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Full text of "2003 Journal of the North Carolina Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church"

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North Carolina Annual Conference 

Raleigh Area 


The United Methodist Church 

Southeastern Jurisdiction 


Successor to 
The North Carolilna Conference, Methodist Protestant Church, 1828-1939 
The North Carolina Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1837-1844 
The North Carolina Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1845-1939 
Blue Ridge -Atlantic Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1879-1939 
Eastern District, North Carolina-Virginia Conference, Central Jurisdiction, 
The Methodist Church, 1940-1967 


The Thirty-fifth Session of The United Methodist Church and the One 

Hundred Seventy-eighth Session of the oldest constituent member Conference 

of United Methodism in the North Carolina Conference 

June 2 -5, 2003 

Marion M. Edwards, Presiding Bishop 
James L. Bryan, Conference Secretary 

Edited by James L. Bryan 
Composition and DeskTop Publishing by Shannon Medlin, Editorial Assistant 


...for repentance and reconciliation 

" shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, 
whose waters never fail." Isaiah 58:11 

We come to Annual Conference 2003 with many 
remembrances of pain and suffering. Pain inflicted by racism and 
cultural differences. Sin committed by omission and by 
commission that has crippled relationships and broken the body of 
Christ. We come to offer our confessions, our repentance, and our 
acknowledgement of the stones that we have thrown, the wrongs 
we have perpetrated. 

We come to the baptismal waters remembering that God 
claims us in love. We come to the table accepting the forgiving 
grace that restores us to right relationship. We come professing 
that the barriers that we have erected can be destroyed and new 
relationships are a promised hope. 

We come to elect our delegation to General and Jurisdictional 
Conferences. In our gatherings we celebrate congregational 
development and missional outreach. We hear powerful preaching 
and inspiring singing. We celebrate the laity of the church and our 
call to be the priesthood of believers. We come to celebrate our 
joys and blessings of ministry together. 

We come this year bringing with us a rock that symbolizes the 
suffering we have caused, the conflicts we have ignited. We bring 
these rocks contributing to a community confession of sins 
committed. We bring them to the cleansing streams. We bring 
them to the source that offers healing strength. We take new rocks 
home proclaiming the good news of a living stone. A new life that is 
built in Christ Jesus. A new community that is restored to new faith 
and hope. 

We come to proclaim a God who desires peace. A God who 
reminds us that we "shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of 
water, whose waters never fail." 

God is always faithful. 


Section I: Conference Officers and Related Ministries 

A. Methodist Building Staff Directory 8 

B. Conference Related Ministries 11 

C. Cabinet, Certificates of Ordination and Photos 15 

Section II: Conference Organization 

A. 2003 Annual Conference Organization and Personnel 22 

B. Quadrennially Elected Ministries 

Conference Boards & Agencies 23 

a. Structure Review Team 23 

b. Connectional Table 23 

c. Communications Circle 23 

d. Episcopal Circle 23 

e. Mission Development Circle 24 

f. Resource Ministries Circle 25 

g. Spiritual Formation & Leadership Development Circle 26 

h. General/SEJ Conference 2004 Delegates 29 

C. 2003 -2004 District Officers and Committees 30 

D. Alphabetical Rolls 

1. Lay Members - 2003 Annual Conference 34 

2. Conference Clergy and Diaconal Directory 54 

Section III: Conference Proceedings 

A. Conference Officers, Cabinet, and Staff 116 

B. 2003 Program - Daily Agenda 117 

C. 2003 Conference Guest Speakers/Leaders 121 

D. Rules of Order and Procedure 122 

E. Daily Minutes of Conference Proceedings 129 

F. Business of the Conference (Disciplinary Questions) 150 

2003-2004 Appointment List 188 

Section IV: Legislation and Reports 

Structure Review Committee 213 

Conference Connectional Ministries 213 

Communications Circle 215 

Archives and History, Commission on 216 

Methodist Board of Publication, Inc 216 

Episcopal Circle 217 

Christian and Interfaith Unity Council 217 

Congregational Development, Commission on 218 

District Superintendents, Report of 219 

Monitoring and Accountability 220 

Southeastern Jurisdictional Administrative Council 221 

Mission Development Circle 223 

2004 Advance Specials 224 


Church and Society, Commission on 229 

Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries, Committee on 229 

Disaster Recovery Ministries/M.E. R.C.I 230 

Evangelism, Commission on 231 

Hispanic Ministries Team 231 

Missions Team 232 

Multicultural Ministries 233 

Native American Ministries 233 

Peru Covenant, Task Force on 234 

Strengthening the Black Church 235 

United Methodist Women 236 

Spiritual Formation and Leadership Circle 236 

Children's Ministry Team 236 

Clergy Counseling and Consultation, Commission on 237 

Conference Relations, Committee on 237 

Continuing Education, Committee on 238 

Division of Deacons and Diaconal Ministries 240 

Enlistment, Committee on 241 

Higher Education and Campus Ministry, Commission on 242 

Itinerant Clergy Moving Expense, Committee on 243 

Laity, Commission on 245 

Ministerial Education Fund, Committee on 246 

Nominations 247 

North Carolina Christian Educators Fellowship 250 

North Carolina Pastors' School and Duke Divinity School Convocation .... 250 

Older Adult Ministries, Committee on 251 

Ordained Ministry, Board of 252 

Pastoral Care, Committee on 254 

Psychological Testing and Background Checks, Committee on 256 

Residency in Ordained Ministry, Committee on 256 

Sexual Ethics Support Team 257 

Worship, Commission on 258 

United Methodist Men 259 

United Methodist Youth 259 

Resource Ministries Circle 260 

Trustees, Conference Board of 260 

2003 Report on The United Methodist Building 261 

Conference Staff Relations, Committee on 265 

Equitable Compensation, Commission on 265 

Finance and Administration, Council on 270 

Incapacity, Joint Committee on 287 

Insurance, Committee on 289 

Partners in Caring, NC Conference 293 

Pensions, Board of 294 


United Methodist Foundation 312 

Statisticians Report 316/317 

Section V: - Miscellaneous Reports 

2002 Compensation of Clergy in Extension Ministries 319 

Candler School of Theology 320 

Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries 322 

Divinity School of Duke University 322 

Golden Cross 323 

Hand in Hand 324 

North Carolina Council of Churches 324 

Outdoor and Camping Ministries 325 

Resolutions 326 

The Methodist Home for Children 337 

The United Methodist Retirement Homes, Inc 338 

Section VI: Historical Records 

A. Memorial Service Bulletin 341 

B. Memoirs 343 

C. Roll of Deceased 361 

D. Historical Statement 363 

Section VII: Pastoral and Diaconal Rolls 

A. Alphabetical Roll/Pastoral Records - Full Connection 366 

B. Alphabetical Roll/Pastoral Records - Associate Members 428 

C. Alphabetical Roll/Pastoral Records- Diaconal Ministers 432 

D. Alphabetical Roll/Records - Probationary Members 434 

E. Full Time and Part Time Local Pastors Roll/Records 436 

F Spouses of Deceased Pastors 440 

G. Chronological Roll of Full Connection Pastors 447 

Section VIII: Financial Reports and Local Church Statistics 

Reports and Statistics 464 

Index 676 

• Conference Cabinet, Extended Cabinet 

• Methodist Building Staff Directory 

• Conference Related Ministries 

• Certificates of Ordination and Photos 

Conference Officers 
and Related Ministries 

Officers, Staff, <& Related Ministries 


Resident Bishop: Marion M. Edwards 

Dean: J. Edward Morrison; Secretary: Milton Gilbert; Treasurer: Judi J. Smith 

District Superintendents 

Burlington Rodney G. Hamm • 3143 Brycewood PI. • Burlington 27215 

(336)584-7959 • e-Mail: • FAX: (336)585-0260 

Durham: Judi J. Smith • 522 S.Duke St. • Durham 27701 

(919)682-6439 • e-Mail: • FAX: (919)956-9172 

Elizabeth City: Albert Shuler • P.O. Box 1662 • Elizabeth City, NC 27906 

(252)335-2415 • e-Mail: • FAX: (252)335-5127 

Fayetteville: David O. Malloy • 1911 Raeford Rd. • Fayetteville, NC 28305 

(910)485-2734 • e-Mail: • FAX: (910)485-2778 

Goldsboro: Milton H. Gilbert • POBox 1516 • Goldsboro, NC 27533 

(919)734-5324 • e-Mail: • FAX (919)734-2677 

Greenville: Marshall R. Old • 313 Clifton St. • A-2 • Greenville, NC 27858 

(252)756-3918 • e-Mail: • FAX (252)321-8787 

New Bern: Caswell E. Shaw, Jr. • 1329 S Glenburnie Rd. • New Bern, NC 28562 

(252)635-9704 • e-Mail: • FAX (252)635-9706 

Raleigh: Hope Morgan Ward • P.O. Box 10955 • Raleigh, NC 27605 

(919)834-5100 • e-Mail: • FAX (919)834-1106 

Rockingham: J.Edward Morrison • P.O.Box 1588 • Laurinburg, NC 28353 

(910)276-6641 • e-Mail: • FAX (910)276-8672 

Rocky Mount: William C. Simpson, Jr. • 3621 Sheffield Dr. • Rocky Mount, NC 27803 
(252)443-5540 • e-Mail: • FAX (252)443-3620 

Sanford: Jerry Lowry • 1511 Columbine Rd. • Sanford, NC 27330 

(919)775-7041 • e-Mail: • FAX (919)774-6558 

Wilmington: Ecwood C. Lancaster • 2201 Lynnwood Dr. • Wilmington, NC 28403 

(910)762-0400 • e-Mail: • FAX (910)763-8043 

Assistant to the Bishop & Director of Ministerial Relations: 

Paul L. Leeland • P.O. Box 10955 • Raleigh, NC 27605 • (919)832-9560 or 1 -800-849-4433 • Ext. 246 
e-Mail: • FAX (919)832-4721 

Executive Director, Conference Connectional Ministries: 

Charles M. Smith • P.O. Box 10955 • Raleigh, NC 27605 • (919)832-9560 or 1 -800-849-4433 
e-Mail: • FAX (919)834-7989 

Ext. 249 

Conference Treasurer-Business Manager: 

Sharon E. Strother • P.O. Box 10955 • Raleigh, NC 27605 • (919)832-9560 or 1 -800-849^433 • Ext. 230 
e-Mail: • FAX (919)834-7989 


Director, Office of Congregational Development: 

Stephen C.Compton • P.O. Box 10955 • Raleigh, NC 27605 • (919)832-9560 or 1-800-849-4433 • Ext. 254 
e-Mail: • FAX (919)834-7989 

Officers, Staff, & Related Ministries 


All Offices: 
1-800-849-4433 or (919) 832-9560 or FAX (919) 834-7989 

Bishop's Office 

FAX: (919) 832-4721 

Marion M. Edwards, Bishop, Raleigh Area • e-Mail: . Ext. 242 

Sandy Smith, Admin. Assistant • e-Mail: Ext. 242 

B. J. Lewis, Admin. Assistant • e-Mail: Ext. 296 

Ministerial Relations Office 

Paul L. Leeland, Assistant to Bishop • e-Mail: Ext. 246 

Robbie Barrett, Admin. Assistant • e-Mail: Ext. 245 

Linda Bourey, Admin. Assistant • e-Mail: Ext. 244 

Conference Connectional Ministries 

Charles M. Smith, Executive Director* e-Mail: Ext. 249 

Conference Connectional Table • Disaster Response • Higher Education Ministries 
Nominations • Worship • Laity 

Linda Harris, Admin. Assistant/Office Manager • e-Mail: leeharris@nccumc.orgExt. 247 
Criminal Justice & Mercy Ministries • Lay Speaker Training • Singles Ministry 

Linda Smith, Design Works • e-Mail: Ext. 238 

Web Design • Printing • Publishing 

Laura Bailey, Director of Media Center • e-Mail: Ext. 264 

Christian Education • Media Center • Archives/History 

Steve Taylor, Director • e-Mail: Ext. 257 

Board of Missions (Loans) • Church & Community Grants • Hunger Relief Campaign 
Mission Development • Peru Covenant • Russia Seminary Campaign 
Home Phone: (910) 738-7042 

Becky Biegger, Admin. Assistant • e-Mail: Ext. 256 

Sue Ellen Nicholson, Director • e-Mail: Ext. 253 

Hand in Hand Church/School Partnerships • Children's Ministry Team • Conference 
Youth Events • Youth Service Fund 

Robin Harry, Admin Asst. • e-Mail: Ext.252 

Wilburn I (Bill) Norton, Jr., Director • e-Mail: Ext. 263 

Communications • Igniting Ministry Campaign • Stewardship • Web Administrator 
Home Phone: 919-851-6005 

Jesse Brunson, Director • e-Mail: Ext. 255 

Monitoring & Accountability • Multicultural Ministries: African American/Hispanic/Native 
American Ministries/Korean Ministries • Inclusiveness Ministry Grants • Church & 
Society • Christian Unity 

Officers) Staff, & Related Ministnes 

LeeAnne Thornton, Admin. Assistant • e-Mail: Ext. 258 

Connectings • Wellspring Newsletter 

Barbara Tripp, Executive Director • M.E. R.C.I Ministries • e-Mail: 
676 Community Dr. • Goldsboro, NC • 27530 • 1-888-440-9167 • FAX (919) 739-9124 

Camping Office 
Wray Stephens, Executive Director • e-Mail: 
PO Box 726 • Fuquay-Varina, NC • 27526 • (919) 552-4673 

Congregational Development Office 

Stephen C. Compton, Executive Director • e-Mail: Ext. 250 

Church Planning/Research • Clergy/Staff Leader Development • Congregational 
Development • New Church Development • $10 Club 

Nancy Koontz, Admin. Assistant • e-Mail: Ext. 254 

Ben Alexander, Campaign Manager • e-Mail: Ext. 231 

Congregational Development Campaign 

Treasurer's Office 
Sharon E. Strother, Conference Treasurer • e-Mail: .... Ext. 230 

Christine Dodson, Controller • e-Mail: Ext. 235 

Robbie Barrett, Admin. Assistant - Pensions • e-Mail: Ext. 245 

Caroline Thornton, Group Administrator • e-Mail: Ext. 228 

Group Insurance Administrator • Duke Endowment Disbursements • Equitable Compensation 
Emerging Church • Golden Cross Disbursements • Ministers' Transition Fund 

Chrisy Powell, Admin. Assistant 'e-Mail: Ext. 234 

Accounts Payable • Financial Reports • Property Management 

Jennifer Echert, Admin. Assistant • e-Mail: Ext. 229 

Apportionments • Property Insurance • Financial Reporting 'Account Reconciliation 

Diana Hunter, Admin. Assistant • e-Mail: Ext. 232 

Labels • Loans Receivable • Remittances • Tables I & II Data 

Alison Smith, Admin. Assistant /Office Manager • e-Mail: Ext. 233 
Board of Trustee Matters • CFA« Moving Expenses • Payroll 

Sharon Saige, Admin. Assistant • e-Mail: Ext. 316 

Pensions • Insurance 

Phyllis Patterson, Receptionist • e-Mail: Ext. 

Douglas Ward, Director, Information Technology • ... Ext. 227 

Officers* Staff, & Related Ministries 

Conference Secretary's Office 
James L. Bryan, Conference Secretary • e-Mail: Ext. 223 

Shannon Medlin, Admin. Assistant • e-Mail: Ext. 222 

Annual Conference • Book of Reports • Clergy Address Changes • Conference Directory 
Conference Journal 

United Methodist Foundation, Inc. 
919-836-0029 or 1-800-555-4718 • FAX: (919) 836-0092 

I. Lynn James, Executive Director • e-Mail: 
Gina Schwenn, Controller • e-Mail: 
Kim Smith, Admin. Assistant • e-Mail: 


Officers, Staff, <& Related Ministries 



Wray Stephens - Executive Director 

P.O. Box 726, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 

Telephone: (919) 552-4673 


Chestnut Ridge: Allen and Rhonda Parker, Dirs., 4300 Camp Chestnut Ridge Road, 
PO Box 370, Efland, NC 27243, Telephone: (877) 568-6834 or (919) 304-3900 or 
FAX: (919)563-3559 e-Mail: 

Don Lee: John A. Farmer, Manager/Director, 315 Camp Don Lee Road, 

Arapahoe, NC 28510, Telephone: (252)249-1106 or 1-800-535-5475 or FAX: (252)249-0497 


Kerr Lake: Willie Carroll, Supervisor, PO Box 220, Middleburg, NC 27556 
(May through September) Telephone: (252)438-3487 or FAX: (252) 428-3487 

Rockfish: Dennis Tawney, Mgr/Dir, 226 Camp Rockfish Rd., Parkton, NC 28371, 
Telephone: (866) 762-3474 or (910)425-3529 or FAX: (910)425-8665, 
e-Mail: den 

Duke University: Nannerl O. Keohane, President, Duke University, Durham, NC 27706 
Telephone: (919)684-2424 or FAX: (919)684-3050 

Louisburg College:Reginald W. Ponder, President, 501 N. Main Street, 
Louisburg, NC 27549, Telephone: (919)496-2521 or FAX: (919)496-7141 

Methodist College: M. Elton Hendricks, President, 5400 Ramsey Street, 
Fayetteville, NC 28311, Telephone: (910)630-7005 or 1-800-488-7110 
or FAX: (910)630-7683 

North Carolina Wesleyan College: Ian C. Newbould, President 

3400 North Wesleyan Boulevard, Rocky Mount, NC 27804, Telephone: (252)985-5100 

or 1-800-488-6292 or FAX: (252)977-3701 

College Related Ministries 

United Methodist Campus Ministers in North Carolina: 
A & T State University: Sadye Joyner Milton, 913 Buford Street, Greensboro, NC 27401 
Office: (336)273-5691 FAX: (336)273-6121, e-Mail: 

Appalachian State University: Gary Richardson, 461 Howard Street, Boone, NC 28607 
Office: (828)264-9606, FAX: (828)264-7085, or e-Mail: 

Bennett College: Shirley Canty, 900 E. Washington St., Greensboro, NC 27401, Office: 
(336) 273-4431 FAX: (336) 272-7143, e-Mail: 

Brevard College: Shelly Webb, 400 N. Broad St., Brevard, NC 28712, Office: (828) 
883-8292, FAX: (828) 884-3790, e-Mail: 

Duke University: Jennifer Copeland, P.O. Box 90974, Duke Chapel, Durham, NC 27708-0974 
Office: (919)684-6735, FAX: (919) 681-8660, e-Mail: 


Officers, Staff, & Related Ministries 

East Carolina University: Scott Wilkinson, P.O. Box 8245, Greenville, NC 27835 
Office: (252) 758-2030, FAX: (252) 830-9527, e-Mail: 

Greensboro College: A.C. Brock, 815 W. Market St., Greensboro, NC 27401-1875, 
Office: (336) 272-7102, FAX: (336) 271-6634 

High Point University: Harold Warlick, University Station, High Point, NC 27262, 
Office: (336) 841-9241, FAX: (336) 841-4599, e-Mail: 

Louisburg College: J. Alex Maultsby, PO Box 3083, Louisburg, NC 27549 
Office: (919) 497-3231, FAX: (919) 496-7141, 

Methodist College: Benjamin Wells, 5400 Ramsey St., Fayetteville, NC 28311 
Office: (919) 630-7000, e-Mail: 

North Carolina Central University: Michael Page, PO Box 19353, Durham, NC 27707, 
Office: (919) 530-6380, FAX: (919) 560-5263, e-Mail: 

NC State University: Kirk Oldham, 2503 Clark Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27607 
Office: (919) 833-1861, e-Mail: 

Pfieffer University: Gary Green, PO Box 960, Misenheimer, NC 28109 
Office: (704) 463-1360, FAX: (704) 463-1363, 

Salem College: Laura Elliott, PO Box 7433, Wnston Salem, NC 27109 

UNC-Asheville: Amy Rio-Anderson, 27 Balm Grove Ave., Asheville, NC 28806 
Office: (828) 254-5818, FAX: (828) 254-0830, e-Mail: 

UNC-Chapel Hill: Jan Rivero, 214 Pittsboro, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 
Office: (919) 942-2152, FAX: (919) 942-2328, e-Mail: 

UNC-Charlotte: Steve Cheyney, 9201 University City Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28223, 
Office: (704) 687-4068, FAX: (704) 549-1202, e-Mail: 

UNC-Greensboro: Ron Moss, PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 
Office: (336) 334-5119, FAX: (336) 334-3499, e-Mail: 

UNC-Pembroke: Robert Ray, 100 Breece St., Pembroke, NC 28372-9659, Office: (910) 
521-8197, e-Mail: 

UNC-Willmington: Nancy Cooper, 612 S. College Rd., Willmington, NC 28403, Office: 
(910) 799-8497, FAX: (910) 799-8497, e-Mail: 

Wesleyan College: Fred Grissom, 3400 North Wesleyan, Rocky Mount, NC 27804, 
Office: (252) 985-5100 

Western Carolina University: Richard Irwin, PO Box 2345, Cullowhee, NC 28723, 
Office: (828) 293-9214, FAX: (828) 293-9214, e-Mail: 

Winston-Salem- Wesley Foundation: Tim Auman, PO Box 7433, Winston-Salem, NC 
27109, e-Mail: 

Institutions and Ministries 

Retirement Homes: Christopher Cryder, Corp. Exec. Dir., 2600 Croasdaile Farm 
Parkway, Suite A-500, Durham, NC 27705-3153, Telephone: (919) 384-3000 or FAX: 
(919) 384-3400 


Officers! Staff, & Related Minishzes 

Croasdaile Village: Howard DeWitt, Executive Director, 2600 Croasdaile Farm Parkway, 
Durham, NC 27705, Telephone: (919)384-2000 or FAX: (919)384-2480 

Cypress Glen Retirement Community: Laurie Stallings, Executive Director, 
100 Hickory Street, Greenville, NC 27858, Telephone: 1-800-669-2835 
FAX: (252)830-0411 

Quail Haven Village: Myron Dice, Executive Director, 200 Blake Boulevard, 
Pinehurst, NC 28374, Telephone: (910)295-2294 or FAX: (910)295-2379 

Wesley Pines: David Lewis, Executive Director, 1000 Wesley Pines Road, 
Lumberton, NC 28358, Telephone: (910)738-9691 or FAX: (910)738-8905 

Wesley Pines Retirement Community in Lumberton: Roger Parry, Executive Director 
1000 Wesley Pines Road, Lumberton, NC 28358, Telephone: (910)738-9691 
or FAX: (910)738-8905 

The Asbury Homes, Inc.: Lisa Hayes, Exec. Dir. , 1008 PirewayRd., Tabor City, NC 
28463, (910)617-5095 

Golden Cross: Richard C. Vaughan, Director, PO Box 662, Raeford, NC 28376-0662, 
(910) 875-2111 

Methodist Home for Children: Michael W. Safley, President, PO Box 10917, Raleigh, 
NC 27605, (919) 833-2834 or FAX (919) 755-1833 

Methodist Retirement Homes: Christopher Cryder, Corporate Executve Director, 505 
S. Duke Street, Suite 400, Durham, NC 27701-3153, (919) 956-7016 or FAX (919) 489-7342 

Church & Community Worker (Home Missionary): Pat Lykins, Executive Director, 
Robeson County Church & Community Center, 210 East 15th Street, 
Lumberton, NC 28358, Telephone: (910)738-5204 

Church & Community Worker (GBGM Missionary): Shirley Townsend Jones, 
Bennettsville-Cheraw Area Cooperative Ministry, P.O. Box 397, 
Bennettsville, SC 29512, Telephone: (803)479-4895 

Conference Missionary Secretary: Helen Little, 2252-B Peele Road 
Clayton, NC 27520, Telephone: (919)553-7631 

Other Related Missions 
Peru Covenant Task Force: Para R. Drake, Chairperson, PO Box 3, Rougemont, NC 
27572, Telephone: (919)417-0834 

Prison MATCH of NC, Inc.: Venecia Malloy, Executive Director, P.O. Box 14469, 
Raleigh, NC 27620-4469, Telephone: (919)828-4767 or FAX: to "Attention MATCH" 

Project AGAPE, Armenia: Alexander M. Alvord, Chairman, 4810 Pine Ridge Road, 
Charlotte, NC 28226, Telephone: (704) 362-1860, e-Mail: 

Walnut Terrace Child Development Center: Rita Connely, Director 
111 West Lee Street, Raleigh, NC 27601, Telephone: (919)832-1597 

Linda Harris, Board of Directors President, P.O. Box 10955, Raleigh, NC 27605 
Telephone: 1-800-849-4433 or (919)832-9560 


Officers, Staff, & Related Ministries 

Stewardship Services 
Board of Missions, Inc. (Church Loans): Mike Leburg, President, PO Box 375, Star, 
NC 27356, Telephone: (910) 428-4543 or e-Mail: 

Steve Taylor, Executive Secretary or Becky Biegger, Admin. Asst, P.O. Box 10955, 
Raleigh, NC 27605, Telephone: (919)832-9560, 1-800-849-4433 or FAX: (919)834-7989 
e-Mail: or 

Commission on Stewardship (Consulting Services): W.L. (Bill) Norton, Connectional 
Ministries Staff Representative, P.O. Box 10955, Raleigh, NC 27605, Telephone: 
(919)832-9560, 1-800-849-4433, FAX: (919)8334-7989 or 

Duke Endowment (Church Grants): W. Joseph Mann, Director, Rural Church Division, 
100 N. Tryon St., Suite 3500, Charlotte, NC 28202-4012, Telephone: (704)376-0291, 
FAX: (704) 376-9336 or e-Mail: 

The United Methodist Foundation, Inc.: W. Daniel Pate, President, P.O. Box 1669, 
Pinehurst, NC 28370, Telephone: (919)295-2161 

I. Lynn James, Executive Director, Office of Planned Giving, P.O. Box 10955, Raleigh, 
NC 27605, Telephone: (919)836-0029, 1-800-555-4718 or FAX: (919)834-7989 



Front RowJ- Edward Morrison, Milton H. Glbert, Rodney G. Hamm, Judi J. Smith, Ecwood C. Lancaster 

Back Row: David O. Malloy, Marshall R. Old, Caswell E. Shaw, Jr., William C. Simpson, Jr. 

Bishop Marion M. Edwards, Charles M. Smith, Albert Shuler, Hope Morgan Ward, Paul L. Leeland, Jerry Lowry, Sharon E. Strother 



Front Row: J. Edward Morrison, Milton H. Gilbert, Rodney G. Hamm, Judi J. Smith, Ecwood C. Lancaster 
BackRow:DavidO. Malloy, Marshall R. Old, Caswell E. Shaw, Jr., William C. Simpson, Bishop Marion M. Edwards, Albert Shuler, 

Hope Morgan Ward, Jerry Lowry 



This is to certify that I, Marion M. Edwards, one of the bishops of The United Methodist Church at 
the Cumberland County Auditorium in Fayetteville, North Carolina on June 2, 2003 did ordain 
Elders as follows: 

Edgar Raymund Argao DeJesus Kelly Lyn Logue 

William Bryan Faggart Jerry Dean Martin 
Pamela Jan Gilliam Richard Thorne Mathews 

Laura Elizabeth Hayes Carol Elizabeth Noy 

Bryan Scott Huffman Adam Fenton Seate 
Benjamin Edward Wells 

John Gaylon Varden 

Ordained as a courtesy to the Memphis Conference 

Tflawn 77). ESLudh- 

This is to certify that I, Marion M. Edwards, one of the bishops of The United Methodist Church at 
the Cumberland County Auditorium in Fayetteville, North Carolina on June 2, 2003 did commission 
as Probationary Members in preparation for the order of Elder as follows: 

Grace Morton Dill Dennis Cecil Lamm 

Debra Jessica Grossberg Robert Wayne Licht 

Grace Renee Hackney Cynthia Kay Lister 

Patricia Freeman Hawkins Lee Roger Owen 

Terry Hunt Carolyn Kyle Sims 
Hyung Soo Kim Donna McClain Thompson 

Kristen Driscoll Williams , 

77?flA^n 77?. £JL*a$o- 

This is to certify that I, Marion M. Edwards, one of the bishops of The United Methodist Church at 
the Cumberland County Auditorium in Fayetteville, North Carolina on June 2, 2003 did ordain 
Deacons in Probationary Membership as follows: 

Eilene Zaida Bisgrove Judith Smith Stephens 

Joyce Christine Day 

This is to certify that I, Marion M. Edwards, one of the bishops of The United Methodist Church at 
the Cumberland County Auditorium in Fayetteville, North Carolina on June 2, 2003 did ordain 
Deacon in Full Connection as follows: 

Mary Lowrey Peacock 

Tflarvvn 77?. QLi'A- 

This is to certify that I, Marion M. Edwards, one of the bishops of The United Methodist Church at 
the Cumberland County Auditorium in Fayetteville, North Carolina on June 2, 2003 did ordain 
Deacon in Full Connection as follows: 

Daniel Patterson Jones Jerry Elmore Mitchell 

Terry Michael Edwards Leroy Worth, Sr. 

Chris Dwight Humphreys . 

Tflawm 777. £$u#'A- 




£3 Q 







L-R, front: Betty Willis, James E. Wooten, Michael K. Brown, Carolyn Roy, 
Cliff Harvell, Edward New, Tony DeLapa, Emily Young, and Veronica Patterson 

L-F, back: Carol Taylor, Stephen Smith, David Hollowell, John Barnes, Fallon 
Duncan, William Creech, Valerie White, Kye Young Lee, and Gary Murphree 


L-R: Shannon and Richard Stanley, Carolyn and Jack Hunter, Mary L. 

Peacock, Pat and Donald Dawkins, Betty and James McLean, Pat and Joe 

Forbes, Norma and Wlliam Sabiston, and Grace and Sidney Stafford 


Marion M. Edwards 

James L. Bryan 



Conference (.irgan ration / Rosters 

• Conference Organization and Personnel 

• Conference Boards and Agencies 

• District Officers and Committees 

2003 Annual Conference Lay Members 

• Conference Clergy and Diaconal Directory 

Conference Organization 


Conference Or^an i^atio n / 'Boosters 


Annual Conference Program, Committee on 

Area Bishop Marion M. Edwards 

Chairpersons, Local Committee on Entertainment Tryon Lancaster 

Conference Lay Leader Jeanne Rouse 

Conference Secretary James (Jerry) L. Bryan 

District Superintendent, Host District Marshall Old 

Executive Director, Connectional Ministries Charles Michael Smith 

President, UMM Mack Parker 

President, UMW Emily Innes 

President, UMYF Ben Adams 

Ex- Officio 

Assistant to the Bishop Paul L. Leeland 

Annual Conference Music Coordinator Maria Ham 

Assistant Conference Secretary Stephen (Steve) N. Little 

Associate Director for Communications/Stewardship Wilburn L. (Bill) Norton, Jr. 

Chairperson, Board of Worship Johnnie Wright 

Conference Theme/Schedule Coordinator Richard T. Clayton 

Conference Treasurer Sharon E. Strother 

At Large LaNella Smith 

Lay Leader, Host District George Mewborn 

Head Ushers Ray Pearce and Barbara Matthews 

Memoirs, Committee on The Conference Secretary and the Cabinet 

Minutes, Committee on Gayla E. Collins, Chairperson;Eldrick R.Davis, 

Roderic L.Mullen 

Registration of Delegates, Committee on Ray T. Gooch, Chairperson 

Resolutions & Reference, Committee on Alan P. Swartz, Chairperson; 

Clerical: Steven A. Hickle, Milford Oxendine, Jr.; Lay: Robert C.Frazier, Sr., Robby 
Lowry, Kathryn Self 


Chief Clerical Teller James L. Wilson 

Chief LayTeller Anna Gail Workman 

District Clerical Lay 

Burlington Renee Burnette, Dennis Peay Susan Hemenway, Anne Cole 

Durham M.B. Collier, Grace Dill Dan Shaw, Dick Hatch 

Elizabeth City Tal Madison, Jerry Cribb Steven Cribb, Becky Rayburn 

Fayetteville .. Donna Fowler-Marchant, Kenneth MacLean, Lucille Gillispie, Evelyn Watson 

Goldsboro Neal Wingfield, Arthur Warren Cornell Cox, Cathy Green 

Greenville Richard Baldwin, Billy Olsen Greg Jones, Edward Tapscott 

New Bern Sherrie James, Charles Smith Louise Hodges, Irv Sharp 

Raleigh Steve Edwards, James Whittaker John Mitchell, Vivian Mitchell 

Rockingham Vann Floyd, Robert Ray Dennis Sigmon, Lee Wallace 

Rocky Mount Charles Myers, Chuck Plowman Fred Hight, Sandra Hight 

Sanford Bruce Allen, David Foushee Joe Cavalluzzi, William Mierisch 

Wilmington Carol Noy, Brian Perry Evelyn Hight, Marlene Varnam 


Conference Organisation /"Rosters 


Structure Review Team 
2000-Robert Frazier; 2000-Thomas G. Holtsclaw; 2000-Lawrence E. Johnson; 2000-Kim 
Lamb; 2000-Louisa Locklear; 2000-George Johnson; 2002-Brenda Brown 

Conference Connectional Table 
Bishop Marion M. Edwards; Al Home; Annette Wright; Barbara Smith; Bernice Johnson; 
Cashar Evans; Claire Clyburn; Danny Allen; Emily Innes; Gary Wayne Locklear; Jeanne 
Rouse; Jerline Miller; Joseph W. Casteel; Kathy Greene; Kong Suk Namkung; Larry 
Allen; Laura Davenport; Lib Campbell; Luis Felipe Reinoso; Jeanne Scott; Mack Parker; 
Martin Armstrong; Merritt Jones; Mike Gast; Norma Thompson; R. Carl Frazier; Randy 
Innes; Richard Vann Spivey; W. Kenneth Hall, Jr.; Wlliam Allen Bingham; District 
Superintendents - J. Edward Morrison and Milton H. Gilbert; Director of Connectional 
Ministires - Charles Michael Smith 

Communications Circle 
1996-Ambrose Dudley; 1996-Charles C. Smith; 1996-George D. Speake; 1996-Larry 
McGill; 1996-Lib Campbell; 1996-Lynwood Boyette; 1998-Sherry James; 1999-Para 
Drake; 2000-Anne Faust; 2000-C. Frank Grill; 2000-Stanley A. Lewis, Jr.; 2000-W 
Arthur Warren; 2000-Wlliam Allen; 2003-Alan P. Swartz; 2003-Emma Locklear; Kevin 
Rippin; Jerome Smith 


1996-Donald Hayman; 1996-Mildred Swain; 1999-Joseph W. Forbes; 2002-W. Arthur 
Warren; 2002-Walter Brown; 2002-Elizabeth Moore; 2002-John Mitchell; 2002-Anne 
Veazey Davis; 2003-Darlene Jacobs; Conference Historian, Conferene Secretary, Chair 
Historical Society 


1998-Ambrose Dudley; 2002-Ashely B. Futrell; 2002-LeeAnne Thornton; 2003-Juanita 
Heyward; 2003-Joe Parker; 2003-Paul Dunham; 2003-Barbara Smith; 2003-Barry 
Merrill; 2003-Ruth Dial Woods; George Speake; Kevin Rippin; Cabinet Rep.-Judi Smith 

Episcopal Circle 
Randall E. Innes; Paul T Stallsworth; Donnie L. Jones; LaNella Smith; Leonard E. Fairley; 
Jerry Lowry; Annie Fairley; David A. Banks; Cashar Evans; Lily KerChou; Louise Mitchell 


1996-Kathryn Rives Johnson; 1998-Jerry Schronce; 1999-Randall E. Innes; 1999- 
Donnie L. Jones; 1999-James Edward Malloy, Jr.; 2000-Ray Pearce; 2000-William Alton 
Boykin; 2000-Paul T. Stallsworth; 2000-Paul Chitnis; 2000-David A. Banks; 2000-Brenda 
Wills; 2003-Michael D. Frese; 2003-Larry Chandler; 2003-Emily Young; 2003-Laurie 
Hays Coffman 


Conference Secretary: Jerry Bryan 

1996-Cecil Harrison; 1996-Gwen C. Henderson; 1996-J. Alexander Maultsby III; 1996- 

Gloria McKenzie; 2000-Charles L. Pollock; 2003-James Coile 


1997-Randy Grey Maynard; 2000-Mary Holloway;2000-Reagan May;2000-Jeffrey Lee 
Severt;2000-Samuel Wynn; 2000-Camille O. Yorkey; 2000-Hector Millan; 2000-Wm Allen 
Bingham; 2000-Johnny H. Branch; 2000-Sandra Hinson; 2000-Robert H. Ray; 2001-Richard 
C. Baldwin, Sr.;Cabinet Rep.-Ecwood Lancaster 


Conference ■"^atiori /Rosters 


1996-Mildred DuPugh; 1996-Augusta Haynes; 1996-Roy Harris; 1996-Burton King; 
1996-George Johnson; 1996-Glenda Snotherly; 2000-Kong Suk Namkoong; 2000-Laura 
Hayes; 2001-Hope A. Vickers; 2002-H. Sidney Huggins; 2002-F. Belton Joyner, Jr.; 
2003-Jerry Lowry; 2003-Gary Wayne Locklear; 2003-J. Allen Norris; 2003-Bernice 
Johnson; 2003-Rebecca Coley; Cashar Evans; Kermit L. Braswell; Lay Leader-Jeanne 


2000-Carol McDougald; 2000-Jerry Lowry; 2000-William E. Cummings; 2000-Joy Reed 
MacVane; 2000-Carl Singley; 2000-Edgar De Jesus; 2000-H. Sidney Huggins III; 2000- 
Glenda McRae; 2000-Chris Miller; 2003-Ray Brooks; Cabinet Rep-Caswell E. Shaw, Jr. 


1996-Brian Perry; 1996-Rufus Stark II; 1996-William Jeffries; 1999-William Bill Bingham; 
2000-Reginald W. Ponder Sr.; 2000-Amy Henderson; 2000-LaNella Smith; 2000-Eric 
Lindblade; 2002-Hector Millan; 2002-F. Belton Joyner, Jr.; Resident Bishop; Exec.Dir. of 
Connectional Ministries; Four members of CUIC: Ray Pearce; Kay Johnson; Randy 
Innes; Paul Stallsworth 

Mission Development Circle 
Wade Hunt; David Donovan; David L. Harvin; Samuel W Loy; Won Seok NamKoong; 
George Megill; Eldrick R. Davis; Carolyn Cummings Woriax; Julia Anne Dees; Ronnie 
Lee Rivenbark; Gary Wayne Locklear; Shane Mario Benjamin; Shirley Townsend Jones; 
H. S. Kim; Helen Little; Emily Innes; Michael Wayne Safley; James R. Huskins; Mack 
Parker; Michael Leburg; Rosanna Panizo 


1997-Frank D. Daniels; 1998-Wlliam Cottingham; 2000-Teresa E. Lawrence; 2000- 
Sandy Schaller; 2000-Polly Taylor; 2002-Mary Ellen Bender; 2003-Barbara Garlock; 
2003-Jimmie Shuler; 2003-Ken Ripley; 2003-James H. Hayes; 2003-Steve Moore; Laura 


1996-Neil E. Smith; 1996-Cladius Eason; 1997-Jimmy Stallings; 1999-Johnail Fairley; 
1999-Harold Hunt; 2000-Mary Trum; 2002-Carol Taylor; 2002- Erwin Sharp; 2002-Harold 
W Green; 2002-Bettye D. Poole; 2003-Sam Isley; 2002-Ken Ripley; Mary Jac 
Lineberger- MATCH; Linda Harris- NC Adv. BD. & DBOM; Pat Ford-DBOM; James 
Waggoner (Consultant); Leslie Womack-Epiphany 


BU:2003-Mike Sykes; DU:2002-James Dean;EC:2003-John Dutton, Jr.;FA: 2003-John 
Woodard; GO:2001-James E. Tosto;GR:2002-Clif Harvell, Jr.; NB:2003-Rick A. Moser; 
RA:2003-Elaine Swett (Sec); RO:2003-Marc Werner; RM:2002-Dwayne Alston; SA:1997- 
William Mitchell; Wl:2000-William Haddock, Jr.(VC); 1999-Stephen B. Hall;2003-Jasper 
Stem; 2002-William M. Budzinski 


1996-Danny G.Allen; 1996-M. Eugene Tyson; 1997-Vann Floyd; 1998-Shirley Ward; 
1998-Marty Cauley; 1999-Julia Anne Dees; 1999-William C. Spencer;2000-J. Victor 
Culberson; 2000-Lawrence C. Higgins; 2000-David J. Goehring; 2000-Josephine 
Sutton; 2000-Richard Vann Spivey; 2000-David Jack Beck; 2001-Ray Karl Wttman; 
2001-M. Francis Daniels; 2001-Hector Millan; 2001-S. Dufrene Cummings; 2002-Tim 
Reaves; 2002-Terry A. Bryan; 2003-Toni L. Wood; 2003-Johnny H. Branch; 2003- 
Charles Gidney 


Conference Organ isjition j Rosters 


2000-Alice Kunka; 2000-Rosanna Panizo; 2000-Jose Luis Zamora; 2000-Gerald Kevin 
Baker; 2000-Maggie Crandall; 2000-Hector Millan; 2000-Edgardo A. Colon-Emeric; 
2000-Eric Torres; 2000-Sandi Sannino 


1996-Wade Hunt;1996-Michael Leburg;1996-Helen Little; 1998-Samuel W. Loy;1999- 
Julia Webb-Bowden; 1999-John Michael Check;2000-Earl G. Dulaney; 2000-Amy 
Henderson; 2001 -Carol W. Goehring; 2002-Randy Mayndard;2002-Ann Whit;2002-Rick 
Barney;2002-David Malcolm; 2002-Sylvia Collins; 2003-Holt Clark; 2003-Glenn 
Hancock; 2003-Edward Carlton Hill; 2003-Gerry Johnson; 2003-Jane Williams; Brenda 
Brown, GBGM; Cashar Evans, GBGM; Conf. Missionary Sec, Dir. Rural Church Div. 
Duke Endowment, Dir. Robeson County Church/Community Ctr., Cor. of UMW Ed. & 
Interpretation, Former Missionary, George Megill, Dir. VIM, Virgil Huffman, Dir. Golden 
Cross, Richard Vaughan 


2000-James Edward Malloy, Jr.; 2000-Gary Wayne Locklear; 2000-Hector Millan; 2000- 
Milford Oxendine Jr.; 2000-LaNella Smith; 2000-J. Edward Morrison; 2000-Samuel 
Wynn; 2000-David O. Malloy; 2000-Eldrick R. Davis; 2000-Rosanna Panizo; 2000-R. 
Lawrence Bowden, Jr.; 2000-Laura G Early; 2000-Toni Wood; 2000-Gerald Kevin 
Baker; 2000-Robert L. Mangum; 2002-Tea Sung Kang; 2003-Dora R. Dorsey 


1997-Robert L. Mangum; 1999-Sidney Gene Hadden; 1999-Darlene Jacobs; 1999-Carol 
Lyttle; 1999-Pam Lineberger; 1999-Ray Brooks; 2000-Stewart Allen Crank, Sr.; 2000- 
Louisa Locklear; 2000-Shirley Townsend Jones; 2000-Sylvia Collins; 2003-Jim Conley; 
2003-Deborah Wlkins 


2000-LaNella Smith;2000-Terry Michael Wlliams;2000-Brenda Jones;2000-Benjamin 
McCallum, Jr.;2000-Lawrence E. Johnson;2000-Marshall M. Locklear;2000-Shane Mario 
Benjamin;2000-RobertA. Fairley;2000-Albert Shuler;2001-Dorothy L. Roberts; 2001- 
Patrice Cheasty-Miller; 2003-Doris Fox; 2003-Stephen Stutts 

Resource Ministries Circle 
Charles Crutchfield; Charles L. Pollock; Clara Safrit Wade; Deborah Wilkins; Doris 
Bluitt; H. Gray Southern; Larry Robinson; Merritt Jones; R. Carl Frazier; Rodney G 
Hamm; Steven N. Formo; William C. Simpson; Wlliam W. Sherman, Jr.; Luis Felipe 


Term to expire in 2004: 2000-Jack Ward Page;2002-Mark Jones;2000-Charles K 
Morrison;2000-Woody Harrison;2001-Wilson Hayman;2001-Patrice Cheasty- 
Miller;2002-Colleen Bush; Term to expire in 2005: 1998-Betty Rose;2000-James H. 
Coile;2000-Braxton Gillian;2000-Robert D. O'Keef;2000-Thomas W. Newman; 2001-Lee 
Settley; Term to expire in 2006: 1999-Jane Gray; 1999-Thomas K. Norris; 1999-George 
Jones; 2000-Ruth Woods; 2003-George Hearn; Ex Officio: Philip S. Brown, Christopher 
Cryder, MRH, Wilson Hayman, Fin. Review, M. Elton Hendricks, MC, I. Lynn James, 
UMF, Ian Newbould, NCWC, Reginald W. Ponder, LC, Michael W Safley, UMCH, Wray 
Stephens, NCUMCOCM, Paul Leeland, NC Conf. 


2000-Gloria McAuley; 2000-Merritt Jones; 2000-Wlliam (Bill) McMillan; 2000-William E. 
Braswell; 2000-Beth Frazier;2002-Lawrence E. Johnson;Cabinet Rep, Marshal 


Conference Organisation / 'Rosters 

Old; Extended Cabinet Rep. -Jerry Lowry; Resident Bishop; Lay Leader; Pres. 
CFA;Exec.Dir. Of Connectional Ministries; Conf. Treasurer; Dir. Ministerial Relations; 
Conf. Secretary; Dir. United Methodist Foundation 


Two named by Pensions; Two named by Ordained Min.; Four at-large; 1996-Charles L. 
Pollock, At- Large; 1996-Mary Susan Fulghum; 1999-Mike Parker; 2000-Larry Robinson; 
2003-Ken Ripley; 2003-David Malloy; 2003-Maryellen P. Switzer; 2003-LaVerne B. 
Womack, Jr.; 2003-J. Edward Morrison 


1996-Thomas Bostic;1996-Steven N. Formo;1996-Karl Kendrick;1996-Benjamin 
McCallum, Jr.; 1998-Carl Belcher; 1998-David Harrington; 1999-R. Martin Armstrong; 
1999-Everett J. France; 2000-Jon Hunt; 2001-Laura Early; 2001-Lucy Lincoln; 2001-Pat 
McGhee; 2002-Alan C. Gibson; 2002-David Williams; 2003-Gerry Davis; 2003-Peggy 
Oxendine; 2003-Larry Robinson; 2003-Mike Ihrie ;Cabinet Rep.-Judi Smith 


1996-Bruce Taylor; 1996-R. Carl Frazier;1996-Coy Clayton; 1997-George W. Johnson; 
1998-Dennis Goodwin;1998-Luis Felipe Reinoso; 1998-Richard Stone; William M. 
Presnell; 2000-Ferrell Blount; 2000-Ben Rouse; 2000-Bert Matthews;2000-Robby Lowry; 
2001-Larry Price; 2001-Leonard Fairley; 2001-Sherry Johnson;2002-Sylvia Harriss;2002- 
Paulette Ealey;2002-Susan Pate Greenwood; 2003-Martha Ferrell; 2003-Chuck Howard; 
2003-Chris Miller; Cabinet Representative-Marshall R. Old 


Chairperson: William W Sherman, Jr.;Vice-Chair: Jerry Lowry;Secretary: Carolyn 
Smith Pilgrimjreasurer: Sharon E. Strother, P.O. Box 10955, Raleigh, NC 27605; 
Assitstant to the Bishop:Paul L. Leeland;1996-Samuel Dixon; 1996-Carolyn Pilgrim; 
1996-Faustina Walker; 1996-David Ward; 1997-William W. Sherman, Jr.; 1998-Mack 
Parker; 1999-Lou McCutcheon;2000-Dennis Draper; 2001-James D. Phillips; 2001-H. 
Gray Southern;2002-Charles Smith;2002-Charles K. Morrison;2002-Myra Griffin;2002- 
Alice Smith;2002-Kermit L. Braswell; 2003-Woodrow W Wells, Jr.; 2003-Annette 
Wright; 2003-Chris Boutselis; 2003-Stephen Lowry 


1996-Jack Reed;1996-Wlliam C. Simpson;1996-Frank Thigpen;1998-Lillian 
Bridgers;1999-Rodney G Hamm;2000-Walter E. McLeod;2000-Harold Jacobs;2001- 
Betty Hasty;2002-Bill Blount;2002-Cashar Evans; 2003-Susan Gira; 2003-Jack L. 

Spiritual Formation & Leadership Development Circle 
Becki McLamb;Bernice Johnson;David Brownlee;Ebern Allen;Elaine Lilliston;Gayle C. 
Felton;Gwen Henderson;Jonathon Strother;Kong Suk Namkung;LuAnne Charlton;Mabel 
Cummings;Regina Henderson;Scott Wlkinson;Thomas Walden;Vevely Malloy;Wayne 
M. Hicks;W Bryan Faggart; Eddie Hill; Donald Warren; Johnnie Wright; James G 
Mentzer; Duke C. Lackey; CEF Rep. - Nancy Pugh; OA Committee Rep. - Daniel Jones; 
Conf. Lay Leader-Jeanne Rouse;Conf. UMYF Pres. -Ben Adams; Conf UMYF Vice Pres. 


Lisa Brown Cole; H. Gray Southern; Charles K. Morrison; Alternate: R. Bruce Pate; 
Leonard Fairley 


1996-Gwen Henderson; 1996-Jim Ward; 1996-Aggie Deese; 2000-Carol Hood; 2000- 
Johnny L. Wright 


Conference Organisation / 'Rosters 


2000-Kong Suk Namkung; 2000-Wayne Marion Hicks; 2000-Margaret Anne Biddle; 2000- 
Cynthia D. Powell; 2000-Sandra Honeycutt; 2000-Susan Pennock; 2000-Laura G. Early; 
2002-Leslie Sinclair; 2003-Jim Angerole; 2003-Monica Severt; 2003-Amy Staley; 2003- 
Mary Spencer; Jeanne Rouse - Lay Leader 


Clergyperson (Rural Charge): Diane W. LeBlanc; Layperson (Urban Charge), Susan 
Southern; Clergyperson-Lori Bartley; Layperson-Lee Wallace; Layperson (Rural 
Charge); Clergyperson (Urban Charge)-Donald Warren; Layperson-Brenda Jones; 
Director of Ministerial Relations; Clergy Partners Representative; Commission on 
Equitable Compensation Rep. 


BU: 2002-William E. Holliday; DU: 2000-Jennifer Williams; EC: 1998-Jerry Cribb; FA: 
1999-Thomas Wllard Newman; GO: 2003-Kelly Lyn Logue; GR: 2000-Dennis P. Levin; 
NB:2002-Peg O. Wtt; RA:2003-Richard P. Wilkerson; RO:2003-Michael B. Hobbs;RM: 
2001-Dan Earnhardt; SA: 2003-James H. Harris, Jr.; Wl: 2003-James Douglas Bell; 
1996-James E. Malloy;2002-Sam Wynn; W Joseph Mann, Rural Church Dev. 


1998-Robert Brown (SCOCM); 1998-Regina Henderson (SCOCM);1998-Wendy 
Woodlief;1999-Bernice Johnson (SCOCM);2000-Denny C. Wise;2000-George Ronald 
Patton(SCOCM);2000-Annette Wright;2000-lrene Brownlee;2000-Judy Bohannon; 
2002-Linda Taylor;2002-Laurie Hays Coffman(SCOCM);Cabinet Rep.-Hope Morgan 
Ward;Scott Wilkinson, Campus Min.; Six (6) college presidents: Bennett, Greensboro, 
High Point, Louisburg, Methodist, Wesleyan; Dean, Duke Divinity School 


1996-Jo-Ann Oulton; 1996-Gary E. Allred; 1996-E. Ray Brooks; 1996-Kimberly Pollock; 
2000-Leonard E. Fairley; 2000-Reginald W. Ponder, Sr.;2001 -Charles M. Cook; Alter- 
nates: 1996-Norma Walters; 1996-Carolyn Pilgrim;1999-James C. Lee;2001 -Susan Pate 
Greenwood;2001-Sam Wynn; Alternate lay observer: 7998-Charles Mercer, Jr.; Lay 
Observers: 1998-Julie Southwick;1998-Henry Ferrell 


Anna Gail Workman; Margaret Anne Biddle;Betty Ann Buckley;Alternate:David 
Heinze;Janet G. Thornton Irvine 


Carl D. Belcher (Equitable Compensation) Paul L. Leeland (Min. Rel.) ; Sharon E. 
Strother, (Conf. Treasurer); Carl Frazier, (Chair, CFA); Jane Johnson, Johnnie L. Wright; 
Sandra J. Conner, Hazel Collier; Denise Baker 


12 District Lay Leaders; Conference UMW President; Conference UMM President; 
Conference UMY President;Conference Director of Lay Speaking 


Roberta Brown, Laura G Early, Emily Innes, Bernice Johnson, Gary W. Locklear, Ben 
Adams, Won Seok Namkoong, Sharon E. Strother, Mack Parker, Luis Felipe Reinoso, 
Jeanne Rouse, Bishop Marion Edwards, Paul Leeland, Charles M. Smith, The 12 
District Superintendents 


Conference Organisation / 'Rosters 



Vice Chairperson: 

Beth Hood.P.O. Box 129, Lemon Springs, NC 28355-0129, (919)776-8072 


Wallace Kirby, PO Box 240, Roxboro, NC 27573-0240, (336) 597-2054 

Assistant to the Bishop: 

Paul L Leeland, P.O. Box 10955, Raleigh, NC 27605, 1-800-849-433 

1996-Burton King, Cynthia Powell, Linda Logston, Paul Bennett, Philip Beaman, Richard 
Williams, Sue Ellen Nicholson, Susan Allred; 1997-Beverly Small, G. Paul Phillips, 
Maureen Regan, Thomas G. Holtsclaw; 1998-David C. Wade, Doris Fox;1999-Charles 
Astrike, Elizabeth Hackney Hood, R. Branson Sheets III, William J. Weisser;2000-Beth 
Frazier, Clyde A. Denny, Dennis R. Sheppard, E. Powell Osteen, Jr., Eldrick R. Davis, 
Susan C. Lindblade, W Joseph Mann, Wallace H. Kirby, William W. Snotherly, Jr.;2001- 
Denise C. Waters, Faye B. Rouse, Jimmy Cummings, Sue Robertson, Timothy J. 
Russell;2002-Alice K. Kunka, Brigitte F Morris, Gloria McAuley, Paul T Stallsworth, 
Raymond K. Wittman, Theodore R. Miller, Won S. Namkoong; 2003-Daniel T 
Earnhardt, David J. Goehring, Herbert Lowry, Jr., Haywood A. Smith, Mark W 
Wethington, Samuel Wynn (Chair of Order of Deacons, Sam D. McMillan III (Chair of 
Order of Elders); David O. Malloy, Rodney G Hamm (Cabinet Reps) 

Division of Elders and Local Pastors 


Tom Holtsclaw,755 Brooks Dairy Rd., Roxboro, NC, 27573, (336)597-9194 





Division of Deacons and Diaconal Ministers 


Richard Wlliams,140 E Market St., Smithfield 27577-3916, (919)934-2333 





Order of Elders 

Sam D. McMillan III, 1703 Anita Dr., Laurinburg, NC 28352, (910) 276-6918 

Order of Deacons 


Patricia H. Archer, 1403 Market Street, Wlmington, NC 28401-4908, (910)762-3316 


1996-Charles McKenzie; 1996-Louis Mclver; 1999-James Mentzer;1999-Walter L. 
Graves; 1999-Larry D. Crane; 1999-Gary E. Allred;2002-Robert Kretzu, Delores Lan- 
gley; 2003-Carolyn Lucas; 2003-Robert Allen Hagerty; 2003-William C. Spencer; 2003- 
Benjamin N. Sims 


Conference Organ isjition j Rosters 


1998-Dennis Adams; 1999-Lisa Brown Cole; 1999-James T. Weaver, Jr.; 1999-Lisa 
Creech Bledsoe; 1999-Leonard F. Doucette; 2000-Robert Wayne Brewer; 2000-Carolyn 
Miller; 2000-Johnnie L. Wright;2002-John T. Madison, Jr;2002- Jessica Atkins;2002- 
MarkGourley; Maria Ham Pres. FUMWMOA 

Commission on Clergy Counseling and Consultation Services 

Sylvia Collins, Mary Susan Fulghum, Ted R. Kunstling, Teresa E. Lawrence, Joy R. 
MacVane, Tracy A. Maness, Keith G. Meador, Bobby E. Sellers, Brenda C. Walton, 
James L. Wilson 

Delegates to 2004 General Conference 

Cashar Evans 
Emily Innes 

Ben Adams 
Wlburn L. Norton 
Jeanne Rouse 
Gary Wayne Locklear 

Laura Little 
Anna Gail Workman 
Sharon E. Strother 
Mack Parker 
Beth Norris 


Hope Morgan Ward David O. Malloy 

Samuel Wynn Roger V. Elliott 

Paul L. Leeland Carol Goehring 

F. Belton Joyner, Jr. Jerry Lowry 

C. Carl Frazier, Jr. David Banks 
Albert Shuler 

Delegates to 2004 Southeast Jurisdictional Conference 

(General Conference Delegates and the following comprise the SEJC Delegation) 

Anne L. Fairley 
LaNella Smith 
Brenda Brown 
Burton King 
Sam Isley 
Patrick Mann 


Merritt Jones 
Jane Hook Johnson 
Jimmie Shuler 
Rhonda Parker 
Graydon F. Isaacs 


Won S. Namkoong 
Caswell Shaw 
Ruth Harper Stevens 
David E. Brownlee 
Paul T. Stallsworth 
Kermit L. Braswell 

Steven A. Hickle 
Elizabeth H. Hood 
Thomas G. Holtsclaw 
William Presnell 
Marshal R. Old 


Beverly Long (laity) 
H. Frank Brooks (laity) 
Bonnie L. Kifer Jones (laity) 
Donald Milligan (laity) 
Lois Wright (laity) 

Gayle C. Felton (clergy) 
William J. Weisser (clergy) 
Leonard E. Fairley (clergy) 
Charles M. Smith (clergy) 
Powell Osteen (clergy) 


Conference Orga/-t i^atio n / 'Boosters 


Burlington District 

Lay Leader. Jamie Davis 

Committee on District Superintendency: 

Pam Andrews, Jamie Davis, Rachel Edwards, Al Home, Jimmy Linens, Raegan May, 

Frances Ruder, Virgil Stadler, Michael Sykes, David Woodhouse 

Committee on Ordained Ministry: 

Rodney Hamm; Ebern Allen, JoAnn Barbour, Carl Belcher, Marty Cauley, Bill Gattis, 

Rich Greenway, William Holliday, Samuel Holton, Al Home, Ellen Kepley, Joy MacVane, 

Randy Maynard, Cynthia Powell, Herman Ward, Andrea Woodhouse 

Board of Church Location and Building: 

Rodney Hamm; 2001-04: Larry Allen; 2002-2005: Jerry Dodson, Tisha Mansfield, Deron 

Pope; 2003-2006: Clark Barfield, Doug Lain 

Board of Trustees: 

Ebern Allen, Sandy Crawford, Rich Greenway, Sandy Lange, David Lewis, Mike Loy, 

Delos O'Daniel, Rachel Vogler, Herman Ward-Chair 

Durham District 

Lay Leader: John Bittikofer 

Committee on District Superintendency: 

Judi Smith, John Bittikofer, Larry Bowden, Sadie Callahan, Mark Galloway, Pamela 

Gilliam, Robinette Husketh, Joe Jones, Burton King-Chair, Wallace Kirby, Ben Rouse 

Committee on Ordained Ministry: 

Judi Smith; Shane Benjamin, Lisa Cole-Chair, Charles Cook, Bess Hunnings, Wallace 

Kirby, Brigitte Freeman Morris, Bill Snotherly, Julia Webb-Bowden; Lay Observers: 

Robinette Husketh, Burton King 

Board of Church Location and Building: 

Judi Smith; Shane Benjamin, Johnny Branch-Chair, Carol Dean, Felix Markham IV, Bill 

Self, Ruth Harper Stevens, Roy Swaringen, James Ward, Brian Wingo 

Board of Trustees: 

2003-04: Dolores Gidney, Joe Kennedy, Gary Miller-Chair; 2004-05: David Dobbs, 

Burton King, Elaine Sievert; 2005-06: Ed Bogie, Charles Cook, Bill Snotherly 

Elizabeth City District 

Lay Leader: Sandra Ray 

Committee on District Superintendency: 

Albert Shuler; Marie Armstrong, Jim Clifford, Roger Crane, Jerry W Cribb, Clyde Denny, 

Cashar Evans-Chair, Beverly Small, Pam Stallings 

Committee on Ordained Ministry: 

Albert Shuler; Jerry W Cribb, Clyde Denny, Laura G Early, Tal Madison, Charles E. 

McKenzie-Chair, Beverly Small, George D. Speake 

Board of Church Location and Building: 

Albert Shuler; Vic Culberson, Alan C. Gibson, Haywood L. Gillikin, Gaston Small, Herscal 


Board of Trustees: 

Albert Shuler; Oliver Ethridge, Cashar Evans, Alan Gibson, Haywood Gillikin, Vern 

Hammons, Jim Moore, Beverly Small, Branch Vincent III, Terry Williams 

Fayetteville District 

Lay Leader: Carolyn Miller 

Committee on District Superintendency: 

2003-04: Jim Crayton, John Tyson, Troy Willoughby; 2004-05: Pamela Storey, Hope 

Vickers; 2005-06: Hugh Cameron, Beth Keever, Kong Namkung; Ex-officio: Carolyn 

Miller, District Lay Ldr., Keri Brockett UMYF President 


Conference Organisation / 'Rosters 

Committee on Ordained Ministry: 

David Malloy; 2003-04: Eldrick Davis, Dennis Sheppard, Donald Shields, David Wade; 

2004-05: Douglas Bryant, Donna Fowler-Marchant, Fletcher Womble; 2005-06: Ben 

Sharpe, Arthur Simpson; Jay Winston; Member of Conference Board of Ordained 

Ministry: Charles Astrike 

Board of Church Location and Building: 

David Malloy; 2003-04: Tom Goetz, Percy Jones, Jr., Donald Shields; 2004-05: Chris 

Aydlett, Roberta Brown; 2005-06: Michael Hale, Helen McDonald, Billie Poole 

Board of Trustees: 

David Malloy; 2003-04: Dot Brower, Genny Lou Exum, Eddie McDonald; 2004-05: Gwen 

Henderson, Donald Melvin, Robert Warren; 2005-06: Harold Butts, Elizabeth Hall, Julie 


Goldsboro District 

Lay Leader: David Adams 

Committee on District Superintendency: 

Milton H. Gilbert; Robert Bandy, Mike Bell, Larry Crane, Robert Flynn, Carl Gurley, Mary 

Jo Hooks, Danny Hood, Jerry Keen, Myrtle Ann Lumpkin, Hunter Preston, Lynne 

Walker-Chair, Shirley Ward; District Lay Leader: David Adams 

Committee on Ordained Ministry: 

Milton H. Gilbert; Earl Dulaney, Jan Hill, Michael Leburg, T. R. Miller, Hunter Preston, 

Neal Salter, Billy Seate-Chair, Richard Williams, Lay Observers: Paul Bennett, Faye 


Board of Church Location and Building: 

Milton H. Gilbert; Bobby Smith, Chair; 2003-04: Bob Cousins, McGee Creech, Bill 

Franklin, David Holmes; 2004-05: James Gouty, T.R. Miller, Jerry Mitchell, Preston 

Smith; 2005-06: Susan Lassiter, Kelly Logue, Neal Wingfield, William Winslow 

Board of Trustees: 

Milton H. Gilbert; 2003-04: Martin Armstrong, Lillian Bridgers, Woodard Jackson; 2004- 

05: Bob Busby, Susan Carter, Ernie Wilkinson-Chair; 2005-06: Ann Holmes, Tom Potter, 

Jimmy Wlliams, Jack Edwards-District Treasurer 

Greenville District 

Lay Leader: George Mewborn III 

Committee on District Superintendency: 

Two Laywomen: Frances Daniel, Susan Everette; Two Laymen: Wlliam Rasberry, Leroy 

Whitfield; Two Clergy: Claire Clyburn, Ray Wittman; Two Young Adults: Jeff Boswell, 

Kevin Mills; Persons Selected by DS: Francis Daniel-Chair, John Hood, Jr., George 


Committee on Ordained Ministry: 

Marshall Old; Claire Clyburn, David Harrington, Dennis Levin, Linda Logston, Kenneth 

Maxwell, Becky Seymour, Haywood Smith, Gray Southern, Catherine Thompson, Ray 


Board of Church Location and Building: 

Marshall Old; 2003-04: Dennis Levin, Todd Skinner, Herschel Wlliams; 2004-05: Sally 

Plowman, Robert Simpson, Leroy Whitfield; 2005-06: William Blount, Martha Ferrell, 

Wayne Hicks 

Board of Trustees: 

Marshall Old; 2003-04: Seroba A. Aiken, Mitchell Jones, John I. Morgan; 2004-05: 

Richard Cannon, Chet Harrison, Barbara Smith; 2005-06: Jim Bachelor, James Carter, 

Laura Little 


Conference Organisation / 'Rosters 

New Bern District 
Lay Leader: Curtis Hildt, Jr. 
Committee on District Superintendency: 

Laity: Grier Garrick, Curtis Hildt, William O'Neal, William J. Smith, Bobby Stricklin, Doris 
Wade; Clergy: William Boykin, Dufrene Cummings, Charlene Pierce-Guider-Chair, 
Jeffrey Severt 

Committee on Ordained Ministry: 

Caswell Shaw; Clergy: Dennis Goodwin, Susan Lindblade, Homer Morris, Powell 
Osteen-Chair, Charlene Pierce-Guider; Laity: Ben Ball, Pat Daugherty, Louise Hodges, 
Karl Kendrick, Jayna McDonald 
Board of Church Location and Building: 

Caswell Shaw-Chair; Gary Barker, Penny Dollar Farmer, Jan Durner, Tom Greener, Eric 
Lindblade, Powell Osteen, Jr., Dana Outlaw, Joseph Parker, Robert Stephens 
Board of Trustees: 

Gary Barker-Chair, Frank Court, Mike Eubanks, Harold Fulp, Walter Graves, Susan 
Lindblade, Carol Little, 
Raleigh District 
Lay Leader: Carlin Johnson 
Committee on District Superintendency: 

2003-04: Alice K. Kunka, Wanda Rozier, Samuel Wynn; 2004-05: John Balentine, 
Douglas Jessee, Candace Jordan; 2005-06: Sylvia Burnette, Richard T. Clayton, James 
Sherrod, Helen Woodlief; Lay leader: Carlin Johnson; Ex-officio: Paul Leeland 
Committee on Ordained Ministry: 

Hope Morgan Ward; Member of Conf. Bd. of Ordained Min.: Wlliam J. Weisser; Clergy: 
Gary E. Allred, Glenn E. Mason, Richard T. Mathews, Walter E. McLeod, Karen H. 
Whitaker; Diaconal Minister: Sue Ellen Nicholson; Laity: Henry Jarrett, Sue Tripp, James 
B. Wilson 

Board of Church Location and Building: 

Hope Morgan Ward; 2003-04: Steve Compton, W. A. Peoples, Becky Roberts, 2004-05: 
A. Ray Broadwell, Mary Snyder, Ed Wlson; 2005-06: Joan Johnson, Merritt Jones, Keith 

Board of Trustees: 

Hope Morgan Ward; 2003-04: Sandra (Rose) Conner, Cecil Harrison, Ricky Hines; 
2004-05: Robert E. Bergland, Charles Haynes, Karen Mann; 2005-06: Jane Gray, Joe 
Kosarski, Don Phillips 
Rockingham District 
Lay Leader: Lee Wallace 
Committee on District Superintendency: 

Charles Buie, Doris Fox, Diana Killian, Panthia Locklear-Chair, Allyn McLean, James 
Oxendine, David Sumner, Mike Sweatt, Earline Waddell, Lee Wallace 
Committee on Ordained Ministry: 

J. Edward Morrison; Janet Buffalo, Wlliam Cummings, Dora Dorsey, Willie Frizzelle, 
Denny Glennon, Michael Hobbs, Harold Jacobs, Diana Killian, Bill James Locklear, 
Leonard Mayo, Samuel D. McMillan III, Robert Ray, Steve Stutts, William Taylor, Lay 
Observers: Mabel Cummings, Leslie Womack 
Board of Church Location and Building: 

J. Edward Morrison; 2003-04: Don Dawkins, Aggie Deese, Wayne Stogner; 2004-05: 
Cecil Hodges, John Hutchinson, William V. Taylor; 2005-06: Robert Fairley, Scoofer 
Jordan, Jesse Lamm-Chair 


Conference Organisation / 'Rosters 

Board of Trustees: 

2003-04: Cecil Hodges, Becca Hughes, Pete Reep; 2004-05: Joe Brown, Dianne 

Honeycutt, Henry McLeod; 2005-06: Harry Armstrong, Chris Boutselis, Doug Trask 

Rocky Mount District 

Lay Leader: Fred M. Hight III 

Committee on District Superintendency: 

2003-04: Robert Frazier-Chair, W.T. (Billy) Lamm III, William M. Presnell; 2004-05: 

Donald Glisson, George Jones, Margaret Stephenson, Langill Watson; Dwayne Alston, 

William Byrd, Fred Hight III, Eleanor O'Keef 

Committee on Ordained Ministry: 

William C. Simpson, Jr.; 2003-04: W A. Bingham, Dan Earnhardt, Milton T. Mann; 2004- 

05: Beth Frazier (lay), Delores Langley, Branson Sheets; 2004-05: Terry Bryant, Lee 

Pittard, William Presnell-Chair 

Board of Church Location and Building: 

William C. Simpson, Jr.; 2003-04: Dan Vaughn, John Wenberg-Secretary; 2004-05: W. 

Allen Bingham, Tom Morris-Chair; 2005-06: Ann Collier, Leonard Rex 

Board of Trustees: 

2003-04 Ruby Braswell, Sis Thompson, Charles Ward-Chair; 2004-05: Julian Farrar, 

Sylvia Harriss, Walt Linville; 2005-06: Charles Flowers-Treasurer, Taylor Oakes, Betty 


Sanford District 

Lay Leader. Norma Aaron 

Committee on District Superintendency: 

Norma Aaron, Jeff Brewer-Chair, Glenda Clendenin, Terry Huffines, Travis Owen, 

Raymond Sproles, Jr. 

Committee on Ordained Ministry: 

Jerry Lowry; Carl Frazier-Chair, Buck Frye, Clarence Garner, Ray T. Gooch, Elizabeth H. 

Hood, Jack Page, Richard Tysinger 

Board of Church Location and Building: 

Jerry Lowry; Clergy: Ronald Dietrich, Terry Huffines, Wlliam Mitchell, Jr.; Lay: John D. 

Dixon, Jr., J. R. Holt, Raymond Sproles, Jr. 

Board of Trustees: 

2002-03: Earl Connelly-Chair; 2003-05: Brenda Brown, Doug Byrd, Glenda Clendenin, 

George Palmer, 2003-06: Rossie Lindsey, Frank Thigpen 

Wilmington District 

Lay Leader: Dan Allen 

Committee on District Superintendency: 

Dan Allen, Sarah Brooks-Chair, Doug Currin, Dora Ferger, Carol Rabon, Jeanne Ray, 

Robert Redmond, Timothy Russell 

Committee on Ordained Ministry: 

Ecwood Lancaster; Patricia Archer, William Braswell, Doug Currin, Laura Hayes, P. D. 

Midgett III, C. B. Owens, John Paschal, Robert Redmond, Tim Russell, Jack Ruth, 

William Spencer, Linda Taylor, Bobby P. Tyson, Jr. Donald Warren ; Lay Observers: Ron 

Gooding, Linda Taylor 

Board of Church Location and Building: 

Ecwood Lancaster; 2003-04: Clergy: Timothy Reaves, Lay: Mimi Harris, Matt C. 

Saunders; 2004-05: Clergy: Lynn Wall, Lay: Tom Bostic, Jim Hinton; 2005-06: Clergy: 

Phil Pennington, Tim Russell; Lay: Linda Nunalee 

Board of Trustees: 

2003-04: Lay: Max Grimes, Beth Pancoe, Alice Tysinger; 2004-05: Lay: Buck Flynn, 

Shirley Hough, Lynn King; 2005-06: Clergy: William Cottingham, Richard Vaughan, Lay: 

Walter Madsen 



~L.ay Members 

*Cathy Adams BOX 32, Ether, NC 27247 

Norma Aaron 2070 Seven Lakes South, Seven Lakes, NC 27376 

PaulAbernethy 2264 LakeviewTer., Burlington, NC 27215 

Belle Adams PO Box 191, Colerain, NC 27924 

Bill Adams 445 Lake Shore Drive, Sunset Beach, NC 28468 

Cathy Adams PO Box 32, Ether, NC 27247 

Hazel Adams 2303 Pine Needles Road, Goldsboro, NC 27534 

Hugh Adams 411 Sand Pit Rd., Stantonsburg, NC 27883 

Irene Rita Adams 6704 Vintage Ct., Fayetteville, NC 28304 

William Alexander 1758 Shallotte Point Loop Road, Shallotte, NC 28459 

Brenda Allen P.O. Box 729, Four Oaks, NC 27524 

Dan Allen 1800 Winding Creek Rd., Elizabethtown, NC 28337 

Dorothy Alphin 433 Bethel Church Road, Mt. Olive, NC 28365 

Julia H.Anderson 240 Randolph Pines, Enfield, NC 27823 

Kevin Anderson 2911 Hostetler Street, Raleigh, NC 27609 

Pam Andrews 5019 Glenn Dodson Rd., Hillsborough, NC 27278 

RobertAntwine 109 River Drive, Richlands, NC 28574 

PattiArms PO Box 705, Bunn, NC 27508 

Mary Armstrong 9301 Johns Road, Laurinburg, NC 28352 

Henry Arnette 309 West Holt St., Mebane, NC 27302 

Christine Arnold 212 Iron Creek Drive, Washington, NC 27889 

Colleen Astrike 5407 Tar Heel Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28314 

Melanie Atkinson 1793 Leggett Road, Fairmont, NC 

NC 27253 
NC 27516 
NC 27565 
NC 27850 
NC 27850 
NC 27520 
NC 27610 
NC 27542 
NC 28379 
NC 28352 
NC 27253 
NC 28546 
NC 27856 
NC 28365 
NC 28379 
NC 28570 
NC 27207 
NC 28449 
NC 27803 
NC 28385 
NC 27856 
NC 27302 
NC 27707 
NC 27707 
NC 27916 

Tim Atkinson 5933 Lindley Mill Road, Graham 

Anne Atwater 1669 Collins Moutain Rd., Chapel Hill 

DianeAverett 3519 Hwy. 96, Oxford 

DorisAycock 764 Inscoe Road, Littleton 

Willie B. Aycock 115 Main St., Littleton 

Ann Badgett 681 Loop Road, Clayton 

Betty T Bagwell 3600 Sunriver Pt., Raleigh 

Bobby R. Bailey 606 Meadowbrook Rd., Kenly 

Hub Bailey 204 County Home Rd., Rockingham 

Martha Bailey 8000 Glasgow Dr., Laurinburg 

Pat Bailey 6146 Snow Camp Rd., Graham 

Fletcher Baker 1010 Pine Valley Rd., Jacksonville 

Jamie K. Baker 6555 South NC 58, Nashville 

Bartin Baldwin 212 Ramblewood Dr., Mount Olive 

Carey Baldwin 200 East Temple Avenue, Rockingham 

Benjamin Ball 417 Hardy Road, Newport 

Marie Barber 8171 NC Hwy. 42, Bear Creek 

Cecil Bard 222 5th Ave. N., Kure Beach 

Shirley Barkley 6926 Bend of the River Road, Rocky Mount 

James Barnes 848 Country Club Road, Salemburg 

Steve Barnes 1761 East Castelia Road, Nashville 

Ronald Barnett 2817 Whipoorwill Trail, Mebane 

Gail Barrett 4042 Kelly Drive, Durham 

Mike Barrett 4042 Kelly Drive, Durham 

David Bartley PO Box 12,Aydlett 


David Bartley PO Box 307, Elm City 

Charlie Baskett 647 Spring Valley Rd., Henderson 

Charlie Baskett P.O. Box 883, Henderson 

Emma Bass 2021 Walnut Street, Durham 

Dawn Battiste 2816 Gretmar Drive, Durham 

Edna Battle 1676 Sanders Road, Sanford 

Dan Bazan 1780 Federal Road, Benson 

Charles Beam 1805 Purdue Dr., Fayetteville 

Gayle Bell 509 Lake Shore Dr., Warsaw 

Theron Bell P.O. Box 1059, Robbins 

Lee Bellamy 315 Forest Hill Ave., Rocky Mount 

Tyson Benson 284 Matcha Pungo Shores, Belhaven 

Frank Berkes 5314 Revere Rd., Durham 

Leslie Beuth 8033 Sidbury Rd., Wilmington 

Wayne Beverly 110 Vista Del Rio Dr., Bahama 

Melissa Biallas 8513 Cottontail Court, Wake Forest 

Carol Ann Biles 307 Hickory St, Rockingham 

Susan Blackburn 213 S. 2nd St. #B, Wilmington 

Houston Blair 4032 Kelly Drive, Durham 

Amanda Blake 1209 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Swansboro 

Sandy Blake 2740 Hwy 53, WestBurgaw 

Wynona Blount 5326 Rodwell Rd., Fayetteville 

Ferrell Blount, III P. O. Box 850, Bethel 

Janet Bobbitt 2232 Rocky Ford Road, Kittrell 

Thomas Bostic P.O. Box 121, Riegelwood 

Brenda Bowes 581 McGhees Mill Rd., Roxboro 

Earl Boyd 1536 Country Club Road, Morehead City 

Bill Boyst 2209 Basil Dr., Raleigh 

Frances Boyst 2209 Basil Dr., Raleigh 

Jimmy Bradshaw 7214 Morrow Mill Road, Chapel Hill 

Steve Bradshaw 412 Woodcrest Dr., Lucama 

A.L. Bradsher 947 Old Salem Road, Roxboro 

Joann Bradsher 947 Old Salem Road, Roxboro 

Lawrence Brame 280 Kelly Rd, Henderson 

Jon Brandt 1037 W. Sterlington Place, Apex 

Chuck Brantley 208 Lamont Norwood Rd., Pittsboro 

Sherrill Braswell 723 Bayberry Court, Nashville 

Carmela Braxton 5690 Bear Creek Circle, Fayetteville 

Juanita Braxton 3057 Braxton Lane, Snow Camp 

Lawrence Brett 206 W. Nash St., Wilson 

Peggy Brewer 590 Glenn Road, Troy 

Julian Bridgers 1308 Weidmann Dr., Raleigh 

Mary Bridges P.O. Box 76, Lemon Springs, NC 

Eston Brinkley 5730 Market Street, Wilmington 

Chip Bristow 2703 Hwy 96, Franklinton 

Edwina Britt 297 Eleanie Rd., Robbins 

William Brooks 2091 Loganberry Drive, Fayetteville 

Aaron Brothers 3309 Cobblestone Ct., Raleigh 

L,aj Members 

NC 27822 
NC 27536 
NC 27536 
NC 27705 
NC 27705 
NC 27330 
NC 27504 
NC 28304 
NC 28398 
NC 27325 
NC 27804 
NC 27810 
NC 28411 
NC 27503 
NC 27587 
NC 28379 
NC 28409 
NC 27707 
NC 28584 
NC 28425 
NC 28311 
NC 27812 
NC 27544 
NC 28456 
NC 27573 
NC 28557 
NC 27612 
NC 27612 
NC 27516 
NC 27851 
NC 27573 
NC 27573 
NC 27536 
NC 27502 
NC 27312 
NC 27856 
NC 28304 
NC 27349 
NC 27893 
NC 27371 
NC 27614 

NC 28405 
NC 27525 
NC 27325 
NC 28304 
NC 27607 


~L.ay Members 

Keith EveretteBrowder 206 Robinson Drive, Roanoke Rapids 

Eddie Brower P.O. Box 86, Hope Mills 

Betty Brown PO Box 4, Efland 

Doug Brown PO Box 116, Ash 

Cauley Bryan 339 Smith Grady Road, Seven Springs 

Douglas Bryant P. O. Box 513, Stedman 

Sharron Bryant 113 East Sherwood Street, Havelock 

Lori Buccos 147 Old Barn Rd., Biscoe 

Ronald Buck 46 Swamp Fox Drive, Carolina Shores 

Eleanor Buckingham 136 Woodridge Drive, Morehead City 

James R. Buckingham 136 Woodridge Drive, Morehead City 

Dale Bucklew 103 Woodlawn Dr., Jacksonville 

Jean Bucklew 103 Woodlawn Dr., Jacksonville 

Paula Bunch 410 Nelson Neckrd., Sea Level 

Donnie Bunn 500 Carnoustie Dr., Greenville 

Jeneal Bunn 5209 Shadow Branch Lane, Wilmington 

Lucy Burgess 685 Wiregrass Road, Hamlet 

Margaret Burgess 4720 Bellemont-Mt. Hermon Road, Burlington 

David Burk 114 Olympic Drive, Cary 

Chris Burnett 2704 Whiteoak Drive, Burlington 

Mary Lib Burnette PO Box 443, Gaston 

Rachel Burnette 132 Rand Rd., Raleigh 

Sylvia Burnette 1603 Dare St., Raleigh 

George Burrows 1538 Pine Ridge Court, Roxboro 

Paula Caddell P. O. Box 184, Pinebluff 

Keith Cain 2793 Quill Court, Fayetteville 

Ruth Caldwell 718 Stoneykirk Drive, Fayetteville 

Elma Campbell 2824 Campbell Rd., Raleigh 

Jane Campbell 6507 Falconbridge Road, Chapel Hill 

Jackie Capps P. O. Box 67, Alamance 

Ron Capps 2020 Jefferson Street, Wilmington 

Nancy Carr 7512 Wellesley ParkS, Raleigh 

Charles Carraway 975 Hwy 123, Hookerton 

Daniel Carraway 209 Country Club Lane, Newport 

Paul Carruth, Jr 8416 Seagate Drive, Raleigh 

Jack Carson P.O. Box 549, Grifton 

James Carter 605 Mill Run, Greenville 

Katherine Ray Carter P. O. Box 27, Maxton 

Louise Carter 507 Oakgrove Drive, Graham 

William Carter 217 Shawn F RD, PEMBROKE 

Annie Laura Casey 1500 Palm Street, Goldsboro 

Patsy Casey 3267 Caratoke Hwy., Currituck 

Sam Casey 3267 Caratoke Hwy., Currituck 

RoyCatlett 105 Dudley Place, Washington 

Joe Cavalluzzi 4148 Buckhorn Road, Sanford 

William Charlton 600 Pine Crest Drive, Goldsboro 

Carol Chase Thomas 1911 Bridlewood CourtLeland 

Shirley Chason 6568 Hwy. 53 West, White Oak 

NC 27870 
NC 28348 
NC 27243 
NC 28420 
NC 28578 
NC 28391 
NC 28532 
NC 27209 
NC 28467 
NC 28557 
NC 28557 
NC 28546 
NC 28585 
NC 27858 
NC 28409 
NC 28345 
NC 27513 
NC 27832 
NC 27603 
NC 27608 
NC 27573 
NC 28373 
NC 28301 
NC 28314 
NC 27606 
NC 2720 
NC 28401 
NC 28538 
NC 28570 
NC 27615 
NC 28530 
NC 27834 
NC 28364 
NC 27253 
NC 28372 
NC 27534 
NC 27929 
NC 27929 
NC 27889 
NC 27330 
NC 27534 
NC 28451 
NC 28399 


L,aj Members 

J.C. Cheek 526 WhittAve., Burlington, NC 27215 

Betty Chesner 428 Gatewood Dr., New Bern, NC 28562 

Don Chesner 428 Gatewood Dr., New Bern, NC 28562 

PaulChitnis 810 Northampton Drive, Cary, NC 27513 

Polly Clapp 410South King Avenue, Dunn, NC 28334 

Douglas Clark 3206 Lot #1, McColl, SC 29570 

Joyce Clark 302 Rochelle Drive, Knightdale, NC 27545 

Kathleen Clark 3600 Burney Ford Road, Clarkton, NC 28433 

Mildred C. Clark 258 Hideaway Road, Belhaven, NC 27810 

Yvonne Clayborne 5884 Edwards Church Road, Grifton, NC 28530 

SueClayter 23010 NC Hwy. 87 E, Rieglwood, NC 28456 

Phyllis Clayton 960 Lucy Garrett Road, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Ray Clayton 6169 North NC Hwy 58, Nashville, NC 27856 

Charlotte Clement P O Box 599, Ellerbe, NC 28338 

GlendaClendenin 1035 Inverness Road, Southern Pines, NC 28387 

Anne Cole 111 Amber Court, Carrboro, NC 27510 

Tony Cole 1221 Dover St., Roxboro, NC 27573 

Marvin E. Coleman Post Office Box 3, Jackson, NC 27845 

Hazel Collier 2122 Dusty Hill Road, Conway, NC 27820 

Jean Colston P.O. Box 566, Gaston, NC 

Dodie Conley 12240 Blue Farm Rd., Laurinburg, NC 28352 

Matt Connor 1211 Camden Avenue, Durham, NC 27701 

Cheryl Conrad 4032 Kelly Drive, Durham, NC 27707 

Carolyn Conyers 8520 Collier's Chapel Road, Linden, NC 28356 

William Cook 386 Combs Rd., Reidsville, NC 27320 

JanetteM. Cooper 2739 Knowles Street, Raleigh, NC 27603 

John Cooper PO Box 1096, Pittsboro, NC 27312 

Jeff Cope 1912Navane Lane, Garner NC27529 

Iris Cotton PO Box 156, Kipling 

Nora Covington 506 Charlotte St., Hamlet 

Cathy Cowick PO Box 32, Lumber Bridge 

Charles Cox P.O. Box 182, Atlantic 

Cornell Cox 912 Vermont St., Smithfield 

Ernie Cox 637 Garland Cox Road, Tabor City 

Gwen Cox 6755 McDougald Rd., Lillington 

Jane Cox 912 Vermont Street, Smithfield 

Jerald Craddock P.O. Box 156, Manns Harbor 

Anna Craft 9150 Hwy 41 West, Trenton 

Jean Creech 4286 Sharon Church Rd., Kinston 

Anne Gay Crews 2696 Highway 15, Creedmoor 

Semmion Crump 108 Nika Street, Rockingham 

Jasper Culbreth 204 N Edinborough St., Red Springs 

Debbi Cullers 624 Bowles Rd., Mt. Gilead 

Annie Pearl Cummings 785 Phildelphus Rd., Pembroke 

Mabel M. Cummings 209 W. L. Moore Road, Maxton 

JackDailey 1914 Dartmouth Drive, Durham 

Elizabeth Dale 142 Holly Circle, Middleburg 

Jim Dameron 509 Alexis Drive, New Bern 

NC 27543 
NC 28345 
NC 28357 
NC 28511 
NC 27577 
NC 28463 
NC 27546 
NC 27577 
NC 27953 
NC 28585 
NC 28501 
NC 27522 
NC 28379 
NC 28377 
NC 27306 
NC 28372 
NC 28364 
NC 27705 
NC 27556 
NC 28562 


~L.ay Members 

Maxine Daniels P.O. Box 275, Wanchese, NC 27981 

Punk Daniels 145 Rogers Rd., Manteo, NC 27954 

Wanda Daniels 145 Rogers Rd., Manteo, NC 27954 

Rosa Darden 1713 Lyon Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Louise Daughtry 3548 Wyre Branch Rd., Newton Grove, NC 28366 

Shirley Davenport 10842 Newland Rd., Creswell, NC 27928 

Charles T. Davis PO Box 3177, Eureka, NC 27830 

Don Davis 381 Badger Cr., Roxboro, NC 27573 

Donald F. Davis 353 Bandock Drive, Durham, NC 27703 

Gretchen Davis 207 Teakwood Drive, New Bern, NC 28562 

Janet Davis 1011 Brookgreen Drive, Cary, NC 27511 

John Davis 1011 Brookgreen Dr., Cary, NC 27511 

Kitty Davis 506 Cliffside Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Ralph Davis 2383 Penderlea Hwy., Burgaw, NC 28425 

Shae Davis 5315 Regan Church Road, Lumberton, NC 

William Davis 514 West Main, Mount Olive, NC 2836 

Raymond Dawber 4438 Pensacola Drive, Hope Mills, NC 28348 

Helen Dawley 145 Canebrake, New Bern, NC 28562 

Wiley Dawson 4855 Bryan-Hardy Road, La Grange, NC 28551 

LibbyDeahl P.O. Box 939, Carthage, NC 28327 

Sam Deahl P.O. Box 939, Carthage, NC 28327 

SannieDean 2744 Knowles Street, Raleigh, NC 27603 

Shirley Dean 1503 Old Sanford Rd., Moncure, NC 27559 

Margaret Futrell DeLoatch 100 East High Rd., Murfreesboro, NC 27855 

Bill Derey PO Box 101, Carrboro, NC 27510 

James Dial 7564 Deep Branch Road, Pembroke, NC 28372 

Alton Dickens 105 Woodland Road, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 

Eleanor Dickens 168 Monroe Dickens Road, Kittrell, NC 27544 

Bill Dittman 4606 Old Cherry Point Road, New Bern, NC 28560 

Mary Dixon 3324 B Glasson St., Durham, NC 27705 

Amanda Dixson 7028 Holman Mill Rd., Snow Camp, NC 27349 

Willie Dorman 705 East H Street, Erwin, NC 28339 

Rodney G. Dorn 1932 S. NC 111 Hwy, Chinquapin, NC 28521 

Carthenia Douglas 13820 Heritage Dr., Laurinburg, NC 28352 

Edgar Smith Douglas 204 Hampton Circle, Greenville, NC 27858 

Donald Dowless 641 Green Swamp Rd. N., Bolton, NC 28423 

Judy Dowless 684 Paul Brisson Rd., Bladenboro, NC 28320 

Farron Duncan 15711 Seven Creek Hwy., Tabor City, NC 28463 

Scott Dunn 2160 Joelene Dr., Rocky Mount, NC 27803 

Paulette W. Dupree 9900 Bonsai Crossing, New Hill, NC 27562 

JanieDutton 3219 Wicker Street, Sanford, NC 27330 

Stacey Eason 5262 US Hwy. 70 E, Princeton, NC 27569 

Becky Edwards 6054 Aurelian Springs Rd., Halifax, NC 27839 

James Edwards 2258 S Cokesbury Rd., Henderson, NC 27537 

Gary Eichmann 2311 Blair Dr., Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Helen Elliott 211 West US 74 Hwy., Rockingham, NC 28379 

Tim Elliott 705 Park Ridge Rd., Durham, NC 27713 

Robert Elmore 92 West Cornwalis Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312 


John Eubanks 345 Gatewood Drive, New Bern 

Charlotte Evans 753 North Main St., Roxboro 

Donald Evans 930 Brookside Dr., Wilson 

Frank Evans 8568 NC 41 Hwy S., Fairmont 

Jim Evans PO Box 254, Mt. Gilead 

Richard Evans 1905 Leonard St., Durham 

John Everett 205 Columbia Dr., Jacksonville 

Carl Farmer 309 E. Blackbeard Rd., Wilmington 

Mary Farmer 771 Farmer Road, Blanch 

Wanda Farmer 309 E. Blackbeard Rd., Wilmington 

Diane Fary 621 West Dunpatrick Place, Wake Forest 

Nancy Fennell 1839 Mebane Oaks Road, Mebane 

Nancy Fenske 17 Bestview Drive, Louisburg 

Grace Finch PO Box 624, Bailey 

Dorothy Fink 428 Harbour View Dr., Kill Devil Hills 

Jean Fisher 3423 Hope Valley Road, Durham 

Marion Fisher 600 West 2nd Street, Roanoke Rapids 

Wilson Fisher 7995 Troy Fisher Road, Fayetteville 

Barbara Flake 4030 Staton Mill Road, Robersonville 

Barbara Flake 4030 Staton Mill Road, Robersonville, NC 

Lou Ellen Flowers P O Box 174, Fremont 

Butch Flythe 206 Holly Dr., Camden 

Joseph Flythe 400 West Main Street, Woodland 

Kay Flythe 400 West Main Street, Woodland 

Harry B. Foard PO Box 40, Columbia 

Pat Forbes 203 Smyrna Church Road, Robbins 

Pat Ford 14401 Possum Track Road, Raleigh 

Charles Foskey 1305 Leclair St., Chapel Hill 

Kaye Foster 415 E Lanier Street, Wallace 

Roberta Foster P. O. Box 395, Laurel Hill 

Becky Frazier 2500 Piney Plains Rd., Cary 

Aundrey Fulcher 807 Darlington Drive, Fayetteville 

Bennie Fulford 6072 Stantonsburg Road, Farmville 

Harold Fulp 127 Pettiford Road, Swansboro 

Louise Fulp 127 Pettiford Road, Swansboro 

Margaret Funderburg 1304 Currituck Drive, Raleigh 

Casey Furr 4305 Stag Park Rd., Burgaw 

Ryan Gabriel 1336 Shallowford Church Road, Elon 

Joanne Gajewski 2965 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary 

John Galloway 8367 S NC 87, Snow Camp 

Shelley Galphin 6509 Saddle Path Circle, Raleigh 

Gerry Garner 312 Harbor Point Rd., Beaufort 

Max Garrell 404 Lakeshore Drive, Lake Waccamaw 

Rachel Garrett 4508-3 Staffordshire, Wilmington 

Marvin Gaster 711 Ceder Lane, Sanford 

Mrs. Bill Gastmeyer 1502 Sutton Drive, Kinston 

Mr. Bill Gastmeyer 1502 Sutton Drive, Kinston 

FayeGentry 635 Tingen Mine Rd., Roxboro 

L,aj Members 

NC 28562 
NC 27573 
NC 27893 
NC 28340 
NC 27306 
NC 27703 
NC 28540 
NC 28409 
NC 27212 
NC 28409 
NC 27587 
NC 27302 
NC 27549 
NC 27807 
NC 27948 
NC 27707 
NC 27870 
NC 28301 
NC 27871 

NC 27830 
NC 27921 
NC 27897 
NC 27897 
NC 27925 
NC 27325 
NC 27614 
NC 27514 
NC 28466 
NC 28351 
NC 27511 
NC 28311 
NC 27828 
NC 28584 
NC 28584 
NC 27609 
NC 28425 
NC 27244 
NC 27511 
NC 27349 
NC 27606 
NC 28516 
NC 28450 
NC 28412 
NC 27332 


~L.ay Members 

Bill George 12044 Iredell, Chapel Hill 

Lucille Gillespie 205 Roy Jones Lane, Clinton 

Emily Gillis 6509 Hunters Lane, Durham 

Donnie Ginn 950 Bartlett Rd., Pikeville 

Pam Ginn 950 Bartlett Rd., Pikeville 

George Girdwood 330 Mcfayden Dr., Fayetteville 

Susan Glover P.O. Box 162, Seaboard 

GroverGlymph 5104 Green Oak Dr., Durham 

Shirley Goins P O Box 65024, Fayetteville 

Joyce Gooden 2812 Peanut Plant Road, Elizabethtown 

Ron Gooding 214 NE 38th St., Oak Island 

Clifton Goodwin 7045 Martin's Point Rd., Kitty Hawk 

Roy Goodwin 2905 Currituck Drive, Sanford 

Carl Gore 140 ChadwickAvenue, Wilmington 

Marilyn Gore 11011 New Britton Hwy East, Whiteville 

Peggy Gossage 2404 Meadow Creek Ln., Graham 

Frances Gourley 117 Allison Drive, Dudley 

Malcolm Gourley 11 7 Allison Drive, Dudley 

Ann Grant 2218 Primrose Lane, Kinston 

JeanieGray PO Box 306, Avon 

Mary E. Gray PO Box 1103, Buxton 

Cathy Green 118 S. Lee Drive, Goldsboro 

Paul Green 1012 Paradise Drive, Havelock 

WB Greene P O Box 186, Robbins 

Jane Greeson 1816 Bedford Road, Rocky Mount 

Everett Griffin 200 Summer Tree Court, Clinton 

Joyce Griffin 1141 Island Creek Rd., Pollocksville 

Nina Grimm 771 Nutbush Road, Henderson 

John Mark Grissom 1008 Shirley Dr., Henderson 

Virginia Ann Grissom 5395 NC Hwy 39 S, Henderson 

Byron Gross 3768 Osceola Rd., Elon College 

John Guard P.O. Box 26, Edenton 

Elizabeth Noel Guidry 211 Mill Avenue, Jacksonville 

Henry Gunn 100 Gerald Street, Beaufort 

Rita Gunn 100 Gerald Street, Beaufort 

BobGurley P.O. Box 321, Princeton 

William Haddock 1845 NC Hwy 118, Vanceboro 

Dilys Hale 517 Morreene Road, Durham 

Mary Jane Hall P.O. Box 235,Parkton 

Kathy Hamilton 301 Rennys Creek Drive, New Bern 

Norma Hamilton 933 Falcon Road, Lillington 

Robert Hamilton 869 Knollwood Vlg, Southern Pines 

Al Hamm 101 Exum Circle, Snow Hill 

Susan Hamm 101 Exum Circle, Snow Hill 

Robert G. Hampton 217 N. Marion Dr., Goldsboro 

Theresa Hampton 217 N. Marion Dr., Goldsboro 

Nita Hamrick 825 Austin Street, Hamlet 

NC 28328 
NC 27713 
NC 27863 
NC 27863 
NC 27876 
NC 27712 
NC 28306 
NC 28337 
NC 28465 
NC 27949 
NC 27330 
NC 28401 
NC 28472 
NC 27253 
NC 28333 
NC 28333 
NC 28504 
NC 27915 
NC 27920 
NC 27534 
NC 28532 
NC 27325 
NC 27801 
NC 28328 
NC 28573 
NC 27536 
NC 27536 
NC 27537 
NC 27244 
NC 27932 
NC 28540 
NC 28516 
NC 28516 
NC 27569 
NC 28586 
NC 27705 
NC 28371 
NC 28560 
NC 27546 
NC 28387 
NC 28580 
NC 28580 
NC 27534 
NC 27534 
NC 28345 

Marian C. Haney 12088 Cooper Rd., Nashville, NC 


Libby Harbin 21600 US 264, Swan Quarter 

Joyce W. Hardy 305 W. Church St., Farmville 

Brian Harper 1921 Liddell Road, Deep Run 

Cynthia Harper PO Box 552, Hatteras 

Morgan Harrell PO Box 1384, Buxton 

Brian Harriett 409 Summerlea Drive, Fayetteville 

Jim Harris 16051 Sam Potts Hwy, Bolton 

Jim Harris 246 Straits Point Rd., Beaufort 

Judy Harris 108 Saddleridge Ct., Kinston 

Reid Harris 108 West Church Street, Seaboard 

Sue Harris 909AirBase Road, Atlantic 

Eva Lou Harrison 113Hawthorne Drive, Elizabeth City 

Henry Harriss 51 Harvest Ridge, Angier 

Pat Harriss 51 Harvest Ridge, Angier 

Robin Harry 1301 Mordecai Drive, Raleigh 

Tommy Hart P.O. Box 92, Hoffman 

Willa Mae Harvester 7531 NC 210, Smithfield 

Beulah Harvey 383 Eden Hills Road, Siler City 

Lee Harvey 838 Eden Hills Road, Siler City 

Mary Harvin 13361 Maplewood Dr., Laurinburg 

Richard Hatch 523 Pine Knoll Acres, Leasburg 

Charles Hauser 130 Cedar Circle, Washington 

Kay Hauser 130 Cedar Circle, Washington 

Lucy Hawkins 116 Lightwood Knot Rd., Rocky Point 

Henry Dean Haywood 2472 Colington Rd., Kill Devil Hills 

Cappye Headman 252 Willowood Dr., Henderson 

John Headman 252 Willowood Dr., Henderson 

Carol Heath P.O. Box 454, Bayboro 

Ron Heiniger 200 Lakeside Drive, Edenton 

Susan Lynn Hemenway 5807 Crimson Court, Mebane 

Barbara Hendricks Route 2, Box 16, Battleboro 

Ann Herring 1620 Spencer Ave., New Bern 

Mark Herring 1283 Mark Herring Rd. Seven Springs 

Terry Herring 370 Herrings Chapel Rd., Burgaw 

Wilma Herring 1609 W. Ward's Bridge Rd., Warsaw, 

Ken Herrington 304 Lilly Street, Troy 

Peggy Herrington 304 Lilly Street, Troy 

Janet Herzog 7110 Fayetteville 

Thomas Hester 229 Kerr Lake Club Rd., Henderson 

Sarah Rankin Hiatt 1645 Midland Road, Southern Pines 

Evelyn Hight 1117 Futch Creek Rd., Wilmington 

Sanda Hight 1201 Branch St., Wilson 

Ann W. Hill P.O. Box 1299, Newport 

Charles M. Hill P.O. Box 1299, Newport 

Hilda Hill 485 Kermit Warren Road, Mount Olive 

Jo Anne Hill 10835 NC Hwy 55 West, Dover 

Ken Hill 1005 Osprey Circle, Southport 

Sandra Hill PO Box 2, Bahama 

L,aj Members 

NC 27885 
NC 27828 
NC 28525 
NC 27943 
NC 27920 
NC 28311 
NC 28423 
NC 28516 
NC 28501 
NC 27876 
NC 28511 
NC 27909 
NC 27501 
NC 27501 
NC 27604 
NC 28347 
NC 27577 
NC 27344 
NC 27344 
NC 28352 
NC 27291 
NC 27889 
NC 27889 
NC 28457 
NC 27948 
NC 27536 
NC 27536 
NC 28515 
NC 27932 
NC 27302 
NC 27809 
NC 28560 
NC 27578 
NC 28425 
NC 28349 
NC 27371 
NC 27371 
NC 28311 
NC 27537 
NC 28387 
NC 28411 
NC 27893 
NC 28570 
NC 28570 
NC 28365 
NC 28526 
NC 28461 
NC 27503 


~L.ay Members 

Missi Hines 1423 Foxwood Dr., Garner, NC 27529 

Lael Hinman P.O. Box 351, Hobgood, NC 27843 

Jean H. Hinton 6332 Diamond Drive, Raleigh, NC 27610 

Cecil Hodges P.O. Box 933, Hamlet, NC 28345 

Doris Hodges 1013 Englewood Drive, Durham, NC 27701 

Louise Hodges 950 Dover Ft Barnwell Road, Dover, NC 28526 

Arnold Hogan 927 West Sixth Street, Siler City, NC 27344 

Mary Martin Holben 5103 Lazywood Lane, Durham, NC 27712 

Laila C. Holden P O Box 694, Supply, NC 28462 

Gilbert D. Holder 619 Spring Lane, Sanford, NC 27330 

Jean Holder 1204 Rainsview Lane, Apex, NC 27502 

Foster Holland 148 Foster Holland Rd., Mt. Olive, NC 28365 

Col. Roy Holley 1905 Hillock Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612 

William Anderson Home 28 Sandy Hill Drive, Whiteville, NC 28472 

Eulalia Horner 2606 Keck Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 

Alan Horton 732 Christopher Dr., Greenville, NC 27858 

Shirley Hough PO Box 592, Elizabethtown, NC 28337 

Jim Howerin 313 Roundtree Dr., Elizabeth City, NC 27909 

Camille Hubbard PO Box 84, Gaston, NC 27832 

Gayle Hudson 1111 Harrell Dr.,Tarboro, NC 27886 

Jennifer Hudson 541 Broad Creek Loop Rd., Newport, NC 28570 

Melvin Hudson 1111 Harrell Dr.,Tarboro, NC 27886 

John Hughes 1521 Bellchase Road, Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Martha Hughes 927 E Washington Street, Rockingham, NC 28379 

Douglas Hunter Old Warsaw Rd., Turkey, NC 28393 

Jean Hutchins 493 Westward Pike, Clarksville, VA23927 

Julia Iden 2400 Circle Drive, Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Scott Iden 2400 Circle Drive, Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Elaine Ihrie 1918 East River Rd., Louisburg, NC 27549 

Mary Ann Inabnit 2074 Edgewood Ave., Burlington, NC 27215 

Linda Ingraham PO Box 827, Whiteville, NC 28472 

Mary Irving PO Box 416, Plymouth, NC 27962 

Phil Isaacs 5287 Lindley Mill Rd., Graham, NC 27253 

Camilla Isley 1061 Southern High Road, Burlington, NC 27215 

Billy Jackson 655 Maple Grove Church Rd., Dunn, NC 28334 

Joe Jackson 711 Carl Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 

Ruthie Jackson 5386 Fayetteville Highway, Godwin, NC 28344 

Phyllis Jacobs 104 Juniper Court, Rocky Mount, NC 27804 

Jerry Jamerson 1301 Londonderry Circle, Raleigh, NC 27610 

Henry Jarrett 3405 White Oak Road, Raleigh, NC 27609 

Tom Jeffries 13005 Hanford Ct., Raleigh, NC 27614 

Ellen Jennings 406 Sterlingworth St., Windsor, NC 27983 

Betty Johnson P.O. Box 724, Henderson, NC 2753 

James Johnson 132 Creature Meadow Ln., Angier, NC 27501 

Legs Johnson 856 Knollwood Falls Rd., Mebane, NC 27302 

Marie Johnson Post Office Box 145, Cameron, NC 28326 

Mary Lee Johnson P O Box 277, Holly Springs, NC 27540 

Ruffin Johnson PO Box 781 , Smithfield, NC 27577 


Sam Johnson 111 Oxford Rd., Greenville 

Stanley Johnson 4718 Cameron Rd., Hope Mills 

Cathy Johnston 1926 Martindale Drive, Fayetteville 

Bobby Jones 168 Hoyle Jones Rd., Hertford 

Dale Jones 10189 NC Hwy 304, Bayboro 

Frank Jones 119 Berkley Rd., Ahoskie 

Gladys Jones RO. Box 94, South Mills 

Gladys Davis Jones PO Box 124, Henderson 

Greg Jones 4227 Pinewood Dr., Ayden 

Judy Jones 7268 Harris Rd., Bailey 

June Jones P.O. Box 191, Harkers Island 

Linda Jones 201 Erik Drive, Goldsboro 

Pelham Thomas Jones P O Box 219, Marshallberg 

Rachel Jones 208 East Fairview Drive, Oxford 

Roy Jones 113 Castle Drive, Smithfield 

Shirley Jones 917 Northclift Drive, Raleigh 

Shirley T.Jones 6202 Gaddy's Mill Road, Maxton 

ZellieJones 301 Mt. Herman Church Road, Snow Hill 

Gayle Jordan 3120 Julian Dr., Raleigh 

Bertie Joyner 1612 High Tree Lane West, New Bern 

Tom Joyner 2307 Lord Ashley Drive, Sanford 

Dwight Kearney 519 Broadhurst Rd., Seven Springs 

Mary Liles Keeter 16895 Justice Branch Road, Littleton 

Charles Kennedy 2305 St. Andrews Church Rd., Sanford 

Guy Kennedy 150 Old Berry Rd., Sneads Ferry 

Joe Kennedy 3120-A Walnut Creek Pkway, Raleigh 

Geraldine Kepley, 775 Governor's Rd SE, Winnabow 

Allie Key 1703 McCallum Rd., Candor 

Jennifer Killen 2800-D Golden Horseshoe Cir., Morrisville 

Sue Kimball 6923 Towbridge Rd., Fayetteville 

Burton King 5101 Peppercorn, Durham 

Helen King 169 Montrose Drive, Durham 

Elton Kinlaw 1136 Fields Rd., Tar Heel 

Martha June Kirby Rr2 Box 430, Henderson 

Jim Kiser 5123 Woodrun on Tillery, Mt. Gilead 

Margaret Kiser 6346 Dunn Road, Roseboro 

Agnes Kivett 114 SW21st St., Oak Island 

EdKivett 114 SW 21st St., Oak Island 

Betty Klemm 1425 Mahonia Ct., Raleigh 

Sylvia Kohus 320 Tripp Farm Road, Blounts Creek 

Linda Kornegay P. O. Box 108, Albertson 

Ralph Kornegay 138 Mohican Trail, Wilmington 

Katherine Kubel 1320 Salem Lane, Chapel Hill 

Ted Kunstling 500 Spring Valley Drive, Raleigh 

Hyung Suk Kye 3324 Greystone Dr., Rocky Mount 

George Laing 800 Sandlewood Drive, Durham 

Nedra Laing 800 Sandlewood Drive, Durham 

Jesse Lamm 5206 Simmons Dr., Lumberton 

L,aj Members 

NC 27858 
NC 28348 
NC 28304 
NC 27944 
NC 27910 
NC 27976 
NC 27536 
NC 28513 
NC 27807 
NC 28531 
NC 28333 
NC 28553 
NC 27565 
NC 27577 
NC 27609 
NC 28364 
NC 28580 
NC 27604 
NC 28562 
NC 27330 
NC 28578 
NC 27850 
NC 27330 
NC 28460 
NC 27606 
NC 28479 
NC 27229 
NC 27560 
NC 28306 
NC 27704 
NC 27707 
NC 28392 
NC 27536 
NC 27306 
NC 28382 
NC 28465 
NC 28465 
NC 27615 
NC 27814 
NC 28508 
NC 28409 
NC 27516 
NC 27609 
NC 27804 
NC 27712 
NC 27712 
NC 28358 


~L.ay Members 

A. L. Lane 1221 New Hope Rd., Hertford 

Sandy Lange 14 Wedgewood Ct., Chapel Hill 

Terry Lanier 2519 Roberts Ave., Lumberton 

Charlie Lannom 30321 Beaver Ln., Wagram 

Jimmie Ann Lassiter RO. Box 836, Robbins 

Connie Lathan 1121 Richmond Road, Rockingham 

Barbara Latimore PO Box 401 , Pembroke 

Bill Lawrence 231 Page St., Ellerbe 

JoAnn LeCates 546 US Hwy 74, Rockingham 

Susan Lee P.O. Box 248, Rowland 

Beverly Leggett 1140 S. Asbury Ch. Rd., Washington 

Vivian Leichliter 13000 Debra Dr., Laurinburg 

Ann Lewis PO Box 171, Middlesex 

Bernice Lewis 1678 Coastal Pine Dr., Ocean Isle Beach 

Charles Lewis 4309 Mountain Hill Rd., Milton 

Kirby Lewis 102 Kiernan Choice, Cary 

LaVon Lewis 6179 Old Raleigh Rd., Sims 

Martha Lewis 1102 Cherry Lane, New Bern 

Martha Lewis 1102 Cherry Lane, New Bern 

Polly F. Lewis 1513 Hodge Rd., Knightdale 

Steve Lewis 706 Noconia Place, Fuquay-Varina 

Helen Little 2252-B Peele Road, Clayton 

Ed Liverman 1314 Elder Avenue, Chesapeake 

Shirley Lloyd 3065 Wagner Ln., Graham 

Gary Wayne Locklear 667 Locklear Road, Pembroke 

Janice Faye Locklear 3377 Hwy.74, Lumberton 

KodellLoftis 2857 Shady Grove Rd., Providence 

James David Long 4077 Cheraw Street, Fayetteville 

SallieLong 21740 US Hwy 64, Williamston 

Violet Long 205 Riverside Trl., Roanoke Rapids 

Billy M. Loy 3861-K Dr. Picket Rd., Burlington 

Wade Loy PO Box 154, Alanamce 

Alma Lupton 2543 Cedar Island Rd., Cedar Island 

Glenn Lupton 1884 Zion Church Road, Mount Olive 

Ken Lymaster 197 Galloway Jones Rd., Maysville 

Linda Lyons PO Box 792, Ocracoke 

Edith Mabry 203 Red Bud Drive, Henderson 

Barbara Maddrey 2306 Kennington Road, Raleigh 

Mickey Magee 105 Couples Ln., New Bern 

Al Mangum 107 Bridgeway Court, Cary 

Melanie Mangum P.O. Box 243, Holly Springs 

Patrick Mann 104 Taylor Lane, Morehead City 

Terry Marshall POB 761, Maxton 

Joan Marshburn 4551 S NC 49, Burlington 

Judy Mason 923 Graham St., Burlington 

Barbara Matthews PO Box 935, Robersonville 

Linda Maxa 5812 Morning Forest, Raleigh 

BobbyeMay 3499 N. Old Carriage Road, Rocky Mount 

NC 27944 
NC 27514 
NC 28358 
NC 28396 
NC 27325 
NC 28379 
NC 28372 
NC 28338 
NC 28345 
NC 28383 
NC 27889 
NC 28352 
NC 27557 
NC 28469 
NC 27305 
NC 27511 
NC 27880 
NC 28562 
NC 28562 
NC 27545 
NC 27526 
NC 27520 
VA 23325 
NC 27253 
NC 28372 
NC 28360 
NC 28306 
NC 27892 
NC 27870 
NC 27201 
NC 28520 
NC 28365 
NC 28555 
NC 27960 
NC 27536 
NC 27610 
NC 28560 
NC 27511 
NC 27540 
NC 28557 
NC 28364 
NC 27871 
NC 27609 
NC 27804 


RogerMay 101 Chelsea Lane, Dunn 

Martha Mayo PO Box 4, Conetoe 

Roy McAlister 510 Westmont Drive, Fayetteville 

Tommy McArthur 278 Linda Lane, Clinton 

Cynthia McARthur-Kearney 819 Alexwood Drive, Hope Mills 

Gloria McAuley 2309 Wintergreen Place, Durham 

John PatMcCall P. O. Box 148, Stedman 

Dick McCallum PO Box 494, Carrboro 

Melba Denise McCallum PO Box 1781, Rockingham 

Guy McCook 600 Atkinson, Laurinburg 

Almarie McCrery PO Box 295, Colerain 

Ellen McCubbin 508 Heathridge Lane, Cary 

Lou McCutcheon 2014 Wilshire Dr., Durham 

Clarissa McDaniel 95 Smith Ave., Garland 

Kathryn McDaniel 2486 Olivet Church Rd., Marietta 

Eddy McDonald 1423 US 421, North, Lillington 

MaeMcGougan 8701 Balfour Rd., Lumber Bridge 

William McGowan 1106 Peachtree Place, Wilson 

Thomas Mclnnis P.O. Box 891, West End 

Sandra Mcintosh 104 W. Olive Court, Pine Knoll Shores 

ElnoraMclver 769 Beach Orchard Rd., Sanford 

Trula McKeithan P. O. Box 443, Red Springs 

Margaret McLain 2689 Flat Rock Rd., Franklinton 

Daniel McLaurin 4509 Irene Way, Raleigh 

Elma McLaurin 2059 Dunn Road, Fayetteville 

Eugene McLean 867 McDonald Church Road, Rockingham 

Paul McLean 14 Monford Court, Cameron 

Paul A. McLean 14 Monford Court, Cameron 

Anne B. McNair 1126 Hammond Dr., Laurinburg 

Betsy Meeder 119 Bear Hollow Lane, Hubert 

Myra Meekins 214 Bayview Dr., Stumpy Pt. 

Thomas Meekins 4233 Bob Perry Rd., Kitty Hawk 

Violet Meekins 4233 Bob Perry Rd., Kitty Hawk 

Betty Meggs 1807 Rivershore Road, Elizabeth City 

Donald Melvin 1821 Stetson Lane, Fayetteville 

Paul Menard 8013 Blalock Road, Bahama 

Robert Mewborn 445 Snow Hill St., Ayden 

William Mierisch 3585 Niagara-Carthage Road, Whispering Pines 

Chris Miller 1229 Green Tee Ln, Rocky Mount 

Eric Miller 1229 Green Tee Lane, Rocky Mount 

Ernie Miller 415 Pleasants Ave., Cary 

Gracie Miller 4904 New Britton Hwy., Whiteville 

Jerline Miller 5216 Remington Road, Fayetteville 

Suzi Miller PO Box 249, Goldston 

Leslie Mills PO Box 176, Aurora 

LenaMintz 5410Main St., Shallotte 

John Mitchell 622 Wimbleton Drive, Raleigh 

Vivian Mitchell 622 Wimbleton Drive, Raleigh 

L,aj Members 

NC 28334 
NC 28305 
NC 28328 
NC 28348 
NC 27707 
NC 28391 
NC 27510 
NC 28379 
NC 28352 
NC 27924 
NC 27513 
NC 27707 
NC 28441 
NC 28362 
NC 27546 
NC 28357 
NC 27896 
NC 27376 
NC 28512 
NC 27330 
NC 28377 
NC 27525 
NC 27603 
NC 28301 
NC 28379 
NC 28326 
NC 28236 
NC 28352 
NC 28539 
NC 27978 
NC 27949 
NC 27949 
NC 27909 
NC 28304 
NC 27503 
NC 28513 
NC 28327 
NC 27804 
NC 27804 
NC 27511 
NC 28472 
NC 28311 
NC 27252 
NC 27806 
NC 28470 
NC 27609 
NC 27609 


~L.ay Members 

Darren Mock 115 Joseph Pond Lane, Apex 

Firth Monte 1510Tryon Road, New Bern 

Robert Montgomery 316 Rock Circle, Clayton 

Charles Moore 106 Roanoke Lane, Chocowinity 

Elizabeth M. Moore 714 Cameron Drive, Kinston 

Jim Moore 1036 Person Road, Louisburg 

Max Moore 4276 Temperance Hall Rd., Elm City 

Page Moore 109 Asheford Lane, Roanoke Rapids 

Patricia Moore 1656 Moore Town Rd., Walstonburg 

Phil Moore 6850 Middle Rd., Trenton 

Richard E. Moore 205 Hylan Ave., Hamlet 

Susan Moore 208 Lighthouse Way, Cary 

Vernon Moore 538 Tarleton Ave., Burlington 

Jane Clark Moorman 2804 Montgomery Street, Durham 

Chris Morris 2125 Meronies Ch. Rd., Bear Creek 

Elwood Morris P.O. 146 Maysville 

EarlMoseley Rt.1, Box281-A1, Norlina 

Ellen Muire 2126 Ashland Drive, Burlington 

Arleen Mullen 4702 Mullen Road, New Bern 

ElaineMurray 1103 Waccamaw Shores Road, Lake Waccamaw 

Carlton Muse 560 Mills Road, Oriental 

Peter Neal 1314 Shepherd Street, Durham 

Bob Nelson 217 Harris Avenue, Raeford 

Ben Neville PO Box 27, Whitakers 

Walter B. Newman PO Box 106, Norlina 

Sarah Newsome 404 Walnut Street, Hamlet 

Karla Newstead 2110 S NC 11 Hwy, Rose Hill 

Sarah Newton 8621 Hicksboro Rd., Oxford 

Doris Nichols 262 Zion Church Road, Rockingham 

Ray Nichols 4751 Delway Hwy., Harrells 

Ned Nielsen 103 Phelps Street, Hertford 

Kathrine Noel 5128 Lucy Averette Rd., Oxford 

Pamela Norris 2718 Ellen Street, Durham 

Robert Allan Norris 191 Blalock Dairy Road, Roxboro 

Tom Nunalee 340 Henry Watters Dr., Wilmington 

L. Taylor Oakes 101 Shell Drive, Roanoke Rapids 

Raymond Oakes 305 Fairlane Drive, Grifton 

Steve Oakes PO Box 245, Leasburg 

Cecil Odom 1620 Creel Road, Mount Olive 

Charles Odom PO Box 192, Gibson 

Paul Oliver 339 Homestead Rd., Fairmont 

Cathy Olson 341 Donald E. Gore Drive, Wilmington 

Jennie O'Neal P.O. Box 136, Wanchese 

Herb Ormond 3907 Cantata Drive, Greenville 

Ann Osburn 3218 Mt. Willing Rd., Efland 

Charlotte Overaker 2618 Pleasant Green Rd., Durham 

Ronald Overaker 2618 Pleasant Green Rd., Durham 

Sylvia Overman 427 Sleepy Hollow Road, Fremont 

NC 27502 
NC 28560 
NC 27520 
NC 27817 
NC 28501 
NC 27549 
NC 27822 
NC 27870 
NC 27888 
NC 28585 
NC 28345 
NC 27511 
NC 27215 
NC 27705 
NC 27207 
NC 28555 
NC 27563 
NC 27217 
NC 28560 
NC 28450 
NC 28571 
NC 27707 
NC 28376 
NC 27891 
NC 27563 
NC 28345 
NC 28458 
NC 27565 
NC 28379 
NC 28444 
NC 27944 
NC 27565 
NC 27705 
NC 27573 
NC 28412 
NC 27870 
NC 28530 
NC 27291 
NC 28365 
NC 28343 
NC 28340 
NC 28412 
NC 27981 
NC 27858 
NC 27243 
NC 27705 
NC 27705 
NC 27830 


Robert C. Owen P.O. Box 404, Roseboro 

Jeremy Owens 1093 Sleepy Creek Rd., Dudley 

Janet Owle 401 AdlerLane, Goldsboro 

Steve Owle 401 Adler Lane, Goldsboro 

James A. Oxendine PO Box 2484, Pembroke 

Monty Oxendine 656 Wire Grass Rd., Lumberton 

Ray Oxendine PO. Box 7115, Rowland 

Thelma Pagan 1300 Pagan Rd., Raleigh 

Bob Page 4401 Wingate Drive, Raleigh 

Irene Page 2235 Bayview Road, Bath 

Warren Page 2235 Bayview Road, Bath 

Marvin Pake 175 Shell Landing Rd., Beaufort 

Chandler Palethorpe 2018 Dartmouth Drive, Durham 

Emily Palethorpe 2018 Dartmouth Drive, Durham 

Margaret Pannell 460 N. Parker Church Road, Raeford 

Brenda Byrd Parker PO Box 603, Creedmoor 

Ma Parker 203 E. Main St., Williamston 

Ann Parrish 400 S. Lincoln St., Benson 

Hillary Parrish 213 Woodfield Drive, Nashville 

Nancy Parrott 145 Stevenson Road, New Bern 

Carl Paschal 2501 Beechridge Rd., Raleigh 

Eddie Paschal 5594 Carbonton Rd., Sanford 

Vickie H. Pate 630 True Vine Road, Pikeville 

Margaret DeLashmutt Pauls 25 Laurel Court, Littleton 

Paul Peaden 109 Porpoise St., Moyock 

Claire Pearson 1204 West Church St., Laurinburg 

Carla Peedin 113 Gail Dr., Roanoke Rapids 

Debbie Peedin 154 Sleepy Creek Drive, Dudley 

James Peedin 201 Holly Circle, Clayton 

Rudy Peedin 154 Sleepy Creek Drive, Dudley 

Sandra Peedin 201 Holly Circle, Clayton 

Judy Peel 1115 Park Drive, Elizabeth City 

Jere Pelletier P O Box 5436, Jacksonville 

Lorraine Pelletier PO Box 5436, Jacksonville 

Irma Pepper 715 Davie School Rd., Roanoke Rapids 

Tom Perkins P.O. Box 267, Rose Hill 

Nancy Peters 1505Amberly St., Durham 

Pete Peters 1505Amberly St., Durham 

Earl Peterson 429 Raynor Drive, Fayetteville 

Pat Peterson 5447 Sandstone Drive, Fayetteville 

Fred Pettygrove 2009 Cordgrass Road, Hampstead 

Glendora Pettygrove 2009 Cordgrass Rd., Hampstead 

Noah Phillips 13865 NC 24-27 Hwy., Eagle Springs 

Vicki Pickard 533 Gallup Rd., Chapel Hill 

Lois Pike 247B Clayton Road, Princeton 

Nancy Piner P. O. Box 264, Oriental 

Paula Pittard 311 28th St., Butner 

Jerry Pittman 200 Ivey Street, Fairmont 

L,aj Members 

NC 28382 
NC 28333 
NC 27530 
NC 27530 
NC 28372 
NC 28358 
NC 28383 
NC 27603 
NC 27609 
NC 27808 
NC 27808 
NC 28516 
NC 27705 
NC 27705 
NC 28376 
NC 27522 
NC 27892 
NC 27504 
NC 27856 
NC 28562 
NC 27608 
NC 27330 
NC 27863 
NC 27850 
NC 27958 
NC 28352 
NC 27870 
NC 28333 
NC 27520 
NC 28333 
NC 27520 
NC 27909 
NC 28541 
NC 28541 
NC 27870 
NC 28458 
NC 27704 
NC 27704 
NC 28311 
NC 28311 
NC 28443 
NC 28443 
NC 27242 
NC 27514 
NC 27569 
NC 28571 
NC 27509 
NC 28340 


~L.ay Members 

Doris Pleasants 4081 Pleasant Rd., Oxford, NC 27565 

Bill Pointer 12683 NC Hwy 119 N, Semora, NC 27343 

Charlie Ponton 4534 Noland Dr., Wilmington, NC 28405 

Tom Prescott 2410 Stagpark Rd., Burgaw, NC 28425 

Charles Price 1126 W. Main St., Clayton, NC 27520 

Norma Price 94 Blue Heron St., Sanford, NC 27330 

Carol Pridgen 704 Greenridge Road, Snow Hill, NC 28580 

Beverly Gay Prince 185 Bayview Dr., Stumpy Pt., NC 27978 

Edith Proctor 4700 Temperance Hall Rd., Elm City, NC 

Linda Proseus 905 Lakeside Drive, Wilson, NC 27896 

Mary Purcell 468 Alfred L. Drive, Rowland, NC 28383 

Allyson Purser 559 Black Jack-Simpson Rd., Greenville, NC 27858 

Ercel Quick 18320 Snead's Grove Rd., Laurinburg, NC 28352 

Judge. James Ragan P.O. Box 450, Oriental, NC 28571 

Tommy Ragland 113 Creekview Road, New Bern, NC 28562 

Jesse Rains 2060 Yale Drive, Graham, NC 27253 

Janie Rawlings 6216 Splitrock Trail, Apex, NC 27502 

Hassie Ray 29 S. Cardinal Lane, Wilmington, NC 28403 

Jewel Ray 2648 Meadow Creek Ln., Graham, NC 27253 

Becky Rayburn 341 Rayburn Lane, Hertford, NC 27944 

Margie Raymond 859 McFarland Road, Broadway, NC 27505 

Fax Rector 415 Oak Street, Chadbourn, NC 28431 

Cabell Regan 4365 FerncreekDr., Fayetteville, NC 28314 

Warren Richardson 102 Swift Creek Road, Vanceboro, NC 28586 

Era Mae Rickman Ashe Street, Southern Pines, NC 28387 

RuthRiddick PO Box 726, Oxford, NC 27565 

Ken Ripley 111 Circle Drive, Spring Hope, NC 27882 

Cindy Rivenbark P O Box 307, Magnolia, NC 28453 

Fred Rivers 353 Gentry Dunkley Rd., Roxboro, NC 27574 

Claiborne Roberts 4124 Claiborne's Road, Mebane, NC 27302 

Franklin Roberts 3409 Huckabay Cr., Raleigh, NC 27612 

Louise Roberts 787 Briancliff Lane, Lumberton, NC 28358 

Mary Charlotte Roberts 618 Poole Rd, .Wendell, NC 27591 

Ann Robinson 2108 Graham Dr., Kinston, NC 28504 

Sharon Robinson 2444 Hwy 20, St Pauls, NC 28384 

Barbara Robl 707 Broad St., Wilson, NC 27893 

Billy Wayne Rogers 3755 Mallory Ct., Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Mamie Rogers 3755 Mallory Ct., Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Rita Rogers 1296 White-Smith Rd., Pittsboro, NC 27344 

Ray Root 176 Paul Brisson Road, Bladenboro, NC 28320 

Eric Rose 1126 NC 561 W.,Aulander, NC 27910 

James Rose PO Box 498, Clinton, NC 28328 

Christine Ross 106 Fishel Street, Franklinton, NC 27525 

Sylvia Ross 3838 Longleaf Drive, Elm City, NC 27822 

Peggy Rouse 2334 Paul's Path Rd., Kinston, NC 28504 

Billy Royal 6035 Maxwell Rd.,Stedman, NC 28391 

LoisRudd 2001 Deep Creek Church Rd., Brulington, NC 27217 

Patricia Russell 1511 Red Mountain Road, Rougemont, NC 27572 


Nancy Ryan 105 Fishers R<±, Mt. Gilead 

David Salter 4507 Carteret Drive, New Bern 

Sherry Salter 4507 Carteret Drive, New Bern 

John L. Sams 848 Dillard's Mill Road, Tyner 

Maylene Sanders 5230 US 701 S, Four Oaks 

Kirby Sanderson 190 Marsh Kornegay Rd ., Faison 

Kirby Sanderson 190 Marsh Kornegay Rd., Faison 

Denise Saulter 256 Copeland Road, Beaufort 

Addie Saunders 559 Gaulberry Road, Elizabeth City 

Chester Saunders 559 Gaulberry Road, Elizabeth City 

Phyllis Saunders PO BOX24, Williston 

Carole Sawyer 608 Chowan Trail, Edenton 

Richard L. Saye r609 Adler Lane, Goldsboro 

Wes Scarlett 500 Hepowil Trace, Hillsborough 

Jane Schenck 110 Westgreen Drive, Chapel Hill 

Roland Schmidt 3583 Barbary Bluff, Hope Mills 

Gene Scott 1713 Parkway Street, Wilson 

J. L. Seaman 600 Valley Road, Sanford 

Kathryn Self 1949 Bellemont-Alamance Road, Burlington 

Robert Self 1949 Bellemont Alamance Road, Burlington 

Bobby Sessions 4583 Red Hill Rd., Whiteville 

M.C. Sessoms P.O. Box 551, Roseboro 

Harvey Shankle 303 Epps Clark Rd., Siler City 

Frances Shannonhouse 921 Bartlett Ave., Elizabeth City 

Erwin Sharp 824 Helm Drive, New Bern 

Lisa Carter Sharpe 327 McFadyen Drive, Fayetteville 

Dan Shaw 2202 FaucetteAve., Durham 

George Shearer 208 Fairview Street, Havelock 

Peggy Shearin 201 Hazelwood Drive, Warrenton 

Nancy Shebester P. O. Box 66, Swepsonville 

Anne Shepard P. O. Box 236, Halifax 

Dana Sherman 556 Northview Drive, Sanford 

George Sherman 256 Malpass Corner Road, Burgaw 

BevSherron 401 Greenwwod Cir., Cary 

Mary John Shreve 1101 Knollwood Dr., Wilson 

Roger Shumate 105 Pointe Place, Hillsborough 

Frances Shutt 2205 Barfield Ct., Raleigh 

Dennis Sigmon 423 Windsor Rd., Lumberton 

Amy Sikes 6817 Greenville Loop Road, Wilmington 

Bobby Simmons 2501 Peanut Plant Road, Elizabethtown 

Janice Simmons 105 Edney Creek Court, South Mills 

Robert Simon PO Box 540, Grandy 

Paul Sims 1804 Vandora Springs Road, Garner 

James Marvin Small 5139 NC Hwy 101, Newport 

Pam Smallwood 108 Hiddenwood Court, Garner 

Percy Smart 1578S. Main St., Graham 

Chuck Smith 128 Margaret Ct., New Bern 

Cindi G. Smith 5701 Dude Ranch Road, Durham 

L,aj Members 

NC 27306 
NC 28562 
NC 28562 
NC 27980 
NC 27524 
NC 28341 
NC 28341 
NC 28516 
NC 27909 
NC 27909 
NC 28589 
NC 27932 
NC 27530 
NC 27278 
NC 27516 
NC 28348 
NC 27893 
NC 27330 
NC 27215 
NC 27215 
NC 28472 
NC 28382 
NC 27344 
NC 27909 
NC 28560 
NC 28314 
NC 27704 
NC 28532 
NC 27589 
NC 27359 
NC 27839 
NC 27330 
NC 28425 
NC 27511 
NC 27896 
NC 27278 
NC 27612 
NC 28358 
NC 28409 
NC 28337 
NC 27976 
NC 27939 
NC 27529 
NC 28570 
NC 27529 
NC 27253 
NC 28560 
NC 27704 


~L.ay Members 

Dixie Smith 1002 N. Chatham Ave., Siler City, NC 27344 

Fred Smith 24 Sedgewood Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Joe Smith 2016Chapel Hill, NC 27516 

Kay Smith 1808 Fearing Ave., Elizabeth City, NC 27909 

Maxene Smith P.O. Box 35715, Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Mike Smith 74 Misty Rose Lane, Timberlake, NC 27583 

Preston Smith 1624 New Hope Rd., La Grange, NC 28551 

Sue Hardy Smith 362 Alexander Rouse Road, Kinston, NC 28504 

W. Milton Smith 116 Badger Circle, Roxboro, NC 27573 

.Raleigh, NC 27610 
, Raleigh, NC 27604 
.Raleigh, NC 27603 
Raeford, NC 28376 
.Raleigh, NC 27604 

Grady Snyder 309 Lord Berkley Road 

Young Ja Son 3718 Buffaloe Rd. 

Betty Jean Sorrell 10100 Ten Ten Road 

Elvenia Southerland 635 Vass Road, 

John Spain 4711 Westminister Drive 

Mary Alice Spain Hwy 306 East, Hobucken, NC 

Julia Spencer P.O. Box 36, Alliance, NC 28509 

Jane Spicer 101 Pelican Point Road, Wilmington, NC 28409 

Debbie Stallings P.O. Box376, Shiloh, NC 27974 

Jan Stalnaker P. O. Box 6, Stantonsburg.NC 27883 

Albert Stanley P.O. Box 305, Four Oaks, NC 27524 

Joe Stanley P.O. Box 70, Cluster Springs, VA24535 

Vivian Stanley PO Box 70, Cluster Springs, VA24535 

A. M. Stanton PO Box 925, Plymouth, NC 27962 

Suzanne Stark PO Box 282, Frisco 

Charles Staton 221 Jefferson Dr., Graham 

George Steigerwalt 1271 Skipper Run Drive SW, Supply 

Amy Stephens 574 Braddy Plantation Rd., Council 

Wray Stephens P.O. Box 122, Fuquay-Varina 

Louis Stephenson 1387S. 343, Shiloh 

Benjamin Stewart 3321 Boulder Court, Raleigh 

Bonnie Stith 7615 High Rd., Sims 

Vivian Stone 315 Mount Olive Church Rd., Lumberton 

Robin Straka 1720 St. Mark's Church Road, Burlington 

Ed Strickland 65 E.F Cottrell Rd., Louisburg 

Patty Stricklin 217 Sweetbriar Lane, Havelock 

James Stroud 5380 Willow Green Road, Farmville 

Harry Sugg 136 Brown Street, Pittsboro 

Janet Sutton 3307 Virginia Avenue, New Bern 

Lisa Sutton 5092 Frink School Rd., LaGrange 

Lucile Craft Sutton 2875 Jim Sutton Road, La Grange 

Stanley Dwight Sutton 1832 Sutton Shortcut Road, LaGrange 

Emma Lou Swanson PO Box 336, Raeford 

OdellTant 912 Pearces Road, Zebulon 

Sarah Tant 912 Pearces Road, Zebulon 

Edward Tapscott 314 Lindell Drive, Greenville 

Lewis Tart PO Box 865, Wendell 

Erwin Tate 5317 Belsay Dr., Raleigh 

Gerri Tate 5317 Belsay Dr., Raleigh 

NC 27936 
NC 27253 
NC 28462 
NC 28434 
NC 27526 
NC 27974 
NC 27607 
NC 27880 
NC 28358 
NC 27549 
NC 28532 
NC 27828 
NC 27312 
NC 28562 
NC 28551 
NC 28551 
NC 28551 
NC 28376 
NC 27597 
NC 27597 
NC 27834 
NC 27591 
NC 27612 
NC 27612 


CarolTaylor P.O. Box 419, Conway 

Elizabeth Taylor 399 Herman Taylor Rd., Faison 

Michelle Taylor 1704 Sherbrooke Cr., Laurinburg 

HoltTeague 850 Friendly Dr., Goldsboro 

Jacque Teeters 33 Brickyard Lane, Warrenton 

Joy Tew 5342 McLellan Rd., Dunn 

Peggy Tew 325 Meadowbrook Drive, Burlington 

Mark Thomas 3008 Bellspring Lane, Raleigh 

Jeannie D. Thompson 4447 Prospect Rd, Maxton 

Matthew Thompson 1325 Fayetteville Rd., Rockingham 

Warren Thompson 325 Shiloh Church Road, Troy 

Larry Thurber Route 1, Box 9T, Manson 

Sonja Tilley 2700 Little River Church Rd., Hurdle Mills 

Gary Tillotson 1060 Kelly Road, Henderson 

Gene Todd Rt2 Box 177, Scotland Neck 

NannetteTodd Rt2 Box 177, Scotland Neck 

Dorothy Torrans 379 Beasley Torrans Road, Warsaw 

Mary Lou Troxler 3753 Hub Mill Road, Elon 

William Sam True P.O. Box 71, Pleasant Hill 

Bobby Turnage 301 North Church Street, Zebulon 

Ed Turnley 720 Piedmont Avenue, Rocky Mount 

Betty Vangasbeck 086 Folly Road, Sunbury 

James Earl Vann 808 Inlet View Drive, Wilmington 

Marlene Varnam 1 75 Varnamtown Rd., Supply 

Alice Vickory 700 Club Knolls, Mount Olive 

Earline Waddell 116 Ann St., Rockingham 

Myers Waddell 1116 Ann St., Rockingham 

Charlotte Wade 311 Allen's Way, Kittrel 

Hunter Wagstaff 314 McKinley Street, Durham, 

Allen Walker 1490 US 64 East, Pittsboro 

Raymond Wall PO Box 1934 Rockingham 

Greg Wallace 5809 Dutch Creek Dr., Raleigh, 

Gerald Walston 5000 North Glen Dr., Raleigh, 

Warner Dennis Walston 6693 NC 97 East, Elm City, 

Tommy Walters 1754 Riverside Drive, Hillsborough, 

Ann Ward 130 W. Tryon Street, Hillsborough, 

Dorothy Ward 340 N Raleigh Farm Road, Youngsville, 

E. Ben Ward P.O. Box 489, Whiteville, 

Gail Ward 1014 Highway 55 West, Mt. Olive, 

Marty Ward PO Box 489, Whiteville, 

Frances Warner P.O. Box 3, Lemon Springs, 

Randi Warren 2308 Huntsbridge Drive, Clayton, 

Gina Watlington PO Box 1027, Yanceyville, 

Evelyn Watson 1881 Gola Drive, Fayetteville, 

Floyd Watson 1906 Colon Mintz Rd., Leland, 

William Watson 1881 Gola Drive, Fayetteville, 

Donald Waugh 118 Hill Street, Haw River, 

William Weaver 447 Timberlane Dr., Littleton, 

L,aj Members 

NC 27820 
NC 28341 
NC 28352 
NC 27530 
NC 27589 
NC 28334 
NC 27215 
NC 27612 
NC 28364 
NC 28379 
NC 27371 
NC 27553 
NC 27541 
NC 27536 
NC 27874 
NC 27874 
NC 28398 
NC 27244 
NC 27866 
NC 27597 
NC 27803 
NC 27979 
NC 28409 
NC 28462 
NC 28365 
NC 28379 
NC 28379 
NC 27549 
NC 27705 
NC 27312 
NC 28380 
NC 27606 
NC 27609 
NC 27822 
NC 27278 
NC 27278 
NC 27596 
NC 28472 
NC 28365 
NC 28472 
NC 28355 
NC 27520 
NC 27379 
NC 28301 
NC 28541 
NC 28301 
NC 27258 
NC 27850 


L,ay Members 

Shirley Webb 142 Hudson St., Rockingham 

Bobbie Weeks 2602 Mulberry Lane, Greenville 

Ina Ray Weeks 329 Francks Field Rd., Trenton 

George Welford 115 Kemberly Court, Jacksonville 

Andy Wells RO. Box 167, Lake Waccamaw 

Sistie Wells 604 W. Harnett St., Benson 

Buddy West 115 Penny Lane, Cary NC 27511 

G. W. West 52 Jacob West Lane, Clinton 

Sarah West 52 Jacob West Lane, Clinton 

Bert Westbrook 3431 Churchill Rd., Raleigh 

Debra Westbrook 288 Battlefield Rd., Four Oaks 

Es'dorn Westbrook 3431 Churchill Rd., Raleigh 

David Wheeler 136 Mayfield Place, Youngsville 

Faye White 1418 Gormly Circle, Sanford 

Janice White PO Box 354, Pine Level 

Lynn Whiteford 1736 Beaumont Dr., Greenville 

Ann H. Whitehurst 1712 Forest Hills Drive, Greenville 

Jennifer Whitehurst 113 Brown St., Washington 

Annie Lee Whitley 406 E.F Cottrell Rd., Louisburg 

Tom Whitlock 7000 Livingston Road, Gibson 

Sarah Whittaker Ann St., Laurinburg 

Maria Lynn Wiggins 5918 Little Wiggins Rd., LaGrange 

Thomas BrentWilder 3546 Cook Street, Mebane 

Ruth Wilkie 266 Providence Church Rd., Siler City 

Mary Willets 307 Connie Circle, Goldsboro 

Bobby Williams 481 Sam Lowe Road, Siler City 

Dale Williams 701 Center Grove Ch. Rd., Moncure 

James A. (Jimmy)Williams PO Box 489, Louisburg 

Peggie Williamson 9135 Graham Brantley Rd., Bailey 

Richard Willis PO Box 462, Fair Bluff 

Everett Willman 1127 Terry Road, Hurdle Mills 

Edward (Ed) H. Wilson 8916 Six Forks Road, Raleigh 

John Darien Wilson 49 Frank Sneed Road, Kittrell 

Joyce Wilson 335 Firetower Rd., Carthage 

Kathleen Wilson 300 Wilson Run Rd, Bunnlevel 

Snodie Wilson P. O. Box 246, Kenansville 

Ethel Winslow 116 Howell's Lane, Hertford 

Linda Winstead 1705 Chestnut Street, Apex 

Anita Wolfe 20 Cole Circle, Franklinton 

Brad Woodard 4571 US 258, Farmville 

Linda Woodard 2119 Irvin Circle, Chapel HilINC 27514 

Alan Dale Woodlief 8020 Robincrest Ct., Fuquay-Varina 

Ben Woolston 147 Tuscarora Trail, Hertford 

Sandra Worsley PO Box 455, Wallace 

Bud Wrage 912 Poparwood Ct., Wendell 

Ed Wrenn 321 Long Leaf Acres Drive, Wilmington 

FT Wrenn 296 Wrenn Rd., Oxford 

Velna Wrenn 321 Long Leaf Acres Drive, Wilmington 

NC 28379 
NC 27834 
NC 28585 
NC 28540 
NC 28450 
NC 27504 

NC 28328 
NC 28328 
NC 27607 
NC 27524 
NC 27607 
NC 27596 
NC 27330 
NC 27568 
NC 27858 
NC 27858 
NC 27889 
NC 27549 
NC 28343 
NC 28352 
NC 28551 
NC 27278 
NC 27344 
NC 27530 
NC 27344 
NC 27559 
NC 27549 
NC 27807 
NC 28439 
NC 27541 
NC 27544 
NC 28327 
NC 28323 
NC 28349 
NC 27944 
NC 27502 
NC 27525 
NC 27828 

NC 27526 
NC 27944 
NC 28466 
NC 27597 
NC 28405 
NC 27565 
NC 28405 


L,aj Members 

Virginia Wrenn 46 Vance Wrenn Road, Roxboro, NC 27573 

Effie Wright 900 Westhave Street, Dunn, NC 28334 

Lindsey Wyatt 3920Hwy55, WestCove City, NC 28523 

Kathy Wynne 504 Get-A-Way Lane, Bahama, NC 27503 

Richard Yarbrough 2331 Airport Rd., Fremont, NC 27830 

Karen R. Yeatts 9129 Ridgeville Rd., Leasburg, NC 27291 

Emma Young 107 Pine St., Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 

GailYounts 6242Teal Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403 

Ted Zeller 514 N Carr St., Mebane, NC 27302 



Clervy Members 

Adams, Dennis Marion (Dennis) [FE] Greenville: St. James -Assoc. 

2000 E 6th St., Greenville NC 27858-2915 (252) 752-6154 

Ahl, Anne W. (Anne) [PE] Raleigh: Apex, Assoc. 

100 S. Hughes St., Apex, NC 27502 (919) 362-7807 

Aills, Lovell R. (Lovell) [RE] Sanford 

#8 Piney Point, Whispering Pines, NC 28327-9475 (910) 949-3632 

Aitken, P. Wesley (Wesley) [RE] Durham 

2909 Harriman Dr. Durham, NC 27705-5423 (919) 489-5491 

Alexander, Frank L. (Frank) [ROF] Elizabeth City: Albemarle 

2946 Ambrose Road, Creswell, NC 27928 (252) 797-7503 

Alexander, Gayle T. (Gayle) [RE] Burlington 

1018 Edith St., Burlington NC 27215-3479 (336) 226-6390 

Alexander, J. C. Jr. (J. C.) [RE] Burlington 

3705 Ben-Mil Court, Franklinton, NC 27525 (919) 528-8136 

Allen, Danny G. (Danny) [FE] New Bern: New Bern: Centenary 

PO Box 1388, New Bern NC 28563-1388 (252) 637-4181 

Allen, Ebern Earl (Ebern)[FE] Burlington: Phillips Chapel 

2557 Brucewood Rd, Graham NC 27253-9004 (336) 578-2143 

Allen, Frank Bruce (Bruce) [FE] Sanford: West End UMC 

645 Seven Lakes North, Seven Lakes, NC 27376 (910) 673-4623 

Allen, William Henry IV (William) [PM] Raleigh: Fuquay-Varina: First 

P.O. Box 126, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 (919) 567-8384 

Allen, Willie F. (Wllie) [FL] Wlmington: Hallsboro 
PO Box 28, Hallsboro, NC 28442 

Allred, Gary E. (Gary) [FE] Raleigh: Brier Creek/Andrews 

6702 Leesville Road, Durham, NC 27703 (919) 596-8249 

Allred, Susan Lutz (Susan) [RE] Burlington 

1306 LeClair St., Chapel Hill, NC 27514-3033 (919) 942-5177 

Alston, Dwayne D. (Dwayne) [OE] Rocky Mt: Calvary 

212 Eagles Mere Trail, Rocky Mount, NC 27804 (252) 212-9894 

Altman, William Howard Jr. (Bill) [FE] Wlmington: Riegelwood: Wesley 

PO Box 116, Riegelwood, NC 28456-0116 (910) 655-4793 

Amon, John D. (Dave) [PL] Goldsboro: Kenansville Parish -Assoc. 

504 N. Hillcrest Dr., Apt. D, Goldsboro, NC 27534 (919)736-1681 

Anderson, Austin (Austin) [SY] Rocky Mount: Hollister 

Bob & Ann Arrington, 585 Gibbs Ave., Hollister, NC 27844 (252) 586-4797 

Andrews, Chester J. (Chester) [RE] Burlington 

717 West Farriss Ave., High Point, NC 27262 (910) 883-4044 


Andrews, John C, Jr. (John) [RE]Goldsboro 
P.O. Box 552, Magnolia, NC 28453-0552 

Archer, Patricia H. (Trish) [FD] Wilmington: Wilmington: Pine Valley 
384 Semmes Dr., Wilmington, NC 28412 

Argo, D. Anthony (Tony) [FD] Fayetteville: FA: Haymount 
1700 Fort Bragg Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28303-6800 

Arledge, Alice (Alice B.) [DM] Wilmington: Personal Leave 
206 Braxlo Lane, Wlmington, NC 28409 

Armistead, Roger Addison (Roger) [FE] Rockingham: Trinity -Zion 
123 Zion Church Road, Rockingham, NC 28379 

Armstrong, Edward P. (Ed) [RE] New Bern 
2418 Turtle Bay Rd., New Bern, NC 28562-7313 

Armstrong, R. Martin III (Martin) [FE] Goldsboro: Fremont 
P.O. Box 147, Fremont, NC 27830-0147 

Arthurs, Jeffrey D. (Jeff) [FE] Raleigh: Wendell 
P.O. Box 1925, Wendell, NC 27591 

Arthurs, Tracy Clayton (Tracy) [PE] Rockingham: St. Pauls 
519 N Wlkinson Drive, St. Pauls, NC 28384 

Askew, Michael P. (Mike) [PL] Elizabeth City: Center Hill 
PO Box 143, Tyner, NC 27980 

Auman, James A. (Jim) [RE] Burlington 
PO Box 592, McLeansville, NC 27301 

Aycock, John D. (John) [RE] Rockingham 
PO Box 157, Rowland, NC 28383-0157 

Aydlett, W. Christopher Jr. (Chris) [FE] Fayetteville: St. Andrews 
121 Lofton Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28311-3426 

Bailey, James E. (Jim) [FE] Fayetteville: Hopewell 
2855 Roanoke Rd., Clinton, NC 28328- 032 

Bailey, James H. (Jim) [RE] Wilmington 

8115 Masonboro Sound Rd., Wilmington, NC 28403 

Baker, Gerald Kevin (Kevin) [FE] Durham: Reconciliation -Assoc. 
113 W Murray Ave., Durham, NC 27704 

Baker, M. Randall (Randall) [RE] Greenville 
1300 Airlee Avenue, Kinston, NC 28504-2042 

Baldridge, Robert L. (Bob) [RE] Raleigh 

PO Box 1119, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745-1119 

Baldwin, Richard C. Sr. (Richard) [FL] New Bern: Bayboro/Stonewall 
PO Box 98, Stonewawall, NC 28583 

Clergy Members 

(910) 895-3297 
(252) 633-3465 
(919) 365-6266 
(910) 865-4226 

(910) 567-6116 
(252) 527-4814 
(828) 456-7587 
(252) 745-4916 


Clergy Members 

Balentine, Becky (Becky) [SY] Raleigh: Calvary 

9817 Oakley Rd., Zebulon, NC 27597-7978 (919) 269-0812 

Ballance, Bernice Mae (Bernice) [DR] Fayetteville 

PO Box 247, Lillington, NC 27546-0247 (910) 893-5534 

Ballance, Valerie (Valerie) [PL] Greenville: Hyde Co. Coop. Parish-Assoc 

101 Harbour Watch Court, Belhaven, NC 27810 (252) 943-6106 

Bame, Robert L. (Bob) [RE] Goldsboro 

PO Box 569, Pikeville, NC 27863-0596 (919) 242-5631 

Bandy, Robert (Robert) [PL] Goldsboro: Friendship-Unity 

402 Green Drive, Goldsboro, NC 27534 (919) 778-6119 

Banks, David A. (David) [FE] Sanford: Jonesboro 

P.O. Box 2576, Sanford, NC 27331-2576 (919) 775-7023 

Barber, Morris L. (Morris) [RE] Sanford 

156 Will Rd., Eagle Springs, NC 27242 (910) 948-2283 

Barber, Wilson Edward (Eddie) [FE] Raleigh: Incapacity Leave 

PO Box 4931, Emerald Isle, NC 28594-4931 (252) 354-5635 

Barbour, Berry O. (Berry) [RE] Fayetteville 

7224 Cleveland School Rd., Garner, NC 27529 (919) 772-4239 

Barclay, Donald W. Jr. (Donald) [FL] Wilmington: Village Point 

806 Oyster Shell Drive, Sunset Beach, NC 28468 (910) 575-4656 

Barfield, W. Clark (Clark) [FE] Burlington: Bethel 

6566 Bethel-South Fork Road, Snow Camp, NC 27349 (336) 376-6237 

Barnes, John (John) [PL] Wilmington: Centenary 

114Dilworth Rd., Wlmington, NC 28411 (910)686-1936 

Barrett, Troy J. (Troy) [RE] Raleigh 

104 Twin Oaks Place, Cary, NC 27511-5566 (919) 467-4488 

Barrick, Gregory L, (Greg) [PL] Elizabeth City: Anderson 

PO Box 62, Gatesville, NC 27938 (252) 357-0611 

Barrineau, H. Phillip (Phil) [FE] Rockingham: Chaplain 

12761 Blues Farm Road, Laurinburg, NC 28352 (910) 277-7558 

Barrow, Gina (Gina) [PL] Greenville: Wesley Memorial 

734 SE Third Street, Snow Hill, NC 28580 (252) 747-7327 

Bartley, Lori M. (Lori) [PE] Raleigh: Leah's Chapel-Shiloh 

PO Box 221 , Middlesex, NC 27557 (252) 235-201 5 

Bass, Everette F. Jr. (Chip) [PL] Rockingham: Lumberton: Asbury 

3645 Kale Drive, Lumberton, NC 28358 (910) 618-0122 

Bass, Walton N. Sr. (Walt) [RE] Durham 

2600 Croasdaile Farm Parkway, A-225, Durham, NC 27705 (919) 384-2225 


Clergy Members 

Bates, Sally Glenn (Sally) [FE] Raleigh: Chaplain, Duke Divinity School 

614 Capital Blvd #105, Raleigh, NC 27603 (919) 821-7182 

Bauman, Robert J. (Bob) [FE] Wilmington: Grace 

401 Grace St., Wilmington, NC 28401-4024 (910) 763-5197 

Beane, Kenneth E. (Ken) [RE] Sanford 

532 Rock Canyon Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28303-3275 (910) 867-5412 

Beck, David Jack (David) [FE] Raleigh: Edenton Street -Assoc. 

228 W Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC 27603-1714 (919) 832-7535 

Bedsworth, Ellis J. (Ellis) [RE] New Bern: Marshallberg-Smyrna 

PO Box 66, Marshallberg, NC 28553-0066 (252) 729-1935 

Beeson, Gilbert W. Jr., (Gil) [FE] Fayetteville: Director, Fay Fam Life Cntr 

6001 Poland Court, Fayetteville, NC 28314-0952 (910) 868-9263 

Belcher, Carl Dean (Carl) [FE] Burlington: New Sharon 

1601 New Sharon Church Rd., Hillsborough, NC 27278-8800 (919) 732-4243 

Belec, J. Peter (Peter) [FE] Rockingham: Trinity: Red Springs 

PO Box 48, Red Springs, NC 28377-0048 (910) 843-4011 

Bell, James Douglas (Jim) [FE] Wilmington: Hampstead 

15395 Hwy 17, Hampstead, NC 28443 " (910) 270-4648 

Bender, Mary Ellen (Mary Ellen) [PL] Greenville: Robersonville/Hamilton 

P O Box 397, Robersonville, NC 27871 

Benfield, Jack M. (Jack) [FE] Raleigh: Incapacity Leave 
2609 Dunhaven Dr., Garner, NC 27529 

Benjamin, Shane Mario (Shane) [FE] Durham: Asbury Temple 
5102 Partridge St., Durham, NC 27704 

Bennett, Wade (Wade) [PL] New Bern: Merrimon 

c/o Gene Ebron, 310 Jonaquin Creek Rd., Beaufort, NC 28516 

Benson, Ann Giles (Ann Giles) [FE] Fayetteville: Mamers 
PO Box 587, Mamers, NC 27552 

Benson, David C. (David) [FE] Fayetteville: Spring Hill 
1870 Spring Hill Church Rd., Lillington, NC 27546 

Bergland, John K. (John) [RE] Fayetteville 
2010 Silky Dogwood Trail, Apex, NC 27502 

Bergland, Robert E. (Bob) [FE] Raleigh: Apex 
100 S. Hughes St., Apex, NC 27502-1910 

(252) 795-4230 
(252) 633-0824 
(910) 893-5264 
(910) 893-6381 
(919) 303-9653 
(919) 362-7807 

Bethea, Charles Anthony (Charles) [PL] Rockingham: FairmontPleasant Grove 
1491 Bethea Rd., Maxton, NC 28364 (910) 844-9229 

Biddix, Robbie (Robbie) [PL] DU: Roxboro: Longhurst 
291 Providence Rd., Roxboro, NC 27573 

(336) 597-4306 


C/eroy Members 

Biddle Margaret Anne (Margaret Anne) [DM] Raleigh: Child Care Consultant, MHC 
1305 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, NC 27605-0917 (919) 833-5428 

Bideaux, Rene O. (Rene) [RE] Burlington 

11 Trail Ridge Rd., Asheville, NC 28804 (828) 254-5295 

Billups, Douglas W. (Doug) [PL] Rocky Mount: Seaboard/Pleasant Grove 

2369 N. Halifax Road, Rocky Mount, NC 27804 (252) 937-4187 

Bingham, Wm Allen (Allen) [FE] Sanford: Pinehurst 

4111 Airport Road, Pinehurst, NC 28374-4504 (910) 215-4559 

Bisgrove, Eiliene (Eilizene) [PD] 

1700 Open Air Camp Rd., Durham, NC 27712 (919) 477-5543 

Bisogno, Vito (Vito) [PL] Burlington: Grace-Christ Charge 

1899 Wilkins St., Burlington, NC 27514 (336) 226-0785 

Bissett, Jay W. (Jay) [PD] Sanford: Biscoe-Bascom Chapel 

P.O. Box 88, Biscoe, NC 27209-0088 (910) 428-1008 

Bissette, Lester C. (Lester) [RE] Greenville: Tabernacle 

PO Box 937, Bailey, NC 27807-0937 (252) 235-5824 

Bizzell, Henry A. Jr. (Henry) [RE] Fayetteville 

203 S Church St., Newton Grove, NC 28366-7515 (910) 594-0431 

Black, Bobby C. (Bob) [RE] Sanford 

7017 Windham Pkwy., Prospect, KY 40059 (502) 228-6075 

Blackburn, H. Dean Jr. (Dean) [PM] Durham: Coord, of Substance Abuse Serv. 
2031 Hamlets Chapel Rd., Pittsboro, NC 27312 (919) 545-5562 

Blackman, David John (David) [SP] Burlington: Warren's Grove 

1500 Wesleyan Rd., Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 597-5272 

Blackwelder, Robert Shawn (Shawn) [SP] Burlington: Palmer's Grove 

1211 Palmers Grove Church Rd., Hillsborough, NC 27278-8419 (919) 732-4694 

Blanchard, George F. (George) [RE] Fayetteville 

3075 Emerywood Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28312-8581 (910) 486-8756 

Blanchard, Randy Coy (Randy) [FE] Durham: Concord 

5021 Semora Rd., Roxboro, NC 27574 (336) 599-7630 

Blankenhorn, Richard R.(Dick) [RE] Raleigh 

400 Knollsview Drive, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 (919) 552-1770 

Blanton, Randall Marshall (Randy) [SP] Sanford: Bynum 

P O Box 6, Bynum, NC 27228 (919) 542-4715 

Bledsoe, Lisa Creech (Lisa) [FE] Raleigh: Catalyst 

152 Skipping Rock Lane, Garner, NC 27529 (919) 661-8093 

Blue, Henry Lee (Henry) [PL] Rockingham: Fletcher's Chapel-St. Peter 

5102 Laurinburg Rd., Raeford, NC 28376-7277 (910) 875-4675 


Clergy Members 

Blue, John Robert (John) [RE] Durham 

4315 NW 60th Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32606 (352) 376-3856 

Bogie, Edward F. (Ed) [RE] Durham 

814 Frank St., Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 597-9278 

Bone, Jesse V. (Jesse) [RE] Rocky Mount 

204 Rainbow Dr., PMB 10498, Livingston, TX 77399-2004 

Bostick, Joseph K. (Joe) [RE] Raleigh 

806 Faircloth St., Raleigh, NC 27607-4014 (919) 834-0814 

Bowden, R. Lawrence, Jr. (Larry) [FE] Durham: Resurrection 

4705 Old Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, NC 27707 (919) 489-6552 

Bowman, Daniel D. (Dan), [RE] Rocky Mount 

4814 NC Hwy 35 Conway, NC 27820-9406 (252) 585-1306 

Bowman, John M. (John) [RA] Rocky Mount 

3020 Cranberry Ridge Dr. SW, Wilson, NC 27893-9656 (252) 237-1047 

Boyette, Lynwood C. (Lynwood) [FE] Goldsboro: Kenansville Parish 

402 Franklin St., Kenansville, NC 28349 (910) 296-0416 

Boykin, William Alton (Bill) [FE] New Bern: Jacksonville: Celebration 

109 Lionel Ave., Jacksonville, NC 28540 (910) 455-5941 

Bradshaw, Francis C. (Brad) [RE] Elizabeth City 

142 Goosefeather Lane, Southern Shores, NC 27949 (252) 261-9754 

Branch, Johnny H. (Johnny) [FE] Durham: Aldersgate 

1320 Umstead Road, Durham, NC 27712-2072 (919) 477-0509 

Braswell, Kermit L. (Kermit) [RE] Raleigh 

4013 Brewster Dr., Raleigh, NC 27606 (919) 858-7366 

Braswell, William E. (Bill) [FE] Wilmington: Pine Valley 

3788 Shipyard Blvd., Wilmington NC 28403 (910) 791-0353 

Brewer, Robert Wayne (Robert) [PE] New Bern: EXT - Univ. of Toronto 

135 Isabella Street, Apt. 603, Canada M4Y1P 4 (416) 960-9376 

Britt, Deirdre L. (Deirdre) [SP] Durham: Tabernacle 

PO Box 100, Townsville, NC 27584 (252) 492-7643 

Broadwell, A. Ray (Ray) [FE] Raleigh: Fuquay-Varina 

100 S. Judd Pkwy SE, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 (919) 552-4331 

Brooks, E. Ray (Ray) [FE] Sanford: Broadway-Morris Chapel Charge 

P O Box 87, Broadway, NC 27505 (919) 258-3721 

Brooks, Rex Eugene (Rex) [RE] Burlington: Orange Chapel 

1080 River Forest Rd., Pittsboro, NC 27312 (919) 942-3578 

Brown, Frances (Frances) [ROE] Rockingham: Snead's Grove 

PO Box 217, Laurel Hill, NC 28351-0217 ' (910) 462-2221 


C/eroy Members 

Brown, James C. P. (James) [RE] Rockingham 

102 Scotia Hall, Laurinburg, NC 28352 (910) 276-1871 

Brown, James Stanley (Stan) [FE] New Bern: Oriental 

PO Box 70, Oriental, NC 28571-0070 (252) 249-0213 

Brown, Keith (Keith) [ROE] Rockingham: Laurel Hill 
PO Box 217, Laurel Hill, NC 28351 

Brown, Michael Keith (Mike) [FL] Rockingham: Caledonia 

11680 Johns Road, Laurinburg, NC 28352 (910) 276-6858 

Brown, Philip Sherman (Phil) [FE] Burlington: Bethel-Locust Hill 

6258 Park Springs Rd., Pelham, NC 27311-8843 (336) 388-2489 

Brown, Ralph A. (Ralph) [FE] Fayetteville: Dunn: Divine Street 

PO Box 816, Dunn, NC 28335-0816 (910) 892-2339 

Brown, Samuel H. (Sam) [RE] Raleigh 

6201 Montpelier Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210-4513 (704) 553-9061 

Brown, Vernon W. Ill (Vernon) [FE] New Bern: Verona 

117 Town Point Rd., Jacksonville, NC 28540 (910) 938-3387 

Brown, Wesley Freeland (Wes) [FE] Durham: Duke Div. -Associate Dean 

PO Box 90966, Durham, NC 27708-0966 (919) 660-3456 

Browning, Paul C. (Paul) [RE] New Bern 

Twin Lakes Center, 3721 Luther Court, Burlington NC 27215 (336) 524-9465 

Brownlee, David E. (David) [FE] Greenville: Covenant/Wellspring Ministries 

4000 Corey Rd., Winterville, NC 28590-9260 (252) 355-0123 

Bruno, Gail (Gail) [SP] Durham: Middleburg-Hermon 

PO Box 100, Middleburg, NC 27556 (252) 492-1616 

Brunson, Jesse (Jesse) [FE] Fayetteville: Dir. Multicultural and Social 

321 Westwater Way, Fayetteville, NC 28301 (910) 822-5754 

Bryan, James L. (Jerry) [RE] Burlington 

741 Kennette Drive, Graham, NC 27253-8214 (336) 376-1123 

Bryant, Charles V. (Charles) [RE] New Bern 

327 Wiggins Pt. Rd., Oriental, NC 28571-9251 (252) 249-1669 

Bryant, Richard L. (Richard) [FL] Raleigh: Asbury -Assoc. 

705-2 West Morgan St., Raleigh, NC 27603 (919) 833-4081 

Bryant, Terry A. (Terry) [FE] Rocky Mount: First 

3000 Coleberry Trail, Rocky Mount, NC 27804-2115 (252) 451-1803 

Buckingham, Kenneth R. (Ken) [FE] Sanford: Buckhorn 

3882 Avents Ferry Rd., Sanford, NC 27330-9080 (919) 258-3742 

Buckley, Betty Ann (Betty Ann) [DM] Rocky Mount: Alpha Ministries 

621 Macon Place, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919) 783-8747 


Budd, Donald L. (Don) [PL] Fayetteville 
2148 Quailridge Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28304 

Budzinski, William Marvin (Bud) [FE] Durham: Salem 
435 Salem Church Road, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 

Clergy Members 

(336) 599-5012 

Buffaloe, Janet Kennedy (Janet) [FE] Rockingham: Leave of Absence 

PO Box 73, Marston, NC 28363 (910) 582-5775 

Bundy, David Walter (Dave) [FL] Elizabeth City: Creswell Charge 

951 Weston Rd., Creswell, NC 27928 (252) 797-4355 

Bundy, Robert F. (Bob) [RE] Sanford 

25 Juniper Creek Blvd., Pinehurst, NC 28374 (910) 295-9276 

Bunn, Paul G. (Paul) [RE] Rockingham 

301 Hylan Avenue, Hamlet, NC 28345-2427 (910) 582-0794 

Burnette, Renee(Renee) [PE] Burlington: Burlington Circuit 

1421 Bethel Methodist Ch Rd., Burlington, NC 27217-8014 (336) 584-8646 

Burns, Donald E. Jr. (Don) [PL] Sanford: Sandhills Charge 

P O Box 221, Jackson Springs, NC 27281 (910) 673-1991 

Burnside, HobartW. Jr. (Hobie) [RE] Goldsboro: Micro-Fellowship 

5031 Princeton-Kenly Rd., Kenly, NC 27542-9569 (919) 284-4530 

Burrus, Carolyn H. (Carolyn) [PE] Durham: Duke Hospice 

405 Chatham Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 (919) 968-9685 

Bushell, John R. (John) [ROE] Sanford: Ether 

P.O. Box 156, Ether, NC 27247 (910) 428-2272 

Butner, Rufus Ernest III (Rufus) [FE] Goldsboro: Wallace 

301 South College Street, Wallace, NC 28466-1425 (910) 285-2857 

Butson, John D. (John) [FE] Rocky Mount: Conway - Concord 

P O Box 326, Conway, NC 27820-0326 (252) 585-1984 

Byassee, Jason (Jason) [PL] Burlington: Shady Grove 

4385 Blanch Rd., Blanch, NC 27212 (336) 694-4020 

Byassee, Jaylynn Warren (Jaylynn) [FL] Burlington: New Hope-Purley Charge 

4385 Blanch Road, Blanch, NC 27212 (336) 694-4020 

Byers, Leonard C. II (Len) [FE] Burlington: Director of Pastoral Care 

201 East Grover St., Shelby, NC 28150 (704) 487-3855 

Byram, Roberta Gail (Roberta) [PL] Raleigh: Home Memorial -Assoc. 

9313 Naples Ct, Raleigh, NC 27617 (919) 293-0164 

Byrd, Douglas L. (Douglas) [RE] Raleigh 

4909 Deer Garden Ct, Raleigh, NC 27606-4336 (919) 851-1595 

Byrd, Nathan H. (Nathan) [RE] Burlington 

PO Box 1868, Banner Elk, NC 28604-1868 (828) 898-6687 


Clergy Members 

Calhoun, Anthony D. (Tony) [OE] New Bern: Harlowe-Oak Grove 

5129 Hwy 101, Newport, NC 28570 (252) 447-1779 

Calhoun, Leanne (Leanne) [OE] New Bern: Harker's Island 

PO Box 307, Harker's Island, NC 28531 (252) 728-4368 

Cameron, Angus McKay (Angus) [RE] Sanford 

459 Romine Pike Rd., Siler City, NC 27344-6697 (919) 742-2567 

Cameron, Hugh H. (Hugh) [FE] Fayetteville: First-Clinton 

407 Pineview Rd., Clinton, NC 28328-2126 (910) 592-2710 

Campbell, Curtis W. (Curtis) [FE] Wilmington: Wesleyan Chapel:Scott's Hill 

10255 US Highway 17N, Wilmington, NC 28411 (910) 686-4041 

Campbell, Dennis Marion (Dennis) [FE] Durham: Headmaster, Woodberry Forest Sch. 
The Residence, Woodberry Forest Sch., Woodberry Forest, VA 22989 (540) 672-2045 

Campbell, Elizabeth (Lib) [PE] Raleigh: Cary: Saint Francis -Assoc. 

2965 Kildaire Farm Rd., Cary, NC 27511 (919) 362-1666 

Campbell, Lucinda K. (Lucinda) [PL] Rockingham: Green Lake 

14961 Rea Magnet Rd., Laurinburg, NC 28532 (910) 277-0654 

Capps, Clingman C. (Cling) [RE] New Bern 

2101 Richardson Dr., Reidsville, NC 27320-5910 (336) 349-2617 

Carden, Billy M. (Billy) [RE] Durham 

133 Tanglewood Shores Rd., Semora, NC 27343 (336) 599-8716 

Carlson, Cathy (Cathy) [AF] Durham: Louisiana Conference 

1025 W Markham Ave., Durham, NC 27701 (919) 688-0859 

Carpenter, Robert L. Jr. (Bob) [FE] Rockingham: Cordova 

PO Box 279, Cordova, NC 28330 ' (910) 997-5492 

Carson, W. Eric (Eric) [RE] Raleigh 
3208 Craven Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919) 782-7289 

Carter, G. Rosser III (Ross) [FE] Raleigh: Sunrise 

PO Box 295, Holly Springs, NC 27540-0295 (919) 303-3720 

Carter, Theodore V. Sr. (Ted) [RE] Raleigh 

PO Box 14047, Raleigh, NC 276204047 (919) 834-4483 

Cash, Warren S. (Warren) [AM] Rocky Mount: Zion 

PO Box 548, Norlina, NC 27563-0548 (252) 456-3435 

Casteel, Joseph W. (Joe [FE] Sanford: Siler City: First 

PO Box 212, Siler City, NC 27344-0212 (919) 742-2722 

Castle, Gerald Stephen (Steve) [FL] Elizabeth City: Sharon 

PO Box 12, Aydlett, NC 27916 (252) 453-3616 

Catlett, Dianne (Dianne) [PL] Greenville: Stokes Charge 

105 Dudley Place, Washington, NC 27889-3156 (252) 975-2671 


Clergy Members 

Cauley, Marty Jeffrey (Marty) [FE] Burlington: Morningstar 

PO Box 2661, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2661 (919) 968-6625 

Caviness, James W. Jr. (James) [AM] Rockingham: Maxton: St. Paul's 

12001 Cameron Way, Maxton, NC 28364 (910) 844-5463 

Chaffin, J. Claude (Claude) [RE] Sanford 

6980 NC HWY 705, South Robbins, NC 27325-7614 (910) 948-2483 

Chandler, Daniel Ross (Daniel) [RE] Durham 

PO Box 953, Evanston, IL 60204-0953 (847) 492-1918 

Chandler, George P. (Pat) [ROE] Fayetteville 
2455 Myrtle Beach Hwy, Sumter, SC 29153-8939 

Chandler, Larry Michael (Larry) [SP] Rockingham: Pleasant Grove 

2757 Union School Rd., Rowland, NC 28383 (910) 521-0832 

Cheasty-Miller, Patrice (Patrice) [FE] Durham: St. Paul 

2700 N. Roxboro Rd., Durham, NC 27704-4352 (919) 220-2458 

Check, John Michael (John) [FE] Rocky Mount: Saint Paul 

PO Box 7187, Rocky Mount, NC 27804-0187 (252) 443-3468 

Cheezem, Clyde B. (Clyde) [RE] New Bern: Salter Path 

P O Box 70, Salter Path, NC 28575-0070 (252) 247-3253 

Cherry, Corbin L. (Corbin) [RE] Elizabeth City 

245 Morningsun Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941-3503 (415) 388-8221 

Chikoore, Chris (Chris) [OE] Durham: Granville-Vance 

522 Salem Rd., Oxford, NC 27565-6451 (919) 693-4150 

Chou, Lily Ker (Lily) [FE] Wilmington: Fifth Avenue 

409 S. 5th Ave., Wilmington, NC 28401-2621 (910) 763-2621 

Chrismon, Harold M. Sr. (Pete) [RE] Raleigh 

1410 Laura Duncan Rd., Apex, NC 27502-1538 (919) 362-1430 

Christian, Robert S. (Robert) [FE] Fayetteville: Professor, Methodist College 
Methodist College. 5400 Ramsey St., Fayetteville, NC 28311 (910) 630-7071 

Christianson, Diane M. (Diane) [FE] Rocky Mount: Edgecombe Parish 

PO Box 13, Pine Tops, NC 27864 (252) 827-4176 

Clark-Dickens, Kathy A. (Kathy) [FE] New Bern: Chaplain, Anne Arundel Medical Ctr. 
1743 Westmoreland Tr., Annapolis, MD 21401 (410) 849-3573 

Clarke, Holt A. (Holt) [FE] Rocky Mount: Roanoke Rapids: First 

339 Roanoke Ave., Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 (252) 537-2173 

Clarke, W. Thomas (Tom) [RE] Elizabeth City: Shiloh (Stumpy Pt.) 

PO Box 754, Wanchese, NC 27981 (252) 473-6229 

Clayton, Richard T. (Rick) [FE] Raleigh: Cary: St. Francis 

2965 Kildaire Farm Rd., Cary, NC 27511 (919) 362-1666 


C/eroy Members 

Clayton, William Mark (Mark) [PE] Rocky Mount: Jerusalem-Warren Plains 

P O Box 355, Norlina, NC 27563 (252) 456-2231 

Clements, William E. (Bill) [FE] Elizabeth City: Gatesville Charge 

P O Box 43, Gatesville, NC 27938-0043 (252) 357-0354 

Clift, David S. (David) [FE] Elizabeth City: Duck 

PO Box 8010, Duck, NC 27949-8010 (252) 261-1525 

Cline, John M. (John) [RE] Raleigh 

2713 Wycliff Rd., Raleigh, NC 27607-3032 (919) 787-2030 

Clyburn, M. Claire (Claire) [FE] Greenville: Snow Hill: Calvary Memorial 

109 W Greene St., Snow Hill, NC 28580-1431 (252) 747-3723 

Cobb, Arnold Gene Jr. (Gene) [FE] Raleigh: Louisburg 

P O Box 667, Louisburg, NC 27549 (91 9) 496-3736 

Coburn, Charles Cameron (Cam) [PL] Greenville: Bell Arthur Circuit 

PO Box 183, Falkland, NC 27827 (252) 752-8221 

Coffman, Laurie Hays (Laurie) [FE] Durham: Dur - Calvary 

304 E Trinity Ave., Durham, NC 27701-1947 (919)688-7138 

Coile, James H. (Jim) [RE] New Bern: New Bern: Centenary 

3308 Huntmaster Road, New Bern, NC 28562-6624 (252) 633-5816 

Cole, Lisa Brown (Lisa) [FE] Durham: Duke Mem. -Associate 

504 W Chapel Hill St., Durham, NC 27701-3102 (919) 683-3467 

Collier, M. Bailey Jr. (M.B.) [FE] Durham: Dukes Chapel 

807 Old Oxford Rd., Durham, NC 27704-2213 (919) 220-1056 

Collins, Gayla Estes (Gayla) [FE] Raleigh: Wake Forest 

905 South Main Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587-9277 (919) 556-2239 

Collins, Sidney Alton (Sid) [AM] Rockingham: West Rockingham 

138 Gibson Dr., Rockingham, NC 28379-6970 (910)895-3135 

Collins, Sylvia (Sylvia) [PE] Raleigh: Triangle Native American 

3110 Tryon Rd., Raleigh, NC 27603 (919) 833-7219 

Collins, Thomas A. (Tom) [RE] Durham 

5 Aldersgate Ct, Durham, NC 27705 (919) 384-2480 

Colon-Emeric, Edgardo A. (Edgardo) [FE] Durham: Duke Univ. PhD Candidate 

504 W Chapel Hill St., Durham, NC 27701-3102 (919) 682-3759 

Compton, Stephen Charles (Steve) [FE] Raleigh: Dir. , Congregational Development 
PO Box 10955, Raleigh NC 27605-0955 (919) 832-9560 

Conner, Sandra J. (Rose) [FE] Raleigh: Mt. Zion 

15772 NC 50 W, Garner, NC 27529 " (919)772-0720 

Cook, Charles M. (Chuck) [FE] Durham: Henderson: First 

114 Church St., Henderson, NC 27536-4227 (252) 438-8791 


Clergy Members 

Cook, Irving E. (Irving) [RE] New Bern: Retired 

3020 Market St., Newport, NC 28570 (252) 223-3314 

Cope, Roger D. (Roger) [FE] Greenville: Grifton/Webb Chapel 

PO Box 416, Grifton, NC 28530-0416 (252) 524-5422 

Coppock, Michael (Michael) [FL] Sanford: St. Luke 

2916 Wicker St., Sanford, NC 27330-7655 (919) 776-2012 

Cottingham, John G. (John) [RE] Rockingham 

300 Pecan Lane, Laurinburg, NC 28352 (910) 276-2659 

Cottingham, William T. Ill (Bill) [FE] Wlmington: Trinity 

1403 Market Street, Wlmington, NC 28401 (910) 762-3316 

Covington, J. Quinton Jr. (Quinton) [FE] Rockingham: Central 

PO Box 806, Laurinburg, NC 28353-0806 (910) 276-8881 

Cox, Patricia Tripp (Patricia) [FL] Greenville: Belhaven: Trinity 

477 E Main St., Belhaven, NC 27810 (252) 943-2684 

Cox, Richard Lewis (Rich) [FE] Durham: Dean for Residential Life 
2523 Sevier St., Durham, NC 27705-5818 

Crabtree, John William (John) [SP] Durham: Marrow's Chapel 

P O Box 296, Bullock, NC 27507 (252) 492-8459 

Craig, Robert B. (Bob) [FL] New Bern: Incapacity Leave 

1 64 Cherokee Drive, Newport News, VA 23602-4428 (757) 886-1 524 

Crandall, Margaret (Maggie) [PE] Burlington: Leave of Absence 

1899 Wilkins St., Burlington, NC 27215 ' (336) 226-0785 

Crane, Larry D. (Larry) [FE] Goldsboro: Pine Forest 

867 NC Hwy 581 S., Goldsboro, NC 27530 (919) 735-5161 

Crank, Stewart Allen Sr. (Stew) [FE] Durham: Allensville/Trinity Charge 

80 Dirgie Mine Rd., Roxboro, NC 27574 (336) 599-2820 

Creech, C. McGee (McGee) [RE] Goldsboro 

695 LaGrange Road, LaGrange, NC 28551-8579 (919) 778-2272 

Creech, William Michael Sr. (Bill) [PL] Goldsboro: Lebanon 

1108 Fourth St., Goldsboro, NC 27534-2218 (919) 735-4708 

Cribb, Dalma G. (Dalma) [PL] Wilmington: Peace 
4442 Red Hill Rd., Whiteville, NC 28472 

Cribb, Jerry W. (Jerry) [FE] Elizabeth City: Ahoskie 

P O Box 665 Ahoskie, NC 2791 0-0665 (252) 332-2203 

Crotwell, Helen G. (Helen) [RE] Durham 

608Antioch Rd., Cordele, GA 31 01 5-9735 (229) 273-5940 

Crowder, William R. (Bill) [RE] Burlington 

1121 Eagle Rd., Greensboro, NC 27407-4055 (336) 854-8817 


C/eroy Members 

Crowe, John Marshall (John) [FE]Goldsboro: Incapacity Leave 

202 Mimosa Park Drive, Goldsboro, NC 27534 (919) 759-2146 

Crum, John H. (Jack) [RE] Raleigh 

1799 Golf Course Rd., Littleton, NC 27850-9389 (252) 586-3435 

Culberson, J. Victor (Vic) [FE] Elizabeth City: Moyock 

PO Box 267, Moyock, NC 27958 (252) 435-6920 

Cummings, Jimmy F. (Jimmy) [RA] Rockingham: Beauty Spot 
P O Box 702, Lumberton, NC 28359 (910) 671-0166 

Cummings, S. Dufrene (Dufrene) [FE] New Bern: Midway/Bethlehem 

P.O. Box 48, Stella, NC 28582 (252) 393-2698 

Cummings, Simeon F. (Simeon) [RE] Rockingham 

PO Box 725, Pembroke, NC 28372-0725 (910) 521-8164 

Cummings, William Edward (Bill) [RE] Rockingham: NewZion 

PO Box 808, Lumberton, NC 28359 (910) 521-0387 

Cummings-Woriax, Carolyn (Carolyn) [FE] Greenville: Jerusalem 

P.O. Box 69, Pembroke, NC 28372-0069 (919) 521-5582 

Currin, Douglas Brian (Doug) [FE] Wilmington: Wellspring 

311-8B Judges Road, Wilmington, NC 28405 (910) 792-1110 

Curtis, M. Dale (Dale) [PD] New Bern: Richlands 

PO Box 1217, Richlands, NC 28574 (910) 324-5464 

Cyr, Ronald Dale (Ron) [FE] Greenville: Clinical Chap., Caswell Center 

902 Cameron Dr., Kinston, NC 28501 (252) 523-8709 

Danek, Thomas A. (Tom) [RE] Sanford 

981 Old Graham Road, Pittsboro, NC 27312 (919) 542-3686 

Daniel, David E. (David) [RE] Raleigh 

5612 Heartland, Midland, TX 79707 (432) 498-5171 

Daniel, Donald (Donald) [FL] Rockingham: Ellerbe 

P.O. Box 340, Ellerbe, NC 28338-0340 (910) 652-6201 

Daniel, M. Francis (Francis) [FE] Greenville: Kinston:Queen Street 

P O Box 508, Kinston, NC 28502-0508 (252) 527-2119 

Daniels, Franklin D. (Frank) [RE] Fayetteville 

PO Box 157, Falcon, NC 28342 (910) 980-1541 

Daniels, James Harold (J. H.) [PM] Durham: Union Chapel 

6479 Raleigh Road, Kittrell, NC 27544 (252) 431-0413 

Davenport, Kenneth Leroy (Ken) [PE] Greenville: Hyde County Cooperative Parish 
21600 US 264, Swan Quarter, NC 27885 (252) 926-0104 

Davenport, Laura S. (Laura) [DR] Rocky Mount: Wilson:First 

1 09 Whitehead Ave. NE, Wlson, NC 27893-371 3 (252) 243-3653 


Davidson, Barney L. (Barney) [RE] Raleigh 
519 S Harrison Ave., Cary, NC 27511-3250 

Davis, Brenda (Brenda) [PL] Burlington: Carr 
21 London Lane, Mebane, NC 27302 

Davis, Donnie G (Donnie) [RA] Rockingham 
239 Bowers Lane, Ellerbe, NC 28338-9305 

Davis, Eldrick R. (Eldrick) [FE] Fayetteville: Harry Hosier 
690 Marble Ct, Fayetteville, NC 28311-1924 

Davis, G Derik (Derik) [FL] Burlington: Center 
9204 Center Church Road, Snow Camp, NC 27349 

Davis, Gerry G. (Gerry) [FE] Raleigh: Ebenezer 
5012 Rock Quarry Rd., Raleigh, NC 27610-5314 

Davis, H. Charles (Charles) [RE] Rocky Mount 
3417 Winstead Rd., Rocky Mount, NC 27804 

Davis, Herman Fred (Fred) [RE] Wilmington: Retired 
PO Box 955, Elizabethtown, NC 28337-0955 

Davis, Jefferson W. (Jeff) [RL] Sanford 

PO Box 192, Lemon Springs, NC 28355-0192 

Davis, Michael A. (Mike) [FE] Sanford: Troy: Trinity 
P. O. Box 502, Troy, NC 27371 

Dawson, R. Richard (Richard) [FE] Burlington: Shiloh 
4718 N. NC 87, Gibsonville, NC 27249-9361 

Day, Joyce Christine (Joyce) [PD] Durham 
420 Glen Ave., Clarksburg, WV 26301 

Clergy Members 


(919) 563-5837 
(910) 822-4607 
(336) 376-9376 
(252) 937-6099 
(910) 862-8460 
(910) 576-1651 
(336) 584-0844 
(304) 622-1403 

de La Cruz, Daniel (Daniel) [ROF] Sanford: Chatham-Lee Hispanic Ministry 

406 Dowd St., Siler City, NC 27344 (919) 663-3425 

Dean, Robert Floyd (Bobby) [OF] Rocky Mount: Smith 
1216 Smith Church Rd., Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 

Dees, Julia Anne (Julia) [FL] New Bern: Williston-Stacey 
P O Box 117, Williston, NC 28589 

Dehart, Murry L. Jr. (Murry) [RE] Raleigh 
5108 Hunter Hill Rd., Raleigh, NC 27604-5948 

(252) 537-1343 

(919) 878-4486 

DeJesus, Edgar Raymund A. (Edgar) [FE] Raleigh: Edenton St. Assoc. /New Church 
369 Indian Branch Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560 (919) 462-6698 

DeLapa, Anthony J. (Anthony) [PL] Rockingham: Parkton 
305 Lofton Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28311 

Denny, Clyde A. (Clyde) [FE] Elizabeth City: First 
PO Box 401, Elizabeth City, NC 27907 

(252) 335-1771 


Clergy Members 

Dickens, Jan J. (Jan) [FE] Elizabeth City: Chaplain, US Air Force 
5112 Keswick Ct, Suffolk, VA 23435 

Dickens, John Van III (Van) [FE] New Bern: Chaplain, US Navy 

1743 Westmoreland Tr, Annapolis MD 21401 (410) 849-3573 

Dietrich, Ronald E. (Ron) [FE] Sanford: Aberdeen: Page Memorial 

P. O. Box 695, Aberdeen, NC 28315-0695 (910) 944-1093 

Dill, Grace Morton (Grace) [FL] Elizabeth City: North Gates 

PO Box 38, Gates, NC 27937 (252) 357-1620 

Dixon, Samuel W. Jr. (Sam) [FE] Rocky Mount: Exec. Secretary UM Dev. Fund 
632 Cedar Street, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 (252) 537-4690 

Dodson, Jerry S. (Jerry) [FE] Burlington: Davis Street 

606 E. Davis Street, Burlington NC 27215 (336) 227-3784 

Dodson, Lewis H. (Lewis) [RE] Burlington 

2953 NC Hwy.89 East, Walnut Cove, NC 27052-9427 (336) 591-4978 

Dodson, Scott (Scott) [SP] Rocky Mount: Spring Hope Charge 

PO Box 770, Spring Hope, NC 27882 (252) 478-3140 

Dornsmith, Suzanne (Suzanne) [OP] Burlington: Chapel Hill: University -Assoc. 
150 East Franklin St., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919) 929-7191 

Dorsey, Dora Russell (Dora) [FE] Rockingham: Hamlet: St. Peter 

P.O. Box 961, Hamlet, NC 28345 (910) 582-6133 

Doucette, Leonard F. (Leonard) [FE] Durham: Asbury 

2011 West Club Blvd., Durham, NC 27705-3209 (919) 286-1975 

Drake, Para Lee Rodenhizer (Para) [FE] Durham: Carr 

107 North Driver Street, Durham, NC 27703 (919) 596-7210 

Draper, Howard Dennis, Jr. (Dennis) [FE] Goldsboro: Mt. Olive: First 

108 Ramblewood Dr., Mt. Olive, NC 28365 (919) 658-2637 

Drew, Edward Raymond (Ed) [FL] Greenville: Chocowinity 

PO Box 640, Chocowinity, NC 27817 (252) 946-3101 

Drum, Barry P. (Barry) [FE] Raleigh 

3001 Sherry Dr., Raleigh, NC 27604 (919) 872-2847 

Drye, Judith Bolen (Judy) [FE] Sanford: Goldston 

P. O. Box 85, Goldston, NC 27252-0085 (919) 898-4523 

Dulaney, Earl G. (Earl) [FE] Goldsboro: St. Luke 

1605 E. Pine St., Goldsboro, NC 27530-6135 (919) 734-5019 

Duncan, John Farron (Farron) [SP] Durham: Rehobeth 

2951 Old Watkins Rd., Henderson, NC 27537 (252) 436-9082 

Dunham, Paul Ralph (Paul) [FE] Goldsboro: Saint Joseph 

PO Box 43, Pikeville, NC 27863-0043 (919) 242-4674 


Clergy Members 

Dunn, Clyde H. (Clyde) [RE] 

412 Oak Hollow Ct, Raleigh, NC 27613-3232 (919) 571-8884 

Durner, James M. (Jim) [AM] New Bern: Straits-North River 

283 Pinners Point Rd., Beaufort, NC 28516-7832 (252) 728-1714 

Dutton, John H. Jr. (John) [FE] Elizabeth City: Riverside 

P O Box 1693, Elizabeth City, NC 27906-1693 (252) 335-4549 

Eakin, Charles F. (Charles) [RE] Burlington 

6516 Park Springs Rd., Pelham, NC 27311 (336) 388-1045 

Early, Laura G. (Laura) [FE] Elizabeth City: All Gods Children 

P O Box 69, Aulander, NC 27805 (252) 345-1 077 

Earnhardt, Daniel T. (Dan) [FE] Rocky Mount: West Nash 

2200 Nash Street N, Wilson, NC 27896-1728 (252) 237-4258 

Earnhardt, Edwin L. (Ed) [RE] Elizabeth City 

420 Surfside Drive, Edenton, NC 27932 (252) 482-7197 

Edens, Allen C. Jr. (Allen) [RE] Fayetteville: Spring Lake 

1715 Bixley Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28303-3717 (910) 822-3730 

Edge, G. Lloyd (Lloyd) [RE] Rocky Mount 

PO Box 678, Pinetops, NC 27864-0676 (252) 827-1874 

Edgerton, Martha Wofford (Martha) [FE] Wlmington: Family Leave 

211 Azalea Circle, Sunset Beach, NC 28468-4203 (910) 575-2659 

Edwards, Harvey Lee Jr. (Lee) [SP] Sanford: Chatham-Cedar Grove 

103 Woodberry Forest, Pittsboro, NC 27312 (919) 542-3006 

Edwards, Steven Michael (Steve) [FE] Raleigh: Highland - Assoc. 

1901 Ridge Rd., Raleigh, NC 27607 (919) 787-4240 

Eisenman, Michael (Mike) [SP] Durham: White Memorial 

1612 Lynne Ave., Henderson, NC 27536 (252) 438-6096 

Eldredge, Robert Kenneth (Bob) [RE] Burlington 

1811 Broadway Drive, Graham, NC 27253 (336) 227-7527 

Elliott, Edward C. (Ed) [RE] Raleigh 

5029 Knaresborough Road, Raleigh, NC 27612-3404 (919) 782-6832 

Elliott, Michael H. (Mike) [FE] Fayetteville: Raeford: First 

308 North Main Street, Raeford, NC 28376 (910) 875-2111 

Elliott, Roger V. (Roger) [FE] Raleigh: Edenton Street 

228 W Edenton St., Raleigh, NC 27603-1714 (919) 832-7535 

Epperson, J. Sidney (Sidney) [RE] New Bern 

712 Home Trail, Gastonia, NC 28052 (704) 854-3356 

Epps, Ralph I. (Ralph) [RE] Elizabeth City: Chowan:Bethany 

310 White Oak Drive, Edenton, NC 27932-9081 (252) 482-8557 


Clergy Members 

Ethridge, Faye (Faye) [PD] Rocky Mount: Trinity Parish 

PO Box 178, Battleboro, NC 27809 (252) 442-9260 

Eubanks, J. Michael (Mike) [PM] New Bern: Jacksonville: Pine Valley 

115 Yellowood Drive, Jacksonville NC 28546 (910) 353-1443 

Eure, Aydlett J. Jr. (A.J.) [RE] Greenville: Hart-Speight 

PO Box 66, Sims, NC 27880-0066 (252) 206-5782 

Evans, Matthew R. (Matt) [FL] Durham: Cokesbury 

44 Milton Stainback Rd., Henderson, NC 27537-4101 (252) 492-7201 

Evans, Tommy L. (Tommy) [FE] Burlington: St. Pauls 

609 Trail 2, Burlington, NC 27215 (336) 226-0818 

Everett, Glenn B. (Glenn) [FE] Burlington: Swepsonville 

1306 US 54-Swepsonville Rd., Swepsonville, NC 27359-0036 (336) 578-8776 

Faggart, T. M. (Tom) [RE] Rockingham 

7542 Paul Linker Place, Harrisburg, NC 28075 (704) 454-5144 

Faggart, W. Bryan (Bryan) [FE] Durham: Bethany 

1712 Kirkwood Drive, Durham, NC 27705-2144 (919) 471-1084 

Fairley, Leonard E. (Leonard) [FE] Raleigh: Soapstone 

12837 Norwood Rd., Raleigh, NC 27613-6849 (919) 846-2212 

Fairley, Robert A. (Robert) [AM] Rockingham: Maxton Circuit 

PO Box 628, Maxton, NC 28364-0628 (910) 844-5877 

Farmer, John A. (John) [FE] New Bern: Manager/Dir., Camp Don Lee 

315 Camp Don Lee Rd., Arapahoe, NC 28510 (800) 535-5475 

Farmer, Penny Dollar (Penny) [FE] New Bern: Alliance-Arapahoe 

315 Camp Don Lee Rd., Arapahoe, NC 28510 (252) 670-7766 

Farmer, Richard L. (Richard) [FE] Sanford: Center 

4141 South Plank Rd., Sanford, NC 27330 (919) 775-5748 

Felton, Gayle Carlton (Gayle) [FE] Durham: General Board of Discipleship 

6551 New Sharon Church Rd., Rougemont, NC 27572 (919) 732-3399 

Ferguson, Horace T. (Horace) [FL] Raleigh: Holly Springs 

PO Box 68, Holly Springs, NC 27840 (919) 557-3467 

Ferrell, Gene Berger (Gene) [ROE] Burlington: St. Luke's 

1508 Zwingli Ct, Burlington, NC 27215 (336) 586-9251 

Field, William R. (Randy) [FL] New Bern: Pamlico-Reelsboro 

51 Holland Dr., New Bern, NC 28560 (252) 745-3266 

Fisher, Albert Fleet (Al) [RE] 

2813 Montgomery St., Durham, NC 27705-5635 (919) 493-2324 

Fitch-Slater, Susanna (Susanna) [OD] Elzabeth City: Kinnakeet 
PO Box 357, Avon, NC 27915-0357 


Clergy Members 

Fitzgerald, Carroll L. (Carroll) [RL] Wilmington: Old Dock 

20 Fayetteville Rd., Southport, NC 28461-9744 (910) 642-5462 

Fitzgerald, F. Owen Jr. (Owen) [RE] 

1612 Jarvis St., Raleigh, NC 27608-2213 (919) 834-3814 

Fleming, Ralph Lang Jr. (Ralph) [RE] Wilmington 

36 Stoney Creek Drive, Bluffton, S.C. 29910-6803 (843) 757-4296 

Fletcher, Robert Lee (Bobby) [PE] Goldsboro: Eureka 

P.O. Box 3240, Eureka, NC 27830 (919) 242-4218 

Floyd, Jettie Vann (Vann) [FL] Rockingham: Lumberton Circuit 

4868 Howell Rd., Lumberton, NC 28358-7581 (910) 738-5914 

Flynn, Robert C. (Robert) [FE] Goldsboro: Centenary Smithfield 

140 East Market Street, Smithfield, NC 27577 (919) 934-2333 

Fogleman, Leland Jan (Jan) [FE] Raleigh: Psychologist, Triangle Past. Counseling 
542 E. Jones St., Raleigh, NC 27601-1138 (919) 828-7851 

Forbes, Daniel M. Jr. (Dan) [RA] Goldsboro 

2811 Tomlyn Drive, Kinston, NC 28504-9612 (252) 522-0277 

Forbes, Joseph W. (Joe) [RE] Sanford 
175 W Longleaf Drive, Pinehurst, NC 28374 

Formo, Steven N. (Steve) [FE] New Bern: Pollocksville-Lee's Chapel 

PO Box 236, Pollocksville, NC 28573 (252) 224-6801 

Foushee, David (David) [SP] Sanford: Asbury-Bethlehem 

805 Asbury Church Road, Sanford, NC 27330 (919) 774-061 5 

Fowler, Leon D. (Leon) [RE] Sanford 

1779 Cedar Rock Mtn. Rd., Asheboro, NC 27203 (336) 381-4270 

Fowler-Marchant, Donna Lynne (Donna) [FE] Fayetteville: Haymount -Assoc. 
1700 Ft. Bragg Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28303 (910) 484-0181 

Fox, Doris T. (Doris) [FE] Rockingham: Galilee 

PO Box 1866, Laurinburg, NC 28353-1866 (910) 276-9719 

France, Everett J. (Everett) [FE] Raleigh: Zebulon 

1695 Hayes Rd., Creedmoor, NC 27522 (919) 528-8821 

France, Susan (Susan) [PL] Raleigh: Zebulon -Assoc. 

1695 Hayes Rd., Creedmoor, NC 27522 (919) 528-8821 

Frazier, Kenneth E. (Kenneth) [RE] 

1400 Waterford Dr., District Heights, MD 20028 

Frazier, R. Carl Jr. (Carl) [FE] Sanford: Saint Luke 

2916 Wicker St. Ext, Sanford, NC 27330-7655 (919) 776-2012 

Frese, Michael David (Mike) [FE] Durham: Long Memorial 

P.O. Box 310, Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-1193 


C/croy Members 

Frizzelle, Willie H. (Willie) [AM] Rockingham: Bethesda 

8414 S Creek Rd., Orrum, NC 28369 (910) 628-5384 

Frye, Lacy V. (Buck) [RE(RLP)] Sanford: Sardis-Parsons Grove 

1303 U.S. 220 Alt. S., Biscoe, NC 27209-9622 (910) 428-2432 

Fulford, W. Nelson (Nelson) [RA] Greenville 

985 Lewis Store Rd., Farmville, NC 27828 (252) 753-4512 

Furr, Lenier Everitte (Lenier) [PL] Wlmington: Jordan's Chapel 

2391 Stagpark Rd., Burgaw, NC 28425-3203 (910) 259-0589 

Gales, Alvester I. (Al) [FE] Rockingham: Chaplain, US Army 

PO Box 340529, Ft. Sam Houston, TX 78234 (210) 226-1117 

Galipi, Victor L. (Vic) [FE] Wlmington: Incapacity Leave 

P.O. Box 427, Garland, NC 28441 (910) 529-3051 

Gallagher-Smith, Kellie (Kellie) [PL] Rocky Mount: Lucama 

P.O. Box 307, Elm City, NC 27822 (252) 236-4371 

Gallagher-Smith, Stanley (Stan) [FE] Rocky Mount: Elm City 

PO Box 307, Elm City, NC 27822 (252) 236-3425 

Gardner, Ronald E. (Ron) [FE] Burlington: Fairview of Elon 

356 Fieldstone Drive, Reidsville, NC 27320 (336) 616-0421 

Garner, Clarence (Clarence) [RE] Sanford: Cool Springs 

PO Box 306, Robbins, NC 27325-0306 (910) 948-2360 

Garrison, John W. (Bill) [RE] Raleigh 
QE 30,Conj.Q,Casa 31 DF Brazil 

Garrison, Robert H. Jr. (Bob) [DR] 

3724 Carnegie Ln., Raleigh, NC 27612-4373 (919) 787-2374 

Gaskins, Walter W. Jr. (Walter) [FE] Fayetteville: Newton Grove 

135 W. Grove St., Newton Grove, NC 28366-7522 (910) 594-0969 

Gast, Michael Francis (Mike) [FE] Raleigh: St. James 

3808 St. James Church Rd., Raleigh, NC 27604 (919) 876-5796 

Gattis, Irene F. (Irene) [DR] 

585 Gilmore Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27516-4909 

Gattis, William H. (Bill) [FE] Burlington: University 

PO Box 728, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-0728 (919) 929-7191 

Gentle, Brian G (Brian) [FE] Fayetteville: Haymount 

1700 Ft Bragg Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28303-6800 (910) 484-0181 

Gibson, Alan C. (Alan) [FE] Elizabeth City: New Hope 

2051 New Hope Rd., Hertford, NC 27944 (252) 264-2430 

Gibson, Robert S. (Bob) [RE] Rockingham 

3800 Shamrock Dr., #404, Charlotte, NC 28215-3220 (704) 532-7215 


Clergy Members 

Gilbert, Milton H. (Milton) [FE] Goldsboro: District Superintendent 

PO Box 1516, Goldsboro, NC 27533-1516 (919) 734-5324 

Gilbert, Paula E. (Paula) [AF] Durham: Affliliate Member 
107 Longwood Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Gillespie, Wayne (Wayne) [SY] Burlington: Eno 

P O Box 486, Hillsborough, NC 27278 (919) 732-4551 

Gilliam, Pamela Jan (Pam) [PM] Durham: Flat Rock 

3280 Satterwhite Point Rd., Henderson, NC 27537-6253 (252) 438-3360 

Gillikin, Haywood W. (Haywood) [FE] Elizabeth City: Mount Hermon 

805 Okisko Rd., Elizabeth City, NC 27909-7209 (252) 264-2156 

Gira, M. David, Jr. (David) [SP] Burlington: Concord 

4462 E. GBO-Chapel Hill Road, Graham, NC 27253 (336) 376-9719 

Girod, David W. (David) [FE] Fayetteville: Culbreth Memorial 

1813 Sloan Ave., Fayetteville, NC 28312-6527 (910) 483-8918 

Glass, Elizabeth Shafer (Beth) [OE] New Bern: Jacksonville:Haw Branch 

125 Monarch Ln., Jacksonville, NC 28540 (910) 347-2599 

Glass, Joseph Conrad, Jr. (Conrad) [RE] 

3208 Huntleigh Dr., Raleigh, NC 27604-3310 (919) 876-4758 

Glaze, Coleman Lane (Lane) [OP] Burlington: Clemson Wesley Foundation 

330 Woodland Way, Clemson, SC 29631 (864) 654-7005 

Gleaves, Edith Lee (Edith) [FE] Rockingham: Dep. Secretary, GBGM 
151 E. Palisade Ave, #8B, Englewood, NJ 07631 

Glennon, Dennis J. (Denny) [AM] Rockingham: Roberdell/Beaver Dam 

141 Bear Branch Rd., Rockingham, NC 28379 (910) 895-5698 

Glover, R. Keith (Keith) [RE] Raleigh 

5317 Cypress Ln., Raleigh, NC 27609-4109 (919) 876-5894 

Godwin, Sherwood A. (Sherwood) [FE] Greenville: Incapacity Leave 
4909 Pinevilla St., Grifton, NC 28530-7320 

Goehring, Carol W. (Carol) [FE] Greenville: Jarvis Memorial 

510 S. Washington Street, Greenville, NC 27858-2301 (252) 752-3101 

Goehring, David J. (David) [FE] Greenville: Jarvis Memorial 

510 S. Washington Street, Greenville, NC 27858-2301 (252) 752-3101 

Goldfinch, Albert Eugene, Jr. (Gene) [FE] Greenville: Vanceboro Circuit 

205 Honolulu Road, Vanceboro, NC 28586 (252) 244-1782 

Gonia, Rachel Radeline (Rachel) [FE] Burlington: Extension Ministry-Alabama 

1412 Parrish Drive, Alexander City, AL 35010 (256) 234-5797 

Gonia, Ronald E. (Ronald) [FE] Burlington: North Alabama Conference 

1412 Parrish Drive, Alexander City, AL 35010 (236) 234-5797 


C/e/vy Members 

Gooch, Ray Thomas (Ray) [FE] Sanford: Pittsboro Circuit 

PO Box 785, Pittsboro, NC 27312-0785 (919) 542-3033 

Goodwin, Dennis M. (Dennis) [FE] New Bern: Jacksonville: Trinity 

115 Fawn Tr., Jacksonville, NC 28540-4595 (910) 347-1547 

Gore, Michael W. (Michael) [AF] New Bern: Affiliate Member 
PSC 819 Box 12 FPO AE 09645-1900 

Grady, Larry S. (Larry) [OF] Wilmington: Bethel-Lebanon 

9195 JB White Hwy S, Clarendon, NC 28432 (910) 653-2661 

Grant, Karl (Karl) [SP] Durham: Granville Circuit 

107 Pine Tree Dr., Oxford, NC 27565-3137 (919) 693-6007 

Graves, Walter L. (Walter) [FE] New Bern: New Bern: Trinity 

P. O. Box 12867, New Bern, NC 28561-2867 (252) 637-2660 

Green, Harold William (William) [FE] Raleigh: Cary: First -Associate 

117 S Academy St., Cary, NC 27511-3301 (919)467-1861 

Green, Lindsey (Lindsey) [PE] Goldsboro: St. Paul — Associate 

204 E. Chestnut St., Goldsboro, NC 27530 (919) 734-2965 

Greene, John Thomas (John) [RE] Rocky Mount 

c/o Harold Greene, PO Box 6129, Raleigh, NC 27628 (919) 834-6502 

Greener, Thomas M. (Tom) [FE] New Bern: Faith Harbor 

PO Box 271 3, Surf City, NC 28445 (91 0) 329-4422 

Greenway, Richard O. (Rich) [FE] Burlington: Union Grove 

6407 Union Grove Rd., Hillsborough, NC 27278-8310 (919) 929-4597 

Greenwood, Susan Pate (Susan Pate) [FE] Durham: Trinity 

215 N Church St., Durham, NC 27701-3383 (919) 683-1386 

Grider, Linda (Linda) [PL] Goldsboro: Charity 

141 Howell Rd., Goldsboro, NC 27530 (919) 735-8490 

Griffin, Billy (Billy) [ROF] Burlington: Clover Garden 

2423 Dawn Trail, Durham, NC 27712 (919) 383-8871 

Grill, C. Franklin (Frank) [RE] Sanford 

330 Azalea Rd., Southern Pines, NC 28387-8826 (910) 695-8826 

Grissom, David R. (David) [FE] Burlington: Prospect 

PO Box 277, Yanceyville, NC 27379-0277 (336) 694-5566 

Grossberg, Debra (Debbie) [PE] Durham: Mt. Tirzah 

4553 Surl-Mt. Tirzah Road, Timberlake, NC 27583 (336) 364-1387 

Guider, Charlene Pierce (Charlene) [FE] New Bern: Centenary - Co-Pastor 

PO Box 1388, New Bern, NC 28563 (252) 637-4181 

Gunter, Edward M. (Ed) [FE] Raleigh: Garner: St. Andrews 
1201 Maxwell Dr., Raleigh, NC 27603-4266 



Clergy Members 

Gurganus, Ron (Ron) [PL] Goldsboro: Elevation 
2017 Deer Trail, Clayton NC 27520 (919) 553-2209 

Guthrie, Walter Sherman (Sherman) [AM] Goldsboro: Trinity 

2626 Pauls Path Rd., Kinston, NC 28504 (252) 522-1686 

Hackett, Charles Martin (Charles) [RE] Goldsboro 

103 Foxwood PI., Goldsboro, NC 27530-9258 (919) 734-7449 

Hackney, Grace (Grace) [PE] Burlington: Cedar Grove 
PO Box 138, Cedar Grove, NC 27231 

Hadden, Sidney Gene (Gene) [FE] Rocky Mount: Incapacity Leave 

128 Woodland Road, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870-2232 (252) 537-0616 

Haddock, William A., Jr. (Bill) [FE] Wilmington: Wrightsboro 

3300 N. Kerr Ave., Wilmington, NC 28405 (910) 762-2583 

Hadley, Jacob Milton, Jr. (Milton) [FE] Rocky Mount: Dir. of Chaplaincy Services 
2600 Croasdaile Farm Pkwy., Durham, NC 27705 (919) 384-2468 

Hagerty, Robert Allen (Bob) [PM] Elizabeth City: Murfreesboro 

PO Box 392, Murfreesboro, NC 27855 (252) 398-4556 

Hale, Michael L. (Mike) [FE] Fayetteville: St. Matthews-Grace 

202 Hope Mills Road, Fayetteville, NC 28304 (910) 425-0401 

Haley, David P. (David) [OF] Rocky Mount: Littleton 

PO Box 26, Littleton, NC 27850 (252) 586-5385 

Hall, Stephen B. (Steve) [FE] Wilmington: Carolina Beach: St. Paul 

313 Wlson Ave., Carolina Beach, NC 28428 (910) 458-8048 

Hall, Steven M. (Steve) [FE] Goldsboro: Whitley-Elizabeth 

210 ParkAve., Smithfield, NC 27577-3031 (919) 934-8834 

Hall, W. Kenneth, Sr. (Ken) [FE] Burlington: Graham: First 

115 Albright Avenue, Graham, NC 27253-2301 (336) 227-8222 

Hall, William Kenneth, Jr. (Kenneth) [FE] Burlington: Mebane 

200 South 4th Street, Mebane, NC 27302 (919) 563-4301 

Ham, William Craig (Craig) [FL] Fayetteville: Marvin 

6766 NC HWY 87 S, Fayetteville, NC 28306 (910) 484-8706 

Hamilton, James W. (Jim) [RE] 

PO Box 889, Biscoe, NC 27209-0889 (910) 428-2225 

Hamilton, Riley T. (Riley) [RL] 

202 Kelly Green Ct, Rolesville, NC 27572-9441 (919) 562-2437 

Hamm, Rodney G. (Rodney) [FE] Burlington: Burlington DS 

3143 Brycewood Place, Burlington, NC 27215-4687 (336) 584-7959 

Hammond, Robert Michael (Rob) [FE] Rockingham: Pee Dee 

201 Northam Rd. Rockingham, NC 28379 (910) 895-2148 


Clergy Members 

Hancock, C. Glenn (Glenn) [AM] Sanford: Troy Circuit 
1182 NC 109, Troy, NC 27371-9712 

(910) 572-1661 

Hancock, Johanna Hudgin (Jo) [PM] Greenville: Pink Hill - Beulaville Charge 

402 N Front St., Pink Hill, NC 28572 (252) 568-3271 

Hankal, Madison N. (Madison) [FE] Rocky Mount: Rocky Mount: First -Assoc. 

100 S. Church Street, Rocky Mount, NC 27804-5701 (252) 977-0400 

Harbin, Harold H. Jr. (Hal) [FE] New Bern: Faith 

4143 M.L.King, Jr. Blvd., New Bern, NC 28562 (252) 633-6826 

Hardt, Otto H. C. (Otto) [RE] Burlington 

2503 McKinney Street, Burlington, NC 2721 (336) 570-0629 

Hardy, Robert Eugene (Bob) [PL] Goldsboro: Yelverton 

3567 Brothers Road, LaGrange, NC 28551 (252) 566-4019 

Hargrove, Robert H. (Bob) [RL] Rockingham 

1684 Willis Road, Meadows of DanVA 24120-3989 (540) 593-2260 

Harrell, Haywood L. (Haywood) [RE] Goldsboro 

2273 Pinewood Home Rd., Pink Hill, NC 28572 (252) 568-2665 

Harrington, William David (David)[FE] Greenville: Farmville 

PO Box 153, Farmville, NC 27828-0153 (252) 753-4803 

Harris, Casey (Casey) [PL] Sanford: Little River/Melton's Grove 

259 Low Water Bridge Rd., Troy, NC 27371 (910) 572-1770 

Harris, Don Lee (Don Lee) [RE] Rocky Mount 

1408 Bridgeton Rd., Rocky Mount, NC 27804-9315 (252) 985-1226 

Harris, Henry Paul (Paul)[FL] New Bern: Cedar Island-Sea Level 

PO Box 599, Cedar Island, NC 28520-0599 (252) 225-1141 

Harris, James H., Jr. (Jim) [FE] Sanford: Mount Gilead:First-Zion 

PO Box 176, Mount Gilead, NC 27306-0176 (910) 439-6475 

Harris, Linda E. (Linda) [PL] Raleigh: Cokesbury 

3004 Little John Road, Raleigh, NC 27610 (919) 212-2865 

Harris, Robert G., Jr. (Bob) [RE] Greenville 

19 Lonsdale Rd., Farmingdale, ME 04344 (207) 622-7220 

Harris, Sue (Sue) [PL] Wilmington: Watha 

2303 Princess PI. Dr., Wilmington, NC 28405 (910) 763-3114 

Harrison, Shana Deanetia (Shana) [FE] Wilmington: Missionary Serving in Chile 
Montenegro 2257Nunoa, Santiago Chile 

Harriss, David J. (David) [PD] Fayetteville: Lillington 
P.O. Box 68, 1205 Main Street, Lillngton, NC 27546 

(910) 893-3627 

Harriss, Margaret C. (Margaret) [FL] New Bern: Beech Grove-Rhems 

1035 Washington Post Road, New Bern, NC 28562 (252) 638-2248 


Chrvy Members Lay Members 

Harry, James H. (Jim) [FE] Raleigh: Trinity 

824 N Bloodworth St., Raleigh, NC 27604-1232 (919) 832-1390 

Harsh-Cafferty, Susan L. (Susan) [FE] Sanford: Incapacity Leave 

82 Willowbridge Dr., Durham, NC 27707 (919) 401-9492 

Harvell, Cliff (Cliff) [PL] Greenville: Maury-Mt. Herman Charge 

120 Satchwell Road, Grimesland, NC 27837 (252) 946-6362 

Harvey, George C. (George) [PL] Fayetteville: Community 

PO Box 1903, Fayetteville, NC 28302-1903 (910) 323-3827 

Harvin, David L. (David) [FE] Burlington: Dir. Development, Gen. Bd. Church & Soc. 
2438 Kornegay PI, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919) 932-9640 

Harwood, John E., Jr. (John) [RE] Burlington 

302 Green Court, Elon, NC 27244-9225 " (336) 585-1157 

Hatch, Mary Martha (Marti) [FE] Raleigh: Extension Ministries 

PO Box 27, Hayesville, NC 28904 (828) 389-8336 

Hause, Charles J. (Charlie) [RL] Wilmington: Harbor 

1519 Village Dr., Apt 4, Wilmington, NC 28401-7538 (910) 799-8989 

Hawkins, Patricia Freeman (Pat) [PE] Burlington: Christ-Chapel Hill -Assoc. 

1005 Main Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 (919 ) 969-8820 

Hayes, Carol Dell (Carol) [FD] Durham: Incapacity Leave 

4100 Five Oaks Dr., Durham, NC 27707-5252 (919) 490-8675 

Hayes, James H. (Jim) [AM] New Bern: Riverdale 

4220 Old Cherry Point Rd, New Bern, NC 28560 (252) 514-6897 

Hayes, Laura E. (Laura) [FE] Wilmington: Wrightsville -Assoc. 

PO Box 748, Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480-0748 (910) 256-4471 

Haynes, Tommy T (Tommy) [PL] Wilmington: Pleasant Grove-Purdie 

148 Gapway Rd, Fair Bluff, NC 28439 (910) 649-5959 

Heath, David E. (David) [OA] Rockingham: RO: East 

1009 Scaleybark Rd, Rockingham, NC 28379 (910) 895-4587 

Heath, Leland Monroe, Jr. (Leland) [FL] New Bern: Dover-Clarks 

4342 Davis-Hardy Rd, Kinston, NC 28504-9323 (252) 569-7311 

Hedrick, Lonnie.Sr. (Lonnie) [PL] Greenville: Holly Springs 

109 North Eden Drive, Washington, NC 27889 (252) 975-7909 

Heinze, David (David) [DM] 

102 Sugar Maple Drive, Kennett Square, PA 19348 

Helms, Jay D. (Jay) [FL] Durham: Mt. Sylvan -Assoc. 

24 Current Lane, Durham, NC 27712 (919) 471-4020 

Helms, Julian B., Jr. (J.B.) [RE] Goldsboro 

P.O. Box 82, Magnolia, NC 28453-2845 (910) 289-4354 


Clergy Members 

Helms, Suzanna Ross (Suzanna) [FE] Raleigh: Family Leave 

628 High Drive, Carmel, IN 46033 2340 (317)566-9074 

Hemminger, Teddy Lamont, II (Lamont) [SP] Sanford: Silk Hope Charge 

7760 Silk Hope-Gum Springs Rd., Siler City, NC 27344 (919) 742-5222 

Henderson, Regina (Regina) [FE] Raleigh: Duke University Chapel 

Duke University Chapel, PO Box 90974, Durham, NC 27708 (919) 668-0476 

Hendricks, M. Elton (Elton) [FE] Fayetteville: President, Methodist College 
Methodist College, 5400 Ramsey St., Fayetteville, NC 28311-1420 (910) 630-7005 

Herrin, Charles L. (Chuck) [FE] Raleigh: Longview 

2312 Milburnie Rd., Raleigh, NC 27610-1748 (919) 834-7554 

Herring, Charles M. (Charlie) [FE] Rockingham: Chaplain, US Army 
1125 Montclair Drive, Hinesville, GA 31313-5378 

Hickle, Steven A. (Steve) [FE] Raleigh: Fairmont 

2501 ClarkAve., Raleigh, NC 27607-7213 (919) 832-3316 

Hicks, Phyllis K. (Phyllis) [FE] Burlington: Dir. Past. Care & Counseling 

3325 Chapel Hill Blvd., Suite 220, Durham, NC 27707 (919) 489-6452 

Hicks, Rose C. (Rose) [PL] Goldsboro: Ebenezer 

563 Airport Rd., Pikeville, NC 27863 (919) 735-7588 

Hicks, Wayne Marion (Wayne) [FE] Greenville: Salem 

P O Box 218, Simpson, NC 27879-0218 (252) 752-1273 

Higgins, Lawrence C. (Larry) [FE] Elizabeth City: Hertford 

207 West Market St., Hertford, NC 27944-1152 (252) 426-5236 

Highsmith, Emmett James (E.J.) [PL] Wlmington: Westview 

4869 Highsmith Rd., Rocky Point, NC 28457 (910) 259-5278 

Hill, Edward Carlton (Eddie) [FE] Wilmington: Sharon (Holden Beach) 

2030 Holden Beach Road, SW, Supply, NC 28462 (910) 842-2929 

Hill, Edward R, II (Ned) [FE] Raleigh: Millbrook 

1712 E Millbrook Rd., Raleigh, NC 27609-4910 (919) 876-0865 

Hill, Jan N. (Jan) [FE] Goldsboro: Rose Hill 

P O Box 177, Rose Hill, NC 28458-0177 (910) 289-2449 

Hill, Ralph M. (Ralph) [FE] Greenville: Hookerton 

PO Box 10, Hookerton, NC 28538 (252) 747-5548 

Hill, Richard C. (Richard) [FL] Rocky Mount: South Rosemary 

1931 Willow St., Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 (252) 537-1586 

Hill, Robert Elwood (Robert) [FL] New Bern: Franklin Memorial 

601 Colonial Ave., Morehead City, NC 28557 (252) 726-4053 

Hillman, Randy A. (Randy) [FE] Elizabeth City: Chaplain, Forsyth Mem. Hosp. 

3333 Silas Creek Pky., Winston Salem, NC 27103-3013 (336) 718-2005 


Clergy Members 

Hines, James R. (Jim) [FL] Wilmington: Chadbourn-Evergreen 

300 E 3rd Ave., Chadbourn, NC 28431 (910) 654-3563 

Hinnant, H. Mallie (Mallie) [FE] Goldsboro: Institute 

PO Box 11392, Goldsboro, NC 27532-1392 (919) 242-6132 

Hobbs, James L. (Jim) [RE] Burlington 

3551-NA-3, Forestdale Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 (336) 213-3373 

Hobbs, John W. (John) [RE] Greenville 

PO Box 3355, Wilmington, NC 28406-0355 (910) 313-1441 

Hobbs, Michael B. (Michael) [FE] Rockingham: First 

P.O. Box 637, Rockingham, NC 28380-0637 (910) 895-4027 

Hobbs, Susan Parler (Susan) [FL] Raleigh: Garner First, Associate 

PO Box 2179, Garner, NC 27529 (919) 772-2042 

Hobbs, Terry A. (Terry) [SP] Goldsboro: Seven Springs 

PO Box 64, Seven Springs, NC 28578 (252) 569-2871 

Hockett, Margaret B. (Margaret) [FL] Wilmington: Wesley Memorial Assoc. 

111 Sassanque Rd., Castle Hayne, NC 28429-6227 (910) 675-2600 

Hocutt, Allison Brady (Al) [FE] Sanford: Mount Pleasant 

269 Manns Chapel Rd., Pittsboro, NC 27312 (919) 929-8845 

Hodge, Rudolph H. (Rudy) [RE] New Bern 

10 St. Andrews Dr., Oak Island, NC 28465 (919) 278-9733 

Hodgin, Hubert Howard (Hugo) [RE] Burlington 

110 Westover Dr., Lexington, NC 27292-2340 (336) 249-3109 

Holliday, William Ervin (Wlliam) [FE] Burlington: Hebron 

2325 Mebane Oaks Rd., Mebane, NC 27302-8616 (919) 563-3375 

Hollis, Thomas M. (Tom) [FE] Raleigh: Garner 

P. O. Box 2179, Garner, NC 27529 * (919) 772-2042 

Holloway, Teresa Corley (Teresa) [PE] Durham: Gillburg/Spring Valley 

4939 NC Hwy 39 S, Henderson, NC 27536 (252) 492-3671 

Hollowell, David (David) [PL] Goldsboro: Mt. Carmel 

1730 Memorial Church Road, Fremont, NC 27830 (919) 242-6966 

Holmes, William C. (Wlliam) [ROE] Elizabeth City: Grace 

346 Muddy Crk. Rd., Hertford, NC 27944 (252) 264-4655 

Holtsclaw, Thomas G. (Tom) [RE] Durham 

755 Brooks Dairy Road, Roxboro, NC 27574-9066 (336) 597-9194 

Hood, Elizabeth Hackney (Beth) [FE] Sanford: Lemon Springs 

PO Box 129, Lemon Springs, NC 28355-0129 (919) 776-9315 

Hood, Jean L. (Jean) [RE] Goldsboro 

2747 US Highway 13 South, Goldsboro, NC 27530-8913 (919) 689-9850 


C/e/vy Members 

Hoogerland, Thomas D. (Tom) [RE] Goldsboro 

202 Kuwicki Rd., Pikeville, NC 27863-8431 (919) 739-6566 

Home, Alvin M. (Al) [FE] Burlington: Friendship 

4612 Friendship Patterson Mill Rd., Burlington, NC 27215-8682 (336) 227-0381 

Home, Herbert Franklin (Herb) [RL] New Bern 

PO Box 728, Maysville, NC 28555-0728 (910) 346-6409 

Horney, Thurman (Thurman) [SP] Durham: Oxford: Salem-Harris Chapel 

302 Forest Rd., Oxford, NC 27529 (919) 603-5844 

Howell, Karen Caraway (Karen) [FL] Wilmington: Scotts Hill:Wes. Chap. Assoc. 
1795 Hwy 210 WHampstead, NC 28443 (910) 270-4624 

Howie, John D. (John) [SY] Elizabeth City: Tyrrell Charge 

PO Box 168, Columbia, NC 27925 (252) 796-4441 

Hoyle, William S., Jr. (Will) [FE] Wlmington: Zion 

6860 Zion Church Rd. NE, Leland, NC 28451-7726 (910) 253-5349 

Hubbard, Charles S. (Charlie) [RE] Sanford 

PO Box 58, Pittsboro, NC 27312-0058 (919) 542-2060 

Huckaby, Robert L, Jr. (Rob) [FD] Raleigh: Minister of Discipleship: Brentwood TN 
309 Franklin Rd., Brentwood, TN 37027 " (615) 373-3663 

Hudson, Pamela Jo (Pamela) [FE] Rocky Mount: Chaplain FirstHealth Hospice & 
980 N. May St. #1, Southern Pines, NC 28387 (910) 692-4119 

Huffines, Terry L. (Terry) [FE] Sanford: Carthage 

PO Box 70, Carthage, NC 28327-0070 (910) 947-2705 

Huffman, Bryan Scott (Bryan) [FE] Rocky Mount: Norlina 

PO Box 356, Norlina, NC 27563-0356 (252) 456-3150 

Huffman, Virgil B. (Butch) [FE] Goldsboro: Edgerton Memorial 

420 Bennett Drive, Selma, NC 27576 (919) 965-2767 

Huggins, H. Sidney, III (Sid) [FE] Burlington: Front Street 

P.O. Box 2597, Burlington, NC 27216-2597 (336) 227-6263 

Huggins, Johnnie S. (Johnnie) [RA] Sanford 
3811 Cobb Street, Garner, NC 27529 

Humphreys, Chris Dwight (Chris) [AM] New Bern: Atlantic 

PO Box 145, Atlantic, NC 28511 (252) 225-3831 

Hunnings, Bess G. (Bess) [RE] Durham: Mount Sylvan 

910 Sunstone Dr., Durham, NC 27712-1500 (919) 471-0531 

Hunnings, Henry M. (Hank) [RA] Durham 

910 Sunstone Dr., Durham, NC 27712-1500 (919) 471-0531 

Hunt, Harold (Harold) [PL] Rockingham: Branch Street 

PO Box 1531, Pembroke, NC 28372-1531 (910) 521-3654 


<_!eroy Members 

Hunt, Terry (Terry) [PE] Rockingham: 337.1 - Kentucky Conference 
2686 Campton Road, Stanton, KY 40380 

Hunter, J. Manly (Jack) [RE] Sanford: Jones Chapel-Moncure 
2212 Tanglewood Dr., Sanford, NC 27330-8242 

Hunter, Jack L. (Jack) [RE] Sanford 

201 Glen Abbey Dr., Cary, NC 27513 

Huskins, James R. (Jim) [FE] Elizabeth City: Edenton 
PO Box 37, Edenton, NC 27932 

Hutchins, David Carl (David) [PE] Sanford: Star 
PO Box 375, Star, NC 27356 

Hutchinson, Charles H. (Charles) [RE] Elizabeth City 
PO Box 1507, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745-1507 

Ingram, Geraldine D. (Gerry) [RE] Raleigh 
102 Mainsail Drive, Cary, NC 27511 

Ingram, O. Kelly (Kelly) [RE] Raleigh 
102 Mainsail Dr., Cary, NC 27511 

Innes, Randall E. (Randy) [FE] New Bern: Swansboro 
665 W. Corbett Ave., Swansboro, NC 28584-0847 

Irvine, Robert Julian (Julian) [FD] Durham: Duke Memorial 
504 West Chapel Hill St., Durham, NC 27701 

Ivey, Melinda (Melinda) [PL] Fayetteville: Salem -Assoc. 
603 Hayes Mill Road, Autryville, NC 28318 

Jackson, Jerry A. (Jerry) [FE] Goldsboro: Providence 

202 Providence Church Road, Goldsboro, NC 27530-8973 

Jackson, Lester P. (Lester) [RE] Rocky Mount 
308 Golfers Ln., Nashville, NC 27856-1648 

Jackson, Richard C. (Richard) [FE] Fayetteville: Chaplain, US Army 
CMR 415 Box 4692, APO AE 09114 

Jackson, Wilbur I. (Wil) [RE] Durham: Bethesda 
2309 S. Miami Blvd., Durham, NC 27703 

Jacobs, Harold Dean (Harold) [FD] Rockingham: Prospect 
PO Box 1348, Pembroke, NC 28372-1348 

James, Sherrie (Sherrie) [PE] New Bern: Bridgeton 
PO Box 898, Bridgeton, NC 28519 

Jarrett, Eddie Jo V. (Eddie Jo) [RE] Raleigh 

2345 Henderson Mill Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30345-2717 

Jeffries, Jonathan David (Jonathan) [FE] Raleigh: Avent Ferry 
716 Merrie Rd., Raleigh, NC 27606 

(606) 663-5789 

(252) 482-3269 
(828) 452-4088 
(919) 319-1591 
(919) 319-1591 
(910) 326-4822 
(910) 567-4205 
(252) 459-2355 
(910) 396-9878 
(919) 596-3948 

(252) 637-7737 
(770) 939-9467 


Clergy Members 

Jeffries, William M. (Bill) [RE] Burlington: Rock Creek 

3619 Sunningdale Way, Durham, NC 27707 (919) 402-0424 

Jenkins, David Omar (David) [FE] Durham: Program Coordinator & Lecturer 
74 28th. Street, Atlanta, GA 30309 

Jenkins, Edith Dudley (Edith) [FE] Greenville: Leave of Absence 

412 E. Main St., Washington, NC 27889-5039 (252) 946-7542 

Jenks, Gregory Keith (Greg) [FE] Raleigh: Clayton:Christ Community 

143 Alan Lane, Clayton, NC 27520 (919) 550-8799 

Jenness, Eugene Ray, Jr. (Bud) [PM] Durham: Oak Grove 

4233 Morton-Pulliam Road, Roxboro, NC 27574 (336) 330-0538 

Jernigan, J.O. (Julius) [RE] Fayetteville 

5736 Dobson Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28311-3451 (910) 488-2629 

Jessee, D. Douglas (Doug) [FE] Raleigh: Hayes Barton 

P O Box 6088, Raleigh, NC 27628-6088 (919) 832-6435 

Johnson, C. Reginald (Reg) [FE] Greenville: Dean of the Chapel, Asbury Seminary 
525 Talbott Dr., Wlmore, KY 40390-1041 (859) 858-3081 

Johnson, Doris J. (Doris) [RL] Elizabeth City: Powellsville & Union 

109 So. Quebec Rd., Harrellsville, NC 27942-0365 (252) 356-2279 

Johnson, F. Douglas (Doug) [SP] Goldsboro: Jefferson 

PO Box 2016, Fremont, NC 27830-2016 (919) 242-2263 

Johnson, George W. (George) [RE] Durham 

165 Latoma Dr., Roxboro, NC 27574 (336) 599-1437 

Johnson, Glenda Noble (Glenda) [RE] 

4000 Brothwell Court, Raleigh, NC 27606 (919) 851-1869 

Johnson, J. Donald (Don) [RE] Burlington 

100 Highland Trl, Chapel Hill, NC 27516-8625 (919) 929-8524 

Johnson, Kathryn Rives (Kay) [FE] Raleigh: Edenton Street -Assoc. 

228 W Edenton St., Raleigh, NC 27603-1714 (919) 832-7535 

Johnson, Lawrence E. (Larry) [FE] Durham: Reconciliation 

507 Tuggle Street, Durham, NC 27713-1635 (919) 484-0600 

Johnson, Marilyn H. (Marilyn) [DR] New Bern 

1408 Kimberly Rd., New Bern, NC 28562-3306 (252) 638-1372 

Johnston, Walter G., Ill (Walter) [PL] Elizabeth City: Harrellsville/Colerain 

86 Perkins Rd., Gatesville, NC 27938 (252) 357-1837 

Jolly, Judith O. (Judy) [FD] Raleigh: Childcare Center, East Lake UMC 

401 Shiloh Circle, Birmingham, AL 35213 (205) 957-0989 

Jones, Barney Lee, Jr. (Barney) [RE] Durham 

PO Box 3058, Bridgehampton, NY 11932-3058 (516) 537-0266 


Clergy Members 

Jones, Daniel P. (Dan) [AM] Rocky Mount: Wilson: First-Associate 

PO Box 1423, Wilson, NC 27894-1423 (252) 237-6121 

Jones, Donnie L. (DJ) [FE] Burlington: Aldersgate 

410 Ridgefield Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27517 (919) 942-2199 

Jones, George A. (George) [FE] Rocky Mount: Englewood 

PO Box 7128, Rocky Mount, NC 27804-0128 (252) 443-2926 

Jones, Linwood S. (Lindy) [RA] Goldsboro: Turkey 

740 Kinsey Mill Road, Mount Olive, NC 28365 (919) 658-2746 

Jones, Norwood L. (Norwood) [RE] Raleigh 

321 Barbour St., Clayton, NC 27520-2405 (919) 553-2492 

Jones, O. Joseph (Joe) [SY] Durham: Mt. Carmel 

PO Box 124, Henderson, NC 27536-0124 (252) 492-3878 

Jones, Vassar W. (Vassar) [RE] Durham 

418 W Gordon St., Roxboro, NC 27573-4922 (336) 599-9203 

Jordan, Bobby L. (Bobby) [AM] Rockingham: Incapacity Leave 

2085 Osborne Rd., Hamlet, NC 28345 " (910) 205-0473 

Jordan, Harry (Harry) [RE] Rocky Mount 

2200 Chelsea Dr. NW, Wilson, NC 27896-1477 (252) 237-8113 

Joyce, Eric Randall (Eric) [PL] Sanford: Doub's Chapel 

215 Midland Road, Southern Pines, NC 28387-3335 (910) 692-9878 

Joyce, Johnie L. (Johnie L.) [RE] Durham 

2600 Croasdaile Farm Pkway A-259, Durham, NC 27705-3843 (919) 384-2214 

Joyner, F. Belton, Jr. (Belton) [RE] 

8809 Millers Bend, Bahama, NC 27503-9611 (919) 479-9816 

Juren, Jerry Jay (Jerry) [RE] Burlington 

108 Bridlewood Ave., High Point, NC 27265-1206 (336) 869-2986 

Kang, Tae Sung (Tae Sung) [OE] Raleigh: Agape Korean 

6630 Rockglen Way, Raleigh, NC 27615 (919) 850-9612 

Kasper, J. Mark (Mark) [FE] Wlmington: Counselor, Hemenway C. Services 

908 Elizabeth Dr., Oak Island, NC 28465-8041 (910) 278-1681 

Keck, Andrew (Andy) [FD] Burlington: Elec. Services, Duke Div. Sch. 

Duke Div. Sch. Lib., PO Box 90972, Durham, NC 27708-0972 (919) 660-3549 

Killian, Diana B. (Diana) [FE] Rockingham: Norman 

152 West Moore St., Norman, NC 28367 (910) 652-3131 

Kim, Hyung S. (Hyung) [PE] Fayetteville: Union 

1075 Kramer Road, Lillington, NC 27546 (910) 893-3789 

King, Carl Harnett (Carl) [FE] Fayetteville: Extension Ministry 

1319 Clarendon St., Columbia, SC 29203-4556 (803) 553-9073 


Clergy Members 

Kinley, Grady L. (Grady) [RE] Goldsboro 

108 Rose Dr., Goldsboro, NC 27534-8841 (919) 778-3079 

Kirby, Edwin (Edwin) [SP] Rocky Mount: Warren Charge 

Rt. 2 Box 430, Henderson, NC 27536 (252) 492-0771 

Kirby, Wallace H. (Wallace) [RE] 

PO Box 240, Roxboro, NC 27573-0240 (336) 597-2054 

Kohus, Sylvia T. (Sylvia) [SY] 

320 Tripp Farm Lane, Blounts Creeks, NC 27814 (252) 322-5410 

Knott, T. Garland (Garland) [RE] Fayetteville 

2600 Croasdaile Farm Parkway, Durham, NC 27705-1331 (919) 384-2173 

Knowles, Russell R. (Russell) [RA] Wilmington 

PO Box 35, Bolivia, NC 28422-8653 (910) 253-6350 

Kossan, Joseph E. (Joseph) [RE] 

79 Northrup Dr., Franklin, NC 28734 (828) 349-3355 

Krepps, James Robert (Jim) [FL] Elizabeth City: South Mills 

PO Box 100, South Mills, NC 27976-0100 (252) 771-2401 

Kretzu, Robert (Bob) [FE] Burlington: Faith 

1732 W. Davis St., Burlington, NC 27215-1902 (336) 226-2991 

Krueger, Todd Stephen (Todd) [FE] Burlington: Emmanuel 

2331 LaVista Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 (336) 227-1268 

Kunka, Alice Kirkman (Alice) [FD] Raleigh: Sunrise 

204 Birkhaven Dr., Cary, NC 27511-8943 (919) 851-5106 

Lackey, Duke Caldwell (Duke) [FE] Burlington: Front Street -Associate 

326 Oakland Dr., Burlington, NC 27215-7717 (336) 584-9439 

Lain, William Douglas, Jr. (Doug) [FE] Burlington: Salem (Alamance) 

4471 Salem Church Road, Haw River, NC 27258 (336) 376-6545 

Lamb, Kimberly (Kim) [FD] Raleigh: North Raleigh -Assoc. 

8501 Honeycutt Rd., Raleigh, NC 27615 (919) 847-1536 

Lamm, Dennis Cecil (Dennis) [PE] Greenville: Rainbow 

231 Harper Drive, Snow Hill, NC 28580 (252) 747-2668 

Lamneck, Forrest D. (Jack) [RE] Goldsboro 

22437 TR 1203, W. LaFayette, OH 43845 (740) 623-8853 

Lancaster, Charles Hulbert (Charles) [RE] 

PO Box 543, Creedmoor, NC 27522-0543 (919) 528-1445 

Lancaster, Ecwood C. (Eckie) [FE] Wilmington: District Superintendent 

2201 Lynnwood Drive, Wlmington, NC 28403 (910) 762-7535 

Lancaster, James R., Jr. (James) [RE] Fayetteville 

5206 Arbor Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28311-0652 (910) 822-0133 


Clergy Members 

Lancaster, Maurice (Maurice) [RA] Fayetteville 

1925 Southern Ave., Fayetteville, NC 28306-1755 (910) 484-1438 

Lancaster, Tryon D. (Tryon) [SY] Fayetteville: Wesley Heights 

304 Trinity Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28301 (910) 483-3670 

Lane, J. Rodney, Jr. (Rodney) [RA] Wilmington 

2991 Burnsville St. SW, Supply, NC 28462 (910) 846-3609 

Langley, Delores Anne (Delores) [FE] Rocky Mount: Evansdale 

4334 Evansdale Rd., Wlson, NC 27893 (252) 237-2632 

Langston, J. Craig (Craig) [FL] Goldsboro: Falling Creek 

1307 E. Beech Street, Goldsboro, NC 27530 (919) 734-8115 

Lassiter, Kristin (Kristin) [OD] Burlington: Elon College: First -Assoc. 

PO Box 923, Elon, NC 27244 (336) 584-5263 

Lawrence, Teresa E. (Terie) [FE] Rockingham: Philadelphia 

157 Philadelphia Dr., Rockingham, NC 28379 (910) 895-7643 

Laytham, David Brent (Brent) [FE] Burlington: Asst.Prof.Theology.N.ParkTheo. Sem. 
3225 W. Foster Ave., Chicago, IL 60625-4895 

Leatherman, Harold F. (Harold) [RE] Rockingham 

803 N Laurel St., Lincolnton, NC 28092-2921 (704) 735-2335 

LeBlanc, Diane W. (Diane) [FL] New Bern: Core Creek/Tuttles Grove 

124 Hardesty Loop Rd., Newport, NC 28570 (252) 728-1403 

Leburg, Michael W., (Mike) [FE] Goldsboro: Kenly/Buckhorn 

306 East First Street, Kenly, NC 27542 (919) 284-2192 

Lee, Henry W. (Henry) [RE] Goldsboro: Antioch 

314 W Parrish Dr., Benson, NC 27504-1212 (919) 207-1801 

Lee, James C. (Jim) [FE] Raleigh: Highland 

1901 Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607-3143 (919) 787-4240 

Lee, Kye (Kye) [SY] Raleigh: Raleigh Korean 

6117 Saybrook Dr., Raleigh, NC 27604 (919) 874-0078 

Lee, Samuel Sunghwan (Samuel) [RE] Fayetteville 

19850 Golden Springs Dr., R-123, Walnut, CA 91789 (909) 444-5827 

Leeland, Paul L. (Paul) [FE] Raleigh: Assist, to Bishop/Dir. Min Rel 

P.O. Box 10955, Raleigh, NC 27605-0955 (919) 832-9560 

Lee-Torres, Ronda (Ronda) [FD] Sanford: Incapacity Leave 

507 Stornoway Drive, Southern Pines, NC 28387 (910) 944-2292 

Leonhard, Richard (Richard) [RL] Greenville 

2306 Lakes Of Melbourne Dr., Melbourne, FL 32904-9173 (321) 722-0762 

Levin, Dennis P. (Dennis) [FE] Greenville: Ayden 

P.O. Box 335, Ayden, NC 28513-0335 (252) 746-6524 


Clergy Members 

Lewis, Henry B. (Henry) [RE] Elizabeth City 

117 Hunters Trail West, Elizabeth City, NC 27909-3266 (252) 338-1177 

Lewis, Jerry D. (Jerry) [FE] New Bern: Sr. Chap, Basic Train. Chapel, Lackland AFB 
6404 Sonrisa Place, Albuquerque, NM 87113 (505) 856-0516 

Lewis, Richard F. (Dick) [AM] Rocky Mount: Incapacity Leave 

PO Box 323, Calypso, NC 28325-0323 (919) 658-3098 

Lewis, Stanley A., Jr. (Stanley) [FE] Rocky Mount: Halifax Charge 

PO Box 383, Halifax, NC 27839 (252) 583-6271 

Lewis, Wallace B. (Wallace) [RA] Goldsboro 

497 Daugherty Road, Dover, NC 28526-9377 (252) 523-9142 

Licht, Robert Wayne (Robert) [PE] Goldsboro: Corinth-Ebenezer 

3402 US 301 South, Smithfield, NC 27577 (919) 209-0373 

Lilliston, Elaine (Elaine) [FD] Raleigh: Fuquay - Varina - Full Deacon 

100 S Judd Parkway SE, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 (919) 552-4331 

Lindblade, Eric N., Jr. (Eric) [FE] New Bern: Havelock: First 

324 Miller Blvd., Havelock, NC 28532 (252) 447-3541 

Lindblade, Susan Clayton (Susan) [FE] New Bern: Newport: St. James 

P O Box 250, Newport, NC 28570-0250 (252) 223-4231 

Lipp, Daniel F. (Dan) [OF] Raleigh: First: Cary -Assoc. 

117 S. Academy St., Cary, NC 27511 (919) 467-1861 

Lister, Cynthia Kay (Cindy) [PE] Burlington: Efland 

P.O. Box 121, Eflandm NC 27243 (919) 732-7957 

Lister, Joe D. (Joe) [RE] Burlington 

129 Overland Dr., Mebane, NC 27302-3303 (919) 563-5554 

Little, Brooks Bivens (Brooks) [RE] Durham: Retired 

5404 Lance Dr., Knoxville, TN 37909 (865) 450-8960 

Little, Milton E. (Milton) [FL] Fayetteville: Goshen/Keener Charge 

11867 Hobbton Hwy, Newton Grove, NC 28366 (910) 594-0992 

Little, Stephen N. (Steve) [FE] Fayetteville: Erwin-Parkers Grove Charge 

610 Denim Dr., Erwin, NC 28339 (910) 897-5968 

Litzenberger, Charles M. (Charlie) [FE] Sanford: Pinebluff 

275 E. Philadelphia Avenue, Pinebluff, NC 28373 (910) 281-3468 

Livingood, Brent (Brent) [FL] Wilmington: Tabor City: St. Paul 

PO Box 622, Tabor City, NC 28463 (91 0) 653-3737 

Lloyd, Frank I., Jr. (Frank) [RE] Sanford: Carbonton 

6980 Carbonton Rd., Sanford, NC 27330-3033' (910) 777-9869 

Locklear, Bill James (Bill) [FE] Rockingham: Prospect 

3929 Missouri Road, Maxton, NC 28364 (910) 521-2111 


Clergy Members 

Locklear, Douglas M. (Doug) [PL] Rockingham: Collins Chapel 
3377 Hwy 74 West, Lumberton, NC 28360 

Locklear, George Lloyd (George) [PL] Rockingham: Ashpole Center 

129 George & Mollie Dr., Pembroke, NC 28372 (910) 521-4429 

Locklear, Marshall M. (Marshall) [PL] Rockingham: West Robeson 

32 Preston Rd., Maxton, NC 28364 (910) 521-0544 

Loftis, Thomas E. (Tom) [RE] 

548 Alleghany Drive, Roxboro, NC 27573-4895 (336) 597-2434 

Logston, Linda (Linda) [FD] Greenville: Jarvis Memorial 

3813 Sterling Pointe Drive, V9, Wnterville, NC 28590 (252) 355-3750 

Logue, Kelly Lyn (Kelly Lyn) [FE] Goldsboro: Warsaw UMC 

PO Box 422, Warsaw, NC 28398 (910) 293-4944 

Lovelace, Henry N. (Henry) [RE] 

779 Rock Church Rd., Clarksville, VA 23927 (434) 252-1405 

Lovell, Jackie Allen (Allen) [PL/D] Burlington: Milton (Connally/Semora) -Assoc. 
195 Shannon Road, Timberlake, NC 27583-8446 (336) 364-3268 

Lowdermilk, William P. (Bill) [RE] Fayetteville 

1100 Clarendon St, #300, Fayetteville, NC 28305 (910) 829-9585 

Lowe, Lloyd James (Jim) [PM] Wilmington: Leave of Absence 

PO Box 2766, Houma, LA 70361-2766 (985) 563-4578 

Lowery, James Thomas, III (Trip) [OP] Raleigh: Cary: Genesis -Assoc. 

105 Berrygarden Court, Apex, NC 27502 (919) 367-0464 

Lowry, Dwayne (Dwayne) [PL] Rockingham: New Philadelphus 

PO Box 1183, Pembroke, NC 28372 (910) 843-1053 

Lowry, Herbert, Jr. (Herbert) [FE] Sanford: Piney Grove-Hickory Grove 

PO Box 9, Siler City, NC 27344 (919) 663-2242 

Lowry, Jerry (Jerry) [FE] Sanford: District Superintendent 

1511 Columbine Rd., Sanford, NC 27330 (919) 775-7041 

Loy, Samuel W. (Sam) [FE] Fayetteville: Clinton:Grace/Coharie 

301 Fairfax St., Clinton, NC 28328-2114 (910) 592-4195 

Loyd, Roger Leroy (Roger) [FE] Durham: Librarian & Profes. Duke Univ. 

PO Box 90972, Durham, NC 27708-0972 (919) 660-3452 

Lucas, Carolyn (Carolyn) [PE] Fayetteville: John Wesley 

3212 McChowen Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28301 (910) 764-4820 

Lugar, Lawrence E. (Lawrence) [RE] Fayetteville 

334 Grape Arbor Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28301-7203 (910) 485-8541 

Lukens, Douglas J. (Doug) [PL] Wilmington: Herrings Chapel 

128 Casha Road, Rocky Point, NC 28457 (910) 602-6420 


C/eroy Members 

Lupton, James G. (Jim) [RE] Greenville 

PO Box 188, Simpson, NC 27879-0188 (252) 758-4314 

Lupton, John Clifton, Jr. (Johnny) [FL] Goldsboro: Rones Chapel 

144 Garners Chapel Rd., Mt. Olive, NC 28365 (919) 658-4839 

Lykins, Mark E. (Mark) [FE] Fayetteville: Kipling 

PO Box 88, Kipling, NC 27543 (919) 567-1050 

Lykins, Patricia (Pat) [FD] Rockingham: Ex. Dir. , Robeson Co. Ch. & Comm. Ctr. 
210 E. 15th St., Lumberton, NC 28358 (910) 738-5204 

Lynge, Audrey Holmes (Audrey) [FE] RO: Counselor,Centerpoint Human Services 
312 Garden Valley Dr., Winston Salem, NC 27107 (336) 764-4354 

Mackey, John M. (John) [RE] Fayetteville 

2614 Trenton Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28304-3759 (910) 484-1256 

MacVane, Joy Reed (Joy) [PE] Burlington: Evergreen 

111 Wolfs Trail, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 (919) 929-6384 

Madison, John Talton, Jr. (Tal) [FE] Elizabeth City: Mighty Wind 

P.O. Box 1793, Nags Head, NC 27959 (252) 449-5230 

Malcolm, David (David) [PE] Fayetteville: Camp Ground -Assoc. 

4625 Camp Ground Road, Fayetteville, NC 28314-1403 (910) 867-9436 

Malloy, David O. (David) [FE] Fayetteville: Fayetteville District Supt. 

1911 Raeford Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28305-5037 (910) 483-2734 

Malloy, James Edward, Jr. (James) [FE] Durham: Durham: Lakewood 

2317 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, NC 27707 (919) 489-6273 

Maness, Tracy A. (Tracy) [RE] 

6101 Parker Croft Court, Raleigh, NC 27609 (919) 847-8871 

Mangum, Robert L. (Bob) [RE] Rockingham: Hickory Grove/Sandy Plains/RDN 
2468 Union Chapel Rd., Pembroke, NC 28372 (910) 522-0670 

Mann, Barbara Price (Barbara) [FE] Raleigh: Pastoral Counselor 

102 Cassidy Ct, Cary, NC 27511-5593 (919) 467-7005 

Mann, Milton T. (Milton) [RE] Rocky Mount 

3741 Sunset Avenue, E-8, Rocky Mount, NC 27804 (252) 937-2102 

Mann, W. Joseph (Joe) [FE] Raleigh: Dir. Rural Church Division, Duke Endowment 
100 N Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28202-4012 (704) 376-0291 

Marsicano, Leslie M. (Leslie) [FE] Durham: Assoc. Dean of Students, Davidson College 
1935 S. Wendover Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211-2141 (704) 364-4642 

Martin, Erin (Erin) [PE] Sanford: Southern Pines -Assoc. 

175 Midland Rd., Southern Pines, NC 28387 (910) 692-3518 

Martin, Jerry Dean (Jerry) [PM] New Bern: Havelock: Cherry Point 

PO Box 387, Havelock, NC 28532-0387 (252) 447-3039 


Clervy Members 

Martin, Sam Francis, III (Sam) [FE] Greenville: Dir. , Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
1727 Rondo Dr., Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 756-8670 

Mason, Glenn E. (Glenn) [FE] Raleigh: Cary: Macedonia 

3508 Campbell Rd., Raleigh, NC 27606-4432 (919) 851-4724 

Massey, Gerald R. (Gerald) [RA] Goldsboro 

P O Box 3202, Eureka, NC 27830 (919) 242-4532 

Mathews, Richard Thorne (Richard) [FE] Raleigh: Bunn/Hill King 

PO Box 142, Bunn, NC 27508 (919) 496-5655 

Maultsby, J. Alexander, III (Alex) [FE] Raleigh: Chaplain- Louisburg College 

3106 Rose Lane, Zebulon, NC 27597-9500 (919) 269-8295 

May, Raegan V. (Raegan) [FE] Burlington: Christ 

800 Market St., Chapel Hill, NC 27516 (919) 969-8820 

Maynard, Randall Grey (Randy) [FE] Burlington: Elon: First 

P.O. Box 923, Elon, NC 27244-0923 (336) 584-5263 

Mayo, Leonard E. (Leonard) [RE] Rockingham 

1205 Ann St., Rockingham, NC 28379-3041 (910) 997-4963 

McCain, Elizabeth R. (Liz) [PE] Wilmington: Seaside (Brunswick) -Assoc. 

1300 Seaside Rd. SW, Sunset Beach, NC 28468 (910) 579-5753 

McCarver, Clyde G. (Clyde) [RE] Rockingham 

322 Oakdale Dr., Hartsville, SC 29550-8062 (843) 332-9473 

McCranie, Glenn H. (Glenn) [ROE] Elizabeth City: Currituck 

6484 Caratoke Highway, Grandy, NC 27939 (252) 453-3559 

McDonald, Walter N. (Walter) [RE] Raleigh 

305 Sunset Ave., Louisburg, NC 27549-2433 (919) 496-3757 

McDougald, George, Jr. (George) [OD] Rockingham: Cool Spring 

P.O. Box 731, Red Springs, NC 28377-0731 (910) 843-8782 

McElroy, Steven W. (Steve) [FE] Rocky Mount: Nashville 

209 East Washington, Nashville, NC 27856-0886 (252) 459-7178 

McGarvey, Gregory L. (Gregg) [FE] Rockingham: Fellowship/St. Pauls 

1200 McDonald Ave., Hamlet, NC 28345-3726 (910) 582-0900 

McKee, Robert F. (Robert) [RE] 

221 Emerald Way, Spartanburg, SC 29302-4600 (864) 582-4182 

McKenzie, Charles E. (Charles) [FE] Elizabeth City: City Road 

PO Box 535, Elizabeth City, NC 27907-0535 (252) 335-2658 

McKenzie, G Robert, Jr. (Bob) [RE] Burlington 

2704 Edgewood Ave., Burlington, NC 27215-4796 (336) 584-1733 

McKinley, Rick (Richard) [SP] Sanford: Highfalls/Fair Promise 

567 River Road, Robbins, NC 27325 (910) 464-3217 


C/croy Members 

McKita, Carleton P. (Carleton) [RE] 

3508 Hawthorne Rd., Rocky Mount, NC 27804-3809 (252) 937-4364 

McLaurin, Horace L. (Horace) [RE] 

205 Trolley Ct, New Bern, NC 28560-5453 (252) 635-2948 

McLean, James H. (James) [RA] Fayetteville: Harnett: Cokesbury 

P. O. Box 667, Roseboro, NC 28382 (910) 525-5173 

McLean, Kenneth B. (Ken) [PE] Fayetteville: Haymount -Assoc. 

1700 Fort Bragg Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303 (910) 484-0181 

McLeod, Walter E. (Walter) [FE] Raleigh: Wlson Temple 

1021 Oberlin Rd., Raleigh, NC 27605-1198 (919) 828-1244 

McMillan, Becky L. (Becky) [PE] Durham: Duke Div. School 

3614 Bivins Road N, Hillsborough, NC 27278-7825 (919) 471-6685 

McMillan, Samuel D., Ill (Mack) [FE] Rockingham: Laurinburg: Saint Luke 

1501 Turnpike Rd., Laurinburg, NC 28352 (910) 276-6821 

McQuade, J. Stanley (Stanley) [FE] Raleigh: Chap./Profes. of Law, Campbell 

56 Wallace Ln, Lillington, NC 27546-9775 (910) 893-2758 

Megill, George C. (George) [RE] 

517 Grove Ave., Raleigh, NC 27606-1607 (919) 859-2167 

Melvin, B. Fallon, Jr. (Fallon) [AM] Sanford: Poplar Springs 

12570 Hwy 50 N, Willow Springs, NC 27592 (919) 207-0640 

Melvin, Benjamin R. (Benny) [RE] Fayetteville: Cotton 

4515 Keg Court, Fayetteville, NC 28314 (910) 487-8260 

Mentzer, James G. (Jim) [FE] Fayetteville: Roseboro 

Post Office Box 8, Roseboro, NC 28382-0008 (910) 525-4470 

Mercer, Charles H. (Charles) [RE] 

PO Box 603, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745-0603 (828) 456-8028 

Merchant, Michele R. (Michele) [FE] Raleigh: Clinical Pastoral Educ. Supervisor 

St. Marys Medical Ctr., 450 Stanyan St., San Francisco, CA 94117 (415) 750-5719 

Metcalf, Ellen H. (Ellen) [FE] Durham: Leave of Absence 

1716 MacAlpine Circle, Morrisville, NC 27560 (919) 466-7248 

Methvin, Rayford H. (Rayford) [RE] 

108 Lakeview Court, Garner, NC 27529 (919) 553-9132 

Meyer, Kris R. (Kris) [FL] Durham: Plank Chapel 

1785 Kittrell Rd., Kittrell, NC 27544 (252) 438-6080 

Midgett, Peleg D., Ill (PD.) [RE] Wilmington 

1002 Bussells Turn, Southport, NC 28461-2699 (910) 457-5556 

Millan, Hector (Hector) [FE] Raleigh: Wake Hispanic Ministries 

1712 E. Millbrook Rd., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919) 872-3372 


Clergy Members 

Miller, James H., Jr. (Jimmy) [RE] Greenville 

3734 Hwy 258 S. Kinston, NC 28504-9224 (252) 527-1606 

Miller, Keith A. (Keith) [FE] Sanford: Tabernacle 

P.O. Box 395, Robbins, NC 27325-0395 (910) 948-2288 

Miller, Lon William (Lon) [FE] Wilmington: Incapacity Leave 

226 Fairfield Dr., Wilmington, NC 28401-2726 (910) 251-9266 

Miller, Theodore Ralph (T R.) [FE] Goldsboro: Daniels Memorial 

2802 E Ash St., Goldsboro, NC 27534-4519 (919) 778-2350 

Mills, Taylor W. (Taylor) [PE] Greenville: Wlliamston: First 

114 E. Church St., Williamston, NC 27892-2410 (252) 792-3360 

Millwood, Paul C. (Paul) [PM] Greenville: Jamesville/Siloam 

PO Box 99, Jamesville, NC 27846 (252) 792-3830 

Milton, Stuart M. (Stuart) [FE] Raleigh: White Plains: Associate 

313 SE Maynard Rd., Cary, NC 27511 (919) 467-4991 

Minnick, Gregory Carlton (Gregory) [PM] Rocky Mount: Gaston Charge 

PO Box 267, Gaston, NC 27832 (252) 537-3638 

Minnick, Jonathan Allen (Jay) [FE] Raleigh: Pleasant Grove 

2908 Dunkirk Dr., Raleigh, NC 27613-1917 (919) 844-2151 

Mitchell, Jerry E. (Jerry) [AM] Goldsboro: Garris Chapel 

163 Sutton Rd., LaGrange, NC 28551-9108 (919) 778-1887 

Mitchell, William K., Jr. (Bill) [FE] Sanford: Candor 

PO Box 456, Candor, NC 27229 (910) 974-4454 

Moehring, David (David) [FE] Elizabeth City: South Camden 

197 S. Hwy. 343, Camden, NC 27921 (252) 335-7565 

Moore, Robert F. (Bob) [RE] Rockingham 

1400 Redden St., Fairmont, NC 28340-1424 (910) 628-7897 

Moorman, Julian Pierce (Julian) [RE] 

501 E. Whitaker Mill Rd., Apt. B206, Raleigh, NC 27608-2644 (919) 839-0233 

Morgan, Deborah Ann (Debbie) [FE] Durham: Staff Chaplain, Duke Med. Center 
6551 New Sharon Church Road, Rougemont, NC 27572 (919) 732-3399 

Morgan, Robert W. (Bob) [RE] 

2376 Sanders Rd., Willow Springs, NC 27592-9182 (919) 894-1005 

Morris, Alvin J. (Al) [RE] 

4358 Manley Smith Rd., Nakina, NC 28455 (910) 642-4895 

Morris, Brigitte Freeman (Brigitte) [FD] Durham: Oxford - Deacon 

P O Box 757, Oxford, NC 27565 (919) 693-4091 

Morris, Homer E. (Homer) [FE] New Bern: Morehead City First 

2708 One Iron Street, Morehead City, NC 28557 (252) 726-6926 


C/eroy Members 

Morrison, Charles K. (Charles) [FE] Raleigh: White Plains 

313 SE Maynard Rd., Cary, NC 27511 (919) 467-4991 

Morrison, J. Edward (Ed) [FE] Rockingham: District Superintendent 

PO Box 1588, Laurinburg, NC 28353 " (910)276-6641 

Morrow, Floyd R., Jr. (Floyd) [RE] 

1900 Rice Rd., Henderson, NC 27536 (252) 492-7982 

Morton, Dean Healy (Dean) [PL] Wilmington: Pine Valley, Associate 

3425 Chalmers Drive, Wilmington, NC 28409 (910) 791-6484 

Morton, Elva L, III (Bud) [PL] New Bern: Maysville 

177 Island Creek Rd., Pollocksville, NC 28573-9451 (252) 224-3401 

Moseley, Charles K. (Charles) [FE] Elizabeth City: Hatteras 

PO Box 800, Hatteras, NC 27943-0800 (252) 986-2254 

Moser, R. E. Lee (Lee) [RE] 

1741 Belmont-Alamance Rd., Burlington, NC 27215-8699 (336) 228-0756 

Moser, Rachel Tucker (Rachel) [FE] New Bern: Swansboro -Assoc. 

665 W Corbett Ave., Swansboro, NC 28584-0847 (910) 326-4822 

Moser, Rick A. (Rick) [FE] New Bern: Northwoods 

P.O. Box 7026, Jacksonville, NC 28540-2026 (910) 346-9727 

Motley, Joseph A. (Joe) [FE] Greenville: Vanceboro 

637 Farm Life Avenue, Vanceboro, NC 28586 (252) 244-0695 

Mull, Curtis M., Jr. (Curtis) [AM] Fayetteville: Christ 

2115 Clinchfield Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28304 (910) 484-9861 

Mull, Sandra (Sandra) [PL] Fayetteville: Tabor 

2115 Clinchfield Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304 (910) 484-9861 

Mullen Roderic L. (Rod)[FE] Durham: Pastor, British Methodist Conf. 

Grad. Inst, of Theo. Elmfield House, Bristol Rd., Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6LQ UK 

Mullenix, Steven (Steven) [SP] Rocky Mount: Bethlehem-Shady Grove Charge 
2668 NC HWY 58, Warrenton, NC 27589 (252) 257-4417 

Murphree, Gary (Gary) [PL] Rockingham: Tabernacle 

222 S. Randolph St., Apt. 4, Rockingham, NC 28379 (910) 895-4375 

Murphy, James Olen, Jr. (Jim) [FE] Raleigh: Apex- Associate 

100 S. Hughes Street, Apex, NC 27502 (919) 362-7807 

Murphy, Mark (Mark) [PL] Wilmington: Brunswick Circuit 

3500 Iris Drive, Wilmington, NC 28409 (910) 452-3245 

Murphy, Miles, Jr. (Miles) [RE] Rockingham 

16 Fort Worth St., Hampton, VA 23669-1108 (757) 851-6334 


Clergy Members 

Murray, Eric Octavius (Eric) [RE] 

6304 Diamond Dr., Raleigh, NC 27610-8556 (919) 773-9469 

Musser, Benjamin Franklin (Ben) [RE] Rocky Mount 

PO Box 26, Elm City, NC 27822-0026 (252) 236-7966 

Myers, Charles Donald (Charles) [FE] Rocky Mount: Stantonsburg/Black Creek 

PO Box 6, Stantonsburg, NC 27883-0006 (252) 238-3838 

Nagel, Donald C. (Don) [RE] 

101 Alpine Way, Asheville, NC 28805-1519 (828) 298-7024 

Namkoong, Won Seok (Won) [FE] Raleigh: New Beginnings 

120 Weathers Sts, Suite A, Youngsville, NC 27596 ' (919) 562-8780 

Namkung, Kong Suk (Kong) [FE] Fayetteville: Johnson Memorial 

306 McArthur Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28311 (910) 488-5406 

Nanney, R. Keith (Keith) [FE] Raleigh: Hollands 

9433 Ten Ten Rd., Raleigh, NC 27603-8423 (919) 772-5294 

Nash, Jeff (Jeff) [SP] Greenville: Queen St. -Assoc. 

PO Box 508, Kinston, NC 28502 (252) 527-2119 

Neal, Jeanne Ross (Jeanne) [PE] Burlington: Leasburg 

P.O. Box 98, Leasburg, NC 27291 (336) 599-1267 

Nelson, Matthew Neal (Matt) [SP] Durham: Henderson: City Road 

1 60 W Young Avenue, Henderson, NC 27536 (252) 492-1 862 

Nelson, Michael Norwood (Mike) [AM] Fayetteville: Raeford: Hoke Charge 

6800 Arabia Rd., Lumber Bridge, NC 28357 (910)875-4198 

Nethercutt, Claude (Claude) [FL] Greenville: Aurora Charge 

590 S. 5th St., Aurora, NC 27806 (252) 322-5400 

Neuschaefer, Karl (Karl) [SP] Durham: Butner: Community 

507 West E Street, Butner, NC 27509 (919) 575-4303 

New, Edward Slee (Edward) [SP] Burlington: Lea's Chapel 

104 N. Riverdale, Durham, NC 27712 (919) 383-2826 

Newman, Thomas W. (Tom) [FE] Fayetteville: Angier 

P O Box 1748, Angier, NC 27501 (919) 639-2176 

Nichols, Thomas M. (Tim) [FL] New Bern: Shady Grove/Cypress Creek 

4375 Middle Road, Kinston, NC 28501 (252) 523-4035 

Nichols, William R. (Ronnie) [OF] Fayetteville: Bethabara 

1240 Magnolia Church Rd., Stedman, NC 28391 (910) 483-3934 

Nicholson, Sue Ellen (Sue Ellen) [DM] Raleigh: Director-Conf. Children/Youth Min 
6103 River Lake Cir., Raleigh, NC 27604 (919) 875-1010 

Nicks, Robert L. (Robert) [RE] New Bern 

PO Box 997, Penney Farms, FL 32079-0997 (904) 529-9664 


C/eroy Members 

Noble, J. Crispin, II (Cris) [FE] Greenville: Genesis 

1506 SW Greenville, Greenville, NC 27834-6799 (252) 439-0701 

Norman, John Samuel (John) [PL] Greenville: Edwards Chapel 

2358 Hwy 903 N, LaGrange, NC 28551 (252) 566-4142 

Norris, Philip (Philip) [PL] Wilmington: Andrews Chapel 

1424 Ash-Little River Rd., Ash, NC 28420 (910) 343-9652 

Norton, Mary Jane P. (Mary Jane) [FD] Burlington: Dir. of Family Ministry, GBOD 
1109 Shiloh Dr., Nashville, TN 37205-1122 (615) 352-2156 

Noy, Carol (Carol) [FE] Elizabeth City: Windsor Charge 

407 South Queen St., Windsor, NC 27983 (252) 794-2112 

O'Connor, Tacoma F. (Tacoma) [DR] 

1432 Kirkwood Dr., Durham, NC 27705-2138 

Odom, Joyce Darnell (Joyce) [RE] 

152 Lakeview Drive, Henderson, NC 27536 (252) 433-8211 

O'Keef, Robert D. (Bob) [FE] Raleigh: North Raleigh 

8501 Honeycutt Road, Raleigh, NC 27615 (919) 847-1536 

Old, Marshall R. (Marshall) [FE] Greenville: Greenville DS 

313 Clifton St., Suite A-2, Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 756-3918 

Oldham, Kirk B. (Kirk) [FE] Raleigh: Campus Min. & Dir.Ral. Wesley Foundation 
2503 ClarkAve., Raleigh, NC 27607 (919) 833-1861 

Olive, John G. (John) [RA] Fayetteville 

509 Virginia Street, Unicoi, TN 37692 (423) 735-0917 

Oliver, James R. (Jim) [FE] New Bern: Hubert: Oak Grove-Queen's Creek 
P O Box 398, Hubert, NC 28539-0398 

Olsen, William A. (Billy) [FE] Greenville: Washington: First -Assoc. 

PO Box 715, Washington, NC 27889-0715 (252) 946-3311 

Ormond, John Kern, Jr. (John) [FE] Wilmington: Rocky Point 

4021 E Bishop Ct, Wilmington, NC 28412-7434 (910) 313-0701 

Osborn, Robert T. (Bob) [RE] 

PO Box 372, Shaw Island, WA 98286-0372 (360) 468-3332 

Osteen, E. Powell, Jr. (Powell) [FE] New Bern: Garber 

4201 Country Club Rd., New Bern, NC 28562-7617 (252) 637-4022 

Otis, William H. (Bill) [FE] Elizabeth City: Newbegun 

2117 Nixonton Rd., Elizabeth City, NC 27909-7147 (252) 330-4078 

Oulton, JoAnn M. (JoAnn) [FE] Durham: Glendale Heights 

4410 David St., Durham, NC 27704-4130 (919) 477-5270 

Owen, James E. (Jim) [PL] Fayetteville: Bethany 
2285 Wade-Stedman Rd., Stedman, NC 28391 


Clergy Members 

Owen, Travis W. (Travis) [RE] 

500 Eden Hills Rd., Siler City, NC 27344-1308 (919) 663-3944 

Owens, Charles B. (C.B.)[FE] Wilmington: Whiteville 

902 Pinckney St., Whiteville, NC 28472 (910) 642-3376 

Owens, Charles E. (Charles) [RE] 

831 Chub Lake Road, Roxboro, NC 27573-4818 (336) 597-3916 

Owens, Lee Roger (Roger) [PE] 

2025 Sprint Avenue, Durham, NC 27705 (919) 286-7985 

Owens, Sue H. (Sue) [FL] Rocky Mount: Roanoke Charge 

PO Box 1086, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 (434) 634-8846 

Oxendine, Jimmy C. (Jimmy) [PL] Rockingham: Fairview 

PO Box 230, Lumber Bridge, NC 28357 (910) 843-3195 

Oxendine, Milford, Jr. (Milford) [FE] Raleigh: Trinity (Franklin Co.) 

4246 Hwy 401 North, Louisburg, NC 27549 (919) 496-1700 

Pace, James Herrington (Jim) [FE] Burlington: Profes. of Religious Studies 

108 Timberlake Dr., Elon, NC 27244-9363 (336) 584-5520 

Page, Jack Ward, Jr. (Jack) [FE] Sanford: Pittsboro: First 

PO Box 716, Pittsboro, NC 27312-0716 (919) 542-4525 

Panizo-Valladares, Rosanna C. (Rosanna)[OE] Durham: Crista Vive 
2700 Roxboro St., Durham, NC 27704 

Parker, Joseph C. (Joseph) [RE] New Bern 

390 Beamon Road, New Bern, NC 28562-9371 (252) 637-9513 

Parker, Joyce-Lenore (Joyelle) [FE] Rocky Mount: Family Leave 

PO Box 27, Zionville, NC 2869 (828) 297-3018 

Parker, Richard Henry (Rick) [FE] New Bern: Oregon-Idaho Conf. W. Salem UMC 
1219 3rd St, NW, Salem, OR 97304 

Parker, Susan Martin (Susan) [DR] 

3904 Sunningdale Way, Durham, NC 27707-5685 (919) 403-8043 

Parnell, Evander (Evander) [RA] Fayetteville 

6339 Worthington Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28304-5577 (910) 425-4824 

Parrish, Carrie W. (Carrie) [RE] Fayetteville: Halls 

719 Blawell St., Stedman, NC 28391-9731 (910) 483-9601 

Partin, Duane Richard (Duane) [FE] Wilmington: Pine Valley -Assoc. 

3788 Shipyard Blvd., Wilmington, NC 28403 (910) 791-0353 

Parvin, J. B. (J. B.) [RE] Greenville 

108 Hillcrest Dr., Washington, NC 27889-3339 (252) 946-1743 

Paschal, John S. (John) [FE] Wilmington: Incapacity Leave 

4220 Coquina Harbour Dr., B-7, Little River, SC 29566-0458 (843) 249-0652 


Clergy Members 

Pasquarello, Michael (Mike) [FE] Durham: Profess. Asbury Theol. Seminary 
204 N. Lexington Ave., Wilmore, KY 40390 

Pate, Robert Bruce (Bruce) [RE] 

PO Box 1145, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745 (828) 456-9296 

Patten, Brooks (Brooks) [RE] 

POBox 601, 114 Wilcox Dr., Lake Junaluska, NC 28745-0601 (828) 456-3064 

Patterson, Veronica (Veronica) [PL] Rockingham: Millers Chapel 

3518 Hillcrest Drive, Lumberton, NC 28358 (910) 671-0987 

Patton, George Ronald (Ron) [FE] Durham: Creedmoor 

PO Box 368, Creedmoor, NC 27522 (919) 528-3987 

Paxton, Roger Davidson (Roger) [FE] Rockingham: Family Leave 

PO Box 246, Norman, NC 28367-0246 (910) 652-5317 

Payne, Argel H. (Argel) [RE] 

2020 Ramsgate Street, Raleigh, NC 27603-2635 (919) 821-2509 

Peacock, Mary (Mary) [RD] 

645 Rock Creek Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919) 967-0347 

Pearce, Harvey Worth (Worth) [RE] 

735 5th Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601-5111 (828) 326-9760 

Pearce, Raymond R. (Ray) [FL] Greenville: Bath 

PO Box 281, Bath, NC 27810 (252) 923-2841 

Pearsall, John S. (John) [RE] 

405 Long Leaf Acres Dr., Wilmington, NC 28405-4015 (910) 799-9864 

Pearsall, William Hill, Sr. (William) [PL] Wilmington: Maco: Shiloh 

PO Box 648, Burgaw, NC 28425 (910) 259-4038 

Pearson, James D. (Jim) [FE] Rocky Mount: Calvary Charge 

16 Calvary Church Road, Littleton, NC 27850 (252) 586-3762 

Peay, Dennis (Dennis) [PE] Burlington: Cedar Cliff 

4683 Cedar Cliff Rd., Graham, NC 27253-9100 (336) 376-3829 

Peele, Luther M., Jr. (Billy) [RE] Wlmington: Epworth 

475 Tate Lake Drive BSL, Southport, NC 28461-9746 (910) 845-3131 

Pennington, Philip Todd (Philip) [PM] Wilmington: Wesley's Chapel 

2409 Peanut Plant Rd., Elizabethtown, NC 28337 (910) 645-4934 

Perry, Brian D. (Brian) [FE] Wilmington: Carvers Creek 
PO Box 151, Council, NC 28434 

Perry, Joseph L. (Joel) [OF] Rockingham: Glenwood 

221 County Home Rd., Rockingham, NC 28379-9117 (910) 895-9536 

Peterson, Francis Gerald (Gerald) [RE] Sanford: Roseland 

395 Sandhill Cir., Pinehurst, NC 28374 (910) 215-9202 


Clergy Members 

Phillips, G Paul, III (Paul) [RE] 

3432 Cook Road, Mebane, NC 27302 (919) 304-3225 

Phillips, James Donald (Don) [FE] Raleigh: Benson Memorial 

4706 Creedmoor Rd., Raleigh, NC 27612-5802 (919) 787-0789 

Phillips, Lee A. (Lee) [RE] Rockingham 

PO Box 2695, Rockingham, NC 28380 (910) 895-3841 

Pickett, Harold T. (Harold) [RE] New Bern 

PO Box 508, Trenton, NC 28585 (252) 488-1 050 

Pilgrim, Carolyn R. (Carolyn) [FE] Raleigh: Wesley Memorial 

714 E. Whitaker Mill Rd., Raleigh, NC 27608-2718 (919) 828-4408 

Pinner, William Rickman (Rick) [FE] Raleigh: Incapacity Leave 

1521 Harvey Johnson Road, Raleigh, NC 27603-8673 (919) 773-0116 

Pitsch, Robert L. (Bob) [ROE] Elizabeth City: Colington 

908 Cedar Dr., Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948-8015 (252) 441-6195 

Pittard, Lee Roy, III (Lee) [FE] Rocky Mount: Milwaukee Charge 

1612 Doolittle Mill Rd., Conway, NC 27820 (252) 585-1010 

Plowman, Charles H. (Chuck) [FE] Rocky Mount: Scotland Neck - Rich Square 

P O Box 401, Scotland Neck, NC 27874 (252) 826-3318 

Plowman, Sally S. (Sally) [FE] Greenville: Washington Circuit 

2788 Market St., Ext., Washington NC 27889-3723 (252) 974-0188 

Plyler, Lorenzo Pierce (Joe) [RE] Raleigh 

570 Summer Breeze Ct, Alpharetta, GA 30005-3732 (770) 521-9369 

Pollock, Charles L. (Charles) [FE] New Bern: Beaufort: Ann Street 

417 Ann Street, Beaufort, NC 28516-0490 (252) 728-2224 

Pollock, Kimberly G (Kimberly) [FE] New Bern: Morehead City:First -Assoc. 

900 Arendell Street, Morehead City, NC 28557 (252) 726-7102 

Ponder, Reginald W. (Reggie) [FE] Durham: President, Louisburg College 

3400 Fairhill Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612-3235 (919) 510-9394 

Ponder, Reginald Wallace, Jr. (Reggie) [FE] Goldsboro: Princeton 
755 New Ballpark Rd., Princeton, NC 27569 

Poole, Bettye D. (Bettye) [FE] Raleigh: Leave of Absence 

5501 Fieldcross Ct, Raleigh, NC 27610-6520 (919) 250-9337 

Pope, T. Arnold (Arnold) [RE] Fayetteville 

7876 Maxwell Rd., Stedman, NC 28391 (910) 323-9757 

Porter, Ernest R. (Ernie) [RE] New Bern: Church Funding Associates 

P. O. Box 1268, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745-1268 (828) 452-3398 

Potter, Benjamin R, Jr. (Ben) [RE] 

10 Agaliha Ln., Brevard, NC 28712-9473 (828) 884-2463 


C/eroy Members 

Poulk, Robert M. (Bob) [RE] Fayetteville 

109 Devane St., Fayetteville, NC 28305-5005 (910) 484-3316 

Powell, Cynthia D. (Cynthia) [FD] Burlington: Front Street 

PO Box 2597, Burlington, NC 27216-2597 (336) 227-6263 

Powers, Daniel P. (Dan) [RL] Greenville 

306 Queen Ann Rd., Greenville, NC 27858-6303 (252) 355-6500 

Presnal, Gregg Allen (Gregg) [PM] Sanford: Cameron-Vass 

P.O. Box 628, Vass, NC 28394-0628 (910) 245-7665 

Presnell, William M. (Bill) [FE] Rocky Mount: Wilson: First 

POBox 1423, Tarboro & Green Sts, Wlson, NC 27894-1423 (252) 237-6121 

Preston, Hunter Hadley (Hunter) [FE] Goldsboro: New Hope 

200 E. New Hope Rd., Goldsboro, NC 27534-7642 (919) 778-1124 

Privette, Tommy G. (Tommy) [RE] 

507 Lebanon Church Rd., Mebane, NC 27302 (919) 304-2673 

Pugh, Nancy Ann (Nancy) [FD] Raleigh: Cary: First 

117 S. Academy St., Cary, NC 27511 (919) 467-1861 

Pullins, Charles (Charles) [SP] Goldsboro: Faison 

303 Winnifred St., Faison, NC 28341 (910) 267-2861 

Purcell, Eugene G., Jr. (Gene) [RE] Goldsboro 

769 Settler's Lane, Kure Beach, NC 28449 (910) 458-5067 

Purcell, Joan M. (Joan) [FE] Raleigh: Leave of Absence 

1210 Eastham Dr., Apex, NC 27502 (919) 362-7425 

Purcell, Julie Forringer (Julie) [RE] 

2310 Prince St., Durham, NC 27707-1431 (919) 493-9106 

Quarles, Alice J. (Alice) [OE] New Bern: JA: Trinity -Assoc. 

712 Page Dr., Jacksonville, NC 28540 (910) 989-2772 

Randolph, Francis Roderick (Rod) [RE] Raleigh: Morganton Charge-WNC 

1338 Bethel Rd., Morganton, NC 28655 (828) 430-8023 

Rattz, Robert E. (Bob) [RA] Wilmington: Mishop Springs 

700 Deer Dr. S.W., Supply, NC 28462-2708 (910) 846-4988 

Rawlings, James A., Jr. (Jim) [FE]Durham: Dir.Chaplaincy Serv., UNC Hospital 

136 Saint Andrews Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27517 (919) 960-6819 

Ray, Jeanne L. (Jeanne) [RL] Wilmington: Dixon's Chapel 
2850 Paul Andrew St., SW, Supply, NC 28462 

Ray, Robert H. (Robert) [FE] Rockingham: Pern broke: First 

100 Breece St., Pembroke, NC 28372-9659 (910) 521-8197 

Reaves, Timothy Lloyd (Tim) [PE] Wlmington: Bladen Charge 

PO Box 96, White Oak, NC 28399-0096 (910) 866-5117 


Clergy Members 

Reavis, James L, Jr. (Jimmy) [FE] Rocky Mount: Sandy Cross 

3725 Sandy Cross Road, Nashville, NC 27856 (252) 937-2048 

Redmond, Robert C. (Bob) [FE] Wilmington: Seaside 

1300 Seaside Rd. SW, Sunset Beach, NC 28468-6143 (910) 579-5753 

Reed, James C. (Jim) [FE] Burlington: Haw River 

PO Box 460, Haw River, NC 27258-0460 (336) 578-1149 

Reed, John E. (John) [RE] Durham 

205 S Meadow PI., Clarksville, AR 72830-3807 (479) 754-8031 

Register, Michael Gordon (Mike) [PL] New Bern: Riverside 

2724 Asbury Rd., Cove City, NC 28523-9756 (252) 637-9946 

Reinoso, Luis Felipe (Lucho) [FE] Raleigh: Franklinton 

302 N Hillsborough St., Franklinton, NC 27525-1148 (919) 494-2530 

Rex, Leonard J. (Leonard) [FE] Rocky Mount: Bailey Charge 

P. O. Box 218, Bailey, NC 27807-0218 (252) 235-4576 

Reynolds, Joyce Ruth (Joyce) [FE] Elizabeth City: Ocracoke 

PO Box 278, Ocracoke, NC 27960 (252) 928-6219 

Richardson, J. Earl (Earl) [RE] 

2600 Croasdaile Farm Pwy, A351, Durham, NC 27705 (919) 384-2244 

Rickards, James Perry (Jim) [RE] 

7202 Ashland Glen, Bradenton, FL 34202 (941 ) 907-4261 

Ricks, R. Dennis, Jr. (Dennis) [RE] 

906 S. 3rd St., Mebane, NC 27302-8181 (919) 304-3561 

Rivenbark, Cynthia L. (Cindy) [SY] Goldsboro: Carlton 

PO Box 307, Magnolia, NC 28453 (910) 289-2736 

Rivenbark, Ronnie Lee (Ron) [PL] Goldsboro: Magnolia 

P O Box 307, Magnolia, NC 28453 (910) 289-9425 

Roach, Michael Gene (Mike) [PL] New Bern: Vandemere 

5204 Hwy. 55 East, New Bern, NC 28560 (252) 637-6416 

Roberts, Frederick E. (Fred) [FE] Wilmington: Ocean View 

600 Yaupon Dr., Oak Island, NC 28465 (910) 278-5973 

Roberts, Jeffrey L. (Jeff) [FE] Burlington: Bellemont 

4039 Markwood Dr., Burlington, NC 27215-7125 (336) 227-4632 

Roberts, John M. (John) [RE] Goldsboro 

P.O. Box 298, Princeton, NC 27569-0298 (919) 936-2511 

Robinson, Larry (Larry) [FE] Sanford: Sanford Circuit 

818 Tim Currin Rd., Lillington, NC 27546-1512 (910) 893-8144 

Rocheleau, Michael E. (Michael) [FE] Greenville: Incapacity Leave 
37 Ekman Street, Worcester, MA 01607-1513 


Clergy Members 

Rose, Robert D. (Bob) [FE] Rocky Mount: Hawkins-Tabor Charge 

16976 Justice Branch Rd., Littleton, NC 27850 (252) 586-3993 

Ross, Shannon Owens (Shannon) [SP] Wilmington: Bladen Charge -Assoc. 

PO Box 1643, Elizabethtown, NC 28337 (910) 645-4647 

Rouse, Ben C. (Ben) [FE] Durham: Epworth 

P O Box 52547, Durham, NC 27717-2547 (919) 493-3019 

Rouse, Faye Baines (Faye) [FL] Elizabeth City: Woodland 

352 Woodland Church Road, Hertford, NC 27944 (252) 264-3679 

Rowe, Linda Hodges (Linda) [PL] Greenville: Bethany 

144 Woodstock Road, Belhaven, NC 27810 (252) 964-4143 

Roy, Carolyn (Carolyn) [PL] New Bern: Belgrade/Tabernacle 

122 Longwood Dr., Stella, NC 28582 (910) 326-1512 

Royall, L. Graham (Graham) [RA] Rocky Mount: Red Oak 
PO Box 66, Red Oak, NC 27868 

Rudd, Dorothy L. (Dorothy) [FL] Fayetteville: Clinton Circuit 

191 Taylors Bridge Hwy., Clinton, NC 28328-6323 (910) 592-7159 

Rudd, Robert J. (Bob) [RE] Rockingham 
154 Lakewood Drive, Rockingham, NC 28379 

Rudd, William R. (Uncle Bill) [RE] Fayetteville 

191 Taylors Bridge Hwy., Clinton, NC 28328-6323 (910) 592-7159 

Russell, Timothy J. (Tim) [FE] Wilmington: Wrightsville 

PO Box 748, Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480-0748 (910) 256-4471 

Ruth, John W. (Jack) [FE] Wilmington: Burgaw 

PO Box 26, Burgaw, NC 28425-0026 (910) 259-2295 

Sabiston, William D., Ill (Bill) [RE] 
6 Iron Tree Court, Durham, NC 277 

Safley, Michael W. (Mike) [FE] Raleigh: President, Meth. Home for Child 

P O Box 10917, Raleigh, NC 27605 (919) 833-2834 

Salmon, Harold D. (Harold) [FL] Rockingham: St.John-Gibson 

PO Box 181, 13280 Church St., Gibson, NC 28343 (910)268-2777 

Salter, J. Neal, Jr. (Neal) [FE] Goldsboro: Salem 

2706 Salem Church Rd., Goldsboro, NC 27530-7914 (919) 735-1318 

Sasser, L. Alan (Alan) [FE] Burlington: VP - Greensboro College 

210-705 College Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 (336) 292-3008 

Schaller, Sandy (Sandy) [SP] Goldsboro: Pine Level/Sanders Chapel 

4484 Brogden Rd., Smithfield, NC 27577 (919) 934-7613 

Schronce, Jerry Milton (Jerry) [AM] Rocky Mount: Spring-Lebanon 

128 Woodland Rd., Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870-2232 (252) 537-0616 


Clergy Members 

Scott, Julian W. (Julian) [RE] 

P.O. Box 178, Pinebluff, NC 28373 (910) 281-5476 

Scott, Paul B., Jr. (Paul) [RE] Greenville 

101 N. Greene Street, Snow Hill, NC 28580 (252) 747-1990 

Scroggs, Robin J. (Robin) [RE] 

10 Van Dyk PI., Pompton Pins., NJ 07444-1654 (973) 839-6157 

Seate, Adam Fenton (Adam) [FE] Fayetteville: Wesley-Black's Chapel 

3741 Fayetteville Highway, Dunn, NC 28334-1693 (910) 567-5470 

Seate, Billy F. (Billy) [FE] Goldsboro: St. Paul 

119 Overbrook Road, Goldsboro, NC 27534-4309 (919) 734-4050 

Severt, Jeffrey Lee (Jeff) [FE] New Bern: New Song 

521 West Grantham Road, New Bern, NC 28562 (252) 635-2621 

Sexton, Curtis Keith (Keith) [PE] Rocky Mount: Wilson:First -Associate 

P O Box 1423, Wilson, NC 27894 (252) 237-6121 

Sexton, Kenneth Bryan, Jr. (Bryan) [FE] Fayetteville: Gardners 

4555 Rosehill Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28311 (910) 488-6651 

Sexton, Kenneth Bryan (Kenneth) [RE] 

5608 Woodard Lane, Raleigh, NC 27606-9531 (919) 851-9411 

Shannonhouse, Richard D. (Dick) [FE] Rocky Mount: Chap./Dir.of Pastoral Care 
7263 Placid Oaks Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32277-9718 (904) 744-6576 

Sharp, Richard C. (Richard) [RE] Rockingham 

101 Moss Lane, Spartanburg, SC 29316 (864) 578-6485 

Sharpe, Benjamin S., Jr. (Ben) [FE] Fayetteville: Cornerstone 

327 McFadyen Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28314-0937 (910) 868-6991 

Sharpe, William Gray, IV (Bill) [RE] 

107 Bogue Ct, Cary, NC 27511-5427 (919) 467-0704 

Shaw, Caswell E., Jr. (Caswell) [FE] New Bern: District Superintendent 

1503 Kimberly Road, New Bern, NC 28562-3307 (252) 637-6046 

Sheets, R. Branson, III (Branson) [FE] Rocky Mount: Bailey 

PO Box 218, Bailey, NC 27807-0218 (252) 235-4309 

Shelton, Robert Edward (Rob) [PE] Greenville: Washington: Asbury 

88 N Asbury Church Rd., Washington, NC 27889 (252) 946-2224 

Sheppard, Dennis R. (Dennis) [FE] Fayetteville: Hope Mills 

4955 Legion Rd., Hope Mills, NC 28348-1939 (910) 425-0108 

Sherman, William W., Jr. (Bill) New Bern 

495 Alexis Drive, New Bern, NC 28562-6426 (252) 638-8180 

Shields, Donald Ray (Donald) [FE] Fayetteville: Stedman: Cokesbury 

PO Box 280, Stedman, NC 28391 (910) 483-5056 


C/croy Members 

Shields, Robert S. (Bob) [RE] New Bern 

912 Buckingham Rd., New Bern, NC 28562-4538 (252) 635-5183 

Shipman, Marilyn K. (Marilyn) [FE] Durham: Lake Michie Circuit 

814 Bent Creek Rd., Bahama, NC 27503-9708 (919) 477-1293 

Shiver, James H. (James) [RE] Rockingham 

1413 Glenn St., Wilmington, NC 28401-5443 (910) 763-7101 

Shivers, Mary Anne Link (Molly) [PM] Burlington: Family leave 

242 Knollwood Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919) 932-2831 

Short, James M. (Jim) [RE] Rockingham 

PO Box 656, Ellerbe, NC 28338 (910) 652-4086 

Shuler, Albert (Albert) [FE] Elizabeth City District Supt. 

PO Box 1662, Elizabeth City, NC 27906 (252) 335-2415 

Simpson, Robert Wesley (Robert) [FE] Greenville: Bethel 

PO Box 207, Bethel, NC 27812-0207 ' (252) 825-4311 

Simpson, Thomas Anthony (Thomas) [PE] Sanford: Jonesboro -Assoc. 

P.O. Box 904, Vass, NC 28394-0904 (910) 245-4630 

Simpson, William C, Jr. (Bill) [FE] Rocky Mount DS 

3621 Sheffield Dr., Rocky Mount, NC 27803-1235 (252) 443-5540 

Sims, Anne Walker (Anne) [PM] Goldsboro: Zion 

1727 Zion Church Rd., Mount Olive, NC 27836 (919) 658-6191 

Sims, Benjamin Newman (Ben) [PM] Goldsboro: La Grange 

213 S. Caswell St., La Grange, NC 28551 (252) 566-3148 

Sims, Carolyn K. (Carolyn) [PE] 

1910 Golden Gate Drive, Greensboro, NC 27405 (336) 373-1566 

Sinclair, Patrick T (Patrick) [FL] Wilmington: Singletary 

PO Box 126, Dublin, NC 28332 (910) 862-2421 

Singley, K. Carl (Carl) [FE] Durham: Brookland-Brooksdale 

311 Allensville Rd., Roxobor, NC 27573 (919) 563-4998 

Sluder, David M. (David) [DM] 

55-C Dogwood Ct, Asheville, NC 28805 

Smith, A. Clay (Clay) [FE]Raleigh: Exec. Dir., Hinton Rural Life 

PO Box 755, Hayesville, NC 28904-0027 (828) 389-8640 

Smith, Adolph C. (Adolph) [FE] Rockingham: Chaplain, US Navy 

227 Briar Ridge Ct., Lake Villa, IL 60046-4434 (847) 265-4229 

Smith, Bobby E. (Bobby) [RE] Goldsboro: Smithfield-Asbury 
197 Railroad Rd., Benson, NC 27504 

Smith, Charles C. (Charles) [FE] New Bern: Asbury 

1780 Asbury Rd., Cove City, NC 28523-9760 (252) 638-1144 


Clervy Members 

Smith, Charles Michael (Charles) [FE] Raleigh: Exec. Dir. , Conf. Connetional Min. 
PO Box 10955, Raleigh, NC 27605 (919) 832-9560 

Smith, Forrest (Forrest) [PL] Greenville: Conetoe Charge 

610 S. Howard Circle, Tarboro, NC 27886 (252) 823-5011 

Smith, G. Jerome (Jerome) [FE] Wilmington: Dir. of Comm., SEJAC/Min Team 

PO Box 1232, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745 (828) 456-4630 

Smith, George C. (George) [RE] Wilmington 

1243 Butler Town Road, Clarendon, NC 28432-9557 (910) 653-3336 

Smith, Haywood A. (Haywood) [FE] Greenville: Westminster 

PO Box 1007, Kinston, NC 28503-1007 (252) 522-3334 

Smith, Ira Hildreth (Ira) [FE] New Bern: Sneads Ferry: First 

107 S. Stone Dr., Sneads Ferry, NC 28460 (910) 327-4321 

Smith, J. Thomas (Tommy) [RE] Fayetteville: Coats 

170 Braxtonwood Drive, Angier, NC 27501 (919) 639-3953 

Smith, Jerry Thomas (Jerry) [RE] 

409 Community Dr., Fuquay-Varina NC 27526 (919) 567-9128 

Smith, John T. (John) [RE] 

409 Community Dr., Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 (919) 380-9041 

Smith, Judi Johnson (Judi) [FE] Durham District Superintendent 

522 S. Duke St., Durham, NC 27701-3116 (919) 682-6439 

Smith, Neil E. (Neil) [FE] Fayetteville: Clinical Chap., McCain Correction. Hosp. 
5301 Camden Road, Fayetteville, NC 28306-9107 (910) 425-1551 

Smith, Neill Council (Neill) [FL] Wilmington: Fair Bluff / Cerro Gordo 

139 Conway Road, Fair Bluff, NC 28439 (910) 649-7349 

Smith, Stephen (Stephen) [FL] Greenville: Jarvis Memorial 

205 Hardee Circle, Greenville, NC 27858-2301 (252) 752-3101 

Smith, William Stanley, Jr. (Stan) [FE] Rockingham: Laurinburg: First 

101 W Church Street, Laurinburg, NC 28352 " (910) 276-1592 

Snider, Ronald J. (Ron) [FE] Durham: Bahama: Mt. Bethel 

PO Box 27, Bahama, NC 27503-0027 (919) 477-5830 

Snotherly, William W., Jr. (Bill) [FE] Durham: Mount Sylvan 

5731 N. Roxboro Rd., Durham, NC 27712-1427 (919) 471-0032 

Snyder, Jack Robert (Jack) [FE] Durham: Banks-Grove Hill 

2632 Hwy 96, Franklinton, NC 27525 (919) 528-2423 

Snyder, Nevin D. (Nevin) [RE] Goldsboro 
3360 Chapparal Ct, Melbourne, FL 32934-8254 

Soule, Guy V., Jr. (Guy) [RE] Burlington 

504 Parkview Drive, Burlington, NC 27215 (336) 437-0796 


C/croy Members 

Southern, H. Gray (Gray) [FE] Greenville: St. James 

2000 E 6th St., Greenville, NC 27858-2915 (252) 752-6154 

Sparks, Charles E. (Charles) [RE] Fayetteville 

3904 Thomasville Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 27107-6326 (336) 788-9116 

Sparrow, Leon Ray (Ray) [RE] Greenville 

115 Water Street, Bath, NC 27808 (252) 923-1141 

Speake, George D. (George) [FE] Elizabeth City: Manteo: Mt.Olivet 

300 Ananias Dare Street, Manteo, NC 27954 (252) 473-2089 

Spence, Clinton W. (Clint) [FE] Durham: Incapacity Leave 

1308 Shady Ln, Durham, NC 27712-9720 (919) 477-7323 

Spencer, William C. (Bill) [FE] Wilmington: Wesley Memorial 

1401 S. College Rd., Wilmington, NC 28403-5104 (910) 791-4092 

Spivey, Richard Vann (Vann) [FE] Durham: Parkwood 

5123 Revere Rd., Durham, NC 27713-2420 (919) 544-1078 

Sprouse, Dustin T. (Dustin) [SP] Elizabeth City: Perquimans Charge 

P.O. Box 98, Winfall, NC 27985 (252) 426-5288 

Stafford, Sidney E. (Sidney) [RE] Raleigh: Ebenezer - Wesley Chapel 

410 W Noble St., Louisburg, NC 27549-2352 (919) 496-4779 

Stallings, Barry (Barry) [SY] Wlmington: Clarkton 

PO Box 744, Clarkton, NC 28433 (910) 647-3181 

Stallings, W. Joseph (Joe) [AM] Rocky Mount: Leave of Absence 

3204 Brentwood Drive N, Wilson, NC 27896-6949 (252) 291-431 

Stallsworth, Paul T. (Paul) [FE] New Bern: St. Peter's/Broad Creek-7251 

111 Hodges Street, Morehead City, NC 28557-2528 (252) 726-2175 

Stalnaker, James K. (Jim) [AM] Sanford: Pleasant Hill-Mt. Carmel Charg 

1595 N. Moore Rd., Robbins, NC 27325 (919) 464-3644 

Stanfield, E. Douglas (Doug) [FE] Durham: Chaplain, US Navy 

15373Avenida Rorras, San Diego, CA 92128 (858)385-9404 

Stanley, Bruce E. (Bruce) [FE] Raleigh: Director of Field Education 

Duke Divinity School, PO Box 90969, Durham, NC 27708-0969 (919) 660-3440 

Stanley, Richard A., Jr. (Richard) [RE] Burlington 

P. O. Box 757, Old Fort, NC 28762 (828) 668-9333 

Stark, Rufus H., II (Rufus) [RE] 

364 Shewbird Lane, Hayesville, NC 28904 (828) 389-3683 

Starnes, James A. (James) [RE] Rockingham 

111 Siler Circle, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745 (828) 456-3656 

Staton, Jesse C, Jr. (Jesse) [FE] Durham: McMannen 

4322 Berini Dr., Durham, NC 27705 (919) 383-4425 


Steele, Julie H. (Julie) [PE] Raleigh: Leave of absence 
104 Frontier Ct, Cary, NC 27513-1702 

Steinmetz, David Curtis (David) [RE] 

300 W. Barbee Chapel Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27517 

Stephens, Judith Smith (Judy) [PD] 
PO Box 122, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 

Stephens, Mark (Mark) [PL] Goldsboro: Bethel (Duplin County) 
3719 Jackson Rd., Durham, NC 27705-8199 

Stevens, Ruth Harper (Ruth) [FE] Durham: Duke Memorial 
504 West Chapel Hill Street, Durham, NC 27701-3102 

Stewart, Donald Keith (Donald) [FE] Goldsboro: Westwood 
1618 W. Grantham St., Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Stewart, Patricia V. (Trish) [FD] Raleigh: Cary:First 
117 S Academy St., Cary, NC 27511-3301 

Stewart, W. Marshall (Marshall) [PL] Raleigh: Layden Memorial 
2607 South Wilmington St., Raleigh, NC 27603 

Stokes, James C, Jr. (Jim) [RE] Rockingham 
972 Louis Breeden Blvd., Hamlet, NC 28345 

Stokes, John L, III (John) [RE] 

3809 Rounding Bend Ln., Wlmington, NC 28412 

Stone, Amos H. (Amos) [RE] 

PO Box 972, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745-0972 

Stone, Richard L, III (Richard) [FE] Elizabeth City: Kitty Hawk 
PO Box 900, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 

Stott, E. Russell (Russell) [RE] Burlington 
111 Creeks Edge, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 

Strother, Jonathan E. (Jon) [FE] Raleigh: Windborne 
PO Box 97517, Raleigh, NC 27624-7517 

Stutts, Connie Marie (Connie) [FE] Rockingham: Rowland 
P O Box 66, Rowland, NC 28383 

Stutts, D. Stephen (Steve) [FE] Rockingham: New Hope 
P O Box 66, Rowland, NC 28383 

Styron, Mack Sr. (Mack) [ROF] Greenville: Lane's Chapel - Bethany 
12050 N.C. Highway 55 West, Dover, NC 28526 

Styron, Mack II (Mack) [OF] Rocky Mount: Mt. Zion 
5222 London Church Rd., Elm City, NC 27822-9122 

Summey, James L. (Jim) [RE] Raleigh 
127 Natalie Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603-7438 

Clergy Members 


(919) 552-4673 
(919) 383-5879 

(919) 828-9642 
(910) 582-6317 
(919) 942-0281 



Clergy Members 

Supplee, Thomas (Tom) [FE] Elizabeth City: Wanchese: Bethany 

PO Box 609, Wanchese, NC 27981-0239 (252)473-5438 

Sutton, Josephine A. (Josephine) [PL] Rockingham: Laurel Hill: Beaver Dam/St. James 
P O Box 1014, Laurinburg, NC 28353-1014 (910) 291-9872 

Swartz, Alan P. (Alan) [FE] Raleigh: Home Memorial 

PO Box 475, Clayton NC 27520 (919) 553-6464 

Sweeley, Thomas Lynn (Tommy) [FE] Rocky Mount: Rosemary 

900 Jackson St., Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870-2617 (252) 537-3973 

Swett, Barbara Elaine (Elaine) [FL] Raleigh: Hayes Barton -Associate 

412 Chesterfield Road, Raleigh, NC 27608 (919) 787-5290 

Switzer, Maryellen Phelan (Maryellen) [FE] Raleigh: Piney Grove 

6003 Bissette Road, Wendell, NC 27591-8797 (919) 217-9095 

Sykes, Patricia S. (Pat) [PE] Burlington: Chestnut Ridge 

PO Box 8, 3505 Chestnut Rdg. Rd., Efland, NC 27243 (919) 563-5108 

Sykes, R. Michael (Mike) [FE] Burlington: Walnut Grove 

7215 Walnut Grove Ch. Rd., Hurdle Mills, NC 27541 (919) 732-5722 

Tallent, Jeffrey Lynn (Jeff) [SP] Burlington: Hightower Charge 

238 NC Hwy 119N, Mebane, NC 27302 (336) 694-4258 

Tarkenton, Thomas R. (Tom) [ROE] Wilmington: Kelly: Trinity 

112 Lake Place, White Lake, NC 28337 (910) 862-7055 

Tart, Michael Lawrence (Mike) [FL] Rocky Mount: Incapacity Leave 

105 Shawn Court, Rocky Mount, NC 27804-6019 (252) 443-1931 

Tatum, Jimmie Ray (Jimmie) [FE] RO: Lumberton: Chestnut Street 

P. O. Box 1464, Lumberton, NC 28539-0776 (910) 671-8053 

Taylor, Berry Lynn, II (Berry) [FE] EIC: Pasquotank Correctional Institution 
PO Box 2646, Elizabeth City, NC 27906 

Taylor, Bruce D. (Bruce) [FE] Raleigh: Asbury 

9008 Blakehurst Drive, Raleigh, NC 27617 (919) 782-4540 

Taylor, Carol C. (Carol) [PL] Rocky Mount: Concord 

PO Box 419, Conway, NC 27820 (252) 585-0634 

Taylor, Linda (Linda) [FE] Wilmington: Oleander/Devon Park 

5711 Wisteria Lane, Wilmington, NC 28409 (910) 799-3214 

Taylor, Polly Ann (Polly) [FL] Rocky Mount: Enfield Charge 

111 North Church Street, Enfield, NC 27823 (252) 445-5983 

Taylor, William V. (Bill) [FE] Rockingham: Hamlet: First 

300 Charlotte St., Hamlet, NC 28345-2608 (910) 582-0078 

Teachey, Wilbur C. (Wlbur) [RE] New Bern 

103 Emerald Court, Beaufort, NC 28516 (252) 728-6422 


Clergy Members 

Teague, Ray (Ray) [PL] Burlington: Lebanon 
5807 Crimson Court, Mebane, NC 27302 

Thomas, Ginger A. (Ginger) [PE] Durham: Epworth Associate 

3002 Hope Valley Road, Durham, NC 27707 (919) 489-6557 

Thomas, Wayne E. (Wayne) [RE] 

PO Box 2784, Washington, NC 27889-2784 (252) 946-9566 

Thompson, Donna (Donna) [PE] Rockingham: Mt. Zion-Walls Chapel Charge 

213 W. Sunset Drive, Red Springs, NC 28377 (910) 843-3895 

Thompson, Geiselle (Geiselle) [FE] Raleigh: Leave of absence 

PO Box 434, Cary, NC 27512 (919) 858-9463 

Thompson, James R, Jr. (Jim) [RE] Rockingham 

1004 E Scotsdale Rd., Laurinburg, NC 28352-4249 (910) 276-3227 

Thompson, Leo Clifford (Leo) [RE] 

3404 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27612-8013 (919) 781-1173 

Thompson, Neil H. (Neil) [RE] 

401 Deming Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Thompson, Roger E. (Roger) [RE] Rockingham - Ledbetter 

24340 Cliff Gibson Rd., Laurel Hill, NC 28351-8724 (910) 277-8676 

Thompson, RoscoeWm. (Ross) [FE] Durham: Grace-CaVel 

313 Church St., Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-5183 

Thornton-Irvine, Janet G. (Jan) [FD] DU: Resurrection 

4705 Old Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, NC 27707 (919) 489-6552 

Tilley, Robert C. (Bob) [PM] Elizabeth City: Manns Harbor Charge 

PO Box 95, Manns Harbor, NC 27953 (252) 473-3881 

Tingle, James Arthur (James) [RE] New Bern 

P.O. Box 516, Hartsel, CO 80449-0516 (719) 837-2660 

Titus, Linda (Linda) [PL] Greenville: Warren Chapel 

101 Tucker Lane, Washington, NC 27885 (252) 946-5895 

Tosto, James Edward (Jim) [AM] Goldsboro: Hickory Grove 

206 Lake Pines Dr., La Grange, NC 28551 (252) 566-2158 

Treihart, Charles M. (Charles) [RL] 

822 Billy Hicks Rd., Roxboro, NC 27573 (336) 599-7437 

Tripp, Bennie Joseph (Bennie) [FL] Rocky Mount: Northampton 

PO Box 767, Jackson, NC 27845-0767 (252) 578-5788 

Trotter, J. Albert (Al) [FE] Burlington: Incapacity Leave 

427 Glenwood Ave., Burlington, NC 27215 (336) 229-1855 

Troy, Angelo McKinley (Angelo) [FL] Rockingham: Red Springs: Rhyne Memorial 

P O Box 693, Red Springs, NC 28377-0693 " (910) 843-2752 


Clergy Members 

Tucker, C. Clyde (Clyde) [RE] 

1401 Zebulon Rd. South, Zebulon, NC 27597-8296 (919) 269-4843 

Tucker, Stuart (Stuart) [FE] Durham: Leave of Absence 

3600 Barcelona, Durham, NC 27707 (919) 489-8023 

Tysinger, Richard M. (Rick) [FE] Sanford: Merritts Chapel 

5636 Deep River Road, Sanford, NC 27330 (919) 774-9741 

Tyson, Aaron G. (Aaron) [RE] Goldsboro 

104 Courtland PI., Goldsboro, NC 27534 (919) 778-1475 

Tyson, Bobby P., Jr. (Bobby) [FE] Wilmington: Lake Waccamaw 

204 Nancy St., Lake Waccamaw, NC 28450-1936 (910) 646-3538 

Tyson, Bobby P., Sr. (Bobby) {RE] Fayetteville: Trinity 

1141 Chestnut Wood Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28314 (910) 426-7977 

Tyson, John H. (John) [FE] Fayetteville: Hay Street 

P.O.Box 456, Fayetteville, NC 28302 (910) 483-2343 

Tyson, M. Eugene (Gene) [FE] Wilmington: Harbor 

4853 Masonboro Loop, Wilmington, NC 28409 (910) 452-7202 

Tyson, Vernon C. (Vernon) [RE] 

900 Williamson Dr., Raleigh, NC 27608-2352 (919) 832-7176 

Upton, John Pendleton (John) [PM] Burlington: Milton 

215 N. Cameron St., Hillsborough, NC 27278 (919) 732-4386 

Varden, John G. (John) [OP] Burlington: University -Assoc. 

623 Hunter St., Apex, NC 27502 (919) 303-2707 

Vaughan, Richard C. (Richard) [FE] Wilmington: Camp 

PO Box 776, Shallotte, NC 28459-0776 (910) 754-4840 

Vaughn, Stephen W., II (Stephen) [FD] Greenville: St. James 

2000 E 6th St., Greenville, NC 27858-2915 (252) 752-6154 

Vickers, Hope A. (Hope) [FE] Fayetteville: Cumberland 

2041 Wood Duck Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304-5690 (910) 425 -4145 

Vieregg, Carla Scanlan (Carla) [FE] Fayetteville: EXTMIN 

9662 Timber Hawk Cir., Apt. 26, Littleton, CO 80126-7146 (720) 404-5421 

Vinson, Nina Paul (Nina Paul) [PL] Greenville: Noble's Chapel 

P O Box 238, Maury, NC 28554 (252) 747-5742 

VonCanon, Mary Leigh (Mary) [RE] 

170 North Page St., Southern Pines, NC 28387 (910) 692-5004 

Wade, David C. (David) [FE] Fayetteville: Camp Ground 

4625 Camp Ground Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28314 (910) 867-9436 

Waggoner, James Milan (Jim) [RE] 

3212 Barker Place, Raleigh, NC 27604-2456 (919) 850-9102 


Clervy Members 

Walker Jones, Kelli (Kelli) [FE] RA: Assoc. Dir. of Sustaining Pastoral Excellence 
421 5 Arbutus Dr., Raleigh, NC 27612 (919)510-0369 

Wall, C. Arthur (Arthur) [FE] Greenville: Incapacity Leave 

217 Blair Dr., Angier, NC 27501 (919) 639-7651 

Wall, Lynn T. (Lynn) [RE] Wilmington 

7323 Rabbitt Hollow Dr., Wilmington, NC 28411 (910) 798-0426 

Wallace, Robert L. (Bob) [RE] 

3102 Green Hill Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919) 309-2753 

Walters, Norma (Norma) [FE] Durham: Mt. Zion 

7272 Hurdle Mills Rd., Hurdle Mills, NC 27541-9424 (336) 364-2317 

Walton, Brenda Crawford (Brenda) [FE] Durham: Rougemont Charge 

8009 Bunny Road, Rougemont, NC 27572-9195 (919) 245-0015 

Ward, Herman Nathan, Jr. (Herman) [FE] Burlington: Hillsborough 

130 WTryon St., Hillsborough, NC 27278-2552 ' (919) 732-3460 

Ward, Hope Morgan (Hope) [FE] Raleigh: District Superintendent 

P. O. Box 10955, Raleigh, NC 27605-0955 (919) 834-5100 

Ward, Richard L. (Rick) [FE] Goldsboro: Saulston 

5014 Wayne Mem. Dr., Goldsboro, NC 27534 (919) 778-5231 

Ward, Shirley Acker (Shirley) [AM] Goldsboro: Brogden 

5014 Wayne Memorial Drive, Goldsboro, NC 27534 (919) 778-5231 

Warren, Clarence Lee (Clarence) [RE] Fayetteville 

1000 Wesley Pines Road, Lumberton, NC 28358 (910) 618-1464 

Warren, D. Ray, Jr. (Ray) [FE] Burlington: Orange 

1220 Airport Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27514-6600 ' (919)942-2825 

Warren, H. Robert (Bob) [RE] 

917 Keiths Rd., Knightdale, NC 27545-8400 (919) 266-6931 

Warren, James H. (James) [RE] Greenville 

4343 Lebanon Rd # T1123, Hermitage, TN 37076-1223 (615) 871-8179 

Warren, James I., Jr. (Jim) [RE] 

350 Crum Dr., Lake Junaluska, NC 28745-9719 (828) 452-0782 

Warren, W. Arthur, Jr. (Arthur) [FE] Goldsboro: Benson 

P. O. Box 72, Benson, NC 27504-0072 (919) 894-3028 

Warren, W. Donald (Donald) [FE] Wilmington: Elizabethtown:Trinity 

2106 Second Ave., Elizabethtown, NC 28337-9541 (910) 862-3654 

Waters, Denise Conner (Denise) [FD] Burlington: Asst. Chaplain - Croasdaile Village 
2600 Croasdaile Farm Pkway., Durham, NC 27705-3899 (919) 384-3521 

Watson, Debra Starling (Debra) [FE] Elizabeth City: Incapacity Leave 

806 McConnell Avenue, Eden, NC 27288-6416 (336) 623-5912 


C/eroy Members 

Watson, H. Langill (Langill) [RE] Rocky Mount 

3620 Westridge Circle Dr., Rocky Mount, NC 27804-3331 (252) 443-0057 

Way, Robert B., Jr. (Bob) [PL] Sanford: Mt. Zion-Hickory Mtn.-Ebenezer 

20 Birchwood Drive, Pittsboro, NC 27312-8726 (919) 542-6710 

Weaver, James T, Jr. (Jimmy) [FE] Sanford: Smyrna 

203 Smyrna Church Rd., Robbins, NC 27325 (910) 464-3542 

Weaver, Walter P. (Walter) [RE] 

623 Rockingham Rd., Lakeland, FL 33809-4004 (863) 859-5280 

Webb-Bowden, Julia (Julia) [FE] Durham: NC Dir., Society of St. Andrew 

P.O. Box 25081, Durham, NC 27702-5081 (919) 683-3011 

Weber, Michael D. (Mike) [FE] Durham: Fletcher's Chapel 

2034 Fletchers Chapel Rd., Durham, NC 27703-2820 (919) 688-4850 

Weinrich, Luise Katharine (Luise) [FE] Raleigh: Leave of Absence 

377 Rector Place, Apt. 4J, New York, NY 10280-1434 (212) 227-8683 

Weisser, William J. (Bill) [FD] Raleigh: Edenton Street 

228 W Edenton St., Raleigh, NC 27603-1714 (919) 832-7536 

Wells, Benjamin E. (Benjamin) [PM] Fayetteville: Chaplain, Methodist College 

238 Meadowcroft Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28311-1627 (910) 482-3873 

Wells, William M., Jr. (Bill) [RE] 

PO Box 445, Laurinburg, NC 28353-0445 (910) 276-0035 

Wells, Woodrow W., Jr. (Woody) [FE] Raleigh: Cary:First 

117 S. Academy St., Cary, NC 27511-3301 (919) 467-1861 

Wenberg, John W., Jr. (John) [FE] Rocky Mount: Wilson: Winstead 

1719 Waterford Dr., Wilson, NC 27896 (252) 243-6767 

Werner, Marc H. (Marc) [FL] Rockingham: Fairmont: Trinity-Olivet 

307 Trinity St., Fairmont, NC 28340 (910) 628-7427 

Wesley, Luther V. (Luther) [RA] Rockingham 

PO Box 954, Creedmoor, NC 27522-0954 (919) 528-1131 

West, Pearl G. (Pearl) [RE] New Bern 

231 Pinners Point Rd., Beaufort, NC 28516 (252) 728-7353 

West, Thaddeus C, Jr. (T. C.) [RL] Goldsboro: Beston-Walker Memorial 

144 Mark Edwards Rd., La Grange NC 28551-7542 (919) 778-0428 

Wethington, Mark W. (Mark) [FE] Sanford: Southern Pines 

175 Midland Rd., Southern Pines, NC 28387-3311 (910) 692-3518 

Whitaker, Karen H. (Karen) [FE] Raleigh: Genesis 

850 High House Rd., Cary, NC 27513-3507 (919) 467-2128 

White, Christian (Christian) [RE] 

10 Aldersgate Court, Durham, NC 27705 (919) 384-2021 


Clergy Members 

White, Clinton Lane (Clint) [PL] Greenville: Sharon 

4247 Daughety White Rd., Kinston, NC 28501 (252) 523-7811 

White, Dena McFarland (Dena) [FE] Rockingham: Family Leave 
P.O. Box 264, Norman, NC 28367 

White, John H. (John) [RE] Raleigh 

7213 Nicholson Ct, Raleigh, NC 27616-5697 (919) 878-8579 

White, Susan Harris (Susan) [PE] Durham: Helena 

216 Helena - Moriah Road, Timberlake, NC 27583 (336) 364-2199 

White, Valerie L. (Val) [SP] Rocky Mount: Mt. Pleasant/Middlesex 

104 Spinel Lane, Knightdale, NC 27545 (919) 266-9247 

Whitley, Edgar Earl (Ed) [RE] Elizabeth City 

100 Sawgrass Bend, Virginia Beach, VA 23451-6533 (757) 425-0484 

Whittaker, James D. (Jim) [SP] Sanford: Bonlee Charge 

115 Al Davis Rd., Bear Creek, NC 27207 (919)837-5389 

Wiggins, Carson O. (Carson) [RE] Burlington 

2137 Brucewood Rd., Haw River, NC 27258 (336) 578-7545 

Wilburn, William Joseph (Joe) [FE] Burlington: Mt. Hermon 

3363 Southern High-Mt. Hermon, Graham, NC 27253 (336) 437-9673 

Wilkerson, Richard Phillip (Rick) [FE] Raleigh: First-Cary 

117 South Academy St., Cary, NC 27511 (919) 467-1861 

Wilkinson, Howard M. (Hank) [RE] Rocky Mount 

4691 Jackson By-Pass Rd., Garysburg, NC 27831-9526 (252) 536-3528 

Wilkinson, Scott Taylor (Scott) [FE] Greenville: Dir. of Wesley Foundation, ECU 
1221 Windbrooke Dr., Grimesland, NC 27837 (252) 353-5886 

Willard, Nancy (Nancy) [PL] Rockingham: Laurinburg: First -Assoc. 

101 W. Church Street, Laurinburg, NC 28352 (910) 276-1592 

Williams, David Bennett (Ben) [PE] Raleigh: Millbrook - Contemporary Worship 
1712 E. Millbrook Rd., Raleigh, NC 27609 (919) 876-0865 

Williams, James A. (Jimmy) [RE] 

PO Box 489, Louisburg, NC 27549 (919) 340-1653 

Williams, James E. (Jim) [FE] Goldsboro: Bethel (Wayne Co.) 

295 LaGrange Rd., LaGrange, NC 28551 (919) 778-3502 

Williams, John E. (Johnny) [FE] Greenville: Leave of Absence 

504 Golfers Ln., Nashville, NC 27856-1652 (252) 478-4608 

Williams, Kristen Driscoll (Kris) [PE] Rocky Mount: Hornes-Sims-Gold Valley 

165 W. Homes Church Road, Wilson, NC 27896 (252) 937-6167 

Williams, Richard J. (Richard) [FD] Goldsboro: Smithfield:Centenary 

410 South Fourth Street, Smithfield, NC 27577-3916 (919) 934-8915 


C/croy Members 

Williams, Samuel A., Jr. (Skip) [FE] Wilmington: Southport: Trinity 

3291 Beaver Creek Dr., Southport, NC 28461 (910) 253-7965 

Williams, Terry Michael (Terry) [AM] Elizabeth City: Plymouth 

P.O. Box 734, Plymouth, NC 27962-0734 (252) 793-2549 

Williams, William F. (Bill) [FE] Sanford: Love Joy-Macedonia 

2656 Love Joy Road, Troy, NC 27371 (910) 572-1540 

Williford, George Bertram (George) [PL] Fayetteville: Leslie 

PO Box 3, Godwin, NC 28344-0003 (910) 980-1038 

Williford, Gladys R. (Gladys) [RE] Greenville 

PO Box 7322, Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502 (770) 965-2427 

Willingham, Malcolm Craig (Mac) [FE] Rockingham: Clinical Chap. /Counselor 

P.O. Box 517, Rockingham, NC 28380 (910) 895-1497 

Willis, Betty B. (Betty) [PL] Rocky Mount: York-Bethlehem 

PO Box 353, Littleton, NC 27850 (252) 586-2799 

Willis, James R. (Rusty) [FL] New Bern: Beaufort: Ann St. -Assoc. 

417 Ann St., Beaufort, NC 28516 (252) 728-4279 

Wilson, A. J., Ill (Jack) [RE] 

308 Laurel Lane, Lookout Mountain, TN 37350-1148 (423) 821-8117 

Wilson, Ben H., Ill (Ben) [RE] 

PO Box 73, West End, NC 27376-0073 (910) 673-4556 

Wilson, Claude T. (Claude) [RE] Greenville: Woodington 

280 Gray Rd., Vanceboro, NC 28586-8100 (252) 244-0028 

Wilson, G. David (David) [ROF] Burlington: Yanceyville 

857 Milton Hwy., Ringgold, VA 24586 (804) 822-7127 

Wilson, James L. (Jim) [FE] Greenville: St. James 

211 East St. James Street, Tarboro, NC 27886 (252) 823-3783 

Wilson, Jenny H. (Jenny) [FE] Raleigh: Knightdale 

PO Box 83, Knightdale, NC 27545-0083 (919) 266-2373 

Wilson, Kelly J., Jr. (Kelly) [RE] 

2406 W Club Blvd., Durham, NC 27705-3125 (919)286-4734 

Wilson-Parsons, C. Scott (Scott) [FE] Elizabeth City: Pilmoor Memorial 

PO Box 65, Currituck, NC 27929 (252) 232-2136 

Wilson-Parsons, Mary Jane (Mary Jane) [FE] EC: Coord., Sexual Ethics Concerns 
102 A Coinjock Village Dr., Barco, NC 27917 (877) 603-8816 

Wingfield, Neal Eddins (Neal) [FE] Goldsboro: Brownings-Smith Chapel 

6490 Mt.Olive Hwy, Mount Olive, NC 28365-7932 (910) 594-1445 

Wingo, Brian W. (Brian) [FE] Durham: Pleasant Green 

3005 Pleasant Green Rd., Durham, NC 27705-7134 (919) 383-2339 


Clergy Members 

Winstead, Arthur W. (Art) [RE] 

130 Renwick Ct, Raleigh, NC 27615-2978 (919) 847-7920 

Winston, Joseph A., Ill (Jay) [FE] Fayetteville: Salem 

2171 Middle Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28312 (910) 483-8959 

Wise, Denny C. (Denny) [FE] Durham: Oxford 

415 Hancock St., Oxford, NC 27565 (919) 693-3237 

Wise, Gilliam P. (Gil) [FE] Fayetteville: Solid Rock 

P O Box 605, Olivia, NC 28368-0605 (919) 498-2139 

Witt, Peggy O. (Peg) [FE] New Bern: Trenton-Maple Grove 

PO Box 520, Trenton, NC 28585 (252) 448-7891 

Witt, William J., Jr. (Bill) [RE] 

112 Monterey Lane, Durham, NC 27713-2518 (919) 806-2783 

Wittman, Raymond Karl (Ray) [FE] Greenville: Washington: First 

P. O. Box 714, Washington, NC 27889 (252) 946-2539 

Wolfe, William L. (Bill) [RE] 

714 Wendy Drive, Graham, NC 27253 (336) 570-1595 

Womack, LaVerne B., Jr. (Verne) [FE] Rockingham: Incapacity Leave 

10760 Taylor Road, Laurinburg, NC 2835 (910) 610-1248 

Womack, Leslie C. (Leslie) [DR] Rockingham 

10760 Taylor Road, Laurinburg, NC 28352 (910) 610-1248 

Womack, Samuel J. (Samuel) [RE] Fayetteville 

217 Vivian Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28311-1433 (910) 822-0593 

Wong, Heather Herrin (Heather) [FL] Rocky Mount: Englewood -Assoc. 

1001 Turnstone Dr., Rocky Mount, NC 27803 (252) 407-7942 

Wood, Andrew B. (Andy) [PL] Fayetteville: Sampson Charge 

PO Box 216, Salemburg, NC 28385-0216 (910) 525-5138 

Wood, Samuel L. (Sam) [RE] Goldsboro 

3102 Cashwell Dr., Unit 63, Goldsboro, NC 27534-4412 (919) 778-8135 

Wood, Toni L. (Toni) [FL] Elizabeth City: Newland 

1686 Morgans Corner Rd., Elizabeth City, NC 27909 (252) 771-2265 

Woodard, John R., Jr. (John) [FE] Fayetteville: Victory 

2005 Camden Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28306 (910) 484-3390 

Woodcock, Eldon G. (Woody) [RE] 

Gen. Delivery, Glen Spey, NY 12737 (845) 856-1150 

Woodhouse, Andrea Reese (Andi) [FE] Burlington: Chapel Hill: Amity 

102 Dove Street, Carrboro, NC 27510-1411 (919) 968-6981 

Woodhouse, David William (David) [FE] Burlington: Carrboro 

102 Dove Street, Carrboro NC 27510-1411 (919) 968-6981 


C/croy Members 

Woodrow, Rani Partridge (Rani) [PL] Raleigh: Saint Mark's 

7712 Micklewaithe Ct, Wake Forest, NC 27587 (919) 562-6771 

Wooldridge, Oscar Bailey, Jr. (Oscar) [RE] 

2611 Citrus Lake Dr., #C201 Naples, FL 34109 (941) 598-3613 

Wooten, James Elton (Jimmy) [SP] Rocky Mount: Macon-Wesley Memorial Charge 
PO Box 614, Warrenton, NC 27586 (252) 257-2129 

Workman, Anna Gail (Anna Gail) [DM] 

2114 US Hwy 70, Mebane, NC 27302-9034 (919) 563-3488 

Worley, Matthew (Matthew) [SY] Durham: Stem-Bullock's 

PO Box 10, Stem, NC 27581-0010 (919) 528-1080 

Worley, William Earl (Bill) [RE] 

1700 Hillcrest Drive-West, Wilson, NC 27893 (252) 237-5944 

Worth, Leroy, Sr. (Leroy) [AM] Rockingham: Lumberton: Mt. Olive 

1408 Swallow Dr., Raleigh, NC 27606-2417 (919) 851-6315 

Wray, Edwin (Ed) [ROE] Durham: Massey's Chapel 

1110 Pebble Creek Crossing, Durham, NC 27713 (919) 450-0139 

Wright, Johnnie L. (John) [FE] Raleigh: Westover 

1212 Deboy St., Raleigh, NC 27606-1718 (919) 851-4545 

Wynn, Samuel (Sam) [FE] Raleigh: St. Mark's 

4801 Six Forks Road, Raleigh, NC 27609-5205 (919) 787-0544 

Yelverton, Pernecie C. (P. C.) [RE] 

PO Box 173, Fremont, NC 27830-0173 (919) 242-4655 

Yorkey Compton, Camille (Camille) [FE] Elizabeth City: Incapacity Leave 

7125 Trenton Ridge Court (919) 870-6009 

Young, Emily (Emily) [PL] Elizabeth City: Perkins 

PO Box 185, Woodland, NC 27893 (252) 587-2545 

Yount, John W. (John) [PL/D] Durham: Stovall 

5101 Stagecoach Rd., Oxford, NC 27565-9118 (919) 693-4839 

Yow, William Joseph, Jr. (Joey) [FE] Goldsboro: Four Oaks 

PO Box 177, Four Oaks, NC 27524-0177 (919) 963-2095 

Zamora, Jose Luis (Jose Luis) [OF] Greenville: Grimesland Hispanic Community 
2636 Plumosa Dr., Grimesland, NC 27837-9134 (252) 413-6812 


Conference Program 

• Conference Officers, Cabinet and Staff 

• 2003 Annual Conference Program 

• 2003 Annual Confernce Speaker and Music 

• Rules of Order and Procedure 

• Daily Minutes 

• Business of the Annual Conference 

Conference Proceedings 


Conference Program 


Conference Officers 

President Marion M. Edwards 

Assistant to the Bishop Paul L. Leeland 

Executive Director, Connectional Ministries Charles M. Smith 

Secretary James L. Bryan 

Lay Leader Jeanne Rouse 

Treasurer Sharon E. Strother 

Controller Christine C. Dodson 

Statistician George D. Speake 

President, Conference UMM Mack Parker 

President, Conference UMW Emily Innes 

President, Conference UMYF Ben Adams 

Chancellor Wilson Hay man 

Cabinet Members 

Marion M. Edwards; BU: Rodney G. Hamm; DU: Judi J. Smith; EC: Albert Shuler; 

FA: David O. Malloy; GO: Milton H. Gilbert; GR: Marshal R. Old; NB: Caswell E.. Shaw; 

RA: Hope Morgan Ward; RO: J. Edward Morrison; RM: William C. Simpson, Jr.; 

SA: Jerry Lowry; Wl: Ecwood C. Lancaster 

Extended Cabinet Members 

Charles M. Smith, CCM Executive Director; Paul L. Leeland, Assistant to the Bishop; 

Sharon E. Strother, Conference Treas.-Bus.Mgr. 

Cabinet Consultants 

Stephen C. Compton, Congregational Development Director 

Cabinet Officers 

Dean J. Edward Morrison 

Secretary Milton Gilbert 

Treasurer Judy Smith 

Secretarial Staff Members 

Assistant Conference Secretary Stephen N. Little 

Assistant Secretaries R. Martin Armstrong III, E. Ray Brooks, 

H. Dennis Draper, Jr., Doris T. Fox, Elizabeth H. Hood, 
Todd S. Krueger, James Malloy, Duane R. Partin 

Computer/Home Page Set-ups Douglas Ward 

Bishop's Office Sandy Smith 

Conference Rules J. Alexander Maultsby III 

Conference Secretary's Office Shannon Medlin 

Information Ray T Gooch, Tryon Lancaster 

News Bureau Wlburn L. Norton, Jr., LeeAnne Thornton 

Parliamentarian James H. Coile, Chuck Cook, Assistant 

Registration & Attendance Ray T Gooch 

Transcribing Wanda Casteel, Gayla E. Collins, Minutes Chairperson 

Treasurer's Office Chris Bredbenner, Jennifer Echert, Diana Hunter, Sharon Saige, 

Alison Smith, Caroline Thornton 


Conference Program 



MONDAY, JUNE 2, 2003 


3:00 pm Charlie Rose Expo Center 


Bishop Marion M. Edwards, Presider 

Opening Hymn 
Wellspring Prayer Break 

Word of Challenge Bishop Edwards 

Passing of the Character of the Clergy 

Report of the Board of Ordained Ministry Roger V. Elliott 

3:00 pm Crown Theater 


Wellspring Prayer Break 
Introduction to Laity Nominees 

5:00 pm Crown Arena 

Zan Holmes, Speaker and Cynthia Wlson-Hollins, Music Leader 


7:30 pm Crown Theater 


"Ordained, Commissioned, and Sent Forth for Service" 

Bishop Marion M. Edwards, Presider 

Zan Holmes, Preacher 

(See Worship Bulletin) 

TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 2003 


8:00 am Opening Hymn - And Are We Yet Alive 

Calling the Conference to Order Bishop Edwards 

Organization of the Conference 

1. Roll Call and Motions of Order James L. Bryan 

2. Committee on Conference Rules J. Alex Maultsby, III 

Welcome Marshall Old 

Balloting Procedures for Election of General and 

Jurisdictional Delegates James L. Bryan 



Conference Program 

8:45 am Repentance and Reconciliation Service 

Bishop Marion M. Edwards, Presider 

Zan Holmes, Celebrant 

(Special Offering for Bethea Welcome Center) 

Plenary Session 

10:45 am Recognition of Special Guests Bishop Edwards 

10:50 am Celebration of Ministry and State of The Church Address 

11:30 am CF&A Report R. Carl Frazier, Jr./Sharon E. Strother 

11:45 am Nominations Charles M. Smith 

Order of the Day 

11:50 Wellspring Prayer Break 


1:30 pm Report on First Ballot and Second Ballot taken 

Statistician's Report George Speake 

Board of Ordained Ministry Roger V. Elliott 

Recognition of Extension Ministries Roger V. Elliott 

Relationships among Gen. Agencies/UMC Hope Morgan Ward 

Committee on Resolutions and Reference Report 1 Alan P. Swartz 

Order of the Day 

4:00 pm Board of Laity Report Jeanne Rouse 

United Methodist Men Mack Parker 

United Methodist Women Emily Innes 

United Methodist Youth Ben Adams 

Lay Speaking Ministries Tom Walden 

Outstanding Lay Ministry of theYear Jeanne Rouse 

Order of the Day 

4:45 pm Wellspring Prayer Break 

5:00 pm Adjournment for Laity Banquet 

Vickie Sigmon, Speaker and Jim Hewitt, Music Leader 


Conference Program 


7:30 pm Crown Theater 

Celebration and Worship Service - Missions Festival 

Zan Holmes, Preacher 

(Special Offering for No Hungry Neighbors) 



6:45 am Run/Walk for No Hungry Neighbors 

Order of the Day 

8:00 am Wellspring Prayer Break 

Ballot Report and Ballot Taken 

8:30 am Crown Theater 

MORNING WORSHIP Bishop Marion M. Edwards, Presider 

Zan Holmes, Preacher 

College Presidents Recognition 

Plenary Session 

Golden Cross Rick Vaughan 

Igniting Ministries Bill Norton 

Conference Board of Trustees William C. Simpson, Jr. 

The United Methodist Publishing House Cindy Keen 

Committee on Episcopacy Cashar W Evans, Jr. 

Order of the Day 

10:00 am All Saints Celebration - Memorial Service 

Bishop Marion M. Edwards, Presider 

Dr. Reginald Ponder, Preacher 

12:00 pm Adjournment for Board of Pensions Luncheon 

Crown Theater 

1:15 pm NC Conference Partners in Caring Jerry T. Smith 

Celebration of Clergy Life 

Committee on Incapacity Charles Pollock 

Equitable Compensation Steve Formo 


Conference Program 

Itinerant Clergy Moving Expense Carl Belcher 

Clergy Retiree Recognition William Sherman 

Board of Pensions William Sherman 

Insurance Committee Charles Crutchfield/Gray Southern 

Wellspring David Brownlee 

United Methodist Foundation Lynn James 

Archives & History Vignette Mildred Swain 

Bishops' Inititive on Children and Poverty Sue Ellen Nicholson 

Order of the Day 

5:00 pm Wellspring Prayer Break 


7:30 pm Crown Theater 

Congregational Development Celebration 
(Special offering for Project AGAPE) 



8:00 am Ballot Report and Ballot taken 

Committee on Resolutions and Reference Report 2 Alan P. Swartz 

THE LOVE FEAST Harold Leatherman, Presider 

CF&A, Decision on Budget R. Carl. Frazier, Jr. 

Brief Recess 

10:30 am Order of the Day 

Wellspring Prayer Break 

Worship and Sending Forth 

Fixing of Appointments and Sending Forth Bishop Edwards, Presider 

Closing Hymn - God Be With You Till We Meet Again 




Conference Program 

Zan Holmes 

Zan Holmes offers exceptional leadership across The United Methodist 
Church as preeminent preacher, teacher, writer, civic leader and social activist. 
He was born in San Angelo, Texas, and educated at 
Huston-Tillotson College in Austin and Perkins School of 
Theology at Southern Methodist Univeristy. He has served 
as pastor and district superintendent in Dallas and as 
adjunct professor of preaching at Perkins. He will be 
familiar to Disciple alumni as narrator of the Disciple Bible 
Study video series. Serving on the Advisory Committee for 
Songs of Zion and Come Sunday , he has given significant 
leadership to our shared worship life. His civic awards 
include recognitions for human relations, civil rights, 
humanitarian work, and peacemaking. He served as SAte 
Representative in the Texas legislature from 1968-74, representing a portion of 
Dallas County. At the end of 28 years as pastor of St. Luke Community United 
Methodist Church in Dallas, he retired. He is married to Carrie Collins. He 
continues to teach and preach and serve across the global connection of The 
United Methodist Church. 

Cynthia Wilson-Hollins 

The Rev. Cynthia A. Wilson-Hollins, the Pastor 
of Music, Worship, and Communications at Ben Hill 
United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, is also a 
popular lecturer, preacher, teacher, conductor and 
concert artist. Prior to serving at Ben Hill, she was the 
Minister of Music for six years at Hamilton Park United 
Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas, where she was also 
an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University. 
She is a native of New Orleans and a graduate of Dillard 
University. Rev. Wilson-Hollins is also a graduate of the Southern Methodist 
University Perkins School of Theology. In February of 2000. 

Rev. Wilson-Hollins' recording credits include collaborations with Lionel 
Hampton, Melba Moore, Shirley Caesar, Edwin and Tramaine Hawkins, and the 
late Rev. James Cleveland. 

She has traveled in Europe (including a memorable Copenhagan tour), 
Africa, Asia and the United States, singing everything from Handel to Mahalia 
Jackson. In 1998, she sang at a benefit concert for Africa University at Carnegie 
Hall in New York, an event sponsored by the church's New York Annual Conference. 
Rev. Wilson-Hollins was the Music Director for the 2000 General 
Conference, the United Methodist Church's top legislative body. The conference 
was held in Cleveland, Ohio, May 2-12, 2000. She was co-director of music for the 
General Conference held in Denver in 1 996. 

She is married to the Rev. McCallister Hollins and they are the proud parents 
of five children and two grandchildren. 


Conference Kales 


Section I: Rules of Order 

1. Robert's Rules of Order shall apply to any situation not covered by these rules. 

2. A member may speak only once on any motion until all who desire to speak have 
done so; and then he/she may speak only one additional time. 

3. The chairperson of an agency (or someone designated by him/her) shall be allowed 
to speak last on his/her report even though the previous questions have been ordered. 

4. Speeches shall be limited to five (5) minutes except by consent of the Conference. 

5. If any part of these rules conflict with The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist 
Church, the Discipline shall prevail. 

6. The Rules of Order and Procedure for the North Carolina Annual Conference of The 
United Methodist Church shall apply to the Annual Conference as regularly scheduled 
and to all called sessions of the Conference. 

Section II: Voting 

1. Voting shall be by "yes or no" or by a "show of hands" or by "standing" at the 
discretion of the chair. 

2. A count vote may be ordered or called by any member of the Conference supported 
by one-fifth (1/5) of the members present and voting. The chair may call for a count 
vote if he/she is in doubt as to the outcome of the vote. 

3. All votes shall be cast in the bar of the Conference. The bar of the Conference shall 
be determined by the Conference at the beginning of the first session. 

Section III: Election of Delegates to General and Jurisdictional 

1. The election of clerical delegates shall be by secret ballot. (Each person eligible to 
vote shall indicate his/her choice of names for the places ordered by the chair on 
the secret ballot without prior nomination, with balloting to continue until a majority 
is received by sufficient persons to fulfill the needed number of delegates.) 

2. a. Any lay person who is a member of The United Methodist Church of the North 

Carolina Conference who wishes to be a nominee may submit a resume, not to 
exceed 200 words. Resumes may also be submitted on behalf of a prospective 

b. Consent of the nominee should be obtained after the nominee has been 
informed of the duties of a delegate. 

c. Any lay member of a Church in the NC Conference may be voted for whether a 
resume is submitted or not. 

d. Resumes should be mailed to the Conference lay leader by April 1 of the year 
prior to the upcoming General and Jurisdictional Conferences. 

e. The list of nominees and their resumes will be prepared and distributed by the 
Conference Commission on Laity at the District Briefings or be mailed with the 
Book of Reports. 

f. The election of lay delegates shall be by secret ballot as above. Electors may 
vote for any eligible person, whether nominated as above or not. 

3. All votes shall be cast upon the official ballots authorized by the Conference. 

4. Ballots shall be numbered consecutively and only ballots with the number 
announced by the chair shall be valid. Defaced ballots will not be valid. (If a 
member defaces a ballot, he/she may exchange it for a new one at the secretary's 

5. Each member will place his/her own ballot in the ballot box held by a teller. 

6. Different colored ballots will be provided for lay and clerical members. 

7. The names of persons receiving less than ten (10) votes shall not be reported to 


Conference Rules 

the Conference. 

8. Five alternates to Jurisdictional Conference shall be elected. 

9. A ballot will be considered invalid in the following cases: 

a. Any electronic ballot which is not marked clearly and darkly with a number 2 lead 
pencil. (Any the scanner will not read.) 

b. More or less than the number of votes permitted on that particular ballot. 

c. Voting for a person already elected. 

d. Voting for someone not eligible. 

e. Voting twice for the same person. 

Section IV: Conference Structure 

1. The Bishop, Cabinet and Nominating Committee shall determine the size of, and 
nominate the members of all Boards, Agencies, Commissions, Committees, and 
Ministry Groups authorized by the General Conference, the Southeastern Jurisdic- 
tional Conference, and this Conference, except in those cases where the Discipline 
or the Annual Conference directs otherwise. 

2. Near the end of each quadrennium, the representatives of all Boards, Agencies, 
Commissions, Committees, and Ministry Groups shall submit a list of qualified, 
suggested nominees to the Nominations Committee for their consideration in the 
formation of new Boards, Agencies, Commissions, Committees, and Ministry Groups. 

3. Recommendations and Nominations shall be subject to the approval of the Annual 

4. A. At the beginning of each quadrennium all boards, agencies, commissions, 

committees, and ministry groups shall elect their officers only after all their 
members have been notified of the organizational meeting. A member of the 
Cabinet or the Conference Staff (designated by the Cabinet) shall serve as the 
convening officer for the organizational meeting. 

B. All elections in the boards and agencies of the North Carolina Annual Conference 
shall be by written, secret ballot of those present and eligible to vote. Nominations 
from the floor may be made. 

C. Tenure for membership for all persons on boards, agencies, commissions, 
committees, and ministry groups shall be four years with possibility of re- 
election for a second four year term. 

5. The membership of the Annual Conference is to be as outlined in the complete Lay/ 
Clergy Equalization Plan found in the 1991 Journal pages 400 - 401. 

6. The Conference structure is diagramed on page 185 in the 2000 Journal. 
The North Carolina Annual Conference will organize its ministry, as follows: 

A. Structure Monitoring Group 

A group will be established for the purpose of evaluating the conference structure 
for effectiveness. It will also ensure that the Conference Rules are accurate in the 
description of the structure of the Annual Conference, making proposals for change as 
structure evolves. This group will be elected by the Annual Conference and made up of 
seven people, four of whom are not serving within the Conference Structure. 

B. North Carolina Conference Connectional Table 

1 . The Connectional Table will be the link among the circles of ministry. Its 
purpose is to provide a place for joint planning and problem-solving, to discern the 
vision for mission and ministry for the North Carolina Conference, and to strengthen the 
connection between the Annual Conference and the local church. The Connectional 
Table is linked to the Annual Conference Session. The Annual Conference Session will 
have the responsibility of hearing the Connectional Table's vision, and either affirming 
that vision or setting forward an alternate proposal. 

2. Membership: Meeting on a quarterly basis, the Connectional Table will be 


Conference Kales 

made up of 31 people - 3 representatives from each circle of ministry, 12 at-large 
members selected by the Conference Committee on Nominations, and elected by vote 
of the Annual Conference, the Bishop, 2 District Superintendents, and the Executive 
Director of Connectional Ministries. At-large members will ensure connecting links 
between districts and local churches and the Connectional Table. Membership in the 
Connectional Table will be for four-year terms, with one quarter of the table changing 
each year. The Conference Committee on Nominations will meet once each year to 
nominate representatives to the Conference Connectional Table and to the five circles of 
ministry. Openings occurring during the year due to moves, resignations and other 
reasons will be filled by the Bishop and Cabinet. The Committee on Nominations will be 
made up of one representative of the monitoring and accountability group, the 12 
District Superintendents, 12 others to be nominated by the bishop (at least 75% of 
whom should be laity), and the Bishop will also serve as convener. 

C. Five Circles of Ministry 
The agencies, boards and commissions defined by the Book of Discipline will organize 
themselves according to the requirements outlined in the current Book of Discipline and 
will connect through the circles of ministry. Ministry areas not prescribed by the Book of 
Discipline will be organized by the circles of ministry, using task forces or standing 
groups to plan and implement ministry and mission. Circles of ministry will organize, 
plan, lead, and evaluate, as they live out the vision embraced by the Conference. 
Circles of ministry are accountable to the Connectional Table for holding up and living 
out the vision affirmed by the Annual Conference, and for faithfully presenting ministry 
needs to the Connectional Table. Each circle of ministry will organize itself and will 
determine its schedule of meetings, meeting at least once a year during the conference 

Membership in the five circles of ministry will be for one four-year term with the option to 
extend for an additional four-year term, using staggered classes to provide continuity 
within the ministry area. 

1. Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development Circle 

This circle of ministry will encompass the work of all Christians (lay and ordained), 
taking care to carry forward the work of Christian nurture and spiritual formation, 
including the work of the United Methodist Youth. 

2. Mission Development Circle 

This circle of ministry will carry forward the work of witness, outreach/missions, and social 
justice, including the work of the United Methodist Women and United Methodist Men. 

3. Episcopal Circle 

This circle of ministry will encompass the work of the bishop and cabinet, annual 
conference program, ecumenism, Christian unity, congregational development, monitor- 
ing and accountability, and nominations. 

4. Resource Ministries Circle 

This circle of ministry will encompass the work of the treasurer's office, insurance, 
disability, trustees, pensions, equitable compensation, finance and administration. 

5. Communications Circle 

This circle of ministry will carry forward the work of archives and history, information 
systems, publications, electronic reporting, and the linking of the local church, the 
annual conference, and the world. 

7. There shall be a director of ministerial relations/assistant to the bishop with such 
duties and responsibilities as determined by the Annual Conference or assigned by the 
presiding bishop. 

8. The Conference Secretary: 

A. The position of Conference Secretary shall be continued on a part-time basis 
with those duties stipulated by The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church 


Conference Rules 

and the North Carolina Annual Conference, with adequate funding provided. 

B. The Conference Secretary shall be elected at the beginning of each 
Quadrennium, at the first session of the Annual Conference following The General 
Conference of The United Methodist Church. 

C. The responsibilities of the Conference Secretary shall be defined as specified 
by the Annual Conference of 1973 (Conference Journal 1973, pages 289-290). 

9. The Conference Statistician: 

A. The position of Conference Statistician shall be continued on a part-time basis 
with those duties stipulated by The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, 
with adequate funding provided. 

B. The Conference Statistician shall be elected at the beginning of each 
Quadrennium, at the first session of the Annual Conference following The General 
Conference of The United Methodist Church. 

10. Compensation: The Council on Finance and Administration shall determine, subject 
to the approval of the Conference, the compensation given officers for their services and 
also, the method and amount for meeting expenses of said officers. The Conference 
treasurer shall pay these amounts. 

11. The Conference Lay Leader: The Conference Lay Leader shall be elected quadrenni- 
ally, at the first session of the Annual Conference following General Conference on 
nomination by the Bishop and Cabinet and the Executive Committee of the Board of Laity. 
Should a vacancy occur at any other time it would be filled by the same procedure, with 
the nominee serving as lay leader until a leader is elected at the next Annual Confer- 
ence. The Conference Lay Leader shall serve as the chairperson of the Commission on 

12. Committees and Boards: 

A. The Conference Board of Trustees shall meet periodically at times and places 
designated by the Board at least twice a year. The annual meeting shall be held either 
at Annual Conference or within 30 days prior thereto. 

B. There shall be a Program Committee of the Annual Conference consisting of 
the resident Bishop, Assistant to the Bishop, the Conference Secretary, Conference 
Treasurer, the host district superintendent, the Conference lay leader, the Conference 
president of the UMM, UMWthe UMY, the Executive Director of Connectional Ministries, 
and others as selected by the resident Bishop as deemed appropriate. The Committee 
shall determine the compensation and expense for invited speakers and this shall be 
paid from the Annual Conference expense fund. The Committee may also make a 
recommendation for a site for holding the Annual Conference. 

C. The Cabinet will designate a district each year on a rotating basis as the host 
district which will be responsible for ushers, flowers, and other related items of hospitality. 

D. There shall be a Committee on Memoirs composed of the Conference Secre- 
tary, and the district superintendents. They are charged with the responsibility of 
providing for all details of the memorial service. The Conference Secretary shall serve 
as its chairperson. 

E. There shall be a Committee on Daily Minutes elected each year to examine 
and edit the daily minutes of the sessions of the Conference. 

F. There shall be a Committee on Appeals appointed quadrennially, composed of 
five members whose duties shall be to hear appeals from the decisions of the several 
District Boards of Church Location and Building, or any other questions that may 
properly come before it. 

G There shall be a Committee on Rules which shall provide to the Conference a 
document of Rules of Order and Procedure and the policies and standing rules and 
structure that the Conference from time to time shall adopt for its functioning. This 
document shall be presented to each Annual Conference. 


Conference Kales 

H. There shall be a Committee on Resolutions and Reference which shall sched- 
ule all resolutions for consideration by the Annual Conference, including resolutions 
from boards and agencies printed in The Conference Program, Recommendations and 
Reports. This scheduling will not constitute a recommendation for approval, disapproval 
or referral of such a resolution. Any resolution not in Conference publications will be 
reviewed by this committee, which shall recommend to the Annual Conference approval, 
disapproval, or referral to another board or agency. With each report the committee 
shall state the rationale for the recommendation. 

I. There shall be a North Carolina Conference Board of Institutions, Inc. which 
shall have the responsibility, upon consultation with the Conference Commission on 
Higher Education and Campus Ministry, the Conference Commission on Health and 
Human Services, or the North Carolina United Methodist Commission on Outdoor and 
Camping Ministries, Inc., as appropriate, for nominating and electing forty (40) percent 
of all voting members of each of the boards of trustees of the affiliated institutions with 
the exception of The Methodist Retirement Homes, Inc. The North Carolina Annual 
Conference shall elect the trustees of the North Carolina Annual Conference Board of 
Institutions, Inc. in staggered four-year terms. (See 1992 Journal, page 320.) 
13. No person may serve on more than one board of trustees of an institution to which 
trustees are elected by the Conference. 

Section V: Financial Administration 

1. The Conference Treasurer and all others receiving and disbursing funds from our 
Conference shall be required to make audited statements annually, and to print the 
same in the Journal. 

2. The Council on Finance and Administration shall present the budget for adoption by 
the Annual Conference only after all other committees, commissions, boards, and 
agencies having claims on the budget have presented their report. 

3. Each district superintendent shall furnish the Conference Treasurer as early as 
possible following the completion of the Charge Conferences an official copy of the 
amounts budgeted by each local church for Conference apportionments; and a schedule 
of salaries of clergy as budgeted shall be sent to the presiding bishop. 

Section VI: Reports, Resolutions, Motions, and Amendments to Reports 

1. All reports, recommendations, and resolutions to be included in the The Conference 
Program, Recommendations and Reports shall be sent to the Conference Secretary, 
typewritten or in some other form acceptable to the Conference Secretary, and pub- 
lished in the Conference calendar. 

2. Resolutions presented to the Annual Conference, other than those printed in 
conference publications, shall be submitted in writing to the Conference Secretary and 
the chairperson of the Committee on Resolutions and Reference 30 days prior to the 
opening of Annual Conference, to allow review by the secretary and Resolutions and 
Reference Committee, and by all members of the Conference. A resolution is consid- 
ered "presented" to the Annual Conference when it is distributed in Conference publica- 
tions or distributed to members on the floor of the Annual Conference after authorization 
by the Conference Secretary and chairperson of the Resolutions and Reference 
Committee or the Assistant Conference Secretary. The expense for distributed copies 
shall be borne by the agency or person originating the resolution, and all copies 
distributed shall indicate the source of the resolution. No resolution shall be voted on 
unless it has been presented at least 24 hours in advance, and no resolution or revised 
resolution shall be distributed later than the second night of the Annual Conference 
session. All resolutions shall be referred to the Resolutions and Reference Committee, 
and this Committee shall report to the Annual Conference daily. 


Conference Rules 

3. Motions presented to the Annual Conference and amendments to motions shall be 
in writing and placed in the hands of the Conference Secretary prior to or immediately 
following presentation. 

4. Any report, recommendation, resolution, or motion requiring funding beyond the 
Conference budget as presented by the Council on Finance and Administration shall be 
submitted in writing to the Conference Secretary with copies for all the lay and clergy 
members of the Conference. Such report, recommendation, resolution, or motion shall 
be presented to the Annual Conference on one day and considered the next day. No 
such report, recommendation, resolution, or motion shall be distributed later than the 
second night of the Conference. All such reports, recommendations, resolutions, or 
motions shall be referred to the Conference Council on Finance and Administration. 

Section VII: Pastor's Report to the Annual Conference - Statistics 

1 . Final remittances for the current calendar year shall be made to the Conference 
Council on Finance and Administration. 

2. Each table of the report shall be completed for individual churches. 

3. Table II shall be completed in even dollars only. 

4. Tables I and II shall be printed in the Conference Journal with individual church reports 
and charge totals as compiled by the Conference statistician from the pastor's reports. 

Section VIII: The Conference Journal 

1. The Conference Secretary shall be charged with the responsibility of editing and 
making contracts for the publication of the Conference Journal, in keeping with 
regulations of the General Conference and of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Confer- 
ence. The editor shall have full authority to condense reports, memoirs, and other 
papers when necessary. 

2. One complimentary copy of the Conference Journal, published on a CD shall be 
sent to each of the following: the Conference claimants, the educational and 
church-related institutions of the North Carolina Conference, and lay members of the 
Annual Conference. The Conference Secretary shall have discretionary authority to 
send copies to such other institutions and agencies of the General Church as he/she 
may deem advisable. CD Copies shall be sent to each pastor without charge. 
Hardbound copies may be ordered in advance for a purchase price of $20.00 each. 
Monies accruing from the sale of the Journal shall be deposited with the Conference 
treasurer and credited to the Journal Account. 

3. The Conference shall publish a one volume Journal of the North Carolina Annual 
Conference each year. 

Section IX: Districts 

1 . The number of districts shall be twelve. 

2. Any motion to change the number of districts must be presented in writing, and 
must be considered no sooner than the day following its introduction. Any change in the 
number of districts shall be approved at one annual conference to take effect at the next 
annual conference. 

3. A district conference may be held annually in each district. 

4. The district president, sub-district presidents, and the local church presidents of the 
United Methodist Youth Fellowship shall be delegates to the District Conference, in 
addition to those named by the 1972 Discipline. 

5. The district lay leaders shall be elected annually by the Annual Conference on 
nomination of the district superintendent and the Conference lay leader. 


Conference Kales 

Section X: Displays at the Annual Conference 

Display tables and similar matters shall be allocated by the Conference Secretary only 
to those agencies, boards, commissions, groups or circles of ministry that are officially 
sanctioned by the North Carolina Annual Conference or by the General Conference of 
The United Methodist Church. "Officially sanctioned" is defined as having direct official 
endorsement from the General Conference of the United Methodist Church or the North 
Carolina Annual Conference. 

No board, agency or similar official group granted display space or similar privileges shall 
offer its display space to a group or agency that is not officially sanctioned by the General 
Conference of The United Methodist Church or the North Carolina Annual Conference. 

Space may be provided in a separate "Ministry and Advocacy" area adjacent to the 
meeting place of Annual Conference for groups not officially sanctioned by the North 
Carolina Annual Conference or by the General Conference of The United Methodist 
Church but that are of interest to the members of the Annual Conference. Display tables 
and similar matters related to the Ministry and Advocacy tent shall be allocated by the 
Conference Secretary. 
Section XI: Amendments 

These rules of order and procedure may be amended by a two-thirds vote on the next 
day after a proposed amendment has been presented in writing. 

Section XII: When the Rules Become Effective 

These rules of order and procedure of the North Carolina Annual Conference shall 

become effective immediately upon adoption by the Annual Conference. 

J.Alex Maultsby III, Chairperson 
James L. Bryan, Conference Secretary 


Minutes Conference Rules 


Monday, June 2, 2003, 3:00 p.m. 

Caswell Shaw led the clergy in singing several traditional hymns. Bishop Marion 
M. Edwards called the 178 th session of the North Carolina Annual Conference Executive 
Session to order at 3:00 p.m. This was the 35 th meeting since 1968 of The United Methodist 
Church. He opened the session with prayer and welcomed the clergy and guests to the 
Executive Session. Charles Michael Smith led the singing of "My Hope Is Built". The Bishop 
invited Hope Morgan Ward to lead the Wellspring Prayer Break for the Executive Session. 
Bishop Edwards directed the Executive Session's attention to The Conference Program, 
Recommendations and Reports 2003, pages 138-142. 

Bishop Edwards gave a brief history of The United Methodist Church and 
challenged the pastors to be faithful to their ordination vows. The Bishop then read from 
11365. 5 designating the purpose of the Executive Session as set forth in The Book of 
Discipline. He also quoted from fl605. 6 that states decisions made by the Executive Session 
will apply to the Annual Conference as a whole. Bishop Edwards asked the members to 
be a covenant community. He stated that there are 350 organized covenant communities 
within the North Carolina Conference, which focus on prayer and accountability. He 
encouraged all to become a part of the Wellspring Covenant community. 

The Bishop said that more than 50 clergy persons requested transfer into the 
North Carolina Conference. He noted that all positions were filled with the current members 
of the North Carolina Conference; therefore none of the requests for transfer could be 

Motion: The Bishop explained the voting rights of members in full connection. He 
stated that the Executive Session must grant special permission for visitors to be present. 
The Bishop then requested that a motion be made to allow guests to be present. A motion 
was made, seconded, and approved. 

Passing of the Character of the Clergy: The Bishop explained the purpose and 
meaning of passing the character of the clergy as set forth in fl605. 6. The district 
superintendents stood as Bishop Edwards declared them blameless in their character. 
The Bishop then passed the character of the district superintendents. The Bishop then 
called for the vote to approve the conduct of the district superintendents, and they were 

Bishop Edwards acknowledged that not all the district superintendents would be 
able to affirm the character of all the clergy in their districts, for there are complaints against 
some clergy. The district superintendents were called upon to pass the character of the 
clergy in their respective districts. The Elizabeth City District and Goldsboro District each 
have a complaint filed against one clergy person. The Raleigh District Superintendent 
reported complaints filed against two clergy. The remaining nine district superintendents 
reported nothing against the clergy of their districts. Paul Stallsworth, NB: St. Peter's/ 
Broad Creek asked what the natures of the charges were. The Bishop responded that 
there were no doctrinal or teaching matters but issues dealing with harassment and 
supervision of staff. Several complaints were resolved by the surrender of credentials. 
With the exception of the four clergy with unresolved complaints, the Bishop asked the 
Executive Session to pass the character of the clergy of the North Carolina Annual 
Conference. They were passed. 

Report of the Board of Ordained Ministry: Bishop Edwards expressed 
appreciation to the Board of Ordained Ministry for their work. He then called Roger Elliott, 
chairperson of the Board, to present the report. 

Elliott directed the attention of the Executive Session to the ERRATA sheet and to 
the Annual Report of the Board of Ordained Ministry. He thanked Paul Leeland and his 
staff for their work. Elliott gave a brief description of the tasks of each committee on the 



Board of Ordained Ministry. Dr. Burt Lucas was introduced as the person who administers 
the psychological tests. 

The Executive Session was directed to page 3 for the election of the members of 
the Board of Managers, Pastors' School & Convocation. No other nominations were made. 
The Bishop called for the vote and those listed were elected. 

The Administrative Review Committee and its duties were explained. Elliott referred 
to Question 33a, "Who are elected as members (Deacons) in full connection?" One 
candidate is eligible for Deacon in full connection. He then referred to Question 34, noting 
that Mary Lowrey Peacock is eligible for ordination as Deacon in Full Connection. He 
then referred to Question 27, "Who are elected as associate members?" Five candidates 
are eligible for associate membership. These candidates were presented to the Bishop, 
who asked the candidates the historic Wesleyan questions. Each responded appropriately. 
Mary Lowrey Peacock was voted on separately and she was elected. The members of the 
session stood and sang, "I am Thine, O Lord." 

The Executive Session was directed to Question 19, "Who have received the 
certificate of candidacy for ordained ministry?" Bishop Edwards outlined the privileges. 
Then the new candidates eligible for a license for pastoral ministry were presented to the 
members and greeted with applause. 

After a note of encouragement from Belton Joyner, the Bishop then called for the 
election of those for associate membership and they were elected. The Bishop called for 
the election of members in full connection and they were elected. 

Elliott then addressed Question 46, "Who are discontinued as Probationary 
Members?" Danielle A. Kirkland was added to the list of discontinued probationary members. 
Bishop Edwards called for the vote on the discontinuance and it was approved. 

Elliott referred to Question 20, "Who have completed the studies for licenses as 
a local pastor, but are not now appointed?" Elliot then referred to Question 21: those 
approved and appointed as local pastors and probationary members licensed for pastoral 
ministry. The Bishop called for a vote on those listed under Questions 21. They were 

Elliott then referred to Question 22 and Question 23, which required no action. 
The Executive Session was referred to Question 24, which required no action. Bishop 
Edwards invited those persons from other Annual Conferences and Methodist 
denominations serving in the NC Annual Conference to stand. He then welcomed them to 
the Executive Session and to the Annual Conference. 

Those listed under Question 25 were presented for approval. The Bishop called 
for the vote, and they were approved. Elliott referred to those listed in Question 26, which 
required a 2/3 vote. The Bishop called for their election and they were approved. 

Elliott addressed Question 28 and presented the candidates for probationary 
membership to Bishop Edwards. It was noted that Terry Hunt attends Asbury, not Duke. 
The Bishop asked for any questions directed to the candidates and called for their approval. 
They were approved. 

Elliott referred to Question 30 concerning those who are continued as probationary 
members elected under the 1996 Book of Discipline. Bishop Edwards recognized those 
listed. No vote was required. 

Elliott then turned to Question 31 concerning those who are continued as 
probationary members elected under the 1 992 Book of Discipline. Those listed were asked 
to stand. No vote was required. 

The members were directed to Question 34(b), "Who are elected for ordination 
as Deacons in full connection?" The Bishop called for the vote and Mary Lowrey Peacock 
was elected. The members were then directed to Question 35(b), "Who are elected as 
Elders?" Bishop Edwards called for the vote and they were elected. 



The members were then directed to Question 36(a), "Who have been elected 
and ordained Deacon under the 1992 Book of Disciple as associate members?" Bishop 
Edwards called for the vote and they were elected. 

Elliott then turned to Question 37(a), "Who have been elected and ordained elders 
under the 1992 Book of Disciple as theological graduates?" Those listed have been elected 
and approved previously under Question 33(b) and are eligible for Elder's Orders. The 
Bishop called for the vote to approve them for ordination as Elders and they were approved. 

Elliott noted that one person was to be ordained as a courtesy to another Annual 
Conference under Question 44(d). 

Elliott referred to Question 45, "Who have transferred out to other Annual 
Conferences of The United Methodist Church?" Those listed under Question 47 were 
presented and approved. No action was required for Question 48. 

Under Question 50(a), one person withdrew to join another denomination. One 
person was listed under Question 50(c) as withdrawing under complaint or charges. The 
Bishop called for the vote on Question 50 and they were approved for termination. 

Under Question 53, Elliott read the names of the probationary and ordained 
ministers who have received appointments in other Annual Conferences of The United 
Methodist Church. Under Question 54, Geiselle Thompson received the 2/3 vote required 
for leave of absence greater than five years. The Bishop called for the vote for those listed 
under voluntary leave of absence under Question 54(a) and they were approved. Upon 
vote of the members, clergy listed on leave of absence under provisions of Question 54(a) 
were approved. Under Question 54(c), one person has taken a voluntary leave of absence 
since the last Annual Conference. One person has had their leave terminated since the 
last session under Question 54(d). The Bishop called for approval of these persons and 
they were approved. Under Question 55(a) Martha Edgerton was added to the list for 
family leave. Suzanna Ross Helms and Joyce Lenore Parker each required a 2/3 vote for 
family leave granted for more than 5 years. The Bishop called for the vote and both were 
approved. Clergy listed on family leave under provisions of Question 55(a) were approved 
by vote of the members. Discontinuance was granted to Danielle Kirkland. 

Charles Pollock referred to Question 57. Persons granted incapacity for the first 
time and those continuing incapacity leave under Question 57(a) and (c) were presented. 
Donna Susan Moore was listed under Question 57(b) as deceased. The Bishop asked the 
members for approval. They were approved. Bishop Edwards requested prayer for all 
those listed. 

Elliott addressed Questions 58, 59, and 61: those retiring or recently retired. The 
Bishop called for the approval of first time retirees and they were approved. He then asked 
the Executive Session to approve the retirement relationship for those listed and they 
were approved. The Bishop recognized the retirees who were greeted with applause. 

Richard Thorne Matthews was changed to full-time from one-half time under 
Question 82. Mary Ellen Phelan Switzer was changed to one-quarter time from one-half 
time. She was voted on and approved separately due to her extension beyond the limit. 
The Bishop called for a vote on the others listed and they were approved. Barry Page 
Drum was removed from Question 87 (c). The Bishop asked the members to approve 
those appointed to extension ministries under Question 87. They were approved. 

Elliott completed the report except for the reading of the names of those who 
have died since the last Annual Conference. The name of Dan Meadows was added 
under Question 52 with the date of June 1 , 2003. Bishop Edwards thanked Elliott for his 
presentation. The Bishop moved the approval of Question 52. It was approved. The Bishop 
called for the approval of the whole report of the Board of Ordained Ministry and it was 

Everyone stood as Roger Elliott read the names of those clergy and clergy spouses 
who have died since our last meeting. The Bishop led the Executive Session in a prayer for 
their families. 



Announcements: James Bryan, Conference Secretary, gave instructions on 

voting procedures for the remainder of the conference. 

Caswell Shaw led the Executive Session in the singing of "Only Trust Him." 
Adjournment: The Bishop gave the benediction and dismissed the Executive 

Session at 5:00 p.m. 

Monday, June 2, 2003 
A Service of Commissioning and Ordination: The ordination service began at 7:30 
p.m. The liturgist was Bishop Marion Edwards. Reverend Zan Holmes was the preacher. 
The Lay Representative was Mrs. Jeanne Rouse. The Reverend Johnnie L. Wright served 
as Marshal and the Reverend Roger Elliott presented the candidates for commissioning 
and ordination. Special music was provided by Cynthia Wilson-Hollins. (For synopsis of 
the entire service see worship bulletin, A Service of Commissioning and Ordination, Monday, 
June 2, 2003 

Tuesday, June 3, 2003 

Plenary Session: Bishop Edwards called the Conference to order at 8:00 a.m. This 
was the 35 th session of the North Carolina Annual Conference. Bishop Edwards introduced 
Johnnie Wright, Worship Chairperson, to lead the Conference in the singing of "And Are 
We Yet Alive." 

Organization of the Conference: James Bryan, Conference Secretary, guided the 
Conference through the roll call and motions of order. He moved that the bar of the 
Conference be the main floor and stage of the Crown Theatre but does not include the 
balcony. Also, he moved that guests may have the privilege of the floor. The motions of 
the secretary were seconded. The Bishop called for the vote on the motions and they 
were passed. 

Report of the Committee on Conference Rules: J. Alex Maultsby III, chairperson, 
presented the report of the Committee on Conference Rules. Maultsby directed the Annual 
Conference to the Conference Rules of Order and Procedure as printed in The Conference 
Program, Recommendations and Reports 2003 page 15-21. He noted editorial changes 
on page 18 that were necessary to comply with H603. 7. He then referred to Section VIII (2) 
which states that the Conference Journal will be published on a CD. Hardbound copies 
may be ordered in advance for $20 per copy. Bishop Edwards called for the vote on the 
adoption of the Conference Rules and they were adopted. 

Welcome: Bishop Edwards recognized Marshall Old, Greenville District, as the 
host district superintendent for Annual Conference. Old addressed the Conference and 
welcomed everyone on behalf of the Greenville District. Bishop Edwards thanked Old for 
his address and for his work. 

Balloting Procedures for Election of General and Jurisdictional Delegates: Bishop 
Edwards recognized the Conference Secretary to outline the balloting procedures for the 
election of delegates. The Bishop asked for questions regarding voting procedures. Bishop 
Edwards thanked the tellers and all those working with the voting process. 

The First Ballot for the Lay and Clergy: The first ballot for lay delegates to General 
Conference was taken. The Bishop declared the lay ballot closed at 8:41 a.m. Bishop 
Edwards then asked for the first clergy ballots. The clergy ballot was closed at 8:48 a.m. 
The Bishop mentioned that he had been encouraged by the General Conference to remind 
the Annual Conference to take into consideration the diversity of the Conference in their 
voting procedures. The Bishop also encouraged members to report any irregularities or 
questions to him or the Conference Secretary. 

A Service of Repentance and Reconciliation: The service began at 9:02 a.m. Bishop 
Marion Edwards presided and the guest preacher was the Reverend Dr. Zan W Holmes, 



Jr. Special music was provided by the Reverend Cynthia Wilson-Hollins. Communion was 
served. (For synopsis of the entire service see worship bulletin, Service of Repentance 
and Reconciliation, Tuesday, June 3, 2003.) 

Tuesday, June 3, 2003 

Plenary Session: Bishop Edwards called the Conference to order for the afternoon's 
session at 1:40 p.m. 

Wellspring Prayer Break: The Bishop called on David Brownlee to lead the 
Conference through a Wellspring Prayer Break. 

Result of Clergy Ballot#1 : The Bishop gave a brief explanation of procedure prior to 
reading the results. There were a total of 286 ballots cast. Nineteen of which were defective, 
leaving 267 valid ballots. One hundred thirty four votes were needed to elect. There was 
one election, Hope Morgan Ward. The Bishop then read the results of the clergy ballot for 
those receiving 10 or more votes. An election worksheet was distributed to the clergy. 

James Bryan gave further instructions to the clergy. 

Clergy Ballot #2: The Bishop then called for clergy Ballot #2 to betaken. Ten additional 
delegates needed to be elected. The clergy ballot #2 was closed at 2:15 p.m. 

Report of Council on Finance and Administration: Carl Frazier, President of the 
Conference Council on Finance and Administration presented the Council's report. The 
Conference Treasurer, Sharon Strother, was introduced. Frazier reported a Conference 
wide total of 95.96% paid on apportionments with three districts paying 100% of their 
apportionments. Frazier explained the four-year cycle budgeting process for the North 
Carolina Conference. He stated that 60% of the monies raised in one year are spent the 
next year. The remaining 40% is raised and spent in the same year. Frazier referred to 
page 83, line 12 of The Conference Program, Recommendation and Reports 2003. Fifty 
thousand dollars was added to the budget increasing the total budget to $17,194,286 for a 
total increase of 4.16%. Frazier pointed out that in two years there has been a 46% 
increase in line 81, Conference Claimants - Retiree Insurance. He said that in a bad 
economy with poor returns on investments the conference cannot depend on supplemental 
appropriations. He also referred to line item 39 noting the 6.32% increase in proposed 
district superintendents' salaries for 2005. He referred to line 85 commenting that this 
amount was an effort to build funds to offset expenses for people attending General and 
Jurisdictional Conference. 

Frazier directed the Conference to page 95 of The Conference Program, 
Recommendation and Reports 2003 to Section III (4) (a). The additional paragraph regarding 
supplemental appropriations was in response to ^611. 7 in the Book of Discipline. He then 
referred to the change in Item F, the investment policy. Refering to Section IV, Frazier 
pointed out that the solicitation of funds by other agencies is not done without affecting the 
Conference budget. 

Frazier directed the Conference to Item V, noting that the CF&A recommends a 3.5% 
salary increase rather than the 5.18% increase that would have been in line with the 

Frazier explained that CF&A is looking at a new formula for apportionments, but will 
be testing it for another year. The formula would take into the cost of property insurance 
when figuring apportionments. This would assist the coastal churches. (Tape 1A:1971) 
Frazier presented Sections III and IV, pages 94-96 of The Conference Program, 
Recommendation and Reports 2003, for action by the Annual Conference. The Bishop 
asked for a second. 

Motion: For the purpose of consistency, Rodney Hamm, Burlington District, moved to 
insert the word "vouchered" so that line 12, page 94 of The Conference Program, 
Recommendation and Reports 2003, Section III (A) (2) reads "up to $4,500 for vouchered 



travel paid..." The motion was referred to the Task Force on Apportionment Formula 

The Bishop called for the vote to approve the changes in the report of CF&A, Sections 
III and IV. They were approved. 

The treasurer's staff was introduced to the Conference and they were greeted with 

Result of Lay Ballot #1 : The Bishop read the results of ballot #1 . There were a total 
of 582 ballots cast. Forty-five ballots were defective leaving 537 valid ballots. Two hundred 
sixty-nine votes were needed for an election. There were ten elections.© (Tape 1A:2359) 

Lay Ballot #2: The Bishop called for lay ballot #2 to be taken. 

During this time, Bishop Edwards reported on the offering that was taken during the 
service of Repentance and Reconciliation . He stated that in addition to the prior pledges 
of $114,056, the offering from the morning service was $49,044.88. The grand total of 
offerings received was $162,391.55. The Bishop stated that this leaves the North Carolina 
Annual Conference with less than $100,000 to raise toward its goal of $250,000 for the 
Joseph and Shirley Bethea Welcome Center. 

The Bishop closed the lay ballot #2 at 2:52 p.m. 

Special Presentation: Charles Michael Smith, Conference Connectional Ministries 
Executive Director, introduced Rev. Ray Buchanan to make a special presentation. He 
recognized a number of churches for there involvement in ministries to the hungry. 
Buchanan presented the 2002 Stop Hunger Now "Heart for the Hungry" Award to Fairmont 
United Methodist Church (RA). Steve Hickle, pastor, accepted the award on behalf of the 

Conference Committee on Nominations and Comprehensive Plan Inclusiveness: 
Charles Michael Smith referred the Conference to the 6 th page of the Book of Handouts 
2003-2004 to the North Carolina Annual Conference Comprehensive Plan of Inclusiveness. 
He called on Kevin Baker to present the report. He then moved the adoption of the plan of 
inclusiveness. After receiving a second, the Bishop asked for questions and personally 
endorsed the plan. The Bishop called for the vote and it was approved. 

Smith then referred to the first page of the Book of Handouts 2003-2004 to the list of 
nominations. He gave a brief report with the encouraging news that the organization of 
the church has already been moving toward inclusiveness. Haywood Smith, Mark 
Wethington and Sam Wynn were nominated for the Board of Ordained Ministry. 

The following changes were then made to the report by the respective District 

Rocky Mount District: Chris Miller, lay member of Englewood (RM), replaced 

Peggy Braswell for the class of 2003 for Finance and Administration. Steven W. 

McElroy replaced W. A. Bingham on the Committee of District Superintendency. 
Elizabeth City District: David Cliff and Haywood Gillikin were added to the Board 

of Ordained Ministry. Richard Stone replaced Alan Gibson on the Board of Trustees. 

The lay observer to the Board of Ordained Ministry will be Dave Thomas. 

Durham District nominations: Sandy Quinn replaced John Bittikofer as the District 

Lay Leader. 

The report was placed before the Conference for a vote. The vote will be taken on 
Thursday, June 5, 2003. 

Report of the Conference Statistician: The Reverend George Speake directed 
the Conference's attention to The Conference Program, Recommendation and Reports 
2003, page 126-27. He noted the growth reflected in items 9 (membership) and 10 
(average worship attendance.) He drew attention to the decrease in the average 
Sunday school attendance although there was an increase in Sunday school 
membership. He encouraged better record-keeping. Speake commented that the 
average worship attendance has been increasing for the past seven years. There has 
been a net growth of 9,924 members over the past seven years. He pointed out some 



statistical trends that show that our Conference is moving toward more ethnic 
inclusiveness in the make-up of church membership. 

Report of the Board of Ordained Ministry: Roger Elliott, Chairperson of the 
Board, presented an ordination report to the Conference. The Bishop and Conference 
expressed appreciation to Elliott for his work on the Board of Ordained Ministry. 

Recognition of Extension Ministries: Elliott recognized all those serving in 
Extension Ministries. He asked those present to stand and be recognized. 

Elliott asked the Reverend Richard Williams, Chairperson of the Division of 
Deacons and Diaconal Ministries, to address the Conference. Williams referred to 
pages 60-61 of The Conference Program, Recommendation and Reports 2003, Division 
of Deacons and Diaconal Ministries, Board of Ordained Ministries, for revisions. Peter 
Van Borkula was added to the certified ministers of Christian education. Mary L. 
Peacock was moved to Deacons in Full Connection. 

Announcements: James Bryan, Conference Secretary made announcements. 

Report on Relationships among General Agencies/UMC: Hope Morgan Ward 
reported that the GCOM would propose to the General Conference the creation of a 
Connectional Table to articulate a vision for stewardship, mission and ministries for the 
General Church. 

Report of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Administrative Council: Ward 
introduced Jim Hanna and invited him to speak to the Conference on behalf of the 
Southeastern Jurisdiction. The Council's report is found on pages 42-44 of The 
Conference Program, Recommendation and Reports 2003. Hanna spoke about the 
Bethea Welcome Center and the program at Lake Junaluska.) 

Presentation: There was a video presentation entitled, Who was John Wesley? 
This was in commemoration of the 200 th anniversary of the birth of Wesley. 

Announcements: Jerry Bryan, Secretary, made announcements. 

Board of Laity Report: Conference Lay Leader Jeanne Rouse presented the 
Board of Laity report. Rouse asked the board members to stand. The Conference 
greeted them with applause. "Partners in Ministry... All God's People..." is this year's 
theme. She announced that the Laity Banquet would be held this evening. "Be the 
church of the world" was added to this year's theme. She thanked the United Methodist 
Foundation and the Turnage family for their work to make the awards and scholarships 
given by the Board of Laity possible. The Lay Mission and Ministry workshops were 
promoted. Emily Innes gave the United Methodist Women's report. Mack Parker 
reported for the United Methodist Men. He announced the potato drop for Annual 
Conference. He promised more information about the Methodist Men's Ministries in the 
district set-up meetings. Ben Adams gave the report for the United Methodist Youth. 
Adams gave an overview of youth ministry, thanked a number of people, and gave a 
look toward the future. Tom Walden addressed the Conference regarding Lay Speaking 
Ministries. He encouraged the Conference pastors to use more lay speakers. Rouse 
introduced all the District Lay Leaders. 

Outstanding Lay Ministry of the Year: Jeanne Rouse presented the nominees 
for Outstanding Lay Ministry of the Year, in a video presentation. Buxton United 
Methodist Church (EC) was awarded a $1,000 grant for the Cape Hatteras Emergency 
Assistance and Food Pantry. The second award went to the Transitional Aftercare 
Network at St. James United Methodist Church (GR). 

Results of Clergy Ballot #2: There were 340 votes cast. Forty-three ballots were 
invalid. One hundred forty-nine votes were necessary to elect. There were two 
elections: Sam Wynn and Paul Leeland. 

Clergy Ballot #3: The clergy were instructed to vote for 8 people on the third 
ballot. The clergy ballot was closed at 4:45 p.m. 



Results of Lay Ballot #2: Six hundred ballots were cast with thirty votes 
defective. Two hundred eighty-six were necessary to elect. There was no election. 
Greg Wallace asked the Bishop to read the results of the vote. 

Lay Ballot #3: The Bishop called for Lay Ballot #3. The lay ballot was closed at 
4:49 p.m. 

Wellspring Prayer Break: Glenda Johnson, Retired (DU), led the Wellspring 
Prayer Break. 

Adjournment: The Bishop adjourned the laity for the Laity Banquet, featuring 
Vickie Sigmon, speaker, and Jim Hewitt, music leader. The Bishop announced Cynthia 
Wilson-Hollins would provide prelude music at 7:00 p.m. The Conference was 
dismissed at 4:56 p.m. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2003 

A Service of Celebration and Worship: The Reverend Zan Holmes was the guest 
preacher and music was provided by Cynthia Wilson-Hollins. An offering was taken for 
No Hungry Neighbors. 

Plenary Session: Bishop Edwards called the Conference to order for the evening 
session at 8:52 p.m. 

Results of Clergy Ballot #3: The Bishop read the results of clergy ballot #3. There 
were 261 votes cast. Twenty-eight ballots were invalid. One hundred seventeen votes 
were needed for an election. There was one election: Belton Joyner. 

Results of Lay Ballot #3: The Bishop read the results of lay ballot #3. There were 
452 votes cast. Eighteen ballots were invalid leaving 434 valid ballots. Two hundred 
eighteen were needed for an election. There was no election. 

Clergy Ballot #4: The Bishop called for clergy ballot #4. The ballot was closed at 
9:06 p.m. 

Lay Ballot #4: The Bishop called for lay ballot #4. The ballot was closed at 9:09 p.m. 

Report of the Committee on Resolutions & Reference: In the absence of Alan 
Swartz, Chairperson, Steve Hickle, Vice Chairperson addressed the Conference on behalf 
of the committee. Hickle requested a procedural motion to limit the number of speeches 
for and against a resolution. The Bishop asked advice of the Parliamentarian to ensure 
this motion was in order. The decision was to have a 2/3 vote to suspend the rules to clear 
the way for the motion. The vote was called, and the rules were suspended. 

Motion: Steve Hickle moved to limit debates on the motions to 3 speeches for and 3 
speeches against, including the speech by the author of the resolution. The motion received 
a second. The Bishop called for the vote and the motion was passed. 

Motion: Steve Hickle then moved that the 6 resolutions that are directed to the General 
Conference be sent directly to General Conference with no action by the North Carolina 
Annual Conference. It received a second. David Woodhouse, Chapel Hill (BU), spoke. 
David Banks, Jonesboro (SA), pointed out that the resolutions involved would be number 
1, 2, 3, 12, and the 2001 resolution regarding harassment. Keith Miller, Tabernacle (SA), 
asked for a clarification. Brian Sexton, Culbreth (FA), wanted a clarification. The Bishop 
asked previous General Conference delegate Kermit Braswell, Retired (RA), to speak to 
Sexton's question. Ruth Harper Stevens, Duke Memorial (DU), commented about her 
experience at General Conference with regard to resolutions. The Bishop called for the 
vote on the motion. Paul Stallsworth, St. Peter's/Broad Creek (NB), suggested that related 
resolutions be combined into one. The Bishop called for the vote. A standing vote was 
taken. The motion was defeated by 284 to 239. 

Roger Elliott, Edenton Street (RA), was recognized to speak. Elliott agreed that the 
Stallsworth suggestion be adhered to and it was accepted by the Committee on Resolutions 
and Reference. Hickle asked for clarifications on which resolutions the Conference wanted 
to group together. The rewrite of 161 J seemed to be the main focus. The Bishop requested 
that Hickle select an easy resolution to begin with. 



Resolution 12, A Memorial to General Conference Democratizing the Nominations 
Committee: The Committee recommended non-concurrence. The vote was taken and 
the adoption of resolution #12 was defeated. 

Resolution 5, A More Accessible Annual Conference, and 13, Timing of Annual 
Conference: The Committee considered the resolutions to be out of order and 
recommended non-concurrence. Bishop Edwards commented on the two resolutions 
regarding the timing of Annual Conference which is left to the Bishop by disciplinary rule. 
The Bishop called for the vote of resolution 5 and 13. The Resolutions passed. Bishop 
Edwards received the resolutions as advisory in setting the dates of Annual Conference. 
Johnny Branch, Aldersgate (DU), was recognized to speak. Andy Collier, Duke's Chapel 
(DU), was recognized to speak. Chris Miller, lay member Englewood (RM), was recognized 
to speak. 

Resolution 11, Calling the North Carolina Annual Conference to Support the 
Continuance and Expansion of Igniting Ministry: The committee recommended 
concurrence. The Bishop called for the vote and the resolution was adopted. 

Resolution 10, Supporting the Mission and Ministry of the North Carolina 
Christian Advocate: The committee recommended the adoption of resolution 10. The 
Bishop called for the vote and the resolution was adopted. 

Resolution 4, Pastoral Safety Net Foundation: The committee recommended referral 
to the Committee on Pastoral Care for research and action. Hickle asked David Brownlee 
to comment on the resolution. Brownlee agreed with the recommendation to refer. Bishop 
Edwards asked for the vote on resolution 4 and it was referred. 

Point of Order: Ted Zeller, lay member Mebane (BU), raised a point of order. 

Motion: Zeller moved to "suspend the rules" to present the resolution on support of 
chaplains in the department of corrections. The Bishop called for the vote to suspend the 
rules and they were suspended. The resolution was distributed to the Conference members. 

Results of Clergy Ballot #4: The Bishop read the results of the ballot. There were 
206 votes cast. Ten ballots were defective leaving 196 valid ballots. Ninety-nine votes 
were needed for an election. There was an election: Carl Frazier. 

Results of Lay Ballot #4: The Bishop then read the results of lay ballot #4. There 
were 324 ballots cast. Seven votes were invalid leaving 317 ballots valid. One hundred 
fifty-nine votes were needed for an election. There was an election. Beth Norris was 
elected. This concluded the election of lay delegates for General Conference. 

Clergy Ballot #5: The Bishop called for clergy ballot #5. The ballot was closed at 
10:04 p.m. 

Lay Ballot #5: The Bishop directed the lay delegates to begin voting on the delegation 
for Jurisdictional Conference. The ballot was closed at 10:13 p.m. (Tape 4:0012) 

Benediction: The Bishop asked Steve Little to give the benediction. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2003 

Run/Walk for No Hungry Neighbors: The morning session began with the run/walk 
for No Hungry Neighbors at 6:45 a.m. There was also a Society of St. Andrew's potato 
drop outside in the parking lot. 

Plenary Session: Bishop Edwards called the Conference to order for the morning 
session at 8:10 a.m. 

Wellspring Prayer Break: Elaine Lilliston led the Conference in the Wellspring Prayer 

Results of Clergy Ballot #5: The Bishop read the results of Clergy Ballot #5. 
There were 192 votes cast. Eight ballots were invalid. Ninety-four votes were needed 
for an election. There were two elections: Albert Shuler and David Malloy. 

Results of Lay Ballot #5: The Bishop read the results of Lay Ballot #5. There 
were 284 ballots casts. Twenty-seven ballots were invalid leaving 257 valid ballots. One 



hundred twenty-nine votes were needed for an election. The laity elected all 11 
delegates to the Jurisdictional Conference. The following people were elected: Annie 
Fairley, LaNella Smith, Brenda Brown, Burton King, Sam Isley, Patrick Mann, Merritt 
Jones, Jane Johnson, Jimmie Shuler, Rhonda Parker, Phil Isaacs. 

Clergy Ballot #6: The Bishop called for Clergy Ballot #6. The ballot was closed at 
8:32 a.m. 

Lay Ballot #6: The Bishop gave directions to the laity for ballot #6 for 5 alternate 
delegates. The ballot was closed at 8:39 a.m. 

Bishop Edwards commented on an observation made last night regarding the number 
of clergy versus lay ballots being cast. The Bishop explained that not all retirees attend 
Annual Conference, some clergy were away due to illness and funerals, and not all clergy 
have voting privileges. 

Morning Worship: Bishop Marion M. Edwards was the presider, and the Reverend 
Zan Holmes was the preacher. Cynthia Wilson-Hollins led the music and invited any 
music leaders to join her on stage. An offering was received for Peru Covenant/AGAPE 

Recognition of College Presidents: Bishop Edwards recognized the president's of 
four of the Methodist related colleges in NC. Each was given an opportunity to address 
the Conference. Dr. Cole, Bennett College in Greensboro, was introduced. Cole is the 
14th president of Bennett College for Women. Dr. Elton Hendricks, Methodist College, 
brought greetings from Methodist College to the Annual Conference. Hendricks encouraged 
United Methodist students to attend Methodist College and assured them that substantial 
financial aid is available to make their education possible. Dr. Ian Newbould, North Carolina 
Wesleyan College, addressed the Conference and encouraged the Conference to send 
students to North Carolina Wesleyan College. Dr. Reginald Ponder, Louisburg College, 
greeted the Conference and stated that the college is stronger now than it was one year 
ago. There are 1 00 more freshmen this year than last year. Dr. Ponder made a request for 
students and money. In conclusion, The Bishop encouraged each pastor in each church 
to send one United Methodist student to one of the four colleges represented at the Annual 

Brief Recess: Bishop Edwards announced a brief recess to prepare for the upcoming 
Memorial Service. 

All Saints Celebration - Memorial Service: Bishop Marion M. Edwards presided, 
Reverend Dr. Reginald Ponder preached, Reverend Lisa Brown Cole served as liturgist 
and Reverend Dr. Jimmy Weaver was lector. Special music was provided by Mr. Anthony 
Hearn and the Reverend William Weisser was organist. As the Bishop read the name of 
each one who had died, a bell tolled, and family members and friends lit a candle for each 
person named. (For synopsis of entire service, see worship bulletin, All Saints Celebration 
and Memorial Service, Wednesday, June 4, 2003.) 

Results of Lay Ballot #6: Bishop Edwards read the results of lay ballot #6. There 
were 440 ballots cast. Fifty ballots were invalid leaving 390 valid ballots. One hundred 
ninety-six votes were needed for an election. All reserve lay delegates were elected. The 
following persons were elected: Beverly Long, Henry Brooks, Bonnie Kiffer Jones, Donald 
Milligan and Lois Wright. This completed the lay delegation. 

Results of Clergy Ballot #6: Bishop Edwards read the results of Clergy Ballot #6. 
There were 1 93 ballots casts. Twelve ballots were invalid. Ninety-one votes were needed 
to elect. There was no election. 

Clergy Ballot #7: The Bishop called for Clergy Ballot #7 and instructed the clergy to 
vote forfour clergy. Laurie Hayes Coffman, Calvary (DU), reminded the Conference of the 
diverse make-up of the Conference clergy and to consider that when casting ballots. The 
Bishop called the Clergy Ballot closed at 11:37 a.m. 

Report of Committee on Insurance: Chairperson Charles Crutchfield and Gray 
Southern presented the report. Crutchfield directed the Conference to the handout included 


in the Book of Handouts. The handout compared the rates for 2003 and 2004 and between 
HealthFlex and BlueCross BlueShield. He also referred to the report on pages 101-05 in 
The Conference Program, Recommendation and Reports 2003. The committee 
recommended the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO option 500 for 2004. This would be a rate 
increase of 25.5%. The national average premium increase for pastors is 30%. To continue 
with HealthFlex would mean a 28% increase in premiums. The committee is delaying 
mandatory coverage until after an analysis is completed. Crutchfield indicated that there 
were no significant benefit changes that would significantly reduce the premiums without 
seriously compromising the level of benefits. A wellness incentive program with a $50 
reward per household for documentation of participation in wellness activities is offered by 
BlueCross BlueShield. Crutchfield moved the adoption of the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan 
for 2004. Larry Bowden, Resurrection (DU), had a question. Jim Murphy, Apex (RA) had 
a question about the increase. William Allen, Fuquay-Varina: First (RA) spoke against the 
motion. Tom Holtsclaw, Retired (DU), asked a question regarding BCBS going to a for- 
profit organization as opposed to a non-profit. Stan Smith, Chestnut Street (RO), spoke in 
favor of the motion. Amanda Dixson, Rock Creek lay member (BU) asked a question. 
Stan Lewis, Halifax Charge (EC), spoke for the motion. The Bishop called for the vote to 
approve the BCBS recommendation and it was passed. 

Benediction: The Bishop gave the benediction saying, "God go with them 
because they are going anyway. Amen." 

Wednesday, June 4, 2003 

The North Carolina Partners in Caring: Caswell Shaw, President conducted the 
meeting. Names of Partners in Caring who had died in the past year were read to the 
Conference. He referred to the report on page 105 of The Conference Program, 
Recommendation and Reports 2003. Sallie Bates and Sam Loy were nominated as 
Trustees. Shaw called for the vote and they were elected. 

Archives and History Vignette: Denny Wise and Mildred Swain led the vignette. 
The vignette consisted of 6 players portraying John Wesley, Charles Wesley and others 
reciting monologues depicting John Wesley's life. This was in celebration of the 300th 
year of his birth. Bishop Edwards thanked the Archives and History Committee for their 
presentation. Plenary Session: Bishop Edwards called the Conference to order for the 
afternoon's session at 1:51 p.m. 

Point of Personal Privilege: Ken Ripley, lay member of Gibson Memorial, thanked 
the Bishop for his theological stance. He stated he was very glad Bishop Edwards was 
in North Carolina. There was a standing ovation for the Bishop. 

Presentation of the Awards: Charles Michael Smith recognized Danny Allen, 
Chair of Evangelism, to present the Harry Denman Award for Outstanding Evangelism. 
This year's recipient was the Reverend Timothy Reaves, pastor of the Bladen Charge in 
the Wilmington District. Smith then recognized Steve Taylor. Taylor presented the Key 
Taylor Award for outstanding commitment to mission by a rural church to Windsor UMC, 
one of three churches on the Bladen Charge. 

Report of State Commission on Campus Ministry: Regina Henderson presented 
the report on Campus Ministry. She moved the adoption of the role and composition of 
the State Commission on Campus Ministry. The Bishop called for a vote and it was 
adopted. Charles Michael Smith directed the Conference's attention to page 66-68 of 
The Conference Program, Recommendation and Reports 2003, to the trustees of the 
various agencies and schools institution. These will be voted on at a later date. 

Result of Clergy Ballot #7: The Bishop read the results of Clergy Ballot #7. There 
was no election. 

Clergy Ballot #8: The Bishop called for Clergy Ballot #8. 



Igniting Ministries: While the clergy were completing ballots, Bishop Edwards 
read a statement concerning Igniting Ministries from the General Church. The Bishop 
declared the month of September as "United Methodist Open House Month" in all 
congregations in the North Carolina Conference. The Bishop asked members to 1) alert 
every member of the importance of inviting others to church and help visitors feel at 
home; 2)participate in an Igniting Ministry training event; 3) be in prayer for our church, 
that through the messages which are broadcast and the hospitality shown, people 
without a spiritual home will be led to find Christ and become His disciples; and 4) read 
and share the "Igniting Ministry" information available at . 

Motion: Sam Brown, Retired (RA), moved that "our Conference appeal to our NC 
Legislature to set our minimum wage at $7 which would to set the goal for other states." 
The motion received a second and there was discussion. Greg Jones, lay member of 
Ayden (GR), spoke against the motion. 

Point of Order: Steve Hickle, Fairmont (RA), raised a point of order. John Duley, 
Apex (RA) asked if this was a resolution or not. Henry Harris, Angier (RA), spoke 
against the motion. 

Motion: Ken Ripley, lay member of Gibson Memorial, moved "to refer motion on 
minimum wage to church and society" and a second was received. The Bishop asked 
for the vote to refer and it was referred. 

Jimmy Cummings challenged the vote on the Ripley motion. The vote was recalled. 
The Bishop took a standing vote. The Bishop stated the referral did not receive the 2/3 
votes required to refer. After a consultation with Jim Coile, Parliamentarian, it was 
determined that motion only needed a majority. Therefore, the motion was referred. 

Golden Cross: Richard Vaughn, Director, presented the Golden Cross report. This 
ministry reaches out to the laity across the Conference to assist with major medical bills. 
Vaughn made an appeal for people to contribute to Golden Cross and stated it has a 
budget of $19,500. 

Motion: Vaughn moved "that we set August 17th as a special offering for Golden 
Cross calling it "Golden Cross Sunday." CF&A was consulted and they were okay with it. 
The Bishop asked for approval of the house and the date was approved. 

Report of Igniting Ministries: Bill Norton gave a brief history of Igniting Ministries, 
how it works, and where it came from. Norton pointed out test market data and 
continued to report that awareness goals are ahead of projections. 

Report of Joint Committee on Incapacity: Charles Pollock, chairperson, made 
revisions to the report on pages 99-101 of The Conference Program, Recommendation 
and Reports 2003. On page 101, change number 13 to 14 and insert 13 to read as 
follows: "Who are having their incapacity leave terminated at this Annual Conference? 
Robert Blair Craig - Retirement." Milton Gilbert was asked to address the issue of 
persons being placed on leave for the first time. Gilbert suggested that John Crowe 
(GO) be added as being on incapacity leave for the first time under item #10. Pollock 
placed the report as corrected before the Conference for approval. The Bishop called 
for the vote and the report was approved. 

Clergy Retiree Recognition: Bill Sherman presented the retirees for the current 
year. Each retiree was given an opportunity to address the Conference. 

Report of the Board of Pensions: Bill Sherman, chairperson, presented the 
report. He called the Conference's attention to page 106 of The Conference Program, 
Recommendation and Reports 2003. Sherman moved the approval of Report A, Section 
I. It was approved. He then referred to Report B Section I (C) on page 109 and noted 
the increase from $467 to $485 per service year. The Bishop called for the vote and it 
was approved. Milton Gilbert, Goldsboro District, corrected Report A, Section II to 
include John Crowe. 

Sherman directed attention to page 111 Section V and introduced Jerry Lowry to 
present this section of the report. Lowry introduced Gray Southern who directed the 



Conference's attention to a two page document entitled "Board of Pensions Report 
2004." This was a recommendation for future policies concerning life and health 
insurance for retirees. The first part of the plan is that current retirees will retain 
coverage through the Medicare companion plan and pay $10 per month per family 
member. The second part of the plan will be based on a sliding scale dependent upon 
years of service. Fewer years of service will result in higher premiums. The sliding scale 
is based on whatever age Medicare eligibility kicks in. Effective January 1, 2007 the 
Conference will fund only the cost of the premiums for the Medicare Companion Plan 
regardless of the age, Medicare eligibility or retirement status (early of full) for clergy 
and/or their spouses. The effective date of the plan is January 1 , 2004 with a possible 
savings of $15,000,000. The 2 page report was substituted for Section V on page 111. 

Report of the Conference Board of Trustees: Bill Simpson, Trustee Chairperson, 
presented the report of the Frederick and Closs Peace Wardlow Bequest. Ms. Closs 
Wardlaw's nephew was present. Sam Peace, brother of Mrs. Wardlaw, was asked to 
make a presentation to the Bishop from his family. Mr. Peace was invited to address 
Annual Conference. He presented 5 deeds to 15 acres of land along Kerr Lake. 

Point of Personal Privilege: Hugh Cameron was granted a point of personal 

Report of the Board of Pensions Continued: The Conference continued its 
discussion of the report. Sherman moved the substitution of the handout for Section V 
of the pension report. 

Motion: Stan Smith, Chestnut Street (RO), moved to refer the report back for 
further study. The issue was that 2007 was too soon. Smith withdrew his motion. 

Motion: Para Drake, Rougemont (DU), stated that "on the basis of the assumption 
that second career clergy have access to other pension funds," she "moved to refer the 
report back for reconsideration." The Bishop called for the vote on the referral and the 
motion failed. 

Ray Whitman, Washington: First (GR), spoke against the Sherman motion. The 
question was called and it passed. The Bishop called for the vote on the document from 
the pension task force for retirees' health care. It was approved. Sherman referred to 
Report C and D which was for informational purposes. Sherman then moved the 
adoption of the entire report. The Conference backed up at the direction of the Bishop 
to approve Report C by itself first. The vote was taken and it was approved. 

Motion: Rufus Stark, Edenton Street (RA), moved "to study the transition fund to 
the end that the amount contributed by churches whose pastors do not participate be 
applied to the unfunded pension liability." This motion was accepted by the Board of 
Pensions. No vote was taken since the Board accepted the motion. 

Sherman then moved the adoption of the entire report. The vote was taken and the 
report was approved. 

Dr. Russell Ritchey Speaks: Dr. Russell Ritchey, Dean of the Candler School of 
Theology, was invited to address the Conference. 

Result of Clergy Ballot #8: The Bishop read the results of Clergy Ballot #8. There 
were 255 valid votes. One hundred twenty-eight votes were needed for an election. 
There were 2 elections: Kermit Braswell and Carol Goehring. 

Clergy Ballot #9: The Bishop called for Clergy Ballot #9. The ballot was closed at 
4:31 p.m. 

Report of Commission on Equitable Compensation: Steve Formo, chairperson, 
presented the report on Equitable Compensation on pages 77-80 of The Conference 
Program, Recommendations and Reports 2003. He noted the editorial change on page 
77. On page 78 the last paragraph delete the last 2 sentences beginning with 
"However, the Commission... ." He pointed out the recommendation for the 2004 
schedule of minimum compensation. 



Motion: Gregg McGarvey, Fellowship/St. Pauls (RO), moved "minimum salary only 
increase $500 [for] full-time and $275 [for] student" pastors. Patrice Cheasty-Miller, St. 
Paul (DU), spoke against the motion. Robert Gladden spoke for the motion. Ray 
Wittman, Washington: First (GR), spoke against the motion. Amanda Dixon spoke for 
the motion. Kermit Braswell, retired (RA), spoke against the motion. The question was 
called. The Bishop called for the vote to vote on the question. The motion to reduce the 
increases was defeated. 

Bishop Edwards then called for the vote for the adoption of the salary 
recommendations. They were adopted. The Bishop asked for the vote to approve the 
report as a whole and it was approved. 

Report of Committee on Itinerate Clergy Moving Expenses: Chariperson Carl 
Belcher referred the Conference to the report printed in The Conference Program, 
Recommendations and Reports 2003, on pages 62-64. He reported on the previous 
year's spending, stating it was well within the budget. He presented the report with no 
changes except in paragraph III. The Review Committee now includes the chair of the 
Moving Expense Committee. Bishop Edwards called for the vote to accept this change 
to paragraph III and it was accepted. The Bishop called for the vote of the report as a 
whole and the report was accepted. 

Report of the Conference Board of Trustees: Chairperson Bill Simpson presented 
the report of the Conference trustees printed on page 73-76 of The Conference Program, 
Recommendation and Reports 2003. Simpson noted several editorial corrections including 
the delettion of the first paragraph. The Greenfield property was purchased in July 2002 
for $1 ,000,000. He noted that closed church sales had made in excess of $260,000 available 
for church extensions. Simpson addressed the Wardlaw bequest on Kerr Lake for a retreat 
center/area for clergy. The trustees are evaluating the best course of action. He invited 
Barbara Tripp to address the Conference. Tripp requested permission to purchase property 
for a housing project for the MERCI center. She has funds available to purchase property 
for a rural affordable housing project in Chadburn. There are plans to build 33 houses. 
The purchase price for the property is $150,000. The purchase of the property as presented 
by the Trustees and Barbara Tripp was approved. Simpson then placed the whole report 
before the Conference for approval. Sam Brown had a question regarding the MERCI 

Motion: Diane Christianson, Bethany (DU), moved to change the Trustees Report on 
page 74, top paragraph, 3 rd line from the end to read, "the best course may be disposition...." 
The motion passed. The vote on the report as a whole was then adopted. Simpson then 
discussed the cost of insuring coastal property. 

Wellspring Prayer Break: Robby Lowry lead the Conference through a Wellspring 
Prayer Break. 

Announcements: The Bishop reminded the Conference of the 7:30 p.m. 
Congregational Development Celebration. He stated the business session would resume 
after the evening service. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2003 

Worship Service: The Conference members were led in praise and celebration during 
the $10 Club service with skits, video clips and music from Newsong, New Beginnings, 
Reconciliation, Raleigh Korean, Agape Korean, Johnson Memorial and Nashville UMCs. 

Plenary Session: Bishop Edwards called the Wednesday evening session to order 
at 9:10 p.m. 

Result of Clergy Ballot #9: Bishop Edwards read the results of Clergy Ballot #9. 
There were 261 ballots cast. Twelve ballots were defective. One hundred twenty-five votes 
were needed for an election. There was one election: Jerry Lowry. 



Clergy Ballot #10: The Bishop called for Clergy Ballot #10. He declared the ballot 
closed at 9:17 p.m. 

Report of the Committee on Episcopacy: Episcopacy Chairperson Cashar Evans 
presented the report. Evans described the work of the committee to the Conference. He 
gave a very supportive and complimentary series of comments about Bishop Edwards and 
his ministry. Evans presented Bishop Edwards with a signed copy of Bishop Cannon's 
book, The Redeemer. He requested that all the churches pray for the Bishop every day. 
Evans then asked the Conference to stand as he prayed for the Bishop. The Bishop thanked 
Evans and the committee for the kind words and gift from the Annual Conference. 

Report of the United Methodist Publishing House: Cindy Keen, Raleigh Cokesbury 
manager, brought the report from the United Methodist Publishing House. Keen explained 
the ministries of Cokesbury with statements and a video. She introduced Drew Jones, 
Cokesbury manager from Birmingham, AL. Jones announced the opening of a new store 
in Greensboro, NC. Mark Christy was introduced as the new manager of the Greensboro 
store. Keen gave Bishop Edwards a copy of the New Interpreter Study Bible. She then 
presented a check in the amount of $14,457.66 for the clergy pension fund. The Bishop 
requested that the Conference Board of Pensions prayerfully consider donating this amount 
to the Central Conference for the pensions of pastors in other parts of the world. 

Report of the Board of Institutions: Tom Stark presented the report. Stark outlined 
the work of the Board of Institutions. He proposed that a task force be formed to promote 
programming and to make efforts at reconnecting with the churches. This would make 
them feel they are a part of the institutions that the Board of Institutions represent. He 
corrected the date in last sentence of the fifth paragraph to read June 2004. The Task 
Force will report its findings and recommendations to the Annual Conference at its meeting 
in June 2004. The Bishop called for the vote on the proposal of the Board of Institutions. 
The proposal passed. 

Report of Bishops' Initiative on Children and Poverty: Sue Ellen Nicholson 
presented the report. She restated the goals of the initiative. She talked about the Hand- 
in-Hand Project and other projects that the Bishops' Initiative has generated. Nicholson 
stated there will be a children's march on the state capital. The goal is to raise the legislators 
awareness of issues that affect children and families. The march is designed to influence 
the decisions made in our state that affect children and families. A"Community with Children 
and the Poor study guide for small group studies has been developed by the Task Force. 
Hope for the Children of Africa was another initiative Nicholson spoke about. She ended 
her report with a video presentation, Community with Children and the Poor. 

Report of Wellspring Ministries: David Brownlee addressed the Conference. 
Brownlee explained the beginnings and the purpose of Wellspring Ministries. Glenda 
Johnson spoke about spiritual formation initiatives under Wellspring Ministries. She 
encouraged clergy covenant groups. Johnson also leads 24 hour prayer retreats. The 
next retreat is September 21-22, 2003 and will be held at the Bergland Center at Camp 
Rockfish. Branson Sheets outlined his responsibilities for working with small membership 
churches. Sheets runs the Wellspring Leadership Academy. He announced the next 
academy dates. He then introduced Paul Dunham to talk about the Academy for Christian 
Leadership. Another aspect of Sheets responsibilities is small church leadertraining. Jimmie 
Weaver addressed the Conference about his contributions and responsibilities at Wellspring 
Ministries. His responsibilities encompass helping pastors establish disciplined life including 
prayer, study, and participation in a colleague forum. In conclusion, Brownlee spoke about 
the 5-day academy for spiritual formation. 

Point of Personal Privilege: Ken Ripley suggested that the next venue for Annual 
Conference be handicap accessible. The Bishop took this under advisement. 

Result of Clergy Ballot #10: The Bishop read the results of Clergy Ballot #10. There 
was an election: David Banks. This completed the delegation for General Conference. 



Parliamentary Inquiry: M. B. Collier, Duke Chapel (DU), asked if the remaining people 
on the clergy balloting that have the highest votes could be elected as the remaining 
delegates. The Bishop ruled it out of order because of the rules of the Conference for 

Clergy Ballot #11: The Bishop called for Clergy Ballot #11 for Jurisdictional 
Conference. J. B. Helms, Retired (GO) asked forthe names of those elected to be projected 
on the video screen. The Bishop closed Clergy Ballot #11 at 10:30 p.m. 

Adjournment: Bishop Edwards adjourned the Conference until 8:00 a.m. Thursday 

Thursday, June 5, 2003 

THIRD DAY, MORNING SESSION, Thursday, June 5, 2003 

Plenary Session: Bishop Edwards called the Conference to order for the morning 
session at 8:04 a.m. 

Result of Clergy Ballot #11: The Bishop read the results of Clergy Ballot #11. There 
were 199 ballots cast. Thirty-one ballots were defective. Eighty-four votes were needed 
for an election. There was one election: Won Namkoong. 

Clergy Ballot #12: The Bishop called for Clergy Ballot #12. Bishop Edwards took a 
moment to thank the secretary's staff and others that have helped to put the Annual 
Conference together. The Bishop mentioned those who were unable to attend Annual 
Conference due to bad health. He told the Annual Conference that greetings had been 
sent to them. He declared the ballot closed at 8:21 a.m. 

Report of the United Methodist Foundation: Lynn James, executive director of the 
UMF, presented the report. He noted that the average annual return rate on investments 
was 8.6% over the last 20 years. He stated that although the rate of return is dropping, it is 
still a positive rate. James encouraged endowment programs. He announced a new option. 
More information regarding this new investment option will be available through the Legacy 
newsletter. James announced the "Saints of God Award for Outstanding Christian 
Stewardship and Service," given by the United Methodist Foundation. This year's recipient 
was First UMC, Elon (BU), Randy Maynard, pastor. They were recognized for raising 
$100,000 for missions above and beyond their apportionment, building several Habitat 
houses and other mission projects. The Conference sang / Sing a Song of the Saints of 
God to conclude the report presentation. 

Charter of New Congregations: Steve Compton recognized Thomas Greener, pastor 
of Faith Harbor (NB), and Caswell Shaw, New Bern District. Faith Harbor is a new church 
that is being chartered. The charter of organization will be presented officially at a later 

The Love Feast: The Love Feast began at 8:37 a.m. Special music was provided the 
Reverend Cynthia Wilson-Hollins, music leader, and Jo-etta Johnson Page, pianist. Harold 
Leatherman presided. The service concluded at 9:45 a.m. 

Recognition: Cynthia Wilson-Hollins and Jo-etta Johnson Page were presented 
flowers by Marshall Old on behalf of the host district. 

Result of Clergy Ballot #12: The Bishop read the results of Clergy Ballot #12. There 
were 162 ballots cast. Fourteen ballots were defective. Seventy-five votes were needed 
for an election. There was no election. 

Clergy Ballot #13: The Bishop called for Clergy Ballot #13. He declared the ballot 
closed at 9:58 a.m. 

Report of the Committee on Resolutions and Reference Report: Steve Hickle 
was recognized to present the report of the committee. Resolutions 6, 7, 8 and 9 were 
looked at separately. 

Resolution 6, Dialogue About the Middle East: There were editorial changes to 
paragraph 5: substitute "Christian and Interfaith Unity Council" in place of "Commission on 



Church and Society or any other appropriate body." In paragraph 6, strike "all necessary." 
In the last paragraph substitute the first "the" with the word "such." 

Amendment: Greg Jenks, Christ Community (RA), moved to strike the words "our 
brothers and sisters" in paragraph 4 and replace with "people." Diane Blanchard spoke 
against the amendment. Bishop Edwards first called for a hand vote and he called for a 
standing vote. The amendment passed. 

Amendment: Lon Miller, Incapacity Leave (RM), moved to change the last line of 
paragraph 5 to read "...including its history, cultures, religions and evangelism of that 
region." The Bishop called for the vote. 

Point of Order: Carl King, Chaplain, Columbia College was recognized for a point of 
order. The Bishop called for a motion to either count the vote or use his judgment. 

Motion: Jim Murphy, Apex (RA), moved to count the vote. It received a second. The 
Bishop called for the vote and the motion passed. The ruling of the Chair stood and the 
ruling was that the Miller amendment passed. 

Carl Frazier, Sanford: St. Luke was recognized to inform the Conference that there 
was no money in the budget for Task Forces. 

The Bishop called for the vote for Resolution 6 as amended and the resolution failed. 

Resolution 7, Better Treatment for Workers: The committee recommends to concur 
with the resolution as printed. After several speeches for and against the amendment, the 
question was called. Bishop Edwards called for the vote on Resolution 7 and it was defeated. 

Resolution 8, Health Care Reform: There was an editorial change in paragraph 2 to 
read, "...without health insurance are children... " The committee recommends concurrence. 
Greg Jones, Ayden, spoke against. Sam Brown, RA: Retired spoke for the resolution. A 
vote to call the question was held and the question was called. The Bishop called for the 
vote on Resolution 8 and it passed. 

Resolution 9, Supporting the United Nations: The committee concurs with 
Resolution 9. The Bishop called for the vote and the resolution passed. 

Resolution 2, Withdrawing the United Methodist Church from the Religious 
Coalition for Reproductive Choice: Hickle directed the Conference to Resolution 2 and 
informed the members that no funding goes from the United Methodist Church to the 
Coalition. Based on research by Hickle, the committee recommends non-concurrence 
with resolution 2. 

Amendment: Peg Witt, Trenton-Maple Grove (NB), moved "to delete the words (or 
any other organization dedicated to pro-choice education, research, and/or advocacy) 
from the last paragraph of the resolution." The amendment failed. There was a vote to call 
the question and the question was called. The Bishop called for the vote on Resolution 2. 
A standing vote was taken. 

Point of Order: Rufus Stark, RA: Retired called for a point of order. While the standing 
vote was being counted, the Bishop announced that 1 ,531 persons were registered and in 
attendance at Annual Conference. 

The results of the standing vote for Resolution 2 were 461 votes for and 268 votes 
against the resolution. Resolution 2 was adopted. 

Result of Clergy Ballot #13: The Bishop read the results of Clergy Ballot #13. There 
were 264 ballots cast. Twenty-six ballots were defective. One hundred fifteen votes were 
needed for an election. There was one election: David Brownlee. 

Point of Personal Privilege: Bill Cottingham, Wlmington: Trinity requested a point 
of personal privilege and withdrew from the election. Jim Huskins, EC: Edenton also 
withdrew from the election. Roger Elliott, RA: Edenton St. was recognized to speak. He 
recognized Judy Aycock, the organist from Haymount. She had been playing the organ for 
the Annual Conference. She was thanked by the Bishop and received applause from the 

Clergy Ballot #14: The Bishop called for Clergy Ballot #14. Charles Cox, lay member, 
was recognized to speak. Cox stated that the laity were willing to go home and let the 


Mir! fifes 

clergy stay and finish their work. Bishop Edwards announced that the money received for 
No Hungry Neighbor was $118,176.20 of the $500,000 goal. Randy Maynard, BU: Elon, 
First, noted that he had $1 5,000 that had not been included in the above total. The Bishop 
declared the ballot closed at 10:58 a.m. 

Point of Personal Privilege: Rodney Hamm, Burlington District, was recognized. He 
stated that John Varden, University (BU), and his wife, Nancy, had a baby girl. 

Motion: Jimmy Cummings, Retired (RO), moved "that debate be limited to 2 speeches 
for and two speeches against not to exceed three minutes each." The Bishop called for the 
vote and the motion passed. 

Motion: Frank Lloyd, Retired (SA), moved to suspend the rules so that the top vote 
getters of the next ballot be allowed to complete the delegation. The motion was ruled out 
of order. The Bishop noted that this could put the whole delegation in danger of not being 
seated at the Jurisdictional Conference. 

Resolution on Support of Chaplains in the Department of Corrections: The 
committee has no recommendation regarding this resolution. Ken Ripley, the author of 
the resolution, was recognized to speak for the resolution. 

Amendment: Katherine Williams, lay delegate offered a friendly amendment to add 
the following: "Be it further resolved, That the Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries 
Committee of the NCC investigate how this AC will respond in the area of volunteer 
chaplaincy." The Bishop called for the vote on the resolution as amended and the resolution 
was adopted. 

Resolution on A Call to End Sexual Harassment of Lesbian and Gay Individuals 
by the United Methodist Church: This resolution was referred by the 2001 session of the 
NC Annual Conference to the 2003 session of the NC Annual Conference. Jean Aycock, 
author of the resolution, asked to speak for the resolution. Since she was not a delegate 
of this Annual Conference, the Bishop asked for a vote to grant Aycock permission to 
address the Conference. She was granted the right to speak to her resolution. Greg Jenks, 
RA: Christ Community spoke against the resolution. Bill Cottingham, Wl: Trinity spoke for 
the resolution. Ken Ripley, lay delegate, spoke against the resolution. The Bishop called 
for the vote to support the resolution and to send it to General Conference. The resolution 

Additional Resolution 1, Amend the Preamble to the Social Principles in the 
Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church: Hickle presented the resolution to 
the Conference. The Bishop called for the vote and the resolution was defeated. 

Resolution 1, Amending The Book of Discipline's Paragraph on Abortion (161 
J): Hickle presented resolution 1 and two other related resolutions. The committee 
recommends non-concurrence with the three resolutions. Ben Ball, lay member of St. Peter's 
in Morehead City, spoke on behalf of the Administrative Council of St. Peter's and for the 
resolution. Larry Bowden, Resurrection (DU), spoke. Keith Sexton, Wilson: First (RM), 
spoke against resolution 1. The Bishop asked for the vote to call the question. 

Amendment: Theron Bell, lay delegate Tabernacle (SA), moved to restore the words 
"except when the physical life of the mother is in danger and no other medical procedure 
is available." Paul Dunham spoke against the amendment. The Bishop called for the vote 
on the amendment to resolution 1 and it passed. 

Result of Clergy Ballot #14: The Bishop read the results of Clergy Ballot #14. There 
were 266 ballots cast. Twenty-six ballots were defective. One hundred twenty-one votes 
were needed for an election. There were two elections: Paul Stallsworth and Kermit Braswell. 

Point of Personal Privilege: Eckie Lancaster, Wilmington DS, withdrew from the 

Clergy Ballot #15: The Bishop called for Clergy Ballot #15. The Bishop declared the 
ballot closed at 11:51 a.m. 

Continuation of Resolution 1: The Bishop returned to the vote on resolution 1. A 
standing vote was taken. The vote was 391-323 for the resolution. Resolution 1 passed. 



Motion: Paul Dunham, Saint Joseph (GO), moved "To instruct the Rules Committee 
to include in the rules for the 2004 Annual Conference that the Committee on Nominations 
not include in their reports an indication of concurrence or non-concurrence." 

Point of Order: Ken Ripley was recognized for was a point of order. 

David Banks, SA: Jonesboro was recognized for an inquiry. M. B. Collier, DU: Duke 
Chapel, was recognized. Jerry Schronce, RM: Spring-Lebanon, spoke against the motion. 
The Bishop called for the vote and the motion failed. 

Question: Lon Miller, Incapacity Leave (EC), asked about the resolutions that were 
referred last year. In reference to Miller's question, Charles Michael Smith gave clarification 
to the issue of creating another Commission of Town and Country Ministries. This was 
addressed in the Cabinet and with Steve Compton. The conclusion was that the perceived 
needs of town and country churches are being met. Miller stated that he would withdraw 
the two resolutions and bring them back to the 2004 Annual Conference. 

Motion: Jerry Lowry moved "that we return to the Crown Plaza in Fayetteville for our 
2004" session of the North Carolina Annual Conference. The 2004 Annual Conference 
will be June 9-12, 2004. 

Amendment: Jerry Bryan, Conference Secretary, moved to "see p. 129 - BOR - 
Annual Conference Planning Committee." He moved to substitute to meet in Greenville 
Convention Center for 2004 and 2005. Chuck Plowman, Scotland Neck-Rich Square (RM), 
spoke against the substitute motion. Taylor Mills, Williamston: First (GR), spoke for the 
substitute motion. There was a spirited debate as many people wanted to speak to this 
issue. Beverly Leggett, lay delegate Washington: Asbury (GR), spoke against the substitute 
motion. Debate was suspended due to meeting the requirements of two speeches for and 
two speeches against an issue. The Bishop called for a vote on the Bryan substitute motion 
and the motion was defeated. 

The Bishop directed the Conference back to the original motion to return to the Crown 
Theater and Arena as presented by Jerry Lowry. Greg Jones, lay delegate spoke against 
the Lowry motion. Ken Ripley was recognized to ask a question. 

Amendment: Para Drake, Rougemont (DU), moved to "amend the motion to add 'we 
return to Fayetteville Coliseum contingent on its accessibility to the handicapped.'" The 
Bishop called for the vote and the amendment failed. 

The Bishop called for the vote on the Lowry motion to return to the Crown Theater and 
Arena and the motion passed. The 2004 North Carolina Annual Conference will be held in 

Continuation of Report of Council on Finance and Administration: Carl Frazier, 
president of the Conference Council on Finance and Administration returned to continue 
the Council's report. 

Result of Clergy Ballot #15: The Bishop read the results of Clergy Ballot #15. There 
were 276 ballots cast. Twenty-one ballots were defective. One hundred twenty-eight votes 
were needed for an election. There were three elections: Steve Hickle, Elizabeth Hood 
and Thomas Holtsclaw. 

Clergy Ballot #16: The Bishop called for Clergy Ballot #16. Kong Namkung, FA: 
Johnson Memorial withdrew from the ballot. Bishop Edwards declared the ballot closed at 
12:47 p.m. 

Continuation of Report of Council on Finance and Administration: Frazier returned 
to the podium and directed the Conference to Section V on page 96 of The Conference 
Program, Recommendation and Reports 2003. He moved the adoption of Section V, District 
Superintendent's Salary. 

Motion: Gregg McGarvey, Fellowship/St. Pauls (RO), moved that the "D.S. salaries 
increase [be] limited to $1,500." This will be equal to the increase recommendation for 
minimum salary. Sam Brown, Retired (RA), made an observation. Kermit Braswell, Retired 
(RA), was recognized to speak. The Bishop called for the vote and the motion failed. 



The Bishop then called for the vote of Section V as recommended by CF&A. It was 

Frazier then referred to pages 82-87 of The Conference Program, Recommendation 
and Reports 2003. He made several corrections. Line 11 increased from $20,000 to 
$22,000. Line 12 should be $50,000. Line 52 increased from $2,750 to $5,000. The 
grand total stands at $17,198,536, an increase of 4.18%. Frazier then moved the adoption 
of the budget as corrected. 

Amendment: Roger Elliott, RA: Retired, referred to line item 54, North Carolina Council 
of Churches. He moved to suspend the financial support of the NCCC due to the inclusion 
of Metropolitan Community Church. (Tape #11:0155) Charles Michael Smith spoke against 
the amendment. 

Point of Personal Privilege: Rufus Stark was granted a point of personal privilege. 

Bishop Edwards called for the vote on the Elliott amendment. A standing vote was 
required. The amendment was defeated. 

Bishop Edwards called for the vote on the budget as a whole. Paul Dunham, Saint 
Joseph (GO), asked a question regarding D.S. salaries. Amanda Dixson, Rock Creek 
(BU), asked a question. The vote was taken and the budget was adopted. 

The CF&A report as a whole was placed before the Conference. Bishop Edwards 
asked for the vote and the report as a whole was adopted. Frazier then thanked a number 
of people who will be leaving CF&A. 

Result of Clergy Ballot #16: The Bishop read the results of Clergy Ballot #16. There 
were 264 ballots cast. Eleven ballots were defective. One hundred twenty-seven votes 
were needed for an election. There was one election: Bill Presnell. 

Clergy Ballot #17: The Bishop called for Clergy Ballot #17. Bishop Edwards invited the 
children that have been involved in the children's day care and children's programming to 
come to the stage. The children gave a presentation. The clergy ballot was closed at 1:14 

Conference Committee on Nominations: CCM Executive Director Charles Michael 
Smith brought the Nominations Report. Smith directed the Conference to pages 66-68 of 
The Conference Program, Recommendation and Reports 2003 and to the Book of Handouts 
2003-2004, pages 1-2. 

Motion: Ruth Harper Stevens moved to "substitute Dr. Steve Compton for Jack L. 
Hunter for the Class of 2003 on the Conference Board of Trustees." Bill Simpson, Rocky 
Mount District, spoke against the motion. 

Point of Order: Jimmy Tatum, Camp (Wl), raised a point of order. 

The Bishop called for the vote on the substitute motion and it was defeated. James 
Coile, Parliamentarian, reminded Smith that the Addendum (page 66 - The Conference 
Program, Recommendations and Reports 2003), Trustee Nominations of the United 
Methodist Homes, Inc. and Cypress Glen Retirement Community related to the nominations. 
The new nominees were: Class of 2007 - Mrs. Anne Clark, General Stephen R. Smith, Dr. 
Walter J. Poires and Mr. Nelson Price; Class of 2004 - Dr. Richard Evans. These 
nominations were approved. The Bishop called for the vote on the nominations as corrected 
and they were elected. 

Smith then lifted up the Conference Advance Specials. He directed the Conference 
to the addendum handout that addresses the Special Sunday offerings and Advance 
Specials. The Advance Specials offerings and dates were approved by the Conference. 

Result of Clergy Ballot #17: The Bishop read the results of Clergy Ballot #17. There 
was one election: Marshall Old. This completes the Jurisdictional Delegation. 

Motion: Jerry Lowry moved that the five alternates for Jurisdictional Conference be 
selected as the top five clergy on ballot #17 that were not elected. The Bishop read the 
names of those persons: Gayle Felton, Bill Weisser, Leonard Fairley, Charles Michael Smith 
and Powell Osteen. The motion received a second. M.B. Collier spoke against the motion. 



The Bishop called for the vote to elect the alternates as described in the motion and the 
motion passed. This clergy delegation was declared completed at 1:39 p.m. 

Point of Personal Privilege: Ken Ripley was granted a point of personal privilege. He 
thanked the Bishop for considering the needs of the laity in scheduling Annual Conference. 

Bishop Edwards then asked Secretary Bryan if all the Annual Conference business had 
then been addressed. Beverly Legget, GR:Asbury, asked about a Saddlebag for the last 
day of Conference. She would like the Saddlebag and the Bishop's state of the church 
address mailed to all delegates. The Bishop commented that his state of the church address 
was not in manuscript form. He further stated that he had planned to include issues on 
forgiveness and reconciliation in his state of the church address. Bill Norton was consulted 
about the request for a Saddlebag. Norton stated that it would be posted on the Conference 
web page. 

Motion: Bill Cottingham, Wl: Trinity moved for a reconsideration of the election and 
received a second. He then declared himself out of order because he voted against the 
election. James Coile clarified that alternates can be elected as the Annual Conference 
may determine. The Bishop called for the vote to rescindthe Lowry motion elect the alternates. 
The Conference voted not to go back to elect alternates. 

Point of Personal Privilege: Jerry Bryan, Conference Secretary thanked the 
Conference and expressed his pride and gratitude for the Conference and the work they 

Announcement: Cashar Evans announced there would be a delegation meeting in 
the arena at the close of Annual Conference. 

Linda Edwards was recognized and presented a corsage. Bishop Edwards then 
presented his wife to the Conference and greeted her with a kiss. He then welcomed and 
thanked Sandy Smith and presented her to the Conference. 

Worship and Sending Forth: Bishop Edwards addressed the Conference and briefly 
commented on the spiritual nature in the process of making appointments. Bishop Edwards 
instructed the District Superintendents to read only the changes, with corrections (which 
appear in the Conference Journal and on the Conference Web site) for their respective 
districts. The Bishop fixed the appointments in each district after the appointment changes 
were read. Finally Bishop Edwards fixed the appointments for the ministers in Extension 
Ministries found on pages 19-23 in the Appointments 2003-04 book. After the final prayer, 
the Conference sang the first and fourth verse of God Be with You Until We Meet Again. 
Bishop Edwards dismissed the 2003 North Carolina Annual Conference session at 2:33 
p.m. Thursday, June 5, 2003. 


Conference Business Questions 

The Business of The Annual Conference 

The Minutes of the North Carolina Annual Conference held in Fayetteville, North Carolina 
from June 2, 2003 through June 5, 2003. Bishop Marion M. Edwards, presiding. Date when 
organized, 1828. Number of this session, 177. 

Organization and General Business 

1. Who are elected for the quadrennium (ffl!603.7, 617): 
Secretary? James L. Bryan 

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 10955, Raleigh, North Carolina 27605 

Telephone: 919/832-9560 or NC Toll Free 1-800-849-4433 

Statistician? George D. Speake 

Mailing Address: PO Box 787, Manteo, North Carolina 27954 

Telephone: 252/473-2089 

Treasurer? Sharon E. Strother 

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 10955, Raleigh, North Carolina 27605 

Telephone: 919/832-9560 or NC Toll Free 1-800-849-4433 

2. Is the Annual Conference incorporated fl|603.1) YES 

3. Bonding and auditing: 

a) What officers handling funds of the conference have been bonded, 

and in what amounts (ffl!616, 2511)? All Officiers, Conference Treasurer 
and all Staff, individuals processing cash in the local churches and 
Conference,- $50,000 per occurrance and $150,000 limit annually. 

b) Have the books of said officers or persons been audited (ffl!615, 2511)? Yes 

4. What agencies have been appointed or elected? 

a) Answer Yes or No for each of the councils, boards, commissions, 
or committees listed: 

(1) Board of Ordained Ministry (1J632)? Yes 

(2) Board of Pensions (H636)? Yes 

(3) Board of Trustees of the Annual Conference fl|2512)? Yes 

(4) Committee on Episcopacy (H634)? Yes 

(5) Committee on Investigation (H2703.2, .3)? Yes 

(6) Administrative Review Committee (1J633)? Yes 

b) Indicate the name of the agency in your annual conference which is/are 
responsible for the functions related to each of the following general church 
agencies (1J608.1): 

(1) General Council on Finance and Administration? Same 

(2) General Council on Ministries? Same 

(3) General Board of Church and Society? Same 

(4) General Board of Discipleship? Same 

(5) General Board of Global Ministries? included in Missions 

(6) Higher Education and Campus Ministry? Same 

(7) General Commission on Archives and History? Same 

(8) General Commission on Christian Unity & Interreligious Concerns Same 

(9) General Commission on Religion and Race? Monitoring & Accountability 

(10) General Commission on the 

Status & Role of Women? Monitoring & Accountability 


Conference Business Questions 

(11) United Methodist Communications? Same 

c) Indicate the conference agencies which have responsibilities for the 
following functions: 

(1) Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries (1J652)? Same 

(2) Disability Concerns (fl649)? Joint Committee on Incapacity 

(3) Equitable Compensation (1J623)? Same 

(4) Laity (H629)? Same 

(5) Native American Ministry (1J650)? Same 

(6) Small Membership Church (H642)? 

included in Congregational Development 

d) Answer Yes or No for each of the following conference or district organizations: 

(1) Conference United Methodist Women (fl644)? Yes 

(2) Conference United Methodist Men (1J645)? Yes 

(3) Conference Council on Youth Ministry (H646)? Yes 

(4) Conference Council on Young Adult Ministry (1J647)? No 

(5) District Boards of Church Location and Building (1J2518)? Yes 

(6) Committees on District Superintendency (fl663)? Yes 

(7) District Committees on Ordained Ministry (11660)? Yes 

e) What other councils, boards, commissions, or committees have been 
appointed or elected in the annual conference? 

Boards : Institutions, Inc., Missions, Inc.; Committees : Conference Clergy 
Living, Conference Entertainment, Conference Rules, Conference Staff 
Relations, Continuing Education, Disability, Episcopal Residence, Insurance, 
Itinerant Clergy Moving Expense and Nominations,; Commissions : Clergy 
Counseling & Consultation, Education, Evangelism, Missions and Outreach, 
Stewardship, Worship, Youth Ministries, and Committees : Budget, Conference 
Staff Relations, Disaster Response, and Ethnic Local Church Concerns 

5. Have the secretaries, treasurers, and statisticians kept their respective records 
according to the prescribed forms (11606. 8)? Yes 

6. What is the report of the statistician? (See Sections III & VI of the Journal) 

7. What is the report of the treasurer? (See Sections III & VI of the Journal) 

8. What are the reports of the district superintendents as to the status of the work 
within their districts?(See Sections III & VI of the Journal.) 

9. What is the schedule of minimum base compensation for pastors for the ensuing 
year (U1J333, 623.3)? 
















10. What amount has been apportioned to the pastoral charges within the 

conference to be raised for the support of the district superintendents for the 
ensuing year flffl612.1a)? $1,303,182 


Conference Business Questions 

11. What amount has been apportioned to the pastoral charges within the 
conference to be raised for the support of the pension and benefit programs 
of the Conference for the ensuing year (1ffl612.1d)? $4,100,000 

12. What are the apportionments to this conference for the ensuing year: 

a) For the World Service Fund? $1,625,358 

b) For the Ministerial Education Fund? $629,717 

c) For the Black College Fund? $262,613 

d) For the Africa University Fund? $58,777 

e) For the Episcopal Fund? $386,035 

f) For the General Administration Fund? $139,347 

g) For the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund? $50,078 

1 3. If the annual conference apportions to the local church a fund that combines two or 
more general apportioned funds with one another, or that combines one or more 
general apportioned funds with funds other than a general apportioned fund, list 
below for each combined fund: a) the name and amount of each general fund 
included in the apportionment; b) the percentage of the combined fund total that 
corresponds to each general fund apportionment (ffl!612. 3d, 613.4). 

World Service and Connectional Ministries $1,625,358 13.1% 

Ministerial Education Fund $629,717 5.1% 

General Administration $139,347 1.1% 

14. Conference and district lay leaders (1ffl603.9, 655): 

a) Conference lay leader: Mrs. Jeanne Rouse 
Mailing Address: PO Box 52547 

Durham, North Carolina 27717 

b) Associate conference lay leaders: TBE 

c) District and associate district lay leaders: 
BURLINGTON: Jamie Davis 
DURHAM: Sandy Quinn 
FAYETTEVILLE: Carolyn Miller 
GOLDSBORO: David Adams 
GREENVILLE: George Mewborn 
NEW BERN: Curtis Hildt, Jr. 
RALEIGH: Carlin Johnson 
ROCKINGHAM: Lee Wallace 
SANFORD: Norma Aaron 

15. What local churches have been: 

a) Organized (fl 259)? 

(NB) Faith Harbor was constituted on May 18, 2003. 

b) Merged (H 2545, H 2546)? 

1) United Methodist with United Methodist 

Name of 1st church Name of 2nd church Name of merged church 


2) Other mergers 


Conference Business Questions 

Name of 1st church Name of 2nd church Name of merged church 


c) Discontinued or abandoned (fl 228, fl 332.2, fl 2548)? (State which for each 
church listed.) 

(RA) Raleigh: Celebration (8681), not constituted, They are continuing as a 
"class or band" with no pastoral appointment. There is no appointment 
(In the N.C. Annual Conference, worship services may be continued in historical 
site churches pursuant to guidelines adopted by Conference Trustees and 
approved by Bishop and Cabinet.) 

d) Relocated and to what address? 

(RA) Clayton: Christ Community (8651) moved on 1/26/03 from worshipping at 
Clayton High School to their new, first unit, permanent facility at 1082 Amelia 
Church Road, Clayton NC 27520 

New Beginnings (8671) moved on 12/8/02 from worshiping at Youngsville 
Elementary School to 120 Weathers Street, Suite A, Youngsville, NC 27596. 

e) Changed name of church? (Example: "First" to "Trinity") None 

f) Transferred this year into this conference from other United Methodist 
conference(s) and with what membership (Par. 39, 260)? 

Name Membership Conference from which transferred 


g) What other changes have taken place in the list of churches? None 

16. What changes have been made in district and charge lines? 
a) District? 

(BU) Lebanon-Carr Charge (1320), which was a student appointment, dissolved. 
Lebanon (1323) became a full-time station and Carr (1322) became a part-time 
station, effective 1/1/02. 

Shady Grove (1551) changed from a part-time station to a student station, effective 

Rock Creek-Christ (1400) will dissolve. Rock Creek (1404) will become a part-time 
station and Christ (1403) will join with Grace (1081), a single full-time station, to 
become a two-point part-time charge called Grace-Christ, effective 6/24/03. 
(DU) Granville-Vance Charge (2320) will change from a full-time station to a student 
station, effective 7/1/03. 

(EC) Union-Newbegun (3370), a two-point full-time charge, merged to become a 
single full-time station called Newbegun, effective 5/1/03. 
(FA) Culbreth Memorial-Person Street (4140), a two-point full-time charge, will 
dissolve. Culbreth Memorial (4141) will become a single full-time station and 
Person Street (4231) will be aligned with Victory (4281), a single full-time station, to 
become a two-point full-time charge named Victory-Person Street, effective 7/1/03 
Newton Grove Charge (4390), a three-point full-time charge, will become a two- 
point full-time charge comprised of Maple Grove (4393) and Newton Grove (4394). 
Ebenezer (4392) will become a part of the Goldsboro District, effective 7/1/03. 
(GO)Ebenezer (4392) will move from the Fayetteville District to the Goldsboro 
District, effective 7/1/03. 

Johnston Circuit (5230), a two-point full-time station will dissolve. Antioch (5232) 
will become a single part-time station and Corinth (5233) will join with Ebenezer 


Conference Business Questions 

(4392) to become a two-point full-time charge called Corinth-Ebenezer Charge, 

effective 7/1/03. 

Institute-Hickory Grove (5220), a two-point full-time charge, will dissolve. Hickory 

Grove (5222) will become a single full-time station and Institute (5223) will become 

a single part-time station, effective 7/1/03. 

(RA) Raleigh: Agape Korean (10541) moved from Rocky Mount: Englewood UMC in 

Rocky Mount District, effective 4/13/03. 

(RM) Agape Korean (10541) moved from Rocky Mount: Englewood to Raleigh 

District, effective 4/13/03. Concord (10332) will be removed as a satellite of Smith 

(10341) to become a single part-time station, effective 7/1/03. 

(SA) Providence (11043) on the Bonlee Charge (11040) will close to become an 

Historic Church Site, effective 6/1/03. 


(Note: A(v) notation following a question in this section signifies that the action or 
election requires a majority vote of the clergy session of the annual conference. If an 
action requires more than a simple majority, the notation (v 2/3) or (v 3/4) signifies that a 
two-thirds or three-fourths majority vote is required.) 

17. Are all the clergy members of the conference blameless in their life and official ad 
ministration (1ffl604.4, 605.6)? Yes 

18. Who constitute: 

a) The Conference Committee on Investigation (1J2203)? (v) 

William A. Boykin; Jo-Ann Oulton; Gary E. Allred; E. Ray Brooks; Kimberly 
Pollock; Leonard E. Fairley; Reginald W. Ponder, Sr.; 

b) The Administrative Review Committee (1J633)? (v) 

Lisa Brown Cole; H. Gray Southern; Charles K. Morrison; Alternate: R. Bruce 
Pate; Leonard Fairley 

19. Who have received the certificate of candidacy for ordained ministry? (1ffl306, 307- 
Include the names of all candidates for ordained ministry who have been certified 
or approved for continuance by the district committee on ordained ministry.) 

Robert Mark Adams 

Julie Ellen Alliger 

John David Amon 

Holly Chester Baker 

Janet Balasko 

Peggy Leigh Barbee 

John Barnes 

Regina Barrow 

William Danford Blair 

Mark Leonard Blanton 

Michael Keith Brown 
Terry Alley Buckner 

Christie Anne Burley 

Lucinda K. Campbell 

Helen Champion 

LuAnn Charlton 

Cary: First 

BU: Walnut Grove 

GO: St. Luke 

Sanford: St. Luke 

Wrightsville UMC 

Wake Forest 

Wl: Wesleyan Chapel 

Snow Hill: Calvary UMC 

Kinston: Queen St. 

Cary: Genesis 

Caledonia UMC 
Cary: White Plains 

RA: Apex UMC 

Snead's Grove UMC 

Raleigh: Millbrook 

Raleigh: Apex 

















April May Chlumsky 

Suzanne C. Cobb 

Russ Connors 

Eugene Joseph Cox 

William Michael Creech, Sr. 

Brenda Anne Davis 

Carol W. Dean 

Felix M. Drye Jr. 

John Farron Duncan 

Needham Bradley Dunn 

Britt Woodruff Fisher 

Bettie Gray Garrick Francis 

Donna L. Fullwood 

Horace Eric Gilchrist II 

Martin L. Greer 

Linda Grider 

Susan Huguley Harrison 

Susan Linn Harthon 

Clifton H. Harvell 

James Haywood Henderson 

Tamsey Phillips Hill 

John Howie 

David Hollowell 

Joyce Beal Home 

Cathy McCabe Hoyle 

Gertrude Brenda Jones 

Hyung Soo Kim (PM) 

Kimberly Cole Konstanzer 

Tara Culp Lain 

Jane Lee Leechford 

Patrick Eddie Ligi, Jr. 

Rhonda Turner Maurer 

Jeanna Kay Maynard 

Amy Elizabeth Meador 

John Sherman Mewborne 

Anita Kimbrough Meyer 

Richard E. Montfort 

Gary Creighton Murphree (PTL) 

Kum Wook Namkung 

Philip Norris (PTL) 

Rhonda Riggins Parker 

Kansas Conference 

Conference Business Questions 


Raleigh: Soapstone 


NB: Riverdale 


Greenville: St. James 


Jefferson UMC 


BU: CarrUMC 


Flat Rock 


Fair Bluff 


Rehoboth UMC 


Rocky Mt: Englewood 


Orange UMC 


Raleigh: Westover 


Oak Island: Ocean View 


RA: Wilson Temple 


Webb Chapel UMC 


Daniels Memorial UMC 


Raleigh: Highland 


Raleigh: Jenkins Memorial 


Chocowinity UMC 


RA: Wilson Temple 








Cary: First 


Cary: Macedonia 


Oxford: St. Peters 


Selma: Edgerton Memorial 


Butner: Community 


Wl: Pine Valley 


FA: Hay St. 


New Song UMC 


Raleigh: Edenton Street 


FA: Marvin 


Raleigh: Wesley Memorial 


Raleigh: Benson Memorial 


Goldsboro: St. Paul 




FUMC: Rockingham 


Johnson Memorial UMC 


Andrew's Chapel UMC 


Apex UMC 



Conference Business Questions 

Matthew Lawrence Pierce 

Georgiana Worsley Pinckney 

Kevin Lee Powers 

Virginia Radcliff 

Cynthia Lane Rivenbark 

Amanda Roche Rooker 

Christopher Darryl Rooks 

Adrian Lyn Sawyer 

Christopher A. Short 

Cheryl Ann Skinner 

Irvin Scott Smallwood 

Amanda Riley Smith 

Sarah Laidlaw Smith 

Stephen E. Smith 

Laura Katherine Wacker Stern 

Carol C. Taylor 

Mark Jason Taylor 

William Lee Taylor 

Walter Ray Teague II 

Denise Thompson 

JoAnne Palmyra Hanger Turner 

Molly Anne Tyson 
Douglas Jay Wagner 

Donald Murray Warren 

Valerie Linda White 

Deborah Sue Wilkins 

Charles Wright 

Wlliam Ander Burns 
Frances L. Covington 
Robert Louis Davis 
Jo Stimac Gallivan 
Glen Jackson Godwin 
Cheryl Moffett Lawrence 
Cynthia Ramirez Lindenmeyer 
Jenny Hattan Moses 
Lee Ramseur 
Dianne Watson 

Cary: Macedonia 


Wallace UMC 


Wrightsville UMC 


Harbor UMC 


GO: Magnolia 


Durham: Trinity 


Whiteville UMC 


Rocky Ml: First 


GR: St. James 


Chapel Hill: University 


Rocky Mount: Nashville 


Durham: Trinity 


DU: Trinity UMC 


GR: Jarvis Memorial 


Orange UMC 


Conway-Concord UMC 


Greenville: Jarvis Memorial 


Elm City UMC 


RA: Cary: White Plains 


SA: Queens Chapel 


GO: Saulston 


Chapel Hill: University 


Raleigh: Highland 


Hay Street UMC 


RA: Knightdale UMC 


Sandy Plains UMC 


New Bern: Centenary 







03/1 3/2003 





03/1 3/2003 

20. Who have completed the studies for the license as a local pastor, are approved, but 
are not now appointed? (fl340-lndicate for each person the year the license was 

Donald Lee Davis 1991 

Henry Edgar Swanzey 1 999 

Lloyd H. Willis, Jr. 1991 


Conference Business Questions 

21. Who are approved and appointed as: (indicate for each person the first year 
the license was awarded. (V) 

a) Full-time local pastors (fl343.1) and what progress has each made in the 
course of study? (Indicate with an asterisk those who have completed the 
five year course of study or the M.Div. H344.4): 

Willie Franklin Allen * 



Richard Claybourne Baldwin, Sr. * 



Michael Keith Brown 



Richard L. Bryant 


Seminary Graduate 

David Walter Bundy 


Five Courses 

Gerald Stephen Castle * 


Seminary Graduate 

Charles Michael Coppock 


Seminary Graduate 

Patricia Tripp Cox 


Fourth Year 

Donald O'Neill Daniel 



Galen Derik Davis 



Julia Anne Dees 


Eighteen Courses 

Edward Drew 


Seminary Graduate 

Matthew Evans 


Seminary Graduate 

Horace T. Ferguson 

Seminary Graduate 

Wlliam Randy Field 


Second Year 

Jettie Vann Floyd * 



Joseph Paul Gouverneur 


Seminary Graduate 

Larry Stephen Grady 


Seventeen Courses 

Wlliam Craig Ham 



Henry Paul Harris * 



Margaret Cotton Harriss 


Nineteen Courses 

Leland M. Heath, Jr. 


Ten Courses 

Jay Helms 


Seminary Graduate 

James Joseph Hemenway 


Seminary Graduate 

Richard Charles Hill 


First Year 

Robert Elwood Hill 


Second Year 

James Roy Hines * 



Susan Parler Hobbs 


Nine Courses 

Margaret B. Hockett * 



Karen C. Howell * 



John Howie 



J. Craig Langston 


First Year 

Diane Renee LeBlanc 



Milton Earl Little * 



Brent Herral Livingood 


Seminary Graduate 

John Clifton Lupton, Jr. * 




Conference Business Questions 

Kris Robert Meyer 
Claude Nethercutt 
Thomas Moore Nichols 
Sue Harvey Owens 
Raymond Randolph Pearce 
Faye Baines Rouse * 
Dorothy Rudd * 
Harold Dean Salmon 
Patrick Sinclair 
Neill Council Smith 
Barbara Elaine Swett 
Polly Ann Taylor * 
Angelo McKinley Troy 
Bennie Joseph Tripp * (LP/D) 
Marc Werner * 
Kristen Driscoll Williams 
James Russell Willis 
Heather Herrin Wong 
Toni L. Wood 


Seminary Graduate 


First Year 


Seminary Graduate 


Second Year 


Fourth Year 






Third Year 


Second Year 


Second Year 


Seminary Graduate 




Seminary Graduate 






Seminary Graduate 


Third Year 


Seminary Graduate 


Third Year 

b) Part-time local pastors (11343. 2) and what progress has each made in the course of 
study? (Indicate with an asterisk those who have completed the five year course of 
study or the M.Div-fl344.4): 




John David Amon 



Michael P. Askew 


First Year 

Valerie Simmons Ballance 


Third Year 

Robert Ray Bandy 


Third Year 

Donald W. Barclay, Jr. 


First Year 

John Monroe Barnes III 



Gregory L. Barrick 


Three Courses 

Everette Franklin Bass, Jr. * 



Mary Ellen Bender * 



William Wade Bennett 



Charles Anthony Bethea 



Douglas W. Billups * 



Vito Bisogno 


First Year 

Henry Lee Blue* 



Donald E. Burns, Jr. 


Seminary Graduate 

Roberta Gail By ram * 



Lucinda Kosak Campbell 




Dianne Brinkley Catlett 
Charles Cameron Coburn 
William Michael Creech, Sr. 
Dalma Garrell Cribb 
Brenda Anne Davis 
Anthony James DeLapa 
Beverly Fitzgerald * 
Susan Carol B. France 
Lacy V. Frye * (Retired) 
Lenier Everitte Furr 
Kelli Gallagher-Smith 
Linda Grider 
Ronald E. Gurganus 
Robert Eugene Hardy 
Bettie Sue Barnes Harris 
Casey Harris 
Linda Elizabeth Harris 
Tommy Tudge Haynes 
Lonnie Dale Hedrick, Sr. 
Rose C. Hicks * 
Emmett James Highsmith * 
Nicholas Ray Holman 
David Elliott Hollowell 
Benjamin Edward Horton * 
Harold Hunt 
Henry Barry Hunt 
Melinda Faye Ivey 
Walter Glenn Johnston III 
Eric Randall Joyce * 
Douglas Marshall Locklear 
George Lloyd Locklear * 
Marshall Malland Locklear* 
J. Allen Lovell 
Dwayne Lowry 
Douglas J. Lukens 
Dean Healy Morton * 
Elva LeRoy Morton III * 
Sandra Houghwort Mull 
Gary Murphree 
Mark Murphy 
John Samuel Norman 


Conference Business Questions 

Third Year 



Ten Courses 

License (2003) 



Nine Courses 

Third Year 

Eleven Courses 

Seminary Graduate 


Second Year 

Two Courses 

Third Year 


First Year 

First Year 

First Year 



Seminary Graduate 



Ten Courses 


Ten Courses 



Nine Courses 



Seminary Graduate 


Eleven Courses 



First Year 



Ten Courses 


Conference Business Questions 

John Philip Norris 

Wilbur Cunninggim Ormond, Jr. * 

James Elliott Owen 

Shannon Noel Owens Ross 

Jimmy Carson Oxendine 

Veronica Patterson 

William Hill Pearsall, Sr. * 

Jeanne Louise Ray * (Retired) 

Michael Gordon Register, Sr. * 

Ronnie Lee Rivenbark * 

Michael G. Roach 

Christopher Darryl Rooks 

Linda Hodges Rowe 

Carolyn Nancy Roy 

Wlliam Forrest Smith 

Mark Dee Stephens * 

W Marshall Stewart 

Josephine Alford Sutton 

Carol C. Taylor 

Linda Hamlin Titus 

Nina Paul Vinson * 

Robert Bradford Way, Jr. * 

Thaddeus C. West * 

Clinton Lane White * 

Nancy M. Wllard 

George Bertram Williford 

Betty Aileen Bobbitt Willis 

Andrew Benjamin Wood * 

Rani Partridge Woodrow 


c) Student local pastors (H343.3), 


David John Blackman 

Robert Shawn Blackwelder 

Randy M. Blanton 

Dierdre Leigh Britt 

Gail Hampton Bruno 

Larry Michael Chandler 

John William Crabtree 

Scott Allen Dodson 










Sixteen Courses 














First Year 


Fourth Year 


Fifteen Courses 


Ten Courses 




Sixteen Courses 






First Year 










Ten Courses 


Seventeen Courses 









what schools are 

they enrolled? 




Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Div. School/ 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 



David John Blackman 

John Farron Duncan 
Harvey Lee Edwards 
Michael Aaron Eisenman 
David Alan Foushee 
Michael David Gira, Jr. 
Franklin Karl Grant 
Teddy Lamont Hemminger II 
Terry Allen Hobbs 
Thurman Adair Horney, Jr. 
Terry Hunt 

Fred Douglas Johnson 
Eddie Kirby 
Richard B. McKinley 
Jeffrey Raymond Nash 
Steven John Mullenix 
Matthew Nelson 
Elmar Karl Neuschafer 
Edward Slee New 
Charles Pullins 
Benjamin Woods Rooker 
Shannon Noel Owens Ross 
Brian Christopher Sanders 
Sandy B. Schaller 
Jeffrey Lynn Tallent 
Linda Valerie White 
James Dean Whittaker 
James Elton Wooten 

d) Students of other denominations serving as local pastors and enrolled in a 
school of theology listed by the University Senate (H343. 4)? None 

e) Persons serving as local pastors while seeking readmission to conference 
membership (ffi|361.4, 362, 364.3)? (If not in this conference, indicate name of 
conference where serving.) None 

Conference Business Questions 




Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Asbury Theological 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Roanoke Bible College 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School/FL 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 


Duke Divinity School 

22. Who have been discontinued as local pastors (fl346.1)? 

Donald Leroy Budd (PL) 
William Ander Burns (SL) 
Robert Harper Crouch (PL) 
Thomas Denny, Jr. (LP/D) 
Ronald Floyd Estes (FL) 
Thomas Stanton Fleck (FL) 
Carol Hays Grove (FL) 



Conference Business Questions 

George Clark Harvey (PL) 

Kenny Tillett (FL) 

Mathew Blane Whitacre (PL) 


23. Who have been reinstated as local pastors (11346. 4)? None 

24. What ordained ministers from other Annual Conferences or Methodist denominations 
are approved for appointment in the Annual Conference while retaining their 
conference or denominational membership (ffl!322.8, 337.1)? (List alphabetically; 
indicate Annual Conference or denomination where membership is held.) 




Dwayne Delano Alston 



James Davidson Byassee (PM) 


Western North Carolina 

Jaylynn Warren Byassee (PM) 


Western North Carolina 

Anthony D. Calhoun 


South Carolina 

Leeanne Woolsey Calhoun 


South Carolina 

Suzanne E. Dornsmith 



Gene B. Ferrell (Retired) 


New Mexico 

Daniel de La Cruz 


Northwest Conf. Mexico 

Elizabeth Shafer Glass 


Central Pennsylvania 

David Emmett Heath 


Western NC 

Tea Sung Kang 


Methodist Church of Korea 

Erin Martin 



James Lowery III 


South Carolina 

Glenn H. McCranie (Retired) 


South Georgia 

George McDougald, Jr. 



Rosanna C. Panizo-Valladares 


Methodist Church of Peru 

Alice Jones Quarles (1/4 time) 


South Carolina 

Edwin M. Ray (PT-retired supply) 



John Gaylon Varden 



Gary David Wilson 


Evangelical Methodist 

Jose Luis Zamora 


Eastern Conf. of Mexico 

25. What clergy in good standing in other Christian denominations have been approved 
to serve appointments or ecumenical ministries within the bounds of the Annual 
Conference while retaining their denominational affiliation (1ffl322.8, 337.2)? 
(Designate with an asterisk those who have been accorded voting rights within the 
annual conference.) 

Robert F. Dean 

Larry Stephen Grady 

Billy Griffin 

David P. Haley 

Daniel F. Lipp 

William Ronald Nichols Southern Baptist 

Joseph L. Perry Southern Baptist 

Evangelical Presbyterian 
Southern Baptist 
United Church of Christ 
Disciples of Christ 
Southern Baptist 


Conference Business Questions 

Mack Styron II Southern Baptist 

Mack Styron, Sr. (Retired) Southern Baptist 

26. Who are affiliate members: (List alphabetically; indicate annual conference or 
denomination where membership is held.) 

a) With vote fl|559.4(v))? None 

b) Without vote (1ffl325,4;335.4)? (v ) 


Cathy Carlson Louisiana 

Jennifer E. Copeland South Carolina 

Paula E. Gilbert Alabama-West Florida 

Michael W. Gore South Indiana 

Mark Hicks Western North Carolina 

Rexford F. Tucker Troy 

NOTE: If your conference has admitted or ordained persons as a courtesy to another 
conference, list these persons in Question 44 only. If persons have been admitted or 
ordained by another annual conference as a courtesy to your conference, list these 
persons in Questions 27-43, whichever are appropriate, giving the date and name of the 
accommodating conference. 

27. Who are elected as Associate Members (1J420 [1992])? (List alphabetically - see 
note preceding Question 27): 

CHRIS DWIGHT HUMPHREYS (New Bern District) - BS Methodist College; completed 

5-year Course of Study; Full-time Local Pastor-9 years 

DANIEL PATTERSON JONES (Rocky Mount District) - BS Pembroke State University; 

completed 5-year Course of Study; Full-time Local Pastor-5 years 

JERRY ELMORE MITCHELL (Goldsboro District) - BA NC Wesleyan College; 

completed 5-year Course of Study; Full-time Local Pastor equivalency - 4.5 years 

TERRY MICHAEL WILLIAMS (Elizabeth City District) - BS Hamilton University; 

completed 5-year Course of Study; Full-time Local Pastor equivalency - 5 years 

LEROY WORTH, SR. (Rockingham District) -AB Livingston College; ordained Deacon 

in Western North Carolina Conference, 1963; completed five-year Course of Study; 

Full-time Local Pastor equivalency - 8 year 

28. Who are elected and commissioned as Probationary Members (under ffl]315, 316)? (v) 

a) Licensed for the ministry of the Deacon in preparation for ordination? (PD) 
(Indicate the area of specialized ministry.)] 

EILENE ZAIDA BISGROVE (Durham District) - BAAIma College, Alma, 
Michigan; M.Div Duke Divinity School (Community Ministry; Disability 

JOYCE CHRISTINE DAY (Durham District) - BA West Virginia University, 
Morgantown, WV; M.Div Duke Divinity School (Spiritual Formation) 

JUDITH SMITH STEPHENS (Raleigh District) - BA University of North Carolina 
at Greensboro; M. Ed North Carolina State University; (Lay Ministries and 
Family Faith Formation) 

b) Licensed for pastoral ministry in preparation for ordination? (PE) 

GRACE MORTON DILL (Durham District) - BA North Carolina State University; 
M.Div Duke Divinity School. Eligible for Probationary Membership and 
Comm issioning 


Conference Business Questions 

DEBRA JESSICA GROSSBERG (Durham District) - BA Florida International University, 
Miami, FL; M.Div Duke Divinity School. Eligible for Probationary Membership and 
Comm issioning 

GRACE GRIFFITH HACKNEY (Burlington District) - BABerea College, Berea, KY; 
M.Div Duke Divinity School. Eligible for Probationary Membership and 

PATRICIA FREEMAN HAWKINS (Burlington District) - BA University of North Carolina 
at Chapel Hill; M.Div Duke Divinity School. Eligible for Probationary Membership and 
Comm issioning 

TERRY HUNT (Rockingham District) - BA University of North Carolina at Pembroke; 
M.Div Asbury Theological Seminary. Eligible for Probationary Membership and 

HYUNG SOO KIM (Raleigh District) - BAAjou University in Suwon, Korea; M.Div Duke 
Divinity School. Eligible for Probationary Membership and Commissioning 

DENNIS CECIL LAMM (Greenville District) - BAWesleyan College, Rocky Mount, NC; 
Five year Course of Study. Eligible for Probationary Membership and 
Comm issioning 

ROBERT WAYNE LICHT (Durham District) - BA Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, VA; 
M.Div Duke Divinity School. Eligible for Probationary Membership and 

CYNTHIA KAY LISTER (Burlington District) -BA University of North Carolina at Chapel 
Hill; M.Div Duke Divinity School. Eligible for Probationary Membership and 
Comm issioning 

LEE ROGER OWENS (Durham District) - BA Anderson University, Anderson, IN; M.Div 
Duke Divinity School. Eligible for Probationary Membership and Commissioning 

CAROLYN KYLE SIMS (Raleigh District) BA North Carolina State University; M.Div 
Duke Divinity School. Eligible for Probationary Membership and Commissioning 

DONNA McCLAIN THOMPSON (Rockingham District) -BA University of North Carolina 
at Charlotte; M. Div Duke Divinity School. Eligible for Probationary Membership and 

KRISTEN DRISCOLL WILLIAMS (Rocky Mount District) - BS, BA Appalachian State 
University, Boone, NC; M.Div Duke Divinity School. Eligible for Probationary 
Membership and Commissioning 


Conference Business Questions 



Who are elected as Probationary Members under the 1992 Discipline? (List 
alphabetically - see note preceding Question 27.) 

a) Under the provisions of ffl|41 5 (1992)? (v) None 

b) Under the provisions of fl416.1(1992)?(v %) None 

c) Under the provisions of 1ffl416. 2, 421(1992)?(v %) None 
Who are continued as commissioned Probationary Members, and in what year were 
they admitted to Probationary Membership (fl317)? 

a) In preparation for ordination as Deacon? (H317.1) 


Jannette J. Singley 2002 

b) In preparation for ordination as an Elder fl|317.2) 

Anne Whiteside Ahl 2001 

Tracy Lee Clayton Arthurs 2002 

Robert Wayne Brewer 2000 

Renee Burnette 2002 

Carolyn Hunt Burrus 2002 

Elizabeth Stroud Campbell 2001 

William Mark Clayton 2001 

Sylvia Collins 2002 

Margaret Ganier Crandall (3/4) 2002 

Kenneth Leroy Davenport 2002 

Robert Lee Fletcher 2001 

Coleman Lane Glaze 2001 

Lindsey Graham Green 2002 

Teresa Corley Holloway 2001 

David Carl Hutchins 2001 

Sherrie Lee James 2002 

Joy Reed MacVane 2001 

Lawrence David Malcolm 2002 

Elizabeth Roberts McCain 2002 

Kenneth Bridger McLean 2002 

Becky Roselius McMillan 2002 

Taylor Wlkerson Mills 2002 

Jeanne Ross Neal 2001 

Dennis Christopher Peay 2001 

Timothy Lloyd Reaves 2001 

Curtis Keith Sexton 2002 

Robert Edward Shelton 2002 

Thomas Anthony Simpson 2000 

Anne Walker Sims 2001 

Benjamin Newman Sims 2001 

Julie Hilton Steele 2000 


Conference Business Questions 

Patricia Smith Sykes 
Ginger Ann Thomas 
Susan Harris White 
David Bennett Williams 



31. Who are continued as Probationary Members under the 1992 Discipline, what 
progress have they made in their ministerial studies, and in what year were they 
admitted to Probationary Membership (H365.1); fflJ417; 424 (1992): 

a) As students in approved schools of theology? (^417(1) (1992)- Indicate for 
each person the number of years completed and the year admitted to Proba 
tionary Membership) None 

In the advanced ministerial course of study?(fl417.(2)(1992) - Indicate for each 
person the number of years completed and the year admitted to Probationary 
Membership) None 

Following completion of their educational requirements? (fl424.(1)(1992) - 
Indicate for each person the year admitted to Probationary Membership): 
William Henry Allen IV 

Lori Manning Bartley 

Jay William Bissett 

Harold Dean Blackburn, Jr. 

Marion Dale Curtis 

James Harold Daniels 
Sandra Faye Ethridge 
John Michael Eubanks 
Robert Allen Hagerty 
Johanna Doutt Hudgin Hancock 
David Jonathan Harriss 
Eugene Ray Jenness, Jr. 
Carolyn Wilkins Lucas 
Paul Cecil Millwood 
Gregory Carlton Minnick 
Philip Todd Pennington 
Greg Alan Presnal 
Mary Ann Link Shivers 
John Pendleton Upton (1/2) 




















32. Who have been received from other Christian denominations (fl338.3): (List 
alphbetically - see note preceding Question 27): 

a) As Probationary Members fl|338.3a,b)? (v) None 

b) As Local Pastors (fl338.3a)? (v) None 

33. Who are elected as members in Full Connection? (List alphabetically-See note 
preceding Q. 27. Anyone appearing on this question must also be listed somewhere in 
questions 34-35 or 37, unless the clergy's orders from another denomination were 
recognized on question 43 in a previous year.): 

a) Deacons? 

Mary Lowery Peacock 


Conference Business Questions 

b) Elders? 

Edgar Raymund Argao DeJesus Jerry Dean Martin 

Wiliam Byran Faggart Richard Thorne Mathews 

Pamela Jan Gilliam Carol Elizabeth Noy 

Laura Elizabeth Hayes Adam Fenton Seate 

Bryan Scott Huffman Benjamin Edward Wells 

Kelly Lyn Logue 

34. Who are elected for ordination as Deacons in Full Connection: (List alphabetically- 
see note preceding Question 27) 

a) Under the transitional provisions for diaconal ministers (11366. 3)? (v 2/3) 


b) After Probationary Membership (fl321)7 (v 2/3) 
MARY LOWREY PEACOCK (Burlington District) BA University of North 
Carolina at Chapel Hill; MTS Duke Divinity School. Eligible for ordination as a 
Deacon in Full Connection 

c) Transfer from elder in full connection (Under the provisions of the 1 996 or 2000 
Discipline)? (v 2/3) None 

35. Who are elected for ordination as Elders? 

a) Under the transitional provisions for associate members(H366.2)? (v2/3) 


b) After probationary membership under the 1996 Discipline (H326)? (v2/3) 
EDGAR RAYMUND ARGAO DEJESUS (Burlington District) AB University of 
the Philippines; MDiv. Duke Divinity school; Probationary Membership 2000. 
Eligible for Elder's Orders 

LAURA ELIZABETH HAYES (Wilmington District) BA University of North 
Carolina at Asheville; MDiv Duke Divinity School; Probationary Membership 

2000. Eligible for Elder's Orders 

BRYAN SCOTT HUFFMAN Rocky Mount District) BS University of North 
Carolina at Chapel Hill; MDiv Asbury Theological Seminary; Probationary 
Membership 2000. Eligible for Elder's Orders 

ADAM FENTON SEATE (Fayetteville District) BA Campbell University, Buies 
Creek, N.C.; MDiv Duke Divinity School; Probationary Membership 2000. 
Eligible for Elder's Orders 

c)Transfer from deacon in full connection? (v2/3) None 

36. Who have been elected and ordained deacons under the 1992 Discipline 
(H366.1 J434 [1992]: (v) (List alphabetically-see note preceding Q.27. Indicate by 
an asterisk the names of persons elected but not ordained.) 

a) As Associate Members (1J434.1 [1992])? 
Chris Dwight Humphreys 

Daniel Patterson Jones 

Jerry Elmore Mitchell 

Terry Michael Williams 

Leroy Worth, Sr. 


Conference Business Questions 

b) As Probationary Members (H434. 2 [1992])? None 

37. Who have been elected and ordained eldersunder the 1992 Discipline 
(H336.1;(H435 [1992]: (v) (List alphabetically-see note preceding Q.27. Indicate by 
an asterisk the names of persons elected but not ordained.) 

a) As theological graduates (fl 435.1 [435.1 [1992]) 

WILLIAM BRYAN FAGGART (Burlington District) BA Catawba College, Salisbury, 
N.C.; ThM Duke Divinity School. Probationary Member 2001. Eligible for Elder's 

PAMELA JAN GILLIAM (Durham District) BAShaw University; MDiv Duke Divinity 
School. Probationary Member 1996. Deacon's Orders 1996. Eligible for Elder's 

KELLY LYN LOGUE (Goldsboro District) BS Union College, Barbourville, KY. MDiv 
Duke Divinity School. Probationary Member 2001. Deacon's Orders 2001. Eligible 
for Elder's Orders. 

JERRY DEAN MARTIN (New Bern District) BA Methodist College, Fayetteville, 
N.C.; MDiv Duke Divinity School. Probationary Member 1998. Deacon's Orders 
1998. Eligible for Elder's Orders. 

RICHARD THORNE MATHEWS (Raleigh District) BA University of New Mexico at 
Albuquerque; MDiv Duke Divinity School. Probationary Member 2000. Deacon's 
Orders 2000. Eligible for Elder's Orders. 

CAROL ELIZABETH NOY (Wilmington District) BA Regents College, Albany, N.Y.; 
MDiv Duke Divinity School. Probationary Member 1999. Deacon's Orders 1999. 
Eligible for Elder's Orders. 

BENJAMIN EDWARD WELLS (Fayetteville District) BA BA Methodist College, 
Fayetteville, N.C.; MDiv Duke Divinity School. Probationary Member 1998. 
Deacon's Orders 1998. Eligible for Elder's Orders. 

b) As Probationary Members previously Associate Members (1J435.2 [1992]? 


38. What Probationary Members, previously discontinued, are readmitted (1J360)? (v) 


39. Who are readmitted (1ffl361-363 [v], fl364 [v2/3]): 

a) As Associate Members? None 

b) As Members in Full Connection? None 

40. Who are returned to the effective relationship after voluntary retirement (1J356.7): (v) 

a) As Associate Members? None 

b) As Probationary Members None 

c) As Members in Full Connection None 

41. Who have been received by transfer from other Annual Conferences of The United 

Methodist Church 0ffl338. 1,416. 5,632. 2m)? (List alphabetically. If Probationary 
Members or Associate Members, so indicate] 


42. Who are transferred in from other Methodist denominations (1J338.2)? (List alphabetically. 
If Probationary Member or Associate Member, so indicate) None 


Conference Business Questions 

43. What clergy, coming from other Christian denominations, have had their orders 
recognized (11339): (v) 

a) As deacons? None 

b) As elders? None 

44. Who have been ordained as a courtesy to other conferences, after election by the 
other conference? (See note preceding Q.27. Such courtesy elections or ordinations 
do NOT require transfer of conference membership.) 

a) Deacons under 1996 Discipline? 

b) Deacons under 1992 Discipline? 

c) Elders under 1996 Discipline? 

d) Elders under 1992 Discipline? 

John Gaylon Varden 

Memphis Conference 



45. Who have been transferred out to other Annual Conferences of The United Methodist 
Church (H416.5)? (If Probationary or Associate, so indicate. See note preceding Q.27.) 

Craig Thomas Kocher (PM) Western North Carolina 06/08/2003 

46. Who are discontinued as Probationary Members (^318.6)? (v) 
Bryan Rawls Shaw 10/22/2002 
Danielle Augusta Kirkland 07/01/2003 

Lloyd James Lowe 07/01/2003 

Bryan Rawls Shaw 10/22/2002 

Polly Ann Taylor 07/01/2003 

47. Who are on location? 

a) Who has been granted honorable location (^357.1)? (If Associate Member, so 
indicate. Give date when this action became effective. Record 

Charge Conference where membership is held): 
1) This year? (v) None 

2) Previously? 


Albert F. Keller 1940 

William M. Loy 1944 

Ernest R. Bromley 1947 

Albert Raney Folds 1967 

Auburn William Lore 1968 

Edward Powell Osteen, Sr. 1969 

William Raymond Peele, Jr. 1969 

Eugene Thomas Long III 1970 

Albert Ervyne Thompson, Jr. 1970 

Theodore Joseph Collier, Jr. 1971 

Thomas Walters Mulling 1971 

Paul Cullum Gentry 1972 

Royce Paul Jones 1972 


Greensboro: Muir's Ch 
Durham: Aldersgate 


Conference Business Questions 

Joel Martin Savell 


Harold Lloyd Stauffer 


William Ernest Herbert 



James Worth Lineberger, Jr. 


Cary: First 

Eric Carl Krohne 


Gerald Harris Shinn 


Wl: Wesley Memorial 

James Frederick Langston 


VA: Aldersgate 

Jather L. Peterson, Jr. 



Lowell Earl Adkins 


BU: Front Street 

Phillip Wayne Keel 


Horace Taylor Ferguson 


Holly Springs 

Henry Gurney Jinnette 


GO: Lebanon 

Thomas Otis Fulcher 


Statesville: Broad Street 

Rodger Russell Blake 


Wake Forest 

Floyd C. Hinshaw, Jr. 


BU: Grace 

Douglas Ray Hull 



Donald Thomas Settle 


RA: Millbrook 

Johnnie Joseph Williams, Jr. 


DU: Epworth 

James Harvey Estes 



Leon Jackson Pernell 



Jack Russell Radford 


RA: Edenton Street 

Jerry Dean Campbell 


Pasadena, CA: First 

William Thomas Smith 


Aiken, SC: St. John's 

James Bell Ward 


RM: First 

Stephen Floyd Swartz-Strock 


DU: Tabernacle 

Mary Smith Trum 


RA: Wndborne 

b) Who has been placed on administrative location ((11359. 3c)? (If Associate 
Member, so indicate. Give date when this action became effective. Record 
Charge Conference where membership is held): 

(1) This year? (v) None 

(2) Previously? None 

48. Who have been granted the status of honorable location - retired (H357. 3)? (Record 
Charge Conference where membership is held.) 

a) This year? (v) None 

b) Previously? 

Wesley Gamble Brogan 

Paul David Granger Fayetteville: Hay Street CC 

49. Who have had their status as honorably located and their orders terminated 
(11357. 2)? (v) (Give date when this action became effective.) None 

50. Who have had their conference membership terminated: (If Associate Member, so 
indicate. Give date when this action became effective.) 


Conference Business Questions 

a) By withdrawal to unite with another denomination (fl358.1,.4)? 
Kennethy Mike Franklin 05/16/2003 

b) By withdrawal from the ordained ministerial office (fl358.2, 4)? (v) None 

c) By withdrawal under complaints or charges (1ffl358.3,.4; 2719.2)?(v) 

Norman Richard Fitzgerald 02/01/2003 

d) By termination of orders under recommendation of the Board of Ordained Miinistry 
(1J352.5) ? (v) None 

e) By trial (fl2713)?(v) None 

51. Who have been suspended under the provisions of fl359.1c, orfl2711.3b? 
(Give effective dates) 
Norman Richard Fitzgerald 12/02/2002 - 02/01/2003 

James Harold Harry 12/02/2002 - 02/01/2003 

Charles Kay Moseley 11/06/2002 - 12/31/2002 

52. Deceased (List Alphabetically): 

a) What Associate Members have died during the year? 
Name Date Of Birth 


James Wesley Hicks, Jr. 05/26/1935 

b) What Probationary Members have died during the year? 

c) What Members in Full Connection have died during the year? 

Date Of Death 



Donald F. Gum 

Donna S. Moore 

Date Of Birth 



Date Of Death 
1 0/07/2002 


Albert DeWtt Byrd, Jr. 08/29/1928 

Sidney Grant Boone, Sr. 06/26/1912 

John Rogers Crew, Jr. 03/09/1916 

Wlliam Everett Eason, Sr. 08/21/1922 

Alton Pugh Hill, Jr. 07/23/1924 

Noah Bright Hill, Jr. 12/23/1922 

Thomas Holmes House 10/07/1912 

Robert Norman Knight 02/01/1925 

James Columbus Loy 01/09/1929 

Robert Abner MacLean 02/11/1921 

Daniel Edgar Meadows 08/03/1911 

John David Mitchell 07/26/1930 

Robert Cleveland Mooney, Jr. 09/03/1915 

Tommy Tyson 07/23/1922 







1 0/29/2002 








Conference Business Questions 

d) What local pastors have died during the year? 



Douglas Woodworth 

Date Of Birth 

What spouses have died during the year? 
Name Date Of Birth 

Frances Bradshaw Benson 01/27/1911 

Ella Frances Moose Edens 11/09/1919 

Pauline Prentice Bardin Evans 01/30/1922 

Susie Lee Fowler Hamilton 09/20/1920 

Glenmore Mallard Moore 01/08/1923 

Louise Anne Clark Peterson 1 0/1 5/1 933 

Hulda Balance Wse Riggs 04/20/1919 

Genevieve Elva Martin Rudin 01/22/1909 

Christine Letchworth Smith 01/30/1923 

Izella Mae Ours Tenney 1 0/02/1 930 

Frances Brewer Tyson 1 0/26/1 924 

Jetta Godfrey Tyson 02/05/1 937 

Peggy Bullard Tyson 04/22/1930 

Date Of Death 

Date Of Death 











1 0/06/2002 




What probationary or ordained ministers have received appointments in other 
Annual Conferences of The United Methodist Church while retaining their 
membership in this Annual Conference (ffl!322.8, 337.1)? (List alphabetically; 
indicate Annual Conference where appointed. Indicate whether Deacon in Full 
Connection, Elder in Full Connection, Probationary, or Associate Member.) 


Rachel Radeline Gonia (E/FC) 

Ronald Edward Gonia (E/FC) 

Robert Lewis Huckaby, Jr. (D/FC) 

Judith Olivia Jolly (D/FC) 

Richard Henry Parker (E/FC) 

Carolyn Kyle Sims (PM) 

North Alabama 

North Alabama 


North Alabama 


Western North Carolina 

54. Who are the probationary or ordained ministers on leave of absence and for what 
number of years consecutively has each held this relation (fl352)? (If Probationary 
Members or Associate Member, so indicate. Record Charge Conference where 
membership is held.) 
a) Voluntary? (v; v 2/3 after 5 yrs) 

Name Number of Years 

Barry P. Drum 7/01/2000 

Janet Kennedy Buffaloe 07/01/2003 

Margaret Ganier Crandall 07/01/2003 
Ellen Hope Metcalf 07/01/2002 

Charge Conference 
Youngsville: New Beginnings 
RO: Pee Dee UMC 

Chapel Hill: University 

Durham: Duke Mem. 


Conference Business Questions 

Name Number of Years Charge Conference 

Bettye Donne Poole 07/01/2003 Raleigh: Wilson Temple 

Joan M. Purcell 07/01/2003 Raleigh: St. Francis 

Mary Anne Link Shivers 07/01/2003 Chapel Hill: University 

William Joseph Stallings (AM) 03/01/2002 Mt. Zion UMC 

Julie Hilton Steele (PM) 07/01/2003 RA: Fairmont UMC 

Geiselle Thompson (2/3) 07/01/1993 Raleigh: Millbrook 

Stuart Ralph Tucker 07/01/2001 Durham: Trinity 

Luisa Katharine Weinrich 07/01/2002 Raleigh: Edenton Street 

b) Involuntary? (v 2/3) None 

c) Who have been placed on leave of absence since the last session of the Annual 
Conference (ad interim) 

(1) Voluntary? 

Name Effective Date(s) 

Charles Kay Mosely 01/01/2003 

(2) Involuntary None 

d) Who on leave of absence have had their leaves terminated since the last session 
of the Annual Conference (ad interim) 

Name Effective Date 

Edith Dudley Jenkins 07/01/2003 

55. Who have been granted family leave, and for what number of years consecutively 
has each held this relation (1J353)? (v; v 2/3 after 5 yrs) 

a) At this session of the Annual Conference (include names of persons listed in 
Q.55b, if their leaves are continuing)? 


Suzanna Ross Helms 07/01/1996 RA:Cokesbury-Jenkins Mem. 

Joyce Lenore Parker 07/01/1996 RM: Mt. Zion 

Roger David Paxton 07/01/2002 FA:Hopewell 

Dena McFarland White 11/01/2000 Rockingham:East Rockingham 

b) Since the last session of the Annual Conference (ad interim)? 


c) Who have had their family leave terminated since the last session of the 
Annual Conference (ad interim)? 


Barry Page Drum 01/01/2003 

Kelli Walker Jones 05/01/2003 

56. Who are granted sabbatical leave (fl350)? (Give date when this relation became 
effective; if Associate Member, so indicate.) 


57. What actions have been taken concerning disabled probationary or ordained 
ministers and full-time local pastors (11355. NOTE: Incapacity leave is a relationship 
that must be granted ANNUALLY by action of the Annual Conference. If the 
disability leave of persons in Q.57a) is continuing, list their names also in Q.57c). 
Persons listed here should not be listed as retired under Questions 58, 59, 60, or 
61.) (v) 


Conference Business Questions 

a) Who were granted incapacity leave since the last Annual Conference session 
(H355.2) (Give effective dates and indicate if Probationary Member, Associate 
Member, or Full-time Local Pastor) 

Sidney Gene Hadden 03/01/2003 

Michael Edward Rocheleau 01/01/2003 

Clarence Arthur Wall 03/01/2003 

b) Who have had their incapacity leave terminated since the last conference 

session (1J355.3)? (Give effective dates of terminations) 

Donna Susan Moore (deceased) 03/23/2003 

c) Who are granted incapacity leave at this session (^355.1)? (If Probationary 
Member, Associate Member, or Full-time Local Pastor, so indicate.) 



Wlson Edward Barber 07/01/1994 

Jack Monroe Benfield 07/01/2000 

John Marshall Crowe 07/01/2003 

Victor Louis Galipi 03/01/2002 

Sherwood Auburn Godwin 01/01/1999 

Sidney Gene Hadden 03/01/2003 

Susan Harsh-Cafferty 07/01/2002 

Carol Dell Hayes (FD) 01/01/2001 

Bobby Lee Jordan (AM) 07/01/2001 

Ronda Lee-Torres (FD) 12/01/2001 

Richard Farmer Lewis, Sr. (AM)03/01/1995 

Lon William Miller 02/01/2002 

John Sidney Paschal 07/01/2001 

William Rickman Pinner 09/01/2000 

Michael Edward Rocheleau 01/01/2003 

Clinton William Spence 09/01/2000 

Michael Lawrence Tart (FL) 05/01/1996 

John Albert Trotter 10/01/1999 

Clarence Arthur Wall 03/01/2003 

Debra Starling Watson 11/01/2001 

LaVerne Blue Womack, Jr. 07/01/1997 

Camille Ogle Yorkey 08/01/2000 

RA: Wesley Memorial 

Henderson: First 

Goldsboro: St. Luke 
Wl: Dublin Charge 

Sharon UMC 

RR: Spring Lebanon 

Durham: Resurrection 

Durham: Resurrection 

Rockingham: St. Paul 

Southern Pines UMC 

South Rosemary UMC 

Concord UMC 

Sunset Beach: Seaside 

Garner UMC 

GR: Covenant UMC 

Durham: Calvary UMC 

RM: Trinity Parish 

Burlington: Davis Street 

St. James UMC:Tarboro 

South Mills UMC 

Laurinburg: First 

RA: MillbrookUMC 

58. What Members in Full Connection have been retired (H356): List alphabetically 
giving full name - first, middle, last - in that order. If retiring in the interim between 
conference sessions (fl355.2d, indicate the effective date of retirement.) (Under 
P56.1, no vote required; under P56.2, v; under H356.3, v 2/3) 

a) This year? 

Mary Lowery Peacock, 645 Rock Creek Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

b) Previously? None 


Conference Business Questions 


a) This Year? 

CORBIN LEE CHERRY, 245 Morningsun Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941, (415) 388-8221 

JOSEPH WAYNE FORBES, 175 W. Longleaf Drive, PO Box 3611, Pinehurst, NC 28374 

JACK LEGRAND HUNTER, 201 Glen Abbey Drive, Cary, NC 27513, (919) 460-8929 

THOMAS EDGAR LOFTIS, 548 Allegheny Drive, Roxboro, NC 27573 

DONALD CHARLES NAGEL, 101 Alpine Way, Asheville, NC 28805, (828) 298-7024 

WILLIAM DEVINE SABISTON III, 6 Iron Tree Court, Durham, NC 27712 

SIDNEY EARL STAFFORD, 410 West Noble Street, Louisburg, NC 27549, (919)496-4779 

RICHARD ARNOLD STANLEY, JR., 162 Big Buck Trail, PO Box 757, Old Fort, NC 28762 
(828) 668-9333 "(Retirement 1 0/1 7/2003) 

JOHN L. STOKES III, 3809 Rounding Bend Lane, Wilmington, NC 28412, (910)799-2695 
Ad Interim: 

JOHN ELDRED WILLIAMS, 504 Golfers Lane, Nashville, NC 27856, (252) 459- 
4324 (Retired 04/01/2003) 

b) Previously? 

BU Gayle T. Alexander; Joseph C. Alexander; Susan Lutz Allred; Chester J. 
Andrews; James A. Auman; Rene Orville Bideaux; Rex E. Brooks; James L. 
Bryan; Nathan H. Byrd; William R. Crowder; Lewis H. Dodson; Charles F. 
Eakin; Robert K. Eldredge; Otto Hardt; John E, Harwood, Jr.; James Lee 
Hobbs; H. H. Hodgin; Jerry J. Juren; Joe D. Lister; G. Robert McKenzie; Robert 
E. Lee Moser; G. Paul Phillips III; R. Dennis Ricks; Guy V. Soule, Jr.; Robert B. 
Storrs, Jr.; E. Russell Stott; Carson O. Wiggins, Sr.; Wlliam L. Wolfe. 

DU P. Wesley Aitken; Franklin Lee Alexander; Walton N. Bass; Richard R. 
Blankenhorn; John R. Blue; Edward F. Bogie; Billy McCoy Carden; Daniel R. 
Chandler; Helen Gray Crotwell; Albert Fleet Fisher; Thomas Given Holtsclaw; 
Bess Gibbs Hunnings; Geraldine D. Ingram; O. Kelly Ingram; Wilbur I. Jackson; 
Wlliam M. Jeffries; George W. Johnson; Barney L. Jones, Jr.; Vassar W. 
Jones; Johnie L. Joyce; F. Belton Joyner, Jr.;Wallace H. Kirby; Charles H. 
Lancaster; Brooks B. Little; Floyd Ransom Morrow; Eric O. Murray; Joyce 
Darnell Odom; Robert T. Osborn; Charles E. Owens; Harvey Worth Pearce; 
Benjamin F. Potter, Jr.; Julie Forringer Purcell; John E. Reed; David E.C. 
Steinmetz; Robert L. Wallace; James A. Williams; Kelly J. Wilson, Jr.; William 
J Wtt, Jr.; Eldon G. Woodcock. 

EC Francis Connor Bradshaw; W. Thomas Clarke; Edwin L. Earnhardt; Ralph 
I. Epps; Charles H. Hutchi nson; Edgar E. Whitley; William E. Worley. 

FA John K. Bergland; H. A. Bizzell, Jr.; George F. Blanchard, Sr.; George P. 
Chandler; Franklin Delano Daniels; Allen C. Edens, Jr.; Thomas D. 
Hoogerland; J. O. Jernigan; Thomas Garland Knott; James R. Lancaster, Jr.; 
Henry Westbrook Lee; William P. Lowdermilk; Lawrence Lugar; John M. 
Mackey; Benjamin Ray Melvin; Carrie Whitehurst Parrish; T. Arnold Pope; 
Robert M. Poulk; William R. Rudd; J. Thomas Smith; Charles E. Sparks; Bobby 
Powell Tyson, Sr.; Clarence L. Warren; Walter P. Weaver; Samuel J. Womack. 

GO John C. Andrews; Robert L. Bame; Hobart W. Burnside; C. McGee 
Creech; Charles M. Hackett; H. L. Harrell; Jean L. Hood; Linwood Sutton 
Jones; Grady L. Kinley; F. D. Lamneck; E. G. Purcell, Jr.; John M. Roberts; 


Conference Business Questions 

Bobby E, Smith; Nevin Snyder; Aaron G. Tyson; S. L. Wood; P. C. Yelverton. 

GR Randall Baker; Robert G. Harris, Jr.; James G. Lupton; James H. Miller, 
Jr.; J. B. Parvin; Daniel P. Powers; Paul B. Scott, Jr.; L. Ray Sparrow; Wayne 

E. Thomas; James H. Warren; Gladys R. Wlliford; Claude Thomas Wilson. 

NB Edward P. Armstrong; Ellis J. Bedsworth; Paul C. Browning; Charles V. 
Bryant; Clingman C. Capps; Clyde B. Cheezem; James H. Coile; Irving E. 
Cook; Julian B. Helms, Jr.; Rudolph H. Hodge; Horace L. McLaurin; Robert L. 
Nicks; Joseph C. Parker; Harold Thurman Pickett; Ernest R. Porter; William W. 
Sherman, Jr.; Robert S. Shields; Wilbur C. Teachey; James A. Tingle; Pearl G. 

RA Robert L. Baldridge; Berry O. Barbour; Troy J. Barrett; Joseph K. Bostick; 
Kermit L. Braswell; Samuel H. Brown; Douglas L. Byrd; W. Eric Carson; 
Theodore V. Carter, Sr.; Harold M. Chrismon, Sr.; John M. Cline; Thomas A. 
Collins; John H. Crum; G. W. Crutchfield; David E. Daniel; Barney L. 
Davidson; Murry L. DeHart, Jr.; Clyde H. Dunn; Edward Cornwall Elliott; F. 
Owen Fitzgerald, Jr.; K. E. Frazier; J. W. Garrison; J. Conrad Glass, Jr.; R. 
Keith Glover; Eddie Jo Jarrett; Glenda N. Johnson; Norwood L. Jones; Henry 
B. Lewis; Henry N. Lovelace; Tracy A. Maness; W. N. McDonald; Robert 
Fullerton McKee; George C. Megill; J. P. Moorman; Argel Payne; L. P. Plyler; 

F. R. Randolph; J. Earl Richardson; J. P. Rickards; Robin R. Scroggs; K. B. 
Sexton; William G. Sharpe IV; Jerry T. Smith; Rufus H. Stark II; James L. 
Summey; Leo Clifford Thompson; Neil H. Thompson; C. Clyde Tucker, Jr.; 
Vernon Cephas Tyson; James M. Waggoner; H. Robert Warren; James I. 
Warren, Sr.; Christian White; John H. White; Arthur John Wilson III; A. W. 
Wnstead; O. B. Wooldridge 

RO John D. Aycock; James C. P. Brown; Paul G. Bunn; John Gibson 
Cottingham; Simeon F. Cummings; Wlliam E. Cummings; Tommy M. Faggart; 
Robert S. Gibson; Harold F. Leatherman; Leonard Mayo; Clyde G. McCarver; 
Robert L. Mangum; Robert F. Moore; Miles Murphy, Jr.; Lee A. Phillips; Robert 
J. Rudd; Richard C. Sharpe; J. H. Shiver; James M. Short; James Allen 
Starnes; James C. Stokes; Jr.; Amos H. Stone; James F. Thompson, 
Jr.; William M. Wells, Jr. 

RM Lester C. Bissette; Jesse V. Bone; Daniel D. Bowman; John Martin 
Bowman; H. Charles Davis; G. Lloyd Edge; J. Sidney Epperson; Aydlett J. 
Eure, Jr.; John T. Greene; Donald Lee Harris; Lester P. Jackson; R. Harry 
Jordan; Milton T. Mann; Carlton P. McKita; Dan E. Meadows; Charles H. 
Mercer; Robert W. Morgan; Brooks Patten; John T. Smith; H. Langill 
Watson; H. M. Wilkinson. 

SA Lovell R. Aills; Morris L. Barber; Kenneth E. Beane; Bobby C. Black; 
Robert F. Bundy; Angus M. Cameron; J. Claude Chaffin; Thomas A. Danek; 
Leon Delanoa Fowler; Clarence Garner; Charles Franklin Grill; James W. 
Hamilton; C. S. Hubbard; Jack M. Hunter; Frank I. Lloyd; Travis W. Owen; 
Robert Bruce Pate; F. Gerald Peterson; Julian W. Scott; Mary L. Von Canon; 
Ben H. Wilson III. 


Conference Business Questions 

Wl James H. Bailey; H. Fred Davis; Ralph L. Fleming, Jr.; John W. Hobbs; Rayford 
H. Methvin; Peleg Dameron Midgett III; Alvin J. Morris; Ben F. Musser; John S. 
Pearsall; Luther M. Peele, Jr.; Jeanne Louise Ray; George C. Smith; Roger E. 
Thompson; Lynn T. Wall. 

59. What Associate Members have been retired (11356): (List alphabetically giving full 
name - first, middle, last - in that order. If retiring in the interim between conference 
sessions (11356. 2d), indicate the effective date of retirement.) (Under H356.1, no 
vote required; under P56.2, v; under P56.3, v 2/3) 


JAMES HAROLD McLEAN, PO Box 667, 413 Broad Street, Roseboro, NC 
28382, (910) 525-5173 

BILLIE FALLON MELVIN, JR., 12570 Highway 50 North, Wllow Spring, NC 
27592, (919)207-0640 


John Martin Bowman 2001 

Jimmy Floyd Cummings 2002 

Donnie Gray Davis, Sr. 1998 

Daniel Mercer Forbes 1995 

William Nelson Fulford 1985 

Johnnie Sinclair Huggins 1993 

Henry Marcus Hunnings 1987 

Linwood Sutton Jones 2001 

Russell Ray Knowles 1991 

Maurice Lew Lancaster 1996 

John Rodney Lane, Jr. 1998 

Wallace Bradford Lewis 1999 

Gerald Rudolph Massey 1997 

John Gilbert Olive (E) 1993 

Evander Parnell 1996 

Robert Eugene Rattz 1996 

Lloyd Graham Royal, Sr. 2000 

Luther Vernon Wesley 1985 

60. What Probationary Members have been retired (U356): (If retiring in the interim 
between conference sessions (1J356.2d), indicate the effective date of retirement.) 
(Under P56.1, no vote required; under P56.2, v; under P56.3, v 2/3) 

a) This year? None 

b) Previously? None 

61. Who have been recognized as retired local pastors (H346. 5): 
a) This year? 

Robert Blair Craig, 164 Cherokee Drive, Newport News, VA 23602, 
(757) 886-1524 

Donald Martin Dawkins, 125 Slate Road, Rockingham, NC 28379, 

(910) 895-3359 


Conference Business Questions 

b) Previously? 

Jefferson Woodrow Davis 1984 

Riley Tex Hamilton 1995 

Robert Houston Hargrove 1997 

Charles John Hause 1991 

Herbert Franklin Home 1990 

Doris J. Johnson 1995 

Richard R. Leonhard 1996 

Jeanne L. Ray 2001 

Charles Maura Treihart 1983 

62. Changes in clergy membership: What is the number of ordained ministers: (NOTE: 
The numbers in parenthesis following each category listing are the question numbers 
in this report form where ministers in that category are listed. The number reported 
below should agree with the number of names listed in the corresponding questions.) 

a) Elected as Associate Members? (27) 5 

b) Elected as Probationary Members? (28a, b, 29a, b, c) 16 

c) Elected as Deacons in Full Connection? (33a) 1 

d) Elected as Elders in Full Connection? (33b) 1 1 

e) Readmitted? (38, 39a, b) 

f) Retired made effective? (40a, b, c) 

g) Transferred in? (32a, 41, 42) 
h) Transferred out? (45) 1 
i) Discontinued as Probationary Members? (46) 5 
j) Honorably located this year? (47a1) 
k) Administratively located? (50a, b, c) 2 
I) Withdrawn? (50a, b, c) 1 
m) Termination of orders? (50d 
n) Terminated by trial? (50e) 
n) Deceased (52a, b, c) 17 

63. What is the number of: 

a) Pastoral charges? 636 

b) Local churches? 835 

64. What is the number of clergy members of the Annual Conference: 
a) By appointment category and conference relationship? 


(1) Where applicable, the question numbers on this report form corresponding to 
each category have been placed in parenthesis following the category title. 
Where these question numbers appear, the number reported in that category 
should agree with the number of names listed in the corresponding question. 

(2) For the three categories of Appointments Beyond the Local Church, please 
report as follows: 

11335. 1a, c): the number of clergy members appointed within United Methodist 

connectional structures, including district superintendents, or to an ecumenical 


11335. 1b, c): the number of clergy members appointed to extension ministries, 

under endorsement by the Division of Chaplains and Related Ministries of the 

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. 

1J335.1d): the number of clergy members appointed to other valid ministries, 

confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the Annual Conference. 
See the Discipline paragraphs indicated for more detailed description of these 
appointment categories.) 


Conference Business Questions 


in Full 

in Full 


Assoc. Mbrs/ 









Pastors/Other Ministries 
Within Local Church 
(Including DSs) 
(UU322.1C, 330) 







Appointments to 
Extension Ministries 
(TfU322.1a, b) 







Appointments to 
Extension Ministries 







Appointments to 
Extension Ministries 
(fl335.1b, c) 







Appointments to 
Attend School 







Appointed to Other 
Annual Conferences 







On Leave of Absence 


(51, 54a, b) 






On Family Leave 







On Sabbatical Leave 







On Incapacity Leave 







(58, 59, 60) 






Total Number, 
Clergy Members 







Grand Total, 

All Conference Clergy M 




Conference Business Questions 

b)By gender and racial/ethnic identification? (NOTE: see the instruction for item 
64 for guidelines to assist in the racial/ethnic identification count.) 


in Full 

in Full 


Assoc. Mbrs/ 
Affiliate Mbrs 
with Vote 




















Total Number, 
Clergy Members 







Grand Total, 
All Conference 
Clergy Members 





Afr. Amer. 







Native Amer. 





Pacific Isl 














Total No., 

f^ranH Tntal 







All Conference 
Clergy Members 


The totals entered in these spaces should agree with the comparable totals in the 
bottom two lines of Q.64a). 

65. Who are the candidates in process for certification in specialized ministry? None 

66. Who are being certified in specialized ministry this year? 
Report of Professional Educators 


Lamb, Kimberly Strong Program Director, Raleigh: St. Mark's 

Morris, Brigitte Freeman (Brigitte) Min. Chr. Ed., DU: Oxford 

Nicholson, Sue Ellen (Sue Ellen) Conference Dir., Children & Youth 


Biddle, Margaret Anne (Margaret Anne) Child Care Consultant, Raleigh, MHC 

Hayes, Carol Dell (Carol) Incapacity Leave 

Huckaby, Jr., Robert Lewis Evangelism Staff, Brentwood UMC, Nashville, TN 

Jacobs, Harold Dean (Harold) Dir. CE/Music/Youth, Maxton: Prospect 

Norton, Mary Jane P. (Mary Jane) GBOD, Nashville, TN 

Pugh, Nancy Director of Adult Ministries, First UMC, Cary 

Torres, Ronda Lee Incapacity Leave 

Waters, C. Denise Conner (Denise) Asst. to Chaplain, MRH 


Conference Business Questions 

Williams, Richard J. (Richard) Min. of Prog., Smithfield: Centenary 


Irvine, Janet Thornton Director of Ed Min., Durham: Resurrection 

Vaughn, Stephen W. II (Steve) Deacon of Music/Older Adults, Greenville: St. James 

Workman, Anna Gail (Anna Gail) Dir. of Cong. Development, VA Conf. 

Other Certifications: Health Services Jannette Jacobs Riordan Singley, BU Dist. 

Report of Professional Church Musicians 
MINSTERS OF MUSIC - Certification Renewed 

Argo, David Anthony (Tony) Min. of Music, Fayetteville: Haymount 

DIRECTORS OF MUSIC - Certification Renewed 

Crissman, Marjorie S. (Marjorie) Dir. of Music, Wlmington: Seaside 

Heinze, David Position unknown Kennett Square, PA 

Jacobs, Harold Dean (Harold) DCE/Music/Youth, Maxton: Prospect 

Moore, Elizabeth (Elizabeth) Dir. of Music, NB: Shady Grove 

Weisser, William James (Bill) Min. of Music, Raleigh: Edenton St. 

ASSOCIATES IN MUSIC - Certification Renewed 

Hicks, Patricia V. (Trish) Dir. Music Min., Cary: First 

Report of the Diaconal Ministers 

67. Who are transferred in as a certified person in specialized ministry? 
Priscilla A. Morello - 08/15/2003 

68. Who are transferred out as a certified person in specialized ministry? None 

69. Who have been removed as a certified person in specialized ministry? 
Amy Lynn Kelley - 05/25/2002 


70. Who constitute the Committee on Investigation (fl2626. 4)? 

Susan Parker; Anna Gail Workman; Margaret Anne Biddle; Alternates: Betty Ann 
Buckley; Janet G. Thornton-Irvine 

71. Who are the candidates for diaconal ministry (H304-305) None 

72. Who are consecrated this year as diaconal ministers (fl307)? (v) (List alphabetically): 


73. Who are reinstated as diaconal ministers (fl313.3c)? (v) None 

74. Who are transferred in as diaconal ministers (fl312)? 
Priscilla A. Morello - 08/15/2003 

75. Who are transferred out as diaconal ministers (fl312)? None 

76. Who have had their conference relationship as diaconal ministers terminated by 
Annual Conference action (1J313.3)? (Under fl313.2a, no vote; under P13.2b, v 2/3) 


77. What diaconal ministers have died during the year? 

a) Effective: None 

b) Retired: None 

78. What diaconal ministers have been granted leaves of absence under (fl313.1a, c, d) 
(disability, study/sabbatical, or personal leave): (v) 

a) Since the last session of the Annual Conference? (Give effective date of 
each): None 

b) At this session of the Annual Conference? (Include names of persons 
listed in Question 73a, if their leaves of absence are continuing): 
Alice Arledge (5th yr) 

79. What diaconal ministers have been granted an extended leave (H313.1e) 

a) Since the last session of the Annual Conference? (Give effective date of 
each): None 

b) At this session of the Annual Conference? (Include names of persons listed 


Conference Business Questions 

in Question 79a, if their leaves of absence are continuing): 


80. Who have returned to active status: None 
a) From disability, study/sabbatical, or personal leave of absence (H313. 1a, c, d)? 

b) From extended leave fl|313.1e)? (v) None 

81. Who have taken the retired relationship to the Annual Conference as diaconal 
ministers (1131 3.2): (Under pi 3.2b, v 2/3) 

a) This year? None 

b) Previously? 

Bernice Balance, Laura Sextion Davenport, Robert H. Garrison, Jr., Marilyn 
Johnson, Irene F. Gattis, Tacoma O'Connor, Leslie C. Womack, Susan M. 


82. What Associate members, Elders and Probationary Members (1992) are approved for 
appointment to less than full-time service, what is the total number of years for which 
such approval has been granted to each, and for what fraction of full-time service (in 
one-quarter increments) is approval granted (for purposes of equitable compensation 
claim and pension credit) (HH322.7, 329.2, 333.2, 1506.4b)? (v 3/4): 

Vernon Weaver Brown III one-fourth time 07/01/2000 

Marilyn K. Shipman one-half time 07/01/1998 

Mary Ellen Phelan Switzer one-quarter time 07/01/1992 

John Pendleton Upton (PM) one-half time 07/01/2000 

83. Who have been appointed as Interim Pastors under the provisions of fl329. 3 since 
the last session of the annual conference, and for what period of time? 

See Question 84 

84. What changes have been made in appointments since the last Annual Conference 
session? (Attach list. Include Appointments Beyond the Local Church and 
Appointments to Extension Ministries. Give effective dates of all changes.) 


(BU) William Burns, student pastor, was discontinued at Lea's Chapel (1541), 
effective 9/1/02. 

Ed New, student pastor, was appointed to Lea's Chapel(1541), effective 10/13/03. 
Donald Gum, full elder serving Rock Creek (1401)-Christ Chapel (1521), died 
October 5, 2002. Interim pastors have supplied until Annual Conference, 2003. 
Margaret Crandell, probationary elder, ceased to be the pastor in charge at Grace 
(1081) and was appointed to Grace (1081) as associate relating to Manna 
Ministries, effective 10/20/02. 

Jim Hobbs, retired elder, was appointed the pastor in charge at Grace (1081), part- 
time, effective 10/20/02. 

Brenda Davis, part-time local, was appointed to Carr (1322), a part-time station, 
effective 1/1/03. 

Cynthia Powell, deacon in full connection, moved from Graham: First (1261) to 
Burlington: Front Street (1071), effective 1/6/03. 
Norman Fitzgerald, full elder serving Amity (1131), turned in his credentials1/31/03. 


Conference Business Questions 

David Girod, full elder, changed from extension ministry at Louisburg College to be 

appointed to Amity (1131), effective 3/1/03. 

(EC) Tom Fleck, full-time local serving the Tyrell Charge (3360), was discontinued 


John Howie, interim supply, became pastor of Tyrell Charge (3360), effective 11/02. 

Susanna Fitch-Slater, a full member of another denomination, was appointed to 

serve at Fair Haven (3173), a church on the Kinnakeet Charge (3170) from 1/2/03 

until annual conference 2003. 

Berry Lynn Taylor II, full elder, left his appointment at Perquimanns Charge (3290) 

to become a prison chaplain under extension ministry, effective 4/1/03. 

Dustin Sprouse, interim supply, moved from his assignment at Perkins (3281) to 

serve at Perquimanns (3290), effective 4/1/03. 

Emily Young, interim supply, replaced Dustin Sprouse at Perkins (3281), effective 4/ 


(GO) Henry Jinnette, serving as a part-time local at Lebanon (5541), returned to 

Honorable Location status, effective 1/1/03. 

David Hollowell, an interim supply, left his assignment at Carlton (5521) to serve at 

Lebanon (5541), effective 1/1/03. 

Cindy Rivenbark, interim supply, became pastor at Carlton (5521), effective 1/1/03. 

(GR) William L. Barbee, retired minister from another denomination, left his 

appointment at Maury-Mt. Herman (6260), effective 1/1/03. 

Clifton H. Harvell, interim supply, became pastor at Maury-Mt. Herman (6260), 

effective 1/1/03. 

C. Arthur Wall, full elder serving Tarboro: St. James (6461) went on Formational and 

Spiritual Leave effective 10/31/02. He was granted Incapacity Leave, effective 3/1/03. 

Don Lee Harris, retired elder, was appointed to supply at Tarboro: St. James (6461) 

from 3/1/03 until 7/1/03. 

Michael E. Rocheleau, full elder serving as associate pastor at Greenville: 

Covenant (6101, was granted Incapacity Leave, effective 1/2/03. No one was 

appointed to fill that position. 

(RA) Judith O. Jolly, full deacon, left her appointment at Raleigh: Hayes Barton 

(8371) to serve an 

appointment under fl 322.8 in the North Alabama Conference, effective 12/31/02. 

Kwang Youn Han, full member of other denomination, was discontinued at 

Raleigh:Korean (8461), effective 1/1/03. 

Kye Young Lee, interim supply, appointed to Raleigh: Korean (8461), effective 1/1/03. 

Barry P. Drum, full elder, moved from Family Leave to serve under Extension 

Ministry as Chaplain at N.C. Wesleyan College, effective 1/1/03. 

Charles K. Mosley, full elder from Clayton: Home Memorial (8101) took Leave of 

Absence, effective 1/1/03. 

Vernon C. Tyson, retired elder, appointed to Clayton: Home Memorial, effective 1/1/03. 

(RO) Anna Juran-Kelley, full elder from another conference, who was appointed to 

Caledonia (9041), returned to the South Georgia Conference, 9/1/02. 

Michael Keith Brown, full-time local, replaced Anna Juran-Kelley at Caledonia 

(9041), effective 10/1/02. 

(RM) Carol Grove, full-time local serving Warrenton: Macon-Wesley Memorial 

Charge (10510), was discontinued, effective 9/15/02. 

Jimmy Wooten, interim supply, was appointed as a student pastor at Warrenton: 

Macon-Wesley Memorial Charge (10510), effective 11/1/02. 

Sidney Gene Hadden, full elder serving Spring-Lebanon Charge (10350), went on 

Incapacity Leave, effective 3/1/03. 

Hank Wilkinson, retired elder, served as part-time retired supply at Spring Lebanon 

Charge (10350) from 3/1/03 until 7/1/03. 


Conference Business Questions 

(SA) Warren Owens, student pastor at Bonlee Charge (11040), resigned to take an 

appointment in the Western NC Conference, effective 1/1/03. 

Hank Sanders served as interim supply at Bonlee Charge (11040) from 1/1/03 to 7/ 


(Wl) Wallace Morris, part-time local pastor at Mishop Springs (12351), was 

discontinued 1/1/03. 

Robert Rattz, retired associate member, was appointed to serve part-time at Mishop 

Springs (12351), effective 1/1/03. 



85. Who are appointed to ministry to the local church and where are they appointed for 
the ensuing year? (Attach a list. Include: Elders, Deacons, Associates, Local 
Pastors, and Probationary Members.) 

See Appointment List (page 185 - 207) 

86. What Deacons in Full Connection are appointed beyond the local church for the 
ensuing year ( 322.1a, b)? (Attach a list. Include: Deacons in full connection and 

See Appointment List (page 185 - 207) 

87. Who are appointed to extension ministries for the ensuing year? (Attach a list. Include: 
Elders and Probationary Members.) 

a) Within the connectional structures of United Methodism (H335.1a, c)? 

Lykins, Patricia (RO) - Director, Robeson County Church and Community Center, 

Lumberton; Lumberton: Chestnut Street CC 

Mullen, Roderic Lynn (DU) - Pastor, British Methodist Conference; DU: Carr CC 

b) To ministries endorsed by the Board of Higher Education and Ministry (H335. 1b, c)? 
See Appointment List (page 185 - 207) 

c) To other valid ministries under the provisions of fl335.1d? (v 2/3) 

(RO) Barrineau, H. Phillip - Chaplain, Hospice of Scotland County; 

Laurinburg: First CC 

(DU) Blackburn, H. Dean, Jr. [PM] - Coordinator of Substance Abuse Services, 

UNC- Chapel Hill; Durham: Asbury Temple CC 

(DU) Burrus, Carolyn [PE] - CPE, Duke University Hospital; Durham: Parkwood CC 

(BU) Byers, Leonard C. II - Director, Department of Pastoral Care, Cleveland 

Regional Medical Center, Shelby; St. Luke's CC 

(DU) Campbell, Dennis M. - Headmaster, Woodberry Forest School, Virginia; 

Durham: Trinity CC 

(RA) Fogleman, L. Jan - Staff Psychologist, Triangle Pastoral Counseling, Inc., 

Raleigh; Raleigh: St. James CC 

(BU) Glaze, Coleman Lane [PM] - Campus Minister, Clemson University; 

Burlington: Front Street CC 

(BU) Gonia, Rachel R. - North Alabama Gleaning Coordinator, Society of St. 

Andrew; Chapel Hill: University CC 

(BU) Hicks, Phyllis K. - Director, Pastoral Care and Counseling Institute of Durham; 


Conference Business Questions 

Chapel Hill: Aldersgate CC 

(RM) Hudson, Pamela Jo - Chaplain, First Health Hospice, Inc., Pinehurst; Roanoke 
Rapids: Rosemary CC 

(GR) Johnson, C. Reginald - Dean of the Chapel, Asbury Theological Seminary, 
Wilmore, KY; Greenville: Jarvis Memorial CC 

(Wl) Kasper, John Mark- Counselor, Hemenway Counseling Services, Wilmington; 
Ocean View CC 

(BU) Laytham, D. Brent -Assistant Professor of Theology, North Park Theological 
Seminary, Chicago, IL; Chapel Hill: Orange CC 

(RO) Lykins, Patricia J. [FD] - Executive Director, Robeson County Church and 
Community Center, Lumberton; Lumberton: Chestnut Street CC 
(RO) Lynge, Audrey Holmes - Counselor, Center Point Human Services, Winston- 
Salem; Regan CC 

(RA) Mann, Barbara Price - Pastoral Counselor, Triangle Pastoral Counseling, Inc.; 
Cary: First CC 

(DU) Marsicano, Leslie M. -Assistant Dean of Students, Davidson College; Durham: 
Epworth CC 

(GR) Martin, Sam F III - Director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Eastern N.C.; 
Greenville: Covenant CC 

(RA) McQuade, J. Stanley - Methodist Chaplain/Professor of Law, Campbell 
University; Raleigh: St. James CC 

(DU) Morgan, Deborah Ann - Staff Chaplain, Duke Medical Center; Durham: 
Resurrection CC 

(DU) Mullen, Roderic L. - Pastor, British Methodist Conference; Durham: Carr CC 
(Wl) Ormond, John K., Jr. - Counselor, The Center, Wilmington; Rocky Point CC 
(BU) Pace, James H. - Professor of Religious Studies, Elon University; Burlington: 
Front Street CC 

(FA) Vieregg, Carla Scanlan - Pastor, Presbyterian Church, Colorado; Fayetteville: 
Haymount CC 

(RA) Walker-Jones, Kelli -Associate Director of Sustaining Pastoral Excellence 
Project, Triangle Pastoral Counseling; Raleigh: Highland CC 
(DU) Webb-Bowden, Julia - N.C. Director, Society of Saint Andrew; Durham: 
Resurrection CC 

(RO) Willingham, Malcolm C. - Clinical Chaplain/Counselor, Care Resources, Inc.; 
Rockingham:First CC 

88. Who are appointed to attend school (H416. 6)? (List alphabetically all those whose 
prime appointment is to attend school. JAssociate Members:Probationary 
Members:Members in Full Connection: 

See Appointment List (page 185 - 207) 

89. Where are the diaconal ministers appointed for the ensuing year (H310) [1992 
Discipline]? (Attach list) 

Report of Professional Educators 


Lamb, Kimberly Strong Program Director, Raleigh: St. Mark's 

Morris, Brigitte Freeman (Brigitte) Min. Chr. Ed., DU: Oxford 

Nicholson, Sue Ellen (Sue Ellen) Conference Dir., Children & Youth 


Biddle, Margaret Anne (Margaret Anne) Child Care Consultant, Raleigh, MHC 

Hayes, Carol Dell (Carol) Incapacity Leave 


Conference Business Questions 

Huckaby, Jr., Robert Lewis Evangelism Staff, Brentwood UMC, Nashville, TN 

Jacobs, Harold Dean (Harold) Dir. CE/Music/Youth, Maxton: Prospect 

Norton, Mary Jane P. (Mary Jane) GBOD, Nashville, TN 

Pugh, Nancy Director of Adult Ministries, First UMC, Cary 

Torres, Ronda Lee Incapacity Leave 

Waters, C. Denise Conner (Denise) Asst. to Chaplain, MRH 

Williams, Richard J. (Richard) Min. of Prog., Smithfield: Centenary 


Irvine, Janet Thornton Director of Ed Min., Durham: Resurrection 

Vaughn, Stephen W. II (Steve) Deacon of Music/Older Adults, Greenville: St. James 

Workman, Anna Gail (Anna Gail) Dir. of Cong. Development, VAConf. 

Other Certifications: Health Services Jannette Jacobs Riordan Singley, BU Dist. 

Report of Professional Church Musicians 
MINSTERS OF MUSIC - Certification Renewed 

Argo, David Anthony (Tony) Min. of Music, Fayetteville: Haymount 

DIRECTORS OF MUSIC - Certification Renewed 

Crissman, Marjorie S. (Marjorie) Dir. of Music, Wilmington: Seaside 

Heinze, David Position unknown Kennett Square, PA 

Jacobs, Harold Dean (Harold) DCE/Music/Youth, Maxton: Prospect 

Moore, Elizabeth (Elizabeth) Dir. of Music, NB: Shady Grove 

Weisser, William James (Bill) Min. of Music, Raleigh: Edenton St. 

ASSOCIATES IN MUSIC - Certification Renewed 

Hicks, Patricia V. (Trish) Dir. Music Min., Cary: First 

Report of the Diaconal Ministers 

Arledge, Alice (Alice) Leave of Absence 

Biddle, Margaret Anne (Margaret Anne) Child Care Consultant, Raleigh, MHC 

Buckley, Betty Ann Alpha Christian Tours 

Heinze, David Position unknown Kennett Square, PA 

Nicholson, Sue Ellen (Sue Ellen) Conference Dir., Children & Youth 

Sluder, David M. (David) Director of Volunteers of Housing Opportunities 

Workman, Anna Gail (Anna Gail) Dir. of Cong. Dev., Virginia Conf. 

Deacons in Full Connection 

Patricia H. Archer, D. Anthony Argo, Carol D. Hayes, Patricia V Hicks, Robert J. Irvine, 
Harold D. Jacobs, Judy O. Jolly, Andrew J. Keck, Alice K. Kunka, Kimberly S. Lamb, 
Elaine A. Lilliston, Linda S. Logston, Patricia J. Lykins, Brigitte F. Morris, Mary Jane 
Pierce Norton, Cynthia D. Powell, Stephen W. Vaughn, II, Denise Connor Waters, 
Wlliam J. Weisser, Richard J. Williams, Nancy Pugh, Ronda Lee Torres, Andrew 
J. Keck, Jan T. Irvine 

LEAVE OF ABSENCE Arledge, Alice (5 th yr) 

Wthdrew May 25, 2002 to unite with another denomination Amy Lynn Kelley 


This Year None 


Bernice Balance Laura Sexton Davenport Robert H. Garrison, Jr. 

Marilyn Johnson Irene F. Gattis Tacoma O'Connor 

Leslie C. Womack Susan M. Parker 

Commissioned as Probationary Member 2002 (pending executive session approval) 
Janette Jacobs Riordan Singley 

To Be Commissioned Probationary Member 2003 

Joy Day, Eilene Bisgrove, Judith Stephens 


Conference Business Questions 

To Be Ordained Deacon In Full Connection (pending executive session approval) 

Mary L. Peacock 

90. What other personal notations should be made? (Include such matters as changes 
in pension credit (^1 506.6), corrections or additions to matters reported in the 
"Business of the Annual Conference" form in previous years, and legal name 
changes of clergy members and diaconal ministers.) 

(BU) Craig Thomas Kocher, probationary elder in the NC Conference, will transfer 
and be ordained an elder in the WNC Conference, 6/8/03. 

(GO) Effective June 7, 2002, the status of John Robert Kretzu, Brogden (5041), is 
Full Member. 

Page 113, 2001 Journal, under Question 21b, add Dean Healy Morton, License 
1992, completed Court of Study. 

Page 237, 2002 Journal, under Question 21b, add Dean Healy Morton, License 
1992, completed Course of Study. 

Corrections from the Joint Committee on Incapacity: 

The 2002 Conference Journal inadvertently omitted reference to clergy who had 
their incapacity leave terminated since the last conference session. Number 11 in 
the report should read: "Who have had their incapacity leave terminated since the 
last annual conference (fl 355.3)? Stacey Zane Graves, 03/15/2002. The name of 
Stacey Zane Graves should have been deleted from question number 9. 

We recommend the following persons to be placed on incapacity leave for the first 

time: Julie H. Steele. 

We recommend the following persons to be continued on incapacity leave: Debra 

Watson, Ronda Lee-Torres and Lon Miller. 

This information was correctly recorded in the conference business questions, but 

omitted from the independent report written by the Joint Committee on Incapacity. 

91. Where shall the next Conference Session be held (1J603. 3)? 

Fayetteville, North Carolina 


Conference ^Appointments 


[2] Indicates number of churches on the charge. Number in right-hand column 
indicates the number of years clergy has been appointed to that charge. 

Burlington District - 58 Charges 


3143 Brycewood Place, Burlington, NC 27215 

Bellemont Jeffrey L. Roberts FE 7 

Bethel W. Clark Barfield FE 2 

Bethel-Locust Hill [2] Philips. Brown FE 3 


Davis Street Jerry S. Dodson FE 2 

Emmanuel Todd S. Krueger FE 3 

Faith J. Robert Kretzu FE 1 

Front Street H. Sidney Huggins III FE 2 

Associate Duke C. Lackey FE 6 

FD Cynthia D. Powell 

Grace-Christ [2] Vito Bisogno PL 1 

St. Paul's Tommy L. Evans FE 1 

Burlington Circuit [2] Renee Burnette PE 2 

Carr Brenda A. Davis PL 1 

Carrboro David W. Woodhouse FE 1 

Cedar Grove Grace R. Hackney PE 1 

Center G Derik Davis FL 3 


Aldersgate Donnie L. Jones FE 1 

Amity Andrea R. Woodhouse FE 1 

Morningstar Marty J. Cauley FE 1 

Christ Raegan V. May 9 

Associate Patricia F. Hawkins PE 4 

Orange D. Ray Warren, Jr FE 2 

University William H. Gattis FE 18 

Associate Suzanne E. Dornsmith OP 3 

Associate John G. Varden OE 2 

Chestnut Ridge Patricia S. Sykes PE 5 

Clover Garden Billy E. Griffin ROF 1 

Concord M. David Gira SP 3 

Efland Cynthia K. Lister PE 2 

Elon: First Randall G Maynard FE 2 

Associate Kristin D. Lassiter OD 2 

Eno C. Wayne Gillespie SY 3 

Evergreen Joy R. MacVane PE 3 

Fairview Ronald E. Gardner FE 4 

Friendship Alvin M. Home FE 22 


Cedar Cliff Dennis C. Peay PE 2 

First W Kenneth Hall, Sr FE 2 

Haw River James C. Reed FE 3 

Hebron William E. Holliday FE 4 


Conference Appointments 

SP .....2 





SP .... 


PE .... 






PE .... 




Hightower [3] Jeffrey L. Tallent 

Hillsborough Herman N. Ward, Jr 

Hillsborough Herman N. Ward, Jr 

Lea's Chapel Ed S. New 

Leasburg Jeanne R. Neal 

Lebanon Ray Teague 

Mebane W. Kenneth Hall, Jr. 

Milton [3] John P. Upton 

Associate J. Allen Lovell PL. 

Mt. Hermon W. Joseph Wilburn FE 1 

New Hope-Purley [2] Jaylynn W. Byassee OP 3 

New Sharon Carl D. Belcher FE 15 

Orange Chapel Rex E. Brooks RE 4 

Palmer's Grove R. Shawn Blackwelder SP 4 

Phillips Chapel Ebern E.Allen FE 13 

Prospect David R. Grissom FE 1 

Rock Creek William M. Jeffries RE 1 

St. Luke's Gene B. Ferrell ROE 5 

Salem (Alamance) W Douglas Lain, Jr FE 2 

Saxapahaw James J. Hemenway FL 1 

Shady Grove James D. Byassee OP 2 

Shiloh R. Richard Dawson FE 2 

Swepsonville Glenn B. Everett FE 8 

Union Grove Richard O. Greenway FE 6 

Walnut Grove R. Michael Sykes FE 18 

Warren's Grove David J. Blackman SP 2 

Yanceyville G David Wlson ROF 4 

Durham District - 59 Charges 


522 S. Duke Street, Durham NC 27701 

Allensville-Trinity [2] Stewart A. Crank, Sr FE 3 

Bahama: Mt. Bethel Ronald J. Snider FE 10 

Banks-Grove Hill [2] Jack R. Snyder FE 3 

Brookland-Brooksdale [2] K. Carl Singley FE 1 

Butner: Community Karl Neuschaefer SP 3 

Cokesbury Matthew Evans PM 2 

Concord Randy C. Blanchard FE 2 

Creedmoor G Ronald Patton FE 3 


Aldersgate Johnny H. Branch FE 10 

Asbury Leonard F. Doucette FE 2 

Asbury Temple Shane M. Benjamin FE 5 

Bethany W. Bryan Faggart FE 1 

Bethesda Wlbur I. Jackson RE 2 

Calvary Laurie H. Coffman FE 10 

Carr Para R. Drake FE 1 

Crista Vive Rosanna Panizo-Valladeres OE 2 

Duke Memorial Ruth Harper Stevens FE 6 

Associate Lisa Brown Cole FE 9 

FD Robert Julian Irvine 

Duke's Chapel M. B. Collier, Jr FE 5 

Epworth Ben C. Rouse FE 6 


Conference ^Appointments 

Associate Ginger A. Thomas PE 3 

Glendale Heights JoAnn M. Oulton FE 2 

Lakewood James E. Malloy, Jr FE 2 

McMannen Jesse C. Staton, Jr FE 4 

Mt. Sylvan William W. Snotherly, Jr FE 2 

Associate Jay D. Helms FL 2 

Associate Bess G. Hunnings RE 3 

Parkwood R. Vann Spivey FE 5 

Pleasant Green Brian W. Wingo FE 2 

Reconciliation Lawrence E. Johnson FE 7 

Associate G Kevin Baker FE 7 

Resurrection R. Lawrence Bowden, Jr FE 4 

FD Janet G Thornton Irvine 

St. Paul Patrice Cheasty-Miller FE 4 

Trinity Susan Pate Greenwood FE 5 

Flat Rock Pamela Gilliam FE 4 

Fletcher's Chapel Michael D. Weber FE 4 

Gillburg-Spring Valley [2] Teresa C. Holloway PE 1 

Granville Circuit [2] F Karl Grant SP 2 

Granville-Vance [3] Chris Chikoore SP 1 

Helena Susan White PE 3 


City Road Matthew Nelson SP 1 

First Charles M. Cook FE 4 

White Memorial Mike Eisenman SP 1 

Lake Michie Circuit [3] Marilyn Shipman FE 6 

Marrow's Chapel John Crabtree SP 4 

Massey's Chapel Edwin M. Wray OE 3 

Middleburg-Hermon [2] Gail Bruno SP 3 

Mt. Carmel Joe Jones SY 6 

Mt. Tirzah Debra Grossberg FL 3 

Mt. Zion Norma Walters FE 6 

Oak Grove Eugene R. Jenness, Jr PM 2 

Oxford Denny C. Wse FE 2 

FD Brigitte Freeman Morris 

Oxford: Salem-Harris Chapel [2] Thurman Horney SP 3 

Plank Chapel Kris R. Meyer FL 2 

Rehoboth Farron Duncan SP 1 

Rougemont [3] Brenda C. Walton FE 1 


Grace-CaVel [2] Ross Thompson FE 5 

Longhurst Robbie Biddix PL 1 

Long Memorial Michael D. Frese FE 2 

Salem (Person Co.) Wlliam M. Budzinski FE 2 

Stem -Bui lock's [2] Matthew Worley SY 1 

Stovall John W. Yount PL/D 26 

Tabernacle Deirdre Britt SP 1 

Union Chapel J.H. Daniels PM 1 


Conference Appointments 

Elizabeth City District- 47 Charges 


P. O. Box 1662, Elizabeth City, NC 27906 

Ahoskie Jerry W. Cribb FE 6 

Albemarle [3] Frank Alexander RE 9 

All God's Children Laura G. Early FE 7 

Anderson Greg Barrick PL 2 

Center Hill Michael P. Askew PL 5 

Chowan: Bethany Ralph I. Epps RE 8 

Colerain Walter G Johnston III PL 5 

Colington Robert L. Pitsch ROE 13 

Creswell [2] David W. Bundy FL 2 

Currituck [2] Glenn H. McCranie ROE 7 

Duck DavidS. Clift FE 10 

Edenton James R. Huskins FE 5 


City Road Charles E. McKenzie FE 20 

First Clyde A. Denny FE 5 

Riverside John H. Dutton, Jr FE 4 

Gatesville [3] William E. Clements FE 6 

Grace Wlliam C. Holmes OE 2 

Harrellsville Walter G Johnston III PL 7 

Hatteras [3] Charles K. Moseley FE 1 

Hertford Lawrence C. Higgins FE 2 

Kinnakeet [3] Susanna Fitch-Slater OD 1 

Kitty Hawk Richard L. Stone III FE 3 

Manns Harbor [2] Robert C. Tilley PM 3 

Manteo: Mt. Olivet George D. Speake FE 5 

Mighty Wnd J. Talton Madison, Jr FE 4 

Mount Hermon Haywood W. Gillikin FE 14 

Moyock J. Victor Culberson FE 5 

Murfreesboro Robert Hagerty PM 1 

New Hope Alan C. Gibson FE 5 

Newbegun Wlliam H. Otis FE 2 

Newland Toni L. Wood FL 4 

North Gates [3] Grace M. Dill FL 1 

Ocracoke Joyce R. Reynolds FE 3 

Perkins Emily Ann Young PL 1 

Perquimans [3] Dustin Sprouse SP 1 

Pilmoor Memorial C. Scott Wlson-Parsons FE 6 

Plymouth Terry M. Williams AM 1 

Powellsville Doris Johnson RL 3 

Sharon G Stephen Castle FL 1 

Shiloh (Stumpy Pt.) W Thomas Clarke RE 1 

South Camden [2] David O. Moehring FE 8 

South Mills [3] James Krepps FL 2 

Tyrrell [3] John Howie FL 1 

Union Doris Johnson RL 2 

Wanchese: Bethany Thomas Supplee FE 4 

Windsor-Cashie [2] Carol Noy FE 1 

Woodland Faye B. Rouse FL 2 


Conference ^Appointments 

Fayetteville District- 51 Charges 


1911 Raeford Road, Fayetteville, NC 28305 

Angier Thomas W. Newman FE 5 

Bethany James E. Owen PL 3 

Bethabara William R. Nichols OF 2 


First Hugh H. Cameron FE 5 

Grace Samuel W. Loy FE 1 

Clinton Circuit [3] Dorothy L. Rudd FL 7 

Coats J. Thomas Smith RE 5 

Coharie Samuel W. Loy FE 1 

Community George C. Harvey PL 5 

Cotton Benjamin R. Melvin RE 1 

Cumberland Hope A. Vickers FE 7 

Dunn: Divine Street Ralph A. Brown FE 2 

Erwin-Parkers Grove [2] Stephen N. Little FE 3 


Camp Ground David C. Wade FE 3 

Associate David Malcolm PE 1 

Christ Curtis M. Mull AM 3 

Cornerstone Benjamin S. Sharpe, Jr FE 9 

Culbreth Memorial David W Girod FE 1 

Gardners K. Bryan Sexton, Jr FE 1 

Harry Hosier Eldrick R. Davis FE 15 

Haymount Brian G Gentle FE 5 

Associate Donna Fowler-Marchant FE 5 

Associate Kenneth B. McLean PE 2 

FD D. Anthony Argo 

Hay Street John H. Tyson FE 1 

John Wesley Carolyn Lucas PE 1 

Johnson Memorial Kong Suk Namkung FE 3 

St. Andrews W Christopher Aydlett, Jr FE 5 

St. Matthews-Grace [2] Michael L. Hale FE 4 

Salem Joseph A. Winston III FE 4 

Associate Melinda Ivey PL 3 

Trinity Bobby P. Tyson, Sr RE 1 

Victory-Person Street [2] John R. Woodard, Jr FE 6 

Wesley Heights Tryon D. Lancaster SY 12 

Goshen-Keener [2] Milton E. Little FL 2 

Halls Carrie W Parrish RE 2 

Harnett: Cokesbury James H. McLean RA 1 

Solid Rock Gilliam P. Wse FE 4 

Hope Mills Dennis R. Sheppard FE 4 

Hopewell James E. Bailey FE 2 

Kipling Mark E. Lykins FE 1 

Leslie George B. Williford PL 5 

Lillington David J. Harriss PE 1 

Mamers [3] Ann Giles Benson FE 4 

Marvin Wlliam Craig Ham FL 3 

Newton Grove [2] Walter W. Gaskins, Jr. FE 1 


Conference Appointments 


First Michael H. Elliott FE 1 

Hoke [2] Michael N. Nelson AM 4 

Roseboro James G. Mentzer FE 1 

Sampson [3] Andrew B. Wood PL 15 

Spring Hill David C. Benson FE 3 

Spring Lake Allen C. Edens, Jr RE 17 

Stedman: Cokesbury Donald R. Shields FE 4 

Tabor Sandra Mull PL 2 

Union Hyung S. Kim PE 1 

Wesley-Black's Chapel [2] Adam F. Seate FE 3 

Goldsboro District - 55 Charges 
P. O. Box 1516, Goldsboro, NC 27534 
Antioch Henry W. Lee RE 1 

Benson W Arthur Warren, Jr FE 2 

Beston-Walker Memorial [2] T. C. West RL 3 

Bethel (Wayne Co.) James E. Williams FE 1 

Bethel (Duplin Co.) Mark Stephens PL 8 

Brogden Shirley A. Ward AM 1 

Brownings-Smith [2] Neal E. Wingfield FE 6 

Carlton Cindy Rivenbark SY 2 

Charity Linda Grider PL 1 

Corinth-Ebenezer (Johnston Co.) [2] Robert Wayne Licht PE 1 

Ebenezer Rose Hicks PL 7 

Elevation Ron Gurganus PL 3 

Eureka Robert Fletcher PE 3 

Faison Charles Pullins SP 1 

Falling Creek J. Craig Langston FL 4 

Four Oaks W Joseph Yow, Jr FE 16 

Fremont R. Martin Armstrong III FE 5 

Friendship-Unity [2] Robert Bandy PL 6 

Garris Chapel Jerry Mitchell AM 6 


Daniels Memorial T. R. Miller FE 5 

Jefferson Doug Johnson SP 3 

New Hope Hunter H. Preston FE 3 

Pine Forest Larry D. Crane FE 5 

Providence Jerry A. Jackson FE 2 

St. Luke Earl G. Dulaney FE 4 

St. Paul Billy F. Seate FE 2 

Associate Lindsey Green PE 1 

Salem J. Neal Salter, Jr FE 5 

Hickory Grove Jim Tosto AM 3 

Institute Mallie Hinnant FE 1 

Kenansville Parish [4] Lynwood C. Boyette FE 4 

Associate David Amon PL 2 

Kenly-Buckhorn [2] Michael W. Leburg FE 2 

LaGrange Benjamin N. Sims PE 3 

Lebanon Bill Creech PL 1 

Magnolia Ronnie Lee Rivenbark PL 5 


Conference ^Appointments 

Micro-Fellowship [2] Hobart W. Burnside, Jr RE 2 

Mt. Olive: First H. Dennis Draper, Jr FE 1 


Mt. Carmel David Hollowell PL 1 

St. Joseph Paul Dunham FE 4 

Pine Level-Sanders [2] Sandy Schaller SP 2 

Princeton Reginald W. Ponder, Jr FE 1 

Rones Chapel John Lupton, Jr FL 3 

Rose Hill Jan N. Hill FE 2 

Saulston Richard L. Ward FE 5 

Selma: Edgerton Virgil B. Huffman FE 2 

Seven Springs Terry A. Hobbs SP 2 


Asbury Bobby E. Smith RE 1 

Centenary Robert C. Flynn FE 2 

FD Richard J. Williams 

Whitley-Elizabeth [2] Steven M. Hall FE 12 

Trinity (Lenoir Co.) W. Sherman Guthrie AM 1 

Turkey Linwood S. Jones RAM 1 

Wallace Rufus E. Butner III FE 1 

Warsaw Kelly Lyn Logue FE 1 

Westwood Donald K. Stewart FE 3 

Yelverton Robert Hardy PL 5 

Zion Anne Walker Sims PM 1 

Greenville District - 47 Charges 


313 Clifton St., Suite A-2, Greenville, NC 27858 

Aurora [3] Claude Nethercutt FL 3 

Ayden Dennis P. Levin FE 11 

Bath Raymond Pearce FL 2 

Bel haven: Trinity [2] Patricia Cox FL 5 

Bell Arthur [3] Cameron Coburn PL 2 

Bethany Linda Rowe PL 4 

Bethel Robert W Simpson FE 5 

Chocowinity Edward R. Drew FL 1 

Conetoe-Hobgood [2] Forrest Smith PL 3 

Edwards Chapel John Norman PL 1 

Farmville W. David Harrington FE 3 


Covenant David E. Brownlee FE 2 

Genesis J. Crispin Noble II FE 2 

Jarvis Memorial Co-pastor Carol W. Goehring FE 3 

Jarvis Memorial Co-pastor David J. Goehring FE 3 

Associate Stephen E. Smith FL 1 

FD Linda Logston 

St. James H. Gray Southern FE 5 

Associate Dennis M. Adams FE 9 

FD Stephen W. Vaughn II 

Grifton-Webb Chapel [2] Roger Cope FE 2 

Grimesland Hispanic Faith Comm Jose Luis Zamora OE 2 

Hamilton Mary Ellen Bender PL 2 

Hart-Speight [2] A. J. Eure RE 9 


Conference Appointments 

Holly Springs Lonnie Hedrick PL 3 

Hookerton Ralph M. Hill FE 6 

Hyde County Cooperative Parish [8] .... Kenneth Davenport, Director PE 2 

Associate Valerie Ballance PL 5 

Jamesville [2] Paul Millwood PM 2 

Jerusalem Carolyn Cummings-Woriax FE 3 


Queen Street M. Francis Daniel FE 5 

Associate Jeff Nash SP 1 

Westminster Haywood A. Smith FE 5 

Lane's Chapel-Bethany [2] Mack Styron, Sr ROF 4 

Maury-Mt. Herman [2] Clifton Harvell PL 1 

Noble's Chapel Nina Paul Vinson PL 5 

Pink Hill-Beulaville [2] Johanna Hancock PM 2 

Rainbow Dennis Lamm PE 1 

Robersonville Mary Ellen Bender PL 5 

Salem Wayne M. Hicks FE 5 

Sharon Clint White PL 7 

Snow Hill: Calvary M. Claire Clyburn FE 6 

Stokes [3] Dianne Catlett PL 4 

Tabernacle Lester Bissette RE 4 

Tarboro: St. James James L. Wilson FE 1 

Vanceboro Joseph A. Motley FE 2 

Vanceboro Circuit [3] A. Eugene Goldfinch, Jr. FE 1 

Warren's Chapel Linda Titus PL 2 


Asbury Robert E. Shelton PE 5 

First Raymond K. Wittman FE 4 

Associate Wlliam A. Olsen FE 4 

Washington Circuit [2] Sally S. Plowman FE 5 

Wesley Memorial Regina Barrow PL 2 

Williamston: First Taylor Mills PE 3 

Woodington Claude T. Wlson RE 10 

New Bern District - 51 Charges 


1329 Glenburnie Road, New Bern, NC 28560 

Alliance-Arapahoe [2] Penny Dollar Farmer FE 18 

Asbury Charles C. Smith FE 12 

Atlantic Chris D. Humphreys AM 2 

Beaufort: Ann Street Charles L. Pollock FE 5 

Associate Rusty Willis FL 4 

Beech Grove-Rhems [2] Margaret Harriss FL 3 

Belgrade-Tabernacle [2] Carolyn Roy PL 1 

Bridgeton Sherrie James PE 2 

Cedar Island-Sea Level [2] Paul Harris FL 3 

Core Creek-Tuttles Grove [2] Diane W LeBlanc FL 2 

Dover-Clarks [2] Leland Heath FL 2 

Harkers Island Leanne Calhoun OE 2 

Harlowe-Oak Grove [2] Anthony D. Calhoun OE 3 


Cherry Point Jerry D. Martin FE 2 


Conference Appointments 

First Eric N. Lindblade, Jr FE 6 

Hubert: Oak Grove-Queen's Crk [2] James R. Oliver FE 6 


Celebration William A. Boykin FE 4 

Haw Branch Elizabeth Shafer Glass OE 2 

Northwoods RickA. Moser FE 2 

Pine Valley Mike Eubanks PM 3 

Trinity Dennis M. Goodwin FE 5 

Associate Alice J. Quarles OE 4 

Marshallberg-Smyrna [2] Ellis J. Bedsworth RE 13 

Maysville Elva L. Morton III PL 6 

Merrimon Wade Bennett PL 3 

Midway-Bethlehem [2] Dufrene Cummings FE 4 


Broad Creek Paul Stallsworth FE 3 

First Homer E. Morris FE 5 

Associate Kimberly G. Pollock FE 2 

Franklin Memorial Robert Hill FL 1 

St. Peter's Paul Stallsworth FE 3 


Centenary Danny G Allen FE 3 

Co-pastor Charlene Pierce-Guider FE 2 

Faith Harold H. Harbin, Jr FE 2 

Garber E. Powell Osteen, Jr FE 9 

New Song Jeffrey L. Severt FE 6 

Riverside Michael G Register PL 7 

Trinity Walter L. Graves FE 5 

Newport: St. James Susan C. Lindblade FE 6 

Oriental J. Stanley Brown FE 8 

Pamlico-Reelsboro [2] W Randy Field FL 5 

Pollocksville-Lee's Chapel [2] Steven N. Formo FE 2 

Richlands M. Dale Curtis PE 2 

Riverdale James H. Hayes AM 2 

Salter Path Clyde Cheezem RE 6 

Shady Grove-Cypress Creek [2] Thomas M. Nichols FL 5 

Sneads Ferry: First Ira H. Smith FE 7 

Stonewall-Bayboro [2] Richard Baldwin FL 1 

Straits-North River [2] James M. Durner AM 8 

Swansboro Randall E. Innes FE 3 

Associate Rachel T. Moser FE 2 

Trenton-Maple Grove [2] Peg Ormsby Wtt FE 3 

Topsail: Faith Harbor Thomas M. Greener FE 5 

Vandemere Michael Roach PL 12 

Verona Vernon W Brown III FE 4 

Wlliston-Stacy [2] Julia A. Dees FL 3 

Raleigh District - 57 Charges 
P. O. Box 10955, Raleigh, NC 27605 
Andrews/Brier Creek New Church .... Gary Edmund Allred FE 1 

Apex Robert E. Bergland FE 5 

Associate James O. Murphy, Jr FE 2 

Associate Anne Whiteside Ahl PE 3 


Conference Appointments 

FE 2 









OF .... 


Bunn-Hill King [2] Richard T. Mathews 

Calvary Becky Balentine 


First Woodrow W. Wells, Jr 

Associate H. William Green 

Min. Ed. /Youth Richard P. Wilkerson 

Min. /Children Daniel F. Lipp OF 

FD Patricia V. Stewart 

FD Nancy Ann Pugh 

Genesis Karen H. Whitaker FE 9 

Associate James Lowery III OP 2 

Macedonia Glenn E. Mason FE 10 

St. Francis Richard T. Clayton FE 7 

Associate Elizabeth Campbell PE 4 

White Plains Charles K. Morrison FE 2 

Min. of Mbrshp/Evang Stuart M. Milton FE 4 


Christ Community Gregory K. Jenks FE 7 

Home Memorial Alan P. Swartz FE 1 

Associate Roberta By ram PL 3 

Clayton New Church Lisa Creech Bledsoe FE 1 

Ebenezer Gerry G Davis FE 9 

Ebenezer-Wesley [2] Sidney E. Stafford RE 14 

Franklinton Luis F. Reinoso FE 5 


First William H.Allen IV PM 2 

Fuquay-Varina A. Ray Broadwell FE 3 

FD Elaine Lilliston 


Garner Thomas M. Hollis FE 4 

Associate Susan Parler Hobbs FL 3 

St. Andrews Edward M. Gunter FE 3 

Hollands R. Keith Nanney FE 11 

Holly Springs Horace T. Ferguson FL 16 

Knightdale Jenny H. Wilson FE 3 

Leah's Chapel-Shiloh [2] Lori M. Bartley PE 1 

Louisburg A. Gene Cobb, Jr FE 5 

Mt. Zion Sandra J. (Rose) Conner FE 6 

New Beginnings Won Seok Namkoong FE 2 

Piney Grove Maryellen Phelan Switzer FE 1 


Agape Korean Tea Sung Kang OE 3 

Asbury Bruce D. Taylor FE 2 

Associate Richard L. Bryant FL 2 

Avent Ferry Jonathan D. Jeffries FE 3 

Benson Memorial J. Donald Phillips FE 5 

Cokesbury-Jenkins Mem. [2] Linda E. Harris PL 3 

Edenton Street Roger V. Elliott FE 9 

Associate Kathryn R. Johnson FE 8 

Associate David J. Beck FE 2 

Associate/New Church Edgar Raymund A. DeJesus .... FE 1 

FD William J. Weisser 

Fairmont Steven A. Hickle FE 14 


Conference ^Appointments 

Hayes Barton D. Douglas Jessee FE 5 

Associate Barbara Elaine Swett FL 2 

Highland James C. Lee FE 1 

Associate Steven M. Edwards FE 3 

Layden Memorial W. Marshall Stewart PL 2 

Longview Charles L. Herri n FE 5 

Millbrook Edward F. Hill II FE 9 

Min. Contemp.Wshp/Witn D. Bennett Williams PE 2 

North Raleigh Robert D. O'Keef FE 2 

Associate Kimberly Strong Lamb FL 1 

Pleasant Grove Jonathan A. Minnick FE 11 

Raleigh Korean Kye Young Lee SY 2 

St. James Michael Francis Gast FE 1 

St. Mark's Samuel Wynn FE 3 

Associate Rani Partridge Wood row PL 1 

Soapstone Leonard E. Fairley FE 7 

Triangle Native American Sylvia Collins PE 3 

Trinity James H. Harry FE 5 

Wesley Memorial Carolyn R. Pilgrim FE 3 

Westover Johnnie L. Wright FE 1 

Wilson Temple Walter E. McLeod FE 7 

Windborne Jonathan E. Strother FE 5 

Sunrise G Rosser Carter III FE 1 

FD Alice K. Kunka 

Trinity (Franklin Co.) Milford Oxendine FE 1 

Wake Circles of Hispanic Hector Millan FE 3 

Wake Forest Gayla E. Collins FE 2 

Wendell Jeffrey D. Arthurs FE 2 

Zebulon Everett J. France FE 3 

Associate Susan France PL 3 

Rockingham District - 61 Charges 
P. O. Box 1588, Laurinburg, NC 28353 

Ashpole Center George L. Locklear PL 12 

Beauty Spot Jimmy F. Cummings RA 2 

Bethesda Wllie H. Frizzelle AM 3 

Caledonia Michael Keith Brown FL 1 

Collins Chapel Douglas Marshall Locklear PL 5 

Cool Springs George McDougald OD 8 

Cordova Robert L. Carpenter, Jr FE 3 

Ellerbe-Mount Pleasant [2] Donald Daniel FL 2 


Pleasant Grove Charles Bethea PL 3 

Trinity-Olivet [2] Marc H. Werner FL 2 

Fairview Jimmy Oxendine PL 6 

Fletcher's Chapel-St. Peter [2] Henry Lee Blue PL 9 

Green Lake Lucinda K. Campbell PL 1 


Fellowship Gregory L. McGarvey FE 2 

First William V. Taylor FE 2 

St. Peter Dora R. Dorsey FE 2 

Hickory Grove Robert L. Mangum RE 2 


Conference .Appoin i men ts 

Laurel Hill Keith Brown ROE 4 

Laurel Hill: Beaver Dam Josephine Sutton PL 2 


Central J. Quinton Covington, Jr FE 15 

First W.Stanley Smith FE 1 

Associate Nancy Willard PL 3 

Galilee Doris T. Fox FE 9 

St. Luke Samuel D. McMillan III FE 2 

Ledbetter Roger E. Thompson RE 1 


Asbury Everette F Bass, Jr PL 9 

Branch Street Harold Hunt PL 5 

Chestnut Street Jimmie R. Tatum FE 1 

Millers Chapel Veronica Patterson PL 1 

Mt. Olive Leroy Worth AM 2 

Lumberton Circuit [3] Jettie Vann Floyd FL 4 

Maxton: St. Paul's James W. Caviness, Jr. AM 1 

Maxton Circuit [3] Robert A. Fairley AM 21 

Mt. Zion-Wall's Chapel [2] Donna Thompson PL 3 

NCC Na.Amer.Coop.. Parish Cood Robert L. Mangum RE 4 

New Philadelphus Dwayne Lowry PL 5 

NewZion Wlliam E. Cummings RE 2 

Norman [3] Diana B. Killian FE 1 

Parkton Anthony J. DeLapa PL 2 


First Robert H. Ray FE 5 

Saint James Josephine Sutton PL 2 

Prospect Bill James Locklear FE 13 

FD Harold D. Jacobs 


Rhyne Memorial Angelo M. Troy FL 5 

Trinity J. Peter Belec FE 4 


Beaver Dam Dennis J. Glennon AM 2 

East David E. Heath OA 2 

First Michael B. Hobbs FE 2 

Glenwood Joseph L. (Joel) Perry OF 4 

Pee Dee Robert M. Hammond FE 1 

Philadelphia Teresa E. Lawrence FE 6 

Roberdell Dennis J. Glennon AM 2 

St. Paul Gregory L. McGarvey FE 2 

Trinity-Zion [2] Roger A. Armistead FE 3 

West Sidney A. Collins AM 5 


New Hope D. Stephen Stutts FE 5 

Pleasant Grove Larry M. Chandler SP 5 

Rowland Connie Marie Stutts FE 5 

St. John-Gibson [2] Harold D. Salmon FL 5 

St. Pauls Tracy Clayton Arthurs PE 3 

Sandy Plains Robert L. Mangum RE 1 

Snead's Grove Frances Brown ROE 2 

Tabernacle Gary C. Murphree PL 1 

West Robeson Marshall M. Locklear PL 9 


Conference ^Appointments 

Rocky Mount District- 48 Charges 


3621 Sheffield Drive, Rocky Mount, NC 27803 

Bailey [2] 1R. Branson Sheets III FE 14 

Pastor of Discipleship Leonard J. Rex FE 2 

Bethlehem-Shady Grove [2] Steven John Mullenix SP 4 

Bethlehem-York [2] Betty Willis PL 2 

Calvary [3] James D. Pearson FE 3 

Conway John D. Butson FE 7 

Concord Carol C. Taylor PL 1 

Edgecombe Parish [2] Diane C. Blanchard FE 1 

Elm City Stan Gallagher-Smith FE 1 

Enfield-Eden-Whitakers [3] Polly A. Taylor FL 1 

Evansdale Delores A. Langley FE 2 

Gaston [3] Gregory C. Minnick PM 3 

Halifax [3] Stanley A. Lewis, Jr FE 2 

Hawkins-Tabor [2] Robert D. Rose FE 1 

Hollister Austin Anderson SY 11 

Hornes-Sims-Gold Valley [3] Kristen D. Williams PE 1 

Jerusalem-Warren Plains [2] W Mark Clayton PE 7 

Littleton David P. Haley OF 2 

Lucama Kelli Gallagher-Smith PL 4 

Milwaukee Charge [4] Lee Roy Pittard III FE 3 

Mt. Pleasant-Middlesex [2] Valerie L. White SP 1 

Mt. Zion MackStyron II OF 2 

Nashville Steven W. McElroy FE 1 

Norlina Brian Scott Huffman FE 4 

Northampton [3] Bennie Tripp FL 2 

Red Oak L. Graham Royall RA 4 

Roanoke [2] Sue H. Owens FL 4 


First Holt A. Clarke FE 1 

Rosemary Thomas L. Sweeley FE 5 

South Rosemary Richard C. Hill FL 2 


Calvary Dwayne D. Alston OE 5 

Englewood George A. Jones FE 5 

Associate Heather Herri n Wong FL 2 

First Terry A. Bryant FE 3 

Associate Madison N. Hankal FE 3 

St. Paul John M. Check FE 8 

Sandy Cross James L. Reavis, Jr FE 20 

Scotland Neck-Rich Square [2] Charles H. Plowman FE 6 

Seaboard-Pleasant Grove [2] Douglas W. Billups PL 3 

Sharon Austin Anderson SY 2 

Smith Robert F. Dean OF 3 

Spring-Lebanon [2] Jerry M. Schronce AM 1 

Spring Hope [2] Scott Dodson SP 2 

Stantonsburg-Black Creek [2] Charles D. Myers FE 1 

Trinity Parish [3] Faye W Etheridge PE 3 

Warren Charge [2] Eddie Kirby SP 2 


Conference Appointments 

Warrenton: Macon-Wesley Mem. [2] .... Jimmy Wooten SP 2 


First William M. Presnell FE 5 

Associate Daniel P. Jones AM 5 

Associate C. Keith Sexton PM 4 

West Nash Daniel T. Earnhardt FE 3 

Winstead John W Wenberg, Jr FE 5 

Zion Warren S. Cash AM 4 

Sanford District - 49 Charges 

1511 Columbine Road, Sanford, NC 27330 

Aberdeen: Page Memorial Ronald E. Dietrich FE 2 

Asbury-Bethlehem [2] David Foushee SP 2 

Biscoe-Bascom [2] Jay W. Bissett PE 2 

Bonlee [2] James D. Whittaker SP 1 

Broadway-Morris Chapel [2] Ray Brooks FE 1 

Buckhorn Kenneth Buckingham FE 1 

Bynum Randall M. Blanton SP 4 

Candor William K. Mitchell FE 5 

Carbonton Frank I. Lloyd, Jr RM 2 

Carthage Terry L. Huffines FE 5 

Center Richard L. Farmer FE 5 

Chatham-Cedar Grove [2] Harvey Lee Edwards SP 4 

Chatham-Lee Hispanic Minis. [2] Daniel de La Cruz OF 2 

Cool Springs Clarence Garner RE 3 

Doub's Chapel Eric Joyce PL 2 

Ether John R. Bushell ROE 4 

Fair Promise-High Falls [2] Richard McKinley SP 3 

Goldston Judith B. Drye FE 2 

Jones Chapel-Moncure [2] Jack M. Hunter RE 9 

Lemon Springs Elizabeth H. Hood FE 7 

Little River-Melton's Grove [2] Casey Harris PL 2 

Love Joy-Macedonia [2] William F. Williams FE 3 

Merritts Chapel Richard M. Tysinger FE 12 

Mt. Gilead: First-Zion [2] James H. Harris, Jr FE 9 

Mt. Pleasant Allison B. Hocutt FE 6 

Mt. Zion-Hickory Mtn.-Ebenezer [3] Robert B. Way PL 6 

Pinebluff: First-Hoffman [2] Charles M. Litzenburger FE 2 

Pinehurst William Allen Bingham FE 1 

Piney Grove-Hickory Grove [2] Herbert Lowry FE 2 

Pittsboro: First Jack W Page, Jr FE 3 

Pittsboro Circuit [2] Ray T. Gooch FE 22 

Pleasant Hill-Mt. Carmel [2] James K. Stalnaker AM 1 

Poplar Springs B. Fallon Melvin, Jr RA 4 

Robbins: Tabernacle Keith A. Miller FE 2 

Roseland Gerald Peterson RE 1 

Sandhills [3] Donald E. Burns PL 11 


Jonesboro DavidA. Banks FE 3 

Associate Thomas A. Simpson PM 3 

St. Luke R. Carl Frazier, Jr. FE 1 

Associate Michael Coppock FL 2 


Conference Appointments 

Sanford Circuit [3] Larry Robinson FE 1 

Sardis-Parsons Grove [2] Lacy "Buck" Frye RL 2 

Siler City: First Joseph W. Casteel FE 5 

Silk Hope [2] Lamont Hemminger SP 2 

Smyrna James T. Weaver FE 1 

Southern Pines Mark W. Wethington FE 6 

Associate Erin A. Martin OP 2 

Star David Carl Hutchins PE 2 

Troy: Trinity Michael A. Davis FE 1 

Troy Circuit [4] C. Glenn Hancock AM 14 

Vass-Cameron [2] Gregg A. Presnell PM 1 

West End Frank Bruce Allen FE 2 

Wilmington District - 53 Charges 
2201 Lynnwood Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403 
Andrews Chapel Phil Norris PL 1 

Bethel-Lebanon [2] Larry S. Grady OF 2 

Bladen [3] Timothy L. Reaves PE 7 

Associate Shannon Owens Ross SP 2 

Bolton Charge [3] TBS 

Brunswick Circuit [2] Mark Murphy IS 1 

Burgaw John William Ruth FE 3 

Carolina Beach: St. Paul Stephen B. Hall FE 1 

Carver's Creek Brian D. Perry FE 5 

Chadbourn-Evergreen [2] James R. Hines FL 1 

Clarkton [2] Barry Stallings IS 1 

Dixon's Chapel Jeanne L. Ray RL 3 

Elizabethtown: Trinity Donald W Warren FE 2 

Fair Bluff-Cerro Gordo [2] Neill C. Smith FL 1 

Garland [3] Victor L. Galipi FE 2 

Hallsboro Wllie F.Allen FL 4 

Hampstead James D. Bell FE 8 

Harrells: Centenary John Barnes PL 1 

Herring's Chapel Douglas J. Lukens PL 6 

Jordan's Chapel Lenier E. Furr PL 12 

Kelly: Trinity Tom Tarkenton ROF 1 

Lake Waccamaw Bobby P. Tyson, Jr FE 4 

Maco: Shiloh William H. Pearsall, Sr PL 9 

Mishop Springs Robert Rattz RA 2 

Ocean View Frederick E. Roberts FE 13 

Old Dock [3] Carroll L. Fitzgerald PL 9 

Peace Dalma G Cribb PL 4 

Pleasant Grove-Purdie [2] Tommy T Haynes PL 2 

Riegelwood: Wesley William H. Altman, Jr FE 1 

Rocky Point John K. Ormond, Jr FE 11 

Scotts Hill: Wesleyan Chapel Curtis W. Campbell FE 8 

Associate Karen C. Howell FL 6 

Seaside (Brunswick) Robert C. Redmond FE 4 

Associate Liz Roberts McCain PM 2 

Shallotte: Camp Richard C. Vaughn FE 1 

Sharon: Holden Beach Edward C. Hill FE 2 

Singletary Patrick Sinclair FL 2 


Conference Appointments 

Southport: Trinity Samuel A. Williams FE 2 

Tabor City: St. Paul Brent Livingood FL 2 

Village Point Donald W. Barclay, Jr PL 1 

Watha Bettie Sue Harris PL 4 

Wesley's Chapel Phillip T. Pennington PM 1 

Westview Emmett J. Highsmith PL 11 

Whiteville Charles B. Owens FE 5 


Epworth Billy Peele RE 1 

Fifth Avenue Lily Ker Chou FE 2 

Grace Robert J. Bauman FE 6 

Harbor M. Eugene Tyson FE 2 

Min. Of Visitation Charles Hause RL 1 

Oleander-Devon Park [2] Linda L. Taylor FE 6 

Pine Valley William E. Braswell FE 1 

Associate Duane R. Parti n FE 4 

Associate Dean H. Morton FL 4 

FD Patricia H. Archer 

Trinity William T. Cottingham FE 2 

Wellspring Douglas B. Currin FE 4 

Wesley Memorial Wlliam C. Spencer FE 5 

Associate Margaret B. Hockett FL 4 

Wrightsboro Wlliam A. Haddock, Jr FE 7 

Wrightsville Timothy J. Russell FE 8 

Associate Laura E. Hayes FE 4 

Zion William S. Hoyle, Jr FE 1 


Conference ^Appointments 


( ) Indicates District to Which Related 
Elder in Full Connection Unless Otherwise Indicated 


(RA) Bates, Sally G. - Chaplain, The Divinity School, Duke University; Raleigh: Hayes 

Barton CC 
(RA) Bates, Sally G - Chaplain, The Divinity School, Duke University; Raleigh: Hayes 

Barton CC 
(DU) Brown, Wesley F -Associate Dean for External Relations, Divinity School, 

Duke University; Durham: Epworth CC 
(FA) Brunson, Jesse, Director, Multicultural and Social Ministries; Fayetteville: John 

Wesley CC 
(FA) Christian, Robert S. - Professor, Methodist College; Fayetteville: Hay Street CC 
(RA) Compton, Stephen C - Director, Congregational Development; Raleigh: Soapstone CC 
(DU) Cox, Richard Lewis - Dean for Residential Life, Duke University; Durham: Epworth CC 
(RM) Dixon, Sam W, Jr. - Executive Director for United Methodist Development Fund, 

GBGM - Roanoke Rapids, First CC 
(RA) Drum, Barry P. - Chaplain, N.C. Wesleyan College; New Beginnings CC 
(NB) Farmer, John A. - Manager/Director, Camp Don Lee; Alliance-Arapahoe CC 
(DU) Felton, Gayle Carlton - Consultant/Writer for Worship Resources, General Board 

of Discipleship; Durham: Resurrection CC 
(RO) Gleaves, Edith L. - Deputy Secretary, General Board of Global Ministries; 

Laurinburg: Galilee CC 
(RM) Hadley, J. Milton, Jr. - Director of Chaplaincy Services, Durham Methodist 


Community; Rocky Mount: First CC 
(BU) Harvin, David L. - Director of Development, General Board of Church and 

Society; Carrboro CC 
(RA) Hatch, Mary Martha - Coordinator of Volunteer Ministries, Hinton Rural Life 

Center, Hayesville, NC; Fuquay-Varina: Fuquay-Varina CC 
(RA) Henderson, Regina - Program Director for the Church & Society Servant-Leader 

Initiative, Duke University; Raleigh: Celebration 
(FA) Hendricks, M. Elton - President, Methodist College; Fayetteville: Hay Street CC 
(GO) Hinnant, H. Mallie - General Evangelist, Goldsboro; St. Joseph's CC 
(DU) Jenkins, David O. - Program Coordinator and Lecturer, Candler School of 

Theology, Emory University; Durham: Glendale Heights CC 
(GR) Jenkins, Edith Dudley - Chaplain, Cypress Glen Retirement Community, 

Greenville; Warrens Chapel CC 
(BU) Keck, Andrew [FD] - Electronic Services, Theological Library, Duke Divinity 

School; Chapel Hill: Orange CC 
(FA) King, Carl H. - Chaplain, Columbia College, Columbia, SC; Fayetteville: Haymount CC 
(RA) Leeland, Paul L. -Assistant to the Bishop and Director of Ministerial Relations; 

Raleigh:Edenton Street CC 
(DU) Loyd, Roger L. - Librarian and Professor of Theological Bibliography, Duke 

University Divinity School; Durham: Duke Memorial CC 
(RA) Mann, W. Joseph - Director, Rural Church Division, The Duke Endowment; 

Raleigh: Edenton Street CC 
(RA) Maultsby, J. Alexander III - Chaplain, Louisburg College; Knightdale CC 
(DU) McMillan, Becky Roselius [PM] - Associate Director of Pulpit & Pew: Research on 

Pastoral Leadership, Duke Divinity School - Durham: Resurrection CC 
(BU) Norton, MaryJane Pierce [FD] - Director of Family Ministries, General Board of 


Conference Appointments 

Discipleship; [Related to Nashville: West Nashville (TN Conf.)]; Chapel Hill: 

University CC 
(RA) Oldham, Kirk B. - Campus Minister and Director of Raleigh Wesley Foundation; 

Apex CC 
(DU) Pasquarello, Michael III - Professor, Asbury Theological Seminary; Durham: Bethany CC 
(DU) Ponder, Reginald W. - President, Louisburg College; Durham: Epworth CC 
(RA) Safley, Michael W - President, Methodist Home for Children; Raleigh: Edenton 

Street CC 
(BU) Sasser, Louis Alan - Executive Assistant to the President, Greensboro College; 

Bellemont CC 
(RA) Smith, A. Clay - Executive Director, Hinton Rural Life Center, Hayesville, NC; 

Franklinton CC 
(RA) Smith, Charles Michael - Executive Director, Conference Connectional Ministries; 

Raleigh: Highland CC 
(Wl) Smith, G. Jerome - Director of Communications, SEJAC/Ministry Division; Hallsboro CC 
(RA) Stanley, Bruce E. - Director of Field Education, The Divinity School, Duke 


Raleigh: Edenton Street CC 
(BU) Waters, Denise Conner [FD] - Chaplain Assistant/Life Enrichment Director, 

Croasdaile Retirement Village, Durham; Hillsborough CC 
(FA) Wells, Benjamin E. - Campus Minister, Methodist College; Trinity CC 
(GR) Wilkinson, Scott T. - Director of Wesley Foundation, East Carolina University; 

Greenville: Jarvis Memorial CC 
(EC) Wilson-Parsons, Mary Jane - Conference Coordinator of Sexual Ethics Support 

Teams; Pilmoor Memorial CC 


(FA) Beeson, Gilbert W, Jr. - Director, Fayetteville Family Life Center; Fayetteville: 

Camp Ground CC 
(NB) Clark-Dickens, Kathy A. - Lead Chaplain, Anne Arundel Medical Center, 

Annapolis, MD; Swansboro: First CC 
(GR) Cyr, Ronald D. - Clinical Chaplain, Caswell Center, Kinston; Kinston: Queen Street CC 
(EC) Dickens, Jan J. - Chaplain, US Air Force; Murfreesboro CC 
(NB) Dickens, J. Van III - Chaplain, US Navy; Sneads Ferry: First CC 
(RO) Gales, Alvester I. - Chaplain, US Army; Fletcher's Chapel-St. Peter CC 
(RO) Herring, Charles M. - Chaplain, US Army; Lumberton Ct. CC 
(EC) Hillman, Randy A. - Chaplain, Forsyth Memorial Hospital, Wnston-Salem; Ocracoke CC 
(FA) Jackson, Richard C. - Chaplain, US Army; Fayetteville: John Wesley CC 
(NB) Lewis, Jerry Dean - Chaplain, US Air Force; Morehead City: Franklin Memorial CC 
(RA) Merchant, Michele R. - Coordinator of Pastoral Education, St. Mary's Medical 

Center, San Francisco, CA; Raleigh: Soapstone CC 
(DU) Rawlings, James A., Jr. - Director of Pastoral Services, UNC Hospitals, Chapel 

Hill; Durham Epworth CC 
(RM) Shannonhouse, Richard D. - Chaplain/Director of Chaplaincy Services, Methodist 

Medical Center and Methodist Hospice, Jacksonville, FL; Rich Square-Woodland CC 
(RO) Smith, Adolph C. - Chaplain, US Navy; St. Pauls CC 
(FA) Smith, Neil E. - Clinical Chaplain, McCain Correctional Hospital, McCain, NC; 

Cumberland CC 
(DU) Stanfield, Edwin Douglas - Chaplain, US Navy; Durham: Epworth CC 
(EC) Taylor, Berry Lynn II - Chaplain, Pasquotank Correctional Institute; Elizabeth City: 

First CC 


Conference ^Appointments 


(RO) Barrineau, H. Phillip- Chaplain, Hospice of Scotland County; Laurinburg: First 

(DU) Blackburn, H. Dean, Jr. [PM] - Coordinator of Substance Abuse Services, UNC- 

Chapel Hill; Durham: Asbury Temple CC 
(DU) Burrus, Carolyn [PE] - CPE, Duke University Hospital; Durham: Parkwood CC 
(BU) Byers, Leonard C. II - Director, Department of Pastoral Care, Cleveland Regional 

Medical Center, Shelby; St. Luke's CC 
(DU) Campbell, Dennis M. - Headmaster, Woodberry Forest School, Virginia; Durham: 

Trinity CC 
(RA) Fogleman, L. Jan - Staff Psychologist, Triangle Pastoral Counseling, Inc., 

Raleigh; Raleigh: St. James CC 
(BU) Glaze, Coleman Lane [PM] - Campus Minister, Clemson University; Burlington: 

Front Street CC 
(BU) Gonia, Rachel R. - North Alabama Gleaning Coordinator, Society of St. Andrew; 

Chapel Hill: University CC 
(BU) Hicks, Phyllis K. - Director, Pastoral Care and Counseling Institute of Durham; 

Chapel Hill: Aldersgate CC 
(RM) Hudson, Pamela Jo - Chaplain, First Health Hospice, Inc., Pinehurst; Roanoke 

Rapids: Rosemary CC 
(GR) Johnson, C. Reginald - Dean of the Chapel, Asbury Theological Seminary, 

Wilmore, KY; Greenville: Jarvis Memorial CC 
(Wl) Kasper, John Mark - Counselor, Hemenway Counseling Services, Wilmington; 

Ocean View CC 
(BU) Laytham, D. Brent - Assistant Professor of Theology, North Park Theological 

Seminary, Chicago, IL; Chapel Hill: Orange CC 
(RO) Lykins, Patricia J. [FD] - Executive Director, Robeson County Church and 

Community Center, Lumberton; Lumberton: Chestnut Street CC 
(RO) Lynge, Audrey Holmes - Counselor, Center Point Human Services, Winston- 
Salem; Regan CC 
(RA) Mann, Barbara Price - Pastoral Counselor, Triangle Pastoral Counseling, Inc.; 

Cary: First CC 
(DU) Marsicano, Leslie M. -Assistant Dean of Students, Davidson College; Durham: 

Epworth CC 
(GR) Martin, Sam F. Ill - Director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Eastern N.C.; 

Greenville: Covenant CC 
(RA) McQuade, J. Stanley - Methodist Chaplain/Professor of Law, Campbell University; 

Raleigh: St. James CC 
(DU) Morgan, Deborah Ann - Staff Chaplain, Duke Medical Center; Durham: Resurrection 

(DU) Mullen, Roderic L. - Pastor, British Methodist Conference; Durham: Carr CC 
(Wl) Ormond, John K., Jr. - Counselor, The Center, Wilmington; Rocky Point CC 
(BU) Pace, James H. - Professor of Religious Studies, Elon University; Burlington: 

Front Street CC 
(FA) Vieregg, Carla Scanlan - Pastor, Presbyterian Church, Colorado; Fayetteville: 

Haymount CC 
(RA) Walker-Jones, Kelli -Associate Director of Sustaining Pastoral Excellence 

Project, Triangle Pastoral Counseling; Raleigh: Highland CC 
(DU) Webb-Bowden, Julia - N.C. Director, Society of Saint Andrew; Durham: 

Resurrection CC 
(RO) Willingham, Malcolm C. - Clinical Chaplain/Counselor, Care Resources, Inc.; 

Rockingham: First CC 


Conference .Appointments 

fll 310.1c, 1992 Book of Discipline) DIACONAL MINISTERS APPOINTED THROUGH 

(RM) Buckley, Betty Ann -Alpha Ministries; Wilson: First CC 
(SA) Sluder, David - Volunteers Coordinator, Mountain Housing Opportunities, 

fll 310.b)fl[ 365, 1992 Book of Discipline) DIACONAL MINISTERS APPOINTED 

(RA) Biddle, Margaret Ann - Child Care Consultant, MHC; Raleigh: Edenton Street CC 
(RA) Nicholson, Sue Ellen - Director of Children/Youth Ministries, Conference 

Connectional Ministries; Raleigh: Millbrook CC 
(BU) Workman, Anna Gail - Associate Council Director of Church Development and 

Evangelism, Virginia Conference; Mebane CC 

fll 313.1) (Par. 365, 1992 Book of Discipline) DIACONAL MINISTERS ON LEAVE: 

(Wl) Arledge, Alice - Personal Leave 


(DU) Day, Joyce Christine, WV Conference 

(BU) Gonia, Ronald E., Associate Pastor, Alexander City: First, North Alabama 

Conference; Chapel Hill: University CC 
(RA) Huckaby, Robert [FD], Brentwood, Tennessee, Minister of Discipleship; Raleigh: 

(RO) Hunt, Terry [PE], Shiloh, Kentucky Conference; Rockingham: Ashpole Center CC 
(RA) Jolly, Judith O . [FD], Childcare Center, East Lake UMC, Birmingham, AL; Hayes 

Barton CC 
(NB) Parker, Richard H. - West Salem UMC, Pastor, Oregon-Idaho Conference; 

Snead's Ferry: First CC 
(RA) Sims, Carolyn K. [PE] - Newlyn Street UMC, Greensboro, Western NC 

Conference; Garner: St. Andrews CC 


(RO) Buffaloe, Janet K. - Rockingham: Pee Dee CC 

(BU) Crandall, Margaret - [PE] - CC 

(Wl) Lowe, Lloyd James [PM] - Bethel-Lebanon CC 

(RA) Metcalf, Ellen - Raleigh: Cary: Genesis CC 

(RA) Poole, Bettye Donne - Raleigh: Wilson Temple CC 

(RA) Purcell, Joan M. - Cary: St. Francis CC 

(RA) Steele, Julie Hilton [PE] - Raleigh: Fairmont 

(RA) Thompson, E. Geiselle I. - Raleigh: Millbrook CC 

(DU) Tucker, Stuart R. - Durham: Mt. Zion 

(RA) Weinrich, Luise K. - Raleigh: Edenton Street CC 


(Wl) Edgerton, Martha - CC 

(RA) Helms, Suzanna Ross - Raleigh: Jenkins Memorial CC 

(RM) Parker, Joyce-Lenore - Mount Zion CC 

(Wl) Paxton, Roger D. - Wilmington: Grace CC 

(BU) Shivers, Molly L - [PM] - Chapel Hill: University CC 

(RO) White, Dena McFarland - Rockingham: East CC 


Conference ^Appointments 


(RA) Barber, W. Edward - Raleigh: Wesley Memorial CC 

(RA) Benfield, Jack M. - Garner: Garner CC 

(GO) Crowe, John Marshall - Goldsboro: St. Luke CC 

(Wl) Galipi, Victor L. - Dublin CC 

(GR) Godwin, Sherwood A. - Sharon CC 

(RM) Hadden, Sidney Gene - Spring-Lebanon CC 

(SA) Harsh-Cafferty, Susan - Goldston CC 

(DU) Hayes, Carol Dell [FD] - Durham: Resurrection 

(RO) Jordan, Bobby L. [AM] - St. Paul CC 

(SA) Lee Torres, Ronda [FD] - Southern Pines CC 

(RM) Lewis, Richard F. Sr. [AM] - South Rosemary CC 

(RM) Miller, Lon William - Concord CC 

(Wl) Paschal, John S. Paschal - Seaside CC 

(RA) Pinner, W. Rickman - Garner: Garner CC 

(GR) Rocheleau, Michael E. - Greenville: Covenant CC 

(DU) Spence, Clinton Wlliam - Durham: Calvary 

(RM) Tart, Michael L. [FL] - Trinity Parish CC 

(BU) Trotter, J. Albert - Burlington: Davis Street CC 

(GR) Wall, C. Arthur - Tarboro: St. James CC 

(EC) Watson, Debra S. - South Mills CC 

(RO) Womack, LaVerne B. - Laurinburg: First CC 

(RA) Yorkey, Camille Ogle - Raleigh: Millbrook CC 


(Wl) Harrison, Shana Deanetia - Appointed to serve in Chile; Wesleyan Chapel CC 


Probationary Members: 

(NB) Brewer, Robert W. - University of Toronto; Beech Grove-Rhems CC 

(DU) Owens, Lee Roger- PhD Program, Duke University; Durham: Epworth CC 

Members in Full Connection: 

(DU) Colon-Emeric, Edgardo - Duke University, PhD Program; Durham: Cristo Vive CC 

fll 313.2, 1992 Book of Discipline) RETIRED DIACONAL MINISTERS: 

Bernice Ballance, Laura S. Davenport, R. H. Garrison, Jr., Irene F. Gattis, Marilyn H. 
Johnson, Tacoma F. O'Connor, Susan Parker, Leslie C. Womack 


BU Gayle T Alexander, J. C. Alexander, Jr., Susan Lutz Allred, Chester J. Andrews, 
James A. Auman, Rene' O. Bideaux, Rex E. Brooks, James L. Bryan, Nathan H. 
Byrd, W R. Crowder, Lewis H. Dodson, Charles F. Eakin, Robert K. Eldredge, 
Otto Hardt, John E. Harwood, James L. Hobbs, Hugo Hodgin, J. Donald 
Johnson, Jerry J. Juren, Joe D. Lister, G Robert McKenzie, Jr., Floyd R. Morrow, 
Mary Peacock{FD}, Robert E. Lee Moser, G Paul Phillips III, R. Dennis Ricks, 
Jr., Guy V Soule, Jr., Richard A. Stanley, Jr., E. Russell Stott, Carson O. 
Wiggins, Sr., William L. Wolfe 

DU P. Wesley Aitken, Walton N. Bass, John R. Blue, Edward W. Bogie, Billy M. 
Carden, Daniel Ross Chandler, Helen G. Crotwell, Albert F Fisher, Thomas G. 
Holtsclaw, Bess G Hunnings, Henry M. Hunnings [AM], Wlbur I. Jackson, 
William M. Jeffries, George W. Johnson, Barney L. Jones, Jr., Vassar W Jones, 
Johnie L. Joyce, F Belton Joyner, Jr., Wallace H. Kirby, Charles H. Lancaster, 
Brooks B. Little, Thomas E. Loftis, Joyce Odom, Robert T Osborn, Charles E. 


Conference .Appointments 

Owens, H. Worth Pearce, Benjamin F. Potter, Jr., Julie Forringer Purcell, John E. 
Reed, William D. Sabiston III, David C. Steinmetz, Charles M. Treihart [RL], 
Robert L. Wallace, Kelly J. Wilson, Jr. .William J. Witt, Eldon Woodcock 
EC Francis C. Bradshaw, Corbin L. Cherry, W Thomas Clarke, Edwin L. Earnhardt, 
Ralph I. Epps, Charles H. Hutchinson, Doris J. Johnson [RL], Henry B. Lewis, 
Edgar E. Whitley, William E. Worley 
FA H. A. Bizzell, Jr., George F Blanchard, George P. Chandler, Franklin D. Daniels, 
Allen C. Edens, Jr., Julius Jernigan, T. Garland Knott, James R. Lancaster, Jr., 
Maurice L. Lancaster [AM], Samuel S. Lee, William P. Lowdermilk, Lawrence E. 
Lugar, John M. Mackey, James H. McLean, Benjamin R. Melvin, John G Olive 
[AM], Evander Parnell [AM], Carrie W. Parrish, T. Arnold Pope, Robert M. Poulk, 
William R. Rudd, J. Thomas Smith, Charles E. Sparks, Bobby P. Tyson, Sr., 
Clarence L. Warren, Walter P. Weaver, Samuel J. Womack 
GO John C. Andrews, Robert L. Bame, Hobart W Burnside, C. McGee Creech, 

Charles K Eakin, Daniel M. Forbes, Jr.[AM], Charles M. Hackett, H. L. Harrell, 
Julian B. Helms, Jean L. Hood, Thomas D. Hoogerland, Linwood S. Jones [AM], 
Grady L. Kinley, F D. Lamneck, Henry W. Lee, Wallace B. Lewis [AM], Frank I. 
Lloyd, Jr., E. G. Purcell, Jr., John M. Roberts, Bobby E. Smith, Nevin D. Snyder, 
Aaron G Tyson, S. L. Wood, P. C. Yelverton 
GR M. Randall Baker, W. N. Fulford [AM], Robert G Harris, Jr., Richard Leonhard 
[RL], James G Lupton, James H. Miller, Jr., J. B. Parvin, Daniel P. Powers [RL/ 
D], Paul B. Scott, Jr., Ray Sparrow, Wayne E. Thomas, James H. Warren, 
Gladys R. Williford, Claude T. Wilson 
NB Edward P. Armstrong, Ellis J. Bedsworth, Paul C. Browning, Charles V. Bryant, 
Clingman C. Capps, Clyde B. Cheezem, James H. Coile, Irving E. Cook, Robert 
B. Craig [RL], Rudolph Hodge, Herbert F. Home [RL], Horace L. McLaurin, Robert 
L. Nicks, Joseph C. Parker, Harold T. Pickett, Ernest R. Porter, William W. 
Sherman, Jr., Robert S. Shields, Wlbur C. Teachey, James A. Tingle, Pearl G. 
RA Robert L. Baldridge, Berry O. Barbour, Troy J. Barrett, John K. Bergland, Richard 
R. Blankenhorn, Joseph K. Bostick, Kermit L. Braswell, Samuel H. Brown, Douglas 
L. Byrd, Eric Carson, Theodore V. Carter, Sr., Harold M. Chrismon, Sr., John M. 
Cline, Thomas A. Collins, John H. Crum, David E. Daniel, B. L. Davidson, Murry L. 
DeHart, Jr., Clyde H. Dunn, Edward C. Elliott, F. Owen Fitzgerald, Jr., Kenneth E. 
Frazier, J. W. Garrison, J. Conrad Glass, R. Keith Glover.Riley T. Hamilton [RL], 
Jack L. Hunter, Geraldine D. Ingram, O. Kelly Ingram, Eddie Jo Jarrett, Glenda N. 
Johnson, Norwood L. Jones, Henry Lovelace, Tracy Maness, W N. McDonald, 
Robert F. McKee, George C. Megill, Rayford Methvin, J. P. Moorman, Eric O. 
Murray, Donald C. Nagel, Argel H. Payne, L. P. Plyler, Tommy G Privette, F. R. 
Randolph, J. Earl Richardson, J. P. Rickards, Robin J. Scroggs, K. B. Sexton, 
William G. Sharpe IV, Jerry T. Smith, John T. Smith, Sidney E. Stafford, Rufus 
Stark, James L. Summey, Leo C. Thompson, Neil H. Thompson, C. Clyde Tucker, 
Jr., Vernon C. Tyson, James M. Waggoner, H. Robert Warren, James I. 
Warren, Jr., Christian White, John H. White, James A. Williams, A.J. (Jack) 
Wilson, Arthur W Winstead, O. B. Wooldridge, Jr. 
RO John D. Aycock, James C.P Brown, Paul G. Bunn, John G Cottingham, Jimmy F. 
Cummings [AM], Simeon F. Cummings, Wlliam Cummings, Donnie G Davis 
[AM], Tommy M. Faggart, Robert S. Gibson, Robert H. Hargrove [RL], Harold F. 
Leatherman, Robert L. Mangum, Leonard E. Mayo, Clyde G. McCarver, Robert F. 
Moore, Miles Murphy, Jr., Lee A. Phillips, Robert J. Rudd, Richard C. Sharp, J. H. 
Shiver, James M. Short, James A. Starnes, James C. Stokes, Jr., Amos H. Stone, 
James F. Thompson, William M. Wells, Jr., Luther V Wesley [AM] 
RM Lester C. Bissette, Jesse V Bone, Daniel D. Bowman, John M. Bowman [AM], H. 


Conference ^Appointments 

Charles Davis, G. Lloyd Edge, J. Sidney Epperson, Aydlett J. Eure, Jr., John T. 
Greene, Don Lee Harris, Lester P. Jackson, R. Harry Jordan, Milton T. Mann, 
Carleton P. McKita, Charles H. Mercer, Robert W. Morgan, Ben F. 
Musser, Brooks Patten, Graham Royall [AM], John T. Smith, H. Langill Watson, 
H. M. Wilkinson, John E. Wlliams 

SA Lovell R. Aills, Morris L. Barber, Kenneth E. Beane, Bobby C. Black, Robert F. 
Bundy, Angus M. Cameron, J. Claude Chaffin, Thomas A. Danek, Jefferson W 
Davis [RL], Joseph W. Forbes, Leon D. Fowler, Clarence Garner, C. Franklin 
Grill, James W Hamilton, C. S. Hubbard, Johnnie S. Huggins [AM], Jack Manley 
Hunter, Frank I. Lloyd, Benjamin R. Melvin, Travis W. Owen, R. Bruce Pate, F 
Gerald Peterson, Julian W Scott, Mary L. Von Canon, Ben H. Wilson III 

Wl James H. Bailey, H. Fred Davis, Ralph L. Fleming, Jr., Charles J. Hause [RL], 
John W. Hobbs, Joseph Kossan, Russell R. Knowles [AM], J. Rodney Lane, Jr. 
[AM], Gerald R. Massey [AM], Peleg D. Midgett III, Alvin J. Morris, Luther M. 
Peele, Jr., John S. Pearsall, Robert E. Rattz [AM], Jeanne L. Ray [RL], George 
C. Smith, John L. Stokes III, Roger E. Thompson, Lynn T. Wall 


• Structure Review Committee 

• Conference Connectional Ministries 

• Communications Circle 

Archives and History, Commission on 
Methodist Board of Publication, Inc. 

• Episcopal Circle 

Christian and Interfaith Unity Council 
Congregational Development, Commission on 
District Superintendents, Report of 
Monitoring and Accountability Ministry Team 
Southeastern Jurisdictional Administrative Council 

• Mission Development Circle 

2003 Advance Specials 

Church and Society, Commission on 

Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries, Committee on 

Disaster Recovery Ministries/M.E. R.C.I. 

Evangelism, Commission on 

Missions Team 

Multicultural Ministries 

Native American Ministries 

Peru Covenant, Task Force on 

Strengthening the Black Church 

United Methodist Women 

Legislation and Reports 


Spiritual Formation and Leadership Circle 

Children's Ministry Team 

Clergy Counseling and Consultation, Commission on 

Conference Relations, Committee on 

Continuing Education, Committee on 

Division of Deacons and Diaconal Ministries 

Education, Commission on 

Enlistment, Committee on 

Higher Education and Campus Ministry, Commission on 

Itinerant Clergy Moving Expense, Committee on 

Laity, Commission on 

Ministerial Education Fund, Committee on 


NC Pastors' School and Duke Divinity School Convocation 

North Carolina Christian Educatiors Fellowship 

Older Adult Ministries, Committee on 

Ordained Ministry, Board of 

Pastoral Care, Committee on 

Psychological Testing & Background Checks, Committee on 

Residency in Ordained Ministry, Committee on 

Sexual Ethics Support Team 

Worship, Commission on 

United Methodist Men 

United Methodist Youth 

Resource Ministries Circle 

Trustees, Conference Board of 

2002 Report on The United Methodist Building 

Conference Staff Relations, Committee on 

Equitable Compensation, Commission on 

Finance and Administration, Council on 

Incapacity, Joint Committee on 

Insurance, Committee on 

Partners in Caring, NC Conference 

Pensions, Board of 

United Methodist Foundation 

Statisticians Report 



The Structure Review Team has the following comments and recommendations to the 
conference as the conference moves into its third year in living into the new structure. 

1. Communication with the conference members continues to be an area in which 
there is opportunity for improvement. Each circle of ministry and the Connectional Table 
can take better advantage of the technology available, and publish their work to the 
conference membership. Using the email list maintained by the Conference, and the 
conference website, the 5 circles of ministry and the Connectional Table can provide 
summaries of their work, their discussions, and their requests to the conference body. 

2. In addition, there is room for improvement in communication between teams, 
circles of ministry and the connectional table. It is the recommendation of the Review 
Team that some guidelines for communication be arranged. 

* Individual teams need to meet to do their work, and they need to be active in 
communicating their work to the circle of ministry at which they sit. 

* The circle leaders need to hold circle meetings once or twice a year, depend 
ing on the work being undertaken by the circle. In these meetings the work of 
the individual groups is to be discussed, for the purposes of communication, 
join brainstorming, and join planning between related groups. 

* In addition, the circle leaders need to be current on the work being done by 
the teams, and before all connectional table meetings needs to communicate 
with circle members either in person or by phone/email. 

* Circle leaders are responsible for communicating the work of their circle and 
the corresponding teams with the connectional table, and for representing the 
needs and vision of the circle in the connectional table. In addition, circle 
leaders are the ones who will take the connectional table work back to the 
circles, so that the circles can contribute to the vision cast by the connectional 

Kim Lamb, Chairperson 


"In the Midst of New Dimensions" 

In the midst of new dimensions, in the face of changing ways, 

who will lead the pilgrim peoples wandering in their separate ways? 

God of rainbow, fiery pillar, leading where the eagles soar, 

we your people, ours the journey, now and ever (repeat), now and evermore. 

The Faith We Sing, 2238 Words and music by Julian B. Rush, 1994 

The Connectional Table met in October, January, and May under the leadership of our 
Conference Lay Leader, Jeanne Rouse, to serve as the "think tank" envisioned by our 
Annual Conference when we approved this new structure in 2000. We chose to leave 
behind the old way of having a Conference Council on Ministries and to move in the 
direction envisioned by many leaders of the General Conference who still dream of 
bringing matters of money and mission to one common table, a proposal they will again 
bring to General Conference in 2004. Attendance and participation have been excellent, 
and we continue enthusiastic about the journey we have undertaken, but we are also 
experiencing some of the anticipated concerns that always accompany changes of this 
magnitude. Annual Conferences, like local churches, sometimes have "Back to Egypt" 

The Structure Review Team is encouraging better communication by the 
Connectional Table with members of the Annual Conference, and better use of 
information technology to facilitate this among the agencies with their circles of ministry 


l^egLslatw n / YLeports 

and the table as a whole. They have also recommended that the leaders of the five 
circles hold circle of ministry meetings once or twice a year, preferrably near the time of 
the Connectional Table meetings, so as to be better informed on the work of the teams 
within their particular circle. The leaders of the five circles of ministry-Communications, 
Episcopal, Mission Development, Spiritual Formation and Leadership, and Resource 
Ministries-will serve as liaison persons between their circles and the Connectional Table 
so that the circles can contribute to the vision cast by the table. This way the circles and 
the table will not only interlock as portrayed on paper but in actual practice as well. 
Better training for new members of the Connectional Table and circles is also strongly 
recommended and will be offered in the coming year. 

Efforts will also be made this year to have the Executive Director and the Directors 
spend even more time in local churches and at district gatherings preaching, teaching, 
leading workshops, and generally offering themselves in the service of our members. 
Our Conference website has been vastly improved and a brochure has been mailed to 
all churches and pastors in an effort to encourage churches to take advantage of the 
talents of these servants of Christ who will gladly come to any local church without 
charge as they are funded through our fair-share giving. 

Through the flood of starving people, warring factions and despair, 
who will lift the olive branches? Who will light the flame of care? 
Our theme for this session of the North Carolina Annual Conference will be "Come 
to the Water for Repentance and Reconciliation." On the first morning, we will hold our 
"Service of Repentance and Reconciliation" that has been carefully planned by a 
diverse committee and will utilize the two sacraments of our church. Our intention is for 
this service to set the tone for the entire gathering, indeed for the rest of the year, as we 
give voice to our sins against our African American and Native American brothers and 
sisters, beg their forgiveness, and seek true and lasting reconciliation through the One 
sent to us by God to reconcile us to him and to each other through his life, death, and 
resurrection. Our meeting will also rightly take note of the fact that we are a nation 
winding down a war and that we have a responsibility to support our troops and their 
families, to pray for our leaders, and to love and help restore our former enemies. We 
will further identify with the Head of our church by remembering his call to feed the 
hungry, and to welcome all, as we receive special offerings for "No Hungry Neighbors" 
and the Bethea Welcome Center at Lake Junaluska.. 

As we stand a world divided by our own self-seeking schemes, 
grant that we, your global village, might envision wider dreams. 
Two members of the staff of the General Board of Discipleship spent a day with our 
bishop and other leaders of our Annual Conference in mid-March to hold a 
"Connectional Conversation." In their report, they observed that among Annual 
Conferences we are strong in starting new churches and faith communities (over thirty 
in the past six years), missions, spiritual formation especially through Wellspring 
offerings and covenant groups, and our willingness to try new things. We celebrated that 
we have a clergy surplus whereas many other conferences have shortages, that we 
encourage gender and racial diversity among our clergy, have strong programs of 
training and continuing education, and have grown from twenty-nine to one hundred 
thirty-nine Local Pastors over the past ten years. The extraordinary and unique support 
of The Duke Endowment was noted, and the programs such as Hand in Hand linking 
churches with public schools, and Disciple Bible Outreach Ministry taking Bible study 
behind prison bars and into churches of small membership, both of which came into 
being with the help of funds from The Duke Endowment. Attracting 6,000 teenagers to 
Pilgrimage, providing model leadership for sexual ethics training, offering counseling 
and referrals for clergy and their families experiencing emotional distress, and having 
MERCI (Marion Edwards Recovery Center Initiative) become a model for how to do 
Disaster Recovery Ministries were also cited by the participants. Our guests concluded 
that we are filled with talent, diversity, and potential, and that we are committed to 


Legislation / Reports 

covenantal living, creating multicultural faith communities, and developing 
transformational leaders. 

We are man and we are woman, all persuasions, old and young, 

each a gift in your creation, each a love song to be sung. 
Note was also taken of our changing financial situation due to the decline of the 
stock market and the resulting loss of earnings income coupled with a tighter economy 
in many areas of our Annual Conference. Whereas we have been extremely fortunate to 
have had this financial resource that most of our peers do not, we have now reached the 
point of needing to reduce supplemental appropriations from this source that is 
drastically smaller than in the halcyon days of the stock market boom. We will have to 
rely more on faithful and full payment of apportionments through fair-share giving by 
congregations of all sizes if our ministries are to be expanded, perhaps even just 
sustained at current levels, while we keep our promises to retirees regarding pension 
and health benefits. 

Should the threats of dire predictions cause us to withdraw in pain, 

may your blazing phoenix spirit resurrect the church again. 
Into a world dominated by one superpower and into a Middle Eastern nation ruled 
by a despot, God sent his Son to save it all. In an England wallowing in intolerable class 
divisions and ripe for a bloody social and political revolution such as came to France a 
little later, God raised up John Wesley and changed a culture from indifference to 
passionate caring for people of all stations. Such is the foolishness of God 
demonstrated repeatedly across human history, a foolishness that works and will 
ultimately triumph over the forces of darkness. And now in this nation we love and 
sometimes argue with, God sends us with the same mandate John Wesley gave to the 
ones he sent here: offer them Christ, and spread scriptural holiness across the land. 
May the North Carolina Annual Conference be truer to that calling than ever as we come 
to the water for repentance and reconciliation, renewal and refreshment. 

Charles M. Smith, Executive Director of Connectional Ministries 


The Conference Communications Circle has met three times since the 2002 Annual 
Conference. Our primary task continues to be encouraging and supporting Igniting 
Ministry in the conference, offering training for local churches and districts as needed. 
Much thanks goes to Camille Yorkey and Bill Norton for their tireless effort in offering 
Igniting Ministry training in several locations across the conference and across the SEJ. 
In 2003, Bill and Camille, and hopefully a few others will do additional training 
themselves as the General Conference continues its emphasis on calling the church to 
be inviting, welcoming and discipling congregations. 

Supplemental resources from CF&A allowed the communications ministry of the 
conference to purchase additional television coverage during the Christmas season of 
2002. It is the hope of the Communications Circle that the purchase of television and 
other media will continue to be a priority of the conference as it is for the general church 
and that funding, supplemental or otherwise, will continue to be available. 

An additional emphasis of the Communications Circle includes working to improve 
the conference web page with cutting edge graphics and current information and 
weblinks to other sites. We will explore ways to use Internet technology to benefit the 
local church, offering information and connecting us together as a 21 s ' century church. 
Additional resources will be sought to accomplish this vision. 

The Media Center will be working to offer special resources and programming 
materials for the 300 th anniversary of the birth of John Wesley. Archives and History will 
support this effort to elevate and display Wesley materials in 2003. 


h,egts!afto n j Reports 

The struggles of a new paradigm of vision driven ministry are a challenge that that 
will call forth much prayerful discernment, hard work, and faith in each of the ministry 
circles of the Conference Connection Table. The experience of the Communications 
Circles is that our meetings are purpose driven, energetic and fruitful so far as 
encouraging each of our component ministries to press on in the ministry they are 
doing. The Communications Circle is committed to the vision of the Connectional Table 
and hopes that clarity and a new enthusiasm for what we are about will come in 2003. 

Lib Campbell, Convener 

Archives and History, Commission on 

The spring meeting of the Commission on Archives and History was held at the Carr 
United Methodist Church in Durham. This congregation has been active since 1886 and 
the church displays a collection of breathtakingly beautiful stained glass windows. 
Reverend Brian Wingo shared some of the highlights of their history at the Conference 
Historical Society meeting, and the ladies graciously provided us with a delicious repast. 

Our fall meeting, held at the Methodist Building in Raleigh, allowed us the 
opportunity to visit the expanded archives facilities. What an outstanding improvement. 
Thanks to Martha Garrick for spearheading the movement to enlarge our storage 
capacities; to Laura Bailey for her helpful insights and hard work in preparing this space; 
Frank Grill for helping in arranging, shelving and filing the materials. 

At the Historical Society meeting, Vivian and John Mitchell led a devotion filled with 
historical highlights that they had presented at the National Historical Meeting held in 
Salem, Oregon. We welcomed three new members to our Commission and elected a 
new slate of officers for the next two years. This was necessitated by the expiration of 
tenure for several of our company. 

The oldest church building in the Conference in continual use for worship was 
researched. We thank the participants in this endeavor, and all the winners can be viewed on 
the new North Carolina Conference Archives Website http://www.nccunc.orq/ministrv/archives/ 

Grave markers were sent to the families of five deceased ministers, and we 
presented seven churches with certificates for years of service to our Lord. 

Mildred S. Swain, Chairperson 

Methodist Board of Publication, Inc. 

The North Carolina Christian Advocate, jointly operated by the NC and WNC 
Conferences, continues to provide United Methodists with sixteen pages of "news and 
views" twice a month. The Advocate is funded by grants from both conferences, 
subscriptions, and an endowment. Also, all pastors, associates, retirees and widows 
receive a subscription to the Advocate, which keeps them abreast of what's happening 
in the conference, in the state, in the country, and in the world — in terms of religious 

This past year, we offered readers a special Sept 11 anniversary issue, as well as 
an ongoing theological debate in print between bishops within our denomination. At this 
time, we are concentrating our focus on the war in Iraq and its subsequent effect within 
the religious community. A variety of leadership voices punctuate each issue, including 
Bishop Charlene Kammerer's and Bishop Marion Edwards'. These voices, and the 
stories they tell, help define the substance and spirituality of our denomination in North 

The Advocate, like most subsidiary organizations of the church, has experienced a 
recent downturn in endowment investments, and continuing support by churches and 


Legislation / Reports 

congregations via subscriptions is appreciated and needed. This next year, we will 
concentrate on building readership within churches, touching more people as we make 
our connection. 

Kevin Rippin, Editor 


Those areas of Conference ministry relating to the Episcopal Circle include: the Cabinet, 
Annual Conference Program, Christian Unity, Congregational Development, Ecumenical 
Ministries, Monitoring and Accountability, and Nominations. The mission of the Episco- 
pal Circle is to listen to, prayerfully consider, and offer insight to the Bishop; and to 
receive and implement tasks of his special interests. 

Our primary focus during this quadrennium is the Repentance & Reconciliation 
priority of The United Methodist Church within the NC Annual Conference. During the 
past two years we have sought to acquaint the Annual Conference with historical acts of 
racism causing division to occur with our pan-Methodist brothers and sisters of the AME, 
AME Zion, CME and former Central Conference. In conjunction with the Christian and 
Interfaith Unity Council we have encouraged local churches to make use of the study 
guide cosponsored by the General Commission on Christian Unity & Interreligious 
Concerns and the Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church - Steps Toward 
Wholeness: Learning and Repentance. We have sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit 
to help us recognize the truth, repent of racial offenses against African American and 
Native American communities of faith within the bounds of the NC Conference, and seek 
the reconciliation available only when our lives are centered in Jesus Christ. 

This past year a special Task Force has drafted a Service of Repentance and 
Reconciliation. This will be our first act of worship at this 2003 Annual Conference. It is 
our fervent, prayerful hope that this service will bring the healing and wholeness desired 
by Christ in mending past and present racial sins which have for too long divided the 
Church, and which have in many respects hindered the effectiveness of our witness in 
the eyes of a watching world - "I ask ... that they may be one. As you, Father, are in me 
and I am in you, may they also be in us, so that the world may believe that you have 
sent me." (John 17:20-21). As our Lord prayed - may we be one in order that the world 
may believe our witness for Jesus Christ. 

The Episcopal Circle receives budget requests from those areas of ministry relating 
to our Circle. And we continue to serve the Conference and our Bishop in an advisory 
capacity as we address and carry forward significant issues brought to our table. 

Randall E. Innes, Chairperson 

Christian and Interfaith Unity Council 

At Annual Conference 2002 the Christian Unity and Interfaith Council had the privilege 
of presenting Dr. Geoffrey Wainwright the Christian Unity award to celebrate his vital 
ecumenical work during the past decades. Dr. Wainwright then delivered a powerful 
message to the Conference. 

A somber but important task for the Council was the development of a suggested 
worship service to commemorate the events of September 11, 2001. Many churches 
used these resources during ecumenical and interfaith worship services. 

The Council continues its work in the area of repentance and reconciliation with the 
Christian Methodist Church, African Methodist Episcopal Church, and African Episcopal 
Church Zion. The Council played a significant role in the development of the Service of 
Repentance and Reconciliation at this Conference and continued to encourage local 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 

churches to use the study guide prepared by the General Conference entitled "Steps 
Toward Wholeness: Learning and Repentance." Copies of this study were distributed to 
every pastor and in February a workshop centered on leading the study filled the 
sanctuary at St. Marks in Raleigh. 

Members of the Council are participating in the statewide Methodist-Episcopal 
dialogue and attended the Ecumenical Dialogue at Duke University in January. 

Finally, the Council would like to celebrate local ministries that cross 
denominational lines. Modest grants are available from the Council to help in these 

Eric Lindblade, Chairperson 

Congregational Development, Commission on 

The commission supports our annual conference as we respond to Jesus' challenge to 
be "my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth" 
(Acts 1:8). Our response reflects the diversity of the people called United Methodists 
and the geography we are called to serve. Many of our congregations are deployed to 
serve rural communities and small towns that are being transformed before our eyes 
into urban and suburban centers. This is why about half of the people called Methodist 
in our annual conference now worship in just 120 of our 800+ churches that typically 
average 175 or more in worship each weekend. 

In the next year we will challenge our conference to substantially increase our 
membership in the "Ten Dollar Club." This 50 year old venture in our conference 
provides grants to start new ministries across the state and launch missions in other 
nations as well. We hold before the annual conference an ongoing goal of starting 5 
new churches annually utilizing the resources made available from Ten Dollar Club 
moneys and other investments held by the commission. In the coming years this will 
require a greater commitment from the commission as we move to start new churches in 
areas where start-up costs are pushing beyond the reach of our current funding pro- 
cesses. To this end we are supporting the emerging work of the Congregational 
Development Foundation, Inc. as it engages in a capital campaign that we hope will 
provide a ten-fold increase in the support to new faith communities. 

As we ponder the changes in North Carolina's cultural climate we are reminded of 
the challenge to reach people for Jesus Christ. Jesus' commission to be witnesses "to 
the ends of the earth" remains, even as persons from "the ends of the earth" have 
moved into our neighborhood. We celebrate the growth in membership, and worship 
and Sunday school attendance in many of our churches. The Office of Congregational 
Development continues to consult with nearly 100 churches each year. The assistance 
provided includes demographic research, local consultations, training and planning 
services for existing congregations. We are excited about the Hispanic Circles of 
Ministry in Wake County and the launching of community ministry centers in the Rocky 
Mount District. These initiatives are in response to our bishop's challenge to open 20 
new faith communities in places affected poverty by the year 2004. 

Again, the work of the Office and Commission on Congregational Development is 
varied as we seek to serve rural, small town, suburban and urban churches in various 
socio-economic situations and cultural traditions, offering to each one the gospel of 
Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers and your support. 

Wm. Allen Bingham, Chairperson 


Legislation j Reports 

District Superintendents, Report of 

Living into one of the key values of the United Methodist Church, Bishop Marion 
Edwards continued to appoint clergy so that the composition of the Cabinet reflects the 
diversity of our church. For the conference year 2002-2003, there were 2 women, 2 
African-Americans, and eight Anglo males. The Reverend Jerry Lowry was the Native 
American Consultant with the Cabinet. New appointments to the Cabinet included The 
Reverend Marshall Old (Greenville District), Reverend Dr. Albert Shuler (Elizabeth City 
District), the Reverend Dr. Bill Simpson (Rocky Mount), and Reverend Hope Morgan 
Ward (Raleigh District). The Reverend Judi Smith moved from the Elizabeth City 
District to the Durham District. In 2002, the churches of the Greenville, Sanford, and 
Wilmington districts remitted 100% of their apportionments. 

The following is a brief summary the work of the districts: 

Burlington DisTRict: Manna Ministries, Inc., a mission focused on the multi-racial 
and cultural diversity of east Burlington and Alamance County, was initiated. Lebanon 
UMC evolved from student to full time appointment. One of our most exciting and high 
quality ministries is the Burlington District Youth Ministry under the steady and creative 
leadership of Mr. Tom Pritchard. Mt. Hermon UMC purchased a parsonage and Bethel 
UMC (Alamance) completed construction of a new parsonage. Front Street UMC added 
a new pipe organ and completed a large addition to its facility. Union Grove UMC and 
Bellemont UMC completed new family life centers. Cedar Cliff UMC, Palmer's Grove 
UMC, and Eno UMC added new stained glass windows to their worship spaces. 

Durham District: Tabernacle UMC — new stained glass windows, sanctuary 
renovations including bathrooms and handicapped accessibility; Pleasant Green UMC — 
dedicated a new sanctuary; Duke's Chapel UMC — received a gift of a paved parking lot 
and remodeled its choir room; Mt. Sylvan UMC — hosts families on behalf of Interfaith 
Hospitality Network; Aldersgate UMC — uses its Family Life Center to house homeless 
families; Reconciliation UMC — joined the network as a support congregation 

Elizabeth City District gave thanks to God and to its pastors & laity for 96% 
payment of our apportionments. Across our district we are involved in Habitat for 
Humanity, Soup Kitchens, Food Pantries, MERCI mission trips, after-school programs, 
Operation Shoe Box, Nursing Home Ministries, etc. Our outreach ministries also include 
reaching out to the Hispanic Community and impoverished children. We are also 
finding more and more churches committing to discipleship studies, bible studies, and in 
many of our churches we are seeing increases in membership and attendance. Moyock 
UMC held its celebration of a New Worship Center. Duck UMC and Bethany UMC 
(Wanchese) are presently building fellowship halls. 

The Fayetteville District grew numerically in membership. Most of the sixty-five 
churches are mission and ministry oriented with participation in Hand in Hand, Disciple 
Bible Study, Prison Ministry, AGAPE, Emmaus Walk, food pantry and clothing thrift shop 
ministry. Special emphasis is upon the small membership churches using a district 
Director of Christian Education. 

The Goldsboro District has developed a new District Program structure, and 
creative goal setting for each local church. Nine churches have either dedicated or 
begun new buildings for ministry. We have purchased three new parsonages. Ministries 
of health fairs, and Hispanic circles of ministry has become a reality. 

Greenville District: Across the district, God is moving in a mighty way. Undios por 
Cristo, the Grimesland Hispanic Faith Community, received a pastor and continues to 
grow. Ayden UMC is restoring its sanctuary while Williamston UMC dedicated its 
parsonage. For the fourth year the district paid its apportionments 100%. Genesis UMC 
(Greenville) launched worship on February 2, 2003 with 235 persons attending. St. 
James UMC (Greenville) celebrates its 50th anniversary while Williamston UMC 
celebrated its 175 th 


L,egis/atio n j Reports 

New Bern District: I must start my report with the big success of our District Lay 
Rally in February with John Riley as our speaker. There were between 850 and 900 
people present. We are celebrating also the building of new buildings and remodeling 
at Havelock; First UMC, Merrimon; New Song UMC; and Ann Street UMC. We have 
celebrated the Small Membership Churches by having Sub-district Small Membership 
Rallies building up to a District Small Membership Rally in September. 

The Raleigh District celebrates the practice of "Worshipful Work," new Hispanic 
ministries at Garner and Christ Community, a MERCI workweek, revisioning of the 
Raleigh Board of Missions creating a District Missions Network linking all local 
churches, and completion of building programs at Mt. Zion UMC, Christ Community 
UMC, Soapstone UMC, Franklinton UMC, Genesis UMC and Edenton Street UMC. 

All of the Rockingham District churches shared in an exciting Pulpit Exchange in the 
spring. Fourteen churches underwent an exhaustive facility reviews and local work 
teams are helping with the determined repairs. Over 130 lay persons were trained in 
the annual Lay Speaking Training event. One church was recognized nationally for its 
work with Igniting Ministries. 

Rocky Mount: The district churches remitted 97.9% of all apportionments. The 
United Methodist Community Building was completed in Enfield. Sandy Cross UMC is 
completing construction on a new sanctuary. Nashville UMC and St. Paul UMC (Rocky 
Mount) are completing construction of new buildings. Winstead United Methodist 
Church (Wlson) was recognized at the district lay rally as the outstanding lay ministry of 
the year — more than one hundred persons are involved in tutoring students, helping with 
the purchase of school supplies, and assisting teachers. 

The Sanford District continues its excellent support of missions at home and 
around the world with again paying out over 100% of its conference apportionments. 
Many of our churches are participating in the "Hand in Hand" ministries and we are 
seeing more food distributions from our communities. Morris Chapel added an addition 
to its educational wing as did Goldston. Southern Pines consecrated a sanctuary 
costing 2.5 million dollars and Pinehurst consecrated the first complex costing 2.1 
million. Since I am completing eight years as District Superintendent of the Sanford 
District, I wish to express my grateful appreciation for the wonderful support that I've 
received over these years. I pray God's continued blessings upon this wonderful 

The fifty-eight congregations of the Wilmington District take great pride in paying 
100% of their apportionments. We are very pleased to welcome an Educational 
Consultant and a Parish Nurse to the district staff. Wndsor UMC, on the Bladen 
Charge, and Westview UMC have completed new educational and fellowship facilities. 
Jordan's Chapel UMC is now in their new worship center. The first Wilmington District 
Camp Meeting was held in September with Dr. Joe Harding as the guest evangelist. 

Rodney G Hamm, Dean 

Monitoring and Accountability Ministry Team 

As the Monitoring and Accountability Ministry Team we will continue to offer a ministry of 
advocacy for inclusiveness in the North Carolina Annual conference. As a diverse 
people of God who bring special gifts and evidence of God's grace to the unity of the 
church and society, we are called to be faithful to the call of Jesus Christ's ministry to all 
persons"(par. 138, The Book of Discipline, 2000). We will continue to guide and 
encourage the NCC to realize the full and equal participation of all God's children, 
regardless ethnicity, gender, physical limitations, or age in the life and leadership of 
Christ's Church. 

During Annual Conference 2002 we again offered the following ministries to 
encourage inclusiveness in the life of our North Carolina Conference. 


Legislation / Reports 

1) We monitored the conference plenary sessions and worship 
experiences to record participation rates. The results were published 
daily in The Saddlebags as feedback. The pattern of participation 
revealed the following (i.e. leadership from the podium; comments 
from the floor): 58% white men, 28% white women, 8% racial ethnic 
men, and 6% racial ethnic women. Of the worship services monitored, 
51% of the worship leaders to include musicians were white men, 26% 
were white women, 14% were racial ethnic men, and 9% were racial 
ethnic women). 

2) We monitored the conference Cross-racial appointments and found 
that as of July 1 ,2002 there were 54 appointments of racial ethnic 
clergy in the NCC, and 24 cross-racial appointments (African 
American pastors and, or associates in white churches 5; White 
Pastors in African American churches 2; Native American pastors in 
White churches 8; Korean American pastors in White churches 3; and 
White pastors in Native American churches 3). 

3) We monitored the NCC District Superintendency and found as of 07/ 
02 the following rates of representation: 83% white men and 17% 
white women; 17% racial ethnic men. Overall rating: 98% white and 
2% racial ethnic. 

4) While monitoring the NCC Connectional Table we noted 40% woman 
and 60% men. 

5) Our team hosted another well-attended, conference wide 

Clergywomen's Day Apart with Bishop Edwards. 
The Monitoring and Accountability Team will continue to refine our monitoring and 
accountability procedures as we enter our third year of reporting. Our desire is to 
broaden our scope to include more in-depth monitoring of district as well as conference 

We will continue to familiarize the NCC with the usefulness of monitoring for 
inclusiveness as we work to keep before the world and ourselves the church's 
commitment to inclusiveness as a faithful reflection of Jesus' ministry to all people. 

William E. Cummings, Chairperson 

Southeastern Jurisdictional Administrative Council 

The Administrative Council of the Southeastern Jurisdiction, in order to continue to be 

vital, recently adopted a new MissionA/ision Statement. Our mission is: 

To serve God through the United Methodist Church by connecting individuals, 
congregations, and conferences in discipleship with Jesus Christ. 

As resources, centers, and experiences are provided, we see a future in which we 
live our oneness in Christ in a covenant community that includes all God's people. The 
new statement extends the mission of the United Methodist Church "To make disciples 
of Jesus Christ." As the Southeastern Jurisdiction plans and evaluates its ministries and 
places of ministry, we will be expecting inclusivity, innovative leadership, partnerships, 
mission, spirituality and stewardship to guide our work. 

The year 2003 marks the 90 th Anniversary of Lake Junaluska Assembly. This 
special place has been the site of so many experiences of spiritual awakening and 
growth. We are pleased to see a bright future as we celebrate our heritage. 

The conference year 2002-2003 was good for the Jurisdiction. The Ministry Team 
had many accomplishments through events and leadership provided at Lake Junaluska 
and elsewhere around the jurisdiction. Our ministry staff continues to provide support 
for associations, networking groups, and other areas of ministry within the jurisdiction 
and the General Church. 


l^egLslatw n / YLeports 

Ministers Conference, held each July at Lake Junaluska, showed an increase in 
attendance. Two ministry events held at Epworth By-The-Sea, St. Simon's Island, the 
Cabinet and Large Church consultations, also showed increases in attendance. Over 
250 clergywomen from the Southeastern Jurisdiction attended the Consultation held at 
Lake Junaluska in March. 

In August the Southeastern Jurisdiction Church Society Networking Group in 
partnership with the General Board of the Church & Society held an event in 
Birmingham to train leaders of conferences, districts, and local churches with special 
attention given to our role as United Methodists in eradicating HIV across the southeast. 
The Office of Outreach, Advocacy, and Racial Ethnic concerns is planning a multi- 
cultural convocation, "Reconciliation with Love and Understanding" for August 21-22, 
2003 in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The Office of Discipleship Ministries has been within the bounds of most of the SEJ 
annual conferences providing training and resources. In August Kadasha, the SEJ 
worship team, traveled to South Africa for a "learning and teaching" mission focused on 
youth ministry and worship. We experienced a slight increase in participation in all 
seasonal youth events, having reached the capacity of our youth facilities in the last few 
years. We look forward to expanding our participation in the remodeled Shackford Hall 
in the summer of 2003. SEJYMO distributed $20,000 in jurisdictional YSF offerings 
collected at summer youth events to mission projects. In 2003 new or reactivated 
events and initiatives will include: the Drew/Evangelism convocation focused on 
"Churches that Make a Difference -The Congregation as Evangelist," an SEJ/UM 
Heritage weekend for new United Methodists, and establishing the Kern Internet Kafe. 

The Office of Communications and Learning Ministry has had a very productive 
year. The staff worked with students and annual conferences as communication 
consultants. A Latino/Hispanic web site (bi-lingual) was created, as well as many others 
of the jurisdiction agencies and ministries. We celebrate the inclusion of the Good 
Word Resource Center as a new partner with the Office of Communications. 2003 
offers tremendous opportunities for significant partnerships, including working with the 
Foundation for Evangelism in developing a Learning Network with seminaries and 
agencies of the United Methodist Church. We are excited about what these 
opportunities offer to entire church. 

The Good Word Resource Center served 260 churches, providing workshops and 
consultations on available resources. A church library workshop is scheduled for May 
22-25, 2003, and a spiritual formation event for July 10-13, 2003. 

The Office of Hispanic Ministries continued to make strides as it envisioned a new 
ministry for the jurisdiction. The national Hispanic Plan's modules I & II have been held 
for training of youth and adults. In April and October 2003, module III on theological 
education will be held. A Latino-Hispanic Christmas celebration will be held again this 

The Workplace Discipleship Program continues to be a major emphasis for us as 
we strive to work toward more diverse leadership in events and in our staff across the 
Jurisdiction. We have an expanded Affirmative Action Plan and developed goals. 

The seven Southeastern Jurisdiction agencies continue to meet needs of their 
special constituents. The Administrative Council affirms the focused ministries of: 
Gulfside Assembly; Hinton Rural Life Center; Intentional Growth Center; Southeastern 
Jurisdiction Native American Ministries; Southeastern United Methodist Agency for 
Rehabilitation; Southeastern Jurisdiction Archives and History and Heritage Center; and 
United Methodist Volunteers In Mission. 

The 2002 fiscal year ended very strongly with the Lake Junaluska Conference and 
Retreat Center. Room revenues broke the 3 million dollar mark for the first time in the 
center's history with $3,087,675 as opposed to $2,937,918 in 2001. Guest nights also 
showed an increase. Operational analysis of the past four years in the conference 


Legislation / Reports 

center revenues versus expenses shows a trend toward a more positive fiscal 
management operation. The facts reveal the conference center is operating at better 
than 120% more than it's operational efficiency in 1999. New furniture at Lambuth, new 
carpet and better bedding at Lakeside, and added heating and cooling to 20 more 
apartments enable us to better serve larger members of persons for ministry. 

The campaign for Lake Junaluska and Ministry with the purpose of renovating 
several buildings, building a new Welcome Center and Discipleship Center, and building 
our endowment is progressing. We have $4.3 million committed toward the $10 million 
dollar goal. The first project of the campaign is Shackford Hall, which is undergoing a 
$1.6 million dollar renovation. 

The reclamation project of the lake was given another boost with the second five 
hundred thousand dollar grant from the state of North Carolina. Major work is being 
done to the dam of the lake. This 90-year-old structure has made it possible to enjoy 
wonderful Lake Junaluska as a special place for almost a century. 

Our desire is to continue to serve the United Methodist Church and especially the 
Southeastern Jurisdiction as a partner in Ministry. 

Jimmy L. Carr, Executive Director 


The theme and vision we have chosen "To inspire courage, cultivate generosity, and to 
ignite service for Christ's mission in the world" is best understood as we step into the 
mission programs of our conference. The areas of ministry relating to the Mission 
Development Circle are: Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries, Evangelism, Church and 
Society, Disaster Response, Health and Human Services, Multicultural Ministries, Ethnic 
and Local Church Concerns, Global Ministries Missions and United Methodist Women. 
Every day scores of United Methodist of the North Carolina Conference live this vision 
out in action. We are blessed to have so many wonderful ministries that focus on and 
address human need and suffering. 

The past year has been one that has showcased many examples of missions in not 
only in our conference but around the world. We have been blessed to be able to share 
the gospel in our prisons around the conference. We are fortunate to have those special 
individuals who sense this unique call to share ministry of Jesus Christ in these special 
places. We continue to advocate for those who seemingly have no voice in society. 
Today our response to disaster within our conference is a well thought out and 
orchestrated example of Christian love in action. From the recruiting and training of 
volunteers to the putting back together broken lives the MERCI Center is bridging many 
gaps and making possible service for volunteers and a new life and in some cases a 
new home for those who hurt. This year churches all across our conference have 
deployed teams for service on the mission field. Many have made their marks locally 
while others have given in Cuba, Russia, Peru, Bolivia, Afghanistan, Armenia and other 
parts of the world. These are but a few of the many mission efforts that are ongoing in 
our conference today. 

We also understand that there is a major harvest in our own communities. As our 
communities continue to be reshaped and redefined we must continually seek new and 
creative ways to be in mission and ministry in all places. With a new Comprehensive Plan 
of Inclusiveness rolled out this year we will be presented with many new challenges to 
serve unmet needs in our own communities. 

Gary Wayne Locklear, Chairperson 


h,egts!atto n j Reports 

2004 Conference Advance Specials 

Advance Special: Each local church, having gone the first mile by paying their apportion- 
ments in full, are invited to give to at least one project in each lane of the Advance: World, 
National, Missionary Salary Support, UMCOR, and Conference, thereby becoming a Rain- 
bow Covenant Church. 

A. Lane One: World Missions 

1 . PROJECT AGAPE, Armenia: The Director of Project AGAPE coordinates relief efforts 
in Armenia (food, medical supplies, medication); working with the Armenian Church to 
provide a holistic ministry in pastoral care, education, healthcare, agriculture and . 
economic development; and working with an English-speaking congregation in Yerevan 
and support for the Lachin Home for Children. 

2. GANTA UNITED METHODIST MISSION, Liberia, Africa #011000-6BN 

Funds received will support the elementary schools in the Nimba County region. 

3. PERU COVENANT TASK FORCE: Funds received for this project will be administered 
by the North Carolina Conference Peru Task Force to fulfill the covenant made between 
our Conference and the Methodist Church in Peru. Funds may be designated for the 
following: General Fund, Breakfast of Love, Matched Churches, Building and 
WorkTeams, Medical Needs, National Plan for Evangelism, Christian Education (all 
ages), Children and Youth, Theological Education and Pastoral Formation (Obras de 
Wesley), Women's Programs, Leadership Development, Mission Teams. 


This ministry is taking advantage of mission opportunities for the church in the region, 
spreading the gospel, training church leaders, and encouraging new church growth. 


Wll help the Methodist Church of Ciudad Juarez expand a one-room chapel that 

serves as a family center and provides basic education, adult literacy classes, health 
services, and day care for working mothers in a poor community. 

6. EL ELOHE, HOME FOR CHILDREN, Mexico #012214-1RA 

A residence for children ages 10 to 15 who live in the mountains and lack access to a 
school. The children remain here for three to five years until they complete their 
desired educational goals. They must maintain a high grade point average. 

7. GIVE YE THEM TO EAT, Puebla, Mexico #007629-3RA 

Wll help train pastors and laity to teach improved farming methods for increased food 
production and to set up cottage industries for additional income in rural areas. 

Scholarships will provide good Biblical and theological training for the development of 
strong ministries for future Russian church leaders. 

B. Lane Two: National Missions 

An ecumenical ministry in a multicultural community which is designed to help local 
churches meet emergency needs, literacy tutoring for children and adults, home repairs 
and building new homes. Speakers are available upon request. 


Provides assistance to Annual Conferences developing Hispanic Ministries, especially 
in the areas of leadership recruitment and development, financial resources and printed 


Salvages millions of pounds of unmarketable potatoes and other produce and 
distributes the food to hungry people nationwide. 

4. HINTON RURAL LIFE CENTER, Hayesville, NC #731372-2 

Provides for training needs and development of churches in town and rural settings. 


Legislation / Reports 


Provides an annual opportunity for Native American church leaders to attend or lead 
workshops in outreach ministries and evangelism. 


Lake Junaluska, NC. To help meet the needs of 130,000+ Native Americans living in 
the 17 annual conferences of the Southeast. 


Relates to United Methodist and other organizations engaged in criminal justice 
ministries and prison reform. 

8. RED BIRD MISSIONARY CONFERENCE, Beverly, Kentucky #773978-4 

The conference program facilitates the development of local churches and local lay 
leaders in isolated rural mountain communities. 


C. Lane Three: Missionary Salary Support 

The following persons have been recommended by the North Carolina Conference 

Missions Development Team for Salary Support: 

WIL BAILEY . San Isidro, Costa Rica (SEJ/Conference Missionary) Wil will be 
responsible for working with local pastors in the southern zone of Costa Rica and 
will organize the projects at the Methodist churches in that area for U.S. workteams. 
Also will teach Theology, Bible and English at the extension campus of the 
Methodist seminary in San Isidro. 

• ROSETTA BOOKER-BROWN , Angola (#010828) First Methodist Missionary in 
Angola in thirty years. Rosetta is responsible for establishing/coordinating/training a 
Community Based Health Care Program, not only in Angola but also in 

• PAT EBERT , (#013152-2MZ) Missionary to Itineration. 

• WALT EBERT . (#013151-1DZ) Missionary to Itineration 

SHANA HARRISON. Chile (#013089-2AZ) Shana is assigned as a chaplain of 
Colegio Psicopedagogico Juan Wesley in Santiago, Chile encouraging persons 
with disabilities to explore, express and nurture their spirituality. 

• SHIRLEY TOWNSEND JONES . Bennettsville-Cheraw, SC (#982995) Shirley works 
with the Bennettsville-Cheraw Area Cooperative Ministry in the SC Conference. She 
coordinates and implements spiritual, educational, social and economical programs 
for the 13 member churches and communities. 

GARY WAYNE LOCKLEAR . Assigned to the Rockingham District Native American 
Cooperative Ministry with the North Carolina Annual Conference. Main goal is to 
grow the Native American churches and leadership in the coming years and to 
explore the possibility of developing congregations in all Native American 
communities in the North Carolina Conference. 

• DAVID MARKAY , (#012192-2AZ) David is assigned to the General Board of Global 
Ministries as a missionary in residence. 

• KRISTIN MARKAY , (#012193-3AZ) Kristin is assigned to the General Board of 
Global Ministries as a missionary in residence. 

NARA MELKONYAN , Armenia (See #3 under World Mission) Nara is Director of 
Project AGAPE. 

• VICKIE SIGMON , Wnston-Salem, NC (#982916-8) Vickie works in a high risk 
community developing Christian community, promoting social justice and 
proclaiming God's loving presence. 

SONIAREID STRAWN Seoul, Korea (#003705-3BZ) Sonia is a professor at Ewha 

Womans University. She is a teacher, mentor and friend to university students in 


HAZEL TERHUNE . (#003774-7) Hazel serves as an evangelist and teacher of 

English in Tokyo, Japan. 


h,egts!atto n j Reports 

ROBERT TERHUNE , (003773-6A2) Robert serves a local church in Tokyo, Japan. 
HERBERT ZIGBUO , Liberia, Africa (#010911-1) Herbert is assigned to Monrovia, 
Liberia, working as Associate Pastor of a United Methodist Congregation, 
developing adult education programs and working with Operation Classroom. 
MARY ZIGBUO , Liberia, Africa (#010721-4 ) Mary is currently assigned to 
Monrovia, Liberia, working with St. Matthews Methodist School and with Operation 

D. Lane Four: UMCOR 


Enables UMCOR to respond to persons in need after natural disasters in the United 

2. REFUGEE PROGRAMS, Asia/Pacific Region #201700-1 

Organizes emergency assistance, income-generating projects, and food and 
medicine aid for refugees. 


Offers new opportunities and hope to street children in several cities through skills 
training, temporary shelter, alternative education and food. 


Provides both short-term crisis relief and long-term developmental assistance to 
eliminate the root causes of hunger. 

5. FOUR HOMES OF MERCY, Jerusalem, Israel #629483-7 

Provides medical care for handicapped persons, homeless persons, the elderly, 
and expectant mothers. 

6. BREAD FOR THE WORLD #982325-3 

Educates and influences people to work for government policies that address the 
basic causes of domestic and world hunger. 

7. HEIFER PROJECT INTERNATIONAL #982530-8 General Program 

#982532-1 Living Gift Program 

An inter-faith project that provides animals and other assistance to rural families. 
Recipients agree to pass on the first born female offspring of their animals to 
someone else in need. 

Funds raised by a local church in a CROP event can receive UMCOR credit. For 
necessary forms contact: Carolinas CROP Office, 1006 LamondAve., Durham, NC 


Housing for homeless people in Nuevo Progreso and Rio Bravo. 


A compassionate outreach of the Methodist Church in Mexico that provides vital 
services for persons who are migrating through Mexico, whether they are displaced 
from there homelands or deported from the United States. 

12. OPERATION HOGAR, Juarez #523605-2 

Constructs homes for the working poor in Juarez, Mexico. Community Participation: 
Facilities, Labor and Leadership 

Any other UMCOR Advance Special listed in PARTNERSHIP IN MISSIONS or any 

UMCOR emergency appeal. 

E. Lane Five: Conference Advance 

1. ALLIANCE MEDICAL MINISTRY: This ministry was founded to provide affordable 
primary medical care to low-income, uninsured, working families in Wake County. 
This ministry aims to serve the working poor, families generally earning less than 
$25,000 annually, who have no health insurance. 

2. MANNA MINISTRIES OF ALAMANCE COUNTY, INC: An outreach ministry in a 
culturally diverse community (east Burlington area) for families without food, 


Legislation / Reports 

furniture or clothing. To serve as a "safe haven" place for the people and offer 
education for adults & children; provision of clothing for the needy; nutrition; training 
of young mothers in baby care. 

funds for purchase of building materials and classroom supplies for a "Self Help" 
sun-dried mud block elementary school building. The local UMC congregation and 
UMC school (now is a bamboo hut) provides most of the labor at no cost. The 
construction of this school will provide improved learning conditions. 

COOPERATIVE MINISTRIES: This program is designed to develop leadership 
within our Laity, Youth and Adults. The goal is to help our target group identify their 
gifts, graces, talents and skills. This will equip the target groups to respond to the 
opportunities that exist in the local church, community and beyond. 

will be used to provide mission and ministry program that will meet people's 

physical and spiritual needs. The primary function of MERCI will be disaster 
preparedness, response, and recovery. In addition, the center will provide 
missional outreach programs and opportunities. 

6. THE HAND IN HAND PROJECT: This is a ministry for children and youth that 
connects churches with schools. These partnerships offer an avenue outside the 
walls of our faith community to build solid relationships with our children and our 
school community. 

7. MISSION TO HAITI: Many communities in Haiti do not have schools. This project is 
to assist in building schools and supplement teacher's salaries when possible. 

8. HISPANIC MINISTRIES: Ministry to the fast growing Hispanic population in North 
Carolina. These funds will be administered by the North Carolina Conference Task 
Force on Hispanic Ministry to support an increasing number of our congregations 
who are developing ministry to Hispanics. 

assistance for Volunteers in Mission work teams from within the North Carolina 

10. CHATHAM- LEE HISPANIC MINISTRIES: A ministry to fast growing Hispanic 
population in Siler City and Sanford, served by Spanish-speaking pastor. Worship, 
Bible study, fellowship, and assistance with cultural transition needs are provided. 

used to assist ethnic churches with crucial needs. Projects to be lifted up for 
assistance in 2002 are Piney Grove UMC Building and the Rockingham District 
Native American Cooperative Ministries. 

12. WESLEY HERITAGE PROJECT: Gifts will help distribute Obras de Wesley, the 
works of John and Charles Wesley in Spanish. 

13. PRISON MATCH (Mothers And Their CHildren): An interfaith program provides 
mothers and their children with the support and resources necessary to maintain 
and strengthen family relationships and to help break the cycle of children following 
their parents to prison. 

of child care for children aged six weeks to five years. Serves children primarily 
from low-income families. 

15. STOP HUNGER NOW: Provides immediate relief to famine affected areas around 
the world. 

Coordinates and runs all hunger programs for Society of St. Andrew in North 
Carolina. More than 2 million pounds of produce saved and distributed in North 
Carolina at a cost of just 3 cents per pound. 


L,egis/atio n j Reports 

17. JOHN WESLEY ENDOWMENT: The John Wesley Endowment is to provide start- 
up, promotional, and sustaining funds for new churches established in low income 
communities within the bounds of The North Carolina Conference. 

communities working together to rebuild community life. 

19. ISA GRANT SCHOLARSHIP: Provides work team scholarships for persons who 
could not otherwise participate, especially young adults. 

20. NC COUNCIL OF CHURCHES: Gives witness to the unity that God has given 
through Christ, to the churches in NC. It is an instrument for cooperative study and 
action, especially on matters of justice; child and family advocacy; violence against 
women; public policy advocacy; rural crisis and farm workers advocacy; disaster 
relief; criminal justice; workplace safety; peace-making; AIDS ministry; and 
Christian unity. 

21. YOKEFELLOW PRISON MINISTRIES: Educates church people concerning 
Christian responsibility for persons affected by crime and brings Christians into 
direct service ministries with prison inmates and their families. 

22. CASWELL COUNTY PARISH, INC.: Provides services to elderly and low-income 
families through Meals-on-Wheels, outreach program, fuel and rent assistance, 
clothing, food. In addition, Family Violence Prevention Program provides services 
for families who are suffering from domestic violence. 

23. VOLUNTEER FAMILIES FOR CHILDREN (VFC): A private non-profit organization 
with the purpose of helping communities develop and utilize local resources by 
providing emergency shelter care to children-in-crisis. 

24. FOOD BANK OF NORTH CAROLINA: Distributes food at minimal cost to hunger 
ministries throughout Eastern North Carolina. 

25. HYDE COUNTY COOPERATIVE PARISH: Provides meals to the needy, recreation 
and other opportunities for youth, food pantry and clothes closet, transportation for 
elderly and those needing medical care, ministry to inmates at the Hyde 
Correctional Facility, drug prevention awareness, assistance to abused persons and 
ministry to a growing Hispanic population. 

North Carolina and Western North Carolina Conferences developing Disciple Bible 
Studies, especially in small membership churches and in missional settings, 
particularly in prisons. 

27. NC INTERFAITH: Interfaith supports disaster recovery efforts by all faith groups in 
North Carolina. 

28. YOUTH SERVICE FUND (YSF): Supports mission projects within the annual 
conference and beyond, which have been selected by youth of our conference. 

29. RALEIGH DISTRICT BOARD OF MISSION: Funds should be sent directly to the 
Raleigh District Board and reported at year-end on Table II as Conference Advance. 


31. CONFERENCE EVANGELISTS: To provide support for NC Conference approved 


33. The following United Methodist institutional programs and projects. 

a. United Methodist Camps: Chestnut Ridge, Don Lee, Rockfish, Kerr Lake 

b. Member Groups of The United Methodist Church Campus Ministry Association. 

c. General Scholarship Funds at Methodist, Louisburg, Wesleyan Colleges, Duke 
Divinity School. 

d. Benevolent Funds of the Methodist Retirement Homes. 

e. Benevolent Funds of the Methodist Homes for Children 

f. Asbury Homes 


Legislation / Reports 

The Annual Conference will approve district projects for advance specials in accordance 
with 651.4 of The 2000 Book of Discipline. This insures that local churches making 
advance specials on a district level and reported to the Annual Conference advance 
special will receive credit. 

Church and Society, Commission on 

The Conference Church and Society Ministry Team continues to be mission driven in its 
work. "To make disciples of Jesus Christ" is our goal as we network with partners across 
the twelve districts and with other Church and Society groups throughout the Southeast- 
ern Jurisdiction of the Church. This group has been involved in training events at the 
general church level and has had three of the associate general secretaries visit us this 
year. Dr. and Mrs. J. Gordon Chamberlain of Greensboro, author of the book, UPON 
Church and Society Team as consultants, and Dr. Chamberlain has led the group through 
a study of the text, UPON WHOM WE DEPEND. The priorities for the quadrennium 
continue to be focused on 1) working to defeat the lottery in North Carolina; 2) working to 
insure a living wage for all people of our state, with special emphasis on those who work 
for our churches; 3) working to help mediate justice for farm workers; 4) working for peace 
with justice for all persons in all areas of our society; and 5) working to educate and 
inform all citizens of the climatic events will have on agricultural practices, human health, 
the distribution of fresh water supplies, the loss of species and the survival of entire 
cultures. To this end the Church and Society Ministry Team of the Annual Conference 
entreats all Methodists to used their influence to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by 
practicing conservation; by encouraging energy audits in our churches and homes and in 
every way possible to increase energy efficiency. The Church and Society Ministry Team 
calls on people called Methodists everywhere to remember the call of our Church "to work 
... to build support for measures that would end the flood of special-interest monies. ..and 
restore integrity..." 2002 Book of Resolutions, p.639. 

William (Bill) Cottingham, Chairperson 

Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries, Committee on 

The Conference Committee on Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries (CJAMM) is eager to 
assist any and or all of the North Carolina Conference churches in becoming advocates 
for the victims, for the inmates, and for the chaplains at the prisons and jails in our 
Conference geographic area. We offer a yearly updated booklet entitled, "Criminal Justice 
and Mercy Ministries Opportunities" which is available through the Conference office, or 
from a CJAMM member. This booklet has a listing of some of the opportunities for ministries 
in the prisons, and a listing of what many of the churches in our Conference are doing. 
There is a wonderful mission being carried out by the many prison volunteers and 
tremendous prayer support through out the Conference. Crime and the needs within the 
justice system continue to rise. The CJAMM committee encourages every church to support 
prison ministries by visiting and praying with our brothers and sisters there. We are eager 
to inform willing volunteers about a new program called FAITHFUL FRIENDS MINISTRY, 
which is a collaborative Ministry of the North Carolina and the Western North Carolina 
Conferences. This is an aftercare program begun by Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries 

The main areas we are urging the churches to take on are our FIVE INITIATIVES: 

1. Be a PRAYING CHURCH - organize a committee and adopt a local institution and 
pray regularly for the staff, the inmates, the victims, and the families. 

2. Be an ADVOCATING CHURCH - for victims, for inmates, for local prisons. 

3. Be a RECEIVING CHURCH -welcome inmates as they are released and their families 
when they visit or accept a family member home from an institution. 


h,egts!atto n j Reports 

4. Be a DISCIPLE BIBLE STUDY LEADING CHURCH - have members that are willing 
to contribute, via: teaching and/or funding the Disciple Bible Study in a local institution, 
through the Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries office. 

5. Be a FUNDING CHURCH - offer monetary assistance to various programs that the 
chaplains may have. 

We give grant support to the following: 

1 . Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries - DBOM is a joint NC & WNC Conference venture 
which seeks to have every church and every institution in North Carolina involved in 
the Disciple Bible Study series. 

2. MATCH (Mothers And Their CIHildren), Inc. which is a program at Women's prison in 
Raleigh which educates mothers in many area of parenting and also enables them to 
have visits with their children in a homelike atmosphere. 

3. Yokefellow Ministries - trained volunteers that share the love of Jesus weekly in the 

4. Angel Tree Ministries - a project by Prison Fellowship that enables caring people to 
provide Christmas gifts for the children of incarcerated persons 

5. Epiphany ministries -A weekend event that involves a team of Christian adults who 
work together to show the love of God and the saving power of Jesus to the residents 
of youth institutes. 

Harold Hunt, Chairperson 

Disaster Recovery Ministries and the Marion Edwards Recovery Center 


On July 1 , 2002 the Marion Edwards Recovery Center became the parent organization for 
disaster recovery in our conference. In connection with the Conference Disaster Response 
Committee, MERCI will help with preparedness training, emergency response and recovery 
operations in the event of a disaster in the North Carolina Conference. MERCI has an on 
going relationship with NCEM to provide necessary services in times of emergency. For 
disasters outside our conference, MERCI will provide assistance as needed and is willing 
to coordinate teams to the affected area. 

In addition to disaster programs, MERCI has a Rural Housing Initiative for making 
repairs to homes of low-income families as well as the ability to build new homes for 
families who qualify. 

Through the Connection Ministries Initiative MERCI has assisted in collecting 
supplies and loading containers for Armenia and Liberia as well as working with the NC 
Public Schools to collect and ship over 10,000 school kits to children in Afghanistan. 
MERCI delivered over 40 volunteer bunk beds to Louisiana to assist in their disaster 
recovery efforts. We continue to collect, sort, and package materials for emergency 
supplies. Health Kits and Flood Buckets are two items that are constantly requested 
both by UMCOR and our local communities. 

This summer brings us the opportunity to host Footprints, a youth work camp to 
help families in the community with home repairs. We plan to teach construction skills 
and safety before putting the youth on the job. Our Duke Student Intern will run this 

We are continually amazed by the number of volunteers who are willing to give so 
freely of their time and talents to help those less fortunate and those in times of crisis. 
We at MERCI are blessed to be a part of a conference that sees the value in disaster 


Legislation / Reports 

readiness as well as sees the need to reach beyond the walls of our own churches and 
to help those in our communities. That blessing is continued by the witnessing of the 
hands and feet of Christ at work through you, the members of our conference. 

Barbara Tripp.Director, DRM/MERCI 

Evangelism, Commission on 

The Commission on Evangelism exists to assist the churches and pastors of the North 
Carolina Conference with equipping their membership to witness to the saving love of 
Jesus Christ for all persons. To that end, the Commission does not do the work of 
evangelism for the church. Rather, it enables that work to be done by equipping the 
laity and clergy through education and inspiration. During the past year, the commission 
provided scholarship and seed money to individuals, churches and districts to assist 
with varieties of training opportunities and programs in the area of Evangelism. Future 
requests for assistance can be submitted through the Conference office. 

Since last report, the Commission on Evangelism birthed the first annual Academy 
for Christian Witness for leadership development in evangelism, witness and faith sharing 
ministries. The Academy is designed to provide "hands-on" contact and training utilizing a 
variety of the tools and resources available to churches and pastors today. The retreat 
format offers the participants of the Academy a three-day intensive workshop specifically 
designed to increase the effectiveness of local church pastors in evangelism, witness and 
faith sharing. Participants are mentored and instructed by leaders who have demonstrated 
excellence in evangelism. Additionally, a toolbox of practical resources is provided for 
each participant. This first session targeted clergy who were recommended by their 
respective District Superintendents for the specific training. Participants were given a full 
scholarship to cover event costs, books and resource materials. The first Academy was 
held April 1-3, 2003 at the Bergland Retreat Center, Camp Rockfish. 

The Igniting Ministries emphasis continues to provide a platform for creativity in 
evangelism and outreach. Local churches and districts lead in intentionally offering Christ 
in new and inviting ways. Across the conference, billboards, targeted mailings, printed 
media advertising, Radio and TV spots proclaim the hearts, the minds and the doors of the 
United Methodist Church are open and offer invitations to persons outside of the church to 
come and join "the family." 

Again this year, the North Carolina Conference celebrates growth in professions of 
faith, worship attendance, new church beginnings, and membership. Churches in all settings 
are finding numerical growth happening in their congregations. Growth in numbers must 
also be balanced by growth in faith. A tool for measuring growth in faith as our people 
mature in their spiritual life has yet to be discovered, but growth in faith is among the most 
important evidences of converts becoming disciples. Making disciples is the command of 
Christ and must be the primary directive for the church. The Commission on Evangelism 
seeks to prepare the people of the North Carolina Conference to be faithful to the Great 
Commission of our Lord, to make Disciples. By faithfully equipping the laity and clergy 
with education and inspiration, the Commission on Evangelism shares the call of Jesus 
Christ, "to go and make Disciples." 

Danny G Allen, Chairperson 

Hispanic Ministries Team 

The Holy Spirit is transforming the lives of hundreds of Hispanics in the NC Conference 
through 20 faith communities, 13 congregations and 28 community ministries. Average 
weekly attendance in Hispanic congregations in the conference exceeds 800. Four full- 
time pastors and eight lay missioners share God's Word in faith communities and 
"welcome the stranger" through community ministries. 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 

In the Greenville District, Unidos por Cristo is experiencing very notable growth. The 
Rev. Jose Luis Zamora is reaching out to the community with the help of parish 
associate, the Rev. Silva Zamora. 

Manna Ministries in the Burlington District, under the leadership of the Rev. Maggie 
Crandall and missioner Julio Garcia has a congregation of approximatelylOO people. In 
addition to weekly worship, ministries include after-school tutoring, ESL (English as a 
Second Language) programs, Alcoholics Anonymous in Spanish, liturgical dance, Bible 
study for adults and children, and a "Feed My Sheep" program. 

Wake Circles of Hispanic Ministries in the Raleigh District, led by the Rev. Hector 
Millan, added two new congregations in 2003: at Garner UMC with Daniel Pantoja and 
at Christ Community UMC with Persida and Javier Montahez. Alejandro Garcia will soon 
begin at Pueblo de Esperanza at Millbrook UMC. Rafaela Millan works with faith 
communities and the Kid's Cafe, and afterschool tutoring program at Avent Ferry UMC, 
and Edith Salazar leads worship and coordinates Sunday school and ESL and Spanish 
classes at Luz del Pueblo at White Plains UMC. At Sunrise Hispanic Ministries, Daniel 
Pantoja has organized a worshiping congregation and Sunday school as well as 
provided ESL and computer classes in Spanish, and Spanish classes for English 

"La Escuelita," a Hispanic preschool at Fuquay-Varina UMC serves 36 children with 
27 volunteers while their parents take ESL classes offered by Wake Tech. Hispanic 
missioner Araceli Padilla coordinates the ministry which includes a program called 
MotherRead and health screening. 

At First UMC in Cary, the Rev. Nancy Pugh has formed what is perhaps the first 
Hispanic United Methodist Women's circle, in the conference. The Amigas Unidas circle 
meets monthly for an interchange of language and ideas. 

In the Durham District, Cristo Vive has moved its ministry to St. Paul's UMC in 
Durham over the past year. The Rev. Rosanna Panizo leads worship, and coordinates 
Sunday school as well as Bible studies. 

The Rev. Daniel de la Cruz reports that Sundays at El Camino in Siler City begins 
with a breakfast for children, followed by Sunday school and worship. Spiritual formation 
occurs through weekday Bible studies and classes for couples, and community 
ministries include a clothes closet, food pantry, and assistance in finding employment. At 
La Trinidad in Sanford, co-pastor Everardo Marquez leads worship every Sunday and 
serves as a chaplain at a local poultry processing plant in Sanford. 

Que Dios bendiga a todo el ministerio hispano en la Conferencia de Carolina del 
Norte . . . may God bless all the Hispanic ministry in the North Carolina Conference. 

Alice Kunka, Chairperson 

Missions Team 

I was hungry and you fed your hungry neighbor. I was thirsty and you gave infant 
formula to a suffering Armenian child. I was a stranger and you offered shelter to 
refugees. I was naked and you clothed people in Liberia. I was sick and you visited the 
victims of land mines in Sierra Leone. I was in prison and you came to me with Disciple 
bible study. And the King will answer and say to them, "Truly I say to you, to the extent 
that you did it to one of these, sisters of mine, even the least of my brothers, you did it to 

And who are my sisters? Your sisters are employed in on-going micro-industry at 
the Project AGAPE Christian Education Center. Your sisters at the Breakfast of Love, 
fed hungry children through the Peru Covenant. Your sisters met the needs of broken 
adults at the Sheltered Workshop in La Esperanza, Chile. Your sisters drove nails into 
the leaking roof of a distressed elderly woman at the Robeson County Church and 
Community Center. 


Legislation / Reports 

And who are my brothers? Your brothers collected thousands of school kits for the 
children of Afghanistan. Your brothers traveled to Alaska and hung 1800 panels of 
sheet rock for an Athabaskan United Methodist congregation. Your brothers built a 
seminary for Russian United Methodist students. Your brothers collected thousands of 
pounds of potatoes with Society of St. Andrew. Your brothers continued to reach out to 
scores of our impoverished neighbors who are still without shelter as the result of a by- 
gone hurricane. Your brothers provided critical supplies to people whose homes were 
destroyed by tornadoes. 

And there is more ... much more. God is calling us, you and me together, through 
the missions of the North Carolina Annual Conference. We have experienced God's 
grace in our Kingdom building activity. We have provided over $300,000 in mission 
oriented grants, touched thousands of lives, and engaged ministry in a multitude of 
countries. We have sent scores of work teams, supported schools and hospitals and 
remote villages. We have proclaimed the name of Christ and we have met the Christ. 
In Christ we have transformed the world. By Christ, we have been transformed. 

Mike Leburg, Chairperson 


We live in an increasingly diverse and multicultural world. The NC Conference of The 
United Methodist Church cannot merely react to this reality. We must be proactive in 
our pursuit of justice, peace, reconciliation, and inclusiveness. The Multicultural 
Ministries Team seeks to work toward this end. This year we have sought to work more 
closely with all the racial ethnic ministry groups in our conference (Native American 
Ministries Team, Hispanic Ministries Team, Strengthening the Black Church, and Korean 

CPI (Conference Plan of Inclusiveness) grants for 2002 were awarded in the total 
amount of $67,350 to twenty grantees representing the Burlington, Durham, Fayetteville, 
Greenville, Raleigh, Rockingham, Rocky Mount, and Wilmington districts. Our team 
also continues to relate to the General Church's EICC, Religion and Race, and 

This past year, our team pulled together a diversity of people from around our 
conference in an effort to evaluate our two previous plans of inclusiveness: The 
Comprehensive Plan of the NCC Missional Priority Coordinating Committee (1987), and 
the NCC Plan of Inclusiveness (1995). Our most recent plan was only intended to take 
us through the year 2000. It was our task to put together a writing team and formulate a 
new Comprehensive Plan of Inclusiveness to come before the 2003 Annual Conference 
session. We prayerfully submit that plan to the NCC in hope that it will assist us in living 
more faithfully into our calling to be the Church for and with all people. 

Kevin Baker and Hector Millan, Co-chairs 

Native American Ministries Team 

The Conference Committee on Native American Ministries continues to work under the 
call "Every Member in Ministry" but with an expanded focus and vision. Our primary 
focus will be involving our churches in both corporate and individual ministry. The core 
areas of focus will continue to be on leadership development, evangelism, 
congregational development and missions. Task oriented Christian leadership will 
continue to be the most effective tool used for translating our dreams into reality. 

Our goals continue to broaden as the communities and personnel undergo radical 
change in an ever-changing world. We accept the challenge of providing opportunities 
for the leadership of our churches to become involved in spiritual leadership in a new 
and more dynamic society. Church leadership is boldly addressing a new type of 


~L.egislatio n j Reports 

challenge as economic opportunities diminish in our communities. We struggle to find 
new ways to address these new and rapidly increasing issues. We are challenged to 
understand our unique gifts and graces and how we might apply them to these new 
problems that we have not known before. The goal of this deployment is always to serve 
God in their local congregations and beyond with the results being growth and 
commitment. We want our membership to be involved in spiritual enrichment and 
leadership development programs. This process will continue to include, Emmaus Walk, 
Disciple Bible Study, Family Camp, SEJANAM'S Native American Family Conference, 
"Discover God's Call" and other leadership events. 

The Native American Interfaith Ministry efforts we entered into two years ago have 
now begun to produce results in the community. More than 125 congregations are 
working cooperatively to address five core areas of need in the Native American 
Community that have come about primarily because of "Spiritual Depletion" in the lives 
of many in our community: homelessness, domestic violence, the spread of STD within 
the Native American community, substance abuse and suicide prevention. We are now 
aggressively addressing these five goals as we work with a team of health care, Faith- 
based, education and social professionals. 

We continue to develop local, national and international mission opportunities for 
our local church members. The youth of our congregations are now organizing and 
planning challenging agendas to address their most pressing needs local church 
leadership, career choice and education. Our youth have now extended their focus area 
within their own local church and beyond addressing some of the needs of our 
communities, particularly for the elderly. 

Gary W Locklear, Chairperson 

Peru Covenant, Task Force on 

With thanksgiving to God for the blessings that come through the covenant relationship 

our conference has with the Methodist Church of Peru, comes thanksgiving for the support 

and hard work of so many who participate both formally and informally in our mission 


Our covenant was first approved in 1 989; our vision for this ministry has always followed 
the movement of the Holy Spirit to form and shape it into God's vision. In the last thirteen 
years, we have experienced alongside our sisters and brothers the changes of the political 
landscape in Peru, changes in Episcopal leadership of our small sister church, the addition 
of many new participants in our ministry, and the growth of interest in it beyond our Annual 

In the last year, our Task Force has actively participated, with the General Board of 
Global Ministries, the British Methodist Church, the Methodist Mission Society, and other 
Methodists in supporting the ministry of the Methodist Church of Peru. We have been "at 
the table" of the National Plan for Evangelization, providing leadership and training 
opportunities for the hard work of reconciliation, developed specific areas of giving through 
our Conference Treasurer to provide avenues for specific gifts, developed guidelines for 
matching our local churches with local churches in Peru to encourage closer relationships 
among our peoples, and developed a Conference Building Work Team guide. While the 
Seminary in Lima has been closed, this Conference year, we were able to reopen 
opportunities for students at Duke Divinity to experience study in Lima. 

Presently, six local congregations have formalized their relationships with local churches 
in Peru. Our youth continue to find interest in this experience and make a commitment to 
this ministry. In March, two teams from both a local church and Duke Divinity School 
visited, learned, and came into contact with our brothers and sisters in Peru. This summer, 
three teams are scheduled to travel for ministry - all of these teams have included youth 


Legislation / Reports 

and young persons in their mission. We have seen much growth and development in our 

Our mission is to serve our conference and those beyond by facilitating successful 
and meaningful experiences for our local congregations, adults and youth, alike. To that 
end, our members have served as advisors, helpers, and resources for groups which feel 
a calling to mission in Peru. Our newly launched newsletter is in process of linking individuals 
with local congregations and congregations and NC Conference and others beyond our 

The experience of ministry "across culture" is challenging and constantly calls us to 
learn to hear with new ears, see with new eyes, know with a new heart and mind, and 
depend upon God and the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide our feet into the way of peace 
and love. As we invite you into this ministry, we give thanks to God for all those who have 
given of themselves to this ministry this year: Mark Wethington (Theological Education), 
Ron Rivenbark (Building Work Teams), Eric Torres, Regina Henderson Sarah Smith, and 
Jason Compton (Youth), Warren Heitzenrater (National Plan for Evangelization), Wayne 
McFarland (Newsletter Editor), Ruth Lucier (Secretary), Rosanna Panizo, Lucho Reinoso, 
Edith Salazar, Steve Taylor (Conference Missions Director) and others who have given 
their time, gifts, talents, and energy to this mission. 

Para R. Drake, Chairperson 

Strengthening the Black Church 

Strengthening the Black Church (SBC) for the 21 st Century is an initiative to restore, 
reconstruct, redeem, reconcile, and revitalize African Americans within the denomination 
and the community at large. The SBC Committee of the North Carolina Conference 
provided an opportunity, working toward the goal of this initiative, by sponsoring the 
"Black Church Celebration". This celebration was held in April hosted by John Wesley 
and Hay Street churches in Fayetteville. Over 300 lay and clergy were in attendance. 
Dynamic leadership from within our conference and from the denomination presented 
information to the participants to equip them to become more effective witnesses in this 
21 st century. 

The SBC Committee has been actively involved in planning the "Act of Repentance 
and Reconciliation" which will be presented at this Annual Conference. It is the 
committee's hope that this Act of Repentance will move this Annual Conference in a new 
direction as we work to remove the stain of racism from our church. To prepare the 
Annual Conference for this Act of Repentance, the SBC committee has recommended 
that each district study the resource, Step Toward Wholeness: Learning and 
Repentance. A workshop was held on February 8 to train districts how to use the 
resource. Carolyn Oehler, the author of the resource book, led the workshop. The 
workshop, which was attended by lay and clergy from every district, had over 400 in 
attendance. The SBC Committee has also recommended that local churches study the 
resource prior to attending Annual Conference. 

"Black Methodists have been a part of this church for over 210 years. Keeping 
leaders equipped to lead this denomination into the coming century is crucial." (Quote 
from Bishop Jonathan Keaton) As the SBC Committee continues its work for this 
quadrennium, we will focus on ways of equipping clergy and lay leadership for this new 

LaNella Smith, Chairperson 


~L.egislatio n j Reports 

United Methodist Women 

"Ordinary People with an Extraordinary Mission" was the 2002 theme for the North 
Carolina Conference United Methodist Women. In following our purpose we focused on 
spiritual growth, education, social responsibility, leadership development, and most 
importantly mission outreach locally and throughout the world. 

In 2002 the North Carolina Conference United Methodist Women sponsored six 
conference-wide events including: the 39 & Under Event, the Spiritual Enrichment 
Retreat, the three day Conference School of Christian Mission, two Mother/Child 
Retreats, and the UMW Annual Meeting. We also held workshops on Racial Justice 
Issues, Membership, Financial Analysis, Leadership Development, and Officer Training. 

We awarded $7,000 in scholarships to applicants who are attending Methodist 
colleges or who plan to enter religious vocations. In addition we supported and 
promoted the Methodist Home for Children's "Sharing Sunday" and helped raise over 
$130,000.00 on their behalf. 

Our 2002 pledge to mission was $434,000.00. We exceeded our pledge and sent a 
total of $449,823.74 in undesignated giving. In addition we sent $35,488.55 in 
designated giving for a total remittance of $485,312.29! 

In this our third year of the "Mission Today" program we recognized 14 Gold, 60 
Silver, and 90 Basic "Mission Today" local units. 

The North Carolina Conference United Methodist Women are a strong and vital 
witness for Christ in the world. We look forward with great expectation for the ways God 
will use us in the coming year. 

Emily Innes, President 


Children's Ministry Team 

In children's ministries we celebrate... 

"Safe Sanctuaries" workshop for reducing the risk of child abuse in the church held 
August 2002 with over 100 participants. All local churches that are responding and 
implementing Safe Sanctuaries policies and procedures. 

Curriculum workshops held for Vacation Bible School through Cokesbury and the 
United Methodist Publishing House. 

Faithful reporting through charge conferences of church-school partnerships and 
weekday program ministries with young children. Over the last three years, 457 new 
spaces for childcare and weekday ministries with children (preschool, afterschool, 
childcare) were created in United Methodist Churches in the NC Conference. 

The Hand in Hand project, our ongoing intensive work under the Bishops' Initiative 
on Children and Poverty, in collaboration with the Western NC Conference UMC, 
Methodist Homes for Children and Communities in Schools works toward developing 
partnerships between churches and schools to meet the needs of children and their 
families. (See related report) 

Continued commitment to the Bishops' Initiative on Children and Poverty and local 
church efforts to reach out to children and the impoverished beyond their four walls. 
The new study guide "Community with Children and the Poor" being introduced at 
Annual Conference this year. The Childrens' March on the state Capitol being planned 
for February, 2004 with the Western NC UM Conference and Bishops Edwards and 

We invite churches to give input to the needs for resources and training for ministry 
to, with and by children. 

Kong Namkung, Chairperson 


Legislation j Reports 

Clergy Counseling and Consltltation, Commission on 
The Commission on Clergy Counseling and Consultation was established by the 1999 
Annual Conference to address the needs of clergy and their families for psychological 
services. Upon the Commission's recommendation and at the direction of the 2000 
Annual Conference, the Clergy Counseling and Consultation Service was established 
on January 1, 2001. Jane Clark Moorman, MSW, LCSW, BCD, was employed as 
Director by the Commission. In developing this service for clergy and their families, her 
duties include: 

1) Providing assessment, counseling, psychotherapy and referral services for 

clergy and members of their families; 

2) Providing mental health consultation to clergy regarding their pastoral 

counseling work with parishioners, etc.; 

3) Establishing over the next few years a network of mental health providers 
throughout the North Carolina Conference who understand the particular 
stresses of clergy families and can provide counseling/psychotherapy for 
them upon referral; 

4) Planning/providing continuing education programs designed to enhance 
assessment, counseling and referral skills of our clergy. 

During the year 2002, more than 200 pastors and members of their families have 
utilized the CCCS. There are no fees for these services since the Annual 
Conference funds this program to provide support for our clergy. Ms. Moorman 
provides assistance with a wide range of personal, family, congregation-related and 
other professional issues which frequently arise in the practice of ministry. Those who 
have used the Service include pastors serving churches throughout the Conference as 
well as those in appointments beyond the local church. 

A policy of strict confidentiality guards the privacy of each person who contacts the 
Service or seeks consultation, counseling/psychotherapy, or referral. No information is 
divulged to anyone, including this Commission, the Bishop or the Cabinet, concerning 
individuals who utilize these services. In order for information to be released 
concerning anyone's contact with the Service, that person must give written 
authorization prior to such release. This is extremely important in our itinerant 
appointment system, and Ms. Moorman adheres to this policy closely. As Director, she 
is not responsible to the Bishop or the Cabinet, but rather is responsible only to the 
Annual Conference through this Commission. 

The office is located at 2804 Montgomery Street in a Durham residential community 
which is easily accessible from Interstate routes 40 and 85. If you wish further 
information, would like to consult with the Director, or make an appointment for an office 
visit, please call the toll-free number 866-440-4200 or the local number 

Ted R. Kunstling, M.D., Chairperson 

Conference Relations, Committee on 

The Committee on Conference Relations has as its primary responsibility the assisting 
of any clergy who seek to change or terminate their relationship with the Annual Confer- 
ence. Changes in conference relationship may occur in any of the following ways: 1) 
discontinuation, 2) leave of absence, 3) retirement, 4) sabbatical leave, 5) maternity/ 
paternity leave, 6) family leave, 7) termination of conference relationship (surrender of 
credentials), 8) honorable location. 

The Conference Relations Committee meets with the person who is seeking a change 
in conference relationship upon the request of that person, or upon request of the Cabinet 
or the Board of Ordained Ministry. The committee attempts to determine what is appropriate 
in each case by posing questions, offering counsel and providing support. The committee 


h,egts!afto n j Reports 

then discusses the request and acts upon it by making a recommendation to the Board of 
Ordained Ministry. In any event, the person requesting the change and the Conference 
Relations Committee acting on the request must follow the requirements in The Book of 

The Book of Discipline provides specific guidelines applying to each of the categories 
of conference membership. All those persons in the various categories of conference 
membership (other than the effective relationship) should remember to familiarize 
themselves with, and adhere to, the disciplinary guidelines which apply to that category. 
The Committee on Conference Relations issues a yearly reminder of these guidelines 
through a letter approved by the Board of Ordained Ministry at its annual meeting. Following 
the appropriate guidelines is particularly important for clergy on leave of absence; for 
these persons, exercise of any ministerial function is restricted to the Charge Conference 
in which their membership is held. The Conference Relations Committee would take this 
opportunity to reiterate that pastors on leave of absence cannot perform weddings, conduct 
funerals, or administer the sacraments outside the bounds (both geographical and 
membership bounds) of that charge conference. 

Every Spring (since 1987) the Conference Relations Committee has hosted a luncheon 
for those who will be retiring from the North Carolina Annual Conference at the June session 
of that year. At this luncheon, the retirees and their spouses are informed about various 
matters relating to their retirement such as insurance, housing, and pension benefits. This 
year's retirement luncheon was held at St. Luke United Methodist Church in Goldsboro on 
Tuesday, May 13, 2003. 

Thomas G. Holtsclaw, Chairperson 

Continuing Education, Committee on 

The Continuing Education Committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry has the respon- 
sibility of developing continuing education programs that will enable ministers to fulfill 
the Disciplinary requirements. According to the 2000 Book of Discipline, "Clergy shall be 
expected to continue their education and spiritual growth throughout their careers, 
including carefully developed personal programs of study augmented periodically by 
involvement in organized educational and spiritual growth activities." The Discipline 
further states that, "In most cases the ordained ministers' continuing education and 
spiritual growth program should allow for such leaves at least one week each year and 
at least one month during one year of each quadrennium. Such leaves shall not be 
considered as part of the ministers' vacations and shall be planned in consultation with 
their charges or other agencies to which they are appointed as well as the bishop, 
district superintendent, and Annual Conference Continuing Education Committee." 

In providing the resources to enable pastors to meet the minimum requirement of The 
Discipline, the Committee on Continuing Education has edited a brochure that applies to 
all clergy and diaconal ministers of the NC Annual Conference. The brochure contains 
information defining Continuing Education, the role of the local church, and how the pastor's 
continuing education can be financed. The brochure is printed as part of this report. 
Continuing Education for Ministry in the NC Annual Conference: 
Rationale: A prime expectation of every minister of the NC Annual Conference is professional 
growth. In recent years, one of the major avenues through which such growth occurred 
has been continuing education. In The 2000 Book of Discipline it states, "There are 
professional responsibilities that elders are expected to fulfill and that represent a 
fundamental part of their accountability and a primary basis for their continued eligibility 
for annual appointment. Growth in vocational competence and effectiveness through 
continuing formation is expected of conference members." 

Definition: Continuing education is defined as an organized structured program of formal 
study under competent leadership with clearly defined goals and objectives. Here the key 


Legislation j Reports 

words are "organized," "competent leadership," and "clearly defined goals and objectives." 
By this definition certain activities, though worthwhile, are not considered "continuing 
education"; e.g., degree programs, recreational programs, promotional meetings, worship 
services, entertainments, undirected reading, and study travel (except for limited lecture, 
seminar, or workshop time), and the like. 

The Conference Program: The Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, through the 
Committee on Continuing Education, performs three functions: 1) it sets minimum continuing 
education standards for ministry; 2) it establishes guidelines for continuing education; and 
3) it seeks to insure their availability. 

1. Minimum Standards: The NC Conference has established as a minimum standard 
one Continuing Education Unit (CEU) to be earned by each minister from an approved 
continuing education program each year. One CEU is defined as ten contact hours of 
participation in an approved continuing education program. 

2. Guidelines for Continuing Education Programs: CEU's will be approved for those 
persons sponsored by organizations which are accredited by a) a regional educational 
agency (such as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), b) a professional 
accrediting agency (such as the American Medical Association), or c) the Council on 
the Continuing Education Unit. It should also be noted that only those programs which 
relate directly to ministerial growth and development will be approved. 

3. Insuring their Availability: Efforts by the Board of Ordained Ministry to insure the 
availability of continuing education programs include encouraging conference-related 
and other colleges within the Conference bounds to offer courses for ministers, 
providing supplementary financial aid for ministers, publicizing approved programs, 
and identifying specific subject areas for needed programs. 

Role of the Local Church: In addition to the minister, the local church has a significant 
stake in the success of continuing education programs. The local church, therefore, has 
an important role to play in continuing education. 
The Pastor-Parish Relations Committee of the Local Church: 

1. Confers with the pastor and the district superintendent in the development of a 
continuing education program which will enhance the total ministry of the church. 

2. Provides study leaves at least one week each year and at least one month during 
one year of each quadrennium. Such study leaves are not to be considered vacation 

3. Recommends to the church's Finance Committee budgetary funds to be applied 
toward the minister's continuing education program. In providing funds for continuing 

education programs, the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee should insure that only those 
programs which meet both the definitions and specific guidelines above are funded. 
Financial Aid to Clergy: Funding for continuing education is the combined responsibility of 
the participant, the congregation, the sponsoring institution, and the Annual Conference. 
Conference funds for continuing education are derived as a portion of conference 
apportionments. Thus, it is not possible (nor is it desirable) for the conference to assume a 
major responsibility. 

All persons under episcopal appointment to charges, conference staff positions, district 
superintendencies, Conference Evangelists, and conference-related agencies and 
institutions, retired supply, and Extension Ministry categories C and D (with total funding for 
all category C and D applications being no more than $1500) are eligible for grants from 
Conference funds provided: 

1 . The program does not lead to advancement from one level of Conference relationship 
to another. 

2. The program meets the definitions and Conference guidelines described above. 

3. The applicant has documented his or her efforts to secure funding from other sources, 
including local church, Duke Endowment, and personal. 

4. The application for a grant is filed on the appropriate form which furnishes complete 

information about the event and bears the signatures of the applicant, the Pastor-Parish 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 

chairperson, and district superintendent. 
Limits to Conference Funds: Note: The 2004 budget will provide a total of $20,0000.00 to 
cover individual continuing education seminars. Because of the limited funds available, 
applicants are asked to first utilize the funds provided by their local church prior to requesting 
conference support. 

1. The maximum grant to an individual applicant over one conference year is $400.00. 

2. For a one CEU event, no more than $150; a two CEU event, $300; a three CEU 
event, a maximum of $400 if the cost of the event merits it. 

3. The event must involve some definite measure of intensive study by the participant 
and offer at least ONE Continuing Education Unit. 

4. Grants for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) can be given when the CPE program 
offers the required CEU credits. No more than $400 per CPE unit will be granted. 
Grants for CPE are given only for non-degree programs. 

5. Holy Land Trips - a grant according to the current policy may be made once in a 
pastor's career, provided funding is available. 

Monitoring Continuing Education Units: 

1. The district superintendent, in annual consultation, may suggest to the clergy or 
diaconal minister the area of continuing education he or she should take to facilitate his or 
her professional growth. The pastor's annual Continuing Education Report will be given to 
the district superintendent at the annual consultation or other appropriate time. 

2. Clergy shall have the responsibility for securing from the institution granting Continuing 
Education credit a record of earned credit and providing a copy of this record to the Office of 
Ministerial Relations. 

3. It is the responsibility of each participant to determine, in consultation with the 
Committee on Continuing Education, if a proposed program meets the criteria prior to 
participation and funding. 

E. Powell Osteen, Jr., Chairperson 

Division of Deacons and Diaconal Ministries, Board of Ordained Ministry 

Board of Ordained Ministry 


Lamb, Kimberly Strong Program Director, Raleigh: St. Mark's 

Morris, Brigitte Freeman (Brigitte) Min. Chr. Ed., DU: Oxford 

Nicholson, Sue Ellen (Sue Ellen) Conference Dir., Children & Youth 


Biddle, Margaret Anne (Margaret Anne) Child Care Consultant, Raleigh, MHC 

Hayes, Carol Dell (Carol) Incapacity Leave 

Huckaby, Jr., Robert Lewis Evangelism Staff, Brentwood UMC, Nashville, TN 

Jacobs, Harold Dean (Harold) Dir. CE/Music/Youth, Maxton: Prospect 

Norton, Mary Jane P. (Mary Jane) GBOD, Nashville, TN 

Pugh, Nancy Director of Adult Ministries, First UMC, Cary 

Torres, Ronda Lee Incapacity Leave 

Waters, C. Denise Conner (Denise) Asst. to Chaplain, MRH 

Williams, Richard J. (Richard) Min. of Prog., Smithfield: Centenary 


Irvine, Janet Thornton Director of Ed Min., Durham: Resurrection 

Vaughn, Stephen W. II (Steve) Deacon of Music/Older Adults, Greenville: St. James 

Workman, Anna Gail (Anna Gail) Dir. of Cong. Development, VAConf. 

Other Certifications: Health Services Jannette Jacobs Riordan Singley, BU Dist. 

Report of Professional Church Musicians 

MINSTERS OF MUSIC - Certification Renewed 

Argo, David Anthony (Tony) Min. of Music, Fayetteville: Haymount 


Legislation / Reports 

DIRECTORS OF MUSIC - Certification Renewed 

Crissman, Marjorie S. (Marjorie) Dir. of Music, Wilmington: Seaside 

Heinze, David Position unknown Kennett Square, PA 

Jacobs, Harold Dean (Harold) DCE/Music/Youth, Maxton: Prospect 

Moore, Elizabeth (Elizabeth) Dir. of Music, NB: Shady Grove 

Weisser, William James (Bill) Min. of Music, Raleigh: Edenton St. 

ASSOCIATES IN MUSIC - Certification Renewed 

Hicks, Patricia V. (Trish) Dir. Music Min., Cary: First 

Report of the Diaconal Ministers 

Arledge, Alice (Alice) Leave of Absence 

Biddle, Margaret Anne (Margaret Anne) Child Care Consultant, Raleigh, MHC 

Buckley, Betty Ann Alpha Christian Tours 

Heinze, David Position unknown Kennett Square, PA 

Nicholson, Sue Ellen (Sue Ellen) Conference Dir., Children & Youth 

Sluder, David M. (David) Director of Volunteers of Housing Opportunities 

Workman, Anna Gail (Anna Gail) Dir. of Cong. Dev., Virginia Conf. 

Deacons in Full Connection 

Patricia H. Archer, D. Anthony Argo, Carol D. Hayes, Patricia V Hicks, Robert J. Irvine, 
Harold D. Jacobs, Judy O. Jolly, Andrew J. Keck, Alice K. Kunka, Kimberly S. Lamb, 
Elaine A. Lilliston, Linda S. Logston, Patricia J. Lykins, Brigitte F. Morris, Mary Jane 
Pierce Norton, Cynthia D. Powell, Stephen W. Vaughn, II, Denise Connor Waters, 
William J. Weisser, Richard J. Williams, Nancy Pugh, Ronda Lee Torres, Andrew 
J. Keck, Jan T. Irvine 

LEAVE OF ABSENCE Arledge, Alice (5 th yr) 

Withdrew May 25, 2002 to unite with another denomination Amy Lynn Kelley 


This Year None 


Bernice Balance Laura Sexton Davenport Robert H. Garrison, Jr. 

Marilyn Johnson Irene F. Gattis Tacoma O'Connor 

Leslie C. Womack Susan M. Parker 

Commissioned as Probationary Member 2002 (pending executive session approval) 
Janette Jacobs Riordan Singley 

To Be Commissioned Probationary Member 2003 

Joy Day, Eilene Bisgrove, Judith Stephens 

To Be Ordained Deacon In Full Connection (pending executive session approval) 

Mary L. Peacock 

Richard J.Williams, Chairperson; 
Sue Ellen Nicholson, Candidacy Secretary 

Enlistment, Committee on 

A simple look at the ages and faces of clergy in The United Methodist Church helps all to 
understand the truth of the statistical projections indicating a tremendous loss of clergy 
through retirement over the next eight to ten years. The primary concern of the Committee 
on Enlistment is to raise the consciousness of our constituency within the bounds of the 
North Carolina Conference so that identification and enlistment of ordained ministers is an 
ongoing concern that touches every dimension of our church. In keeping with this goal the 
Committee on Enlistment can provide guidance and encouragement in the process of 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 

clergy enlistment. However, the primary responsibility for identifying youth, young adults, 
and second career adults who need to answer God's call upon their lives falls upon local 
church pastors, laity in the local churches, and campus ministers. 

All too frequently, persons place God's call to the ministry behind economic or security 
concerns. Sometimes others that are close to that person are more aware of their calling 
than the person themselves. The role of individuals and Pastor-Parish Relations 
Committees in local churches is to confirm the claim of God upon those that are called and 
direct them to their local church pastors, District Superintendents, and District Committees 
on Ministry. 

During each even-numbered year, the denomination offers an event designed to help 
persons who are "exploring" a call to ministry. The 2004 Exploration event is being planned 
and will be announced at a later date. The Exploration weekend is designed to help one 
explore the call to ministry, discover one's giftedness for ministry and ways in which to 
fulfill the call. 

There are other spiritual encounters that have been helpful to persons defining a call to 
ministry. Disciple Bible Study and Emmaus Walk events have awakened and provided 
opportunities to hear and respond to God's call in one's life. 

The Committee on Enlistment encourages all pastors and committed laity to assist 
God in facilitating the process of discovery. To assist those whom Christ has called into 
His service is a high and holy commitment. 

Committee on Enlistment 

Higher Education and Campus Ministry, Commission on 
The Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry seeks to interpret and promote the 
United Methodist ministries in the North Carolina Conference as it pertains to the work 
of our Methodist-related institutions of higher learning — Duke University in Durham, 
Louisburg College in Louisburg, Methodist College in Fayetteville, Wesleyan College in 
Rocky Mount and the unique relationship we uphold with Bennett College in Greens- 
boro, a historically black United Methodist-related women's college in the Western North 
Carolina Conference. We welcome this year Dr. Johnetta Cole, known as one of 
America's great leaders and educators, as the 14 th president of Bennett College and Dr. 
Reginald W Ponder as the 25 th president at Louisburg College — the oldest chartered 
two-year, church-related, co-educational college in the nation. 

The Wesleyan heritage in the academy reaches far beyond the walls of our Methodist- 
related institutions. The State Commission on Higher Education and Campus Ministry 
oversees the management of seventeen campus ministry programs for the North Carolina 
Conference and the Western North Carolina Conference in a shared partnership at the 
following non-Methodist related institutions: Salem College, Wake Forest University and 
Wnston-Salem State University in Winston-Salem; UNC-Charlotte and Central Piedmont 
Community College in Charlotte; Western Carolina University in Cullowhee; North A&T 
State University and UNC-Greensboro in Greensboro; Duke University Chapel and North 
Carolina Central University in Durham; UNC-Wilmington; North Carolina State University, 
Peace College and Meredith College in Raleigh; UNC-Pembroke; UNC-Chapel Hill; and 
East Carolina University in Greenville. Our 2003 operating budget of $1 ,049,470 supports 
the works of priestly and pastoral presence on college campuses, spiritual formation and 
Christian nurture to college students, faculty, and staff and property maintenance. Domestic 
and international mission trips, spiritual retreats, weekly bible studies and worship services 
sustain and empower the work of Christian discipleship on college campuses across the 
state. We are particularly proud of our "Touch Africa Too" program which last summer sent 


Legislation / Reports 

four students, a college chaplain and a campus minister to Africa University to explore how 
we can share in ministry in our respective campuses. 

To better serve the North Carolina Conference as interpreters of the work in campus 
ministry, the Commission continues to work with Hunter-Kemper Consulting, Inc. to foster 
collaborative work through Wesley Foundation local boards, campus ministers and the 
Commission. The heart of the consultative work is a process that calls campus ministers, 
state commissioners and local boards to develop a vision and mission that lays a strong 
foundation for spiritual formation, organizational and financial development and sustaining 
pastoral excellence for years to come. 

The United Methodist commitment to higher education and campus ministry is girded 
by continued prayers of the local church, scholarships and endowments, and the gift of 
student recruitment to our Methodist-related schools as the college of choice in the local 

Regina Henderson, Chairperson 

Itinerant Clergy Moving Expense, Committee on 

The Itinerant Clergy Moving Expense Committee met to study moving expense needs 
and policies. 

The Committee makes the following recommendations. 

I. Eligibility 

A. Pastors of local churches continuing under appointment to local churches within 
the Conference, district superintendents, and Conference ministerial! staff whose 
salaries are paid from the Conference treasurer's office. 

B. Pastors in section I. A. who become Conference Evangelists upon moving from 
an appointment to new residence. Their moving expense to return to any of the 
above categories will also be paid. 

C Pastors in section I. A. who retire from serving appointment or who assume approved 
incapacity leave or return into active service from approved incapacity leave. 

D. Widows or widowers of clergy in section I. A. upon moving from place of appointment 
to new residence. 

E. Pastors moving into an appointment in the North Carolina Conference to assume 
full-time or student appointments under section I. A. 

F. Interim Supply pastors 

G. Pastors being appointed to leave of absence are entitled to moving expense for 
one leave of absence. 

H. Persons who are called to active military duty will be entitled to moving expense 
at the time of call up, if need be, and at the time of return, if need be, if not 
covered by the military, with substantiation of the military orders. 

I. Persons moving who are not defined above will not be eligible to make claim. 

II. Payment of Claims 

A. All reimbursements must be substantiated with paid receipts for actual moving 
expenses. All reimbursements must be for expenses which are deductible for 
income tax purposes according to Internal Revenue code, Section 217, non-taxable 
fringe benefits. Payment will be granted to all who are eligible to make claims 
as follows: 

1. Active itinerant clergy in section I. A., I.B., I.E., I.F ,I.G. and I.H. (except retiring 
clergy, widows, widowers, and clergy couples) will receive reimbursement 
of costs up to $1,500.00 with submission of paid receipts for actual 
moving expense. 

2. Retiring itinerant clergy, widows, or widowers will receive reimbursement of 
costs up to $2,200.00 with submission of paid receipts for actual moving 
expenses. The retirement amount may be granted upon request when taking 
incapacity leave in lieu of receiving the retirement benefit at retirement. 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 

3. Itinerant clergy couples will receive reimbursement of costs up to $1 ,750.00 
with submission of paid receipts for actual moving expenses. If only one 
member of the clergy couple is re-appointed, section II.A.1. will apply. 

B. Travel: Mileage is reimbursed at the standard IRS rate for moving expense 
deductions. This rate may be paid per mile per vehicle for a single trip to move 
each vehicle to the new residence. If a vehicle is used to move household goods, 
i.e., in lieu of a moving company, additional trips may be reimbursed as neces 
sary. The per trip mileage will be computed from appointment to appointment, or 
from the Conference boundary to the appointment, or from the appointment to 
the residence/Conference boundary (in case of retirement), whichever is less. 
Either the mileage as described above or actual out of pocket expenses for gas, 
oil, etc, may be reimbursed from the Conference boundary. 

C. IRS guidelines require that moving expense reimbursements be reported on a 
W-2. Based on recommendation from legal counsel and their consultations with 
the Internal Revenue Service, we recommend that the W-2 be issued by the local 
church. The Conference Treasurer will provide to the local church all moving 
expense information to be reported on the W-2. The Conference Treasurer will 
make payment to the new local church appointment. The new local church will 
pay the clergy and include the moving expense on the W-2 that they issue to the 
pastor at the end of the year. In absence of a new appointment, payment will be 
made to and reported by the old appointment. The Conference treasurer will make 
this payment as soon as the district superintendents have received the completed 
document, "So You're Moving" checklist properly signed along with all appropriate 
receipts to substantiate expenses. This will fulfill the 2000 Discipline, ^2532. 4, 
which states "The chairperson of the board of trustees or the chairperson of the 
parsonage committee, if one exists, the chairperson of the committee on pastor- 
parish relations, and the pastor shall make an annual review of the church-owned 
parsonage to ensure proper maintenance." Moving expense funds will be with 
held by the Conference treasurer if the district superintendent determines that 
the parsonage was inadequately cleaned or was damaged beyond normal wear 
and tear. If an inspection by the district superintendent and the pastor-parish 
relations committee or the parsonage committee reveals monetary needs for cleaning 
or repairs, or for having the fuel tank filled, the remaining balance of the moving 
expense due said pastor shall be made payable to the respective district to pay 
for needed cleaning or repairs. If the district superintendent or the moving pastor 
is NOT in agreement with said pastor-parish relations committee or the parsonage 
committee, the superintendent may request the arbitration committee of the clergy 
living committee to inspect the parsonage involved and give an impartial 

D. The Conference treasurer will make an advance payment up to $600.00 to eligible 
itinerant clergy to cover the expense of deposit and fees for moving expenses 
prior to their move, upon approval by the district superintendent. Those receiving 
an advance must substantiate their expenditures, and any money that is left over 
shall be refunded to the Conference treasurer. All advance payments shall be 
included in W-2 information provided to the local church by the Conference Treasurer 
for inclusion on the W-2. 

E. No additional claim can be made against a local church, district, or the Conference 
for payment of moving expenses. 

F. Reimbursable expenses include the cost of boarding and moving domestic animals, 
the moving of recreational vehicles, boats, etc., moving household and personal 
goods, travel as defined in II. B., lodging, packing, crating, in-transit storage and 
insurance, labor costs, and any other expense necessary to physically move 
household items. Expenses which are not reimbursable include meals, purchase 
of household items, or any other item not reasonable or necessary for the move. 


Legislation / Reports 

G. The request for moving expense reimbursement must be received in the 

Treasurer's Office no later than four months following the date of the move. 
H. Reimbursement will be considered a qualified, non-taxable fringe benefit not subject 
to income and self-employment tax when: 

Your move is 50 or more miles from the old appointment to the new appointment 

Your new appointment is full time for at least 39 weeks during the first 12 
months at the new location. 
If your appointment does not meet the above conditions, then the reimbursement will 
be reported as taxable for both income and employment tax. However, if your reimburse- 
ment is treated as taxable income, an additonal stipend in the amount of 20% of the tax- 
able income portion will be provided. The maximum stipend will be no more than 20% of 
the applicable limit stated in secion II. A. 
III. Review Committee 

A. There will be a Review Committee consisting of two persons appointed by the 
chairperson of the Council on Finance and Administration, one district 
superintendent appointed by the Bishop, the Conference treasurer, and the 
director of Ministerial Relations and the chair of the Moving Expense Com- 

B. The Review Committee will consider and have final authority over any questionable 
or disallowed claim or special claim beyond allowances set in the approved plan. 

Carl Belcher, Chairperson 

Laity, Commission on 

We invite churches to give input to the needs for resources and training for ministry to, 
with and by children. 

A Pastor/Lay Leader Training event, "Preparing God's People", was held on March 8, 2003 
at Highland United Methodist Church in Raleigh and on March 9, 2003 at Jarvis Memorial 
United Methodist Church in Greenville. Christine Harman, Director of Discipleship 
Development in the Kentucky Conference, was the leader. The training covered a year- 
round process of spiritual leadership development; the process for identifying, developing, 
deploying, evaluating, and monitoring Christian spiritual leadership; new methods for helping 
disciples know and understand their spiritual gifts; the meaning of their gifts and their 
implications for gift-oriented ministry; using their gifts in the unique ministry that God has 
planned for them; training for gift counselors; and, re-encountering God's call for lay ministry. 
It is our hope that this vital training is being implemented in all the local churches who 
participated. If your church was unable to participate, contact us at the email address or 
phone number below and we will try to help your church get started! Remember Jesus' call 
in The Great Commission. Our main focus should be to "make disciples"! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2003 at 4:00 p.m. the Laity Report will be an Order of the Day at 
Annual Conference. Following laity reports we will recognize the Outstanding Lay Ministry 
of the Year. Each district had the opportunity to submit a nominee and the ministry selected 
will receive $1 ,000 grant from an Endowment Fund left by the late Roy Turnage, a former 
Conference Lay Leader. 

The 2003 Laity Banquet will be held on June 3, 2003 at 5:00 p.m. at Annual Conference. 
All lay persons are invited and they are encouraged to invite their pastors as well. The 
theme is "Partners in Ministry. .All God's People-Telling the Story — BEING the Church in 
the World". The speaker for the banquet will be Vickie Sigmon, Director of Open Arms 
Community in Winston-Salem. You will not want to miss her powerful message. Music will 
be provided by Jim Hewitt, D.S. from the Virginia Conference and members of his band. 
Jim Hewitt artfully blends his mastery of the guitar, gift of storytelling, and theological 
insight to create Christian music from a different perspective. Jim's strong lyrical attention 
to matters of faith, scripture, and tradition backed by a multi-talented band offers the listener 


h,egts!atto n j Reports 

Christian music that is transforming. In an effort to celebrate the outstanding lay ministries 
going on in our conference we will have a display by each of the District nominees for 
Outstanding Lay Ministry of the Year. Following the banquet, we will gather in the Auditorium 
for worship with Dr. Zan Holmes, of Disciple Bible Study, and music by Cynthia Wilson 

This is an important year in the life of Methodism. June 17, 2003 marks the 300 th 
anniversary of the birth of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. As we consider ways to 
celebrate and remember, may we never forget the way John Wesley took his ministry to 
the streets. ..outside the walls of the church. May we be reminded that "the world was his 
parish"and, may we seek ways to answer Jesus' call to "go into all the world". We have a 
wealth of resources such as Disciple Bible Study, Faith Quest, Companions in Christ, 
Wtness and many more that can help us discern God's will and God's direction for our 
churches as we seek to reach beyond the walls to win persons to Christ. 

Remember to continue to develop our Theme for the 2001-2004 Quadrennium: 

"Partners in Ministry.. .All God's People... 

2001 Setting the Table 

2002 Welcoming the Stranger 

2003 Telling the Story 

2004 Singing the Song and Living the Life <>< <>< 

Jeanne Rouse, Conference Lay Leader 

Ministerial Education Fund, Committee on 

The Ministerial Education Fund (MEF) is one of the most "unsung blessings" of our 
connectional support! In addition to being the underlying support to our seminaries, it 
provides invaluable support for the following ministries: Annual Conference Board of 
Ordained Ministry for programs they provide for clergy and diaconal ministers; scholar- 
ships for students studying for the ordained and diaconal ministry in the 13 outstanding 
United Methodist seminaries and in non-United Methodist seminaries approved by the 
Division of Ordained Ministry and taught by seminary professors and conference leaders 
throughout the United Methodist Church; Continuing Education; Course of Study 
Schools (more than 2,300 people are involved in 12 Course of Study Schools); research 
and special programs related to candidacy and enlistment; pastoral care initiatives; 
clergy women concerns; racial and ethnic concerns; spiritual formation; testing and 
evaluation; training of boards of ordained ministry; international theological education; 
jurisdictional block grants; supervision issues and Dempster Fellowships. All of these 
ministries are nurtured by money from the Ministerial Education Fund. 

The general policies for the North Carolina Annual Conference's portion of the 
Ministerial Education Fund (25% of MEF apportionments) are set by the Board of Ordained 
Ministry. Brochures with guidelines and policies for the MEF scholarships are available 
from the Office of Ministerial Relations. 

Some interesting facts regarding MEF are: 

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been? given by local 

congregations to the MEF since 1968. 

More than twenty-five percent (25%) of that amount from the 

MEF? has supported conference board services in each 

annual conference since 1970. 

MEF supports? Duke Divinity School, which for over 77 years 

has prepared men and women for leadership in the church as 

clergy and laity. 


Legislation j Reports 

Other institutions supported by Ministerial Education Funds are: Boston University 
School of Theology, Boston, MA; Candler School of Theology at Emory University, Atlanta, 
GA; The Theological School at Drew University, Madison, NJ; Iliff School of Theology, 
Denver, CO; Gammon Theological Seminary, Atlanta, GA; Garrett-Evangelical Theological 
Seminary, Evanston, IL; Methodist Theological School in Ohio, Delaware, OH; Perkins 
School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX; Saint Paul School of 
Theology, Kansas City, MS; Claremont School of Theology, Claremont, CA; United 
Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH; Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC. 


Raised in 2002 $602,277.01 

Portion Remitted to General Board of Higher Education 

and Ministry (75% of Apportionment) $451,707.76 

Portion retained by Board of Ordained Ministry in this conference 

(25% of Apportionment) $150,569.25 

Financial Assistance Granted (2002): 

Scholarships to Ministerial Candidates and Ministerial 

Education Grants (50) $147,040.00 

Scholarships Granted to Candidates for Ordained Ministry: 

Seminaries - 49 

Duke Divinity School 47 

Union Theological Seminary 1 

Erskine Theological School 1 

Undergraduate Schools - 1 

NC State University 1 

Wlliam J. Weisser, Chairperson 


I. Trustee/Campus Ministry Nominations 


How trustees for colleges listed below are selected: The nominating committee of each 
board of trustees selects a list of nominees to fill vacancies and submits these along 
with a biographical statement to the full board at its fall meeting; the individual boards of 
trustees approve these and they are submitted to the Commission on Higher Education 
and Campus Ministry for consideration at its spring meeting. The Commission on Higher 
Education and Campus Ministry has biographical information supplied to it by each 
institution of higher education. The Commission on Higher Education confirms the new 
nominations at its Spring meeting, and then presents them to the North Carolina 
Conference at its June meeting. 

1. Bennett College 

Rev. Dr. Willie T. Barrow 
Marva Brooks 
Aksousa Evans 

2. Brevard College 
Dorothy D. Marlow 
Dr. Linda Martinson 
Reginald McAfee 
William H. Weldon 

3. Duke University 

Jordan M. Bazinsky, Teaching Exchange at Academia Cotopaxi, Quito, 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 

Ecuador, Justin Fairfax, Briefing Coordinator, Nashville, Tennessee 
Rebecca Trent Kirkland, Physician/Professor, Houston, Texas 
Ernest Mario, Chairman and CEO of Corporation 
Charles M. Smith, Rocky Mount District Superintendent 

4. Greensboro College 
Bob Biggerstaff 

5. High Point University (None submitted) 

6. Pfeiffer University (None submitted) 


1 . A & T State University Wesley Foundation Board of Directors 
Sfudenfs.Kiari Best, Courtney Bland, Ivan Dudley, Tracy Lanier, Dana 
Lyles, Shramia Micheals, Kawana Opato, Jamar, Phelps, Heather Phillips, 
Randy St. Clair, Dwayne Thompson 

Faculty/Staff James Armstrong, Patricia Price-Lea, Annie Purcell, Patricia 

Wall, Susan Wlson 

At Large/Anthony Dillard, Erica Lyles, Glenn Rankin, Liston Sellars, 

Patricia Smith, Glen Tyle 

District At Large/Penny Deloca, Maurice Lackey, Sherri Meadows, Arrie Smith 

£x-Off/c/o.Frank Stith, Manuel Worthman 

2. Appalachian State University Wesley Foundation Board 
Membership: John Thomas, Linda Welden, Jim Street, Sherry Street, 
Cassandra Eagle, Jim Goff, Bill Barber, Al Burleson, Cathy Burleson, 
Karen Hastings, Jim Hastings, Jason Duvall, Dean Blackwelder, Mike 
Kroeger, Bill. Dixon, Benny McFalls, Kristen Williams, Kristin Howell, 
Andrew Harmon, Jesse Hickle, Stacey Hembree, Tommy Gibbons, Stacey 
Kropff, Brad Crossley, Chrystal Causey, Megan Robinson, Samantha 
Webb, Clay Johnson 

Ex-Officio: Hannah Sullivan, Ron Smith, Manuel Wortman, Alan Rice, 
Sylvia Wlhelm 

3. Raleigh Wesley Foundation Board of Directors 
Sfudenfs/Jenni Brady, Brian Cherry, Heather Galipi, Chris Hight, 
Rebecca Holt, Curtis Lovel, Kim Lovel, Rus Nipper, Elise Pierce, Joy 
Wilkes, Mike Wilkes 

At Large/Sandra Bryant, Heather Jeffries, Cammy Mullen, Sue Ellen 
Nicholson, Dennis Peay, Ed Poston, Jonathon Strother, Ginger Yancey 
Ex-Offic/o.Kara Cooper, Steve Hickle, Henry Jarrett, F. Belton Joyner, Jr., 
Kirk Oldham, Cherilyn Peay, Barbara Price, Laura Stewart, Hope Morgan Ward 

4. United Methodist Campus Ministry at Duke 

Executive Committee: Joe Mann, chair, Cammey Cole, vice-chair, Roger 
Loyd, secretary, Mike Baughman, Robert Ross, co-treasurers 
Facilities Committee:Pau\a Gilbert, chair, Lisa Brown Cole, Brian Gross, 
Kerry Kidwell, Billy King, Roger Loyd, Jeanne Rouse 
Finance Committee: Cammey Cole, chair.Mike Baughman, Elizabeth 
Baum, Diane Blanchard, Rebecca Byrd, Susan Carpenter, Robert Earl Ross 
Campus/Staff Relations Committee: Janice Virtue, chair, Tracey Allred, 
Leonard Fairley, Ken Nelson, Erin Swails, Abby Williford 
Nominations Committee:Laune Hays Coffman, chair, Shane Benjamin, 
George Ragsdale, Emily Taylor, Stuart Tucker, Grant Wacker 

5. University of North Carolina at Asheville 

Christy Harley, Cathy Whitlock, Leith Tate, Sarah Bumgarner, Leslie 
Sladky-Hillman, Dot Sulock, Kevin Frazier, Julie Torbett, Karn Mouw, 
Jonathan Bulau, Jessie Shuman, Jim Barrett, Kelly Crissman, Tasha 
Daniel, Sarah Harrelson 
Ex-Officio: Manuel Wortman, Amy Rio-Anderson 


Legislation / Reports 

6. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Wesley Foundation Board 

Sfudenfs. Alicia Ammons, Michael Davis, Allison Hicks, Jean Kerley, 

Shelley Koon, Albert Meyer, Michael McKnight, Jessie Peed, Chad Proctor, 

Sara Pugh, Amy Roberts, Courtney Schumacher, Matt Viser, Holly Wicker, 

Design Team President 

Faculty/Stall vDean Blackburn, Ralph Leonard, Jr., Jim Peacock 

AlumnhKeWy Allen, Blake Biser, Christy Brookshire, Matt Connor, Brian 

Murdock, Rusty Ross 

Local Church: Lisa Creech Bledsoe, David Kirkman, Norm Fitzgerald, 

Woody Claris, Sam Loy, Raegan May, Andrea Woodhouse, David 

Woodhouse, Joy McVane, Shirley Leighton, Albert Shuler, Jim Holland, 

Barry Kendall, Bill Gattis, Cindy Monteith, Regina Henderson, Sally 

Nickerson, Shirley DeWispalaere, Frank Leith 

District: Rodney Hamm 

Conference: Hope Morgan Ward 

Staff: Laura Gallo, Larry Johnson, Jan Rivero 

7. University of North Carolina at Greensboro Wesley-Luther House 
Board of Directors 

Josh Alexander, Elizabeth Coppedge-Henley, Michael Garrett, Zac Greene, 
Valrie Horton, David Johnston, Al Link, Don McCrickard, Ron Moss, Julie 
Potts, John R. Roberts, Sarah Shoffner, Eileen Slade, Frank Stith, Laurie 
Weaver, Manuel Wortman 

8. University of North Carolina at Pembroke Wesley Foundation 
Warren Love, Chair, Elizabeth Deese, Eddie Mac Locklear, James 
Locklear, Allison Love, Norma Thompson, Ruth Woods 

9. Wesley Foundation of Greenville, Inc. Board of Directors 
Students .Brian ne Fowler, Lauren Harris, Robin Johnson, Charlie Martin, 
Jared Plummer, John Southworth, Lisa Stallings, Mary Beth Webster 

At Large.Dav'id Balch, Pat Carter, John Childers, Randy Cobb, Hugh Cox, 
LuAnn Jones, Ed Mann, Frances Mann, Katherine Warsco, Jackie 
Wilkerson, Herschel Williams, Ross Woodall, Barbara Smith 
Ex-Officio: Dennis Adams, Judy Bohannon, Claire Clyburne, Thomas 
Holtsclaw, Sid Huggins, Chris Noble, H. Gray Southern 

10. Western Carolina University Wesley Foundation Board of Directors 
Roger Bacon, Julie Barnes, Ashley Cyre, Steve Eller, Tom Frazier, Mark 
Isabelli, Chris Lane, Wendy LeMay, Paula Lumb, Doug Moore, Myrtle 
Schrader, MarkTeague 

Ex-Officio: Rich Irwin, Frank Padgett, Jim Trollinger, Manuel Wortmann 

11. Winston-Salem Wesley Foundation Board of Directors 

Ellen Yarborough, Elizabeth Cheek, David John, Kathie Masten, Ann 
Haywood, Matthew Phillips, Lauren Richardson, Susan Hubbard, Steve 
Ewing, Jim Rose, Matt Farabow, Peter Dansie, Johnne Aarmentrout, Barry 
Millier, Heather Holley, Bill Hunter, David Snipes, Doug Suggs, Emily 
Orser, Tim Auman, Laura Elliott, Cynthia Smith, 

£x-Off/c/o.Sarah Kalish, Manuel Wortman, Hurley Thomas, Ed Christman 

12. North Carolina Central University 

Mitchell Hagler, Linda Jones, Elaine Olenik, Ben Stewart, Earle Wilson, Jr., 
Manuel Wortman 

1 3. University of North Carolina at Charlotte 

Steve Cheyney, Jeff Corley, Dawson Hancock, Amy Hill, Fred Jordan, 
Janice Martin, Christa Moore, Jason Pauling, Earl Wilson, Manuel Wortman 

14. University of North Carolina at Wilmington 


l^egislatio n / Reports 

Linda Baker, Frances Bliss, Linda Taylor 
II. Commission on Health and Human Services 


Class of 2003 

Cynthia F. Barnes, Durham District, 1995 

Albert F. Fisher, Durham District, 1995 

H. Lyman Ormond, Jr., Greenville District, 1995 

Brian Gentle, Fayetteville District, 2002 

Class of 2004 

J. Slade Crumpton, Durham District 

Charles R. Franklin, Jr, Elizabeth City District 

Carl Hamill, Durham District 

Lucy Hinson, Rocky Mount District 

Dr. W. Stanley Smith, Jr., Rockingham District 

Gloyden Stewart, Rocky Mount 

Deborah Meyer, Durham District 

Class of 2005 

B. Gloyden Stewart, Jr., Goldsboro District 
JoAnn Falls, Rockingham District 
Mack Parker, Raleigh District 
John Thompson, Raleigh District 

North Carolina Christian Educators Fellowship 

he mission statement for the Christian Educators Fellowship, The United Methodist 
Church, states, "Believing that called, committed, and equipped leaders enable and 
empower the church's teaching and learning ministry for the formation of faithful 
disciples in today's world, Christian Educators Fellowship, The United Methodist Church 
exists to nurture and support professional Christians educators and persons who have 
responsibility for the many expressions of educational ministries." The North Carolina 
Chapter of CEF seeks to be faithful to this mission by offering monthly programs with 
practical insights on a variety of topics related to educational ministry. Meetings during 
this conference year have included a programs on "Nuts and Bolts" of Christian 
Education, "Know When to Refer" by Jane Clark Moorman, Director of Conference 
Counseling and Consultation Services, Sharing from the workshops attended by our 
members at the National CEF conference in Norfolk, A Celebration of the 300 th 
Anniversary of the birth of John Wesley, A Little Lenten Discipline, and a sharing of 
favorite books in the fields of personal and professional growth. In addition, a two-day 
spiritual formation retreat was held at Bergland Retreat Center. The program, 
"Sacramental Spirituality-Discovering Personal Meaning in the Sacraments", was lead 
by Dr. Gayle Felton. 

Nancy Pugh, NC CEF Chapter, President 

North Carolina Pastors' School and Duke Divinity School Convocation 
On October 14-16, 2002, 515 clergy gathered for the annual Convocation and Pastors' 
School at Duke Divinity School. The event focused on the theme "Remembering Who We 
Are: Renewing the Spiritual Life" and featured strong lectures, seminars and worship 
services. The James A. Gray Lectures were presented by Richard B. Hays, George 
Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament at Duke Divinity School and author of The 
Moral Vision of the New Testament: Community, Cross, New Creation, one of the 100 most 
important religious books of the twentieth century according to Christianity Today. Popular 


Legislation / Reports 

author Roberta C. Bondi, professor of church history at Candler School of Theology, 
presented the Franklin S. Hickman lectures. "J.R.R. Tolkien on the Communal Character 
of the Spiritual Life" was the title of the keynote lecture presented by Ralph C. Wood, 
University professor of theology and literature at Baylor University. 

The convocation preachers were Timothy W. Whitaker, resident bishop of the 
Florida Area of the United Methodist Church and Arnetta E. Beverly, district 
superintendent of the Northeast District of the Western North Carolina Annual 
Conference. Seventeen different continuing education seminars enrolled a record 392 
participants. The seminars included Holy Friendships: Sustaining Pastoral Ministry, 
Spiritual Practices of Daily Living, Story as Spiritual Formation and Preaching form the 
Later New Testament Epistles. 

Thee 2003 Convocation and Pastors' School will be held October 13-15, and 
will focus on the theme "Forming Christian Disciples." Well-known preacher and writer 
Richard Lischer, the James T. and Alice Mead Cleland Professor of Preaching, at Duke 
Divinity School, will serve as the James A. Gray lecturer. The Franklin S. Hickman 
lectures will be shared by Michael Curry, bishop of the North Carolina Diocese of the 
Episcopal Church, and Adam Hamilton, pastor of the United Methodist Church of 
Resurrection in Leaward, Kansas. Christine Pohl, professor of church and society, 
Asbury Theological Seminary, will present a keynote address. Preachers for the event 
will be Bishop Curry and George Mason, pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, 

A detailed brochure will be available from Duke Divinity School later this 
summer. Individuals are encouraged to contact the center for continuing education for 
more information ( , email div-conted(S) , phone 888-845- 

Jonathan Marlowe, Chairperson 

Older Adult Ministries, Committee on 

The committee seeks to be the focal point for aging issues which impact the program 
and ministry of the local church and the Annual Conference as a whole. Our society is 
an aging society with more people over 65 living today than have existed to this point in 
time. Some 12 percent in the state of North Carolina, totaling over one million people 
and still growing, are over 65 years of age. The traditional ways of ministry to and with 
older adults are fast changing, in light of the very active younger older adults who are 
either working or seeking challenging ministry opportunity through the church. The new 
emphasis is on empowering older adults into ministry. Towards this goal, the committee 
has promoted the following services and learning programs: 

1. The Conference Web Page now offers a link for Older Adult Ministry and it may 
be reached: 

2. An Idea Bank will maintain a list of active ministries of local churches with older 
adults, which could be shared with the churches who are seeking older adult 
ministry organization and programs in a local church. It would be a practical 
how-to-do program resource. 

3. A Speaker's Bureau has been formed so the committee can offer churches a 
list of names of people who could speak on issues pertaining to Older Adults. 

4. A Resource Library is being maintained in the Conference Audio-Visual Library 
for use by local churches. 


~L.egislatio n j Reports 

5. The Norman T. Allers Academy on Older Adult Ministries is a certification 
program established by the Older Adult Association of the Southeastern 
Jurisdiction to provide training and credentials for those in older adult ministry. 
Clergy and lay persons are being encouraged to take advantage of this 
certification program. 

6. To partner with other conference groups and agencies in the sponsorship of the 
education and training of clergy and lay persons in the spiritual development 
for the fourth quarter of life. 

7. To raise the consciousness of how, where and why the church ought to be 
involved in ministry with, to and by older adults. Aging challenges the church in 
its ministry. Let us be involved in intentional ministry. 

Daniel P. Jones, Chairperson 

Ordained Ministry, Board of 

The North Carolina Conference Board of Ordained Ministry is pleased and privileged to 

present to the clergy session of the North Carolina Annual Conference our report for 


Our board is a strong, representative body from the clergy and laity of this Annual 
Conference wrestling constantly with its responsibilities outlined in The Book of Discipline 
2000 (11632). These duties require the board to exercise strong care in its examination of 
candidates for ordination in a way which is both fair and diligent. The Board also seeks 
always to encourage and sustain those in the process and to provide resources for growth 
for those already involved with ministry to local churches and other places of mission. 

To provide this report, your Board of Ordained Ministry members have given nine 
(9) full days in meetings and interviews along with innumerable times for committee 
assignments. All of this is summarized in the names and recommendations found in this 
submission of our work for your approval. 

The duties of the Board of Ordained Ministry include: 

1 ) To assume the primary responsibility for the enlistment of ordained clergy, with 
due regard for the inclusive nature of the Church. It provides guidance for these 
persons in the process of education, training, and ordination. 

2) To examine all applicants as to their fitness for ordained, commissioned, 
licensed, or consecrated ministry and their election as: a) Diaconal Ministers, b) 
Local Pastors, c) Associate Members, d) Probationary Members, and e) Full 
Members of the Annual Conference. 

3) To interview and report recommendations concerning: a) Candidates for 
Commissioning b) Students to be appointed to attend school, c) Candidates for 
ordination as Deacon, and d) Candidates for ordination as Elder. 

4) To interview applicants and make recommendations concerning changes in 
ministerial relationships: Leaves of Absence, Retirement, Sabbatical Leaves, 
Incapacity Leaves, Less-than-Full-time appointments, and Readmission to or the 
termination of conference membership. 

5) To provide support services for the ordained minister's career development, 
including personal and career counseling, continuing education, assistance in 
preparation for retirement, and matters pertaining to ministerial morale. 

6) To provide a means of evaluating the effectiveness of the clergy in the Annual 

7) To interpret the high ethical standards of ministry as set forth in The Book of 
Discipline 2000, and to study matters pertaining to character. 


Legislation / Reports 

8) To administer the portion of the Ministerial Education Fund for use by the Annual 


Members of the North Carolina Conference Board of Ordained Ministry have 
worked diligently to fulfill their duties! 

This year we are pleased to report that (13) persons were elected to Probationary 
Membership and commissioned on the Elder Track; (3) persons were elected to Probationary 
Membership and commissioned on the Deacon Track; (5) persons were elected as Deacons 
in Associate Membership (under the 1992 Discipline); (1) person was elected for ordination 
as a Deacon in Full Connection; (5) persons were elected for ordination as Elders in Full 
Connection (moving from Probationary Membership and Deacon's Orders); (6) persons 
were elected for ordination as Elder in Full Connection (moving from Probationary 
Membership under the 2000 Discipline). 

This year's retirement class includes (10) Members in Full Connection; (2) 
Associate Members and (2) Local Pastors; (1) Full Member retired in the interim (since 
the 2001 Annual Conference). We are deeply grateful for their love, commitment, and 
service to the North Carolina Annual Conference. Many opportunities continue to open for 
persons in this field of service! 

Please note that various committee reports follow this introduction and are 
significant for the various areas of concern they address. All of this material, as well as our 
supportive services during the year, have been provided through the Office of Ministerial 
Relations under the leadership of Dr. Paul L Leeland, Robbie W. Barrett, and Linda L 
Bourey. We are indebted to these individuals for their excellent work and dedication to the 
Ordained Ministry of our Annual Conference. 


Local pastors in progress or serving prior to 1988 must complete at least the five- 
year Course of Study. 


The Board requires that ministers having completed the basic five-year Course of 
Study continue to attend the Course of Study School in the summer, enrolling in at least 
four years of Advanced Studies during any six-year period. These courses, offered on a 
seminary level, would increase the competency of our Local Pastors (1980). 


It is required that they complete the five-year Ministerial Course of Study and a 
minimum of sixty (60) semester hours toward the Bachelor of Arts or an equivalent degree 
in a college or university listed by the University Senate, or competency equivalence through 
an external degree program at a college or university listed by the University Senate (1 988). 


It is required that they complete the five-year Ministerial Course of Study and a 
minimum of sixty (60) semester hours toward the Bachelor of Arts or an equivalent degree 
in a college or university listed by the University Senate, or competency equivalence through 
an external degree program at a college or university listed by the University Senate (1 988). 


Each candidate must complete the following seminary level courses to be eligible 
for interview, effective June 1998: 


h,egts!afto n j Reports 

1 . A course in preaching that includes a practicum, laboratory, or field experience 
in the preparation, delivery, and evaluation of sermons. 

2. A course in public worship that includes the theory, theology, and practice of 
planning and leading public worship. 


Attention is called to the course requirements contained in fl326(3)a of The 2000 Book of 
Discipline. Candidates must complete the Methodism courses PRIOR to the interview: 

1. United Methodist Polity 

2. United Methodist Theology and Doctrine 

3. A History of Methodism 


From THE BOOK OF DISCIPLINE 2000 (^633) 


{Members of the committee may not serve on the Cabinet or the Board of Ordained 


Lisa Brown Cole Alternates : 

Charles K. Morrison Leonard E. Fairley 

H. Gray Southern R. Bruce Pate 


Class of 2003 - Susan Allred, Charles Cook 
Class of 2004 - Lisa B. Cole, Richard Greenway 
Class of 2005 - Richard Stone, Albert Shuler 
Class of 2006 - Trish Archer, Ray Gooch 
Class of 2007 - Susan Allred, Paul Phillips III 

Roger V. Elliott, Cha/rperson 

Pastoral Care, Committee on 

Since 1971 the Committee on Pastoral Care has served the North Carolina Annual 

Conference by providing financial aid for confidential professional counseling and 

marriage and family enrichment. The Committee is comprised of five members from the 
Board of Ordained Ministry (one of whom serves as chair); one representative from the 
Conference Clergy Living Committee; one representative from the Clergy Partners 
Association; one Pastoral Counselor. Funding for grants and expenses of the committee 
is included in the budget of the Board of Ordained Ministry and the awarding of grants is 
dependent upon the availability of funds. 

Financial aid is available to both clergy and diaconal ministers and their families. The 
financial grants, of up to $400.00 per family per calendar year, are provided to cover one- 
half of the cost of counseling sessions. Ministers under the NC Conference health 
insurance program should review the Health Care Benefits for outpatient psychiatric care. 
The coordination of insurance benefits and Pastoral Care Grants should not exceed 100% 
of fees charged. 


The Committee on Pastoral Care encourages participation in marriage and family 
enrichment events, including those focusing on the needs of single as well as married 
ministers. Grants of up to $100 per individual, or $200 per family or couple are available. 
A schedule and/or outline of the events, leaders' names and credentials, and verification 
of participation should accompany a letter of application for the grant. 

Whereas, conference clergy and diaconal ministers and their families are eligible for 
grants, a family is defined as dependents of the minister living in the minister's home or 


Legislation / Reports 

parsonage, including spouse, children, parents, and grandparents. Children of the minister 
are eligible whether or not attending college or living at home through the age of 22. 
Persons who qualify for financial grants: 

1 . Clergy who are members of the NC Annual Conference whose status is active, 
retired or on leave in accordance with ffll 351, 352, or 353 of The Book of 
Discipline (2000), OR any person, regardless of conference relationship, who is 
serving a local church of the NC Annual Conference, or a dependent. 

2. Diaconal Ministers, or candidates who are serving a local church, members of 
the NC Annual Conference, and whose status is active, retired, or on leave. 

Special circumstances: 

Grant eligibility continues for two years for persons who have terminated their 

relationship with The United Methodist Church, for surviving spouses of ministers, 

and for former spouses of eligible persons. 
Only counselors or therapists who meet the following criteria qualify to receive grants 
from the Committee on Pastoral Care: 

Psychiatrist: American Medical Association (AMA) Board Certification, North 

Carolina License; 

Psychologist (Clinical): Licensed Practicing Psychologist, North Carolina License; 

Pastoral Counselor: Member, Fellow, or Diplomat of the American Association of 

Pastoral Counselors, Inc. (AAPC) 

Counselor: Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family 

Thereapists (AAMFT), North Carolina Certified Marriage and Family Therapists, 

North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) 

Social Worker: Member Association of Certified Social Workers (ACSW) 

The counselor or therapist, at the request of the qualifying client who is receiving the 
counseling, is to make application for a grant to the Chairperson of the Committee on 
Pastoral Care in the following manner: 

1. The counselor or therapist requests an application form and instructions from 
the Office of Ministerial Relations. This request should be addressed in care of 
the Office of Ministerial Relations, PO Box 10955, Raleigh, NC 27605. 

2. Once the application and instructions for a Pastoral Care Grant are received by 
the counselor/therapist, and a determination is made that the client qualifies, 
the application should be completed and returned to the Chairperson of the 
Committee on Pastoral Care. To protect the confidentiality of the client, the 
client's name shall never appear on the application. When more than one 
member of the client's family is involved in counseling, all family members shall 
be assigned the same case number. 

3. The counselor/therapist will receive the financial aid grant on behalf of the 
client to apply to the client's account or to refund to the client if the account has 
already been paid. Clients should request from the therapist a statement 
showing the amount of financial assistance received from the Pastoral Care 
Committee and should request the therapist to contact the Chairperson of 
Pastoral Care to negotiate an acceptable procedure if any problems arise 
concerning the process. The efient, not the Pastoral Care Committee, is 
responsible for all contracts, negotiated fees, and payment of services that 

are provided. 

4. The deadline for submitting grants is January 15 of the following year. 

2002 REPORT 

In 2002 the Committee on Pastoral Care granted $9,573.76 for counseling sessions. This 
represents 296 sessions with counselors and therapists during the calendar year. Grants 
were processed for 32 clients during 2002 representing 190 sessions for clergy, 5 for 


l^egislatio n j Reports 

cleric and spouse, 61 for spouse, 37 for dependent children, and 3 for families. Of these 
32 clients, 11 received the 2002 maximum of $400.00 in assistance. 

Cynthia D. Powell, Chairperson 

Psychological Testing and Background Checks, Committee on 
The Conference Board of Ordained Ministry evaluates all prospective and continuing 
candidates in accordance with requirements in The Book of Discipline 2000. Those 
seeking to enter ordained ministry or licensed ministry undergo a comprehensive 
evaluation. One component of the evaluation process involves psychological testing 
and background investigation, conducted under the direction of the Committee on 
Psychological Testing and Background Checks. 

Psychological testing serves two purposes: (1) It provides the individual with valuable 
information, feedback and guidance related to psychological health and wholeness. (2) It 
provides the Board of Ordained Ministry with useful information as it evaluates prospective 
and continuing candidates to determine their fitness, potential, and promise for fruitful and 
effective service in ordained and/or licensed ministry. 

For several years, psychological evaluation services have been provided through a 
contract with Dr. Gary Brown, a retired elder from the Western North Carolina Conference. 
Dr. Brown has done an outstanding job in providing this service, and the Committee is 
indebted to him for his guidance and counsel. We regret that he will be unable to continue 
to serve in this capacity but are delighted for him and his wife, Ann, who have moved to 
Franklin, Tennessee to be closer to their family. We are, however, fortunate indeed to be 
able to announce that Dr. Bert Lucas, a member of St. Luke United Methodist Church in 
Sanford, North Carolina, will be our new conference psychologist and we welcome him. 

Expenses for psychological evaluations are borne by the Board of Ordained Ministry 
for those persons residing within the annual conference and for those transferring into the 
conference when they are included with North Carolina Conference candidates for group 

Background checks on prospective and continuing candidates are furnished through 
a contract with Kroll Background America, Inc. Each background check costs $55.00 and 
the cost is borne by the applicant. The applicant is provided with a copy of their background 
check report once completed by Kroll. 

The Committee on Psychological Testing and Background Checks is composed of the 
following persons: Philip Beaman, Ray Wittman, Clyde Denny, David Wade, Paul Phillips, 
Jimmy Cummings, Sue Robertson and Brigitte Morris. 

Philip L Beaman, Chairperson 

Residency in Ordained Ministry, Committee on 

The North Carolina Conference Residency in Ordained Ministry (RIOM) program began in 
fulfillment of fl417.3 of the 1984 Discipline requiring Annual Conferences to provide 
Counseling Elders for Probationers. Adjusting to changes in the mentoring process 
mandated by subsequent Disciplines, RIOM continues to provide an opportunity for 
probationary members to grow and find support as they live and learn through this 
opportunity of concentrated focus and reflection on ministerial theology and practice. 
Eighteen years of experience with this program have demonstrated the great value in 
preparing probationers for Full Conference Membership. 

Special thanks are offered to the Reverend Bob Wallace, an RIOM pioneer. Bob has 
developed a manual for Cluster Group Leaders which has provided invaluable information 
to our leaders, and brought order and consistency to this significant process. An emerging 
group of current and future Cluster Groups leaders can be directly attributed to Bob's 
servant heart. 


Legislation / Reports 

The North Carolina Conference Board of Ordained Ministry uses a "Cluster Group 
Model" to meet the Disciplinary requirements for providing leadership and supervision for 
our probationary members. Probationers meet in small "cluster" groups throughout the 
probationary period. These groups are arranged, as often as possible, by geographical 
area in order to minimize travel time and facilitate greater fellowship. Cluster leaders are 
Elders who, by intention, are not members of the Board of Ordained Ministry. Recognizing 
that these cluster groups become an important source for collegiality and support, every 
effort is made to keep each participant in the same cluster, with the same leader, throughout 
the probationary period. 

A candidate serving under the 2000 Discipline can complete his/her requirements for 
Deacon/or Elder in Full Connection within three (3) years by accepting a full-time 
appointment and participating in the RIOM process. The Book of Discipline provides a 
maximum time line of six (6) years to complete these requirements. Under this three-year 
probationary process, year one (Phase A) focuses on issues of Christian spirituality, while 
year two (Phase B) involves the shared exploration of the practice of ordained ministry. 
Year three (Phase C) is a time of preparation for written and oral interviews with the 
Conference Board of Ordained Ministry as candidates consider the Disciplinary questions 
for all who seek to come into Full Connection. 

During the RIOM process, certain candidates may be required by the Board of Ordained 
Ministry to spend an additional year or more "continuing" the probationary process. A 
continuance does not mean the probationer has failed or that he/she does not have the 
gifts and grace for ministry. This continuance is better understood as an opportunity for 
the probationer to continue to grow in grace as they seek to answer God's call to ordained 

The RIOM committee also sponsors events aimed at sharing information helpful to 
candidates in their probationary process. In the past, probationers have met for an overnight 
retreat. A resource person selected by the Committee has led the group in exploring issues 
such as call to ministry, spiritual formation and practical concerns of pastoral leadership in 
the local church. 

In September of each year, Duke Divinity School sponsors a retreat for candidates who 
are preparing for Full Connection interviews in the coming year. This annual seminar is 
led by faculty from the Divinity School and focuses on theology, worship, and pastoral 
concerns. Though not mandatory, we strongly recommend this time of reflection for all 
who are planning to come before the Board for Full Connection interviews. As a part of 
this seminar, participants are given the opportunity to meet with representatives from the 
Board of Ordained Ministry's interview committees to discuss their preparations for the 
coming year and to address questions they may have. 

The Residency in Ordained Ministry Committee would like to offer a word of thanks to 
Jeff Arthurs, Tom Loftis, Rich Greenway, Dan Earnhardt, Claire Clyburn, Ken Hall, Jr., and 
Bob Wallace for their service as Cluster Group Leaders during the past year. These gifted 
servants have enabled our Annual Conference to offer candidates an enriching and 
worthwhile experience of growth and reflection. We, as a committee, are committed to 
helping candidates for Ordained Ministry in every way possible. 

Jon Strother, Chairperson 

Sexual Ethics Support Team 

The Board of Ordained Ministry was asked at the 1999 Annual Conference to implement a 
policy on professional sexual misconduct for the North Carolina Conference. Since this 
time the committee was organized and implemented the policy. The present committee is 
comprised of the following members: Tom Holtsclaw, Doris Fox, T.R. Miller, Charles Astrike 
and Cynthia Powell. 


h,egts!atto n j Reports 

The committee continued the training of sexual ethics support teams, persons available 
if the bishop wishes to deploy them to support persons who bring a complaint of sexual 
misconduct, to support persons against whom such complaints are made, and to support 
congregations which might be impacted by such circumstances. The careful training, 
coordinated by Mary Jane Wilson-Parsons, has prepared nine persons to serve as support 
team members. 

In response to the request of the Board of Ordained Ministry in 2000, Bishop Edwards 
has appointed The Reverend Mary Jane Wilson-Parsons to a less-than-full-time extension 
ministry as Coordinator of the Sexual Ethics Concerns. Her responsibilities include: 1) 
Design and implement training for SEST; 2) Make recommendations to and serve on the 
subcommittee of the Board of Ordained Ministry as a consultant and advisor to policy 
decisions; 3) Coordinate each SEST response, providing supervision to team members as 
needed; 4) Be available to consult with the bishop or members of the Cabinet regarding 
any instance of alleged clergy misconduct; 5) Provide outreach and education to members 
of the conference regarding the Sexual Ethics Policy and the role of the response team; 6) 
Be responsible for staffing the toll-free Clergy Ethics Hotline. This ministry began July 1, 
2000, and is funded by the Board of Ordained Ministry. 

Moral responsibility underlines the importance of our attention to this area of our life 
together. The sub-committee invites you to review the Sexual Ethics Policy (pgs. 248-250 
of The Journal 1999 - note: will be reprinted in 2003 journal). The policy is also available 
on disk from the Conference Secretary's Office. Awareness of and fulfillment of that policy 
will strengthen our covenant and will offer new avenues for grace in our lives. 

Thomas G. Holtsclaw, Chairperson 

Worship, Commission on 

The goal of the Commission on Worship continues to be one of service, plan, and 
precise execution of outlined liturgy for the Annual Conference. The Annual Conference 
presented several new challenges that the Commission diligently addressed in this 
fiscal year. The first challenge was to witness positively to the commission presented at 
the 2000 General Conference in Cleveland, Ohio with the issue of "Service of Repen- 
tance for the Sin of Racism" through Reconciliation, Repentance and Forgiveness. The 
Commission was an integral part of the inception and planning for the Annual Confer- 
ence special service through the guidance of Bishop Edwards and the cabinet. There 
were numerous inclusive meetings held prayerfully to incorporate this sensitive theme 
into the Annual Conference. It can be postulated that a favorable agreement was 
reached after careful debates, humble selection of participants, and God led songs and 
hymns selected for this spiritual program. 

A second challenge was the continue advent of technology that has launched the 
Commission to adventure into incorporating workshops possibly for the newly "Faith We 
Sing" hymnal. Several workshops were scheduled conveniently for the conference and 
churches. The purpose was to introduce new materials, and to remind Methodists that 
we have a singing God filled heritage. A creative new age worship style was presented 
for the millennium. 

A final challenge that the Commission experienced was a brief cancellation of 
early morning worship, because of logistics. The committee had sought many 
suggestions to continue this precious time of fellowship, but agreement were not 
favorable. Therefore, the Commission will continue to seek suggestions and comments 
from members in this conference for creative ideas for early morning worship. 

In short, the Commission came together and faced all challenges as one and God 
blessed us. The Commission would like to wholeheartedly thank the past chair and 


Legislation / Reports 

former members for their vision and service. As Commission will continue to strive to 
bring forth creative God sent liturgy to enhance each Annual Conference worship 

Johnnie L. Wright, Chairperson 

United Methodist Men 

The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church states: Each church or charge 
shall have an organized unit of the United Methodist Men chartered and annually 
recertified through the General Commission on United Methodist Men (GCUMM) to 
provide dedicated ministry for building men spiritually and involving men in the total 
ministry of the church (paragraph 256). 

The reason why chartering is important is because it enables the GCUMM to 
resource the local church, provide training for UMM leaders, coordinate men's materials 
and events, support UMM mission projects, as well as provide leadership in the ministry 
of scouting. Chartering connects each local fellowship to the district, conference, 
jurisdiction and GCUMM. Chartering supports a national staff of specialist in men's and 
scouting ministries. 

Follow these steps to organize your men and to charter: 1 st , get your pastor 
involved; 2 nd , ask the pastor to call a meeting with whatever number of men that you 
have in order to organize; and 3 rd , telephone the GCUMM for additional information and 
materials at (615) 340-7145 and ask for Ann Waller-Bee. The chartering fee is $50.00 
per unit. 

The letters EMS stands for Every Man Shares in Evangelism, Mission and Spiritual 
Life. This program is an annual UMM membership that supports the ministry and work 
of the UMM worldwide. The EMS fee is $25.00 per individual. 

The North Carolina Conference UMM encourages men to participate in our 
conference-wide events; namely, the potato drop each year at Annual Conference; the 
Bishop's Dinners to promote the Ministry of Scouting— to be held 9/26/03 and 10/3/03, 
respectively in New Bern and Fayetteville; and our annual Fall Rally at Goldsboro's St. 
Paul UMC on 1 0/1 8/03. Bishop Marion Edwards will be joining us for our Fall Rally. Our 
Upper Room Prayer Line Ministry is available each year at Annual Conference and at 
our Fall Rally. 

The conference and the district UMM will provide training at district leadership 
workshops with the approval of each district superintendent. The next Men's Congress 
at Purdue University has been scheduled for July 15-17, 2005. 

Mack B. Parker, President 

United Methodist Youth 

"Time of Your Life" is the theme for the year 2003 in Conference youth ministry. Being a 
Christian youth is the time of your life. I Timothy 4:12 says "Do not let anyone treat 
you as if you are unimportant because you are young. Instead, be an example to the 
believers with your words, your actions, your love, your faith, and your pure life." Jesus 
said in John 10:10, "I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest." 
This theme of time of your life is also expressed in the mission statement of Conference 
youth ministry: to walk with youth in their journey to know Christ by creating an 
environment in which youth can experience Christian communion to hear the Gospel, to 
know God's love and to respond in faith by loving and serving others... for in all of this 
we are making disciples of Jesus Christ. Through local church youth ministry with a 
variety of faces and programs and service projects; through districts offering 
opportunities for youth; with close to 7800 youth and adults participating in Conference 


h,egts!atto n j Reports 

youth events; and with an Episcopal Initiative that calls the church to reach out and 
meet the needs of young people we are indeed rejoicing in a time of our lives! 

Youth (and adults) from across the Conference have participated in ten events over 
the year: Confirmation Celebration, PK Getaway, Global Vision, Kaleidoscope, Rally 
Day, Appalachian Trail Hike, Summer Breakaway, ACS-Annual Conference Session for 
Youth, Youth Mission Workteam and Pilgrimage. The Confirmation Celebration offers an 
experience of the connectional church to those in confirmation classes from local 
churches. PK Getaway was a new retreat weekend offered exclusively for the teenage 
children of pastors in the Conference (held every other year in even number years). 
Global Vision included a visit to New York City and a seminar to explore issues of 
cultural sensitivity. Kaleidoscope is a Conference youth event that offers a spiritual life 
retreat for middle school youth. Rally Day was a bright and sunny spring afternoon that 
celebrated the place of youth within the life of the church. The Appalachian Trail Hike 
proved to be a mountaintop experience of God for those involved. Summer Breakaway 
and ACS offered times of worship and sharing experiences of fellowship and faith in 
small and large groups. Our youth mission workteam to Peru in 2003 and Costa Rica in 
other years is providing an avenue for Christian service. Pilgrimage (with 5900 in 
attendance-setting another record) in the Crown Coliseum with moving messages of 
invitation to Christian discipleship from Norman Coleman and music by Chris Hughes 
and our own NC Conference youth will be a Pilgrimage not soon forgotten. In addition 
to these events, Exploration is a new event offered with the Western NC Conference for 
senior high youth and college age young adults exploring Christian vocation and a call 
to ministry (held every other year on the odd number years). 

Youth Service Fund continues to be a avenue of mission for United Methodist 
Youth. Grants to such ministries with youth as Disciple Bible Outreach (Bibles for Dillon 
Youth Development Center), Conduit Day Camp, "Super Saturday" at Trinity UMC in 
Rockingham, the Junior Grade Senate of All God's Children UMC, Trinity UMC- 
Wilmington child care center, Positive Attitude Youth Center in Burlington, Seeds of 
Peace in New York, Appalachian Service Project, Camp Providence in South Carolina, 
Community Organic Gardens in Mississippi, Alaska Child Services and the Society of St 
Andrew are possible only in as much as local churches support and contribute to Youth 
Service Fund. Youth Service Fund is money raised by youth and spent by youth to 
benefit youth. While the contributions to YSF at Conference youth events is very good, 
more support from local churches is needed to reach our goal of $15000 a year. 

We rejoice in the vision that local church youth ministries are living toward in areas 
of mission, service, study, outreach, fellowship and spiritual growth. We celebrate and 
give thanks to the Annual Conference and all the people within local churches giving 
support and encouragement to youth ministry. We pray for God's guidance and 
blessing as we seek to find and live with Jesus in our lives. 

Ben Adams, President 


Trustees, Conference Board of 

The Board of Trustees of the Annual Conference is charged with responsibilities 
vital to the mission and ministry of the Conference as defined in paragraphs 2512 - 2516 
of the Book of Discipline. These include holding legal title and managing Conference 
property; receiving and holding bequests and donations; receiving and managing closed 
or abandoned churches and other property; recommending action to the Annual 
Conference regarding sale, lease or acquisition of property to serve the Conference 
interests and mission; and intervening to protect Annual Conference interests. 


Legislation /Reports 

Property Disposition over the Last Year 

For the past four years, the Trustees have investigated the re-location of the 
Conference headquarters into a new and more useable building, easily accessible to the 
entire Conference. Based upon action by the Annual Conference, the Trustees 
proceeded with the purchase of the Greenfield Park property in east Raleigh last July. 
The purchase price was $1 ,000,000 and the Trustees are confident that this is a good 
investment for our future needs. Details of this are included in the section on the United 
Methodist Building. 

During the course of the year, we have sold three closed church sites, the 
former Hope United Methodist Church in Bonlee, Holy Trinity Church in Greenville, and 
St. John United Methodist Property in Wilmington. Through these sales some $260,000 
was made available for church extension in the Sanford, Greenville and Wilmington 
districts through these actions. 

After very careful study over the past two years, the Trustees concluded it is 
less expensive to provide housing allowances for Conference staff than to maintain 

Four houses were disposed of in the Raleigh area. The proceeds were invested 
in our parsonage account, which now totals some one million dollars. The earnings on 
this account offset the cost of housing allowances and provide a source of funding 
should the Conference decide to provide parsonages for staff in the future. Currently, 
the Board of Trustees is managing two houses, one staff parsonage, located on 
Cartwright Drive, and the Episcopal residence. 

Frederick and Closs Peace Wardlaw Bequest 

Last August, the Trustees were notified of a bequest to be received from the 
estate of Frederick and Closs Peace Wardlaw in the form of some fourteen acres with 
dwelling on the Virginia shoreline of Kerr Lake. This was left for the purpose of 
providing a retreat or renewal location for clergy of the Conference. Extensive 
investigation has been conducted over the past year related to regulations, zoning and 
potential usages with local authorities and the Corps of Engineers. The Trustees 
concluded with the concurrence of the trustees of the estate that the best course was 
disposition of the property and investment in a fund to be used at a later time that 
honors the testamentary language and the intent of the original bequest. 

The United Methodist Building 

The goal of the trustees is to obtain a building suitable to the needs of the 
Conference and its staff without engaging in a major capital campaign or encumbering 
the Annual Conference with debt service. This implies utilizing the major assets we 
have, such as the property on Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, to best advantage. At some 
point, the Trustees will be prepared to present a plan that will seek permission from the 
Conference to either sell the site on Glenwood or use its value to make possible a move 
to Greenfield. 

In light of the current weak economy and soft office market, our progress in 
moving forward with the planning and ultimate construction of a new building in 
Greenfield has slowed. Our consultants tell us that the office market is weak throughout 
the Triangle . The good news that our headquarters building has remained fully 
occupied with rent paying tenants and we are maximizing our cash flow. 

We will continue to analyze the disposition of the existing building. We have 
determined that a sale of the building, given the current market conditions and the 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 

ultimate date of our move being question, is not a viable option in the short term. Our 
original goal in this process was to sell the existing building for as much as possible, 
invest those funds in a new building on our land in Greenfield, and occupy the building 
with little or no debt. 

Also be aware that our existing building will continue to need maintenance 
while it serves as our headquarters. It will need a new roof in the next few years and it 
continues to need repairs and renovations because of its age. We know that this cost 
will only escalate. 

We have made the decision to continue to leasing the excess space in the 
building to outside tenants on as long a lease term as possible in order to preserve our 
options. This will also help if we stay longer than we expected and if we move forward 
with a sale of the property in the coming years. 

The Conference must be assured that the Trustees are exploring all options. 
We continue to evaluate these over the next several years in terms of an outright sale 
as well as a joint venture with a developer. We welcome your comments and guidance 
in our work. 

William C. Simpson, Jr., President 


Legislation / Reports 

Plat of Proposed Site 


Legislation/ Reports 



0JH| ! 





■ ..::' 



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Legislation j Reports 

Conference Staff Relations, Committee on 

As a part of the Resources Ministries Circle, the Conference Staff Relations Committee 
confers and counsels with the Conference Connectional Ministries staff to continue and 
enhance effective ministry. In consultation with the Executive Director, the Committee 
makes recommendations to and meets at least annually with the staff, leads filling of 
staff positions and sets staff salaries. It also considers and recommends changes in 
other areas of staff support and concerns such as vacation, sick leave, housing, 
continuing education and other compensations. It functions as a Personnel Committee 
for the Administrative Assistants in the Methodist Building. 

The Committee is composed of nine voting members (four lay persons and five 
clergy including two District Superintendents). Ex-officio members without vote are the 
Resident Bishop, Lay Leader, President of CFA, Executive Director of Conference 
Connectional Ministries, Director of Ministerial Relations/Administrative Assistant to the 
Bishop, Conference Treasurer/Business Manager, Conference Secretary and United 
Methodist Foundation Director. 

Actions taken since the 2002 Conference are the recognition of the excellent work 
or our new Executive Director of Connectional Ministries, Rev. Charles Michael Smith, 
and our new Director of Multicultural and Social Ministries, Rev. Jesse Brunson, and the 
recommendation of 3.5% raise for conference staff effective January 1, 2003 based 
upon a survey of businesses, churches and non-profit agencies. Conference salaries 
are based upon many factors such as performance, experience, job requirements, and 
length of service. Each person's salary is carefully determined and employees are 
asked not to discuss their salary with other staff members. 

Executive Director Charles Smith has found a dedicated Conference staff and is 
pleased with their cohesiveness. A luncheon of appreciation was held for the staff whose 
Staff Organizational Chart is being revised. Due the the nature of their work, Director of 
Multi-cultural and Social Ministries Jesse Brunson and Director of Mission Development 
Steve Taylor live in Fayetteville and Lumberton, respectively, and sometimes work out of 
their homes. 

The entire clergy staff is performing admirably in their various positions and the 
committee recommended the Bishop reappoint them. 

L. Merritt Jones, Chairperson 

Equitable Compensation, Commission on 

The Book of Discipline mandates that "there shall be in each annual conference a 
commission on equitable compensation" (fl 623), whose purpose is "to support full- 
time clergy serving as pastors in the charges of the annual conference" (H623. 2). Three 
broad areas of responsibility are outlined in fl623. 2, which are: "(a.) Recommending 
conference standards for pastoral support; (b.) administering funds to be used in base 
compensation supplementation; and (c.) providing counsel and advisory material on 
pastoral support to district superintendents and committees on pastor-parish relations." 

God calls persons to ministry to go into all the world, preaching, teaching and 
baptizing (Matthew 28:19), for without them the world would not have heard Christ 
preached (Romans 10:14). These are called to be stewards of the mysteries of God (1 
Corinthians 4:1). The Church lifts up some persons for the role of clergy and ordains 
these persons to the work of pastoral ministry to be servants of the servants of God. 

Those who are ordained to pastoral ministry answer affirmatively the historic 
question of John Wesley, (H327. 17) "Are you determined to employ all your time in the 
work of God?" For such a called, set apart and committed clergy, the Church assumes 
an obligation to plan adequate support. The Book of Discipline is clear that "the primary 
responsibility for payment of pastoral salaries remains with individual pastoral charges 
(H622.5; see also fl246.12). Pastoral charges carry a responsibility for clergy salaries as 
one expression of their missional and ministry presences in the community. We recog- 


h,egts!afto n j Reports 

nize that such a missional presence also include faithful payment of apportionments in 
full as ministry beyond the local church. 

The Commission seeks equity and fairness for both pastors and local churches. 
Why should this commission be so concerned about equity and fairness? Our prayerful 
consideration of scriptural and historical foundations are found in the following: 

a. Jesus says, "the laborer deserves to be paid," (Luke 10:7) and Paul reminds us 
"Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of compensation, especially 
those who labor in preaching and teaching; for the scripture says, '"You shall 
not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain,'" (1 Timothy 5:17,18). 

b. Wesley was concerned that clergy have responsibility not to be "in debt so as 
to embarrass you in your work" (H327. 18), which implies that the Church has a 
responsibility that it neither lead its clergy into positions of embarrassing 
indebtedness, nor leave them there. 

c. The Great Commission to "go into all the world preaching, teaching and 
baptizing" brings with it a cost. Systems of clergy support which foster the use 
of the right pastor in the right place, hold up the hope of seeing the Great 
Commission bear its promised fruit. 

d. The Commission on Equitable Compensation embraces the Great Commandment 
to "love our neighbors as we love ourselves" by desiring for each pastor what 
our members desire for themselves - compensation adequate to free persons 
for the work of pastoral ministry. 

Through our prayers, working and considering together as both laity and clergy 
from across The N.C. Annual Conference, we make the following recommendations, 
which we believe will help us move toward fairness for both local churches and pastors 
as together we support ordained ministry in The N.C. Annual Conference. 

The Commission currently recommends a 4.76% increase for the year 2004. For 
the year 2003, the average full-time salary increase was approximately 5.18%. Our 
recommendation is based on several factors: (1) the average compensation from other 
conferences; (2) it more closely reflects the majority of salary increases for this confer- 
ence; (3) shows concern for general economic trends. However, the Commission 
currently recommends a 4.76% increase for the year 2004. For the year 2003 the 
average full-time salary increase was approximately 5.18%. 

I. Recommended Schedule of Minimum Compensation for 2004: 

A. Salary Schedule 

We recommend that the student minimum salary be based on 65% of the 
minimum salary of full-time pastors. 


(Full Connection, Associate, Probationary, Local Pastor) 

Salary $31,500.00 $33,500.00 

Utilities 2,000.00 2,000.00 

TOTAL $33,500.00 $35,000.00 

STUDENT PASTORS (Local Pastors or Conference Members) 

Salary $20,475.00 21,450.00 

Utilities 2,000.00 2,000.00 

TOTAL $22,475.00 $23,450.00 

B. Travel Expense 

Although travel is reimbursed by the local charge as an item of pastoral 
expense, it is expected that each local charge would provide at least $3,000 for 
travel expense. The Commission encourages each charge to establish a plan 
to reimburse the pastor for all legitimate business mileage at the current rate 
established by the IRS. Where such a plan is established for reimbursement of 
business mileage, equitable compensation support shall not be affected by 


Legislation / Reports 

payment of travel expenses. However, where a reimbursement plan is not 
implemented and a travel allowance is given, any travel allowance in excess of 
$3,000 will result in a reduction of equitable compensation support. 
C. Pension Program 

Charges receiving Equitable Compensation Funds support are responsible for 
paying the total amount required for the Ministerial Pension Plan (MPP) and the 
Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP) based on the pastor's cash base 
compensation (including funds from the Equitable Compensation Fund, Duke 
Endowment, and any other sources), and housing (percentage of cash base 
compensation designated by the General Board of Pension/Health Benefits or 
housing allowance, if provided in lieu of a parsonage). Cash base compensation 
plus housing in Plan Compensation. 
II. Principles Governing the Use of Equitable Compensation Funds: 

The pastor's base compensation is the responsibility of the charge; therefore, the 
each charge of The North Carolina Annual Conference should be so arranged as to 
be able to assume full salary support. The Commission urges each charge receiving 
Equitable Compensation Funds, its pastor, and the district superintendent responsible 
for that charge, to administer the affairs of that charge to the end that it may move 
as rapidly as possible toward total self-support. To enable the Annual Conference, 
the Commission and the district superintendents to carry on their cooperative 
efforts in understanding, in harmony and for the greatest good for all concerned, the 
following principles and procedures are set forth: 

A. In considering the base compensation for the charge, all income, including 
base compensation, bonuses, and other benefits not specifically excluded, are 
included as base compensation in determining appropriations from the Equitable 
Compensation Fund. Base compensation support for retired supply, interim 
supply, part-time local pastors, less than full-time conference members, or 
associate pastors in other than larger parish arrangement of churches will not 
be available. 

B. Charges must be so arranged that no more than one third (1/3) of the total 
base compensation will come from the Equitable Compensation Fund on the 
first application of the charge. Charges seeking more than one third (1/3) 
supplement shall provide specific information with their application, indicating 
the reasons for their inability to meet these guidelines. Information shall be 
made available to the Commission on Equitable Compensation and the district 
superintendent regarding the terms of Equitable Compensation support, giving 
the date of its inception and the present amount of support being received by 
the respective charges. 

When the division of a charge is desired, Equitable Compensation funds will be 
used only upon the recommendation of the Bishop and the approval of the cabinet. In 
the division of a charge in which one church seeks to become a station, it is recom- 
mended that such a church shall assume total responsibility for base compensation and 
its proportionate share of all apportionments. 

1 . The remainder of the charge in such a division assumes full pastoral 
support and proportionate share of all apportionments. In no case will the 
Commission on Equitable Compensation provide more than one third (1/3) 
of the base compensation required for such a division. 

2. When there is a division of a charge forming one or more student appointments, 
each newly created charge shall pay initially two thirds (2/3) of the pastoral 
support established by the division. 

C. Churches receiving Equitable Compensation Funds shall conduct an annual 
financial/stewardship campaign in the second year of receiving Equitable 
Compensation funds, to accurately gauge the level of financial support the 
local church can reasonable expect from its members. 


Legislation/ Reports 

D. The Commission further recommends that each charge which is receiving, or 
shall hereafter receive, Equitable Compensation Fund assistance, shall reduce 
this aid by at least ten percent (10%) each year until the charge has achieved 
full self-support in ten years. The Commission wants to be clear at this point 
that its intent in this recommendation is that charge will accept in full whatever 
increases are made in the minimum base compensation for their pastor each 
year and receive ten percent (10%) less each year in assistance from Equi- 
table Compensation Funds than granted the previous year. 

E. Any Equitable Compensation Fund supplement will be terminated immediately 
upon information that the pastor has taken full-time, secular employment. The 
supplement may be reinstated at the time the charges appointed pastor returns 
to full-time or student status. Exceptions to this provision will be permitted only 
by the approval of the executive committee of the Commission on Equitable 
Compensation upon the recommendation of the district superintendent of the 
pastor seeking to be employed outside their ministerial responsibilities for 
emergency reasons. 

F. Equitable Compensation Funds are to be sent to charges that have applied for 
their use to provide their pastor with the minimum base compensation established 
by the Annual Conference. The monthly base compensation supplement 
checks sent by the Conference Treasurer's office are to be deposited by the 
charge treasurer into the charge/church bank account. Checks shall not be 
endorsed nor cashed by the pastor. 

G. Ethnic Minority and Women Ministers: Each ethnic minority or woman minister 
who is an associate member or a member in full connection of The N.C. Annual 
Conference, serving full time, and who, in the opinion of the cabinet is rendering 
unusually effective service, will receive an incremental increase of $200 per 
service year, not to exceed $2,000 per year, for ten years of full-time service, 
when such clergy person's salary and utilities are equal to the Conference 
minimum base compensation. Said incremental increase is to administered by 
the Commission on Equitable Compensation upon the recommendation of the 
cabinet, approval by the charge conference, and the district superintendent. 
Further, the local church shall be responsible for all MPP and CPP payments 
on incremental increase. This policy does not restrict the Commission on 
Compensation, upon the recommendation of the cabinet, from making additional 
grants in extraordinary circumstances. 

H. Churches or charges applying for Equitable Compensation Funds shall submit 
a request on the appropriate form, supplied by the district superintendent. The 
pastor, recording secretary of the charge conference, and the district superintendent, 
shall carefully analyze the request. The application form must have the 
signatures of the pastor, recording secretary of the charge conference, and the 
district superintendent affixed to it, and receive the approval of the charge conference. 

I. The Commission on Equitable Compensation will not fund any charge that is 
also receiving funds from The Emerging Church Salary Fund. 
The Commission on Equitable Compensation plans further consultation and 
study with other Conference boards and agencies to seek ways to more 
adequately provide for the temporal needs of our pastors and churches. 
III. The Commission reports that 27 charges received a total of $166,914.00 in com 

pensation assistance in the year 2002. 

Steven N. Formo, Chairperson 


Legislation / Reports 

(This Page Left Blank) 


I. Conference Budget to be Raised 
January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2004 

Ministry Circles 

Request 2001 
Raised 2002 
for 2003 

Raised 2002 
for 2003 

for 2003 

1 ** world Service 
Mission Development 

2 Criminal Justice & Mercy Ministries 

3 Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries 

4 Evangelism 

5 Church & Society 

6 Disaster Response 

7 Asbury Homes Inc. 

8 Methodist Home for Children 

9 Methodist Retirement Homes 

10 Golden Cross Fund 

11 Multicultural Ministries 

12 Conference Plan of Inclusiveness 

13 Missions and Outreach 

14 Emerging Ministries 
Spiritual Formation 

15 ** Ministerial Education Fund 

16 Board of Ordained / Diaconal Ministry 

17 BODM: Sexual Ethics Salary & Benefits 

18 BODM: Sexual Ethics Programs 

19 Seminary Visitation 

20 Bishop's Days Apart 

21 Clergy Living Committee 

22 Stewardship 

23 Laity 

24 Worship 

25 Higher Education Leadership Team 

26 ** College Sustaining Fund 

27 Campus Ministry 

28 ** Higher Education Endowment 

29 Youth Ministry 

30 Children's Ministries 

31 Education 

32 Outdoor & Camping Min Inc. 

33 Clergy Counseling & Consultation 

34 Clergy Counseling & Consultation Sal & Ben 

35 Spiritual Formation and Wellspring 

36 Wellspring Office 

37 Wellspring Sal & Ben 

38 Comm. on Episcopacy 

$1,625,358 1,554,304.51 














































































































Approved Requested 

Request 2002 Request 2003 
Raised 2003 Raised 2004 Increase 
for 2004 for 2005 (Decrease) 

4.18% %of 

% Increase Total 

(Deer) Apport 






























































































































































































































I. Conference Budget to be Raised 
January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2004 

Ministry Circles 

Request 2001 


Raised 2002 

Raised 2002 


for 2003 

for 2003 

for 2003 























































I $147,351 































































39 District Supt. Fund: Salaries 

40 District Supt. Fund: Travel 

41 Assistant to Cabinet 

42 Dist. Supt. Fund: Cabinet Exp. 

43 Cabinet Discretionary Fund 

44 Annual Conf. Expense 

45 Annual Conf. Registrar Sal & Ben 

46 Conf. Secretary's Office 

47 Conf. Secretary's Office Sal & Ben 

48 Conference Journal/Printing 

49 Bishop's Discretionary Fund 

50 Dir Ministerial Relations-Sal & Benefits 

51 Dir Ministerial Relations-Office 

52 Monitoring & Accountability 

53 Christian Unity 

54 NC Council of Churches 

55 Office of the Bishop 

56 Emerging Church Support 

57 Office of Congregational Dev. Sal & Ben 

58 Office of Congregational Dev. 

59 Communications 

60 Archives & History 

61 Publications: NC Christian Advocate 
Resource Ministries 

62 ** General Administration 

63 ** SEJ Mission & Ministry 

64 Conf. Treasurer's Office Sal & Ben 

65 Conf. Treasurer's Office 

66 Treasurer Bonding & Insurance 

67 Information Management Office 

68 Information Management Sal & Ben 

69 Conf. Board of Trustees 

70 Contingency Fund 

71 ** Meth. Bldg. Operating Fund 

72 ** Meth. Bldg. Capital Fund 

73 Episcopal Residence 

74 Staff Housing 

75 Legal Counsel 

76 Minister's Transition Fund 

77 Equitable Compensation 

Approved Requested 

Request 2002 Request 2003 



Raised 2003 Raised 2004 


% Increase 


for 2004 for 2005 














































































































































































































































I. Conference Budget to be Raised 
January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2004 

Request 2001 


Ministry Circles 

Raised 2002 

Raised 2002 


for 2003 

for 2003 

for 2003 

78 Emergency Salary Fund 




79 Minister's Moving Expense 




80 Joint Comm. on Incapacity 




81 Conf. Claimants -Retiree Insurance 




82 In-coming WATS 




83 Conference Staff Relations Comm 




84 Board of Institutions 




85 General and Jurisdictional Conference 




86 Nominations 




Conference Connectlonal Ministries 

87 Office Meetings & Programs 




88 Staff Salaries and Benefits 




I World Service & Connectional Ministries $12,406,117 



Pasf Service Liability 

II ** Past Service Liability-Pensions 



$37,456 II 

Other General Conference 

III ** Episcopal Fund 



$3,240 III 

IV ** Africa University Fund 



$2,434 IV 

V ** Black College Fund 



$17,323 V 

VI ** Interdenominational Coop.Fund 



$3,046 VI 

Total Other General Apportionments 




Grand Total All Funds 




Total General Conference 




Total Jurisdictional Conference 




Total Pensions & Conference Claimants 

i $4,100,000 



Total Annual Conference 




Approved Requested 

Request 2002 Request 2003 



Raised 2003 Raised 2004 


% Increase 


for 2004 for 2005 

































































































































Ha. Actual Operating Budget for 2002 

Carry Operating Actual 2002 

Ministry Circles 3ver fron Raised Appr'vd Budget Expense Remain 

2001 in 2001 Supplem for 2002 2002 Balance 

1 ** World Service 1,584,470 1,625,358 1,554,533 -228 
Mission Development 

2 Criminal Justice& Mercy Minis 13,287 13,287 13,287 

3 Disciple Bible Outreach Ministr 

4 Evangelism 

5 Church & Society 

6 Disaster Response 

7 Asbury Homes Inc. 

8 Methodist Home for Children 

9 Methodist Retirement Homes 

10 Golden Cross Fund 

11 Multicultural Ministries 

12 Conference Plan of Inclusivene 

13 Missions and Outreach 

14 Task Forces/Emerging Needs 

15 Emerging Ministries 
Spiritual Formation 

16 ** Ministerial Education Fund 

17 Board of Ordained / Diaconal M 

18 BOM:Sexual Ethics Salary & Be 

19 BOM:Sexual Ethics Program 

20 Seminary Visitation 

21 Bishop's Days Apart 

22 Clergy Living Committee 

23 Stewardship 

24 Laity 

25 Worship 

26 Higher Education Leadership T 

27 ** College Sustaining Fund 

28 Campus Ministry 

29 ** Higher Education Endowmer 

30 Youth Ministry 

31 Children's Ministries 

32 Education 

33 Outdoor & Camping Min Inc. 

34 Clergy Counseling & Consultati 

35 Clergy Counseling & Consultati 

36 Spiritual Formation 

37 Wellspring Office 

38 Wellspring Sal & Ben 

39 Episcopacy 

40 District Supt. Fund: Salaries 

41 District Supt. Fund: Travel 

42 Assistant to Cabinet 

43 Dist. Supt. Fund: Cabinet Exp. 

44 Cabinet Discretionary Fund 

45 Annual Conf. Expense 

46 Annual Conf. Registrar Sal & Bi 

47 Conf. Secretary's Office 

48 Conf. Secretary's Office Sal & E 

49 Conference Journal/Printing 

50 Bishop's Discretionary Fund 

51 Dir Ministerial Relations-Sal & I 

52 Dir Ministerial Relations-Office 

53 Monitoring & Accountability 

54 Christian Unity 

55 NC Council of Churches 





















































































































































































































Ha. Actual Operating Budget for 2002 

Ministry Circles 

56 Office of the Bishop Sal & Ben 

57 Office of the Bishop 

58 Emerging Church Support 

59 Office of Congregational Dev. ! 

60 Office of Congregational Dev. 

61 Communications 

62 Archives & History 

63 Publications: NC Christian Adv 

Resource Ministries 

64 ** General Administration 

65 ** SEJ Mission & Ministry 

66 Conf. Treasurer's Office Sal & E 

67 Conf. Treasurer's Office 

68 Treasurer Bonding & Insurance 

69 Information Management Office 

70 Information Management Sal & 

71 Conf. Board of Trustees 

72 Contingency Fund 

73 ** Meth. Bldg. Operating Fund 

74 ** Meth. Bldg. Capital Fund 

75 Episcopal Residence 

76 Staff Housing 

77 Legal Counsel 

78 Minister's Transition Fund 

79 Equitable Compensation 

80 Emergency Salary Fund 

81 Minister's Moving Expense 

82 Joint Comm. on Incapacity 

83 Conf. Claimants -Retiree Insula 

84 In-coming WATS 

85 Conference Staff Relations Cor 

86 Board of Institutions 

87 Nominations 

Conference Connectional Minis 

88 Office Meetings & Programs 

89 Staff Salaries and Benefits 

World Service & Connectional H 62,558 11,537,555 585,856 12,262,531 11,934,736 187,204 
Pasf Service Liability 


Operating , 



Dver fron 

Raised . 


Budget I 

Expense I 



in 2001 : 


for 2002 


























































i 4,139 























































































** Past Service Liability-Pensio 
Other General Conference 





" Episcopal Fund 






** Africa University Fund 






** Black College Fund 






** Interdenominational Coop.Fu 






** Mission Initiatives 


"SEJ Missional Growth Fund 

Total Other General Apportioni 748,366 757,503 732,103 -643 

Grand Total All Funds 62,558 14,571,361 585,856 15,520,034 15,129,383 186,561 

Total General Conference 
Total Jurisdictional Conference 
Total Pensions & Conference C 
Total Annual Conference 

** Funds that are raised and paid out in the same year. 


















lib. Actual Operating Budget for 2003 

Ministry Circles 

1 ** World Service 
Mission Development 

2 Criminal Justice & Mercy Minis 

3 Disciple Bible Outreach Ministr 

4 Evangelism 

5 Church & Society 

6 Disaster Response 

7 Asbury Homes Inc. 

8 Methodist Home for Children 

9 Methodist Retirement Homes 

10 Golden Cross Fund 

11 Multicultural Ministries 

Carry Operating 03 Budg/ 03 Budg/ 

)ver fron Raised Appr'vd Budget 02 Budg 02 Act. % of 
2002 in 2002 Supplement for 2003 % Change % Change Total 





371 5,738 








5.74% 10.47% 

12 Conference Plan of Inclusivene 3,191 57,377 

13 Missions and Outreach 2,137 344,262 

14 Task Forces/Emerging Needs 

15 Emerging Ministries 202 71,721 
Spiritual Formation 

16 ** Ministerial Education Fund 602,189 

17 Board of Ordained / Diaconal M 172,131 

18 BOM:Sexual Ethics Salary & Be 

19 BOM:Sexual Ethics Program 

20 Seminary Visitation 96 956 

21 Bishop's Days Apart 956 9,563 

22 Clergy Living Committee 96 956 

23 Stewardship 126 9,563 

24 Laity 1,913 19,126 

25 Worship 383 3,825 

26 Higher Education Leadership T 669 6,694 

27 ** College Sustaining Fund 503,169 

28 Campus Ministry 397,382 

29 ** Higher Education Endowmer 19,126 

30 Youth Ministry 28,689 

31 Children's Ministries 17,691 

32 Education 956 9,563 

33 Outdoor & Camping Min Inc. 292,088 

34 Clergy Counseling &Consultati 129,098 

35 Clergy Counseling SConsultati 

36 Spiritual Formation 23,907 

37 Wellspring Office 9,563 

38 Wellspring Sal & Ben 112,842 

39 Episcopacy 110 1,148 

40 District Supt. Fund: Salaries 1,136,239 

41 District Supt. Fund: Travel 76,503 

42 Assistant to Cabinet 

43 Dist. Supt. Fund: Cabinet Exp. 33,470 

44 Cabinet Discretionary Fund 7,172 

45 Annual Conf. Expense 119,536 

46 Annual Conf. Registrar Sal &Bi 2,869 

47 Conf. Secretary's Office 8,415 

48 Conf. Secretary's Office Sal & E 70,287 

49 Conference Journal/Printing 47,814 

50 Bishop's Discretionary Fund 1,913 

51 Dir Ministerial Relations-Sal & I 203,342 

52 Dir Ministerial Relations-Office 18,169 

53 Monitoring & Accountability 383 3,825 

54 Christian Unity 575 6,694 

55 NC Council of Churches 

11,475 -13.64% -13.64% 0.09% 

























































































































-111,000 18,098 -45.16% -35.40% 0.21% 

120,902 120,902 18.53% 19.65% 


9,563 -1.62% -1.62% 0.06% 

5,158 118,000 142.79% 142.79% 0.31% 












































-3,000 44,814 -28.65% -25.71% 0.40% 

1,913 -1.62% -1.62% 0.01% 

1,908 205,251 6.08% 6.08% 1.25% 

18,169 -16.67% -16.67% 0.14% 

4,208 -13.41% 38.33% 0.03% 

7,269 -2.87% 5.21% 0.05% 

16,000 16,000 0.00% 0.10% 

lib. Actual Operating Budget for 2003 

Ministry Circles 

56 Office of the Bishop Sal & Ben 

57 Office of the Bishop 

58 Emerging Church Support 

59 Office of Congregational Dev. ! 

60 Office of Congregational Dev. 

61 Communications 

62 Archives & History 

63 Publications: NC Christian Adv 

Resource Ministries 

64 ** General Administration 

65 ** SEJ Mission & Ministry 

66 Conf. Treasurer's Office Sal & E 

67 Conf. Treasurer's Office 

68 Treasurer Bonding & Insurance 

69 Information Management Office 

70 Information Management Sal & 

71 Conf. Board of Trustees 

72 Contingency Fund 

73 ** Meth. Bldg. Operating Fund 

74 ** Meth. Bldg. Capital Fund 

75 Episcopal Residence 

76 Staff Housing 

77 Legal Counsel 

78 Minister's Transition Fund 

79 Equitable Compensation 

80 Emergency Salary Fund 

81 Minister's Moving Expense 

82 Joint Comm. on Incapacity 

83 Conf. Claimants -Retiree Insula 

84 In-coming WATS 

85 Conference Staff Relations Cor 

86 Board of Institutions 

87 Nominations 

Conference Connectional Minis 

88 Office Meetings & Programs 

89 Staff Salaries and Benefits 

World Service & Connectional Jl 20,950 11,863,776 

Pasf Service Liability 

II ** Past Service Liability-Pensioi 

Other General Conference 

III ** Episcopal Fund 

IV ** Africa University Fund 

V "Black College Fund 

VI ** Interdenominational Coop.Fu 

VII ** Mission Initiatives 
VII "SEJ Missional Growth Fund 

Total Other General Apportioni 

Grand Total All Funds 

Total General Conference 
Total Jurisdictional Conference 
Total Pensions & Conference C 
Total Annual Conference 



03 Budg/ 

03 Budg/ 

Dver fron 




02 Budg 

02 Act. 



in 2002 


for 2003 

% Change 

% Change 






























































































































































































326,696 12,368,915 


3.64% 79.01% 

































,950 15,057,780 

326,696 15,842,512 


























Funds that are raised and paid out in the same year. 

lie. Contingency Reserve Fund 



Interest on Checking 


Interest on Investments 


Interest on Metho. Found. 


Interest on Church Loans 


Net Reclaim Last Year 


Other Receipts 


Post Audit Receipts 




2002 Budget Supplements 


2002 Non-Budget Supplements 


2003 Budget Supplements 


2003 Non-Budget Supplements 


Interest Paid 


Audit Adjustments 



Change in Net Assets 



Non-Budget Supplements 

Task Force on Unity Dialogue $730 

Total Non-Budget Supplements $730 

lie. Contingency Reserve Fund 

Budget Supplements: 2002 2003 

Church & Society 

Board of Ordained / Diaconal Ministry 

BOM:Sexual Ethics Salary & Benefits 

BOM:Sexual Ethics Program 

Campus Ministry 

Clergy Counseling & Consultation 

Clergy Counseling & Consultation Sal & Ben 

Spiritual Formation 

Wellspring Sal & Ben 

District Supt. Fund: Salaries 

District Supt. Fund: Travel 

Assistant to Cabinet 

Dist. Supt. Fund: Cabinet Exp. 

Annual Conf. Expense 

Annual Conf. Registrar Sal & Ben 

Conf. Secretary's Office 

Conf. Secretary's Office Sal & Ben 

Conference Journal/Printing 

Dir Ministerial Relations-Sal & Benefits 

Dir Ministerial Relations-Office 

NC Council of Churches 

Office of the Bishop Sal & Ben. 

Office of the Bishop 

Emerging Church Support 

Office of Congregational Dev. Sal & Ben 

Office of Congregational Dev. 

Conf. Treasurer's Office Sal & Ben 

Conf. Treasurer's Office 

Conference Audit 

Information Management Office 

Information Management Sal & Ben 

Conf. Board of Trustees 

Contingency Fund 

Staff Housing 

Emergency Salary Fund 

Minister's Moving Expense 

Joint Comm. on Incapacity 

Conference Staff Relations Comm 


Staff Salaries and Benefits 

World Service & Connectional Ministries 



















































































l^egislatio n j Reports 

Finance and Administration, Council on 

The United Methodist Church is a connectional church, and all local churches partici- 
pate in the mission and service giving of the larger church. The outreach and mission 
giving opportunities of the Connection are distributed to the churches of the NC Confer- 
ence by means of a formula based on the financial performance in each local church. 
Every effort is made to develop a computation which is shared with fairness by all. 
Church leaders are encouraged to interpret the work of the Connection so that each 
congregation understands these funds to be a necessary extension of the ministry and 
mission of the church beyond its local organization. 

1. The funds to be apportioned are: 

World Service and Connectional Ministries 

Past Service Liability - Pensions 

Episcopal Fund 

Interdenominational Cooperation Fund 

Black College Fund 

Africa University Fund 

2. Formula: The Apportionments for each year shall be based on the average of 
the total monies disbursed by each church in the four years immediately 
previous to the apportionment year less the approved exclusions each 
year, or on the most recent year less the approved exclusions, whichever 
is lower. The change in unadjusted apportionments from the previous 
year shall not increase or decrease in excess of 15%. The exclusions are: 
Payments on World Service and Conference Benevolences, Ministerial 
Support and Connectional Administration, Past Service Liability - Pensions, 
Episcopal Fund, and all other apportionments; district work fund; principal 
and interest on indebtedness; buildings and improvements; local benevo- 
lences paid directly by the local church; General and Conference Advance 
Specials; Ten Dollar Club; up to $4,500 for travel paid by a charge for each 
pastor; United Methodist Student Day; Human Relations Day; Peace and 
Justice Sunday; Native American Awareness Sunday; One Great Hour of 
Sharing; World Communion Sunday; UMW Funds sent to district or 
conference treasurer; housing allowance paid in lieu of furnished parson- 
age to a minister serving under Episcopal appointment in a charge of the 
Conference; offerings taken for disasters as designated by the Disaster 
Response Committee and the Resident Bishop. 

3. Beginning with all new congregations started in the NC Conference after 
July 1, 1993, the following formula shall be used to determine a new 
congregation's base for setting apportioned contributions for mission and 
service giving: 




C 4Ai4 No Cap 

D (3A*+ B)i4 No Cap 

E (2A+ B + C) ±4 No Cap 

F (A+ B + C + 6) i4* No Cap 

G (B + C + D + E) 14 15% Cap" 

* Standard formula 

** Maximum % increase cap shall be the percentage determined by Annual Conference 

4. Apportionments to the churches shall be made by the Council on Finance 
and Administration (CFA) based on the current formula. Each cause shall 
be paid proportionately out of the income from funds received up to the 


Legislation / Reports 

amount fixed by the Annual Conference. In the event receipts shall fall 
short, all items shall be paid pro-rata. 

The CFA is authorized to make supplementary appropriations be- 
tween sessions of the Annual Conference, if funds are available, for 
emergency or unforseen needs. Such supplementary appropriations 
shall be made only from available undesignated funds. It is the intent 
of CFA that 50% of supplemental funds available be designated for the 
retirement of our current liabilities. In the light of possible unforseen 
and emergency need beyond available resources within the Annual 
Conference, the CFA is authorized to adjust the pro-rata distribution 
by up to 10% at its discretion and is authorized to use such funds to 
make supplementary appropriations according to this provision. 
General Church apportionments will be paid in full as collected to 
general agencies and will not be subject to adjusted pro-rata distribu- 
tions. All supplementary appropriations made under these provisions 
shall be reported in the Conference Journal for purposes of information 
5. Apportionments will be delivered from the treasurer's office to the district 

superintendents by July 18, 2003. 
The following special offerings shall be taken in each local church and remitted 
to the Conference treasurer as separate items. They are not to be included in 
the Apportionments: United Methodist Student Day, Human Relations Day, 
Peace with Justice Sunday, Native American Awareness Sunday, One Great 
Hour of Sharing, World Communion Sunday. 

No Conference agency's budget shall incorporate funds to be appropriated to a 
non-conference agency, without specific approval of CFA. All funds granted to 
a non-conference agency must be spent consistent with the Social Principles of 
The United Methodist Church. 

No transfer of funds shall be made from one line item in the Conference Budget 
to another. 

All General Church Funds (World Service, Episcopal, Ministerial Education, 
Black Colleges, Africa University, Interdenominational Cooperation, General 
Administration) and College Sustaining Fund, Past Service Liability Fund, 
Jurisdictional Conference, and Methodist Building Routine and Capital Mainte 
nance Funds will be raised and paid out in the same year. All other funds will 
be raised and paid out in the subsequent year on a schedule determined by the 

Investment Policy: The investment of the funds of the conference shall be such 
that funds available for mission are maximized in a manner consistent with the 
preservation of capital and with the Social Principles of The United Methodist 
Church. Investments are with the United Methodist Foundation, Inc. (local), 
the United Methodist Church Foundation (national), area banks, and with 
specific minority financial institutions within the bounds of the NC Conference. 
Investments of funds reserved for use in the next budget year shall be 
invested 50% fixed income investments and 50% equity investments. 
The Conference is also a member of Project Equality. 

Monies paid by the churches shall be reported to the statistician by the pastors 
at the end of the year on the Table II, Financial Report. The Table I and Table 
II reports for 2003 shall be due to the statistician no later than January 31, 2004. 
The Council may enact its own bylaws governing meetings, quorum, and other 
matters of procedure as authorized in the Discipline, fl 610.5.b. 
The Council shall maintain a central treasury for all Conference agencies as 
authorized by fl 611.11 of the Discipline, and the 1953 session of the Annual 
Conference. Annual Conference boards and agencies, including those sepa- 
rately incorporated, are required to maintain their funds on deposit in the 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 

central treasury unless exempted by the Annual Conference or the Discipline. 
Exemptions are granted to the Methodist Home for Children, the Methodist 
Retirement Homes, the Colleges, the United Methodist Foundation, Inc., Board 
of Missions, Inc., Asbury Homes and North Carolina United Methodist 

Commission on Outdoor and Camping Ministries, Inc.. 

J. All new programs or entities which would not be funded by an existing ap- 
proved budget shall be referred to the CFAfor review of budget needs and 
supplemental funds available prior to approval by Annual Conference. If the 
item is approved, the next year's budget shall be amended to include the 
necessary funds based on the CFA recommendation. 

IV. Approval to Solicit Funds 

Any organization designated as a Conference Advance Special may ask local 
churches to consider opportunities for giving. It shall be at the discretion of the 
local church as to whether, when and how these opportunities will be presented to 
the membership. Solicitation or private campaign may not be taken directly into 
local churches of the Conference through solicitation in classes or other groups or 
by the use of membership lists (either partial or in entirety). 

Approval is given to the requests of the following agencies and programs for 
the privilege of soliciting funds under these policies throughout the District or 

A. Christmas Offering for District programs and/or projects. 

B. The Commission on Congregational Development for the promotion of the 
Church Extension Ten Dollar Club and the John Wesley Endowment for 
Congregational Development. 

C. The Board of Directors for Outdoor and Camping Ministries, Inc. to solicit from 
church groups and individuals, materials and money for specific projects for the 
four camps of the North Carolina Conference. 

D. The State Commission on Campus Ministry for the privilege of private solicitation 
for special gifts for the benefit of special works in the state-supported institutions 
of higher education. 

E. Methodist Retirement Homes, Incorporated; Methodist Home for Children; 
Louisburg College; Methodist College; North Carolina Wesleyan College; and 
Asbury Homes for the privilege of private solicitation and receipt of such funds 
as may be directed thereto. 

F. The United Methodist Foundation, Incorporated, as provided in its charter. 

G. The Disaster Response Committee upon joint decision of the committee and 
the Resident Bishop to respond to disasters within the bounds of the NC 
Annual Conference. 

The CFA continues to recommend that 100% "Missional Service Giving" be the on- 
going priority. The Council also recommends that stewardship continue to be a 
missional focus, Conference priority. 

V. District Superintendent's Salary 

CFA continues to recommend, as sustained by the 1998 Annual Conference, that the 
percentage change in district superintendents' salary be the same as the average 
percentage change in salary (salary and utilities) for the prior year for all full-time 
pastors serving local charges in the NC Annual Conference. The percentage change, 
2003 over 2002, is 5.18%; ($1,500 or 4.76% increase for Equitable Compensation 

minimum salary. See page . We currently recommend the 2004 salary for 

district superintendents to increase by 3.5% ( $3.012) . to $ 89.076.00 . Utilities for 
the district superintendent are paid by the district. 

VI. Organization and Procedure (presented for information only) 

A. The audit for 2003 will be by McGladrey & Pullen, Raleigh, NC. 

B. The president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer of the CFA shall serve 
as the executive committee of the Council. The Council shall elect two additional 


Legislation / Reports 

members to the executive committee from its voting membership. 

C. The Conference treasurer will include in the monthly financial reports, for any 
given month, all monies received in the office by 8:30 a.m. on the 5th day of 
the following month, except when the 5th day falls on a weekend or holiday the 
report will include the funds received by 8:30 a.m. on the following workday. 

D. The treasurer may approve minor overexpenditures of a budget line item up to 
$5,000 or 5% of the line item, whichever is less. A request for such 

over expenditure shall be submitted in writing in advance and shall state the 
reason for the request. The overexpenditure will be reported to CFA and will be 
listed in the Conference Journal. 

E. Any Conference or non-conference agency which receives Conference funds in 
excess of $1,000 shall submit, with any budget request, an annual detailed 
audited budget report of all receipts, disbursements and assets. A statement in 
effect that "All funds granted have been spent consistent with the social 
principles of The United Methodist Church" will be furnished to CFA upon 
submission of the audit. Such reports received may be reported in whole or in 
summary form in the Conference Journal and shall remain on file in the 
treasurer's office. An agency may be exempted (for just cause) from this 
reporting requirement by CFA. Note: CFA requests the Board of Institutions to 
provide regular reports (at least annually) regarding its financial monitoring of 
related institutions/programs. 

F. A carry-over of budgeted funds remaining (not including any supplemental 
appropriations) of up to 1 0% of the amount raised for the subsequent year will 
be allowed for Conference budget line items. Any carryover or portion 
thereof by this policy may be rescinded in any year in which funds are not 
available to meet basic ministry needs as determined by CFA. 

G. Funds appropriated to a board or agency must be spent in the calendar year of 
the appropriation unless otherwise allowed. 

H. Supplemental Appropriations: The Council will consider requests for supplemental 
appropriations in the following priority order: 
First Priority 

Salary and benefit items previously approved according to the policies of the 

Annual Conference or General Conference (i.e. Equitable Compensation Funds, 

staff salaries, etc.) 

Programs authorized and mandated by the NC Annual Conference which are 

not included in the Annual Conference budget for that financial year. 

Amounts required by the Past Service Funding Plan adopted jointly by the 

Board of Pensions and the CFA which are not raised by the Board of Pensions 

annual budget requests. 
Second Priority 

New creative programs to respond to emerging needs and to expand the mission of the 
Annual Conference which are not included in the Conference budget for that year. Such 
programs will be funded through supplemental appropriations only on a short-term basis. 

Emergency needs and programs in the life of the boards and agencies of the 
Annual Conference. The petitioning group shall make such requests in writing to the 
treasurer's office at least 15 working days before a scheduled CFA meeting. 
Third Priority 

Any other type of funding requests. 
Procedure for seeking supplemental appropriations: 

1. All requests for supplemental appropriations shall be made to the CFA 
President and/or the Conference Treasurer's office in writing at least 15 
working days before a scheduled CFA meeting. 

2. The normal procedure for requests for supplemental appropriations will be 


l^egLslatw n j YLeports 

a review by the CFA supplemental appropriations committee which will 
make a recommendation to the full Council. 
3. If an emergency request for supplemental appropriations is received 
between scheduled meetings, the CFA supplemental appropriations 
committee will consider the request and direct the Conference treasurer to 
forward it to the membership via mail with a recommendation for action. 

I. Interest shall be paid to/from the Board of Pensions, Insurance Fund, 

Blackburn Scholarship Fund, Camps Endowment for Maintenance, Church 
Extension Redevelopment, and Church Extension Salary Endowment funds 
using the rate of the conference interest bearing checking account, com- 
pounded monthly, on monthly average balances held by the Conference treasurer. 

J. Retroactive adjustments for transfer or posting delays will be made to the 

Board of Pensions and the Insurance Fund accounts for earnings calculations. 

K. Funds in excess of operational needs for the Board of Pensions and the 
Insurance fund are invested in the United Methodist Foundation, Inc^ of 
the N.C. Conference. 

L. In order to prevent a loss of funds due to investment risk, and in order to have 
funds available for emergency use, the goal of the Council is to maintain 
minimum reserve funds equal to 15% of the current operating budget for 
World Service and Connectional Ministries and the Past Service Liability. 
Supplemental appropriations from current year earnings shall follow the 
guidelines in paragraph H above. Supplemental appropriations beyond 
current year earnings shall follow the following guidelines: 1 . If reserves 
are less than or equal to 20% of the current operating budget, then only 
supplements to meet payroll for existing positions may be considered. 2. 
If reserves are above 20% and below 30% of operating budget, then only 
supplements to meet payroll for existing positions and unfunded liabilities 
may be considered. 3. If reserves are equal to or greater than 30% of 
operating budget, then other requests may be considered. 4. No request 
may be considered if the amount requested would reduce reserves below 
15% of operating budget. 

M. Mailing address labels will be available for a nominal fee to conference 
agencies, clergy and lay members of Annual Conference or other United 
Methodists for church related uses. 

N. CFA Meeting Schedule: The executive committee meets at the call of the 
President. Scheduled meetings are: 

June 2003: There may be a called meeting in conjunction with Annual 
Conference if necessary to elect officers or conduct other business. 
August 27, 2003: An optional meeting to be held if necessary at the call of 
the President. 

November 5, 2003: An optional meeting to be held if necessary at the call of 
the President. 

December 3, 2003: To consider apportionment matters and supplemental 
appropriations for salaries. 

January 14, 2004: To look at the shortfall and make a decision regarding 
paying out the general church apportionments 

February 4, 2004: To consider the operating budget for the current year. All 
payments on apportionments are due to the Treasurer by mid-January. A report 
of receipts, amounts allocated to the budgeted boards and agencies, and 
supplemental appropriations are decided at the meeting. 
March 3, 2004: To consider the budget to be recommended to Annual Confer- 
ence which will be raised in the subsequent year and spent in the year follow 
ing that. Additionally, the CFA policy recommendations to the Annual Conference 
are adopted. 


Legislation / Reports 

O. Dates to Remember: 

July 18, 2003: Apportionments sent to the Districts. 

November 12. 2003: Requests for supplemental appropriations for the 2003 
operating budget due in the treasurer's office. 

January 13, 2004: Annual Conference and General Church remittances must 
be received by 8:30 A.M. in order to receive credit for 2003. (Subject to 
change based on GCFA final closing date.) 

January 23, 2004: Requests for supplemental appropriations for the 2004 
operating budget due in the treasurer's office. 
January 31, 2004: Tables I and II due to the Conference statistician. 
February 11, 2004: Requests for the 2006 budget, to be adopted at the 2004 
Annual Conference, due in the treasurer's office. 
VII. Cumulative Pension and Benefit Fund, and Basic Protection Plan 


1. The lay employee's supervisor is responsible for making lay employees 
aware of these rules and procedures. Detailed information on the CPBF 
and the BPP is available from the treasurer's office. Supervisors will have 
lay employees who are eligible for these benefits contact the treasurer's 
office 60 days before they are eligible for participation, or sign a waiver 
form if they decline to participate in the CPBF and the BPP. The form will 
be kept on file in the treasurer's office for future reference. 

2. The Conference treasurer's office will administer the CPBF and the BPP. 

3. Contributions will be withheld from the employee's pay and remitted to the 
General Board of Pensions by the treasurer's office within ten business 
days after receiving the bill from the General Board of Pensions. 


1 . The lay employee must be full time (at least 25 hours per week). 

2. The lay employee must be an employee for 1 continuous year before 
becoming eligible for CPBF. 

3. The conference contribution will be the same percent as it is for clergy 
(currently 12%). 

4. The lay employee's required contribution will be 3%. Participants in 
the CPBF must be participants in the BPP. 

5. Participants in the CPBF must be participants in the BPP. 


1. Participants in the BPP must be participants in the CPBF. 

2. The conference contribution will be the plan document required amount 
less the lay employee's required contribution. 

3. The lay employee's required contribution will be the same ratio as it is for clergy. 

R. Carl Frazier, Jr., President 

Incapacity, Joint Committee on 

The Joint Committee on Incapacity acts as the advocate for those pastors in the North 
Carolina Conference who are forced by physical or emotional incapacity to seek 
temporary or permanent relief from their appointment. The committee is given the 
responsibility to study the problems of incapacity within the Conference, to provide a 
continuing personal ministry to those who are incapacitated, and to make recommenda- 
tions to the appropriate agencies of the Conference for each pastor seeking Incapacity 
Leave, including the source of their disability income. 

Persons interested in discovering more about the process of being granted Incapacity 
Leave can contact a district superintendent or the chair of the Joint Committee on Incapacity. 

The following recommendations are presented to the 2002 session of the North 
Carolina Annual Conference: 


~L.egLslatw n j Reports 

1. The Joint Committee on Incapacity, through the Conference Treasurer's Office, 
will make available upon request the necessary forms for any pastor to make 
application for Incapacity Leave. In all cases the applications must be completed 
by the pastor, the physician, chair of Joint Committee on Incapacity, Conference 
benefits officer, and the district superintendent before the request for Incapacity 
Leave can be acted upon. Whenever possible incapacity requests are to be 
submitted ninety (90) days prior to Annual Conference except in life-threatening 
situations after that date, or when the disabling condition occurs after that date. 
Requests presented before May 15 will be included in the Committee's report 
to the Annual Conference. 

2. Definition of Incapacity: For the first 24 months, an active participant will be 
considered incapacitated for the purposes of the Comprehensive Protection 
Plan and the Basic Protection Plan as of the date the Administrator determines 
on the basis of medical evidence that such active participant was unable to 
perform the usual and customary duties of his/her employment by reason of 
bodily injury, disease, or mental or emotional disease or disorder that will 
presumably last for at least six continuous months, exclusive of any incapacity 
resulting from service in the armed forces of any country, warfare, intentionally 
self-inflicted injury, or participation in any criminal or unlawful act. 

3. A pastor seeking to be on Incapacity secures a disability claim kit from the 
Office of Ministerial Relations. The applicant completes Form A, has his or her 
physician complete Form B, completes the applicant's portion of Form C, and 
submit all these forms to the Office of Ministerial Relations for completion. 
Disability Management Alternatives reviews the claim and recommends a 
determination to the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits who retains 
the authority to approve or deny a claim. 

4. W e r e comm e nd that pastors who may not b e eli g i b le for b e n e f i ts pa i d by th e 
Compr e h e ns i v e Prot e ct i on P l an may b e p l ac e d on I ncapac i ty L e av e w i th 
b e n e f i ts pa i d through th e Jo i nt Comm i tt ee on I ncapac i ty w i th i ts approva l . 

4. We recommend that pastors applying for Incapacity Leave be approved 
when the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits grants their 
request for incapacity benefits through the Comprehensive Protection 

5. The Ministerial Pension Plan, Comprehensive Protection Plan, Hospital 
Insurance, and Life Insurance shall be paid by the Joint Committee on Incapacity 
both for those approved by the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits 
and those approved by the Joint Committee on Incapacity. 

6. Pastors on Incapacity Leave are reminded to investigate the penalties by the 
Social Security Administration if they do not elect to come under Medicare at 
age 65. 

7. We recommend that a lump sum grant of $3,500 be made at the beginning of 
Incapacity Leave. This grant will be available only one time in a pastor's years 
of service. 

8. The Joint Committee on Incapacity will review the progress of each pastor on 
Incapacity Leave at least annually. This review will include both recommendations 
from the pastor's physician and district superintendent as well as opportunities 
for continuing fellowship with the pastor to develop further possibilities of 
assistance in his/her disabled circumstances. 

9. We recommend the following pastors to be continued on Incapacity Leave. 

A. Wlson E. Barber, PO Box 4931, Emerald Isle 28594 (252/354-5635) 

B. Jack Benfield, 2609 Dunhaven Dr., Garner, NC 27529 (919/772-9436) 

C. Victor L Galipi, 294 Third St., Dublin, NC 28332 

D. Sherwood A. Godwin, 4909 Pineville St., Grifton NC 28530 (252/524-0874) 

E. Sidney Gene Hadden, 603 Connor Street, Russellville, KY 42276 (270/726-2173 

F. Susan Harsh-Cafferty, 82 Wllow Bridge Dr., Durham, NC 27707 (919/401-9492 


Legislation j Reports 

G. Carol Hayes, 4100 Five Oaks Drive, #28, Durham, NC 27707 (919/490-8625) 
H. Bobby L. Jordan, 2085 Osborne Rd., Hamlet, NC 28345 (910/205-0473) 
I. Ronda Lee-Torres, 507 Stornoway Dr., Southern Pines, NC 28387 (910/944-2292 
J. Richard R Lewis, Jr., (AM) PO Box 323, Calypso, NC 28325 (919/658-3098) 
K. Lon W. Miller, 116 Sandy Lane, Roanoke Rapids NC 27876 
L. John S. Paschal, 4220 Coquina Harbour Dr., Unit B-7, Little River, SC 

29566 (843/249-0652) 
M. William Rickman Pinner, 1521 Harvey Johnson Road, Garner, NC 27529 

N. Michael E. Rocheleau, 1182 Wimbleton Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609 
O. Clint W. Spence, 1308 Shady Lane, Durham, NC 27712 (919/477-7323) 
P. Michael Lawrence Tart, 105 Shawn Ct, Rocky Mt.,NC 27804 (919/443-1931) 
Q. J. Albert Trotter, 427 Glenwood Ave., Burlington, NC 27215 (336/229-1855) 
R. Clarence Arthur Wall, 217 Blair Dr., Angier, NC 27501 
S. Debra S. Watson, 806 McConnell Ave., Eden, NC 27288 (336/623-5912) 
T. LaVerne B. Womack, Jr., 10760 Taylor Rd, Laurinburg 28352 (910-610-1248) 
U. Camille Yorkey, 6025 Bur Trail, Raleigh, NC 27616 (919/875-8855) 

10. We recommend the following pastors to be placed on Incapacity Leave for the 
first time: 

John M. Crowe, July 1, 2003; 207 Mimosa Park Drive, Goldsb oro NC 27534/ 

11. Who have been placed on Incapacity Leave since the last Annual Conference? 
Michael E. Rocheleau - January 1, 2003 

Sidney Gene Hadden - March 1, 2003 
Clarence Arthur Wall - March 1, 2003 

12. Who have had their Incapacity Leave terminated since the last conference 
session? (Give effective dates of terminations) 

Donna Susan Moore (deceased) 03/23/2003 

13. We recommend that pastors and congregations in the communities in which 
our disabled pastors reside seek to establish a supportive relationship with 
those on Incapacity Leave to maintain good fellowship and provide for 
pastoral opportunities. 

Charles L. Pollock, Chairperson 

Insurance, Committee on 
I. Group Term Life Insurance 

A. The current life insurance program is provided by Medical Life Insurance Co. 

B. Our coverage is $25,000 for active participants, $12,500 for retired clergy up to 
age 72; $2,500 for clergy over age 72. Current spouse and child coverage is 
$10,000 per person. The spouse's insurance terminates upon retirement of the 
subscriber. Accidental Death and Dismemberment is provided to active 
participants in amounts equal to current life coverage but does not cover 
retirees, spouses, or children. 

C. The life insurance plan is non-contributory. Life insurance premiums are to be 
paid by the salary-paying unit. 


Christina Gause $1,000.00 

William Eason 2,500.00 

Noah Hill 2,500.00 

Robert Knight 2,500.00 

Waverly Lamb 2,500.00 

Robert MacLean 2,500.00 

John Mitchell 2,500.00 


L,egis/atio n j Reports 

Kermit Wheeler 2,500.00 

James Hicks 12,500.00 

Samuel McMillan 12,500.00 

Emerson Thompson 12,500.00 


II. Health Insurance Benefits 

A. Group 

1 . The Insurance Committee will mail the proposed benefits to the members 
immediately before each Annual Conference session. The committee 
considers the most current financial information that is available before 
adopting its recommendations. 

2. Insurance companies who make inquiries, for the purpose of submitting 
proposals, will be notified of a $200 processing fee. This fee will help cover 
the costs of preparation and processing of the information necessary 
for proposals. 

3. Health Screening will be sponsored by the Insurance Committee on a 
biannual basis. The Insurance Committee encourages everyone to take 
advantage of this service in 2004. For each subscriber in the Conference 
plan who participates in the health screening, the Insurance Committee will 
donate $2.00 for handicapped camperships. 

4. The Insurance Committee is to be made up of representatives from the 
following boards and agencies: 2-Board of Pensions; 1-Board of Pensions 
Chair; 2-Board of Ordained Ministry;2-Joint Committee on Incapacity; 3- 
Lay Members appointed by the Commission on Laity; 5-At Large Members. 
The following members are without vote: 1-Conference Treasurer; 1- 
Controller; 1-Benefits Manager; 1 -Director of Ministerial Relations; 1- 
Consultant. The representative should be elected at the organizational 
meeting of these boards and agencies. Once elected from its constituent 
groups at the beginning of each quadrennium, the Insurance Committee's 
membership will remain established for the remainder of that quadrennium. 

B. Policy and Rules 

1. Effective January 1, 2004, the North Carolina Conference will offer a 
Preferred Provider health insurance plan administered by Blue Cross Blue 
Shield of North Carolina. Benefits will include health, dental, pharmacy, 
mental health, Medical Reimbursement Accounts, Dependent Care 
Accounts, and life insurance. Details may be obtained by contacting the 
Benefits Manager in the Treasurer's Office, 800-849-4433. 

2. Effective January 1, 2001 the North Carolina Conference joined the 
HealthFlex health insurance plan administered by the General Board 
of Pension and Health Benefits in Evanston, Illinois. Health, pharmacy, 
and dental benefits will be administered by Cigna. Mental health benefits 
will be administered by United Behavioral Health. Additional benefits will 
include Medical Reimbursement and Dependent Care Accounts. Details 
may be obtained from the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits 
or from the Treasurer's Office. 

3. Coverage is not automatic. Completion of an enrollment form on a timely 
basis is required. 

4. Open enrollment and annual election of benefits (Medical Reimbursement 
and Dependent Care Accounts) end on November 30, for an effective date 
of the following January 1 . A change of life circumstances (divorce, death, 
loss of spousal coverage) will allow a mid-year change. 

5. When there is a change of address, or a change in family status, it is the 
insured's responsibility to notify the Treasurer's Office within 30 days. The 
toll free number to the Methodist Building in Raleigh is 1-800-849-4433 
where a staff person continues to provide personal attention to insur- 


Legislation / Reports 

ance matters. 

6. Effective January 1, 2001 health insurance for the subscriber may con- 
tinue for 12 months after employment is terminated provided that full 
payment of the monthly premiums is made in advance. The continuation of 
life insurance beyond the termination of employment is not permitted by 
the life insurance carrier. 

7. Adding new family members must be completed within 30 days of the 
qualifying event. 

8. Participants applying at any time other than the initial enrollment period 
(thirty days from the date first eligible) would be subject to the one year 
pre-existing conditions clause. Submission of a valid Certificate of Insur 
ance may eliminate or decrease this 12 month clause. The exception to this 
rule would be possible by a change in life status causing loss of coverage: 
divorce, death of spouse, loss of spouse's employment, reduction of hours 
regarding spouse's coverage. 

9. Effective January 1, 2004 the Conference health insurance plan will be the 
primary carrier for active participants who continue to work past the 
Medicare eligibility age, and are enrolled in the Conference health plan. 

10. Retired participants should sign up for Medicare parts A and B upon 
reaching the Medicare eligibility age. The Medicare Companion Plan is the 
only plan offered to retirees past this age. Medicare becomes the primary 
payer, with the Conference plan as secondary. 

11 . A participant must be covered in the Conference insurance for five con 
secutive and uninterrupted years immediately prior to retirement to retain 
health benefits after retirement. All participants enrolled on January 1, 
2001 will be prorated under this rule. 

12. Effective January 1, 2004 call Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC at 800-214- 
4844. Mental health benefits should be pre-certified through Magellan 
Behavioral Health at 800-359-2422 

13. Denial of claims or incorrect processing of claims should be made ap 
pealed through Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC. There are two levels of 

14. Payment for the church's portion of the insurance programs must be made 
by the church/charge treasurer. Personal checks cannot be accepted due 
to IRS regulations governing Section 125 cafeteria plans. The personal 
portion of insurance premiums should be withheld from the participant's 
salary by the salary-paying unit on a pre-tax basis. 

15. Premiums for health and life insurance may be paid in ADVANCE on a 
monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. 

16. Lay persons or clergy on maternity /family medical leave may continue their 
insurance coverage, as long as the premiums are paid. 

17. The Insurance Committee may terminate the coverage for non-payment of 
premiums. Insurance payments which are 60 days late (from the date of 
the bill) will result in termination of benefits. Termination will take place on 
the last day of the month in which the 60th day has occurred. Benefits may 
be reinstated without lapse in coverage if full payment is made within 30 
days of the termination date. Thereafter, insurance coverage may be 
reinstated upon full payment and coverage will be effective the first day of 
the following month. The one-year waiting period for pre-existing condi- 
tions will apply to all reinstatements where a lapse in coverage occurs. 

18. In case of termination of coverage, the church is responsible for the 
premium until the Treasurer's Office is notified in writing of such termination. 

III. Statement of Intent 

The NC Annual Conference established a Group Health and Life Insurance Plan 
with the intent of providing coverage for the active and retired clergy. However, the 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 

Annual Conference reserves the right to terminate the health and life contracts, in 
whole or in part, at any time. The Annual Conference, at any time or from time to 
time, may amend any or all of the provisions of the health or life plan without the 
consent of individual participants. 

IV. Eligibility Policies 

If you enroll in this program, you are eligible for your coverage to begin on the first 
day of the month following date of hire. The definition of mandatory, as well as the 
mandatory classifications will be mailed prior to Annual Conference. 
2003 Health insurance and life insurance through the Conference groups will be 
available to the following: 

A. Clergy who are members in full connection of the Conference, probationary 
and commissioned probationary members, associate members, student local 
clergy, part-time local clergy, interim supplies (covered as lay employees) 
serving full time or part-time under appointment in: 

1 . One of the churches or charges of the NC Conference. 

2. One of the institutions or agencies of this Conference receiving financial 
support from the Conference. 

3. An institution or agency established to provide a ministry or service provided that: 

(a) Clergy shall elect in writing within 30 days after the appointment to 
continue the coverage. If the coverage is discontinued, a one-year 
waiting period for pre-existing conditions may apply before re-establish- 
ing the health insurance coverage. 

(b) The Institution shall be responsible for payment of all health insurance 
premiums by the due date. 

4. Clergy eligible for life and health insurance through the Conference are 
entitled to these benefits. 

B. Clergy on Leave of Absence provided that a written request to continue the 
coverage shall be filed with the Conference treasurer within 30 days after the 
beginning of the leave of absence. 

C. Lay Employees: 

1 . Each church/charge must apply for a group insurance contract with the 
Conference Treasurer's Office in order to offer insurance to eligible lay 
employees. An insurance administrator must be appointed at each church/ 
charge to manage insurance policies dealing with lay staff. This contract 
may be obtained from the Conference Treasurer's Office. It is the responsi- 
bility of each local church/charge and its officers to be apprised of the 
parameters of the Conference insurance plan. 

2. Each local church must have at least 75% participation of the eligible lay 
employees to participate in the Conference plan. Those churches who 
currently have less than 75% participation will be allowed to continue their 
current coverage of lay employees now under the Conference plan. 
Diaconal Ministers are not subject to this rule. 

3. The employee must work a minimum of 30 hours weekly and must be 
enrolled in the period specified for initial enrollment - this period being 
within 30 days of date first eligible, or be added as a late applicant. 

4. The Committee recommends that the church provide this benefit to lay 
employees with the same premium payment policy as recommended for clergy. 

5. All churches providing post-retirement benefits to lay employees will be 
billed in full for all premiums associated with retirement insurance benefits. 
The Annual Conference is not responsible for the premiums of local church 
retired lay staff. 

V. The Insurance Committee strives diligently to present the best possible health and 
life insurance coverage available to the North Carolina Annual Conference. Careful 
consideration is given to benefits and rates that are proposed each year. The 


Legislation / Reports 

Committee wishes to thank the members of the Annual Conference for their support. 
2004 Rates 
Life Insurance 

$13.25 single coverage, $17.75 family coverage 

Health Insurance 

Church Portion - $801.76 

Personal Portion -Single - $116.55 - Parent/Child - $215.73 - Family - $296.92 

Charles Crutchfield, Chairperson 

Partners in Caring, North Carolina Conference 
The Following Calls Have Been Paid Since January 1, 2002 

Call No. 446 - Douglas Lamb ( 1 / 2 call in '02) 2,400.00 

Call No. 447 - N.G. Preston ( 1 / 2 call in '02) 2,400.00 

Call No. 448 - E.M. Thompson 4,800.00 

Call No. 449 - Bill Crow 4,800.00 

Call No. 450 - Kermit Wheeler 4,800.00 

Call No. 451 - Robert Blackburn 4,800.00 

Call No. 452 - Everett Eason 4,800.00 

Call No. 453 - Robert MacLean 4,800.00 

Call No. 454 - N. B. Hill, Jr 4,800.00 

Call No. 455 - John Mitchell 4,800.00 

TOTAL $43,200.00 


Balance on Hand, Checking Acct, Wachovia $4,762.97 

Invested in Methodist Foundation, 01/01/02 56,538.15 

Investment Depreciation, Methodist Foundation, 2002 (9,819.29) 

Received from Payment of Calls/Methodist Foundation 45.625.28 


DISBURSEMENTS, 01/01-12/31/02 

Payments to Beneficiaries $43,200.00 

Office Expenses, including Postage 2.622.90 


FUNDS ON HAND, 12/31/02 

Balance, Wachovia, 12/31/02 4,565.35 

Invested in Methodist Foundation, 12/31/02 46.718.86 



Jimmy Reavis 2003 

Keith Miller 2003 

Jimmy Weaver 2004 

Jerry Smith 2004 

Caswell Shaw, President 

Branson Sheets, Vice-president 

Henry N. Lovelace, Secretary-Treasurer 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 

Pensions, Board of 

Report A - General Information 

I. We recommend special appropriations for the following persons in the indicated 


A. To be paid by the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits: 

1. Howard M. Wilkinson, an amount equal to two years of credit. 

2. Richard Arthur Lewis, an amount equal to ten years times the 1970 rate 
Surviving Spouses: 

1. Doris Dellinger Reynolds, build up to 20% of the denominational average 
compensation for 1982 with 2% annual increase 

B. To be paid from the Pension support Fund: 
Surviving Spouses: 

1. Charlotte Calloway, total annual benefit $385.00, paid in 12 monthly 

2. Mary Frances Ham Evans, total annual benefit of $3,240.00, paid in 12 
monthly payments, plus premiums for group health insurance. 

3. Etta Mae Moore Umstead, an amount equal to 1/3 of the 1985 NC 
Conference average salary ($6,366.72) paid in 12 monthly payments plus 
premiums for health insurance, and that this arrangement remain in effect 
until the Board of Pensions presents alternative action to the Annual 

II. We concur with the following ministers for Incapacity Leave: 

A. Wilson Edward Barber - Continued, Effective July 1, 1994 

B. Jack M. Benfield - Conftinued, Effective July 1, 2000 

C. John M. Crowe - Continued, Effective July 1 , 2003 

D. Victor Louis Galipi - Continued, Effective March 1, 2002 

E. Sherwood Auburn Godwin - Continued, Effective January 1, 1999 
F Sidney Gene Hadden - Continued, Effective March 1, 2003 

G Susan Harsh-Cafferty - Continued, Effective July 1, 2002 

H. Carol Hayes (FD) - Continued, Effective January 1, 2001 

I. Bobby Lee Jordan (AM) - Continued, Effective July 1, 2001 

J. Ronda Lee-Torres - Continued, Effective December 1, 2001 

K. Richard Farmer Lewis (AM) - Continued, Effective March 1, 1995 

L. Lon William Miller - Continued, Effective February 1, 2002 

M. John S. Paschal - Continued, Effective July 1, 2001 

N. William Rickman Pinner - Continued, Effective September 1, 2000 

O. Michael E. Rocheleau - Continued, Effective January 1, 2003 

P. Clinton W Spence - Continued, Effective September 1, 2000 

Q. Michael Lawrence Tart (FL) - Continued, Effective May 1, 1996 

R. John Albert Trotter- Continued, Effective October 1, 1999 

S. Clarence Arthur Wall - Continued, Effective March 1, 2003 

T. Debra Starling Watson - Continued, Effective November 1, 2001 

U. LaVerne B. Womack, Jr. - Continued, Effective July 1, 1997 

V. Camille O. Yorkey - Continued, Effective August 1 , 2000 

We recommend the following pastors to be placed on Incapacity Leave for the first time: 
John Marshall Crowe - July 1, 2003 

Who have been placed on Incapacity Leave since the last Annual Conference? 

A. Michael E. Rocheleau - January 1, 2003 

B. Sidney Gene Hadden - March 1, 2003 

C. Clarence Arthur Wall - March 1 , 2003 

III. Claimants removed from responsibility roll by death: 
A. Izella Mae Ours Tenney - May 5, 2002 


Legislation / Reports 

B. John Rogers Crew, Jr. - July 8, 2002 

C. William Everette Eason, Sr. -August 23, 2002 

D. Robert Abner MacLean - September 12, 2002 

E. Noah Bright Hill, Jr. - September 23, 2002 

F. Donald Francis Gum - October 7, 2002 

G. John David Mitchell - October 17, 2002 

H. Robert Norman Knight - October 29, 2002 

I. James Wesley Hicks, Jr. - November 7, 2002 

J. Pauline Prentice Bardin Evans - November 18, 2002 

K. Peggy Bullard Tyson - December 5, 2002 

L. Robert Cleveland Mooney, Jr. - December 18, 2002 

M. Thomas Holmes House - January 7, 2003 

N. Hulda Lenora Ballance Wise Riggs - January 19, 2003 

0. Alton Pugh Hill, Jr. - January 23, 2003 

P. James Columbus Loy - February 7, 2003 

Q. Glenmore Mallard Moore - February 10, 2003 

R. Sidney Grant Boone, Sr. - February 21, 2003 

S. Donna Susan Moore - March 23, 2003 

T. Frances Bradshaw Benson - May 3, 2003 

U. Douglas R. Woodworth - May 17, 2003 

V. Susie Lee Fowler Hamilton - May 20, 2003 

IV. New Claimants: 

A. Alice Blanche Houser Crew - July 8, 2002 

B. Helen Matthews Eason - August 23, 2002 

C. Kathleen McCormick MacLean - September 12, 2002 

D. Charlotte Garris Hill - September 23, 2002 

E. Helen Wortham Mitchell - October 17, 2002 

F. Ruby Lee Reynolds Knight - October 29, 2002 
G Ruby Lancaster Hicks - November 7, 2002 

H. Nellie Graves Mooney - December 18, 2002 

1. Madelyn House - January 7, 2003 

J. Annie LaRue Buck Hill - January 23, 2003 

K. Agnes Gleeson Loy - February 7, 2003 

L. Katherine Abernethy Boone - February 21 , 2003 

V. Ministers retiring this year: 

A. Par. 356.1 (Mandatory Retirement -Age 70) NONE 

B. Par. 356.2a (Early Retirement - 20 or more years under appointment) 
RICHARD ARNOLD STANLEY, JR. (Age 61 - 23.00 years under appointment 
with 01.50 years of North Carolina credit and 21.50 years of North Carolina 

C. Par. 356.2b (Retirement with Actuarily Reduced Benefits - Age 62 or 35 years 
under appointment. NONE 

D. Par. 356.2c (Regular Retirement - Age 65 or 40 years under appointment) 
CORBIN LEE CHERRY (Age 65, 41.00 years under appointment) with 06.00 
years of North Carolina credit and 00.00 years of North Carolina MPP/CPP 
JOSEPH WAYNE FORBES (Age 65, 32.75 years under appointment with 

1 1 .25 years of North Carolina credit and 21 .50 years of North Carolina MPP/CPP) 
JACK LeGRAND HUNTER (Age 68, 43.00 years under appointment with 
21 .50 years of North Carolina Credit and 21 .50 years of North Carolina MPP/CPP) 
THOMAS EDGAR LOFTIS (Age 66, 42.00 years under appointment with 20.50 
years of North Carolina credit and 21.50 years of North Carolina MPP/CPP) 
JAMES HAROLD McLEAN [AM] (Age 67 - 18.00 years under appointment with 
00.00 years of North Carolina credit and 18.00 years of North Carolina MPP/ 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 

DONALD CHARLES NAGEL (Age 65, 42.00 years under appointment 
with 06.00 years of North Carolina credit and 00.00 years of North Carolina 

WILLIAM DEVINE SABISTON III (Age 67 - 41.00 years under appointment 
with 19.50 years of North Carolina credit and 21.50 years of North Carolina 

SIDNEY EARL STAFFORD (Age 69 - 44 years under appointment with 08.00 
years of North Carolina credit and 00.00 years of North Carolina MPP/CPP) 
JOHN L. STOKES III (Age 64 - 40.00 years under appointment with 00.00 
years of North Carolina credit and 00.00 years of North Carolina MPP/CPP) 
E. Par 356. 2d Ad Interim Retirement 

JOHN ELDRED WILLIAMS (Age 62, 33.50 years under appointment with 
13.50 years of North Carolina credit and 20.00 years of North Carolina MPP/ 
CPP)[Retirement date: 04/01/2003] 
Par 356. 2e Ad Interim Retirement 

BILLIE FALLON MELVIN [AM] (Age 61 - 21 years under appointment with 
00.00 years of North Carolina credit and 21.00 years of North Carolina MPP/ 
CPP) [Retirement date: 07/21/2003] 
VI Local Pastors retiring this year 

ROBERT BLAIR CRAIG (Age 65 - 18.00 years under appointment with 00.00 
years of North Carolina credit and 18.00 years of North Carolina MPP/CPP) 
DONALD MARTIN DAWKINS (Age 65 - 25.00 years under appointment with 
00.00 years of North Carolina credit and 21.50 years of North Carolina MPP/ 

VII. We recommend that the expense account of the Board of Pensions and such 
independent consultation expense as necessary during 2002-2003 be paid from 
funds designated as Administrative Expense in the Board of Pensions Budget. 

VIII. Extension Ministries (H1506.4h): 

A. With pension credit by the Annual Conference - (MPP/CPP Funds will be 
transferred from the Pension Budget to the various offices and agencies 
toward the payment of MPP and CPP in 2003. The purpose of the transfer is 
to more accurately reflect actual staffing costs of the respective offices and 
agencies and also to more accurately reflect the actual cost for retiree benefits 
and past service liability in the Pension Fund.) 

Jesse Brunson Stephen C. Compton Paul L. Leeland 

Charles Michael Smith 

B. With pension responsibility on the agency /institution served: 

Gilbert W. Beeson, Jr. 
Leonard C. Byers II 
Stephen Cheyney 
Barry Drum 
Samuel W. Dixon, Jr. 
Leland Jan Fogleman 
David Girod 
Rachel Radeline Gonia 
David L. Harvin 
M. Elton Hendricks 
Randy A. Hillman 
Richard C. Jackson 
J. Mark Kasper 
D. Brent Laytham 
Barbara Price Mann 
Francis Martin III 
Michele R. Merchant 

Harold Dean Blackburn 
Dennis M. Campbell 
Robert S. Christian 
Ronald D. Cyr 
John Farmer 
K. Mike Franklin 
Coleman Lane Glaze 
J. Milton Hadley, Jr. 
Mary Martha Hatch 
Charles M. Herring 
Audrey C. Holmes 
David O. Jenkins 
Carl H. King 
Jerry D. Lewis 
W. Joseph Mann 
J. Alexander Maultsby III 
Deborah A. Morgan 

Wesley F Brown 
Corbin L. Cherry 
Richard L. Cox 
Jan J. Dickens 
Gayle Carlton Felton 
Alvester I. Gales, Jr. 
Edith Lee Gleaves 
Shana D. Harrison 
Regina Henderson 
Phyllis Hicks 
Pamela J. Hudson 
C. Reginald Johnson 
Delores Langley 
Patricia Lykins 
Leslie Marsicano Sam 
J. Stanley McQuade 
Roderic L. Mullen 


Legislation / Reports 

Kirk B. Oldham John K. Ormond, Jr James H. Pace 

Michael Pasquarello Reginald W. Ponder Joan M. Purcell 

Michael W. Safley Carla Scanlan Vieregg Richard Shannonhouse 

A. Clay Smith George Jerome Smith Neil E. Smith 

Sidney E. Stafford Bruce E. Stanley E. Douglas Stanfield 

Berry L. Taylor II Julia Webb-Bowden Scott T. Wilkinson 
Malcolm C. Willingham 

Report B - Recommendations for the Pension Program 

I. Past Service Liability 

A. Past service will continue to be paid on the defined benefit concept (per service 
year rate) for all service rendered to the North Carolina Conference through 
December 31, 1981. This plan will continue until all pastors with past service 
benefits and their surviving spouses are deceased. 

B. Goal of defined benefits (per service year rate) has been defined in the Book of 
Discipline ^1 506.22a for many years as 1% of the Conference Average 
Compensation. The 2004 CAC for the North Carolina Conference is $52,148. 

C. The current rate is $467 per service year. Participation in the new Ministerial 
Pension Plan requires that an Annual Conference increase its past service rate 
as the Conference Average Compensation increases, to at least 0.9% of the 
CAC to continue to participate fully in the new pension program. The unfunded 
liability as of January 1, 2004 at this rate is $30,933,645 using explicit assumptions. 
Our current funding plan has used explicit assumptions since 1991. We propose 
that the past service rate beginning January 1, 2004 be increased to $485 per 
service year, and that further increases will be presented to the Annual Confer- 
ences of the future as the Conference Average Compensation increases. This 
increase creates an unfunded liability under explicit assumptions of $44,918,879. 

D. To increase any past service rate will always involve accepting an unfunded 
liability that must be satisfied by either a single cash payment, a series of 
planned payments, or a combination of both. 

E. The Annual Past Service Deposit required by the General Board of Pension 
and Health Benefit is $3,710,584.00 and $3,119,796.00 is due December 31, 
2003 and 2004 respectively. The amount needed in the 2005 budget to fund 
our total liability by the year 2021 is $2,900,000. Additionally, for other benefit 
plans; such as, health and life insurance, pension grants, administration, etc., 
the 2005 budget request is $2,340,000. 

II. Ministerial Pension Plan (MPP) 

Guidelines for the Ministerial Pension Plan and the Comprehensive Protection Plan 
are contained in the plan document. A copy of the summary plan document is 
available on request by contacting pension services in the treasurer's office. 

A. Service on and after January 1, 1982 will be funded on a new concept, called a 
defined contribution plan. This plan is basically deferred salary, and creates no 
unfunded liability because it builds an account of funds for a specific minister 
as his/her salary is paid. 

B. Funding is based on a percentage of Plan Compensation. Plan Compensation 
is calculated by the GBOPHB according to the plan document: 

1. No vouchered travel is ever used in Plan Compensation calculations since 
this is considered by the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits to be 
local expense. 

2. Clergy couples housing (Effective January 1, 1988): 

a. When only one of the spouses is furnished a parsonage, the one furnished 
the parsonage includes the housing allowance. 

b. When one spouse is furnished the parsonage and the other a cash 
allowance, the one furnished the parsonage will use the 25% housing 


l^egLslatw n j YLepoHs 

allowance, and the other will report the actual cash housing paid. 

c. When two parsonages are furnished and both are used, each spouse 
claims a housing allowance. 

d. When neither is furnished a parsonage, the actual cash housing allowance 
may be counted by the person/or persons receiving the allowance. 

3. In accordance with the Plan Document, the housing allowance for those 
furnished housing is 25% times the cash salary. 

4. Those furnished a cash housing allowance will report the actual amount in 
accordance with the Plan Document. (Effective January 1, 1988) 

C. The Ministerial Pension Plan contribution from the local church is to be paid 
monthly by the Church or Charge Treasurer to the General Board of Pension 
and Health Benefits. (Effective January 1, 1990) 

D. These contributions are placed in the individual minister's Church Account to 
be available for benefits when the minister becomes eligible for payment in the 
retired relationship. 

E. Each minister who is eligible for benefits will be required to designate beneficiaries 
for the benefits he/she is qualified to receive. 

F. We recommend 12% as the level of participation in the Ministerial Pension Plan 
for the North Carolina Conference participants. 

G. Unfunded Liability Actuarial Funding Plan (Amended 2003) 

1. Interest assumption is 7.5%. (Decreased from 8.0%) 

2. Past Service Rate assumption continued at a 5% increase. 

3. No change at the present is required in contribution pattern (new money). 
III. Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP) 

A. This part of the program contains provisions for a death benefit, disability 
income, and funding for the peerage portion of the Ministerial Pension Plan. In 
addition to the provisions of a death benefit for the pastor, there is a death 
benefit on the life of the spouse and dependent children under age 1 8 or who 
are dependent because of disability. The Comprehensive Protection Plan also 
includes educational benefits for the children of a deceased minister. This part 
of the plan is only available to those ministers covered under the CPP, whose 
charges are paying at least minimum full-time salary. 

1 . Death Benefits provide $50,000.00 as the benefit paid on the death of an 
eligible active participant. Upon retirement at any age, death benefits drop 
to $13,715.10 

2. Effective January 1, 2002, the disability benefit equals 70% of plan 
compensation, with plan compensation capped at 200% of the DAC. (The 
DAC for 2003 is $45,717.00 and for 2004 is $49,325.00) The disability 
benefit is reduced by any disability benefits payable under the Social 
Security Act. This revised benefit applies only to eligible clergy whose 
disability effective date, as determined by the General Board of Pension 
and Health Benefits, is on or after January 1, 2002. 

3. The peerage program provides for a contribution from the Comprehensive 
Protection Plan to the minister's Church Account of a sufficient amount to 
provide the minister with a total contribution for the year based on the 
Denominational Average Compensation at 12% of Plan Compensation 
based on the Denominational Average Compensation for those eligible. 

4. The Comprehensive Protection Plan contribution from the local church is to 
be paid monthly by the Church or Charge Treasurer to the General Board 
of Pension and Health Benefits. (Effective January 1, 1990) 

B. Effective January 1, 2002, the cost of the Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP) is a 
total of 4.4% of the actual Plan Compensation up to 4.4% of 200% of the 
Denominational Average Compensation (DAC). The pastor shall be required to pay 
1% of Plan Compensation (up to 1% of 200% of DAC) and the church or charge 


Legislation / Reports 

shall pay 3.4% of the Plan Compensation (up to 3.4% of 200% of DAC). fl1506.19 in 
The Book of Discipline 2000. 

IV. Implementation of the Program 

The benefit Program adopted by your Conference Board of Pensions seeks to 
provide a wider range of support for the minister's family through death benefits for 
every member of the family, disability income for the minister in time of great stress, 
educational benefits for children of deceased ministers, minimum annuity benefits 
for surviving spouses, and the build-up of contributions to the Church Account of 
those ministers whose compensation is below the Denominational Average Compensation. 

A. Costs of the Ministerial Pension Plan/Comprehensive Protection Plan will be 
borne by the local charge as an item of ministerial support according to the 
Plan Compensation of the minister and the category of the charge. 
FULLTIME (Conference Member/Local Pastor) - 12% of Plan Compensation 
for MPP and 3.4% of Plan Compensation for CPP (up to 3.4% of 200% of the 
DAC) U 1506.19, Book of Discipline 2000 

STUDENT (Conference Member/Local Pastor) - 12% of Plan Compensation 
LESS THAN FULL TIME (Conference Member/Local Pastor) - 12% of 
Plan Compensation 
INTERIM OR RETIRED SUPPLY - no pension responsibility 

B. The pastor will make regular monthly payments to the General Board of 
Pension and Health Benefits through the local church treasurer for his/her 
1% of Plan Compensation (up to 1% of 200% of the DAC) for CPP. 

C. It is recommended that the pastor make regular monthly payments through the 
local church treasurer to the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits 
for his/her personal tax-paid or tax-deferred contributions of at least 3%. 

(The following Item V. was approved by the 1997 Annual Conference to be 
placed in effect at the conclusion of the Session of the Annual Conference, 
Year 2000:) 

V. Policies Related to Life and Hospital Insurance 

A. Five-Year Rule 

A participant must be covered under the health insurance plan for five consecu- 
tive years immediately prior to the date of retirement in order to retain health 
insurance benefits after retirement. 

B. Reirement prior to January 1, 2004 

Clergy persons who retire prior to January 1, 2004 from the North Carolina 
Annual Conference will be subject to the current rate policy as outlined below. 
Effective January 1, 2004, there will be a minimum monthly contribution of $10 
per participant (for all retirees and surviving dependents with a clergy retire 
ment date prior to January 1 , 2004). 

1 . Clergy persons who retire from the North Carolina Annual Conference with 
twenty or more full time years of earned pension credit in the North Carolina 
Annual Conference may receive life and health insurance benefits when the 
clergy person attains age 62 and receives pension benefits or retires with 
thirty-five (35) years of service and receives pension benefits provided at 
least twenty (20) of the thirty-five years of pension credit is in the North 
Carolina Annual Conference. The following policies apply 
a. Before the retired clergy person and/or spouse reach the age of 
Medicare eligibility (currently 65 years of age), the retired clergy 
person will pay the amount of premium that he/she paid in the year in 
which he/she retires. The Conference Board of Pensions will pay the 
difference between the clergy person's payment and the costs of his/ 
her health insurance. The retired clergy person must continue to pay 
the amount of premium that he/she paid in the year of retirement until 
both the retired clergy person and his/her spouse reach the age of 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 

Medicare eligibility. Billings will be made monthly from the Treasurer's 

b. If a clergy person who, prior to retirement, has been covered as a 
single individual for the purposes of health insurance, wishes at the 
time of retirement to add family members to his/her health care plan, 
he/she must pay the premium applicable to that type of coverage for 
the year in which he/she retired. The retired clergy person must 
continue to pay that amount of premium until both the retired clergy 
person and his/her spouse reach the age of Medicare eligibility. 

c. A clergy person who retires from the North Carolina Annual Conference 
with less than twenty (20) full-time years of earned pension credit in the 
North Carolina Annual Conference may receive life and health insur 
ance benefits when the clergy person attains age 62 and receives 
pension benefits or retires with thirty-five (35) years of service and 
receives pension benefits provided at least twenty of the thirty-five 
years of pension credit is in the North Carolina Annual Conference. 
Retired clergy persons and/or dependents with less than twenty years 
of earned pension credit in the North Carolina Annual Conference will 
be responsible for the monthly insurance premiums as described in #1 
above, with the remaining monthly portion shared by the retired clergy 
person and/or dependents and the Conference Board of Pensions, 
based on the following formula: 

Years of Pension Individual Board of 

Credit Contribution Pension's 




























































$ 1 minimum 

Remaining p 

2. This payment formula remains in effect throughout the participant's lifetime 
(clergy person or surviving dependent). 


Legislation / Reports 

Retirement after January 1, 2004 

Effective January 1, 2004 the following schedule(s) will apply to all retired 
clergy and their eligible dependents, whose retirement date is January 1 , 2004 
or later. 
1. Medicare Elegible (retiree and/or dependents) 

Years of 
NC Pension 


Board of Pension 


Not eligible 


















40 or more 



Less than Medicare Eligible (retiree and/or dependents)** 

Years of Individual Board of Pension 
NC Pension Contribution Contributions 


Not eligible 


















40 or more 



3. **The minimum monthly premium billed to the individual will be no less than the 
active monthly personal portion of the premium for the applicable coverage type. 

D. Retirement after January 1 , 2007 

Effective January 1, 2007 the conference Board of Pensions will fund only the % 
above as applied to the Medicare Companion plan rate. Retirees and/or 
dependents not yet Medicare eligible age will be responsible for the difference 
between this % and the remaining cost of full coverage. 

E. [Paragraphs noted are from The Book of Discipline, 2000] 

Effective August 1, 1992, Pastors who discontinued ^346.1, or Probationary 
Members, fl318.6, as well as Conference Members who are retired involuntarily, 
11356. 3, who are granted Honorable Location, 11357; who withdraw to unite with 
another denomination, 1J358.1; who surrender the ordained ministerial office 
11358. 2; who withdraw under complaints or charges, 1J358.3; and Conference 
Members who re placed on Administrative Location, 1J359. 3 are ineligible to receive 
retirement health or life insurance benefits when payments from the General Board 
of Pension and Health Benefits begin. 

F. Life Insurance 

A clergy person must have been covered under the conference active life insurance 
plan in order to retain life insurance benefits after retirement. The Board of 
Pensions does not provide life insurance for dependents of retired clergy. 

G. Clergy Couples Insurance 


h,egts!afto n j Reports 

1. When one member of a clergy couple retires, medical and life insurance will 
be paid for the retiree according to the schedules and rules previously listed. 

2. Health insurance will be provided for the spouse and eligible dependents of the 
retired clergy partner according to the rules and schedules previously listed. 

H. Surviving Spouses 

Surviving spouses of active participants must be enrolled in the health insurance 
plan at the time of the participant's death in order to receive health insurance 
benefits under the current health insurance plan. 

1. When surviving spouses are employed and provided health insurance by their 
employer, the plan of the Board of Pension will be the secondary carrier. 

2. If the surviving spouse remarries, the conference health insurance will terminate. 
Future benefits under the conference health insurance plan are waived. 

3. Surviving spouses of retired clergy must be enrolled in the health insurance plan 
at the time of the retired clergy's death in order to receive health insurance benefits 
under the current health insurance plan. 

a. Surviving spouses who married the clergy person after the clergy person's 
retirement, can remain covered by the health insurance plan if the surviving 
spouse pays 100% of the monthly premium associated with the health 
coverage. The Board of Pensions assumes no responsibility for theses 

b. Surviving spouses of retired clergy who married the clergy person prior to 
the clergy person's retirement are subject to the payment schedule applicable 
prior to the death of the clergy person. 

VI. Intent 

The North Carolina Annual Conference established health and life insurance plans with 
the intent of providing coverage for the active and retired pastors. However, the Annual 
Conference reserves the right to terminate the health and life contracts, in whole or in 
part, at any time. The Annual Conference, at any time or from time to time, may amend 
any or all of the provisions of the health or life plans without the consent of the individual 

VII. Dental Insurance 

The Board of Pensions recommends that retired ministers covered under the health 
insurance plan have dental insurance. Dental benefits became available on July 1, 

VIII. Maximum Lifetime Benefit Under the Medicare Companion Plan 

The lifetime maximum under the current Medicare Companion Plan is $2,000,000 for 
each participant. 

IX. Special Provisions 

The North Carolina Annual Conference Board of Pensions is hereby authorized, at its 
discretion, to arrange with the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits for active 
participation in the MPP and/or CPP by persons who are eligible under special rules but 
not automatically included as active participants. (MPP Section 3.2 and CPP Section 

X. Conclusion 

Our constant aim is to provide our retired families with their needs for an adequate 
income to purchase essentials for living as well as to insure adequate care in case of 
illness. To these ends our recommendations are directed, and their satisfaction is found 
in the acceptance of the North Carolina Conference and its membership. 
Report C - Housing Exclusion Allowance (For Income Tax Purposes Only) 

WHEREAS, the religious denomination known as The United Methodist Church has 
and functions through ministers of the gospel who are duly ordained or licensed; and 


Legislation / Reports 

WHEREAS, the practice of The United Methodist Church is to provide a parsonage or 
a rental allowance as part of the gross compensation for each of its active ordained or 
licensed ministers; and 

WHEREAS, pensions paid to retired ordained or licensed ministers of The United 
Methodist Church are considered as deferred compensation and are paid to said retired 
ordained or licensed ministers in consideration of previous, active service, and disability 
benefits are considered payments in lieu of compensation for active service; and 

WHEREAS, the Internal Revenue Service has recognized that the North Carolina Annual 
Conference is the appropriate organization to designate a housing/rental allowance for 
retired ordained or licensed ministers who are members of this Conference; and 

WHEREAS, the disabled minister has the same legal relationship to an Annual 
Conference as does the retired minister and, thus, this Annual Conference is also the 
appropriate organization to designate a housing/rental allowance for a disabled or- 
dained or licensed minister who is a member of this Conference; 


1. An amount equal to 100% of the pension payments received by a retired minister 
(including amounts received in this respect from the Duke Endowment), or 100% of 
the disability benefit payments received by a disabled minister, during the year of 
2001 be and is hereby designated as a rental/housing allowance respectively for 
each retired or disabled ordained or licensed minister of the United Methodist 
Church, who is or was a member of the North Carolina Annual Conference at the 
time of his or her retirement or disability. 

2. The pension or disability payment to which this rental/housing allowance applies 
shall be the pension or disability payment resulting from all service of such retired 
or disabled ordained or licensed minister from all employment by any local church, 
Annual Conference, General Agency, or institution of The United Methodist Church 
or of any former denomination that is now a part of The United Methodist Church, or 
from any other employer who employed the minister to perform services related to 
the ministry and who elected to make contributions to the pension or benefit funds 
of The United Methodist Church for such retired minister's pension or disabled 
minister's benefits. 

NOTE: The rental/housing allowance which may be excluded from a minister's 
gross income is limited to the least of (1) the amount of the rental/housing allowance 
designated by the minister's employer or other appropriate body, (2) the amount 
actually expended by the minister to provide his or her housing, or (3) the 
legally-determined fair rental value of the parsonage or other housing provided. As 
specified in Rev. Rul. 71-280, 1971 C.B.92, "the only amount that will qualify for 
exclusion under section 107(2) of the Code as 'rental allowance' is an amount 
equal to the fair rental value of the home, including furnishings and appurtenances 
such as a garage, plus the cost of utilities." Beginning in 1984, there is no longer a 
sick pay or disability income exclusion available with respect to disability benefit 
payments. Therefore, the full amount of disability benefit payments will be taxable 
income to the recipient beginning in 1984. 

Please Note: There is no place on your 1040 Tax Form to list this Housing Exclusion. 
The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits has provided a sample statement 

to be used:"l received $ from the General Board of Pension and 

Health Benefits, Incorporated in Missouri; and $ from the Duke 

Endowment (total $ ) as reported on the attached 1099 - R's. I did not 

include that amount on Line 16b because $ * has been excluded 

under provisions of IRC Section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code as a rental 
allowance exclusion. As a retired clergyperson, I am entitled to take this rental 
allowance exclusion." (In this blank put the least of the 3 amounts on your Housing 
Exclusion Worksheet.) 

Attach this note to your 1099-R forms. 


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Report D - Ministers' Transition Fund 

I. The Principles of the Fund - The Ministers' Transition Fund of the North Carolina 
Conference of The United Methodist Church (the "Fund") was established effective 
November 20, 1937, to assist the minister to more easily make the transition from 
the active relationship in which a furnished parsonage has usually been provided, 
to the retired relationship in which the minister provides his or her housing. The 
Fund is established by apportionments to each local church in the Outreach 
Ministries-Fair Share Apportionments and by assessments to each minister who 
has membership in the Fund. Since all churches contribute to this Fund, it is the 
desire of the North Carolina Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church 
that all ministers participate in the Fund. The Conference does not interpret the 
churches' support of the Ministers' Transition Fund as an additional benefit for their 
ministers, but as a benefit for all ministers of the Conference. Therefore, the only 
funds to which a minister can make personal claim are those which he or she 
contributed to the Fund. 

The Conference vigorously emphasizes that the purpose of this Fund is to 
assist the minister's retirement transition and not to be an emergency fund available 
for any other purpose. All participant elections available shall be irrevocable. The 
Fund is intended to be a church plan within the meaning of section 414(e) of the 
Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code") which has not made the 
election under section 41 0(d) of the Code and is also intended to meet the requirements 
of a retirement income account under section 403(b)(9) of the Code. The Plan shall 
be interpreted, wherever possible, to comply with the applicable terms of the Code 
and all applicable formal regulations and rulings issued under the Code. 

II. The Conference Treasurer - The Treasurer of the North Carolina Conference (the 
"Conference Treasurer") shall serve as Treasurer and custodian of this Fund. He or 
she shall promote this work, receive funds from pastors and charges, and keep 
permanent records of assessments received and benefits paid. 

III. Eligibility for Membership - Membership in this Fund is not mandatory. Each 
ministerial member of the North Carolina Annual Conference (associate, full, 
probationary, or full-time local pastor) who is serving full time in a charge or as a 
district superintendent, a Conference ministerial staff person, or others who are 
appointed to serve at a North Carolina Annual Conference Institution (Methodist 
Retirement Home, Inc.; Methodist Home for Children, Inc.; Louisburg College; 
Methodist College; North Carolina Wesleyan College) or other Episcopal appointment 
of the North Carolina Annual Conference shall be eligible to join. 

In order to remain an active, participating member, the ministerial member of 
the North Carolina Annual Conference (associate, full, probationary, or full-time 
local pastor) must continue to serve full time in a charge or other appointment. A 
full-time local pastor may continue as a member of the Fund only during the time he 
or she is serving under episcopal appointment. Students under episcopal appoint- 
ment who have previously served full time and who intend to return to full time 
service are eligible to continue. Those ministerial members on disability leave, leave 
of absence, or Conference members with less than full time service, may continue 
to be active, participating members by meeting the provisions discussed hereafter. 

Ministerial members who transfer into the Conference or new ministers 
receiving appointments for the first time are eligible to join the Fund in January of 
the year following the Annual Conference session in which their credentials were 
recognized. Ministers in these categories applying for membership will be assessed 
on the basis of their total salary and utility allowances for the six months between 
July 1 and December 31 computed to a twelve month amount. 

Each new member of the Fund shall file an application form. Upon filing of 
application for membership and paying the recommended assessment for one year, 
his or her membership becomes effective. The deadline for enrollment for all 


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ministers is January 31 of each year. 

IV. Apportionments and Assessments 

A. Conference Contributions - Funds shall be placed in the Conference budget 
annually equal to an amount of one percent (1%) of the total salaries and 
utilities paid to all pastors and associates of the Conference based upon the 
Conference Journal figures for the year preceding the year in which the budget 
request is made to the Annual Conference. This budgeted amount will be 
apportioned to charges on the same basis as all other Conference budget 
items, and this amount shall become part of the Fund. 

B. Minister Contributions - Each minister in a pastoral appointment who participates 
in the Fund shall be assessed and pay into the Fund on an after-tax basis one 
percent (1%) of all salary and utility allowances he or she receives each year 
from the charge he or she is serving and/or Conference sources. (Salary also 
includes Equitable Salary Fund payments, Duke Endowment Funds, and 
missionary sources.) 

C. Council on Finance and Administration Contributions - The Council on 
Finance and Administration shall make provision for payment into the Fund an 
amount equal to one percent (1%) of salary and utility allowances usually paid by 
the charge for district superintendents and ministers appointed as Conference staff. 

D. District Superintendent and Conference Ministerial Staff Contributions - 
District superintendents and Conference ministerial staff shall be assessed and 
pay into the Fund on an after-tax basis one percent (1%) of their salary and utility 

E. All Other Ministers -All other ministers who participate in the Fund shall be 
assessed and pay into the Fund on an after-tax basis a sum equivalent to two 
percent (2%) of their annual salary and utility allowances or two percent (2%) 
of the Conference Average Salary, whichever is greater. 

V. Deadline For Receipt of Assessment - The plan (fiscal) year of the Ministers' 
Transition Fund shall be the same as that of the Annual Conference fiscal year, 
January 1 through December 31 . No later than November 1 of each year, the 
Conference Treasurer shall notify all members their assessment is due. Each 
member of the Fund shall submit payment for the required assessment no later 
than January 31 of each year. Assessments received after January 31 will be 
returned to the minister. If he or she has been a member less than ten (10) years, 
this lack of payment extends the period for one additional year before dividends can 
be received. If the minister has been a member over ten (1 0) years, he or she will 
receive no dividends for the year involving lack of payment. If any member of the 
Fund fails to pay his or her required assessment for three consecutive years, he or 
she shall be required to withdraw from membership in the Fund. 

VI. Base Benefits - Base benefits shall be paid to retired members of the Transition 
Fund as follows: 

If reti 
If reti 
If reti 
If reti 
If reti 
If reti 
If reti 
If reti 
If reti 
If reti 
If reti 
If reti 
If reti 

red at the end of one year of membership $200.00 

red at the end of two years of membership 300.00 

red at the end of three years of membership 400.00 

red at the end of four years of membership 500.00 

red at the end of five years of membership 600.00 

red at the end of six years of membership 700.00 

red at the end of seven years of membership 800.00 

red at the end of eight years of membership 900.00 

red at the end of nine years of membership 1,000.00 

red at the end often years of membership 1,100.00 

red at the end of eleven years of membership 1,200.00 

red at the end of twelve years of membership 1,300.00 

red at the end of thirteen years of membership 1,400.00 


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If retired at the end of fourteen years of membership 1,500.00 

If retired at the end of fifteen years of membership 1,600.00 

If retired at the end of sixteen years of membership 1,700.00 

If retired at the end of seventeen years of membership 1 ,800.00 

If retired at the end of eighteen years of membership 1,900.00 

If retired at the end of nineteen years of membership 2,000.00 

If retired at the end of twenty years of membership 2,100.00 

If retired at the end of twenty-one years of membership 2,200.00 

If retired at the end of twenty-two years of membership 2,300.00 

If retired at the end of twenty-three years of membership 2,400.00 

If retired at the end of twenty-four years of membership 2,500.00 

If retired at the end of twenty-five years of membership 2,600.00 

VII. Allocation of Dividends After Ten Years of Membership - After ten years of 
membership, and beginning with the eleventh year, the base benefit to be paid is 
increased by dividends credited to the members account. 

Any funds, except as provided below, including apportionments, assessments, 
forfeitures and earnings thereon, remaining after benefits have been paid to eligible 
members for the plan year shall be divided into equal parts and credited to the 
accounts of those who have been participating members for more than ten years 
and are not in arrears for the previous year. 

A reserve equal to ten percent of the members' payments and dividend fund 
balances as of December 31 each year shall be maintained. Unrealized gains on 
investments shall be reserved and are not generally eligible to be distributed as 
annual dividends. The Hearing Committee may supplement the annual dividend 
from such reserves to maintain the declared dividend in an amount consistent with 
previous year levels when such action is deemed appropriate considering current 
investment returns and current economic conditions. The purpose of maintaining 
these reserves is to insulate the members in any year from market fluctuations and 
preserve the ability of the fund to consistently provide for housing needs in their retirement. 
VIM. Limitations on Contributions Pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code 
A In General - The contributions for any calendar year allocated to a member's 
account under Articles VI and VII on behalf of a member under all Qualifying 
Retirement Plans in which the member participates shall not exceed the member's 
Limit on Annual Additions as determined in subsection B of this Article 
VIII. The provisions of this Article VIII are intended to provide the limits on the amount 
of contributions to this Fund which are excludable from the gross income of the 
member pursuant to Code sections 415, and shall be interpreted in a 
manner consistent with that Code section. 
B. Limit on Annual Additions Under Code Section 415 

(1) A member's Limit on Annual Additions shall for any calendar year be an 
amount equal to the lesser of: 

(a) 100% of the member's includible compensation within the meaning of 
Code section 415(c)(3)(E) in such calendar year, or 

(b) $40,000, or such greater amount as is permitted under Code section 
415(c) as adjusted under Code section 415(d)(1)(B). 

For purposes of determining a member's Limit on Annual Additions, in 
the case of a member who has more than 50% control of an employer (a 
"Controlled Employer") within the meaning of Code section 415(h), 
contributions to a plan of the Controlled Employer that constitute annual 
additions (as defined in Code section 415(c)(2)) to the member shall be 
treated as contributions to this Plan. 

(2) A member's "includible compensation" for purposes of paragraph (1), 
above, shall mean the amount of compensation received from an employer 
within the meaning of Code section 403(b)(3) and 414(e) which is includ- 


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ible in gross income, computed without regard to Code section 911 for the 
most recent period ending not later than the close of the taxable year 
which is counted as a one year period of service as defined under para 
graph (3) below. Such term shall not inlcude any amount received by a 
former member after the fifth taxable year following the taxable year in 
which such member was terminated, or utilities to the extent such amounts 
are not includible in compensation pursuant to Code section 107. 

(3) A member's "period of service" for purposes of paragraph (2) above shall 
be expressed as a number equal to the member's number of full years of 
service plus one-twelfth for each one month period of service in addition to 
his or her full years of service. Part-time service of a member shall be 
taken into account as the percentage of such service that is equal to the 
percentage of full-time service served. 

Notwithstanding any provision of this Article VIII. B to the contrary, the 
Limit on Annual Additions of a member who has made an election under 
Code section 415(c)(7) shall be determined under such Code section and 
the regulations issued thereunder. 
D. Prohibition on Before-Tax Salary Reduction Contributions - Before-tax contributions 

under a salary reduction agreement shall not be permitted under this Fund. 

IX. Death Benefits - When a participating member of the Fund dies, the Treasurer 
shall pay to his or her designated beneficiary or beneficiaries, otherwise to his or 
her estate, the full amount of the base benefit payments plus the dividends, if any, 
added to his or her account. In the event that a minister dies prior to the eleventh 
year of membership, the designated beneficiary or beneficiaries, or otherwise the 
estate, shall receive the full amount of the base benefit payments plus the assess 
ments contributed by the participating member. In no case would the beneficiary, 
beneficiaries or estate receive less at the time of the ministers death than the 
member's assessments plus simple interest credited annually at the rate of The 
United Methodist Foundation, Inc., cumulative dividend yield for the most recent 
four quarters prior to the date of death. 

X. Designation of Beneficiary - Each member shall provide the Conference Trea 
surer the name(s) of the beneficiary or beneficiaries to whom the death benefits 
described in Article IX are to be paid in the event of death. The designation shall be 
indicated on a form provided by the Conference Treasurer. A designation shall not 
be effective unless such form has been duly completed and filed with the Conference 
Treasurer. In the absence of a designated beneficiary, benefits shall be paid to the 
member's estate. 

XI. Irrevocable Election Regarding Distribution of Funds - Members actively 
serving must make, prior to attaining age 59 1/2, an irrevocable election to either 
terminate from the Ministers' Transition Fund beginning with the Annual Conference 
following the attainment of age 60 or to defer termination from the Fund until 
retirement, as defined in the Book of Discipline, 2000, UH356.1, 356.2a, 356.2b, 
356.2c. Such irrevocable election is the responsibility of the member and must be 
made in writing to the Conference Treasurer by age 59 1/2. Forms can be obtained 
upon request from the Conference Treasurer. Should the member fail to make the 
irrevocable election, the member will not terminate from this Fund until retirement. 

XII. Payment of Benefits 

A. In General - At retirement or early termination from the Fund, members who 
have accrued the same number of years of service credited under the Fund 
(during the same calendar years) will have exactly the same accrued benefit 
and will receive exactly the same benefit regardless of their total individual 

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Fund, all payments under this 
Fund must be made at least as rapidly as required under section 401(a)(9) of 


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the Code and any proposed or final regulations thereunder, including but not 
limited to the incidental death benefit requirements of Code section 

In no case would the member receive less at retirement than the member's 
assessments plus interest computed at the United Methodist Foundation, Inc. 
cumulative dividend yield for the four most recent quarters prior to the retirement date. 

(1) Ministers With Less Than Ten (10) Years. For ministers retiring between 
January 1 through Annual Conference, and who retire or terminate from 
this Fund with less than ten (10) years credit in the Fund shall be paid in a 
single lump sum immediately following the session of the Annual Conference 
at which he or she retires or terminates. For ministers retiring between 
Annual Conference and December 31, payment shall be paid between 
January 1 and January 10 of the year following the year in which the 
minister terminates or retires. The benefit shall be the base benefit as 
prescribed in the table for retired members under Article VI plus minister 

(2) Ministers With Ten (10) or More Years. A minister who retires or terminates 
from this Fund with ten (10) or more years credit in the Fund must make an 
irrevocable election to receive benefit payments under one of the following 
options. This irrevocable election must be made no later than ninety days prior 
to the retirement month or month of termination due to early retirement or disability. 
For either option selected, total benefit payments shall be the base benefits as 
prescribed in the table plus the dividends credited. Interest will accrue on the 
principal balance beginning on the later of the retirement date or July 1 of the 
retirement year and will continue until the account is paid in full. The interest rate 
will equal the United Methodist Foundation, Inc. cumulative dividend yield for the 
four most recent quarters. All payments excluding the payment of member 
assessments shall be subject to income tax. 

(a) Two payment option: The first payment shall be equal to the cumulative 
amount that the member has paid in assessments. The second 
payment shall be the remainder of dividends and base benefit payment 
earned during their membership and interest accrued. 

(b) Six payment option. The first payment shall be the equal to the 
cumulative amount that the member has paid in assessments. The 
remaining payments shall be five equal annual installments of the 
remaining dividends and base benefit payment earned during their 
membership and interest accrued. The six payment option shall not be 
available to a member following attainment of age 70. 

For ministers retiring between January 1 and Annual Conference, 
under either option, the first payment shall be paid within 15 working 
days following the adjournment of the Annual Conference following 
the ministers' retirement or termination from the Fund. The second and 
subsequent payments shall be paid annually between January 1 and 
January 10 of each year following the year in which the minister 
terminates or retires until the account is paid in full. 

For ministers retiring between Annual Conference and December 
31, the first payment and second payment for either payment option 
shall be paid between January 1 and January 10 of the year following 
the year in which the minister terminates or retires. Unless the minister 
selects the six payment option, the account shall be disbursed in full in 
the first January after retirement. If the six payment option is selected, 
the four remaining installments shall be paid annually between 
January 1 and January 10 of each subsequent year until the account 
is paid in full. 


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B. Direct Rollovers 

(1) This Article XII. B applies to distributions made on or after January 1, 1993. 
Notwithstanding any provision of the Fund to the contrary that would 
otherwise limit a distributee's election under this Article XII. B, a distributee 
may elect at the time and in the manner prescribed by the plan administrator, 
to have any portion of an eligible rollover distribution paid directly to an 
eligible retirement plan specified by the distributee in a direct rollover. 

(2) Definitions: 

(a) Eligible rollover distribution: An eligible rollover distribution is any 
distribution of all or any portion of the balance to the credit of the 
distributee, except that an eligible rollover distribution does not 
include: any distribution that is one of a series of substantially equal 
periodic payments (not less frequently than annually) made for the life 
(or life expectancy) of the distributee or the joint lives (or joint life 
expectancies) of the distributee and the distributee's designated 
beneficiary, or for a specified period of ten years or more; any distribution 
to the extent such distribution is required under section 401(a)(9) 

of the Code as made applicable by section 403(b)(10) of the Code, 
any amount that is distributed upon hardship, and the portion of any 
distribution that is not includible in gross income (determined without 
regard to the exclusion for net unrealized appreciation with respect to 
employer securities). 

(b) Eligible retirement plan: An eligible retirement plan is an individual 
retirement account described in section 408(a) of the Code, an 
individual retirement annuity described in section 408(b) of the Code, 
or an annuity contract described in section 403(b) of the Code 
(including custodial accounts described in section 403(b)(7) of the 
Code and retirement income accounts described in Section 403(b)(9) 
of the Code) a qualified plan described in section 401 (a) or 403 (a) of 
the Code, or an eligible plan under section 457(b) of the Code which is 
maintained by a state, political subdivision of a state, or any agency or 
instrumentality of a state or political subdivision of a state which 
agrees to separately account for amounts transferred to such 457(b) 
plan from this Fund, that accepts the distributee's eligible rollover 

(c) Distributee: A distributee includes an employee or former employee. 
In addition, the employee's or former employee's surviving spouse 
and the employee's or former employee's spouse or former spouse 
who is the alternate payee under a qualified domestic relations order, 
as defined in section 414(p) of the Code, are distributees with regard 
to the interest of the spouse or former spouse. 

(d) Direct rollover: A direct rollover is a payment by the plan to the 
eligible retirement plan specified by the distributee. 

(3) Within a reasonable time before making an eligible rollover distribution from the 
Fund, the Conference Treasurer shall provide or cause to be provided the 
written explanation to the distributee required by Code section 402(f). 

XIII. Disability Leave - A minister who is approved for and placed on Disability Leave 
granted by the Conference may elect to: 

A. Continue as an active member and pay two percent (2%) of the disability pay 
received from all sources. Should Disability Leave be granted between sessions 
of Annual Conference, 2% of the disability pay received from all sources 
computed to a 12 month amount shall be paid. 

B. Be treated the same as a transferring member. 

C. Receive benefits the same as a retiring member. 


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D. Terminate from the Fund and receive all benefits within thirty (30) days 
following the granting of Disability Leave. 

The minister shall notify the Conference Treasurer in writing of his or her 
choice of option within ten (10) days following the granting of Disability Leave. 
In no case would the member receive less than the member's assessments 
plus interest, determined as described in Article IX. 
XIV. Leave of Absence - A minister who is approved for and placed on Leave of 
Absence by the Conference may elect to: 

A. Continue as an active member by paying 2% of the Conference Average 
Compensation while on leave. 

B. Be treated the same as a transferring member under Article XVI. 
Conference Average Compensation means the Conference Average Compensation 
as determined annually by the General Board of Pensions. 

XV Less Than Full Time Service - A Conference member who is approved for less 
than full time service by the Conference may elect to: 

A. Continue as an active member for no more than three years by paying 2% of 
the Conference Average Compensation (within the meaning of Article XIV) 
while serving less than full time. 

B. Withdraw from the Fund according to the provisions of Article XVII. 

XVI. Membership Transferring -Any ministerial member who leaves the North Carolina 
Conference by transfer to another annual conference of The United Methodist 
Church cannot make any further payment to the Fund. He or she may leave his or 
her account (including dividends, if any) in the Fund until retirement. If this is done, 
the benefit under this Fund will be computed as of the date of transfer from the 
North Carolina Conference with interest determined in the manner described in 
Article IX, determined from the date of transfer to the date of retirement. If the 
account is left, and the minister returns to the North Carolina Conference, he or she 
may reinstate his or her payments and dividend earnings, effective at the time of 
transfer back into this Conference. 

XVI I. Withdrawing From The Fund Prior to Retirement - If a member desires to 

withdraw from the Fund prior to retirement, upon a written request to the Conference 
Treasurer, he or she shall receive the amount he or she has paid into the Fund, 
plus interest determined in the manner described in Article IX each year he or she 
was participating in the Fund. Amounts in the members account in excess of the 
amount determined under the preceding sentence shall be forfeited and reallocated 
as dividends for the year of forfeiture pursuant to Article VII. 

Each member whose membership is terminated in the Fund in any way will 
provide the Conference Treasurer with a statement indicating that he or she has 
received the funds for which he or she is eligible, and that he or she is no longer a 
member of the Fund. Any minister leaving the North Carolina Conference to join 
another denomination other than The United Methodist Church will be required to 
withdraw from the Fund and payment will be made to the minister according to the 
formula set forth in the first paragraph of this Article XVII. 

XVIII. Reinstatement - A member who has withdrawn from the Fund may not be 

reinstated, but is required to begin anew as though he or she were a new member. 
A minister shall not be permitted to rejoin the Fund more than two (2) times during 
his or her ministerial career. 

XIX. Hearing Committee 

A. The Committee - A Hearing Committee consisting of the Board of Pensions 
Executive Committee, Conference Treasurer, Director of Ministerial Relations, 
Conference Controller, and the Conference Insurance Group Administrator 
shall have authority to act on behalf of the Board of Pensions between Annual 
Conference sessions concerning matters that relate to, but are not specifically 
covered by, this constitution of the Ministers' Transition Fund. The Plan 
Administrator for the Fund for other plan administrative matters and matters 


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delegated by the Hearing Committee shall be the Conference Insurance Group 
Administrator. Determinations by the Hearing Committee, the Board of Pensions 
or the Plan Administrator shall be conclusive and binding on all persons and 
shall be afforded the maximum deference permitted by law. 
B. Claims Procedure - If a claim is wholly or partially denied, the Hearing 
Committee shall furnish the member or beneficiary with written notice of the 
denial within sixty (60) days of the date the original claim was filed. This notice 
of denial shall provide: 

(1) The specific reason or reasons for denial; 

(2) Provide specific reference to pertinent plan provisions on which denial is based; 

(3) A description of any additional information needed to perfect the claim and 
an explanation of why such information is necessary; and 

(4) An explanation of the plans claim procedure. 

The member or beneficiary shall have sixty (60) days from receipt of 
denial notice in which to make written application for review by the Hearing 
Committee. The Hearing Committee shall issue a decision on such review 
within sixty (60) days after receipt of an application for review as provided 
in the preceding sentence. Such decision on review shall be made in 
writing and shall include specific reasons for the decision written in a 
manner calculated to be understood by the claimant. All decisions and 
denials of claims by the Hearing Committee shall be afforded the maximum 
deference permitted by law. 

XX. New Rules and Constitutional Provisions - The rules and guidelines of this 
constitution supersede all previous Conference legislation regulating this Fund. The 
Annual Conference, at any time or from time to time, may amend any or all of the 
provisions of this constitution without the consent of individual members of the 
Fund. No amendment shall have the effect of modifying any benefit election of any 
member in effect at the time of such amendment or modifying the benefit or any 
member who retired prior to the date of such amendment, unless the amendment 
expressly so provides. 

The Annual Conference established this Fund with the intent that it will be 
maintained for an indefinite period of time. However, the Annual Conference reserves 
the right to terminate the Fund, in whole or in part, at any time. No amendment, 
modification or termination of the Fund shall adversely affect the members benefits 
accrued for his or her retirement at the time of termination of the Fund. 

XXI. Miscellaneous Provisions 

A. Prohibition Against Diversion - Subject to Code section 414(p), there shall 
be no diversion of any portion of the assets of the plan other than for the 
exclusive benefit of members and their beneficiaries. 

B. Delegation of Authority - The Board of Pensions, Conference Treasurer and 
the Hearing Committee may authorize any agent or agents to carry out their 
duties, and may employ such counsel, auditors, and other specialists and such 
clerical, actuarial and other services as it may require in carrying out the 
provisions of the Fund. 

C. Notification of Mailing Address - Each member and other person entitled to 
benefits hereunder shall from time to time file with the Conference, in writing, 
such persons post office address and change of post office address. Any check 
representing any payment due hereunder, and any communication forwarded 
to a member of beneficiary at the last known address as indicated by the 
records of the Conference shall constitute adequate payment to such person 
and be binding on such person for all purposes of the plan. The Conference, 
Board of Pensions, Conference Treasurer and Hearing Committee shall not be 


l^egLslatw n j Ytepo'rts 

under any obligation to search for or ascertain the whereabouts of any such person. 

D. Unclaimed Benefits - If any benefits payable to, or on behalf of, a member are 
not claimed within a reasonable period of time from the date of entitlement, as 
determined by the Hearing Committee, and if the member cannot be located at 
his or her last provided mailing address, such member shall be presumed dead 
and the post-death benefits, if any, under this plan shall be paid to his or her 
beneficiary if he or she is then living and can be located. If the members 
beneficiary is not then living or cannot be located, or if no beneficiary was 
effectively named, the member's account shall be forfeited and treated as 
dividends pursuant to Article VII. 

E. Facility of Payment - Whenever, in the Hearing Committees opinion, a person 
entitled to receive any payment of a benefit under the plan is under a legal 
disability or is incapacitated in any way so as to be unable to manage such 
person's financial affairs, the Hearing Committee may, to the extend permitted 
by law, make payments directly to the person, to the person's legal representative, 
or to a relative or friend of the person to be used exclusively for such person's 
benefit, or apply any such payment for the benefit of the person in such manner 
as the Hearing Committee deems advisable. Any benefit payment (or installment 
thereof) made in accordance with the provisions of this shall completely 
discharge the obligation for making such payment under the plan. 

F. Commingling of Assets - The assets of the Fund may be commingled in 
a common fund made up of such accounts or in a common fund with other 
amounts exclusively devoted to church purposes, provided that the part of such 
fund which equitably belongs to the plan shall be separately accounted for and 
cannot be used for or diverted to purposes other than for the exclusive benefit 
of employees and their beneficiaries. The reasonable costs of administering an 
account may be charged against the account. Such costs may include the 
reasonable costs of administering a retirement income program of which the 
account is a part, including costs associated with informing employees and 
employers of the availability of the program. 

G. Governing Law- This plan shall be administered, and its validity, construction, 
and all rights hereunder shall be governed by the Book of Discipline of The 
United Methodist Church, and by the laws of the State of North Carolina to the 
extent not in conflict with such Book of Discipline. If any provisions of the plan 
shall be held invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions hereof shall 
continue to be fully effective. 

H. Limitations on Liability - The Conference, Conference Treasurer, Board of 
Pensions and members of the Hearing Committee shall not be liable to any 
person or entity for any of their acts carried out hereunder in good faith and 
based upon the information available at the time. 

William W. Sherman, Jr., Chairperson 

United Methodist Foundation, Inc. 

Since 1955, the Mission of United Methodist Foundation, Inc. has been to: 

• Provide professional investment management services for long-term funds 
belonging to local churches, institutions, and ministries of the North Carolina 

• Educate, encourage and receive planned gifts from individuals in support of 
their local church, United Methodist institutions, and special ministries of the 

North Carolina Conference. 


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The United Methodist Foundation, Inc. is an independent, non-profit corporation, 
related by faith to the North Carolina Conference through the Board of Institutions. 
Strengthened by its faith connection and a rich tradition of excellence in Stewardship 
Ministry, the Foundation is chartered to serve only the churches, missions, agencies and 
institutions of the North Carolina Annual Conference. INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT 

All funds entrusted with the Foundation are invested according to the Social 
Principles of the United Methodist Church as guided by the Statement of Investment 
Guidelines (Revised Edition 11/99) of the Investment Committee of the General Council 
on Finance and Administration of the United Methodist Church. The Consulting Group 
of Salomon Smith Barney provides the Foundation with investment consultation and 
management services. Seven professional investment fund managers, employed by the 
Foundation's Board of Directors and reporting to the Investment Consultant, 
successfully accomplish the 

day-to-day management of the Foundation's total assets. 
While the Foundation's Investment Management Service provides valuable support 
for Ministry throughout the Church and the North Carolina Conference, the heart of 
the Foundation's mission is its Planned Giving and Endowment Building Services. 
These "donor-focused / Church-building" services provide specialized planning and 
"technical" assistance helping individuals and their legal, tax and financial advisors 
accomplishing their charitable goals. 

Additionally, the Foundation serves as trustee for many individual Family 
Endowments and life-income Gift Plans producing charitable remainder benefits for 
a variety of ministries within the Church. As Trustee of these special funds, the 
Foundation is responsible to assure that all charitable remainder amounts and 
Endowment Fund earnings support the ministries selected by the donor. 

While the past two years have presented significant investment management 
challenges for United Methodist Foundation - an investment market volatility and loss not 
seen in over 75 years of market history - the future continues to hold bright promise. Long 
term, permanently endowed church funds will continue to grow in value and active Church 
Endowment Programs will provide the vehicle for this growth. Beginning in 2003, the 
Foundation will offer a new investment fund accounting and reporting system that will 
provide its Investment Partners with a more comprehensive quarterly reports. Also 
beginning in 2003 a new Income Fund investment option, complementing the Foundation's 
diversified Balanced Fund, will be offered to provide more consistent income in support of 
mission and ministry. Perhaps most important, however are the education and planned 
giving services helping church leaders and lay members build future financial resources 
for ministry within their local United Methodist Church and beyond. 

The Board expresses grateful appreciation to four of its members: To Lloyd M. 
Whaley who, as President for the past eight years, has guided the Foundation through 
significant and important management changes. He steps down from the position of 
President but will continue serving on the Board with a fifth term. To Rev. Reginald W. 
Ponder who retires after 10 consecutive years of Board leadership - this time. He has 
served other terms on the Foundation Board as a member and representative in various 
capacities of leadership over his 43 years as a member of the North Carolina Annual 
Conference. To Marvin L. Barnes, who retires after providing eight years business expertise 
and leadership on the Foundation Board. Marvin is President and CEO of M. M. Fowler, 
Inc. of Durham, is a member of Epworth United Methodist Church and is also on the Board 
on United Methodist Retirement Homes, Inc. And to Mr. Frank Bullock who retires after 
serving on the Foundation Board since 1997. Frank is a business entrepreneur living in 
Henderson North Carolina and a member of Trinity UMC in Durham. 


h,egts!atto n j Reports 

United Methodist Foundation welcomes opportunities to assist individuals and their 
families wishing to create special gift plans that benefit their local church, Conference 
Institution or other additional ministry of the Church. The Foundation encourages local 
churches to strengthen their stewardship programs by including planned giving and 
endowment programs as a part of their overall stewardship program. 

The Board of Directors and staff of United Methodist Foundation wish to express 
sincere appreciation to all Investment Partners for their ongoing support of the 
stewardship ministry of United Methodist Foundation, Inc. Of special importance is the 
support from Conference, District and Church clergy whose leadership and initiative 
provide significantly to the success of the Foundation's overall stewardship ministry. 

W. Daniel Pate, President and I. Lynn James, Executive Director 


Legislation jYLsports 

This Page Intentionally Left Blank 


l^egLslatw n j Report? 


Table I - 2002 


1 Total full members reported at the close of last year 

2 Received this year on Confession of Faith or Restored 

3 Received from other United Methodist Churches 

4 Received from other denominations 
5A Total removed by Charge Conference action 
5B Removed by withdrawal 

5 Total removed by Charge Conference action or withdrawn 

6 Removed by transfer to other United Methodist Churches 

7 Removed by transfer to other denominations 

8 Removed by death 
9A Asian 

9B Black + African American 
9C Hispanic 
9D Native American 
9E Pacific Islander 
9F White 

9 Total full members at close of this year (Corrected 2001 Numbers) 
Males 104,359 Females 128,341 

1 Average attendance at the principal weekly worship service(s) 

11 Number of persons baptized this year (all ages) 

12 Preparatory members now on roll (all baptized children under 19) 

13 Number of persons on constituency roll (Par. 232.4) 

14 Total enrolled in confirmation classes this year 

15 Number of leaders 

16 Children in all classes and groups 

17 Youth in all classes and groups 

18 Adults in all classes and groups 

19 Total church school membership 

20 Average attendance in the Sunday Church School 

21 Average Attendance in Accountability Groups 

22 Average Attendance in Mission and Ministry Groups 

23 Average Attendnace in Support Groups -Children 
23 Average Attendnace in Support Groups - Youth 

23 Average Attendnace in Support Groups -Adults 

24 Average attendance in short-term classes/groups for learning 

25 Sunday School members joining the church on profession of faith 

26 Membership in chartered United Methodist Men 

27 Amount paid for projects 


28 Membership in United Methodist Women 

29 Amount paid for local church and community work 


30 Membership in United Methodist Youth Fellowship 

31 Amount paid for projects 

32 Value of church land, buildings and equipment 

33 Value of church-owned parsonages and furniture 

34 Value of other assets 

35 Indebtedness on items 30, 31, 32 at end of year 

36 Other indebtedness 



Change +/- 















































rs) 230,546 





































































961 ,083 

























Table II - 2002 

Legislation / Reports 


35 World Service and Conference Benevolences 

36 Ministerial Education Fund 

37 Black College Fund 

38 Africa University Fund 

40 Total General Advance 

41 Youth Service Fund 
42A Human Relations 

42B One Great Hour of Sharing 

42C Peace with Justice 

42D Native American Awareness Sunday 

42E World Communion 

42F United Methodist Student Day 

42 Total General Church Offerings 

44 Conference Advance Specials 

45 $10 Club 

46 Higher Education 

48 Health and Welfare agencies 

49 Disaster Preparedness 

50 Flood Relief not Remitted to Conference 

51 Other benevolences paid directly by local church 


52 Interdenominational Cooperation Fund 

53 General Administration Fund 

54 Jurisdictional Administration Fund 

55 Area and conference administration funds 

56 District Work Fund 


58 Pension and benefit funds remitted to GBOP 

60 District Superintendents' Fund 

61 Episcopal Fund 

62 Equitable Salary Fund 

63 Apportioned ministerial support 


64 Pastor's base compensation 

65 Associate's base compensation 

66A Pastor's utilities and other housing-related allowances 
66B Associate's utilities and other housing-related allowances 

66 Total Utilities/Housing 
67A Pastor's travel 

67B Associate's travel 

67 Total travel paid 

68A Other cash allowances paid to/for pastor 
68B Other cash allowances paid to/for associate 
68C Pastor's Medical Insurance paid by the church 

68 Total other cash allowances 


69 Diaconal Minister(s) total compensation 

70 Other staff compensation 

71 Current expenses for program (including church school) 

72 Other current operating expenses (not including program expenses) 

73 Principal and interest paid on indebtedness, loans, mortgages, etc. 

74 Paid on buildings and improvements (not include, funds borrowed) 


75 UMW cash sent to District or Conference UMW Treasurer 

76 Grand Total Paid 









































































































































































NOTE: The tables above are preliminary figures and are subject to change upon final audit 


l^egLslatw n j Reports 


2002 Compensation of Clergy in 
Extension Ministries 

Asbury Homes, Inc. 

Candler School of Theology 

Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries 

Divinity School of Duke University 

Golden Cross 

NC Council of Churches 

Outdoor and Camping Ministries 


The Methodist Home for Children 

The State of the Church Address 

The United Methodist Retirement Homes 

Unity Dialogue 

Miscellaneous Reports 




The 1996 Discipline, 11625, states: "Every clergy member of the Annual Conference 
appointed beyond the local church shall furnish annually to the conference secretary, at 
such time as the secretary shall direct, a statement of his/her total compensation 
(including base compensation, travel, automobile, housing, and other expenses allowed 
and paid) for the year then ending, and said compensation of all clergy appointed 
beyond the local church shall be published in the journal of the Annual Conference. 
When this information is not furnished, the appointment of the clergyperson shall be 
subject to review by the resident bishop and the Cabinet." 

# Indicates salary not reported. 

Name Salary Housing 

Archer, Patricia H 28,876 12,016. 

Bates, Sally # 

Beeson, Gilbert W, Jr 43 

Brunson, Jesse 47 

Burrus, Carolyn H 13 

Christian, Robert 55 

Compton, Stephen C 81 

Cyr, Ronald D 46 

Dixon, Sam W., Jr 71 

Farmer, John A 47 

Franklin, K. Mike 60 

Gilbert, Milton, H 81 

Gonia, Rachel R 15 

Grissom, David R 75 

Hadley, Jacob M 37 

Hamm, Rodney G 81 

Harvin, David L 50 

Hatch, Mary Martha 51 

Hendricks, M. Elton 180 

Hicks, Phillis K 14 

Hillman, Randy A 54 

Hinnant, H. Mallie 37 

Hudson, Pamela Jo 34 

Hunter, Jack L 81 

Jackson, Richard 71 

Jenkins, David 30 

Keck, Andrew 42 

Lancaster, Ecwood C 81 

Langley, Delores A 43 

Laytham, Brent D 25 

Leeland, Paul L 81 

Lewis, Jerry D 69 

Logston, Linda S 39 

Loyd, Roger L 

Lykins, Patricia S 38 

Malloy, David 81 

Mann, Barbara 46 

Utilities Travel Other 

061 14,400 2,600 

800 18,000 5,000 


000 11,000 

966 Provided All Voucher 


400 50,000 

600 Voucher 


...29,000 7,308 

Provided All Voucher 

Provided All Voucher. 

... 15,300 Voucher. 

Provided All Voucher. 

...20,000 7,500. 

Provided All Voucher 

... 15,960 10,980 



...7,200 5,200. 

000 Voucher. 

966 Provided All Voucher. 

028 6,492 

000 25,000 2,000. 


966 Provided All Voucher 


370 20,000 

966 Provided All Voucher 

060 Provided Ins. 

310 2,045 


000 Voucher 

966 Provided All Voucher 


Mann, W. Joseph # 


Name Salary 

Maultsby, J. Alexander 39,000 

McMillan, Becky R 46,000 

Merchant, Michele R 66 

Morgan, Deborah 45 

Morrison, J. Edward 81 

Old, Marshall R 81 

Oldham, Kirk B 45 

Pace, James H 75 

Pasquarello, Michael 46 

Ponder, Reginald W 82 

Purcell, Joan 14 

Rawlings, James A. Jr 86 

Safley, Michael W 108 

Sasser, L. Alan 100 

Shannonhouse, Richard D 

Shaw, Caswell 81 

Shuler, Albert 81 

Simpson, William C. Jr 81 

Smith, Charles M 81 

Smith, Judi J 81 

Smith, Neal E 28 

Stafford, Sidney 19 

Stanfield, Edwin D 94 

Stanley, Bruce E 

Ward, Hope Morgan 81 

Webb-Bowden, Julia 

Williams, Richard J 40 

Wllingham, Malcolm C 38 

Housing Utilities Travel 

... 12,000 Voucher. 




000 24,000 


966 Provided All 

966 Provided All 

697 8,500 



000 18,000 Voucher. 


600 250. 

000 Voucher. 





Provided All 

Provided All 

Provided All 

Provided All 

Provided All 






All .. 

... Voucher 




Candler School of Theology 

Candler School of Theology is grounded in the Christian faith and shaped by the 
Wesleyan tradition of evangelical piety, ecumenical openness, and social concerns. Its 
mission is to educate — through scholarship, teaching, and service — faithful and creative 
leaders for the church's ministries in the world. 

These purposes define Candler's role as a school of the university and of the 
church. I begin by mentioning this because Candler faces the challenge and 
opportunity of leading a national research university in rediscovering what it might mean 
to relate to a major denomination. And I am happy to report to you that we are making 
very real progress in this complex and precious relationship. 

Most dramatically, Emory and Candler received from the Lilly Endowment Inc. a 
grant for $10,000,000 for a doctoral venture in religious practices and practical theology. 
The United Methodist News Service release ( ) 
only hints at the importance of this grant. No fields in theological education are more 
vital to ministerialtraining and formation than those that work at the connection of school 
and church, vocation and leadership, theory and practice. Yet schools find faculty for 
these fields — preaching, worship, pastoral care, religious education, evangelism, 
administration — with great difficulty or cover these areas with adjunct faculty or content 
themselves with persons whose credentials and scholarship do not equal those in the 
more classical areas. This grant will make it possible for Candler through the Graduate 
Division of Religion to recruit superb persons into the practical theological fields and to 
provide them the training that will make them the future leaders of theological education. 



Candler has continued to make extraordinary faculty appointments. Dr. Robert Franklin, 
previously president of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta and 
commentator on National Public Radio, will re-join us next fall as Emory's Presidential 
Distinguished Professor of Social Ethics. Dr. Alice Rogers, a leading pastor in the North 
Georgia Conference, came last summer to direct our Teaching Parish (student pastor) 
program. We welcomed as well Dr. David Petersen, a highly distinguished member of 
the Old Testament guild, long-time faculty member at lliff and the newly chosen 
President-Elect of the Society of Biblical Literature. And Dr. Faith Hawkins, an Emory 
Ph.D., has returned to Candler and is providing remarkable leadership in our Youth 
Theological Initiative (YTI). 

YTI celebrated its tenth anniversary this past fall with a conference for practitioners. 
The three day event reflected on ten year's experience of gathering young people from 
across the country every summer for a four week experience in thinking and acting in an 
environment that encourages serious theological and ethical reflection on God's place in 
all of life. The conference generated great excitement about the future of youth ministry. 
Candler also received refunding for YTI in the amount of $2,182,200. This grant from 
the Lilly Endowment will cover the next four years of the program. Lilly has told us that 
this will be their last grant to us for this program, so we are searching now for 
endowment and annual fund support to ensure its continuation. 

Candler was very pleased that Bishop Lindsey Davis appointed Dr. Wesley Wachob 
to Glenn Memorial Church on the Emory campus with a commitment to continue the 
effort to better connect that congregation with the University. Wachob served previously 
as senior minister in Mobile and as chair of the Board of Ordained Ministry of the 
Alabama-West Florida Conference. Wachob and the church have agreed that he might 
teach on occasion and Candler has appointed him as an adjunct faculty member. To 
read more about Dr. Wachob and his Candler appointment, please visit the following 
web site at Emorv: REPORT/erarchive/2002/October/ 

We continue to enhance our continuing and church education efforts under the able 
leadership of the Rev. Beth Luton Cook. January 6-8 we offered a conference 
Celebrating and Revisioning the Wesleyan Movements featuring Dr. Wlliam B. McClain 
as Whiteside preacher and lecturer, plus Drs. Richard Heitzenrater, Rebekah Miles, 
Randy Maddox, Mary Elizabeth Moore, Stephen Gunter, Carlton "Sam" Young, and 
Mercy A. Oduyoye. Continuing education has also offered the church a new Mini 
Theology School, through the Bill Mallard Lay Theology Institute; summer and year-long 
Courses of Study; conferences on Spiritual Guides and the Great Commission; and 
Covenant Colleagues, an experiment in sustained continuing education. Note 
especially the next continuing education and alumni/ae event, a preaching festival 
scheduled for September 16-19, 2003, featuring our Bandy professors, Fred 
Craddock, Robert Kysar and Thomas Long. 

Candler continues to be a pacesetter in addressing student indebtedness and in aid 
to ministerial candidates. Over the 2001-02 academic year we awarded $4,191,298 in 
scholarships, of which only $978,010 derived from the Ministerial Education Fund 
(MEF). In addition we administered $978,842 of externally conferred scholarships, a 
total of over five million in grants, and roughly nine million in aid total. With such 
resources we are now able to provide full tuition awards to many United Methodist 
students who have demonstrated financial need. The MEF remains key to that 
commitment, as does the generosity of the Cannons, Shermans, Pitts, Hardins, Franks, 
McDonalds, Garretts, Quenelles and so many others whose benefactions have made 
such support possible. Even with these resources our students borrowed $3,566,398 
last year, so our quest for additional support continues. 

Another strong class matriculated this fall bringing student enrollment to 562. Of 
these 422 are M.Div., 87% of whom are full time and 46% of whom are under 30. The 



M.Div. population is half male, half female, 28% American ethnic, and 5% international. 
Forty-seven conferences are represented by our United Methodist students, 77% of 
whom are from the Southeastern Jurisdiction. The diversity and the talent of these folk 
make Candler an exciting place for ministerial formation. 

We are very proud that Barbara Day Miller, assistant dean of worship and lecturer in 
liturgical practices, has been named music director for the 2004 General Conference. 
We are also proud of our faculty, who week-in-week-out speak, preach, conduct 
workshops, teach Sunday school throughout the church. 

For more information about Candler, our extraordinary faculty and dedicated 
students preparing for ministerial leadership, I hope that you will bookmark: http:// 

I thank you for the church's partnership with us. Candler appreciates your support, 
your gifts and your prayers for the work we are about. 

Russell E. Richey, Dean and Professor of Church History 

Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries 

Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries of North Carolina, Inc., continues its history of exciting 

ministry. Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries currently manages the following four ministries: 

Local Church DISCIPLE Ministry develops strong DISCIPLE Bible Study ministries 
in the local churches of North Carolina and provides financial assistance to small 
membership, rural and ethnic minority congregations. 

DISCIPLE Prison Ministry is active in 55 prisons in North Carolina including men, 
women and youth prisons. Presently almost 300 volunteers from 80 churches are certified 
Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries volunteers. 

Faithful Friends offers friendship, encouragement and spiritual support to ex-offenders 
involved in DISCIPLE while in prison, during the first year of release. 

Rings of Fellowship is a new program developed by Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries 
in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency 
Prevention. Rings of Fellowship offer at-risk youth the opportunity to learn the Bible and 
provide community support for incarcerated youth returning home. 

As a ministry related in faith to the North Carolina and Western North Carolina 
Conferences, Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries is dependent on the generous support of 
churches and individuals throughout the state. Our ministry is not possible without these 
gifts. Through these gifts, however, Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries will continue to 
change lives both the prisons and pews with the transforming power of scripture. It is our 
prayer that more and more individuals and churches will become partners with Disciple 
Bible Outreach Ministries and join its mission to offer the Good News of the Gospel to a 
world in need. 

Mark Hicks, Executive Director; Robert Flynn, Council Chairperson 

Divinity School of Duke University 

Duke University trustees gave final approval to a major addition to the Divinity School in 
late December and construction began in early 2003. The addition will include the 315- 
seat Goodson Chapel; offices for the Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life, 
admissions and student services, Duke Chapel music staff and the Divinity School 
chaplain; classrooms, seminar rooms and a lecture hall seating 177; a Cokesbury book 
store; a preaching and worship lab, a prayer room and a sacristy. The 2 nd Mile 
Campaign was organized to complete funding for the new building. 

Enrollment for 2002-03 was 488 full-time students from 30 states and 8 foreign 
countries. Some 54 percent were men and 46 percent were women with an ethnic 



minority enrollment of 18 percent and a median age of 26, among the youngest in the 
nation for theological schools. Fifty-six percent of the students (62 percent of M.Div. 
candidates) were United Methodist. The median undergraduate grade point average for 
the fall 2002 class was 3.5 and inquiries for enrollment in fall 2003 were running at an 
all-time high, including more than 1 ,000 through the Web site alone in the first five 
months after the new site launched in October. 

The school introduced the full-color, Divinity magazine for alumni and friends in spring 

The expanding Learning for Life program provided 2 million contact hours in 24 
programs for 2,752 continuing education participants. Convocation & Pastors' School 
attendance has climbed to record numbers during the past five years, including 515 in 
2002. The first College Weekend brought 43 undergraduate students from 17 colleges 
and universities to campus for discussions on vocation. 

The Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life took its acclaimed "Crossing Over Jordan" 
symposium on African-American end-of-life care to Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia. 
Caring Communities was formed to support the development and sustenance of health 
ministry programs in the Carolinas with support from The Duke Endowment. 

Professor Richard Hays delivered the Gray Lectures and in early 2003 delivered his 
inaugural lecture as the George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament. Professor 
Grant Wacker's book, "Heaven Below: Early Pentecostals and American Culture," won 
national honors from the American Academy of Religion. 

Pulpit & Pew: Research on Pastoral Leadership published research reports titled 
"Women's Path into Ministry" and "How Much Should We Pay the Pastor." The project 
also released findings from the National Clergy Survey, the most comprehensive survey of 
clergy undertaken in several decades. 

The Campaign for Duke continues to engage graduates and friends in support of 
ministerial leadership, and we are deeply grateful for the generous commitments that 
enable and enhance our work. We recently initiated Associates for Transforming 
Ministry, a program that provides direct financial aid for students and works with local 
churches to help with discernment of the call to Christian service. 

L. Gregory Jones, Dean 
Golden Cross 

"Golden Cross" is a ministry that reaches out in love to the laity in our Annual 
Conference who are experiencing financial difficulty due to excessive medical expenses. 
Through Golden Cross, United Methodists care for members of our local churches in 
time of emotional stress and financial need. During 2002 we assisted 39 families from 
10 of our 12 districts. Each one represented someone active in their local church. 
People just like each of us, who in a moment of struggle found means of grace and love 
coming from "their" church. 

Golden Cross is a special ministry of love and care that reaches out across our 
Conference. Please remember that sometimes the needs that cross my desk challenge 
the funds we have available. In 2003 the Golden Cross budget is $19,125.00. However, 
in 2002 we spent $42,981.00. We were able to do that because we had a carry over 
surplus from the last several years. But now the surplus is gone. Obviously Golden 
Cross cannot continue to do this and this year I will more than likely have to deny some 
heartbreaking claims because of the lack of funding. This is where you can help. If you 
can, take a special offering one Sunday and send that offering to Golden Cross c/o 
Caroline Thornton, PO Box 10955, Raleigh, NC 27605. Some of our churches have 
done that, and I would like to publicly thank those who have in the past year. 


Now if I can just get the rest of our churches to do the same we will be able to meet 
the needs of some very special lay people in our United Methodist Churches. Thank you 
and God Bless. 

Richard C. Vaughan, Director 

Hand In Hand 

The Hand in Hand Project promotes and initiates partnerships between schools and 
communities of faith in local communities across the state of North Carolina. The 
project is a collaborative effort of the North Carolina and Western North Carolina 
Conferences of the United Methodist Church, the Methodist Home for Children and the 
Children's Home, and Communities in Schools of NC and is funded by a grant from The 
Duke Endowment. This initiative was developed in response to the Bishop's Initiative on 
Children and Poverty. 

The goal of the project for the North Carolina Conference, during the first three 
years, was to develop a solid training program, to initiate pilot sites and as many 
church-school partnerships as possible. In the first year, pilot sites were initiated in 
Whiteville and in Jones County. The following year we initiated two additional model 
sites in Louisburg and Lee County. Two of the pilot/model sites have developed into 
community-wide ministries and have given birth to local Communities in Schools 
programs. Throughout the project, now in its fourth year, churches in all districts have 
been trained. Three such sites received The Lay Ministry of the Year for their districts in 
2002. These were St. Luke, Jonesboro, and McQueen's Chapel in the Sanford District, 
Morehead City First UMC in the New Bern District and Winstead UMC in the Rocky 
Mount District. 

This report reflects numbers from the Charge Conference reports that have been 
received to date. Therefore, the numbers reflected in this report will be conservative. 
Our hope is to reflect a glimpse of the success of the project as it continues to exceed 
our expectations. 120 churches report that they are in partnership this year. (This 
report includes only those who have responded electronically to The Charge 
Conference reports.) Our last full year report was made to The Duke Endowment in 
June of 2002. At this time there were 80 churches in ministry, we served 6116 students, 
with 1168 being served one on one, and we supported 1,980 staff members through 
prayer and celebration. 

We have seen the positive results from within those churches that begin a ministry 
and certainly from the schools receiving support and most importantly our prayers. The 
Hand in Hand Project has truly made a positive statement about the faith and the beliefs 
of The United Methodist Church in the communities and in the schools in which it has 
been initiated. Our enthusiasm for this work continues as we see the differences that 
are being made in the lives of our children, in our congregations, in our communities, 
and in our schools, and in ourselves. 

Susan Pennock, Director 

North Carolina Council of Churches 

For more than sixty-five years, the North Carolina Council of Churches has given 

witness to our oneness in Christ and enabled us to work together on issues of justice, 

compassion, and peace. Our members are the North Carolina judicatories of fifteen 

Christian denominations, along with six congregations whose judicatory is not a Council 


Recent and current activities include: 
• Voicing the support of people of faith for peace. 



Planning "The Prophetic Voice of the African-American Church: Growing the Next 

Generation of Activists." Keynoter will be Dr. Bill Turner from the Duke Divinity 


Conducting the 2003 Legislative Seminar. The theme was "Promoting the Common 

Good: People Come First." 

Publishing Raleigh Report to guide the efforts of faith-based legislative activists. 

Last year we worked together for the first-ever defeat of the lottery in the state 

House of Representatives. 

Promoting the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. 

Working with Bishop Edwards for an ecumenical dialogue which was held at Duke 

Divinity School and featured Professor Geoffrey Wainwright. 

Organizing FaithWorks, the NC Council/Habitat for Humanity partnership to build 

100 houses in rural North Carolina during the next three years. 

Sponsoring a speaking tour by Rev. Sally Bingham, of Episcopal Power & Light, and 

assisting in the development of a "green power" program to be offered by electric 


Developing new work in the area of economic justice. 

Refurbishing the Council's website. Visit us at <>. 

We are extremely grateful for the North Carolina Conference's decision to restore 
funding to the Council and for the $16,000 which we have received. And we are grateful 
for those who serve on the Council's committees and boards. Current leaders of the 
Council include Hope Morgan Ward, First Vice-President; Charles Smith, Personnel 
Committee chair; Steve Hickle, at-large Executive Board member; and Joe Mann, Rural 
Life Committee chair. 

George Reed, Executive Director 

Outdoor and Camping Ministries 

Outdoor and Camping Ministries is "a form of Christian education", "a means of 
evangelism", "a source of Christian spiritual formation", "an extension of the local 
church", "a setting for Christian environmental education", and more. Each of those 
definitions are explanations for our ministry which we and the North Carolina Annual 
Conference have used for over 50 years to define our historic and innovative work. 
Each label is an attempt to sum up the life-changing experiences that children, youth, 
and adults have enjoyed — and continue to experience — through the ministries of 
Outdoor and Camping Ministries. The Board of Directors for this ministry characterizes 
our work as a calling. Whether one of the 20 members of the Board, one of the 15 
fulltime professional staff, one of the 90 members of our local camp advisory 
committees, or one of the more than 200 seasonal staff who serve in one of the many 
ministries we sponsor through the course of a year, each person involved in outdoor and 
camping ministries has responded to a call to Christian service through the camps 
related to our conference. Our calling in that service is to make disciples for Jesus 

Our ministry takes many forms: traditional summer camping, retreats, 
conferences, special events and schools, day camping, and other ministries. Innovation 
is essential for us to continue to renew and to sustain our ministry in a time of increasing 
competition for the attention, time, and money of camp-goers. We are truly grateful for 
all the support the annual conference gives our ministries. Local church people who 
direct campers, retreat groups, counselors, staff, funding, and leaders to our camps are 
crucial in our continued success. Thank you for your help. 

Our Board of Directors is taking the strong steps necessary to insure that our 
camps are organized, managed, and funded in such a manner that we will continue 
successful ministry for years to come. These steps include the formation of two new 


Reports Resolutions 

standing committees, one group for board development and one for fund developmem. 
We are in the process of engaging a nationally recognized camping and retreat 
ministries consultant to assist us in an assessment of the current condition of our camps 
and to help us ready plans for our future. 

Remember our ministries in your prayers and thank our God that we share 
together in ministries for people of all ages to celebrate and to savor the wonders of 
God's creation. 

H. Gray Southern, Chairperson 


Resolution 1: Amending the Book of Disciplines's Paragraph on Abortion 
(161 J) 

WHEREAS, the Church through the ages has consistently witnessed and ministered 
to protect the unborn child and mother from abortion; 

WHEREAS, in continuity with past Christian teaching, The United Methodist Church 
declares belief in "the sanctity of unborn human life" and "the sacredness of the life and 
well-being of the mother" (The Book of Discipline, Paragraph 161 J); 

WHEREAS, Paragraph 161 J, as presently written, has allowed the General Board of 
Church and Society and the General Board of Global Ministries/Women's Division to 
promote and support pro-choice law and politics, which clearly contradict the teaching and 
practice of historic Christianity, as well as "the sanctity of unborn human life" (The Book of 
Discipline, Paragraph 161J); 

WHEREAS, The Book of Discipline's Paragraph 161 J, if amended as below, can clearly 
lead The United Methodist Church — including bishops, clergy, and laity — to rejoin historic 
Christianity on life and abortion in aspiring to protect the unborn child and mother; 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the 2003 session of the North Carolina Annual 
Conference of The United Methodist Church hereby charges its Conference Secretary, 
using the entire rationale stated above, to petition, in a timely and appropriate manner, the 
2004 General Conference to amend Paragraph 161 of The Book of Discipline to read: 
"J) Abortion — The beginning of life and the ending of life are the God-given boundaries of 
human existence. While individuals have always had some degree of control over when 
they would die, they now have the awesome power to determine when and even whether 
new individuals will be born. Our belief in the sanctity of unborn human life makes us 
reluctant to approve abortion. We are equally bound to respect the sacredness of the life 
and well-being of the mother, for whom devastating damage may result from abortion. 
While acknowledging, in continuity with past Christian teaching, that all human life is a gift 
from God, we recognize tragic conflicts of life with life that may seem to justify abortion. 
But we cannot affirm abortion, especially as an acceptable means of birth control, and we 
unconditionally reject it as a means of gender selection. We oppose the use of late-term 
abortion known as dilation and extraction (partial-birth abortion) and call for the end of this 
practice except when the physical life of the mother is in danger. We call all Christians to 
a searching and prayerful inquiry into whether there are conditions that may warrant abortion. 
We commit our Church to continue to provide nurturing ministries to those who terminate 
a pregnancy, to those in the midst of a crisis pregnancy, and to those who give birth. 
Governmental laws and regulations do not provide all the guidance required by the informed 
Christian conscience. Therefore, a decision concerning abortion should be made only 



after thoughtful and prayerful consideration by the parties involved, with medical, pastoral, 
and other appropriate counsel." 


Action: Adopted as Amended 

Resolution 2: Withdrawing The United Methodist Church From The 
Religous Coalition For Reproductive Choice 

WHEREAS, the General Board of Church and Society and the General Board of Global 
Ministries/Women's Division are presently members of the Religious Coalition for 
Reproductive Choice (RCRC); 

WHEREAS, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice advances: 

(1) an absolute sexual and reproductive freedom (including abortion): "Your sexuality is a 
blessing, not a curse, and your need to express it is to be honored, not despised... You, 
and no one else, are 'called' to figure out what this unwanted pregnancy is about. And you 
are to do it without guilt or shame..." (RCRC's Considering Abortion? Clarifying What You 
Believe, p. 3) 

(2) the idea of the person as a sovereign moral agent isolated from others, from Christian 
community, and from tradition: " both hands over your heart and imagine or remember 
a time when you were feeling full of love, relaxed, and happy. Notice how your body 
responds. Where in your body do you experience sensations of warmth, relaxation, 
softening, and expansiveness? This is where your Truth resides. Listen to this place as 
you seek to discover what is right for you..." (RCRC's Abortion: Finding Your Own Truth) 

(3) the trivialization of the moral status of unborn human life: "The biblical portrait of person, 
therefore, is that of a complex, many-sided creature with godlike abilities and the moral 
responsibility to make choices. The fetus hardly meets those characteristics... The abortion 
question focuses on the personhood of the women, who in turn considers the potential 
personhood of the fetus in terms of the multiple dimensions of her own history and future." 
(Paul Simmons in RCRC's Prayerfully Pro-Choice: Resources for Worship, p. 117) 

(4) the legitimacy of abortion as a means of birth control: "The bottom line is that if someone 
does not want to have a child they should not be forced into it." (Whoopi Goldberg quoted 
approvingly in RCRC's Prayerfully Pro-Choice: Resources for Worship, p. 35) 

(5) the holiness of abortion: "...a woman has made a good and holy decision to have an 
abortion." (Diann L. Neu's "Affirming a Choice" liturgy in RCRC's Prayerfully Pro-Choice: 
Resources for Worship, p. 82) 

(6) a pro-choice God who blesses all human decisions: "You are to claim your godlike, 
God-given role in creation by saying yes or no, secure in the knowledge that whatever you 
decide, after having honestly sought what is right, God will bless." (RCRC's Considering 
Abortion? Clarifying What You Believe, p. 7) 

(The above agenda points and representative quotations are from Holy Abortion? A 
Theological Critique of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, by Michael J. 
Gorman and Ann Loar Brooks, Wipf and Stock Publishers, Eugene OR, 2003) 

WHEREAS, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice's moral and theological 
agenda contradicts The United Methodist Church's teaching on sexuality, life, and 
abortion at each of the aforementioned points: 



(1) on an absolute sexual and reproductive freedom: "Although all persons are sexual 
beings whether or not they are married, sexual relations are only clearly affirmed in the 
marriage bond." (The Book of Discipline, Social Principles, Paragraph 161G) "We cannot 
affirm abortion as an acceptable means of birth control, and we unconditionally reject it as 
a means of gender selection." (The Book of Discipline, Social Principles, Paragraph 161 J) 

(2) on the idea of the person as a sovereign moral agent in isolation: "...a decision concerning 
abortion should be made only after thoughtful and prayerful consideration by the parties 
involved, with medical, pastoral, and other appropriate counsel." (The Book of Discipline, 
Social Principles, Paragraph 161J) 

(3) on the trivialization of the moral status of unborn human life: "Our belief in the sanctity 
of unborn human life makes us reluctant to approve abortion." (The Book of Discipline, 
Social Principles, Paragraph 161J) 

(4) on the legitimacy of abortion as a means of birth control: "We cannot affirm abortion as 
an acceptable means of birth control..." (The Book of Discipline, Social Principles, Paragraph 

(5) on the holiness of abortion: "Our belief in the sanctity of unborn human life makes us 
reluctant to approve abortion." (emphasis added, The Book of Discipline, Social Principles, 
Paragraph 161 J) 

(6) on a pro-choice God who blesses all decisions: " Christian whatsoever is free from 
the obedience of the commandments which are called moral." (The Book of Discipline, 
Article VI of The Articles of Religion, Paragraph 103) 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the 2003 session of the North Carolina Annual 
Conference of The United Methodist Church hereby charges its Conference Secretary, 
using the entire rationale stated above, to petition, in a timely and appropriate manner, the 
2004 General Conference to withdraw immediately the General Board of Church and Society 
and the General Board of Global Ministries/Women's Division from the membership of the 
Religious Coalition of Reproductive Rights, and to prohibit any United Methodist agency, 
board, commission, or entity from supporting and/or joining the Religious Coalition for 
Reproductive Choice (or any other organization dedicated to pro-choice education, research, 
and/or advocacy). 

Action: Adopted 

Resolution 3: Requesting that General Conference Clarify and 
Strengthen Oltr Opposition to Late Term Abortions. 

WHEREAS, The United Methodist Church declares belief in "the sanctity of unborn 
human life" and "the sacredness of the life and well-being of the mother" (2000 Book of 
Discipline, Paragraph 161 J); 

WHEREAS, Paragraph 161 J, as presently written, opposes "the use of late term 
abortion known as dilation and extraction (partial birth abortion)"; 

WHEREAS, abortions between 21 and 25 weeks are considered late second-trimester, 
while those at 26 weeks and older are considered third-trimester. All babies at or beyond 
21 weeks gestation are entering the realm of viability, with their chances of survival outside 
the womb increasing between 10 and 20 percent with each passing week. By 27 weeks, 
viability is "presumed," according to the American Medical Association; 

WHEREAS, dilation and extraction (D&X) is only one type of abortion that kills viable 
babies. Even if this procedure is totally done away with, another type of late-term abortion — 
one so violent that many abortionists actually prefer the partial-birth procedure to it — will 
remain legal. While we remain opposed to partial-birth abortion, we should add to the 
Discipline opposition to the "dilation and evacuation" (D&E) method, in which preborn 
infants are violently torn apart piece by piece until "evacuated" from the womb. Partial birth 
abortion (D&X) is utilized in between one third and a little over one half of all late term 
abortions, depending on the source of information. The dilation and extraction method is 



used for the rest. 

WHEREAS, in our concern for the health of the mothers we note that late second- and 
third-trimester abortions carry with them an increased risk of infection, bleeding abnormality 
and blood loss, and post-delivery retention of the placenta requiring later surgical removal, 
and where the risk of death is 2.5 times the risk of maternal death from childbirth; (Statistics 
provided by analysis of data from the AMA and the CDC by WORLD, "Piece-by-Piece 
Abortion", Feb. 1, 2003 issue.) 

WHEREAS, in including in our position a clause for exceptions, we have allowed 
space for boards and agencies within the connection to thwart the central thought of our 
present position by opposing any legislative restrictions on abortions, including bans on 
partial birth abortions (& therefore standing against what is otherwise stated in this 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the 2003 session of the North Carolina Annual 
Conference of the United Methodist Church hereby charges its Conference Secretary, 
using the entire rationale stated above, to petition in a timely and appropriate manner, 
the 2004 General Conference to amend Paragraph 161 section J of The Book of 
Discipline to revise the following section of said paragraph to read as follows: 
"In recognition of the viability and near viability of the child in the late second trimester and 
the third trimester, and out of concern for the increased health risks to a mother of such a 
child should she have an abortion, Wwe categorically oppose the use of late-term abortions 
known , including but not limited to procedures such as dilation and extraction (partial birth 
abortion) and "dilation and evacuation" (D&E), and call for the end of this practice any 
such procedure performed on what is otherwise a viable or near viable person except 
when the physical life of the mother is in danger and no other medical procedure is available, 
or in the case of severe anomalies incompatible with life ." 

Action: Combined with Resolution 1 and 16 

Resolution 4: Pastoral Safety Net Folindation 

Whereas clergy persons predictably experience times of crisis which require assistance 
in the form of spiritual direction, treatment, and/or therapy whose costs are not covered by 
our Conference insurance program, or our Clergy Counseling services, and 

Whereas sufficient emergency funds are currently not available for clergy or 
congregations to meet these exceptional needs, and 

Whereas it is the Christian responsibility of congregations and the Connection to 
properly care for our shepherds when they undergo times of great need, 

Therefore, be it resolved that a Pastoral Safety Net Foundation be established to 
develop and oversee funds from which the income will be dispersed to pastors with special 
needs as specified by guidelines in the charter of said Foundation, and 
Be it further resolved that Bishop Marion Edwards appoint a special task force to develop 
guidelines and an action plan by the 2004 session of Annual Conference. 

Action: Adopted 



Resolution 5: A More Accessible Annual Conference 

Whereas a Monday through Thursday Annual Conference is favorable for the self- 
employed, retired or otherwise upper management laity. And 

Whereas such a schedule shuts out younger members of congregations and those 
who are not easily able to leave employment for most of a whole week. And 

Whereas our beginning as a church was among the working people from both city and 
country from coal pits to hinterlands, 

Therefore be it resolved that the North Carolina come up with a schedule that is weighted 
towards average working people and easier for young people to attend by including weekend 
days in each session. 

Action: Taken Under Consideration by the Bishop 

Resolution 6: Dialogue about the Middle East 

Whereas our nation is currently involved both militarily and diplomatically in conflicts 
in the Middle East. And 

Whereas debates about the our policy in the Middle East has often shed more heat 
than light. And 

Whereas that region is the home of the three great monotheistic faiths-Judaism, 
Christianity and Islam. And 

Whereas we live in an increasingly interconnected world that puts us in closer touch 
with our brothers and sisters of other faiths. 

Therefore be it resolved for a better understanding of the Middle East we the North 
Carolina Annual Conference call on the Commission on Church and Society or any other 
appropriate body to form a task force to develop a comprehensive dialogue for a better 
understanding of the Middle East including its history, cultures and the religions 

And it further be resolved that all necessary resources be made available including 
contact with local universities, natives from that region and faith organizations. 

And it finally be resolved that the dialogue material be passed on to the districts and 
local churches. 

Action: Defeated 

Resolution 7: Better Treatment for Workers 

Whereas John Wesley started his ministry in coal pits of England. And 

Whereas The United Methodist Church has historically stood behind the rights of 
workers including the right to collective bargaining (see first "social principles," 1908). And 

Whereas there has been a steady erosion in employees wages while the compensation 
of upper management has risen steadily. And 

Whereas employers such as Wal Mart have been openly active in preventing any 
attempt for employees to organize. And 

Whereas only 38 percent of Wal Mart employees can afford their health insurance . 

Whereas Wal Mart has often illegally forced employees to work overtime and lost a 
class action lawsuit because of such practices. 

Therefore be it resolved we the North Carolina Annual Conference ask the General 
Board Of Church and Society to investigated the labor practices of Wal Mart. And 

Be it further resolved that the North Carolina Annual Conference Commission on Church 
and Society ask Wal Mart and other large retailers about their labor practices, and report 
findings to Annual Conference in 2004. 

Action: Defeated 



Resolution 8: Health Care Reform 

Whereas 41 million people in the United States continue to be without any health 
insurance. And 

Whereas according to the National Children's Defense Fund most of those without 
health insurance continue to be children. 

Whereas the United States continues to be one of the few modern industrialized nations 
without a system of national health insurance. And 

Whereas in paragraph 162Tthe United Methodist Church recognizes the right to health 

Therefore be it resolved we the North Carolina Annual Conference of the United 
Methodist Church call on the state of North Carolina and the government of the United 
States to develop a system of health care insurance that is universally accessible, affordable 
and covers physical, mental and dental health. 

Action: Adopted 

Resolution 9: Slipporting the United Nations 

Whereas we face many evils in this world-war, hunger, and poverty. And 

Whereas historically only when nations have banded together have these threats to 

peace and justice have been defeated or made less threatening. And 

Whereas we as a church has stood by the idea of collective security and peace making. 


Whereas paragraph 165D of the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church 

supports the work of the United Nations. 

Therefore be it resolved that North Carolina Annual Conference supports encourages 

the government of the United States participation in the United Nations. And 

Be it further resolved we encourage our government to include significant support for the 

United Nations. And 

Be it finally resolved that our government make a more strenuous effort to exhaust 

diplomatic efforts through the United Nations in future conflicts. 

Action: Adopted 

Resolution 10: Supporting the Mission and Ministry of the North 
Carolina Christian Advocate 

WHEREAS, the North Carolina Christian Advocate will celebrate its 150th anniversary 
in 2005, as an independent publication of the Board of Publications, Inc, a joint ministry of 
the North Carolina Conference and the Western North Carolina Conference, and 

WHEREAS, the North Carolina Conference and the Western North Carolina 
Conference are seeking ways to support the newspaper and undergird this tool for ministry 
across North Carolina, 

THE Board of Publications, Inc. proposes 

1) That churches throughout the North Carolina Conference designate November 
as a special month for promotion of the North Carolina Christian Advocate in their local 
churches, and 

2) That each local church select, as part of its charge conference report, a 
representative for the North Carolina Christian Advocate, to promote the newspaper 

among its membership and be responsible for forwarding subscriptions and news to the 
North Carolina Christian Advocate office, and enter this name into the Conference On- 
Line Data Collection system, and 



3) That local church members in the North Carolina Conference be encouraged to 
support the North Carolina Christian Advocate by subscribing to it, and 

4) That all clergy and lay members across the North Carolina Conference support 
the North Carolina Christian Advocate by lifting its ministries up in prayer, by encouraging 
its work, by supporting it financially, and by celebrating its service to the church connection. 

Action: Adopted 

Resolution 11: Calling the North Carolina Annual Conference to 
Support the Continuance and Expansion of Igniting Ministry 

WHEREAS, the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church is to proclaim 
the gospel and to make disciples; and 

WHEREAS, the role of the church's General Commission on Communication is to 
promote the beliefs, mission and unique qualities of The United Methodist Church, and to 
share the experiences of its members by telling their stories of faith; and 

WHEREAS, the initial phase of Igniting Ministry has caused United Methodists to join 
hands in evangelism and welcoming ministries, resulting in unchurched individuals and 
families visiting United Methodist congregations; and 

WHEREAS, we serve a global church in which the media, including television, radio 
and the World Wide Web, unite its citizens and heighten their interdependence in an 
unprecedented fashion; and 

WHEREAS, we recognize the potential of United Methodist youth to ensure the future 
of the church by actively inviting other youth into involvement in their ministries; and 

WHEREAS, United Methodist Communications proposes sustaining the three 
established annual flights of Igniting Ministry television commercials and expanding it by 
22 weeks of spots on broadcast and cable news; developing resources to invite youth 
(ages 14 18) into discipleship; and extending the church's impactto its Central Conferences; 

WHEREAS, these 2005-08 extensions, when funded, will enable Igniting Ministry to 
reach greater numbers of unchurched people; to ensure high and steady year round 
awareness of United Methodism and interest in visiting a congregation; to offer marketing 
and advertising materials to expand ministry to youth; and to extend culture appropriate 
messages of hope, redemption and outreach to United Methodists in Africa, Europe, Asia, 
and the South Pacific; and 

WHEREAS, two years of independent market research by the Barna Research Group, 
Inc., indicates an awareness level among adults 25-54 of 16 percent (three fourths of the 
four-year 20 percent goal in just half the time); willingness to attend a United Methodist 
church expressed by 46 percent of non-members who saw the ads; and first time attendance 
at 56 percent and total attendance at 12 percent over 2000 figures; 

THEREFORE Be It Resolved, that the 2003 North Carolina Annual Conference requests 
that the 2004 General Conference support the funding of the continuation and expansion 
of the Igniting Ministry campaign. 

Action: Adopted 

Resolution 12: A Memorial to General Conference Democratizing the 

Nominations Committee 

Whereas most committee chairpersons of the local church are elected by the charge 

conference. And 

Whereas the nominations committee is the only one where the pastor is the chair. And 
Whereas there are few instances where the chief executive officer gets to perform 



such a function. And 

Whereas lay people do have the capacity to lead and discern their brothers and sisters 
gifts for ministry. 

Therefore be it resolved that the chairperson of the nominations committtee of the 
local be elected by the charge conference and the pastor serves in an ex officio capacity. 

Action: Defeated 

Resolution 13: Timing of Annual Conference 

Whereas the North Carolina Annual Conference is designed to be a time of celebration, 
reporting, and deliberation among both clergy and laity, and 
Whereas lay members attend Annual Conference as non-compensated volunteers, and 

Whereas many lay members must take time away from work — either as non-paid 
leave or as part of their limited vacation days, thus requiring additional sacrifice for their 
families, and 

Whereas in previous years a balance has been struck between the needs of laity and 
the needs of clergy by having Annual Conference encompass part of a work-week and part 
of a weekend, 

Therefore, be it resolved that Annual Conference convene no earlier than Thursday of 
Conference week beginning in 2004. 

Action: Take Under Consideration by the Bishop 

Resolution 14: A Call to End Sexual Harassment of Lesbian and Gay 
Individuals by The United Methodist Church 

WHEREAS, Jesus Christ commanded us to judge not that we may not be judged; 
told us to love our neighbors as ourselves; said that whatever we do to others, we do to 
Him; promised that to him who knocks, the door will be opened; and provided a clear 
message that He considered all as His who accepted Him as their Savior; and 

WHEREAS, included in the definition of sexual harassment in the Book of 
Discipline of the United Methodist Church are the concepts that negative, intrusive, 
unwanted comments pertaining to another person's sexuality are improper, coercive, 
and abusive; that sexual harassment includes the creation of a hostile environment 
resulting in discrimination and as such undermines the Church's social goal of equal 
opportunity and mutual respect; and that such unwanted attention is wrong and 
interferes with the moral mission of the Church; and 

WHEREAS, the Book Of Discipline recognizes that sexual harassment 
perpetrates spiritual and emotional violence on individuals, their families and friends, 
and other like individuals; and that it perpetuates and reinforces violence against like 
individuals by other members of society; and 

WHEREAS, the Social Principles recognize homosexuals as individuals of sacred 
worth, state that certain basic human rights and civil liberties are due to all persons, 
assert that we are committed to supporting those rights and liberties for homosexual 
persons as a clear issue of social justice, and affirm that we support efforts to stop 
violence and other forms of injustice against gay and lesbian individuals; and 

WHEREAS, the people of The United Methodist Church pledged to be welcoming 
to all with "Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors", using the words "I believe that when 
you truly embrace diversity, you embrace God" in our Igniting Ministries Campaign to the 
nation and beyond; 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the N.C. Animal Conference petition the 
General Conference of 2004 to remove all prejudicial, rejecting, judging, unloving, 
disrespectful, labeling, door- mind- and heart-closing portions referring to sexual 


orientation from the Book of Discipline, citing the above statements, as such language 
(1) above all, expressly defies the reiterated commands of Jesus Christ, (2) represents 
sexual harassment by our own definition toward lesbian and gay individuals, (3) violates 
the United Methodist Church's resolution to support basic human rights and civil liberties 
for all and to stop violence and coercion against all, and (4) denies the loving words of 
the Igniting Ministries Campaign professed by the United Methodist Church. 

Action: Defeated 

Resolution 15: Amend the Preamble to the Social Priniciples in the Book 
of Discipline of The United Methodist Church 

WHEREAS The North Carolina Conference Commission on Church and Society 
adopted, at its 1997 planning retreat, the following goal and vision statements: 

"Our present goal is to teach the body of The United Methodist Church the Social 
Principles of The United Methodist Church, with the desire that the Social Principles be 
implemented by the people, with special emphasis on 'Children and Poverty: An 
Episcopal Initiative';" and 

"Our guiding vision is to confront and inform The United Methodist Church, 
especially the North Carolina Conference, its districts and local churches, so that we 
might be a church inclusive of all people, offering all people equal opportunity for quality 
and vitality of life in Jesus' Name;" and 

WHEREAS one problem in teaching and practicing our Social Principles is that 
most of our own church members, if they are aware of them at all, perceive them to be a 
massive but scattered smattering of social statements. This often confuses and 
overwhelms our members, leading either to relative social inaction, mere re-action to 
whatever social issue society and/or the church is emphasizing, or conflicting actions on 
related issues even within our own United Methodist connection; and 

WHEREAS there is one principle that potentially and ideally unites all of our 
present Social Principles, as well as any further ones we could adopt with integrity and 
wholeness. This is the principle of the sacredness of all human life in the image of God, 
Who created and desires to re-create us all in that image. If people can see and learn 
the Social Principles in light of the God-given sanctity of each and every human life, 
these Principles can better be practiced with consistency because the critical 
connection between them all, the vital theology behind them all, is clear; and 

WHEREAS our present Social Principles are now inconsistent with one another, 
particularly in relation to this key ideal of the sacredness of human life, and there is no 
clear statement binding the Principles together based on this ideal; and 

WHEREAS such a statement and such a uniting principle seems basic to any 
attempt to add to, subtract from, or otherwise change our Social Principles without doing 
so in mere reactive response to our ever-changing contemporary social currents; and 

WHEREAS we as Christians live in a world preoccupied with death: viewing more 
and more increasingly "realistic" deaths in our media; inventing a multitude of new 
methods and means by which to die and to kill; obsessed with gaining increasing rights 
to die and to kill; more and more immersed in deaths by violent crime, capital 
punishment, abortion, euthanasia, and so-called assisted suicide; and 

WHEREAS the Gospel of Christ is a Gospel of resurrection from present and 
eternal death into abundant and everlasting life with God. We as Christians are people 
born again, raised out of death and into new life by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We 
as members of the Church and Body of Jesus Christ are called to live in a world culture 
of death as a counterculture of life, to witness to the Gospel of Life and witness against 
death; and 

WHEREAS The United Methodist Church is already, in part, prepared to be a 



counterculture of life, since we as a body emphasize the value of human life 
communally and in all its diversity. What we lack primarily is a primary principle that 
unites and empowers us to be a counterculture of life that respects the God-given 
sacredness of each and every human being, and to live consistently as citizens of that 
counterculture of life over death through all of our Social Principles and all of our 
Christian living. 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that The Preamble to the Social Principles of The 
Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, as their opening and binding 
statement, be amended as follows: 

We, the people called United Methodists, affirm our faith in God our Creator and 
Father, In Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and in the Holy Spirit, our Guide and Guard. 
We acknowledge our complete dependence upon God in birth, in life, in death, and in 
life eternal. Secure in God's love, we affirm the goodness of life, and the sacredness of 
all human life as created by God in God's own image. 

We confess our many sins against God's will of abundant life for us as we find it in 
Jesus Christ. We have not always been faithful stewards of all that has been committed 
to us by God the Creator. We have been reluctant followers of Jesus Christ in His 
mission to bring all persons into a community of love, to value the sanctity of all 
humankind and of each human being. Though called by the Holy Spirit to become new 
creatures in the risen Christ, recreated in the image of God our Father, we have resisted 
the further call to become the people of God in our dealings with each other and the 
earth on which we live. 

Grateful for God's forgiving love, in which we live and by which we are judged, and 
affirming we affirm our belief in the inestimable worth of each individual as one who is 
made and can be uniquely remade by God in the very image of God., We we renew our 
commitment to become faithful witnesses to the gospel of life in the risen Christ, not 
alone to the ends of the earth, but also to the depths of our common life and work, that 
our lives and our living may reveal God's image in all persons to the glory of God. 

Action: Defeated 

Resolution 16: Amend Paragrahph 65J, On Abortion, In the Social Prin- 
ciples of The Book of Discipline 

WHEREAS the Gospel of Christ is a Gospel of resurrection from death, and Christians 
are born again into new life, being called to live in this world culture of death and 
despair as a church counterculture of life and hope, to which abortion is clearly contrary; 

WHEREAS of the "more than twenty Christian documents from the second to the fifth 
centuries AD [that] discuss abortion... every one without exception condemns the 
practice"; and "before 1960 few Christians supported abortion. It is virtually impossible 
to find any Christian theologian of note who endorsed abortion except when the life of 
the mother was in immediate danger.' (The Sanctity of Human Life, a pamphlet by 
United Friends for Life); and 

WHEREAS counseling or aiding abortion is a breaking of our baptismal vows to 
welcome all into Christ's Church, and a refusal to accept and nurture a child whom God 
has created and whom Jesus receives as He does all children. This can only become a 
millstone of God's judgment around our necks, drowning us in the sea of our sins in 
causing little ones to stumble, as implied in Matthew 18.5 & 6 (Not My Own, Terry 
Schlossberg and Elizabeth Achtemeier, p 37);" and 
WHEREAS "if the church is silent or tries to find justification for abortion, it refuses the 


opportunity for confession and thus closes the door to forgiveness," (Schlossberg, p 98). 
This leaves those getting, giving or even encouraging abortions with ongoing guilt and 
traumas that are well documented (i.e., Lime 5, Mark Crutcher; especially Chapter 5); 

WHEREAS the Church shares the guilt of abortion because of a condemning attitude 
against women who are pregnant out of wedlock, which shames these women into 
having abortions (The Jericho Plan, David Reardon, p 4); and 

WHEREAS paragraph 65J needlessly sets the life and well-being of the mother and of 
the child against each other, and speaks of the "devastating damage [that] may result 
from an unacceptable pregnancy." Yet 65J ignores vast evidence and experience 
demonstrating the devastating damage to the mother that does result from abortions. 
For "God has created a connection between a mother and her children that is so deeply 
personal and intimate that the welfare of each is dependent on the other [and] the best 
interests of the child and the mother are always joined." (Reardon, PP 2 & 3); and 
WHEREAS of all abortions obtained, less than 2% are due to rape and incest or an 
Immediate threat to the physical life of the mother (Schlossbe[g, p 75). Statistics and 
stories indicate that a majority of people favor banning or placing strong limitations on 
all abortions except these; and 

WHEREAS paragraph 65J opens the door to the slaughter of the most innocent and 
helpless of human beings, unborn children, for almost any reason, due to its lack of 
clarity. Yet paragraph 68F closes the door (if rightly) on the execution of any criminals in 
any circumstances. Thus The United Methodist Church is inconsistent in its statements 
concerning the sanctity of all human life as created by God in God's image; and 
WHEREAS Children and Poverty: An Episcopal Initiative charges us that "Nothing less 
than the reshaping of The United Methodist Church in response to the God Who is 
among "the least of these" is required. The evaluation of everything the Church is and 
does in the light of the impact on children and the impoverished is the goal." Thus our 
policy and practice of abortion must also be reshaped for the sake of the very least of 
these — the totally dependent and defenseless unborn! The Bishop's charge continues: 
"Communities of faith shaped by God's presence with the most vulnerable represent 
alternatives to [not compromises with] the values and visions of the prevailing culture" 
[of death] of might makes right, which favors the powerful over the powerless [the born 
over the unborn];" and 

WHEREAS The Preamble to our Social Principles declares that "We acknowledge our 
complete dependence upon God in birth, in life, in death, and in life eternal. Secure in 
God's love, we affirm the goodness of life..." Abortion in most cases does not 
acknowledge complete dependence upon God, particularly in birth, or for life and death. 
Abortions afford no security in God's love for the unborn. Most abortions affirm our world 
culture of death, rather than a Christian Church counterculture of eternal life and the 
goodness of all human life as made by God in God's image. 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Paragraph 65J in The Social Principles of The 
Book of Discipline be amended as follows: 

"The beginning of life and the ending of life are the God-given boundaries of human 
existence in this present world. While individuals Individuals have always had some 
degree of control over when they would die, and they now more than ever have the 
awesome power to determine when and even whether new individuals will be born. 
However, it is not the right of human beings to make arbitrary judgments as to when 
human life begins or is of suitable quality or viability, and then to act upon those 
judgments by terminating unborn human lives." 

"Our belief in the sanctity of unborn human life makes us reluctant to approve abortion. 
But we We are equally bound to respect the sacredness of the life and well-being of the 
mother, for whom devastating damage may result from an unacceptable pregnancy. 
In continuity with past Christian teaching, we recognize tragic conflicts of life with life 



that may justify abortion, and in such cases we support the legal option of abortion 
under proper medical procedures when the physical life of the mother will be clearly and 
imminently endangered in continuing the pregnancy or in giving birth to the child. 
We cannot affirm abortion as an acceptable means of birth control, and we 
unconditionally reject it as a means of gender selection. 

We oppose the use of late-term abortion known as dilation and extraction (partial-birth 
abortion) and call for the end of this practice except when the physical life of the mother 
is in danger and no other medical procedure is available, or in the case of severe fetal 
anomalies incompatible with life. 

In the rare though certainly tragic and unwanted cases of pregnancy by incest and rape, 
abortion may be carefully and prayerfully considered, in light of the intense and ongoing 
physical, emotional, social and spiritual consequences the birth of a child born out of 
such trauma may have upon the mother and the family, including the child. However, 
abortion is not to be encouraged as the only or even the best option in such instances. 
We call all Christians to a searching and prayerful inquiry into the sorts of conditions 
that may warrant abortion. We commit our Church to continue to provide nurturing 
ministries to those who terminate a pregnancy, to those in the midst of a crisis 
pregnancy, and to those who give birth, that offer counseling about and options to 
abortion, such as caring for the child with an additional support system or adoption. 
Churches should offer as much support of every kind as is needed by those who keep, 
give up for adoption, or abort their children. 

Governmental laws and regulations and organizations do not provide all the guidance 
required by the informed Christian conscience. Therefore, a decision concerning 
abortion should be made only after thoughtful and prayerful consideration by the parties 
involved, with medical, pastoral and other appropriate counseling. 
All possible alternatives to abortion are encouraged in all circumstances, in keeping with 
our belief in the sanctity of unborn and all human life as created by and in the image of 
God the Creator, and in keeping with our calling in the Risen Christ to witness not to 
death but to new life. 

Action: Combined with Resolutions 1 and 3 

The Methodist Home for Children 

Permanency is always cause for celebration, and this year we cheered for the adoption 

decrees of 20 children through MHC's fostering to adopt program. 

MHC's Jordan Child & Family Enrichment Center continued to expand and 
develop to serve a true cross-section of the community's children and families. In April, 
the Jordan Center was chosen as one of the first sites to serve at-risk four-year-olds 
through North Carolina's More At Four program. An exciting new pilot program to serve 
children with autism is up and running. Thriving partnerships are underway with the 
Frank Porter Graham Center, the Lucy Daniels Center for Early Childhood, Project 
Enlightenment, Learning Together, and other child-serving agencies. 

Due to community issues, we were unable to open a residential facility to serve 
juvenile offenders in Randolph County. However, as part of our commitment to serving 
these youth, our staff created a partnership with the juvenile courts and created a 
thriving outreach program which served 13 young people and their families this fiscal 
year. The Department of Juvenile Justice is considering using this model in other areas 
of the state. 

We established the Methodist Home for Children Foundation to support MHC's 
goals and programs. 

FOX 50 of Durham, NC, produced a video to help us tell our story to the wider 
community. The video premiered at MHC's gala in January. 


In April, the national United Methodist Association recognized Methodist Home for 
Children as the Organization of the Year. The UMA selection committee found 
Methodist Home for Children's 102 years of dedication to troubled children, youth, and 
families "most impressive ... and its promotion of honesty, respect, responsibility, 
empowerment, compassion, and spirituality commendable." 

MHC's summer camp brought together 45 of our kids for a week of swimming, 
confidence-building, laughter, nature, and fun at Chestnut Ridge in Efland, NC. 

We used specially earmarked MHC scholarship funds to support nine former MHC 
youth as they pursued their goals of higher education. One student graduated with a 
degree in engineering. 

The national economy and the state's budget woes have significantly impacted our 
ability to serve young people in several locations. Shrinking investments and reductions 
in government funding for children's services hampered our capacity to serve children 
and families. Because of these and other issues, we made the difficult decision to close 
or suspend operations in five group homes. 

We developed and strengthened partnerships with numerous supporters, 
including Progress Energy/CP&L, Sunny 93.9, IBM, FOX 50, Wendy's, the Carolina 
Hurricanes, the Junior League of Raleigh, North Carolina Theatre, the Carolina Cobras, 
the Association Executives of North Carolina, and Coastal Federal Credit Union. 

Our Methodist church connections were strengthened, notably, with the United 
Methodist Women, the Wilmington District of the United Methodist Church, Pine Valley 
UMC in Wilmington, St. James UMC in Greenville, and the Edenton United Methodist 
Men. Thanks in large part to the hard work of the United Methodist Women, 
contributions on Sharing Sunday totaled a record $131,551. 

Methodist Home for Children provided direct care to 1,418 children and families 
from 56 North Carolina counties through residential, in-home, childcare, and adoption 

Michael W. Safley, President/CEO 

The United Methodist Retirement Homes, Inc. 

The year 2002 for The United Methodist Retirement Homes was one filled with 
many challenges as well as many significant accomplishments. 

Croasdaile Village is currently averaging 96% occupancy in independent living and now 
has 160 persons on a waiting list. The health care beds are averaging 95% occupancy. 
We hope to begin construction on a chapel addition in the Spring. The Board of 
Trustees of UMRH continues to analyze the possibility of an 80 apartment and cottage 
expansion at Croasdaile Village in order to take advantage of the wait list and improve 
the financial performance of the community. 

Cypress Glen Retirement Community in Greenville, is now fully occupied at 98% 
with a growing waitlist. The health care beds are also at 98% occupancy. The Board of 
Trustees has approved moving forward with a 50 independent living unit and 12 
dementia unit expansion on the campus. We are currently in the process of testing the 
market demand and a determination to proceed or not to proceed will have been made 
by May, 2003. 

Wesley Pines Retirement Community in Lumberton, is running at 98% occupancy in 
the health center, but independent living and assisted living occupancy has dropped 
below 80%. A market penetration study has indicated a declining number of age and 
income qualified persons in Robeson County for market rate units. In 2002 the North 
Carolina Housing Finance Administration approved tax credit financing for a low-income, 
rent subsidized, 24-unit senior housing project called "Wesley Ridge". The U. S. 
Department of Agriculture approved rent subsidies for the development through its Rural 
Development Section 515 program. A grant from the Rural Church Division of The Duke 



Endowment has funded certain risk capital costs for the project to date. Final site 
approvals were received from the USDA in February 2003, and construction began on 
the project during the last week of February. A 10 month construction timeframe is 

Quail Haven Village, a UMRH managed facility in Pinehurst, completed its 
renovation of the 60 bed assisted living facility into a 60 bed skilled nursing facility. This 
was a significant accomplishment for the residents of this community. Residents 
needing skilled nursing care will no longer need to be discharged to another facility. 

The Heritage Campaign is addressing benevolent and capital needs, that cannot be 
met from operating revenues, at Cypress Glen, Croasdaile Village and Wesley Pines by 
requesting $6,000,000 in donations from the private sector. As of March 2003, businesses, 
foundations, religious groups, board members, individual supporters, residents, and others 
have made pledges and gifts of $3. 6 million. Three benevolence projects have goals totaling 
$3.4 million: Benevolent Care Endowment for future residents in need, goal of $2 million 
and $1 .8 million raised; Benevolent Care Annual Fund for current residents in need, goal 
of $1 million and $182,000 committed; and Retired Pastors' Fund for those who need help 
with entrance fees, $400,000 goal with $20,000 donated. Several capital projects are 
planned or underway. Construction of the Wesley Ridge project began in February. Made 
possible by $311,000 in startup funds from the Heritage Campaign, Wesley Ridge has 
twenty-four units of affordable housing for senior citizens on the campus of Wesley Pines. 
Donations of $350,000 are being sought for much-needed renovations of the twenty-five 
year old facilities at Wesley Pines. At Croasdaile Village, a new interfaith chapel is under 
way, funded completely by generous donors to the Heritage Campaign. At Cypress Glen, 
an exciting project in the final planning stages is an Alzheimer's care residence that will 
embrace the very latest in design and use of space and in treatment methods. Start-up 
costs of $400,000 for the residence and associated gardens are being funded by the 
Heritage Campaign. Total cost is estimated to be $1.5 to $2 million. 

UMRH and Cypress Glen continue to grow stronger financially as we maintain full 
occupancy, but maintaining our operating margins is becoming more difficult due to 
various economic factors impacting the health care industry. As a result resident fees 
are increasing at a higher rate than the growth of their incomes. Our strategy to add 
independent living units at Croasdaile Village and Cypress Glen is being explored in 
order to counteract the negative outlook for operating health center beds. 

Despite continued reductions in federal and state reimbursement for nursing and health 
care costs, The United Methodist Retirement Homes provided a combined $1.8 million in 
charity care for independent, assisted-living, and Medicaid skilled nursing residents during 
year 2002. 

Thank you to the Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church for all you do 
to support The United Methodist Retirement Homes. 

Christopher B. Cryder, President/CEO 


• Memorial Service Bulletin 

• Memoirs 

• Roll of Deceased 

• Historical Statement 

Historical Records 


Memorial Service 


North Carolina Annual Conference • Fayetteville, North Carolina 
Wednesday, June 4, 2003 • 10:00 A.M. 

The Prelude Rev. Weisser 

* The Greeting Rev. Benjamin 

Leader: Grace to you, and peace from God who is, and who was, and who is to come, 
People: Amen. 

Leader: And from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the first-born of the dead, the ... 

ruler of kings of earth. 

People: Amen. 

Leader: The grace of the Lord Jesus be with His saints. 

People: Amen. 

* The Hymn of Praise Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee 

* The Opening Prayer Dr. Weaver 

The Scripture Lesson Isaiah 40: 6-11 Dr. Weaver 

Special Music Shall We Gather at the River Mr. Hearn 

Introduction of Preacher Bishop Edwards 

The Sermon Come, Sweet Death Dr. Ponder 

Special Music The Lord's Prayer Mr. Hearn 

The Reading of the Names 

(As the names of the departed are read, a chime will sound and family members will rise 
and be escorted to the altar. They may light a commemorative candle. As the chime sounds, 
friends are invited to stand as a tribute and support for the family. You may be seated at 
the sounding of the following chime.) 

Clergy who have died since last Annual Conference: 

John Rogers Crew July 8, 2002 

William Everett Eason, Sr August 23, 2002 

Robert Abner Maclean September 12, 2002 

Noah Bright Hill, Jr. September 23, 2002 

Donald Francis Gum October 7, 2002 

John David Mitchell October 17, 2002 

Robert Norman Knight October 29, 2002 

James Wesley Hicks, Jr. November 7, 2002 

Tommy Tyson December 5, 2002 

Robert Cleveland Mooney Jr. December 18, 2002 

Thomas Holmes House January 7, 2003 

Alton Pugh Hill, Jr. January 23, 2003 

James Columbus Loy February 7, 2003 

Sidney Grant Boone, Sr. February 21, 2003 

Donna Susan Moore March 23, 2003 

Douglas Richard Woodworth May 17, 2003 

Spouses of Clergy who have died since last Annual Conference: 

Izella Mae Ours Tenney May 5, 2002 

Frances Brewer Tyson June 16, 2002 

Jetta Godfrey Tyson October 6, 2002 


Memorial Service 

Pauline Prentice Bardin Evans November 18, 2002 

Christine Letchworth Smith November 25, 2002 

Peggy Bullard Tyson December 5, 2002 

Hulda Lenora Ballance Wise Riggs January 19, 2003 

Glenmore Mallard Moore February 10, 2003 

Genevieve Elva Martin Rudin February 16, 2003 

Frances Wiggins Bradshaw Benson May 3, 2003 

Louise Anne Clark Peterson May 4, 2003 

Ella Frances Moose Edens May 6, 2003 

Susie Lee Fowler Hamilton May 20, 2003 

The Litany For the Faithful Departed Rev. Cole 

Let us pray 

Holy God, we pray for Your human family everywhere; 
That we may be one. 

For the gift of all the lives, which have touched us and helped to make us who we 
are, who have finished their course of faith, and now rest from their labor; 

We give You thanks, O God. 
For our departed brothers and sisters who have faithfully served as ministers of the 
gospel in the North Carolina Annual Conference; who have taught us with their 
words, led us with their lives, and helped to knit us together in one fellowship of 

We lift our hearts in gratitude and praise. 
For those faithful companions - mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, 
husbands, wives - who have shared our love and our lives, who worship You before 
the throne of Heaven; 

We give thanks and praise 
O Holy God, have compassion on those who suffer from any grief or trouble; 

That they may be delivered from their distress. 
Give to the departed eternal rest; 

Let light perpetual shine upon them. 
We praise You for all Your saints who have entered into joy; 

May we, encouraged by their example and strengthened by their fellowship, 

be partakers with them of the inheritance of the saints in Your Heavenly 

kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen 

* The Closing Hymn For All the Saints 

* Benediction Bishop Edwards 

* Postlude Rev. Weisser 




1916 - 2002 

John R Crew Jr. , 86, of Greer SC died July 8th 2002. His 
funeral was held at Zoar UMC with the Rev. Jimmy Harper 
officiating. Burial was at Zoar UMC cemetery. 
John is survived by his wife Blanche H. Crew of the home; 
daughter Alice Crew Broome and husband Ronald F Broome, 
grandson Scott Broome & wife Veronica. 

He was born to John Rodgers Crew and Ethel Hunter 
crew of Weldon NC on mar. 9th 1916. After graduating from 
Weldon High School he attended Applachian State Teachers 
College. During WWII John, as a civilian working under Navy 
Discipline installed radar on war ships. He was married in 

1943 and worked as a master Electrician at Turner Shoals HydroElectric plant. During 
these years he began to feel Gods call to preach the Gospel. John returned to school 
and Emory and Wofford Univerisites to earn his Master of Divinity degree. He served 
Methodist Churches in the following years in McCadenville, Robbinsville, Lincolnton, 
Gastonia, High Shoals and Goldston. 

In 1974 the Crews retired to Greer Sc to live close to their only Daughter & 
grandson. John remained active in various areas of service & functions at Zoar. In 
addition he was Scout leader for Boy Scouts, various civic organizations including 
dispatcher volunteer for local fire dept. He was a beloved husband, father, grandfather 
and friend and is missed by all who knew and loved him. 

The Family 


1922 - 2002 

By the tender mercies of Jesus Christ, on September 
23, 2002, The Reverend N.B. Hill, Jr. conquered death. His 
life and ministry were celebrated September 29, 2002, at 
Campground United Methodist, Fayetteville, under the 
leadership of The Reverends David Wade, Dr. Gil Beeson, 
and Dr. Tryon Lancaster. Born December 23, 1922, to Noah 
B. and Josephine Hill, N.B., answered the call to preach at 
age 27 and was ordained elder in 1957. 

Perhaps my most vivid memory of N.B. was his 
rendition of the chorus of "Pentecostal Power": "Lord, send 
the old time power, the Pentecostal power! That sinners be 
converted and thy name glorified." N.B. placed a fermata on 
the word, "Lord". The organist would frown in frustration while the choir gasped in 
desperation. "How long is he going to hold that note?" asked the congregation as they 
dropped out of the competition one by one. Finally, he would crash down the scale like a 
roller coaster and ride out the remainder of the refrain. 

That image is symbolic of the man. "Pentecostal Power" is a revival hymn, and N.B. 
was a revival preacher. In ordinary services or special ones, N.B.'s goals were the same: 
"That sinners be converted and thy name glorified." N.B. was an energetic sort, could not 
stand still, always in a work, in part because he had a divine compulsion. As Paul 
declared in I Corinthians 9:16, "Necessity is laid upon me. Woe to me if I preach not the 
gospel!" and preach it N.B. did. It was under his leadership that my father and I were 
awarded our local preacher's licenses on the same Sunday. N.B.'s commitment and 
dedication to the preaching of the gospel inspired and challenged persons to Christian 


discipleship for half a century as he served the following churches: North Main Street 
(Salisbury), Grimesland Charge, Grantham Charge, Robersonville-Hamilton Charge, 
Grace (Burlington), Wesley Heights (Fayetteville), Salem (Eastover), White Plains (Cary), 
Zebulon, Trinity (Fairmont), Calvary (Snow Hill), Wesley Heights (Fayetteville) Linden and 
Campground (Fayetteville). 

N.B. is survived by his devoted wife of 56 years, Charlotte Garris hill; sons Noah B. 
Hill, III and Russell F Hill, both of Fayetteville; daughters, Trudy Hill Hammond of 
Greensboro and Connie Hill Martin of Raleigh, 8 grandchildren: Brian Hill of St. Pauls, 
Julie Durham of Hickory, Kristin Hill of Charlotte, Adam Martin of Raleigh, Clay Martin of 
Raleigh, Jamie Hammond of Tempe, AZ, Mary Migala of Fayetteville and Kathryn Hill of 
Fayetteville; 2 great grandchildren, Paige and Justin Hill of St. Pauls. 
"Well done, good and faithful servant." (Matthew 25:21) 

Woodrow W Wells, Jr. 


1944 - 2002 

Don, a native of Alamance County who graduated from Greensboro College in 
Greensboro and Duke University Divinity School in Durham, 
set up the Department of Pastoral Care at Alamance 
Regional Medical Center in 1986 and served as its director 
until September, 2001. 

Donald went into the Army in 1966 and was stationed 
in Korea. When he got out of the service a few years later, 
he applied for some benefits. He didn't know it but the Army 
had spelled his name with only one M and in order to get 
benefits he would have to have his name legally changed to 
Gum. In addition to serving in the Army, Donald was the 
dean of students at Greensboro College before becoming a 
chaplain at Wesley Long Hospital in Greensboro. 

Donald was formerly an associate pastor of Davis 
Street in Burlington and the pastor of Bethel UMC in Snow 

He was hired by Alamance Regional Medical Center in 
1986 to set up the hospital's pastoral care program on the recommendation of the N.C. 
Chaplains Association. The program included chaplain education programs and 
employee assistance and counseling programs. 

Survivors other than his wife of the home include a daughter, Tyra Aiken and 
husband Johnny of Graham; a son Mark Gum and wife, Jenny and a grandson, Jordon 
Aiken; of Mebane; a sister and three brothers. 


1925 - 2002 

Robert N. Knight, 77 died at his home in Raleigh, NC 
on October 29, 2002. A graveside service was held in 
Columbia, NC, on October 31 with the Rev. Frank Alexander 
officiating. A Memorial Service was held at Edenton Street 
UMC on November 1 with the Reverends Kermit Braswell 
and David Beck officiating. 

Norman is survived by his wife, Ruby R. Knight of the 
home; a daughter, Kathryn Knight of Richmond, VA; a son, 
Rob Knight of Chicago, IL; and sister Lynda Knight of 
Combs of Columbia, NC. 

He was the eldest son of Robert S. Knight, Jr. and 
Ruth N. Knight. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps in World 
War II and was wounded in the battle of Iwo Jima. Norman 

felt the call to the ministry after his experience at Iwo Jima and on return to civilian life 
began to prepare himself to fulfill that calling. He was educated at Wake Forest University, 
Duke Divinity School, and N.C. State University. 

Norman began his ministry at Moyock in the Elizabeth City District in 1952, and 
retired on disability in 1983. He served churches in the Elizabeth City, New Bern, 
Goldsboro, Wlmington, and Raleigh districts. He led congregations in much-needed 
building programs at Trinity, New Bern; Zion on Gatesville Charge, and Maysville. 

In the 1990's, Norman's health began to decline in the wake of three major 
surgeries, including one for prostate cancer. When it became obvious that Norman's 
cancer was spreading rapidly, he opted for quality of time left and refused extraordinary 

Even though he was not strong and felt tired much of the time, he always had a 
smile for everyone and was loved and respected by all who knew him. 

The Family 


1935 - 2002 

James W. Hicks, Jr. (Jim) 67, of Goldsboro died on 
November 7, 2002 after a long battle with heart disease. His 
funeral was held at Mount Carmel United Methodist Church 
in Pikeville with the Reverends Wayne Hicks and Gerald R. 
Massey officiating. Burial was at Pikeville Cemetery. 
Jim was survived by his wife of 48 years, Ruby 
Lancaster Hicks, his daughters Vickie Pate and husband 
Glenn of Pikeville, Janice Sasser and husband Glenn, and 
Norma Braswell and husband Scott, all of Goldsboro and 
son James Wesley Hicks, III and wife Pamela of Hookerton, 
his mother Juanita Hicks, a sister Joan Kearney and 
husband Ronnie and a brother, Donald Hicks, all of Goldsboro. He is also survived by his 
grandchildren, David Pate and wife Tabitha, Jennifer Lane and husband Jonathan, 
Christie Kelley, Michelle Boyette and husband Daniel, Joseph Braswell, Welsey Hicks, 
Michael Hicks, Glenn Sasser, Jr., Angela Sasser, Wendy Ellis and husband Chad and 
Crystal Murphy; and great-grandchildren Makayla Kelley and Hailey Boyette. He was 
preceded in death by his father, James Wesley Hicks, Sr. and a grandson Robin Kelley. 
Jim was born on May 26, 1935 to James Wesley Hicks, Sr. and Juanita W Hicks 
who were lifetime residents of Goldsboro and Wayne County. He attended Pikeville High 


School and joined the U.S. Army on his 18 th birthday where he served in South Carolina, 
Alabama, and Fort Myer, Virginia. After leaving the Army, he returned to Goldsboro where 
he worked as a sewing machine mechanic until God called him into His service. 

His first assignment with the NC Methodist Conference came in February of 1968 
as a part time pastor at Elizabeth UMC in Smithfield. He served there until June of that 
same year when he was sent to his first full time appointment with the Rones Chapel- 
Bethel charge in Mt. Olive. During his time there, he attended Mt. Olive College, Duke 
University, and Louisburg College from which he graduated in 1972. 

Other churches he served were: Pine Forest in Goldsboro; Newland-Grace charge 
in Elizabeth City; Hookerton; and Stantonsburg. While at Stantonsburg, Jim had heart by- 
pass surgery. Because of complications from this surgery, he was forced to go on 
disability and leave the work that he loved so much. He was able to preach occasionally 
after he recovered but declining health prevented him filling a pulpit in later years. 
However, he never stopped proclaiming the love of God to all he met. 

Jim officially retired in June of 2000. In addition to his 32 years in the ministry, he 
was active in the communities in which he lived. He was a member of his area's volunteer 
Fire Department, was active in the Boy Scouts, and was a member of the Ruritan Club 
and the Kiwanis Club. 

James W. Hicks, Jr., was a faithful and loving husband and father who loved 
serving his Lord. He never met a stranger and he never let a Christian witness opportunity 
pass him by. 





1922 - 2002 

Tommy Tyson was born in rural Pitt County near 
Farmville, N. C. on July 23, 1922. He was one often 
children of Rev. Marvin Earl "Jack" Tyson and Stella Irene 
Hart Tyson. His siblings, Thelma, Velma and Eugene, died 
as young children. His other brothers, Marvin Dewey, 
George Hart, Earl Summeral, Vernon Cephas, and Bobby 
Powell also answered the call to be United Methodist 
ministers. His other sister is Edith Merle Tyson Hackney. 

Following graduation from high school in 1940, 
Tommy spent three semesters at Campbell University in 
Buies Creek. Because of an inner restlessness related to 
our approaching involvement in World War II, Tommy 

dropped out of college and went to Norfolk, Virginia and took a job as a worker in the 
shipyard there. In October of 1942, he enlisted in the U. S. Coast Guard. Following his 
discharge in 1945, he returned to North Carolina to marry Frances, who was teaching 
school in Greene County. They made their home in Snow Hill. Tommy left the business 
world to attend Guilford College that fall with the idea of going into rural sociology. 
Although he majored in philosophy and English literature, he was greatly influenced by 
the Quaker devotional classics, especially with the concept of prayer as inner listening. 
Through the development of listening prayer as a daily discipline, the idea began to 
form in Tommy's mind and heart that God had purposed the preaching ministry for him, 
rather than social work. 

While leading a retreat on spiritual healing in California in 1963, Tommy was 
introduced to Oral Roberts. A mutual, lasting friendship developed out of this meeting. 
During the next two years, Oral Roberts invited Tommy to join him in various areas of 
the United States as well as many other countries to share in the evangelistic ministry. It 
was at this time that Rev. Roberts began to share his dream for Oral Roberts University 
in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Subsequently, Tommy was invited to become a part of the 



University in 1965 as its first Director of the Department of Spiritual Life. Bishop Paul 
Garber appointed Tommy to this position in which he served for three years and where 
he received his honorary Doctor of Divinity degree. 

In the summer of 1968, Tommy and his family came back to North Carolina and 
reentered a full-time ministry of evangelism through the North Carolina Annual 
Conference. They moved from Goldsboro to Chapel Hill, N. C. in March, 1974 to 
establish a small-group, Christian Growth Conference Center, Aqueduct, which opened 
in March, 1978. 

In 1982, Tommy received the distinguished Phillips Award for Evangelism. He was 
heard and loved all across the world. Bishop William Cannon said, "Tommy was better 
known in Rome than in Raleigh." He was a pioneer in relating Church Renewal to the 
person and work of the Holy Spirit. He helped The Church rediscover and develop its 
prayer life and ministry of spiritual healing. He led spiritual healing conferences with 
medical doctors, Roman Catholic clergy, and many different Protestant groups. Tommy 
had a unique ability to take the deep things of God and make them simple and practical. 
With a brilliant mind, a quick wit and hearty belly laugh, he was anointed by God and 
filled with the Holy Spirit to share the love and joy of Jesus. 

In the words of Bishop Marion Edwards, it's as if God said, "Tommy, it's closer to 
my house than it is to yours. Come on over to my house." And so it was at 5:55 that 
snowy Thursday morning, December 5, 2002. With the world around him wrapped in a 
white blanket, after being in a deep, peaceful sleep for twenty-four hours snug in his 
bed, Tommy Tyson went to Heaven whispering, "Hallelujah to Jesus!" His funeral was 
conducted at Jarvis Memorial United Methodist Church in Greenville on December 10. 
Burial took place at Hollywood Cemetery in Farmville. He and Mama were Home for 

Tom Tyson, Joyce Carole Tyson Carter and Ken Tyson 



Robert Mooney was born September 3, 1915, in 
Wlsonville, Alabama, the son of Robert C. Mooney, Sr. and 
Ollie Ray Mooney. During his senior year in high school, he 
felt the call to the ministry. He graduated from Birmingham- 
Southern College and Duke University Divinity School. 

While working as a summer intern, he met his devoted 
wife of 57 years, Nellie Graves, in Burlington, NC. Their 
ministry together began in 1945 in Alabama, serving the Oak 
Grove and Alexandria Charges. They moved to North 
Carolina in 1947 and served the following churches: Salem 
and Culbreth Memorial in Fayetteville, Duke's Chapel and 
Asbury in Durham, Chestnut Street in Lumberton, First 
Church in Graham, First Church in Cary, Southern Pines, Raeford and Wlliamston. He 
served on the Committee for Enlistment for four years and the NC Conference Board of 
Ministry for thirteen years. 

He was known during his ministry for his administrative ability and his carefully 
crafted sermons, which were often filled with words of poetry. His faithfulness in visiting 
sick and homebound members was remarkable. He was a tireless worker, yet he had a 
ready smile and laugh for everyone. 

After forty years of active ministry, Robert and Nell retired to their dream home in 
Burlington in 1980. He enjoyed his church, home and yard for over twenty years. During 
the last two years of his life, he was homebound and physically weakened, but he never 



lost hope that he would once again be able to work in his yard. 

He went home to be with the Lord on December 18, 2002. A memorial service was 
held on December 22, conducted by Rev. Ken Hall, Rev. Dermont Reid, and Rev. Rodney 
Hamm, at First UMC, Graham, of which Robert was Pastor Emeritus. Burial was in 
Alamance Memorial Park. 

At the memorial service, Robert was likened to Barnabas. "Barnabas was a good 
man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and many people were brought to the Lord." Acts 

He will be remembered as a good man. He lived a life of committment to God and 
once wrote, "My God is not dead, but very much alive. In Him is my life, my strength, my 
hope. I believe in Him with all my being. I trust Him for the life that now is and the life that 
is yet to be." 

Robert is survived by his wife, Nell, of Burlington, son and daughter-in-law, Bob and 
Ruth of Harrisburg, and daughter, Jandy of Durham. 

The Family 



1924 - 2003 

Rev. A.P Hill, Jr., 78, of Greenville died January 23, 

A.P, a native of Lenoir County, was the son of Alton 
Parker and Mildred E. Hill, both deceased. He was a 
graduate of Atlantic Christian College and Duke University 
and was ordained in November of 1950. A.P. was a member 
of the North Carolina United Methodist Conference for 40 
years, serving serving churches in Vanceboro, New Bern, 
Wilmington, Mebane, Morehead City, Roanoke Rapids and 
Rockingham. During his ministry he also served on the 
Conference Council on Ministries Staff and was district 
superintendent of the Elizabeth City and Greenville districts. In 1968, he was honored as 
the Alamance County Clergy of the Year. He retired from the N.C. Conference in 1990. 

A.P. is survived by his beloved wife, LaRue, and three sons and their wives, A.P. 
and Debbie of Burlington, Charles and Martha of Farmville and Jerome and Kathy of 
Carthage. He also had eight grandchildren and one great grandson. In addition to his 
wife, children and grandchildren, A.P. had four brothers and two sisters. A.P. enjoyed 
nothing more than having his family around him, as he shared life's experiences and 

During World War II, A.P. served in the United States Marine Corps in the South 
Pacific with the Second Marine Division. He was awarded the Silver Star, Purple Heart, 
Oak Leaf Cluster, and a Presidential Citation of Recovery, A.P, a 32 nd Degree Mason, was 
a member of the Crown Point Masonic Lodge #708 A.F and A.M. and the Scotish Rite 
Bodies and Sudan Temple in New Bern. 

A.P. was highly regarded by his brothers an sisters in Christ, often called upon 
for advice and counsel. He touched lives of countless youth during his ministry, both 
through the churches he served, and through special outreach ministry for troubled 
teenagers. He was unwavering to all those who suffered, regardless of their church 
affiliation, and demonstrated his faithfulness by frequent visits to hospitals and nursing 
facilities. A.P. is greatly missed by family and friends on earth, but they are comforted by 
the realization that he has been called home to be with his Lord and Savior. Praise God 
who gives the victory! 

A.P. Hill 



1929 - 2003 

James Columbus Loy, 74, of Burlington died February 7, 
2003. His funeral was held at Friendship UMC with Rev. Al 
Home officiating. Burial was at the Friendship Cemetery. 

J.C. is survived by his wife, Agnes Greeson Loy of the 
home; two sons, James William Loy and his wife Tammy of 
Raleigh and Samuel Greeson Loy of the home; two 
granddaughters, Catherine Elizabeth Loy and Stephanie Carol 
Loy; two sisters, Mrs. Hubert (Hildred) Isley and Mrs. Emil 
(Virginia) Fausel both of Burlington. 

J.C. was born to Rev. W.M. Loy and Oneida Clapp Loy in 

Mebane, N.C. on January 9, 1929 and grew up south of 

Burlington in the Alamance area. He graduated from E.M. Holt High School in 1947 and in 

1949 married his high school sweetheart Agnes Greeson beginning their 53-year marriage. 

He graduated from Elon College in 1951. 

As a young teenager J.C. felt the call to the ministry and began preaching shortly after 
high school. During the 1950's, J.C. served the Fountain Place/Glenco charge in Burlington, 
a four church circuit in Pittsboro, and the New Hope and Beulah Christian churches in Franklin 
County, while attending Duke University part time. In 1960 he received a bachelors degree 
from Duke Divinity School. 

He served as pastor of the Kipling/Cokesbury charge in Harnett County (1960), New 
Hope in Goldsboro (1966), Calvary Memorial in Snow Hill (1969), Macedonia in Raleigh 
(1973), Pleasant Grove in Raleigh (1983) and Wesley Memorial in Warrenton (1987). He 
retired from the active ministry in 1994 and returned to his boyhood home of Burlington. 

J.C. was devoted in his service to the church and went out of his way to perform the 
many tasks required of a minister, but was always there to attend to the needs of his personal 
family as well. His love and caring for his wife Agnes, his son Jamie and particularly his son 
Sammy were obvious displays of the simple Christian virtues that he lived by. 

He was proud of his rural upbringing and it served him well throughout his ministry. He 
was a man of many talents, an artist specializing in pen and ink drawings and a musician 
entertaining his granddaughters on his pump organ. He was a talented carpenter, electrician 
and auto mechanic; an ability that surprised many of his church members when they saw 
the preacher covered in grease leaning over the hood of a car. 

His wonderful sense of humor could light up a room or church service. His writing 
talents and flair for poetry, faith, humor and self-effacing manner are all evident in a portion 
of a poem he presented at conference upon his retirement. 
I've seen God in the sunrise fair, 
Sprinkling morning dew, 
But I've seen Him most on the Sabbath day 
Sitting in the pew. 
If God shall will to stretch a point 
In parting this world of sin; 
On hearing these words I'll know I'm safe, 
"Howdy Preacher, Come on in!" 

Jamie Loy 



1912 - 2003 

When young Sidney was twelve-years-old, a neighbor 
to the Boone family's Gates County farm snatched his straw 
hat from his head, stared into his big, brown eyes, and 
declared, "You're going to be a preacher." She was right. 
Rev. Boone earned his B.A. Degree from Duke University in 
1934 and answered the call to the ministry in 1941 when the 
Methodist Church appointed him to his first charge. 

While preaching, he attended Duke Divinity School 
and received his B.D. Degree in 1945. During his forty-four 
year career, Rev. Boone was honored to serve at the 
following churches in the North Carolina Conference of the 
United Methodist Church: Sandy Cross (1941-45); 
Robersonville (1945-48); Rocky Mount, Clark Street (1948-51); Norlina (1951-55); 
Wendell (1955-59); Williamston (1959-64); Durham, Asbury (1964-68); Dunn, Divine 
Street (1968-73); Wilmington, Trinity (1973-77); and Mt. Pleasant, Middlesex (1977-85). 

Rev. Boone, faithful child of God, believed that the strongest aspect of his 
ministry was his ability to minister the individual needs of all the people in his charge. On 
more than one occasion he answered his Bishop's call to accept an appointment to a 
church requiring a man of considerable wisdom and faith and infinite love and patience to 
still the troubled waters he would find in his new charge. "Blessed are the peacemakers: 
for they shall be called the children of God." 

Rev. Boone is survived by his wife of fifty-seven years, Katherine Abernethy 
Boone, and their three sons, Sidney Grant Boone, Jr., Samuel J. Boone, and John A. 
Boone, and by seven grandchildren. He is also survived by brothers Roger and Sam 
Boone and his sister Mary Elizabeth Richardson. Rev. Boone is reunited in God's care 
with his parents Minnie Belle and William Jordan Boone and his brother William Boone. 

A service of death and resurrection was conducted by the Reverend Jacob 
Milton Hadley, Jr. and Reverend Wlliam Allen Bingham on February 24, 2003 at the 
Nashville United Methodist Church. Interment followed at the Nashville Cemetery. 

To all of you who knew and loved Rev. Boone, let not your hearts be troubled, for 
this is not an end but a beginning. 

The Boone Family 

1946 - 2003 

Rev. Susan Moore was born April 17, 1946 in 
Alamance County and died at home on March 23, 2003. 
She was the daughter of George H. and Lois F. Moore. 

Susan was raised on a farm where hard work was 
the norm during the week, and attendance at Sunday 
School and Worship Service at Camp Springs Church 
was expected. This upbringing had a profound effect on 
her life. 

She was about thirty-five when the decision was 
made to become a preacher. After her first year at Duke 
Divinity School, she was assigned to fill in for a sick 
pastor in the Gatesville Charge. During an interview with 
the local newspaper, Susan explained the late start this 
way: "I went through a long process finding out who and what I was before finding I was 
happiest serving God!" While taking Christian Education courses at Elon, God revealed 


his plan for her life which was to preach the Gospel. This was not an easy task for a 
female in a male dominated environment. With God's help, she was able to receive her 
Master of Divinity degree from Duke University in 1985. 

Susan's first assignment was to the Clinton Circuit. In her first worship bulletin at 
the Epworth-Magee churches she wrote, "I asked to be sent to a rural parish because I 
know about the stress and hardships which face American farm families today. I know the 
weariness of suckering tobacco. I know the sweet smell of fresh turned earth during a 
shower." She went on to say, "As we love each other and commit ourselves and our land 
into the Almighty's care, we can grow into the true likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ!" 

After Clinton, Susan served at Sharon, New Hope-Purley, Johnston Circuit, and 
Wilmington; Oleander-Devon Park. She went on disability leave in 1994 and because of 
cancer and diabetes was never able to return to the ministry. 

In addition to loving the Lord, Susan lover black Cocker Spaniel, Murphy. He was 
named after Father Murphy, one of her professors at Duke. Susan also loved flowers. 
Even after disease had taken over her body she still kept her car trunk full of beautiful silk 
flowers to put on her father's and grandparent's graves. 

Susan is survived by her mother, Lois Moore and a sister, Deborah Murray, as well 
as aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. 

The funeral was at Camp Springs UMC on March 25, 2003. The service was 
conducted by Rev. Renee Burnette and assisted by Susan's cousin, Tim Ross. Burial 
followed in the church cemetary. 

Chuck Ross 


1922 - 2003 

Originally from Tannersville, NY, Doug spent his early 
years in Bloomingdale, NJ. After serving in the US Army Air 
Corps during World War II, he went to work for DuPont in 
Seaford, Delaware. In 1952 he was transferring to the 
Kinston plant and made his home in Ayden, NC, where he 
retired in 1960 after 38 years of service. For a number of 
years he taught oral communication and mechanical 
drafting at Pitt Community College. Doug was well known 
for his interest in local Indian history and artifacts and 
served as president of the NC Archaeological Society. In 
the 1960's he became an ordained minister and served six 
different churches during his 38 years of ministry. They 
consisted of Nobles Chapel, Lebanon-Tabernacle Charge, and Grimesland Charge. 
He died at the age of 80 and is survived by his wife, 2 children, 2 grandchildren, 

and 3 great-grandchildren. 

Submitted in loving memory by his family 



1923 - 2002 

Nellie (Nell) Lowe Williams was born on October 17, 
1923 in Spartanburg, S.C., the daughter of Howard J. Lowe 
and Nora S. Lowe, and died on May 10, 2002 in Louisburg, 

Nell was the wife of Rev. James "Jimmy" A. Williams, a 
retired member of the North Carolina Conference. Their 
marriage on May 16, 1942, lasted 60 years and was one of 
deep and abiding friendship and devotion, a lifelong 
commitment of love to each other, family and their Lord. 

Nell's life was one of love for her husband and family 
and of service to God and to others. She was always active 
in all the churches her husband served by being a Sunday School teacher, pianist, 
organist and serving as a member of the United Methodist Women. One can truthfully say 
her life was one of love and service to others. The chorus of the hymn "Others" was her 
daily life: "Others, Lord, yes others, Let this my motto be, Help me to live for others, That I 
may live like thee." 

Her funeral was held at Plank Chapel United Methodist Church in Kittrell, NC. The 
service was conducted by the Rev. WM. "Bud" Budzinski, Rev. Harold M. Chrismon and 
Rev. Dr. Belton Joyner, and she was laid to rest in Plank Chapel Church Cemetery. Her 
gentle spirit and always positive attitude will be missed by all with whom she came in 

Until we meet again, with all our love forever, 

Jimmy, Kay, James, Pam, Edward, Aaron and Zachary 


1924 - 2002 

Zella Frances Brewer Tyson was born in Greenville, NC on October 26, 1924. She 
was the youngest daughter of George Cleveland Brewer and 
Zella Lloyd Parker Brewer. She was sister to Jessie Roland 
Brewer Elks, Alma Louise Brewer Elks, Henry Parker Brewer, 
and Robert Graham Brewer. 

Her parents died when she was a small child. At age 
three, she and her brother, Robert, moved to the Free Will 
Baptist Children's Home in Middlesex, NC where she 
graduated from high school. Frances was a consummate 
musician. Even at three-years-old, she was picking out tunes 
on the piano. She played the piano beautifully by ear and 
loved singing alto. A former school teacher, she was a 
graduate of East Carolina University. She and her childhood 
sweetheart, Tommy Tyson, were married at Jarvis Memorial 
United Methodist Church in Greenville on March 24, 1945. 
They served the Lord in ministry together for 55 years. She 

loved music and she loved to laugh. She was generous in spirit, loved her family, and 
enjoyed doing kind and thoughtful things for her grandchildren, children and husband. She 
died peacefully in their home in Chapel Hill, NC on Father's Day, June 16, 2002 following a 
brief illness (acute myelogenous leukemia). Because it was her favorite season, hers was 



a "Christmas funeral" on June 19, 2002 at Farmville United Methodist Church. Graveside 
services followed at Hollywood Cemetery in Farmville, NC. 

Frances Tyson is survived by daughter, Joyce Carole Carter and husband, Stan, Vero 
Beach, FL; sons Thomas Earl Tyson, Chapel Hill; Kenneth Wayne Tyson, Greensboro; three 
granddaughters, Molly Anne Tyson and Sarah Hope Tyson, Chapel Hill; Mary Kathryn Tyson, 
New York City; brother, Robert Graham Brewer and wife, Janet, Tallahassee, FL. 


1937 - 2002 

Jetta Godfrey burst on our small group in the summer of nineteen fifty-five. She was 
pretty, a little frightened, and very much in love. Having grown up in Louisburg, NC she 
was a little intimidated at coming to meet new people. 

The love of her life was the son of the minister at Carrboro Methodist Church. As a 
surprise to all of us this young woman was now Mrs. Bobby 
P. Tyson. So, the same as others in the same situation, 
Bobby and Jetta began their life together. 

Jetta, whether she knew it or not, had married into a 
family who held their religious values to be one of supreme 
importance. Eventually Jetta caught this faith and made it 
her own. She was able to trust in Jesus even in uncertain 
times. Jetta was not perfect, as none of us are, but she did 
possess that living, vital faith that one can depend on in 
troubled times. And it did not fail her when she needed it 

Jetta graduated from the University of North Caroina 
at Pembroke with honors when she was thirty-eight years of 
age. From then on she taught English in the public schools. 
Teaching English was the love of her life and a means of 
helping young people to grow and mature. 

Bobby and Jetta had four children, Gail, Alice, Sharon and Bobby, Jr. When she 
spoke to any one of them she made them feel that he or she was the only person in her 
life. She lived a life of love. 

Lung cancer attacked Jetta in 1995. From that date until the day she died she 
fought a good fight and trusted in the Lord she had learned to love and trust. She died 
October 6, 2002. Funeral services were held on October 9, 2002 at Spring Hill UMC in 
Lillington, NC. The victory was won! Praise God! 


Tommy Smith 


1923 - 2002 

Christine L. Ham Smith was born January 30, 1923 in 
Greene County, the daughter of Roland and Minnie 
Letchworth. She passed. Away peacefully on November 25, 
2002. Services were held on November 27 with burial 
following at Raleigh Memorial Park. Reverend Jerry Smith, 
her stepson, officiated which would have pleased her very 

Mrs. Smith was married to Rev. John T. Smith, 
retired member of the N.C. Conference, in July 1990 by Rev. 



Caswell Shaw. Their love and devotion for each other was inspirational and a joy to 
watch. The families of both John and Christine shared with them that love. Their 
happiness was radiated to all they came in contact with. Mrs. Smith enjoyed her role as a 
minster's wife as John continued his ministry to his community of Halifax. She was mother 
to daughter and son-in-law, Phyllis and Jerry Stephenson, and to son Z. Vance Ham. She 
was a precious grandmother to Joe Stephenson and to the late Christa Stephenson, who 
was named in honor of her grandmother. Also surviving her are seven brothers and 
sisters, Melvin Letchworth, Gladys Walston, Joseph Letchworth, William Letchworth, 
Jimmy Letchworth, Shelby Eason, and Ann Letchworth. 

Christine was very talented. She particularly enjoyed sewing for herself and 
others. She often designed special outfits for her children and grandchildren. She 
ventured into the field of decorating and found pleasure in constructing detailed pieces of 
upholstery and window treatments. Her very special talent was her gentle, sweet spirit. 
She blessed many people over the years by her example. She was a great listener and 
her advice was based on her faith and love for others. One of her legacies will be that she 
found pleasure in giving to others. 

Immediate survivors are her husband, the Rev. John T. Smith of Cary; daughter 
and son-in-law Phyllis and Jerry Stephenson of Roswell, GA; son, Z. Vance Ham of Cape 
Coral, FL; and grandson and his wife, Joe and Tiffany Stephenson of Roswell, GA. 

Rebecca M. Thomas-Young 


1919 - 2003 

Peggy Tyson was born April 22, 1930 in Fayetteville, 
North Carolina, the daughter of Virginia D. Carrowon and 
Nathan B. Bullard. She died December 5, 2002 in 
Burlington, North Carolina. Her funeral was held at Hebron 
United Methodist Church on December 7, 2002. 

Peggy was the wife of Rev. Carson S. Tyson, a retired 
member of the NC Conference. 

She was a retired nurse. After retirement, Peggy and 
Carson were active members of Pamlico Emmaus. 

Surviving are two daughters, Karan Patton of Maxton, 
NC and Susan English of Laurinburg, NC; two stepsons, 
Stanley Tyson and Dewey Tyson of Dallas, NC and one 
stepdaughter, Beth Tyson of Cullowhee, NC and four grandsons. 



1919 - 2003 

Hulda Ballance Wise Riggs was born Easter 
Sunday, April 20, 1919 in Poplar Branch, NC. Currituck 
County, the daughter of William and Myrtle Ballance. She 
grew up in Currituck with her three sisters and two 
brothers, leaving home after high school to attend Capital 
School of Nursing, Washington, D.C. where she received 
her RN degree. She met and married Wlford Denny 
Wise of Manteo, NC, April 14, 1941. The couple had two 
children, Denny C. Wse (Minister, Oxford UMC) and 
Wanda Wise Sanseri, Portland, OR. 

As a butcher in his father's supermarket, Wlford 
heard the call of the ministry in the early 1950's and in 1952, the family moved from 
Manteo to their first appointment in Bath, NC. Hulda was a partner in ministry with her 
husband serving numerous churches in Eastern North Carolina and at the same time, 
following her career as a nurse, working in various hospitals, as well as for the Headstart 
Program, as a Public Health Nurse, and some private duty. After serving 5 successful 
years at Apex UMC, the couple moved to Newport UMC. Soon afterward, because of 
declining health, the couple went on disability and moved to Swansboro, where Hulda 
found herself nursing her husband full time. Wlford died December 26, 1986. 

On December 15, 1989, Hulda married Wlliam H. Riggs, a devout Methodist 
from Hubert, NC. They were happily married, enjoying the same hobbies and pastimes- 
traveling, fishing, crabbing and gardening, until his death in 1996. Hulda remained in her 
home in Swansboro until her death, January 18, 2003. Hulda was an animated storyteller, 
easily catching the attention of her audiences. She was gregarious and never met a 

Hulda is survived by her two children, Denny and Wanda, four grandsons, 
Patrick Wse, Samuel, Daniel and Michael Sanseri and three great-grandchildren, 
Cameron and Connor Wise and Abigail Sanseri. 

A service of Resurrection and Rememberance was held January 21, 2003 at 
Swansboro UMC with Rev. Randy Innes and Rev. Rachel Moser. 




1923 - 2003 

"I'm a better person for having known her," said her 
many friends who came to celebrate her life. This many- 
talented, mulit-faceted, interesting person was our 
mother. Born to Levie and Lettie Mallard on January 8, 
1923, she spent her childhood farming and graduated 
valedictiorian of her high school class. 

She met Samuel S. Moore and on Christmas 
day in 1940 they began a life of 57 years together. They 
had four children: Janet M. Corbett, Samuel S. Moore, Jr., 
and twins Mary M. Lownes and Martha M. Gore. She was 
our guide, encourager, and cheerleader as we met life's 
challenge. She set high standards for us in all that we 
attempted. She taught by example and we never saw her 
fail at anything. 

If anyone was suited to be the wife of a minister, she was. She was instrumental 
in leading daddy into the ministry. She persuaded him to teach her adult Sunday School 
class while she took time out to bring twin girls into the family. It was this experience that 
led daddy to become a lay leader and then to accept his calling to share his wonderful gift 
of words from the pulpit. They served together from 1 954-1 985 at Franklin Memorial in 
Morehead City; Cokesbury in Raleigh; Erwin; Goshen-Keener in Sampson County; 
Wendell; and Bailey-Pleasant Grove. She took leadership roles in all these churches, 
teaching, singing in the choir, holding offices in the UMW, cooking in the fund raisers, and 
being a listening friend to the members of the church, all the while being the mainstay of 
the family, the rock we all leaned on. 

Mother had a zest for life, an upbeat, high energy, enthusiastic person who had a 
wide range of interests and abilities. She made our clothing, learned to weave baskets 
and make teddy bears, read avidly, knew many poems and songs by heart, and was a 
fabulous cook. Her cornbread, collards, and chocolate cake were the top requests as we 
continued to gather at her table for holidays together. 

She was the family caregiver. She always came to nurse us through childbirth, 
illnesses, or operations. She would be there to see that our every need was met and to 
see for herself that we were on the mend. Most of all, when daddy's health failed, she sat 
by his side in the hospital day and night to comfort him and to see that he received proper 
care. She was with him to the end. 

Mother especially enjoyed two things: her name and her work at Tryon Palace. 
When she married, she became Glenmore Moore. She spent many hours spelling and 
explaining her name. When she and daddy retired to the home place in New Bern, she 
became a guide at Tryon Palace. This satisfied her flair for drama. She loved dressing in 
costume but mostly enjoyed keeping her keen mind busy learning scripts and histories of 
Tryon Palace and surrounding homes. She earned the reputation of being one of the best 
informed and engaging guides and was often requested and complimented by visitors. 

Her life was celebrated on February 13, 2003, at Pollock, Wells and Best 
Funeral Chapel, with Rev. Neal Salter officiating. Interment was in Greenleaf Memorial 
Park in New Bern beside her husband. She is survived by four children, five 
grandchildren, one sister and two brothers. We too are better people for having known 

The Children 




Genevieve M. Rudin, age 94 widow of Rev. Dr. John J. Rudin, II, Professor 
Emeritus at Duke University Divinity School, died early February 16, 2003, at Croasdaile 
Pavillion after a brief illness-twelve years to the day after John's death. She joined the 
Church Triumphant as her daughters Welda and Harriet sang her favorite hymns to her. 

Genevieve is survived by her children John J. Rudin of Nashville, Tennessee, 
Welda R. Hoerz or Munich, Germany, Martin N. Rudin of Durham, and their spouses 
Harriet Tisdell, Wolfram Hoerz and Gudrun Huper, whom 
she considered her children; by four grandchildren Miata 
Rudin and Michael, Susanne, and Annemarie Hoerz; by 
three great-grandchildren Matthew Kass and Kerrissa and 
Kristin Black; and by other relatives. 

Genevieve was born in Brownsville, Oregon, on 
January 22, 1909. She was the last surviving child of the 
twelve born to Barney Springer Martin and Elva Savage 
Martin, descendants of Oregon pioneers. Her family 
moved to Salem Oregon, where she was educated and 
was married to John on October 28, 1934 (a marriage that 
lasted until his death in 1991). They moved east in 1936 
for his graduate studies. She came to Durham in 1945 
when John joined the faculty of Duke University Divinity 
School. She joined Trinity Methodist Church, where she 
and John were active in its ministry until their deaths. 

Genevieve will be best remembered for her work with and advocacy for children, 
her energetic personality that endeared her to many, and her love of people. She helped 
establish the United Methodist Retirement Home and served with Operation 
Breakthrough, Women in Action, Contact, Meals on Wheels, and many other 
organizations. In 1950 she and Erika Richey organized the Divinity Dames, a social 
support group for the wives of Duke Divinity students. In 1956 she founded and was the 
first director of the West Durham Community Center Playschool, the first community 
playschool in Durham, where she taught until 1970. She also taught at St. Luke's 
Kindergarten and Nursery School from 1970 until she retired in 1976. She continued her 
ministry with children until her death. 

A memorial service celebrating her life was held on Saturday, February 22, 2003, 
at Trinity United Methodist Church in Durham, North Carolina, with the Reverend Susan 
Pate Greenwood, Rev. Gray Southern and Rev. Denise Connor Waters officiating. The 
service, featuring glorious vocal and handbell music and her family's and friend's fond 
memories of Genevieve, was also twelve years after John's service. Interment was next to 
John at Belcrest Memorial Park in Salem, Oregon, on July 9, 2003 with Rev. Randy Butler 



1911 - 2003 

Frances Bradshaw Benson was married to Robert W. 
Bradshaw, a long time minister in our conference, who died 
in 1967. She later married J.W. Benson who, several years 
ago preceded her in death. She and Robert were together in 
churches in Raleigh, Tarboro, Greenville, Wilson, Durham, 
and again in Wilson. And while she was married to a 
minister, she was her own person, and that is what I will 
remember the most. She was Nan to her close friends, of 
which there were many, but she was mom to me. As mom, 
she was independent, assertive, head of the household I 
knew. She raised three boys in parsonages, the most 

memorable one being seven feet from the church in Wlson. It was a daunting task 
which she fulfilled well, with more grace than we deserved, and less severe discipline 
than we deserved. 

She was a very special person who has received God's promise of eternal life. I 
hope God was ready. She is an intersting as well as wonderful addition to the Kingdom. 

Brad Bradshaw 


1933 - 2003 

Louise Anne Clark Peterson (Lou Anne) was born 
October 15, 1933 in Boston, Massachusetts, daughter of 
Edward F. and Margaret Clark. She died on May 4, 2003. 
Her funeral service was held May 6, at Southern Pines 
United Methodists Church The Pastor, Rev. Dr. Mark 
Wethington, and her husband Rev. Dr. Gerald Peterson 
conducted the service. Lou Anne's daughter, Brenda 
played the music. 

Lou Anne and Gerald were married on September 11, 
1955 in Everett Massachusetts. As they conducted 
marriage seminars and retreats together, their marriage of 
47 plus years was seen by many couples as a good model 
to follow. As the wife of Dr. Peterson, Lou Anne was a supportive partner and very 
involved in a wide variety of ministry with her husband for 41 years. They shared in 
pastoral ministry at Palmer's Grove UMC in Hillsborough, Woodington and Webb's 
Chapel near Kinston, Trinity in Belhaven, St. James Associate in Greenville, Millbrook 
Associate in Raleigh, Queen Street Associate in Kinston, Pittsboro UMC in Pittsboro. In 
addition, Lou Anne supported Gerald as he was appointed by the Bishop as The NC 
Conference Coordinator of Camping and Children's Ministries, and later as a Family 
Therapist and Director of In Home Family Therapy services for the Methodist Home for 
Children. In the latter appointment, Lou Anne was a co-leader of Marriage Enrichment 
and Parenting seminars. In many of the churches she was an active choir member and 
teacher of several levels of Sunday school classes. 

Lou Anne was a graduate of East Carolina University with a degree in Early 
Childhood Education. She received the award of Outstanding Senior from the 
Department of Child Development and Family Relations. For several years she was a 
pre-school teacher at St. James UMC in Greenville. After their retirement, Lou Anne 
moved her membership to Southern Pines UMC where she was a member of the United 


Methodist Women. She was also an active participant in the area Community Bible 

All of the family members would agree that Lou Anne's greatest commitment was 
her love and devotion to family, children and grandchildren. She taught them well and 
guided them in developing their Christian faith. This continues to be evidenced by the 
degree of involvement they all have in the life and ministries of their local churches. The 
rapid onset of her brain tumor and the short three-week duration of her hospitalization 
ended in her death. This was a tremendous shock to all of us. We miss her greatly. Yet 
we are confident and assured that through her faith and commitment to Christ and His 
church, she waits for us in God's Heavenly kingdom. 

Surviving are her husband, Rev. Dr. F. Gerald Peterson, of Pinehurst, her daughter 
Sandra Wlliams, with husband Paul and their two children, Clark and Colin of Pinehurst, 
and her daughter Brenda Barber, with husband Jonathan, their three children, Cherryl, 
Christyl, and Carole of Mt. Holly NC, and her brother Edward Clark and his wife Althea of 

The Family of Lou Anne 




Frances M. Edens, daughter of Roy Johnson and Ida 
Woodell Moose and beloved wife of Dr. Allen C. Edens, Jr. 
was born November 9, 1919, in Farmville, Virginia, was 
called by her Lord to eternal resting home on May 6, 2003. 
A funeral honoring and celebrating her life was held on 
Thursday, May 8, 2003, at Spring Lake United Methodist 
Church, where Dr. Edens, resides as Pastor and where 
Frances played the organ for over 25 years until her passing. 

Frances was the dearly loved wife of Dr. Allen C. 
Edens, Jr., a retired minister of the North Carolina 
Conference. They were united in holy matrimony on 
December 11, 1941, and enjoyed a marriage filled with love and happiness for 61 years. 

She was a devoted wife and companion to her husband. She provided him with 
support during his career in Germany and Japan where he served as Chaplain in the 
army. They were blesses with four children, Sandra Gail, Linda Frances, Allen Cleveland 
III and David Roy, which she lovingly cared for. On November 15, 2002, Frances was 
deeply saddened by the passing of their oldest daughter Sandra Gail, who entered life 
eternal. Frances was a loving grandmother and great-grandmother and was blessed with 
six grandchildren and two great-granchildren. 

She was not only devoted to her family, but was talented, serving in the capacity as 
choir director and organist for their church, after their retirement from the army. Frances 
took an active roll in the local and district auxiliaries. She was a companion to her many 

Mrs. Edens is survived by her husband, Dr. Rev. Allen C. Edens, Jr. of Fayetteville, 
North Carolina, daughter, Linda Raplee, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, two sons, Allen C. 
Edens, III, of Cape Coral, Florida and David Roy Edens of Sterling, Virginia, six 
grandchildren, Dr. Thomas R. Lake, LTJG Jeffrey A. Lake, Christopher M. Edens, Callista 
S. Edens, Sean A. Edens and Lucas G Edens, and two great-grandchildren, Lauren R. 
Lake, and Joshua A. Lake. 

Frances will be missed by all of her family, but pleasant memories, her bright smile, 
laugh, and three kisses meaning "I Love You" will linger on. 

Angela W Edens. 


In Memoriam 

We regret that a memoir 
was not available for: 


Susan P. Levis 

William E. Eason 

Robert A. MacLean 

John D. Mitchell 


Izella O. Tenney 

Pauline B. Evans 

Susie Lee Fowler Hamilton 

And in loving memory, 
we dedicate this page to them. 


Roll of Deceased 






George W. Ports, Jr. 
Millard W. Warren, Jr. 
Matt R. Gardner 
Clarence E. Hix 
Cecil T. Leonard 
Don P. Lee 

of Birth 

1922 -Phoenix, MD 
1932- Raleigh, NC 
1907 -South Carolina 
1940 -Raleigh 
1925 -Colorado 

James E. Sponenberg 1914 - Pennsylvania 

Joined Date/Place 

Conference of Death 

1 956 - VA Conf . 2001 - Mebane 

1970 - N. GA Conf. 2001 - Kinston, NC 

1 936 - New Bern 2000 - Durham 

1 936 - New Bern 2000 - Fayette, MO 

(LP) 2001 - Raleigh 

1 972 - Durham 2001 - Goldsboro 

1 943 - Rocky Mount 2001 - Lenoir 

Charles M. Mitchell 
Roy L. Turnage 
Albert D. Byrd 
Herman S. Winberry 
William A. Crow 
Roberts. Pullman 
Worlise L. Knowles 
Clarence E. O'Briant 
Waverly D. Lamb 
Kermit R. Wheeler 

1917 - Buies Creek, NC 1943 - Rocky Mount 2001 - Raleigh 

1928 - Wilmington, NC 
1923-Verona, NC 
1902 -Grafton, W.VA 
1932 - Durham, NC 
1947- New Bern 
1917 -Durham 
1926 -Henderson 
1931 - Raleigh 
1912 - 

1970-Fayetteville 2001 -Ayden 
1950 - Kinston 2001 -Lumberton 

1947-ElizabethCity 2001 -Lumberton 
1936 -New Bern 2001 -Southern Pines 

1957 -New Bern 2001 -Southern Pines 

1998-Fayetteville(LP) 2001 -New Bern 
1974-Fayetteville 2001 -Hookerton 
1976-Fayetteville(AM) 2001 -Lumberton 
1 956 - Greenville 2001 - Greenville 

Samuel D. McMillan, Jr. 1934 -Jacksonville, FL 

John Rogers Crew 1922 - South Carolina 

William E. Eason, Sr. 1922 

Robert Abner MacLean 1921- 

Noah Bright Hill, Jr. 1922- 

Donald Francis Gum 1 944 - Alamance Co. 

John David Mitchell 1 930 - 

Robert Norman Knight 1925 

James Wesley Hicks, Jr. 1935- Goldsboro, NC 

Tommy Tyson 1922-Farmville 

Robert C. Mooney, Jr. 1915 -Alabama 

Thomas Holmes House 1947 -New Bern 

Alton Pugh Hill, Jr. 1924 - Lenoir Co. 

James Columbus Loy 1929 -Mebane 

1940 -Wilmington 
1957 -New Bern 
1966 - New Bern 
1960-Rocky Mount 
1958 -Wilson 
1953- Durham 

2002 - Florida 
2002 -South Carolina 
2002 - Durham 
2002 -Durham 
2002 -Henderson 
2002 - Fayetteville 

1 970 - Pennsylvania 2002 - Durham 

1 964 - Burlington, NC 2002 - Goldsboro 

1 953 - Durham 2002 - Raleigh 

1972- Durham 2002- Goldsboro 

1951 - Wilmington 2002 - Chapel Hill 

1942 2002 
1998-Fayetteville(LP) 2001 -New Bern 

1950 -Kinston 2003 - Greenville 

1961- Durham 2003 - Burlington 

Place of 


Mooresville, NC 


Fayette, MO 






Calypso, NC 


South'n Pines 

South'n Pines 

New Bern 

Snow Hill 





Greer, SC 










New Bern 





Sidney Grant Boone 
Donna Susan Moore 
Douglas R. Woodworth 1922 

of Birth 


of Death 

Place of 


1941 -Durham 





2003 -Burlington 







Historical Statement 

Historical Statment 

The North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church is composed of: 
A. The eastern portion of the former North Carolina Conference of The United 

Methodist Protestant Church. 

The former North Carolina Conference of The Methodist Episcopal Church South. 

The coastal region of the former Blue Ridge-Atlantic Conference of The Methodist 

Episcopal Church. 

The Eastern District, North Carolina-Virginia Conference, Central Jurisdiction. 

The organizing dates of the four former Conferences were as follows: 
A. The North Carolina Conference of The Methodist Protestant Church 1828, at 

Whitaker's Chapel in Halifax County, North Carolina. 

The North Carolina Conference of The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1 837. 

The Blue Ridge-Atantic Conference of The Methodist Episcopal Church, 1879, at 

Greensboro, North Carolina, first named Southern Central Conference; two years 

later, 1881, renamed Blue Ridge-Atlantic Conference. 

The Eastern District North Carolina-Virginia Annual Conference was organized at 

a special session on August 11, 1964, at Bennett College, Greensboro, North Carolina. 
Sessions of The Constituent Conferences Before Union In 1939: 
(See 1988 Journal.) 

Union: The Unification of the North Carolina Conferences was accomplished by the 
Unification of the three major branches of American Methodism in the United States at 
Kansas City, Missouri, May 10, 1939. 
Sessions Since Union In 1939: (See 1988 Journal.) 
Sessions Of Other Conferences: (See 1988 Journal.) 
VII. Sessions Since Union In 1968 Of The Methodist Church and the 
Evangelical United Brethren Chlirch 
Sessions of the NC Conference of The United Methodist Church, 1968 - 2003 













143 Fayetteville 



Paul N. Garber 


Carleton Wilson 

144 Chapel Hill 



W. R. Cannon 


Carleton Wilson 

145 Greenville 



W. R. Cannon 


Carleton Wlson 

146 Fayetteville 



W. R. Cannon 


Carleton Wlson 

147 Durham 



W. R. Cannon 


Carleton Wilson 

148 Fayetteville 



R. M. Blackburn 

A. Kimsey King 

149 Fayetteville 



R. M. Blackburn 

A. Kimsey King 

150 Fayetteville 



R. M. Blackburn 

James H. Coile 

151 Fayetteville 



R. M. Blackburn 

James H. Coile 

152 Fayetteville 



R. M. Blackburn 

James H. Coile 

153 Fayetteville 



R. M. Blackburn 

James H. Coile 

154 Fayetteville 



R. M. Blackburn 

James H. Coile 

155 Fayetteville 



R. M. Blackburn 

James H. Coile 

156 Fayetteville 



W. R. Cannon 

L. T Wilson 

157 Fayetteville 



W. R. Cannon 

L. T Wilson 

158 Fayetteville 



W. R. Cannon 

L. T Wilson 

159 Fayetteville 



W. R. Cannon 

L. T Wilson 

160 Fayetteville 



C. P. Minnick, Jr. 

L. T Wilson 

161 Durham 



C. P. Minnick, Jr. 

L. T Wilson 

162 Fayetteville 



C. P. Minnick, Jr. 

L. T Wilson 

163 Fayetteville 



C. P. Minnick, Jr. 

L. T Wilson 


Historical Statement 







June 1989 

C. P. Minnick, Jr. 

James H. Coile 



June 1990 

C. P. Minnick, Jr. 

James H. Coile 



June 1991 

C. P. Minnick, Jr. 

James H. Coile 



June 1992 

C. P. Minnick, Jr. 

James H. Coile 



June 1993 

C. P. Minnick, Jr. 

James H. Coile 



June 1994 

C. P. Minnick, Jr. 

James H. Coile 



June 1995 

C. P. Minnick, Jr. 

James H. Coile 



June 1996 

C. P. Minnick, Jr. 

James H. Coile 



June 1997 

Marion M. Edwards 

James L. Bryan 



June 1998 

Marion M 


James L. Bryan 



June 1999 

Marion M 


James L. Bryan 



June 2000 

Marion M 


James L. Bryan 



June 2001 

Marion M 


James L. Bryan 



June 2002 

Marion M 


James L. Bryan 



June 2003 

Marion M 


James L. Bryan 


Piisftra/ FLtu:orc/i 

• Full Connection Roll/Pastoral Records 

• Associate Members Roll/Pastoral Records 

• Diaconal Ministers Roll/Pastoral Records 

• Chronological Roll and Records 

• Widows of Deceased Pastors 

• Chronological Roll of Full Connection Pastors 

Pastoral and Diaconal Rolls 


Pastoral Records 


Note: This was formerly the Chronological Roll and is now alphabetically arranged for 
greater convienence and to provide a listing of the service records of conference 
members in full connection, both effective and retired, these records include only 
servcie in the North Carolina Conference. Please note that service years vary in value 
and the Conference Board of Pensions evaluates each year of service in terms of 
annuity credit. The figures in the far right hand column indicate the number of years 
service under episcopal appointment to the North Carolina Conference after being 
received into the Conference. All questions concerning years applicable to annuity 
credits should be directed to the Board of Pensions. 


LPAppt. Present First When Ordained Ordained Not Inc. 

Name Years Relation Admitted Admitted Deacon Elder LP Years 

Adams, Dennis M. E Fayetteville 1973 1973 1976 26 

Roanoke Rapids, First Assoc, 1976; Goldsboro, Pine Forest, 1978; Campus Minister, Methodist 
College, 1980; Leave of Absence, 1984; Fayetteville: Camp Ground, Assoc, 1988; Greenville, St. 
James, Assoc, 1995 

Aills, Lovell R. 5 R Wilmington 1959 1959 1961 40 

Lacama-Brietz Memorial, 1959; Providence, 1969; Hamlet-Fellowship, 1964; Pikeville-Jefferson, 
1969; Wilmimgton:Pine Valley, 1974; Zebulon, 1977; Durham:Bethany, 1983; Clayton, 1988; 
Wendell, 1993; Carthage, 1996; Retired, 1999 

Aitken, Paul W. 3 R Charleston, WV 1952 1952 1955 35 

Trans, from W. Va., 1955; Leasburg, 1952; Roper, 1955;Duke Hospital, Chaplain, 1956; Retired, 1987 

Alexander, Franklin L. R Fayetteville 1977 1972 1980 15 

Fletcher's Chapel, 1979; Disability Leave, 1981; Leave of Absence, 1982; Ellis Chapel, 1984; 
Retired, 1994 

Alexander, Gayle T. R New Bern 1957 1957 1960 28 

Trans, from Kentucky, 1950; Hebron-Chestnut Ridge, 1956; Trinity, 1962; Webb Avenue-Trinity, 
1969; Clinical Chaplain. Alamance Co.-Mental Health Care Center, 1972; Retired, 1984 

Alexander, Jr., Joseph C. R New Bern 1957 1957 1961 40 

Chapel Hill-Orange, 1958; Creedmoor, 1960; Chapel Hill: Aldersgate, 1965; Ohio Univ. Grad. School, 
1969; W. Carolina Univ. Asst. Prof, of Speech Comm.& Rhetoric, 1973; Assoc. Dean, WCU, 1989; 
Retired, 1997 

Allen, Danny G. 3 E Fayetteville 1974 1974 1977 29 

Bethseda, 1971; Tarboro, St. James Assoc, 1972; Franklin Ct, 1973; Mt. Zion, 1977; Wendell, 1983; 
Warsaw, 1987; Clinton-Grace, Coharie, 1991; FA:Camp Ground, 1998; New Bern:Centenary, 2001 

Allen, Ebern Earl E Fayetteville 1992 1992 1996 10 

Hobgood, 1988; Philips Chapel, 1990 

Allen, Frank B. 3 E Fayetteville 1983 1983 1987 19 

Leah's Chapel Shiloh (LP), 1980; Mattamuskeet, 1983; Robersonville, 1987; Littleton, 1990; 
Pilmoor Mem., 1995; Grifton & Webb Chap., 1998; West End, 2002 

Allred, Gary E. 4 E Fayetteville 1991 1991 1995 12 

Tabernacle(IS), 1986; Salemburg (SL), 1987; Andrews Chapel (SL), 1989; Johnston Circuit, 1993; 
Sunrise, 1996; Andrew-Briar Creek, 2003 

Allred, Susan L. R Fayetteville 1983 1983 1986 18 

Saxapahaw, 1983; Chapel HilLAIdersgate, 1987; Retired, 2001 


Pastoral Records 


LPAppt. Present First 



Ordained Not Inc. 

Years Relation Admitted 



Elder LP Years 


Altman, Jr., William H. 2 E Fayetteville 1997 1976 2001 7 

Coats, 1976; Disc. PM(Join another denom.), 1978; North Gates (FL), 1996; Readmitted as PM, 
1998; Johnston Ct., 1999; Wl: Riegelwood: Wesley, 2003 

Andrews, Chester J. R Greenville 1931 1933 1935 41 

Scotts Hill, 1932; Maysville, 1933; Warsaw, 1937; Webb Avenue- Fountain Place, 1940; Maxton, 
1945; Chadbourn, 1948; Rosemary, 1949; Robbins, 1953; Ahoskie, 1957; Mount Gilead, 1960; 
Fifth Avenue, 1964; Hertford, 1968; Retired, 1972 

Andrews, Jr., John C. R Rocky Mount 1960 1960 1965 37 

Duke Div. School, 1959; Jerusalem-Zion, 1960; City Road, 1964; Littleton, 1968; Maury-Mt. 
Herman, 1970; Hollands, 1975; Elm City, 1980; Northhampton, 1984; Pink Hill-Beulaville, 1992; 
Magnolia, 1996; Retired, 1997 

Archer, Patricia H. E (FD) Fayetteville 1998 1998 5 

Transf. To MS Conf., 1993; Jefferson St. UMC, Natchez, MS, 1993; Transf. from MS Conf., 1996; 
Wi: Trinity, 1996; Ordained Deacon in Full Connection, 1998; Wl: Trinity (FD), 1998; Wilmington: 
Pine Valley, Assoc, 2002 

Argo, David A. E (FD) Fayetteville 1997 1997 6 

FA: Haymount (LW), 1978; Consecrated DM, 1981; FA: Haymount, DM of Music, 1981; Ordained 
Deacon in Full Connection, 1997; FA: Haymount (FD), 1997 

Armistead, Roger A. E Texas 1962 1962 1965 10 

Maury- Mt. Herman (FL), Feb-94; Shallotte Cir., 1995; Transf. from Texas Conf., 1997; Bethesda, 
2000; Rockingham: Trinity-Zion, 2001 

Armstrong, Edward P. 1 E Wilson 1958 1958 1961 29 

Hay St.:Assoc, 1955; Waccamaw, 1958; Union Chapel, 1962; Fremont, 1964; Riverside, 1968; 
Riverdale, 1969; Pamlico Parish: Associate, 1976; Retired, 1987 

Armstrong, III, Ralph M. E Fayetteville 1980 1980 1983 23 

Macon, 1979; GR: Jarvis Memorial Assoc, 1982; Evansdale-Black Creek, 1986; Hookerton, 1988; 
Dover-Clark, 1994; Fremont, 1999 

Arthurs, Jeffrey D. 2 E Bait-Wash. 1995 1995 1998 7 

Flat Rock (SL/PM), 1994; Trans, from Balt.-Wash. Conf., 1996; Flat Rock, 1998; Salem 
(Alamance), 2000; Wendell, 2002 

Auman, James A. 1 R Elizabeth City 1947 1952 1954 41 

Stem, 1947; Four Oaks, 1947; Fayetteville Circuit, 1951; Camp Ground, 1954; Herford, 1956; 
Garner, 1961; Association of Methodist Colleges, Raleigh, 1964; Highland, 1969; Jacksonville: 
Trinity, 1972; Wilmington District Superintendent, 1975; Henderson First, 1981; Graham: First, 
1984; Retired, 1988 

Aycock, Johnnie D. R Elizabeth City 1947 1947 1949 41 

Rocky Mount: First Assoc.S Ed. Director, 1948; Scotland Neck, 1949; Lumberton Circuit, 1953; Ellerbe, 
1957; Saxapahaw, 1960; West End, 1964; Wilson: Wnstead, 1968; Snow Hill: Calvary, 1973; Havelock: 
First, 1975; Warsaw, 1977; Fremont, 1981; Maxton-St. Paul, 1985; Retired, 1988 

Aydlett, Jr., Wilbur C. E Fayetteville 1989 1989 1992 14 

Wilmington: Epworth, 1982; ButnenCommunity, 1986; Roxboro: Longhurst, 1990; Hawkins-Tabor, 
1993; Fay: St. Andrews, 1999 


J-'a:tora! Ficvoras 



LPAppt. Present First 




Not Inc. 

Years Relation Admitted 




LP Years 

Bailey, James E. 4 E Fayetteville 1989 1989 1993 14 

Centenary: Harrells, 1985; Harrells-Westview, 1986; Stem-Bullock's, 1988; Hamlet:Fellowship, 
1991; Norlina, 1996; Salem (Person), 2000; Hopewell, 2002 

Bailey, James H. 5 R Wilson 1958 1958 1960 41 

SC Conf. (LP), 1953; WNC Conf. (LP), 1955; Elm City, 1956; West Nash, 1961; Weldon, 1965; 
Chestnut St., 1968; Greenville: Jarvis Memorial, 1974; Wilmington Dist. Supt., 1984; Cary: White 
Plains, 1987; Wilson: First, 1990; RA: Highland, 1994; Retired, 1999 

Baker, Gerald K. 1.5 E Fayetteville 1995 1995 1997 8 

Creswell, Jan-94; DU: Fayetteville Rd. Assoc, 1997; DU: Reconcilitation, 1998 

Baker, Millard R. R Knoxville, TN 1953 1955 1957 40 

Trans, from Holton Conf, 1956; Glendon, 1956; Haw River, 1957; Pittsboro, 1960; West Burlington, 
1968; Goldsboro: St. Luke, 1974; Wlmington: Wesley Memorial, 1978; Kinston: Queen St., 1982; 
Elizabeth City District Superintendent, 1987; Retired, 1993 

Baldridge, Robert L. 3 R Greenville 1956 1957 1959 41 

Red Oaks-York Chapel, 1956; Pinetops-Conetoe, 1959; Glenwood, 1964; Conway, 1965; 
Macedonia, 1968; Salem, 1973; Coordinator, Leadership and Development and Adult Work, 
Conference Council on Ministries, 1974; Wilm: Grace, 1980; Assoc. Dir. Conf. COM, 1983; 
Goldsboro: St. Paul, 1985; Rockingham District Superintendent, 1989; Ex. Dir. CCOM, 1993; 
Retired, 1997 

Bame, Robert L. R Rocky Mount 1943 1943 1945 40 

West Halifax, 1943; Pikeville, 1947; La Grange, 1951; Southern Pines, 1954; Fifth Avenue, 1959; 
Hertford: First, 1964; Tarboro: St. James, 1968; Roxboro: Long Memorial, 1973; Raleigh: Millbrook, 
1977; Retired, 1983 

Banks, David A. 1 E Fayetteville 1985 1985 1987 18 

Morehead City: St. Peter's (LP), 1984; Morehead City: St. Peter's, 1985; Broad Cr./St. Peter's, 
1989; Sanford: Jonesboro, 2001 

Barber, Morris L. 4 R Ohio 1967 1967 1969 29 

Trans, from Ohio Conf., 1967; Pleasant Green, 1967; Banks-Grove Hill, 1969; Bahama: Mt. Bethel, 
1973; Brooksdale-Brookland, 1977; Pleasant Hill, 1982; Roanoke, 1986; Pinebluff, 1988; 
Princeton, 1992; Spring-Lebanon-Garysburg, 1993; Retired, 1996 

Barber, Wilson E. IL Chapel Hill 1969 1969 1974 34 

Wl: Grace, Assoc, 1969; Raleigh: Franklin, 1971; Mt. Zion, 1973; Erwin, 1975; Fayetteville: 
St.Andrews, 1979; Kitty Hawk, 1983; Rocky Mt.-Englewood, 1987; Wl: Grace, 1988; Laurinburg: 
St. Luke, 1990; Siler City: First, 1992; Incapacity Leave, 7/1/1994; 

Barbour, Berry O. 8 R Fayetteville 1974 1969 1977 25 

Wesley Memorial, 1966; Cotton, 1968; Hoke Ct, 1969; Kipling, 1972; Gatesville, 1977; Durham: St. 
Paul, 1981; Raleigh: St. James, 1986; Aberdeen: Page Memorial, 1987; Approved Evangelist, 
1989; Hamlet: First, 1991; Whiteville, 1995; Retired, 1999 

Barfield, Warren C. E Fayetteville 1973 1973 1976 31 

Wl: Wesley Mem. Assoc, 1975; Jerusalem-Bethel, 1977; Saxapahaw, 1979; Walnut Grove, 1984; 
Sharon, 1986; Glendon, 1987; Pink Hill-Beaulaville, 1996; BU:Bethel, 2002 


Pastoral Records 


LPAppt. Present First 



Ordained Not Inc. 

Years Relation Admitted 



Elder LP Years 


Barrett, Troy J. R Henderson 1946 1946 1948 40 

Dir. of Youth Work & State Dir. of Student Work, Durham, 1946; Broadway, 1949; Methodist Home 
for Children, 1952; Zebulon-Wendell, 1954; Zebulon, 1955; Wesley Memorial: Warrenton, 1959; 
Cary: First, 1964; New Bern: Centenary, 1969; Jarvis Memorial, 1970; Durham Epworth, 1974; 
Laurinburg: First, 1977; Smithfield: Centenary, 1981; Lillington, 1984; Retired, 1986; Raleigh: 
Avent Ferry, Assoc. (RM), 1989 

Barrineau, Harry P. E S. GA 1978 1978 1982 4 

Transfer from N. GA Conf., 1998; Assoc. Dean of Student/Career Services, St. Andrews Pres. College, 
1998; Counselor, Berwick Med. Ctr., Laurinburg, 2000; Chaplain, Hospice of Scotland Co., 2001 

Bass, Walton N. R Durham 1953 1953 1955 18 

Rougemont (Supply), 1951; Woodington-Webb, 1953; Beech Grove, 1956; Trenton, 1959; Cary: 
White Plains, 1966; Durham: Wellons Village, 1967; Sabbatical Leave, 1969; Supernumerary, 
1970; Honorable Location, 1977; Readmitted into FC & retired, 1985 

Bates, Sally G, E Fayetteville 1995 1995 1998 7 

Apptd. Parish Minister, Brit. Meth. Conf. (PM), 1995; RA: Hayes Barton Assoc. (PM) 1996; RA: 
Hayes Barton Assoc. (FC) 1998;Chaplain, Div. School, Duke Univ., 2002 

Bauman, Robert J. E Fayetteville 1991 1991 1994 12 

Wl: Wesley Mem. Assoc.(IS), 1987-88; Appt. to Att. Sch. (PM), 1991 ; Swansboro Assoc, 1992; 
Wilmington: Sunset Park, 1994; Wl: Grace, 1998 

Beane, Kenneth E. R Wilmington 1951 1951 1951 39 

Air Force Chaplain, Lake Charles, LA, 1952; London, England, 1953; Maxton, St. Pauls, 1954; Air 
Force Chaplain, Duluth, MN, 1955; Swpesonville, 1958; U.S. Air Force Chaplain, 1960-1972; 
Retired from USAF, 1972; Sabbatical Leave, 1973; Fayetteville, Hay Street Assoc, 1974; Leave of 
Absence, 1975; Parkton, 1978; Sabbatical, 1985; Parkton, 1986; Leave of Absence, 1992; 
Parkton, 1993; Chaplain, US Army (Retired), 1994; Retired, 1995 

Beck, David J. 4 E Fayetteville 1998 1998 2002 6 

Marvin (IS/LP), 1993; Biscoe (LP), 1997; (PM), 1998; RA: Edenton St., Assoc, 2002 

Bedsworth, Ellis J. R Fayetteville 1955 1955 1958 37 

Vanceboro Circuit, 1956; Beech Grove, 1959; La Grange, 1961; New Bern: Trinity, 1967; Bethel, 
1973; Plymouth, 1986; Retired, 1991; Marshallberg-Smyrna (RM), 1994 

Beeson, Gilbert W. E Durham 1961 1961 1963 42 

Culbreth Memorial, 1963; Chaplain, USAF, 1969; Fam. Life Specialist, Fay. Fam Life Ctr., 1989; 
Cotton, 1989-93; Past. Couns. Fay. Family Life Ctr., 1999 

Belcher, Carl D. 3 E Fayetteville 1990 1990 1993 13 

St. Luke's, Jan-87; New Sharon, 3/1/1990 

Belec, J. Peter E W. NY 1995 3 

Roanoke (OE), 1998; Trans, from WNY, 6/7/2000; Red Springs: Trinity, 2000 

Bell, James D. E Fayetteville 1980 1980 1983 23 

Rocky ML: First Assoc, 1982; Enfield-Eden, 1985; Benson, 1990; Hampstead, 1996 

Benfield, Jack M. 6 IL Burlington 1964 1966 1968 39 

Harper's, 1956; Wesley Chapel, 1957; Franklin : Trinity, 1959; Spring Hill, 1961; Vance, 1963; 
Garner, 1972; Kenansville Circuit, 1973; Fremont, 1976; Apex, 1981; Zebulon, 1987; Kinston: 
Wesminister, 1994; Henderson: First, 1999; Incapacity Leave, 2000 


J-'a:tora! Ficvoras 



LPAppt. Present First 




Not Inc. 

Years Relation Admitted 




LP Years 

Benjamin, Shane M. G 2 E Fayetteville 1995 1995 1999 8 

Wilm: St. John-Smith Chap. (PL), 1994; Good Shepherd (PM), 1996; DU: Asbury Temple-Good 
Shepherd, 1999; Durham:Asbury Temple, 2001 

Benson, Ann G. E Fayetteville 1992 1992 1995 11 

Clinton Circuit, 1992; North Gates, 1993; Robersonville, 1996; Roberdell, 1997; Mamers, 2000 

Benson, David C. E Durham 1986 1986 1991 15 

Attended School, 1986; Rocky ML: First Assoc, 1987; Evansdale-Black Cr., 1988; Evansdale, 
1990; Northampton, 1992; Benson, 1996; Aberdeen-Page Mem., 1998; Lv. Absence, 10/10/99; 
Spring Hill, 2001 

Bergland, John K. R W. OH 1950 1950 1955 40 

Transferred from West Ohio, 1976; Prof. Duke Div. School, 1976; Ral: Exec. V.P Meth. Foundation 
Inc., 1983; Fayetteville:Haymount, 1985; Retired, 1995 

Bergland, Robert E. E Fayetteville 1980 1980 1984 23 

Henderson: City Road, 1979; Bahama: Mount Bethel, 1983; Clinton: Grace, 1988; Elizabethtown: 
Trinity, 1991; Apex, 1999 

Bideaux, Rene O. R Fayetteville 1955 1956 1958 23 

Sandhill Circuit, 1955; Missionary to Costa Rica, 1959; Transferred to New England Conf., 1965; 
Transferred from So. New England Conf., 1980; Dir. Hinton Rural Life Ctr., 1980; Assoc. Gen. 
Sec, Gen. Brd. of Glob. Min. Nat. Div., 1981; Chapel Hill: Orange, 1988; Retired, 12/31/93 

Bingham, William A. E Fayetteville 1990 1990 1994 13 

Appt. to Attend Sch., 1990; Rehoboth-Harris Chapel, 1991; Swansboro Assoc, 1995; Nashville, 1999; 
SA: Pinehurst, 2003 

Bissette, Lester C. 4 R Wilmington 1959 1959 1961 36 

Battleboro, 1955; Richlands Circuit, 1956; Pasquotank, 1957; Bellhaven, 1959; Browning-Smith, 
1961; Lovejoy-Macedonia, 1964; Pleasant Hill, 1965; Cumberland, 1974; Pine Bluff, 1975; 
Rockingham: Pee Dee, 1981; Spring Hill, 1984; Ebenezer, 1993; Retired, 1995 

Bizzell, Jr., Henry A. .75 R Wilmington 1951 1951 1953 40 

Waccamaw Circuit, 1948; Gatesville, 1951; Raleigh: St. Mark, 1956; Fairview, 1960; Lake 
Waccamaw, 1964; Cordova, 1967; Pembroke: First, 1968; Benson, 1972; Manteo: Mt. Olivet, 
1973; Richlands, 1977; Ayden, 1981; Hertford, 1984; Swepsonville, 1988; Flat Rock, 1990; 
Retired, 1991 

Black, Bobby C. R New Bern 1957 1957 1959 40 

Durham: Aldersgate, 1958; Chap., USAF, Schilling AFB, Kansas, 1959; Mildenhall AB, England, 
1961; Little Rock, AK, 1964; Clark AB, Republic of Philippines, 1967; Davis-Montham AFB, AZ, 
1969; Thule AFB, Greenland, 1972; NellisAFB, NE, 1973; LangleyAFB, 1977; Bitburg Air Base, 
Germany, 1980; US Space Command, Col. Springs. CO, 1983; Chapl. Pinehurst Vill. Chapel, 
1987; Retired, 1997 

Blanchard, George F. 9 R Fayetteville 1974 1974 1978 25 

St. John's, 1965; Rocky Point, 1966; Bethel-Lebanon, 1967; Harrells, 1968; Rich Square, 1969; 
Durham: Branson, 1972; Fayetteville: Victory, 1977; Kipling-Cokesbury, 1981; Pinebluff, 1984; 
Shallotte-Camp, 1988; Fayetteville: St. Matthews, 1990; West End-Doub's Chapel, 1992; Disability 
Lv., 10/1/1993; Retired, 1999; Cotton, 1/1/00-6/30/00 

Blanchard, Randy C. E Fayetteville 1984 1984 1986 19 

Bell Arthur, 1984; Goldsboro-Salem, 1986; Raleigh-Edenton St. Assoc, 1990; Raleigh-Jenkins 
Mem., 1996; Bethel (BU Dist. ), 1998; Concord, 2002 


Pastoral Records 


LPAppt. Present First When Ordained Ordained Not Inc. 

Name Years Relation Admitted Admitted Deacon Elder LP Years 

Blankenhorn, Richard R. 7 R Durham 1961 1957 1961 29 

Harlowe-Oak Grove, 1954; Dover Circuit, 1957; Airboro, 1960; Jenkins Memorial, 1965; Roseboro, 
1971; Edenton, 1977; Mt. Sylvan, 1984; Retired, 1990 

Bledsoe, Lisa E. C. E Fayetteville 1993 1993 1997 10 

Attend School, 1993; Ocracoke, 1994; Gatesville, 1995; Evergreen, 1998; Ch. Hill:Aldersgate, 2001; 
RA: Clayton: New Church, 2003 

Blue, John R. R Maryville, MO 1952 1955 1956 43 

Trans. Mo. East Conf., 1950; Vanceboro Circuit, 1954; Trans. To Mo. East Conf., 1956; Trans, 
from Mo. East Conf., St. John's, 1958; Princeton, 1959; Salem, 1963; Union Grove, 1967; 
Chaplain, VA Ctr. Martinburg, Va., 1968; Chaplain, VA Hospital, 1971; Retired, 1996 

Bogie, Edward F. R Fayetteville 1974 1974 1978 28 

Lea's Chapel-Warren's Grove (SLP), 1974; DU: Grace, 1977; Marrow's Chapel, 1983; DU: Carr, 
1985; DU: Glendale Heights, 1994; Retired, 2002 

Bone, Sr., Jesse V. R Kinston 1962 1962 1964 37 

Salemburg, 1962; Front Street, 1964; Saxapahaw, 1966; Fuquay-Varina, 1970; Emmanuel, 1976; 
Trans. Ok. Conf., 1978; Trans to NC Conf., 1979; Winstead, 1979; Burlington:Davis St., 1983; 
Wilmington: Trinity, 1988; Laurinburg: St. Luke, 1992; Salem (GR Dist.), 1997; Retired, 1999 

Bostick, Joseph K. R Goldsboro 1945 1947 1949 42 

Marvin, 1945; Kenly, 1947; Seaboard, 1951; Ellerbe, 1952; Lyon Memorial, 1955; Webb Avenue, 
1958; Wesley Memorial, 1962; Mount Olive, 1966; Siler City: First, 1968; Mt. Sylvan, 1971; 
Fayetteville: Christ, 1975; Rose Hill, 1978; Carthage, 1980; Knightdale, 1984; Retired, 1987 

Bowden, Jr., Reuben L. E AL-W. FL 1982 1982 1988 18 

Transf. from AL-W. FL Conf., 1986; Mt. Sylvan, Assoc, 1986; Durham:Pleasant Green, 1990; DU: 
Resurrection, 2000 

Bowman, Daniel D. 2 R Goldsboro 1967 1967 1969 24 

Moncure, 1964; Seaboard, 1967; Milwaukee, 1972; Rainbow, 1977; City Road, 1979; Gatesville, 
1984; Retired, 1991 

Boyette, Linwood C. 3 E Fayetteville 1974 1974 1978 29 

Lovejoy-Macedonia, 1971; South Camden, 1977; Morehead City: Franklin Memorial, 1979; 
Robersonville, 1982; Weldon, 1986; Bethel-Lebanon, 1990; Union Chapel, 1993; Bunn-Hill King, 
1997; Kenansville Par., 2000 

Boykin, William A. E Fayetteville 1982 1982 1984 21 

Hightower, 1982; Efland, 1985; Goldsboro: St. Paul, Assoc, 1989; Richlands, 1992; Sedman: 
Cokesbury, 1998; Jacksonville: New Church (Renamed Celebration, 2001), 2000 

Bradshaw, Francis C. R Greenville 1963 1963 1966 38 

Cedar Grove, 1964; Bonlee, 1966; Rocky Mt.: First, Min. of Ed., 1968; Elizabeth City: City Road, 
1971; Raleigh: Pleasant Grove, 1977; Wilmington: Grace, 1983; Smithfield: Centenary, 1988; Kitty 
Hawk, 1993; Retired, 2001 

Branch, Johnny H. E Fayetteville 1976 1976 1979 27 

Pasquotank, 1973; Calvary, 1974; Mt. Zion, 1978; Smith, 1983; Concord, 1988; DU:Aldersgate, 


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Braswell, Kermit L. R Durha