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Full text of "1964-65 New York World's Fair Groundbreaking and Dedication Booklets"

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Swiss Pavilion 
Marck 1, 1963 


Following is a transcription of remarks by 
Dr. Marcel Duriaux, president of the Swiss 
Pavilion, and Governor Charles Poletti, Fair 
vice president for International Affairs and 
Exhibits, given at the Swiss Pavilion ground- 
breaking ceremony, New York World's Fair, 
Friday, March 1, 1963- 

GOV. CHARLES POLETTI [Vice President for Inter- 
national Affairs and Exhibits] : Dr. Marcel Duriaux, ladies 
and gentlemen. This is a very happy occasion indeed for 
me. Many reasons create that happiness. The first is my 
warm friendship for Dr. Marcel Duriaux, who is the 

organizer of this pavilion . I have traveled with him and 
I have worked with him in promoting the New York 
World's Fair in several countries of the world, and I can 
attest to his great energy, his efficiency and, above all, that 
exuberant enthusiasm that he so abundantly possesses. 

I have other reasons for being particularly happy at this 
groundbreaking of the Swiss Pavilion, and that is that the 
Poletti family lived in Switzerland for four years and those 
four years remain in our recollections as the most delight- 
ful of our entire life. I would certainly say that the chil- 
dren never had as good a time as they had in Geneva when 
they were attending the Ecole Internationale. The fun of 
going to Switzerland to school is that you get adequate 
opportunity for skiing and today Dr. Duriaux, we've tried 

Cover: The Swiss Pavilion, which is sponsored by the watch, cheese, gift and chocolate industries and by the schools 
of Switzerland, is planned as a chalet and will also feature the southern terminal for the Swiss Skyride, a separate 
exhibit that will span the Fair's International Area. The architect for the Swiss Pavilion is John L. O'Brien, Jr. Asso- 
ciate architects are Guex, KirchhofT, De Freudenreich, Geneva. Contractor, William L. Crow Construction Company. 

Dr. Marcel Duriaux and Governor Charles Poletti observe a snowy groundbreaking ceremony for the Swiss Pavilion. \ 

J1963 Now York World'-. Folr 1964- 1965 Corporation 


to supply by this snowfall, something that's reminiscent 
of one of the many charms of Switzerland. And that is its 
abundant clean snow. 

Now we know that your pavilion will be a great success. 
We anticipate that millions of people will want to visit it 
because the land of Switzerland possesses special charm, 
attraction and warmth for the American people. And these 
seventy million American visitors will surely look forward 
with great fervor to a chance to visit your pavilion. 

We are delighted that you have so planned your pavi- 
lion that you have not disregarded one of your great indus- 
tries, the Federation Horlogere, because they tell us that 
you Swiss are wonderful in making watches. So I look 
forward to your pavilion ; we pledge to you our full co- 
operation in assisting you to translate this piece of ground 
into this attractive pavilion, and in closing I wish you 
well and I also want, on behalf of the New York World's 
Fair, of president Robert Moses, and the members of the 

executive committee — to present to you a token of our 
esteem and here it is — all labeled out to you, Dear Mar- 
cel. Marcel Duriaux, Swiss Pavilion, Groundbreaking, 
March 1, 1963. 

DR. MARCEL DURIAUX: Governor Poletti, distin- 
guished guests, ladies and gentlemen. It is for me a plea- 
sure and a great honor to be here today with this Swiss 
weather. We have — you people here and we in Switzer- 
land — some affinities. I can't help but be impressed by 
what private industry is doing here at the site of the 
New York World's Fair. May I say modestly, that private 
industry in Switzerland also tries to do its share. The pri- 
vate industry in Switzerland will sponsor a Swiss Pavilion. 
We will also show that we, the people of the oldest dem- 
ocracy in the world, will show to the people of the greatest 
democracy in the world, what we in Switzerland are able to 
do with our small industry, with our knowledge, with our 
sciences and with our education. 

Attending the reception following Swiss Pavilion groundbreaking ceremony are, left to right, Dr. Marcel Duriaux, K 

Helga Gruenstrass, Mrs. Charles Poletti and Governor Poletti. 1/ \ 

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will occupy a 15,000 sq. ft. site 

in the International Area. 

The Swiss Skyride 

has one 

of its terminals 

here also. 

We will have the privilege to show inside of this 
pavilion an atomic clock. I am glad to emphasize that for 
once the word atomic will be identified with peace instead 
of war. We will be happy to show what we do in Switzer- 
land and to cooperate with the management of the New 
York World's Fair. Governor Poletti, thank you for the 
token of friendship that you just presented to me. I shall 
cherish it forever. I shall be very proud to show it to my 
grandchildren on the occasion of the New York World's 
Fair in 1989, but in the meantime let us look forward to 
this great event which the New York World's Fair 1964- 
1965 will be. 

I hereby extend to all of you an invitation to come to 
our Swiss Chalet on the 22nd of April 1964, to enjoy a 
Swiss fondue. Around this Swiss dish we shall contribute 
to the achievement of the New York World's Fair pur- 
pose which is — and which should be known all over the 
world — Peace Through Understanding. Merci. 

Dr. Marcel Duriaux, president of the Swiss Pavilion, receives the Fair's official medallion from Governor Charles 
Poletti, Fair vice president for International Affairs and Exhibits. With them for the groundbreaking ceremony is P> 
r. Col. Pat Young, Deputy Chief of Protocol for the Fair. 

Flushing 52, N. Y. 


THOMAS A. RIZZO, Treasurer 

WORLD'S FAIR 1964-1965 
Tel. 212-WF 4-1964 


ROBERT MOSES, President 

THOMAS J. DEEGAN, JR., Chairman of the Executive Committee 

WILLIAM E. POTTER, Executive Vice President 

CHARLES POLETTI, Vice President, International Affairs and Exhibits 

STUART CONSTABLE, Vice President, Operations 

WILLIAM A. BERNS, Vice President, Communications and Public Relations 

ERWIN WITT, Comptro//er 

MARTIN STONE, Director of Industrial Section 

GUY F. TOZZOLI, (Port of New York Authority) Transportation Section 

ERNESTINE R. HAIG, Secretory of the Corporation and 
Assistant to the President 

WILLIAM WHIPPLE, JR., Chief Engineer 

* For further information write to 

Case Postale 2"72 
Vevey 1 . 


99 Wall Street 

New York 5, New York