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Let all of us foce the facts. 
The yeorbook, that one time 
valuable instrument of 
memories is on its woy to its 
own grove memory. 

It is true that the value of the 
yeorbook is ot its lowest point 
at the time of its purchase. But 
the longer it is with you the 
more value it has. These days, 
very few people are willing to 
experience the long-term joy 
that a yearbook is capable of 

/ wos looking at the 1938 
Southern Campus the other 
day and it was a highly unusual 
and amusing experience. 
When you look at a yearbook 
that old, you seem to acquire a 
flavor of the era, even though 
it was before your time. You 
can see how the rapidly 
changing modes of dress 
looked at that juncture. You 
can see how minute the 
campus was in comparison 
with today's sprawling 
university. You can see when 
the word apathy was hardly 
used because it couldn't be 
properly applied to any section 
of the campus. If you were 
interested in sports you could 
look up players that you used 
to read about and ask yourself 
where have they gone. And if 
you were going to school in 
1938 you would have the 
opportunity to see how you 
looked (provided of course 
that you were in the book). As 
the old cliche goes: "you've 
come a long way, baby." 

This yeor as in years post, 
the yearbook staff is en- 
deavoring to bring to all in- 
terested parties a 
photographic and journalistic 
chronicle of the 1972-73 school 
year. You may even want to 
look at it in this light. For many 
people, the yearbook is the 
only way to recall all those 
events and all those good 
times that you never par- 
ticipated in. 

Didn't your mother ever tell 
you that you were supposed to 
have fun in college because 
you were going to have to 
support yourself and all other 
hanger's on for the rest of your 

People always seem to be complaining about being known only 
as a series of letters and numbers. Of course these people 
would be the first to tell you of their fate as well as who they 
really are. A camera was provided with remote control for self- 
portraits and people were given the opportunity to describe 
their own uniqueness in words and photographs. 

'Pinocchio who?" 

"Vulnerable and I miss my mommy 
and daddy." 

' U 


"I eat nothing but chocolate yogurt. 

'Wanna coofeie?' 

"Show me the way to the nearest lobotomy. " 

'J see myself as a huge blob of potential. 

"A man of taste, discrimination, and 
discernment. The feind of man who reads 

"A pickle in every chicken and a 2$ 
corned beef in every pot." 

"I see myself as a kindergartener 
who can't find the bathroom." 

"Now that we're divorced 7 miss our Friday nite 

"I'm a student of the arts. Watch out for mv smile.' 

"Eye to you, bub." 

'We see ourselves as the campus couple." 

"Honesty, integrity, and a whole lot of 

"I'm a half Negro-Mexican with black curly 
hair. I wear an earring in my left ear. I have a 
very rotten personality and I love music. But 
even though that's what's wrong with me, I'm as 
cool as hell." 

'Three friends questioning their own reality. 

"Charming, intellectually brilliant, all 
personality, sensitive, and black is beautiful 

"J have no choice. I'm a ten thumbed pastie. " 

'We are the committee for the abolition of committees." 

"A Pragerism." 

"J'ma member of the better half Right on?" 

V- * 


"This is what happens when the sky opens and 3,000 
pounds of lime jello falls." 

"I have put aside my world travels to complete my major 
here. I am also studying the ladies." 

"I'm a college student con- 
cerned with the utility of 
discipline and other bullshit. " 

'Jaded blue!" 

"I didn't come to school 
just to eat lunch." 

"One out of 29,651 students is me. The odds 
are bad, but I think it's worth it despite. " 

"Heavy is as heavy does 
. . . therefore I am the 
heaviest of them all. I 
weigh therefore I am." 


"I am a unicorn at the edge of the woods. Do you see 
me, or do you just think you do? Does it matter?" 1 1 

"7 am a combination of a half-assed student, yogi, 
dancer, businessman, and I am 95 per cent vegetarian. " 

"The answer to a girl' 

"A sudden tree or standing stone, 
that none have seen but I alone." 

"I love my bike. 

"Help! My soul has been captured by this evil machine 
of the University." 

'I'm Danny, fly me to anywhere you damn please. 

"lam sly, slick, and wicked, and crazy as a mother . 

"Looks are deceiving. I'm an erotic beast.' 

"It's a nice day on the UCLA campus. No smog. Barometer readings 


'Ace photographer with 
ripod. " 


"I'm an animal husbandry graduate 
looking for an animal husband." 

"Only as long as we can 
laugh at ourselves are 
we nobody else." 

'Forever on a diet." 

'I'm extra vivaristtc." 

"What, me worry? After all those funky parking 
tickets, aspirins from Student Health, tear gas from 
spring, upset stomachs from the Terrace Room, bad 
grades and incompletes, gee, I guess UCLA can be 

"Why did the turfeey 
cross the road? ... He 
thought he was a 

"Some have described me as 
forward, some say I'm back- 
ward; my friends think of me 
as generous, my enemies 
probably try hard not to thinfe 
of me at all." 

"Cool breeze." 

"lama new student on campus but 7 assure you you're going to 
hear from me. I may be your next president." 


"Basically, an intelligent but sel/-crttical optimist 
suffering from delusions of grandeur." 

'I'm out to lunch. 

"I wake up on many a Saturday morning not knowing 
where I am or what I did the night before. " 

"How do 7 sec myself? Most of 
the time by looking at my 
reflection otherwise there's 
not too much there." 

"I find myself living happily in mental fantasy since the 
realization of practical aspirations is necessarily bound to 
disappointment. The entertainment of one day's dream is 
pinned and flattened by one analytic introspection. " 

"Rally committee is a blast.' 

"One of the most important movements of our time, 
and one to which 7 dedicate myself, is that of women's 

"Right now / feel used, abused, and tossed 

Awhile back, the Southern 
Campus office received a small 
white envelope slipped under the 
door. The message inside was 
cryptic but simple. It instructed 
us to answer the phone at 4:38 pm. 
The staff was mystified but when 
the phone rang at that time the 
editor answered the phone to a 
handkerchief laden, stuffy-nosed 
voice. With curt poiliteness the 
voice instructed us to include a 
tribute to the great LaFong. After 
finding out about LaFong and his 
accomplishments we consented to 
include this tribute. In addition, 
the here-to-fore anonymous 
LaFong softens up a bit as, in his 
own words, he lets us verbally 
peek at some of his closely 
guarded secrets. 

i surrwe fouxe 


wi* e< (mow*. tut VI- 


Oiift so l vocne. kj PH- 


we Ki6T eve. 

TO *0X. KlUMiy TMHT- 


CMION OH $06t/OlC WS- 
PlIdUtMlON ^ WuiN CM 
6t 6W6N evt$l6t M UN 

UCLA vs Citadel, 
in concert 






So Long, LaFong 

The forty-nine cent Sanford Sharpie that has 
been providing cartoons for the Daily Bruin since 
1965 is dry. The show is over, the monkey is 

I was an enigma. Even though I had more 
sports cartoons reproduced than anyone in the 
history of the school paper less than a dozen 
folks knew my true identity. For several reasons I 
signed my drawings with the name of a "chump" 
mentioned but never seen in the 1934 W.C. 
Fields movie It's a Gift: LaFong, Carl LaFong. 
Primarily, I did not want a certain portion of the 
faculty to know that I was doodling for the Bruin. 

My first cartoons were labored. Each was 
drawn differently. And each one took me all 
night to complete. I wanted every line and 
gesture to be perfect. Often I would write the 
same caption 30 or more times before I pasted 
down the one I thought was printed best. My 
Bruin first looked like a grizzly, then Snoopy, 
Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and eventually the 
Hathaway shirt man. I gave him his eye-patch on 
October 22, 1966. I figured my drawings would 
be very forgettable if I didn't give my bear a 
gimmick, or trademark. A year or two earlier Sally 

i Brown of the Peanuts strip had sported an eye- 
patch to clear up emblyopia. Snoopy naturally 
.swiped the patch and wore it for several days 


masquerading as a pirate. Charles Schulz soon 
abandoned the patch, when Sally's vision 
improved, so I seized it. Consequently, though 
my drawing style was different each year, the 
patch remained the same, and it always 
identified a LaFong cartoon. 

Cartoons for Friday's paper were always due 
on Wednesday. Every Tuesday night I sat with a 
stack of paper and watched sweat pop out of my 
skin while I went through the stack making 
unusable drawings. Eventually I became satisfied 
with the appearance of the Bruin and settled 
down to quicker applications of my wit. My 
drawings were always immaculate and well 
composed but often the sports editor treated 
them like Sweeny the butcher. They hacked them 
and rearranged them and reversed them. 

LaFong is finished. After ten years of drawing, 
I may have seen my last printed cartoon. Two 
years before I entered UCLA I was the Conestoga 
cartoonist at Greenhills (Ohio) High School. In 
1965 I won the Dayton Daily News trophy for 
Ohio High School Cartoon of the Year. For 8 years 
at UCLA tens of thousands of folks have followed 
my little Bruin, perhaps more than will ever see 
my nudes and landscapes and field hares. I want 
to earn a living with my drawings because I love 
to draw. 

But LaFong is gone 


Saul Roe, Gary Leonard, Dennis Fried, 
Phil Neel, Sue Sparling, Mark Rubin, 
Terry Col v in 


Glen Winans, Margaret Audet, John Schroeder 
Saul Shapiro, Clark Conard, Joyce Finzi, 
Leigh Jellison, Heather Harris, Faren 
Bachelis, Rufus Baker, Steve Brower, 
Ed Goto, Susie Hatago, Henry Neugass, 
Steve Rubin, Dave Schiering, Paul 
Serrano, Ann Solomon, Jim Stebinger, 
Craig Andrews, Ed Burgart, Marc 
Dellins, Mike Kagen, Jamie Krug, 
Charlie Mathews, Scott Brock, 
Mason Buck, Debbie Gobble, Joan 
Weinstein, Diane Ainsworth, 
Leslie Tedrow, Charles Solomon, 
Craig Smith, Roes Zoes-Robinson, 
Administrative Assistant. 

John Sandbrook, Ken Peterson,. Dave Cislowski, 
Steve Ainsworth, Cassy Mahoney Cohen, 
Irwin Bornstein 

Jeff Weber, Shelley Presser, Nina A. Pinsky 
(Technical Advisor), Tom Humphreys, Dave 
Peden, Ken Ward, Ron Rawson 

Dave McNary, Kenn Guernsey, Gary Clark 


Greg Johnson 
Glen Winams 
Paul Callahan 
Jack Lewis 

Cathy Worthington | 

Bottom : 




Van Home 



Dorothy Wood 

Nancy Hatakeyama 

Mari Seki 

Iris Yoneda 

Jean Myose 

Barbara Beezy 

Susan Harada 

Pam Clark 

Beverly Stoll 








* ^ 







Left to Right: Terry O'Donnell Norman Schindler Karen Birkenes Waly Vilenica Stan Troutman 

student legislative Council 

l i > ' 


Wilo Nunez - - Community Service Commissioner, Rick Tuttle - - Administration 
Representative, Steve Halpern Student Body President, Chip Morrow Alumni 
Representative, Bob Holt FinancialSupports Commissioner, Jim Powlesland Finance 
Committee Chairman, Don Findley Executive Director, ASUCLA. 


Lita Betita Administrative Assistant to the President, Heidi Hilb Student Educational 

Policy Commissioner, Kathy Kerr Cultural Events Commissioner, Bob Losey Campus 

Events Commissioner, Sam Okimoto Student Welfare Commissioner, Esther Valadez - 

national Students Association Representative, Suz Rosen Student Facilities Com- 



Ross Arbiter Administrative Vice-President, Greet Zohar Administrative Vice- 
President, Loren Lewis General Representative, Stu Needman General Represen- 
tative, Carol Felton General Representative, Murray Leaf Faculty Representative. 


T. Row L-R 

Donald Leutz, Tom Pinto, Jerry Avery, Jeff Werthan, Jack 

Hamann, Larry Balmagia, Mike Wagner, Doug Drew. 
Middle Row L-R 
Tom Germany, Bob Rogers, Evan Wright, Doug Easton, 

Rick Jones, Howard Sisko, Dave Dreyfuss, Mike Stern. 
Bottom Row L-R 
Scott Bowhay, Brian Lane, Larry Miles, Eric Doctorow, 

Steve Stern. 


Donald Leutz General Manager, Sylvia Borough 

Traffic Secretary, Mike Wagner Program Director, 

Bob Rogers Music Director. 

Not Pictured 
Don Zimring News Director 


T. Row L-R 

Dave Campbell, Jeff Werthan, Jack Hamann, Wayne 

Friedman, Jerry Sink, Rob Krimsky, Rick Jones. 
Bottom Row L-R 
Evan Wright, Jerry Avery, Laurie Rittenberg, Sheri Perlin, 

Denise Kurtzman, Bob Andrati. 


Left to Right: Arnold Peyser (Alumni), Chairman Scott Shurian (Journalist), Carol Schneiderman, 
Harry E. Morris (Publications Manager), Mary Jane Krebs (for Dean Atkinson, Administration), 
Michael Granfield (Faculty), Richard Nuanes, Bill Scanlon, James Patch, Robert Bam berger 

' '^^w^Jr^ 



Harry E. Morris is retiring offer o 48 yeor relationship with UCLA. At 
the age of sixty-five Mr. Morris will be leaving in May. 

Mr. Morris was a UCLA student from 1929-1932 when the school was 
still located on its old Vermont Ave. campus. In his junior year he began 
serving as event manager of UCLA basketball games at the Olympic 
Auditorium, handling every aspect of the arena management, from 
tickets to ushers. In 1933 he was made Ticket Manager, a position he 
held for ten years. Since 1944, Mr. Morris has been Director of ASUCLA 
Publications, supervising the Daily Bruin, Southern Campus and all other 
student and sport program media. 

The Yearbook staff would just like to say thanks and express our 
appreciation for all the support that Mr. Morris has given us. Countless 
times, Mr. Morris spoke out in favor of Southern Campus, and in many 
ways, was responsible for the yearbook lasting this long. 

Lunchtime was never boring 
while the speakers program was 
operating. Countless times during 
the school year one's bologna 
sandwich was garnished with the 
thoughts of Cesar Chavez, Ramsey 
Clark, the Credibility Gap and 
many other notables. This past 
year saw a national election take 
place and Jeff Grunfeld, Speakers 
Program Chairman couldn't be 
happier. His job as a recruiter was 
never easier. Many candidates 
were eager to accept Jeff's in- 
vitation and as a result the noon 
schedule of the speakers program 
was constantly filled. But political 
figures were not the only ones to 
appear on the campus. The en- 
tertainment and sports world were 
well represented and as it turned 
out, this year's program was one of 

.the most successful ever. 

L ^A 


Daniel Ellsberg 

Teddy Kollek 

Ramsey Clark 


Alan Cranston 

Dr. Ben Spock 

Candice Bergen 

Mike Shapiro 

Mrs. Medgar Evers 

The Committee 


Jess Unruh 

Steve Allen 


Joan Rivers 


The Credibility Gap 


Herb (Herblock) Block 




Bill Farr 

Joseph Benti 


Stokely Carmichael 


Cesar Chavez 

Birch Bayh 

Carol Burnett 

Cal Worthington 
r -v*, 


Tom Bradley 


It was a very embarrassing year. 

There were so many events of every conceivable type, choosing which 


Japanese Puppet Theater 

"Puooets & Mime" 




from Taiwan 



Cal Tjader versus Schoenberg Hall 
Schoenberg Hall was the undisputed 
victor. The Cal Tjader Quintet never had 
a chance. The combination of distorted 
amplification and horrid acoustics 
obliterated any sense of balance, 
subtle harmonic manipulation, and 
even melody line. A gross injustice to a 
fine ensemble. 

Let's hear it for featured soloist 
Mike Wolfe who came back to play well 
for all his old classmates. 



// jF*^**\^f^ HJH HlHll^Hk HHH^ I ^1 HkV/ 


Selected and played by 

William Windom 


Silver hair, surly jowls, and stiff 
wrists. Malcuzynski mangled 
Liszt. Franck, and Chopin with an 
astounding lack of sensitivity, 
lyricism, phrasing and on and on. 

1 managed to sneak out before 
Malcuzynski could begin his 
encores (4). 






Great Artists Series 

Vladimir Ashkenazy 

Nelsova- Johannescn 

Ethnic Dance 


dance Cheater 

of Bali 


Classical Music & Dance of Korea 


TKc Art of Dance Series 


One weekend, the UCLA Dance Company presented 
three new choreographies and one recreation of "Partita 
V," 1942 Doris Humphrey dance. "Partita V" was directed 
here by Marion Scott, who was among the original cast of 
"Partita V." Doris Humphrey describes "Partita" as "a 
bit of whipped cream." It appeared that this whipped 
cream was either one day old, or it was vintage seven- 
teenth-century whipped cream. 

"Events and Reverberations" by UCLA Dance Company 
director Carol Scothorn was definitely twentieth century 
and a good deal beyond. The entire piece was dramatically 
cohesive, and each movement, even the flicking of a finger, 
was fully motivated for the dancers. 

In "Events" Kathe Coperman's duet with cellist Denis 
Brott was not only articulated excitingly and honestly by 
Miss Copperman, but it was a fine example of the 
possibilities in combining two artistic disciplines in an on- 
stage situation. The musician was not just providing music 
for a dance, but became an integral part of the 
choreography when a relationship was established between 
musician and dancer by Miss Copperman's physical 
contact with his chair. 

"In The Beginning" life was pure and innocent, and if 
anything like Margalit Oved's choreography, probably 

extremely humorous. It was so refreshing to see human life 
celebrated instead of criticized. The performance by Keith 
Marshall as Adam and Andrea Harriston as Eve was 
sensitive and humorous as well as technically strong. 

"Requiem for Jimmy Dean: Search for a Hero" was 
surprising, to say the least. Picture thirteen girls all 
dressed identically in Black (against a black background) 
all performing the same movements around an idol. Ob- 
viously the dancers represented the faceless masses paying 
homage to a false idol (this idol happened to be Jimmy 

The movements of the thirteen women were erotic, yet 
tightly controlled and were motivated by force and en- 
joyment of the movements. Yet Keith Marshall's 
movements were slow, almost pre-meditated, rationally 
controlled, and he sat beneath the idol, immune to its 
power, throughout most of the dance. One wonders what 
Jack Cole was trying to say. It would have been more ef- 
fectively left in its Broadway musical style minus the 

As a whole, the UCLA Dance Company program was 
exciting and dramatic, and extremely varied; with effort 
and commitment displayed by all those involved. 

Nanette Deetz 


p-iw "^ '^^^^ I 




Descartes once said that "motion is the expression of the spirit." Whether he spoke of human 
movement or celestial movement is unimportant; he did understand the ability to communicate through 
motion. Last Saturday night UCLA was privileged to watch Descartes theory in practice when the Jose 
Limon Dance Company performed four pieces in Royce Hall. Unfortunately, the program was dedicated to 
the memory of Jose Limon who died Dec. 2, 1972; but it was apparent throughout this program that his 
spirit will endure. 

The living example of Limon's spirit is embodied within each of his dancers. Not only is their 
technical ability articulate and dramatic, but it is rare to discover so many powerfully controlled and 
individual men in one company. "The Unsung" was a showcase for each man's talent and style. Not only 
is it technically perfect, but it is an effectively dramatic piece of choreography, with no music except the 
rhythm of the dancer's feet striking the stage, and the rhythm of the human body in motion. 

In direct contrast to "The Unsung" is the piece entitled "Orpheo." It is Limon's last peice of 
choreography before his death, and it is a tribute to his artistic talents. Extremely romantic in style 
(music by Beethoven) it manages to remain honest without becoming "corny." 

If "The Unsung" was a showcase for the men, "Dances For Isadora" was equally succesful for the 
women in the company. Almost as romantic in style as "Orpheo" (music this time by Chopin), "Isadora" 
contained more psychological motivation. It is choreographed as a group dance, yet its form is a 
sequential unfolding of five personalities of Isadora Duncan (if you so choose it) or else a short history of 
the psychological growth of modern dance (also your choice). 

Whatever one's interpretation is, the dance as a whole is entertaining. Each role appears to be 
perfectly fitted to the dancer; and each dancer's emotional interpretation gives life to the role. 

The weakest piece in the program was "The Emperor Jones." Limon's "Emperor Jones" does not 
follow precisely the original O'Neill play, rather it attempts to explore another dimension of the main 
theme. But if the men were superb in "The Unsung" they were disappointing as an ensemble in 
"Emperor Jones." Their timing was slightly off in the beginning and unfortunately never became 
harmonized. The music was (as in other pieces) romantic, but this time obviously dated, bordering on 
melodramatic. The set and lighting conceptions saved the piece because of its sparse and abstract 

Limon's decision to create either all male or all female dances (with the exception of Orpheo) may 
appear strange or unsatisfying, however his choice is obviously a conscious one and must be considered 
as such. Perhaps Limon wanted to celebrate the essential differences between man and woman; or 
perhaps he has a definite conception of man and his particular movements which differs from his 
conception of woman and her special movement patterns. Thus, he chose to dramatize men and women 
separately dealing with the universal problems and pleasures of living. Whatever his reasons, his spirit 
will continue to speak for dance. 

- Nanette Deetz 






^-rr \ : j \ - '_ | r* ^ ^ 
-A u. v-v rvo . H v * 

Powell Library, that student haven, where the days reflect thfe noisy . 
bustle dl busy beehive and at nights the graveyard silence is dig&irbedV 
only by^the gentle gnawing of well bred bookworms, now heard a dif- 
ferent 1 ind of 4 sound. 

The I otun<Jfreverberated to the beat of a classical guitar, capably 
played y the knowing fingers of Steven Elster, a student of thelpusic^ 
departr ent bege. 

Elste , performing before a capacity audience of 400 plus, got o|f to a^, 
slow sti rt with Suite in D-Moll and Gavotta, but either he got o*r his 
"<"""" lessor warmed up his fingers, for from the beginning of Eptudio, 
ile of Tarantella he played with verve, expertise and 

XIX to 



heir in 





It is a 

|ing sound was accentuated and off-set by an of 
itten$^ Paul Reale, assistant professor of music, entitlj 
us Death of the Ma^ic Realist and a qu, 
that ae to be praised for their mastery^fej|jj^^e see 
jrprejtaUon of 

ollow;ec[was an e?jpellent rendition, by Doroth>Zeavki, of 
ig the program with Vases yepez 
jttle Prelude and Tarantella. | 
ier^fe was H IveninM of excellenl 'music, J play 
ly weMlby all, bnt basicall^t was a snap c#ae for ijthe U 

his classical gui. 

sy to'sefe that UCl,A need nft import itsji 
even Elster and friends. n 


et of 

The number of great productions that appeared on the 
UCLA campus during the past year was so great that 
Southern Campus couldn't possibly display them all. 
Instead we have decided, in the next 3 pages, to give just 
a verbal hint of the talent that the students and the 
public had the pleasure of seeing during 1972-1973. 

Tom P. ine .. 

Loudon Woinwright III 




Die Briieke Returns 

to UCLA in 'Woyzeek 

and 'Der Frieden 

"Graphic Art of 

"Yankee Sails 'Round the 
World" on Armchair Series 

Roger Wagner Chorale 
Joins Chamber Symphony 


>9s p. 

>^ tc .. fC " 
^o\\ exe 


nC ^f^e s . 
lf/0 <//* ( 

Orgonisf David Craighead 


John H 

FheaJer Presents "Les Huguenots 

Senof sky-Mack-Lesser 
Trio Performs 



Peter Schwarz Opens 
"Organ Trilogy" Series 




JV Football 

JV Basketball 

Dr. Ralphe Bunche Mem. 

Cross Country 

Water Polo 






In Memory 







Ice Hockey 

Women's Intercollegiates 

Spirit & Band 

IM Sports 














Nebraska 17 

Pittsburgh 28 


Oregon 20 

Arizona 31 

Oregon State 7 

California 1 3 

Washington State 20 

Stanford 23 

UCLA 21 




From the first game of the season when we 
defeated last year's national champs, the 
University of Nebraska, to the SC game when we 
lost to this year's national champs, if was one 
exciting season. 

A lot of people have called it the year of the 
Wishbone. I prefer to call it the year of com 
mitment. Our coaches and players were com- 
mitted to making UCLA the most improved 
football team in major college ranks, from a 2-7- 
1 losing season in '71 to a 8-3-0 winning cam- 
paign this year. How sweet it is. The only thing 
that would have made the year better, of course, 
would have been a win over the greatest Trojan 
team of them all. Unfortunately we can't always 
have everything that we want, but there will be 
another year for UCLA. 

There were many stars on this year's football 
team, but the players that we will miss most are 
obviously those seniors who gave us so many 
exciting moments. We will miss Randy Tyler ano 
Gary Campbell in their fine runs from the 
fullback position. The fine offensive line play of 
Lassner, Walton, Leal, and Gasch/er will be 
sorely missed as without their fine blocking up 
front UCLA would not rank as the greatest 
running team in Pacific-8 history. And who can 
forget Brad Lyman, Terry Vernoy, and Reggie 
Echols contributing so much to our success. One 
of the true heroes was Rob Scribner, who gave 
up a starting defensive secondary job to help 
where he was needed most at quarterback. Rob 
gained 498 yards rushing and averaged 7.7 
yards per carry. What a great year for our of- 
fensive seniors. 

Fortunately we only lose one defensive senior, 
but he was a great one, and that is Allan Ellis. He 
played regularly for three years and did a greaf 
job all three years, but saved his best for last. 
Bruce Barnes, the leading Conference punter for 
three years and Paul Moyneur, who played many 
positions well, are just some of our seniors, but 
we will miss each and every one of them. 

We are looking forward to a great year in 
1973 with McAlister, Johnson and Harmon 
returning in the backfield that broke every UCLA 
offensive record plus some outstanding of- 
fensive linemen, but most important we return 
10 of 11 defensive starters so it should be 
another exciting year for Bruin fans. 

I want to thank all the members of the 1972 
Bruin team as well as all the many fans of Bruin 
football and their support throughout this year. 
Sincerely, /"' ""X 

Rally Committee no longer plans rallies and isn't really a 

Rally Committee is a feeling. 

Rally Committee is when the autumn sun sets over the graceful 
sweep of the Coliseum and the ground shudders before the 
unleashed vocal energy of students and air horns and your 
friends are there and suddenly all your work is worth it. 

Rally Committee is an art form; drawing and writing and 
changing and worrying until finally amplified voices boom out 
over a canvas as big as your house and our school once again has 
the best card stunts and the only light stunts anywhere. 

Rally Committee is the satisfaction of making UCLA a better 
place; spirit, service, lines at Pauley, and improved relations with 
alumni and taxpayers. 

But mostly Rally Committee is people; an astonishingly diverse 
bunch creating and laughing together and becoming involved In 
a way few of today's anomie-afflicted students can understand. 

Rally Committee is. 

Top: Hugh Stegman, Karen Johansen, Sunny Spergel, Brian Young 
Bottom: Ed Schiavone, Jeff Benesch, Rich Herczog, Larry Rodriguez 

f * ..- .l. I. t. ,,,*-....*. * 4 .IMP* -* "** H 

K1.J . .*..\* * ., t ** 

"ki/;rl -A:: : ? ; : A * : : : x* : :^%ib: : : 

* JA:4' ,. i*' ; ^i 

^fesfe.;*^ *< 

- ^.v. . . . .Tj^a*, .. ... 7; .... L. . 

C; *< V > * _'-* i > n ,..rt.....::-..*r..... MSJ1 


.m , , J. , iijilff * *<Tfc *^* * *'V^ *** w % '^> * *fl v^ -V* *r * ^>" r CMV* ***.. A.^.TI.,.. . .- 

^r. . ..- 1 ^..... Jj . ** -j rf>**Jr' "rfL " ~~i *%* !*! I fc *L* ** J|W*- ..**....*. 

r*J!i::ifafc : Ti>stJiWtiiSiiw::i: ^::;^*:::!:::::::::::::::::::r:::::::::: ::: ::1;::i;:: :::i(E ::::afr:ri:: 


The BLAIR PAIR- reunite 


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_UCLA_Ba she thai I 
Sports Illustrated 

r\e*"ciuiacD OK -tn-m 

DECEMBER 25, 1972 





Wo o d e n 

The Bruins celebrated Coach John 
Wooden's silver anniversary at UCLA with 
an unprecedented ninth NCAA Cham- 
pionship in the past ten years and ex- 
tended the Bruin win streak to a record 
75 games in a row, in addition to 
numerous other records that were 
established at the same time. 
BELOW AND RIGHT - Head Coach John 
Wooden with Assistant Coach Gary 



Coach John Wooden accepts game ball from 
Notre Dame Coach Digger Phelps upon 
defeating the Irish 82-63 to establish a new 
record for the most consecutive games won by a 
college basketball team. Thus the Bruins erased 
the record of 60 straight set by USF's Bill Russell- 
K.C. Jones team in the mid 50's. Playing amongst 
a hostile South Bend crowd, Wilkes hit for 20 
points, Walton and Farmer had 16 apiece with 
Walton grabbing 15 rebounds. Hollyfield and 
Farmer were the only two Bruins on the last 
UCLA team to lose a game to Notre Dame, 
when All-American Austin Carr accumulated 46 
points giving the Irish an 89-82 victory. Along 
with Wooden, both were more than overjoyed 
with the record breaking victory over the Irish. 

reflections... 1972-1973 UCLA Basketball In Retrospect 

A mild heart problem which caused me to miss my first game 
in thirty-eight years of coaching, the problems involved with the 
maintainment of a long consecutive game winning streak which 
has now reached an unbelievable total of seventy-five, the 
normal pressures that are to be expected from being "at the 
top" for such an unprecedented period of years, and the ad- 
ditional burden brought on by the publication of several books 
pertaining to UCLA basketball and my personal life all con- 
tributed to making the 1972-1973 season one of the most 
"trying" in my experience. 

However, the end result was extremely gratifying and made 
this one of the most cherished of all of our championships. 

How can I ever forget the magnificent performance of Bill 
Walton in the championship game against Memphis State, the 
inspirational and effective play of Tommy Curtis on many oc- 
casions and especially in the tournament games against USF and 
Indiana, the always smooth and often brilliant play of Keith 
Wilkes, the fine all around and consistent performances of Larry 
Farmer, the many brilliant steals and outstanding plays of Larry 
Hollyfield, the beautiful lob passes of Greg Lee to Walton and 
Farmer, the steady improvement and productive play of David 
Meyers, the good humor and fine touch of Sven Nater, and, 
although their game time was limited, the often overlooked but 
extremely important daily practice contributions of Vince 
Carson, Casey Corliss, Ralph Drollinger, Gary Franklin, Pete 
Trgovich. and Bobby Webb, the efficient managerial staff 
headed by Les Friedman, and the loyalty and intelligent 
cooperation of my assistants, Gary Cunningham and Frank 

Yes. this 1972-1973 UCLA basketball team not only compiled a 
perfect season record culminating in the NCAA championship, 
they also provided many exciting and memorable moments that 
will be reflected upon for years to come by UCLA alumni and 
friends, our opponents, and all who are truly interested in the 
wonderful sport of basketball 

John Wooden 

Gary Franklin 

Larry Farmer 

Vince Carson 

> * 

Dave Meyers 


Tommy Curtis 



Most points 44 by Bill Walton against 

Memphis State, 3/26/73. 
Most field goals --21 by Bill Walton against 

Memphis State, 3/26/73. 

Most free throws 9 by Larry Farmer against 

Illinois, 12/30/72. 
Most rebounds - - 27 by Bill Walton against 

Loyola (Chi.), 1/25/73. 
Most assists 14 by Greg Lee against Stanford, 

1/12/73, and Memphis State, 3/26/73. 

Most points 101 against Providence, 1/20/73. 
Most field goals -- 43 against Arizona State, 


Most free throws 24 against Oregon, 2/22/73. 
Most rebounds 68 against Washington State, 


Fewest points -- 51 against Stanford, 3/3/73. 
Fewest field goals 20 against Stanford, 


Fewest free throws -- 4 against Notre Dame, 
12/23/72, Stanford 1/13/73, and USF 3/17/73. 
Fewest rebounds 29 against USC, 2/3/73, and 
Stanford, 3/3/73. 


75 team victories in a row, going back to the 89- 
82 loss to Notre Dame during the 1970-71 
43 wins in a row in Pacific-8 play 

35 wins in a row on the road 

49 wins in a row at home (Pauley Pavilion) 

36 wins in a row in NCAA tournament com- 

Pete Trgovich 


1C LA 



UC ,A 

UC ,A 


UC .A 

UC ,A 

UC ,A* 

1C ,A* 


UC A* 

UC ,A 














\V isconsin 


I ( - Santa Barbara 


Notre Dame 


I Ilinois 

( )regon 

( )rejjon State 





Loyola I Chi. I 

Notre Dame 


\X ashitifrton State 

\X ashinfjton 

\\ ashinjrton 

\\ ashinyton State 

( )refjon 

( )refion State 




NCAA West Regional Playoffs 
UCLA 8 Arizona State 


NCAA Finals 


Memphis State 

: l*ac-M Oames 

. . 

T. *, 


1972 JV Football Results 

UCLA 24 USC 7 

Pierce 26 UCLA 19 

UCLA 62 Cal 34 

UCLA 42 Cal Poly (SLO) 12 

Dick Tomey Head JV Coach 

Greg Cockanye executes roll-out pass 
against SC. 

Mike Lindle gets stopped short. 


^^kAf ' 

' "JPC. 


Top Left - In a race with the refs, Greg Williams re- 
turns the kick-off for a TD. Left - Greg Willaims gets 
stopped short. Above - Greg Cockanye romps for a 

Head Junior Varsity Coach Frank Arnold 

Ralph Drollinger (left), Assistant JV Coach 
Terry Schofield (center) and Head JV 
Coach Frank Arnold (right). 

1973 UCLA JV Basketball Results 

UCLA 75 

UCLA 80 

UCLA 67 

UCLA 75 

UCLA 78 

UCLA 99 

Moorpark 69 

UCLA 107 

UCLA 85 
Allan Hancock 75 

UCLA 60 

Cypress 96 

UCLA 92 

UCLA 96 

UCLA 81 

UCLA 86 

UCLA 80 

Pierce 62 

Long Beach CC 70 

Orange Coast 41 

Santa Ana 73 

USIU 56 

College of Canyons 59 

UCLA 56 

UCI 45 

CSSD 58 

UCLA 49 

USC 59 

UCLA 86 

Whittier 50 

Mira Costa 68 

West LA 59 

Cal State Fullerton 82 

USC 41 

Keith Billington 

Both Ralph Drollinger and Casey 
Corliss had the distinction of 
practicing with the Varsity, how- 
ever, playing mostly with the 
junior varsity team. 

Ralph Drollinger 

Greg Johnson 

Casey Corliss 






















Cross Country is a season for 
the true enjoyment of the 
pleasures of running as well as 
a time of preparation for the 
important spring to come. 

The UCLA cross country 
team had to be rated un- 
derdogs in their first two 
competitions against the East 
Los Angeles Track Club and the 
University of Arizona. Even 
though they lost both com- 
peititions the team led by Ron 
Johnson, Ruben Chappins, Jim 
Salcido and Ruben Mejia had 
made a strong showing and 
spirits were high in an- 
ticipation of a successful 
Hal Harkness, Coach season. 

Just before their third meet 
against Cal Poly Pomona, Ron 
Johnson and Ruben Chappins 
fell ill. Freshman Jim Salcido 
moved up to the number one 
spot and Gary Nitti, Gordon 
Innes, Tony Veney and Greg 
Higgins all helped take up the 
burden and led the Bruins to a 
21-36 win over Cal Poly. The 
following week, the team still 
without Johnson and Chappins, 
finished 6th in the USTFF Cross 
Country Championships. 

The Bruins went on to place 
3rd in the Southern Division 
Pac 8 meet and 5th in the Pac 
8. Johnson and Chappins never 

really came back to their full 
strength, but Jim Salcido and 
Gordon Innes proved that they 
have potential for the future, 
coming on very strong at the 
end of the season. 

Gordon Innes 



This was the last season for 
Seniors Ruben Chappins and 
Ruben Mejia. 

Ruben Mejia 


UCLA Water Polo Team was blessed with 
superior talent along with overall team depth. 
The 1972 season found six experienced seniors 
carrying the weight of competition for UCLA. 
Five of those six seniors were starters. Included 
within this high caliber group were Eric Lindroth, 
the only collegiate athlete to compete in water 
polo at Munich, and goalie Kevin Craig both of 
whom were Ail-Americans. 

The success of Bruin Water Polo teams In 
becomming 1972 NCAA Champions was not just 
based entirely on having a talented squad. Many 
of the opponents UCLA faced during the season, 
especially those in the Pac-8, had an equal 
number of adroit players. What gave our team 
the winning edge was the players willingness to 
exert extra effort in the pre-season conditioning 
program which generally consisted of two-a-day 
workouts, at the beach and on campus. 
The psychological advantage also fell to our 
Bruins by a series of unique events. Early in the 
season our obvious strength gave us a surplus of 
over-confidence which culminated in our defeat 
at the hands of our cross/own rival USC. The 
effect of this defeat was not what I or any of our 
supporters expected. Rather than weakening 
our team, this failure eliminated our over- 
confidence and replaced it with an attitude of 
unity within the team and controlled egression 
against our opponents. 

In essence our psychological attitude, physical 
condition and gifted ability combined to give us 
the Championship. 

Robert AA. "Bob" Horn, 
Head Coach 




Howard "Buzz" Thayer, 
Assistant Coach 


UCLA 12 Alumni 11 

UCLA 17 UC Davis 2 

UCLA 8 UC Irvine 3 


UCLA 10 New Mexico 4 

UCLA 10 UC Santa Barbara 5 

USC 14 UCLA 11 

UCLA 5 California 3 

UCLA 5 Cal State Fullerton 2 

UCLA 16 Stanford 

UCLA 12 California 8 

UCLA 6 UC Irvine 4 

UCLA 8 Cal State Long Beach 5 

UCLA 10 Stanford 5 


UCLA 10 Cal State Fullerton 5 

UCLA 11 Cal State Long Beach 6 


UCLA 21 Yale 3 

UCLA 15 UC Irvine 10 

UCLA 10 San Jose State 5 

1 9 Wins 1 Loss 




Outstanding Freshman Player, Rick Coyle 
Most Improved Player, Andy Keene 
Most Inspirational Player, Scott Massey 
Outstanding Player, Kevin Craig and Eric Lindroth 
Outstanding Scholastic Record, Steve Doyle 


Bill Anderson 

Tom Barry 
**Garth Bergeson 

Ron Clark 

Rick Coyle 
*Kevin Craig Capt. 

Steve Doyle 

Andy Keene 

Kurt Krumpholz 
*Eric Lindroth Capt. 
** Scott Massey Capt. 

Tim McDonnell 

Brian McKinley 

Ken Montgomery 

Bob Neumann 

John Rees 

Ward Sounders 

Bernie Stenson 

Jeff Taylor 

Mike Verity 

NCAA All-Tournament Tear 

*First Team 
** Second Team 
Most Valuable Player 
Eric Lindroth (UCLA) 


-' : sssKsssssaa^ 

Coaches Bob Horn and Buzz Thayer, both 10 
years as Head Coach and Assistant Coach, respectively, are 
credited with 9 straight Pac-8 Championships during 1964- 
1972, and in four years of NCAA water polo tournament 
play, NCAA Championships in 1969, 1971, 1972, and 
runner up in 1970. 



Kevin Craig - - four-time All- 
American goalie , MVP 



Eric Undroth - - Ali-American, member 1972 US 
Olympic Bronze Medalist water -polo team 

Steve" tJoyle 


Scott Massey 

John Rees 

Garth Bergeson' 


The role of runner-up to St. 
Louis in the 1972 N.C.A.A. 
Soccer Championship shouldn't 
cloud the season that preceded 
that dramatic night in Miami, 
but it will inevitably do so. 

Perhaps we tried so hard 
and wanted that national title 
so badly, we tend to forget the 
things that made 1972 so 
momentuous for UCLA Soccer. 
If so, I want you to remember 
your accomplishments as well 
as your loss. 

For All Americans Shoo 
Agonafer and Fesseha Wo/de- 
Emanuel it ended four seasons 
of sheer brilliance as in- 
dividuals, tacticians and 
leaders. Thank you too Shoa 
for all your help in coaching 
the team. 

There were some great 
moments in 1972. Defeating 
the University of Mexico is 
always a triumph. Then who 
can forget that glorious night 
in San Jose when you fought 
back for a win that blotted out 
the midseason mishaps? 
Remember too the drama 
when we played Stanford ? We 
found ourselves 4-0 down, only 
to come back and score 7 goals 
and achieve an apparently 
impossible victory. Yet our 
finest game was surely the 
N.C.A.A. Western Final, the 
third battle with San Jose 
which sent us to Miami it 
certainly was our most 
complete team performance. 

Our program is only six 
years old yet we've been the 
N.C.A.A. runner-up twice and 
in the play-offs five times. To 
those of you who are leaving 
Steve Burnside, Solomon 
Terfa, Carlos Trevino, John 
Henderson, Ken Garrick you 
can be proud of what you've 
achieved. To those who are 
s toying did you know UCLA 
was in 9 N.C.A.A. play-offs 
before they won their first 

championship ? so 

until next year I 





f* s 





-* \ 


L- -* J 

"T? > 























1972 UCLA Soccer Results 

Dennis Storer, Coach 






















2nd place, NCAA 

Coach Dennis Storer and assistant 
Hugh McCracken observe from 

* ; 


Front row, left to right: Ruben Ochoa and David Atkinson. Second row, from left to right, seated: Ken Garrick, Solomon Terfa, Fesseha Wolde- 
Emanuel, Jose Lopez, Shoa Agonafer, Carlos Trevino, Manuel Meza, Tekeda Alemu. Top row, from left to right: Manager Ric Ronseca, Cherif 
Zein, Hector Salcedo, Steve Burnside, Girma Belay, Mark Otsea, Sigi Schmid, Terry Lippman, John Henderson, Bernardo Ortiz, Armano 
Franco, Coach Dennis Storer. 

Fesseha Wolde-Emanuel 



The Bruin wrestling squad was loaded with young inexperienced wrestlers. Having 
only three seniors, one of whom was a regular starter, Jimmy Rodriguez, was team 
captain along with another senior Ed King. 

With a sophomore dominated team with individuals such as, Mark Black, Craig 
Deane, Brady Hall and Gilbert Mendez, the Bruins had a slow start. Our inexperience 
was very evident at the annual Arizona Tournament which draws the nations top 
wrestling powers west of the Mississippi. 

With the great help of newly acquired assistant coach Dave Auble, we finally got the 
team on a win streak just prior to Christmas, downing four opponents in a row. 

We had some improvement and our young team, although being beaten in total 
points quite badly; made some very fine individual showings. 

The greatest satisfaction came when the underdog Bruins handed Cat Berkeley a 
solid whopping, 36-6, in Pauley Pavilion just before the Pac 8 Championships. 

At the Pac 8 Tournament in Corvalis, Oregon the Bruins qualified 6 out of W 
wrestlers for the NCAA Championships. "Come thru" performances were shown by 
Steve Weiss, Terry Gorman and John White. 

Dave Hollinger 

Assistant Coach Dave Auble 

Coach Dave Hollinger 

Top - Left to Right: Ken Ratliff - Mgr.. Brady Hall. John White, Chuck Seefeldt. Terry Gorman, Grant 
Barthalomew, Frank Staggers, Jim Cunningham, Craig Deane. Bottom - Left to Right: Coach Dave 
Hollinger, Jim Rodriguez, Steve Weiss. Dan Naritoku, Gilbert Mendez, John Abad, Mark Black, Assist- 
ant Coach Dave Auble. 



i -\ 

Gilbert Mendez 

Gymnastics caoch Art Shurlock 


The 1973 UCLA Gymnastic Team is the team that I am most proud of, in 
the nine seasons / have been coaching at UCLA. The team this year was 
outstanding. It was characterized by its toughness and determination to 
succeed. We came back from a dual meet deficit of 1-4 to finish the season 
at 6-6. 

Among the team victories this year that are most memorable, were wins 
over NCAA college division champions Cal State Fullerton (15 1.30-150. 10) 
and USC (155.35-150.20). 

The Pacific-8 Gymnastic Championships, which UCLA hosted, was our 
final team competition and one that best exemplified the drive and winning 
spirit of the team. In this competition, every UCLA gymnast gave a 
maximum effort for the success of the team. The optional routine session of 
the PAC-8 Championships was the the top meet of the year for the team. We 
had a seasonal high score in 9 positions on our way to a 154.05 total. In the 
individual finals, we qualified 6 men wifh Sfeve Ger/ach winning the PAC-8 
in floor exercise and Mark Sherwood placing 2nd. on the rings. The com- 
bined compulsory and optional team results of the PAC-8: 1. California, 
315.15; 2. Washington, 305.25; 3. Stanford, 297.65; 4. UCLA 292.25; 5. 
Washington St., 287.60; 6. USC, 287.20; 7. Oregon 282.70. 

The UCLA PAC-8 team members: floor exercise Gory Casfner, Sfeve 
Ger/ach, Leo Germain, George Govednik; pommel horse Germain, 
Govednik, Shawn Miyaki, Leroy Saenz; rings Casfner, Mike Moser, Mark 
Sherwood; vaulting Davie Freed/and, Ger/ach, Govednik, parallel bars 
Dave Cook, Freed/and, Germain; high bars Ken Easfman, Govednik, 
Shawn McClenahan; assistant coach Paul Roggenkamp; team manager 
- Fred Osfaorne. 

This is a group of men if was my pleasure to work with, a group that 
represented UCLA well. 

Steve Gerlach, Pac-8 floor 
exercise champion. 

Mark Sherwood 


a x 



oo* e 

>cO T 

Top left to right: Gary Yetter, Barry Berkett, Alex Frasco, Rob Justus, Warren 
Dykstra, Tom Meyer, Steve Bohlmann, John Jensen. Middle left to right: Alex 
Fielding, O'Rouke Swinney, Keith Peters, Mark Breeding, Kurt Kohler, Joel Coster, 

Kevin Curran, David Wohlstadter. Bottom Left to right: Eric Perkowski, Rod Johnson, 
Kurt Boyd, Pete Robinson, Sam Glasband, Steve Hokoda, Jim Everett, Bruce Kroyer, 
Mark Ellis. 


An open letter to the 1973 Rugby team: 

Congratulations on a fine season. Considering the number of novices on the 
varsity team, you exceeded all expecations, (except for one 6-7 loss to Berkeley 
we let that one slip through our fingers I) 

A special well done to those newcomers who had to accept the responsibilities 
of varsity rugby in their first season Greg Pearman, Paul Moyneur, Steve 
Hookano, John Sciarra, Clay Gallacher, and also the many newcomers playing for 
the Greyhounds (the seconds). 

The big games were again our traditional rivals Berkeley, Stanford, and U.S.C. 
and apart from Berkeley we had no problems. Our end of the season tour to 
Canada made up for the minor desappointments before. Winning the World Cup 
4-3 against the University of British Columbia had to be the high point of your 
efforts this year, although it was achieved by defensive guts rather than the usual 
formula of piling up the points. 

For the Captain, Rob Scribner, M.V.P. Skip Neibauer, Best Back John Williams, 
Best Forward Wade Killefer, it was an especially fine season. 

On to 74! 

Coach Dennis Storer 

I P I PI I I I 1 

1973 UCLA Rugby Results 

UCLA 54 

UCLA 27 

UCLA 36 

UCLA 21 

UCLA 27 

UCLA 15 
Bats Rugby Club 14 

UCB 7 

UCLA 12 

UCLA 38 

UCLA 16 

UCLA 46 

UCLA 46 
University of Victoria 7 


UCLA 24 


Kings (Australia) 

Cal State U, LA 


LA Rugby Club 





Santa Monica Rugby Club 

Cal State U, Northridge 

SF Rugby Club 


U British Columbia 

Vancouver Rep XV 

Southern California Tournament 

UCLA 24 Long Beach R.C. 

Bats R.C. 3 UCLA 

UCLA 22 Santa Monica R.C. 










* v, 



Shortly before his death on 
October 24, 1972, Jackie 
Robinson celebrated, at the 
1972 World Series games in 
Cincinnati, the 25th anniversary 
of his start in major league 
baseball. On acceptance of a 
plaque commemorating the 
event he said, "I am extremely 
proud and pleased, but I will be 
more pleased the day I can look 
over at third base and see a 
black man as manager." A man 
never without a cause, Jackie 
Robinson was the first Black 
athlete to break into major 
league baseball with the then- 
Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. 
At UCLA Jackie starred in 
football, basketball, track, and 
baseball. He is the only Bruin 
athlete in history to earn letters 
in four varsity sports. A Football 
Ail-American in 1939, he also 
set a Pacific Coast Conference 
record in the long jump and led 
in basketball scoring in 1941. 
Jackie left UCLA in 1941 and 
went on to subsequent fame in 

The Reverend Jesse Jackson, a 
close friend of Jackie Robinson, 
eulogized, "This man turned a 
stumbling block into a stepping 

Jackie with Wife Rachel 

D D 

Kenny Washington never 
received the national 
recognition that his former 
Bruin teammate Jackie 
Robinson did after leaving 
Westwood. Yet, there are many 
Bruin fans who still remember 
Washington, the fleet and 
record-setting tailback, as 
UCLA's greatest football player 
of all time. He became UCLA's 
first all-around star with the 
1937 football season and then 
teamed with Robinson in 1938 
and 1939 to nearly take UCLA 
to the Rose Bowl. The two 
parted ways after Kenny's 
graduation in 1940, but UCLA 
shall never forget his exploits. 
Ironically, Kenny, who had 
graduated one year earlier than 
Jackie, succumbed one year 
earlier than his former 
teammate, June 24, 1971. 


My pre-seoson predictions came pretty close 
to what really happened to the 1973 Bruin 
Baseball team. The Bruins would battle the 
Trojans and the Stanford Cardinals for the 
number one spot. The pitching area was our 
weakest spot, and our strength was our defense 
with Luis Gomez and Dave Guerrero providing 
one of the top double play combinations in the 
Pacific Eight. 

Centerfielder Bob Adams led the Pacific 8 in 
batting and was a big plus on offense. Greg Zail, 
John Rouse and sophomore Frank Panich carried 
the pitching load, with the bull pen in great 
shape with senior Bruce Baronick putting out the 
fire in the late innings. 

Six out of the seven pitchers recruited for the 
'73 campaign, with signed letters of intent, said 
good-bye to campus life by signing professional 
contracts. Money seems to be more important 
than the book league. 




7S 1 


The 1973 UCLA track and field team has come through so far on all my 
predictions that were stated last January before the season ever started. I stated 
at that time that we would have the greatest field event team in collegiate 
history, and that our runners would also surprise. Also stated was this could be 
the greatest dual meet team of all-time. As this goes to press we have become 
the greatest dual meet team of all-time, winning the NCAA "Dual meet" title for 
the third time in the last four years. 

The team has also collected two thirds of its hoped for "grand slam" of dual 
meets, conference, and NCAA championships. 

To explain this team's greatness would be very hard. There has been vast 
improvement by man, surprises, and also what was expected. The biggest sur- 
prise was the great improvement of sophomore Tony Veney. Tony ran 1:52.0 last 
year in the 880 and has already run 1:48.5 for third in the Pac-8 chamipnships. 
The improvement of all the distance runners was a very pleasant surprise. The 
credit must be divided between the excellent attitude on the athlete's part, and 
the great coaching by our new distance coach, Hal Harkness. 

The field event men have been sensational all year. The high jumpers with life 
time bests, both discus throwers with life time bests. Roger Freberg with a new 
discus school record. All three shot putters with life time bests, and especially the 
very outstanding job Dave Schiller has done. Dave, up to this date, has improved 
from 55' 3 3/4" to 62' 2 1/4" that is quite an improvement for the smallest "big 
time" shot putter in the nation! The pole vaulters have been very consistent when 
needed. The long jumpers and triple jumpers have been outstanding all year, 
with all four rated at the top of the U.S. National list. Rory Kotinek has done a 
great job in our one thin event, the javelin. 

The hurdlers, sprinters, and 440 ment have been outstanding all year. Benny 
Brown is now regarded as the greatest quarter miler in the world, and our four 
hurdlers are rated near the top on the national list. 

To sum this up, I can say this has been a very confident team, rising to the 

occasion whenever needed, and just winning when the opponent was easy! In my 

^ mind this is the greatest team ever assembled, and many people agree, but the 

hour of decision will be the NCAA Championships at Louisiana State University, 

June 7, 8, and 9 we want that "Grand Slam .'" 

Head Track & Field Coach Jim Bush 

Assistant Coach Tom Tellez 
handles all Bruin field event per- 

Assistant Coach Hal Harkness be- 
sides being Head Cross Country 
also handles the distance runners 
for track. 

Assistant Coach Len Dodson has 
assisted with the sprinters in 
1966-71-72 when the Bruins the 
NCAA, team championship and 
now in 1Q73 



ABOVE-Rory Kotinek, last year's decathlon man has decided to concentrate on the 
javelin, long jump and high jump this year. Last year Rory placed fifth in NCAA decath- 
lon competition. TOP RIGHT-Shot-putter Dave Schiller has improved from a 55 footer 
to a consistent over-60 footer. RIGHT-Roger Freberg broke the school record in the 
discus throw at the Bruins first meet against ASU, taking it from 184' to 194' 10". 

RIGHT-Gordon Peppars and 
Dotson Wilson, both timed at 
9.7, ran first and third in a tri- 
meet with Tennesse and Kan- 
sas. BELOW-Soph. transfer 
Tom Guerrero, last year's 
State JC IH Champ (52.4), fol- 
lows in the footsteps Bruin 440 
IH performers Wayne Collett 
and Roger Johnson. 

OPPOSITE: TOP-120 HH, Charles Rich (center of photo) and 
Clim Jackson run 1-2 at 13.7 and 13.9 respectively. OPPOSITE: 
BOTTOM-Maxie Parks (left) and Benny Brown (right) figure to 
sustain UCLA dominance in the 440. 

Distance runners (left to right) Gordon Innes, Ron Johnson, 
Jim Salcido, and Ricco Sanchez. At the beginning of the season 
Gordon Innes set a school record in the steeplechase of 8:55.8 
and freshman Jim Salcido ran a 13:52.6 3-mile. 




The UCLA track ami field facility has been named the Drake Track and Field Stadium in honor of long-time coach and trainer Elvin C. 
"Ducky" Drake, it was announced last September, 1972, by Chancellor Charles E. Young following action by the Board of Regents. 

rake, who retired last June, 1972, had been a coach and trainer at UCLA for 43 years and had served as head track coach for 18 years, 
lough retired because of mandatory retirement age, Ducky Drak>tilt. serves as trainer for the Bruin football and basketball teams on 
a contractual basis. 

Following his graduation from UCLA in 1927, he became assistant varsity track coach (1929-46), cross-country coach (1935-42), fresh- 
man track coach (1935-45), head varsity track Coach (1947-64) and head athletic trainer ( 1942-72). 

One of his proudest moments came in the 1960 Olympics at Rome when two of his decathlon stars, Rafer Johnson and C.K. Yang, fin- 
ished 1-2 in one of the most dramatic duels in Olympic, history. Another Olympic medalist was Cy Young, winner of the javelin throw in the 
1952 games at Helsinki. 

One of Drake's track teams won the NCAA championship in 1956, and he was named track and field "Coach of the Year." 

Drake, however, may be best known for his work al athletic trainer for the past 30 years, a position in which he guided athletes in Bruin 

ers' Hall of Fame in 1964. 

The stadium named in his honor seats 12,000 spectators and was' first used in February, 1969. It has an all-weather nine-lane Tartan 
' : one quarter mile in length and an infield which accomodates all field events. 

. r 


The experience of coaching superior college athletes is often a diffi- 
cult position for any individual to hold. Coaches are required to be 
diplomats, psychologists and sociologists in reference to their partici- 
pants which can make coaching a giant pressure cooker. 

This was not the case for the 1973 Bruin swimmers who represented a 
group of nineteen very mature and stable young people. The attitude 
of devotion on the part of this year's team made this season a fun and 
rewarding experience for myself as a coach. Our swimmers were quite 
young seeing the team consisted of only one senior, five luniors. four 
sophomores, and nine freshmen. Steve Doyle was the team's captain 
being our only senior and definite All-American choice. His leadership 
helped to develop and motivate many of our younger members by 
presenting a good image to follow. 

UCLA also became me first major men's intercollegiate sports team 
to have a female member. Susie Kincade, one of our freshman divers, 
proved herself to be a major contributor to our success in dual meets. 
Susie's grace and superior style made her a consistent scorer for the 
Bruins this year. 

Much of our success was based on the fact that our people who had 
no reputations gained them by superior performances, plus our big 
names improved over their performances from previous years. All 
of this was created by hard work. 

At this time I'm confident that the Bruin teams of the next few years 
will develop the depth to compete and defeat the swim powerhouses 
like USC and Indiana at the NCAA's. Like all the teams at UCLA we are 
shooting for the moon in the form of NCAA Championship. It appears 
to me that we are very close to our goal and this year's recruiting pro- 
gram should help boost our team into reacing our mark in '74. 

Bob Horn, Head Coach 

Buzz Thayer, Assistant Coach 



Tom Bruce wins the 200 
yard breaststroke for 
UCLA against USC. 




This year's edition of the tennis team is vastly 
improved over the 1972 team. It is a team that 
has excellent depth and strong singles and 
doubles play. UCLA is a strong contender for 
national and conference titles. 

Following is a sketch ot each player: 

1 Jeff Austin, senior from Rolling Hills. 1972 
All-American. Number 23 ranked in U.S. Has 
excellent all around game. 

2 Bob Kreiss, senior from Bel Air. Two time All- 
American. Number 4 1 ranked in U.S. Has 
great backhand and best doubles player on 

3 Steve Krulevitz, senior from Baltimore. 
Transfer from Utah. Ranks number 38 in U.S. 
Fastest player with fine ground strokes. 

4 Rayno Seegers, sophomore from South 
Africa, where he ranked number 5. Strongest 
player on team and has a lot of talent. 

5 Brian Teacher, frosh from San Diego. 
National Junior doubles champion. Best 
potential on team. 

6 Steve Mott, frosh from La Jolla. National 
junior doubles champion. Excellent doubles 


Bob Kreiss 

Brian Teacher 


Steve Mott 

Rayno Seegers 


Af the time of publication, the Bruins are one game out of first place in the tough 
Southern California Volleyball Association. They are going for their fourth straight 
NCAA Championship. 

Three starting seniors who joined the team as junior college transfers after their 
freshman year 1 973 captains Ron Coon, Ken Freeman and Jeff Jacobs. Jeff started as a 
sophomore and junior. Ken and Ron saw a lot of action as first and second men off the 
bench during the past two years. Coon is the most improved spiker on the squad and 
setter Ken Freeman directs the quick Bruin attack quite capably. Senior Tom Chamales 
is a first year man with the potential to break into the starting line-up before the end of 
the season. Tom has demonstrated great ability during the summer beach volleyball 
circuit and is adaptin well to the six man game. Other starters are juniors Mike Nor- 
mand, Bob Leonard, Jim Menges, and sophomore John Bekins. 

I * 


U.S. Ail-Star Women vs 
South Korean Women 

UCLA Men vs South Korean Men 



Women at UCLA are competing successfully in numerous 
intercollegiate sports Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Swim- 
ing, Gymnastics and Track. Ever since the NCAA ruling 
allowed coeds to compete in certain varsity sports, more 
and more have been doing so. In fact, Crew Coach Johnsen 
has enough girls out for the sport he can run two frosh fe- 
male shells. Also, he notes coed coxswain have a definite 
weight advantage since they have to be light. 

At right is freshman diver Susie Kin- 
cade, the first coed to compete on a 
varsity squad. 


Top - left to right: Marilyn Joshua, Nancy Gahn, Rosie Shimrosu. Middle - left to right: 
Josephine Bruin (Baret Fejar), Marty Hatem, Wall Uchida, Jay Ornelus, Barry Jetton, 
Mike Losey, Rhonda Manning, Joe Bruin (Dave Stewart). Front - left to right: Nan 
Olson, Linda Toussant, Meg Meager, Evelyn Lambert, Betty Henerson, Diane Winslow, 
Jackie Grier. 



* *' 

T r 

'" ^ 1 

J x //^-r 

^T\ U>J ^ - 

-an- *-J 

& .. 





Why aren't fraternities 
dead here? The UCLA 
DAILY BRUIN has been 
predicting their doom for 
sometime and it seems that 
one fraternity house after 
another has gone to the 
auction block according to 
the newspaper. So why is 
it, that names such as 
Sigma Nu, Sigma Chi, and 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon still 
exist at UCLA? 

Fraternity life has 
changed, and changed 
drastically. Four years ago, 
it appeared that the 
Fraternity System was 
dying. However, this year, 
fraternities stand stronger 
than they have in any year 
in the past decade, and this 
is because of the changing 
lifestyle evolving within 
the system. Gone are the 
days of regular Friday 
Afternoon Beer Busts, 
Wednesday Night Ex- 
changes, and Sorority 
Raids. That is not to say 
that a varied social 
calendar does not still 
exist, but it is not longer 
the focal point of the 

The fact that the 
Fraternity System has a 
grade point average above 
the UCLA All Men's 
Average, that many of its 
members are leaders 
within- the student 
government, or that it 
devotes thousands of man 
hours to such charitable 
activities as Mardi Gras or 
Multiple Sclerosis is not 
what is fundamentally 

What is important is 
that each fraternity house, 
and its members, are able 
to come together within a 
lifestyle that is mutually 
beneficial. Woodrow 
Wilson stated that, 
"Coming together is a 
beginning; working 
together is progress ; living 
together is success.", this is 
the goal that the Fraternity 
System is constantly trying 
to improve upon. As long 
as the bond of mutual 
respect and cooperation 
exists within the UCLA 
Fraternity System, it will 
remain a strong and viable 
part of the campus 

UC Ifl Inforfrateriutif Council 

Front Row-left to right 

Tom Tabor, Woody Walker, Dean Riskas, Jeff Lapham, Kurt Skarin, Bob 
Dischner, and Bob Sosey 

Second Row-left to right 

Rich Pagan, Larry Griebenow, Torrey Wulff, Mark 

Spiro, Greg Petrie, and Chuck Locko 







I 5 I 


op-"' S 
' 55 


< C-. 

o* O 
r*- *^ 



H H g- g K W 
7 S' g- 3. S 

3 ro ^* ft O 

'"Sg'.s 1 3-3 

^ UU " 

^2 S'^HiEi^Tm' 

a-a ; g.^1 s 

o i .. _ 5^ !T ^1 

fH 00 


s ? 

fD T3 

r 1 a, 

> 3 



2 '"I 

- s l 






O b_d 

era CD 


03 Q*" 
W *<" 



IE 1 



fD 3 

Crei 3 O 


50 <* 



^ << g 



5 'fT 
- B 3 




S> (t W 

6 3 CO 


51 fF* 


























Top Right, Left to Right; Zim Zimmerman, 
Dave Atkinson, Carol Moser, Mary Johnson, Wal- 
ter Snell, Paul Reist, Tim Cater, and Earl Terry. 
Top Left, Left to Right; Henry Porter, Sharon 
Forester, Dale Wu, Dave Toda. 

Alpha Gamma Omega 


Shayna Munson, Bob Andersen, Dave Fierce, 
Vida Smith, Gretchen Bostwich, Zim Zimmer- 
man, Henry Porter, Carol Edwards, John Krieger, 
Roxanne Bessette, Lloyd Osborne, Carol Moser, 
Tim Brewer, Bruce Byers, Jerry Rothman, Tim 
Cater, Mary Johnson, Sue Galpin, Linda Tube- 
sing, Sharon Forester, Dale Wu, Donna Casey, 
and Jim Powell. 

Left to Right: Melvin Lira, Paul Reist, Dave Toda, 
Walter Snell, Barry Burnett, Dave Atkinson, Jim 
Yost, Doug Douglass. 





lice Bit" 

Jon Middloton > 
Roger O'Brien 
Jeral Rosati 
Steve Regele 
Joanie Mather 
Tom Meyer 
Dave Dapper 
Dea Holt 
Kurt Kohler 
Hector Barrera 
T.C. Hyde 
Kric Carlson 
Jim Mitchell 
Keith Young 
Buzz Adams 
V.D. Adams 
Mary Abhors 
Robbin Smith 
Barry Berkett 
Judy Henderson 
fort Haymond 
Pat Sankey 
Tom Thomas 
Dicey Mitchell 
Ray Paul 
Louie Sprague 
Nancy Kanzler 
Kmi Kawasaki 
Kathy Espinoza 
Gil Martinez 


Maryln Luzano 
Margaret Brown 
Patii Short 



Top Row L to R 

Bowen, Jack 
Muckey, Steve 
Efron, Edward 
Leonard, Bill 
Locko, Chuck 
Cook, Richard 
Mansoor, Jeff 
Green, Tracey 
Puffer, Jim 
Bergeson, Garth 
Clark, Robby 
Clark, Ron 
Walker, Woody 

Middle Row L to R 

Keisel, Jeff 
Kudo, Rich 
Morze, Mark 
Knupper, Max 
Jack, Dave 
Sinclair, Bob 
Larson, Ky 
Pierro, Don 
Strauss, Charlie 
Rothstein, Pat 

Sigma Alpha Epsiion 

Bottom Row L to R 

Peters, Keith 
George, Jim 
Hughes, Brian 
James, Ken 
Daniels, Scott 
Pickle, Ken 
Webb, Robert 
Biswell, Kevin 

Not Pictured 

Adelson, Gary 
Allison, Bill 
Davis, Bob 
Dragicevich, Joe 
Keene, Andy 
Krumpholz, Kurt 
McDonnell, Tim 
Parker, Scott 
Souza, Mel 
Tahti, Nells 
Westmoreland, Paul 
White, Steve 
Woods, Doug 
Townsend, Barry 
Bloy, Richard 
Kublins, Dusty 
Barry, Bob 
Wright, Tom 

Dean Isaacs 
Jim Martin 
John Dosta 

Jim Piotsch 
Ste?e Elmer 


Skip (iraef (top 
Rich Tahiti 
^ Mwrty Cohen 
iv-nnis Cannona 


Tom Stei'enoni 
Gary Cook 
B%n Kn ; 

Chris Marshall 
Bill Adams 
Jeff Bowen 
Steve Mettler 
k Thomas 
om Met/ger 


Chuck 41 
John Dvorak 
Ricfl WUliu 

Don Lchmaun 



Sigma Nu 

left to right 

row 1. Scott Bowhay, Ron Jurgensen, Gary Steele, Sam Nicholson, Jeff Lapham, Dean Riskas, Dave Colton 

row 2. Dan Bayerd, Marc Reid, Tim Meager, Bob Blair, Kent Ellis, Rick Bocci, Ron Martin 

row 3. Chris Patton, Bob Losey, Tom Tabor, Doug Kaewert, Jim Sterbentz, Mike Losey 

row 4. Jim Riskas, Rich Docherty, Steve Sunshine, Skip Barchan, Mike Perry, Mark Perry, Mark Humter, Dave "Gleep" 

Hartshorn, Bob Savluk 
row 5. Bob Dischner, Bruce Brodie, John Piini, Dan Guidera, Blake Woodward, Al Pulsifer, Steve Dean, Andy Bergh 


Standing, left to right : Larry Dusich, Tim Bowman, Terry Conklin, Kevin Charles, Larry Land, 

Bill Hodgman, Glen Fichman, Bob Case, Al Apodaca, Glenn Owen, Gary Bliss, Lance Eldred' 

Pete Manoukian. ! 

Sitting, left to right! Vic Neally, Hal Yada, Mike Weiland, Rich Fagan, Chris Anicich Jose 

Lopez, Charley Green, Dave Lockwood, Pat Perry. 

Not pictured: Ed Brewer. O. C CartllPWWIMMB^M^^PP^IaniS Skip 

Palmer, Randy ZeDfer, Tom Balderrama, Al Crandall, Gary Garcia. 



zeta Beta lau 

Seated (left to right): Mark Lavin, Ed 
Lasman, Mike Ravel, Gary Green, 
Jay Eisenberg, Kevin Allen, Mark 
Yokumizo, Mike Lyons, Paul Lavin, 
Bill Bernfield, Mark Tamarin. 

1st Row (left to right) : Ted Hankin, Jeff 
Levine, Lee Goldman, Ken Berg, 
Louis Sorger, Jerry Saliman, Rick 
Lesch, Jamie Weiss. 

2nd Row (left to right): Marty Moss, 
Howard Brand, Al Trump, Larry 
Friedman, Craig Streit, Tom Jones, 
Don Browning, Chris Walker, 
Sherman Dang, Mark Weisberg, 
Dave Noskin, Dave Bramson, Bob 
Kreuger, Lenny Mintzer, Ilan Just 
Ron Glousman, Steve Smith. 

3rd Row (left to right) : Irv Chase, John 
Simon, Zane Averback, Greg Hirsh, 
Jack Bradley, Bob Decker, Ken 
Kaushansky, Mark Constant, Peter 
Margolis, Steve Friedman, Jerry 
Katz, Jerry Greenberg, Rich 
Gerringer, Chris Harvey, Ian Fleish- 
man, Murray Soloman. 


Continually re-evaluating ourselves and thinking in terms of 
survival, we have found ourselves questioning Greek tradition. 
The necessity for integrating original ideals of sorority living 
with contemporary needs of college women has emerged as the 
dynamic force behind the Greek system. Communal living 
develops individuality, which enhances one's capacity to con- 
tribute to the group, and as a group to the community. We have 
begun to realize the potential in a sorority to increase each 
woman's awareness of expanding avenues of commitment. The 
experience of living among and sharing oneself with diverse 
personalities forces each of us to be flexible and open. It is this 
flexibility that has allowed the sororities to adapt to changing 
demands and insures their future strength. 

Abbitt, Robin 
Barakova, Luba 
Binkowski, Linda 

Brosius, Linda 
Caton, Nancy 
Chase, Carol 

Faisant, Kathy 
Finger, Ruth 
Hildebrand, Jan 

Bloesser, Bonnie 
Bowen, Debbie 

Chooljian, Diana 
Cotton, Cindy 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Hvidt, Peg 
Johnson, Kathy 
Keeton, Dana 

Laws, Laurie 
McMahon, Pat 
Parnkopf, Anne 

leton, Debbie 
Randolph, Diane 
Rawlings, Roz 

Reel, Karen 
Robnison, Barbara 
Schmidt, Danielle 

Solinger, Wendy 
Teaford, Anne 
Walker, Debbie 

"To live is not to live for one's self; 

let us help one another." 

Menander of Athens 

Ahramson. Denise 
Anthony. Joanna 
Armstrong. Linda 
Baba. Beverly 
Balph. Jeanne 

Barnes. Jeri 
Behm. Kristen 
Benson. Debbie 
Benz. Mitzi 
Brandt. Anne 

Brown. Patty 
Burns. Pam 
Caldwell. Kvelyn 
Coplen. Susan 
Crenshaw. Melissa 

Alpha Delia Pi 

Doughty. Ann 
Ghormley, Lyn 

(iurola. Michele 
Hayek. Diane 
lletrick. .lane 

Holdam, Margaret 
Hybl. Carol 
lida. Celeste 
Jackons. Marybeth 
Kastel. Candy 

Kastel, Judy 
Kessen. Karen 
Klock. Becky 
Kopitzke. Janet 
MacBride, Chris 

McCorkell. Kieran 
Martini, Esther 
Meyer. Jackie 
Michels. Cindy 
Nutt. Carla 


Robinson, Kathy 
Scholar, Julie 
Shirey. Eileen 
Signer, Cathy 
Sohni. Vera 

Soto. Yvonne 
Stern, Dawn 
Unland. Holly 
Vague. Pam 
Van Osdel. Marv 

Abrams, Debbi 
Avchen, Patty 
Berger, Wendi 
Bernstein, Honi 
Boatwright, Pat 

Cloper, Debi 
Copalman, Phillis 
Dinnerstein, Kim 
Eglin, Carol 
Fellows, Dede 


Fisher, Debbie 
Freed, Nancy 
Glucksman, Vivian 
Hodes, Cathy 
Holland, Maria 

Kanter, Sue 
Kiser, Cindy 
Kroft, Patty 
Leiter, Gloria 
Leonard, Arlene 


Alpha Epsiion Phi 

Levi, Lonnie 
LeVine, Randi 
Lewis, Cindy 
Lind, Patty 
Lippett, Linda 

Lovus, Yvonne 
Mann, Stephanie 
Marshall, Jaime 
McGuire, Carolyn 
Perlin, Sherry 

Pincus, Karen 
Richmond, Nancy 
Richtel, Heidi 
Rittenberg, Diane 
Schiffman, Gail 


Schneiderman, Caro 
Smith, Beth 
Sockolov, Debbie 
Solomon, Donna 
Speizer, Charolette 


Steinberg, Bonnie 
Tarcher, Carol 
Tonkin, Sue 
Walmark, Robin 
Weiner, Madeline 

Abbott, Tukey 
Allen, Julie 
Beran, Sue 
Bonifield, Lucy 
Boyd, Colleen 
Brown, Kathy 

Choate, Clare 
Crandall, Cathy 
Daehnert, Joan 
Daze, Denise 
DePrang, Roma 
Drake, Laurie 

Ellis, Kim 
Estey, Janice 
Finwall, Carol 
Foley, Terri 
Goodman, Gayle 
Grabel, Lori Jo 

Guttierez, Pat 
Hatem, Martie 
Hausrath, Janet 
Heiser, Cathy 
Henderson, Judy 
Hernandez, Alim 

Higgins, Irene 
Johnson, Laurie 
Jones, Jessica 
Keller, Robin 
Kelley, Cheryl 
Kubota, Sophie 

uritson, Christ! 
Lee, Nancy 
Lewis, Aleta 
Lynch, Connie 
Marshall, Marcie 
Mather, Joan 

McCloud, Sally 
McNally, Mary Jo 
Morgan, Ann 
Needham, Jeanne 
Needham, Nancy 
Oh, Stephanie 

Olson, Jeannie 
Pitts, Debbie 
Riley, Sue 
Riley, Vicky 
Rodewald, Kathy 
Salisbury, Nancy 

Sankey, Pat 
Schmidt, Judy 
Smith, Pat 
Soulis, Nicki 
Soulis, Paula 
Stoll, Bev 

Sullenberger, Jan 
Tayler, Leslie 
Taylor, Barb 
Upp, Susan 

Buik-y, Sandy 
Bickel. Jana 
Brown. Charlon 
Fishburne. Kathv 

Frost, Jacqueline 
(iaml)k 1 , Constance 
(iardner. Kandy 
(Jrell. Carolvn 

Griffin, Katie 
Huskey. Marie 
Kawartani, Kay 
Morgon. Pam 

Paddock, Nancy 
Pollit. Suzie 
Winters, Madeline 
Vudkin, Jackie 

llDlia Gamma Delia 

David, Lynn 
Pass. Alice 
Fo'.dman, Nancy 
Fichelson. Gayle 
Freisleben. Marilyn 

Gumbiner, PYancie 
Izenstark. Sue 
.Jacobs. Linda 

Lazarou, Karen 

Levin. Paula 
Marks. Lisa 
Miller. Judy 
Moss. Sue 
Rich, Melanie 

Schmier, Saree 
Schulman. Carol 
Schwartz. Claire 
Wise, Helena 
Yolfee. Karen 

Sigma Delta lau 

.sCtrV > -:.' 

-.'..-', .!&? ' <*f ' 

Chi Alpha Delia 

1. Ann Yokoyama 

2. Anne Kokawa 

3. Ellyn Abo 

4. Teri Nitta 

5. Judy Kuwahara 

6. KathyUota 

7. Candi Lew 

8. Lynn Hiji 

9. Karen Kitani 
10. Pam Fukumoto 

11. Masa Nomura 

12. Grace Mak 

13. Sue Ouchi 

14. Sheila Shinsato 

15. Janet Iwatsubo 

16. Paula Jung 

17. Karen Fujihara 

18. Jean Kubota 

19. Naomi Naito 

20. Shirley Koda 

There is a destiny 

that makes us sisters 

None goes her way alone. 

All that we send 

into the lives of ofhers 

Comes bock info our own. 

Aucott, Susan 
Bonner, Cindy 
Carbaugh, Chris 
Elmer, Cathy 
Fulmis, Candi 
Goforth, Lynnel 

Hammargren, Debbie 
Heirs, Pat 

Hildebrand, MaryBeth 
Kelly, Jayme 
Klessig, Karen 
Krouss, Janet 

Langford, Marianne 
Meyers, Nancy 
Mitchell, Diane 
Moehring, Karen 
Palmer, Julie 
Pulec, Marilyn 

Robinson, Linda 
Saunders, Kathy 
Stone, Terry 
Tinsley, Nancy 
Trani, Sharon 
VanderLinde, Laurie 

Woodard, Gail 
Zittrich, Valerie 

Kappa Delia 

Delia Gamma 

lower row, left to right: 

Eliza Kubota, Marguerite Pollitt, Tracey Pate, Dawn McCracken, Cara Grieve, Terri Kallshian, Judi Reich, Lynda Watson, 

Polly Stocking, Karen Gardner, Kim Haycox, Coquette MacKay, Sue Dalberg, Linda Johnson, Rumi Taira, Katie Low 
middle row, left to right: 
Melinda Hrachovy, M'Liss Jones, Mary Ann Mueller, Margie Wallace, Debbie Palfreyman, Gayle Huggs, Carol Martin, Dea 

Holt, Debbie Kracht, Cherry Cotter, Sue Hollywood, Terry Covington, Marie Egan, Carolyn Dedman, Nancy Woolf, Maria 

Easum, Jenny Geary, Barbara VanDerhoof 
top row, left to right: 
Paula Schneider, Margaret Brown, Dicey Mitchell, Maryann Wells, Jeanne McConnell, Nancy Kanzler, Janey McFerran, Pam 

Miller, Marilyn Luzano, Gayle Nelson, Sue Clarery, Barbara Heartt, Julie Mclntyre, Joyce Loewy, Anne Kane, Holly Michels 







C X 

Andrews, Janet 
Baker, Robin 
Ballain, Jo 
Bankes, Marcia 
Bartels, Janet 
Benham, Lonnie 

Chalson, Cindy 
Coke, Tina 
de Lorimier, Ginger 
Emerson, Susi 
Flanagan, Jill 
Gaudin, Lori 

Gilroy, Karen 
Graf, Ellen 
Guthrie, Gerel 
Hallahan, Barbara 
Hamm, Debbi 
Hammond, Vicky 

Holt, Lea 
Izu, Joni 
Kerr, Kathy 
Kistler, Lisa 
Knapp, Robin 
LaHaye, Laura 

Delta Delta Delta 

Lance, Pam 
List, Karen 
Loy, Melanie 
Maiers, Cindy 
Martin, Nanette 
McAdams, Linda 

Meyer, Debbie 
Neff, Chris 
Neff, Gail 
Osborn, Mona 
Ousman, Lori 

Prichard, Liz 
Reasoner, Valerie 
Riley, Patty 
Roundtree, Sue 
Sheffer, Linda 

Shepphird, Carolee 
Short, Patti 
Smith, Carla 
Spindler, Emily 
Spindler, Stephanie 

Tannenberg, Laura 
Vrabel, Debbie 
Walters, Sally 
Wass, Pam 
Winslow, Diane 
Wyman, Debbie 



This is Delta Zeta; singing, studying, eating, 
and thinking about what this sorority means. We 
enjoy mixing the social with the sensuous. Last 
year, Delta Zeta was scholastically at the head of 
fhe row. We plan to carry on our tradition of 
contributing to campus life with many new 
projects and interests. 

Delia zeta 


Alpha Hi Delta 


In our time the family unit is considered 
to be a social group with an uncertain 
future. But here at Alpha Xi Delta we hove 
o family with a positive outlook, a cohesive 
unit with each member an essential 
contributor to the group. Love, help, un- 
derstanding, and social activities are some 
of the ingredients which we feel contribute 
to the viability of our family. In essence, 
our sorority is a tightly-knit group whose 
congenial atmosphere encourages sharing 
joys or problems, and a unit which extends 
itself to benefit others. 

Burnett, Karen Richards, Lynn 

Hardenbrook, Mariane Rose, Kathy 

Hardenbrook, Peggy Stanberry, Sharon 

Larkin, Mary Twilegar, Judy 

Malloy, Sandy Yamauchi, Linda 

Mata, Darling Zomar, Vickie 
Okitsu, Ann 

Birmingham, Kate 
Blickensderfer, Nancy 
Briggs, Lauchlin 
Brock, Wendy 
Cannon, Patty 

Cooch, Deb 
Covington, Carol 
Cuen, Terri 
Davis, Diana 
Distaso, Madeleine 

Farris, Linda 
Freeman, Marilyn 
Freeman, Sue 
Hildt, Janie 
Howard,, Liz 

Jackson, Kathy 
Jensen, Rita 
Keliher, Betsy 
Keller, Melodie 
Kernkamp, Carolyn 

Kernkamp, Laura 
Kilgore, Ann 
King, Madelaine 
Kohler, Libby 
Kreider, Lynn 

Livesay, Karen 
Lopez, Carol 
McCarthy, Melinda 
Milam, Debbie 
Montes, Gary 

Morishita, Lynne 
Peterson, Connie 
Phillips, Cindy 
Poffenroth, Patty 
Puls, Maureen 

von Mizener, Gayle 
Weber, Jane 
Weller, Wendy 

Reed, Valerie 
Roush, Jeannie 
Skov, Sascha 
Torres, Cindy 
von Mizener, Donna 







. > / 



Kappa Alpha Theia 

1) Debbie Kabuss 

2) Marilyn May 

3) Cindy Rankin 

4) Colleen Fitzhenry 

5) Wendy Howard 

6) Denise Belfry 

7) Luisa Figueras 

8) Mary Ann Ward 

9) Debbie Messenger 

10) Suzanne Teixeira 

11) Debbe Pill 

12) Cyndi Cramer 

13) Cindy Bolcom 

14) Janice Mooney 

15) Leslie Broadbelt 

16) Carrie Handy 

17) Judi Woodward 

18) Kathleen Flannery 

19) Patti Fitzpatrick 

20) Debbie Wills 

21) Sherri Willson 

22) Mrs. Ruby Long 

23) Kim Delaney 

24) Susan Williams 

25) Sue Ulix 

26) Holly Lawson 

27) Shanon Carrell 

28) Marcia Gravette 

29) Meg Meager 

30) Karen Kenny 

31) Bobette Nelson 

32) Vicki Vance 

33) Robyn Fainer 

34) Terry Murphy 

35) Janet Johnson 

36) Lisa Steinbrenner 

37) Pam Clark 

38) Carole Hall 

39) Susanne Pearce 

40) Ann Harmon 

41) Debbie Samson 

42) Beth McClure 

43) Chris Scherdel 

44) Melanie Knoth 

45) Debbie Amos 

46) Lynn Crosby 

47) Nancy Ghan 

48) Sally Cote 

49) Diane Duncan 

50) Betty Henderson 

51) Non Ohlson 

52) Robin Dearden 

53) Marianne Moyn 

Not pictured: 

Cathy Adams 
Mia Gilberg 
Jody Hammond 
Marsha Milton 
Andria Pill 
Janice Pierson 
Doreen Gordon 
Nancy Fyson 

Bear. Kendel 
Merry. Marky 
Bigetow, Tish 
Blanke, Marcia 
Burdsal. Vicki 
Chiang. Frances 

Cook, Melanie 
Denmes. Pam 
Dennies. Paula 
Hinders. Diane 
Fischer Michele 
Franklin. Jean 

Futrell, Jan 
Garcia . Marisel 
(lilcrest. Kathy 
Head Betsy 
Heil, Lynn 
Hinds Anita 

Hnllenbeck, Shelley 
Kossar. (rert 
Lewis, [{ohm 
I.loyd. Sii7y 
Mahoney. Barbara 
Masaki, Stephanie 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

McCann, Mary Elle 
McConnell, Karen 
McCrory, Denise 
McGoldrick, Ann 
O'Brien, Karen 
Quimby, Chris 

Quimby, Pam 
Peterson, Jackie 
Rasak, Val 
Riley, Debby 
Riordan, Monica 

Romero, Maggi 
Russell, Ann 
Sammons, Connie 
Slotemaker de Bruin 

Stalwick, Dawn 

Stenen, Pam 
Stoops, Janis 
Tracy, Bridget 
Trask, Leslie 
Vickers, Nancy 

Weed, Laurie 
West, Shauna 
Whitehouse, Sheri 
Yeager, Jane 
Young, Anne 
Zimmerman, Terry 




-. '- 


" ; 

* - 

- w. 





- : \>i; 



1 ' 





Adachi, Man 
Akazawa, Elaine 
Fujimoto, Kathy 

Ida, Harumi 
Ikeuye, Moreen 
Iriye, Diana 

Jung, Wendy 
Kakehashi, Kris 
Kujubu, Dianne 

Kujubu, Leah 
Louie, Sharyn 
\Iiura Marsha 

Miyamoto, Jeanne 
Mochizuki, Eimee 
Nakagiri, Karen 

f. ':-.'- ,' 

Then Kappa Phi 

Nakamura, Janice 
Noda, Keiko 
Obita, Janice 

Okumuto. Diane 
Oshinonu. Vicki 
Ota, I'andi 

Suyetsugu, Elaine 
Suzuki. Lynne 
Takenaka, Owen 

Kong, M. 
Toy, Susan 
Wong, Cindy 

Wong, Lana 
Ynmada. JoAnne 
Vumaguchi, Marianne 

Baver, Jeanine 
Benjamin, Chris 
Cooley, Laurel 
Cost, Shelley 
Davis, Christine 
Down, Susan 

England, Steve 
Carman, Paul 
Greenwood, Richard 
Hall, Jeffery 
Higgins, Kathy 
Holloway, Craig 

Kaleth, Jeanne 
Men sing, Millicent 
Miller, Charlene 
Robinson, Nancy 
Scherff, Rand 
Shiftman, Norman 

Sirola, Margaret 
Smith, Cecile 
Snively, Carol 
Spencer, Paul 
Thompson, Naomi 
( Housemother) 
Wilson, Warren 

Wright, James 
Young, Janet 

Asher House 

Alpha Lambda Delia 

Beels, Clarisse 
Geary, Virginia 

Greenspan, Sylvia 
Margolies, Dany 
McCullough, Barbara 

Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta are national honoraries recognizing men 
and women who attain scholastic excellence in the freshman year. The board 
members pictured here are responsible for organizing the social-service 
activities of the organizations. 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Redmond, Dorothy 
Schneiderman, Carol 
Weisel, Linda 
Weselman, Marian 

Berlin, Brad 
Finerman, Matthew 

Melendez, Dennis 
Stiles, Charles 
Ting, Albert 






Front row L to R 
Roberta Becker 
Denise Daze 
Kendel Bear 
Chris Quimby 
Carmen Rexach 
Pam Lance 

2nd Row L to R 
Cindy Cotton " 
Mancy Paddock 

Look . 
TPain Quimby. .. 
Marisel Garcia 
Lynn David. . _ . . 
Dawn T. Evans 
Joanne Ishimine 
Charlene Lewis 

3rd Row L to R 
Linda Carpenter 
Debbie Eindlay .. 
Michele Gurrola 
Lisa Kistler 
Kathy Porter 
Tali de la Tor 
Betsy Head 
Bridget Tracy 
Mary Donahue 
Nancy Needham 

Barbara Mahoney 


Karen O'Brien 
Lai Wong 
Rory Gayrtor 
Laurie Drake 
Pat Saukcy 
Shelly Bowers 
Marcie Marshall 

Jeannie Rouch 
Karen Livesay 

5th Row L to R 
Karen Kay 
Ellen Custer 
Ann Russel 
Mary Ann Mueller 
Melinda Hrachovy 
Kare Siehl 
Sue Clarey 
Linda Johnson 
Terry Ann Zimmer 
Gayle Nelson 

6th Row L to R 
Leslie Trask 
Robin Smith 
Geri Molina 
Michele Jani 
Jane Yeager 

Debbie Urabel 
Barbara Hallahan 
Melanie Loy 
Kathy Kerr 

f*ll! ,, 

i* ' 


ra A 


Bergh, Andy 
Bliss, Gary 
Colton, David 
Dischner, Bob 
Docherty, Rich 
Ellis, Kent 

Fagan, Rich 
George, Jim 
Haymond, Cort 
Hughes, Brian 
Jurgensen, Ron 
Klosterman, Steve 

Kudo, Rich 
Lapham, Jeff 
Losey, Bob 
Parker, Scott 
Perry, Mike 
Petrie, Greg 

Piini, John 
Ramirez, Bob 
Reynolds, Bradley 
Rinehart, Jess 
Riskas, Dean 
Riskas, Jim 

Rothstein, Pat 
Sinclair, Bob 
Skarin, Kurt 
Steele, Gary 
Steinbrenner, Neal 
Tabor, Tom 

Walker, Woody 
Wulff, Torrey 






o. ! 

i s 


. ~^ ft 




< - esi 



10 to 

*-> O 
J3 C 






c ' ' IM 

OJ ^ aj C " 

Q- oi 


nj 3 a> 

~ B 



oo O 2 


*j K-< c E H : 




CO - n3 '> CUD 

0) ;>. L VT" 

-SB cj u CQ 4> 


Oa>3o.' reujro 

photo contest 

Grand Prize 

James Horton - Grad Econ. Reflection of Royce Hall on a 
puddle in Royce Quad. 

Grand Prize - Jams Morton 


Mark Rubin - Skip the linesman was shot during the UCLA 
vs Oregon football game with a Minolta SRT- 
101 using a 200 mm f3.5 Rokkor lens and Tri- 
X film at ASA 400. 

James Horton - Royce Hall shot from inside of Powell Library. 

Ron Ramus - Statue in front of the University Research 
Library was shot using high contrast film, ASA 
50, at f2.8 and 1/60 sec. 

First Prize - Mark 

Second Prize - Jams 

Third Prize - fa 


Rick Becker - UCLA ski class was taken with a Minolta SRT 
101 using a 135 mm 2.8 Rokkor lens and 
panatomic-X film. 


Silas Lum - Little children with Josephine Bruin was shot 
during the Varsity Preview with a Nikon 
Photomic-FTN using Tri-X film. 

Bill Jack - Fountain in front of Macgowan Hall shot using 
a Pentax SPII at 1/1000 sec. 

First Prize - 2 

Second Prize - Ms 

Third Prize- 

Special Effects 

Randolph Tokuda - Picture of his daughter shot with a Mamiya C- 

33, 135 mm lens. Background dropped out 
with a mask. 

Howard Waxenberg- Statue near Dickson Art Center taken with a 

Canon FTb using infrared film. 

* x 


Elie Gindi - Face of statue at Schoenberg Hall superim- 

posed on the wall of Kerckhoff Hall. 


I II! 


1 1 I I I 

Second Prize - 

Third Prize - Efo 


As a graduating senior you have 

been around the sun about 22 times spent 17 years in the 
educational process, or 4,590 days in class counting time off 
for weekends, holidays, summer, and bad moods, or 34,560 
hours in class taking off for lunch, recess and sleeping late, or 
close to 50,000 hours studying counting homework.field trips and 
cramming, which is roughly 2,080 times longer than it took God 
to create a new world from scratch. 


you i 


BEVERLY ABRAAAS -- Director-Tutorial Project 

ROSS ALAN ARBITER - - SLC, Administrative Vice President, 

Student Faculties Commissioner 

KENDEL BEAR Alumni Hostess, President Bruin Belles 
COLLEEN BOYD Women's Intercollegiate Volleyball 
NANCY LYNNE GHAN Bruin Be//es, Song girl 
KEVIN ROGER CRAIG Superlative contributions in Water Polo 
LARRY CLINTON FARMER JR. - - Superlative contributions in 

RICKI JILL FELDMAN -- Tutorial Project, Mardi Gras, Alpha 

Lamda Delta 

LESTER FRIEDMAN -- Varsity Basketball Manager 
MARISOL GANDARILLAS Director Choicano Youth Barrio 

Program, U.A.C. 

STEVEN JOEL HALPERN Student Body President, Ad- 

ministrative Vice President, Bruin Bear 

LARRY HOLLYFIELD Superlative contributions in Basketball 
HILARY JOHNSON Women's Intercollegiate Volleyball 
CAROLYN ELIZABETH KASTEL -- Alpha Lamda Delta, Mortar 

Board President, Volunteer Tutor for LA. City Schools 
WENDY LEE KOUT Alumni Scholarship, Honor English Student 

missioner, (FC President, U. P. C. 
LESLIE ELLIS LATNER Varsity Football Manager, Mardi Gras 

Publicity Chairman 

DONALD ERNEST LEUTZ KLA General Manager, Disc Jockey 
ELIZABETH MCCLURE Panhe//enic President, Volunteer worker 
for Red Cross, LA. Chamber of Commerce Student 
Achievement Award 



JANE LOUISE MURRAY Student Health Intern 

BRUCE SHERMAN NELSON -- Daily Bruin Cartoonist, Student 

Committee for the Arts Chairman, Student Intern 
MICHAEL RICHARD OLSSON Administrative Intern Director, 

Freshman Orientation Program 
ESTHER MORENO PEREZ Communications Board 
BENNET BRIAN RODILITZ -- Dorm President, Letters and Science 

Intern, Tau Beta Pi 

LESTER STEVEN ROSEN SLC, Genera/ Rep, U.P.C, Yell Leader 
DEBORAH JEAN ROSS California State Scholarship, Medicus 


MAUREEN RUTH SIEGEL /Ward/ Gras, Clean Air Council 
ALBERT CHIA TING Blood Drive, UAC, Alpha Phi Omega Car 

Pool, Phi Eta Sigma President 
KAYE ELLEN TUCKER - - Women's week steering committee, 

Women's Resource Center 

BRUCE EDWARD WALTON superlative contributions in Football 
HOWARD WAXENBERG -- Director Tutorial Project, Southern 

JEFFREY RANDOLPH WEBER Southern Campus Editor, Daily 

Bruin Book Review Editor, Staff Writer, KLA, Satyr, Sigma 

Delta Chi 
JOAN WEINSTEIN Dai/y Bruin Index Editor, staff writer, honor 


NATHANIEL WILLIAMS -- Academic Honors, Student Govern- 

LILLARD MONROE WOOTON BSU Chairman, Board of Control 










Art History 



Thomas L. 



Public Service 

Adams, Alayne 

B.A.. French 
Adams, Jeane R. 

B.A., History 
Adams, Mortimer 

B.A., Political Science 
Adelson, Stuart 

B.A., Political Science 
Agarwal, Satishkumar 

B.S., Electronic Engineering 

Aguilar, Louis 

M.A., Latin American Studies 
Allewitz, Phyllis 

Allison, Anthony 

B.A., Political Science 
Amandus. David 

B.S., Chemistry 
Amankulor, James Ndukaku 

M.A., Theater Arts 

Amid, Shahab 

M.S., Chemical Engineering 
Anderson, Christian B. 

B.A., Zoology 
Anrade, Esperanza 

B.A., History 
Anrade, Rosaura 

B.A., History 
Andree, Thomas 

B.A., Political Science 

Anglin. Sandra 

B.A., History 
Arao, Alan 

B.A., Biology 
Araki. Sachiko 

B.A., Economics, Mathematics 
Arbiter, Ross 

B.A., Political Psychology 
Arlen, Martie 

B.A., Pictorial Arts 

Armstrong, Robert 

B.A., Economics 
Arnoff, Joseph 

B.A., Psychology 
Arnold, James 

B.S., Nuclear Engineering 
Arroyo. Edward 

B.A.. Philosophy 
Asher, Isabella 

B.A., Italian 

Atkins, Rebecca 

B.A., Music 
Auerbach, Janet 

B.A., Psychology 
Austin, Kay 

B.A., Spanish 
Austin, W. Jeff 

B.S., Economics 
Avery, Jeromye 

B.A., History 

Bam, Rebecca Leigh 

B.A., English 
Baker, Marsha 

Baker, Nathaniel 

B.S., Engineering 
Ball, Marcella 

B.A., Psychology 
Bank, Carol 

B.A., Sociology 

Banks, Koy 

B.A., History 
Barber, Judith 

B.A., History 
Bardwil, Steven 

BA, Psychology 
Barngrover, Mary Ann 

B.A., Political Science 
Barnston, Anthony 

B.A.. Psychology 

Barthel, Frederick 

B.A., Mathematics 
Bass. Geraldine 

B.A., Art History 
Baumann. Richard L. 

B.A.. Neurophysiology 
Bautista, Norma 

B.A., Sociology 
Bayer, Paula 

B.A.. Spanish 

Bear, Kendel 

B.S., Sociology 
Beezy, Barbara 

B.S.. Environmental Health 
Bell. Jacquelyn 

B.A., Political Science 
Bell, LaRoyce 

B.A., Sociology 
Belzer, Nancy 

B.A.. Political Science 

Benmosche, Moss 

B.A.. Mathematics 
Benton. Karen 

B.A., Psychology 
Beran, Susan 

B.S., Kinesiology 
Berg, Ronald 

B.A., Political Science 
Bernstein, Laura 

B.A., Dance 

Bernstein, Robert 
B.S., Psychology 

Berrin. Gail 
B.A., Sociology 

Berry, Byron 

B.S., Psychobiology 
Bessette. Roxann 

B.A., English 
Bigelow, Tish 

B.A., Political Science 
Big Pond, David 

B.A., Sociology 
Bird, Laura 

B.A.. Mathematics 

Birznieks, Inese 

B.A., Political Science 
Blair, Robert 

B.A., Economics 
Blickensderfer, Nancy 

B.S., Kinesiology 
Bliss, Gary 

B.S., Economics 
Bloom, Jeanne 

B.A., Political Science 

Boadi Siaw, Samuel 

C. Phil., History 
Boddington, Claudia 

B.A., Mathematics 
Borden. Chet 

B.S., Mathematics 
Borden. Constance 

B.S., Nursing 
Borden, Ken 

B.S., Economics 

Bostwick, Gretchen A. 

B.A., Sociology 
Bowen, Deborah Ann 

B.A., Theater Arts 
Boyd, Timothy Allen 

B.A., History, African Studies 
Bramson. David 

B.A., Political Science 
Breckow, Dale 

B.A., Political Science 

Brewer. Edward 

B.S., Economics 

Brewer. Jesse A. 

B.S., Psychology 

Brewer, Timothy 

B.A., Sociology 
Bronstem, Robert 

B.A., Zoology 
Brough, Judy 

B.A., Political Science 
Brown, Earlene 

M.N., Nursing 
Browne. Gail 

B.A., History 

Brown. Joan 

B.A., Music 
Brown, Terrence 

B.A., History 
Brownstein, Robert M. 

B.A., Political Science 
Buck, Robert 

B.S., Biochemistry 
Burdeos, Ann 

B.A., Philosophy 

Byron. Herbert 
B.A., Political Science, History 

Caballeio. Ibis 

B.A., Psychology 
Cadar, Katherine 

B.A., Scandinavian Languages 
Calhoun. Cheryl 

B.A., History 
Calkins, Linda M. 

B.A., Psychology, Sociology 

Calkins, Louise E. 

B.A., Pictorial Arts 
Campbell, Gary 

B.A., Sociology 
Campbell, Tom 

B.A., Economics 
Candy, Thomas 

B.S., Political Science 
Cannon, Patricia 

B.A., Bacteriology 

Card, Carrie 

B.S., Nursing 
Carlin, Nancy 

B.A.. Political Science 
Carlisle, Russell 

B.S., Individual 
Carrell, Shanon 

B.S., Psychology 
Castillo, Joel 

B.A.. Psychology, Mathematics 

Castillo, Nancy 

B.A., American Literature, 

Chan. David 

Chang. Sharon 

B.A., Chinese 
Chang, Tiffany 

B.A., Mathematics 
Chang, Yu-Sa 

B.A., Sociology 

Chapirson, Cheryl 

B.A., English 
Chapman, Leslie 

B.A., Political Science 
Chase, Leanna 

B.A., Sociology 
Chernock, Debra 

B.A., Political Science 
Chevalier, Cole 

B.A., Mathematics, 

Computer Science 

Chiang. John 

M.B.A., Management 
Chickota, Ruth 

B.A.. Theater Arts 
Chihak. Cindy 

B.A., Psychology 
Childs, Joy 

B.A., Individual 
Chin, Amy 

B.A., Mathematics 

Chin, Wilford 

B.A., Psychology 
Chong, Kenneth 

B.A., Philosophy 
Chong, Lanceford 

B.S., Premed, Public Health 
Chow, Kan (Ken) 

B.A., Bacteriology 
Chow, Ronald 

B.A., History 

Ciruli. Floyd 

B.A., Political Science 
Cirksena, Mary Kathryn 

B.A., Motion Pictures 
Cislowski, David 

B.S., Physics 
Clark, Ann 

B.S., Kinesiology 
Cohen, Martin 

B.S., Biochemistry 

Collins, Ellen 

B.S., Kinesiology 
Compas, Bruce 

B.A., Psychology 
Conway, Jill Marisa 

B.A., Sociology 
Cook, Allison 

B.A., Sociology 
Cooper, Greg 

B.A., Economics 

Cooper, Janie 

B.A., History 
Cooper, Jannell 

B.S., Nursing 
Copalman, Phyllis 

B.A., Art History 
Corber, Sharon 

B.A., Mathematics 
Cotton, Cindy 

B.A., Political Science 

Covington, Carol 

B.A., History 
Cox, Leland 

B.A., Psychobiology 

Craig, James 

B.A., Political Science 
Craig, Kevin 

B.S., Kinesiology 
Crandall, Cathleen 

B.S., Kinesiology 
Cummings, Beverly 

B.A.. Economics 
Curtis, Jane 

B.A., Psychology 

Curtis, Robert 

B.A., Zoology 
Custer, Ellen 

B.A., Pictorial Arts 
Czer, Lawrence 

B.S., Physics 
DaOay, Elizabeth 

B.S., Political Science 
Damalas, Jim 

B.A., Political Science 

Dana, Deborah 

B.A., Psychology 
Dance. William Forest 

B.A., Theatre Arts 
Delfs. Deborah 

B.A., Psychology 
Delgado, Jr., Antonio J. 

B.A., Political Science 
Delgado, Nelly 

M.A., Spanish 

DelValle, Robert A. Jr. 

B.A., Motion Pictures/TV 
Dersh, Cynthia 

B.A., Political Science 
Dershem. Larry 

B.A., History 
DeSantis, Mark 

B.A.. History 
Diamond, Jeffrey 

M.A., Sociology of Educatior 

Diano, David 

B.A., Psychology 
Diawaku. Noe 

Ed.D., Education 

Dickms, Isabella 

M.A.. Nursing 
Dietrich. Anthony 

B.A., Psychology 
Dirstme, Hugh 

M.S.. Finance 
Dischner. Robert 

B.A.. Political Science 
Donahue. Denise 

B.A., English 

Donahue. Mary 

B.A., History 
Dong. Low 

B.S., Electrical Engineering 
Dome. Elise 

B.A., History. French 
Dormsch, Walton 

B.A.. Motion Pictures/TV 
Dragicevich. Joseph 

B.A., Economics 

Duarte. David 

B.A., Engineering 
Duke, Carrie 

B.A.. Psychology 
Dulganan, Dean 

B.A.. Economics 
Dunkle. Michael 

B.S.. Economics 
Durr. Lillie 

B.A.. Psychology 

Duxbury. Janet 

B.A., Political Science 
Dybens. Bruce 

B.A., Economics 
Edell. Marsha 

B.A.. History 
Edgerton, Eileen M. 

B.A.. Geography 
Edmgton. Mona 

B.A.. English 

Eisenberg, Arnold 

B.A., Mathematics 
Eisenstadt, Jill 

B.A.. English 
Eisfelder. Elise 

B.A.. History 
El Adli, Fouad 

B.A., Biology 
Elem, Gary 

B.A.. Public Management 

Elkin. Debra 

B.A., Psychology 
Elkins. Gordon 

B.A., Psychology 
Ellis, Kimberley 

B.A.. English 
Emerson, Susan 

B.A.. Sociology 
Enders, Diane 

B.A., Anthropology 

Eng, Richard 

B.S., Engineering 
Enomoto. Amy 

B.A., Philosophy 
Enrici, Pamela Lee 

M.A., Geography 
Essex, Lorraine 

B.A., Ethnomusicology 
Estey, Janice 

B.A., Geography 

Estrada, Henry 

B.A., Political Science, Philosophy 
Estrada, Hugh 

B.A., Spanish 
Eu, Adeline 

B.A., Art 
Ewing, II, Robert W. 

B.A., Motion Pictures 
Fainer, Robyn 

B.A.. History 

Farber. Carol 

B.A.. History 
Farcau. Biuce 

B.A., History 
Fawcett. Henry 

B.S., Biology 
Fekjar, Berit 

B.A., Mathematics 
Feldman, Ricki 

B.A., Spanish 

Fellner, Patricia 

B.S., Nursing 
Fellows. DeDe 

B.A , Theater Arts 
Field, Susan 

B.A., History 
Fields, Pamela S, 

B.A., History 
Findlay, Debra 

B.A., English 

Finerman, Matthew 

B.A., Bacteriology 
Fisher, Lawrence 

B.S., Engineering 
Flynn, Ellen 

B.A., Psychology 
Fogelman, Mitchell K. 

B.A., Mathematics 
Forcier, Jim 

B.S., Political Science 

Forssen, Eric 

B.S., Chemistry 
Foster, Michael 

M.B.A., Management 
Fox. Barbara 

B.A., Psychology 
Francisco. Gordon R. 

B.A., Political Science 
Franklin, Betzi 

B.A.. Political Science 

Frankman, Janice 
B.A., Sociology 

Fredholm, Carol 
B.A., Psychology 

Freeman, Honoria 

B.A., Mathematics 
Freisleben, Marilyn 

B.A.. English 
Frieda. Dennis 

B.S., Physics, Mathematics 
Friedman, Larry R. 

B.A., Psychology, Mathematics 
Fritz, Annette 

B.A., Economics, 

Business Administration 

Frowner, Joyce 

A.B., History 
Fujimoto. Jeffrey 

B.A., Zoology 
Fujiura, David 

B.A., Economics 
Fullmer, James 

B.A., Economics 
Galef, Franklin 

B.A.. Biology 

Gam, Sharon 

B.A., Psychology 
Garabed, Khajak 

M.A., Urban Planning 
Garcia, Ernest L. 

Ed.D.. Education 
Garcia, James 

B.A., Psychology, Philosophy 
Garrick, Kenneth 

B.A., Design 

Gatlm, Dolores 

B.S., Mathematics 
Gee, Mona 

B.S., Bacteriology 
George, Susan 

B.A., Sociology 
Germain, Leo J. 

B.A., Economics, Geography 
Ghan, Nancy 

B.S., Health Education 

Ghirelli, Marilyn 
B.A., Psychology 

Giannelli, Michael A. 
B.A., Psychology 

Giarratano, Susan 

B.S., Health Education 
Gibson, Stephen 

B.S.. Kinesiology 
Gilbert, Lawrence 

B.A., Mathematics 
Gilcrest, Kathleen 

B.A., Psychology 
Gillan. Kim 

B.A., Psychology 

Givicti, Kenneth 

B.A., Bacteriology 
Givner. Bruce 

B.A., History 
Glass, Annie 

B.A., Theater Arts 
Glimp, Richard 

B.A., Zoology 
Glucksman, William 

B.A., History 

Goldstein, Charles-Terry 

B.A.. History 
Goldstein, Gloria 

B.A., Political Science 
Gonzalez, Ilia 

B.A., Sociology 
Goodman, Ellen 

B.A., Economics 
Goodman, Gayle Lynn 

B.A., Economics 

Goodman. Irene 

B.A., Psychology 
Gooze, Mitchell 

B.S.. Engineering 
Goranson, Greta 

B.A., Political Science 
Gordon. Kenneth 

B.A., Political Science 
Gorman, Eileen 

B.A., Art History 

Goulding, Philip 

B.A., Psychology 
Graifer, Linda 

B.A., Spanish 
Grant, Darryle 

B.A., Political Science 
Grant, Setha 

B.A.. Political Science 
Gray, James 

B.S., Chemistry 

Gray. Kathleen 

B.A., English 
Green, Theopilus 

B.A., History, Sociology 
Greenberg, Caren 

B.A., Sociology 
Greenberg, Ellynn 

B.A., Sociology 
Gregory, Jeannine 

B.A., French 

Grimes. Gloria 

B.A.. History 
Gross, Brian 

B.A., Psychology 
Grupp. Jessica 

B.A., Mathematics 
Gudunffa, Abate 

M.P.H., International Health 
Gurcay, Gulden 

B.A., Theater Arts 

Haber, Shari 

B.A., English 
Haberman, Ruth 

B.S., Mathematics 
Hair, Dan 

B.A., History, Political Science 
Haley, Carla 

B.A., Sociology 
Hall. Mamie Lee 

B.A., Speech 

Hall, Thomas 

B.A., Bacteriology 
Hallahan. Barbara 

B.A., English 
Hal pern, Steven 

B.A., Political Science 
Hamano, Margie 

B.A., Psychology 
Hammargren, Debra 

B.S., Nursing 

Hammond, Jody 

B.A.. History 
Hamre, Cathryn 

B.A., Psychology 
Hamrell, Michael 

B.S., Biochemistry 
Hamrick, Linda 

B.A., Political Science 
Handel, Judi 

B.A., Psychology 

Handley, Gail L. 

B.A., Political Science 
Harm. Dwight 

B.A.. Mathematics, Computer Science 
Harris, Karen 

B.A., History 
Harvey, Georgina 

B.S., Nursing 
Hashimoto, Chizuko 

B.A., Mathematics 

Hashimura, Linda 

B.S., Nursing 
Hatakeyama, Nancy 

B.A., Sociology 
Hawkins, Ronald 

B.A., Psychology, Pre-med 
Hayashi, Robert 

B.A., Economics 
Hefty, Robert 

B.A., Political Science 

Heil, Lynn 

B.A., Sociology 
Heiser, Cathy 

B.S., Kinesiology 


Helland, Gregory D. 

B.A., Public Administration 
Henderson, Patricia 

B.A., Mathematics, 

Computer Science 
Heney, Paul 

B.A., Economics 
Henry, Antoinette 

B.A., Theater Arts 
Henry, William H. 

B.A., Economics 

Hernandez, Alin 

B.A., Economics 
Herrera, Michael 

B.A., English 
Hicks, Barry M. 

B.A., Linguistics 
Hildebrand, Janice 

B.S., Zoology 
Hill. Anita 

B.S., History 

Hine, Michael 

B.S., Biology 
Hirshberg, Monica 

B.A., Zoology 
Ho, Rosaline 

B.A., Mathematics, 

Computer Science 
Hobart, Terry 

B.S., Engineering 
Hodge, Charles W. 

B.A., Geography 

Hoehmann, Jane 

B.A., Spanish 
Hoffman, Kristine 

B.A., Political Science 
Hogan, Mary 

B.A., Sociology 
Holender, David 

B.A., Mathematics 
Hollander, Melanie 

B.A., Art History 

Holt, Carlyn Dea 
B.S., Psychology 

Holt, Lea 
B.A., Psychology 

Honsberger, John 

B.A., Zoology 
Hori, Susan 

B.A., English 
Horowitz, Edward Alan 

B.A., Mathematics 
House. Barbara 

B.A., Economics 
House. Michael 

B.A., History 

Howard, Cheryl 

B.S.. Mathematics 
Howard. Samueletta 

B.S., Sociology, Public Health 
Howard, Wendy 

B.S., Health Education 
Hrachovy, Melinda 

B.A., History 
Hsieh. Mildred 

B.A., Bacteriology 

Hvidt, Margaret 

B.A.. Political Science 
Hyde, Stephen 

B.A., Political Science 
Israel, Albert 

B.A., History 
Ishimine, Joanne 

B.A., English 
Isserman, Karm 

B.A.. English 

Italiano, Michael 

B.S., Zoology 
Iwanaga, Douglas 

B.A., Psychology 
Iwata, Stephen 

B.A., Geography 
Jackson, Jeannine 

B.S., Psychology 
Jackson, Karen 

B.A., Psychology 

Jaffe, Anne 

B.A., Sociology 
Jaffe, Ken 

B.A., Economics 
Jarvis, Judianne Marie 

B.A., French 
Jenkins, Carolyn 

B.A., History 
Jerand, Douglas 

B.A., Mathematics, 

Computer Science 

Jetton, Barry 

B.A., Psychology 
Jick. Dorlene 

B.A., Political Science 
Johnson. Brad 

B.A., Mathematics, Economics 
Johnson, Cara 

B.S., Psychology 
Johnson, Erik 

B.A., Psychology 

Johnson, Roderick 

B.A., Psychology 
Jones, Deborah 

B.A., English 
Jones, Jessica 

B.A., Spanish 
Jones, Shirley 

B.S.. Psychology 
Jordan, Charles 

B.A., Psychology 

Jordan, Marsha 

B.A., Psychology 
Jorgensen, Linda 

B.A., Mathematics 
Joshua, Marilyn 

B.A., Psychology 
Jung, Betty 

B.A., Economics 
Jung, Wendy 

B.A., History 

Kabuss. Deborah 

B.A., Economics 
Kajita. lams 

B.A., Psychology 
Kakehashi, Colleen 

B.S., Nursing 
Kambara, Kary 

B.A.. Linguistics 
Kanagawa. Celia 

B.A., Political Science 

Kaneko, Kevin 

B.A.. Psychobiology 
Kannas, Thelma 

B.A., Psychology 
Kapitanoff, Nancy 

B.A., Political Science 
Kappner. Christhart H. 

B.A., Linguistics 
Karr, Donna 

B.A., Psychology 

Kastel. Carolyn 

B.A., Spanish 
Keefe, Helen L. 

B.A., Spanish 
Kelly, Jayme 

B.S., Physical Education 
Kemp, Jane 

B.A., History 
Kennedy, Katheryn 

B.A., History 

Kernkamp, Laura 

B.A., Political Science 
Kessen, Karen 

B.S., English 
Kestenbaum, Barbara 

B.A., Hebrew 
Kiesel, Geoffrey 

B.A., Russian 
Kilgore, Ann 

B.A., English 

Kimmy, Raymond 
B.A., Psychology 

King. Edward 
B.S., Kmesiology 

King, Sandra 

B.A., Pictorial Arts 
Kisylia, Joan 

B.A., Mathematics 
Kiuchi, Harriet 

B.A., History 
Klein, Eric 

B.A., Psychology 
Klosterman, Steven 

B.A., Political Science 

Knapp. Robin 

B.A.. Political Science 
Koenekamp, Lynn 

B.A., Psychology 
Koh, Kong-Hwa 

B.A.. Economics 
Kokawa, Anne 

B.A., Mathematics. Psychology 
Kovacic, Gary 

B.A.. History 

Koyanagi, Karen 

B.A., Political Science 
Kracht, Deborah 

B.S., Nursing 
Krause, Robert 

B.A., Bacteriology 
Krieger, John 

B.S./M.S., Electrical 

Krpan, Margaret 

B.A., English 

Kubilins, Edward Jr. 

B.A.. Political Science 
Kudo, Richard 

B.A., Psychology 
Kuhta, John Christian 

M.A., Industrial and 

Environmental Design 
Kurtzman, Denise 

B.A., Sociology 
Kuwahara, Sachi 

B.A.. Design 

Lamer, Elizabeth 

B.S., Nursing 
Lane, Barbara 

B.A.. Theater Arts 

Lane, Brian 

B.A.. Theater Arts 
Lane. John F. 

M.F.A., Theater Arts 

B.A., Political Science 
Lapham, Jeffrey 

B.A., Political Science 
Lare, John M. 

B.A., Economics 
Later, Deborah 

B.A.. History 

Latner, Leslie 

B.S., Kinesiology, Pre-dental 
Lau, Georgina Oi-Ping 

B.A., Geography 
Lau, Jack 

B.A., Psychology 
Lau, James 

B.A., Bacteriology 
Lauritson, Christi 

B.S., Kinesiology 

Lee, Emmeline 

B.A., Design 
Lee, Gene 

B.S., Computer Science 
Lee, Jeanette 

Lee, Sue Ann 

B.A., Mathematics 
Lee, William 

B.A., History 

Lembersky, Randy 

B.A., Sociology 
Leonard, Gary 

B.A., Motion Pictures 
Leone, Lawrence 

B.A., Political Science 
Leong, Carol 

B.A., Oriental Languages 
Lessner, Diane 

B.S., Psychology 

LeVeque II, Roland 

B.A., Political Science 
Levinson, Andrew 

B.A., Music 
Lew. Eugene 

B.S., Kinesiology 
Lewis, Aleta 

B.A., Anthropology 
Liban, Irene 

B.S., Nursing 

Lichtenstein. Terry 

B.A., Anthropology 
Lieu, Lily 

B.A., Mathematics. 

Computer Science 
Lighten, Annette 

B.A., English 
Lightsy. Jack K. 

B.A., Sociology 
Lim, Jeanne 

B.A., Mathematics 

tipper. David A. 

B.A., Meteorology 
Livesay, Karen Ann 

B.A., Anthropology 
Loeb. James 

B.A., Political Science 
Longo. Robert 

B.A.. Political Science 
Look. Rose 

B.A., History 

Lopaty, Kayla 

B.A., English 
Lopez, Sheila 

B.S., Psychology 
Lowenstein, Michael 

B.A., Economics 
LOrsch. Frederick 

B.A., Political Science 
Lorsch, Nancy 

B.A., Psychology 

Losey, Robert 

B.A., Economics 
Lovus, Yvonne 

B.A.. Sociology 
Louie, Ming 

M.S., Engineering 
Louie, Sid 

B.A., Mathematics, 

Computer Sciences 
Low, Katie 

B.A., History 

Loy, Melanie 

B.A., History 
Luber. David 

B.A., Political Science 
Luk, Jeffrey T. 

Mack, Suen-Pok 

B.A., Economics 
Mackey, Steve J. 

B.A., Italian, Economics 

Maddox, Mary Ellen 

B.A., Psychology 
Major, Susan 

B.S., Psychology 
Mandel, Arthur 

B.A., Psychology 
Manheimer, Ann 

B.A., English 
Marcot, Linda 

B.A., History 

Marks Kout, Wendy 

B.A., Creative Writing 
Marks, Richard Edward 

Marks, Steven 

B.A., Political Science 
Marshall, Christopher 

B.A., History 
Marshall, Valerie 

B.A., English 

Martin, Douglas 

M.A., Geography 
Martin, Jack 

B.A., Political Science, 


Martin, Marcme 

B.A., Geography 
Martinez, Esperanza 

B.A.. Sociology 
Martinez. Robert 

B.A., History 
Martz II, Robert 

B.A., Latin American Studies 
Mathon, Shelley 

B.A., English 

May, Marilyn 

B.A., Political Science 
Mayekawa, Patricia 

B.A., Mathematics, 

Computer Science 
Mayfield, Robert 

B.S.. Physics 
Maynord, Theodore 

B.A.. Economics 
Mazner. Rene 

B.A., Sociology 

McCardy. John A. 

B.A., Economics 
McClennan, Jessie 

B.A., History 
McCloud, Sally 

B.A., Sociology 
McClure, Elizabeth 

B.A., Latin American Studies 
McConnell, Rod 

B.S., Engineering 

McCrystal, Karen 

B.A., Economics 
McDade, Charles 

B.S., Chemistry 
McDonald Jr., Don 

B.A., Political Science 
Mclntosh. William J. 

B.A., Biology 
Mclntyre. Julie 

B.A., History 

McKewen, H. Glenn 
B.A., Zoology 

McKinley, Mary 
B.A., History 

McLean. Charles 

B.A., History 
McMahon. Michael 

B.A., English 
McNamee. Stephen 

B.A., Mathematics 
McNulty, Candy 

B.A., Anthropology 
Meager, Timothy S. 

B.A., Mathematics, 

Computer Science 

Mecenas, Maria Teresa 

B.S., Nursing 
Medugbon. Andrew K. 

M.A., Geography 
Medway, Sandra 

Meerson, Gayle 

B.A., Art History 
Meggers. Albert 

B.A., Spanish 

Meikle, John K. 

B.A.. Bacteriology 
Melendez, Dennis 

B.A.. Political Science 
Metz, Arthur 

B.A., Mathematics 
Meyer, Roxanne 

B.S., Zoology 
Milam. Deborah 

B.A., Linguistics 

Miles. Betty 

B.A.. Sociology 
Miller, Karen R. 

B.A., Psychology 
Miller, Mark 

B.A., Mathematics 
Miller, Michael 

B.S., Engineering 
Miller, Richard 

B.S., Zoology 

Miller, William 

B.A., Political Science 
Mills. Paul 

B.A., Biology 
Milton, Marsha 

B.S., R.N., 

Nursing. Public Health 
Mmter, William 

B.A.. Sociology 
Mifisch, Anne 

B.S.. Sociology 

Miroff. Matey 

B.A., Political Science 
Mitchell, Jr., Denver C. 

M.S., Physics 
Mitchell. Donald 

B.A.. Geography 
Miura. Marsha 

B.S., Public Service 
Miyamoto, Steven 

B.S., Structures 

Mizuno, Harriet 

B.A., Psychology 
Monk. Sally 

B.A.. Sociology 
Montalbano, Mark 

B.A., Sociology 
Montgomery, Gary 

B.A., History 
Montoliu, Enric 

M.A., Spanish 

Moore. Katherine 

M.A., Nursing, 

Community Mental Health 
Moore, William 

B.A.. Political Science 
Morimoto. Jane 

B.A., History 
Morris. Roblin 

B.A., Economics 
Morrison, Mark 

B.A., Political Science 

Moss, Dorothy 

M.S., Psychiatric Nursing 
Moster, Barbara 

B.A., Political Science 
Mozur, Lissa 

B.A., Public Affairs. 

Individual Major 
Mueller, Lance 

B.A.. Economics 
Muller. Magda 

B.A., History 

Munsey, Stephen 

B.A., History 
Murray, Jane Anne 

B.A.. Sociology 
Murray, Jane L. 

B.A.. Individual Major 
Murray. Marilyn K. 

B.A., History 
Myers. Jim 

B.A., History 

Nadel. Michael 

B.A., Design 
Nakagama, Nancy 

B.A.. Psychology 
Nakashima, Donna 

B.A., Economics 
Nambu. Karie Lynn 

B.A., Psychology 
Nareshni, Dora 

B.A., Mathematics, 

Computer Science 

Nava, Josephine 

B.A., Spanish 
Naylor. Catherine 

B.S.. Kinesiology 
Needham. Nancy 

B.S.. Political Science 
Neel. Philip 

B.A., Motion Pictures/Television 
Neemeyer, Bonnie 

B.A., Political Science 

Nelson. Bruce 

B.A., Urban Studies 
Ng. Hoover 

M.S.. Engineering 

Ng, Peter 

B.S., Business, Economics 
Ng, Rebecca 

B.A.. Oriental Languages 
Nikaldo, Dorothy 

B.A., History 
Nishi, Martin 

B.A.. Psychology 
Nishio, JoAnne 

B.A., Mathematics, 

Computer Science 

Nocciolo, Albert 

B.S., Kinesiology 
Norman, Edith 

B.A., History 
North. William 

B.S., Engineering 
Ochs, Robert M. 

B.S., Kinesiology 
Oda, Nancy 

B.A., History, E. Asian Studies 

Ogulnik, Charles 

B.A., Political Science 
O'Kelly, Kathleen 

B.A., Philosophy 
Okitsu, Ann 

B.S., Nutritional Sciences 
Olch. Ronald 

B.S.. Engineering, 

Computer Science 
Oliver, Janice 

B.A., English 

Osborne, Robert 

B.S., Engineering 
Oshinomi, Craig 

B.A., Economics 
Page. Guy S. 

B.S., Bacteriology 
Page, Sandra J. 

B.A., Spanish 
Palazzo, Robert 

B.A., Economics 

Palmer, Michael 
B.A., Economics 

Pannell, James W. 
B.A., History 

Paperny, David 

B.S., Biochemistry 
Parker. Elizabeth 

M.N., Nursing 
Parnkopf, Anne 

B.A., History 
Parrish, Lawrence 

B.S., Biochemistry 
Paskal, Estelle 

B.A., Sociology 

Patay, Andrea 

B.A., Mathematics 
Patton, Bert 

B.S., Engineering 
Patton, Beverly 

MA, History 
Pawlak, Carol 

B.S., Biochemistry 
Pellinger, Rae Lynne 

B.A., Psychology 

Perez. Elvira Lorraine 

B.A., Spanish 
Pesich. Andy 

B.A., Music 
Petrie. Gregory 

B.A., Economics, Political Science 
Pettit, Joe 

B.A., Psychology 
Pinkney, Mary 

B.A.. Sociology 

Pinto, Ellen 

B.A., Sociology 
Pitts, Debra 

B.A., History 
Plaskoff. Richard 

B.A., Political Science 
Platzer, Meril 

B.A.. Geography 
Polly, Zena 

B.A., Psychology 

^1 f^ 

Portilla. Eleanor 

B.A.. Political Science 
Post. Barry Jay 

B.A., Political Science 
Prince. Charlotte 

B.A., Psychology 
Quan. Barney 

B.A., Psychology 
Quon, Ward 

B.A., History 

Quon, Yen-Ting 

B.S., Mathematics 
Rabin, Debra 

B.A., English 
Radiai, Sadegh 

B.S.. Chemical Engineering 
Rae. Gwenneth 

Ed.D., Developmental Studies 

in Early Childhood 
Raley. Richard 

B.A., Bacteriology 

Ramirez, Bob 

B.A.. Psychology. 

Political Science 
Ramos. Gilbert C. 

B.A.. Spanish 
Ramos. Leopoldo 

B.A., Political Science 
Ramsey, Andrea 

B.S.. Nursing 
Ramsey, Robert 

B.S., Psychology 

Randies, Sharon 

B.S.. Nursing 
Rankin. Lucinda 

B.S.. Physical Education 
Rawlmgs. Roslyn 

B.A., English 
Rawson. Ronald Craig 

B.A., Motion Pictures/TV 
Redke. Bruce 

B.A., Mathematics 

Redmond, Dorothy 

B.A.. Political Science 
Reel, Karen 

B.A.. English 
Reichman. Ronald P. 

B.A., Psychology 
Reilly, Bonnie 

B.A.. History 
Reiss. Mitchell 

B.S., Computer Science 

Remba. Ronald 

B.S., Physics 
Reyes. Joe 

B.A., Psychology 
Rhodes, Lynn 

B.A., Psychology 
Rice, Cathy 

B.A., Sociology 
Richards, Stephen 

B.A., Political Science 

Richardson. Barbara 

B.A . Psychology 
Riley. William 

B.A., Philosophy 
Rmehart. less 

BA, Psychology 
Riskas, Dean 

B.A., Economics 
Riskey, Cynthia 

B.A.. Sociology 

Rissman. Sheila Siegel 

B.A., Sociology 
Roberts, Roy 

B.A.. English 
Roberts, Vonme 

B.A., Pictorial Arts 
Robertson, David 

B.A., Psychology 
Robertson, Michael 

B.A., Political Science 

Robinson. Barbara 
B.A., Linguistics 

Robinson, Joseph 
B.S.. History 

Reno Ids. B. 
BA, Hist. 

Rodewald, Kathie 

B.S., Kmesiology 
Rodgers, Jill 

B.A.. English 
Rodriguez, Richard 

B.A., Social Sciences 

(or Elementary School Teachers 
Roop, William 

B.S., Zoology 
Rose. Irv 

B.A., Psychology 

Roseman, Felisa 

B.A.. History 
Rosen, Barbara 

B.A., Art History 
Rosen, Glenn 

B.A., Political Science 
Rosen, Les 

B.A., Economics 
Rosenblot, Julienne 

B.A., Sociology 

Rosenthal. Robert 

B.A., Psychology 
Ross, Doris 

B.A., Political Science 
Ross, Jon 

B.A., English 
Ross, Paul 

B.A., Psychology 
Ross. Stephen 

B.A., Political Science 

Rosser. Bill 

B.S., Zoology 
Rosson, Dan 

B.A., History, Political Science 
Rothman, Jerome 

B.A.. Psychology 
Rubin, Steve 

B.A., History 
Ruiz, Gustavo 

B.A.. Psychology 

Ryals, Elizabeth 
B.A., English 

Rydell, Sharon 
B.A., English 

Sabatte, Frank 

B.A., Pictorial Arts 
Sahle Mikael. Andreas 

B.A., Economics 
Sakamoto. Carol 

B.A., Japanese 
Sanchez, Lydia 

B.S., Kinesiology 
Sanchez, Mercedes 

B.A., Spanish 

Sands. Alan 

B.A., Zoology 
Saunders, Kathryn 

B.A., Sociology 
Schaefer, Dorothy 

B.A.. French 
Scherff, Rand 

M.B.A., Business 
Schiavone, Edward 

B.A., Zoology 

Schiffman, Gail 

B.A., Math 
Schleppenbach, Peter 

B.A., Mathematics, 

Computer Science 
Schlesinger, Paula 

B.A., English 
Schroeder. Consuelo 

B.A.. Spanish 
Schuber, Jean 

B.A., Business Economics 

Schulz, Robert 

B.A., Zoology 
Schwartz, Frederick Lee 

B.A., Philosophy 
Sears, Karen 

B.A., Anthropology 
Sedgwick, Ann 

B.S., Psychology 
Seeger, William 

B.A., Economics 

Segel, Cindy 

B.A., English 
Seigle, Richard 

B.S., Individual 
Seitz, Karl 

B.S., Economics 

and Political Science 
Seki, Mariko 

B.S., Mathematics 
Selbst, Lois 

B.A., Economics 

Shanafelt, John 

B.A., History 
Shahraray, Mehrnaz 

B.A., Psychology 
Shaw, Robert 

B.S., Biology 
Sheffer, Linda 

B.A., Art 
Shilkoff, Sharon 

B.S.. Nursing 

Shiozawa, Alice 

B.A., Psychology 
Shiroma, Rosemary 

B.A., German 
Shocket, Neil 

B.S., Psychobiology 
Shohara, Jane 

B.A., Oriental Languages 
Short, Patricia 

B.A., Art 

Short, Ronald 
B.A., Economics 

Shupe, Linda 
B.A., Sociology 

Sibley, Linda 
B.A., Political Science 

Simon. Philip Alan 
B.A., Anthropology 
and Political Science 

Simoman, Susan 
B.A., Pictorial Arts 

Singer, Carol 

B.A., History 
Singer, Melody 

B.A., Psychology 
Skarin, Kurt 

B.A., Psychology 
Small, Ava 

B.A., Psychology 
Smith. Craig 

B.A., Political Science 

Smith Joseph 

G.A., Geography 
Smith. Larry 

B.A., Zoology 
Smith, Larry 

B.S.. Biochemistry 
Smith. Patricia 

B.S.. Kinesiology 
Smith, Randall 

B.A., English 

Synder, Martin 

B.A., English 
Soblick, Martin 

B.A., Political Science 
Sola, Marc 

B.A., Anthropology 
Soil, Jack 

B.A., Speech 
Sornoff. Robyn 

B.A., Art History 

Soto, Yvonne 

B.A., Music 
Sparage, Laura 

B.A., Theater Arts 
Sparling. Susan 

B.A., Economics 
Spergel, Sunny 

B.A., History 
Spindler. Emily 

B.A., Economics 

Stack, Kevin 

B.A.. Political Science 
Stanga, Jeffrey 

B.A., Economics 

Stark. Robert 

B.A.. Television 
Steele, Gary 

B.A., Political Science 
Stegman, Hugh 

M.J., Journalism 
Steinberg, Bonnie 

B.A., History 
Stephens. Gail Marie 

B.S., Psychology 

Stephenson. Lynne 

B.S., Nutrition 
Sterling, William 

B.A., English 
Stern, Steven 

B.A., Mathematics, 

Computer Science 
Stoor, Marlaine 

B.A., Linguistics 
Strauss, Charles 

B.A., Psychology 

Strong, Elizabeth 

B.S., Nursing 
Stroud, Stephen 

B.A.. Music 
Stufflebean, David 

B.S., Engineering 
Sugerman. Allen 

B.A., Political Science 
Sumner. Claudia 

B.A., Design 

Sung, Bafee 

B.S., Nursing 
Sung, Balin 

B.S., Chemistry 
Sunshine, Steven 

B.A., Economics 
Sutcliffe, Robert 

B.A., Political Science 
Suter, William Charles 

B.A., History 

Suyetsugu, Elaine 

B.S., Nursing 
Swanson, Patricia 

B.A., Political Science 

Sweet, Eileen 

B.A., Spanish 
Swaryn, Monty 

B.A., Psychology, 

Tabash, Eddie 

B.A., Political Science 
Tabor, Thomas 

B.A., Public Service 
Tagawa, Koshi 

B.A., Psychology 

Takata. Margaret 

B.A., History 
Takata, Susan 

B.A., Geography 
Tanaka, Doris 

B.S., Nursing 
Tanaka, Robert 

B.A., Economics 
Tempest, Tamara 


Teplitz, Marc 

B.A., History 
Teteris, Zigurds 

B.A., Economics 
Thiederman, Sondra 

B.A., Political Science 
Thiergood, Sanford 

M.A., Africa Area Studies 
Thomas, Everett 

B.A., English 

Thomas, Linda 

B.A., Psychology 
Thompson, Joanne 

B.A., Psychology 
Thornburg, Kathryn 

B.A., Sociology 
Tiao, Jim 

B.A., Mathematics 
Tinberg, Nalsey 

B.A., Mathematics 

Toister, Dror 

B.A., Political Science 
Tosti, Angela 

B.A., Psychobiology 
Tse, Nancy 

B.A.. Mathematics 
Tucker. Kaye 

B.A., Philosophy 
Tucker, B. Stephany 

B.A., Sociology 

Tunick, Steven 

M.S., Chemical Engineer 
Turetsky. Maxine 

B.A., Psychology 
Turner, Barbara 

B.A., History 
Tullius. Thomas 

B.S., Chemistry 
Twilegar, Judy 

B.A., History 

Tydlaska, Darlene 

B.A., German 
Uba, Laura 

A.B.A., Psychology. 

Uchida. Wallace 

B.A., History 
Udell. Ruby 

B.A., History 
Updike, Douglas 

B.A., Biology 

Uriu. Gary 

B.S., Zoology 
Uy, Pauline 

Vacek, Milan 

B.A.. Motion Pictures 
Valdez, Robert 

B.A., Sociology 
Vandries. Eudora 

M.A., Chinese 

Troughton, Mike 
BA, Econ 

Van Sickle, John 

B.S.. Political Science 
Van Smaalen, Louis 

B.A., Biology 
Van Willigen, Jan Hendrick 

B.S., Engineering 
Van Willigen, Pauline 

B.A., Psychology 
Van Wyhe, Michael 

B.A., Sociology 

Van Zak, David 

B.A., Psychology 
Visser, Lynn 

B.A., Anthropology 
Vogt, Stephen 

B.A., Economics 
Von Mizener, Gayle 

B.A., Psychology 
Vuoso, Pasquale 

B.A., Zoology 

Wachtel, Harry 

B.A., Political Science 
Walker. Warren 

B.A., Psychology 
Walker, Wenfred 

B.A., Political Science 
Wallace, Marjorie 

B.A., Psychology 
Wallace, Patricia 

B.A., Political Science 

Walsh, Darlene 

B.A.. Philosophy 
Ward. Margaret 

B.S., Nursing 
Wardle, Virginia 

B.A., English 
Ware, Sharon 

B.A., Sociology 
Washington, Anita 

B.A., Psychology 

Watanabe, Hisae 

B.A., Political Science 
Weathersby, Belinda 

B.A.. Psychology 
Webb, William 

B.A.. Economics 
Weber, Jeffrey 

B.A., English 
Weinstein, Janet 

B.A.. Psychology 

Weiss. Mitchell 

B.A., Psychology 
Wellman, Marian 

M.S.W., Social Work 
Wendt. Suzanne 

B.A., Dance 
Wenick, Nancie 

B.A., Psychology 
West, Kathleen 

B.A.. Public Service 

Wexler. Gary 

J.D.. Law 
White. Charles 

B.A., History 
Wiawecki, Thomas 

B.A., Political Science 
Wiggs. Larry 

B.A., Political Science 
Williams. Gary 

B.A., History 

Williams, Phyllis 

B.A.. Sociology 
Wilson, David 

B.S.. Geology 
Wilson. Florence 

B.A.. Linguistics 
Wmard. Deborah 

B.A., Hebrew 
Wmckler. Kurt 

B.S., Engineering 

Wmett, Carole 

B.A., Psychology 
Wmn. Brian 

B.A.. History 
Winslow. Diane 

B.A.. Psychology 
Wishner. Robert 

B.A.. Mathematics. 

Computer Science 
Wolff, Janet 

B.S.. Kmesiology 

Wong, Amy Fu-Tak 

B.S.. Chemistry 
Wong. Judy 

B.A., Design 
Wong. Marion 

B.A., History 
Woo, Fung 

B.A., Mathematics 
Woo. Mamie 

B.A., Mathematics 

Wood, Stephen 

B.A., Theater Arts 
Wong. Lai Jing 

B.A., Biology 
Wong. Linda 

B.A.. Public Service 
Woo, Gene 

B.S., Bacteriology 
Woodworth, Courtney 

B.A.. Economics 

Woskow. Robert 
B.S.E.E.. Electrical Engineering 

Wu. Julie 

M.P.H., International Health 
Yahiro, Robert 

B.A.. Economics 
Yallowitz. Anita 

B.A.. Political Science 
Yamada. Marion 

B.A., Anthropology 
Yang, Julia 

B.A., English 

Yarber, Sharon 

B.A.. Sociology 
Yetter, Gary 

B.S., Physics 
Young, Beverly 

B.S.. Speech 
Young, Brian 

B.A., Political Science 
Young Melvin 

B.A., History 

Yuen, Gay 

B.A., Chinese 
Zakowski. Jack 

B.A., Economics, 

Zelman, Martin 

B.A., Mathematics 
Zimmerman, Wayne 

B.A., History, 

Zimring, Donald 

B.A., History 

Zwart. Catherine 
B.A.. English 





veijo uski 

sports editor 

.;' " 

' " 

jeff weber 


dan rossoti 

associate editor 

A Yearbook requires an extreme amount of work. It takes many kinds of talents to 
produce a yearbook. The following people gave their time and efforts in order to produce 

Veijo Uski 
Liz Engh 
Jeff Weber 
Susie Hatago 

Dorothy Wood 
Kay Rickardson 
Rhea Bullock 

Tim Bailey - 

ASUCLA Students' Store 
Frank Ponder - Bel-Air 
Camera and Hi-fi 


Dan Rosson 

Jeff Weber 

Craig Smith 


Conzett and Huber - Zurich, 

Switzerland (covers) 
American Yearbook Co. - 

(Jim Powell) 
ASUCLA Printing - 

(Art Atkinson) 

Lee Monteleone 
Harry Morris 
Joyce Fresh 
Joane Jubileer 
Student Committee 

for the Arts 
Communications Board 
Mike Losey 
Campus Ticket Office 

(Mrs. H, Kathy, Ann) 

John Sandbrook 
Dan Rosson 
Nanete Deetz 
Rusty Sheinkopf 
Veijo Uski 
Jeff Weber 


Veijo Uski 

Howard Waxenberg 

Gary Leonard 

Rick Becker 

Susie Hatago 

Dave Cislowski 

Dennis Fried 

Ed Greer 

Gordon Campbell 

Sheila Williams 

Jeff Weber 

Elie Cindi 

Fred Phillips 

Mark Rubin 

Larry Olson 

Dan Rosson 

Dean Berkus 

Karl Dean 

ASUCLA Campus Studio 
Stan Troutman 
Norm Schindler 
(Terry, Wally, Karen) 


The yearbook does strange things to many people. 

To many of the students it is just another means of extracting the 
money from their wallets and putting it into the university pie. Their 
pictures are not in the book for the most part and therefore they can see 
no useful purpose for its existence. 

For the few students who shell out the required money for its purchase, 
the yearbook is to look at once and then cover up that unsightly stain on 
the coffee table. Only five or so years later do the students pick up the 
book and earnestly look for themselves and their friends and recall all 
those memories that they could never seem to remember on their own. 

For the various athletic coaches on the campus the book serves as a 
sort of family album recalling the victorious as well as the lean years. It 
starts the coach thinking what he would do differently if he only had a 
second chance. If the coach was lucky he had the pleasure of coaching an 
athlete who has gone on to the pro ranks. There is indeed that singular 
moment of pride. 

For the seniors pictured in the book, it is a certain way of proving that 
they did indeed graduate. In the day of fake signatures, fake term- 
papers, fake diplomas, the yearbook is the only item that people are too 
smart to fake. It also makes for good bed-time yarns that will put any 
child into instant slumberland. 

For the many administrators it is a quick way of telling just how long 
they have been at the university. Almost every administrator has a 
yearbook for each of his years here and the more he has the older he is. 

To the various committee members who decide whether or not there is 
to be a yearbook, the fact that each receives a complimentary copy does 
not sway their minds. The committee can only see through dollar-sign 
eyes and it is obvious to them that the yearbook is not holding its own, so 
in the eyes of the committee the yearbook should be laid to rest. I suppose 
that's the way it should be. At least Darwin thought so. 

For the people in the publications office, the staff was often one that 
would steal the secretaries as well as the envelopes and any other such 
movable items. Mr. Harry Morris, Manager of all the publications, has 
won our "Who has the most yearbooks?" contest. He has a copy of every 
yearbook from 1938 on. At the end of this year he will be retiring from the 

To the people in the Campus Studio, the staff of the yearbook wants but 
will not give We want their photo passes but we won't give them all our 
other photographic business. So it goes. 

The campus organizations choose to ignore us while the fraternities 
prefer to ignore us and the sororities forget to remember us. It's that 
simple. Many people believe that with the demise of the Greek system, 
there goes the bulkof concentrated school spirit, and since it takes a lot of 
spirit to buy a yearbook . . . 

The Sports Editor is also the Photo Editor and the yearbook is just one 
massive jungle of proof sheets, negatives, eight by tens, and statistics. In 
addition he is the book's major photographer. He is the only person 
besides the editor who has a say in the actual production of the book. He 
doesn't sleep very often. 

TheAssociate Editor is the Business Manager. He stalls the creditors, 
plays musical accounts with our money, and takes all the dribble from 
everybody trying to decide whether or not to buy pages in the book. It is 
his job to keep our financial heads from going under water and to ver- 
bally sell people on the book. Cruel and barbarous punishment to say the 

For the Editor the book is a headache most of the time. It is his job to 
worry. He has to worry about everybody else doing their job as well as his 
own. He doubles as Staff Writer, Layout and Pasteup Clerk, Copy Editor, 
and All The Little Things That Have To Be Done Editor. He also appeases 
all the committee members, pays the staff, and with the help of the 
Sports Editor handling his own portion, produces the book. 

Basically, it's been just the three of us, and we're exhausted. 



This is a publication of the Communications Board of UCLA- 1973.