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Full text of "1964-65 New York World's Fair Groundbreaking and Dedication Booklets"

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West Virginia Pavilion 

APRIL 29, 1963 

Excerpts from remarks by World's Fair and West 
Virginia officials, and special guests at the State 
of West Virginia Pavilion groundbreaking cere- 
monies, New York World's Fair, Monday, April 
29, 1963. 

President, New York World's Fair Corporation]: Dis- 
tinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. I would like to 
introduce the Right Reverend Wilburn C. Campbell, 
Bishop of the Episcopalian Church of the Diocese of West 

[Bishop, Episcopalian Church, Diocese of West Virginia] : 
Now, may we lift up our hearts and our voices in prayer 
to Almighty God for the many benefits which he has be- 
stowed upon West Virginia and upon this fair nation of 

Almighty God, in the times of prosperity suffer not our 
trust in Thee to fail. In times of crisis, may our courage 
be equal to the occasion. 

Keep us ever mindful of our own motto in West Vir- 

ginia, that mountaineers are always free. In the spirit of 
freedom, in the spirit of unity, in the spirit of national 
being, we ask Thy divine blessing upon the undertaking 
in this international Fair, and especially to the West Vir- 
ginia Pavilion. To those who find rest and relaxation, those 
who find fellowship and inspiration, may they be lifted up 
into a new sense of the brotherhood of man. And that all 
the conceptions which have gone into making this Fair 
may play its part in establishing upon this earth which 
Thou hast given us, a true, a lasting, a vivid and a strenu- 
ous brotherhood of man, under Thy Fatherhood. Amen. 

GENERAL POTTER: Early in the history of our Fair, 
we came in contact with a group called International Fair 
Consultants. The leader of that group is Dr. Leonard 
Stavisky, who not only in the West Virginia exhibit but 
in other places including the Hall of Education, has shown 
that he has a great appreciation of World's Fairs. 

DR. LEONARD P. STAVISKY [Executive Vice Presi- 
dent, International Fair Consultants, Inc.]: West Vir- 
ginia has been fortunate in the site assigned to it by the 
World's Fair. Opposite the seventeen million dollar Fed- 
eral Pavilion, which will be a focal area of attraction, 
stands the West Virginia Pavilion, occupying a plot of 

Cover: Artist's rendering of the West Virginia Pavilion. This exhibit will incorporate the myriad attractions which have made 
this State famous. A Radio Astronomy Sky exhibit will illustrate Green Bank's contributions to research in outer space. Archi- 
tects and engineers are Irving Bowman and Associates and Frederic P. Wiedersum Associates in cooperation with Inter- 
national Fair Consultants, Inc. 

1963 New York Worlds Foir 196-C-1965 Corporcllon 

34,409 sq. ft. 

From the moment of entry into the pavilion, the visitor 
will feel himself transmitted to the environment of the 
State. Through guides, audio-visual aids, films, tele- 
vision, dioramas and life-like displays, the visitor will be 
carried to the very heart of the State, to Hawk's Nest, 
Blackwater Falls, Oglebay Park, Harpers Ferry, the State 
University, the museums, the industrial sites and the 
hundred-and-one major attractions for which this State 

is richly famous. 

Speaking for my associates, I would like to express 
our appreciation to Governor Barron, Commissioner 
Smith, the Board of Public Works, the State Legislature, 
the civic leaders, as well as the newspaper, radio and tele- 
vision executives who have given this program their 
wholehearted support and endorsement. This project is 
truly a West Virginia project, planned in West Virginia, 
by and for West Virginians. 

A special word of thanks should go to E. L. Mont- 
gomery who has handled so many of the arrangements for 
this project and who will be the pavilion director. My 
colleagues, Irving Bowman & Associates and Frederic 
P. Wiedersum Associates, should be congratulated for 
their fine architectural design. Finally, I want to thank 
the New York World's Fair Corporation for this splendid 
preview of West Virginia Day. 

GENERAL POTTER: It gives me a great deal of 
pleasure to introduce the Commissioner of Commerce, 

Governor William Wallace Barron (left) and Commissioner of 
Commerce Hulett C. Smith officiate at the West Virginia 
groundbreaking ceremonies. 

Hulett C Smith. 

HULETT C. SMITH [Commissioner of Commerce, 
State of West Virginia]: Nine days ago, on April 20th, 

1963, the State of West Virginia observed a landmark 
of history — the 100th anniversary of President Abraham 
Lincoln's Proclamation admitting West Virginia into the 
Union. This afternoon we observe another dramatic mo- 
ment in the future of West Virginia, ushering in a new 
era of dynamic growth and greatness that is limited only 
by the imagination, the earnestness and the ingenuity of 
our people. 

This building, conceived as a dynamic showcase of in- 
dustry, relaxation, art, science, government, education and 
the professions, is a source of family entertainment, a 
subject of State pride, a fountainhead for new ideas and 
a glimpse into the 21st century. 

Since the establishment of the State Department of 
Commerce in 1961, we have been earnestly planning and 
building toward a future of West Virginia with new in- 
dustry, new employment and new tourist attractions. The 
New York World's Fair provides a once-in-a-lifetime 
opportunity for us to tell our story to the seventy million 
visitors who will come to the Fair. 

Now, I would like to recognize those honored guests 
who came from West Virginia to be with us at this pavil- 
ion groundbreaking and to acknowledge the wonderful 
cooperation that we've had from International Fair Con- 
sultants, Dr. Stavisky and his group, Mr. Bowman and 
Mr. Wiedersum. Our thanks also to the New York 
World's Fair, to President Moses, General Potter, Mr. 
Pender, and the many others who are making West Vir- 

ginia an integral part of the world and the World's Fair. 

GENERAL POTTER: It is my great pleasure at this 
time to introduce Dr. Armand Spitz, who has designed 
and built over 300 planetariums. With Dr. Harlow Shap- 
ley, he is serving to develop the Radio Astronomy Sky 
exhibit within the West Virginia Pavilion. 

DR. ARMAND SPITZ [Consultant, Radio Astronomy 
Sky Exhibit]: This is a rather interesting opportunity to 
tell the story of the work that West Virginia is doing and 
will do in the future to advance not only West Virginia, 
but the knowledge and the understanding of the world 
with relation to the universe in which we live. 

I am speaking on behalf of Dr. Harlow Shapley, the 
former director of the Harvard Observatory. He has been 
working with us since the very beginning in che planning 
of a demonstration which will help to make this West 
Virginia Pavilion sparkle. 

A great many states will tell their stories at the World's 
Fair. West Virginia is going to be talking about some- 
thing that is increasingly significant in the eyes of the 
scientific world — the fact that it was selected as the site 
for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green 

The radio dishes at Green Bank represent one of the 
new tools of astronomy, one of the new implements which 
men have devised to reach out farther and farther into 
space, to penetrate the clouds which so frequently inter- 
fere wich the optical astronomer. Developments in astron- 

omy emanating from Green Bank are going to help us 
find the answers to still hidden secrets of the universe. 

GENERAL POTTER: Dr. Spitz, my boss's great desire 
since this Fair was first thought of was a scientific exhibit 
that would show what you have just explained to us. I 
introduce to you Mr. Robert Moses, the president of the 
New York World's Fair. 

MR. ROBERT MOSES: Some years ago we were trying 
to get a planetarium in New York, and there was a com- 
mission appointed by the governor to take various pro- 
jects down to Washington to see if we could gouge some 
money out of the Reconstruction Finance Committee. We 
didn't have any money, but we did have great ambitions. 
I was very doubtful of my ability to accomplish anything 
down there, so I asked former Governor Smith if he 
would go along to Washington with me to talk with some 
of his friends on the RFC. I knew he was particularly 
friendly with Jesse Jones. So the Governor went down, 
and one of the projects we presented was the projected 
planetarium for New York. Governor Smith presented 
this issue very appealingly and by that time we had pre- 
sented eleven projects — and by that time the RFC peo- 
ple were very tired. Later that day, Jesse Jones called the 
Governor to say that the planetarium project had been 
approved, and that's how we got our planetarium. 

I'm delighted with the space and attention you are giv- 
ing to this particular subject in your pavilion. I don't de- 
precate and I don't minimize the importance of the travel 

Joining Governor Barron in directing the start of construc- 
tion are members of the Board of Public Works: (left to right) 
Joe F. Burdett, Secretary of State; Denzil L. Gainer, Auditor; 
Rex M. Smith, Superintendent of Schools; John H. Kelly, 

and scenery exhibits, but I think your Radio Astronomy 
Sky exhibit shows imagination, and that's what we need 
at the Fair. What you have here is a highly imaginative 
thing. Anyway, all I can add is that I'm delighted that 
you are here and that so many of you have shown your 
interest by coming here. Thank you. 

GENERAL POTTER: Thank you, Mr. Moses. I 
should now like to introduce The Honorable William 
Wallace Barron, Governor of the State of West Virginia. 

RON [Governor, State of West Virginia]: I am pleased 
and gratified to be here today. I want to congratulate Mr. 
Moses and General Potter and their staff for the planning 
and construction of the New York World's Fair. I want 
to congratulate the people of New York City, the citizens 
of the State of New York, and the federal government 
for making the World's Fair possible. 

Mr. Moses, on behalf of my people and myself, I ac- 
cept this medallion with dignity, because in a sense it 
reflects the initiative of our people and the tremendous 
potential of the great State of West Virginia. Our pavil- 
ion, this lovely luncheon attended by distinguished people 
honoring West Virginia, and the great things that all of 
you have done for our State have inspired me as an indi- 
vidual and as Governor of the State of West Virginia. 

And now, Mr. Moses, it is my privilege to present to 
you with the best wishes of all the people of the State 
of West Virginia some glassware made in West Virginia. 

Mr. Moses, because you have been the inspiration for 
the West Virginia Pavilion, and because you are a dis- 
tinguished American as reflected by your years of dedica- 
tion as a public servant, it is my privilege to bestow upon 
you the title of Honorary' Mountaineer, with all the ranks 
and privileges pertaining thereto. Because of the dealings 
that you have had with Jesse Jones and others, I am 
going to add another provision — that you are entitled 
to Constitutional immunity from arrest while in the State 

of West Virginia. 

General Porter, as Governor of the State of West Vir- 
ginia, it is my privilege because of your services as an 
outstanding American and all the things as heretofore 
have been said about Mr. Moses, to bestow upon you the 
title of Honorary Mountaineer, with all the ranks and 
privileges pertaining thereto. 

GENERAL POTTER: These have been wonderful 
festivities, and to close them on the proper note, and as 
I promised, the last word goes to the Bishop. 

BISHOP CAMPBELL: There are two other bishops in 
West Virginia, Bishop Fred Holloway of the Methodist 
Church, and Bishop Hodges of the Roman Catholic 
Church. I think at this particular point I'm substituting 
for the Roman Catholic Church, Bishop Hodges, which 
indicates that it is in fact an international affair. 

When I was a lad, I was forced to study all about Moses, 
and how he led his children of Israel out of the land of 
Egypt, and he said 'Let my people go.' And he built a 
highway across the Red Sea. I was a priest on Long Island 
when another Moses came to life, and said: 'I want to 
build an Interboro; I want to build a Grand Central Park- 
way; I want to build the Northern Parkway.' Mr. Moses, 
I bask in the sunlight of Jones Beach — and you built it. 
For years, I've admired you, and now I'm privileged to 
be close to you and to have you pay tribute to West 

Governor William Wallace Barron (right) presents West Vir- 
ginia stemware to Robert Moses. 

We, in West Virginia, may not be the richest, we may 
not be the biggest, but we are the freest — and we love it 
— every bit of our West Virginian mountains. So, let 
us ask God's blessing upon this. 

Unto God's gracious mercy and protection, we commit 
ourselves. May the Lord bless us and keep us, May the 
Lord make His face to shine upon us and be gracious unto 
us. May He pour into our lives His love, His light, and 
His peace. That in His love we may not be lonely; in His 
light we may not be lost. Amen. 

West Virginia Pavilion 

William Wallace Barron, Governor 

HulettC. Smith, Commissioner of Commerce 

Board of Public Works State Legislature 

William Wallace Barron, 
Governor, Chairman 

Joe F. Burdett, Secretary 
of State 

Denzil L. Gainer, Auditor 

Rex M. Smith, State 
Superintendent of 

John H. Kelly, State 

C. Donald Robertson, 
Attorney General 

John T. Johnson, 
Commissioner of 

Howard W. Carson, 
President of the Senate 

Julius W. Singleton, Jr., 
Speaker of the House 
of Delegates 

E. Hans McCourt, 
Senate Finance 

Ivor Boiarsky, 
House Finance 

Department of Commerce 
Advisory Board 

Don B. Potter, Chairman 
Dr. Frank H. Fischer 
Robert C. Hieronymus 
Hugh Stillman 
Albert S. Kemper, Jr. 
Dr. Clyde L Colson 
David T. Kennedy 

E. L. Montgomery, 
Pavilion Director 

Curtis S. Wilson, 
Director of Purchases 

International Fair Consultants, Inc. 

Irving Bowman & Associates — Frederic P. Wiedersum Associates 

Tel. 212-WF 4-1964 Flushing 52, N. Y. 

ROBERT MOSES, President 

THOMAS J. DEEGAN, JR., Chairman of the Executive Committee 

WILLIAM E. POTTER, Executive Vice President 

CHARLES POLETTI, Vice President, International Affairs and Exhibits 

STUART CONSTABLE, Vice President, Operations 

WILLIAM BERNS, Vice President, Communications and Public Relations 

ERWIN WITT, Comptroller 

MARTIN STONE, Director of Industrial Section 

GUY F. TOZZOLI, (Port of New York Authority) Transportation Section 

ERNESTINE R. HAIG, Secretary of the Corporation and 
Assistant to the President 

WILLIAM WHIPPLE, JR., Chief Engineer