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1, General , a. The. eomnm RaBsewsmta. Measages from New Tork 

to Moscow encrypted by the BTsterflHMt occasionally "*e reference 
to a place known as DEREVNIA. Tola word (derived from DEREVO 'tree; 
wood 1 and oognata with Knglieh TREE) wtu 'the country* (as opposed 
to town, Latin EDS), 'a country estate', or 'a village (without a 
church) ' . In translations hereafter, to distinguish Country in the 
sense of Latin RUS (whence RURAL) from Country in the sense of Latin 
TERRA, RECIO (Russian STRAJtA*, the covername for the United States), 
the word Countryside will be used for the former; hence. Countryside 
will refer to Mexico and Countrj to the U.SU. 

It is known that DEREVNIA Is Mexico because of a series of 
messages (not reported on) involving HENRI (Henry). Thus, on 26 May 
1944 we read "HENRI during his mtay in DEREVHIA,, •■ Then on H June there 
is a painstaking arrangement for a rendezvous between HENRI and. 
"our aan" (not New Tork's man, who is HENRI, but presumably some 
MGB man or other) at the entrance of the aovie house TEREBA, AVENIDA 
<x& A f-&e*ix — *JUAH DE LETRAN; this was evidently the aovie house of that name 
(Cine ■Teresa") owned by Exhibidores Metropolitanoe, S.A., at 
sAvenida San Joan da Letran 109 In Mexico, Federal District. Finally, 
on 10 August 19U» we read, "HEMRI has returned to Tyre JBew YorkJ 
from DEREVNIA" and "HENRI (?in?) DEREVHIA and —IT— their organ 
'LA V0Z'." ("La Vos" is a Communist newspaper of Mexico, Fed. Dist.) 
On HENRI see further seotion A. 



JSFr - 

■ n*Bt 

The adjective DEREVENSKOT ooeurring in the message being reported 
on (literally 'country ..,, rural; Tillage ...') must therefore amount 
to ■latxlou 1 . It will here bo translated Rural. 

b. The frrarpff CHETJ £?}.. In order to extrioate the text of 
the translation aa much as possible from a tangle of parentheses and 
question marks, it may be well to dispose of the nana CHETa* in the 
preliminaries. CHETA means 'pair* or 'couple*. It is not oertaln 
that the name involved is CHETa\ but it is certain that it begins with 
CHE followed by a consonant no earlier in the Russian alphabet than S, 
and ends in A. 

c. The real names. John Seating (Russian! DZHON KITING) is 
presumably John F. Keating, a lawyer of Manhattan Borough. 

David Hiles (Russian: D-EsTD RAILS, with the ■hard n E) is 
identified as an adviser of ■KAPITAH" (Captain), who ia known on other 
evidence to be Franklin D. Roosevelt. » Accordingly, he Is David K. 
Kiln, Administrative Assistant to the President. 

The question arises, why Boosevelt ia mentioned by cover-name and 
Hiles not. A survey of the traffic ae a whole suggests that a covername 


like KAPITAN serves a different purpose froa covernames assigned to 
agents. The latter are presumably designed to protect the person of 
the agent directly; the KAPITAN type and names like DEREVHIA merely 
obscure the sense and thereby afford indirect protection to the agents 
and sources, or baffle foreign intelligence organs concerning Just 
That intelligence la being transmitted. 

This protection often wears a little thin. Thus, the State 

a* BrtSJ 1 ; ^*Tf* I *ffT* J **«* ' 2 « ^tW Covernaaa. U 
mm Elated information in Diplomatic Traffic JwawmYs-Mn 1 ' IS Santa mhar 1% 

" 18 September 19A7. 

.. -'J 

Department is coverod by the name BANK, tod quite likely the Secretary 
of State had a covername* too, but Robert Daniel Vurphy has do 
covername. Hence we read In a message of 19 [l8j October 1944* 
n MURPHY in telegrams to the BANK of 26 and 27 August — 2F-- Rumanian 
king Michael concerning the presence in Rumania of troops of the 
Island [Great Britain] and the Country ly.S.A.J f for moral support.. •'" 


2. The first message . Hew Tork-Hoscow message 786 of 1 June 1944* 

To vfKTOR (Victor], 

In reply to your telegram no. 2066, 

There* are three ( ?poaeibilities of getting?) (?e transit 
visa?) for CHETAi 

1, The nerval way— when *Te*DR* will do £or "make^j everything 
himself. It will take « 3F— will —in—. 

2, Through the lawyer JOSH KEATING— somewhat quicker will cost 
300-400 dollars. Both manners are lengthy because they will be 
connected with checking-up [or "verification^. 

3, Through "KAPITAN'a" adviser DAVID MILES— will take 3-4 
days —IF— 500 dollars. Around KITES there is a group of his 

S Lends that arrange any business for a tribe. Through them 
NOR gets — £F— and has already paid them up to 6000 dollars. 
Whether NILES himself takes the bribe la not precisely known. 
T. (has) discussed with thorn (?payment?& — 13F— 

in/to the Countryside [pER&NIA . Mexico]. —9?— Rural £= Mexican^ 
visa an! a ticket to the Countryside, T. declares that success 
in the last- mentioned way is 100-percent and there is no ohecklng-up, 
I recommend the third method. 

Before we begin to act for CHETA it is indispensable to get 
a Rural visa and to communicate (?immediately?) for — 1U— T. the 
amount of the deposit [or 'bond*! paid in in the Countryside. 
Immediately upon receipt of the Sural visa and sanction to — 2U~ 
T. will buy a through ticket from — 9P— (?protection ofjO the 
covername Henry JGEHRIHj —10— Rural visa. T. —IF— meet CHETA 
in *-3F— later in the Countryside — 20f— 

*L**V?1 [ Ko indentations iMicated in original. Paragraphed by translator 

tr^R*V for clarity. 

ft* -M\t L ft 

* * - 

-\^ ■■# 


3. Xb£ aecond M aw» . Hew York-Moscow ..esaage 1509 (in part) 
[internal no. 85lj of 23 October 19U- (The oatanaible message 1509 
is really a string of three ehort onea. The second one reads as 

follows t) 

(?Hot received?) by us — 7F— (^arrangements?) of BAS 
concerning CHETA's arrival —3?— I *■ carrying to the point 
that I have gotten in touch -2U— plant (henceforth "SI") 
— 1*— Ephraln [TEFREHJ, who personally (?presented?) —IP- 



23 October 

This message is in a very unsatisfactory shape, but it does show that 

almost five aonths after the previous Message there was still talk 

of CHEtI's arrival (PRIT&D, hence arrival by conveyance, presiusably 

from abroad) . Of coarse, this night be a different arrival, perhaps 

even back frost Mexico. 

T&OR ia not mentioned, but a certain BAS (weaning 'bass'fr ia. 
It will be observed that T&CR and BAS are closely related in meaning, 
and it is not impossible that BAS is a new name for T&OB, THoUgh on 
the other hand, this relation, if significant, nay simply mean that 
T&OR and BAS have similar positions in the ring. The code group 
identified as ■BAS 1 ' does also occur In a message of 26 Hay 19U that 
also mentions HEHRI (see section. K below) , but it is not certain 
that It belongs there (error in decryption?) or, if it does, what it 
means there. 

The covernaae SI ray be a spelling for the English na*e of the 
Latin letter C. It doe* not occur eleewhere. 


The word ttauliM "plant," ZAVOD, is possibly a sovernas* for 

some organisation or agency. 

The cover name TEFR£M doee not occur elsewhere. 

4. The names G^MRIH and h£krI . In the first message (section 2) 
occurs the phrase "the eovernaae oiNRIH". The only other occurence 
of G&HIH la in the message on changes in covernanea (798 of 5 October 
19U# previously reported on), where TIM is changed to G&RIH. Since 
the message here being reported on is dated 1 June 19U, It is problematic 
whether the save naming is involved in each instance. 

It should be pointed out, however, that there is a aovernane 
H&RI. G&RIH ia the fom usually ffsem bestowed on Hussians when 
they are named "Henry" j S&EI (and also G&RI) are forms representing 
a foreign name. How, H&RI went to Mexico and later returned to Hew 
Tork (see aecUon la). The range of dates for the occurrence of the 
oovername K&JRI is from 26 May to 10 august 19U>. 

H^RRI will be made the subject of a separate report.