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Full text of "1964-65 New York World's Fair Groundbreaking and Dedication Booklets"

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offattcri>au Saints 

MARCH 27, 1 963 


Following are excerpts from remarks by officials 
at groundbreaking ceremonies for the exhibit of 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 
held at the New York World's Fair, Wednesday, 
March 27, 1963. 

[Chief of Protocol] : Ladies and gentlemen, the invocation 
will be given by Mr. Wilburn C. West. Mr. West is Presi- 
dent of the Eastern States Mission of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He has served on the High 
Council of the Washington Stake in the District of Co- 
lumbia and as a Bishop, prior to his call to the Eastern 
States Mission. 

WILBURN C. WEST: Our Father which art in 
Heaven, this day we express our gratitude for the many- 
blessings which we enjoy from Thy hand. We are grateful 
for life and for the privilege of living, at this great time 
in the history of the world, when the gospel of Thy Son, 
Jesus Christ, has been restored again to the earth. We are 
grateful for the vision of this great World's Fair and for 
the part we shall have in bringing that vision to fulfill- 

We pray that through the united effort of all, peace 
may be achieved through understanding. We have met 
this day to break ground for one of the great exhibits of 
this Fair. We pray Thee that everything which is done 
here this day and which may be done throughout the life- 
time of this exhibit will help man to find happiness, and 
we ask it in the name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Christ of Latter-Day Saints, known to us all as the Mor- 
mon Church, will show, on this site, through motion 
pictures and exhibits, the history and the accomplishments 
of the Church and its world-wide membership. The build- 
ing will be constructed around a replica of the soaring 
facade of the great Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City. 

I am told that the top of this pavilion will rise 127 
feet, making it one of the highest buildings of the Fair 
and should reflect the highest credit on the Church and 
its members. Our first speaker today will be Mr. G. Stan- 
ley McAllister, president of the New York Stake of the 
Mormon Church, and vice president of Operations and 
Research for Associated Dry Goods Corporation. He has 
long played an active and important role in many activi- 
ties of the Church. For IS years, Mr. McAllister was a 
director of Building and Plant Operations for the Co- 
lumbia Broadcasting System. He became vice president 

-* The exhibit of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints surrounds a 1 20-ft. tall replica of the facade of the 

Great Temple of the Church in Salt Lake City. This facade will be crowned by a statue of the Angel Moroni. Architect, 
William Hamby. 

I 1963 New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation 

and operations manager of Lord and Taylor in 1946, and 
then moved up to the vice presidency in the parent com- 
pany of Associated Dry Goods in 1959. He is a former 
president of the Scarsdale Board of Education and a 
charter member and director of the New York Citizen's 
Committee of Public Schools. He has also served as a 
delegate to the White House Conference on Education. 
My friends, I give you Mr. McAllister. 

G. STANLEY McALLISTER [President of the New 
York Stake] : Thank you, Mr. Patterson. It's a privilege 
to be here today on this site. When we look back on the 
problems and difficulties of acquiring these opportunities, 
it's quite thrilling to be here this morning. We have some 
very distinguished guests with us today, people who have 
taken part in gathering information and have partici- 
pated in bringing this idea to fruition, and I would like 
to have you meet them: Elder Delbert Stapley of the 
Council of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-Day Saints and a member of our Execu- 
tive Committee for the Fair. Elder Richard L. Evans, a 
member of the Council of the Twelve, who is also a 
member of the Executive Committee for the Fair, and 
known to you probably through his voice on the Taber- 
nacle Choir broadcast. 

I would also like to have you meet President George H. 
Mortimer, president of the New Jersey Stake of the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and also a 
member of the Committee, as is Robert Sears, of the New 
Jersey Stake; James B. Conklin, president of the Inter- 

national Broadcasting Corporation of the Church. We 
are also glad to have Isaac M. Stewart with us today. 
Bernard B. Brockbank will be the managing director of 
the Fair's operation. He is an assistant to the Council of 
the Twelve of the Church and one of the general authori- 
ties of the Church, and will be living in our area during 
the operation of this project. 

David W. Evans, of Salt Lake City, has sponsored and 
been of great help in organizing activities surrounding 
this Fair. Our two architects are with us today: William 
Hanby and A. Grant Fordyce. It is their design and con- 
cept — with that of Harold Burton — which have brought 
our plan into architectural beauty, and we are very pleased 
to have them with us. 

I would also like to introduce Raymond Daly, presi- 
dent of the George A. Fuller Construction Company, 
and his assistant, Richard Olds. These gentlemen will 
luii Id our exhibit. 

There are many others who have played important parts 
in making this occasion possible. I would like to pay 
tribute to the World's Fair officials, who because of their 
cooperation, sympathetic understanding and desire to be 
of help have made this possible: Bill Ottley, Stuart Con- 
stable and Robert Moses. We are mindful of the great help 
each of these gentlemen has given us and we thank them 
very much. It is now my privilege and great honor to intro- 
duce to you Elder Harold B. Lee of the Council of the 
Twelve, who is the chairman of our Committee, and the 
man who directs our activity here today, Elder Lee. 

HAROLD B. LEE: It's my high privilege and great 
responsibility to lead the officials of the Church in the 
direction of what is to us a very momentous and impor- 
tant occasion. Because this is to be the center of our 
Church activities, you will understand why I chose some 
Scriptures to introduce remarks I shall make. 

In a great and meaningful Scripture, the Lord said: 
"Wherefore as ye are agents ye are on the Lord's errand, 
and whatever you do according to the will of the Lord, 
is the Lord's business." We conceive of this, therefore, 
as something more than just a business venture. To us it's 
a significant, spiritual operation. We are on the Lord's 
errand today, and we are now engaged in His business. He 
said on another occasion: "Therefore, be not weary in 
well doing, for ye are laying the foundation for a great 
work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is 
great." I suppose that not even the architects who have 
conceived the image of what will rise on this ground, 
know the greatness of that for which they plan. The 
builders themselves may not conceive to full extent the 
magnitude of what will be conducted here. 

Perhaps none of us know the far-reaching effects of 
what we are building. But in order for us to understand, 
something else was said: "Behold," He said, "the Lord 
requireth the heart and a willing mind, and the willing 
and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in 
these last days." I might say to you gentlemen who are 
associated with us, and to whom we extend deep grati- 
tude and appreciation for your cooperation, we feel that 

Ambassador Richard Patterson, Fair Chief of Protocol, intro- 
duces officials at groundbreaking for the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The ceremony marked the start 
of construction on an exhibit that will include a replica of the 
facade of the Great Temple of the Church in Salt Lake City. 

the more unselfish, unpaid, dedicated service we can put 
into this endeavor, from the Church's standpoint, the 
more will be achieved in greatness. For thereon lies the 
foundation of the Church. The dedicated service of its 
thousands of people in unpaid ministerial activities and 
missionary work has made the Church what it is today. 

We were very much intrigued by the theme that has 
been chosen for the Fair — the dramatization of the 
interrelations of peoples throughout the world and their 
hopes for peace through understanding. We have tried 
to capture that spirit in this exhibit for our more than 
two million people throughout the world. Our theme is 
based on the premise that the aim of all purposeful living 
should be the pursuit of happiness, as distinguished from 
mere pleasure, and appears as scripture: "Man is, that he 
might have joy." 

I would like to take this opportunity to express our 
deep appreciation to those on the local committee, par- 
ticularly President McAllister, President West and their 

To all of you attending our ceremony today, we ex- 
press our appreciation and trust that the turning of the 
shovels full of dirt which signal the official beginning of 
the structure will mean a happy relationship for the forth- 
coming years, 1964 and 1965. 

Stuart Constable, Fair vice president for Operations, present- 
ing commemorative medallion to Elder Harold B. Lee at 
groundbreaking for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day 

May I, in closing, as representative for the President 
of the Church, David O. McKay, assure you of our com- 
plete cooperation towards the success of this great Fair 
— perhaps the greatest the world has ever known. Thank 
you and may peace be with you always. 

Lee and Mr. McAllister. The next speaker is Stuart Con- 
stable, vice president of Operations for the Fair. I might 
mention to those of you who are not associated with us 
here at the Fair that Mr. Constable has been the colleague 
of Robert Moses for over 35 years. He has travelled the 
world over in contact with those concerned with inter- 
national events. I give you Stuart Constable. 

STUART CONSTABLE: I'm not here to make a 
speech but to present two World's Fair medals to Mormon 
officials. It's been a great pleasure for us to work with an 
organization such as this with the authority and ability to 
make rapid decisions. The decisions they have made have 
advanced this project immeasurably. We are delighted to 
have the Church of Latter-Day Saints in our Fair. We 
know their exhibit will be one of the best attended exhibits 
at the Fair. Now I should like to present the World's Fair 
medal to First President David O. McKay — who is not 
able to be here today. Brother Lee, will you take this medal 
for President McKay and give him my personal regards? 
And one also for you, Mr. Lee. 

G. STANLEY McALLISTER: It is customary for us 

to offer a dedicatory prayer on such occasions. We believe 
this will be a sacred spot and ask President George H. 
Mortimer, of the New Jersey Stake, to offer the prayer 
and benediction on this service. 

GEORGE H. MORTIMER: Our Heavenly and Eternal 
Father. With hearts overflowing in gratitude we assemble 
on this plot of ground selected as the site for the exhibit 
of" the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at the 
New York World's Fair. We are grateful, Heavenly 
Father, for all events which have transpired to make pos- 
sible our assemblage here on this day. 

Our Heavenly Father, by virtue of the Melchizedek 
priesthood, which I bear, I dedicate this site for the ex- 
hibit of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 
that it may be a place of prayer, meditation and instruc- 
tion ; a place where people can come and feel lifted in 
spirit, and raised above the problems, trials and tribula- 
tions of the day — to see ahead the hope for life eternal 
and a way to reach Thy celestial kingdom. 

We do pray, Heavenly Father, that all who come here 
may feel the influence of the things they see and hear, 
chat they may retain them to become a part of their lives 
and that Thy purposes for us here, and for all who live 
upon this earth, may be fulfilled. To this end, Heavenly 
Father, we dedicate this site. May it fulfill the hopes and 
aspirations of the First Presidency and those who have 
been instrumental in bringing this exhibit to its present 
state. We do all this in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ. 


Flushing 52, N. Y. Tel. 212-WF 4-1964 

ROBERT MOSES, President 

THOMAS J. DEEGAN, JR., Chairman of the Executive Committee 

WILLIAM E. POTTER, Executive Vice President 

CHARLES POLETTI, Vice President, International Affairs and Exhibits 

STUART CONSTABLE, Vice President, Operations 

WILLIAM BERNS, Vice President, Communications and Public Relations 

ERWIN WITT, Comptroller 

MARTIN STONE, Director of Industrial Section 

GUY F. TOZZOLI, (Port of New York Authority) Transportation Section 

ERNESTINE R. HAIG, Secretary of the Corporation and 
Assistant to the President 

WILLIAM WHIPPLE, JR., Chief Engineer