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Scotland. See Green, S. G. ; — Mackenzie; 
— Omond. 

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" By the title I intend to describe prices made in certain 
unhealthy conditions of trade." 

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Sculpture. See Marzo ; — Mitchell, L. M. ; — 
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Sea-sickness. Sec Hudson. 

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8°. *4339.6o 

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The lectures of the second course are upon India. 

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Selby, Walford D., editor. Lancashire and 

Cheshire records preserved in the Public record 
office. [London.] 1882,83. 2 v. Folded table. 
[Record society for Lancashire and Cheshire.] 
8°. *2507-55 

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus. See Greard. 

Seneca Indians. See Sanborn. 

Senlis, France. See Flammermont. 

Sepoy rebellion. See Holmes, T. R. E. 

Sermon on the mount. See Tholuck. 

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4401. 17.5 

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Contents. — 5. Henry the sixt, part 2, 3; Richard the 
third; Life of King Henry the eight. 6. Troylus and Cres. 
sida; Coriolanus; Titus Andronicus; Romeo and Juliet. 
7. Life of Tymon of Athens; Tragcdie of Julius Ca;sar; 
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Volumes i to 4 are edited by W. G. Clark and W. A. 
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Contents. — 2. A midsummer-night's dream. Edited by 
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— Dramatische Werke nach der Uebersetzung 
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Contents. — i, 2. Jugendlustspiele: i. Der Widerspen- 
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Edelleute von Verona. 2. Verlorne Liebesmiih ; Ende gut, 
alles gut; Ein Sommernachtstraum. 3. Titus Andronikus; 
Romeo und Julia; Der Kaufmann von Venedig. 4,5. K6- 
nigsdramen : 4. Konig Johann; Richard 11; Heinrich iv, 
iter, 2ter Theil. 5. Heinrich v; Heinrich vi, iter, 2ter 

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[1881.] Sm. 8°. 66ooa.9 




Shakespeare, William, continued. 

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— Tragedy of Richard 11. With notes, for the 
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— See Coleridge ; — Davies, J. ; — Ellacombe ; 

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Contents. — Carlvle; Georg-e Eliot; Ruskin; J. II. Xew- 
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tier; Lowell and Holmes; Hawthorne; Whitman ; Bayard 
Taylor ; Swinburne and Wilde; The Brownings; Dickens; 
Thackeray ; Some younger writers. 

—r- Pen pictures of earlier Victorian authors. 
N. Y., 1884 [1883]. [The literary life. Vol. 3.] 
16°. 2404.72.3 

Contents. — Liter.ary London in 1835; Bulwer; Disraeli; 
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ti neau. 

— Pen pictures of modern authors. N. Y. 
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This is a reprint on large paper of vol. 2of " The literarv 
life" [2404.73], with portraits and other illustrations added. 

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— Sec Oliphant. 

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ciler. Presented through the organism of M. 
L. Sherman, and written by Wm. F. Lyon. 
Chicago, 1875. 16°. 5929.71 

_A spiritualistic work, the central idea of which is, that 
this globe is constructed in the form of a hollow sphere, with 
a shell some 30 to 40 miles in thickness, and that the interior 
surface, which is a beautiful world in a more highly devel- 
oped condition than the exterior, is accessible by a circuitous 
and spirally formed aperture that may be found in the un- 
explored open Polar sea. — Introduction. 

Shirley, Massachusetts. See Chandler. 

Siberia. See Cotteau. 

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Sicily. See Gaspary ; — Marzo ; — Pitr^ ; — 

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Silkworm. See United States, Bureau of 

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Contains Aretino's Fortunio, comedia satirica. 

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revised New Testament affecting theological 
doctrine briefly reviewed. London, 1881. Sm. 
8°. 5428.66 

Smith, Rev. James, of Glasgow, d. 1857. The 
coming man. London, 1873. 2 v. Portrait 
Sm. 8°. 6571.18 

Smoke abatement committee. Report, i88a. 
With reports of the jurors of the exhibition at 
South Kensington, and reports of the testing 
engineer. Added the official reports on the 
Manchester exhibition and plates of illustra- 
tions, and tables of results of tests of heating 
and cooking-grates and stoves, steam-boiler ap- 
pliances, fuels, &c. London, 1883. 4°. ♦8012.66 

Snell, James P. History of Hunterdon and 
Somerset counties, New Jersey, with illus. and 
biographical sketches of its prominent men and 
pioneers. Compiled by J. P. Snell, assisted by 
F. Ellis and a numerous corps of writers. Phila., 
1881. Maps. Portraits. 8°. *4470.7I 

Social science. See Arouet; — Cohn; — GiS- 
raud ; — Mamiani della Rovere ; — Sumner. 

Socialism. See Ely ; — Todt ; — Tounissoux. 




Soci^te de geographic. Compte rendu des 
seances de la Societ^ de geographie et de la 
Commission centrale, paraissant deux fois par 
mois. 1S82. Paris, 1883. Folded maps. 8°. 


Contains lists " des ouvrages offcrts h la socidte." Be- 
ginning with 1S82, the Bulletin of this society was pub- 
lished in two parts ; one part containing the Conipte-rendu, 
and the other the Bulletin proper, comprising the memoirs, 
notices, reports and documents, which appears quarterly. 

Soci6t^ de I'histoire de France. Bulletin. 
Tables des matieres des vingt-trois premieres 
annees. 1834-56. Paris, 1857. 8°- *46i5.6o 

Soci^t^ nationale des antiquaires de France. 
Mdmoires. T. 40-42. [Also, Bulletin 1879-81.] 
Paris, 1879-81. 8°. *5275.i 

The Mdmoires and Bulletin of each year are bound to- 
gether in one volume. 

Society for psychical research. Proceedings. 
Vol. I, part 1-3. London, 1882, 83. lUus. 8°. 


Contains lists of members and associates. This society 
is devoted to investigating, in the interest of science, the 
subjects of spiritualism, mind or tliought reading, and 
kindred matters. 

Some professional recollections. By a former 

member of the council of the Incorporated law 

society. London, 1883. Sm. 8=". 2440.57 

Somerset county, JVetv 'Jersey. See Snell. 

Songs. See Chansons ; — D^roulede ; — Pern- 

werth von Baernstein ; — Rolland. 

Sophocles. Oedipus the king. Text and trans. 
[byE. H.Plumptre]. Boston, 1882. 8". 3006.15 
Soudan. See James. 

SouUid, Prosper. La Fontaine et ses devan- 
ciers, ou histoire de I'apologue jusqu'a La Fon- 
taine inclusivement. Angers, 1861. 8°. 4672.76 
Sourches, Louis F. du Bouchet, marquis de, 
1639-1716. Memoires sur le regne de Louis xiv, 
publics par le comte de Cosnac (Gabriel Jules) 
et A. Bertrand [etc.]. T. 1,2. Septembre 16S1- 
decembre 1688. Paris, 1882, 83. 8«. 4646.62 
Southern historical society, Richmond, Vir- 
ginia. Papers. General index of the first ten vol- 
umes. 1876-82. [Richmond.] n. d. 8°. *52i9a.6o 
Southern states. See Hardy. 
Spain. See Bellingham ; — Bodfish ; — Downes ; 
— Hale ; — Liske ; — Stoddard ; — Stoughton ; — 
Thomas, A. ; — Tourtoulon ; — Wood. 

Spanish language and literature. See Corona 
Bustamante ; — Fee ; — Haller, J. ; — Knapp ; — 

Spanish succession, 1701-13. See Reynald. 
Speech, ^ee Meyer; — Potter. 
Spencer, Herbert. See Ground ; — Guthrie. 
Spencer, William G. Inventional geometry. 
With a note by Herbert Spencer. N. Y., 18S3. 
[Science primers.] Sm. 12°. 3939-67 

Spenser, Edmund. Complete w^orks in verse 
and prose. Edited, with a new life, based on 
original researches, and a glossary by A. B. 
Grosart [etc.]. In 8 v. Vol. 5, 6. [London.] 
1883. [Spenser society. Publications.] Sm. 
4°. *^*66o5.32 

Spiritualism. See Hall, T.B. ; — Oeffentliche 
Vortrrige (vol. 6, Wille) ; — Rivail ; — Sherman ; 
— Society for psychical research. 

Spitta, Julius August Philipp. Johann Sebas- 
tian Bach; his work and influence on the music 
of Germany, 1685-1750. Trans, from the Ger- 
man by Clara Bell and J. A. Fuller-Maitland. 
In 3 vols. Vol. I. London, 1884 [1883]. 8«. 


Sports and sporting. See Club-almanach ; — 
Davies, G. C. ; — Elmhirst. 

Spurgeon, Charles H. The present truth. 
A collection of sermons. N. Y., 1883. 12°. 


Stables, William Gordon. Our friend the 
dog. A complete guide to the points and prop- 
erties of all known breeds, and to their manage- 
ment in health and sickness. London. [1883.] 
Illus. 8". 4002.62 

— Tea, the drink of pleasure and of health. 
London. [1883.] Plate. Sq. i6«. 6003.64 

Stadelmann, Rudolph. Preussens Konige in 
ihrer Thatigkeit fiir die Landescultur. 2ter 
Theil. Friedrich der grosse. Leipzig, 1882. 
[Publicationen aus den K. preussischen Staats- 
archiven.] 8°. 2813.61 

Probably intended as a continuation of the author's 
Friedrich VVilhelm i [2813.53]. 

Stagel, Elsbeth, nun of the 14th century. See 
Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 6, Vetter). 

Stanley, Arthur P. The Bible : its form and 
its substance. Three sermons before the Uni- 
versity of Oxford. Nov. 4, i860, Feb. 9, Oct. 
26, 1862. Oxford, 1862. 8°. 3415-59 

Stapfer, Paul. Shakespeare et I'antiquite. 
Nouvelle edition.- Les tragedies romaincs de 
Shakespeare. Paris, 1883. 18°. 66ooa.6 

Star route. See Dorsey. 

Starkweather, George B. The law of sex. 
With illustrative portraits. London, 1883. 8°. 


Statia's Commercial travelers' guide of the 
United States and Canada, 1880. N. Y. [1880.] 
32°. *4389a.67 

Statistics. See McCarty. 

Stauber, Emanuel, R itter \on. Etude sur le 
roman franijais du 176 et du i8e siecle. Laibach, 
1879. 8°. 4671. 1 1 

Stebbins, Giles B. The American protection- 
ist's manual. 2d edition. Detroit, 1883. Sm. 
8^'. 3659-88 

Steffen, Max. Die Landwirtschaft bei den 
altarnerikanischen Kulturvcilkern. Leipzig, 
1883. 8°. 3994-59 

Contents. — Die Azteken; Die Mayas; Die Chibchas; 
Das Incareich. 

Each division is preceded by a list of sources. 

Stengel, Edmund, editor. La cancun de Saint 
Alexis und einige kleinere altfranzdsische Ge- 
dichte des II. und 12. Jahrhiinderts. Nebst voU- 
standigem Wortverzeichniss zu E. Koschwitz's : 
Les plus anciens monuments de la langue fran- 
(jaise und zu beifolgenden Texten. Marburg, 
1882. 8«. No. I in *2688.ii 

— El cantare di Fierabraccia et L^liuieri. Ita- 
lienische Bearbeitung der chanson de geste Fie- 
rabras. Vorausgeschickt ist cine Abhandlung 
von C. Buhlmann : Die Gestaltung der chanson 
de geste Fierabras im. Italienischen. Marburg, 
1881. 8^ No. 2 in *2688.ii 

Stenography. See Allen, G. G. ; — Anderson, 
T.;— Cross, J. G. 

Stephens, Henry P., and Solomon, Edward. 
Virginia; or, ringing the changes. A new and 
original comic opera. Written by Henry P. 
Stephens. Composed by Edward Solomon. 
N. Y. [1883.] 4«, obi. 8052.123 

Stepniak, pseud. La Russia sotterranea. 
Profili e bozzetti rivoluzionarj. Con prefazione 
di P. Lavroff. Milano, 1882. 16". 3067.36 




Stevens, Henry G., and Haynes, Robert W. 
A catalosjiie of modern law works, published 
during 1S65-1882. Being a supplement to the 
Bibliotheca legum. London, 1S83. Folded plate. 
Sm. 8». *6i89.i9 

Stevens, John A. Albert Gallatin. Boston, 
1884 [1883]. [American statesmen.] 16°. 4248.57 

Stewart, Rev. Alexander. Nether Lochaber : 
the natural history, legends, and folk-lore of the 
West Highlands. Edinburgh. 1883. Sm. S". 


Stewart, Balfour Physics. With illus. N.Y., 
18S1. [Science primers.] Sm. I2°. 59693.37 

Stewart, Henry. The ocean wave : narratives 
of some of the greatest voyages, seamen, dis- 
coveries, shipwrecks, and mutinies of the world. 
With illus. London, 18S3. Sm. 8". 2266.55 

Stieglitz, Alexandre de. Etude sur I'extradi- 
tion. Traduction fran^aise par le comte Louis 
de Mikor. Paris, 1883. 8°. 36i4-54 

Stillwell, William H. Notes on the descend- 
ants of Nicholas Stillwell, the ancestor of the 
Stillwell family in America. N. Y., 1883. Por- 
trait. 8". *4433-59 

Stirling-Maxwell, Sir William. Don John of 
Austria, or passages from the history of the six- 
teenth century, 1547-1578. With wood engrav- 
ings. London, 1883. 2 v. Portraits. Initial 
letters. L. 8'^. *285i.2 

Stockholm, Alice B. Tokology. 3d edition. 
Chicago, 1883. Portrait. 12°. *3779-78 

Stoddard, John L. Red-letter days abroad. 
With illus. Boston, 1884 [1883]. 8°.* 2273.50 

Contents. — Travels in Spain ; Passion-play in Ober- 
Animergau in 1S80; The cities of the Czar. 

Stoddart's Encyclopaedia Americana. A dic- 
tionary of arts, sciences, and general literature 
and companion to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. 
Illus. Vol. I. N. Y., 1883. 4°. 


Stolz, Madame de, fsend. See Begon, Fanny, 
comfesse de. 

Stone, Julia A. Illustrated India : its princes 
and people. Added an account of the visit to 
India of the Prince of Wales. Hartford, Conn., 
1877. Engravings. Maps. 8". 3074-63 

Storie Nerbonesi, Le. Romanzo cavalleresco 
del secolo xiv. Pubblicato per cura di I. G. 
Isola. Vol. 1,3. Bologna, 1877,80. 8"^^ *4763.55 

Stoughton, John. The Spanish reformers: 
their memories and dwelling-places. London. 
[18S3.] Illus. Portraits. 8«. 5552-59 

Stoves. See Smoke. 

Strains. Sec Du Bois. 

Strange, Thomas B. The military aspect of 
Canada. From the Journal of the Royal unit- 
ed service institution, 1879. ^o^- 23. No. 102. 
[Washington, 1879] [Ordnance notes. No. 
120.] Map. 8". *3950.25 

Strange, Thomas L. The sources and develop- 
ment of Christianity. London, 1875. 8°. 3436.63 

Strauss, Johann. The merry war. Opera. 
Trans, and adapted by Louis C. Elson. Boston. 
[1882.] 40. 8052.124 

Words and music with piano accompaniment. 

Strength of materials. See Burr. 

Stubbs. William, editor. Chronicles of the 
reigns of Edward i and Edward 11. Vol. i. 2. 
London, 1882, 83. [Chronicles and memorials 
of Great Britain and Ireland during the middle 
ages.] 8°. *7038.55 

Student songs. See Pernwerth von Baern- 


Sudraka, rajah of Mdgkuda. Le chariot de 
tgrre cuite, drame sanserif, attribud au roi Qft- 
draka, traduit et annote des scholics inddites de 
Lalla Dikshita. Par P. Regnaud. Paris, 1876, 
77. 4 V. in I. [Bibliotheque orientale elzdvi- 
rienne.] i8''. 3029a.73 

Sudre, Charles. Les finances de la France au 
xixe siecle. Public par son frere A. Sudre. 
Paris, 1883. 2 V. 8". 3656.60 

Sugar-cane. See United States, Bureau of 

Summer, Mary. Les heroines de Kalidasa, et 
les heroines de Shakespeare. Paris, 1879. [R'- 
blioth^que orientale elzdvirienne.] 18°. 30293.75 

— Histoire du Bouddha Sakya-Mouni. Avec 
preface par P. E. Foucaux. Paris, 1874. [Biblio- 
theque orientale elzevirienne.J 18". 30293.71 

Sumner, William G. What social classes owe 
to each other. N. Y., 1883. 16''. 55603.73 

Sun, See Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 3, 
Hirsch) ; — Oliver. 

Sunlight and shade. Being poems and pict- 
ures of life and nature. London, 1883. L. 8". 


Superstitions. See Cervera. Bachiller; — 
Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 6, Buss). 

Surgery. See Horwitz; — Nouveau ; — Pil- 

Surveyors* instruments. See Buff. 

Suso, Heinrich, surnamed Amandus, d. about 
1365. 6>e Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 6, Vetter). 

Sutra, Le, en 42 articles. Traduit du tibdtain 
avec introd. et notes par Leon Feer. Paris, 1878. 
[Bibliotheque orientale elzevirienne.] 18". 

No. 2 in 30293.74 

Swainson, Charles. A handbook of weather 
folk-lore. Edinburgh, 1873. Sm. 8°. *4558-57 

Contains a list of the works consulted. 

Sweden. See Butler. 

Swedish language. Sec Linnstrom. 

Sydney, New South Wales. Results of me- 
teorological observations made in New South 
Wales, 1869-76, 78, 79, under the direction of H. 
C. Russell. Sydney, 1870-80. Folded tables. 
8». *7962.50 

The title of the first pamphlet reads Abstract of the me- 
teorological observations up to the end of 1869. 

Sylvester, James J. Spring's ddbut. A town 
idyll in two centuries of continuous rhyme. 
[Baltimore, 1880.] 8». **44ooa.77 

This poem of two hundred lines has the same rhyme 

Symonds, William S. Hanley castle: an epi- 
sode of the civil wars and the battle of Worcester. 
Tewkesbury, 1S83. Illus. Sm. 8". 2464.64 

Symphonies. See Sabattier. 

Synonyms. See Fallows. 

Syphilis. See Diday ; — Otis. 

Syria. See Conder. 

Talleyrand- P6rigord, Charles M. de, primce de 
B6ncvent. See Marcade. 

Taylor, Benjamin F. Dulce domum. The bur- 
den of the song. Chicago, 1884 [1883]. Illus. 80. 


A collection of poems with prose introductions. 

Taylor, Henry. Historic notices, with topo- 
graphical and other gleanings descriptive of the 
borough and county-town of Flint. With illus. 
by Louise Rayner, R. Caldecott, and others. 
London, 1883. 8". •2493-63 




Taylor, Jane, and Gilbert, Ann. Little Ann 
and other poems. By Jane and Ann Taylor. 
Illus. bjKate Greenawaj. London. [iSSi.!*] 8". 


Taylor, Richard V., compiler. Anecdotic Ebo- 
racenses. Yorkshire anecdotes. Witii brief bio- 
graphical particulars, and index. London, 1883. 
Sm. 8°. 2463.73 

Taylor, William Mac K. Contrary winds and 
other sermons. N. Y., 1883. S**. 5441.68 

Tea. See Barker ; — Money ; — Stables ; — 
United States, Bureau of agriculture. 

Technology. See Riimpf. 

Teeth. See Webb, M. II. 

Telephone, ^ee Thompson, S. P. 

Tennyson, Alfred. " Come into the garden, 
Maud." With designs by E. H. Garrett. Boston, 
1884 [1883]. Sm. 4». *256oa.65 

Terhune, Mary V. The cottage kitchen. A 
collection of practical and inexpensive receipts. 
By Marion Ilarland Ipseud^^. N. Y., 1883. i2». 


Texas. Department of insurance, statistics 
and history. The resources, soil, and climate of 
Texas. Report of the commissioner of insur- 
ance, A. W. Spaight. Galveston, 1882. Folded 
map. 8°. *637i.58 

Textile colorist. Vol. 4. Phila., 1882. Monthly 
samples. 4°. *597i-5o 

Textile fabrics. See Ashenhurst. 

Thackeray, Anne I., noiv Mrs. Richmond 
Ritchie. A book of sibyls. Mrs. Barbauld, 
Mrs. Opie, Miss Edgeworth, Miss Austen. Lon- 
don, 1883. 8°. 254ob.73 

Thaxter, Celia. Poems for children. With 
illus. Boston, 1884 [1883]. 8°. 2401.73 

Thayer, Alexander W. Ludwig van Beetho- 
ven's Leben. Nach dem Original-Manuscript 
deutsch bearbeitet. B. i, 2. Berlin, 1S66, 72. 8^ 


Th^Stre de campagne. Serie 1-8. Paris, 
1876-82. 18°. *4695-5o 

Theism. See Fisher ; — Ground ; — Harris. 

Theodore, bishop of Alopstiestia. In epistolas 
B. Pauli commentarii. Latin version with the 
Greek fragments. With an introd., notes and 
indices. By H. B. Swete. Cambridge, 1880, 82. 
2 V. Fac-similes. S*'. 3414.60 

Theology, Natural. See Wilson, W. D. 

Thibetan language and literature. See 
Jaeschke ; — Sutra. 

Thiers, Louis A. Discours parlementaires. 
Publics par [M. A.] Calmon. 46 partie. T. 15. 
(1872-77.) Paris, 1883. 8°. 4624.55 

Third Pennsylvania reserve. See Woodward. 

Third West "York light infantry (England). 
See Raikes. 

Tholuck, Friedrich A. G., 1 799-1877. Com- 
mentary on the Sermon on the Mount. Trans, 
from the 4th edition, by R. Lundin Brown. 
Edinburgh, 1874. [Clark's Foreign theological 
library.] 8°. 5423.63 

Thom, John H. Laws of life after the mind of 
Christ. Discourses. 2d edition. London 1883. 
Sm. 8°. 5441.67 

Thomas, Antoine. Nouvelles recherches sur 
I'Entree de Spagne, chanson de geste franco- 
italienne. Paris, 1882. [Bibliotheque des ecoles 
francjaises d'Athenes et de Rome.] 8°. 2953.61.25 

Thomas, Edward A. Comprehensive diction- 
ary of biography. Phila. [1883.] Portraits. 8*^. 


Thompson, Maurice. Songs of fair weather. 
Boston, 1883. 8°. ♦2401.69 

Thompson, Silvanus P. Dynamo-electric ma- 
chinery. A series of lectures. Reprinted from 
the "Journal of the Society of arts." With an 
introd. by F. L. Pope. N. Y., 1883. 16". 


— Philipp Reis : inventor of the telephone. 
London, 1883. Illus. Portrait. 8°. 396375 

Thompson, W. G. Training-schools for nurses. 
With notes on twenty-two schools. N. Y , 1883. 
Sq. 24". 3779-77 

Thurn, Everard F. im. Among the Indians of 
Guiana; being sketches chiefly anthropologic 
from the interior of British Guiana. With illus. 
and map. London, 1883. 8". 2366.80 

Thwing, Walter E. Thwing: a genealogical, 
biographical and historical account of the family. 
Boston, 1883. Portraits. Plates. 8". *4339.59 

Tiele, C. P. Max MUller und Fritz Schultze, 
iiber ein Problem der Religionswissenschaft. 
Leipzig, 187 1. 8". No. 2 in 5481.59 

The work of Schultze here reviewed is contained in this 
volume. The article by Miiller is in Fraser's magazine for 
July, 1S70 [5196.1]. 

Tissandier, Gaston. Popular scientific recrea- 
tions in natural philosophy', astronomy, geology, 
chemistry, etc. Trans. from"Les recreations 
scientifiques." Illus. London. [1882.] 8°. 39103.50 

Titian. See Eastlake. 

Tivier, Henri. Etude sur le mystfere du sidge 
d'Orldans, et sur Jacques Millet, auteur presumd 
de ce mystere. Paris, 1868. 8°. 4673.69 

Tobacco. See Alcott ; — Livermore, A. A. 

Todaroa. See Parlatore. 

Todt, Rudolf. Der radikale deutsche Socialis- 
mus und die christliche Gesellschaft. 2te Auf- 
lage. Wittenberg, 1878. 8°. 3562.71 

Tolstoi, Alexis, Graf and Nekrassoff, Niko- 
laus A. Dichtungen von Graf Alexei Tolstoi 
und Nikolai Nekrassow. Eine Auswahl in deut- 
scher Uebertragung, mit Beifiigung des russi- 
schen Textes von Jessen. (Ludwig von Osten.) 
St. Petersburg, 1881. 8°. 3066.27 

Topelius, Zacharias. Faltskarns Berattelser. 
Cykeln i, 2, 6te Upplagan ; Cykeln 3, 5te Up- 
plagan; Cykeln 4, 5, 3Je Upplagan. Stockholm. 
[1874-82.] 5 V. 12". 487ob.6o 

Toudouze, Gustave. Albert Wolff: histoire 
d'un chroniqueur parisien. Paris, 1883. Portrait. 
I2«. 4657-50 

Tounissoux, — . Qi^iestion sociale et bour- 
geoisie. Paris. [1882.?] 12°. ^ 55603.71 

Tourtoulon, Charles, baron de. Etudes sur la 
maison de Barcelone. Jacme ler le Conquerant, 
roi d'Aragon. Montpellier, 1863, 67. 2 v. 8". 


Tourzel, Louise E. F. F. A. A. M. J. J. de Croy 
d'Havrd, duchesse de. M^moires de Madame la 
duchesse de Tourzel, gouvernante des enfants de 
P>ance pendant les ann^es 1789-93, 95. Publics 
par le due Des Cars. Paris, 18S3. 2 v. Por- 
trait. 8°. 4652-55 

Towler, John. The silver sunbeam : a practi- 
cal and theoretical text-book on sun drawing and 
photographic printing. 9th edition, illus. N. Y., 
1879. 12". 5979-81 

Towne, Henry R. A treatise on cranes. De- 
scriptive particularly of those built by the Yale & 
Towne co. Stamford, Conn., 1883. 8". 4018.23 

Travancore, India. See Mateer. 




Travaux publics, Les, de la France. Ouvrage 
public sous les auspices du Ministere des travaux 
publics et sous la direction de L^once Reynaud. 
Paris, 1883. 5 V. 539 illus. 250 phototypes. 
5 folded chromolithograph maps. Portrait. F"". 
Vol. I, 2 on *^*Cab.43.H.i 

Vol. 3, 4 ***Cab.43.I.i ; Vol. 5 ♦**Cab 43.K.1 

Contents. — i. Routes et ponts, par F. Lucas et V'. 
Fourni^. 3. Chemins dc fer, par E. Collijfnon. 3. Uivi- 
ires et canaux, par II. de LagreiKi. 4. Ports de mer, par 
Voisin Bey. 5. Phares et balises. 

Travels and voyages. See Barros Arana; — 
Becher; — Bellingham; — Bishop, W. H. ; — 
Chardin ; — Coppinger ; — Cotteau ; ^- Crevaux ; 

— Ebers ; — Freytas ; — Haller, A. von ; — 
Hardy; — Huebner; — James; — Kennedy; — 
Liske ; — Parmentier ; — Phillipps-Wolley ; — Ro- 
biano ; — Stewart, H. ; — Stoddard ; — Vdmbery ; 

— Vinson ; — Wallace, S. E.;— Warner, CD.; 

— Wereschagin ; — Wood. 
Trees. See Orlandini. 

Trembecki, Stanlislav. See Biegeleisen. 

TroUope, Anthony. An autobiography. [Ed- 
ited by II. M. Trollope.] Edinburgh, 1883. 2 v. 
Portrait. Sm. 8". 2540b. 74 

Troubadours. See Appel. 

Troy, Asia Minor. See Lemaire. 

Trueba y La Quintana, Antonio de. Cuentos 
campesinos. Madrid, i860. 16*'. 3096.54 

— Cuentos de madres 6 hijos. Barcelona, 
1878. Illus. Portrait. 8°. 309325 

— Cuentos de varios colores. Madrid, .1866. 
160. 309659 

— Cuentos del hogar. 2da edicion. Madrid, 
1876. 16". 3096-57 

— Cuentos populares. 5a edicion. Madrid, 
1875. 16°. **D.i7ob.98; 3097.57 

— Narraciones populares. Madrid, 1874. i6<>. 


— Nuevos cuentos populares. Madrid, 18S0. 

8°. 3097 -3 

Tryon, George W. , Jr. Manual of conchology. 
Illus. Vol. 4. Nassidie, Turbinellida;, Volutidie, 
Mitridse. Phila., 1882. 8°. *5872.55 

Tuckerman, Henry T. The life of John 
Pendleton Kennedy. 'N. Y., 1871. Portrait. 8». 

4396- 1 1 

Tudors. See Burke. 

Turcomans. See Vdmbdry. 

Turgenef, Ivan S. Poems in prose. [Trans, 
by Lilla Cabot Perry.] Boston, 1883. Portrait. 
i6°. 3068.45 

— See Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 5, Honeg- 

Turkish literature. See Fables ; — Fazil-Bey ; 
— Huart. 

Turko-Russian war. See Oilier. 

Tuscany. See Achiardi. 

Tuttle, George F. The descendants of Wil- 
liam and Elizabeth Tuttle, who came to New 
Haven in 1639, with biographical notes and 
sketches; also some account of the descendants 
of John Tuttle, of Dover, N. H. ; Richard Tuttle, 
of Boston; John Tuttle, of Ipswich; and Henry 
Tuthill, of Hingham. Mass.; appended genealog- 
ical notes of several allied families. Rutland, 
Vt.. 1883. Portraits. 8°. *4339.62 

Tuttle, Herbert. History of Prussia to the 
accession of Frederick the Great, 1 134-1740. 
Boston, 1884 [18S3]. Folded map. 12". 2827.64 

Twopeny, R. E. N. Town life in Australia. 
London, 1883. Sm. 8". 3078.77 

Twyford, Anthony W. York and York castle : 
an appendix to the " Records of York castle." 
London. [1883.] Sm. 8". 2496.73 

Tyrrell, Robert Y., editor. Dublin transla- 
tions into Greek and Latin verse. Dublin, 1S82. 



Tytler, Sarah, fsetid. See Keddie, Henrietta. 

Uhlhom, Johann Gerhard Wilhelm. Christian 
charity in the ancient church. Trans, from the 
German. N. Y., 1883. 8°. 35708.76 

Underwood, Francis H. John Greenleaf Whit- 
tier. A biography. Boston, 1884 [18S3]. Illus. 

Portraits. 16". 


Union centrale des arts d^coratifs, reconnue 
d'utilite publique. 7e exposition, 1882. Deuxi- 
feme exposition technologique des industries 
d'art, le bois, les tissus, le papier. Documents 
ofliciels. [Paris, 1883.] Vignettes. [Revue des 
arts decoratifs. Supplement.] Y^. ♦6921.XO 

United States. [Acts and resolutions of the 
United States passed at the 2d session of the 47th 
Congress. Dec, 1882-March, 1883. [Washing- 
ton, 1883.] 8°. •C. 169.5 

— Improvements in naval engineering in Great 
Britain. Letter from the Secretary of the navy, 
transmitting a report [by John A. TobinJ. 
[Washington, 1883.] Folded plates. Photo- 
graphs. 8°. *3954-77 

— Bureau of agriculture. Cultivation of the 
fig, and the method of preparing the fruit for 
commerce; also report on the importance of the 
cultivation of the date palm. Washington, 1878. 
8^. No. 4 in *5992.7 

The silkworm ; being a brief manual of 

instructions for the production of silk. With 
illus. Washington, 1879. 8°- No. ir in *5992.7 

Statement showing the condition and 

prospects of the cane-sugar industry in the 
United States. Washington, 1877. 8". 

No. I in *5992.7 

Thea viridis, or Chinese tea plant, and the 

practicability of its culture and manufacture in 
the United States. Also some remarks on the 
cultivation of the coffee plant. Washington, 
1877. S''. No. 3 in *5992.7 

— Board of engineers for fortifications and 
river and harbor improvements. The fortifica- 
tions of to-day. Fire against models of coast 
batteries and parados. Horizontal and curved 
fire in defense of coasts. Translated [from 
" Festungen und Taktik des Festungskrieges in 
der Gegenwart," by A. von Bonin; and from 
Giornale di artiglieria e genio, agosto-ottobre, 
1881]. Washington, 1883. Plan. 8«. *395i.74 

— Bureau of navigation. Astronomical pa- 
pers, prepared for the use of the American 
ephemeris and nautical almanac. Vol. i. 
VVashington, 1882. 4". *79ao.i9 

Contents. — i. On the recurrence of solar eclipses, with 
tables of eclipses from B.C. JTOto a.d. 3300, by Simon New. 
comb; A transformation of Hansen's lunar theory. comp.-ired 
with the theory of D.-launay, by Simon Newconib, aided by 
John Meier; f'xpi-riniental determination of the velocity of 
tight made at thel'nited States Naval academy, Annapolis, 
by Albert .'V. Michelson ; Catalotrue of 1098 standard clock 
and zmliacal stars, prepared under the direction of Simon 
Newcomb; On Gauss's method of computing; secular per- 
turbations, with an application to the action of Vciius on 
Mercury, by G. \V. Mill ; Discussion of observed transits of 
Mercury, 1677-1SS1, by Simon Newcomb. 

Operations of the French navy during the 

recent war with Tunis Trans, from I'Ann^e 
maritime (18S0-81). by M. Fisher Wright. 
Washington, 1883. 8^. No. i in *5956.38 




United States, continued. 

— - The war on the Pacific coast of South 
America between Chile and the allied republics 
of Peru and Bolivia. 1879-81. By T. B. M. 
Mason. Washington, 18S3. S"- No, 2 in ♦5956.38 

— Census office. Statistics of the population 
of the United States at the tenth census (June t, 
1880). Washington, 1883. Maps. 4". *C.28o.i 

— Coast and geodetic survey. Report of the 
superintendent, showing the progress of the 
work. 1881. Washington, 1883. P'olded charts. 
Plans. 4°. *C. 2403.2 

— Court of claims. Cases decided, at the 
term of 1882-83. Reported by W. A. Richardson. 
Vol. 18. Washington, 1883. 8°. *3705.5.i8 

— Department of state. Commercial rela- 
tions of the United States. Contents of and in- 
dex to the first twentj-six and a half numbers of 
the reports from the consuls of the United States 
on the commerce, manufactures, etc, of their 
consular districts. May, 18S3. Washington, 
1883. 8°. _ ^ *7643-20 

Commercial relations of the United 

.States. Reports from the consuls of the United 
States on the commerce, manufactures, etc., of 
their consular districts. April, 1883. Washing- 
ton, 1883. 8°. *5654.7; No. 30 in *7643.i2 

— Geographical and geological survey of the 
Rocky mou7ttcii7is. J. W. Poivell in charge. 
Contributions to North American ethnology. 
Vol. 5. Washington, 1882. Plates. Illus. 4«. 


Contents. — 5. Observations on cup-shaped and other 
lapidarian sculjjtures in the old world and in America, by 
C. Rau; On prehistoric trephining and cranial amulets, by 
R. Fletcher; A study of the manuscript Troano, by Cyrus 
Thomas, with an introduction by D. G. Brinton. 

— Geological and geographical survey of the 
territories. Twelfth annual report: a report of 
progress of the exploration in Wyoming and 
Idaho for 1878. Part 2. By F. V. Ilayden. 
Washington, 1883. Illus. Folded maps. Plates. 
8°. *7863.i 

— Hydrographic office. Telegraphic deter- 
mination of longitudes in Japan, China, and the 
East Indies. With the latitude of the several 
stations, by F. M. Green and C. H. Davis, and 
J. A. Norris, in 1881 and 1882. Washington, 

1883. Folded chart. 4°. *5920.77 

— National museum. Bulletin, 13-19. Wash- 
ington, 1879-82. 7 nos. in 3 v. 8". *3go4.5o 

— Naval observatory. Astronomical and me- 
teorological observations made during 1879. 
Washington, 1883. 4". **5i50.7 

A determination of the semi-diameter of 

the moon from two occultations of the Pleiades, 
observed on July 6, 1877, and Sept. 6, 1879. By 
H. M. Paul. Washington, 1883. 4°. *5920.76 

— Post-office department. See Dorsey. 

— Signal service. Monthly weather review. 
1879-82. Washington, D. C, 1879-82. 4 v. 
Maps. 40. *5965-52 

— Surgeon-generaV s office. Index-catalogue 
of [its] library. Authors and subjects. Vol. 4. 
E.-Fizes. Washington, 1883. L. 8°. *2i4i.5o 

— Treasury department. Circular. Schedule 
E. Classification of commodities for the guid- 
ance of collectors of customs in rendering quar- 
ter-yearly statements of imports entered for con- 
siunption to the Bureau of statistics, Treasury 
department; also for the information of import- 
ers and others. Washington, 1883. 4°- *3653-76 

United States, continjied. 

— War department. The war of the rebellion : 
a compilation of the official records of the Union 
and Confederate armies. Prepared under the 
direction of the Secretary of war by R. N. Scott. 
Series I. Vol. 9. Washington, 1883. 8". +4223. 50 

Contents. — 9. Operations in Southeastern Virginia, Jan. 
ii-March 17, 1^2; Operations in North Carolina, Jan. 11- 
Aug. 20, 1862; Operations in Texas, New Mexico, and Ari- 
zona, Feb. i-Sept. 20, 1S62. 

— History, etc. See Bancroft; — Oilman ; — 
Houghton ; — Mountain ; — Patton ; — Ratzel. 

— Literature. See Richardson. 

— Jievolutiofi See Blatchford. 

— War with Mexico. See Ladd, H. O. 

— Civil war. See Bulloch ; — De Peyster ; — 
Derby ; — Dodge ; — Duyckinck ; — Kennedy ; — 
Paris, comte de; — Parker, W. H. ; — Personal 
narratives; — Richmond; — Robertson, J.; — 
Seward; — Southern historical society; — 
United States, War ^c/iA;— Ward, J. R. C. 

United States naval acadamy, Annapolis. 
Problems in physics and chemistry. 1876. 
Washington, 1876. 8". 596527 

Uttarakinda. Testo con note secondo i codici 
della recensione Gaudana, per Gaspare Gorresio. 
Parigi, 1867. L. 8". 30203.61 

The Uttarakanda, generally reckoned the second book of 
the Ramayana, is unduly attributed to Valmi'ki. — E. Haas. 
Catalogue of Sanskrit and Pali books in the British 

Vallin, Emile. Traite des desinfectants et de 
la disinfection. Avec figures. Paris, 1882. 8". 

V^mbe'ry, Arminius. His life and adventures, 

written by himself. With portrait and illus. 

London, 1884 [1883]. 8«. 3074-61 

Contains the personal narrative of various journeys 

through Persia and central Asia. 

— Die primitive Cultur des turko-tatarischen 
Volkes auf Grund sprachlicher Forschungen 
erortert von Hermann Vambery. Leipzig, 1879. 
8°. 3081-53 

Van Rensselaer, M. In memoriam. Sister 
Louise [Louise Gardiner Hall], the story of her 
life-work. N. Y., 1883. Portrait. i2<>. 4447-75 

Vapereau, Louis Gustave. Elements d'histoire 
dela litteraturefrangaise. T. i. Desorigines au 
regne de Louis xni. Paris, 1883. \b^. 4668.61 

Vatel, Charles. Histoire de Madame du Barry. 
Precedee d'une introd. sin- Madame de Pompa- 
dour, Le Pare aux-Cerfs et Mademoiselle de 
Romans. T. i, 2. Versailles, 188^. i8«. 4646.68 

Velasquez, Diego R. de Silva y. See Curtis, 
C. B. 

Venice. See City ; — Galanti ; — Marcello. 

Verein deutscher Ingenieure, Berlin. Wo- 
chenschrift. Redacteur : T. Peters. 1882. Ber- 
lin, 1882. L. 4«. *699i.5 

Verga, Giulio. Vita dei campi. Nuove 
novelle. Milano, 1880. 16°. 2776.56 

Vering, Friedrich H. Geschichte und Pan- 
dekten des rdmischen und heutigen gemeinen 
Privatrechts. 4te Auflage. Mainz, 1875. 8°. 


Verlaque, V., ahb6. Jean xxii, sa vie et ses 
ceuvres. Paris, 18S3. 8°. 355oa-5i 

Verne, Jules. Keraban-le-tfetu. le, 2e partie. 
Paris. [1883.''] [Les voyages extraordinaires.] 
1 8''. 4660.51 

Vernulz, Nicolas de, d. 1649. See Goettling. 




Veterinary art. See Robertson, W. ; — 
Williams, W. 

Vetter, Theodor. Zur Geschichte nominalen 
Declination im Russischen. Leipzig, 18S3. 8°. 


Cont'iins a bibliog^phy. 

Victoria, queen. See Lippincott. 

Victoria, Australia. Legislative assembly. 
Votes and proceedings, with copies of docu- 
ments ordered to be printed; Papers presented 
to both houses of Parliament by his excellency 
the governor. Melbourne. [1878-82.?] 6 v. 
Plates. Folded plans. P*. ♦7040.50 

Viz.: Session, 1877-78: Papers presented by the gover- 
nor, vol. 3. Session, 1879-80: Papers presented by the 
governor, vol. 3. Session, iSSo-Si : Vol. i. Votes and 
proceedings ; vol. 3-4, Papers presented by the governor. 

— Legislative council. Votes and proceedings 
during the session 1S78. 18S0, 1881, with copies 
of documents ordered to be printed. Melbourne. 
[1879-S2.?] 3 V. Folded tables. F". *7040.55 

Victoria institute, or Philosophical society of 
Great Britain. Journal of transactions. * Vol. 
1-16. London, 1867-83. Illus. Plates. Maps. 
8°. *3227-5 

Objects of the Victoria institute : to investigate the most 
important questions of philosophy and science, but more 
especiallv those that bear upon the great truths revealed in 
Holy Scripture, with the view of defending these truths. — 

Vida, Marco G. See Vissac, J. A. 

Vie moderne, La. Journal hebdomadaire 
illustr^, litteraire et artistique. 4e annee. Paris, 
1882. 2 V. in I. F". *6670.5 

Vienna. See Egerton ; — Maiden. 

Vigfusson, Gudbrand, and Powell, Frederick 
Y., editors. Corpvs poeticvm boreale. The 
poetry of the old northern tongue from the 
earliest time to the thirteenth century. Edited 
and trans, with introd., excursus, and notes. 
Oxford, 1883. 2 V. 8°. 4871-15 

Contents. — 1. Eddie poetry, a. Court poetry. 

Villari, Pasquale. Niccolo Machiavelli e i 
suoi tempi. Illustrati con nuovi document!. 
Firenze, 1877-82. 3 v. 8". 2745-54 

Villon, Francois. See Bijvanck. 

Vinaya texts. Trans, from the Pali by T. W. 
Rhvs Davids and H. Oldenberg. Part i, 2. 
Oxford, 1881, 82. [Muller, F. Max, editor. Sa- 
cred books of the East. Vol. 13, 17 ] 8°. 3014.55 

Contents. — i . The Patimokkha ; The Muhavagga, 1-4. 
3. The Mahavagga, 5-10; The Kullavagga, 1-3. 

Vinci, Leonardo da. Das Buch von der 
Malerei. Deutsche Ausgabe nach dem codex 
Vaticanus 1270 iibersetzt und unter Beibehalt 
der Haupteintheilung iibersichtlicher geordnet 
von H. Ludwig. Mil 268 Holzschnitten. Wien, 
1882. 80. ♦8066.51.18 

— See Belgiojoso; — Eastlake. 

Vinols de Montfleury, Jules G., baron de. 
Memoires politiques d'un membre de I'Assembl^e 
nationale constituante de 1871. Le Puy, 1S82. 
8°. 4621.10 

Vinson, Julien, editor. Le folk-lore du Pays 
basque. Paris, 1883. [Littdratures populaires 
de toutes les nations.] 16°. ♦46703.61 

Contains in the second part many songs, with the music. 

Vinson, Julien, and Dive, Paul. Voyage ex- 
travagant mais vdridique d'Alger au Cap, exdcutd 
par huit personnages de fantaisie et leur suite. 
Paris. [1882.] 12°. 5059.64 

Violin. See Fleming. 

Viollet-le-Duc, Eugene E. See Saint-Paul. 

Violoncello. See Lee, S. 

Virgin, Antonio. Francesco Berni. Con 
documenti inediti. Firenze, 1881. 8". 2745.58 

Virgilius Maro, Publius. An English version 
of the Eclogues of Virgil. By Satnuel Palmer. 
[Edited by A. H. Palmer.] With illus. by 
London, 1883. Etchings. Photo- 
Sm. f". ♦,•2920.50 

See Cooke, J. E. 

the author 


Vissac, J. A., abbe. l)c la po^sie latine en 
France au siecle de Louis xiv. These. Paris, 
1862. 8". 4672.79 

— De Marci Hieronymi Vidw Poeticorum 
libris HI. Parisiis, 1862 8". 2775.56 

Vissac, Marc de. Un conventionnel du Puy- 
de-D6me. Romme le Montagnard. Clermont- 
Ferrand, 1883. 8°. 465oa.6o 

Volcanoes. See OefFentliche Vortrage (vol. 3, 

Vosges mountains, France. See Lee, K- 

Voss, Johann H. ^V*- Herbst. 

Vuitry, Adolphe. Etudes sur le regime finan- 
cier de la F' ranee avant la revolutibn de 1789 
Nouvelles^rie. T. 1,2. Paris, 1883. 8". 3656.57 

. Contents. — Nouvelle s^rie. Philippe le.Bel et ses trois 
fils. 1283-131S. Les Irois premiers Valois. 1338-1383. 

Wagner, Wilhelm Richard. Parsifal. A fes- 
tival-drama. Trans, into English, by H. L. and 
F. Corder. Mayence, 1879. i6'\ 4872.11 

— See Bernardini ; — Nohl. 

Wailly, Joseph N., called Natalis de, editor. 
R^cits d'un menestrel de Reims au xiiie siecle. 
Paris, 1876. [Soci^td de I'histoire de France.] 
8°. ♦6614.51 

This collection was publi>he'l by I..ouis Paris in 1837 
under the title Chronique de Rains, and still later by ]. J. de 
Smet as the Chronique de Flandre et des croisades iii his Re- 
cueil des chroniques de Flandre, 1856, vol. 3, pp. 571-687 


Wale, Henry J. My grandfather's pocket- 
book. From A.D. 1701 to 1796. London, 1883. 
Portrait. 8°. 2440.59 

Walford, Cornelius. Fairs, past and present. 
London, 1SS3. [Antiquary's library.] S". ♦2462.51 

Walker, Francis A. Land and its rent. 
Boston. 1883. i&>. 55603.76 

Wallace, D. Mackenzie. Egypt and the 
Egyptian question. London, 1883. 8°. 5052.69 

Wallace, Susan E. The storied sea. Bo>ton, 
1883. i6«. 30793.52 

Sketches of travel in the East, originally published in the 
" New York Independent." 

Walpole, Sir Robert, earl of Orford. See 
Rogers, J. E. T. 

Walther von der Vogelweide. 5t'cLange, A. ; 
— Oeffentliche Vortrage (vol. 3, Meyer) ;— Sam- 

Wanderer, pseud. Notes on the Caucasus 
[about 1881, 82]. London, 1883. 8". 30703.60 

Ward, George Mason. A compend of chem- 
istry. With table of elements. Phila., 1883. 
[.' Qiiiz-compends.'] 16^ 5979-85 

Ward, Joseph R. C. History of the One 
hundred and sixth regiment Pennsylvania vol- 
unteers. 1861-1865. Phila., 18S3. Portraits. 8<». 


Ware, William R. Modern perspective: a 
treatise upon plane and cylindrical perspective. 
Boston, 1883. Text, 8°; Atlas, 27 plates, F<». 

8066.23; Atlas, ♦8060.66 



Warner, Charles D. A roundabout journey. 
Boston, 1884 [1883]. 12°. 2276.52 

Comprises travels in France, Spain, and Northern Africa, 
in iSSi -and iSSa. 

Warner, George E., and Foote, Charles M 
History of Dakota county and the city of Hast- 
ings, including the Explorers and pioneers of 
Minnesota, by Edward D. Neill, and Outlines of 
the history of Minnesota, by J. Fletcher Wil- 
liams. Minneapolis, 1881. Map. 4°. *4470.76 

The articles by Neill and Williams, with preface, etc., 
may be found in Histories of Ramsey, Hennepin, and 
Washington counties, and that of Neill, with preface, etc., 
in History of the Minnesota valley, by the same autliors. 

— History of Hennepin county and the city 
of Minneapoiis. Minneapolis, i^i. Map. 4°. 


— History of Ramsey county and the city of 
St. Paul. Minneapolis, 1881. Map. 4°. *4470.79 

— History of the Minnesota valley, including 
the Explorers and pioneers of Minnesota, by Ed- 
ward D. Neill, and the History of the Sioux 
massacre [1862], by C. S. Bryant. Minneapolis, 

1882. 4°. *4470.78 
Water-color painting. See Foster, V. 
Watteau, Jean A. See Mollett. 

Waugh, Edwin. The limping pilgrim, on 
his wanderings. Manchester [England], 1883. 
Plate. Vignette. Sm. 8°. *2466.58 

Contents. — In the Isle of Rum [one of the Hebrides] ; A 
green nook of Old England [Ipswich and its environs] ; A 
run up the Rhine; Thwittletown [/. e. Sheffield, KnglandJ. 

— Poems and songs. Manchester, 1883. 
Plates. Illus. 8°. *2466.59 

Webb, Marshall H. Notes on operative den- 
tistry. Phila., 1883. Illus. 8°. 3804.83 

Webb, Thomas W. Optics without mathe- 
matics. London. [1883?] Sm. 8°. 59293.68 

Weingaertner, Joseph. "Das Kind und seine 
Poesie in plattdeutscher Mundart. Miin&ter, 
1880. 16°. 487ob.64 

Weinhold, Carl. Heinrich Christian Boie. 
Beitrag zur Geschichte der deutschen Literatur 
im i8tenjahrhundert. Halle, 1868. 8". 2841.67 

Weiser, Carl. Pope's Einfluss auf Byron's 
Jugenddichtungen. Halle, 1877. 8°. 4552.10 

Welch, Christopher. History of the Boehm 
flute; with illus., and an appendix relating to 
the Boehm-Gordon controversy. London, 1883. 
Portraits. 8°. 4044.78 

Wereschagin, — . Reiseskizzen aus Indien. 
Von Herrn und Frau Wereschagin. i. Bandchen. 
Ost-Himalaya. Mit Illus. Leipzig, 1882. . 8°. 


Werner, A., compiler. Life. Golden words 
of the great ones. Westminster. [1883.''] 64''. 


Werner, E., pseud. See Buerstenbinder, E. 

W^erner, Reinhold. Auf See und an Land. 
Vier Erzahlungen. Berlin, 1883. 8°. 4872.13 

Weymouth, A. B. A memorial sketch of 
Edgar M. Newcomb of the Nineteenth Massa- 
chusetts volunteers. Maiden, 1883. Portrait. 
Plates. 8°. 4447.72 

Wheeler, Charles G. The course of empire. 
Outlines of the chief political changes of the 
world (arranged by centuries). With variorum 
illus. Boston, 1884 [1883]. Maps. 8°. 2219.67 

Contains a reference list of authorities. 

Wheelman, The. An illustrated magazine of 
cycling literature and news. Vol. i. Boston, 

1883. Illus. L. 8°. *6ooi.5i 

Wheildon, William W. Curiosities of the 
[Boston] market [and miscellanies]. Written 
for the Sunday Herald [from May, 1876, to July, 
1881]. [Newspaper cuttings.] [Boston.] 1881. 
2 V. F°. *3640.2i 

Whitaker, William, and Dal ton, W. H., edi- 
tors. The geological record for 1878. An ac- 
count of works on geology, mineralogy, and 
palaeontology, published during the year, with 
supplements for 1874-77. London, 1882. 8°. 


White, William, of Ottaiva. Annals of Can- 
ada. 1492 to 1814. [First published in the 
Canadian monthly, 1875-78.] [Toronto, 1875- 
78.] L. 8°. *43ioa.i"43 

The work was to have covered the period from 1492 to 
1867, but this is all that was published. 

Whitehead, William A., editor. Documents 
relating to the colonial history of New Jersey. 
Vol. 5-7. 1720-1751. Newark, 1882, 83. 8". 

♦2376 68 

Whitney, Josiah D. The auriferous gravels of 
the Sierra Nevada of California. Cambridge, 
Mass., 1880. Plates. Folded maps. [Harvard 
college. Museum of comparative zoology. Con- 
tributions to American geology. Vol. i.] 4°. 


— Same. Cambridge, Mass., 1880. Plates. 
Folded maps. [Harvard college. Museum of 
comparative zoology. Memoirs. Vol. 6, no. i.] 
40. No. I in *5890.i.6 

— The climatic changes of later geological 
times : a discussion based on observations made 
in the Cordilleras of North America. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., 1882. [Harvard college. Museum 
of comparative zoology. Contributions to Amer- 
ican geology. Vol. 2.] 40. No. 2 in *586o.50.2 

— Same. Cambridge, Mass, 1882. [Harvard 
college. Museum of comparative zoology. Me- 
moirs. Vol 7, no. 2 ] 4°. No. 2 in ""5890.1.7 

Whittier, John G. The bay of Seven islands, 
and other poems. Boston, 1883. Portrait. 16°. 


— See Underwood. 

Wichert, Ernst. Rauschen. Ein Strand-Idyll. 
2te Auflage. Leipzig, 1881. 16'^. 4872.22 

Widmann, Joseph V. Buddha. EpischeDich- 
tung. Bern, 1869. 8°. 4872.3 

Wieland, Christoph M. Hermann. [Herausg. 
von. F. Muncker.] Heilbronn, 1882. [Deutsche 
Litteraturdenkmale des 18. jahrhunderts in Neu- 
drucken herausg. von B. SeufFert.] 16°. 


— See Funck. 

Wildenbruch, Ernst von. Novellen. 2te 
Auflage. Berlin, 1883. 16°. 28703.70 

Contents. — Franceska von Rimini ; Vor den Schranken ; 

Wilford's literary microcosm. [Edited by A. 
Wilford Hall.] Vol. i. N. Y., 1881, 82. F". 

♦6980. I 

Will. See Maudsley. 

Williams, Samuel W. The middle kingdom. 
A survey of the geography, government, litera- 
ture, social life, arts, and history of the Chinese 
empire and its inhabitants. Revised edition, 
with illus. and a new map. N. Y., 1883. 2 v. 
8°. 3012.61 

Williams, William. The principles and prac- 
tice of veterinary medicine First American edi- 
tion, revised, with supplement. N. Y., 1883. 
Plates. Illus. 8". 4003.68 




Willson, Marcius, and Willson, Robert P. 
Mosaics of Grecian higtory. The historical nar- 
rative, with illustrative poetic and prose selec- 
tions. N. Y., 1883. Map. 12". 3078.22 

Wilson, Andrew, Wild animals and birds : 
their haunts and habits. With illus. by J. Wolf 
and F. Specht. London, 1882. 8". ♦3821.60 

Wilson, 5/V Charles W., editor. Picturesque 
Palestine, Sinai, and Egypt. With numerous 
engravings on steel and wood. N. Y. [1881-83.] 
2 V. in 4. Maps. F°. *3040.68 

The following writers contributed to this work : Dean 
Stanley, Canon H. B. Tristram, Sir C. W. Wilson, C. R. 
Conder, H. W. Jessup, Miss M. E. Rogers, Lieut.-Col. R. 
Warren, Prof. Palmer, Selah Merrill, P. Schaff, S. Jessup, 
C. Pickering Clarke, S. Lane Poole. 

Wilson, Mrs. R. F. The Christian brothers, 
their origin and work; with a sketch of the life 
of their founder, Jean Baptiste de La Salle. Lon- 
don, 1883. Sm. 8°. ^ 5557-51 

Wilson, William D. The foundations of relig- 
ious belief. The methods of natural theology 
vindicated against modern objections. N.Y., 
1883. [The Bishop Paddock lectures, 1883.] 
12°. - 348788 

Wilton, Rev. Richard. Sungleams : rondeaux 
and sonnets. London. [1881.] Sm. 8». 


Winchell, Alexander. World-life, or compara- 
tive geology. Chicago, 1883. Illus. Sm. 8°. 


Winser, Henrj'J. The great Northwest. A 
guide-book and itinerary for the lines of the 
Northern Pacific railroad, the Oregon railway, 
and navigation company, and the Oregon and 
California railroad. With map and illus. N. Y., 
18^3. Portraits. Sq. 16". 2378.74 

— The Yellowstone national park. A manual 
for tourists. Also an appendix. N. Y., 1883. 
Illus. 16". 2366.77 

Winter, William. English rambles : and other 
fugitive pieces, in prose and verse. Boston, 
1884 [ 1883 1. i6«. 2464.62 

Wirt, VVilliam. See Kennedy. 

Wisconsin. Blue-book. 1883. Compiled bv 
J. E. Heg. Milwaukee, 1883. 8*^. *6403.6 

— State board of health Annual report, 3d, 
5th, 7th. 1878, 80-83. Madison, 1881, 82. Dia- 
grams. Folded plates. 8'. *7763-50 

Wit and humor. See Ashton. 

Witthaus, Rudolph A. The medical student's 
manual of chemistry. N. Y., 1883. 8°. 5975.58 

Witz, Aime. Cours de manipulations de phy- 
sique, preparatoire a la licence. Paris, 1883. 
Illus. 8«. 396685 

Woermann, Carl. Ueberden landschaftlichen 
Natursinn der Griechen und Rdmer. Vorstudien 
zu einer Archaologie der Landschaftsmalerei. 
Miinchen. 1871. S'*. 4077.20 

Wolff, Albert. See Toudouze. 

Wolff, Julius. Der Rattenfanger von Hameln. 
Eine Aventiure. Mit Illus. i8teAuflage. Ber- 
lin, 1882. 16°. 4870b.63 

Wolski, Kalixt. Poland : her glory, her suf- 
ferings, her overthrow. London, 1883. Sm. 8°. 


Wolzogen, Friederike Sophie Caroline Au- 
guste von. Schillers Leben von Karoline von 
Wolzogen. Verfasst aus Erinnerungen der 
Familie, seinen eigenen Briefen und den Nach- 
richten seines Freundes Korner. Neue Auflage. 
Stuttgart. [1883 ] Plate. 16°. 2847.74 

Women. See Barberino ; — Blake ; — Bunce ' 
— Fazil-Bey ; — Kitabi ; — Kloss ; — Linton, E- 
L. ; — Livermore, M. A. ; — Manson. 

Wood, Charles W. The cruise of the Reserve 
squadron. London, 1883. Illus. Sm. 8". 3097.58 

Includes a visit to Gibraltar and southern Spain. 

Wood-carving. See Sanders. 

Wood-engraving. See Colonna 

Woodhead, Ernest. Student recollections of 
Professor [William B.] Hodgson. Edinburgh, 
1883. Portrait. Sm. 8". 24498.55 

Woodward, E. M. History of the Third 
Pennsylvania Reserve. Trenton, N. J., 1883. 8". 


Woollen, William W. Biographical and his- 
torical sketches of early Indiana. Indianapolis, 
1883. Portraits. 8°. *a37i.68 

Wooton, Edwin. A guide to degrees in arts, 
science, literature, law, music, and divinity, in 
the United Kingdom, the colonies, the contment 
and United States. London, 1883. "iP. 3594.75 

World, The, of wonders ! a record of things 
wonderful in nature, science, and art. New edi- 
tion. London, 1882. Illus. 4". ♦A.iSs.e 

W^ounds. See Pilcher. 

Wright, Charles H. H. The book of Kohe- 
leth, commonly called Ecclesiastes, considered 
in relation to modern criticism, and to the doc- 
trines of modern pessimism, with a commentary 
and a revised translation. The Donnellan lect- 
ures for 1880-1. London, 1883. 8°. 3422.60 

Xenophanes. See Breton. 

Yellowstone national park. See Winser. 

Yonge, Charlotte M. Cameos from English 
history. Fifth series. England and Spain 
[1565-1603]. London, 1883. Sm. 8°. 4528.25 

York, England. See Twyford. 

Yorkshire, England. See Old Yorkshire ; — 
Radford ; — Taylor, R. V. 

Young, Robert. Light in lands of darkness. 
A record of missionary labor. With introd. by 
the Earl of Shaftesbury. Illus. London, 1S83. 
Sm. 8». , 3538-68 

Yriarte, Charles E. Franijoise de Rimfni dans 
la legende et dans I'histoire. Avec vignettes et 
[huit] dessins inedits d'lngres et d'Ary Scheffer. 
Paris, 1883. Fac-simile. 8". 2745.53 

Zart, G. Einfluss der englischen Philosophen 
seit Bacon auf die deutsche Philosophic des i8. 
Jahrhunderts. Berlin, 1881. 8". 3600.7a 

Zeitschrift fiir physiologisehe Chemie. Sach- 
und Namen-Register zu Band 1-4. Strassburg, 
1 88 1. 8°. *5976-6o 

Zeller, Eduard. A history of eclecticism in 
Greek philosophy. Trans, from the German by 
S. F. Alleyne. London, 1883. Sm. 8". 7604.76 

Zend-Avesta. See Avesta. 

Ziemssen, Hugo W. von, editor. Handbuch 
der speciellen Pathologie und Therapie. B. 7, 
ite Halfte. 2te Auflage. Leipzig, 1878. 8<>. 


Contents. — 7. Handbuch der Krankheiten des Chyle 
poetischen Apparates I. iste Halfle: Krankheiten der 
Lippen und der Mundhohle, von A. Vogel ; Kntnkheiten 
des weichen Gaumens, von E. Wagner; Krankhriten der 
Nasenrachenhohle und des Rachens, von H. Wcndt. jte 
Auflage, bearbeitet von E. Wagner; Krankheiten desCEso- 
phagus, von F. A. Zenker, und H. v. Ziemssen. 

Zimmem, Helen. Maria Edgeworth. Lon- 
don, 1883. [Eminent women series.] Sm. 8°. 

2540b. 59 

— Same. Boston, 18S3. [Famous women.] 
16'. a54ob.57 




Zolling, Theophil. Heinrich v. Kleist in der 
Schweiz. Nebst achtunddreissig bisher ung^e- 
druckten Briefen von H. von Kleist, C. M. Wie- 
land, L. Wieland, J. G. Herder, Carolina Herder 
[etc.]- Stuttgart. 1882. Plate. L. 8. 2841.68 

Zoological society of London. General index 
to the Transactions. Vol. i to 10. (1835-79.) 
London, 1881. 4°. *5820.50 

Zoology. See Challenger. 

Zorn, Philipp. Das Staatsrecht des deutschen 
Reiches. B. i, 2. Berlin, 1880, 83. [Lehrbucher 
des deutschen Reichsrechtes.] 16''. 2818.52 

Zunz, Leopold. Gesammelte Schriften. 
Herausg. vom Curatorium der Zunzstiftung. 
Berlin, 1875, 76. 3 v. 8^. 6295.9 

A compilation of articles published at various times in 

fieriodicals, etc., chiefly upon the Hebrew language and 
iterature, Jewish history, and noted Jews. 


Earlier Publications (a selection). 

Abeken, Wilhelm L. A. R. Mittelitalien vor 
den Zeiten romischer Herrschaft. Stuttgart und 
Ttibingen, 1843. Text, i v., 8°; Atlas, 4°. 2735.54 

Ambrosch, Joseph Julius A. Studien und 
Andeutungen im Gebiet des altromischen Bodens 
und Cultus. Erstes Heft. Mit einem Plane des 
Forum Romanum und der Sacra via. Breslau, 
1839. 8"- 2755 54 

Am^rique d^Iivr^e, L', esquisse d'un poenie 
sur I'independance de I'Amerique. Amsterdam, 
1783. 2 v. 8«. *44i8.49 

An epic poem on the Revolution. The dedication to John 
Adams is sig'ned L. C. d. l. G. 

Archenholz, Johann W. von. England und 
Italien. Leipzig, 1787. 5 v. Vignettes. 16''. 


Ayala, Balthasar de(.'') Balthazaris Ayalae De 
iure & officijs bellicis, & disciplina militari, libri 
III. Antverpi£E, 1597. 16°. *5639a.30 

^ Bach, Johann Nikolaus. De Marco Aurelio 
Antonino imperatore philosophante ex ipsius 
commenlariis scriptio philologica. Lipsiae, 
MDCCCxxvi. 8°. 2976.56 

Barclay, John. loan Barclai Argenis ver- 
deutscht durch Martin Opitzen. Amsterdam, 
1644. Copper plates. 24°. *455ga.67 

Barreau, H. Des causes de la decadence rapide 
de la langue latine. Paris, 1854. 8". 2932.51 

Beul€, Ernest. Les arts et la podsie a Sparte 
sous la legislation de Lycurgue. Paris, 1853. 8". 


Bible. The Holy Bible, containing the Old 
and New Testaments [with the Apocrypha] : 
newly translated out of the original tongues, and 
with the former translations diligently compared 
and revised. [Prefixed the Book of common 
prayer, together with the Psalter; annexed 
Psalms in English metre, by Sternhold and 
Hopkins.] Oxford : pr. by Thomas Baskett. 
1752. 40. ***74i6.57 

Thomas, in his History of printing. 2d ed., vol. i, pp. 107, 
108, states that in 1752, Kneeland and Green of Boston printed 
an edition of the Bible in English, in small quarto. It was 
privately printed and had the imprint " London : Printed bv 
Mark Baskett, printer to the King's Most Excellent Maj- 
esty." This, according to Thomas, was the first English 
Bible printed in America. Bancroft (Hist, of U. S., nth ed., 
vol. 5, p. 266) denies the truth of this statement. Low'ndes 
follows Thomas. For a discussion of the subject, see O'Cal- 
laghan's List of editions of the Holy Scriptures and parts 
thereof printed in America previous to i860 [C. R. 10. i. ij. 

The above Bible is mentioned by O'Callaghan among 
"Bibles published near that year" in ^vhich the doubtful 
Boston edition is said to have been printed. In size and 
date it seems most like it. 

— The Holy Bible, containing the Old and 
New Testaments [with the Apocrypha] ; newly 
translated out of the original tongues : and with 

Bible, continued. 
the former translations diligently compared and 
revised. London, pr. by Mark Baskett and by 
the assigns of Robert Baskett. 1767. i v. in 2. 
40. *7430.5o 

The title of this Bible has not been found in any list of 
Bibles in this Library. 

Bitchy, Amand. Essai sur la m^thode de Ba- 
con. Toulon, 1855. 8°. 3600.68 

Biet, F. Joseph, abbi. Essai historique et cri- 
tique sur r^cole juive dAlexandrie. Paris, 1854. 
8°. ^ 2294.61 

Bonafous, Norbert. Etudes sur I'Astree et sur 
Honord d'Urfe. ,Paris, 1846. 8°. 4673.70 

Bor6, Ldon. Etude sur Vauvenargues. Paris, 
1858. 8". 4672.75 

Boulainvilliers, Henri de. Lettres sur les an- 
ciens parlemens de France, que Ton nomme 
Etats-generaux. Londres, 1753. 3 v. 12°. 6619.3 

Bourgeois, — , of Rochelle. Christophe Co- 
lomb, ou I'Amerique decouverte, poeme. [Anon.'} 
Paris, 1773. 2 V. in i. Plates. 8°. 6673.8 

Brown, William H. Portrait gallery of dis- 
tinguished American citizens, with biographical 
sketches, and fac-similes of original letters. Hart- 
ford, 1846. F''. *444o.i5 

The portraits are done in silhouette. 

Cadiot, — . Tablettes des revolutions de la 
France de 1789 a 1848 et etudes sur leurs secrets. 
4e edition. Paris, 1855. 24°. 46293.60 

Campe, Friedrich. Zum Andenken Wilibald 
Pirkheimers, Midglieds des Raths zu Niirnberg. 
Niirnberg, n. d. Portrait. 32°. No. i in 48493.51 

Cancellieri, Francesco. Notizie storiche e bi- 
bliografiche di Giovanni Gersen, avtore del libro 
De imitatione Christi. Roma, 1809. Vignette. 
8°. No. 2 in 2318.16 

This author supports the theory that the De imitatione 
Christi was written by Giovanni Gersen of Vercelli. 
Kettlewell, in his Authorship of the De imitatione Christi 
[*2iS6.ii], following other authorities, denies the existence 
of a Giovanni Gersen, and attributes the book to Thomas k 
Kempis. The Nouvelle biographic generate gives the reasons 
for regarding Jean Charlier Gerson, chancellor of Paris, 
as the author. For a discussion of the subject consult the 
books mentioned in the Public Library Card Catalogue under 
the heading Thomas a Kempis. 

Caro de Torres, Francisco. Historia de las 
6rdenes militares de Santiago, Calatraua, y Al- 
cantara desde su ffidacio hasta el rey Don Filipe 
segundo. Madrid, 1629. Sm. P. **6220.62 

Collas, Achille. The authors of England. 
[Anon.] London. [1838.] F". **k.5o.2 

"The authors of England" was published in 1838, in 
quarto, with 14 portraits and notices by Henry F. Chorley. 
The title-page and the 14 portraits, engraved by Collas, with 
the addition of 35 plates after the process of Collas, one 
mezzotint and two medallions, are here mounted in folio. A 




Collas, Achille, continued. 
manuscript note states that some of the plates are private, 
and all rare. 

"Collas construirte um 1830 eine Reliefcopirniaschine, 
durch welche ffctreuc Abbildunjjen jedes erhabcncn Gegen- 
standes, als Miinzcn, Medaillen, Rflief-Sculpturen, auf rein 
mechaniscliem Wejf erzielt wcrden ; daher in diescr Stich- 
weise aus^efiihrte Blatter mit' Collas' Manier' bezeiclinet 
werdcn. Scin Hauptwerk ist der Trrfsor de numisinatique 
et de iflyptique" [%*6i5o.i]. — Heller's Praktisches Hand- 
buck fur Ktipferstichsammltr, 2te Auflage, p. 133. 

Dempsey, G Drysdale. Brick bridges, sewers, 
and culverts : a series of examples, exhibited in 
working plans and sections, with figured dimen- 
sions. London, 1850. Text, 4"; Atlas, 11 plates, 
F". No. I in ♦4011.6; Atlas, No. i in ♦4010.12 

Diez, Friedrich C. Beitrage zur Kenntniss der 
romantischen Poesie. ites Heft. Berlin, 1825. 
16°. 2689.19 

Dino da Mugello, d. 1303. Dynus De regulis 
iuris. . . . Castigatus et nouiter correctus cum 
additioniUus et repertorio Nicolai boerij. Ite- 
rutnqiie emendatus perCelsum Hugonedissutum. 
N. p. Mcccccxxv. Sm. 8". *«*76i9.53 

Duparay, Benoit. Les principes de Corneille 
sur I'art dramatique. Lyon, 1857. 8". 4672.77 

Duputel, — . Bagatelles podtiques, ou recueil 
de fables nouvelles, chansons et poesies diverses. 
[^«o«.] Paris, 1801. 8°. No. 3 in *6663.6 

Qiierard states that of this edition, the first, only 87 copies 
were printed. 

Dyce, Alexander, editor. Specimens of English 
sonnets. London, 1833. Vignettes. Sq. 16^. 

♦6569a. 107 

Earlom, Richard, and Turner, Charles. Por- 
traits of characters illustrious in British history 
from the beginning of the reign of Henry the 
Eighth to the end of the reign of James the Sec- 
ond. In mezzotinto. [With descriptions.] 
London. [1813.] 93 portraits. 4". ♦*G.i3.6 

Three plates and twelve of the portraits are inserted. 
Twelve portraits are wanting. 

Edinburgh journal of science, The. Conducted 
by D. Brewster. Vol. i-io: New series, 1-6. 
Edinburgh, 1824-32. 16 v. Plates. 8". *7946.i 

One of the forerunners of the London, Edinburgh and 
Dublin philosophical magazine [3356.1]. 

Eichendorff, Joseph C. B., Freiherr won, 1788- 
1857- Der deutsche Roman des xviiiten Jahr- 
hunderts in seinem Verhiltniss zum Christen- 
thum. Leipzig, 1851. 120. 6877.17 

Ekins, Charles. The naval battles of Great 
Britain, from the accession of the House of Han- 
over [1714] to the battle of Navarin [1827]. 2d 
edition. London, 1828. 54 plates. 4°. *^,*452i.i4 

Englishwoman, The, in America. 2d edition. 
London, 1856. 12°. 4468.66 

This is not the same as Sarah M. Maury's An English- 
woman in America, London, 1S4S. — Boston Athenceum cat- 
alogue, p. IQ27. 

Faguet, Victor. M^tastase consider^ comme 
critique. Poitiers, 1856. 8". 2774.64 

Fea, Carlo D. F. L Ammonizioni critico- 
antiquarie a varii scrittori del giorno. Roma, 
1813. 8°. No. 2 in 2759.67 

— L'integrita del Panteon rivendicata a Marco 
Agrippa. 2a edizione ampliata. Roma, 1820. 6 
plates. 40. 2752-9 

— Notizie degli scavi nell* anfiteatro Flavio e 
nel foroTraiano con iscrizioni ivi trovate. Roma, 
1813. 8°. No. I in 2759.67 

— Nuove osservazioni intorno all' arena dell 
anfiteatro Flavio, e all' acqua, che ora la ricopre. 
Roma, 1814. 8°. 2759.65 

Pea, Carlo D. F. I., continued. 

— Osservazioni sull* arena, e sul podio dell' 
anfiteatro Flavio fatte dal Signor Pietro Bianchi 
di Lugano, illustrate, e difese dal Sig. Lorenzo 
Re Romano, discusse, e confutate. Roma, 1813. 
2 parts in i v. Portrait 16". 2759.66 

— Storia dei vasi fittili dipinti che da 4 anni si 
trovano nello Stato ecclesiastico in quella parte 
che e nfeir antica Etruria [etc.]. Roma, 1832. 8". 


Ferrario, Giulio. Storia e descrizione de' prin- 
cipali teatri antichi e moderni, corredata di ta- 
volo col saggio sull' architettura teatrale de Mr. 
Patte illustrato con erudite osservazioni d[i] 
P. Landriani. Milano, 1830. Plates. 8°. 2774.63 

Frederick II the Great, king of Prussia. 
Poesies diverses. [Anon.] Berlin, 1760. 16". 


Gaden-Dam, Johann W. Historia ivris Cim- 
brici, speciatim Slesvicensis et Holsatici. [Ham- 
burgi.] MDCCLXX. 8°. 7615.20 

Germain, George, viscount Sackville, and 
others. Correspondance du Lord G. Germain, 
avec les gendraux Clinton, Cornwallis & les 
amiraux dans la station de I'Amerique, avec 
plusieurs lettres intercept^es du General Wash- 
ington, du Marquis de la Fayette & de M. de 
Barras, chef d'escadre. Traduit de I'anglois. 
Berne, 1782. 8°. *44i8.48 

Gilbert, Robert, compiler. Liber scholasticus ; 
or, an account of the fellowships, scholarships, 
and exhibitions, at the universities of Oxford 
and Cambridge: also, of such colleges, public 
schools, endowed grammar schools, as have 
university ad%antages attached to them. Lon- 
don, 1829. 12°. 2490.34 

Giovannoli, Alb. Vedute degli antichi vestigj 
di Roma. Roma. [1616] 2 v. 106 plates. 
Folded plan. . F", obi. **K.5o.3 

Girardin, Emile de. Les Cinquante-deux. 
Vol. 2-12. Paris, 1849, 51. 11 vol. in 3. 16*'. 


Contents. — 2. Le gouvernemenl le plus simple. 3. 
L'^quilibre financier. 4. La note du 14 d^embre. _ «. Re- 
spect de la constitutitm. 6 La constituante et la legislative. 
7, S. La politiqae de la paix. 9. Abolition de I'esclavage 
militaire. 10, 11. Le droit de tout dire. 12. Question de 

Vols. I, 13 are wanting. Several numbers are of the first 
edition and the rest of a later one. 

Graesse, Johann G. T. Beitrage zur Literatur 
und Sage des Mittelalters. Dresden, 1850. 8<». 


Contents.— t>\e Mirabilia Romae; Zur Sage vom Zau- 
berer Virgilius; Zur Naturgeschichte dcs Mittelalters. 

— Lehrbuch einer allgemeinen Literarge- 
schichte aller bekannten Volker der Welt, von 
der dltesten bis auf die neueste Zeit. Dresden 
und Leipzig, 1837-59. 4 v. in 10. Folded table. 
8°. *2i55i5 

Grifi, Luigi. Monumenti di Cere antica spie- 
gati colle osservanze^el culto di Mitra. Roma, 
1841. Plates. Fo. ♦2750.58 

Hahn, Friedrich von. Die materielle Ueber- 
einstimmung der romischen und germanischen 
Rechtsprincipien. Jena, 1856. 8°. 36x456 

Harrison, James. The life of Horatio, lord 
viscount Nelson. London, 1S06. 2 v. 8". 65403.72 

Herbert, Henry W. Persons and pictures 
from the histories of France and England, from 
the Norman conquest to the fall of the Stuarts. 
N.Y., 1854. 12°. 450oa.8i 




Hervarar Saga pS Gammal Gfitska, med Olai 
Vereli Vttolkning och Notis. Upsalae, 1672. 
F". No. I in *^*483oa.5a 

Home, Henry, lord Karnes. Introduction to 
the art of thinking. Prefixed an original life of 
the author. N.Y., 1818. 12". 76oga.8i 

Keller von Steinbock, Friedrich L. Ueber 
Litis Contestation und Urtheil nach classischem 
romischein Recht. Zurich, 1827. 8". 5618.51 

Klausen, Rudolf H. Aeneas und die Penaten. 
Die italischen Volksreligionen unter dem Ein- 
fluss der griechischen. Mit Tafeln. Hamburg, 
1839, 40. 2 V. 8". 2967.65 

Laureau, Pierre. Histoire de France avant 
Clovis; pr^cedant & faisaint partie de I'Histoire 
de France, commencee par MM. Vellj & Villaret 
& continuee par M. Garnier. f^nrichie de me- 
dailles gravies en taille-douce. Paris, 1789. 
Plates. 4°. , **K. 144.2 

Le Hdricher, Edouard. Philologie de la tiore 
scientifique et populaire de Normandie et d'An- 
gleterre. Coutances. [1857.] 8». 5856.5 

Lenient, Charles. De Ciceroniano bello apud 
recentiores. Parisiis, 1855. 8<*. 2925.73 

— Etude sur Bajle. Paris, 1S55. 8^. 3600.69 

Lever, Darcey. The young sea officer's sheet 
anchor; or a key to the leading of rigging and 
to practical seamanship. With an appendix. 
First Philadelphia from the 2d London edition. 
[Phila., 1820 .'J Plates. 4°. *3952.64 

Lisle, J. A. Essai sur les theories dramatiques 
de Corneille, d'apresses discourset ses examens. 
Thfese. Paris, 1852. 8°. 4673.68 

Lives of illustrious seamen. Including several 
hundred naval characters alphabetically ar- 
ranged. Prefixed a brief history of the British 
navy. London, 1803. Plate. 24°. 65493.81 

Locker, Edward H. Memoirs of celebrated 
naval commanders, illustrated by engravings 
from original pictures in the naval gallery of 
Greenwich hospital. [London.] 1832. 16 por- 
traits. 4 plates. 4°. **K. 142.3 

The plates are proofs. 

Luard, John. A history of the dress of the 
British soldier, from the earliest period to the 
present time. Illus. with fifty drawings. Lon- 
don, 1852. L. 8°. *3953-67 

Magnin, Charles. Les origines du theatre 
antique, et du theatre moderne. Paris. [1838.''] 
80. 4673-67 

Manton, Thomas. [One hundred and ninety 
sermons on the one hundred and nineteenth 
psalm.] [London, 1681 .''] F". ***7430-5i 

Title-page and part of the first leaf are missing. Title 
taken from Darling's Cyclopaedia. The half-title reads 
" Several sermons upon the cxix psalm." 

Marcou, Fran9ois L Etude sur la vie et les 
ceuvres de Pellisson, suivie d'une correspondance 
inedite du m^me. Paris, 1859. 8"- 4^52-57 

Mennechet, Edouard, editor. Le Plutarque 
fran^ais, vies des hommes et femmes illustres 
de la France, avec leurs portraits en pied. Paris, 
1836-41. 8 v. Plates. Portraits. 8°. **K.i35.i 

A collection of biographies, beginning with Clovis and 
ending with Eugfene de Beauharnais, by various writers. 

Metra, — , and others. Correspondance secrete, 
politique & littdraire, ou memoires pour servir k 
I'histolre des cours, des soci^t^s & de la littera- 
ture en France, depuis la mort de Louis xv. 
Londres, 1787-90. 18 v. in 9. 120. *6667.50 

" R^impression de la Correspondance litt^raire secrete." 
— Barbier. 

Nichols, John G., editor. The topographer 
and genealogist. London, 1846-58. 3 v. 8°. 


Nicholson, Peter. Encyclopaedia of archi- 
tecture ; a new and improved edition of Nichol- 
son's Dictionary of the science and practice of 
architecture, building, etc. Edited by E. Lomax 
and T. Gunyon. London. [1852.] 2 v. Por- 
traits. 225 plates. 4". *8o92.i4 

Nunes do LeSo, Duarte Primeira parte das 
chronicas dos reis de Portvgal [1095-1383]. re- 
formadas pelo licenciado Dvarte Nvnez do Li3o. 
Lisboa, mdc. 4°. **D. 120.3a 

Otto, Eberhard. De jurisprudentia symbolica, 
exercitationum jpiaq. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 
MDCCxxxv. 16". 7619.51 

Pachmann, Theodor. Vorschule des rbmi- 
schen Rechtes. Wien, 1858. 8°. 3611.52 

Parrin du Lac, F. M. Voyage dans les deux 
Louisianes et chez les nations du Missouri, par 
les Etats-Unis, TOhio et les provinces qui le 
bordent en 1801, 1802 et 1803; avec un aperiju 
des moeurs, des usages, du caractere et des cou- 
tumes des peuples de ces diverses contr^es. 
Paris, 1805. 80. *4377-83 

Pirckheimer, Wilibald or Bilibald. Wilibald 
Pirkheimer's Aufenthalt zu Neunhof von ihm 
selbst geschildert. Nebst Beitragen zu dem Le- 
ben und dem Nachlasse seiner Schwestern und 
Tdchter, von M. M. Mayer. Niirnberg, 1828. 
Plate. 32°. No. 2 in 48493.51 

Reflections on names and places in Devon- 
shire. London. 1845. Sm. 8°. *657i.65 

Rolt, Richard. The lives of the principal 
reformers, both Englishmen and foreigners. 
Comprehending the general history of the 
reformation ; from 1363 to i630. Embellished 
with the heads of the reform.ers, in metzotinto, 
by [R.] Houston. London, 171^9. Po. 

**k.5o.4; **G.i82.6 

Rosmini, Carlo de'. Idea dell' ottimo precet- 
tore nella vita e disciplina di Vittorino da Feltre 
e de' suoi discepoli. Bassano, 1801. Plate. 8°. 


— Vita e disciplina di Guarino Veronese e de' 
suoi discepoli. Brescia, 1805, 06. 3 v. Portrait. 
8"- 2745.57 

Ross, Sir John. A treatise on navigation by 
steam. 2d edition. With plates. London, 
1837. 4°. *8oii.7i 

Rossbach, Georg August W. Untersuchungen 
iibsr die rdmische Ehe. Stuttgart, 1853. 8°. 

Royal archaeological institute of Great 

Britain and Ireland. Catalogue of antiquities, 
works of art, and historical Scottish relics, ex- 
hibited in the Museum of the Archaeological 
institute, July, 1856. Comprising notices of 
the portraits of Mary, Queen of Scots, etc. 
Edinburgh, 1859. Plates. Illus. 8". 


— Memoirs chiefly illustrative of the history 
and antiquities of the county and city of Oxford, 
communicated to the annual meeting, held at 
Oxford, June, 1850. London, 1854. Plates. 8°. 


— Memoirs illustrative of the history and an- 
tiquities of Bristol, and the western counties of 
Great Britain ; with some other communications, 
made to the annual meeting held at Bristol, July 
29 to August 5, 1851. London, 1853. Illus. 
Plates. 8°. *2259.56 




Royal archaeological institute, continued. 

— Memoirs illustrative of the history and an- 
tiquities of the county and city of Lincoln, 
communicated to the annual meeting, at Lin- 
coln, July, 1848. London, 1850. Plates. S*". 


— Memoirs illustrative of the history and an- 
tiquities of Norfolk and the city of Norwich, 
communicated to the annual meeting, held at 
Norwich, July, 1847. London, 1851. Plates. 
Illus. 8°. ♦2259.52 

— Memoirs illustrative of the history and an- 
tiquities of Wiltshire and the city of Salisbury, 
communicated to the annual meeting held at 
Salisbury, July, 1849, London, 1851. Illus. 
Plates. V. ^2259. 54 

— Memoirs illustrative of the history and an- 
tiquities of the county and city of York, commu- 
nicated to the annual meeting held at York, 
July, 1846. London, 1848. Illus. Plates. 8°. 


The titles on the backs of these various Memoirs read 
" Proceedings of the Archaeological institute." 

— Report of the transactions at the annual 
meeting, held at Chichester, July 12th to 19th, 
1853. VV'ith a general notice of memoirs com- 
municated to the sections, and a detailed cata- 
logue of antiquities and works of art exhibited 
in the temporary museum. London, 1856. Illus. 
Plates. 8°. *2259.58 

Schaefer, Godeh, editor and translator. 
'Epftrii'eia T//f i^wypatpiKf/^. Das Handbuch der 
Malerei vom Berge Athos, aus dem handschrift- 
lichen neugriechischen Urtext iibersetzt, mit 
Anmerkungen von Didron d. A. und einigen. 
Trier, 1S55. 8». 8065.21 

Scheurl, Christoph G. A. von. De iuris Ro- 
manorum antiqui modis liberos in adoptionem 
dandi dissertatio. Erlangae, 1850. 4°. 5610.52 

Seestern-Pauly, Friedrich. Beitrdge zur 
Kunde der Geschichte so wie des Staats- und 
Privat-Rechts des Herzogthums Holstein. Schles- 
wig, 1S22, 25. 2 V. in I. 8°. 5617.58 

Select views of London and its environs ; con- 
taining a collection of highly-finished engravings 
from original paintings and drawings, accom- 
panied by letter-press descriptions. London, 
1804, 05. 2 V. in I. 60 plates. 14 vignettes. 
4°. **K. 142.2 

These plates are engraved by J. Storer and J. Greig. 

Sewall, Jonathan M. Eulogy on the late Gen- 
eral Washington; pronounced in Portsmouth, 
N. H., 31 December, 1799. Portsmouth. [1800.] 
Sm. 4». 4447- 78 

Smith, Charles R. Report on excavations 
made on the site of the Roman castrum at 
Lymne, in Kent, in 1850. With notes on the 
original plan of the castrum, and on the ancient 
state of the Romney marshes, by James Elliott, 
jun. London, 1852. Illus. Sm. 8". •2463.71 

Steams, Samuel. The North-American's 
almanack, and gentlemen and ladies diary. 
^775> 76. 87. Boston. [1774-86.] 4 v. in 3. 
Sm. 8°. *4489.6 

The title of the almanac for 1787 reads "The universal 
calendar, and the North-American almanack." The number 
for 1776 contains An account of the commencement of hos- 
tilities between Great-Britain and America, in the province 
of Massachusetts Bay, by the Rev. Mr. Wxlliam Gordon, of 
Roxbury. There are two copies of the year 1775. 

Sully, Maximilien de B^thune, due de, 1559- 
1641. Slemoires de Sully. Nouv. edition, plus 
exacte et plus correcte que .les pr^c^dentes. 
[Avec preface de I'abb^ de I'Ecluse, et Supple- 
ment ] Paris, 1814. 6 V. Portrait. Fac-simi- 
les. 8". •♦G.3652.H 

— Same. Nouv. Edition. [Avec preface de 
I'abbe de TEcluse.] Paris, 1827. 6 v. Por- 
traits. 8°. 2657-3 

Vol. 6 of •*G. 3652.1 1 contains a biographical Extrait du 
Dictionnaire historique, two fac-simile letters, Po^sic de 
Sully, sur la mort de M. de Bdthune, colonel, and Observa- 
tions sur les M^moires de Sully. Vol. 6 of 2657.3 contains 
filoge de Sully, par M. le comte Daru, extrait de la Galcrie 
frani^aise, also Kloge de Sully, par Thomas, de I'Acad^mio 

The first two volumes of Mrfmoires, with the title Mi- 
moires des sages et royales oecononiies d'estat de Henry le 
grand, were originally published in 1634, bv Sully 
himself. They were printed at his own chateau, although 
bearing the imprint Amsterdam. The third and fourth 
volumes were published at Paris in 1662. Most of the edi- 
tions are based upon that of Paris, 17^5, published by M. 
de I'tcluse, who entirely remodeled the original and ar- 
ranged it in modern style. There is in this Library one 
edition [*26ii.i, Ser. 2, vol. 2, 3] in which Uie original form 
is retained. 

TumbuU, William B. D. D., editor. The 
visions of Tundale; together with metrical mor- 
alizations and other fragments of early poetry. 
Edinburgh, 1843. Plate. Sm. 8">. 2566.30 

United States nautical magazine. Edited by 
T. A. Craven. N.Y., 1845, 46. 2 v. Portrait. 
Plates. Folded plans. 8". *7955-5 

No more was published. 

Vilmiki. Ramayana. Poema indiano di Val- 
mici. Testo sanscrito secondo i codici mano- 
scritti della scuola Gaudana [e traduzione ita- 
liana con note] per Gaspare Gorresio Parigi, 
1843-58. 10 V. L. 8°. *302oa.6o 

Contents. — 1-5. Testo sanscrito. 6-10. Traduzione ita- 

Venuti, Ridolfino, and Amaduzzi, Giovanni 
C. Vetera monumenta quae in hortis Caelimon- 
tanis et in aedibus Matthaeiorum adservantur 
nunc primum in unum collecta et adnotationibus 
illustrata. Romie, mdcclxxvi-mdcclxxix. 3 
V. 270 plates. Vignettes. F". ***275o.59 

Verelius, Olaus. Manuductio compendiosa 
ad runographiam Scandicam antiqvam, recte 
intelligendam. En kort underwijsning om Then 
Gambia Swea-G6tha runa-ristning. Upsalie, 
1675. Illus. F"; No. 2 in ♦^♦483oa.5a 

— Notse in Epistolam defensoriam Joannis 
Schefferi Argentoratensis de situ & vocabulo 
Upsalia:. Upsalze, mdclxxxi. Illus. F°. 

No. 3 in ♦^.♦483oa.5a 
Vermiglioli, Giovanni B. Le sculture di 
Niccolo e Giovanni da Pisa e di Arnolfo Fioren- 
tino che ornano la Fontana maggioredi Perugia. 
Disegnate ed incise da S. Massari e descritte da 
G. B. Vermiglioli. Perugia, 1834. 80 plates 

Viero, Teodoro. Raccolta d 
rappresentano figure, ed abiti di varie nazioni, 
secondo gli originali, et le descrizioni dei piu 
celebri recenti viaggiatori, e degli scopritori di 
paesi nuovi. Venetiis, 1783-90. 3 v. 360, (5) 
plates. F°. **K.i6oa.5 

Weigel, Rudolph, editor. Holzschnitte be- 
riihmter Meistre. Eine Auswahl von Original- 
Formschnitten. Leipzig, 1857. 65 plates. F". 


stampe, che 




Weiss, Jean J. Essai sur Hermann et Doro- 
thee de Goethe. Paris, 1856. 8°. 4870.71 

Welcker, Friedrich G. Sjlloge epigramma- 
tutr. Graecorum ex marmoribus et libris. Editio 
altera, aucta. Adiecta est tabula lithographica. 
Bonnae, 1828. 8". 2967.64 

Winckelmann,JohannJ. Werke, herausg von 
C. L. Fernow [etc.]. Dresden, 1808-20. 8 v. 
Plates. Portrait. 8°. *8o89.50 

Vol. 3-8, edited by Heinrich Meyer and Johann Schulze. 
Vol. 8 is an index to the whole work, by C. G. 

Woeniger, August T. Das Sacralsjstem und 
das Provocationsverfahren der Romer. Leipzig, 
1843. 8". 3615-56 

Xivrey, Jules B. de. Recherches sur les 
sources antiques de la littdrature francjaise. 
Paris, 1829. 8°. 4672.80 

Zani, Pietro. Materiali per servire alia storia 
deir origine e de' progress! dell' incisione in 
rame e in legno, e sposizione dell' interessante 
scoperta d'una stampa originale del celebre Maso 
Finiguerra, fatta nel Gabinetto nazionale di 
Parigi. Parma, 1802. 8°. 8067.55 


Abbreviations : — Brl., Brighton; Chn., Ch:irlestown ; I>or., Dorchester; E. B., East Boston; J. P., Jamaica 
Plain; rV. K., North End; B.OX., Roxbury; S. B., South Boston; S. E., South End; W. Box., West Roxbury. 
Shelf-numbers without tliese abbreviations indicate books in the Lower Hall of the Central Library. 

Central Library Books can be applied for at the several Branches and Deliver- 
ies^ a?td, if they are on the shelves, they -will be sent to the Branch or Delivery the 
same or following day. 

Abelard and Heloise. A mediaeval romance 
with the letters of Heloise, edited bj Abby S. 
Richardson. 1532.22; Bri. 112. 119; Rox. 19279 

S. E. 42.7 

Adams, George B. Mediaeval civilization. 
[History primers.] 920.9; Rox. 7337.9 

Adams, William H. D. Stories of the lives of 
noble women. I5i7'i 

Originally issued under the title of "The sunshine of 
domestic life." 

Adams, William T. (^Oliver Optic.) All 
adrift. [Boat-builder series.] S. E. 614.30 

— Snug Harbor. [Boat-builder series.] 

1479.29; Bri. 12.127; Dor. 488.9 

E. B. 12.21 ; J. P. 115. 2 ; S. B. 116 39 

S. E. 614.31 

Aikin, Lucy. Memoirs of the court of James 

the first. Boston, 1822. 2 v. S. E. 257.15 

Ainsworth, William A. Boscobel; or, the 

royal oak. A tale of the year 1651. With illus. 


— The constable de Bourbon. With illus. 770.55 

— Guy Fawkes. An historical romance Illus. 


— Hilarj- St. Ives. 770.64 

— The lord mayor of London ; or, city life in 
the last century. With illus. 770.56 

— Old Court. A novel. With illus. 770.57 

— Old Saint Paul's. A tale of the plague and 
fire [London, 1664-1666]. With illus. 770.66 

— Ovingdean grange. A tale of the South 
Downs. With illus. 77058 

— The Spanish match; or, Charles Stuart at 
Madrid. With illus. 770.59 

— The spendthrift. With illus. 770.60 

— The star-chamber. An historical romance. 
With illus. 770.61 

— Windsor castle. An historical romance. 
With illus. , 770.62 

Alaux, Jules E. Histoire de la philosophie. 

Box. 7423. 10 

Alcott, William A. Tobacco : its effects. 

Dor. 528.4 

Alden, Isabella M. {Pansy ) Ester Ried yet 

speaking. 1479-75; Bri. 33.138; Dor. 464.36 

J. P. 135.1 ; S. B. 275.54; S. E. 5093.41 

A continuation of Ester Reid. 

— Miss Priscilla Hunter, and My daughter 
Susan. S. B. 275.53 

— The pocket measure. Rox. 2425.17 

— Side by side. Illus. 1442.4; Bri. 23.143 

Dor. 464-4 

— Some young heroines. [Short stories.] 
Illus S. B. 137-48 

— What she said: and what she meant; and 
People who haven't time and can't afford it. 

S. B. 137-47 
Alden, Joseph. Studies in Bryant : a text- 
book. Rox. 1737.22 
Aldrich, Thomas B. From Ponkapog to Pesth. 
[Sketches of travel in Europe] Bri. 54.132 

J. P. 1436.2 

— Mercedes, and later lyrics. Dor. 15.12 

— The story of a bad boy. Boston. 728.2 

— Same. London. 1459.58 
Alexander, 7l/;'5.,/5^a^. See Hector, Annie F. 
Alger, Horatio, Jr. Abraham Lincoln, the 

backwoods boy. Illus. 1535-23; Bri. 52.112 

J. P. 117-13; N. E, 134-7 

— The young circus rider. Illus. 1490.37 

Bri. 12.125 J Dor. 488.2; E. B. 29.119 

J. P. 117.1; Rox. 1133-2; S. B. 114.38 

S. E. 616.25 

Alison, Sir Archibald, bart. Some account of 

my life and writings. 2 v. Rox. 7373.7 

All for her: or, St. Jude's assistant. A novel. 

gy * * * * p J. P. 612.7 

Allen, George G. Universal phonography; 

or, shorthand by the " Allen method," 

120.28; S. E. 12.26 

Ambler, Isaac W. The life of sergeant I. W. 

Ambler. Illus. Portrait. S. E. 171.19 




Ames, F. S. D. Marion Howard; or, trials 
and triumphs. By F. A. 1479.73 

Ammen, Daniel. The Atlantic coast. Maps. 
[The navy in the Civil war.] E. B. 358.17 

Anderson, Rasmus B. Norse mythology. 
Plate. Rpx. 1513.10 

Ansted, David T. Physical geography. With 
maps. Rox. 6837.5 

Antiquities of Ionia, published by the Society 
of dilettanti. Part i, 2. London, 1797, 1821. 
Plates. Chn. 2911.13 

Arabian nights' entertainments, Tiie. New 
edition, with notes, by G. F. Townsend. With 
illus. 733.1 

Argles, Margaret. Her first appearance, and 

other tales. 1469.60; Dor. 479.10; J, P. 713.22 

Rox. 2316.37; S. B. 282.16 

— Rossmoyne. 1479.68; Cllll. 2153.11 

Dor. 46438; J. P. 632.16; S. B. 277.54 

S. E. 454-33 

Arius the Libyan. An idyl of the primitive 

church. Dor. 464.39 

Ashton, John. Social life in the reign of 

Qiieen Anne. With illus. Dor. 497-2 

Austin, Jane G. Nantucket scraps. 

S. B. 339-29 
Authors and publishers. A manual of sugges- 
tions for beginners in literature. Illus. 

S. B. 46.32; S. E. 14.28 

Babyland. Vol. 7. Illus. 1881.5 

Bacon, Edwin M. King'sdictionary of Boston. 

Folded map.. J. P. 1336.12 

Bain, Alexander. Education as a science. 

[International scientific series.] 130.46 

— Mind and bodj'. [International scientific 
series.] 1 145.10 

Bainbridge, William F. Self-giving. A story 
of Christian missions. Dor. 464.28 

Baker, S/r Samuel W. True tales for my 
grandsons. With illus. by W. J. Hennessy. 

1499.39; Bri. 114. 118; E. B. 496.21 

J. P. 312.4; Rox. 1124.6; S. B. 122.25 

S. E. 617.21 

Balch, Thomas. Les Frangais en Amerique 
pendant la guerre de I'independance des Etats- 
Unis, 1777-1783. 1071.7 

Baldwin, James. The story of Roland. 
Plates. 1426.6 

Ballantjrne, Robert M. Dusty diamonds cut 
and polished. A tale of city-Arab life and ad- 
venture. Illus. 1490.34 

Balzani, Ugo. Italy. Chn. 2875.12 

Suiiiinarizes the works of the Italian chroniclers of the 
Middle ajjes. 

Bancroft, George. History of the United 
States of America. Author's last revision. 
Vol. 3. Rox. 7016.1 

Bancroft, Hubert H. History of the Pacific 
States of North America. Vol. 6. Folded map. 

Rox. 7421.6 

Contents. — 6. Mexico. Vol 3. 1600-1803. 

Bardeen, C. W. Verbal pitfalls : a manual of 
1,500 words commonly misused. Arranged al- 
phabetically, with 3,000 references and quota- 
tions. 1404.34; Dor. 528.5 

Bardsley, Charles W. English surnames : 
their sources and significations. Rox. 7336.18 

Barnum, Phineas T. Jack in the jungle. 

Dor. 464 34 

Barr, Amelia E. Scottish sketches. Illus. 

1479-30 ; S. B. 228.48 

stories illustrative of Scottish life. 

Barrows, William. Oregon : the struggle for 

possession. [American commonwealths.] 230.6 

Chn. 2877.8; Dor. 497-5; Rox. 1233. i 

S. B. 156.31 

Bates, Clara D. Ted, Goldlocks, and others. 
Verses. Pictures by Lizzie Lawson. 40.39 

Bates, Henry W., editor. Central America, 
The West Indies, and South America. Maps 
and illus. [Stanford's compendium of geogra- 
phy and travel.] Rox. 7420.4 

Bauer, Karoline. {Carl Deilef.) Valentine, 
the countess. Trans, from the German, by M. S. 

Dor. 464.13 

Bell, Lucia C. " True blue." A story of the 
great North-west. S. B. 120.58 

Bellamy, Edward. Six to one; a Nantucket 
idyl. • E. B. 317.23 

Beneden, Pierre J. van. Animal parasites 
and messmates. With illus. [International sci- 
entific series.] 1145.14 

Benedict, Frank L. The price she paid. A 
novel. 1469.50; Dor. 464-14; S. E. 570.24 

Berg, Albert W. New themes and modern 
gems. A collection of music for church or par- 
lor organ. [Vol. i.] J. P. 231 1.8; Rox. 1630.24 

Berger, Francis. New method of learning 
the French language. BrI. 154.45 

Berkley, E. The Pharaohs and their people. 
Scenes of old Egyptian life and history. 940.16 

Besant, Walter. All in a garden fair. 

S. B. 211. 103 

— The life and achievements of E. H. Palmer, 
professor of Arabic in the University of Cam- 
bridge. 1537.16; Dor. 506.20 

E. B. 216.9 ; J. P. 1227. II ; Rox. 7326.21 

Bessey, Charles E. Botany for high schools 
and colleges. J, P. 1915.15 

Biart, Lucien. Unac the Indian. A tale of 
adventure in Central America. Adapted from the 
French [of La frontiere indienne], by H. Frith. 
1479.60; S. B, 337-24 

Bible. The epistles of St. John : the Greek 
text, with notes and essays. By B. F. Westcott. 

Rox. 6338.5 

Bird, Isabella L., no-M Mrs. Bishop. A lady's 
life in the Rocky mountains. Illus. Bri. 55.122 

Bishop, Coleman E., editor. Pictures from 
English history. Rox. 823.11 

Bishop, William H. Old Mexico and her lost 

provinces. A journey in Mexico, Southern 

California, and Arizona by way of Cuba. With 

illus. 1633.19 

Dor. 455-5; Rox. 7420.10; S. B. 331.20 

Black, William. Shandon bells. A novel. 
Illus. Harper. 1422.11 

First published in Harper's magazine, beginning May, 

— Same. With portrait. Tauchnitz. 1422.36 

— Same. J. W. Lovell co. 1469.66 
Blackmore, Richard D. Cradock Nowell : a 

tale of the New forest. S. E. 411.1a 

Blaikie, William. Sound bodies for our boys 

and girls. Illus. E.B. 497-1 ; J. P. i937-i» 

Blake, Mary. Twenty-six hours a dav. 

Dor. 526.8 

To busy mothers, hopinjj to help solve some of the 
troublesome problems of a \voirian's life. — Dedication. 

Blind, Mathilde. George Eliot. [Famous 
women.] <'hn. 2877.9; J« P« 1217.8 

Blunders, The. of a bashful man. By the 
author of "A bad boy's diary." J. P. 616.15 




Bodfish.W. Parker. Through Spain on donkej- 

back; drawings by W. P. Bodfish. Dor. 456.24 

Bo-peep. A treasury for the little ones. Illus. 


Bo-peep for little folks. Prose and poetry for 

little ones. Illus. 40.40 

Boston. Municipal register, for 1S83. Illus. 

Bri. 175.45; Chn. 1427.2; Dor. 202.11 

E. B. 32.26; J. P. 932.20; Rox. 1210.1 

S. B. 202.2; S. E. 238.7 

— The revised ordinances, as passed prior to 
Dec. 31, 1882: the Sth revision. Bri. 178.24 

Chu. 3045 2; Wor. 214.2; E. B. R. R., D. 13 

J. P. 1911-7; N. E. no. 13; Rox. 810.4 

S. B. R. R. 160; S. E. 238.17 

Bowles, Thomas G. Flotsam and jetsam. A 

yachtsman's experiences at sea and ashore. 

Box. 7375-9 

Brabazon, Elizabeth J. Tales from Spanish 

history. Illus. S. E. 264.18 

Braddon, Mary E. Flower and weed. A 

novel. 1469.47; Dor. 479-6; J. P. 713.16 

Rox. 2314.30; S. B. 282.3 

— Phantom fortune. A novel. 1499.33 

Dor. 47919; J. !*• 713-31; Box. 2319.1 

S. B. 211. loi ; S. B. 282.37 

Brief history. A, of ancient peoples. Illus. 

[Barnes's One-term series.] Bri. 82.71 

Chn. 2716.18 

Bright, James F. A history of England. 

With inaps. 3 v. 1983.3 

Contents. — 1. Mediaeval monarchy, 449-14S5. 2. Per- 
sonal monarchy, 1485-16S8. 3. Constitutional monarchy, 
Each volume contains a list of some useful authorities. 

Brine, Mary D. Four little friends ; or, papa's 

daughters in town. Illus. 40.30 

Dor. 486-4; E. B. 496.19 

— Jingles and joys for wee girls and boys. 
Illus. 40.35; E. B. 495-16 

— Papa's little daughters. Illus. E. B.496.18 
Brodie, Emily. Nora Clinton; or, did I do 



Bront^, Anne. The tenant of Wildfell hall. 
Illus. Rox. 7396.17 

Bront6, Charlotte. Jane Eyre. Illus. 

Rox. 7396.12 

— The professor. Illus. Rox. 7396.15 

The volume contains also poems by Charlotte Bronte, 
her two sisters and father; and "Emma," a fragment, by 
Charlotte Bronte. 

— Shirley. Illus. Rox. 7396.13 

— Villette. Illus. Rox. 7396.14 
Bront6, Emily J. Wuthering heights, by Emily 

Bronte; and Agnes Grey, by Anne Bronte. 
Illus. Rox. 7396.16 

Brooks, Phillips. Sermons preached in En- 
glish churches [1882, 1883]. Chn. 5834.20 
Dor. 525.21; E.B. 362.20; Rox. 2114.12 
Brooks, William K. The law of heredity. 

S. E. 105.30 
Brown, E. E. Young folks' life of Washing- 
ton. Illus. 1530.3; Chn. 623.13; Dor. 497.4 
Brown, Susan A. Mrs. Gilpin's frugalities. 
Remnants, and 200 ways of using them. 182.7 
Chn. 5216.25; Dor. 527.20; J. P. 2428.1 
S. E. 115. II 

A cookery book. 

Browne, Frances E. Poems. Rox. 1626.21 
Browne, S. H. The manual of commerce. 

Rox. 6435.13 

Browne, T. M. " Not my way " ; or, good out 

of evil. A tale. Illus. 1479.50; J. P. 134.4 

Bruc, C, comte de. The republic of San 

Marino. Trans, from the French [by W. W. 

Tucker]. Chn. 2883.13 ; Rox. 827.16 

Buerstenbinder, Elisabeth. {E. IVeruer.) 

Banned and blessed. After the German, by Mrs. 

A. L. Wister. 1469-67 ; Chn. 2153.6 

Dor. 464-25 ; E. B. 317.22 ; J. P. 632.13 

Rox. 2416.13; S. B. 216.46; S, E. 487.35 

Bulloch, James D. The secret service of the 

Confederate states in Europe. 2 v. Chn. 2732.9 

Rox. 833 13 
Bunner, H. C. A woman of honor. 1469.64 
Dor. 464.24; J. P. 517.8; Rox. 2426.10 
S. B. 237.47 ; S. E. 606. 1 
Bureau, G. La vapeur: ses principales appli- 
cations, voies ferrees, navigation. Rox. 7423.7 
Burnett, Frances H. Through one adminis- 
tration. Leipzig. 1454.16; Dor. 479.15 
J. P. 713-26; Jlox. 2312.28; S. B. 282.34 

First published in the Century, beginning November, 

— Vagabondia. A love story. 63.41 

Bri. 37-107; Dor. 464-31 ; E. B.3I3-5 
S. B. 275.49; S. E. 438.18 

First published in a magazine as " Dorothea," afterwards 
in book form as " Dolly " [63.36], and now issued, with cor- 
rections, under the name originally intended for it. — 
Author's note. 

Burns, Eliza B. Help for young reporters. 

Bushnell, Horace. Life and letters. 

Chn. 2882.17 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Zigzag journeys in 

northern lands. The Rhine to th.e Arctic. Illus. 

662.3; Chn. 612.23; E. B. 493.16-5 

Rox. 434-23; S. B. 173-4 

— Zigzag journeys in the Occident. The 
Atlantic to the Pacific. Illus. S. B. 173.5 

Byron, George G. N., bth baron Byron. Let- 
ters and journals of Lord Byron. By T. Moore. 
2 v. 532-11 

Cameron, K. Plasterer's manual. Illus. 190.75 

Camp, Frederick T. " How can I learn archi- 
tecture?" Hints to enquirers. Directions in 
draftsmanship. 190.87 

Campagne, E. Le desert et les caravanes. 


— L'instinct de I'oiseau. 2062.20 
Campbell, Helen. The American girl's home 

book of work and play. Illus. 182.8 

Dor. 525-19; J» P« 2433.3; Box. 1723.10 

S. B. 313-40 

Capen,Nahum. Reminiscences of Spurzheim 

and George Combe : and a review of the science 

of phrenology. Bri. 64.76 

Carey, Rosa N. Barbara Heathcote's trial. 

A story of English life. 

Carlyle, Thomas. The life of John Stirling. 

Dor. 507-25 
Carnegie, Andrew. An American four-in- 
hand in Britain. S. B. 364.17 
Carpenter, Frank D. Round about Rio. 1479.71 
A story illustrative of Brazilian life. 
Carr, Alaric. Treherne's temptation. 1426.19 
Dor. 479-12; J. P. 71324; Rox. 2314.33 
S. B. 282.32 
Castlemon, Wixxvy, fseud. See Fosdick, C A. 
Cat, Edouard. Les grandes decouvertes mari- 
times du XIII au XVI siecle. Illus. Rox. 7423.9 




Catherwood, Mary H. Rocky Fork. [Juve- 
nile] S. B. X20.55 
Censor, pseud. Don't: a manual of mistakes 
and improprieties prevalent in conduct and 
speech. 130.47; Brl. 111.122; Ciiii. 5234.22 
Dor. 359-12; E. B. 209.16; J. P. 2438.14 
Rox. 1518.29; S. B. 48-40; S- E. 12.30 
Chadwick, John W. In Nazareth town : a 
Christmas fantasy, and other poems. 

Brl. 145.105; Dor. 15.13 

Champney, Lizzie W. John Angelo at the 

water color exhibition. With illus. by members 

of the American water color society. 200.26 

Dor. 486.7 

— Three Vassar girls in England. Illus. by 
" Champ," and other[s]. 662.1 ; Bri. 66.87 

Dor. 456.22; Rox. 214.4; S. B. 348-40 

S.E. 637.28 

Charley's lessons about animals. Also, The 

story of little Flora. With illus. 172.29 

Chasles, V. E. Philarete. Notabilities in France 

and England. Chll. 5233.26 

Cheney, C. Emma. Young folks' history of 

the Civil war. Illus. 210.29; Cllil. 428.1 

Dor. 497.7; E. B. 496.20; N. E. 113.22 

Rox. 835.9; S. E. 634.33 

Church, Alfred J. Heroes and kings. Stories 

from the Greek. Illus. J. P. 1528.2 

— Roman life in the days of Cicero Sketches 
drawn from his letters and speeches. With illus. 

950.9; Chu. 2883.14; Dor. 457.9 
Rox. 824.14 

— Stories from Virgil. Illus. E. B. 337- 13 
Church, Ella R. Monev-makingfor ladies. 182. 11 
Church, Florence, formerly Miss Marryat. 

The ghost of Charlotte Cray and other stories. 

1426.18; Dor. 479-13; J« P« 713 25 

Rox. 2314.34; S. B. 282.27 

— A moment of madness and other stories. 

1469.52; Dor. 4797; J" !*• 713-19 
Rox. 2314.31; S. B. 282.5 

Contents. — A moment of madness ; Captain Xorton's 
diary ; Old Contrairy ; " Sent to his death " ; Lost in the 
marshes ; Leopold-Ferdinand, due de Brabant. 

Ciccolina [Ciccolini ?], Sophia Marquise A. 
Deep breathing, as a means of promoting the 
art of song, and of curing weaknesses and affec- 
tions of the throat and lungs, especially con- 
sumption. Illus. Trans from the German. 

1171.24; J. P. 1915.12 

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. De officiis. Trans, 
with introd. and notes. By A. P. Peabody. 

Rox. 6121.22 

City, The, in the sea. Stories of the deeds of 
the old Venetians from the chronicles. With 
illuminations. By the author of " Belt and 
spur." 940.15 

Clagett, Sue H. Her lovers. A romance. 

S. E. 458.7 

Clarke, Rebecca S. (^Sophie May.) [anet: a 
poor heiress. S. B. 130.18 

— Kittyleen. [Flaxie Frizzle stories.] 

1479-27 ; Dor. 259.45 ; S. B. 13533 
Clarke, Richard F. My visit to distressed 

Ireland. " S. E. 260.26 

Clement, Clara E. Egypt. Illus. 1)0^387.15 
Clerc, Alexis. Voyage au pays du petrole 

[Les Etats-Unis]. Rox. 7423.8 

Cobb, Samuel C Massachusetts society of 

the Cincinnati. An historical address on the 

centennial celebration at Boston, July 4, 18S3. 

Rox. 5020.13 

Cobbe, Frances P. Darwinism in morals, and 
other essays. 1113.11; Dor. 286.18; Rox. 6338.6 

Cobbett, William. How to get on in the 
world, as demonstrated by [hisj life and lan- 
guage. J. P. 1926.7 

Coit, Davida, pseud. See Scudder, Vida D. 

Collins, W. Wilkie. Man and wife. A novel. 

Dor. 475- X 

Condit, Charles L. Painting and painters' 
materials. Illus. ' 200.25 

Conflict in nature and life: a study of antag- 
onism in the constitution of things. Brl. 1 16.71 

Conklin, Jennie M., formerly Mrs. Drinkwa- 
ter. Keenie's to-morrow. Dor. 488.5 

— Miss Prudence. 1469.45; J. P. 512.19 
Conkling, Howard. Mexico and the Mexi- 
cans; or, notes of travel in the winter and 
spring of 1883. With illus. 1633.20; Dor. 457.8 

Conscience, Hendrik or Henri. The curse 
of the village; and The happiness of being rich. 
Two tales. Trans, from the Flemish. S. E. 525.3 

Continent, The. Vol. 3. Dor. 367.1 

A c:>ntinuati3n of Our continent. 

Conway, Moncure D. Emerson at home and 
abroad. . 1537.18 

Cooke, Carrie A., editor. Blos.soms by the 
way : poems. Illus. Brl. 146.94 

— Young folks' speaker. Illus. Brl, 145.104 
Cooke, Frances E. Story of Theodore Parker. 

Portrait. 1547.18; Dor. 506.14; S. E. 173-16 

Cooke, George W- George Eliot: a critical 

study. 1524.13; Dor. 505.18; Rox. 1026.18 

Cooke, John E. Virginia: a history of the 

people. [American commonwealths.] 230.5 

Chn. 2877.6 

— The Virginia comedians. S. E. 445.34 
A story of social life in Virginia before the revolution. 

Cooke, M. C. Fungi : their nature and uses. 
Illus. [International scientific series.] 1145.13 

Coolidge, Susan, pseud. See Woolsey, S C. 

Cory, Charles B. Birds of the Bahama islands. 
Illus. Rox. 6621.8 

Courtney, William L. Studies in philosophy, 
ancient and modern. Rox. 5823.1a 

Coward or hero.-* Trans, from the French by 
Mrs. Sale Barker. Illus. 147955; E. B. 496.16 

A book for boys, transl. from Jules GirarJin's Sru.«.nirs 
d'un poltron. 

Cozzens, Samuel W. The young silver seek- 
ers. Illus. [Young trail hunters' series.] 

Dor. 488.7 

Crafts, Mrs. Wilbur F. The lesson hand-book 
for primary and intermediate teachers, including 
International lessons for 1884. Rox. 5836.26 

Craik, Georgiana M. Hilary's love story. 
Illus. " Brl. 33139 

Creighton, Louise. Stories from English his- 
tory. With illus. 980.5a 

Creighton, Mandell. History of Rome. 
[History primers.] Rox. 7337-4 

Cunningham, Peter. The story of Nell Gwyn : 
and the sayings of Charles the Second. Por- 
trait. ' • Rox. 543»-5 

Reprinted from The gentleman's magazine, for 1851 : en- 

Cunningham, Robert O. Notes on the natural 
history of the Strait of Magellan and west coast 
of Patagonia. With illus. Rox. 6624.7 

Curtis, Caroline G. The love of a lifetime. 

1426.14; Dor. 464.27; S. E. 509-18 




Curtis, George T. Life of James Buchanan. 
2 V. 53210 

Dahlgren, Madeleine V. A Washington winter. 
[Fiction.] S. B. 229.52; !S. E. 606.28 

Dahn, Felix. Felicitas. A romance. From 

the German by Mary J. Safford. 1426.17 

Chn. 2152.13; Rox. 119.28; S. E. 48732 

A story of the fifth century. 

Daisy Dimple's scrap book : a book of picture 
stories. 50.32 

Dale, Darlej. Little bricks. IIlus. 1479.72 

Dalton, Henry. Evening amusements and 
book of drawing-room plays. Including acting 
charades; proverbs [etc.]. Illus. 1364.11 

Dana, James D., and Brush, Geoi'ge J. A 
system of mineralogy. Descriptive mineralogy. 
With illus. E. B. 381.30 

Daudet, Alphonse. L'^vangeliste. Roman 
parisien. 2062.23 

Daunt, Achilles. Frank Redcliffe. A story of 
travel and adventure in the forests of Venezuela. 
A book for boys. With illus. 1490.38 

Day, Lai Behiri. Folk-tales of Bengal. 

S. E. 46.20 

Delightful days. Illustrated stories of Ameri- 
can life and adventure, by American authors and 
artists. Illus. 40.36 

Delitzsch, Franz. Jewish artisan life in the 
time of Jesus. Trans. 1086.34 

Delitzsch, Friedrich. Jose and Benjamin : a 
tale of Jerusalem in the time of the Herods. 
Trans. 1479.77 

De Long, George W. The voyage of the 
Jeannette. Ship and ice journals. Ed. by 
his wife, Emma De Long. With illus. 2 v. 

Dor. 456.21 

De Mille, James. A castle in Spain. A novel. 
Illus. 50.36; S. E. 441.10 

Denison, Mary A. His triumph. 1442.5 

Dor. 464.5 

Dennis, John. Heroes of literature. English 
poets. A book for young readers. Dor. 526.9 

J. P. 1614.14 

Denslow, Van Buren. Modern thinkers, prin- 
cipally upon social science. Bri. 64.77 

Desprez, Adrien. La politique feminine de 
Marie de M^dicis a Marie-Antoinette. 

Rox. 7423-13 

Dewey, Orville. Autobiography and letters. 
Dor. 504.1; Rox. 5234.3; S. B. 167.36 

Dick, William B. Dick's games of Patience; 
or, Solitaire with cards. Illus. 182.10 

Dickens, Charles. Hard times. 1451.18 

Diderot, Denis. The paradox of acting. 
Trans, with annotations from Diderot's ' Para- 
doxe sur le comedien,' by W. H. Pollock. With 
preface by Henry Irving. 1365.23 

Dingley Manor oder die Familie der Grafen 
Eserick. Roman, frei nach dem Englischen von 
G. Cleeves. 3 v. 2033.1 

Disraeli, Benjamin, earl of Beaconsjield. 
Tancred. E. B. 313.7 

Dix, Morgan. Memoirs of John Adams Dix. 
2 V. * Rox. 5035 17 

Dixon, Robert B. Fore and aft. A story of 

actual sea life. 1459.63 ; Dor. 464.9 

E. B. 93.22; S. E. 632.9 

Dobson, George C. Dobson brothers' modern 
method for the banjo. 201.37 

Dodge, Mary A. {Gail Hamilion.) Our 
common school system. Dor. 526.7 

Dodge, Mary M. Donald and Dorothy. With 

illus. 1479.49; Bri. 16. in; Dor. 488.12 

E. B. 496.15; J. P. 1131; Rox. 2433.5 

S. B. 130.60; S. E. 632.5 

First published in St. Nicholas, beginning- Dec, 1S81. 

Dodge, Theodore A. A bird's-eye view of our 
Civil war. Maps. Plans. 214.7 ; Dor. 496.5 

J. P. 914.8 

Dole, Nathan H. Young folks' history of 
Russia. Illus. Bri. 82.70 

Dolly's kettledrum. By Nora Perry. With 
other stories for girls. Illus. 1479.58 

Contents. — Dolly's kettledrum, Noblesse oblige, by 
Nora Perry; Everybody surprised but Addie, by Margaret 
Ej'tinge; The floral procession, by Louise T. Cnigin; A 
vexed question, by Margaret H. Eckerson ; PoUv's nest egg, 
by Mary Densie; A little Texas nurse girl, by M. T. Gush- 
ing; A Nantucket story, by Mrs. Alfred Macey; Christy 
Ann, Beely Cooley Hortensus, by M. H. Catherwood ; Did 
Ethel see the queen? by Eliot McCorinick; Chinese decora- 
tion for Easter eggs, by S. K. B.; Mrs. Hungerford's 
second letter from home, by M. H. 

Douglas, Amanda M. Floyd Grandon's honor. 

1499.44; Chn. 2153.13; Dor. 475.5 

J. P. 632.17 ; S. B. 276.55 ; S. E. 45i-i4 

— Santa Claus land. Illus. S. E. 652.5 

— With fate against him. S. B. 276.54 
Douglas, Robert K. China. Illus. J. P. 1036.5 
Dowden, Edward. Shakspere. [Literature 

primers.] Dor. 359.13 

Downes, William H. Spanish ways and by- 
ways. Illus. Dor. 455.4 
Drake, Samuel Adams. A book of New En- 
gland legends and folk lore in prose and poetry. 
Illus. 233.5 

— Old landmarks and historic personages of 
Boston. Illus. Bri. 84.70 

Drummond, Henry. Natural law in the 
spiritual world. Rox. 2114.11 ; S. E. 100.26 

Dulles, John W. The ride through Palestine. 
Illus. J. P. 1436.4 

E., H. F. His mother's book. Illus. 1479.56 

Ebers, Georg M. A word only a word. A 
romance. From the German. Bri. 33.136 

" The scene is laid in the Netherlands in the reign of 
Philip II. of Spain." 

Ebner-Eschenbach, Marie, Frcifrau von. 
Aphorisms. Trans, by A. L.Wister. Bri. 103.102 

Ecker, Alexander. Lorenz Oken : a bio- 
graphical sketch or "in memoriam " of the 
centenary of his birth. With notes, correspond- 
ence and a portrait. From the German by A. 
Tulk. 1524.12 

Edgeworth, Maria. Classic tales. [Classic 
series.] 1479-33; S. B. 69.39 

Contents. — Sketch of Maria Edgeworth, by Grace A. 
Oliver; Simple Susan; The mimic; Waste not, want not; 
Mademoiselle Panache; Angelina, or I'amie inconnue; The 

Edwards, Matilda B. Disarmed. 1479.44 

Dor. 479-16; Dor. 322a. 9; J. P. 713.27 

Rox. 2312.29; S. B. 282.35 

— The white house by the sea. 1469.48 
Edwards, RoUin. Twice defeated. S.E. 456.16 
An account of the " Molly Maguires." 

Eggleston, Edward. The Hoosier school-boy. 

Illus. 1490.42; Bri. 26.109; Chn. 627.25 

Dor. 257.21; E. B. 496.10 ; J. P. 233.21 

N. E. 173-15; S. B. 117-34; S. E. 633.13 

Egleston, Nathaniel H. The home and its 

surroundings; or, villages and village life, with 

hints for their improvement. J. P. 1915.11 




Eliot, George, /5c«</. Essays. Collected and 

arranged, with an introd. on her " Analysis of 

motives," by N. Sheppard. J, P. 1614.13 

Ellis, Edward S. Ned in the block-house. A 

tale of early days in the West. Illus. 1469.63 

J. P. 125. 1 
Ellis, George E. Memoir of Jacob Bigelow. 

Chii. 2726.20 

Ellis, Tristram J. Sketching from nature. A 

handbook. With illus. J. P. 2326.17 

Ely, Richard T. French and German socialism 

in modern times. I30-S4 

Sketches of leading socialists. 

Encyclopaedia Britannica, The. 9th edition. 

Vol.16. Mena-Mosul. Clin. 713. i ; Dor. 217.1 

E. «. R.R , I. I ; J. P. R R., E. 13 

Rox. R.R., G. 4.2; S. B. R.R. i 

Enduran, Lodoix. Robinson au Mont-Blanc, 

ou Jacques le Savoisien. 2062.21 

Epochs and episodes of history. With illus. 

, . 921. 13; Rox. 54314 

Erckmann, Emile, and Chatrian, Alexandre. 

The plebiscite ; or, a miller's story of the war. 

Dor. 464.8 
Evans, Elizabeth E. Laura, an American girl. 

Scene of the story largely at Castiiie, Maine. 

Evans, Warren F. The divine law of cure. 

Rox. 6338.3 

Everett, Alexander H. Critical and miscel- 
laneous essays. Added a few poa»ns. Boston, 
1845- Rox. 193323 

Every girl's annual. Edited by Alicia A. 
Leith. Illus. 2 v. ' 1854.5 

Ewald, Alexander C. The life and times of 
Prince Charles Stuart, called the Young pre- 
tender. Dor. 506.16 

Ewing, Juliana H. Blue and red: or the dis- 
contented lobster : his history in verse. Painted 
in colours by R. Andre. Dor. 486.8 

Eytinge, Margaret. The ball of the vege- 
tables and other stories in prose and verse. Illus. 


Fallows, Samuel. Handbook of abbreviations 
and contractions. Rox. R.R., G.3.9 

Farjeon, Benjamin L. Mrs. Isaacs. A novel. 

S.E. 450.12 

Formerly published with the title " Solomon Isaacs." 

Farquharson, Martha, pseud. See Finley, M. 

Farrar, Frederic W. With the poets : a selec- 
tion of English poetry. Illus. Rox. 5625.16 

Fawcett, Edgar. An ambitious woman. A 

novel. 1499.29; Bri. 37.109; Dor. 475.2 

E. B. 304-9; S. B. 277.55; S. E. 578.20 

Fay, Amy. Music-study in Germany. 

Bri. 115 113 

Fenn, George M. Middy and ensign. A tale 
of the Malay peninsula. Illus. 1499-34 

Ferrets and ferreting: instructions for the 
breeding, management, and working of ferrets. 


Field, Henry M. From Egypt to Japan. 

J. P. 1436.5 

— On the desert [of Sinai]. S. E. 387.26 
Fields, Annie A. How to help the poor. By 

Mrs. James T. Fields. 120.30; J. P. 1936.19 

S. E. 108.3 

Figuier, Guillaume Louis. Mammalia: their 

forms and habits. Adapted by E. Perceval 

Wright. With engravings. 171.27 

— Reptiles and birds. Revised by Parker 
Giilmore. With illus. 171.26 

Finley, Martha. {Martha Farquharson.') 
Elsie Dinsmore. S. E. 652.45 

— Elsie's children. Bri. 17.100; S. E. 652.50 

— Elsie's girlhood. S. E. 652.47 

— Elsie's motherhood. S. E. 652.49 

— Elsie's new relations. 1459.61 ; Bri. 17.103 

Dor. 476.2 ; E. B. 329.106 ; J. P. 436.19 
Rox. 1126.24; S. B. 239.56; S. E. 652.53 

— Elsie's widowhood. Bri. i7.ioi;S. E. 652.51 

— Elsie's womanliood. S. Yt, 652.48 

— Grandmother Elsie. Itri. 17.102 

Chn. 2136.6; S. B. 239.55; S. E. 652.52 

— Holidays at Roselands. S. E. 652.46 

— Mildred and Elsie. J. P. 427.11 

— Mildred Keith. J. P. 427.10 
— 'Mildred's married life. J. P. 427.9 
Finn, Mrs. E. A. Home in the Holy Land. 

A tale illustrating modern Jerusalem. 1426. 11 
Firth, Abraham, editor. Voices for the speech- 
less. 1393-30 

Selections of prose and verse intended to teach the duty 
of kindness to animals. 

Fisher, George P. The reformation. 

J. P. 1032.6 

Fiske, John. Excursions of an evolutionist. 

1898.15; Rox. 1724.14 

Fleming, May A. A wife's tragedy. Bri. 35.132 

Forrester, Mrs. June. Phila. 1426.7 

— Same. Leipzig. 1479.40; Dor. 479.14 

J. P. 713.28 ; Rox. 2312.31; S. B. 282.33 

Fosdick, Charles A. {Harry Castlemon.) Don 

Gordon's shooting-box. [Rod and gun series.] 

1459 59; Bri. 25.99; Clin. 514.9; Dor. 258.27 

E. B. 29.118; J. P. 116.1 ; S. B. 118.38 

Foster, Michael. Physiology, by M. Foster. 

Hygiene, by R. S. Tracy. With illus. [Science 

primers.] 1144.21 ;"Dor. 359-" ; J. P. 1937-9 

Rox. 6418.11 ; S. E. 118.31 

Francois, Louise von. Judith die Kluswirtin. 

Rox. 5726.22 
Freeman, Edward A. The historv and con- 
quests of the Saracens, itox. 824.17 

— History of Europe. [History primers.] 

Rox. 7337-5 
Fremantle, William H. The gospel of the 

secular life. Sermons at Oxford. Rox. 7384.27 
French, Harry W. Castle Foam. A Russian 

story. Dor. 464-11 

— Our boys in China. The story of two 
young Americans. With illus. ' 662.6 

Bri. 66.88; Dor. 486.11 ; J. P. 1432. 11 

N. E. 172-24; S. E. 650.35 

Friis, J. A. Laila; or, sketches from Fin- 

marken. Trans, from the Norwegian. With 

illus. 1479-69 

Frith, Henry. Ascents and adventures. A 

record of hardy mountaineering. Illus. 1664.6 

— King Artliur and his knights of the Round 
table. Illus. 1499-36 

Frost, Thomas. Modern explorers. Illus. 


Contents. — Vambrfry in central Asia; Baker in equato- 
rial Africa; Livingstone and Stanley in central Africa; 
Nordenskiold in Arctic Asia; Gamier in Indo-China; 
Marcoy in lower Peru; Cameron's journey across Africa. 

Fullerton, Lady Georgiana C. L. G. A stormy 
life. A novel. N. E. 160.5 

Fyffe, Charles A. History of Greece. [His- 
tory primers.] Rox. 7337-3 

Gaffarel, Paul. Les explorations fran«;aises 
depuis 1870. Gravures et cartes. Rox. 7423.11 

Galen, Philipp, pseud. See Lange, Philipp. 




Gallon, Francis. Hereditary genius. 

S. E. 105.29 

— Inquiries into human faculty and its develop- 
ment. Plates. E. B. 382.23 

Gardner, Eugene C. The house that Jill 
built. A book on home architecture. With 
illus. Bri. 123.162; J. P. 2326.16 

Gaskell, Elizabeth C. The life of Charlotte 
Bronte. Illus. Rox, 7396.18 

Gebhardt, Dagobert von. ( Gcbhard von Aiiiyn- 
tor.) Drei Kiisse. Box. 5726.24 

Geikie, Archibald. Elementary lessons in 
physical geography. Illus. Box. 6837.4 

— Geology. With illus. [Science primers.] 

Box. 6418.10 

— Physical geography. With illus. [Science 
primers.] Box. 6418.9 

Gellion-Danglar, Eugfene. La nationalite et la 
langue fran<;aises. Box. 7423.15 

Gibson, Elizabeth B. Biographical sketches 
of the Bordley family, of Maryland. 1534.19 

Giffin, William M. How not to teach, revised 
and enlarged, with the way to teach, and a series 
of number lessons (after Grube). J. P. 1926.8 

Gilbert, Helen, editor. Primary Fridays. 
Recitations for little ones. S. E. 108.28 

Gilchrist, Anne. Mary Lamb. [Famous 
women.] 1532.16; Clin. 2877.10; N.E. 133.9 

Box. 1036.13 

Gilman, Arthur. A history of the American 
people. Illus. 210.28; Chll. 2744.13; Dor. 495.2 

Gilman, Caroline. The poetic fate book. 

E. B. 226.31 

Gladden, Washington. The Christian league 
of Connecticut. Box. 2116.7 

First published in The Century, beginning Nov., 1SS2. 

Goethe, Johann W. von. The wisdom of 
Goethe. By John Stuart Blackie. With cita- 
tions. 1898.14; Box. 1927.7 

Goldsmith, Christabel, pseud. See Smith, 
Fannie N. 

Goldziher, Ignaz. Mythology among the He- 
brews and its historical development. Trans. 
from the German, by R. Martineau. 1081.7 

The appendix contains two essays by H. Steinthal : The 
original form of the legend of Prometheus; The legend of 

Gonse, Louis. Eugene Fromentin, painter 
and writer. Trans, by Mary C. Robbins. Por- 
trait. Illus. Sm. 4". 1532.21 

Appended, The Isle of Re, an unpublished fragment, 
and " Un mot sur I'art contemporain," a poem; by Fro- 

Goodholme, Todd S., editor. A domestic cy- 
clopaedia of practical information. Illus. 181. 6 

Gordon, Adoni ram J. The ministry of healing; 
or, miracles of cure in all ages. J. P. 2034.16 

Gordon, George H. History of the campaign 
of the Army of Virginia. Cllll. 2744.12 

— A war diary of events in the war of the 
great rebellion. 1863-1865. Illus. Chll. 2744. n 

Gould, Lucius D The American stair-builders' 
guide. Illus. 190.68 

Gray, Louisa M. The children of Abbotsmuir 
manse. Illus. 1490.29 

A story of Scottish life. 

Green, Anna K. Hand and ring. Illus. 1426.15 

Bri. 37.105; Dor. 46430; E. B. 313.4 

J. P. 512.17; S.B. 21547; S.E. 444.12 

— The Leavenworth case : a lawyer's story. 

Bri. 33- 137 

Green, Samuel A. Groton during the Indian 
wars. Bri. 7771; Chn. 2644 27; Box. 7010.13 

— Inscriptions on the bronze tablets on the 
gates of the older burial-grounds in Boston. 

Chn. 2885.28; Box. 7010.12 
Green, Samuel G. Scottish pictures drawn 

with pen and pencil. Illus. S.E. 359a. i 

Green, Samuel S., editor. Libraries and 

schools. 130.43 

Greene, Louisa L. Alda's leap and other 

stories. 1479.66 

— The babe i' the mill and Zanina, the flower 
girl of Florence. 1479.67 

Greenwell, Dora. Poems. Box. 73479 

Greenwood, Grace, pseud. See Lippincott, 
Sara J. 

Greey, Edward. The bear-worshippers of 

Yezo and the island of Karafuto (Saghalin) ; or, 

the adventures of the Jewett family and their 

friend Oto Nambo. 662.4; Bri. 66.89 

Chn. 611.23; Dor. 486.12; J.P.1432.12 

Box. 433 13 J S. H. 341-40; S. E. 650.37 

— The wonderful city of Tokio. Illus. 

S. B. 34139 

— Young Americans in Japan. Illus. 

S. B. 341-38 

Griffin, Edmund D. Remains. Compiled by 

F. Griffin, with a memoir by J. McVickar. N. Y., 

1831. 2 V. Chn. 2215.13 

Grove, George. Geography. With maps. 

[History primers.] Box. 7337. 8 

Hale, Edward E. Our Christmas in a palace. 

1497.6; Chn. 2153.12; Dor. 475. 3; J. P. 512.20 

Box, 2422.4 ; S. B. 237.42 ; S. E. 502.10 

A story of snow-bound travellers in a palace car. 

— Seven Spanish cities, and the way to them. 

1678.20; Bri. 54.135; Dor. 458.2 

Box, 5917.18; S. B. 369.18 

Hale, Susan. A family flight through Spain. 

Illus. 662.5; Chn. 2345.10; Dor. 456.25 

E.B. 496-11; Rox. 431.16; S.B. 363.16 

Half-hours with modern scientists. S. E. 133.4 

Hamilton, Gail, pseud. See Dodge, Mary A. 

Hanaford, Phebe A. Daughters of America. 

Illus. Box. 1213 9 

Hardy, Thomas. The romantic adventures 

of a milkmaid. A novel. Dor. 322a. 6 

Harlan, Caleb. The fate of Marcel. 1442-3 

S. E. 49730 
Harland, Marion, pseud. See Terhune, Mary 

Harper's new monthly magazine. Index. 
Vol. 1-60. S. B. 23.3 

Harring, Harro Paul. Poland under the do- 
minion of Russia. From the German. 

J. P. 1036.4 

Harris, Amanda B. Dooryard folks and A 

winter garden. Illus. Box. 1726.9 

Harris, Joel C. Nights with Uncle Remus. , 

With illus. 3398; Chll. 2153.9; E. B. 496 12 

Box. 2433.3; S. B. 248.38 

— Uncle Remus, his songs and his sayings. 
With illus. E. B. 242.37 

Harris, Joseph. Gardening for young and 

old. Illus. Bri. 126.143 

Harris, Samuel. The philosophical basis of 

theism. Box. 5833 12 

Harrison, Constance C. Woman's handiwork 

in modern homes. With illus. Dor, 52523 

Harte, Francis Bret. In the Carquinez woods. 

1469.49; Bri. 31.98; J. P. 528.2 

Box. 119 27; S. B. 271.54; S. E, 469.4 




Hase, Carl A. Life of Jesus. Trans, from 
the German by James Freeman Clarke. 

Dor. 525 -24 
Haven, Curtis. Practical phonography. 121. 2 
Haven, Erastus O. Autobiograpliy. 

S. B. 167.35 

Hawthorne, Julian. Fortune's fool. 14265 

BrK 37.102; Clin. 2153.5; Dor. 464 22 

J. P. 512.15; Rox. 2433.1; S. B. 246.33 

S. E. 510.8 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Sketches and studies. 

Portrait. 1906.2; Bri. 111.120; Chli. 5119-38 

Box. 1818.2 

Contents. — I-ife of Franklin Pierce; Chiefly about war 
matters; Alice Doanc's appeal; The ancestral footstep; 

Hayden, Ferdinand V., and Selwyn, Alfred R. 
C., editors. North America. Maps and illus. 
[Stanford's compendium of geography and 
travel.] Box.' 7420 6 

Hays, Helen. A loving sister : a story for big 

girls. By Mrs. W. J, Hays. 1479 53 

Dor. 488.15; J. P. 134.10 

Ha3rward, Edward F. Patrice : a poem. 

S. B. 256.49 

Headley, Phineas C. Facing the enemy : the 
life of W. T. Sherman. Illus. J. P. 1117.2 

— Fighting Phil : the life of P. H. Sh'eridan. 
Illus. J. P. 1 1 17.3 

— Old Salamander : the life of D. G. Farragut. 
Illus. J. P. III7-4 

— Old Stars : the life of Ormsby M. Mitchel. 
Illus. J. P. 1117.6 

These books, published in Boston, 1S83, belong to the 
Heroes of the rebellion series. 

Hector, Annie F. {Mrs. Alexander.) The 

executor. A novel. [Leisure hour series.] 

1490.40; Bri. 12.124; €hn. 2152. 11 

Dor. 464.16; E. B. 317.21 ; J. P. 418.22 

Rox. 2426.9; S. B. 238.49; S. E. 417.28 

Helmuth, William T. A steamer book! A 
picturesque account of a city on the sea, being 
daily life on a [trans-Atlantic] steamer. With 
illus. 660.28 

Henshall, James A. Book of the black bass. 
Illus. J. P. 2427.11 

Henty, G. A. The boy knight, who won his 

spurs fighting with king Richard of England. A 

tale of the crusades. With illus. 1479.31 

Dor. 488.18; Chn. 2153.8; Rox. 1133-3 

Herbert, lady Mary E. Edith, a tale of the 
present day. 1499.27 

Hillern, Wilhelmine von. Elsa and her vult- 
ure. A tale of the Tyrolean Alps. Trans, from 
the German by Lady Wallace. 1469-53 

A translation of DieGeier-\V:illy [3010.6; 2800.55]. There 
is another translation with the title Geier-Wajfy; a tale of 
the Tyrol [1790.2J. 

Hoare, Edward N. Heroism in humble life. 
A temperance tale. 1490.28 

— Paths in the great waters ; a tale wherein is 
comprised a record of Virginia's early troubles, 
together with the true history of the Bermudas 
or Somers islands. Illus. 1490.33 

Hoch, Charles. The neutral territory of Mor- 
esnet. [Trans, by W. W. Tucker]. 

Chn. 2883.11; Rox. 827.15 

Hodgson, William B. Errors in the use of 
English. Bri. 154. 46 

Holden, George H. Canaries and cage birds. 
Illus. Rox. 1511.19 

Holidays in summer. Illus. 40.4a 

Contains The Boston poor children's excursions, and the 
country week, by Emma E. Brown; Children at Newport, 
by Marjrery Dea'ne; The Philadelphia newsboys, and their 
annual Fourth of July dinner, by Mary VV'agcr-Fisher; 
Concord picnic days, by O. B. Bartlett, and other shorter 

Holmes, Mary J. Qiieenie Hetherton. A novel 

1490.44; Bri. 44-104; £. B. 328.23 

J. P. 413.20; Box. 2432.23; S. E. 524.9 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Pages from an old 
volume of life. Essays, 1S57-1881. Rox. 5216.15 

Holt, Emily S. Wearyholme. A tale of the 
restoration of Charles the second. 1479.36 

Home delights. A collection of new four hand 
pieces for pianoforte. Rox. 1630.25 

Homer. The Iliad. Rendered into blank 
verse, by Edward, earl of Derby. Ro.X. 6x14.19 

— The Iliad. Trans, into unrhymed English 
metre, by F. W. Newman. Rox. 61 10.8 

Honor Bright. A romance. By the author of 
"Malbrook." S. E. 606.29 

Hooker, 5/V Joseph D. Botany. With illus. 
[Science primers.] Rox. 6418.13 

Hope, Eva. Grace Darling, the heroine of the 
Fame islands. Illus. 1534.21 

Hopkins, Ellice. Autumn swallows : lyrics. 

Rox. 5615.9 

Hopkins, Louisa P. Handbook of the earth. 
Natural methods in geography. 1143.13 

Hopkins, Mark. The Scriptural idea of man. - 
Six lectures at Princeton on the L. P. Stone 
foundation. 1 124. 17 

Hoppin, Augustus. A fashionable sufferer. 

E. B. 315 31 

Hoppus, Mary A. M. A great treason. A 

story of the [American] war of independence. 

1426.3; E. B. 315-35; J. P. 632.12 

S. E. 55724; W. Rox. 96.24 

Introduces the characters of Andr^ and Arnold. 

Hough, Franklin B. The elements of forestry. 
Illus. J. P. 1915.14 

Houstoun, Matilda, nee Jesse. A woman's 
memories of world-known men. 2 v. Bri. 64.74 
Howard, Blanche W. Guenn, a wave on the 
Breton coast. [Fiction.] Illus. 1479.63 

Bri. 37 112; Clin. 2153.10; Dor. 465 4 
E. B, 30448; J. P. 512.18; Rox. 2433.7 
S. B. 226.38; S. E. 509-50 
Howe, Julia Ward. Margaret Fuller. [Famous 
women.] 1532.17 ; Bri. 53.120 

Clin. 2877.7; Dor. 507.6; E. B. 199.20 
J. P. 1137.3; ^'. E. 133 10; Rox. 1036.11 
S. B. 60 40; S. E. 166.13 
Howells, William D. A woman's reason. A 
novel. 1490.30; Bri. 36.142; Clin. 1814.23 

Dor. 464.12; E. B. 313 3; J. P. 512.11 
Rox. 2432 20 ; S. B. 243 42 ; S. E. 416.32 
Hudson, William H. Sea-sickness : its cause, 
nature, and prevention. J. P. 1937.10 

Hulme, F. Edward, and Hibberd, Shirley. 
Familiar garden flowers. 2d series. With 
coloured plates. Dor. 5*5 25 

Humphrey, Frances A. Two little travelers. 
Illus. 40.38 

Hussey, Elisha C. Home building. Book of 
facts, relative to building, living, materials, costs, 
at about 400 places from New York to San Fran- 
cisco. Descriptions of over 250 cities [&c.]. 
Plates. Designs. 200.27 

Huxley, Thomas H. Science primers. Intro- 
ductory. Rox. 6418.6 



Inquire within for anything jou want to know. 

S, E. 114. lo 
Irving, Henry. Henry Irving. A short ac- 
count of his public life. With illus. 1537.19 
Rox. 1027.18; Rox. 5338-6 
Ismar Thiusen, pseud. The Diothas ; or, a far 
look ahead. 1469.59; S. E. 451-25 
Pictures an imaginary state of society in the future. 

Jackson, Helen M. {H. H.) A century of 
dishonor. A sketch of the United States gov- 
ernment's dealings with some of the Indian 
tribes. Dor. 497-1 

James, George P. R., and Field, Maunsell B. 
Adrian; or the clouds of the mind. 1469.70 

James, Henry,//-. Daisy Miller. A comedy. 


Jefferies, Richard. The story of my heart. 
My autobiography. E. B. 159-37; S. E. 87.17 

Jeffrey, Rosa V. Marah. A novel. S. E. 597-33 

Jenness, Theodora R. Two young home- 
steaders. S. IJ. 120.57 

Jerrold, William Blanchard. Days with great 
authors. Comprising selections from Dickens, 
Scott, Thackeray, and Douglas Jerrold. With 
biographical sketches. Portraits. 1836.3 

Previously published with the title The best of all good 

Jevons, William S. Logic. With illus. [Sci' 
ence primers.] 1 Rox. 6418.14 

— Pplitical economy. [Science primers.] 

Rox. 6418.17 
Jewett, Sarah O. The mate of the Daylight, 
and friends ashore. 1479.57 ; Bri. 32.113 

Chn. 2188.25; Dor. 313-24; E. B. 249.92 
Rox. 2417.7 
Joe Lambert's ferry. By G. C. Eggleston. 
With other stories of the frontier and early set- 
tlers. Illus. 1479-65 
Contents. — Joe Lambert's ferry, by G. C. Eggleston; 
Kent<m's league with the sun; Evan Cogswell's ice fort; 
Levi's bedspread ; Too fond of maple sugar, by 1. L. 
Beman; How Elbridge Gray played Little boy Blue, by M. 
S. Evans ; Candle ends, by Louise T. Cragin ; Joe, by Sophie 
May; A Qiiaker boy's first fox hunt, by R. C. Robinson; 
Pegg's mistake, by Mrs. A M. Diaz; How Jared saw the 
elephant, by Kate U. Clarke; Runaway pets, by F. L. 

Jbhn, Eugenie. {E. Marlitt.~) Das Geheim- 
niss der alten Mamsell. Roman. 2031.13 

The translation by Mrs. Wister has the title "The old 
mam'selle's secret" [1447.18]. 

— Das Haideprinzesschen. Roman. 2031. 11 

The translation by Mrs. Wister has the title "The little 
moorland princess " [435.9]. 

— Im Hause des Commerzienrathes. 2031.16 
A translation of this work under the title " At the coun- 
cillor's " may be found on 1803.11. 

— Reichsgrafin Gisela. 2031.14 

A translation of this work under the title " The countess 
Gisela " may be found on 426.22. 

— Thiiringer Erzahlungen. Rox. 2026.11 

— Die zweite Frau. Roman. 2030.15 

A translation of this work under the title "The second 
wife " may be found on 1765.4. 

Johnson, E. Rossiter. A history of the French 
war [1689-1763]. Illus. [Minor wars of the 
United States.] Dor. 387.21 

— A history of the war of i8i2-'i5. Illus. 
[Minor wars of the United States.] Dor. 387.22 

Johnson, Joseph. Self-effort; or, the true 
method of attaining success in life. 130.50 

Rox. 1935 20 

Johnston, Keith, editor. Africa. Maps and 
illus. [Stanford's compendium of geography 
and travel.] Rox. 7420.2 

Johonnot, James, compiler. A geographical 
reader. Illus. 1664.8 

— A natural histor}' reader. Illus. 172. 34 
Joly, N. Man before metals. [International 

scientific series.] S. E. 124.16 

Jones, Cornelia. {^yane R. Sommers.) 
Heavenward led : or, the two bequests. 775-7 

Josephus, Flavins. The story of the last days 
of Jerusalem. From Josephus. By A. J. Church. 
Colored illus. 940.13 

Jung-Stilling, J. Heinrich. Heinrich Stillings 
Jugend, Junglingsjahre, Wanderschaft. 

Rox. 5726.25 

Kate Temple's mate. By the author of 
"Clary's confirmation." Illus. 1456.13 

Katy's birthday. By Sara[h] O. Jewett. With 
other stories by famous authors. Illus. 1479 64 

Contents. — Katy's birthday, by S. O. Jewett; The Hope 
works, by Susan Hale; How tacky went to church on 
Easter, by Elizabeth B. Hill; The story of maple sugar, 
by R. E. Robinson; The one-man band, by M. E. P.; The 
firm of Punkapog & Boss, by Kate G. Wells; The basket 
business, by Mrs. S. D. Powers ; The Qiieerclover chronicles, 
by J. Browiijohn ; A case of coincidence, by Rose T. Cooke; 
The apothecary's valentine, by H. B. B. W. ; Mr. Tenny- 
son's fairies, by Joaquin Miller. 

Kaufman, Rosalie. Our young folks' Plu- 
tarch. Illus. 1530.2 

— The queens of England. Abridged from 
Strickland's " Queens of England." Illus. 3 v. 

596.14; Dor. 497.8; J. P. 1227.9 
]V. E. 123.31; S.B. 66.23 
Keane, Augustus H. Asia. Edited by Sir 
R. Temple. Maps. Illus. [Stanford's compen- 
dium of geography and travel.] Rox. 7420.1 
Keane, John F. On blue-water. Some narra- 
tives of sport and adventure in the modern mer- 
chant service. 671-5 
Keddie, Henrietta. {Sarah Tyiler.) Marie 
Antoinette. [New Plutarch.] 1542.36 
Dor. 507.26; J. P. 1216.31 
Keeney, Ella B., and Noble, Annette L. Dr. 
Grantley's neighbors. Dor. 476.3 ; J. P. 326.4 
Kemble, Marion. Introductory lessons in 
drawing and painting in water-colors. Self- 
instructive. Illus. S. B. 327.19 
Ker, David. From the Hudson to the Neva. 
With illus. J. P. 1436.3 
Kiddle, Henry, and Schem, Alexander J., edi- 
tors. The cvclopsedia of education. 3d edition. 


Kieffer, Harry M. The recollections of a 

drummer-boy. Illus. 220.26; Chn. 2152.12 

Dor. 488.6; E. B. 188.21 ; S. B. i57-40 

The author's personal recollections of the Civil war, as a 
member of the isoth Regiment Pennsylvania volunteers. 
Revised and enlarged from the " Recollections of a drum- 
mer-boy," published in St. Nicholas, beginning Nov., 1881. 

King, Edward. The gentle savage. S. B. 246.36 

King, Henry M. Mary's alabaster box. 

J. P. 2034.15 

King, Moses, and Ivy, Thomas P. Harvard 
and its surroundings. Subscription (4th) edi- 
tion. Illus. Rox. 5037.2a 

Kingsley, Charles. Alton Locke. Rox. 7417.22 

— Herevvard the Wake. Rox. 7417-25 

— Hypatia. 1490.45 ; Rox. 74^7-23 

— Two years ago. Rox. 7417.20 

— Westward Ho ! Rox. 741724 

— Yeast: a problem. Rox. 74I7-2I 
Kingston, May, pseud. See Lane, Sarah. 



Kingston, William H. G. 'Adventures in 
India. With illus. 1479-34; Rox. 225.5 

— Jovinian; a story of the early days of papal 
Rome. With illus. J. P. 536.5 

— The missing ship : or, notes from the log 
of the " Ouzel" galley. With illus. S. E. 626.2 

— Won from the waves. A story of adventure. 
With illus. 1499.37; Dor. 488.17; S. E. 626.13 

Kirby, Mary and Elizabeth. Stories about 

birds of land and water. With illus. S. B. 311.28 

Kirkland, Elizabeth S. Speech and manners 

for home and school. 130.48; J. P. 2438.16 

S. B. 49-37 
Knapp, William I. Modern Spanish readings. 

Rox. 2036.4 
Knox, Thomas W. Adventures of two youths 
in a journey through Africa. Illus. [The boy 
travellers in the far East. Part 5.] 1661.16 

C'hii. 611.22; Dor. 126.15; J. P. 1432.7 
>\ E. 172.23; Rox. 433-" ; S. B. 132.8 
Koestlin, Julius. L-ife of Luther. With illus. 
Trans, from the German. 532.14 

Kroeker, Kate F. Alice thro' the looking- 
glass, and other fairy plays for children. Illus. 


The first play is Lewis Carroll's " Through the looking- 
glass " dramatized. 

Laboulaye, Edouard R. L. Old wives' fables. 
With illus. 1499.38 

Contents. — Yvon and Finette ; Piff-paff, or, the art of 
government; Bohemian stories, or, a Frenchman's visit to 
Prague; The three lemons, a Neapolitan tiile; Thumbkin, 
a Finnish tale; The good woman, a Norwegian story; Ice- 
landic tales ; Zerbino, the bear, a Neapolitan tale. 

Lacombe, Paul. The growth of a people. A 
short study in French history. A trans, of the 
" Petite histoire du peuple francjais." By L. A. 
Stimson. S. E. 261.5 

Ladd, George T. The doctrine of sacred 
Scripture. 2 v. Rox. 6338.4 

Ladd, Horatio O. History of the war with 
Mexico. Illus. [Minor wars of the United 
States. 3 Dor. 387.20; Rox, 817.25 

Lakeman, Mary. Ruth Eliot's dream. A 
story for girls. Dor. 488.1 

Lamartine, Alphonse M. L. de P. de. Grazi- 
ella : a story of Italian love. S. E. 480.35 

Landor, Walter S. Selections from the writings 
of Landor. Edited by S. Colvin. [Golden 
treasury series.] J. P. 1537.13 

Lane, Sarah. (^May Kingston.") Phoebe Skid- 
dy's theologv. S. B. 239.59 

Lange, Philipp. {Philipp Galen.) Der Pech- 
vogel und andere Erzahlungen. Rox. 5726.20 

Lanza, Clara. A righteous apostate. 1469.56 

Larocque, Jean. L'Angleterre et le peuple 
anglais. Rox. 7423.12 

Lathrop, George P. Spanish vistas. 

Rox. 431- 15 

Lawrence, George A. Anteros. A novel. 

S. E. 576.27 

Lawrence academy, Groton. Proceedings at 
90th anniversary. Bri. 117. 159; Chn. 2746. n 

Leathes, Mrs. Stanley. The caged linnet; 
or, love's labour lost. 1479.38 

Leaves from the annals of the Sisters of mer- 
cy. In 3 V. Vol. I, 2. By a member of the 
C5rder of mercy. Rox. 1035.11 

Contents. — i. Ireland. 3. England, Scotland, and the 

Lee, Margaret. The story of a story. 1426.20 " 
Dor. 464-40; J. P« 134-3 


Lee, Minnie M. The brown house at Duffield. 

S. E. 513-31 

Legend, The, of the wandering Jew. Twelve 
designs by Gustave Dor6. Rox. 6210.2a 

Leonard, William A. A brief history of the 
Christian church. J. P. 2024.21 

Lesbazeilles, E. The marvels of the polar 
world. Trans, from the French, by Rol)ert 
Routledge. With illus. >705-X7 

Lessing, Gotthold E. Werke. Herausg. von 
Richard Gosche. Illus. 8 v. Rox. 5733.22 

Lester, Charles E. History of the United 
States. 3 V. Illus. 2x4.6 

L'Estrange, Alfred G. K. History of English 
humour. Rox. 5437.12 

Letter writer. The, of modern society. By 
author of " Manners and tone of good society.' 
1364-13; J. P. 2438.15 

Lewis, Abbie G., and Lewis, Leo Rich. 
R. E. Porter; or, the interviewer and the fairies. 
An original operetta. Words by A. G. Lewis. 
Music by Leo R. Lewis. 200.28 

Lewis, Leopold. The bells, a drama. (Adapted 
from "The Polish Jew," by Erckmann-Cha- 
trian.) • 1363.2 

Library journal. The. Vol. i, 2, 4-6. Sept. 
1876-Dec. 1 88 1. 900.10 

Library of universal knowledge. A reprint of 
the last (1880) Edinburgh and London edition 
of Chambers's encyclopaedia. With additions 
by American editors. 15 v. 8°. 

Rox. R.R.,H.3.2 

Lindsay, William S. Our merchant shipping. 

Chn. 5227.21 

Linton, William J., and Stoddard, Richard H., 
editors. English verse. Ballads and romances. 


— English verse. Chaucer to Burns. 1351.18 

— English verse. Lyrics of the xix '' cen- 
tury. 1351-19 

Lippincott, SaraJ. (^Grace Greenivood.) Queen 

Victoria, her ^rlhood and womanhood. By 

Grace Greenwood \^pseud.~\. Illus. [Exemplary 

women series.] 1517.14 

Lippincott's gazetteer of the world. 1883. 

Chn. R.R., A. 22.7 
Little folks' reader. Vol. 3. [1883.] Illus. 


Little maid. A, and her moods. By Elizabeth 

Stuart Phelps. And other poems for young folks 

by popular authors. Illus. 1352.5 ; Dor. 488.3 

S. E. 639-31 

Little ones' Christmas stories. Prose and 

poetry. Illus. 40.41 

Livermore, Mary A. What shall we do with 

our daughters.'' Superfluous women. And 

other lectures. 13° 55 ; I>or. 528.7 

J. P. 2026.2; Rox. 1723. II 

S. B. 3839 

Livingston, Mrs. C. M. The story of Puff [a 

canarv bird]. Illus. 40-3i 

Lockyer, Joseph N. Astronomy. With illus. 

[Science primers.] 1143.15'; Rox. 6418.12 

— Studies in spectrum analysis. [Interna- 
tional scientific series.] 1145.H 

Lodge, Henry C. Daniel Webster. [Ameri- 
can statesmen.] J. P. 1136-8 

Longman's magazine. Vol. i. Chn. 35^4-' 

Lorimer, George C. Jesus the world's Savior. 

Rox. 21 14. 13 

Lossing, Benson J. The story of the United 
States navy. For boys. Illus. E. B. 188.20 




Lost in Pompeii. By H. H. Clark. With 
other stories of adventure. Illus. 1499.32 

Contents. — Lost in Pompeii, by H. H. Clark; An advent- 
ure in Crusoe land, by MaryC. Roper; The Carib captain's 
storv; How a white man became chief of the Zimis, by F. 
A. Ober; Camp Hampcrford, by Harriet A. Cheever; A lit- 
tle boy's nap in a cannon, Ijy Mrs. S. B. C. Samuels; A 
Joung- allig^ator-catcher, by J. Otis ; Robin Hood's ghost, by 
oachin Miller; Ghosts I have seen, by W. M. Baker. 

Lothrop, Harriet M. {Margaret Sidney.) Who 
told it to me. Illus. 50.35 ; Dor. 486.13 

J. P. 222.14 
Lover, Samuel. Poetical works. N, E. 142.7 

— Handy Andy. N. E. 163.24 

— He would be a gentleman. N. E. 163.25 
The cover bears tlie original title " Treasure trove." 

— Legends and stories of Ireland. N. E. 163.23 

— Rory O'Moore. N. E. 163.26 
Lucian. A traveller's true tale after the Greek. 

By A. J. Church. With illus. 1492.5 

The Vera historia of Lucian, with some changes. 

Lyster, Annette. Two old maids. 1490.36 
Macaulay, James, editor. Grey Hawk: life 

and adventures among the Red Indians. 245.16 
An alteration and abridgment of the Narrative of John 

Tanner's thirty years' captivity among the Indians in North 

America, published in 1S30. 

McCalman, Archibald H. History of England 

to the reign of Qiieen Victoria (1880) ; with a 

synopsis of England in the 19th century. 980.51 

McCarthy, Justin. Maid of Athens. A novel. 

Dor, 322a. 1 1 ; S. E. 495.27 

M'Conaughy, Mrs. J. E. Capital for working 

boys. 130.49 

Macdonald, George. Donal Grant. 1490.35 

Bri. 37100; Chn. 2153.3; l>or. 464- 15 

E. B, 3132; J. P. 432- 13; Rox. 2432.22 

S. B. 228.34; S.E. 587.7 

— The imagination and other essays. 

,- , . ^ S. B. 359-39 

Mackenzie, Robert. America. A history. 

Rox. 5015.12 

Macknight, Thomas. The life of Henry St. 
John, viscount Bolingbroke. Rox. 5334.11 

Maclise, Daniel, and Maginn, William. The 
Maclise portrait-gallery of " illustrious literary 
characters." With memoirs illustrative of the 
literature of the former half of the present cen- 
tury. By W. Bates. I537-I7 

" This volume consists of a reproduction on slightly reduced 
scale, of the Si portraits and groups originaUy published in 
Frazer's magazine, 1830-38, under the title of^' A gallery of 
illustrious literary characters.' Four portraits have been 
added." — Editor s preface. 

McSherry, Richard. Health, and how to pro- 
mote it. S. B. 317.50 

MahSbhSrata. Indian idylls. From the San- 
skrit of the Mahabh^rata, by Edwin Arnold. 

Chii. 1636.6; Rox. 1927.8 

Mahaffy, John P. Old Greek life. Illus. [His- 
tory primers.] liox. 7337.6 

Malet, Lucas. Mrs. Lorimer : a sketch in 
black and white. S. E. 598.28 

Manson, George J. Work for women. [Put- 
nam's handy book.series.] 182.9; Dor. 528.6 

Markham, Richard. A narrative history of 
King Philip's war and the Indian troubles in 
New England. Illus. [Minor wars of the United 
States.] 210.26 

Markwell, W. R. Louis xi. An historical 
drama. Adapted from Delavigne. 1363.7 

Marlitt, '^., pseud. See]6hn, Eugenie. 

Marryat, Frederick. Rattlin, the reefer. 1459.57 

Marshall, Edward C. History of the United 
States naval academy. S. E. 144.5 

Marshall, Emma. The court and the cottage. 
A story for girls. 1469.54 

— Dorothy's daughters. Dor. 476.1 

— In Colston's days. A story of old Bristol. 

Illus. 1499.28 

Edward Colston was a philanthropist, who lived in 
Bristol, England. 

— Life's aftermath. A story of a quiet people. 

43.12 ; Dor. 479- 11 ; J. P. 713-23 

Rox. 2314.32; S. B. 282.21 

Massachusetts. Bureau of statistics of labor. 

Fourteenth annual report. Rox. 6913. 2 

Masson, David. British novelists and their 

styles. Rox. 6137.2 

Mateaux, Clara L. Brave lives and noble. 

[Short biographical sketches.] Illus. 531.3 

— Odd folks at home. [About animals.] Illus. 

Mathews, Joanna H. Bell Powers' locket. 

S. B. 120.49 

— Daisy's work. The third commandment. 

S. B. 120.43 

— Dora's motto. S. B. 120 50 

— Harry Bradford's crusade. Illus. 40.27 

J. P. 222.12; S. B. 120.48 

— Hyacinthe and her brothers. S. B. 120.46 

— Jessie's parrot. S. B. 120.52 

— Lily Norris' enemy. S. B. 120.51 

— Lily's lesson. S. B. 120.45 

— Mamie's watchword. S. B. 120.53 

— Nellie's house-keeping. S. B. 120.54 

— Pinkie and the rabbits. S. B. 120.47 

— Rose's temptation. The fourth command- 
ment. S. B. 120.44 

— Violet's idol. S. B. 120.42 
Mathews, Margaret H. 'Dr. Gilbert's daugh- 
ters : a story for girls. Rox. 2433.6 

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— Responsibility in mental disease. [Inter- 
national scientific series.] 1145.13 

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king Roy. Illus. 1479.61 

Meline, Mary M. Charteris. A romance. 

S. E. 497- 23 

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. Lieder ohne 
Worte fiir Pianaforte Solo. J. P. 2311.7 

Mentor, pseud. Never : a handbook for the 
uninitiated and inexperienced aspirants to re- 
fined society's giddy heights and glittering at- 
tainments. 130.52 

Merrill, Selah. East of the Jordan. A record 
of travel and observation in Moab, Gilead, and 
Bashan, during 1875-1877. Illus. Chll. 2345.9 

Middlemore, Mrs. Samuel G. C. Round a 
Posada fire. Spanish legends. Illus. 1490.39 

Milton, John L. The bath in diseases of the 
skin. Illus. 1171.28 

— The hygiene of the skin. 1171.29 
Miss July. By the author of " Una Crichton." 

Illus. 1490.27 

Molesworth, Louisa. Two little waifs. Illus. 

by W. Crane. 1469.68 

Moncrieff, W. T., pseud. See Thomas, W. 

Monroe, Anna. The model Sunday-school 

speaker. Rox. 1928.14 

Montgomery, Walter. The boys of the Sier- 

,ras; or, the young gold-hunters. A story of 

California in '49 Illus. 5033 ; Dor. 486.10 

J. P. 222.13; ?I. E. 172.26 




Moody, William G. Land and labor in the 
United States. S. B, 314.35 

Moore, Charles H. Examples for elementary 
practice in delineation. Plates. 200.29 

Moore, Thomas. Poetical works. N. E. 142.8 

Moreland, ^L L. Which : right or wrong.' 
1442.7; Dor. 257.23 

Morris, Richard. grammar. [Liter- 
ature primers.] Ko\. 1938.12 

Morwood, Vernon S. Wonderful animals. 
Their structure, habits, homes, and uses. With 
engravings. 172.32 

Moschzisker, Franz A. von. A tenor by 
chance [and other romances and poems]. 50.38 

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stories. 1469.72; Bri. 23.145; Dor. 488.14 

E. B. 496.14; J. P. 237.27 

Rox. 1133-5; S. E. 667.20 

Moulton, Susan M. Hill rest. 1442.8 

I)or» 464.6 ; E, B. 329- 105 ; J. p. 326.3 

Mozoomdar, Protap Chunder. The faith and 
progress of the Brahmo Somaj. Rox. 7387.6 

— The Oriental Christ. 2101.22; (lin. 5635.9 
Dor. 525.22; Rox. 7384.26; S. E. 93 10 

Mudie, Robert. The feathered tribes of the Brit- 
ish islands. Illus. London, 1854. 2 v. Rox. 6618.4 

Mueller, F. Max. India : what can it teach us.' 
Lectures. Rox. 21 15.8 

Mueller, Hermann. The fertilization of flow- 
ers. Trans, by D'Arcy W. Thompson. With 
illus ' Rox. 6623 9 

Muir, Matthew M. P. Heroes of science. 
Chemists 140.26 ; Rox. 1236.9 

Munger, Theodore T. The freedom of faith. 
[Sermons.] Rox. 7384.28 

Munro, J. Electricity and its uses. Illus. 

1141.25 ; Rox. 1723.12 

Murphy, John N. The chair of Peter, or the 
papacy considered iq its institution, develop- 
ment, and organization. 1081.6 

Murray, David C. By the gate of the sea. A 
novel. 1459.60 

Murray, E. C. Grenville. Round about France. 

J. P. 1436. 1 

Murray, John O'K., rtf;«//7<'r. The prose and 
poetry of Ireland. A collection, with biographi- 
cal sketches. 892 14 

Musical herald, The. Vol. 2,3. W. Rox. 59-21 

Musick, John R. The banker of Bedford. 

Brj. 37103 

My curiosity shop. Pictures and stories for 
youngest readers. 40.28; Dor. 486.6 

Myers, Frederick W. H. Essays. Modern. 

Bri. 64.73 

Contents. — Mazzini; Georg^e Sand; Hugo; Renan; 
Trench's poems ; Georg-e Eliot; Arthur Penrhyn Stanley; 
A new Eirenicon ; Rossetti aod the religion of beauty. 

Napier, Charles O. G. Tommy Try and what 
he did in science. Wi^ illus. Dor. 488.16 

Nautical magazine, ^The. 1832 34. 39-61. 
London. [1832-61.] 26 v. Illus. Chn. 766.1 
In 1S39 the t'^'c ^^^ changed to The nautical magazine 
and naval chronicle. 

Naval chronicle. The. Vol. 1, 3-24, 26-40. 
London, 1799-1818. 38 v. Illus. ('hn. 761. i 

Nelly's heroics. By Harriet Beecher Stowe. 
With other heroic stories. Illus. 1479.62 

Contents. — Nelly's heroics, by H. B. Stowe; Granny, 
by Kate U. Clarke; The castle of the winds, by Lizzie \V. 
Chainpney; Charlie's first doughnut, by Margaret B. 
Wright; Captain Scampadoro, by \V. H. W. Campbell; 
The Stimpcctt's sunrise party, by Mrs. A. M. Diaz; A win- 
ter moonrisc, by Mary Densel ; The assistant, by Mar)' H. 
Catherwood; The pumpkin giant, by Mary E. Wilkins, 

Nelson, Julia. Two years at Hillsboro'. 

,, . M26.4; S.E. 456.23 

A story of boardiDg-school life. 

Newcomb, Simon. Popular astronomy- With 
engravings and maps of the stars. J. P.' 2022.11 

Newport aquarelle, A. 145956 

Bri. 44- 103 ; Dor. 4643; E. B. 315-30 

J. P. 632.11; Box. 2425.16; S.B. 229.53 

S. E. 606.17 

Newton, William Wilberforce. The priest and 
the man ; or, Abelard and Heloisa. An historical 
romance. Box. 2432.24 

Nichol, John. American literature. 1620- 
1880. 383.5 

NicoU, Henry J. Landmarks of English lit- 
erature. Rox. 6134. 1 1 

Nohl, Ludwig. Life of Wagner. Trans, 
from the German by G. P. Upton. 1547.19 

Nordhoff, Charles. God and the future life. 
The reasonableness of Christianity. 1114.24 

— Man-of-war life : a boy's experience in the 
United States navy, during a voyage around the 
world. 1661.15; J. P. 222.15; Rox. 212.3 

Norris, Emilia M. Alda Graham, and her 
brother Philip. 146969; J. P. 134.5 

— Theodora. A tale for girls. J, P. 134.6 
Norris, William E. No new thing. A novel- 

[Leisure hour series-] Rox. 2426.8 

Novikoff, Mine. O. Skobeleff and the Slavonic 
cause. By O. K., author of "Russia and En- 
gland." S. E. 274 10 
Nursery, The : stories in prose and rhyme. 
Illus. 50.30 
Ober, Frederick A. The silver city. A story 
of adventure in Mexico. Illus. 50-37 
Dor. 4655; J« P. 222-16; S. B. 337 25 

First published in Wide awake, beginning Dec, iSSj. 

O'Byme, William R. A naval biographical 

dictionary. London, 1849. C'ilU.816.2 

Oliphant, Margaret O. W. It was a lover and 

his lass. 1469.62; Dor. 479.8 

J. P.713.20; Rox. 2312.27; S. B. 282.11 

S. B. 232.88 

— Sheridan. [English men of letters.] 

1540.54; Bri. 64.75; Chn. 2616.31 

Dor. 506.15 ; E. B. 216.8; J. P. 1226.30 

N. E. 131 23; Rox. 1023.34; S. B. 68.71 

S. E. 205.14 

— Sir Tom. A novel. Dor. 3223.10 

8. B. 211. 102 

O'Meara, Kathleen. {Grace Jiamsay.) A 

salon in the last days of the empire, and other 

sketches. " S. E. 569.26 

Reprinted in part from the Catholic world. 

Optic, Oliver, pseud. See Adams, \YilIiam T. 

Osbom, Mrs. Edward H. The true story of 

the dreadful Mouse boys. 1479.74; Bri. 23.146 

Dor. 488.13"; E. B. 496.17; J. P. 113.2 

S. E. 654.38 

Our little men and women. Illustrated stories 
and poems for youngest readers. 40-37 

Owens, John A. Sword and pen ; or, ventures 
and adventures of Willard Glazier, in war and 
literature. Illus. E. B. 198.28 

Page, Charles E. The natural cure of con- 
sumption, etc. Bri. 126. 141 

Pansy, pseud. See Alden, Isabella M. 

Parker, Francis W. Notes of Talks on teach- 
ing, at Martha's Vineyard summer institute, 1S82. 

Dor. 526.5 




Parker, William H. Recollections of a naval 

officer. 1 841 -1 865. 220.25 

Dor. 497-3; E. B. 214.18; S. B. 157-41 

The officer was in the Confederate service during the 
Civil war. 

Patch, Olive. A parcel of children. Illus. 

40.29; S. E. 637.2 

Patton, Jacob H. The natural resources of 

the United States. [Science primers.] 1 170.4 

Paull, Margaret A. Friar Hildebrand's cross. 


Pa3ai, James. Bred in the bone ; or, like father, 

like son. Harper, 1872. 731-17 

Identical with Like father, like son, Tauchnitz, 1S71 

— Thicker than water. A novel. 1459.62 

Dor. 464.37 ; E. B. 317-20 ; Box. 2426.7 
S. E. 513-10 

Payne, Joseph. Lectures on education. 

Box. 6133.9 

Paynter, Marj M. Caleb the irrepressible. 
Plate. Dor. 257.20 

Peabody education fund. Proceedings of the 
trustees. 1867-1881.' Vol. i, 2. Box. 6131.8 

Peace island. By Elliot McCormick. With 
other stories for boys. Illus. 1499.31 

Contents. — The isle of Peace, by E. McCormick; A 
mercantile transaction, by B.A.Brooks; The Christmas 
monks, by Mary E. Wilkins ; How Sin Hop went ashore, by 
J. R. Coryell; The lost five dollar bill, by M. E. W. S.; 
The Kinkipaws, by E. Glover; Ralph's cub, by J. P. True; 
A school for fleas, by Penn Shirley. 

Peard, Frances M. The Asheldon school-rootTi. 
1479.41 ; J. P. 134.8 

— Contradictions. 1469.46; Dor, 479.4 

J. P. 713.18; Box. 2314.28; S. B. 282.4 

Pellisson, Maurice. Les Remains au temps de 

Pline le jeune. Leur vie privee. Box. 7423.14 

Penn, Arthur, The home library. With illus. 

1403.18; Bri. 113 109; Chu. 5318.30 

Dor. 527-19; E. B. 382.22 ; J, P, 2426.5 

Box. 1725.13; S. B, 328.36; 8. E. 15.28 

Penrose, Elizabeth. (Mrs. Markham.^ A 

history of France to the reign of Louis Philippe. 

Illus. S. B. 57-6 

Perez Gald6s, Benito. Marianela. From the 

Spanish by Clara Bell. Box. 2417.6 

Perfect way. The ; or, the finding of Christ. 

Box. 6338.2 
Perkins, William B., editor. Boys and girls' 
annual. A collection of original stories by 
American authors. Illus. 1882 5 

Persons, places and things. Stories of ad- 
venture, sketches of travel [etc.]. By popular 
writers. With illus. Box. 7332.13 

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. Beyond the gates. 
' 1426.16; Bri. 37.104; Chn. 5536.3 

Dor. 464.29; E. B. 209.17; J. P. 517.9 
Box. 7027.30; S. B. 219.43; S. E. 575-23 
Physicus, pseud. A candid examination of 
theism. [English and foreign philosophical 
library.] Box. 5833-13 

Attributed to George John Romanes. 

Piano, The, at home : a collection of music. 
Arranged for four hands. Box. 1630.26 

Pierson, Helen W. History of the United 
States in words of one syllable. Illus. 210.27 

Pitman, Benn, and Howard, Jerome B. The 
phonographic dictionary. Dor. 526.6 

Plutarchus. The boys' and girls' Plutarch. 
Parts of the "Lives" edited by John S. White. 
With illus. 532.13 

Polkinghorne, Tregelles. David Easterbrook : 
an Oxford story. 1479.59 

Pollard, M. M. Aunt Hetty's will. With 
illus. J. P. 134.7 

Powers, 3/r5. S. D. The ugly-girl papers. [Re- 
printed from " Harper's bazar."] J. P. 2438.13 

Pratt, Ella, formerly Miss Fartnan. The 
cooking club. Illus. 40.46 

The running-title. The cooking club of Tu-whit Hollow, 
is that under which it was originally published in Wide 
awake, beginning Jan., 1875. It may also be found on 1803.16. 

— Polly. Illus. 40.45 

The running-title, Good-for-nothing Polly, is that under 
which it was originally publislied in Wide awake, begin- 
ning Jan., 1877. It may also be found on 71.9. 

Preble, George H. A chronological history 
of steam navigation, 1543-1882. Chll. 5326.23 

Prentiss, Elizabeth P. Life -and letters. Illus. 

E. B. 211. 10 

Pretty Peggy and other ballads. Illus. by 
Rosina Emmet. Dor. 486.9 

Princess Amelie. A fragment of autobiog- 
raphy. [No name series.] J. P. 417.19 

Prose masterpieces from modern essayists. 
3 V. Box. 1937.21 

Contents. — The mutability of literature, by W. Irving; 
The world of books, by L. Hunt; Imperfect sympathies, by 
C. Lamb; Conversation, by T. DeQiiincey; Petition of the 
Thugs for toleration. The benefits of Parliament, bv W. S. 
Landor; Fallacies of anti-reformers, by S. Smith; Nil nisi 
bonum, by W. M. Thackeray; Compensation, by R. W, 
Emerson; Sweetness and light, by M. Arnold; On popular 
culture, by J. Morley. 2. On the art of living with others, 
by A. Helps; My winter garden, by C. Kingsley; Work, 
by J. Ruskin; On a certain condescension in foreigners, by 
J. R. Lowell; On history, by T. Carlyle; History, by T. B. 
Maciuilay. 3. The science of history, by J. A. Froude; 
Race and language, by E. A. Freeman; Kin beyond sea, 
by W. E. Gladstone; Private judgment, by J. H. Newman; 
An apology for plain-speaking, by Leslie Stephen. 

Prouty, Lorenzo. Fish : their habits and 
haunts and the methods of catching them. 

Chn. 5216.24 

Pyle, Howard. The merry adventures of 
Robin Hood. Illus. S. E. 46.18 

Quincy, Josiah. Figures of the past. 

Bri. 104.94 

Ramsay, Grace, pseud. See O'Meara, K. 

Ramsey, Mrs. V. G. Evenings with the chil- 
dren; or, travels in South America. Box. 427.24 

Rand, Edward A. All aboard for sunrise 
lands. Illus. E. B. 19.120 

Ranke, F. Leopold von. Deutsche Geschichte 
im Zeitalter der Reformation. 6 v. in 3. 

Box. 5730.8 

Ranking, I. S. Marjorie's probation. 1479.47 

Reade, A. Arthur. How to write English. 

Reade, Charles. Hard cash. Bri. 38.43 

Realm, The, of the ice king. A narrative of 

Arctic exploration to 1883. By the author of 

" Saved from the wreck." Illus. 1705.18 

Reaney, Isabel. Daisy Snowflake's secret. A 

story of English home life. Illus. J. P. 134.2 

S. B. 130.59 
Reed, Samuel B. Cottage houses for village 

and country homes. With illus. Box. 1723.7 
Reid, Mayne. A love spell. Bri. 12.126 

Identical with The Maroon. 

Renan, Joseph Ernest. Le judaisme et le 
christianisme. Box. 2012.8 

— Recollections of my youth. 

•' Chn. 2886.13; S. B. 69.38 




Rich, Shebnah. Truro — Cape Cod ; or, land 
marks and sea marks. Illus. 231.15 

E. B. 184.20 

Richardson, Abbj S., editor. Old love-letters ; 
or, letters of sentiment written by persons emi- 
nent in English literature and histoy. 

Bri. 112.120; J. P. 1538.22 

Richardson, Charles F.^ A primer of Ameri- 
can literature. With portraits. Rox. 1938.15 

Richter, Jean P. F. The invisible lodge. 
From the German by C. T. Brooks. [Leisure 
hour series.] 1459-54; S. E. 417.37 

Riddle, Mrs. J. H. A struggle for fame. A 
novel. S. B. 211. 104; S. E. 440.39 

Ridley, M.L. The three chums. Illus. 1479.51 

Story of English life. 

Ritter, Frederic L. Music in America. 1206.15 

— Music in England. 1206.14 
Roberts, Margaret. In the olden time. 1469.51 

Dor. 479-5; J. P. 713 17 
Kox. 2314.29; S. B. 282.2 

— Tempest-tossed, the story of Seejungfer. 
Illus. 1479.46 ; Dor. 464.33 

Rob's tramp and other stories. Illus. Dor. 488.4 

Roe, Edward P. His sombre rivals. 1490.32 

Bri. 37-99 ; Chn. 2153.7 ; Dor. 464.17 

E. B. 315-32; J. P. 512-12; Ro\. 2432.21 

S. B. 248.37; S.E. 579-21 

Rogers, May. The Waverlej- dictionary : an 
alphabetical arrangement of all the characters in 
Scott's Waverley novels. R. R., B. 10 

Romer, A. Anecdotal and descriptive natural 
history. With coloured plates. " 171-25 

Rood, Ogden N. Students' text-book of color ; 
or, modern chromatics, with applications to art 
and industry. With illus. [International sci- 
entific series.] 1145.16 

The edition of 1S79 was published with the title of Mod- 
ern chromatics [3929.67]. 

Roscoe, Henry E. Chemistry, With illus. 
[Science primers.] Rox. 6418.7 

Ruggles, Henry. Germany seen without spec- 
tacles. Illus. Bri. 56.108; Rox. 623.19 

S.B. 364-16 

Russell, Addison P. Characteristics. Sketches 
and essays. 1898.16; Dor. 286.20 

Russell, W, Clark. Round the galley fire. 


— A sea queen. A novel S. E. 573-7 
Sadler, Samuel W. Pirate's creek. A story 

of treasure-quest. Illus. 1490.41 

Saint-Victor, Paul, comte de. Les deux 
masques, tragedle, comedie. le serie. Les an- 
tiques. I. Eschyle. Rox. 7422.17 

Saunders, William. Insects injurious to fruits. 
Illus. Dor. 524.6 

Sauveur, Lambert, and Van Daell, Alphonse 
N. La parole francjaise. 2064.34 

Schayer, Julia. Tiger Lily, and other stories. 

Rox. 1 133.6 

Schleiden, Matthias J. The sciences among 
the Jews before and during the middle ages. 
Trans. 1086.33 

Schmid, Christoph von. Rosa von Tannen- 
burg. A tale. Trans, from the German, by 
Lucie A. Archer. 1426.21 ; J. P. 632.14 

School girls all the world over. With illus. 

Schouler, William. A history of Massachu- 
setts in the Civil war. 2 v. Illus. J. P. 914.9 
Schurz, Carl. Visit of Carl Schurz to Boston, 
March, 1881. Chn. 5215.30 

Science. An illustrated journal. Vol. i. 

Rox. 7391-4 

Scott, Leader. Messer Agnolo's household. 

A ' Cinque cento' Florentine story. S. E, 489a. 12 

Scott, Sir Walter. Poetical works. With 

memoir, by F. T. Palgrave. JJ. E. 142.9 

The lady of the lake. Edited by W. J. 

Rolfe. With illus. 


— Royal characters from [his] works. Ar- 
ranged by W. T. Dobson. With illus. in pho- 
tography. 1897.32 

Scudder, Horace E. The Bodleys on wheels. 
With illus. Rox. 

— The English Bodlev family. With illus. 

50.31 ; bri. 66.86; Chn. 612.2a 

E. B. 496.9 ; J. P. 212.28 ; Rox. 910.10 

Scudder, Vida D. {Davida Coit.) How the 

rain sprites were freed. Illus. 40.32 

Sergeant, Adeline. Beyond recall. A novel. 

[Leisure hour series.] S. B. 234.39 

Shakespeare, William. The Shakespeare book. By J. Bartlett. Rox. R.R., H. 5.18 

— Sonnets. Edited by E. Dowden. Rox. 7347.8 
Shaw, Catharine. Alick's hero. ^479-37 
Sheldon, Sheldon. Earl Wayne's nobility. A 

novel. Dor. 464.23 

Shelton, Edward. The dictibnarj' of every- 
day difficulties in reading, writing, and speaking 
the English language. Chn. 115.13 

Shepard, William, editor. Pen pictures of 
earlier Victorian authors. [The literary life. 
Vol. 3.] Rox. 1027.13 ; S. B. 69.40 

— Pen pictures of modern authors. [The lit- 
erary life. Vol.2.] Bri. 54.134; Dor. 178.39 

Sheppard, Elizabeth S. Charles Auchester. 


Shoemaker, J. W. Practical elocution. 1393.31 

Shoemaker, Mrs. J. W., editor. The elocu- 
tionist's annual. Number 11. I393>2g 

Sidgwick, Henry. The methods of ethics. 

Rox. 5824. 16 

Sidney, Margaret, ^jc«</. 5'<'« Lothrop, H. M. 

Sinnett, A. P. Esoteric Buddhism. S. E. 98.20 

Slave, The, the serf, and the freeman. Trans, 
and adapted by Mrs. Campbell Overend. 1469.58 

Smalley, Eugene V. History of the Northern 

Pacific railroad. Maps. Illus. 631.3 

J. P. 914-7; Rox. 5032.10 

Smiles, Samuel. The life of George Stephen- 
son and Robert Stephenson. Illus. J. P. 1113.21 

Smith, P'annie N. {Ckristabel Goldsmith.) 
Peace Pelican, spinster. A love story. 

Dor. 464.18 

Smith, Julie P. Blossom-bud and her genteel 
friends. A story. Dor. 464.19 

Smith, William A. Who is responsible.'' A 
story of American Western life. S. B. 271.60 

Soldan, Louis. Grube's method. Two essays 
on elementary instruction in arithmetic. 1143.18 

S. E. 108.25 

Sommers, Jane R., /5c«</. S'cc Jones, C. 

Southey, Robert, The book of the church. 
London, 1824. 2 v. Rox. 6338.7 

Spencer, Herbert. The study of sociology. 
[International scientific series.] 130.45 

Spencer, William G. Inventional geometry. 
[Science primers.] Rox. 6418.15 

Spooner, Zilpha H., editor. Poems of the 
Pilgrims [of Plymouth]. Illus. ^353-9 

Staples, W. Gordon. The cruise of the Snow- 
bird. A story of Arctic adventure. Illus. 

1436.9; Dor. 488.20; S. B. 123.46 




Staples, W. Gordon, continued. 

— Friends in fur : true tales of cat life. [Vol. 

I.] Illus. 172-33 

Another edition, with the title "Cats," may be found on 
shelf no. 1 17S.7. 

Stanhope, Leicester. Greece, in 1823 and 
1824. Phila., 1825. Chn. 2882.15 

Step, Edward. Plant-life. With illus. 172.30 

Stephens, Charles A. The Knockabout club 

in the tropics. Adventures in New Mexico, 

Mexico, and Central America. Illus. 662.2 

Chn. 2335.21 ; Dor. 455.3 ; J. P. 222.3 

N. E. 172.25 ; Rox.434.22 

Stevens, John A. Albert Gallatin. [American 
statesmen.] 1533-9 

Stevenson, Robert L. An inland voj^age 
[through Belgium and northern France]. 

Bri. 54-133 

Stewart, Balfour. The conservation of energy. 
[International scientific series.] 1145.15 

The appendix consists of Correlation of vital with chemi- 
cal and pliysical forces, by Joseph Le Conte; Correlation of 
nervous and mental forces, by Alexander Bain. 

— Physics. With illus. [Science primers.] 

Rox. 6418.8 

Stoddard, John L. Red-letter days abroad. 

With illus. Dor, 456-23 ; J." P. 1432.16 

S. B. 341-34 

Stoddard, William O. Among the lakes. 

[Fiction.] Dor. 257.22; Rox. 2425.15 

S. B. 130.52; S. E. 655.1 

— Wrecked .? A novel. 1426.8 ; Dor. 464.26 

Rox. 2433.2; S. B. 228.47; S. E. 506.10 

Stone, May E. A faii; plebeian. Dor. 464.7 

Story, A, for the school-room. By the author 
of " Mary Cloudsdale." Illus. 1479.32 

Stuart, Esme. Lia : a tale of Nuremberg. 
Illus. 1426.13 

Sumner, William G. What social classes owe 
to each other. S. B. 328.39 

Swan, Annie S. Aldersyde. A [Scottish] 
border story of seventy years ago. 1469.57 

Sweet, Alexander E., and Knox, J. Armoy. On 
a Mexican mustang through Texas. Illus. 

Dor. 456.20; J. P. 1322.2 

Sweetser, Moses F., editor. Artist-biogra- 
phies. Illus. Namely: — 

— Allston. Illus. Dor. 507.19 

— Claude Lorraine. Dor. 507.17 

— Diirer. Dor. 507.20 

— Fra Angelico. Dor. 507.19 

— Guido Reni. Dor. 507.17 

— Landseer. Dor. 507.18 

— Leonardo da Vinci. Dor. 507.21 

— Michael Angelo. Dor. 507.21 

— Murillo. Dor. 507.19 

— Raphael Dor. 507.21 

— Rembrandt. Dor. 507.20 

— Sir Joshua Reynolds. Dor. 507.18 

— Titian. Dor. 507.17 

— Turner. Dor. 507.18 

— Van Dyck. Dor. 507.20 
Swinton, William. Outlines of the world's 

history. Illus. S. B. 4936 

Symonds.John A. Italian byways. 1668.25 

S. B. 348.43 ; S. E. 365-23 

— Renaissance in Italy. [Part 4.] Italian 
irterature. 2 v. Portrait. 383.6 

Symondson, F. W. H. Two years abaft the 
mast. 1679.17; Chii. 2337.6 

Tabor, Eliza. The senior songman. A novel. 
By the author of St. Olave's. Dor. 322a. 12 

Talbot, Charles R. Parlor comedies. "No 
questions asked " and ' ' More than they bargained 
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Contents. — [2.] England. The mediaeval period : The 
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or the times of St. Anselm ; Alice of Fobbing-, or the 
times of Jack Straw and Wat Tyler; Walter the armourer, 
or the interdict; Ag-nes Martin, or the fall of Cardinal 
Wolsey. [3.] America and our colonies: The chief's 
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First published under the title "The child of the cavern; 
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Story of a horse. 

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This was first published with the title " Future life; or, 
scenes in another world." 

Wood, John G. The new illustrated natural 
history. With designs. S. B. 311.25 

Woods, Kate T. Twice two and other stories. 
Illus. 40.33 

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a collection of plans, exterior and interior views, 
illustrating the alteration and remodelling of 
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World, The, of song: a collection of songs, 
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J. P. 231 1.9 

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Illus. Bri, 113. no 

Yonge, Charlotte M. Young folks' history of 
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— Young folks' history of France [b. c. 150- 
A. D. 1871]. Illus. Bri, 82.73; Rox. 625.20 

— Young folks' history of Germany [to 1877]. 
Illus. Bri. 82,72 

— Young folks' history of Greece [to 1875]. 
Illus. Bri. 82.74 

— Young folks' history of Rome [b. c. 753- 
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Yonge, Charlotte M., and Weld, Horatio H. 
Aunt Charlotte's stories of American history. 
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Rox, 625.21 ; S. B. 159.44 
Young folks' annual. Eight serials in i vol- 
ume. Illus. 1845. so 
Young ladies' journal, The. Vol. 21. 1883. 
Illus. E. B. 171.4 
Zimmern, Helen. Maria Edgeworth. 1532.18 
Clin. 2877.11 ; Dor 507.7; Rox. 1036.12 
S, B. 60.41 ; S. E, 209.19 

A List of the Text-editions and Translations of the Eddas. 

The following titles have been prepared by Mr. Thorvald Solberg, and kindly offered for pub- 
lication in the Bulletin of the Boston Public Library. 

The titles here presented are selected from a collection of eight hundred titles relating to Norse 
Mythology. In the original manuscript compilation each title is given in extenso and a complete 
indication of the contents of each work represented is carefully given. It is intended here to give 
the titles with reasonable fulness, but to omit the contents indications, except to indicate, by suitable 
abbreviations, the parts of the Edda contained in the volume. Commentaries upon the Eddas, when 
printed without text, are omitted; and texts or translations of parts of either Edda, when published 
only in Periodicals or Society Transactions, are excluded. It is intended hereafter to print a com- 
plete catalogue of the Edda literature, and corrections or additions will be thankfully received. The 
titles marked "* are of works not seen by the compiler, and he would like to call attention to them in 
the hope that guardians of public or private Libraries in the United States where these works are 
contained, will be kind enough to notify him whether he can have access to them. Mr. Solberg's 
address is Anacostia Post Office, Washington, D.C- 

The compiler wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to Professor Theodor Mobius, but for 
whose learned works in the bibliography of Old Norse literature this list could not have been 

The initials following certain titles indicate the libraries which contain the works represented; 
as follows: A. L., Astor Library ; B. A., Boston Athenaeum; B. P. L., Boston Public Library; 
H. C., Harvard College Library; L. C, Library of Congress; P. I., Peabody Institute Library, 
Baltimore. In the case of the Boston Public Library the shelf-numbers are given, except in cases 
where the books have been ordered from Europe, but not received at the time of the publication of 
this Bulletin. 

I. Edda S^mundar. 

The Edda Saemundar consists of the following thirty-nine poems, 
they are indicated by the Roman numerals prefixed to them here. 


In the body of the catalogue 































Baldrs draiunar 















Helga kviSa HjorvarSssonar 



Helga kviSa Hundingsbana I. 









SigurSaikviSa I. 




SigurSarkviSa III. 
BrynhildarkviSu brot 
HelreiS Brynhildar 
GuSriinarkviSa I. 
Drdp Nifiunga 
GuSrunarkviSa II. 










Hrafnagaldr USins 


I. Text-editions of the -whole or of parts of the 
ScBtnundar Edda. Arranged chronologically. 

Ethica Odini pars Eddaj Saemundi vocata 
Haavamaal, una cum ejusdem appendice appel- 
late Runa Capitule, a multis exoptata nunc tan- 
dem Islandicfe & Latine in lucem producta est per 
Petrum yoh. Resenium. Hazinias, imprimebat 
H. Gdde'anus, 1665. 16 1. sm. 40. (i) 

A.L., B.P.L., 2876.26, L.C. 

The Latin version is by Gudmund Andersen. This work 
was published with (102), and the two leaves of errata belong 
to (10a), (a) and (i). 

Philosophia antiqvissima Norvego-Danica 
dicta VVoluspa qvae est pars Edda; Szemundi, 
Edda Snorronis non brevi antiqvioris, Islandice 
& Latine publici juris primiim facta a Petro Joh. 
Resenio. Havnice, typis H. Godiani, 1665. 10 1. 
sm. 4". (2) 

A.L., B.P.L., 2876.26, L.C. 

The Latin version is by Stephan (5lafsson. This work 
was published with (102). 

* Philosophia antiqvissima Norwego-Danica, 
dicta Woluspa. alias Edda SEemundi. Ex biblio- 
theca Petri Joh. Resenii. HafnicB, 1673. x., 
104 pp. 7I. sm. 4«. (3) 

Icelandic and Latin. The Latin version is accredited to 
Gudmund Andersen. 

De Yfverborna Atlingars, eller Sviogothars 
ok Nordmanners patriarkaliska lara, eller sadan 
Hon var fore Odhin II: s tid ; af SSmund hin 
frode, pa Island, efter gamla Runobdcker, ar 
Chr. 1090 afskrefven ; men nu efter trenne kongl. 
antiqvitets archivet tilhoriga Gothiska hand- 
skrifter, med Svensk ofversattning utgifven af 
Johan Gdransson. Stockholm, y. Merckell, 1750. 
2 p.l. 3-24 pp. ll. 4°. (4) 

Contains : Icelandic and Swedish versions of (I.) 

* Vafthrudnismal, sive Odarum EddJE Ssemun- 
dianx una qvam ex cod. membr. biblioth. regiae 
versione I^tina, varietate lectionum, notis philo- 
logico-criticis, indiceque vocum, pro stipendio 
communitatis regijc, opponentium examini sistit 
Grimus johannis Thorkelin, defendente Thorkel 
Sigv. Lilliendahl. HafnicB, Stein, 1779. 5 1. 
67 pp. 4°- (5) 

Edda Szemundar hinns fr6da. Edda rhythmica 

seu antiqvior, vulgo Saemundina dicta. Hafnice, 

sumtibits legati MagncBani et Gyldendalii, 1787- 

1828. 3 V. 40. (6) 

A.L., B.A., B.P.L., *422o.9, H.C., P.L 

Icelandic text, Latin version and Latin notes. The 
editors, contributors and translators are Skiili J>6r3arson 

Eorlaksson, Arni Magnusson, J6n Eyriksson, Borge bor- 
ksson, Finn Magnusson, GuSinundr Magnusson, J6n 
J6nsson, J6n Olafsson, and Gunnar Pilsson. 

* Rigs-Mal, carmen Gothicum antiquissimum 
Scaniae historian! illustrans. Prses. Nikolas 
Henrik Sjoborg, resp. Emanuel Wenster. Diss. 
acad. Luttdce, 1801. 28 pp. 4°. (7) 

The Norse text and Latin version were republished in 
" Illustrations of Northern antiquities," 4', Edinburgh, 
y. Ballantyne & co., for Liongman [Wr.], 1S14, pp. 446-4:9, 
B.P.L., •4900.36, and reprinted verbatim under the title: 
Rigs mal. An allegorical account of the origin of ranks 
and titles, composed in the 7th or Sth century, in " Origines 
patricise," by R. T. Hampson, 8', London, H. K. CaustoH, 
1846, pp. 373-385- 

* Helga-Quida Haddingia scata hoc est carmen 
deHelgio, Haddingorum heroesect. i. [str. i-viii.] 
Specimen Eddicum codicis Vidaliniani, numquam 
antea typis impressum, nee interpretatione illus- 
tratum. Quod programmatis loco . . . eruditor. 
examini subjicit F. D. Grater. [//a//], 181 1. 
8 pp. 80. (8) 

Contains: (XV.) 

Reprinted in " Bragur. Ein litterarisches magazin der 
deutschen und nordischen vorzeit." v. 8. Breslau, iSia, 
pp. 211-324. 

Altnordische lieder und sagen welche zum 
fabelkreis des Heldenbuchs und der Nibelungen 
gehoren. Mit einer einleitung iiber die ge- 
schichte und das verhaltniss dieser nordischen 
und deutschen dichtungen durch Friedrich Hein- 
rich von der Hagen. — Lieder der alteren oder 
Samundischen Edda. Zum erstenmal heraussre- 
geben durch F. H. von der Hagen. Berlin, 
Haude <£■ Spcner, 1812. 2 p.l. xii., cxviii., 98pp. 
8". (9) 

A.L., H.C. 

Contains: (XIV.-XXXIV.) 

* Vdlu Spd med dfvversattning fr&n islandskan. 
{^Anon., signed A — z, i.e. Arvid August Afze- 
lius.] [Stociholnt, i8i2.] No title. 72 pp. 
8°. (10) 

Text and Swedish translation of (I.) 




The same. In "Iduna." 3dje hiiftet, 3dje 
uppl. i6°. Stockholm, F. B. Jiestitis, 1S24, 
pp. 3-74. (11) 

A.L., H.C. 

Lieder der alten Edda. Aus der handschrift 
herausgegeben und erklart durch die bruder 
[Jacob Ludwig Karl und Wilhelm Karl] Grimm, 
isterband. Berlin, im verlagc der Realschul- 
buchhandlungy 1815. viii., 287 & 70 pp. 8°. 

A.L., B.P.L., 2875.11 
Contains : Text of (XIV.-XXV.) with German version 
and German foot-notes. 

Edda Saemundar hinns froda. Collectio car- 
minum veterum scaldorum Szemundiana dicta. 
Qiiam, ex codicibus pergamenis chartaceisque 
cum notis et lectionibus variorum, ex recensione 
Erasmi Christiani Rask curavit Arv. Aug. Afze- 
lius. HolmicBy typis Elmenianis, 1818. 5 p. 1. 
288 pp., portrait of Rask. 8°. (13) 

A.L., B.P.L., H.C. 

* Volospa hoc est Volse seu SibylliE arctoje vati- 
cinium,codicis Vidaliniani, quo rite tandem possit 
judicari, num a Vidalino sit diversus necne, spec, 
integrum, sua ipsius manu accurate descriptum, 
edidit F. D. Grater. Lifsice, Central-compioir, 
1818. XXX., 22 pp. 8". (14) 

*Volo-spd hoc est carmen Veledae, Islandice et 
Latine ; commentariolis illustratum. Lund, 1829. 
I 1. 31-114PP. 4°. (15) 

Edited with Latin version by Peter Wieselgren. 

Vaulu-spa. Das alteste denkmal germanisch- 
nordischer sprache, nebst einigen gedanken iiber 
Nordens wissen und glauben und nordische dicht- 
kunst von Ludwig Ettmiiller. Leipzig, Weid- 
ina^msche buchhattdlujig; iST)0. Ivi., i68 pp. 12°. 

A.L., B.P.L., 2876.27, H.C. 
Text of (I.) with German translation and notes. 

* Voluspd. [Trykt som manuscript for prof. 
N. M. Petersen.] [^Kji)bett7iavn, y. H. Schultz, 
1836.] No title, ID pp. 8". (17) 

* ForspiallslioJ) litgefin af Hallgn'mr Sch^ving. 
Videyar Klaustri, [^Iceland], 1837. 54 PP- ^1- 
8°. (18) 

Contains: Text of (XXXVIII.) 

Poemes islandais (Voluspa, Vafthrudnismal, 
Lokasenna) tires de I'Edda de Saemund, publics 
avec une traduction, des notes et un glossaire par 
F. G. Bergmann. Paris, a rimprimerie royale, 
1838. 2 p. 1. xvi.»474pp. il. 8°. (19) 


* Skirners fard fran islandskan ofversatt utur 
den aldre Eddan. Forfattad och utgifven af 
Carl Peter Freidenfelt. Del i. Upsala, 1845. 
19 pp. 8°. (20) 

Contains : Text and Swedish translation of (XI.) 

Den seldre Edda. Samlingaf norr^ne oldkvad, 
indeholdende Nordens seldstegude-oghelte-sagn. 
Ved det akademiske collegiums foranstaltning 
udgivet efter de aeldste og bedste haandskrifter, 
og forsjnet med fuldstaendigt variant-apparat. 
Af P. A. Munch. Ledsager forelaesnings-catalo- 
gen for iste halvaar 1847. Christiania, P. T. 
Mailing, 1847. xviii., 214 pp. ^l- sm. 4°; (21) 

B.P.L., H.C, L.C. 

Wayland smith A dissertation on a tradition 
of the middle ages. From the French of G. B. 
Depping and Francisque Michel. With addi- 
tions by S. W. Singer, And the amplified legend 
by Oehlenschlager. London, W. Pickering, 1847. 
5 p. 1., xci, 2 1., 64 pp. 16°. (22) 

B.P.L., 2236.12, L.C. 

Contains: Icelandic and English version of (XIV.), 
pp. Ixxix.-xci. 

Antiquit^s russes d'aprfes les monuments histo- 
riques des Islandais et des anciens Scandinaves, 
dditees par la Soci^t^ i-oyale des antiquaires du 
nord. Copenhague, de Vimprimerie des frbres 
Berling, 1850. 2 v. fol. (23) 

A.L., B P.L., H.C, L.C. 

Contains : Les deux Eddas en extraits. I. L'Anclenne 
Edda, aussi nomm^e Edda de Saemund Sigfusson (XIII., 
XIX., XXIII.-XXVI., XXX.-XXXIV.),pp. 1-41. H. La 
Jeune Edda, aussi nomm^e Edda de Snorre Sturlason, pp. 
42-64. The Norse text is given with a Lwtin translation and 
French explanations. The work was edited by Carl Chris- 
tian Rafn, Peter Andreas Munch, and others. 

Visit to Iceland and the Scandinavian north. 
Translated from the German of madame Ida 
Pfeiffer. To which are added an essay on Ice- 
landic poetry, from the French of m. Bergmann; 
a translation of the Icelandic poem the Voluspa; 
and a brief sketch of Icelandic history. London, 
Ingrain, Cooke, <£: co., 1852. 12°. (24) 


Contains : Icelandic text and English translation of (I.), 
pp. 324-338. 

Essai sur la Rigsmaal-saga et sur les trois 
classes de la societe germanique par Men de 
Ring. Paris, B. Duprat, 1854. 2 p. 1. 120 pp. 
i6«. (25) 

A.L., B.P.L. 

The text of (XII.) is reprinted from Edda Saemundar: 
Munch's edition, 1847, together with a French prose trans- 
lation, pp. 9-49. 

* Das eddische Rigsmal nebst iibersetzung und 
erlauterungen von Bernhard Werneke. Deutsch- 
Crone, 1857. 22 pp. 4°. (26) 


Les chants de s61 (S61ar li6d). Poeme tire de 
I'Edda de Saemund publie avec une traduction et 
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Die Edda. Eine sammlung altnordischer 
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The same. Efterslajt til min udgave af Sjemun- 
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kongelige nordiske Oldskiift-selskab." 1869. 8°. 
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The same: 2den p& ny gennemarbejdede 
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The same. Til " Saemundar Edda." Af Svend 
Grundtvig In "Nordisk tidskrift for filologi." 
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Le message de Skirnir et les dits de Grimnir 
(Skirnisfdr-Grimnismfll). Poemes tires de I'Edda 
de Siemund, publics avec des notes philolo- 
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Das Graubartslied (Harbardsliod). Loki's 
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Vielgewandts spriiche und Groa's zaubersang 
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Weggewohnts lied (Vegtams kvida). Der 
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Rig's spriiche (Rigs m^l) und Das Hyndla-lied 
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Sa;munds-Edda kritisch hergestellt, iibersetzt und 
erklart von dr. Friedrich Wilh. Bergmann. Strass- 
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Des Hehren spruche (H^va m^l) undaltnordi- 
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Edda kritisch hergestellt, ubersetzt und erklart 
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* Allweise's spriiche, Thryms-sagelied, Hymis- 
sagelied, und Loki's wortstreit (Alvissmal, 
Thrymskvida, Hymiskvida, Lokasenna). Vier 
Eddische gedichte des Th6r-cyclus, kritisch 
hergestellt, iibersetzt und erkliirt von F. W. 
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viii, 304 pp. 12°. (4a) 

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* Corpvs poeticvm boreale. The poetry of the 
old northern tongue from the earliest time to the 
thirteenth century. Edited, classified, and trans- 
lated, with introduction, excursus, and notes, by 
Gudbrand Vigfusson and F. York Powell. 
Oxford, Clarendon press, \%%2f 2 v. 8°. (43) 

B.P.L., 4871.15 

Volume I cnntiiins the text of the Eddie poems with a 
prose translation into English. 

2. Translations of the Saemundar Edda. 


* Danske sange af det aeldste tidsrum, inde- 
holdende blant andet nogle danske og norske 
kongers bedrifter. Af det gamle sprog oversatte 
[af Berthel Christian Sandvig. } Ki^benhavn, 
1779. 10 p. 1. 144 pp. 8°. (44) 

Contains: Danish versions of (X.), pp. 14-23: (II- 
Riinakapituli), pp. 23-32. 

* Forsdg til en oversaettelse af Saemunds Edda. 
[Ved B. 'C Sandvig.] Kj^bcnhavn, 1783-85. 
2v. 8 p. 1. 192 pp. 4p. 1.199 pp. 8°. (45) 

Contains: Vol. t. (XXXIX.. XXXVIII., I.-V., VII., 
VIII.) Vol.3. (XI., X., XIV., IX., V1.,XIII., XXXVII., 

Den aeldre Edda. En samling af de nordiske 
folks aeldste sagn og sange, ved Siemund Sig- 
fussdn kaldet hin frode. Oversat og forklaret 
ved Finn Magnusen. Kjobcnhavn, den Gylden- 
dalske boghandling, 1821-2^. 4 v. 12°. (46) 

B.P.L.,H.C., LC 

* Valasangen, Ravnegalderet og Viismands- 
talen. Eddas segte trillingruner, foryngede for 
Nordens folk, anbefalede til Nordens grand- 
skeraand af en liegmand. [Vilhelm Billeschou 
Hjort.] KJ^benhavn, id6o. 55 pp. 8°. (47) 

Contains: (I., XXXVIII., XXXVII.) 
Eddasangene forklarede som bidrag til ver- 
densaandens historic af V. B. Hjort. Ilorsens, 
A. C. Andersens forlag ; i kommission hos F. 
Bertelsen i KJ^benhavn, li^l.'\ 239 pp. 8°- 


Contains: (XXXVI.), pp. 5-20: (II.), pp. 21-59. 

* Udvalgte norske oldkvad, som bidrag til 
kundskab om vore forfaedres religion og liv i 
hedenold, oversatte og forklarede af J. Aars. 
Christiania, y. IV. Cappelen, 1S64. 2 p. 1. 
1T9 pp. 8°. (49) 

Contains: (VIII., X., I., XII., XVI., XVII.) 

* Den gamle Edda eller oldemo'er. Overf0rt 
paa nydansk af V. B. Hjort. Kj^benhavn, 1S65. 
I p. I. 2S6 pp. 8». (50) 

* Den aeldre Edda, norr0ne oldkvad. i. Over- 
satte af A. Gjessing. Kristiaussaud, 1B66. i p. L 

88 pp. 120. (50 

^ B.P.L. 

Contains: (I.-IV., XI., IX., VI., VHI., V., X., XII., 
Xlll., VII.) 




* Kort nordisk gudelaere og overssettelse af 
vedkommende dele af Eddaerne. Ved Edvin 
Jessen. K^benhavn, 1867. i p. 1. 128 pp. 12°. 

Contains : From Snorra Eddn : Gylfaginning, and Skild^ 
skaparmdl. From Saemundar Edda: (I., X., VIII., VI. > 
XIII., IX., VII., XI., III-V., II.) 

* Den aeldre Edda paa dansk ved Fredrik Win- 
kel Horn. Kj^benhavn, JReitzel, 1869. 2 p. 1. 
263 pp. "0. C53) 


* Den aeldre Edda, oversat af H. G. Moller. 
Afdel. I. Gudesange. Afdel. 2. Heltesange. 
Kobenhavn, 1871, 220 pp. & 290 pp. 16''. (54) 

* Mundsmag af den aeldre Edda (Volvens spaa- 
dom, Vejtams-kvide, Vavtrudnes-maal og vers af 
Havamaal). Trjkt som manuscript. Odense ; 
Kj^benhavn, Iversens boghandel, 1874. 32 pp. 
8°. (55) 

Contains: (I., X., III., II.), translated by R.J. Holm. 

* Nordens jjeldste digt [Voluspd] opljst og 
oversat af Fredrik Hammerich, K^befi/iavn, 
1876. 2 p. 1. 138 pp. I pi. music. 8**. (56) 


An idea of the more ancient Edda. [Trans- 
lated from the French of Paul Henri Mallet by 
Thomas Percy, bishop of Dromore.] In Mallet 
(P. H.) Northern antiquities. 8*^. London, T. 
Carnan & co., 1770. v. 2, pp. 201-223. ^57) 

-A.L., H.C., LC. 

T/ie same. In Mallet (P. H.) Northern antiq- 
uities. 8". Rdinburgk, C. Stewart, 1809. v. 2, 
pp. 151-167. (58) 

A.L., H.C., L.C. 

Icelandic poetry, or the Edda of Saemund trans- 
lated into English verse, by A. S. Cottle. Bris- 
tol, N. Biggs for y. Cottle, 1797. xlii. pp. 2 1. 
318 pp. il. 8°. (59) 

A.L., B.A., B.P.L., 4875.2, H.C., L.C, P.I. 

Contains: (III., IV.. XI., IX., VI.-VIII., XXXVIII., 
X., v., XXXVII., XIII.) 

* The song of the sun [SolarljoS], a poem of 
the xi. century, from the more ancient Icelandic 
collection, called Edda, imitated by James Beres- 
ford, with preface, notes, and account of the 
author. London, 1805. 8°. (60) 


Works of the hon. and very rev. William 
Herbert, excepting those on botany and natural 
history; with additions and corrections by the 
author. London, H. G. Bohn, 1842. 3 v. 8°. 


Contains : Horse Scandicae, or works relating to old Scandi- 
navian literature, v. i, pp. ^-^12; including English transla- 
tions, with notes, of (VIl'l., X., XI., XXlII., XXV., 
XXXI., XIV., XXXIX., stanza 10). 

For English translation of (XIV.), 1847, 5^« (22). For 
English version of (I.), 1852, see (24). 

Edda Saemundar hinns fr63a. The Edda of 
Saemund the learned. From the Old Norse or 
Icelandic, with a mythological index. Part i. 
[^«o«., by Benjamin Thorpe.] London, Triibncr 
& CO., 1866. viii., 152 pp. 12°. (62) 

B.A., B.P.L., 4875.14, H.C., L.C. 

The same: With an index of persons and 
places. Part 11. [By Benjamin Thorpe.] Lon- 
don, Triibncr & co., 1866. viii., 170 pp. il. 
120. (63) 

B.A., B.P.L., 4875.14, H.C. 

Volsunga saga. The story of the Vdlsungs & 
Niblungs with certain songs from the Elder 
Edda. Translated from the Icelandic by Ein'kr 
Magnusson and William Morris. London, F. S. 
Ellis, 1870. XX., 275 pp. 8°. (64) 

B.A., B.P.L., 4S74.64, H.C, P.L 

Contains: (XVII., XXII., XXIII., XXV., XXIV., 

Professor Rasmus B. Anderson has in prepara- 
tion a translation of the Elder Edda. (64a) 

For English prose translation of the Eddie poems, by 
Gudbrand Vigfusson and Frederick York Powell, 1883, see 


Mobius gives an incomplete reference to a 
Flemish translation of (J.V.) by G. D. Franquinet. 
Antwerp, 1846. 20 pp. (64b) 


De I'ancienne Edda. [Translated from the 
L,atin into French by Paul Henri Mallet.] In 
Mallet (P. H.) Histoire de Dannemarc. 3* ^d. 
V. 2. 16°. Geneve, Barde, Manget dc cie, 1787, 
pp. 265-291. (65) 

A.L., H.C, L.C. 

For French translation of (1., III., & VII.), by F. W. 
Bergmann, 1S3S, see (19). 

Bibliotheque etrangere ou choix d'ouvrages re- 
marquables (histoire, poesie, theatre, romans, 
etc.) Traduits de diverses langues par mile R. 
Du Puget. Premiere serie. Auteurs suedois, 
danois, norwegiens et islandais. [Vol. i. Les 
Eddas, traduites de I'ancien idiome scandinave.] 
Paris, Vediteur, 1838. 528 pp. 8°. (66) 


The same : * Les Eddas, traduites de I'ancien 
idiome scandinave ; par mile R. Du Puget. 2e 
ed. Paris, impr. youaust, iS6^. 447 pp. 8°. (67) 


Trois chants de I'Edda: Vaftrudnismal ; Thry- 
msqvida ; Skirnisfor traduits en vers fran9ais ac- 
compagn^s de notes explicatives des mythes et 
allegories et suivis d'autres poemes par W. E. 
Frye. Paris, four Vautenr chez Heideloff & cie, 
1844. xii. pp. il. 114 pp. i^- 8°- (68) 


This work was originally published in successive num- 
bers of " L'fecho de la litterature et des beaux-arts," edited 
by M. de Belenet. 

For French translation of (XII.), by Max. de Ring, 1S54, 
see (25). For French translation of (XXXIX.), by F. W. 
Bergmann, 1858, see (27). 

La saga des Nibelungen dans les Eddas et dans 
le nord scandinave. Traduction prec^dde d'une 
etude sur la formation des epopees nationales par 
E. de Laveleye. Paris, Librairie internationale: 
Bruxelles, A. Lacroix, Verbocckhoven <& cie, 
1866. 390 pp. 16°. (69) 

B.P.L., H.C. 

For French translation of (XI. & IV.), by F. W. Berg, 
mann, 1871, see (35). 




• Die islandische Edda. Das ist : die geheime 
gottes-lehre der altesten Hyperboraier enthaltend. 
I. Das sybillinische karmen die Voluspah ge- 
nannt. II. Des Odins sittenlehre, Hava oder 
Hars mal. III. Drey und dreyssig damosagen 
oder fabeln, so eine erklarung der Voluspah in 
beyspielen. Im jahr 1070 bis 1075 aus alten 
runischen schriften mit lateinischen buchstaben 
zuerst ediret von Siemund froden ; hiernachst im 
jahr 1664 von Resen aus den altest. handschriften, 
in die danische und lateinische sprache Ubersetzt 
besorget; und nun in die hochteutsche sprache, 
mit einem versuch zur rechten erklarung uber- 
setzt und ediret von Jacob Schimmelmann. 
Stettin, Struk, 1777. 3I. 456 pp. 7 pi. 4°. (70) 

Nordische blume von Friedrich David Grater. 
Leipzig, in der Griiffischen buchkandlung, 17S9. 
xiv. pp. il. 372 pp. 16°. (71) 


Contains : Dialogen und erzUhlungen aus der alteren 
Edda, (VIII., IX., III., XIII., V.-VII., XI.), pp. 91-251. 
Zwey entdeckte lieder (from II.), pp. 305-321. 

* Die Edda-lieder von den Nibelungen zum 
erstenmal verdeutscht und erklart durch Fried- 
rich Heinrich von der Hagen. Breslau, 1814. 
XXX., 90 & 30 pp. 8°. (72) 

Contains : (XVIII.-XXII.) 

For German translation of (XIV.-XXV.), by the Grimm 
brothers, 1S15, see (12). 

Mythologische dichtungen und lieder der 
Skandinavier. Aus dem islandischen der jiin- 
geren und alteren Edda ubersetzt und mit einigen 
anmerkungen begleitet von Friedrich Majer. 
Leipzig; C. Cnobloch : gedruckt in Rudolstadt 
beiD.C.P.Frdbel,\%\%. xvi., 248 pp. 12°. (73) 


Contains : From Edda Snorra Sturlusonar : Gylfagin. 
ning, il., pp. 3-80: BragaraeSur, pp. 81-102. — From Edda 
Saemundar (I., III., IV., XI., X., VIII., & VI.), pp. 103- 

Samund's Edda des weisen oder die altesten 
norranischen lieder. Als reine quellen iiber 
glauben und wissen des germanogothischen vor- 
christlichen Norden : aus dem islandischen iiber- 
setzt und mit anmerkungen begleitet von J. L. 
Studach. iste abtheilung. NUrnberg, J. L. 
Sc/irag, 1829. xxvi. pp. il. 160 pp. 4°. (74) 


Contains : German translations of (I.-Vl., VIII. & IX.), 
preceded by introductions. 

[Fornaldar gullmanur NoriSrlanda. /« Runic 
letters.^ Fundgruben des alten Nordens. Bear- 
beitet und herausgegeben durch dr. GustavThor- 
mod Legis. Zweiter band. Edda. die stamm- 
mutter der poesie und der weisheit des Nordens. 
Lyrisch-epische dichtungen, mythen und sagen 
der Gotho-Germanischen vorzeit. Zum ersten- 
mal aus der islandischen urschrift ubertragen, 
mit asthetisch-kritischen bemerkungen, mytholo- 
gischen erlauterungen, einem fortlaufenden com- 
mentar und register versehn von dr. G. T. Legis. 
iste abtheilung. Leipzig, IV. Naiick, 1829. 
xxiv., 266 pp. I chart. 8". (75) 

A.L., B.A., B.P.L., *4220.ii 

Contains: (I., III., IV., VI., XI., & IX.) 

For German translation of (I.), by Ludwig Ettmiiller, 
1830, see (16). 


Die lieder der Edda von den Nibelungen. 
Stabreimende verdeutschung nebst erlauterungen 
von Ludwig Ettmiiller. ZUrick, Orell, Fiissli 
db comp., 1837. xliv., 119 pp. 8". (76) 


Contains: (XIX.-XXXIV.) 

Die Edda, die altere und jiingere nebst den 
mythischen erzahlungen der skalda iibersetzt und 
mit erlauterungen begleitet von Karl Simrock. 
Stuttgart und TUbingen, y. G. Cotta'scJter ver- 
lag, 1851. viii, 435 pp. 8°. (77) 

The same : ate verm, und verb, auflage. Stutt- 
gart und Augsburg, y. G. Cotta, 1855. viii., 
490 pp. 8°. (78) 

B.A., L.C. 

T/ie same : * 3. verm, und verb, auflage. 
Stuttgart, y. G. Cotta, 1864. viii., 514 pp. 

8°. (79) 


Tke same : * 4. verrrt. und verb. aufl. Stutt- 
gart, y. G. Cotta, 1871. viii., 527 pp. 8°. (80) 

T/te same : 5te verb, auflage. Stuttgart, y. G. 
Cotta, iS-j^. viii., 526 pp. 8°. (81) 

B.P.L., 2876.54 

T/ie same : * 6. verb. aufl. Stuttgart, y. G. 
Cotta, 1876. viii., 463 pp. 8°. (82) 

Tke same : * 7. verb. aufl. Stuttgart, y. G. 
Cotta, 1878. viii., 482 pp. 8°. (83) 

TAe same : *8. aufl. Stuttgart, y. G. Cotta, 
1882. viii., 482 pp. 8°. (84) 


Die sage von Helgi. Liederkreis nach der 
Edda von Carl von Noorden. Bonn, Henry d 
Cohen, 1857. xvi., 154 pp. il. 16°. (85) 


For German translation of (XII.), by Bemhard Werneke, 

1857, see (26). 

* Zwei lieder der Edda. In der alliteration 
des originals iibertragen von Rosa Warrens. 
Hamburg, Hoffmann dt Campe, 1863. vii., 60 pp. 

120. (86) 

Contains : (XVI. & XVII.) 

Helgi und Sigrun. Zwolf lieder germani- 
scher heldensage. Nebst einer abhandlung iiber 
die Helgilieder der Edda. Von VV. Hahn. Berlin, 
E. H. Schroder, 1867. xvi., 116 pp. 8». (87) 


Contains: (XVI. & XVII.) 

Aus Saemundar Edda bins froda. Altnor- 
dische dichtungen. Verdeutscht und den formen 
moderner poesie angepasst von K. Esmarch. 
Prag. [^Druckvon G. Haase soAne, selbstverlag.'] 
187 1. 2 p. 1. 1X2 pp. 8°. (88) 

Contains: (I.-IV.) 

Edda. Lieder germanischer gottersage bear- 
beitet und erlautert von Werner Hahn. Berlin, 
Haude- it- Spener'sche buchhandlung, 1872. viii., 
329 pp. 12°. (89) 


For German translations of (IX.), 1872 and (XXXVII. & 
XXXVI.), 1S74, both by F. W. Bergm-ann, see (36) & (37). 

Die aeltere Edda Ubersetzt und erklart. Vorle- 
sungen von Adolf Holtzmann, herausgegeben 



von Alfred Holder. Leipzig, B. G. Teubner, 
1875. viii., 606 pp. 8°. (90) 

A.L., B.P.L., H.C. 

Contains: (I.-XXXIV.) 

For German translation of (X., XXXVIII. & 1.), by 
F. W. Berginann.-iSys, see(T,%). 

DieEdda. Gotterlieder und heldenlieder. Aiis 
dem Altnordischen von Hans von Wolzogen. 
Leipzig, P. Rcclatn, Jun., [1876. Universal- 
bibliothek, nr. 781-784.J 408 pp. 160. (91) 

For German translation of (XII. & XIII.), by F. W. 
Berginann, 1876, see (40). 

Die aeltere Edda (Samundar Edda) iibersetzt 
und mit kurzen erlauterungen versehen von dr. 
Bodo Wenzel. Leipzig, O. Wigattd, 1877. xxi. 
pp. il. 552 pp. 16°. (92) 

A.L., H.C. 

Contains: (I.-XXXIV.) 

TAe same : *2te ausg. Leipzig, O. Wigand, 
1882. xxi., 552 pp. xeo. (93) 


For German translations of (II.), 1S77, and of (V.-VIII.) 
1878, both by F. W. Bergniann, see (41) & (43). 

Die Edda-gedichte der nordischen heldensage. 
Kritisch hergestellt, iibersetzt und erklart von 
prof. dr. Friedrich Wilhelm Bergmann. Strass- 
burg, K.J.Trubner,\'i'jc). viii., 384 pp. 12°. (94) 

H.C, B.P.L., P.I. 

Contains: (XIV.-XXXV.) in German translation with 
textual criticism, but the text is not printed. 


*4>/j<f5. Art/3. TpETTipog TrotTj/iia 'ES^ikov 'Zmpvripov 6601- 
Tvopia 7) 6 ■^eog ^petp /ivrjar^/p. 'E/c tov nptjTOTvnov TTjq 
Tep/LiaviKr/g (UaXsKTov eif rr/v tov 'Ofir/pov (ha'/itKrov 
fiera(ppaa&ev viro tov avrov. Noch als handsclirift zu 
betrachten. "Ej^ ' hXh^i Koxapn^T/i ao)i. [^Printed 
by D. L. Schwend.^ H PP- 8°. (95) 

Contains : (XI.) 


[No separate Latin translation of Edda Sajmundar 
has been published, but various versions have been pub- 
lished along with the Norse text as follows: of (II.), by 
Gudniund Andersen, 1665, see {x) : of (I.), by Stephan 
Olafsson, 1665, see {2) : of (1.), by Gudmund Andersen, 1673, 
see (3) : of (III.), by Grimr Jonsson porkelin, 1779, see (5) : 
of entire Edda, by GuSmundr Magnusson and others, 17S7- 
1S2S, see (6) : of (XII.), bv N. H. Sjoborg, iSoi, see (7) : of 
I.), bv Peter Wieselgren, '1829, .T^^ (15): of (XIII., XIX., 
XXIII.-XXVI., XXX.-XXXIV.), by Carl Christian Rafn, 


* Los Eddas, traduccion del antiguo idioma 

escandinavo, y al espafiol, con vista de otras ver- 

siones, por D. Amador de los Rios. Madrid, 

imp. de La Esperatiza, 1856. 486 pp. 4". (96) 



For Swedish translations of (I.), bv Johan Goransson, 
1750, see (4), and of (I.), by A. A. Afzelius, 1812, see (lo) & 

Saemund den vises Edda. Sanger af Nordens 
aldsta skaider. Efter handskrifter fran skandina- 
viska forn-spraket dfversatte af Arv. Aug. Afze- 
lius. Stockholm, i Deleens och Granbergs trycke- 
rier, 1818. 10 p.l. 273 pp. il. 8°. (97) 


For Swedish translation of (XI.), by C. P. Freidenfelt, 
1845, see (3o). 

Solsangen [XXXIX.] Ofversattning frin island- 
skan jemte upplysningar. Academisk afhand- 
ling som med vidtberomda philos. facultetens i 
Lund tillstand, for philosophiska graden, kom- 
mer att oftentligen fdrsvaras den 22 maj 1862 af 
Fredrik Wilhelm Petersson. Kopenhainn, y. 
H. Schtiltz, 1862. I p. 1. 32 pp. 8°. (98) 


* Hdvamdl, fdrsok till rimmad ofversattning 
jamte anmjirkningar. Akademisk afhandling af 
Lars Nilsson. Goteborg, 1874. 8°. (99) 

* Edda. En isliindsk samling folkliga forn- 
tidsdikter om Nordens gudar och hjaltar. P& 
svenska af P. Aug. Gddecke. Stockholm, P. A. 
Norstedt & sd7ier, \8l']. xix.,396pp. 8^ (100) 

The same : *2 : a uppl. Stockholm. P. A. 
Norstedt & sbner, 1881. xxiv., 396 pp. 8°. (loi) 

II. Edda Snorra Sturlusonar. 
I. Text-editions. 
Edda. Islandorum an. Chr. Islandice. 
conscripta per Snorronem. Sturise Islandiae. 
nomophylacem nunc, primum Islandice. Danice. 
et. Latine ex. antiqvis. codicibus. biblio- 
thecJE. regis, et. aliorum in. lucem. prodit opera, 
et. studio Petri. Johannis. Resenii. Havnice, typis 
H. Godiani, M. dc-lx. v. (52), (138)!. sm. 4°. 

A.L., B.P.L., 2876.26, L.C. 
The Latin version is based upo;i the Latin transl.itions by 
Stephan Olafsson and Magnus Olafsson. With this work 
was published (i) and (2), the three being bound together, 
with two leaves of errata at end of (2) relating to all three 

De Yfverborna Atlingars, eller, Sviogotars 
ok Nordmanners Edda, det iir, stammodren for 
deras, uti hedendomen, bade andliga ok verldsliga 
vishet; nu fdrsta gangen pa svensko dfversatt, 
med latinsk uttolkning fdrsed; jamte et fdretal 
om Eddans alder ok innehald, m. m. Utgifven 
efter en urgamal, ok ganska fullkomlig Upsala 
academie tilhdrig, pa gdtisko, handskrefven per- 
mebok. Hj'perboreorum Atlantiorum, seu, Suio- 
gotorum et Nordmannorum Edda, hoc est, 
Atavia, seu fons gentilis illorum & theologiiE & 
philosophiae : jam demum versione svionica 
donata, accedente latina : una cum praefamine 
de EddfE antiquitate &c. ad manuscriptum, quod 
possidet bibliotheca Upsalensis, antiquissimum, 
correctissimum, & quidem membranaceum, goti- 
cum, in lucem prodit opera & studio Johannis 
Goransson. Upsala, H. Hecht, [1746.] 5 p. 1. 
94 pp. 40. (103) 


Contains: Gylfaginning in Icelandic, Swedish and Latin. 

Fragmenta Hdstlangae et Thorsdrapa;, ethni- 
corom a seculo ix no et x mo carminum, ex 
Eddae Snorr. codd. regio et Worm, membra neis, 
aliisqve chartaceis, nunc primum edita, versioni- 
busetnotis illustravit SkuliusThordi Thorlacius. 
Havnice, typis C. H. Seidelini, 1801. 2 pts in 
IV. I p. 1. viii., 87 pp. ; xvi., 208 pp. 8". (104) 


Snorra-Edda dsamt Skdldu og parmeS fylgjandi 
ritgjdrSum. Eptir gdmlum skinnbokum titgefin 
af R. Kr. Rask. Stockhdlmi, prentii^ i hinni 
Elmdnsku prentsmiyu, 1818. 16, 16 & 384 pp. 
I 1. 8«. (105) 

A.L., H.C, P.L 



Edda Snorra Sturliisonar, eSa Gylfaginm'ng, 
Skaldskaparmal og Hdttatal. Utgefin af Svein- 
birni Egilssvni. Reykjai'ik, prcntut / pretit- 
sinitJH lanasins, af prcntara H. Helgasyni, 
1848. viii., 156 pp. 8". (106) 

B.P.L., H.C. 

Edda Snorra Sturlusonar. Edda Snorronis 
Sturlaei. [Islandice&latine.] Hafnia^sumptibus 
legati Arnamagnceani, 1848-80. 3 v. 8°. v. i, 
i&i8; V. 2, 1S52; V. 3, part i, 1880. (107) 

B.P.L., H.C. 

Contents: v. i. FormSli, Gylfaginning, Brag-arxgur, 
Skildskaparin^l & H.^ttatal : v. 3. Continens tractatus phi- 
lologicos et additainenta ex codicibus inanuscriptis : v. 3, 
part 1. CommenUirii in canr.ina difficiliora, in ordinem 
prosaicum rcdactu, qua; in Kdda Snorriana occurrunt. 
Auctore Sveinbjorno Egilssonio. 

For extracts from this Edda, published by C. C. Rafn in 
1850, see (2i). 

* Tvo brot af Haustlaung og porsdrdpa ferS 
til retts mils, og litsk^rS, meS glosum i staf- 
rofsroS, af Sveinbirni Egilssyni. Reykjavik, 185 1. 
32 pp. 8°. • (108) 

* Edda Snorra Sturlusonar. j5orleifr Jonsson 
gaf ut. Kaupmaunahofn, den Gyldendalske bog- 
handel, 1875. xxiv., 327 pp. 8°. (109) 

Die prosaische Edda im auszuge nebst 
Volsunga-saga and Nornagests-thdttr. Mit aus- 
fiihrlichem glossar herausgegeben von Ernst 
Wilken. Theil i: Text. Paderborti, F. Sc/io- 
tiingh, 1877. [Bibliothek der altesten^eutschen 
litteratur-denkmaler. xi. band.] cviii., 264 pp. 
8°. (no) 

A.L., B.A., B.P.L. 

The same : * Theil 2 : Glossar. Paderborn, F. 

Sc/ioningh, 1883. 8°, (in) 

The explanatory part was issued as follows : 

Untersuchungen zur Snorra Edda. Als einlei- 
tung zur " Prosaischen Edda im auszuge" von 
E. Wilken. Paderborn, F. Schoningh, 1878. 
2 p. 1. 296 pp. 8". (112) 


* Hdttatal Snorra Sturlusonar. Herausgegeben 
von Theodor Mdbius. L (Gedicht.) Halle a IS., 
btichhandlung des waisen/iauses, 1879. ^^i pp. 
8". (113) 


The same: * IL (Gedicht und commentar.) 

Halle a/S., buchhandlung des Waisenhauses, 

1881. 140 pp. 8°. (114) 


2. Translations. 
• Danish. 

* Edda eller Skandinavernes hedenske gude- 
laere, oversat ved Rasmus Nyerup [og Rasmus 
Kristian Rask.] Kj'pben/iavn, 1808. vi., 127 pp. 
8°. (115) 

The same : * 2den udg. Kj^benhavn, 1865. 

104 pp. 8°- (116) 

For Danish translation of Gylfaginning and Skild- 
skaparmdl, by Edvin Jcssen, 1S67, see (53). 


The Edda, or, ancient Icelandic mythology. 
[Translated from Latin into French by Paul 


Henri Mallet, and from French into English by 
Thomas Percy.] In Mallet (P. H.) Northern 
antiquities. 8". London, T. Carnan d co., 1770. 
V. 2, pp. 1-199. (117) 

A.L., H.C, L.C. 

The same. In Mallet (P. H.) Northern antiq- 
uities. 8". Edinburgh, C. Stewart, 1809. v. 2, 
pp. 1-149. (118) 

A.L., H.C, L.C 

The prose or younger Edda commonly as- 
cribed to Snorri Sturluson. Translated from the 
Old Norse by George Webbe Dasent. Stockholm, 
Norstedt & Sons : London, W. Pickering, 1842. 
viii. pp. 2I., 115 pp. I slip. 8". ("9) 

A.L., B.P.L., P.L 

The prose Edda. [Translated from the Ice- 
landic by I. A. Blackwell.] In Mallet (Paul 
Henri). Northern antiquities. 12°. London, 
H. G. Bokn, 1847, pp. 397-463. 508-516, 541-570. 

B.A., B.P.L., B.i59a.8, H.C, L.C, P.I. 

The younger Edda : also called Snorre's Edda, 
or the prose Edda. An English version of the 
foreword: the fooling of Gylfe, the afterword; 
Brage's talk, the afterword to Brage's talk, and 
the important passages in the poetical diction 
(Skaldskaparmal). With an introduction, notes, 
vocabulary, and index. By Rasmus B. Ander- 
son. Chicago, S. C. Griggs i& co., 1880 [i.e. 
1879]. 302 pp. 8°. ' (I2l) 

A.L., B.A., B.P.L., L.C 


* Monuqiens de la mythologie et de la poesie 
des Celtes et particulierement des anciens Scandi- 
naves : pour servir de supplement et de preuves 
k rintroduction a I'Histoire de Dannemarc. par 
Mr. [Paul Henri] Mallet. Copenhague, Phili- 
bert, 1756. 29, 178 pp. il. 4°. (122) 


Contains : Edda, ou mjrthologie celtique, etc., pp. 1-133. 

A new edition was published in Copenhagen in 1758 in 
8", and a supplement in 1765. The work was reprinted in 
Geneva in 1787 in 2 vols. 12', the title of vol. 2 being: Edda, 
ou inonumens de la mythologie et de la poesie des Celtes et 
particulierement des anciens Scandinaves, etc. 

Edda, ou mythologie celtique. [Translated 
from the Latin of Gdransson into French by 
Paul Henri Mallet.] /// Mallet (P. H.) His- 
toire de Dannemarc. 3e ^d. v. 2. 16°. Geneve, 
Barde, Manget d- cie, 1787, pp. 54-264. (123) 

A.L., H.C, L.C 

For French translation by R. DuPuget, 1838, see (66) St 

* Les aventures de Thor dans I'enceinte ex- 
terieure, racontees. par Snorri, fils de Sturla. 
Morceau tir^ de I'Edda en prose, traduit litt^rale- 
ment du texte norrain et accompagn^ d'un com- 
mentaire, par F. G. Bergmann. Colmar, imp. 
de mme veuve Decker, 1853. 32 pp. 8°. (124) 

Contains: pArsdripa. 

* La fascination de Gulfi (Gylfa ginning), trait^ 
de mythologie scandinave compost par Snorri 
fils de Sturla, traduit du texte norrain en fran<;ai8 
et expliqu^ dans une introduction et un commen- 
taire critique perpetuel par Fr^d^ric Guillaume 
Bergmann. Strasbourg d Paris, Treuttel d 
Wurtz, 1861. xii., 343 pp. 12°. (125) 




The same : 2e ^d., augment^e de notes ad- 
ditionnelles et d'un repertoire gdn^ral alphaW- 
tique des mots et des choses expliquds dans 
I'ouvrage. Strasbourg & Paris, Treuttel & 
Wtirtz : Paris & Geneve, J. C/terbuliez, 1871. 
4 p.l. vii.-xii., 371 pp. 12°. (126) 
RP.L., 4873-33, H.C. 


Die Edda. Nebst einer einleitung uber nor- 
dische poesic und mjthologie und einem anhang 
uber die historische literatur der Islander. Von 
Friedrich Riihs. Berlin, in der realschulbuch- 
handlung, 1812. vi., 288 pp. i 1. 8°. (127) 

A.L., H.C. 

For German translation of Gylfaginning- and Brag-a- 
raeSur, by Friedrich Majer, 1S18, see (73). For translation of 
the entire Edda, by Karl Simrock, 1851-1878, see (77 to 84). 


For Latin versions by S. Olafsson and M. dlafsson, 1665, 
see (102) : by Johan Goransson, 1746, see (103). 

Hyperboreorum Atlantiorum, sen Suiogotorum 
et Nordmanorum Edda, versione Latina donata 
&c. ad manuscriptum, quod possidet bibliotheca 
Upsalensis, antiquissimum, correctissimum, et 
quidem membranaceum, Goticum, in lucem pro- 
dit opera et studio Joliannis Goranson. Iti Mallet 
(P. H.) Northern antiquities. 8°. London, T. 
Carnan <& co., 1770, v. 2, pp. 273-352. (128) 

A.L., H.C, L.C. 
The same. In Mallet (P. H.) Northern antiq- 
uities. 8°. Edinburgh, C. Stewart, 1809, v. 2, 
pp. 203-277. (129) 

A.L., H.C, L.C. 

For Latin version of porsdrapa by S. T. porlaksson, 
j8oi, see (104) : translation of entire Edda, 1S4S-S0. see 
(107) : translation of extracts, by C. C. Rafn, \%tp,see{-ii). 


Various bibliog-raphies mention the fact of a Polish 
translation of the Snorra Edda, 1807, but the compiler has 
been unable to find this title. 


For Spanish translation by Josd Amador de los Rios, 
1857, see (96) . 


For Swedish translation by Johan Goransson, 1746, see 

* Edda eller Skandinavernas gudalaera, ofver- 
satt fran danskan [efter Rasmus Njerup og 
Rasmus Kristian Rask, ved Jacob Adlerbeth]. 
Stockholm, 1811. 127 pp. 8°. (130) 

The same : * 2. uppl. Stockholm, 1816. 4 1. 

T03 pp. I 1. 8". (131) 

Thesame: * 3. uppl. Stockholm, 1829. 8°. (132) 

* Snorre Sturlesons Edda samt Skalda. Ofver- 
sattning fran skandinaviska fornspraket. [By 
Andreas Jakob Danielson Cnattingius.] Stock- 
holm, 1819. 8". (13'?) 

Skaldskaparmal, though promised upon the title-page, is 
not contained in the volume. 

* Skdldskaparmdla-qvaeSi Snorra-Eddu, ofver- 
satta och med anmarkningar fdrsedda af Anders 
Uppstrom. Upsala, Leffler, 18159. iv-, 79 pp. 
8°- ■ (134) 

Index to parts of either Edda. 

.^gisdrekka, no. 19, 42, 45, 51, 52, 59, 71. 

Alvissmdl, no. 42, 45, 51, 52, 71, 74. 

AtlakviSa, no. 23, 61, 64. 

Atlamjll, no. 23. 

Baldrs draumar, no. 38, 44, 45, 49, 51, 52, 55, 6i, 

Bragara;3ur, no. 73, 107. 
BrvnhildarkviSu brot, no. 23, 64. 
Fafnismdl, no. 72. 
P^jolsvinnsmdl, no. 37, 45,47. 
ForspjallsijoS, see Hrafnagaldr OSins. 
Grimnismdl, no. 35, 45, 51, 52, 59, 73, 74, 75, 88. 
Grogaldr, no. 37, 48. 
GuSriinarhvdt, no. 23, 64. 
GuSriinarkviSa I., no. 23. 

II., no. 64. 

Gjlfaginning, no. 52, 73, 103, 107, 125, 126. 
Hamarsheimt, no. 42, 45, 49, 51, 52, 59, 61, 68, 

71, 73, 74- 
HamSismal, no. 23, 64. 

HarbarSsljttS, no. 36, 45, 51, 52, 59, 71, 74, 75. 
Hattatal, no. 107, 113, 114. 
Hdvamal, no. i, 41, 45, 48, 51, 52, 55, 74, 88, 98. 

: Runakapi'tuli, no. i, 2, 44. 

Helga kviSa HjdrvarSssonar, no. 8. 
Helga kviSa Hundingsbana I., no. 49, 87. 

II., no. 49, 64, 87. 

HelreicS Brjnhildar. no. 23, 61, 64. 

Hdstldng, no^i04, 108. 

Hrafnagaldr OSins, no. 18, 38, 45, 47. 

HymiskviSa, no. 42, 45, 51, 52, 59; 71, 73, 74, 75. 

HyndluljoS, no. 23, 40, 45, 51, 52, 71. 

Lokasenna, see -^gisdrekka. 

Oddrunargratr, no. 23, 64. 

Ri'gsmdl, no. 7, 25, 26, 40, 49, 51. 

Runakapi'tuli, see Hdvamal. 

Sigrdrifumal, no. 64, 72. 

SiguriSarkviSa I., no. 23, 72. 

II., no. 72. 

III., no. 23, 61, 64. 

Sinfjotlalok, no. 72. . 

Skdidskaparmdl, no. 52, 107. 

Skirnisfdr, see Skirnismdl. 

Skirnismdl, no. 20, 35, 45, 51, 52, 59, 61, 68, 71, 

73. 75. 95- 
S61arlj63, no. 27, 45, 60, 61, 98. 
jtoorsdrdpa, no. 104, 108, 124. 
fIrymskviSa, see Hamarsheimt. 
VafpriiSnismal, no. 5, 19, 45, 51, 52, 55, 59, 68, 

71, 73, 74, 75. 88. 
VegtamskviSa, see Baldrs draumar. 
VdlundarkviSa, no. 22, 40, 61. 
Vdluspd, no. 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 24, 

38, 45, 47. 49. 51, 52, 55. 56, 74, 75, 88. 


Index to Editors and Translators. 

Aars (Jakob Jonathan). Born Christiania, 
Nortvay, July 12, i8jj. no. 49. 

Adlerbeth (Jakob, friherre). B. Stockholm, 
May 21, lyS^. Died 1844. no. 130, 131, 132. 

Afzelius (Arvid August). B. Fjellaker, Skara 
stift, Sweden, May 6, 178^. D. Enkoping, 
Szveden, Sept. 2^, iSyi. no. 10, 11, 13, 97. 

Amador dp: los Rios, see Rios. 

Andersen (Gudmund). B. Iceland. D.Copen- 
hagen, i6j4. no. I, 3. 

Anderson (Rasmus B.) B. Dane county, 
Wisconsin, Jan. 12, 1846, no. 64a, 121. 


Beresford (Rev. James). B. Upham, Hamp- 
shire, England, May 28, 1764. D. Kihvjorth 
Beauchamp, Leicestershire, Sept. 2g, 1S40. 

no. 60. 

Bergmann (Friedrich Wilhelm). B. Strass- 

burg, Feb. 9, 1812. no. 19, 24, 37, 35, 36, 37, 

38, 40, 41, 42, 94, 124, 125, 126. 

Blackwell (I. A.) no. 120. 

BuGGE (Elseus Sophiis). B. Laurvig, Nortvay, 
yan.j,/Sss. no. 30, 31. 

Cnattixgius (Andreas Jakob Danielson). B. 
Askeryd, Linkopings stift, Sweden, Feb. /j, 
i7g2. ' no. 133. 

Cottle (Amos Simon). no. 59. 

Dasent (Sir George Webbe). B. St. Vincent, 
West-Indies, May 22, 1820. no. 1 19. 

Du Puget (Rosalie). B. Sweden. 

no. 66, 67. 

Egilsson (Sveinbjorn). B. Iceland, Feb. 24, 
lygi. D. Reykjavik, Iceland, Aug. 17, iSj2. 

no. 106, 107, 108. 

Esmarch (Karl Bernhard Hieronymus). B. 
Sonderburg, Dec. 3, 1824. no. 88. 

Ettmuller (Ernst Moritz Ludwig). B. Gers- 
dorf, Lobau, Saxony, Oct. j, 1802. D. ZUrich, 
April 5, 1877. no. 16, 76. 

Eyri'ksson (Jon). no. 6. 

FRANcyjiNET (G. D.) no. 64b. 

Freidenfelt (Karl Peter). Swede. no. 20. 

Frye (William Edward). no. 68. 

GjESSiNG (Gustav Antonio). B. Drammen, 
Norway, 18 jj. no. 51. 

Gluckselig. See Legis-Gluckselig. 

GoDECKE (Peter August). Swede, no. 100, loi. 

GoRANSSON (Johan). B. Carlstad, Sweden, 
1712. D. Aug. 2g, i7bg. no. 4, 103, 123, 128. 

Grater (Friedrich David). B. Schwdbisch- 
Hall, April 22, i7bg. D. Schorndorf in Wur- 
teniberg, Aug. 2, /Sjo. no. 8, 14, 71, 95. 

Grimm (Jacob Ludwig Karl). B. Hanau, Ger- 
many, yan. 4, 178J. D. Berlin, Sept. 20, i86j. 

no. 12. 

Grimm (Wilhelm Karl). B. Hanau, Feb. 24, 
17S6. D. Berlin, Dec. 16, i8jg. no. 12. 

Gru.ndtvig (Svend Hersleb). B. Copenhagen, 
Denmark, Sept. g, 1S24. D. July 14, i88j. 

"o. 32, 33, 34. 

Hagen (Friedrich Heinrich von der). B. 
Schmiedeberg, Germany, Feb. ig, 1780. D. 
Berlin, June 11, i8j6. no. 9, 72. 

Hahn (VVerner). B. Marienburg, Prussia, 
May ij, 18/6. no. 87, 89. 

Hammerich (Peter Frederik Adolf). B. Copen- 
hagen, Aug. g, i8og. D. same place, Feb. i, 
1877. no. 56. 

Herbert (William). B. England, yan. 12, 177S. 
D- May 28, 1847. no. 61. 

Hildebrand (Karl). B. Arnstadt in Thiirin- 
gen, Dec. 2, 1846. D. April 17, 1873. no. 39. 

HjORT (Vilhelm Billeschou). Dane. D. 1867. 

no. 47, 48, 50. 

Holder (Alfred Theophil). German, no. 90. 

Holm (R.J. ) Dane. no. 55. 

HoLTZMANN (Adolf Karl Wilhelm). B. Karls- 
ruhe, May 2, 1810. D. Heidelberg, yuly 3, 
1870. no. 90. 

Horn (Fredrik Winkel). Dane. no. 53. 

Jessen (C. a. Edvin). Dane^ no. 52. 

j6NssoN(J6n). B. ^ref/ord Syssel, Iceland, no. 6. 

J6nsson (];)orleifr). B. Iceland, 184^. no. 109. 

Laveleye (Emile Louis Victor de). B. Bruges, 
April J, 1822. no. 69. 


Legis-Gluckselig (Gustav Thormond). B. 

Prague, yune ig, j8o6. no. 75. 

Luning (Hermann). German. D. 1874. no. 28. 
Magn^sson (Ami). B. Iceland, Nov. 13, 1663. 

D. Copenhagen, yan. 7, 1730. no, 6. 

MAGNtJssoN (Eirfkr). B. Iceland. Noxv living 

in England. no. 64. 

MAGNtfsso.N (Finn). B. Skalholt, Iceland, Aug. 

27, 1781. D. Copenhagen, Dec. 24, 1847. 

no. 6, 46. 

MagniJsson (GuSmundar). B. Iceland, 1743. 

D. Copenhagen, 17 g8. no. 6. 

Majer (Friedrich). B. Koskau, in Reuss, April 

28, 1772. no. 73, 
Mallet (Paul Henri). B. Geneva, Aug. 20, 1730. 

D. same place, Feb. 8, 1807. no. 57, 65, 117, 

118, 122, 123. 

MoBius (Theodor). B. Leipzig, yune 22, 1821. 

no. 29, 113, 114. 

MoLLER (Hans Georg). Dane. D. 1877. no. 54. 

Morris (William). B. Walthamstow, Eng., 
March 24, 1834. no. 04. 

Munch (Peter Andreas). B. Christiania, Nor- 
way, Dec. 13, 1810. D. Rome, May 23, 1863. 

no. 21, 23. 

NiLSSON (Lars). Swede. no. 99. 

NooRDEN (Carl von). B. Bonn^ Sept. 11, 1833. 
D. Leipzig, Dec. 23, 1883. no. 85. 

Nyerup (Rasmus). B. Nyerup, Fyen, Denmark, 
March 12, i7jg. D. Copenhagen, yune 28, 
i82g. no. 115, 116, 130, 131, 132. 

Olafsson (Jon). B. Iceland, 1731. D. Copen- 
hagen, yuly /8, 181 1. no. 6. 

Olafsson (Magnus). B. Iceland, 1373, d. there 
1636. no. 102. 

Olafsson (Stephan). B. Iceland. D. Copen- 
hagen, 1688. no. 2, loi. 

PXlsson (Gunnar). D. 1791. no. 6. 

Percy (Thomas, bishop of Dromore). B. 
Bridgenorth, Salop, Eng., April 13, 172S. 
D. Dromore, Ireland, Sept. 30, iSti. 

no. 57, 58, H7, 118. 

Petersen (Niels Matthias). B. Sanderum, 
Fyen, Denmark, Oct. 24, i7gi. D. Copenhagen, 
May II, 1S62. no. 17. 

Petersson (Fredrik Wilhelm). Swede, no. 98. 

Powell (Frederick York). no. 43. 

Rafn (Carl Christian). B. Brahesborg, Fyen, 
Denmark, yan. 16, I7g3. D. Copenhagen, Oct. 
20, 1864. no. 23. 

Rask (Rasmus Kristian). B. Brendekilde, near 
Odensc, Fyen, Denmark, Nov. 22, 1787. D. Copen- 
hagen, Nov. 14, 1832. 

no. 13, 105, 115, 116, 130, 131, 132. 

Resen (Peder Hansen). B. Copenhagen, yune 17, 
1623. D. Copenhagen, yune i, 1688. 

no. I, 2, 3, 102. 

Resenius (Johan Peter) see Resen (Peder 

Ring (Bernard Jacques Joseph Maximilien de). 
B. Bonn, May 27, I7gg. D. Bischkeim, near 
Strassburg, March 3, 1873. no. 25. 

Rios (Josd Amador de los). B. Baena, Spain. 
April 30, 181S. D. Seville, Feb. 17, 1878. 

no. 96. 

RiJHS (Friedrich). B. Greifsviald, 17S0. D. 
Leghorn, Italy, Feb. i, 1820. no. 127. 

Sandvig (Berthel Christian). B. Copenhagen, 
1732. D. 1786. no. 44, 45. 

Sch^ving (Hallgrfmur). B. Helgesied, Ice- 
land, yuly 13, 17S1. D. Reykjavik, Iceland, 
Dec. 31, 1 86 J. no. 18. 




ScHiMMELMANN (Jacob). German. D. Jan. 23, 
1778. no. 70. 

SiMROCK (Karl Joseph). B. Bonn, Aug. 28, 1802. 
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Matthew Arnold. 

His Writings. 

A list of Arnold's printed books only may be found in the Literary World, June 18, 1881. 

The shelf-numbers of the periodicals to which most frequent reference is made in this list are as 
follows: Academy, *739oa.2; Athenaeum, *7220.6; Contemporary review, *732i. 3 ; Cornhill maga- 
zine, *73i3-i; Every Saturday, *732i.2; Fortnightly review, *5362.i; Macmillan's magazine, 
*73i4.i; Nineteenth century, *7265.5; Saturday review, *53io.i ; Spectator, *5iio.2. Poole's Index 
contains titles of articles in reviews. 

Anarchy and authority. (Cornhill magazine, 
vol. 17, 18, 1867, 68.) 

— Same. (Every Saturday, vol. 5, 6, 1868.) 
Bishop, The, and the philosopher. (Macmil- 
lan's magazine, vol. 7, 1863.) 

Review. — Mr. Arnold on the aristocratic creed (Specta- 
tor, vol. 35, 1863). 

Bishop Butler and the Zeitgeist. Part i, 2. 
(Contemporary review, vol. 27, 1876.) 

Republished in Last essays. 

Review. — Mr. Arnold on Butler (British quarterly re- 
view, vol. 66, 1S77, *3i73.i.66). 

Church of England, The. An address at Sion 
college. (Macmillan's magazine, vol. 33, 1876.) 

Republished in Last essays. 

Copyright. (Fortnightly rev., vol. 33, 1880.) 

Republished in Irish essays. 

Cromwell: a prize poem. Oxford, 1843. 

Culture and anarchy : political and social criti- 
cism. London, 1869. 8°. 3566.41 

— Same. 2d edition. London, 1875. Sm. 8". 

— Same. 3d edition. London, 1882. Sm. 8°. 

Reviews. — By William Kirkus (Fortnightly rev., vol. 
II, 1S69) ; by G. S. (Contemporary rev., vol. 11, 1S69) ; by R. 
St. John Tyrwhitt (Contemporary rev., vol. 13, 1870). There 
are also reviews in the Saturday review, vol. 27, 1869; the 
Athenaeum, Feb., 1869; the British quart, rev., vol. 52, 1870, 
♦3173. 1.52; Mr. Matthew Arnold's praise of culture (Spec- 
tator, vol. 42, 1S69). 

Culture and its enemies. Oxford lectme. 
(Cornhill magazine, vol. 16, 1867.) 

— Same. (Every Saturday, vol. 4, 1867.) 

Reviews. — Mr. Arnold on the enemies of culture (Spec- 
tator, vol. 40, 1867) ; Mr. Arnold on the state (Spectator, 
vol.41, 1868). 

Ecce, convertimur ad gentes. [Address to the 
Ipswich Avorking-men's college.] (Fortnightly 
rev., vol. 31, 1879.) 

Republished in Irish essays. 

Empedocles on Etna, and other poems. By 
A. London, 1852. [Ordered.] 

Englandandtheltalianquestion. London, 1859. 

Equality. [Address at the Royal institution]. 
(Fortnightly rev., vol. 29, 1878.) 

Republished in Mixed essays. 

Review. — Mr. Matthew Arnold on equality (Spectator, 
vol. SI, 1878). 



Essays in criticism. London, 1865. 

— Same. Boston, 1865. 12°. 

— Same. 2d edition. London, 1869. 

— Same. 3d edition. London, 1875. 

— Same. N. Y., 1880. I20. 



Reviews. — English criticism, by H. T. Tuckerman 
(Hours at home, vol. 2, i86c, *7376.2.2) ; Mr. Matthew Ar- 
nold's essays, by W. F. Wedmore (Colburn's new monthly 
magazine, vol. 133, 1865, *S367.i.i33). Also in the Athenae- 
um, May, 1865; the Christian examiner, by J. H. Allen, 
vol. 79, 1865, *3i6o.2.79; the Contemporary rev., vol. 10, 
1869; the North American review, by H. James, jr., vol. loi, 
1865, *3i53.i.ioi ; the North British review, vol. 42, 1865, 
*5359.i.42; the Saturday rev., vol. 19, 1865; the Spectator, 
vol. 38, 1865. 

Eton boy. An. (Fortnightly rev., vol. 37, 


Falkland. (Nineteenth century, vol. i, 1877.) 

Republished in Mixed essays. 

Review. — Falkland and the Puritans, by Goldwin Smith 
(Contemporary rev., vol. 29, 1877). 

French Eton, A. London, 1864. 12°. 53993.75 
— Same. (Mjicmillan's mag., vol. 8-10, 1863, 


Republished in Essays in criticism. 

Reviews. — Cornhill mag., vol. 10, 1864; Westminster 
rev., vol. 80, 1864, *3i66.i.8o; Athenaeum, July, 1864. 



French play, The, in London. (Nineteenth 
century, vol. 6, 1879.) 
Republished in Irish essays. 

Friendship's garland. London, 1871. Sm. 8^ 


Review. — Spectator, vol. 44, 1S71. 

Geist. [A. letter from Germany.] (Pall Mall 
gazette, vol. 3, 1866.) 

— Same. (Every Saturday, vol. 2, 1866.) 
Reviews. — Geist on the House of Commons (Spectator, 

vol. 39, 1S66) ; " Get Geist" (Spectator, vol. 39, i865). 

Geist's grave. [A poem.] (Fortnightly rev., 
vol. 35, 1881.) 

George Sand. (Fortnightly rev., vol. 27, 

Republished in Mixed essays. 

God and the Bible. A review of objections to 
Literature and dogma. London, 1875. 8". 3427.80 

— Same. Boston, 1876 [1875]. 12°. 3427.81 

— Same. (Contemporary rev., vol. 24-26, 

Reviews. — By Albert R^ville (Academy, vol. 8,1875). 
Also reviews in the Athenaeum, Dec, 1875 ; the Spectator, 
vol. 49, 1875; Mr. Arnold's sublimated Bible (Spectator, 
vol.47, '874). 

Great prophecy of Israel's restoration, ist- 
3d editions. London, 1872. 18". 

— Same. 4th edition. London, 1875. 3419.84 

This book has been published under the title " Isaiah 

Reviews.— By T. K. Cheyne (Academy, vol. 9, 1876); 
also in the Westminster rev., vol. 99, 1873, *S2ii.i.99. 

Guide, A, to English literature. [Review of 
Stopford Brooke's Primer of English literature.] 
(Nineteenth century, vol. 2, 1877.) 

Republished in Mixed essays, 

Heinrich Heine. (Cornhill mag., vol. 8, 1863.) 

— Same. Phila., 1863. 16°. 4849-31 
Republished in Essays in criticism. 

Higher schools and universities in Germany. 
London, 1874. Sm. 8°. 3599-77 

— Same. London, 1882. Sm. 8°. 

Review. — In the Saturday rev., vol. 37, 1874. 

Incompatibles, The. (Nineteenth century, vol. 
9, 1881.) 

Republished in Irish essays. 

Irish Catholicism and British liberalism. (Fort- 
nightly rev., vol. 30, 1878.) 

Republished in Mixed essays. 

Review. — Roman catholic education and Matthew 
Arnold (Spectator, vol. 51, 1S78). 

Irish essays and others. London, 1882. Sm. 
8». 25ioa.5o; 1897.18 

Reviews. — Bv Margaret Stokes (Academy, vol. ai, 1SS2) ; 
the Athenaeum, March, 1SS2 ; the Saturday rev., vol. 53, iSSa ; 
M.atthew Arnold's Irish essays (Literary world, vol. 13, 1882. 
•534' -S-U)- 

Irish grammar schools. (Fortnightly rev., 
vol. 36, 1 88 1.) 

Isaiah of Jerusalem. (Nineteenth century, vol. 
13, 1883.) 

Isaiah xl-lxvi with the shorter prophecies 
allied to it. London, 1875. Sm 8". 3414-66 

A republication of Great prophecy of Israel's restoration, 
with additions. 

Last essays on church and religion. London, 
1877. Sm. 80. 

— Same. N. Y., 1877. 16°. 34503.65 
Reviews. — By Edward Dowden (Academy, vol. 11, 1S77) ; 

the Athenaeum, April, 1877; the Saturday rev., vol. 43, 1877. 

Last word on the Burials bill. (Macmillan's 
mag., vol. 34, 1876.) 

Republished in Last essays. 

Literature and dogma. London, 1873. Sm. 8". 


— Same. 2d-5th editions. London, 1873-77. 
Sm. 8". 

— Same. Part i, 2. (Cornhill mag., vol. 24, 


— Same. Part i. (Littell's Living age, vol. 
22, 4th series, 1871.) ♦3171.50.23 

Reviews. — Matthew Arnold's new religion of the Bible, 
by J. L. Davies (Contemporary rev., vol. 21, 1873) ; Facts not 
fairy tales, by Henry Dunn, London, 187a (Ordered) ; What 
Mr. Arnold's analysis involves, by J. Scot Henderson 
(Spectator, vol. 46, 1873) > Matthew Arnold and Israel, by 
Cazneau Palfrey (Old and New, vol. 8, 1873, •73361.8); 
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God (Spectator, vol. 44, 1S71) ; same article in Littell's Liv- 

ing age, vol. 33, 4th series, 1871, *3i7i.50.33; Mr. Arnold's 
gospel (Spectator, vol. 46, 1873) ; Religion in the hands of 
literary laymen (Theological review, vol. 10', 1S73, * 

There are also reviews in Blackwood's magazine, vol. 113, 
1S73, *3i70.i.ii3; same article in Eclectic mag., vol. 81, 1873, 
*5a36.2.8i ; and in Littell's Living age, vol. iiS, 1873, 
*3i72.50.3; the Athenaeum, February, 1873; the Academy, 
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day rev., vol. 35, 1873; Scribner's monthly, vol. 6, 1873', 
•7392.3.6; the VVestminster rev., vol. 99, 1873, *53 11. 1.99. 

Literature and science. [Rede lecture at Cam- 
bridge.] (Nineteenth century, vol. 12, 1882.) 

Liverpool address, A. [At the opening of the 
session of University college.] (Nineteenth 
century, vol. 12, 1882.) 

Matthew Arnold birthday-book. The. Ar- 
ranged by his daughter, Eleanor Arnold. Lon- 
don, 1883. Sm. 8". 4560.87 

— Same. N. Y., 1883. Sm. 8°. 

Merope. A tragedy. London, 185S. Sm. 8". 


Reviews. — Matthew Arnold's Merope, by J. C. (Fraser's 
mag., vol. 57, 1858, •3307.1.57); Matthew Arnold's tragedy 
of Merope (Spectator, vol. 31, 1858); Neo-classical drama 
(Christian remembrancer, vol.55, '858, •7473.1.SS); also in 
the Athenseum, 1858; the National review, vol. 6, 185S, 

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— Same. N. Y., 1S79. 13°. i897-iS 

— Same. 2d edition. London, i88o. Sm. S". 
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1879; the Athenaeum, March, 1879; the Canadian monthly, 
vol. 3, U.S., 1879, *C3i6.50.2; the International rev., vol.6. 
1879, *533i.2.6; the Nation, by W. C. Brownell, vol. 39, 18791 
•7671.3.39; the Saturday rev., vol. 47, 1S79. 

My countrymen. (Cornhill mag., vol. 13. 


— Same. (Every Saturday, vol. i, 1866.) 
Review. — Mr. Arnold on the middle classes. (Saturday 

rev., vol. 31, 1S66.) 

New poems. London, 1867. Sm. 8". [Ordered.] 

— Same. Boston, 1867. 16". 1348-3 

— Same. 2d edition. London, 1868. Sm. 8°. 
Reviews. — Poetry of culture (Chambers's journal, vol. 

t4, 1867, •7333.1.44) ; New poems by Matthew Arnold, by 
sidore G. Ascher (St. James's magazine, vol. 3i, iS63, 
•811.1.31); Mr. Arnold's 5few poems, by A. C. Swinburne 




New poems, continued. 

(Fortnightly rev., vol. S, 1S67) ; also reviews in the Athe- 
naeum, August, 1S67; Eclectic mag., vol.69, 1867, *5336.a.69; 
the Saturday rev., vol. 24, 1S67; the Spectator, vol. 40, 1S67; 
the Victoria mag., vol. 11, 1S68, *7363.i.ii; Every Saturday, 
vol. 4, 1S67. 

New Rome. [Poem.] (Cornhill mag., vol. 
27. 1873.) 

Republished in Poems, 1877. 

New Sirens, Tlie. A palinode. (Macmillan's 
mag., vol. 35, 1873.) 

Republished in Poems, 1877. 

Obermann. Par Sdnancour. (Academy, vol. 
21, 1869.) 

— Same. (Every Saturday, vol. 8, 1869.) 

On the modern element in literature. (Mac- 
millan's mag., vol. 19, 1869.) 

— Same. (Every Saturday, vol. 7, 1869.) 
Review. — In the Spectator, vol. 42, 1869. 

On the study of Celtic literature. (Cornhill 
mag., vol. 13, 14, 1866.) 

— Same. London, 1867. 8°. 4574.22 

Reviews. — In the Athenaeum, July, 1867; by Henry S. 
Fagan (Contemporary rev., vol. 6, 1867); in the Christian 
examiner, vol. 84, 1868, *3i6o.2.84; Mr. Arnold on the 
Celtic genius (Spectator, vol. 40, 1S67). 

On translating Homer. Three lectures. Lon- 
don, 1861. Sm. 8°. 1325.8 

Republished in Essays in criticism. 

Reviews. — In the Athenaeum, January, 1861 ; Christian 
examiner, vol. 74, 1861, *3i6o.2.74; by C. C. Felton (North 
American rev., vol. 94, ]S6i, *3i53.i.94). 

On translating Homer. Last words. London, 
1862. 8°. 2999.18 

Republished in Essays in criticism. 

Review. — Mr. Arnold's Last words on translating 
Homer (Spectator, vol. 35, 1862). 

Passages from [his] prose writings. London, 
1880. Sm. 8°. 2556.61 

Review. — Mr. Arnold's Prose passages (Spectator, vol. 
S3, i&So). 

Poems. London, 1853. 12°. 

— Same. Boston, 1856. 16°. 325.11 

— Same. 2d edition. London, 1854. Sm. 8°. 

— Same. 2d series. London, 1855. Sm. 8". 

— Same. [With additions.] London, 1869. 
2 V. Sm. 8". 6609.24 

— Same. 2d edition. London, 1877. 2 v. 
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Sm. 8°. 4560.85 

— Same. N. Y., 1883. 2 v. Sm. S". 

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Poems, continued. 

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and his poetry, by [William Alexander] the bishop of 
Derry (St. James's mag., vol. 29, 1871, *8m.i.29); Mr. 
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* ; Poems of Matthew Arnold, by Henry G. 
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E. Woodberry (Nation, vol. 27, 1878, *'j&ji.i.2J). 

Popular education of France, with notices of 
that of Holland and Switzerland. London, 
1861. 8°. .'5594-IO 

Review. — In the Athenaeum, 1861. 

Porro unum est necessarium. (Fortnightly 
rev., vol. 30, 1878.) 

Republished in Mixed essays. 

[Prose works.] N. Y.,1883. 7 v. Sm. 8». 


Review. — Prose works of Matthew Arnold. (Literary 
world, Dec. 15, 18S3, *S34'-3-) 

Psychological parallel, A. (Contemporary 
rev., vol. 28, 1876.) 

Republished in Last essays. 

Puritanism and the Church of England. 
(Cornhill mag., vol. 21, 1870.) 

Republished in St. Paul and protestantism. 

Rachel. A poem. (Every Saturday, vol. 4.) 
Republished in Poems, 1869. 

St. Paul and protestantism. (Cornhill mag., 
vol. 20, 1869.) 

— Same. (Every Saturday, vol. 8, 1869.) 

— Same. With an introduction on Puritanism 
and the Church of England. London, 1870. 
Sm. 8°. 745oa.22 

— Same. 2d edition. London, 1871. Sm. 8°. 

— Same. 3d edition. London, 1875. Sm. 8". 

Reviews. — Mr. Arnold on St. Paul (Spectator, vol. 43, 
1870) ; Mr. Arnold on St. Paul and his creed, by R. H. 
Hutton (Contemporary rev., vol. 14, 1870) ; Matthew Arnold 
and the Church of England. By Leslie Stephen (Fraser's 
magazine, vol. 2, n. s., 1870, *Si96.i.82); also reviews in 
the Academy, vol. i, 1869; the Athenaeum, May, 1870. 

Sainte-Beuve. (Academy, vol. i, 1869.) 

— Same. (Every Saturday, vol. 8, 1869.) 
Schools and universities on the continent. 

London, 1868. 8°. 5594-28 

— Same. 2d edition. London, 1874. 8°. 

Reviews. — In the Athenaeum, April, 1868; the Contem.- 
porary rev., vol. 9, 1868; Lippincott's mag., vol. 2, 1868, 
*7345.i.2; the London quart, rev., vol. 125, 1868, *730oa.a.i35; 
the Spectator, vol. 41, 1868. 

Selected poems. London, 1878. Sm. 8°. 


— Same. London, 1880. Sm. 8°. 1359.45 

— Same. N. Y., 1878. 4°. 341-2 
Speech, A, at Eton. (Cornhill mag., vol. 39, 


Republished in Irish essays. 

Speech at Westminster, Dec. 6, 1873. 
millan's mag., vol. 29, 1873.) 





Stanley's lectures on the Jewish church. 
(Macmillan's mag., vol. 7, 1863.) 

Strayed reveller and other poems. By A. 
London, 1S49. 8". 

S.S. Lusitania. [Poem.] (Nineteenth cen- 
tury, vol. 5, 1879.) *7265-5-5 

Sweetness and light. (Prose masterpieces, 
vol. I. N.Y., 1883.) 4558.59- 1 

Extract from Culture and anarchy. 

Thyrsis. A monody. (Macmillan's mag., vol. 
13, 1866.) 
— Same. (Every Saturday, vol. i, 1866.) 
Republished in Poems, 1869. 

Westminster abbey. [Poem.] (Nineteenth 
century, vol. 11, 1882.) 

Word, A, about America. (Nineteenth Cen- 
tury, vol. II, 1882.) 


War Is edited or j[»refaced by Matthew Arnold. 

Byron's poetry. [With preface] by Matthew 
Arnold. London, 1881. [Golden treasury.] 
Sm. 8°. 456oa.72 

This preface was reprinted in Macmillan's mag., vol. 43, 

Review. — By Cosmo Monkhouse (Academy, vol. 20, 

English poets, The. Selections with critical 
introductions by various authors and a general 
introduction by Matthew Arnold. Edited by T. 
H.Ward. London, 1879-81. 4 V. 8". 4564.69 


The introductions to the selections from Keats and Gray 
are also by Arnold. 

Review. — In the Spectator, vol. 52, 1879. 

Italian art and literature before Giotto and 
Dante. By Edoardo Fusco. [With preface by 
Matthew Arnold.] (Macmillan's mag., vol. 33, 

Letters, speeches [etc.], of Edmund Burke. 
With preface by Matthew Arnold. London, 1881. 
Sm. 8°. 2510.26 

Review. — By E. J. Payne, Academy, vol. 20, 18S1. 

Poems of Wordsworth. Chosen and edited 
[with preface] by Matthew Arnold. London, 
1879. [Golden treasury.] Sm. 8". 4568.84 

This preface was reprinted in Macmillan's mag., vol. 40, 

Reviews. — By J. A. Symonds (Fortnightly rev., vol. 32, 
1S79) ; in the Saturday rev., vol. 40, 1880; the Spectator, vol. 
52, 1879; Matthew Arnold's Wordsworth by G. H. Calvert 
(Literary world, vol. 9, 1879, *534i.3.9). 

Six chief lives, The, from Johnson's Lives of 
the poets. Edited [with preface] by Matthew 
Arnold. London, 1878. Sm. 8°. 2458.62 

The preface was reprinted, with the title Johnson's Lives, 
in Macmillan's mag., vol. 38, 1S78. 

Review. — In the Saturday rev., vol. 46, 1S7S. 


General Reviews and Notices. 

America's impressions of Matthew Arnold. 
(Andover review, vol. i, 1884.) 

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Arnold. (University mag., vol. 91, 1878, 

Criticisms on contemporaries. No. 2. (Tins- 
ley's mag., vol. 3, 1868, *7246.i.3.) 

Matthew Arnold. [Notice, with portrait] 
(Eclectic mag., vol. 86, 1878, ♦5636.2.86.) 

— (Literary world, Nov. 3, 1883. *534i-3.) 

— By Richard A. Armstrong. (/« his Latter- 
day teachers. London, t88i. Sm. 8°. 5489.86 

— By J. Benton. (Appleton's journal, vol. 15, 
1876, '»540i.i.i5.) 

— By H. N. Powers. (Dial, October, 1883. 


— By Henry James, jr. (English illustrated 
magazine, January, 1884.) 

Reprinted in Boston evening transcript, Thursday, Jan. 

— By J. H. Morse. (Critic, Nov. 3, 1883. 

— By E. C. Stedman. (/» his Victorian poets. 
Boston, 1876 [1875]. Sm. 80.) 1335.18 

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— as a moral and religious teacher. (Specta- 
tor, vol. 49, 1876.) 

— as a religious teacher. By Wm. Binns. 
(Theological rev., vol. 15, 1878, ""7443.1.15.) 

— in America. By L. J. Swinburne. (Lip- 
pincott's mag., November, 1883.) 

— vs. Thomas Carlyle. (Spectator, vol. 41, 
1 868.) 

Matthew Arnold's critical works. (Edinburgh 
rev., vol. 129, 1869, ""3112.2.129.) 

Matthew Arnold's portrait of Emerson. (/» 
Boston Evening Transcript, Dec. 12, 18S3.) 

Mr. Matthew Arnold's visit. (Literary world , 
15. Dec, 1883. *534i-3; the Nation, Nov. i, 
1883. *767i-3-) 

Mr. Arnold on lucidity. (Saturday rev., vol. 
54. 1882.) 

Poetic place. The, of Matthew Arnold. (Spec- 
tator, vol. 51, 1878.) 

Provincialism in theology. (Spectator, vol. 
45. 1872.) 

Representative triad, A. Hood — Arnold — 
Procter, by E. C. Stedman. (Scribner's monthly, 
vol. 7, i£73.) 




Index of Articles upon American Local History, 

(^Continued from Bulletin No. 66.) 

It was primarily intended to index for this list only serial historical publications. In accordance 
with a later decision many state and county histories, in which the town or county histories are 
separately treated, are included. Drake's Middlesex County, and Egle's History of Pennsylvania, are 
prominent examples of this class of publications. The local histories are there written by specialists. 

The following works have been indexed since the publication of the list accompanying the first 
instalment of this index, in Bulletin No. 65, April, 1883. 



Shelf No. 

Vol. I, no. 3. May, 1883. 

.Amer. repos *5322.5 

American repository, The. 

Phila., 1883 

Dauphin county historical society. [Publications.] 1876, 

78. [Harrisburg.] 1876, 78 Dauphin co. hist. soc. . ..'ir.*237oa.63 

Rupp, I. D. The history and topography of Dauphin, 

Cumberland, Franklin, Bedford, Adams, and Perry 

counties. Lancaster, Pa. , 1846. 8°. {Selecit'on.) .' Rupp. Dauphin [etc.] cos. . *4374.58 

— History of the counties of Berks and Lebanon. Lan- 

caster, Pa., 1844 Rupp. Berks co *4374.74 

Snell. J. P. History of Hunterdon and Somerset counties, 

N.J. Phila., 1881 ...Snell. Hunterdon & Somer- 
set cos *447o.7i 

Sparks, Charles H. History of Winneshiek county [Iowa]. 

Decorah. [1877.] S"-* • Sparks. Winneshiek co. .. . 

Warner, G. E., and Foote, C. M. History of Dakota county 

[Minn.]. Minneapolis, 1881 Warner & F. Dakota co. . . 

— History of Hennepin county [Minn.]. Minneapolis, 1881 .. ..Warner & F. Hennepin co. 

— History of Ramsey county [Minn.]. Minneapolis, 1881 ....Warner & F. Ramsey co. .. 

— History of Washington county, etc. [Minn.]. Minne- 

apolis, 1881 Warner & F. Washington co. *447o.8o 

— History of the Minnesota valley. Minneapolis, 1882 Warner & F. Minn, valley. *447o. 78 

Young, A. Chronicles of the Pilgrim fathers. Boston, 

1841 Young. Chronicles *2353.45 



Cabarrus county, N.C. History. 

Wheeler. No. Carolina, 2 : 63. 
Cabell county, Va. History. 

Howe. Hist. coll. of Va. 209. 
Cabot, Vt. [History.] J. M. Fisher. 

Vt. hist. gaz. 4 : 74. 
Caernarvon, Penn. History. 

Rupp. Berks and L. cos. 135. 
Calais, Vt. [History]. J. K. Tobey and E. E. 
Robinson. Vt. hist. gaz. 4: 128. 

Caldwell county, Ky. History. 

Collins. Kentucky, 2 : 108. 
Caldwell county, N.C. History. 

Wheeler. No. Carolina, 2 : 69. 
Caledonia, Mich. History. 

Dillenback. Kent co. 40. 
Caledonia county, Vt. History. H. Clark. 

Howard & C. New Eng. 2 : 269. 
Calhoun county, Ala. History. 

Brewer. Alabama, 151. 
Calhoun county, Mich. Early settlement. C. 
Dickey. ' Mich. pion. coll. i : 128. 

— History. O. C. Comstock. 

Mich. pion. coll. 2 : 193. 

Calhoun county, Mich., continued. 
— ■ History of the Indians of. 

Mich. pion. coll. 3 :367. 

California. Chiimeto Indian language. A. S. 

Gatschet. Am. antiq. 5:71, 173. 

— The name of California. E. E. Hale. 

Hist. mag. 6 : 312. 

— On the early days and rapid growth of. A. 

Peabody. Essex inst. hist. coll. I2 : 104. 

Calloway county, Ky. History. 

Collins. Kentucky, 2 : 108. 
Calmar, la. History. 

Sparks. Winneshiek co. 136. 
Cain, Penn. History. Futhey. Chester co. 167. 
Calumet county, Wise. The Brothertown 
Indians. T. Cammuck. 

Wi»c. hist. soc. coll. 4: 291. 

— History. Wise. hist. atl. 196. 

— Sketch of. T. Cammuck. 

Wise. hist. soc. coll. i : 103. 
Cambria county, Penn. Census, 1830. 

Hazard reg. 7 : 364. 

— History. Day. Hist. coll. of Penn. 178. 

— History. R. L.Johnston. Egle. Pennsyl. 461. 




Cambridge, Mass. Births and burials, 1632-48. 
D. Pulsifer and W. B. Trask. 

N.E. h. g. reg. 4 : 55 to 9 : 167. 

— Books and tracts printed at C. in the Indian 

language. 1653 to 1721. 

Am. antiq. soc. proc, Oct. 21, 1873 : 45. 

— Books printed by Daye, Green, and Johnson 

[1639-92]. Thomas, i : 42. 

— Diary. Mar. 23, 1775, to July 19, 1775. P. 

Litchfield. Mass. hist. soc. proc. 19:377. 

— Diary of Edward Taylor. 1668-71. 

Mass. hist. soc. proc. 18: 4. 

— First church, The. A. McKenzie. 

Cong, quart. 15 : 384. 

— Harvard college. Account books of treasur- 

ers of Harvard college, 1669-1752. 

Mass. hist. soc. proc. 6 : 337. 

The building of Harvard hall. W. B. Trask, 

N.E. h. g. reg. 35 : 360. 

Catalogues of Harvard university. 1674- 

1S64. J. L. Sibley. Mass. hist. soc. proc. 8 : 9. 

Censures on Harvard college, 1672. W. B. 

Trask. N.E. h. g. reg. 35 : 12 1. 

Commencement at Harvard, 1642, 43. 

Mass. hist. soc. proc. 4: 441. 

Commencement at Harvard college, 1642- 

1700. J. VV. Dean. N.E. h. g. reg. 33 : 423. 

Donation of books by the state of New 

Hampshire to Harvard college, 1764. 

N H. prov. papers, 7: 51. 

First commencement at. 

Mass. hist. soc. proc. 4 : 439. 

Harvard dinners, 1703-47. L. Paige. 

Mass. hist. soc. proc. 5 : 160. 

Harvard university seventy-six years ago. 

1857. Hist. mag. i : 34. 

Laws. 1655. Mass. hist. soc. proc. 14 : 207. 

Memorials of the graduates of Harvard. 

1642-46. J. Farmer. N.H. hist. soc. coll. 4:39. 

Monitors' bills, 1664-67. J. L. Sibley. 

Mass. hist. soc. proc. 10 : 402. 

New England's first fruits in respect to 

progress of learning in the college at C. 
1643. Mass. hist. soc. coll. ist ser. 1 : 242. 

Stewards of Harvard college, 1649-1800. L. 

Paige. Mass. hist. soc. proc. 5 : 154. 
Subjects for master's degree in Harvard col- 
lege, 1655-1791. E.J. Young. 

Mass. hist. soc. proc. 18: 119. 

Tutor Saver's argument advocating the 

right of instructors to a place in the cor- 
poration. 1723. Mass. hist. soc. proc. 16 : 50. 

View of buildings of Harvard college, 1739. 

Mass. hist, soc proc. 19: 318. 

— History. Barber. Hist. coll. of Mass., 354. 

— History. E. Abbott. 

Drake. Middlesex co. i : 305. 

— History. 1800. A. Holmes. 

Mass. hist. soc. coll. ist ser. 7:1. 

— Journal of a tour to the camp at. 1775. J. 

Belknap. Mass. hist. soc. proc 4: 77. 

— Journal of travels from Newburyport to C., 

and in the camp. 1775. P. Lunt. 

Mass. hist. soc. proc. 12 : 192. 

— Letters. 1775-6. J. Hodgkins. 

Ipswich antiq. papers, 2, no. 20, 21. 

— Old Cambridge and new. T. C. Amory. 

N.E. h. g. reg. 25 : 221. 

— Oration on the looth anniversary of Washing- 

ton's taking command of the continental 
army, July 3, 1775. A. P. Peabody. 

N.E. h. g. reg. 29: 416, 499. 

Cambridge, Mass., continued. 

— Orderly book of W. Henshaw, 1775-76. 

Mass. hist. soc. proc. 15:75 

— Records of Cambridge association. 1690-1704 

Mass. hist. soc. proc. 17 : 262 

— The three original churches of 

Hist. mag. 2d ser. 4: 140 

— Washington's head quarters at. 

Mass. hist. soc. proc 12:257 

Cambridge, S.C The siege of Fort ninety-six 

May 21 to June 29, 1781. Dawson, i : 692. 

Cambridge, Vt. [Historical sketch.] L.J. Seely 

Vt. hist. gaz. 2 : 595 

Camden, Me. Detail of the patent of Beau 

champ and Leverett. 

Mass. hist. soc. coll. 4th ser. 2 : 226 
Camden, N.H. Census. 1775. 

N.H. prov. papers, 7: 729 
Camden, N.J. History. I. Mickle. 

Barber. Hist coll. of N.J. 203 
Camden, N.Y. History. Jones. Oneida co. : 131 
Camden, S.C. Battle, Aug. 16, 1780. 

Dawson, i : 613 

— The battle of Hobkirk's hill, Apr. 25, 17S1. 

Dawson, i : 680. 

— Battle of Hobkirk's hill, 1781. ' D. L. Swain 

Am. hist, rec 2 : 103 

— De Kalb, Gates and the Camden campaign. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 8: 496. 

— Gates at Camden, 1780. J. A. Stevens. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 5 : 241, 425 

— Return of killed, wounded, captured and miss- 

ing at the battle of Camden, 1780. 

N.E. h. g. reg. 27 : 376 

— The second battle of Camden, 1781. O. H 

Williams. Potter, 4 : 99 

Camden county, Ga. History. 

White. Hist, coll. 286 
Camden county, N.C. History. 

Wheeler. No. Carolina, 2 : 70 
Cameron county, Penn. History. J. Brooks. 

Egle. Pennsyl. 479 
Camillus, N.Y. History. 

Clark. Onondaga, 2 : 313 
Campbell county, Ga. History. 

White. Hist. coll. 292 
Campbell county, Ky. History. 

Collins. Kentucky, 2 : no, 
Campbell county, Va. History. 

Howe. Hist. coll. of Va. 210, 
Campello, Mass. Congregational church. B 
Kingman. Cong, quart. 7 : 182 

Campton, N.H. Census. 1775. 

N.H. prov. papers, 7: 729 

— Census. 1786. N.H. prov. papers, 10:680 

— Documents relating to. 1776-91. With hiS' 

torical introduction. 

N.H. town papers, 11 : 248 
Canaan, Conn. Reminiscences. F. S. Pease. 
N.E. h. g. reg. 12 : 122 
Canaan, N.H. Address of inhabitants of a 
number of towns complaining of the civil 
government of the colony. 1771. 

N.H. prov. papers, 10: 229. 

— Census. 1775. N.H. prov. papers, 7 : 730. 

— Census. 1786. N.H. prov. papers, 10: 680. 

— Documents relating to. 176S-90. With hist. 

introduction. N.H. town papers, 11 : 253. 

— Signers of the association tent. 1776. 

N.H. state papers, 8: 229. 

— The surplus revenue in. W. A. Wallace. 

Granite m. 6: 85. 




Canaan, O. History. 

Walker. Athens co. 441 
Canaan, Vt. [Historical sketch.] H. A. Cutting 
Vt. hist. gaz. I : 1067 
Canajoharie, N.Y. Historical notes. 

Watson. Annals of N.Y. 67 

— Old Fort Van Rensselaer. F. H. Roof. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 3 : 629 
Canascraga valley, N.Y. History. 

Turner. Phelps and Gorham, 355 
Candia, N.H. Census. 1773. 

N.H. prov. papers, 10: 625 

— Census. 1775. N.H. prov. papers, 7: 730 

— Census. 1786. N.H. prov. papers, 10:639 

— Early history. F. B. Eaton. 

Granite m. 4: 404 

— History. Chase. Old Chester, 632 

— History. B. Chase. 

Hurd. Rock, and Straf. cos. 137 

— Documents relating to. 1780, 83. With histori- 

cal introduction. N.H. town papers, 11 : 260, 
Cannon, Mich. History. 

Dillenback. Kent co. 43 
Canterbury, Conn. History. 

Barber. Conn. hist. coll. 420 

— The Separate movement in. 1740-60. 

Larned. Windham co. i : 437 

— Settlement, etc. History. 

Larned. Windham co. 1 : 143, 289 

— Town affairs. 1740-1880. 

Larned. Windham co. 2: 37, 304, 423, 491, 
502, 569. 

— Wheelock's revival in. 1741. 

Larned. Windham co. i : 396. 
Canterbury, N.H. Account of the Shakers at. 
Farmer and Moore, i : 50 

— Census. 1773. N.H. prov. papers, 10: 625 

— Census. 1775. N.H. prov. papers, 7: 730 

— Census. 1786. N.H. prov. papers, 10:640. 

— Deposition regarding Indians at. 1754. 

N.H. hist. soc. coll. i : 277 

— Documents relating to. 1743-97. With histori 

cal introduction. N.H. town papers, 11 : 261 

— [Historical sketch.] J. N. McClintock. 

Granite m. 4 : 387 

— Instances of longevity in. 1793-1823. 

N.H. hist. soc. coll. 3: 151 

— Letter-missive from the town of Canterbury, 

to the 4th church in Hampton, N.H., 1756. 
N.E. h. g. reg. 27 : 64. 

— Papers relating to. 1738-74. 

N.H. town papers, 9: 86. 

— Petition of inhabitants asking for restoration 

of the garrison. 1748. 

N.H. hist. soc. coll. 4: 253. 

— Record of births and marriages, 1766-99. 

Granite m. 4: 431 to 5 : 163. 

— Signers of the association test. 1776. 

N.H. state papers, 8: 217. 

— Sketches of the history of. W. Patrick. 

N.H. hist. soc. coll. 4: 174. 

Canton, Mass. The Doty tavern. D. T. V. 

Huntoon. Potter, 7 : 24. 

— The old English church. D. T. V. Huntoon. 

N.E. h. g. reg. 29: 73. 

— The powder-mill in. D. T. V. Huntoon. 

N.E. h. g. reg. 31 : 272. 
Cape Ann, Mass. The fisher-plantation at. 1624, 
25. H. B. Adams. 

Essex inst. hist. coll. 19: 81. 

— The "old planters." G. D. Phippen. 

Essex inst. hist. coll. 4: 127. 

Cape Cod, Mass. Cabo de Baxos ; or, the place 
of Cape Cod in the old cartology. B. F. 
Dc Costa. N.E. h. g. soc. reg. 35 : 49. 

Cape Elizabeth, Me. History. 

Clayton. Cumberland co. 249. 
Cape Fear, N.C. Description of. 1666. 

Carroll, 2:11. 
Cape May county, N.J. History. 

Barber. Hist. coll. of N.J. 122. 

— Patent to S. Godyn and S. Blommaert, 1631. 

N.Y. col. docs. 12 : 17. 
Cape Vincent, N.Y. History. 

Hough. Jefferson co. 109. 

— Remarks on the situation of Fort Carillon. 

1758. N.Y. col. docs. 10: 707. 

Captina, O. Battle. 1782. G. S. M'Kiernan. 

Am. pion. 2 :' 177. 
Carbon county, Penn. History. 

Day. Hist. coll. of Penn. 184. 

— History. R. Klotz. Egle. Pennsyl. 486. 
Cardigan, N.H. Address of the inhabitants of 

a number of towns complaining of the civil 
government of the colony, 1771. 

N.H. prov. papers, 10: 229. 

— Census. 1786. N.H. prov. papers, 10: 680. 
Carlisle, Mass. History. Shattuck. Concord, 320. 

— History. B. F. Heald. 

Drake. Middlesex co. i : 359. 
Carlisle, Penn. [Historical sketch.] 

Rupp. Dauphin [etc.] cos. 385. 

— History of Fort Lowther. Penn. arch. 12 : 348. 

— Journal of a visit to, in 1788. J. Penn. 

Penn. mag. of hist. 3 : 284. 

— Letter [giving historical information]. 

Penn. hist. soc. coll. i : 386. 

— Marriage record of the First presbyterian 

church, 1785-1812. 

Penn. archives, 2d ser. 8 : 563. 

— Memorial of inhabitants. 1780. 

Penn. archives, 2d ser. 3 : 409. 

— Whiskey insurrection. The collection of ex- 

cise in 1792. Notes and q. (Egle's), pt. 6 : 245. 
Carmel, N.Y. History. Blake. Putnam co. 253. 

— History. Smith. Duchess co. 439. 
Carolina. (Province.) Account of. 1682. S. 

Wilson. Carroll, 2 : 19. 

— Brief description of. 1664. Carroll, 2 : 9. 

— Description. 1682. T. Ash. Carroll, 2 : 59. 

— Description. 1731- J. P. Purry. 

Force. Tracts, 2, no. 11. 

— First set of fundamental constitutions. 1669. 

Carroll, 2 : 361. 

— History. 1708. J. Oldmixon. Carroll, 2: 391. 

— Instructions for F. Nicholson as commander- 

in-chief. 1720. So. C. hist. soc. coll. 2 : 145. 

— Instructions for R. Johnson, governor. 1730. 

So. C. hist. soc. coll. 2 : 176. 

— Memorial touching the discovery of silver 

mines in. 1700. So. C. hist. soc. coll. 2 : 201. 

— Narrative of the proceedings in 17 19. F. 


Carroll, 2: 141; Force. Tracts, 2, no. 10. 

— New description of. 1707. J. Archdale. 

Carroll, 2 : 85. 

— Political annals. G. Chalmers. 

Carroll, 2 : 273. 

— Proposals by Peter Purry for Swiss protes- 

tants to settle a new colony. 1731. 

Carroll, 2 : 121. 

— Representation of the council of Carolina in 

regard to currency troubles. 1728. 

So. C. hist. soc. coll. i : 300. 




Carolina, continued. 

— The second charter granted by Charles ii. 

Carroll, 2 : 37 

— Short description of. 1763. Milligan. 

Carroll, 2 : 462 

— Virginia, more especially the south part 

richly and truly valued; viz.: Carolana 
1650. E.Williams. F«rce. Tracts, 3, no. 11 

— Sec also South Carolina. 
Caroline county, Va. History. 

Howe. Hist. coll. of Va. 214 
Carrol county, O. Howe. Hist. coll. of Ohio, 79, 
Carrol county, Va. History. 

Howe. Hist. coll. of Va. 215 
Carroll county, Ga. History. 

White. Hist. coll. 294 
Carroll county, Ky. History. 

Collins. Kentucky, 2 : 118 
Carroll county, N.H. History. L. D. "Mason. 
Howard & C. New Eng. 2 : 160 

— Statistical account of the congregational 

ministers and churches in. 1778-1846. J 
Blake. N.H. repos. 2 : 47 

Carter county, Ky. History. 

Collins. Kentucky, 2: 122 
Carteret county, N.C. History. 

Wheeler. No. Carolina, 2 : 72 
Carthage, N.Y. Pioneer history. 

Turner. Phelps and Gorham, 607 
Carthage, O. History. Walker. Athens co. 451 
Carver, Mass. Description, 1815. 

Mass. hist. soc. coll. 2d ser. 4 : 271 

— History. 

Dudley. Plymouth and Barnstable cos. 90, 

— History. N. B. Shurtleff". 

Plymouth co. direct. 1867 : 33 
Carver county, Minn. History. 

Warner & F. Minn, valley, 352 
Cascade, Mich. History. 

Dillenback. Kent co. 46 
Casco, Me. History. 

Clayton. Cumberland co. 259 

— Indian treaty at. 1727. 

N.H. hist. soc. coll. 2 : 258 

— Treaty with the Indians at. 1727. 

N. H. prov. papers, 4 : 254 
Casey county, Ky. History. 

Collins. Kentucky, 2: 123 
Cass county, Ga. History. 

White. Hist. coll. 297 
Cass township, Ind. History. 

Packard. La Porte co. 176 

Castine, Me. The baron de St. Castin. N 

Brooks Mag. of Am. hist. 9 : 365 

— The Capuchins in Maine. J. G. Shea. 

Hist. mag. 8 : 301 

— Castine, and the old coins found there. J 

Williamson. Me. hist. soc. coll. 6: 105 

— "Castine the younger." Address, Jan. 1873 

J. E. Godfrey. Hist. mag. 3d ser. 2:121 

— Jean Vincent, baron de St. Castin. J. E 

Godfrey. Me. hist. soc. coll. 7 : 38. 

Castle Rock, Minn. History. 

Warner & F. Dakota co. 327 

Castleton, Vt. Burgoyne's orders to the inhabit- 
ants, etc. 1777. N.H. state papers, 8: 658 

— [Historical sketch.] J. Steele. 

Vt. hist. gaz. 3 : 501 

— Letter relating to battle at. 1777. S. Pea 

body. N.H. state papers, 8: 625 

Castorland settlement, N.Y. Journal. 1792. 

Mass. hist. soc. proc. 7 : 327 


Caswell county, N.C. History. 

Wheeler. No. Carolina, 2 
Catawba county, N.C. History. 

Wheeler. No. Carolina, 2 : 82. 
Catskill, N. Y. Topographical description. 1803. 
C. Brown. 

Mass. hist. soc. coll. ist ser. 9: in. 
Cattaraugus county, N.Y. History. 

Barber. Hist. coll. of N.Y. 64. 

— Prehistoric remains in. Pion. m. i : 57; 2: 16. 
Cayuga, N.Y. The building of the Griffon in 

1679. O. H. Marshall. 

Pion. m. 1 : 72; 2 : 31. 

— [The Cayuga Indians.] Address, Feb. 15, 

1882. C. Hawley. 

Cayuga co. hist. soc. coll. no. 2 : 27. 

— Expedition against the Cayugas, 1779. March 

of col. Butler along the east side of Cayuga 
lake. Cayuga co. hist. soc. coll. no. i : S). 

— Expedition against the Cayugas, 1779. March 

of col. Dearborn along the west side of 
Cayuga lake. Extract from Dearborn's jour- 
nal. Cayuga co. hist. soc. coll. no. i : 76. 
Cayuga county, N.Y. Historical sketch of 
Friends in." 1795-1828. E. Howland. 

Cayuga co. hist. soc. coll. no. 2 : 47. 

— History. Barber. Hist. coll. of N.Y. 59. 

— Inventors and inventions of. C. Wheeler, jr. 

Cayuga co. hist. soc. coll. no. 2 : 90. 

— Sullivan's expedition, 1779. Journals, notes 

and biography. 1879. 

Cayuga co. hist. soc. coll. no. 1. 

— See also New York, Western. Sullivan's 

Cazenovia, N.Y. History. 

Hammond. Madison co. 197. 
Cedar county, Iowa. Pioneers of. 

Annals of Iowa, 10 : 31 r, 380. 
Cedar Creek, Ind. History. L. H. Newton. 

Helm. Allen co. 146. 
Center, Ind. History. Young. Wayne co. 161. 
Center, Wise. History. 

Guernsey. Rock co. 76. 
Centre county, Penn. Census. 1830. 

Hazard reg. 7 : 346. 

— History. J. B. Linn. Egle. Pennsyl. 508. 

— History. Day. Hist. coll. of Penn. 200. 

— List of the iron manufactories in. 1S28. 

Hazard reg. i : 97. 
Centre Harbor, N.H. Documents relating to. 
1788-97. With historical introduction. 

N.H. town papers, ii : 276. 

— [Historical note.] I. W^ Hammond. 

Granite m. 4 : 189. 
Centre township, Ind. History. 

Packard. La Porte co. 98. 
Centre township, Penn. History. 

Rupp. Berks and L. cos. 255. 
Centreville, Penn. Fort Jenkins. 

Penn. Archives, 12 : 3S0. 
Chalibbee, Ga. Battle at. Jan. 27, 1814. 

Dawson, 2 : 323. 
Chambers county, Ala. History. 

Brewer. Alabama, 160. 
Champaign countv, O. History. 

Howe. Hist. coll. of Ohio, 80. 
Champion, N.Y. History. 

Hough. Jefferson co. 1 19. 

Champion, O. Historical sketch. H. L. Rutan. 

Mahoning vail. hist. soc. coll. i : 491. 

Champlain, Lake. The battles on. Oct. 11, 13, 

1776. Dawson, i : 167. 




Champlain, Lake, continued. 

— Discovery, navigation, and navigators of. T 

H. Caniield. Vt. hist. gaz. i : 656 

— Papers relating to the French seigniories in 

N.Y. doc. hist, i : 345 
Champlain valley. The occupation of the. W, 
C. Watson. Am. hist. rec. i : 200, 

Champlin, Minn. History. 

Warner & F. Hennepin co. 298 
Chaplin, Conn. Town organization. 1822. 

Larned. Windham co. a : 519 
Chardon, O. History. 

Riddle. Geauga and Lake cos. 112 
Charlemont, Mass. History. 

Barber. Hist. coll. of Mass. 240 

— History. Conn. vail. hist. 2 : 708 

— History. Holland. Western Mass. 2 : 327 

— History of the churches and ministers of. 

Packard. Franklin co. 64 
Charles City county, Va. History. 

Howe. Hist. coll. of Va. 217 
Charles City court-house, Va. The surprise at 
Jan. 8, 1781. Dawson, i : 645 

Charleston, S.C. Charleston in 1774. 

Hist. mag. 9: 341 

— Democratic convention at. i860. 

Am. hist. rec. i : 497 

— Diary of events in. 1780. S. Baldwin. 

N.J. hist. soc. proc. 2 177 

— Early printers and printing in. 

Thomas, i : 340 

— Evacuation of. 1782. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 8 : 826 

— The invasion of S.C. and battle of Stono ferrj' 

Apr. 29- June 20, 1779. Dawson, i : 495 

— Journal of the council of safety of South 

Carolina. 1775. 

So. C. hist. soc. coll. 2 : 22 ; 3 : 35. 

— List and abstract of documents relating to So. 

Carolina in State paper office. 1682-1735. 
So. C. hist. soc. coll. i : 85 to 3 : 272. 

— Newspapers in. 1732-75. Thomas, 2 : 169. 

— The old powder magazine at. 

Am. hist. rec. 2 : 539. 

— Siege. Mar. 29-May 12, 1780. 

Dawson, i : 570. 

— Statue to William Pitt. 

Mag. of Am. hist. 8: 214. 

— See also Carolina, Province. 
Charleston, Vt. [Historical sketch.] A. Allyn. 

Vt. hist. gaz. 3 : 105. 
Charlestown, Mass. Account books of the first 
church. J. F. Hunnewell. 

N.E. h. g. reg. 34:97. 

— Births and burials, 1630-48. D. Pulsifer. 

N.E. h. g. reg. 4 : 183 to 9 : 169 

— Burying-ground inscriptions. T. Waterman 

N.E. h. g. reg. 5: 175 

— Charlestown in the last hundred years, 1780- 

1880. H. H. Edes. Winsor, 3 : 547 

— Church affairs, 1678. 

Mass. hist. soc. coll. 3d ser. i : 248 

— Colonial period. H. H. Edes. Winsor, 1:383 

— Diary of Robert Calley, 1699-1765. 

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Cow or Great Neck. 1676. 

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Cowpens, S.C Battle. Jan. 17, 1781. 

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Brewpr Ai«baniii, 203. 
Cristiana. D<»1. -See Wilmington, Del. 
Criiienden county, Ky. History. 

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Croghan, N.Y. History. 

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— See also Castorland settlement. 
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1731- N-Y- col. docs. 9: 1021. 

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tion against. Mag. of Am. hist. 8: 206. 

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men to serve in the army. 1781-82. S. D. 

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— Topographical description of the plantations 

W.N. and N.E. of Sebagopond, in the county 
of Cumberland. 

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Cumberland county, N.H. Division of the prov- 
ince of New Hampshire into counties. 1755. 
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Cumberland county, N.Y. Census. 1771 • 

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— Census. i77i> N.Y. doc. hist. 4: 623. 

— Civil officers. 1772. N.Y. doc. hist. 4: 471. 




Cumberland county, N.Y., continued. 

— List of civil and military officers. 1786. 

N.Y. doc. hist. 4: 610. 

— Papers relative to a riot in. 1775. 

N.Y. doc. hist. 4: 544. 

— Petition of inhabitants, in regard to New 

Hampshire grants. 1770. 

N.Y. doc. hist. 4: 406. 

— Petition of inhabitants for the right to elect a 

representative. 1772. N.Y. doc. hist 4: 495. 

— Petitions, asking government j)rotection. 1779. 

N.Y. doc. hist. 4: 576, 590. 
Cumberland county, N.C. History. 

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Cumberland county, O. "The great awaken- 
ing." 1799. I. Smucker. 

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— History. I. D. Rupp and others. 

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town. 1749. T. Cookson. 

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safety. 1776. Penn. archives, 2d. ser. i :593. 

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— List of members of the associated company of. 

1755. Penn. archives, 2d ser. 2 : 518. 

— List of sheriffs. 1777-83. 

Penn. archives, 10: 285. 

— Meeting on the Boston port bill. 

Hazard reg. 3 : 38.' 

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Cumberland county, Penn., continued. 

— Petition of capt. Brady's company. i777- 

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— Plan for the defence of. 1754- 

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ing a convention. 1779' 

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Cuyahoga, O. Ancient earth forts of the Cuya- 
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— Tradition of Brady, the Indian hunter. 

W.R. hist. soc. tr. no. 29. 
Cuyahoga county, O. History. 

Howe. Hist. coll. of Ohio, 119. 


Hand-book for Readers. — A new Hand- 
book for Readers at the Boston Public Library 
has recently been published. This contains the 
Regulations of the Library, an account of the 
Catalogues, and an Index to the notes upon 
books and reading, and to the special book-lists 
found in the Catalogues of the Boston Public 
Library and other libraries, and also in periodi- 
cals. There is also a list of Indexes to periodi- 
cals in the Library, a description of various En- 
cyclopsedias, a catalogue of Works upon Patents, 
an account of the special collections, and of the 
Works of Art in the Library, and a Chronology. 
Copies of the Hand-book can be obtained, free 
of charge, at the Central Library and at the 
Branch Libraries. 

BequESTS. — The City of Boston has received 
Fifty Thousand Dollars, in accordance with the 
provisions of the will of the late Arthur Scho- 
field. The income from this sum, after the expi- 
ration of certain life interests, will be applied to 
the purchase of books of permanent value for 
the Boston Public Library. 

By the terms of the will of the late Thomas 
B. Harris, of Charlestown, the Charlestown 
Branch Library is to receive the sum of One 
Thousand Dollars. 

Gifts. — Miss Caroline Coddington Thayer, 
of Roxbury, has given to the Library the Works 
of Theodore Parker, in forty volumes, in fine 
binding, including a collection of pamphlets, 
newspaper cuttings, and manuscripts. 




VOL. 6. No. 2. 

WHOLE No. 68. 

William W. Greenough, President. 

Charles V. Whitten, Alderman. 
John H. Lee, Councilman. 
Henry W. Haynes. 

James Freeman Clarke. 
Samuel A. B. Abbott. 
George B. Chase. 


Mellen Chamberlain, Librarian and Clerk of the Corporation. 
James L. Whitney, Principal Assistant Librarian. 

Arthur M. Knapp, Curator of Periodicals and 

William H. Foster, Proof-reader. 
Josfi F. C arret. Curator of Patents and En.. 

gravings, and Registrar. 

Appleton p. C. Griffin, Custodian of Shelves. 
William F. Robinson, Registration Clerk. 
Thomas H. Cummings, Curator of Lower Hall 

Louis F. Gray, Office Secretary. 

William E, Ford, yanitor, Central Library. 


Arthur M. Knapp, Bates Hall. 
Edward Tiffany, Lozver Hall. 
Mary E. Brock, Brighton. 
Cornelius S. CartSe, Charlestown. 
Mary G. Coffin, Dorchester. 

Sarah C. Godbold, East Boston. 
Eliza R. Davis, Jamaica Plain. 
Sarah Bunker, Roxbury. 
N. Josephine Bullard, South Boston. 
Grace A. Dk Borges, South End. 

Mary A. Hill, Custodian, Lower Mills. 
Harriet L. Atkinson, Custodian, Mattapan. 
Grace E. Powars, Custodian, Neponset. 

Eliza R. Davis, Custodian, North End. 
Robert M. Otis, Custodian, fioslindale. 
Anna Hibbard, Custodian, W. Roxbury. 


Information for Readers 102 

Bates Hall 103 

Mathematical List 140 

Lower Hall and Branches 145 

American Local History 155 

Benjamin Franklin 161 

Cities (arrangement in Catalogue) .... 163 

Provincial Stamp Act of 1755 163 


Number of Volumes and Hours. 

All departments are open every secular day 
except the six legal holidays, — February 22, 
Fast Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving 
and Christmas, — and such other days as the 
Trustees may direct. 

The Bates Hall is open from nine o'clock, a.m., 
until six, P.M., from October to March, inclusive, 
and until seven o'clock during the rest of the 
year. The Lower Hall of the Central Library Is 
open from half-past eight o'clock, a.m., to nine 
o'clock, P.M. The Central Reading Room for 
Periodicals is open from nine o'clock, A.M., 
until ten, p.m., and on Sundays from two to 

Bates Hiill 

Newspaper Room . . . 
Duplicate Koom . . . 

Lower Hall 

Brighton Branch . . . 
Chiirlestown Branch . 
Dorchester Bnuich . ._ 
K«3t Boston Branch . 
Jamaica Plain Branch . 
Lower Mills Delivery . 
Mattapan Delivery , . 

Neponset Delivery . . 

North End Delivery . 

Roslindale Delivery , . 

Roxbury Branch . . . 
South Boston Branch . 
South End Branch . . 
West Roxbury Delivery 


} toy 

8.30 to 9 
9 to 8»t 
9 toS* 
g to S* 
9 to 8* 
9 to 8*t 
4 to 7.30** 
3.30 to 7|t 
( S to 8.30 
) 4-3° to 6.30! t 
4 to 9*** 
to 6tt 
to 8 
to 9 


in R. R. 













i 3,778 














3.2" 7 




♦ Keep open till 9 P.M. Saturdays. t± Tuesdays to Saturdays, inclusive 

J Closed U M. to 2 P.M. *** Saturdays from 2 to 9. 

Rending Ruoni 9t'i !<. aDiliveied to readers also on Sun- 

* Closed from IS to O.:i0. daj-s. 

It Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur- 



New Books as soon as received are entered on 
the Bulletin Boards of each Library. In the 
Bates Hall, before titles appear on the Board the 
new books are displayed (with the shelf-number 
attached) in a glass case at the desk. The lists in 
the Lower Hall and at the Branches show only 
the books added to those departments. The Dor- 
chester list is posted also at the Deliveries at the 
Lower Mills, Neponset, and Mattapan, and the 
Jamaica Plain list at the Deliveries at Roslindale 
and West Roxbury. The Bulletins are for sale 
(excepting those out of print) at five cents each. 
Books with numbers below 2noare in the Lower 
Hall; with 2 no and above, in the Bates Hall. 
Those with Bri., Chn., I>or., E. B., J. P., A. K., 
Rox., S. B., s. E., or \V. Rox., prefixed to the 
number are respectively in the Brighton, Charles- 
town, Dorchester, East Boston, Jamaica Plain, 
North. End, Roxbury, South Boston, South End, 
or West Roxbury Branch. 

Bates Hall of the Central Library. 

L The Index of i86i. (Includes the Bow- 
ditch Library.) Out of print. 

II. The Supplement of 1S66. (Includes the 
Parker Library.) For sale in sheets at $2.00. 

III. The Catalogue of the Prince Li- 
brary. For sale at $1.00. 

IV. The Catalogue of the Ticknor Col- 
lection of Spanish and Portuguese books. For 
sale at Sj-oo, 

V. The Catalogue of the Barton Collec- 
tion. Shakespearian portion. For sale at $^.00. 

VI. Public Card Catalogue. This' con- 
tains, with some exceptions, the titles of all the 
books in the Bates Hall. 

VII. The Official Card Catalogue, which 
can be consulted, in cases of need, upon applica- 
tion, contains the titles of all books added to the 
Bates Hall since the publication of the Supple- 
ment in 1S66, and includes some titles of books 
received between 1866 and 1S71, which are not 
in the Public Card Catalogue. 

There is a separate catalogue of the Tosti En- 
gravings in drawers at the north end of the Pub- 
lic Card Catalogue case in Bates Hall. 

Lo-v7er Hall of the Central Library. 

I. Fiction and Juveniles, with notes for 
readers. 6th edition, April, 1877. Embraces 
the "Index to Historical Fiction." 20 cents. 

II. Arts, Sciences, and Professions. 2d 
edition, September, 1S71. 10 cents. — Supplement- 
ary Catalogue, May, 1881. 20 cents. 

III. History, Biography,* and Travels, 
with notes for readers. 2d edition, July, 1873. 
JO cents. 

IV. Books in Foreign Languages. 3d 
edition. May, iSSi. /j cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, Collections, and Mis- 
cellanies. 1st edition, August, 1870. 20 cents. 

VI. Card Catalogue. This contains the 
titles of all the books in the Lower Hall, alpha- 
betically arranged, both by authors' names and 
by the titles of books. An assistant, who alone 
has access to this catalogue, will furnish such 
information as may not be found in the printed 


Catalogues are for sale: — Brighton, 2j cents, 
for the, main Catalogue (including first Supple- 
ment), and J cents for each of the two subsequent 
Supplements ; Charlestown,50cc«/.<; Dorchester, 
^o cents; East Boston, 2j cents ; Jamaica Plain, 
7j cents: Roxbury, 20 cents; South Boston, 
20 cents ; South End, jj cewA'. 

Bates Hall books can be applied for at the 
several Branches and Deliveries, and, if they are 
on the shelves, they will be sent to the Branch 
or Delivery the same or following day. 

The Bulletins since the issues of the Branch 
Catalogues constitute supplements to these sev- 
eral lists. 

Prices of Catalogues to Non-Residents 

are fixed to cover cost of manufacture and post- 
age, as follows : — 

Bates Hall. — I. Prince Catalogue, ^7.75. Tick- 
nor Catalogue, ^j.oo. Barton Catalogue, .Jfj.oo. 

Lower Hall. — II. History, Biography, and 
Travel. $ 

III. Arts, Sciences, and Professions, yj cents. 

IV. Fiction and Juveniles. 7j cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, and Miscellanies. $1.00. 
Bulletins. — VI. Issues, each, 20 cents. 

The Branch Catalogues and other publications 
will be furnished, as far as practicable, on terms 
to be made known on application. 

Central Periodical Reading Room. 

A list of periodicals currently received is for 
sale at j cents. There is also a List of serial 
publications now taken in the principal libraries 
of Boston and Cambridge. Price, 20 cents. 




Shelf-numbers aiio and upwards indicate books in Bates 

Shelf-numbers below 31 lo indicate books in the Lower Hall. 
Brl., Brighton Branch. 

Ch,n.^ Charlestown Branch. 

Dor., Dorchester Branch. 

E. B., East Boston Branch. 
J. P., Jamaica Plain Branch. 

N. E., North End Branch. 
Rox., Roxbury Branch. 

S. B., South Boston Branch. 

S. E., South End Branch. 

W. Rox., West Roxbury Delivery Station. 
N. R., Newspaper Room. 

R. R. 
C. R. 


[ I 

( ) 

* * 

Reading^ Room. 

Catalogue Room. 

No date of publication given. 

No place ol publication given. * 


Enclose corrections or explanations. 

Stands for the preceding heading. 

Stands for a subordinate heading. 

Enclose names not usually retained. 

Permission of the Librarian, or officer in charge of 
Bates Hall, required to take the book out. A'o/ at- 
tacked to Lower Hall copies of the same book. 

Book cannot leave the Library. 

Permission of Trustees required to take the book out. 

Friends of the Public Library will confer a favor, if they will communicate the correction of 
any error they may discover in this List, the authorship of any works treated as anonymous, or the 
name of any person entered only under a pseudonym. 


Abbadie, Jacques, 1658-1727. Chemical change 
in the eucharist. From the French, by J. W. 
Hamerslej. London. [1867.] Sm. 8°. 54403.95 

**G. 3844.21 

Abbey, Henry. The city of success and other 
poems. N.Y., 1884 [1883]. 8°. 2401.77 

Abraham k Sancta Clara. Auf auf ihr Chris- 
ten. 1683. Wien, 1883. [Wiener Neudrucke. i.] 
16°. No. I in 48703.9 

Academic royale des sciences, des lettres et 
des beaux-arts de Belgique. Tables gdn^rales du 
recueil des bulletins. 2e s^rie, tomes 21-50 
(1867-80). Bruxelles, 1883. 8°. *34o6.6o 

Ackroyd, William. The history and science 
of drunkenness. With illus. London, 1883. 
Sm. 8". 3574-73 

Acting. See Cook ; — Talma. 

Adams, Rudolph. Die Farben-Harmonie in 
ihrer Anwendung auf die Damentoilette. Mit 
Tafeln und Figuren. Leipzig, 1862. 8". 


Adams, William H. D. A book of earnest 
lives. London, 1884 [1883]. Plates. Portraits. 
8". 2244-59 

Addis, William E., and Arnold, Thomas A. 
A Catholic dictionary. Containing some ac- 
count of the doctrine, discipline, rites, cere- 
monies, councils, and religious orders of the 
Catholic church. London, 1884. 8°. 

Addison, Jo.seph. >9e« Courthope. 

^sop. Esopet. Opnieuw naar het handschrift 
uitgegeven en van eene inleidingen woordenlijst 
voorzien door Jan te Winkel. Groningen, 1881. 
[Bibliotheek van middelnederlandsche letter- 
kunde.] 8*^. 4871.56 

— See Biblioteca. 

Africa. See Afrique; — Johnston; — Little, 

Afrique, L', explorde et civilis^e. Journal 
mensuel. 2e, 36 ann^e. 1880-82. Geneve, 1880, 
81. Folded maps. 8°. *5053.50 

Contains many bibliographical notices. 

Agents. See Wiassak. 

Agnew, David H. The principles and practice of 
surgery. Illus. Phila., 1878-83. 3 v. L. 8*^. *3742.57 

Aikman, William. A bachelor's talk about 
married life and things adjacent. N. Y., 1884. 
12°. 3588.74 

Alacoque, Margaret Mary, called blessed Alar- 
garet Mary. See Tickell. 

Alarcon, Pedro de. Cosas que fueron : colec- 
cion de articulos de literatura, costumbres, cr{tica 
y viajes. Madrid, 1871. 16". 5099.68 

Alaska. See Wright. 

Alexander the Great. See Arrianus ; — Maer- 
lant; — Roman van Cassamus. 

Alexander, Th'omas, and Thomson, Arthur W. 
Elementary applied mechanics. [Part r and] 
2. With diagrams, and a series of examples. 
London, 1880, 83. Portrait. Sm. 8°. 3948.79 




Algiers. See Playfair. 

Allen, James T. Digest of plows with attach- 
ments patented in the United States from 1789 
to Jan. 1883. [Washington, 1883.J 2 v. Plates. 
L. 8". Patent Room 

Allfeld, Philipp. Die Entwicklung des Be- 
gritfes Mord bis zur Carolina. Erlangen, 1S77. 
8°. 5618.40 

AUgemeine Bauzeitung, mit Abbildungen. 
Gegriindet von C. L. Fdrster, redigirt von A. 
Kdstlin. 48ter Jahrgang, i-io Heft. Wien, 

1883. F°. *6870.5 
Almanach de Gotha. 1884. Gotha. [1883.] 

32°. *62i9b.5o 

Almanach de la Republique fran9aise pour 
1881-83. Paris. [1881-83.] 16". *6629a.5o 

Alphabet. See Hake, T. G. 

Alps. See Malleson. 

Alsace. See Weckerlin. 

America. See Blacket ; — Harrisse. 

America, British. See Bastian. 

America, North. See Ullrich. 

America, South. See Watson, R. G. 

America, Spanish. See Hernaez. 

American, The. A national weekly journal 
of politics, literature, science, art, and finance. 
Vol. 6. From April 14, 1883 [continued]. 
Phila., 1883. 4°. * 

American almanac and treasury of facts, for 

1884. Edited by A. R. Spofford. N.Y., 1884. 
12°. *2388.50 

American association of the red cross. See 

American numismatic and archaeological so- 
ciety. Catalogue of the numismatic books in 
[its] library. With a subject index to the im- 
portant articles in the American journal of nu- 
mismatics, and other periodicals, to the end of 
1882. N. Y., 1883. L. 8«. *6i7i.i9 

Anatomy, Pathological. See Orth. 

Anderson, Edward L. Modern horsemanship. 
A new method of teaching riding and training 
by means of pictures from the life. Edinburgh, 
1884. Illus. Autotypes. 8". 4002.66 

Animals. See Romanes. 

Annamese language. See Luc. 

Annuaire illustre des beaux-arts et catalogue 
illustre de I'Exposition nationale. Revue artis- 
tique universelle publi^e sous la dii-ection de 
G. F. Dumas. Paris, 1883. 80. *8o74.6o 

Anthropometry. See Fletcher, R. 

Antiquities. See Bastian ; — Benndorf ; — 
Borel ; — Brugsch ; — Burton ; — Cambrian ; — 
Corpvs ; — Duemichen ; — Gazette ; — Halliwell- 
Phillipps; — Hodgetts; — Hunnewell; — Lieb- 
lein ; — Marquardt ; — Menant ; — Mueller, E. ; — 
Roemer ; — Rosny ; — Schliemann ; — Sybel ; — 
Virchow ; — Westropp. 

Antonines, emperors of Rome. See Cham- 

Antwerp. See Branden. 

Apostles. See Bruce, A. B. 

Arabia. See Landberg; — Le Bon. 

Architecture. See AUgemeine ; — Audsley ; — 
Richardson, C. J. ; — Rickman ; — Zeitschrift. 

Archives de I'Orient latin. Publiees sous le 
patronage de la Societe de I'Orient latin. T. i. 
Paris, 1881. Illus. Folded fac-simile. L. 8°. 


The Soci^t^ de I'Orient latin is occupied with the col- 
lecting and publishing of documents, etc., concerning the 
relations between Europe and the East, having particular 
regard to the crusades. 

Arctic regions. See M'Cormick. 

Argentine Republic. See Paz. 

Aristophanes. See Dunbar. 

Aristotle, See Chaignet ; — Manns. 

Armand, Alfred. Les medailleurs italiens des 
quinzieme et seizifeme siecles. 2e Edition. Paris, 
1883. 2 V. 8°. 2221.62 

Arnold, Wilhelm. Deutsche Geschichte. 
Vol. I, 2. Gotha, 1880, 81. 8°. 2815.54 

— Studien zur deutschen Kulturgeschichte. 
Stuttgart, 1882. 8°. 2824.6a 

Arrianus, Flavius. The anabasis of Alexander : 
or, the history of the wars and conquests of Alex- 
ander the Great. Literally trans. , with a commen- 
tary, from the Greek of Arrian the Nicomedian, 
by E. J. Chinnock. London, 1884. 8°. 3007.55 

Art work manuals. Edited by C. G. Leland. 
[With] working designs, illustrations, and in- 
structions. 2d (revised) edition. Oct., 1881- 
Sept., 1882. N.Y., 1881, 82. 40, * 

Arthurian legends. See Roman van Moriaen. 

Artistic anatomy. See Fletcher, R. 

Ashenhurst, Thomas R. A practical treatise 
on weaving and designing textile fabrics. With 
chapters on the principles of construction of the 
loom, calculations, and colour. 2d edition. With 
illus. Bradford. [1881.] %". 8017.72 

Ashhurst, John,yr., editor. The international 
encylopffidia of surgery. Illus. In 6 v. Vol. 4. 
N. Y., 1884. 8°. *375i-65 

Ashton, John. The adventvres and discovrses 
of Captain lohn Smith, sometime president of 
Virginia, and admiral of New England. Newly 
ordered by lohn Ashton. With illvstrations taken 
by him from original sovrces. London. [1883.] 
Portraits. Sm. 8°. 4247-55 

Captain John Smith is here represented as telling the 
story of his life to a group of boys. 

Assyria. See Perrot. 

Astronomy. See Blass. 

Atheism. See Greg. 

Atlantis. See Blacket. 

Atlas manuel de g^ographie moderne, con- 
tenant ^4 cartes, imprimies en couleurs. Paris. 
[1881 .?] Fo. ***2284.56 

Audsley, William J. and George A. Popular 
dictionary of architecture and the allied arts. 
Vol. 3. Bar-Buttery. London. [1884.] Illus. 
L. 8". *4092.52.3 

Auerbach, H. Die Grundursachen der Magen- 
krankheiten. [Berlin, 1882.] 16". 379ob.57 

Austin, George L. . Henry Wadsworth Long- 
fellow : his life, his works, his friendships. Illus. 
Boston, 1883. 12". 4243-57 

Austin, John. See Clark. 

Australia. See Jung ; — Rusden ; — Tangj'C 

Austria. See Recueil ; — Schober. 

Ayrshire, Scotland. See Paterson. 

Ayrshire breeders' association. The Ayrshire 
record. New series, vol. 3, 4. American and 
Canadian Ayrshire herd record. (Old series, 
vol. 7, 8.) J. D. W. French [etc. ], editors. Cen- 
tral Falls, R.I. [etc.], 1881, 83. 8°. *3995 56-7,8 

Babut du Marfes, Jules. Le sewage : son utili- 
sation et son ^puration. Bruxelles, 1883. Folded 
map. 8°. 8017.70 

Babylon. See Tegn^r. 

Bach, C. Die Construction der Feuerspritzen. 
Mit einem Anhange : die allgemeinen Grund- 
lagen fiir die Construction der Kolbenpumpen. 
Mit Holzschnitten und 36 Tafeln. Stuttgart, 
1883. 2 V. L. 8°. 8012.67 




Bacon, P^rancis, baron Veriilam and rnscount 
St Albans. Essays. As first published in 1597. 
With an introd. by H- Moriey. London, 1883. 
[Morley's universal library.] Sm. 8". . 2557.79 

— Sec En gel. 

Badcock. John Ilcnry. Vignettes from in- 
visible life [infusoria, zoophytes]. Reprinted, 
with additions, from the St. James's gazette. 
London, 1883. Illus. Sm. 8°. 3875.51 

Bagehot, Walter. Essays on parliamentary 
reform. London, 1883. Sm. 8*^. 2517.53 

Baily, Florence. Gleanings from the fields of 
life. Poem and illus. Phila. [1882.] Colored 
plates of flowers. V^. *3840.6o 

Baird, William R. American college frater- 
nities. 2d edition. N. Y., 1883. i^". 2388.59 

Baker, William M. The ten theophanies; or, 
the appearances of our Lord to men before his 
birth in Bethlehem. N Y. [1883.] 12". 3479.67 

Balize, Central America. See Morris, D. 

Ballads. See Sharpe. C. K. ; — Tileston. 

Ballou, Maturin M. Due west; or, round the 
world in ten months. Boston, 1884. 12". 2266.61 

Balzac, Honor^ de. See Saltus. 

Bancroft, George. History of the United 
States. The author's last revision. Vol. 4. 
N. Y., 1884. 8°. 4220.56 

Bang, A. Chr. V^Iuspaa og de Sibvllinske 
Orakler. (Christiania Videnskabsselskabs For- 
handlinger, 1879. ^^- 9-) Christiania. [1879.] 
8". 487335 

Barham, Richard H. Ye Jackdaw of Rheims. 
An antient ballade by Thomas Ingoldsby 
\^fseud.\ Wyth je old writing & ye new illus- 
trations by Ernest Maurice Jessop. London. 
[1883.] F«. ***256o.i8 

Baritone and bass songs. Sung by Santley 
and Foli. London, n. d. [Boosey's musical cabi- 
net.] 4«. 8052.134 

Barnum, Samuel W. Romanism as it is. 
With illus.. and an appendix of matters from 
187 1 to 1876. Hartford, 1882. 8°. 5466.53 

Baron, Julius. Abhandlungen aus dem romi- 
schen Civilprozess. Berlin, 1881, 82. 2 v. in i. 
8°. 3616.57 

Contents. — i. Die Condictionen. 2. Die adjecticischen 

Baronia de Kemeys. From the original docu- 
ments at Bronwydd. \^Aho, O. Cromwell's sur- 
vey of Govver, a.d. 1650, and Survey of Gower 
Anglicana, 25th Eliz. 1583.] Printed for the 
Cambrian archaeological association. London. 
[1S83.?] Illus. Plate. Map. 8". *24i8.54 

Barth^lemy, Edouard M., comte de, editor. 
Recueil des chartres de I'abbaye royale de Mont- 
martre. Paris, 1883. 8°. 4612.5 

Bartsch, Carl F. Gesammelte Vortriige und 
Aufsiitze. Freiburg i. B. 1883. 8°. 4871.26 

Contents. — Aus dor Kinderzeit; Bruchstiick einer Bio- 
gra|)lue; Die dichterische Gestaltung der Nibclunefcnsage; 
Wolframs von Eschenbach Parzival als psyclioiogiscnes 
Epos; Tristan und Isolde; Die Treue in deutsclier Sage 
und Pocsie; Das Fiirstenideal des Mittelalters im Spiegel 
deutsclier Dichtiing; Die P'ormen des gcselligen Lebens im 
Mittelalter; Die<»roinaniscIien und dcutsclien Tagelieder; 
Guilleni von Bcrguedan ; Das altfranzosische Volkslied des 
i2ten und i.^ten Jahrhunderts; Italienisches Frauenleben 
ini Zcitalter Dantes. 

— editor. Deutsche Liederdichter des zwolf- 
ten bis vierzehnten Jahrhunderts. Leipzig, 
1864. 8". 4870a. 7 

Bastian, Phillipp W. A. Amerika's Nordwest- 
Kiiste. Neueste Ergebnisse ethnologischer Rei- 
sen. Berlin, 1883. Plates. F°. ***Cab.23.A.3 

Bastille, The. See Ravaisson. 

Battle of the giants. See Koepp. 

Bayfct, Charles. L'art byzantin. Nouvelle 
edition. Paris. [1883.] Illus. [Bibliothique de 
I'enseignement des beaux-arts.] 8'^ 8087.13 

Bayle, Marc Antoine, editor. Anthologie pro- 
ven(;ale. Poesies choisies des troubadours du x* 
au XV- siecle, avec la traduction littdraire en re- 
gard, precdd^es d'un abrege de grammaire pro- 
ven«jale. Avec une notice sur I'auteur par J. B. 
Sardou. Aix, 1879. [Biblioth6que proven(;ale.] 
16°. 2688.57 

Beard, Charles. Port Royal. A contribution 
to the history of religion and literature in 
F' ranee. London, 1873. 2 v. Sm. 8". 3525.67 

Beauvoir, Edouard R. de Bully, called Roger 
de. L'dcolier de Cluny, 1315. Nouv. ddition. 
Paris, 1866. 12°. 4660.72 

Beeck, A. Handlexikon der Geschichte und 
Biographic. [Supplement zu Brockhaus' Con- 
versations-Lexikon. 2. B.] Berlin, 1881. 8". 


Benndorf, Friedrich August Otto. Vorlau- 
figer Bericht iiber zwei oesterreichische archae- 
ologische Expeditionen nachKleinasien. Wien, 
1883. Illus. Plates. Map. 8°. 3044.73 

Berlinisches Stadtbuch. Neue Ausgabe. Mit 
Bildern und Schri ftp robe n. Berlin, 1883. 8°. 


The introduction is signed P. Clauswitz. 

Berlioz, Louis Hector. Grande messe des 
morts. 26 Edition. Milan, n. d. F°. 8053.56 
Contains full orchestral score. 

— A treatise upon modern instrumentation 
and orchestration. Trans, by Mary Cowden 
Clarke. Boston, n. d. 8". 4043.52 

Berlitz, Max D., and Dubois, Emil. Erstes 
deutsches Lesebuch der Berlitz'schen Sprach- 
schulen. Boston, 1S82. 12°. 2887.64 

Berly, Jules A. British, American and con- 
tinental electrical directory and advertiser. 2d 
edition. London, 1883. Maps. 8". *396i.63 

Bert, Paul. See Cei^brites. 

Beskow, Bernard von. Om .sjalens helsa. 3je 
upplagan. Stockholm, 1870. 16°. , 5588.70 

Bezobrazof, Vladimir Pavlovich. Etudes sur 
I'dconomie nationale de la Russie. T. i. Re- 
gion centrale industrielle de Moscou. St. Peters- 
bourg, 1883. 8°. 5645.88 

Bible. P'ac-simile of the Codex Alexandrinus. 
Old Testament. Vol. 3. Psalms-Ecclesiasticus. 
[London.] 1883. F^. **742o.53 

Have also vol. i, 3, 4. 

— See Little, C. E. 

— Old Testament. See Oehler. 

— JVeiv Testament. See Hall, I. H. ; — Sdgur ; 
— Toy. 

Revision. The international revision 

commentary on the New Testament. Edited by 
Philip Schaff. Vol. 3, 5, 6. N. Y., 1S82-84. 
Sm. 8°. **H. 98.4a 

Contents. — 3. Gospel according to Luke, by M. B. Rid- 
dle. 5. Acts of the Apostles, by J. S. Howson, and II. D. 
M. Spence. 6. Epistle to the Romans, by M. B. Riddle. 

See Burgon. 

— Gospels. See Thomas Aquinas. 

Bible stories for- youngest classes. Prepared 
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bath-school association. N. Y., 18S3. 32". 7423.50 

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Bibliographie de I'Orient latin, i. 1878-80. 
(/» Archives de I'Orient latin. T. i. Paris, 
1881.) *229i.65 

Bibliography. See Billings, J. S. ; — Bohn; 

— Brunet; — Cornell university; — Fletcher, 
R. ; — Foster; — Hall, I. II. ; — Horn ; — Kayser; 
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Schwab ; — Smith, J. 

Biblioteca della gioventii italiana. Torino, 
1871-83. 137 V. 32°. Namely: — 

— ^sop. Volgarizzamento delle favole Esopi- 
ane per uno da Siena. 477oa.82 

— Alamanni, L. La coltivazione. 477oa.50 

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2 V. 47703.52 

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presente della lingua italiana. 47703.69 

Le Grazie. Dialogo. 47703.70 

Novelle. 47703.71 

Prose letterarie. 47703.72 

Prose scelte. 2 v. 47703.73 

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poemetti. 47703.74 

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— Compagni, D. Cronaca fiorentina. 


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G. Gersen. 47703.94 

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4 V. 47703.83 

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— Filicaja, V. da. Poesie. 47703.85 

— Fiorentino, G. Novelle. 47703.87 

— Fioretti di S. Francesco. 2 v. 47703.88 

— Firenzuola, A. Prose. 2 v. 47703.86 

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Biblioteca. Galilei, G., continued. 

Prose scelte. 2a ed. 47703.90 

— Gdmbara, V. Rime e lettere. 47703.91 

— Gelli, G. B. I capricci del Bottaio. 


La Circe. 47703.93 

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2 v. 47703.95 

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4770b. 50 

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Odissea. 2 v. 4770b. 80 

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suo padre. 4770b. 54 

Poesie. 4770b. 55 

Prose. 4770b. 56 

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4770b. 57 

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4770b. 83 

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— Metastasio, P. A: D. B. Trapassi, called. 
Drammi scelti. 477ob.6i 

— Monti, V. II bardo della Selva Nera [etc.]. 


I poemetti. 477ob.64 

I poeti dei primi secoli della lingua itali- 
ana. 4770b. 66 

Scelta di componimenti drammatici e 

lirici. 4770b. 62 

— Mordaui, F. Degli uomini illustri della 
citta di Ravenna. 4770b. 67 

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Paraguai. 477ob.68 

— Pandolfini, A. Trattato del governo della 
famigiia. 4770b. 69 

— Paravia, P. A. Lettere alia madre e alia 
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4770b. 7 I 

— Passavanti, J. Lo specchio di verapenitenza. 
2 V. 477ob.72 

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Lettere inedite al P. R. Feraudi. 4770b. 74 

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— Perticari, G., conte. Degli scrittori del 
trecento [etc.]. 4770b. 76 

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trecento. 4770b. 77 

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poesie campestri. 4770b. 79 

— Pisa, G. da. I fatti d'Enea. 4770b. 81 

— Polo, M. II milione. 4770b. 84 

— Porzio, C Della congiura de' baroni del 
regno di Napoli contra il re Ferdinand© I. 

4770b. 85 

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— Sacchetti, F. di B. Novelle scelte. 4770b. 87 

— San Concordio, B. da. Ammaestramenti 
degli antichi. * 47703.76 




Biblioteca, continued. 

— Sassetti, F. Lettere sopra i suoi viaggi 
nelle Indie orientali dal 1378 al 13S8. 47705.88 

— Segneri, P. L'incredulo senza scusa. 3 v. 

4770b. 89 

— Sigoli, S. Viaggio in Terra Santa [etc.]. 


— Soave, F. Novelle morali. 47705.91 

— Sonetti e canzoni ad oner di Maria SS. flei 
piu celebri lirici italiani. 47705.92 

— Spolverini, Giambattista, marchese. La col- 
tivazione del riso [etc.]. 4770b. 93 

— Tasso, T. La Gerusalemme liberata. 

4770b. 94 
Prose. 2 V. 4770b. 95 

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— Vasari, G. Le vite de' piii eccellenti pittori, 
scultori e architetti. 4 v. 4770b. 97 

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4770b. 98 

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— Vite di S. Francesco d'Assisi e di Santa 
Eufrosina. 4770a. 66 

— Zaiotti, P. Prose letterarie. 2 v. 4770b. 100 
Bibliotheca Lutherana. Eine Sammliing von 

Autotypen Luthers, nebst den Gesamtausgaben 
von Luthers Werken und einer reichen Auswahl 
von Schriften der Freunde und Gegner der 
Reformation iiber Luther bis auf die Gegenwart. 
Nordlingen, 1883. 8". *2i88.i3 

Bibliotheek van middelnederlandsche letter- 
kunde. See ^sop ; — Floris ; — Guillaume ; — 
Lyden ; — Maerlant; — Moltzer; — Renaud de 
Montauban ; — Roman ; — Verwijs. 

Bickersteth, Edward H. From year to year. 
Poems and hymns for all the Sundays and 
holy days of the church. N. Y., 1884. 16°. 


Bijdragen voor vaderlandsche geschiedenis en 
oudheidkunde. Registers op de tien drelen 
uitmakende de eerste [en de tien deelen der 
nieuwe] reeks. Arnhem [etc.], 1858, 81. 8°. 


Biker, Julio F. J., editor. Colleccao de tratados 
e concertos de pazes queo estado da India Portu- 
gueza fez com os reis e senhores com quem teve 
relagoes nas partes da Asia e Africa Oriental 
desde o principio da conquista at^ ao fim do 
seculo XVIII. T. 3. Lisboa, 1S83. Folded map. 
8°. *5094 50.3 

This Library has the two preceding volumes. 

Billings, E. R. Tobacco : its history, varieties, 
culture, manufacture and commerce, with an 
account of its various modes of use. With illus. 
Hartford, 1875. 8°. 3994.60 

Billings, John S. Medical bibliography. Re- 
print from the Transactions of the Medical and 
chirurgical faculty of Maryland. Baltimore, 
1883. 8". *2i86.3i 

Billings, Josh, pseud. See Shaw, Henry W. 

Biographical encyclopaedia. The, of Pennsyl- 
vania, of the nineteenth century. Phila., 1S74. 
Portrait. 4°. ♦4440.17 

Biography. See Adams, W. H. D. ; — Beeck ; 

— Celebrit^s ; — Cornell, W. M. ; — Davies, G. 
J. ; — Eckstein ; — Men of the time ; — Mongan ; 

— Our; — Preiss; — Records; — Robertson, 
E. R. ; — Whitinan ; — Yonge. 

Birds. See Goss ; — Ibis ; — Roosevelt. 
Bismarck nach dem Kriege. Von *^*. Leip- 
zig, 1883. 8°. 2853.55 

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parliament. Vol. i, 2. London, 1882, 83. Sm. 
8". 2515.54 

Bitter cry, The, of outcast London. An in- 
quiry into the condition of the abject poor. 
[London, 1883.] 120. 5574-89 

Blach, Jaroslav. Die Cecho-Slaven. Ueber- 
sichtliche Darstellung von Jaroslav Blach. 
Volkslied und Tanz. Das Wiederaufleben der 
bohmischen Sprache und Literatur. Die altesten 
Denkmale bohmischen Schriftthums, und der 
Streit iiber deren Aechtheit. Von Joseph A. 
Frh. V. Helfert. Wien, 1883. [Vblker Oester- 
reich-Ungarns. 8.] 8**. 28x4.58 

Blacket, W. S. Researches into the lost his- 
tories of America ; or, the Zodiac shown to be the 
old terrestrial map in which the Atlantic Isle is 
delineated; so that light can be thrown upon the 
obscure histories of the earthworks and ruined 
cities of America. Illus. London, 1884 [1883]. 
8°. 23x03.67 

Blackfoot Indians. See Lanning. 

Blackwood, Frederick T. H., earl of Dtijfferin. 
Sec Leggo. 

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and girls. Illus. N. Y., 1884 [1883]. 120. 6003.71 

Blaikie, William G. The public ministry and 
pastoral methods of our Lord. N. Y., 1883. 
Sm. 8". . 3479-68 

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address, Feb. 27, 1882, before the departments 
of the government of the United States. Wash- 
ington. 1882. Portrait. 8°, l.p. ^4340.59 

Blanchemain, Paul. Anatole Feugere ; sa vie, 
ses cEuvres, son enseignement. Paris, 1880. 
Portrait. Fac-simile. 12". 465754 

Blass, Friedrich W. Einiges aus der Ge- 
schichte der Astronomie im Alterthum. Kiel, 

1883. 8". 5922.79 
Bleaching. See Gardner; — Renard. 
Bluemner, Hugo. Laokoon-Studien. Freiburg 

i. B. 18S1, 82. 2 parts in i v. 16°. 4077.92 

Blunt, Wilfrid S. The wind and the whirl- 
wind. [Poem.] London, 1883. 8*^. 4562.15 

Boating. See Fellows. 

Boccaccio, Giovanni. See Biblioteca. 

Bock, Carl. Temples and elephants : the nar- 
rative of a journey of exploration through upper 
Siam and Lao. Map, coloured plates, and illus. 
London, 1884 [18S3]. Portraits. 8". 3074 7X 

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hollandischen Malerei. Mit Facsimiles der Kiinst- 
lerinschriften. Braunschweig. 1883. 8°. 8073.53 

Bodleian library, Oxford. Catalogi codicuin 
manuscriptorum bibliothecae Bodleianae pars 
nona codices a Kenelm Digby, anno i634donatos, 
complectens : adiecto indice. Confecit Gulielmus 
D. Macray. Oxonii, 1883 8°. *6x7x.x8 

Boehtli'ngk, Arthur H. Napoleon Bonaparte 
und der Rastatter Gesandtenmord. Ein Wort 
an meine Kritiker. Leipzig, 1883. 8". 465X.55 

Bohemia. See Blach. 

Bohemian language and literature. See Blach. 

Bohn, Emil. Bibliographic der Musik-Druck- 
werke bis 1700 welche in der Stadtbibliothek 
[etc.] zu Breslau aufbewahrt werden. Berlin^ 
X883. 80. ''2172.54 

Bonapartist party. See Richard. 

Bookbinding, ^ce Du Bois. 

Bordier, A. La gdographie medicate. Paris, 

1884. Maps. [Bibliothfeque des sciences con- 
temporaines.j x6''. 379ob.58 




Borel, Pierre. Les antiquitez de Castres. Pu- 
blides par C. Pradel. Paris, 1868. 12°. 46393.61 
Originally published in 1649. 

Boston. City council. Re-dedication of the 
Old State house, Boston, July II, 1882. 2d edition. 
Boston, 1883. Illus. L. 8°. *2350.27 

— American character and influence. Oration 
before the City council and citizens of Boston, 
July 4. 1883, by H. Bernard Carpenter. Boston, 
1883. 8°. *4354-37 

— Report of special committee of the Common 
council in regard to the South burying-ground on 
Washington street. [Boston, 18S3.] 8"- *4353-76 

— Record comtnissioners. Report, containing 
Boston births, baptisms, marriages and deaths, 
1630-1699. Boston, 1883. 8". *635oa.4i; **G.293.i 

— Sec Bromley. 

Botany. See Canada, Geological survey; — 
CandoUe; — Cohn ; — Fries ; — Hulme ; — Mor- 
ris, D. ; — Stahl. 

Boulnois, Henry P. The municipal and sani- 
tary engineer's handbook. London, 1883. Illus. 
8°. 8017.71 

Brackenbury, Charles B. Frederick the great. 
N. Y., 1884. [The new Plutarch.] 16°. 2856.51 

Bracton, Henry de. De legibus et consuetu- 
dinibus Angliae. Libri quinque. Edited by Sir 
Travers Twiss. Vol. 6. London, 1883. [Great 
Britain. Public record office.] 8°. *7028.50 

Bradford, William, Philadelphia pri7iter, d. 
1791. 6"<?e Wallace. 

Brahm, Otto. Gottfried Keller. Ein literari- 
scher Essay. Berlin, 1883. 16". 4872.33 

Brahminism. See Deussen ; — Williams. 

Brahmo Somaj. See Mozoomdar. 

Bramsen, William. The coins of Japan. Part 
1. Yokohama, 1880. Plates. 4**. 5011.15 

— Japanese chronological tables, showing the 
date, according to the Julian or Gregorian cal- 
endar, of the first day of each Japanese month 
from Tai-dwa ist year to Mei-ji 6th year (645 to 
1873). With an introductory essay on Japanese 
chronology and calendars. Tokio, 1880. Folded 
sheets. 8°, obi. 3018.25 

Brand, William F. Life of William RoUinson 
Whittingham, fourth bishop of Maryland. N. Y., 
1883. 2 V. Portrait Fac-similes. 8°. 4241.57 

Branden, F. Jos. van den. Geschiedenis der 
Antwerpsche schilderschool. Antwerpen, 1883. 
L. 8°. 8073.54 

Brandl, Alois. Barthold Heinrich Brockes. 
Nebst darauf bezuglichen Briefen von J. U. 
Kdnig an J. J. Bodmer. Innsbruck, 1878. 
Folded table. 8°. 2853.54 

Brantome, Pierre de Bourdeille, seigneur de- 
CEuvres completes. Piibliees par L. Lalanne. 
T. II. Table des matieres. Paris, 1882. 8". 


The Library contains also vol. i-io of this edition. 

Brelow, G., atid others. Technologisches 
Lexikon fiir Gewerbtreibende und Industrielle, 
von G. Brelow, O. Danimer und E. Hoyer. 
Leipzig, 1883. 2 V. Illus. [Populare Fach- 
Lexika.] 8". *8o39.24 

Bremer, Franz P. Geschichte des romischen 
Rechts, unter Vergleichungdes Deutschen biszu 
Karls des Grossen Kaiserkrbnung. i. Abthei- 
lung. Strassburg, 1876. 8". 5618.53 

Brentano, Clemens. Die Chronik des fahren- 
den Schiilers. [Miinchen, 1883.] Plates. Illu- 
minations. Sm. f°. *2870.6 

Brewing. See Hooper. 

Bridges, Robert. Promethevs the firegiver. 

[Drama. ] Oxford, 1883. 8". 1. p. 


Bridges. See Mayerhoefer; — Paris. 

Briefe und Acten zur Geschichte des Dreissig- 
jahrigen Krieges in den Zeiten des vorwaltenden 
Einflusses der Wittelsbacher. Herausg. durch 
die histor. Commission bei der kdnigl. Academie 
der Wissenschaften. B. 1-5. Miinchen, 1870-83. 
8°. 2304.50 

Bright, John. Sec Robertson, W. 

Brink, Jan ten. Litterarische schetsen en kri- 
tieken. Leiden, 1882, 83. 4 v. in 2. 8^ 4871.27 

Brinkman, C. L. Catalogus der boeken- 
plaat- en kaartwerken, die gedurende de jaren 
1850-1882 in Nederland zijn uitgegeven of her- 
druckt. In alphabetische volgorde gerangschikt 
door R. van der Meulen. ie-4e aflevering. 
Amsterdam. [1883.') 8°. ♦6165.34 

Brinton, Daniel G. Aboriginal American au- 
thors and their productions; especially those in 
the native languages. Phila. , 18S3. 16". *2I54.34 

British almanac. The. 1884. London. [1883.] 
Sm. S''. *2509.i 

British museum. Catalogue of Oriental coins. 
Vol.8. London, 1883. 8°. 3026.10.8 

Contents. — S. The coins of the Turks in the British mu- 
seum. Class 26, by S. Lane Poole. Edited by R.S.Poole. 

Broadley, A. Meyrick. How we defended 
Ardbi and his friends. A story of Egypt and the 
Egyptians. Illus. London, 1S84 [1S83]. Plates. 
Portraits. 8°. 5054.70 

Brockes, Barthold II. ^'ee Brandl. 

Bromley, George W., & Co. Atlas of the city 
of Boston. Vol. 1,2. Boston, Roxbury. Phila., 
18S3, 84. Scale, 100 feet to i inch. L. f". 

Trustees' Room 

Brooks, William K. The law of heredity. 
Baltimore, 1883. Illus. 120.- 3824.72 

Brouville, R. de. Le tunnel sous-marin, et le 
viaduc sur ia Manche. Considerations sur les 
dangers qu'entrainerait, pour la navigation, la 
construction d'un pont sur le Pas-de-Calais. 
Paris, 18S3. Folded plates. 8». 3943-64 

Brown, John C. The ethics of George Eliot's 
works. 3d edition. Edinburgh, 1881. Sm. 8°. 


Browne, Lennox, and Behnke, Emile. Voice, 
song, and speech : a practical guide for singers 
and speakers; from the combined view of vocal 
surgeon and voice trainer. With illus. N. Y., 
1884. 8°. 3761.63 

Bruce, Alexander B. The training of the 
Twelve; or, passages out of the Gospels exhibit- 
ing the twelve Disciples of Jesus under discipline 
for the apostleship. 3d edition. Edinburgh, 
1883. 8°. 3422.67 

Bruce, Sanders D. The horse-breeder's guide 
and hand book. Embracing 100 pedigrees. 
[N. Y.] 18S3. 8°. 4002.64 

Brueckner, Alexander. Katharina die Zweite. 
Berlin, 1883 Portraits. Illus. [Allgemeine 
Geschichte in Einzeldarstellungen. Herausg. 
von W. Oncken.] 8°. 3066.32 

Brugsch, Heinrich C, called Brugsch Bey. 
Thesaurus inscriptionum ^gyptiacarum. Alt- 
aegyptische Inschriften, gesammelt, verglichen, 
iibertragen, erklart und autographiert. Abthei- 
lung I. 2. Leipzig, 1883. L. 8<*. 30503.53 

Brunet, Pierre G. La bibliomanie en 1881. 
Par Philomneste junior \_pseud.\ Bruxelles, 
1882. 16°. *6i29.29 




Brunswick, Gertnany. See Heinemann. 
Buckland, Mias A. \V. The world beyond the 
Esterelles. London, 1884 [1883]. 2 v. Sm. 8". 


Travels in the south of France and Italy, giving impres- 
sions of the peculiarities of climate of the health-resorts 

Buescher, — . La versification de Ronsard. 
Weimar, 1867. [Jahresbericht Uber das Wilhelm- 
Ernstische Gymnasium zu Weimar.] 4°. 4671.13 

Bull, Oie Bornemann. Breve. I Uddrag, 
udgivne af bans S0n Alexander Bull. Med en 
karakteristik og biografisk Skitse of Jonas Lie. 
K0benhavn, 1881. Portrait. Plate. 8°. 4046.67 

Bullock, Alexander H. Addresses [1S61-1881]. 
With memoir by G. F. Hoar. Boston, 1883. 
go. 2392.64 

Bulwcr-Lytton, Edward R. L., 2d baron Lyt- 
ton. The life, letters and literary remains of 
Edward Bulwer, [ist] Lord Lytton. By his son. 
With portraits and illus. Vol. i, 2. London, 
1S83. 8«. 24403.65 

These volumes extend to 1832. 

Buonarroti, Michel Angelo. See Springer. 

Burgon, John W. The revision revised. 
Three articles reprinted from the ' Quarterly 
review.' Added a reply to bishop Ellicott's 
pamphlet in defence of the^revisers and their 
Greek text of the New Testament. London, 1883. 
8°. 341467 

Burial. See Wickes. 

Burmah. See Laurie. 

Burrage, Henry S., editor. History of the 
Thirty-sixth regiment, Massachusetts vohmteers, 
1862-1865. By a committee of the regiment. 
Boston, 1884. 8°. *4226.52 

Burton, Richard F. The book of the sword. 
With illus. London, 1884. L. 8". 222oa.6o 

Contains pages, xxiii-xxxi, a list of authorities, princi- 
pally works on antiquities. 

Buxton, James W. F. The elements of mili- 
tary administration. First part. Permanent 
system of administration. London, 1883. Sm. 

8°. 3959-93 

Byron, lord. See Diez. 

Byzantine art. See Bayet. 

Cabot, Sebastian. [Mappemonde, 1554.] Pho- 
tographic fac-simile. Size, 47^ X 63 inches, with 
two columns of text in Spanish and Latin. 
Rolled. Bates Hall Study 

See the note in the Bulletin for Jan., 1883, page 2S4. For 
a detailed description see Charles Deane's account in Science, 
Feb. 23, 1883, vol. 5, pages 62-65 [*79'2.Si.i], and in the 
Memorial history of Boston, vol. i, page 43 [*44Si.5i.i]. 

Caine, Thomas H. H. Cobwebs of criticism. 
A review of the first reviewers of the ' Lake,' 
' Satanic,' and ' Cockney,' schools. London, 
1883. Sm. 8°. 2553.67 

Caird, 5/V James. India : the land and its peo- 
ple. With a map. London, 1883. 8°. 3074.73 

Calcutta review. Selections from the Calcutta 
review. Vol. 7. Containing articles from nos. 
53-72, Sept., 1856-Sept., 1858. Calcutta, 1883. 
*8». *5076.5o 

Caldwell papers. Selections from the family 
papers preserved at Caldwell. Part i, 2 (vol i). 
Paisley, 1883. Illus. Portrait. [The new club 
series.] 4". "'24603.63 

Calendars. See Bramsen. 

Calico-printing. See Gardner. 

California. See Cumming. 

Calverley parish, Yorkshire. S'ee Margerison. 

Calvin, Jean. La vraye fa(;on de reformer 
r^glise chrestienne & appointor les diffdrens qui 
sont en icelle. 1559. [Paris, 1883.] 16°. 


Cambrian archaeological association. Archae- 
ologia Cambrensis, the Journal of the Cam- 
brian archaeological association. Vol. 1-4; New 
series, vol i (and supplement), 2-4; 3d series, 
vol. 7, 8, 13-15 ; 4th series, vol. i, 3, 4. London, 
1846-73. 17 V. Illus. 8°. *24i8.55 

The title of the ist and 2d series reads Archaeologia 
Cambrensis, a record of the antiquities of Wales and its 

— See Baronia. 

Campan, Jeanne L. H. Autobiographical 
memoirs of Madame Campan, first lady in wait- 
ing to Marie Antoinette. With some records of 
her life and conversations by MM. Barriere and 
Maign6. A new and revised edition, with 16 
illus. on steel. London, 1883. 2 v. 8°. 

465 I -54 

Campbell, George D., duke of Argyll. The 

unity of nature. London, 1884. 8°. 3823.55 

— Same. N. Y., 1884. 8°. 3823.54 
Campbell, Helen. T?he housekeeper's year- 
book. Phila., 1883. i6». 6003.74 

Campbell, John G. E. H. D. S., marquis of 
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prising instructions for the execution of various 
works in iron in the fitting-shop, foundry, and 
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Canada. Geological survey. A. R. C. Sel- 
■wyn, director. Catalogue of Canadian plants. 
Parti. Polypetalse. Byjohn Macoun. Montreal, 
1883. 8«. *5843.4 

— See Dominion ; — Fruit growers' associa- 
tion ; — Gagnon ; — Lefroy ; — Leggo. 

CandoUe, AlphonseL. P. P. de and Casimir de. 
Monographise phanerogamarum prodromi nunc 
continuatio, nunc revisio. Vol. 5. Parisiis, 
1883. Plates. 8°, *3843-53 5 

Contents. — 5. Cyrtandrese, auctore C. B.Clarke. 

Caoutchouc. See HofFer. 

Carlton, A. B. The law of homicide. To- 
gether with the trial [in 1839] ^O'" niurder of 
Judge Wilkinson, Dr. Wilkinson, and Mr. Mur- 
daugh. Including the indictments, evidence 
and speeches, of S. S. Prentiss [and others]. 
Cincinnati, 1882. 8". *7688.20 

Carmina burana. Lateinische und deutsche 
Lieder und Gedichte einer Handschrift des xiii. 
Jahrhunderts aus Benedictbeuern. Herausg. 
von J. A. Schmeller. 2te unveriinderte Auflage. 
Breslau, 18S3. Illus. 8°. 4871.25 

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London, 1883. Illus. Sm. 8°. 5968.53 

Carpenter family. See Usher. 

Carpets. See Coxon. 

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literature. Trans, by Mrs. Henry Lucas. Lon- 
don, 1S83. Sm. 8°. 22998.61 

Castres, France. See Borel. 

Catharine, St., of Siena. See Biblioteca. 

Catharine II, of Russia. See Brueckner. 

Cattle. See Ayrshire. 




C^ltfbrit^s contemporaines. [Nos. 16-30.] 
Paris, 1883. Portraits. 16°. *465oa.50 

Contents. — E. Renan, par P. Bourget; A. Naquet, par 
M. Proth; E. Labiche, par J. Claretie; H. Rochefort, par 
E. Bazire; J. Claretie, par G. de Cherville; Erckmann 
Chatrian, par J. Claretie; P. Bert, par H. Depasse; F, 
de Lesseps, par A. Pinard; Soulier, par H. Depasse; J 
Sandeau, par J. Claretie; Challemel-Lacour, par H. De 
passe; A. Vacquerie, par L. Ulbach ; I,e mar^chal de Mac 
Mahon, par E. Daudet; P. D^roulide, par J. Claretie; J 
Simon, par E. Daudet. 

Celibacy. See Lea. 

Cellini, Benvenuto. See Biblioteca. 

Cesari, Antonio. See Biblioteca. 

Ceylon. See Ferguson ; — Mueller, E. 

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d'Aristote, contenant I'histoire de savie et de ses 
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Chaldsea. See M^nant ; — Perrot. 

Challemel-Lacour, Paul. See Cdl^brit^s. 

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cination charbonneused'apres les travauxr^cents 
de M. Pasteur. Paris, 1883. Illus. 8". 3790.72 

Chamisso, Adalbert von. Gesammelte Werke. 
Neu durchi>esehene und vermehrte Ausgabe. 
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Koch. Stuttgart. [1883.'] 4 v. [Cotta'sche Bi- 
bliothek der Weltlitteratur.] 16°. 28903.56 

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2 v. in I. 8«. 2755.57 

A translation, with omission and changes, of vol. 7-9 of 
Champagny's Etudes sur I'empire romain [27593.50] . 

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Paris pittoresque. Ouvrage illustr^ de nom- 
breuses gravures dans le texte et de dix eau- 
fortes originales par L. Gautier. Paris, 1883. 
F°. *4630.9 

Chancellorsville. ^^^e Huey. 

Chandos herald. Le Prince noir. Poeme du 
heraut d'armes Chandos. Texte critique suivi de 
notes par Francisque-Michel. The life and feats 
of arms of Edward the Black prince, by Chandos 
herald. A metrical chronicle with an English 
trans, and notes by Francisque-Michel. Lon- 
don, 1883.. Fac-simile. 4°. *,^*46ooa.7 

Charbon. See Chamberland. 

Charcoal. See Svedelius. 

Charity organization society of the city of New 
York. A classified and descriptive directory to 
the charitable and beneficent societies and insti- 
tutions of the city of New York. N.Y., 1883. 
160. 557487 

Charlemagne. See Clarke, F. L. 

Charles II, king of England. An account 
of King Charles the Second's escape from 
Worcester; dictated by the king himself. Edited 
by E. Goldsmid. Edinburgh, 1883. [Biblioth^ca 
curiosa.] Sm. 8°. - 45293.25 

Chase-Townley estate. See Usher. 

Chatterton family. See George, W. 

Chaucer, Geoifrey. [Canterbury tales. 10 
fac-similes from the Cambridge university ms. 
G.G. 4.27. (a.d. 1420-40.) [London, 1883. J 
[Chaucer society. Publications.] F°. 


Chemistry. See Duehring; — Fenton ; — 

Chesneau, Ernest. Artistes anglais contem- 
porains. Nombreuses illus. dans le texte et 13 
eaux-fortes. Paris, 1883. F°. *„,''8o86.i3 

Children's games. See Zingerle, I. V. 

Chinese literature. See Schlegel. 

Chretien de Troyes. See Schiller, H. 

Christ. See Baker; — Blaikie, W. G. ; — 
Ewald, G. H. A. von ; — Lyden ; — Weiss. 

Christianity. See Cotterill ; — Oswald ; — 
SchafF; — Stolberg. 

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Cicero. Sketches drawn from his letters and 
speeches. With illus. London, 1884 [1883]. 
Sm. 8°. 2758.56 

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the. Herders Cid, die franzoesische und die 
spanische Quelle. Zusammengestellt von A. 
S. Voegelin. Heilbronn, 1879. 8". 

3098.5; **3097.5 

Cincinnati. See Marquis. 

Civil service. See Foster. 

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comment on Austin. Cambridge [England], 
1883. Sm. 8°. 3615-57 

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magne. London. [1883!'] Illus. Portrait. 
Sm. 8°. 4657-56 

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public policy [1841-1864]. Edited by J. Bright 
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8°. 3659-90 

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munement appeldes«Tiedailles imperiales. 2e 
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stuart Elphinstone. With portraits and inaps. 
London, 1884. 2 v. 8^ 24403.68 

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cal and descriptive catalogue of a portion of a 
collection of early English poetry, with extracts 
and remarks. By T. Corser. Part 11. [Manches- 
ter.] 1883. Portrait. [Chetham society.] 
Sm. 4". *2425.2.ii 

Collectors' marks. See Fagan. 

College societies. See Baird. 

Colleges (British). 5ee De Cartaret-Bisson. 

Collin, John F. A history of Hillsdale, Co- 
lumbia county, New York, a memorabilia of 
persons and things of interest, edited by H. S. 
Johnson, with appendix. Philmont, N.Y., 1883. 
8°. *4374-76 

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illus. London. [1883.] [Collins' Advanced 
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Color. See Adanjs, R. 

Color blindness. See Hering. 

Concholog^. See Tryon. 

Congo river, .4/''"^'^ 5<?e Johnston. 

Congregational year-book, 1883, 84. Boston, 

1883, 84. 2 V. 8°. *554oa.67 

Conkling, Alfred R. Appletons' guide to 

Mexico, including a chapter on Guatemala, and 

English-Spanish vocabulary. With a railway 

map and illus. N.Y., 1884 [1883]. 12°. 2318.76 

Conrad von Heimesfurt. See Kramm. 

Contracts. See Karlowa. 



Cook, Dutton. On the stage. Studies of 
theatrical history and the actor's art. London, 
1S83. 2 V. Portrait. Sm. 8". 2476.67 

Cookery. See Dodds ; — Terhune. 

Co-operation. See Taylor, S. 

Co-operative farming. See Stubbs. 

Co-operative house-keeping. See Peirce. 

Copley, John Singleton, /si baron Lyndkurst. 
See Martin, Sir T. 

Copyright. See Scrutton. 

Coral. See Italy. 

Cornalia, Eniilio. Mammiferes fossiles de Lom- 
bardie. Carnivores, •' Rongeurs," Ruminants. 
Milan, 1858-71. 28 plates. [Stoppani, A. 
Paleontologie lombarde. S^rie 2.] 4°. *786o.26 

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physicians and eminent business men of the 
nineteenth century, with recollections of the 
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1881. Portraits. 12°. 6247.50 

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Cornet. See Emerson. 

Cornwall, Connecticut. See Gold, T. S. 

Cornwall, Rrigland. See Halliwell-Phillipps. 

Corpvs inscriptionvm Atticarvm. Vol. i, 2 
(pars I, 2), 3 (pars i, 2). Berolini, 1873-83. 
5 v. Plates. Folded map. F". ***296o.56 

Conlents. — i. Inscriptiones Atticae Evclidis anno vetvs- 
tiores. £didit A. Kirehhoff. 3. Inscriptiones Atticae 
aetatis qvae est inter Evclidis ixnnvm et Avgvsti tempora. 
Edidit v. Koehler: pars prior, Decreta continens; pars 
altera, Tabvlas magistratvvm, catalogos nomiiivm, instrv- 
inenta ivris privati continens. 3. Inscriptiones Atticae 
aetatis Romanae. Edidit G. Dittenberger : pars prior, pars 

Corte-Real family. See Harrisse. 

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by its relations to the moral being of God. N.Y. , 
1884. [Bedell lecture for 1883.] Sm. 4°. 3436.66 

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1884. [English men of letters.] Sm. 8'^. 244ga.7i 

— Same. N.Y., 1884. 12°. 24493.70 

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and prose, now for the first time collected and 
edited, by A. B. Grosart. Edinburgh, 1881. 
2 V. [Chertsey worthier' library.] 4"^. *^*46o2.9 

Coxon, Herbert. Oriental carpets, how they 
are made and conveyed to Europe. With a nar- 
rative of a journey to the East in search of them. 
London, 1884. Illus. Folded map. 8". 4017.30 

Cranach, Lucas Sunder, called. See Lindau, 
M. B. 

Crane, Jane M. Records of the life of W. H."* 
Havergal. By his daughter, J. M. Crane. Lon- 
don. [1883.?] Illus. Portraits. Sm. 8». 4547.68 

Creation. See Guyot; — Mitchell, T. 

Creizenach, Theodor A. Die Aeneis, die 
vierte Ecloge und die Pharsalia im Mittelalter. 
Frankfurt am Main, 1864. 4". 2923.7 

Contains also Schulniichrichten des Gymnasiums fzu 

Crofts, Ellen. Chapters in the history of 
English literature from 1509 to the close of the 
Elizabethan period [1625J. London, 1884. 8". 


Cromwell, Oliver. See Hood. 

Cross, Joseph. Old wine and new; occasional 
discourses. N. Y., 1884 [1883]. 12°. 5441.74 

Cruel, R. Die Sprachen und Vdlker Europas 
vor der arischen Einwanderung. Streifziige auf 
turanischen Sprachgebiete. Detmold, 1883. 8°. 


Cruikshank, George. See Thackeray. 

Crusades. See Archives ; — Riant. 

Cruyplants, Eugene. Histoire de la partici- 
pation des Beiges aux campagnes des Indes ori- 
entales neerlandaises sous le gouvernement des 
Pays-Bas (1815-1830). Avec 3 cartes et un por- 
trait du general Lahure. Bruxelles, 18S3. 8". 

Culmann, F. W. Etymologische Aufsatze und 

Grundsiitze. [Theil] 1-6. Leipzig [etc.], 1878- 

83. 6 parts in 2 v. 8*^. 2955.68 

Cumming, Constance F. G. Granite crags. 

With illus. Edinburgh, 188+ [1883]. Plates. 

Folded map. 8°. 2366.85 

A book of travel in California. 

Curr, Edward M. Recollections of squatting 
in Victoria, then called the Port Phillip district. 
(From 1841 to 1851.) Melbourne, 18S3. Folded 
map. 8'. 3070a. 61 

Cuyler, Theodore L. Right to the point. 
From [his] writings. Selected by Mary S. 
Haynes. Boston. [1884.] [Spare minute series.] 
16°. 5442. 96 

Cylinders, Oriental. See M^nant. 

Dahn, Felix. Odhin's Trost. Ein nordischer 
Roman aus dem elften Jahrhundert. Leipzig, 
1880. i6'\ 4870a 5 

Dakota. See Warner. 

Dallas county, Iowa. See Warner. 

Daniell, Clarmont. The gold treasure of India. 
London, 1884. Sm. 8". 3657.53 

Dantchenko, V. I. Nemirovitch. Personal 
reminiscences of General Skobeleff. Trans, 
from the Russian by E. A. Brayley Hodgetts. 
With portraits. London, 18S4. 8". 3066.35 

Dante Alighieri. See Biblioteca (Balbo; 

Darmesteter, James. Essais de litterature an- 
glaise. Paris, 1883. 12°. 2557.82 

Contents. — Shakespeare; Macbeth; Lord Byron; Cor- 
respondance de Shelley; Wordsw:>rth ; Critique po^tique ; 
Robert Browning, Herv6 Rial; Miss Toru Dutt. 

Darwin, Charles R. Darwinism stated by 
Darwin himself. Characteristic passages selected 
and arranged by Nathan Sheppard. N. Y., 1884. 
L.120. 3823.57 

— See Miall. 

Davies, George J. Successful preachers. Lon- 
don, 1884 [1883]. Sm. 8^ 343882 

Contents. — S. Wilberforce; H. Melvill; C. Wolfe; A. 
Butler; A. W. Hare; J. Hare; C. Bradley; \V. F. Hook; 
H. Blunt; J.J. Blunt; John Armstronij; E. Blencowe; Ed- 
ward Cooper; James Slade; F. \V. Robertson; C. Kines- 
ley; A.P.Stanley; VV. H. Brookfield;J. B. Mozley;E. 
B. Pusey ; T. Guthrie ; T. Chalmers ; American preachers 
of the Protestant episcopal church. 

Davies, John S. A history of Southampton 
[Etfgland]. Partly from the MS. of Dr. Speed. 
Southampton, 1883. L. 8^. *249oa.52 

Davis, George L. Samuel Davis, of Oxford, 
Mass., and Joseph Davis, of Dudley, Mass., and 
their descendants. [Edited by G. F. Daniels.] 
North Andover, 1884 [1883]. 8». *4339-7i 

De Carteret-Bisson, F. S. Dumaresq. Our 
schools and colleges. Being a compendium of 
information upon education and examination in 
the United Kingdom. London. [1883,84.] 2 v. 
Sm. 8". 5599- 84 

Contents. — I. For hoys. 8th edition, a. For girls. 

Decoration. See Art work manuals. 
Deer. See Jefferies. 



De Foe, Daniel. A journal of the plague year, 
1665. London, 1884. [Morlej's universal li- 
brary.] Sm. 8". 4603.12 

Delaware county, Iowa. Directory. Contain- 
ing historical sketch and population tables. 
Minneapolis, Minn. [1882.] 16°. *4379a-73 

Delesdernier, Emily P. Fannie St. John. A 
romantic incident of the American Revolution. 
N. Y., 1874. i6°. 2401.82 

This story is principally concerning Captain Gustavus 
Fello^ves, of Boston, granclfather of the author. 

Delitzsch, Franz. Jewish artisan life in the 
time of Jesus. Trans, from the 3d revised edi- 
tion, by B. Pick. N. Y. [1883.] 120. 542775 

Delitzsch, Friedrich. The Hebrew language 
viewed in the light of Assyrian research. Lon- 
don, 1883. 8°. 3036-58 

Delphine de Sabran, Saint. See Forbin d'Op- 

Democracy. See Gallenga. 

Deroulfede, Paul. See Celebritds. 

Design. See VioUet-ie-Duc. 

Deussen, Paul. Das System des Ved^nta nach 
den Brahma-Sfitra's des Badarayana und dem 
Commentare des ^ankara uber dieselben als ein 
Compendium der Dogmatik des Brahmanismus 
vom Standpunkte des Qankara aus. Leipzig, 
1883. 8°. 3021.68 

Deutsche Rundschau. See Griswold. 

Diagnosis. See Orth ; — Ranney. 

Dickens, Charles. See Forster ; — Langton. 

Diels, Hermann. Theophrastea. Berlin, 1883. 
4°. 2991.51 

A critical examination of the manuscripts of Theophrastus. 

— Doxographi Graeci. Berolini,MDCCCLXxix. 
L. 8°. 3001.50 

Dies irae. See Thomas de Celano. 

Dietrich, Carl. Hamlet der Konstabel der 
Vorsehung. Eine Shakespeare-Studie. Ham- 
burg, 1883. 8". 2590.26 

Contains also an essay on Shakespeare. 

Diez, Friedrich C. Friedrich Diez' Kleinere 
ArbeitenundRecensionen,herausg. von Hermann 
Breymann. Miinchen, 1883. Portrait. 8^ 4871.33 

Contains the translation by Diez, of Byron's Corsair and 

Dirksen, Heinrich E. Hinterlassene Schriften 
zur Kritik und Auslegungder Quellen romischer 
Rechtsgeschichte und Alterthumskunde. Her- 
ausg. von F. D. Sanio. Leipzig, 1871. 2 v. in i. 
8°. 2751.54 

Discoveries. See Ruge. 

Dobson, Austin. Old-world idylls and other 
verses. [2d edition.] London, 1883. Sm. 8". 

4560b. 63 

Dodds, Susanna W- Health in the household ; 
or, hygienic cookery. N. Y., 1884 [1S83]. 12°. 


Dodgson, Charles L. Rhyme.'' and reason.'' By 
Lewis Carroll \^pseud.'\. Illus. by A. B. Frost and 
H. Holiday. N.Y., 1884 [1883]. Sm. 8°. 256oa.70 

" This book is a reprint, with a few additions, of the 
comic portion of ' Phantasmagoria and other poems' and of 
' The hunting of the Snark.' Mr. Frost's pictures are new." 
— Publisher's notice. 

Dohm, Hedwig, editor. Die spanische Na- 
tional-Literatur in ihrer geschichtlichen Ent- 
wickelung. Nebst den Lebens- und Charakter- 
bildern ihrer classischen Schriftsteller und aus- 
gewahlten Proben aus den Werken derselben in 
deutscher Uebertragung. Berlin. [1867.] Illus. 
8°. 30903.67 

Domestic economy. See Campbell, H. 

Dominion annual register and review, 1882. 
Edited by H. J. Morgan. Toronto, 1883. 8°. 


Drama. See Cook ; — Faguet ; — Moltzer ; — 
Proelss ; — Saint-Victor ; — S^chan ; — Symonds. 

Dress. See Adams, R. 

Drunkenness. See Ackroyd. 

Dublin university. Calendar, 1884. Dublin, 
1884. 12°. '»2499.50 

— Dublin examination papers, 1884. Dublin, 
1884. 1 2°. '^5599a.72 

Duboc, Charles E. Maddalena. Novelle von 
Robert Waldmiiller {J>scud.'\. Augsburg, 1883. 
16°. 487235 

Du Bois, Henri P. Historical essay on the 
art of bookbinding. N. Y., 1883. 12°, 6117.11 

Du Bois-Reymond, Emil. See Kalischer. 

Duchenne, Guillaume B. A. Selections from 
the clinical works of Dr. Duchenne (de Bou- 
logne). Trans, edited and condensed by G. V. 
Poole. London, 1883. Illus. 8°. *57i4.54 

Contains a short sketch of the life and works of Duchenne 
and a list of his works. The selections are taken, with very 
few exceptions, from the last edition of the author's L'elec- 
trisation localisde, and are devoted largely to the considera- 
tion of paralysis and disorders of the nerves. 

Duehring, Eugen C. Kritische Geschichte der 
Philosophic von ihren Anfangen bis zur Gegen- 
wart. 3te Auflage. Leipzig, 187S. 8". 3600b. 51 

— Neue Grundgesetze zur rationellen Physik 
und Chemie. ite Folge. Leipzig, 1878. 8°. 

Duemichen, Johannes. Die kalendarischen 
Opferfest-Listen im Tempel von Medinet-Habu. 
Vorwort und Uebersetzung der Tabellen. Leip- 
zig, 1881. Plates. F". *505oa.9 
Du Jon, Francois, 1545-1602. D. Francisci 
Junii Opuscula theologica selecta, recognovit et 
praefatus est D. Abr. Kuyperus. Amstelodami, 
MDCCCLxxxii. [Bibliotheca reformata. Vol. i.] 
Sm. 40. 3494-50 
Dunbar, Henry. A complete concordance to 
the comedies and fragments of Aristophanes. 
Oxford, 1883. 4°. 2971.7 

Inserted are " a few lines of an attempt to translate (as 
nearly literally as possible) the first book of the " Iliad, in 
long metre," by the author. 

Duperr^ de Lisle, F. Etude sur la prononcia- 
tion fraoQaise. Paris, 1883. i6^ 2688.55 

Duruy, Victor. Histoire des Remains. Nou- 
velle edition, enrichie d'environ 3000 gravures 
dessinees et de loo cartes ou plans. T. 6. De 
I'avenementde Commode a lamortde Diocletien. 
Paris, 1883. L. 8''. =^4950.10 

— History of Rome and the Roman people, 
edited by J. P. MahafFy. Illus. with about 2500 
engravings, 160 maps and plans, and numerous 
chromo-lithographs. Vol. i, part i, 2. London, 
1884 [1883]. 8". 4951.4 

Contents. — Vol. i. Part i, 2, Primitive history to the end 
of the second Punic war. 

Dutch East Indies. See Cruyplants. 

Dutch language and literature. See ..^sop ; — 
Brink ; — Brinkman ; — Floris ; — Guillaume ; — 
Lyden ; — Maerlant; — Moltzer; — Renaud de 
Montauban ; — Roman ; — Verwijs ; — Vondel. 

Du Temple, Jean Louis A. R. de La Croix. 
Cours de machines a vapeur. Appareils em- 
ployes pour la navigation. 2e edition. Paris. 
[1865.] 2 v. Text, 8«; Atlas, 27 plates, 8°, obi. 




Dyeing. Sec Gardner ; — Renard. 

Dyer, Thomas F. T. Folk, lore of Shake- 
speare. London. [1883.] 8". 2590.23 

Eason, Charles, Jr. Manual of financial, 
railway, agricultural, and other statistics for 
politicians, economists, and investors. London. 
[1883.] Sm. 8". *3657-52 

East, The. See Archives ; — Bibliographic ; — 
Fontane ; — Schwab. 

East Indies. See Cruyplants. 

Eckstein, Friedrich A. Nomenclator philolo- 
gorum [et tvpographorum]. Leipzig, 1871. 16°. 


Eddas. See Bang. 

Edinburgh, University of. See Grant. 

Edmands, John. Reading notes on Luther. 
[From the Mercantile library Bulletin.] Phila., 
1883. 16°. *2l88.I2 

Education. See De Cartaret-Bisson ; — Giffin ; 
— Kay ; — Ladreyt. 

Edward, t/ie black prince. See Chandos. 

Edwards, Emory. The practical steam engi- 
neer's guide in the design, construction and man- 
agement of American stationary, portable and 
steam fire-engines, steam pumps, boilers [etc.]. 
2d edition revised. Phila., 1883. '2". 4017.29 

Egger, Josef. Die Tiroler und Vorarlberger. 
Wien, 1882. [Volker Oesterreich-Ungarns. 4.] 
8". 2814.54 

Egypt. See Broadley ; — Brugsch ; — Duemi- 

chen ; — Fontane; — Lieblein; — Renouf; — 

Sharpe, S. ; — Stuart, \\. V. ; — Sybel ; — Tangye. 

Electricity. See Berly ; — Fiske, B. A. ; — 

Gray ; — May, G. ; — Murdock. 

Eliot, George, p>seu(i. Essays, and Leaves from 
a note- book. [Edited by Charles Lee Lewes.] 
Edinburgh, 1884. Sm. 8°. 4560b. 67 

C<7«/rt»/.*. — Worldliness and other-worldliness, the poet 
Young; German wit, Heinrich Heine; Evanjjelical teach- 
ing, Dr. Cuniming; The influence of rationalism, Lecky's 
History; The natural history of German life, Kiehl; Three 
months in Weimar; Address to working-men, by Felix 
Holt; Leaves from a note-book. 

George Eliot made some time before her death a collection 
of such of her fugitive writings as she considered deserving 
of a permanent form; carefully revised them for the press; 
and left them, in the order in which they here appear, with 
written injunctions that no other pieces written by her, of date 
prior to 1S57, should be republished. Pages 353-3S2 contain 
>fotes, which belong to a much later period, ana which have 
not been previously published. — Preface. 

— The legend of Jubal, and other poems, old 
and new. Edinburgh. [1878.] Sm. 8^ 

4560b. 62; *^,*456ob.56 

— See Brown. 

Elphinstone, Mountstuart. Sec Colebrooke. 

Elwell, fcldward H. Portland and vicinity. 
Illus. Revised edition. Portland, Me., 18S1. 
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Have the preceding' volumes. 

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487 1 63 

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yages au Nouveau-monde. D'apres des docu- 
ments nouveaux ou peu connus tires des archives 
de Li.sbonne et de Modene. Suivi du texte inedit 
d'lm recit de la troisieme expedition de Caspar 
Corte-Real et d'une carte nautique portugaise de 
1502 reproduite ici pour la premiere fois. Paris, 

1883. [Recueil de voyages etde documents pour 
servir a I'histoire de la g^ographie depuis le xiiie 
jusqu'a la fin du xvie sifecle. Vol. 3] Text, 
L. 8"; Map,38i X 43^ inches. *226oa.58 

Map ***23.J.5 

The map has the title Fragment du planisphere envoys 

de Lisbonne <i Hercule d'Kste due de Ferrare avant le 19 

novembre, isr2. Par A. Cantino. De la grandeur de 

I'original. (Biblioteca Estense a Modene ) 

Hartford, Connecticut. Commemorative exer- 
cises of the First church of Christ in Hartford, 
at its *two hundred and fiftieth anniversary, 
October 11 and 12, 1883 Hartf(.rd, 1S83. PoV 
traits. Plates. 8°. *354i-57 

Haunted houses. See Ingram. 

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[Von V. V * * ♦.] Wien, 1883. [Wiener Neu- 
drucke. 3.] 16°. No. 3 in 48703.9 

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Illus. Plates. L. 8°. *«*8o83.57 

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1884. Illus. Portrait. '8°. 4047.86 
Hayden, Winslow L., publisher. Star collec- 
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Health and hygiene. Sec Blaikie, W. ; — 
Dodds ; — Guernsey ; — Murphy ; — Parkes. 

Health resorts. See Buck land. 

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1884. Illus. Sm. 8". 3994.61 

Hebrew language and literature. See Cassel ; 
— Delitzsch, Friedrich. 

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Heidelberg castle, Germany. See Rosenberg. 

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— See Weill. 

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schweig und Hannover. B. i. Gotha, 18S2. 8^. 


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sand. London. [1878] [Novello, Ewer and 
co.'s music primers.] 8**. 8056.15 

" Plain-song is the name given to the most ancient 
species of church-music." 

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ciaires de I'ancienne Rome, d'apres les poetcs 
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Herder, Johann G. von. See Cid ; — Nevin- 

Heredity. See Brooks ; — Galton. 

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blindheit aus der Theorie der Gegenfarben. 
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2 V. 4°. *352oa.5o 

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Contents. — David und Jonathan; Grenzcn der Mensch- 
heit; Reno und Maso. 

Heywood, Oliver, d. 1702. Autobiography, 
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the history of Yorkshire and Lancashire. In 4 
v., with illus. Edited by J. H. Turner. Vol. 
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Hieroglyphics. See Lieblien. 

Highlands of Scotland. See Letters from the 
Highlands ; — Victoria. 

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ur v&r tids meteorologi. Med 19 kartor. Stock- 
holm. [1881.] 8°. 596367 




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16". 4872.29 

There are two translations of this work under the titles of 
"Ernestine" [shelf-number 33-90] and "Only a girl" 

— Hdher als die Kirche. Eine Erzahlung aus 
alter Zeit. 2te Auflage. Berlin, 1S77. 32°. 

4870b. 66 

— Und sie konimt doch ! Erzahlung aus einem 
Alpenkloster des dreizehnten Jahrhunderts. 2te 
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The Eng'lish translation is entitled " The hour will come." 

Hillsdale, Columbia county, N. Y. See Col- 

Hinduism. See Williams. 

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sches Leidensbild von Shakespeare. Eine Mono- 
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Pages 195-197 contain a Bibliographic. 

Histology. See Klein. 

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documents of the city of London. With introd. 
and notes, by an antiquary. London, 1884. 8", 
1. p. 2491.65 

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trated by the Anglo-Saxon antiquities in the 
British museum, in a course of sipc lectures. Lon- 
don, 1884. 8°. _ 2534.17 

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guide to art illustration, in connection with 
books, periodicals, and general decoration. With 
specimens. London, 1884. 8°. 8073.59 

Hoelty, Ludwig H. C. See Ruete. 

Hoffer, Raimund. A practical treatise on 
caoutchouc and gutta percha ; with the fabrica- 
tion of vulcanized and hard rubbers, etc. From 
the German by W. T. Brannt. lUus. Phila., 
1883. 12° 8017.69 

Homer. Iliad. With a verse translation. By 
W. C. Green. Vol. i. Books 1-12. London, 
1884 [1883]. Sm. 8°. 2927.64 

Contains the Greek text and English translation on oppo- 
site pages. 

— Sec Biblioteca ; — Monro. 
Homicide. See Carlton. 

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life, times, battle-fields, and contemporaries. 
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times to the present. Trans, by R. B. Anderson. 
With a bibliography of the important books in 
the English language relating to the Scandina- 
vian countries. By T. Solberg. Chicago, 1884 
[1883]. 8°. 4871-23 

Horse. See Bruce, S. D. 

Horsemanship. See Anderson ; — Watson. 

Horticulture. See Robinson, W. 

Hostinsk^, Otakar. Uiber die Bedeutung der 
praktischen Ideen Herbart's fuir die allgemeine 
Aesthetik. Prag, 1883. 8". 4871.30 

Household art. See Havard. 

Hueffer, Francis. Italian and other studies. 
London, 1883. Sm. 8". 2762.61 

Contents. — Poets of young Italy ; A literary friendship of 
the XIV century; The Renaissance in Italy; Exhibitions of 
Rossetti's pictures; Troubadours, ancient and modern; 
Music and musicians; The literary aspect of Schopenhauer's 
work; Musical criticism; Mr. Pepys the musician. 

Huey, Pennock. A true history of the charge 
of the Eighth Pennsylvania cavalry at Chancel- 
lorsville. Phila. [1883.] Plan. 16". 4327.80 

Hugo, Victor M., comte. CEuvres completes. 
Paris, 1883. 8 v. 8°. 2702.50 

Contents. — Po^sie 7, Sa, 9a, 10: La legende des sij;cles. 
1-4. — Roman 10, 11: Les travaillcurs de la mer. 1,2. — Actes 
et paroles 2: Pendant I'exil, 1852-1870. — Histoire 2: His- 
toire d'un crime, i. 

This Library has also the hitherto published volumes of 
this edition. 

— Les misdrables. Paris, 1881, 82. 5 v. 16". 


Huish, Marcus B., and Thomson, David C. 

The year's art. 1881-84. London, 1881-84. 4 V. 

Sm. 8". * 8068.5 1 

The volumes for iSSi, 82 were compiled by M. B. Huish 
alone. The volume for 1884 is illustrated. 

Hulme, F. Edward. Familiar wild flowers. 
3d series. With coloured plates. London. 
[1881.] Sm. 8°. 3857.67 

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Schenzl ; — Schwicker ; — Slavici. 

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S. Tropical trials. A hand-book for women in 
the tropics. London, 1883. Sm. 8". 6003.72 

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des rdmischen Rechts vom Darlehn, und den 
dazu gehdrigen Materien. Stuttgart, 1882. L. 
8". 3662.19 

— Die Multa und das Sacramentum in ihren 
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8°. 3610.52 

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Hyndman, Henry M. The historical basis of 
socialism in England. London, 18S3. Sm. 8°. 


Hysteria. See Playfair, W. S. 

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Ideas. Sec Heine ; — Rosmini-Serbati. 

Illustration of books. >Sce Hodson. 

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Amsterdam, 1883. Plates. 4". 2961.60 

Impregnation. See Schneider, A. 

Indexes to periodicals. See Acad^mie royale ; 

— American numismatic society; — Bijdragen ; 

— Griswold : — Jahres-Bericht ; — Practische ; — 
Verein ; — Westermann's. 

India. Geological survey. Memoirs. Vol. 
1-19, 22. Calcutta, 1S59-83. Plates. Folded 
maps. Illus. L. 8«. *5867.5 

— See Caird; — Daniell ; — Keene ; — Temple; 

— Williams; — Yajnavalkya's Gesetzbuch. 
Indians of America. See Brinton; — Hale, 

H. ; — Lanning ; — Morgan. 
Industrial arts. See Fortoul. 




Infusoria. See Badcock. 

Ingoldsby, Thomas, fseud. See Barham, R. H. 

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family traditions of Great Britain. London, 
1S84. Sm. 8". 2464.69 

Insanity. See Harrison. 

Inscriptions. See Brugsch ; — Corpvs ; — Muel- 
ler. E. 

Institut de France Annuaire pour 1882. 
Paris, i88j. 12". *3349-i 

Instrumentation. See Berlioz. 

International review of medical and surgical 
technics. Official organ of the American asso- 
ciation of the red cross. Vol.1. No. I. Edited 
by J. H. Warren, C. E. Warren, W. E. Smith. 
Boston, 1884. Illus. 8<'. *5720.54 

Iron. See Greenwood, W. H. ; — Tibbs. 

Iroquois Indians. See Hale, H. 

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manager. By an Irvingite. London, 1S83. 
Sm. 8". 254ob.76 

" Written in answer to :i ' Critical study' lately put forth 
by Mr. William Archer." 

— See Talma. 

Italian language and literature. Sec Biblio- 
teca ; — Roux ; — Sauer. 

Italy. Minisiero di agricoltura e commercto. 
Atlante delle principali colture agrarie in Italia. 
A corredo della relazione intorno alle condizi- 
oni deir agricoltura nel quinquennio 1870-74. 
Roma, 1876. Colored maps. F", obi. *799oa.i 

— Ministero di agricoltura, industria e cotn- 
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trini. Roma, 1883. Folded map. 8". 3872.60 

* Italy. See Martel, C. ; — Zeller. 

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Tuileries from the Restoration to the flight of 
Louis Philippe. London, 1883. 2 v. Por- 
traits. 8". 2663.78 

Jacquerie (1358 a.d.). See Finot. 

Jahrbuch der kdniglich preussischen Kunst- 
sammlungen. B. 3, 4. Berlin, 1882, 83. Plates. 
Illus. F". *69ii.50 

Jahres-Bericht iiber die Leistungen derchemi- 
schen Technologie. Herausg. von R. Wagner. 
Generalregister iiber Band i bis 10, 11 bis 20. 
Bearb. von Friedrich Gottschalk. Leipzig, 1866, 
76. 2 V. in I. 8". * 

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dan. An account of travel and sport, chiefly in 
the Base country. London, 1883. Plates. 
Maps. 8". 3050.40 

James, Henry, Jr. Portraits of places. Lon- 
don, 1883. Sm. 8°. 2266.59 

l&mi, Persian poet. >Sec Omar. 

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dertjahren. Frankfurt a. M., 1865. 8<*. 3066.29 

Japan. See Bramsen ; — Rein. 

Japanese art. See Gonse. 

Jeans, W. T. The creators of the age of 
steel. London, 1884. Sm. 8°. 8019.74 

Contains sketches of Sir Henry Bessemer, Sir William 
Siemens, Sir Joseph Whitworth, Sir John Brown, S. G. 
Thomes, and G.J. Snellus. 

Jefferies, Richard. Red deer. London, 1884. 
Sm. t°. 60O6.61 

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compilers. Singing on the way. A collection 
of hymns and tunes for Sunday Schools, social 
worship and congregations. Cincinnati, 1882. 
9f>. 8056.13 

Jews. See Cassel ; — Delitzsch ; — Ewald, G. 
H. A. von ; — L^vy ; — Macaulay ; — Wolf. 

Jochmus von Cotignola, August J., Freiherr. 
Gesammelte Schriften, herausg. von G. M. 
Thomas. B. i, 2. The Syrian war and decline 
of the Ottoman empire, 1840-1848. Berlin, 1883. 
Portrait. Maps. 8". 2891.5 

Jodelle, Estienne. See Fehse. 

John Madabbar, bishop of Nikiou, Egypt, 
flourished 686. Chronique dfe Jean, ^vfeque de 
Nikiou. Texte ^thiopeen public et traduit par 
H. Zotenberg. Paris, 1883. 4". ♦3050.41 

" Epitome of general hi.story extending from the crea- 
tion down to the conquest of Egypt by the Arabs and the 
return from exile of Benjamin! patriarch of Alexandria 
[644 A.D.]." — Cataloeue of Ethiopic manuscripts in the 
British museum, by W. Wright. 

Johnson, Wesley, editor. Wyoming. A rec- 
ord of the one hundredth year commemorative 
observance of the battle and massacre, July 3, 
I778-July3, 1878. Wilkesbarre, Pa., 1882. Plates. 
Portraits. 8". *2377.50 

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mouth to Bolobo. London, 1884. Illus. Maps. 
8°. 3050a- 55 

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Auxerre, 1882. 8^. 2682.6 

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guerre. Illus. de Bertall. 2e edition. Paris, 
1873. 80. 2662.77 

Poems suggested by the Franco-German war, 1870, 1871. 

Jukovskie, Vasilie Andreevich. See Seidlitz. 

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inhabitants. Abridged from the larger work 
[by H. T.]. With full-page illus. London, 
1884 [1883]. Sm. 8°. 3078.79 

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travesti." Oppeln, 1883. 8°. 4672.87 

Kadesh-barnea. Sec Triunbull. 

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L. Fritze. Schloss-Chemnitz, 1877. 16°. 30293.88 

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Herr Du Bois-Reymond als sein Kritiker. 
Berlin, 1883. 8«. 3824.73 

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Wirkung. Berlin, 1877. 8°. 3664.22 

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geschichte des xviiiten Jahrhunderts. Leipzig, 
1880. 8°. ♦2176.64 

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don, 18S3. Sm. 8°. 5598.70 

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Lexicon. Band 21, 22. 1877-82. Bearb. von 
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Keats, John. Poetical works and other writ- 
ings, now first brought together, including 
poems and letters not before published. Edited 
by H. B. Forman. London, 1883. 4 v. Illus. 
Portraits. 8^ 2560a. 10 

Keene, Henry G. Fifty-seven. Some account 
of the administration of Indian districts during 
the revolt of the Bengal army. London, 18S3. 
8°. 307467 

Keller, Gottfried. Der griine Heinrich. Ro- 
man. Neue Ausgabe in 4 Banden. Stuttgart, 
1879. 4 v. in 2. 8". 4872.32 

— See Brahm. 

Kelley, James D. J. The question of ships. 
The navy and the merchant marine. N. Y., 
18S4. i6<'. 395760 

Keynes, John N. Studies and exercises in 
'formal logic. London, 1S84. Sni. 8". 3600b. 53 




King, Maria M. The principles of nature as 
discovered in the development and structure of 
the universe. Also an exposition of the spiritual 
universe. Given inspirationally, by Mrs. Maria 
M. King. Hammonton, N.J., 1880, 81. 3 v. 8°. 


King, The, of love. By the author of " I low- 
to enter into rest." Boston. [1874.] 16°. 5442.97 

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in diseases and injuries of the horse. N.Y., 
1883. Illus. Plates. 8°. 4002.65 

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engravings. Phila., 1883. 16°. 3728.62 

Klemm, Christian G. Der auf den Parnass 
versetzte gruene Hut. [Ein Lustspiel.] 1767. 
Wien, 1883. [Wiener Neudrucke. 4.] 16°. 

No. 4 in 4870a. g 

Klette, Johannes. William Wycherley's Leben 
und dramatische Werke. Mit besonderer Beriick- 
sichtigung von Wycherley als Plagiator Moliere's. 
Munster, 1883. 8°. ' 4552-12 

Kluge, Friedrich. Etymologisches Wdrter- 
buch der deutschen Sprache. Strassburg, 1883. 
8°. 2882.52 

At the end are lists of words in Greek, Latin, French, 
Italian and English, with the German equivalents. 

Knight, E. F. The cruise of the " Falcon." 
A voyage to South America in a 30-ton yacht. 
With maps and illus. London, 1884 [1883J. 2 v. 
Sm. 8". 2366.82 

Knight, Edward H. Knight's new mechanical 
dictionary. With indexical references to technical 
journals, (1876-1880). [Section i and] 2. Illus. 
writh more than 3,000 engravings. Boston, 1882. 
8°. *8o3i.5i 

This work takes up the record wliere Knight's American 
mechanical dictionary closed it in 1876. 

Koepp, Friedrich. De gigantomachias in 
poeseos artisqve monvmentis vsv. Bonnae, 
MDCccLxxxiii. 8°. 2967.67 

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diger. Frankenberg i. S., 1880. 8°. 5553-53 

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2te Auflage. Leipzig, 18S3. Portrait. 8°. 5552.63 

— Martin Luther. ■ Sein Leben und seine 
Schriften. 2te, neu durchgearb. Auflage. Elber- 
feld, 1883 2 v. Portrait. 8«. 5552.64 

Kramm, Franz. Ueber Konrads von Heimes- 
furt Sprache (Laut- und Formenlehre) und 
Verskunst. Seine " Himmelfahrt Mariae" im 
Verhaltniss zu ihrer Quelle. Strassburg, 1883. 
8°. 2883.55 

Krauss, Friedrich S., editor. Sagen und 
Marchen der Siidslaven. Leipzig. [1883.] 16°. 


Kraw, Isthmus of. See Loftus. 

Kremlin at Moscow. See Fabricius. 

Kuehn, Adelbert. Schiller. Sein Leben imd 
sein Sterben, sein Wirken und seine Werke. 
Weimar, 1882. Portrait. 8°. 2853.63 

Kuhn, Felix. Luther, sa vie et son oeuvre. 
T. I. 1483-1521. Paris, 1S83. 8°. 5553-52 

There is a bibliography, pages ix-xii. 

Kurz, Joseph F. Prinzessin Pumphia. Wien, 
1883. [Wiener Neudrucke. 2.I 16°. 

Wo. 2 ii 

First published about 1764. 

Labiche, Eugene M. See C^l^brites. 

Laborde, Henri, vicom/e de. La gravure en 
Italie avant Marc-Antoine, 1452-1505. Paris. 
[1883.^] Illus. Plates. [Bibliotheque Inter- 
nationale de I'art.] F°. *6o72.6i" 

in 48703.9 

La Borderie, Louis Arthur Le Moyne de. 
L'Historia Britonum attribuee a Nennius, et 
I'Historia Britannica avant Geoffroi de Mon- 
mouth Paris, 1883. 8°. 2424.19 

Lacroix, Paul. Directoire, consulat et em- 
pire. Moeurs et usages, lettres, sciences et arts. 
France, 1795-1815. Ouvrage illustrd de 10 
chromolithographies et de 4iogravures sur bois. 
Paris, 1884. L. 8°. *222oa.59 

Ladreyt, Marie Casimir. L'instruction pu- 
blique en France et les ^coles americaines. Paris. 

[1883.?] 12". ■ 5598.69 

Lamb, Martha J. Wall street in history. Illus. 
N. Y., 1883. 8". *2370.68 

First published in the Magazine of American history,- 
May, June, and July, 1883 [*44i4.5o.9]. 

Lamperti, Francesco. A treatise on the art of 
singing. Trans, by J. C. Griffith. N. Y. [1883?] 
L. 8°. 8054.67 

Lancashire, Ettgland. See Heywood. 

Land tenure. See Pollock ; — Stubbs ; — Walker. 

Landberg, Carlo, editor. Proverbes et dictons 
du peuple arabe. Vol. i. Syrie, section de 
Say da. Leide, 1883. 8°. 3034.52 

Landlords and tenants. See Practical. 

Lanfrey, Pierre. Chroniquespolitiques. 1860- 
1865. Paris, 1883. 2 V. 12°. 4627.63 

Langton, Robert. The childhood and youth of 
Charles Dickens. With retrospective notes and 
elucidations, from his books and letters. Man- 
chester, 1883. Illus. Portraits. Sm. 8°. 2440.67 

Language. See Culmann ; — Eckstein ; — 
Poekel ; — Tegndr. 

Lanman, Charles R. A Sanskrit reader : with 
vocabulary and notes. Boston, 1884. L. 8°. 3022.15 

Contains a brief list of books for students of Sanskrit. 

Lanning, C. M. A grammar and vocabulary 
of the Blackfoot language. Compiled from 
original translations by J. Kipp and W. S. Glad- 
ston, jr. Fort Benton. [1882.] Sq. i6». *4468.73 

Laos, Asia. See Bock. 

La Salle, Robert C, sictir de. See Marshall. 

Lassalle, Charles. Origin of the Western na- 
tions and languages, showing the construction 
and aim of Punic ; recovery of the universal 
language: reconstruction of Phcenician geogra- 
phy; Asiatic source of the dialects of Britain; 
principal emigrations from Asia; and descrip- 
tion of Scythian society. With an appendix. 
Manchester, 1883. 8°. ^ 6236.54 

Latin language and literature. See Hertz ; — 
Modestow; — Mueller, L. ; — Talbot; — Weise, 
F. O. ; — Zingerle, A. R. 

Laurie, William F. B. Burma, the foremost 
country. Added John Bull's neighbours squaring 
up; or, how the Frenchman sought to win an 
empire in the East. With notes on the probable 
effects of French success in Tonquin on British 
interests in Burma. By the author of " Our 
Burmese wars and relations with Burma," etc. 
London, 1884; Plate. Sm. 8°. 3078.83 

Laveleye, Emile L. V. de. The elements of 
political economy. Trans, by A. W. Pollard. 
London, 1884. 8°. 3657-51 

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I -53 



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Lipsiae, mdccclxi. 8°. 2967.66 

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Folded plates. 8°. 4075.22 




Murray, James A. H., editor. A new English 
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society. Edited by James A. H. Murray, with the 
assistance of many scholars and men of science. 
Part I. A-Ant. Oxford, 1884. 4°. * 

A description of this dictionary and of the method of its 
compilation is (jiven in the preface, and also in Fraser's 
magazine, Sept., 1SS2 [fiiSy.i]; the Cornhill magazine, 
lune, iSSi 1*7313.1]; Temple Bar, Feb., iSSi [*73ip.i]; 
Leisure hour, June, 1S83 [*73".']> The Athenjeum, April 
36 and Sept. 13, 1870 [*7JJo.o] ; the Academy, May 3 and 
Sept. 13, 1879; and Jan. 6, 1S83 r*73qoa.i]; the Times, Jan. 
31, 1SS2; the Nation, Sept. \y 1879 [•7661. i]. Notices are 
also to be found in other periodicals issued after its publi- 

Music. See Berlioz; — Bohn; — Haweis; — 
Heimore; — Paine; — Westphal. 

Myopia. See Paulsen. 

Mythology. See Gerber. 

Naquet, Alfred. See C^l^brites. 

Naples. See Biblioteca (Costanzo). 

Napoleon I. See Boehtlingk. 

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churches of the United States. Minutes at the 
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1883. 8°. *3543.9 
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Nature. See Campbell, G. D. 

Nautical terms. See Russell. 

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Navy. S'ecKelley; — United States naval in- 
stitute ; — Yonge. 

Nennius. See La Borderie. 

Nervous system. 6"«c Duchenne ; — Playfair. 

Netze district, Prussia. See Meyer, C. 

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The preface contains a list of authorities. 

New Caledonia. See Mangin. 

New England. See Fellows. 

New Jerusalem church. See Bible stories ; — 

New York, city. See Charity ; — Lamb. 

New York and Brooklyn bridge. See Green, 
S. W. 

New Zealand. See Green, W. S. 

Newgate prison. See Griffiths. 

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- See Hale, P. M. 

North Sea. See Fergusson. 

North Yarmouth, Maine. See Old times. 

Norwich, England. See Farren. 

Numismatics. See American numismatic 
society ; — Armand ; — Bramsen ; — British mu- 
seum ; — Cohen; — Imhoof-Blumer ; — Leitz- 
mann ; — Revue beige. 

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among the Mexicans, Yucatan, central and 
southern Mexico. With illus. Boston, 1884. 
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Orators. See Whitman. 

Orchestration. See Berlioz, 

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Trans, from the French. London, 1883. Sm. 8". 


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art, with illustrations of standard flies. Manches- 
ter, Vermont, 1883. 16". 6006.59 




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the origin of the Christian religion, and the sig- 
nificance of its rise and decline. Boston, 1883. 
I2». 3437-50 

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Our ftimous women. The lives of American 
women distinguished in literature, science, art, 
etc. By twenty authors: H. B. Stowe, Rose 
Terry Cooke [etc.]. With portraits. Hartford, 
1884. 8°. 4242.61 

Ovidius Naso, Publius. See Zingerle, A. R. 

Oyster. See Lockwood. 

Oyster epicure. The. A collection of authori- 
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N.Y., 1883. 12°. 6006.60 

Pacific states. See Farmer, E. J. ; — Leighton. 

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No. 2 in 8053.58 

— The nativity. Words from Milton. Com-. 
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Boston, 1883. L. 8°. 8054.65 

— Phoebus arise. Poem by William Drum- 
mond (of Hawthornden). Composed for tenor 
solo, male chorus and orchestra. Boston. [1882.] 
L. 8". 8052.136 

— The realm of fancy. Poem by John Keats. 
Composed for chorus, solo voices and orchestra. 
Boston. [1882.] L. 80. 8052.135 

— The star spangled banner. Concert varia- 
tions. Boston, n. d. 4°. No. i in 8053.58 

Painters' etchings. Containing twenty-four 
original etched-works by living artists. London, 
1884 [1883]. F". ***8o86.i2 

Amon;^ the artists are J. Macwhirter, J. P. Heseltine, 
Robert Farren, Alfred Withers, J. Monroe Bell, William 
Scott, etc. 

Painting. 6*^6 Bode; — Wauters. 

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8°. 4611.57 

Paleography. See Ewald, P. 

Paleontology. See Cornalia ; — Heer ; — Me- 
neghini ; — Roemer ; — Stoppani. 

Palestine. See Biblioteca (Sigoli) ; — Field; 
— Martin, E. M. ; — Worcester ; — Wylie. 

Paralysis. See Duchenne. 

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production en fac-simile des originaux les plus 
rares et»les plus int^ressants, avec une table ana- 
lytique, et un appendice. Paris, 1880. 3 v. 31 
plans. L. f". 

Contents — i. Texte. — 2, 3. Plans. 

— Atlas municipal des vingt arrondissements 
de la ville de Paris, dresse sous I'administration 
de M. Oustry pr^fet sous la direction de M. Al- 
phand, insp^. g^^ des ponts et chauss^es, direc- 
teur des travaux de Paris, par les soins de L. 
Fauve. [Paris.] 1883. 16 folded plans. Scale, 
I : 5,000. L. f". 

— Direction des eaux et des dgouts. [Paris, 
1882 .?] 2 v. 57 plates. Fo, obi. 

Contents. — i. Ddpotoir et voirie, 22 plates. — 2. Eaux 
d'^gout, plates 33--7. 

— Direction des travaux. Reconstruction de 
l'H6tel de ville. [Paris, 1882 .!>] 12 plates. F«, 

Paris, continued. 

— Ponts et chaussees. Direction des travaux 
de Paris. Service des eaux et des ^gouts. Porte- 
feuilie, 1880, 81. [Paris, 1880, 81.] 2 v. 63 
plates. F". 

— Les promenades de Paris. Histoire, de- 
scription des embellissements, d^penses de crea- 
tion et d'entretien des Bois de Boulogne et de 
Vincennes, Champs-Elys^es, pares, squares, 
boulevards, places plantdes. Par [J. C.] A. Al- 
phand. 487 gravures sur bois, 80 sur acier, 23 
chromolithographies. Paris, 1867-73. 2 v. L. P*. 

Contents, — i. Text, with wood-cuts. — 2. Plates. 
There is also a set on *46.C.i. 

^— Vues des principaux monuments. [Paris, 
1883.'] 72 photographs. F", obi. 

These twelve folio volumes are the gift of tlie city of 
Paris to the city of Boston. They may be seen on application. 

— Salon. L'exposition des beaux arts. Salon 
de 1883. Planches en photogravure par Goupil 
et cie. Paris, 1883. F". ***8o63.56 

— See Champeaux. 

Parker, Theodore. [A collection of matter in 
manuscript and print, in regard to Theodore 
Parker, made by Miss Caroline Coddington 
Thayer.] 2 v. 4°. **K. 142.5 

These volumes include newspaper cuttings published 
from 1841 to 1SS3, containing sermons, speeches, lectures 
and letters by Theodore Parker, and a collection of pro- 
grammes, etc. There are also manuscript letters by him to 
Miss Thayer, and others, from 1S41 to i860, with extracts in 
manuscript from his sermons, poems, etc., with other mat- 
ter. There are eight photographs of Mr. Parker, and pho- 
tographs of his friends, with pictures of his monument, etc. 

Parkes, Edmund A. A manual of practical 
hygiene. Edited by F. S. B. Francois de Chau- 
mont. 6th edition. With appendix giving the 
American practice in matters relating to hygiene, 
by F. N. Owen. N. Y., 1883. 2 v. [Wood's 
Library of standard medical authors.] 8°. 

. 376477 

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Portriit Ibsens. Leipzig, 1883. 8". 4845-33 

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Ayr and Wigton. Edinburgh, 1863-66. 3 v. in 
5. Ill us. Sm. 8°. +2498.66 

Paul, St. See Clarke. J. F. ; —Taylor, D. H. 

Pauline Elisabeth Ottilie Louise, queen ofRou- 
mania. Pilgrim Sorrow, a cycle of tales. By 
(Carmen Syiva), queen Elizabeth of Roumania. 
Trans, by Helen Zimmern. N. Y., 1884. Por- 
trait. 16°. 3067.46 

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lung der Kurzsichtigkeit. Berlin, 1883. 8*'. 


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Compte-rendu de l'exposition continentale de la 
Republique Argentine en 1882 dans Buenos 
Aires. Buenos Aires, 1882. Map. 8". *8o28.37 

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pianoforte. [Boston, 1882.] 4". 8052.132 

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Pellico, Silvio. See Biblioteca 

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handbook 2d edition. London, 1878. Illus. 
Sm. 8'\ 2237.27 

Penn, Arthur, pseud. See Matthews, J. B 

Pennsylvania. See Biographical ; — Historic.^1. 




Periodicals (of iSth century). Sec Kawczjrtski. 

Perkins, Charles C. History of the Handel 
and Haydn society. Prefaced with a brief account 
of Puritan psahnodv in Old and New England. 
Vol. I. No. I. Boston, 1883. 8«. ♦8055.22 

Pernwerth von Baemstein, Adolf. Beitriige 
zur Geschichtc und Literatur des deutschen Stu- 
dententhumes. Wiirzburg, 1882. 16°. 

3596.82; 359683 

— Ubi sunt, qui ante nos in inundo fuere? 
Ausgewiihlte lateinische Studenten-, Trink-, 
Liebes- und andere Lieder des vierzehnten bis 
achtzehnten Jahrhundertes, mit neudeutschen 
Uebertragungen. Wiirzburg, 1881. 16". 2939.83 

ConL-iins .a Literatur- Verzeichniss, pp. 1-13.. The Car- 
mina burana [2939.82], by the same editor, contains the stu- 
dent songs 01 the i2th and 13th centuries. 

Perrot, Georges, and Chipiez, Charles. A 
history of art in Chalda^a and Assyria. From the 
French. With 452 engravings in the text, and 
15 plates. Trans, and edited by W. Armstrong. 
London, 1884 [1883]. 2 v. L. 8°. 8084.5 

Perry, Kate E. The old burying-ground of 
Fairfield, Conn. A memorial of the early settlers, 
and a transcript of the inscriptions. Hartford, 
18S2. Illus. 8'. *4339-66 

Persian language. See Firdusi. 

Personal narratives of events in the war of the 
rebellion. 2d series, no. n-20. Providence, 
1881-83. 10 nos. in i v. Sm. 4°. ^4324. 77. 3 

For list of contents consult Bates Hall Card catalogue. 

Peter the Great, 0/ Russia. See Schuyler. 

Peterson, Frederick. Poems and Swedish 
translations. Buffalo, N. Y., 1883. 8°- 24006.53 

Petrarca, Francesco. See Biblioteca. 

Pey, Alexandre. L'Alleniagne d'aujourd'hui, 
1S62-1882. Paris, 1S83. 16°. *2829.83 

Contents. — Les luttes parlementaires en Prusse, debuts 
de M. de Bismarck ; M. de Bismarck en France, ses juge- 
ments sur les ^venements et les hommes de 1870-71 ; Le 
socialisme chez les Allemands; Une usuriere d'outre-Rhin, 
Adile Spitzeder; Le roman socialiste en AUemagne, 
Catherine la Brune, par E. de Waldow. 

Phanerogamia. See Candolle. 

Philadelphia. See Martin, J. H. ; — Sylvan. 

Philip II, king- of Sj>ain. Lettres a ses filles 
les infantes Isabelle et Catherine, ecrites pendant 
son voyage en Portugal (1581-1583). Publi^es 
par M. Gachard. Paris, 1884. 8°. 3091.65 

Philippine islands. See Hernaez. 

Phillips Exeter academy. Catalogue of the 
officers and students. 1 783-1883. Boston, 1883. 
8°. *2383.58 

Philomneste junior, pseud. See Brunei, P. G. 

Philosophy. See Duehring; — Rosmini- 

Serbati ; — Schopenhauer. 

Physics. See Carpenter ; — Duehring ; — Na- 
ville; — Stuart, J. 

Pianoforte. See Evans ; — Peiler. 

Pierling, — . Rome et Moscou. Paris, 1883. 
[Bibliotheque slave elzevirienne. 5.] 12°. 3068.48 

History of Roman Catholicism in Russia, 1547-79. 

Plague of London, 1665. See De Foe. 

Plath, Carl H. C. Shakespeares Kaufmann 
von Venedig. Greifswald, 1882. 8". 2590.27 

Plato. A day in Athens with Socrates. 
Translations from the Protagoras and the Re- 
public. N. Y., 1883. 12°. 3009.72 

Translated with an introduction by Miss Ellen F. Mason. 

— The Phaedo. [Greek text.] Edited by 
R. D. Archer-Hind. London, 1883. 8°. 3002.59 

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dom : annals of British relations with Algiers 
prior to the French conquest. With illus. Lon- 
don, 1884. Plates. 8". 30503.54 

Playfair, William S. The systematic treat- 
ment of nerve prostration and hysteria. Phila., 
18S3. 16". 5809.79 

Plows. See Allen. 

Poe, Edgar A. See Sherley. 

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kon. Leipzig, 1882. 8°. ^2244.58 

Poetry. See Collectanea ; — Robertson, E. S. 

Poisons. See Wernich. 

Poland. See Janssen. 

Polish literature. See Nitschmann. 

Political economy. See George, H. ; — Herk- 
less ; — Laveleye; — Roscher; — Sumner; — 

Political science. See Locke. 

Pollock, Frederick. The land laws. London, 
1883. [The English citizen.] Sm. 8*'. 55603.77 

The subject is the land-laws of England, not those of 
Scotland or of Ireland. — Pre/ace. 

Polo, Marco. See Biblioteca. 

Ponson du Terrail, Pierre A., vicomte de. 
Rocambole en prison. 2e edition. Paris, 1883. 
2 V. 12". 4660.74 

Port Royal, France. See Beard ; — Moulin. 

Porter, Fitz John. See Lord. 

Portland, Maine. See Elwell. 

Portugal. See Biker. 

Postage stamps. See Pemberton. 

Poulsen, V. A. Botanische Mikrochemie. 
Aus dem Danischen unter Mitwirkung des Ver- 
fassers iibersetzt von C. Miiller, Cassel, 1881. 
16°. 597989 

Contains a bibliography, pages xiii-xvi. 

Practical instructions on the law of landlords 
and tenants, and of purchasers and sellers of real 
estate. By an attorney-at-law. Chicago, 1872. 
12°. 5669.7 

Practische Maschinen-Constructeur, Der. Ge- 
neralregister, 1868 bis 1880. Leipzig, 1881. 8". 


Preachers and preaching. See Davies, G. J. ; 

— Rinn ; — Robinson, E. G. 

Preiss, H., and Tod, H. Tagebuch der Ge- 
schichtc und Biographic uber alle wichtigen 
Ereignisse und Personlichkeiten fiir alle Tage des 
Jahres, von den altesten Zeiten bis zur Gegen- 
wart. Herausg. von A. Bolm. Berlin, 1881. 
4 V. in I. [Supplement zu Brockhaus' Conversa- 
tions-Lexikon. i. B.] L. 8°. *A.ii4.3 

A collection of short biographies and historical facts, 
arranged chronologically according to the days of the 
months, but without un index. 

Priesthood. See Manning. 

Printing. See Eckstein. 

Procter, Richard W. The barber's shop. Illus. 
by W. Morton. Revised and enlarged, by W. E. 
A. Axon. Manchester, 1883. 8". 6003.75 

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Dramas. B. 3. 2te Halfte. Das neuere Drama 
der Deutschen von Goethe's Auflreten bis auf 
unsere Tage. Leipzig, 1883. 8". *6i93.i8 

Protestant episcopal church. See Woolworth. 

Provenqal language and literature. See Baylc ; 

— Reine Esther. 

Proverbs. See Haller ; — Landberg ; — United 
States. Sisfnal .service. 
Psalmody. See Perkins. 




Puget sound. See Leighton. 

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B. 1-4. Pressburg, 1880-83. 8°. 2853.50 

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struction des habitations privies. Bruxelles, 
1882. Illus. Folded plates. 8°. 3761.65 

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and verse, now collected and edited, by A. B, 
Grosart. [Edinburgh.] 1880, 81. 3 v. [Chert- 
sej worthies' library.] 4°. *^,*46o2.8 

Quatrefages de Br^au, Jean Louis Armand, 
and Hamy, Ernest T. Crania ethnica. Les 
cranes des races humaines ddcrits et figures 
d'apres les collections du Museum d'histoire 
naturelle de Paris, de la Societe d'anthropologie 
de Paris et les principales collections de la France 
et de I'dtranger. Ouvrage accompagn^ de 100 
planches lithographiees d'apres nature et illustre 
de 486 figures dans le texte. Paris, 1882. 2 v. 
4°. =^3880.55 

Queensland. See Stirling. 

Rabelais, Fran9ois. Readings in Rabelais. 
ByW. Besant. Edinburgh, 1883. Sm. 8°. 2670.53 

Rame, Louise de la. Wisdom, wit and pathos 
selected from the works of Ouida [^seud.^. By 
F. Sydney Morris. London, 1884 [1883]. Sm. 8". 


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other sermons. Boston, 1884. 12°. 5441.76 

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surgical diagnosis. 3d edition. Illus. N. Y. , 
1884. 8«. 3752.59 

Raphael. See Fagan ; — Springer. 

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Bastille. Documents inedits. [T. 15.] Regnede 
Louis XV C1737-1748). Paris, 1883. 8**. *6642.3.i5 

Ravenna. See Biblioteca (Mordani). 

Raynal, Paul de, editor. Les correspondants 
de J. Joubert, 1785-1822. Lettres in^dites de M. 
de Fontanes, Mme. de Beaumont, M. et Mme. de 
Chateaubriand [etc.]. Paris, 1883. Portraits. 
12°.'' 465954 

Reade, A. Arthur. How to write English. 3d 
edition. Phila. [1883.] 16°. 2486.67 

Real estate. See Practical. 

Receipts. See Moore. 

Records of living officers of the United States 
army. Phila., 1884. 8°. '^3953-69; *C.R. 10.4.5 

Recueil des instructions donnees aux ambassa- 
deurs et ministres de France depuis les traites de 
Westphalie jusqu'a la revolution fran9aise, pu- 
blic sous les auspices de la Commission des ar- 
chives diplomatiques au ministere des affaires 
etrangeres. Autriche, avec une introd. et notes 
parA. Sorel. Paris, 1884. L. 80. *46ii.58 

Reformation. 6'^e Calvin ; — Lindau, M. B. ; 
— Lindsay ; — Luther ; — Stoughton ; — Wacker- 
nagel ; — Woodbury. 

Rein, Johannes J. Japan : travels and re- 
searches undertaken at the cost of the Prussian 
government. Trans, from the German. Illus. 
and maps. London, 1884 [1883]. 8°. 3012.63 

Reine Esther, La. Tragddie proventjale. Re- 
production de I'edition unique de 1774. Avec in- 
trod. et notes par E. Sabatier. Nlmes, 1877. 16°. 


Rdmusat, Charles F. M., comte de. Corre- 
spondance pendant les premieres annees de la 
restauration, publiee par son fils P. de R^musat. 
T. I, 2. 1814-1817. Paris, 1883. 8°. 4645.70 

Renaissance. See Zeller. 

Renan, Joseph Ernest. See C^l^brit^s. 

Renard, Adolphe. Traitd des matiferes colo- 
rantes, du blanchiment, et de la teinture du coton, 
suivi du degommage et de la teinture de la ramie 
ou China-grass. Accompagnd de figures et d'un 
album de 83 dchantillons. Paris, 1883. 8°. 


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" Chanson de geste, attribute & Huon de Villcneuve, mais 
due probablement i un trouvere anonyme du xiiiesificle." — 

Renaudot, Theophraste. See Gilles de La 

Ren^e of France, duchess of Ferrara. See 

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religion. Ofversatta af Karl Piehl. Upsala. 
[188 1.] 80. 5054-71 

Revivals of religion. 5ee Townsend, L. T. 

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auspices de la Societe royale de numismatique. 
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t. 1-6; 56 s^rie, t. 1-14. 1842-82. Bruxelles, 
1842-82. Plates. Illus. 8". '»6223.i 

The titles of the volumes before 1875 read " Revue de la 
numismatique beige." 

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tion de M. Angelo de Gubernatis. Tome ler, 
ire livraison. Florence, 1883. 8°. *5375-50 

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tionen und der Eruptiv-Gesteine. Wien, 1877. 
Folded plates. 8°. 3868.27 

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500 engravings. London, 1870. 8°. 8092.4 

Republished, with slight changes, vi^ith the titles " The 
Englishman's house [4106.5]," and " House-building, from 
a cottage to a mansion [4099.50]." 

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mechanical dentistry. 3d edition, with illus. 
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nate the styles of architecture in England, from 
the conquest to the reformation : with a sketch of 
the Grecian and Roman orders. 7th edition, by 
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of company F, First United States sharp shoot- 
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Confessions et la Correspondance de J. J. Rous- 
seau. Oppeln, 1880. 8°. 4645-69 

Extract from vol. 2 of " Zeitschrift fiir neufranzosische 
Sprache und Litteratur." 




Robert, Ulvsse, editor. Reciieil de lois, dd- 
crets, ordonnances. arr^t^s, circulaires, etc., con- 
cernant les bibliothfeques publiques, communales, 
universitaires, scolaires et populaires, publid sous 
les auspices du miiiistere de I'instruction pu- 
blique. Paris, 18S3. 8° 2127.24 

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and times of John Bright. [2d edition, with ad- 
ditions] London, 1883. Portrait. 8". 2540b. 80 

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Delivered to the students of theology at Yale col- 
lege, 1SS2. N. Y., 1883. 12°. 3437-51 

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den : style, position, and arrangement; followed 
by a description of plants best suited for its em- 
bellishment. With manv engravings. London, 
18S3. 8«. ■ 3844-71 

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1884 [1883]. [The great musicians.1 Sm. 8". 


Added is a chronological list of Mendelssohn's works. 

Rocky mountains. See Farmer, E. J. 

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in Poland. Trans, by J. E. Lee. London, 1884 
[1883]. Plates. Maps. 4°. *3o6o.ii 

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containing an account of the several excursions 
he made under the generals who commanded 
during the late [French and Indian, 1754-59] war. 
With notes and appendix, by F. B. Hough. 
Albany, 1883. Folded map. 12°. *4503.3i 

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Paris, 1883. [Les litt^ratures populaires. T. 14] 
16°. *467oa.6o; 4670b. 54 

Roman Catholic church. 6Vc Addis; — Bar- 
num ; — Hernaez; — Pierling. 

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gedeelten), uitgegeven door J. C. Matthes. 
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derlandsche letterkunde.] 8°. 4871.54 

This poem consists of fragments, the subject of which 
corresponds with that of the old French legends, Li romans 
de Garin le Loherain. 

Roman roads. See Schneider, J. 

Roman van Cassamus. (Fragment.) Uitge- 
geven door E. Verwijs. Groningen, 1869. 
[Bibliotheek van middelnederlandsche letter- 
kunde.] 8°. 4871.61 

This poem belongs to the cycle of Alexander legends. 
The preface contains a dissertation on the sources and 
historj- of the stories. 

Roman van Moriaen. Op nieuw naar het 
handschrift uitgegeven en van eene inleiding en 
woordenlijst voorzien door Jan te Winkel. 
Groningen, 1878. [Bibliotheek van middelne- 
derlandsche letterkunde.] 8". 4871.55 

Dutch version of the legends of King Arthur and his 

Romance language. See Schiller. 

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mals. With a posthumous essay on instinct, by 
C. Darwin. London, 1883. Plates. 8°. 3600.78 

Rome. See Biblioteca (Farini); — Cham- 
pagny; — Church; — Dirksen ; — Duruy; — 
Ilenriot; — Marquardt; — Mayerhoefer; — 
Tacitus ; — Westropp. 

Ronsard, Pierre de. See Buescher. 

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water-birds of the Atlantic coast and the lakes of 
the United States. N. Y., 18S4. Illus. 8". 6003.79 

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wirthschaft aus dem geschichtlichen Stand- 
punkte. 3te vermehrte Auflage. Leipzig, 1878. 
2 V. 8°. 3657 50 

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des Heidelberger Schlosses. Mit acht photo- 
und lithographischen Tafeln. Heidelberg, 1882. 
Illus. 4". •2810.52 

Contains Heidelberger Schloss-Literatur, Ansichten, 
pages 1S6-226. 

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Lutherana. Kataiog. Munchen. [1883.] 8°. 


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ideas. Trans, from the fifth Italian edition of 
the Nuovo saggio sull' origine delle idee. Vol. 
I, 2. London, 1883. 8". 3600.77 

Rosny, Leon de. Codex Cortesianns. Manu- 
scrit hi^ratique des anciens Indiens de I'Am^- 
rique centrale conserve au Musee arch^ologique 
de Madrid. Photographic et public pour la pre- 
miere fois, avec un vocabulaire de I'dcriture hi^- 
ratique yucateque par L. de Rosny. Paris, 1883. 
Plates. F". *23ioa.68 

At the end is a list of works by Rosny, on American 
archajology and paleography. 

Roumania. Sec Slavici. 

Rousseau, Jean J. See Ritter; — Voltaire. 

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italienne contemporaine. Paris, 1870-83. 3 v 
12". 2779.53 

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Sein Leben und Dichten. Guben, 1883. 8°. 


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1849 inclusive. With annotations. Rugby, 1881. 
8**. *2494.72 

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Entdeckungen. Mit Illus. und Karten. Berlin, 
i88i. [Allgemeine Geschichte in Einzeldarstel- 
lungen.] 8". 2273.52 

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don, 1883. 3 V. Map. 8°. 3074.68 

Ruskin, John. The art of England. Lectures 
in Oxford. N. Y., 1883. Portrait. 12°. 4077.91 

Contents. — Realistic schools of painting : D. G. Ros- 
setti and \V. H. Hunt; M\-thic schools 0? painting: E. 
Burne-Jones and G. F. Watts ; Classic schools of painting : 
Sir F". Leighton and Alma Tadema; Fairy-land: Mrs. 
Allingham and Kate Greenaway. 

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lection of sea-terms and their definitions. Lon- 
don, 1883. Illus. Sm. 8". 3959-92 

Russia. See Bezobrazof; — Brueckner; — 
J.inssen ; — Pierling: — Wiskowatow. 

S. Editha, sive chronicon Vilodunense im 
Wiltshire Dialekt aus MS. Cotton. F'austina B. 
Ill, herausg. von C. Horstmann. Heilbronn, 
1883. 8". 4606.17 

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Warr. An Eastern cruise in the " Edeline." 
Edinburgh, 1883. Plate. Sm. 8". 30793.58 

Sagas. See Lehmann ; — Lenk. 

St. Croix valley, Minnesota. Sec Warner. 

St Johnston, Alfred. Camping among can- 
nibals. London, 1883. Sm. 8°. 3078.81 




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le Bibliophile Jacob {^pseud. of P. Lacroix]. 
Paris, 1883. 16". 4670b. 53 

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masques, tragedie, comddie. le, 2e serie. Paris, 
1880-84. 3 V. 8". 467350 

Contents. — i . Les antiques : Eschyle. 2. Les antiques : 
Sophocle, Euripide, Aristophane.Caliaasa. 3. Les inodernes : 
Shakespeare, Le tlieatre fraiKjais jusqu'i Beaumarchais. 

Sallard, Edmond. Souvenirs litteraires et poli- 
tiques, 1846-1882. Paris, 1883. 16°. 4659.55 

Salquin, S. A. The military shoe, by S. A. 

Salquin, assisted in the technical part by the 

brothers G. and S. Tirone. With illus. Trans. 

by H. L. B. Washington, 1883. 8°. *3956.72 

"Saltus, Edgar E. Balzac. Boston, 1884. 12°. 


Pages 165-199 contain a bibliography of Balzac. 

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deutschen Sprache. Eine Vervollstandigung und 
Erweiterung aller bisher erschienenen deutsch- 
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Stuttgart, 1879-84. 4°. *488i.5o 

— Satzbau und Wortfolge in der deutschen 
Sprache. Berlin, 1883. 8". 28S7.65 

Sanitary engineering. See Boulnois. 

Sanitary science. See Lorenz ; — Murphy ; — 
Putzeys ; — Tracy. 

Sanskrit language and literature. 5cc Grass- 
mann ; — Kaliddsa ; — Lanman ; — White Yajur- 
veda; — Yajnavalkya's Gesetzbuch. 

Sattler, Eric E. A history of tuberculosis. 
Being in part a translation, with additions, from 
the German of Arnold Spina. Cincinnati, 1883. 
12°. 3790 71 

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Litteratur. Leipzig. [1883.] [Geschichte der 
Weltlitteratur in Einzeldarstellungen.] 8". 2772.60 

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8th regiment Ohio vol. inf 'y. Edited by G. A. 
Groot. Cleveland, 1881. Portrait. 8°. *4226.5i 

Scandinavian literature. See Horn. 

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Oele des Pflanzen- und Thierreichs. Mit Holz- 
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New edition. N. Y., 1882-84. 3 v. Folded 
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ligious encyclopaedia. Based on the Real-Ency- 
klopadie of'Herzog, Plitt, and Hauck. N. Y. 
[1882,83.] 3v. L. 8°. *55oi.5o 

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der erdmagnetischen Verhaltnisse in den Landern 
der ungarischen Krone. Mit Tabellen und Ta- 
feln. Budapest, 1881. F°. *396o.5i 

Printed in Hungarian and German in parallel columns. 

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[deTroyes]. Oppeln, 1883. 8°. 2688.13 

The preface contains a bibliography. 

Schiller, J. C. Friedrich von. See Kuehn. 

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se trouvent dans la bibliotheque de I'Universite 
de Leide.- Leide, 1S83. L. 8°. *2i72.55 

Schliemann, Heinrich. Troja : results of the 
latest researches and discoveries on the site of 
Homer's Troy, and in the heroic tumuli and other 
sites, made in 1882 ; and a narrative of a journey 
in the Troad in 1881. With woodcuts and maps 
and plans. London, 1884 [1883]. 8°. 2962.73 

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Schuldrama.] 1551- Wien, 1883. [Wiener 
Neudrucke. 5] 16°. No. 5 in 487Ga.9 

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leben aiis dem sechzehnten imd siebenzehnten 
Jahrhundert. Ervveiterter Abdruck. Leipzig, 
1880. 8°. 2873.22 

Schmidt, Oswald G. Luther's Bekanntschaft 
mit den alten Classikern. Leipzig, 1883. 8". 


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and political history of the Mormons, or Latter- 
day saints. N. Y. [1881.] Illus. 16°. *5545.87 

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tung. Mit Holzschnitten und Tafeln. Breslau, 

1883. 4°. *388i.58 
Schneider, J. Die alten Heer- und Handels- 

wege der Germanen, Romer und Franken im 
deutschen Reiche. Mit einer Karte. Dusseldorf, 

1882. 8«. 2816.52 
Schober, Carl. Die Deutschen in Nieder- und 

Ober -Oesterreich, Salzburg, Steiermark, Karn- 
then und Krain. Wien, 1881. [Die Vdlker Oes- 
terreich-Ungarns.] 8°. 2814.51 

Schools (British). See De Carteret-Bisson. 

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A. Schopenhauer und J. A. Becker. Herausg. 
von J. K. Becker. Leipzig, 1883. 8°. 2853.60 

— The world as will and idea. Translated 
from the German by R. B. Haldane, and J. Kemp. 
Vol. I. London, 1883. [The English and for- 
eign philosophical library.] 8°. 3600b. 50 

Schuyler, Eugene. Peter the Great. N. Y. , 

1884. 2 V. Illus. Plates. Portraits. 8°. 3061.15 
Begun in .Scribner's, February, 18S0. 

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Paris, 18S3. 8°. *2i76.66 

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Ungarn und Siebenbiirgen. Wien, 1881. [Vdlker 
Oesterreich-Ungarns.] 8". 2814.53 

— Die Zigeuner in Ungarn und Siebenbiirgen. 
Wien, 1883. [Vdlker Oesterreich-Ungarns.] 8°. 


Scotland. Privy council. Register. Edited 
and abridged by D. Masson. Vol. 5. 1592-1599. 
Edinburgh, 18S2. L. 8". *2472.5o 

— • See Yachtsman's. 

Scott, Dorothea, d. 1680. See Scull, G. D. 

Scott, James R. Hope. See Ornsby. 

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Illus. [Scott's farm engineering text-books. 
Weale's rudimentary series.] 12°. 4099.75 

Scott, Sir Walter^ The lady of the lake. Illus. 
Boston, 1883. Sm. 40. 2561.82 

The illustrations are from sketches made in the Scottish 
Highlands, by A. V. S. Anthony. 

Scottish record publications. Rotuli scaccarii 
regum Scotorum. The exchequer rolls of Scot- 
land. Edited by J. Stuart and G. Burnett. Vol. 
1-6. 1 264-1460. Edinburgh, 1878-83. Fac-simile. 
L. 8°. *70i5.50 

Scrutton, Thomas E. The laws of copyright. 
Being the Yorke prize essay of the University of 
Cambridge for 1882, enlarged. London, 1883. 8**. 


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therson and Hogben, of Egerton House, Kent, 
1611-1680. New and enlarged edition. Oxford, 

1883. Plate. Fac-simile. 8". *4546.6o 

Contains with othermatter, Toall that are unregenerated : 
a call to repentance, by Dorothea Gotherson ; A discourse of 
polletique and civill honor, by Thomas Scott, also his will. 




Sculpture. See Murray, A. S. 

Seals. See Grotefend. 

S6chan, Polycarpe C. Souvenirs d'un homme 
de theatre, 1831-1855. Recueillis par A. Badin. 
Paris, 18S3. 13". ' 4660.75 

Seeley, Leonard B. Horace Walpole and his 
world. Select passages from his letters. With 
eight illus. after Reynolds and Lawrence. 
London, 18S4. Sm. 8". . 25405.79 

S^gur, Sophie, comtesse de. Evangile d'une 
grand'mfere. 46 Edition. Paris, 1880. 8". 


Illustrated stories from the Gospels. 

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Joukoffsky. Ein russisches Dichterleben. 2te 
Aiisgabe. Mitau, 1872. 8°. 3066.31 

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Phila. [18S3.J 12°. 5557-53 

Semiramis. See Lenormant. 

S^nac de Meilhan, Gabriel. Le gouverne- 
ment, les moeiirs et les conditions en France 
avant la revolution. Portraits des personnages 
distingu^s de la fin du xviiie siecle. Avec une 
introduction et des notes par M. de Lescure. 
Paris, 1862. 12". 4627.66 

Seneca Indians. 5ec Marshall. 

Sewerage. See Babut du Mares ; — Paris. 

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N. Y., 18S2-84. 12 V. [Parchment library.] i6<'. 

6600b. I 

— Tragedv of Titus Andronicus. Edited bv 
W. J. Rolfe. With engravings. N. Y., 1884. 
Sq. 16". 6602.21 

— See Dietrich ; — Dyer; — Engel ; — Faire 
Em; — Halllwell-Phillipps; — Hirschfeld; — 
Mauerhof; — Plath ; — Saint-Victor; — Sy- 

Sharman, Julian. A cursory history of swear- 
ing. London, 1884. Sm 8". 357oa'79 

Sharpe, Charles K., editor. A ballad book; 
or, popular and romantic ballads and songs cur- 
rent in Annandale and other parts of Scotland. 
Reprinted from the edition of 1824, and edited 
by E. Goldsmid. Part i. Edinburgh, 1883. 
[Bibliotheca curiosa.] 12". *,^*6564.59 

Sharpe, Samuel.. Det gamla Egypten och den 
kristna kyrkan. Ofversatt af J. A. H. Gdteborg, 
1878. 16°. 5059.67 

Shaw, Henry W. {Josh Billings.) Life and 
adventures of Josh Billings, with a sketch of the 
humorist, by F. S. Smith. N. Y., 1883. H'us. 

12^ 4349.102 

Sheep. See Heatley. 

Sherley, Douglass. The valley of unrest. A 
book without a woman. Edgar Allan Poe. An 
old oddity paper, edited by Douglass Sherley. 
2d edition. Louisville, Ky., 1883. 4". *2400.29 

The Valley of unrest, is woven in and around a poem, a 
mere fragment, written by Poe. — Preface. 

Ship canals. See Loftus. 

Shorthouse, J. Henry. The little schoolmaster 
Mark. A spiritual romance. London, 1883. 
Sm. 8°. 2557.77 

I have made use of some passag^es in the childhood of 
Heinriih junj^-Stilling, to create the character of Little 
Mark. — Preface. 

Siam. See Bock. 

Sidg^ick, Alfred. Fallacies. A view of logic 
from the practical side. London, 1883. [Inter- 
national scientific series ] S'^. 36005.52 

Sight. See Galezowski. 

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rischer Roman. 2te Auflage. Mannheim, 1S83. 
2 V. in I. 8°. 4871.29 

Time of the story, 1763. 

Simon, Jules F. S. S. See C^ldbritds. 

Singing. See Lamperti. 

Skin diseases. See Ziemssen. 

Skobeleff, Michael Dimitrievitch. See Dant- 

Skull. See Qimtrefages de Br^au. 

Slavic literature. See Krauss; — Rieger. 

Slavici, Joan. Die Rumanen in Ungarn, Sie- 
benbiirgen und der Bukowina. Wien, 1881. 
[Volker Oesterreich-Ungarns.] 8". 2814.56 

Slavonia. See Simian. 

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scenery. London, 1884. IHus. Map. 8°. 30703.62 

Smith, Captain John. See Ashton. 

Smith, Joseph. Bibliotheca quakeristica, a 
bibliography of miscellaneous literature relating 
to the Friends (Quakers), chiefly written by per- 
sons not members of their society; also of pub- 
lications by authors in some way connected. 
Part I. London, 1S83. 8". *2i86.22 

Smith, Mary Lilian Rochfort. , See Furnivall. 

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utveckling och slagtskapsfdrhallanden. Stock- 
holm. [1882.] Illus. Map. 8". 3885.70 

Soap. See Watt. 

Socialism. See ; — Laveleye ; — Pey. 

Society of the Inner Temple, London. Masters 
of the bench of the Society of the Inner Temple, 
14^50-1883, and Masters of the Temple, 1^40-1883. 
[London.] 1883. 8". " *4545.66 

Sociology. See George, H. ; — Gumplowicz; 

— Wilkens. 

Songs (with music). >Sec Baritone; — Evans; 

— Gagnon ; — Tufts; — Weckerlin. 
Sophocles. Plays and fragments. With notes, 

commentary, and trans, in English prose, by R. 
C. Jebb. Parti. The CEdipus tyrannus. Cam- 
bridge, 1S83. 8*>. ■ 3003.50 

Soudan. »S<?^ James, F. L. 

Southampton, England See Davies, J. S. 

Spanish language and literature. See Dohm ; 

— Haller. 

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county [Iowa]. Decorah. [1877] 8". *4374-75 

Spectacles. See Florschuetz; — Galezowski. 

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with a new life, by A. B. Grosart. In 8 v. Vol. 
7, 8. [London.] 1882. [Spenser society. Pub- 
lications.] Sm. 4**. ♦^♦6605.32 

Spine. See Page. 

Spinning. See McLaren. 

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er of Plymouth, Mass , and his descendants. 
Vol. I. 'Cincinnati, 1883. 8°. *4339-69 

This b>ok is an amplification of the author's Memorial 
of William Sp )oner, 1S71 [*2J35.SS]. 

Sports and sporting. See Mayer; — Watson, 
A. E T. 

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Mit Illus. 2teverbesserte Auflage. Leipzig, 18S3. 
2 V. 8°. 4071.76 

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oder schattigen Standortes auf die Ausbildung 
der Laubblatter. Jena, 1883. • 8". 3844.72 

Statesman's year-book. The, 1884. Edited by 
J. Scott Keltie. London, 1884. Sm. 8°. "'22903.50 




Statistics. See Mullhall ; — Statesman's. 

Steam-engine. See Du Temple ; — Edwards ; 
— Marks. 

Steel. 5'<'<? Greenwood, W. H. ; — Jeans. 

Stenography. See Longlej. 

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a ride in North Qiieensland. Illus. London, 
1884. Sm. 8°. 3078.85 

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1882, 83. 2 v. 8°. *48ioa.50 

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von. Geschichte der Religion Jesu Christi. 
Hamburg [und Mainz], 1806-64. Text, 53 v. 
in 55. Index, 4 v. in 3. 8". 75i4-5o 

Volumes 1-15 are by Stolberg. The continuations are as 
follows: vol. 16^45 by F. von Kerz; 46-53 by J.N. Brischar. 

Stomach. See Auerbach. 

Stone, Clarence E. Poems and sketches. 
Brooklyn, 1883. Portrait. 16°. 2390b. 73 

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des couches a Avicula contorta en Lombardie. 
Avec un atlas de 60 planches lithographiees. 
Milan, 1S60-65. [Stoppani, A. Paleontologie 
lonibarde. Serie 3. J 4".^ *786o.27 

— Les petrifications d'Esino. Avec une carte. 
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In which are embodied notices of the latest 
archaeological discoveries, and a revised account 
of the Funeral canopy of an Egyptian queen, 
with additions. With coloured plates and wood- 
cuts. London, 1883. Folded maps. 8°. 5052.71 

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ers. A record of facts and experiments in cot- 
tage farming and co-operative agriculture. 
London, 1884 [1883]. Sm. 8'\ 55603.81 

Student life. See Pernwerth von Baernstein ; 
— Schmidt, E. 

Student songs. See Carmina; — Pernwerth 
von Baernstein. 

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fellow (viday obras). Madrid, 1883. 8°. 4243.58 

Contains metrical versions into Spanish of some of 
Longfellow's poems. 

Suepfle, Th. (.') Ueber den Kultureinfluss 
Deutschlands auf Frankreich. Metz, 1882. 4°. 


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[Volker Oesterreich-Ungarns.] 8°. 2814.60 

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A list giving full titles of books cited is on pages vii x. 

Sun. See Swinton. 

Surgery. See Agnew ; — Ashhurst ; — Garret- 
son ; — International. 

Surnames. See Falconer. 

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burners. Trans, from the Swedish by R. B. An- 
derson. Edited by W. J. L. Nicodemus. With 
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Swearing. See Sharman. 

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cerning the divine love and the divine wisdom. 
N. Y., 1880. 8«. 5542.71 

— Angelic wisdom concerning the divine 
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— The Apocalypse revealed. New edition. 
N. Y., 1883. 2 v. 8°. 5543.81 

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1883. 8°- 5543-80 

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18S2. 80. 554379 

— The true Christian religion; containing the 
universal theology of the New church. N. Y., 
1883. 80. 5543.77 

Swedish language, Works in. See Beskow ; — 
Fries ; — Hildebrandsson ; — Lieblein ; — Sharpe, 
S. ; — Smitt ; — Tegner. 

Swinton, A. H. An almanack of the Christian 
era. Containing a legitimate prediction of the 
weather, disasters by wind and rain [etc.]. 
London, 1883. Illus. 40. 5963.64 

The author bases his theory on the sun cycles, or recur- 
rence of the sun's spots, of which tables are given. There 
is a bibliography incorporated in the text. 

Swiss song. See Tobler, J. L. 

Swords. See Burton. 

Sybel, Ludwig von. Kritik des aegyptischen 
Ornaments. Mit lithographirten Tafeln. Mar- 
burg, 1883. 80. 8073.51 

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Ottilie Louise, queen of Rouynania. 

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nent " library.] 120. *2378.77 

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London, 1883. Portrait. 8°. 2273.51 




Tariff. See Ueyl. 

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Lectures pour les jeunes filles, ou leijons et 
niodeles de litterature en vers, extraits des 
meilleurs auteurs, et pr^c^des de r^tlexions sur 
les regies de I'art po^tique. Nouvelle Edition. 
Paris, 1878. Portraits. 12°. 4660.67 

— Lectures pour les jeunes filles ou modules 
de litterature en prose, extraits des meilleurs 
auteurs, et pr^cddes de reflexions sur les rfegles de 
I'art d'ecrire. Nouvelle Edition. Paris, 1877. Por- 
traits. 12°. 4660.68 

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1884. Illus. Folded map. 16°. 5557-54 

Taylor, Sedley. Profit-sharing between capi- 
tal and labour, six essays. Added a memoran- 
dum on the industrial partnership at the Whit- 
wood collieries (1865-1874) by A. Briggs and H. 
C. Briggs. London, 1884. Sm. 8°. 556oa.82 

Tchernishevsky, Nikolai. L'^conomie poli- 
tique jugee par la science. Critique des principes 
d'economie politique de John-Stuart Mill. Tra- 
duit du Russe [par A. TveritinoflFj. Tome i. 
Bruxelles, 1874. 12°. 55603.85 

This is the only volume which has yet been published 
(April, 18S4). 

Teale, T. P. Economy of coal in house fires. 
Illus. London, 1883. 8°. 3977-78 

Technology. ^eeBrelow; — Knight, E. H. 

Teeth. See Richardson, J. 

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kilskrifter. Stockholm, 1875. Illus. 8°. 


— Sprakets makt dfver tanken. Stockholm, 
1880. 8°. 2956.64 

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ence : a selection of essays and addresses. With 
maps and illus. London, 1883. 8°. 3074.65 

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The falcon [a drama]. London, 1884. Sm. 8°. 


— Same. N.Y., 1884. 16". 4562.18 

— See Genung. 

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With blank pages for new receipts. By Marion 
Harland \^pseud.'\. Boston. [1884.] 16°. 6003.77 

Textile fabrics. See Ashenhurst. 

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Theophrastus. See Diels. 

Thiers, Louis Adolphe. See Martel, A. L. R. 

Thirty-sixth regiment Massachusetts volun- 
teers. See Burrage. 

Thirty years' war. See Briefe ; — Fleischfresser. 

Thoel, Johann H. Festgabe zum Doctor-Jubi- 
laum des Professors Dr. Heinrich Thol in Got- 
tingen, uberreicht von der rechts- und staatswis- 
senschaftlichen Fakultat zu Strassburg. Strass- 
burg, 1879. 8°. 3610.53 

Contents. — Die juristische Natur der Lebens- und Ren- 
tenversicherung, von P. I.aband; Zur Geschichte des Han- 
delsrechts und der Handelspolitik im Anfane der rbmischen 
Kaiscrztit, von F. P. Bremer; Zur Geschichte der AuHas- 
sung, von R. Sohra. 

Thomas \ Becket. See Magmisson. 

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mentary on the lour gospels, collected out of the 
works of the fathers. New edition. Oxford, 
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ed the festival homilies. Trans, by J. M. Ash- 
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notes, by Franklin Johnson.] Cambridge, Mass., 
1883. 16". 54403.97 

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N. Y., 1883. Sm. 40. ' 24o6b.5o 

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Nile, and other poems. With a memoir of the 
author by B. Dobell. London, 1884. Portrait. 
Sm. 8°. 4562.17 

Tibbs, Job. A help to the iron trade. A book 
for iron masters, iron merchants, etc., compris- 
ing a complete set of tables of net and pile 
weights of convex or half-round iron, ovals, hex- 
agons [etc.], also the net weight per foot of 
angle and T iron [etc.]. Birmingham, 1882. 
Illus. 8°. 8017.73 

Tickell, i?et/. George. The life of blessed Marga- 
ret Mary. With some account of the Devotion to 
the Sacred heart. N. p., n. d. 12°. 55593-65 

The preface is dated Liverpool, 1869. 

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18S4. [Wood's Library of standard medical au- 
thors.] 8°. 3782.55 

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lads. Boston, 1883. Sm. 8°. 25603.69 

Tob3CCO. See Billings, E. R. 

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alter und neuer Zeit. 2te Auflage. Leipzig, 

1883. 8°. 2686.72 
Tobler, J. Ludwig, editor. Schweizerische 

Volkslieder. Frauenfeld, 1882. 8°. 48703.6 

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[Anon.] London, 1883. 8°. 5557-5° 

Tonquin. See Norman. 

Townley family. See Usher. 

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war in the United States. N. Y., 1884 [1883]. 
Illus. 12°. 2324.111 

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in religious revivals. Boston, 1877. 16°. 54403.96 

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Testament. N. Y., 1884. 8°. 3421.66 

The introduction contains, pages 37-43, a list of works on 
his subject. 

Tracy, Roger S. Hand-book of sanitary in- 
formation for householders. With appendices 
of disinfectants and plumbers' materials. N. Y., 

1884. 16". 5765.40 
Traditions. See Ingram. 

Traill, Henry D. The new Lucian : being a series 
ofdialoguesofthedead. London, 1884. 8". 2551.62 

Coutents. — Lord Westbury and Bishop Wilberforce; De 
Morny, Gambctta, and Blanqui; Plato and Landor; Lord 
Beaconstield and Sir Robert Peel; Lucian and Pascal; 
Daniel O'Connell and Isaac Butt; Comte de Chambord and 
Philippe £^galitt.'; Edmund Burke and Edward Horsman; 
Richardson and Fielding; Peter the Great and Alexander 
11; Sterne and Thackeray; Lord Palmerston and Richard 
Cobden; Garrick and G. H. Lewes; Lucretius, Paley, and 




Transubstantiation. See Abbadie. 

Travels and voyages. See Ballou ; — Bock ; — 
Buckland; — Cumming; — Fergusson ; — Green, 
W. S. ; — Gunnison ; — Hargreaves ; — Harrisse ; 
— James, F. L. ; — Knight, E. F. ; — Leighton ; — 
Loftus; — M'Cormick; — Malleson ; — Martin, 
E. M. ; — Rein; — Sackville; — Stirling; — 
Tangye ; — Yachtsman's. 

Tropics. See Hunt. 

Troy, Asia Minor. >S"ee Maerlant; — Schlie- 
mann ; — Virchow. 

Trumbull, Henry C. Kadesh-barnea : includ- 
ing studies of the route of the Exodus and the 
southern boundary of the Holy Land. N. Y., 
1884 [1883]. Maps. 8°. 3074.69 

List of authors cited, pages 435-445. 

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With illus. Vol. 5. Marginellidse, Olividse, Co- 
lumbellidze. Phila., 1883. 8«. *5872.55 

— Structural and systematic conchology. 
Vol. 3. Phila, 1884. Plates. 8°. *3872.57.3 

Tuberculosis. See Sattler. 

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music course, with accompaniments for the 
pianoforte. N. Y., 1884. Illus. 4°. 8054.66 

Tuileries, Palace of. See Jackson. 

Tunnels, Submarine. See Brouville. 

Turanian races. See Cruel. 

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Prosa. Uebersetzt von W. Henckel. Leipzig, 
1883. i6«. 3068.46 

Turkey. See Jochmus. 

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States. By a member of the New York bar. 
N. Y., 1883. 8". 2327.72 

Tyrol. See Egger. 

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und Beschaffenheit Europas und Nordamerikas. 
Leipzig, 1883. 8\ 3823.53 

Union and Confederate annals. A magazine 
of facts and incidents of the late war in the 
Southern states, from Union and Confederate 
sources. Recited in a fraternal spirit. Vol. i, 
no. I. St. Louis. [1884.] Plans. 8". *4226.53 

United States. Bureau of navigation. Cata- 
logue of Nautical almanac library. Washington, 
1883. 8°. *6i7oa.i9 

— Department of the Interior. Register con- 
taining a list of persons employed in the depart- 
ment. Corrected to September 13, 1883. Wash- 
ington, 1883. 8". *C.242.2I 

— Hydrographic office. A list of geographi- 
cal positions for the use of navigators and 
others. Compiled by F. M. Green. Washing- 
ton, 1883. 4°. *5920.79 

, Supplement to the Pilot chart of the North 

Atlantic. No. i , for December. [With Supple- 
ment.] Washington, 1883. Text, 8°; Chart, 
2oiX26| inches. Folded. *F.4.35 

— Navy department. [General orders and 
circulars. 1858-1878.] 2 v. Illus. 8°. * 

Much of the matter of vol. i is duplicated in vol. 2. In- 
serted in vol. 2, at the end, is an Alphabetical Index to 
f general orders, circulars, etc., issued from Jan. 10, 1863, to 
une 30, iSSi. 

Regulations governing the imiform of 

officers. Washington, 1883. Plates. 8<'. 


— Patent office. Catalogue of additions to 
the library of the United States patent office, 
from May i, 1878, to May i, 1883. Supplement. 
Washington, 1883. L. 8". *6200.22 

United States. Patent office, continued. 

Subject-matter index of patents for inven- 
tions (brevets d'inventions) granted in France 
from 1791 to 1876 inclusive. Washington, 
1883. 4°. Patent Room 

— Signal service. Weather proverbs. Pre- 
pared by H. H. C. Dunwoody. Washington, 
1883. Illus. Folded map. 8». *5963.65 

— State departmetit. Declared exports for 
the United States. First and second quarters, 
1883. Washington, 1883. 8°. . *7643.2i 

— Surgeon general's office. Standard supply 
table of the medical department of the United 
States army. 1883. [Washington, 1883.] 8°. 


— Treasury department. A digest of the de- 
cisions of the Treasury department relating to 
the tariff, navigation, etc., from 1872 to 1882, in- 
clusive, with the tariff on imports into the United 
States and the free-list, indexed, and the 
Hawaiiafn reciprocity treaty. Washington, 1883. 
8«. *5645-89 

— War department. The war of the rebel- 
lion : a compilation of the official records of the 
Union and Confederate armies. Prepared by R. 
N. Scott. Series i. Vol. 10, parti. Washing- 
ton, 1884. 8°. *4223,50 

Contents. — 10, parti. Operations in Kentucky, Ten- 
nessee, North Mississippi, North Alabama, and South-west 
Virginia. March 4-June 10,1862. 

— See Gunnison; — Kelley; — Meyer, R. ; — 
Tangye; —Tuthill. 

— History. See Bancroft. 
Revolution. See Lowell. 

— Civil war. See Burrage ; — Huey ; — Per- 
sonal ; — Ripley; — Sawyer; — Townsend, E. 
D. ; — Union ; — United States, War depart- 

United States army. Sec Records. 
- United States naval institute. Proceedings. 
Vol. 9. Annapolis, 1883. 8". *5953-58.9 

For list of contents consult Bates Hall Card catalogue. 

Usher, James. Genealogical and historical 
record of the Carpenter family [in America]. 
Including a history of the Carpenter estate of 
England. N. Y. [1883.] 8°. *4339-72 

— History of the Lawrence-Townlev and 
Chase-Townley estates in England. N. Y.. 
1883. 8°. *4338.79 

Vacquerie, Auguste. Sec Celebrites. 

Vasari, Giorgio. See Biblioteca. 

Venice. See Zvviedineck-Suedenhorst. 

Verein zur Befdrderung des Gewerbfleisses. 
Inhalts-Verzeichniss fiir die ersten 60 Bande 
(1822 bis 1881) der Verhandlungen des Vereins. 
Zusammengestellt von H. Kempert. Berlin, 
1883. 4°. *6952.ip 

The work here indexed is to be found on 6952.1. 

Vertebrata. See Smitt. 

Verwijs, Eelco, editor. Van vrouwen ende van 
minne, middelnederlandsche gedichten, uit de 
xivde en xvde eeuw. Groningen. 1S71. [Bi- 
bliotheekvan middelnederlandsche letterkunde.] 
8°. 4871.62 

Veterinary art. See Kirby. 

Victoria, queen of Great Britain. More 
leaves from the journal of a life in the Highlands, 
from 1862 to 1882. London, 18S4. Portrait. 
Sm. 8°. 4573-22 

— See Lippincott. 

Victoria, Australia. See Curr. 




Villani, Giovanni. See Biblioteca. 

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sinateur. Texte et dessins. Paris. [1879.'] [Bibli- 
oth'eque d'^ducation et de rdcrdation.] 8°. 


Virchow, Rudolf. Alttrojanische Graber und 
Schadel. Mit Tafeln. Berlin, 1882. 4". 2961.61 

This work is to be found in the Abhandlungren der 
Kuniji^l. Akndemie der Wissenschaflen zu Berlin for 1SS3 

Virgilius Maro, Piibliiis. Works, trans, into 
English verse, with variorum and other notes, 
and comparative readings by J. A. Wilstach. 
Boston, 1884 [1883]. 3 V. Plates. 8°. 2927.63 

— See Biblioteca ; — Creizenach ; — Junker. 
Visigoths. See Ewald, P. 

Vogt, Carl, and Specht, Friedrich. Die 
Saugetiere in Wort und Bild. Miinchen. [1883.] 
40 plates. Illus. F°. ***3890.55 

Voice. See Browne. 

Voigt, Moritz. Das jus naturale, aequum et 
bonum und jus gentium der Rbmer. Leipzig, 
1856-75. 4v. 8°. 429516 

Volcanoes. See Reyer. 

Voltaire, Francois M. A. de. Le sottisier, 
suivi des Remarques sur le discours sur I'in^ga- 
lite des conditions et sur le contrat social [de 
J.J. Rousseau]. Nouvelle Edition. Paris. 1883. 
18°. 467ob.55 

— See Mahrenholtz. 

Vondel, Joost van den, 1587-1679. Treurspelen. 
Met inleidend schrijven en historische toelichting 
van J. van Vloten. Schiedam, 1875-77. ^ v. in 
I. 16°. 487ob.69 

Contents. — i. Lucifer. 2. Gysbrecht van Aemstel. 

Vorarlberg, Austria. See Egger. 

Wackernagel, Carl Eduard Philipp, editor. 
Lieder der niederliindischen Reformierten aus 
der Zeit der Verfolgung im 16. Jahrhundert. 
Frankfurt am Main, 1867. 8". 5441.75 

Wackernell, J. E. Walther von der Vogel- 
weide in Oesterreich. Innsbruck, 1S77. 16°. 


Wagener, Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann. Die 
Politik Friedrich Wilhelm iv. Berlin, 1883. §"'• 


Wagner, Wilhelm, editor. Carmina Graeca 
medii aevi. Lipsiae, mdccclxxiiii. 8°. 2964.73 

Wagner, Wilhelm Richard. See Hagen ; — 

Waldmiiller, Robert, fseud. See Duboc, C. E. 

Wales. See Cambrian. 

Walker, Francis A. Land and its rent. Lon- 
don, 1883. Sm. 8°. 556oa.8o 

Wall street, Neiv York. See Lamb. 

Wallace, John W. An old Philadelphian. 
Colonel William Bradford, the patriot printer of 
1776. Phila., 1884 [1883]. Illus. Portrait. Fac- 
similes. Map. 8*'. **4242.6o 

Pages .•V4S-362 contain " List of Bradford's publications 
between 1741 and 1766." 

Wallenstein, Albrecht W. E., Graf von. 
Wallenstcin's Ende. Ungedruckte Briefe und 
Acten, herausg. von H. Hallwich. Leipzig. 
1879. 2 v. 8". 2851.55 

Walther von der Vogelweide. Sec Wacker- 
nell ; — Wilinanns. 

Warner, George E., and Foote, Charles M. 
Directory of Dallas county, Iowa, containing a 
historical sketch, and population tables [of the 
state]. Minneapolis, 1883. 8". *4479-59 

Warner, George E., continued. 

— History of Washington county and the St. 
Croix valley, including the Explorers and pio- 
neers of Minnesota, by E. D. Neill, and Outlines 
of the history of Minnesota, by J. F. Williams. 
Minneapolis, 1881. Map. 4<». *4470.8o 

— The leading business men of Dakota cities 
accompanying the map of Dakota territory. 
Minneapolis, 1883. 8°- *4479-6i 

The iniu) of Dakota and adjacent portions of Minnesota 
is on shelf-number *Map 103. 

— Map of the state of Ohio and adjacent por- 
tions of Pennsylvania [etc.]. Minneapolis, 1883. 
Size, 62^ X 60 inches. Scale, 4 miles to i inch. 
Rolled. *Map 102 

Contains also two maps of the state upon a small scale; 
one being a geological map, the other showing the original 
tracts and grants. 

— Minnesota state business directory, contain- 
ing explanations to map, and population tables. 
Minneapolis. [1883.] 8". *4479.62 

The map above referred to is on shelf-number *Map 100. 

— Name and address of leading business men 
of Ohio cities, accompanying the map of Ohio. 
Minneapolis, 1883. 8°. *4479.6o 

The map of Ohio is on shelf-number ♦Map 102. 

Washington, George. Sec Habberton. 

Washington county, Minnesota. See Warner. 

Water supply. See Nichols. 

Watson, Alfred E. T. Racecourse and covert 
side. With illus. London, 1883. 8"- 4002.63 

Watson, Robert G. Spanish and Portuguese 
South America during the colonial period. Lon- 
don, 1884. 2 v. Folded map. 8". 2316.61 

Watt, Alexander. The art of soap-making. 
With illus. London, 1S84. Sm. 8». 5977-66 

Watts, Alaric A. Alaric Watts. A narrative 
of his life. By his son Alaric Alfred Watts. 
With portrait. London, 18S4 [18S3]. 2 v. Sm. 
8". 254ob.78 

Wauters, A. J. La peinture flamande. Paris. 
[1883.] Portrait. Illus. [Bibliotheque de I'en- 
seignement des beaux-arts.] 8°. 8087.12 

Weaving. See Ashenhurst. 

Webster, John. J. Webster et J. Ford. Tra- 
duits par E. Lafond. Pr^cedds de notices sur la 
vie et les ouvrages de ces deux auteurs. Paris, 
1865. 8». 4553-50 

Contents. — Webster: Vittoria Corombona, ou le diable 
blanc; La duchesse d'Amalfi. Ford: Le cceur brisi. 

Webster county, loxva. Directory of Webster 
county, Iowa, containing a historical sketch, and 
population tables. Minneapolis, Minn. [1883.] 

16°. *4379a.74 

Weckerlin, Johann B. T., editor. Chansons 
populaires de i'yVlsace. Paris, 1883. 2 v [Lit- 
terature% populaires de toutes les nations. T. 17, 
18] 16°. ♦46703.63 

Contiiins the music of most of the songs. Nearlv all tlic 
songs are given in both German und French. A bibliogra- 
phy is given on pages 359-367 of the second volume. 

Wedderburn, Sir David. Life of Sir David 
W'edderburn. Compiled from his journal and 
writings, by Mrs. E. H. Percival. London, 
1884. Illus' Portrait. 8". 24403.67 

Weed, Thurlow. Life of Thurlow Weed, in- 
cluding his autobiography and a memoir [by 
Thurlow Weed Barnes] ; with portraits and 
illus. Boston, 1S84. 2 v. L. 8°. 4241.56 

Weill, Alexandre. Souvenirs intimes de 
Henri Heine. Paris, 1883. Sm. 4". 2847.76 




Weinhold, Carl. Mittelhochdeutsches Lese- 
buch mit einer kiirzen Grammatik, und einem 
Glossar. 3te Auflage. Wien, 1S75. 8". 2886.70 

Weise, Christian. Die drei argsten Erznarren 
in der ganzen Welt. Roman. Abdnick der 
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Contains a list of authorities cited. 

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" Lectures given at Rome in 1SS2, with added accounts of 
the excavations of 18S3 from the correspondence of the 
Times and Athena;um." — Preface. 

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Contents. — i. The Vajasaneyi-SanhitS, with the com- 
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extracts from the commentaries of Sayana, Harisvamin and 
Dvivcdaganfja. — 3. The ^rauta-sutra of KatySyana with 
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Whitwood collieries. See Taylor, S. 

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4870b. 67 

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Time of the story, 57 B. c. 

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Wigton county, Scotland. See Paterson. 
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Contents. — Lucrezia Borgia; Struensee and queen Caro- 
line Mathilde; Elizabeth Stuart, queen of Bohemia; Eppe- 
lein von Gailingen; Facts and fancies about Faust; Madame 

Wiltshire dialect. See S. Editha. 

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Women. See Our. 

— Diseases of. See Hunt. 

Wood engraving. See Meisterwerke. 

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^A^oodb^idge family. See Mitchell, L. 

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unpublished ms., by H. B. Wheatley. N. Y., 
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The Historical memoirs may also be found on 2515.3 "^ 
6513.1 ; and the Posthumous memoirs on 6545.50. 




■Wright, Julia McN. Among the Alaskans. 
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YSjnavalkya's Gesetzbuch. Sanskrit und 
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Year books. See Almanach ; — American 
almanac; — British alinanac; — Gothaischer; — 
History; — Statesman's. 

Yonge, Charles D. Our great naval com- 
manders. London, 1884 [1883]. Illus. Por- 
traits. Sm. 8°. 24493.81 

Contents. — Drake ; Blake ; Cook ; Rodney ; Nelson ; 

Yonne, France. See ]oss'\er. 

Yorkshire, England. See Heywood. 

Yucatan. .Sec Obcr; — Rosny. 

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For list of contents consult Bales Hall Card catalogue. 

Zingerle, Anton R. Ovidius, und scin Ver- 
haltniss zu den Vorgangcrn und gleichzeitigen 
romischenDichtern. Innsbruck, 1869-71. 3 parts 
in I v. 8°. 2925.10 

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8«. 2873.23 

At the end is a list of books referred to. 

Zoophytes. Sec Badcock. 

Zwiedineck-Siiedenhorst, Hans von. Die Poli- 
tik der Republik Vencdig wiihrend des dreissig- 
jahrigen Krieges. B. i. Stuttgart, 1882. 8". 



Earlier Publications (a selection), 

Includes several interesting books on early American history. 

Acosta, Joaquin. Compendio historico del 
descubrimiento y colonizacion de la Nueva 
Granada en el siglo decimo sexto. Paris, 1848. 
Folded map. Piates. 8°. ♦*D.3io8.5i 

Analectabiblion, ou extraits critiques de divers 
livres rares, oublies ou peu connus, tires du cabi- 
net du Marquis D. R ♦ ♦ * [Du Roure]. Paris, 
1836, 37. 2 v. 8". *6672.6i 

A collection of extracts and critical notices, beginning;- 
with the first printed works, and ending- with Mirabeau's 
L'espion devalise. Graesse refers to Du Roure as the 

Avellaneda, Getriidis Gomez de. Guatimozin, 
ultimo empcrador de Mdjico. Novela hist6rica. 
Mejico, 1853. 4°. 43ioa.i44 

Barbaroux, Charles O., and Lardier, Joseph 
A. Voyage du General Lafayette aux Etats- 
Unis d'Amerique en 1824 et 1825. [Anon.} 
[Avec un Discours sur les ameliorations des 
gouvernements, par C. J. IngersoU.] Paris, 
1826. Portrait. 8". *4467.59 

Barrifcre, Francois, editor. Tableaux de genre 
et d'histoire peints par difTerens mattres, ou mor- 
ceaux inedits sur la regence, la jeunesse de 
Louis XV, et le regne de Louis xvi. Paris, 1828. 
8°. 4670.51 

Bernard, Sir Francis. The causes of the 
present distractions in America explained : in 
two letters to a merchant in London. By F — 
B . [Boston.] 1774. 8°. ♦♦H.97.103 

Biedermann, Friedrich Carl. Friedrich der 
Grosse und sein Verhaltniss zur Entwicklung 
des deutschen Geisteslebens. Braunschweig, 
1859. 8°. 2853.61 

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anatomico-physiologicus. Lipsiae, m.dc.lxxxvi. 
Sm. 40. *7769.56 

Bunge, Friedrich G. von. Einleitung in die 
liv-, esth- und curlandische Rechtsgeschichte 
und Geschichte der Rechtsquellen. Reval, 
1849. 8°. 3616.56 

Cahusac, Louis de. Grigri, histoire veritable, 
traduite du Japonnaise en Portugais parDidaque 
Hadeczuca; & du Portugais en Francois par 
I'Abbd de ♦ ♦ ♦ aumonier d'un vaisseau hol- 
landois. le, 2e partie. Amsterdam, 1745. 
2 parts in i v. i6o. No. 2 in ♦44293.75 

A romance, purporting- to be a translation from the Jap- 
anese, but wriUen by Cahusac. 

Clark, William. Observations on the late and 
present conduct of the French, with regard to 
their encroachments upon the British colonies 
fn North America. [Auon.'\ Added, wrote by 
another hand; Observations concerning the in- 
crease of mankind, peopling of countries, &c. 
Boston, 1755. Sm.. 8°. ♦♦K.27.11 

The Observations, which are by Franklin, have been 
separated and bound as a volume [♦♦K.ay.ia]. 




Devrient, Eduard P. Geschichte der deutschen 
Schauspielkunst. Leipzig, 1848, 61. 4 v. Por- 
trait. 16°. 6877.19 

This work forms vol. ^-S of the author's Dramatische 
und draniaturg-ische Schriften. 

Dickinson, John. The late regulations respect- 
ing the British colonies in A-merica considered 
in a letter from a gentleman in Philadelphia to 
his friend in London. [^«o«.] Phila., 1765. 
8°. **H.97.iio 

A discussion of the Stamp act and Navigation laws. 

— Lettres d'un fermier de Pensjlvanie aux 
habitans de TAm^rique septentrionale. [Ano/i.] 
Traduites de I'anglois [par J. Barbeu-Dubourg]. 
Amsterdam, 1769. i6<'. 4419.63 

Douglass, William. Some observations on 
the scheme projected for emitting 6oooo£ in bills 
of a new tenour, to be redeemed with silver and 
gold. In a letter from a merchant in Boston to 
his friend in the country. [^«tf«.] Boston, 
1738. 80. **H.94.54 

Earlom, Richard, aud others, engravers. 
Fifteen splendid portraits of royal personages. 
Engraved in mezzotinto by Richard Earlom, 
Charles Turner, and R. Dunkarton. London, 
1816. Po. **K.i4oa.i 

Ellis, Henry. Voyage a la Baye de Hudson fait 
en 1746 & 1747, par les navires le Dobbs-galley 
& la California pour la decouverte d'un passage 
au nordouest. Traduit de I'anglois, & augment^. 
Leide, 1750. lUus. Map. 8°. *4467.58 

Extract from the votes of the House of assem- 
bly of the province of Nova Scotia. Containing 
an address, petition and memorial. Boston, 
1775. 8^ **H.97.io6 

A tract on the grievances of the colonies. 

Extrait des gazettes americaines. No. i. Paris, 
1786. 8". No. 3 in **44i8.63 

A collection of complimentary addresses to Benjamin 
Franklin, on his return to America from France, with some 
of his replies. 

Fernandez de Retes, Jose. Opvscvlorvm alii 
libri qvatvor. Salmanticae, m.dc.lviii. F". 


A book of Roman or civil law, in great part compiled 
from Ulpian, etc. 

Frauenlob, Heinrich von Meissen, called. 
Meistersinger. Leiche, Spruche, Streitgedichte 
und Lieder. Erlautert und herausg. von L. 
Ettmiiller. Quedlinburg, 1843. 8°. 4871.37 

Geib, Carl G. Geschichte des romischen 
Criminalprocesses bis zum Tode Justinian's. 
Leipzig, 1842. 8". 7615.21 

Gioberti, Vincenzo. Delle condizioni presenti 
e future d'ltalia. Londra, 1848. 16°. 4718.28 

Giraud, Charles J. B. Des Nexi, ou de la con- 
dition des d^biteurs chez les Romains. Paris, 
1847. 8°. 3610.54 

The same may be found in Institut de France, Acaddraie 
des sciences morales et politiques, Memoires, 2e s^rie, t. 
5. pages 379-546 [*3272.2S]. 

Gough, Henry. A glossary of terms used in 
British heraldry. \^Anon.'\ Oxford, 1847. Illus. 8°. 


Gregorius Nyssenus, Saint. De virginitate 
liber: Graece & Latine nunc primiim editus, in- 
terprete lohanne LivineioGandensi. Antverpiae, 
MDLXxiiii. Sm. 40. *,*5466.27 

The Greek and Latin texts are on opposite pages. 

Greylock, Godfrey, pseud. See Smith, J. E. A. 

Hancock, Thomas. [Book of accounts. Boston, 
February, 1718/9-April, 1732.] L. f". **G.3io.2 

This book was found among the papers of Thomas 
Hancock, and was presunjably his own. 

Heineccius {German Heinecke), Johann M. 
De veteribvs Germanorvm aliarvmqve nationvm 
sigillis eorvmqve vsv et praestantia syntagma 
historicvm, in qvo de re sigillari in vniversvni 
agitur. Accedvnt sigillorvm icones tabvlis aeneis 
comprehensae. Francof. & Lipsiae, mdccix. 
'lllus. Plates Vignettes. F". *2220.57 

Inquiry, An, into the nature and uses of 
money; more especially of the bills of publick 
credit, old tenor. Together with a proposal of 
some proper relief in the present exigence. 
Added, a reply to the Essay on silver and paper 
currences {sic']. [Also. Postscript containing 
remarks on a late Discourse concerning the cur- 
rencies.] Boston, 1740. 8". **H. 94.53 

The Kssay and Discourse here answered were written by 
William Dous^lass, i7iSand 1740. A copy of the Discourse 
may be found on shelf-no. **^6.^g.^j. 

Jefferys, Thomas. Conduite des Francois par 
rapport a la Nouvelle Ecosse. [Anofi.] Traduit 
de I'Anglois avec des notes d'un Frauijois [G. M. 
Butel-DumontJ. Londres, 1755. 12°. *43iga.54 

Jones, John Paul. Memoires. Ecrits par lui 
m^me en anglais, et traduits sous ses yeux par 
le citoyen Andre. Paris, 1798. Portrait. 16". 
4426.52 ; No. I in *4429a.75 

Leboucher, Odet J. Histoire de la derniere 
guerre entre I'Angleterre, les Etats-Unis de 
I'Amdrique, la France, I'Espagne et la Hollande 
depuis son commencement en 1775 jusqu'a sa fin 
en 1783. [Anon.'] Paris, 1788. 2 v. in i. Folded 
tables. 8°. *44i9.64 

Leist, Burkard W. Versuch einer Geschichte 
der romischen Rechtssysteme. Rostock, 1850. 
Folded tables. 8". 5618.54 

Letter, A, to the reverend Dr. Moss, in behalf 
of the Rights of the Christian church. Together 
with a poetick rhapsody. By a young Oxford- 
scholar [Matthew Tindal.'']. London, 1709 8". 

No. 3 in *5467.2i 

Letter, A, to the merchant in London, to whom 
is directed a printed Letter relating to the manu- 
factory undertaking, dated New England, Boston, 
February 21 st, 1740,1. [Boston.] 1741. 8^. 


The letter here referred to is entitled A letter to 

Merchant in Lonrlon, concerning a late combination in the 
province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England, to 
impose or force a private-currency called Land-bank-money. 

L'H^ritier, Louis F. Le champ-d'asile, tableau 
topographique et historique du Texas. Contenant 
des details sur le sol, le climat et les productions ; 
des documens sur I'organisation de la colonic des 
refugies fran^ais. Par L. F. I'H. . . . de I'Ain. 
Paris, 1819. 8°. *4363.69; No. i in 4363.23 

Magasin de zoologie. Public par F. E. Gudrin- 
Mdneville. Annee 1-8; 2e serie, ann^e 1-7. 
1831-45. Paris, 1831-49. 15 V. Plates. 8". *3879.5o 

The title of the second series is Magasin de zoologie, 
d'anatomie comparee et de palceontologie. This periodical 
was consolidated, in 1S49, with the Revue zoologique, under 
the title Revue et magasin de zoologie pure et appliquee 
[*3879S2]. In the volume for 1S38 is an index covering the 
volumes for 1831-3S. 

Malo, Charles, editor. Livre mignard, ou la 
fleur des fabliaux. Paris. [1826.] Colored plates. 
13°. *467ob.56 




Meiners, Christoph. Leben Ulrichs von Hut- 
ten. Zurich, 1797. 8°. 4845-54 

Mendelssohn, Moses. Philosophische Schrif- 
ten. Verbesserte Auflage. Reuttlingen, 1790. 
2 V. in I. 16". 7608.75 

Moret de Pontgibaud, — , comte. M^moires 
du comte de M . . . . , precedes de cinq lettres, ou 
considerations sur les meinoires particuliers [par 
le comte C. M. de Salaberry]. Paris, 1828. Plate. 
8°. 6645.66 

Several chapters of these memoirs refer to the United 
States, which the author visited at the time of the Revolu- 
tion and afterward. He was appointed an aid to Lafayette. 

Mumer, Thomas. Ulenspiegel. Herausg. 
von J. M. Lappenberg. Leipzig, 1854. IHus. 
Plates. Map 8». 4871.28 

" L'editeur de ce livre y a joint une notice sur toutes les 
^itions et les traductions connues de ce roman populaire." 
— Brunei. 

Nouvelles des missions, extraites des Lettres 
^difiantes et curieuses. Missions de I'Amdrique 
[1702-1743]. Paris, 1827. 120. *3536i5 

" This selccti'in from ' Lettres rfdifiantes,' of relations of 
the Jesuit missionaries among the Indians, contains the 
narrative written by Father Kasles one year before he was 
massacred." — Sabi'n. 

Ode sur la conqufite de TAmerique, d'aprfes le 
traits d'alliance avec les treize Etats-Unis. Pr^- 
sentde au roi, lors de son arrivee a Rouen, le 28 
juin 1786, par le Norraand. N. t. p., n. p. 
[1786?] I2». *44i9a.56 

Orderly book of the siege of Yorktown, from 
September 26th, 1781, to November 2d, 1781. 
Phila., i86v [Revolutionary series, No. i. Pub- 
lished by H. W. Smith.] 4°. **4220.58 

[Orderly book of the troops under Lord Corn- 
wallis, dated, Williamsburgh, 28 June, 1781, to 
Yorktown, 19 October, 1781.] Manuscript. 
(158) pp. 32". obi. **H. 95.77 

The manuscript is by several officers. The book conUiins 
regular orders, as, for instance, those for picket duty, and 
cads to courts martial, congratulations from the general to 
his officers and soldiers for gallant conduct, etc. The last 
entry is on the 19th October, 17S1, and refers to the terms of 
the surrender at Yorktown on that day. The names of many 
officers, corporals and privates are mentioned. 

Paine, Thomas. Droits de rhomme; en r^- 
ponse a I'attaque de M. Burke sur la Revolution 
francjoise. Traduit de I'anglois, par F. S[oules]. 
Paris, 1 791. 8^ No. 1 in *756oa.64 

— Lettre addressee a I'abb^ Ravnal sur les 
affaires de I'Amdrique septentrionale. N. p., 
1783. 8«. *44i8.56 

— Theorie et pratique des droits de I'homme. 
Traduit en fran9ois par F. Lanthenas et par le 
traducteur du Sens commun. Paris, 1792. 8°. 

No. 2 in '''756oa.64 
Paquot, Jean N. , abbi. Memoires pour servir 
k I'histoire litteraire des dix-sept provinces des 
Pays-Bas, de la principaute de Liege et de 
quelques contr^es voisines. Louvain, 1765-70. 
3 V. F". *2870.7 

Pennant, Thomas. A journey from London 
to the Isle of Wight. London, i8oi. 2 v. in i. 
Plates. Portraits. Folded maps. 4°. *246oa.65 
Pennsylvania. An appendix; containing a 
summary of such acts of Assembly as have been 
formerly in force within this province, for regu- 
lating of descents, and transfering the property 
of lands, &c. But since expired, altered or re- 
pealed. Phila. : B. Franklin. 1742. F"^. 

No. 3 in ♦♦K.10.7 

— The charters of the province of Pensilvania 
and city of Philadelphia. Phila. : B. Franklin. 
1742. F°. No. I in ♦♦K.10.7 

Pennsylvania, continued. 

— A collection of all the laws of the province 
of Pennsylvania : now in force. Published by 
order of Assembly. Phila.: B.Franklin. 1742. 
F". No. 2 in ♦♦K.10.7 

Philodicaios, fseud. Some reflections on the 
disputes between New- York, New-Hampshire, 
and Col. John Henry Lydius. Added, some 
rules of law, fit to be observed in purchasing 
land, &c. New-Haven, 1764. Sm. 8". ♦♦K.27.10 

The printer, B. Mecom, was a nephew of Franklin. 

Pichler, Adolph. Ueber das Drama des Mit- 
telalters in Tirol. Innsbruck, 1850. 8'. 4871.36 

Pike, Zebulon M. Voyage au Nouveau- 
Mexique, a la suite d'une, expedition ordonn^e 
par le gouvernement des Etats-Unis, pour recon- 
noitre les sources des rivieres Arkansas, Kanses, 
La Plate et Pierre jaune, dans I'intdrieur de la 
Louisiane occidentale. Pr^c^dd d'une excursion 
aux sources du Mississippi, pendant les ann^es 
1805, i8o6 et 1807. Traduit de I'anglois par M. 
Breton. Orne d'une nouvelle carte de la 
Louisiane. Paris, 1812. 2 v. S**. ^4467. 56 

Pot aux roses, Le, ou correspondance secrete 
et familifere de I'honorabie Thomas Boot, cordon- 
nier royal, avec sa majeste George iii, et ses 
ministres les lords Stormont, Sandwich, Ger- 
maine et North ; sur les affaires prdsentes de 
I'Europe. Londres. [1783.'] 8°. ♦6512.20 

Prescott, Benjamin. A free and calm con- 
sideration of the unhappy misunderstandings 
and debates, which have of late years arisen, and 
yet subsist between the Parliament of Great- 
Britain and these American colonies. Written 
by one, who was born in the colony of the Mas- 
sachusetts-Bay, before King William iii. and 
Qj^ieen Mary 11. ascended the throne. {_Anon.'\ 
Salem, 1774. 8°. ♦♦!!. 94.52 

Prisse d'Avennes, E., editor. [Fac-simile 
d'un papyrus egyplien en caracteres hidratiques. 
Trouvd a Thebes, et public par E. Prisse d'.\- 
vennes. Paris, 1847.] '9 plates. 4°, obi. ♦5052.31 

Rhoads, Thomas Y. The battle-fields of the 
Revolution. With embellishments. Boston, 
1856. 12". 4419.60 

Sagittarius's Letters and political speculations. 
Extracted from the Public ledger. Humbly in- 
scribed to the very loyal and truly pious Doctor 
Samuel Cooper. Boston. Printed by order of the 
Selectmen, and soldat Donation Hall, forthebene- 
fit of the distressed patriots. 1775. 8°. ♦♦H.97.105 

" Supposed to be by John Main, a Scotsman, who edited 
the Bostim chronicle." — Thomas. History of printing in 
America {Haven's list). 

Saint-Martin, Louis C. de. CEuvres post- 
humes. Tours, 1807. 2 v. 8°. 4694.16 

Schmidt, Isaak J. Forschungen im Gebiete 
der alteren religidsen, politischen und literii- 
rischen Bildungsgeschichte der Vdlker Mittel- 
Asiens, vorziiglich der Mongolen und Tibeter. 
Mit Tafeln. St. Petersburg, 1824. 8". 3074.72 

Schwarz, Carl. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing 
als Theologe. Halle, 1854. 8«. 2853.58 

Sinclair, Catherine. Hill and valley, or hours 
in England and Wales. N. Y., 1838. i>. 2464.66 

Smith, Joseph E. A. Taghconic; or, letters 
and legends about our summer home. By Godfrey 
Greylock [pseud.]. Boston, 1852. 12°. ♦4458.1a 

Treats of the scenery and historical associations of the 
Berkshire hills, Massachusetts. 




Smith, William, chief justice. Histoire de la 
Nouvelle-York, depuis la ddcouverte de cette 
province jusqu'a notre siecle. Traduite de 
i'anglois par M. E * * * [Eidous]. Londres, 
1767. 12°. *4379a.8o 

Talma, FranQois J. Reflexions sur Lekain, et 
I'art theatral. Paris, 1856. 16". 46705.52 

At the end is a list of parts played by Talma. 

Thacher, Oxenbridge. Considerations on 
lowering the value of gold coins, within the 
province of Massachusetts-Bay. \_Anon.] [Boston, 
1761.] Sm. 8°. **H. 94.55 

An answer to "A projection of Lieutenant-Governor 

t Hutchinson] published in the Boston Evening- Post, of 
)ecember 14th, 1761." The " Projection " is here prefixed to 
the " Considerations." There is also a copy on **H.95.i3. 

— The sentiments of a British American. 
iJinon.'] Boston, 1764. 8". **H. 97.101 

Directed against the Navigation act of 1763. 

Thoughts on government: applicable to the 
present state of the American colonies. In a 
letter from a gentleman to his friend. Boston, 
1776. 8°. **H.97.iii 

Tindal, Matthew. A defence of the Rights of 
the Christian church. [Auom.'] With some 
tracts of Hugo Grotius, and Mr. John Hales 
of Eaton. 2d edition. Added, A letter from a 
country attorn j to a country parson. London, 
1709. 8°. No. I in *5467.2i 

The book of which this is a defence is on 5467.9. 

Tucker, Josiah, dean. A series of answers to 
certain popular objections, against separating 
from the rebellious colonies and discarding them 
entirely : being the concluding tract of the Dean of 
Glocester on the subject of American affairs. 
Glocester, 1776. 8°. No. i in **44i9.62 

Vedette, ou Gazette du jour, 20 avril-31 
octobre, 1793. [Paris, 1793.] 4°. *665i.i 

A daily record of events in the midst of the French Revo, 

Velly, Paul F., attd others. Histoire de France, 
depuis I'etablissetTient de la monarchic jusqu'a 
Louis XIV. Paris, 1770-99. 16 v. 272 portraits 
and plates. 4°. ♦*K.i44.i 

" Par Velly jusqu'au tome 4, Villaret depuis la fin do 
tome 4 jusqu'au commencement du tome 9, et Garnier depuis 
le tome 9 jusqu'au ije." — Brunei. 

Bound in the same manner and forming- a part of this 
work is Histoire de France avant Clovis, par Laureau. 

Venegas, Miguel. A natural and civil history 
of California. Trans, from the Spanish, lllus. 
with copper plates and a map. London, 1759. 
2 V. 8". *4478.i7 

V^rit6, La, rdvelde. Ouvrage traduit de I'an- 
glois. Londres, 1755. 16°. ♦6527.18 

" The naked truth," of which this is a translation, is No.. 
5 in *6s27.i4.i. On English politics in 1755, with references 
also to America, the French and Indian war, etc. 

Virginia. Journal [and documents] of the 
House of delegates of Virginia. 1776, 1835-39. 
Richmond, 1828-39. 6 v. in 5. 4". '^63703. 18 

Waiblinger, Wilhelm F. Gesammelte Werke, 
mit des Dichters Leben von H. v. Canitz. 2te 
Gesammtausgabe. Mit Kupfern. Hamburg, 
1842. 9 v. 16". * 

Whitman, Ezekiel. Memoir of John Whitman 
and his descendants. Portland, 1832. 8". *4339.67 

AVoolman, John. Considerations on keeping 
negroes. Part second. Phila. : pr. by B. Frank- 
lin, and D. Hall. 1762. 8°. **K.27.6 

Zappert, Georg. Virgil's Fortleben im Mittel- 
alter. Wien, 1851. F°. 2920.51 

Mathematical Books 

Added during the year 1883, mostly purchased from the Bowditch fund. 

Acta mathematica. Zeitschrift herausg. von 
G. Mittag-Leffler. [Vol.] i, 2, Stockholm, 
1882,83. "Portrait. 4°. **5090.50 

The articles are either in French or German. 

Aldis, William S. An elementary treatise on 
solid geometry. 3d edition. Cambridge, 1880. 
Sm. 8". ♦♦50293.84 

Analyst, The. A journal of pure and applied 
mathematics. Edited by J. E. Hendricks. Vol. 
i-io. Des Moines, Iowa. [i874]-83. 8°. *59i3 52 

Vol. 10 contains a general index to vol. i-io. This jour- 
nal is no longer published. 

Ampfere, Andr^ M. Memoire sur quelques 
nouvelles proprietes des axes permanens de rota- 
tion des corps et des plans directeurs de ces axes. 
Paris, 1823. 4". ♦♦5081.62 

The same may be found in Institut de France, Academic 
des sciences, M^moires, vol. 5, Paris, 1825 [*3242.i.s]. 

Archiv der Mathematik und Physik mitbeson- 
derer Rucksicht auf die Bediirfnisse der Lehrer 
an hohern Unterrichtsanstalten. Herausg. von 
J. A. Grunert. Mit Tafeln und Holzschnitten. 
Greifswald [after vol. 55, Leipzig], 1841-79. 63 v. 
8« ♦♦5089.50 

Beginning with vol. 55 the title reads Gegriindet von J. 
A. Grunert, fortgesetzt von R. Hoppe. 

— Inhaltsverzeichniss zu Theil 1-54. Greifs- 
wald, 1858-73. 3 V. in I. 8°. ♦♦5088.55 

Argand, Jean Robert. Essai sur une manierc 
de representer les quantites imaginaires dans les 
constructions g^ometriques. 2e edition, suivie 
d'un appendice contenant des extraits des An- 
nales de Gergonne, relatifs a la question des ima- 
ginaires. Paris, 1874. 16". ♦♦50293.81 

This essay was published anonymously in 1806. 

Astronomic, L'. Revue d'astronomie popu- 
laire, de meteorologie et de physique du globe; 
publieepar C. Flammarion. le, 2e annde, 1882, 
83. Paris, 1883, 84. lUus. 8". _ ♦♦5010.58 

Aubrd, L. E. Cours de geometric descriptive, 
d'apres la methode de Th. Olivier, adopte pour 
les ecoles nationales d'arts et metiers. 3e edi- 
tion. 1862. Chalons s. Marne. Plates. 4°. 


Baeyer, Johann J. Astronomische Bestimmun- 
gen fiir die europaische Gradmessung. aus den 
Jahren 1857-66. Leipzig, 1873. 4°. ♦♦5010.68 

Baillet, Adrien. 't Leven van den heer Des- 
cartes, behelzende de historic van zyne wy.sbe- 
geerte, en zyne andere werken. Uit het Fransch 
in 't Nederduitsch gebracht door G. v. Broek- 
huizen. Amsterdam, 1700. 16°. ♦♦50293.82 

B^chaux, Adrien H. L. S. Mechanical geom- 
etry. An application to geometry of some propo- 
sitions in statics. London, 1869. Sm. 8°. 





Becker, Johann C. Die Elemente der Geome- 
tric auf neuer Grundlage stieng dediiktiv dar- 
gestellt. iterTheil. Mit Holzschnitten. Berlin, 
1S77. S". • •♦5082.55 

Berliner astronomisches Jahrbuch fiir 1820-83. 
Mit Genehmhaltiing der Kdniglichen Akademie 
der Wissenschaften herausgegeben von J. E. 
Bode [etc.]. Berlin, 1817-81. 64 v. 8". 

♦♦E.iyg.a; **5098.5o 

The volumes for iSao to 1853 are on **E. 179.3; iSS3 to 
18S3 on "5C9S.50. The volumes published from 1867, sub- 
stitute for" Mit Genehmhaltung [etc.] " " Mit Ephemeri- 
den der I'laneten." 

Biehler, Charles. Thfese d'alg^bre. Sur la 
theorie des Equations. Paris, 1879. 4". 

No. 1 in **5o8i.65 

— Thfese d'analyse. Siir lesdeveloppeinentsen 
series des fonctions doublement periodiques de 
troisiemeespfece. Paris, 1879. 4". No.2in**5o8i.65 

Bienaym^, Irenee J. Application d'un th^o- 
rfeme nouveau du calciil desprobabilit^s. [Paris, 
1875.?] 4". **5o8i.57 

The same may be found in Institut de France, AcadeAiie 
des sciences, Comptes rendus, vol. 81, Paris, 187S 

Bierens de Haan, David. BouwstofFen voor 
de geschiedenis der wis- en natuurkundige weten- 
schappen in de Nederlanden. [Leiden.] 1878. 
Plates. 8°. ♦♦5013.88 

. — Dissertatio mathematica inauguralis de Lem- 
niscataBernouillana. Amstelodami, mdcccxlvii. 
Folded plate. 4°. ♦♦5011.79 

— Herleiding van eenige integralen met den 

wortelvorm w \-^ p si'h^ x. cos^ j( totelliptischeen 
andere integralen. Amsterdam, 1881. 4°. 

No. 5 in ♦♦5081.73 

— lets over de betrekking tusschen meetkunde 
en getallenleer. De\ enter. [1852.] Plate. 4''. 

No. I in ♦♦5081.72 

— M^moire sur une methode pour deduire 
quelques int^grales definies, en partie tres-gdne- 
rales, prises entre les limites o et 00 et contenant 
des fonctions circulaires directes. Haarlem, 1862. 
[Natuurkundige verhandelingen van de Hol- 
landsche maatschappij der wetenschappen te 
Haarlem. Tweede verzameling. i7de deel.] 4°. 

No. 4 in ♦♦5081.72 

— Note sur une methode pour la reduction 
d'int^grales definies, et sur son application a 
quelques formules speciales. Am.sterdam, 1855. 
40. No. 2 in ♦♦5081.72 

— Notice sur un pamphlet mathematique hol- 
landais " Bril voor de amsterdamsche belache- 
lycke geometristen, Amsterdam, 1663." Extrait 
du Bullettino di bibliografia e di storia delle sci- 
enze matematiche e fisiche, tomo 11, 1878. Rome, 
1878. 4°. No. 4 in ♦♦5081.73 

— Over eenige gevallen bij de theorie van on- 
stadige (discontinue) I'unctien, waar men te on- 
derscheiden heeft, of het oneindige van een' 
even* of oneven', een geheele of gebroken vorm 
zij. Amsterdam, 1858. 4°. No. 3 in ♦♦5081.72 

— Over het differentieeren van eenige elliptische 
integralen, naarden modulus of eene functiedaar- 
van. Amsterdam, 1878. 4". No. 3 in ♦♦5081.73 

— Overzigt van de differentiaalrekening. Mit 
figuren. Leiden. 1865. S". ♦♦5027. 6x 

Binet, Jacques P. M. M^moire sur les integrales 
definies Euleriennes, et sur leur application a la 
theorie des suites, ainsi qu'a revaluation des fonc- 
tions des grands nombres. [Paris, 1839.] 4°- 


Boole, George. A treatise on differential equa- 
tions. 4thcdition. [./4/5o, Supplementary volume.] 
London, 1877, 65. 2 v. Sm. 8°. **5029.95 

Briot, Charles A. A. Essais sur la theorie 
mathematique de la lumifere. Paris, 1864. 8**. 


Browne, Walter R. The student's mechanics. 
With appendix of examples. London, 1883 
Sm.S". ♦♦5029.96 

Bruennow, F. Lehrbuch der spharischen As- 
tronomic. 3te Ausgabe. Berlin, 1871. 8". 


Bumside, William S., and Panton, Arthur W. 
The theory of equations : with an introduc- 
tion to the theory of binary algebraic forms. 
Dublin, 1881. 8». ♦♦5025.85 

Byerly, William E. Elements of the differen- 
tial calculus, with examples and applications. 
Boston, 1882. 8°. 3934-36 

Cantor, Georg. Grundlageneincr allgemeinen 
Mannichfaltigkeitslehre. Ein mathematisch-phi- 
losophischer Versuch in der Lehre des Unend- 
lichen. Leipzig, 1883. 8". ♦♦5082.59 

Casey, John. A sequel to the first six books 
of the Elements of Euclid, containing an easy in- 
troduction to modern geometry, with examples. 
2d edition. Dublin, 1882. Sm. 8". ♦♦50293.80 

Chasles, Michel. Recueil dc rapports sur 
retat des lettres et les progres des sciences en 
France. Rapport sur les progres de la geom^trie. 
Publication faite sous les auspices du ministbre 
de I'instruction publique. Paris, 1870. L. 8°. 


Chauvenet, William. Navigation and nautical 
astronomy. 6th edition. N.Y. [1865.] 12°. 5918.39 

Commission internationale du metre. Re- 
unions generates de 1872. Proces-verbaux. Paris, 
1872. 8". ^ ♦♦5024.65 

Cournot, Antoine A. Traite ei^mentaire de la 
theorie des fonctions et du calcul infinitesimal. 
Paris, 1841. 2 V. 8". ♦♦5024.76 

Cremona, Luigi. Grundziigeeiner allgemeinen 
Theorie der Oberfljichen in synthetischer Behand- 
lung. Unter Mitwirkung des Verfassers ins 
Deutsche iibertragcn von M. Curtze. Berlin, 
1870. 8". ♦♦5082.51 

The translator's preface contains a bibliography. 

Dellieux, C F. Nouvelle methode pour ap- 
prendre le calcul par la pratique seule des pro- 
blemes d'imitation. le partie. Abbeville, 1881. 
12». 3939-68 

CoHtenta. — i. La numeration etles quatre operations fon- 
damentales sur les nombres entiers el sur les nombres de- 

De Morgan, Augustus. Elementary illu.stra- 
tions of the differential and integral calculus. 
lAnon.'\ [London, 1832.] Diagrams. [Society 
for the diffusion of useful knowledge. Library 
of useful knowledge.] 8^ No. 5 in ♦♦£ 212.3 

No. 2 in 4275 11 

— On the general equation of surfaces of the 
second degree. Cambridge, 1833. 4". 

No. I in ♦♦5081.76 
From the Transactions of the Cambridge philosophical 
society, vol. 5, part i. 

— Sketch of a method of introducing discon- 
tinuous constants into the arithmetical expres- 
sions for infinite series, in cases where they admit 
of several values. Cambridge, 1836. 4". 

No. 2 in ♦♦5081.76 
From the Transactions of the Cambridge philosophical 
society, vol. 6, part i. 




Descartes, Rend. Alle de werken van de 
Heer, Renatus, Des-Cartes. [Amsterdam, 1690, 
92.] 4 V. Portrait. Plates. 4°. **5o8i.52 

Duport, — . Theses presentees a la Faculte 
des sciences de Paris pour obtenir le grade de 
docteur es sciences mathdmatiques. Paris, i8So.« 
40. **5o8i.63 

Contents. — Sur un mode particulierde representation des 

The caption merely is given of the second thesis. 

Erdmann, Benno. Die Axiome der Geome- 
tric. Eine philosophische Untersuchung der 
Riemann-Helmholtz'schen Raumtheorie. Leip- 
zig, 1877. 8°. **5o82.54 

Estocquois.Th. d'. Memoire sur Tattraction des 
polyedres. [Besan9on.] n. d. Plate. 4". **5o8i.6i 

Euler, Leonhard. Vollstandige Anleitung zur 
Integralreclinung. Aus dem Lateinischen ins 
Deutsche iibersetzt von J. Salomon. Wien, 1828- 

30. 4 V. in 2. 

'5027 59 

Frischauf, Johann. Elemente der absoluten 
Geometric. Leipzig, 1876. 8°. **5024 8i 

Funcke, — . Grundlagen der Raumwissen- 
schaft. Mit Holzschnitten. 2te Ausgabe. Leip- 
zig, 1882. S". ♦♦5027.70 

Gergonne, Joseph D. Statique. Conditions 
d'equilibre, dans un sjstfeme libre, de forme in- 
variable. [Nimes, 1817.] Sm. 4°. 

No. 2 in **5o8i.55 

Taken from Annales de math^matiques pures et ap- 
pliqu^es, tome S.juillet, 1817. 

Gerhardt, Carl I. Geschichte der Mathematik 
in Deutschland. Miinchen, 1877. 8°. 

**5024.75; 3915.54.17 

Gerling, Christian L. Die Ausgleichungs- 
Rechnungen der practischen Geometric, oder die 
Methode der kleinsten Qiiadrate mit ihren An- 
wendungen fiir geodatische Aufgaben. Ham- 
burg, 1843. Tables. 8". ♦*502oa.78 

Gouraud, Mathurin Claude Charles. Histoire 
du calcul des probabilites. Avec une these sur 
la legitimite des principes et des applications 
de cette analyse. Paris, 1848. 8". 

3923.6; **5027.63 

Goursat, E. Theses presentees a la Faculty 
des sciences de Paris. Paris, 1881. 4°. 3921.72 

Contents. — Sur I'dquation differentielle lintjaire qui 
admet pour integrale la s^rie hyperg^eonidtrique. 
The caption only of second thesis given. 

Grassmann, Hermann. Die Ausdehnungslehre 
von 1844. 2te Auflage. Mit Tafel. Leipzig, 
1878. 8«. **5027.7i 

Guillemin, Amedde. The world of comets. 
Trans, and edited by J. Glaisher. lUus. Lon- 
don, 1877. I" 8°- **50io.64 

Hagen, Gotthelf H. L. Grundzuge der 
Wahrscheinlichkeits-Rechnung. 2te Ausgabe. 
Mit Holzschnitten. Berlin, 1867. 8". **5o8i.75 

Hamilton, 5/;' William Rowan. Elements of 
quaternions. Ed. by W. E. Hamilton. Lon- 

don. 1866. 8° 



" Founded on the same principles as the ' Lectures ' ; but 
the plan adopted is entirely new, and the present work can 
in no sense be considered as a second edition of that former 
one." — Preface. 

Heiberg, J. L. Litterargeschichtliche Studien 
iiber Euklid. Leipzig, 1882. 8" 5936-77 

Hermite, Charles. Cours de M. Hermite [sur 
les applications geometriques du calcul integral] 
professe pendant le 2e semestre, 1881-82, redigd 
par M. Andoyer. 2d tirage, revu par M Hermite. 
Paris, 18S3. Lithographic script. 4". **5o8i 80 

Hoiiel, Jules. Sur le calcul des equipollences, 
methode d'analyse geometrique de M. Bellavitis. 
Paris, 1869. Diagrams. 8°. **5oi5-79 

Extrait des Nouvellcs annales de math^matiques. 

— Theses prdsentdes a la Faculte des sciences 
de Paris pour obtenir le grade de docteur fes 
sciences. Paris, 1855. 4°. **5o8i.64 

Cotitents. — Thise de mdcanique : Sur rint^gration des 
Equations diflf^rentielles dans les probl^mes de m^canique. 
Th^se d'astronomie : Application de la nidthode de M. 
Hamilton au calcul des perturbations de Jupiter. 

Hutton, Charles. A course of mathematics. 
Composed for the use of the Royal military 
academy. Continued and amended by O. Greg- 
ory. I2th edition, with additions, by T. S. 
Davies. London, 1841, 43. 8°. ♦*5024.8o 

There are five other editions in this library. 

Jackson, Lowis d'Aguilar. Accented five- 
figure logarithms of numbers from i to 99,999 
without differences. London, 1883. 8°. 

Jeans, H. W. Nautical astronomy and navi- 
gation. Part I [and 2]. With examples. 3d 
edition. London, 1876, 77. 2 v. in i. 8°. 


Part I is an enlarged edition of" Navigation and nautical 
astronomy. The practical part" [7959.5], by the same 

Jornal de sciencias mathematicas, physicas e 
naturaes. Publicado sob os auspicios da Acade- 
mia real das sciencias de Lisboa. Tomo i, 2, 7, 
8. 1866-69, 79-82. Lisboa, 1868-82. Folded 
plates. 8». *79i3-5o 

Journal de mathematiques pures et appliqudes. 
[le serie|,tome 1-20; 2e serie, tome 1-19; 3e 
serie, tome 1-7. Paris, 1836-81. 46 v. 4°. 

** 5090a. 50 

Lacroix, Silvestre F. Beginselen der meet- 
kunde, viji'de omgewerkte en vermeerderde druk 
door D. Bierens de Haan. Zalt-Bommel, 1859. 
Folded plates. 8^ *f5pi5 78 

Lacroix, Silvestre F., and Bdzout, Etienne. 
An elementary treatise on plane and spherical 
trigonometry, and on the application of algebra 
to geometry' Trans, from the French. 2d edi- 
tion. Cambridge, N. E., 1826. Folded plates. 
8°. **5oi5.8o 

Lagrange, Joseph L.. comte. Memoire sur la 
theorie des variations des elemens des planetes, 
et en particulier des variations des grands axes 
de leurs orbites. [Paris.] 1808. 40. 

No. I in **5o8i.56 

The same may be found in Institut de France, Acade- 
mic des sciences, Memoires de la classe des sciences mathe- 
matiques et physiques, vol. 9, 1809 [*3222.2.9; **E.i25.i.9]. 

— Memoire sur la theorie gendrale de la varia- 
tion des constantes arbitraires, dans tous les 
problemes de la mecanique. [Paris.] 1S09. 4". 

No. 2 in **5o8i.56 

The same may be f )und in Institut de France, Academic 
des sciences, Memoires de la classe des sciences mathdma- 
tiques et physiques, vol. 9, 1809 [*3222.2.9; **E.i2S.i.9]. 

Lam€, Gabriel. Lemons sur la theorie analy- 
tique de la chaleur. Paris, 1861 8"^. **5024.67 

— Memoire sur les surfaces isothermes dans 
les corps solides homogenes en dquilibre de 
temperature. [Paris, 1837.^] 4°. 

No. 2 in ♦*5o8i.59 

The same may be found in Journal de mathematiques 
pures et appliquees, vol. 2, 1837 L*,W6.2.2-2]. 




Lam6, Gabriel, continued. 

— M^moire sur les variations des coordonn^es 
curvilignes. [Paris, 1851.] 4°. No. i in ♦♦5081.59 

The same may be found in Journal de matht^m.-itiqiics 
pures et appliquces, vol. 16, 1851 \*},}f>i.i.\(s\. 

Ledger, Edmund. The sun : its planets and 
their satellites. Lectures read in Gresham col- 
lege, London, in 1S81 and 1882. London, 1882. 
Illus. Chart. Plates. Sm. 8*. ♦♦5027.68 

Lefebure de Fourcy, Louis E. Traits de 
geometric descriptive, precdddd'une introduction 
qui renferme la tlieorie du plan et de la ligne 
droite considdres dans I'espace. 46 Edition. 
Paris, 1842. 2 V. in i. Plates. 8". ♦♦ 

Lefebvre, B., abbe. Les passages de Vdnus 
sur le disque solaire. Etude historique, suivie 
d'un appendice sur les observations du 6 dd- 
cembre, 1882, et du rdcit des expeditions beiges. 
Louvain, 1883. 8°. ♦♦5082.60 

Lefort, Pierre Alexandre Francisque. Sur la 
recherche d'un logarithme isold, avec un grand 
nombre de ddcimales. [Paris, 1867. J 8". 


Extrait des Nouvellus annales de tnath^niatiques, ae 
srfrie, t. 6, 1S67. 

Legendre, Adrien M. Elements de geometric, 
avec des notes. i2e edition. Paris, 1827. Folded 
plates. 8**. 593678 

The Stl> edition is on **E.i95.i5. 

Lentz, Hugo. Fluth und Ebbe und die Wirk- 
ungen des VVindes auf den Mee'resspiegel. Mit 
Tafeln. Hamburg, 1879. 8". ♦♦5082.53 

Leroy, Charles F. A. Traits de geometrie 
descriptive, suivi de la mdthode des plans cotds 
et de la thdorie des engrenages cylindriques et 
coniques. Avec 71 planches. 8e edition, revue 
et annotee par E. Martelet. Paris, 1867. 2 v. 
in I. 40. ♦♦5081.79 

The 7th edition is on 5921.41. 

Lobatto, Rehuel. Memoire sur I'integration 
des equations lindaires aux differentielles et aux 
differences finies. Amsterdam, 1837. 4°. 


Loomis, Elias. A collection of algebraic 
problems and examples, for the use of colleges 
and high schools. N. Y., 1878. 12°. ^^5027. 58 

Marie, Maximilien. Histoire des sciences 
mathematiques et physiques. T. 1-3. Paris, 
1883, 84. 8°. ♦♦5027.67 

Contents. — i . De Thalfes ^ Diophante. 2. De Diophante 
k Vidte. 3. De Vifete Ji Descartes. 

Mascart, Eleuthiere, and Joubert, Joseph. A 
treatise on electricity and magnetism. Trans, 
by E. Atkinson. Vol. i. London, 1883. 8°. 

3962 64 

Massieu, F. Sur les intdgrales algdbriques 
des problemes de mecanique. Sur le mode de 
propagation des ondes planes et la surface de 
I'onde eldmentaire dans les cristaux birefringents 
a deux axes. Thfeses. Paris, 1861. Diagrams. 
4°. ♦♦5081.70 

Navier, Claude L. M. IL Rdsumd des legons 
d'analyse donndes Ji I'Ecole polytechnique. Suivi 
de notes par J. Liouville. 2e Edition, revue par 
Ernest Liouville. Paris, 1856. 2 v. 8°. 3925.15 

The first edition is on ••5027.69. 

Oppolzer, Theodor R. von. Lehrbuch zur 
Bahnbestimmung der Kometen und Planeten. 
Leipzig, 1880, 82. 2 V. L. 8°. ♦♦5081.82 

Vol. I is of the second edition. 

Pasch, Moritz. Einleitung in die Differential- 
und Integral-Rechnung. Leipzig, 1882. 8". 


— Vorlesungen iiber neuere Geometrie. Leip- 
zig. 1882. Diagrams. 8". ♦♦5027.60 

Peirce, Benjamin. On the uses and transfor- 
mations of linear algebra. [New Haven, 1875.] 
8°. No. 2a in ♦592oa.52 

The same may be found in American academy of arts 
and sciences, Proceedings, vol. 10 [♦3370.6.10]. 

Peirce, Charles S. Apparatus for recording a 
mean of observed times. Washington, 1877. 
Plate. 4°. No. 3 in ♦592oa.S2 

The same may be found in United States Coast survey. 
Report for 1S75, Appendix Xo. 15, 187S [•C.24oa.2]. 

— Brief description of the algebra of relatives. 
[Baltimore, 1882.] 4''. No. 15 in ♦5920a. 52 

— Description of a notation for the logic of 
relatives, resulting from an amplification of the 
conceptions of Boole's Calculus of logic. Cam- 
bridge, 1870. 4°. No I in ♦592oa.52 

Extracted from the Memoirs of the American academy of 
arts and sciences, vol. 9, 1S67 [*337o.7.9]. 

— Methods and results. Measurements of 
gravity at initial stations in America and Europe. 
Washington, 1879. Plates. 4". No. 5 in ♦5920a. 52 

The same may be found in the United States Coast survey, 
Report for 1S76, Appendix No. 15, 1879 [•C. 2403.2]. 

— Methods and results. Note on the theory 
of the economy of research. Washington, 1879. 
4°. No. 4 in ♦592oa.52 

The same may be found in United States Coast survey, 
Report for 1S76, "Appendix No. 14, 1879 [*C. 2403.2]. 

— Note on the sensation of color. [New 
Haven, 1877.] 8°. No. 7 in ♦592oa.52 

Reprinted from -the American journal of science and 
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— [Notes on] Esposizione del metodo dei 
minimi qiiadrati, per Annibale Ferrero. 4°. 

No. 9 in ^59203.52 

From the American journal of mathematics, vol. i, 1S7S 
[* i]. 

-^ On the algebra of logic. [Baltimore, 1880.] 
40. No. 12 in ^59203.52 

Reprinted from the American journal of mathematics, 
vol. 3, iSSo [*79'o<'>-S5-3j- 

— On the application of logical analysis to 
multiple algebra. [New Haven, 1875.] 8°. 

No. 2 in ^59203. 52 

Cut from Proceedings of the American academy of arts 
and sciences, vol. 10, 1875 [•3370.6.10]. 

— On the ghosts in Rutherfurd's diffraction- 
spectra. [Baltimore, 1879.] 4°- No. ioin^592oa.52 

From the American journal of mathematics, vol. 2, 1S79 

— On the influence of internal friction upon 
the correction of the length of the seconds' pen- 
dulum for the flexibility of the support. [New 
Haven, 1873.] 8". No. 6 in ♦59203.52 

Taken from the Proceedings of the American academy of 
arts and sciences, new series, vol. 5, 1S73 [*337o.6.5]. 

— Photometric researches. Made in 1S72-75. 
Leipzig. 1878. Plates. 4«. No. 8 in ♦59203.52 

The same may be found in Harvard college, Astronomical 
observatory, Annals, vol. 9, 1S78 [•59ao.3.9r' 

— A quincuncial projection of the sphere. 

[Baltimore, 1879] 4°- N°- ^^ *" ^59203.52 

From the American journal of mathematics, vol. a, 1S79 



Peirce, Charles S., continued. 

— Results of pendulum experiments. [New 
Haven, i88o.] 8". No. 14 in "" 

From the American journal of science, vol. 20, Oct., 18S0 

— Sur la valeur de la pesanteur a Paris. 
[Paris, 1880.] 8"^. No. 13 in *592oa.52 

— , editor. Studies in logic. By members of 
the Johns Hopkins university. Boston, 1883. 
16°. 5600.58; **5024.64 

Contents. — Logic of the Epicureans, by A. Marquand; 
A machine for producing syllogistic variations, by the 
same; Note on an eight-term logical machine; On the 
algebra of logic, bv Christine Ladd ; On a new algebra of 
logic, by O. H. Mitchell; Operations in relative number 
with applications to the theory of probabilities, by B. I. 
Gihoan ; A theory of probable inference, by C. S. I'eirce. 

Pendlebury, Charles. Lenses and systems of 
lenses treated after the manner of Gauss. Cam- 
bridge, 1884. 8». **5o82.6i 

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ferentialgleichungen mit constanten und veran- 
derlichen Coefficienten. Wien, 1853, 59. 2 v. 
4". **50io.63 

Polytechnische Bibliothek. Verzeichniss der 
in Deutschland und dem Auslande neu erschie- 
nenen Werke aus den Fachern der Mathematik 
und Astronomie, der Physik und Chemie [etc.]. 
Mit Inhaltsangabe der wichtigsten Fachzeit- 
schriften. Jahrg. 1-17. Leipzig, 1866-82. 17 v. 
in 9. 16". *2i79.5Q 

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de geometric, qui ont servi de principal fonde- 
ment au Traite des proprietes projectives des 
figures. Avec additions par MM- Mannheim et 
Moutard. Paris, 1862, 64. 2 v. 8". 392552 


— Geometric des courbes. Theor^mes nou- 
veaux sur les lignes du second ordre. [Nimes, 
1817.] Plate. Sm. 4°. No. i in **5o8i.55 

Taken from Annales de math^matiques pures et appli- 
ques, t. S, juillet, 1817. 

— Memoire sur la theorie gen^rale des polaires 
rdciproques. [1829.] Figures. Sm. 4°. 

No. 4 in **5o8i.55 
The same may be found in Journal fiir die reine und 
angewandte Mathematik, B. 4, 1829 [**5o93.5o.4] . 

Questions resolues. Essai d'une solution du 
probleme d'hydro-dynamique propose a la page 
59 du ive volume de ce recueil. Par un abonne 
[Nlmes, 1817.] Sm. 4°. No. 3 in **5o8i.55 

Taken from Annales de mathematiques pures et appli- 
ques, t. S, juillet, 1S17. 

Renard, Nicolas A. These d'analyse : Cour- 
bure des surfaces. These d'astronomie : Sur le 
mouvement des planetes dans le cas des pertur- 
bations. Paris, 1856. Diagrams. 4°. **5o8i.69 

Resal, Aime Henri. These de m^canique: 
Sur les equations polaires de I'elasticite et leur 
application a I'equilibre d'une croute planetaire. 
These d'astronomie : Sur les oscillations des 
fluides qui recouvrent la surface des planetes. 
Paris, 1855. 4°. **5o8i.67 

Rethwisch, Ernst. Der Irrthum der Gravita- 
tionshypothese. Freiburg i. B. 1882. 8°. 5926.63 

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de soleil et de lune. Nancy, 1864. Plates. 4°. 


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ana dalla origine della stampa ai primi anni del 
secolo XIX. Modena, 1870-76. 2 v. L. 8°. 


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melte mathematische Werke und wissenschaft- 
licher Nachlass. Herausg. unter Mitvvirkung von 
R. Dedekind von H. Weber. Leipzig, 1S76. 8°. 


— Schwere, Elektricitat und Magnetismus. 
Bearbeitet von K. Hattendorff. 2teAusgabe. Mit 
Holzschnitten. Hannover, 1880. L. 8^. 5962.54 

These lectures were delivered in Gottingen in 1S61. 

Roentgen, Robert. Die Anfangsgriinde der 
analytischen Geotnetrie. nebst vielen Uebungs- 
beispielen, und verschiedenen Anwendungen auf 
die Naturwissenschaften. Mit Holzschnitten. 
Jena, 1879. 8°. **5o82.58 

Schroeter, Johann H. Areographische Beitrage 
zur genauern Kenntniss und Beurtheilung des 
Planeten Mars, in mathematisch-physischer Hin- 
sicht. Mit Kupfertafeln. Herausg. von H. G. 
van de Sande Bakhuyzen. Leiden, 188 1. Text, 
S«; Atlas. 16 plates, 4". **5o8i.8i 

Siemens, Charles William. On the conserva- 
tion of solar energy. Illus. London, 1883. 8°. 


Smyth, Charles Piazzi. Madeira spectroscopic. 
Being a revision of 21 places in the red half of the 
solar visible spectrum with a Rutherfurd diffrac- 
tion grating, at Madeira during the summer of 
18S1. Edinburgh, 1882. Plates. 4°. **50io.6i 

Sparre, Magnus, comte de. Theses presentees 
a la Faculty des sciences de Paris, pour obtenir 
le grade de docteur es sciences mathematiques. 
Paris, 1882. 40. **5o8i.58 

Contents. — i. Sur le mouvement du pendule conique ^ la 
surface de la terre. 

The caption only of the second thesis given. 

Spottiswoode, William. Elementary theorems 
relating to determinants. 2d edition, rewritten. 
Berlin, 1855. 4°. **5o8i.77 

Stamkart, F. J. [Een beknopt overzigt van de 
waarschijnlijkheids-rekening. J [Amsterdam ."* 

1845,46.?] 8». No. I in **5o82.52 

— [Eenige beschouwingen over de denkbeel- 
den, die tot grondslag liggen van de differentiaal- 
enintegraal-rekening, volgens Newton, Leibnitz, 
d'Alembert en Lagrange N. p. [1849?] [Uit- 
treksel van het verslag van 1S48-49 van het 
Wiskundig genootschap.] 8". No. 3 in **5o82.52 

— Eenige meetkundige stellingen over de in- 
houdsvinding van onderscheidene ligchamen. 
Amsterdam, 1852. Plates. 8". No. 4 in **5o82.52 

— Elementair bewijs van de reeks van Taylor, 
met inbegrip van de zoogenaamde rest. N. p., 
n. d. [Koninklijke Akademie van wetenschap- 
pen, afdeeling Natuurkunde, deel 8.] 8". 

No. 5 in **5o82.52 

— [Over de manier der kleinste kwadraten, en 
over de wijze barer toepassing.] N. p. [1847.'] 
8°. No. 2 in **5o82.52 

Staudt, Carl G. C. von. Beitrage zur Geo- 
metrie der Lage. Niirnberg, 1856-60. 3 parts 
in I vol. 8°. **5o82.5o 

Steel, James. The exact numerical quadrature 
of the circle effected regardless of the circum- 
ference, and the commensurabilityof the diagonal 
and side of a square demonstrated. London, 
1881. Sm. 8°. **5024.79 

Stokes, George G. Mathematical and physical 
papers. Vol. i, 2. Cambridge [England], 1880, 
83. 8°. 392362 

Sum of compound series of transverse angles. 
Infinite series of sines. \^Also, Sum of . . . 
angles] N. p. [1882.] Broadsides. *7930.i4 




Thurston, Robert H. Conversion tables of 
the metric and British or United States weights 
and measures. N. Y., 1883. 8°. 3932-57 

United States. Coast survey. A treatise on 
projections. By Thomas Craig. Washington, 
1882. Figures. 4°. **5oio.66 

— Naval observatory. The parallax of a Lyrae 
and 61 Cjgni. By Asaph Hall. Washington, 
1882. 4<>. *5920.75 

Vinot, Joseph. Recreations mathdmatiques. 
Nouveau recueil de questions curieuses et utiles 
extraites des aiiteurs anciens et modernes. Paris, 
i860, llhis. 8". ♦*5024.68 

Warren, Samuel E. Elements of plane and solid 
free-hand geometrical drawing, with lettering; 
and some elements of geometrical ornamental 
design. N. Y., 1881. Folded plates. 8". 8069.36 

— A manual of elementary projection draw- 
ing, involving three dimensions. 4th edition. 
N. Y.,1874. Folded plates. 12°.. 8066.30 

Warren, Samuel E , continued. 

— Plane problems in elementary geometry; 
or, problems on the elementary conic sections : 
the point, straight line, and circle. N. Y., 1878. 
F'igures. Folded plate. 8". 8069.40 

Weber, Samuel. Mathematics, compiled from 
the best authors, and intended to be the text- 
book of the course of private lectures in the 
University at Cambridge. Boston, 1801. 2 v. 
8». 59142; **5024.73 

The second edition is on shelf no. 3915.13. 

Wentworth, George A. Elements of plane 
and solid geometry. Boston 1882. 16". 3938.72 

Wentworth, George A., and Hill, Thomas. A 
practical arithmetic. Boston, 1883. 12°. **5029a.83 

Wochenschrift fiir Astronomic, Meteorologie 
und Geographic. Neue Folge. 26ter Jahrgang. 
Redigirt von H. J. Klein. No. 1-22. Halle, 
18S2. 8°. ♦7923.50 


Abbreviations: — BrI., Brighton; din., Charlestown ; I>or., Dorchester; E. B., East Boston; J. P., Jamaiia 
Plain; IV. K., North End; Rox., Roxbury; S. B., South Boston; S. E., South End; W. Rox., West Roxbury. 
Shelf-numbers without tliese abbreviations indicate books in the Lower Hall of the Central Library. 

Central Library Books can be applied for at the several Branches and Deliver- 
ies.^ and., if they are on the shelves.^ they will be sent to the Branch or Delivery the 
same or jolloxving day. 

Adams, Oscar F. 

Adams, Robert 
States in rhyme. 

Adams, Samuel. 

About, Edmond F. V. The king of the moun- 
tains. Rox. 7416.23 
Adams, Emily. Six months at Mrs. Prior's. 

353; J. P. 1353 
Adams, Henry C. Barford Bridge; or, school- 
boy trials. Illus. Bri. 25.100 
Adams, John, and Cunningham, William. 
Correspondence, 1803-1812. Boston, 1823. 

Chn. 2655.10 

A brief handbook of English 


C. History of the United 


An appeal to the world ; or 

a vindication of the town of Boston. \_Anon.'\ 

Boston, 1769. Chn. 746.10 

Adams, William H. D. Celebrated women 

travellers of the nineteenth century. Illus. 

S. B. 1754 
Agassiz, Elizabeth C. and Alexander E. R. 
Seaside studies in natural history. Marine ani- 
mals of Massachusetts bay. Radiates. Illus. 

Rox. 6633.6 

Aikman, William. A bachelor's talks about 

married life. Bri. 116.74; Rox. 5837. 17 

Aimard, Gustave. The border rifles. A tale 

of the Texan war. J. P. 412.49 

— Les rddeurs de frontiferes. 2075.12 
Ainsworth, William H. Preston fight; or, the 

insurrection of 1715. A tale. 770.67 

— Saint James's; or, the court of queen Anne. 
An historical romance. 770.68 

Alden, Isabella M. {Pansy.') Ester Ried yet 
speaking. ('hn. 2153.17 ; E. B. 316'. 35 

— The man of the house. Dor. 477- 12 

— My daughter Susan. [Juvenile.] S. B. 275.55 

Alden, Isabella M., continued. 

— Some young heroines. [Short stories.] 

Dor. 485.1 

Aldrich, Thomas B. Mercedes, and later 

lyrics. S. B. 264.30 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Abraham Lincoln, the 

backwood's boy. Dor. 507.28 

Allen, Grant. Flowers and their pedigrees. 

Illus. 140.41 

Dor. 525.28; J. P. 1915.16; Rox. 6625.18 

American almanac and treasury of facts, for 

1884. Bri. 116.69; Chn. 1435.2; Dor. 285.2 

E. B. 79.20; J. P. R.R., E. 7; Rox. 1728.2 

S. B. R.R. 29.5 ; S. E. Ref. Libr. 34 

American unitarian association. Tracts. 1st 

series. Vol. 1-4. Boston, 1827-31. 

Chn. 5735a 
Anagnos, Julia R. H. Stray chords. [Poems.] 

S. B. 253.14 

Andrews, William A. A daring voyage across 

the Atlantic ocean by the brothers Andrews. 

Illus. S. B. 349-33 

Apaque, L. H. We little ones. 1497-4 

Aquarius, /5<;«</. Advanced whist. 180.130 

— Easy whist. 180.132 

— The hands at whist. 180.133 
Argles, Margaret. Phyllis. A novel. By the 

author of " Molly Bawn." 1491.27 ; Dor. 47920 

J. P. 713.32 ; Rox, 2319.2 ; S. B. 282. 17 

Arnold, Matthew. Poems. 2 v. J. P. 1825.19 

— See Bible. 

Arrianus, Flavins. Arrian's history of the ex- 
pedition of Alexander the great. Trans., by 
Mr. Rooke. London, 1813. Rox. 6110.9 

— Arrian's voyage round the Euxine sea, trans. 
Oxford, 1805. Rox. 7360.5 




Art amateur, The : a monthly journal. Vol. 
6-8. Illus. Rox. 1832. 1 

Ashton, John, editor. Humour, wit, & satire 
of the seventeenth century. 1898.17; Dor. 286.21 

Aunet, L^onie d'. Voyage d'une femme au 
Spitzberg. 2070.45 

Austin, George L. Henry W. Longfellow: 
his life, his works, his friendships. 1532.24 

Austin, Stella. Kenneth's children. A story 
for boys and girls. 1789.51 

Bach, Johann Sebastian. Passion music. 
Words English and German. Vocal score, with 
pianoforte accompaniment. Rox. 6231.13 

Bacon, Edwin M. King's dictionary of Boston. 

Chii. 11514 

Badcock, John H. Vignettes from invisible 
life. [On infusoria and zoophytes.] Illus. 140.38 

Badeau,Adam. Military history of U. S. Grant. 
Vol. 1-3. Illus. €lin. 2537.2 

Bagehot, Walter. Essays on parliamentary 
reform [1859-72]. Dor. 286.23 

Baker, Ella M. Soldier and servant. 1789.41 

Baker, Lucas. The science and art of model 
and object drawing. Illus. 1201.29 

— Theory of design. Illus. 1201.30 

Baker, Sir Samuel W. True tales for my 
grandsons. Illus. N. E. 173.18 

Baldwin, James. The story of Roland. Plates. 

S. B. 1748 

Ballou, Maturin M. Due West; or, round the 

world in ten months. 1663. i ; Bri. 55.124 

Chn. 2345.4; Dor. 457- 12; E. B. 93.23 

J. P. 1436.12; N. E. 171. 14 

Rox. 41320; S. B. 34844 

S. E. 322.14 ; W, Rox. 46.27 

Bancroft, George. History of the United States. 
Author's last revision. Vol. 4. Rox. 7016.1 

Bancroft, Hubert H. History of the Pacific 
States of North America. Vol. 10. North 
Mexican states. Vol. i. 1531-1800. Rox. 7421.12 

Barrett, Mary. The story of William the 
Silent and the Netherland war. 1555-84. 1918.12 

Barrows, William. Oregon : the struggle for 
possession. [American commonwealths.] 

Rox. 7015.22 

Bartlett, John. Familiar quotations. 8th ed. 

Chn. 5524- 1 7 

Bates, Arlo. The pagans. [Fiction.] [Ameri- 
can novel series.] 35.1 ; Bri. 33.142 
Dor. 477- 10; S. B. 237.49; S. E. 509.46 

Beaumont, Francis, and Fletcher, John. 
Works. 2 V. [Old dramatists.] Rox. 5632.14 

Benjamin, Samuel G. W. Our American 
artists, [ist and] 2d series. Illus. £. B.19 122 

Cow/^w/s. - Beard ; Bellows; R. S. Gifford; W. M. 
Chase; S. R. Gifford; Shirlaw; Enneking-; T.W.Wood; 
S. Colman; Wordsworth Thompson ; G. L. Brown ; Neal. 
2. Lafarge; Quartley; Huntington; T. Hill; Weeks; 
Champney; Inness ; Hartley; Reinhart; Lady illustrators ; 
Anthony ; Architecture. 

Berlitz, Max D., and Dubois, Emil. Methode 
fUr den deutschen Unterricht in den Berlitz'schen 
Sprachschulen. 2 v. 2038.2 

Bernard, Sir Francis. Letters to the ministry 
from Governor Bernard, General Gage [etc.]. 
Boston, 1769. Chn. 746.11 

Bertrand, Joseph L. F. Les fondateurs de 
I'astronomie moderne. Copernic, Tycho Brahe, 
Kepler, Galilee, Newton. 1062.1 

Besant, Walter. All in a garden fair. 

J. P. 431.21 

Besant, Walter, and Rice, James. "So they 
were married." A novel. S. B. 211. 105 

Bezold, Wilhelm von. The theory of color 
in its relation to art and art-industry. Illus. 

Rox. 6222.7 

Bible. Isaiah of Jerusalem in the authorized 
English version. With introd. and notes, by 
Matthew Arnold. Rox. 7385.24 

Bird, Robert M. Nick of the woods. 1789.45 

Black, William. Adventures in Thule : three 
stories for boys. 1499.59 

Contents. — An adventure in Thule ; The four MacNicols ; 
The black bothy. 

Another edition of The four MacNicols may be found on 

— The four MacNicols. Illus. N. E. 164.38 
Blaikie, William. Sound bodies for our boys 

and girls. Illus. 1173.30; Dor. 528.8 

Rox. 6016.7; S. B. 328.40 

Blanc, Auguste A. P. C. The grammar of 
painting and engraving. Trans. Illus. 1200.2 

Boker, George H. Plays and poems. 2 v. 

Boston. Public library. Bulletins. Vol. 5. 
Nos. 60-66. Jan., i8S2-Sept., 1883. 

E. B. R. R, C. 12 ; Rox. 6131.10 

— Record commissioners. A report containing 
Boston births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths, 
1630-1699. Bri. 176. 131; Chn. 2738.8 

Dor. 202.14; E. B. 201.9.9; J. P. 1914.3 

Rox. 244.4.1; S. B. 202.12; S.E. 238.11 

Bourne, C. E. The life of Gustavus Adolphus, 

king of Sweden. 1534-23 

Boyden, Anna L. Echoes from hospital and 

White house. Rebecca R. Pomroy's experience 

in war-times. 1524.15; Chn. 2654.2 

Dor. 497.12; Rox. 1017.11 

Boyle, Frederick. On the borderland betwixt 

the realms of fact and fancy. [Stories.] 35- 10 

Brace, Charles L. Gesta Christi : or, a history 

of humane progress under Christianity. 

Dor. 524.7 

Brackenbury, Charles B. Frederick the great. 

[The new Plutarch] 1547-20 

Bradley, George G. Recollections of Arthur 

Penrhyn Stanley. S. B. 67.38 

Brands, Orestes M. Lessons on the human 

body. Physiology, hygiene, and the effects of 

stimulants. Illus. 1171.30; N. E. 153.7 

Bray, Anna E. Trials of the heart. Notes by 

the author. 448.18 

Bread-winners, The. 1499-53 J Bri. 44-io5 

Chn. 2152.15; Dor. 447 2 ; 

E. B. 317-25; J. P. 517 13 

Rox, 2426.11; S. B. 149.61; S. E. 606.36 

First published in the Century magazine, beginning Au- 
gust, 1883. 

Brodie, Emily. Nora Clinton; or, did I do 
right.? J. P. 134-14 

Brown, Emma E. Young folks' life of Wash- 
ington. Illus. Bri. 55-123 

Brown, Robert. The countries of the world. 
[Vol. 1-6.] Illus. 671.7; Rox. 411-10 

Brown, Susan A. The book of forty puddings. 

Dor. 528.9 

Browne, Lennox, and Behnke, Emil. Voice, 
song, and speech : a guide for singers and 
speakers. 1170.5; Rox. 6033.9 

Buchanan, Joseph R. Moral education. 

130-58; S. B. 38.40 

Buckland, C. T. Whist for beginners. 180.131 

Buerstenbinder, Elisabeth. {E. Werner.) 
Banned and blessed. After the German, by A. 
L. Wister. Bri. 37.115 




Bulwer-Lytton, Edward R. L., sd baron Lyiton. 

The life, letters and literary remains of Edward 

Bulwer, [ist] Lord Litton. By his son. Vol. i. 

1534.22; £. B. 214.19; J. P. 1221.8 

Kox. 5335 13 

Burgoyne, General John. A letter upon his 

resignation; with the correspondences relative 

to his return to America. London, 1779. 

Clin. 74525 

Byerley, Thomas, and Robertson, J- C. The 

Percy anecdotes. N, E. 160.6 

Cable, George W. Old Creole days. 95-35 

Bri. 37- "7 

This edition has, in addition to the seven stories published 
in the first edition, "Madame Delphine" [1451.1]. 

Campbell, George D., duke of Argyll. The 
unity of nature. Plate. S. B. 312.39 

Campbell, Lewis, and Garnett, William. The 
life of James Clerk Maxwell, with a selection 
from his correspondence. Rox. 7373.10 

Carey, Rosa N. Barbara Heathcote's trial. A 
novel. S. E. 509 56 

— Nellie's memories. A novel. E. B. 287.42 
Carmen Sylva, pseud. See Pauline Elisabeth 

Ottilia Louise, queen of Roumania. 

Caroline, Pedro. English as she is spoke. 
\^Also, " Her seconds part."] 1404.35 

— English as she is spoke. Bri. 111.123 
Carpenter, William L. Energy in nature. 

E. B. 388.21 

Catherwood, Mary H. The Dogberrv bimch. 
Illus. S. B. 120.56 

Cavendish, /5(?f/</. 6'cf Jones, Henry. 

Chalmers, Mackenzie D. Local government. 
[The English citizen ] Rox. 6315.7 

Chapman, William. Notable women of the 
covenant. 1537.21 

— Notable women of the Puritan times. 


— Notable women of the Reformation. 


Chaucer, Geoffrey. Poetical works. [Tyr- 

whitt's edition.] Rox. 5632.8 

Cheney, Ednah D. Patience : a series of games 

with cards. Illus. Dor. 359.14 

Child, Lydia M. The mother's book. 

E.B. 152.30 
Church, Alfred J. Stories frotn Homer. Illus. 

Bri. 104.95 

Church, Florence, formerly Miss Marryat. 

Peeress and player. A novel. 3515 

Dor. 479-25 
J. P. 723.5; Rox. 2319.7; S. B. 282.28 
Clark, Edward E., publisher. Boston blue- 
book. 1884. I)or. 288.3 
Clark, Susie R. G. Our street. [Juvenile.] 

£. B. 29.120 

— Yensie Walton. Illus. 35.2; J. P. 134.13 

— Yensie Walton's womanhood. J. P. 134.16 
Clarke, Francis L. The childhood of the 

Prince consort. Illus. 1534.24 

Clarke, James Freeman. Ten great religions. 


Clement, Clara E. An outline history of 
painting. Illus. 200.30 

Cockton, Henry. Valentine Vox, the ven- 
triloquist. E. B. 313-9 

Colbrath, M. Tarbox. What to get for break- 
fast. J. P. 2434.4 

Compton, Frances S. Esther. A novel. 

[American novel series.] 35-12; Dor. 476.9 

E. B. 3x7.29; J. P. 518.2; S. B. 237.50 

Conkling, Jennie M. Keenie's to-morrow. 

J. P. 326.5 
Conkling, Alfred R. Appletons' guide to Mex- 
ico, including a chapter on Guatemala, and 
English-Spanish vocabulary. With illus. 1631.11 
Conscience, Hendrik or Henri. Tales of 
Flemish life. Trans. g. E. 525.4 

Conway, Hugh. Called back. [Leisure hour 
series.] 35.8; Bri. 32.114; Dor. 477.13 

E.B. 317.27; J, P. 418.24; Rox. 2425.18 
S. B. 234.40 
Cook, Susan S. P., M.D. For mothers and 
daughters. A manual of hygiene for women. 

Rox. 1512.23 
Cooke, George W. George Eliot. A critical 
study. Clin. 2876.22; S. B. 69.42 

Cooke, John E. Virginia, a history of the peo- 
ple. [American commonwealths.] Rox. 7015.21 
Cooper, J^mes F. The last of the Mohicans. 

Cotton, James S., and Pa)me, Edward J. 
Colonies and dependencies. Parti. India. By 
J. S. Cotton. Part 2. The colonies. By E. J. 
Payne. [The English citizen.] Rox. 6315.13 
Courthope, William J. Addison. [English 
men of letters.] 1540.55; Bri. 64.78 

Chn. 2654.1 ; Dor. 506.21 ; E. B. 216.10 
J. P. 1226.31 ; N. E. 132 33 ; Rox. 1023.35 
S. B. 68.72; S. E. 189.2 
Cragin, Louisa T. Sunshine : Hanway and 
home. [Fiction.] 1491.28; S.£. 642.1 

Crawford, Frank Marion- To leeward. [Fic- 
tion.] 1499-45 
Creme, La, de la crfeme. A collection of 
music for advanced players. Vol. 2. Nos. 11- 
20. Rox. 1630.18 
Cumming, Constance F. Gordon. In the 
Hebrides. Illus. Rox. 7375 10 
Cumnock, Robert McL. School speaker. 
Rhetorical recitations for boys and girls- 1393 32 

S.E. 38-14 
Curious schools. By various authors. 

J. P. 1926.9 
Substantially the same as " Some curious schools," iSSo. 
Curtis's Botanical magazine. 1883- Illus. 

Rox, * 
Dallaway, James. Inquiries into the origin and 
progress of heraldry in England. Illus. 

Chn. 1212.4 

Danenhower, John W. Narrative of the [cruise 

of the] "Jeannette" [in the Arctic regions, 

1879-81]. Rox. 836.16 

Darling, Mary G. In the world. [Fiction-] 

Bor. 475.9 
Davis, J. Tom Band and other Nortonville 
boyu. J. P. 124.3 

De Amicis, Edmondo. Jottings about Lon- 
don. Trans, by R. S. Minot. Dor. 457.10 
— Military life in Italy. Trans, by W. Cady. 

S. B. 174-9 

De Long, George W. The voyage of the 

"Jeannette." With illus. 2 v. Rox. 7360.6 

De Mille, James. A castle in Spain. A 

novel. Illus. Dor. 465.6 

Deming, Clarence. By-ways of nature and 

life. [Sketches of travel.] Dor. 455-7 

Dennis, John. Heroes of literature. English 

poets. A book for young readers. 1530.4 

Dewey, Orville. Autobiography and letters. 

Edited by his daughter. 1522.27; Chn. 2654.5 

Dexter, Henry M. Congregationalism. 

S. B. 292.12 




Diane Corjval. [Fiction.] [No name series.] 

1499-55; l>or. 477-4; J« !*• 417-20 

Rox. 2414.13; S. B. 2403.35; S.E. 419-31 

Diaz, Abby M. Chronicles of the Stinipcett 

family and others. 1760.30; S. B. 133.28 

— Lucy Maria. J.l*. 517-10 
Dodds, Susanna W. Health in the household ; 

or, hygienic cookery. Dor. 525.24 

J. P. 2434.3; S. B. 328.41 

Dodge, Theodore A. A bird's-eye view of our 
Civil war. S. B. 155-43 

Donahoe, Chrysostom P. Popular life of 
Daniel O'Connell. 1526.23; N, E. 134-8 

Douglas, Amanda M. Floyd Grandon's 
honor.- 1499.94; Bri. 37.111; Rox. 2433.8 

Downes, William il. Spanish ways and by- 
ways, with a glimpse at the Pyrenees. Illus. 


Drake, Samuel A. A book of New England 

legends and folk lore in prose and poetry. Illus. 

Chn. 2335.22 ; Dor. 465-7 ; Box. 1932.20 

S. B. 222.48; S.E. 329-29 

Dresser, Christopher. Studies in design. 60 
colored plates. Rox. *6230.i9 

Dreyspring, Adolph. Cumulative method for 
learning German. 2030.3 

Drury, Anna H. The blue ribbons, a story of 
the last century. 1499.49 

Dryden, John. Poetical works. With notes 
by J. Warton and others. Portrait. [Old poets.] 

Rox. 5632.10 

Duentzer, Johann Heinrich J. Life of 
Goethe. With illus. 1530-5 

— The life of Schiller. Dor. 506.22 
Dumas, Alexandre D. Le collier de la reine. 

3 V. Rox. 7343-27 

— The count of Monte-Cristo. Illus. 479.14 
Dunglison, Robley. Medical lexicon. 

S. B. R.R. 33 

Durand, Henry M. The life of Sir Henry 
Marion Durand. 2 v. Illus. Rox. 7373.11 

Duruy, Victor. History of Rome and the 
Roman people, to the establishment of the 
Christian empire. Illus. Vol. i. Part i, 2. 
Primitive history to the end of the Second Punic 
war. Rox. *5520.7 

Dyer, Thomas F. Thiselton. Folk-lore of 
Shakespeare. 1391.28 

E., H. F. Fighting the good fight. A tale. 


Ebers, Georg M. Eine Frage. Chn. 5926.16 

Eckstein, Ernst. Prusias. From the German 

by Clara Bell. 2 v. 1789.48; Dor. 31325 

Rox. 2417.8; S. E. 48535 

The scene of this romance is laid in Rome at the time of 
the insurrection of Spartacus, B.C. 73-71. 

Eddy, Daniel C. (^Rupert Van Wert.) Rip 
Van Winkle's travels in Asia and Africa. Illus. 

Rox. 431.18 

— Rip Van Winkle's travels in foreign lands. 
Illus. Rox. 431-19 

Edgeworth, Maria. Classic tales. With bio- 
graphical sketch by Grace A. Oliver. 

Rox. 2426.12 

Edwards, Matilda B. The famous women 
library. 6 v. Portraits. 1523.31 

Conlenis. — Vol. i. Fernan Caballero. 2. Alexandrine 
Tinn^. \. Caroline Herschel. 4. Marie Pape-Carpantier. 
5. Elizabeth Carter. 6. Matilda Betham. 

There is another edition in one volume entitled " Six life 
studies of famous women "[1523.14]. 

Elliot, Arthur. The state and the church. 
[The English citizen.] Rox. 6315.9 

Ellis, Tristram J. Sketching from nature. 
Illus. E. B. 388.22 

Elwell, Edward H. The boys of thirty-five. 

A story of a seaport town. 1499.43 

Dor. 477-1; Box. 1133-7; S. B. 130.58 

Evans, Elizabeth E. Laura, an American 
girl. Dor. 476.4; E. B. 316.36; S.E. 497.8 

Every horse owner's cyclopedia. Illus. 

S. B. 312.41 

Ewing, Juliana H. Jackanapes. Dor. 475.10 

— A week in a glass pond. Illus. S. E. 654.36 
Eytinge, Margaret. The ball of the vegetables 

and other stories in prose and verse. Illus. 

Dor. 486.14; Rox. 1121.5; S. E. 639.34 

Farquharson, Martha, -pseud. See Finley, M. 

Farrer, Thomas H. The state in its relation 
to trade. [The English citizen.] Rox. 6315.12 

Fawcett, Edgar. An ambitious woman. A 
novel. J. P. 512.22 

Fellows, Henry P. Boating trips on New En- 
gland rivers. Ilius. J.P. 1334.19; S. E. 328.4 

Fenn, George M. Middy and ensign. A tale 
of the Malay peninsula. S. B. 122.26 

F^val, Paul H. C. Le capitaine Simon. 
[Also'] La fille de I'^migre. 1073.19 

Field, Henry M. Among the holy hills [Pales- 
tine]. Map. 1697.17; Rox. 222.8 

— From the lakes of Killarney to the Golden 
Horn. J. P. 1436.6 

Fields, Annie A. How to help the poor. 

Rox. 5837-16 

Fillmore, John C. Pianoforte music, with 
sketches of its greatest masters. 1201.31 

Financial reform almanack, 1884. Chn. 5213.15 

Finley, Martha. (^Martha Farquharson.) Elsie's 
new relations. Chn. 2136.21 

— An old-fashioned boy. S. E. 653.17 
Finn, E. A. Home in the Holy land. A tale 

illustrating customs and incidents in modern 
Jerusalem. Illus. Chn. 2347.4 

Fiske, John. Excursions of an evolutionist. 
Dor. 525.27 ; S. B, 327.22 

Fleming, George, pseud. See Fletcher, Julia. 

Fletcher, Julia. {George Fleming.) Vestigia. 

[Fiction.] 1497.14; BrI. 33.141; Chn. 2152.18 

Dor. 477.8; E. B. 317.26; J. P. 517-" 

Rox. 2426.13; S. B. 228.50; S. E. 509.60 

Fletcher, Susan W. Twelve months in an 
English prison. S. B. 176.15; S. E. 104.14 

Fleuriot, Z^naide M. A. Une Parisienne 
sous la foudre. 1062.3 

Forbes, Robert B. The rigs of vessels. Plates. 

Clin. 5525.7 

Foster, John. John Foster : life and thoughts. 
By W. W. Everts. Rox. 6338.9 

Foster, John W. Pre-historic races of the' 
United States. Illus. 211. 11 

Foster, Michael. A text book of physiology. 
Illus. S. B. 39242 

Foster, Michael, and Tracy, Roger S. Phy- 
siology. By M. Foster. Hygiene. By R. S. 
Tracy! Illus. [Science primers.] Rox. 6418.11 

Fowle, Thomas W. The poor law. [The 
English citizen.] Rox. 6315.11 

Franzos, Carl E. The Jews of Barnow. 
Stories. Chn. 2152.16 

French, Harry W. Our boys in China. Illus. 

E. B. ig.i2i 

Frith, Henry, and Allen, Edward H. Chiro- 
mancy. Illus. S. E. 104.28 

Froissart, Sir John. The boy's Froissart. 
Edited forboys, by S. Lanier. Illus. N. E. 171- 13 




Froude, James A. Luther. SS^-i? 

Kcpriiited from the Contemporary review. 

Frout de Fontpertius, Adalbert. Chine, 
Japon, Siain, and Cambodge. Rox. 7423.16 

Fryer, Alfred C. Book of English fairy tales 
from the north-country. Illus. 1499.40 

— Cuthberht of Lindisfarne. Rox. 1026.20 
Fush, pseud. Won at West Point: a romance. 

E. B. 313"; S. E. 497-34 
Gaboriau, femile. The count's secret. 

Bri. 47 151 

A translation of La vie infernale. 

— Monsieur Lecoq. BrI. 47149 

— The slaves of Paris. BrI. 47- 150 

— The widow Lerouge. Bri. 47- 148 
Galton, Francis. Inquiries into human faculty 

and its development. S. B. 3^2-37 

Garrett, Phineas, compiler. One hundred 
choice selections. No. 20. Dor. 288.1 

Gentleman's annual, The. Christmas, 1883. 

Chn. 2165.17 

Genung, John F. Tennvson's In memoriam. 
A study. Dor. 525.7 ; S. B. 35-3° 

George, Henry. Social problems. 13059 

The appendix contains " Condition of English agricult- 
ural laborers," by W. Saunders; and "A piece of land,'" 
by F. G. Shaw. 

Gerard the lion-slayer and other stories. 

E. B. 243.33 

Getting ahead [and other stories]. By Pansy 
[and others]. DoV. 485.2 

Giberne, Agnes. Kathleen : the story of a 
home. 1789.47; J. P. 134.12 

Gluemer, Claire von. A noble name ; or, Ddn- 
ninghausen. Trans, by A. L.Wister. E. B. 287.43 

Good cheer. [Christmas number of " Good 
words."] 1883. Illus. Clin. 2028.27 

Contents. — A maiden fair, by C. Gibbon ; The Ducie 
diamonds, by C. Blathcrwick. 

Good the final goal of ill ; or, the better life 
beyond Four letters to archdeacon Farrar. By 
a layman. Rox. 21 14. 15 

Gordon, George H. History of the Second 
Mass. regiment of infantry : second paper. 

Rox. 5031.8 

Gosse, Edmund W. Seventeenth-century 
studies. Rox. 5625.17 

Contents. — Lodge; Webster; Rowlands; Captain 
Dover's Cotswold games; Herrick; Crashaw; Cowley; The 
matchless Orinda; Etheredge; Otway. 

Grant, James. The duke of Albany's own 
Highlanders. A novel 1804.24 

— The secret dispatch. A novel. S. B, 228.49 
Grant, Robert. The little tin gods-on-wheels. 

\^Also, Oxygen: a Mt. Desert pastoral.] Illus. 

Chn. 531734 

Graydon, Alexander. Memoirs of his own 
time. With reminiscences of the Revolution. 
Phila., 1S46. Chn. 917.3 

Green, Anna K. The defence of the bride, and 
other poems. 1882. E. B. 224.8 

— Hand and ring. Rox. 2433.12 

— A strange disappearance. S. B. 215.48 
Green, John R. The conquest of England 

[758-1071]. 981.7; Dor. 496.6; Rox. 7316.11 

— editor. Readings from English history. 

S. B. 59-47 

Green, Nathaniel E. Hints on sketching from 

nature. 3 parts in I v. Illus. 1201.38 

Green, Samuel A. History of medicine in 

Massachusetts. Bri. 117. 160; Kox. 6032.8 

S. B. 312 38 

Green, Samuel G. Scottish pictures drawn 
with pen and pencil. Illus. 671.6 

Greene, Robert, and Peele, George. Dramatic* 
and poetical works. With memoirs and notes 
by A. Dyce. [Old dramatists.] Rox. 5632.1a 

Greenwood, Grace, pseud. Sec Lippincott, 
Sara J. 

Greenwood, James. {The amateur casual.) In 
strange company. S. B. 176.14 

Griffith, John W., and Henfrey, Arthur. The 
micrographic dictionary ; a guide to the examina- 
tion and investigation of microscopic objects. 2d 
edition. Illus. Rox. R.R., G. 3.Z0 

Grocott, J. C, editor. An index to familiar 
quotations. Rox. R.R., H.3.4 

Groves, John P. From cadet to captain. 
[Fiction.] 1497-8 

Guernsey, Alfred H., and Davis, I. P. Health 
at home. [Appletons' home books.] 1171.31 

Guest, Edwin. Compendious shorthand. 120.32 

Gunnison, Almon. Rambles overland. A 
trip across the continent.. S. B. 339.32 

Habberton.John. George Washington. [Lives 
of American worthies.] 1526.27; E. B. 119.8 

S. E. 168.7 

Hake, A. Egmont. The story of Chinese 

Gordon. 532-19; 532-i6; Dor. 50513 

Rox. 7373-9 ; S. E. 224.20 

A life of major-general Charles George Gordon of the 
British army. 

Hale, Edward E. Ninety days' worth of 
Europe. Rox, 437.17 

— Our Christmas in a palace. 1497-6 

— Seven Spanish cities. Chn. 2347.5 

— Stories of discovery told by discoverers. 

Rox. 618.12 

Hale, Edward E., and Hale, Susan. A family 

flight over Egypt and Syria. Illus. S. B. 363.17 

Handel, Georg F. The Messiah, sacred 

oratorio. [Novello's edition.] Rox. 6231.14 

Hannah Tarne. A story. By the author of 

" Mr. Greysmith." 1497-5 

Harland, Marion, pseud. See Terhune, M. V. 

Harris, Joel C Nights with Uncle Remus. 

S. E. 476-34 
Hausrath, Adolf. A history of the New Testa- 
ment times. Vol. 2. The time of Jesus. Trans. 

Rox. 7382.11 

Hawthorne, Julian. Beatrix Randolph. A 

story. Illus. 1789.34 ; Bri. 37.114 ; Dor. 475.8 

E. B. 313.8; S. B. 246.35; S. E. 510.13 

— Dust : a novel. S. B. 246 34 
Haydn, Franz Joseph. The Creation. Edited 

by V. Novello. Rox. 6231.15 

Haynes, Emory J. The fairest of three. A 

tale of American life. 1499.56 

Hazard, Samuel. Annals of Pennsylvania, 

1609- 1682. Phila., 1850. Chn. 917.4 

Heldmann, Bernard. Self-conquered ; or, the 

Belton scholarship. Illus. 1499.48 

First published in London, In iSSj, as "The Beltoa 

Hennessy, S'/r John P. Sir Walter Ralegh in 
Ireland. S, B. 57.7 

Hill, Hamilton A. Memoir of Abbott Law- 
rence. Rox. 5035. 18 

Hillern, Wilhelmine von. Doppelleben. 2033.3 

Translated, under the title " A twofold life " [171S.6]. 

— Hoher als die Kirche. 2033.3 

— Only a girl. A romance. Also published 
with the title •' Ernestine." Bri, 37.116 




Hillern, Wilhelmine von, continued. 

— Uiid sie kommt doch ! Erzahlung aus einem 
Alpenkloster des dreizehnten Jahrhunderts. 


The English translation is entitled " The hour will come " 
[95.22; 3^-7i]- 

Hinman, Royal R., compiler. A historical 
collection of the part sustained by Connecticut, 
during the Revolution. Hartford, 1842. 

Chn. 815.9 

Hinton, James. Chapters on the art of think- 
ing. And other essays. Dor. 286.22 

Hodgson, William B. Life and letters. 

Rox. 1026.19 

Hollis, Thomas, editor. The trve sentiments 
of America. London, 1768. Cllil. 917-6 

Holmes, Mary J. Qiieenie Hetherton. A 
novel. Dor. 476.8 

Holt, Emily S. The way of the cross and 
other tales. 1497.16 

Hope, Elizabeth R., lady. Wild hyacinths. 
A tale. 35.7 

Hopkins, Ellice. Christ the consoler : a book 
of comfort for the sick. Rox. 7027.31 

Hoppin, Augustus. A fashionable sufferer. 
Illus. Chn. 2153.16 

Hoppus, Mary A. M. A great treason. A 
story of the war of independence. Dor. 475-6 

Hubbard, Lucius L. Woods and lakes of 
Maine. Ilhis. 1631.8; S. B. 337.26 

Hufeland, Christoph W. Art of prolonging 
life. Rox. 6037.7 

Hulme, F. Edward. Familiar wild flowers. 
3d series. Colored plates. Dor. 197.55 

— P'lower painting in water colours, [ist 
series.] Colored plates. Dor. 524.9 

Hunt, Leigh, editor. Dramatic works of 
Wycherley, Congreve, Vanbrugh, and Farquhar. 
[Old dramatists.] Rox. 5632.16 

Ihne, Wilhelm. The history of Rome [to b. c. 
78]- 5 V- Rox. 7333.6 

Ismar Thiusen, pseud. The Diothas ; or, a 
far look ahead. Dor. 477-5 

Jackson, Catherine C, lady. The court of the 
Tuileries from the restoration to the flight of 
Louis Philippe. 2 v. Rox. 7342.14 

Jackson, Henry. An account of the churches 
of Rhode Island. Chn. 2655.3 

Jackson, Sheldon. Alaska, and missions on 
the North Pacific coast. Illus. 

J. P. 1436.13; Rox. 415-1:9 

James, Henry, yV. French poets and novelists. 


Contents. — Alfred deMusset; Gautier; Baudelaire; Bal- 
zac; Balzac's letters; Georg^e Sand; C. :de Bernard and 
Flaubert; Turjienieff; The two Ampferes; Madame de Sa- 
bran; M^rimee's letters; The Theatre fran^ais. 

— Portraits of places. 1664. 11 ; Dor. 457.13 

J. P. 1436.10 ; Rox. 437.16 ; S. B. 367.14 

S. E. 317-25 

— The siege of London, The pension Beaure- 
pas, and The point of view. S. B. 275.58 

James, M. E. How to decorate our ceilings, 
walls, and floors. Colored illus. Rox. 1726.10 

Jameson, Anna (M.). Winter studies and 
summer rambles in Canada. Rox. 417.19 

Jeans, W. T. The creators of the age of steel. 


Contains sketches of Sir Henry Bessemer, Sir William 
Siemens, Sir Joseph Whitworthj Sir John Brown, S. G. 
Thomes, and G. J. Snellus. 

Jeffrey, Rosa V. Marah. A novel. 1499.47 

Jevons, William S. The state in relation to 
labour. [The English citizen.] Rox. 6315.15 

Jewett, Sarah O. The mate of the Daylight, 
and friends ashore. [Stories.] S. B. 270.66 

Jewry, Mary, editor. Warne's tnodel cookery. 

Bri. 1 15. 1 14 

Jewsbury, Maria J., later Mrs. Fletcher. The 
three histories. Chn. 835.17 

John Herring. A west of England romance. 

By the author of " Mehalah." 35.14; Dor. 479.26 

J. P. 723.6; Rox. 2319.8; S. B. 282.26 

Johnston, Joseph E. Narrative of military 
operations, directed during the late war between 
the states. Chn. 2655.2 

Johnston, Richard M- Old Mark Langston. 
1789.33; Chn. 2152.19; Dor. 477.7 
E. B. 317-28; Rox. 2425.19; S. E. 411.28 

Jones, Henry. {Cavendis/i.) The laws and 
principles of whist. 182.15 

Jonson, Ben. Works. With memoir, by W. 
Gifford. [Old dramatists.] Rox. 5632.18 

Junghaus, Sophie. Hellajasmund und andere 
Erzahlungen. Rox. 5726.26 

Kaufman, Rosalie. Our young folks' Plutarch. 
Illus. R"ox. 834.5 ; S. B. 66.24 

— The queens of England. Abridged from 
Strickland's " Queens of England." [Vol. 2, 
3] Illus. Rox. 5417.10 

Kay, David. Education and educators. 120.34 
Keary, Charles F., editor. The dawn of his- 
tory. Rox. 1925.8 
Keddie, Henrietta. (Sara/i Tytler.) Her 
gentle deeds. Extra number of " The Sunday 
magazine." Christmas, 1883. Chn. 2028.28 

— Marie Antoinette. N. E. 133.21 
Keim, Theodor. The history of Jesus of 

Nazara. 6 v. Rox. 6338.8 

Kelley, James D. J. The question of ships. 
The navy and the merchant marine. Dor. 494.2 

King, James- Cleopatra's needle : a history of 
the London obelisk. Illus. 940.17 

Kingsley, Charles. The heroes; or, Greek 
fairy tales for my children. Illus. Dor. 488.21 

Kingston, William H. G. Adventures in 
India. S. B. 11963 

— From powder monkey to admiral. 1499.42 

Dor. 488.19; J, P. 312.5; N. E. 173.16 
S. B. 123.43 

— Paddy Finn, or the adventures of a mid- 
shipman afloat and ashore. 1499.46 

Kirkland, Elizabeth S. Speech and manners 
for home and school. Chn. 546.19; Dor. 487.2 
Koestlin, Julius. Life of Luther. Dor. 505.12 
Ladreyt, Marie C. L'instruction publique en 
France et les ecoles amdricaines. 1062.2 

Lamb, Martha J. Wall street in history. Illus. 

La Rochefoucauld, Francois, due de. Reflec- 
tions ; or, sentences and moral maxims. Trans, 
by J. W. Willis Bund and J. H. Friswell. 1898.21 
Lathrop, George P. Newport. [Fiction.] 
1789.46; Bri. 44.106; Dor. 477.9 
J. P. 517-12 ; S. B. 249.58 ; S. E. 497-22 
Latter day saint, A. [American novel series.] 
1497.12, Bri. 33.140; Dor. 477.6 
E. B. 317.24 ; J. P. 518. 1 ; Rox. 2427.1 
S. B. 237.48; S. E. 578.34 
Lee, Arthur. The political detection. Lon- 
don, 1770 Clm. 1 1 17.23 
Lee, Katharine. In the Alsatian mountains. 





Leighton, Caroline C. Life at Puget Sound, 

with sketches of travel in Washington territory, 

British Columbia, Oregon, and California, 1865- 

i88i. 1631.9; Chn. 2347.6; Dor. 4583 

J. F. 1336 13; Kox. 5037-13 

S. B. 339 30; S. E. 326.31 

Lewis, Florence. China painting. Coloured 

plates. 1200.3; J« !*• 2314-6; Kox. 1712.14 

Lincoln, Jeanie O. Her Washington season. 

35.9; Bri. 37.119; Dor. 475.11 

J. P. 632.20; Rox. 2433.11 ; S. E. 49627 

Linton, Eliza Lynn. The girl of the period, 

and other social essays. 1898.20; Dor. 209.22 

J. P. 723.4"; Rox. 1928.15; S. B. 39.61 

These essays, reprinted from the Saturday review, are 
mostly upon questions of the day concerning women. 

Lippincott, Sara J. {Grace Grcetnvood.) 
Queen Victoria, her girlhood and womanhood. 
Dor. 507.27; J. P. 1227.8; S. B. 89-7 
Litchfield, Grace D. Only an incident. [Fic- 
tion.] 1789.38; Dor. '476.11; S. E. 414.24 
Little girl, A, among the old masters. With 
cominent by W. D. Howells. Plates. 1203.26 
Dor. 524.8; J, P. 2314.5; Rox. 1717.22 
S. B. 320.39 

" The pictures are the work of a little girl of ten years, 
who made them without suggestion and quite without help 
or criticism." — Introduction. 

Little sister. [No name series.] S. B. 2403.36 
Livermore, Mary A. What shall we do with 

our daughters.'' S. E. 11 1.23 

London society. Extra Christmas number, 

1883. Chu. 1724.1 

— Holiday number, 1883. Chn. 1724.3 
Lowe, Martha P. Memoir of Charles Lowe. 

C'hu. 2886.14; Rox. 1013.13 

Lowell, Edward J. The Hessians and the 

other German auxiliaries of Great Britain in the 

revolutionary war. 210.34 

Ludlow, James M. My Saint John. 

Rox. 119.29 
Ludwig, Julie. Mein Grossoheim und andre 
Erzjihlungen. Rox. 5726.31 

Luther, Martin. Deutsche geistliche Lieder. 
The hymns of Martin Luther set to their orig- 
inal melodies. With an English version. 2100.17 
McCarthy, Justin. Maid of Athens. A novel. 

J. P. 431-20 

— A short history of our own times from the 
accession of queen Victoria to the general elec- 
tion of 1880. 980.44; Dor. 499.1 ; J. P. 723.1 

S. B. 79-36 ; S. E. 260.2 
M'Conaughy, Mrs. J. E. Capital for working 
boys. S. B. 37-37 

McElroy, John. The red acorn ; a novel. 

£• B, 313.10 

A story of the Civil war, 1861-1865. 

McKenzie, Alexander. Cambridge sermons. 

Rox. 21 14. 14 
MacLean, J. P. The mound builders 

S. B. 157-45 
McLean, Sarah P. Some other folks. 

1499.60; Bri. 37.113; Dor. 476.6 

E. B. 316.34; J. P. 632.18; S. E. 508.21 

Magnet stories for summer days and winter 

nights. By the author of " A trap to catch a 

sunbeam " [and others], [ist and New series.] 

MahSbharata. Indian idylls. From the San- 
skrit of the Mahabh&rata by Edwin Arnold. 

1353 « 

Manning, Samuel. The land of the Pharaohs, 
Egypt and Sinai. Illus. 691.9 

Marlowe, Christopher. Works. With account 
of the author, notes, by A. Dyce. [Old drama- 
tists.] Rox. 5632.13 

Martin, Sir Theodore. A life of Lord Lynd- 
hurst. Rox. 7373-8 

Martin, William C. L. A general history of 
humming-birds. Illus. Rox. 6628.6 

Massachusetts. The acts and resolves of the 
province of Massachusetts bay [1692-1768J. Bos- 
ton, 1869-1881. 4 V. Chn. 3045.3 

— Constittition. The adjusted constitution of 
Massachusetts. Ed- by J. N. Trask. Bri. 175.36 

Massinger, Philip, and Ford, John, Dramatic 

works. With introd. by II. Coleridge. [Old 

dramatists.] Rox. 5632.15 

Matthews, J. Brander. {Arthur Pcnn.) The 

home library. [Appletons' home books.] 12". 

1403 18 
Mayer, Alfred M., editor. Sport with gim 
and rod in American woods and waters. Illus. 

Chn. 5218.8 

Most of these articles have previously appeared in the 
Century magazine. 

Mead, Edwin D. Martin Luther. Rox. 5827.22 
Memorial, A, of the great rebellion : being a 
history of the Fourteenth regiment New-Hamp- 
shire volunteers. 1863-1865. Portraits. 

Rox. 833.14 
Men of the time, nth edition. 

Rox. R.R., H. 3.9 

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. Elijah : an 

oratorio. Rox. 6231.17 

— St. Paul. Novello's edition. Rox. 6231.16 
1Afn.\.OT, pseud. Always : a manual of etiquette. 


Mill, John Stuart. Considerations on repre- 
sentative government. 132.4 

Millhouse, John. New English and Italian 
dictionary. 2 v. S. B. R.R- 28 

Millionaire, The. [Fiction.] 1499.54 

Dor. 322a. 16; E. B. 251.38 

Milton, John. Poetical works of John Milton 
and Andrew Marvell. With a memoir of each. 
4 v. in 2. Portraits. [British poets. Riverside 
edition.] J. P. 1823.12 

Minstrels, The. A picture show for young 
people. Dor. 3223.14 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton. A novel. Clui. 215319 

Mitchell, Elizabeth H. Her majesty's bear. 
A tale. Illus. • 1789.50 

Mitchell, Lucy M. A history of ancient sculpt- 
ure. With illus. Rox. 6221.13 

Miz maze, The. A story in letters, by nine 
authors 1789.32; Chn. 2153.18; Rox. 2433.10 

Written by Frances Awdry, Mary Bramston, Christabel 
R. Coleridge, A. E. Marv Anderson Morshead, Charlotte 
M. Yonge, Frances M. Peard, Mary S. Lee, Eleanor C. 
Price, Florence Wilford. 

Mollett, John W. An illustrated dictionary of 
words used in art and archaeology. 

Rox. R.R, H. 5.19 

Montgomery, Florence. The blue veil. Moral 

tales. 1789.39; Dor. 479.23 ; J. P. 723.2 

Rox. 2319.5; S. B. 282.42 

MorfiU, William R. The dawn of European 
literature. Slavonic literature. London, 18S3. 
16". 397.18 

Morris, Herbert W. Work-days of God ; or 
science and the Bible. Dor. 524. ix 

Morris, Lewis. Songs unsung. Rox. 1626.32 




Moulton, Susan W. Hill rest. [Fiction.] 

S. B. 237.44 
Musical greeting, The. Music for the piano- 
forte. Rox. 1630.27 
NicoU, Henry J. Landmarks of English litera- 
ture. Clin. 5316.36 
Niebuhr, Barthold G. Greek hero-stories. 
With illus. by A. Hoppin. J. P. 1516.4 
Nordhoff, Charles. Man-of-war life : a boy's 
experience in the United States navy. 

N. E. 172.22 
Norris, W. E. Thirlby hall. Dor. 3223.15 

"No. 40." A romance of Fortress Monroe 
and the Ilygeia. 1499.50 

Oberholtzer, Sara L. Hope's heart bells. A 
romance. S. E. 513-34 

O'Donovan, Edmond. Merv, a story of advent- 
ures and captivity epitomized from "The Merv 
oasis." 1697.18 

Oliphant, Laurence. Altiora peto. [Fiction.] 
1497.9; Dor. 479 22; J. P. 71336 
Rox. 2319.4; S. B. 282.41 
Oliphant, Margaret O. W. Hester. 1499.58 
Cliii. 2153.15; Dor. 475-7 ; J. P^ 632.19 
Rox. 2433.9; S. B. 227.28; S. E. 493-31 

— The literary history of England in the end 
of the eighteenth and beginning of the nine- 
teenth century. 2 v. 3837 

— Old Lady Mary. [Ation.'] 1497.15 

Dor. 477-11 ; Rox. 7027.32; S. E. 493-30 
O'Rell, Max, pseud. John Bull and his island. 
1654.15; Dor. 45711; Box. 191319 
- S. E..356.17 
" Orleanian," pseud. The war of the bache- 
lors : a story of the Crescent city, at the period 
of the Franco-German war. S. B. 241.49 

This work is attributed to G. F. Wharton. 

Orleans, Elisabeth Charlotte, duchesse d'. 
Briefe, 1673 bis 1715. Rox. 5726.27 

Otis, James. Raising the " Pearl." Illus. 

1499.41; Dor. 487.1; S. B. 129.48 

First published in Harper's young people, beginning 
March 6, 1S83. 

Our famous women. The lives of American 
women, distinguished in literature, science, art, 
etc. By Harriet Beecher Stowe, Rose Terry 
Cooke [etc ]. Illus. 

E. B, 213.22; Rox. 1213.11; S. B. 162.20 

Pansy, pseud. See Alden, Isabella M. 

Pantomime. A picture show for young people. 

Dor. 322a 13 

Pauline, Elisabeth Ottilie Louise, queen of 
Roumatiia. {Carmen Sylva.) Pilgrim sorrow : 
a cycle of tales. Dor. 476.10; Rox, 2416.14 

Peard, Frances M. The Asheldon schoolroom. 
Rox. 1 124.7; S. B. 138.49 

Peirce, Melusina F. Co-operative housekeep- 
ing. 182.14 

Peterson, Frederick. Poems and Swedish 
translations. 1352-9 

Pique. A tale of the English aristocracy. 

Pitman, Benn, and Howard, Jerome B. The 
phonographic dictionary. 120.33 

Plato. A day in Athens with Socrates. 
Translations from the Protagoras and the Re- 
public. 814.12 
Translated with an introduction by Miss Ellen F. Mason. 

Pollock, Frederick. The land laws [of En- 
gland only]. [The English citizen.] Rox, 6315 8 

Pope, Alexander. Poetical works. Ed. by H. 
F. Cary. [Old poets.] Rox. 5632.11 

Popular science monthly. Index for the 20 
volumes from 1872 to 1882, and of the 3 volumes 
of the Supplement. Clin. 3137.2 

Porter, Luther H. Outlines of the constitu- 
tional history of the United States. Rox. 815 13 

Porter, Rose. The story of a flower, and other 
fragments twice gathered. 1499.51 ; Dor. 4773 

J. P. 536 6 

Prescott, George B. The speaking telephone, 
electric light, and other recent electrical inven- 
tions. Dor. 524-10 

Preston, Thomas S. God and reason : lectures 
upon the primary truths of mitural religion. 

Proctor, George. History of the crusades. 

Rox. 621.4 

Proctor, Richard A., editor. Nature studies. 

By G. Allen, A. Wilson, T. Foster, E. Clodd. 

and R. A. Proctor. Illus. 140.37; S. E. 123. 11 

Providence public library. Monthly reference 

lists. Vol. 1-3. 18S1-83. Rox. 6131.9 

Ramage, Craufurd T., editor. Beautiful 

thoughts from French and Italian authors. 

Rox. R.R, H.3.5 

— Beautiful thoughts from German and Span- 
ish authors. Rox. R.R., H. 3.7 

— Beautiful thoughts from Greek authors. 

Rox. R.R.,H.3.3 
. — Beautiful thoughts from Latin authors. 

Rox. R.R.,H. 3.6 

Rand, Edward A. All aboard for the lakes 

and mountains. A trip to picturesque localities 

in the United States. Illus. 50 39 ; J. P. 1432.17 

Rox. 431-17; S. B, 132-14; S. E. 650-28 

Ranke, F. Leopold von. Weltgeschichte. 4ter 

Theil : ite, 2te Abth. 2 v. Rox. 5731-10 

Cotitent.t. — Das Kaiserthum in Constantinople und der 
Ursprung romanisch-germanischer Konigreiche. 

Reade, Charles. Hard cash. Illus. 1497.13 

— It is never too late to mend- 414-2 
Reid, Mayne. The man-eaters and other odd 

people. S. B. 113.16 

Formerly published with the title " Odd people." 

Rein, Johannes J. Japan : travels and re- 
searches undertaken at the cost of the Prussian 
government. Illus. S. E. 381.4 

Richardson, Charles F. A primer of Ameri- 
can literature. With portraits. Clin. 5319.5 

Riley, Henry T. A dictionary of Latin and 
Greek quotations, proverbs, maxims and mottos. 

Rox. R.R, H. 3.8 

Ritson, Joseph, editor. Robin Hood : a collec- 
tion of poems, songs, and ballads, relative to that 
celebrated English outlaw. With illus. by Gor- 
don Browne. 1352.8; Rox. 5236.10 

Ritter, Frederic L. Music in America. 

Bri. 116.72; S. E. 141-35 

— Music in England. Bri. 116.73 ; S. E. 141.34 
Robbins, Sarah S. Faith Thurston's work and 

how she did it. [Fiction.] 35.6 

Robertson, Eric S. English poetesses : a 
series of biographies, with extracts. 1524.14 

J. P. 1227.13 

Robertson, William. Life and times of John 
Bright. 58113 

Rockstro, W[illiam .?] S. Mendelssohn. [Great 
musicians.] 1548.39 

Rogers, Mary E. Domestic life in Palestine. 

J. P. 1436.11 




Romanes, George J. Animal intelligence. 
[International scientific series.] Dor. 525.26 

Ruskin, John. The art of England. Lectures 
given in Oxford. 1201.24 

Russell, W. Clark. A sea queen. [Fiction.] 

1789.49; Dor. 479 24; J. P. 7233 

Rox. 2319.6; S. B. 282.43 

St. Johnston, Alfred. Camping among canni- 
bals. Dor. 45714 

111 the South Pacific Islands. 

Saintsbury, George, editor. Specimens of 
French literature from Villon to Hugo. [Claren- 
don press series.] Kox. 7334-13 

Sala, George A. Living London. lUus. 

S. B. 31.20 

Sanborn, Kate, compiler. A year of sunshine. 
Cheerful extracts for every day in the year. 

1898.19; S. E. 4833 

Savage, Minot J. The modern sphinx, and 
some of her riddles. [Sermons.] Bri. 116.75 

— The religion of evolution. Bri. 126.144 
Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von. 

Gedichte. 1042.8 

Schlickeysen, Gustav. Fruit and bread. A 
scientific diet. Dor. 527.21 

Schmidt, Maximilian. Glasmacherleut.'' Kul- 
turbild aus dem bayrischen Walde. 

Rox. 5726.30 

Scientific tracts. Conducted by Josiah Hol- 
brook, and others. Vol. 1-3 ; new series, vol. 
1-4. Boston, 1831-35. 7 V. Chn. 3826.16 

Scott, Sir Walter. Letters on demonology 
and witchcraft. London, 1830. E. B. 159-38 

Scull, G. D. Dorothea Scott, otherwise Goth- 
erson and Hogben, of Egerton house, Kent, 
1611-1680. Illus. Chn. 2655.4 

Seamer, Mary. Shakespeare's stories simply 
told. Illus. S. E. 76.9 

Seaver, Emily. Poems. Dor. 1 17-41 

Seeley, John R. The expansion of England. 

Two courses of lectures. 980.53; Dor. 494.1 

Dor. 499-2 ; J. P. 723.12 

The lectures of the second course are upon India. 

Seiss, Joseph A. Luther and the reformation. 


Seymour, Mary. Shakespeare's stories simply 
told. Illus. 1391.27 

Shakespeare, William. Tragedy of Julius 
Caesar. Edited by W. J. Rolfe. Dor. 17.49 

— Tragedy of King Richard the third. Edited 
by W. J. Rolfe. Dor. 17.48 

— Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Edited by 
W. J. Rolfe. Dor. 17.47 

Shaw, Catharine. Alick's hero. J. P. 134.15 

Sheldon, Edward S. A short German gram- 
mar for high schools and colleges. 2030.2 

Shepard, William, editor. The literary life. 
[Vol. 1-3.] ■ 1406.14 

Short, John T. The North Americans of an- 
tiquity. Illus. S. B. 155-56 

Shorthouse, J. Henry. The little school- 
master Mark. A spiritual romance. 35.5 

Dor. 476.7 

I have made use of some passages in the childhood of 
Heinrich |uiii;-Stilling to create the character of Little 
Mark. — Preface. 

Sidgwick, Alfred. Fallacies. A view of logic 
from the practical side. [International scientific 
series.] 140.40 

Smith, Horace W. Life and correspondence 
of Rev. William Smith. 2 v. Illus. Rox. 5220.4 

Soley, James R. The blockade and the cruis- 
ers. [The navy in the Civil war.] S. B. 158.54 

Spenser, Edmund. Works. Prefixed, some 
account of [his] life, by H. J. Todd. [Old poets.] 

Rox. 5632-9 
Stables, William G. Aileen Aroon : a me- 
moir. With other tales of faithful friends and 
favourites. Illus. 1499.52 

Stories of animals, etc. 
Staunton, Sidney A. The war in Tong-King. 

Stevens, John A. Albert Gallatin. [Ameri- 
can statesmen.] Rox. 5026.22 
Stevenson, Robert L. An inland voyage 
[through Belgium and northern France]. 

S. B. 360.15 

— The Silverado squatters. 1631.10 

Bri. ii3-iti; Dor. 4584; S. B. 339-3i 
Stirling-Maxwell, ^/V William. Don John of 

Austria ; or, passages from the history ol the 

sixteenth century, 1547-1578. 2 v. Rox. 5722.6 
Story, William W. He and she; or, a poet's 

portfolio. Dor. 117.42; Rox. 1628.16 

Stowe, Harriet E. B. Little Willow, 

also, The minister's watermelons. S. E. 624.5 

— Qiieer little people. Illus. N.E. 173.14 

— Uncle Tom's cabin. New edition, with 
bibliography. J. P. 512.21 

Strutt, Joseph. The sports and pastimes of 

the people of England. Illus. Chn. 5536.7 

Suffolk deeds. Liber 2. 231.12; Bri. 176.129 

Chn. 2745.2; Dor. 204.17; E. B. 201 11.2 

J.P. 912.12; Rox. 833.7 

S. B. 155-49; S. E. 238.4 

Sumner, Charles.' Works. Vol. 12-15 

Chn. 55151 ; Rox. 52341 

The preceding volumes are in both these libr:iries. 

Sumner, William G. What social classes owe 
to each other. Dor. 528.10 

Sunday^ 18S4. Reading for youn^ and old. 
Illus. J. P. 222.17 

Swedenborg, Emanuel. Angelic wi.sdom con- 
cerning the divine love and the divine wisdom. 

J. P. 2032.5 

— Angelic wisdom concerning the divine 
providence. J. P. 2032.4 

— The Apocalypse revealed. 2 v. J. P. 2032.6 

— Arcana coelestia. 10 v. S. E. 98.31 

— Conjugial love. J. P. 2032.7 

— The four leading doctrines of the New- 
church. J. P. 2032.10; S. E. 98.34 

— Heaven and its wonders, the world of spirits, 
and hell. J. P. 2032.8 

— Miscellaneous theological works. 

J. P. 2032.9; N. E. 150-13; S. E. 98.32 

Swinburne, Algernon C- Tristram of Lyon- 
esse and other poems. Dor. 15 14 

Sylva, Cannen, pseud. See Pauline Elisabeth 
Ottilie Louise, queen of Roumania. 

Sylvan city, A : or, quaint corners in Phila- 
delphia. Illus. [" Our continent" library.] 


Tales illustrating church history. [Vol. i], 
4-6. Illus. J. P. 2036.2 

Contents. — I. England: vol. i. The early period. 
4. France and Spain. By J. M. Neale. 5. Eastern, and 
northern Europe. 6. Asia and Africa. 

Taylor, Dana H. The life of Paul. 2100.18 
J. P. 1227.12; Rox. 5337-8 
Taylor, George. Klytia. A story of Heidel- 
berg castle. 1491.26; "Dor. 479-21 ; J. P. 7^3-34 
Rox. 2319.3; S. B. 282.40 




Terhune, Mary V. {Marion Harland.) Cook- 
ery for beginners. 182.16; Rox. 1512.24 

S.B. 31540 

— The cottage kitchen : receipts. S. E. 115. 14 
Thackeray, Anne I., tww Mrs. Richmond 

Ritchie. A book of sibjls. Mrs. Barbauld, 
Miss Edgeworth, Mrs. Opie, Miss Austen. 

1532-23; Dor. 508.4; J. 1*. 713 33 
Rox. 1028.19; 8. B. 69.43 

Thackeray, William M. The history of Pen- 
dennis. 1497.10 

Thaxter, Celia. Poems for children. 331*8 

Thorn, John II. Laws of life after the mind 
of Christ. Discourses. 1113.12 

Thomson, Katherine (B.) The queens of 
society. By Grace and Philip Wharton \^pscud.\ 
Illus. 542.15 

Thorn, Ismay, /5e«</. / Sister Sue. [Fiction.] 

Chn. 2152.17 

Tileston, Mary W., editor. Classic heroic 
ballads. Rox. 1626.23 

Todd, Albert. The campaigns of the Rebel- 
lion. 220.28 

Topelius, Zacharias. Times of Charles xii. 
Trans, from the original Swedish. [The sur- 
geon's stories.] 1422.20; E. B. 315.36 

— Times of Gustaf Adolf. [The surgeon's 
stories.] Chn. 2152.14 

Townsend, Edward D. Anecdotes of the civil 

war in the United States. Illus. 220.27 

Townsend, Luther T. The supernatural factor 

in religious revivals. 11 14.25 

Traill, Henry D. Central government. [The 

English citizen.] Rox. 6315.5 

TroUope, Antihony. An autobiography. 

532.15; Bri. 64.79; Chn. 2654.4 ; Dor. 508.5 

J. P. 713-35; Rox. 1028.20; S. B. 69.41 

— Rachel Ray. A novel. S. B. 241.48 

— Thackeray. [English men of letters.] 

S. E. 200.11 
Trowbridge, John T. Phil and his friends. 

Illus. N. E. 173.17 

Turgenef, Ivan S. Mumu and The diary of a 

superfluous man. 1789.37 

— Poems in prose. Portrait. 1898.18 
Tytler, Sarah, pseud. See Keddie, Henrietta. 
Uncle Lawrence, pseud. Young folks' whys 

and wherefores. A story. Illus. N.E. 150.12 

Rox, 1121.3 

Underwood, Francis H. John Greenleaf Whit- 
tier. A biography. S. B. 164.24 

United States. Bureau of engineers. Re- 
ports of explorations and surveys, to ascertain 
the most practicable and economical route for a 
railroad from the Mississippi river to the Pacific 
ocean, 1853-6, vol. i-io, 12: book i, 2. 12 v. 

Chn. 1314.1 

— Census bureau. Compendium of the tenth 
census (June i, 1880). Rox. 6923.6 

Report on the manufactures of the United 

States at the tenth census (1880). Chn. 6017.7 

— Coast survey. Methods and results. An 
attempt to solve the problems of the first landing 
place of Columbus in the New World. [By G. 
V. Fox.] Folded map. Clin. 2821. xi 

Vandegrift, Margaret. The queen's body- 
guard. A story of American life for girls. 1497.7 

Van Derval, Johannes. Far from home. From 
the German. 1789.42 

Van -Sommer, E. By uphill paths. A story of 
work to be done 1789.35 

Van Wert, Rupert, pseud. See Eddy, Daniel C 

Verne, Jules. The mysterious island : con- 
taining ''Dropped from the clouds," "The 
abandoned," "The secret of the island. Illus. 


" Dropped from the clouds " was published with the 
title " Shipwrecked in the air." 

Victoria, queen. More leaves from the journal 
of a life in the Highlands, 1862-1S82. 

Dor. 175 26; Dor. 508.6; E. B. 231.9 

J. P. 723.11 ; J, P. 1227.7; Rox. 436.21 

Rox. 1027.19; S. B. 34430; S. E. 359-21 

Wallace, D. Mackenzie. Egypt and the 
Egyptian question. 940.18; Rox. 7366.26 

Walpole, Spencer H. The electorate and the 
legislature. [The English citizen.] Rox. 6315.10 

— Foreign relations. [The English citizen.] 

Rox. 6315.14 

Warner, Anna B. A bag of stories. 1789.43 

J. P. 237.28 

Warner, Charles D. Washington Irving. 
[American men of letters.] S. B. 169.44 

Warner, Susan. Stephen, m. d. [Fiction.] 
Chn. 2153.14; Rox. 2434.3 

Watts, Al. The dog: hints on breeding; 
with a description of diseases. Portrait. 172.23 

Weatherly, Frederick E. Told in the twilight. 
[Poems ] Illus. 1352.7 

Webster, John. Works : with account of the 
author, by A. Dyce. [Old dramatists.] 

Rox. 5632.17 

Weed, Thurlow. Life. 2 v. Rox. 5032.9 

Werner, E., /.f«<^. 5e<?Buerstenbinder, E. 

Wheeler, Charles G. The course of empire. 
Outlines of the chief political changes of the 
world (arranged by centuries). 910.32 

Whitney, Luthera. Old-time days and ways. 
With homestead drawings. 50.40; Rox. 1121.4 

Wilkinson, William C. Preparatory Latin 
course in English. Chn. 5315.15 

Willson, Marcius and Robert P. Mosaics of 
Grecian history. S. E. 273.4 

Wilson, Alexander J. The national budget : 
the national debt, taxes and rates. [The English 
citizen.] Rox. 6315.6 

Wingfield, Lewis. Abigel Rowe. A chronicle 
of the regency. 3 v. 35-4 

A story of the time of George iv. 

Winter, William. English rambles : and 
other fugitive pieces. Chn. 5318.31 

Wohlgefuelltes Schatzkastlein deutschen 
Scherzes und Humors. Rox. 5726.29 

Wolzogen, F. S. Caroline A. von. Agnes 
von Lilien. [Roman.] Rox. 5726.28 

Woodbury, Frank P. Luther and the annals 
of the Reformation. J. P. 1218.16 

Woods, Kate T. Out and about; or, the 
Hudsons' trip to the Pacific. Illus. S. B. 132.18 

Worman, James H., and Monsanto, Herman 
M. First Spanish book after the natural or 
Pestalozzian method. [Chautauqua language 
series.] 1054.2 

Yonge, Charlotte M. Little Lucy's wonder- 
ful globe. J. P. 135.2 

— Young folks' Bible history. J, P. 2024.22 

Yonge, Charlotte M., and Weld, Horatio H. 
Aunt Charlotte's stories of American history. 
Illus. , 210.30 

Yriarte, Charles E. Florence, its history, the 
Medici, the humanists, letters, arts. Illus. 

*ic* Rox. 6220.14 




Index of Articles upon American Local History, 


(^Continued from Bulletin No. 67.) 

It was primarilv intended to index for this list only serial historical publications. In accordance 
with a later decision many state and county histories, in which the town or county histories are 
separately treated, are included. Drake's Middlesex County, and Egle's History of Pennsylvania, are 
prominent examples of this class of publications. The local histories are there written by specialists. 

Dade county, Ga. History. 

White. Hist. coll. 418. 
Dade county, Mo. Prehistoric ruins in. 

Am. antiq. (Peet's) i : 76. 
Dakota county, Minn. History. 

Warner & F. Minn. vail. 283. 
Dale, III. Old settlers. Duis. McLean co. 422. 
Dale county, Ala. History. 

Brewer. Alabama, 204. 
Dallas county, Ala. History'. 

Brewer. Alabama, 207. 
Dalton, Ind. History. Young. Wayne co. 204. 
Dalton, Mass. History. 

Holland. Western Mass. 2 : 480. 

— History. 1829. E. Jennings. 

Field. Berkshire co. 381. 
Dalton, N.H. Documents relating to. 1783-92. 
With historical introduction. 

N.H. town papers, 11 : 472. 

Damariscotta, Me. Oyster shell deposit in. 

P. A. Chadbourne. Me. hist. soc. coll. 6 : 345. 

— See also Pemaquid. 

Dana, Mass. History. G. W. Horr. 

Wore. CO. hist, i : 408. 

Danbury, Conn. The expedition against, April 

25-27, 1777. Dawson, i : 212. 

— History. Barber. Conn. hist. coll. 362. 

— History. Fairfield co. hist. 177. 

— Papers relating to operations at. 1777- 

N.H. state papers, 8: 547, 549, 556. 

— Remarks upon the British expedition to. 

1777. E. D. Whittlesey. 

N.Y. hist. soc. coll. 2d ser. 2 : 227. 
Danbury, N.H. Petition for authority to tax 
non-residents. 1796. With historical intro- 
duction. N.H. town papers, 11 :477. 
Danbury, O. Early settlers. C. Waterbury. 

Fire L. pion. 13 : 30. 

— Historical sketches. A. H. Agard. 

Fire L. pion. 10:63. 
Danby, Vt. [Historical sketch.] J. C. Williams. 

Vt. hist. gaz. 3 : 576. 
Dane county, Wise. History. Wise. hist. atl. 202. 

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house, surveys and settling of land. 1680. 
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kil. 1679. N.Y. col. docs. 12 : 620. 


Deal, Del., continued. 

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1671, 1676. N.Y. col. docs. 12:522, 589. 

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to be attended to. 1680. 

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— See also references under Delaware river. 
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Cape llenlopen to the mouth of the river. 
1630. N.Y. col. docs. 12 : 16. 

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chevaux-de-frize [5/c] in the. 1775-84. 

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forces, and of the garrisons on the. 1645. 
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from New Netherland. 1656. 

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for land on the west side of Delaware bay 
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N.H. grants in opposition to the claims of 
N.Y. 1776. Vt. hist. soc. coll. i : i 

— [Historical sketch.] L. B. Armstrong. 

Vt. hist. gaz. I : 183 




Douglas, Mass. Ilistorv. 

Whitney. Wore. co. 203 

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Dover, N. H., continued. 

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relation to land grants, in the town book. 

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war. N.H. town papers, 11 : 710. 

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Benjamin Franklin. 

PART IV. — Continuation. 
Paper Currency printed by Franklin. 

The following statement was prepared for publication in the Bulletin of the Bostcn Public 
Library, at the suggestion of Mr. Theodore F. Dwight, Librarian of the Department of State, by 
Mr. John II. Hickcox, the author of an "Historical account of .American coinage," and of "A 
history of bills of credit, or paper money, issued by New York, from 1709 to 1789." Mr. Dwight 
states that on the reverse of certain Colonial notes^i skeleton leaf is represented, a device adopted 
to prevent counterfeiting, and that he has been unable to determine when that device first came into 
use, but it was probably attributable to Franklin's ingenuity. He adds that in the Franklin collec- 
tion are a hundred or more impressions of leaves, which were undoubtedly prepared for illustration 
of the .scheme, and are identified as Franklin's by manuscript notes in his hand. 


First paper money act passed March 23, 1723. 
£15,000. None of the issue extant. Franklin 
began to print the Pennsylvania bills with the 
issue of Feb. 6, 1731 ; but none of these are ex- 
tant. The next issue — August 10, 17^9 — was 
also printed by Franklin, and of this issue bills 
of three denominations only, 5, 15, and 20 shil- 
lings, are known to collectors. Franklin said it 
was '* a very profitable job, and a great help to 
him." After 1748 D. Hall was in partnership 
with him, and " B. Franklin and D. Hall " 
continued to print the Pennsylvania bills until 
1764, inclusive. 

The following issues of Pennsylvania were 
printed by B. Franklin : — 

1731, February 6. — i shilling; i shilling 6 
pence; 2 shillings; 2 shillings 6 p^nce; 5 shil- 
lings; 10 shillings; 15 shillings; 20 shillings. 
(None extant.) 

1739, August 10.— I shilling; i shilling 6 
pence; 2 shillings; 2 shillings 6 pence; 5 shil- 
lings; 10 shillings; 15 shillings; 20 shillings. 
(Five, fifteen, and twenty shillings only extant.) 

1744, August I. — I shilling; i shilling 6 
pence; 2 shillings; 2 shillings 6 pence; 5 shil- 
lings. (The one shilling sixpence only extant.) 

1746, February 28. — 4 pence; 6 pence; 9 
pence; 15 shillings; 20 shillings. 

1746, Augusti. — 4 pence; 6pence; 9pence; 
20 shillings. (None extant.) 

By B. Franklin and D. Hall. 

1749, February 4. — 3 pence ; 4 pence ; 6 pence ; 
9 pence. (None extant.) 

1755, October i. — 3 pence; 4 pence; 6 pence; 
9 pence; i shilling; i shilling 6 pence; 2 shil- 
lings; 2 shillings 6 pence; 5 shillings; 10 shil- 
lings. (Five and ten shillings only extant.) 

1756, January i. — i shilling; i shilling 6 
pence; 2 shillings; 2 shillings 6 pence; 5 shil- 
lings; ID shillings; 15 shillings; 20 shillings. 

1756, October I. — 5 shillings; 10 shillings; 
15 shillings: 20 shillings. 

17.S7, March 10. — 5 shillings; 10 shillings; 
15 shillings; 20 shillings. 

1757, July I. — 5 shillings; 10 shillings; 15 
shillings; 20 shillings. 

1758, May 20. — I shilling; i shilling 6 pence; 
2 shillings; 2 shillings 6 pence; 5 shillings; 10 
shillings; 15 shillings; 20 shillings. (The first 
three not extant.) 

1759, April 25. — 5 shillings; 10 shillings ; 15 

shillings; 20 shillings; 2 pounds 10 shilling^; 5 

1759, June 21. — 50 shillings ; 5 pounds. 

1760, May I. — 5 shillings; 10 shillings; 15 
shillings; 20 shillings; 50 shillings; 5 pounds. 

1764, June 18. — 3 pence; 4 pence ; 6 pence; 9 
pence; i shilling; i shilling 6 pence; 2shillings: 

2 shillings 6 pence ; 5 shillings; 10 shillings; 15 
shilling; 20 shillings. 

New Jersey. 

The first issue of paper money was dated 
March 25, 1724. A single specimen only is 
known to exist. 

The second issue was of March 25, 1728. and 
printed at Burlington, by Franklin, for Keimer. 
(See Autobiography.) None are extant. Frank- 
lin engraved the designs and constructed the 
copper-plate press 

The several issues of New Jersey bills, printed 
by F'ranklin, are : — 

172S, March 25. — i shilling; \ shilling 6 
pence; 3siiillings; 6 shillings; 12 shillings; 15 
shillings; 30 shillings; 3 pounds; 6 pounds. 
(None extant.) 

1730, July 8. — I shilling; i shilling 6 pence; 
3 shillings ; 6 shillings ; 12 shillings; 15 shillings; 
30 shillings; 3 pounds; 6 pounds. (None ex- 

1735, March 25. — i shilling; i shilling 6 
pence; 3 shillings; 6shillings; 12 shillings; 15 
shillings; 30 shillings; 3 pounds; 6 poimds. 

1746, July 2. — I shilling; i shilling 6 pence; 

3 shillings ; 6 shillings ;.I2 shillings ; 15 shillings ; 
30 shillings; 3 pounds; 6 pounds, (i shilling, 
15 shillings, 3 pounds, only, extant.) 

Bills printed by B- Franklin. 
1746, February 28. — 5 shillings; 10 shillings; 
15 shillings; 20 shillings. 

By B. Franklin and D. Hall. 
1756, M.iy I. — iS pence; 2 shillings; 5 shil- 
lings; 10 shillings; 15 shillings; 20 shillings. 

1758, March t. — iS pence; 2 shillings; 2 shil- 
lings 6 pence; 5 shillings; 10 shillings; 13 shil- 
lings ; 20 shillings. 

175S. May t. — 2 shillings 6 pence; 5 shillings; 
10 shillings; 15 shillings; 20 shillings. 

1759, June I. — I shilling; 18 pence; 2 shil- 
lings; 2 shillings 6 pence; 5 shillings; 10 shil- 
lings; 15 shillings; 20 shillings. 

1760, May 31. — 20 shillings; 30 shillings; 40 
shillings; 50 shillings. 







It is to be noticed that there are two grand divisions and two alphabets in the Card Catalogue 
under Cities: i. Municipal government, that is, the publications of a city, arranged alphabetically 
by the names of the departments 2. Books, etc., about a city, arranged alphabetically by subjects, as 
Antiquities, Description, History, Theatres. 

Publications of the different departments of a 

\. Municipal government. 

To be subdivided according to the 
organization of departments in each city. 














Publications in regard to 



Benevolent institutions and affairs. See 
Charitable institutions. 


Biography and genealogy. 



Business associations and affairs. 

Centennial celebrations, etc. 


Charitable institutions and affairs. 


Churches (church buildings). 

" (religious societies). ^t 

ligious institutions and affairs. 



Commercial institutions. See Business as- 
sociations and affairs. 

Conventions and public meetings. 


See also the names of poliiical parties, division Con- 
ventions, as Democratic party (Conventions; ; Republican 
party (Conventions). 









Description, topography, etc. 

a. General works, b. Manners and cus- 
toms, c. Guidebooks, rf. Maps. e. Views. 


Ecclesiastical institutions and affairs. See 
Religious institutions. 

Education (including schools). 



Exhibitions of industry and art. 

























scientific institution? and 
See Description. 



Financial institutions. See Banks; Busi 

ness associations and affairs. 
Fine arts. 


Fourth of July celebrations and orations. 
Galleries, Museums, etc. 
Genealogy. Sec Biography. 

Guide books. See Description. 
Literary and 

Manners and customs. 
Maps. See Description. 
Military organizations. 

Political organizations and affairs. 
The poor. 

Prisons and reformatory institutions. 
Public buildings. 

Public meetings. See Conventions. 
Public works. 

Religious institutions and aftairs. 
Registers of public officials. 
Sanitary affairs. 
Scientific institutions. See Literary and 

scientific institutions. 
Schools. See Education. 

Topography. Sec Description. 
Views. See Description. 



1884. STAMP ACT OP 1755 

Provincial Stamp Act of 1755. 

Abbott Lawrence, Esq., of Boston, has recently presented to the Public Library a collection of 
broadsides relating to colonial history, and printed between 1696 and 1774. That which pissess^es 
the greatest historical interest is the official promulgation of the stamp-act passed by the Great and 
General Court of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, January S, 1755. This was the period when 
the colonies were engaged in the prosecution of the war, which resulted in the overthrow of the 
French power in North America, and the act was designed in part to furnish means to carry it on. 
Singularly enough this measure has escaped the attention of historians ; but that it was not without 
its influence upon the public mind, in regard to the imperial stamp-act of 1765, is evident from 
contemporaneous testimony found in the draft of an address to the King written by Oxenbridge 
Thacher, an eminent lawyer and distinguished patriot of Boston. The extract is as follows : — 

" With respect to a general stamp duty, we beg leave to observe to your Majesty that in ye time 
of the late war, being driven by want of money to every Expedient, we in this province once made 
such an act. But we found it so burthensome to your Majesty's subjects, and it was so generally 
complained of, that it was laid aside & hath never since been revived. The people of this province 
that are distant from the metropolis, are settled in very sparse manner, few contiguous. When 
therefore they were obliged to make use of ye instruments charged with ye stamps, they must travel 
forty or fifty miles or more, to get their instruments stamped. This was so heavy a tax on the 
greater part of the province, as by imiversal consent, they chose to borrow money on high interest, 
to submit to what we call a dry tax that is a tax on all real & personal estate, & on all polls : and to 
have this increased rather than be longer under so heavy a duty. It was really estimated, that for 
every sixpence brought into the treasury this way, the subject must pay eighteen pence. Besides, 
it was found yt this tax lay heaviest on ye poorer sorts and those least able to bear that or any 
other tax." 

The proclamation, with the omission of the provincial arms and the marginal impressions of 
the several classes of stamps, is as follows : — 

By His Excellency 


Captain-General and Governour in Chief, in and over his Majesty's Province of the 
Massachusetts-Bay in New England. 


Whereas the Great and General Court or Assembly of the Province aforesaid, did at their 
Session held by Adjournment on the 17th of October last, pass an Act entitled. An Act for grant- 
ing unto His Majesty several Ditties upon Vellum, Parchment and Paper tozvards defraying the 
Charges of this Government ; Wherein (among other Things) it is enacted, That the Commissioner 
of the Stamps {an Officer appointed by the General Court for receiving the Duties in the said Act 
granted) shall be provided with Four different Marks or Stamps; which said Marks and Stamps are 
to be published by Proclatnation ; 

I l^abe therefore tfjaugljt fit, toitl^ tfje 3ltJbice of l^is fflajestg's Council, l^crebg to infonii 
all i3er3an3, Cfjat tlje fflarks or Stampa of tfje geijetal OTfjings subjccteU to tlje 33utics in 
tf)f 8ait) 3lct toill be as follotos ; 

For all such Vellum, Parchment or Paper, whereon shall be engross'd or written any Charter- 
Party, Policy of Assurance or Protest, or any Bill of Lading or Receipt for Money or any Kind of 
Wares or Merchandize that shall be laden on board any Ship or Vessel, or any Certificate under the 
Province Seal, or the Seal of any Notary Publick, or any Register of a Ship or other Vessel, or any 
Warrant Monition or Decree of the Court of Vice-Admiralty, or any Deed of Mortgage of any Real 
Estate, the Consideration whereof shall be Twenty Pounds or more, or anv Bill of Sale of any 


STAMP ACT OF 1755 April. 

Ship or Vessel, or any Part of one shall be written (the Duty whereof is Foiir Pence for each Instru- 
ment or Paper) the Device of the Stamp will be a Schooner under Sail, and a Motto on the Ring, 
round it, the Words Steady^ Steady, as in the Margin. 

For all such Vellum, Parchment or Paper whereon shall be engross'd or written any Capias, 
Original Summons, or any Writ of Review, or any Writ of Scire Facias, or any Writ of Execution 
that shall be issued out of the Clerk's Office, or pass the Seal of the Superiour Court of Judicature, 
Court of Assize, d:c. or any of the Inferiour Courts of Common Pleas within the Province, or any 
Bill of Sale for Servants of any Sort (the Duty whereof is Three Pence for each Instrument or 
paper) the Device of the Stamp will be a Pine-Tree, and the Motto on the Ring round it, the 
Words, Province of the Massachusetts, as in the Margin. 

For every Peice of Vellum, Parchment or Paper whereon shall be engross'd or written any 
Capias, Original Summons or Execution from any Justice of the Peace, or any Deed or Mortgage 
of any real Estate, the Consideration whereof shall be less than Tzvcnty Pounds, or any Bond or 
Obligation (those taken in the Probate Office excepted) or other sealed Instrument, (the Dut^ 
whereof is T-^vo Pence for each Instrument or Paper) the Device will be a Cod-Fish with a Motto in 
the Ring in these Words Staple of the Massachusetts, as in the Margin. 

For every Peice of Vellum, Parchment or Paper, on which any News-Paper shall be printed (the 
duty whereof is One Half Penny each) the Device will be a Bird, and in the Ring round it, the 
words Half Penny, as in the Margin. 

^nt) all Persons arc fjcrcbg furtfjer mformEt), tJ)at tfje C0mmi'00iflner of tfje Statnp.«i feitll 
Itcrp f)is ©ffice in tf}e Coian of Boston, aiiti toill be furm'sl^eti tott]^ Ucllum, ^arcfjmcnt anU 
Paper maik'tj or stamp'li for tfje Purposes m sai'li 2lct mentioneti ; anti tl^at none of tTje In- 
struments or JlHritfngs, infjicl^ bg saitj ^ct arc subjected to ang of tfje ©uties tberem tnen- 
tionclj, tolll be tjeemelj gootj or abailable in 3Lain after t]^e Thirtieth Day of April next, bifjicfj 
6l)all not be marfe'li or stamp'ti m manner as aforesaitj. 

Given at the Council-Chamber in Boston the Fourteenth Day of March 1755, in the Twenty- 
eighth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord GEORGE the Second, by the Grace of GOD, of 
Great Britain, France and Ireland, KING, Defender of the Faith, d:c. 

W. Shirley. 
By His Excellency's Command, 

ivith the Advice of the Couftcil, 

3. Mtllarb, Secr'y. 

GOD Save the KING. 

BOSTON : Printed by fohn Draper, Printer to His Excellency the Governour and Council. 





VOL. 6. No. J. 

WHOLE No. 6g. 


William W. Greenough, President. 

Charles V. Whitten, Alderman. 
John H. Lee, Councilman. 
Henry W. Haynes. 

James Freeman Clarke^ 
Samuel A. B. Abbott. 
George B. Chase. 


Mellen Chamberlain, Librarian and Clerk of the Corporation. 
James L. Whitney, Principal Assistant Librarian. 

Arthur M. Knapp, Curator of Periodicals and 

William H. Foster, Proof-reader. 
Josfi F. C arret. Curator of Patettts and En. 

gravings, and Registrar. 

Appleton p. C. Griffin, Custodian of Shelves 
William F. Robinson, Registration Clerk. 
Thomas H. Cummings, Curator of Loiver Hall 

Louis F. Gray, Office Secretary. 

William E. Ford, Janitor, Central Library. 


Arthur M. Knapp, Bates Hall. 
Edward Tiffany, Lower Hall. 
Mary E. Brock, Brighton. 
Cornelius S. CartSe, Charlestovjn. 
Mary G. Coffin, Dorchester. 

Sarah C. Godbold, East Boston. 
Eliza R. Davis, Jamaica Plain. 
Sarah Bunker, Roxbury. 
N. Josephine Bullard, South Boston. 
Grace A. De Borges, South End. 

Mary A. Hill, Custodian, Lower Mills. 
Harriet L. Atkinson, Custodian, Mattapan. 
Grace E. Powars, Custodian, Neponset. 

Eliza R. Davis, Custodian, North End. 
Robert M. Otis, Custodian, Roslindale. 
Anna Hibbard, Custodian, W. Roxbury. 


Information for Readers 166 

Bates Hall 167 

Lower Hall and Branches 219 

American Local History 233 

Spanish Grammars and Dictionaries . . . 240 
Corrections of Errors in Bulletins .... 247 
Notes 247 

Number of Volumes and Hours. 

All departments are open every secular day 
except the six legal holidays, — February 22, 
Fast Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving 
and Christmas, — and such other days as the 
Trustees may direct. 

The Bates Hall is open from nine o'clock, a.m., 
until six, P.M., from October to March, inclusive, 
and until seven o'clock during the rest of the 
year. The Lower Hall of the Central Library is 
open from half-past eight o'clock, a.m., to nine 
o'clock, P.M. The Central Reading Room for 
Periodicals is open from nine o'clock, a.m., 
until ten, p.m., and on Sundays from two to 

Bates Hall 

Newspaper Room . . . 
Duplicate Room . . . 

Lower Hall 

Brighton Branch . . . 
Charlestown Branch . 
Dorchester Branch . . 
East Boston Branch . 
Jamaica Plain Branch . 
Lower Mills Delivery . 
Mattapan Delivery . . 

Neponset Delivery . . 

North End Delivery . 

Roslindale Delivery . . 

Roxbury Branch . . . 
South Boston Branch . 
South End Branch . . 
West Roxbury Delivery 


8.30 to 
9 to 

9 to 

9 to 

9 to 

9 to 

4 to 
3-30 to 

18 to 

i 4-3° to 
4 to 











♦Keep open till 9p.m. Saturdays, 
t Closed l:iM. to 2 I'.M. 
i Reading Room 9 to !). 
*• Closed from 6 to 6.30. 
tt Tuesdays, Thursdays, and.Satur- 


in R. R. 






























a Tuesdays to Saturday s, inclusive 
*•* Saturdays from 2 to 9. 
a Delivered to readers also on.Sun- 



New Books as soon as received are entered on 
the Bulletin Boards of each Library. In the 
Bates Hall, before titles appear on the Board the 
new books are displayed (with the shelf-number 
attached) in a glass case at the desk. The lists in 
the Lower Hall and at the Branches show only 
the books added to those departments. The Dor- 
chester list is posted also at the Deliveries at the 
Lower Mills, Neponset, and Mattapan, and the 
Jamaica Plain list at the Deliveries at Roslindale 
and West Roxbury. The Bulletins are for sale 
(excepting those out of print) at five cents each. 
Books with numbers below 2 no are in the Lower 
Hall; with 21 10 and above, in the Bates Hall. 
Those with Brl., Clin., l>or., E. B., J. P., JV. E., 
Rox., S. B., S. E., or VV. Rox., prefixed to the 
number are respectively in the Brighton, Charles- 
town, Dorchester, East Boston, Jamaica Plain, 
North End, Roxbury, South Boston, South End, 
or West Roxbury Branch. 

Bates Hall of the Central Library. 

I. The Index of 1861. (Includes the Bow- 
ditch Library.) Out of print. 

II. The Supplement of 1866. (Includes the 
Parker Library.) For sale in sheets at $2.00. 

III. The Catalogue of the Prince Li- 
brary. For sale at Si. 00. 

IV. The Catalogue of the Ticknor Col- 
lection of Spanish and Portuguese books. For 
sale at Sj.oo. 

V. The Catalogue of the Barton Collec- 
tion. Shakespearian portion. For sale at Sj-oo. 

VI. Public Card Catalogue. This con- 
tains, with some exceptions, the titles of all the 
books in the Bates Hall. 

VII. The Official Card Catalogue, which 
can be consulted, in cases of need, upon applica- 
tion, contains the titles of all books added to the 
Bates Hall since the publication of the Supple- 
ment in 1866, and includes some titles of books 
received between 1866 and 1871, which are not 
in the Public Card Catalogue. 


There is a separate catalogue of the Tosti En- 
gravings in drawers at the north end of the Pub- 
lic Card Catalogue case in Bates Hall. 

Lower Hall of the Central Library. 

I. Fiction and Juveniles, with notes for 
readers. 6t/i edition, April, 1877. Embraces 
the "Index to Historical Fiction." 20 cents. 

II. Arts, Sciences, and Professions. 2d 
edition, September, 1871. lo cents. — Supplement- 
ary Catalogue, May, 1881. 20 cents. 

III. History, Biography, and Travels, 
with notes for readers. 2d edition, July, 1873. 
JO cents. 

IV. Books in Foreign Languages, jd 
edition. May, 1881. /j cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, Collections, and Mis- 
cellanies, ist edition, August, 1870. 20 cents. 

VI. Card Catalogue. This contains the 
titles of all the books in the Lower Hall, alpha- 
betically arranged, both by authors' names and 
by the titles of books. An assistant, who alone 
has access to this catalogue, will furnish such 
information as may not be found in the printed 


Catalogues are for sale: — Brighton, 2j cents, 
for the main Catalogue (including first Supple- 
ment), and 5 cents for each of the two subsequent 
Supplements ; Charlestown, 50 ce«/.«i; Dorchester, 
JO ce7its ; East Boston, 2 j cents ; Jamaica Plain, 
I J cents; Roxbury, 20 cents; South Boston, 
20 cetits ; South End, jo cents. 

Bates Hall books can be applied for at the 
several Branches and Deliveries, and, if they are 
on the shelves, they will be sent to the Branch 
or Delivery the same or following day. 

The Bulletins since the issues of the Branch 
Catalogues constitute supplements to these sev- 
eral lists. 

Prices of Catalogues to Non-Residents 

are fixed to cover cos. ot manufacture and post 
age, as follows : — 

Bates Hall. — I. Prince Catalogue, .S"/- 75- Tick- 
nor Catalogue, Sj-oo. Barton Catalogue, Sj.oo. 

Lower Hall. — II. History, Biography, and 
Travel, ^/.jo. 

III. Arts, Sciences, and Professions, yj cents. 

IV. Fiction and Juveniles. 7j cents. 

V. Poetry, Drama, and Miscellanies. Si.oo. 
Bulletins. — VI. Issues, each, 20 cents. 

The Branch Catalogues and other publications 
will be furnished, as far as practicable, on terms 
to be made known on application. 

Central Periodical Reading Room. 

A list of periodicals currently received is for 
sale at j cents. There is also a List of serial 
publications now taken in the principal libraries 
of Boston and Cambridge. Price, 20 cents. 




Sheir-numbers Jiio and upwards indicate books in Bates 

Shclt-numbers below 31 10 indicate books in the Lower Hall. 
BrI., Bri^ihton Branch. 

Chii., Charlesto-vn Branch. 

I>or., Dorchester Branch. 

E. B., East Boston Branch. 

J. P., Jamaica Plain Branch. 

N. K., North End Branch. 
Rox., Roxburv Branch. 

S. B., South Boston Branch. 

8. K., South End Branch. 

W. Rox., West Roxbury Delivery Station. 
N. R., Newspaper Room. 

R. R. 
C. R. 

[ I 

( ) 

* • 

Reading Room. 

Catalogue Room. 

No date of publication given. 

No place of publication given. 


Enclose corrections or explanations. 

Stands for the preceding heading. 

Stands for a subordinate heading. 

Enclose names not usually retained. 

Permission of the Librarian, or officer in charge of 
Bates Hall, required to take the hook out. Nnl at- 
tached to Lower Hall copies of the same book. 

Book cannot leave the Library. 

Permission of Trustees required to take the book out. 

Friends of the Public Library will confer a favor, if they will communicate the correction of 
any error they may discover in this List, the authorship of any works treated as anonymous, or the 
name of any person entered only under a pseudonym. 


Abbott, Arthur V. Testing machines. N.Y., 
18S4. Illus. [Van Nostrand's science series.] 
18". 8019.83 

Abyssinia. See Winstanley. 

Accidents. See Dulles. 

Actinia. See Andres. 

Acton, Massackuseits. See Sharp, W. N. 

Adams, John. 5cc Chamberlain. 

Adams, Maurice B. Artists' homes. A port- 
folio of drawings. London, 1883. Plates. F'*. 


Adams, Oscar F. A brief handbook of Ameri- 
can authors. Boston, 18S4.. 16". 4249.57 

Adams, Robert C. Travels in faith trom tra- 
dition to reason. N.Y., 1884. 12". 5441.88 

Adamy, Rudolf. Architektonik des Alter- 
thums. Mit Holzschnitten und vielen Zink- 
Hochatzungen. Hannover, 1883. 4 parts in i v. 
8«. *8o93.3 

Adirondacks. See Saranac. 

Adler, Georg. Rodbertus, der Begriinder des 
wissenschaftlichen Soziaiismus. Leipzig, 1884. 
8". 356780 

Adolph, Carl. Uber das Wetter und die Vor- 
herbestimmung desselben in Europa. Sorau, 
1882. Plate. 4°. . 5962.21 

^Ifric, archbishop of Canterbury, d. 1006. 
Grammatik undGlossar, herausg. von J. Zupitza. 
ite Abt. : Text und Varianten. Berlin, 1S80. 
[Sammlung englischer Denkmaler in kritischen 
Ausgaben.] 8". 4552.17 

Aeronautical society of Great Britain. 14th- 
17th annual report. i879-t882. Greenwich. 
[1879-82.] Sm. 8°. *7965.i 

Africa. See Baker, Sir S. W. ; — Johnston ; — 

Agricultural implements. See Scott, J. 

Ahlqvist, August E. Forschungen auf dem 
Gebiete der ural-altaischen Sprachen. iter- 
3ter Theil. Helsingfors [etc.], i86i-8o. 8°. 


Alabama historical reporter. Published un- 
der the auspices of the Alabama historical so- 
ciety. Vol. I, no. 1-4, 6-10; vol. 2, no. 1-4. Tus- 
kaloosa, 1879-84. 8". *436oa.76 

Alaska. See Pierrepont. 

Albert Edward, prince of Wales. See Taylor, 
S. T. 

Alcock, Randal H. Botanical names for En- 
glish readers. Manchester, 1884. 8". 3857.56 

Aldridge, Reginald. Ranch notes in Kansas, 
Colorado, the Indian territory and northern 
Texas. Illus. London, 1884. Sm. 8". 2367.40 

Alexander the Great. See Fraenkel. 

Alexander, Francesca. Roadside songs of 
Tuscany. Trans, and illus. by Francesca Alex- 
ander, and edited by J. Ruskin. Part I, 2. N.Y., 
1884. 8'*. 2774.68 

Alglave, Emile, and Boulard, J. The electric 
light. Trans, from the French by T. O'Conor 
Sloane, edited by C. M. Lungren. Illus. N.Y., 
1884. 8". 3961-64 




Alice Maud Mary, grand duchess of Hcsse- 
Darmsiiidt. Alice, grand duchess of Hesse, 
princess of Great Britain and Ireland. Biograph- 
ical sketch and letters. With portraits Lon- 
don, 18S4. S". 25405.83 
— Same. N Y, 1884. 8°. 24505.72 
The memoir with which these letters are interwoven 
triinslated from the German of the Kev. Dr. Sell, ol Darm- 

Alleghany, Diocese of. See Latnbing. 

Allegories. See Gerlach. 

Almanach des traditions populaires. 3e ann^e. 
1SS4. Paris, 1884. 24°. *6i98.4 

Almanach national. Annuaire officiel de la 
Republique fran^aise pour 1883. Paris, 1883. 
8". *46i8.5i 

Almanacs. See Club-almanach ; — Connect- 

Altmark, Germany. See Dietrichs. 

Amateur mechanics : an illus. monthly maga- 
zine, conducted by Paul N. Hasluck. Vol. i. 
Illus. London, 1883. L. 8". 69603.13 

Ambert, Joachim M.J. J. A. J., baron. Gau- 
lois et Germains. R^cits militaires. [T.] i. 
Paris. [1883.] Portraits. 8°. 2824.65 

CoHlents. — I. L'invasi')n. 1870. 

America. 5"c<?Pinart; — Weise. 

America, British. See Barneby. 

America, Central. 5'<?6'Bancroft, H.H. ; — Bates. 

America, South. See Bates. 

American meteorological journal. A monthly 
review of meteorology and allied branches of 
study. Vol. I, no. i. Detroit, Mich , 1S84. 
Illus. 8°. * 

Amherst, Massachusetts. Records of the town 
from 1735 to 178S. Edited by J. F. Jaineson. 
Amherst, 1884. 8°. *2356.8o 

Reprinted from the Amherst record of 18S3-84. 

Amidon, Royal W. Student's manual of elec- 
tro-therapeutics, embodying lectures delivered 
at the Woman's medical college of the New 
York infirmary. N. Y., 1884. 16°. 58093.53 

Amiens, France. See Ruskin. 

Among the clods, or phases of farm life. As 
seen by a Town mouse. London, 1884. Sm. 8". 


Analytical Greek -lexicon, The: consisting of 
an alphabetical arrangement of every occurring 
inflexion of every word contained in the Greek 
New Testament Scriptures [etc.]. New and re- 
vised edition. London, n. d. Sm. 4°. *743oa.2 

Anatomy. See Treves. 

An3tomy, Comparative. See Parker. 

Ancient and modern Britons : a retrospect. 
London, 1884. 2 v. 8". 4541.61 

Anderson, David. "Scenes" in the Com- 
mons. London, 1884. Sm. 8°. 2517.57 

Anderson, John. Sprigs of heather; or, the 
rambles of " May-fly " with old friends. Edin- 
burgh, 1884. Sm. 8". 2464.72 

" Sketches descriptive, historical, autobiograpUical, pis- 
catorial and lyrical." — Preface. 

Andress, A. T. History of Chicago. In 3 vol. 

Vol. I. Chicago, 1884. IHus. Plates. Portraits. 

4°. *4370.66 

Various writers contributed to this work. 

Andres, Angelo. Le attinie. Vol. i. Leipzig, 
1884. Illus. Plates. [Fauna und Flora des Golfes 
von Neapel und der angrenzenden Meeres- 
Abschnitte, herausg. von der Zoologischen Sta- 
tion zu Neapel. B. 9.] 4". *3820.70 

Andresen, Carl G. Register zu J. Grimms 
Deutscher Grammatik. Gottingen, 1865. 8". 


The g-rammar to which this volume is an index may be 
found on shelf-numbers 43,56 6 and 2SS6.65. 

Anger. See Biblioteca rara (Seneca). 

Anglo-Saxon language. See .^Ifric ; — Earle ; 
— Kuehn. 

Animal magnetism. See Fischer, E. L. 

Annales des sciences geologiques. Publiees 
sous la direction de Hubert et de M. Alpii. Milne 
Edwards. T. 1-13 Paris, 1869-82. Folded 
maps. Plates. 8^*. *5895-5o 

Annales du theatre et de la musique. An nee 
9. 1883. Paris, 1884. 12°. +4699. 50 

Annuaire de I'electricite. [Public] par A. 
Reverend. [2e] ann^e, 1884. Paris, 1884. Hb's. 
8°. *7965 50 

Annuaire de legislation dtrangere. Public par 
la Societd de legislation compar^e. Annee i-io. 
Paris, 1872-81. 8'^ *7664.i 

Annu3l register. The. 1883. New series. 
London, 1884. 8«. *62i7.i 

Anselme de Ssinte-Marie. Histoire genealo- 
gique et chronologique de la maison royale de 
France, des pairs, grands officiers de la couronne 
et de la maison du roi. T. 9, 2e partie, conte- 
nant, avec la suite des genealogies du P. 
Anselme, la chronologic et les genealogies des 
pairs de France, des dues hereditaires et des 
grands officiers notnmes de 1733 a 1790. Par M. 
Pol Potier de Courcy. Paris, 1873-81. 4°. 


Anthropological institute of Great Britain and 
Ireland. List of members. 1883. London, 
1883. 8«. *6235.55 

Anthropology. See Broca. 

Antiquities. See Archgeological institute; — 
Bcaurepaire; — Deutsche Bucherei (Schoener; 
Boetticher) ; — Egypt; — Funde ; — Martha ; — 
Materiaux; — Muellenhoff; — Saalfeld ; — 
Stephens: — Virchow; — Wells. 

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius. See Watson, 
P. B. 

Apostles. See Hitchcock. 

Apostles' creed. See Westcott. 

Appleton's annual cyclopiedia, 1883. Vol. 23. 
N. Y., 1884. 8«. B. H. Desk. 

Arabian literature. See Basset ; — Ibn Wadhih. 

Ar3UC3nia. See Ercilla y Ziifiiga. 

Arbois de Jubainville, Marie Henri d'. Essai 
d'un catalogue de la litterature epique de I'Irlande. 
Precede d'une etude sur lesmanuscrits en langue 
irlandaise conserves dans les iles britanniques et 
sur le continent. Paris, 1883. 8°. *2i53.i8 

Archaeological institute of America Bulletin 
January, 1883. Boston, 1883. Illus. Plate. 8«. 


Archer, William. Henry Irving. Actor and 
manager. A critical study. 2d edition. London; 
[1883.] Portrait. 16°. 254ob.84 

Architecture. See Adams, M. B. ; — Adamv; 
— Boussard ; — Clark, G. T. ; — Entwerfen ; — 
Fuller, A. W. ; — Hallatt ; — Hochbau ; — How to 
build; — Mothes. 

Archiv fiir lateinische Lexicographic und 
Gramrhatik, mit Einschluss des alteren Mittel- 
lateins. Als Vorarbeit zu einem Thesaurus 
linguae Latinae, mit Unterstiitzung der K. 
bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, her- 
ausg. von E. Wdlfilin. iter Jahrg. Heft 1-3. 
Leipzig, 1884. 8°. *4985.50 




Arctic regions. See Nourse. 

Aretino, Pietro. See Bibiioteca rara (Aretino). 

Arey, Mrs. H. E. G. Home and school train- 
ing. Phila., 1884. 16°. 5598.75 

Argentine Republic. See Crawford. 

Aristophanes. The Acharnians, trans, into 
English verse, by R. Y. Tyrrell. Dublin, 1883. 
Sm. 8°. 297978 

— See Farren. 

Aristoteles. De arte poetica, (Vahlen's text> : 
with trans, by E. R. Wharton. Oxford, 1883. 
Sm. 8°. 2979-79 

— See Bibiioteca rara. 

Arnold, Matthew. Culture and anarchy. 3d 
edition. London, 1882. 8». 4562.28 

— Literature and dogma. An essay towards 
a better apprehension of the Bible. N. Y., 1883. 
16°. 4562.24 

— The Matthew Arnold birthday book. Ar- 
ranged by his daughter Eleanor Arnold. With 
a portrait. London, 1883. 8°. 456087 

— St. Paul and protestantism ; with an essay 
on Puritanism and the Church of England : and 
Last essays on church and religion. N. Y.. 1883. 
16°. 4562.26 

Art, L'. T. 35. Paris, 1883. F«. *7350.2 

Art amateur, The, a monthly journal devoted 
to cultivation of art in the household. Vol. 9, 
10. June, 1883, to May, 1884. N. Y., 1S83, 84. 
2 V. in I. Folded sheets. Illus. F". *695o.i 

Artist, The, and journal of home culture. Vol. 
1-4. London. [18S0-83.] Illus. 8". *8o93.5i 

Artists. See Graves. 

Arundel family. >S^eYeatman. 

Aryan races. See Penka ; — Poesche. 

Asia. See Marvin. 

Asociacion de ingenieros industrials, Barce- 
lona, Spain. Boletin mensual. No. 1-18. Marzo, 
i878-Diciembre 1879. Barcelona, 1878, 79. 
» Folded plates. 8". *8o39.56; **D. 3108.6 

— Reglamento interior de la Asociacion. Bar- 
celona, 1878. 8°. *8o39.6o 

— Revista de trabajos leidos durante el ano 
1877 d 1878. Tomo I. Barcelona, 1878. Folded 
•plates. 8°. +8039.55; **D.3io8.5 

— Revista tecnol6gico-industrial. Publicacion 
mensual. Aiio 3-5. 18S0-82. Barcelona, 1882, 
83. Folded plates. L. 8". *8o39.57; **D.3io8.7 

Associa9^o dos homens de lettras do Brazil. 
A festa litteraria por occasiao de fundar-se na 
capital do imperio a Associa^ao dos homens de 
lettras do Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, 1883. 8°. 


Association littdraire internationale, Paris. 
Bulletin. No. 2, 3, 5-13. Paris, 1879-81. 8". 


Association of practical surveyors of West New 
Jersey. Proceedings, constitution, by-laws, list 
of members, etc. With historical and biographi- 
cal sketches relating to New Jersey. Camden, 
N.J., 1880. 8°. *4374-78 

An appendix contains, pp. 17.^-468, a History of Little 
Ege Harbor township, Burlington Co., New Jersey, by 
Le:Ui Blackman. 

Asthma. See Hack. 

Astronomical register, Index to. See Levander. 

Astronomy. See Hall, A.; — Hill, G.W. ; — 
Lynn ; — Peters. 

Atkinson, Edwin F. T. Statistical, descrip- 
tive and historical account of the North-western 
provinces of India. Allahabad, 1874-79. 5 V. 
Folded maps. L. 8°. ♦5071.58 

Atkinson, William P. On history and the 
study of history. Three lectures. Boston, 1884. 
16". 6219.13 

Attraction. See Sharp, W. H. 

Auberi le Bourgoing. 5'<'# Tobler. 

Aubign^, Theodore Agrippa d'. See Prarond ; 
— Schueth. 

Audsley, George A. The art of chromo- 
lithography explained and illustrated by 44 
plates. London. 1883. f"- ♦^♦Cab.4o.G.3 

Auerbach, Berthold. Auf der Hdhe. Roman. 
I2te Auflage. Stuttgart, 1879. 2 v. in i. 16". 


— Barfus.sele. 24ter Abdruck. Stuttgart, 1882. 
i6<^. 4870a. X4 

— Brigitta. Erzahlung. 2te Auflage. Stutt- 
gart, 1 88 1. 16''. 4870a 26 

— Dichter und Kaufmann. Ein Lebensge- 
malde aus der Zeit Moses Mendelssohns. 4te 
Auflage. Stuttgart, i860. 2v in i. 16". 487oa.i8 

— Drei einzige Tdchter. Novellen. 4te 
Auflage. Stuttgart, 1878. 24". 4870b. 80 

Contents. — D;?r Fels der Ehrenlcgion; Auf VVachc; 
Naunchen von Mainz. 

— Edelweiss. Eine Erzahlung. lote Auflage. 
Stuttgart, 1 88 1. 16". 4870a. 19 

— Der Forstmeister. Roman. - Berlin. 1879. 
2 V. in I. 160. 2870a 79 

— Die Frau Professorin. Lucifer. Dorf- 
geschichten. Stuttgart, 1871. 16*'. 487oa.i3 

— Joseph im Schnee. Eine Erzahlung. 8te 
Auflage. Stuttgart, 1877. 16°. 4870a. 20 

— Das Landhaus am Rhein. Roman. 4te 
Auflage. Stuttgart, 1874. 3 V. ini. 16". 4870a. 28 

— Zur guten Stunde. Stuttgart. [1874. 'J'^ ] 
Illus. Portr. 8". 4871.82 

Austin, — . Henry Irving in England and 
America. By Frederick Daly [pseud.'\. With 
portrait. London, 1884. Sm. 8°. 4547.74 

Austin, George L. Water-analysis. A hand- 
book for water-drinkers. Boston, 1883. 16'. 


Australasia. See Wallace, A. R. 

Austria. See De Worms ; — Vernaleken. 

Authors. See Adams, O. F. ; — Diercks. 

Autumnal catarrh. See Hack. 

Avenarius, Ferdinand, editor. Deutsche 
Lyrik der Gegenvvartseit 1850. Eine Anthologie 
mit biographischen und bibliographischen No- 
tizen. 2te Auflage. Dresden, 1884. 8". 2870.56 

Avenel, Georges, vicomte d'. Richelieu et la 
monarchic absolue. T. 1,2. Paris, 1884. 8". 4624.60 

Avesta. See Cook. 

Azeglio, G. M. G. R. Massimo Taparelli, 
marc/iese d'. Lcttere inedite di Massimo d'Aze- 
glio al marchese Emanuele d' Azeglio. Docu- 
mentate a curadeN. Bianchi. Torino, 18S3. 8°. 

4743- 23 

B., G. S A study of the prologue and epilogue 
in English literature from Shakespeare to Dry- 
den. London, 1884. Sm. 8". 2553.69 

Bach, Johann Sebastian. See Spitta. 

Bacon, Francis, bar,n Verulam and viscount 
St. Albans. See Church ; — Wyman. 

Bacteria. Sec Grove, W. B. ; — Magnin. 

Bain, Alexander. Practical essays. London, 
1884. Sm. 8". 2553.71 

Contents. — Common errors on the mind; Errors of 
suppressed correlatives; Civil service examinations; The 
classical controversy; Metaphysics and debatinij societies; 
The university ideal — and present; The art of study; 
Religious tests and subscriptions; Procedure of delibera- 
tive bodies. 




Baird, Spencer F., Brewer, Thomas M., and 
Ridgway, Robert. The water birds of North 
America. Vol. r. [Edited by Josiah D. Whit- 
ney.] Issued in continuation of the Geological 
survey of California. Boston, 1884. [Harvard col- 
lege. Museum of comparative zoology. Memoirs. 
Vol. 12.] L. 8°. *5890.i.i2 

A part of the illus. in this copy are colored by hund. 

Baird, William. Genealogical collections con- 
cerning the sir-name of Baird, and the families 
of Auchmedden, Newbyth, and Sauchton hall in 
particular. London, 1870. 4°. ♦2430.59 

Baker, Sir George Edward Dunstan Sherston, 
baronet. The office of vice-admiral of the coast. 
Being some account of that ancient office. 
London, 1881. Sm. 4°. *36i6.59 

Baker, ^/V Samuel W. In the heart of Africa. 
Condensed by E.J. W., from "The Nile tribu- 
taries of Abyssinia" and "The Albert N'yanza 
great basin of the Nile." N. Y., 1884. Map. 
I2*>. 5059-70 

Baker, William E. S. The battle of Coney 
island; or, free trade overthrown. A scrap of 
history written in 1900. By an eye-witness. 
Phila., 1883. 12". 4500.69 

Bale, M. Powis. Steam and machinery man- 
agement. London, 1884. Illus. 120. 8019.82 

— Stone-working machinery and the rapid and 
economical conversion of stone. With illus. 
London, 1884. Sm. 8°. 8018.62 

Balestier. Charles W. James G. Blaine. A 
sketch of his life, with a brief record of the life of 
J.A.Logan. N. Y., 1884. Portrait. 12° 4246.50 

Ballad, The, of Flodden field, a poem of the 
xvith century. Edited by C. A. Federer. Man- 
chester, 1S84. L. 8°. *46o4.3 

This poem is said to have been written by Richard Jack- 
son, a school-master of Insjleton, about '^o years after the 
battle. A modernized version is on **G.3837.5. 

Ballads. See Bell ; — Roxburghe. 

Ballard, Robert. The solution of the pyramid 
problem, or pyramid discoveries. 2d edition. 
N. Y., 1883. Illus. 8°. 5054-75 

The author's theory is that the pyramids were the theodo- 
lites of the Egyptians." 

Baltimore. See Quinan. 

Bancroft, A. L., and Co. Official guide map 
of city and county of San Francisco. San Fran- 
cisco, 188 1. 24 X 29^/s in. Folded. *2379a.76 

Bancroft, Hubert H. History of the Pacific 
states of North America. Vol. i, 2, 4-6, 10, 13. 
San Francisco, 1882, 83. Illus. Maps. 8°. 4212.50 

Contents. — i. Central America. 1501-1530. — 2. Central 
America. i5,<o-iSoo — 4. Mexico. 1516-1521. — 5. Mexico. 
1521-1600 — 6. Mexico. 1600-1803. — 10. North Mexican 
states. 1531-1S00. — 13. California. Vol. i. 1542-1800. 

Bangor, Maine See Godfrey. 

Bank of New York. See Domett. 

Banking. See Dean; — Kerr; — Poschinger. 

Banville, T. de. Paris v^cu [1882]. Feuilles 
volantes [1879-1880]. Paris, 1883. 12°. 4660 81 

Bardoux, Agenor. La comtesse de Beau- 
mont, Pauline de Montmorin. Paris, 1884. 
[Etudes sur la fin du xvnie si^cle.] 8°. 4651.56 

Baring-Gould, Sabine. The seven last words 
[of Christ]. A course of sermons. N. Y., 1884. 
16°. 5440a. 98 

Barneby, William H. Life and labor in the far, 
far West: notesof a tour in the western states, Brit- 
ish Columbia, Manitoba, and the north-west ter- 
ritory. With map. London, 1884. 8". 4366.68 

Barnes, Charles L. Rock history. A concise 
note-book of geology, having special reference 
to Knglish and Welsh formations. With maps 
and illus. London, 1884. Sm. 8*^. 3869 70 

Basset, Rene, editor and translator. Contes 
arabes. Histoiredesdix vizirs. (Bakhtiarnameh.) 
Traduite et annot^e. Paris, 1883. [Collection de 
contes et de chansons populaires.] 24°. 3029a. 64 

Bates, Henry W. , editor. Central America, the 
West Indies and South America. With ethno- 
logical appendix by A. H. Keane. Maps and 
illus. 2d edition. London, 1882. [Stanford's com- 
pendium of geography and travel.] 8°. 2367.36 

Battles. See King. C. 

Baughan, Rosa. Chirognomancy ; or indica- 
tions of temperament and aptitudes manifested 
by the form and texture of the thumb and fingers. 
With illus. London. [18S3.M 8°. 3605.73 

Bax, Ernest B. Jean Paul Marat. Ahistorico- 
biographical sketch. New edition. London, 
1882. Sm, 8«. 4648.82 

Bayard, Pierre du Terrail, chevalier de. See 

Bayley, Rafael A. The national loans of the 
United States, from July 4, 1776, to June 30, 1880. 
(As prepared for the tenth census of the United 
States ) Washington, 1881. 4°. *3640.23 

Beal, Samuel. Buddhism in China. London, 
1884. Folded map. [Non-Christian religious 
systems.] Sm. 8°. 5499a.5o 

Beale, Stephen. Profitable poultry keeping. 
Edited, with additions, by M. C. Weld. Illus. 
N. Y. [1884.] I2<>. 6004.54 

Beale, Thomas W. The oriental biographical 
dictionary. Edited by the Asiatic society of Ben- 
gal Calcutta, 1881. 4°. *30ii.6o 

Beaumont, Pauline M. M. F. U. de Montmo- 
rin. comtesse de. See Bardoux. 

Beauregard, Peter G. T. See Roman. 

Beaurepaire, Charles de. Notes historiques 
& archeologiques concernant le departement de 
la Seine-inferieure et specialement la ville de 
Rouen. Rouen, 1883. Fac-simile. 80. *46i8.52 

This volume is composed of extracts from the Bulletin de 
la Commission des antiquitds de la Seine-inf^rieure. 

Bechuana country, Africa. See Mackenzie, J. 

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Belgium, continued. 

Rapport sur les examens subis le i6 octo- 

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Namely : — 

— Alione, Giovan G..fl. 1494- 1520. Comme- 
dia e farse carnovalesche nei dialetti astigiano, 
milanese e francese, misti con latino barbaro, 
composte sul fine del secolo xv. *476oa. 50.60 

Poesie francesi, composte dal 14943! 1520, 

aggiuntavi la maccheronea dello stesso. Wood- 
cuts. *476oa.50.6i 

Preceded by a Notice biographique et bibliographiqae 
par J. C. Brunei. 

— Apuleius Aladaurensis, Lucius. L'asino 
d'oro volgarizzato da Agnolo Firenzuola, con 
I'aggiunta della novella dello sternuto, tradotta da 
M. Boiardo. Nuova edizione, adorna di antiche 
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dialogo, colla vita dell' autrice scritta da A. Zili- 
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di P. Aretino. *476oa.5o.5i 

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tradotto da B. Segni. Nuova edizione, in cui 
sono restituiti gli otto libri della Politica. 


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delle cene degli antichi, lezioni, ora nuovamente 
stampate. *476oa.50.3 

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lamo Diedo, e la dispersione della invincibile 
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croni. *476oa.5o.7 

— Bellini, Lorenzo, 1643-1714. La bucche- 
reide. *476oa.5o.27 

— Bentivoglio, Guido. cardinal. Memorie, 
con correzioni e varianti dell' edizione d'Amster- 
dam del 1648. Aggiuntevi cinquantotto lettere 
inedite, tratte dall' archivio del cav. C. Morbio. 
3 v. in I. *476oa.5o.3i-33 

— Berni, Francesco, 1497 .^-1536. Opere, nuo- 
vamente rivedute e illustrate. 2 v. in 1. 

♦4760a.50.44, 45 

— Betussi da Bassano, Giuseppe. 11 Raverta, 
dialogo nel quale si ragiona d'amore e degli effetti 
suoi con la vita dell' autore, scritta da G. Verci. 

*476oa. 50.30 

— Bibbiena, Bernardo D. da, cardinal, 1470- 
1520. La Calandria, commedia, aggiuntavi un' 
avventura amorosa di Ferdinando d'Aragona, 
narrata da esso Bibbiena a Pier de' Medici. 

♦47603.50. 14 

— Bible. I salmi di David, recati in rime tos- 
cane, da G. Diodati. la edizione milanese. 


— Boccaiini, Traiano. Pietra del paragone 
politico. , *476oa.50.i9 

— Boetie, Etienne de la, 1530-1563. II Con- 
tr'uno, o della servitii volontaria. discorso di 
Stefano de la Boetie. Con la lettera del signor 
de Montaigne circa alia ultima malattia ed alia 
morte dell' autore. Prima versione italiana di 
P, Fanfani. ^47603. 50.39 

— Bruno, Giordano. La cabala del cavaiio 
Pegaseo, con I'aggiunta dell' Asino cillenico. 
Nuova edizione. *476oa. 50.35 




Biblioteca rara, continued. 

11 Candelaio, commedia. Nuovamente 

stampata e diligentemente corretta. *476oa.50 i8 

La cena de le ceneri. descritta in cinque 

dialoghi per quattro interlocutori, co.n tre consi- 
derazioni circa doi suggetti. Nuova ed., corretta. 

*476oa. 50.36 

Gli eroici furori di G. Bruno. 


Spaccio de la bestia trionfante, proposto 

da Giove, eft'ettuato dal consiglio, rivelato da 
Mercurio, recitato da Sofia, udito da Saulino, 
registrato dal Nolano; diviso in tre dialoghi, 
subdivisi in tre parti. Nuova ed., corretta. 


— Caro, Annibale, 1507-1566. Gli Straccioni, 
commedia. La Ficheide, comento. La Nasea, e 
La statua della foia. *476oa.50.i2 

— Cepchi, Giovanni M., 1518-1587. L'assiuolo, 
commedia, e saggio di proverbj, coU' aggiunta di 
uno studio sulle commedie dell' autore, e di una 
lezione sui proverbj toscani, per L. Fiacchi, 


— Chinazzi, Daniello. Cronaca della guerra 
di Chioggia [tra Veneziani e Genovesi, 1376- 
13S1]. Pubblicata da L. A. Muratori, ed ora in 
comoda forma ridotta, e diligentemente corretta. 

*476oa. 50.59 

— Columbus, Christopher. Lettere autografe, 
nuovamente stampate. *476oa 50.16 

— Compagni, Dino, 1250-1323. L'intelligenza, 
poema in nona rima, nuovamente ridotto a mi- 
glior lezione. *476oa. 50.15 

— Cronaca d'Orvieto dal 1342 al 1363, gia pub- 
blicata da L. A. Muratori, ed ora in piii comoda 
forma redatta, e corretta. *476oa.50.58 

— Dante Alighieri. La divina commedia 
secondo la lezione di Carlo Witte. Prima edizione 
italiana adorna di cento incisioni antiche. 3 v. 
in I. *476oa.5o.4i-43 

— De tribus impostoribus (mdiic) ; testo latino 
collazionato suH' esemplare del duca de la Val- 
lifere, ora esistente nella Biblioteca imperiale di 
Parigi, con I'aggiunta delle varianti di parecchi 
manoscritti, e di una notizia filologica e biblio- 
grafica, di Filomnesto il giovane [P. Gustave 
Brunet]. *476oa. 50.47 

The three called impostors are Moses, Mohammed and 
Christ. The editor discusses the authorship of the work, 
and thinks it mi}^ht have been written by Bonaventure Des 
Periers. Ain>naf those to whom the authorship has been 
ascrilied are Frederick I (Barbarossa), Boccaccio, Poggio 
Bracciolini, Pomponazzo. 

— Dolce, Lodovico, 1508-1568. L'Aretino' 
ovvero dialogo della pittura, con I'aggiunta delle 
lettere del Tiziano a vari e dell' Aretino a lui. 

*476oa.5o. 10 

— Doni, Antonfrancesco, 1513-1574. Tutte le 
novelle, Lo Stufaiuolo, commedia. e La mula, e 
La chiave, dicerie di A. Doni. Nuova e com- 
piuta ed. *476oa.50.i3 

— Erasmus, Desiderius. Elogio della pazzia, 
antica versione italiana, nuovamente riveduta e 
corretta, ed illustrata con disegni di Holbein. 

*476oa.5o. 17 

— Gigli, Girolamo, 1660-1722. II gazzettino di 
Girolamo Gigli. Nuova edizione, corretta col 
riscontro del codice della Biblioteca di Siena, per 
cura di L. Banchi. *476oa.50.5o 

— Giovio, Paolo, 1483-1552. Ragionamento, 
sopra i motti, e disegni d'arme e d'amore, che 
comunemente chiamano imprese. *476oa.5o.5 

Biblioteca rara, continued. 

— Giraldi Cintio, Giambattista, 1504-1573. 
De' romanzi, delle comedie e delle tragedie, ragi- 
onamenti. Ricorretti sopra un esemplare esis- 
tente nella biblioteca di F^errara, riveduto ed in 
parte rifatto di mano dell' autore. Delle satire, 
ragionamento inedito. Document! intorno alia 
controversia sul libro de' Romanzi con G. B. 
Pigna. *476oa.50.52, 53 

— Longus. Gli amori pastorali di Dafni e 
Cloe, volgarizzati da Annibal Caro. Col sup- 
plemento tradottoda S. Ciampi. Nuova edizione, 
illus. *476oa.5o.20 

— Luigini, Federigo, /?. 1554 II libro della 
bella donna. Nuova e corretta edizione. 


— Maccheronee di cinque poeti italiani del 
secolo XV. Tifi Odassi ; Anonimo Padovano ; 
Bassano Mantovano ; Giovan Giorgio Alione; 
Fossa Cretnonese. Con appendice di due sonetti 
in dialetto bergamasco. ♦4760a.50.34 

Another copy on 4761.2 is printed on large paper. . 

— Medici, Lorenzo di Pier Francesco de', 
called Lorenzino, 15 14-1548 Scritti e docu- 
ment!, ora per la prima volta raccolti [per cura 
di C. T^oli]. ♦476oa.5o.2 

— Mescolanze d'amore, ovvero, raccolta di 
scritti amatorii di Plotino, L. B. Alberti, S. 
Guazzo, e Melchior Cesarotti. ♦4760a. 50. 6 

— More, Sir Thomas. L'Utopia, ovvero La 
repubblica introvabile di Tommaso More, e La 
citta del sole di Tommaso Campanella, versioni 
italiane nuovamente .rivedute e corrette, aggiun- 
tavi la storia del Reame degli orsi, di Gaspare 
Gozzi. ♦4760a.50.11 

— Onosander. Dell' arte della guerra, recato 
di greco in italiano, da Fabio Cotta. Nuova 
edizione. ♦4760a. 50.4 

— Oppianus. Della pesca e della caccia, tra- 
dottodal greco, ed illustrato con varie annotazioni 
da A. Salvini Nuova edizione, coll' aggiunta 
delle notizie sulla vita dell' autore, per G. A. 
Greenhill. ^47603. 50.48 

— Petronius Arbiter, Titus. Satire, volgariz- 
zate ed annotate, da V. Lancetti. Con I'aggiunta 
dei frammenti tradotti da M. Tommasini, e di 
due saggi di un nuovo volgarizzamento di Pe- 
tronio, per L. Carrer ed A. Cesari. 

♦4760a. 50. 21 

— Piccolomini, Alessandro, 150S-1578. L'Ales- 
sandro. commedia. ^47603. 50. 28 

Pp. i-xxxii contain "Appunti per servire alia vita di 
Alessandro Piccolomini," by Carlo Tdoli. 

La Raffaella, ovvero della bella creanza 

delle donne, dialogo. Nuovamente ridotto a 
miglior lezione. *476oa.50.i 

— Pico della Mirandola, Giovan F., 1463-1494. 
La Strega: ovvero, degli inganni de' demoni. 
Dialogo, tradotto in lingua toscana da Turino 
Turini. ♦4760a.50.40 

— Pius II, {Enea Silvio de' Piccolomini), pope, 
1405-1464. Storia di due amanti. ♦4760a. 50. 38 

Contains a list of the principal editions and translations 
of this work. This edition is based upon the rifacimento, 
or free translation made by A. Braccio. 

— Plautus, Titus Maccius. Anfitrione, com- 
media, voltata in terza rima da P. Collenuccio. 
Aggiuntovi il dialogo dello stesso, tra la berretta 
e la testa, premesso il discorso di G. Perticari 
intorno alia vita ed alle opere dell' autore. 





Biblioteca rara, continued. 

— Ristoro d'Arezzo. Delia composizione del 
inondo di Ristoro d' Arezzo, testo italiano del 
1-282. Gia pubblicato da E. Narducci, ed ora in 
piu comoda forma ridotto. *476oa.50.54 

— Sassetti, Filippo, 1540-1588. Vita di Fran- 
cesco Ferrucci, coll' aggiiinta della lettera di D. 
Giannotti a B. Varchi sulla vita e sulle azioni di 
esso Ferrucci, e con un saggio delle sue lettere 
ai dieci della guerra. ♦47603.50.9 

— Seneca, Lucius Annxus. Dell'ira libri tre, 
tradotti e annotati da F. Serdonati. Nuovamente 
ridotti a miglior lezione, coll' aggiunta delle let- 
tere di S. Paolo a Seneca, e di Seneca a S. Paolo, 
volgarizzate nel secolo xiv. *476oa. 50.25 

— Toloinei, Claudio, 1492-1555. II cesano, 
dialogo, della lingua toscana. '''4760a. 50. 49 

— Trissino. Giovan G., 1478-1550. II castellano 
di Giangiorgio Trissino ed II cesano di Claudio 
Tolomei, dialoghi intorno alia lingua volgare, 
ora ristampati, con I'epistola dello stesso Tris- 
sino intorno alle lettere nuovamente aggiunte 
air alfabeto italiano. *476oa.5o.49 

La Sotonisba, tragedia e I Simillimi, com- 

media, di G. Trissino, aggiuntivi a riscontro I 
Lucidi, commedia di A. Firenzuola. *476oa. 50.46 

— Xenophon Ephesiiis. Degli amori di Abio- 
come ed Anzia, libri v, tradotti da A. M. Salvini. 
Nuova accurata edizione, del testo del Salvini, 
con I'aggiunta in fine delle emendazioni -di E. 
Quirino Visconti. *476oa.50.22 

Bibliotheca nacional do Rio de Janeiro. Ca- 
talogo da Exposi^ao de historia do Brtizil reali- 
zada pela Bibliotheca nacional do Rio de Janeiro 
a 2de Dezembro de 1881. Rio de Janeiro, 1881. 
8". * 

The preface is signed by Dr. B. F. Raniiz Galv-ao. Biblio- 

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of the Sunderland or Blenheim library, [ist- 
5th portion] Sold by auction by Puttick and 
Simpson. [London.] 1881-83. 8°. *2i42.57 

Inserted before each portion is a printed list of pur- 
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was extended through ten days. The total amount realized 
was ;^46,673. 

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Biography. See Beale, T. VV. ; — Cooper ; — 
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— See also Balestier. 

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An entirely rewrittea and greatly enlarged edition of the 
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Sm. 8^ *5496 33 




Boehmer, Eduard, continued. 

The same niav be found with chanjjes and without the In- 
trodurtion in Bibliotheca W'iffeniana, vol. i, 65-81 pp. 

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Reprinted from the Nouvelle revue. 

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1883. Plate. 4°.' , 8052.141 
Brasseur de Bourbourg, Etienne C. See 


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Brazil. See Associagao; — Bibliotheca na- 

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viewed and illustrated from original documents. 
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This work . . . consists of four different treatises which 
were originally published as prefaces to the four volumes of 
Letters and papers of the reign of Henry viil, edited bv 
Professor Brewer for the Master of the Rolls [*7o53.5o]. 

— Preface. 

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Contains the text and translation on opposite pages. The 
introduction gives specimens of Indian melodies. 

Bristol, England. See Camden society 

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Trustees' Room. 

Contents. — Vol. 3. Dorchester. —4. South and East 

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Appended is a bibliography. 

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ijbertragsn, erklart und autographiert. Abth. 3 
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Brunner, Arnold W. Cottages ; or hints on 
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medium and low cost houses, contributed by 
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Added a chapter on the water suppl}', drainage, 
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Plate. Vignettes. 24°. 5559^.68 

Buddhism. See Beal ; — Bigandet ; — Jataka ; 
— Seydel. 

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byW. Maccall. London. [1884?] Sm. 8°. 5441.86 

The author published a volume containing' some of the 
most interestin)? Christian leg'ends. After Billow's death 
an enlarjjed edition appeared [in 1S59], of which the present 
volume is a translation. 

Buerstenbinder, Elisabeth. Um hohen Preis. 
Roman von E. Werner {jpseud.^ Leipzig, 1S79. 
2 V. in I. \(P. 4871.80 

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Sm. 4°. *^*46o6.9 

Conl'nts.—i. Sir Gyles Goosecappe; The wisdome of 
Dr. DodypoU; The distracted emperor; The tryall of chev- 

Bulletin monumental. Table gen^rale ana- 
litique et raisonde des matieres contenues dans 
les [39] volumes formant la premiere-quatri- 
eme s^rie. Paris, 1846-73. 4 v. 8°. *3229.5o 

Bulletin officiel des lois, d^crets et reglements 
qui rdgissent- I'armde dans ses rapports avec le 
service de santd. T. i. Paris, 18S3. 8". *3756.55 

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8'. No. I in ♦6873 7 

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colonists on the purchase, care, and use of fire- 
arms, with notes on sporting rifles, etc. With 
illus. London, 1884. Sm. 8". 5959-II 

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8°. 2367.32 

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March, 1884]. With maps. London, 1SS4. 8". 


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ings of the Maine historical societv, Feb. 27, 
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for a historical picture. Trans, by W. Beatty- 
Kingston. London, 18S4. 2 v. Sm. 8". 2858.50 

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ural and revealed, to the constitution and course 
of nature. With an introduction and appendix 
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versal library.] 16°. 3488.90 

Butterflies. See Marshall, G. F. L. 

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poems. Boston. 1884. 16". 240ob.55 

Byzantine empire. See Ranke. 

Cadiz, Spain. See Camden society (Glan- 

Caedmon. See Ziegler. 

Cairo, Egypt. See Deutsche Bilcherei (Ebers). 

Calcutta. See Eastwick. 

Calcutta review. Index to the first fifty vol- 
umes. Calcutta, 1S73. 8"^. *5076.55 

Calderon de la Barca, Pedro. See Ribeiro. 




California. See Bancroft, H. H. ; — Farns- 

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With additions from "Verses and translations." 
3d edition, with a new poem. N. Y., 1872. 
[Leisure lioiir series.] 16". 2400b. 57 

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seum. 23d-26th, 28th annual report. [Cam- 
bridge.] 187S-83. 8°. *6i47.73 

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ster.] 1852-84. §m. 4". Namely: — 

— Airy, Osmund, editor. The Lauderdale 
papers. Vol. i. 1639-1667. 1884. *2426.76 

— Bruce, John. The quarrel between the Earl 
of Manchester and Oliver Cromwell : an episode 
of the English Civil war. Unpublished docu- 
ments collected by J. Bruce; with fragments of a 
historical preface by Mri Bruce, annotated and 
completed by David Masson. 1875. *2426.55 

— Burrows, Montagu, editor. The register of 
the visitors of the University of Oxford from 
1647 to 165S. Edited, with some account of the 
state of the University during the Common- 
wealth. 1881. *2426.7i 

— Camden miscellany. Vol.8. 1883. *24i6.39.8 

Contents. — Four letters of Lord Wentworth, afterwards 
Earl of Strafford, with a poem on his illness ; Memoir by 
Madame de Motteville on the life of Henrietta Maria; 
Papers relating to the delinquency of Lord Savile, 1642- 
1646; A secret negociation with Charles the First, 1643- 
1644 ; A letter from the Earl of Manchester on the conduct 
of Cromwell ; Letters addressed to the Earl of Lauderdale ; 
Original letters of the Duke of Monmouth ; Correspondence 
ol the family of Haddotk, 1657-1719; Letters ot Richard 
Thompson to Henry Thompson, ol Escrick, Co. York. 

— Catholicon Anglicum, an English-Latin 
word-book, dated 1483. Edited by S. J. H. Ilerr- 
tage. 1882. *2426.72 

The same, printed for the early English text society, 1S81, 
is on shelf-no. *;^*24 17.72. 

— Gaiidner, James, editor. The historical 
collections of a citizen of London in the fifteenth 
century. 1874. *2426.6o 

Contents. — John Page's Poem on the siege of Rouen; 
Lydgate's Verses on the kings of England ; William Greg- 
ory's Chronicle of London. 

Three fifteenth century chronicles, with 

historical memoranda by John Stowe. and con- 
temporary notes of occurrence written by him in 
the reign of Elizabeth. 1S80. *2426.70 

— Gardiner, Samuel R., editor. Documents 
relating to the proceedings against William 
Prynne, in 1634 and 1637. With a biographical 
fragment by J. Bruce. 1877. *2426.6i 

Added, a list of Prynne's works by J. Bruce. 

The Fortescue papers ; consisting chiefly 

of letters relating to state affairs, collected by 
John Packer, secretary to George Villiers, duke 
of Buckingham. 1871. *2426.4i 

The Hamilton papers^ being original 

letters in the possession of the Duke of Hamilton 
and Brandon, relating to the years 1638-1650. 
1880. *2426.69 

— Glanville, Sir John. The voyage to Cadiz 
in 162^. Never before printed. From Sir John 
Eliot's Mss. at Port Eliot. Edited by A. B. Gro- 
sart. 1883. *2426.74 

— Great Britain. Debates in the House of 
commons in 1625. Edited by S. R. Gardiner. 
1873. ♦2426.50 

Notes of the debates in the House of lords, 

officially taken by Henry Elsing, 1624 and 1626. 
Edited by S. R. Gardiner. 1879. *2426.66 

Camden society, continued. 

— Hale, William H., and Ellacombe, Henry 
T., editors. Account of the executors of Richard 
[de GravesendJ. bishop of London, 1303, and of 
the executors of Thomas [de Button], bishop of 
Exeter, 13 10. 1S74. Plates. *2426.53 

— Halkett, Anne, lady, 1622-99. Autobiog- 
raphy. Edited by J. G. Nichols. 1875. *2426.56 

— Harpsfield, Nicholas, d. 1583. A treatise 
on the pretended divorce between Henry viii. 
and Catharine of Aragon. Now first printed 
from a collation of four manuscripts. By Nicho- 
las Pocock. 1878. "*2426.64 

— Harris, Alexander. The ceconomy of the 
Fleete : or an apologeticall answeare of Alexan- 
der Harris (late warden there) unto xix articles 
sett forth against him by the prisoners. Edited 
by A. Jessopp. 1879. Folded table. *2426.67 

— Harvey, Gabriel. Letter-book. ad. 1573-1580. 
Edited from the original ms Sloane 93, in the Brit- 
ish museum, by E. J. L. Scott. 1884. *2426.75 

— Milton, John. A common-place book of 
John Milton, and a Latin essay and Latin verses 
presumed to be by Milton. Edited from the 
original mss., by A. J. Horwood. 1876. *2426.58 

— Same. (Revised edition.) 1S77. *2426.59 

— Prideaux, Humphrey. Letters to John 
Ellis. 1674-1722. Edited by E. M. Thompson. 
1875. . *2426.57 

— Ricart, Robert. The maire of Bristowe is 
kalendar. Edited by Lucy T. Smith. 1872. 
Photograph. *2426.45 

— Rimbault, Edward F., editor. The old 
cheque-book, or book of remembrance of the 
Chapel royal, from 1561 to 1744. 1872. *2426.43 

— Roe, — . Military memoir of colonel John 
Birch, sometime governor of Hereford in the 
civil war between Charles i. and the Parliament, 
written by Roe, his secretary. With a com- 
mentarj-, notes and appendix, bv J. Webb. 
Edited by T. W. Webb. 1873. "' *2426.5i 

Contains a list of members of the Camden society. 

— Sheppard, John B., editor. Christ church 
letters. A volume of mediaeval letters relating 
to the affairs of the priory of Christ church, 
Canterbury. 1877. *2426.62 

— Simpson, William S., editor. Documents 
illustrating the history of S. Paul's cathedral. 
1880. *2426.68 

— Stillingford, John. Letters and papers of 
John Stillingford, mayor of Exeter, 1447-50. 
Edited by S. A. Moore. 1871. *2426.42 

These papers refer " to a suit brought against the mayor 
and citizens of Exeter by Edmund Lacy the bishop, and the 
dean and chapter of Exeter." — Preface. 

— Thompson, Edward M.. editor. Corre- 
spondence of the family of Hatton : being chiefly 
letters addressed to Christopher, first viscount 
Hatton 1601-1704. 1878. 2 v. *2426.65 

— True relation. A, of the life and death of Wil- 
liam Bedell, lord bishop of Kilmore in Ireland. 
Edited, and amplified with genealogical and his- 
torical chapters by T. W.Jones. 1872. ♦2426.44 

" It was the Rev. William Bedell, vicar of Kinawley, 
from 1634 until the Rebelliin in i6ai and afterward rector of 
Rattlesden in Suffolk from 1644 till his death in 1670, who 
was, there is every rea-on to believe, the author of the 
' Relation of the life and death ' of the Bishop his father." 
— Preface. 

— Wriothesley, Charles. A chronicle of En- 
gland during the reigns of the Tudors, from 1485 
to 1559. Edited by W. D. Hamilton. 1875, 77. 
2 v. *2426.54 




Campbell. John. Thirty years' experience of 
a medical officer in the English convict service. 
London, 18S4. Sin. 8". 5572-98 

Campbell, John L. Geology and mineral 
resources of the James river valley, Virginia. 
With map and geological sections. N. Y., 1S83. 

8". *3863-79 

Canada. Geological survey. Report on the 
fossil plants of the lower carboniferous and mill- 
stone grit formations of Canada. By J. W. 
Dawson. Montreal, 1873. Plates. L. 8'. *5873.27 

Carnegie, Andrew. Round the world. N. Y., 
18S4. 8^ 2276.53 

Carnegie, William. Practical game preserving. 
Illus. London, 1884. 8". 4006.83 

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gartner's friend. Boston, 1884. I2<*. 5597*57 

Carpenter, Wesley M., editor. Proceedings at 
the dinner given by the medical profession of the 
city of New York, April 12, 1S83, to Oliver Wen- 
dell Holmes. N.Y., 1883. Portraits. 8°. *4243.59 

Carroll county, /Oifrt. 5"t't' Warner and Foote. 

Carter, Thomas T. Harriet Monsell. A 
memoir. N. Y., 1884. Portrait. 16°. 5557-57 

Carter fainily. Sec Potts. 

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records. Vol. 2. [N. Y.] 18S4. 8°. *2370.59 

Cassell's illustrated guide to Paris. London, 
1884. Folded map. 16'. 4637.15 

Catalogues. See Bibliotheca Sunderlandiana ; 
— Blackburn. 

Catarrh. See Kitchen. 

Catharine IL of Russia. See Siebigk. 

Cattle. See Tait, J. S. 

Caucasus. See Virchow. 

Caulfeild, Sophia F. A. Avenele and other 
poems. London, 1871. Sm. 8°. 4562.75 

Cavenagh, Sir Orfeur. Reminiscences of an 
Indian official. London, 1884. Sm. 8**. 3077.58 

The author describes his own career in India from cadet 
to governor. 

Cement. See Dawidowsky. 

Centaurs. See Meyer. E. H. 

Centralblatt fiir Bibliotheksvvesen. Herausg. 
von O. Hartwig und K. Schulz. i. Jahrg. 
Leipzig, 18S4. 8°. *2i42.6o 

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Fehling und Heinrich Fritsch. iter-yter Jahrg. 
Leipzig, 1877-83. 7 v. 8''. *5774.6o 

Central-Zeitung fiir Optik und Mechanik. 
Redaktion : O. Schneider. 5. Jahrg. No. 1-15. 
Leipzig, 1884. Illus. L. 8". *7942.50 

Cereals. See United States, Deft, of agric. 

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of the ingenious gentleman Don Qiiixote of La 
Mancha. Trans, by P. A. Motteux. Vol. 4. 
Edinburgh, 1884. 8". *309oa.54 

Ceu-tsi. Ein Beitrag zur Kenntniss der chi- 
nesischen Philosophic. T'ung-su des Ceu-tsl, 
mit Cii-hi's Commentare nach dem Sfng-li 
TsIng-{. Chinesisch mit mandschuischer und 
deutscher Ubersetzung und Anmerkungen, 
herausg. von W. Grube. Theil i. Cap 1-8. 
Leipzig, 1882. 8". 3021.70 

Chabas, Francois J. Melanges dgyptologiques, 
comprenant onze dissertations sur ditferents 
sujets. [iel-3e s^rie. Chalon-sur-Saone, 1862- 
73. 4 v. Plates. 8°. ♦30503.56 

Chabaud-Arnault, Ch. fitude sur la guerre 
navale de i8i2, entre I'Angleterre et les Etats- 
Unis de I'Am^rique du Nord. Paris, 18S3. L. 
8°. 441 1. 63 

Chailley, Joseph. L'imp6t surle revenu. Paris, 
18S4. 8". 3657-59 

Chaldee language. See Davies, B. ; — Wigram. 

Challenger, ship. Report on the scientific re- 
sults of the voyage of H.M.S. Challenger, 1873- 
76. Prepared under the superintendence of Sir 
C. Wyville Thomson and John Murray. London, 
1884. Folded plates. 4". %*58to.ia 

Contents. — Physics and chemistry. Vol. i. Researches 
into the composition of ocean-water, by \V. Dittmar; 
.Specific gravity of samples of ocean. water, by J. Y. 
Huch.inan; Deep-sea temperature observali;)ns of ocean- 

Chalmers, George P. See Bough. 

Chamberlain, Mellen. John Adams, the states- 
man of the American revolution Address before 
the Webster historical society, Boston, Jan. 18, 
1S84. Boston, 1884. 8". 4244-52 

Chambers, Robert. Vestiges of the natural 
history of creation. By Robert Chambers. 12th 
edition. Witi\ an introduction relating to the 
authorship of the work by Alexander Ireland. 
London, 1884. Portrait. Illus. Sm. 8'. 5827.55 

The authorship of this work has until recently remained a 

Chapin, Bela, compiler. The poets of New 
Hampshire, being specimen poems of three 
hundred poets of the Granite state, with bio- 
graphical notes. Claremont, N. H., 1883. 8". 


Chapman, William. The life of John Wiclif, 
the herald of the Reformation. London. [1884.''] 
Illus. Sm. 8". 5557-55 

Character. See Payne. 

Charades. See Frost. 

Charles, Elizabeth R. Thoughts and char- 
acters. Selections from the writings of the 
author of " The Schonberg-Cotta family." By a 
friend. London. [1884.?] Sm. 8". 2553.75 

Charleston, South Carolina. Year-book, 1883. 
[Charleston, 1883.] Folded maps. Fac-similes. 
8"^. "63703.60 

Chase, Eliza B. Over the border. Acadia, 
the home of " Evangeline." With illus. Boston, 
1884. 8°. 2367.42 

Travels in Nova Scotia. 

Chastel, Etienne L. Histoire du christianisme 
depuis son origine jusqu'a nos jours. Paris, 
1881-83. 5 V. 8°. 3522.51 

Chauncy family. See Tucker. 

Chemische Industrie, Die. Monatsschrift, 
herausg. vom Verein zur Wahrung der Inte- 
ressen der chemischen Industrie Deutschlands. 
Redigirt von Emil Jacobsen. 7. Jahrg. Berlin, 
1884. L. 8". *797oa-5 

Chemistry. See Bloxam; — Johns Hopkins 
university ; — Kolbe ; — Landolt; — Ramsay ; — 
Roscoe ; — Witthaus. 

Chesapeake bay. See Rothrock. 

Cheshire, England. See Earwaker ; — Har- 
leian society (Rylands). 

Chess. See Minchin. 

Chevreul, Michel E. The laws of contrast of 
colour and their applications to the arts and 
manufactures. Trans, from the French by J. 
Spanton. London, 1883. Colored plates. Sm. 
8". 4076.27 

Chicago. See Andreas. 

Chicago literary club. Constitution, with list 
of officers, schemes of exercises, from date of 
organization, April 21, 1874; and present roll of 
members, April i, 1884. Chicago, 1884. 12". 





Children, Diseases of. See Dixon ; — Semple. 

China. See Boulger ; — Mesny ; — Piassetskj ; 
— Tonquin. 

China paiViting. See Lewis ; — McLaughlin. 

Chinese literature See Ceu-tsi ;-Schi-king. 

Chirognomancy. See Baughan. 

Chiromancy. See De Metz. 

Chivalry. See Gautier, E. T. L. 

Choate, Rufus. See Neilson. 

Christ. See Edersheini ; — Renan ; — Thom- 
son, W. \\. ; — Weiss. 

Christianity. See Chastel; — Waters. 

Chromo-lithography. See Audslej. 

Chronicles of the great rebellion against the 
United States. Aprit 23, i86o-October 31, 1S65. 
Phila. [1867.] 8°. *4323-30 

Chronique normande du xiVe sifecle, publi^e 
pour la Societd de I'histoire de France par Au- 
gusteet Emile jMolinier. Paris, 1882. 8°. *6634.4 
■ Church, Richard. Bacon. London, 1S84. 
[English men of letters.] Sm. 8°. 2449a. 73 

— Same. N. Y., 1884. 12°. 2449a. 72 
Cicero, Marcus Tullius. The republic. Re- 
printed from