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Full text of "1964-65 New York World's Fair Groundbreaking and Dedication Booklets"

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1MCARCH 25S, 1963 


Following is a transcription of remarks by Cen- 
tralamerica and World's Fair officials at the 
Centralamerica Pavilion groundbreaking cere- 
monies. New York World's Fair, Thursday, 
March 28, 1963. 

[Chief of Protocol] : Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to 
present the former governor of New York State, Charles 
Poletti, who is also vice president for International Affairs 
of the World's Fair. Governor Poletti. 

Ambassador Volio Jimenez and other distinguished dip- 
lomatic representatives of these five Central American 
countries — we are delighted to be participating in this 
significant event. In the many groundbreakings which 
President Robert Moses and I have attended we have 
never had such a beautiful day as this. I think the gay 
sunshine augers well for the pavilion you will construct 

Cover: Facade architectural perspective of Centralamerican Pavilion. The participating nations: the Republics of Costa Rica, 
El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, all members of the Central American Common Market. This pavilion will 
be a symbol of the vigor of the new Latin America on the march toward a brighter future of economic development and 
social justice. 

M963 New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation 

We are happy that in 1962 these five Central American 
countries — the Republics of Costa Rica, El Salvador, 
Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua — got together and 
signed the General Treaty for Economic Integration to 
which we can refer as the Central American Common 
Market. We are pleased to have with us Dr. Pedro Abe- 
lardo Delgado, the Secretary General of the Centralameri- 
can Economic Integration. 

We of the World's Fair try to persuade other common 
markets to participate. We urge the European Common 
Market to come here and show what they are doing and 
what they hope to achieve. Thus far, you are the only 
common market represented at the New York World's 
Fair. We are particularly pleased to have this new evidence 
of the cooperative effort between nations. We believe that 
your pavilion, designed by Senor Federico Morales, will 
be a stunning pavilion and will serve to educate the North 
Americans as to your aims and aspirations for the Com- 
mon Market. I know also that you will show, in this 
stunning pavilion, the numerous tourist attractions in the 

Dr. Pedro Abelardo Delgado, Secretary-General in charge 
of the Permanent Secretariat of the General Treaty of Cen- 
tralamerican Economic Integration, speaking at the Central- 
american Pavilion groundbreaking ceremony. Other speakers 
with him on the platform are Robert Moses, Fair president, 
and Governor Charles Poletti, Fair vice president for Inter- 
national Affairs. 

Official shovelers at groundbreaking for the Pavilion of Centralamerica are Robert Moses, Dr. Pedro Delgado and Governor 
Charles Poletti. 

five countries you represent. 

A few of us have been doing some reclame and some 
publicity for you in urging our friends who seek the sun 
to vacation in your five countries. We hope that even be- 
fore the Fair opens, they will bring you a lot of business. 
When you have this beautiful pavilion with millions of 
people visiting, I think you'll have many more tourists. 
I trust that your pavilion will also serve to stimulate capital 
investment in your five countries because I know this is 
an interest dear to your hearts. 

We greet you with great warmth, Dr. Delgado, as the 
representative of these five Central American countries, 
and we pledge to you our full cooperation, and our assist- 
ance. We will do everything to make your presence at the 
World's Fair a delightful, cordial and most effective ex- 
perience. We are happy to have you here at this ground- 
breaking of the Centralamerican Pavilion. 

AMBASSADOR PATTERSON: Thank you Governor. 
It is now my privilege to present an eminent Pan Ameri- 

can, an expert in law and economics who has held high 
posts in his government, and has been Under-Secretary 
and Minister of Economy of El Salvador. He is an eminent 
authority on the economic integration of Central America. 
His Excellency Dr. Pedro Delgado. 

General in charge of the Permanent Secretariat of the 
General Treaty of Centralamerican Economic Integra- 
tion}: Ladies and gentlemen. For Central America the 
New York World's Fair offers a unique opportunity. Cen- 
tral America, as you know, has been working towards an 
integrated economy for the last ten years. Now we can say, 
with pride — and modesty apart — that ten years of labor 
have produced results which might well serve as an ex- 
ample in this field. We believe that the Central American 
Common Market is at the moment the most advanced, 
taking into account the European Economic Community. 
It is for this reason that I do not think Central America 
could afford to miss this appointment in New York to tell 

the world, through the showcase of the Fair, all that we 
are doing and all the investment opportunities which this 
common market offers the impresario and investor, from 
the United States or any other part of the free world. 
Naturally, as Governor Poletti mentioned, we hope to 
make known to tourists the beauty of Central America. 
Our climate, by the way, is very similar to that we are 
enjoying here today. 

We hope, therefore, to make the most of this oppor- 
tunity. I am told there will be more than seventy million 
Fair visitors. We wish to tell everyone of our efforts and 
the good will with which we are ready to receive foreign 
capital to join with the regional investments, to bring 
about an industrial development which will enhance our 
countries. Thank you very much. 

much, Dr. Delgado. I now present the last speaker, a man 
who needs no introduction, your Fair President, Robert 

ROBERT MOSES: I have very little to add to what 
Governor Poletti has said. We are delighted to have this 
group here. I don't think it makes much difference how 
much money is spent on an exhibit, how large it is or how 
much space it occupies. There's a tendency to believe that 
everything is overshadowed by General Motors and Ford 
and some of the bigger exhibits. They are very important 
exhibits but what really matters is the content, the archi- 
tecture and what you have to show. Some of the smaller 
exhibits can be a great deal more important and attract 
a great deal more attention than some of the larger ones. 

I've only one other thing to add, something about which 
Charlie Poletti and, I assume, many of our neighbors in 
Central America have been thinking. I've had a long 
standing interest in the Pan American Highway, which 
is about to be completed. This highway has cost a lot of 
money — provided by the United States and the various 
countries through which it runs on the way South. I am 
very anxious to have an exhibit of the Pan American 
Highway as close as possible to this area. If we do not have 

it during the first year of the Fair — which we still think 
is possible — we are surely going to see it during the 
second year. That highway is the symbol and the physical 
evidence of the growing closeness between North and 
South America. I think there will be not thousands, but 
millions of people who find their way down from the 
United States, through Central America, to South Amer- 
ica, upon this highway which passes through some extraor- 
dinary country. 

I am delighted to join Charlie Poletti in welcoming the 
Centralamerican group to the Fair. 

Dr. Delgado, this medallion is our symbol, with the 
Unisphere on one side and the emblem on the 300th 
anniversary of the City of New York on the other. We 
hope you'll keep it on your desk as a remembrance. 


is located on a 
6,000 sq. ft. plot 
in the 
International Area. 


DR. PEDRO ABELARDO DELGADO B., Secretary General in charge of the Permanent 
Secretariat of the General Treaty of Centralamerican Economic Integration 

HON. OLGA MARSHALL, Commissioner General (Consul General of Costa Rica in New York) 




1964-1965 CORPORATION 
Tel. 212-WF 4-1964 

Flushing 52, N.Y. 

ROBERT MOSES, President 

THOMAS J. DEEGAN, JR., Chairman of the Executive Committee 

WILLIAM E. POTTER, Executive Vice President 

CHARLES POLETTI, Vice President, International Affairs and Exhibits 

STUART CONSTABLE, Vice President, Operations 

WILLIAM BERNS, Vice President, Communications and Public Relations 

ERWIN WITT, Comptro//er 

MARTIN STONE, Director of Industrial Section 

GUY F. TOZZOLI, fPort of New York Authority) Transportation Section 

ERNESTINE R. HAIG, Secretory of the Corporation and 
Assistant to the President 

WILLIAM WHIPPLE, JR., Chief Engineer