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Full text of "1964-65 New York World's Fair Groundbreaking and Dedication Booklets"

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at the 

New York World's Fair 


N«~ Yo.1 WoHd'i ••- 1944 l»« COfpoxtfoa 

August 1, 1963 

Excerpts from transcription of remarks made 
by officials of the Sermons from Science Pa- 
vilion and the World's Fair at groundbreak- 
ing ceremonies for the Sermons from Science 
Pavilion at the New York World's Fair, 
Thursday, August 1, 1963. 

ROBERTO DE MENDOZA [Deputy Chief of Proto- 
col] : Dr. Humphries, Mr. Stam, Mr. Hickman, Mr. Jen- 
sen, General Potter, Mr. Beach, distinguished guests. We 
are here this afternoon to witness an important ceremony 
of great spiritual and scientific significance — the breaking 
of ground for the Sermons from Science Pavilion. 

Mr. George R. Hickman, vice chairman of the Com- 
mittee for Sermons from Science at the New York World's 
Fair, will now give the invocation. 

MR. GEORGE R. HICKMAN: Let us pray. Our 
Heavenly Father, we come humbly into Thy presence, 
thanking Thee and praising Thee for the wondrous 
things that Thou hast done so far, and looking ahead as 
we break ground and start construction on this building 
for this great event in our time. We look unto Thee for 

COVER: The Sermons from Science Pavilion will contain a 500-seat theatre for science demonstrations and films; 
earphones and a panel at each seat will enable foreign visitors to dial any one of six languages. The architect is H. Robley 
Saunders, Robert Chamides is associate designer and construction is by the Howell Construction Company. 

leadership continually. We praise Thy name for the won- 
drous things that Thou hast done to date; and, Father, we 
pray that as we construct this building, You will guide 
and direct everything that is done, that the people who 
have a part in it will share in the blessing, and that through 
the ministry of this program we might see many come into 
the Kingdom of Heaven. This we pray in Jesus' name. 

DR. DE MENDOZA: Thank you, Mr. Hickman. I now 
have the pleasure of presenting Mr. Allen E. Beach, direc- 
tor of International Exhibits at the Fair. 

MR. ALLEN E. BEACH: Thank you, Mr. Ambassador. 
Dr. Humphries, distinguished guests. Governor Poletti is 
the one who should rightfully be here today at this impor- 
tant event to greet you and welcome the Sermons from 
Science Pavilion to the International Section of the Fair. 
However, he is away on a few days of well-deserved vaca- 
tion so I'll say a few words in his behalf, and in behalf 
of the International Division. 

I often think of great world expositions as a punctua- 
tion mark in history, when the nations of the world come 
together in one spot in a friendly, peaceful atmosphere to 
compare notes, to take a look at where they have been, 

1963, New York World's Foir 1964-1965 Corporation 

where they are now, and where they are going. Certainly 
a World's Fair of this magnitude would not be complete 
without the representation and participation of the impor- 
tant religious organizations of the world. So we are very 
happy that there are so many religious organizations and 
groups participating in the Fair, and we look forward, in 
Sermons from Science, to this unique presentation of 
Christianity to the millions of visitors that will be coming 
to the Fair. 

We know the success that you had at Seattle ; many of 
us visited your pavilion there and we are delighted that 
your message can now be told at the New York World's 
Fair. Thank you. 

DR. DE MENDOZA: Ladies and gentlemen, before 
introducing the next speaker, I have the honor of present- 
ing some personalities among our distinguished guests: 
Mr. Dan Piatt, director of the Billy Graham Pavilion : 
Mr. H. Robley Saunders, architect for the beautiful Ser- 
mons from Science Pavilion ; Mr. Ralph Howell, who rep- 
resents the Howell Construction Company which will 
build the Sermons from Science Pavilion. And now I have 
the honor to present General William E. Potter, executive 
vice president of the Fair. 

GENERAL WILLIAM E. POTTER: I know that we're 
all greatly impressed with the dynamism of modern reli- 
gion, in seeing that our Fair has a proper and imaginative 
showcase in which to impress upon the world the undying 
truths that serve us as our guidelines in life. We congratu- 

Dr. James H. Humphries at the Sermons from Science Pavilion 

late and thank you for adding to our ability to present 
your concept to the world's public. 

DR. DE MENDOZA: Our next speaker is a graduate 
of the University of Western Ontario. After practicing 
medicine in Detroit, he was appointed, in 1933, assistant 
medical director and, in 1954, medical director of the 
Home Life Insurance Company. He is a member of the 
American Medical Association, of the New York County 
Medical Society, of the Board of Life Insurance Medicine. 

He is also president of the McAuley Water Street Mission 
and chairman of the Christian Businessmen's Committee 
of New York. I have the privilege to present Dr. James 
Humphries, chairman of Sermons from Science Committee 
of the New York World's Fair. 

DR. JAMES H. HUMPHRIES, M.D. [Chairman of 
Sermons from Science Committee]: Thank you, Dr. de 
Mendoza. General Potter, Mr. Beach, all you good friends 
at the Fair who have helped us in our plans and prepara- 
tions. On the Sermons from Science site there will rise, in 
the providence of God, a pavilion of striking design, in 
which millions of visitors to the Fair will be reminded, 
through Sermons from Science, that this amazingly intri- 
cate universe in which we live is indeed the handiwork 
of our omnipotent God. 

Moreover, our visitors will be shown through accurately 
documented scientific demonstrations, live and recorded, 
that this great God of Creation is also the God of eternal 
salvation. The main portion of the building will provide 
a 500-seat theatre: Many unique electronic devices will be 
utilized in the presentation of the program, among which 
will be equipment by means of which many international 
visitors will be able to hear the messages in their native 
tongues. The smaller portion of the pavilion will provide 
areas for conferences, and ample grounds are provided 
which will be appropriately landscaped and which will set 
the building off very effectively. 

The daily program will include twelve 30 -minute pres- 

entations, and, apart from three live demonstrations, each 
day's program will vary from day to day. 

On behalf of my associates in the Sermons from Science 
Committee, and its sponsoring body the Christian Life 
Convention, I would like to thank the New York World's 
Fair Corporation — Mr. Moses, General Potter, Dr. de 
Mendoza, Mr. Beach — all who have had a share in the 
allocation of this delightful site and have been so helpful 
in negotiating the problems which we have faced. Finally, 
may I include a word of recognition to our architect 
Mr. H. Robley Saunders, to his associate designer Mr. 
Robert Chamides, and to the Howell Construction Com- 
pany. Thank you very much. 

DR. DE MENDOZA : Thank you, Dr. Humphries. Our 
next speaker is a graduate of the New York Law School ; 
he served in the United States Army during World War I. 
He was admitted to practice before the Bar of New Jersey 
in 1922, as a counsellor in 1928 and before the U.S. 
Supreme Court Bar in 1951. Among the many high posts 
of trust and responsibility he holds, he is president and 
trustee of the Latin American Mission, Star of Hope Mis- 
sion, Paterson, New Jersey, and the D. M. Sterns Mission 
Fund. He is a member of the board of trustees of the Billy 
Graham Association and of the Winona Lake Christian 
Assembly. He was recently reelected president of Gideons 
International. He is a life trustee of the Pocket Testament 
League and director of Young Life Campaign and of 
Youth for Christ International. It is my privilege to pre- 

sent Mr. Jacob Stam, board of trustees, Moody Bible 

MR. JACOB STAM: General Potter, Dr. de Mendoza, 
Mr. Beach, Dr. Humphries, distinguished guests. It is a 
great privilege to be here today, to be in on the ground 
floor of this symbolic ceremony for the Sermons from 
Science Pavilion. 

I am pleased that this is a united effort. It is my privilege 
to serve as vice chairman of the board of trustees of the 
Moody Institute of Science. The interest is broad, and I am 
glad that this task is under the sponsorship of such a 
united committee. Members of the Christian Business- 
men's Committee International, members of Gideons In- 
ternational, men interested in Moody, men interested in 
the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and many 
organizations over a broad front are working together in 
every way possible in order to have a sound, interesting, 
exciting evangelical witness at the Fair. 

Dr. Irwin A. Moon is the boss man at Moody Institute 
of Science. In the early days when he had more time, he 
personally demonstrated Sermons from Science. I shall 
never forget my first attendance at such a demonstration: 
the platform at Mecca Temple in New York City was 
filled with heavy equipment and many gadgets that at- 
tracted attention, but when Irwin Moon stood up to read 
the Bible, this commanded attention and diverted it from 
the equipment and the gadgets to the reading of God's 
Holy Word. 

George Speake has done a remarkable job in presenting 
Sermons from Science to audiences all over the country. 
His most notable run was at the Seattle Fair, where he 
carried on for 186 days without interruption, giving a 
personal demonstration three hourly periods each day, and 
directing demonstrations or running films and documen- 
taries for the remaining hours of each day. And almost 
every hour the house was jammed; this was one of the 
most popular exhibits at the Seattle Fair, not only to sit 
down and rest the body, but to stimulate the mind to right 
thinking and to high purpose. 

Mr. Robert Moses, speaking at the groundbreaking for 
the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said that high 
in the list of exhibits are the religious organizations. I 
believe that Sermons from Science will have a most useful 
place there. The purpose of the Fair is "Peace through 
Understanding." Solomon, that wise man, pointed out 
that the beginning of understanding and instruction and 
wisdom, is a right relationship with God, or the fear of 
God, as the old English expressed it. A prayer of Moses 
is recorded in Psalm 90, in which he prays "So teach us 
to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto 
wisdom." And then he says, "Let Thy work appear unto 
Thy servants, and Thy glory unto their children, and let 
the beauty of the Lord -our God be upon us, and establish 
Thou the work of our hands upon us, yea, the work of 
our hands establish Thou it." And then the Psalmist, in 
Psalm 92, says, "For Thou Lord hast made me glad 

through Thy work. I will triumph in the works of Thy 

This universe is filled with the work of God, His work 
in creation, His work in preserving this universe, and 
making it tick, making it run on time, and also His work 
on this earth in miracles of grace, in saving men through 
the finished redemptive work of Jesus Christ. This world 
is also filled with the works of men. For some of these, 
man takes all the credit. For some of these, God is given 
the glory. I shall never forget the dedication of a dam 
which impounded the water for a great reservoir. Stand- 
ing below the dam and looking up at it, this was a mighty, 
big, impressive object. The engineers received due credit 
for designing and building it; but, sometime later in flying 
over it and getting a different perspective, I noticed that 
the dam appeared to be only a tiny cork in a tremendous 
open jug or bottle formed by the mountains — which, of 
course, were made by God without cost to the taxpayers. 

Science is the state or fact of knowing — systematized 
knowledge derived from special study and experimenta- 
tion. Science is not opposed to God and the Bible. These 
Sermons from Science will demonstrate what God has 
created, what is known about it, what God has said about 
it ; and it will be demonstrated how this is relevant to the 
needs of men. 

And to these demonstrations there will be response, 
I know, in the hearts of men to the claims of Christ. I be- 
lieve that Sermons from Science will influence many peo- 

ple with the good news, the gospel of The Lord Jesus 
Christ. Not by tedious, long and annoying sermons, but 
by most interesting and exciting applications of the find- 
ings of fact by scientific demonstration and the relevance 
of the gospel to every situation. 

DR. DE MENDOZA: Thank you, Mr. Stam. I now 
have the honor to present Mr. Conrad S. Jensen, vice 
chairman, Committee for Sermons from Science at the 
New York World's Fair, who will offer the dedicatory 

MR. CONRAD S. JENSEN [Vice Chairman, Commit- 
tee for Sermons from Science at the N. Y. World's Fair] : 
Heavenly Father, as we gather here in the midst of this 
World"s Fair, as we've been amazed at the demonstration 
on this model in front of us, as we begin to contemplate 
what some of this will really be like next April, Lord 
willing, we are reminded that Thou hast ordained man to 
climb to great heights in science and technology. We 
thank Thee, Lord, for the things that have been accom- 
plished in the field of medicine to make lives that are in 
desperate need, liveable. 

We thank Thee for the other sciences that have helped 
us from day to day. And yet Lord, in the midst of this, 
in the midst of a land of plenty, in the midst of all of the 
wonders that Thou hast bestowed upon us we are re- 
minded of the hate and the bigotry and the violence and 
the things that go round about us, because men have not 
learned to live with Thee. Lord, as we dedicate the ground 

upon which this building will be built, we pray that the 
Holy Spirit might so dedicate us — that we might show 
the love of Christ wherever we go, and those that live in 
hate and fear might come to know Him before it's too late. 

We thank Thee for the scientific finds that have brought 
people closer to Thee, and we pray that the millions of 
people that will come here, heartsick and weary, looking 
for a little relaxation, and a respite from the things of the 
world, might come into the Sermons from Science build- 
ing, and find the only peace that really lasts — the peace 
that the Lord Jesus Christ can give, when we give our- 
selves to Him. 

Lord, we dedicate this building not as a monument to 
the builder or the architect or those that have contributed, 
but a monument to Thy faithfulness. Thou hast said in 
Thy Word, heaven and earth shall pass away, but my 
word shall never pass away. Even, Lord, as we are re- 
minded that these buildings will be destroyed in a couple 
of years and taken away, we realize that one day this 
entire world that we love so much will also be destroyed. 
We pray that Thou wilt help us know Thee as Saviour, 
to live life before others so that they might see Christ. 
We ask, Lord, that this building might continue, in the 
two years that it's here, to give forth the gospel that many- 
might come to know Thee. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen. 


General William E. Potter, executive vice president of the 
Fair, presenting the World's Fair medallion to Dr. James H. 
Humphries, chairman of the Sermons from Science Committee. 


will occupy 

a 43,461 sq. ft. 

site in the 

International Area. 



GEORGE R. HICKMAN, Vice Chairman 
CONRAD S. JENSEN, Vice Chairman 
W. SCOTT NYBORG, Executive Director 

1964-1965 CORPORATION 

Flushing 52, N. Y. Tel. 212-WF 4--1964 

ROBERT MOSES, President 

THOMAS J. DEEGAN, JR., Chairman of the Executive Committee 

WILLIAM E. POTTER, Executive Vice President 

CHARLES POLETTI, Vice President, International Affairs and Exhibits 

STUART CONSTABLE, Vice President, Operations 

WILLIAM BERNS, Vice President, Communications and Public Relations 

ERWIN WITT, Comptroller 

MARTIN STONE, Director of Industrial Section 

GUY F. TOZZOLI, (Port of New York Authority) Transportation Section 

ERNESTINE R. HAIG, Secretory of the Corporation and Assistant to the President 

WILLIAM WHIPPLE, JR., Chief Engineer