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Full text of "1964-65 New York World's Fair Groundbreaking and Dedication Booklets"

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JUNE 24,1963 


The following message, addressed to The Honorable 
Farris Bryant, Governor, State of Florida ; The Honorable 
Robert Moses, president, The New York 1964-65 World's 
Fair; and The Honorable Sara Banks, chairman, Florida 
Citrus Commission, was received from The Honorable 
Comer J. Kimball, chairman, Florida World's Fair 
Authority : 

"I sincerely regret that I am unable to be with you 
today in person for the dedication of the Florida site for 
the New York World's Fair in 1964-65. 

"It is only because of the foresight and courage of the 
Governor of the State of Florida that we record today this 
milestone in the progress of this project. 

"Little did we realize more than a year ago when our 
first meeting was called by the Governor and when the 
unanimous decision was made that Florida should par- 
ticipate in the coming World's Fair that in such a short 

period of time construction would be so far along on the 
3.12 acre State site. 

"The 17 dedicated members of the Florida World's 
Fair Authority are to be congratulated for the unlimited 
use of their intelligence, their diverse talents and their 
valuable time in putting together this project which we 
know will be one of the most interesting and exciting in 
this, the greatest of all international expositions. 

"Our Exhibition Hall will feature fabulous exhibits 
representing cities and counties, business and industry 
and our university system. The main central area in this 
structure will feature an outstanding display of the cul- 
tural arts which will be changed periodically and which 
will be on loan from both public and private collections. 
We have every confidence that the Florida site will be 
among the most beautiful, educational and entertaining 
of all." 

Cover: Florida's 3.12 acre site with a 500-foot lake front will feature a spectacular 110-foot high illuminated Citrus 
Tower topped by a huge orange, about 15 feet in diameter. Among the exhibits will be porpoise shows, Florida movies and 
fashion shows. Architects for Florida's exhibit are Pancoast, Ferendino, Skeels, Grafton and Burnham, and Connell, Pierce, 
Garland and Friedman, both of Miami, and the contractors are the George A. Fuller Company of New York. 

1963 New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation 

Excerpts from transcription of remarks made by 
officials of the Florida World's Fair Authority, 
Inc., and the World's Fair, at dedication cere- 
monies at the New York World's Fair, Monday, 
June 24, 1963. 

[Chief of Protocol}: Governor Bryant, Mr. Stensgaard, 
distinguished members of the Florida Citrus Commission, 
Mr. Moses, General Potter, ladies and gentlemen. It is a 
great privilege to be here today at the dedication cere- 
monies for the Florida Citrus Tower. Our first speaker is 
General William Potter, executive vice president of the 
New York World's Fair Corporation. 

Mr. Moses, Mr. Banks, members of the Florida Citrus 
Commission and friends. I'm very proud to take part in 
this dedication today because it involves a State whose 
way of life differs from that of most other states. I never 
will forget when the decision was made by Governor 
Bryant that Florida would participate in the Fair — from 
then on things moved. To my knowledge no other state 
has the knowledge and ability to use public relations and 
promotions to a greater advantage than Florida, Governor 

Florida is blessed with civic leaders. When the Gover- 

nor decided on Florida's participation in the Fair he ap- 
pointed a commission of some of the greatest leaders that 
I have ever seen, and they picked a Chicagoan who came 
to Florida to retire, to design the exhibit, get it going and 
manage it. I congratulate you, Governor, and I congratu- 
late the people of Florida for doing a wonderful job. 

Potter. Our next speaker is a great American, admired and 
well-known throughout the world for his outstanding 
achievements which have benefited our nation, our states 
and our cities during his brilliant and fruitful career dedi- 
cated to the service of the public. I have the high honor 
to present The Honorable Robert Moses, president of the 
New York World's Fair. 

and friends. The Florida exhibit is in roughly the same 
place that it was at the last Fair. I still think it's the very- 
best spot for a state exhibit, and I don't say that because 
the Governor is here with his associates, but because I 
believe it. They have more space, they have a bigger ex- 
hibit, they have more to show, and as General Potter said, 
they certainly know how to exploit their wares. 

If you have to select one field in a fair which would 
appeal to the country, the hemisphere and the world, it 
would be private enterprise. Private enterprise today is 
very mixed up with government, and when the two co- 
operate and work together you get pretty nearly ideal 
results. What impresses people from abroad and people 
from the big hinterlands here in the United States is what 

Ambassador Richard C. Patterson, the Fair's Chief of Proto- 
col, speaking at the dedication of the Florida Citrus Tower. 
On the right is Brenda Sue Scarborough, Florida Citrus 
Queen, and in the background are members of the Fair and 
the Florida World's Fair Authority. Guy Lombardo, whose 
production "Around the World in 80 Days" is playing at 
New York's Jones Beach Marine Theatre, is shown to the 
right of Miss Scarborough. 

enterprises of this kind are able to show. By way of con- 
trast with what countries behind the Iron Curtain are doing 
this shows what we are able to do. 

We welcome Florida here as a top-notch State produc- 
tion and we haven't the slightest doubt of its success. 
I would now like to present the Fair medallions to Mr. 
Banks, Mr. Bayless, Mr. Stensgaard and Mr. Robertson. 
Thank you. 

much, President Moses. The next speaker is the distin- 
guished governor of Florida. He's distinguished in many 
ways: he's been an attorney; he's a graduate of three uni- 
versities; he was elected to the Florida State House of 
Representatives in 1942 and resigned to enter the Navy 
where he was in combat much of the time during his three 
and a half years of service. He was reelected to the House 
from 1947-1955 and he served as speaker of the House 
in 1953. I have the high honor and privilege to present 
to you The Honorable Farris Bryant, Governor of the 
State of Florida. 

NOR OF FLORIDA: Mr. Ambassador, Mr. Moses, Gen- 
eral Potter, gentlemen from Florida and ladies. I was 
interested in the remarks made about Florida's participa- 
tion in this Fair. General Potter said that I made the 
decision to come here. That is not true; the decision to 
participate was made by circumstances which permit no 
other decision. We thank you, Mr. Moses and General 
Potter, and those who are associated with you, for the 

vision that you have had to embark upon this venture. 
It's Florida-like in concept. It looks to the future. Like 
Florida, it looks to the world. We like to think that com- 
ing here, we will do ourselves a great favor because we 
will expose those things about Florida, which are unique 
and beautiful, to the millions of people who are so fortu- 
nate as to come here. We will also have an opportunity to 
make contact with the rest of the world. 

I can tell you .that Florida will have an exhibit here that 
will be consistent with your highest wishes for it. I'm glad 
to see that General Motors and New York State selected 
sites close to the Florida exhibit. We're going to see to it 
that their judgment is borne out by developments here. 
If we are true to the responsibility and measure up to the 
opportunity that we have, we will extend a hand of friend- 
ship and invitation to millions of people who will pull up 
their roots, extend their businesses and come down to 
make Florida, industrially and sentimentally, their home. 

We know that as a result of your efforts and what we 
are able to contribute, the New York World's Fair will go 
down in history, as did its predecessor, as the outstanding 
event of its particular half of the twentieth century. It is a 
pleasure to be with you today. Thank you. 

AMBASSADOR PATTERSON: Thank you so much, 
Governor Bryant. I'm now going to introduce four or 
five people up here on the dais. The first is very active 
in civic affairs in Florida. He is the chairman of the Florida 
Citrus Commission and has devoted his entire business 
career to the citrus industry. Mr. Sam A. Banks, will you 

Farris Bryant, Governo 
Florida Citrus Queen, 
Fair, at the dedication 

r of Florida, Brenda Sue Scarborough, 
and Robert Moses, president of the 
of the Florida Citrus Tower. 

take a bow? 

The next man is a cum laude Phi Beta Kappa, graduate 
of the University of Florida. He has received many deco- 
rations for combat service in World War II. Since 1957 
he has been general manager of the Florida Citrus Com- 
mission and during that time the work has multiplied and 
grown in many ways. I. take great pleasure in introducing 
Mr. Homer E. Hooks. 

And this is Mr. Paul Robertson, chairman of the Adver- 
tising Committee of the Florida Citrus Commission — an 
important Commission, for without it you might not sell 
your citrus crops. 

Our next visitor is a member of the Florida World's 
Fair Authority, and a very important businessman who 
was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1936. He is president 
of the Consolidated Financial Corporation which controls 
large grove acreage and packing houses, and he is also a 
bank president. I give you Mr. Elgin Bayless. 

Now I want to introduce one of the fine men, good 
men, a man that New York City owes much to: Guy 

MR. GUY LOMBARDO: Mr. Moses, Governor 
Bryant. I am very happy to say that I'm part of the Florida 
picture and I'm part of the New York picture with our 
Jones Beach show "Around the World in 80 Days," and 
I think that's a pretty good way of life — a winter job in 
Florida and a summer job up here. I'm certainly happy 
to be here. I know this is going to be one of the finest 
exhibits at the Fair. Thank you very much. 

Lombardo. I'm going to ask Mr. Stensgaard to come for- 
ward and say a word. For half a century he's had an 
extremely distinguished career in the fields of marketing 
promotion and advertising, and has received, believe it 
or not, more than 100 awards in national competitions 
related to creative design and showmanship in selling. 
He came out of retirement to be executive director of the 
Florida's World's Fair Authority, and has had many other 
successes. I have the privilege to give you Mr. W. L. 
Stensgaard, executive director of the Florida World's Fair 

MR. WILLIAM L. STENSGAARD: Here Florida will 
bring to you the greatest show in our history. We know 
that the millions of people whom we expect here will, in 
a great part, come to Florida to spend their lives with us 
on a sunny day like this all year round. Thank you. 

much. And now I would like to introduce Miss Brenda Sue 
Scarborough, Florida's Citrus Queen, who is here for the 
citrus tree planting. She's a lovely, cultured and educated 
lady from one of our great states. Miss Scarborough, please 
come up here and say a word to us. 

It's a very great privilege to be here today, and I hope to 
get back when everything is completed. 

ladies and gentlemen, we will conclude this ceremony by 
planting the Florida citrus tree. 


Comer J. Kimball, Chairman and President 



Wendell Jarrard, Chairman 
William J. Clapp 
Floyd B. Bowen 

Raleigh W. Greene, Jr. 
Joseph R. Martin 
Don Shoemaker 

McGregor Smith 

Jim Wellman 

Comer Kimball, Ex-Officio 


McGregor Smith, Chairman 
Florida Power and Light Co. 
Miami, Florida 

Edward Ball, President 

Florida National Group of Banks 

Jacksonville, Florida 

Jim Walter, President 
Jim Walter Corporation 
Tampa, Florida 

John H. Phipps, Owner 
Phipps Broadcasting Stations 
Tallahassee 2, Florida 

Charles P. Lykes, President 
Lykes Brothers, Inc. 
Tampa, Florida 



Joseph R. Martin, Manager 
The Chemstrand Corporation 
Pensacola, Florida 

Raymond K. Mason, President 
Mason Enterprises 
Jacksonville, Florida 


William J. Clapp, President 
Florida Power Corporation 
St. Petersburg, Florida 

Henry C. Coleman, President 
The Commercial Bank 
Daytona Beach, Florida 

F. Elgin Bayless 
Consolidated Finance 
Sebring, Florida 



Wendell Jarrard, 

Florida Development Commission 
Tallahassee, Florida 

Floyd B. Bowen, President 
Florida State 

Chamber of Commerce 
Bartow, Florida 

Raleigh W. Greene, Jr., Chairman 
The Florida Council of 100 
St. Petersburg, Florida 



Jim Wellman, President 

Wellman and Lord 

Lakeland, Florida 

H. Loy Anderson, President 
First Federal Savings and Loan 
West Palm Beach, Florida 


Don Shoemaker, Editor 
The Miami Herald 
Miami, Florida 

Dick Pope, Sr. 
Chairman of the Board 
Cypress Gardens, Florida 

W. L. Stensgaard, 

Executive Director 
E. A. Soucy, General Manager 

Headquarters and Exhibits 
307 Poinciana Plaza 
Palm Beach, Florida 

1964-1965 CORPORATION 
Flushing 52, N. Y. Tel. 212-WF 4-1964 

ROBERT MOSES, President 

THOMAS J. DEEGAN, JR., Chairman of the Executive Committee 

WILLIAM E. POTTER, Executive Vice President 

CHARLES POLETTI, Vice President, International Affairs and Exhibits 

STUART CONSTABLE, Vice President, Operations 

WILLIAM BERNS, Vice President, Communications and Public Relations 

ERWIN WITT, Comptroller 

MARTIN STONE, Director of Industrial Section 

GUY F. TOZZOLI, (Port of New York Authority) Transportation Section 

ERNESTINE R. HAIG, Secretary of the Corporation and 
Assistant to the President 

WILLIAM WHIPPLE, JR., Chief Engineer