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CLASS OF 1896 
Thirty-fifth Anniversary Keport 

JUNE, 193 1 

CLASS OF 1896 

Thirty-fifth Anniversary Report 
[Number VIII] 


CLASS OF 1896 
Thirty-fifth Anniversary Report 

JUNE, 193 1 








JO State Street, Boston 



Class Committee iv 

Treasurer's Report vu 

Records of the Class i 

Obituaries 107 

Necrology 122 


Balance Sheet, April i, 1926 to March 31, 1931 

Cash on hand April i, 1926 $6,896.62 

Subscriptions to 30th Anniversary and Class Fund . . 5,975.00 

Sale of $1,000. Virginia Electric Power & Light Co. 5s . 985.00 

Accrued interest on above 5.14 

Income from Investments 1,555.00 

Interest on Bank deposits 185.18 

Refund on Baseball tickets, 1926 26.75 

Subscriptions to 35th Anniversary and Eliot House Plate 2,179.00 



1926 — 30th Anniversary $6,971.34 

— 30th Anniversary, Class Report 1,642.15 

1927 — New York '96 Dinner 499-90 

1928 — New York '96 Dinner 428.20 

— 32nd Anniversary, Dedham Country Club . . 321.05 

1929 — 33rd Anniversary, Dedham Country Club . . 310-50 

1930 — 34th Anniversary, Dedham Country Club . . 300.50 
Subscription, Harvard Alumni Association, 1926 . . . 50.00 

LL t£ te. It 

1927 . . . 25.00 

1928 . . . 25.00 

1929 . . . 25.00 

1930 . . . 25.00 
Flowers, Funeral of Mrs. A. Lawrence Lowell .... 20.00 
Purchase, $1,000. Virginia Electric Power & Light Co. 

5s 965.00 

$1,000. Railway & Light Securities Co. Coll. 

Trust 5s, 1951 965.00 

$1,000. Central Power & Light Co. ist M. 5s, 

1956 965.00 

$1,000. Gulf States Utilities Co. ist M. 5s, 

1956 940.00 

Accrued interest on above securities 55-28 

Printing class notices, postage and stationery 215.27 

Cash, Old Colony Trust Co 3,058.50 


(( « « « 

« (C <( « 


Capital Account — Book Value 

|i,ooo. Terminal R. R. Association of St. Louis, ist 

Cons. M. 5%, 1944 $1,065.00 

1,000. City of Newton, Washington St. Loan 4%, 1935 1,120.00 
1,000. New York Central & Hudson River R. R. Co. 

Lake Shore Coll. 3^2%? 1998 970.00 

1,000. Illinois Central R. R. Co., Louisville Division 

ist M. 3/2%, 1953 1,015.00 

600. General Electric Co. 3V2%5 1942 540.00 

1,000. Railway & Light Securities Co. Coll. Trust 5%, 

1951 965.00 

1,000. Central Power & Light Co. ist M. 5%, 1956 . . 965.00 

1,000. Gulf States Utilities Co. ist M. & Ref. 5%, 1956 940.00 


Robert H. Hallow^ll 


Harvard 1896 


ALLAN ABBOTT: educator; married Mary Allen Rand, Water- 
town, Mass., Dec. 27, 1900; children, Elizabeth, Oct. 21, 1905 (died 
Oct. 21, 1905); Mary, March 8, 1912; diversion, gardening; mem- 
ber of various professional associations; professional career, taught 
in St. James School, Maryland; the Washington School for Boys, 
Washington, D. C; Horace Mann School, New York City (head 
of English department) ; and Teachers College, Columbia Univer- 
sity, where I am now professor of English, engaged in the profes- 
sional training of English teachers and heads of English depart- 
ments; addresses, (home) 106 Morningside Drive, New York, 
N. Y.; (business) Teachers College, Columbia University, New 
York, N. Y. 

THEODORE JACOB ABBOTT: physician; married Marie 
Mathiessen, Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y., June 8, 1907; children, 
Frances Sophie, April 3, 1908; Beatrice Vail, June 22, 191 1; pro- 
fessional career, have been engaged in practicing and teaching 
medicine in New York City since 1902, but have now retired from 
teaching and active hospital work; address, 160 East Sist St., New 
York, N. Y. 

AUGUSTUS FRANKLYN ALLEN: financier; married Helen 
Becher, New York, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1918; children, Virginia, Aug. 
29, 1920; Augustus Franklyn, 3d, Oct. 20, 1924; Cynthia, Nov. 9, 
1925; member of Harvard Club and local clubs; addresses, (home) 
316 Prather Ave., Jamestown, N. Y.; (business) 201 Cherry St., 
Jamestown, N. Y. 

FRANK STRATTON ALMY: married Marion Stafford, Fall 
River, Mass., Oct. 7, 1902; children, Franklin Stratton, Nov. 10, 
1905; Stafford, April 15, 1907; Marion, Dec. 13, 1914; address, 686 
High St., Fall River, Mass. 



EDWARD WINSLOW AMES: negotiator; married Katherine 
Millicent Johnson, New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y., Dec. 30, 
1905; children, Edward Winslow, Jr., July 3, 1907; Millicent Eliza- 
beth, Nov. 4, 1909; Margaret Louise, Aug. 24, 1911; diversions, 
tennis, and golf occasionally; member of Harvard Club, New 
York, N. Y.; address, Chappaqua, N. Y. 

LEROY ALLSTON AMES: professor of English literature; un- 
man-ied; diversion, foreign travel; professional career, since 1908 
have been a member of the faculty of Clark University ; addresses, 
(home) Spencer, Mass.; (business) Clark University, Worcester, 

GEORGE GARDNER AMORY: unmarried; member of Somerset 
Club, Tennis and Racquet Club, Boston; address. Magnolia, Mass. 

GEORGE SAMUEL AMSDEN: physician; married Medora 
Adams, Fitchburg, Mass., Sept. 12, 1907; diversions, tramping and 
automobiling; publications, " Guide to a Descriptive Study of the 
Personality," " Practical Value of the Study of Personality in Men- 
tal Disorders" (1923); "Some Medical Bearings of Eccentric 
Motor Activity" (1925); member of Harvard Club, Psychiatric 
Society of New York, New York, N. Y.; American Psychopatho- 
logical Association; Vidonian Society; American Medical Associa- 
tion; professional career, in 1923 was appointed professor of clinical 
psychology at the Albany Medical School, and attending physician 
and director of the psychopathic department of the Albany Hos- 
pital; May I, 1929, appointed professor of psychiatry and director 
of mental hygiene clinic in the New York Post Graduate Medical 
School and Hospital; addresses, (home) 25 East 67th St., New 
York, N. Y.; (business) 136 East 64th St., New York, N. Y. 

JOHN CHARLES STATES ANDREW: professor of history; 
married Cynthia Elizabeth Hollis, Branford, Conn., July 29, 1922; 
professional career, 1920-1921, professor of history, Penn College, 
Oskaloosa, la.; 1921-1923, associate professor of history, Colby 
College, Waterville, Me.; 1924 to present, professor of history, 
Boston University, School of Religious Education and Social Serv- 
ice; addresses, (home) 1799 Beacon St. Brookline, Mass.; (busi- 
ness) 20 Beacon St., Boston. 

THOMAS WOOD ANDREWS: banking; married Eleanor Isabel 
Town, Short Hills, N. J., April 13, 1918; children, Thomas Wood, 


Jr., April 8, 1920; Eleanor Jane, July 6, 1922; William Town, 
May 8, 1926; diversions, antique furniture, golf, tennis, riding, 
gardening; member of Union League Club, Harvard Club, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; Merion Civic Association, Merion, Pa.; New Eng- 
land Society of Pennsylvania; business career, in the textile manu- 
facturing industry from 1896 until a few years ago, when the 
business was discontinued. Now with the Gerard Trust Co., Trust 
Department; in February, 1930, appointed a commissioner for the 
Township of Lower Merion; addresses, (home) 308 Berkeley 
Road, Merion, Pa.; (business) Gerard Trust Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

WILLIAM SUMNER APPLETON: antiquarian; unmarried; di- 
version, collecting; publications , editor of Old Time New Eng- 
land, a quarterly magazine; member of Harvard Club, Union 
Club, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston; Harvard Club, 
New York, N. Y.; American Antiquarian Society; professional 
career, began as real estate broker but retired on account of poor 
health; organized the Society for the Preservation of New Eng- 
land Antiques in 1910 and have been its corresponding secretary 
ever since; addresses, (home) (id Pinckney St., Boston; (business) 
141 Cambridge St., Boston. 

RAYMOND CLARE ARCHIBALD: professor of mathematics; 
unmarried; diversions, music, and library work; publications, 
" Mathematicians and Music," in American Mathematical 
Monthly, 1924; " Bibliography of the Life and Work of Simon 
Newcomb," in Memoirs of the National Academy, 1924; " Benja- 
min Peirce, 1 809-1 880," 1925; " BibUography of Egyptian and 
Babylonian Mathematics," 1927-1929; articles in " Encyclopedia 
Britannica, Cyclopedia of American Biography, and numerous 
mathematical journals; member of American Academy of Arts 
and Sciences (fellow); Masarykova Akademie Prace, Czecho- 
slovakia (foreign fellow); Societatea de Stiinte din Cluj, Rumania 
(honorary fellow); London Mathematical Society; Edinburgh 
Mathematical Society; American Mathematical Society (Council 
since 1921); Mathematical Association of America (president, 
1922; editor-in-chief of its official organ, 1918-1921); American 
Association for the Advancement of Science (vice president of the 
Association and chairman of Section A, 1928; secretary, 1925- 
1927; Mathematical Association (England); Deutsche Mathe- 
matiker-Vereinigung; Societe Mathematique de France; Circolo 
Matematico di Palermo; Unione Matematica Italiana; History of 


Science Society (trustee) ; professional career, have been full pro- 
fessor of mathematics at Brown since 1923; honorary degree of 
the University of Padua on the occasion of the seven hundredth 
anniversary of its founding, 1922; honorary LL.D., Mount Allison 
University, 1923; delegate from Brown University to the opening 
of the Gennadius Library, Athens, 1926; associate editor of his 
and Revue Semestrielle des Publications Mathematiques; address, 
Brown University, Providence, R. L 

EDWARD DOW ARMSTRONG: retired; married Nella Kinert, 
Muncie, Ind., June 21, 1906; children, Edward Dow, Jr., April 2, 
1907; Paul Standish, Aug. 4, 1908; Richard Townsend, Feb. 23, 
1911; Roger Kinert, April 12, 1913; diversions, tennis, bowling, 
and occasional golf; professional career, was manufacturer of ex- 
plosives, until my retirement on May i, 1929; member of Elks; 
Masons; Shriners; Country Club, Berkeley, Calif.; Stanford Golf 
Club, Stanford, Calif.; address, 190 South wood Drive, Palo Alto, 

MAURICE MORAY ARMSTRONG: physician and surgeon; 
married Sarah Margaret Cox, Los Angeles, Calif., Sept. 5, 1904; 
child, Richmond Moray, Sept. 18, 1905; address, 252 South Mans- 
field Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

HENRY NEWTON ARNOLD: lawyer; married Sophia Blum, 
Baltimore, Md., Feb. 21, 1914; children, Augusta, July 28, 1915; 
Benjamin Foote, Oct. 19, 1920; address, Windsor, Vt. 

WILLIAM BILLINGS ASPINWALL: normal school principal; 
married Aurelia Hyde, Albany, N. Y., April 8, 1908; diversions, 
tennis, civic betterment, religious and philanthropic work; publi- 
cations, book on the history of education, and numerous articles 
for educational magazines; mejyjber of Harvard Club, Economic 
Club, Bohemian Club, Shakespeare Club, and Rotary Club, 
Worcester, Mass.; professional career, since 1912, have been prin- 
cipal of State Normal School in Worcester; in 1921 succeeded in 
having course extended to four years with right to grant degree 
of B.S. in Education; am interested in our new school plant on a 
new site, now in process of construction, to be ready for occu- 
pancy in 1931; am active in several educational organizations; 
addresses, (home) i Normal St., Worcester, Mass.; (business) 
State Normal School, Worcester, Mass. 


CHARLES FENNER ATWOOD: physician; niarried Adah Caro- 
lyn Gorton, Providence, R. L, June 26, 1900; children, Charles T., 
June 14, 1908; Westcott G., Jan. 20, 1910; Robert G., July 10, 1914; 
member of Cambridge Medical Improvement Society, Cambridge, 
Mass.; Arlington Doctors' Club, Arlington, Mass.; Massachusetts 
Medical Society; Massachusetts Association of Boards of Health; 
American Medical Association; American Public Health Associa- 
tion; professional career, have been in general medical practice 
since 1900; have served the town of Arlington as school physician 
for eleven years, and as town physician and a member of the 
Board of Health for many years; am on the staff of the local hos- 
pital, and secretary of its physicians' board; address, 821 Massachu- 
setts Ave., Arlington, Mass. 

RICHARD AUSTIN: retired; unmarried; member of Harvard 
Club, Boston; address, Farm St., Dover, Mass. 

SAMUEL EVELETH BADGER: insurance agent; married Jeanne 
Marie Kirby, Newark, N. J., Nov. 21, 1907; children, Helen Louise, 
Sept. II, 1908; Samuel Eveleth, Jr., Nov, 6, 1912; member of Har- 
vard Club of New Jersey; Roseville Athletic Association; ad- 
dresses, (home) 115 Halstead St., East Orange, N. J.; (business) 
Prudential Bldg., Newark, N. J. 

FRANK MARCELLUS BAILEY: fruit farmer; married Katha- 
rine Robeson Bowen, Haverford, Pa., June 28, 1899; children, 
Harriet Sewall, Aug. 16, 1900; Robeson, May 3, 1906; address, 
Eagleville P. O., Pa. (Not heard from. Statistics taken from Re- 
port VII.) 

FRANCIS NOYES BALCH: lawyer; married Pauline Katharine 
Bulsoh, Jamaica Plain, Mass., June 22, 1904; children, Francis, 
April 22, 1905 (died May 4, 1905) ; Katharine Noyes, Aug. 22, 
1906; Frances Vergnies, Feb. 21, 1908; Robert Stone, May 9, 1909; 
diversions, biology, sailing, fishing (fresh-water), shooting, and 
wondering why I can't learn to play golf; publications, numerous 
scientific papers, four or five published speeches on political sub- 
jects, a good many book reviews, and a few long newspaper arti- 
cles; member of Harvard Club, Boston; Faculty Club, Cambridge, 
Mass.; Country Club, Concord, Mass.; American Academy of 
Arts and Sciences; Bristol Branting; Nuttall Ornithological Club; 
Business Historical Society, etc.; addresses, (home) 130 Prince St., 
Jamaica Plain, Mass.; (business) 60 State St., Boston. 


LYNN MOORE BARNES: physician; married Donna Ulery 
Buckingham, Decatur, 111., Jan. 10, 1905; children, Ira Bucking- 
ham, July 2, 1907; Sargent Buckingham, Oct. 6, 1915; diversion, 
golf; member of local, state, and national medical societies and 
golf clubs; professional career, have practiced general medicine in 
Decatur, III., ever since leaving medical school; addresses, (home) 
Decatur, 111.; (business) 321 Standard Life Bldg., Decatur, 111. 

CECIL BARRET: banker; married Hermoine Gittings, Baltimore, 
Md., April 29, 191 1; children, Audrey, March 31, 1912; Hermoine, 
March 30, 1915; address, 25 Broad St., New York, N. Y. (Did not 
answer. Statistics taken from Report VI.) 

married Ethel Chandler, Boston, April 15, 1914; child, Francis 
Washburn, Jan. 30, 1915; address, Lancaster, Mass. 

ROBERT PERKINS BASS: married Edith Harlan Bird, East 
Walpole, Mass., 1912; children, Perkins, October, 1912; Edith, Oct. 
12, 1913; Joanne, July 12, 1915; Robert Perkins, Jr., 1923; David, 
1924; diversions, tennis, travel, forestry; member of Tavern Club, 
Boston; University Club, Chicago, 111.; Harvard Club, New York, 
N. Y.; professional career, New Hampshire Legislature, 1905- 
1909; State Senate, 1909; Governor of New Hampshire, 1910- 
1912; chairman, N. H. Forestry Commission, 1907; director, 
American Forestry Association, 1910-1929; president, American 
Forestry Association, 1911-1912; member. New England Council, 
from its organization to 1929; chairman of N. H. Division, 1929; 
member. New England Railroad Committee, and chairman of 
N. H. Division of that Committee, 1929-1930; address, Peterboro, 

GREGORY PAUL BAXTER: professor of chemistry; married 
Amy Bailey Sylvester, Somerville, Mass., June 2, 1906; child, 
Elizabeth Paul, Dec. 13, 1909 (married Edward Arthur Baldwin, 
Jr., April 19, 1930); publications, scientific papers; member of 
Harvard Club, University Club, Boston; Oakley Country Club, 
Watertown, Mass.; National Academy of Sciences; American 
Academy of Arts and Sciences; American Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science; American Chemical Society; professional 
career, am still teaching chemistry at Harvard; my present title 
is Theodore William Richards Professor of Chemistry; received 
honorary S.D. from University of Michigan, 1921; member. Inter- 


national Committee on Atomic Weights; addresses, (home) 59 
Francis Ave., Cambridge, Mass.; (business) Coohdge Memorial 
Laboratory, Cambridge, Mass. 

HECTOR LOUIS BELISLE: educator; married Mildred Grace 
Potter, Boston, June 28, 1905; children, George Edmond, April i, 
1906 (died Aug. 23, 1911); Anna Marie, June 10, 1907; Alexander, 
Aug. 9, 1908 (died June 24, 1929); Eugene Louis, Jan. 13, 1910; 
Elisabeth, Oct. 2, 1913; Beatrice, May 13, 1918; diversioris, music 
and golf; meniher of Harvard Teachers' Association; Massachu- 
setts Schoolmasters' Club; National Education Association; 
Franco- American Historical Society; Fall River Rotary Club; 
professional career, 1896-1913, high school teacher, grammar school 
principal, and supervisor of evening schools; superintendent of 
schools in Fall River since 1913. 1922-1923, on Massachusetts Spe- 
cial Commission on Higher Education, helped to place a junior 
college system which, if established, would within two decades 
result in a state-wide spread of higher education probably equal- 
ling present secondary education; addresses, (home) 422 June St., 
Fall River, Mass.; (business) Anawan St., Fall River, Mass. 

STOUGHTON BELL: lawyer; married Mabel A. Lewis, New 
York, N. Y., June 8, 1908; children, Lewis Stoughton, Aug. 6, 
1909; Mabel Arrabella, Nov. 10, 191 1; Madeleine, Nov. 23, 1916; 
diversions, golf, hunting, and politics; publications, " Why the 
Americanization Movement," Harvard Graduates' Magazine; 
member of Union Club, Harvard Club, Boston; The Country 
Club, Brookline, Mass.; Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; busi- 
ness and professional career, practice of the law was interrupted 
from 1921 to 1923 in reorganization of Multibestos Company as its 
president; am senior member of Putnam, Bell, Dutch and Santry; 
director of Multibestos Co.; vice president and director Walpole 
Trust Co.; director, Cambridge Trust Co., Salmon Falls Manu- 
facturing Co., Package Machine Co., Cambridge Investment Cor- 
poration; member, Cambridge Planning Board 1924-1929; ad- 
dresses, (home) 121 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass.; (business) 60 
State St., Boston. 

BRUCE WEATHERBY BELMORE: lawyer and educator; un- 
married; diversions, camping, music, writing, and boys; profes- 
sional career, practiced law in Boston and New York City for 
eight years; was secretary and counsel for Cross, Austin and Ire- 


land Lumber Co. of New York City for nine years; was dean of 
Northeastern University School of Law for three years, and tutor 
and preceptor of boys for four years; from 1924 to 1926 was prin- 
cipal of Coral Gables Military Academy; since 1926 have been 
operating my tutoring studio with summer sessions at Hyannis, 
Mass., and winter sessions at Miami, Fla.; addresses, (home) 
Princeton, Me.; (business) Bulmer Apartments on Biscayne Bay, 
Miami, Fla., or Hyannis, Cape Cod, Mass. 

ELLIOT STUART BENEDICT: lawyer; married Catherine Van 
Rensselaer Bissell, New York, N. Y., July 11, 1899; diversion, 
traveling; member of Harvard Club, University Club, Bar Asso- 
ciation of the City of New York, New York, N. Y.; professional 
career, with the law department of the City of New York from 
September, 1907, to July i, 1929; since then in private practice; 
addresses, (home) 215 East 72d St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 
74 Trinity Place, New York, N. Y. 

MOSES MONTEFIORE BIENENSTOK: collection and insur- 
ance agent; itnynarried; diversions, piano playing, chess, reading, 
writing, automobiling, concerts, theatres, etc.; publications, arti- 
cles for magazines and trade papers; business career, am now with 
a collection agency soliciting accounts, and also write some insur- 
ance; addresses, (home) 2531 Murray Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.; 
(business) 5186 Plankinton Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

HARRY AUGUSTUS BIGELOW: professor of law; 7narried 
Mary Parker, Honolulu, T. H., April 12, 1902 (died Jan. 15, 1920) ; 
diversions, golf, collecting Japanese prints, big game hunting; 
spent five months in 1924 hunting elephants, buflfalo and lions in 
the Belgian Congo; publications, " The Law of Insurance," " In- 
troduction to the Law of Real Property," " Cases on Rights in 
Land," " Cases on Personal Property," magazine articles on legal 
subjects, and book reviews; member of Quadrangle Club; Uni- 
versity Club; Legal Club; Campfire Club; Order of the Coif; 
Olympia Fields Country Club; and Lake Zurich Country Club; 
professional career, since Jan. i, 1904, have been on the faculty of 
the Law School of the University of Chicago and dean of the 
School since July i, 1929; member of American Law Institute, and 
adviser in the subjects of Conflict of Laws and Real Property; 
addresses, (home) 1225 East 56th St., Chicago, 111.; (business) 
Law School, University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 


NEWTON HENRY BLACK: teacher and writer; married Eliza- 
beth Adelaide Herrmann, Silver Lake, N. H., Aug. 3, 1918; chil- 
dren, Elizabeth Spalding, Oct. 30, 1919; Margaret Persis, March 
28, 1922; diversions, golf and travel; publications, co-author of 
Black & Davis' " New Practical Physics "; " Laboratory Experi- 
ments in Practical Physics "; member of Oakley Country Club, 
Watertown, Mass.; American Physical Society; American Chemi- 
cal Society; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; profes- 
sional career, was a teacher at St. George's School at Newport, 
1896-1898, at Concord (N. H.) High School, 1898-1900, and sci- 
ence master, Roxbury Latin School, Boston, 1900-1924; have been 
assistant professor of education. Harvard University, since 1924; 
addresses, (home) 21 Pollen St., Cambridge, Mass.; (business) 
Jeflerson Physical Laboratory, Harvard University, Cambridge, 

LINZEE BLAGDEN: trustee and banker; married Dorothea 
Draper, New York, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1913; diversions, golf, tennis, 
and squash racquets; member of Union Club, Racquet and Tennis 
Club, Piping Rock Club, Harvard Club, Down Town Association, 
St. Nicholas Society, New York, N. Y.; professional career, prac- 
ticed law, after leaving Harvard Law School, with Robinson, 
Biddle and Ward, and with Fish, Richardson, Herrick, and 
Neave; became member of stock exchange firm of McGraw, 
Blagden and Draper, and with Gillespie Meeds & Co., and Gil- 
lespie, Blagden, and Rhinelander; am now a vice president of 
Bank of New York and Trust Co.; serve as president. New York 
Institute for the Education of the Blind, and as treasurer of New 
York Nursery and Child's Hospital, and as a member of the board 
of Roosevelt Hospital; addresses, (home) 129 East 36th St., New 
York, N. Y.; (business) 48 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 

HENRY LAWTON BLANCHARD: realtor; married Marion 
Fox, Taunton, Mass., April 18, 1906; child, Beatrice, March 6, 
1907; diversions, golf and touring; member of Harvard Club, Uni- 
versity Club, Boston; Harvard Club, University Club, Commer- 
cial Club, Chamber of Commerce, Brockton, Mass.; Massachusetts 
Episcopalian Club; Massachusetts Forestry Association; business 
career, my business has been in city real estate, with time given to 
institutional work such as the Red Cross, the Pilgrim Foundation, 
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and other or- 


ganizations; addresses, (home) 144 Moraine St., Brockton, Mass.; 
(business) 106 Main St., Brockton, Mass. 

WILLIAM ERNEST BLODGETT: orthopaedic surgeon; mar- 
ried Mary Charlotte Bishop, New York, N. Y., June 2, 1910; 
children, WiUiam Henry and James Bishop, May 22, 191 1; Martha 
Adelaide, March 25, 1913; Mary Ernestine, June 6, 1917; member 
of Rotary Club, Yacht Club, Fine Arts Society, Academy of Sur- 
gery, Detroit, Mich.; American College of Surgeons; professional 
career, associate professor, orthopaedic surgery, Detroit College of 
Medicine and Surgery; attending orthopaedic surgeon, Grace 
Hospital; consulting surgeon, Butterworth Hospital, Grand 
Rapids, Mich.; addresses, (home) 2218 Iroquois Ave., Detroit, 
Mich.; (business) 603 Kresge Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

JOSEPH NAPOLEON BLYE: investment securities; married 
Arline Smith, New York, N. Y., Jan. 27, 1909; diversions, travel, 
shooting, fishing, and country life, including gardening; member 
of Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Sampawam Club, Babylon, 
Long Island, N. Y.; Society of Colonial Wars; Sons of American 
Revolution; professional career, investment securities since 1908, 
independently until March, 1925, then with P. W. Chapman & 
Co., New York, until February, 1926; then with the newly formed 
corporation of G. L. Ohrstrom & Co., Bankers, which connection 
has proved most congenial and satisfactory; addresses, (home) 222 
West 59th St., New York, N. Y., and Babylon, Long Island, N. Y.; 
(business) 36 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 

SAMUEL WARD BOARDMAN, Jr.: lawyer; married Charlotte 
Katharine Tice, Bloomfield, N. J., May 28, 1908; children, Grace 
Estelle Rice, Dec. i, 1909; Mary Evarts, April 29, 1911; Adaline 
Young, May 7, 1913; Elizabeth Greene, June 26, 1916; Charlotte 
Katharine, Nov. 9, 1917; diversions, gardening, discussing civic 
subjects, water sports; publications, newspaper articles on taxes, 
prohibition, etc.; law decisions; member of Cedar Grove Demo- 
cratic Club, Cedar Grove Improvement Association, Men's Club, 
Cedar Grove, N, J.; Harvard Club of New Jersey; Essex County 
Bar Association; New Jersey State Bar Association; professional 
career, until Dec. 31, 1924, recorder of Cedar Grove Township; 
am secretary and treasurer of Cedar Grove School District Sink- 
ing Fund Commission, and counsel for Cedar Grove Building & 


Loan Association; addresses, (home) 225 Cedar St., Cedar Grove, 
N. J.; (business) 60 Park Place, Newark, N. J. 

CHARLES DUNBAR BOOTH: lawyer; married Florence J. 
Mack, Boston, Aug. 14, 1901; diversion, golf; member of Cum- 
berland Club, Portland Country Club, Pordand Athletic Club, 
Harvard Club, Maine Historical Society, Cumberland Bar Asso- 
ciation, Portland, Me.; American Bar Association; professional 
career, since graduation from Harvard Law School, in 1898, ex- 
cept for six months spent in New York office, have practiced law 
in Portland, Me., most of the time as a member of the firm of 
Verrill, Hale, Booth and Ives; addresses, (home) 14 Mellen St., 
Portland, Me.; (business) 57 Exchange St., Portland, Me. 

PERCY NEWHALL BOOTH: lawyer; married Florence Cole- 
man Curd, Louisville, Ky., Oct. 23, 1901; children, Florence Joyce, 
Nov. 14, 1902; Alexander Gait, Nov. 4, 1908; member of Pen- 
dennis Club, Country Club, River Valley Club, Kentucky Club, 
Lawyers Club, Bar Association, Louisville, Ky.; The Pow Wow, 
Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Kentucky Bar Association; As- 
sociation of the Bar of the City of New York; professional career, 
since leaving Law School have been engaged in general law prac- 
tice at the Louisville Bar; have had the usual run of general law 
work, corporate and otherwise; have held two public offices, both 
by appointment; addresses, (home) 2429 Longest Ave., Louisville, 
Ky.; (business) 903-910 Lincoln Bldg., Louisville, Ky. 

ALFRED BORDEN: investment banker; married Mary Elizabeth 
Tuthill, Chicago, 111., Jan. 2, 1905 (died Jan. 19, 1912) ; Susan Ben- 
nett Ellis, New York, N. Y., Feb. i, 1916 (died Dec. 28, 1918); 
children, Hope, Feb. 19, 1907 (married John T. Mills, Jr., Bed- 
ford, N. Y., June 28, 1930); Mary and Nora, April 30, 1909; 
Alfred, Jr., Jan. 22, 1917 (died Jan. 23, 1917) ; diversions, following 
hounds and flying; member of Harvard Club; Essex Fox Hounds; 
Bedford Golf and Tennis Club; Goldens Bridge Hounds; busi- 
ness career, for nearly seventeen years prior to February, 1919, was 
in the securities business under the name of Procter and Borden; 
since then have traded on my own account and brought original 
business to underwriting bankers; addresses, (home) Mt. Kisco, 
N. Y.; (business) c/o Hayden, Stone & Co., 25 Broad St., New 
York, N. Y. 


CHARLES BOUCHER: banker; unmarried; addresses, (home) 
272 West 90th St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 120 Broadway, 
New York, N. Y. 

STANTON STOCKWELL BOULTON: banker; married Belle 
Cass, May 20, 1913; child, Betty Ellen, July 3, 1918; diversions, 
banking and farming; member of Shriners, Consistory 32d; busi- 
ness career, practiced medicine for thirteen years; since 1912 have 
been cashier and director of Towanda State Bank; address, 
Towanda, 111. 

THOMAS TRACY BOUVE": editor, journalist; married Pauline 
Carrington Rust, Boston, August, 1898; child, Anne Cabell, May 

19, 1900; address, Union Trust Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

EDEN KIRK BOWSER: lawyer; married Lulu Beebe Gould, 
Andover, Mass., Aug. 28, 1913; children, Jean Gould, Oct. 22, 
1915; John Henwood, Jan. 11, 1918; member of Masons; Elks; 
Moose; Wakefield Club; Massachusetts and Canadian Clubs; 
professional career, in active practice of law since 1899; addresses, 
(home) 15 Park St., Wakefield, Mass.; (business) Wakefield 
Trust Co. Bldg., Wakefield, Mass. 

HORACE BRIGHT BRAINARD: retired; married Edith Camp- 
bell, Thompsonville, Conn., Nov. 16, 1898 (died April 23, 1925) ; 
children, Dorothy Hobart, Feb. 5, 1900; Louise Campbell, Aug. 
12, 1901 (died July 27, 1912); diversions, gardening (flowers and 
vegetables), golf, and fishing; business career, was connected with 
Hartford Carpet Co., later the Bigelow Hartford Carpet Co., until 
1921, when I resigned; address, 126 Pearl St., Thompsonville, 

ISRAEL BRAYTON: financial executive; married Ethel Moisan 
Chace, Fall River, Mass., Jan. 10, 1912; children, Charlotte, March 

20, 1913; Philip Sherman, Dec. 3, 1914; Roswell, April 4, 1916; 
member of Harvard Club, Boston; Harvard Club, New York, 
N. Y.; Quequechan Club, Country Club, Fall River, Mass.; busi- 
ness career, elected treasurer of the Lincoln Manufacturing Co., 
makers of fine cotton and silk goods, in October, 1923; previous 
to 192:5 had practiced law in Fall River; addresses, (home) 356 
June St., Fall River, Mass.; (business) Stevens St., Fall River, 


facturer; married Mary Ashley, Fall River, Mass., June 18, 1903; 
children, Lawton Slade, June 20, 1904; Lincoln Davol, Oct. 21, 
1905; Constance, March 22, 1907; Ruth Sherman, April 17, 1908; 
Perry Ashley, May 25, 1910; Mary Elizabeth, June 12, 1912; 
Richard Anthony, June 19, 1913; Sherman, July 19, 1915; Harriet, 
Dec. 26, 1916; member of Harvard Club, University Club, Mer- 
chants Club, New York, N. Y.; Harvard Club, Boston; Rhode 
Island and Fall River Country Clubs; business career, up to 1908 
I was in the cotton cloth brokerage business; since then I have 
been identified with the manufacturing end of the textile trade; 
am treasurer of Sagamore Manufacturing Co., Foster Spinning 
Co., and Border City Manufacturing Co. of Fall River, and direc- 
tor in other manufacturing and insurance companies; address, 
417 Rock St., Fall River, Mass. 

ERNEST BREHAUT: farmer; married Marguerite Upton, Colo- 
rado Springs, Colo., Jan. 3, 1907; address, Cream Ridge, N. J. 

CLIFTON LONG BREMER: lawyer and trustee; married Leslie 
McGregor Morison, Beverly Farms, Mass., Oct. 19, 1904; children, 
Clifton Long, Jr., July 17, 1906 (died Oct. 11, 1914); Frank Mori- 
son, March 17, 1908; Robert, April 11, 1910; Gretchen, July 4, 1912; 
Leslie McGregor, June 10, 1915; John Lewis, 2d, Jan. 5, 1918; 
Faith, June 20, 1923; addresses, (home) 29 North Russell St., 
Milton, Mass.; (business) 60 State St., Boston. 

JOHN LEWIS BREMER: educator; married Mary Cleveland 
Bigelow, Cohasset, Mass., Sept. 29, 1906; diversions, small boat 
sailing, fishing, tree chopping; publications, articles on embryo- 
logical investigations in the American Journal of Anatomy and 
the Anatomical Record; " Text-book of Histology," and author 
of the section on the Medical School of Morison's " Tercentenary 
History of Harvard University "; member of Somerset Club, 
Harvard Club, Boston; Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Ameri- 
can Academy of Sciences; Associated Anatomists of America, 
etc.; professional career, continuing teaching of medical students 
and research in embryology; on the administrative board of the 
Medical School, as associate professor; former editor of the Ana- 
tomical Record, a monthly scientific publication; addresses, 
(home) 113 Marlborough St., Boston; (business) Harvard Medi- 
cal School, Boston. 


CHARLES BREWER: financial executive; married Laura Hol- 
drege Morse, Falmouth, Mass., July 5, 1898; children, Charles, Jr., 
Aug. 22, 1900; Dorothy, Dec. 4, 1902; Martha, Nov. 24, 1905; 
Ellen Holdrege, July 9, 1908; Laura Holdrege, May 6, 1913; 
diversion, golf; member of Tennis & Racquet Club, Boston; 
Woods Hole Golf Club, Woods Hole, Mass.; Weston Golf Club, 
Weston, Mass.; business career, after leaving college I went with 
Charles Brewer & Co., export and shipping, for three years; then 
with Warren & Co., steamship agents, for a short time; after a 
time in the brokerage business, in 1909 I went into the office of 
C. H. W. Foster, trustee, assuming the duties usual to such an 
office of the care of personal property and real estate; 1918 to 
January 15, 1929, was assistant treasurer of the Massachusetts 
General Hospital, and since then have been president of the 
Warren Institution for Savings; addresses, (home) Weston, Mass.; 
(business) 3 Park St., Boston. 

CHARLES OSCAR BRITTON: lawyer; married Anne Slater, 
Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 31, 1921; diversion, golf; addresses, 
(home) 2022 North Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind.; (business) 
3 Union Trust Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

REGINALD BROOKS: retired; married Phyllis Langhorne, Albe- 
marle Co., Va., Nov. 14, 1901; children, Reginald Langhorne, 
Oct. I, 1902; John, Jan. 29, 1904 (died Aug. 29, 1904); David, 
April 30, 1910; address, Knickerbocker Club, New York, N. Y. 
(Did not answer. Statistics taken from Report VI.) 

CHARLES HASTINGS BROWN: clergyman; married Gladys 
Elizabeth Brown, Medway, Mass., Oct. 4, 1919 (died Dec. 29, 
1922) ; diversions, walking, " tinkering," pottering among flowers, 
investigating questions of local history; member of City Club, 
Boston, Chamber of Commerce, Parsons Club, Literary Club, 
Norwood, Mass.; Massachusetts Clerical Association; professional 
career, school teaching and tutoring, 1896-1904; assistant, St. James' 
Church, Roxbury, Mass., 1904-1906; assistant, St. Stephen's 
Church, Lynn, 1906-1909; minister, Grace Church, Norwood, 1909 
to present; member of Board of Religious Education, Diocese o£ 
Massachusetts; member of Supreme Council, Order of Sir Gala- 
had (a club for boys), and actively engaged in the production of 
its descriptive handbooks; address, Grace Church Rectory, 19 
Beacon Ave., Norwood, Mass. 


EDWARD JOHN BROWN: rowing coach; married Katharine 
Mills, Boston, Aug. 31, 1918; diversions, have taken courses at the 
Harvard Graduate School of Education, and was awarded the de- 
gree of Ed.M. in February, 1926; addresses, (home) 232 Townsend 
St., Roxbury, Mass.; (business) Harvard A. A., Cambridge, Mass. 

HARRY LAMPREY BROWN: business executive; married 
Helena Stoney, London, England, Jan. 3, 1912; child, Harry Bab- 
cock, Nov. 3, 1912; member of Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; 
Country Club, Cleveland, Ohio; business career, between leaving 
the Waltham Watch Co. and working as general manager of the 
Ohio Body Co., I worked a year and a half for W. C. Durant in 
charge of his Elizabeth plant; joined the ranks of the Air-Way 
Electric AppHance Corporation at Cleveland in 1927, and after 
their sending me successively to Albany, Buffalo, and Philadel- 
phia, I was finally assigned the job of opening up the business of 
the Canadian Company in western Canada, with headquarters in 
Vancouver, where I have been since June, 1929; am now sales 
manager for the four western provinces, and a director of Air- 
Way Limited; address, 1220-1224 Vancouver Block, Vancouver, 

HOWARD DUDLEY BROWN: investment securities broker; 
married Phebe Frances Steere, Lawrence, Mass., April 24, 1905; 
children, Elizabeth, Feb. 16, 1908; Roger Dudley, Feb. 19, 191 1; 
diversions, sailing and travel; publications, " Twenty-five Days in 
Europe"; member of Harvard Club, Boston; Mount Hermon 
Lodge, A. F. & A. M.; Historical Society, Medford, Mass.; Uni- 
tarian Laymen's League; Sons of the American Revolution; busi- 
ness career, since September 1922 have been with Curtis, Stephen- 
son & Co., Boston; have mixed in local politics, but have held no 
office; addresses, (home) 105 Allston St., West Medford, Mass.; 
(business) 50 Federal St., Boston. 

NOAH JAY BRUMBAUGH: patent lawyer; married Rosa Flory, 
Union, Ohio, July 5, 1896; children, Heber Byron, Feb. 18, 1899; 
Granville Martin, March 10, 1901; Mark Flory, Jan. 26, 1904 (died 
Sept. 13, 1909); Mary Lois, Nov, 21, 1910 (died June 18, 1913); 
Evelyn Rose, Feb. 20, 1914; John William, Jan. 28, 1916; diver- 
sions, golf, tennis, bowling, motoring; member of Harvard Club, 
Rhode Island Avenue Citizens' Association, Washington, D. C; 
professional career, have spent twenty-nine years as examiner in 


the United States Patent Office, specializing in patent law; ad- 
dresses, (home) 3001 Sixteenth St., Washington, D. C; (business) 
U. S. Patent Office, 102 Annex, Washington, D. C. 

CHARLES EGBERT BRYAN: orchardist; married Cora Taft, 
Boston, June 5, 1897 (died); Mrs. Susan Meriwether Boogher, 
Straflford, Pa., Sept. 28, 1929; address, Havre de Grace, Md. 

CHARLES SAWYER BRYANT: physician; unmarried; member 
of Masons; Odd Fellows; Elks; professional career, general prac- 
tice in same place since 1900; running small hospital since Sep- 
tember, 1920; address, Millinocket, Me. 

CLARENCE EUGENE BUBB: hotel manager; married Blanche 
Elizabeth Derr, Williamsport, Pa., June 26, 1900; children, James 
Derr, Nov. 8, 1901; John Piper, Jan. 12, 1903; William Henry, 
June 8, 1908; diversions, hunting and fishing; member of Harvard 
Club, Knights Templars, Acacia Club, Scottish Rite Masons, Elks, 
Ross Club, Williamsport Country Club, Black Forest Hunting 
Club, Williamsport, Pa.; business career, after leaving college was 
with Thomas Long Co., jewelers, until January, 1930; am now 
managing the New Sterling Hotel, also New Sterling Hotel Tea 
Room; addresses, (home) 1065 West 4th St., Williamsport, Pa.; 
(business) New Sterling Hotel, 145 Pine St., Williamsport, Pa. 

WILLIAM BRADFORD BUCK: social welfare worker; married 
Anna Louise Bacorn, Cable, Mont., Aug. 27, 1904; child, John 
Rutledge, Dec. 2, 1905; diversions, horticulture, baseball; publica- 
tions, " A Survey of Child Welfare Agencies in Philadelphia," 
1908; "the Municipal Charities of Philadelphia," 1913; "An 
Albionite in Serbia," 1922; V7ember of Interfraternity Club of 
New York; American Institute of Social Service; National Con- 
ference of Social Work; professional career, superintendent of 
inspection. State Board of Charities, New York; executive secre- 
tary, Seybert Institution, Philadelphia; director, Sea View Hos- 
pital and Farm Colony, New York; commissioner to Serbia, 
Serbian Relief Commission; alumni secretary, Albion College; 
addresses, (home) 619 East Cass St., Albion, Mich.; (business) 
Albion College, Albion, Mich. 

ROBERT WILSON BULL: business executive; married Maud 
Sayer, Canandaigua, N. Y., July 25, 1898; child, Robert Wilson, Jr., 


July 26, 1908; diversions, golf and motoring; address, Hornell, 
N. Y. 

CHARLES BULLARD: unmarried; address, 51 Brattle St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

JOHN RICHARDS BULLARD: retired; unmarried; diversion, 
golf; member of Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; American 
Club, Havana, Cuba; business career, tobacco growing, 1901-1906, 
Province of Pinar Del Rio, Cuba; real estate, Havana, 1906-1909; 
sugar manufacture, 1909-1928 (with the Cuba Co. 1911-1928 — 
appointed general manager of its sugar estates in 1919 and vice 
president of its subsidiary sugar company in 1925; no permanent 
address at present. 

ALEXANDER HAMILTON BULLOCK: lawyer and trustee; 
married Florence Armsby McClellan, Worcester, Mass., June 4, 
1902; diversions, art, history, hunting, and fishing; member of 
Worcester Club, Worcester, Mass.; Union Club, Boston; Ameri- 
can Oriental Society; addresses, (home) 24 Fruit St., Worcester, 
Mass.; (business) 340 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

ALFRED JOSLYN BURDETT: publisher; married Grace Ander- 
son, Boston, Oct. 6, 1909; child, Robert Alfred, May 2, 1914; diver- 
sion, golf; member of City Club, Boston; Highland Club, West 
Roxbury, Mass.; Norfolk Golf Club, Dedham, Mass.; business 
career, associate director, D. C. Heath & Co., publishers of text 
books for schools and colleges; addresses, (home) 15 Kirk St., 
West Roxbury, Mass.; (business) 285 Columbus Ave., Boston. 

BEN EMERY BURNS: manufacturer; married Nina Isabel Her- 
rick. New Rochelle, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1903 (died Oct, 6, 1911); 
Lenore Ardel Wingate, Nashua, N. H., Oct. 30, 1915; children, 
Arthur, Aug. 4, 1904; Ruth Herrick, April 8, 1906; Roger Molli- 
son, July 16, 1908; last J^noivn address, Wilton, N. H. (Did not 
answer. Statistics taken from Report VI.) 

SEARS WILSON CABELL: wholesale lumberman; 7narried 
Brenda Haines, Boston, Aug. i, 1898; children, Virginia, June 2, 
1901; Helen, Feb. 2, 1903; Laura, June 6, 1904; address, 1085 The 
Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from 
Report VI.) 


WALTER BRADFORD CANNON: teacher and investigator in 
physiology; married Corneha James, St. Paul, Minn., June 25, 
1901; children, Bradford, Dec. 2, 1907; Wilma, April 23, 1909; 
Linda, March 18, 191 1; Marion, Sept. 13, 1912; Helen, Feb. 24, 
1915; diversions, gardening, " tinkering" with tools, playing with 
the children, tramping; publications, " A Laboratory Course in 
Physiology," " The Mechanical Factors of Digestion," " Bodily 
Changes in Pain, Hunger, Fear and Rage " (second edition, 1929) ; 
" Traumatic Shock " (a surgical monograph concerned with in- 
vestigations during the war; numerous articles in scientific jour- 
nals; rtiemher of American Academy for the Advancement of 
Science; American Physiological Society; Society of Biology and 
Medicine; American Medical Association; American Philosophi- 
cal Society; American Psychological Association; American Acad- 
emy of Arts and Sciences; Massachusetts Medical Society; Na- 
tional Academy of Science; Association of American Physiologists; 
Societe de Biologic, Paris; Real. Accad., Bologna; Soc. de Biol., 
Buenos Aires; foreign associate member of the Royal Society of 
Edinburgh; professional career, instructor in zoology. Harvard, 
1 899-1900; instructor in physiology, Harvard Medical School, 
1900-1902; assistant professor, 1902-1906; George Higginson pro- 
fessor of physiology, since 1906; chairman of national commissions 
on resuscitation from electric shock and mine gases, 1912-1914; 
Wesley Carpenter lecturer, New York Academy of Medicine, 1914 
and 1923; lecturer, Royal Society, London, 1918; Linacre Lecturer 
(Cambridge, England), 1930; exchange professor to France, 1929- 
1930; trustee, Elizabeth Thompson Science Fund and Ella Sachs 
Plotz Foundation; honorary degrees, S.D. (Yale), LL.D. (Witten- 
berg College and Boston University), M.D. (University of Liege); 
addresses, (home) 6 Frisbie Place, Cambridge, Mass.; (business) 
Harvard Medical School, Boston. 

PAUL C APRON: educator; married Lina Waldo Martin, New- 
bury, Mass., July 6, 1904; children, Paul, Jr., Feb. 21, 1909; John 
Martin, Sept. 28, 1914; diversions, reading, gardening, carpenter- 
ing, and working at mathematical subjects; member of Mathe- 
matical Association of America; American Mathematical Society; 
Naval Academy Officers' Club; Historical Society, Garden Club, 
Newburyport, Mass.; professional career, 1896-1898 and 1900-1905, 
at Dummer Academy, So. Byfield, Mass.; 1 899-1900, at Staten 
Island Academy, New Brighton, L. L; 1905-1906, at Williams 


College, Williamstown, Mass.; since October, 1906, with depart- 
ment of mathematics at the U. S. Naval Academy; addresses, 
(home) West Newbury, Mass.; (business) U. S. Naval Academy, 
Annapolis, Md. 

MICHAEL FRANCIS CARNEY: lawyer; married Ellen Con- 
stance Oilman, Boston, Aug. 27, 1906; children, Paul Oilman, 
June 14, 1907; Arthur Carroll, Feb. 8, 1909; William Francis, Nov. 
20, 1913; diversion, " He was never so old, he failed to enjoy the 
games and the sports he learned when a boy "; professional career, 
am attorney manager in the bond department of the Massachu- 
setts Bonding and Insurance Co.; addresses, (home) 70 Fletcher 
St., Boston; (business) 20 Kilby St., Boston. 

HENRY ARTHUR CASSEBEER: retired; married Eleanor Gene- 
vieve Fosdick, London, England, Sept. 29, 1909; diversions, travel 
and golf; member of Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; American 
Medical Association; Academy of Medicine of New York (Fel- 
low); Oakland Golf Club; professional career, practiced medicine 
in New York City from 1902 until my retirement in November, 
1928; address, 420 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 

JOSEPH PERKINS CHAMBERLAIN: professor of public law; 
married Elisabeth Stillman, San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 9, 1905; 
diversions, fruit farming, the theatre, interesting conversation, 
walking; publications, " The Danube and the Rhine," a study in 
the international law of rivers; several articles on legislative sub- 
jects and statute law; member of Century Association, City Club, 
Town Hall Club, New York, N. Y.; National Arts Club, Cosmos 
Club, Washington, D. C; Waterbury Club; professional career, 
member of Legislative Drafting and Research Bureau of Colum- 
bia University; draftsman for public and private organizations; 
teacher of legislative law; chairman, committee on noteworthy 
changes in statute law, American Bar Association; addresses, 
(home) 8 Sutton Square, New York, N. Y.; (business) Kent 
Hall, Columbia University, New York, N. Y. 

ARTHUR MINTURN CHASE: publisher; married Myra Olive 
Chase, Columbus, Ga., June 29, 1907; children, Arthur Minturn, 
Jr., Aug. 25, 1909 (died June 14, 1928); Louise Weld, Feb. 26, 
1913; diversions, fishing, golf, and gardening; member of Harvard 
Club, Dutch Treat Club, New York, N. Y.; Carmel Country 


Club; business career, member of the firm of Dodd, Mead & Co.; 
addresses, (home) 65 Laurel Place, New Rochelle, N. Y.; (busi- 
ness) 449 Fourth Ave., New York, N. Y. 

EDWARD NICHOLS CHASE: lawyer; married Lillian May 
Hillman, Pontiac, Mich., June i, 1904; children, Margaret Dudley, 
Nov. 3, 1906; Edward Payson, March 4, 1908; member of Harvard 
Club, New York, N. Y.; University Club, City Club, Boston; 
Country Club, Concord, Mass.; addresses, (home) 4 Elm St., Con- 
cord, Mass.; (business) 140 Federal St., Boston. 

GEORGE HENRY CHASE: professor of archaeology; married 
Freedrica Mark, Cambridge, Mass., June 20, 1908; children, 
Thomas King, Sept. 15, 1909; Richard Breed, May 10, 1920; diver- 
sions, travel and tennis; publications, articles in archaeological 
journals; member of Harvard Club, Boston; American Academy 
of Arts and Sciences, American Philosophical Society; Archaeo- 
logical Institute of America; American Philological Association; 
College Art Association; American Association of University Pro- 
fessors; professional career, master in Greek and Latin, St. Mark's 
School, 1900-1901; since 1901 at Harvard: instructor in Latin and 
Greek, 1901-1903, tutor in Greek, 1903-1904, assistant professor of 
classical archaeology, 1906-1916, John E. Hudson professor of 
archaeology from 1916, dean of the Graduate School of Arts and 
Sciences from 1925; addresses, (home) 36 Holden St., Cambridge, 
Mass.; (business) 23 University Hall, Harvard College, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

ALBION BILLINGS CLAPP: realtor; married Katherine Sweet, 
Canton, Pa., Oct. 31, 1905 (died December, 1929) ; child, Juliet 
Marcella, May 16, 1907; diversion, travelling; address, 5 Cliff Road, 
Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

ELLERY HARDING CLARK: author; married Victoria Mary 
Maddalena, Boston, June 16, 1904; child, Ellery Harding, Jr., Aug. 
6, 1909; publications, " The Money Gods," 1922; " Putting It 
Over," 1923; "Daughters of Eve," 1924 (English edition, 1925); 
" Carib Gold," 1926; " The Lost Galleon," 1927; " The Strength 
of the Hills," 1929; member of Union Club, Boston Athletic Asso- 
ciation, Boston; professional career, besides my work as an author, 
I serve as secretary of the Massachusetts Humane Society; ad- 
dresses, (home) Cohasset, Mass.; (business) 73 Ames Bldg., 


ELTON CLARK: orchardist; married Eleanor Hathaway Ladd, 
Milton, Mass., April 18, 1900 (died December, 1912); children, 
Elizabeth Winslow, Sept. 24, 1901; William Oakes, Oct. 26, 1902; 
Eleanor Hathaway, April 5, 1908; Elton, Jr., May 5, 1910; Anna, 
Aug. 20, 191 1 ; diversions, shooting, and big game hunting; mem- 
ber of Union Club, Boston; Auto Club; Boone and Crockett Club; 
addresses, (home) Framingham Center, Mass.; (business) Shore- 
ham, Vt. 

JOHN CALVIN LAWRENCE CLARK: fire insurance agent; 
married Ethel May Savage, Lancaster, Mass., Feb. 28, 1901 (died 
Feb. 15, 1914); child, Hugh Savage, Feb. 18, 1903; diversion, re- 
search, New England history; business career, have been town 
clerk of Lancaster since 1903; address, Lancaster, Mass. 

PERCY HAMILTON CLARK: lawyer; married Elizabeth Wil- 
liams Roberts, Bala, Pa., Oct. 15, 1904; children, Miriam Roberts, 
Aug. 13, 1905; Mary Todhunter, June 17, 1907; Percy Hamilton, 
Jr., Aug. 27, 1908; George Roberts, Jan. 12, 1910; Thomas Wil- 
liams, Nov. 24, 1912; William Lincoln, June 7, 1914; John Roberts, 
Jan. 5, 1916; David WiUiams, May 17, 1920; diversions, cricket, 
tennis, golf, shooting, canoeing, motoring; member of Harvard 
Club, Boston; Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Rittenhouse Club, 
Racquet Club, Germantown Cricket Club, Gulph Mills Golf 
Club, Philadelphia, Pa.; Thomasville Shooting Club of Georgia; 
Ribault Club of Florida; Squebbech Fish and Game Club, Prov- 
ince of Quebec; professional career, general practice of the law, 
including more especially legal matters arising in connection with 
public utility properties; addresses, (home) Cynwyd, Pa.; (busi- 
ness) 321 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

ALFRED CODMAN: stock broker; married Lydia EUot, Nahant, 
Mass., Sept. 16, 1901 (divorced, 1922); Alta Allen, New York, 
N. Y., March 16, 1928; children, Alfred, June 26, 1902; Eliot, April 
30, 1904; Daniel Sargent, April 13, 1906; Samuel Eliot, Feb. 6, 
1908; diversions, golf, tennis, bridge; business career, stock broker- 
age since graduation; now with Whitney & Elwell, members Bos- 
ton and New York Stock Exchange; addresses, (home) 122 Bow- 
doin St., Boston; (business) 30 State St., Boston. 

RICHARD CODMAN: rancher; married Helen Winnifred Radke, 
Sacramento, Calif., Jan. 4, 1917; child, Richard, Jr., Oct. 29, 1917; 


diversions, camping in isolated parts of the Sierra Mountains, and 
trapping; address, Fair Oaks, Calif. 

ALFRED COESTER: professor of Spanish-American literature; 
married Belle Haven, Winsted, Conn., July 7, 1898; diversions, 
travel and writing, motoring across the continent; publications, 
" La Historia Literaria de la America Espanola," and some text- 
books; various articles on Spanish American literature; editor of 
Hispania since 1926; member of Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; 
Hispanic Society of America; Caballero del Orden de Isabel la 
Catolica, Madrid; Academia de Sciencias y Artes, Cadiz; Junta de 
Historia y Numismatica Americana, Buenos Aires; professional 
career, teaching Spanish; in 1926 I went to Buenos Aires, from 
there to Europe, and after returning to New York, crossed the 
continent by motor car. In February, 1930, I represented Stanford 
University at a Congress of Universities in Havana. Since then 
the State Department of the United States has appointed me a 
member of the National Council of the Inter-American Institute 
of Intellectual Cooperation. In connection with the Sixth Pan- 
American Conference, in 1928, my title was changed, as a gesture 
of good will on the part of Stanford University, to that of profes- 
sor of Spanish-American literature; address, Stanford University, 

GEORGE LEMAN COLLINS: medical officer, U. S. A.; unmar- 
ried; diversions, ice skating, tennis, golf; member of University 
Club, Washington, D, C; University Club, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
business career, am still serving as a commissioned medical officer 
in the regular corps of the U. S. Public Health Service; address, 
c/o Surgeon General, U. S. Public Health Service, Washington, 
D. C. 

EDWIN HENRY COLPITTS: electrical engineer; married Annie 
Dove Penny, Carbonear, Newfoundland, Aug. 17, 1899; child, 
Donald Bethune, Sept. 30, 1900; diversions, dub golf, and fishing; 
member of Canoe Brook Country Club; The Machinery Club, 
New York, N. Y.; Harvard Club of New Jersey; American In- 
stitute of Electrical Engineers; American Physical Society; Insti- 
tute of Radio Engineers; American Chemical Society; Harvard 
Engineering Society; professional career, engineer, research and 
development work, American Telephone & Telegraph Co., 1899- 
1907; Western Electric Co., 1907-1924; assistant chief engineer 


since 1924; assistant vice president, American Telephone & Tele- 
graph Co., general staff; addresses, (home) 67 South Munn Ave., 
East Orange, N. J.; (business) American Telephone & Telegraph 
Co., 195 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

HENRY SEYMOUR COLTON: office work in paper mill; mar- 
ried Helen Richards Williston, Cambridge, Mass., June 13, 1901 
(divorced, 1909) ; child, Henry Seymour, 2d, Feb. 24, 1902 (grand- 
children, Anne Gale and Gary Seymour) ; diversions, reading, 
walking, gardening, fishing, traveling during vacations, bridge, 
and theatre; member of Harvard Club of New Jersey; business 
career, in a bank three years; in paper mill office ten years; for a 
number of years had no regular work, having at the time an in- 
come large enough to live on; addresses, (home) 79 Broadway, 
Passaic, N. J.; (business) the Hamersley Manufacturing Co., Gar- 
field, N. J. 

RALPH WALDO CONE: farmer; married Mabel Sayre, Law- 
rence, Kans., Dec. 20, 1900; children, Jeannette, Dec. 26, 1901; John 
Paine, Dec. 14, 1903; Alice, May 15, 1909; Ellen Sayre, April 15, 
1920; Lucy, April 23, 1922; diversion, a farmer has none; farming, 
itself, seems to more and more firmly establish its character as a 
most expensive diversion; professional career, assistant and asso- 
ciate professor, sociology and economics. University of Kansas, 
1899-1911; address, Rozel, Kans. 

AUSTIN CORBIN: trustee; unmarried; diversions, shooting, 
yachting; member of University Club, Harvard Club, Athletic 
Club, New York, N. Y.; business career, at present vice president 
and director. Eastern Exchange Bank; addresses, (home) 124 
West 55th St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 192 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. 

ERNEST ROBEY CRAM: electrical engineer; unmarried; address, 
P. O. Box 365, City Hall Station, New York, N. Y. (Did not 
answer. Statistics taken from Report VL) 

GEORGE WILLIS CREELMAN: educator; married Helen Doug- 
las, Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 27, 1906; children, Katharine, Dec. 12, 
1907 (died Dec. 16, 1907); George Douglas, Nov. 18, 1908; Mar- 
garet Anne, July 26, 1910; Brenton Welles, Aug. 3, 1912; diver- 
sions, gardening, golfing, camping; member of Litchfield County 
University Club; A. F. & A. M.; American Mathematical Associa- 


tion; professional career, member, town school committee; trustee, 
Connecticut Junior Republic; director and vice president, Keeway- 
din Camps Co., Ltd.; reader. College Entrance Examination 
Board; examiner in mathematics. Secondary School Examining 
Board; head of department o£ mathematics, Hotchkiss School; 
address, Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Conn. 

JOHN FRANCIS CRONIN: lawyer; unmarried; member of Bos- 
ton City Club, Elks; Knights of Columbus; professional career, 
partner in the law firm of Cronin and Cronin; clerk of the Su- 
preme Judicial Court; vice president Hibernia Savings Bank, and 
Forest Hills Cooperative Bank; director Bank of Commerce and 
Trust Co., Boston; addresses, (home) 72 Wachusett St., Forest 
Hills, Boston; (business) 160 Court House, Boston. 

JAMES WALLACE CROWLEY: lawyer; unmarried; address, 
519 New Nelson Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. (Did not answer. Sta- 
tistics taken from Report VI.) 

HARRY APPLETON CURTIS: electric service broker; married 
Grace Fargo, New York, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1913; member of Somer- 
set Club, Boston; Racquet & Tennis Club, New York, N. Y.; 
Piping Rock Club, National Golf Links, Long Island, N. Y.; ad- 
dresses, (home) 105 East 53d St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 
7 East 8th St., New York, N. Y. 

CHARLES HENRY DAVIS: physician and surgeon; married 
Maud I. Blood, Providence, R. I., March 5, 1898; children, Ken- 
neth Stoughton, Oct. 13, 1899; Douglas Lithgow, May 3, 1901 
(died Oct. 3, 1901); Donald Courtney, Nov. 14, 1903; Ruth Mar- 
jorie, Jan. 7, 1909; diversions, hunting and yachting; member of 
Massachusetts Medical Society; American Medical Society; pro- 
fesional career, have been practicing physician and surgeon in 
Hamilton for twenty-six years; previous to that was located in 
Beverly for six years; at present am connected with the Beverly 
Hospital as a member of the Associate Staff; address, Willow St., 
So. Hamilton, Mass. 

JOSEPH MARCUS DAVIS: lawyer; married Amelia L. Brunhild, 
New York, N. Y., Dec. 27, 1905; children, Henry B., April 21, 
1907; Joseph Marcus, Jr., Feb. 18, 1910; member of Harvard Club, 
Association of the Bar of the City of New York, New York, N. Y.; 
Harvard Law School Association; professional career, have been 


practicing law in the City of New York since my graduation from 
the Harvard Law School, class of 1896; addresses, (home) 210 
West 70th St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 280 Madison Ave., 
New York, N. Y. 

RALPH DAVOL: artist; timnarried; diversions, golf, duties as 
manager of playground and community house, horticulture; pub- 
lications, " Raw Products of the World," 1922; magazine articles; 
member of National Arts Club, New York, N. Y.; Cosmos Club, 
Washington, D. C; Authors' Club, Boston; Old Colony Histori- 
cal Society, Taunton, Mass.; business career, experience as printer, 
farmer, realtor, historian, and artist; at present engaged in paint- 
ing historical subjects at Washington, D. C; address, Cosmos 
Club, Washington, D. C. 

EDWARD BLISS DAY: lumber merchant; unmarried; last \nown 
address, 137 Confederation Bldg., Toronto, Ont. (Lost. Statistics 
taken from Report VI.) 

PAUL DAY: lumber merchant; married Rachel Currey, Evanston, 
III, Oct. 26, 1907; child, EHzabeth Currey, March 8, 1918; member 
of Terminal City Club, Vancouver, B. C; addresses, (home) 2450 
37th Ave. W., Vancouver, B. C; (business) 325 Howe St., Van- 
couver, B. C. 

PHILIP REDFIELD DEAN: teacher; married Frances E. H. Flint, 
Geneva, Switzerland, Aug. 17, 1901 (died June 13, 1918); Mabel 
Gray Burdick, June 28, 1929; children, Florence Franklin, Feb. 8, 
1903; Benjamin Palmer, Oct. 10, 1907; diversions, still play at 
tennis, nibbling at golf, find home life most attractive; member 
of University Heights Lawn Tennis Club, New York City High 
School Teachers' Association, New York, N. Y.; Fernbrook 
Lodge, A. F. & A. M.; National Council of Teachers of Mathe- 
matics; professional career, have spent the thirty-five years teach- 
ing — mostly mathematics in New York City high schools; ad- 
dresses, (home) R. D. No. 2, Putnam, Conn.; (business) Evander 
Childs High School, Gunhill Road, The Bronx, New York, N. Y. 

SELDEN PEABODY DELANY: clergyman; unmarried; diver- 
sions, writing, travel, and golf; publications, books, " Christian 
Practice," 1921; "The Parish Priest" (in conjunction with the 
Rev. J. G. H. Barry, D.D., Litt.D.), 1925; "Why Rome," 1930; 
numerous religious articles; member of Harvard Club, New York, 


N. Y.; professional career, ordained deacon and priest in the Prot- 
estant Episcopal Church, 1899; curate, St. Paul's Cathedral, Fond 
du Lac, 1899; St. John's Church, Roxbury, 1899-1900; vicar, St. 
Stephen's, Menasha, Wis., 1900-1902; rector, Grace Church, 
Appleton, Wis., 1902-1907; dean, All Saints' Cathedral, Mil- 
waukee, 1907-1915; associate rector. Church of St. Mary the Vir- 
gin, 1915-1929; rector, Church of St. Mary the Virgin, 1929-1930, 
when I resigned and entered the Catholic Church, beginning in 
November, 1930, as a student for the priesthood at Collegio Beda, 
Rome. Resigned as editor of American Church Monthly in Octo- 
ber, 1929. Am beginning life over! Address, Collegio Beda, Rome, 

LEON EMORY DENISON: broker; married Mary Eloria Ben- 
nett, Litchfield, 111., June 14, 1905; children, Richard Charles, May 
28, 1906; Leon Emory, Jr., Oct. 6, 1908; diversions, golf, fishing, 
camping, dancing, bridge; addresses, (home) 5806 Clemens St., 
St. Louis, Mo.; (business) Edward T. Jones & Co., Boatmen's 
Bank Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

WILLIAM JONES DE NORMANDIE: farmer; unmarried; 
member of Boston Athletic Association; social clubs; address, 
Trapelo Road, Lincoln, Mass. 

GEORGE STRONG DERBY: physician; married Mary Brewster 
Brown, Falmouth Foreside, Me.; children, Hasket, Dec. 20, 1908; 
Sally Strong, Dec. 4, 1910 (died Oct. 30, 1912); Mary Brewster, 
Oct. 4, 1916; diversions, sailing, rowing, canoeing, golf, tennis 
(lawn and court) ; publications, a number of short articles on medi- 
cal subjects; member of Harvard Club, St. Botolph Club, Tennis 
and Racquet Club, Union Boat Club, Boston; Country Club, 
Portland, Me.; American Medical Association; Massachusetts 
Medical Society; American Ophthalmological Society; Ophthal- 
mological Society of the United Kingdom; Deutsche Ophthal- 
mologische Gesellschaft; professional career, in 1924, appointed 
Williams professor of ophthalmology. Harvard Medical School; 
ophthalmic chief, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary; chairman, 
section on ophthalmology, American Medical Association; 1924, 
chairman, Suffolk District Medical Society; addresses, (home) 
7 Hereford St., Boston; (business) 5 Bay State Road, Boston. 

ENOCH JACKSON DEWIRE: sole leather and shoe factory sup- 
plies merchant; married Gertrude Frances Whitten, Roxbury, 


Mass., June 2, 1897; children, Marjorie, July 27, 1898; Chester 
Whitten, Dec. 27, 1902; diversions, golf, business, and motoring; 
member of Harvard Club, City Club, High-Noon Club, Chicago 
Shoe and Leather Association, Chicago, 111.; Country Club, Evans- 
ville. 111.; St. Paul's Lodge, A. F. & A. M.; Winthrop Chapter 
Royal Arch; Harvard Union (life member); business career, since 
our " Twenty-Fifth," have taken my son into partnership; we are 
doing business as E. Jackson Dewire & Son, and selling sole leather 
and factory supplies to the shoe manufacturers throughout the 
Middle West; addresses, (home) Golf View Road, Lake Zurich, 
111.; (business) 208 West Lake St., Chicago, 111. 

HARRISON DIBBLEE: retired; married Adelia Halliday David- 
son, San Rafael, Calif., Jan. 11, 1899; children, Harrison, Jr., Dec. 
7, 1899; Anita, Oct. 20, 1901 (died Nov. 28, 1905); Elizabeth 
McClellen, Jan. 21, 1903 {married Bertram D. Innes, San Rafael, 
April 17, 1926; children, Benjamin Dibblee Innes, March 8, 1927; 
Betsy, Sept. 26, 1929); Albert, Feb. 12, 1915; address, 243 Mills 
Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 

CHARLES DICKINSON: lawyer; unmarried; diversion, main- 
taining the old family home in Amherst, Mass., that has been in 
my family since 1758; member of The Country Club, Brookline, 
Mass.; Harvard Club, Boston Bar Association, Boston; American 
Bar Association; professional career, upon finishing my course at 
the Harvard Law School in 1899, I started to practice my profes- 
sion in Boston, in the office of my father, M. F. Dickinson, and 
since his death in 1915 I have continued alone; addresses, (home) 
Hotel Wadsworth, Boston; (business) 53 State St., Boston. 

HARRY GAYLORD DORMAN: professor of gynecology; mar- 
ried Mary Bliss Dale, Beirut, Syria, Turkey, Jan. 14, 1903; children, 
Gerald Dale, Nov. 12, 1903; Harry Gaylord, Jr., Jan. 11, 1906; 
Mary Isabella, June 8, 1908; Daniel Bliss, May 23, 191 1; John, 
Sept. 22, 1913; David, Nov. 23, 1919; address, American Univer- 
sity, Beirut, Syria, Turkey. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from 
Report VI.) 

CLARENCE WILBUR DORSEY: lemon grower; married Flor- 
ence May Juillard, Louisville, Ohio, Dec. 28, 1898; children, Louis 
Juillard, Sept. 8, 1901; Helen, May 27, 1906; address, 5322 Russell 
Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from 
Report VI.) 


ROGERS DOW: lawyer; married Clara Monroe Veit, Brookline, 
Mass., June i, 1918; diversion, golf; member of University Club, 
Harvard Club, Boston; Charles River Country Club, Charles 
River, Mass.; Star of Bethlehem Lodge, A. F. & A. M.; Old Suf- 
folk Chapter, Sons of American Revolution; Veteran Association 
of First Corps Cadets; professional career, still practicing law, as I 
have been ever since I was fortunate enough to get a degree from 
the Law School in 1899; addresses, (home) 15 Varick Road, 
Waban, Mass.; (business) 15 Congress St., Boston. 

WILLIAM HILL DRAPER: clerk; married Bessie Sarah Foster, 
Watertown, Mass., Oct. 6, 1904; children, William Hill, Jr., Oct. 
9, 1905; Mary, Oct. 28, 1906; Daniel, Aug. 17, 1914; business career, 
with Calumet & Hecla Consolidated Copper Co.; addresses, 
(home) 54 Barnard Ave., Watertown, Mass.; (business) 12 Ash- 
burton Place, Boston. 

EDWARD AUGUSTINE DRUMMOND: physician; married 
Rose Rita Roos, New York, N. Y., June 11, 1919; children, son, 
June 3, 1920 (died Aug. i, 1920); Edward Augustine, Jr.; Paul; 
member of Harvard Club, New York County Medical Society, 
New York, N. Y.; Audubon Medical Society; Harvard Medical 
Society; Valentine Mott Medical Society; Washington Heights 
Medical Society; American Medical Association; address, 605 
West 156th St., New York, N. Y. 

FREDERIC COLE DUDLEY: lumber merchant; married Katha- 
rine Clara Eshbaugh, Montclair, N. J., Oct. 10, 1899; children, 
Katherine, Sept. 25, 1900; Margaret, March 17, 1902; Frederic, 
Aug. 30, 1904 (died Oct. 5, 1911) ; Barbara, April 6, 1909; Franklin, 
Oct. 15, 1912 (died Feb. 14, 1916); Mary, Nov. 7, 1914; member of 
Cumberland Club, Woodfords Club, Portland Country Club, 
Purpoodock Club, Portland, Me.; business career, have been con- 
tinuously in lumbering and allied kinds of business since gradua- 
tion; addresses, (home) 22 Deblois St., Portland, Me.; (business) 
75 St. James St., Portland, Me. (Did not answer. Statistics taken 
from Report VII.) 

JOHN ROBERTSON DUFF: retired; married Mabel Shives 
Whitman, Pasadena, Calif., Nov. 21, 1914; diversions, golf and 
motoring; member of Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Harvard 
Club, Boston; Dedham Country and Polo Club, Dedham, Mass; 
Automobile Club of Southern California; business career, en- 


gaged in railroad, real estate, mining, ranching; address, Grove 
St., Westwood, Mass. 

CHARLES HUNTER DUNN: physician; unmarried; address, 
Uffculme, Katonah, N. Y. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from 
Report VI.) 

HERBERT WILBUR DUTCH: educator; married Ruth Irvin 
Lawrence, Winchester, Mass., June 26, 1904; children, Charlotte 
Irvin, Oct. 27, 1909; Marshall William, Dec. 29, 1916 (died July 31, 
1917); diversions, music, fishing, outdoor life, and Unitarian 
Church affiliations; member of Scholia Club; New Jersey High 
School Teachers' Association; Headmasters' Association; Dept. of 
Superintendents, National Education Association; Principals' 
Round Table; professional career, chairman of various committees 
dealing with educational problems; at present am superintendent 
of public schools of Glen Ridge; address, 7 Ridley Court, Glen 
Ridge, N. J. 

WILLIAM PAINE DUTTON: lumber merchant; married 
Blanche Winnifred Blue, Montpelier, Ohio (died March 8, 1912) ; 
Mae Lillian White, Brooklyn, N. Y., June 23, 1914; children, 
Everett Fletcher, Dec. 26, 1904; William Paine, Jr., April 12, 1909; 
Spencer Van Home, Aug. 23, 1917; member of Manitoba Club, 
St. Charles Country Club, Rotary Club, Winnipeg, Manitoba; 
Lumbermen's Associations; business career, member of Manitoba 
Liquor Control Commission; past chairman, Manitoba Mother 
Allowances Commission; president. Western Retail Lumbermen's 
Association; member of council. Board of Trade; president, Win- 
nipeg Progressive Association; president, Dutton-Wall Lumber 
Co., Ltd.; president, Great Western Lumber Mills, Ltd.; vice 
president, British Dominions Finance Corporation, Ltd.; Canadian 
director, British Dominions Land Settlement Corporation, Ltd.; 
addresses, (home) 124 Harrow St., Winnipeg, Canada; (business) 
401 Canada Bldg., Winnipeg, Canada. (Did not answer. Statistics 
taken from Report VII.) 

LYMAN TIFFANY DYER: trustee; married Mary Hopeton 
Drake, New York, N. Y., April 29, 1905; children, Mary Elizabeth, 
March 12, 1906; Deborah, Nov. i, 1907 (married Dr. Yale Knee- 
land, Jr., January, 1930); member of Harvard Club, Union Club, 
University Club, Racquet Club, New York, N. Y.; Sons of the 


Revolution; Mayflower Society; addresses, (home) 17 East 67th 
St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 60 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 

JOSEPH JORDAN EATON: educator; married Ethel Dorman, 
Boston, June, 1901; Harriet Worms, Chicago, 111., 1915; children, 
Joseph Jordan, Jr., Dec. i, 1902; Rita I., March 15, 1916; Charles 
Copeland, May 26, 1917; Howard French, July 31, 1920; Donald 
Robertson and David John, Jan. 31, 1923; diversions, golf and fish- 
ing; publication, " Elementary Science of the Machine Shop "; 
member of A. F. & A. M.; Rotary Club; Y. M. C. A.; Educational 
Association; professional career, as director of vocational educa- 
tion in Yonkers I am engaged in educational service in public 
schools; am also an instructor in the College of the City of New 
York; addresses, (home) 60 Arthur St., Yonkers, N. Y.; (busi- 
ness) 104 South Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. 

HAROLD EDWARDS: civil engineer; married Lucy Frances 
Baker, Dunham, P. Q., Feb. 21, 1906 (died June 13, 1914); chdd, 
Francis Harold, June 12, 1914; addresses, (home) 41 Kirkland St., 
Cambridge, Mass.; (business) First National-Old Colony Cor- 
poration, 67 Milk St., Boston. 

MOSES ELY: lawyer; unmarried; diversions, tennis until 50, now 
golf; professional career, was admitted to bar in New York State 
in January, 1901; with Gould & Wilkie, attorneys, 1900 to 1906; 
member of firm of Ely & Fuller, 1907 to 1914; assistant counsel, 
Bronx Parkway Commission, 1916-1918; since 1918 have been in 
practice for myself; am now member of firm of Lounsbury, Ely 
& Fain; have served on the executive committee, New York Nurs- 
ery and Child's Hospital, since 1912, at first as secretary, and more 
recently as chairman; resigned from Board in 1929; addresses, 
(home) 1 158 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.; (business) 350 Madi- 
son Ave., New York, N. Y. 

HAVEN EMERSON: physician and teacher; married Grace Par- 
rish, Radnor, Pa., June 15, 1901; children, Ethel, May 25, 1902; 
Robert, Nov. 5, 1904; John Haven, Feb. 4, 1906; Ruth, Oct. 20, 
1910; Ralph, April 19, 1912; diversions, gardening, raising ever- 
greens, and sailing; publications, articles in the field of the medi- 
cal sciences, public health, and preventive medicine; many con- 
tributions to The Survey; member of The Century Association; 
The Charaka Club; American Association for the Advancement 
of Science; Association of American Physicians; The Harvey So- 


ciety; many professional associations; professional career, 1901- 
1914, general and consultant practice, teaching physiology and 
internal medicine at College of Physicians and Surgeons, Colum- 
bia University; 1914-1917, sanitary superintendent and commis- 
sioner of health of the City of New York; 1918-1919, major, lieu- 
tenant colonel, and colonel, medical corps, U. S. Army, in the 
A. E. F.; 1919-1920, professor of preventive medicine, Cornell 
University; director of Cleveland Hospital and Health Survey; 
1920-1921, medical director. Veterans' Bureau; 1922 to date, pro- 
fessor of public health administration. College of Physicians and 
Surgeons, Columbia University; have completed health and hos- 
pital surveys in many cities in this country (the last one in Phila- 
delphia in 1929), and abroad; a health survey for Athens, Greece, 
for the health section of the League of Nations; member of Com- 
mittee of Expert Statisticians for the Health Organizations of the 
League; addresses, (home) 336 Central Park West, New York, 
N. Y.; (business) 630 West i68th St., New York, N. Y. 

SAMUEL ADAMS ETTELSON: lawyer; married Mrs. Amy B. 
Strauss, Chicago, 111., Feb. 15, 1921; diversions, golf, motoring, 
music; member of Bryn Mawr Country Club; Illinois Athletic 
Club; Hamilton Club; Congressional Country Club, Washing- 
ton, D. C; Tuscumbia Country Club, Green Lake, Wis.; trustee, 
Chicago Civic Opera; professional career, formerly member of the 
firm of Schuyler, Ettelson & Weinfeld; served as state senator for 
seventeen years, elected five times; was corporation counsel of the 
City of Chicago from Nov. 8, 1915, to April 16, 1923; reappointed 
corporation counsel, April 13, 1927, and am present occupant of 
that office; addresses, (home) 1020 East 48th St., Chicago, 111.; 
(business) 511 City Hall, Chicago, 111. 

JOHN RASER FAROVID: retired; married Grace Stone, Dec. 26, 
1900 (died June 6, 1909) ; Bertha Elena Seass, Woodmanse, Arthur, 
111., June 10, 1914; diversion, golf; member of South Shore Country 
Club, Chicago, 111.; Gary Country Club, Gary, Inc.; business 
career, president of Citizens Trust & Savings Bank, East Chicago, 
Ind., up to time of retiring from business; address, 7857 South 
Shore Drive, Chicago, 111. 

CLARENCE BYRNOLD FARRAR: professor of psychiatry; 
married Evelyn Linwood Lewis, Alexandria, Va., Sept. 15, 191 1; 
children, Evelyn Aida, July 9, 1914; Clarice Elaine, March 13, 1918; 


publications, various journal articles in neuropsychiatry; member 
of American Psychiatric Association; Association for Research in 
Nervous Mental Disease; Canadian Medical Association; Ontario 
Neuropsychiatric Association; Canadian National Committee for 
Mental Hygiene; Defenders Lodge, A. F. & A. M. (Ottawa, 
charter member) ; Moore Sovereign Consistory, A. & A. S. R., 7,26. 
degree (Hamilton); Scottish Rite Club (Hamilton); professional 
career, seven years' service with the Dominion Government at 
Ottawa was terminated February, 1923, to permit me to assume 
the superintendency of the Homewood Sanitarium of Guelph, 
Ontario, a private hospital for nervous and mental diseases; in Feb- 
ruary, 1925, I was appointed director of the Toronto Psychiatric 
Hospital, just completed, and to the chair of psychiatry in the 
University of Toronto; admitted (1930) to Charter Fellowship 
in the newly created Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons 
of Canada; addresses, (home) 50 Oriole Gardens, Toronto, On- 
tario; (business) Toronto Psychiatric Hospital, Toronto, Ontario. 

WALDO FARRAR: philatelist; married Frances Josephine White, 
Boston, Oct. 15, 1904; children, Paul, Dec. 12, 1905; Karl, March 3, 
1906 (died October, 1919); Mary Elizabeth, July 31, 1910; business 
career, am now with the San Diego Stamp & Coin Co., working 
at my hobby; address, 2510 Fifth Ave., San Diego, Calif. 

BROOKS FAXON: business executive; married Virginia Grubb 
Parrot, Salmon Falls, N. H., Sept. 24, 1894; children, Henrietta 
Brooks, Sept. 12, 1895; Georgette Virginia, Nov. 4, 1896; Katharine 
Josephine, April 14, 1901; member of Harvard Club, Engineers 
Club, Boston; Footlight Club; York Country Club, York Harbor, 
Me.; business career, for the past twenty-seven years have been 
with the Wagner Electric Corporation of St. Louis, Mo., and at 
present am district manager; addresses, (home) 137 Middlesex 
Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass.; (business) 8 St. Mary's St., Boston. 

EDWARD PICKERING FAY: lawyer; married Edith Goodenow, 
West Newton, Mass., Sept. 17, 1903; publications, occasionally a 
short story in fiction magazines, particularly the Munsey publica- 
tions; member of Harvard Club, New York, N, Y.; professional 
career, am still with legal department of American Telephone and 
Telegraph Co., giving especial attention to the subject of taxation; 
address, 195 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


SIDNEY BRADSHAW FAY: professor of history; married Sarah 
Proctor, Hanover, N. H., Aug. 17, 1904; children, Dorothy Adams, 
May 22, 1905; Laura Bradshaw, Nov. 20, 1906; Elsa Minot, Aug. 
14, 1913; diversions, tennis and yachting; publications, " War 
Literature," Literary Review, Oct. 23-30, 1920; " Morgenthau's 
Legend of the Potsdam Council," Die Kriegsschuldfrage (May, 
1925) ; " M. Poincare and War ResponsibiUty," New Republic 
(Oct. 14, 1924) ; " Serbia's Responsibility for the World War," 
Current History (October, 1925) ; " The Black Hand Plot that 
Led to the World War," Current History (November, 1925); 
" The Origins of the World War," (2 vols., Macmillan, 1928; 
German edition, 1929; French edition, 1930; second edition, re- 
vised, Macmillan, 1930); member of Colonial Club; Cambridge 
Club; Harvard Club, Boston; Council on Foreign Relations; 
American Historical Association; several American, French, and 
German Historical Societies; professional career, besides my work 
as professor of history at Smith College, I was lecturer at Amherst 
College, 1924-1926, and at Columbia University, 1927-1929; am 
now professor at Harvard and RadclifTe; I am serving as editor, 
with others, of the American Historical Review, and am one of 
the board of directors of the American Review of Literature; 
address, 194 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 

EDWARD HENRY FENNESSY: retail department store mer- 
chant; married Emma Thomas, Meriden, Conn., 1904; step- 
daughter, Elizabeth, Feb. 21, 1894; address, 772 Broad St., Meriden, 
Conn. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from Report VL) 

WILLIAM SCOTT FERGUSON: McLean professor of ancient 
and modern history; married Mary Alena White, Charlottetown, 
P, E. I., June 20, 1902; child, Elizabeth Frances, Sept. 26, 1904; 
diversion, tennis, of a sort; publications, further articles of the sort 
listed in the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Report, and Chapters VII, 
IX, X, and XI of " Cambridge Ancient History, Vol. V.; and 
Chapter I of Vol. VII; member of Harvard Club, Boston; Ameri- 
can Academy of Arts and Sciences; American Historical Associa- 
tion; American Philological Association; New England History 
Teachers' Association; American Archaeological Institute; Ameri- 
can Folklore Society; Massachusetts Historical Society; Hellenic 
Society, London (honorary member); professional career, in 1921 
I received an honorary LL.D. from my alma mater, McGill Uni- 


versity; and in 1927 an honorary Litt.D. from the University of 
Louvain; in 1924 I served as Harvard Exchange professor in west- 
ern colleges of Beloit, Carleton, and Knox; am now teaching at 
Harvard; addresses, (home) 8 Scott St., Cambridge, Mass.; (busi- 
ness) Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass. 

CHARLES RUSSELL FLEISCHMANN: lawyer and realtor (re- 
tired) ; married Leila Marie Newcombe, New York, N. Y., Jan. 17, 
1905 (died Oct. 15, 1905); child, Leila Newcombe, Oct. 14, 1905 
(married John Burton Fiery, 1928; daughter); diversions, travel- 
ing, and hurrying about in this country and Canada accompanying 
my string of thoroughbreds, which, considering its size, has fur- 
nished me a very great number of winners; address, 71 East 77th 
St., New York, N. Y. 

GROSVENOR FOLSOM: manager of industrial real estate; mar- 
ried Letitia Ridgely Griffiths, Lexington, Mass., Oct. i, 1901; 
children, Elizebeth Griffiths, April 16, 1904; Katherine Farns- 
worth, April 3, 1907; diversions, yachting and golf; member of 
Arctic Club, Yacht Club, Seattle, Wash.; business career, besides 
my main occupation as manager of the city properties of the Puget 
Mill Co., served as vice president of Seattle City Zoning Com- 
mission; left employ of Puget Mill Co. Jan. i, 1927, and since have 
acted as executive secretary of Building Owners and Managers 
Association of Seattle; address, 1061 East Blaine St., Seattle, Wash. 

FRANCIS MURRAY FORBES: trustee and realtor; married Mar- 
jorie Cochrane, Boston, June 3, 1903; children, Francis Murray, Jr., 
April 21, 1904; Marjorie, Aug. 3, 1906 (died Oct. 28, 1916); Alex- 
ander Cochrane, Nov. 2, 1909; Dorothy Murray, Nov. 5, 1913; 
Cynthia, Dec. 15, 1918; diversions, riding, walking, traveling, sight- 
seeing; member of Harvard Club, Tavern Club, Somerset Club, 
Boston; Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Norfolk Hunt; Ded- 
ham Country Club, Dedham, Mass.; addresses, (home) Wellesley, 
Mass.; (business) 60 State St., Boston. 

ALEXANDER FORSYTH: mining engineer; married Eva Francis 
Sargent, Port Henry, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1902 (died Sept. 11, 1917); 
Atha Millner, Reno, Nev., July 27, 1918; children, George William- 
son, April 3, 1903 (died Aug. 25, 1907); Robert Dana, Sept. 4, 
1904; John Swanton, July 10, 1906 (died May 25, 1907); Alex- 
ander, Jr., Oct. I, 1908; Charles Duren, Dec. 30, 1912; Donald 


Bruce, Aug. 22, 191 7; James Amos, July 5, 1922; address, 429 Reno 
Ave, Reno, Nev. 

FRANCIS BIRD FOX: lawyer; married Lillian DeBlois, Taunton, 
Mass., Feb. 26, 1908; diversion, apple raising; member of Masons, 
Winthrop Club, Harvard Club, Auto Club, Taunton, Mass.; 
American Pomological Society; Massachusetts Fruit Growers As- 
sociation ; professional career, have practiced law in Taunton since 
1899; ^'^s assistant district attorney, 1902 to 1923; address, 130 Win- 
throp St., Taunton, Mass. 

RECTOR KERR FOX: retired; married Hilda Carolyn Seccomb, 
New York, N. Y., Feb. 7, 1901; children, Virginia, Nov. 19, 1901; 
Rector Kerr, Jr., May 3, 1903; John William, 2d, Aug. 7, 1907; 
Edward Seccomb, Sept. 30, 191 1; David Seccomb, Oct. 4, 1912 
(died June 6, 1923) ; business career, was engaged in the publish- 
ing business for seven years, farming for four years, and was a 
member of the New York Stock Exchange sixteen years; address, 
Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

ROBERT TILDEN FRANK: physician; married Marie-Louise 
Leost, Colorado Springs, Colo., 1920; child, Yvonne Elizabeth, 
1921; diversions, hiking and sketching; publications, " Gynecologi- 
cal and Obstetrical Pathology " ( Appleton & Co., 1922) ; " The 
Female Sex Hormone " (Charles C. Thomas, 1929) ; numerous 
articles in current medical journals; member of American Gyneco- 
logical Society; New York Obstetrical Society; professional career, 
1920-1925, practiced gynecology in Denver, Colo., and was assist- 
ant professor of gynecology, University of Colorado; in Septem- 
ber, 1925, called to New York City to take charge of gynecological 
service of Mount Sinai Hospital; address, 10 East 85th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

LOUIS ALEXANDER FREEDMAN: writer; married Marguerite 
Carriere, New York, N. Y., May 31, 1904; address, 33 Riverside 
Drive, New York, N. Y. 

SARGENT PRENTISS FREELING: lawyer; unmarried; diver- 
sions, hunting and fishing; member of A. F. & A. M.; Elks; pro- 
fessional career, was county attorney, Pottawatomie County, Okla., 
1902-1907, and 1912-1914, and attorney general of Oklahoma, 
1915-1922; addresses, (home) Skirvin Hotel, Oklahoma City, 
Okla.; (business) Main and Harvey Sts., Oklahoma City, Okla. 


BROOKS FROTHINGHAM: retired; married Grace Adele Clark, 
Greenwich, Conn., June 18, 1902; diversion, golf; member of 
Tennis & Racquet Club, Boston; Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; 
Santa Barbara Club, Santa Barbara, Calif.; various golf and coun- 
try clubs; addresses, (home) Cohasset, Mass.; (winter) 232 Los 
Olivos St., Santa Barbara, Calif. 

EDGAR VIETOR FROTHINGHAM: lawyer; married Genevieve 
Lord, Boston, April 21, 1900; children, Richard Lord, March 22, 
1902; Donald, Jan. 14, 1905; James Harding, Oct. 11, 1909 (died 
Aug. 5, 1915); member of Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; 
professional career, was engaged in law practice until 1910; served 
as commissioner of public works, 1910-1915, and as city magistrate, 
1915-1925, Borough of Manhattan, New York City; addresses, 
(home) 188 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y.; (business) 
27 West 44th St., New York, N. Y. 

CHARLES SUMNER FULLER: investment banker; married 
Anna Lillian Hayes, Dover, N. H., June 19, 1901; children, Eleanor 
Hayes, Sept. 11, 1902; Sumner Hayes, Jan. 8, 1908; Sarah Parker, 
Jan. 10, 1913; member of Massachusetts Club; Economy Club; 
addresses, (home) 18 Francis Ave., Cambridge, Mass.; (business) 
19 Congress St., Boston. 

HENRY HOLTON FULLER: lawyer; married Mary Colman 
Harris, Brookline, Mass., June 7, 1900; children, Henry Hol- 
ton, Jr., Sept. 16, 1901; Anna Hayden, Oct. 6, 1902; Marjorie Wash- 
burn, Oct. 22, 1908; George Chapin, Nov. 18, 1911; diversions, 
shooting, fishing, and golf; member of Union Club, City Club, 
Boston; various golf clubs; professional career, until 1915 was 
associated with Hon. Herbert Parker at Worcester and Boston, 
and since 1915 have been a member of the firm of Williams & 
Fuller, Boston, engaged in general law practice; trustee of several 
estates, director in a few corporations, treasurer and counsel of 
the American Unitarian Association; addresses, (home) Lancas- 
ter, Mass.; (business) 10 State St., Boston. 

STUART SYDNEY FURMAN: banker; married Arlie Farring- 
ton, Boston, 1899; children, Virginia Holmes, Sept. 4, 1908; Arlie, 
June 17, 1910; address, 141 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

JOHN ALLYNE GADE: banker; married Ruth Sibley, Rochester, 
N. Y., Nov. 18, 1907; children, Frederik Herman, Aug. 28, 1908; 


Margaret Durbin, Oct. 18, 1910; Ruth Allyne, Sept. 24, 1922; 
diversion, tennis; publication, " Christian IV, King of Denmark," 
1928; member of Knickerbocker Club, University Club, Harvard 
Club, New York, N. Y.; business career, member of the firm of 
White, Weld & Co., bankers; addresses, (home) 107 East 71st St., 
New York, N. Y., and Chateau de Brecourt, Douains, Eure, 
France, and St. James, Long Island, N. Y.; (business) White, 
Weld & Co., 40 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 

OSCAR CHARLES GALLAGHER: educator; married Nora 
Mower, Calais, Vt., Sept. i, 1899; children, William Franklin, 
Aug. 12, 1900; Natalie, June 23, 1904; member of National Edu- 
cation Association; New England Association College and Sec- 
ondary Schools; Head Masters' Association of United States; 
Unitarian Club; Scholia; Kiwanis; New England Superintend- 
ents' Association; professional career, am serving as superin- 
tendent of schools for the Town of Brookline, Mass.; addresses, 
(home) 1821 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass.; (business) Town Hall, 
Brookline, Mass. 

GEORGE BARKER GAVIN: journalist; married Agnes Louise 
Cavanagh, Braintree, Mass., Aug. 5, 1908; children, Patricia, Aug. 9, 
1909; George Barker, Jr., Nov. 25, 1910; Joan, Dec. 28, 191 1; 
Genina, Aug. 21, 1913; Ellen Clarke, April 19, 1921; member of 
Quincy Yacht Club, Quincy, Mass.; professional career, am day 
editor of the Boston Globe; addresses, (home) 62 Englewood Ave., 
Brookline, Mass.; (business) 244 Washington St., Boston. 

FRANK SAWYER GILKEY: educator; unmarried; diversions, 
music, photography, automobile camping trips; member of various 
educational societies; professional career, have been teaching since 
1896; on Sept. 2, 1930, was unanimously elected head master of the 
Medford High School; addresses, (home) 19 Emerson St., Med- 
ford, Mass.; (business) High School, Medford, Mass. 

HOWARD FRANK GILLETTE: banker; married Cornelia 
Forbes, Brookline, Mass., Sept. 12, 191 1; child, Howard Frank, Jr., 
Jan. 21, 1913; diversions, racquets and tennis; work in Chicago 
Council Boy Scouts of America, for five years as president; am now 
member of the executive board, National Council of Boy Scouts 
of America, and commodore of the Sea Scouts of America; mem- 
ber of Chicago Club, Racquet Club, Saddle and Cycle Club, 
Casino Club, Attic Club, Chicago, 111.; Racquet Club, New York, 


N. Y.; Racquet Club, Philadelphia, Pa.; Racquet Club, Boston; 
business career, have represented the National Park Bank of New 
York, but now am representing the Chase National Bank; ad- 
dresses, (home) 50 Banks St., Chicago, 111.; (business) 209 South 
La Salle St., Room 514, Chicago, 111. 

CHARLES BOWLES GLENN: educator; married Elizabeth 
Roberts Douglass, Birmingham, Ala., June 25, 1902; child, Marie 
Augustine, Nov. 18, 1910; diversion, golf; publications, articles for 
various educational journals; member of Rotary Club; Masons; 
country clubs; local, state, and national educational associations; 
professional career, instructor. Agricultural School, 1 896-1 899; 
principal, 1899-1909; assistant superintendent, 1909-1921; and 
superintendent, Birmingham School since 1921; serve as an editor 
of textbook on spelling for elementary schools; addresses, (home) 
3215 Sterling Road, Birmingham, Ala.; (business) 2015 Park Ave., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

CHARLES FREDERICK GODDARD: director of manufacture; 
married Mabelle Hayward Prentice, Worcester, Mass., Jan. 3, 1899; 
diversions, shooting, golf, and radio; member of Harvard Club, 
American Club, Union Interalliee, Paris; Golf de Chantilly, Golf 
de Compiegne, Trainers Club, France; Worcester Country Club, 
Tatnuck Country Club, Worcester, Mass.; business career, manag- 
ing director, United Shoe Machinery Co. de France; managing 
director. Manufacture Frangaise d'Oeillets Metalliques; vice presi- 
dent. Turner Tanning Co. of France; addresses, (home) 130 Rue 
de la Pompe, Paris, France; (business) 105 Rue de Dunkerque, 
Paris, France. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from Report VII.) 

MADISON GILLHAM GONTERMAN: lawyer; married Jane 
Gaillard Boag, White Plains, N. Y., Sept. 19, 1908; member of 
Harvard Club, Bar Association, New York, N. Y.; Harvard Club, 
Bar Association, Boston; professional career, am attorney for the 
New York, New Haven, and Hartford R. R.; addresses, (home) 
37 Larchwood Drive, Cambridge, Mass.; (business) c/o N. Y., 
N. H. & H. R. R., Grand Central Station, New York City. (Did 
not answer. Statistics taken from Report VII.) 

WILLIAM ALONZO GOSLINE, Jr.: coal merchant; 7varried 
Margaret May Taylor, Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 30, 1901; children, Mar- 
garet, Feb. 3, 1903; William Alonzo, 3d, Dec. 20, 1925; diversions. 


fly-fishing, golf, art, travel; member of Toledo Club, Toledo 
Country Club, University Club, Toledo, Ohio; addresses, (home) 
1821 Collingwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio; (business) 652 Ohio Bldg., 
Toledo, Ohio. 

ALFORD MARTIN GRAHAM: lawyer; married Lillian May 
Vose, Robbinston, Me., Nov. 25, 1903; child, Mary, Dec. 29, 1904; 
address, 23 Pemberton Square, Boston. 

MELVIN GREEN: orchardist; married Louisa Rodgers Meigs, 
Keokuk, la., Nov. 22, 1900; child, Montgomery Meigs, March 18, 
1910; address, 112 So. Washington St., Winchester, Va. 

JEROME DAVIS GREENE: banker; married May Tevis, Bryn 
Mawr, Pa., April 28, 1900; child, Jerome Crosby, June 14, 1902; 
publications, " Exemption from Taxation in Massachusetts," 1910; 
"The Ninetieth Birthday of Charles W. Eliot: Proceedings in 
Sanders Theatre and the Yard, March 20, 1924 " (editor) ; " Jap- 
anese Credit," Foreign Securities Investor, Aug. 5, 1925; " The 
Role of the Banker in International Relations: Problems of the 
Pacific," 1927; member of Harvard Club, Union Club, Boston; 
Harvard Club, University Club, Century Club, Coffee House, 
Recess Club, Downtown Club, City Midday Club, Town Hall 
Club, New York, N. Y.; St. James Club, London; American Club, 
Tokyo, Japan; business career, assistant to general manager. Uni- 
versity Press, Cambridge; secretary to President Eliot; secretary 
to the Corporation, Harvard University; general manager of the 
Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research; associated with John 
D. Rockefeller in business and philanthropic interests; secretary 
of the Rockefeller Foundation; trustee of various Rockefeller 
boards; overseer of Harvard College for two terms; chairman, 
Institute of Pacific Relations, Honolulu; trustee, American 
Academy in Rome; trustee, Brookings Institution of Washington; 
vice president, Japan Society of New York; chairman, Japanese 
Culture Center of America; member of Lee, Higginson & Co., 
New York, N. Y.; addresses, (home) 133 East 64th St., New York, 
N. Y.; (business) 37 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 

RUSSELL THOMAS GREENE: educator; married Winifred 
Williams, Jamaica Plain, Mass., June 22, 1899 (died April 1926); 
children, Mary Elizabeth, June 2, 1900; Eleanor, June 5, 1902; 
Hamilton Williams, May 19, 1904; Sybil, Dec. 31, 1909; Winifred 


Anne, Nov. 28, 191 1; Ruth Constance, May 12, 1914; diversions, 
golf and fishing; publications, " Accounting and Business Prac- 
tice," joint author with A. G. Belding (Gregg PubHshing Co.); 
member of Mountain View Country Club, Greensboro, Vt.; 
High School Teachers' Association, New York City; professional 
career, chairman, Dept. of Commercial Branches, New York City; 
instructor in accounting, extension courses, Columbia University, 
until my recent resignation; addresses, (home) 54 High wood Ave., 
Ridgewood, N. J.; (business) 155 West 65th St., New York, N. Y. 

SAMUEL EARLE GREENE: electrical engineer; niarried Isabelle 
Jane Trotter, Troy, N. Y., June 30, 1908; children, Earle Davis, 
June 15, 1909; Marjorie Isabelle, May i, 1913; diversion, vacation- 
ing by auto; member of Harvard Club of Berkshire County; Mys- 
tic Lodge, A. F. & A. M., Pittsfield, Mass.; Quarter Century Club, 
G. E. Co.; professional career, am a member of the high voltage 
bushing engineer department, Pittsfield Works, General Electric 
Co.; addresses, (home) 87 Northumberland Rd., Pittsfield, Mass.; 
(business) General Electric Co., Pittsfield, Mass. 

WILLIAM GREENOUGH: lawyer; inarried Charlotte Warren, 
New York, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1907; child, Beatrice, Dec. 5, 1908; 
diversions, yachting, and outdoor life; member of Knickerbocker 
Club, Racquet and Tennis Club, Brook Club, New York Yacht 
Club, Holly Island Club, Down Town Association, New York, 
N. Y.; city, state, and American bar associations; addresses, 
(home) 128 East 56th St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 72 Wall 
St., New York, N. Y. 

CLIFFORD STIMSON GREGG: clergyman; umnarried; diver- 
sions, collecting early American furniture, pictures, and pewter; 
golf and travel; study of Semitics; i7iember of Harvard Club, Uni- 
versity Club, New York, N. Y.; various clergy clubs; professional 
career, am now beginning the twenty-fifth year as rector of Trinity 
Church, New York; address, 698 East i66th St., New York, N. Y. 

HENRY STURGIS GREW: trustee; married Ethel Gertrude 
Hooper, Boston, Nov. 17, 1897; children, Agnes Hoppin, Nov. 13, 
1898; Henry Sturgis, July 31, 1901; James Hooper, Dec. 18, 1906; 
Ethel Hooper, Oct. i, 1911; diversions, music, shooting, golf, and 
tennis; member of Somerset Club, Tennis & Racquet Club, Har- 
vard Club, Boston; Myopia Hunt, Hamilton, Mass.; Essex County 


Club, Essex, Mass.; Eastern Yacht Club, Marblehead, Mass.; Har- 
vard Club, New York, N. Y.; business career, president National 
Union Bank, 1905-1925; resigned, September, 1925, and bank 
merged with State Street Trust Co. of Boston; addresses, (home) 
254 Marlborough St., Boston; (business) 11 1 Devonshire St., 

FRANK WOOD GRIFFIN: gold miner; married Lillian Follis, 
San Francisco, Calif., Jan. 9, 1901 (died April 12, 1925) ; children, 
Constance, Feb. 13, 1905; Frank Follis, Nov. 4, 191 1; address, 313 
Holbrook Bldg., 58 Sutter St., San Francisco, CaHf. (Did not 
answer. Statistics taken from Report VI.) 

EMANUEL MONIE GROSSMAN: lawyer, married Althea 
Somerville, St, Louis, Mo., June 17, 191 1; children, Althea Somer- 
ville, April 19, 1912; Mary Somerville, April 19, 1912; diversions, 
golf, work in semi-public matters, and in social service organiza- 
tions; publications, " Some Reasons for the Growing Disrespect for 
the Law," addresses before Association of Life Insurance Counsel 
and other associations of lawyers; member of University Club, 
City Club, St. Louis, Mo.; Woodlawn Country Club; city, state, 
and national Bar Associations; professional career, member, and 
later attorney, St. Louis Board of Education; first vice president, 
Missouri Tuberculosis Association; chairman and member of 
board of directors, Race Relations Committee, and director of 
Community Council; secretary, vice president, and president of the 
Associated Harvard Clubs; addresses, (home) 220 North Kings- 
highway, St. Louis, Mo.; (business) loio Pine St., Room 1509, 
St. Louis, Mo. 

LEE HAGER: oil operator; unmarried; address, Esperson Bldg., 
Houston, Texas. 

LEE WALKER HAGERMAN: lawyer; married Ninette Virginia 
Clark, St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 14, 191 1; diversions, politics and his- 
tory; member of bar associations of city, state, and America; ad- 
dresses, (home) 4401 McPherson Ave., St. Louis, Mo.; (business) 
702 Rialto Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

FREDERICK HALE, lawyer; unmarried; professional career, 
elected to United States Senate in 1916, and reelected in 1922 and 
1928; address, 99 State St., Portland, Me. 


ARTHUR WILLIAMS HALL: financial executive; married May 
Merrill, Quincy, Mass., Oct. 11, 1898; children, Dorothy, Aug. 18, 
1899; Marjorie, July 14, 1905; diversions, bowling, golf, and tennis; 
member of Neighborhood Club, Stoney Brae Golf Club, Quincy 
Tennis Club, Quincy, Mass.; business career, have been in the 
same general line of work continuously since August, 1896, namely, 
the manufacturing, importing, and selling of scientific and electri- 
cal instruments for college and industrial laboratories; from 1910 
to 1930 I was treasurer of the L. E. Knott Apparatus Company; in 
April, 1930, that company was merged with the Central Scientific 
Co. of Chicago, and I am one of the managers in charge of the 
Cambridge office; addresses, (home) 43 Upland Road, Quincy, 
Mass.; (business) 79 Amherst St., Cambridge, Mass. 

JOHN GALENTINE HALL: factory hand and poultryman; mar- 
ried Martha Green Harding, Cambridge, Mass., May 9, 1900; 
child, Arthur Seymour, Dec. 15, 1907; address, R. F. D. No. i, 
Box 75, North Easton, Mass. 

WALTER AT WOOD HALL: engineer; jnarried Lucile Carol 

Reynolds, Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 7, 1903; child, Marjory Lucile, 
May 16, 1908; diversions, reading, history, genealogy, and gunning; 
member of Harvard Club, Boston; Harvard Club, Whiting Club, 
Lynn, Mass.; professional career, draftsman, Duryea Motor Wagon 
Co., Springfield, 1896; machine designer and electrician, Russell & 
Erwin Mfg. Co., New Britain, 1897-1898; draftsman and assistant 
engineer, transformer department, and engineer in charge, Lynn 
Works, General Electric Co.; assistant engineer, all transformer 
work of General Electric Co.; assistant to manager, Lynn Works, 
1898-1920; with Industrial Co., Boston, supervising manufactur- 
ing, group of industries, 1920-1922; engineer with H. M. Haven 
and A. T. Hopkins, Inc., 1923-1927; 1927 to present, consulting 
engineer. Have succeeded the firm of Haven & Hopkins, formerly 
Haven & Crosby, and continuing the general consulting engineer- 
ing business under my own name; addresses, (home) 53 Bay View 
Drive, Swampscott, Mass.; (business) 80 Boylston St., Boston. 

ROBERT HAYDOCK HALLO WELL: manufacturer; married 
Rebecca B. Jackson, Boston, Oct. 7, 1902; children, Robert Hay- 
dock, Jr., Aug. 31, 1903; Samuel H., May 15, 1905; Francis J., Nov. 
5, 1906; Rebecca N., Oct. 8, 1910; diversions, golf, gardening; 
member of Harvard Club, Exchange Club, Boston; The Country 


Club, Brookline, Mass.; Hoosick-Whisick Club, Milton, Mass.; 
Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; business career, electric con- 
tracting, 1896-1923; real estate, 1923-1925; manufacturing, 1925- 
1931; president, Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for 
the Blind; addresses, (home) Brush Hill Road, Readville, Mass.; 
(business) 60 State St., Boston. 

ROSCOE JAMES HAM: professor of modern languages; mar- 
ried Mary Helena Cowell, Boston, Sept. 5, 1901; child, Edward 
Billings, Nov. 7, 1902; member of Modern Language Association 
of America, Goethe-Gesellschaft (Weimar); professional career, 
since 1901 have taught at Bowdoin College except for two years, 
1907-1909, at Trinity College, Hartford; in 1920 I was appointed 
to the newly founded George Taylor Files Professorship of Mod- 
ern Languages; address, 3 Bath St., Brunswick, Me. 

GEORGE HENRY HAMILTON: banker; married Anna Carolin 
Russell, Milford, 111., Sept. 18, 1907; children, George Russell, June 
28, 1908; Elizabeth Anne, July 9, 1913; diversions, golf, fishing, and 
hunting; interested in all civic undertakings; member of Wichita 
Club (director). Country Club, Chamber of Commerce, Masonic 
Order, Wichita, Kans.; business career, studied law at Northwest- 
ern University Law School, and practiced law four years in Illi- 
nois; entered banking business in 1903; served in Illinois legis- 
lature six years; moved to Wichita in 1912 as president of State 
Savings Bank, consolidated with Fourth National Bank in June, 
1922; have served as commissioner and mayor of Wichita, under 
commission and city manager form of government; addresses, 
(home) loi South Belmont St., Wichita, Kans.; (business) Fourth 
National Bank, Wichita, Kans. 

PAUL MASCARENE HAMLEN: trustee, and realtor; married 
Agnes Dorothy Devens, Hamilton, Mass., Dec. 7, 1901; children, 
EUzabeth, Aug. 21, 1903; Nathaniel, Sept. 16, 1905; Devens, March 
15, 1909; diversions, genealogy, farming, and golf; member of 
Flarvard Club, Somerset Club, Tennis and Racquet Club, Ex- 
change Club, Boston; The Country Club, Brookline, Mass.; Wes- 
ton Golf Club, Weston, Mass.; Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; 
business career, I have resigned from my former real estate firm 
of Cabot, Cabot & Forbes, and have moved uptown to be nearer 
various properties of which I am trustee; addresses, (home) 
32 Gloucester St., Boston; (business) 729 Boylston St., Boston. 


ALEXANDER ROBERTSON HANN: real estate broker; mar- 
ried Georgia Woodson Kendall, Denton, Tex., Dec. 10, 1902; 
child, Frances Kendall, Dec. 14, 1906; diversions, hunting and 
fishing; business career, except for war service my present business 
has been practically uninterrupted; addresses, (home) 3615 Raw- 
lins St.. Dallas, Tex.; (business) 1519 American Exchange Bank 
Bldg., Dallas, Tex. 

HEMAN ANDREW HARDING: lawyer; married Edith Crowell 
Harding, Chatham, Mass., Feb. 14, 1907; child, Virginia Avis, Oct. 
20, 1908; member of Masons, Eastward Ho Country Club, Chat- 
ham Beach Club, Chatham, Mass.; professional career, chairman, 
school committee, 1898-1899, and selectman, assessor, and overseer 
of the poor, Chatham, 1899-1900; chairman of selectmen, assessors, 
and overseers of the poor, 1900; member, Massachusetts House of 
Representatives, Second Barnstable District, Ways and Means, 
1903-1904; member, Massachusetts Senate, Cape District, 1905- 
1906; chairman. Fisheries and Game, and Constitutional Amend- 
ments; member, Harbor and Lands, and Ways and Means; Com- 
missioner of Harbor and Public Lands (Mass.), 1908-1911; special 
Justice, Second District Court of Barnstable, Feb. 10, 1920 to date; 
member special commission to revise laws relating to Marine 
Fisheries and Shellfish, 1930; address, Chatham, Mass. 

KENNETH WILSON HARDON: retired; married Corrinne 
Thompson, Boston, June 26, 1907; diversions, outdoor sports, and 
travel; member of Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; various fra- 
ternal organizations; business career, was engaged in manufac- 
turing and merchandising until ill health compelled me to give 
up business about six months ago; address, 14 Commonwealth 
Blvd., Bellerose, Long Island, N. Y. 

ARTHUR HAROLD HARLOW: art dealer; jnarried May Valen- 
tine Stern, New York, N. Y., April 28, 1904; children, Marjorie, 
June II, 1906; Arthur Harold, Jr., April 12, 1908; Virginia May, 
Nov. 8, 1911; diversions, breeding dogs, tennis, and swimming; 
member of Harvard Club, National Town and Country Clubs, 
New York, N. Y.; business career, outside of my own business, 
my interests are devoted largely to philanthropic work, being a 
trustee of the Mt. Sinai Hospital; addresses, (home) 300 Park 
Ave., New York, N. Y.; (business) 667 Fifth Ave., New York, 


JAMES RUSSELL HARRIS: architect; married Elizabeth Steven- 
son, Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y., Oct. 24, 1908; children, Eliza- 
beth Mary, Nov. 28, 1910; James David, Jan. 8, 1916 (died 1928); 
diversion, travel; member of Art Club, Racquet Club, T Square 
Club, Philadelphia, Pa.; Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; ad- 
dresses, (home) 1804 De Lancey Place, Philadelphia, Pa.; (busi- 
ness) 603 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

JAMES HARRISON: telephone engineer; married M. Persis Jones, 
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 26, 1903; diversions, radio, golf, automobil- 
ing; member of American Institute of Electrical Engineers; En- 
gineers Club, Noonday Club, City Club, Contemporary Club, St. 
Louis, Mo.; professional career, with Kinloch Telephone Co. from 
1897 to 1923 in various positions from timekeeper to assistant gen- 
eral manager and chief engineer; since 1923, engineer with the 
Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.; addresses, (home) 4961 La- 
clede Ave., St. Louis, Mo.; (business) loio Pine St., St. Louis, Mo. 

LOUIS CLINTON HATCH: historian; unmarried; address, 18 
North High St., Bangor, Me. 

JOSEPH HENRY HATHAWAY: physician and educator; mar- 
ried Ethel H. S. Baird, Woodstock, N. B., Jan. 25, 1905; child, 
Joseph Comstock, Dec. 17, 1906; professional career, instructor in 
anatomy. Medical Department, University of Michigan, 1929 to 
present; addresses, (home) 70 Puritan Ave., Detroit, Mich.; 
(business) 13851 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

WILLIAM HAUCK: civil engineer; married Marion Cleveland 
Peabody, Reading, Mass., June 25, 1902; children, Margaret, 
March 23, 1905; Donald Peabody, May 22, 1908; member of 
American Society Civil Engineers; Howard Engineering Society; 
New York State Society of Professional Engineers; Bronx County 
Chapter of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers; 
American Water Works Association; professional career, since 
graduation have been engaged in water supply engineering prin- 
cipally for the City of New York. At present my position is 
borough engineer for New York City Water Department for the 
borough of the Bronx, having charge of the maintenance and ex- 
tension of the water supply system for that borough; addresses, 
(home) 423 East 238th St., New York, N. Y.; (business) Bergen 
Bldg., New York, N. Y. 


CHARLES LEVERETT HAYDEN: retired; married Marie 
Stuart Schafer, Evanston, III, Nov, 7, 1894; Ruby Burnette John- 
ston, Athens, Ga., Sept. 15, 1923; children, Marie Fenton, Oct. 16, 
1895; Earle Fenton, Nov. 15, 1896; Peter Halleck, Jan. i, 1900; 
jnemher of Harvard Club, Yacht Club, New York, N. Y.; Royal 
St. Lawrence Yacht Club, Thousand Islands Yacht and Country 
Clubs, Alexandria Bay, N. Y.; address, Alexandria Bay, N. Y. 

JOHN JOSEPH HAYES: real estate and insurance broker; un- 
married; diversions, general interest and participation in sports; 
member of Harvard Club, Exchange Club, Boston; Dedham 
Country and Polo Club, Dedham Club, Dedham, Mass.; business 
career, from 1 896-1903 was with the Boston and Maine Railroad 
in its various departments; in 1904 entered the real estate business, 
forming the firm of Hayes and Welch; this firm was dissolved 
in 1922; on Jan. i, 1923, formed the firm of Hayes and Read, 
specializing in sale, lease, and management of business properties, 
and also in insurance; addresses, (home) Common St., Dedham, 
Mass.; (business) 30 State St., Boston. 

RICHARD HAYTER: real estate broker; married Arabel Ijams, 
Manchester, England, Feb, 17, 1900; diversions, social and civic 
betterment; publications, reports and articles, administration cen- 
ter plan, Los Angeles, Calif.; address, Tejon Ranchos, Bakersfield, 
Calif. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from Report VII.) 

PEYTON RANDOLPH HAZARD: unmarried; diversions, music, 
art, literature, gardening; member of Art Association, Newport, 
R. I.; Jamestown Historical Society, Jamestown, R. I.; Society of 
the Cincinnati; address, Jamestown, R. I. 

STEVENS HECKSCHER: lawyer; married Henrietta Armitt 
Brown, Wayne, Pa., July 15, 1902 (died June 11, 1912); Gladys 
Crosby, Philadelphia, Pa., April 11, 1917; children, Lucretia 
Stevens, April 9, 1903; Henry Armitt, Nov. i, 1904 (died Feb. 22, 
1905); Maurice, May 24, 1907; J. G. Richard, Sept. 6, 1909; Eliza- 
beth Crosby, June 2, 1918; diversions, farming, tennis, shooting, 
and charities — Harvard Club Scholarships; member of Philadel- 
phia Club, Racquet Club, Harvard Club, State in Schuylkill 
(known as the Fish House), Philadelphia, Pa.; addresses, (home) 
Strafford, Pa.; (business) 1617 Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 


WINSLOW HOB ART HERSCHEL: physicist; married Cornelia 
Auguste Feuerlein, New York, N. Y., April 17, 1906; children, 
Grace Dorothy, July 22, 1907 (died Dec. i, 1907); Kenelm Win- 
slow, Dec. 14, 1915; diversions, raising fruit and vegetables, de- 
signing crossword puzzles, building radio sets; publications, papers 
on viscometry; member of Harvard Club, Washington Society of 
Engineers, Washington, D. C; American Society for Testing 
Materials; American Chemical Society; professional career, after 
being a civil engineer and professor of mechanical engineering, 
since 1913 have been with the United States Bureau of Standards; 
my work in viscometry brings me back about where I started as 
a hydraulic engineer, studying the laws of flow; addresses, (home) 
6305 Florida St., Chevy Chase, Md.; (business) U. S. Bureau of 
Standards, Washington, D. C. 

ALLAN MOORE HERVEY: married Sybil Inez Blanche Pal- 
grave, Rome, Italy, May 5, 1905; address, c/o Hottinguer & Cie, 
38 rue de Provence, Paris, France. (Did not answer. Statistics 
taken from Report VI.) 

vey Waterman Thayer) : educator; unmarried; publication, " The 
Modern German Novel " (Marshall Jones Co., 1924) ; professional 
career, am professor of modern languages, Princeton University; 
addresses, (home) 11 1 20th St., Jackson Heights, New York, 
N. Y.; (business) Princeton University, Princeton, N. J. 

JAMES HEWINS: wool commission merchant; married Anna 
Maria Johansen, Natick, Mass., Oct. 9, 1901 (died May 28, 1908); 
Edith Everett, Boston, June 20, 1914; children, James, Aug. 28, 
1902 (died Sept. 20, 1927); Alfred, Oct. 24, 1904; diversion, chess; 
member of Neighborhood Club, Waban, Mass.; City Club, Bos- 
tonian Society, Boston; several Masonic orders; addresses, (home) 
1538 Beacon St., Waban, Mass.; (business) 200 Summer St., 

ALFRED HITCHCOCK HILDRETH: lawyer; married Alice 
Symmes Russell, Winchester, Mass., June 6, 1905; children, 
Richard Russell, March 21, 1909; Helen Colburn, Nov. 19, 191 1 
(died April 25, 1915); Susan Symmes, April 13, 1916; diversions, 
golf and bowling, especially with Harry Knight; gardening, shop 
work, and occasionally a little tennis; member of Winchester 
Country Club, Calumet Club, Winchester, Mass.; liarvard Club, 


New York, N. Y.; University Club, Washington, D. C; profes- 
sional career, have been engaged in patent and trade mark law 
since leaving Law School in 1899; addresses, (home) 371 High- 
land Ave, Winchester, Mass.; (business) 53 State St., Boston. 

FRANK CASPAR HINCKLEY: land developer; married An- 
gelique Alfert, Paris, France, March 23, 1920; diversions, hunting, 
fishing, swimming, camping; member of Mountainy Pond Club; 
Harvard Club, Boston; Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; busi- 
ness career, have devoted my career to the exploitation of wild 
land, first as explorer and forester, and later as owner of timber- 
lands and manufacturer; at present am engaged in timberland 
management, and developing wild land in Maine for recreational 
purposes; addresses, (home) 218 Broadway, Bangor, Me.; (busi- 
ness) 39 Hammond St., Bangor, Me. 

SILAS HINKLEY: editor, and financial executive for railroad; un- 
married; address, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. (Did not answer. Statistics 
taken from Report VI.) 

FRANK LAUREN HITCHCOCK: educator; married Margaret 
Johnson Blakely, Paris, France, May 25, 1899 (died May 22, 1925); 
children, Lauren Blakely, March 18, 1900; John Edward, Jan. 28, 
1906 (died July 26, 1909); George Blakely, Jan. 12, 1910; publica- 
tion, " Differential Equations in Applied Chemistry " (Wiley and 
Sons, 1923; co-author with C. S. Robinson) ; member of American 
Academy of Arts and Sciences; addresses, (home) 34 Hillside 
Terrace, Belmont, Mass.; (business) Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 

WILLIAM HENRY HITZ: lawyer; married Esther Porter, Balti- 
more, Md.; children, Frederick, April 22, 1905; William, Feb. 5, 
1909; address, 1901 N St., N. W., Washington, D. C. (Did not an- 
swer. Statistics taken from Report VI.) 

ARTHUR BREWSTER HOLMES: physician; married Edith 
Louise Mabbett, Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 15, 1903; children, Frank 
Henry, Sept. 12, 1904; George Mabbett, Aug. 22, 1906 (died Sept. 
24, 1920); Joseph Alexander, Sept. 23, 1909; address, Kingston, 
Mass. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from Report VI.) 

WILLIS BOIT HOLMES: chemist and manufacturer; married 
Ethel Dimmitt, Chicago, 111., Sept. i, 1906; children, Joseph Henry, 
May 2, 1909; David Willis, Nov. 24, 1914; diversions, a litde of 


everything; publications, " Dental Cements," Journal of Chicago 
Dental Society (June 27, July 4, 1924); member of American 
Chemical Society; American Association for Advancement of 
Science; Kiwanis Club; Ohio Dental Society; business career, am 
still busy manufacturing all kinds of dental cements; am now 
vice president and general manager of the Ames Laboratories; 
addresses, (home) 1337 Buckland Ave., Fremont, Ohio; (busi- 
ness) 137 Adams St., Fremont, Ohio. 

EDWIN BISSELL HOLT: unmarried ; address, Glenmere, Knox 
Co., Me. 

FREDERICK STREET HOPPIN: pubhsher; unmarried; diver- 
sions, tennis, gardening, travel; publications, translations of 
" Michelangelo," by Remain Rolland; " Rubens," by Louis Hour- 
ticq; "Gargantua"; member of Century Club, Harvard Club, 
University Club, Coffee House, New York, N. Y.; professional 
career, reporter, ISlew Yor\ Evening Post, 1899; assistant editor, 
Leslie's Popular Monthly, 1900; advertising manager, and literary 
adviser, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1902; president, Duffield & Co., 
1915-1927; address, 463 East 57th St., New York, N. Y. 

RALPH SHELDON HOSMER: forester; married Jessie Nash 
Irwin, Newton, Mass., Dec. 30, 1913; children, David Irwin, April 
14, 1915; Jane Sheldon, Feb. 24, 1918; Emily Frances, Aug. 27, 
1919; diversions, theatre and reading; publications, " Impressions 
of European Forestry " (Lumber World Review, 1922) ; various 
articles in Journal of Forestry and other periodicals; member of 
Society of American Foresters (president, 1923; member of coun- 
cil, 1930-1933) ; New York State Forestry Association (executive 
committee, 1915-1931); American Association for the Advance- 
ment of Science (fellow) ; professional career, assistant. Division 
of Soils, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1896-1898; field assistant in 
Division of Forestry, 1898-1903; collaborator. Bureau of Forestry 
and Forest Service, 1903-1914; superintendent of forestry, Terri- 
tory of Hawaii, 1903-1914; professor of forestry and head of the 
department of forestry, Cornell University, since 1914; addresses, 
(home) 209 Wait Ave., Ithaca, N. Y.; (business) Dept. of Fores- 
try, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

ALBERT STRAW HOWARD: lawyer; married Edna Maud 
Hopkins, Greenfield, N. H., Sept. 2, 1903; children, Woodbury 
Fiske, April 3, 1905; Alan Straw, Nov. 24, 1908; Charlotte Straw, 


April 30, 1912; diversion, motoring; member of Vesper Country 
Club, Kilwinning Lodge of Masons, Harvard Club, Lowell Bar 
Association, Lowell, Mass.; Middlesex Bar Association; Massa- 
chusetts Bar Association; American Bar Association; professional 
career, have been practising law in Lowell since 1900, and since 
1913 have been a member of the firm of Qua, Howard, and Rogers, 
at present senior partner; addresses, (home) 751 Andover St., 
Lowell, Mass.; (business) 500 Hildreth Bldg., Lowell, Mass. 

GEORGE ALONZO HOWE: investment banker; married Alice 
Harriet Howard, Marshalltown, Iowa, Dec. 19, 1907; children, 
Robert Howard, Sept. i, 1908; William Gould, Oct. 17, 1910; 
Margaret Elizabeth, April 19, 1919; diversion, gardening; mem- 
ber of Encino Country Club, Los Angeles, Calif.; business career, 
was with the Le Grand Quarry Co. and the Fidelity Savings Bank 
of Marshalltown, Iowa, until 1907; since then have been in the in- 
vestment business, dealing in mortgage loans; address, 1622 North 
Martel Avenue, Hollywood, Calif. 

WIRT HOWE: lawyer; untnarried; diversions, reading, walking, 
gardening, travel; member of Union Club, Knickerbocker Club, 
New York, N. Y.; Metropolitan Club, Washington, D. C; Chevy 
Chase Club, Chevy Chase, Md.; professional career, am at present 
assistant general counsel United States Shipping Board; addresses, 
(home) Gilbertsville, N. Y.; (business) U. S. Shipping Board, 
Washington, D. C. 

WILLIAM WESCOTT HOWELL: physician; married Verna 
Murch, Fredericton, N. B., Dec. 19, 1913; children, Hope, Dec. 16, 
1915; Martha, Oct. 3, 1919; diversions, tennis, camping, and music; 
metnber of Harvard Club, Boston; Massachusetts Medical Society; 
New England Pediatric Society; American Medical Association; 
professional career, am specializing in children's diseases; for ten 
years previous to 1922 was associate physician of the Infants' Hos- 
pital, Boston; am now consulting physician. Children's Hospital, 
Boston, consulting pediatrist of the Faulkner Hospital, Jamaica 
Plain, and of the Elliot Hospital, Keene, N. H.; addresses, (home) 
44 Eliot St., Jamaica Plain, Mass.; (business) 279 Clarendon St., 

ABRAM HARBACH HOWLAND: plumbing goods merchant; 
married Angelica Bustamante y Rodriguez, Mexico City, Oct. 12, 


1905; children, Thomas, May 30, 1907; Angelica, April 25, 1910; 
Sergie, May 10, 1914; address, 90 4a Guerrere, Mexico City, Mexico. 
(Did not answer. Statistics taken from Report VI.) 

EARLE CALHOUN HUIDEKOPER: farmer; unmarried; diver- 
sion, hunting; member of Meadville Racquet and Tennis Club, 
Meadville, Pa.; Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; address, Mead- 
ville, Pa. 

FREDERIC LOUIS HUIDEKOPER: military writer; married 
Helena Katharine Elliott, Wianno, Mass., Sept. 14, 1916 (divorced, 
July 10, 1925); children, Stuart Elliott, Dec. 20, 1917; Frederic 
Fitz-James Christie, Jan. 28, 1919; publications, " The Thirty-third 
Division," in Vol. I of " Illinois in the World War," 1921; " The 
History of the 33d Division, A.E.F.," three volumes and port- 
folio of maps, officially published by the State of Illinois, 192 1; 
member of Metropolitan Club, Chevy Chase Club, Montgomery 
Country Club, Washington, D. C; University Club, New York, 
N. Y.; Hereditary Order of the Descendants of Colonial Govern- 
ors; Society of Colonial Wars of the District of Columbia; Sons 
of the Revolution in the District of Columbia; Military Order of 
the World War; American Legion; Bath Club, London; Societe 
de la Legion d'Honneur (Paris) ; business career, head of invest- 
ment department of W. B. Hibbs and Co., Washington, D. C, 
March 25, 1920 to May i, 1925; was awarded the Distinguished 
Service Medal and created a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor; 
address, c/o Morgan & Co., 14 Place Vendome, Paris, France. 

GRAHAM PUTNAM HUNT: lawyer; married Frances Menden- 
hall, Cincinnati, Ohio, June 20, 1905; children, Frances Menden- 
hall, June 28, 1906; Graham Putnam, Jr., Nov. 25, 1908; Margaret 
Graham, April 7, 1912; Grace Mendenhall, Oct. 21, 1915; member 
of Harvard Club, Athletic Club, Country Club, Queen City Club, 
Cincinnati, Ohio; various bar associations; professional career, 
nominated for United States Senator in 1928, but defeated; ad- 
dress, Glenmary Ave., Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

JOHN CUMMINGS HUNT: retired; married Bertha Hale Sec- 
comb, New York, N. Y., April 27, 1905; children, Louise, April 8, 
1907; Helen Cummings, March 17, 1909; diversion, stamp collect- 
ing; member of Players Club, Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; 
Harvard Club, Boston; address, 100 Beacon St., Boston. 


EDWARD MARTIN HURLEY: business executive; unmarried; 
diversion, travel; member of Harvard Club, Racquet and Tennis 
Club, New York, N. Y.; business career, for a number of years I 
was with Fox Brothers Export Co., of New York, and later with 
the Acme Engineering Co.; address, 27 West 44th St., New York, 
N. Y. 

ALBERT STIMSON INGALLS: railroad executive; married Jane 
E. Taft, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 12, 1898; children, David Sinton, 
Jan. 28, 1899; Albert Stimson, Jr., Nov. 20, 1901; Anne Taft, Dec. 
7, 1909; member of Pepper Pike Club, Mid Day Club, Cleveland, 
Ohio; business career, assistant vice president. New York Central 
Railroad; address, 11808 Lake Shore Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio. 

ARTHUR INGRAHAM: manufacturer of worsted cloth; married 
Elizabeth Williams White, Oakland, R. L, June 5, 1901; chil- 
dren, Margaret Hunt, Oct. 5, 1902; William White, June 8, 1904; 
Arthur, Jr., Jan. 6, 1907; Andrew Clark, March 21, 1910; diversion, 
lawn tennis; member of Agawam Hunt Club, Wannamoisett 
Country Club, Providence, R. L; Chamber of Commerce, Woon- 
socket, R. L; Chamber of Commerce, Boston; business career, with 
Oakland Worsted Co., makers of worsted goods for men's cloth- 
ing; addresses, (home) Oakland, R. L; (business) Oakland 
Worsted Co., Oakland, R. L 

JOHN HENRY ISELIN: lawyer; married Caroline Lydia Good- 
ridge, Riverdale, N. Y., May 31, 1899; children, John Henry, Jr., 
Feb. 21, 1901; Mary Philipse, April 17, 1903 (died April 27, 1908); 
Edward Goodridge, Oct. 8, 1905; Warburton Gouverneur, Nov. 
30, 1907; Philipse, July 19, 1910; member of Down Town Associa- 
tion, Union Club, Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; addresses, 
(home) 925 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. and Riverdale, N. Y.; 
(business) 25 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 

MARION McHENRY JACKSON: lawyer; married Evalene 
Bozeman Parsons, Atlanta, Ga., June i, 1899; children, Henry, 
March 7, 1900; Evalene Parsons, April 16, 1903; Marion McHenry, 
Jr., Jan. 5, 1906; address, 1501 Citizens and Southern Bank Bldg., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

EDWARD HOLTON JAMES: lawyer; married Louisa Gushing, 
Boston, Dec. 27, 1899; children, Olivia, Oct. 20, 1900; Mary, Oct. 


25, 1902; Louisa, Feb. 19, 1905; diveisions, music, violin-making, 
varnishing violins; address, Concord, Mass. (Did not answer. 
Statistics taken from Report VII.) 

LAWRENCE WATERS JENKINS: museum director; married 
Arvilla Bray, Salem, Mass., Sept. 10, 1901; children, Stephen 
Waters, Nov. 22, 1902; Dorothy, Jan. 20, 1906; Benjamin Gilbert, 
Oct. 29, 1907; publications, "The Essex Guards: Historical Col- 
lections of the Essex Institute," 1921; "William Cook of Salem: 
Preacher, Artist, and Publisher," in Proceedings of the American 
Antiquarian Society, April, 1924; " The Peabody Museum of 
Salem, Massachusetts," in Salem Evening News, Oct. i, 1924; 
member of The Essex Institute (director, 1905; vice president, 
1926) ; American Association for the Advancement of Science 
(fellow); American Antiquarian Society; Marine Society, Salem, 
Mass.; Army and Navy Club, Boston; Society for Nautical Re- 
search, London, England; professional career, am assistant di- 
rector in charge, curator of ethnology, and keeper of the marine 
room, Peabody Museum, and treasurer of The Marine Research 
Society; addresses, (home) 273 Locust St., Danvers, Mass.; (busi- 
ness) Peabody Museum, Salem, Mass. 

THORNTON JENKINS; educator; married Kate Pineo Chase, 
Hyannis, Mass., June 26, 1901; children, William Whelden, Oct. 
5, 1902; Josephine, Jan. 29, 1904; Peter Pineo, Oct. 12, 1908; ad- 
dress, 14 Gellineau St., Maiden, Mass. 

ERNEST CLARENCE JEWELL: educator; married Elizabeth 
Galbraith Mclntyre, Lawrence, Mass., July 23, 1902; children, 
Emily Rebecca, May 30, 1903; William Mclntyre, Dec. 9, 1904; 
professional career, teacher of mathematics, Lawrence High 
School; address, 463 Lowell St., Lawrence, Mass. 

THOMAS JOSEPH JOHNSON: building materials merchant; 
unmarried ; address, 896 Washington St., Boston. (Did not answer. 
Statistics taken from Report VI.) 

ELIOT NORRIS JONES: lawyer; married Theodora Bowditch, 
Boston, June 18, 1903; children, Selma Bowditch, May 10, 1908; 
Dorothea Bowditch, Nov. 7, 1912; member of Union Boat Club, 
Boston Bar Association, Boston; Massachusetts Bar Association; 
professional career, practiced law in Boston since 1898; am now 
a member of the Board of Zoning Adjustments; addresses, (home) 


5 West Cedar St., Boston, and Sterling Junction, Mass.; (business) 
50 State St., Boston. 

FREDERIC MARSHALL JONES: banker; married Florence 
Osborne Harris, Springfield, Mass., Oct. 30, 1907; child, Emily 
Harris, July 26, 1913; member of Colony Club, Nayasset Club, 
Longmeadow Country Club, The Club, Rotary Club, Fish and 
Game Club, Connecticut Valley Harvard Club, University Club, 
Art League, Garden Club, Springfield, Mass.; Brotherhood o£ St. 
Andrew; Sons of American Revolution; Isaak Walton League; 
business career, chairman of the Board, and director. Third Na- 
tional Bank and Trust Co. of Springfield; trustee, Springfield 
Hospital, Springfield Institution for Savings, Springfield Ceme- 
tery Association; director, Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance 
Co., Sentinel Fire Insurance Co., Michigan Fire and Marine In- 
surance Co., Springfield Street Railway, Springfield Gas Light 
Company, Holyoke Water Power Company, Holyoke Power and 
Electric Company, Hotel Kimball, Hotel Charles; chairman. Sol- 
diers' and Sailors' Memorial Commission of Springfield; treasurer, 
American Home Makers, Inc.; addresses (home) 327 Maple St., 
Springfield, Mass.; (business) Third National Bank and Trust 
Co., Springfield, Mass. 

JOHN HALL JONES: trustee; married AHce Virginia Tobey, 
Wareham, Mass., May 23, 1908; Katharine Weston, April 30, 
1924; diversions, golf, travel, and archaeology; member of Harvard 
Club, New York, N. Y.; address, Belleair, Fla. 

WILLIAM HOWARD JONES: lawyer; unmarried; diversions, 
reading, study, and touring; member of Harvard Club, Buffalo, 
N. Y.; addresses, (home) 915 Seventh St., Buffalo, N. Y.; (busi- 
ness) 956 Brawson Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. (Did not answer. Statis- 
tics taken from Report VII.) 

ELI JOSEPH: merchant; married Beulah Louise Gumbel, New 
Orleans, La., June 14, 1900; address, 20 rue de la Paix, Paris, 
France. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from Report VI.) 

LEONARD JOSEPH: iron merchant; married Helen J. Rosenfield, 
Galveston, Tex., Dec. 6, 1910; address, c/o The Mutual Life In- 
surance Co., of New York, 156 Broadway, New York, N. Y. (Did 
not answer. Statistics taken from Report VI.) 


FRED ROBERT JOUETT: physician; married Emily Prior, Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Sept. 28, 1904 (died June 27, 1906) ; Leah Rowland 
Waterbury, Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Sept. 30, 1920; diversion, 
golf; member of Harvard Club, Boston; Cambridge Club, Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; Massachusetts Medical Society; American Medical 
Association; addresses, (home) 6 Hubbard Park, Cambridge, 
Mass.; (business) i Craigie St., Cambridge, Mass. 

FREDERICK GUNN KATZMANN: lawyer; married Grace 
Louise Brown, Quincy, Mass., Sept. 14, 1904 (died June 2, 1924); 
Polly Bascom Leseur Carr, Jan. 20, 1930; children, Ruth, Jan. 19, 
1906; Elsa, July 18, 1910; diversions, golf, hand-ball, motor-boating; 
member of Old Colony Club, Plymouth, Mass.; Wollaston Golf 
Club, Wollaston, Mass.; Cebra Club, Tennis Club, Phillips Brooks 
Club, Norfolk Country Club, Hyde Park Republican Club, Hyde 
Park, Mass.; Masonic Association; professional career, was assist- 
ant district attorney for the Southeastern District of Massachusetts, 
1909 to 1916, and district attorney from 1917 through 1922; have 
been in partnership with John P. Vahey, of Plymouth, since 1923; 
addresses, (home) 11 Prospect St., Hyde Park, Mass.; (business) 
First National Bank Bldg., Hyde Park, Mass. 

CALVIN HENRY KAUFFMAN: professor of botany, and di- 
rector of the University of Michigan Herbarium; married Eliza- 
beth Catharine Wolf, Sept. 3, 1895; diversions, traveling, and bo- 
tanical exploring in the United States; publications, numerous 
articles in botanical journals; member of University Club, Torrey 
Botany Club, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Botanical Society, Washington, 
D. C; Michigan Academy of Science; A. A. A. S.; Botanical So- 
ciety of America; American Phytopath Society; American Asso- 
ciation of University Professors; Soc. Linneenne de Lyon; address, 
1236 Prospect St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

JOSEPH PATRICK KEEFE: lawyer; unmarried; professional 
career, have served on School Committee, Board of Selectmen, and 
as moderator of Watertown; addresses, (home) 80 Galen St., 
Watertown, Mass.; (business) 412 Barristers Hall, Boston. 

JOHN LEWIS KETCHAM: lawyer; unmarried; professional 
career, general practice of the law; address, 112 West 76th St., New 
York, N. Y. 


FREDERICK WILLIAM KIESEL: banker; married Jane Birdsall, 
Sacramento, Calif., Dec. 18, 1901; children, Corinne, Sept. 11, 
1907; Phyllis, March 31, 1910; Robert Allan, Aug. 30, 191 1; Ogden, 
Dec. 21, 1914; diversions; golf and horseback; member of Sutter 
Club, Elks, Masons, Sacramento, Calif.; business career, president, 
California National Bank; addresses, (home) 1236 N St., Sacra- 
mento, Calif.; (business) CaHfornia National Bank, Sacramento, 

ELLIOT CHAMBERLAIN KIMBALL: farm manager; unmar- 
ried; diversions, collecting early American furniture, and playing 
golf; member of Dubuque Golf Club, Dubuque Chamber of 
Commerce, Dubuque, la.; The Governor Thomas Dudley Family 
Association; Chamberlain Family Association, Boston; business 
career, am engaged in managing my own property, consisting 
chiefly of Iowa farms; address, 1494 Main St., Dubuque, Iowa. 

ROBERT KING: pathologist; unmarried; member of American 
Medical Association; American Psychiatric Association; Ameri- 
can Legion; professional career, am pathologist on the staff of the 
State Hospital; address, 1090 South Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

ISAAC WILLIAM KINGSBURY: physician; married Edith Leib 
McCoy, Yonkers, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1908; member of University Club, 
Hartford, Conn.; Dauntless Club, Essex, Conn.; professional 
career, consulting physician to Hartford Hospital, New Britain 
General Hospital, Manchester Memorial Hospital; address, 4 At- 
wood St., Hartford, Conn. 

HARRY DONLY KIRKOVER: realtor, and investment banker; 
married Evelyn Francis Pollock, Chelsea, Mass., April 13, 1893; 
diversions, travel, natural sciences, breeding and training field 
dogs, horseback riding, hunting, tennis, golf; publications, article 
on out-of-doors; member of Buffalo Club, Country Club, Har- 
vard Club, Buffalo, N. Y.; Leash Club, New York, N. Y.; Sons 
of American Revolution; Society of Natural Sciences; Historical 
Society; various field dog clubs and theatrical clubs; International 
Sportmen's Club, London; business career, engaged in large real 
estate operations locally, promotions, etc.; at present, director in 
Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co., Buffalo, and other com- 
panies, and member of the Terminal Railway Commission; ad- 
dresses, (home) Temple Hill, Geneseo, N. Y., and The Hedges, 
Camden, S. C; (business) Buffalo, N. Y. 


LINUS WARD KLINE: educator; married Fannie Talbot Little- 
ton, Suffolk, Va., Feb. 23, 1902; diversions, tennis, camping, and 
motoring; publications, several papers on experimental psychol- 
ogy; drawing scale to measure free hand drawing of school chil- 
dren from first grade to senior year in the high school; "Psy- 
chology by Experiment "; member of History of Science Society; 
American Association for University Professors; American Asso- 
ciation for Advancement of Science; American Psychological 
Association; professional career, professor of psychology and his- 
tory of science; director of experimental laboratory in psychology, 
Skidmore College; addresses, (home) 124 Circular St., Saratoga 
Springs, N. Y.; (business) Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y. 

HENRY FRANCIS KNIGHT: lawyer; married Mabel Leaven- 
worth Fales, Wrentham, Mass., Dec. 18, 1901; children, Eleanor 
Adams, Jan. 29, 1905; Margaret Holden, April 10, 1910; Julia, 
Feb. I, 1915; diversion, golf; member of local social and golf clubs; 
addresses, (home) 131 Cedar St., Braintree, Mass.; (business) 50 
State St., Boston. 

EDWARD KNOBLOCK: playwright; unmarried; diversions, 
picture galleries, theatres, concerts, riding, and swimming; plays, 
The Faun, 191 1; Kismet, 191 1; Milestones (with Arnold Ben- 
nett), 1912; The Headmaster (with Wilfred T. Coleby), 1913; 
My Lady's Dress, 1914; Marie-Odile, 1915; Paganini, 1916; Home 
on Leave, 1916; Tiger Tiger, 1918; Mumsee, 1920; Cherry, 1920; 
The Lullaby, 1923; London Life (with Arnold Bennett), 1924; 
Mr. Prohack (with Arnold Bennett), 1927; publications, " The 
Lullaby, and Other Plays " (George Putnam & Co., New York) ; 
" Kismet " (George H. Doran Co., New York, and Methuen, 
London); with Arnold Bennett, "Milestones" (Methuen, Lon- 
don); " My Lady's Dress " (Doubleday Page & Co., New York); 
with Arnold Bennett, " London Life " (George H. Doran Co., 
New York, and Chatto & Windus, London) ; with Arnold Ben- 
nett, " Mr. Prohack " (Doubleday Doran & Co., New York, and 
Chatto & Windus, London); "Cot. 5" (Methuen, London); 
" The Ant Heap " (Chapman & Hall, London, and Minton Balch 
& Co., New York) ; stories for New York and London magazines; 
writing film scenarios and supervising film productions in Holly- 
wood, Calif.; member of Garrick Club, Beefsteak Club, London; 


University Club, Century Club, New York, N. Y.; address, 11 
Montagu Place, Portman Sq., London, W. i, England. 

GEORGE WILLIAM KNOWLTON, Jr.; retired; married Gwen- 
dolyn Burris, Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 24, 1900; children, George 
William, 3d, Sept. 8, 1901 (died Jan. 10, 1927) ; John Elliott, Aug. 
18, 1903; Gwendolyn, Oct. 18, 1906 (died Oct. 28, 1908); Elliott 
Burris, Sept. 30, 1914; diversions, tennis, traveling, politics (local); 
member of American Legion, Military Order of the World War, 
Tatnuck Country Club, Worcester, Mass.; business career, spent 
four years as chairman of selectman of town of Upton; was in the 
House of Representatives, Massachusetts Legislature, 1929 and 
1930; have spent some time in traveling; address. West Upton, 

ARTHUR KUHN: business executive; married Sylvia Newburger, 
Louisville, Ky., Jan. 7, 1904; children, Adam, May 22, 1905; 
Stanley, Feb. 28, 1910; diversions, baseball, football, billiards, golf, 
tennis, hunting, and fishing; member of Ogden Golf and Country 
Club, Weber Club (secretary), Bohemian Dancing Club (secre- 
tary), Ogden Baseball Club (captain), Ogden, Utah; Blue Lodge, 
Salt Lake Consistory of Masons, El Kalah Shrine, Salt Lake Com- 
mercial Club, Salt Lake City, Utah; business career, with A. Kuhn 
& Bro., wholesale furnishing goods, and became president; sold 
out during War; secretary, Utah State Land Board, 1917-1921; 
manager, Utah Oil Intelligence Bureau, 1921-1922; field repre- 
sentative, Utah Oil Refining Co., 1923-1929; executive secretary, 
Utah Manufacturers Association; addresses, (home) 403 Covey 
Apartments, Salt Lake City, Utah; (business) Utah Manufac- 
turers Assn., 419 Kearns Bldg., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

FREDERICK HEMAN LADD: editor; married Sarah Emma 
Jones, Westport, Maine, Oct. 19, 1899; children. Bertha Jones, Aug. 
12, 1900; Anna Dodge, Dec. 17, 1901 (died Dec. 19, 1901); Marion 
Dorothea, July 6, 1903 (died Feb. 26, 1930) ; John Weld, Dec. 21, 
1906 (died June 16, 1916); Frederick Heman, Jr., March 14, 1912 
(died Oct. 14, 1929); diversions, tennis, motor boating; publica- 
tions, editorials; professional career, engaged in newspaper work 
with the Lawrence Telegram from 1896 to 1926; now with the 
Lawrence Daily Eagle; addresses, (home) 46 Whittier St., An- 
dover, Mass.; (business) Lawrence Daily Eagle, 285 Essex St., 
Lawrence, Mass. 


CARLETON CUSHING LANE: stock broker; married Susan 
Godfrey Morse, Boston, Dec. 15, 1906; children, Eleanor, July 26, 
1908; Samuel Morse, July 9, 1909; Seth Gushing, Dec. 15, 1912; 
diversions, yachting, golf, tennis, bridge; member of Harvard 
Club, Milton Club, Milton, Mass.; addresses, (home) 73 Brook 
Hill Road, Milton, Mass.; (business) c/o Hayden Stone & Co., 
75 Federal St., Boston, Mass. 

AMOS AMORY LAWRENCE: architect; unmarried; diversion, 
motoring around Europe; member of Harvard Club, Tennis and 
Racquet Club, Boston; St. Cloud Club, Harvard Club, Paris; ad- 
dress, 7 Quai Voltaire, Paris, France. 

OSBORNE LEACH: agriculturist; married Alice Choate Perkins, 
Salem, Mass., Nov. 11, 1903; children, Harriet Peabody, Dec. i, 
1904; Anthony Osborne, April 13, 1906; Laurence Roberts, July 
21, 1907; address, 417 Maple St., Danvers, Mass. (Did not answer. 
Statistics taken from Report VII.) 

JOHN EDWARDS LeBOSQUET: clergyman; married Edith 
Almyra Dustin, Manchester, N. H., March 12, 1902; children, 
Henry Dustin, June 3, 1904 (died June 6, 1904) ; Ruth, March 16, 
1914; Robert, Feb, 4, 1915; diversions, walking and automobiling, 
listening to good music; publications, articles for various periodi- 
cals; member of Quequechan Club, Harvard Club, Historical 
Club, Fall River, Mass.; professional career, excepting for two 
sabbatical interludes (1905 and 1917), have served as pastor of vari- 
ous churches; and now on twelfth year as pastor of First Congre- 
gational Church, Fall River; addresses, (home) 425 Cherry St., 
Fall River, Mass.; (business) First Congregational Church, Cor- 
ner Rock and Cherry Sts., Fall River, Mass. 

JOHN HENRY SHELDON LEE: lawyer; married Jessica Has- 
kell Condict, Evanston, 111.; children, Elizabeth Condict, Nov. 2, 
1906; Margaret Baldwin, Oct. 2, 1908; John Henry Sheldon, Jr., 
Nov. 7, 1910; diversions, golf and athletics; publications, a number 
of articles upon legal subjects; member of University Club, Glen 
View Golf Club, Law Club, Legal Club, Chicago, 111.; Illinois 
State Bar Association; American Bar Association; professional 
career, was professor of law in Northwestern University for sev- 
eral years; am now a member of the law firm of Deneen, Healy, 
and Lee; addresses, (home) 1225 Sheridan Road, Evanston, 111.; 
(business) 120 So. LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 


HARLOW AUDLEIGH LEEKLEY: lawyer; married Harriett 
Georgia Curtis, Chicago, 111., Sept. 7, 1899; children, Harriett 
Curtis, July 12, 1900; Harlow Addison, Sept. 4, 1901; John Darwin, 
Nov. 12, 1905; Charlotte Catherine, July 18, 1909; diversions, fol- 
lowing the course of the children through college; some politics, 
farming, building, and drilling for oil; member of Masons; 
American Bar Association; professional career, practice of law, 
mainly with reference to organization of oil enterprises and lease 
litigation and that involving Indian lands; addresses, (home) 743 
North Division Blvd., Muskogee, Okla.; (business) 901 Barnes 
Bldg., Muskogee, Okla. 

MILTON MYRON LEITER: lawyer; married Adelaide E. Jen- 
nings, Moravia, N. Y.; diversions, dog breeding and showing, 
music; member of Chamber of Commerce, Syracuse Liederkranz, 
Syracuse, N. Y.; addresses, (home) 143 Fellows Ave., Syracuse, 
N. Y.; (business) 233 Union Bldg., Syracuse, N. Y. 

ISAAC IVAN LEMANN: physician; married Stella Hirsch, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, Oct. 3, 1904; children, Paul Bernard, Aug. 11, 1908; 
Richard Berthelot, Nov. 5, 191 1; publications, sundry contribu- 
tions to medical journals; member of Round Table Club, New 
Orleans Country Club, New Orleans, La.; professional career, 
professor of clinical medicine, Tulane University; chief of medi- 
cal service, Touro Infirmary; consultant in medicine, Charity Hos- 
pital; formerly lieutenant colonel. Medical Reserve Corps; ad- 
dresses, (home) 61 10 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.; (busi- 
ness) 3439 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

JONATHAN LEONARD: educator; married Melanie Elizabeth 
Norton, Sandwich, Mass., June 29, 1898; children, Jonathan Nor- 
ton, May 25, 1903; Mary Melanie, Jan. 4, 1905; publications, " Back 
to Stay," 1929; " The Meddlers," 1929; address, Sandwich, Mass. 

ARTHUR GARDNER LEWIS: lawyer; married Dora Katharine 
Gardner, Hancock, Mass., June 4, 1908; children, Gardner 
LaMotte, July 6, 1909; Kathleen Anna Gardner, Oct. 2, 1912; 
Rudolph Arthur, June 11, 1914; diversions, rowing, portrait- 
painting, sea-bathing, good fiction, traveling, motoring, piano 
playing; member of Art Club, Yacht Club, Echo Club, St. Peters- 
burg, Fla.; Art Club, Boston Athletic Association, Boston; profes- 
sional career, started in Chicago; practiced in Boston, 1902-1919; 


in St. Petersburg, Fla., since 1921; have now retired from practice; 
just returned from thirteen months of European touring with my 
family, visiting about that many different countries; found Italy 
seething apparently with war preparations, and swarming with 
black-shirts, soldiers, police, and children; alarmed at outlook for 
peace; address, East 325 Ninth Ave. North, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

FRED RINALDO LEWIS: clergyman; married Margaret Robin- 
son Barnard, Boston, April 15, 1898; children, Helen Barnard, 
July 12, 1900; Elizabeth Barnard, Oct. 13, 1901; diversions, garden- 
ing, and golf; professional career, have held pastorates as follows: 
Middleboro, Mass., 1898-1902; Kennebunk, Me., 1902-1909; Hope- 
dale, Mass., 1909-1914; North Easton, Mass, 1914-1925; Beverly, 
Mass., 1925 to date; address, Beverly, Mass. 

GILBERT NEWTON LEWIS: college professor; married Mary 
Hinkley Sheldon, Cambridge, Mass., June 21, 1912; children, 
Richard Newton, May 3, 1916; Margery, Aug. 20, 1917; Edward 
Sheldon, May 7, 1922; diversions, indoor games; publications, 
"Thermodynamics," with Merle Randall (McGraw Hill Co.), 
1923; " Valence, and the Structure of Atoms and Molecules " 
(Chemical Catalogue Co.), 1924; "The Anatomy of Science" 
(Yale Press), 1926; member of National Academy (fellow), 
American Academy, Royal Institution (honorary fellow) ; address, 
University of California, Berkeley, Calif. 

HERSCHEL WILDER LEWIS: educator; married Nettie Eliza 
Lucas, Wolfeboro, N. H., Jan. 3, 1899; children, Richard James, 
May 9, 1902; Howard Andrew, Dec. 28, 1905; diversions, inde- 
pendent reading in German, Latin, and Greek; work in the 
Calculus and other branches of higher mathematics, probability, 
etc.; member of Peterboro Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, Peter- 
boro, N. H.; Bethel Lodge No. 24, A. F. & A. M., John Everett 
Chapter No. 60, Order of the Eastern Star, New Ipswich, N. H.; 
professional career, assistant, Brewster Free Academy, Wolfeboro, 
N. H., 1896-1897; assistant. Highland Military Academy, Worces- 
ter, Mass., 1897-1899; headmaster, Essex High School, Essex, 
Mass., 1899-1902; headmaster, Little High School, Litdeton, Mass., 
1902-1906; headmaster, New Ipswich Appleton Academy, New 
Ipswich, N. H., 1906-1929; dean of cadets, Florida Military 
Academy, So. Jacksonville, Fla., 1929-1930; superintendent, Florida 


Military Academy, 1930- ; address, Florida Military Academy, So. 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

KENNETH HASTINGS LEWIS: promoter; unmamed; address, 
75 Federal St., Boston. 

JACOB HENRY BROWNE LEWMAN: wholesale seed mer- 
chant; married Mary Huntoon Vance, Louisville, Ky., Sept. 29, 
1909; children, Morgan Brown, Dec. 11, 1910; Mary Huntoon, 
Sept. 25, 1912; Adaline Peter, July 3, 1914; Vance, Nov. 10, 1921; 
Jacob Peter, March 29, 1923; diversions, golf, radio, hunting, fish- 
ing; member of Louisville Country Club, Pendennis Club, Shrine, 
Louisville, Ky.; addresses, (home) 45 Hill Road, Louisville, Ky.; 
(business) 831 West Main St., Louisville, Ky. (Did not answer. 
Statistics taken from Report VII.) 

WALTER RUSSELL LORD: clergyman; married Evelyn Rumsey, 
Buffalo, N. Y., April 19, 1922; diversion, travel; member of Saturn 
Club, Harvard Club, Buffalo, N. Y.; Harvard Club, New York, 
N. Y.; professional career, am rector of St. John's Church, Buffalo; 
addresses, (home) 18 Tracy St., Buffalo, N. Y.; (business) 51 
Colonial Circle, Buffalo, N. Y. 

CHARLES FREDERIC LYMAN: broker; married Isabella Ma- 
comber, Feb. 9, 1898; children, Charles Frederic, Jr., Dec. 9, 1899; 
Elizabeth, Sept. 14, 1901; Elinor Grant, Aug. 27, 1905 (died July 
30 1910); Richard Warren, Dec. 5, 1906; address, Dover, Mass. 

JAMES FRANCIS LYNCH: lawyer; married Gertrude Alten- 
brand. New York, N. Y., Nov. 20, 1915; member of Harvard Club, 
New York, N. Y.; St. Albans Golf Club, St. Albans, N. Y.; ad- 
dresses, (home) 178th Place, St. Albans, Queens Co., N. Y.; (busi- 
ness) 165 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

EDWARD EUGENE McCARTHY: mining engineer; unmarried; 
member of Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; The Family Club, 
San Francisco, Calif.; professional career, in employ of Guggen- 
heim Brothers as manager and director of Yukon Gold Co., and 
managing director, Ampang Tin Co., Malay States Tin, Ltd., in 
Federated Malay States; address, 120 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

FREDERICK GEORGE McKEAN, Jr.: lawyer; married Bertha 
Caroline Pingel, Sept. 11, 1923; publications, articles on legal sub- 


jects; diversions, reading, walking, travel; member of Pennsyl- 
vania Society of Sons of the Revolution; McKinley Camp No. 10, 
United Spanish War Veterans; Lodge 51 F. & A. M., Pennsyl- 
vania; professional career, resigned Aug. 18, 1924, position as judge 
of the district court of the Virgin Islands; address, 1220 New 
Hampshire Ave. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

WILLIAM WATSON McKIBBEN: physician; married Olive 
Beatrice Flint, Worcester, Mass., Sept. 11, 1905; child, Dorothea, 
June 25, 1918; diversions, golf, swimming, tennis; publications, 
" The Gold of the Florida Sun," a resume of notes of summer 
work on pediatrics at Harvard; "Vaccines and Serum Therapy 
in Florida Children," Florida State Medical Journal, September, 
1929; numerous other articles on pediatrics; member of Miami- 
Biltmore Country Club; Tennis Club, Lions' Club (vice presi- 
dent), Coral Gables, Fla.; Dade County Medical Society; Wor- 
cester City Hospital Alumni Association; Southern Medical 
Association; Massachusetts Medical Society; New England Pedi- 
atric Society; American Academy of Pediatrics; American Medi- 
cal Association; professional career, chief of pediatrics, Coral 
Gables City Hospital; member of faculty, Coral Gables Mili- 
tary Academy; visiting physician. Miss Harris' School; consult- 
ing pediatrician to Victoria, Miami General, St. Francis, and 
Boulevard Hospitals; pediatric lecturer to nurses at James M. Jack- 
son Memorial Hospital; founder of free school dental clinic, nutri- 
tion clinic, baby welfare clinic, etc.; addresses, (home) 641 N. 
Greenway Drive, Coral Gables, Fla.; (business) 205 Calumet 
Bldg., Miami, Fla. 

WALTER McKITTRICK: dry goods merchant; married Mar- 
jorie Holland, St. Louis, Mo., January 24, 1912; children, Marjorie, 
December 24, 1912; Alan, March 13, 1915; tnember of Country 
Club, Racquet Club, Noonday Club, St. Louis, Mo.; business 
career, 1896 to 1915, engaged in business and banking; April 15, 
1915, sold business; April 3, 1915, entered employ of Ely & Walker 
Dry Goods Company; December, 191 5, elected secretary and mem- 
ber of executive committee, in 1916, second vice president, and con- 
tinued until November, 1930; since December, 1910, have served 
as a director in Mercantile-Commerce Bank & Trust Company; 
address, 1000 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 


WILLIAM HENRY McMANN: physician; married Catherine 
Frances Donohue, Boston, Aug. 11, 1909; address, 59 Moraine St., 
Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

GEORGE ANDREW McROBERTS: banker and farmer; un- 
married; diversions, golf, hunting, bridge, tennis, and baseball; 
member of Country Club, Masons, Elks, Danville, Lexington, Ky., 
Pendennis Club, Country Club, Louisville, Ky.; business career, 
have been engaged in banking and farming; in 1922 I gave up ac- 
tive banking; address, 443 West Broadway, Danville, Ky. 

JOHN ORDWAY MACURDY: civil engineer; married Mary 
Frances Monahon, Everett, Mass., June 7, 1910; child, John Ord- 
way, Jr., Nov. 17, 191 1; professional career, 1896-1909, engineer 
assistant, Boston Water Supply, Transit and Park Commission; 
1909-1917, assistant engineer, New York Supply; 1918-1919, con- 
struction ammunition plant for Government, Toledo, Ohio; since 
1920, construction department, O. C. C. & St. L. Ry. Co.; addresses, 
(home) 1347 Pennsylvania Ave., Columbus, Ohio; (business) 
Big 4 Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. (Did not answer. Statistics taken 
from Report VII.) 

SAMUEL VERNON MANN: broker; married Helen WagstafF 
Colgate, Flushing, N. Y., April 11, 1899; children, Samuel Vernon, 
Jr., Aug. 16, 1900; Robert Colgate Vernon, Sept. 8, 1905; Lloyd 
Onderdonk Vernon, Sept. 10, 1907; member of Harvard Club, 
University Club, New York, N. Y.; Piping Rock Golf Club; 
Deepdale Golf Club; addresses, (home) Great Neck, Long Island, 
N. Y.; (business) 24 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 

ARTHUR HUDSON MARKS: president. Skinner Organ Co.; 
Tnarried Florence B. Whitney, Oct. 5, 1896; Lydia Locke, Dec. 22, 
1917; Margaret Martin Hoover, 1924; child, Robert Whitney, Oct. 
21, 1897; diversions, tennis, golf, music, fishing, yachting, travel; 
member of Eastern Yacht Club, Marblehead, Mass.; Harvard 
Club, New York, N. Y.; Briar Hills Country Club; Balsam Lake 
Fish and Game Club; Embassy Club; Everglades Club, Palm 
Beach, Fla.; professional career, assistant chemist, Boston Woven 
Hose and Rubber Co., 1895-1896; chief chemist, Revere Rubber 
Co., 1897; general manager and vice president, Diamond Rubber 
Co., 1898-1912; general manager and first vice president, B. F. 
Goodrich Co., 1912-1917; lieutenant commander, U. S. N., 1917, in 


charge of noxious gas warfare, gas masks, paravanes, splinter 
mattresses, and helium gas development; transferred to Army in 
February, 1918, as director of chemical warfare; retired on account 
of illness, April, 1918; recovered and appointed vice president 
Curtiss Aeroplane and Engine Co., and general manager Garden 
City plant until Armistice; since 1920, active as president of 
Skinner Organ Co., chairman of Board of National Paper Process 
Co., and director of B. F. Goodrich Co.; addresses, (winter) Palm 
Beach; (summer) Turnwood, N. Y.; (business) 677 Fifth Ave., 
N. Y. 

ERNEST WILMER MARLOW: lawyer; married Marietta Ida 
d'Espana Rodrigo, Boston, Oct. 14, 1908; child, Ernest Wilmer, Jr., 
Oct. 2, 1909; professional career, have practiced law in New York 
City ever since graduating from the Harvard Law School in 1899; 
at present my firm is Marlow & Hines; addresses, (home) Doug- 
laston, Long Island, N. Y.; (business) 76 William St., New 
York, N. Y. 

ELI AS JOSEPH MARSH: physician; married Harriette Lindsley 
Phelps, Columbia, S. C, June 26, 1912; children, Emily Joyner, 
May 24, 1913; Elias Joseph, Jr., Feb. 24, 1915; Sarah Lord McCurdy, 
Oct. 16, 1916 (died Oct. 23, 1916); Henry Hardison, Dec. i, 1917; 
diversions, cross country walking, reading, working on records of 
organizations; publications, a few professional papers; member of 
Harvard Club of New Jersey; American Legion, Military Order 
of World War, Loyal Legion of United States; various professional 
and technical societies; professional career, am now executive 
surgeon. Pater son Eye and Ear Infirmary; am attending ophthal- 
mic surgeon, Paterson General Hospital; have been president. 
New Jersey Sanitary Association; am now treasurer, Medical So- 
ciety of New Jersey; address, 400 Van Houten St., Paterson, N. J. 

Boice, Camden, N. ]., Feb. 28, 1906; children, Carol, Dec. 25, 1906; 
Doris, June 8, 1908; diversions, local politics, and walking; mem- 
ber of Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Harvard Club, New 
Jersey (president of latter, 1924); Essex Club, Newark, N. J.; 
American Bar Association; New Jersey Bar Association; Lawyers' 
Club of Essex County; Middlesex County Bar Association (presi- 
dent, 1925); Masons, Elks; professional career, law partnership 
under name of Guild & Martin, formed in June, 1902, continued 


until death of Frederick F. Guild in July, 1916; in November, 
1925, formed law partnership under name of Martin & Reiley; 
was member of House of Assembly of New Jersey, for two terms 
in 1905 and 1906; held office of township attorney of the Town- 
ship of Woodbridge, N. J., for fifteen of the last thirty-one years; 
chairman, 1929-1930, New Jersey Investigation Commission; ad- 
dresses, (home) 585 Rahway Ave., Woodbridge, N. J.; (business) 
927 Prudential Bldg., Newark, N. J. 

FRANCIS MASON: civil engineer; married Helen Tremain Mar- 
tin, Albany, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1902 (divorced May 19, 1923) ; chil- 
dren, Harding Tremain, Aug. 19, 1903; Thomas Frothingham, 
June 5, 1907; diversions, antiquing, bridge, travel; member of 
Harvard Club, University Club, Downtown Association, New 
York, N. Y.; Harvard Club, Boston; American Society of Civil 
Engineers; Harvard Engineering Society; professional career, for 
eleven years engineer in the maintenance and construction de- 
partments of the New York Central Railroad and in charge of 
the construction of portions of the Pennsylvania Railroad tunnels 
under New York City; for ten years engaged in a contracting 
business of my own (Mason, Hilton & Co.) ; since then have been 
doing both engineering and construction work, at first with Eraser, 
Brace & Co., and for the past eight years with Sanderson & Porter; 
addresses, (home) 188 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y.; (busi- 
ness) 52 William St., New York, N. Y. 

EDWARD ROSCOE MATHEWS: retired; married Loulie Shaw 
Albee, Nahant, Mass., Sept. 14, 1899; child, Esther Gary, Feb. 5, 
1902 (married Oliver La Farge, Sept. 28, 1929); diversion, travel; 
member of Knickerbocker Club, Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; 
professional career, have retired from business and become a resi- 
dent of Colorado, where I am building a small ranch house at 
" Pine Valley," Colorado Springs; address, 430 East 57th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

GEORGE WILLIAMS MATHEWS: lawyer; married Grace Eve- 
leth Maynadier, Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 15, 1900; children, George 
Williams, Jr., Dec. 19, 1902; Mary Maynadier, July 31, 1904; Eliza- 
beth Fitzhugh, Feb. 24, 1908; Olivia, June 6, 1909; Lucy Ann, 
May 21, 1912; Grace Gordon, Feb. 27, 1914; diversion, golf; mem- 
ber of Harvard Club, Exchange Club, Boston; Dedham Country 
and Polo Club, Dedham Club, Dedham, Mass.; Harvard Club, 


New York, N. Y.; professional career, admitted to United States 
Supreme Court, 1922; engaged in general law practice, specializing 
in tax matters, as partner in firm of Gaston, Snow, Saltonstall & 
Hunt; addresses, (home) 166 Village Ave., Dedham, Mass.; 
(business) 82 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. 

BENJAMIN CHARLES MEAD: lawyer; married Adelaide 
Bourne, Auburn, N. Y., Sept. 6, 1905; children, Elizabeth Bourne, 
Sept. 18, 1906; Evangeline, March 31, 1908 (died March 31, 1908) ; 
Florence Anderson, June 7, 1909; Benjamin Charles, Jr., July 29, 
191 1 ; Emma Adelaide, Sept. 5, 1913; Warren Frederick, May 7, 
1915; Margaret Wayland, Aug. i, 1917; diversions, raising milk 
goats; member of Sea & Field Lodge No. 3, F. & A. M., Auburn, 
N. Y.; Founders and Patriots of America; Cayuga County Bar 
Association; New York State Bar Association; American Legion; 
professional career, in addition to general law practice. I served as 
first assistant to the United States attorney. Northern District, 
N. Y., from 1921-1926; am now in law practice for myself; ad- 
dresses, (home) 15 Court St,, Auburn, N. Y.; (business) 124 
Genesee St., Auburn, N. Y. 

BENJAMIN SHORES MERIGOLD: educator; married Mary 
Edith Say ward, Springvale, Me., July 10, 1930; diversions, mis- 
cellaneous out-of-doors activities, sailing, camping, photography; 
publications, several scientific papers; member of American Asso- 
ciation for the Advancement of Science; American Chemical 
Society; professional career, teaching chemistry, three years at 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and, since 1903, at Clark Univer- 
sity, where I am now director of the chemical laboratory and head 
of the chemistry department; addresses, (home) 17 Charlotte St., 
Worcester, Mass.; (business) Clark University, Worcester, Mass. 

Mary Eliza Colburn, Milton, Mass., June 24, 1898; address. High 
School, Marlboro, Mass. 

ROGER BIGELOW MERRIMAN: educator; mariied Dorothea 
Foote, Boston, June 2, 1904; children, Roger Bigelow, Jr., April 29, 
1905; Daniel, Sept. 17, 1908; Frances Eliot, March 7, 1913 (died 
Oct. 27, 1917); Dorothea Foote, Nov. 13, 1916; Helen, Jan. 23, 
1920; diversions, golf, fishing, and squash racquets; publications, 
" The Rise of the Spanish Empire," 2 vols, 1918, 1925; member of 
Tennis and Racquet Clubs, Harvard Club, Boston; Century Club, 


Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; professional career, in 1929 I 
was promoted to the Gurney Professorship of History and Pohtical 
Science at Harvard; received honorary LL.D. from Glasgow 
University, June, 1929; in the spring of 1930 was appointed Master 
of Eliot House, Harvard, to be opened (with luck) in September, 
1931; address, 175 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 

ried; diversions, breeding registered Jersey cattle and pedigreed 
white Orpington chickens; member of University Club, Chicago, 
111.; business career, have been connected with the following: the 
engineering department of the Pennsylvania Railway Co.; People's 
Gas Light Co. of Chicago; Brown Hoisting Machinery Co. of 
Cleveland; at present am engaged in farming; address, Northfield 
Farm, County Line Rd., Prairie View, 111. 

NELSON CASE METCALF: newspaper editor; married Ethel 
Haworth, Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 9, 1909; children, Nancy, May 
21, 1910; Nelson Case, Jr., Jan. i, 1912; member of Harvard Club, 
Newspaper Club, Boston; addresses, (home) 22 Linnaean St., 
Cambridge, Mass.; (business) Boston Transcript, 324 Washing- 
ton St., Boston. 

JOSEPH KNOWLES MILLIKEN: financial executive; married 
Carrie E. Dodds, Champlain, N. Y., June 3, 1903; children, Robert 
Dodds; Helen Doane (married William G. Hughes; child, 
William G. Hughes, Jr.); Joseph Knowles, Jr.; Ruth Knowles; 
diversions, farming, horseback riding; member of Harvard Club, 
New York, N. Y.; University Club, Providence, R. I.; Wamsutta 
Club, New Bedford, Mass.; Winthrop Club, Taunton, Mass.; busi- 
ness career, treasurer, Mt. Hope Finishing Co., and director in 
various other companies; address. North Dighton, Mass. 

WILLIAM PEPPERRELL MONTAGUE: professor of philoso- 
phy; married Nelly Weymouth Robinson, New York, N. Y., Aug. 
5, 1896; children, Nelly, Nov. 23, 1897 (died Nov. 24, 1897); 
William Pepperrell, Jr., Feb. 13, 1899; Robinson Prescott Cary, 
Feb. 27, 1902 (died March 5, 1928) ; publications, " The Ways of 
Knowing " ; " Contemporary American Philosophy " (in collab- 
oration with G. P. Adams et al) ; " Belief Unbound " ; member of 
American Philosophical Association (president. Eastern Division, 
1925) ; address, Columbia University, New York, N. Y. 


JOSEPH MORRILL: lawyer; married Olive Williams Morison, 
Roxbury, Mass., Oct. 29, 1902; children, John Davis Williams, 
Nov. 26, 1903; Joseph, Jr., Sept. 30, 1905 (married Julia Chapin; 
child, Julia Chapin, April 17, 1930); Marjorie Adele, March 29, 
1908; Mary Olivia, Jan. 14, 1919; diversions, tennis, antique col- 
lecting; professional career, am still actively engaged in law and 
business; addresses, (home) Glenridge Road, Dedham, Mass.; 
business) 54 Devonshire St., Boston. 

DAVE HENNEN MORRIS: lawyer and corporation director; 
married Alice Vanderbilt Shepard, New York, N. Y., June 19, 
1895; children, Dave Hennen, Jr., June 14, 1900; Louise, Nov, 8, 
1901 (married Dudley H. Mills); Lawrence, April 29, 1903; Noel, 
Dec, 25, 1904 (died Nov. i, 1928); Emily Hammond, June 24, 
1907 (married Hamilton Hadley); Alice Vanderbilt, Nov. 12, 
1911; diversions, boating on auxiliary schooner " Isabel " ; member 
of University Club, Union Club, Metropolitan Club, New York 
Yacht Club, Greek Club, New York, N. Y.; Bar Harbor Yacht 
Club, Bar Harbor, Me.; Boston Club, New Orleans, La.; Automo- 
bile Club of America; Association of the Bar of the City of New 
York; professional career, chairman, board of directors of the 
Josiah Macy, Jr., Foundation; president, Y. W. C, A. Retirement 
Fund; vice president and director. Research Corporation; ad- 
dresses, (home) 19 East 70th St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 
415 Lexington Ave., New York, N. Y. 

MEREDITH DARLINGTON MORRIS: trustee; married Estella 
May Parks, Boston, June 18, 1896; children, Mary, July 21, 1897 
(died Aug. 18, 1897); Thomas Edison, March 17, 1899; Kenneth 
Edwin, Jan. 24, 1904; Ruth Estella, Dec. 18, 1912; diversions, fruit 
growing, raising sheep, and agriculture; member of National Edu- 
cation Association; F. & A. M. Lodge No. 298; business career, at 
present am engaged in farm management and animal husbandry; 
address, R. D. No, 3, Flushing, Ohio. 

HERBERT LaFOREST MORSE: educator; married Martha An- 
thony, New London, N, H., June, 1896; children, Alfred Anthony, 
Dec. 31, 1897; Herbert Arthur, Sept. i, 1902; diversion, real estate; 
professional career, teacher of science, Troy High School; ad- 
dresses, (home) 117 Spring Ave,, Troy, N. Y,; (business) Troy 
High School, Troy, N, Y, 


HERBERT NORTH MORSE: business executive; inarried Ger- 
trude May Crosland, Trenton, N. ]., Aug. 15, 1899; child, Herbert 
North, Jr., Jan. 23, 1907; diversions, fishing, and automobiHng; 
member of Carteret Club, Crescent Shrine, Repubhcan Club, 
Trenton, N. J.; City Club, Philadelphia, Pa.; New Jersey State 
Teachers Association; New Jersey Council of Education; New 
Jersey Schoolmasters Association; National Association o£ Public 
School Business Officials; National Education Association; busi- 
ness career, am assistant commissioner of education, acting as 
business manager of the New Jersey educational system; addresses, 
(home) 901 Berkeley Ave., Trenton, N. J.; (business) State House, 
Trenton, N. J.; (summer) Wayne, Me. 

JAMES HERBERT MORSE: retired; 7narried Jean Howe At- 
water. New Haven, Conn., Sept. 7, 1918; diversions, foreign lan- 
guages, travel, motor-boating and Italian cigars; member of Har- 
vard Club, Marshalls Chess Club, N. J.; Harvard Club, New 
York, N. Y.; professional career, teacher in New York City until 
1910; schoolmaster in Englewood, N. J., until 1922; address, Spring 
Lane, Englewood, N. J. 

ROBERT GORHAM MORSE: business executive; viarried 
Marion Child, Hingham, Mass., Jan. 25, 1906; children, Robert 
McNeil, Nov. 19, 1907; David Hunnewell, Feb. 14, 1912; diver- 
sions, photography, stamp collecting, music; member of Harvard 
Club, Boston; Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Annisquam 
Yacht Club, Annisquam, Mass.; business career, president and 
treasurer, Boston Scale and Machine Co.; secretary. Big Sandy 
Co.; treasurer. The Comtor Co.; addresses, (home) 137 Freeman 
St., Brookline, Mass.; (business) 713 Shawmut Bank Bldg., 

ALEXANDER AMERTON MORTON: sales engineer; married 
Madeline Bowman, Springfield, Mass., May 15, 1899 (divorced) ; 
Sarah Elizabeth Wisener; children, Amerton Bowman, Sept. 18, 
1900; Frederic Wilbur, Dec. 28, 1901; member of Cincinnati Elec- 
tric and Automobile Clubs; business career, left the Latrobe Tool 
Co. in 1922 to become part owner of The Electric Engineering & 
Mfg. Co. of Pittsburgh, a sales engineering organization, and 
since 1922 have represented them in Cincinnati; addresses, (home) 
3219 Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio; (business) 605 Mercantile 
Library Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


THOMAS MOTLEY: investment banker; married Margaret Fay, 
Boston, Nov. 12, 1902; children, Phyllis, Nov. 29, 1916; Anne, 
Aug. 6, 1918; member of Somerset Club, Exchange Club, Har- 
vard Club, Bunker Hill Association, Boston; The Country Club, 
Brookline, Mass.; Hoosic Whisick Club, Milton, Mass.; Nahant 
Club, Nahant, Mass.; business career, was a member of firm of 
Curtis & Sanger until May, 1929; am now giving my time to the 
various trusts and companies in which I am interested; director, 
National Protective Companies; director. Bay State Fishing Co.; 
treasurer, Ellis Memorial and Eldridge House Inc.; trustee and 
member of investment committee, Warren Institute for Savings; 
addresses, (home) Brush Hill Road, Readville, Mass.; (business) 
82 Devonshire St., Boston. 

WILLIAM KENDRICK MOTT: lawyer; unmarried; diversion, 
public speaking; member of all the York Rite Masonic fraterni- 
ties; professional career, besides practicing my profession as a 
lawyer, I have been the Republican election commissioner for a 
good many years; addresses, (home) 1205 Academy St., Water- 
town, N. Y.; (business) 414-416 Woolworth Bldg., Watertown, 
N. Y. 

AARON JOSEPH MOYER: certified public accountant; married 
Zenaide Lucy Staples, Lowell, Mass., Aug. 30, 1913; diversions, 
golf, fishing, target shooting, and politics; member of Country 
Club, Rotary Club, Masons, Pittsfield, Mass.; Wahconah Country 
Club, Dalton, Mass.; Harvard Club of Berkshires; Massachusetts 
Society of Certified Public Accountants; American Institute of 
Accountants; American Society of Certified Public Accountants; 
National Association of Cost Accountants; American Arbitration 
Association; business career, am still practicing as a public ac- 
countant; addresses, (home) 17 First St., Dalton, Mass.; (busi- 
ness) 100 North St., Pittsfield, Mass., and Union Block, Dalton, 

married Bertha Stanford, Perth Amboy, N. J., April 21, 1906; 
child, Dorothy Bertha, July 29, 1907; address, 33 Euston Road, 
Garden City Estates, Long Island, N. Y. 

PHILIP GURDON MUMFORD: banker; married Carmen 
Atocha Davis, San Juan, P. R., April 30, 1901; children, Thomas 


Davis, April 21, 1907; Carmen Atocha, Oct. 18, 1910; business 
career, raw sugar in Porto Rico and Cuba, to 1913; investments in 
New York, to 1917; Commercial Solvents Corporation, from 1919 
to 1929; since 1929, member of William Schall & Co.; addresses, 
(home) Cedarhurst, Long Island, N. Y.; (business) 160 Broad- 
way, New York, N, Y. 

WILLIS MUNRO: forester; married Marion Beach Bogardus, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 31, 1907; diversion, books; member of Union 
Club of Boston; Society of American Foresters (senior member); 
Association of the Bar of the City of New York, professional 
career, practiced law in New York six years, deputy assistant dis- 
trict attorney. New York County, 1 902-1 903; graduated Yale 
Forest School, 1912; assistant in forest management United States 
Department of Agriculture, 1913-1921; forest research service at 
Boston, 1922 to 1926; 1927 to date, personal and family matters; in 
191 8, when Mass. State Board of Agriculture was reorganized as 
the State Dept. of Agriculture, served one year as the member for 
Suffolk County and secured an appropriation for resuming work 
on the soil survey of Massachusetts; addresses, (home) The Lud- 
low, 114 St. James Ave., Boston; (business) 80 Boylston St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

VERNON MUNROE: banker; married Sally Sprague Cook, New 
York, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1901; children, David Hoadley, Nov. 27, 
1902; Vernon, Dec. 15, 1908; Louisa Sprague, Oct. 14, 191 1; di- 
versions, riding, reading; member of Century Club, Harvard 
Club, University Club, New York, N. Y.; Society of Colonial 
Wars; business career, export business, 1 896-1903; insurance busi- 
ness, 1903-1911; manufacturing business, 1911-1917; mayor of 
Englewood, N. J., 1912-1915; banking, 1920-1931; addresses, 
(home) 1 172 Park Ave., New York, N. Y.; (business) 23 Wall 
St., New York, N. Y. 

LESTER BIGELOW MURDOCK: shoe manufacturer; tnarried 
Alice May Aldrich, Nov. 7, 1900; c/iild, Donald Aldrich, Aug. 28, 
1902; address, 290 Blackstone Blvd., Providence, R. I. (Did not 
answer. Statistics taken from Report VI.) 

ARCHIBALD MURRAY: civil engineer; unmarried; professional 
career, since 1920 have been assistant engineer. Department of 
Railways and Canals, Canada; address, 428 Gilmour St., Ottawa, 


FRANK GETCHELL NEAL: banker; married Marion Adele 
Himes, Boston, July 20, 1918; child, Frank Getchell, Jr., June 7, 
1919; business career, since 1898 treasurer, South Soston Savings 
Bank; addresses, (home) 21 Cordis St., Charlestown, Mass.; 
(business) 368 W. Broadway, South Boston, Mass. 

Eleanor Sanderson, New York, N. Y., Oct. 19, 1922; diversions, 
travel, golf, literature, history; member of Harmonie Club, Re- 
publican Club, Bar Association of the City of New York, New 
York, N. Y.; New York County Lawyers Association; North 
Shore Country Club; New York State Bar Association; American 
Bar Association; professional career, have been practicing law in 
New York continuously since 1900; addresses, (home) iioo Park 
Ave., New York, N. Y.; (business) 350 Madison Ave., New York, 
N. Y. 

CHAUNCEY WILLIAMS NORTON: unmarried; address, 
Cazenovia, N. Y. 

EX NORTON: retired; married Jane Washington Helm, Louis- 
ville, Ky., Feb. 21, 1905; children, Lucy Washington, March i, 
1906; Jane Helm, April 19, 1909; Mary Hise, Dec. 18, 1910; di- 
versions, golf, and riding horseback; member of Harvard Club, 
Downtown Association, Sons of the American Revolution, The 
Kentuckians, New York, N. Y.; business career, about year and a 
half with Louisville and Nashville R. R. Co.; one year as clerk in 
New York brokerage firm; member of stock exchange brokerage 
firms for about sixteen years; address, 30 Madison Ave., Morris- 
town, N. J. 

JOHN LORD O'BRIAN: lawyer; married Alma E. White, Buf- 
falo, N. Y.; Sept. 17, 1902; children. Alma Elizabeth, Nov. 23, 1903 
(married Kellogg Marvin); Janet, Nov. 15, 1907; Frances and 
Alison, Nov. 10, 1909; Esther, May 10, 1914; member of Saturn 
Club, Buffalo, N. Y.; Century Club and Harvard Club, New 
York, N. Y.; Metropolitan Club and Congressional Country Club, 
Washington, D. C; professional career, in law practice at Buffalo 
since 1898; lecturer on insurance. University of Buffalo, fourteen 
years; member. New York State Assembly, 3 terms, 1907-1909; 
United States Attorney, Western District of New York, 1909- 
1914; delegate-at-large, New York Constitutional Convention, 
1915; the Special Assistant to the U. S. Attorney General for War 


Work (head of War Emergency Division, Dept. Justice, Washing- 
ton, D. C), 1917-1919; vice-chairman, Hughes Reorganization 
Commission on Reorganization of State Government, 1925-1926; 
The Assistant to the U. S. Attorney General, since June, 1929; 
trustee. University of Buffalo, 1903-1929; Regent of the University 
of the State of New York, since 1929; director. Equitable Life 
Assurance Society, since 1926; Director of Community Fund 
Campaigns at Buffalo, 1921 and 1922; trustee. Charity Organiza- 
tion, Joint Charities Fund, Buffalo; LL.B. University of Buffalo, 
1898; LL.D. Hobart College, 1916; addresses, (permanent) 150 
West Utica St., Buffalo, New York; (business) Department of 
Justice, Washington, D. C. 

WALTER JOHN O'M ALLEY: lawyer; unmarried; addresses, 
(home) 39 Asticou Road, Forest Hills, Mass.; (business) 730 Tre- 
mont Bldg,, Boston. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from Re- 
port VL) 

WILLIAM WALKER ORR: business executive; married Mary 
Fleming, Scarsdale, N. Y., May 29, 1901; publications, editor of 
books and sundry publications for credit men, particularly " Credit 
Manual of Commercial Laws"; member of Harvard Club, 
Church Club, Barnard Club, Railroad Club, New York, N. Y.; 
business career, for seventeen years connected with National Asso- 
ciation of Credit Men, latterly as manager of its eastern division, 
and now executive manager of the New York Credit Men's Asso- 
ciation and affiliated companies; addresses, (home) Scarsdale, 
N. Y.; (business) 468 Fourth Ave., New York, N. Y. 

JOHN FREDERIC OSBORN: industrial plant engineer; married 
Lucia Lincoln Boggs, Cambridge, Mass., June 5, 1907; children, 
Eleanor Lincoln, Nov. 25, 1908 (died Jan. 30, 1910); Katharine 
Bacon, Dec. 4, 1910; Jeannette Lawrence, Dec. 21, 1912; diver- 
sions, check-book farming, operating small inn; member of 
Amicable Lodge, A. F. & A. M., Phoenix Lodge, A. F. & A. M., 
Engineers Club, Army and Navy Club, Y D Club, Boston; Har- 
vard Engineering Society (life) ; Lawrence Light Guard Veteran 
Association (honorary); American Legion; Military Order of 
Foreign Wars; Military Order of the World War; National Guard 
Association; Society American Military Engineers; Reserve Offi- 
cers Association of the U. S.; Veteran Association, First Corps 
Cadets (life); National Sojourners; Heroes of '76; professional 


career, studies, design, construction, and operation of industrial 
plants; consulting engineer; addresses, (home) 367 Harvard St., 
Cambridge, Mass.; (business) The Norris Co., 47 Church St., 

FRANK ROOSEVELT OUTERBRIDGE: exporter; unmarried; 
diversions, squash racquets, trout and salmon fishing, woods life 
in summer; member of Harvard Club, University Club, New 
York, N. Y.; business career, am the sole surviving partner and 
proprietor of business established by my father in 1871, A. E. 
Outerbridge & Co.; for the past ten years my operations have been 
principally the export of general merchandise; addresses, (home) 
19 East 64th St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 74 Trinity Place, 
New York, N. Y. 

FRANK RUSSELL PAGE: educator; married Grace Lougee, 
Watertown, Mass., May 12, 1904; professional career, superintend- 
ent of schools, Lake Forest, 111., 1897-1900; superintendent of 
schools, Watertown, Mass., 1900-1907; headmaster, Staten Island 
Academy, 1907-1920; headmaster, Utica Country Day School, 
Utica, N. Y., 1920-1927; headmaster, Great Neck Preparatory 
School since 1928; address, Great Neck Preparatory School, Great 
Neck, Long Island, N. Y. 

GEORGE LYMAN PAINE: clergyman; married Clara Adelaide 
May, Boston, June 29, 1899; children, George Lyman, Jr., Nov. 16, 
1901; Alfred White, June 9, 1903; diversions, negro schools, travel, 
tennis; member of Harvard Club, Union Club, Boston City Club, 
Twentieth Century Club, University Club, Boston; Oakley Coun- 
try Club, Watertown, Mass.; Graduate Club, New Haven, Conn.; 
Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; professional career, executive 
secretary. Greater Boston Federation of Churches, since March, 
1923; addresses, (home) 6 Channing Place, Cambridge, Mass.; 
(business) 4 Park St., Boston. 

JOHN GORHAM PALFREY: lawyer; married Methyl Oakes, 
Auburn, Me., Oct. 3, 1905; children, Margaret Germaine, Oct. 7, 
1906; Elizabeth Howland, Jan. 14, 1909; Mary Ann, March 6, 
191 1 ; Sarah Hammond, Sept. 18, 1912; Joanna Oakes, Jan. 30, 
1915; John Gorham, Jr., March 12, 1919; addresses, (home) 108 
Ivy St., Brookline, Mass.; (business) 84 State St., Boston, Mass. 


CHARLES HENRY PARKER: trustee; married Winifred E. S. 
Perkins, Boston, April 28, 1909 (died Sept. 11, 1924); diversions, 
music, golf, horticulture, art, travel; member of Union Club, 
Somerset Club, Harvard Club, Boston; Harvard Musical Associa- 
tion; Episcopalian Club of Massachusetts; business career, worked 
in National Bank of Commerce, Boston, and Boston Safe Deposit 
and Trust Co., and in office of Townsend, Anthony and Tyson; 
have been treasurer and now trustee of Vincent Memorial Hos- 
pital, and member of several charity boards; addresses, (home) 
42 Chestnut St., Boston; (business) P. O. Box 2791, Boston. 

FRANK EDWARD PARKER: stock broker; married Flora Cor- 
nelia Burgess, New York, N. Y., Nov. 23, 1921; address, 53 Jane 
St., New York, N. Y. 

JAMES PHILLIPS PARKER: insurance; married Emmeline 
Fames Williams, Boston, Oct. 17, 1900; children, Katharine 
Williams, Aug. 16, 1901; James Phillips, Jr., Jan. 8, 1906; diver- 
sions, hunting, golf; member of Harvard Club, Boston Athletic 
Association, Boston Art Club, Exchange Club, Wardroom Club, 
Boston; Eastern Yacht Club, Marblehead, Mass.; Oakley Country 
Club, Watertown, Mass.; Tedesco Country Club, Swampscott, 
Mass.; Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Army and Navy Club, 
Washington, D. C; business career, have been in the insurance busi- 
ness since 1897; at present am Boston manager for United States 
Fidelity and Guaranty Co. of Baltimore, Md.; addresses, (home) 
25 Eliot St., Jamaica Plain, Mass.; (business) 43 Kilby St., Boston. 

WILLIAM AINS WORTH PARKER: lawyer; married Helen 
King Stockton, London, England, Jan. 4, 1909; children, Pauline 
Stockton, May 15, 1910 (married James Carey, 3d, Sept. 3, 1928; 
child, James Carey, 4th, June 14, 1929) ; WilUam Ainsworth, Jr., 
June 14, 1916; Helen King, Nov. 14, 1923; diversions, golf, read- 
ing, improving an abandoned farm in New Hampshire; member 
of Baltimore Club, Elkridge Club, Bar Association, Baltimore, 
Md.; Maryland Bar Association; American Bar Association; pro- 
fessional career, practiced in New York City, 1905-1906, and in 
Baltimore since then; addresses, (home) 1414 Park Ave., Balti- 
more, Md.; (business) 1904 First National Bank Bldg., Balti- 
more, Md. 

JOHN WELD PECK: lawyer; married Nelle Wright, Cincinnati, 
Ohio, Jan. 7, 1899; children, Jane Wright, March 29, 1902 (mar- 


ried Herbert Alcorns) ; Emily Nelle, Feb. 21, 1905 (married Lucian 
H. Minor; children, Lucian, Patricia Jane); diversions, the north- 
ern lakes, or a trip to Europe in the summer, a short stay in 
Florida in the winter, a little golf, and some good friends; mem- 
ber of Harvard Club, Queen City Club, Cincinnati Literary Club, 
Cincinnati Club, Commercial Club, Wyoming Club, Topinabee 
Golf Club, Optimists Club, Bar Association, Cincinnati, Ohio; 
Ohio Bar Association; American Bar Association; professional 
career, actively engaged in the practice of law since 1898; mem- 
ber of Cincinnati Council, 1910, 1911; trustee, Cincinnati Southern 
Railway, 1914-1919; judge of United States District Court, South- 
ern District of Ohio, 1919-1923 (resigned); trustee, Miami Uni- 
versity, since 1920; professor of law (part-time, Federal Proce- 
dure), Law School of University of Cincinnati, since 1921; general 
solicitor. Southern Railway System, since November, 1928; direc- 
tor, Southern Ohio Savings Bank and Trust Co.; addresses, 
(home) 30 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Wyoming, Ohio; (business) 6 East 
Fourth St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

RALPH BARTON PERRY: Edgar Pierce professor of philosophy; 
married Rachel Berenson, London, England, Aug. 15, 1905; chil- 
dren, Ralph Barton, Jr., Sept. 29, 1906; Bernard Berenson, Dec. 
16, 1910; publications, revision of Weber's " History of Philoso- 
phy " ; "The Approach to Philosophy," 1905; "The Moral 
Economy," 1908; "Present Philosophical Tendencies," 1912; 
" The Free Man and the Soldier," " Present Conflict of Ideals," 
1919; Philosophy of the Recent Past," 1926; " General Theory of 
Value," 1926; Annotated Bibliography of the Writings of William 
James," 1920; editor of two volumes of posthumous works of 
William James; professional career, Mills Lecturer, University 
of California, 1917-1918; president, American Philosophical As- 
sociation, 1920; Hyde Lecturer to the Provincial University of 
France, 1921 ; member of Academy of Arts and Sciences; addresses, 
(home) 138 Irving St., Cambridge, Mass.; (business) Harvard 
University, Cambridge, Mass. 

JAMES WESSON PHELPS: landscape architect; married Florence 
Maud Howe, Worcester, Mass., Dec. 27, 1900; child, Louise, 
Jan. 18, 191 1 ; member of Connecticut Society of Civil En- 
gineers; address. The Malleable Iron Fittings Co., Branford, 


LAWRENCE PIERPONT: efficiency engineer; married Bessie 
Rogers, Hudson Falls, N. Y., April 15, 1903; children, Lawrence, 
Jr., Nov. 16, 1905; Elizabeth, April 5, 1909; Frances, Jan. 17, 1912; 
diversion, radio; member of Harvard Engineering Society; pro- 
fessional career, am now staff assistant to manager, Greensburg 
Works, Walworth Co.; address, Greensburg, Pa. 

ALBERT LESLIE PITCHER: real estate broker; married, Marion 
Bonacina McNear, Manila, P. I., March 5, 1902; children, Marion, 
Jan. 7, 1904; John, Oct. 5, 1905; Robert, March, 1908; Donald, May, 
191 1 ; diversion, old Colonial homes; business career, sold bonds 
until October, 1925, when the lure of Florida proved too strong to 
resist; addresses, (home) 47 Greenwood Lane, Waltham, Mass.; 
(business) Pasadena Estates, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

HENRY WHITCOMB PORTER: insurance agent; married Sarah 
Alice Bigelow, Lexington, Mass., Aug. 15, 1910; child, Richard, 
May 28, 1913; diversions, golf, fishing, antiques; member of 
Neighborhood Club, Stoney Brae Golf Club, Quincy, Mass.; 
addresses, (home) 117 Dimmock St., Quincy, Mass.; (business) 
4 Liberty Square, Boston. 

WILSON MARCY POWELL: lawyer; married Elsie Knapp, New 
York, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1902; children, Wilson Marcy, Jr., July 18, 
1903 (married Fredrika Richardson, Oct. 25, 1930) ; Sarah Hopper, 
Oct. 9, 1906 (married Prescott Butler Huntington, Jan. 11, 1930); 
Elsie Knapp, April 3, 1909; member of Association of the Bar of 
the City of New York, Century Club, Union Club, University 
Club, Racquet and Tennis Club, Riding Club, Down Town As- 
sociation, Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Faculty Club, Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; St. James Club, London, England; American Bar 
Association; American Law Institute; other professional associa- 
tions; professional career, as chairman of the Harvard Law School 
Endowment Fund Committee, with Edgar Vietor Frothingham, 
'96, as Executive Secretary, raised about $2,500,000 for endowment 
for five research professorships, library, and other purposes, and 
with the aid of the Corporation worked out a method of financing 
the addition to Langdell Hall; aided in raising $200,000 additional 
endowment for the Harvard Forest, at Petersham; member of the 
Harvard Law School Visiting Committee and the Committee to 
Visit the Arnold Arboretum and the Bussey Institution; president 
of the Board, Swarthmore College, and increased its endowment 


by adding ^4,000,000.00 in two years; member of New York 
Taconic State Park Commission, covering about 10,000 acres. 
Just 41 miles from 59th St. and Fifth Avenue, a tract of about 
3000 acres, in Putnam County, has just been presented to the 
State by Dr. Ernest Fahnestock, Harvard '95. This comes 
under my personal jurisdiction for development for public park 
purposes. The Commission also has charge of the planning and 
construction of a Parkway 400 feet wide running through these 
counties from the Westchester Hne to the Northerly Rensselaer 
County line, which will eventually be a direct route from New 
York City to Lake George; member of American Bar Associa- 
tion National Committee of Ten, to welcome to this country the 
British, French, Scotch, and Irish judges and lawyers — a most 
interesting occasion; member of the Board of Trustees, New York 
Public Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundations; trustee 
of the United States Trust Company, New York, and the Frank- 
lin Savings Bank of the City of New York; am closely connected 
with the development of the New York Hospital — Cornell Medi- 
cal School Association in New York; treasurer and trustee of 
various Meetings of the Religious Society of Friends, and on the 
boards of some of their affiliated charities; am very actively prac- 
ticing law, and am trustee of several estates; addresses, (home) 
130 East 70th St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 71 Broadway, 
New York, N. Y. 

FREDERICK HAVEN PRATT: physiologist; married Margery 
Willard Davis, West Newton, Mass., June 12, 1912; children, 
Frederick Sumner, June 15, 1913; Margery Willard, Dec. 4, 1914; 
Roger Conant, June 6, 1917; Elizabeth Haven, March 3, 1922; 
Stephen Davis, Jan. 19, 1926; diversions, natural history, tennis, 
tramping; publications, papers in physiology, education, and 
allied subjects; member of American Physiological Society; Ameri- 
can Academy of Arts and Sciences; St. Botolph Club, Boston; 
professional career, teaching or investigation in physiology at the 
following institutions: Wellesley College, University of Buffalo, 
Clark University, Harvard Medical School, Boston University 
School of Medicine — the last since 1921; addresses, (home) 
Wellesley Farms, Mass.; (business) 80 East Concord St., Boston. 

WILLIAM EDWARD PUTNAM: architect; married Helen Pres- 
ton Haughwout, Fall River, Mass., June 10, 1908; children, 
William Edward, 3d, Oct. 31, 1910; Jerome Preston, Oct. 18, 1912 


(died Oct. 22, 1912); John, Sept. 28, 1914 (died Sept. 29, 1914); 
member of Union Club, Society of Architects, Harvard Club, 
Boston; Longwood Cricket Club, Brookline, Mass.; Weston Golf 
Club, Weston, Mass.; American Institute of Architecture; ad- 
dresses, (home) 43 South Ave., Weston, Mass.; (business) 114 
State St., Boston. 

FRANK HALLOCK RATHBUN: auditor; unmarried; profes- 
sional career, still with the Shubert Theatre Corporation; pub- 
lished last year a small volume of Poems, with Raymond Mohl; 
address, Harvard Club, 27 West 44th St., New York, N. Y. 

HENRY WILLIAM RAUDENBUSH: civil engineer; married 
Creacie Bower, New York, N. Y., May 19, 1898; children, George 
King, March 13, 1899; Mary Harbeson, June 12, 1900; Henry 
William, Jr., Oct. 9, 1902; Jane Knox, Aug. 9, 1915; address, 8612 
i62d St., Jamaica, N. Y. 

CLIFFORD SAMUEL RAYMOND: journalist; married Louise 
Streed, Chicago, 111., Dec. 29, 1893; professional career, am edi- 
torial writer for the Chicago Tribune; addresses, (home) 1122 
Wade St., Highland Park, 111.; (business) The Chicago Tribune, 
Chicago, 111. 

EDWIN THOMAS REED: editor; 7varried Katharine May Hart- 
well, Fargo, N. D., July 28, 1909; children, Ethel Patiline, Sept. 22, 
191 1 ; Alice Elizabeth, June 30, 1915; Stephen Hartwell, May 11, 
1920; diversions, mountain and forest excursions, writing verse; 
publications, " The Open Hearth," college bulletin, and occasional 
articles in periodicals; member of Masons, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Corvallis, Ore.; American Association of Agricultural 
College Editors; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Kappa 
Psi; League of Western Writers; professional career, editor of 
publications at Oregon State College since 1912; addresses, (home) 
Knollbrook, Brook Lane, Corvallis, Ore.; (business) 107 Com- 
merce Hall, Oregon State College, Corvallis, Ore. 

HERBERT THOMAS RICH: educator; married Mabelle Clark 
Jenney, Hyde Park, Mass., Dec. 25, 1902; children, Russell Her- 
bert, April 21, 1904 (died Aug. 14, 1904) ; Doris Elizabeth, March 
15, 1907; member of Schoolmen's Economic Association, Classical 
Club, Boston; Unitarian Club, West Roxbury, Mass.; New Eng- 
land Classical Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools; 


professional career, head of the department of Greek and Latin 
in the Boston Latin School until 1928; am now headmaster of the 
Brighton High School, Brighton, Mass.; in 1922 I received the 
degree of LL.B. from Northeastern University School of Law and 
was admitted to the Bar, but have not practiced; addresses, (home) 
51 Landseer St., West Roxbury, Mass.; (business) Brighton High 
School, Brighton, Mass. 

WINFIELD SCOTT RICH: educator; married Effie Talmadge 
Kemp, Wellfleet, Mass., June 30, 1892; addresses, (home) 50 High 
St., Maiden, Mass.; (business) Maiden High School, Salem St., 
Maiden, Mass. 

ried Charlotte Latrobe Pell, Newport, R. I., Sept. 23, 1919; mein- 
ber of Harvard Club, Boston; Metropolitan Club, Harvard Club, 
New York, N. Y.; Metropolitan Club, Washington, D. C; Chevy 
Chase Club of Maryland; Society of Colonial Wars; address, 
127 Rhode Island Ave., Newport, R. I. 

FRANCIS ALLEN RICHARDSON: physician; unmarried; di- 
version, travel; publications, " Correlation of Collegiate Courses," 
Mill Quarterly, April, 1923; " The Disease Factor in History," 
International Clinics, Vol. Ill, Series 36; member of Association 
of Military Surgeons; professional career, C. P. H., Harvard- 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Public Health, 
1922; D. T. M., Harvard School of Tropical Medicine, 1922; head 
of department of public health, Mills College, 1922-1924; surgeon, 
Royal Mail Steam Packet Co., 1924-1929; lecturer. College of 
Puget Sound, etc., 1930- ; captain, M. C, retired, U. S, Army; 
address, Hotel Washington, Grant Ave., San Francisco, Calif. 

PHILIP RICHARDSON: architect; married Dora Labouisse, New 
Orleans, La., Dec. 11, 1900; children, Katherine Priestly, Nov. 22, 
1901; Phyllis, Aug. 2, 1905; Susanne Labouisse, Aug. 2, 1905; 
Barbara, Sept. 2, 1907 (died Sept. 2, 1907) ; Isabella Labouisse, 
Feb, 25, 191 1 (died Jan. 27, 1912) ; Jeanne Labouisse, April 20, 1915; 
address, 8 Beacon St., Boston. (Did not answer. Statistics taken 
from Report VI.) 

ARCHER TYLER ROBINSON: educator; married Mary Wistar, 
Salem, N. J., Jan. 26, 1901; child, William Wistar, Oct. 14, 1902; 


addresses, (home) 56 Woodcliff Road, Newton Highlands, Mass.; 
(business) Mass. Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 

ALFRED RODMAN: retired; married Ella Louise Grell Schwab, 
New York, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1922; member of Somerset Club, Har- 
vard Club, Boston; address, 512 Beacon St., Boston. 

DUDLEY PICKMAN ROGERS: trustee; unmarried; member of 
Somerset Club, Tennis & Racquet Club, Boston; Myopia Hunt 
Club, Hamilton, Mass.; business career, member of the firm of 
William A. Russell & Bro.; president and director, Androscoggin 
Pulp Co., and Mt. Tom Sulphite Pulp Co.; treasurer and director, 
Langtown Co., Russell Coal Co., The Russell Co.; director. 
Economic Machinery Co., Sutton's Mills, Webster & Atlas Cor- 
poration, Webster & Atlas National Bank; addresses, (home) 
925 Boylston St., Boston; (business) 50 State St., Boston. 

WILLIAM BOWDITCH ROGERS: farmer and dog breeder; 
married Augusta Kellogg, So. Hero, Vt., July i, 1896; children, 
William Bowditch, Jr., May 3, 1898; Susan Elizabeth, Aug. 12, 
1900; Mary Bowditch, April 26, 1903; diversions, shooting and 
fishing; member of Somerset Club, Tennis & Racquet Club, Bos- 
ton; Country and Polo Club, Dedham, Mass.; Tisbury Pond Club, 
Martha's Vineyard, Mass.; Racquet & Tennis Club, New York, 
N. Y.; Ronbrook Fish and Game Club, Nova Scotia; business 
career, member of the Boston Stock Exchange from 1900 to 191 7; 
Red Cross worker for two years; in tobacco business for five years; 
now a farmer; addresses, (home) Farm Road, Sherborn, Mass.; 
(business) P. O. Box 3014, Boston. 

CARL ABRAHAM ROSS: lawyer; inarried Rosemary Odell, 
Chicago, 111., Dec. 21, 1909; children, Jane, Feb. 28, 1912; Betsy, 
June 9, 1914; Helen Odell, March 26, 1916; Charles Rugg, April 8, 
1921; address, 1310 U. S. 12 East, Albion, Mich. 

HERBERT AUSTIN ROSS: lawyer and judge; married Laura 
Eaton Wheeler, Hartford, Conn., March 21, 1914; child, Austin, 
May 6, 1921; diversions, gardening, billiards, and a little card play- 
ing; member of University Club, City Club, Get-together Club, 
Hartford, Conn.; professional career, my duties as judge of the 
city court, Hartford, preclude much activity in general law prac- 
tice; this court is one of civil jurisdiction only, having equity 
powers and unlimited as to the amounts involved; addresses, 


(home) 64 Evergreen Ave., Hartford, Conn.; (business) Municipal 
Bldg., Hartford, Conn. 

EUGENE GEORGE JOSEPH ROUSSIN: druggist, and cashier; 
jnarried Marie Anne Riopel, JoUette, Quebec, June 11, 1907; chil- 
dren, Lucien Camille Aime, Aug. 24, 1910; Marguerite JuHe 
Suzanne, Nov. 6, 191 2; Jean Gerard Marcel, May 12, 191 9; dwer- 
sion, automobile touring; member of C. M. A. C, Lowell, Mass.; 
C. O. F.; Railroad Brotherhood of the O. R. T.; business career, 
am local cashier for the Canadian National Railways; addresses, 
(home) 27 Manseau St., Joliette, Quebec; (business) Joliette, Que. 

SAMUEL RUSSELL: farmer; married Julia Palmer Webster, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., June 22, 1898; member of Rotary Club, Camden, 
S. C; business career, vice president, Russell Manufacturing Co.; 
was Republican State Representative for five sessions, in Con- 
necticut; address, Camden, S. C. 

THOMAS HASTINGS RUSSELL: lawyer; unmarried; diver- 
sions, tennis, golf, sailing, gymnasium, squash; member of City 
Club, Bar Association, Law School Association, St. John's Lodge 
of Masons, Boston; professional career, member of firm of Russell, 
Moore, and Russell; managing trustee of Brazer Bldg.; treasurer 
and trustee of Permanent Peace Fund; on board of directors, 
Boston Y. M. C. A.; trustee. Northeastern University; addresses, 
(home) 5 Park St., Brookline, Mass.; (business) 27 State St., 

MANUEL ARTURO SALDANA: civil engineer; married Maria 
Eduarda Crosas, San Juan, P. R., April 29, 1901; children, Andres 
Manuel, Sept. 4, 1903; Arturo Esteban, March 11, 1906; address, 
P. O. Box 1206, San Juan, P. R. (Did not answer. Statistics taken 
from Report VL) 

HARVEY WOODSON SALMON, Jr.: manufacturer; married 
Myra Quintilla Smith, Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 21, 1905; children, 
Katharine Bush, Aug. 11, 1906 (married Charles Wolsey Cole); 
Elizabeth Kimbrough, May i, 1910; diversions, golf and motor- 
ing; address, 1153 Federal Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

EDWARD PARKER SANDS: insurance clerk; married Nellie 
Maud Nichol Law, West Newton, Mass., Feb. 15, 1905 (divorced, 
Aug. 2, 1924); addresses, (home) 4 Bulfinch Place, Boston; (busi- 
ness) 197 Clarendon St., Boston. 


HENRY LINDSAY SANFORD: surgeon; 7narried Mary Fair- 
field Coit, Cleveland, Ohio, March 17, 1909; diversion, golf; pub- 
lications, contributions to surgical text books and surgical litera- 
ture; member of Union Club, Mayfield Country Club, Cleveland, 
Ohio; American College of Surgeons (fellow); various local, 
state, and national surgical associations; professional career, have 
practiced surgery in Cleveland since 1903; addresses, (home) 
1 1930 Carlton Road, Cleveland, Ohio; (business) 1622 Keith Bldg., 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

FRED MARION SARGENT: manufacturer; married Lura W. 
Sanborn, June 28, 1906; child, Marion Sanborn, Sept. 4, 1910; 
member of Masons, Unitarian Layman's League, S. A. R. (Illi- 
nois Chapter) ; address, Burnside, Ky. 

PORTER EDWARD SARGENT: publisher, married Margaret 
Upham, Rome, Italy, March 7, 1907 (died Aug. 20, 1920) ; children, 
Upham, Feb. 28, 1913; Porter, April 18, 1915; diversions, travel, 
gardening; publications, fifteen annual editions. Handbook of 
American Private Schools; eight annual editions, Handbook of 
Summer Camps; three editions. Handbook of New England; 
Handbook for Private School Teachers, 1930; Private School 
News, eight volumes; numerous scientific monographs on sub- 
jects in comparative neurology; member of Harvard Club, Boston; 
professional career, educational engineering, helping parents and 
private schools with their problems; addresses, (home) 26 Wey- 
bridge Road, Brookline, Mass.; (business) 11 Beacon St., Boston. 

HENRY SUYDAM SATTERLEE: physician; 7narried Ethel Alice 
Whitney, Milton, Mass., Feb. 26, 1903; children, Henry Suydam, 
Jr., Dec. 17, 1904; Stanton Whitney, Nov. 3, 1907; son, Nov. 3, 
1907 (died Nov. 13, 1907) ; address, 325 East 72d St., New 
York, N. Y. 

JOHN PROCTOR SAWYER: broker; ^ymrried Lotta Helen Al- 
drich. Providence, R. I., June i, 1904; children, Helen Aldrich, Dec. 
18, 1909; John Aldrich, June 16, 1914; diversions, golf and tour- 
ing; member of Country Club, Algonquin Club, Masonic Bodies, 
Waterbury, Conn.; addresses, (home) 113 Clowes Terrace, Water- 
bury, Conn.; (business) 215 Church St., New Haven, Conn. 

LOUIS SAYER: boatmaster; married Florence Elizabeth Hurd, 
Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1894; children, Evelyn Hurd, Sept. 14, 


1895; Katherine, Dec. 15, 1896; Stephen Fanchar, April 27, 1901; 
James Edward, Nov. 11, 1904; diversions, steamboats, yachts, golf; 
business career, am boatmaster for the Pennsylvania Railway, in 
New York harbor; addresses, (home) 119 Centennial Ave., Cran- 
ford, N. J.; (business) Pennsylvania Railway, Pier D, Jersey 
City, N. J. 

GEORGE CRANCH SCOTT: business executive; married Mary 
Kennard, Framingham, Mass., June i, 1905; children, Henry 
Bruce, Feb. 6, 1906 (died Feb. 6, 1906); Mary Adams, Sept. 2, 
1908; George Cranch, Jr., Aug. 25, 191 1; Oliver Kennard, Sept. 3, 
1914; diversions, farming, golf, tennis; business career, three years 
after graduation in northern California, ranching and raising 
fruit; next sixteen years in investment securities in Boston; then 
as an executive in a lumber company, with limits in Northeastern 
Canada; these timber limits were sold late in 1926, the company 
was finally liquidated and dissolved, and I am near the end of a 
year's vacation; address, Framingham, Mass. 

GEORGE DOW SCOTT: physician; unmarried ; diversions, ten- 
nis, dancing, writing medical articles, reading classics and historic 
travels in English, French, and German; publications, numerous ar- 
ticles on pediatrics which have been published in medical journals; 
member of Chi Psi Club, New York Academy of Medicine, New 
York Physicians' Association (former president), Harvard Medi- 
cal Society (former secretary), Medico-Surgical Society, New 
York, N. Y.; professional career, my specialty is pediatrics; am 
engaged chiefly in consultations and office work; am consulting 
pediatrician to the Lutheran Hospital of Manhattan, and director 
of the Infants' and Children's Clinics at Lutheran Hospital; con- 
sulting pediatrician to St. Mark's Hospital; director of the Physi- 
cian's Home, Inc., a national organization for the relief of old, poor, 
and infirm physicians in good standing; addresses (home) 302 
West 87th St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 121 East 60th St., 
New York, N. Y. 

MAJOR GABRIEL SEELIG: physician; married Clover Althea 
Hartz, Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 10, 1906; children. Clover Marjorie, 
Oct. 10, 1906; Frank Hartz, Sept. 27, 191 1; Vera, Sept. 27, 191 1 
(died May 27, 1919); diversion, literature; publications, " Outline 
of Medical History " (Williams and Wilkins Co., Baltimore, 
1925) ; eighty monographs and essays on various medical and 


medico historical subjects; member of University Club, St. Louis, 
Mo.; Western Surgical Association; Southern Surgical Associa- 
tion; American Surgical Association; American Medical Associa- 
tion; professional career, entered military service in June, 1917, as 
first lieutenant, medical corps, U. S. Army, and served until after 
the armistice, being discharged February, 1919, with rank of 
colonel; have been director of surgery of the Jewish Hospital of 
St. Louis for the past ten years; my practice is confined exclusively 
to surgery; am professor of clinical surgery, Washington Univer- 
sity School of Medicine; address, 4952 Park View Place, St. Louis, 

HAROLD SELFRIDGE: bond salesman; married Mary Esther 
Putnam Rankin, Chelmsford, Mass., Oct. 25, 1920; diversion, golf; 
member of Tennis and Racquet Club, Boston; addresses, (home) 
Medfield, Mass.; (business) Barrister's Hall, Boston. 

JAMES JOSEPH SHEA: unmarried; address, 71 Babcock St., 
Coolidge Corner, Brookline, Mass. (Did not answer. Statistics 
taken from Report VI.) 

WILLIAM HOLMES SHEDD: real estate and insurance broker; 
married Alice Wheeler, Portland, Me., Oct. 28, 1914; address, 
Pittsfield, N. H. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from Report VI.) 

ALFRED D WIGHT SHEFFIELD: educator; married Ada Eliot, 
St. Louis, Mo., May 16, 1905; publications, " The Old Testament 
Narrative," " Grammar and Thinking," " Command of Sentence 
Patterns," " Joining in Public Discussion," " Creative Discussion," 
" Training for Group Experience "; member of New England 
Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools; Association for 
Adult Education; professional career, professor of rhetoric and 
composition, Wellesley College; secretary. Industrial Commission 
of the Inquiry, 1923-1928; president. New England Association 
of Teachers of English, 1930-1931; addresses, (home) 31 Madison 
St., Cambridge, Mass.; (business) Wellesley College, Welles- 
ley, Mass. 

LUTHER DIMMICK SHEPARD: dentist; married Frances John- 
son Conway, Boston, June 15, 1904; diversions, driving an auto- 
mobile, and walking; address, 230 Beacon St., Boston. 

ANDREW ROTHWELL SHERRIFF (formerly Sheriff): law- 
yer; married Marguerite Mitchell, Chicago, 111., Oct. 17, 1900 


(divorced, April 12, 1915); Virginia Listeman, Chicago, 111., Oct. 
24, 1924; children, Rothwell Mitchell, July 14, 1901; William 
Mitchell, April 12, 1904; Kathleen, July 5, 1905 (married Gardiner 
Hammond, 2d; children, Gardiner 3d; Marguerite); diversions, 
observing human nature and affairs, always intensely interesting; 
publications, various magazine articles and addresses on profes- 
sional and related subjects; member of Chicago Club, University 
Club, City Club, Arts Club, Literary Club, Yacht Club, Law Club, 
Legal Club, Chicago Bar Association, Art Institute, Chicago, 111.; 
Illinois State Bar Association; Bar Association, Harvard Club, 
New York, N. Y.; University Club, Washington, D. C; Illinois 
State Bar Association; American Bar Association; American So- 
ciety of International Law; American Academy of Political 
Science; American Oriental Society; professional career, steady 
practice of law, with active interest and participation in general 
professional, educational, and civic affairs; chairman of several 
committees; addresses, (home) 1320 North State Parkway, Chi- 
cago, 111.; (business) 112 West Adams St., Chicago, 111. 

ARTHUR ASAHEL SHURCLIFF (formerly Shurtleflf); land- 
scape architect; married Margaret Homer Nichols, Boston, 1905; 
children, Sidney Nichols, March 24, 1906; Sarah Parsons, Oct. i, 
1907; William Asahel, March 27, 1909; John Perkins, Feb. 18, 
1911; Elizabeth Homer, March 18, 1913; Alice Warburton, Aug. 
15, 1915; publications, a great number of dry reports on technical 
subjects; a few Park Reports; member of Tavern Club, Boston; 
professional career, my career consists of planning the arrangement 
of private places, parks, and cities and towns; addresses, (home) 
66 Mt. Vernon St., Boston; (business) 11 Beacon St., Boston. 

PRESCOTT ORDE SKINNER: professor of romance languages; 
married Alice Van Leer Carrick, Boston, July 10, 1901; children, 
Margaret Van Leer, Aug. 12, 1902; John Carrick, Oct. 21, 1905; 
Alice Prescott, Dec. 10, 1909; diversions, long daily walks, general 
reading, spending as much time as possible in Paris; member of 
Graduate Club, Dartmouth College Club, Hanover, N. H.; Tick- 
nor Club; American Association of University Professors; Modern 
Language Association of America; professional career, 1 900-1906, 
instructor in the romance languages, 1906-1912, assistant professor 
of the romance languages, and, since 1912, professor of the romance 
languages, Dartmouth College; have taught summer sessions at 


Columbia University and at M. I. T.; address, Dartmouth College, 
Hanover, N. H. 

ALBERT ERNEST SMALL: anesthetist; married Ina Olive Saw- 
yer, Clinton, Mass., June 25, 1907; children, Elisabeth, July 27, 
1908; Barbara, June 16, 1912; diversion, golf; member of Harvard 
Club, Boston; Bellevue Golf Club; numerous medical societies; 
addresses, (home) 90 West Emerson St., Melrose, Mass.; (busi- 
ness) 205 Beacon St., Boston. 

FRANK LEROY SMART: educator; married Martha Foster, 
Pheonix, Ariz., Dec. 22, 1890; children, Robert Leroy, Oct. i, 1891; 
Dorothy Hathaway, Nov. 3, 1896; member of Rotary Club, Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Davenport, Iowa; National Education Asso- 
ciation; addresses, (home) 2407 Pershing Ave., Davenport, Iowa; 
(business) looi Harrison St., Davenport, Iowa. 

CHETWOOD SMITH: manufacturer; married Mary Anthony 
Chapin, Pomfret, Conn., April 17, 1894; diversions, antique chairs 
of the Pilgrim century, trout fishing, hare hunting; member of 
Harvard Club, Boston; Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Wor- 
cester Club, Worcester, Mass.; New England Beagle Club; Na- 
tional Beagle Club; American Society Mechanical Engineers; busi- 
ness career, was president and general manager of Stack Heater 
Co. until selling out in 1926; now New England representative 
Watts Regulator Co.; addresses, (home) 9 Linden St., Worcester, 
Mass.; (business) 126 Federal St., Boston. 

CONRAD SMITH: physician; married Helen Thompson, Boston, 
July 17, 1911; diversions, cards, theatre, athletic events, and travel; 
■member of Harvard Club, Boston; professional career, practice 
confined to diseases of nose and throat; resigned two years ago 
from active hospital work and teaching; have continued in private 
practice; addresses, (home) 496 Commonwealth Ave., Boston; 
(business) 510 Commonwealth Ave., Boston. 

FITZ-HENRY SMITH, Jr.; lawyer; married Annie Eaton Brown, 
July 7, 1928; diversion, historical research on local matters; mem- 
ber of Bar Association, Bostonian Society, Society for the Preser- 
vation of New England Antiquities, Bunker Hill Monument 
Association, Harvard Memorial Society, Massachusetts Historical 
Society, Union Club, St. Botolph Club, Harvard Club, Boston; 
Nisi Prius; Curtis Club; Cohasset Golf Club, Cohasset, Mass.; 


Massachusetts Bar Association; American Bar Association; Mari- 
time Law Association; professional career, served as a member o£ 
the executive committee of the Massachusetts Bar Association, 
1922-1925, and from 1924-1930 as a member of the Council of 
the Boston Bar Association; am at present a trustee of the Massa- 
chusetts State Library and a trustee of the Home Savings Bank, 
Boston; addresses, (home) 512 Beacon St., Boston; (business) 35 
Congress St., Boston. 

GEORGE EDWARD SMITH: secretary and financial statistician; 
unmarried; diversions, in college I achieved the degree with dis- 
tinction; during the war I served on the staff of The Wall Street 
Journal without distinction; since that time my principal hobby 
has been the compilation of financial statistics, which hobby I 
have managed to continue to ride without extinction; address, 
71 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

GEORGE MILTON SMITH: merchandise broker; married Kath- 
arine Ware, Plantsville, Conn., June 15, 1898; children, Alice 
Holdship, March 26, 1899; Edmund Ware, Dec. 10, 1900; George 
Milton, April 27, 1902; diversion, walking in the Blue Hills; 
member of Appalachian Mountain Club; addresses, (home) 40 
Shepard St., Cambridge, Mass.; (business) 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

LOUIS Deforest smith : casualty insurance broker; married 
Lillian May Worden, Waltham, Mass., Aug. 14, 1909; business 
career; assistant resident manager, Maryland Casualty Co.; ad- 
dresses, (home) Lansdale, Pa.; (business) 322 Walnut St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

REGINALD CLARE SNYDER: journalist; married Alice Rich- 
hart Mack, Sandusky, Ohio, Oct. 20, 1897; <^f'^^ld, Alice Davenport, 
March 19, 1899 (married Dudley Allen White); diversion, golf; 
publications, " Masonic History of Firelands," " North and Back," 
" Round Odd Corners," " Geneva Press Congress "; member of 
Norwalk Country Club, Plum Brook Golf Club, Norwalk, Ohio; 
Union Club, Cleveland, Ohio; professional career, president, As- 
sociated Ohio Dailies; editor and publisher Norwal\ Reflector- 
Herald, and president and general Manager, Sandusl{y Register 
and Sandusky Star Journal; addresses, (home) 107 West Main 
St., Norwalk, Ohio; (business) 19-21 North Hester St., Nor- 
walk, Ohio. 


EDWARD ADOLPH STAAB: physician; unmarried; diversions, 
tennis, and swimming; member of West Side Tennis Club, New 
York, N. Y.; Kern wood Country Club; Albuquerque Country 
Club; address, 228 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. 

MARKHAM WINSLOW STACKPOLE: teacher and clergyman; 
married Agnes Gleason Smith, Andover, Mass., June 22, 1901; 
children, Pierpont, Jan. 25, 1905; Stephen Henry, April 17, 191 1; 
diversions, sailing, walking, reading; ynember of Milton Club, 
Milton, Mass.; Union Club, Boston; Abenakee Club, Biddeford 
Pool, Me.; American Legion; professional career, 1922, resigned 
as school minister at Phillips Academy, Andover; 1922-1923, private 
study, with residence at Milton; since 1923, have been instructor of 
English at Milton Academy, with duties at the school chapel and 
occasional preacher at several other schools; addresses, (home) 
242 Highland St., Milton, Mass.; (business) Milton Academy, 
Milton, Mass. 

EDWIN HARRISON STEEDMAN: manufacturer; married 
Almira McNeely, Haverford, Pa., Oct. 20, 1906; child, Almira 
McNeely, Aug. 18, 1909; diversions, golf, bird and big game 
shooting, sailing, yacht racing; member of University Club, Coun- 
try Club, Log Cabin Club, St. Louis, Mo.; business career, chair- 
man of board, Curtis Manufacturing Co.; addresses, (home) 32 
Westmoreland Place, St. Louis, Mo.; (business) Curtis Manu- 
facturing Co., Wellston P. O., St. Louis, Mo. 

ROBERT DUTCHER STERLING: 7narried Ruth Lancaster Hoe, 
New York, N. Y., Nov. 18, 1905; children, Oliver James, Sept. 8, 
1906; Edward Canfield, Nov. 27, 1908; member of Harvard Club, 
University Club, Down Town Association, New York, N. Y.; 
address, 19 East 77th St., New York, N .Y. 

WALLACE HENRY STERNS: clergyman; married Bessie Dow 
Taylor, Springfield, Mass., Sept. 3, 1897 (died Nov. 25, 1914); 
Josephine May Joplin, Hampton, N. H., June 14, 1916; children, 
Philip Horton, Feb. 15, 1902; Knowlton, March 19, 1906; address, 
First Congregational Church, Zumbrota, Minn. 

THOMAS GREELEY STEVENSON: retired; married Frances 
LeMoyne, Boston, Feb. 20, 1913; children, Thomas Greeley, Jr., 
March 12, 1914; Marie LeMoyne, Aug. 4, 1915; member of Somer- 
set Club, Boston; The Country Club, Brookline, Mass.; Myopia 


Hunt Club, Hamilton, Mass.; professional career, club life, stock 
market, and married life had their day, and now I am settled on 
Cape Cod, where I have developed my idea of what a sportsman's 
headquarters should be: a most unique cabin is my home; my 
farm is my business; plenty of sport to be had here at most times of 
year; address, Centerville, Mass. 

CHARLES GOULD STEWARD: dentist; married Maude A. 
Trotter, Boston, Feb. 19, 1907; address, 932 Tremont St., Boston. 

FRANK RUDOLPH STEWARD: lawyer; married Adah May 
Captain, Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 27, 1910; address, 413 Fourth Ave., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

ROBERT DECATUR STEWART: bond broker; married Cor- 
nelia Kissam Young, St. Paul, Minn., June 2, 1908; children, 
Robert Ormsby, Feb. 22, 1909; Jane Sibley, June 10, 1910; Nina, 
July 5, 191 1 ; Sibley Flandrau, Feb. 19, 1918; fnember of Harvard 
Club, Minnesota Boat Club, St. Paul, Minn.; address, 21 Arundel 
St., St. Paul, Minn. 

CHARLES SENFF STILLMAN: banker; married Anna J. D. 
Hubbard, Middletown, Conn., June 3, 1897; children, Charles 
Senff, Jr., March 5, 1898; Elijah Hubbard, March 21, 1899; diver- 
sion, farming; member of Tennis and Racquet Club, Somerset 
Club, Boston; Dedham Country and Polo Club, Dedham, Mass.; 
Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; business career, four years with 
Blake Bros. Co., and then with Hayden Stone Co., until 1917; 
since 1917 with Bonbright & Co., Inc.; addresses, (home) 
Wellesley, Mass.; (business) 55 Congress St., Boston. 

JAMES ALEXANDER STILLMAN: retired; married Anne 
Urquhart Potter, New York, N. Y., June 3, 1901; children, Anne, 
Feb. 28, 1902; James, Jan. 24, 1904; Alexander, Sept. 29, 191 1; 
addresses, (home) 900 Park Ave., New York, N. Y.; (business) 
17 East 49th St., New York, N. Y. 

FREDERIC HAINES STILL WAGEN: lawyer; married Florence 
Mary Rice, Allentown, Pa., June 26, 1923; children, Gerald Rice, 
Jan. 7, 1921 (adopted June 2, 1924); Ann Ehzabeth, Feb. 5, 1925; 
Frederic Haines, Jr., Aug. 3, 1928; diversions, breeding, exhibiting, 
and judging standard bred poultry, especially Rhode Island Reds; 
member of Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Lehigh Country 


Club, Allentown Lodge No. 130, B. P. O. E., New Temple Lodge 
No. 720 A. F. & A. M., Allen Royal Arch Chapter, No. 203, Allen 
Commandery No. 20, K. T., Allentown, Pa.; professional career, 
engaged actively in practising law in Philadelphia, 1899-1904, and 
in New York City, 1904-1922; since 1922 have been in Pennsyl- 
vania much of the time, visiting my New York office irregularly; 
addresses, (home) Sunny Brae Farm, R. F. D. #3, Bethlehem, 
Pa.; (business) 6^ Wall St., New York, N. Y. 

PHILIP STOCKTON: banker; married Margaret Head Stockton, 
Boston, Feb. 3, 1906; children, Mary, July 3, 1907 (died 1926); 
Charles Head, Oct. 3, 1909; Margaret, April 22, 1915; diversions, 
court tennis, trap shooting; business career, am president of the 
First National Bank of Boston and the Old Colony Trust Co.; 
addresses, (home) Manchester, Mass.; (business) 67 Milk St., 

JOSHUA WINTHROP STONE: market gardener and automo- 
bile sales agent; married Agnes Jessie Mayell, Watertown, Mass., 
Oct. 25, 1899; children, Esther Mayell, Sept. 24, 1900; Winthrop 
Ernest, May 8, 1902; diversions, outdoor life and automobile trav- 
eling; member of Pequossette Lodge, A. F. & A. M., Victory 
Lodge, A. F. & A. M., Boston Market Gardeners Association, Massa- 
chusetts Horticultural Society, Boston; Vegetable Growers of 
America; National Geographic Society; business and professional 
career, high school teacher, 1897-1903; market gardener since 1903; 
sales agent, Buick automobiles, since 1921; sales agent, Oldsmobile 
and Viking, since 1930; addresses, (home) 19 Emerson Road, 
Watertown, Mass.; (business) 43 No. Beacon St., Watertown, 

RICHARD CUTTS STOREY: lawyer; married Anna Ladd, Mil- 
ton, Mass., July 7, 1898; children, Katherine Ladd, July 3, 1899; 
Richard Cutts, Jr., Oct. 27, 1902; Moorfield, Jan. 27, 1905; William 
Ladd, Sept. 25, 1907; John Cutts, March 6, 1913; diversions, hunt- 
ing and sailing; member of Somerset Club, Tennis and Racquet 
Club, Harvard Club, Boston; Weston Golf Club, Weston, Mass.; 
Brook Club, Racquet and Tennis Club, Harvard Club, New York, 
N. Y.; addresses, (home) 263 Clarendon St., Boston; (business) 
53 State St., Boston, and 61 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

HENRY RANDOLPH STORRS: surgeon; married Frances Tal- 
bot, Vancouver, B. C, Nov. 2, 1907; children, Alice Kingsbury, 


March 12, 1909; Henry Randolph, Jr., March i, 1911; Andrew 
Talbot, March 29, 1913; Peter, Dec. 31, 1914; diversions, sqw^sh. 
racquets, philately; publications, various articles for medical pa- 
pers; member of Vancouver Club, Jericho Country Club, Van- 
couver, B. C; professional career, practising my profession, and 
working with the United States Public Health Service; addresses, 
(home) 1615 i8th Ave. E., Vancouver, B. C; (business) 850 W. 
Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C. 

JAMES McCULLOCH STURGIS: publicity director; unmarried; 
diversion, tennis; member of St. Botolph Club, Union Boat Club, 
Boston; business career, spent several years in Germany and France 
studying languages; in 1904 entered the employ of George Batten 
Co., advertising agents. New York, and transferred later to Bos- 
ton; went to France in September, 1917, returning to Boston in 
February, 1920; in 1921 helped organize the Sales and Service 
Corporation, Boston, to act as selling agents for certain hardware 
manufacturers located in the middle west; in May, 1930, went to 
Geneva, became interested in the Geneva Research Information 
Service, and have been placed in charge as subscription and busi- 
ness manager of their two publications; address. The International 
Club, 4 rue de Monthoux, Geneva, Switzerland. 

JOHN REED SW ANTON: ethnologist; married Alice Barnard, 
Washington, D. C, Dec. 16, 1903 (died Sept. 18, 1926) ; children, 
Mary Alice, Sept. 21, 1906; John Reed, Jr., Nov. 12, 1909; Henry 
Allen, March 11, 1915; publications, various papers in the Reports 
and Bulletins of the Bureau of American Ethnology, and a num- 
ber of shorter papers published in the American Anthropologist, 
the Journal of American Folf(-Lore, and other periodicals; mem- 
ber of Society of the New Jerusalem, Washington Academy of 
Sciences, Washington, D. C; American Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science; American Anthropological Association; 
Linguistic Society of America; National Economic League; ad- 
dresses, (home) 5526 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, D. C; (busi- 
ness) Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C. 

ALVA SWEEZEY: farmer; married Clara Shadday, Mt. Washing- 
ton, Ohio, Oct. 8, 1910 (died June 19, 1914) ; child, Helen, Jan. 14, 
1912 (died Aug. 3, 1914); address. Olivet, Kansas. (Did not an- 
swer. Statistics taken from Report VI.) 


WILLIAM VOORHIS SWORDS: broker; unmarried; diversions, 
golf and motoring; tnember of Union Club, Harvard Club, St. 
Nicholas Society, Society of Colonial Wars, Broad St. Club, New 
York, N. Y.; Oakland Golf Club; Nassau Country Club, Glen 
Cove, Long Island, N. Y.; Seaview Golf Club, Absecon, N. J.; 
business career, one and a half years in Erie R. R.; in woolen busi- 
ness until 1903; with Aeolian Co. of New York, 1903-1924; whole- 
sale manager of Aeolian Co., 1912; vice president and general 
manager in 1917; left Aeolian Co. to become a partner in stock 
exchange firm of Tobey & Kirk; addresses, (home) Hotel Pierre, 
Fifth Ave. & 6ist St., New York, N. Y.; (business) c/o Tobey & 
Kirk, 25 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 

RICHMOND TALBOT: engineer; unmarried ; diversions, yacht- 
ing, fishing, shooting, and novice farming; member of Tuxedo 
Club, Union Club, Yacht Club, City Midday Club, Harvard Club, 
St. Nicholas Society, New York, N. Y.; professional career, mem- 
ber of the firm of Sanderson & Porter, engaged in general engi- 
neering, construction, and management work, in connection with 
the creation, development and operation of public utility and 
industrial enterprises; addresses, (home) Tuxedo Park, N. Y.; 
(business) 52 William St., New York, N. Y. 

WILLIAM RICHARD TAPPER: coal operator; married Mary 
Townsend, Sycamore, 111., Dec. 5, 1899 (died Aug. 7, 1902); 
Lorene Sydney, Chicago, 111., Sept. 29, 1906; children, Jane, Dec. 
12, 1900; Mary Townsend, June 24, 1902; Barbara, July 21, 1907; 
member of University Club, Chicago, 111.; Exensor Country Club, 
Highland Park Country Club, Highland Park, 111.; last \nown 
address, Riverside, 111. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from Re- 
port VI.) 

JOHN STRONG PERRY TATLOCK: writer, and professor of 
English; married Marjorie Fenton, Washington, D. C, June 17, 
1908; children, Percival, March 26, 1911 (died March 27, 1911); 
Hugh, May 2, 1912; Jean Frances, Feb. 21, 1914; diversions, travel, 
and gardening; publications, " The Modern Reader's Chaucer " 
(Macmillan, 1912); other books on Chaucer and Shakespeare; 
numerous articles on Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dante, the Arthurian 
tradition, in University of California Chronicle and other jour- 
nals; member of Modern Language Association of America; 
American Philological Association; American Association of Uni- 


versity Professors (member of council, 1919-1922; vice president, 
1927); Philological Association of the Pacific Coast (president, 
1920) ; professional career, professor of English, Stanford Univer- 
sity, 1915-1925; professor of English, Harvard University, 1925- 
1929; professor of English, University of California since 1929; 
address, University of California, Berkeley, Calif. 

GEORGE THOMAS: educator; married Anna Matilda Eliason, 
Logan, Utah, July 2, 1908; member of American Economic Asso- 
ciation; American Sociological Society; Political Science Associa- 
tion; professional career, have been president of the University of 
Utah since 1921; address, 1317 East on So. Temple St., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

RAPHAEL CLARKE THOMAS: clergyman and physician; mar- 
ried Winifred Mae Cheney, Kalamazoo, Mich., Sept. 14, 1908 
(died Dec. 22, 1913) ; Norma Rose Waterbury, Beverly, Mass., Nov. 
II, 1916; children, Winifred Eastman, July 3, 191 1; Marguerite 
Mather, May 22, 1919 (died May 4, 1923) ; Jesse Burgess, Dec. 7, 
1920; address, 919 Wright St., Manila, P. L 

ALEXANDER COE THOMPSON: agricultural blaster and nurs- 
ery salesman; unmarried; address, 28 Orchard St., Elizabeth, N. J. 
(Did not answer. Statistics taken from Report VL) 

EDWARD LEE THORNDIKE: psychologist; married Elizabeth 
Moulton, Lynn, Mass., Aug. 30, 1900; children, Elizabeth Frances, 
Aug. 19, 1902; Virginia, July 4, 1904 (died July 17, 1904); Edward 
Moulton, Sept. 22, 1905; Robert Ladd, Sept. 25, 1910; Alan, June 
19, 1918; diversions, golf, tennis, country life; publications, " The 
Psychology of Arithmetic"; "The Psychology of Algebra"; 
" Educational Psychology "; " Animal Intelligence "; " Adult 
Learning"; "The Measurement of Intelligence" and others; 
member of Century Club, New York, N. Y.; Cosmos Club, Wash- 
ington, D. C; Hollo wbrook Country Club; American Psycho- 
logical Association; National Academy of Sciences; and others; 
professional career, professor. Teachers' College, Columbia Uni- 
versity, since 1920; director, division of psychology. Institute of 
Educational Research, since 1922; member. National Research 
Council, 1920-1921, 1923-1925; addresses, (home) Montrose, 
N. Y., and 501 West 120th St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 
Teachers' College, Columbia University, New York, N. Y. 


CHARLES JOSEPH TILDEN: professor of engineering; married 
Mabel Katherine Myers, New York, N. Y., Oct. 14, 1902; children, 
Elinor, July 24, 1903 (married Horace Hitchcock) ; Carol, Aug. 
10, 1907 (married Daniel Morris); diversions, bicycle riding, chop- 
ping wood, and whittling; member of Harvard Club, New York, 
N. Y.; Graduates Club, New Haven Lawn Tennis Club, New 
Haven, Conn.; Cosmos Club, Washington, D. C; American So- 
ciety of Civil Engineers; Society American Military Engineers; 
American Association for the Advancement of Science (fellow); 
Society for Promotion of Engineering Education; professional 
career, professor in Yale University; highway research specialist. 
United States Bureau of Public Roads of the Department of Agri- 
culture; vice president, Eno Foundation for Highway Traffic 
Regulation, Inc.; on executive committee, Highway Research 
Board of the National Research Council; lecturer, Engineering 
Economics Foundation; addresses, (home) 167 Linden St., New 
Haven, Conn.; (business) Yale University, New Haven, Conn. 

ARTHUR SOMERVILLE TODD: educator; unmarried; diver- 
sions, photography, tennis, tramping; publications, a number of 
articles, chiefly on educational matters, contributed to various 
newspapers and periodicals; " The Calves of Cashleyreal," a satire 
in verse of actual happenings in pedagogdum; member of The 
Classical Association of New England; Harvard Club, New Bed- 
ford, Mass.; Brewster Club, Boston; professional career, since 1921, 
emergency teaching in Brockton, Somerville, and elsewhere; pri- 
vate tutoring in New Bedford; writing, study, and certain finan- 
cial matters; address, 65 Walden St., New Bedford, Mass. 

DAVID TOWNSEND: physician; married Frances Marion 
Bournes, Brookline, Mass., June 11, 1919; child, Lucy Marion, 
March 28, 1924; diversions, hunting and fishing; publications, 
medical papers on tuberculosis and influenza, with differential 
diagnosis; member of Harvard Club, University Club, Boston; 
Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Massachusetts Medical Society; 
National Travel Club; Military Order of the World War; Ameri- 
can Legion member, National Rehabilitation Committee, 1927- 
1930; sous chef chemin de fer, Forty and Eight Society, 1926-1927; 
American Medical Association; Association of Military Surgeons; 
American Geographical Society; Canadian Medical Society; Na- 
tional Tuberculosis Association; American Hospital Association; 
Canadian Tuberculosis Association; Canadian Public Health 


Association; Harvard Alumni Association; American Sanatorium 
Association; Navy League of tlie United States; professional 
career, served as associate medical director and superintendent, 
with rank of major, U. S. A., at National Sanatorium, Tenn., one 
of the national homes for disabled volunteer soldiers, 1920-1926; 
on May 2, 1926, was promoted to medical director and superin- 
tendent, with rank of colonel; and to governor of same institution, 
Feb, 29, 1928, with rank of colonel; resigned my position on April 
I, 1930; address, 1308 Windsor Ave., Bristol, Tenn. 

ARTHUR TRAIN: lawyer, author; married Ethel Kissam, New 
York, N. Y., April 20, 1897 (died May 15, 1923) ; children, Mar- 
garet Adams, Feb. 4, 1898; Lucy Hartwell, Oct. 3, 1900; Arthur 
Kissam, Oct. 3, 1902; Helen, Dec. 13, 1905; publications, " McAllis- 
ter and His Double," 1905; " The Prisoner at the Bar," 1906; " True 
Stories of Crime," 1908; " The Butler's Story," 1909; " Mortmain," 
1909; " Confessions of Artemus Quibble," 1909; " C. Q., or In the 
Wireless House," 1910; " Courts, Criminals and the Camorra," 
1911; " The Goldfish," 1914; with Robert Williams Wood, " The 
Man Who Rocked the Earth," 1915; "The World and Thomas 
Kelly," 1917; "The Earthquake," 1918; " Tutt and Mr. Tutt," 
1920; "By Advice of Counsel," 1921; "The Hermit of Turkey 
Hollow," 1921; "As it was in the Beginning," 1921; "Tut, Tut, 
Mr. Tutt! " 1923; " His Children's Children," 1923; " The Needle's 
Eye," 1924; " On the trail of the Bad Men," 1925; " The Lost 
Gospel," 1925; " The Blind Goddess," 1926; " High Winds," 1926; 
" The Horns of Ramadan," 1927; " Adventures of Ephraim Tutt, 
Attorney and Counselor-at-Law," 1930; " Puritan's Progress," 
1931; member of Century Club, University Club, Harvard Club, 
Down Town Association, New York, N. Y.; professional career, 
assistant district attorney. New York County, 1901-1908 and 1914- 
1915; appointed special deputy attorney general, State of New 
York, 1910; member of firm of Perkins & Train, New York, N. Y., 
1916-1923; member Suffolk (Mass.) and New York bars; ad- 
dresses, Sol's Cliff, Bar Harbor, Maine, and 113 E. 73d St., New 
York, N. Y. 

JOHN HERMAN TRYBOM: director of vocational education; 
married Jessie L. Clark (died, 1907); Elfreeda Betzner, July i, 
191 1 ; diversion, travel; member of National Education Associa- 
tion; National Society for Vocational Education; Eastern Arts 
Association; professional career, am director of vocational educa- 



tion and industrial arts, Detroit Public Schools; addresses, (home) 
1071 Van Dyke Ave., Detroit, Mich.; (business) 153 East Eliza- 
beth St., Detroit, Mich. 

JOHN WILLIAM TUDOR: mining engineer; married Charlotte 
Hubbard Young, Boston, March 23, 1908; children, Thomas Hub- 
bard, Oct. 23, 1909; Richard, Sept. 19, 1911; Daniel Hubbard, 
April 26, 1913; Virginia, March 13, 1915; Rosamond, Aug. 28, 
1923; member of American Institute of Mining Engineers (life 
member) ; professional career, manager and superintendent of 
mines, De Beers Consolidated Mines, Kimberley, South Africa, 
and mine examinations and reports in Canada, United States, and 
Mexico; address, 1626 Santa Barbara St., Santa Barbara, Calif. 

ALBERT ECKHARDT ULLMAN: physician; married Louise 
Anna Fisher, East Islip, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1913; children, Nina P., 
May 3, 1916; Edith D., Aug. 25, 1919; Albert P., March 13, 1922; 
diversions, radio; professional career, assistant physician, State 
Hospital; address. State Hospital, Central Islip, N. Y. 

VICTOR VIAUX: lawyer; unmarried; addresses, (home) 10 Brim- 
mer St., Boston; (business) 53 State St., Boston. (Did not answer. 
Statistics taken from Report VII.) 

JONAS VILES: professor of American History; jnarried Ruth 
Bennett Hayes, Providence, R. I., June 10, 1903; children, Jonas, 
J., Oct. 15, 1904 (died July 30, 1924); Charles Lowell, Aug. 8, 
1906; Philip Hubbard, May 20, 1910; Peter Hayes, Jan. 28, 1912 
(died May 9, 1916) ; diversions, gardening, bridge, university and 
community projects; publications, miscellaneous articles and re- 
views; memba- of American Historical Association; Mississippi 
Valley Historical Association; Boone County Historical Associa- 
tion; Agricultural History Association; American Professors Asso- 
ciation; Missouri State Teachers Associations; University Club, 
Columbia, Mo.; professional career, am professor of American 
history and chairman of the department, University of Missouri; 
address, 513 Rollins St., Columbia, Mo. 

Katharine Pearing Hubbard, Middletown, Conn., Oct. 7, 1897; 
children, Seymour, Sept. 4, 1898; Julius, May 11, 1902; diversions, 
landscape forestry, collecting i8th century Latin and Greek texts; 


military, patriotic and civic activities; improvements in measures, 
conversational Latin; member of Union Club, Knickerbocker 
Club, Harvard Club, Players Club, Army and Navy Club, Societas 
Gentium Latina, New York, N. Y.; address, 27 Washington St., 
Middletown, Conn. 

RICHARD GOODWIN WADSWORTH: physician; married 
Mary Heath Atkinson, Mattapoisett, Mass., June 25, 1901; diver- 
sions, golf, tennis, sailing; member of Tennis and Racquet Club, 
Tavern Club, Obstetrical Society, Boston; The Country Club, 
Brookline, Mass.; Massachusetts Medical Society; American Medi- 
cal Association; professional career, have continued the practice 
of medicine, specializing in gynecology and obstetrics; addresses, 
(home) 282 Warren St., Brookline, Mass.; (business) 374 Marl- 
boro St., Boston. 

ERNEST DeWOLFE WALES: physician; married Franc Hale, 
Minneapolis, Minn., June 21, 1899; children, Jeannette, April 4, 
1902; Elizabeth, Jan. 7, 1904; Frances Ernestine, Jan. 7, 1911; 
diversions, playing with my grandchildren; professional career, 
have specialized in diseases of ear, nose, and throat; addresses, 
(home) 1236 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind.; (business) 
616 Medical Arts Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

JOHN CHAMBERLAIN WARD: clergyman; unmarried; diver- 
sion, fishing in the wilderness; member of Harvard Club, New 
York, N. Y.; University Club, Erie, Pa.; University Club, Buf- 
falo, N. Y.; American Legion, V. F. W.; D. A. V.; professional 
career, rector, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Buffalo, N. Y., 
1 899-1902; rector, Grace Episcopal Church, Buffalo, N. Y., 1902- 
1921; chaplain on Mexican Border, 1917; chaplain with 74th In- 
fantry, in France, 1918; decorations, D. S. C, and (British) 
M. C; have been Bishop of Erie since 1921; address, 437 West 
6th St., Erie, Pa. 

ARTHUR IRVING WEIL: physician; married Edith Schwartz, 
New York, N. Y., June, 1919; diversions, golf, chess, reading; 
member of West End Country Club, New Orleans Chess Club, 
New Orleans, La.; American College of Surgeons (fellow); 
American Laryngological, Rhinological, and Otological Society 
(fellow) ; American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryn- 
gology (fellow) ; American Bronchoscopical Society (fellow) ; 


American Medical Association; addresses, (home) 1500 Eleanor 
St., New Orleans, La.; (business) 3503 Prytania St., New 
Orleans, La. 

ARTHUR RINDGE WENDELL: financial executive; tnanied 
Grace Frances Peck, New York, N, Y., Nov. 8, 1902; child, Eleanor 
Sherburne, Dec. 16, 1906; diversions, American Merchant Marine 
Clipper Ship Era, Gothic architecture, horseback riding, traveling; 
member of Harvard Club, Holland Society, University Club, New 
York, N. Y.; Harvard Club of New Jersey; Baltusrol Golf Club; 
Union Interallie, Paris, France; Embassy Club; London; busi- 
ness career, vice president and treasurer. The Wheatena Corpora- 
tion; vice president, Rahway Savings Institution; director, Cen- 
tral Stamping Co. of New York; commissioner, first vice presi- 
dent, and treasurer, Union County Park Commission of New 
Jersey; president. Industrial Building and Loan Association, Rah- 
way; member advisory committee, Individual Underwriters, Fire- 
proof Sprinklered Underwriters, and Metropolitan Inter Insurers; 
addresses, (home) Wendelsora, Beekman Terrace, Summit, N. J.; 
(business) The Wheatena Corporation, Rahway, N. J. 

LOUIS JERAULD WEST: retired; unmarried ; member of Masons 
(32d degree); Anchor and Ark Masonic Club; Hancock County 
Teachers' Association, Maine; State of Maine Teachers' Associa- 
tion; National Education Association; business and professional 
career, on account of ill health was obliged to resign as principal 
of Bar Harbor High School, which position I had held for nine 
years; have since lived quietly at my Provincetown home, spend- 
ing the summers at my commercial apple orchards in Winterport, 
Maine; address, Provincetown, Mass. 

GILBERT DODGE WESTON: financial executive; unmarried; 
diversions, golf, swimming, and sailing; member of City Club, 
Elks, Masons, Telephone Society, Sons of Veterans, Telephone 
Pioneers, Boston; business career, am assistant treasurer. New 
England Telephone & Telegraph Co.; addresses, (home) 39 Wash- 
ington St., Beverly, Mass.; (business) 50 Oliver St., Boston. 

CLARENCE NEWELL WHEELER: business negotiator; mar- 
ried Sarah Joanna ConkHn, Newark, N. J., June 27, 1904; member 
of Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Harvard Club of New 
Jersey; Harvard Engineering Society; business career, am a mem- 


ber o£ New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce; address, 512 Belle- 
ville Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. 

JOHN HERSEY WHEELER: educator; married Gertrude Lee 
Detwiler, Linneus, Mont., July 15, 1897; diversions, tennis, hunt- 
ing, fishing, motoring; member of Military Order of the Loyal 
Legion; professional career, teacher of German, Bloomington 
(111.) High School, 1896-1898; instructor in modern languages, 
St. Paul Academy, St. Paul, Minn., 1906-1914; head department 
of modern languages, Shattuck School, since 1914; address, Shat- 
tuck School, Faribault, Minn. 

HARVEY LINCOLN WHEELOCK: married Lilla Eastman, 
Worcester, Mass., Aug. 18, 1902; children, Jerome, July 13, 1903; 
Margaret, April 5, 1906; Ruth, Aug. 28, 1909; member of Harvard 
Club of Boston; Harvard Club of France; addresses, (home) 
411 Washington St., Brookline, Mass.; (business) c/o Worcester 
Bank & Trust Co., Worcester, Mass. 

CLIFFORD ALLEN WHITE: physician; unmarried; diversions, 
golf, motoring; member of Masons, University Club, Springfield, 
Mass.; Massachusetts Medical Society; American Medical Asso- 
ciation; address, Granville, Mass. 

JOHN ARLINGTON WHITE: business executive; married 
Frances Virginia Naylor, Chicago, 111., Sept. 16, 1906 (died Oct. 2, 
1927); diversions, radio (on the more or less technical side), golf, 
books, and somewhat extensive travel by train, auto, and air 
throughout our western states; member of Harvard Club, Boston; 
Niagara Club, Niagara Falls Country Club, Niagara Falls, N. Y.; 
The Automobile Club of Southern California; business career, 
nine years with the Electric Storage Battery Co., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
twenty-three years with U. S. Light and Heat Corporation, 
Niagara Falls, N. Y., or with its successor, U. S. L. Battery Corpo- 
ration, with which I am still connected as vice president, but 
inactive since February, 1929; address, 18 Buffalo Ave., Niagara 
Falls, N. Y. 

OTIS CONVERSE WHITE: manufacturer; manager of factory 
rental property; married Helen Louise Burtis, Worcester, Mass., 
June 19, 1900; children, Dorothy Burtis, March 22, 1904; Barbara 
Wentworth, July 23, 1907; member of Worcester Club, Worcester 
Economic Club, Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club, Box 4 Associates, 


Harvard Club, Worcester, Mass.; Harvard Engineering Society; 
Masons; addresses, (home) 15 Haviland St., Worcester, Mass.; 
(business) 17 Hermon St., Worcester, Mass. 

GRAFTON WHITING: statistician; married May S. Rattray, 
Quebec, Canada, June 3, 1905; children, Anna Geraldine, April 28, 
1906; David Rattray, Oct. 10, 1907; Irving Grafton, Aug. 18, 1913; 
diversions, golf and fishing; publications, text book for corrugated 
fibre box industry; several articles for trade papers; member of 
Harvard Club, New York, N. Y.; Harvard Club, Boston; ad- 
dresses, (home) 1625 Asbury Ave., Evanston, 111.; (business) Paper- 
board Industries Association, 608 So. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

STEPHEN EDGAR WHITING: insurance engineer; unmarried; 
address, Galloupe's Point, Swampscott, Mass. 

FRANK BRUCE WHITTEMORE: bond broker; married Grace 
Isabelle Thompson, Cambridge, Mass., June 29, 1898; children, 
Constance, March 2, 1900; Robert Murray, Sept. 25, 1907; address, 
24 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 

WILLIAM FRENCH WILBOUR: lawyer; married Gertrude 
Holmes, New York, N. Y., Dec. 27, 1906; address, The Hunting 
ton, 202 East 34th St., New York, N. Y. (Did not answer. Statis- 
tics taken from Report VII.) 

CHARLES BURDITT WILLIAMS: clergyman; married Phoebe 
Nora Putnam, West Sutton, Mass., Dec. 26, 1898; children, Fanny 
Putnam, Nov. 20, 1901; Doris Josephine, Nov. 3, 1903; diversions, 
baseball, football. Boy Scouts, boating, fishing; publications, 
poems; member of Grange, Young People's Society of Christian 
Endeavor, Boy Scouts of America, Red Cross; professional career, 
minister in various Baptist and Congregational churches; address, 
Whitefield, N. H. (Did not answer. Statistics taken from Re- 
port II.) 

THOMAS STOTESBURY WILLIAMS: lawyer; married Lucretia 
Barnard Justice, Philadelphia, Pa., April 6, 1904; children, Henry 
Justice, May 12, 1905; Ellis Tilton, Jan. 14, 1908; Josephine Justice, 
Nov. 24, 1912; Arthur Stotesbury, Aug. 18, 1918; diversions, books 
and travel; member of University Club, Contemporary Club, Geo- 
graphical Society, City History Society, Historical Society of Penn- 
sylvania, Historical Society of Montgomery County, Philadelphia, 


Pa.; The Pennsylvania Society of the City of New York, New- 
York, N. Y,; Pennsylvania Bar Association; American Bar Asso- 
ciation; American Geographical Society; professional career, am 
a member of the law firm of Williams & Cooper, and trustee of 
sundry estates; am a trustee of First Unitarian Church of Phila- 
delphia; addresses, (home) York Road, Jenkintown, Pa.; (busi- 
ness) 1500 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

ANDREW NICKERSON WINSLOW: real estate operator; mar- 
ried Gertrude Laverack, Wianno, Mass., Sept. 19, 1898; children, 
Andrew Nickerson, Jr., Oct. 8, 1902; Howard Laverack, March 27, 
1904 (died March 20, 1920); Leslie, July 9, 1906; Walter Thacher, 
Sept. 16, 1907; Richard Sears, Dec. 19, 1908; addresses, (home) 
130 Clark St., Newton Centre, Mass.; (business) 6 Byron St., 

married Martha Lane Root, East Douglas, Mass., Oct. 10, 1900; 
diversions, golf, automobile travel; member of Norfolk Golf Club, 
Chauncy Hall Alumni Association; business career, treasurer, An- 
drew J. Lloyd Co., opticians; addresses, (home) 37 Pelton St., West 
Roxbury, Mass.; (business) 300 Washington St., Boston. 

JOSEPH EDMUND WOODMAN: professor of geology and direc- 
tor of geological museum, lecturer on aeronautical meteorology; 
married Amy Baker Smith, Pepperell, Mass., Sept. 4, 1895; chil- 
dren, Malcolm White, Oct. 6, 1901; Olive Amy, Jan. 10, 1906; Jean, 
June 6, 1911 (died); diversion, scientific travel; member of Pi 
Kappa Alpha Fraternity; Iota Alpha (honorary engineering So- 
ciety), founder and president of Alpha Chapter; Phi Beta Kappa; 
numerous scientific and technical societies; professional career, 
engineering geologist on some large projects; consulting geologist 
at present to Board of Estimate, New York City; lecturer, Guggen- 
heim School of Aeronautics; A.M., 1900; Sc.D.; addresses, (home) 
2015 University Ave., Bronx, New York, N. Y.; (business) New 
York University, University Heights, New York, N. Y. 

ROBERT SESSIONS WOOD WORTH: professor of psychology; 
married Gabrielle Marie Schjoth, Liverpool, England, April 23, 
1903; children, Svenssen, Jan. 16, 1904; Greta Sessions, April 24, 
1906; William, Sept. 25, 1908; Mary Virginia, June i, 1916; diver- 
sions, the piano, hiking (especially in mountains), automobiling. 


and bridge; publications, " Dynamic Psychology," Columbia Uni- 
versity Press, 1918; " Psychology," Henry Holt & Co., 1921, revised, 
1929; " Contemporary Schools of Psychology," Ronald Press, 1930; 
member of American Psychological Association; National Acad- 
emy of Sciences; New York Academy of Sciences; American Asso- 
ciation for the Advancement of Science; professional career, in- 
structor in physiology. New York University, 1899-1902; demon- 
strator in physiology, Liverpool University, 1902-1903; instructor 
and professor of psychology, Columbia University, since 1903; 
chairman, division of anthropology and psychology. National Re- 
search Council, 1924-1925; addresses, (home) 88 Morningside 
Drive, New York, N. Y.; (business) Columbia University, New 
York, N. Y. 

JOHN LORIMER WORDEN: stock broker; married Angela 
Mills Cuttin, Palm Beach, Fla., Jan. 29, 1901 (divorced, Sept. 25, 
1920); Mrs. Edith Lounsbery Perry, Sept. 25, 1920; address, 
39 Broadway, New York, N. Y. (Did not answer. Statistics taken 
from Report VL) 

GEORGE LAWSON WRENN: broker; unmarried; diversions, 
shooting, and golf; member of Racquet and Tennis Club, Links 
Club, Harvard Club, Recess Club, Brook Club, New York, N. Y.; 
National Golf Club; Garden City Golf Club; addresses, (home) 
125 East 72d St., New York, N. Y.; (business) 25 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. 

HARRY GAGE WYER: major, medical corps, U. S. Army; mar- 
ried Berenice Crumb, St. Louis, Mo., June 11, 1901; children, 
Beatrice, June 13, 1902 (married Lt. William G. Holder, April 9, 
1926); Richard Farrar, Nov. 14, 1904 (married Leah Comeau, 
Portland, Me., Nov. 10, 1929); Harold Edwin, Nov. 15, 1913; 
diversion, golf; member of American Medical Association; Ameri- 
can College of Surgeons (fellow) ; business career, M. D., Harvard 
Medical School, 1900; private practice, Kirkwood, Mo., 1901-1917; 
Medical Corps Reserve, active duty, April, 1917-August, 1919; 
private practice, 1919-1920; Medical Corps, regular army, since 
September, 1920; stations: Ft. Sheridan, 111., Camp Knox, Ky., 
Fort Benj. Harrison, Ind., Sternberg Gen. Hosp., Manila, P. L, 
Beaumont Gen. Hosp., El Paso, Texas, P. M. S. & T. Harvard 
Medical School since 1927; addresses, (home) 750 Washington 
St., Brookline, Mass.; (business) Harvard Medical School, Boston. 


[Of members of the Class who have died since the last Report] 


Born in Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, November 20, 1874, the son 
of John Davis and Nannie Roberta (Harris) Brewer. 

He prepared for College at Hopkinson School in Boston. In Col- 
lege he was particularly prominent in athletics, playing on the Fresh- 
man and Varsity football team, and being captain of the Varsity 
football team in his senior year. He also rowed on the Class Crew. 
He received his A.B. in 1899 as of 1896. 

After leaving College he took a trip around the world, and then 
settled in Mexico, where he became interested in mining, banking, 
and warehouse business. 

He was married on June 8, 1904, to Flora Geist at Guadalajara. 
His wife and two daughters survive him. 

He died in Guadalajara, Mexico, June i, 1927, as a result of being 
shot by a Mexican assassin. 


Born in Worcester, Mass., July 29, 1875, the son of Edwin and 
Mariana Mifflin (Earle) Brown. He prepared for College at Dal- 
zell's School, Worcester. After receiving his A.B., he attended the 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute and received the degree of S.B. in 
1898. He taught for a time in the Worcester High School, then en- 
gaged in engineering and mining work in Alaska and Spain, and 
drafting work in Minneapolis, finally forming a partnership of 
Hewitt and Brown, architects and engineers. 

During the World War he worked with the American Red Cross 
Bureau of Camp Service, and was director of the Bureau in Wash- 
ington. He had been director and secretary of the American School 
of Architects since 1923 and was a member of the Building Code 
Committee of the Department of Commerce and president of the 
Architects' Small House Service Bureau of the United States. 

He was married on June i, 1912, to Susan Christian, who, with 
two sons, survives him. 

He died of pneumonia in Wayzata, Minn., April 21, 1930. 




Born in Buffalo, N. Y., September 30, 1871, the son of Jacob and 
Regina M. (Glasser) Busch. He prepared for College at the Buffalo 
High School. He left College in 1895 and entered the general con- 
tracting business in Buffalo, and from 1901 to 1903 was in the soft- 
coal mining business in Pennsylvania. In 1904 he took up the gen- 
eral contracting business again at Williamsport, Pa., under the firm 
name of Busch and Stewart, doing such work as railroad construc- 
tion, road building, etc. 

He was married in 1900 to Anna E. Miller, of Williamsport, who, 
with a daughter and son, survives him. 

He died in Williamsport, Pa., July 5, 1929. 


Born in Ecouen, France, May 4, 1874, the son of James Wells and 
Elizabeth (Williams) Champney. He prepared for College at Berke- 
ley School, New York City. 

After his graduation he studied for four years at the Ecole des 
Beaux Arts in Paris, and on his return to this country he entered the 
office of Carrere & Hastings, and was later associated with E. L. Mas- 
queray of St. Louis and Howard & Galloway of San Francisco. He 
specialized in exposition work and designed the buildings or was 
chief of design at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition of St. Louis in 
1902, the Lewis and Clark Exposition of Portland, Oregon, the 
Alaska-Yukon Exposition at Seattle, 1907-1909, and the Panama- 
Pacific Exposition, San Francisco, 1913-1915; he also drew the plans 
for the Cathedral of St. Paul and the Pro-Cathedral of Minneapolis. 
In 1909 he started his office at Seattle, Wash., where he had since 
practiced. He was the author (with another) of " Romances of Old 
Belgium," 1915, and " Romances of Old Japan," 1917. 

He was married May 19, 1923, to Mary Alice Robbins, of Green- 
field, Mass., who survives him. 

He died in Berkeley, Calif., on June 4, 1929. 


Born in Des Moines, Iowa, September 20, 1872, the son of James S. 
and Anna (Howell) Clarkson. He prepared for College at Phillips 
Exeter Academy. 


He was with the Class of 1896 for two years, then left College to 
enter business, and for a number of years acted as secretary to his 
father in political and commercial work. In 1902 he went to Monte- 
video, Uruguay, and from 1903 to 1910 was engaged in the diplo- 
matic service at the American Legation there. He then returned to 
Newark, N. J., and became associated with the Whitehead and 
Hoag Co. of Newark in the business of novelty advertising, in which 
he was engaged at the time of his death. He was unmarried. 

He died in Newark, N. J., March 17, 1927. 


Born at Newport, R. I., July 22, 1875, the son of Joseph Potter and 
Isabelle (Cole) Cotton. He prepared for College at the Rogers High 
School in Newport, R. I. Years in College, 1892-1896. Degrees A.B. 
and A.M. in 1897 and LL.B. in 1900. He married Jessie Isabel Childs, 
February 24, 1905, at Philadelphia, Pa. Children, Jessie Isabel, No- 
vember 29, 1906, and Joseph Potter, Jr., October 13, 1908. He died 
March 10, 1931, at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md. 

After graduating, Cotton taught for a year in the English Depart- 
ment of Harvard College, and received his A.M. degree in 1897. He 
then entered the Harvard Law School, receiving the LL.D. degree 
cmn latide in 1900. He was then admitted to the New York Bar, 
and took up general practice in New York City. 

In 1907 Cotton became a member of the firm of Cravath, Hender- 
son & de Gersdorff, continuing that connection for a year. He then 
practiced alone until 1910, when he formed a partnership with the 
late Senator Spooner under the firm name Spooner & Cotton. In 
1919 he became a member of the firm of McAdoo, Cotton & Frank- 
lin, with former Secretary William Gibbs McAdoo the senior mem- 
ber of the firm. In 1921 Mr. McAdoo moved to California, and 
Cotton became senior member of the firm of Cotton & Franklin, of 
which firm he remained a member until he became Under-Secretary 
of State. 

Cotton's career as a lawyer was brilliant and financially successful, 
and his position at the Bar was preeminent. He was active in semi- 
public work, and before the war he had been counsel for the Alaskan 
Engineering Commission, and for the New York State Commission 
on Workmen's Compensation. From 1915 he was consulting counsel 
for the Federal Reserve Board, and continued in that position until 
his association with the State Department in 1929. 


Cotton's war service began as counsel for the Emergency Fleet 
Corporation under General Goethals. He resigned shortly after Gen- 
eral Goethals' resignation. He then joined the Food Administration 
under President Hoover, and became chief of the Meat Division 
with headquarters in Chicago. In this position his work carried him 
over a wide territory in the United States and abroad. In 1918 he be- 
came European representative of the Federal Food Administration. 
He was also a member of the Interallied Finance Council. 

After the war Cotton returned to the practice of the law, main- 
taining meanwhile an active interest in educational and university 
affairs. He was a trustee of the Public Education Association of 
Antioch College and of Bennington College for Women. In 1926 
he acted as chairman for New York in the five million dollars en- 
dowment campaign for the Harvard Law School. His address at the 
dedication of the addition to Langdell Hall of the Harvard Law 
School, on September 25, 1929 (reprinted 33 Harvard Alumni Bul- 
letin 780, March 26, 1931) will be long remembered. 

On May 24, 1929, Cotton was appointed Under-Secretary of State 
by President Hoover, which position he held until his death. He had 
already gained the regard of the President, but the appointment is 
reputed to have been largely at the personal instance of the Secretary 
of State. Cotton had been on terms of intimacy — professional, po- 
litical and personal — with Secretary Stimson, and the appointment 
combined the President's desire to call distinguished citizens to im- 
portant posts with the Secretary's desire to magnify the position in 
charge of a man in whom he reposed personal confidence. The un- 
written history of the State Department bears the impress of Cot- 
ton's personality and effectiveness. Through his hands passed every 
paper destined for the Secretary of State, and his activities covered 
a wide field. He had much to do with the preparations for the 
London Naval Conference, and during Mr. Stimson's absence in 
London he virtually conducted the State Department in matters out- 
side the sphere of the Conference, and was the voice of the State 
Department in this country with respect to the attitude of our gov- 
ernment's delegation abroad. In the words of the Secretary of State, 
he " rendered service of literally inestimable value to the govern- 
ment," and " among his fellows in the State Department he won a 
position which was entirely unique." 

His death followed a series of operations which even his vitality 
was unable to withstand. 



Born in Smyrna, Del., November 26, 1874, the son of Rowland and 
Fanny Cummins (Hill) Cox. He prepared for College at St. Paul's 
School, Concord, New Hampshire. 

After receiving his degree in 1896 he entered the Harvard Law 
School and received his LL.B. Degree in 1899, then was admitted to 
the Bar in New York and was associated for a time with the firm of 
Tracy, Boardman and Piatt, engaged in the general practice of law. 
He then began practicing law for himself, succeeding the practice 
of his father who was the author of " Early American Text Books 
on the Law of Trade-marks," so his practice largely developed to 
matters of unfair competition, trade-marks, copyrights, and patents, 
and during the practice of his profession he became recognized as 
an authority on such branches of the law and conducted important 

During the war he served as government appeal agent on the Selec- 
tive Service Board in New York City. For many years he was presi- 
dent of the Board of Education in Plainfield, N. J., chairman of 
the Committee on Industrial Property of the Merchants Associa- 
tion in New York and at the time of his death was a member of the 
Board of Governors of Muhlenberg Hospital of Plainfield, and also 
a member of the Northern New Jersey Transit Commission. 

He was married on June 7, 191 1, to Frances Bruen Perkins in 
Brookline, Mass., who, with seven children, survive him, his eldest 
son being a member of the Class of Harvard 1934. He died at his 
home, loio Rahway Road, Plainfield, N. J., on February 28, 1931, 
after a long illness. 


Born on October 23, 1873, the son of Henry Martyn and Frances 
(Pitts) Duffield. 

He prepared for College by tutor. In College he was a member of 
the Class Crew. After receiving his degree he entered the College of 
Physicians and Surgeons in New York City, and received his M.D. 
in 1900. He took a surgical interneship in Bellevue Hospital in New 
York City, and began practicing medicine in Detroit in 1901. 

Confining his work to Pediatrics he started the Child Welfare 
Department for the Detroit Board of Health, on which Board he 
served for eight years as commissioner, and was chairman of the 


Medical Board of the Women's Hospital and president of the Wayne 
County Medical Society. He was a member of the American Medical 
Society, the Detroit Pediatric Society, and the Detroit Athletic Club. 

He was married October 13, 1900, to Helen Kerr Muir, who, with 
three daughters and one son, Alexander M. Duffield, '29, survives 

He died suddenly of heart failure in Detroit, Mich., January 17, 


Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 8, 1874, the son of William Austin 
and Grace Hastings (Griswold) Goodman. 

He entered the Class of 1896 in its senior year, coming from Haver- 
ford, where he received a degree of S.B. in 1895. -^^ received his A.B. 
in 1896, then entered the employ of the Laidlaw-Dunn-Gordon Com- 
pany for two years. In 1898, during the Spanish War, he was an en- 
sign in the Engineering Corps, U. S. Navy. 

After the war he spent six months in the office of E. D. Leavitt, 
Cambridge, as draftsman, and then returned to the Laidlaw Works 
of the Worthington Pump and Machinery Corporation as testing 
engineer, subsequently becoming assistant chief engineer and then 
chief engineer. In 1918 he became assistant to the president, and in 
1922 was made vice president of the corporation with office in New 
York City. 

He was married October 15, 1902, to Mary Wilber Healy, who 
with a son and a daughter, survives him. 

He died in New York City, April 21, 1927. 


Born in Fall River, Mass., August 9, 1873, the son of Wanton 
Howland and Phoebe (Durfee) Gray. He prepared for College at 
the B. M. C. Durfee High School, Fall River. 

After receiving his degree he was with the Fall River News and 
then the Fall River Herald, and in 1902 he entered the Harvard Law 
School and was graduated in 1905. He then entered the office of 
H. A. Dubuque in Fall River. 

In 1907 he formed a partnership of Fuller and Gray, which lasted 
until Mr. Fuller's death in 1917. In 1908 he was elected Alderman- 
at-Large in Fall River, and served five two-year terms, and during 
the latter two terms was president of the Board of Aldermen. In 


1917 he was elected Registrar of Deeds in Fall River District, Bristol 

He was married, October i, 1918, to Blanche Rose Amiot, who 
survives him. 

He died in Fall River, Mass., August 9, 1929. 


Born in Gardner, Mass., December 22, 1872, the son of Alvin M. 
and Helen R. (Hey wood) Greenwood. He prepared for College at 
St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. He left College at the end of his 
sophomore year, and after a trip around the world became associated 
with the Heywood Brothers-Wakefield Company, of Gardner, later 
becoming a member of the executive committee of this company; 
also president of the Gardner News Company. 

In 1909 he was elected to the Massachusetts Senate from the Third 
Worcester Senatorial District and served five terms. During the 
years 1912 and 1913 he was President of the Senate. During the war 
he was assistant executive manager of the Massachusetts Committee 
on Public Safety, resigning to take the position of ordnance district 
chief in charge of the procurement, production and inspection of 
and payment for ordnance supplies manufactured in the New Eng- 
land District. 

He was a director of the Columbus Electric and Power Com- 
pany, the First National Bank of Boston, First National Bank of 
Gardner, the Galveston Houston Electric Company, the Houston 
Electric Company, and the Paduca Traction and Light Company. 

He was married to Mary Alberta Cann in Brooklyn, N. Y., on 
February 11, 1896, who, with two daughters and two sons, survives 

He died in Tucson, Ariz., on April 7, 1930. 


Born in New York City, February 9, 1875, the son of George and 
Mary Martin (Ellis) Hoffman. He prepared for College at the 
School for Boys in Englewood, N. J. 

For a few years after graduation he was a clerk in a financial 
house in Wall Street, and resigned when he took up the manage- 
ment of his own affairs. He entered the officers' training camp in 
Plattsburg in 1917 and went to France in September, where he 


spent two months in the British Machine Gun School and was for 
a time with the First Division. Later on, for a period of seven 
months, he was with the Forty-Second Division, until wounded. 
He was promoted to captain in April, 1918, and after his discharge 
from the hospital was assigned to the Army of Occupation. He 
returned home with his company in May, 1919, being discharged in 

He was a member of the Racquet and Tennis Club and Fencers' 
Club of New York City, and also the Travelers' Club, Paris, France. 

He was married three times, and his daughter Audrey, born 
August 5, 1897, is ^he Class Baby. 

He died in New York City, November 18, 1926. 


Born in Boston, March 4, 1875, the son of Edward and Frances 
(Swift) Holbrook, and prepared for College at Callissen's School, 
New York City. 

After receiving his degree he spent two years studying landscape 
architecture at Columbia University, and in 1898 was appointed 
United States Attache to the French Service of Parks and Gardens 
for the Paris Exposition of 1900. 

He then traveled through Egypt, Italy, and Germany, and spent 
the summer of 1901 studying in England at Kew Gardens and visit- 
ing the principal Enghsh estates. On his return to America he 
formed a partnership with John R. Brinley for the practice of land- 
scape architecture and engineering. In 1906 he gave up his profes- 
sion to become vice president of the Gorham Manufacturing Com- 
pany, silversmiths, of New York and Providence, and also of the 
Silversmiths Company; in 1919 he was elected president of both 
these companies, and retired in 1921 to care for his own affairs, hav- 
ing his office in the Turk's Head Building, Providence, R. I. 

He was also at one time treasurer of the Maiden Lane Realty 
Company, director of the National Protection Company, and the 
Venturi Alarm Company, the Industrial Trust Company, Bigelow 
Kennard Company of Boston, and chairman of the Rhode Island 
State House Commission. 

In 1908 he married Grace M. Sinclair, of New York City, who 
survives him. 

He died in Providence, R. I., on February 26, 1928. 



Born in Cambridge, Mass., January 18, 1872, the son of Charles 
Watson and Carrie Frances (Hooper) Holmes. He prepared for Col- 
lege at Phillips Exeter Academy, and Kendall School, Cambridge. 

After graduation he attended Harvard Law School for a short 
time, then decided that literary work as a profession was more suit- 
able for him than the law. He was a constant contributor of prose 
and verse to the various magazines and newspapers throughout the 
country, and was particularly interested in astronomy. 

He was married on January 5, 1916, to Marguerite Allen Ramsay, 
who survives him. 

He died in Reading, Mass., November 15, 1930. 


Born in San Francisco, November 16, 1871, the son of Henry D. 
and Sarah B. (McElroy) Lathrop. He prepared for College at Oak- 
land (California) High School. 

After receiving his Degree in '96, he attended the Western Theo- 
logical Seminary in Chicago for four years. He was ordained Deacon 
in 1900 and Priest in 1901 and went to San Francisco and became 
Curate and then Rector in the Church of the Advent in that city, 
which church was destroyed in 1906 by the earthquake. It was sub- 
sequently rebuilt and he remained Rector of this parish until 1916 
when he was appointed by Herbert Hoover to the Commission for 
Relief in Belgium. He was the American representative for the 
Province of Liege, having general oversight of the food distribution 
during the years 1916 and 1917, and for his work there the King of 
Belgium made him a member of the Order of King Albert. He 
then returned to this country and became Dean of All Saints' 
Cathedral in Milwaukee from 1917 to 1920. He became Executive 
Secretary of the Department of Christian Social Service of the Na- 
tional Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church with headquarters 
in New York City, this position being held at the time of his death. 

He was married January 7, 1918, to Helen Elizabeth Chappelle, 
who, with a son, survives him. 

He had gone to San Francisco from New York in order to speak 
at the Diocesan Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and 
died there of pneumonia, January 31, 1931. 



Born in Philadelphia, Pa., November 29, 1875, the son of Horace 
Greenough and Caroline (Rowland) Lippincott. He prepared for 
College at William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia. 

He attended Haverford College, receiving the degree of A.B. in 
1895, and then came to Harvard, joining the Class of 1896 in its 
senior year and receiving the degree of A.B. with it. After leaving 
Harvard he traveled in Europe and played with the Haverford Col- 
lege Cricket Eleven in England. In January, 1897, he entered the 
employ of Lippincott & Co., wholesale grocers, in Philadelphia, and 
became a member of this firm in 1900. He was its president at the 
time of his death. 

During the war he was associated with the United States Food 
Administration. He died at the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadel- 
phia on September 26, 1930. He was unmarried. 


Born in Boston, November 8, 1874, the son of E. Sumner and 
Maria Edgeworth (Trowbridge) Mansfield. He prepared for Col- 
lege at the Boston Latin School. He left College at the end of his 
freshman year, then studied law with his father. 

After being admitted to the bar, he practised with his father, then 
went to San Francisco, where he became associated with the firm of 
Campbell, Metson and Campbell. While there he assisted the Dis- 
trict Attorney in the prosecution of various criminal cases. 

He returned to Boston in 1905 and became affiUated with the 
firm of Vahey, Innes and Mansfield. Later this firm was dissolved, 
and he practised law alone, acting for the most part in an advisory 
capacity to other attorneys. 

He was married in 1904 to Margaret Hughes, who, with two 
daughters and a son, survives him. 

He died in Winchester, Mass., November i, 1929. 


Born in West Acton, Mass., Oct. 3, 1873, the son of Oliver Warren 
and Lucy (Emery) Mead. He prepared for College at Concord, 
Mass., High School. 

After receiving his A.B. in 1896, he entered the Harvard Medical 


School, receiving his M.D. in 1900. He then entered the Massachu- 
setts General Hospital as house pupil, and spent the years 1902 and 
1903 abroad, studying chiefly in Vienna, and on his return began 
practising medicine. He held various positions in the Out-Patients' 
Staff in the Massachusetts General Hospital, was consulting physi- 
cian of the Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, and 
w^as a visiting physician to various charitable institutions in Boston. 
From 1913 to 1918 he was surgeon in charge of medical work at the 
Watertown Arsenal. He was a member of various medical societies. 

On October i, 19 14, he married Mary Isabel (Temple) Priest, who 
survives him. 

He died in Boston, June 26, 1930. 


Born in Boston, December 7, 1871, the son of Andrew and Mary 
Elizabeth (Murphy) Paul. He prepared for College at Hopkinson's 
School in Boston. He left College at the end of his sophomore year 
to enter business. He became actively engaged in the wholesale 
jewelry business and at the time of his death was president and 
treasurer of A. Paul & Co., Inc., wholesale jewelers and dealers in 
American watches, with offices at 373 Washington Street, Boston. 

He was married October 12, 1897, ^^ Salem, Massachusetts, to 
Maud Johnson, who, with a daughter, survives him. 

He died in Brookline, Mass., February 20, 1929. 


Born in Jamaica Plain, Mass., February 14, 1874, the son of John 
Dalling and Alice Westworth (Sargent) Parker. He prepared for 
College at Milton Academy. 

He was enrolled in College from 1892 to 1894, and during the 
years 1895 and 1896 in the Scientific School. He had been for a num- 
ber of years a director of the Credit Importing Co. of New England 
and of the Boston Retail Credit Men's Association, and a member 
of the Committee on Credit Importing of the Boston Chamber of 
Commerce. During the last few years he gave up his business in 
Boston and lived at Middletown, Conn. 

He married Eleanor W. Benson, of Cambridge, Mass., on June 6, 

He died in Havana, Cuba, March 6, 1930. 



Born in Boston, October 17, 1872, the son o£ Wallace F. and Jenny 
M. Robinson. 

He prepared for College at Hopkinson School, Boston. After 
leaving College he entered the employ of the United Shoe Machin- 
ery Company, where he became assistant purchasing agent. He re- 
signed in 1907 on account of illness, and later on became private 
secretary for his father, after whose death he took up the manage- 
ment of his family affairs. 

He married Katherine G. Cahill in Boston, April 6, 1925; she sur- 
vives him. 

Robinson died in Boston, January 15, 1927. 


Born in Boston on October 4, 1872, the son of James Milne and 
Ellen Elizabeth (Batterman) Smith. 

He prepared for College at Nichols School in Boston. 

He was married on July 24, 1907, to Harriet Elvira Wakefield, 
who survives him. 

At the time of his death, June 27, 1927, he was engaged in the real 
estate business in Winchester, Mass. 


Born May 28, 1875, in Charlestown, Mass., the son of Rufus Wil- 
liam and Katherine Maude (Donovan) Sprague. He prepared for 
College at the Boston Latin School. He became a member of the 
Class of 1896 in its sophomore year, and received his degree with it. 

After leaving College he taught for a year at the Boston Latin 
School and then entered the Harvard Law School, graduating in 
1900. He then became associated with the law firm of Alexander 
and Colby in New York City. In 1903 he became a member of the 
firm of Coe and Sprague until 1905, then of the firm of McLaughlin, 
Russell, Coe and Sprague until 1919, and then of McLaughlin, Rus- 
sell and Sprague until the date of his death. 

During the war he served as special assistant to the U. S. Attorney- 
General for war work, and as special attorney for war work, in the 
Department of Justice. He had charge of the registration of alien 


enemies, and was head of the Enemy Bureau o£ the Port of New 

He was married September i, 1908, to Edith Margaret Huestis, 
who, with two daughters, survives him. 

He died in Montclair, N. J., on May 24, 1928. 


Born in Marion, Iowa, May 30, 1874, the son of Redmond Davis 
and Louise (Brier) Stephens. He prepared for college at the William 
Penn Charter School, Philadelphia, and also at the Harvard School 
in Chicago. After graduating from Harvard he attended the North- 
western University Law School and received the degree of LL.B. in 
1899. In November, 1898, he became connected with the law firm of 
Hamline, Scott and Lord in Chicago, and became a partner in Janu- 
ary, 1902, and also was a partner in the successor firm of Scott, Ban- 
croft, Martin and Stephens until 1922, when he became assistant 
director of the Budget in Washington, D. C, until 1925. He then 
took up the practice of law in California, residing in San Mateo. 

During the war he served as captain, U. S. A., and was assigned to 
Finance Service in Washington in August, 1918, being a member of 
the Board of Contract Reviews and Governing Sales Board, and 
later, from March, 1919, to June, 1920, as a civilian, he was a finance 
member of the War Department Claims Board and also general 
counsel for Director of Finance. 

He married Marion Buckingham Ream, February 18, 1903, and 
was divorced in April, 1918; in May, 1924, he married Edna Davis 
in San Francisco, and was divorced in March, 1929. 

He was killed by a railroad train on February 13, 1931, in French 
Lick, Ind. 


Born in Bridgewater, Mass., July 3, 1854, the son of Dura and 
Olive (Wentworth) Wadsworth. 

He attended and was graduated from the Bridgewater High and 
Normal Schools and the Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn, N. Y., then 
became a teacher in schools at Bridgewater, Woburn, Randolph and 
Lawrence, Mass., for nine years and for ten years in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

As he always wished to study at Harvard, he entered the Class 
of '96 in 1894 and thus became its Senior Alumnus, as he called him- 


self when he received his S.B. Degree in 1897 as of 1896. In 1897 he 
became headmaster of the newly organized Russell School in Cam- 
bridge, where he continued as headmaster for more than twenty- 
seven years up to July, 1924, when he retired at the age of seventy 
years. From 1897 to 1901 he spent his spare time in study and took 
the examinations of the University of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio, 
in absentia for the Degrees of A.M. and Ph.D., which were granted 
to him in 1901. 

As a token of the esteem held for him by his former pupils. Wads- 
worth Hall was named for him in the Russell School and a suitable 
bronze tablet erected in his honor. The last few years of his life he 
had been intermittently associated with Wadsworth Howland & 
Company in Boston on the investigation of supply of art materials 
in New England schools. 

He was married December 25, 1890, to Mary Robinson Winslow, 
in Roxbury, Mass., who, with a daughter, survives him. 

He died in Roxbury, Mass., November 3, 1930. 


Born September 6, 1874, in Beverly, Mass., the son of John Collins 
and Amy (Shaw) Warren. He prepared for College at Noble's 

After graduating, he entered the Harvard Medical School, re- 
ceiving his degree in 1900. He then became assistant in anatomy in 
the Medical School, and from 1901 to 1908, demonstrator of anatomy; 
from 1908 to 1915 he was assistant professor of anatomy, and from 
1915 until his death, associate professor of anatomy. 

From 191 1 he had been University Marshal of Harvard Univer- 
sity. During the war he served with the Medical Reserve Corps, re- 
ceiving commission as first lieutenant March, 1916, and as major, 
April, 1917. He served as surgeon in Madison Barracks, New York. 
He was inspector of Medical Officers' Training Camp, Camp Green- 
leaf, and saw service in various other camps. In April, 1919, he was 
commissioned major in the Medical Reserve Corps. 

He died at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, July 17, 


Born in Cambridge, Mass., February 19, 1874, the son of George 
Kendall and Mary Ann (Caldwell) Warren. 


He prepared for College at Kendal's School, Cambridge, and 
Phillips Academy, Andover. He left College at the end of his junior 
year and entered the publishing business with Lamson, Wolffe & 
Co., and then with Richard G. Badger & Co. In 1898 he went into 
the advertising business in Boston and continued in it until 1906, 
part of the time being located in New York City. He then went into 
the employ of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company at Newton, and 
in 1912 became vice president and director of the company. He con- 
tinued in the automobile business until 192^, then entered the real 
estate business, being connected with Bonelli-Adams Company, in 

He was married, April 6, 1896, to Frances Stanley, of Newton, 
who, with a son and three daughters, survives him. 

He died suddenly August 11, 1926, at the Peter Bent Brigham Hos- 
pital in Boston. 


Born in Boston, June 15, 1876, son of Ferdinand A, and Harriet 
A. (Bruce) Wyman, and prepared for College at Chauncy Hall 
School, Boston. 

He joined '96 in its sophomore year, and received his A.B. summa 
cum laiide with the Class. In 1897 he took the A.M. degree, final 
honors, and in 1900 the LL.B. degree cum laude at the Harvard Law 

He was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 1900 and was ap- 
pointed a lecturer at the Harvard Law School. During the years 
1903 to 1914 he was an assistant professor and a professor in the Law 
School; in 1914 he retired and resumed private practice. He had 
been counsel for several railroad and steamship lines, and was the 
author of numerous law books. In recent years he had been secretary 
of the board of trustees of the Portia Law School for Women, Boston. 

He was married in Cambridge, June 30, 1902, to Mary Ethel An- 
drews, who, with a son, Andrews, Harvard '26, and a daughter, 
Rosemary, survives him. 

Wyman had accepted for the various events in our Thirtieth Re- 
union; three days before he died, the Class Secretary received a letter 
from him stating that it was impossible for him to attend on account 
of serious illness. He died in Waban, Mass., June 21, 1926. 


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