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Full text of "1964-65 New York World's Fair Groundbreaking and Dedication Booklets"

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r INC. 

Groundbreaking at the New York World's Fair 1964-1965 • July 25, 1968 

The Pavilion of Morocco, Inc. will reflect the 
culture of the country. Products of Morocco 
will be exhibited and sold in the pavilion and 
an outdoor restaurant will serve Moroccan deli- 
cacies. Architect for the pavilion is Mr. Charles 
Koulbanis, Mr. John Olenek is structural engi- 
neer, and Mr. Ugur D. Bengisu is the designer. 

Excerpts from transcription of remarks made 
by Moroccan and World's Fair officials at 
the groundbreaking ceremonies for the Pa- 
vilion of Morocco, Inc. at the New York 
World's Fair, Thursday, July 25, 1963. 

DR. ROBERTO DE MENDOZA [Deputy Chief of 
Protocol]: Mr. Sbai, Governor Poletti, distinguished 
guests, ladies and gentlemen. This groundbreaking cere- 
mony for the Pavilion of Morocco, Inc. is a happy occa- 
sion full of golden promise. The pavilion, beautiful in 
the simplicity of its lines, has been designed by Ugur D. 
Bengisu in collaboration with New York architects 
Charles J. Koulbanis and John Olenek. It will have many 
features to captivate the interest of the millions of visitors 
to the Fair. 

It will depict the agricultural resources of the country 
and its wealth in mineral deposits, as well as the modern 
industrialization which has expanded a number of its 
industries. Shops around the pavilion will feature famous 
products of Moroccan handicraft — carpets, leather goods, 
wool and silk stuffs, and many others. I understand that 
part of the exhibit will portray the tourist attractions of 
the kingdom which quite apart from its well-known cen- 
ters like Rabat, Tangier, Marrakech and Casablanca, are 

Mr. Moktar Sbai and Governor Charles Poletti at the site of 
the Moroccan Pavilion, Inc., are shown with Mr. Sbai's 
children, Najia and Ahmed Sbai. 

many and varied, from skiing on the slopes of its beauti- 
ful mountains to swimming and water sports at its mag- 
nificent beaches. 

At this moment I should like to have the honor of pre- 
senting Madame Sbai, wife of the president of the Pavil- 
ion of Morocco, Inc., Madame Sbai. I should also like to 
present the architects who have designed the Pavilion: Mr. 
Charles J. Koulbanis, Mr. John Olenek and Mr. Ugur 
D. Bengisu. 

Our first speaker on this very auspicious occasion is a 
prominent New York attorney who has been a justice of 
the State Supreme Court, trustee of the Power Authority, 
and governor of the State of New York. He rendered 
most valuable services during World War II, for which 
he received many high honors. He visited Morocco in 
1961, shortly after the accession to the throne of His 
Majesty, King Hassan II; and he has traveled widely in 
his untiring efforts on behalf of the success of this inter- 
national section. I have the honor to present Governor 
Charles Poletti, vice president for International Affairs 
and Exhibits of the New York World's Fair Corporation. 

much. The Ambassador referred to the fact that Mrs. 
Poletti and I had a very fine visit to Rabat to extend the 
official invitation to the government for participation in 
the New York World's Fair. That was in 1961, but my 

Mr. Moktar Sbai, president of the Moroccan Pavilion, Inc., 
and Mrs. Sbai, receiving the Fair medallion from Governor 
Charles Poletti, vice president of the Fair's International 

recollection of Morocco goes back a few years before that. 
In fact it goes back to 1943 when I was a member of the 
staff of General George Patton, and those days we were 
roaming around Morocco and Algeria; we saw a bit of 
Casablanca and Marrakech and Fez and other places, so 
that I've had a little acquaintance with your country from 
years back. 

As Ambassador De Mendoza said, we at the World's 
Fair are much delighted that we will have a Pavilion of 
Morocco, Inc. We believe that Morocco has much to 
show to the seventy million visitors that will come to the 
Fair; it's a wonderful country, with a marvelous people. 
And we trust that the culture and the tradition and the 
achievements of the Moroccan people will be beautifully 
presented in this pavilion. 

I want to add another word of commendation to Mr. 
Sbai, Mr. Bengisu, Mr. Koulbanis and his associate Mr. 
Olenek for the magnificent design that you have. I think 
it's colorful, attractive, and it ought to be one of the most 
interesting points in the International Area. 

We of the International Division want specially to 
commend Mr. Sbai for taking the initiative in organizing 
this pavilion. The Moroccan Government was precluded 
from official participation, but Mr. Sbai, who is an Ameri- 
can citizen of Moroccan extraction, had such confidence 
in the success of the New York World's Fair and such 

conviction chat the flag of Morocco should be joining the 
other flags of the world here at the Fair, that he alone 
cook on the organization of this pavilion. We are happy 
to say that his initiative and his resourcefulness have borne 
great fruit and we look forward to the collaboration and 
the cooperation of the Government of Morocco. 

We feel that surely the Ministry of Tourism of Morocco 
will want to give its assistance and its cooperation to Mr. 
Sbai in connection with this Moroccan Pavilion, Inc. be- 
cause American people, who love to travel, will surely 
want to see some of these glorious places of which Mor- 
occo can boast. And this pavilion is the vehicle by which 
that can be done. Apart from showing handicraft and 
some good foods and the nice litde bar chac I see chere, 
I hope chac che organizers of this pavilion will also in 
some way serve to convey to the American people that will 
come co this World's Fair, che greac qualicies of the people 
of Morocco — and, also, something about the King of 
that splendid country. 

Those of us who have followed world evencs are ad- 
mirers of whac is being done by His Majesty, King 
Hassan II of Morocco. He is a young man, but he is coura- 
geous, is forward-looking, he is stalwarc, and he is a firm 
believer in che values of freedom and juscice and liberty 7 . 
And in today's groundbreaking for the Moroccan Pavil- 
ion, Inc., those of us here at the World's Fair wish to 

extend our best wishes to His Majescy, King Hassan II. 
We are proud co have the Moroccan flag at the World's 
Fair and delighted that this beautiful pavilion will reflect 
some of the superb qualities of the people of Morocco. 

DR. DE MENDOZA: Thank you, Governor Poletti. 
I now have che honor of inrroducing an imaginacive, en- 
cerprising personally, who has made ic possible co have 
ac our New York World's Fair, the Pavilion of Morocco, 
Inc., which promises to be one of the great actraccions of 
che Incernational Seccion. He was born in che cicy of Fez, 
seac of che Carouine Universicy, che oldesc universicy of 
che Arabic language. He was raised and educaced in Mo- 
rocco, attended business school in this country and later 
became an American citizen. Among his activities, he 
founded in New York, Moroccan Leather Goods, Inc., 
of which he is president. I have the honor co presenc Mr. 
Mokcar Sbai, presidenc of che Moroccan Pavilion, Inc. 

MR. MOKTAR SBAI: Thank you, Dr. De Mendoza. 
Governor Polecci, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for 
being with us on this very happy occasion. I also want to 
express my deep appreciation to the personnel of the 
New York World's Fair and specially to your Mr. Harris 
for all the willing and able assistance given to me. I am 
looking forward with greac pleasure co concinuing chis 
association for che next cwo years. 

I have every confidence chac the New York World's 

Fair is going to be a tremendous success, and I will do 
everything I can to see that the Moroccan Pavilion, Inc. 
helps contribute to this well-deserved success. I felt so 
very strongly that Morocco should be represented in this 
great undertaking that I decided to go ahead with this 
pavilion on my own. However, in the next few weeks, I 
will be going to Morocco where I will meet and confer 
with the various government officials. 

As a result of this visit I have every expectation that the 
Moroccan Government will cooperate with me on this en- 
terprise. The Bureau of Tourism has already indicated an 
interest in the Moroccan Pavilion, Inc., and I look forward 
to their valuable cooperation. It is through endeavors such 
as this great New York World's Fair that the people of 
the world will come to understand and appreciate one 
another and enjoy the culture of all countries. 

In this Moroccan Pavilion, Inc. many of the products of 
my native country will be displayed and some will be sold. 
A sidewalk cafe is planned, similar to one that might be 
found in Morocco, where light refreshments will be 
served. There will also be a regular restaurant in which 
Moroccan foods and beverages will be served, and less 
exotic cuisine too, for less adventurous diners. Moroccan 
craftsmen and entertainers will be in various parts of 
the pavilion. Again, let me thank you, my friends, for 
being here with us today. Thank you very much. 


will occupy 

a 10,000 sq. ft. site 

in the 

International Area 


MR. MOKTAR SBAI, President of the Moroccan Pavilion, Inc. 


MR. UGUR D. BENGISU, Designer 

MR. JOHN V. OLENEK, Structural Engineer 


Flushing 52, N. Y. Tel. 212-WF 4-1964 

ROBERT MOSES, President 

THOMAS J. DEEGAN, JR., Chairman of the Executive Committee 

WILLIAM E. POTTER, Executive Vice President 

CHARLES POLETTI, Vice President, International Affairs and Exhibits 

STUART CONSTABLE, Vice President, Operations 

WILLIAM BERNS, Vice President, Communications and Public Relations 

ERWIN WITT, Comptroller 

MARTIN STONE, Director of Industrial Section 

GUY F. TOZZOLI, (Port of New York Authority) Transportation Section 

ERNESTINE R. HAIG, Secretory of the Corporation and 
Assistant to the President 

MM -■'■•' -•■■ 

WILLIAM WHIPPLE, JR., Chief Engineer