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Full text of "1964-65 New York World's Fair Groundbreaking and Dedication Booklets"

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OCTOBER 30, 1963 


Preview at the New York World's Fair 1964-1965 


The Auto Thrill Show performances will take place in a 
6,000-seat stadium, the only stadium specifically de- 
signed for thrill driving. It will include a unique, banked , 
figure-eight auto track layout where thirty world cham- 
pion Helldrivers will perform. 

Excerpts from transcription of 
remarks made by officials of the 
Auto Thrill Show and the Fair at 
a preview of the Auto Thrill Show 
at the New York World's Fair, 
October 30, 1963. 

DR. ROBERTO de MENDOZA [Deputy Chief of 
Protocol]: Mr. Gottlieb, Mr. Lippert, Mr. Constable, Mr. 
Tozzoli, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. This 
ceremony today will undoubtedly be one of the most 
thrilling to be held at the Fairgrounds before opening 
day. I understand that this banked, figure-eight track is 
the first to be specially constructed for thrill driving. It 
was designed in consultation with the nation's leading 
race drivers, with a view to making possible the per- 
formance of the most daring and sensational feats that 
have ever been executed in this spectacular and popular 
sport. This morning we will have a chance of viewing 
some of the highlights of that great achievement in the 
world of sports. 

After serving with distinction in the Navy, our first 
speaker had an outstanding career in engineering before 
assuming the responsibility for the design, construction 
and development of this Transportation Area of the Fair, 
where all participation primarily concerned with trans- 
portation has been brought together in a glittering con- 
centration of fabulous exhibits. It is my pleasure to present 
Mr. Guy Tozzoli, director of the World Trade Depart- 
ment of the Port of New York Authority. 

MR. GUY TOZZOLI: Thank you very much, ladies 
and gentlemen. We are extremely proud of the exhibits 

that we have in the Transportation Area of the Fair, and 
we are quite pleased to have an Auto Thrill Show. This 
is the kind of exciting entertainment that we think the 
Fair will offer not only to grownups but to children, the 
type of entertainment that we want at the Fair. 

I would like to pay special tribute to Alan Gottlieb and 
Bill Lippert who have put this together with Dodge Di- 
vision of Chrysler Corporation, and I wish them good 
luck on their enterprise. Thank you. 

DR. de MENDOZA: Thank you, Mr. Tozzoli. Our 
next speaker is an architect and administrator with a 
long and distinguished record of public service. For many 
years he was chief designer and later executive officer of 
the Department of Parks of the City of New York, as 
well as acting commissioner of the New York City Plan- 
ning Commission. He was also consultant for great proj- 
ects both at home and abroad before coming here to 
cooperate with Mr. Moses in the creation of this, the 
greatest international fair in the history of the world. I 
have the honor to give you Mr. Stuart Constable, vice 
president of Operations of the New York World's Fair 

MR. STUART CONSTABLE: Ladies and gentlemen. 
I remember when these boys first came here and brought 
this exhibit — this idea — in to us, I didn't think they 

1963 New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation 

A demonstration of the Helldrivers show at the preview 
of the Auto Thrill Show at the Fair. 

— *fts 

could pull this thing off at all. I never thought they"d 
get there. But one of their good friends, and one of my 
old friends, called me and said the boys really would 
deliver if we would do what we could to assist them. We 
did what we could — it wasn't much — and they helped 
themselves and here they are with what we think is going 
to be one of the real attractions of the Fair. We wish 
them luck and hope they make a lot of money. 

And now it is my pleasant duty as the representative 
of the World's Fair to present to Mr. Gottlieb and to Mr. 
Lippert the World's Fair medal. 

DR. de MENDOZA: Thank you, Mr. Constable. The 
success of Jimmy Lynch's exciting presentation in the 
1939 New York World's Fair inspired the Helldrivers' 
Auto Thrill Show which Transportation Productions, Inc. 
is presenting at the Fair. Our next speaker, is a graduate 
of New York University, has served in the United States 
Army, and is an enthusiastic and enterprising business- 
man who waxed with enthusiasm when the idea was con- 
ceived for an Auto Thrill Show at the 1964-1965 World's 

It is in great part due to his energetic determination that 
the original idea culminates today in this unique preview 
of the Helldrivers' Act. I now have the privilege of 
introducing Mr. William L. Lippert, vice president, Trans- 

portation Productions, Inc. 

MR. WILLIAM L. LIPPERT: Thank you, Dr. de 
Mendoza. I want to thank all of you for coming here 
today to witness the preview of the Auto Thrill Show. 
It has been a pleasure working over the past two years 
with all the fine people of the New York World's Fair 
Corporation and the Port Authority. 

I am sure that many of you remember the Jimmy Lynch 
Daredevil Auto Show that took place here during the 
1939-1949 World's Fair. I am proud of the fact that 
our program will be put on by the organization which is 
the direct successor to the Jimmy Lynch show. That organ- 
ization is headed by Jack Kochman, who is here today. 
I'd like to pay tribute to Jack for all the help he's given 
us in putting together this project. Thank you. 

DR. de MENDOZA: Thank you. Mr. Lippert. Our 
next speaker attended New York University, served in 
the U. S. Navy, and is president and fourth generation 
representative of a family-owned concern. He has spared 
no effort to make the New York World's Fair Auto Thrill 
Show a glowing reality. Today's preview to dedicate the 
Auto Thrill Stadium is for him a proud moment indeed, 
and crowns with successful achievement his vigorous 
determination to produce the Helldrivers' Auto Thrill 
Show. I have the honor to give you Mr. A. Alan Gottlieb, 

Mr. Guy F. Tozzoli, director of the World Trade Department at the Fair, Mr. A. Alan Gottlieb, president of Transportation 
Products, Inc., Mr. Stuart Constable, vice president of Operations at the Fair, and Mr. William L. Lippert, vice president of 
Transportation Products, Inc., are shown at the preview of the Auto Thrill Show. 

president of Transportation Productions, Inc. 

MR. A. ALAN GOTTLIEB: Thank you, Dr. de Men- 
doza. First, I'd like to endorse what Bill Lippert said 
about the fine cooperation we have received from the Fair, 
the Port Authority, and in particular Mr. Guy Tozzoli, 
Mr. Fran Miller and Mr. Neil Lynch. 

We are very proud of this project, and we are sure 
that you will enjoy it when you see it next spring. We 
have brought together the finest team of daredevil drivers 
that we could find, and we have provided them with the 
world's only figure-eight track and stadium, designed and 
constructed from the ground up for this type of show. 

We have the utmost confidence that the Fair will be 
an overwhelming success and will provide an unprece- 
dented audience. Our aim has been to provide a great show 
as befits a great Fair. Once again, thanks for coming 
out today, and please accept my personal invitation to 
come back and see us next April. Thank you. 

DR. de MENDOZA: Thank you, Mr. Gottlieb. Ladies 
and gentlemen, Mr. Gottlieb and Mr. Lippert will now 
have the pleasure of presenting some preview highlights 
of their great World's Fair Auto Thrill Show. Mr. Bob 
Conto will give a crash-by-crash narration of the daring 
performance. I have the honor and great pleasure of an- 
nouncing the Helldrivers' Act. 


MR. A. ALAN GOTTLIEB, President 
MR. WILLIAM L. LIPPERT, Vice President 
BILL DOLL and COMPANY, Public Relations 


Flushing, N. Y. 11380 Tel. 212-WF 4-1964 

ROBERT MOSES, President 

THOMAS J. DEEGAN, JR., Chairman of the Executive Committee 

WILLIAM E. POTTER, Executive Wee President 

CHARLES POLETTI, Vice President, International Affairs and Exhibits 

STUART CONSTABLE, Vice President, Operations 

WILLIAM BERNS, Vice President, Communications and Public Relations 

ERWIN WITT, Comptroller 

MARTIN STONE, Director of Industrial Section 

GUY F. TOZZOLI, (Port of New York Authority) Transportation Section 

ERNESTINE R. HAIG, Secretary of the Corporation and Assistant to the President 

WILLIAM WHIPPLE, JR., Chief Engineer