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Full text of "1999 High Point University Zenith Yearbook"

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High Point University 

Volume 75 

833 Montlieu Avenue 
High Point, NC 27262 


Table of 

Community Review 4 
People 30 

Greeks 86 

Organizations 108 

Current Events 128 

Sports 130 
Epilogue 158 

Dr. Jacob Martinson 

Graduates adorned with 
their honors and regalia 
parade past waiting par- 
ents and friends. 

Dr. James Stitt leads the 
commencement proces- 
sional as we (again) cel- 
ebrate outdoors on the 
Roberts Hall lawn. 

Years ago I became acquainted with Richard Salmon. I never knew him personally, 
but I became acquainted with him through his writings. He was an artist and an 
author who was greatly influenced by his surroundings in the hunting and fishing 
country of central Pennsylvania. 

Salmon tells of a hunting dog in the woods, an English setter whose tail is all tangled 
with dock burs. When we see such things our first reaction is to pull the burs off the 
tail: but in reality, this beautiful dog is performing a very useful task, the task of 
transporting seeds that were made to stick on dogs and other animals so they would 
be transported across the fields and throughout the woods. The dog and his burs are 
all a part of a giant plan; so are we. 

You the class of 1999 are here for a purpose and you will leave here as part of that 
giant plan. Before the foundation of the world, God had a plan for your life and mine. 
That is how important we are! May you find your part in that plan, and fulfill it as 
God enables you to do so, and may you be truly blessed in the process. 

With highest regard, 

Jacob C. Martinson 


A Profile of the 

igh Point University is a four year lib- 
eral arts university which offers over 40 
.-academic majors. Degree programs 
include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, 
Master of Business Administration, and Master 
of Science. Enrollment tops over 2,700 with both 
daytime and evening degree students on the 
main campus in High Point and the satellite 
campus in Winston-Salem. 

The University was founded as High Point Col- 
lege in 1924 by the United Methodist Church in 
association with the city of High Point. In 1991 
the Board of Trustees voted to change the name 
from College to High Point University. 

Today the University is headed by President 
Jacob Martinson and boasts of over 30 buildings 
and 140 faculty members. The University has 
been listed in the US News and World Report as 
a Top Ten Southern Liberal Arts college (1999). 

Senior Gavin Magaha 
gleams with pride as he 
makes his way to gradua- 

Getting Settled In 

The Student Orientation Staff Eases Transition 


Wendy Cannady (Sec. to the VP of 
Internal Affairs), Dr. Vance Davis ( VP 
for Academic Affairs), Dr. Jake 
Martinson (President), and Dr. Morris 
Wray (VP of Internal Affairs) wait 
alongside the Student Orientation 
Staff to welcome parents and new 

Have a Coke and a smile. The Orien- 
tation crew provides free sodas for 
the much-needed breaks on Move-In 

Justin Wood and Nicole Tarrantino 
jockey for the use of the bullhorn while 
helping direct crowds and answer 

Student gather at the Slane Great 
Room to have their ID's made, year- 
book photos taken, and finish all those 
last minute details of becoming a stu- 

Dr. Michael Gaspeny, Steve 
Koppenhauer, Hardy Koenig, and 
Todd Carter assist students during 

Traffic Coordination is one major di- 
vision of the Student Orientation Sta f f The Activities SOS staff ( lead by Chad 
along with Testing, Activities, and FrittsHshardatvvorkduring theluau. 
Food Service. 

-> - • ■ 


Move-In Day can be overwhelming for new students and 
their families. The SOS crew of 60 volunteer students 
assists with every aspect from parking, refrigerator rental, 
and moving in to free sodas, and carpet sales. 

The AD staff and RA staff enjoy a day An RA team extinguishes a fire dur- 
of teamwork and fun at a ropes course ing the fire safety training exercise, 
during training. 

Matt Norman takes on and conquers the wall at the ropes 
course. The 26 Resident Assistants attend an intensive 
week-long training program to prepare them for dealing 
with a multitude of situations and issues. Topics covered 
include fire safety, responding to emergencies, programs 
development, time management, etc. 

Mindy Wanzie, Pavla Salacova, and 
Tonv Brown study their RA notebooks 
during the week of RA training. 

Resident Assistants 

Learning to make students feel safe and at home 

Jasheena Moore and Jeannie Bejacmar 
are primed and ready to take on all 
the Complex can offer. 

Tasha Haskins, Mindy Wanzie, and 
Heather Bowers pause for a moment 
during freshman move-in day on 
August 22, 1998. 

Gart Evans, Dean of Students, gets 
into the spirit of things during an RA 
luau at his home. 

Student Activities 

There's more to do than just study! 

Old Tyme Photo was a big hit right 
before Halloween. 

Chris Huff recruits more volunteers 
for an activity set-up. 

You Laugh, \ ou Lose comedy SAB sponsored the Fall Activities Fair 
gameshow drew a record crowd to and provided free sno cones and cot- 
the cafe. ton candy to add to the festive event. 


DeidreCotilla, Chad Fritts, and Althea Bingo night is ahvasva hit, especially 
Mottas take a break from the luau. with all the great prizes. 

Brvnne and Jackie enjoy a moment in 
the spotlight with the country group 

Gene Liauw, Jackie King, Amy Hanshaw, Chris Huff, and 
Brynne Fisher attended the 1998 National Association for 
Campus Activities Conference. While there, they reviewed 
numerous bands, comedians, and variety acts and de- 
cided which entertainment to bring to campus. 


Jen Schubert, Dawn Eagan, and Leigh Lambda Chi Alpha brothers and the 

Ann Workman (Assistant Director of Great Pumpkin entertained children 

Volunteer Services) beam after fin- from Parkview during the Halloween 

ishing an APO service fraternity event. carnival. 

Kristy Morrison, Director of Volunteer Services, partici- 
pates in the Fall Activities Fair. The Campus Connection 
Volunteer Center is a division of student activities and 
helps match students to community volunteer opportuni- 

The Alpha Gamma Delta sisters par- 
ticipate in the Juvenile Diabetes Walk 
For a Cure. 

Volunteer Activities 

Making the most of every minute by helping others 

Cass Arnold, Andrea Avello, and sis- 
ters volunteer at the 4th Annual Hal- 
loween Carnival. 

> ,•*-; The High Point community came to- 
7^ gether with the University students 
to raise money for Crop Walk Against 

Lambda Chi Alpha raised over 5,000 
pounds of canned food for their char- 

Kappa Chi brothers and Finch RA 
staff volunteer by participating in the 
'98 Crop Walk. 


International Studies 

Here and abroad - living & learning different cultures 

Hala Qubein and Zack Kasserbaum 
enjoy the desserts during the Interna- 
tional Club Desserts of the World pro- 

Chad Fritts ponders the mystery of 

Hala Qubein greets students during Students and faculty gather to eel 
the International Club dinner. ebrate Thanksgiving with the Inter 

national Club. 


Romano Outerbridge and Cornelius 

Watson hang info posters on the many The travel abroad program helps stu- 

countries represented at the Univer- dents make new friends and develop 

sity. ties with their travel mates. 

Hard Rock Cafe is a must-see while in 

The HPU gang hits the streets of London. The study 
abroad program gives students the opportunity to live in 
a different culture while still earning college credit. Plus, 
the students have short trips planned around Europe to 
expose them to other countries. 


The S.O.S. team served as referees Ready, set, pull! Tug of War helped 
during Derby Day and helped make it involve all the members of each team 
a great success. in the competitions. 

Rebecca Mendenall zips by on her hippity hop during the 
finals. Over 20 teams participated in Derby Day represent- 
ing Greek organizations, service clubs, and residence halls. 
The purpose of Derby Day is to bring our community 
together in fun games and competitions. 

Brandon Van Hoose catches a way- 
ward balloon during the balloon toss, 


Derby Day 

It all starts with the toss of a hat 

Ben Rooke and the men of the Barbie 
House show off their winning smiles 
and interesting hats as thev get ready 
jw^, to compete. 

Margie Hebenstreit and Pam 
Garwacki staff the Bullpen, ready to 
answer questions and bandage boo- 

_— _- s 


Justin Picolet stands readv to toss the 
official derbv to kick off Derbv Dav, a 
five year tradition. 

Derbv Dav mattress race is a hit as the 
Danellie Barbetti team races to the 


Clubs and organizations provide an Brandon Van Hoose and Jimmy Routh 
atmosphere of fun and fellowship plus enjov a round of frisbee golf out on 
leadership opportunities. the intramural field. 


Tommy Rich and Bill L'Eplattenier 
hang out at the Panther Point. 

Dr. Martinson and Bishop Thomas 
Stockton speak with Dr. Norman 
Christensen (left), the University Ar- 
bor Day speaker with the IDS Cul- 
tural Events series. 

Megan Kovalcik, SGA secretary, programs Channel 8, 
HPU's own TV channel with the latest program update. 
SGA purchased the cable channel in the fall to help 
promote activities and events. In the future, SGA hopes to 
be able to broadcast movies on this channel. 


Beth Anne Zimmerman and [immv 
Beautiful ladies gather the show off Rou[h , hmv that setrin g up can be as 
their evening gowns. fun as the dilnce _ 

Couples enjoyed a night of romance during "An En- 
chanted Evening." Homecoming is sponsored bv SGA. A 
committee of students plan every aspect of the dance, 
including decorations, ticket and T-shirt sales, and food. 
This year's dance boasted a record attendance of 850. 

A view from above shows the fun and 
excitement of Homecoming. 


Homecoming 1998 

Dancing the night away is the order of the evening. 

Homecoming Queen Beth Anne 
Zimmerman and Big Man on Cam- 
pus (for the 2nd year!) Ben Rooke do 
a celebration dance together. 

Elizabeth Brown and BillL'Eplatteneir 
eet a little closer. 

Queen hopefuls McCullough 
Caldwell, Jennv May, and Beth Anne 
Zimmerman wait for the announce- 
ment of the Homecoming Queen. 

Student lifers Kristy Morrison, Rans 
Tnplett, Ted Sikes, and Katv Brown 
enjov being all dressed up. 




1 .^1 


t\^ f^H 


*mr '^^h^ ^^^^k 

Hr - 

i // 

v v 1 ^V 1 

Amanda Isaac and Brandon Keebler The Kappa Deltas and the Theta Chis 
enjoy a tew minutes off the dance show their Homecoming spirit with 
floor. their Toga! Toga! float. 


Sophomore Charles Gregory and 
Freshman Susan James enjoy the 
Homecoming festivities. 

Homecoming court Candida tes ga ther 
during the week's activities. 

Lwanna Jordan helps Jimmy Routh 
with his boutonniere. 

President Dr. Martinson crowns Homecoming Queen 
Beth Anne Zimmerman. Big Man on Campus was Ben 
Rooke. The attending court were McCullough Caldwell, 
Megan Bell, Tara Ebner, Jenny May, Justin Wood, Matt 
McLendon, Brent Ayers and Jimmy Routh. 


Doug Herring as Mr. Mushnik per- 
suades Seymour to become his 
adopted son. 

The Dentist is pleading for Seymour 
to save him from death by his gas 

The Do Wop girls hang out. 


Little Shop of Horrors 

The Tower Players perform November 12-14 

Sevmour (Scott Donley) and Audrey 
(Nancy Mayfield) share an intimate 
moment as he reassures her that she 
doesn't need the sadistic Orin. 

Jason DeCaprio and Daniel Christian 
work the sound and lights behind the 






Chuck Havworth as Orin the Dentist. 

Jackie Smith, Monica Dowe, Jeannie 
Bejacmar, and Wendv Lee, the Do 
Wop girls, hack up Orin the Dentist. 


Campus Changes 

Making the University bigger and better 

r «*. 



The new apartment building nears its 
September 30th date of completion. 

A new parking lot and lighting were 
installed to help meet the ever-grow- 
ing need for more parking. 


fflj I II IS 11 : 

1 13 ffl 35 5] 

A back view of the new apartment 
building as the second floor is com- 
pleted. The building will house 72 

The apartment building will have 12 
separate apartments (den, kitchen, 3 
double occupancy bedrooms, storage, 
and separate bathroom: 


High Point University was chosen to receive a grant from the W.K. 
Kellogg Foundation to open the Southeast Center for Organizational 
Leadership. Several colleges vied for the grants and the field was 
competitive. Dr. Pat Haun will serve as the Center's executive director. 

Over 200 new post office boxes were 
installed adjacent to the old post of- 
fice to help meet the overwhelming 

The University acquired this residence 
on 806 Sixth Street which houses sev- 
eral men. 

David Hayworth Building (adjacent to Hayworth 
Chapel) was a new addition and added five new class- 
rooms and over 10 faculty offices. It also houses the new 
faculty lounge. 


Students enjoy Thanksgiving dinner 
sponsored by the International Club. 

Panhellenic members place the lumi- 
naries for Lessons and Carols - a Uni- 
versity Christmas tradition- 

W M W a 

«fl B^£ yj 

■^F^^PbSb Hlhw ' 



\\\ Ij 

V' 1 

l/fir i 



~ fdfcj ' v ^ 


/ / i 
If} I 


J / \ \ v by ^Bu 

Alpha G< 


Delta Sorority raised over $2,000 for 

charity d 


their First Annual Halloween dance. 

No, it's not the eternal freshman - it's a friendly Troll brought here to 
entertain the children during the Halloween festival. Children from two 
elementary schools enjoyed an afternoon of games and candy prizes. 
Over 40 students volunteered, making it a tremendous success. 


Special Times of the Year 

The University gets into the holiday spirit 

The holidays and volunteering bring 
out the best in all of us. 

Ted Sikes, alias the scarecrow, makes 
his debut. 

Christine Orcutt and Chris Huff juggle 
Easter eggs while preparing for the 
Easter Carnival. 

Rans Tnplett leads the celebration as 
the RA's enjov RA Appreciation Day. 



A University is more than a collection of books and buildings. It is a 
community of people focused on learning and growth. 


class of 1999 

class of 199$ 

liia (twite* 


Maxim, (iacfvtan 

'litanden GatAeif, 


CLnuf, Cufpnan 

.Jateana Camutnew 

ehivdea etauUui 

MaxikcM doleman 

Owtl d>uui6eu 


Sman Clifton 


ckss aff99$ 

(Inthony 'Damias 

Swtan if)oiujbv» 

Samantha Eddy, 


David 'Decawtcey. 

Utidxca 'Dunn 



William Doem Jlawtel Donley \ 



f&ufuf Dunham tHen Lehman 1 

-" ^ 1 

£^m oftQ9$ 

class of 199$ 



Pamela Qwuttacfti 




Clngie Stawtii 

fytegexg. Qenoveaz 




Joining Qexn&c 


£f ' ^* 



'^L ""^ 

Om>on Matmfieed 

Oiuan Maw&ina 

JtoAeni Qtfmmc 


1 • A 1 


2)ene& Siwunoa. 

Shugtaa MeatA 

£&s ofityyy 1 

: ~,%mys 

Seniew 37 

class of 1999 

3K Seaiau 

ttienda JCoUoc 

!JGu6ti JCeants 



-— — 


999 -m 


.S'eiiunw 3 l > 

Jims of f 999^ 

40 Suuoxa 


class of 7000""- 


S'eijK'i.i 41 

class of 1999 


class of 1999 

J$>, figyr 

C ..^ *- 


Sievin Saiceda 

Vedette Scott 

if t 



L^4 i 


Ccvudute Section 

rs*. **^ 

ft? 7 

9ia»hM Shetton 


Manufue Shvdeu 

3itoode Shanes 


Jievin Sfude 



Jomi Simpson 

it&vuf Stacumfi 

Cinqeia Smith- 

Michael Smith 

class of 199$ 

44 Senuvu 


X 7 





3tehcca Smith 

Clmy. Spmcai 

Jonathan Stone 


'Donete Stultz 

ttnita SpiiKU 

&tin Stcttvt 

Tl J 

S'aVuch SuMwan 

\== r 

Sfena Sutnmey 

Jiaxen J cogue 

Cnwdea Jftompaon 

JCeliu Jhonvpaan 

Ste&ecca Janey. 

els** ofWty 

Senioxd 45 

class of 199% 

46 Sciiim) 


Ui'uuulen Woo-sley 






-Cet^A flwi Waxtunan Sammy, Ifi'iivicR 



Slient CUf&itt 

tDonna famM 

Jamie South 

John StuMfefJeM 

ckss of 7000-- ~ 

.Vouch 47 

■■ ■ ■II 

class ofl999r 


Underclassmen 49 

Cass Arnold 

Melissa Adcock 

Andrea Avello 

Kathrvn Banks 

Bethany Benedict 

Raechel Bennett 

Ronnie Bevins 

Nathan Biggs 

Erin Blosser 

Heather Bowers 

Gwendolyn Brostrom 

Thomas Brown III 

Jason Brownell 

Karen Butterworth 

Berry Caldwell 

Philip Carroll 

Misty Crookshanks 

Laura DeBettencourt 

Darren Decker 

Vanessa deLara 

50 Juniors 

Shaun Diehl 
Jason Dill 
Monica Dowe 
Jennifer Dunn 

Tara Ebner 
Rachel Eckert 
Danette Farmer 
Nicole Ferguson 

Corinne Ferrante 
Tammy Gerner 
Kelly Gilfillan 
Jennifer Gunter 

Heather Hanes 
LaTasha Haskins 
Margie Hebenstreit 
Shalon Hickle 

Shana Hinkle 
Holly Huisinga 
Amanda Isaac 
Eric James 

Juniors 51 

Michelle Jovner 

Erin Kelly 

Jackie King 

Virginia Kinsey 

Jen Kleinrichert 

Megan Kovalcik 

Adam Knight 

Stacey Lank 

Maya Latinovic 

Sarah Livingstone 

Samantha Mabe 

Melissa MacDermid 

Burton Martin 

Nancy Mayfield 

Melody McBride 

Benjamin Medlin 

Kate Morosco 

Kendall Morris 

Matthew Nelson 

Courtney Nevvnam 

52 luniors 


i\ \ 1 i 


Rachel Norford 
Kelly Orwick 

Bevin Parks 
Megan Pinnix 

Melissa Pond 
Hala Quhein 
Cassie Redden 
Leon Reels 

Mary Beth Ritchie 
Ruslan Salakhutdinov 
Edward Sanford 
Kerstin Schreacke 

Bennie Shaw 
Kelly Shaw 
Lisa Short 
Heather Sitler 

April Sparks 
Monica Stewart 
Myron Stewart 
Susan Swallow 

luniors 53 

Courtney Taylor 

Thomas Tomjack 

Oleksiy Tumanov 

Jennifer Turner 

Larry Waldron 

Lisa Waller 

Cornelius Watson 

Julie Weavil 



Robert Welborn 

Lorienne White 

Brian Wilson 

Marisa Winskv 
David Witt 
Evan Yakas 

54 Juniors 

Mindv Allen 
David Ange 
Jonathan Archer 
Stefan Astrom 

Andrea Barnette 
Lisa Barton 
Nathan Bell 
Michelle Blanco 

David Boggs 
Susanna Brown 
Robert Burris 
Maria Coil-Perez 

Jeff Cavin 
Don Ciccolella 
Charles Conley 
George Coppedge 

Luis Cordeiro 
Dolores Craddock 
Deidre Cotilla 

Heather Crawford 

Sophomores 55 

Adam Davis 

Rich Dawson 

Sandra de Kozlowski 

Misty Dills 

Heather Dodd 

Shelley Dodson 

Lorpu Dunbar 

Dawn Eagan 

" ??» 

is m 

Kris Elliott 

April Emmerson 

Adam Fawcett 

David Fleming 

Crystal Fox 

Wendy Francis 

John Gantt 

Jennifer Gerhart 

Derrick Gibson 

Dankinette Gibson 

Len Gibson 

Michael Graff 


56 Sophomores 

Johnathan Griffith 
Grace Hagan 
Eliza Hammond 
Christine Haney 

Mandv Hedgecock 
Sarah Heldreth 
Jonathan Hentz 
Douglas Herring 

Melisa Hodge 
Sonia Hunt 
Emily Hunter 
Jennifer Hutchinson 

Stefama lebba 
Mistlv Iseley 
Beth Judy 
Zack Kassebun 

Yoshika Katsuki 
Daniel Kelly 
Jessica Kolodgy 
Kristofer Kreissig 

Sophomores 57 

Katie Larrivee 

Kevin Lee 

Amber Lewis 

Ann Lewis 

Michelle Lewis 

Mariel MacKintosh 

Becca Marcus 

Kara Ann Martin 

Stephanie Matheny 

Jenny May 

Kristal McCray 

Shawn McCee 

Michael McGown 

Tracy McVey 

Peter Mellstrom 

Rebecca Mendenhall 

Alicia Miles 
Denair Mitchell 
Tristen Morgan 

Don Nelson 

58 Sophomores 

Nick Nonvalk 
Romane Outerbridge 
Michelle Padgett 
Erik Petterson 

Charles Pindell 
Ryan Rice 
Mabbot Ridout 
Michele Roakes 

Bryan Robbins 
Stacey Rodgers 
Cesar Rodriguez 
Jimmy Routh 

Eva Sbardella 
Jen Schubert 
Charles Smith 
April Sparks 

Nicole Tarantino 
Stephanie Triggs 
Charles Tuscano 
Miko Umehara 

Sophomores 59 

Brett Wallin 

Brooke Weitz 

Angela Wilcott 

Lvnsey Williams 

Nicholas Williams 
Justin Wishon 
Timmeca Wilson 
Stephanie Wohlford 

60 Sophomores 

Lindsay Aaronson 
Ashle) Allen 

Jonathan Anderson 
Meghan Anderson 

Kathrvn Asplund 
Erik Atkin 
Clint Atwood 
Patrick Ayers 

Jacklvn Bailey 
Jonathan Bailey 
Frank Barrett 
Nathan Barron 

Nick Baum 
Jessica Bazela 
Staci Beavers 
Megan Bee 

Deanna Benson 

Meghan Bernarding 
Lori Bertollim 

Sarah Bird 

Freshmen f>1 

Tiffanie Bishop 

Felicia Bivens 

Tammy Blackburn 

Billy Blohm 

Jason Bland ford 

Sandeep Boggarapu 

Keisha Bond 

Ashleigh Bowling 

William Bradford IV 

Justin Branch 

Mary Brewer 

Misty Brockman 

Matt Brvan 

Derek Buck 

Matthew Buckner 

Robert Burchatn 

Sheryl-Lynne Burden 
Annika Burton 
Karen Butterworth 
Yamicke Caison 

62 Freshmen 

Andrea Calabrese 
Deandre Caldwell 
Kerri Cameron 
Catherine Campbell 

Shaun Canaday 
Rosa Cannaday 
Anthony Canonico 
Jonathan Carpenter 

John Cavanaugh 
Ryan Cecil 
Bill Chappelle 
Justin Cheesman 

Jill Chicalace 
Alisha Choquette 
Lisa Clemmer 
Jennifer Clontz 

Kelly Clontz 
Todd Coates 
Claire Coolidge 
Simeon Cooper 

Freshmen 63 

Natalie Corbin 

Mindy Cornwell 

Cris Corrigan 

Jade Cote 

Stephen Cowne 

Jennifer Cross 

William Crook 

William Craddock 

Jana Craven 

Shana Dallara 

James Daniel 

Deenae Dates 

Abby Davis 

Joelle Davis 

David Dawson 

Christv Day 

Haley Dejarnette 

Erin Dempsey 

Keith DePre 

Marisa DeSanto 

64 Freshmen 

Brianne Dewey 
Kellv Diven 
Charmetra Doakes 
Kimberlv Dolan 

Scott Donley 
Christopher Dysun 
Lori Eaves 
Michele Eckes 

Christiane Ellis 
Kurt Ellison 
Monica Estep 
Shea Evans 

Christy Everhart 
Adam Evilsizor 
David Fahy 
Dee Fannin 

Brvnne Fisher 
Stephanie Forsvthe 
Amanda Frana 
Brenda Freeland 

Freshmen 65 

Matthew Fry 
Heidi Fuchs 

Martha Fuller 
Vikki Fuller 

Steven Gaber 

Elizabeth Gage 

Anthony Garvin 

Justin Gaynor 

Brandy Gibson 

Tyler Gilfillan 

David Gladstone 

Kimberlv Glover 

Charles Goldizen 

Erica Gornik 

Alan Gowing 

Susan Graham 

Shiva Granmayeh 

Peter Greberg 

Anna-Warren Green 

Kelly Green 

66 Freshmen 

Summer Green 
David Grot 
Amanda Grutka 
Tiffany Grzan 

Michael Gudger 
Darin Guevara 
Myndv Guffev 
Tracy Gwyn 

Joseph Hall 
Tamara Hall 
Louis Hamel 
Deanna Hamn 

Amy Hanshaw 
Katherine Hanshaw 
Michael Hanson 
Candi Harbottle 

Andrew Harney 
Erica Harper 
Michael Harritt 
Teddy Hart 

Freshmen 67 

Nicholas Hartley 

Tyson Harton 

Kyle Hawes 

Charles Ha worth 

Michael Hayden 

Holly Haynes 

Dennis Hazelwood 

Jessica Healon 

Candace Heer 

Brianne Hegedus 

Justin Heimer 

Jennifer Helsley 

^*1 * - . 

Melissa Henderson 

Victor Herrera 

Matthew Hill 

Melissa Hooven 

Michael Howe 

C In -I jMMtf^ 

Karen Hopkins 
Holly Hutson 

: T~ 


b8 Freshmen 

Josh Hvkes 
Tamara Impson 
Tiffany Impson 
Erin Jackson 

Robert Jackson 
James Jamison 
Derek Jarrett 
Alicia Jessup 

Katelin Joel 
Shaun Johnson 
Laura Johnston 
Nikita Jones 

Renita Jones 
Mary Jordan 
Robert Karstetter 
Charity Kates 

Ursula Keene 
Calvin Keller 
Farrell Kersey 
Robin Kester 

Freshmen 69 

Allison King 

Kathryne Kish 

Matthew Klancer 

Luke Knor 

Derek Kocis 

Thomas Korrell 

Philip Kosov 

Lindsay Kroeger 

Stephen Kuiper 

Lisa Lambert 

Amanda Lasseter 

Kelly Larkin 

Jennifer Lauton 

Matt Lawson 

Brooks Lee 

Che-Chih Liv 

Michael Lowman 

Michael Lugar 

Sarina Lyall 

Debbie Maier 

70 Freshmen 

Anne Malone 
Michelle Marquez 
Scott Marion 
Dana Martello 

Diana Matuliukstyte 
Alison Mauldin 
Christopher Mayes 
Brandon Mayo 

Nikkia McCalla 
Joshua McCov 
Joseph McComb 
Patrick McDermott 

Michelle McKnight 
Ryan McMahon 
Brvan Meadows 
William Medlin 

Mollv Meman 
Kelly Miller 
Michael Miller 
Damon Ming 

Freshmen 71 

Vanessa Mondragon 

Michael Montagna 

Carly Moon 

Mike Moore 

Rayshaun Moore 

Terri Morehead 

Mark Morgan 

Jami Morrison 

Teresa Mortara 

Terek Moss 

Kimberly Moyer 

Jeff Mulford 

Alisa Myers 

Maggie Nathaniel 

John Neidecker 

Daniel Newman 

Brian Nicholson 

Tiffany Okronoglis 

Le Ann O'Malley 

Matthew O'Neil 

72 Freshmen 

Adam Orlando 
Josh Painter 
Jodi Palladino 
Jeremy Palguta 

Tracv Parker 
Amee Patel 
Tracv Patton 
Ashley Patterson 

Vaneisha Paynter 
Anne Penney 
Amanda Perrell 
Joakim Peterson 

Molly Peterson 
Aimie Phillips 
Amber Pierce 
Tonya Pierce 

Tiffany Pinto 
Teresa Pistorio 
Erin Pratt 
Nicole Quinn 

Freshmen 73 

James Rabb 

Lindsay Ragsdale 

Tiwana Rapley 

Michael Rather 

Annaliza Ravelo 

Jon Ran 

Jamie Reglski 

Kristen ReMine 

Johanna Reynolds 

Catherine Rios 

Meghan Riesner 

Kerri Robbins 

Janet Robertson 

Jennifer Roddy 

Kelley Rodriguez 

Mike Rogers 

Veronica Rondeau 

Andrew Rudaeille 

Jennifer Rudisill 

Brianne Russell 

74 Freshmen 

Alia Rvkova 
Ezra Sanders 
Halev Sawyer 
Dawn Scheier 

r l » 

1 , 


Sharon Schwar 
Matthew Segal 
Katherine Seningen 
Bandaa Setliff 

Ashley Sexton 
Anne Shelton 
Courtney Shrader 
Nicholas Shrouder 

Pamela Shumate 
Douglas Silk 
Melissa Simpson 
Andrew Sloan 

Robert Sloop 
Frank Smigelski 
Amanda Smith 
Andrew Smith 

Freshmen 75 

Brent Smith 

Buddy Smith 

Chris Smith 

Jacqueline Smith 

Jesse Smith 

Precious Smith 

Rachael Smith 

Kimberly Speck 

Amanda Stephens 

Matthew Stewart 

Lauren Stolzer 

Mary Stott 

Amy Stowers 

Kevin Straub 

William Suddarth 

Joelene Sunday 

Paul Suter 

Stephen Sviatko 

Travis Swaim 

Chris Tamauno 

76 Freshmen 

Ashlev Taylor 
Ryan Tavlor 
Charles Tedder 
Veronica Terradista 

Robert Tetterton 
Rosemary Thacker 
Tara Theile 
Jim Tillery 

Kianna Tinsley 
Cece Tolliver 
Alicia Thomas 
Alysia Thomas 

Dawn Thomas 
Tiffany Thomas 
Seth Thomas 
Matt Tucker 

Michael Turner 
Jay Todd 

Meredith Valentine 
Laura Vanmeter 

Freshmen 77 

Dustin Varner 

Tanya Vice 

Toni Vick 

Joseph Vincell 

Jenny Vutetakis 

Alexander Walker 

Annie Walter 

Shemecka Ward 

Chadwick Washington 
Lindsey Watkins 
Greg Weatherly 
Sara Weinmann 

Richard Wekly 

Brooke Wharton 

Kristv Whitaker 

April White 

David White 

Shakita White 

Sharon White 

Thomas White 

78 Freshmen 

Alexis Whitfield 
Jacob Widange 
Linda Widnall 
Dwan Williams 

Jeffrey Wilson 
Kathrvn Wilson 
Kesharra Wilson 
Gary Wingfield 

Jessica Wolfe 
Allyson Wood 
Danielle Wood 
Lauren Woodburn 

Heather Woodson 
James Yetman 
Paul Younger 
Abu Zaeem 

Rasha Zamamiri 
Luke Zielenbach 
Danielle Zilliox 
Patrick Zingaro 

Freshmen 79 

Michael Atwood 

Kevin Brewere 

Brenda Ervin 

Chad Freeman 

Wendy Heinsen 

Deborah Long 

Timothy McCrey 

Gertrude Walder 


Faculty and Staff 

Ms. Virginia Blair 
Administrative Coordinator 

Ms. Lillian Creech 

80 Evening Degree Program 

Ms. Becki Davis 

Ms. Cathv Garwood 
Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Toni Graves 
Adjunct Professor 

Ms. Catherine King 

The High Point Evening Degree program celebrated 
20 years of operation in December, 1998. 

Evening Degree Program 81 

Dr. John Airman 
Political Science 

Dr. Guy Arcuri 
Foreign Language 

Ms. Sam Beck 
Career Development 

Dr. Richard Bennington 
Business/Home Furnishings 

Ms. Amy Berrier 
Financial Aid 

Dr. Grav Bowman 

Ms. Wendy Brodar 
Internal Affairs 

Dr. Dennis Carroll 

Mr. Todd Carter 
Fine Arts/Music 

Dr. Vance Davis 
VP Academic Affairs 

Ms. Geraldine Chisholm 

Mr. William Cope 

Dr. Elizabeth Dull 
Business Administration 

Dr. E. Roy Epperson 
VP Administrative Affairs 

Mr. Craig Curty 

Ms. Diana Estey 

82 Faculty & Staff 

Mr. Gart Evans 
Dean of Students 

Mr. Bob Hayes 
Financial Affairs 

Ms. Sherron James 
Accounting Office 

Mr. John Lefler 
Institutional Advancement 

Dr. Woody Gibson 
Director of Athletics 

Ms. Rhonda Grimsley 


Dr. Vagn Hansen 
History/Political Science 

Ms. Dwanna Hayworth 
Financial Affairs 

Ms. Jeanie Hazzard 
Institutional Advancement 

Ms. Shannon Hodges 
Student Life 

Ms. Amber Kelly 

Mr. Hardv Koenig 
Fine Arts/Theatre 

Mr. Steven Koppenhauer 
Fine Arts/Theatre 

Dr. Barbara Leonard 

Ms. Melitta McCroskey 
Purchasing Agent 

Dr. Michael McCuL 
Business Administration 

Faculty & Staff 83 

' n 


Ms. Jean McDowell 
Student Accounts 

Ms. Ann Miller 
Assoc. Registrar 

Dr. John Poetzinger 
Business Administration 

Ms. Roberta Powell 
Financial Aid 

Ms. Ann Murphy 
Career & Counseling Services 

Ms. Katherine Phipps 
Student Activities 

Ms. Christine Rollins 
Alumni Relations 

Dr. Betty Royal 


84 Faculty & Staff 

Mr. Jim Schlimmer 

Dr. Frederick Schneid 

Dr. Donna Scott 

Ms. Wendy Smith 
Alumni Relations 

Faculty & Staff 85 


Being Greek is not about wearing letters, but about being part of a 

brotherhood or sisterhood. 


IFC/Panhellenic Council 

Panhellenic Council Delegates: Brooke 

Weitz, Emily, Andrea Avello, Kim Justin Picolet and Kat Hoffman, (IFC & 

Pimrose, Susannah Brown. Not pic- Panhellenic Presidents) kick off Derby 

tured: Mandy Barrows, Dana Coogen, Day in August. 

Jen Miracle. 


Panhellenic Executive Council 

Meghan Kahvalsik, Secretary; Danielle Barbetti , Treasurer; Kat Hoffman, President; LauraHenry, Vice President. 

88 Greeks 

Panhellenic Council sponsored an ice 
cream social for woman interested in 
spring rush. 

Justin Picolet leads the IFC meeting 
which meets every Thursday to discuss 
issues surrounding fraternities. 

IFC Delegates 

Front row: Greg Genovese, Justin Picolet, Gerald Black, John Daly. Back row: Jon Hertz, Shannon Basham, Justin Wood, Jake Brown, Todd Carroll, Derek 
Montaner, Preston key, Brandon Van House, Jeremy Peloquin. 

Greeks 89 

September 28 - October 3, 1998 

Greek Week 

Lambda Chis and Zetas show 
their winnng spirit during 
Greek Week. 

Pikes and Gams cut loose dur- 
ing their rendition of "Tainted 

Lambda Chis and Zetas defeat Phi Mus and Delta Sigs win 
Delta Sigs and Phi Mus during first place with their time warp 
volleyball Greek Week event, lip sync. 

90 Greeks 

Amanda Burrows and Oliver 
Schouten show everyone how 
swinging is done. 

Delta Sigs and Phi Mus show 
off their 70's style. 

Pikes cheer on the Gams dur- 
ing powder puff competition. 

Delta Sigs and Phi Mus take 
their time during the field day 

Greeks 91 

Phi Mu Sisters 

Front row: Tara Ebner, Lindsay Weldin, Lorienne White. Row 2: Lia Carter, Mandv Barrows, Nicole Pizzo, Andrea Whitworth, Melissa Wood. Row 3: Jennifer 
Schubert, Jennifer Hutchinson, Danielle Wood, Liz Payne, Lori Sessoms, Rachel Eckert, Leana Layfield, Stacy McCall, Dorothy Schonherg, Michelle Roakes, 
Christine Riley, Amanda Isaac, Michelle Holland, Stephanie Matheny, Gaquen Wombough, Lisa Short, Meghan Kovalcik. Missing: Jennifer Holmes, Jennifer 
Taylor, Beth Watts, JoAnne D'Angelo, Casey Doran, Kelly Thompson, Karen Bouldin, Emily Hunter. 

iiff -.rtirflF h 

; '*V> /-".' | 4<n> 9BWBk. *■» ■■> ^^± 1 

h£ Br ■ w - Fl 

F^"/*k Mum 

J? * I www mm> '' iKV 

111. r. J 

9 Mr WF * Bl 

l^rff /- 4 

1 .^it'J^WPCi^ 

P/h Mw Executive Committee 

Tara Ebner, Phi director; Lorienne White, treasurer; Meghan Kovalcik, Panhellemc; 
membership; Lisa Short, risk management/social; Michelle Holland, secretary. 

Nicole Pizzo, president; Andrea Whitworth, vice president; Melissa Wood, 

42 Greeks 

Gamma Zeta Chapter 

Phi Mu 

Phi Mus strut their stuff and with the 
help of Delta Sig win the lip sync com- 

Fall Carnation Sisters gather for a group 

Stacy McCall, Rachel Eckert, and Seniors: Lia Carter, Mandy Barrows, 
Amanda Isaac goof on off the Phi Mu Nicole Pizzo, Andrea Whitworth, Mel- 
hall, issa Wood. 

Greeks 93 

Zeta Tau Alpha Sisters 

Front row: Courtney Wharton. Row 2: Karen Teague, Rebekah Forbes, Kelli Johnson, Joanna Ikerd, Jennifer Kale, Sarah Bennington, Heidi Edsall, Rachel Bennett. 
Row 3: Valerie Scott, Caroline Sexton, Jackie Brethen, Allison Haberfield, Jess Frey, Beth Francis, Joanna Jensen. Row 4: Shannon West, Beth Anne Zimmerman, 
Sue Shute, Brooke Shores, Rachel Norford, Karen Blandford, Becky Hickey . Row 5: Sherri Koontz, Kristi Koontz. Row 6: Randi Komisar, Susannah Brown, Renee 
Ridout, Lauren Coyne, Nicole Davis, Carisa Preston, Kerrie Ross, Janelle Kuchler, Kat Hoffman. Not Pictured: Cindy McDonald, Susan Douglas, Kristy, Johnson, 
Kim Penrose, Rebecca Toney, Angela Winningham, Heather Renwick, Beth Kreitl, Caroline Bunting. 

Zeta Tau Alpha Executive Committee 

Front row: Jennifer Kale, Ritualist; Kat Hoffman, Panhellenic; Sarah Bennington, President; Heidi Edsall, Membership; Rachel Bennett, First Vice President. Row 
2: Brooke Shores, Secretary; Kristi Koontz, Treasurer, Beth Francis, Historian/Reporter; Joanna Jensen, Second Vice President. 

94 Greeks 

Delta Gamma Chapter 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

The sisters gather for the first annual 
Volley for the Cure to raise money for 
breast cancer research. 

Lauren Coyne, Nicole Davis, Jackie 
Brethen, Kellie Johnson, and Joanna 
Ikerd enjoy a Zeta retreat. 


^l w~ 

I ¥ 


l WhMl 



^> w 

*IP^ .; 


Beth Francis and Allison Haberfield 
dress for Halloween. 

Seniors: Front row: Karen Teague, Sarah 
Bennington, Heidi Edsall. Row 2: Carisa 
Preston, Caroline Sexton, Valerie Scott, 
Allison Haberfield, Jessica Frey, Beth 
Francis, Joanna Jensen. Back row: Sherri 
Koontz, Beth Anne Zimmerman, Sue Shu te, 
Brooke Shores, Kristi Koontz, Becky Hickey . 

Greeks 95 

Alpha Gamma Delta Sisters 

Front row: Heather Sitler, Melody McBride, Becca Marcus, Susan Swallow, Bethany Benedict, Katie Keyser, Sabrina Wingfield, Alison Searl, Daneille Cooper. 
Row 2: Erin Flannery, Mary Beth Ritchie, Erin Stetler, Holly Huisinga, Kelly Prassas, Tracy McVey, Marisa Winsky, Krisryn Taylor. Row 3: Lauren Ripley, Jenny 
May, Karen Butterworth, Julie Foxwell, Erin Delaney, Becky Mendenall, Jen Gunter. Row 4: Megan Moreland, Gena Kafes, Dana coogen, Karyn Poag, Andrea 
Avello, Erin Blosser, Amanda Reece, Chloe Harding, Jen Kleinrichert, Amy Loflin, Jessie Mcllrath. 

Alpha Gamma Delta Executive Committee 

Front row: Jessie Mcllrath, Karyn Poag, Jen Kleinrichert, Erin Blosser, Mary Beth Ritchie. Row 2: Erin Flannery, Bethany Benedict. 

96 Greeks 

Gamma Eta Chapter 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

The chapter supports the fight against 
juvenile diabetes. 

Sisters enjoy powder puff football. 

Andrea Avello, Melody McBride, and Seniors: Front row: Erin Delaney, Jessie 
Bethany Benedict are ready for a night Mcllrath, Kelly Prassas, Karyn Poag, 
ou t. Dana Coogen, Gena Kafes, Chloe 

Harding, Megan Moreland. Row 2: 
Lauren Ripley, Erin Flannery, Julie 
Foxwell, Erin Stetler. 

Greeks 97 

Kappa Delta Sisters 

Front row: Dawn Parks, Megan Hoffman, Mandy Campbell, Molly Kimrey, Jen Killoch, Nicole Sauffer, Jen Boyer, Samantha Mahbe, Megan Bell, Laura Henn 
Marie Wilson, Payal Patel, Megan Cramer, Nicole Zulaf. Row 2: Amanda Tone, Jen Jardine, Emily Kalata, Sandy deKotlowski, Sarah Baker, Amy Klein, Je: 
McDonald, Jackie Bray, Chrissy Whitaker, Kelly Ivey, Shannon Marrow, Jill Avalone. Row 3: Denise Canter, Meg Parsons, Stephanie Iebba, JoAnna Carlton 
Natalie Buono, Jen Mancle. 

Kappa Delta Executive Committee 

Front row: Laura Henry, Panehellenic; Jen McDonald, Vice President - Standards; Megan Cramer, VicePresident - Membership; Marie Wilson, Secretary; Megan 
Bell, President; Jackie Broy, Vice President - Pledge Education; Sarah Brunson, Vice President - Public Relations; Danette Farmer, Treasurer, Payal Patel, Assistant 

98 Greeks 

Gamma Gamma Chapter 

Kappa Delta 

Kappa Delta sisters have fun during 
Derby Day. 

Denise Canter performs at the Lip Sync 

Seniors: Front row: Jen Boyer, Mandy Theta Chis and Kappa Deltas join to- 

Campbell, Denise Canter, Amy Klein, gether for Powder Puff fun. 

Dawn Parks, Molly Kimrey. Row 2: Jen 

Jardine, Jen Maricle, Megan Bell. Row 3: 

Amy Coffman, Jackie Broy, Tanya Jones, 

Jen McDonald, Sarah Brunson. 

Greeks 99 

Epsilon Alpha Chapter 

Theta Chi 

Soccer team: Front row: Keith Montecalvo, 
Mike McCormack, Herminio Escabar, Rob 
Ferguson, Jonas Peters, Brandon Redman, 
Jeff Riley. Row 2: Chris Kick, Jake Braysha w, 
Tim Wiles, Sean Kirk, Chris Craig, Joe 
Barrett, Greg Genovese, Martin Cochran. 

Theta Chi Brothers 

Front row: Geoff Ball, Jimmy Routh, Brent Avers, Shannon Basham. Row 2: Seth Adams, Chris Craig, Mike McCormack Mike Graff John Griffith, Chad 
Thompson, Dave Durham. Row 3: Jason Bochalis, Tim Wiles, Jonas Peters, Martin Cochran, Sean Kirk. Row 4: Don Cicallela Rob Varner Billy Jeffries, Greg 
Genovese, Mike Mitchell, John Herring, Jake Brayshaw. Back row: Justin Wood, Jeff Cavin, Sean McCee, Kevin Shute, Chris Jones, Christian Brandyberry,Keith 
Montecalvo, John Hent. 

100 Greeks 


Front row: Chad Thompson, Shannon 

Basham, Chris Jones. Row 2: Mike 
McCormack, Greg Genovese, Jonas Pe- 
ters, Geoff Ball, Tim Wiles, Dave 
Durham, Martin Cochran, Chris Craig. 
Row 3: Brent Ayers, Keith Montecalvo, 
Kevin Shute. 
Executive Council 

Greg Genovese - Treasurer, Sean Kirk - 
Marshall, Shannon Basham - President, 
Chad Thompson - Vice President, Jonas 
Peters - Secretary. 

Tieta Chi brothers race to the finish line during Derby Day's Mattress competition. 

Greeks 111] 

Delta Zeta Chapter 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Matt Nelson and Steve Menosky after Phi Mu and Delta Sig hang their ban- 
the Big Brother matching. ners for Greek Week. 

Scott Seamone, Homer Thompson, and Matt Nelson participate in the annual quiz bowl. 

102 Greeks 

Dan Roof, Chris Crecelius, Scott 
Seamone, Danny Santivasci, and Jer- 
emy Mais enjoy a little R&R during fall 

Ken Depre, Chris McComb, Homer 
Thompson, Mike Allen, and Matt 
Nelson hang out during rush. 

Delta Sigs and Phi Mus work hard against Zetas and Lambda Chi Alpha during volleyball games 

Greeks 103 

Delta Omega Chapter 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

The brothers hang loose during a wake Edward Johnson lip syncs during Greek 
boarding trip. Week. 

Pi Kappa Alpha Brothers 

Front row: Scott Lahmeyer, Dave Bagshaw, Preston Key, Todd Carroll, Juston Picolet. Row 2: Erich Hoffman, Jeff Overbaugh, Jake Brown, Scott Herlson, Nate 
Stephens. Row 3: Nate Budd, John Daly, Steven Hamblen, Derek Mortaner, Jeremy Rash, Matt Costigan. Row 4: John Cutler, PatrickMarcey, Brendan McNierney, 
Edward Johnson, Dustin Runnev. Back row: Patrick Zingaro, Adam Davis, Bill Crook, Matt Waite, Charlie Wentz. 

104 Greeks 

The brothers enjoy some down time 

Executive Council 

Front row: Derek Montaner - VP, John 
Daly - Secretary, Erich Hoffman - Trea- 
surer. Row 2: Jeff Overbaugh - VP, Jake 
Brown - President, Scott Herlson - 
Pledge Educator. 

•MB M 








■r„„» c , , , r • n- i i. n n T^ffo„orh^,nThf rake Brown ScottHerlson, Matt Costigan. Row 3: Brendan McNierney, Dustin 

'ront row: Scott Lahmeyer, Nate Stephens, Justin Picolet. Row 2: JettOverbaugnt.jaKt Drow«,Jiuiij a 

kmney, NateBudd. 

Greeks 105 

Iota Phi Zeta Chapter 

Lambda Chi Alpha 


Front row: Alex Rabb, Hendrix Valenzula, 
Brandon Van Hoose, Chris Berman, David 
Tuxhorn. Row 2: Doug Heath, Mike 
Osmond, Kelley Heath, Chad Baucom, TJ 
Chmielewski, Kevin Sellers, Brad Leahy. 

Lambda Chi Alpha Brothers 

Front row: Kelley Harris, Hendrix Valenzula, Matt Benford, Ross Hendrix. Row 2: Nate LeMaire, Sean Forte, Alex Rabb, Nick Masonis, Chad Bailey, Brenden 
Salta, Chris Beiman, Nathan Biggs, David Tuxhorn. Row 3: Yianny Karapanagiotis, Chad Baucom, Gerald Black, Brandon Van Hoose, Kevin Sellers, T] 

10b Greeks 

Matthew Benford goes all out for Hal- 
loween this year, making the Hallow- 
een Carnival a big success. 

Yianny Karapanagiotis, Brandon Van 
Hoose, Hendrix Valenzuela hang 
around Slane Center before class. 

Executive Council 

Front row: Matt Benford, Chad Bailey, Ross Hendrix, Nathan B. S gs. Row 2: Kellev Harris, Gerald Black, Mike Wilson, TJ Chmielewski, Brandon Van Hoose, Brad 

Greeks 107 


Our community offers a wide range of opportunities to get involved. 



k- v sV- 




\ #k 




American Humanics 

Front row: Heather Dodd, Nicholas Williams, Amanda Zindorf, Dolores Craddock. Back row: David Bergen, 
adviser; Jana Craven, Shannon Buckalew. 


Biology Club 

Front row: Linda Curtis, Laura Home, Becca Marcus, Kelly Foley, Deanna Benson, John Gantt. Back row: Nicholas 
Williams, Christian Brandyberry, Anthony Damico, Brandon Kuebler, Heather Renwick, Heather Hanes. 

110 Organizations 


Delta Mu Delta 

Front row: Caren Richenberg, Jason Tucker, Patrick Sullivan, Brett Trantham. Row 2: Richard Bennington, Heidi 
Edsall, Kristi Koonts, Sarah Bennington, Samantha Eddy, Kevin Peterkin. 




Psi Chi 

Seated: Jeremiah Wills, Sarah Webb, Tara Ebner, Nancy Mayfield. Standing: Jennifer Ambrico, Dr. Deborah 
Danzis, adviser; Daphne Barrow. 

Organizations 111 


21 i 

Model UN 

Floor: Erin Kelley, Amy Spencer. Seated: Mindy Wanzie, Shannon Buckalew, Romane' Outerbridge. Standing: 
Bill L'Eplattenier, Elizabeth Brown, Eugene Liauw, Jennifer Andrews, Chris Rash, Larikus Scott, Rooney 
Belizaire, Jobe Beckham. 


I v 


Order of the Omega 


Beth Anne Zimmerman, Jessie Mcllrath, Sarah Bennington, Shannon Basham, Kevin Shute, Megan Bell, Megan 

112 Organizations 

SGA Delegates 

SGA Officers 

Seated: Chris Huff, Justin Wood, Matt McLendon, Beth Anne Zimmerman. Standing: Larikus Scott, Kat Hoffman, 
Tim Hassett. 

Organizations 113 


Senoir Class Officers 

Front row: Jen Andrews, Patrick Sullivan, Jamie Macon. Back row: Laura DeBettencourt, Peter Yoder, Amy Spencer. 

Home Furnishings Club 

Front row: Randi Komisar, Erin Jackson, Kelly Green, Sarah Bennington (treasurer), Karyn Poag, Gena Kafes, Erin Stetler, Erin Blosser. Row 
2: Angela Burke, Samantha Eddy (president), Heidi Edsall (vice president), Alicia Miles, Ryan Cecil. Row 3: Ben Bowman, Danita Harris, 
Jason Tucker (secretary) Chris Freeman, Charles Washington, David Tuxhorn. 

114 Organizations 

1 * 

> - <£ .' 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Officers 

Front row: Katie Powers, Mindy Cox, Heather Bowers, Shon Hildreth. Back row: Patrick Sullivan, David Dorrough, Coach Jimmie Burchette, 
Laura DeBettencourt, Deidre Cotilla. 

Writer's Club 

Front row: Robin Edwards, Vikki Burton, Michelle Padgett,. Back row: Robert Cilmore, Courtney Mueller, Nancy Maytield. 

Organizations 115 

Phi Tlieta Kappa Alumni Association 

Front row: (officers) Tonya Lawson, Sarah Branson, Pavla Salacova, Bill Doerr. Back row: Wendy Canady, Dr. Morris Wray, Niki Alle 
Virginia Kinsey. 

Alpha Delta Theta 

Front row: Hala Qubein, Tara Ebner, Lia Carter, Beth Newman, Mara Bray, Dawn Eagan, Pavla Salacova, Beth Judy. Row 2: Kelly Shaw, 
Jennifer Rudisill, Tiffany Grzan, Jessica Rivera, Nikki Allen, Leigh Ann Workman, Heather Woodson, Tre Jones. Row 3: Megan Pinnix, 
Kristen Remine, Sarina Lyall, Amy Spencer, Stacev Lank, Emily Hunter, Heather Hanes. Row 4: Stephanie Tnggs, Andrea Barnette. 

116 Organizations 

Organizations 117 

Dance Team 

Front row: Lauren Woodburn, Tiffany Pruett, Amanda Frana, Holly Huisinga (captain). Row 2: April White, Erin Delaney, Melissa 
MacDermid (captain), Jessica Emley, Alissa Ramirez. Row 3: Amer Lewis, Karyn Poag (captain) Jen Venetis, Michelle McKnight Row 4: 
Tracy Gwyn, Kelly Thompson, Mandy Barrows, Cass Arnold, Tiffany Jackson. Not pictured: Melody McBride Becky Mendenall 

118 Organizations 

Front row: Jana Craven (vice president), Charmetra Doakes (president), Deanna Benson (legis.). Row 2:Susan Graham (legis.) Robin Godley 
(treasurer). Row 3: Jackie Bailey (legis.). Not pictured: Michelle Young (secretary). 

Freshman Class Officers 

Student Activities Board 

Front row:Amanda Isaac, Chris Huff. Row 2: Leanna Layfield, Erin Pratt, Jackie King, Stacy McCall, Kelly Clontz, Michele Roakes, Amv 
Hanshaw, Brynne Fisher, Deanna Benson, Deidre Cotilla, Gene Liauw. 

Organizations 119 

Finch and Millis Residence Hall Staffs 

Front: Rans Triplett, Barbara McDowell, Lorienne White, Karen Teague, Kevi n Shute. Back: Matt Norman, Jon Stone, Chris Huff, Brandon 
Kuebler, Tommy Rich, Bill L'Eplattenier, Brad Bumgarner. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Front row: Jen Andrews, Alicia Miles, Jen Schubert, Leigh Ann Workman, John Whitehead. Row 2: Brian Davis, Chris Freeman, Dawn Eagan, 
Nick Williams. Row 3: Adam Knight, Mindy Wanzie, Michele Eckes, Melissa Hooven, Wendy Francis, Jeff Hann, Eric James. Row 4: Lee 
Whitehead, Misty Dills, Meghan Kline, Michelle Lewis, Nick Coppedge. 

120 Organizations 

Belk Residence Hall Staff 

Front row: Pam Garwacki, Kristy Morrison, Monica Dowe. Row 2: David Duggan, Tony Brown. 

Baptist Student Union 

Front row: Beth Newman, Amy Spencer, Philip Carroll. Row 2: Andrea Barnette, Nick Nowalk, Hala Qube.n, Shelly Dodson. 

Organizations 121 

International Club 

Front: Catherine Weber, Hala Qubein, Carolyn Adams, Romane Outerbndge, Pavla Salacova, Cornelius Wilson. Row 2: Shadan Alkassim, 
Susan Douglas, Lynsey Williams, Sorria Hunt, Vanessa de Lara, Dankinette Gibson. Row 3: Kate Cole, Mandy Hedgecock, Julia Bulkeley, 
Dolores Craddock, Darian Dorsey. Row 4: Damien Moye, Kevin Peterkin, Alex Tumanov, Kerstm Schreacke, Peter Williams, Rasha 

Complex Community Council 

Front row:Angela Moscoso, Romane Outerbridge, Danielle Clarkin, Joelle Davis, Tre Jones, Vanessa de Lara. Row 2: Dolores Craddock, 
Shannon Hodges, Monique Shirley, Amanda Zindorf. 

122 Organizations 

Apartment Community Council 

Front row: Ted Sikes, Carrie Clark, Erin Kelley, Andrea Barnett. Row 2: Tim Hassett, Karen Bouldin, Elizabeth Brown, Shaun Diehl, Ping 

Organizations 123 

Art Club/Photo Club 

Lori Eaves, Angela Smith, Cass Arnold Bn Dewey, Anna-Warren Green, Maggie Nathaniel, Tonya Travis (president), Jessie McCrary (vice 
president) Jutta Whitworth, Vil Sayaphet, Amanda Zindorf. 

Alpha Chi Honor Society 

Front rowjeremiah Wills, Rebecca Smith, Jess Frey, Kristi Koonts, Lia Carter, Brandy Parsley. Row 2: Meghan Kline, Kevin Shute, Amy 
Coffman, Brenda Koller, Christopher Haigler, Patricia Stanley. 

124 Organizations 

University Singers 

Front row: Director Todd Carter, GaquenWombough, Michelle Young, Amanda Lassiter, Melissa Hooven, Erin Kellv, Wendy Fisher, Sherrv 
Burden, Corienne White, Nancy Mayfield, Hala Qubein, Sarina Lvall, Accompianist Marcia Dills. 

Chapel Choir 

Front row: Director Todd Carter, Heidi Edsall, Rebecca Mendenall, Jennifer Andrews, Nancy Mayfield, Shelly Dodson, Accompianist 
Marcia Dills. 

Organizations 125 

Sophomore Class Officers (Spring Semester) 

Front row: George Taylor, Mandy Space. Back row: Nicole Tarantino, Jenny May, Payal Patel, Stefania Iebba, Eliza Hammond. 

Outdoor Activities Club 

Mike Boyce, Ted Sikes, Dallas Robertson, April Emerson, Adam Davis, Claire Murphy, David Lange, Darren Ball, Katie Bond, Heather 

126 Organizations 

Zenith Staff 

Katherine Phipps, Leanna Layfield, Rans Triplett, Amanda Isaac, Kristy Morrison. 

Learning Assistance Center Tutors 

Front row: Jen Schubert, Jessica Holyfield, Laura DeBettencourt, Vanessa Mendragon, Dawn Scheier. Back row: Pam Garwacki, Tara Ehner, 
Philip Carroll, Craig Curty (Assistant Director), Brandon Woosley, April Sparks, Sarah Heldreth, Joshua Hykes, Patrick Sullivan, Tiffany 
Parris, Pete Yoder. 

Organizations 127 

I 50 

Student athletes work diligently on and off the playing field . Juggling 
academics, social lives, and sports is a full-time job . 


Lindsay Kroeger powers past the de- The Lady Panthers show expert con- 
fense. trol of the ball. 



Jennifer Franks and Elizabeth 
Eschedor put up a powerful defense 
near their goal. 


Marie Wilson shows off some fancy 

Emilv Eschedor maneuvers past her 

The coaches discuss strategy with the team. 




V^J^l\V#* ?•* 

Shane Curran steals the hall 
Shane Curran goes head to head. 

High Point goes the extra mile to con 
trol the ball. 


Chad Bailey defends the bal 

Damon Ming charges ahead of his 

Chad Bailey prepares to pass to Perry 
White for a goal shot. 

Chad Pomposo uses some fancy foot- 

The race is on for control of the hall. 


Kenji Dorsey, Matt Van Duesen, David 
Duggan, Chris Corrigan, Nick 
Shrouder, and Shon Hildreth prepare 
for their next meet. 

Men's and Women's 

Cross Country 

Front row: Chris Corrigan, Nicholas 
Shrouder, Shon Hildreth. Row 2: 
David Duggan, Aaren Bowman, 
Baron Heinemann, Matthew Van 
Deusen, Kenji Dorsey. 

! S6 

Analiza Ravelo gears up to pass her 

David Duggan gets past the wall and 
finds his stride. 



JSt " ! T* Yd *•! M% 

"k -£w<- : § <*» ** X 

■HI* • #^ - in ■ 

Front row: Brianne Hegedus, Kristy Whitaker, Heather Bowers, Annliza Ravelo, Martha Fuller, Mindy Cix. Back 
row: Pavla Salacova, Bessie Fuming, Sara Day, Katie Powers, Jessica Healan. 



Sports Medicine 

Nancy Groh, Rick Proctor, Keith 
Montecalvo, and Heather Phillips 
gather for a group session. 

Danette Farmer and Laura De 
Bettencourt attend to a soccer player's 

Meghan Kline, Becky Hickev, Denise 
Cantor, and Nicole Saffer practice a 
safe carry (and goof off - a little!). 


Scott Hornung helps work out a few Andrea Dunn and Heather Phillips 
kinks. work on a treatment plan. 

Andrea Dunn practices wrapping an 

Denise Cantor helps a runner stretch 
after a workout. 

Becky Hickey ices down an athlete's knee. 


The squad goes all out to dazzle. 


Pep Teams 

The Purple Panther Pep Band warms 


The Panther struts his stuff 

Dance team members root for the 
women's team. 

The team gets ready to throw down 
during half-time. 

The cheer leading squad and mascot entertain the half-time crowd. 



The team lines up for player introduc- 
tions prior to the game. 

Debbie Maier serves up another ace 

Keisha Boyd and teammate rise to 
divert and spike. 


The team sets up to return a spike. 

A group cheer is a good way to open 
the game. 

Shana Stephens and teammate wait 
for the opponent's serve. 

Brooke Weitz digs deep to set up the 

Front row: Jessica Dollbaum, Niki Ferguson, Tahirah Dock, Karah Hensley, Keisha Boyd, Debbie Maier. Back row: 
Kelly Tysinger, Shana Stephens, Brooke Weitz, Amanda Menard, Chris Honemond. 

1 4 5 

STUFFED - bv Myron Stewart 



Geordie Cullen goes for the rebound 


rooks Lee moves around his oppo- 
nent to go for the goal. 

A huddle before the game gets every- 
one in the right frame of mind to win. 

Front row: Brooks Lee, Anthony Jackson, Adam Gladieux, Clayton Lyles, Mantas Ignatavicius, Scotty Hall. Back 
row: Jimmy Bennett, Myron Stewart, Valdas Kaukenas, Geordie Cullen, Tim Wilson, Quinton Williams, Derek Van 
Weerdhuizen, Billy Anderson. 



The team gathers around Coach 
Ellenburg as they discuss strategies. 

Toni Vick takes the outside jump shot 

Annie Miller outperforms her oppo 


Jessica Dice takes it to the rim. 

The Lady Panthers double team of- 
fense as they near the basket. 

Jessica Dice makes a stunning play as 
she sinks the ball before being fouled. 

Keisha Boyd gets in close to take the 


^Vj,| yvi A V? 

^%m .Hill* I '■,£? 

Front row: Annie Miller, Jessica Dice, Misty Brockman, Kelly Thomas, Dee Pennix. Back row: Keisha Boyd, Toni Vick, 
Deidre Cottilla, Mary Brewer, Courtney Wharton, Kelly Goode, Kesharra Wilson. 




Double partners have a laugh after a 
practice match. 

Fancy footwork helps get ready for 
the next shot. 

Pekka Pohjamo practices with Megan 
Hoffman and Andrea Avello. 


Coach Tertzagian books on as his 
Perfecting one's serve takes up most women's team puts in a great prac- 
of the practice time. tice. 




Quick reflexes are a necessity in re 
turning serves. 

A stinging serve is the reward of many 
hours of practice on the court. 

Concentration is the key. 

I "(I 

Taair Sciorsa warms up during prac- 
The team takes a break between sets. tice. 

The team works hard during practice. 

The teams relaxes after a scrimmage. 


Tyler Baughman celebrates a great 

putt while Tom Moore lines his up. Jamie Rauch putts for par 

Mike Rasmussen tees off. 


Anderson Carter eyes his approach 

Front row: Anderson Carter, Tyler Baughman, Michael Rasmussen. Back row: Andrew Smith, Jason Brownell, 
Graham Ewart, David Sheets, Tom Moore, Jamie Rauch. 



This Panther crosses home with a 
smile during a scrimmage. 

Another sizzling pitch speeds toward 
the plate. 

Practice makes a perfect form. 


Teammates set up practice nets for A few warm-up swings before prac- 
hittln S' tice help this player get ready to bat. 

The team trades off to take the field. 


Melissa Henderson works on her 

Track & Field 




Coach Burchette and Slade Gurley 
comtemplate the meaning of their 


Carlton Sanders approaches a jump. 


* f. liy/: 


Ed Bunnel leans back to gi\'e it his all. 

Cass Arnold, Porsche Jackson, Brenda 
Freeland, and Brandilan Price take a 
few laps around the soccer field. 



Derrico Cooper clears the hurdle. 


A year of memories that was 1999 and a lifetime of opportunities that 
lie before us, as individuals and as a university 

In Memory 

Dr. Martha Gleaton 

Friend, Teacher, Mentor 


Staff members: Amanda Isaac, Leanna Layfield, Tracey Ray, Rans Triplett, Kristy Morrison, Dawn Eagan, Jennifer McDonald. 

Mug shots by Lifetouch Studios. Sports team photos were supplied by the Athletic Department and the Sports Information 

Candids were taken by Rans Triplett.Dee Sasser, Kristy Morrison, Katherine Phipps, Tracy Ray, Dawn Eagan, Jennifer 
McDonald, Amanda Isaac, Leanna Layfield, and Pavla Salacova. 

Advisors: Millie Price and Katherine Phipps. 

Plant Representative - Tom Adams 

The book is produced by Jostens and contains 160 pages. The first signature contains color pages with the remaining in black 
and white. The tip-in is World Beat. The cover is smoke grey with the High Point University seal. The accent color is metallic. 
Funding for the yearbook is provided through student fees. 


World &^t 

APPIiolo/John Gaps 111 


C A total collapse of the Russian ruble sends world markets into chaos 
Boris Yeltsin asks Viktor Chernomyrdin to head the government to 
help restore political and economic stability. 

O French high school students demand 
more teachers, better equipment and 
buildings and a lighter course load in 
an October protest in Paris. The French 
government designates $40 million 
annually over the next four years, as 
well as 1,000 new teaching posts. 

O A discotheque fire in Goteborg, Sweden, kills 
67 teens and injures several more, making it 
the deadliest fire in modern Swedish history. 
Arson is the suspected cause of the October fire 

: After a U.N. drug summit in which 
150 countries endorse an anti-drug 
campaign, the U.S. vows to spend an 
estimated $1 billion over the next 
five years on anti-drug advertising, 
corporate and civic partnerships 
and promotion. 

O In a dangerous escalation of hostile feelings in the area, India begins 
nuclear bomb testing in response to Pakistan's testing of the Ghauri missile. 

O A memorial 
the first anniversary 
of the death of Princess 
Diana and Dodi Fayed is 
put on display in London's 
Harrods department store, 
which is owned by Dodi's father. 

O On September 2, Swissair Flight 111 crashes in the 
sea in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada, killing all 
229 passengers and crew aboard. A cockpit wiring fire 
is the suspected cause of the disaster. 

O In retaliation for the African 
embassy bombings, the U.S. 
attacks a suspected chemical 
weapons factory in the capital of 
Sudan and a terrorist training 
camp in Afghanistan, and launchei 
a worldwide search for suspected 
mastermind Osama bin Laden. 

AP Photo/Paul Chiasson 

On August 7, powerful 
bombs explode outside the 
U.S. embassies in Kenya 
and Tanzania killing 248 
people, including 12 
Americans, and injuring 
more than 5,000. 

NASA and Russia will conduct 45 missions to 
launch and assemble the International Space 
Station Alpha. Set for completion by 2004, the 
station will be powered by almost an acre of solar 
panels and will weigh almost one million pounds. 


: The remains of 
Czar Nicholas II 
and his family, 
killed in 1918 in 
Central Russia 
and buried in a 
mass grave, are 
exhumed and 
laid to rest in 
St. Petersburg. 

President Clinton becomes the first U.S. 
leader to visit China since the Tiananmen 
Square massacre in 1989. Many criticize 
Clinton for his apparent leniency toward 
China's human rights restrictions. 

q Hurricane Mitch 
ravages parts of 
Central America 
and kills more than 
10,000 people, 
maki ng it the 
second deadliest 
storm in the 
region's history. 

O On January 1, 1999, the euro debuts as the new 
currency in 11 European Common Market countries. 
It will be three more years before euro coins and 
cash are officially put into circulation. 

John Hume and David Trimble, Northern 
Ireland's two main political party 
leaders, win the Nobel Peace Prize tor 
their efforts to end the violence that 
has plagued the British province for 
three decades. 

After a stop in Mexico City in January 
1999, Pope John Paul II arrives in 
St. Louis, Missouri, and celebrates 
Mass with over 100,000 people 
in attendance. 

In January 1999, an earthquake that 
measures 6.0 on the Richter scale hits 
Colombia killing over 1,000 people. 

King Hussein ot Jordan, 63, dies on 
February 7, 1999, ot lymphatic cancer. 
Hussein's 47-year reign made him the 
Middle East's longest-serving leader. 



C Convicted killer Martin Gurule escapes death row and is later found 
drowned in a nearby river. Gurule is the first Texas inmate to escape 
death row since 1934. 

President Clinton becomes the second 
president in history to be impeached. 
The House of Representatives charges 
him with two counts of obstruction 
of justice and perjury. The Senate 
acquits Clinton after a five-week trial. 



B 79991 


O A massive Millennium Clock in New York City's 
garment district counts down the days, hours, 
minutes and seconds to the year 2000. 



G The U.S. Treasury unveils a new $20 
bill designed to be much harder to 
counterfeit and more capable 
of withstanding heavy abuse. 

O President Clinton declares the entire state of Florida a disaster area 
after fires burn over 300,000 acres and damage or destroy 150,000 homes. 

S After 50 years of work, 
the face of Crazy Horse 
is revealed at the South 
Dakota monument. When 
completed, the memorial, 
carved out of a mountain, will 
be the largest sculpture in the 

I Sixteen of the 24 glass beads that historians 
believe were used to buy Manhattan Island from 
Native Indians in 1S26 are donated to the Indian 
Museum of North America located at the Crazy 
Horse Memorial. 

(> In June, African-American James Byrd 
Jr., 49, is chained to the back of a truck 
and dragged to his death in Jasper, 
Texas, by three men, two of whom have 
ties to white supremacists. 

AP Photo/Crazy Horse Memorial, Robb DeWald. File 

O Mentally unstable Russell 
! Weston Jr. charges 
into the U.S. Capitol 
building on July 24 and 
fatally shoots Special Agent 
John Gibson and Officer 
Jacob Chestnut. 

> A Titanic exhibit tours the U.S. featuring over 
200 artifacts and displays chronicling the fateful 
ship's maiden voyage and tragic sinking. 

C Reform Party 
candidate Jesse 
Ventura shocks 
the nation when 
he wins the race 
for governor 
of Minnesota 
in November. 
Ventura is a 
former Navy Seal, 
pro wrestler and 
action movie actor. 

Win September, Hurricane Georges crashes through the 
Florida Keys and Mississippi. The killer storm causes 
the largest mandatory evacuation in Florida history, and 
Mississippi victims receive over $131 million in aid. 

Reuters/Jim Bourg/Archive Photos 

In response to family pressure, DNA 
testing confirms that remains buried in 
the Tomb of the Unknowns are those of 
Michael J. Blassie, an Air Force pilot shot 
down in Vietnam. 

AP Photo/Ruth Fremson 

Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old gay student at the 
University of Wyoming, dies five days after being 
brutally attacked in an apparent hate crime. Vigils 
in his memory are held across the country. 

In summer 1998, North Texas 
temperatures exceed 100 degrees 
for 45 days. The state's heat death 
toll climbs to 132 and fires burn 
over 344,000 acres. 

In August, General Motors Corporation 
and United Auto Workers reach an 
agreement that ends an eight-week strike. 

President Clinton announces the federal 
government ends the 1998 fiscal year 
with a budget surplus of $70 billion, 
the first surplus since 1969. 

More than 280 colleges now admit 
some or all of their applicants without 
regard to SAT or ACT scores. Many 
schools say the system improves the 
academic quality and diversity ol their 
student bodies. 

DNA tests determine that Rebecca 
Chittum was unknowingly switched with 
Caliie Conley at a Virginia hospital after 
their births three years ago. This case 
prompts a national debate on the need 
tor stricter hospital procedures. 

News J 


O A computerized T-shirt, woven with fiber optics 
and electrically conducted thread, may soon 
monitor the health of soldiers, rescuers, the 
elderly and others who are medically vulnerable 

O The USDA announces 
that a 25-millisecond 
blast of 270-degree steam 
applied to meat kills 99.99 
percent of the bacteria. 
This process follows 
the unpopular method 
of irradiation. 

1 On August 12, the $1 billion Titan 4 rocket explodes 42 seconds after 
liftoff. The rocket payload included a highly classified Defense 
Department satellite. 

Astronomers discover and photograph a 
planet outside our solar system that is 
about 450 light years away from Earth. 

Alabama hairdresser Philip McCory 
discovers that human hair soaks up oil 
from water, which prompts NASA to 
investigate ways to use human hair to 
clean oil spills. 

In August, renowned Houston heart 
surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley performs 
open-heart surgery which is broadcast 
live on the America's Health Network 
Internet web site. 

David Scott, who lost his left hand in a 
fireworks accident, receives the first 
U.S. human hand transplant in January 
1999. Scott has regained limited motion 
in his donor hand. 


A USA Today investigation reveals that many of the nation's safe 
drinking water regulations are not being enforced. The report^ 
reveals that even the worst violations have just a 1 in 10 chani 
of drawing legal action. 

Lovegety, a palm-sized matchmaking 
device, is the latest craze with Japanese 
teenagers. When it comes within 15 
feet of another Lovegety, high-pitched 
beepers go off, lights flash, and the 
"love detectors" display whether the 
users' preset interests match. It's now 
available in the U.S. 

( ) PlayStation's" "Crash Bandicoot: WARPED" 
supersedes its popular predecessors. Also new 
is Crash's sister Coco who gallops along the 
Great Wall of China and cruises through 
enemy-infested waters. 

Furby, the year's must-have interactive 
toy, has a vocabulary of 200 words in 
both English and its own language, 
"Furbish." Furby knows when it is 
being petted, when the lights go out, 
when music starts, and if there's 
another Furby in the room. 

O Appearing in malls 
in 33 states, job kiosks 

© WildEyes contact lenses feature several designs, including a starburst, 
black eight ball and cat's eyes. The $165 lenses come in prescription and 
non-prescription and don't interfere with eyesight. 

dispense employment 
opportunities for interested \ 
applicants. Job seekers enter 
their skills and ambitions and 
the machine scans its database 
for a match. 




C Consumer groups demand the recall of Olestra from the market, or at 
least the adoption of strict guidelines as to its use, after thousands of 
people become sick from eating the popular fat substitute. However, 
studies suggest that chips made with Olestra do not cause greater 
stomach problems than regular chips. 



O In December, Selective Service 
activates online registration. 
Eighteen-year-olds can now 
register instantly instead of 
filling out forms at the post 
office that take two to three 
months to process. 

3 As the need for toll-free 
numbers greatly increases, 
the 887 prefix joins the 800 
and 888 prefixes already in use. 

Paul A. Souders/© Corbis 

O A sleek, redesigned version 
of the '60s Volkswagen Beetle 
enters the market. Despite 
a May 1998 recall for wiring 
problems, the New Beetle \ 
is wildly popular. 

J) Butterflies and dragonflies are the hot 
motif in the fashion world appearing on 
everything from clothes and bags to 
hair accessories and jewelry. 


For $20-30 a day, trained professionals at 
dog and cat day cares will play with, read 
to, feed and pamper pets in their care. 

Mr. Payroll is the first ATM that can 
cash a check - even for someone 
without a bank account. The machine 
"memorizes" facial features and 
matches them with a social security 
number to verify the user's identity. 

O RoUerblade introduces durable, all-terrain 
in-line skates that can traverse dirt paths 
and rocky trails. The large-wheeled skates 
retail for a cool $600. 

The average home Internet user spends 
25 hours a year waiting lor web pages 
to load. 

O Britain's best Scrabble players commemorate the 
popular board game's 50th anniversary in October 
by playing in London's Wembley Stadium using 
letter tiles the size of dining tables. 

O Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman 
face off in a World Championship 
Wrestling tag-team match. The 
event pits Rodman and Hollywood 
Hulk Hogan against Malone and 
Diamond Dallas Page. 

Walt Disney's >1 

Bug's Life is one of 
at least 15 animated 
feature films that 
will flood the 
nation's theaters in 
the next two years. 

O In May 1998, the much-anticipated movie Godzilla 
opens to disappointing reviews and box office 
numbers. The epic leaves theaters quickly. 

IMP ' 


AP Pholo/Walt Disney, HO 

In June, Keiko 
arrives in his native 
Iceland to begin his 
assimilation to his 
new surroundings. 
The move concludes 
a four-year campaign 
to release the 
five-ton star of the 
movie Free Willy. 

F ■» 

O Players of Vertical Reality, a combination video game 
and amusement ride, shoot at moving targets on a 
24-foot-tall screen and sit in chairs that rise with 
each successful hit. The winner rides to the top 
for a grand view. 


AP Photo/Courtesy Viewpoint Datalabs 

The wildly popular stars of The WB network's 
"Dawson's Creek" hit the big screen, filming 
eight feature films during hiatus. Magazine 
covers by TV Guide, Seventeen and Interview 
fuel the craze. 

The coming-of-age 
drama "Felicity" 
quickly gains 
popularity with 
teens. The WB 
show revolves 
around a young 
woman and her 
new experiences 
at college. 




AP Photo/WB, James Sorenson 


Dorothy Low/Shooting Star 

iYoQuiero % 
Taco Bell!' 

Taco Bell's talking Chihuahua 
becomes a favorite teen 
advertising icon and sparks a 
surge of interest in the breed. 

^ Actor Rick Schroder replaces Jimmy Smits 
on ABC's "NYPD Blue." The fate of Smits' 
character in his last episode - he dies 
when a heart transplant fails — became 
a source of nationwide speculation. 

-V s 


Megastars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore 
announce their separation in June after 
almost 11 years of marriage. 

The American Film Institute rates the 
top 100 movies of the 20th century. The top 
ten include: Citizen Kane, 1941 
Casablanca, 1942 
The Godfather, 1972 
Gone With the Wind, 1939 
Lawrence of Arabia, 1962 
The Wizard ot Oz, 1939 
The Graduate, 1967 
On the Waterfront, 1954 
Schindler's List, 1993 
Sing in' in the Rain, 1952 

Fans flock to theaters to see the two-minute 
trailer for Star Wars: Episode I ■ The 
Phantom Menace and many leave without 
staying to watch the main attraction. The 
prequel to the wildly popular Star Wars 
trilogy opens in May 1999. 






: Singer and actor Frank Sinatra dies 
at the age of 82 on May 14, 1998. 

O Thanks in part to their 42-city tour, 
The Backstreet Boys' self-titled album 
sells nine million copies making it the 
third best-selling album 
of the year, 




Ai_ ..:, 



f> Sharp and Sony introduce portable 
MiniDisc recorders. This digital 

| alternative to audiocassettes records 
customized music compilations and 
doesn't skip when bumped. 

: Alanis Morissette's new album, 
Supposed Former Infatuation 
Junkie, is released in November 
and vaults to No. 1. The album 
sells 469,000 copies in the 
first week. 


<_> The Dixie Chicks' Wide Open Spaces is the fastest-selling debut 
album by a country music group. The group wins the Vocal Group 
of the Year award from the Country Music Association. 

S In January 1999, the 
group 'N Sync wins 
Favorite New Pop/Rock 
Artist at the American 
Music Awards. 




O Nineteen-year-old Usher is named Billboard Music Awards' Artist 
of the Year and R&B Artist of the Year. Touring with Janet Jackson 
and making television and movie appearances has heightened 
Usher's popularity. 


AP Pholo/.Iuey Terrill 

- = 


O Spice Girl Geri Hallivvell, better 
known as Ginger Spice, announces 
in May 1998 that she is leaving t 
popular group for creative reasons. 

3 Swing dancing makes 
a big comeback with 
the help of music from 
bands like Cherry Poppin' 
Daddies (shown) and the 
Brian Setzer Orchestra. 

O Jewel scores on two fronts. Her book of poetry, 
A Night Without Armor, makes the New York 
Times best-seller list, and her album, Spirit, is 
released in November. 

Monica is the only 
artist in 1998 with two 
No. 1 hits on the 
Billboard Hot 100, 
including "The 
First Night" and "The 
Boy Is Mine," a duet 
she sings with Brandy. 

C Aerosmith's 
"I Don't Want to 
Miss a Thing," 
from the movie 
becomes the 
group's first single 
to hit No. 1 on 
the Billboard Hot 
100 charts. 

AP Photo/GB Management. Jenny Yates 

Psychologists discover a connection 
between musical training and verbal 
memory. Children trained to play a musical 
instrument grow up to have 16 percent 
better word memory than other adults. 

Movie soundtracks account for nearly 
hall of the Gold and Platinum certification. 
Some of the top soundtracks include 
Titanic and Return to Titanic, City of 
Angels, Armageddon, Hope Floats, 
Dr. Doolittle and The Wedding Singer. 

Whitney Houston's My Love Is Your Love 
is her first studio album in eight years. 
The album includes the hit duet with 
Mariah Carey entitled "When You Believe." 

Actor/rapper Will Smith wins three 
American Music Awards, including 
Favorite Pop/Rock Album, Favorite 
Soul/R&B Album and Favorite Soul/R&B 
Male Artist. 

• II 

C Sang Lan, China's 17-year-old gymnastics champion, breaks 
two vertebrae during a vault at the Goodwill Games in July, 
leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. 

3 Skiboards, short skis with twin tips that 
allow forward and backward jumping, 
debut in competition at the 1998 ESPN 
Winter X Games. 

O Jeff Gordon wins the NASCAR Winston Cup 
for a second year in a row. Gordon, 27, is 
the youngest driver to win three Winston 
Cup championships. 

O On January 4, 1999, Tennessee beats Florida State University 

23-16 at the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona to win the national championship. 
It is the first year of the Bowl Championship Series, created to ensure 
that the highest ranked college teams nationally meet in a bowl game. 

In March 1998, ESPN launches a 
large-format sports magazine, 
ESPN The Magazine, to compete 
with Sports Illustrated. 

O ABC's Lesley Visser 
becomes the first 
woman to report from 
the sidelines during 
"Monday Night Football," 
the 1998 Super Bowl, the 
NCAA Final Four and NFL 
playoff games. 

3 Defending champion Detroit Red Wings win the 1998 Stanley 
Cup championship, beating the Washington Capitals 4-1. 
Defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov, severely injured in a car 
accident after last year's Stanley Cup win, joins the celebration. 

O Flamboyant sprinter Florence 
Griffith Joyner (FloJo), triple 
gold medalist at the 1988 
Olympics, dies at age 38 in her 
sleep, of suffocation during an 
epileptic seizure. 

AP Photo/Susan A. Walsh 

In a 4-0 sweep against 
the San Diego Padres, 
the New York Yankees 
win the 1998 World Series 
to claim their 24th 
championship. The 
Yankees' 125 total 
victories is a modern 
baseball record. 

AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi 

(J In July, France beats Brazil 3-0 to win its first 
World Cup soccer title. During celebrations, a 
motorist drives through the crowd on the 
Champs-Erysees and injures 60 people. 

: Lindsay Davenport, 
22, defeats Martina 
Hingis in the U.S. 
Open in September 
and becomes the 
No. 1 -ranked player 
in the world. 

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer 

St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire hits 
home run number 62 on September 8, 
breaking the record set by Roger Maris 
in 1961. McGwire ends the season 
with 70 home runs. 

On September 13, 
Sammy Sosa of the 
Chicago Cubs also 
breaks Roger Maris' 
record with his single- 
season 62nd home run. 
Sosa ends the season 
with 66 home runs. 

The defending champion 
Denver Broncos meet the 
upstart Atlanta Falcons 
at Super Bowl XXXIII in 
Miami. The Broncos 
win 34-19. 

Golfer Casey Martin, who 
suffers from a circulatory 
disorder in his right leg, 

I wins a lawsuit allowing him 
to use a cart during PGA 
and Nike golf tournaments. 

The Chicago Bulls capture their sixth NBA 
championship by beating the Utah Jazz 
87-86 in game six. Michael Jordan earns the 
Finals MVP award. In January 1999, Jordan 
announces his retirement from the NBA 
after 13 seasons. 

AP Photo/Eric Risbefg 

On September 20, Cal Ripken Jr. 
ends his 16-year streak of 2,632 
consecutive baseball games played 
by withdrawing himself from the 
Baltimore lineup for that night. 

NBA owners impose a lockout on July 1 
that causes almost half the '98 -'99 
basketball season to be lost. The 
labor dispute is settled on January 6. 

Tennis star Pete Sampras wins his fifth 
Wimbledon title and remains the 
world's No. 1 player for a record sixth 
straight year, breaking Jimmy Connors' 
mark for consecutive seasons on top. 

The NFL season is plagued with 
controversial and incorrect calls. 
Instant replay is not reinstated, but 
coin toss procedures are implemented. 


J rj rJ 


Miss Virginia Nicole Johnson is crowned Miss America 1999 in 
Atlantic City. The 24-year-old diabetic wears an insulin pump on 
her hip and plans to spotlight diabetes awareness during her reign. 

Seventeen-year-old Katie Hnida is 
named Chatfield Senior High School's 
Homecoming Queen as well as starting 
kicker for the varsity football team. The 
No. 1-ranked kicker in the state of 
Colorado, Hnida hopes to play Division I 
college football next year. 

NBC's "News Radio" 
star and former 
"Saturday Night Live" 
cast member Phil 
Hartman dies from 
a gunshot wound 
inflicted by his wife 
in May 1998. 

Canadian Tobin Belanger escorts a 
mannequin to his high school prom. 
He names her Jen, picks out her 
dress and corsage and arrives in 
a limousine. 

Minnesotan David Weinlick 
"advertises" tor a wile and chooses 
pharmacy student Elizabeth Runze 
from 23 hopefuls who travel to the 
Mall of America in Minneapolis for 
the event. Runze and Weinlick marry 
the same day. 


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