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OCTOBER 8, 1966 

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News sources that are oble to keep you awake to the vital issues of our times must 
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"Awake!" pledges itself to righteous principles, to exposing hidden foes and subtle 
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A Question That Needs Answering 3 

Man Created Free 4 

Is God to Blame for Man's Wrongs? 7 

Who Is Principally Responsible? 10 

Why Has Wickedness Been Permitted 

for So Long? 13 

How Much Longer Will It Be? 17 

What God Has Been Doing 

on Our Behalf 21 

What God Will Do for Man in Paradise 23 
What You Should Do Now 26 

"Your Word Is Truth" 
Why, Then, Does God 
Permit Wickedness? 28 

Watching the World 30 

Volume XLVII 

"If is already the hour lor you to awake.' 

ns 13:11 

Brooklyn, N.Y., October 8, 1966 

Number 19 

A Question That Needs Answering 

T3E history of the human family is 
not a particularly pleasant one. It is 
filled with the record of man's inhumanity 
to man. Over and over again individual or 
collective acts of wickedness have plunged 
large segments of humankind into bru- 
tality and bloodshed. As man's inventive- 
ness has progressed, so has his capacity 
to cause grief. 

In all this record of wickedness, the 
innocent, decent people all too often suf- 
fer. They are frequently victims of vio- 
lence, perhaps losing homes, loved ones, 
or their own lives. You may or may not 
have experienced these things personally. 
Yet mental suffering due to injustices, 
unkindness and disloyalty may produce 
even greater misery, and you are not likely 
to have escaped such. 

Thinking men and women throughout 
the ages have wondered why it is this way. 
Sooner or later they ask the all-important 
question: "If there is a God, why does 
he permit all this wickedness?" Because 
of not having found the answer to this 
critical question, many have abandoned 
belief in God. In fact, today some are even 
saying that "God is dead." 

Philosophers and religious leaders 
throughout the ages have pondered the 
problem. Yet, their accumulated ideas are 
conflicting. As the book Basic Teachings 
of the Great Philosophers (1945 edition, 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 

page 296) describes it, "One philosopher 
will offer his solution and many will hail 
it as the answer. But it will not be long 
before another philosopher will discover 
and point to errors in his patterns, will 
reveal gaps and distortions, and will pro- 
pose a somewhat different solution, one 
which seems to him more nearly perfect." 

And why is this? Because, as the same 
book comments, even a great philosopher 
"does not fashion a perfect picture. Only 
a God who knows all experiences of all 
men and can detect the finest relations 
can weave a perfect pattern. No philoso- 
pher, however great, is such a God." 

The fundamental truth of that cannot 
be denied. No man, of himself, however 
v/ise, can answer the question as to why 
God permits wickedness. But God can. 
And he does! 

Consider this for a moment: If you 
wanted to know the views of someone, 
would it not be best to let him express 
himself instead of listening to hearsay 
about him? Then, since it is God who 
permits wickedness, it would only be fair 
and right to listen to his explanation as 
to why he has allowed wickedness to exist. 

To begin with, let us examine the mat- 
ter of how man was created. This will 
aid us in determining how wickedness 
could ever arise within the human family 
in the first place. 


WOULD you like someone to dic- 
tate your every move in life? 
Would you appreciate it if someone 
scheduled your every living minute and 
then forced you never to deviate from 
that course by even a hair's breadth? 
Or do you prefer to have the freedom 
to choose what kind of work you will 
do, where you will live, what you will 
eat and what you will wear? 

The answers to those questions are 
obvious. No balanced human wants to 
lose complete control of his life. This can 
be seen even on a national scale where peo- 
ple are dominated by harsh, dictatorial 
governments. These oppressive govern- 
ments stifle happiness and initiative. They 
also cause such pressures of resentment 
to build up that often an outbreak is made 
for freedom. 

created a bad thing? 
No, it was a good thing. The Bible is ex- 
plicit in informing us that all the things 
God created were good. It states: "God 
saw everything that he had made and, 
look! it was very good." (Gen. 1:31) Cen- 
turies later the man Moses stated of the 
Creator: "Perfect is his activity." — Deut. 

Freedom, a Marvelous Gift 

The desire for freedom is no accident. 
The Bible tells us that, in addition to life, 
God gave Adam, his first human creation, 
a most precious gift. That marvelous gift 
was free moral agency. Man was not to 
be a human robot, an automaton. He was 
endowed with the ability to choose, and 
that is an ability that we all use each day. 
—Josh. 24:15; Gen. 1:1, 26-28. 

If God had purposed that humans be 
merely automatons, machinelike, he would 
not have equipped them with intellectual 
powers, powers of perception, judgment, 
decision and reason. As a robot, man 
would no more have need for such mental 
faculties than would a piece of machinery 
or a vegetable. 

Was the freedom with which man was 

What Human Perfection Means 

God created the first man and woman 
perfect, that is, complete, without a de- 
fect in their physical organism. But did 
this perfection mean that they could do 
nothing but good? No, for while perfect, 
complete in their mental and physical fac- 
ulties, they still had freedom of choice. 
If they were compelled to do what was 
good, then it could not be said that they 
were truly free to choose. 

In addition, Adam was still a man, an 
earthling, made of flesh and blood. He 
was perfect, it is true, but perfect in his 
limited sphere as a human. For instance, 
man could not live in outer space without 
oxygen, for he was not a spirit creature. 
Nor could he stay underwater indefinitely 
without special equipment, for he was not 


a sea creature. Also, he must always eat 
food and drink liquids to stay alive. But 
these and other human limitations did not 
mean he was less than perfect. He was 
still perfect, but within the limits of 

Nor did his perfection mean he knew 
everything. He would have to learn many 
things. All learning did not come auto- 
matically with perfection. In fact, even of 
Jesus Christ, God's Son, who as a man 
was also perfect, we read: "Although he 
was a Son, he learned obedience." So 
under God's direction Adam could learn 
many things as time progressed. He could 
also come to appreciate more fully why 
God is the only one worthy of his worship, 
and that serving God is, without excep- 
tion, the right and best thing to do. He 
could see how wonderful God is, what a 
marvelous gift his free moral agency was, 
and, of his own free will, could want to 
serve such a God. — Heb. 5:8. 

But if Adam was perfect, how was it 
possible for him to go wrong, to sin? 
Remember, he was a free moral agent. 
He could choose to ignore vital facts of 
a question, or to arrive at a decision based 
on one-sided testimony. He could also 
meditate long enough on what was wrong 
to have this motivate him to wrong ac- 
tion, as the Bible says: "Each one is 
tried by being drawn out and enticed by 
his own desire. Then the desire, when it 
has become fertile, gives birth to sin." 
Adam's perfection would not immunize 
him from error if he deliberately refused 
to ponder well both sides of a matter, or 
if he continued to entertain desires that 
were in opposition to God's law. His per- 
fection did not mean he was infallible. 
— Jas. 1:14, 15. 

That the creature's individual will and 
choice, rather than perfection, are the 
determining factors readily becomes evi- 
dent. If we were to insist that a perfect 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 

man could not take a wrong course where 
a moral issue was involved, should we 
not also logically argue that an imperfect 
creature could not take a right course 
where such moral issue was involved? Yet 
today some imperfect creatures do take a 
right course on moral issues involving obe- 
dience to God, even choosing to suffer 
persecution rather than change from such 
a course; while at the same time others 
deliberately engage in doing what they 
know is wrong. Thus not all wrong ac- 
tions can be excused by human imper- 
fection. The deciding factors are the in- 
dividual's will and choice. In the same 
way, it was not human perfection alone 
that would guarantee right action by the 
first man, but, rather, his own will and 
choice motivated by love for his God and 
for what is right. 

God's Guidance Vital 

For his own protection, man needed 
God's guidance and direction. He was not 
to be free from God and His regulations. 
The reason why is so vital, so fundamen- 
tal, that unless man appreciated its sig- 
nificance, he would come into grave 
difficulty. It is this: Man was not made 
to govern independently of God. In fact, 
he could not live without God. 

God did not give man the right or the 
ability to govern without Him, because 
it was never purposed that man be in- 
dependent from God, his Creator. Free- 
dom was to be relative, maintained within 
proper limits, limits that would work for 
man's good and contribute to his happi- 
ness. That is why God inspired his proph- 
et Jeremiah to write: "I well know, O 
Jehovah, that to earthling man his way 
does not belong. It does not belong to man 
who is walking even to direct his step. 
Correct me, O Jehovah." It also explains 
why the Bible counsels: "Trust in Jeho- 
vah with all your heart and do not lean 

upon your own understanding." — Jer. 10: 
23, 24; Prov. 3:5. 

So while man was perfect as a physical 
organism, he must have the guidance of 
his God and Creator to live life success- 
fully and manage his affairs properly. If 
he ever stopped accepting divine guidance 
and direction, his mind and intellect, 
though perfect, would no more resist de- 
terioration than would his perfect body 
if he deprived it of organic food. Man's 
positive dependence on spiritual food was 
not in the least less vital than his depen- 
dence on material food, a fact declared 
both in the Mosaic law and by God's own 
Son. (Deut. 8:3; Matt. 4:4) If man were 
to refuse to accept the guidance of Al- 
mighty God over his life, then chaos 
would result in the human ranks, as has 

How was God's guidance expressed? By 
His regularly communicating with the hu- 
man creation, as the first and second 
chapters of Genesis show. Their Maker 
would direct them by talking with them 
and by giving them his laws, laws that 
would work for their own welfare. 

Hence, man's freedom was to be regu- 
lated by wise, just and loving laws, laws 
that would result in the happiness of the 
entire human family. These laws were to 
serve as a constant reminder that the wel- 
fare of men was ever dependent upon obe- 
dience to their Creator. Because free mor- 
al agents could deviate in their thinking 
and go in a way that would be hurtful 
to themselves, they would forever need 
their Creator to lead them in the paths 
of right knowledge and happiness. 

If man were to stop trusting in God 
and start trusting in his own wisdom alone, 
then he would lose his happiness. Has this 
occurred? Well, what do we see on earth? 
Do we see the entire human family of free 
moral agents united in a bond of love, 
happy and thrilled with each day of life? 

Or, instead, do we see earth filled with 
suffering, divided, perplexed, confused and 
unhappy people? The judgment of history 
and of our own time is that the latter is 
true. Man has lost genuine happiness, and 
the reason why is that he has abandoned 
the guidance of God. 

The Wrong Choice 

With the freedom to choose, our first 
parents, Adam and his wife Eve, chose to 
turn their backs on God. Why, Eve even 
believed that by departing from God's law 
she and her husband would become God- 
like! So they broke God's plainly stated 
regulation and turned aside from his di- 
rection. This was nothing less than out- 
right rebellion against Almighty God. 
—Gen. 2:16, 17; 3:1-6. 

However, choosing to rebel against God 
would mean that they would now have to 
get along without the blessing and guid- 
ance of God. That is what they chose, 
and that is what God granted them. But 
man's rejection of God as his governor 
meant that the Creator would no longer 
sustain him in perfection. Outside God's 
care, the human organism would begin 
to break down, until eventually death over- 
took it. God said: "In the sweat of your 
face you will eat bread until you return 
to the ground, for out of it you were 
taken. For dust you are and to dust you 
will return." He having turned to sin, his 
body was bound to degenerate. The close 
relation between the emotional state and 
the physical state, as relates to human 
health, is, medically, scientifically, and 
Scripturally, undeniable. Compare Genesis 
44:22, 29-34; Proverbs 3:7, 8; 4:20-22; 
13:12; 14:30; 15:30; 16:24; 17:22. 

It is evident, then, that the Bible's ex- 
planation of matters fits the facts. Man 
was created perfect, but this did not mean 
that, as a free moral agent, he could not 
choose to sin. 




■ ■ * 7 ' 

>■? < 

THE calamity that came upon Adam 
and Eve was their own fault. God had 
clearly warned them of the result if they 
failed to obey his righteous law; yet they 
chose a course of lawlessness toward God. 
But what about all the wickedness com- 
mitted in the thousands of years since 
then? Whose fault is that? Is it God's? 

The Bible shows that the blame for 
wickedness lies in two places; one is with 
man himself. Let us examine his respon- 
sibility first. 

When a person commits a crime, who 
is apprehended? Would it be right to put 
the innocent victim on trial and convict 
him and let the criminal go free? No, it 
is the criminal who is responsible for the 
crime he committed. We cannot hold the 
innocent one responsible for a crime he 
did not commit. In like manner, we must 
not hold God responsible for crimes he 
did not commit. We must put the blame 
where it belongs, on the criminals. 

Remember that, although Adam's off- 
spring, born in sin, were not perfect, they 
were still free moral agents. They were 

free to choose to do right or wrong, just 
as you are to this day. Though by nature 
they would commit many errors, yet when 
they chose to do wrong, it would be their 
own fault. That is why the Bible, at Deu- 
teronomy 32:5, says: "They have acted 
ruinously on their own part; they are not 
[God's] children, the defect is their own." 
True, many innocent people who try to 
do good are victimized by the wicked 
deeds of others. But here again, the in- 
nocent must appreciate that it is the wick- 
ed criminal who is responsible for their 
hurt, not God. Furthermore, God is not 
oblivious to their plight, and we will later 
see how he has taken action to deliver 
them from their unfortunate circumstanc- 
es, and to erase any hurt they have un- 
justly received. 

Tendency to Shift Blame 

So, then, much of the wickedness per- 
petrated for the past thousands of years 
can be traced to man's own doing. He 
cannot shift the responsibility for his own 
wrongdoing onto God, although this is 
what many try to do. Why, even Adam, 
when called to account for his transgres- 
sion, tried to avoid responsibility by say- 
ing the cause for his dereliction was "the 
woman whom you [God] gave to be with 
me." Since God gave him the woman who 
later induced him to rebel, Adam selfishly 
reasoned that, not only the woman, but 
God himself must bear responsibility for 
his wrong action. However, it was not 
God who did the wrong. And the Bible 
assures us that "Adam was not deceived." 
He was competent to make a choice. His 
wrongdoing was his own fault. — Gen. 3: 
12; 1 Tim. 2:14. 

Throughout history humans have been 
plagued by a tendency similar to Adam's, 
to blame God for the evil that befalls 
them. In the case of some, they follow 
the dictates of their own will and violate 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 

God's laws. When they are apprehended 
for their lawlessness, they may feel that 
God is at fault for not preventing the out- 
come. But why did they break God's law? 

While there can be no doubt that some 
persons are genuinely perplexed and are 
seeking to know the reason for God's per- 
mission of wickedness, the sincerity of 
many others who strongly criticize God is 
open to question. Are they really honest 
in their insistence that God is at fault 
because he did not forcibly prevent man's 
deviation from righteousness at its very 
inception? Where, then, is the proof that 
they as individuals personally desire strict- 
er control by God or where is the proof 
that even a sizable majority of mankind 
at any time has manifested a desire that 
God use his power to inhibit their wrong 
ways or block them in their wrong pur- 
suits? If they do not want this for them- 
selves, why should we believe they really 
would want it for our first parents? Are 
they not like the person who heartily 
cheers law enforcement but reacts resent- 
fully when a traffic policeman approaches 
him?— Ezek. 18:29-32. 

When entire nations behave criminally, 
can they blame God if disaster befalls 
them? If they cast out God's command- 
ments, can they blame God for their suf- 
fering? When human governments fail be- 
cause they are not doing God's will, they 
are to blame for the unhappiness they 
bring upon the people. 

Sickness and Disease 

But what about all the suffering that 
comes from sickness and disease? Even 
persons who try to do good get sick, 
through no fault of their own. And an 
infant can get some illness and be maimed 
for life, or even die. Certainly it was no 
fault of the infant. 

In regard to all such sickness, disease 
and pain, we must put the blame where 

it belongs, on the rebellion of Adam and 
Eve. Note what Romans 5:12 says: 
"Through one man [Adam] sin entered 
into the world and death through sin, and 
thus death spread to all men." Also, Job 
14:4 declares: "Who can produce some- 
one clean out of someone unclean?" — Ps. 
51:5; Luke 5:18-25. 

If, as an example, certain human par- 
ents ignore the divine law and live im- 
morally, and so contract venereal disease, 
whose fault is it if their children are born 
physically or mentally impaired? It is the 
fault of such "unclean" parents. 

So, too, our first parents became "un- 
clean," imperfect, prone to sickness, and 
finally death. They could only pass on to 
their offspring what they themselves had: 
imperfection, sickness and liability to 
death. That is why we all suffer from ill- 
ness and disease today. 

False Religion Shares Blame 

The traditional religions have often at- 
tributed to God the calamities that man 
experiences. Many of earth's population 
are taught that poverty, filth and igno- 
rance are God's will for them. Religious 
tradition tells hundreds of millions in some 
countries that a cow is more sacred than 
a man, and that, even though the man may 
be starving, the cow cannot be used for 
food. But God's Word says it can. (Gen. 
9:3; 1 Cor. 10:25) Thus, religions that 
are not based on God's Word increase 
man's difficulties, while, at the same time, 
saying that such difficulties are the will 
of God. 

Other millions learn from different sys- 
tems of religious tradition that it is God's 
will for a few political and religious rulers 
to dominate, while the rest of the popu- 
lation must render them unquestioned 
obedience, even if it means sacrificing 
their lives in unrighteous warfare. The 
people attribute the resulting carnage to 


God, since their religion teaches them it 
is God's will for them to kill. But God's 
Word does not so teach. — Acts 5:27-29; 
Jer. 2:34. 

No, God is not to blame for the hurt 
and injustice resulting from man's own 
wrongdoing, even if it is religious, even 
if it is claimed that this is from God. 
Religious systems instituted fiendish in- 
quisitions during the "dark ages," caus- 
ing the torture of men and women. But 
where does God authorize such horrible 
crimes? Nowhere! For example, in regard 
to the pagan practice in ancient Israel of 
burning children to false gods, Jehovah 
stated: "They have built the high places 
of Topheth, which is in the valley of the 
son of Hinnom, in order to burn their 
sons and their daughters in the fire, a 
thing that I had not commanded and that 
had not come up into my heart." When 
God condemns what men do, he can hardly 
be charged with the blame for it. — Jer. 

Wrongs committed in the name of re- 
ligion are especially disgusting to God. 
As Jesus said to the religious leaders in 
his day: "Woe to you, scribes and Phari- 
sees, hypocrites! because you resemble 
whitewashed graves, which outwardly in- 
deed appear beautiful but inside are full 
of dead men's bones and of every sort, 
of uncleanness. In that way you also, out- 
wardly indeed, appear righteous to men, 
but inside you are full of hypocrisy and 
lawlessness."— Matt. 23:27, 28. 

The lawless deeds of false religion can- 
not be blamed on God, for he does not 
sanction religious hypocrisy and cruelty. 
The mere fact that a religious movement 
claims a long history of hundreds of years 
should not be allowed to blind us to the 
truth. If it is operating contrary to the 
clearly expressed will of God in his Word, 
then the hurt they cause is strictly of 
their own making. 

Proper Attitude 

It is not the course of wisdom for in- 
nocent victims of wicked deeds to blame 
God instead of those guilty. There are 
thousands of men and women who desire 
to do good and who share the troubles 
produced by wicked men, but who pa- 
tiently wait upon God for the realization 
of all the good promises he has made. 
They know that God has tolerated wicked- 
ness and wicked people for a reason, but 
that when his time limit is up the wicked 
ones will be called to account. The pa- 
tient, righteously disposed ones will then 
benefit. The Bible counsels: "Do not show 
yourself heated up because of the evil- 
doers . . . Hope in Jehovah and keep his 
way, and he will exalt you to take pos- 
session of the earth. When the wicked 
ones are cut off, you will see it." — Ps. 
37:1, 34. 

How refreshing it is to know that 
throughout the centuries, and especially 
today, there are men and women who, 
despite their endurance of trouble and op- 
pression, do not blame God! Instead, they 
declare as did the apostle Paul: "What 
shall we say, then? Is there injustice with 
God? Never may that become so!" — Rom. 

This attitude is the right one. We must 
not accuse God of acts of which he is not 
guilty. It is not God who passed imper- 
fection on to us, but our first human par- 
ents. So, too, when men today, of their 
own free will, do wrong, they are to blame, 
not God. 

However, it was previously stated that 
the blame for wickedness lies in two 
places. We have discussed the responsi- 
bility of man for his own freewill acts 
of wrongdoing. But who else is respon- 
sible for the wickedness that has prevailed 
on earth for so long? 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 

." a 3T3 r *&> 

WHEN criminals operate behind a 
well-planned organizational setup, 
with numerous fronts that appear to be 
quite law-abiding, it is difficult for the 
man in the street to penetrate the decep- 
tion or believe that the unseen master 
schemers even exist. 

The principal wicked ones whose crim- 
inal actions and policies have helped bring 
untold miseries upon the human family 
also work behind the scenes. But we do 
not have to be in ignorance of them, be- 
cause God has exposed their workings so 
that all who desire can know of them for 
their own information and protection. 

Origin of the Principal Wicked One 

God helps us to identify the principal 
wicked one, the cunning, behind-the- 
scenes criminal responsible for Eve's vio- 
lating God's clearly stated law. Who was 
this tempter of Adam's wife Eve? Who 
induced her to rebel against her righteous 
Creator? Who started wickedness in the 

The one mainly responsible for wicked- 
ness is an invisible wicked one. His in- 
visibility should not make you doubt his 

existence. The very existence of germs as 
disease-causing factors was once doubted. 
Though beyond the range of the naked 
eye, time and research established their 
existence. Today the precise cause of can- 
cer is still unknown, but scientists do not 
simply shrug their shoulders and say, 
"Cancer is caused by cancer." They are 
certain that a causative factor exists. So, 
too, wickedness is not just caused by wick- 
edness. It had a start, and its spread and 
plaguelike proportions also indicate an ac- 
tive infecting source. 

When did this invisible one first make 
himself evident? In the third chapter of 
Genesis we read of a serpent's speaking 
to the first woman Eve, and speaking in 
direct opposition to Jehovah God. God had 
said that disobedience to his laws would 
mean death. Now the serpent said the 
opposite: "You positively will not die." 
In fact, the serpent went on to tell Eve: 
"Your eyes are bound to be opened and 
you are bound to be like God." Eve be- 
lieved this wicked, lying speech and dis- 
obeyed God. Then she induced her hus- 
band to join her in rebellion. — Gen. 3:4, 5. 

But who actually instilled the idea of 
rebellion in the mind of Eve? Was it a 
mere reptile, a snake that has no speech 
organs? No, there must have been some- 
one behind the serpent making it appear 
as if the snake were talking. We know 
that a skilled ventriloquist can make it 
appear as if an animal or even a dummy 
is talking, when this is not the case at 
all. How much more could a superhuman 
invisible intelligent creature do so! The 
Bible, at Revelation 12:9, identifies that 
powerful spirit creature, speaking of him 
as "the original serpent." He is clearly 
identified as being Satan the Devil! 

Here, then, is man's hated enemy and 
the one mainly responsible for all wicked- 
ness throughout the earth today! 



Succumbed to Wrong Desire 

Obviously, the God 'whose activity is 
perfect' would not deliberately create a 
wicked one. (Deut. 32:4) He would not 
create intelligent creatures with whom he 
could not associate. Such would be con- 
trary to reason. — Ps. 5:4-6; 15:1, 2. 

When God created that invisible spirit, 
as he did many others, that creature was 
perfect. He was complete, without defect 
as a spirit creation, though, like Adam, 
not infallible. This particular creature ap- 
parently was interested in Adam and Eve 
and the Bible shows that he got in touch 
with them.— Job 38:7; Gen. 3:1-15. 

But how could a perfect creature of 
high intelligence turn to wickedness, since 
that spirit creature had no tempter, as 
did the woman Eve? The Bible answers 
that it was by the entertaining of a wrong 
idea. There is nothing wrong in itself with 
seeing the possibilities in a certain situa- 
tion. For example, a person in someone 
else's home may see a watch lying on a 
table. The possibility of his picking that 
watch up and putting it in his pocket is 
evident, but he may not even consider it; 
or, if the idea does suggest itself, he may 
immediately dismiss it. But if he retains 
the idea and allows it to develop and grow, 
then the process of wrongdoing has been 
initiated and he may well commit the act 
of wickedness it suggests. 

So, too, with the perfect spirit creature. 
The possibility of using the human pair 
for his own purpose rather than that in- 
dicated by God was mere, and he not only 
considered it but also failed to dismiss it 
from his mind, and it led to sin. — Jas. 1: 
14, 15; 1 Tim. 3:6. 

The fact that God granted a generous 
measure of intellectual freedom does not 
make him responsible for everything a 
creature does. Does any creature need to 
view freedom as a license to do wrong? 
Do you feel that it entitles you to rob 

or to kill your neighbor, or vice versa? 
Freedom is a wonderful thing, but it 
should not be perverted. The Bible says: 
"Be as free people, and yet holding your 
freedom, not as a blind for moral badness, 
but as slaves of God."— 1 Pet. 2:16. 

The Ones Principally Responsible 

Responsibility for world wickedness, 
then, rests primarily with Satan the Devil, 
He is the one to blame, as the Bible ex- 
plicitly shows at 1 John 5:19: "The whole 
world is lying in the power of the wicked 
one." But the Devil is not the only in- 
visible wicked one. The Holy Scriptures 
also make clear that Christians "have a 
fight, not against blood and flesh, but 
against . . . the wicked spirit forces in 
the heavenly places." (Eph. 6:12) So other 
wicked spirits, demons, are also respon- 
sible for oppressive wickedness. — Rev. 

But why did angels of God turn them- 
selves into demons? Again it was a mat- 
ter of wrong desire. The Bible informs us 
that a minority of angels left their as- 
signed duties due to improper desire and 
then came under the leadership of their 
fellow rebel, the Devil. (Gen. 6:2; 2 Pet. 
2:4, 5; Jude 6) Together, they have caused 
all manner of woes for men, women and 
children. What oppression has come upon 
mankind because of the Devil and his de- 
mons! The Bible tells us, for instance, 
that Jesus Christ "went through the land 
doing good and healing all those oppressed 
by the Devil." (Acts 10:38) Yes, the Devil 
was the one mainly responsible for their 
unhappy plight. So, too, dishonesty, cheat- 
ing, deception, lying and terrible crimes of 
violence have been perpetrated and wars 
instigated throughout the earth because of 
the Devil and demons! (John 8:44; Heb. 
2:14) They are the ones principally re- 
sponsible for wickedness on earth! 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 


Responsibility for Present Woes 

The Bible foretold that there would be 
a vast increase in every kind of crime in 
our day. And the reason for this is shown 
clearly by the Bible to be that Satan and 
his demons have been cast right down to 
the vicinity of the earth: "Woe for the 
earth and for the sea, because the Devil 
has come down to you, having great anger, 
knowing he has a short period of time." 
—Rev. 12:12. 

Other prophecies concerning the time 
in which we live, such as at Second Tim- 
othy chapter 3, and Matthew chapter 24, 
tell of the vast wickedness we now see 
on every hand. This has come about be- 
cause demon-inspired men have permitted 
their minds to be led into the course of 
wrongdoing. Knowing that they have "a 
short period of time," the great criminal 
Satan and his demon hordes are viciously 
trying to drag down with them as many 
humans as they can overreach and coerce 
into rebelling against God. 

A principal means of doing this on a 
mass scale is wicked governments that 
have the power to hurt millions at a time. 
In fact, the Holy Bible fittingly speaks of 
human governments under the symbol of 
injurious and destructive wild beasts. 
(Dan. 8:1-8, 20-25) As noted in the thir- 
teenth chapter of Revelation, Satan him- 
self has been the one who has empowered 
these ruling authorities. He is the "god 
of this system of things." (2 Cor. 4:4) 
He it is who has instigated their oppres- 
sive rule, their horrible wars, and their 
persecutions of God-fearing persons. He 
has caused these governments to take to 
themselves rights and powers that only 
God can safely exercise. He has promoted 
all the blasphemies against God that those 
national sovereignties have uttered. Thus, 
when we see nations at one another's 
throats today, it is not because God is 
their ruler. It is because they are part 

of Satan's organization. — Luke 4:5-8. 
So the terrible woes of wickedness we 
see at the present time are not from Al- 
mighty God. They are mainly caused by 
mankind's great enemies, Satan the Devil 
and his hordes of demon angels. 

Influence over Man Not Unlimited- 
While the self-made Satan the Devil 
induced Adam and Eve to join in his 
wicked rebellion against God's authority, 
we must remember that he could not com- 
pel them to do wrong. Adam and Eve were 
not so weak and incompetent that they 
were unable to resist. The Bible says: 
"Oppose the Devil, and he will flee from 
you." Our first parents were completely 
capable of telling this lying spirit creature 
that they would not go along with him. 
Centuries later the perfect man Jesus 
proved that this could be done, for he said 
to Satan: "Go away, Satan! For it is 
written, 'It is Jehovah your God you must 
worship, and it is to him alone you must 
render sacred service.'" — Jas. 4:7; Matt. 

Had Adam and Eve said to Satan what 
Jesus did, the human family would not 
find itself plagued with such wickedness 
today. Hence, while Satan was the chief 
culprit, responsible for the eventual death 
of Adam and Eve, they were also respon- 
sible, for they could have turned aside 
his wrong suggestions. But they did not. 
What they did caused all their offspring, 
including us, to inherit imperfection, which 
brought with it sickness and death. — Heb. 

Yes, Satan and his demons are the ones 
principally responsible for past and pres- 
ent wickedness. But the fact that all this 
chaos has gone on for such a long time 
causes thinking persons to wonder why. 
Why has God permitted wickedness for 
so long? Why has it gone on for nearly 
6,000 years now? 



years of human 
history have pro- 
duced a long rec- 
ord of suffering, 
tears and death. 
The sympathetic 
mind cannot but 
feel for the tormented generations of the 
past, as well as for our own. 

Why has all this been permitted for so 
long? God's Word gives the definite and sat- 
isfying answers. It tells us of the various 
issues involved that needed settling. It 
shows us, too, that in God's unsurpassed 
wisdom he is following a course that will 
work out for the greatest good to all 

Are you sincerely interested in learn- 
ing why God has permitted wickedness 
for so long? Then appreciate that there 
are a number of interrelated reasons, and 
that only a full explanation truly satis- 
fies. If your own reputation were at stake, 
would you feel that others were fair if 
they demanded an explanation but then 
walked away almost as soon as you started 
to talk? Of course not! So, then, let's con- 
sider carefully what the Bible says about 
why God has permitted wickedness for so 
long.— Prov. 18:13. 

Not an Issue of Superior Force 

When rebellion broke out in Eden, God 
did not delay in taking action. The third 
chapter of Genesis shows that God prompt- 
ly called to account all who were involved 
and passed sentence on them in harmony 
with his righteous law. (Gen. 3:8-19) 
However, God did not immediately carry 
out the death penalty against Adam and 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 


Eve, but, with a view to the future bless- 
ing of their then-unborn offspring, allowed 
them to produce children. (Gen. 22:18; 
Gal. 3:8) How grateful we should be that 
he did so! 

In passing judgment on that rebel spirit 
creature who had made a Devil out of him- 
self by lying against God, Jehovah stated 
in symbolic language his purpose for the 
future. (Gen. 3:15) The Devil would not 
be immediately destroyed but would be 
allowed to exist for a time period that God 
himself determined, in order to settle for 
all time the issues that had been raised 
there in Eden. 

Had the issue been simply one of supe- 
rior power, it could have been settled by 
a fight to the finish right then. But there 
is no evidence that Satan challenged God's 
strength. Rather, the account in Genesis 
shows that it was a moral issue. He dis- 
puted God's truthfulness, and, as revealed 
later in the Bible, he called into question 
the integrity of all God's creatures toward 
God's universal sovereignty. (Gen. 3:1-5; 
Job 1:7-12) The settling of such an issue 
in a satisfying way would require time. 

A Set Time 

As we look back on the history of God's 
dealings with mankind revealed in the Bi- 
ble, it is clear that, though God did not 


in Eden tell those who were in rebellion 
against him how long he would tolerate 
wickedness, he himself set a time limit. 
Centuries later he indicated that to his 
prophet Daniel in a message through one 
of His holy angels. At that time, long be- 
fore the start of our Common Era, he said 
concerning the end of this wicked system: 
"The end is yet for the time appointed." 
■—Dan. 11:27. 

Nearly six thousand years from Adam's 
rebellion until our day may seem like an 
extremely long period of time when viewed 
from the standpoint of humans who live 
only about seventy years. But, remember, 
it is God who set the time, so it is his 
viewpoint that counts. Concerning his con- 
cept of time, the Bible tells us at Psalm 
90:4: "A thousand years are in your eyes 
but as yesterday when it is past, and as 
a watch during the night." A year is a 
long time to a child who has lived only 
five years, but to a man who is sixty it is 
comparatively short. Likewise, to God, 
who lives for eternity, a thousand years is 
like a day! From his standpoint, his tolera- 
tion of wickedness has not yet lasted six 
full days. 

Certainly that has been no injustice to 
us. It is because of God's long-suffering 
that we have had opportunity to live at 
all, because all of us are descendants of 
Adam. And even under imperfect condi- 
tions life is cherished; yes, even in sickness 
we cling to it. But the fact that God did 
not cut short his long-suffering at some 
earlier time, but has allowed it to continue 
until our day, affords opportunity for more 
than a brief existence for us under imper- 
fect conditions. 

To help us appreciate this, the apostle 
Peter wrote: "Jehovah is not slow respect- 
ing his promise, as some people consider 
slowness, but he is patient with you be- 
cause he does not desire any to be de- 
stroyed but desires all to attain to repen- 


tance. Furthermore, consider the patience 
of our Lord as salvation." (2 Pet. 3:9, 15) 
So it becomes evident that God's long- 
suffering has worked for our blessing, not 
our harm. Something else has been accom- 
plished, too, and it is likewise for our bene- 

Would the Way of Rebellion 

Produce Good Results? 

During the past six thousand years the 
Devil and men alienated from God have 
had full opportunity to work out their 
wicked schemes. By his course of action 
Satan set himself up as a rival ruler, chal- 
lenging God's rulership. By inducing men 
to serve him, he has become their ruler 
and their god. For that reason he is called 
in the Bible "the ruler of this world" and 
"the god of this system of things." (John 
12:31; 2 Cor. 4:4) It is not just a few 
particularly wicked persons who come un- 
der his control; rather, the Bible says that 
"the whole world is lying in the power of 
the wicked one." (1 John 5:19) Also, by 
inducing other angels to follow his rebel- 
lious course he became "ruler of the de- 
mons. "—Matt. 9:34. 

Would this way of rebellion prove suc- 
cessful? Would rulership that endeavored 
to ignore God ever bring lasting benefits 
to anyone? True, God could have wiped 
out the rebellion at its start, but that 
would not have satisfactorily settled mat- 
ters. Therefore, God has permitted a full 
measure of time for Satan to build up his 
organization, and for men to arrive at 
their peak of military might, material 
prosperity and scientific achievement. In 
this way God has enabled all intelligent 
creation to see the consequences of re- 

What is the result? What has nearly six 
thousand years of rule by the Devil and 
men alienated from God shown? Has the 


course of rebellion against God brought 
lasting happiness? 

When the honest person ponders past 
history and the present tragic state of af- 
fairs in the world, he must realize how 
devoid of genuine progress the record is. 
All kinds of government have been tried, 
but still man lacks security and enduring 
happiness. Can one speak of true progress 
when the arrow has been replaced by the 
atomic bomb, and when the world now 
staggers on the brink of another global 
war? What kind of progress is it when 
men send rockets to the moon but cannot 
live together in peace on earth? What 
good is it for man to build homes equipped 
with every convenience, only to have a 
family torn apart by divorce and delin- 
quency? Are riots in the streets, destruc- 
tion of property and life, and widespread 
lawlessness, something to be proud of? Not 
at all! But they are the fruitage of rule 
that endeavors to ignore God. 

Surely God's long permission of rebel- 
lion and its resulting wickedness prove to 
all reasonable men that satisfactory rule 
of earth's affairs is impossible apart from 
God. The long time that has elapsed has 
proved rebellious men and angels a dismal 
failure, that Satan has no right to rule 
anywhere, and that men surely were not 
created with the ability to direct their af- 
fairs apart from God. Now, with the rec- 
ord of six thousand years of failure, never 
can it be said that the Creator did not 
allow sufficient time for rebels to experi- 
ment. Never can anyone rightfully claim: 
'They did not get a chance.' Nor can any- 
one say: 'If only they had had more time.' 
The allotted time has been ample to prove 
their failure. The way of rebellion has 
proved to be an absolute disaster! But 
God will not allow them to wreck this 
earth. Instead, for the benefit of decent 
people, he will "bring to ruin those ruin- 
ing the earth." — Rev. 11:18. 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 

Legal Precedent Established 

In thus allowing the Devil and rebel- 
lious men time to carry their schemes to 
their limit, God has taken a long-range 
view of matters. Should the situation ever 
arise at any future time that any free 
moral agent abuses his freedom of choice 
and calls into question God's way of doing- 
things, would it be necessary for God to 
grant him time to make good his theories 
or charges? Would God allow wickedness 
to exist again for thousands of additional 
years? Absolutely not! 

Having on this occasion allowed rebels 
to continue for their allotted time of six 
thousand years, God will have established 
a legal precedent that can be applied any- 
where in the universe and throughout all 
eternity. It will already have been amply 
proved that nothing that is out of har- 
mony with Jehovah God can prosper. God 
will then be fully justified before all in- 
telligent creatures in swiftly crushing any 
rebel. "The wicked ones he will annihi- 
late."— Ps. 145:20; Rom. 3:4. 

Satan Proved a Liar 

In the days of the Oriental patriarch 
Job, about the sixteenth century B.C.E., 
it was made unmistakably clear that man's 
integrity toward God was at issue, in ad- 
dition to the matter of rulership. Jehovah 
said that there was no one like Job in 
the earth, yet the Devil sneered: "Is it 
for nothing that Job has feared God? 
Have not you yourself put up a hedge 
about him and about his house and about 
everything that he has all around? The 
work of his hands you have blessed, and 
his livestock itself has spread abroad in 
the earth. But, for a change, thrust out 
your hand, please, and touch everything 
he has and see whether he will not curse 
you to your very face." (Job 1:6-12) Yes, 
Satan challenged that he could turn all 
men away from God, even the one of whom 


God would say "there is no one like him 
in the earth." 

Already Satan had been trying to prove 
his boast since Eden. Adam failed God, 
but men of faith such as Abel, Enoch and 
Noah proved faithful to God. They served 
God out of love, not for material gain. 
Job too declared: "Until I expire I shall 
not take away my integrity." (Job 27:5) 
Yet Satan, his mind warped by proud 
ambition, refused to slow down in his in- 
sane course. When the perfect man Jesus 
was on earth, Satan endeavored to bribe 
him to commit just one act that would 
be a breach of integrity to God. (Matt. 
4:9-11) Even when slapped around by 
soldier guards and then nailed to a stake 
to die, Jesus held fast. The Devil used his 
agents to put Jesus to death, but he could 
not induce him to break his integrity to 
God. (Phil. 2:8) His maintaining integrity 
as a perfect human proved that Adam 
could have done it too. 

Satan has continued to bring pressure 
on those who are followers of Christ. 
(Luke 22:31) Clear on down to our day 
he has 'waged war' with those "who ob- 
serve the commandments of God and have 
the work of bearing witness to Jesus." 
(Rev. 12:17) These have been joined by 
"a great crowd, which no man was able 
to number, out of all nations and tribes 
and peoples and tongues," who, though 
living at a time of "great tribulation," 
give heartfelt thanks and praise to Jeho- 
vah God and to his Son. (Rev. 7:9, 10, 
14) They appreciate the moral issue at 
stake and even under the most adverse 
circumstances are glad to have a part in 
contributing to the overwhelming evidence 
that God's way is right, that his creatures 
endowed with free moral agency are able 
to maintain integrity to him, and that they 
do so out of love. 

God's Name and Power Proclaimed 

Because of his great love for mankind, 
God will bring an end to wickedness. At 
his set time, he will end the rebellion of 
man and the Devil. The display of power 
he will unleash, and the good it will ac- 
complish, will be the talk of ages to come! 

On a universal scale it will happen as it 
did in ancient Egypt when God told a 
haughty ruler: "For this cause I have 
kept you in existence, for the sake of 
showing you my power and in order to 
have my name declared in all the earth." 
(Ex. 9:16) When God smashed the proud 
Egyptians and all their military might, 
the news of it spread far and wide. Years 
later, a person living in distant Jericho 
said: "We have heard how Jehovah dried 
up the waters of the Red Sea from be- 
fore you when you came out of Egypt, 
. . . Jehovah your God is God in the heav- 
ens above and on the earth beneath." 
—Josh. 2:9-11. 

Throughout the universe will that be 
said when God crushes wickedness. For 
all eternity men and angels will recount 
what God did to rid the universe of wicked- 
ness and how he brought blessings to all 
who love and serve him. His name will 
be proclaimed throughout heaven and 
earth when he settles accounts with Sa- 
tan, his demons, and wicked people on 
earth. Then "they will have to know that 
[he is] Jehovah."— Ezek. 38:23. 

Proved for all time will be the fact that 
the way of rebellion against God does not 
work for the good of anyone. Satan will 
be proved to be the most monstrous liar 
of all time, and no god to follow. A legal 
precedent will have been established once 
and for all time for the benefit of men 
and angels. 

But when will God thus act to wipe out 
wickedness? How much longer will it be? 



ALL honest-hearted men 
and women every- 
where keenly desire to 
know when God will bring 
an end to wickedness. How 
much longer will it be? 

The disciples of Jesus 
Christ were keenly inter- 
ested in this too. They 
pointedly asked Jesus: 
"Tell us, When will these 
things be, and what will be 
the sign of your presence 
and of the conclusion of the 
system of things?" Since 
his second presence was to 
be invisible, heavenly, Je- 
sus gave them visible signs 
that would combine to 
mark the period of the 
"time of the end," known 
also as the "last days." Per- 
sons living when these 
events occurred could know 
that they were living in the "last days." 
—Matt. 24:3; Dan. 11:40; 2 Tim. 3:1. 

However, what Jesus prophesied did not 
occur in his day on earth, or even for hun- 
dreds of years afterward, nor did the end 
come. But Jesus realized that many cen- 
turies would pass before he would come 
again, this time in Kingdom power, and 
bring an end to wickedness. During all this 
time he knew that men would fight many 
wars. That is why, before giving the vis- 
ible evidences that would mark his second 
presence, he explained: "You are going 
to hear of wars and reports of wars; see 
that you are not terrified. For these things 
must take place, but the end is not yet." 
Certainly such wars did occur during the 
nineteen hundred years down to our day. 
—Matt. 24:6. 

"Time of the End" Begins 

Next, Jesus began enumerating the 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 

world-shaking events that 
would mark his invisible 
second presence and the 
fact that mankind had en- 
tered the "time of the end." 
Have we in this generation 
seen what Jesus said to 
S^i"* ■•* look for? Yes, we have! 

**■"'" - First, Jesus said: "Na- 
tion will rise against nation 
and kingdom against king- 
dom." Has this prophecy 
seen fulfillment? By all 
means! In our generation 
the world has been involved 
in a war that saw the mo- 
bilizing of entire nations 
and kingdoms in such a 
way that it stood out as 
different from any preced- 
ing war. In recognition of 
the fact that the war of 
1914-1918 was different 
from any previous one in 
human history, historians called it The 
Great War or The World War. It was the 
first war of its kind in history. — Matt. 
24:7, 8. 

Indicating the tremendous change that 
the first world war made in human his- 
tory, the New York Times Magazine of 
August 1, 1954, said: "The first war . . . 
closed a long era of general peace and be- 
gan a new age of violence in which the 
second war is simply an episode. Since 
1914 the world has had a new character 
. . . Thus the first World War marks a 
turning point in modern history." This 
generation alone has experienced the ful- 
fillment of this part of the sign Jesus gave. 
Jesus included other features to look 
for, too, saying: "There will be great 
earthquakes, and in one place after anoth- 
er pestilences and food shortages." (Luke 
21:11) How true has this description of 
events been since 1914! What an increase 


we have experienced in these calamities! 
Major earthquakes have become reg- 
ular occurrences. On March 6, 1960, the 
New York Times reported: "Ten or more 
major earthquakes shake the earth every 
year. The smallest of them releases about 
a thousand times more energy than an 
atomic bomb of the type that destroyed 
Hiroshima and Nagasaki." Peru, Morocco, 
Algeria, Japan, Chile, Iran, Colombia, 
Libya, Yugoslavia, India, Alaska and nu- 
merous other places have suffered severe- 
ly from earthquakes in just the past few 

And what about pestilences? Following 
World War I the Spanish influenza alone 
took about 20,000,000 lives. And of food 
shortages a report in Look magazine of 
June 11, 1946, observed: "A fourth of 
the world is starving today. Tomorrow 
will even be worse. Famine over most of 
the world now is more terrible than most 
of us can imagine. . . . There are now more 
people hunting desperately for food than 
at any other time in history." And, be- 
cause of the population explosion that has 
taken place since 1946, the Director Gen- 
eral of the United Nations Food and 
Agriculture Organization reported in 1964 
that half of the world's population was 
then suffering from hunger or malnutri- 
tion. Since then the situation has not 

All the other features of the sign Jesus 
gave have also found fulfillment since 
1914. For a certainty then, 1914 marked 
the beginning of the last days! This be- 
ginning coincided with Satan's ouster from 
heaven by the enthroned King Jesus 
Christ. Speaking of this unparalleled time 
of distress, the Bible says: "Woe for the 
earth and for the sea, because the Devil 
has come down to you, having great anger, 
knowing he has a short period of time." 
—Rev. 12:12. 

We are in this "short period" of woe 


right now! Satan, knowing his time is 
limited, turns his fury upon all. In every 
field of endeavor he influences leaders 
and common man alike to acts of selfish- 
ness and violence, and all the world is in 
confusion. Anyone who reads a newspaper 
or listens to the news can see the ful- 
fillment of Bible prophecy in our day. Of 
this time the Bible foretold: "In the last 
days critical times hard to deal with will 
be here. For men will be lovers of them- 
selves, lovers of money, self-assuming, 
haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to par- 
ents, unthankful, disloyal, having no nat- 
ural affection, not open to any agreement, 
slanderers, without self-control, fierce, 
without love of goodness, betrayers, head- 
strong, puffed up with pride, lovers of 
pleasures rather than lovers of God, hav- 
ing a form of godly devotion but proving 
false to its power; . . . wicked men and 
impostors will advance from bad to worse." 
—2 Tim. 3:1-13. 

When? This Generation! 

So it was to our generation that Jesus 
referred when he added the key thought: 
"This generation will by no means pass 
away until all these things occur." (Matt. 
24:34) The generation that saw the be- 
ginning of woes in 1914 would also see 
the end of Satan and his entire wicked 
system of things. Some who were alive 
then would still be alive when "the end" 

It is to be carefully noted that the 
youngest of those who saw with under- 
standing the developing sign of the end 
of this system of things from its start in 
1914 are now well over sixty years of age! 
In fact, the greater part of the adult gen- 
eration that experienced the start of the 
"last days" has already passed away in 
death. The generation to which they be- 
longed is now well along toward its com- 
plete passing away. 


The time left, then, is definitely limited, 
and it is very short. Note, too, that Jesus 
pointedly said "this generation will by 
no means pass away until all these things 
occur." So we should not look for the 
passing away of all members of that gen- 
eration. The end of this wicked system 
of things will come before all members 
could pass away. 

"Times of the Nations" 

Bible chronology also verifies that the 
"last days" began in 1914. One prophecy 
based on chronology has to do with what 
Jesus mentioned when he stated that "Je- 
rusalem will be trampled on by the na- 
tions, until the appointed times of the 
nations are fulfilled." (Luke 21:24) What 
Jesus referred to was a definite period 
of time when God would have no repre- 
sentative government in the earth. The 
last such was ancient Israel, with its capi- 
tal in Jerusalem. 

In the year 607 B.C.E. Jerusalem was 
trampled on by the Babylonians. Daniel 
4:16 notes that "seven times" would pass. 
At the end of those "times" God would 
set up his heavenly government, his King- 
dom, under Christ "in the midst of [his] 
enemies."— Ps. 110:2. 

Those "seven times," according to the 
Bible timetable, would be a period of 2,520 
years, beginning its count from 607 B.C.E. 
This reckoning of time brings us to the 
year 1914.* And that is no accident! It 
harmonizes completely with the visible 
sign Jesus gave, which we have seen ful- 
filled since 1914. 

6,000 Years Completed in 1975 

There is another chronological indica- 
tion that we are rapidly nearing the clos- 
ing time for this wicked system of things. 
It is the fact that shortly, according to 
reliable Bible chronology, 6,000 years of 

* For details, see "Your Will Be Done on Earth," 
Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, pages 94-103. 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 

human history will come to an end. 

The Bible shows that when God began 
to shape the earth for human habitation, 
he worked for six "days," or time periods. 
From the indications in God's Word, each 
was apparently 7,000 years in length. 
Then, Genesis 2:2 states, Jehovah "pro- 
ceeded to rest on the seventh day from 
all his work that he had made." This 
seventh day, God's rest day, has pro- 
gressed nearly 6,000 years, and there is 
still the 1,000-year reign of Christ to go 
before its end. (Rev. 20:3, 7) This seventh 
1,000-year period of human existence 
could well be likened to a great sabbath 
day, pictured by the sabbath day God 
commanded ancient Israel to keep after 
working for six days. (Ex. 20:8-10; 2 Pet. 
3:8) After six thousand years of toil and 
bondage to sin, sickness, death and Sa- 
tan, mankind is due to enjoy a rest and 
is in dire need of a rest. (Heb. 4:1-11) 
Hence, the fact that we are nearing the 
end of the first 6,000 years of man's exis- 
tence is of great significance. 

Does God's rest day parallel the time 
man has been on earth since his creation? 
Apparently so. From the most reliable 
investigations of Bible chronology, har- 
monizing with many accepted dates of 
secular history, we find that Adam was 
created in the autumn of the year 
4026 B.C.E. Sometime in that same year 
Eve could well have been created, directly 
after which God's rest day commenced. 
In what year, then, would the first 6,000 
years of man's existence and also the first 
6,000 years of God's rest day come to an 
end? The year 1975.* This is worthy of no- 
tice, particularly in view of the fact that 
the "last days" began in 1914, and that the 
physical facts of our day in fulfillment of 
prophecy mark this as the last generation 
of this wicked world. So we can expect 

8 See the book Life Everlasting — in Freedom of the 
Sons of God, Watch Tcwer Bible and Tract Society, 
pages 29-35. 


the immediate future to be filled with 
thrilling events for those who rest their 
faith in God and his promises. It means 
that within relatively few years we will 
witness the fulfillment of the remaining 
prophecies that have to do with the "time 
of the end." 

Which prophecies are yet to be fulfilled? 
According to the Bible book of Daniel, the 
"king of the north" 
(the ruling factors of [" 
totalitarianism, par- 
ticularly world com- 
munism) and the 
"king of the south" J 
(the ruling factors of ! 
democracy, particu- — ™— — =.— 

larly the Anglo-American combine) are to 
climax their struggle for world domination, 
resulting in considerable agitation and 
substantial loss, particularly for the "king 
of the south." (Dan. 11:40-43) The Bible 
also foretells that God's servants will be 
the focus of a final all-out attack by Sa- 
tan and his entire organization of demons 
and earthlings. (Ezek. 38:1-16) Addition- 
ally, that great empire of false religion, 
called in the Bible "Babylon the great," 
is to experience God's adverse judgment 
when it is ripped to pieces. (Rev. 18:2, 8) 
After that the other elements of Satan's 
system will go down in destruction, his 
commercial and political systems, both of 
which have contributed heavily toward 
the suffering of mankind. Finally, Satan 
and his demons will be abyssed. — Rev. 
19:19-21; 16:16; 20:1-3. 

End Near 

What cataclysmic times are fast ap- 
proaching! A climax in man's history is 
at the door! How vital, then, for each one 
who loves life to take note of these evi- 
dences of history that point to the near 
end of this wicked system! 

» What Remedy for a World Torn 
with Violence? 

a The Battle Against Mind-twisting LSD 
„ When Speech Becomes Pleasurable, 
a Earth's Giant Seesaw — the Monsoon. 

Of course, as to the precise day and 
hour of the end, Jesus noted that knowl- 
edge of this was in the province of his 
heavenly Father alone. (Matt. 24:36) But 
when a brief period of years at the most 
separates us from the great windup of 
this old system, the vital thing is to stay 
spiritually awake. — Luke 21:34-36. 

So how much longer will it be? The 
answer is: 'Not long, 
for the end of wick- 
edness is near.' Not 
much longer will Je- 
hovah God tolerate 
the wicked system of 
things that has con- 
tinually reproached 
his name and often blamed him for its fail- 
ures. Not much longer will he permit 
false religious systems and godless poli- 
ticians to deceive the people and run things 
to suit their selfish inclinations. Not much 
longer will the Almighty permit Satan 
and his demons to stay active at the earth. 
To escape the threshing that God will 
inflict upon this wicked system of things 
it is vital that we quickly heed his word 
of warning given through the prophet 
Zephaniah: "Seek righteousness, seek 
meekness. Probably you may be concealed 
in the day of Jehovah's anger." (Zeph. 
2:3) And as we do so let us put our trust 
and confidence in our Great Creator, for 
he is not merely the Thrower Down of 
enemies. He is also the Builder Up of 
those who look to him for direction. 

In fact, he has from ancient times been 
doing things on behalf of all those who 
would eventually receive the gift of life 
at his hands. He has been showing love 
for us long before we could ever begin 
to demonstrate love for him. Let us note 
what he has been doing in our behalf 
during the long period of wicked rule on 



THE rule of rebellious men 

dragging the human family 
steadily downward these 
many centuries. On the 
other hand, Jehovah 
has been taking posi- 
tive steps to uplift and 
save mankind! 

Our Creator has not 
callously ignored the suf- 
ferings of honest-hearted 
persons. Rather, during all the 
centuries of wickedness, he has 
been making loving provisions to release 
humans from the grip of sin and death. 

The Ransom 

As a result of his rebellion, Adam lost 
the right to perfect life and eventually 
died. His descendants inherited sin and 
death. But God has provided a way to 
restore life to deserving ones of Adam's 
offspring, while at the same time uphold- 
ing His own law. 

How? By a ransom, by having a human 
creature with the right to perfect life sur- 
render it so that his right could be ap- 
plied on behalf of others. This would pro- 
ceed in harmony with a legal principle 
that God himself later embodied in the 
Mosaic law — "life for life." This would 
provide relief, not for the willful sinner 
Adam, but for his offspring, who, through 
no choice of their own, suffered the ef- 
fects of his wrong. — Deut. 19:21, Rev. 
Stan. Ver. 

But is this not an awkward, roundabout 
way of going about it? Could not God 
merely have decreed to free Adam's off- 
spring from the effects of Adam's sin? 
No, not without going contrary to his own 
laws. And nothing causes greater disre- 
spect for law and contributes more to a 
breakdown of law observance than for 
high officials to sidestep the law. The high- 



er the official, the greater the 
damage. So the highest offi- 
cial, Jehovah, set the exam- 
ple for all creation by 
upholding his law. By 
providing a ransom, 
| God acknowledges the 
f claims of his own jus- 
tice in sentencing Ad- 
am to death, and the 
laws of inheritance by 
which we inherit sin as 
Adam's offspring. At the 
same time he makes provision 
for relieving deserving ones. 

Since the life that Adam lost was a 
perfect one, only a perfect human could 
provide the ransom. But no natural off- 
spring of Adam could do so, for all were 
born imperfect. — Ps. 49:7. 

Shortly after man's rebellion, God be- 
gan giving clues regarding the one he 
would use to free mankind from sin and 
death. Through the inspired prophets he 
revealed much information about this 
coming Ransomer. Then, nineteen cen- 
turies ago, God transferred the life of 
his only-begotten spirit Son to the womb 
of a Jewish virgin. God's Son was thus 
born without Adam's imperfection. 

When he reached maturity, this Son 
of God, Jesus Christ, maintained integrity 
to his Father under the severest test that 
Satan could bring upon him, death upon 
a torture stake. He willingly laid down his 
right to the perfect human life he had as 
one who kept all of God's laws. Jesus could 
then offer the value of that life to God to 
redeem what Adam lost — life, perfect hu- 
man life. Jesus thus "gave himself a cor- 
responding ransom for all." — 1 Tim. 2:6. 
What a wonderful thing God has done 
for man! He offered his dearest creation 
so that humans could receive everlasting 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 


life! As the Bible puts it: "God loved the 
world so much that he gave his only- 
begotten Son, in order that everyone exer- 
cising faith in him might not be destroyed 
but have everlasting life." — John 3:16. 

The Kingdom 

In addition to providing a ransom, God 
has been making preparations for a heav- 
enly government that will carry out his 
purpose to make earth a paradise home 
for righteous people. Knowing that man 
was not made to govern independently 
from him, God began developing this gov- 
ernment to administer man's affairs in 

Jehovah inspired the recording of many 
prophecies about the ruler of that govern- 
ment, and what he would accomplish. 
When Jesus Christ came to earth he ful- 
filled all the many prophecies about that 
king-to-be. Hence, he proved to be, not on- 
ly the Ransomer, but also the future ruler 
in the heavenly government over man- 
kind. And what ruler ever accomplished 
in a lifetime as much good as Jesus did 
in his brief ministry? He even healed the 
sick and raised the dead. No wonder God- 
fearing persons could look forward to his 
heavenly rule over mankind! 

A kingdom, or government, also has 
administrators. Will any others share with 
Jesus in ruling over earth? Yes. The eve- 
ning before his death Jesus promised his 
close earthly associates: "I am coming 
again and will receive you home to my- 
self." Those who join Jesus in heaven be- 
come with him "a kingdom and priests 
to our God, and they will rule as kings 
over the earth." Together with Jesus, this 
limited number make up the heavenly 
government that will bring eternal bless- 
ings to humankind.— John 14:2, 3; Rev. 
5:10; 14:1-3; 20:6. 

So down through the ages, Jehovah God 
has laid all the necessary groundwork for 

the everlasting happiness of the human 
family. And now, in our day, he has taken 
a direct hand in earth's affairs! 

Kingdom Established in Heaven 

All the evidence in fulfillment of Bible 
prophecy indicates that God's heavenly 
kingdom under Christ began to rule in 
1914, coinciding with the beginning of 
the "time of the end." The first act of 
the Kingdom was to cast Satan and his 
demons out of heaven down to the vicinity 
of the earth.— Ps. 110:1, 2; Rev. 12:7-12. 

Since that time God has caused to be 
carried out a worldwide preaching work 
in fulfillment of the prophecy at -Matthew 
24:14. As a result, many thousands of 
persons from all nations are being liber- 
ated from bondage to Satan's organiza- 
tion, particularly the false religious part. 

These persons acknowledge themselves 
loyal subjects of the heavenly kingdom 
and are demonstrating the effectiveness 
of that government. Under its direction 
they have learned to become law-abiding, 
moral and upright, persons of integrity. 
They no longer war against one another. 
The rioting, hatred, crime and hypocrisy 
that disrupt this world have ceased to be 
problems within the ranks of the more 
than one million witnesses of Jehovah, 
subjects of God's now-ruling heavenly 
government. — Isa. 2:4. 

The United Nations, with its more than 
a hundred member nations, has not been 
able to accomplish what God's kingdom 
has accomplished among its subjects in 
nearly two hundred lands today! Why is 
this so? Because, "unless Jehovah himself 
builds the house, it is to no avail that its 
builders have worked hard on it." — Ps. 

Yes, God's government is the only right 
way, and it is working marvelously now! 
But what God has done so far is only the 
beginning. Much more will come shortly! 



HOW different will be the future, when 
God brings an end to wickedness! In- 
stead of sorrow, sickness and death, there 
will be happiness, vibrant health and ever- 
lasting life! The nightmare of the past 
will be gone forever. The joy at that time 
will far outweigh all the agony man has 
ever experienced. All this God will do for 
man in paradise. As Psalm 145:16 says: 
"You are opening your hand and satis- 
fying the desire of every living thing." 

Could anyone else make such a promise 
and then keap it? Be assured that when 
God promises such things he fulfills them 
for a certainty. Without fail, earth will 
be transformed into a paradise of pleasure 
for man's eternal delight! — Isa. 55:11. 

The Wicked Removed 

All this will be made possible by the 
removal of the wicked at the end of this 
system of things. No more will there be 
murder, rape and robbery, or any other 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 

crime. Think of it! No more 
wickedness! No more will righ- 
teously disposed persons have to 
suffer at the hands of wicked 
ones. As Proverbs 10:30 prom- 
ises: "As for the righteous one, 
to time indefinite he will not be 
caused to stagger; but as for the 
wicked ones, they will not keep 
residing on the earth." 

With wicked humans and 
wicked demons gone, righteous- 
ness will prevail earth-wide. Un- 
der the benevolent administra- 
tion of God's kingdom, earth's 
inhabitants will no more learn 
what is bad. On the contrary, 
"righteousness is what the in- 
habitants of the productive land 
will certainly learn." — Isa. 26:9; 
Acts 17:31. 
Not only will those promoting 
wickedness be removed but there will also 
be a rolling back of all the accompanying 
effects and the resultant evils of the origi- 
nal rebellion and its introduction of wick- 

Health Restored 

Yes, God will also eliminate the great 
unhappiness brought to humans by poor 
health. How many lives have been taken 
by cancer, heart trouble and other dis- 
eases! Thousands, yes, millions of others 
have suffered by being crippled, blind or 
deaf. Even if you enjoy a measure of 
health, the distressing reality in this sys- 
tem is that as you grow old, your eyes 
dim, your teeth decay, your hearing dulls, 
your skin wrinkles, your internal organs 
break down, until finally death claims 
another victim. 

However, these distressing things that 
we inherited from our first parents will 
soon be a thing of the past! How can we 


be sure? Do you remember what Jesus 
Christ demonstrated regarding health 
while he was on earth? The Bible relates: 
"Great crowds approached him, having 
along with them people that were lame, 
maimed, blind, dumb, and many other- 
wise, and they fairly threw them at his 
feet, and he cured them; so that the crowd 
felt amazement as they saw the dumb 
speaking and the lame walking and the 
blind seeing."— Matt. 15:30, 31. 

Imagine the overwhelming happiness 
that will come in God's new order as all 
human ills are eliminated, not just in one 
small area, but earth-wide! The Creator's 
promise is: "No resident will say: 'I am 
sick.' " "At that time the eyes of the blind 
ones will be opened, and the very ears 
of the deaf ones will be unstopped. At 
that time the lame one will climb up just 
as a stag does, and the tongue of the 
speechless one will cry out in gladness." 
— Isa. 33:24; 35:5, 6. 

Will it not be thrilling to wake up each 
morning to a new day and realize that 
you are healthier than you were the day 
before? And will it not be gratifying for 
elderly persons to know that thes^ will be 
more youthful as each twenty-four-hour 
period passes, until they gradually reach 
the perfection of body and mind that 
Adam and Eve originally enjoyed? 

Persons who enjoy that kind of health 
and happiness will not want to die, for 
life then will be a real blessing. And they 
will not have to die! Why not? Because 
even death will be done away with, since 
mankind will no longer be in the grip of 
inherited sin. Jesus Christ "must rule as 
king until God has put all enemies under 
his feet. As the last enemy, death is to 
be brought to nothing." We also read: "He 
will actually swallow up death forever." 
Thus will God's promises concerning ever- 
lasting life be realized, for we are told: 
"The gift God gives is everlasting life by 

Christ Jesus our Lord." — 1 Cor. 15:25, 
26; Isa. 25:8; Rom. 6:23. 

Summing up the benefits that will flow 
to the human family in paradise, the last 
book of the Bible says: "And [God] will 
wipe out every tear from their eyes, and 
death will be no more, neither will mourn- 
ing nor outcry nor pain be any more. The 
former things have passed away." — Rev. 
21:3, 4. 

Bringing Back Dead Ones 

But what of all those who are in the 
graves? What of your dear ones who have 
already died, such as a mother or father, 
perhaps even a young child? 

Keep in mind that, while on earth, Je- 
sus not only cured the sick and maimed, 
but also brought back dead persons from 
the sleep of death to demonstrate the 
wonderful power of resurrection God had 
given him. Perhaps you recall the occa- 
sion when Jesus came to the house of a 
man whose twelve-year-old daughter had 
died. Addressing himself to the dead girl, 
Jesus declared: "Maiden, I say to you, 
Get up!" What was the result? The Bible 
tells us: "And immediately the maiden 
rose and began walking." How did the 
people that saw this marvelous miracle 
react? "At once they were beside them- 
selves with great ecstasy." They were 
overjoyed. Their happiness could hardly 
be contained! — Mark 5:41, 42. 

In paradise Jesus will use this God- 
given power to raise the dead, because 
"there is going to be a resurrection of 
both the righteous and the unrighteous." 
(Acts 24:15) How great will be the joy 
earth-wide when group after group of dead 
persons comes back to join their loved 
ones! No longer will there be obituary 
columns to bring sadness. Instead, there 
may well be just the opposite: announce- 
ments of newly resurrected ones to bring 
joy to those who have loved them. 



Perfect Peace 

Peace in all areas of life will be realized. 
Wars will be a thing of the past, for di- 
visive national interests will disappear. 
"They will not lift up sword, nation 
against nation, neither will they learn 
war any more." (Mic. 4:3) This may 
sound astonishing in view of the growing 
international crisis today, but note the 
Bible's promise: "Come, you people, be- 
hold the activities of Jehovah, how he 
has set astonishing events on the earth. 
He is making wars to cease to the ex- 
tremity of the earth. The bow he breaks 
apart and does cut the spear in pieces; 
the wagons he burns in the fire." — Ps. 
46:8, 9. 

Peace will also be restored between man 
and beast. In this regard God declares: 
"For them I shall certainly conclude a 
covenant in that day in connection with 
the wild beast of the field and with the 
flying creature of the heavens and the 
creeping thing of the ground, and . . . 
I will make them lie down in security." 
— Hos. 2:18. 

Just how great the restored peace be- 
tween man and beast will be can be noted 
in this prophecy: "The wolf will actually 
reside for a while with the male lamb, and 
with the kid the leopard itself will lie 
down, and the calf and the maned young 
lion and the well-fed animal all together; 
and a mere little hoy will be leader over 
them." Never again will these animals be 
a threat to man, as "even the lion will 
eat straw just like the bull." — Isa. 11:6-9. 

Earth Transformed 

And what of the earth itself? It will be 
transformed into a luxuriant paradise. 
That is why Jesus could promise the evil- 
doer that was executed with him: "You 
will be with me in Paradise." — Luke 23:43. 

Under the direction of God's kingdom, 

earth will produce plenty of good things to 
eat, so that hunger will never again stalk 
millions. "There will come to be plenty 
of grain on the earth; on the top of the 
mountains there will be an overflow." "The 
earth itself will certainly give its produce; 
God, our God, will bless us." "The tree 
of the field must give its fruitage, and 
the land itself will give its yield, and they 
will actually prove to be on their soil in 
security."— Ps. 72:16; 67:6; Ezek. 34:27. 

No more will there be slums or over- 
crowded dwellings. Never again will people 
live in fear because their neighborhood 
is overrun with crime and rioting. "They 
will certainly build houses and have oc- 
cupancy; and they will certainly plant 
vineyards and eat their fruitage. They will 
not build and someone else have occu- 
pancy; they will not plant and someone 
else do the eating." "They will actually 
sit, each one under his vine and under his 
fig tree, and there will be no one making 
them tremble."— Isa. 65:21, 22; Mic. 4:4. 

All these things, and more, God will do 
for man in paradise. It is why the Bible 
can say: "The meek ones themselves will 
possess the earth, and they will indeed 
find their exquisite delight in the abun- 
dance of peace. . . . The righteous them- 
selves will possess the earth, and they 
will reside forever upon it." — Ps. 37:11, 

That is how God will more than com- 
pensate for the wickedness people have 
suffered during their lifetime, particular- 
ly the innocent. Throughout eternity God 
will shower down blessings on mankind, 
so that any hurt they have received in 
the past will fade to a dim memory, if 
they remember it at all. — Isa. 65:17. 

Surely you want to live in that marvel- 
ous earthly paradise. But to live at that 
time and enjoy all those benefits, what 
must you do now? 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 


ARE you appreciative when someone 
gives you something of great value? 
Do you not try in some way to express 
that appreciation? Undoubtedly you do, 
for it is a natural response. 

Really, when you stop to consider it, 
has anyone given us more than our lov- 
ing Creator? Think of it! "God sent forth 
his only-begotten Son into the world that 
we might gain life through him." And 
what glorious prospects that has provided 
— an eternity of happiness in an earth- 
wide paradise! Truly, we have every rea- 
son to show God our appreciation, both 
in words and in deeds. — 1 John 4:9. 

But how? What can we give God in 
return for his goodness to us? As the 
Creator of heaven and earth, he owns 
everything, so there is no material thing 
we can give him. However, there is some- 
thing we have that he will accept: our 
devotion, our love, our obedience. As free 
moral agents we can choose to give these 
to whomever we wish.— Ps. 50:10-15. 

Take God's Side 

In these "last days" you have a grand 
opportunity to show love for the God who 
has made so many provisions for your 
benefit. You can make God's heart glad 
by upholding his side of the issue regard- 
ing man's integrity. How? By being firm 
in applying Bible principles in your home 
and everywhere else, and doing it even 
when confronted with wicked deeds. By 
proving yourself unwavering in your de- 
votion to Jehovah God and to his kingdom, 
rather than to the schemes of men for 
running the world. God's invitation is: "Be 
wise, my son, and make my heart rejoice, 

that I may make a reply to him 
that is taunting me." Satan, Je- 
hovah's chief adversary, is the 
one taunting him. His endeavor 
is to break down the integrity of 
anyone who worships Jehovah. 
By your faithful course, share 
in proving that Satan is a liar and that 
God is true.— Prov. 27:11. 

When Satan tried to turn that ancient 
man of faith Job away from God, deluging 
him with troubles, how did he react? We 
read: "In all this Job did not sin with his 
lips." What a delight to see a man like 
that! Such a resister of the Devil brings 
pleasure to God's heart.— Job 2:10. 

You can be like him. And if you are, 
what can you expect from God? Note 
what happened in Job's case after the 
matter of his integrity was settled: "As 
for Jehovah, he blessed the end of Job 
afterward more than his beginning." That 
can be your happy lot, too, if you choose 
to serve God and uphold his righteousness. 
—Job 42:12. 

Take In Knowledge 

In order to uphold God's side of mat- 
ters and make his heart glad, you must 
first learn what he v/ants you to do. You 
cannot obey God if you do not know his 
requirements. Where will you get the 
knowledge to obey God and resist Satan 
and his wicked crowd? The answer is: 
"By keeping on guard according to [God's] 
word." (Ps. 119:9) Yes, it is God's Word, 
the Holy Bible, that provides the knowl- 
edge you need of his purposes and re- 

However, having a Bible in your home, 
and taking in the knowledge it contains, 
are two different things. If you do not 
gain an accurate understanding of it and 
apply it, it will not affect your life for 
good. It is like having the most delicious 
and nutritious food in your refrigerator. 



If you never eat it, it will do you no good 
whatsoever. In the same way, the Bible 
must be used, digested, to equip you to 
do the will of God. 

True, study of the Bible requires time 
and effort. But so does anything worth 
while in life. And could there be anything 
more worth while than working toward 
everlasting life? Is there anything greater 
than doing the will of God and making 
his heart glad? 

But do you find the Bible difficult to 
understand by yourself? Do not think it 
strange. God knows that assistance is re- 
quired to understand the deeper things 
of his Word. The Bible itself tells us about 
a high court official who had difficulty 
understanding God's Word. A servant of 
God, Philip, noted him reading aloud from 
the Scriptures and asked him: "Do you 
actually know what you are reading?" 
The official answered: "Really, how could 
I ever do so, unless someone guided me?" 
He did not think if beneath his dignity 
to ask for help. You, too, will want to 
have his mental attitude. — Acts 8:30, 31. 

Ask for assistance in learning the truths 
contained in the Bible. Ask Jehovah's wit- 
nesses to study the Bible with you free 
of charge. They will consider it a privilege. 

Disassociate from Wicked System 

Another thing you should do now to 
show your appreciation for God's loving 
provisions is to disassociate yourself from 
this wicked system of things. God's Word 
warns: "Do you not know that the friend- 
ship with the world is enmity with God? 
Whoever, therefore, wants to be a friend 
of the world is constituting himself an 
enemy of God." One way to avoid being 
a friend of the world is to "abstain from 
every form of wickedness." When con- 
fronted with wrongdoing, say as did the 
man of God who wrote: "Get away from 
me, you evildoers, that I may observe the 

commandments of my God." — Jas. 4:4; 
1 Thess. 5:22; Ps. 119:115. 

Disassociating yourself from this wicked 
system also means abandoning the false 
religions that are part of this world. The 
Bible sharply warns: "Get out of her [the 
world empire of false religion], my peo- 
ple, if you do not want to share with her 
in her sins, and if you do not want to re- 
ceive part of her plagues." Hence, you 
must analyze your religion to see if what 
it teaches and practices is in harmony 
with God's requirements. "Make sure of 
all things," the Bible urges. Do not assume 
that your religion must be right, for the 
Word of God clearly shows that most re- 
ligions are wrong. — Rev. 18:4; 1 Thess. 
5:21; Matt. 7:13, 14, 21-23. 

Not only should you abandon false re- 
ligion, but you will want to associate with 
those who practice true religion, with 
those who put Jehovah God first in their 
lives and prove it by being his witnesses. 
This will work for your upbuilding and 
protection, particularly as the end draws 
near. It is "in the congregation of loyal 
ones" that you will be able to do as Psalm 
111:1 declares: "I shall laud Jehovah with 
all my heart in the intimate group of 
upright ones and the assembly." — Ps. 149: 
1; Heb. 10:25. 

Act Now! 

This wicked system is fast approaching 
its end. That is why it is urgent for you 
to learn God's will and then do it, for Je- 
hovah "is guarding the souls of his loyal 
ones; out of the hand of the wicked ones 
he delivers them."— Ps. 97:10. 

Do not put off lining yourself up on 
God's side. Act now, for his day for exe- 
cuting the wicked is near. Do not let it 
catch you unprepared! Instead, let your 
attitude be like that of the psalmist when 
he said: "Make me understand, that I 
may keep living." — Ps. 119:144. 

OCTOBER 8, 1966 



Why, Then, Does God '. * 
»; Permit Wickedness? - - 

WE* ' 

IT CANNOT be avoided. No matter 
where you may look, wickedness exists, 
and people are suffering and dying. 
Throughout the ages thinking persons 
have wondered why this is so. How did 
wickedness get started? Why has God per- 
mitted it to continue for so long? Will 
he tolerate wickedness indefinitely? Or 
will he end it soon? It is likely that you 
have asked these very questions. 

To understand how wickedness began, 
it is vital to know how man was created. 
He was not made a robot, without free- 
dom of choice, but was given the grand 
gift of free moral agency. — Josh. 24:15. 

But was not the first man made per- 
fect? Yes, at Deuteronomy 32:4 the Bible 
states: "The works of God are perfect." 
(Catholic Douay Version) However, that 
did not mean man knew everything or 
could do everything, but he was perfect 
in that he was without a defect in his 
physical organism. For instance, man could 
not live in outer space without oxygen, 
or live underwater indefinitely without 
special equipment. He was perfect, but 
within the limits of mankind. — Gen. 1:31. 

Just as man was created with the need 
of oxygen to breathe, so he was also made 
with the need of God's guidance. He was 
not made to govern independently of God. 
Why not locate your own copy of the Bible 
and turn in it to Jeremiah 10:23. If it is 
the Authorised or King James Version, 
you will notice there how a humble ser- 


vant of God expresses the need of God's 
direction: "O Lord, I know that the way 
of man is not in himself: it is not in man 
that walketh to direct his steps." Though 
not created with the ability to govern suc- 
cessfully without God's guidance, man was 
a free moral agent and could choose to 
ignore what God said and meditate on 
wrong thoughts. That is what the first 
human pair did, and, as a result, sin, 
wickedness and death were introduced 
into the world. — Jas. 1:13-15; Gen. 2:17; 

Who was to blame for this? Certainly 
not God. When humans choose to ignore 
God's laws and do wrong, they are re- 
sponsible for the consequences. That is 
why the Bible, at Deuteronomy 32:5 says: 
"They have corrupted themselves, their 
spot is not the spot of his children: they 
are a perverse and crooked generation." 
(AV) Adam and Eve by their own wrong 
choice brought sin and death upon them- 
selves. And since all humankind were born 
from their degenerating bodies, the sick- 
ness and death we all experience were 
inherited from them. — Job 14:4; Rom. 

Man, however, is not alone in respon- 
sibility for wickedness. Someone else is 
even more to blame. He is the invisible 
spirit creature who, in contradiction of 
what God said would be the penalty for 
disobedience, enticed Eve to disobey, say- 
ing: "You positively will not die."— Gen. 
3:1-4; Rev. 12:9. 

But what caused this perfect spirit crea- 
ture to rebel against God, and then in- 
duce the first human pair to join in the 
rebellion? As with man, it was due to 
entertaining, continually, improper de- 
sires. At James 1:14, 15 the Bible ex- 
plains: "Each one is tried by being drawn 
out and enticed by his own desire. Then 
the desire, when it has become fertile, 
gives birth to sin; in turn, sin, when it has 


been accomplished, brings forth death." 
The improper desires of this perfect spirit 
were, in time, translated into improper 
actions. He came to be known as the Devil 
and Satan. — John 8:44. 

Yet, why has God permitted Satan and 
wickedness to continue for so long? For 
several reasons. By his rebellion Satan 
the Devil challenged God's rulership and 
at the same time raised an issue as to 
whether any humans would remain true 
to their Creator-Ruler under test. Also, 
who spoke the truth there in Eden as to 
the result of disobedience? Was it God or 
Satan? Furthermore, could rebellious crea- 
tures attain to lasting blessings and hap- 
piness while ignoring God's rulership? 
Time would be required to settle these 
issues, and God allowed such time. So no 
intelligent creatures could ever rightly ac- 
cuse God of not giving the rebels oppor- 
tunity to work out their own purposes. 
And what has the record of nearly 6,000 
years proved? It has proved God to be 
right when he said: "There exists a way 
that is upright before a man, but the ways 
of death are the end of it afterward." 
— Prov. 16:25. 

But how much longer will God tolerate 
wickedness? Jesus' disciples also wanted 
to know, and so they asked him about it. 
In answer Jesus gave many visible evi- 
dences that would mark the "time of the 
end" of this wicked system. These includ- 
ed worldwide war, famines, pestilences, 
widespread earthquakes and an increase 
of lawlessness. Are not these the things 
that are reported on almost daily in the 
news? Yes, indeed; and historians report 
that they are the characteristics of the 
generation that began with the first world 
war in 1914. But why such an increase 
of woe in our time? The Bible explains: 
"Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and 
of the sea! for the devil is come down unto 
you, having great wrath, because he 

knoweth that he hath but a short time." 
—Matt. 24:7, 12, 34; Rev. 12:12, AV. 

This means that very soon now all the 
wicked will be destroyed by God! (Ps. 145: 
20) After that, God's heavenly govern- 
ment will shower down upon its earthly 
subjects blessings beyond compare. Per- 
fect health, boundless vigor and freedom 
from the onslaughts of old age and death 
will be realized. (Isa. 35:5, 6) Even dead 
ones will be resurrected to enjoy these 
blessings. (Acts 24:15) Perfect peace and 
happiness will be enjoyed by all who live 
in that restored paradise. — Ps. 37:11, 29. 

What should you do in view of the 
wonderful things God will do in your be- 
half? Why, show appreciation! How? 
First, by learning about God and his re- 
quirements. This means regularly study- 
ing his Word. (John 17:3) Then separate 
yourself from this wicked system that is 
doomed to destruction. Find out whether 
the religion you practice is really in har- 
mony with God's Word, for, to please 
God, you must abandon any false religion 
that is part of this wicked world. Do God's 
will, and in this way add your testimony 
to the fact that Satan is a liar and is in- 
capable of turning all men from serving 
Jehovah.— Prov. 27:11. 

Can you answer these questions? For answers, 

read the erfide above. 
(1 ) What questions do people raise concerning 
the permission of wickedness? (2) Was the first 
man a robot or did God give him freedom of 
choice? (3) In what sense was he perfect? 
(4) How is man's need for God's guidance 
expressed in the Bible? (5) Why is God not 
to blame for the sin of our first parents, and 
for our present imperfections? (6) Who is even 
more to blame for wickedness than man? 
(7) How was it possible for a perfect spirit 
creature to become the Devi!? (8) Why has 
God permitted wickedness to continue for so 
long? (9) Is the end of wickedness near? 
(10) What blessings will God's kingdom bring 
to mankind? (11) How can we show our ap- 
preciation for what God has done for us? 

OCTOBER S, 1966 


Era of Lawlessness 
# David Lawrence, in U.S. 
News & World Report for 
August 29, said editorially: 
"Historians some day will 
write that the United States in 
the 1930s experienced an era 
of anarchy unparalleled in a 
free country governed origi- 
nally by a written Constitution 
and once dedicated to the 
principle of law and order. We 
are today on the verge of a 
complete breakdown of our 
governmental structure." Fed- 
eral and state governments, 
he said, face severe financial 
crises. He went on to say that 
city governments appear to be 
unable to protect human life; 
they are plagued by street 
demonstrations and criminal 
violence. "Even clergymen, 
who are supposed to preach 
doctrines of human love and 
conciliation, have joined the 
mob," he pointed out. What 
does it mean? Jesus Christ 
long ago foretold that this 
"increasing of lawlessness" 
would mark the last days of 
this wicked system of things. 
—Matt. 24:12. 

Suicide KIse 

#> Saigonese know that these 
are critical times hard to deal 
with, as the Christian apostle 
Paul long ago foretold for our 
day, at 2 Timothy 3:1. In Sai- 
gon, South Vietnam, the rate 
of suicide and attempted sui- 


cide is almost 50 percent high- 
er this year than last, it was 
reported on August 27. "Many 
of these are young people 
whose psychology has been de- 
formed, somehow, by the war," 
said Lieut. Col. Nguyen Van 

$139,000,000,000 for Anns 
#> A published United Press 
International report stated 
that "the cost of the global 
arms race has reached stag- 
gering dimensions — more than 
$130 billion a year. This is 
more than the $125 billion 
being spent annually in the 
world on public health and 
education." The arms' race 
amounts to $40 for every man, 
woman and child in the world. 
Readiness for war seems to 
have become the principal con- 
cern of humankind. Two world 
wars, the first of their kind 
in human history, have al- 
ready marked this generation. 
Jesus foretold this for the 
"conclusion of the system of 
things."— Matt. 24:3, 7. 

Earthquake Jolts Turkey 

<$> Eastern Turkey was struck 
by a devastating earthquake 
on August 20. The unofficial 
death toll passed the 2,000 
mark the next day. There were 
estimates that the final toll 
might top 5,000. Hundreds of 
villages were reduced to rub- 
ble. "Great earthquakes" were 
a sign foretold for our day. 

(Luke 21:11) In Turkey official 
statistics put the quake toll 
for the twentieth century so 
far at more than 40,000 dead. 
The world's most catastrophic- 
earthquake of modern times 
was in China in 1920, when 
180,000 people died. Three 
years later a quake razed 
Tokyo, killing 143,000. 

Food Shortage 

■#> At the 1966 annual meeting 
of the American Institute of 
Biological Sciences, a group 
of scientists agreed, on August 
15, that man was multiplying 
faster than the food supply 
and that a catastrophe was in 
sight. Dr. Harrison Brown of 
California Institute of Tech- 
nology stated that the world 
population would be at least 
4,300.000,000 by 1980, if no 
major disaster strikes before 
that time; but food produc- 
tion is not keeping pace. The 
Bible writer Luke long ago re- 
corded under divine inspira- 
tion that unprecedented "food 
shortages" would be part of 
the composite sign that, not 
only is the present selfish 
system on its way out, but 
also "the kingdom of God is 
near."— Luke 21:11, 31. 

Dishonest Employees 
<§> Former president of the 
Canadian Institute of Char- 
tered Accountants, Derek Lu- 
kin, said that there has been 
an enormous increase in the 
last few years in thievery 
among trusted employees. He 
pointed out that apparently 
honest and trustworthy em- 
ployees have embezzled or de- 
frauded $150,000000 from Ca- 
nadian businesses. "Lovers of 
money," "disloyal" — that is 
what the Bible, at 2 Timothy 
3:1, 2, said would characterize 
ungodly men in the "last days." 

"Devil in Us" 

<$> In a special report to the 
New York Times, August 24, a 
correspondent in southeast 
Asia stated that "from the 
terraced rice fields of Central 


Java to the exquisite island 
of Bali, from the rubber plan- 
tations of Sumatra to the fish- 
ing villages of remote Timor, 
the Indonesian people are 
troubled by the heritage of 
violence bequeathed by the 
staggering mass slaughter of 
Communists," which followed 
the abortive Communist-sup- 
ported bid for greater power 
in Jakarta last September 30. 
It has been estimated that 
400,000 were killed. "There is 
a devil in us and when it gets 
loose, we can run amok en 
masse," one of Indonesia's 
most distinguished writers 
said. Yes, the Bible agrees 
that there is "a devil" in back 
of the world's violence. "Woe 
for the earth and for the sea, 
because the Devil has come 
down to you, having great 
anger, knowing he has a short 
period of time." (Rev. 12:12) 
And why? Because God's king- 
dom has been established in 
the heavens and will soon put 
out of action both the Devil 

and persons who choose to 
manifest his spirit. 

•There Will Be Pestilences' 

# The dreaded sleeping sick- 
ness called encephalitis has 
taken 384 lives so far this year 
in Japan and 399 in South 

In South Vietnam a plague, 
known as the Black Death 
in the Middle Ages, is 
spreading throughout the 
country. The spread of the 
disease has been described as 
"very, very serious." 

Heart disease and cancer re- 
main foremost among the kill- 
ers in spite of medical re- 
search, and venereal disease 
has reached epidemic propor- 
tions in many large cities. Yes, 
pestilences, too, were foretold 
as part of the "sign." — Luke 

Preaching Though Persecuted 
<§> In nearly two hundred 
lands around the earth Jeho- 
vah's witnesses are preaching 

the good news that God's king- 
dom has been established. For 
this they are persecuted, as 
Jesus foretold. (Matt. 24:9) 
Recently Greece's Orthodox 
primate, Archbishop Chrysos- 
tomos, said: "The Greek Or- 
thodox Church regards the 
members of [Jehovah's wit- 
nesses] as enemy No. 1." He 
went on to say: "We have 
repeatedly appealed to the 
authorities to intervene and 
prosecute or arrest those of 
them who engage in prosely- 
tism." But they continue to 
preach. In Greece today there 
are 10,668 of Jehovah's wit- 
nesses active in preaching 
about God's kingdom. World 
wide there are over a million, 
and they have been devoting 
over 14,000,000 hours each 
month to their preaching 
work. As Jesus foretold for 
these "last days," this good 
news of the Kingdom estab- 
lished in the heavens is being 
preached in all the world for 
a witness. — Matt. 24:14. 

E WW m • m the book 
'fe Everlasting — in Freedom of the Sons of 

This valuable Bible handbook was released this 
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Assemblies of Jehovah's Witnesses. Its 416 pages 
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living in harmony with the will of God. The book 
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I 1 7 ADAMS ST. 

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teaching, for reproving, for setting 
things straight, for disciplining in 
righteousness, that the man of God 
may be fully competent, completely 
equipped for every good work." 
(2 Tim. 3:16, 17) But the Bible also 
records the account of a man who 
was reading the Bible himself and 
who was asked if he understood what 
he was reading. He answered: "Real- 
ly, how could I ever do so, unless 
someone guided me?" Then he en- 
treated this one who approached him 
to "sit down with him." Read the ac- 
count at Acts 8:26-39. So, Bible 
knowledge is most valuable, but you 
need help to acquire it. How, then, 
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Free Home Bible-Study Service 

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We will be glad to use your own Bi- 
ble, or, if you do not have one, and 
prefer, we will be glad to supply an 
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Do You Want a New Order Free 
from Lawlessness? 

Flood of Lawlessness Engulfing 
the Earth 

How Do They Explain It? 

The Real Causes of Today's Lawlessness 14 

Protect Yourself from Lawlessness 

God's Word Reforms Lawbreakers 

"Your Word Is Truth" 

Why Do the Wicked Prosper? 

Watching the World 



^""""^ "it is already the hour for you to awake." 0h 

— Romans 13:11 V^' 

Volume XLIX 

Brooklyn, N.V.. January 8, 1968 

Number 1 

WHAT would it mean 
to you if the world 
were free from lawless- 

It would mean 
that you could step 
out of your home 
and never worry 
about locking a 
door. You could 
visit any neigh- 
borhood without being afraid. You could 
sit in any park late at night. You could 
talk to any stranger without fear. You 
would never have to be concerned about 
the safety of your home or your loved 

No doubt you, as most persons, want 
the world to be free from lawlessness. Cer- 
tainly it would be a wonderful thing to 
live in a new order where nothing would 
ever mar your happiness or jeopardize 
your freedom, possessions, life or loved 

Will there ever be such a system of 
things? Will all the energies and wealth 
now lost due to lawlessness ever be chan- 
neled into constructive work? Will it ever 
be possible for everybody to enjoy life 
under such secure conditions? 

Judging from today's news everywhere, 
it would be simple to conclude that an or- 
der free from lawlessness can never be a 

However, do not dismiss the possibility 
of living in a new order that is free from 

JANUARY 8, 1968 


lawlessness. Why not? Because such an 
order will come without fail, and soon! 

Within this generation the world will be 
rid of all lawbreakers! Yes, you will then 
be able to forget about locking your door. 
You will then feel free to visit anywhere 
and talk to anyone. You will never again 
have to worry about the security of your 
home or loved ones. And the world will be 
free from things that drive many to law- 
lessness, such as poverty, prejudice and 

Because a new order that will be free 
from lawlessness is nearing a reality, we 
invite you carefully to consider the articles 
that begin on the following page. First, 
these articles will examine the trend in 
lawlessness today. Then they will analyze 
the reasons authorities give as to why 
such lawlessness exists in our time. Next 
they will discuss the more important caus- 
es for this lawlessness and when and how 
that lawlessness will positively end. This 
issue will also give information on how you 


can protect yourself from lawlessness now. 

First of all, then, let us examine the 

extent of lawlessness in our time, in this 

generation, in this year. Just what is go- 

ing on in this regard throughout the 
world? How widespread is lawlessness to- 
day? What damage to life and property is 
involved? What are the facts? 

use 01 

AUTHORITIES agree on this central 
fact: There is a raging flood of law- 
less activity all over the world. And it is 
fast increasing. In many areas it is out of 
control. Your personal safety is being 
jeopardized as never before! 

This epidemic of crime is not confined 
to one type of society. Not only the under- 
developed countries suffer from it. Even 
in the most prosperous lands there is an 
enormous increase of lawlessness. 

Worldwide Breakdown 

The recently retired head of the Royal 
Canadian Mounted Police, G. B. McClellan, 


stated that the whole world was 
going through a "major interna- 
tional breakdown in respect for law 
and order." He noted: "Public an- 
tagonism toward the police is 
reaching epidemic proportions all 
over the world, not only in those 
countries which we are wont to re- 
fer to as underdeveloped countries, 
but in countries which have been 
and are regarded as some of the 
most highly civilized in the world." 
Similarly, prominent British at- 
torney Lord Shawcross made this 

"Almost everywhere, including 
Soviet Russia, there appears to be 
an increase in crime, and partic- 
ularly, alas, in juvenile crime 

"Why is it that there is this increase in 
crime, when we were all entitled, perhaps, 
to think that the unexampled prosperity 
which we enjoy now, the better education, the 
rather better housing conditions, and so on, 
would conduce to the opposite result? I wish 
I knew the answer." 

One part of the increase of lawlessness 
that particularly bothers authorities is the 
increase of violent crimes. In England, 
J. Bell, writing in Crime in Our Tims, 
said: "The most striking feature of crime 
today is the increase in violence." The au- 
thor added: "There are criminals in this 
country [England] today who appear to 
have reached extremes of depravity and 
savagery not seen before the last war, at 
least in such numbers." 

The same conclusion was reached in an 
exhaustive study of crime by a special 
Crime Commission in the United States. 
Undertaken at the President's direction 


and publishing its findings in the report 
The Challenge of Crime in a Free So- 
ciety, the Commission said: "The overall 
rate for violent crimes . . . now stands at 
its highest point." 

Greater Worry 

However, there is another trend that 
experts agree is cause for even greater 
worry: The fantastic rise in lawlessness 
among young people. Of this the book 
The Psychology of Crime said: 

"It is alarming that today adolescents are 
committing the same types of criminal activ- 
ities as adults, whereas in former times the 
type of crime changed as the person grew 
older. For example, young people used to be 
involved in more youthful types of crime, 
such as pranks or petty stealing, but today 
they are committing the same vicious crimes 
as adult criminals — murder, robbery, rape, 
burglary, vandalism, and automobile thefts, 
not to mention such minor crimes as purse 
snatching, petty thievery, destruction of 
property, and disorderly conduct 

"Not only have the types of crimes 
changed, but there has been a tremendous 
and disturbing increase in the number of 
crimes carried out by young people today. 
. . . The increase of juvenile delinquency is 
not restricted to the United States. It has 
occurred in many countries throughout the 

Corroborating this, American writer 
R. Tunley, in Kids, Crime and Chaos, noted 
the astonishing juvenile crime in various 
countries, such as Sweden, and then re- 

"Turning from Sweden to Japan, the trav- 
eler finds conditions almost as astonishing. 
In this Oriental country, before World War 
II children were said to be among the most 
obedient and law-abiding of any nation on 
earth. Obviously, things have changed. . . . 

"The ratio of crimes committed by Japa- 
nese youngsters when compared with adults 
is out of all proportion to ours, showing 
juveniles acting far more lawlessly, com- 
pared with their elders, than ours do Take 

one category — violent sex. In our own coun- 
try, juveniles account for 19 percent of the 

total rapes. In Japan, they're in the majority 
— 52 percent 

"What interested me particularly was that 
in many countries abroad, even those with 
low rates, there was a new and alarming 
pattern of misbehavior 

"The fact is, of course, that juvenile mis- 
behavior is a world-wide phenomenon . . . 
Even in Russia... I found considerable evi- 
dence of juvenile delinquency.'' 

Outracing the Population "Explosion" 

Crime is rising far more rapidly than 
the population in most lands. This flood 
of crime prompted a Federal judge in the 
United States to say: 

"Society's problem with those who will not 
obey law has never loomed so large in our 
national life as it does today. 

"People murder others in this country at 
the rate of more than one for every hour of 
the day. 

"There are more than 140 crimes of theft 
every hour; assault and violence and rape 
grow comparably. 
"The murder rate is 10,000 humans lives a 





During the years 1960-1966 

crime in the U.S.A. increased 

at a rate seven times that 

of population growth. 


JANUARY 8, 1968 

year, which is higher than the death rate in 
our current military operations in Vietnam 
which inspire such emotional and violent 
public demonstrations. 

"And the growth rate of crime is now far 
greater than the growth in our population." 

Just how much greater than population 
growth is this surge of crimes? In the 
United States during 1966 there were 
3,243,370 major crimes — murder, rape, 
robbery, assault, larceny, auto theft and 
burglary. This was an increase of more 
than 11 percent over the previous year. 
The population increased less that li per- 
cent during that same time. Grouping the 
years from 1960 to 1966 together, we find 
that the United States population in- 
creased 9 percent, but serious crimes, 62 
percent! That means lawlessness increased 
seven times as fast as population! 

Since population growth is referred to 
as an "explosion," a crime rate seven 
times as explosive is a catastrophe. And 
during the first six months of 1967 major 
crimes skyrocketed 17 percent above the 
same period the previous year. This is at 
a rate of about ten to fifteen times the 
population growth! 

Nor is the increase of lawlessness con- 
fined to just the "ghetto" areas of large 
cities. True, a greater proportion of crime 
does occur in these areas, but in the past 
few years the rate of increase in the sub- 
urbs has been greater. 

Rioting Spreads 

Lawlessness must also include the hurt 
to life and property resulting from riot- 
ing, for whatever reason. Such violence 
has brought great distress to large num- 
bers of people and has increased greatly 
in the last few years. 

During the summer of 1967 riots took 
place in more than 120 cities of the United 
States. At least 117 persons were killed. 
Thousands were injured. Property damage 
was over $1,000,000,000. 

The rioting was described as "anarchy," 
"rebellion," and even as "guerrilla war- 
fare." Police and national guardsmen 
were hard pressed to maintain order. In- 
deed, in Detroit, thousands of regular ar- 
my troops had to be dispatched by the 
American government to quell the rioting. 
In that city alone at least 41 persons were 
killed, 2,000 injured, 5,000 made homeless. 
Property damage was estimated at 500 
million dollars! Life magazine stated: 

"When the burning, looting and killing 
were over, parts of Detroit had the bombed- 
out, jagged look of European cities in World 

War II An estimated 387 buildings were 

destroyed, 2,700 businesses and stores looted." 

One resident exclaimed: "Hell isn't 
when you die. Hell is right here when 
you're living." 

Commenting on the riot, the Los An- 
geles Times of July 30, 1967, reported: 

"What happened in Detroit last week was 
not a race riot After the first two days it 
was not a riot at all. It became the highest 
development so far of the new anarchy which 
takes over our collapsing urban civilization 
from time to time." 

Rioting is not confined to the United 
States. Riots have occurred in many other 
parts of the globe recently. This past sum- 
mer in Japan thousands of rioters repeat- 
edly clashed with police. The New York 
Times of August 19, 1967, reported: 

"Japan has a problem of mass violence 
among the underprivileged minorities in the 
big-city slums The fray last night fol- 
lowed the pattern of similar outbreaks on 
many sultry nights in the past summers. The 
roving mobs hurled rocks at a police substa- 
tion, stoned shops and private homes, broke 
windows in buildings and cars, . . . and beat 
any policeman who could be seized." 

The situation all over the world is not 
much different. As Time magazine of July 
28, 1967, stated: 

"Violence is so universal and elusive that 
sociology and psychology can only approxi- 
mate a complex truth. Comparisons with 
other countries are illuminating but hardly 


conclusive. The U.S. has 
certainly experienced 
nothing like the massacre 
of 400,000 Communists in 
Indonesia; nor have 
Watts or Newark ap- 
proached the lethal fury 
of an Indian or an Arab 

People Are Afraid 

More and more peo- 
ple are realizing just 
how much lawlessness there is. 
One consistent reaction has been 
fear. Of the situation in the 
United States, one official said: 
"American cities are burning. 
You have more and more crime. Citizens 
are terrified." Of this fear Time said: 

"Fear of the darkened city streets has 
become a fact of urban life. The memories 
of bizarre multiple murders linger in the 
mind — 13 people dead in Austin [Texas] 
from a sniper's rifle, eight nurses in Chicago 
killed by a demented drifter. The recollection 
of the Kennedy assassination remains part 
of the scene." 

Almost daily the news tells of similar 

JANUARY 8, 1968 

horrible acts. A farmer 
in Minnesota kills his 
wife, sets fire to his 
home, killing their four 
children. He wounds 
himself to make it ap- 
pear as though it was 
committed by outsiders, 
but later confesses. A Canadian 
family of nine — mother, father, 
seven children — are slaughtered by 
a murderer. The only survivor, a 
four-year-old daughter, hid under 
the blankets. Such crimes, repeated over 
and over, drive fear deep into the heart of 

In the report of the President's Crime 
Commission, it was found that 43 percent 
of those interviewed said they now stayed 
off the streets at night because of their 
fear of crime. And 35 percent said they 
no longer spoke to any strangers because 
of this same fear. The report added: 

"Fear of strangers has greatly impover- 
ished the lives of many Americans, especially 
those who live in high-crime neighborhoods 
in large cities. People stay behind the locked 
doors of their homes rather than risk walk- 
ing in the streets at night. Poor people spend 
money on taxis because they are afraid to 
walk or use public transportation. Sociable 
people are afraid to talk to those they do 
not know. . . . 

"When fear of crime becomes fear of the 
stranger the social order is further damaged. 
As the level of sociability and mutual trust 
is reduced, streets and public places can in- 
deed become more dangerous The re- 
ported incidents of bystanders indifferent to 
cries for help are the logical consequence of a 
reduced sociability, mutual distrust and with- 

What is additionally frightening is that 
there are far more crimes committed than 
are ever reported. For example, burglaries 
occur about three times as often as they 
are reported, rapes even more often. In 
some areas, only one-tenth of certain 
crimes are ever reported to police! 

Who Are the Lawless? 

Who are these lawless elements that 
cause such fear? Are they all sinister, 
mentally deranged types? Are they all 
professional criminals? The Crime Com- 
mission's report stated: 

"Many Americans take comfort in the view 
that crime is the vice of a handful of people. 
This view is inaccurate. In the United States 
today, one boy in six is referred to the juve- 
nile court. A Commission survey shows that 
in 1965 two million Americans were received 
in prisons or juvenile training schools, or 
placed on probation. Another Commission 
study suggests that about 40 percent of all 
male children now living in the United States 
will be arrested for a nontrafflc offense 
during their lives." 

Hence, more and more "ordinary" citi- 
zens are committing lawless acts. Through- 
out the world millions of persons regarded 
as decent "next-door-neighbor" types are 
being apprehended for vicious crimes. 

Of course, to these must be added pro- 


fessional criminals, those who make a ca- 
reer of lawlessness. The "take" of orga- 
nized crime runs into thousands of millions 
of dollars each year. Involved in this are 
thousands of criminals who work in orga- 
nizations as complex as large corporations. 
They supply such illegal goods and services 
as gambling, narcotics, prostitution and 
other forms of vice. Estimates of the mon- 
ey made from illegal gambling alone run 
up to $50,000,000,000 a year in just the 
United States! 

To cope with all this crime, "profession- 
al" and "nonprofessional," what is re- 
quired? In the United States there are 
some 420,000 law-enforcement people 
working in about 40,000 separate agencies. 
They spend more than $2,500,000,000 of 
the public's tax money trying to stem the 
tide. Yet, the tide of lawlessness advances 

Toward More Lawlessness 

The hard facts are that never before in 
history has there been such a tremendous 
surge in lawlessness world wide. And 
every indication is that this increase will 

Three years ago, when the situation was 
not as bad as it is today, an editorial in 
the New York Times of February 18, 
1965, stated: 

"It is a frightening but inescapable thought 
that the world has drifted apart and become 
more fragmented since April 1963, when 
Pope John made his notable appeal for 'a 
community of peoples based on truth, 
justice, love and freedom.' . . . 

"Throughout history different elements 
operated at different times to provide an 
anchor, an amalgam, a source of unity for 
societies. There were family bonds, great 
monarchs, great empires, the world's great 
religions and, in modern times, political 
ideologies. Today none of these factors seems 
strong enough to hold societies in check or 
to unite nations and peoples in peace. 

"This is an era that has lost its bearings, 


that wanders in a wilderness crying with 
rage and striking out in its pain." 

Why has all this happened? Why is the 

world being flooded by this rising tide of 
lawlessness at this particular time in 

WHAT puzzles authorities is this: Why 
such increased lawlessness now, in 
our time? 

The lawlessness of human society can 
be likened to a sickness. For every sick- 
ness there is a cause. There are several 
basic, root causes for today's increasing 
lawlessness. Ignoring these root causes 
would be like your refusing to eat and then 
wondering why you are undernourished 
and hungry! Yet, these underlying causes 
usually are ignored by most well-meaning 
criminologists today! 

Instead of dealing with the primary 
causes, most of those who deal with law- 
lessness observe only the surface issues. 
We may compare this to viewing that 
small portion of an iceberg visible above 
the waterline. The more important and 
larger part is not as apparent, being be- 
low the waterline. So too with lawlessness. 
The more important causes lie beneath the 

However, since the apparent, above the 
surface, reasons are what authorities usu- 
ally give, it would be well to note what 
these are first. Then we can examine the 
far more important causes that are not 
so apparent. 

JANUARY 8, 1968 

Rapid Deterioration Begins 

There has always been crime in man's 
history. However, authorities agree that 
there came a time when a definite turn 
for the worse was made. It was a time that 
contributed greatly to the rampage of law- 
lessness now in progress. British historian 
H. R. Trevor-Roper tells of that key event: 

"It is instructive to compare the first World 
War with the second . . . the first war marked 
a far greater change in history. It closed a 
long era of general peace and began a new 
age of violence in which the second war is 
simply an episode. Since 1914 the world has 
had a new character: a character of inter- 
national anarchy." 

Never before had the entire world 
plunged into total war. Millions of the 
flower of mankind were taught how to 
hate and kill on an unprecedented scale. 
They were pulled away from their families 
and brutalized in the trenches, on battle- 
fields. Their morality suffered a stagger- 
ing blow. Many of these men came home 
from war cynical. They viewed their lead- 
ers, politicians and clergymen as untrust- 
worthy, selfish, even dishonest and hypo- 
critical. Hence, their thinking was never 
again quite the same. When they married 
and had children, their children reflected 
the partial breakdown of morality that 
they had suffered. 


Poor home environment a 
key factor in delinquency 

These children then grew up to be the 
soldiers of World War II and were also 
brutalized in vicious warfare. In turn, 
some of their children fought later wars. 

Can anyone really expect that nations, 
particularly the youngest, most energetic 
and impressionable of its citizens, can be 
subjected to one, two, three and four such 
shocking experiences as mankind has lived 
through since 1914 and not suffer the con- 
sequences? You reap what you sow. The 
hatred, killing, plunder and chaos sown by 
nations since 1914 have produced a har- 
vest of progressively demoralized people. 
The human family is reeling from these 
staggering blows to its mentality and mo- 
rality, for few things are as immoral, as 
lawless, as debasing to human morality as 
the mass murder and anarchy perpetrated 
in the name of war. 

Breakdown in Home 

This individual breakdown greatly af- 
fected the home. Fathers who had par- 
ticipated in this global anarchy would 


generally not be in 
the same condition 
as had been their 
own fathers to give 
children training in 

Commenting on 
this, an eminent 
criminologist, Pro- 
fessor S. Glueck of 
H a r v a r d Law 
School, stated: 

"Parental atti- 
tudes toward disci- 
plining their young 
have changed quite 
rapidly. In the 
home and outside, 
the trend has been 
steadily toward 
more permissiveness — that is, placing fewer 
restraints and limits on behavior. 

'Ifs not a new trend, really. Today's 
parents themselves are the products of some- 
what permissive parents of the time before 
the second World War." 

Does anyone really imagine that such 
horrible deeds committed in war could 
lead the world to improved morality in the 
home, to parents' encouraging children to 
be more lawful? On the contrary, as the 
nations spewed out hate, prejudice, injus- 
tice and violence internationally, more and 
more individuals imitated these lawless 
characteristics locally. 

The effect this has had on young minds 
has been enormous. The Crime Commis- 
sion noted: 

"One way of looking at delinquency is in 
the context of the 'teenage culture' that 
has developed in America since the end of 
the second World War. ... On the whole it is 
a rebellious, oppositional society, dedicated 
to the proposition that the grownup world 
is a sham. ... 

"It may be a short step from distrusting 
authority to taking the law into one's own 


hands, from sell-absorption to contempt for 
the rights of others, . . . from feelings of 
rebellion to acts of destruction." 

When the older generation, especially 
the rulers of the world, takes young ones 
to task for their lawlessness, they must 
ask themselves: From whom have the 
young learned such lawlessness? If the 
young are disillusioned with the world, can 
those who have made it so corrupt and 
violent excuse themselves from blame? 

The lack of security among nations is 
reflected by a similar lack in the family 
unit. Children are not as needful of ma- 
terial security as they are of emotional 
security. When their emotional security is 
damaged, the likelihood of their turning 
to lawlessness is increased. In The Psychol- 
ogy of Crime, author D. Abrahamsen said: 

"The most significant finding was that 
those families which produced criminals 
showed a greater prevalence of unhealthy 
emotional conditions among the family mem- 
bers — that is, family tension — than did the 
families of the nondelinquent group. This 

Crime rates are higher in cities, 
particularly in slums 

family tension, manifested mainly through 
hostility, hatred, resentment, nagging, bick- 
ering, or psychosomatic disorders, engen- 
dered and maintained emotional disturbances 
in both children and parents alike." 

Also significant was the finding that 
there are twice as many delinquents from 
broken homes as from the general popu- 
lation. On the other hand, where the fa- 
ther was strong, took a good lead, was 
affectionate and loving with his children, 
the delinquency rate was lower. Of this 
the Crime Commission reported: 

"The strong influence of the father 
over his son, for good or for ill, is also 
very significant. When father-son 
and mother-son relationships are 
compared, the father-son re- 
lationships appear more de- 
terminative in whether or 
not delinquent behav- 
ior develops. . . . 

JANUARY 8, 1968 

"Perhaps the most important factor in the 
lives of many boys who become delinquent is 
their failure to win the affection of their 

So authorities maintain that the way to 
prevent lawlessness in future adults is by 
good parental care and training of chil- 
dren. But this ability has been severely 
undermined by the damage done to the 
mentality and morality of parents, partic- 
ularly the male, by the climate of anarchy 
in the world since 1914. 

The Industrial Age 

Rapid industrialization has also con- 
tributed to lawlessness. When large indus- 
tries came into being, people left rural 
areas and came where the factories were, 
into the cities. 

By their packing into cities, the more 
relaxed and emotionally healthy way of 
life in the country was lost. In time, great 
sections of cities deteriorated and became 
horribly congested slums. Such close prox- 
imity of people had a detrimental effect. 
As the Crime Commission's report stated: 

"Delinquents are concentrated dispropor- 
tionately in the cities, and particularly in the 
larger cities. . . . 

"When so many people are living and 
moving in so small a space, the probability 
of collisions can only increase. Crowding 
has a harmful effect on study habits, atti- 
tudes toward sex, parents' ability to meet 
needs of individual children; clearly, crowd- 
ing intensifies the fatigue and irritability that 
contribute to erratic or irrational discipline." 

Interestingly, the rate of crime per hun- 
dred thousand population in the cities was 
found to be over 1,800. The rate for the 
suburbs was about 1,200. The rural rate, 
however, was only a little over 600! So for 
each 100,000 population, the crime rate 
in the city was three times that of the 
rural areas! Clearly, the farther man has 
gotten away from an agricultural society, 
the worse his situation has become. 

City life, and then the later trend 

toward suburban living, helped to separate 
the father from his family. In farm life 
there were better chances to develop roots, 
to make the family a closely knit unit. But 
in the cities, the father is usually gone all 
day. Often both parents work, sometimes 
one at a night job. And in suburbs fathers 
leave early in the morning and return late 
at night The book The Psychology of 
Crime notes: 

"A parent's frequent absence from home 
often leads to the most subtle forms of 
family tension. In many families today the 
father plays only a perfunctory role, mostly 
that of a provider, without taking an emo- 
tional part in his family's life frequently 

little attention is paid to him. Consciously or 
unconsciously his wife and children feel his 
absence in that they miss a man upon whom 
they can depend for guidance, leadership, and 

Material Prosperity 

Another reason authorities advance for 
the spread of lawlessness is material pros- 
perity. Since World War n quite a few 
nations have had boom times, producing 
more goods than ever before. In Kids, 
Crime and Chaos, the author states: 

"Progress, I found, was recognized as a 
major factor in delinquency in almost every 
country I visited. ... 

"In West Germany, which has lived 
through an extraordinary phase of prosper- 
ity in recent years, people have come to 
realize, sadly, that a boom carries a built-in 
train of delinquents 

"The United Nations, following a London 
: conference on the subject in 1960, summed 
up their findings in a report which said, 
somewhat grudgingly: 'The existing data 
suggest that the improvement of living con- 
ditions^ — what is called a better standard of 
living — does not necessarily . . . reduce juve- 
nile delinquency.' " 

The flood of material goods is adver- 
tised everywhere. Most persons become de- 
sirous of these goods. Those who do not 
have the money to buy them often resort 
to theft to get what they want, as evi- 



denced by the fantastic rise in burglaries, 
larceny and auto theft. 

In other instances husbands must work 
long hours, perhaps holding two jobs, just 
to support this higher standard of living. 
Everything is subordinated to acquiring 
material goods. Often the mother works 
too. The effect on children, as noted pre- 
viously, is disastrous because not only will 
they not get the attention needed, but by 
their parents' example they are taught to 
be greedy for material things. Greed and 
high principles are not companions. 

Permissive Environment 

The permissive environment of today, 
whether in education, in television, in mov- 
ies or in literature, has also contributed 
heavily to the increase of lawlessness, ex- 
perts agree. 

There has been widespread acceptance 
of philosopher Sigmund Freud's idea that 
much in the individual that is suppressed 
should be released. Many have gone be- 
yond this and have taught that there 
should be no suppression of human desires 
at all. The concept of freedom with respon- 
sibility has been largely replaced by the 
unhealthy concept of freedom without 

Such a permissive 
environment has 
played havoc with 
right principles and 
morality. Of the ef- 
fect this permissive- 
ness has had on chil- 
dren, Crime in Our 
Time says: 

"In an environ- 
ment where moral 
standards in all di- 
rections have been 
lowered, and reli- 
gious standards are 
almost nonexistent, 
can we wonder that 

JANUARY 8, 1968 

school children have sexual relations with 
one another and the number of illegitimate 
births among very young girls has increased, 
as also has the amount of venereal disease 
in adolescents?" 

Permissiveness has saturated the enter- 
tainment and publishing fields. Many of 
the movies, television programs, books and 
magazines now released would never have 
been tolerated by either the censors or 
general public years ago. Today, however, 
sexual immorality, perversion, murder and 
mayhem are steady diets for the viewer 
and reader. As Time magazine of July 28, 
1967, said: 

"In the movies and on television, murder 
and torture seem to be turning Americans 
[and other nationalities] into parlor sadists. 
A recent trend on the stage is the 'theater 
of cruelty,' and a growing number of books 
delve into the pornography of violence." 
Concerning this trend, reviewer Bosley 
Crowther wrote in the New York Times 
of July 9, 1967: 

"Something is happening in the movies 
that has me alarmed and disturbed. Movie- 
makers and movie-goers are agreeing that 
killing is fun. Not just old-fashioned, out- 
right killing, either, the kind that is quickly 
and cleanly done by honorable law-enforcers 
or acceptable competitors in crime. This is 
killing of a gross and bloody nature, often 
massive and excessive, done by characters 


whose murderous motivations are morbid, 
degenerate and cold. This is killing of the 
sort that social misfits and sexual perverts 
are most likely to do. And the eerie thing 
is that movie-goers are gleefully lapping 
it up. ... 

"The passion for this sort of thing is not 
exclusive to audiences in the United States. 
. . . [these films] seem to me as socially 
decadent and dangerous as LSD." 

A person's physical health is determined 
to a great degree by what he eats. A per- 
son's mental health is determined to a 
great degree by what he exposes his mind 
to. By being exposed to such mental rub- 
bish the minds of millions are being dis- 
torted away from what is wholesome. And 
together with all the other reasons given, 
this debasing mental food gives an addi- 
tional push to lawlessness. 

These and a few other reasons are most 
often given by authorities to account for 
increased lawlessness today. Summing up 

some of these reasons, the President's 
Crime Commission said: 

"Crime flourishes ... in city slums, those 
neighborhoods where overcrowding, econom- 
ic deprivation, social disruption and racial dis- 
crimination are endemic. Crime flourishes in 
conditions of affluence, when there is much 
desire for material goods and many oppor- 
tunities to acquire them illegally. Crime 
flourishes when there are many restless, 
relatively footloose young people in the 
population. Crime flourishes when standards 
of morality are changing rapidly. 

"Finally, to the extent that the agencies 
of law enforcement and justice, and such 
community institutions as schools, churches 
and social service agencies, do not do their 
jobs effectively, they fail to prevent crime." 

All these are apparent reasons for law- 
lessness. But they are only the top part of 
the "iceberg"! There are more fundamen- 
tal causes for the flood of lawlessness now 
taking place! What are they? 


Today's Lawlessness 

ALL the foregoing explanations for law- 
lessness given by authorities are use- 
ful and important. However, they do not 
really explain why all these things happen 
in the first place. 

Why have concepts of morality loos- 
ened? Why does man seem bent on law- 
lessness? Why is this generation plagued 
by more lawlessness than ever before? 
Why did World War I mark a turning 
point? Why are the proposed remedies 


Let us go below the surface, to the 
main part of the "iceberg," the part that 
is not so apparent to authorities. 

Fundamental Laws 

The root causes of lawlessness are so 
important that to ignore them is to put 
our life and future in peril. These root 
causes may be compared to fundamental 
laws that govern the earth and man. 

For example, if you throw a rock from 
a cliff, which way will the rock travel? 


Down, of course. Why? Because the law 
of gravity acts upon it. Even if you throw 
it upward, it will go only a short way be- 
fore it plunges downward. It always goes 
down, in harmony with the law of gravity. 
If you stop eating, what will eventually 
happen to you? Of course, you will get 
weak and die. It is a law of life that man 
must take in food to stay alive. If he does 
not, then his body will, without fail, begin 
to break down and eventually collapse. 

Human Behavior 

There is also a law that governs human 
behavior. Whether authorities recognize it 
or not, this law is in operation and is just 
as binding as the law of gravity, as man's 
need for food. 

What is this law governing human be- 
havior? The Bible writer Jeremiah put it 
this way: "To earthling man his way does 
not belong. It does not belong to man who 
is walking even to direct his step." (Jer. 
10:23) Later, Jesus Christ said: "Man 
must live, not on bread alone, but on 
every utterance coming forth through Je- 
hovah's mouth." — Matt. 4:4. 

What is the meaning of such state- 
ments? This: Man needs to feed his mind 
on God's Word in order to succeed. Man 
was never created with the ability or right 
to govern his affairs successfully by him- 
self, apart from God! Very simply, God 
did not make humans with that capacity. 

This fundamental precept meant that 
man must always look to a superior guide 
to direct his steps in the right way. Then 
he would be successful. From where would 
this guidance come? Jeremiah added: 
"Correct me, O Jehovah." (Jer. 10:24) 
He recognized that man must depend on 
his Creator for guidance. Any guide other 
than this would, in time, fail, and man's 
affairs would positively slide downward in 
disorder, just as the rock thrown from a 
cliff goes downward. 

History has verified this. Mankind has 
tried every idea in human relations that 
one can imagine. All types of philosophies, 
political creeds and religions have been 
adopted. Today he is employing what he 
believes to be the best. Yet, the human 
family has never before been in such a 
mess! The reason why is that man has 
abandoned the only true guide, God and 
his wisdom, and has substituted for it hu- 
man wisdom. 

Some do recognize this basic fact. For 
instance, one of the members of the Presi- 
dent's Crime Commission stated in the 

"Thorough as the Commission's studies 
have been and comprehensive as its valuable 
recommendations are, its report seems defi- 
cient to me in that it neglects to recognize 
godlessness as a basic cause of crime." 

The basic cause of crime is that man- 
kind has abandoned God. The human fam- 
ily has done so for a long, long time. Ex- 
cept for a small minority, people in 
general do not seriously consult the rec- 
ord God has inspired for their guidance, 
the Holy Scriptures.-— 2 Tim. 3:16, 17; 
1 Thess. 2:13. 

Even the religions of this world have 
abandoned that guide. They frequently 
downgrade the Bible in order to advocate 
their own opinions. As a result they are 
divided, conflicting and bewildered. They 
are no more able to offer people the real 
solutions for their problems than any oth- 
er worldly agency, because they have fall- 
en into the same trap. They do not really 
listen to God's clearly expressed will. As 
God's Word states: "Look! They have re- 
jected the very word of Jehovah, and what 
wisdom do they have?" (Jer. 8:9) So it 
can be said that for all practical purposes 
the clergy today are just as godless as the 
rest of the world. 

JANUARY 8, 1968 


Just as surely as a rock 

travels downward due to 

gravity, so the course of 

mankind alienated from God 

has been one of degeneration. 

i & f i S * 

There can be no harmony, no unity, no 
success in regulating human affairs with- 
out taking into consideration what God 
has to say, and then doing what he says. 
Surely the inventor of a machine knows 
best how it should operate. If one ignores 
the specifications for operating it, the 
machine breaks down. The Creator of 
man, Jehovah God, knows for a certainty 
how human society should operate. But 
our first forefathers, Adam and Eve, and 
the overwhelming majority of mankind 
since then, have ignored God's regulations. 
That is why for nearly 6,000 years hu- 
man relations have been degenerating, go- 
ing downward, like a body without food, 
like a rock hurtling downhill. That is why 
this system of things is now floundering, 
gasping, dying! 

When people ignored the fact that they 
were not designed to function independent- 
ly from God, and as a result did what they 
thought was right instead of what God 

says is right, the re- 
sult was as God 
foresaw: "There 
^ exists a way that is 

upright before a man, but the ways of 
death are the end of it afterward." (Prov. 
16:25) What has happened to man's ef- 
forts is as Psalm 127:1 said it would be: 
"Unless Jehovah himself builds the house, 
it is to no avail that its builders have 
worked hard on it." 

A Second Cause 

There is a second main cause for law- 
lessness. It has to do with something we 
all inherit. When our first parents, Adam 
and Eve, rebelled against God, they took 
themselves outside of God's perfect care. 
On their own, independent from God, they 
found that their minds and bodies began 
to degenerate because God no longer sus- 
tained them in perfection. Finally, death 
overtook them. (Gen. 3:1-19) They could 
thus pass on to their children, born after 
their rebellion, only what they themselves 
had, imperfection of mind and body, just 
as God's Word states: "Who can produce 



someone clean out of someone unclean? 
There is not one." — Job 14:4. 

Every person born from human parents 
is thus born with a terrible affliction, a 
handicap — inherited imperfection. We all 
inherit a tendency toward doing what is 
wrong. (Ps. 51:5) That is why the Bible, 
at Romans 5:12, says: "Through one man 
[Adam] sin [lawlessness] entered into the 
world and death through sin, and thus 
death spread to all men." — Compare 
1 John 3:4. 

Because of this inherited imperfection, 
"the inclination of the heart of man is 
bad from his youth up." (Gen. 8:21) And 
Proverbs 22:15 adds: "Foolishness is tied 
up with the heart of a boy." That is why 
children do not automatically do what is 
right, but tend toward being bad and need 

Hence, we must recognize that man is 
born, not inclined toward doing good, but 
inclined toward doing bad. At birth a hu- 
man is not like a young tree that auto- 
matically grows upright. He is more like 
a loose vine that will drop over unless it 
is tied to a strong, upright stake. Such a 
strong upright is God's Word. It sup- 
plies the right laws and principles that 
can guide us in an upright course. As the 
inspired psalmist said to God: "Your word 
is a lamp to my foot, and a light to my 
roadway." (Ps. 119:105) When these high 
principles are applied early in life, there 
is a strong likelihood that a person will 
grow up to be law abiding. That is why 
Proverbs 22:6 says: "Train up a boy ac- 
cording to the way for him; even when he 
grows old he will not turn aside from it." 

A Third Cause 

There is still another basic cause, a 
third one, for the vast increase of lawless- 
ness that has taken place since 1914. 

Man's rebellion in the garden of Eden 

was instigated by a rebellious heavenly 
son of God who" also seduced other spirit 
sons to join him. He wanted rulership in 
place of God. Jesus Christ called this spirit 
rebel "the ruler of this world." (John 12: 
31) In fact, this invisible spirit creature 
who became Satan the Devil offered; Jesus 
rulership over "all the kingdoms of the 
earth if Jesus would join in rebelling 
against God. The Bible account tells us: 

"So he [Satan] brought him [Jesus] up 
and showed him all the kingdoms of the 
inhabited earth in an instant of time; and the 
Devil said to him: 'I will give you all this 
authority and the glory of them, because it 
has been delivered to me, and to whomever 
I wish I give it. You, therefore, if you do an 
act of worship before me, it will all be 
yours.'" — Luke 4:5-7. 

Jesus refused this offer. Yet, he did not 
deny that the Devil is the invisible ruler 
of all the kingdoms of mankind! Jesus 
knew that God permitted this for a time 
just as he permitted human rebellion for 
a time. This time period, now almost 6,000 
years, among other things, has demon- 
strated to all creation how disastrous has 
been the rule of spirit creatures and men 
alienated from God. 

The "ruler of this world" had a smash- 
ing defeat administered to him not long 
ago. How so? The Bible states: 

"Down the great dragon was hurled, the 
original serpent, the one called Devil and 
Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited 
earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and 
his angels were hurled down with him. . . . 
"Woe for the earth . . . because the Devil 
has come down to you, having great anger, 
knowing he has a short period of time." 
—Rev. 12:7-9, 12. 
This accounts for the particular intensi- 
ty of lawlessness since 1914. Why? Be- 
cause Bible prophecies and the events in 
fulfillment of them show that the end of 
the Gentile Times in 1914 led to a war in 
heaven that resulted in the ouster of Sa- 
tan and his demons from the heavens 
down to earth. That ousting of Satan was 

JANUARY 8, 1968 


an initial step that God took to rid the 
entire universe of lawlessness. Satan and 
his demons, chief promoters of lawless- 
ness, know that their doom is sealed. They 
know that in a very short time now they 
and all lawless elements on earth will be 
destroyed. That is why their wrath is be- 
ing felt on an increased scale since their 
ouster from heaven. Since they will not 
be allowed to rule much longer, they want 
to ruin. 

So, quite unknowingly, the remark of 
The Sun of Clearwater, Florida, on June 
6, 1960, was appropriate when it stated: 

"For 30 years the opening of a new decade 
has been like opening a can of devils." 

"The Increasing of Lawlessness" 

a Feature of "Last Days" 

The end of the Gentile Times in 1914, 
followed by the casting of Satan and his 
demons to earth, began the "last days" for 
this system of things. God's time limit for 
allowing human and demon rule entered 
its final phase. The flood of lawlessness 
now in progress is a direct evidence that 
we live near the end of this lawless system 
of things. 

Jesus himself foretold that one feature 
of these "last days" would be "the increas- 

ing of lawlessness." (Matt. 24:12) He also 
foretold that this generation would see 
"great tribulation such as has not oc- 
curred since the world's beginning until 
now, no, nor will occur again." — Matt. 

Thus since 1914, Satan's being cast 
down to earth, plus the already long 
plunge downward by humankind alienated 
from God, began a terrifying period of 
lawlessness. The apostle Paul accurately 
described this time in these words: 

"In the last days critical times hard to 
deal with will be here. For men will be 
lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self- 
assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient 
to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no 
natural affection, not open to any agreement, 
slanderers, without self-control, fierce, with- 
out love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, 
puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures 
rather than lovers of God, . . . wicked men 
and impostors will advance from bad to 
worse."— 2 Tim. 3:14, 13. 

Historians, statesmen, educators and 
others recognize that something cata- 
strophic has been taking place since 1914. 
Note the remarks of Mr. Justice Jackson 
in late 1946 when he gave his final testi- 
mony at the trial of Nazi war criminals 
in Nuremberg, Germany. Mr. Jackson 
said, as recorded in Tyranny on Trial: 

AW A KE ! 

"It is common to think of our own time 
as standing at the apex of civilization,... 
the reality is that in the long perspective of 
history the present century will not hold 
an admirable position . . . These twtKscore 
years in the twentieth Century will be re- 
corded in the book of years as one of the 
most bloody in all annals. Two World Wars 
have left a legacy of dead which number 
more than all the armies engaged in any 
war that made ancient or medieval history. 
No half-century ever witnessed slaughter on 
such a scale, such cruelties and inhumanities, 
such wholesale deportations of peoples into 
slavery, such annihilations of minorities. 
. . . If we cannot eliminate the causes to 
prevent the repetition of these barbaric 
events, it is not an irresponsible prophecy to 
say that this twentieth century may yet suc- 
ceed in bringing the doom of civilization." 

The causes have not been eliminated! It 
is impossible for man himself to eliminate 
them! That is why the world continues its 
downward plunge just as surely as the 
rock thrown from the cliff, just as surely 
as the body denied food! It is simply be- 
yond man to remedy the causes. Only God 
can, and will. 

End Near 

What all of this means is that we are 
fast approaching the end of this lawless 
system of things. There remain very few 
years before Jehovah God exercises his 
right to take over all control of earth's 
affairs and eliminate lawlessness. — Jer. 

Until God acts shortly, men and demons 
will continue to be more vicious, more de- 
graded and more immoral as this system 
speeds to its end. (2 Tim. 3:13) It is just 
as a former United States Secretary of 
State noted in the June 13, 1960, issue of 
U.S. News & World Report. He declared 
that our time is "a period of unequaled 
instability, unequaled violence," and 

"I know enough of what is going on to 
assure you that, in 15 years from today, 

JANUARY 8, 1968 

this world is going to be too dangerous to 
live in." 

Fifteen years from 1960 brings us to 
1975. He predicted that by 1975 this 
world would be too dangerous! Interest- 
ingly, this date is also the one indicated 
by the most reliable Bible research as 
marking the end of 6,000 years of rebel- 
lion of men and demons against God. 

We can be confident that soon, now, 
Almighty God, Jehovah, for a certainty 
will bring this lawless system of things to 
an end. He will rid the world of lawless- 
ness by smashing the hopeless rule of men 
and demons. God guarantees: 

"In the days of those kings the God of 
heaven will set up a kingdom that will never 
be brought to ruin. And the kingdom itself 
will not be passed on to any other people. 
It will crush and put an end to all these 
kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times 
indefinite."— Dan. 2:44. 

Think of it! God himself will rule the 
earth by means of a heavenly kingdom! 
No more will the governing of peoples be 
left up to humans! The superior wisdom 
of God will then guide all mankind. 

Do you long to live in a system of things 
free from lawlessness? If you do, then 
you will look with keen anticipation to 
the end of this lawless system of things. 
You will long to see the fulfillment of the 
psalm that promises: "Just a little while 
longer, and the wicked one will be no more 
. . . When the wicked ones are cut off, 
you will see it." — Ps. 37:10, 34. 

While that will mean the end of all law- 
lessness, it will not mean the end of all 
people. Those who are now looking to God 
for guidance will survive into that lawful 
new system. They have confidence that 
God-fearing men will live on a restored 
paradise earth forever. As the loving Cre- 
ator promises: "The world is passing away 
and so is its desire, but he that does the 
will of God remains forever." — 1 John 


IN THIS time when "the world is 
passing away" the rampage of 
crime will continue to grow in in- 
tensity. As Jesus foretold, the im- 
mediate future will bring an "in- 
creasing of lawlessness" until God 
brings this system of things to its 
end.— 1 John 2:17; Matt. 24:12. 

Between now and the end of this 
lawless system, how can you pro- 
tect yourself and your loved ones? 
What can you do to avoid being 
victimized by lawless persons? 

Surprisingly to many, one of the 
main ways to avoid being victimized 
by an act of crime is to control your-, 

Self -Control 

What does self-control have to do with 
being victimized by a crime? Note what 
the President's Crime Commission re- 

"Many crimes are 'caused' by their victims. 
Often the victim of an assault is the person 
who started the fight, or the victim of an 
automobile theft is a person who left his , 
keys in his car, or the victim of a loan shark 
is a person who lost his rent money at the 
race track, or the victim of a confidence 
man is a person who thought he could get 
rich quick." 

This is particularly true of crimes in- 
volving bodily harm, such as murder and 
assault. In the report Criminal Homicides 
in Baltimore the following was noted: 
"Almost one-third of the homicides were 
precipitated by actions of the victims, with 
non-white victims f our times as likely to 
precipitate their own deaths as whites. An 
important correlation appeared between 
alcohol and victim-precipated cases." 

Almost one out of every three murders 
is caused by the victim's provoking the 
killer! And frequently the provoker is un- 
der the influence of alcohol. This reveals 
that a lack of self-control on the victim's 
part is often responsible for his difficulty. 
And in most cases the killer was someone 



that the victim knew — a relative, close 
friend or an acquaintance. Only 12 per- 
cent of the murders analyzed were com- 
mitted by total strangers. 

It was also found that two-thirds of 
rape victims were attacked by men whom 
they knew. And only 19 percent of all men 
and women who were victims of bodily 
assault were not acquainted with their as- 
sailants. Unwise acts, a lack of self- 
control, on the part of the victim pro- 
voked, or triggered, many of these attacks. 
As the New York Times Magazine of June 
18, 1967, commented: 

"Although there is always some danger in 
any city of being robbed, perhaps injured 
on the street, and a considerable danger of 
being burglarized, what people have to fear 
most from crime is in themselves: their own 
carelessness or bravado; their attitudes to- 
ward their families and friends, toward the 
people they work for or who work for them; 
their appetites for drugs and liquor and sex; 
their own eccentricities; their own perver- 
sities; their own passions." 

The self-control that is needed is a prod- 
uct of God's spirit, available to those who 
follow his guidance. (Gal. 5:22, 23) You 
can develop self-control even if you do not 


AW A KE ! 

practice it at present. It is an essential 
link in avoiding trouble. 

Putting It into Practice 

You can put self-control into practice in 
many ways. For example, you may be rid- 
ing public transportation, a bus or a sub- 
way that is crowded. Someone jostles you, 
perhaps making a nasty remark also. What 
should be your reaction? Should you get 
rough, or insult the 
jostler back? Far 
from avoiding trou- 
ble, that would 
more likely provoke 
it. It could plant the 
seed of violence in 
someone who is not 
being restrained by 
godly principles. 

Wherever you 
are, at work, during 
recreation, while 
traveling, when 
shopping, when 
dealing with neigh- 
bors, friends or rel- 
atives, it does not 
pay to give an of- 
fender 'a dose of his 
own medicine. ' 
God's Word accu- 
rately states: "A 
word causing pain 
makes anger to 
come up." (Prov. 15:1) This is why so 
many victims have themselves to blame. 
They provoked their assailant. On the oth- 
er hand, that same proverb counsels: "An 
answer, when mild, turns away rage." 
However, if, in spite of your using a mild 
answer, the other person continues to be 
belligerent, what should you do? God's 
Word wisely tells us: "Before the quarrel 
has burst forth, take your leave." — Prov. 

if someone jostles you, 
will you let yourself get drawn into a fight? 

Some may consider it brave, or smart, 
to ignore such godly counsel. For example, 
there were two couples who were walking 
on a New York street. Several young men 
made uncomplimentary remarks. The hus- 
bands reacted swiftly and pummeled the 
young men. It seemed they had won a 
victory. But minutes later the youths re- 
turned with the rest of their gang. The 
husbands were brutally beaten, and one 
was killed. What a 
price to pay for 
bravado! How much 
better it would have 
been to ignore the 
remarks and to 
'take their leave.' 

Another Bible 
principle that can 
save you from diffi- 
culty is recorded at 
Proverbs 26:17. It 
says: "As one grab- 
bing hold of the 
ears of a dog is any- 
one passing by that 
is becoming furious 
at the quarrel that 
is not his." When 
riots flare in or 
near your neighbor- 
hood, do you want 
to see what is going 
on and voice your 
opinion? Do you 
take to the streets and add your voice to 
the confusion? The Bible advises that the 
best thing to do is not to 'grab hold of it.' 
Let it alone. Do not get near it even out of 
curiosity. There are no winners in riots, 
only losers. Retire indoors or to a safe place 
until the danger has run its course. 

Not Inviting Trouble 

To avoid trouble it is also wise to avoid 
visiting places that have reputations of 

JANUARY 8, 1968 


being haunts for criminals, prostitutes or 
homosexuals. A person may think there 
is no danger in just touring such places 
and 'seeing the sights.' But what business 
does a person wanting to avoid lawless- 
ness have there? The danger of being a 
victim of lawlessness increases by going 
where it abounds. 

Nor should we invite difficulty by in- 
sisting that we have a right to sit 
in any section of a park at any 
hour. Certain places in parks, in- 
deed, some entire parks, are dan- 
gerous after dark. It is not the 
course of practical wisdom to insist 
on your right and thus take the 
risk of being robbed or assaulted. 

If you are a woman or young 
girl, are you fearful of 
being molested or at- 
tacked? There are sev- 
eral things you can do to 
minimize the danger. 
One, of course, is to 
avoid traveling unaccom- 
panied down dark streets 
or sparsely traveled 
areas that are considered 
unsafe. Also, what about 
the way you dress? Do 
you wear suggestive, re- 
vealing clothing? Do you 
think it is fashionable to 
wear the latest mini- 
skirts? Remember, those 
clothing styles have been 
fashioned by people who do not have godly 
principles in mind. If a woman or a young 
girl wears very short dresses and tight, 
revealing clothing, how can she object to 
being treated like a loose woman, since 
that is often the way prostitutes dress? 
By dressing like loose women, one makes 
herself a target for sexual molesting. 

Similarly, do not invite criminal activity 

Do you dress in a way 
that invites trouble? 

by leaving the keys in your car, or flash- 
ing large amounts of money in public, or 
overdressing, such as with a showy dis- 
play of jewelry. There are persons who 
can be instigated to commit a crime and 
who will commit a crime if the opportuni- 
ty is presented. They will take your car 

if the keys are 
there, but might 
not otherwise. 
They will follow 
you if you display 
large amounts of 
money, but might 
not otherwise. If 
you overdress and 
wear much jewel- 
ry in public, you 
may attract 
thieves who would 
leave the more unpre- 
tentious person alone. 

Even Christian minis- 
ters who call on people 
to teach them the truths 
of the Bible do not in- 
vite trouble. They exer- 
cise caution by not trav- 
eling alone in dangerous 
places, particularly at 
night. They use wisdom 
acquired from God's 
Word, which states: 
"Two are better than 
one . . . For if one of 
them should fall, the 
other one can raise his partner up. But 
how will it be with just the one who falls 
when there is not another to raise him 
up?"— Eccl. 4:9, 10. 

Another precaution, particularly in high 
crime areas, can be the owning of a dog. 
Although some burglars will kill the dog 
to commit their act of burglary, still even 


moral suggestions, she will not do 
it. She is being asked to break 
God's law, so she will resort to 
screaming or anything else to pro- 
tect herself, even if the criminal does 
use violence. (Deut. 22:23-27) In 
such situations, the person guided by 
God's laws can find protection by ap- 
pealing to Jehovah God in prayer, 
calling on his name out loud, so that 
the assailant can hear it. The Bible 
shows there is protection for one who 
respects and uses the name of God: 
"The name of Jehovah is a strong 
tower. Into it the righteous runs and 
is given protection." — Prov. 18:10. 

Will you struggle 
to keep your money, 
and perhaps lose your life? 

a small dog will often make enough dis- 
turbance to discourage most intruders. 

When Confronted by Lawless Persons 

However, some persons bent on crime 
will let nothing stop them. 

Hence, if you should be confronted by 
a person who thrusts a gun or knife at you 
and demands your money, what should 
you do? Rather than endanger your life, 
give the money to him! Your life is 
worth far more than any material pos- 
session you have. The principle here is 
somewhat the same as when Jesus said: 
"Do not resist him that is wicked ... If 
a person wants to go to court with you 
and get possession of your inner garment, 
let your outer garment also go to him." 
—Matt. 5:39, 40. 

Some have tried to be 'heroic' and have 
struggled with holdup men. But many 
have lost their lives as the lawless person, 
infuriated, pulls the trigger of his gun, or 
lashes out with his knife. 

Yet, in the case of a Christian wom- 
an, if a man demands she submit to im- 

JANUARY 8, 1968 

Protect Your Children 

Mothers and fathers, know where 
your children are. It is not wise to- 
day, even for convenience, to let your chil- 
dren go alone in certain neighborhoods. It 
is best for someone to accompany them. 
Another point to consider is this: With 
whom do your children associate? In this 
regard you would do well to note what the 
book Kids, Crime and Chaos states: 

"F. M. Thrasher, in his intensive study of 
a boys club in New York City, came up with 
the distressing news that boys who were 
members of the club had a larger number 
of delinquencies than boys in the same neigh- 
borhood who were not members. Even more 
distressing was the fact that, while 18 per- 
cent of the boys studied were delinquent 
when they first joined the club, after they 
had participated for a while in the club's 
activities, the delinquency figure rose to 28 

"Equally shattering was the revelation, 
not long ago, that among all the boys studied 
in a Pennsylvania reformatory, 35 percent 
were members of the Boy Scouts. 

"It is not surprising, therefore, that in a 
recent pamphlet, the Children's Bureau 
stated: 'Research indicates that providing 
additional recreation facilities in an area 
usually does not bring about significant 
changes in the volume of juvenile delin- 


What this points up is the Biblical prin- 
ciple that it is not the job of outside 
agencies or clubs to train children cor- 
rectly. It is the God-given responsibility 
of the parents. It is also their responsibili- 
ty to provide wholesome recreation for 
the entire family and not to push their 
children off into clubs, parties or gangs 
where they are not supervised by their 

Should you let even the churches of 
Christendom take over the training of 
your children, to teach them godly prin- 
ciples? No, for these churches do not prac- 
tice those principles. The Los Angeles 
Times this year declared: 

"The ministers and the priests who claimed 
leadership may have had it for an hour on 
Sundays, but not for much longer. 

"It is a rare church in the modern strug- 
gling city which has any real influence over 

the conduct of its members To the poor, 

the churches are as distant and as selfish as 
the politicians and the businessmen." 

The churches have so little influence for 
good because they have abandoned God's 
laws. They have compromised them for 
their own interests. They water down the 
Word of God, calling it myth and legend, 
or discard it altogether. They are not 
doing God's will. During wartime, they 
support both sides of the conflict, even 
blessing weapons of destruction, yet God's 
Word clearly says: "A slave of the Lord 
does not need to fight, but needs to be 
gentle toward all." (2 Tim. 2:24) These 
churches often instigate others to vio- 
lence, although protesting that they are 
against it. For example, recently four 
prominent civil rights leaders stated: 

"Killing, arson, looting are criminal acts 
and should be dealt with as such. Equally 
guilty are those who incite, provoke and call 
specifically for such action." — U.S. News & 
World Report, August 7, 1967, page 11. 


Yet, just a few days later, one of the 
four, a prominent religious leader, a cler- 
gyman, "said today he planned to 'dis- 
locate' Northern cities with massive but 
nonviolent demonstrations of civil disobe- 
dience." — The New York Times, August 
16, 1967, page 1. 

Such massive demonstrations of disobe- 
dience easily lead to violence and have of- 
ten done so. 

No, you will not help your children by 
letting the churches of this world take 
over their training. The most important 
reason why this is so is that, very simply, 
God has abandoned these churches'. He is 
not with them. Of such God's Word states: 
"They publicly declare they know God, 
but they disown him by their works, be- 
cause they are detestable and disobedient 
and not approved for good work of any 
sort." Jesus Christ similarly said: "Many 
will say to me in that day, 'Lord, Lord 
. . . ' And yet then I will confess to them: 
I never knew you . . . you workers of law- 
lessness."— Titus 1:16; Matt. 7:21-23. 

Key to Success 

The key to success in avoiding lawless- 
ness for yourself and your children is the 
wisdom that comes only from God. No 
psychologist, sociologist, or any other hu- 
man agency, however well meaning, can 
think as God thinks. Therefore the right 
solutions to problems regarding lawless- 
ness must come from God. These he has 
had recorded in his Word, the Bible. 

The first step necessary is for you to 
begin taking in knowledge of what God 
considers right. As Proverbs 3:5, 6 urges: 
"Trust in Jehovah with all your heart and 
do not lean upon your own understanding. 
In all your ways take notice of him, and 
he himself will make your paths straight." 
What about your children? God's Word 
counsels: "Fathers, do not be irritating 
your children, but go on bringing them 


up in the discipline and authoritative ad- 
vice of Jehovah." — Eph. 6:4. 

"But," you may ask, "isn't this just 
theory?" No, it is not just theory. It is 
practiced daily by hundreds of thousands 
of persons all over the world. These are 
seriously studying the Bible. They thus lis- 
ten to God's voice. Then they do what God 
says to do. They teach their children to 
do likewise. They associate with others 
who do the same. In this way, they coun- 
teract Satanic pressures and the tendency 
humans have toward lawlessness. That is 
why Jehovah's witnesses, who are Bible 
lovers, are known world wide for being 
law abiding, peaceful. That is why there 
is ho problem among them of increasing 
lawlessness. You and your children can 
share their lawful ways and security by 
coming into association with them. 

No, you will not convert the world to 
lawful ways by your studying the Bible 
and learning its high principles. But you 
will be building a lawful and peaceful 
home. Your household does not have to 
be a copy of the lawless world outside. 
Built on the right foundation of God's 

Word, your family circle will stand firm 
under the lawless pressures of today. 

By your doing God's will, you can look 
forward to a new system of things where 
there will be no more lawlessness. Even 
if you tried to find a lawless person then, 
you would not be able to do so! Regarding 
lawless ones God promises: "You will cer- 
tainly give attention to his place, and he 
will not be."— Ps. 37:10. 

That will mean the end of jails, the end 
of police forces, the end of armies, the 
end of weapons of destruction. It will also 
mean the end of man rule and demon rule 
that has brought such sadness and pain 
to the human family. 

What a relief it will be to live in that 
new system of things, where you will 
never again have to lock your door or fear 
for the safety of your loved ones! 

Soon, the lawful new system will be a 
reality. In the meantime, the best pro- 
tection against lawlessness is to put your 
trust in the Creator, Jehovah God. As the 
Bible promises: "Jehovah is guarding all 
those loving him, but all the wicked ones 
he will annihilate."— Ps. 145:20. 

JANUARY 8, 1968 


God's Word Reforms Lawbreakers 


• Why Many Men Shun Religion. 

• A New Kind of Furnace 
— the Nuclear Reactor. 

• What Is Femininity? 

OVER two years ago, a young couple 
with two children living in London, 
England, came in contact with Jehovah's 
witnesses. A Bible study was started with 
them. As they studied the promises of the 
Bible and saw that lawlessness would end, 
and learned about the incoming new order, 
they desired to dedicate their lives to God. 
However, both of them had been violat- 
ing the law for some time. They were 
guilty of many acts of stealing. But by 
their study of God's purposes and require- 
ments they both became convinced that 

they must settle 

their debt with the 
law of the land. They 
saw the need to "pay 
back, therefore, Cae- 
sar's things to Cae- 
sar, but God's things 
to God." (Matt. 22: 

21) They wanted to have a good con- 
science toward both God and man. — 1 Pet. 

The young wife confessed four crimes 
and her husband confessed almost forty, 
involving property valued at more than 
£8,500 ($20,400). Since the husband had 
three previous convictions, he expected to 
get a heavy prison sentence. But his wife 
was prepared to stand by him and care 
for their two young children while he was 
in prison. 

What was the result? In the newspaper, 
The Mercury, of June 15, 1967, under the 
headline "Why a Housewife Confessed," 
the following was related: 

"The police couldn't catch housewife C — 

M — . She had committed four crimes but 

changed her job and her address so often 

that she couldn't be traced. 
"Then Mrs. M — started reading the Bible 

. . . and later walked into a police station 


where she confessed to the four offences. 

"With her husband, she had decided to 
become a Jehovah's Witness. And Mrs. M — , 
a mother of two young children, felt that 
the only way to *wipe the slate clean' was to 
go to the police. 

" 'She came purely voluntarily/ a police 
officer told Greenwich Court . . . 

"The magistrate said he would give her 
credit for confessing to the police and placed 
her on probation for a year." 

What of her husband? The Mercury of 
July 13, 1967, under the headline, "The 
'Converted' Raider Confesses All His 
Crimes," said the following: 

"A man went to the 
police and confessed to 
thefts amounting to 
thousands of pounds, 
because he wanted to 
be a Jehovah's Wit- 


"And at Woolwich 

court last week, 24- 
year-old F — M pleaded guilty . . . 

"Two years ago M — started studying the 
Bible. Last year he wanted to be baptised 
into the Jehovah's Witness faith, . . . 

"M — 's wife said: 'There has been a tre- 
mendous change in my husband during the 
last two years. His Bible studies have brought 
a great change to his life.' ... 

"M — , who had three findings of guilt and 
three previous convictions, was placed on 
probation for two years." 
This outcome was unexpected, but it 
delighted the couple. It is to the credit of 
the court that they recognized a sincere 
desire to turn away from a lawless course. 
Now that this family has learned to live 
by the guide that God has provided, they 
find great peace of mind and security. 
With accurate knowledge of what God re- 
quires they are able to live with a clear 
conscience before God and man. They can 
confidently look forward to the future. 
—Acts 24:16. 


HAVE you ever wondered about the 
seeming injustices of life? Those who 
have no time for God and little concern 
for fellowmen seem to prosper and live in 
comparative luxury, while those who love 
God and strive to live in harmony with 
his righteous principles often find their 
way beset by obstacles and hardships. In- 
deed, there are those who go so far as 
to assert that the wicked get away with it 
and that the honest man cannot get along 
in this world.— Mai. 3:14, 15. 

2 This state of affairs cannot help but 
be puzzling to sincere and honest persons 
until they are convinced of its basic cause 
as revealed in the Bible. Would you like 
to get your Bible? Then look up the text 
at 1 John 5:19; there it is written: "The 
whole world is lying in the power of the 
wicked one." Does not that explain a lot 
of things as to the prosperity of the 

3 So, while Jehovah God is the Sover- 
eign Ruler of the whole universe, includ- 
ing this planet, he is not the one who has 
organized and is responsible for the ac- 
tions of the nations of this world. The in- 
visible wicked one who is responsible for 
all mankind's woes is clearly identified in 
the Bible as "the original serpent, the one 
called Devil and Satan, who is misleading 
the entire inhabited earth." — Rev. 12:9; 
Matt. 13:38, 39. 

4 The global system whereby Satan the 
Devil keeps in line all the nations of the 

world is likened to a wild beast, for it is 
heartless and brutish in its manner of 
exercising authority over humans. Note 
what the apostle John saw in his inspired 
vision: "The dragon gave the beast its 
power and its throne and great authority. 
. . . authority was given it over every tribe 
and people and tongue and nation." (Rev. 
13:2, 7; compare Daniel 7:19, 20, 23, 24.) 
No nation can claim to be exempt from the 
ruling influence of this global political 

5 And since Satan controls all the na- 
tions, it is evident that he has it in his 
power to enrich materially those who yield 
themselves readily to his anti-God cam- 
paign. True, God protects those who love 
and serve him, but he does not guarantee 
them material prosperity in Satan's sys- 
tem of things. He does guarantee spiritual 
prosperity and the necessities of life. As 
the psalmist so confidently expresses it: 
"A young man I used to be, I have also 
grown old, and yet I have not seen any- 
one righteous left entirely, nor his off- 
spring looking for bread." — Ps. 37:25. 

6 Now we can better grasp the words of 
Jesus Christ to his disciples: "If you were 
part of the world, the world would be fond 
of what is its own. Now because you are 
no part of the world, but I have chosen 
you out of the world, on this account the 
world hates you." (John 15:19) Sufficient 
reason, is it not, for this world to try to 
deny material prosperity to the followers 
of Christ? 

7 Nevertheless, Christians should never 
envy worldlings their temporary prosperi- 
ty, for their own prospects, if they con- 
tinue faithful, far outweigh any prosperity 
this world can give. (Prov. 2:21, 22) This 
is because the world of unbelievers itself 
is but a vain and temporary thing, for 
John the apostle writes: "Everything in 
the world — the desire of the flesh and the 

JANUARY 8, 1968 


desire of the eyes and the showy display 
of one's means of life — does not originate 
with the Father, but originates with the 
world. Furthermore, the world is passing 
away and so is its desire, but he that does 
the will of God remains forever." — 1 John 

8 Happily the passing away of this pres- 
ent wicked world will not be much longer 
delayed. The Bible, in fact, foretells the 
sudden action that will put the wicked 
ruler of this world out of action: "I saw 
an angel coming down out of heaven with 
the key of the abyss and a great chain in 
his hand. And he seized the dragon . . . 
And he hurled him into the abyss and shut 
it and sealed it over him, that he might 
not mislead the nations any more until 
the thousand years were ended." (Rev. 
20:1-3) Thus, in symbolic fashion, is de- 
scribed how the wicked activity by "the 
god of this system of things" will come to 
an end. — 2 Cor. 4:4; see also John 12:31. 

"That desirable event is to come soon, 
according to all the indications of Bible 
chronology and the facts of today. Mean- 
time, however, while Satan still rules this 
system of things, those who are servants 
of God are under test. (Rev. 2:10; 12:17) 
Will they go on serving the true God in 
spite of the hatred, the persecution, the 
discriminations and other hardships 
brought to bear upon them? Will they 
give out and capitulate to this present 
wicked system of things and its god just 
to gain the temporary enjoyment of the 
worldly material rewards? 

10 King David of Israel, himself a man 
who showed willingness to suffer for his 
worship of the true God, outlined the right 
attitude when he wrote: "Better is the 
little of the righteous one than the abun- 
dance of the many wicked ones. For the 
very arms of the wicked ones will be 
broken, but Jehovah will be supporting the 

righteous ones. The righteous themselves 
will possess the earth, and they will reside 
forever upon it."— Ps. 37:16, 17, 29. 

11 The wicked are indeed prospering to- 
day, and have been prospering during the 
long centuries during which Jehovah God 
has not interfered with world rule by Sa- 
tan. But now a drastic change must come. 
An everlasting, happy and peaceful life 
will be the reward of those who subject 
themselves to the will of God, whereas 
the wicked will be blotted out. So wise 
persons will heed and find great comfort 
in these inspired words of the Bible: "Do 
not be envious of those doing unrighteous- 
ness. And just a- little while longer, "and 
the wicked one will be no more; and you 
will certainly give attention to his place, 
and he will not be. But the meek ones 
themselves will possess the earth, and they 
will indeed find their exquisite delight in 
the abundance of peace."— Ps. 37:1, 10, 
11; also read Ecclesiastes 8:11-13. 

%lmi you answer these sju.ssj'ito.jj? *aj j c .„ s ;.„ 

read the sr?k?& cL; . 
( 1 ) Why do some persons assert that an honest 
man cannot get along in this world? (2) How 
does what the Bible says at 1 John 5: 19 help 
us to understand why the wicked prosper? 
(3) Who has organized and now controls and 
misleads the nations? (4) In view of Revelation 
13: 7, why can no nation claim to be free from 
the influence of Satan's global rule? (5) What 
does God guarantee for those who serve him 
amid Satan's system of things? (6) Why are 
Jesus' true followers hated by all the nations 
of this world? (7) What will be the future of 
this wicked world? (8) How does the Bible 
give assurance that Satan's wicked activity will 
soon come to an end? (9) Meantime, what 
kind of tests come upon those who choose to 
serve God, and who is responsible for these 
tests? (10) How did King David rightly 
view the temporary prosperity of the wicked? 
(11) What assurance does Jehovah give as to 
the future of the wicked and of those who 
maintain faith in him? 



_Tcmii. ,w 


British Devalue Pound 

<§> Britain, on November 18, 
devalued the pound sterling by 
14.3 percent, from $2.80 to 
$2.40. The move was made in 
an attempt to lower the cost 
of British goods in foreign 
countries in the hope that ex- 
ports would rise. In Britain de- 
valuation means higher prices 
for every consumer, especially 
for imported goods. 

Homosexuality Defended 

<^ In view of what the Bible 
says at Romans 1:27-32 about 
homosexuality, that it is 
wicked in God's eyes and "that 
those practicing such things 
are deserving of death," the 
pronouncements of clergymen 
who claim to serve God but 
who publicly condone such im- 
moral practices are shocking. 
On November 28 ninety Epis- 
copalian priests in New York 
state and vicinity classified ho- 
mosexual acts between con- 
senting adults as "morally neu- 
tral" and declared that in 
some cases such acts may even 
be a good thing. Canon Walter 
D. Dennis, of the Cathedral 
Church of St. John the Divine, 
said: "A homosexual relation- 
ship between two consenting 
adults should be judged by the 
same criteria as a heterosexual 
marriage — that is, whether it 
is intended to foster a perma- 
nent relationship of love." But 
is that what God says? God 

JANUARY 8, 1968 

calls it a base perversion that 
will ultimately bring death. 

Crimes Increasing- 

<$> Police Commissioner How- 
ard R. Leary of the New York 
police department said, on No- 
vember 22, that 1967 showed 
an "abnormal bulge" in re- 
ported crimes of violence 
— murder, felonious assault 
and robbery. Statistics made 
available showed a 13-percent 
increase in murders and a 15- 
percent increase in felonious 
assaults. In robberies, there 
were 25,653 complaints during 
the first nine months of 1967, 
compared with 15,208 for the 
corresponding period of 1966. 
Youth crimes are high. Arrests 
of juveniles — persons under 16 
years of age — for robbery are 
up 43 percent for the nine 
months, it was reported. The 
New York Times, on Novem- 
ber 29, stated editorially: "The 
increased number of crimes 
in the streets is both statist!- 
cal and actual. Things look 
worse on paper and they are 
also worse in fact. . . . New 
Yorkers can sense hostility 
roaming the streets. . . . People 
are afraid to venture out after 

Flash Floods 

<$> West central Portugal was 
struck by torrential rains and 
swirling floods the weekend of 
November 26. The death toll 
from the weekend floods rose 

to 427, the Interior Ministry 
announced. An area of 350 
square miles near Lisbon was 
reported flooded. Many died 
when houses collapsed under 
the deluge and other people 
drowned in flooded lowland 

Criminals Hold Upper Hand 

<§> Brooklyn Borough Presi- 
dent Abe Stark in a plea for 
more police painted a grim 
word picture of crime in New 
York streets. "Death, robbery 
and assault are no longer 
news," Stark said. "Terror 
stalks the citizens in the 
streets." "Here in Brooklyn, 
business, social and religious 
activities that are normally 
conducted in evening hours are 
grinding to a halt. Our people 
are convinced crime and crimi- 
nals have gained the upper- 
hand." People reveal that they 
are desperate and afraid for 
their lives. 

"As Acceptable as Whole Blood" 

<§> JAMA Medical News for 
October 23 says: "The use of 
Ringer's lactate solution has 
become as acceptable as whole 
blood in shock and surgery pa- 
tients. But the key questions 
of why it is effective and how 
much of the fluid to use remain 

"Fed Up" with Lawlessness 
<^ Richard B. Morris, presi- 
dent of the National Associa- 
tion of Real Estate Boards, 
told the organization's conven- 
tion on November 14 that the 
people of America are fed up 
with lawlessness. "We have 
had enough of the downgrad- 
ing of law and custom, we 
have had our fill of the deni- 
gration of the police, of flag- 
burning, of sniping, of looting 
and of a supersoft attitude 
toward the criminal. We have 
had altogether too much of the 
courts, low and high, taking 
the shackles off the criminal 
and putting them on the offi- 
cers of the law. . . . Fundamen- 
tal to all our problem-solving 
must be the re-establishment 


of law and order. ... No nation 
which permitted a continual 
drift Into lawlessness, such as 
we have witnessed this past 
summer, has ever endured." 

Pope in the U.N. 
<#> A published Associated 
Press dispatch, dated Novem- 
ber 11, stated that a Vatican 
official hinted that Pope Paul 
might ask United Nations 
membership for the Holy See. 
A member of the Vatican state 
secretariat told a news con- 
ference: "In principle nothing 
prevents the Holy See from 
participating in the UN in the 
future as a member state." His 
remarks were immediately 
taken as a trial balloon. The 
Vatican has had observer sta- 
tus at the U.N. since April 1964. 
The Vatican representative 
said that the decision rested 
solely with the pope and that 
the pope would have to decide, 
which implied that the pope 
was considering the matter. 

In Parochial Schools 
<$> Warren Hinckle, a promi- 
nent lay Catholic, In Novem- 
ber's Ramparts Magazine, 
founded by lay Catholics, re- 
portedly tells of his own expe- 
rience in parochial schools, 
where "one gained the impres- 
sion that reading the Bible 
might not be a good idea be- 
cause it was filled with danger- 
ous passages that only the 
Church could properly inter- 
pret for you. . . . All I learned 
about Jews was that Christ 
had kicked them out of the 
temple for money-changing 
(nobody, nun or priest, made 
much about Christ being a 
Jew, too). Adjectives like 'per- 
fidious' were applied to them 
in the prayers we had to mem- 
orize. A course in anti-commu- 
nism was required," writes 
Hinckle of his Catholic college 
training. "I found my experi- 
ence to be typical of other dis- 
illusioned or disenfranchised 
Catholics who have gone 
through Catholic schools. It is 
therefore no wonder that there 
is a revolt going on in the 
Catholic Church in America." 


Church in Politics 
^> A published report from 
Rio de Janeiro says that the 
extreme left wing of Brazilian 
politics, which was all but 
obliterated by a military revolt 
in 1964, now shows sporadic 
signs of life. Some of its most 
active elements reportedly are 
looking to Rome and the Ro- 
man Catholic Church for help. 
The account says: "The most 
articulate voices demanding 
social reform in Brazil today 
are raised by Catholic priests, 
and the only activists risking 
bloodshed in the streets are 
members of a student organi- 
zation which has its roots in 
the church. . . . Only in the 
church, and in the student 
movement it spawned, is there 
any really organized protest 
against the government and 
the military men who chart its 
course." Is it any wonder that 
the political element resents 
religious meddling? 

Results of Drinking: 

<§> Americans alone drink 
about 215,000,000 gallons of 
alcoholic beverages a year. No- 
body knows for certain how 
many Americans take a drink 
occasionally. But the number 
of alcoholics, people who re- 
peatedly drink too much, now 
is estimated at 4 to 5 million, 
about 4 percent of the adult 
American population. Many 
claim this estimate is low. Re- 
cent evidence from eight states 
indicates that anywhere from 
47 to 87 percent of the drivers 
involved in fatal accidents had 
been drinking. In 1965, auto- 
mobiles took 49,000 lives, 
caused 1,800,000 disabling in- 
juries and cost about $8,900,- 
000,000 in property damage, 
wage losses, medical expenses 
and insurance. The Bible ad- 
vises moderation, and obvious- 
ly for good reasons. 

Former Priests 

# According to Time for No- 
vember 24, in the past 18 
months an estimated 400 
priests have left the Roman 

Catholic Church in the United 
States. Time says: "For most 
of them, the transition to secu- 
lar life is a traumatic experi- 
ence. Unless a cleric enjoys 
private means, he is usually 
broke; unless he has close rela- 
tives, he has no place to stay. 
. . . Some are so inexperienced 
in the ways of the world that 
they show up for job inter- 
views wearing sports shirts. A 
few are alcoholics. Many suf- 
fer from psychological prob- 
lems." These former priests 
generally prefer to remain 
anonymous, because many peo- 
ple still remain suspicious of 
them. As one priest said: "I 
don't go around telling every- 
one that I used to be a priest." 

What Value Religion? 
<$> An Iowa State University 
professor, Dr. Richard J. Van 
Iten, associate professor of 
philosophy, wrote in a high 
school newspaper what he 
thought about religion. He 
said: Religion is "the rotten 
residue of generations past." 
"There is little in it (religion) 
of value." "Whatever its intrin- 
sic value, our religion . . . reeks 
of the pungent sickening odor 
of man," Dr. Van Iten wrote. 
Other excerpts from his guest 
editorial: "We (the older gen- 
eration) have tried religion. 
Too frequently it has tried us. 
We have nothing to pass on 
to you (the younger genera- 
tion) — except whatever you 
are foolish enough to receive. 
This includes religion ... Be 
religious— if you will. But, for 
man's sake, do not look to us 
for help. Those who cannot 
help themselves too often in- 
sist on helping others." Much 
of what the professor says is 
true, but he fails to differen- 
tiate the true religion from 
the false. As a result he shares 
with the failing religions In 
undermining the spiritual and 
moral values of others and 
throws a greater load on par- 
ents who seek to give proper 
guidance to their children. 


The "New Morality" 
# At the 87th annual meeting 
of the West Virginia Council 
of Churches held in Parkers- 
burg, one of the principal 
speakers, Dr. Joseph Fletcher, 
an Episcopal seminary profes- 
sor, told assembled churchmen 
such things as: "Unmarried 
love would be infinitely supe- 
rior to married unlove"; that 
he had "no doubt about the 
divinity of Jesus" but some- 
times he has "trouble believing 
in the divinity of God." If you 
are wondering why the low 
moral tone in the world today, 
perhaps you can see the clergy- 
man's words as a contributing 

Violence in Society 

^ Recent civil rights demon- 
strations have spilled over into 
violence. And one alarming 

word from the recent Wash- 
ington march is that "demon- 
strations are all over . . . from 
now on, it's la bombe plas- 
tique." A group of delegates to 
the U.S. Conference on Church 
and Society asserted, on Octo- 
ber 24, that violence is "an in- 
herent fact in our society" 
and urged churches to identify 
with victims of violence. Mo- 
tion pictures and television are 
alive with violence. One movie 
is proudly advertised as "dirty 
— a combination of lust, impo- 
tency, vulgarity, nudity, neuro- 
sis, brutality, voyeurism, 
hatred and insanity that culmi- 
nates in murder." Without a 
doubt we are witnessing the 
fruitage of a decadent society 
as this system of things speeds 
to its end at God's war of Ar- 

Catholic Revolt 

^ The Washington Merry-Go- 
Round by Drew Pearson re- 
veals a real revolt within the 
Catholic church in America. 
This revolt has "found priests 
rebelling against the hierarchy 
at Catholic University in Wash- 
ington, Father William Dubay 
calling Cardinal Mclntyre of 
Los Angeles a bigot." Dubay, 
now suspended, urged that the 
church give up its tax-exempt 
status. "If the Church's $44 bil- 
lion of tax-free property were 
taxed at normal rates," the 
priest pleaded, "enormous fed- 
eral benefits could go to the 
poor." Of the 180,000 nuns in 
the United States, The Ladies' 
Home Journal estimates that, 
in 1966, 3,600 cast off their 
robes in revolt against Church 

JANUARY 8, 1968 


Is time running out for this generation? 
What witf the rWs bring? 

OCTOBER 8, I960 


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"What's This World Coming To?" 3 

The Year 1914 a Turning Point 5 

How Do We Know We Are 

in the "Last Days"? 7 

The Sign of the "Last Days" 8 

What Will the 1970's Bring? 13 

A Grand Future Ahead in 
I God's New Order! 

A Time to 'Lift Up Your Head' in 
Confident Hope 

What Will It Cost You? 
Watching the World 



"It is already the hour for you to awake." |0V 

— Romans 13:11 \*J 

Volume XLIX 

Brooklyn, N.Y., October 8, 1968 

Number 19 

"I 'Z %JTi COAf/A/G TV? 

runaway train or 
something — that the country has gone 
over the edge and there's nothing I or 
anyone can do about it," said a doctor in 
Los Angeles. 

"Society is coming apart at the seams," 
stated an office worker in Chicago. "It's a 
murder epidemic," declared a Negro stu- 
dent in Atlanta. 

No doubt you, like most people, have 
been horrified by the increased crime, vio- 
lence and assassinations in the United 
States. The Wall Street Journal of June 6, 
1968, observed: "Many converged on the 
appalling and dark conclusion: American 
society is sick and frighteningly violent." 
Combat of Paris said: "America is mad." 

However, the problem of growing trou- 
bles is not confined to just one country! 
In every nation on earth, including your 
own, serious difficulties are growing. If 
you live in a large city, do you not find 
that violence and crime are spreading? 
Do you not fear to walk down certain 
streets after dark? And when there is 
a knock at your door, do you not some- 
times hesitate to open it until you find out 
if it is someone you know? 

Even in formerly peaceful villages and 
rural areas, people are being shaken by 

events, if not by the larger problems of 
their country, then by such things as the 
exploding immorality in their own neigh- 
borhood, or by the disruption of family 
life on a scale never before experienced. 

It is a fact that everywhere the politi- 
cal, economic, religious and moral situa- 
tions are deteriorating. That is why peo- 
ple all over the world, and likely you too, 
ask: "What's this world coming to?" 

An answer to this question was noted 
in U.S. News & World Report of June 3, 
1968, when it said: 

"A climax of some kind seems to be 
approaching the world over . . . It's not the 
U.S. alone that's hit. Uprisings have erupted 
in France, in West Germany, in Spain, in 
Britain. Communist Eastern Europe is af- 
fected. So is Red China." 

Commenting on the fact that the prob- 
lem is world wide, an editorial reprinted 
in the New York Times of June 10, 1968, 

OCTOBER 8, 1968 

"The American people will misread the 
meaning of Robert Kennedy's death if they 
view it solely as a self-contained American 
tragedy. The tragedy is the result of the 
spillover of violence and volatile tensions 
■ from one part of the world to another. . . . 

"We are at the end of the age of purely 
national or even regional problems. Com- 
bustibles for setting the globe afire exist 

Showing how rapidly world conditions 
now are building up to some sort of cli- 
max, this same editorial added: 

"Throughout the entire world people are 
caught up in convulsive change. . . . Issues 
that formerly took a century or more to 
come to a boil are in constant eruption. 
Everything is being bunched up — time, space, 
nations, peoples, issues. And everything has 
a fuse attached to it. 

"The habits of nations, always variable, 
have become starkly irrational." 

The noted columnist Walter Lippmann 
also observes that a climax of some sort 
is approaching, saying in Newsweek of 
October 9, 1967: 

"For us all the World is disorderly and 
dangerous, ungoverned and apparently un- 
governable. Everywhere there is great anx- 
iety and bewilderment. ... 

"This ... marks, I believe, the historical 
fact that we are living through the closing 
chapters of the established and traditional 
way of life." 

World leaders see these critical prob- 
lems mounting. But they cannot find an- 
swers to them. As was said about United 
States President Johnson recently: "He 
has consulted the wisest men he knows 
and cannot figure out what else to do." 
These leaders are much like the engineer 
on a runaway train speeding downhill. At 
the end of the hill there is a yawning 
canyon the bridge over which has been 
washed out. But the engineer cannot stop 
the train, for the brakes have failed! Di- 
saster is certain. 

What, then, does all of this world trou- 
ble mean? What is this world coming to? 

Where can you find the answers to such 

questions? There is only one proven 
source, a source that this world's leaders 
are ignoring. That source of answers is 
the Bible. In it God has had recorded for 
our benefit all the information we need to 
answer these questions. "All Scripture is 
inspired of God and beneficial for . . . set- 
ting things straight."— 2 Tim. 3:16. 

What does the Bible show as to the 
meaning of all these world events? It 
shows that for this unrighteous world 
time is running out fast! It shows that 
within a few years at most there will take 
place a climax in human affairs so gi- 
gantic that it will affect every person on 
earth, every man, woman and child. It 
will, without fail, affect you. 

What is this climax? God himself will 
take a direct hand in world affairs. He 
will use his overwhelming power to crush 
wickedness and wicked people. (Rev. 11: 
18) This act of God is called "Armaged- 
don" in some Bible versions. 

This climactic act of God will bring to 
a sudden end all the trouble and trouble- 
makers in the world today. It will pave 
the way for an entirely new system of 
things where people who love righteous- 
ness will find true freedom and relief from 
the horrifying conditions of today. 

So what is this world coming to? The 
Bible answers: "The world is passing 
away and so is its desire, but he that does 
the will of God remains forever." (1 John 
2:17) Yes, this violent, crime-ridden, war- 
torn world is coming to its end! Time is 
fast running out for it! It is much later 
for this world than you may think! In- 
deed, it has only a few more years of 
existence left! 

Actually, we have been living in a 
transition period since the year 1914. In 
that year, this system of things began its 
downward plunge. It became like that 
runaway train speeding toward a chasm 
where certain destruction awaits it. 





THE year 1914 was not an 
ordinary year. According to 
God's timetable, that year really 
ushered in what the Bible calls 

the "last days" for this system of things.— 2 Tim. 3:1. 

Notice just a few of the many statements of historians, 

statesmen and editorialists showing the significance of 1914 

as an outstanding time marker, a turning point for mankind. 

Normal times ended. 

"The last completely 'normal' year in history was 1913, the 
year before World War I began." — Washington, D.C., times- 
Herald, March 13, 1949. 

However, is this not just an 
"American" view? No, it is 
the view of authorities all 
over the world. 

"Security and quiet have disappeared from the lives of men 
since 1914. And peace? Since 1914, the Germans have not 
known real peace nor has much of mankind." — Konrad 
Adenauer, chancellor, West Germany, January 20, 1964. 
"In the year 1914 the world, as it was known and accepted 
then, came to an end. Far more than any year before or 
since was this the punctuation-mark of the twentieth century." 
— British author James Cameron in the book entitled "1914." 
"If . . . the human race survives, some historian in the next 
century may well conclude that the day the world went mad 
was August 4, 1914."— London Star, August 4, 1960. 

August 4, 1914, World War I 
began developing. But did not 
World War II mark an even 
greater turning point? No! 

OCTOBER 8, 1968 

"The first [world] war marked a far greater change in history. 
It closed a long era of general peace and began a new age 
of violence in which the second [world] war is simply an 
episode. Since 1914 the world has had a new character: a 
character of international anarchy. . . . Thus the first World 
War marks a turning point in modern history." — H. R. Trevor- 
Roper, British historian, August 1, 1954. 
"It is indeed the year 1914 rather than that of Hiroshima 
which marks the turning point in our time, ... it was the first 
world war that ushered in the era of confused transition in 
the midst of which we are floundering." — Scientific Monthly, 
July 1951. 


In addition to anarchy and 
confusion, 1914 brought the 
era of total war and of un- 
precedented insecurity. 

"The world as man knew it . . . was forever ending, and 
from July 28 to August 4, 1914, the leaders and the led 
joined in pronouncing the death sentence. . . . World War I 
was the end of the Golden Age, the beginning of Total War." 
— Hanson W. Baldwin, American military analyst, July 26, 

"If ever there was a year that marked the end of an era 
and the beginning of another, it was 1914. That year brought 
to an end the old world with its sense of security and began 
the modern age, characteristic of which is the insecurity that 
is our daily portion." — A. L. Rowse, Oxford historian and 
biographer, June 28, 1959. 

Has the half century since 
1914 seen any return to nor- 
malcy? Or has the plunge 
downward picked up speed? 
Consider the facts. 

"A deterioration has been going on since the first World 
War." — Dwighf D. Eisenhower, former president of the United 
States, September 13, 1965. 

"Since 1914 civilization has constantly deteriorated. Nowa- 
days it is on the verge of collapse."- — Newark News, Novem- 
ber 20, 1960. 

"We seem to leap from incident to incident. Suddenly there 
is a new emergency and men die. Since 1914, great empires 
have collapsed and nations hardly known then are now world 
problems. . . . We have tried war, appeasement, charity, di- 
plomacy, the League of Nations, the United Nations. These 
efforts have failed. . . . Obviously something happened [in 
1914] which altered the course of . . . life. That alteration 
has not been for the better." — New York Journal-American, 
January 24, 1952. 

But just because the year 1914 is rec- 
ognized as a turning point, does that in 
itself make it the start of the "last days"? 
What confirms this conclusion? 

Both in Bible chronology and in the 
events that were foretold to take place 
from 1914 onward we find confirmed be- 
yond doubt that 1914 was the beginning 
of the end for this present system. 

Briefly stated, in the Bible there is a 
remarkable prophecy concerning the num- 
ber of years that God would allow the 
political nations uninterrupted rule over 
earth's affairs. The time allotted by God 
would be 2,520 years altogether. 

When did this period of 2,520 years 
begin? It began when God permitted the 
nation of ancient Israel to be overthrown 


by Babylon. That was in the year 607 
B.C.E. Thus, the "appointed times of the 
nations," as Jesus Christ later called them, 
began. — Luke 21:24. 

When did these 2,520 years end? Count- 
ing from 607 B.C.E. to 1 B.C.E. would be 
606 full years; from 1 B.C.E. to 1 C.E. is 
one year; and from C.E. 1 to C.E. 1914 
is 1,913 years. Thus, 606 plus 1 plus 1,913 
gives us 2,520 years, ending in 1914.* 

However, is this prophecy relating to 
chronology the only proof that 1914 
marked the beginning of the "last days"? 
No. There is far more to the matter than 
that. Consider what came with that date 

• For a more detailed explanation of this time 
period please see the book "Babylon the Great Has 
Fallen.!" God's Kingdom Rules.', pp. 174 to 181. 




we are in the 

HOW can we be sure we are living in 
the period of time called the "last 
days"? Aside from chronology, what defi- 
nite proof is there that this era began in 
the year 1914? How long a time is cov- 
ered by it? When will it end? 

The phrase "last days" comes from Bi- 
ble prophecy such as that recorded at 
2 Timothy chapter 3, verse 1, where the 
apostle Paul states: "In the last days 
critical times hard to deal with will be 
here." It is the same time period that 
Jesus Christ referred to when his disciples 
asked him what the sign "of the conclu- 
sion of the system of things" would be. 
—Matt. 24:3. , 

This time period has a definite begin- 
ning and a definite end. It is similar to 
the last day of a week, which has a defi- 

OCTOBkR 8, 1968 

nite beginning at midnight and a definite 
end twenty-four hours later. During the 
time period of the "last days" certain 
events would take place, after which God 
would bring the period to an end by crush- 
ing out of existence this present wicked 

The events that Jesus, the apostle Paul 
and other Bible writers bring to our at- 
tention were all to take place within the 
same generation. (Matt. 24:34) These 
events would identify which generation's 
lifetime would embrace the "last days," 
much as your fingerprint identifies you. 
Your fingerprint contains a pattern of 
marks, or lines, different from what any 
other person has. Likewise, the "last days" 
contain their own pattern of marks, or 
events, that all come together to form a 
"fingerprint" that cannot possibly belong 
to any other generation. 

Remember, however, that it is not just 
one of these events by itself that is cru- 
cial, although each is highly significant. 
ATI of them must come together in the 
same generation, like the different lines 
that come together on one of your fingers 
to form your fingerprint. 

Before describing these identifying 
events, Jesus cautioned: "You are going 
to hear of wars and reports of wars; see 
that you are not terrified. For these things 
must take place, but the end is not yet." 
(Matt. 24:6) True to his words, such 
things did happen for centuries after the 
time when Jesus was on earth. 

Then, Jesus began listing the world- 
shaking events that would constitute a 
"sign" marking the beginning and dura- 
tion of the "last days." (Matt. 24:3) Let 
us now examine some of these events, 
and others foretold in the Bible, that 
make up this sign. Observe how they have 
been undergoing fulfillment since 1914. 



KINGDOM." "TAKE PEACE AWAY."-Matt. 24:7; Rev. 6:4. 

"[World War I] 
killed more men 
than any previous 
war, and it was 
the first war to 
suck in whole na- 
tions, including 
civilians." — Life, 
March 13, 1964. 

"In its scope, its violence, and above all, in 
its- totality, it established a precedent. World 
War I ushered in the century of Total War, of 
—in the first full sense of the term — global 
war. . . . Never before 1914-1918 had a war 
absorbed so much of the total resources of so 

many combatants and covered so large a part 
of the earth. Never had so many nations been 
involved. Never had the slaughter been so com- 
prehensive and indiscriminate." — World War I, 
by Hanson W. Baldwin, 1962. 

"Two World Wars have left a legacy of dead 
which number more then all the armies engaged 
in any war that made ancient or medieval 
history. No half-century ever witnessed slaugh- 
ter on such a scale, such cruelties and inhuman- 
ities, such wholesale deportations of peoples 
into slavery, such annihilations of minorities." 
— Mr. Justice Jackson at Nuremberg trial of 
Nazi war criminals, in Tyranny on Trial, by 
Whitney R. Harris, 1 954. 

ANOTHER."-Matt. 24:7. 


the areas in color get less than 
a minimum adequate diet 


"During and after the 19-14-1918 war fam- 
ine conditions were widespread in many parts 
of Europe. Millions died in the Russian famine 
alone." — Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1946. 

"After World War II, there occurred the 
greatest world-wide shortage of food in his- 
tory." — World Book Encyclopedia, 1966. 

"The world food situation is now more pre- 
carious than at any time since the period of 
acute shortage immediately after the Second 
World War." — B. R. Sen, Director General of 


United Nations Food and Agriculture Organi- 
zation, 1 966. 

"Every 8.6 seconds someone in an underde- 
veloped country dies as a result of illness caused 
by malnutrition. . . . 10,000 every day. Over 

3,500,000 every year." — New York Times, De- 
cember 29, 1967. 

"Everyone admits that more than half of the 
world is undernourished, with many starving." 
— Natural History, May 1968. 


"No recorded pestilence before or since has 
equaled the 1918-1919 death toll in numbers. 
In those two years an estimated 21,000,000 
died of influenza-pneumonia throughout the 
world, some 850,000 in the United States 
alone." — The Saturday Evening Post, Septem- 
ber 26, 1959. 

"The influenza epidemic of 1918 . . . was a 
pandemic [universal in scope], a brutal and 
savage killer that stalked the world, respecting 
neither race nor color nor age. ... In Alaska, 
entire Eskimo villages were wiped out before 
help could arrive. In India, where five million 
persons died, burning ghats and burial grounds 

were piled with corpses. . . . Only two places in 
the world escaped: St. Helena in the South 
Atlantic and Mauritius, a small island in the 
Indian Ocean." — Today's Health, October 

"More people are chronically ill for longer 
periods and with less relief than ever before." 
— New York Post, December 6, 1 967. 

Disease and pestilence continue to rage. 
Millions die each year from cancer and heart 
trouble. Venereal disease is spreading rapidly. 
Cholera, typhoid and other epidemics occur in 
country after country, especially in Asia, Africa 
and Latin America. 

ANOTHER/'-Matt. 24:7. 


"In this cen- 
tury earthquakes 
have killed more 
than 900,000 
— C hanging 
Times, May 

In 1915, 30,000 were killed at Avezzano, 
Italy. In 1920, 180,000 died in Kansu, China. 
In 1923, 143,000 perished in Tokyo- Yokohama, 
Japan. In 1935, 60,000 were killed in Quetta, 
India. In 1939, 23,000 died in Erzincan, Turkey. 

In 1950 a gigantic quake, one of the most vio- 
lent ever, ripped mountains to pieces in Assam, 

In this decade alone — 1960: 5,700 were 
killed in Chile; 1 2,000 in Morocco. 1962: 10,000 
died in Iran. 1963: Skoplje, Yugoslavia, and 
El Merj, Libya, largely destroyed. 1964: Gigan- 
tic quake in Alaska unleashed 400 times more 
energy than all nuclear bombs ever exploded. 
1965: Devastation in Chile, El Salvador. 1966: 
3,000 were killed in eleven nations; large part 
of Tashkent, Russia, destroyed. 1967: Quakes 
rocked Chile, Colombia, France, Indonesia, 
Turkey, Venezuela. 


"No Filipino is safe in the streets today. . . . 
thrill killing, vandalism, and general mayhem is 
steadily increasing." — Philippine Islands Week- 
ly Graphic, May 13, 1°64. 

"A plague of lawlessness and violence ... is 
now sweeping the globe." — New York Times, 
June 6, 1968. 

"Disco'rd and violence now are emerging 
. . . from one end of the globe to the other." 
—U.S. News & World Report, June 1 0, 1 968. 

OCTOBER 8, 1968 

"We can't have even one day of peaceful life 
Seoul because in the evenings the streets 

become streets of terror."— -South Korean 
Chosun Daily, April 14, 1964. 

"Violent crime is now running wild ... a 
virtual explosion of crime. . . . Rising disorder, 
drift to anarchy and mounting lawlessness. 
Being loosed on the streets in city after city is 

a wave of violent crime — murder, rape, assault. 
Racial violence, accompanied by arson and 
looting on a huge scale, sweeps urban areas 
as police stand by helplessly." — U.S. News & 
World Report, August 9, 1965; June 17, 

"BIS3BEDIENT T ® PAREMTS."-2 Tim. 3:2. 

"There has been a tremendous and disturbing 
increase in the number of crimes carried out by 
young people today. ... it has occurred in 
many countries throughout the world." — The 
Psychology of Crime, by David Abrahamsen, 

there appears to be an increase in crime, and 
particularly, alas, in juvenile crime." — U.S. 
News & World Report, November 1, 1965. 

"The 'teenage culture* ... is a rebellious, op- 
positional society, dedicated to the proposition 
that the grownup world is a sham." — The 

'Almost everywhere, including Soviet Russia, Challenge of Crime in a Free Society, 1967. 

'LOVERS OF MONEY."-2 Tim. 3:2. 

"Most of us . . . 
love money much 
more than any of the 
things it will buy. It is 
not a means to an 
end for us, it is a pas- 
sion." — The Paper 
Economy, by David T„ 
Bazelon, 1963. 

"In our investigations we've found, as an 
average, that one out of every three employees 
is basically dishonest — which means he will 
seek ways of stealing; that [another] one out 
of every three employees will be dishonest if 
given the opportunity." — Toronto manager of 
Pinkerton's Detective Agency, in Canadian 
Weekly, September 7-13, 1963. 

-2 T§m. 3:4. 

"Our greatest danger is in the decline in 
religious conviction and moral character. . . » 
It's reached a level that should be a great con- 
cern."— -Michigan Governor George Romney, 
Look, September 24, 1963. 

"Adultery seems to be as widely practiced as 
it must have been in the orgiastic days before 
the Flood." — Pageant, August 1957. 

"Not only have vast numbers of Americans 
lost all sense of the sacred, the moral, and the 
ethical, but the spiritual leaders from both the 
laity and the priesthood are often found in the 
forefront of this irreligious pursuit of comfort 




rather than conviction ... of the pleasant life 
rather than the meaningful life. . . . 

"The criticisms of God rank well above almost 
all other criticisms of the hour. More people — in 
more ways and on more occasions — cast doubt, 
hurl darts, and throw charges against God such 
as this country has never seen in all of its his- 

tory." — United States Senator Frank Carlson, 
June 19, 1968. 

"We are not living in ordinary times. . . . The 
morals with which we have grown up are being 
cast aside ... God has been dethroned; sex 
has been deified." — Brisbane, Australia, Cou- 
rier-Mail, June 15, 1964. 

TO ITS POWER."-2 Tim. 3:5. 

"The church has 
rarely been poorer 
spiritually than it is 
today ... as unlike 
the apostolic church 
of the first century, of 
the Bible concept of 
the church of Christ, 
as is possible to find. 
... A cursory reading 
of the New Testa- 
ment would show that . . . we strain at gnats 
and swallow camels." — Two clergymen in To- 
ronto Star Weekly, March 28, 1964. 

"The majority of our people are members of 
the Church, but are really unbelievers. . . . The 
spark of faith perhaps still alive in them has 
been smothered by their association with the 
Church." — Lutheran Church booklet Mit einan- 
der fiir einander beten ("Praying with One An- 
other and for One Another"), Germany, 1963. 

"The church mouths its pious phrases . . . but , 
it lulls its people to sleep." People are leaving 
the churches "because they are looking at the 
lives of the church as we are living it and they 
are seeing how phoney it is." — Professor of 
religious education, in The Christian Index, De- 
cember 14, 1967. 


"The fact is that today the biggest single 
emotion which dominates our lives is fear." 
— David Lawrence, U.S. News & World Report, 
October 11, 1965. 

"At all levels of American life, people share 
similar fears, insecurities and gnawing doubts 
to such an intense degree that the country may 
in fact be suffering from a kind of national 
nervous breakdown." — The National Commit- 
tee for an Effective Congress, December 25, 

"More than 120 rrfillion Americans would die 

in the event of 
a Soviet missile 
attack ... If it 
were to include 
urban centers, 
. . . the death 
toll would be 
149 million." 
— United States 
Secretary of De- 
fense, N. Y. 
Times, February 
19, 1965. 

'RUINING THE EARTH. "-Re v. 11:18. 

"We are rapidly destroying our planet as a 
habitat for [man]." — Natural History, May 

OCTOBER 8, 1968 

"This planet is approaching 'a crisis which 
may destroy its suitability as a place for human 
society.' . . . 


"Man and his works are disrupting the nu- 
merous complex and interrelated processes upon 
which this planet's web of life depends. Thus 
earth's supply of available oxygen is being 

depleted . . . Large bodies of water are steadily 
being fouled . . . the precarious balance of na- 
ture is being disturbed on a scale without prec- 
edent." — N. Y. Times, January 1, 1968. 


"Jehovah's witnesses have literally covered 
the earth with their witnessing. ... If may be 
truly said that no single religious group in the 
world displayed more zeal and persistence in 
the attempt to spread the good news of the 
Kingdom than the Jehovah's witnesses." — These 
Also Believe, by Charles S. Braden, 1950. 

"All religion is anathema to the Soviets. . . . 
nothing infuriates them quite as much as do 
Jehovah's witnesses. . . . Pravda reports that 
the Witnesses are becoming increasingly active. 
. . . Faith is spreading, and all the mighty re- 
sources of the state seem unable to destroy it." 
— Toronto Daily Star, July 2, 1960. 

"The demand for Bible literature about God's 
kingdom on the part of the people throughout 
the earth has been so great in the last 
twenty years that it has been necessary for the 
Watch Tower Society to print more than 100 
million bound books and more than 325 million 
booklets . . . more than 1,300,000,000 Watch- 
tower magazines and more than 1,100,000,000 
Awake! magazines. . . . Jehovah's witnesses 
are preaching the good news of God's kingdom 
in 197 lands and islands of the sea. Their Bible 
literature now appears in 165 languages." 
— 1968 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses, 
page 29. 

There are many other features of the 
sign marking the "last days." But the ones 
listed above are sufficient to show how Bi- 
ble prophecy has been fulfilled. 

However, some persons may here state: 
'Well, wars, famines, pestilences, earth- 
quakes, crime — these are all features of 
human living in every age. It would not be 
difficult for anyone to predict that they 
would occur again. And, such a prophecy 
could apply to many periods.' 

Is this true? No, it is not, as thoughtful 
reasoning will show. It is one thing to 
foretell such events or conditions, it is an- 
other thing to foretell them on the scale 
indicated, as affecting the entire globe; to 
foretell that they would occur concur- 
rently in only one generation; to fore- 
tell that they would come at the time in- 
dicated in Bible prophecy. That is why 
the publishers of this magazine called at- 

tention to the year 1914 as far back as 
1879, pointing out that disastrous condi- 
tions would begin then. Indeed, fifty-four 
years ago, the New York World of Au- 
gust 30, 1914, said: 

"The terrific war outbreak in Europe has 
fulfilled an extraordinary prophecy. For a 
quarter of a century past, through preachers 
and through press, the 'International Bible 
Students' . . . have been proclaiming to the 
world that the Day of Wrath prophesied in 
the Bible would dawn in 1914. 'Look out 
for 1914!' has been the cry ... of the evan- 

Yet, while these witnesses of Jehovah 
were proclaiming that 1914 would bring 
the worst time of trouble in history, what 
were others saying? In the book 1913: 
America Between Two Worlds [1962] au- 
thor A. Valentine notes: "Secretary of 
State Bryan said [in 1913] that 'condi- 
tions promising world peace were never 
more favorable than now,' and Andrew 



Carnegie said war with Germany had 
never 'even been imagined.' " 

Thus, right up to the" very brink of 
World War I, prominent world leaders 
were forecasting an age of social unity 
and enlightenment. If the conditions that 
have come since 1914 were easily pre- 
dictable, then why did not such men fore- 
see them and sound the warning? 

Still, some object and say: 'Oh, it's only 
the population increase and better report- 
ing methods that make things seem so 
much worse today.' An answer to this 
comes from the following news report: 

. "Washington, May 31 (AP)— FBI Director 
J. Edgar Hoover assailed today those who 
attempt to minimize the nation's crime prob- 
lem by blaming it on the large increase in 
the youthful population and fuller tabula- 
_ tions by police. . . . He said those who try to 
'.. 'explain away the shocking truth behind 
crime statistics' are doomed to failure." 

So do not misread the evidence. It is 
all there, and it is positively overwhelm- 
ing, particularly so because the evidence 
has continued in force for more than half 
a century now! And if all this is not the 
fulfillment of Bible prophecy concerning 
the "last days," then v what does it re- 
quire? What more could be expected in 
the way of fulfillment? 

For your own welfare, you should face 
the fact that all the many lines of the 
"fingerprint" for the "last days" stand out 
sharply, crystal clear. They allow for only 
one meaning: that we have been in the 
"last days" since 1914! 

Crucial questions now arise: Is there 
any indication in God's timetable as to 
how much time there is left before this 
system of things comes to its end?. Can 
we know how many more years remain 
for this violent system of things? 

THE fact that fifty-four years of the 
period called the "last days" have al- 
ready gone by is highly significant. It 
means that only a few years, at most, re- 
main before the corrupt system of things 
dominating the earth is destroyed by God. 
How can we be so certain of this? 

One way is by noting what Jesus said 
when he gave his great prophecy about 
the "last days." After he listed the many 
events that would mark this period, he 
also stated: "Truly I say to you that this 

OCTOBER 8, 1968 

generation will by no means pass away 
until all these things occur."— Matt. 24: 34. 

Jesus was obviously speaking about 
those who were old enough to witness 
with understanding what took place when 
the "last days" began. Jesus was saying 
that some of those persons who were alive 
at the appearance of the 'sign of the last 
days' would still be alive when God 
brought this system to its end. 

Even if we presume that youngsters 15 
years of age would be perceptive enough 


to realize the import of what happened in 
1914, it would still make the youngest of 
"this generation" nearly 70 years old to- 
day. So the great majority of the genera- 
tion to which Jesus was referring has al- 
ready passed away in death. The remain- 
ing ones are approaching old age. And 
remember, Jesus said that the end of this 
wicked world would come before that gen- 
eration passed away in death. This, of it- 
self, tells us that the years left before the 
foretold end comes cannot be many. 

6,000 Years Nearing Completion 

There is another way that helps con- 
firm the fact that we are living in the final 
few years of this "time of the end." (Dan. 
12:9) The Bible shows that we are near- 
ing the end of a full 6,000 years of human 
history. What significance does this have? 

When God gave his laws to ancient Is- 
rael, one of those laws involved keeping 
the sabbath day holy. On the seventh day 
of the week there was to be no labor. The 
people were to rest from all their toil. (Ex. 
20:8-11) The Bible states that "the Law 
has a shadow of the good things to come." 
— Heb. 10:1. 

Revelation chapter 20, verse 6, shows 
that God's heavenly kingdom will rule 
over the earth for one thousand years 
after the end of this system of things. 
That millennium will bring a sabbathlike 
rest to the earth and all those then in- 
habiting it. Hence, the first six thousand 
years since man's creation could be lik- 
ened to the first six days of the week in 
ancient Israel. The seventh one-thousand- 
year period could be likened to the seventh 
day, the sabbath, of that week. — 2 Pet. 

How fitting it would be for God, fol- 
lowing this pattern, to end man's misery 
after six thousand years of human rule 
and follow it with His glorious Kingdom 
rule for a thousand years! This Kingdom 


Christians have prayed for during many 
centuries. — Matt. 6:10. 

When Do 6,000 Years End? 

How can it be determined when 6,000 
years of human history will end? 

According to reliable Bible chronology, 
Adam and Eve were created in 4026 
B.C.E.* From the autumn of 

4026 B.C.E. to 1 B.C.E 4,025 years 

1 B.C.E. to 1 C.E 1 year 

1 C.E. to 1968 C.E 1,967 years 

Total to autumn 1968 .... 5,993 years 

This would leave only seven more years 
from the autumn of 1968 to complete 
6,000 full years of human history. That 
seven-year period will evidently finish in 
the autumn of the year 1975. 

Does this mean that the above evidence 
positively points to 1975 as the time for 
the complete end of this system of things? 
Since the Bible does not specifically state 
this, no man can say. However, of this 
we can be sure: The 1970's will certainly 
see the most critical times mankind has 
yet known. The deterioration in human 
relations — within families, communities, 
cities and nations, and between nations 
—will worsen, not improve. (2 Tim. 3:13) 
If the 1970's should see intervention by 
Jehovah God to bring an end to a corrupt 
world drifting toward ultimate disintegra- 
tion, that should surely not surprise us. 

If you feel that this is painting the 
picture too darkly, consider what warn- 
ings the hard facts have forced even men 
of this world to express. They sense that 
disaster is approaching, but, lacking the 
Bible's guidance, they do not know what 
to do about it. That is why U.S. News & 
World Report of June 10, 1968 said: 

"What is developing, as many experts see 
it, is an era of confusion and doubts unlike 
anything experienced." 

* For further details see the book "All Scripture Is 
Inspired of God and Beneficial," ppl 283 to 286. 


1,656 YEARS 

857 YEARS 906 YEARS 







4026 B.C.E., 

2370 B.C.E., 1513 B.C.E., 

2,520 YEARS 



607 B.C.E., 29 C.E., 

1914 C.E., 1975 C.E., 



Concerning political instability, former 
U.S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson 
said in 1960: "I know enough of what is 
going on to assure you that, in 15 years 
from today [or, by 1975], this world 
is going to be too dangerous to live in." 
And of the struggle between communism 
and capitalism, Intelligence Digest of Au- 
gust 1967 said: "The facts . . . show that 
the forces in the world struggle are group- 
ing themselves for a decisive show-down." 

Everywhere national currencies are in 
trouble. Alfred Shaefer, chairman of 
Switzerland's Union Bank, said in 1968: 
"Everywhere you see a shakiness. Time 
is running out. Something disagreeable 
could happen at any time." 

Large cities are in such a state of af- 
fairs that efforts to patch them, up have 
proved hopelessly insufficient. The air, wa- 
ter and land are becoming polluted to the 
point of saturation. Transportation in 
many nations is a major killer, and the 
crush of traffic often paralyzes major cit- 
ies for hours. Schools and colleges are in 
a dilemma as to maintaining order. 

Drug addiction and immorality have 
reached unimagined extremes. Law en- 
forcement becomes increasingly difficult, 
with the public often apathetic toward 
corruption and even showing violent ani- 
mosity toward the police. In the United 
States, firemen are frequently attacked 
when answering fire calls. 

Nor can the religious systems of Chris- 

OGTOBER 8, 1968 

tendom stem the tide, for they too are in 
a state of growing chaos. An Associated 
Press -dispatch on November 24, 1967, re- 

"Christian theology . . . today is in a state 
of chaos, many of its experts admit. 'Today, 
we are at the end of a theological era, with 
the old theological systems a shambles,' 
says the Rev. James I. McCord, president of 
Princeton Theological Seminary." 

One of the greatest problems, beyond 
man's solving, is the coming food short- 
age due to the population explosion. In 
the book Famine — 1975! food experts 
W. and P. Paddock state: 

"By 1975 a disaster of unprecedented 
magnitude will face the world. Famines, 
greater than any in history, will ravage the 
undeveloped nations." 

"I forecast a specific date, 1975, when the 
new crisis will be upon us in all its awesome 

"By 1975 civil disorder, anarchy, military 
dictatorships, runaway inflation, transporta- 
tion breakdowns and chaotic unrest will be 
the order of the day in many of the hungry 

And the Arizona Republic said on June 
2, 1968, that Professor R. Heilbroner of 
New York "predicted that in the early 
1970's, 'the greatest catastrophe the world 
has ever known' will occur when popula- 
tion far outstrips the available food 

Just a 'Passing Phase'? 

Some will object and say that these 
distressing conditions are just a 'passing 


phase' in world affairs. "Things will 
straighten out and the present systems 
will gradually improve,' they may say. 

But on what basis can you believe this? 
Have men successfully coped with these 
conditions, or, to the contrary, has history 
and your own personal experience proved 
that these conditions have worsened? 

Ask yourself: What is the trend? Are 
men becoming less selfish and more lov- 
ing? Are they becoming less ambitious 
and proud? Are they tending toward 
greater humility, greater love for their 
neighbor and concern for his welfare? Is 
there less violence, less hatred in the 
world? Is it more peaceful, less dangerous? 

The facts answer, No! He is not solv- 
ing his problems. Instead, his manage- 
ment of earth is producing crises of ever 
greater proportions. So why believe that 
conditions under man's rule will im- 
prove? Why not face the facts as stated 
in the Bible that this present system is 
headed for a crash, but that before it goes 
to pieces completely from its own bad- 
ness, Almighty God is going to step in 
and execute his judgment upon it? — Jer. 
25:31-33; Rev. 18:1-8; 19:11-21. 

Change Ahead in World Government 

It is very appropriate for God to bring 
an end to man's rule. On their own, in- 
dependent from God, men and nations 
have brought ever greater disaster to the 
human family. Unable to get what they 
want by legitimate and just means, they 
have drenched the earth with the blood 
of innocent people.— Isa. 26:21. 

Editor David Lawrence acknowledged 
on September 25, 1967: "Unhappiness on 
earth is man-made. Our key weakness is 
that we have not solved the problem of 
self-government." And the editor of In- 
telligence Digest admitted in August of 
1967: "Only God can settle world affairs. 
The materialistic concept that, by his own 


unaided efforts, man can establish lasting 
peace is directly contrary to Christian 

However, since the majority of humans 
and their leaders do not really want God 
as their ruler, they will have to be taken 
out of the way. That is why Bible proph- 
ecy says of our time: "In the days of those 
kings the God of heaven will set up a 
kingdom th&t will never be brought to 

ruin. And the 
kingdom itself 
will not be 
passed on to any 
other people. It 
will crush and 
put an end to all 
these kingdoms, 
and it itself will 
stand to times in- 
definite." (Dan. 
2:44) What a re- 
lief this will 
bring to those 
Who are sick of 
all the bloodshed, 
strife and corruption! 

Those who submit to God's require- 
ments will be protected by him through 
the coming Armageddon destruction of 
this system of things. He promises: "Seek 
Jehovah, all you meek ones of the earth, 
who have practiced His own judicial de- 
cision. Seek righteousness, seek meekness. 
Probably you may be concealed in the day 
of Jehovah's anger."— Zeph. 2:3. 

After the end of this system of things, 
then what? A new day will dawn for the 
human family! Armageddon survivors will 
begin to enjoy all the benefits of a righ- 
teous new order. Just what will conditions 
be like on earth then? What blessings will 
flow, to the human family during this 
1,000-year rule of God's kingdom? For 
your own encouragement, examine these 
conditions arid benefits in the light of 
God's promises. 


WHEN God puts an end to this present 
system of things shortly, it will pave 
the way for his clean new order for earth. 
Armageddon will rid the earth of war, 
violence, crime and injustice. Divisive gov- 
ernments, religions and economic systems 
will be gone forever. 

With God's heavenly kingdom the only 
government ruling over the earth, God's 

supreme power for doing good will be 
manifested by his showering down bless- 
ings on those of mankind who will live 
in that new order. Following are a few 
heartwarming prophecies from God's 
Word. Many of them find their fulfillment 
primarily in a spiritual sense now among 
God's servants. But they also foretell lit- 
eral and physical blessings. 


Who wilt brirjg total disarmament? "[God] 
is making wars to cease to the extremity of the 
earth."— Ps. 46:9. 

All survivors of Armageddon will have al- 
ready done this: "THey will have to beat their 
swords into plowshares and their spears into 
pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword 
against nation, neither will they learn war any 
more." — Isa. 2:4. 

Why will that peace know no future dis- 
turbance? "Evildoers themselves will be cut off, 
. . . the wicked one will be no more."^Ps. 37: 
9, 10. 

"And my people must dwell in a peaceful abiding 
place and in residences of full confidence and in 
undisturbed resting places." — |sq. 32:18. 

OQTOBER 8, 1968 < 



Neither will animalistic men 
nor literal beasts then be a 

"The wolf will actually re- 
side for a while with the male 
lamb, and with the kid the 
leopard itself will lie down, 
and the calf and the maned 
young lion and the well-fed 
animal all together; and a 
mere little boy will be leader 
over them. And the cow and 
the bear themselves will feed; 
together their young ones will 
lie down. And even the lion 
will eat straw just like the bull. 
And the sucking child will cer- 
tainly play upon the hole of 
the cobra; and upon the light 
aperture of a poisonous snake 
will a weaned child actually 
put his own hand. They will 
not do any harm or cause any 
ruin." — Isa. 11:6-9. 

^'^^HM^ff'^ ^ 


HI,. '! , '»- 


"And for them I shall certainly conclude a covenant in 
that day in connection with the wild 'beast of the field 
and with the flying creature of the heavens and the 

creeping thing of the ground, , 
down in security. "- — Hos. 2:18. 

I will make them lie 






All persons will become healthy, 
spiritually, mentally and physically. 

"At that time the eyes of the 
blind ones will be opened, and the 
very ears of the deaf ones will be 
unstopped. At that time the lame 
one will climb up just as a stag 
does,- and the tongue of the speech- 
less one will cry out in gladness." 
— Isa. 35:5, 6. , 

"And [God] will wipe out every 
tear from their eyes, and death 
will be no more, neither will mourn- 
ing nor outcry nor pain be any 
more." — Rev. 21:4. 

Even the dead will come back 
from the grave. 

"The hour is coming in which all 
those in the memorial tombs will 
hear his voice and come out." 
—John 5:28, 29. 

"The sea gave up those dead in 
it, and death and Hades [the 
grave] gave up those dead in 
them."— Rev. 20:13. 

OCTOBER 8, 1968 

God's power can even reverse the aging 

"Let his flesh become fresher than in youth; 
let him return to the days of his youthful vigor." 
—Job 33:25. 

"The gift God gives is everlasting life by 
Christ Jesus our Lord." — Rom. 6:23. 

"Everyone exercising faith in him might ... 
have everlasting life." — John 3:16. 


The fruits' of good works (Gal. 
5:22, 23) will be matched by earth- 
ly fruitfulness. 

"the mountains and the hills 
themselves will become cheerful be- 
fore you with a: joyful outcry, land 
the very trees of the field will all 
clap their hands. Instead of the 
thicket of thorns the juniper tree will 
come up. Instead of the stinging 
nettle the myrtle tree will come up." 
— Isa. 55:12, 13. 

"The wilderness and the water- 
less region will exult, and the des- 
ert plain will be joyful and blossom 
as the saffron."— Isa. 35:1. 

"You will be with me in Para- 
dise."— Luke 23:43. 

Malnutrition and famine will be 
things of the past; 

"Jehovah of armies will certainly 
make for all the peoples ... a ban- 
quet of well-oiled dishes, a banquet 
of wine kept on the dregs, of well- 
oiled dishes filled with marrow."— Isa. 

"There will come to be plenty of 
grain on the earth; on the top of the 
mountains there will be an overflow." 
— Ps. 72:16. 

"Pouring rains of blessing there will 
prove to be. And the tree of the field 
must give its fruitage, and the land 
itself will give its yield, and they will 
actually prove to be on their soil in 
security." — Ezek. 34:26, 27. 

"The earth itself will certainly give 
its produce; God, our God, will bless 
us."— Ps. 67:6. 




No slums; no crowded living conditions. 

"They will certainly build houses and have occupancy . . . 

They will not build and 
someone else have occu- 
pancy; they will not plant 
and someone else do the 
eating. . . . the work of their 
own hands my chosen ones 
will use to the full. They 
will not toil for nothing, nor 
will they bring to birth for 
disturbance."- — Isa. 65:21- 

No need for protective bars and locks. 

"They will actually sit, each one under his vine 
and under his fig tree, and there will be no one 
making them tremble." — Mic. 4:4. 

OCTOBER 8, 1968 


Surely you want to live in such a won- 
derful new order as God's Word describes. 
Think of it — no more war, crime, violence, 
poverty, hunger, poor housing or sickness! 

What a blessing these conditions will 
be for those who sincerely love righteous- 
ness! And under God's loving administra- 
tion by his appointed King, Christ Jesus, 
all mankind will become one united, hap- 
py family. From heaven, this righteous 
rulership will guide, assist and prosper the 
activities of those who make up the new 
earthly arrangement of things. Fulfilled 
will be the Bible prophecy: "There are 
new heavens [God's kingdom] and a new 
earth [righteous human society] that we 
are awaiting according to his promise, and 
in these righteousness is to dwell." 
—2 Pet. 3:13. 

The new system will certainly fulfill the 
promise given through the psalmist, who 
said of the loving Creator: "You are open- 
ing your hand and satisfying the desire 
of every living thing." (Ps. 145:16) All 
the proper desires of God-fearing persons 
will be completely realized under the rule 
of the Kingdom government. Not only 
peace, prosperity and health, but also the 
enjoyment of living among people who are 
honest, decent, loving and helpful. 

Nor will this enjoyment be temporary. 
It will not be cut short by death after 
seventy or eighty years of life. For God's 
Word guarantees the elimination of death, 
saying: "He will actually swallow up 
death forever, and the Lord Jehovah will 
certainly wipe the tears from all faces." 
(Isa. 25:8) "The righteous themselves will 
possess the earth, and they will reside 
forever upon it." — Ps. 37:29. 

Even those in the graves will have an 
opportunity for life in God's new order, 
for "there is going to be a resurrection 
of both the righteous and the unrigh- 
teous." (Acts 24:15) In this way the res- 
urrected dead will be in position to prove 

their loyalty to God and be found worthy 
of living forever in that restored paradise. 

But will not this planet become too 
crowded with so many millions coming 
back in the resurrection? No, that will not 
be the case. Keep in mind that the Cre- 
ator of the universe regulates the thou- 
sands of millions of heavenly bodies with 
a precision that inspires awe in man. 
Surely God is capable of determining and 
regulating a far smaller number of people 
to live comfortably on earth. There will 
be no problem of overcrowding to mar the 
happiness of that new order. Jehovah will 
solve any problem that could arise. Hence, 
we can confidently say: "O Jehovah of 
armies, happy is the man that is trusting 
in you."— Ps. 84:12. 

Living then will be true living, in the 
way the Creator purposed, free from the 
frustration, irritation, disagreeableness 
and anxiety that characterizes the lives of 
millions today. That is why the Bible de- 
scribes the condition of persons then in 
this way: "The meek ones themselves will 
possess the earth, and they will indeed find 
their exquisite delight in the abundance 
of peace." (Ps. 37:11) Yes, those living in 
that new order will experience such deep 
peace and contentment that every day will 
be an "exquisite delight" to them. 

Do you not agree that God's purpose 
for earth and man in the near future is 
inspiring? Certainly, nothing that any 
man, organization or government on earth 
today has done or ever could do remotely 
compares with what God will do for man 
in His new order. 

Surely no one today can deny the ur- 
gent need for a change in the direction 
in which men and nations are moving. 
Many, in fact, long for such a change. Yet 
they hesitate to believe in the prospect 
of seeing a global change take place in the 
near future by God's power. Why? Does 
their doubting have a sound basis? 






THE evidence that we are far along in 
the "last days" can be either good 
news or bad news to you, depending on 
the position you take. If you long to be 
free from a rule that has proved both 
unsatisfactory and unrighteous and that 
is torn more and more by discord and 
confusion; if you really love what is right 
and have a sincere desire to do the will 
of your Creator, then this evidence should 
make you rejoice. Why? Because, as Jesus 
Christ said: "As these things start to oc- 
cur, raise yourselves erect and lift your 
heads up, because your deliverance is 
getting near." — Luke 21:28. 

A perfect government, heaven-based 
and with heaven's blessing and heaven's 
power backing it up, will soon take com- 
plete control of this earth. In this way 
God will answer the prayer: "Let your 
kingdom come." What better news could 
there be? 

Still some persons may say: "How can 
you be sure? Maybe it is later than many 
people think. But maybe it is not as late 
as some persons claim. People have been 
mistaken about these prophecies before." 

The Difference 

True, there have been those in times 
past who predicted an "end to the world," 

OCTOBER 8, 1968 

even announcing a specific date. Some 
have gathered groups of people with them 
and fled to the hills or withdrawn into 
their houses waiting for the end. Yet, 
nothing happened. The "end" did not come. 
They were guilty of false prophesying. 
Why? What was missing? 

Missing was the full measure of evi- 
dence required in fulfillment of Bible 
prophecy. Missing from such people were 
God's truths and the evidence that he was 
guiding and using them. 

But what about today? Today we have 
the evidence required, aU of it. And it is 
overwhelming! All the many, many parts 
of the great sign of the "last days" are 
here, together with verifying Bible chro- 

Take a simple illustration: Suppose on 
a hot day at the beginning of summer, 
someone told you that winter was coming 
within a week because he had seen some 
trees without leaves. But those trees could 
have died from disease or age. So, by itself 
that would not be enough evidence that 
winter was approaching. Especially so 
when none of the other trees had shed 
their leaves, when the heat continued day 
after day, and when the calendar told you 
it was just the beginning of summer. You 


could rightly dismiss the claim of winter's 
nearness as unfounded. 

What, though, if months later you went 
outside each day in the afternoon and 
found the temperature approaching the 
freezing point, with dull gray clouds scud- 
ding across the sky? What if you saw 
that all the trees that were not ever- 
greens had. shed their leaves? And what 
if you, upon inquiring, found that the au- 
tumn harvest of crops had taken place 
weeks ago, and that the migrating birds 
and animals had already taken leave for 
warmer climates? What if your calendar 
showed that the autumn months were at 
their close? 

Would you still doubt if someone told 
you that winter was coming very soon? 
Would you say he was just guessing or 
merely expressing his own idea? Or would 
you acknowledge, on the basis of solid 
evidence, that he knew the facts and was 
telling you the truth? 

After expressing the many parts that 
make up the sign of the "last days," Jesus 
used a similar illustration with regard to 
another season, summer, saying: "Note 

the fig tree and all the other trees: When 
they are already in the bud, by observing 
it you know for yourselves that now the 
summer is near." (Luke 21:29, 30) Then, 
as recorded at Matthew 24:33, 34, he add- 
ed: "Likewise also you, when you see 
all these things, know that he is near at 
the doors. Truly I say to you that this 
generation will by no means pass away 
until all these things occur." We today 
have aU the many parts of that sign, near- 
ly forty of them, being fulfilled within the 
same generation, and we have God's time- 
table, his "calendar," showing that the 
time has nearly run out for the present 
unrighteous system of things. This is very 
different indeed from the situation with 
those who proclaimed an "end to the 
world" in earlier generations. 

The Majority's Opinion 

Not a Sound Guide 

We need to realize that the majority of 
persons will not be moved by the evi- 
dence that God's kingdom has drawn near. 
Why? They are not really interested in 
God's new system taking over control of 

earth. They do 
not want to sub- 
mit to God's rule, 
preferring to 
pursue their own 
selfish desires. 
These people will 
look for ways to 
reject or ridicule 
the evidence. But 
they merely add 
to the evidence 
of the "last 
days," for the Bi- 
ble foretold: "In 
the last days 
there will come 
ridiculers with 
their ridicule, 



proceeding according to their own de- 
sires and saying: 'Where is this promised 
presence of his? Why, from the day our 
forefathers fell asleep in death, all things 
are continuing exactly as from creation's 
beginning.' "—2 Pet. 3:3, 4. 

Many people today are like persons on 
a runaway train who pay no attention 
when someone sincerely tries to warn 
them that the train is heading for di- 
saster. They keep on with their club-car 
conversations, discussing matters such' as 
wages, prices or social injustices. Or they 
keep on arguing over the merits of politi- 
cal leaders, the latest sports events; or 
reading, drinking, or playing cards. 

Do not such persons fit the description 
Jesus gave, saying: "For as they were in 
those days before the floodj eating and 
drinking, men marrying and women be- 
ing given in marriage, until the day that 
Noah entered into the ark; and they took 
no note until the flood came and swept 
them all away, so the presence of the Son 
of man will be"?— Matt. 24:38, 39. 

Notice that Jesus said "they took no 
note." But despite this and despite the 
scoffing of the majority, "the world of 
that time suffered destruction when it 
was deluged with water." (2 Pet. 3:6) 
But note please that Noah and his fam- 
ily had the happy experience of living 
through that destruction. Why? "Noah 
proceeded to do according to all that God 
had commanded him. He did just so." 
—Gen. 6:22. 

A Parallel Situation in Jesus' Day 

The attitude of the majority when Je- 
sus was on earth was no different from 
today. They placed no confidence in his 
warnings nor the hope he announced. 

Jesus told the Jewish leaders that God 
had abandoned their religious system be- 
cause of their willful disobedience and re- 
ligious hypocrisy, saying: "Look! Your 

house is abandoned to you." (Matt. 23:38) 
He warned the people: "When you see 
Jerusalem surrounded by encamped ar- 
mies, then know that the desolating of her 
has drawn near. Then let those in Judea 
begin fleeing to the mountains, and let 
those in the midst of her withdraw, and 
let those in the country places not enter 
into her; because these are days for met- 
ing out justice."— Luke 21:20-22. 

In that same generation, in the year 
66 C.E., Roman armies did come against 
Jerusalem, besieging it as Jesus foretold. 
But then, those armies withdrew, as an- 
cient Jewish historian Josephus said: 
"without any reason in the world." (Wars 
of the Jews, Book II, Chapter XIX, sec. 7) 
Here was the sign Jesus had mentioned 
and now the opportunity to act upon it! 
Christians, confidently believing the truth 
of what Jesus said, rapidly abandoned Je- 
rusalem and all the surrounding area. 
They crossed the Jordan River to the 
east, getting out of Judean territory al- 

Those who did not believe Jesus, or at 
least doubted him, ignored the sign. 
Thinking the Romans would not be back, 
they resumed their routine of life. In fact, 
four years later, in 70 C.E., during a re- 
ligious holiday the Jews flocked into Je- 
rusalem by the hundreds of thousands. 
They did the very opposite of what Jesus 
said to do! 

Just at that time, the Roman armies 
came back in force! They quickly sur- 
rounded Jerusalem, trapping more than a 
million Jews inside the city. After a siege, 
those powerful armies of Rome broke 
through the city's defenses. More than a 
million Jews died due to famine and dis- 
ease or were slaughtered, and tens of 
thousands were taken captive. Their city 
and its religious temple were put to the 
torch. By the year 73 C.E. all Judea had 
been desolated. Those who ignored Jesus' 

OCTOBER 8, 1968 


warning, viewing it as mere "calamity 
howling," paid with their lives. 

Yet, during this very time of horrible 
destruction, the Christians who had 
obeyed Jesus lived in blessed security in 
the mountains across the Jordan River. 

No Real Excuse for Doubting 

Despite all the evidence surrounding 
them in proof that God's kingdom will soon 
come against the present wicked system, 
some still call for added proof. They 
would like some obviously supernatural 
phenomena to take place so as to convince 
them that it is truly later than they had 
thought. But, when a group of religious 
leaders wanted Jesus to produce some 
heavenly display to cause them to believe 
in him, Jesus said in reproof: "When 
evening falls you are accustomed to say, 
'It will be fair weather, for the sky is 
fire-red'; and at morning, 'It will be win- 
try, rainy weather today, for the sky is 
fire-red, but gloomy-looking.' You know 
how to interpret the appearance of the 
sky, but the signs of the times you can- 
not interpret." — Matt. 16:1-3; Luke 12: 

The Bible shows the true meaning of 
the "signs of the times" in which we are 
living. If we believe God's Word we will 
rejoice. Do you believe it? Or are you 
perhaps influenced by persons who at- 
tempt to discredit and downgrade the Bi- 
ble's reliability? If so, you should not 
make the mistake of thinking that such 
criticism has true scientific basis. Note, 
for example, what Professor R. D. Wilson 
said in A Scientific Investigation of the 
Old Testament: 

"Whenever there is sufficient documentary 
evidence to make an investigation, the state- 
ments of the Bible in the original text have i 
stood the test. . » r 

"The chronological and geographical state- 
ments are more accurate and reliable than 
those afforded by any other ancient docu- 

The famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton, 
a critic of ancient writings, said after ex- 
amining the Scriptures: "I find more sure 
marks of authenticity in the New Testa- 
ment than in any profane history what- 
ever." And modern archaeologist W. F. 
Albright said in his book Archaeology and 
Israel: "No major contention of Scripture 
has proved unhistorical." 

So, while you may choose to doubt the 
Bible's authenticity, if you have never 
made a thorough study of it, then you 
should be honest enough to admit either 
to ignorance of its contents or perhaps 
even prejudice against them. But igno- 
rance or prejudice on such a vital subject 
and in a time such as we are now experi- 
encing is dangerous indeed. Now, if ever, 
men. and women everywhere need to re- 
examine their outlook on life, the basis for 
their hopes and their present course of ac- 
tion, and their reason for their beliefs and 

We sincerely hope that you are one who 
will open-mindedly consider the facts, and 
that your faith in God's justice and love 
and in the truth of his Word continues 
unaffected by the doubts and scofflngs of 
a world that blindly rushes on in a di- 
sastrous course. (2 Cor. 4:4; Matt. 15:14) 
This system of things is picking up speed 
in its downward plunge. Will you stay 
with it and take the consequences, or will 
you listen to the counsel of God's Word 
and abandon it? 

The time remaining for a decision is 
short. The opportunity is still before you, 
like the open door of the ark built by 
Noah before the Flood, and like the open 
gates of Jerusalem when Rome's armies 
temporarily withdrew. But that door of 
opportunity will soon close for all time. 
Prompt action is vital if you would be 
among the happy survivors of this pres- 
ent system's destruction. What can you 
do and what will it require of you? 


A WA KE ! 


LIKE a train about to plunge into an 
abyss, this system of things is about 
to plunge into destruction. Time is fast 
running out for it! 

If you had the right opportunity to 
jump from a train that was heading for 
certain destruction, would you not do so? 
True, it might cost you a severe bruising; 
you might leave behind some of your pos- 
sessions and the people on the train, but 
you would save your life. 

What will it cost you to have the hope 
of living through the end of this wicked 
system of things? What will you have to 
pay to gain life in God's new order? 

The cost to you cannot be measured in 
money. The apostle Peter once said to a 
person offering him money for benefits 
that God gives: "May your silver perish 
with you, because you thought through 
money to get possession of the free gift 
of God."— Acts 8:18-20. 

Eternal Life a Gift 

Similarly, eternal life in God's new or- 
der will be a gift: "The gift God gives is 
everlasting life." (Rom. 6:23) You can- 
not buy that with all the money in the 
world. And no human agency can give 

OCTOBER 8, 1968 

you that life either. Man's works, 
however noble, all end in death. 
Even the sincere attempts by 
means of modern medicine can- 
not prolong life indefinitely. In 
this regard the New York Times 
of October 30, 1966, reported: 

"At the moment, efforts to length- 
en the life span seem to have 
broken down. ... It is now gener- 
ally agreed that no single factor is 
involved in aging. . . . the conquest 
of cancer, heart disease and the 
like will not lead to a dramatic 
increase in the life span. Too many 
weaknesses are built into the hu- 
man frame to be overcome." 

So it is futile to look to money or human 
means for life. Only God can, and will, 
give eternal life to deserving ones. 

Deserving ones? Does this mean that 
the gift of life will not come to everyone 
automatically? This is just what it means. 
While the gift of eternal life is available 
to everybody, it will be given only to 
those who meet the conditions God lays 
down.-^John 3:35, 36. 

What the Cost Is 

God's Word states: "The world is pass- 
ing away and so is its desire, but he that 
does the will of God remains forever" 
— 1 John 2:17. 

That is the key to eternal life, the doing 
of God's will. All the conditions that must 
be met are included in that framework. 
So then, if you want to survive the end of 
this wicked world and be given the gift 
of eternal life in God's new system, you 
need to do God's will. 

It is only logical that if you want to 
live in God's new system you must do his 
will. What would happen if God allowed 
people to do whatever they wanted in his 
new system? Crime, violence, bloodshed, 
hatred, prejudice and injustice would be- 


gin all over again. However, this will not 
be the case, for God will not again allow 
such conditions to prevail. — Isa. 11:9. 

Therefore, there must be law and order. 
And the highest law that results in the 
best order comes from God. That is why 
there has to be an obeying of God's righ- 
teous requirements. These requirements 
work to the good of everyone, including 
the one keeping them. Nor are they bur- 
densome: "This is what the love of God 
means, that we observe his command- 
ments; and yet his commandments are not 
burdensome." — 1 John 5:3. 

Jesus Christ said: "Come to me, all you 
who are toiling and loaded down, and I 
will refresh you. Take my yoke upon you 
and become my disciples, for I am mild- 
tempered and lowly in heart, and you will 
find refreshment for your souls. For my 
yoke is kindly and my load is light." 
—Matt. 11:28-30. 

A loving God will certainly not put 
burdens upon you that you cannot carry. 
Keeping God's commandments, doing his 
will, is not a heavy, depressing burden. 
Instead, it is refreshing, uplifting, light. 

Spend Time and Effort 

To do God's will, you must first know 
what it is. To find that out, you need to 
spend time and effort. 

Is that too high a price to pay for learn- 
ing about eternal life? Surely not. The 
first-century Christians willingly spent 
time and effort, as have hundreds of thou- 
sands of sincere Christians today, to learn 
God's will. They eagerly looked into God's 
Word to determine the truth: "They re- 
ceived the word with the greatest eager- 
ness of mind, carefully examining the 
Scriptures daily as to whether these things 
were so." — Acts 17:11. 

There is no substitute for this taking in 
of Bible knowledge. Your hope to gain 
eternal life depends upon it: "This means 


everlasting life, their taking in knowledge 
of you, the only true God, and of the one 
whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ." (John 
17:3) Yes, the only way to survive the 
end of this wicked world and to gain life 
in God's new order is by doing God's will. 
And the only way to find out God's will is 
to look into his Word, the Bible. 

True, this may take some time and ef- 
fort from other pursuits. But consider 
this: you now probably work about forty 
hours a week to make your living. Or, if 
you are a housewife, you work hard all 
week caring for the needs of the family. 
Yet, this investment of time and effort 
does not lead toward eternal life because 
even ungodly persons do as much. How- 
ever, with far less time and effort, you 
can take in the knowledge that will start 
you on the way to eternal life. 

Do Not Be Diverted by Opposition 

You need to understand that not all per- 
sons have respect for God or for his Word. 
Some oppose. Others openly ridicule. 
(2 Pet. 3:3, 4) Do not be surprised, there- 
fore, to have opposition arise from some 
of your friends, or even from close rela- 
tives, when you begin to study the Bible. 

Jesus himself said that this might hap- 
pen. (Matt. 10:36) If this does happen, 
and others oppose your learning God's 
will, then what? Should you abandon your 
study of God's Word? Remember, the Bi- 
ble says of men: "Not one of them can 
by any means redeem even a brother, nor 
give to God a ransom for him . . . that he 
should still live forever and not see the 
pit."— Ps. 49:7, 9. 

The gift of eternal life will not come 
from any human, only from God. So do 
not let anyone divert you from taking in 
knowledge of God. Indeed, although some 
may oppose you, in time, with patience 
and tact on your part, and with evidence 
that your life has been changed for the 


better by your knowledge of God; it may 
influence such opposers to accept God and 
his Word.— 1 Pet. 3:1, 2. 

Also, what good would you do for op- 
posers by going along with them to cer- 
tain disaster? If you were on a train head- 
ed for a crash, could you do anyone on it 
any good by staying with the train just 
because others refuse to leave? All you 
would do is lose your own life. So staying 
with this system as it heads toward its 
end will not benefit anyone. 

No Time to Lose 

The end of this wicked system is ap- 
proaching rapidly. It is much later than 
most people realize. Hence, there is no 
time to lose in working for survival. 

Do not be misled into thinking you can 
ignore the matter and that God will some- 
how favor you when 
the end comes. No, 
you cannot gain 
eternal life without 
God's approval, and 
you cannot get God's 
approval without 
meeting his condi- 
tions: "Jehovah is with you as long as you 
prove to be with him; and if you search 
for him, he will let himself be found by 
you, but if you leave him he will leave 
you.'*— 2 Chron. 15:2. 

Those who refuse to listen to God will 
not survive the end of this system. The 
Great Judge of all mankind now causes 
his wisdom to cry out and give warning: 
"Because I have called out but you keep 
refusing, . . . and you keep neglecting all 
my counsel, and my reproof you have not 
accepted, I also, for my part, shall laugh 
at your own disaster, I shall mock when 
what you dread comes, ... and your own 
disaster gets here just like a stormwind, 
when distress and hard times come upon 

you. At that time they will keep calling me, 
but I shall not answer; they will keep look- 
ing for me, but they will not find me, for 
the '] reason that they hated knowledge, 
and the fear of Jehovah they did not 
choose. They did not consent to my coun- 
sel; they disrespected all my reproof. So 
they will eat from the fruitage of their 
way."— Prov. 1:24-31. 

But' this will not be so for those who 
do take in knowledge of God, who listen 
to his counsel and reproof, and who then 
apply themselves to the doing of his will: 
"As for the one listening to me, he will 
reside in security and be undisturbed 
from dread of calamity." (Prov. 1:33) Of 
"this kind of person the Bible says: "The 
upright are the ones that will reside in 
the earth, and the blameless are the ones 
that will be left over in it."— Prov. 2:21. 

Do you want to be 
"left over" in the 
earth when this 
wicked system is an- 
nihilated soon at Ar- 
mageddon? (Dan. 2: 
44) Then begin tak- 
ing in knowledge of 
God right away. How? By a systematic 
study of the Bible with those who love 
God's Woyd and who live by it. Write to 
Awake! magazine and request such a Bible 
study in the privacy of your own home. 
A qualified minister, one of Jehovah's wit- 
nesses, will be sent to show you the most 
practical and beneficial way of under- 
standing your Bible. There will be no cost 
of money to you. But it will cost some of 
your time, about one hour a week. 

You have no time to lose in making 
friends with God, because time is rapidly 
running out for this wicked system of 
things. It is very close to plunging into the 
chasm of Armageddon. Therefore, take 
steps quickly to work for survival and for 
eternal life in God's new order. 

What Has Happened to Respect for 

Could Noah's Ark Have Held All Those 

Keep Your Teeth. 
Credit Cards— Convenient and Dangerous. 

OCTOBER 8, 1968 


Quake Kills Thousands 

4> The northeastern province 
of Khurasan in Iran was 
struck by a severe earthquake 
on September 2. More than 
10,000 people were killed. Over 
one hundred villages were said 
to have been destroyed or 
damaged and 100,000 persons 
left homeless. The mud-brick 
homes of peasants were crum- 
bled easily by the earthquake, 
which was said to be as strong 
as the one six years ago that 
killed 12,000 people in Iran. 
These earthquakes remind us 
of Jesus' words about what we 
might expect to see in the last 
days of this system of things. 
—Matt. 24:7. 

Chile's Disastrous Drought 

# The worst drought in 102 
years has seriously affected 
the fertile central valley of 
Chile, threatening the live- 
stock, the century-old vine- 
yards, the drinking water and 
electric power plants. The 
drought has already cost the 
nation $100,000,000. A modest 
estimate of the deaths due to 
lack of water and fodder is 
set at 150,000 head of cattle. 
Some 300,000 sheep are said 
to have died. Rural families 
numbering some 6,000 are said 
to be badly in need of food 
supplies. The situation in Chile 
was termed by officials as "ex- 
tremely serious." 


Orthodox Religion Dying 

# At no time in history has 
the future of religion in Chris- 
tendom been so uncertain. A 
profound revolution in reli- 
gious thought is sweeping the 
churches. These were the con- 
clusions of two noted Berkeley 
sociologists, Rodney Stark and 
Charles Gock. The authors 
pointed out that religious fer- 
ment and skepticism are not 
new, but the difference this 
time is that the challenge 
comes from Christian theo- 
logians. As for churchgoers, 
"a near majority reject such 
traditional articles of faith as 
Christ's miracles, life after 
death, the promise of the Sec- 
ond Coming, the Virgin Birth, 
and an overwhelming majority 
reject the existence of the 
Devil." These men add, 
"Sooner or later the churches 
will have to face the fact that 
orthodoxy is dead." 

Moral Standards Repudiated 

<$> "There has always been a 
widespread violation of moral 
standards. Today's crisis is no 
different," many persons as- 
sert. But there is a difference, 
as the distinguished Jewish 
philosopher Will Herberg ob- 
serves: "The moral crisis of 
our time consists primarily not 
in the widespread violation of 
accepted moral standards 
—when has any age been free 
of that? — but in the repudia- 

tion of these very moral stan- 
dards themselves." Explains 
Herberg: "It is here that we 
find a breakdown in morality 
in a radical sense, in a sense 
almost without precedent in 
our western history." It is the 
present unprecedented moral 
breakdown that the Bible 
pointed to as an identifying 
mark of "the last days." — 2 
Tim. 3:1-3. 

World Diseases 

•# According to the World 
Health Organization, the fol- 
lowing is a table of various 
diseases in the world today 
and the number of persons 
afflicted by them: Schistoso- 
miasis — 200 million; filariasis 
— 190 million; hookworm — 450 
million; onchocerciasis— 
50 million; Chagas' disease 
— 7 million; leprosy — 11 mil- 
lion; trachoma— 400 million. 

Blood and Money 

<$> During World War II the 
United States reported 292,131 
dead in battle and 115,185 dead 
from other causes, six times 
as many as were killed in ac- 
tion in World War I. The 
money costs of World War II 
are said to be $1,154,000,000,000 
— with property damage, ex- 
clusive of that in China, com- 
ing to $230,900,000,000. There 
have been 39 wars fought since 
World War II. What a grand 
relief mankind will experience 
when God makes wars to cease 
from the earth! 

Alive for 4,000 Years 

<$> The bristlecone pines 
(Pinus aristata) that cling to 
the 11,000-foot arid peaks of 
the White Mountains of east- 
ern California furnish remark- 
able proof that life can con- 
tinue for thousands of years. 
A careful count of their 
growth rings reveal them to 
be older than the 3,500-year- 
old sequoias. So far, more than 
1,000 trees have been found 
that exceed 4,000 years of age, 
indicating that some of these 
may have begun growing soon 


after the great Noachian flood 
of 2370 B.C.E. The bristlecone 
pines serve to strengthen one's 
faith in the Bible's promise of 
everlasting life in God's rap- 
idly approaching new order of 
things. We are assured, "like 
the days of a tree will the 
days of my [God's] people be." 
— Isa. 65:22. 

Flood Verified 

<$> Alaska is the scene of dis- 
coveries that are of keen in- 
terest to Bible students and 
scientists alike. According to 
an editorial in the East Liver- 
pool Review on July 26, "scien- 
tists say vast herds of mast- 
odons and other animals in 
the Arctic were killed without 
visible sign of violence, some 
of them before they could 
swallow a mouthful of food. 
And they were frozen so 
quickly that every cell of their 
bodies was perfectly preserved. 
Some of the scientists believe 

that a flood, as related in the 
Bible, caused the quick deaths. 
They contend that a vast quan- 
tity of moisture suspended 
high above the earth created 
a 'greenhouse effect' which ex- 
plains grass found in the stom- 
achs of the frozen animals 
in the polar regions. When 
the water blanket suddenly 
crashed to the earth, it created 
the flood according to the 
theory. Then, with the in- 
sulating vapor removed, the 
polar regions suddenly were 
plunged into a 'deep freeze' 
and millions of animals were 

Back-talking Priests 

■$> Popes, as a rule, are not 
used to tongue-lashings at the 
hands of priests. When Pope 
Paul VI recently spoke out 
against too rapid changes in 
the Roman Catholic Church, 
the Catholic liberals did not 
hesitate to lash back at him 
verbally, while the conserva- 

tives looked on in horror. "The 
pope is afraid his position is 
being nibbled away at. He 
wants to stop anything he can. 
But he can't stop us anymore. 
We just don't pay attention 
when he talks," said a teach- 
ing priest. He went on to say 
that liberal priests want "com- 
plete honesty" in the church, 
and added, "but that's some- 
thing you just can't have in 
this church." Speaking for 
himself and other liberals, he 
went on to say: "The more the 
pope says, the more we have 
to disregard him. It's exactly 
like the fabled credibility gap 
between the U.S. government 
and the people." 

Criminal Society 

<§> There was an all-time high 
of 12,093 murders in the United 
States last year. Also, almost 
three times as many of Amer- 
ica's cars are stolen each year 
as are produced in the Soviet 

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Keep awake! 

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OCTOBER 8, 1968 


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low* you can ■ learn- for yours©!!- 
-; in year own home™- FSSEE. 

TKe Bible need not be a mysterious book 
to you. Remember, it was not written 
for just a few men to read or to under- 
stand. God's prophets, and the other men 
he moved by his spirit, were sent to 
speak to nations, to cities, to people in 
all walks of life. And what they spoke 
or saw in visions was written down for 
everyone and proclaimed far and wide 
so that all would know what God's will 
for them was. Jesus did not speak in 
secret either. Nor did he confine his 
commission to teach to a few select men. 
He told them to go make disciples and 
teach them to do all the things he had 
given them to do. So, knowledge of the 
Bible, its meaning and its instruction, is 
available to anyone who is willing to 
study it with an open mind and to accept 
the principles and guides for living that 
it lays down. You can be one of such. 
Now free home Bible studies are being 
conducted with the aid of the book The 
Truth That Leads to Eternal Life, It is 

a book designed to make the Bible an 
open book to you. Its direct and clear- 
cut outline of the bctsic Bible teachings 
is easy to read and understand. It helps 
you to open your own Bible in your own 
home and locate the Bible texts that an- 
swer the perplexing questions raised by 
the problems of life in a world of vio- 
lence) hatred and fear. It points you to 
Bible texts that explain God's purpose 
fpr this earth, why he has permitted 
wickedness and how relief is certain to 
Come in our own generation. This free 
Bible-study arrangement will not only 
enable you to find answers to your Bible 
questions but will also point the way to 
peace and security for your future. 
Avail yourself of this free home Bible- 
study service. Send for the book The 
Truth That Leads to Eternal Life. It is 
only 25c. Then contact Jehovah's wit- 
nesses at the Kingdom Hall nearest you 
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