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Full text of "A nievve herball, or Historie of plantes : wherein is contayned the whole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of herbes and plantes : their divers & sundry kindes ... and that not onely of those whiche are here growyng in this our countrie of Englande, but of all others also of forrayne realmes commonly used in physicke ; first set foorth in the Doutche or Almaigne tongue"

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toljerm is contapneo 

the Vvhole difcourfe and per- 

fedbdefcription of all fortes of Herbes 

tjjeir ftratwge Figures , Faff) ions , and Shapes': 
I ttyci'r jRatnef / jftatutea / Ccctationa/ ano aitsv 
tur s : ana ttjat not onclp of tqofe u?i)ic.lje ate 
Ijete gtotr?ng in tfjis out Counme of 
^nglanoe/ out of all otl?et« aifo of 

fojt apnclkealmco / c oumtonlp 
gy. . tjfeDin^ljpCicfte. 

Firft fet foorthin the Doutcheor Almaigne 
f tongue, by that learned D. RembertDo- 
doens , Phyfition tof teig^oOT 

And nowe firft ti^smimimm€ t 

French i ntoEnglifli^y^n • 
ry Lyte EfqP^. ; 

i k t Jj ONDO NT/ fl. v rfjjjjib*-*^ 

bp ins <£etart> Vetoes , tiwiitog itt 
$mle$ CljutdjparBeattljeftgue 
af t^e^U)anne. 

Allufio ad InfigniaGentilitia Henrici Leiti, ' 

Armigeri,Somerfecenfis,AngIi. . 

Tortilps hie litum , niuyify Olor,arguit in tcj 
Late animum mtteum,piftm & wtrepidunt. 

%pU agtbe&toatmefcotl) counting tuneg in ftgne of topfull mpnfee, 
g>o &pte bp teaming w>e£ fcun felfe to ?ince anl> Counttte fcpntie* 

S-fc? To the moil High,Noble,and 

Renovvmed Princefle, our mod dread redoubted 

Soueraigne Lady Elizabeth , by the grace of God , Queene of 
Englande,Frauncc,and Irelande,defendour of the fayth,&c. 
Yourgraces moft humble, loyall ,and faythfull fub- 
ie& Henry Lyte,wifheth long life,perfc& health, 
florifhing raigne,and profperous fuccefle to 
Gods good pleafure , in all your 
moft Royall affaires. 

» i©a> t^mge^^auemoouelimeCmoanoble^zmcefre)^ 
umg netulp tranttateD into Cnglity tW i^erball o^ifto* 
rteof ^lante^(notlongftt^ence,fetfoo^ in£ ailmaigne 
oj Jaouclje tongue, bp tbat papnefull anb learneD ©bpfi- 
tion D. Rembert Dodocns , anDfitbence tbat, agapnebp 
jhWA fte ttauaple of funtyp ffcplfull i£erbarian# into Dtuertf 
f^^SI wi^F 1 ot ^ er lail 9 wa 8^ tranttateD ) to offer t^c fame bnto pour 
Je^^-Jjf^j)) abated te^r pzotectiomCbe one tua0 tbat moftcleare, ami* 
able anb cbeatefullcountmauncetouwtbegall learning ant) bertue: wtyicljc 
on euerp fpDe mod: bzigbtlp from pour l&opall perfon appearing, batb fo enfla* 
meb anb encoutageb,not onelp me,to tbeloue anb aDmiration thereof: but al 
fucbe otberg alfo,pour <£racc0 lopallfubtecte&tuljidjeare not to to bull of bn< 
DerftanDtng: tbat trie tbmfce no trauapleto great, tuberebpuic are in bope 
botb to pzoftte our Countries to pleafefo noble $ lotting a iDztnceffe : tubofe 
\ubolcpotoeranD enbeuoueujefeetbetto bcnt,tbatbmue$khouMebge(tbe 
tujo mod beautiful ornamented of a voelgouerneD fctngDome)map floaty anD 
bcare ftuap: ^itce anb ignorance (tbefoes of all goobnelFe ) map banift) $ gtue 
place^be otber toatf, tbat earneft ?eale,anD feruentDefire tbat 3 ftaue, anb a 
long time baue bab, to exo z mp felfe (bp peelbtng Come f rtttte of patneful Dtit- 
gece)atbanfcefulfubtect to fo bertuouga iboueraigne,^ a fruitful member of 
fo goob a comon r©eale.Xbe f trlt of tbefe,barteneb oz embolbeneb me againft 
tbofepertoaltons of mtneoujnebnU)oztbpne^:ujbicb(bnboubteblp)bab put 
me to btter rilence,bab 3 not bene fufteineD botb untb tbe comfoztable remem- 
bzaunceofpour btgbuelfeclemencte, anbtoitballconfpbeteb, tbat no gift map 
ligbtlp be mojeacceptablp pzefenteb to p beab,tben tbat, tobicft tobollp tebetb 
to tbe pzeferuation of tbe reft of tbe bobp*€)f totjiebe fozt, toben 3 confpDereD 
tbte l^tftozte of planted to be,3 feareb tbe Icflfe to pjefentit bnto pour <9paie* 
ftie^notuingtbatbp pour ^zincelp clemecieKawetofogreceiueD,$bppoue 
b tgb unfbome $ attctbozttte alotoeft,tyai take fuel) place in pour bobp poitttke, 
a$ in tbenatural,tbofe Do tbat bp tbe beaDOubicbebp teafong rule gouernetb 
ptfcfeetb mecontinuallpfozumrbettritb tW o^tbe IpbeperftoafiontCljat a#a 
tbanfceful bart totjoarbed a natural motber cannot be better teftifieD , tben bp 
Y louelbetoeb anb piactifebtottarDedbeeDeare cbilbzen: noz a moze acceptable 
fruitfulneffeberequtreb of anp one bzancbe, tben tbattubtcb maprebounbeto 
tbeojnament of tbetoboleftocfcetfo 3 in no urife ft>oulD be moze able to (beuie 
mp tbanfcful minbe totoarDetf pour Ijigbueffe (tbe moft louing anb tenber mo- 
tber of tbi0 comon W eale)tben in publilbmg tW ftiftozie to £ b enefite of pour 
moft louingfabiecte&as beingtfce bett token of loueanb Diligence tt* at 3 am 

# t) attftid 

The Epiftle to the Queene. 

at tbfe time able to n^evu bnto ettber^nb (boubtlefletf mp Hull tn tbe ttanfla«» 
ttonwete anftuearable to tbe umtbpntffe eptber of tbe l^tltoue tt felfe, oiot 
tbe^utbourgtbetofj boubtnot,but 3 0>otUD betbougbtto battebonoureb 
roue ^atedte untb an acceptable piefetit/atg toucbtng tbe umtbtueflfe of t^e 
^tftoue tt felf,truelp tbat tbtng map not tulllp be tbougbt bnmeete to beoffe* 
reb bnto a ^tnce>tbefcnouUebge iDberof,befi&e tbat it \$ bp batlp experience 
fcttotten to bebotb profitable to al,anb pleafant to manp,i#aboue al otber fa* 
cultie£(tbe butine fcnourtebge toberbp tbefoulelittetb) onlp ejccepteb,ttritbfo 
btgb commenbattong in tbe tjolp &cripture£ eptolleb r tbat not onelp tbe p^o- 
felfdurtftberof areaccounteb tooitbP of abmtration^ bonoi:but eue Salomon 
tbattopallanb\JDifeiapng;,fo^tbatbebabtbe fcnouUebge of tbe natures of 
$lante&$ was able to btfpute tberof,from tbebigbeft to tbe loU)eft,ftom tbe 
Cebar iwubmon to tbei^pfope tbat fpjtngetb out of tbe wall, \% tbetefcue it* 
Kc s«4* tbe facreb 2Spbelbtgblp bignifieb $renou>meb*3i wpll fap no tbtng of Mithri- 

dates 3 Lyfimachus,Gentius 5 Artemifia,anbfUCbnOble^mtgbtp^ltnre0:U)bO^ 

tieUgbtanblpWngtotoarbesftbt^fenoitJlebgeof tbe nature of p>lante0tua$ 
fucb ? tbat as bp tbetr biltgent tncjuttttto tbep uritttlp f ounb out tbe bfe of man? 
of tbem,fo, bautng founb tbe fame,tbep btfbapneb not to benomtnate anb tm- 
parte tberto tbetr ot»ne names , tubicb etten to tbte bap manp of tbem bo ftpll 
tetapne*:*5ut argumenteg to tb& pttrpofe, are bef ote pour ntoft excellent ^a- 
ieftie neebelefife to be alleageb:afwel becaufe pour btgbneg t$ baplp cotterfant 
tn tbe mo ft cleare Itgbt of al bo tb biuine $ btmtapne feno\ulebge, vuberebp poti 
f atre more eaftlp fee tbe tobole compaflfe , tben men of meane eftate are able ta 
concetueaparte:a^alfofoztbattbepiofe(Touri8?oftbt^ facultte beuntb pout: 
btgbneffebab tnfucb puce anb eftimation,tbattbeparenotonelpbp pour ^a* 
teftie anb pour mod; noble ^zogenitours , toitb Cuntyp pjittilegeg $ liberties? 
enbotoeb,tiritb manp $ great (ttpenbetf anb pentions in pour d5race£ iUntuer* 
fitted anb £>cb ooles f oftereb anb maintepneb : but alfo ag tbep fyalbe f o unbe 
to baue laubablp pzofiteb tberein, fo are tbep abttaunceb $ calleb to tbe cbarge 
of pour perfon,^ of tbeperfong of pour tftobies* 3nb arte being bp bonontou* 
rifbeb,encreafetb baplp,ct puttetb al men out of boubt , tbat tbep urtjicb fo em* 
bzacetbep^ofelTourstbereof , bo botb xuelllpkeanbtbmkeof tbefacultie,anb 
fuff tcientlp bnbetftanbe botb tbe bfe anb tbe ejccellenrie tbereof ♦ touching 
tbe^utbour oftbt0U3otke\i3bicb 3 bauetraflateb,botu patnefulamanbet0> 
bou* f feilful,anb bote lucfeelp be batb atcbteueb tbi£ W bufinelTe,as tt (balbeft 
appeatebp btltgent reabmg ouer bt#U)ozkeg:fo alfo map it eaftlp befenovuen 
bp tbe teftimonte^ ^ tubgementeg of tbe inoftlearneb &l)vtitiGn$ of tb& age* 
■fl)f tubom,fome are bp tbetr ottme \no^e^ alrebp ejctatjuotable ^ renotomeD, 
6t otber;S(bp tbe great trauatle tbat tbep baue beftotueb tn tranflattng btm out 
anb famouj^tbut none befoze tbt$ tnto €nglt(b*r©btcb batb mabe me belpjoutf 
(foloujtng tbetr e]rample)tomabempCountrepmenpartafeer0offucb Knotu- 
iebge,a# otber learneb anb \jotfe men tn otber Countrte^baue tbougbt meete 
to be mabe tmotoen tntbe nattue tongues of tbetr commo naealesu 'Coucbtng 
mp felfe tb& onelp 3 baue to piomife,tbat tn tbi^ tranllatton 3 baue bfeb mp 
moflffetl anb btltgence to pleafeanb pleafureal ftub aafbeltgbt in tbitf fo boned 
anb profitable afenovulebge* ^oft bumblp craupng a fattourable acceptton 
bereof at pour a^ateftte^ banbe0,anb parbon, tf anp popnt 3 baue gttten tuft 
occafton of blame anb befertteb reptebenfton. 

from mp pooieboufe at '/Lptefcarte xnitl^m pour 9£ateftteg Countte o£ 
^omerfet,tbe ftrft bap of 3|anuarte,!3^,iBX]C]cbttf\ 

Tour LMaieJlics mojl humble and faith full fubieft, Henry Lytc^> % 

^ To the friendly and inditfe- 

tf tbou beiguoraunf ( gentle i&eater >anD DeGrougto 
fcnotoe, eptber hobo profitable this i^ftojte of ^lantes 
iS,or bote toortbp to be atiDpeD,tptftcr hotoe barDe anD 
botoe bigblp in tpmes paft efteemeD,tobatbe tbecaufes 
of the harDneffe therof,boto tbep map be rem£DteD,anD 
tohptheSlutbour hereof (after fo manp learneD both 
auucient anD late toriterS) tmbebpon bimtbe fettmg 
fcortboftbefame : ortobp in bis annotations anD laft 
eDitionhebathreuofeeDcertapnetbinges tobicb in the 
ftrft eff apeD biwfor thp inftcuction anD refolution in thefe matters,31 referre 
thae to tbe fame 3lutbours, ttoo latine Prefaces follototng, toherein be lear* 
neDlp, ano as bjteflp as tbe nature of tbe matters toil! perrmtte , Dtfcourfetb 
tber of fufficientlp, 23ut if tbou tooulDeft fcnotoe of me,tobp 31 bane tafcen bp* 
on me tbe tranflatton anD publication of the fame in this our natiue tongue, 
as 31 migbt tottbout anp great labor paelD thff manp tuft anD reafonable can* 
fes of mp fo Drotng,if ji thought it greatlp ejcpeDient or neceffarie fo to Doe : fo 
31 tbinfee it fufficient for anp ? t»bom reafon map fetiffte, bp toap of anfooere to 
alleDge this reafon anD fententious pofition » Bonum, quo commumus, eo me- 
lius u przftantius : a gcoD thing tbe more common it is,tbe better it is. Seeing 
tben that mp tranflatton Cball mafce this goD anD profitable i^iftorte o»hicb 
jjitherto hath Ipen hpD from manp of mp Countriemen,bnDer tbe baple of an 
fcnfcnotone language) familiar anD fcnotone bnto tbem : anD if it be gcoD cajaf 
no gooD man toill Dente) to enlarge a gcoD thing,anD to make manp partakers 
tbereof : tben can tber e not lacfee iuft caufe to be allebgeo of this mp Dosing : 
neptber thinfee 31 ,tbat anp toill miflifee or repine thereat,ei;cept fucb,as ettljer 
enuie tlje BDeale of others,tobom tbep accompt Ampler then themfeIues,ano 
therefore recfeen bntocortbptobein their otone language maDe partakers 
tbereof : or elfe are fo ftuDious of tbetr otone priuate gapne , that tbep feace, 
leaft bp this! meanes fome part therof map be lefTeneo : bobiles others bnDer* 
ftanDing the natures ^ berfues! of i^lantes anD l^erbes, (hall be theleffebe* 
bolDing to their fcrupulous ffetlUSut tbe gcoD anD bertuou^ phtfitton^bofe 
purpofe is rather the health of manp,tben the toealtb of himfelfe, totll not(3I 
bope)miflifee this mp enterpztfe, tohtch to this purpofe fpeciallp tenDetb, that 
euen the meaneft of mp €ountrpmen(tohofe Hull is not fo profounD that tbep 
can fetch this fenotoleDge out of Orange tongues,nor their habtlttte fo toeltbp, 
as to entertaine a learneD ^hifition)map pet in tpme of their neceOEtfe, baue 
fome helpes in their otone,or in their neighbours fielDes $ garoens at home* 
3f percbaunce anp lift to piefce a quarrell to mp tranflation, as not being ep* 
tber proper or not M,tf 31 map obtaine of him, to beare toith me ttll he him* 
felfe (hal haue fet fmrth a better, oz till the nert impre(lion,anD in the meane 
tohilecconflDering that it is eafier to reprehenDe a mannes DroingS, 
then to amenDe tbem)bfe me as a tohetftone to further hitm 
felfe, 31 toill not much ftriue : for 31 ffcte not after 
bapne glorie, but rather boto to benefite 

Fare well. 


\y. B. 

Eimanifateor Dodonxo plurima debent, 

Nec debent Angli (Lcite)minora tibi. 
Ille fuis etenim plantarum exaniina fcripfit, 
Tuque tuis transfers, qux dedit ille fuis. 
Quodque opus ijs folis priuatum fcripferat, illud 

Tu commune Anglis omnibus e(fe facis. 
Crede mihi, plantas quia tranfplantaueris iftas, 

Belgica quas primum folaque terra dedit, 
Inque Britannorum lsetas adduxeris oras, 

Leite tuse laudis fama perennis erit. 
Dono te nobis Dodon£um(Leirc)dedhTe 

Donum eft, quo nullum gratius e(Te poteft. 
Nam terras infignes foetus^plantafq; potentes, 

Paeoniafqj herbas, hac ratione feris. 
Inde etiam lites medicorum (Leite) refoluis, 
Aegrotifque offers Phoebusvt alter opem. 
Quid fapereft ? (Medici) Leito hunc praftate fauorem, 

Si quando affe&us fitgrauiore modo, 
Confluite, &Leitum gratis curate,nec ilium 
Lxto immaturo vos finitote mori, 


Gratum opus eft, dignumque tuo fub nomine ferri, 
(Elizabetha potens) cuius moderamine (olo 
Pax iucunda Anglis, atque Arbor pacis Oliua 
Sic viget,vt paflim per apricum incedere poflit 
Gens Britonum, & tut 6 fragrantes carpere flores. 
Quin igitur Leitus plantas tibi ferret &herbas 
Omnigenas,donoque daret,cui porrigitherbam, 
Rex quicunque tenet fpatiofum fceptra per ortyem. 

Thomas Newtonus, Ceftrefhyrius. 

Erpetuum ttbi ver liber hie philomufeminittrat> 

i^fcparadtfiaci germina Utafoli. 
Herb arum huic thejauras inefifiorum^fupellex t 

Alcinoi hie hortos Hejferidum^ vides, 
Tfecjlos hie deft, neefloris grata venujlas, 
3S{ec vires, nee odor, nee medicina valens 
Hoc viuunt, <vtucntfy libro Podalyrias, Ale on, 
Hippocrates, Paon, CMufa, Galenas, Arabs, 
yhillyrides Chiron, Epidaurias, dtfy Melampas, 

Gentias, Euphorbw, IoJina> Lyftmachas, 
Telephas, ac Mithridatcs, Artemifia > Achilles, 
Cyileibides, Hieron, Attains, atque Iuba, 
Pamphilas, Atrides, Nicander, Baffas,l olios, 

Crateias, Glaucon, & Cato, Pythagoras, 
Rafts & ip/e Diofcorides, Auicenna,Machaon, 
Serapio, Celjas, Menecratesfy tumens, 
etius, Aegineta, Ruellias aclheophrajlas, 
Tragus, Auerrhoys, Plinias, Agricola, 
placer, Oribaftas, Mefue, dr Brunfelfias Ottho, 

^Manardtts, Zerbas, Fuchftas atque Sethi, 
Ginus, Humelbergas, Mattbacla* ac Columella, 

Fernelius, Pineas, Pena, Eliota, Lobel, 
Copho, Taranta, Leonicenas, lber% Lacuna, 
LMago, VarignanttS) VarYo,loannicias, 
Soranas, Conjlantinas, Merula, Aurelianas, 

Guido, Godaldinas, Curtias, Encelias, 
iMofchio,Philotheas, Cleopatra, Bonaciolusfy, 

Ca rnaudas, Rocheas, Ferrius, Albucafis, 
H tide gar dis,Trotula & Albicusfy, Torinas, 

PandulphtM, Suardus, Manlius ejt Diodes, 
Thurinus, Dimocles, Guilandinas, Philaretas, 

Bucias, Eudoxas, Garbas, Apbrodifeas, 
CM ontim, Aubertas, Falloppias atque Biejas, 

Belfortis, Bayrm, Montuas, Akakia, 
Lemmas rjr Cor dm, Rondletias ajtque Dryander, 

Cardanus, Vidius, Iunias, Hermoleos, 
Hinc Collimitias, Fracaftorias, Gemufaas, 

Cluftas ac Stephanas, Scaliger atque* Kyber, 
Saracenas, Mizaldas, Sauonarola, Erajlas, 

Cum Bacchannello, Ccllanoua, atque Rota, 
Rhegias, Erotes, Montagnana, atque Aquilanas, 

CManfredus, Baccas, Volphias, Arculeus, 
J oubertus,Trincauelius, Pictorias, Euax, 

Gefneras, Brunfwich, Langius atque Codes 
Turneras, Cairn, Bullenus, Linacrus, Askham, 

Guintherias, Vajfeas, Kraut, Lonicerus, Helm > 
Briffctus, Poly bus, Clementinas, Mariabalto, 
Landulphas, Phairas, JZuiricus, Hollerias, 

Cuba, Damafeenus, GatinarU, Crato, Rulandus, 

h ' Culmannus, Ruff, ParacelfusHonheim, 
^yiuge, r , Landus, Galeottus, Orofiius, Oddus, 

Strujty >*i Heresbacbius, Grataroks^pius, 
^/(tqucF Uuentinus, LMerenda, Views, Amatus, 

Cum guercettano, Placotomo^graui, 
•Sjluius, Honterus, Cornarw ac CMorifotus, 

Cumfo Argenterio Frerus & Hatcherides, 
Fumanellus, Trallanus, BeUonius, Ifick, 

Riccus, & ArnoUtus Villanouanus item, 
T animus, Gaynerus, Cliuolus ac Bruyrinus, 

Riffle, CM ant inns, P landus, Emericus, 
Compluresfy alij : quos nec numerare necejfe eB, 

2^ec fitOyfi conerrfuaratione que am. 
id Jed Apllineo Rembertus acumine pr aflat, 

£>uem fuus ornat bonos,gloria,fama, dectts: 
Henculeo exantlans molimina tanta labors, 

£u& nonfint vUo deperitura dies. 
Vtile alexicaconquipromit Pbarmacopolis, 

Vtile Chirurgis, vtile Philiatris : 
Vtile opus dotlo, indoito, iuuenify fenify, 

Diuitibus fimul ac vtile pauper ibus. 
T^ectu Leite tuo certe es jraudandus honored, 

£>ui t ant as Anglisjponte recludis opes, 
UHacTe animi:ficfama polum tua /candet ad altum, 

Sic te,ficpatriam nobilitarejiutk-j. 

Thomas Newton. 

In commendation of this vv/Qnke~ 


ff ail Same (0mtre^l)atefullbiooDeljereata;aiiiti imp to pzpe 

flDi Moinus m btfcankreb fpigbt^oulD fco\ule uutMco Wa m. 
tt mmm tfte tljtf ttottbp u>o$e me 2iutbo*0 name ttjal rapfe, 

0o t oneip be lubofe learneD ffcpll auD Uiatcbfull papne ftrft penbe tt 
3ttnD DtD uutb bono.i greete(in 2aottci)e)to Coutttrie fri# commence it" 

23ut alfo be u^ftofe tenbcr loue to tb& bte nattttefople, 
Jfot tijsrtjt^ frtenbeg batb ftrft to take almoltag great a tople 

3d traueli meete fot (Gentlemen anD ungbtetf of tuoitbp fame* ' 
ttDljerebp greatjBunces beretofo^e baue got mimou allname. 

3l£ Gen* ^Lyfimachus,att& aifO iMythridatcs, 
n,Attaius,anD Diofcoridcs. 

3«o inatt^ be ungates befpDe&anb great renotomeD fttngetf, 

2Sp regutrmg tijetr names in li^er be&as tbottgb tberbp tbep ment 

Co tefripf e to all Degrees tbetr tople anD traueli fpent 
3fn fucbe a noMe facultictna^ not a flautllje tbtng: 

25 tit fpt fo* tu oitbp d5 entlemen ; anD f oi a noble &ing* 
foi tf bp l^erbes botb bealtb be^ab anD ftctmeOe put to fltgbtr 

3f bealtb be tbat,untbouttbe tubtcb tberecanbeno Deltgbtf 
t®\)o Dare enute tbefe umtbp men,tbat baue emplopDe tbetr papne, 

Co belpettjeftue,tobeale tbeftcke,to rapfe tbeioeafceagapne:' 
0q fpeof tbat,but Dodoneus ape fljall baue bteDetue, 

ODbofe learneD ffcpilbatb offereD firft,tbt# uioztbp tuo&e to betoe* 
3nD Ly te vubofe tople batb not bene Ugbt,to bpe tt tn tbt£ grapne, 

3BeferueSnoltgbtregarDeofb£ : buttbanfcesanDtbankeSagapne* 
3(nD fure 31 am,all Cngltfbe barter tbatlpfee of J&bpftcfeesioie, 

ODpllalfo IpfcetbiS Gentleman: anD tbanfcebpmimtcbetberefcue* 

FINIS* VV. Clowes. 

To the Reader, in commendation 

of this vvorke. 

mm bertuefyine&anbbeepelp feemetf to reft, 
oabeteapbeappeare&to belpefyebealtlj or man, 

6 e p effect p^o o f e alTigne^ t) UJ^at b eft, 
iiBbere couttfeil craue&eacbe UJilltttg mtnb e to watt, 
teljere learning lpe$ to ijelpeti^ nowe anb tbatu 
C^ere beft^neemnefo^manto fpenDelji^Dape?, 

Ctjougijitbereaptwttl) topelltentyoufanbe wape&. 

Ctjen blame not binv&rtjofe carefull Ijanbe firft penbe, 
%W wottbp U)ozke,ti)bicbe notue biougbt to Ugtyt, 
But it embzace,anb Double tbanfces l|im lenbe, 
tf ot bertue fttne^ berein to eacbe mantf ftgbt* 
*©bofe apbe fo* bealtb^ttb ptoofe anb coumell graue, 
u^ofe learneb Uue&ouglJt Cure Due pjapfe to ftaue. 

82ell: RembcrtDodocns, fcttOtetl)& UtftiXl'BQUfyt* 

u^btcbe fmce in f renclje teas turube bp otbers tople* 
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Cbat we map Cap tberein great learning flowed 
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l^t0 papnefnllpen Defeuie$ tljp gooD report* 
l©^ofe tople tti& gteat,to enDe it tn tt)t£ (b#» 


Iohannis Hardingi in Iaudem tarn Audoris 

quam interprets Duo decaf icon* 

Edant Turneri pingues fimulatq-,Lobeli, 

Horti ac egregij gloria fumma Tragi. 
Vnicus hie reliquis longe eft Prcftantior hortis, 
Quern pia iam Liti cura laborqj dedit. 
ILlorum tenues abijtdecor omnis in auras, 

Huius at xterno gloria viua manet. 
A(pice quam virides infultent vndiq^plantae, 
Quales viderunt fkcula nulla prius. 
antum igitur Lito debes gens Anglicadodto, 
Quantum Remberto Teutonis ora fuo. 
Nec plus Remberto letantur Meclinienles, 
Quam te Lito tui Candide Murotriges. 


Fatofrudentia maior. 




HiftoriayeditionemyadHndiofos UWcdicim 
Candidatos, Prtfatio. 

^U* ^ 'U TIRPlVMacvniuerfa? materia* Medics cognitionem potentifsimis Regi- 
J^Ia^' bus, antiquifsimis Heroibus , Praeftantifsimis Medicisac Philofophis olim in 
pretio habitam.vtilem ac necefTariam Medic§ arti iudicatam,fommo fludio,nec 
minoridiligentia excultam,adeo manifeftum eft, vt raultis aflertionibus opus 
non (it.Praefcrtim non paucis herbis Kegum ac Heroum, qui has veJ primiin- 
uenerunt , vel in frcquenti medcndi vfu habucrunt , nonnina retinentibus , vt 
Mithridatium , Eupatorium , Gentiana , Lyfimachia , Achillea, Centaurium 

Alcibiadium, Telephium, Arthemifia, aliaeque plures:& veteres ipfos, arque inter eos Hippocra- 
tem,Medicorum omnium longe principem,Galenum,n6nullosq; alios,longinquasperegrinatio- 
nes, cognofcenda? materia; IVlcdicae caufa fufcepifle, & propria & aliorum Icripta teftentur. 

Eandem verd fcientiam,jk pofteriorum noftroque tempore vicinorum feculorum medicis ac 
philofophis, plan&negleftam & contemptam fuifle, resipf'aquoque euidentcr docet. Sol.*cnim 
\\\x Med:cina? partes , ab illorum feculorum Medicis coli vifa? funt, qua? ex rationum phylicarum 
fomibus deduda?, hinc dubirandi difputandiq; vbcrem materiam prarberent: alia? vero> vfu atque 
cxperientia conftanres.vt fteriles acieiuna? fpreta?,Cuiufmodi ipfa /5ot«vjkw eft, Phyiicarum ratio* 
numfubfidium vel nullum vel exiguu admittens. Quamobremeius omni notitia, muheribus.her- 
barijsanalphabetis, vel indo<5tis pharmacopceis reli<5ta , indignum prufefsiorie fuaac niagnificis 
titulis pirum decorum infcclices illi Medici exiftimabant,cognofcenda?alicuius materia- medicae 
herb$ aut ftirpis caufa, vel minimum opera? laborisque fumere: extra vrbes ad montes, conualles, 
prata , fuburbanaque loca e\currere. 

Tantam ftudiorum difsimilitudinem,fatalis ille feculorum ordo peperit,qui & maxlmas vrbes, 
potentifsima regnajatifsime patentta imperia, & hanc Medicina? parrem.nonnullasq; alias pelTun- 
<Jedit,ac propemodum extinxit. Vnde factum, vt qua? olim faciilimc,ac nullopropcmodum nego- 
cio materia Medica?ac Stirpium cognito percipi poterat,difficilisacobfcura reddita fir. 

Tradebant earn Diofcorides,Galenu5,eiusq; aetatis Medici, veluti per roanus a maioribus acce- 
perantjferuatiseoufq; nominibus, qua? magna ex parte incorrupta ad illorum rempora venerant. 

Nobis ea foeliciras dencgata, multis modis veris ac genuinis appellationibus , corruptis, peruer- 
fis fere abolitis , barbaris in earum locum fuppofitis , multo tempore intermifla Stirpium notitia, 
folis veterum defcriptionibus reli£t,is,ex quibus h^c difciplina & requirenda & reftituenda eft . Id 
quam difficile fit,1icet alio loco fcripferimus,tamen hie repetere vifum fuit non alienum. 

Non leuis aurem difficultatis huius fcienti^aut vna aliqua caufa eft,fed maxime eaeque prard- 
pua?duf:innumera videlicet multitudoftirpiu, immenfaq; varietas:& eoru qui de harum hiftori i, 
aut materia Medica fcripta reliquerunr,breuitas,incuria, negligcntia , fubinde varia atq; difsimilis 
apud diuerfos defcriptio:& vtina non quorundaerroresobfeuritatem no exiguam ineaintuliftcnt, 
Stirpium fiquidem herbarumq; infinita funt genera, vari£ per orbem terrarum fparfa iramenfa 
multitudo.vt non vno locopaucisq; regionibus requircreeas liceat,fed ad eas omnes cognofcedas 
omnium fere regnoru ac prouinciaruperagratione, longi temporis pcregrinationc opus videatur. 
Sunt nonnulla? quibufdam vel infulis dicatae vel regionibus propria:, qua? in alia qua?uis loca tranf- 
ferri nequeunt,vel tellure cceloq; mutatis mutatur,vt Theophraftus libro quarto ait. Alie^ pluribus 
quidem tern's communes.non omnes tamen pafsim aut crebro obuie_ , fed certis tradubus pecu- 
liares,vcIraontibusfcihcet,promontorijs } pra?ruptis rupibus ,faxofisautniuahbus locis , collibus, 
denfis fy luis.vmbrofis lucis,arborum caudicibus,aruis, campeftribus, apricis ,la?to pirguicj; folo, 
macro & fterili.humidis, vliginofis, riguis ,paludibus,ftagnantibusaquis, fontibus , fluminibus, 
"fluuiorum ripis,maris littoribus,fcopulis,vel ipfo deniq; mari addi&ap.Harum autem ifta? eandem 
fere vbiq; formam retinent , vel exiguam mutationem afTumunt : ilia? in diuerfis regionibus pro 
cceli foliq; varietatc,aliam formam & magnitudinem induunt. Quod fegetum,fabaru,nucum,alio- 
rumqueapud Indos nafcentiumCfi Herodotofides)exemplismanifeftum eft,quorum longe maior 
magnitudo,quam in /£gyptonafcentium.Segetumenim culmi inftar harundinum craiTefcunt: fa- 
ba? triplo maiores y£gyptijs , fefamum miliumq; eximia? magnitudinis:nuces tanta? molis vt mira- 
culi loco in templis fufpendantur . Strabo quoque in extrcmo Mauritanorum qiioda tra<5tu,iuxta 

* creditum 


credituraNiliexorturavitemtantae crafsitudinis nafcitradit, quamvix duo homines compledi 
queant : omnera herbam cubitalem : Staphylinorum, Hippomarathri , bolymi caules duodenum 
cubitorum,crafsitudine quatuor palmorura reperin. Et tatus quidera Stirpium numerus immcn- 
fa latifsime" fparfa multitudo,varia ac multiple^ natura. 

Audorum verd ipforum quanta fuerit negligentia , ve! incuria in mulrarum prrefertim vulgo 
notarum,fo"mis difFerentijsq; defcribendis, cum multarum extent nomina , quarum forms non 
runtexprefraBjautleuitercantumdefcripig.nernofer^eft quiignoret^uellioidipfum fcriptisfuis 

E ofdem verd non Temper eonuenire,atq; interdum inter fefe difsidere , dum Tub vno eodemq; 
nomine alius aliam herbam vel fruticem defignat, vel eandem alia nomendatura exprimit, Diof- 
coridis cum Theophrafti aliorumq; fcriptis diligens collatio oftendit/uppeditabic & hums varie- 
tatis Hiftoria noftranon pauca exempla. 

Defcriptionesverdquorudam erroribus efleconrperfas,quod ad Plinianas attinet manifeftifsi- 
mum eft,Leoniceni enim libri de Plinij erratis pafsim proftant, & omnes fere noftri feculi, qui de 
materia Medica aut Stirpibus fcripfere,in redarguendis ac notandis Plinij lapfubus plurimi lunt. 

VerumdeDiofcorideidnemoforfitanexpe&aueritaut fufpicatus fuerit, Galeni teftimonio 
atq; fcriptis commendato. Reperiuntur tamen in eius commentarijs no exigui errores. Alias enim 
difsimilium Stirpium^iufdem apud diucrfos audoi es nominis , delineationes in vnam hiftoriam 
contrahitralias eandem non ijfdem nominibus nuncupatam , veluti membratim diuulfam diuerfis 
locis defcribit,vt ijs commentarijs quos in Stirpium hiftorias.qus apud Diofcoridem extant me; 
ditamur,oftenfuros(fi Deus vitam,valetudinem,ociumq; conceflsrit) nos fperamus. 

Nec tamen hi errores impediunt,quo minus Diofcorides alijs omnibus longe praeftet,cum .om* 
nes vel imperfediorem multo hiftoria, vel pluribus, maioribus erroribus, ac fabulis,pre_ftigijsque 
plena fcrspta reh'querint.Theophraftus reliquos omnes in fuo fcribendi genere fuperans , formas 
ex profeffo non defcrip(it,fed Stirpium multiplicem differentiam aliaq; philofopho homine digna 
profequi ftuduit.De Plinij fcriptis quid iudicandum^am fcripfimus. Nicandri , 3"«pictKoc H^d a\t|<- 
tpeco^uacKec folum repenuntur. Apuleius depaucis tatummodoegit. Ga!enus,Paulus Aetius,r!guras 
% DiofcorideexprefTas omiferunt.Alij veteres Graeci & Latini,Philofophi,Medici, Poets, Hifto* 
riographi,Architecl:i,AgriculturaEfcriptores,Hippiatrifiue Veterinarij, quorum ledione ad qua- 
rundam plantarum notitiam peruenimusmon nifi obiter quarundam neminerunt . Bithyni lols, 
HeraclidisTarentini,Crateusherbarij, Andres medici,[ulij Bafsi,Nicerati,Petronij Nigri , Dio- 
doti,Pamphyli,Mante{£, Apollonij anteccflbrum Diofcoridis & Galeni fcripta,neque ad pofteri- 
tatem peruenerunt.neque perfedum aliquid tradiderunt.Pleriq; horum anilibus fabuhs aut pr§- 
ftigiaturis /£gyptijs,coniurationibufue pleni funt , alij de vna aliqua materia,aut paucis tantum,vt 
Galenus fcribit,egerunt:vniuerfam vero materiam compledi non ftuduerunr. 

, Quibus de caufis illorum omnium fcriptis pofthabitis, vni Diofcoridi fummam laudera audo- 
ritatemque Galenus tribuit, quara illi quoque Heberi nemo negare poteft , abfque eius iiquidera 
fcriptis.Stirpium matcrif que Medics cognitio reftitui nulla ratione poteft. 

Non enim idcirco veluti parurrt vtilis abdicandus aut reijciendus,quod in plerifque locis lapfus 
fit, cum nec Plinium multo grauius & pueriliter f^pe hallucinatum minimc negligi oporteatad 
Stirpium notitiam plurimum conferentem. Neque enim earn ob caufam de erratis eius ccepimus 
admonere,fed vt huius fcienti? & ftudij difficultas ab omnibus intelligatur maiorique cum atten- 
tione,in ftirpium cognitione ftudiofi incumbantrdiligentius omnes notas expendant:leuibus con- 
ieduris contenti facile iudicium non promant , minus admirentur fi poft coraplures in hoc ftudio 
verfatos,multa in notitiam nondu perduda adhuc lateantrplures quotidie exoriantur in reftiruen- 
da hac Medicins parte laborantcs,aut quod hi qui in lucem fubinde nonnulla dedere, ferttentiam 
alicubi mutent.Nam hsc omnia,haud dubio , difficultati huius fcientis magis, quam negligcotie, 
incuris,aut temeritati huius artatis fcriptorum accepta referre squum eft. 

Si enim Diofcorides exercitatifsimus vir , qui multum ftudij , laboris, in Stirpium , materisque 
Medics cognitionemimpendit,eofeculo quo nomina magna ex parte incorrupta vulgo retine- 
bantur,ipfarumnotitia ^maioribus accepta veluti per manustradebatur > V el imraenfo numero 
multipliciq; earum varietate, velaudorum impcrfedis.varijs, fabulofis defcriptionibus detentus,' 
crrorem vitare non potuit: qua ratione nunc quifquam,antiquis nomenclaturis ac appellationibus 
vis. receptis,aut plurimum deprauatis.Stirpium cognitione longo tempore intermifla atque con- tanta veterum(vti diximus^negligentia.incuria, varietate , atque erroribus fubinde im- 
plicata obfeuritate , vel facile vel abfque magno labore,diligentifsima inquifitione earum notitiam 
confequi fe poflTc fperabit? 

Quum igitur tanta huius fcientis vel magnitudo vet difficultas fit, vtnon nifi diligentifsimo 
omnium ftirpium raaturoq; examine plurimorum veterum audorum ledione exadifsima, id eft, 



multo labore.diutinis pcregrinationibus,continuo ftudio comprchendi queat : ac fieri vix pofslt, 
vr his omnibus,vnius hominis aur paucorum vita diligentiaq; par fit. Citra omnem admirationem 
cfle deber,poft multos recenriorum in hac materia diligenter yerfatos,alios indies cxoriri,qui hac 
augere ftudiant, & noftros quoque de Stirpium hiftoria libros prodire. 

Nemine fiquidem hanc fcientiam ad perfedionem perducente, fed omnibus plurima praeter- 
mittentibus, occalio pofreris relinquitur, priorum inuentisac obferuatis plurima adijciendi atque 
ftirpium cognitionem locuplctandi.Quod recentiorum non paucis praeltantibus, priuato ftudio, 
peregrinatione,aliaue occafione comperta in commune proferentibus & mei officii fore iudicaui, 
vt cam quam exiftimabam me huic fcienti^pofife accefsionem facere.aut cracndationem adhibe- 
re, in publicum mitterem,atque verx Medicina? Stirpiumq; ftudiofis coromunicarem. 

Non frufira autem vel inutiliter hunclaborem vcl rcccntiores vcl nosfufcepimus '♦ Pertinet 
enimhejcfcientiaad pra?cipuas& principesduas Medicin§ partes <Ticicitktik»ip K9V> cpecfjuacKtvn- 
K>»y . Ma vidus ratione : haec medicamentis fanitati hominis confulit : vtraque herbis , frugibus, 
ftirpibus, earumq; ferninibus,frudibus,radicibus,fuccis, veluti neceflarifs & materia & inftrumen* 
tis vticur, Hrc enim vt artis opera Medici vel impermixta.vel alijs aut inter fe com# 
rnitta adhibent. Si enim nemo ilium bonum fabrum aut artificem dixerit , qui malleum,incudem 
aut ferrum, aliaveartis fua? inftrumenta vel materiam no nouerit: Medicum quis habebit dodum, 
qui Bctam a Blito diftinguere nefciat,in craflafupinaque omnium Stirpium Medicasque materia; 
ignorantia verfetur. 

At raultum,fortafie dicet aliquis, inter medicum & reliquos artifices interefr, neque enim ma* 
num medici opei ibus apponunt, fed veluti architedi tantum pra?cipiunr,omnem Stirpium & Me* 
dica; materia? notitiam,pra?parationem , variam miftionem pharmacopceis relinquunt. 

Fatemur a multis annis medicos praeparandorum mifcendorumque pharmacorum morem 
omififTe, aca vererum confuetudine recefsiffe , quos abunde conftat nulla pharmacopceorum 
opera vfos, medicamenta etiamproprijs&difcipulorum manibusmifcuifle , neque vt pharma* 
copcei rurfus fiant requirimus,& quxrendis, terendis.tundendis , pra?parandis , mifcendis , medi- 
camentis occupcntur, fed Stirpium & materia Medic*,quarum potifsimum frequentior ac quoti- 
dianus vfus,notitiam exigimusmonfccus ac in Architedo omnis materia; aedificiorum cognitio 
requiritur.Qui enim earn ignorauerit,bonus Architedus clTc non potcft .S ic etiam neque dodu s 
a* perfedus medicus , qui artis fuae materiam non cognorit . Quod (i fabri ex non conuenicnti 
Jigno vel trabes vel aedium contignationes ftruant,Latomi luto pro carmento parietes compingant 
aut reliqui artifices alijs modis impofturas moliantur, admittet aut difsimulabit hxc bonus Archi* 
tccrus? Non exiftimo quenquam fore, qui non putet harum rerum curam ad eum pertinere . Cur 
igitur conniuebit Medicus, fi pharmacopceusfpuria legitimis genuinis adulterata recentibus exo* 
leta, calidafrigidis, frigida calidis , alexi pharmacis deleteria fubftituat, acdeficientevno, alias 
hoc, modo illud, abfque vllo iudico aut deledu fupponat/ Conniuere autem cum huiufmodi im# 
pofturis 3Ut grauifsimis erratis oportebit,fi huius fcientiae rudis imperitus fuerit , cum nulla ratio* 
ne dolum deprehendere poterit. 

Omnes igitur Medicina; fludiofos in hac Stirpium materiaeque Medicas notitia fefe exercere 
conuenir,arquc operam & diligentiam fummam adhibere , vt harum cognitionem reliquis Medl- 
ey artis partibus adiungant : veterum antiquifsimorura , probatifsimorumque Medicorum huius 
fcientix ftudiofifsimorum.veftigijshac in parte infiftat,ac Galeni clarifsimi & maxima audoritatis 
medici , prarceptis & confilio obfequundent , qui omnes Medicos & iuuenes artis candidates ad 
Stirpium & Medicamentortim materia; exadam notitiam admonet,atque incitat,Medicus(inquit u 
libro dc antidotis primo)omnium Stirpium , fi fieri poteft , peritiam habeat , confulo : fin minus, c« 
plurium faltem quibus frequenter vtimur.Item tertio de Medicamentis fecundum genera . Hinc « 
puto bone^ indolts iuuenes incitatum iri,vt medicamentorum materiam cognofcant,ipfimet infpi- «c 
cientes,non femel aut bis,fed frequenter , quoniam fenfibilium rerum cognitio fedula infpedionc « 
perficitur.Et ibidem paulo infra: Vos ergo admoneo amici,vtin hoc quoque me fequamini fi artis " 
opera pulchre obiri velitis. Nouiftis enim quomodo ex omni natione,praeftantifs!maquotannis «« 
medicamenta mihi adfcrantur,co quod pcrditi illi omnigerarum rerum coemptores^Greci ^6>7ro- «« 
7ro\a? vocantjvarijs modis ea contaminant. Preftiterat fortafsis non hos folum , fed multd magis « e 
ctiam mercatores,qui ilia aduehunt,incufare:atque his multo magis ipfos herbarios:irem nihil mi- « 
nus eos,qui radicum liquores , fuccos ? frudus, flores & germina ex montibus in vrbes conferunt. " 
Hi fiquidem omnium primi in eis dolum exercent. Quifquis igitur auxiliorum vndique copiam " 
habere volet,omnis materia; Stirpium,animaliura & metallorum,tum aliorum terreftrium corpo- '* 
rum, qua; ad Medicina; vfum ducimus,expertus edo,vt ex eis & exada & notha cognofcat.Deinde *« 
in commentario meo,quem de fimplicium medicamentorum facultate prodidi, fefe exerceat.Nifi «• 
enira hoc modo inftrudus ad prsefentis operis praefidia veniat , verbotenus quidem medendi me- « « 

* ij thodura 


thodum fciet,opus vcrd nullum ipfa dignum perfkiet.Ha&enus Galeni verba. Ex qnibiis manife- 
ftum eft ac indubiratum relinquicur , hanc fcienriam medico & vtilem,& necefljriam, vt qui abfq; 
huius periti i nihil pofcit medendo certi airequi,aut cximium quicquam ex arte prxllarc, herba- 
riorum,'myropoiarum,pharmacopceorumq; dolis,impofturis,acfubinde crafla vel pertinaci igno- 
rantia delulus. Quod omnes medicos diligentifsime cauerecum falutisac valctudinis fua? fidei 
concreditorum.tuni propria? exiftimationis caufa^maxime decec 

Neque fcientia? huius difrkultas, quaeipfius pene immenfam magnitudinem oftcndit , quen- 
quam ab eius ftudioabfterrere debet, fed potius ad auxiliarcsei manus confercndas omnes ftu* 
diofos excitare, accendere, inflammare: ne tarn neceflaria humana? vita: fcientia diuiius vel ncglec* 
ta, vel contemptaiaceat,fed pluriraorum cornmunilaboreatq; diligentia creicens, ad perfection 
ncm veniat.ab interim vindicetur, medicinaeq; rcliquispartibusadiungatur , ac veluti ;poftlimi* 
nio reftituatur . Quo enim difficultatis ac magnitudinis fcientia aliqua amplius habet , hoc magis 
bona ingenia in ea occupari libentius folent . Ignauorum exiftimatur in paruis ac facilibus verfari: 
induftrioru vero ac diligentu in grauibus, magnis, ac difficilibus . Parue^ ac facilcs res nulli opinion 
nem aut au&oritatem pariunt. Difficiles & magnf, honorcs & gloria conferunt. Magna? enim rei, 
quantumcunque quis poiTederic , participera fieri, non minima eft gloria, vt Columella air, 

Sed vtad hosde Stirpium commentarios veniamus.Contiaxeramusinhos,quumprimuede^ 
remus, quicquid herbarum plantarumq; in cognitionem noftram venerat.Secundahac editione 
feuera animaduerfione adhibita, omnia recognouimus, pleraquc mutauimus , nonnulla tranftuli- 
mus,totum opus non exigua accefsionc locupletauimus & auximus „ mulrarum Stirpium nemini 
quod fciamadhuc depi&aruru imagines adiecimus, Vtrobique formas omnium, qua potuimus 
diligentia tradidimus : nomina Gra?ca,Latina,offkinis rcccpta, Germanica, Gallica, & nobis Bra# 
batis ac vicinis Fladris aut Hollandis Frifiisve vernacula, (ingularum hiftorijs adfcripfimus . Tem- 
peramenta deinde ac vires ex probatifsimorum Medicorum fcriptis fubunxiiius, haud pra?teritis 
ijs quae recentiorum experientia repperit,maxime earum quas in vcterum cognitionem non ve- 
nifTencoterici putantAtq; ha?c omnia breuifsime complcCtentes non elementoru ordine ftirpes 
digefsimuSjfed vel forrna.vel viribus,vel alia ratione congeneres ac fimiles coniungerc ftuduimus. 

His autem defcribendis non tantum noftroftudio vel,fi qu£ eft,induftria profecimus/ed ante- 
ceftorum quoq; fcriptis plurimum adiuti fumus,Lconiceni videlicet, Hermolai, Manardi,R uellij, 
Cordi vtriufq;, Hieronymi Tragi, aliorumq; . Leonharti Fuchfij imagines in priorcs noftros mag- 
na ex parte omnes recepimus (vt in ipfa imaginu noftraru prima editione adie&a caufa fcripfimus^ 
non tic tamcn vt fententiam eius in omnibus fequeremur,(ed adhibito iudicio & animaduerfione, 
verifimiliorem ample<5teremur. 

In recognofcendis vero & noua accefstone augmentandis.licet noftro labore plurimu creuerint, 
non tamen Petri Bellonij obferuationibus profecilfe nos inficiari poffumus : aut ex Petri Andrea; 
Matthioli commentarijs qua?dam mutuatos.Quibus tamen mulcum pepercimus, propterea quod 
ea?,quas reliquimus,in confpcdfcum noftrum non veniflent. Annifi enim fumus ad hoc, vt vix alias 
defcribcremus,quam oculis noftris aliquando fubie&as & confpectui exhibitas, Itaq; paucifsimas 
ex ems commentarijs accepimus,idq; fere non abfq; eius mentione , qu$ videlicet propter nature, 
affinitatem,vel nominis firailitudinem cum alijs a nobis defcriptis,negligi vix poterant: ve! in opi- 
nione apud noftros fie verfabantur,vt aliena pro veris fupponerentur.Quod fi autem qua? alia? Punt 
nobis cum Matthiolo communeSjeas noftra cura depi&as fuiffe.figura; magna ex parte alia?,atque 
vernaculi comaientarij prius qu^m Matthioli ad nos venirent editi.facile teftabuntur. Nec defuic 
nobis locupletandis noftris Do&ilf Andreas Lacuna, qui Corrudam & Palmam in opus noftrum 
intulit Profuit etiam induftria Caroli Clufij cognitioni vniuerfa? materia? Medica?,tum ipfius artis 
ftudiofiir.qui & raras quafdam ftirpes nobis fuppeditauit , & conuertendis commentarijs hifee in 
Gallicum Idiomi benignam acdiligentem fuam operam exhibuit. 

K eliquum eft ftudioli iuuenes.vt noftris hifce commentariis , cum in Stirpium herbarumq; co- 
gnitione facilius affequenda adiuti,tum huius fcienti$ & Mcdicina? partis non minim^vtilitate ne- 
cefsitateque prouocaci,excitatis,accenfis,inflammatis animis,omni (tudio in hoc diligentifsime" in- 
cumbatis, vt non folum qux a nobis defcripta? funt , ac per icones exprefla? ftirpes, in notitiam ve» 

ftram veiiant,veru -n etiam earum qua? apud veteres fuperfunt,nondum.fatis vni- 
uerfa mareria? Medica? pcritiam alfequamini^el faltem audarium aliquod hadenus 
repertis ac traditis adijciatis.quo multorum communi ftudiomaius ac raaius 
incrementum ha?c fcientia accipiens ,ad ccx.^ tandem ac per • 
fedionem perueniat. Valete, 
Mcchlinia?, Quinto Id.Iulias. 

& EM- 





imaginum eius parte alceraolim edita. 

V t v r v m omnino auguror candide Lcdor, vt fimul ac nafutiores & morofiorcs 
aliqui,noftros de re Herbaria commentarios aut imagines viderint , ftudium fta- 
tim noftrum fint fuggiliaturi : quod poft tam multos dodos viros , in hoc ftudij 
genere fumma cum diligetia verfatos , melius me aliquid inuenire , & eorum in- 
uentis fuperaddere^ofle fperauerim . Vbi vero in annotationcs inciderint , quas 
hoc locoadiecimiis,& in ijs quaedam retradata , nonnulla in dubium reuocata a 
nobis ofFenderint,multo magis temeritatem noftram fine damnaturirvt qui mox ab editione,aliam 
fententiam in nonnullis fequar,vel non fatis perfpeda atque comperta in publicum dare voluerim. 
His refponfum cupio,huic ftudio hoc vnice proprium efle multorum operam atque Jaborcm defi- 
derare : nempe in quo non exigua fit difficultas, nec minor varietas, qua; fummam etiam diligen- 
tifsimorum induftriam fatigcnt.Infinita enim funt ftirpium qu^ vel fine nominibus, vel cum bar- 
baris & peregrinis nobis fefeofferunt genera, quibus veterafc antiqua reddere nomina inftituti 
noftri praecipua & maxima pars eft. Quarum ctfi vcteres Herbaria; rei & ftirpium hiftoriae fcripto- 
res,difFerenri3S ac notas oranes/umma diligentia defcriptas nobis reliquiffcnt , impofsibile tamen 
foret , de omnibus facile autcitra fummum laborem & indefeffum ftudium, veritatemaffequi, 
cum non vno loco,fed per vniuerfum orbem fperfas requirere & cognofcere oporteret . Non vno 
enim loco aut eadem in regione omnes plurefue, fed alix alijs vel regionibus vel locis addidae funt. 
Didaranum Cretae proprium eft.Rha fupraBofbhorumregiones & paucaealiefnppeditant.Thus 
Sabaeorum gignit prouincia.Balfamura fola Paleltinaproducit. Etvtplures tales regionibus qui- 
bufdam folis proprias praetereamus,ex his quj in pluribus tern's inueniuntur, nonnullae nifi in co- 
oalibus proueniunt : funt alia; montibus famihares & propria;. Amant ha; aprica loca:illa vmbrofa 
autdcnfasfyluas»lntcrfaxa,lapidofis locis aut in prseruptisrupibusreperiuntur quaedarn laliae in- 
arborumcaudicibus nafcuntur. Laetum pinguaeque folum defiderant nonnulla; : in fterili agro » 
roagisproficiunt aliae.Dcledant quafdam arua : alias vineta:il!ashorti:iftas prata : nonnullae in 
vliginofis & riguis oriuntur . Sunt quas temere alio loco quam in maris litto'ribusrequiras. Ad 
quas omnes cognofcendas & perquirendas cum prater diligentem veterum Iedionem, diuturna 
& longi r emporis per infinita loca,per omnes fere* orbis partes peregrinatione opus fit, mulci labo- 
res fudorefque perferendi.infinita pericula fubeunda, fieri non poteft, vt vna hominis vita his em- 
bus fatis fit, vt interim omittamus quam multa fuperueniunt incommoda,quae peregrinandi occa- 
fior.em aut adimunt aut multum impediunt,veluti bella incogniti diuerfarum gentium, ritus,mo- 
res & lingua,horrid^, incultae,fqualidae regiones,& ad hasc maxime reru vel publicaru, vel priuata- 
rum & domefticarum curatio,aut ferendis maximis fumptibus impar fortuna . Nunc autem cum 
his omnibus grauifsimis impediments , accedat etiam, quod vcteres multarum ftirpium veluti 
vulgo cognitarum formasnonexpreflerintraliarum tamleuiter defcripferint:velattigerint,vtnon 
videantur tradidifle.'iam&in nonnullarum defcriptionibus non vulgares fed maximi audorel 
varient , veluri in Afphodelo & alijs quibufdam.quis non fummam in hac difciplina difficultatem 
efle affirmet,qua; multorum quantumuis induftriorum & ftudioforum indefeflbs labores & maxi- 
mam diligentiam requirat.'nec folum requirat verum etiam fuperet t Cum igitur tam infinita ftir- 
pium funt genera,Pinguloruincjue multiplies differentiae , tam diuerfa & natura & fitu difsidentia 
in quibus gignuntur Joca 9 qu5 adire omnia non folum difficile* verum etiam impofsibile fuerit , & 
ad haec mu:il§,imperfedae ac confufae veterum defcriptiones , vt propter haec grauifsima impedi- 
menta,de abfoluta ftirpium cognitione defperandum videatur. Nulla cert& prefentior via,commo- 
diorratio,autexpeditiusconfilium , quo hoc fludium , haec fctentia in Iucem reuocari & crefcere 
porsit,quam vt multorum laboribus & lucubrationibus adiuuetur , Plurimorum enim poteric in- 
duftr ia quod paucorum nequit praeftare opera.Dum enim hie quaedam in lucem adfert , alij quae t 
dam adijciunt,nonnulla corrigunt,alia fupplent, non exiguum nerbarum ftudium & fimplicis rae- 
dicinae cognitio incrementem capit Hancrationem videnturmihiinfequutiLeonicenlis, Manar- 
dus,rvuellius,Cordus vtcrque,Mufa,Tragus, Fuchfius, & quotquot in hac difciplina non omnino 
infoliciter hac ^tate verfantur,Neque enim quifquam iftoruro,aut ftirpium hiftoriam abfo!uit,aut 
perfedam fibi eius cognitionem vendicat: cum multas etiam de induftria pr^rereant. Sed quod 
quifque fibi fuo Jabore.fua induftria per ocium peperit peregrinatione inuenit,aut alia ratione co- 
gnouit, hoc in commune proferre, & vcritatisamatoiibus communicare ftudct, & quo quifque 

* iij pofterior 


pofterior hocmajorem huic fcientiae accefsionem facit,dum anteceflbrum opera ac laboribus etia" 
•diuuatur.Mouit certe nos & hec ratio,cum enim mulcas ftirpes in omnibus recentioribus delide- 
rari quibufdam deceptos eos obferuaflein,& non paucas me fupplere 8c alio- 
turn inuentis non in quibus erratum videbatur.veritatem aperire pofle fperaflcm,vo.. 
lui vt poft mulcorum doclorum virorum qui in Stirpium hiftoria verfati func commentaries, mei 
quoque laborej,raei conatus, in publicum prodirent,non quod laudem ac gloriam mihi hinc ali- 
quam poftulem,fed vtnoftris inuentis & ftudijs aliquo etiam modOjftirpiura herbarumque cogni- 
tio Si limplicis medicine ftudiura promoueatur. Definant igitur morofi cenfores,fruftra aut tcme- 
re hunc laborem a nobis fufceptum criminari.quando noftra induftria & opera huic fcientiae non 
mediocris plantarum/ruticum ac arborum numcrus acceflerit.antea a nemine quod fciam,recen- 
tiorum tradicarum,pra;ter omnes quf ab errore vindicatae funtquarum non exiguus quoque nu- 
merus eft. Quod vero paucula quaedaro,poft editos commentanos a nobis retractentur,facit fum- 
ma huius fcientiae & maxima, vtdiximus, difficultas, quaj nos ita tenet Cimmerijs qua(i tenebris 
immerfos,vt vix etiam fummo ftudio,& frequenti ipfarum plantarum collatione, veritatem quea* 
rnus inueniret Si enim in ijs fcientijs aut artibus ( vt Socrates alicubi inquit ) errores etiam fubinde 
committantur.qux vel ex naturalium rationum fontibus deducuntur , vcl certis praeceptionibus, 
rcgulis aut raethodo conftantjquo non tandem modo, in Herbaria difciplina, nullis regulis, nulla 
mechodo firmata, c% naturalibus rationibus minimum , imo pene nullum fublidium admittente, 
faepius &nolentibus,& non fentientibus nobis errores irrcpent i Docetid fcripta Leoniceni,Her- 
rooIai,Manardi,Coidi,rvuellij,IVluf3e,Tragi, Fuchfij & aliorum rccentiorum , quorum iudicia vel 
a feipfis fepius reuocata.vel ab alijs retradtata & correch funt . Non reputo me his diuiniorem , & 
egohomo fum.dccipi&errarepoUum.praefertim in re tarn mulrisde cauiis difrlcili ac obfcura, vt 
fi alicubi ferendus aut difsimilandus eft error,hic difsimulari & tolerari debeat . Quamobrem non 
tam pudet nos horum errorum,quam pcenitet. Quando igitur mihi hoc commune cum alijs eft, 
vt in quibufdam minus veritatem affequutus fuerim,non habeo aliud praefentius remedium^u^m 
vt mihi ipfi medear meofque errores ipfe e medio fuftollam. Et praeftat fane me mei ipfius corre- 
drorem efle,quouis alio , quamuis & aliorum animaduerfiones non nifi aequifsimo animo accepts 
rus fum. Cum enim publicae vtilitatis caufa hunc laborem fufceperim , & eiufdem interfit ficubi & 
me erratum, idipfum co'rrigi ac nocarimulla in rc magis mihi gratificari poterunt veritatis ftudiofi, 
quam fi noftra omnia ad examen ducant, cumq; veterum defcriptionibus diligenter conferant , ac 
vbi me veritatem minus aflequutum deprehenderint, amice & fynceriter admoneant. Atquific 
morofis & feueris iftis cenforibus refponfura efto.quos optauerim ab ifta calumniandi tentigine,& 
docrorum huius feculi fcriptorum,fuggillandi & reprehendi ftudio,ad meliorem frugem, & bo- 
narum artiu tj ac fcientiarum ftudia conuerlbs in hoc totos elTe,& omnibus ingenij viribus certare, 
vt, vel mediocris eruditionis viros/io&rina aequent.fifuperarefe pofle diffidant. Cseterum quod 
ad annocationes iftas attinet/equuti in his fumus,fecundam commentariorum noftrorum editio- 
nem.quam ob caufam qujedam retra<5huimus,de nonnullis videlicet aliter iudicantcs , de alijs vel 
noftram vel ahorum huius aetatis doclorum virorum coniecturam indicantes : vnum aut alterum 
Diofcoridis locum aut vitiofum autconfufum oftendimus : figuras complures adiccimus, omnes 
videlicet quae fecunda; ac pofteriori aeditioni accefTerunt . Suntamem ex his non paucaequidem 
nouae,id eft,antea aut prius non depict? : nonnullje infeliciter prius BxprcfHe , nunc ssdificiofius & 
elcgantius formatae paucifsim^ex ^oaifT.Pec.And.Matthiolicommentarijstranflataejquasncra* 
pe cognatio vel fimilitudo ciim alijs a nobis defcriptis,non finebat praetermitti,vt etiam in 
commentariorum noftrorum praefatione fcriphmus.Nam a reliquis, quas forte alius 
in fuos commentarios traduxilTet proptereaabftinuimus, quod in confpec^um 
noftrum non venilTent. lllud enim nobis in primis cur$ fuit, vt quam pau- 
cifsimas defcriberemus , quas non aliquando oculis coram ccrncre 
contigit , & maxima nouarum figurarum pars ad viuarum 
plantarum imitationem depingeretur,vt ipfae ftir- 
piumdefcriptiones , & imagines alienee 
aliorum fimiles facile 

Vale,atqueprefentibus fruere,dum fuccifiuis horis 
ocium nacti, alia,his locupletiora, 




De his qui Latine vfus Herbarum fcripferunt, 

& quando ad Romanos nocicia earum peruenerit. 

J tern de Herbarum inuentione , & antiqua medicinal 
quare ho die minus exerceantur earum remedia, 
<x Plinij Iib.2^.cap.2. 

I n v shoe quam par erat.noftri celebrauere , omnium vtilitatum & virtu turn rapa* 
cifsimi. Pnmulq; & diu folus idem illc M. Cato, omniu bonarum artium magifter, 
paucisduntaxatattigit.Boum etiam mcdicamina non omhTa. Pod cum vnusillu* 
itrium tentauit C. Valgius, eruditionefpedatus,imperfcdo volumincad diuura 
Auguftupi, inchoata etiam prxfatione religiofa, vt omnibus malishumanisiliius 
potiftimum principis Temper medicetur maieftas. Ante condidcrat folus apud nos, 
quod equidem inueni, Pompeius, Lcnjeus, Magni Pompeilibertus, quo primum tempore hanc 
fc;entiam ad noftrosperueniireanimaduerto.Nam quam Mithridates,maximusfuaa:tate regum, 
quern debetJauit Pompeius,omnium ante fe genitorum diligcntifsimus vit£ fuiflfe arguments pre* 
terq uara rama intelligitur. Vni ei excogitatum,quotidie vencnum bibere,praefumptis remcdijs, vt 
confuetudine ipfa innoxium fieret. Primo inuenta genera antidoti, ex quibus vnum etiam nomen 
eius rctiner.ilhus inuentum autumant,fanguinem anatum Ponticarum mifcere antidotis,quoniam 
veneno viuerenc. Ad ilium Afclepiadis medendi arte clari,volumina compofita extant,cum follici- 
tatuse*vrbe Roma, priccpta pro femittcret. Ilium folum mortalium Mithridaten.zz. linguislo- M . , ., 
curum ccrtum eft : nec de fubiedis getibus vllum hominem per interpretem appellatum ab eo an- ttmad * 
nis 56. quibus regnauit.lsergo in reliqua ingenij magnitudinc medicine^ pcculiariter curiofus, ab teS ' 
ho Jiinibus fubiedis,qui fuere pars magna terrarum,lingula enquirens , fcrinium commentationu 
harum & exemplaria.effedufq; in arcanis fuis rcliquit. Pompeius autem ornni regia prasda potitus, 
trahsferre ea fermone noftro Jibertum fuum Len<eum,graramatice artis dodifsiinum^ufsit: vitaeq; 
ita profuit non minus quam reipublicae vidoria ilia. Praerer hos Graeci audores medicine^ prodi- 
dere,quosfuis locis diximus.Ex hisEuaxrex Arabum,quiddefimplicium effedibus ad Neronem 
fcripfit:Crateias, Dionyfius, Metrodorusorone blandifsima, fed qua nihil pene aliud quam rei 
dif ficultas intelhgatur. Pinxere namq; effigies herbarum,atque fcripferc efFedus. Verum & pidu- « 
ra fallax eft ex coloribus tarn numero(is,prxfertim in aemulatione naturae , multumque degenerat t« 
tranferibentiumfors varia , Praeterea parum eft fingulas e3rum states pingi, cum quadnpartitis « 
varieratibus anni faciem mutent. Quare caeteri fermone eas tradidere. Aliquieffigie quidemindi- « 
cata,& nudis quidem plaerurnque nominibus defundi : quoniam fatis videbatur , poteftates vim- 1 
que demonftrare quaerere volcntibus. Nec eft difficile cognitu. Nobis certe,exceceptis admo- 
dum paucis , contigit reliquas contemplan fcientia Antonij Caftoris , cui fumraa audoritatis erat ^ nton ' tta 
in ea arte noftro seuo, vifendo hortulo eius in quo plurirnas alebat : centefimum aetatis annum ex- Q A ft 9 f 
cedens , nullum corporis malum expertus, ac ne state quidem memoria , aut vigoreconcufiis, 
Nec aliud mirata magis antiquitas reperietur . Inuenta iampridem ratio eft praenuncians ho- 
ras,non modo dies ac nodes, folis lunaeque defedum . Durat tamen tradita perfuafio in magna 
parte vuJgi.vencficijs & herbisid cogi:in eonamquefceminarumfcientiam prxualere. Certe quid 
non repleuere fabulis Colchis Mcdea,ali^quc,imprimifque Italica Circe,dijs etiam adferipta? Vn- 
de arbitror natum,vt /£fchylus c vetuftifsimis in poetica re , refertam Ltaliam herbarum potentia 
proderet Mulrtque Circaiios agros, vbi habitauit ilia, in magno argumcnto etiamnum durante in 
Ivlarfis.a filio eius orta genere.quos effe domitores ferpentium conftat. Homerus quidem primus Homeruu 
dodrinarum & anriquitatis parens,raultus alias in admiratione Circes,gloriam herbarum >£gypto 
tribuit , turn etiam cum rigaretur >£gyptus ilia , non autem eflet, poftea fluminis limo inueda. 
Herbas certe /£gyptias a regis vxore traditas fuae Helenas plurirnas narrat, ac nobile illud Nepen* 
thcSjObliuionem triftitiae veniamque afTerens,& ab Helena vtique omnibus mortalibus propinan- 
dum. Primus autem omnium quos memoria nouit , Orpheus de his herbis curiofius aliqua prodi- 
dit. Pofteum mufeus & Haefiodus Polion herbam in quantum mirati funt,diximus. Orpheus & 
Hefiodus fjffitionescommcndauere. Homervs & alias nominatim herbas celebrat , quas 
fuis locis dicemus. Abeo Pythagoras clarus fapientia,primus voluraende earum effedu compo- 
fuit:Apoliini,y£fculapioquc,& intotum dijsimmortaiibus inuentione & origineafsignata: corn* 
pofuit& Dem oc m tvs , ambo peragratis Pcrfidis, Arabia;, Ethiopia?, y£gyptiquemagis # 
Adeccjueadhaecattonita antiquitasfuit , vt affirmaret etiam incredibilia didu . Xanthus hi- 
ftoriarum audor, in prima earum tradidit , occifum draconis catulum reuocatumad vitam a pa- 
rente herba 4 quam Balin nominat : eademque Tillonem,quem draco occiderat , reftitutum faluti* 

* iiij Et 


ttlubain Arabia hcrba reuocatum ad vitam homincmtradit. Dixit Democritus,credidit Theo- 
phraftus efle herbara,cuius contaftu illatae ab alite , quam retulimus , exiliret cuneas a paftoribus 
arbori ada&us.Quae etiam fi fide carent,admirationem tamen implent; coguntq; conriceri , mul- 
tum efle quod vero fuperfit.Inde & plaerofque video exiftimare ,nihil non herbarum vi eftici pof- 
fc.fcd plurimarum vires efle incognitas. Quorum numero fuit Herophtlus clarus in mcdicina : i 
quo ferunt di&um,quafdam etiam Tortafsiscaicatas prodefle. Obferuatum certeeft, inflammari 
vulnera ac morbos fuperuentu eorum,qui pedibus iter confeccrint. Ha?c erat inter antiqua media 
cina.quaBtotamigrabatinGraBciaelinguas. Sed quare nunc non pIuresnaTcuntur cauflae t Nifi 
quod eas agreftes,Iictcrarumque ignari experiuntur, vtpote qui foli inter illas viuant. Prseterea Te* 
curitas quaerendi.obuia raedicorum turba . Multis etiam iuuentis nomina deTunt , ficut illi quam 
retulimus in frugum cura,fdraufquedefoflam in angulis fegetis praeftare,nequa auis intret. Tur- 
pifsima cauiTa raritatis , quod etiam quifciunt , demonftrare nolunt tanquam ipfis periturum fit 
quod tradiderint alijs. Acccdic ratio inuentionis anceps , Quippe etiam in repertis , alias inuenit 
cafuSjaliasf vt vere dixerim)Deus.Infanabilis ad hofce annos fuit rabidi canis morfus,pauorem a- 
quae , potufq; omnis afferens odium. Nuper cuiufdam militantis in pretorio mater vidit in quiete, 
vt radicem TylueftrisroTa»,quam cynorhodon vocant, eblanditam ubi aTpe&u pridie in fruteto, 
mitteret filio bibendam in lade ( in Lufitania res gerebatur,Hifpaniae proxima parte) cafuque ac- 
cidic,vt milite a morfu canis incipienteaqaas expaueTcere/uperueniret epiftola orantis vt pareret 
religioni:feruatufque eft ex infperato:& poftea quifquis auxilium fimile tentauit, Alias apud audo* 
res cynorhodi vna medicina erat,TpongioIae,qua; in raedijs fpinis eius nafcitur , cinere cum melle 
alopecias capitis expleri.In eadem prouincia cognoui in agro hofpitis nuper ibi repertum dracum 
culum appellatum,caulem pollicari crafsitudine, verficuloribus viperarum maculis,quem f erebant 
contra omnium morfus e(Te remedium. Alius eft quern nos in priori volumine eiuldem norainis 
dixiraus,fed huic alia figura,aliudque miraculum exeuntis b terra ad primas Terpen tium vernatio- 
nes bipedali fere altitudine,rurfusque cum ijfdem in terram fe condentis : nec omnino occulrato 
eo apparet Terpens, vel hoc per Te Tatis ofticiofo natura; munere,fi tantum praeraoneret,tempuTque 
formidinis demonftraret. 

Alia herbarum laus,ex eodem Plinio libra vicefimofeptimo, cap. U 
jr*K bscit apvd mecertetra&atuipToadmiratio antiquitatis.quantoqueraaior copiaher- 
^'barum dicenda reftat.tanto magis adorare priTcoru in inueniendo curam, in tradendo benig* 
nitatem Cubic. Nec dubie Tuperata hoc modo poflet videri etiam rerum naturae ipfius munificen- 
tia , fi humani operis effet inuentio. Nunc vero deorum funTe earn apparet , aut certe diuinam, 
etiam cum homo inueneritreandemque omnium parentem genui(Te hxc & oftendiflfe , nullo vita? 
miraculo m aiore,fi veru fateri volumus . Scynthicam herba a Mjeotidis paludi bus,& euphorbiam 
c* montc Atlantc.vltraq; Herculis columnas,& ipTo rerum natura; defe&u , alia parte Britannicam 
ex oceani infulis extra terras pofitisriteq; £ thiopidem ab exufto fideribusaxe alias pr§ terea aliun- 
de vitro citroque humane, Taluti in toto orbe terrarum pdrtari,immenTa Hommae pacis maieftate, 
non homtnes mododiuerfis inter Te terrisgentibufque,verum etiam monies, & excedentia in nu- 
bibus iuga^paftuTquepecorum fkherbae quoqueinuicemoftentant. Sternum quaefo deorum (it 
munusiftud.Adeo R.omanos,velut alteram lucem,dedifle rebus humanis videntur, 

De lauie Agriculture ex Marco Catone initio operis fui . 
T^St in te r d vm praeftare populo,mercaturis rem qu*rere,ni tarn periculoTum fiet, & item 
*-^fcenerari,fi tam honeftum fiet:maiores enim noftri fic habuerunt , & ita in legibus poTuerunt 
furenj duplici condemnari,foeneratorem,quadrupli.Quantopeiorem ciuem exiftimarut fcencra- 
torem.quam furem,hinc licet exiftimari.Et virum bomm cum laudabanf ita laudabant , bonum 
agricolam a bonumquecolonum aropliTsime laudari exiftimabatur,qui ita laudabatur.Mercatorem 
autem ftrennuumjftudioTumquerei querendaeexiftimOjVerum.vt fupra dixi periculoTum,^ cala- 
mitoTum, At ex agrico!is,& viri fortiTsimi,& milites ftrennuifsimi gignuntur , maximeq; pius qu^- 
ftus.ftabilifsimuTqueconTequiturjminimequeinuidioroSjrainimeque male cogitantes Tunc, qui in 
eo ftudio occupati funt. ' 
Qupd antiquis maximum ftudium Agriculture fuerit, & de culture hortorum fwgularis 
dtltgentia t ex Plmio Ubro t8.cap. i. 
CE qv i t v r natura Trugum hortorumque ac riorum , quaeque alia praeter arbores aut frutice$ 
^benigna tellure proueniunt.vel per Te tantum herbarum iramenfa concemplatione, fi quis ajftu 
met vanetatem.numerum.TTores odores.coloresque, & Tuccos ac vires earum , quas falutis aut vo- 
Juptatis hominum gratia gignit:qua in parte primum omnium patrocinari terra;, & adefle canjao^ 
rum parentiiuuat,quanquam inter initia operis defenTj.Quoniam tamen ipTa materia intus accent 
dicadreputacionemeiuTdemparientis & noxia , noftris earn criminibus vrgeraus, culpamque 



noftram illi imputamus.Genutt venena.fed quis inuenit ilia praetcr hominem.' Cauere ac refugcrfi 
alitibus ferifqua fatis eft. Atq; cu n in arbores exacuant limentque cornua elephanti , & durofhxo 
rhinocerotcs,& vtroque apri dentium ficas, fciantque ad noccndum fe praeparare animalia , quod 
tamen eorum tela fuaexcepto homine venenis tingtt/Nos& fagittasvngimus,& ferroipfi nocen- 
tius aliquid damns. Nos & flumina inficimus & rerum naturae elementa . Ipfum quoque quo viui- 
tur aerem in perniciem vertimus.Neq; eft vt putemus ignorari ca ab animalibus,qua; quidem qua? 
praepararent contra ferpentium dimicationem,quae polt praelium ad medendum excogitarent,in- 
dicauimus. Nccabvllo prxter hominem vcneno pugnaturalicno. Fateamurergo culparn,neijs 
quidem qua? nafcuntur contenti : etenim quando plura earum genera humana manu fiunt. Qiiid^ 
non & homines quidem ad venenanafcuntur?Atrahominuceu ferpentium lingua vibrat, tabefq; 
animi contrectara adurit culpantium omnia,ac dirarum alitum modo, tenebris quoque & ipfarum 
no&ium quieti inuidentium gemitu(quae fola vox eorum eft) vt in aufpicatarum anfmantiu vice 
obui) quoq; vetent 3gere,aut prodcfle vita?,Nec vllum aliud abominati fpiritus premium nouere, 
quam odiflfc omnia. Verum & in hoc eadem naturae maieftas tanto plures bonos gcnuit ac frugi, 
quato fertilior in ijsquac iuuat aluntq;: quoru e.ftimatione & gaudio nos quoq; reli&is seftuatio'ne 
fuae iftis hominum turbis,pcrgamus cxcolere vitam : eoque conftantius , quo opera; nobis maior 
quam ram? gratia expctitur.Quippe fermo circa rura eft,agreftcfque vfus,fed quibus vita bonofq; 
apudprifcos maximusfuerit. 

De us qui in agr't & hortorunt cur a Roma illuftres fucrunt, 
ex Plmij hb.t8.cap j. 

QVae nam ergo tantac vbertatis caufTa erat.'lpforum tunc manibus Imperatorum- colebantur 
agri(vt fas eft credere)gaudente terra vomerelaureato, & triumphali aratore,(iue illi eadem 
cura femina tr3Ctabant,qua bella,eademquc diligentia arua difponebant , qua caftra , fiuc honeftis 
manibus omnia laetius proueniunt,quoniam & curiofius fiunt.Serentem inuenerunt dati honores, 
Serranum,vndc cognomen. A ranti quatuor fua iugera in Vaticano,qu^ prata Quintia appcllantur 4 
Cincinnato viator attulitdichtui am, & quidem (vttradit Norbanus) nudoplenoque pulucris 
etiamnum ore. Cui viator, Vela corpus,inquit,vt proferam fenatus populique Romani mandata. 
Tales turn etiam viatorcs erant,quibns idipfum nomen inditum eft,fubinde ex agris fenatum du- 
cefqueaccerfenribus.At nunc eadem ilia vin&i pedes,damnata; manus, infcripti vultus exercent: 
non tamen furda tellure,quaB parens appellatur,colique dicitur & ipfa , honore hinc aflumpto, vt 
nunc inuita ea,& indignc ferentecredatur id fieri. Sed nos miramur ergaftulorum no eadem emo* 
lumentaeflequae fuerunt Imperatorum .Igitnrdeculturaagri pra?cipere principalefuit & apud 
extercs.Siquidem & reges fecere Hieron,Philometor, Attalus, Archelaus,& duces Xenophon , & 
Pcenns etiam Mago : cui quidem tantum honorem fenatus nofter attribuit Carthagine capta , vt 
cum regu'is A frice bibliothecas donaret, vnius eiusduodetriginta , volumina cenferet in Latinam 
lingua m transferenda,cum M.Cato praecepta condidiflet , peritifq; linguf Punica? dandum nego- 
cium:in quo praecefsic omnis vir turn clarifsimae familiae D. Syllanus, fapientiae compofitifsimae. 
Quos fequeremur pretexuimus in hoc volumine non ingcate nominando M.Varronem,qui ofto- 
gefimum primum vitas annum agens,de ea re prodendum putauit. 

Laus Agt'uolaium><j qua obferuanda in agio parando, 
ex Plmij hb. 18, cap,?. 

TC* O h t is s i mi viri & milites ftrennuifsimi ex agricolis gignuntur, minimeq; male cogitanres. 
*• Prasdiam ne cupide emas. In re ruftica operi ne parcas,in 3gro cmendo minimi. Quod mate 
emptum eft,femper poeniret. Agrum paraturos, ante omnia intueri oportet, aquarum vim , & vici- 
num.Singula magnas interpretationes habent,nec dubias . Cato in conterminis hoc amplius aefti- 
mari iubet.quo paitoniteant Jr> bona eft,inquit,regione benenitere.Attilius RcgulusillePunico 
bello bis confuljaiebdtjncquefa'cundifsimis locis infalubrem agrum parandum, nequeeffcetisfa- 
luberrimum.Salubritas loci non femper incolarum colore detegitur , quoniam aflueti in peftilen- 
tibus durant.Praetereafunt quaedam partibus anni ftlubriatnihil autemfalutare eft ? nifi quod toto 
anno folubre.Malus eft ager,cum quo dominus ludatur.Cato inter prima fpe6tari iubet,nu folum 
fua \ inure valeat quadidum clt pofitione. Vt oper^riorumcopia prope fit, oppidumq; validum: 
Vt nauigiorum cue (3 us vel itinerum ; vt bene acdificatus cV cultus.In quo falli plerofque video.Se- 
gniciem cnim prioris domini pro cmptore efle arbitratur. Nihil eft damnofius deferto agro. Ifaq; 
Cato,debono domino melius emi , nectemerecontemnendam alienam difciplinam : agroquevt 
homini^quamuis queftuofus fit,h tamen & fumptuofus , non multum fuperede . Ille in agro quae- 
fluofifsi.Tjam iudicat vitem:non fruftra.quonism ante omnia deimpenfe; ratione cauit . Proxime 
hortos irriguos : nec id falfo,fi& fub oppido fint. Et prata, quae antiqui prata dixere. Tdemque 
Catointen ogams, quis efTctcertifsirr.usquaiftusf'refpondic : Si bene pafcat , quis proximus* 

fi me- 


fi mediocriter pafcat.Summa omnium in hoc fpedando fuit.vt fru&us is maxim£ probaretur , qui 
quam minimo impendio conftaturus eflct. Hoc ex locorum occafione aliter alibi decernitur. 
Eodemq; pertinet,quod agricolam vendace oportcre efle dixit. Fundum in adolcfcentia confereV 
dum fine cun<5tatione,a?dificandu non nifi confito agro.Tunc quoq; cundater,optimumq; eft(vt 
vulgo dixere)alicna infania frui,fed ita.vt vilhru tutela non fit oneri. Eum tame qui bene iiabiter, 
ffpius ventitare in agrum.-frontemq; domini plus prodeffe qu am occipitium,non mentiuntur. 

De bortorum curd ex Plinio lib. iy.cap.4. 
A B hi s fupereft reuerti ad hortorum curam,& fuapte natura memorandam . E t quoniam anti- 
"quitas nihil prius mirata eft.quam & Hefperidum hortos, ac regum Adonis & Alcinoi,itemq; 
Penfiles,fiue illos Semiramis.fiue Aflyriae rex Cyrus fecerit,de quorum opere alio volumine dice- 
mus.R.omanf quidem reges ipfi coluere. Quippe etiam fuperbusTarquinius nudum ilium feuum 
atq; fanguinarium remifit ex horto. In duodecim tabulis legum noftrarum nufquam nominatur 
villa/emper in (ignifkatione ea hortus : in horti vc{6 haeredium.Quam rem coroitata eft & religio 
quaedam:hortofq; & fores tantum contra inuidentium fafcinationes dicari videmus . In remedio 
faturnica figna,quanquam hortos tutela: Veneris afsignate Plauto. Iam quidam hortorum nomine 
in ipfa vrbe delitias,agros,villafq; pofsident. Primus hoc inftituit, Athenis Epicurus,hortorum ma- 
gifter. Vfq; ad curo,moris non fuerat in oppidis haberi rura.Rom? quidem per fe hortus ager pau- 
peris erat. Ex horto plebi macellum,quanto innocentiofe victu. Mergi enim credo in profunda 
fatius eft,& oftrearura genera naufragio exquiriraucs vltra Phalide amnem , peti & fabulofo quide 
terrore tutas,imo fie preciofiores, Alias in Numidia atq; Ethiopia in fepulchris aucupari , aut pu- 
gnare cum feris.mandi ab eo cupientem quod madat alius. Ad hercle, quam vilia ha?c,quam parata 
voluptatifatietatiq;,nifieadem quae vbiq^indignatiooccurreret. Ferendum fane fueritexquifita 
nafci poma.alia fapore,aIia magnitudine,alia moflro,pauperibus interdidta,inuererari vina faccifq; 
caftrarirnec cuiquam adeo longam efle vitam, vt non ante fe genita poter.E frugibus quoq; quod' 
da alimentum excogitaffeluxuriam, acmedullam tantum earum fuperq; priftinarum operibus& 
cejaturis viuere.alios pane procerum,alios vulgi,tot generibus vfq; ad infimam plebem defcenden- 
te annona.Etiamne in herbis difcrimen inuentum eft? Opefq; differentiam fecere in cibo , etiam 
vno afle venali.Et in his aliqua quoque fibi nafci tribus negan t.caule in tantum faginato,vt paupe- 
ris rnenfa non capiat. Sylueftres fecerat natura corrudas,vt quilq ; demeteret pafsim. Ecce altiles 
fpectanrur afparagi.Et Hauennaternislibnsrependit.Heu prodigia ventris.Mirum efTetnon lice- 
re carduis pecori v'efci.non licet plebi, Aquae quoque feparantur. Et ipfa naturae elementa vi pecu- 
niae difcreta funt.Hi niues,illi glaciem potant poenafq; montium in voluptatem gulf vertunt . Ser- 
uatur algor eftibus,excogitaturq;,vt alienis menfibus nix algeat. Decoquum alias quas mox & ilias 
hyemant. Nihil iraq; homini fic quomodo rerum naturae placet. Etiamne herba aliqua diuitijs tan- 
tum nafcitur/Nemo facros,Auentinofq; montes,& iratae plebis feceflus circufpexerit* Mors enim 
certe f quabit quos pecunia fuperauerit.Itaque hercle,nullum macelli vecb'gal maius fuit romab 
clamore plebis incufantis apud omnes Pwncipes,donec remi(Tum eft portorium mercis huius co- 
pertumque,non aliter quaeftuofius cenfum haberi aut tutius,ac roinorefortunae iurc cum credatur 
penfio ea pauperura.Is in folo fponfor eft,& fub die redditus,fuperficiefque coelo quocunque gau. 
dens. Hortorum cato predicat caules. Hinc primum agricol^ exiftimabantur prifci , & fic ftatini 
faciebant judicium , nequam efle in domo matremfamilias ( etcnim haeccurafoeminaedicebatur} 
vbi indiliges eflTet hortus.Quippe carnario aut macello viuendum caulus vt nunc maximd 
probabant,damnantes,pulmentaria quae egerent alio pulmcntario.Id erat olco parcere.Nam car- 
nis defyderia etia erant cxprobratione.Horti maxime placcbant,quia non egerent igni.parcerent- 
que ligno.Expedita res & parata femper, vnde & acetaria appcllabantur,facilia concoqui,nec one- 
ratura fenfum cibo,& qu$ minime accederent ad defyderium panis. Pars eoru ad condimenta per- 
tinens ,fatetur domi verfutam fieri folitam,atque non Indicum piper quaefitura, quf que trans ma- 
riapetimus. Iam quoquein fencftrisfuis plebis vrbana inlmaginc hortorum quotidiana oculis 
rura praebebant , antequam praefigi profpe&us omnibus coegit multitudinis innumeratae f$ua la- 
trocinatio.Quamobrem fit aliquis & his honos,ne'ue au&oritatem rebus vilitas adimat , cum pre/ 
fertim etiam cognomina procerum inde nata videamus, Ladfcucinofque in Valeria familia non pu- 
duifle appellari : & contingat aliqua gratia,operi curaeque noftr$, Virgilio quoque confeflb, quam 
fit difficile verborum honorem tarn paruisperhibcre . Hortos villae iungendos non eftdubium 
riguofque maxime habendos, fi contingat profluo arane. Si minus, e puteopertica, orgamTue 
pneumaticis , vel tollenonum hauftu rigandos . Solum profcindendum i fauonio , in autumnum 
praeparandum eft poft quatuordecim dies.iterandumque ante brumam. Ofto iugerum open's pa- 
lari iuftum eft. Fimum trcs pedes alte cum terra mifceri.areis diftingui.cafcj; refupinis puluinorurri 
toris ambiri fingulis tramitum lulcis # qua detur acceflus homini,fcatebrifque decurfus. 




mis.Eadem & pendent.quanqua grauiora multo etiam ijs que, in arboribus gignuntur. Sed cucu- 
mis cartilaginc.Cortex huic vni maturitatc tranfic in Iignum.Terra conduntur raphani.napiq; , & 
rapa,acq;alio modoinul^fifer.paftinacae.QuaBda vocabimus ferulacea.vtanethu^maluas. Namq; 
traduntauctorcs in Arabia maluasfeptimomefearborefccre, baculorumvfum prebereextemplo, 
Sed & arbor eft malua in Mauritania Lixi oppidi ajftuario.vbiHefperidum horti fuiflTe produntur 
20o:pafram aboceano,iuxtadclubrum Herculis.antiquis Gaditano vtferunt.Ipfa altitudinis pe- 
des io.crafsitudinis,quam circumple&i nemo pofsit. In firaili genere habebitur & canabis.Nec no 
& carnofa aliqua appellabimus, vt fpongias in humore pratorum enafcentes. Fungorum enim ca.U 
lum,inligniarborumq; naturadiximus,& alio genere tuberum pauldante. 

«f Ratio rtgandorum hortorum , cr qua tranjlate meliorafiant . Item defuccis hortenfiorum 
& faportbus, ex Plmto lib. 19. cap. 12 . 
[ s horae rigandi matutina acq; vefpera,ne inferuefcat aqua fole.Ocimo tantum & meridia- 
na etiam.Satum cclerrirneerumpercputantinterinitia fcruentiaquaafperfum. Omnia autem 
tranflata meliora gradioraq; fiunt.maxime porri,napiq;.In tranflarione & medicina eft,definuntq; 
fentireiniurias,vtgethyum,po^ autemfylueftria 
fere funt & folijs minora & caulibus/ucco acriora,ficut cunilajOriganu, ruta. Solummodo ex om- 
nibus Iapat;\um (ylueftre melius. Hoc in fatiuum rumex vocatur,nafciturq; fortifsimura. Traditur 
fcmel farum vnquam vitiari,terra maxime iuxca aquam. Vfus eius cum ptifana tantum 
in cibis leuiorem gratioremq; faporem preftat.Sylueftre ad multa medicamenta vtile eft. Adeoq; 
nihil omifit cura.vt carmine quoq; comprehenfum repererim,in fabis caprini fimi fingulis cauatis, 
fi porr^eruc^Jaftucaj^pijjintubijnafturtijfeminainclufaferanturjraire prouenire . Quae funt fyl- 
ueftria.eadem in fatiuis ficciora inteiligiintur & acutiora . Namq; & fuccorum faporumq; dicenda 
differentia eft,vcl maior in his quam pomis.Sunt autem acres cunilae, origani,nafturtij, finapis. A- 
marijabfynthij.centaureaE.AquatileSjCucumeriSjCUcurbitaejladucaE.Acuti tantumcunilae. Acuti & 
odorati .apijjanethi/ceniculi.Salfus tantum e faporibus non nafcitur^alioquin extra infidit pulueris 
modo,& circulis tantum aquae vt intelligatur vana, ceu plaerumq; vitg perfuafio . Panax Piperis fa- 
porem rcddit.magis etiam (iliquaftrum,ob id piperitidis nomine accepto.Libanotis odore thuris, 
murihamyrrhf.De panaceabunde didum eft.Libanotislocisputridis&macrisac rofcidisferitur 
femine.rvadicem habetolufatri, nihil a thuredifFerentem.Vfus eius port annum ftomacho faluber- 
rimus. Qnidam earn nomine alio rofmarinum appellant. Et fmyrnium olus feritur ijfdem locis, 
myrrhamq; radice refipic.Eadem & filiquaftro fatio.Reliqua a ceteris odore & fapore 
anethum.Tantaq; eft diuerfitas atq; vis,vt non folum aliud alio mutetur, fed etiam in totum aufe«- 
ratur.Apio eximi in coctis obfonijsaceto,in eodem cellario in faccis odorem vino grauem.Et ha- 
ctenus hortenfia dida fint,ciborum gratia duntaxat.Maximum quidemopus in ijfdem naturae re- 
ftat,quoniam prouentus tantum adhuc, fummasq; quafdam tradauimus . Vera autem cuiufq; na- 
tura non nifi medico effedu praenofci poteft,opus ingens occultumq; diuinitatis , & quo nullum 
reperiri pofsit maius. Ne fingulis id rebus contexeremus iufta fecit ratio , ciim ad alios medendi 
defyderia pertinerent,longius vtriufq; dilationibus futurisfimifcuiflemus. Nunc fuis quaeque 
partibus conftabunt,poteruntq; a volentibusiungi. 

fjf ^emorbu borto7um,& remedgs circa formicas^ ctdices.ex 

Orbos hortentia quoque fentiunt,ficut reliqua terrae fata. Namq; & Ocimum fe ne- 
cat,degeneratque rite in Serpillum,& fifymbrium in calamintam.Et ex femine brafsic^ vete- 
ris,rap£ hunt. Atque inuicem enecatur cyminum ab imo dorfo,nifi repurgetur.Eft autem vnicau-* 
le,radice bulbo fimili , non nifi in folo gracili nafcens. Alias priuatim cymini morbus, fcabies. Et 
ocimum fub canis ortu pallefcit. Omnia vero acceflu mulieris menftrualis flauefcunt. Beftiolaruni 
quoq; genera innafcuntur,Napisculices,raphano eruc£,& vermiculi.Item laducis &oleri.Vtrifq; 
hoc amplius limaces & cochleae . Porro vero priuatim animalia quae facillime ftercore inie&o ca- 
piuntur condentia in id fe . Ferro quoque non expedire tangi rutamjCunilamjinentari^ocimurn, 
audor eft Sabinus Tiro in libro Cepuricon, quern Meccenati dicauit . Item contra formicas non sabinm 
minimum hortorum exitium, fi non fint rigui,remcdium monftrauit,limo marino , aut cinereob* j^ r0t 
turatis earum foraminibus. Sed efficacifsime heliotropio herba necantur . Quidam & aquam 
diluto latere crudo inimica eis putant.Naporum medicinae funt,filiquas vna feri,ficut oleru cicer, 
arcet enimerucas . Quae fi omhToiam naff fint,remediu abfynthij fuccusdecodiinfperfus & fedi, 
quamaizoum vocant,genushocherbae diximus Semen olerum, fi fucco eius madefadum feratur, 




olera nulli animalium obnoxia futura tradunt.In totu verd nec erucas, fi palo imponatur in horns 
ofla capitis ex cquino generefceminae duntaxat. Aduerfus erucas & cancrum fluuiatilem in medio 
horto fjfpefum auxiliari narrant.Sunt qui fanguineis virgis tangant ea, quz nolut his obnoxia cfle, 
Infeftant & hortos, riguos pra'cipuc,(i (unt arbuiculx aliqua?.Hi galbano acccfo fugantur. 

q Demiufltgandu qudlttaltbm UerOarum ex color e,o do re 9 & fucfisex Plwj tib.2i.cdp.7. 
*T*Iloianis temporibus ci iam erat honos.Et hos ccrtc flores Homerus treis faudac,loron,croc6 a 
* hyacinthum Omnium autem odoramentorum , atqjadeo herbarum differentia eft in colore, 
&odore,& fucco.Odoratolapor raro vlli non amarus,econtrario dulcia raro cdoratau'taq; & vina 
odoratiora muftis/yluoftria magis omnia fatiuis.Quorundam odor fuauiore longinquo eft , pro- 
pmsadmotushebetatur.vt violae.Rofa.recensalonginquooIer/iccapropius.Omnisautcm verno 
tempore acrior,& matutinis.Quicquid ad mcridianas horas diei vergir,hebetarur. NoueHa quoq; 
vetuftis minus odorata. Accrrimus tamen odor omnium a- date media. Kola & crocum odoratiora, 
cum ferenis diebus leguntur: & omnia in calidismagis quam in frigidis . In ^£gyoto tamen mini- 
ma odoratiflores,quianebu!ofus & rofcidus aer eft a Nilo fiumine". Quorundam (uauitati grauitas 
incft.Qusda cum virent non olent, propter humorem nimium: vt buceros, quod eft fcenum grae- 
cum. Acutusodor non omnium fine fucco eft , vt viola;, rof*, croco. Qua? vero ex acuris fucco 
carent, eorum omnium odor grauis, vt in lilio vtriufquc generis. Abrotontim & amaracus acres 
habent odores. Quorundam flos tantum iucundus, reliqua? partes ignauae, vt viola? ac rofiv.Hor- 
tefium odoratifsimaqua?ficca, vt ruta, menca,apium & quae in ficcis nafcuntur.Qucjdam vetuftate 
odoratiora, vt cotonea caderrq; decerpta , quam in fuis radicibus. Quedam non nifi defradta,aut 
ex attritu olent Alia non nifi detracio cortice. Qu^dam vero non nifi vfta , ficut thura , my rrh$q;. 
Flores triti omnes amariore-* quam intacfci. Aliqua arid a diutius odorem continent , vt melilotos. 
Qu^dam locum ipfum odoratiorem faciunt , vt iris , quin & arborem toram cuiufctimque radices 
attingunc Hefperis noctu magis olct, inde nomine inuento. Animalium nullum odoratum, nili 
de pantheris quicquam didturn eft,fi credimus. 

Quibus temporibus maxiwe legend* funtherb<e,cx Dtofioridts prafatione. 
Ervm in pkimis curam impendere oportet, vtfuis temporibus fingula & demctantur,& 
recondantur. Intempeftiue enim decerpta, condita'ue, aut nuilo,autcuanido munercfungun- 
tur. Serena etenim cocli conftitutione demetenda funt. Magni fiquidem refert inter colligendum, 
fi vel fquallores,vel imbres infefti fi nnquemadmodum fi loca in quibus prodeunt cliuofa, & ven- 
tis expofua finr,& perflata,frigidaq; J & aquis his enim locis vires eorum lunge validio- 
res intelliguntur.Contra,quae in campefinbus.riguis & opacis, ceterisq; locis a vento filentibus ti 
nafcuntur, pla?runquc degenerant,& minus viribus valentrmultoque magis, fi non fuis horis per# 
opportune colligantur,aut fi per imbecillitatem intabuerint. Ncque ignoiandum , quod f^pe pr£- 
coci,aut ferotina loci natura.aut anni clementia,maturius,aut celerius adolefcut.Nonnulla propria 
vi hyeme florent & folia pariunt.qu^dam bis anno florifera.Quare cui in animo eft.horum peritia 
a(Tequi,nece(Teeft ijs prima germinatione folo eraergentibus,adulti$,& fenefccntibus adefle.Nam 
qui pullulanti herbe^ duntaxat aftitcrit,adultam cognofcere non poteft-neque qui adultam tantum 
infpcxerit,nupererumpentem nofcet.Quo fit,vt propter mutatamfoliorumfatiem, caulium pro- 
ccritates. florumjfeminisque magnitudinem.nonnulli qui olim has aetatum varietates non perfpe- 
xerunt,magno in errorc verfentur.Qua? cauffa etiam nonnullis fcriptoribus impofuit , qui herbas 
qua(dam,vfcrbi gratia,Gramen,Quinquefolium,& Tufsilagincm,emittere florem,fruclum t & cau- 
lem negant. Ergo qui fa;pius ad vilendas herbas,& earum loca Te contulcrint , carum coonitionem 
ir.axime confequetur.Scire etiamnum conuenit,fo!a ex herbaceis medicaminibus Veratri genera, 
nigrum inquam candidum.multis edurare annis: reliqua a trimatu inutilia. Qu$ vero ramis fca- 
tent.licutStichJsTriKagoJ^olium^brotonu.Seriphium^brynthium.HyfTopum^ alia id genus 
femine pregnantia,demetantur. Flores quoque antea quam fponte fua defidant, Frudtus aotem vt 
maturi excutiantur neceife eft,& femina vbi ficcari coeperint,priufqua deftuant.Herbar jm fuccus 
&foliorum clici debet, germinantibus adhuc cauliculis. Lac & lachryma? excipiantu^incifo per a- 
dolefcentiam caule.lladices,&: liquamenta,corticeluc,vt recondantur.eximere conuenit, ciim her* 
b? fuis folijscxuuntur.Siccantur etiam expurgatae inibi, locis afperginem non redolentibus : fed 
qua; luto,aut puhiere funt oblita?,aqua elui debent. FIores,& omnia qua? iucundum odorem ef- 
flant.arculistiliaceisnullofitu obdudtis reponantur . Nonnunquam charta, aut folijs femina vc 
perennent,apteinuoluuntur.Liquidis medicaminibus denfior materia.argentea, virrea aut 
cornea conuenit. Fi&ilis.etiamfi modo rara non fit 1 accommodatur,& lignea.praifer- 
tim e buxo.-fed aenea vafa liquidis oculorum medicatnentis,qua; aceto 
piccliquidajautcedria componuntur.Adipem autem &. me- 
dullas (bgneis vafisrecondi 


tElje firfl parte of tljc f?tto?ie of 

plants/ €ontepmng tfa 6pnt«0 attt> ttffaraccs*/ mftft tlje 

pzoper figures , ant) Uuelp fcefcnpttcmg of funtttp fotf eg of l£erbe£ an& 

ptante©/ tljctc itaturall placee/tuneo/ anb (cafon© : &fjetc uamce at funt )> Uitguairee/ 
anb aifot&eir temperature/ Comptcrums/an&bcrtuouc operations* 

Compttct) bp tlje IcanicD D.Rcmberte Dodoens,tlOU) |&t;i'ffr 

tionto fye Cmpetour <U£aieftie, 

jfyiT he Kyndes . 

feerebettuo Cotfeg of £s>otI#enU)oo& (a#Diofcoridesfepfy)fye one 
calleti female £»otl)temiJoot>, oj, tije great £>oti# emuoofc, ttje ofyet 
t# tye male fcin&e^ fmall £> ot!#enU)ooD>anD are botij meetelp com* 
mon in tf)i£Conttie* 

Abrotonum foemina. 

d^reat ^ofyiemjoooD, 

Abrotonum mas. 



Tfceareat &otteentooo&, Dotl)t»ftetune^fttrmount $e fteigt^ 01 ftature 
fo tfjatitfeemetlTa* a Uttelltree:i)tf t*iffl# * M« be ftart, about 
fljetttyty tljere grotoetlj manp fmaligrajnty leaue&mucl) cut ant) 


U The firft Bookc of 

tEijeDnall ^otinemaoob botf) tmier grotoberpi)tgt)e: fttobtaunctyesw 
ttuigges ace imall, toelkeanb flenber,foz$e moft parte lb lounging bp from 
tf?eroote:Cbeleaue# be greener, longer, tenderer ant) moie iaggeb anb cut, 
ti?antf}eieau££ of tbe great ^ot^enwooD, tijeiutjtctje&o babe anb fall of at 
lDtnter^rene\i3anDlpimgagamem®ap outofttjefameoiD biancbe#,$alfo 
fro tfjenew fo^ing&jitbotb feltiomflovuertn t^countreputte of aftronger 
feuourtljen t'legreat&cfyimiPoob/CberoQteto tender, creeping alongftp 
groub, about p xuijicb tbere cometb fcutb biuer£ outgoings $ nzxo (Rung& 

iSefibegtlje tujo foienameb,tijere tofounbea tbirbe fcinbe, tbewbtc^ to 

notfbutytte* Cbtofcinbeto of aberp pleafant fouour,notmucbebnltfcet!;e 
fmellof gatbenCppie& r©ijerof tyalbe\mittenin Ijtoconuenientplace* 

*Jj* The Place. 

%ty tti>o firft fcinbg groto not infyto counttep,but onlp in gatbeng xttyere* 
agttjepareplanteb: neitber tbettyirbefcinbe,U)bicbe tomo^etelbome founbe, 
anb lefMnoujentbentbeotljer* <5* rheryne, 

C^ep flower in 3iuguft,anbtbeirfeebemapbegatl)erebtn^eptember. 

J^T he Names. 

^outfjiemjuoob tocalleb ind5reefee^e^ovop:in)tattne^in §>boppe£ Ab- 
rotonum:{n3ltalionanb^pani(b Abr$uno^zt fomeof ttyemcallit ffyer ua Lom- 
briguera : inbigb &oucb £>tabtfmtt?, (Bettumrt?, 45artbagen, <&$oflpurt?, 
&ttttelferaut,^ffritfcb : in bafe3lmaigne3iueroone:in jfrencb ^uronne. 

Ctye great ^outbieuwoo^to calleb in d5teefee^ee° T °v^ fifavon&attoe Ab- 
rotonum foemina,tbati$tofap,feinaieS)outb:eniuoob: infrenty ^uronntfe* 
meiie. inbigbboucb^tabmtt^tjoeiblin: inbafe^lmaigne^ueroonetoifft^ 

^fyefmall^outbteutooob to calleb in d5reeUe «6£o&vop «pptp: in U atine Ab- 
rotonum mas: in tfrendj ^ro»ne majic BoucjjS>tab\tMrt?menelin:ut 
bafe ^Imaigne 3iuero onemannefcen,anb clein 3lueroone* 

Ctjetbitbefcinbefeemetbtobe t^attuijicbeoiofcoridescailetb in d5reeke 
ciKut&attne Abrotonum Sicuium,tifytcIjtoaktnbeof female 
^outb^entDoob: tbebtgb^^lmaigne^bo call it uaolrtcckcnbe ^tabumrt?, 
ttyat to to fap,fu)eete fmelling,o£ fauering £>outl#emjooob* 

tfpTfo Nature. 

311 tlje S>otl#emjDoob&ateboate$ typ in p tljirb Degrees of fttbtillpatt& 

ag* T ^ Vertues. 

C^efeebeof^otbientuoob eitbergreeneo£biiemabeintopoubet,oibop'a 
leb in tuater oi toine,^ btonfcen,to berp goob anb greatlp b^petb fucbe as are 
troubleb toitb tfwtneffe of \uinbe,anb fetcbing of bieatb,bp meaner of anp ob« 
ftructionot topping about tljeBieaft, anb to goob agatnft tbebarbneflfe, bur- 
ning <t Ranking of ^inetoeg* 3lt to goob againfl: tbe ;&ciatica,tbe btflftcultie 
anb flopping of btine, anb fo^toomen tbat cannoteafilpbauetbeir termer, oz 
anbbigeftallcolbemopfture,anbtougt)flime anb fleumeftoppingtlje Ibiene, 
fetbnep&blabbet,anb iQpatri^ 

^otytmtDoobbionfcmintuinetogoobagainltt^ 25 
trnto man,anb befttopefy taotmesu 

^beperfume thereof biiuetb atoapattbenemoufebeafteg: anb To both tbe <E 
^earbe in all placed txj^erea^ it to lapbe o^ftrotuem 

C^eafl^e^of ^otl)tm\jooob,mirtglebtDitb^ople^of Palma Chrifti,tape«j 5a 
o; oft ople^liue,reltyety^ 

the Hiftorie of Pkntc. 3 

t^nrc\Dttl)all ; tU)ifc abap in tl)e &>vmz,oi agaiutt afeie* 

ntbbei)tljmvuitl)aU ? itcaufetl)tl)ebeai:l)etocomefo^fpceI)elp. 

^ottjtentDooD pounbetanttj arofteb ^utnce^ laibe to tlje epe# in manner jf 
of aplai(ter,i£ berp gooD $ profitable againft allttje inflammation of tt)eepe£* 

'Ctjefamepoanbeuntb Batlep meale,anb bopleb togitljet>Dotbebtfrolue $ * 
toafte allcolbeijumoutg orftMling&beittgapplteb o^lapbetljecebpon* 

&oti#entuoob ftiepeb 1 fofceb in ople,i# profitable to rubbe 01 annoint tt)e ^ 
bobp ? againft ttye benomming of member^ taken imtlj colbe>anb ttye touftng ot 
typueting colb e£ tbat come bp f ttte&ltke a# in 3(gue£ ♦ 

Plinieitmtetijp if itbelapbebnbertl)ebeb&e,pillouu o^boifter^ttpzouofeeti) J 
carnall copulation ? $ teftftetlj all enchantment^ tuljict) map let o^thber fiicty 
bufineire^tljeinticement^totljefame* rheDatwger. 

^otbientooobi$aberpl)ttrtfullenimietotlje(tomaclfte; vutjerefoie Galen 


i0 our comonaaotmtooob/Cije feconb is fear©otmtooob; tfye tljttbe 
* fcinbei£ tbatyiuijiclj&calleb Santonicum. 3lnbbpftbegtbefe,tljerei£ 

founbe another kinbe,toi}iri} i£ calleb in$i£ countrep EomainetDo^mtDOob, 

Abfynthium Latifolium. 




4 The firft Booke of 

T s m 4frTbe Defcnftion. 

^ecomonaao^mtooob bafy leauetf of agraptrtje affye colour, bet? mucfr 
cut^ttaggeb, $berpbitter:€beftalKei$of a U)oobbpftibftance,of ttoo 
i ^r* 00 ^ 0? mc w>follof bzauncbeg: 9 alongft tbe btauncbetf grotaetb 
utle pelloto btttton&ujbetin vuben tbep are ripe $ reabp to fall,i£ founb final! 
leeoe Ufee to tbe feebe of garben Canfie, but farre fmaller ♦ %l>t rooted like- 
tuue 01 a luoobbp fubftance,anb full of fmall tbteebe&o* bearie rooted 

Cbere i£ alfo fotmbe in tbe gacbentf of fome^erbotifte^of tbtecountrep, 
an otber fcute of tb&lunbe of r©omm)oob,tbe tubicbe i£ naineb of fomemeti 
Abfymhiu Pontkum,mucblifceto ourcojuoutJDo^ntDoob/fautngtbeleaues? 
are mttcb mote iaggeb anb fineUer cut, anb not fo bitter (at tbe leaft ump) atf 
tbat tobtclje i$ fet anb fowen in tbi£ countrep* 

a "Cbe feconb fcinbe , tubtcbe 10 tbe S>eaa£>oimtooob i$ alfb of a tobititye 0; 
grap colour,anb batb manp \nl}tttflt> leauetf miicb like to comon n^oitmuoob, 
but mucbfmaller,tenbereranb tobiter,$ftnelier cut,itbatb manp floured like 
to fmall button^ tbe feebe topning to tbe biauncbetf, like a# in tbe common 
u^ojtmtJDoob ♦ 3 1 grotaetb to tbe beigtb of a foote anb balf e 01 moze , it i$ of a 
ftrong fmell^falt, $ of a ftraunge $ bitter tatte, being gatbereb in bi# naturall 
$ proper place: but being remoueb into garbentf, ot into grounbeg tobicb are 
naturallpbolpe \$ ftueete \juaterjsf, it botbmaruelouap alter botb in fattour^ 
nature,a# butertf otber betbe& but elpeciallp fucb a£ groiu in felt grounbetf, 
$ are remoueb fro tbeir naturall fople , to fome otber place of a cotrarp feinbe* 

3 Cbetbirbefeinbeofttaozmtooobcalleb santonkunugalmoftl&eto ^j>ea 
n^o^mtuoob, in bi£ fmall tenber anb iaggeb leauetf, but ttye colour of tW i$ 
tobiter,anb tbe fmell tbereof i# not fo ranfce* 

^^^zmtooobmomapnetelike tbei^otm* AbfynthiuPotkum Gzlcvl 
oobafo?efaibe,fauingtbat it plotter w*^**sMt/i* famwu 
anb fmaller, tbe leaueg be alfo fmaller 
'anb f mer,anb not fo tubite a# tbe comon 
ODoBnett)oob , but cbaunging nuue totoarbetf 
greene, pet tbep turne foimabat gtapity anb a£l)e 
coloured 3!t puttetb fo#b pellou) button#,tbe 
xuljk^e aftmuarbe bo bting fottb botb floured $ 
feebe* tEbe roote i£ full of bearie fyieebeg , trap* 
ling bere anb tbere , anb putting fooitb on euerp 
Ctbe mucb encreafe of netu Ipiing^ 

Cbe fiftb kinbe of BDottmuoob iglifeebnto 
5 ^ear©otmtDoobinb#fmalanb tenberleauetf, 
alfo it ig like in tbe ftalfee of floured : but it i$ of 
a febbe oz beeper colour , anb it batb neptber bit* 
t K)ctb Wnbe of n^o^mlooob,bi0 leaue^ be 
tonganb narrotu, anb of a tobitifl) colour mucbe 
lifee tbeleaue^ of ulauenber, anb fomiobatlifee it 
alio in feuour ♦ Cbe ftalfcetf alfo be of \DoobbiO)e 
fubftance, in tye topped tobeteof tbere grotu etb 
botb floured anb feebe, lifeea? in tljerefteof tbe 
t©o;mvuoobe0,but fmaller* 

JfcThc PUcc. 

1 ^ecommoni©oimU)oob grotoeftnaturallp 
mftonpplace^anb roug^mountapneft^in^p, ^T^^^ 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 

tuDc $ twtopleti placed 

£>ea/lt grotuetlj plentifullp inZelanD anD tf lattnDer&alongftt&efca coaft, 
anD in Come places of 23jabant>as about ©arowglj* 

3 €be tljtrb UmD grotuetl) in fomeplaces of ZvmferlanD,bnDer tycijilles o* 
attljefooteofmountaines>asConrade Gefner,tijat famous Clerfce touted 

4 UDo^miuooD liomapne groiDettj plentifullp in iBungarie , $ places neate 
about Coultattftnopie^ in fome places of mmaigne, alto Dpo mountapueS,$ 
about fatvDp uiape&P et it groxuettj not in tbis countrie,ejr;cept it be planted 

5. 6 %ty ttjer nuapne are not common in 23 afe 3llmatgne: fauing onelp in tye 
garDenS of certaiue Diligent i^erboiiftes* The Tyme. 

Wl fye (bite* of oao;miU)ooD,are in flotage in 31 ulp 01 3tuguft,o t foimutjat 
later; 3tnD tyoztlp after, ttye feeDe is reaDp to be gattjereb, 

4^ The Names. 

uao jmtoooD is called in dfrteefce H^wy, $ B«fi«7rmf p, 01 B« f tfaxf 0M , bpcaufe 
ofljisbitterneffe: inline AbfynthiG^ 

euenbntill tt)is piefent time* Apuleius called it Abfynthium ruftkum : in 3- 
talian^/w^.in ^pmifyc Axe»ftos,y Ajfe*fios,y Aiofn* . cijetyigty JBoucljmett 
Do cal it n^ermut, $ 8£erommout,oi 3(cfcer n^erommout,tbat is to fap, jfielD 
\uo^mtuooD:tljebafea(lmaigneS Do call it 3llfene:in f rencb it is calleD 
* Ctje'irftfcinD (U)W is ourcommonr©o^mxuooD)mapberig^tlp nameD 
Abfynthium Latifoiium 5 t^atistofap,greatotbioaDeleaueDJBoimU)ooD* 
djatu^muooD t^at ismoftlifcebnto tbeafojtefetD,iscallebof tlje^er- 

bOZifteS? Abfynthium Ponticum,anD Abfynthium Gra?cie 5 $tS a fcinDe Of ttye 

firftfbit of nao^mtDooD:^ (b is fyenaopnioooD of Cappadocia 5 $ti)e n^omt* 
UjooD of mount Taurus.anDlifeetuife tljat a^otrntuooDtljatgrottJetlj alongft 
bp fye olD timlles at lioome^bereof tije goob religious fathers, tijat tutote 
tfjeCommentariebpon Amidotarium Meiuc^aue tojitm^tf o^allfyefefokes 
of r©omttoooD areof ttjefirftfcinDe^anD map toellbe calleD Abfynthia Latifo- 
finer anD fmaller: fo;t tijereisno greatDiuerfitiebetvuijrttljeifer©oimu)ooDS, 
fauing in reject of tbe places toljere as tljep grotue* 
2 Ctje feconD MnDe or t©o^mtuooD is calleD in d$£eefce *i'tviio V frx&riop w 

<riei<pQ\> : in Xlatine Scrlphium, anD Abfynthium Marinum : imUuotueil Of tl)0 

j %\)t ttyirD is calleD of fome h erba alba $ ttutljout queftidn, is tlje true Ab- 

fynthium Santonicum- Miratur fortaffe, hseclcgens, SantonicumaSantonibus 
vt Diofcorides fcribit cognominatu, apud Heluetios requiri, at hunc magisad- 
mirari a?quum eft, Santonum prouinciama quoquam in ca Gallia? parte, qua»al- 
pibus vicina eft,reponi. Santoncs enim Aquitanie populi funt, ad oram mariti- 
mam Oceani,infra Garumnam fluuium verfus Septcntnones fiti, longifstmeab 
Alpibus,proculetiama Pyreneis. Quamobcaufam mendofum hunc Diofcori- 
dis locum efle oportetraut Diofcoridem,vcl eum ex quo hec tranferipfit, Geo- 
graphic fuiffe rudem & imperitum. 

4 C^efourt^ WnDeof r^o^mUJOoD is calleD of Galen, intl)e*]r;juboo&e of Ijis 
#et^oDein <l^eefceH'^™™ty:tn Ratine Abfynthia Ponticum : of tlje3U 

pot^ecarieSof 25^abant Abfynthium R omanum: mftttlt\)Z r 4luyrje Romaine Ot 

Pontique: in bafe ^ImaigneAioomfc^e^lfene^bpcaufe tW is a ftraunge ^erbe 
^notcomon in tljat country f o^t^epDo comonlpcallalfuc^ ftraungeberbes 
asbe bnfenotuen of tfte comon people, iRomifl) o^iaomapne ^erbes, altljouglj 
tfyt feme be b^oug^t fro ^o^eig^to^ic^ (S a coutrep far Diitant fro iloome* 

% ti| %ty 



The firft Bookc of 

5 ^^CftftI)iS>caIlcl)m)l,artneAbrynthiumfatuum^ Abfynthium infipidum. 

( C^eft]ctt)t0calleti Abfynthiu anguftifoiium^tt igttyottgljtof fometobea 
fctnbe of iLaiicnti er^b tcauCe leaned ^ati^ fmalleauetf lifce&auenbenitmap 
becaileD mci^ugltil; )lattenDcr-it)oimetuooli ? o^narrot]o IcaueH ujotmewoob* 

The Nature orT emperament. 

1 €>urcommonj©ozmtDoot!t0!>6atemtl)eftrft:l)egree ? anr) btp inttjetljirbe, 
bttter,a>arp anb aitringentttoijerefozeit clmfctl^putgetkcomfojtetkmafcefy 

2 ^catDotmtuocfc tetjoateintljefeconb Degree, $typ in tbe tljirDe, $ of fub- 
tilepart&$of tbefamenatuteis SantonitDoamuoobA* f rendjttJO^imDoob* 

4 as>omttoooD iUcntapne t# in temperature not mudje bnl&e tlje common 
tuo k tm\a)ooD ; neuertl)elefretti0moiea(trtngent 

*Ji TheVertues. 

\ tirbecommon uaotrnmooB teapjofitable $ ejcceilentmebicine againft tlje 3 
papneoftljeftomacfce ? ttjati$oppze(reb o^ctjargeburittjtyoateCboleric&e tyu* 
moz£:fin it eppelletlj tbempattlp bp ttje ftoole, $ partlp bp fyine, befibe£ ttyat 
it comfo;ttetb tije ftomacfce* p et notunttjftanbing it UJtil not fetue, to purge £ 
ftomacketi)at#cbargeimttbfle can it mtm- 

btf ie anb cleans tlje bzeaft anb lunged fyat are ftoppeb anb ctjargeb tirity tlje 
faibel?umot& a# Gaienfapetb* 

&iketirife itbotl) botb bp fetge $ fyinepurge Cftoler&etyunun&compact $ 25 
gatljereb together in ttje bapneg anb liuentoberefoze ttje tnfufton ozbecoctio 
ttyereof,takenbap bp bap,cutefy t^e3[aunDtfe op p ealotofoug^t 

3)f it be tafcen fading in tbe mozning, it p^eferuetb fro Dzofcenneg tljat Hap* € 

%t i% goob againft tlje tDinbirieffe anb bladings of tlje bellp , againft ttje 33 
papneg anb appetite to bomit, anb fye bopltngbp o^toambltngg of tyefto* 
macfce: if it be fyunfcen \utt^ %mi% feeb e oz efelp* 

%ty feme Hmnfeen ti>ify bineger i$ goob foz fuc^ a# are ficfee, toitij eating <p 
fcenemous Champions oz 'Cobe ftoole& 

Cfce fame taken uritty urine , refiftetb all benom, but eirieflp ^emlofte, anb f 
tije bttmgtf anD ftingtngg of fpiberg anb otber benemoufe beaft& 

nabjumuoob mingleb txitt^ ijonp, i£ goob to be iapbe to fye bimneffe of tlje 45 
figi)t,anb to tije epe$ tbat are bloubfyottetw baue blacfcefpotte& 3inb UJtt^ 
tljefameboplebin^aftarlie,o^anp ot^erfitieete iuine ; t^ep bfeto rubbeanD 
ftraKepainefullbleereb epe^ 

%fyc famepounbe ot mengleb tnitb ftgge^falte peter, anb 3[urap meale, $ g 
lapbe to tlje bellp,(ibe!8? o^ flanbeftljelpetb tbe btopfte,$ fuel) a^ are fplenitifee* 

Cljefamelapbeincbefteftpiefre^ ^ voarbzobe0,Heepet^ clothe ^garment^ % 
from mofyeg anb bermine.3inl) tuitb t^e ople of oaoimtoojob, aman map an^ 
nopnt ^ rubbe anp place to tyiue atwap fiea$,flie$, fenatte^anb tooimesC 

3|nKe mabeujit^ tbeinfufion ojtbecoctio of l©o^mtuoob,Ueepet^ tuiiting^ 
from being eaten tuit^ 2@iee anb liatte$* 

£>omebo bfeto mafeei©otm\j)oob tuine,berp epcellentfo^t all tijebifeafeg % 

t <beaiBoimtt)oob bopleb bp it felfe o^toitb Eice, o^uitt^ anp otl)er foobe $ 
o^meate,anb eaten ioit^onp,fteetl)botl) long anb flatte\jDo^me$, anb allo^ 
t^er feinbe^ wbatfoeuet,loofmg tfte bellp berp genttllp 4 3ft is; 6f ifee operatio 
being lapbetoo,outtt)arblpbpontljebellpiiinauell, anb foztljfepurpofeiti^ 
of mo^e tttengttj anb bertue, t^en all tije ot^er feinbe^ of r©otmtuoob : but it 
temoiebuttefttllto tljeftomacfee^ 

j C^efeebeof^eai©otmu)oobaUb,iSberpe]rceUent againft allfoite^ of & 


the Hiftorie of P lantto. y 

tDOjnteg engentuefc vuttftm tlje fcofcie* 

Diofcoridcs umtetl>,tl)atUicl) Beeue&$>t)eepe an& CatteU,ag feefce fopon 
S>eai©ozmtuooii Do uwetoetpfatte* 
4 u^oamuoot) Eomapne \$ Angular againfl; all inflammation, ant) tjeate of ^ 
tlje Itomacfce $ liuer,patftng foj tljigputpofe, ail ottjer KinDes; of aao^muiooi) 

Galen UHitetlj* 

<Df 6ug!olTe o?t ommonlangucoc 6eufe* Cljapatj* 

*J* TbcKindes. 

^ecommoti25U8loire,o?lan8ueDebettf(a^ ititfnotu callet))i£of Di* 
ttetfefcint)e& thereof tlje firft i£ ttje gteateft, anD it is familiar anD 
common in gartientf : %\>t tl# ee otljertf are fmall ; %ty fifty i£ fye 
toitoe 35ttglolTe,o£ <&ljeepe$ tongue* 



Anthufa? genus. 


T& The Dcferiptiotr> 
fceftrftfein&eeallet) ofW great 23ugiolTe of tyegattien, Ijatljlo&rougl) 
toarteareene,ljearte $ (^arpeieaueftalmofl: Ufeeto ttje leaues of ftettice, 
butlcmaer^(barperattfteenI)e^e(lemi$rottg^anli packing, of too 
oztmee footebigb,ti)fteret)pongrotuet^ manp pioper Uttell Soured ecljeone 
parted into fiuefmalUeaue&lifceto Uttelltuljeeleftofafapiepurple colour at 
the fitfcbut aftertuarDes? a?ure^i)an fyep are fallen^e map fee tn tye rougtj 
ijufte* ,tfceebi foure long grapfeeDeg, full oftifteg anD nuincfcleg ♦ <We 

8 The firft Booke of F ^91BP 

roote long atiti ftngle anti biacfeiH> tnfyeoutRbe, 
a. * ^elefler tfugloireu in ttjeirrouglj anb ^earieleatteg anb ftalfce&anb alfo 
4 m ttjeir rooter are like to tlje afoiefoibe:feuing tyep be leflTe : fo^ tbeir ftalfce£ 
be flwter,tt)eir leaueg fmaller anb narrower : tbeir littell floured are in pjo« 
ponton like to ttje ofyer&fauing fyep be fmaller,anb one # of a cleere bleu) op 
nuecolotir,anotber i# of abioumebiolet,ojableto like to a Cyanus,tl)e tljir& 
i^peUo\jo,anbuipiopoittonionganbbolioU3 + 'Cbefeebealfo i$,like tbeotber 
Caittug ttt^ fmalier anbblaclier* %ty rooted of tije 2Buglo(Te£ anbelpeciallp 
oft^efirftefetnbeoftbeleirerBuglolTeftareof abiepe rebbe colour, anb are 
tofeb to bte, anb colour tbtngtf uutijalL 

5 €i)e totibefcmbe of #uglo(reis like to tt)efmall2Sugloire& & (pectallpUke 
to tlje feconb kinbe ? fauing tfje leaueg be tougber,fmaller,anb narrovuer/Ctye 
floured alfo be like fye afo£e(ai&e,fauingtljep be a great bealefmallet 9 bletu, 
%\)t feebe i# fmall anb bio tome/Sty* roote long anb ttenber* 

The Place. 

1 %ty great garben Buglofte , grottiet!) 
infomeplaces of tjfe otomeacco^b, a£ intbe 
cotuitrte of ?Uiraine,aboute 0ancte in fer= 
tile anb cljapion placet amongft tlje co^ne* 
3!t grotuet^ notU)ilbemtl)i£countrep,but 
5 Cbefmaller 23uglo(Te£ groto in31talie, 
^papne anb f taunce, anb in biuertf otljet 
country ozregiong : anb fyattuljicb bea= 
retl) bletoe to let flottrctf grouiett) alfo in 
fome places of d5etmanie: but tljep be not 
fcerp comon in f launber& neither are tyep 
to b» feene op founbe but in certaine men£ 

5 Clje tmlbe grotoetl) in mofte placed of 
tlji# countrie, in barren fople, anb grauellp 


Cljep floure in3Iune,3Iulp,anb 3uguft, 
anb fortuity ttjep beliuer fyeir feebe* 

4^ The Names. 

%ty tljiee berbetf are callebCin fyoppeg) 
all bp one name, fyat i# to fap, Bugiofla op 

Lingua bouis : Ul jfrencl), Suglofe Op Langut 

de buef: inljtgl) 53ouc^,€)c^fen$ung:mbafe 
3Hmaigne,23uglo(re anb 4D(Tentonglje: in 
CngUu5,23uglo(fe anb 4Djcetongue : Albeit 
it tenot t^etrueBugloire, fo^fyat our 
etft Leonicenus,Manardus 5 anbbtuer$otbcrlearneb men of our time* 
g ctjefirftkinbeigcalleb tn<i5reelvexvRo>f.r?:m)Latme Lycopfis:w£ fyoppetf 
oftbi$countrepBugloffa^Buglofladomcftkamaior,^at teto fap,tlje great 
^ar )eti23uglo(Te^of fbmeititfcalleb BugiotfusLongifoiia. ^erabuenture 

itlB t^atKUlbeof Anchufa?,\J3^ Paulus Aeginetuscallet^ttl(I5reefeexoif«(r7r(# 


; &&efoial23ugloire£ atecalleb in (Breefce ro JUtroe Anchufae.c^e 
i firft 

Lycophs Sylucftns. 

the Hiftoric of Pkntes. 9 
ffcftitf CaileD Ut <35tCefee Ayx° u<r *° ,VOKXft<l > Anchufa onocleartnjftencl) Orchdnette: 

inCnglifl)3lfcanet,o;t€>ict)anet* Cljeotljerigcalleb in <Breelte«yxow« iXK| - 

C^'cAiop Ksaovox«xtc: itt )Lattne Anchufa Alcibiadium,# Onochcles.'Clj^ftOttlD 

betljefeconb Utnbe of Anchufa&j Orchanette : inCnglifl) 3llkanet* 
5 ticiiefiftl) feinDe \ntll»e,antJi map becaileti LycopusSyiueftris^e^tpotbe* 

Cartel Call It Bugloffa Sylueftris.'Clje ftttUfy mm Cal tt Buglojfe Ol Langue de buef 

sauuage%tybnteMmtti$nt$ y t©tllie€)irmtong^e^fomecaliit^faepftotv 
glje, tljat i# to fap,;&l)eepe# tongue,anb itmap be pfeudanchufa Plimf 

tgft The Nature. 

% Clje great garben Buglofle,but ipeciallp W rooted of temperature fom« 
toljat coibe ant) line, but in begree not farre of from tljemeane temperature* 
2. j Clje ofyerg are of tije lifee completion, but fomeu^at footer* 

*J* The Vertues. 

i Cljeroo te of great Buglofre.pounto, anb mengleb untlj ople anb \jDajre,t£ ^ 
goob to belapbe too againft ftalbing oi burning \joitg fpte, againft uiounbeg 
anb olb foie£ ♦ r©itb fine toljeate meale it cutetb tbe bifeafe calleb tbe xuilbe 
fpte,anbof fomefamt^ntljonie^fp.te^nb lapbe too uutl) btnegreittjealetlj 
fretting ftue&foule fturutnes anb boate itcbtng^ 
2. j Clje fmall :*3uglofre$ Ijauegreate bertue againft all tfjebenimof fauage 23 
4 anbtoilbebeafte^anblpeciallpagainfttbepopfonrof ^erpent#anb<Eiper£> 
bourfoeueritbetafcen^ijetljerin^^ be carteb a* 

bout pou* 

5 Cberooteof tbetoilbe Bugloffe bionfeen^it^ ^ifope anb Crefle& botl) C 
kill anb buue out all flat tuoanetf engenbieb in tbe bobie of man* 

Clje^bPfitiontfofourtpmebo affirme,tbatti)efeberbeg(but eCpeciallp33 
tl)egreateft)bo comfoite anbl\i)agetl)e^eauine(reoftl)ebarte ? buuingaujap 
aUpmfiumeiTe,eipeciallp tbe garben Buglo(Te,anb ttyattlje floure&ftiepeb in 
tuine,o£.rabeinto aConferue,caufetfj Cuclj to reiopceanb begiabbe,a£\aere 
befotefjeauieanb fabbe,fullof anger,anb melancijolique Ijeauineflfe* 

•j§c Defcripion. 

Chium^atblongroug^ anbbearteleaue^mucblfoeto tije leaueg 
of BuglolTe ? butfmallertbantbeleaue0of tl^efttd Buglofife* ^be 
ftalfce t£ rougb,full of littell bjaunclje&cbargeb on euerp fibe luttl) 
bitterfe fmall narrotu leaue&fyarp pointeb,anb of a bio tone greene 
colour,fcattereb oi Cpiebbe lifce littell featijerg, anb berp fmall totoarbeg tbe 
^eto^t oztoppe of tbe ftalfce : betuujtt \uWe leauetf are tbe floured of afabbe 
bleto oipurple colour at tbefirft,but tuijan tljep bo open, tbepfyetw a fap^e^* 
$ure colour, longanb tjolloto, trntljfoureoi fiue littell fmalibletoe tbteebetf: 
nothing anftuering tbe floured of tbeotljer 23uglolTe#,but onelp in tbecolour* 
3lfter tbatt^efloure<^fallen,tljefeebe itfblacfce anb fmall, like to tljeljeab of 
an3lbberomiper^erootei^longanb ftraigbt, anb rebbetxiitbottt 
* S>i tW fo^te tl^ere to an otljer feinbe , tul^ofe leaned , ftalfcetf , rooted , anb 
ffoure&areberp tort® fte fo^efoibetbut W floured are of a ligijt rebbe o> 
purple colour* 


% 3Itbeltgljtetlj in fruttefullplaceft anb fertilefople, a?abouteB 4 zu!TeW,anb 
)Louapne,anb biuer$ otljer placed of Bstabant* 

z I3utt^at tuljicl) bearet^ purpleojlig^trebbefloure^groupetl) inf raunc? 

efbectalip abOUt CWontepelier. 


The firft Bookc of 

Echion fiuc Alcibiacum. 

It ffourettj almofteall tlje&omer 
long, $ oftentimes ot at funfctpteafons 
it bnngetlj fott!) feeDe as.tlje ofyer #u* 

£feThc Names. 


^icccTiop : in Ratine Echium Alcibiacum . 
Apuleius cailetl) It hfd^l^ \x\fvio)i tn 
dftreefcetViperinaanl) Serpentariaitt&a* 

tine : in ^>panift)e rerua deiu biuora : in 

fttnty r Her be aux Pipers ,&vi& I'Herbe aux 

serpens iw bafe 3llmatgne £>langljen* 
erupt : it i$ called in Cnglify tutlDe 3xu 
gioffe tlje lelTenit map be alfo calleD wfr 
perS Ijerbe, omiperSBugloffe* 

p§» 7^<r occafion of the name Alcibiacum. 

^erbeluaS called Alcibiacum, 
ffcAIcibiadionOfone Alcibiadestlje firft 

finDer out of t\\z bertues of tijiS ijerbe, 
apzefentremeliieagainfttlje bitingSof 
^erpetS*#otaStljeaucient Nkander 
tytttetlj, a kibiades(being atleepe)ttms 
ijurtnntlj a Serpent: xutjerefoteioljan 
^eauiofeeanH CatotljiSijearbeAetoofce 
of it into IjiS moutij anti tfjetueD it,fooa* 
lotting Dotone tljeiupce thereof; after 
tljatljeiape&tijeljerbebeingCo ctjetoeU 
topon tlje foie, anD vuas^ealeti* €>ttjetS 

name It Echion,Echidnion,Viperina,&c-l©^Wjefc? afmUC^tO fapaSviiltper£ 

ljerbe,U)i)icl) names Ijaue bene giuento ti)i# piante ? bpcaufe it is berp gooU a* 
gaiiift ttjebitings of Serpents antimipers^ant) bpcaufealfo tyis feeDe is lifce 
ttjeijeati of an3lfci>er o<t miper* 

*gt- T he Nature. 

git is of tije famenature t^at Buglofle is oftbut fyat it is fomtoijat goatee 
ant> motefubttle* ^ r ^ 

Ctyerootebopieb intnineanD t>tonfce ? t>otbnotonelpljelpefud} asareljurt % 
bp §>erpentS ? butaIfo,aftert^atamanljatb tafeen it in manner afo^efaiUe,it 

Ittoagetijt^epapneof t^e rapnes oiiopnes* # 

3iifo being tuonfcen witlj wine ot otyenjoife, it caufefy plentp of milfce in £ 
toomenS bieafteS* 

^ 7)^ Z> efcriptio/t. 

as ikecommon$ount>eS tongue, ^at^ aijatDe, rougk tyotoneftalfce, of 
31 iWftDO ott!#eefootei)igl):tl)eleaueS belong mucft iifcefye ieaues of tlje 
i^d great garben 2&ugloiTe, but naroxuer, fmaller, ant> not rougij, but ^ 

ttina a certaine fine ^ozenelfe topon fye like beluet Zt tye toppe of tlje btauiv. 
cbesitfcearetljmanpfloures, of aDarfeepurple colour. CtjefeeHeis flat an& 
rottglj , tfeee oi foure together Ufce to a trueloue , o k t foure ieauefc graffe, tfa 


the Hiftorie of Plantcs. U 

fctytcljebo cleatte fade bnto garments, Cynogloflos altera Plinij. 
toijantljep are rtpe,l&e bnto Acgrimo- 
nieanbotljerrougtjfeebeSu'Crje roote 
ig long ti)tcfce,$ blackeuutyoutftbe* 

# The Place. 

3lt grotoetrj almofte euerp tobere to 
\t>a(lc anb iinttUeD placed , but fpectai* 
ip to fanbie coutrep& about patlje£ and 


3jtfloureti) to3une,anbl)i£feebet# 
ripe to 31 ulp* 

kwoVx6)cu-o?: tojlattoe anb to ^Ijoppetf 

CynoglofTum, Cynoglofla 5 anb Lingua 

eanis : hereof alfo tbe 3|taltan£ call it 

Lingua de Cane: tyt ^pantatDeg Call tt 
Lcngua de perro to Cngltfl) 3©Og$ tUnge 

oi&ounbe£ tongue: to frencb 

dechien : tn^tgfj J^OttCl) ^UUUff Wig: to 

bafe 3llmatgne ^onbtltonglje* %fyig ig 
tbatfeconb fctobeof Cynogiofliurtjete- 
of Piinietjotote to tlje eigljt chapter of 
tlje*jrjtb*B6oke: it ftjoulb feeme aUb to 
be a fctnbe of ilatisfyiueftris,\u!)(d)ea 
man fyall ftobe befcribeb to fome epam* 
pletf of Diofcorides, to t^e Chapter ifa- 

tis.* 3tnb flf Aetiustor)(^bOOfeeanb»btt)T*C^apter Limoniura, 

#7 'he Nature. 

!£ounbe# tongue, but fpectallp ijtg roote, ig colbe anb b#, pea colber tfcati 
tije great garbing BugloflTe* * T ^ Venues. 

Cljerootrbf Bounbes tongue teberpgoob to rjealetuounbeg: anb itig % 
tuttrj goob fuaelTe lapbe to fye bifcafecalleb t^euittbe fp?e ? tPljanit ig pounbe 


C^etjuater o^uitoe VD^erintt!jatt)benebopleb,curet^ olb fbie#,\Dounbe£ © 

anb ftoate toflammattonftanb tt ig excellent agatoft tye Wmg $ grieuaucetf 
of ttjemoutlj* 

tfoztijefantepurpofe, trjep mafee an opntment , follotoetl) ♦ f irftetljep <p 
bopie ttje tupce thereof uitt^ ijonp of ftofe£, tljanturjan it ig tjoellbopleb, tyep 
mtogleCurpenttoeU)tt^ tt,lhirrtogttl}atbe,bntttiaUbe xpelltocoipoiateto- 
gitber,trjan tbep applte ttto toounbe& 

%\>z rootetofteb to^oate uuber?, anb lapbe to tftefunbament, gaiety tye & 
toumrbe i£emerrl?opbe£* 


£>?agerjatl} rouglj p^icfeelp leaue&tyoabe$ latge,of afooart gteene 
colour, at tijefirft commtog bp benbtog,o* ratljerlpieabtogt^em* 
felueg atyoabe flatte bpon ttje grounb, to proportion lifce to an £>jre 
tongtteX&e ftaifce ig rougtyanbrttiMf tljeijetgty of afoote $ ijalf, 


BuglofTum verum. 

n The firft Bookc of 

partutg it felfe at tye toppe into biuer* 
fmall btauncl)e$ beating fapie $ plea* 
(ant floured in fafyton like &>tatre&of 
colour bieiu 01 3;ure,anb fometimetf 
vuljtt^'Ctje feebe to blacfce,anb tbere to 
fotmbe ttuoo o^ tbtee togitljet in eucrp 
i)ufee,lifce a# in tlje commonBuglofle, 
but it tofmailer anb blacker tbenBu- 
gloflfe feebe* 
* %\)m to alfo an otljer kinbe of 230* 
rage tobtcb wburetb fye winter like to 
tbe comonBuglolfe, anb i^UUeto tbe 
afo^efaibeBotage in ptopo^tion, fent, 
fauout,anb bertue&but b to floured be 
betp fmallanb like to tbe common 35u> 
glolFe floure&but fmaller* 

3ltgtotoeSj in allgatbetto,an& in 
fanbte cbampion countrep& 


Jtbegtnnetb to ffoure in 3Itute,anb 
continued) flouting all tlje Corner* 

# The Names. 

auncient f atberg calleb it in 
d&zeefce jSowy^cv-op : in Ratine Lingua 

bubula>Libanium,0£ Lingua bouis 5 t§at 
to tO fap, Ldngue de beuf ou vache i in <0n- 

glify s>pz tongue: Plinie called? it hr 
^foowep, bpcaufe it mafcetb men glabbe 
anb merte : tye 3potbecarie# name it Bongo : anb acco;tbtngip it to calleb in 
31talion Borragme, in ^panif^ BorraU^ Borraienesjxi <£ngli(l) 23oiage: in f r&b 
soroche, oj Bourrache, in i^igbbouctye 23urretftlj: in bafe3llmaigne,#etnagie 

The Nature. 



^emapfinbetbtotDuttenof Borage, tbatiftbeleauetfojflouteg of3So*3i 
rage be put in xuine,anb tbat toine bionfeen,it toil caufe men to be glabbe anb 
metp,anb btittetb atuap allbeaup fobnefle,anb bull ^elancbolie* 

23otagebopleb untb Ijonieb toater,to berp goob again!* fye rougljneffe oz » 
ftoarfeneife of tbe tijiote* 

Diofcorides tDjitetft fyatljeljatb Ijeatb Capiat if one pounb 2So t iage,tbat s 
Ijatb but onelp tijiee biaunclje& togitber toitb bto roote anb feebe, anb after* 
umrb amangiue tbefameto tyinfce, to ^im tbat batlj acertianague, curetb 
tbe fame^lfo tbat of fouretyancbeg ptepareb after tye feme manner to goofc 
to be giuen to tyinfce agatnft tbefeuer jS&uartapne* 

*J» The Kinder. 

A NthyiiisCa? feitty Diofcoridcs) to of ttao (b#e& hereof onemap be cafe 
Icb great Anthyiiis 5 anb fyeofyer finatt AmhyiUs. 


the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 

Anthyllis prior. Anthyllis altera, Kalifpecies, 

«5reat 3tot^ii(? # 

*f§* T/k Defcripion, 

fcefirft Anthyllis utlj to ftalfce $leaue& tonotmucij Mtfcetmto %vx> 
ttll,feutng tbat tt to tDljttet,tbfter,an& fmaller^e ftalfce to of a foote 
^ig^^uj^tte anli fofte, uitt^ ieatte^ fpieD tooa&eujinte anfcfoftealfo, 
but fmailer $ thicker tijen &entill leauetf : tljc Soured cluttering togi* 
tljer at ttje topp e of tlje ftalfce, of a pellotu oz pale colour ♦ %\\t feeDe to in ftrtali 
tyufee&^tjetoote tofmallanD of tuooDDp fubftance* 

* CljefeconD tonotmuclj tonlike Chama?pythis.g[tbatf) ftueo^ftjt fmallbjtau* 
cljetf o*moze,cteping o* trailing alongft fye gtounD,tbtcke fet, urity littlefmall 
narrou) leaueft betijoijtt tuljidje $ tbeftalfcetf tljeterifetl) fmall purple Eoure& 
loiti) feeDe accoiDing.* 'Cljetooteto fmall, anD of t^eiengtl) of afingar* Cfte 
UJ^ofeljerbetofullofl^pe^faltli^e Tragus,tr)bereoftDeft)alfpea!ie5ereafter, 
anD of tijto Ijerbe tljep mafee? Wen,vu^tc^ei$ tfet) fojt fyemaking of gla(Te& 

/ The Place. 

3!tgrWefytnfaltl&tDpgrounD& a£ in ZelattD along!* tye coalt,toljer0 

tfjete to ftOie Of It *8* TVfc Tyme. 

Jt flourety in 3une ? anD fye feeDe to rppe in 3Iulp* 

J^T he Names. 

i C^eftrd fcinDe to calleD of Diofcorides in d5£eefce ivflvMi?. 3InU toeljauena* 
meD tt Anthyllis pnor 5 agaDtffermcefromt!jefeconD Anthyllis. Piiniecalletljit 
mXatmeAnthyllon,Anthyiiion,anD Anthycelion:bnkno\joenof tlje^pot^e- 
carie&|3>ome airboiifteg Do call tt g iaudioia,tije tutjicl) too^e to DetiueD from 
Glaux,anDfometuDgeittobe Giaux,albeitittonott!jerigtjt Giaux. « 

* feconD to nameD in ^eefee Av^is me« to ftattne Anthyllis altera, a«af 

9 aDiffe- 

M The firft Booke of 

a biffetencefromtyefttft Anthyiiis : (bme of our ttmebo callttBorda. 

, Tbe Nature. 

jt itf b#,anb fourth p.toperlp,to beale an& clofe bp ujounfteft 

ifcT he Femes. 

t jf one bnnfeebalfe an oimceof tbe firft Anthyiiis ft Iballpieuaple mucb a* % 
gaunt tbeboatepitte, tbe^trangurpo? bifftroltieto mafce water, anbagawft 

^efememtngieD tuttb mflkeanb opieof ftofe&& goob fo t t tbe <B9atrtjro]> » 
spotber betogcbargebanD oppzetteb witb col&etyimo&to beappUetiojiap&e 

ailfo ftcuretb toounbegbp itfelf,beuigiapbebp6 tbem,o£bemgmi]rtetoutb C 
feiuefcopntmentfco* ople& 

i Cbeotfter Anthyiiistafeen tottb 4Drimeli(tbat# ^onieD ;»ineger) ttfgoob S 
fo^tbeut tbatbaue tbefalltngficfeenelTe* 

$erebetn>o fo#e#ofciote tfurreg in tbfatountrep : tbeone i#tb* 
great isum,$ tbe otber£ letter 3Surre,tbeU)btcb* Diofcoridcsbeih> 
beb aparte^euertbelettetuebauerebuceb botb into onecbapter , bp* 
emit of tbe ItfceUboob tbat tfbettJDijrt tbem botb in name ^faflbum* 

Arcium fttae Perfonata. 



Jloufe 23urre,oj tbe letter C lo te« 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. ij 
#J* The Defcription. 

t ^y^e great Clote l?at^ leauegberp largeanb long, greater fijan 6ourt)e 
X ieaue^ofatoa^tegreeuecoiour.btitof agrapi$ colour ontbeftbene]ct£ 
grounD/Clje ftalfce itfrowtD $ f)ollotu,of colour fomtubat tubite $reDDe> 

cbetf tbere grotuetb ftnall bullets o;t rounDe balled, garnifiljeD full of little 
croofcetf oibooHe&wberetDitbal tljep tafce ^oine 01 cleaue faft, anD tyang bpott 
garments : at laft ttye &pDe bullets o k i fcnoppetf Do open anD put fo#b a fap^e 
purple, tb L tomDe,ot beluet floure^eroote i£fingle,long,blacfce to tyont, 
U)i)iteUHtbin, anDintaftebitter, 

2 Cbe leffer Clote isurre bat!) grapity leaueg like bnto £>za$e, iaggeD op 
CmpterouuDabouttbeeDge& ^beltalfce&afooteanDljalf long,fullof biacfee 
fpottetf, DiuiDingit felfemto manpbiancljeg ozuungesu ssetunjet tl;e leaned 
anD tbe fapDebtanrijetf, tljete grotnetl) tijiee o^foure fmall Burred in a clutter, 
fomeiubat long, like to afinall^Dliue, ozCoinellberrp, pticklp, anD cleaning 
faftbnto garments ♦ Jn tbe miDDell of tyofe fmall 23utre£, tbere grottietlj 
fcutlj a# it toerealittle Croquet, fomettrtjataboue tbemrre#,bpontxrtHcbe 
groxuetb fmaU floure£,tbe\ubicl) Do perid) after tyeit opening, anD Do faltoit^ 
tbeir Croume ; tbancommetb tbelittleBurretf toitb longfeeDe: tijetotjtcb af- 
terU)arDDoneueropen,no^floureotl|er\Ijifetbani^afo^efapDe♦ Clje roote i£ 
reDDe,anD full of finall ti^eeDes o*bearie ftring& 

*Jt The Place. 

%ty Clote 25utre£Deligbt togrotobpfyempKbe,abouttljebO£Derg of 
fielDe&m bntilleD placed, anD Dzp &iclje& 


%\>m feafbn i$ in 3ulp, ariD 3ugu(k 

The Names. 

% Clje great 23urrecalleD ind^eefce ^mIo? nsu /r^owto^tn Ratine Perfonatia" 

Perfonata anD Arcium: of 31puleiu£ Dardana : in §>l)Oppe£ Bardana maior, ant) 
Lappa maior : in 3|talia Lappola magghre:W^p%luQ) Lampdzos,yeruados pegamazos, 

j>agamacer*wayor:i\x Cnglify tbe great 25utreo£ great Clote 25 urre: in jfrencb 

Bardane la grander Lappegrande .grand Glouteron OX Gleteron : id \){($) 2&0UCty d3rOf^ 

kietten : inbafe 3ilmaigne d5roote Cliflem 

Cbe lelfer i£ calleD in 4$ L ieeke |« v Gk> P x^a <p^v^ -in Ratine Xanthium : in 

^a*fyoppe£ Lappa minor 5 anD Lappa inuerfarinjtalian^^ 

pagamacera menor^tx^to fop, tbe fmall 23 urre, $tbe25urreturneD in $ out: in 
f rencb Le petit Glouteron in\)ti$) Bouclj 2Settlertf? leuf?,anD ^pit^lettet^tbat 
i$ to fop,iiiam£ lpce,o*23egger# Iplfe, anD tlje popnteD ot (l?arpeBurre:in bafe 

Tbe Nature. 

Cl)e Clote Burre$tyauepotoertoD#bp, confume,oj DiSblue: buttle lef- 
feri^tlje boater* 


C^eiupceof t^e great 25urre DjonltenlDit^ ^onp p^ouofeetl) b^pne, anD 31 
ftoaget^ t^epapneof ttje blaDDer* 

Cbe feme D^onfcen tuit^ olDe U)ine,^ealetl) t^e biting^ anD (lingingg of be- 23 
nemou$ beaft^ 

C^eleaue^pounD toit^ aiittellfelte,i£toriti) great ptofite lapD bnto tlje hi? € 
ting$ anD (luigingg of ^erpent^, maDDe^ogge$,^t^er benemou^ beaft& 

tir^efeeDe maDe into pouDer & tafeen tnit^ t^e beft tuine tbat map be gotten © 
bp tyefyaceof fojtieDapeft i^berp profitable foi Cuclj a?^auet^e^>ciatica* 

id ii ^Dimnme 

i6 The firftBookeof 

^tyammeCtoIM ig tije etgtlj parte of anbnce)of ti)eroote ; pount> fcritlj $e « 
fcernelleg of ^ine apple,anb tyonfceu,i£ afoueraigne mebtctne foifucfc a£ tpit 
bloubanb corrupt matter* „ _ .' - 

31 1 to goon f ot fuel? a$ Ijaue ac^e 01 papne tn tljetr topnte&bp reafou tgat t^e v 
fepDe iopnteg 0£ bone£ Ijaue benebef o^e out of iopnt ? b*ofcen o^ ljurte* 

C!|egreeneleaue$poimbetottfttfte^tteofegge^curetl)buniing$ ana <i£> 

olbefo^e&betnglapbe thereto* , . 

^eiupceoftl)ele(rer23urrel)toufeen\i)itftU)me,ts:muc^ bfen agatnitt^e $ 

bittngsof benemous beatt&anb alfo againft fye grauellanD tijettone* 
» Cijefrmtepounbe^lapbebnto colDeftMlmgSCcaileb indi^eefce Oedema) 
confumetlj fyefome,anb fcatterety otU)aftetl)allcomeftumo^:anb fpeciaiip 
goobagamfttl)e&mg$euell ? calleD strumas an& strofuias. 

Defcripion. Artemifia communis. 

mgwotte ^atl) btoabe leauetf , all 
taggeb $ toinelifce tijeleaueg of 
I r©ojtmi30ob ; but fometl)ing final* 
^ler , $ (pectallp tljofe xu^tc^e groto 
about p ftaifce, tljep are of a btowne greene 
colour aboue , anb u>l?ite Ijoare 01 grap btv» 
berneatt)> C^eftalfee t£ long anp ftraigijt $ 
*©o£mtooob,fmelUngu^an tijep begin to 
mare ripe fometotyat after gpario;am/Cfye 
rootete of a tDoobbp fubttance $ ^att) fmall 
Ijearte firings €>f tli&ljerbetljerebettooo 
tunbe£ moe^Kfenngonelpincolour* 
1 cfte one^atl) reb&ebtancljes $8oure& 
anb tjs called rebbe Slpugtuo^te* 
* %\)t otijer ijati) grrentty tyanclje&cljan- 
gtng totimrbe£ XDijite, an& US ealleb U)l)ite 
g^ugtta#e, mall tying* el$ like one to an 

Otfter* ^ The Place. 

<[BugtoO£te grotuetl) tn tlje bozbertf of 
ftelbeft^ aboutl)igl)ti)ate& anb tljebanfcetf 
of b.too&eg 0£ quiet (lanbtngtijater& 


gitflourefy tn 3lulp $ $ugutt,aiffl fome- 

time£later* * ^ 
Cbi^ljerbet^callebmfltiopiaf Artemifia,^ 

of fome Mater herbarum:<n£>pantty ^^mC uglify ^ugU)oite:tntf renct) 
Armoifejherhs jan : in^tgft Bouc^iSepfuf^Bucfeen, (t^.Joljan^gurtel: in 
bafeilmatgne 23puoet,$ £>/Jan£ crupt,tije tDljiclj t# tW kinb of ^ugtaott, 
U)btcbei£ caUeDm^eefee«en^<rwM^o^uM(^:tnilattne Arteraiim tenuifolia, 

y ^ThecaufeoftheName. 
09tUXUlOZte atf Plinie Catfl^^all tfttt tiailie Of Artemifia dlueene Of Halicar- 

naflusanbtotfeof Maufolusfctng of Carte, Mjodjofetyte i^erbettgaue tt^er 
name fo^befojetftattttuatf caUeU > Parthcms, tftatte?to fap, Virginal; 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 17 

fome fap tljat Anemifiaums fo called of tljed&oD&eire Diana tuljo toag alCo cai» 
icti Aitcmis^foibpcaufet^^erbei^finguiat foituomettfbtffeafe&toljoattt 
ailbti&er tbe gouemment of Diana, a# ttje i^eat^m Ho imagine an& tyeame* 

*j* T Nature. 

<II£ugtDo#et$ fometuftataftringent,anH nottoljoate* 

<ifc The Vermes. 

<&£ ugtuo tte pounD \joitb ople of foeeteatlmon&e& aixU lapH to fye ftomafce % 
a£ apiapfter,cureti) ailtljepapneanb grtefeof tbe&me. 

2Wfo tf oneDo annopntb&topnt&tPttb tbetupcetbereof menglefc tuttb ople 25 
of l&ofe£ , ttcuretlj ttje acbe,tyakmg>attD Otaxumgtogitijer of &inett>e& 

jjlfitbeljatige&ojcatt tntobarteltf otljoggefyeabtfof 23ier, ittonlip^efeme C 
fye fameftomfoxttttng* 

r©^ofoeuerl^alcarrtetl)tis(^erbeabout^tm(a^ Pliniefatetb)nobetiemou£ 23 
beaft,o^anpltfeet^mgl^aUl)urte^tm, anbifije traueiibponfyetxmp^e fyail 

<H €anfie. €l>ap.]t. 

*J« TheKindes. 

nr^ere betiuofo^te^ of Canfte* %ty one great anD pelloto , tljeofyet fmall 
anD xubite* 

Tanacetum maius. 


Tanacetum minus. 


16 ill 


l * The firfl Bookcof 

i T^e gftat 01 common Canfiebatb a blacktfyefl:alke,tbzee otfoute foot* 
1 iHg&fctM&eDattijetop^ 

toutiD tuftes,bearing pello to floured like fmall rounD buttons, op itUe tbe 
ntttitile of tljefloure of Cammomill, but greater anD ofitronger fauour* 
leaues be long * maDe of manp fmall leaues , fet Directs one agamft an otber, 
anD ipteaD abtoaDe like urings, tije tuljicbe be alfo iaggeD anD fntpte like fmall 
featbers, efpeciallp rounD aboute tfje eDgeS: tbe roote is flenDer cafting it felfe 

i 'C^efmallCanRebatlj bzoaDeleaues, maty iaggeD anD cut, txidl liketlje 
leaues of f euerf etD,but fmallet anD mote cut anD iaggeD* Clje ftalke is fmall, 
of tbeiengtlj of afooteoi mo^e, fcpontljetjoijicb growett) fmall tufted bearing 
little U)bitefloureS,mucb like to tbeflfoures anD tufted of tbe toijite SBpplfopli 
oicommon farrow* Cberooteis b*tDe,anD fometimesparteDinto tuooo£ 
tljiee: all tlje berbe is mud) like in fmell anD fauour to tbe otijer "Canfie, fauing 
tijat it is not fottrong* 

*g« The Place. 

« C!)efir(lgro\joet^about^ig^mpe^^eDgeftanDt^ebo^Der^of fielDeS, 

anD is berp common in tbis countries 
3 CbefeconDgrotoetbinfome placed of 3|talie:int#Scoiwtreppefl?allnot 

finDe it but in ttye garDenS of certapne l^etbo^iftes* 


Cbep Do botye floure in 3[ulp anD 3lugutt* 

fyThe Names. 

Ctje firft is nolo calleD in ftjoppes Tanacetum, anD Athanafia : in <£ngliffje 
Canfie: in jf renclj Athanafie, inijigb Jaouc^ Reinfam inbafe^fUmaigneiaepn* 
uaer,anDi©oimcrupt^omeleameDmeniuDgeitfojt to be tljetljirDWnDeof 

Artemifia,calieD in <l&£eeke kp^'m*. hovokX6>v<2^ ; in Xlatine Artemiiia vi icaliiis, of 
31ptlleiu0 Artemiiia rragantes,0£ Tagetes. 

CbefeconDtoitboutDoubt is alfo a kinDe of Canfie, tijetobtdjefome leat* 
neD (anD efpectallp tbe famous Matthiolus of skua,) Do tbtnke it to be rigijt 
#ilfople 3 calleD in d5teefee«x^e»®- ^3ut if tbiS^erbefi^oulDebe tbertgtyt a- 
chiliea 5 t^ecommon^anfie(^oulDbealfoti)itboiitDoubtealiinDeof Achillea, 
fo t i tbep are berp muti) like one ah otl>er,not otielp in fmell anD tafte, but alfo in 
bertue^anD operational U)e^aueU)^ittenin our Annotations* 

The Nature. 

•Canfte is Ijoate in tbefeconD Degr£e,anD D# in t^e tljitD,as it Dotfc toellap* 
peere bp bis ftrong fmell,anD bitter tafte* 

Ctye fmallCanfte is of tbe like operation^ faculties 

4§i T he Vertues. 

Clje feeDe of ^anfteis afmgular anDp^^ 
inlDbatfottefoeueritbe taken, itkilletb anD D^iuetb fottij uwmeS* 

Cljefame pounDe anD afterumrDe mengleD tuitij opie, is berp gooD againft « 
tyepapne anD fuelling of ^inetoes* 

jf befoietbecomingof fittesoftl^e 3gue,tbeboDp beannopnteD tDttljtbe <c 
tupce of Canfie mengleD tt>itlj t^e ople of ilofes, it uiill caufe tlje Ague to 

C^efameDionfeentjoit^ti3ine,iSgooD againftt^epapneof t^eblaDDer,anD 3a 
to^anone cannotpiffe but bp D^oppes* 

'CijerooteconDiteD oiptefmteD tuitb Ijonp anD taken of fyem t^at be ficke <c 
Dotlj eafe .j ^elpeberp mudj, fuc^ as ate troiO^leD toitb t^egoute in t^eir feete! 

l 9 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. 

€>f f mttXt vo. <Ojami 

7 he Defer if Hon. 

txxtvtew tyM) manp teber leaue* 
mucb to me $ iaggeb of a grapitye 
oturtjitegreene colour, in colour 
ant) faOljton, lifce to tije fitft $ ne* 
tbermoft leaned of Co^ianber: tbe ttalfces 
be tluo 01 tbiee foote long,bpon toljiclje 
groiuetl) manp fmal floured pelloto in t^e 
mtDUcft, anb compaffeb abouteasittoerc 
tuitb a little pale of fmall tuljite leaues, 
ItKeto tbe oiber of Cammomil fioure&of 
aftrongfmellanb bitter tafterutyan fye 
l&e to tbefcnops of CamomilL H beroote 
is of uioobbp fubftace xnit^ DiuerjJ tyearie 
tyieebes oiftriugs bangtngbp* 

ffr The Place. 

31tgrotueti)U)ell in btpplaceS,bpolbe 
vualleft anb fuel) like rougb places 


f euerfetu gonretb w3lulp $ atuguft, 
anD almoft all tlje ^ommer* 

Jfc T he Names. 

Jt is calleb ind^^eefee^eCvioy, of Ga- 
len, anfr . Pauic «^«K0{i •. in Xatine Parthe- 

niumantr^maracus.inftoppeftant) Of Se- 
rapioCbap/^n- Matricaria, of fome Ama- 

reiia 01 Marciia : in Cnglifl), jf euerfew , $ 
of feme }©btteU3urte 7 alfo ^^eters umrt : in jfrencij tft&rgoutte&i Mamcaire: 
in bigb Boucb ®$ utterfcraut,anb 9p eibt btymen : in bate 3limaigrie ^ ater $ 
^oebercrupt *J* M^r*. 

3ti^^oateint^et^trbbegree ? anbD^int^efeconb begree* 

*£t The Vermes. 

% feuerfetu bipeb anb mabe into pouber,anb ttuo b;tammes of it taken totty 
bonp,oz otber tijing,purgetb bp fiege ^elanc^olp anb fleume : tu^erefoie it tar 
ben? 500b iox fucb as bane tbe gibbineffe $ turning in tbe beab ot fuoimming, 
fot tbem tbat are purfe 01 troubleb vutt^ tbe fyoitnes of •inbe,anb fo^elan- 
tfyotiqm peopie,aub fucb as be fabbe anb penftue anb tDtnjout fpeac^ 

23 berbe untbout Ijis floured bopleb in toater is goob to be tyonken of 
fucb astjaue tbeftoone* 

C Cbe fame is goob againft tbe^uffocattonof tbe<©atrt£ (ttjat iS,tljeftop« 
pinganb^arbnelTeof tbe^ot^er) tobeboplebintuine ? anbapplieb totbena* 
ueil,tijeijarte,o£ tbe Cibe, 

a Cbetyoty aifo ; 0* becoction of f euerfett),iSberp goobfo^tuemen to batbe 
anb fitte in againft ttje 5?arbne(Te<if ttje apotf>er ; anb tbe S^atrijc fyat is ouer* 

Cbe greene leaues tott^ t^e fioures of jf euerfeto (tampeb , is goob to be 
lapbeto tbebtireaTecallebt^e uiilbefp^eo^aint3nt^onieSfp^e,aub ot^er 
c^olerifee inflammations* 

13 titf £>f 


The firfl: Booke of 

Bechion 5 Tufsilago. 

•J* 7/^ Defcription. 

flDie foote gteate tyoabe 
leaue& grdnnng out into manp 
topxzt&oi inbeteb angle&uutb 
manp bapne# , like to a l£o#e 
fbote,ffceoi feuenleaues fpjtinging out 
of one roote, of a tobite, boare,cu grapiflj 
colour nejet to the grounb , anb greene a* 
boue/€he ftem ot ftalfce i£ tt)bite,anb a# 
itxnere cottoneb tuitb ftnebeateof atpan 
long, at the enb lubetof are fap^e peilotu 
floured anb full, totjtclj Ho fuDDenlp fabe, 
anb change into bourne, o^ cotton,tobich 
i$ carrieb aiuap U)itb the toinbe , like to 
£beab of Dandelion. Che roote tewtyte 
anb long creping here anb there* 

•iji The Place. 

# ole foote groioetb toell in toaterp 
placet anb mopft fielbetf* 

gjt puttetb foitb b& \joollp ftalfce toith* 
outleaue&at the beginning of Search $ 
3ip£iL3it the toppe of the ftalfce i$ tbepel* 
iotafloure: 3iftettbe floured the leaned 
fpting out from the roote: then banifbetb 
atoap the ftalfce anb the floured , fo that 
one (hall felbome f inbe theleaueg anb flouretf altogether at one time, 

^t- The Names. 

Jit i$ calleb in <B5teefee w x«j"*^kk • in Ratine Tufsilago : in (tyoppetf 

Farfara,anb Vngula Caballina : in Italian VnghU dicauallo in §>pamfl?e T»4 if 

afno : in Cnglifl) tf ole foote^otfeboue,Colte# foote,anb Bull footetin tf rench 

Pas de Cheual, Of fOttte Pas d'afre : in high & OUCb iiOf?bUb, 0£ 23 taubtlattlCl) X III 

bafe^lmaine ; ^oefblaberen,^eerbt$clau\i3,23^antlattotpe, anb §>aintC* 
rifntf erupt* 

w^The Nature. 

C^egreeneanbfretl) leaueg are mopft, but tubanthep are typthep become 

igt T)k Vertues. 

CfteBteetieleatteiBf of tf ole foote pounbeuritb l^onp ,bo cure anb heale t^e 3 
boate inflammation calleb ^aintatnthonie* fpje,anball other Wnbe? of in* 

Che parfume of tbe btpeb leaueg lapbe bpon quiefce coleg , taken into the 
mouth though the pipe of afunnett,0£tunnell,belpetb fucheagare troubles ^ 
uritb tbe ihoitnelle of unnbe,anb f etcbe tbeir b^eatb t^icKe o^t often, 9 bo b^teafee 
uiitbout baungcr the impoftem^ of the bieaft* 

Che rooted of the fame bertue, if it belapbebpon the cole^ , anb the fume <g 
thereof receiueb into the mouth* 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 

*Jc- The Defcription. 

«, til tter Burre ftatt) great rounD 


jleaues , at fye firfte Ipfce fte 
leaue£ of jfolefoote,tijeu>l)ici) 
^DoaftenjoarDegumjcefo great, 
ttjat tantij one leafe,one map couer a final 
rounDe table, a# tDify a carpet ♦ £>f a 
greene colour bpon tlje outline, anD of a <® 
grap U)l)tttll)e colour nejrte ttje grounDe* m^rM'^ 
gitputtetl) fo#t) aljolloto ftalfce of a^anN^^' 1 - s ^ 
long,fet full of fmall incarnate floured at 
tbetoppe,a£ it were cluftetingtbicfceto- 
gtti}er:ti)ett)l}icl) togifyer tuttlj tbe ftalfce 
DoperifyanDbanifyaump* %\)t rooted 
fmeilanD bitter tafte* 

jfy The Place. 

J\t gtotoety xo ell in fretyeanD mopfte 
place&bpfiDetf fmall riuer£ anD biooke& 

# The Tyme. 

%\>z floured Do appeare at t^e begin* 
ning of <H^arct)e, anD Do banity aump in 
aipiill: tljen tljeleauetf come fo k tfy,anD re* 
mapneallt^e Corner. 

# The Names. 

3]t i<& calleD in dE>teefce 7rtr«<r/rKc: 
tine Petafues, bnfenbvoen in tyoppeg: pet 

fome Call it Bardana maior : in Cngiifye, • . - u .^w* snnrtx* 

butter Bum : inf rencij Htrbt aux ugneux mtjigt) Bouctj peuuew? uwh?» 
in bafe 3llmaigne ^ocfceblaDeren, anD ^eftilentie tuo^teU 

T he Nature. 

Butter Burre i$ Dip in tlje tbirDe Degree* 

£gl he Vertues. „ 

ButterBurreDjieD,anD maDeinto potuDer anD ttjan Djonkrointome, 10 a 3 
foueratgnemeDicineagainftt^eiBlague,anD^eftilent feueitf, ^pmufeit pjo* 
uofcetii fuoeate,anD foi ttjat caufeit Diiuetlj from tljeftartealltemm, anD turn 
beate*3tlulletf) urines, anDte of great fcuce againft tt)e^uitocanon,anu 
ftranglingoftlje^ot^ertobetafeenint^efamefp^ - tmtW _ 

3it curettj all naugijtp iElcertf, ozolDefiltl)ie,fretting,foie^, op confummg B 
aBoc^,anDinflammation$,if tbepouDerbettretueD tbereom _ 

defame curetl? djejf arcpn,in l&o^e&tjowfoeuer itbemuuttreD,ttljetyet C 
ft be gtuen intuarDlp to recepue, 01 applieD outtparDlp* 

jjfeThe Kyndes. 

fPnS&ere fe tU)o fottetf of Bilto#e,a$ jleonarD f ucft^anD ll^eromeBocfc, 
m\ If (menof gteatimotuleDgeanD learning)ljauelatelp -tDjftem tye one cal* ♦ 
Msrfieti ti^e mm Biftoite,ty e otijet tlje £>mall Bittoite 



Biftorta maior. 

The firft Bookeof 

Biftorta minor. 

jfemall 25iaojtet 

fyThe Deftriptioti. 

Tl$t great 23ifto#el)atl) long leaueft Ufce ^attettce,btit fmallet , anto not 
Cmofye o£plapne ; but tjoiinkleD otb^xoeninto rimple& of aftoart greene 
colour bpon one itDe,ani> of a bleiiutye greene on tfje CiHe nejrt fye ground 
Ci)eftalketeiong,fmofyeant> ten&er^uingafptfce&knap attljeenDe, fetfull 
of fmaU tncarnatefloureg clufteringtogttijer* Cg e feelie t# anglet) an& bioi 
Cge roote (0 great atiD long, ttoun&en anH turned baefce, 0£ crofcetrtp jHL 
togtttjer like a S>naple,blac&e ant) rjearte tiufyout,ant) fometoljat retnHB 
tn,tn tafte like an €>fce fcernell* 
2 cije fmail Btfto^te like tlje otljer tnleaue& fcnap, floureft feeDe $1mte, 
but fmaller, tyt£ leaueg alto arefmot^er an& plapner ♦ Ctye roote t# filter ant) 
mote tounfclp turned togttljer vmfyout any fmall fyteetytf, o^eartneft tyotrme 
tirityout,anb of a Harfee re&fce colour tx>ttijtn,tn tafte Ufce tfyt fitfo 

*§c7 be Place. 

groto toelltn moptt $ ttaterp placed, ag in meD ou>t& anti fcarfce fta* 

fcOtoptDOO&De& *ThtTyme. 

%\)tp fioure in S£ap ant) 3Iune* 

Tfo Names. 

^Ijelearneti bocalltfye ^etbe^ Biftorta? ant) Serpentana?: mfrenclj Biftorte: 
in Ijtglj &oucl) l-taterumrt?: in 33<mbant l^ertftongijen* ajoulD feeme to 
be Dracuncuius Latino iu,toi)erof PHnie\xi^otetnt^e*^c^ap»oft^e*24.23oofee* 
i Cljefttftte calleD of tometn&attne Coiubrina, $ of fteonart) tf oufy& 0a- 
teflxntrti U)etbUn,fyat ig to fop, tfemale SHfoertuurte o$ ;&>nakeu)ee&e: in 


the Hiftorie of Mantes. *J 

f tetWl) Grande Bijlorte:^ S er pent air femelle-. W bafeHHmatglte^ertdOUlJljef 

* 'Cbefeconb 10 tft e Qnall 23 ifto^te: calleD infomeplacetf of Cnglanb 4Dp* 
ftetloptetof tbefamefteonatb f ouc^^atecti3iMt5menlto,t^at # tofap,male 
Sbbettuutte oi ^nafceuoeebe* fyrhe Nature. 

53iftoueDot^cooleanDUip in t^et^trd Degree* 

jfcThc Virtues . 

^erooteof istftottebopleb in u»atet ojt Uiine , anlitijoiT^eiT, ftoppet^ t^e 3 
iaffce,anb t£ goob againft tbebloubp fitjee* 

3|t ftoppetb tbe ouetmucb flowing of tuomeng termed ot fiouceg , anb alio* # 
tyettfTueofbloub* ^ ^ 

3llfo if it be tafeen a$ i$ afojefopb, ojif it be mabe into poubet anb tyonfeett <Z 
ttutb tebbe\joine,it tafcetb auiap ttjebefiteto bomtte ot patbjafce* 

Ctjebecoctiooftbeleauetf tebet^goobagain^^^ ofttye© 
motitl) ^t!)toote^ttfaftenet^Ioofeteet^if itbeoftebfirtw&oUtf w£mout^ 

•J» 7 he Kindts. 

terete ttoo fcinbetf of f umetetre, (a£ Plinietp^tefy intije*iriii*cbap, 

montfumetotp fyewbicb wa$ fcnotoen^bfcb uiSlpebicme, of Galen, 
Pauley otbect^e(l5^eefee^bpfttion^Cbefeconbi$ an otber tyetbe, 
onelpfenotuenof PHnie : t^etjp^ebot^arefenotpenmt^countrepf 

Capnos fumaria. r cPlinij- 

tfumeterre* ^ a P nos }phragmitcs. 


M The firft Booke of 

*J* The Defcription . 

■ T^ecomutonf umeterrebatlj afqttareftalfce,befet uitt^ fmalUeaue&betp 
X tenber,\i)eake,anb fmcip iaggeb, $ fomeuJbat grap like aff^ie colour, like 
to tbeleaue# of Couanberbutmucbfinallet : tbe flourete fmall anb pur- 
ple,gtotoing togitber like altttell duller, anb cbangetb into Uttell fmall knop# 
oi fcenc&toijereui is? berp fmall feebe*Cbe roote t£ but ftmpie luitlj a berp feu> 
Onallbeateg ot fixings about tbe (Same. 

a £>mall f uineterre,batb alfo manp flenber bianclje&bpon tuij iclje grotoetl) 
fmall iaggeb leaueg, m colour, tafte, anb in fafyion alfo, fomeuJbat like tije f u- 
meterreafotefapbe* Jtbatb alfo certame fmall tb*eebe£ o^ ciafptng teitDielsr, 
bp tbe ttrtjicbeit taketb bolbfaft in allplaceg bp l£ebge£,anb otber berbe&dje 
flouretf are fmall arid cluttering togitber, of a tobtte colour mtpeb tuttb a Uttell 
bleunaftet tbe floures tbere commetb fo#b fmall bufkes oj cobbe&in tuljtcb i& 
contepneb tlje feebe*Cbe roote i# fingle anb of tbe lengtb of a f ingat* 

The Place. 

f umeterre grotuetb bettamongftto)beate$ 23arlep,alfo it grotuety ingar* 
ben£ amongft pot berbe&in Sflineparbe&aub fucb otber open placed 
£>mall jf umeterregro\uetbbnberbebge^,intbebo^ber^ offielbe&anb* 

bOUtOlbetXialle^ JfrTheTyme. 

Cbepbo bofyefloute inS^apanb June* 

JjiThe Names. 

t %ty firft of tbefe berbeg iscalleb in d5£eeke 

tine Fumariaanb Capnium : in <feboppe# Fumus terra? : tn<bpanifl) Palomilla.j 
falomina.y yerua maUrina : in Cngltfy f Ulltetetre t in f rettCb Fumeterre : tnbtgb 

Jaoucb Crbtraucb^aubmcropff,fcat*enko£bel: inbafe ^lmaigne,d5ipfecom, 
&upueketuel,anb Cerbtroock* 

* . fctytetonb i^calleb Of Plinic Capnos,$Pes Gallinaceus : Cljetft^e Capnos 
Plinij,anbtbi^i^tbat tO^tCbei^ calleb Hcrmolaus,Of Aetius 

in Ratine Capnum Chelidonia, not knotjoen in tyoppeft fome following Plinic 
bo call it in 2tattne Pes gallinaceus: in jfrencb, Pteddegeiine : in bafe ifllmaigne 
clepnCetbtroock; inCnglify li^ebge fumeterre, anb ^ennegfoote* 

ifcThe Nature. 

f umeterret£b°ateanbb*p, abnoftin tbefeconbbegree, anbfo us $ennetf 
foote,ag onemap knoto bp tbe fyarpne&anb bitter tafte* 


%fy (upce of fumeterre bioppeb into tbe epe&botb parpen anb quicken tlje % 
ftgbt,tbefamemengleb uutb guntme,anb lapb to tbe epelibbes, uitU caufe that 
tbe beare tbat batb bene onetfpulleb of, (ball not groiu againe* 

Cbebecoction of fumeterre tyonken,tyiuetb fo#b bp bzine ^ fiege allboate J 
Cbolerique,burnte,^perniciou0 b«nto^*Bpfibe^tbfe it is; berp goob aaainft 
tbe foule fturffe,anb rebellious olbe foieftanb tbegreat^ocfees. 

Cbeiupce of fumeterre bionfeentootfeetb tbelifee effect, ^fo^ t^purpofe i 
^ofgreaterpotoer,t^antbe3©ecoctionoffumeterre* 1 

• ® enfoote o^bebgef umeterre(ajs: Plinie faptb) teof tbe fame nature s bet* i 
tuea^tbeotber jFumcterreranbteafingular mebicineagaina tbetueaUenelTe 
of tbefigftt,etyeciallp fo^tfuc^ a$ feeme to fee fmall ftratt)e& if t^e iupce thereof 
be bioppeb into tbe epe& 

ilfcThe Defcription. 

(^(Crmanber ig a l^otteberbe, of a fpanne oi foote long, bringing foottb from 
roote manp tenber ftemme? ojb^anc^e^* Cl^e leaue^ are final $ tenber, 


the Hiftorie of P lances, 
tnbeteb ^nttaboitt,mucftlfte(^eleaue^ Chamardrys. 


of certapne €>fces>but fatre fmalier^tje 
fioures arefmall of abiounebieto colour 
compaflingtounb tlje toppe of ttjeftalfce* 
Cfce feebe is fmall, blacfce, anb rounbe* 
%\)t roote tS fmail anD flenber , cteptug 
bnbet ttje eattt),l)ere anb ttjere* 

The Place. 

(fcetmanbergtotuet!) lucfcelpinftonp 
Ijilles $ mountapne$, $ fucij like places, groioetijintt)oobbeS,it tsto be 
f ounb growing in certapne uioobbes of 
23iabant,anb it is planteb in garbens* 


<5ermanberflauretl) in3|ttne$3|ulp* 

# The Names. 

^Dijc firft is calleb in d$£eefee x«m«'V*v*: 

in Ratine Chama?drys,Trixago,$: Of Com 
Cham^dryosrOf t^e^talian^ QtterinoU, 
Chamedrio, Chamandrina : ixi £j>pautfl) C^4- 
ptedreosyerua-in jfrencty Germandree, 01 Che- 

fnette : in Cngltfij aermanber, 9 Cnglify 
Creacle: in $igt> 3Unaigne<l5amanber* 
iein anb &iepn 2Bat!jengel; in bate3li> 

ijt- T he Nature. 

Jt isijoate^ typ int^et^trti begree, 

ifyThc Vermes. 

<£ermanber tuitt) Ijis flouted bopleb in water anb btonken , beltueretfj tije 31 

bobp from ail obftructionS 3 ftopptngS, anb cuttetlj of tougb anb ciantmp iju* 

mois: $ fyerfoiebeing receiueb as isbeftuefapbe, ittSfpeciallp goob fo^ tijent 


anbfotfuclj as begin to bauetbe^iopfie* 

Jtbangetij bourne ttomenSnaturallficluieffe, 23 
|f it btbtonken untlj btneger,it is goob againtt tije IjatbnefTe anb (topping c 


tape e of tije leaueS mengleb vuttlj ople, anb ftrafceb bpon fye epes, b^ a 

ucti) aump ti?e ui^ite Cioube,calieD ttje tymt oj pearle in tye epe, anb ail ma* 

nerbimnes of ttyefame* 

*J* ThcKindcs. 

Ejff^t i^ere is tU)o feinbeSof Veronie*,ot Betonke Pauli. cije oneis£ rtgijt 
Sol veronica tfjetuW is calleb Veronica masrCljeotljerisafinaii^erbc 

IsJsl betp like tije rig^t Vcronica^anb IS Calieb Veronica ibemina. 

The Defcriptton. 

T female Veronica is afmalljei^e^ccepetl) bp tl?egcounb,tDit^fmalreb- 
bilM Ijearte toauncljes o* ftalfces* Ctje leafe is fometl)tnglong,anb font* 
wtjat greener little Ijearie^ benteb o^fuipte roub about ttje ebges like a 
fatoe;CI)e flotttes are aboue about Hop 

mencfleb \i purple: tbe feebe is u* fmai flat poucljes^e roote is fmai ^ fcearte* 

9 € Betonica 


{Bctonica Pauli. 
Veronica mas. 

The firft Booke of 

Veronica foemina. 

f auletfBetony* terbetflneUpnAt&peebetPelU <i5rotwDbele* Lau- 


Cljefemale Veronica bot!) alfo creepe anb fpieab bpon tfje gtotmttf itftatb 
(tenbet ftemmeganb fomtubatlatgeleatte& alittellbeatieanb pleafantlp MU 
Cijefloure£be peiiotxi, tuttlj fmallctofceb tapleg/lifce tbefioures of &atke# 
data, oz&arfceg fpurre* Cije feebe i£ in fmall rounbe Intffceft lifce tbe feebe of 

Ct)e male Veronica gtotoetb in tougft fcnbp places , aboute tbe boibers of 
fielbeganbtooobbeS* - * 

C^e female grotuetlj in loto mopft placed 

( Cftepfloureui3uneanD3Ittlp* 

4$ The Names. 

'Ctjefttft Veronica tefcalletl Of Paulus Aegineta)Ub*tHMrt (Bzeefce&rovnt* 

tbatig to fap,in'jtatine Betonica : anb fyetefoze&octo^ William Curuet ana 
3i Do call it Betonica Pauli: Cije common ^erbojiftes: bo call it in Ratine v cr o 
nica : in tygij Bouctj Ctenbietf* mennlin , anb (istunbljepl: in bate ^imaicrne 
Cetenpwjg mannefcem B 

Ci)e feconb tS calleb Veronica fee mina of tbeiLatinifteg* ♦ in -tfrfctirhg y Pr » 

niquefemdie roljisft &oucI) Ctettbietf?tteiblin: inbafe ^Imaigneeetenmti* 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 


he Nature. 


*J* The Vertues. 

Veronica(a^ PauletDttneffetl))^ ipectallp goofc fot tycttoppmg&^papncg 31 

° f ^e^ecoctton of Veronica tyonfcen,tiotl) fofcet twto ^eale allfcefy, auD olU # 
toountie&ann clenfetl) t^e bloui) from all eutllcotruptton&ani) from all rotten 
ant) at)ttftet)ttmoi0:ant)fo^tl)atcattfett goon to betyonfeenfotttjekiDnzp& 
ant) againft fcimimefTeanti foulcfpiel)l>tng'Cettei:$,anI)coiifumtngoiti:ettmij 
ftitefttbefmall^ocHe^anti^efeHeis;* .. lyir 
%\\z water of veronica WftillcD t»itlj tome,an& fo often new taawen anttll z 
it ware of arebtnO) colour, mud) t>fet> asatnlt an olD C ougb>tt>eDtpneire,anD 
Ijarmegoftljelungeg : fo^mmfapttjattt will ijeale all blcerft inflammations? 
ant>i)arme$oftbe#ulmeot&unge& ;• 

a Cljetf emalemeromcate of fyel&e operation,but muct) wea&er,ant) notro m 

Ground ppne/oj 3(ua fteofeata. €l>ap^Wtf . 

JfcThe Kindes. 

T^erebetineefttttegof t^e^crbecalleU inltatinc Chamepitys, (a£ Diofco. 
A rides faptlj) fye oneUfce ttje otber infmeU ant) faltyton* 

Chamepitys prima. 


Chamepitys altera. 

^efeconfc <£rount>|&pne« 



C tl 


The firft Booke of 

TffcT he Definition. 
$e firft fctn&eof tijefe Ijerbe&to afmall ^erb e ant) ten&er,creptngfcpontl>e 
grouarjat^atljfmali^attiic^e^^fometljmgcrofeet): tijeieauetf befinall, 
narrow $!jearie,of ttjefauottr of tlje^pne, ojjfpzretree: Cljeflottreg be 
fmaIl,pale,pellou),o;u>^tte,tlje coote to fleigljt oj fwgle^ of luoottop (Ubftace* 
a %\)z fecouli ijatlj alfo fmail tyauncije&biouwe, fjearte, anH tmDer, crofting 
tn,after tyefaffyion of anancfcer,out of ui^ictj btattncljeg grotuett) ftnallijearte 
ieaue&muclj clouenanD cutcrofTevuife: ^elittleflouretf be of a purplifyeco- 
tottr,an& gtotu about tlje ftalfceg in tuffetf like garlatto o? ccoxtJtret^* feeUe 
to blacfce ant) roitntie,anti tljetuljoleplantefauottretlj lifce to tlje otyer* 

j C^eti^trlJetot^eleaft Of all ? anD ijatlj Cham^pitys tcrtia. 

fmail ; tjuijite,t:ougl)leauefttl)efloure$be cbetbirt) dSrounD #pne* 
pelio\jo:ant) infcnelll&e to fyeotyer&. 

The Place. 

Cljefeijerbeg loue to grotoe tnftonp 
groun&eg ant) mountapne#:intl)tocou.v 
trep ttto Covenant) fet in gattieng* 

#J» TVk Tyme. 

floure in 3]ulp ant) 3uguft» 

Cl)efetI#eel}etbe£bealleaUet> bpone 
inHatme Aiuga, 

Abiga,anD Ibiga : in ft)Oppe£ Iua,ant) Iua 
Artetica, O^t lua mofcata : itt <fepattttye Pi- 
^///f,mCnglt(^alfO Chama?pitys.<|5r0Ut> 

^pne,l£erbe 3|ue, forget me not, 9 ftelD 
Cpp*e# ; in frenclje luemufquee-ixi^i^t 
3aotirlj saelt Cpp k ie& $ of fcmel^oelan* ^^^p^J 

gi^et: ^Oeitetter^ he Nature. 

Cijep are ijoate in fye feconfc degree, ^^Oj 
anD Dip in tljetljtrtie* 

'Cljeieaue^Of ChamappitystyofcCtt in 

tirine bp tije Ipace of feuen tiapea, tjeaiet^ 
tl?e3|amtlieft^DtonUen\jDtt6^eaDe oz 
^elicrat bp tlje fpace of fotfie Dapetf , it 
Ijealeti) ti?e Sciatica , ttjat to to Cap , ^e 
papne of ttjetyippeoiijocfciebone* 

Jit to alfo goofc againft tijeftoppingtfof fyeiiuer, tftetitfficultteof btute,ant) * 
cautettjtjoomentoljaiietljeir termed oinaturalifickneiTe* 

Cham? pitys greene ptmnt>,ant) menglet) tuity Bome,anti iapfce toon great t 
tojount)e&ant> tritulent,ant) corrupt toicer&curetl) tije fame* 

3iifo t^efamebeinggreenepounH,anDlapDetou3omen^ bieafltf ozpappe^ & 

3nft being oiDereD a# to befcuefafoe , anli lapt)e to tye bptingtf op ftinginc^ <8 
o^erpmt&<&iper&ant>fucI) ofyer tomemoufcbeaft& toof great fcertueanD 
ifiiicl) profitable agatnftttje Came* 

C§e23ecoctio of Chu n^pkystyonfeen, HtlToluetftclottie^congeleD bjauD* 4 
3lnD ttjefameboplet) in fcineger ant)tyonfcen,t)eliueretlj t^e HeaD cljilDe* 

31ftljeboDpberabbeDo k iannopnteDtDit!? fye iupce thereof, ttcaufctymudj /$ 

cnc Hiftorie 6f Plantcs. 


^el&ebertue^auetijettoo otijerWnbe& butittotoeafcet an& not of to s» 
great efftcacp* 

6f lauenfttt tfotton/oj <®a«ifli tfppjes, Cljap*)tf# 


•T^ete beftu^zp fcutetfof gatben€ppje£, growing fotljegatbettoof tyto 

*J* Defcription. 

, '^^cfttftauiJt^cmoftcomouCpp^, 


to a fmall tree ot ftmtbb e of tuoobbp 
fubftance, uritb bpiigbt tyauncijetf, 
bunging foitb fmall,natrott),long an& 
roub,raggcb otpurleb leaue& at tbetop. 
of tbe btauncbe^ 01 (lento gtotoetb fapje 
£Dzen§e-colout floured like tbe ttouretf 
of 'Canfep.bttt greater ^b^toote to of 
^oobbpfub(tance,vuttbmanpftring$o^ a 
tt#ebbe# banging at it. x 
i Cbe o tber Cppies to mndj lifce to tlje ^ 
fttfpmiMfee$ ? l^aueftfloureft^fafll)ion, 
fauingtbat tbe tyaumbetftbat bate fye 
leaned are Cmaller, $Xetououetebtt)itb 
long imali leaue£ , tbeflouretf be paler $ 
Cmallcr,anb tbe wbotebetbe tonotof fo 
ftrongafattour, butfinelletlj mo^egen* 

3 Cbe tbirb fcin& b to leaue£ befmaller,$ 
goiter, almoft like tbeleanetf of beatb* 

4 %\)tfouxtb feinbe bto leauetf be moic 
ftngi e,anb like tbe leaueg of tbe Cppjefe 
tree ? bnt tbep are x&tytz* 

5 %%cttfft) batb fofte toollie leaue& a# 
tttuere lapbe uutb a certapne bourne o£ ^ 
fine Cotton; tottb (talked creepingalogft 
tbe ground Ct?e floured of tbefe tt#ee 
ktnbe&are not bnlike fye floured of tbe fitft ktnbe* 

JfcT he Place. 

C^ep groto notin tljto coutrep.but intijegarbeng to^ereag fyepareplSteb* 

*§» TheTyme. 

%\)ty bo bo tb floure in 3|ulp ? anb aiugulh The Names. 

Piimc calietb tbto b wbe in <££eeke x«n«t™*«ew&' : anb in Ratine Chama?- 

cypariffiis: tomeof tbe later tU^iter^Do call it Santolina, anb Caniphorata : bn* 

knotoen infyoppe£: tome callit inCnglity ftauenber Cotton,anb Com d&arben 

Cpp:eg:in jf renclj cypres deiardyn : in Jaotwlj Cppie& 
t %\)t o tfcerg untbout boubte are of tbefcinbeg of Cpp^anb not Cetye,a£ 
i tome callit^befeebe of fyto Ijetbe tocalleb in fijoppes, Semen cotra lumbncoi, 

"Semen Santonici,$ Semen fan<5tum. jfe The Nature. 

JX to tyoate anb berpbip* 


PiinieVD^itetlj fyat cham^cypariiTusb^enintottie togoob agatnlt £5>e* 
pent&anb ;£>co?pion&an& otljer ktube of poptom 

€ \\\ 



The firft Booke of 

GMtimzim/ f igwojtc/atU! ^attTje 

fllpartgolDe,. C^ap^jc* 


$ere be too Mnfttf of tlje betbe calleti in <!Weefce CbeUDomttm,toberor 
tlje one & tbe great CelanDpne,ti>e otljer tja? fmall CelanDpne, tn JUtini 

Strophularia minor. 

Chelidonium maius. 

<Breat CelanDpne* 

Chelidonium minus, 

£>mall CelanDpne* 

ifeTht Dcfcriptiex. 

f /^l&eat CelanDpneljatb atenDer (fcafee>rotwD>bearie,attD full of bmmefte£, 
ll euerp bmuncbeljatung Dtuer$ topntetf anD fmotte£/Cljeleaue£ mud) like 
tonto Colombpne,buttenDeter$ DeeperiaggeDo^cut, of agrapilb colour 
bp onefiDe,anDgremebpontbeotberftDefometobat Dialing toumrDgbleto. 
•Cljefloure tg attbetoppe of tbetyauncbetffap^eanD peUotu like tbetuall d5pl- 
iofer,* turnetb into long coDDetf o^utkefcfo tbetnte tftefeene,U)!jic^et0 fmall 
anDpale^Utbeberbeteof aftrongfmell: anD tbetupce(tobereof tije floured, 
the leaue&tbe ftalfce,anD tberoote vs full,anD commetb f oitb tuban tljep be tu 
tberbtufeD oityofcen)& pelloto a$ Saffron, Ibarpe anD bitter, buttfjat of tbe 
rootetyerialip>tbettbicb t^pellotn a$ goU)e^eroote^atftmanpfmalftringjsf 
oztfueDDplacetfbangmgtberebp* , 
k CbefmallCelanDpnete alow berbe growing bp tbe grounb, bauing a lit* 

z tiefinallbiowmty item, tbe leauetf be finall anD Comewbat rounD , mi ^nic 
leaue&but mucb fmaller,tenberer,fofter> anD (mother ♦ ^e flower i$ pelioui 


the Hiftorie of P kntes. 3* 

\il\t to a golbe cttp,ot Crotufootefloure/Ctjeroote i$ full of fmall ttfttbfytft o j 
tyarietarcAuntt) titiier^ knotted in tljeitt like to to3jeate o k t barley co?ne& 

Caltha Paluftris. 


feOttetbloeinetl Belgarum, 

T&ere teanotbet tjerbe mucfyeltfce to 
fmall C eianbpne in leauetf $ floured, 
tt)eu)ljicftu)e map call s^arfy^atp* 
golbe, o k t23iaue Celanbpne> ttye leaue£ be 
anb fl)wing,Ufce to a^opler leafe, but lar* 
get $ alittle cut,o£purlbeabouttbe ebge& 
Cb^ftaifeet^rounD^anDlittulieliinto ma* 
np bjaunclje&bpon ubiety ate ttje pleafant 
pelloxu fioure&Uketopelloto Crourfoote 
otgolbeCup, but larger anb fapzer to be* 
l/olb/Cije floured being gone 01 fallen, pee 
fbaifee tljtee otfoure fmaUfyuflte* o;tcob& 
like to ttjejjufit&of Colombpne, utyereut 
i$ cotepneb fmalpeUotu feebe& %\)t roote 
& great anb tlj icke , tuiti) manp tl#ebbp 

, *Cl)e great Celanbpne grotoett) in btp 

place&aboutolb rotten taalle&anb bp tbe * 

voap fcbe&anb tmber I£ebge£ $ quickfetsf. 
3 %i)t fmall Celanbpne, anb tbe Bzaue 

»affroet,oj S^arfy 4©arigolb,bo grow in 

mopft mebotue&bpon tljebanfceg anb bo y 



t Clje great Celanbpne beginnetl) to floure in 3pull 7 anb laftetl) flburing all 

tftc^ommer* , £ ' ^ _ 

Cbefmallbiimgety fotfb W ffourebpttmeg, about tbe retunte of &tta£ 
lowe^intbeenbeoff ebmarp,3]tremapnetb flouring all^arcbe, euen bntill 
3pztll,anb after it bo tb fo banifb aw ap,tbat a man fyallfelbome fee it m Sl^ap, 
3 Ci?e #raue 23afTtnet,flouretb m #ap anb 3iptilU 

tyThe Names. 

f Cljegreat Celanbpne tecalleb in d^eeke x^^v' tnftatine Chelidonium^ 

maius,anb Hirundinaria maior: intyoppe0 Chelidonia: $ of fome a£ Athenaeus 
UJWtetft, Anemone : in fbptUlitt)tChelid«nea, yerua d'andurma y yerua de las gelun- 

dhnas : in Cnglify Celanbpne, §>txmllo\jourte , anb of fome Cetterojurte : tit 
$ renclj chekdome^ EftUireimfyigb Bouc^ <5SroC? ^fbelxuurt^grof^c^tual* 
benfcraut,anb £>cbelfctaut : in bafe3llmaigne d5ouvuo;tel, $ dSroote <Bmm* 
% 'Cijeleffer t£ calleb in <B?eekex*w/ wwh juixfoV : in Ratine Chelidomu minus, 

anb Hirundinaria minor .-.Ul ftoppeiJ Scrofularia minor, anb Ficana .-fn^taliail 
r Fauofcello; Ul £>panifl> Scrofularia menor: UlCnglitt) #pletDOtte,OttfigtDOtf e \ lit 

JTrencl^e scrofulas, at Petite Efdairc : in ^tg!j Bouctj felein ^>cbel\i)urt5, Went 
^cbtualbentuurt^ jf eigU)amen,otBlaternUraut, ^faffentjoblin, » S^epen^ 

Caltha Paluftris fo nameb of certaine late watery of fome Tufsiiagojiitcra, 
mib Farfugium, tp^erebntonottjoitl)(tanbingit i$butalittelllifee,mapfijellbe 
Cnglilbeb a9ar(l)e<^arigolbe: in f renctj Bafiwetdeprez,, oiBapnetdem4res:ixt 
biab Boucb aeoftblumen, ©ottetblumen, d5eeliDeif|blumen, anb Smarten- 
w • ' C titi bliunen; 

J* The firft Booke of 

Mumcmtnbafc 3bnatgne,groote#ooterbloemen,anD ^otterbloemem 

# The occajion of the Names. 

%\)t great CelanDpne&nameD in<!5ieefeex^^» chclicJonium '^^ & 
to fap,S>u)alloti>-l)etbe,bpcaufe (a# p l i n i e tt> tttetlj ) it ajE? f ird: f o uuD out bp 
^uuatioxDe& anD tjatlj fjealeb tye epetf , anD refiwD figtjt to tljeir pong one#, 
ttjat Ijaue S?aD tjarme in tljeir epe&oz tjaue bene blinDe* 

'CijefmallCelanDpnetoagfo calleD,bpcaufe tljat itbegtnnetij to Xp L *ing $ to 
floure,at ti)ecommtng of tlje ^tDallotjoe&anD toifyereti? at tijeir retume* 

p^The Nature. 

ttuo CelanDpnetfare^oate anD D# in tlje tljitDe Degree : anD tlje fmall 
CelanDpne i$ ttje Ijoateft* 

'Xije 23raue 2$airtnet, o^arfyeS^arigolDe, # ai(D of a Ijoate nature, but 
not ejcceeDtng* & The vcrtues. 

^eiupce of CelanDpne mingleDtiufy t£onp, ^bopleDina beflTellof copper at 
ts% b^atte, cleared? tije figtyt, anD DjoppeD into ttje epetf, tafcetl) axoap t'ge lpot& 
fcarretf o£blemiftye&blouDfyotten,anD tuebbe of ttje epe* 

3f xuit^ t^efatneiupce anD tuine,onetua^e fretting, anD containing fojetf, 25 
tt txjtil conioltDate anD Ijeale t^em* 

•Cbe roote bopleD tmtlj 3tnite feeDein totyite tiune, openetij fyeftopptngg c 
of tbe '/titter, anD tjealetl) tlje JaunDice* 

fameroote cbetueD in tlje moutb,tafcefy atoap tlje tootlj-actje* & 
3 ^efmaiCeianDpnepounD,^lapDeDntorougl) $coiruptnaple£,caufet!?£ 
fame to fall a\Dap,$ fapter o^better to grou) in fyeir placet: 3nD if it bepounD 
in typne o^ \joine,ei)peciallp tbe roote,anD after applieD anD lapDe to ttye $ emoi* 
tf)oiDe#,it Doty DtlTolueanD ijealetljem: fo Dotb tbeiupce,if it bemingleD toitlj 
toine oj biine,anD tlje^emoirljQiDeg be toafity eD tijereuutljalU 

CbeDecoctionof tljteljerbe in \uine gargarifeD,Do{$ purge tljeljeaD from f 
naugtjtie fleume $ etull ^umo^, anD caufetfjtijefame to be eafilp fpitteout 

C^e iupce of ttye roote mingleD tuiti) tyonie, anD fnifte ojDzatoenDp into tlje <& 
nofe, purged tbe biapne from fuperfluou#mopfture£ , anb opened tljettop* 
pings? of tijenofe* 

t ^e^ar^e^arigolDe,ij8?notbfeD in ^^pficfee. 9 

6f9crttfncle» €i)8gwt 

t£t The Dtfcripthrt. Clematis Daphnoidcs. 

P(£ruincleljatl) maupfmall ^flenDer 
long b?anclje$ fcritl) topnte&tutyer* 
bp it lineaDetlj atyoaDe bppon tlje 
grounD,creeping^ trapling^it^er anD 
tljttfjer* €be leauetf be greater tya tije 
ieaue# of 23ope , muc^e like to 23ap 
leaned in colour $ faffy ton,foutng tljat 
tijep befar fmaller/Cljeflouremoftco- 
monlp to ble\i3 , $ fometimetf to^tte, $ 
tau)nie,butberp felDome:tti£ parteD 
into fttte leaned , fomeu^at lifee t^e 
floure of great 25uglo(Te , but larger $ 
plea&nter to be^olDe, pettuit^out 
uour* roote dearie anD pellotUt 

4fc The Place. 

^eruinclegrotuetft \uel,in^aDotDp, 


the Hiftorie of Plantcs. jj 


Jt flottretl) mofl: commonly in aparcbe anb 3tpuil, but it remapnetft greens 

all ti)0 peate* # The Names. 

Jltig calletim <I5zeefeeKXtjLt«r/Vcr«cpvoft/'(?:m)tatine Clematis Daphnoides: 

Plmietnacertaineplacenametij it Clematis Aegyptia : ^man otljer place cha- 

ma?daphne : in ftjoppeg Peruinca,anb Vinca peruinca : in Italian Proucnqua, ttt 
^pantl^ Perttinqua: inCnglift) ^enimde: itl Jfrencft Pcruencbe)wcifo du Lijferon-Vb 

ijtgtj &ouctj 3lngruen,$ ibpugruen : in bate 3timatgne sftincoo^be, 3Iugroen, 

%£T he Nature. 

^eruincle i£ typ anb aftringent* 

jfrThe Verges. 

Cljebecoctionof tljteljerbe fobbe in tmne, anbbtonfcen, (loppetlj tljelaffce, 3 
anD tije bloubp flijee: it ftapetlj tbe immoberate courfe of tlje floured (pitting of 
bloub,anb all otber flujce of Woub* 

Cbe fame mengleb tjoitb miifee,anb ople of ftofefc^ put into tlje <!©atrijc, in 23 
apeiraneoi^otbecfuppofttotp.taHetb avoaptbepapneg of fyefome* 

Cbefame cbevoeb ijealetlj ttje tootIj-acfte,$ alftingingof benemoufebeaftg, £ 
if ttbeapplieb thereto* 

Cbefamebmfeb anD put into fyenofe,ftoppet!j nofe bleebing* 


■ije The Defcriptiott. 

GBlbe Saffron ftatft a rounbe 
ttalfceof tbieeCubtteg longo$ 
oje,beckeb toitb log^narroto, 
hmtz^ 9 fyarp p^icfcingleaueg; 
I rounbpticfelepljeabe^ o^knoppe$ ? tbe -<|||§^ 
% tuijicljeat tfteir opening , bo btingfo^ 
a pleafant €>ienge colour floure, of a 
goob fattour^ colour like to tljettytebg 
of rigbt Saffron: totjan tlje floure i$ 
ttrittjereb anb paft, tbere&founb loitb* 
in t^e pticfclp ijeabtf o£fcnoppe&aMjite 
long comereb fcebe,u#appeb in acer* 
tapne dearie botune,oz ctjaffe, 

fjt The Place. 

Cijep bfe to plante it in garben& 


Jt floured in Jul? anb 3ugutt. 

wL JfjtThe Names. 

* Jt & calleb in d&zeefce ww©- : in sta- 
tute Cnicus: of tljeBpotfjecarie&anb of 

Mefue, $ Of Serapio,Cartamus: of fotttC 
Crocus Hortefis,^ Crocus Saracenicus: 
fet Jt&\\ZXlSaffranoSarracinefco: in §>pa* 
nify ^Alacor y Acafran del huertojfemcntede 

I Papagaios: ttt Cnglify adaftarb Saffron: 

' W jfteclj Srfjf/vw fauuAgefll Bafiard in ft igft 

Cnicus. Carthatnus. 

$4 The firft Bookeof 

£>ouc!) HDiffien garten Saffron: in bateaimaigne osilben &affraem 

%.T he Nature. 

Ct)efcebeof33afiarlie£>affron(as Mefuetu*itefy)te ijoatein fyefirftfce* 
gree,anb typ in ttye feconb* 


ftljeiupceof tljefecbeof &aftronbtufet> antipount>,an& fyonkentoit^o* 3 
meb ttater,oitljebtoti)e of aC^tcfeen otpullet, piottofcetij tije ftoole , anb pur* 
getl) bp fiegeiipmie fleume&anb fljarpe : ^oieouer it i# goob againft 
ttjeCoUkctljat^tofa^tftepaptie, aub ftoppingof rtjcbouiel^ o* gutter anD 
alfoagainfttbepapnein fetching of bieatk ttje coug^ $ flopping of tyetyeaft, 
an& it i$ fingulet againft t^e 3B*opfie, 

tljeiupce of ttjefamefeebe put into mtlfce>caufetlj fye&me milketo com # 
gealc an& crubbe,anb mafcetlj it of giyat f otce,to lofe an& open tye bellp* 

'C^efloure^Dionfeeujtt^ ^onteb uuater, openetb tije kiuer, an& are berp c 
goob againft tlje3aun&ife*mfo tije fame floured areberp goob to be bteH in 
meateg to gtue tftem a pelioto colour* 

♦jjjjt T he Daunger. 

Cijefcebeof 23aftarb Saffron tgberp burtfull to fte ftomacfce, caufinga 
beffre to bomtte, anb i$ ofljarbe ant) flotue operation, remapning long in fye 
ftomafce anb entraille& 

lijjt The Amendement, 

pemuttputtotfjefamefeebe^ometbingg comfortable to tljc ftomafte,a£ 
aintfe feebe,<i&alangall,oi ^aftifee,ot fome otijer goob tbing to baftenbte ope- 
ration^ d5pnger,£>algemme, common &ite>$c* 3lnbif it be bfeb after 
manner, ittyailnotljurtetyeftomackeat all,anbiji£ operation fyalibemo^ 

€>f€cmp$a/oj f lebanc €l>ap. 

fjereare tiuofinte£ ofConp?a, a# Diofcorides^ Theophraftus ton* 
tetlKC^eonecaileD tbe great o^ male Conp^a : tbeotijertbefmall op 
femaleConp^a: €>ueranbbpfibcg ti)efe,t^erei^at^irlietoDe,t^e 

xutyicg itfcalleb rijemibbleoimeane Conp?a* 

4^ The Defcription. 

\ TH^egreateConp?a tjatb leaueg fomeurtjat larg&,aUnofl; lifceCotoflippe 
I leatte&fauing tbattbep are tyoumer anb fofter/Cb* ftalfcete rounb,coue- 
rebttritfjafafteCottono^fine&oiune, ofafooteanbljalfelongojmofe, 
totoarDe^tbe toppefpieabingabtoabe into manpfmaUb;tanclje& bpontttytcfc 
grotuetty long bubDeg wbictye turneinto pelloti) floureg, tlje \]D^icbe alfo bo aP 
ter\»arb cljaungeinto 5©ouime l)eaDja?,fleeing atuap \joitty djeXDinD* 'Cljeroote 

i CtjefmallConp^agro^etftnotabouet^e^eigt^ of afpanne, o^foote, anil 
bifferetb not from tbefitft,fauing tljatit igagteatbeale leire.^e floured to 
of al)arfeepelloU3,almoftltfeet^efloure^of 'Canfie > o^Ufeeto tijemibbellof fte 
floured of CammomilUtijep are bot^ of aftrong feuour, buttle fouour of tyt 

z C^et^irti anb mibbellfeinbe of Conp?a, Ijat^ arounb tD^itetuolli^ aalfee, 
ofafooteanbabalfelong,tbeleaue$belong^cottonp,o? uiollp* ^efloarctf* 
atfte top of tlje ltatte,Ube to Cammomill,but greater, $ not onelp of a bzoun* 
pellotD colour in tlje mibbell, but alio rounD about, 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. 

Conyza maior. 


Conyza media. 


*§t ThePUce. 

% %X)t great £onp?a, foi tlje moft parte grotoetlj in tup placed Cije ttuo o* 
fyer# groto in ballep# ; tljat are mopa anfc gra{fte,anl> bp tuater ffoe& 

Cljepffoureinfyeenpof3!ulpan& 3tuguft* 

^The Names. 

i 'ftljefe ^erbe# are caiieD in <S5ieefce kovvJ« s Plinie in fome place calletlj tfjem 

CuniJagines : Theodor Gaza caiiett) ttyettt Policaria^anfrPulicaria?: tmfcnOtDm 

in fyops: one fcinDe of it to calleD in Cnglifl) f lebane: fome call it in Jjiglj 3£outy 
^nrtoMrt^ant^onnerumrt? : m&ywitt) ^ttudegua. 

rheophraft calleti) tije great,Conp?a tlje male : ant) tye fmaller Conj^atije 

f emale* The Nature . 

\ Cije great anti tijefmall Co nyza?,aretyoate anti b k ip inttye tljirt) Degree^e 
tljtrD to of t^elifeefubftauncepbutnotfo^oate* 

^The Vermes. 

^ijeleatteg anH floureg of Conp?a bopleD in toine ant) Dioniten, tyaue great S 
pouter to ptouotie tye floure&ant) to ejcpellttje Beat) entitle* 

Cijepijaueaitb greatpotaeragainlttljeljoatepi^^^ B 
t^e3!atmbtfe ? anD ttje gnatuing 0£ grpping papne£ of tije bellp* 

Cbefametafeenii)it^binegertogool)foitl)eCpilepfie ? oifallingffcfeneflfe* C 

'Cfteiaecocttonof Conp?atofcerp profitable to tuomenagainfttfeDifeafe^ & 


$6 The firft Booke of 

anb papne oft^e Sl^otber, if fyep fitte ouer kin a clofe beflell ot ftetoe* 

He leaner buifeb anb lapoebpon ttjebitingg, otftingtugg of benemouve <E 

beafts,ateberpgoob:alfotl)epategoobtobelapbebp6 luounbetf $ oedemes, 

tljat us,tjatbe lumped ot colbeftoelltng&. 

Cbefante mtngleb xutt^ ople,# goob to annopnt tyebobp,to taUe atoap all tf 

colbe ftakutgs anb bzufing& 
Cbefame lapbe ftroweb otburneb matip place,briuety atoap al tomemoufe <B 


JfcT he Defection. After Atticus. 

* r^erretDurte^at^abtotatie^eari^an^ 

^tDoobtft; (talke, tbcleauegbelog, t^tcfe, 
bearie>anb of abiome,otfu)attgreene 

colour*3lt ttje toppe of ttje biancijetf groto* 

ettj ttjzee ozfourefyinutg floured , after tbe 


anb let rounbe about tmtb fmall purple 

leaned, in oiber anb faffl)ioitlikeaS>terre> 

ftjijtcbeat ieugtb botutneinto boiune,o£ 

Cotton, $ttyeplumei£ carrieb aump tottl) 

tije vuinbe^'C^e rdote ig beatbeb ttutlj tyea* 

rie ftting& 
2 Here an otljer fcinbe of tfyig Ijerbe 

\joijofe floured are not onelppeiiow int^e 

mibble, but tbe fmall leaueg attb growing 

about ttje ebgetf inoiber like tlje Cammo* 

mill6oure,arealfo ofpelloto colour, buto* 

tfjetiotfelifce to tbeftrlK 

♦Jc The Place. 

^tetretuurte gtouietlj bpon fmall bil* 
iorUe&barroweiM£knappe0? inSBpoutv 
tapneg anb Ijiglj placed , anb fometimes in 
iuoobbe#,anb incertatnemebotue& Ipiug 
about ttje riuer of W$epnt> 

*5< The Tyme. 

3! t bo tij moft comonlp floute in 3luijtt(k 

•Jji The Names. 

CW* ijetbe i$ calleb in<!5ieeUe a&c krinitunsfi frvtewv « tojlattne After At- 

ticiis,^Ingu«nalis:0fBergtiiFlos Amellus.offome Stellaria: WjJItalian^": 

bnfcno\jamin^l)oppe£:in(i£ngiifl^^^ in jfrencf) 

i_Aftergouttememe$iEftoiiic • inijigl) j^oucb i$egerfcraut, £>cartenfcraut,anb 
^ternfcraut:inba(e 3&lmaigne|s>terrecrttpt* 

jfrThe Nature. r 

3Itbot^ refrefy anb coole,anbtfalmottof temperature lifcet*je»ofe» 


jX i$ betp goob againft tfte ouer mucljrjeate anb burning of fyeftomalM 
being lapbe to outtoarblp,bpon tljeCame: ^nb being greeneftampeb,anb lapb 
to tbebotcbetfotimpoftumetf, about tlje fljare oz p^iuie members pieuapletij 
mucb againfttljefame, 

3lt Ijelpety anb Ctoagety fye rebnelfe anb inflammation of fye epe&anb fuiv t 

fcament ' 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 

bament 01 fiege,anb tyt falling bolt) tie of tlje 3ttfe gutte* 

Cl)eble\x)dftbefoure 7 bionimun\jDatet tSgoobtobegtuentopong ctytkc 
bien,againft: t\ft S>quinancie,anb tl)e falling ftcimefle* 

£>ome men fap t^at tbi£ ijerbe puttetlj axuap all tumo^ $ foellingg of tye 3© 
nege,fyate,anb funbament,pea U)l)an it i£ but onelp carried about a man. 

jfe'The Kyndes. 

\€ fhallbefctibe influx <Ii)apter,ti^ee to#e£ of ^enntetintrte, 01 Co- 

Jtj -don:U)l)etOftU)Ofcml)e£tJD^^ 

gltftep be alto in maup countries at tbte nap : %\)t tyirbe,bpcaufe of a 
cettapnefimilitube otliKenelTe fyatittyatljuiitl) ^ennpwurte of fye 

tpall,tte bo call Mater ^ennpumtte. 

Cotyledon vera. 


Cotyledon altera Matthioli. 


agt The Defcriptiort. 

% leafeof tfjefirftfcinb of ptmv* 
toMtz,i$ tounbe ant) tbiefce, mucij 
Ipfceto 3|uieleaue&but tounbe^ 
tometoljatbluntlp tnbeteb about, tint!) 
tome tjollotunes ot concauitie aboue, e 
a fyotte (tern bnbemeatlj in fye mibbell 
of tlje leafe*Cije ftalfce ig fmall anb ijol* 
lotMboute afpannelong, uutij biuet# 
littelllong floured, of a UJtjititye oun* 
carnatecolou^C^erootei^tP^ite.anD \ 

2 feconb fcuibe ijafy btobe tyiefce 
anb tomeu)ljat rounbe leaue? , fp^eab 
S abjoabe, 

Cotyledon aquatica. 

abater ^ennptourt^ 

3 S ThefirftBookcof 
abtoaDe, rounD about tbe ftalfce lifce to £>pngteene ot ^otttt&e, from ti?e miD* 
Dell wbereof,(piingetb bp the tenDet ftalfce,bearing linallfloure& 
3 neater ^ennpwurte liatli littellfmotbe leauetf, rottnDe anD bollo w aboue, 
but not torp muclj, euen a# it were afmall C^oilotu plate, tbeftem i£ bnDer- 
netb in tbemiDDeftof tbeleafe,fomewbatD*awingtowarDe£tbe pzopo^tion 
oft©all^eiinp\utti;te,buttti$fmaUer,fmotbet: anD of a toarter colour, anD 
anDfomewbat DeepernatcbeDoiDenteD,butpetbluntlp alfo* Cbeflouregbe 
fcerp finallanb wbtte, anD grow benetb, o^alfo bnDer tbeleaue^ €be rooted 
be fmal anD bearie,creeping anD putting fcutb bpon euerp fiDemanp final pong 

The Place. 

* #ennpWtttte,a$Piiniefaitb,growetbinlto^^ 

gto wetb not in manp coutrep&ejccept it be planteD op fet in garDen#*3l t gro w* 
etbpletifullpin fomeparttfof CnglanD,in^ommerfet(bp£e>$ about t©elle& 

* ^ountapneoi ^pngreene $ennpwurte,i#arareplante, it growetb in 
fomeplace£oftbe3lpeSanDotbermountapne0 beponDtbe^ea* 

3 # ennpwurte of tbe water growetb plentif ullp intbitf couutrep,in low me* 
Dowe&anb mopft balep&wbereag water ftanDetb in tbe winter* 

*5* The Tyme. 

uaall^ennptourte,flouretbin^ap^3|une,but^ennpxi3urte of tbe wa* 
terflouretb in 3|ulp* 

*jgc The Names. 

* 'Cbte betbe i# calleD in6£eefce kot«\h«/i»p : utkattne Cotyiedon,anD Vmbi- 

licus vcncris.anD Acetabulum. 3nD Of Plinie Herba Coxendicum . Iacobus dc 
Manlijs in Luminari maiori.calletbit Scatum Coeli $ Scatum cellus: tn Italian 
Ombilicd di ve»ere,CuperiMttlein^piimtt) Scudete^Coucillos, Capadella, Ombligodeve- 

nm . rnCnglilb great ^ennpwurte,anD wall |& ennpwurte : tntfrencb NmbrU 
de vcnui i in bate 3ilmaigne jftauelc rupt 
i Cbe fee onD i$ calleD in d^eete xvrf&iop k$« kotv\h<t»p lne« an&atine Cym- 

balium, Acetabulum alterum,^ Vmbilicus veneris alter: in bafe 3llmaigne 3©at 

anDer,0£ Dat tweeDe jftauelcrupt : in Cngliu% tbe feconD ^ennpwurte : anD 
<JJ£ountapne tyttmptouttc* 
3 ^ennpiourteoftbeUJater^caUeDintbefbop^oftbt^countrepjVmbiiicus 
Veneris,^ Scatu cceli,altbougbiti# nottberigbttanDe,a£igbe&JiefapD:£ bale 
3(lmaigne£ Do call it ^enninebcrupt: in Cnglifb £>beepe billing i&ennpgrafle* 

*Jc T he Nature. 

Cbe wall #ennpwurte,wbicb & tbe rigbtfcinDe, i# colD $ mopftttbe 1&en* 
npwurteof tbewater,i£ notwitljoutbeateag map beperceiueD bp tbe tafte* 

& TheVertues. 

f Cbe tapce of ^ennpwurte of tbe wall,i£ a fingular remeDp againft alliufla* % 
mation,anD boate tumors ^Sintbonieg fire>$ fepbeD beeletf to be annopnteD 
tberewitball:anD being applieD to tbeftomacfceitrefreffyetb tbefame* 

Cbeleaue#anDrooteeaten>Dotyeaketbe ftone, p.iouofce bzine, $aregooD 25 

-CbefeconD fcinDe teof bertuelifceto tbe great £>pngreene, o^oufelifee* c 
Cbe bertue of tbe water j&ennpwurte,o^enp grafted not pet imowem & 
&beit tbe igno:ant ^potbecarie^ Do Daplp bfe it infteeDe of ^ rigbt Cotyledon, 
Wbereintbep Do naugbt,anD commit manifefterrour, fcutberigbt Cotyledon 
10 tbe great^ennpwurte, calleD of foine^ennpwurteof tbe wall >bpcaufe it 
arowetb etter inolD waller 9 ftonie placed. 23ut tbi^growetb in low grouDtf 
art fl^arifll?e?,4nD i$ a ^urtefull fcerbe bnto S>^eepe. 

the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 

ijc- 7 he D efcripion . 

QUppnc Ijatl) a rouD groflfe buttellftem, 
fetfullof tbicHeleaue& grolfe ^fuliof 
fappe $ fomiubat Denteb about ttjeeDgeg* 
3it tljetop of £ tolkegro\joetbmanpfapje 
purple &oure& of faction liUetljeaoute^ 
of £Moftn£ tDiwte, calleD in d&zeefce Hy- 
pericum . 'Cb^ niote i# utyite anD berp 
knobbp,o t *knottie* 

Cljere ig a fcinbe of Ijerbe urtjofe 
floured arcu)t)itc: ant) alfo atlnrDc fcinDe 
Mjofe floured are pellotu.tbe reftDue i# a* 
greable to tlje firft* «5» ^ PUce. 

^Dippne piouet^ \uel in mop(l(l)atJotjop 
place&^be people offye counttep Delight 
mud) to fct it in pottf $ n^elle^f on S©tDfb« 
met Cue,o tbp6 timber flatted trectyertf 
DaiubeD twitb Clap, ^ (bto fet, op Ijang it 
bp tntbeirboufe&tuljereagitremapnetb 
greenealongfeafonanDgrotuetb,if it be 
fomtimeg ouer fpnncUieD unttj water* 


3ftfifourety moftcommonlp in3lugu(k 

# The Names. \^T^ 

tEljep Do nota call tyiff Ijerbe CrafTula jC^4 

maior,fbmecall it Fabaiia, $ Faba crafla: in 

Cnglift€)zppne, ^^iblong, oj jliuelog: 
in jfrenclj 07/*,$ chkotrw. inljigb Bouel) 
BSninDkraut , &nabenfcraut, f ot?lu>ang> 
anD f otjtuein : in bafe SHmatgne BDon? 
Dsncrupt,anD ^meertooztele* 

ijjc- 7* />e Degree or Nature. 

£>jppne cooletb in fye tljirDe Degree* 

fyThe Vertues. 

£Dtppne in operation $bertue i& lifce 
to i^oufeliKe o^pngreene* 

*£t T he Defcriftion. 

t r7Peb^igbti$ap^operrmalUotD^erbe, 
jQnotabouea(pahlong ? fulofb;tancbe& 
couereD \i little blackifl; leaue& DeteD 
ozfntpt rouD about like a fatt:tt?efioure$ 
befmall anD wtytz ,tyim\tb $ pouDeteD 
\utfyui 7 tiH$ pelloti) anD purple fpecfcetf* 
tOje roote i$ ltttell,fmall anD bearie* 

i C^ere t# pet an otljer fterbe,tul)iclje 
fome Do call Cpebagljt (alfyouglj it be 
not tijerigljt Cpetyigbt): it grotoetft 
to tije ijepgtlj of a fbote ot mote : Cbe 

& ii ftalfcetf 

40 The firft Bookc of 

ftalkcsberounb^patteD into tnanp collateral^ fibe bzaunclje^ bponttWe 
ateUttelifinallleaite^longanDnarrovu^moft commonly benbingot ganging; 
boumiuarb&Clje floured be tebbe:Clje roote i£ fittall a# tbe otbet epebtigljt 
roote/CljtS 3 tyougfot neceflarp to Declare, to tbe intent tbat men map learne 
to fenoU) tije Dtiterfitte betunjct tbembotlj 7 $ tljat tbep tyonlbenot tafce tljeone 
foityeofyet: foify&Iaft tabe tjatbnottljebertneof tyetrueCpetyigljt* 

JfcThe Place. 

^pebngtjtgtotoetb in typ mebotDe&greene $ graflte\joape&an& pafltarea? 
ttanbtng agatnll tye ^unne, i$ The Tyme. 

<£pebagbtbeginnetij to flonrein Sdngnft, anb floured (till bntill ^eptem- 
ber,anb tn f o^uarbe peare&it i$ founb to floure in 3|ulp* 3t muft be gatyereb 
anb Dipeb utiles it i£ in fionre* iv^w. 

S>omecalltbi£berbe in Ratine Euphrafia.- i<pQ*Kpm, Ophthalmica $ Ocula- 
ris:fometv4>po(ru V K,Euphrofyne:in(0ngli^ <fpebngbt:in r£clj£^™y* in tyigfo 
&ouclj autgentroft : tnbafe^lmaigneilDogbentrooll, fyat# to fap, in Jlattne 

O culorum iolamc n. # Vhe Degree or Nature. 

3lti£i)oateanDDip,almoftintIjefeconb Degree* 

tfpThe rertues. 

Cpetytgbt pounD anblapbe bpontbeepetf, o^tljeutpce thereof uritb xtrine % 
Djoppeb into ttje epe&tafcefy atoap t^e Dartmeffe of fyefame^ clearetb £ figftt; 

Dotb apotuber mabeof tb*eeparte$ of epcbugtjt baeb, anb one parte # 
of <flpaci& if aljponefullof itbetafceneuerp moaning bp itfelfe,o£toitlj fugar,of 
tuine»3inb tafeenafter tbefamefojtte,itcomfottet^ tbememo^pberp muc^u 
Cpetyigbtbopiebintoineanbtyonfcen i£gooDagaintttlje3]attnbice* c 
Ctyat otberCpebiigl)tigbnpiofitable>anb tbetfo^enotbfeb in^typficfcc* 

The Defcription 

Filipcdula^at^l6gieaue^,(p^eab abiobe 
like featber&mabe of manp final $ little 
leaueftalbeteb,fnipte,^iaggeb roub a* 
bottt,grpuring bp a log ftring oi fmal (tem> 
notmncbbnlifcettyeleaueg oftoilb Cafep, 
o£25urnet>but I6ger ? bt£ ftalfce i£ rounb,a* 
bouttbebeigbt of tuuo o:%eefoote ? attbe 
top thereof are manp faire tubite floured 
euerp one parteb in ftjcefmallleaue& lifeea 
little ^terre*Cbe feebe i# finals grotoetb 
togttljerlikeabnttom'Cbe rooted befmall 
ffcbiacfce, tob^eonitfljagingcettainefmaU 
knoptf oibiacfce pellet& ag in tbetooteg of 
tbe female ^ionpe,fauing £ tbep be a great 
beale fmaller* *5* The Place. 

Fiiipcduhgrotoetlj in 3lmapne,f rauce 
$ Cnglanb bpon ftonp moutaine$ $ tougb 
placed 31 1 1# alfo plateb in biuerg garben& 

4^ The Tyme. 

JX floured in ^ap,3une,anb Jul?* 

*£t Names. 
^>omcait!jt#betib in latin Saxifra^a rubea.- 
inl^Op^ Filipedula,0£ Philipedula:in3talia 
^^panil^ FilipendolaiVafiXWty FiUfende y ^ 



tlie Hiftorie of Plantes. 41 

The Nature or temperament. 

£>ioptourtei£ l)oate anD D#,but not full out in tlje ttyirDe Degree* 

Jfyi The Venues. 

Htje rootebopleD in tutue anb Dtonfceu ig gooD againft tlje SHoppiflTe, 0? 3 
^traagui-^anD againftall ttyepapnetf of tije blaDDer, it caufetij one to mafte 
\uater,auD tyeafcetl) ttjeftone* 

^Ci)Cfante(aS Mathcw Syluatkus,$ Symon GenuenfisDO\B;ttte)t#b0rpptO*23 

fttable againft tbe Difeafe^ fpunguxg of colDe, unnDtnctte, anD bladings of ttye 
ftoinac&e,tobemaDeinpoti)Der;,anD taken in ttuneuntl) fenellfeeDe* 

JftbepouDrcoftbetooteof jfil^ 
taken ot eaten imtbmeate, it will preterite amanfromtyefallingftctoelTe* 

•J* The Defcrtption. Barba Capri fine Vlmaria. 

MCDeltoeeteoi^eDexourtetutjidjig ^^^.^ 
^calleD in Ratine vimam,anD Barba 5^^Sr&S^ £ Pi 

It&e <0grtmonie,fauing ttjtp be larger anD 1 <} * r ^|^w ^ ^1 
longer>rougikboplleott£ anD ljarDe ? crom* "^52^k 4 \( 
pleD, anD uutncfcleD , lifee to tbe leaueg of 
Bpzc^e online tree0*CI)eftalbe igtyoh 
ioui,fquare, $ reDDify, fometimeg as long 
as aman, anD bearett) at tlje toppe a great 
manp of fmall floures , cluttering $ groto* 
ingtogttber Ufce ibe blotuing of jfilipen* 
Dula,of colour tutjtteanD fauour pleafant, 
ttjexut^tcljeDo c^aunge o* tntntinto fmall 
feeDe& lubicije be as tbep tuere iinencljeD 
o^unitben about,anD groto tljzee o^foure 
togitijer, lifeeto a little toarte^Cbe roote 
ig long^blacfce \Joitljout,anDbiDtHne-reD 
otincarnateuut^ui;, of a ftrong fouour $ 
aftringenttafte ? Uke 3ifce-fcernel& 

^ The Place. 

3lt grotaetl) in meDotoeS, anD moftp 
gtounbe&alfo in f^aDoxuietDooDDe^ 


Cij&ijerbeflourefymolkommonlp in 

# 1 be Names. 

%l)ig ^erbe ig calleD in Ratine Barba Capri, Vlmaria, anD Rcgina prati: m 

€n$liS) ^eDeU)urte,anD ^eDetoeete^anDof fome after tfje&atinename 
aoates bearDe ; in jfrenct) Barbe de cheurc : in 5©oucije l&epnette, anD grooteti 

The Nature. 

S^eDettntrte DonbtlefleD^ietij muc^anD ig alh:ingent,tnljerefo?e it redraw 
net^anD binDetij mantfeftlp* 

The Vermes. 

%ty roote? of eDeftoeetebopleD,o p maDe into pouDer,anD Djonfcen,ftop* % 

£> iti petij 


The firftBookcof 
peti> ttje la€ke,anH ail tOUe of blotto* 

%ty floured bopleb tn incite tmneanb bi6ken,curefy tije fetter &uartapne. 

SljaUctton o? 6a8att> ftew&atbe* €l>ap^jcjc* 

O f tbefalfe $ ssaftarb metobarbeg, tljere are at £ lead foure ot Rue fctntie& 
anbof tbemfomebegreat,anb onetefinalU 

Thalietrum magnum. 

"Cbe great 25a(larb Eetobarbe, 

Thalietrum paruum. 

djefmali^aOarD meU3barbe* 

tyThe Defcripion. 

x np^eftrftgreatCtyaltetron oiisaftar&Hetobarbe batb large ieauetf parted, 
J[ op bttubeb into Dtuerg otber&fomtobat ntcfet, oj. Dented about tbe ebgeg: 
tbeftalfcetfarellrafcel) ant> crefteb,of arebbe purpltfl) colouran tfte topped 
of tbefe ftailveg gro\uetb manp fmall anb bearte tubtte floured : after tbem co- 
ined fmall narrow buffeeg like cobbeg, foure otftue growing togttber: tbe 
rootet£peUow,long,rounb,anb Knottp,anb ttgrotuetb farreabzoabe in man? 
place^Cbecolouroftbebpperparteoftbeleafe^a tyoume greene o* beepe 
greene, anb fome are nwte barfcer anb blacker tban Come, but bnber tbep are of 
a ligbter colour* 

2 %fyttttonb fcinbe of great {Efyattetron oi 2Saftarb Eetobarbe leaueg be 
of a bletuiR; greene colour, bte floured bepellot», anb bte ftalfceg longer, $ tbe 
fauour mote grieuou#:but o tbertoife it i$ Ufce to tbe af o^fopbe* 

j Cljetbirbete berp welU&etofyefirtt, fouing tbatb&fmalifiouregare of 


the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 4} 

a ligbtbletu colour. 

4 CbefmaliCbalietron is Ufcebnto tbe abouefopDe, but in ail rejects le!Te, 
ijiSftalfeesbeof afpannelong,biSleaueSbetbinne$tenDer, ^tberootesare 
fmall$ttenDer,tbe little floured groxutogitber in fmallbunDels oituftes,of a 
Itgtyt pellotio colour atotoft totyite; anb it is alfo of aberp grieuous fauour. 

4feThe Place. 

i 'Cfte full; fcinDe oftentimes gcotuetb in moptt meDotueS, * it is alfo fouuDe 

i. i asuttbattuljicljebatb tbepelloto., anD biolet colour floureS, are biougbtto 
bS as HraungerS,aS tbat fcinDe alfo is uritb t^e blacfcify greene leaues* 
4 '£beftttalkinbeisfounDinZealanD,$oti^ 


Cljep ffoure mod commonlp in 3!ulp,auD 3lugu(k 

•i$c T he Names. 

3incertapneApotbecariesfl)oppes tbepcalltbis Wnbe of berbe Pigamum, 
anD Do erronioullp bCeitfon&ue,U)btcb is calleD indfrzeefce Peganon^ijecom* 
mon fo t tte call it R habar bar u m,an& tberefoie it is calleb f alfe oi BaftarD EetD- 
barbe;butmanp learned men call it indSteefce flax/Wecy ,in&atine Thaiietram, 
anD Do bfe it f o i tlic fame. 
4 23uttbefmalThaiiecrum 5 isnot Hypecoon 3 aSto>eljauetl)ougl)t iteartijiS* 

9^ The Nature. 

13 aftarD lletobarbe is of completion boate anb Dip. 


%\)t leaues of BaftarD ileioobarbe, taken in meate scrophularia maior. 31 
eiotbenmfelofetb tbebellp. ^ 

Cberootesalfo tyoulD feemetobeof tbefamenatttre 53 
auD bertue:anD fot tbiS consideration partlp tbep toere 
calleD ftetubarbe, $partelp alfo tbep voere focalleD,bp* 
caufe tbeir rootes are pelloiu like iletobarbe. 

&f mam 6«onp/ o? 6?otme* 

tuurte. Cbap.wr. 

ify The Defcription. 

% TJlJiounetourtebatb afquare, toottme, bolloti) ftalfce, 
leaues > natcbeD o^ DenteD rounDe about, berp 
likebnto jfftettellieaues,but fmotber oj plapner,anD 

nothing (tinging oi burning at all Cbe toures groto a* 

bouttbe toppe of tbeftalkes, anD arefmall anD tatimep, 

bollott)likeabelmet,otafnaplefyeiLCbe feeDe is fmall 

rounDe, popnteDlifee to fomepietppellots oj buttons* 

Cbe rooteis tubite anD fcnobbp,lifce tberoote of £)zppn 

o* £pblong,tDberpf toe baue fpofcen Cbap. 2 
% . CbereisanotberfeinDeDftbiSb^b^li^totbefirft^ 

inftaI&eS,leaues,ffoureS,anD bufUes,oi feeDe belfelles, 

but it Ditferetb in tbe roote : fozbiS roote is not fcnobbp 

oiftoollen like to tbe otber,but full of tbieDDify firings: 

otbenuife tbere is no Difference betojnjrt tljis kinpe anD 

tbeotber,tubic^ tbep call Scrophularia maior.fozpftalke 

is alfo fquare, anD tbe leaues like to j&ettell leaues, anD 

arecut,$DenteD rounD about inline manner: tbefloures 

are like to open belmets aUb,$c*fo fyatoftentimeS>tijofe 

& iui tyat 

44 The firftBookeof 

tt)iittakcnot^et)ctot})elJtffereceint^eroote^t)0 5at!)er tljeonefottljeotljer* 
3 Cljere t£ pet a tljtrtic fcinb cuiljtcg ig noting UUe to tlie otber& Cauing onlp 
tnttjc floured anb feeDe ? U)ljereui it & berplifce to tljeotfyer ^cropbulatieg: 
tuijerefote ujeeijauettyougbtgoob to make mention of it in t^ig place: b$ 
ftalfeeig ngl)t,oi(tratgtjt anb rounbe* CJjeleauegare like to i&oqtiet leaue& 
but fmalier anb bionwer/€be fiouretf are tifee to tbenx afoze&pbe, fatung tljep 
befmalleranbof abletue colour, ftrakeb tnit^ fmall drakes of wtyitz. Clje 
roote is t!uebbp ? l&etl)e roote of tije feconb fcinbeof Saophuiai ia 3 anb 10 euer* 
ia(ling,putting fo#l? pearelp nexu fp:ing&a£ alfo botty ttye rooteg of tl>e ofyer 

ttUO Sciophulancs. 

♦|t The Place. 

%\)tt\w ftrftefcinbegbo opo\D berp plentifully in tbig country, intbebo?* 
b erg of fielbe&anb bnber beoge&anb aboutlafceg anb bitcljeg* 
%\)t tljirbe i£ not fotwb l)ere,but onelp planteD in garbeng. 


%\)tp Sottre in-line anb 3lulp* 

JfcThe Names. 

t tOjefirlUgcallebin^oppeg, anb of tbei^erboufteg, Scrophubria maior, 

$ Offome Caftrangula^icaria^Millcmorbia^erraria: inCnglifljSStOUUetPUrte, 

anbiiDater 23eto'np:inbigb^bitaigne23taunU)urt^^)auu)urt^,anb grot? 
:tfeigntort$enktaut: in bate 3tlmaigne^^^ 

tbinfceittobetbeljerbetljatig calleb in <0teeHey«x/o4i^y«^o^o\op:in)la« 

tine Calcopfisanb Vrticalabeo. 

2 i:i)efeconb Ijatlj no certapne name in Ratine, not of tlje3lpotljecarte# : but 
in bafe Kllmaigne it ig calleb I3eecfefcupm,anb ^> r 3ntbuenig erupt; tbi£ ft ouib 

beK\vju*voy : Betonica Aquatica SeptentrionaliumrinCnglitt) UDatcr 23etOnp«. 

! %\)t tijirbe ig bnfcnotDen anb tnit^out name , nottoitbftabtng it map be ta» 
fcenfo£ a fcinbe of Gaieopfisjbpcaufe Ijig floure ig like to an open pelmet* 

# The Nature. 

Scrophularia igljoate at;b b^p in tbe tbirb begree, anb of fubtill parted 


Cljeleaueg, ftalfce, feebe, roote, $ iupce of t^e rtgljt dSalcopfig, oi 23£oune* % 
tourte,botb vuafteatib biiTolueallunbeg of tumozg, faellingg, anb ijarbnefle> 
tf ttbepounb xmtlj binege,tanb lapbe ttjerebpontwo ottfrteetimegabap* 

Cljeleauegftampteanb lapbe to olb,rotten,cozrupt, fp^eabing anb fretting 8 
Ulcere o^ocfce&botbbeale tytm, it botl) alfo bealeCanfcerg , if it bepounb 
U)itb ^alteanb lapbe thereto* 

3lf amanxuafte^igfaceujitbtljeiupceof tl)ig^erbe,ittafeetb atoaptljereb* C 

Cbe roote eaten biietlj bp anb Ijealetl) tije l^emozrljoibeg: tbelifce bertue it & 
Ijatb to bepounb anb lapbe too outtoarblp* C^e feebe of 23zuuneumrteb£on* 
ken lulled luozmeg* 

C^efeconbUinbe(tol)icbeigt^erigljtvuater25etonp) ig alfo berp gooba*<£ 
gatnft all cozrupt blcerg anb confuming foteg,beinglapbe to o, ag tbe firft. 
- ^^etbtrb ignotonelpbnkndti)eninname ? butalfo inbertueg* # 

tuit^ ot^er of tljefame tobe* C^ap^OTif. 

ifyThe Kindes. 

T&ere \% founb in t^ig contrep biuer$ fozteg of ^erbefttoijofe feebeg be long 
^ ftarpelifeeto a ^earong beafee o?bpl,t^e to^icl) fo? tye felf fame cauft, are 


the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 


allcompie^enl!>et>^nDert^enameanti fcindetf of $earon$ bill ctjetwoofirft 
aredefttibed bp Diofcorides,and otber of t^eautwtentUJttter^i'C^eftueot^ec 
are fet foojilj bp t^e later unpter&and learned mm of our time. 

%$The Defcription. 

t T^eftrft tone of dSeranum o^ £>tojcfce0 btll^fe leatteg are cut and tagged 
I mmanppeece^tfeetoCrotDfoote,lji$fl:alfee$beflent)er ? anr) parted into 
CUndtpbiauncbeft toponutyity grotoetb final floureg fom\j)tjatltfcerofe& 
oi fye floured of ^alloXMeftofaltgtjtmurrepo^reDDecolour: after tljem com- 
met!) littleround beade&taitb fmallongbiUe$4tke4ftedel&o* lifce fyebeafcetf 
of Craneg and !£earon& tubereinfye feedete contapned : Cberootete tljicke, 
round,lWte,and knobbp,tDify certapne ftnall ftringtf banging bp it* 

Geranium alterum. 


Geranium tertium. 


* WetontotoWetb^ 

b^ttiWkegttbeleaues: are like to ^S^SS^SSSSSS 
Che flouressbefmaU,of atleareputpletolottt, anb to J^yJ^'KSa 

l&etOEampion^ Sideritis 


The firft Bookc of 

Geranium Robertianunv 


Geranium gruinale. 

Cbefourfy CranegbtlU 

4 T^e fourth batb dearie ftalfce*? likefye otbet, but all reWie , tuttb Utuecsf 

J[ iopnteg anD fcnot&tbeleauetfaremucb cut anD taggeD,l&eto Cberutil,o$ 
CoiianDer Imue&butreDDer^of amoze lotfyftmefmeiU 'Cbefiouregbe 
reDDe,anDtyingetb fojttbfmallbuUetg UHeUttell^eaDe^, loit^ fyatpe billed 
Cberoote i$ fometDljat greene of colour* 

5 Cbeftfti) i$ Ufce to tbe afyefopDe, in b& dearie ftaltteg , rctme floure& anD 
fyarpe billetf , foumg tbat W leauetf are mucb mote, anD Deeper cut , anD bis? 

* Cbefij&tbteliketbefourtk 
Deepelpcut,inflouraMnDbmncbefc (auing tbattbeftaifee^of ti^eftftli fetnDe 
Do groto longer anD bigbet, tbe leaueg be greater, anD tbe floured larger Ipfce 
twto ittteUl&ofe&UPbe rooted long anD mod comonlp all reDDeanD (anguine 

7 Cbefeuenfy batb alfo longreDDtlb, bearte ftaltteg, anD great leaueg, Me 
CrotpfooteMtlarger,bt£ floured 

fmall beefceg o;tbille&a£ in tye otber fcpnDeg ♦ Cbe roote i$ tbicfce $ long tuttfa 
manp fmall ftring& «5» The Place. 

2 CbefeberbegDogroto of tbemfelueft in barren fanDpgrouuDe^,bPbtgft 
4 toap fiDe&anD boiDerg of ftelDe^erbeEoberteltfeetoife grotuetb aboutoiDc 
toalle&anD olDe tpleD,oi ftone bealeD fymfe& 

6 'Cbettuoo laft fcinDetf are not founD in tW countrep , feuing in garDentf 
to^ere a^ t^ep be planteDt 


the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 


Geranium hematites. 

ftanguut <5etamum,oj 

Geranium, batrachiodes. 
Gratia Dei 5 0* *3aflttiet G cra- 
nium } J CroUrf 00 te G eraniu. 


%\}t$ ffouremott eommonlp w ^apanD Jtme,ant)fometime£ alfoin^ 
pjttU ? e(peaallp tlje fttft kutfce* 4^ The Names. 

' 3Wti)efetyeti)e£are^ fap,tti)tattti 

GeraniunijGruina^Gruinalis: ix^t&VBLVL Roflr$ di Grua: in ^pamft) PicodeCi- 
guendy K^fguyas pampillos. 
t %\}Z Reft kW&ettf Called Geraniu tuberofum, Acus paftoris,$ Acus Mofchata: 

anD Geranium fupinum: m Cngltfl? ^fo;ike£bpll,$mkenee&eU, anb offome 
^ofdjataan tytglj 3ttlmaigneS>tottUmfn^beU in f rencij (nbafe^ 
matgni £>peuaertfbecfc, o j Ctanenbeclu 

2 t£ljefeC0IT&t£caUe& Geranium altcrum ,'Geranium Columbinum ,ant) Pes 

Coiuinba-.-uiCngliftJaouefooteiinf recft Pud de pigeon mljtgfo Jaouc^J^au* 
bmfttf^: in bafe ^ilmatgne Jaupuenuoet 

3 ^etbtrDt)8;caUeDtriCi|0ppe$RoftrumCiconiar,anD Geranium fupinum:te 

<£ngltft> ^eatontf bttljO^toikegbttlantjtglj Douclj &toifcmftljnabei:wbafe 
3Mmatgne £>peuaetfbecfc,o* Cranenbecfc* 

4 Cfte fourth fctnbe of tljefe Ijerb&tea fcmbeof sideritis oft^e 3tmctent&$ i& 

taUebOf BtOftOZtbetf Sideritis tertia,anll Sideritis Heraclea:noti>ttjCpcalltt Ru- 
berta,Herba Roberti,^ Robertiana,^ Geranium Robertianu: (n CEngltfl) f^etbe 

l&obert: ut # rectj #<rfc in ijtglj Sottcfj Eubiertj^braut^c^artenUaut, 
an& of Come fcletn ^cljoitPttrtj,uibafe3lmaigi;e Jftotyectjttf erupt 

4* ThefirftBookeof 

5 CtjCfifti) ig callctl Gruinalis, * Geranium gruinale :fo<0lttjltfy Ctanegbflt: 

in t)igl> &>ottcI) &ramcl)t)alg;in bafe Kilmaigne Craenbalg* 
« ^tjefijctb &calle& intjiglj J3oacl| 23luttuut:tf:tn bafeaflmaigneBioettDoz* 

tele,tijat ig to Cap ? tlje ^anguine roote,o£ 23iouD roote: anfc e cranium Hxma- 

todesjo^t^efame caufe* 
7 Ci)efeuentJ)t0caiieD Gratia Dei:mCngltfl)alfo Gratia Dei*25alTinet d£>eta« 

mum,auDCroefoote<l3eramttm: inbig^oucbe d&otteggnaMtjatigtofap, 

ttje d5tace of dSobrin bafe 3ilmaigne d&obtg gljena&e, ant) blautrj 25ooterbloe* 

Hien ? anD Geranium batrachiodes. ^The Nature. 

^e moft part of tbefeljerbe&are of atypingteperature, fomeaifo ate cler^ 
fing^tjaitepotoertoiopne togityerotCoutl)er,butitignotmucij tifeU to ttjat 

piltp Ofe* *5* r ^ e Vert ues. 

1 Cijeroote of ttjefitft taken in \joine,tuiuetb ataap ant) tjealetl) aiblaftingg, j 
an&tuin&ineffeof t^e^©attt]co^ot^er,itp^oaofeet^ b#>ne,anD ig toerpgooD s 
fottbem ttjatbaue ttje (tone* 

2 Cbe feconb(agp 3luncientg fap)ig not goofc tn 3©eDicpue^ottDttlj(lalJtng $ 
attbtg ttme,tt ig ntuclj tofeD again!* al \jootmDe&$ fcicerg^beiug iapD tijerbnto* 

3 ^erbeEoberteDot^ftanc^etljebiouD ofgreenettmmOeg,tobebmreD anD c 
Iapfcettjeteto,ag Diofcorides fatt^* 

Cbe fame ijetbe(ag tyat!) bene pioueb fitbence Diofcorides ttme)& fwguler S 
agamft ttjefoieg $ bicerg of tin i&appeg,$ ttje pniiiemeberft efpecialip of men, 
if it bepounbe lapbe t!jerebnto,ot if tbe ittpce tljerof betooppeb ojpbureD uu 

Clje Decoction of i^erbeiiobertecutetb tijecotrupt bicerg, anD ratten ftueg <£ 
of tbe moutb,ant> amenbetb tbe ftinfeing of tbe fame* 

Cljereftare notbfeb inmebicine* jf 

6f $ea €ctfo!p and fl^plfirtbwte* £i)a$.mii)* 

tfcfThe Kmdes. , 

■T^erebettDotvpnDegof ^pifce^tte, Differing botlj in name anD figure: 
tttyereofoneigcalieD Giaux,anDti?eotyer Poly gala. 

Glaux. Polygala. SMfcetJDUrtC* 

^ilfeetuttrte, o k i fea^rpfoip* ^ 

the Hiftorie of P lances, 4? 

The Defcripion. 

% ^T^efirft ^ilfceumrtetyatbman^ of oneroote, 

J[ t!jefopbeltalttf#be\mfeeanbtenber^of^ 

gcouoetl)fmaUlonglcaue^Ufeet^efmaUe(l leaues of a,entiUe£,anbatc 
tol)ttect)nliernetljtl)eieafet^auaboue* 'Cljefloureg amongft tijeieaue&ate 
lifceto csillofloure&but fmaller,of colour purple ant) incaniate^ljeroote ig 
fmal, fullof tjearie tljieebe&anb creeping alongft tijegrounbe* 

2 Cbefeconblunbeof^ilkemttecallebin^ 
toitijflenber pliantftemmetf of woobbp fubftance,a£longa# aman£banbe 
creepingbp tije grounb,tbeleaue# befmallanb narroto ? lifce fyeleauetf of ]ten* 
till o£fmaUl£pfope/€ljefloure£grou) fomiu^att^icHeabouttljeftemmeftnot 
mucb Differing from fyeflouretf of tf wnito*p,infigure,anb quatitie,foinettme£ 
ta\unep ? fometimes ble\joe,anb fometimetf tofjite atflhotx), xutti^out fmell o;t fa* 
uour.after UJbictje floure&tljete commetb fmall coUbefto^purffeft Ufee to fyent 
of Burfa Paftons.butfmaller, anbeouereb bp euerpfibett)ifyfmallleaue£, like 
littell tuingeg/Clje roote ig ttenber anb of taoobbp fubftance* 

^ The Place. 

t Cbefirft <api&etourtegrou)ctij in lo\uefalte matfye& anb toaterp placed 
nig^tbe^eat^otougi^out allZealanb* 
2 Ctye feconb grotoetlj inbtp i^eatbe^anb common&bp tije Ijigft toap ftbe& 


x GJauxfloutetl) m 3|une anb Julp* 

t Polygalaflourety in ^ap about tlje lHoga^ Helxine Parietaria. 

tion,oi<^angu)eefee ? tbetJPbicb tbe3ilmaigne# 
callCrupfebagben, $ tljerefote ttyep call tbent 
Crupflbloemfceng , a# Tragus tljat countrep* 

tjjf The Names. 

t C^efirft igcalleb in^eefceyxauf ,K9uy«\«f, 

* y&t : to Ratine g iaux,anb Giax,tbat ig to Cap, 

in CngUfp <ap ilfcettmrte: in jfreclj HcrbeauUittx 

to &ouclj gpil$l.ratit , anb Sipelcfccrupt* Tur- 

nercalletb it^eaCrpfolp* 
2 CtyeCeconbigcalleb w^op ,Poligala 5 tljat 

ig to fap, tlje ijerbe failing plentp of milfce , bp 

tu^ic^ name it ig notknoiue,foitbe 3llmapnetf 

CallitdmpfblOeme* *£* The Nature. 

23otb tijefe ijerbe£ are boate anb mopft, a# 

Gal e n Cap tl)* T be Vertues. 

% tSD^efirftetaken\Ditbmeate,Hnnfee,o^po* 

tage ? tngenbietlj plentp of milfee: tberefo^e it ig 

goob to be bfeb of 0uxkg fyat laefce milfce* 
25 C^efamebertue ijaty Polygaia, taken ttntl) 

&&leaue$ anb floured 

tfeThe Defcriptiofi. 

Pcnito;? 0£ paritotp ftati) rounbe tenber, 
tiwougij tywinQ, i biotonerebbe ftalfceg: 
tye ieaue# berougty $fomtui?atb k ioabe>UHe 


50 The firft Booke of 

Slf) ercurp but nothing fnipte o^Hentet) about ♦ €be floured be fmali iopmng to 
tbe ftemme, amongft tbe leauetf ♦ Cbe feebe & blacfce anb berp fmall, couereb 
tuttb alittellrougb bufteouoate,u>btcbebangetb faaetipon garments Cbe 
sooteig fcrnetabat rebbe> 


3t beligbtetl) to gtotoe about bebge&anb Dine toalle& anb bp \oap fibe& 


3t floutetb moft commonlp in 3|ulp* 

*ffThe Names. 

betbe t# calleb in d5^eefee U| m m^imy : (it statute m uraiium Per- 

dicium,auD Vrceolaris,anb Of fome Parietaria,Muralis 3 ^ Pcrdicalis:lU$)b PP^ 
Paritaria : tnJtaUatl LauirreoU . in ^fepanifl) delmuro, Alfabaquttladel muro, 
Alfahaqmlla de culebra s Ut Cttglilb ^atietatp , jBettitOJp Of fye V^VXX X VX tygb 

Jaoucb, Cag bub nacbt, }£etet# kraut, 45laf?kraut, 3©aurferaut : inbate 
^Imaigne }£arietatie,anb dMafctupt rhe Nature. 

^arietatie i£ fometobat colbe $ mopft,tyatxungnere to ameane teperatute, 

♦Jt The Vertttes. 

$arietoiiei£ ftnguler againft cbolerifce inflammation£,tbe bifeafe calleb % 
3lgni£ facer, fe*3lntbonte£ tvw, fpieabing anb tunning fo^eft burnings, anb 
aUboateblcet&beingftampeb anbiapbetberebpon* 

3nopntmentmabett)itbtbetupceof tbteberbe anbCerufe,i# berp goob& 
againft all boateblcet&lp^eabinganb consuming foie&boate burmng,fcuwp, 

'Cbefameiupcemegleb vmtb^eare fetoet,i£goo&toarotopnt tije feetea^C 
gainfttbat fcinbe of goute,tobicb tbep call^obagra* 

Cb* fame tupce mengleb toitb ople of l&ofeft anb btoppeb into tbe eare& © 
(toageft tbe papneg of tbe fame. 

tcbe Decoction o^tyotbe of ^arietoiiebion^en,b^petbfucbea^atebe)ceb t 
\rJitbanolbeCougb>tb^g^uellanbftone,anb tegooD againft tbe Difficultie 
anb ftopping of bitne,anb tbat not onelp taken intoarbip^but alfo lapbe to out* 
tuatblpbpontberegion of tbe blabber, in maner of afomentatioo^a tuarme 

fyThe Kindes. 

r^^^ji^Ltbougb Diofcoridesanb Piinie4)auett);tittrobutofoneKinbeof Al- 
^^B !finc,oiCbicfeetoeebe ? neuettbeleflfe amanmapfinbe inmoftplacetf of 
bS3b W# cbuntrep , Diuertf fo#e£ of betfteg comptebenbeb bnber tbe name 
of Mfine ot€bicke\JoeeDe,ouer anb bpftbeg tbat to^ic^e i£ founb infolt 

grounbetf: thereof tbe fitft, anb rigbt Alfinc i$ tbat tobtcbe Diofcorides anb 

tbe3luncient£ ^auebeftubeb* 

<fyThe Defcriftion. 

T^egreatCbicfee^eebebatbfunbipbpugbWounbe, anbfenobbpftalfee^ 
Cbeleaue^ gtotoe at euerp iopnt o^fenotte of tbe ftalfee, ahuape^njooo 
togitbet,one bitectlp ftanbmg agapnft an otber,meetelp latge,fometimeia? 
almoft of tbe tyeabtb of ttooo fingers not mucb bnlifce patieto^p leaueisf, but 
longer anb leflTebearie: about tbetoppe of tbebiauncbe0,amongfttbeleaue^ 
gcotuetb fmallftemme0,u)itblittellfenoppe^tbe u^bicbe cbaunge into fmall 
tDbite flouted biepelp cutt anb fnipte, after tbe floured pte fyall percepue 
bufUe^oiCobbe^fometobatlong anbrounbe,\Dbereinlietb tbefeebe* Cbe 
tutiole ^erbe bot^e not Differ mucft from^arieto^fo? WftemmeiB: alfo be 

tbo k tbugb 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. ji 

molt of tljefamequantitie: fo tljat teiofom&foptt), t&atty&ljetbefyoult) be 
fmnoipMitmitmmm anb bafer op lomt,m tyat ty leaue$ be Ion* 

Altine maior. Alfines fecundum genus. 

c&reat CbicfceioeeDe* q^efeconD C&i&etueebe* 

i Cije feconbtelifce to tbe great C^tcfee\x)eeUe,fauutgt^attt tofmaiieranD 
gtotueti) not bpug!jt,but lietb an& fpieabetlj topon fye gtounD/Cbe leaueg are 
mucljfmaller, growing njooo an& tuioo togitljerat euerp iopnt %bt floured, 
tyifl>e£anbfeebet£lifcetlje great Ctjicfcetjoeebe^lje rootefcatfc many (mail 

3 %\)t tbir&eanb fmalleft C^tcfeetueeDe,^ not mueb bnl&e tlje feconD, but a 
great bealeCmaller inail refpecte&in fo muclj ttjatljte ftemmes be lifee bnto 
fmall tfytet)&e&an& b& leauetfno bigger t^enCpme, otljertimpeg it i& Ipfee to 

4 C^e fourth fcinbeCcalleb of tyt bafe 3ilmatgne# l£oen&etbeet)tl?at to tap 
i^enbit^at^ manp rounDe $ dearie ftemme&'Clje leauetf be fomeuj^at rounfc, 
fcearte, $ a little fmp t iaggeb about tije ebge& otljettDife not muct) bnlifce tije 
leaueg of great CbtcfcetoeeDe* Cbe floured be bletu ojt purple, $ bo tying fo k :t^ 
fmall clofefenappe^o^ul%e0,inu)^iclji0inclofe^t^efeet)e* 

5 Cfeeftftfyittn&e ttflifceto t^eafo^efap^ittl|i0^earieftemme$ ? ljt^leaue0be 
longer $narroiuer,anb iaggeb rounDe about, ttye floured of a cleare bleu^tlje 
feebe i£ intyoabeijuCfee&as tlje feebe of Veronica op $auleg 25etonp* 

(0 i| Alfines 

The firft Bookeof 

Alfincs tertium genus. 

Alfines quartum genum. 

%X)t fourth Ccrjtcfcewee&e, 

Alfines quintum v genus. 

Ctje ftftty Ctycfcetoeefce* 

thereto pet a fijrtekpnbe of djtefcetoeebe, i 
totjtdfc grotoefy onelp inS>alte ground Ufce to 
ttyeotyertf inieauc£anDknottpftemme&but 
cijteflp like to ttje feconD toDe, fatting tljat fytff 
f ^ ftemmeg are t^tcKer $ tyo L iter>ant> tlje knots op 
iopnte£ ftanfce neater one to an otfjer* %\)t 
leauetf are tt>tctter,$ tfjeijulfces be not long but 
flat,rounDe,anti fometnrjat fquare oi co^nereH, 
like agreatijaftmg otgarUe peafe, etterp tjuCfce 
Waiting ttyee o* foureb^ou)nefee8eftalmoft of 

tfyTbe Place. 

Clje great c5tcfeetoeel)egro\t)etl) in mopft 
fl)at)otopplace& tnlje&ge$^bttfl!)e& amongft 
otljer Ijerbeg : mfuclj like places re ftall fin&e 
tyereftMtfyefipfy grouiettj not, ejcceptonelp 
in faite grounDe&bp ttjefea fi&e* 

ctjeferjerbeg Do moft comonlp floure about 

fl^ttlfOmer. he Names. 

C^egreat Cineketoee&eitfcaUeDin^^ oft 
fbme late tetters Hippia maior : in 3 taiian/^r/Manti cenune: tonfcnotoento 

* e SeS5S^ftfi,arecaaw> of tye3ipotyecarte$ Morfus galling $ Hi PP ia J 


the Hiftorie of P Iantcs. j} 

nerbi$:iu bafe Sliuatgne ^ogclcrupt,l£oenbetbeet, anb tltpnm$®mv> 

%Xft fourtb alib t£ cailcD of forne Morfus galling: in bigb &ou$ ^uner* 
bt$ t inbaCe3iitttatgne^oenberbeet: it map alfobe calleb mftmtty Morgdwe 


%fy fifty t$ caileb of tbe b*gl) 3lmaigne# ^unerg erb,of tije bafe^lmatneg 
Boenoer ecue,tbat i$ to tap ? t^c^cnue0ngbt,o^^enne^ inheritance: it # aifo 

CalieD trt ftZnit) Moron Baftard,Moron violet ,anb 0«/</r C^;. 

Ctye fiptb > uibtcbe groujetb in falte grounded tt>ee map call Alfinc marina, 
tbatttfto lap,^eaC^tcfee\Decb?* 

^ T he Nature. 

Cljtcfcetueebe & colbe anb mopli,in fubftance mucb Ipfce l^arietoue, as Ga- 

jfylhe Fertues. 

Cljc great Cljicfeetnecbepounbe, anb lapbeto tt>eepe#,ot tlje tupce thereof 31 
ftrafceb bpon tbe epe&ttf goob agatnft inflammations anb tije Ijoate blrers of 

tije epes 

Cbefamebfcb in manner afoiefapbe,anb iapbe to tbeplace,t£ godb againft 23 
aliboate blcers,tt)at beljarbe to cute, but efpeciallp tbofeaboute tbepjpuie 

Cbeiupcetijeteof tyoppeb into fye eate£,t£goob agapnft tlje papne anb C 

falte,is a foueraigne remebie againft tlje fcutup ^eate anb itcije of ttye tyanbes 
if tyepbeoftentomffyeb ojbatbeb in ttjefame* 

^eaCl)tcUeiuecbe ; fcmetl)to nofcnoiueiibfe* 

flloMfe care* €ljaMWW* 

Ǥc- 7"^<r Dcfcripion. 

M£)ufeeare,(a$ oiofcorides fattb)l)atbmanpfmananbflenbcr ftemmeft 
togttyer ilanbmgonebirtctipagatnftanotbe^tyep arefmali, hiutUfyc, 
anbfometjobatlong, anb ftjarpepopnteb,almoftUKeto tbe eareof aSipoufeoa 
i&atte: betuujttetbelcauetf tbete growetb fottb fittallbiauncbetf , wberebpon 
ate bleto ffoutesi&e tlje floured of female ^impeweil Clje toote ig a$ ttyicfce 

Cberet^petanotyetftetbe,U)btcl)efomel)olbefoi<f^oufe me:%\)i$\$n 
lotD ^erbemoft commonlpfpieabtngbpontbe grounb, enuirouneb $ fet about 
tDityaftneanbfofte^eateptbeteftei^betp l&etfyefeconb Cbicfeetueebcfotit 
ftatb manp beatie ftemme&commingfo^b of one roote,of a rebbilbe 01 tatome 
colour bplotp^beieaue^ be long toughs ^earie,mucblifee to a £)poufe eare, 
tfte fmall floured be urtjite* CtjeljuCkeg fometubat long, like Cijickeiuecbe 
tyuflteS'Cijetooteitf berp tytebbp* 

33pfcbe£ tyefe ttuo tbere i£ pet a kinbe of ^oufe eare, tubtclje fpjeabeftj o* 
creepety not bpon ttje grounb , but ftanbetl) bpugbt , ijrotuing amongft otyer 
Ijetbesipketo tye otfjertf in ftemme anb Icaiie&butit ^greater anb of coiow; 
tobite,couereb ouer tuity aclammp 3aotDne,o t i €otton ; tn baubling a$ tyoug^ 
itujerebebeujeb oimopfteneb unty ^onie , anb cieaftet^ to tyefinger^ ♦ Cbe 
floured come foitlj of fmall fenoppe^ o^ buttons a# in tbefeconbtobe* 'Cbe 
Cobbe&iPljereuug tl)efeebe,arealmoftliUe to tljefeebe better of tuplbe iHofe 

€ Hi Auricuh 


The firft Bookc of 

Auricula muris Matthiolu 


Auricula muris 3 quibufdam, 

ify The Place. 

^oufeeate(a$ Matthioius tD^ttet^) i 
gtoxuett) in mcuoti)e£,anu t£ common 

^bettBOotberktnbeggroto int^te m 
countrep bn&er lje&ge& about fyebo$* 
fcer? of ftelbe& anb bp fye tuap fibe ; a$ Cbtckeweebe bot^ 


'ftbep floure in 3June ant) 3 ulp* -5r r ^ to « 

S^ottfe earei$ calleb ixM&itebtuvv *r«: in katuie Auricula muris,ti)att£t0 t 
fap,$J)ottfeeare: tnBouctj ^eufjoilmunbafe^imatgne^ttplbo^em 

Cbetuao otljerg arecounte^offbmefoi^oufeeace,peit^epn;ottU)feeme hi 
tatyertobeofttjefcinbegof Aifinco? Cbickeweebe* 

# 7"^ Nature. 

^oufe eare, tyiefy tiufyout anp Ijeate* 


oufe eare poimbe ftelpeft mu$ agatnft fye f tftulag , ant) titer? , in fye a 
coiner? of ttje epe&to be lapbe thereto* 

3hnanmapfinbeamong(ttbetoiptt^^ a bobpbe # 

tubbebintije morning earlp,befoieljebatbCpoken> at tbe firft entrance of ttje 
monetb of 3ittguft ? tt>itb ttji? Ijerbe, tijat all tije nept peare Ije fyal not be greitefc 
Uritij bieareb oz foieepe& 

<frf pimpernel!* €t)ap.mty> 

*£t The K fades. 

•Tl^ere be ttuo flute? of j&impernell: tbe onebatb rebbe floure&anD i? called 
apaie ^impernell, fye ofyer fcatb bleto floure?, anD i? calleD female &im< 


chc Hiftoric of P lames. 55 
pernell,but ofyeni) tfe tljere ig no fcwDe of Difference betxxjijct tljeim 

Anagallis mas. Anagallis foemina. 

'Cijemale^tmpernelU Ctyefemale^impernelU 

Detnetljof a gtaptfye colour, anD pouDereD full of ftnall blacfce (pecker. 'Cbe 
floured of ttyemalefcinDebereDDe, but ttje floured of tbe female fctnDe areof a 
fapje3l$urecolour* CijefeeDe&contapneDinfmall rounDlttteilboUien&oj 
luioppefttju^iclje fpitngijp after tbefloure* 

Jt grotuetl) plentifully in tplleD ftelDeft anD alfo in garDentf amongft pot 
ijerbefranD euerp thereby urap fttie^ 

Jt flourettj all tlje £>ommer,but moft in auguft. 

# The Names. 

Cftt^^erbe i$ calleD in d5;teeke anD injUttne anD of fome (ag PH- 
niefaptft)Corchorus: tn&pantft cM»rugesin€n$lity jdtmpetnell: inf retted 
ca/<™» anD tljat tt)l)tcije bearetl) fye purple floured i$ calleD al& tn d5reeke 

xoe«ttiop, Coraliium,a£ Paulus AcginetaUl^^fetleut^2300kelUUtet^; in ijtgt) 

Souclj d3auc^epl:iu bafe ailmatgne d5upcl)elt)epU 

*J* T A* Nature or temf&ament. 

#uttpeweil& Ijoate anD D^toit^ out anp arcutwme^bpttug fyarpneffe* 

if* The Virtues. 

latmpernellbopleD in tome anD D^onfcen, ig finguler again!* ttje bptmg£ of $ 
benemoufe beatt& anD againft tl>e obftructton& anD (topping of tfce Ituet , anD 
tlje papne anD grief e of tye &pDnep& 

j6 The firfl Booke of 

CSjctupce of $ imp crnelllhifte into tt)e|^ofctljuiie^li^eti)t>o\ynefromB 
tbel)cat) p!)legmattque anb naugtytie bumoz&anb opened tyc cobuctes of tlje 
^ofe : alfo it 0ealet^ t^e tootle acije, UJ^an it put into tije#toteon tlje con* 
tratp fibe of tlje grief e* 

^impcrnelllapbebponcotruptanb feftereti blcer& o^frettmgfo^ botbe ^ 
rtenfeauDt)eaietl}emme^if6itDia^et^ fojty tl^meS^ (plotters (biustft 
if it be butfeD anb lapbe bpon fye place,. ^ 

3 1 is alibis gooDagatnllt^einflammatto^oi^eateof ttjeepe* « 

TOje iupce of tijefamemingleb witl) l&onp,anb rtrafceb,0£ often put into tije <c 
epe&tafcetb atoap tyz fcimneffe of ttjefigbt* - 

3!t istmittenof ttjefe tjetbes, ttjat tlje^impemell unty tbebleto floured * 
Dottifetteil^ftaptftefallingDotDneoftlje fiege 01 great gutte: #nb tlje otljet 
ttrify tije rcbbe flonre tyatuetb it foul) of i>t# place. 

f rancfet oj £>pttttp. 



S^urrp Ijati) roub (talfces , ttity tt^ee 
oi fottrefenotsoiiopntes, about fye 
tttytdjegrotoetl) a foite of berpnar* 
tm finaileaueftcompalfing tbe iopnts 
mfattyianof a£>tarre: attbetop of tbe 
MiU$ it tyingeti) fooitl) man? fmall 
tubttefioures, after tbem tljere cometl) 
finallpellets otbulletsiifce Hinefeebe, 
uo^reini^contapneliblacfeefeeDe^ Cbe 
roote i& (lenber, anb of a finger length 

4£t The Place. 

£>piirrp grotoett) inottcommonlp,in 
fielbe&ttljereas tbepbfe to fotteit* 

3Jt fiouretlj fo^tlje molt parte in apap 

$3utie* %T he Names. 

tjerbe t£ calleb m <£ngltfl)e 
francfee,bicaufeoftl)epiopertie«it ijafy 
tcfatcattelLHtiSalfo calleb inCngliip 
£>purrie, $ fo it is in jf renctje * J^oucb: 
luijereof fp^angt^e ftatine nameSper- 
eula,bnfenovuenof tbe StpotbecaueS , J 
the olbeft witerS alfo ? tu^erfoie it batlj 
none otbernametyatiS Imogen bnto b£- 

7 ^ TheVertues. 

^mimua aoob fourage o;t fobber fot mm £ fepen, fbt it caufetl) fepen to * 
reelbeftoieof miiue ? anb ttjerefi^eit is calleb of fome Poiygaia, anb otyet pjo< 
pettier it ijatlj not,tyat are as pet fenowetu 


Tl&eleaueS of Stgrtmonie, are long,^ljearie,gr erne aboue, ^^m^atgrap* 
1 Eber parteb into bluer* otber fmalleaues, fnipterounb about £ etigeS, 
^imilKS * of 1:1130 f 00te * a » 5 9>°* ttyer* 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 57 

aboue an oft er bptoatbes totjoatbcg fte 
toppe, after ftefloureScomeft fte feebe 
fomettbat long ant) rougb l&e tofmall 
being ttpe,bo bang fade bpongarment& 
loban oneboft but ftarllp tottft e tt* C fte 
rooteiS meetelp great,long,anbblacke* 

•jjc The Place. 

3lgrimoniegtotueft tn placed not tpl? 
ieb,inrouglj ftonpmoutapne&in tjebgeg 
anb Copfe&anb bp tuap ftbe& 


3tgruttonte floureft in 3|une ? anb 3Iit* 
Ip/Cfye feebe is ripe in 3(ugtift/&l)e %q>ti? 
ihonie ftat i# to be occupied in mebicine, $ 
muft be gaft eteb,anb bipeb in <$)ap<. - 

# T^f Names. 

3lgctmoniet£ called in d^eefce 

^op K2ci HTrftTtofioj; : UT ftatilte Eupatorium, 
anD riepaconum: in(t)Oppe$ Agrimonia: 
Of fOJtie Ferraria minor , Concordia, anb 
Marmorella:tn§)pani(^ Ag 

gUft) 3tgrimonie: mjfrenft Eupatoire,oi 
^tgremoweintyiqfo &ouft <Dbermenift, 
B^ttfttuurtinnbafe 3ilmaigue3lgrimo* 
nie> of fome ft euercrupt , ftat is to fap, 

*Jc- The Nature. 

3dgrimonte is of fine anb fubttll pattes ? totftout anp manifeft beate, tt ftaft 
potter to cut infunber,tt>ift fame aftricttom 

The Vertues. 

Cfte decoction oz biofteof 3tgnmonieb*onfcen,boft clenfe anb open fte % 
(toppings of ft e iiuer,anb Doft ftrengft en fte Carney is fpeciallp gooD againft 
ft e tteafeeneflfe of ft e fame. 

3grimoniebopieb inline anbbionHen,belpeftagainft fte bptingsof be- 25 
nemousbeattsiftefamebopieb in water ftoppeft fte pitting of bloutu 

Cbefeebefterofb*onfcminwine,iSCingtiI^ C 

Cbe leaues of Sigrimonie pounbe urift ^ttines gteafe, anb lapbe too B 
ftoate,boft cure anb tjeaieolbetuounbes, ftatateftarbetociofeo^tyatoetoa 
&>carre* t 

4feThe Kyndes. 

l^erebe ftinbipfcinbes of ^erbe^callebtnftatineHepaticap^iecora- 
ria ftat is to fap,ftpuerumrtes, U)ftiftearecommenbeb r anb fotmbe 
goob agapnft fte bifeafes of fteftpuer, toijereof ttee fljall beicube 
tfyizcUribzg in ft is Chapter bnfcnotoen to fte oib uupterS/Cbe ttoo 
firftUinbesareBaftarbe^grimonie^'C^e ftirbiS€l#eeleaueb aigrimonie, 
oiB obie ftpuenxmrte* 



*£t The Definition . 

t Hpgemale isaftarb e3tgrtmonie,batlj a long rounb ftalfce , full of toijttepify 
X iinfyin p at t^eui^ic^e grdtaetb longblacfeifb leaue&fontetoljat rottg^ anb 
^earie,fnipte anb cut rounb about, almoft l&e tbe leaue# of ^empe , anb 
bitter, at tfce toppe of tlje ftalfceg gnnaetb matip fmallfloute&of incarnate co* 
iour,clu(tenngo^grovDmgt^icfeetogit^etm tufted 3 tt*e totjic^e being txitttje- 
reb anb cljaungeb into feebe,it fleets avuap uutij ttje toinbe/Ctye roote i# full of 
t^ebbp firings 

* Cfte female 23a(tarb 3tfgnmome,batljatfb aroub purpleftalfce, abouttljtee 
foote long anb full of btauncije&Clje leaue$be long anb hmttD 01 fnipt rounb 
about,lifee ttje leauetfof l^empe 0£ of tfte otyer 3(grtmonie, faumg tijat tljep be 
aitttelllarger*3lttyetoppeof ttjetyanclje& anb rounb about tbeftalfce, grotto 
etfc tl#ee op foure fmall leaueg growing ijarbe one bp an ottjer after tlje f afyton 
ofaftarre 5 amongftto^icfte tea knap 01 buttontljatbtingctljfoit!) a yellow 
fioureintermenglebtjpit^blac^tXJit^invobic^ebeingiijoitbereb, i&contepneb 
tijefeebe Mjicfte i£ long,8atte,anb rougk anb tjangetlj bpon garments wtjan 

j %\)t leaned of Hepatkaarebioabe ? anb btutbeb into tbiee parted, not inuctj 
tmlifce ttjeleauetf of CocfcoU) tyeab ; foioer <Erpfolp, 01 attteiupa,but larger, 
mong&tijeleaueggrotuefyfapje a$ureb oxbletu floured euerp one groiumg 
hponafmgleftemme ? t^e\u^ic^eboc^angeinto fmall buliet^ otboipn&toije* 
in fye feebe ig contepneb, %ty roote i$ blacfee anb full of fmall dearie ftriug^ 

# The 

the Hifiorie of Plantcs. 59 

fy-The Place. HepaticafiueHepaticumTrifolium. 

CbcBaftatD %rimonie£ Ho gtoto $oble&puertuurt,oitl#eeleaueD 
tnmopft place&bp Dicbe& anD ftanDing ;HpuerU)urtef k 

pooled ♦ Hepaaca gnnjoetb not of bto 
oume fcinDe in tbto countrep , but it to 


€be BaftatD Agrimonies Do floure 
in 3iuip anD 3luguft , but tbe #toble 0£ 
great&puenjourt floutetb in aparclje* 

«J« T he Names. 

1 Cbe male 23aftatDe Agrimonie , to 
ealleD tn.£>t)oppe£ Eupatonum, anD to 
toiongfullp tafcenof tbemfo^tbetigbt 
3grimonie,tbe tubieb to DeftribeD in tbe 
former ebapter^belearneD me in tbefe 

Dape# DO call it Pfeudohepatorium, anD 
<Df Baptiftus Sardo,Terzola: in^igbe 

&oucb&unigunDferaut, *©a(fetDoft,$ 
l^trlTenclee: in bafe Almaigne Conitv* 
gbtnne crupt^ertgclaueten,anD 25oel* 
fcen£ erupt mannefeem 

2 naebaue nameD tbe teeonD Pfeudo- 
hepatorium foemina .• in bafe 3llmaigne 
23oelfcen# erupt toiiffcen : it to tbougbt 
tobetbat^grimonietobereof Aukcn united C^ap*cc]rtutf;anDt^erfojefomc 

baueealleD It tupatorium Auicenna?. i 

3 CbetbirD, tobicb to calieD at tbto Dap in Ratine Hepatica,anD of fbme Her- 
baTrinitatis .map be calieD in €ngli&) He P atka 5 $toble 3grimonie,oi'Cb^ee 
ieafeXpuer\jourte:inf reneb Hepdt^uer inbigb laoucb2Ubetktaut,€Delleuei: 
eruptive fcnotu of none otber name except it be 6«\« P is-, Balaris, hereof Hefy- 

chiustD^itetlj* he Nature. 

Cbe tvuo BaftatD Agrimonies areboate anD Dtp, tbeir bittemeffeDot^ 
manifeftlp Declare* Hepacica Dotb coole,Dtp, anD fttengtbem 

(fyThe Fertues. 

% Cbe maleBaftatDe Agrimonie bopleD in tuine ox water , to finguler gooD 3 

againft tbe olD flopping^ of tbe ?lpuer,anD #elteoi £>plene*3lifo it curetb olD 

feuer tertian&being Dzonfcem 
'Cbe^eeoetiontbereofDionfeen^ealetballbttrte^?tt»ounDe^ fojtubicbe B 

purpofe it to berp excellent, anD to tyeale allmanner tuounDeS bo tb outtoarDe 
anDintuarDe* , ■ 

% Cbefemalei3aftarD3lgrtmontetooftfte fomeoperatton,anD tobfeD moje c 

tljan tbe otber in vuounDe D^encbe^ 

, ^b^Hcpatica^tBobleTLpuenjourte^toafoueratgnemeDicuTe, againft t^e^ 
beate anD inflammation of tye £puet,anD aUboate f euers? o* ague& 

"J^erebettoo fcinDeS of Heiiotropium o^ojnelbU^eoneeaUeDt^egreat 
CojnefoUanD tije otijer fyefmall'Co^nefoU 


The firft Bookc of 

Heliotropium magnum. Hcliotropium paruum. 

<Ereat€o k inefbU ^mallCo^nefoL 

Tht Defection. 

Ttyt great Co^nefoyjatlj ftratgljt rounti ftalfce&cottereD vuttlj a toljite tye* 
riecotton,efpeciallp about ttje toppe ♦ Cbe leaueg are tityittfy, fbfte , an& 
dearie lifcebeluet,anfc fatyionefc lifce23aftllleaue& %\^z floured be toljite, 
attljetoppeoftljeftalke growing tbiefce togitber in retoeg bponefi&e of tfje 
ftem,tbe tu^tcl) at tlje bppet ent>,fco benH $ turne agatnelifce a £>cotpi6g taple, 
o.* tbe taple of a mobfter At utter Creute/Cbe roote i$ fcnall an& barfc e* 

CbefmaliCoinefolcarrietb onlp but oneftem, of tlje length of a foote ot 
fometubat mote, tljetttytcl) btut&etb it felf into manp tyancbe& €be leauetf be 
wbitifte, almoft lifce to t^e firft, but fometobat Dialling totoar&ea t^eleaue^ 
oftbefmaUClote2&urre*Cbeflouregbe pellouj ann fmall, grotaingtbicfee to- 
gttber,an& petity o^banift atoaptintbouttbe bringing foottb of anp frupte 
itfeetbefloureof 0almaCl#tftu CbefeeDe grapifye, inciofefc in trtangleu 
^uCfee^oKo^eftlfeet^e buffcetfof 'Citbpmallot Spurge, banging Bourne 
im&ernetb tbe leattetf, bp afingle ftem: fyep come fo#> tuityout floure, fo^e 
floure i$ Unprofitable a# is before fap&e* 

jtfcTbc Place. 

%ty great tSDoinefolCa? Rudiius feitb) grotoetb in f ranee, in frutefull tpU 
Icb grottnHe$:but in tbte countrep it tit onelp fount) in garfcentf* 

Cbefmall'Cornefol, grotoetlj in lotue,fanDie, ann tjoaterie places, an& i* 
founD fcerp plmteoullp in WuerS places of itangue'ooefc. 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. & 
a Clje €ojuefolle&bo floure about ^pbfomer,anb in 3lulp* 

# T/^ Names. 

i ^Ijeg^eatCo^neroit^caUelJm^eefeeHAtoreoTr.o tn&a* 

tine Hehocropium magnum . of t!)enetD,0£lateti)£pter$> Veirucaria maior ; atlD 
Herba cancri, Solans hcrba,Scorpionis herba 5 anl)t^erefOietl|ebafe^lmatg!ie^ 

Do call it Creeftcrupt,anb great Creeftcrupt* 
* Clje Cmall ^omefoll to calleb HXtorfo7rwp^iK^op, Hcliotropium paruum : of 
Aetius Heliotropium tricoccum,of fome it to CalleD Verrucaria: tn ^pamftje 

Tornafoi- tntfrenclj Tournefoi: in bate 3ilmaigne Clepn Creeftcrupt,anb clepne 

*§e Nature. 

€ijeCojmefoto ? are ijoate anb typ in fye tljtrbe begree* 

«J» The Vertues. 

1 3a Ijanbfull of tbe great Cojnefoll bopleb $ b :onbe,ejcpellet^ bp opening tbe H 
bellp gentillp, boate Ctjolertcfee bumoj&anb tougb ? clammp,ot flimie flegme* 

Cbe fame bopleb in tutne anb btofce to goob againft tbe fttngingg of jbcoi* 23 
pion&it to alfo goob to belapbe too ounaarblp bpon tbeujounbe* 

Cbepfap.t^attf oneb^infeefouregrapne^of^feebeof tbtoberbe, attboure C 
bef oie tbe commtng of fye f itte of tbe f euer 4&uartapne,tl)at tt curetb tbe fame; 
3nb tbiee grapnel fo taken curetb tlje feuerCertiam 

Cbefeebe of tbtoberbepounbe,$lapbe bponr©arte^,anbfuc^UUee]rcref' & 
fmce,o*a^erfluou# out growings caufetbtbemtofallavuap* 

*Cbe leaueg of tbefome pounbe, anb lapbe too, cureti) fye 6oute, toity bm> & 
fing$ ? burftittg^anb biflocation of members 

2 Cbefmall'Comefoll anb bto feebebopleb, xoity ^pfope, Creffto> anb ^>ali f 
$itri,anb bionke,caftetb foo^ tuoimeg bofy rounb anb flat* 

•Cbefame baifeb tnttt? falte,anb lapbe bpon r©arte& buuefy tbem atoap* * 
oattb Jbefeebe of tbe final Cotnefoll(being pet greene)tbep bie anb ftapne $ 
olbltnnen clouted anb ragged into apurplecolour (aguritnefletb PHnieinbto 
pjrj*booke,Cbap,bii Owbereuritball in tbtocoutrep men bfe to colour gellieft 
\nvm$,fw Confection&anb Ccmfttte$> 

€f ^cojptoiD 1 0/0? ^cojptons cratrc. 


4^ The Defcriptiort. 

\ c Cojtpiotbetftoafinall, bafe,ot loweljerbe, notaboue fyelengtb of one£ 
3^anbe, tbeftemmeg are fmall, bpon uobicbe grovuet^ fiue op fijre narrow 
leaueg ( anb fometutjat long after tbe faffyionof ai£are$ eare, tubicb to tbe 
caufetbatfome2Boucljemencallit^afenoo^e> Clje floured be fmall anb pel- 
ioto,after toijicljecommetb tbefeebe, urijiclje to rougb $ piicklep,ti#ee ojfoure 
cleaning togit^et , biftingutffljeb bp iopnte^ atrti turning rounbe, o^t benbing 
lifeea ^coipion0 taple. 

2 Matthioiusbefcribetljanot^er^cotpioibe^itlilleber (lallieftanb rounb 
leaue^fometimejfft^teetogit^er ♦ 3ttbetoppe of t^e ftalfee^ grouoeti) tiuo ot 
tt^eelimefmalllong^o^ne^togit^er ; t^VDijic^e alfo bofljetue a^t^eptoere 
feparateb bp certapneiopnte^. 

#pfibe$ t^efettuo feinbes? of ^coipioibeft thereto pettiuodotberfmall 
^erbe$ tuijicije fome bo alfo name ^cozptongralTe, o^ S)cozpion tnozte, al- 
tftoug^ t^epbenottberigljt^coipiongraffe^eoneof t^em tocalleb fl©ale 
^>co^pion,t^eotl;er female §>co#iont 

J Scorpioidcs, 



The firft Bookcof 

Scorpioides Matthioli. 

$$attljiolu£ £>co?pton gralFe, 

3 CbemaleiSaftarD Scorpioides grotoetljabouttbe lengtbof amantfbanD, 
ojto tbelengtbofafoote,l)i£ftalU£ate ctefteD,anDcro&eDlp turning, aboue 
attbetop,tDbetea#tbekuoppe& buDDeg, anD floured Do ftanDe, euenlifcetoa 
^cozpion£taple,tbeleaue#belong, natroiu, anD fmalL'Cije floured be fap# 
anD pleafant, being of fiue iitteil! leauetf fet one bp an o tber, of 3t$ure colour, 
tuitb alittlepellotanntbemiDDeli. 

4 %ty female BaftatDe s corpioides igberp mucb like to tbe male,fauirtg tljat 
tjiss ftalketf anD leaueg be tougb anD bearie, $ bi£ floured Cmaller* %ty topped 
of tlje ftalfcetf be lifcerotfe ctofceD,euena# ttje topped of tlje male* 

be Place. 

2 Scorpioides grotoetl) not ofl oume kinDein tl)i£ counttep , but i# Gotten 
in tlje garDentf of certaine^etbo£ifte$u 

Cbemale23aftatDe Scorpioides,grottietb in meDotoe^alongfl; bp tunning 
ftreantetf anD tuatercout(Te£:anD tbe neater it grotnetb to tbe toater,tbe grea* 
ter it i&anD tlje t)igfjet,fo tyat ttje leauetf Do Cometimeg groto to tlje quantise 
of unlloti) leaue& 

C!?e female 23aftarDe Scorpioides, grottetft in tlje bo$er£ of ftelDeganD 
garDen& farberyme. 
Scorpioides floutett) in 3luneanD 3!ulp* 

CljeBaftatDekinDe&Do begin to floure in <Bpap,anD continue flouring t^c 


the Hiftorie of P lantes. 6] 

Pfcudofcorpioides mas. Pfcudofcorpioides faemina. 

^aftatb ^cozpioibeg tfte mate* 23aftart> &toipioibe$ tye female* 

, Cftefirftttf catiebte (^teefee«-Ko^io«/i ? :trt)LatuteaUb Scorpioides: tncfito 
glify alfo ^co^ptotbe&^cozpion vuutte, 0£ ^co^ptotr grafife : tn f tend) 
auxscorpiins: in bate 3ilmaighe ^co k ipioencwpt,anbof (bme^afenooje, tljat 

t£tO Tap Auricula leporis. 

a Cijeotijet i0 ittUgeH of Matthio!us,fo w i a fcinbe of £>ttypioibe& trty&foje it 
mapbe called Sipattljiolug ^cotpioibe& ot Ctefopl fecoipioibeg* 
j . Clje 23aftatb ^»co*pioibe£ ijane none dtljer fcnotuenrtame, but (bme count 
fyemto be^cojpionjyietbe&atf Ijartjbenebefo^efapbef 

tfrr T he Nature and fcrtues. 

Scorpioides o^co.tptongrau^teberp goob to belapbebpo fyeftwgiugg 3 

Of <§>C0£pt0n&a£ Diofcorides faitlj* 

♦jjj* Defer ipion . 

« r^pntJoljngtoozteljattyapurpM^ 
^yV(\t leaues belong anb narcotu^fmalMtot muct) bnltUe tlje leaueg of gat* 
benEue,tl?e tuiucijeif amanbo Ijolbe bettmpttbeligtyt anbftim, tijep mill 
fyetoe a# t^ouglj tljep torn paefceb fyojougljttntlj tljepopntetf of neebel& 
floured at tbe toppe of fye tyancljetf atefapze anb pellotD,pai;teb into fate 
fmall leaue& tbetDWe being biufeb,bo peelbearebbeiupceotliquoj: aftes 
tije floured commetijfoitlj fmall IjuCfce&fometDljat long anb fljacpepopnteb, 
like ^rtepcoineg: in tuijiclj i$ contepneb tljeteebe,to)I)ici)e & fmall anb blacfc, 
anb fenttng Ufeelicttn* Cberoote^tDoobbi^lorajanbpelloio^ 

a Cljete i$ alfo an ijetbe mucfy lifce to 3ioljn$ tooite afo;tefapbe , but it i$ 
betp fmall anb lotoe,not growing aboue tl?e length of a lpanne,tot)oteftar&e£ 
bebetp tenber,anb ttje leaned fmall anb narcott), pea tmallet fyen liiue, in all 
parte? elfelifceto tijeafoje&pbe* 


The firft Booke of 

*§« The Place. Hypericum. 

^♦lioljntf tootfegrotuetb bptoapfibetf, 
$ about t^cetjge^ oj bo^bertf of Reined 

*Ct)e ofyer final berbe grouietb inftelbeft 
amongfl; tlje ftubble,$ barbe bp fye tuape^ 

♦j* The Tyme. 

^aintlotytotooite ffourefymoftconfr 
monlp tn3Iulp anb 3tuguft. 

•iJJi Names. 

^♦3M*to tootte to calleU in <&}ttkt 

fiKo H : tn ilatme^ itl^^oppe^ Hypericum, 
atlD Of fome Perfoiata,anb Fuga Demonum; 
in^paniu) CoraioHzt/Io,toXb Mtlfuradoyerua de 

San lum • in <£nglity a# to befoiefapbe,£u 
3ioI?tt£tBO#e, o^/Joljng grafle: inbigb 
Jaoucb §>*3obatt$ fcraut, 9 of fomel^art* 
^axu: inbafe3ilmaigne S>/3iang erupt* 

# 7*/^ Nature. 

tb.JtOfyng&wtt to ijoate anbtyp in tyc 
ttytrbe degree* 


^♦3lotyto\jooite untb Ijto flouted anb 
feebe, bopleb ant) tyonfcen piouolietb tbe 
fcune,anb caufetb to mafcetoater ? $ to rigbt 
goob againft tbe (tone in tbe blabber : it 
tyingetb boumexuomen#floure&anb Hop* 

%\)Z Came bopleb in totne anb bionfcen, 
tyiuetty a^oap fetter Certian&anb 4Huartapne& 
' Cbe teebe tyonfeen bp tijefpace of foitte bape# tagitljer, carets tlje papne in c 
tlje bancbe£tt)btcbe tbep call tbe Sciatica. 

Cbe leaned pounb are goob to be lapbe a# a plapfter bpon burnings : €be & 
fame bipeb anb mabeintopouber,anb ftrotuen bponiuounbe&anbnaugtytie, 
olbe,rbttenanb fefterebblcer&cttretb tbe fame* 

&ffr.$ttm ttiojte/o? Equate &,|olm* 

(Biaftz. Cbap^tut^ 

v *Jc- The Defcrtption. 

T^fekmbeof ^3Jobn£tt)otte,inbtoleaue# anb £emme# btfferetf) nbt 
mttcb fro Hypericum,faumg tljat it to greater* 'Cbe ftaifce to long vottiiout 
biancbegotfpangtf, tljeleauegare like tbe otljer &>.3]ol?tt£ <£za(Fe,but 
ionger,biotuner,anb greener,fottbemofl;parte bnbernetb>tttooueriapbeanb 
couereb untl)fineCoftebeare,ftoeetetn tafte, anb bo not fl)eti) tbozouj boleb 
ozpzickeba^tbeotber* Ctjeflouretfarelifceto Hypericumjbut paler anb until 
longer leaue#/Cbebubbe£befoie tbe opening of tbefloureg, are tyottcbuutb 
fmailblackefpecfce&Cbefeebe toinbuffcetf lifcefye feebe of Hypericum . anb 
fmellett) lifeexuife,almoft lifceiiiofin* 

%\>m to pet an otber fcinbe of tbto berbe, tbe tobtcb tljebare3tlmaigne£ bo 
call C onraet,b erp like to tbe af oiefaibe,fatting £ bto leauetf be greater,\r)l?iter, 
9 not fb bearte oj fofte,but better lifee ^/JobnSttozte, altbougb tijep appeere 
not tbniottJ pjtcfet o^oleb.'Ctie fioure? are like to $ afoiefoto, $ ar alfo fpeckeb 


the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 65 
ittfycfcnappctf anti bnm$ , txittlj final! blacfce tyotteft H^e tooteisftoooUi^e 

Rata fylueftris.&c. Afcyrum. 

<&reat£>*3Iol)n$ u>o#e* $>4&eter# toojte* 

Cftefeljerbeg groto uttoitgfe tonttllefc placed, tn^et)grjEf,anli Copies 


Cftep flouretn3ittlp,anD atugufl:* 

4fr The Names. 

t %\>t Krft # calleD tn <5itm xfywv tyiovMzt t&totl& lfUte:pet tljte & none 
of tije ktn&etf of fye guenoug feuo^efc ojfttnWng iftue : tt t£ alfo cailen of fome 

«vcTf o<r«w, A nd rofaemum. 

i Ctje teconD calleD tn d5teeke «<rKveop,an& in Jlattne Afcyrum : botb are t3tv 
imotoentn &>boppe£ : in Cngltty Square Hobntf gralfe, great £>*3)obn£ 
too#e:?t moft comonlp £^eter£tt)o:te : iningij &ouclj ^attbeto , 9 aaafot 
l^off:C^efec6D # calleD of fome&unrat*: tnbafeSfllmatgne l£ertbop,$ Coen- 

taet* #The Nature. 

Cljep are tjoate ant) typ,ant> Ipfce to l^ppertcunu 

tfs» The Vertues. 

%\>t feeDeof ^#eter£tDOite,oi fquare£>*3loljng graffe/tyonfcen fyea 
toetgbtof ttuo B;tamme£tiHtb ^onteDtoater>an& tofc&alongrpace ? curety t^e 

g>ctattca,ti)at t$ tlie papne tn tbe bancbe& 
^efa!nepotmtiet^gootitobelapDebponbttrning$. m » 

Cijeunne therein tbeleauegtberof bauebenbopie& ? batij potter to cofou? ^ 

bate,* clofc Dp tuounDe^tf fyep be oftentimes waffljeb unity tlje Capbe towe« 


The firft Bookeof 

£f Outran oj pat be leauce* € ljap.j;ttj. 

tyThe Defcription. Androfarruon. 

A^diofcroon i$UU to &aint3fo^n£ 

maiip tounde ftalfceg comming out 
of one roote , tljt xtfytcbe Do bztngfottlj 
leaue&muctye larger t^an tye leauetfof 
^♦3)ofyt£ \uutte,in£ beginning greene, 
but after ttjat tfcefeedete ripe,ti;ep umjte 
redde, $ ttjan being tyufed bettDijrt one£ 
f inger&tljep peeld a reddefappe oj tupce* 
Kittle toppe of ttje (tallies' grotueft fmal 
fcnoppeg o^ round btttton&$e utyicljein 
tbetropeningdo tying foztfjflouretf lifce 
to 31ot>n£ graflfe, but greater: U)Ijan 
ttjep are fallen 01 periled, tyere appea* 
rett) littellfmallpellots'oj round ballet, 
berp red at ttje begtnnmg.but aftertoarT* 
of abzo\Bne,and toerp darfce redde colour 
tttyan ttjep be ripe, like to #e colour of 
clotted o^congeled djuebtoud, muibictye 
fcnop#oibearie£i£ contemned tljefeede, 
ubiety igfmalland tyoume, fye toote i$ 
ijatde and of wooddte fubftance, pearelp 
fending foitlj netofpjings; 

jjc- T he Place. 

Clj&Ijerbegrotoetijnotm tW countrep, except in garden^ tuyere a# it i$ 
(b\joenandplated*C^e^ut^o^of Stirp.Aduerf.noua,doaffirmetl)at :$nd;to* 
femongrotr>etij bp ^ifitoto inCngland in^umincenteg Hockegand tooodp 
Cleues bepond tidewater* 25ut if 3indzofemonbe Ctttfanoi f^arfeeleauetf , it 
grotoetlj plentifullp inujoodetf and patfce&tntyetoeft parted of Cngland* 


jjtflotiretl) in 3Iulp,and tijefeede & ripe in2tugu(k 

The Names. 

3St i£ called in <E5£eeke m^ou^ , in Ratine Androfemum ; bnfcnotoen to 
tbe3ipot^ecarie^3t^at^ noneo#ercommonnametIjat3] knotm petfomedo 

alfO call it AndroIa?mum fruticans. 

%\xtfan fo called in tf renclj and in Cngliff) , i& tljougljt of fome lateto;uter$ 

to be Clymenon 5 and i^> called Of ttye Clymenon Italorum 5 fiue Siciliana: Of OUr 
31pOtfyeratie£ Agn us <2ft us. # The Nature. 

3It i$ Ijoate and dip like £>/3!oijn# g^aCTe, o^4&eter£ tourte* 


3nd;ofemonbi$ toertuetf are ipfce to £>^etertf tuutte^ graffe, % 
a$ Gaicnfaitb* Cutfantemuclj Wed in #aulme&3^enct)e& and ofyet reme- 
dies foituounde& 

^ T/k Kindes. 

^erebe ttoo fo#e# of aaoad : tljeone of t^e garden, and cometi) of 
feede,and i% bfed to colour and die clotlj into blew: %ty ot^er i^ toilde 
oaoad,andcommety top of ty$ oiune femde. 

the Hiftoric ofPlantes. 67 

Ifatis fatiua. Ifatis fylueftris. 

d5arDctiUDoaD* nattbea^oabf 

SfeTbe Defcripiion. 

1 /^3lrben aaoab ijatlj long,bioabe,fumttegreene leaue^fpieabbponfye 
VJgrottnb,aUnofl; Ipfee tlje leaites of }&lantapne,but tbicker>anb blacken tfje 

ftalke rtfetlj bp,from tljemibbeft of fyeleaue# of ttno cubitus long, fet full 
offmaUeranbfyarperleaue&tbeutyicljeattbe toppe biuibetlj and parted it 
felf into manp fmall bzancbe& bpon fye tu^tc^e grotjuetlj manp littell floured, 
berp fmall anb pello to, anb after tljem long tyoabe bufkeft like littell tungetf, 
greeneat tbefirftanfi aftemmrb blackifye, in totncije ttye feebe to contepneb, 
qnjeroote to U)^ite,fingleanb ftratgi)t,anb uritljout anp great ftoje of tt#eeb£ 

2 %ty toilbe to berp like to tlje garben aaoab, in leaue& ttalke, anb making, 
fouingtijattbeftalke to tenberer, fmaller, anb btoumer, anb fyeljufketfmote 
narrott),otljeru>ife tfcere tend bifference bettuipt tljem* 

The Place. 

1. 2 d5arben naoab to fotoen in bitter^ placed of f lanberg, 9 3flmatgne , in fer* 
till $ goob grounb£/Ctye ttnlbegrotoetlj of Ijto ottne ktnbe inbntilleb placed 

ftp The T yme. 

Botlj bo flouretnfl^ap anb June. 

# The Names. 

C^tol^erbe to calleb in d^eeke /<r«w. in Ratine alfo ifatis, anb Giaftum, of 
tijelatetinitertf g uadum,anb of Come Luteum hcrba.m Cngltfl; oaoab,o^a^ 
ftel : in jfrenclj Guefde oi Pajieh in ^pamty alfo Paftei.- in Italian Guad* in biglj 

f tuj ©OUCi^ 


The firft Booke of 

&m\)z, anD xozpbt : inbafe 3ilmaigne,iE>eeDt. 

e§» T^tf Nature. 

t 6atDcnsiD9aD is litp u>tt^outanp (barpneffe* 

• Clje,anD is mo^e fyarpe anD bpttng* 

<§t T he Vertnes. 

\ <I5arDen fouttn i©oaD , fmu'eD is gooti to be lapDe bpon tije toounDcS cf 3 
migljtie ftrongpeople, UiJjiclje are t^feU to Daplp labour anD ejrercife , anD bpon 
places to Stop tbe running out of blouD,$ bpon fretting DlcerS $ rotten fiue& 
31 1 fcattetetlj anD Diftbiuetb alltolDeempoftumeS being lapDe tberebpon* # 

2 %bzmMWo& reftfteti? mopft anD flowing Dicers>anD confuming rotten C 
foze0,betng lapDe tljerebpon: but againfl; tije otber grieff e& foi u^icb tbe gar* 
DenuaoaD leruet^tt is of leiFeftrengt^anD ferueti) to fmalpurpofe, bpcauCeof 
tytS epceeDing IbarpneiTe* 

Clje £>ecoctionof tuilDen^oaD Dtonfcen, is berp gooD fojlutfj as ijaueanp a 
#opptng,oi tyarDnefle in tbe ^ilte ot S>plene* 

QTheD efcription. H eiba 1 utea* 

Ti^eltaii^of tbi^b^tbe are long, narrow $ blacfcity, 
not mucljbnlikettje leaned of r©oaD> but tljep are 
- fmaller,narro\uer,$ fl?ozter,from tbe miDDeft tuyere* 
of commeti) Dp tbe ftalfce to tbe length of tljiee f oote,coue> 
teD bploto nntb fmall narrow leaues , anD aboue tuttb lit* 
tie pale pellow floutes,tljickefet,anD cluttering one aboue 
an otber,tl)etwl)icbebo turne into fmall buttons, cut croffe • 
\infe,wberetn tljefeeDe is contepneD, utyiclje is fmall anD 
l?lacke;Ci)e roote is long anD fingle* 

fyThe Place. 

Cbep fowe it infunlup places of Brabant, as about 
Xouapne,anD ^iuffeistit gtowetl) alfo of it felfe to places 
4mtiUeD,anDbptoapfiDes* L 

^TheTyme. Wl 

3ltfIourctlMn!^ap,anD foone after tljeteeDeiSripe* 

ifcThe Names- 

CtyS^erbeiS calleD in&atine (as R ueiHustjtyptctfy) 
He ba iutea.anD of Come Flos nndorius .« inbafe$lmaigne 
l^outDe,^offome£I) L iant,butnot\Dttbout errot: fot ®* 
rant is an ortjer Ijerbe nothing lifce bnto tbis > as lijallbe 
mojeplapnelpDeclareD in t^ep^ocefTeof tbiSbooke* / 

tfcTfa Nature. * 

3it is tyoate anD D#* 

jfc The Virtues, 

^efngtbatHcrbaiutea is not recepueD,foz anpWeof 
$fypftcfce, anD is t3nfenotoenof tl)eatuncients,tuebeable to totptenotbincrelS 
of tbisb^be,fauingti)atitiSDfeDof 3©perS,to colour anD Dpe tyeir clothes to* 
to greene,anD pellotu* 


S»a?nt3IameStuojte,ojas tome call it,^apnt 3|ames floure ig of ttooo 



jije T he Defcription* 

J[ tab ftaifce&ttoo 01 tijiee foo te long*Ctje ieaueg be great $ bzoume, mucij 
ciottman&cut,notmuci)bnitfce tfteleauegof ^o^mettjoofc , but longer, 
larger,ti)tcfeer,an& noting \\)Z floured be peiiou), growing at ttje top 
of t^e ftaifceft itfce to CammomUl,tn ttje miD&eft tufjetof to tije feeDe, grap,an& 
tuoollp,o£&o*Dnp,an& fleets atoap uutl? tljeurinDe/Cijeroote to U)]jttean& ful 
of (fringe 

t toje feconfc fctnDe callet) 3[ame£ tooite of fye £>ea , to murb like to tlje 
firft,butt^eftalfeetonot^mgreHHc* 'Cljeleauegbe Cmaller, tetter, anDmozt 
beeper,anfc fmaller taggeD/Cije floured be like to tljefuft toinDe, btttnmepaie 
o^bleafcer* C!jerootetolong,ty*eDDp,anD creeping, anb tyingefyfojtijrountj 

$p The Place. 

* ^3Iame# tooite,grott>eti) aimofteuerp voljere, alongftbp tDape^antoto^ 
tertft place&anD fometime$ alto in ttje boz&ertf of f telDe& 

* &ea ^Jame* u>o#e grower in trencljeg anfc Diclje&an& like piace&afr 
topntng to tye £>ea* TheTyme. 

%fyep fioure w 3|ulp an& 3togu(h 

# The Names. 

tC^eftrft to UOtP calW in Ratine Iacobea,Herba S. Iacc>bi,an& San&i lacobi 


. 70 The firft Booke of 

flos: mCnglifye&apnt 3Iameg\Bo#e:injf tend) MerbecufleurSJaqftesdnU^ 

2 %ty CeconD voittjout doubte t£ a fcinde of ame? tDO#e* 

AT be Nature. 

Ctjep atebotlj fjoateand dtp tntlje t^irb Degree 

fyThe Vertues. 

Shames fjetbeljatlj afpeciailbertue to ^ealeu)ottttl)eft\j3fterfojeitfefbe*a 
tp good f o;t all old tjoounOe&fiftula&and naugljtie blcer& 

£>ome aifirme,t^at tlj e iupce of tljitf Ijetbe gatgeld, o; gargarifed, Ijealefy $ 
allinflammation^ttoelUngMtrt empoftemtf of tlje tl^oote* 



Fkap tjatl) a tfttoet ftalfce, couered toitt) tyarpe na* 
rowleaueg , parte!) at tlje toppe into fmali tyo#e 
biancljegjtijewinctjebtutgett) footfyfap^e bletoe 
floute&infteedeujtjerofbeingnotu fallen fyerecom* 
metl) Dp round fcnappe&o* button^ in urtjiclje is con* 
tapned a blacfeifye feede,large, fatte, and tyinins* 

fyThe Place. 

f\m ig fovuen in tW countrep, in fatte, and fine 
around,elpeciaUp in lotoe moptt fielded 


jjp The Names. 

f \w called in ffiteefcexfop .in Ratine Linum, 
and in £3>i)oppe# it i£ ujelfcnotoeti bp tlje fame name* 
3ind ijerepemap percepuetlje caufeto^p t^ebafe %V 
maignetfdo bfe tlje tuozde&pn, to all things made of 
flare, op )lpne,as ;HijnenOoeck and &ijnen lafcen, 
tbatte to fap,?lpueclotlje,o£ clothe made of )Lpne: 
mCnglifljejfla^ot^lpne: infrencbe^ : in ijtglje 
&ouc$ejflaftljfs : inbafe 3&lmaigne <mla$u 


«fce feede>tDlji#e i£ inuclje bfed in medicine, i£ 
Ijoateintfjefirtte Degree, and temperate ofmopfture 
and d.tpneflTe* 

*£f The Vertues. 

^Dljeteede of )tpnbopled in \joatet and lapde too in 
manner of apulti&o* plaptter,appeafetl) all papne* 3! t 
foftenetij all c olde tnmo^i toelling&tye empoftemtf of tfte earetf , and netft, 
and of otljer parted of tijebbdp* 

kpnfeede pound witlj figge&dotl) rppen and bieafce all Cmpoftem&lapde » 
ttjerebpomand dtatoetl) fojttti 'Cijome&and all otljer things tyat ftickefaftin 
the bodp,if it be mingled toitt) t^e roote of fye urilde Cocomber. 

Cbe fame mingled toit'g CrelTegand $onp,and lapde bnto touglj, wg*<£ 
aed,and euillfauoured naple& atoell of tye tjandes , as of tye feete , eaufettj 
tbemtbatbecotrupttofallof, andcuretbtljepartie* %\>t fame ratue, pounds 
aadlapdetotlje face, clenfetlj and tafcetljawap all tpotte^ of deface. 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. yv 

w™>? vmbtwmct} tntljeCame,fr6 coiruption,feftmngonnU)at:l)racKlmg* . 

Cfte mter u^eretn &pnfebe batb bene bopleb,botl) quicken anb cleare tlje « 
ugbMfttbe oftenbioppeb o^ftUieb into tQeepe& 

C^efamc taken in gUfter^fiuagetbtliegrpptngpapne^ oftyebelip,anbof if 
W : spatrv <^otl?er ? anb curetl) tye tuounbetf of ti?e bou>elle& anb a&atrfe 
tttberebeaup* * 

&pnfeebemenglebtotfy $onp,& taken a# an CHecttiarp,oi)tocftocft,dean* « 
rctt) ttje bzeaftanb appeafetb tbe Cottgb,anb eaten uutb ttap(bn& tegoob fo* 
w\) a# are fallen into ConOtmtton&anb fetter ^etujue& 

The Daupger. 

fectse of &tn,taken into tbe bobp, & berp eutllfo^ tye ftoinacke: tt bin* 
mct\) djebtgeaton of meate&anb engenbzetymucfj UJinbtneOe* 

The Kyndcs. 

1" i^ere are too ktnbe£ of i^emp e,tlje one ig frutefttil anb bearetb feebe : %U 
ottjer bearetb butfloures onelp* 

TM. De f crt p tio n' Can nabis fern cn faciens. 


Canabisabfq; Teminc* 


t. 2 

1 "T^eftr(lkmbof^einpe, 

X S)atl) a rounbe boiiouj 
(talk fottre oi ftue foote 
Iong,full of bzancbes, $ like / 
to a Uttie tree : at tbe top of 
tbe b:ancbe# grotoctft Uttie 
fmalrounb bag& oi bulked, 
toljertn Us co tepneb tbe feebe 
UJ^icb t£ rounb*€beteaue# 
begreat ? rougb, $ blacktfye, 
parteb into feuen, nine, ten, 
anb fometpmes into moe 
partem > long , narrou) , anb 
fittpt o;t benteb rounb about tfjm 
iutt^ notcbes, like tbe teetb r tf/ 
of a &atu* *Cbe tubole leafe 
toutb all bt0 partes & like to <^ 
a band (pzeab abioabe. 

2 ^befec6D t#alfo tnleattetf 
Itketo tbeftrft, andttljatl) a 
t^tckeftalke, out of totjicbe 
bp tbeftbetf grotuetl) foojti) 
funtyp biancijeg : but it bea* 
retb neither feebe not frute, 
feutng fmall urfjtte floured, 
tftcuibtcbeltkebufte o^poo* 
per t0 carted aump ttritl? tije 

ttltnbe* jfcTheVUce. 

djefettoo fozte^of ^empearefo\Dentnftelbesf,anb Oaljidbe fea fymgto 
bemarueleb at)tljepdo botljfpjtngofonektnde of feeder mafyallfomettmeg 
futbe female ijjempe growing in ttye bobber? of ftelde&and bp fye toape& 

The firfl: Bookecf 

l\)t feebe of tbemale!£empei£ripeat tlje enblff 3tuguft, an& tn§>eptem* 

# T^f Names. 

l^empe i$ calleb in (^leefeeKocvvaft^ocs-^v.Hoa ^0^^ : in Ratine, ant) in 

^)l)Oppe0 Cannabis in Italian Carnage in ^mi^Canama, Cinauo: in Cngliflj 

t$empe,0ecfcetuecbe, $ <§allou)graflre:intf rencb chanure.chenneuis, o^ c^«e 
3nb bctepemappercepuetbecaufeuibp tbe jftopnantfanb otfjer^ bo call fte 
Clotbemabe of i^empe, Cbenneutg, otCanua& foz it founbetb fo after tbe 
dSteeke,&atine,anb f renclj; ttyebigb &oucbmen cali^empe Zametijauff:ui 
bafe 3llmaignc &empe* 

^. T be Nature. 

I&empe feeDe & floate anb b&> in tbe tbitbebegree* 


&empe ftebe bottfappeate,anb biiue tlje tmnbineffe out of tbe bobie,anb if 3 
a man take a Uf tell to mucb of it, it tytetb bp Mature, 9 tbe feebe of generation, 
ant) tbe ^tlt&mti)emen0b;te(te& 

Cbefeebeftampebanb taken in tobtte tuine, i£ bigbb* commenbeb attbte 23 
bap ? agaiuft tbejawfbtce^anb (topping of tbekpuer* 

Cbeutpce of tbeleauegof greene ^empe put into oneg eare ftuagetb tbec 
papne of tbe fame, ant) bungetb foztb all kinbe of bermine of tbe fame* 

Cbe roote of i^empe bopleb in water botb b#P anb cure tbe §>ineU)eftanb & 
partes: tbatbcbtaiuentogitijer anb %onfeen,alfo it belpetb againfttbed&oute, 

# Pkcpaunger. 

^empefeebete barbebf bigeltion,anb q^rarp totbettomacke,cauKng 
papne anb grtefe,anb bulneirettttbebeab,anbfngentyetb groffeanb naugbtte 
bumozg in all tbebobp* 


l^ere are now bittern fcinbeg of ^erbetf compjtebeiibeb bnber tbe nam* 

Of LyGhimachia,bUte^eciallpfOUre 7 bnberU)btcb^all tbe Lyfimachics 

fyalbecompipfeb^be firft i£ tbe rigbt Lyfimachio n. %ty feconb tbe 
rebt^illotoberbetuitb cobbed Cbetbirb tetbe feconb fcinbe of rebbe 
B^tlloti) tyzxbt tuitbout Cobbe&Cbe fourtb is a fcinbe of bleu) Lyfimachion. 

jfcTheD efcription . 

x r *p^eftr(tLyfimachus,o^ tbe pellouj Lyfimachus, batba rounbe ftalfce,be* 
1 rp littell crefteb 0? ftrafceb, of a Cubtte oj ttoo long ♦ Cbe leaueg be long 
^narroU)lifeetotlloXD,o^tr)ptbieleaueftnotbingat allcutoifnipt about 
tbe ebge&but tb.tee o^foureleauetf ftanbtng one againft an otber rounb about 
tbe ftalfce 3 at tbe iopnteg* Cbe floured bepellotjo anb toitbout fmell, anb grob* 
attbetoppeoftbeb^ncbeftinfteebeU3berofU)bantbeparefaUenatDap ) tbere 
growetb rounbe feebe,lifee Cozianber teebe/Cbe wote i$long anb ilenber ? cre- 
ping bere anb tbere,anb puttetb foitbbiuettf pongfpung^tjubicbe atfteirfirft 
commingbp arerebbe* 

2 %\)t feconb Lyfimachusmleaue^anb ftalfee^ teltfceto tbeotber ? fautng tbat 
bi0 leaue^ be not fo bioabe,anb arefnipt about tbe ebge& mucb Ufee bnto t©il= 
lotD leauejS.Cbe floured in colour anb mafcing , are fomeiubat like tbe fiouretf 
of tbe common toilbe #alloti) o^ocfe,tbat 1^ to fap,ttbatb fourelittlebioabe 
rounb leaue^ aanbingtogtfter,anblping oneouer an others ebge? , bnber 


the Hiftorie of P lames. 

tobtctje tyere grolueti) longbufiie^Cobbe&ltke to tyttyx&tn of ftocfee m* 
ioftt$,\i*i^ fioure: tyetoijtclje 

bulked o^feebe beflel&bo open of fyemfelue& anb cleaue abioabe into tljieeot 
toure patte&o^ quarter&toban tye feebe rppe, tbe wtitc^e bpcaufe it i# of a 
UJooilp o^ cottonp fubftance,i£carueb atoapuutij tbetoinbe^be roote ig but 
fmall and tt# ebbp* 

Ly/imachion verum. 

eilotu xLpfunac^torr 

Lyfimachiumpurpureum primum. 

^e firft purple reb,\irilloio Ijerbe, 
oz &pfimactHum,alfo t^e^onne 
before tyetfatljer. 


4s* :H 

Cijere t# an ottjer fmal fcinbe of fyte fo#e,like to tlje otfjer in ftalke,leaue& 
floureg anb ijufke&fauingtyatit i# in aU parted fmaller,anb fyeftalfcetgfo 
toeafee,tbat it can berp feldome groto ftraigljt* Ctye floured beof carnation co* 
iour,Ufee to d^tllofloureft but fomeujljat fmallerf 

I^ettljete to a tbirbefcinbeof rebbe kpfimacbu& berp lifce to tfte firft rebbe 
fctnbe;€befioure£bo groiualfo att^etop o;t enb of ttyeljufkeft but tbep be pa* 
ler,anb mmafetngnot lb tueiiltfee t^eotlje^butrat^ecUfee to d&illofergparteb 
into fourefmall leaue&tDijictye are fet croffettnfe* 
t Clje feconb fcinbe of rebbe&pfimac!ju$ i# like to tbe afo;tefapbe,in ftaifceg $ 
5 leaueg: Curing tbat bi£ floured bo grotu lifee crotonetf oi garlanbea rounbe a* 
bout tfjeftalfce Ufce to 0ennp ropalirof colour rebbe,^ toittjout i^ufke&fo^e 
feebe boty grow in tbe fmal Cowme&fro whence tbe floureg fell otClje ftalfce 
i$ fquare anb bzotone* Cbe roote i$ berp tyoume anb fyicfee, of atJDOobbpjc 
fubftance ; anb puttefy fo t ztft pearelp new fp?iug& , . .; 

<& Lyfima- 

7 * , The firft Bookc of 

Ly ^ hion P ur P urcuma Iterum. Lyfimachiumc*ruleum. 

i3arti?an )Lpfimacbfon,oj 


4 %\)tWm ipfimadjtigaUb inftaikeanttleaue^^I&etJjeot^er^^bleijd 
oz 3t?ureb floured are growing att^e enb of tbe ftalfce&ipifce fafilnon, o? eareb 
like ^pifceotXauanber beginnings bloow bplou)^fo flouringbptDarbe,at« 
ter tulitc^e tijere commetb fmall rounb Cobbeg oj purffe& wherein tlje feeH^ 
wbictje & betp final! i# contepneb*€be roote i£ tb*ebbp* 

The Place. 

Cije peiioui $ rebbebo grow intoaterifl? $ mopft placet in low mebotoeft 
anb about tt>e tyincfeetfanb boiberg of water bioo&etf anb bicbesu-Cijebleio i£ 
not fount* in t$tf couutrep but in tbe garbentf of fucb a# ioue $erbe& 


bo allflouremoft commonlptn^^anb 3Julp,anb tyeir feebettf ripe 

tn^liguft* he Names. 

TlpCimacbtaig catteb ind^^eefee \v&i^x^ ks" \vtw. in Hatine Lyfimachium, 
Lyfimachia,anb of Come salicaria,bnknottJen in £>boppe# : inCnglify &pftma- 
cbia,tBiUoU) berbe,anb )Loufeftrife:tn £>pani(t) ufimachoyerua, 
t Ctje firft lubtcb xue map call d&olben oipellotu kpfimacbu£,r©tlldto berbe, 

anb £Otlfe ftrife, i$ Calleb in f ratmce Cornellejoufcy tu*c,Pdleboj[eM ChaffcbofTc: 

* Cb^ftconb i£ calleb of fome,in)tatine Fiiius ante Patrem 5 tbat i$ to fap,tbe 
fennebefoietljefatber ; bpcaufe^ 

bo come 

the Hiflorie of Plantcs. 75 
Do come f 0.1$ anb toajre great , bef oze fyat tbe floure opened : tn CugUi^e^ t^e 

ftrft CeD Ly limuch us,Ot VUptljlC berbe,Ot kOUfc ftcpf et iXt fttnCty Lyfimtchie rouge : 

inbigb 53oud) 23*aun o£ ftob toeibcricb: tubafe 3limatgne l&oot webericfc* 

tbitb is calleb in 2&£abant ^artticHe*3lt map be calleb in Cnglifb 3&ar* 
ti$an ozftmrpe Lyiimachus,otpopnteb willow i^erbewittytbe purple floure* 
h ^befourtbbatbnoneotljername,butLy^ 
(fcngltfij }$lew atsttrebftpfcmacbus* 

j$ The caufe of the Nfime. 

CbiSberbetoofcebiSnameof tl)ebaliant$ noble&pfimacbu&tbefrienb $ 
Cofin of 3llejrant>er tbe great,fcing of apacebonia,wbo ftrftfoimb outfyep^ 
pettieaf tljis ijerbe,anb taugbt it to bis pofteritie oj Cucceflburs* 


Cbepeltow&pfimacljusot golben }toufeftrpfe,is colbe,typ,anb aflruv 

Cbe teiuperametit of tbe rebbe anb blew £pfimacbia,is not pet tmoweiu 


Cbe mpce of tbe leaues of tbe pellow &pfimactyi0 ftoppetb all flujee of 31 
bioub, anb tbe&pfenterta 01 bio ubp 8ujee, being eptber taften inwatblp, o^o* 
tbcrwife applteb outwarblp. 

Cbe fameftapetb tbe inornate courfe of wemens floures , being put witb & 
a peiTaric cf wool 01 cotton into tbe 3l£atrijr,oi fecrete place of women. 

'Cbeberbe biufeb $ put into tbe note, ftoppetb tbe bleebingdf tbe fame/anb C 
it botb iopne togitber anb dole bp all wounbeS;, anb ftoppetlj tbe bloub, being 

Cbeperfumeof tbi0b^rbebtpeb,buuetft awap all£>erpents, $ benemous ^ 
beafts,anb fcilletb flies, anb fcnattes* 


i©ban pe willbfe &pfiinacbus, foi anp griefe afote&pbe, pe ft^att take none 
otijer but of tbatUinbe witb tbepellow floure,wbicb is tberigbt kpttmacbus: 
foialtbottgb tbe ctbers baueuou) tbe felfefamename 7 petbaue tbepnottbe 
famebertue anb operation. 

<£>f Mmmp. 4$aiM#< 

• TheKindes* 

[i^erebe two fortes of <$?ercurp : tbe garben, anb wilbe ^ercurp : tbe 
wbtcb againeare hiui^tO into two otber feinbe^, a <$ale, anb female, 
fbifferingQnelp but in Cecbe. 

JfeThe Defcripiio/t* 

t nri^e male garben ^percurp,oz tbe tfrenci) ^ercurp^atb tenber ftalfeeftfiil 
X of idpnte^^btancbe^bpontbeUJbic^ grou>etbblacfeifl) leaues,fomwbat 
long almoft like tbeleaueSof ^arieto;tp,grdwing out from tbe iopnt&fro 
wbenceaifo,betwitttbeleauesanbtbeftemt^^ little bea* 

rie bulietft iopneb togitber bpon one ftem,ecbe one contepnirtgin it felfe afinaU , 
rounb feebe.CberooteiS tenber anb full of bearie firings* 

2 Cbe female t# iifee to tbe male, in ftalfee& leaueft anb growing, anb Diffe* 
retbbtttonelp mtbefloure$anbfeebe,fo^agreatquantitiemo^e of floured anb 
feebe,bo gtoujtbicketogitberlifee toafmallclufterof grapes, at tljefirft bea- 
ring a U)i>itefloure^anbaftertJoarbet^efeebe, t^e\3Dljicl)efojt^emoftparte,is 
loft before it be ripe. 

4 Cftetoflbe ^erctirp is fomew^at l&e to tfte garben S^ercurp,fauing ^ W 
ftatteistenberer Smaller, anbnotabouealpanlong, without anp bzancbes, 


The firft Booke or 

fhS^/fi^ e i 9 e ^ c of tl > emale sarDen ^ercurp, anD W feeDe of 
9 eatteftrtngSMe tye rooteof tye garden ffi ttaitfe& 

Mercunalis mas. Phyllon Theophrafti. Mercuries foemina. 


Slpercurp female. 

C^ere&pet an otijer^erbe founDecalleD Noli me tangere,trje tolnctyealfo 

5 i^renuceD anDbiougijtbnDer tljefeutne^ of £l£ercurp* 3lt tyatlj tenDer rounDe 
ImobbeDftalke&uufy manp IjoUouj toing&anD large leaue&ltfce to tijeS©er- 
turp in ftalfce anD leaue£,but mttcl) ^ig^er anD greater, tlje floured Ijang bp 
fmallftemme&trjep are pelloiu,b;toaDe,anD IjoliotD befoie,but narroto betynD, 
anDcrofcing likeataple ? lifcetl}e rlouregof jlarkes fpnrre, after tlje turjtc^e 
tfjerecommetij footftj fmalllong ronnD ijuftieg, fye utyicije Ho open of fyem 
felue&anD ttjefeeDr being rip e,it (puttett) anD fluppefy ati)ap,a£foone a#iti£ 

6 3Dne map tuellDefcrtbeanD place, ne# fye fl^ercurie^Cbttt efpeciallp fyem 
of tfje gatDen) ttje ijerbe tu^tcliet^ ealleD ^ijpllon,bpcaufe tbat fome Do fyinke 
t^at^^pUonanD^jercurpare but oneljerbe ? butbp ti)i# treaties tijep map 
Imomtyatttjep be Diners t?erbe& Jftototljerfo^etljerebettoo foztetfof^ijpl* 
Ion (a£Ctatetui£tu£itetlo tlje #ale anDfye female. 3Iti)afy tftteeoifoure 
OaiHe^oimo^e,t^eleaue$befometi3^atlonganD tyoabe,tbmetl)inglike tlje 
ieauegoftlje€>lpue tree, butfometoijat larger anD flio^ter* 3ill t^e|erbe^ 
ftalfce#anDleaue$ v &couereD uutij a fine foftettrijite toooloi Cotton* 'Clje 
feeDeof tt)efemate#ijpUon, grotwet^ in fafl^ionlifeeto fye feebe of ttjefemale 


the Hiftoric of Plarites. 
9£emtrie:anb tljefeebeof fyemale gtotoefy like to fyc male^emttte* 

Cynocrambc. Phyllon Thelygonon. 

V®i\bt$l$tMXty* Cljiltyen <&J?etcurpt 


*J* The Place. 

CbeaarDen30ercuriegroti)etl) tnbinepatbe&anb garbengof potfjetbe& . 
Cbe xuilbe stotoefb in bebgeg anb Copfe^ Cbefiftb fcinbe grotuetlj tnbeepe 
mopftbaUte^anl)iftbepbeone$pIantel),tbep comebpagame peatelp after* 
toar^oft^etrotuneaccotlicoiof tbeitotDttefouung* 

pfollon * fcttnte > S^ovumg tyopugft out ail kanguebocfc, anb $*o* 

tfgvThe Tyme. 

Cbepfloutetn3une,anb continue flouring alltbe Corner* 

!T ^ Names. 

6atbma9etcutietg calleb in^eefeex^fa™, ant) of fome7r«eflwo Pl K9«lf^ 
1,2 ^Tccvw^ofTheophraftiiscpvMo^tnMtmeanOm^oppe^ Mcrcumhs: rof* 
taltan l*rerc*retti:fxt £>panity tMereurUUs in Cnglify # ercutp, anb of fome m 

^atb tye tounb feebete calleb Mas tbe aipale.3nb tyeotijet tg calleb tbe female, 
S)omeboaifotafeett,fo^ttbea?ercucp. ,• ^ v 
i A »ChetDtlbeS©ercurpt0 calleb in (Bjeci^K^oRf«/^K,iwvw,i(s« Aitof&7i£«eeif"i» 
Ratine Canina brafsica 3 anb Mercurialis fylucftris : in tftqbfy ttttbe ^mwtfr 

anb BOII3e0 Call; in jfrenClj Mercuriallefauuage y ChoudeChien. V\ 9tp.90IK9 a 

" <B iij tfluue 



5* The firft E 

?^^^^ ttt,m * * ttnW * lwrt: to ^^ant\jD«Dt}S(ngelerupt> an& tdtl- 

5 Cfte Noli me tangcrc,ioa$ bnlmotaenof tljeatuncient& UJfterefoie it batlj 
none otftet name in <&itU £atine*Cft ep cal it in bigb 3aoucl) £>pangferattt: 
in Biabant^piingcrupt, an& Crupbefcen enruert mp met : an& tot tijat caufe 
menintbefebapegbo callit,Nolime tangere.-tljatte to fap, toucbemenot* 

6 Option igcalleb in<i5^eefee epv^ H&i\ouo<pvMot>dn'jl&tint Phyiium. tSDtje 
male t^cailet) tubtcbemapbe CnglityeD Baron^ercurp oiptyi* 
lon,o*23ope£ #ercurp o^^llo^nH tbefemale Us calicb in d^eeke&M/yovoj,: 
anb tijig fcinbe map be calleb in Cnglity <J5pUe# ^bPllon 01 $0 ercurp, &auglj* 
ter£^pllon,o*<apapDen apercurp* 3lnH\joe cangiue itnoneotber nameatf 

VVt^ig i# Diofcorides^^pilon,bntnOtTheophraftus^^pilon . f OtTheo- 

phraftes j^^pUon,i^ nothing el# but Diofcorides S^ercurp* 3lnb fot to be 
itnotDenfromtlje^erctttie^tljijBf^ljplionto aifo calleb Eia?ophyiion,^)itue 

^^Pllom *? 'he Nature. 

C^eS^ecctttteftateftoateanD^tp in tftefitft Degree, a# Auerroysfaitlj* 

4feTbt Venues. 

% $)ercurpbopleb intoateranb luonfcen,tofeti) tbebellp, ptttgetlj, ^Dtiueti) 

fo#ft coibe pblegme&anb boate anD cbolerique bumoig: $ aifo tije luater tljat 

itfgatftereb togitber in tbebobieg of fuel) asbauetfteiatopfie* 
& tljefe purpofes, it map be bfeD in meateg , anD potage& anb tljep fyali 

tto#te tlje fame e(fect,but notfo ftronglp* 
C ctjefame pounb tottb Butter , 01 anp 0* 

tfter greace,anD iapDe to tijefunDamfr, pio* 

^ Clje Batons^ ercurp,o* male ^bpllon 

tuonfce^cauf&b to engenDer male cftilDien, 

anD t\)t ^apDe $® ercurie , 0£ gptletf #bpl- 

ionD*onken,caufet!j to engenDer <l5pile& 0$ 


twopence* Ct>ap*liij* 

4^ The Defcription. 

Mflt>nptootte batl) fmallflenDer flaltte& 
creeping bp tlje grounDe, bpon euerp 
fibe tubereof grotuetb fmall rounDe 
ieaue&anD fomett>batlarge,almoft lifce to a 
penp^b^flowrejJ bepellotu almoftlpfce to 
golD cupped %X)t roote ig final anD tenDer* 

jfc The Place. 

Cfytt ft erbe grotuetft in mopfl; meDotoff, 
aboutDitclje&$ toatercourfe?, $ in Copfetf 

Jit beginnetft to floure in fl^ap, anb con^ 
tinuetft flouring all tfte ^omer» 

4$i The tfarnes. 

CftitffterbeijJnotP calleD in jlatine N a* 

itiularia, Centummorbia,£ of fome Serpen- 

ttria^nb alfb Lunaria graffuia: in Cnglift) i^erbe ttoo pence , ttuo pennp graffe, 


the Hiftof ie of P lantes. 79 

anb a&onptooitetinfred) ntrbe k cent m*Ldies ining!) ©ottel) ^fennutgkraut, 

J^T he Nature. 

•Ouo pennp gralTe i# b# in tut fyirbe Degree* 


Cftelater v»#ter$ Ho fap,fyat if Ijerbe be bopleb intopneanb tyonfcen 31 
tontb l£onp,tbat it ijealett) anb cured? tbetoounbetf anb burtetf of tbe jUngetf, 
Stijattt i$ goob againft fye Cougk butlpeciallp againft tijebageroug Couglj 
in pong cijtlbinuo be taken a# t# af oie fapbe* 

mint flm'ttt Sootf lajct* tfteiMtttj. 

Linaria. Ofyris. 


t r Cantoo#e,tml&eflape,ojCoDe^ ftalfce&out 
jof tDtyclj grotuetb manp leaueg togidjer long, anb narrotp,mucIj like to tijf 
leaueg of ftpn/Cbe floured be pellotd,large, $ clofebefoze, lifce to a froggetf 
mout!j,anb narrow be^tobe, 9 crofceb like to utar&eg (puree, 01 karfeetf ciatoe* 
Cije feebe t# large anb blacke,contepnebinfmallrounbe tyuO*e#,fye fctyidje 
commetlj fo#b,after fye falling of, of ttje floure* 

%f>mi$ an otijer fcinbe of tijig ljerbe,fye tDljiclj ig notcommon, anbit bea» 
tefy fa#e bletoe floured , in all ofyer tljingg ipfee to tije otljer , fauing tijat W 
ftalfce&floure&aufc leauetf are (tnaller,anb tenberer, but pet it groioefy bp to 
a&tgijer ftature* 

1 Co ttyete tunbeg of tuilbe f lm otjLtnarie , it toere not amide to iopne tljat 

45 m berbc, 

So The firft Booke of 

l)ecbe,toijtci} iscalleb in^ltalp Beiuedere.cbtSplautebatb timers fittallfyuteS 
oi fconrges bearingfmaU aarro to leaues almoft Ufce to tbe leaues offtake: tbe 
fioures befmallano of a gratfe colour, anb Do groto at t^etoppe of ttje (talfces* 

The Place. 

1 lOjepgroto uitl^embnttiieDplace^aboutljeDge^^tljebozDer^offtel^^ % 
3 4Dfpzis grotuetb in man? places of 31talp anb jHombarbie* 


C^pflouremoftcommonlp in3|ulp,anb 3ugult 

*§*The Names. 

2 CbtSfterbtScalledm^boppe^Linar^anlioffomePrcudoliniim^nDVri- 
nalis.mCnglifljtCoDe flape/anb toilbe flajee: intf rencb Ltnaire^iLmfauuagei 
in btgb &oucb ftpnfcraut>tf lafcbfcraut ? l£arnkraut,bnfer fratoen tf lafcb, toilb 
tflafcb,ferottenflafcb: in bate Sfilmaigne aailbt bias* 

3 Cbe tbirb Wnbe if calleb in d5^eefee oV v ^: in Ratine o fyris : but in tbiS out 
age it if calleb in ®£ee&e«fy>;?:anb astoebauefapbeit if calleb in 3talp Bd- 

uederciinCnglifl) S>tannetDO k tte* ^The Nature. 

^>tantoo#e isboate anb typ iu tbe tbtrbebegree* 

T he Vertues. 

Cbe decoction of ofyris,o£€obefla£eDionfcen, openetb tbe olb ? colb Hop* % 
pings of tbe ktuer £ #ilte, $ tS ftnguler goob,fozfucb asbaue tbe 31aunbers> 
toitbouttf euerS>efpeciallp toban tbe3faunbers is of long continuance* 

Cbefamebotb alfo ptouotte biine, anb is a fingulet mebicinefoz fucbe as © 
can not pifTe,but tyoppe after tyoppe,anb agatnft fye Stoppings of tlje fcidneps, 
anb blabber* 


The Defer iptton. 

BVrfa Paftorisbatb rounbjtougb^anb 
pliable btauncbes, of afootetong: 
toitb long leaues, bepelp cut o^ iag* 
geb ? lifce £ leaueS of £>eneup, but mucb 
fmaller^be floures are tobite,$ grow 
alongftbp tbe ftalfces, in place tobereof 
toban tbep are gone tbere rifetb fmall 
flatte €o^t^ , oz triangleb poucbes, 
\t3bereintbefeebeiS contepneb, vubicbe 
tS fntall,anb blacfce* Cbetoote is long, 

The Place. 

§>beepeberbs poucbe grotostb in 
ttreates anb toapeS> * in rouglj , ftonie, 
anb bntilleb places* 


3!tfiouretbmo(t commonlpui3Iune 
anb jjulp* 

^T he Names. 

jtatine name gtuen to bint of tbe Zntu 
entto#erS,but tl)elatertonters> ^aue 

calleb it wi-atme Paftoriaburfa,Peia$ 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. 


Burfa paftoris.-mCngUfy £>ljepijer&£ purfc, £>cr(ppe, oi^oudje: anD of Tome 
CafTeuiee&erui jftect) Labouret$% Bourfe de tjigti &ouclj Befctyel&raut 
anD l^irten fec^el: in bate ailmaigne Ceffceng O£2&o#eUen0 erupt 

he Nature. 

3 1 Ijoate anli fyp in tlj e tljirtie begree* 


Ctje&ecoction of ^Ijeptyer&eg purte bionfcen, ftoppetb fye laffce,fye blou* ^ 
Dp flijce,tl)efpittmgan& pilftng of bloub,tt)bmen£ terme&an& all otfyer fluj&e of 
bloub^ou)foeuet:ttbetafeen:foiU)ljtc^etti$(io ejccellent 7 tl)atfome \juiiteofit> 
faping ? rtjattttoiUftancl)eblou& if itbebut onlpljolDeninfyeljanbe, ouarrieD 
about tijebobp* 

^f€wqutfcple/ojf me fmflatgtaffe* €^apJW* 

jfyt-The Kyndes. 

$?ere arefoure fozteg of Pentaphyllon, oz Cmquefople: twokmbes? 
tljerof bearetl) pelloto floure&tuljerof tbe one 10 great,tbe ottyer fmaU 
Clje tljtrb fctnbe bearetlj tuijtte floured, and tlje fourth fcinberebbe 
floured all are like one an er in leaned anb f affyiom 

Pentaphyllon luteum maius. 

pelican Cinquefopletljegreater* 

Pentaphyllon luteum minus. 

P dlou) Cinquefople tlje letter* 

fyThe Befcriftion. 

Y^egreatpettotD Cinquefople, Ijatlj rounbetenber ftaifeetf, creeping bp tlje 
grounD,anb running atyoatie,Uke tfee ftalfceg 0^ biaudjetf of tuttbe Canfie, 



anb taking ijolDe mbmertf placed of fye grounb,bpon toljidje limber tyanttje? 
grotuetfj long leaned fntpt ot benteb rounb about £ ebge&atouaietf f me grotu- 
ittgtogitberbponaftem,oiatti}eenbeof aftem* ^eflouretfbepellotPjanb 
patteb into futeieatic^xi)etut)tc^ U)ljant!|eparel)antfll;el>Do tumetnto final 
rounb,anb IjartJebearie^^U^c^traiDbmefttniDftic^ groiuetlj tyefeebe.'Clje 
roote tebladuty, long anb Uenber* 
* Clje Imall pellou) Cinquefople mucl) like tye otyer, fotytf leauesr, $ eree- 
pmgbpontIjegrounb>alCo mbteftalfcetf, floured anb feebe, fautng tljatittea 
greatebeale fmaller,anb botb not ligljtlp tafce Ijolbfaft $ cleaue to tlje grounb, 
a£tijeotijerbotb*cljeleaueg ate entailer tljen tljeotyerg, anb ofau?^itifl;co* 
iourbnbernetlj,nejctto tljegrounbe* 

Pentaphyllon album. 

l©ljtteCmquefople t 

Pentaphyllon R ubrunu 


3 €^e toljite Ctnquefople,& l&e fye great pellotu Cutquefople, in W final! 
anb flenber btancijetf creeping bp tlje grounbe, anb in W ieauegf bmibeb into 
f tuepatte&but fyat ftalfcetf o^tyancljetf be rouglj* Cljeieaueg belong, anb 
notftupto u t benteb rounbe about, but befoteonelp*Cl)e8Qure0betDl)ite,anD 

•C^erebbeCuiquefopleallb,i$fomet»^atUfeeto fyeotyerg, elpeaallpUke 
tfte great pellotu fcinbe ♦ Clje leauetf be alfo parteb in Rue leaueg, anb mete oj 
fnipterounbabout,tlje^icfteareiD^itiftbnbernet^,anbo{ aftoarte gteene 
colour aboue* %ty ftalfce # of afyanne op f 00 te long,of colour biotone, o^reb* 
b(fte,tDitb certapne topntetf oifcnot&but not Ijearte* Clje fioureg grotu at tlje 

the Hiftorie of P lances. 85 

fye tuljtoje tljere commetb bp fmallrottnb berteft of a Cumrte tebbe colour \iu 
£5>tratiJberte&but t)arHer:vuitl)tnxtJ^tc^e tbeteebe is contepneb* C^e roote is 
tenbet,anb fpjeabing about tyere anb tbere* 

^entapbpUon o^Cinquefopie grotuetb loiu anb infyabouue places? tome* 
times alfo bp xuater fibes ? etpeciallp tbe tebbe fcinbe, ti)ljicbe is onelp founbe in 
DictyeS> ojt aboute Dicijes of ftanbing nmtet* 


# T/><? Names. 

Cinquef ople is calleb in<^eeke7rtvr«>;*op tin &atine $ iri.&tyoppe$ Peri- 

taphyllum,anH Quinquefolium:in3|talian Cinque folio 'in fyp^Xli^) Cmcoenramat 

tncfcnglity Cinquefople,oi£>irtfcefople,of Come f pueleaueb gratTe,oi tf tuefui* 
greb grafte: intf rcnci? : $&ntef*e$iki inbiQftBoucb jfunffftngerfcraut, $ jftmfc 
biat : m bafe 3(llmatgne,<Eijf bingercrupt* 

T Nature. 

CinquefopleiS btpintljetbirbe Degree* 

*Jj* T be Vertues. 

%\& roote of ^pnfeefopiebopleb uiu)aterbntilltbetl)trbe pattebecottfu* % 
meb ; botb appeafe tbe a&ing ? anb raging papne of tbe teetb* 31fo if one boib in 
biS moutb tbebecoctionof tbefame,anb tbe moutb be tuelltoaffyeb tberetuttb* cttretb tbe Owes anb blcers of tbe tome. 

•Cbe feme Decoction oftbetooteof^inkefopleDioniten,curetb tbebldubp 25 
flire,anb all otber flujce of tbe bellie, anbttancbetb all epceffiue bleebing, anb is 
goob againft tbe goute^ciatica. 

Cljeroote bopleb in bineger, Dotb mollifie and appeace fretting anb conlii* C 
ming fcueS, anb btiToluetbtoennes anb colbeftoellings, it curetb euilfauo t teb 
naple&anb tbe inflammation anb ItoeUinjg about tbe ftege, anb all nmvfytw 
fcurumefle ? if it be applieb thereto. 

Cbeiupceof tberootc being pet pong anb tenber, is goob to beb t tonfcena- 
gainlttbe bttfeafes of tbe kiu£r,tbe2Uinges 5 anb al popfom 

Cbeleauesbionfcen in boniebU)ater,o^\]Dineu)bereinfomepepperbatb & 
bene mengleb,curetb Cerrtan, anb ^uartaine feuers : 3tob btonfcen after tbe 
famemaner ? bPtbefpaceofttjirtieDap 

Cbeleauespounb ^lapbetoo bealetb Wine burftings, ottbefallingboune f 
oftbebowelles 01 otber mater into tbe CoDDe&anb mengleb uiitl? falte anb 
teonp,tbep clofebp uiounDes, f iftulas anb fpieabing blcers* 

Cbe ittpce of fye leaner tyonfcen botb cure tl?e3)aunbers > anb comfotfe tlje # 
)tpuer* > 

€>f Cojra wttll/oj Ibctfople* €bap.H& 

jjjjfThe Defcipion. 

^mentill is mucft lifce bnto £>incfctfople : it batb aenber tita&eS/ 
rounbe,anb tenber,fiueo;> aire Ringing bp out of oneroote, anb cree* 
ping bp t^e ground CbeleaueS befmaltfiue,oi moft r ommonlp teuen 
growing bpona(tem,mucb UKefye leaned of ^incfeefcrple, anb euerp 
leafe is lifter ife fnipte anb DenteD rounbe about t^e ebges* Cbe floured be pel- 
lou), mucb lifee tbefioures of tuilbeCanfie , anb ^>incfeefople. %ty roote is 
bjoti3ne,rebbe anb tljicfee* 

^ The Place. 

€otmmtttlgrowt^inlo^barfee^fl)abotypU30obeS, m greeneujapeS. 


$4 The firft Booke of 

♦§* The Tyme. 

3X ftourett) oftetime&altljefoinetiong* 

%Wtyti*ti$no\}) calleb in £>&oppe# 
utiDm Ratine rorm entilla,atl$ of foiue ill 
<35iecfee U?«<pvttoy:m Xatim Septifoiium; 
in Cnglity£>etfople an& Omental: in 

dfcenC^ T ormentille, $ Souchet dcboU : in ijigb 

3©oucij 'Coimentill, fttictouuttk anb Eot 
Cljematkeg anb notes of tbte Ijerbe t»o 
appjocije toerp neais to tyebefcription of 


ofcT he Nature. 

Jlttypztifintyt t^trti liegrecv 

i§* T/k Vermes. 

% itty leauetf of 'Coimentill tiritft fyett 

rootebopleb in tuine , fye iupce thereof ^ikf 

btonfcen p^ouofcetb fuieate , anb. v bp tljat 

meaner it buuetb out all benim front tbe 

liatte : moieouer tbep arebetp goob to be 

eaten ot bionfcenagamft allpopfon, anb a* 

gatnlttlje plagueoj pefttlence* *Cbe fome 

fcertueijatb tijebtpeb roote0,tofeematot 

inpouberanbbionfcen inline. 
25 3lfo tljerooteof Coimentillmatieinto 

pou&er^tyon&m murine tt>ban oneijatb 

nofeueno^toitlj tbetoater ofa£>mptbe# 

fo^ge,oiU3atenD^eretn3iron, o;tboate$ burning fteele ftatlj bene often quen* 

cbe^s,\]^)banonebatb afeuer,ruretb tbcblouDbp fltpe,$al otberflu|ce£otlafke£ 

of tbe belMtftoppetb tbefpitting of bloub,tbepi(fing of bloub,anb tbefupet> 

fluoufe riming^of tiiomentf fioute&$ allotber ktnbegcf flupe,oz tfltte of bloub* 
C ^coction of tbe leaned $ roote of copnentttl, ottbe iupee of fye fame 

bionfcente goob fQialltoounbe&botb taoarblp, anb outtoatblp: ttbotl) alfo 

openanb bealetbeftoppingg anb tjuttetf of tyt JLungeft anb fyekpuet, anb itf 

goob agatnft tbe 3launbeti8u 
53 Cbecooteoftbefamema^eintopotiber,antitempereb ottmoben tiritljtbe 

toljite of an <£gge,anb eaten,ftapetb tbe befire to bomitte, anb i# goob again!* 

tbe biflfeate calleb Cboter o£ S^elanrbolp* 
hB 'Cbefomebopleb in toater, anD aftmoatb tyemoutf) being toaffyeb ere* 

\m$aU,cure$ tbenougijtie blcer&anb fo^eg of tbe fame. 

&i £>trarobmte& €tjap M\U 

jfcThe Defcriptiort. 

ffit ^>ttmbtxm tmtib W fmall anb flenbet; ftearie biantyeg , cteepetij 

talongft tbe grounb,anb taketb roote anb bolbefaft, in biuetg placed of 
'tbegrotmH Uke&iuckefople,t!)e leaueg alfo are fometubat l&e ^imfc 
fople,fottljep beltfcetorife cut anb fnipte tounb about, neuert^eleffe it tmngetlj 
foitb but onelptbzee leaned grototngtogitber bponeac^beaueftem oi foote* 
ftalfee»Cbefloure^betubite^pello\D int^emtbbel,fome\D^at after: tbefaftyio 




the Hiftoric of Plantcs, 
at tlje firfte, but tebbe t»ban it rppe, 
fomettoietf aifo pe fyall ftobe tbem bet? 
tu!)tte toban tbep be ripe, in talte anb fe* 
uour bcrp plealattf ♦ g» r/^ /w. 

S>trau)betie£ grotoe to fyabbotop 
tjooobbcftsbeepe trencbe&attb banfceg, 
bp &igi) urnp Obes : %t)tp be alio mutye 
planted to garben& 


'C&e&trauibstp Soured to 3lpittl, 
anb tbe f tute & ripe to 31 ime* 

<5« T he Karnes. 

Cbe £>trau)berp i$ callcb to Ratine 

Fragarii, F rag ula : in Cngltlb ^tramberp 

$ £>tra\uberp piante : to f rencb /=>**/frr: 
tobigb^oucb Ctbtbeerefcraut: tobafe 
3imaigneeerbtberteiimipt. €be frute 
i$ called to TLattoe Fraga: tojfrencb 

tobtgb&oucb Crbtbeer; tobafe 
^linaigne Cerbtbefien. 

The Nature. 

%\>z ^>traa)berp piante 0£berbe,ttntb 
tljegreeneanb bntipe £>trau>berie&are 
colDe % bip ♦ ^be ripe Srtrawberies are 
colbe anb mopft* 


3 Clje decoction of tbe ^ttatobetp 

piante btonfcen, ftoppetb tbe lafoe, $ tbe 

fuperfiuoufe courfe of women$ floured 
23 Cfte feme becoction, fyoi&en $ kept to 

tbe moutb comfo jtetb t^c gumme&$ cu* 

tetb tbe naugbtie Ulcere anb Cue* of tbe 

moutb , $ auopbetb£ fttofcing of p Came. 
C Cbe uipce of t^e leaner carets tbe 

£»tratt)beueg quencb tbirM tbe co* 

ttonal bfe of tbem i& bezp goQD,foi tbem 

tfjat feelegreat beate to tbett ftamacke* 

"Canfie* Cb&pJfc. 

■aj* Defcnption. 

Tl£etxnlbeCanfte,i#mtKbUketo tlje 
&>tratDberp piante , anb Ctoque- 
fople, to b& Qnall anb flenber bian* 
cbe#, anb to b& creeping alongft anb 
banging fall to tbe grounbe, b& (talked 
bealfo fmall anb tenber.Cbeleaueg be 
iong,beepelp cuteuenbarbe to tbe ftem 
anb fniptrounb about, mucb like to tbe 
leaner of 3lgrtmonte,of a tubittty (btotog 

colour neict tbe grounbe of a faint greeue aboue/C^e ffoureg be pellouwrntrtj 


8* The firft Booke of 

like ti)t 8oure$ of Cinquefople* roote Ijatb dearie ftrtng£, 

jfrThe Place. 

t©tlbe / €anflie growetb in mopft,bntilleb,anb gtalfie place&$ about b icl^e^, 
but efpeciallp in clap grounbe&tbat are left front tillage. 


3!tfiouretljmofteommonlp in Juneanb 3[ulp* 

jj*The Names. 

%W Ijerbe tenoto called in Ratine Potentiiia,anb Argentina, anb of finne 

Agrimoniafylue(fris,OlTanacetum fylueftrc: wCugllfl) UHlbe^anfie,^s5)ilUer 

lueebe,anb of fome UJtiDe Kigrtmome : in tfjrencb r^yfr (aumgc&i Bee v,anb 
Argentine: m bigb Boucb CSrenfigb, dSrenfmg, o? (^enfericb, anb acwbtng to 
tljefome in Ratine Anferina:mbafe3llmatgrie<^aufmcfe,anD Argentine* 

<§c T^r Nature. 

tBilbe Canfie & bap in tbe tbirbe begree* 

JfcThe Venues. 

BDtlbeCanfiebopleb mttutteoiumtet anbbzonkenftoppetlj tbelafke, tbe j 
bloubp flijre, anb all otber flu^e of bloub,anb pzeuapletb mucbe again!* tbe fit* 
perfluouscourfeof \joomen£floure&but fpectallp agapnft t^ew^tte floub, op 
tiBie of floured 

Cbe fame bopleb in \joater anb falte anb b jonfeen , biCToluetb all do tteb anb $ 
cougeleb bloub , anb is goob fo* Cuctye a# are fqtmtte aub buifeb uutb falling 

Cbe decoction of unlbeCanfte, curetb tbeblcertf, anbfojetfoftbemouttj, £ 
tfteboatebumoigtbat are fallenboturie into fyeepe&anb tije ftrppetftyatpe* 
rifyetbettgbtjif tbep bevuaftycb tberetoitbalL 

a^ilbecanfte batb manp otber goob bertueg, a# againftfte Cone, mtuarb a 
toounbetfanb coirupt offsetting blcerg of tbe gummed , anb pziute 0; fecrete 
parte&itftrengtbenetb tbe botuelle&anb clofetb bp greenexuoiinDe^ , itfafte* 
netb loofe teetb, anb fuiagetb tootl^-acbe* Cbe bifttlleb water of tbte piante 
10 goob againft ttye freckle&fyotteMub pimpeitf of ti;e face, anb to take atuap 
^unne burning. 

€>f common fteoufc rate. €ljap.lA 

^ The K'tndes. 

~f tljebcrbecalleb in Ratine Pilofelia, tbere&founb attb&ttmettoo 
fcinbetf: Cbeonecallebtbegreat Piiofeiia,tbe otber fmall Pilofciia, 
tbe lubtcbe tome men boalfocall ^oitfeeare>bou>beittbepare not 


T^e leaueg of great Piiofdiaare (pteabe bpon tbe grounbe, tobtteboare, 
anb bearie mucb Ipfce a great ^oufe eare* Cbe ftalfce is alfo bearie, a* 
bouteafpannelong,anb bearetb boublepellouj floured, tbe toljtcbe bo 
cbangeinto acertapne bearie botone 0^. Cottonfeebe,anb is carieb atuap untb 
tbe unnbe* Cbe roote is of tye lengtb of a fingar , anb Ijati) manp dearie 

Cbe fmall Piiofdia is ifte to tbe t^er , fauing tbat it is mucb lefTe ♦ Cbe 
ieauetfbe fmall anb little,anb tobite boare neirte to tbe grounb.anb beariealfo. 
C^e floured groxu at tbe toppe of tbe ftalfce&manp togit^er, anb are of colour 
fometimeg pellotu, fometimetf rebbe, anb fometime;5 b?o\jone , anb fometimejJ 
fpecfeleb.Cbc rooted fmall anb tyjtebbp* 


the Hiftoric of P lances. %j 

Pilofella maior. Pilofella minor. 

®reat &iu>mu my femall^aoftllau 

fyTht Thee. 

x C^e great i^ilofeUagrottiet&bpo fmallgrauelp ot bip fan&p mmntapntg, 

an& bpon top banked about tije boiDettf of ftelUe^ 
2 Clje finaii pilofella grouped in titp !£eatye$ anD Common^ an& fucft UU 

ttmfte ant> bnttllefc places jjp'jht Tyme. 
Ctyepffouretn ^ap anH 3!une* 

%.The Names. 

% %ty great i$ nott) callefc tit ftattne Pilofella maior : m €ngttfy alfb <]5reat 
^tlofella^ of fome^oufeeareaningft ^ouclj #tagel&raut, an& of fcmealfo 
euf?o;t: in bafe 3timatgne groo te ^tlofell^anD &agft eicrupt* 

fitiallt$ talleD Pilofella minor, an& of tbe big*) 3ilmatgne£ <S^eufc 
ozlttianD ^ map be callel) in Cngit(|)fmaU pilofella, o^eat^ 

IttOUfeeare* Jjm The Nature. 

^e^ttofellagbe^oate and tup, 


CljeSecoctton of fye ieauetf ant) roote of tW fterbeSionfcen, Dottj cure,ant> 3 
tyeale all U)ount>e# botij mumrD anD outtt>arD,ant> alfo $)ernte&i t vupture& j. 

€be ieaueg of ^iiofellatypebjanb aftertoarti mabe into pout>er,$ (frozen © 
o k icaftmto ujoun&e&teableto cureanD ijealetljefame* 

C^etupce of tije great 3MofelIa,Dioppet) into tyeeare& curefyfyepapnec 
of t&e fame^uD cienfetlj tijemftom ail ftltlj anti corruption* " K A 

^ if- Y J Cfce 

88 The firft Booke of 

CbefcmejBitorellaeatenoz tauett inmeatefttotftclenfe^clanfiefteKg^ 
fcnb curetb tbe rebnette ofttje epes, 

€>f #olOen floure £>tccl)at>o0 ana Cotton 

toeebe* Cbap,ljrj* 

*J* The K fades. 


U)oollp,ot€ottonpleaue$,\jDbicbefome men call Piiofdl*, Fiiagi- 
ne$. Cbeonebauiugfap^egolbepellomnbftoeete fmellmg floured 
Cbeotber batb palepelloiu floureguutbout finell, 9 1£ of tb.*eefo#e& 

Ageratum Aurelia* 



Cotton tueebe* 

atfittyallappeare bereafter 

The Defcription. 

* ^^efirftoftbefeberbes 
1 tubicbtbeailmaigneS 
bo call ilbeinblumen 
batb flenber ftaifee&counb 
anb cottonie^atbe^iubi* 
tity,o* of aboare gtap co* 
lour,of afpannelong, untb 
fmall,natrotD, ^berpfofte 
cottonieieauetf, in quanta 
tic 9 matting like $ leaueg mf^WM 
of ^pflbp : at tbe toppe of mm 
tbe ftaifcetf grotuetb fmall 
tufteg, otas it toerenofe* 1, 
gapes of ten oj jriF*floure# ^ 
in fafibtonlike to fmalbttt* 2 
tofttbeuibtcbbonotligbt* hu 
Ip periibe ox babe, but map 
befeeptalortg time in tbeir 
eftate, $ colour, neitbetare ^Ap 
tbep of an bnpleafant fa- * 
uour , but are fomewbat 
bitter. Cbe rooted fmall, 
(bone,anb blacke* 

Cbeotber kinbetobtcb 
fexalleb Fiiagcot Cotton 
tueebe, is of tb*eefott$,a# 

i$ before fapbe* * - — - 

t Cbe firft of tbem is lifee to tbe afoiefapbe,bttt ft is greater anb btgber,fome* 
time# growing to tbebetgtb of ttoo footelong,otmoie* Cbeftallves be fmall, 
rounbe anb grapitye , couereb toitb a certapne fine taooll 01 Cotton, tf#ee 0? 
foure grouipng bp from one toote, ftraigbt, anb moftcommbnlp tiritbout anp 
bzancbes* Cbeleaues belongjnarrotu^bttilbjfoftejanbVDoollpjlifee tbe 
leaue^of d5olbeno^pelloti3 sta?chas,faitingtbat tbep belonget,anb tyoaber, 
anbfomeU)batofa greener colour* Cbe floured be rounbe, anb after tbe faf- 
Ibion of buttons, growing at tbe toppe of tbe (talkes, a great manptogitber, 
but notbtng fo pellotu , as tbefloures of d5olben Sta?chas , neitber (b long la* 
fting,butarecarrieb atoaptjoitb tbe tirinbetaban tbep beripe 3 ltfee towers o< 
tber floured 


the Hiftorie of Planfes. 89 

3 Cfje otljer fcinbe of Cotton toeebe, in ftatfce£ anb leaned & mucl) IpKe to 
tlje afoiefapbe, tijc floured alfo be like to ttje afojeCapbe : tjotubdt tljep grota 
notinttiifetesattbstoppeof tl)eftalfce,butbettoi;rt tlje leauetf alongftbp tbe 
ftalfce,anb tt)i£ 10 ti)e greatelf bifereuce, benjuijct tbt£ ant) tbsotber, 

4 tSDtje fourtij fcinbe of tijefe tjerbeg, 10 like to tfye ttxio otljer, las* rectteb Cot- 
tomueebeg, inftalfce# anDtu^pte cotton? leaned, but it i£ altogitt^er tenbe* 
ter, toller, anb lower, Celbome gcouringto tljelengtbofone^banbe* Cbe 
Soured grow at tlje toppe of tbe ftal&eft in CinaU rounb button?, of colour anb 
faffyionlifce to ttje otber Cotton tueebesu 

jfyThe Place. 

tEbefirftfcinbegrowetbtn fanbpplapne& anb btplkeatlje&antigplenti* 
fttllpfounbe in (Untyp places? bp tbe riuer of ileene* 3ln tljig countrep tljep 
to\joitingatben& %ty otbertb*eefcinbe#groti)etb in tl)i# countrep in tonbp 
grounDe&aboutbipJafetye&anb in certapne mopftplacetf, anb in tpqobbe& 


Cljiep ffouremoftcommonlp,in3]une,anb 3ulp* Cotton weebeffouretij of* 
ten,anb agatne iu3luguft* 

jfe T he Names. 

\ %tyt ftrfte fcinbe of fygfe tyerbeg i# called of Theophmftus in !ji# ttientfj 
23ooke,anb*jejcf*Cbapter, in d5*eefce :in)iatine of Cbeobo^e d5a$a 

Aurelia : 3lnb Of BioftOttbe£ ay^-rop Ageratum : in ^l)OPP^ Sticas citrina, 
anb Sticados citrinum: *Df fome Tinearea,anb Amaranthus Luteusrin CttgliO) 

d$olbe floure,S)potbett)o v ite, 01 dSolben ^tecljabo^anb of burner dSolberc 
jfloureamoi: inbigb 2aoitcb E!jeinblumen,^ottenblumen,$ ^ottenferatttt 
inbafe llmatgne lEl^epnbloemett anb fttjij nbloemen* 

Cl^ere i#pet anottyerb^be befcrpbeb bp Diofcorides, calleb frixe^EK- 

chryfumanb Amaranthus ? tljetI}^tC^ei0nO^ingli!ie tdSticascitrina. jfOU\c<o< 
Xevo-oj; HJiochryfon of Theophraftus,anbfo/'xpu(ropEIychryfon of Diofcorides, 

are two feuerall berfces ♦ 3lnb tijerefcue tijep are greatlp becepueb ttyat ttnnfce 

Sticas citnnatObetbeHlichrylonOf Diofcorides. 

2 Cbeotbert^eearealUalleb (mi)i£tpme)bponename, in &atineFHago: 
in ^panift) rerua GoUndrwa • in bigl) 23oucb l&butfcraut : in bafe 3tlmaigne 
ftl)uercrupt,ot!&oot melt? en erupt, tbat i^ to fap,3loubp tf lijtettJOite* 

Cbefirftof tbefet^eetecallebof Plinic, Herbaimpia^bpcaufe tbattyte laft 
floure&bo furmount anb grow ijigljer fyan fyefirft* 

^>ome tooulb baue tljefe ttym tjerbetf, to be tljat lubiclje ttye aietian^ call 

>va^<xAiop : anb t^e ?lattnifte# Centunculum, Centuncularis, anb Tomcntitia, 

butpett^eiriubgementto notrigl)t,a#ttll;allappeare in tlje Chapter nejtte 

9fr T he Nature, 

Cfcefe tjerbe^ be dfab^ping nature* C^e d5olbe fioureoj golben sta?chas ; i^ 
^oate alfo, a# it map be percepueb bp bitternelfe* 

The Fertues. 

dpolben sta:chas bopleb in tuine anb b^onfeen , fctlletlj ujotme^ , anb bttn- % 
getl) tbem fo^,anb i$ goob agapnft t^ebpting^anb (tinging of benemoufe 

Cijefamebopleb inlpe, clenfetbt^ebearefromXpce,anbiaitte^*'C^efamc 23 
lapbe in r^arberoobe^ anb ^effeg, feeepet^ apparell, anb garments from 

& iii m £>f 






9° The firft Booke of 

<&ttapl)alton/o? £wtaH Cotton. €l>ap.lM. 

T/><> Defcription. 

0aptjalton i# a bafe o k t iotp 
ijerbe, tuttlj manp (lenDer 
fofte bzancljeg , anD fmali 
leaueg , couereD ail ouer 
a certaine totytte cotton 01 fine tjuooll 
anD berp t^icfee: fo tyatpe tooulD Cap 
fttoere aU toooll o^ Cotton ♦ %f)t 
floure$bepeUotD,$grou>e lifcebut* 
' ton& at ttic top of tlje (talker a# pe 
map percepue bp tbe figure* 

The Place. 

%W grotaetb no totyere, 
but bp tye feacoaft,tberei£ plentp of 
ftinX,augueDocfc,anD ^otunce* 


3tflouretb in June anD Julp* 

JfcTbe Names. 

berbe i% called in <5:eeke 

>vflc^<cMo»: Ul}tattneGnaphalium,Ce- 
tunculus , Centuncularis , Tucularis, 
Albinum,$of EOttte Gelafo, Anapha- 
lis,Anaxiton,Hires, ant) Tomcntitia. 
3if0 Bombax humilis : tU Cngltfl) Of 

Turner 3 cuDtoeeD,CljafevpeeD,Car« 
tapbtlago .Jit map be caileU alfo pt* 
tp Cotton, o^finall^obafeanf rec^ 

Petit Coton&therbe forreufe,op Cotontere. 
Pcna in lji£ Stirp. Aduer£ noua^calletl) it Chama?zylon. 

The Nature. 

g naphalion i$ typ anD attrwgent 


Cbeleaue^of Gnaphaiion.bopieDmttiicfeereDtPme, are goo!) agamft the 
blouDDp fltpe ? a^ Diofcorides,anD Galen Dot^ uritneflTe* 

piantapne o? t^aptyeo t tffjapjpt tj, 

jjtTbe Kyttdes. 

Bcrc is: fotmD in t\)i$ coutrep,of ttjiecfortetf of ^iantapne great pletv 
tp,bpfiDe£ tobicbe fyere i£ pet an otber f ounDe^bicb grotueti) in folte 
grounbe,alltPbic^einfigure,Do partelp refembleonean ofyer* 

ifaTbe Defcripion. 

T^e great }Blantapne^atb great largeleaue&almoft lifceto aiSeeteleaCfe, 
xuitft feuen ribbetf bebmDe,on tlje bacfcefiDe, u>biclj bo al attemble $ meete 
togitber,at fye enDe of tbe leaf e nejrt tbe roote* Cbe ftemmeg be rounD,of 
t^e^etgtt) of afooteotmoie,fometime# of areDDtffy colour anD commmgtop 
from ttje roote in tbe miDDeil amongft tbe ieauesf, tbetubict) ftalKe$ o^ ftemeft 
fromtl)emiDDlebpxt)arDetotparDe0tl?etoppe,are couereDrounDeabouttuitb 
fmallbnoppejs; oi beaD$ (tD^ic^e firtt of all Do turne into fmall floureft anD af- 
tertDacD into fmal Ijuffcetf contepningablacWfl) feeDe)lifee to a^piue eare,oj a 


the Hiftoric of Plantcs* 91 

UttieXotctje* Cfte too te to Owte, toljite, anb of fye ttjiefceneffe of a ftngat, ba* 
uuig manp tulnte bearie tlj3teeDes?. €>f tb to kinbe,ti)ere to founbe an otbet, tije 
S>p&e&eare&o.t to#be$ti)betof,atebetp Hubble, (b atfin euerp £>ppfcp eate, 
in fteebe of tbe little fcnappeg o^eabeftit btiugetb fottf) a number of otljet 
fmal^oic^e^U)^erofec^eotietolpfeetot^eQ)Aeoj to#i>of great jaiantapne, 

Plantago maior. Plantago media. 

d&teat jdlantapne, Nibble ^lantapne* 

s Cfte feconbe fcinbe of i^lantapne, to like to tbefirft , feuing tbat fjto leaner 
be natto\j)er,fmallet,anb (bmevubat beatie* Cbe ftalfceg be tounb, anb fome- 
tityat cottonp oi Ijeatte, anb bztngetb foozttj at tbetoppe , tpifceb fcnoppeft op 
toicbeftagteatbealeftoitert^an tbe firftiaiantapne, tbe blotuuxg^ of it ate 
piitpleintD^ite^CbetootetotuljtteaiTb longettbantbe fitfte* 

3 Cljetbitbefcmbeof ^lantapnetofmallettban tbefeconbe* Cl^leauegbe 
longanb nattow, toritb ribbed Ufcettjeleauetf of tbe otbet jSIatapne, of abarfee 
greenecolout,U)ift tmaUpouTt$,o^putleftfet,bete anb fyetealongfttbeebgetf 
of tbe leaue&Clje ftalfce$ beerefteb o^ fttafceb,anb beate at tbe toppe fapieflpi- 
feebfenappes uutb tobtte flouted ot bloflbnto,lifce tbeippfciefcnoppeg oftlje 
nubble ^lantapne^be coote to ftxute anb betp full of tbieebp ftting& 

4 ^e &>ea$lantapne to nattotier, it ftat^ long leaned berpnattotu ,an& 
t^idke:t^eftalUe$beofaQ)annelong, full of fmaU grapnel o^fcnopft from tbe 
mibble euen bp to fye top,muclj lifee to tye totc&e of fye gt eat i^lantapne* %ty 

Jfr The Place. 

%ty fytee fitfc^lantapnetf grow aimofteuetp thereto tytocountrep, in 
paftute? anb leafeft about luape?, anb mopft placed 

$ itfj Plantago 


The firft Booke of 

Plantago minor. 

&maU jMantapnaiibtomte* 

Plantago marina. 

%ty &ea i^lantapne gtittuefy in fait gtotmbeft bpdn fye btoiUg ant) boj* 
wt# offalte tuatet ftteame& a# in Zealand $ Batotogl; in great plenty, bp 
tlje loater Zoom* ^ r/* ?>*<r. 

^be^lantapnes bo fifouremoft commonly in tbte eottntte&tn tbe inonetbtf 
of3uneanti3Iuip^efeel)ei#i^emmigua. . 

# The Names. 

i&lantapjiete calleD in cfcteefce *evoy\ao<r@~£\)bt $ Lingua AgninaXammetf 
tnngue: ae^^.^o^aVft^Trox^^^K^ i^ocTrXivf : in ftatmeanti in <§>bop£ 

Plantago :W 3Jtattan HanUgine:\n ^panify Tamchagen.LengHa de oueja: fa C ngltfl) 

jBiantapneun ijigl? Jaouclj oaegricb 01 ^cbaff$ttngett ? in bafe 3llmatane 

i ^befttft&in&e ig notl) calleD faftatttte Plantago maior 5 ant> Plantago rubra: 

tnCngltfl) (fcteat^lantajwe: infnml) Grand piantaim:in\)i<$ &ouch ftotet 
t^egnrij: mbafe3lmatgnei t looi)eiDec^biee. 

, Cl^efeCOnDUtnD tgCalleDfa )Latltie Plantago mediarfo jffcfttj Vlantainmoitn; 

in Cngltib 9pitible ^lantapne:fabigt> laottcb #fttelanl>b>eytei:l©egi:ttb% 
CbetbttDe i$ tailed of fomem<0ieefee7rtvT«nv^, tbat ig to Tap, inftatine 

Q^inqucnernia.OtljerVDtfett iSnOti) Calleb faftatfae Lanceolata^nfc Lanceola- 

tnCnglifl; littbbeU)o#e: fatfrencb ^tit ?Unuin,unctoU$xSb unccokuc: inhiab 
©ouc^pttjer toegtic^an bafe 3iimatgneClepn toecbtyee^ i^ontfnbbe! 
aaecall tbefourtb Plantago marina : in Cnglity £>eai&lantapne: in jftench 

Plantain demer; in bafe Wmti($ltZWl®ttytytZ* 

far hi 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. 9$ 

&*T be Nature. 

l^iantapne to colDe anD Dtp in tljefeeonD Degree* 


%\$\m\t$ of i^lantapne eaten toitlj meateft ot o t^ertx»tfe are berp go oD a* a 

anD are gooD fo^ fuel) a# ijaue tlje ^ttjtf&e (tDljicl) to aDiiTeafe in t^e hinge*, 
tintl) a consumption of all tlje boDp*) 3inD againd tlje Couglj, 

Clje Becoction of leaned of ^lantapneDjonken^ftoppetl* tlie bloubDp flfce, 15 
anD otl)er flure* of tljebellp,alfo itftoppetl) t^efptttmgof blouD, tyepitttngof 
blouD,anDti)e Superfluous flouring of womenS termed, anD all ofyeriffue of 

Ci)eiupceof$iantapneD^nkm,fl;oppetlj anD appeafetlj fye great Defire to c 
bomitte,anD ftancljetl) allflujee of blouD, afuuell as t^e leaues anD feeDe* 

Ctye roote of ^lantapne bp tymfelf a* vutt^ ijto feeDe bopleD in Itoeete urine 53 
anD tttonken,openetlj tlje ConDuptes, o^palfoges of t^e Jlpuer anD &tbnep£ 
being (loppeD,anD to goob again!* tlje31aunDer&anD tljeblcerationof tljekiD* 

£>ome IjauetDjiten^ttjattltfee rooted of ^lantapne, taken toritfj urine anD <* 
\Dater,Dotlj cure tlje jf euer tertian : anD f oure rooter fo taken Do cure tlje fc» 
tier quartapne* 

%\>t bfe of ^lantapne to gooD agatnft all eutll, corrupt, anD running Coies # 
anD blcer&anD againft uiounDes botl) olD anD new, all Ijoate empoftem& anD 
inflammation&againft C anker&#i(hila&$ tlje foule euiU oz f renclj ^ocke& 
anDallfcurainelte.3|ttogaoD againfttljebptingof <$abDe&og&to b^ufet^e 
ieaue#of$£lantapneanb lap tljerebpon, otto poureof tlje tupce of ^lantapne 
into t\)t tuounDe& 01 if it be mfceD uritl) emplapfterfc anD opntments , tyat be 
inaDefot fuel) purpofe. 

%\>t leaned of ^lantapne Do a(Ttoage,anD mitigate tyepaineof tf)ed5oute, <5 
anD are excellent to be lapDebponftuollen members, t^at are full of IjeateanD 

C^eiupceofplaiitapne DtoppeD otffclleD intotljeeareS>to berp gooD a-^ 
gainft tlje papne in tlje fame* 3inD to be DzoppeD into fye epes again!* t'qt i\v 
flammation,anDpapneof tbeepes* 

*Cl)efameiupceo£tl)e decoction oftljeleauesotrootesof }Mantapne,Do 5 
cureanDJ)ealet^enaugbtiet!iileer$oft^emoutb,tl)etoot^ aclje, anDtlje blee* 
Ding of fye gummed o^JiatoeS, tjoftan tyemoutl) to oftentimeStoatf&eD uritl) 

CljeleaueSof ^lantapnepounDeo^ ftampeD uritl)falte,anD lapDe to tljefc 
empoftemS,tDenneS 01 IjarDefujellingS about tlje eares anD fytote, curetlj tlje 
fame* Clie roote alfo^ togooDto becarrieD o^angeD about t^e necke, fo^ tlje 
fomepurpofe,a0 fomementjozpte* 

&f mtiftowt piantapttt/o? Cojonop pian^ 

tapne* Cljapapiiir. 


Thereto founDe in tfttocountrepatfttoptefent,ttoo WnDeg of Ijerbeftbotlj 

I tf&The Defcription . 

^eftrfl;Cro\jofooteot^artftoine^atliilongnarroiD anD dearie leaue^rt 
biingeti) fo^ bponeacft fiDe of tfte leafe tljiee 01 foure ftozte ftartes 01 
bmt¥$> almoft like to t^e bizntW of a partes fto^ne* 3ftlietlj IpzeaD 



<H The firft Bookc of 

'Upon tije gtounb like attarre* fro tlje mibWe of tljofeleauc&grotoetl) tip finall 
rotmb Ijearie ftemme&bearing long fpifceb knappe&o? to^e&l&e ttje nuobie 
iMantapne^ije roote to long an& tyiebbp* 



Coronopifpccies pet egrina.' 

^ 'Clje feconD Crotofoote,^atl) fyiee 
oifoureftemmeg ojt fyancbeg, creeping 
fcpon tye gtounb, at alujapetf Iptng fiat 
fcpon tbe eattlj > but neuer mounting o$ 
tiring ijigfyet , $ aretetfuli of long, nar= 
tow, $ iaggeb leaned, muclj like to tije 
ieaueg of tbe otbet Croutfoote iMan* 
tapne, but fmaller , anb nothing dearie* 
^be floured be fmall $ \u Ijite , & grow* 
ms beftmtt tbeleatietf $ tbeftalke,toell 
faftmefc to tyefteme,ti)i)antljep are be* 
capeb,tbere*:6metb fottl) fmall fiat pur* 
fe£,bzoab e $ tougt), intobiclje fyefeebe 
i^contepneb. Cijetooteitftubiteof tlje 
length of one$ fingar,intaft Ipfce to gar- 
den Ctefffo 

Due ma? alfo place amongftp fcfobg 
of Coronopus.acertapnetyerbe, tnijic^e 
wefball notD offer bnto pou(tt)etotjiclj 
10 a ftranger^ but little fcnotoen in tlj to 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. 9? 

cotmtrep) feing tljat it &berp well like to ^artetyoine* Ctje leaues belong $ 
natrotoAiaucbebuutt) fyoite darter, altogitbetl&e to tbe leaner of ^arte# 
ljome,fauing tbat fometime^tbepbebigget »Cijep lie alfo flat, ^fpteab rounb 
bpontbe gtounb,anb arefomewbattougb,$ bearie, liftetbe leaues of partes? 
ftome: fo tqat it i# barbe to tmou) one from an otber,iul)au tbep ate botb uutb* 
outftalfcesanb flouted ♦ 33utvoban tbttfbetbebcginnetbto baue ftalfcejsanb 
flaure&tbantbebtflferenceig eafdpmarfceb : foitbisberbe bungetb&utij two 

01 tijiee tounbeftalfeetf, parteb into funbip btaucbeg , at tbe toppe tob^teof are 
placed fcnoppe#anb buttons, lifce to €vk\\u$ 01 Come floure, Cauiug ttjat tbe 
fcales of tbe imappes otbeabetf , be not fo clofelp coiicbeb? anb lapbe onebpon 
an otijer,$ x\)t fapbefcales feemecleare an& tboiougb (Inning, especially 

tbe floure i$ fallenof anb xuitbereb* Cbe floured come fottl? of tbe fapbetmoptf 
oibeab&incolout anb making lifcefye floured of Cpcijoue,butfmaller* Cbe 
roote i$ long anb flenber* 

*fr The Place. 

t Clje fittt Kinbe grotueti) tnBzabant $ f launber&in bntilleb,fanbp placed 

2 Cbefeconb alio gtoxuetb about toapeg, anb b*p fanbp patljeg, anb bpoti 
banUes anb rampier&elpeciallpincertapne placed about 3Hntti3atpe,iDbere a$ 
it groiuetb fo plentif ullp,tbat almofl; one (ball fee none otber ijerbe* 

3 Cbe tbirb ubiety & a ftrange berbe, groiuetb not of bte oxune tunbe in tW 
countrep,but it i# planteb in garbeng* 3jt groiuetb plentifully in kanguebocfc, 
in ftonp anb bip placet* 


. i Cbe tvuo firft feinbe&bo floure in^ap, anb Uttttf* 
5 Ctje tijitb flouret^,in3|ulp,anb 3ugu& 

JfeTke Names. 

t Cbeftrfti^calleb iML&im Cornu ceruinum 5 0l Herba Stefla?,an& Stellaria: 

tnCnglify of Cumer,anb Coopetf^erbejue, anb Crotofoote}&lautapue: of 
^ena^uckbome^HDemapalu) callit^arte^boine^lantapne,25uckebo^ne 
}^lantapne,o*Cotonop jBlantapne: it i$ calleb in fux^come decerf^i Dent 
au chien it i$ bmrnotuen in £>boppe#: Cbe 23iabanber& bo call it l^errilwen, 
anb Crapenuoet erupt: ^omelateU)^iter$call it in (Biz^t^coyU,mx in 
tine Pes comicis: in btgb^oitcH^taenfu^fuppofing it to be tbe fame Cor ono- 
pus,VD^icbe2aiofcottbe0b^tb befcribebintbe*w$.cbap*of bte&conb boo&e, 
altijougtj in Deebetbep be not like at all : 3nb tberefotewe baue calleb it i*ft* 
pfcudocoron opu s,tbat ij5 to fap,i5allarb Crotufoote* 

2 Cbefeconbfeinbebtatoet^nearetotbe befcriptionof Coronopusmabe bp 
Jdiofcoiibe&albeit tijatnotxuitbftanbtng,tlje learncb Hucilius^octoun^ 
timeat |3ari&couib notbemabebeleeue,tbat tij& toag tljertgbt Coronopus. 
naijerefcw foi tbe fame R uciiius fake , tPfto mabe a liuelp befcription of t$t£ 
fterbe ? tt>ebo notucallit Coronopus Rueilij.- in bafe^Unaigne Crapenuoet, oi 

, itoienuoetcijepcallit atlftarttf Vcrrucaria: infomeplacegof cnglanb t^ep 
call it &ti)pnefcre(ft&aae map alfo callit RucHlus Coronopus. 

3 Cljtefttangetjerbeljatlj no namea^pet, knoiuenbnto bjj, fautng t^attfte 
!?erboii(le0 of ?Languebocfc tafte it to bea kinb of ^cabiou^o^foe tbe Come* 
floure calleb Cyan us, in Cnglity blevu 25ottelL3l man map boubt utyetber tl)i^ 
benot^tolro^beS Coronopus, bpcaufetljat i^arte$l)oine ftoulbfeeme to be 

s akinb of ^lantapne^ut bpcaufet^eBefcription of Coronopus i$ berp f^o^t, 
i tue are not able to affurepou^C^i^map alfo be aKinbe of Condniia. 

# The Nature. 

i i^arte? l^otne i$ colbe anb b^p in temperature muct) ii'&e ^lantapne* 


9 6 The firft Bookcof 

i C!)eS)\Dtne0Cce(rt%otRuciiius Coronopus(agittoembcnt brtijetafte) 
totyoateanbbip,lifceto jjacDeno^toiuiteCreir^btitnotaUtUmsro ijoate, 


partes Ijome to in bettue lifce to #lantapnc,U)tjereof tt to a iunbe ; anb map j 
betjfcH iii all things tubereto }£lantapnefertietb* 3lfo it batb bene pjtoneb fm- 
guler againft tlje pilftngof bloub,ti?e grauell $ tlje (tone, to be tafcen in meatetf 

3Jf ^U)tae0CtCfri^,O^uelIius Coronopjbefyetme Coronopus,tbantf)C® 

toote thereof rolled in tbetmbte#ojboate3Ml)e&an& eaten tnmeatejff to berp 
goob agamft t^e laffce ptoceeDittg from tlje colbnefle of ti?e ftomacfce,\x)l)id)e to 
tbecaufe of tttmiebiirco;ts in tlje <£utteg:fombtcljepurpofetlje berpfent>anb 
tafte of ttjetoote Ijece befrrtbeb, Declar^ tlje fame to be betp goob, bpcatife it 
to Ijoate ant) fomeutfjat aftringent, 

€>f 6Iqud ttrange/oj ftooufe taple €tyqM0>» 

<SfeT he Dtfcripion. Myoiouron. 

€>nfe taple to afmallou)^erbe,U)tt!) rmalleatte$ 
anDbetpnaixou),emottgft\jal|icljefputigetlj Dp 
i from tye roote final! ftemmeg, gamtffyeb uutb 
betp fmalltobtttft flouted anb aftettuarD tutttj 
little log tozcbe&mucb like to a ^oufe oi Eatte£ tapie,$ 
itfce tbe Ceebe 01 tojcbe£ of }dlantapne,befote tt bloowetk 
in tutytctye tocontepneb betp ftnailanb biowne feebe* 

tfr The Place 

apoufetaplegtotuetl) in goob pattttteiMnB tertapne 
mebpUJ^anb fometimetf alfo bp ijtgt) u>ap ftbetf. 

3jt fionretlj in 3ipztll, anb ttye to teljeg anb feebe to npe 
in^ap, ^fyoitlp after ttjetuboleljerbepenffyetklb tbat 
in 3une#e l^all net finbe tbe btp ox tuittjeceb plante* 

TVk Names. 

'3ft to calleb in Cnglity #oufe tapie,$ Bloub ftrange; 
in jfrentfj £ut*edefouru:zvib acco#tnglp in d&jeefee 

©v ? «,ji^uo<roue^:in)Latine Cauda murina,an& Cauda muris: 

inWfifeaBoucb Caufent fco:n:tn bafe 3Mmaigne^iipfe fteettfteng:Cl)to tonot 

Hoioiteum^eit^er Denncuia CanisRuciii^a^fomebo iubge* 

tyT he Nature. 

Cbeleauesof tytoijetbebocoole, anb btffer not nmclje from denature of 

4^- The Verities. 

<Cl*eopetationatf>bettae$of tbtot>erbe,are not pet Imogen, !>ott>bett,ajef 3 
farrefotfl) as men map iubgebp tlje talte anb fente thereof, it to muclj l&e mf* 

€>f WMttpUntapnt* tftjap.ijctow 

The DefcriptioM. 

Kiter ^iantapne to a fapte betbe,ttutt) large g'teeneleaueg, not mudje 
bnl&e tbe leaned of ^lantapne,toitb a ftallte full of biandjeg, $fmali 
£ Mjitefloute$,&tut&eb intotb*ee partes, anb after tijem it bungetlj 
trpangleb ljufte* o^button& fye toote to of tkiebbp&ringfc. 

the Hiftorir of Plantes. 97 

l)ttbt groluetl) about tbebo#>er# 
anbbnnfeeg ofDicbe£an&ponbe& $fom* 
times alio ui riuertf an& bioofccsu 


3Itflourett| from3Iunetill3tuguft«. 

fyThe Names. 

i£no\u calleb inJLntm pl> 
tagoaquanca.tnCngUI^ umterj&latapne; 
in f rencb Plantain deau in bigb J^oucbe 
waiter aaegriclj, anbtfrocbloefei&raut; in 
bafe Blmaigneumter o^ecbtyee, 

«J» Nature. 

£>omemen unite of tb&bet;be,tbatit ^ 
of temperamentcol&eanln top* w 

% £>omelapfto k teoftbeleaue# of water 
l^lantapne, topontbe(l)ank#o:(binne£ of 
ftidj a$ baue tbe^oplte, ftippoftng tbat £ 
water in tbe bellp (bail bp tbat meaner be 
biawen & wne to tbe Il)innes o£ (bank** 

# CbelearneD menof our timebo unite, 
tbatitbatb tbe fametoertueg, $ faculties 
a# tbe otber ^lantapne, wberof \ue baue 
alreabie wntten in tbe IjeinCtjapter* 

€>fBnotgta(Te- €f>ap.l,ct)9» 

4feThe Kyndes. 

Ti^ere be two fcinbeg of tbis betbe a£ 
Diofcoridcs wtitetb>tbe ^ale 9 anH 
tbe female : tbe <J©ale & calleD in Cnglifbe £>wpneg graflfe, ant) ftnot graffe, 
but ttye females calleD (mall Sbaue-grafle* 

77?<r Defcription, 

0ot gtaflfe batb manp rounb,weafce $ flenDer bjancbe&full of%not£ 
anD iopntetf , anD creeping alongft tbe groun&e, it batb long narrow 
leaue&no t mucb bnl&e tbe leaueg of EeU),fauingtbat tbep be loger* 
Cbe floured be fmall, growing alongft tbe bjancbetf bettoijct tyc 
ieaues anD tbe iapnte&of colour fometimetf wbite, fometimetf purple 01 incar- 
nate, aftertbemcommetb a trianglefcfeebe, like to fotreUfee&e, %tyioottig 
rounb an& rebbify witb manp firings 

Cbe feconb fetnbe wbicbe tbep calif emale feno t graffe, batb tbiee o: fours 
bpiigbt,rounb,anb euen ftemme&witljout biancbe&full of iopnte&anb mucft 
like to tbe (talkesanb iopntetf of Hippuris,oil^tfetaple,butnotfo rougt),an& 
about tbe iopntetf growetbmanp fmall,anb narrow little leaue#,lifce to a 
&tarre,anbnatmucbbnlteetbeleaue$ afBofemarp:€berootei$wbtte ant> 
runnetb alongft tbe grounbe,putting f 0^ manp nets flfrntetf o* Qning& 
aimongft tye kinbetf of &not graffe,we map well recfcen tbat berbe,wbtcbe 

* bo tb fo wiap $ enterlace it felf, $ ig fo ful of iopnt&tbat tbe bafe 3£lmaigue£ cal 
tt lknau)ei,tbat i$ to fop,&not U)eeDe,it grotuetb to tlje ^eigtb of a man$ ban&, 
^ btingetb fo^tb manp tender btacbe^ full of ^nottp topnt&entagleD 9 (harleD, 
DiipiappeD one in an ot^er^^eleauej^befmal^tiarrotUjioelUibeto juniper 

3 leaned 

i'hc firft Bookc of 
Polygonum mas. 


Polygonum foemina. 

female ftnotgralfe, ot 

Polygonum tertium. 


ieaue&faumg tbep be entailer anb not piicfc* 
lp:amongft tabicb grotoetb little Soured af- 
ter tbefafifyton of ftarre&incolourlifceto tbe 
ftemmttf anb leaue&tobKb aregtapitt):Cbe 
roote i$ !jearie,anb a# tonga? one$ fingar* 

1§* The Place. 

\ Cbe^atefcnot grafogtoto)etb>wRelbe£ 

about toapeg anb patbe&anb in (treated 
s CbetfimtalegtotoetbinmopO; places,* 

bout p bunfceg $ botberg of runingtDatet& 
. ^etijirbgrotuetb about djapton fielbg, 

9t placet not mil ijufbanbeb , especially in a 

mopfl: peace* The Tyme. 

C^e ^aletmotgralTe,$ tlje fyirbfcinbba 
fioure,fromafter3lunebnttll tbe enb of £>o* 
mer^Cbe female i£ fount) moftcommonipm 
gjuip $ 3Iugu(t r;fc Ate ma. 

&not gtaflfei^ catteb in<15?eefee7roXv W anjLatine SanguinariajSanguinalis, 
anb Proferpinata. 

Cfteftrftttfnbete ealleb in ffijeefre Wyop £p^p,*«*«Vovop,^ tto\& 

tineSeminalis: W§>ftOppeg Centuranodia,^ Corrigiola.Of fome Sanguinaria, 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. 09 

Sanguinalis 5 Profcrpinaca: mJittiXtiinCorngiola in £bpanul} Cerrhla, y ckn nudos 

j^/^.-mCttgltd) male&notgralTe: in tfrencb Rcnouec,% compote- inbigb&oucb 
u^eggraf?, anb uaegtritt: in bafe ^matgneiE>ecbgra£, <Eerfcen£ gra£, anb 
Bupfentfenoop mannefcen* 

2 Cije fCCOnD ig calleU in d^^eeUe woXoyovojj 0i?Av:in)tatine Sanguinalis Foemina: 

in bafe 3toaigne&upfmtKnoop\uijfke: tnCnglift; of Turner a^ebotu fltjaue* 
gra(fe,anb fmail £>bauegra(Te, 

. TOjetbirbekinbeiscalleb inbafe Ktlmaigne &natuel,tbe tubicbe tuttfyout 
bottbteitfalunbe of fcnotgralTe, albeit Diofcorides batlj Deftribeb buttxuoo 
kinbe£ : fleitljer Ho u>e tafceitto be i j oiygonon of Diofcorides, but fo^ one of 
tbefoure fcinbesof Poiygonon^bcreofPiinie^ati) \initen in ttje jej&bij*booke 

*Jc The Nature. 

3111 tbefe Ijerbeg are colbe in tbe feconb begree, anb typ in tbe tljirbe, a&riu* 
gent,anb making tljicke* 

*gc The Vertues. 

f %\)t ittpce of fcnotgrafife tyonfce,i$ goob agatnft tlje (pitting of bloub,t!jepif* 3d 
fingof bloub,anb all otber tojce ojulfue of bloub,anb i£ goob againit bojniting 
anb lafke& * 
%X\z fame btonfcen in tirine,b#petlj againft t^ebitingofbeneinoufebeaft^ B 
3itiSalfogoob againfttertianfeuerfttobebionKen ? anbourebefoietbefit* C 
Cbe leatte# of fcnotgralfe bopleb in toineot timter anb btonken , aapetb all 33 
maner of laffeetf anb flujre£ of tbebellp*Cbe bloubp flijre,anb U)omen£ floure& 
t^efpitting of bloub,anb allflupe of bloub,atttfella£ tbtiupce* 

'Cb^tupceof fenotgralfe^putiDitba^eiraueinto tbe natural* placed of too* 
men,(toppetb tije floured, anb tbe inornate courfe of tlje fame : anb put into 
tbe0ofe,it ftancijetlj tbe bleebing of tbe fame : poureb into tbe eareg, it ta* 
fcetb aiuap t^e papne of fye fame, anb bipetlj bp tlje coirupt matter anb filtb of 

•Cbe fame bopleb in teine anb l^onie, curefy tlje blcer& anb inflammation^ f 
of tbe pziuie o^ fecrete parted. 

^begreeneleauesbeinglapbetoo,pjeuaple mud) againft fye great Ijeate $ <s> 
burning of tbe ftomacfce , boate ftaellingg $ empoftems, tbe confuming $ bur* 
ning of ls>*3lntbonie£ ftre,anb all greene oi freffye \uounbe& 

Diofcoridesalfbfaitb,tbat^notgra(TepiouoHetb btine, $ goob foj fuel) ^ 
a# pare btop after tyoppe : tlje tul^icljet^ founbe true, uuljan fye bane ig boate 
anb (barpe* « 
% Clje female&notgralfebatl) tije fame bertue, a# tty male fenotgraflfe (as 31 

Diofcorides faitb)bUtUOtfO ftTOtig* 

3 3tnb tljetljirb fcinbealfo, ^bertue^bemucft Ufeeto fye S^ale fenotgraffe* 

*£t TheKindes. 

Ti^ere be ttooo fotte^ of i^oife taple, oj ^Ijauegraffe , ng Diofcorides anb 

fylhe Defcriftion. 

fi^^i^an tlje great §>ftauegra(fe 0^ l^oife taple beginnetl) to fpzing , it 
b^inget^ foo^ttj rounbenafceb,anb ^ollotu O:emme0,rougl) anb full of 
topnte^:peat^eirroug^ne(fet0aicb,tbat ^Durnerft Cutelerft pt ot^er 
3ttttficer#,Do bfe tljem to polil^i, $ mafee plapne,(j fmot^ tbeir tootfce& 
us t^eftefte$ of fenpue? 9 5©agger£ $c&t t^etop oftljofe Afparagus, 0)ute^oz 

91 ii nmmif 

ioo The firft Booke ot 

ftemme&grotoetl) final, rotmb, anb blacfcefcnoppeg o;t tuffet& 3(ftertoarbe fye 
ftcmme^Dotjpapeb^oujneanlireDni^e, anb tytnge foottbrounbe about euetp 
Imot oi (opnte,btuer£ Uttle>fmall,flenber,anb fcnottie ruffle ♦ 9it mountetb fo 
i)tgb,tt)at uritt) Ijanging ruffte&o*fmallbiancbe&tt is not mucb bnlpfce to 
a^ojfetaple ♦ Cljerooteteu^tte anb Ijatt) topntetfoj knotted Ipfce fye ftaiUe 

Maioris Equifeti afparagus. Equifetum minus. Equifeti minoris flores. 

^e^pzmg$o£tyute£of £>mal(J)auegralfe Cljeflouretf of total £>ftaue- 
t£otfetaple,o£fl)auegratt& oj^o^etapie, gralfeo^oifetaple. 

i tlD^e fmall ^bauegtalfe o^otfe taple, tenot mucl) bnl&e to tye great ♦Ht 
tmngetb foztb tuban it begtnnetb to fpung,bareanb nafceb ftemme&tbatbe al? 
fo roiinD AbUotu anb fcnottp,at tlje toppe ot enbe of tyofe ttemmeg it batij a$ it 
*joere,a fp&eb eare ojtfenop,of (mall tabite Eoure&tobtctjeperta) mcontutentlp: 
Cbantomgetl) bpfromtberooteofyertyuteis ottyanclje&fullof knotted 
iopntetf , about t^etD We alfot^eregtotDetbrounD Jmottpmftye&Ufceagttt 
tljegreatl^otfetapleo^ £>ljauegra(re ? butnotfo great nojt forougb, but mote 
fofteanb gentell,fo tbattbep are nothing txwtlj to polttyeurityalU Cljeroote 
ig fmall,biacfce ; anb fienber* 

The Place. 

Clje great §>!jauegra(fe, growetb mDMjetf , anb ponbe& anb berp mopft 
place&Cbefmall^oifetapleoi ^bauegralfe grotoety roloto fyabowp placed, 
anbalfomtypfanbtefLelbe^ fyTheTyme. 

^benafeeb ftemeg of tbe great$jo;tfetaple,bo *P*«t8top mS^ap^efyutetf 
anb bloffoms of t^efmaU^o^etaplebofp^urg in aipjttl, frfyotflp aftertax 


Equifetum maius. 

C^c great ^>ljauegraffe,o k t 
%o t tfetaple* 

me Hiftoric of P lames. 
*p tije ftemme&fet full of anaUrttftye& 

<5» The Names. 

Cljefeljerbes arecalleb in <^teefce?*, 
7:tv^ of Come icpv<r^ «v«G*<r»? : in Xa* 

ttlte Equifetu, Equifeta, Equifelis, Equina- 
lis 5 ailDSalixEquina:m^oppe$ Cauda e- 
quina: in3]talia AfyrtlU, Codo di cattalle $rda: 
tufe>panift} Cola demula,Rah dc muU.\\\ <£n* 

gitd; ^otfe taple , anb £>f)auegra(re: in 
giglie Bouclj SKbafftljeU) : in bare %\* 

Cbe greater fcinbe & calleb Equifetum 
maius,^ of fome Afprclia. inCnglify great 
^IjauegralTe, anb l£o#e taple : in i)iglj 
aaoucb grof? §>djafftbeti) , inofjft^at^ 
^ferbtftbtoant? , fto^toabel , &annen* 
kraut: in bafe 3llmaigne groot|&eertfteert 

Cljefmall i£ calleb in dSieefce 

Vn^«xj wunop: til &attttC Equifetum minus, 
aut aItcrum,anD Equitium. <#nD Of fomca£ 
AnthoniusMufottJUtetl), Sceuola: in G£t> 

glify final ^JjauegraflMnb of tomt%sb> 
pipes: mbtgo&oud^lepn&cbafftbevu, 
feat^entoeDel, laat^enCrtjUJant^, &at?en jS 
fagbel: in bafe ailmaigne clepn ^eerfrf X 
fteert,anb Cattenfteert* 

€Ijefe ttoo ^bauegraffc^ o* f^otfe 
taple&are colbe in tbefttft Degree,anb typ 
in tije feconb,aftringent,anb Diping untijout fljarpneffe. 


Cljebecoctionofl^otfetaple,iutt>ineo^ allflujteof 31 

bloub,$ alotber eptraoibtnarp flupe&elpeciallp tbe ino^binate iflue of floured, 
itbotb alfo cure tbe bloubp Aire anD bangeroug lafl*e,anb allotber fcinbe of 
ia&e;OnD fotalltijeafoiefapDe entente it ig a Gmetaigne temebie(as Galen 
to^itet^^beiupceoft^^erbe fyonl^ alone ojttnfytorine,t£ of tije fome 
operation anb effect* 

l^ojfe taple o i £s>!jauegra(te,being tafeen in manner af ozefapbe , t# moft co* B 
uement anb pzof (tabled o; all blcer&Cbie&anb Ijurteg of tl>e feibnep&fye blab* 
ber anb botjoel&anb againft all burfting& 

$o#e taple uiity W roote boplet>,te goob againft tije Congee litfficultte £ 
attbpapne of fetcbtogbzeafy , anb againft intoarbe burftingg a# Diofcorides 


^eiupretqereof put into t^e0ofe,ftancftet^t^ebleebingoft^efame,anb & 
tottlja^elforteo^ofyer^ placed of 

toomen,ftoppetlj tl>efloure& 

%\>z Came pounbe anb ftrotueb bpon fretye anb greene tuounbeg , iopneti) € 
tiKmtogttbetau&ljealetlj tljem, alfo itpzeferuetij tbem from inflammation. 
3nb fo bot^e t!je pouiberof t^et^efterbeb?peb,anbftroU)ebbponneti),anD 
greene luounbe^ 


The firft Bookc of 

I^tteroote o; Salomons fealete of ttoo foite^ *%\>t one called fye 
great o^oaDe£>eale of Salomon; Cljeotljertetye finallanDnar* 

Polygonatum latifolium. 

23ioaD e leaucb utytte toote* 

Polygonatum anguftifolitim. 

&arroto leaueD tutyte roote* 


1 T^^e great&alomong feale^attj longroufc ftalfces : tfjeleauetf be long ant) 

1 greene,larger,longer,(* fofter fyen bapleaueft betfcujrt tiie tityictje leaueD 
antuijeftalfce, bponfljotfftemme&ljang pleafant totjttegreene floured, 
long anH Ijolloto, %ee ot foure togitijer , fo fyat euerp ftalfce fcottj common!? 
bztngfoitb, moe floured fyanleauetf* %\>t floureg pertffyefc , fyep turnemto 
rottnDe bearie&tye totytcl) be greene at ttje firft,an& aftemmrD blacke,ltfce 31up 
better omljoite^C^e rooted long of ttje quantttte of one# fingar,full of 
fcnobbetf oi topnteft ant) of colour u>^ite,vuit^ manp dearie ftringtf , in tafte at 
tljeftrttCWeete, but afterluart) fometoljat fyatpe ant) bitter* 

2 Ctjefmal^alomonjBrfeale^ 

t)i$ leauetf benarrotoer,$ Do not grow alone,ot feuerallp one bp one,but foure 
o? Rue groto out of onefcnot o£iopnte,rounbe abouttyeftalke,almoft ftarre fa- 
fyton* C^e toured are greener, an&ttje ftupte tebiacfcerttmnttjeotljer^'Ctje 
roote # fmaUer anD tten&erer, in all popntg elg UU to fye afo^efapDe. 

jfrThe Place. 

the Hiftorie of Piantes. 


1 Clje great Salomons feale,gro\joety in tW country inD&> tuooDDe&ftau* 
Dingbpon mountapnes* 

2 c^c feconD alfo grotjoett) in mountapnes anD tooaDDeS , efpeciallp in 311* 
maigne»3t man ftjall not ligbtlp finDe it in ttjis countrep , except in tlje garDenS 
of fuel) as tyaue pleasure tn Ijerbes* 

4DtyepDo boti) flourein S)£ap anD June. 

♦£« Names. 

Salomons feale is calleD in <J5^eefee : tn statin Polygonatum : Ul 

S*)OPPeS Sigillum Salomonis : in Italian Frapnella ; inSpanifl) Fraxinella .W 

Cngltfl) alfo Scala coeii : agnjiteroote, o^tobiteumrte: inijigij 5©ouclj »8>eif?* 
umrt?: in frenty ^ Salomon: in bafe 3ilmaigne Salomons Cegijel : in fye 

Cufcanetttnge Fralsinella. * JV4f«nr. 

Salomons feale is of ^atureljoate anD D^^abfterKue^ot clenftng, $ fome- 
luljat aftringent The venues. 

Cljerooteof Salomons feale pounD,Dofy clofe bp,anD ijeale tlje toounDeS % 
vuljetebpon it is lapDe* 

C^e fame being fceffje anD neto gatt>ereD,to bepounDe anD lapDebpon, ot if 25 
onebeannopnteDuntb tljeiupce thereof , it tafcetb atoap allfpotteS,frecfcleS> 
$ blacfce anD bleu* marfces tyat happen bp beating,falling, o£b^tfing,toljet!)er 
it be in tbeface,o£in anp otber parte of fye boDp* 

Cljis ijerbe,neittjerpett)isroote, is gooDtobetafcen into fyeboDp, as Ga- c 

f ieaifoojte/oj f leabanc* Cljaml^^ 

4§c- T he Defcripthn. 

^eleaues of f leebane, belong, 
narrotD , anD tjearie , amongft 
w^ic^e (jpjuige bp rounbe anD 
like fyem afozefapDe,butfmailer, $ gar* 
niffyeD at tbe top,tr>ttij little,long,rounD> 
fpifete fcnappes Ufce eareS , tintlj greenify 
fioures ot blolfomS,tul?ici) Do afterumrD 
cljangeintoabiummeanD typning feeDe, 
in pzopo^tion colour anD quantitie like 

»£» The Place. 

•C^iS IjerbegrotDetlj in ftelDeS,anD 
Deferte places, as Diofcoridesfaitb ♦Jjn 
tftis countrep men fotu it in garDenS,anD 
tt^er as it ijatlj bene oncefoto^it groto* 
ettjcontinuallpaftertuarDe of W ^U)ne 
fbtoingA* tyeDing of feeDe* 


3t floured in 3iulp anD 3(uguft: anD 
fbmettmesalfotljefeeDe is ripe* 

tyThe Names. 

Cljttf Ijerbe is calleD in d&?eeke +vmi<> y : 


inS^oppes Pfyllium :(n Italian p{M" 

3 m w 


! '4 The firft Bookc of 

■w&panifi) zargAm* mCnglify jf leatomcte,anb tfletfbane: in jfrenrij nerhAtm 

fodces : in jjtg^ & ucl) jf loljefcraut: in bare 3Umaigne aiilopcrupk 

X The Nature. 

Hereof pfyLMum m jfleatuotte, (tuJjicijetSctyefip bfcb uiineliiane) & 
colbe in tl>efeconDbegree,an& template in mopftureanb bjpneire: <~»aic» 

Cfte D^eDe of fleabane bopleo in toater,oi ftipeb $ Btonfcen,purget1) Dotone* 3 
toarbe£3ibuftean& Cljoieriqueljiuno^ : bpfibetf tlji£ it ftoaSgeti) papne,Bnb 
llaketl) tl)c inflammation anb ideate of tbe entrapletf, oz bovueltf , ant) i# go ofc 
agapnfttjoatef ettrcgot burning 3igue& aubaUuttaarbe &eate£,a&& agamtf 
great btoiufyaub tbirft* 

Cb e fame fcebe fcmeu^at imtfeb but no t biofce,parc!jeb at t^e fire, i£ goofc 3 
agamft tbe bleubp fltre,anb bebement lafke,efpeuallp totyat* tyep pzoceebe of 
taking ftf onganb biolent mebictnesf* 

%bt feebe tljerof mengleb untlj ople of Eofetf $ btn^gec^^atcr^gooU to c 
beftrafceb otapplieb bnto Ijoategriefetf of ttjeiopnt&£ apoftemtf $ ftuelUngff 
bet)u^tl)eeare0,atinot^erl)oateauelitng^: alfo it tegooD agamO^eab artje* 

CljefemelapDetoo xnttti bmeger itfgoobagamftttye going out fiftfye$a<!k 
*tell,anb tlje burfting of pong cl)ttb#tk 

%\)t urnter tu^mit tbe feebeljatlj benelofceb o*(ttpeb,i0 soob to belapb to 4* 
tljeburningljeatecalleb &3ntonie$fite,an& to allljoateftjoeiling^Jti^alfo 
goob to bebtoppeb mto running eare&anb againft tbe tuoimetf in tbe fame* 

£>ome bolbe, tyat if tb&ljerbe UJljtle^ it t£ petgreene, beftrotueb in tyc f 
^oufe,tljatjflea$rtotU^^ * 

<Sj*Tbe Daunger, 

Coo muct) of jf leabane feebe taken intuarbip ? ttft>erp Ijurtf ull to mau# na> 
ture: it engenbtett) colbneffe anb ftiffenefie tljtougb out tlje bobp , tmtlj penfitte 
ijeaumetffe of tlje barte,fo fyat fuel? as Ijaue tyonfcen thereof, bofomettmes fall 
into great DifcreflTe* 

JfrThe Rcmeidk. 

i©tjanone&afy tafcentoo mucb of t^e&eDe of f leabane, fo t^at Ijefeelett) 
fome nopance c ^ Ijarme, aba ue all ttjingtf it (1) albe go ob tot bun, to piouofce bo* 
mite,\Bitftmebicine$conuenient,to cafttop if itbepotTiblet^atttJ^ic^at^betie 
befojetalte*3tfterU3arbgtue^imtob^infe^oft^ebefl:^ moft fauourpoib urine 
tljatmap be gotten, bp it felfe,otboptebti3it^i©ozme\j30ob,o;tDmemenglel> 
U)tt^ Ijonp anb a little lie, o^t^e decoction of Japll a$ Scrapio touted?: 3a& 
bpftbe$tl)i$pemapgiue^unaUt^ing^t^ati^goobagattift tfcebangertf tljat 
happen of eating greene C oltanber* 

&tmtamt*tyttut$/ fyatflwteoi rutfmme ttpan 

tye tuater* Ctyapajcj^ 

j^erebe btaet$ fb^tejB? of ^erbejf t^at gtotoe in $ aboue tuater, here- 
of tl)egreateftparteftalbebefcribeD,inotl)er place^^ot^erCftapterj^: 
Ifo tbat in tbt^ pieCent Chapter, toee tb^l mtreate but oneip of foure 0; 
JiueCo^te^ of em t^atgrou) bpont^etoater. 

T^f Defcriptiort. 

nP^ftrftanbmoftnotableoft^efekinbejJof floting !ierbe3B:,tl)e\3Dhidbeitf 
J[ calleb U3aterfppfee,o^moft comonlp ^obeioee^e^at^ longrouD $ fcnottp 
bianc^e^tC^eleaue^ groU) bp 6 dual ftojt ftemft^t are large great $ fiat, 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. ioj 

Iaj>Deanticametibpottt^etoater ? fometDftat UU to great piantapne,buta 
great fcealefinalletvCije floureg grow attljetoppeof tt)etyanclje0> abouetfye 
water topon long purple fppfeieknoppegUfee to tbeeares ot fptfee^of 25tfto#e, 
tijevu^icl) being pertfl;eb,ti)erecommetI) tip rount) fcnoppe&wljetetn t^efeeDe 
i$ wclofe&Aubtctje i$ IjarDe* 

Potamogeiton. Viola Pal uftris. 

#onDe \joeebe* muttt fctolet,o j dfcpllofer* 

2 cberecon&Wnl^^ 
6 abtoatie bnbernetD tfte water , alwape* hue o » ft^e ftatftins 

nfflrfmffe anfc trreateranb bioaber then tbeleauetfot perron oiaptitopie, 
ftemme&arottHmj aboue the VDate^atoapejS m<tm »°^ c » ^et one a. 

fofct&ottise the floure* of common W^^^ffifiSKi? 
tbemibbeU^be tootes benottyng tl% ^^^SXSSS& 
anHatthatenDevubetebptbepare fafteneDtotbegrottnti, tbeparevobtte anD 

3 bttte,an& ttbatbrounb leaueS lapbe flstte anbfpieab bpontbe ^tcT'libethe 
lean sof Afarabaccaotf olefoot^butCmaUet^tiebbpon ^M^™; 

The firft Bookeof 
to tljefioures of water l&lantapne,3tbe floures of water ^ilfopleo*Crabs 
clawe*C!je too tc is ttytu an& tt;otte uutfj maup long tt# eebes 01 firings, like 
tbe roote of water ilfople* 

i. Cbere is alfo carrieD upon fye water , certapne little fmall greene rounbe 
leaues,not mucb larger tben tbe feebe of ttje pulfe caiieD lentilles, Ijautng ton- 
l)er ti)emfouootes,tocrp fmall wljite tl^ebDp ftrings, $ are calleb water ;tei> 
tils,2auckesmeateant) dSrapues* 

3imongft ttye fleeting berbes , ttjereisalfo PofyantiKmum paiuftrc. 
a certapne berbe wbicljefomecall water ?Lp« na^ite Crowfoote,oj wa* 
uerwo#e,at tberooteS wljereof ijangbe* tetCrowfoote* 
rp manp Ijearte ftrings UUe rooted, tbe wbiclj 
Dot^ oftentimes change bis bppermoft leaues Qf^ 
acanbing to tbe places tuyere as it growetb* 
^tjat wbtcbe gro wettj witbin tbs water, car* 
vtet^ >bpon (lender ftalfees, bis leaues berp 
fmall cut,mucb like ttje leaues of tbe common 
Cammomilljbut befote tbep Ijebnbsr tbe wa< 
ter,anb growing aboueabouttbetoppeof tbe 
ftalfces>it beared fmall rounbeleaueS, fome* 
Wbat&enteb,o£bneuenlp cut about* Cbat 
fcinbe wbicbe gto wetb out of tbe water in tbe 
borers of bicbeS, ftatb none otber but tlje 
fmall iaggeb leaues* C^at tuljiclje gro wetb 
abicpning to tbe water, $ isfometimes tyen* 
tbeb ot ouerwljelmeb witb water ,J^atb alfo 
atfye top of tbe ftalfees, fmall rounDeleaues, 
but mucb moie bentcb ttyan tbe rounb leaues 
of tbat wbicbe growetb alwapes in tbe water* ^efloureSof tbeteljerbeS 
are wbite,anb of agoob fento£fmeU,witb acertapnepellow inttyeraittol 3 Ufce 
tbefloures of Crowfoote, golbeCuppes, ox S>trawberp floures: wbau tbep 
are gone,tberecoinmetb rounbe,rougb,anb p^icfclep fcnoppes, l&s tbe feebe of 
«£rowfoote,o£ dSolbe fcn^ppes* 

jfc The Place. 

•Ctyefetyerbes grow in ftanDingwaterS,anbDic^es> 

tfjjpThe Tyme. 

neater S>ptfce,anb f rogge bitt^bo flcmre moft commonlp in 3Iune ♦ 'Clje o* 
tyers m#ap* 

The Names. 

firft is called in <15£eefte ^rct^k^ k& s-*xv*w : in Ratine Fontalis , $ 
Fontinaiis,^ of fome Spicata,bnfcuowen in £>boppes: in Cnglifl) i©ater fpifce, 
anil }&6Dewee&e: inf rencb #*^»w,an& ^^«^/^inl)ig^5^oucl)2am- 
feraut: in bafe 3tlmaigne fontepnempt 

Cliefeconti is counted of fome of tyewjtptecs in tljefetiapeS,fo^a feinbe of 
tbe l)erbe calleb in dB^eefee *«^io<f>w*op: in Xlatine Miiiefoiium^omecallitin 
jfrencl)^r^^4^:itt)tatineViolapaluftris:i^ 3llmaigne floater filiz* 
ren:m Cnglifl) abater <35illofe^ 

%ty tl)irbeis called Morfus ran^,tl)at is to Cap, f rogge bitten it ijatl? none 
otber <3ittkt not statin name t^at J fenow: it is calleb in bafe 3iimaigne mot* 
fcl^en 55eet^Clepnplompen,tbatis, Paruam Nymph»a,oj fmall abater Ipllie* 

eyewater xteittpll is called in d^^eefee tpax®-,^ ^«k@- i 7^*^^- 
jLatineLenspaluftris^o^ Lacuftris:in^l)oppeSLenticulaaqu£B: inCnglil^ wa- 

the Hiftorie of Piantes. 


ter kentiteMDttcfceg meate,anb 45raptte$:robigb JaoucJj $®m\intm : in bare 
3lmaignemter:iluifen,anb of Come Cpnbegcuen* 
5 Cbe f tftl) wbicbe (0 Ufee to d5oiU e cuppe in bi£ flottre anb feebe , feemetb in 
ftgbttobeafcinbeof Ranunculuso^Ctoiufoote, calleb in d&ieefce Paiyant-he- 
mon; Cberefo^eit map be tuell calleb in Ratine Poiyanthenium paiuftre,oi A- 
r^itte oj, \uater Boterbloemem ( €be3lpotbecarie# of tbte timebo call it He* 

patica 5 anD Hepatica aquatica 5 0£ Paluftris:3lnb Do berp erroniOliflp bfe ttfOl He- 

patica. ^1 he Nature. 

^onbett)eebebotljcoole,anbfobotb tfrogge bitte 7 anb water XLentillot 

d5rapue& fyrhevcrtues. 

x ^onbetueebeot toater £>ppkei£ goob to be lapbe to rotten ant> confummg % 
ot fretting fo te&anH to foies tbat runne in tlje legge&if it be lapbe to unfy tyo« 
npanb bineger,a# Piiniefaitb* 

CbeBecoction tbeteof bopleb in toineig goob to be bionfcen againft tye 23 
blottbp flfceanb all ot^er laffce&anb batb tbe bertuelifce &notgraCfe > a^ Galen 

Wtetb* ^ 
4 uaater ttntilg o^ d5rapue£ mengleb tiritb fine unbeaten ttottre, anb lapbe C 
too ? p*euapletb mucb agatnftboatetoellingfta^^b^gmonft Crifipele&anb 

Cbefamebotbalfobelpetbe falling Dotuneoftbefiege ot3ltfegut in pong 33 
cbilt>*en*3it i$ alfo goob agatnft tbe burfttng of poung cbtltyen* 
C^etbteeot^erfeinlie^arenotbfebin^ebicine. C 

§jt The Defcription. 

Tl^eftemof tW berbe&rtgbtsfoaigijt, 
parting it felf at tbe top into tfttee oi fours 
fmal biancbe&Cbe leaueg be firft rounb, 
anb after long , tuftittft anb rougb, 01 fcmeujbat 
tooollp in baubling. Jt bnngetb foo#b at tbe top 
fmall,rougb,tobitifl)> and flat buffee^ , anb almoft 
rounb, faffyioneb Ipfce 2Sucfcler& therein con* 
tepneb a flat feebe, almoftlifce to tbe feebe of Ca* 
ftell o^ftocfce <Mlofer&bttt greater* 

Jfc The Place. 
Aly(ron,a^Diofcorides^ttetb ? grO\Detftbp6 

rougb motwtapnetf, notfounbeintbte coun* 
trepbut in fyegarbeng of fome ^erbo k itfte& 


3it flouretb in tW countrep in June , anb tye 

Jjfr The Names. 

Cbte ^erbeitf calleb in <B£eefce «wwoii i mjta* 

tinealfb AlyfTum, $tfyi$ i& DiofcoridesAiyflon: 
top AlyfTa Of Galenanb PHnie arebnl&e to tfttf, & 

of fome late tomtertf Lunaria maior. %iffi tbe 

rigftt Alyfion Of Diofcorides: fOt tlje AlyflonOt 

Galen anb Piinie^notlifeebnto 

-J» The Nature. ■ 

AlyfToni^ of ab^pingnaturea? Galent)) ^^; 

The firft Booke of 

tifeT he Verities. 

Aiyflbn tyon*en,o£ Ijolben to tyt &ok to fmell at, Tumefy atoap rejcfttg, o: * 
ttye Juliet* 

€b e feme taken toifyofyetmeateft cnrety tl)etage0jmaDnefre,caurebbpift 
t\)t bptmg of a maD&e laogge* 

'Cljefeme Ijangefc tnt!^oufe,o^atfyegate,ot entrp,fceepefy botf) mananD ^ 
bead from encljantment&an& untying* ^ 

T^ er * arefounb in fljtg couttep fytee Wn&effof Scabius, i&e one to an ofyer: 
aftucli in tljc floutc&a£ tntyeieaue& 

Scabiofa Communis. Scabiofa? tertium genus, 

£>cabiu& £^eepe££>afuu& 

=*#e ftetttmtoetoljic^ ig fye moft common $ fye greateit, at ty# ftrft to* 
S mingt)p,^leatte$telonganl>fmaU,of agrapityetjoie colour, anfc 
j| (fa ^^(p^eat) abioabe bpon t^e grounfc,amongft tye uiljicl) fpzingettj 

■Dp roirofc ,anD l#ariefyoote$ ot ftemeg, bearing ieaueg berp taggeD, 
of aljoare grapiftecolour,^^eartealfo,in faction fometuljatlike to tijeleauetf 
*f tip great valerian, toljtclje toe call £>ettualU aft tbetoppe of ttjeftalfcetf 
groxuetb bletaify floured in fyfcfcetaffet&faflljionet) like to aUttellftatrounue 
imtte^tjeroote & toI)tte,long anD fingle* 
®l fojtettyere#fouiO> another fcwfce, in allpopnteg i&e to tfteafote- 


the Hiftoric of Planter 109 

rapdc,fauing tijat at euerp ijead oiknap,tljcre grotuctl? in tfce (leede of floured, 
inanpot^et fmallUnoppeftot iittelltuffet^ of floured ijaugtngdotonebp long 
ftemme&after ttyefame manuer,a# one map aifo fomettmcg fee,infome kinder 
of JDapfie&aud ^artgolds* 

2 Ctyefecondkindeof&cabtougigfyefm^^^^ 

£>cabiou£,no t)igl)ertl)anone#tjande, miicl) lifcebnto t&e great £>cabiou& 
botlj intntf leaues and floure&feutngtijatit t£ flnaller,and tljeleaue$ bemoie 
Deeper cut ant) tagged* 

3 C^etl)irDfemtiet^a$ttU)ereameanebetV]Di]rte tlje ofyerttoapne, fmallet 
tljan tlje greateft, and bigger ttjan tlje fmalleft, in flouretf muclj like t^e ottjec 
tmpne*Cljeleaue£belong,l)earieand grapify , (nipt, and cut roundeaboute, 
butnottyingfo muctjoifo deepelpgapfl)t,a0t!)e tvuo otljer&Cljerootetgloug 
and (lender like tljerooteof tbefirft andgreateft;§>cabiou& 

Iacea nigra. 



4 Cft ere i# aUb an ijerbe like dnto feca* 
biou&grotoing to ttje Ijeigtl) of a foote $ 
tyalfotnuo footelong,iuiti)lougnarrDU> 
leauetf, like to tfte leauejs of ttje greater 
i&cabiou&ot &iuelg bitte, ttje ubiety be 
fomiotjat (nipt, and bluntlp cut about ttje 
edge&Cl) e ftalkes 01 ftemme* be round, 
fcpon tije topped thereof grovueti) fmall 
round knappetf ot boiline&couered tanti) 
frale&like to tlje imoptf of bletu gotten, 

I oiCojutefloure, but muctj greater, out of 
tijemiddetttDljerof grotoettj purple ^ea- 
rie floured, like to tlje middell parte of 
Cpanutf oi !51eU) bottell ♦ TOjeroote i$ 
tljicke, fyoite, $ croked,untl) manp tx&tt* 
Dp Brings 

«|* The? Lee. 

C^egreatfecabioufe and iacea nigra, 
do groto tn medou>e# and pafture& tsc^e 
entailer ^>cabiou$ grower in medotoeg 
anil waterp grounded ttyat ftande loioe* 
£>ljeepes Jbcabioufe grotoefy in tlje 
ftelde&and bp fye wap fide& 


Cljep Do all floure in 3\mt anti 3Julp, 

# The Names. _ 

Cbefefterbe^^erenotdefcribeliof tlje3ttncietTtU)^tet^ (agfar atfjeati 
learne)and tljerfo^etljepljaueno (0ieefeeno^atme name to b* knotten* 

1 Cbeftrft i£ noto called in &>Ijoppe$ Scabiofa: and of fomex*e«:m Cnguflj 
£>cabiou$: intf ttxubscabieufe: in 3©ouclj ^oftemkraut, ^eftemkraut, ano 
<!5rindtferaut:tnbafe^lmaigneS>cabtofe* k^**** 

* Cbefecondtenota called scabiofammor,tl)at^torap,rmaug>cabtou^ 

5 q^etytrdte called in Cnglity £>i>eepe$ £>cabtou$:tnjfrencl> scabieufede 
brebis: inbafe Slmatgne &>cljaep$ £>cabiofe* 

4 Clje fourth i0 notu called in £>ljoppe$ iacca nigra, and Matcrfilon: and tt 
^atft noneotljernameHnotjoentjnto i)$v 

3WI t^e g>cabioufe£ are ^oate 9 djp,digefter? ^ Wutder? of groffe ^og. 


The firft Booke of 

% The Vertues. 

*Ju , 1 ° us , bo P lrtl b V itMMtoiO) Wtootz, intouneottoateranblnonken, 3 
ooti) clenfe tye bieaft,anb ttjelunge$, anb i$ goob again(i an oiD Cougk $ tlie 
unpotoitf of tye tyeafcanb all ottjer imuatb partem a$ in tye clenfing,npmg, 
loDering^ pealing of t^efame* defame effect Ijatb tlje Conferuemabe unto 
tge floured of ^cabidufeanbfugar to be bfeb Daplp^ 

Scabious t^alfo gooDagainitallttf^fctmutie(Te ? tobepoimrjant)!apDetois 
tt)efame,o;tto bemijrteuutbopleganb opntments fit fottbe fame* 

^elpe^eunScabious^at^benbopleD otftipeD, boti? clenfe fyebeare fro c 
all bian 01 UJlnte fcurffoXtu^tc^e i£ fmall bufte o^ftale&ttJbictj falletb from the 
Ijeatotuljan tbe ftean anb Ijeare i$ nuafityeb tyetetintljall* 

Cbe decoction of iacca nigra gargeleb,o£ xuljan tljemouty often toaflbeb & 
t^ereujttljallttOotljtoafte^confume tfceimpoftemgof tljemoutlj anbtfuote 
tyat are pet frety anD netjo ? anO Hot^ ripe anb bieafce tljem tbat be olbe* ' 
C^efmall ^cabioug anb tyefyeepeg £>cabiou&ate not bfeb m mtDitint. € 

€>f©euete butt. 

*fc The Defcription. 

^e ftalfceg of 3©euel$ bttte, are 
tounb,anb of ttoo o^t^teefoote 
log bearing bioabe leaiietf betp 
little oinotbtng at alfnipt about 


plecolour, 9 fomettmetf tobtte, grotmng 
rounb 5 t^icke togttber,Ufee tbe croppe 0* 
floure of l^oppe&after tbe falling avoap 
tu^ereof, tijefeebeitf carriebampuritb 
tljeurinbe ♦'Cbetoote teblacfce^ba&be, 
tyott $ tbicke,u>itb manp ttjiebbp ftringtf 
bp tbefibe&ttje vu^ic^e in tbe mibbell,o£ 
a# ttxuere about tbebart of tlje fame,fee* 
metb a#it toerebittenof* 


Bmeltf bit grotuetl) in bipmebotoeg 
anb tooobe&anb about *oapfibe& 


%W tyetbe floured mod; comonlp in 
3uguft,tlje U3bicb being in floured eafie 
to befenovuen, ofyetuufe it i$ fomeutyat 
ijarbe to beknotjoen,bpcaufeitDofyre« 

femblejS)CabiOU$,0^ iacea nigra. 
4§« The Names. 
3|t i^calleDin^Op^ Morfus diaboli: 

in Cnglity 2aeuel£ bit: in f renclj Mors de Wgft &du$ Ceuffel$abbif?:ro bafe3bnaigne feupuefcbeet* £>f 
tomz\mmm$ Succiiaro Ratine. 3nb itljatu noneotfcer nmn&Wmbvit 
tfpetknotDem ^rhemture. ^uiww 

© euel# bitte i$ ^oate anb top lifce bnto £>cabiou& 


t^e&ecoctioof&eueteb^ terrootia 
agaroft al tlje bifeafe&tyat £>cabiou$ ftruetft fo^,^ alfo againft t^e j»S 

the Hiftorie of P lances. tu 

®tje famebecoctionbiffoluet^ clotted bloub in tljt bobp , bp mcaneg of anp 23 

&iiiel£bittc fretfb anb greenegatijereb,toitbiji#rooteanb 8ou?e0pounbe € 
oiaampeb,anb lapbe to Carboncie&^eMentialfoieg ant) 23otcIje&botl> zw 

^Tbe Decoction of tl)e roote bopleb inttune anb bionUen,i# goob agatnft tije S> 
papne of tbe S^atrfe 01 0^oti)et,anb agamft allpopfon* 

T ^ Defcription. Scordiura* 

'Jfflig tjetbebatij fquarebearie o$ 
cottonp (lalfces, creeping bp tbe 
grounb,anb fet bpon euerp fibe 
uutl) fofte ? crunpleI),anb rounb, 

vnljittQ) leaner, nicfct, $fniptroub about 
tlje ebge£ like a fata, betuujet xubicb anb 
tijeftalkegroujetb iitteil purple floured, 
Ufee to tbe floured of Heat) 0etteti, but 
fmaller^'Cljeroote baty tl#eebpftring£ 
creeping intbegtounb* 

4§* The Place. 

%W berbe grotoetlj in mopfl; me- 
bouje&neare about biclje&$ i$ fount) tit 
fomepartetfof tbecountrepof 23iabank 


Scordionfloiiretb mod commonlp in 
3une$3Iulp, $tbai£tbebeft gathering 
of it* <5* T l je N * m t s > 

Ijerbe&calleb in <5ict\\t<rx.^j\iz V : 

lUXatine Scordiu 3 $ Trixago paluftris,of 
fome Mithridatium: in \)tqfy 230UCI) toaC* 

fer Batenig, anb of fome &acben &no* 
blauct) : in bafe3dlmaigne abater loocfe: 
m Cnglify aifo Sicojtbton, $ toater <Bti> 

mantier* age The Nature. 

Scovdionig i>oate$ typhi fye t^ttHe 

b egree* The Vertues. 

scordion broken tuitb urine, op enetij tbe (topping^ of tljekiuer, tbeSl&ilte, % 
tlje&ibnep&tbe blabber, anbtbe^patrijr: itp£ouofcetbtyine,anbi#gooba* 
gainft tlje (loppings of fyine,anb ftrangurp,tt)ban a man cannot ptlfe but btop 
after tyop:it mouetb anb p^ouofcetb toomeng floured 

Cbe fame tafeen in manner afcuefapbe , i# goob againft fye biting of g> er* jj 
pent&anb alotberbenemou^beaitftanb fojtijemtbat bauetafcenanppopfon, 
anb foz tbemalfo tubule areburften,o*ijurteinu>arblp* 

2ajp ^>coibion mabe into pouber , $ tafcen in tbe quantttie of ttoo bzameg, C 
totty fyomeD tuater, curettj anb ftoppe$ tlje bloubp flfce, anb i£ goob foz ttje 

Ctje fame mabeinto pouber , anb mengieb ttitb l^onp, anb eaten, clenfetl) 
tf)eb*eaftfromaUEeume,anb itfgoobagainftanolb Coug^ 

f reffte anb greene *bco*bion pounbe, anb lapbe bppon greate greener 
VDounbe^curetl) tljefame^ije Cwne b?peb anb tempereb oj mm vuitl) i^onp, 

fc U ot 


The firft Booke of 

$1 mabe into pouber anb caft into olDe toounbeg , ant) corrupt, anb rotten 
fclcer# , nicety t^e fame, auD Dotlj eate,anb xuaftc ttjepiott)be,anb fuperfiuoufe 


^Eb&berbebopleb intoater oi<&meger, anb lapbe bpon tyc papne of the f 
iopnte£ eafetl? tlje griefe,caufing it tbe foonet to Departs 

6f Cetictfoif unite ^rrmatiDct ♦ €i>ap Jflfti. 

^ 7^ Defcriptwx. 

Eucrion batb b;totoneftemme#, 
bunging foul) rounbe , $ tt>£in* 
iUeb leaue&fntpt anbeutrounb 


about ttyt cbge&inud? UHe to tbe leaueg 
of aennanber aftuebefcrtbeb in tbejrbju 
Chapter* CbeUttie fmali floured are of 
afabbe purple, oibtoumercbbe colour, 
iifceto tfje Soured of <Bermanber* €be 
rooted vubpteanb of bearieojtl^ebbp 

♦J* The Place, 
%\>ig X)tlbZ,%g Diofcorides faitb,t# 
founb in Ctlicta: in ttyig countrep iti£ 
not to be founb, but fotuen ozplanteb in 
ttye garbentf of certapne ^erbo t tifte& 

<£*T heTyme. 

{Etyattofyicb grovuetb intbte coutrep 
ig feene in fioure in 3|une,anb 3|ulp* 

The Names. 

%%g berbe ig calleb in d£\teefce 

itfiop.KS^ TtvKf i?i in jflatUie Teucrium:fon* 

Imogen in ^>boppe£ : in Cnglify toilbe 
of fome d5rof? batem 
great dftermanber, 

j£ The Nature, 
Teucrion a£ Paulus Acgineta fattlj, 

ig boate in tije feconb begree, anb typ in tbe tljtrbe* 

pijt The Fertues. 

Tcucrion bopleb uttupne anb bionfcen, openetb tbeftoppmgg of tbe Q$i\tz% 
oi^pleene,anbcuretbtbefU)ellinganbbarbne^ oftbe fame, foztubtctK pur* 
pofe it ig berp goob, anb batb a finguler ptopertie ♦ Cbe berbe pounbe fcntb 
^bpleenein maner of a plapfter* 

1 cucnon onelp mengleb tnitli bineger, ig goob to be lapbe to tbe bptingS S 
anb ftingings of benemous beaft& 

<&f %ouftlpbe ant> $>m$mnt. 

jfcThe Kindes. 

S£ngreene,a$ Diofcoridestotptetb,teof tbteeflute& tn>e one ig great: tbe 
otber fmall: anb fye tbirbe ig fyat tobicbe is calleb £>tone Croppe,anb 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. 
Semperuiuum maius. 

Semperuiuum minus, 

"4 The firft Booke of 

atounge,emongfttol)tcl)e leaue£,tl)eregrotuctbbp aftalfce oftbelengtfjofa 
f oote mo;te,befet anb becfceb roub about uiitb leauetf like to tbe fitft, parting 
tt felf aftertuarb about tye toppe,into biuers otbet btancbe&alongft tbe ui W 
gcovuetlj a great manp of bioume^ot rebbity floured 
z ^lickmabame batlj fmail narrow tbicfee anb fyarpe popnteb leauetf ♦ Cbe 
ftalfcetf be great anb tender of a fpannelong, befet rounb about untb tbe rounb 
anD fyarpepopnteD leaueg afo k iefa^^ 

pelloto,anb ftarre lifce-floure&'Cbe roote i$ fmail anb creepetb bp tbe grounb* 
? 3lmongfl;tljekinbe£ of ^engreenealfo, attbte time tbere igcontepneb, tbe 
l?erbe(called Craflula minor) tjubidjeig great ftone Crop, calieb of fome ttui&e 
#itcfe!nabaitt,o:tDo L tmegraire ? t^etobicb batb tenber dallied anb leauetf fonv- 
toijat long,all rounbe,anb rebbify e,lifce bnto fmali tuoimeft euerp ujojmelpfce 
toatobeatecojne^Cbeflouregbe tttyite, anb lifcefye flouregof i^icfcmabam 

4 ^mali^tonecropi^fomettJ^atltfee to U3ilbei£zickmabamo£ Vermicula- 
m^tbe ignorant 3flpot!jecarie$ bo gather tt infteebe of VermicuiarisotCraf- 
fuiaminor,notiott^outgreaterrour,anDto tbepertllanbbaungerof tbeftcfce 
anb bifeafeb people, in fo bfingit infteebeof Cratfuia minor. 3)t batb tenber 
ftalfce&cottereb o^ fet full of berp fmall,ftjo# anb tbicfce leaue&grounng neare 
togitge^Cbe toured at ttje toppeof tijeftemmegare pelloti), anbl&eto tbe 
floured of }£acfcemabame,but greater* 

5 Cberemap bealfo placeb amogft tbe Wnbe£ of ^engreene,a certapnefmal 
tyerbeberp like to tbe afojefapb in making anb grouitb, fauing tbat big leaueg 
are fomeutyat larger thicker, tljetirijole^etbe itfegeroi fyarpe,tmtijtobto 

flbtire^ *fe The Place. 

f %X)t greater ^engreene oi$oufeUke,grotoetljinmanpplace£bpon olbe 

ttmlleg anb bottfe&tDbere ag it batlj bene planteb* 
2 ^befmall S>engreene,ipbicbe toe callj£ackmabam, grotoetij not intljttf 

countrep but onelp in garben&tubere as it i# planteb* u 

4 Cbe great anb fmail £>tonecroppe,grotDetij in ftonteanb fanbp countries, 
anb bpon olbe tt)alle$* 

5 Cbefift^ ttinbe alfo grotaetlj bpo olb tjualle&but not herein tW country 


l^oufelikeo^ great £>engreene,floureti) vajiuty ani 3luguft* 'Cljeottjer 
fcinbetf floure in apap anb June. 

*igc The Names. 

^>engreenei£ calieb in <E5£eefce fej^mt Ratine Sedumjmb Semperuiuum, 

Of Apuleius, Vitalis. 

% Ctjefirft i$ calieb in (^eeke^op^*: in ; Ratine Sedum,$ Semperuiuum 

magnum, of Apuleius rt£yH0f«p K9« faotptatyop: in £j)l)Op# Barba louis: in31taltau 

semper viua-inf&ptoiB) Teruaprunteram^w^ i^oufelike anb S>engreene:in 
f rencb ioubarbem^grande ioubarbeiti Ijigb J^ouc^ ^auftuurt^,anb grofj Son* 
berbarttin ba^ Hbnaigne Jaonberbaert* 
2 Cbe feconb tg calieb in d5teefee «* ;fc>op n't*§ p: in Ratine s em per uiu u m, oi s e- 

dum minus.of fome rf i^\t?, Of Apuleius Enthales: in Cnglil^ ^lic^mabam:in 

ftmbTriquemadamc: mljigl)3©oucIj WeinSoberbart: inbafe^lmaigneclepn 

Cbetbirb fcitlbete calieb in^Oppe^ CrafTulaminor 5 anb VermicuIarisrW 
3fcaltfttl HcrbagrauelQfa,VermkoUre:\Xlf&ytMtify Vuas deperro, vermicular :ia Cn* 

$\0) tuilbe ^^icKmabam , great ^tone Croppe, o ^ uao^me graffe ; in bafe %\? 
maigne23labeloofeanb ^apecullefcen^* 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. nj 

4 Ctye fourtb ig called in d&teefce «v<Ae«xv»< ntxUpio^ixi TLatine niccebra: 
mCngltft) ^>tone Cropland £>tone l£ote,$ of fame it & called n^alljdepper: 
in f rencb • m ^tg^ Jaoucb a^aurpfeffer, $ &at?entteublin : in bafe 
3llmaigne ^uerpeper, 

5 Cbefiftb i$ called of fye later txuiter& Capraria, and uie^noui noneotijet 
name to call it bp* 

# The Nature. 

Cbe great and fmall £>engreene, and tbefiftb Hinde (called Capraria)are 
coldeand Dip in tbe tbird Degree* Cbe great and fmall £>tone Crop, aretyoate 
and Djtp almoft in tbe fourtb degree* 

fyThe Vertnes. 

, Cije&ecoctton of tbe great £5engreene,oztl)e tupce tbereof broken i£ good % 
againlt tbe bloudp fltjre ? and all otber flipetf of tbe bellp, and agatnft tbebpting 
of J&balange&tobicbete a fcinde of ftelde^ppdertf* 

Cbe iupce thereof mengled untbparcbed 23arliemeale,andopleofliiofe& 75 
i$ good to belapdeto tbe papne&o*afcingof toe bead* 

Cbefame tttpce dropped into epe$ i$ good againft tbe inflammation of tl)e £ 
fame:and fo i$ tbe berbe butfed.and lapdeouttoardlp tberebnto* 

Cbeiupceof^engreene ? conuepedintotbe<J9atri]D unfya^eiratpofcot' & 
ton ot tpooll ? (loppetb tbe running of tbe floured 

^engremebmfedalone,o^mengledU)itl)parcbedbarliemeale,i^good to <p 
belapdeto £>*3intbonie#fire, and to boate burning ^fretting blcerg oifote$> 
and bponftaldingsand burning&and all inflammation#:3[t i£ alfo good to be 
iapdetotbegoute commingofboatebumo^* 
2 Cbefmall ^engreene ox tbufte S>tone crop,batij tbe like bertue* f 
,, 4 Cbeiupceof Cmall ^tone crop oi toaU^ <& 
bomite and to caft out bp bomiting,groiTe and flpmieflegme& and boate Cbo* 
lerique bumoig : Wo it i$ good againft f euerjMnd all popfon tafcen tuitbin 
tbe bodp: but pet it map not be miniftred,e)ccept bnto ftrong and lulttepeople* 

%\)\$ ^tone crop mingled ttutb S>tDpne# greafe, dilToluetb and d^tuetb a* 
tuaptnenne&and bardefujelltnggbeinglapdetberednto* 

Cbe berbe alone lapde bpon tbe bare ffeinne caufetb tbe fame to awe red, 3 
and to rife full of u>bele£ and blifter&and pearcetb tbe toboleflefflj* 
5 Jtbatb benetriedbp ejcperience,tbat Capraria,bmfedtuitb(pourcelet$)cal- & 
led in '(3 jeefce owoKoi.and ople of Hofe&atretb tbeblinde i^emotrboideg tbat are 
not open oi pearced,if it be applied tbereto* 

$f tt)i lii rtDc0 of ftalt/oj ^altlbojte* € Ijapa^imj* 

ifcThe Defcriptio*. 

$?e Ijerbe named of tbe Arabians &aii, oj 3HlfeaU batb manp groflfe 
(talfce&of balfe afooteoi nine incbe# long; out of tbem grotuetb fmall 
leaueft fomeiubatlong^tbic^notmucbbnlilietbeleaue^of ^iefc- 
madam,fauingtbep belonger,and fl)atpepopnted,ttntb a bardepucfe- 
leptoppe ozpopnt^fo tbatfoi tbis confideration tbetuboleplanti^berp rougb 
and (l)arpe,and bi0 leaue^ be fo dangerous and burtfull bp reafon of tbetr (barp 
p^icfeleft tbat tijep cannot be berp eafilp toucbed* lltmongft tbe leauejs grotoetb 
frnallpellotu floure$,and after tbem folio tuetb fmall feede* Cberoote i^fome- 
UJbatlong, toeake and (lender ♦ 'Cbte tytbt i^ &lte and full of iupce 01 fap like 
Anthyilis altera,iDbtcb t# befoie defcribed in tbe feuentb Cbapter* 
z Cberei^ anotberberbeinnaturemucb lifee bnto tbi^, tbeuibicbe called 
^altco^nia,tljefame bafy (talked toit^out leaueft and diutdetb itfelfe agapne 

& uii into 

116 ThefirftBookeof 

fittte 8 W * m hmtW W fenottetf an* fopttfe* , eaff e 
S ^tt^? f?0 ^ b £?£ en * W of me faptie iopnte^ are of tbe quantitie 




&>ea grape,ojHwottet> ftali* 

€)f ttyefettoo planted aremabe Aiumcn Catinum,ariD Sal Aical^toljtctyefe 
muci) ljfeD in Remaking of glalfe&anb fo$ biuers ofyet purpofe& 

4fcT he Place. ' 

Cbefeijerbeggroto in faltift grounfce&bp ttje&eafitieo? Coafle, inZe* 
ianfyanb Cnglanb* 4* Tyme. 

C^efe ijerbeg arc fount* in ttjctr naturall place&in §>ommer«. 

ijc T^f Names. 

t %fy firftig calteb in Italian w^.- in ^panifb anti sodaBariia -anb 
it tetijerigbt&ali, oj attfcali of t^e 3lrabian#: fome call itinCnglify £*aite 
U)oite,tu e map alfo call it &aii>o^ idticfcleb ft alu 

2 Cbeteconb ignotucalleb S3iicornia,$itisacemtnekin&eof feaiu ^ome 
call it tnCngiify £»ea grape, anb fcnotteb o;uopnteb ftaiu 

'Ctje^fenoiafllje^tubic^eareinaDeof burnt ftali,i$caileb in&atine of 
tt)e3licumifte^an^<^la(5mtafeer^ Alumen Catinum 5 buttbe^altetutyicije i£ 
mabeof tlje fame3Wjen,i#catleb Sal Aicaii : 3tnb ttjat utyicl) fleetefy o^ftjoun* 
metbbpontljefhtlfe thereof d&laffetf aremaDe,i#notij calleti in ^oppc^ 
Ax u ngia vitri: in Cngltlt) ttjefatte ozfioure of d5la(Te: in f rencb sum de voirre- in 
© oucij Cutout bangljelafen: in^talian fw de criflaUo. ttjat & to fap,in ftatm 
Flos Cnglity t\)t Creame oifloure of CrpftalU 

*J* T he Nature. 

C^efe^erbe? be falte,ant> tyerefoje biie* 

the Hifiorie of Plantes. 

$f £>oyftfa/oj f \\% tmttbt. €fjap 

#J« The Description. Thalietrum. 

be mud) taggeb, UUeto £leaueg 

of Coltauber 7 o^ HDo;mieU)oob fjjj&g 
p^^iaomapne.'CbeaaiUe^berouDe ^& ^WiW 
aubbarbeltfceto tijeftalfces offtue,anb ^p|f^^ m§Mt* 
butigettj fo#b at tlje toppe , fmall pale o£ 
bi ca&e pelloti) floureg,anb after tbem lit- JBE 
tlelong and tender Cobbe£ oit)itfUe$, tn 1 
vuljid) tg contepneb a fmallrebbift) feebe* 
Cbe roote t#of a ujoobbttye fubftauce, 
long anb ftratgbt 

The Place. 

^>opbta grouped) alongft bp\joape& 
mbnttiieb place&ario fpeaallp vuljetea^ 
ttjetcijatt) bene tn tutted pad anp bupl* 
bingsu 3nb tobeteasttbatb beneoneg 
fbwen, tt comettjbp peareip of t)t£ oume 

aCCOlbe* tyThe'Tyme. 

Cl)tof berbe begmned) to floure m 
3une, anb continued) fo flouring bntill 
£>epiember,$ wifyuitl)(# fpace t§e feebe 
map be gattyereb* 

tyThe Names. 

. Cb&betbei£notocalleb£>opbta:ut 
Cngltll) ^opbia,$ jfltjcetooit: inf rend) 
^Argentine: \w \) igfy&oticijt&elfo men: in 
bafe 3lmatgne jftccntpr anb iiootmelt- 

JOen Critpt* The Nature. 

^opbia btped)"und)out anp fyarpne& 

$gT he Vcrtues. 

% C^e feebe of jflijcetoeebeoi g>opbia 

broken tome oj water of tl)e jfemttftetf 

foige,ftoppetb tbe blotibp fitpe, d)e laffee, 

at* all o tber tfTue of bloub* 
23 £>opbiabtufeb, o^ pounbe, anblapbe 

bpon olb blcerft anb tbieg, clofetb $&e* 

letb tbem bp, anb tbatbpcaufe tttyped) 

loitbout acttmonte ox fyarpnefTe* 

^ The Defcriptiort. 

S#oonetooite>atd)eftrftb& leauegbe 
btoabeanbtbtcfce, ^fomurtjatbolloto) 
abouelifceto altttle^>poone,anbfom- 
UJ^at crefteb about t^e ebge&almofl: like 
tbeleaue# of iaomapnefo^rel,fautngtbat 
tbep be not fo fofte anb tenber , noz fo 
tobite, but Ijarde anb of a bjowne greene 


«B The firft Booke of 

toIou&Clje tkmwtt aifo be fomctubat crefteb,of tbclengtb of one^ ijanbe, cu 
afootekmg/£be itttell Sourer be U)ija%anb grow at t\)t toppc of tlje ftalfcesr 
alongft tbe b:aclje#: vuban tbep are gone,tljere folio wtb $e final feebe UJijtcIj 
i£ rebbify , anb inclofeb m little buffce&Cbe roote t£ ti^eebp* 

The Place. 

^pooueiucitegrotoeti) inmanp places of ij?ollanb,anb tf rifelanb,anb tlje 
countries abiopning about bixfyzg anD in inebo\De# ♦ J>\x 2$£abaut fyr p foiue it 

^>poone\jUozte fioutetlj w3ipziil,!3pap,anb aftefljoarbeS* 

i^jc Names. 

%Wtyztbti$ called in$olanb,anbtf iaunbers &epelcrupt:tn;ff rendj tf^k 
cuiticrs.-in anigiiPo |$poone\i)o.tte,anb accoibmglpit tecalleb inXatine Co* 

# Nature. 

^poemetuoite i£ tjoate $ bip>$ of a fyarpe $ biting taft,abnoft lifce krefTe& 

*jt T^e Venues. 

^poonewoitebople^ in umterteafinguler me 
totten blcer#,anb ftencb of tbemoutb,if it be often toaffyeb tberetiritbalLCbte 
t# aifo a ftnguler remebie againft tbebiCeafe of tbemoutb calleb of Hipocrates 

Voluulus harmatites.of plinie Stoma cace,attb Of parceling Ofccdo,anb Of tfye 

tijollanbera. anb f ufelanbers&cuerbuptfc, againft tu^tc^e eutil it batb bene 
iatelp pzotteb to beberp goob,anb is in great eftimation anb muc^e bfeb of fye 
i^ollanbers anb jf rifeans* 

Jit is inbertuelifce Tcl^hium.^erfo^e if itbelapbetoitlj binegetbpo fye# 
iw>bp,it tafcetb a\uap tbe U)biteanbblacfeefpotte^,anb &entils op freckles* 

W£o t\)t ljerbealonepounbe,anb onelp lapbebponfuclj (pottes anb matfceS c 
bp tije fpace of fire boures, tafcetb tbem cieane atuap,but pet tbofe IpotteS mutt 
beplapftereb afterumrbes tuitb 2$arlp meaie* 

sfe-Tbe Kyndcs. 

T^erebefourefo^tesof <3^ullepne,as Diofcoridesti^itetlj : to^eroff ttoo 
firft arevobite£&i?uilepne,anb oftbem one is #ale, anb tbeotljer female: 
Clje tljirb is blacfce ^uilepnetCbe fourth is wilbe Slpullepne* 

-j£t- The Defcription. 

t J^^^^^^ttemale ^ttllepn(o^ rattjer f©oilepn)ljatlj great, btoabe, long, 
ra|Ktobite,fofte^U)oUp leaner, from tijelotoeft parte bptuarb, euento tbe 
fe=i^mtbbeliof tbcftemoi fomeU3batbigbcr:bttttbebig^er,t^efmallerare 
tbeleaues* from tbe leauesbpumtbe, euento tbetop oftbeftalfce, ittetyitU 
fet rounb about tmtbpleafantpellotB floured, eacl) floureparteb intofiuefmal 
ieaues,tbe vubole top mtty btS pleafont peilotu floured ft eroetb Ufee to uwm 
Canbelloi taper cunninglp U3tougbtC^e roote i^ long anb fmgle>of atuobbp 
fubftance,anb a# tbicfee a^ one^ tbombe* 

t cqeotberti3bite^ullepnecalleb tbe female 39ullepn, ^at^toljite leaned 
frpfebtoitbafoftvuoollot Cotton, tbeftalfeeg; anb roote are like to t^eafote* 
fapbe,fauing tbattbefloiire^be vubite, anb parteb into CtjcelittelUeaue& 

3 Cbe tbirb ^ullepn^tcb i^alfo of tb^ female kinb, i^liketo § abouefapb 
in ftalfce&leaueft 9 floure0,iauing tbat W ^aue$ belarger, 9 bfe fiottre^ are 
of apale pelloto colour,vuitb fmall rebbe t^teebejs; in t^e mibbell , far fyioneb al- 
moft lifee to alitteU Jaofe^^e roote i» long anb t^ic^e lifee tye ot^er^ 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 119 

Verbafcum album mas. Verbafcum album foeminaalbo flore. 

HDljitemaleapuUepne* mtyte female apullepne,\iritt> 


4 Cfte Elacfce S)?ullem,batb gteat,blacfce, tougb leaned of a ^ wtawur, 
anb not fofte ot gentill in t)anbeltng*Cbe floured be pellotoMtt faction like tbe 
ofterfttait agteat beale fmalier, tbe ftalfce anb roote iff like ? J^^*- _ 

5 Cbeunlbe ^ullepn,# betp mucbttfce£>ase,atoelin ftalfce$ a£ m leatte^ 
Ht bath manp fquare ttinggeg anb b^ancbe* of tooobbp Cubftance , alwape* 
Sdo Vovumgtogttber outof a topnt,ftanbtng btrectlpone agauiftan odjcr* 

Cbeleaue^befoftaubxubW^ltfeetotbeleaue^of^age, but mucb grea- 
ter anbfofter* Clje floureg grow at tbe toppeof tbetyancbe&atibateofpel- 
kmuolour* ^ , ; 

jfrT be Place. 

Cbe #ullepne$ grotu about tye bo?ber£ of ftelbe&bp tbebtsb toap Obc& 

/^CbeS^Sullepn, not common tn tb&counttep, but webauefeenett 
5 mtbepleafantgarben of^ame^ Cbampaigne,tbebeete frtenbe anblouer of 

3&lante# *8* ■ f me ' 

Cbe^ttllepn^bo6ouremo(lcommonlptn3ulp3uguft ; anb^eptemJber 7 

anb tyetutlbe fctnbe flouretb agatnemojeiater* 

# The Names. 

a&Ullepn t$ calleD tn ftlttU 4>x*M©-:fo jUtfoe Verbafcum , Of Apuleius 
Lychnitis,anb Pycnitis,anbOf fottte Candcla regis, Candelaria,aub Lunana: m 
g&Oppeg Tapfusbarbatus:fo3t«(OT alfO Tapius bar- 

no ThcfirftBookcoF 

Vo-bafcualbufoeminaluteo flore. Verbafcum nigru. 

Wtytt female 3£itUepne,toify 

Verbafcum fylueftrclfcflD gfrvHUpnti 

taper^cucljeft anD&ongujotfe: inbigl) 
&ou$n*tuilfctaut, fcettsentoaut, Toiz* 
Kraut, i&imelfcraut, iBnbolDenfcert?, and 
&unningskert?: in bate 3llmaigne <moIle* 
mtpt,uaoUebtaDereMttD €o#fecrupfc 

#Tbe Nature. 

CbeS^ttUepng be Dip, tintljottt any 

he Virtues. 

% Cbeuooteoftubite^ttUepne bopleD 
in reDDe mine, anD Dzonfcen, ftoppetb anD 
liealett) tije Dangerous laCfce, anD biouDp 


25 CbefamebopieD in toatet ^Djtonfcen, 
i£gooD foment ttjatatetyofcen, ztynttt 
unuatM^anDagamftanoiD £otu# of 
long continuance* 

C 'Cbe Decoction of ttje roote tooagefy 
tootb aclje , $ to gooD againft tbe inflam- 
mation^, and blcettfof tlje3lulmonDe& 
02 fcernelg o f tl?e tf#ote,to be fcept umtme 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 


tnti)tmoutfy,mit>tyemou$ta betuaftyeb anb clenfeb, bp ofteti gargeling of 

*E>eboreab 3 tbatif bipeb figged be toiapttnfyeleaueg of tljettiijttc female & 
Slpnllepn, itfljaiipieferuetbemalongtimeftom corruption* 

Cbeleaue^of £i£)ullepneare aifo goobagainlUbel^emojrJ)oi&e#ABban C 
tbep be toipeb anb cienfeb tbeteuufy, anb it i# goob to uiaf^et^e mouttj untb 
tyc Decoction of tbe fame. 

CbeblackeQpuilepntiritl) btepleafantpelloto floure&bopleb inhaler o'vjf 
tome, anb D<totven,i£goob againiUljebifeafeg of tbebieft,anb tbelunge&aub 
agamft allotting of cotruptanb rotten matter^beleauetf of tbefameuopleD 
toitb ftue Do appeafe tbe papne of tbe ftbe* 

^beleauesof blac&e&^ullepn bopleb in toater, are goob tobelapbebpon © 
colbetoeilings (calieb Oedema) anb bpon tbe blcertf anb inflammations of 
tbe epe£ ♦ Cbe fame leaue£ pounbe U)itb b*mp anb urine,bo cure naugbtie anb 
mozt ifteb blcerg: anb untl) bineger,it curetb tbeinflammation of u>ounbe& 

Cbe golben floured of uliepn ftipeb mlpe, caufetb tbe beare to vua^e pel- f? 
loU),beingtoaf(I)eb tberetmtbalL 

Cbe feebe of ^9uilepne 10 goob to bunfeeCa^faitb Plinie)agatn(ttbe bur- 31 
fling anb falling out of iopnte of member&fo^ it tafcetb auiap tbe fuelling anb 

i;betoilbe^ullepneftampeb 5 i£goob to be lapbebpon burmngg anbftal* & 
Dings mabe uutb fire 01 water anb otberuufe* 

Apuiems faitl),tbat ^©ercurp gaue SU^ullepn to viyfles, tuba be cameneare & 
totbemcbantereffeCirce,to tbeenbetbatbp fyebertueof a^ullepn Ijemtgbt ' 
be pieferueb againft all tbe enchantment? op Blattaria 


apullepn* Cbaptojrif* 

ifeThe Befcr'tpion. 

IfSH^e leaues of tbte berbe are greene, 
§ Wfmootb ? long,taggeb o^fniptrounD a* 
bout, anb fp^eab abioabe bpon tbe 

grounb ? fometobat like to tbe leaueg of ww 
uapne, from tbe mibbeft of tbofe leaues boo 
typing bp ttuo ox tb.teeftem& bearing fap^e 
pellotu floured (anb fometime^ alfo it bea* 
tetbpurpleffoure&)fo Ipfce to tbeflouretfof 
^ullepninfmel, faHljionanb quantitie,tbat 
ortentime£(a0 uutnefletb PHnie)tbi$ berbe 
ijatb bene gatbereb foi unlbe Slpullepne* 
3fter tbe floured tfjerearife fmall tmoppetf 
otbttlletft in lubicbe tbe feebe t^contepneb, 
fmaller tban tbe feebe of S^ullepn ♦ Clje 
rootetefyoiteanb of tooobbpfubftance* 

The Place. 

Hfyte berbe grotoetlj bp toap fibe£> m 
^ineparbe?,anb certapne fielbe^alfo about 
i&itter& anb # felbome founbe in tW coutl * 
trep* m _ 

m The firft Booke of 


3tftouretlj in3Iune,anb3|uip* 

& The Names. 

Plinie called It tU katttteBlattaria, $fome CalUt Verbafcum Lcptophyllon: 

(tmapbe calleb in Cnglift) purple, o£<H£otbe apullepn: it # calleb intfrencb 

Herbeaux mites y Herbevermineufe&xto Blattaire • in Ijtgb jSoUCl) <6>CtyabenkraUt, $ 


# T^c Nature. 

3# it map be toell percepueb bp tlje bitter fauout, #e tyerbe i$ tjoate 9 typ, 
almoft in tlje t^irD Degree* 


3W concerning tlje bertuetf of tbi£ Ijerbe, toe finbe none otber tying to#tm 
of tt,fauing ttjat ttje ^otbe^anb 23atte£ bo incontinentlp come to t\)i$ betbe, 

<£>f Pette mullepn ojt tlic Ut nuw of Pitme* 

rofe& Cbap4jwiij* 

<fy TbeKyndts. 

(0tie^ullepn(vubicbetj3ecaUCotuflippeanb ^zimerofe) t* of 
ttijoftutetf great anbfmalU %\>t great itfalfo of ttjuofojtte&tlje 
one ijatb pellou) toeete fmelitng floured, tbe otyer ijatb pale 
floure&Cbefmaller fozte tubicb tue call ^zimerofe, ig of Diuetf 
fcinbetf, a# pellou anD greene,fingle anb bubble* 

Vcrbafculum odoratum. Vcrbafculum album. 

Cotoflippe* £>£elippe* 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. 

*Jt The Befcrinion. 

T^e firfte fcinbe of pctte g^ullepn, batlj tuljiteleaues, crwnpleb anb totmc- 
fcleb, foimityat lifceto t^eleaue^ of ^ittapne,but\nl)rteranl5 greater,anb 
not fo fmpt o x intienteD about tb e ebgeS,amongft tlje ttj'gtcbe tbere arifetb 
bare anb nakeb (temmes,of tbe lengtb of amansljanbe, bearing at tbe toppe a 
buiict),ot as it tuere a bunbell, of nine 01 ten pellotu floured , of agoob fauour 
anb banging lopping l)o\juneU)arDe0:aftertDbic^e8oure^pafl:,pe!l)allftnt)etn 
tbe buffces tuberein tbep ftoobe, Uttelllong bullepn^ xu^erein tljefeebe is con- 

Ctje €>jrelip At tbe fmall femHe of toijite #ulleim,te berp like to tbe Cotof- 
lippeafojefapbe,fouingtbatbiSleauesbe greater anb larger, anb IjiSfioureS 
be of apale oz fapnt pellotu colour,almoft tubiteanb toitbout fouour* 

Verbafculum minus. 

$ k ipmerofo 

3 Cl)e^merofe,U)i)icbei0tbeberpIeaft^ 
Gnalleft SIpullepn, batb fmail tobititye, oz pel- 
ioujift greene leaues in all partes lifce to tije 
ieaues of <Djr;ettppe, amongft tlje tubictje tljere 
bearing but one,onelp floure lifce to tbe floured 
of £)jreltppe botb in fmell, colour,^ pzopoztiom 
Cbe roote is alfo fmall anb tbzeebp Itfce tbe 
roote of €>irelippe ♦ S>1 tbiS fcinbefome be berp 

4 Cljere is pet an otljer fo#e toljtc^e is berp 
like tbe lafte recitebfcinbe in all partes, fauing 
tbat it bungetb fo#t> greenifl; floures,of colour 
like to ttye leaues of #e |£zpmerofe ijerbe ot 

jfe The Place. 

Cotoflippes, ^Djrelippes, anb ^pmerofeS, 
grotu in lotuemopftiuoobbes ? ftanbing in tbe 
penbant oi ijangingof billes anb mountapnes, 
rn^in certapne mebotoes*Cijeti)btotecom* 
monin tljis coutrep,anb fo areal ttje reft, elpeciallp tlje greene ^bubble fcinbeS 
tttyictye are planteb in garbens* 

*5* The Tyme. 

Cljefe Ijerbes bo floure in 3p$l,anb fbmtimes alfo in $?ar$, $ f etyuarp* 

%.The Names. 

%fyt petie^ullepnS are calleb in d^eefce cp^i^iinMin Verbafcula in 

$>l)OppeS Primula? veris,anb Heiba?paralyfis,anboffome Artheticse.inCngUfl) 

CotuflippeS, ^amerofes,^ ^Dpelips: anb bubble Cotuflips, ^iinerores,aub 
®jcelips:inbigb ^oudj^c^lu(relblumen:in23tabant^luetelbloemem 
1 1 Cijefirftfcinb isnott) calleb in Ratine Herba S.Petri: inCngli(^Co\t)llipSt 

ttt Jf reUC^ OtfomtCoquu,f>rimevere,$Brayes deCoquu: intyigty&OUCbl^tmeUtylUf* 

fel,^^eters fcraut,geel ^cl)luffelblumen,^ toolriecfcenbe ^rtjuiTelblumenr 
tnbafe3ilmaigne ^^eeters erupt, anb iDelrieckenbe£>luetelbloemem 

* CljefeCOnbkinbe iS Calleb in^^OppeS Primula veris, $ Herba Paralyfis: itt 

Cn5li(l)€) ( celips: inbig^oucbtiJilDe^c^luffelblumen, ^toeis^imelfcftu^ 
lei: in bafe ^Imaigneuattte S»luetelbloemen, anb of fome toitte Betonie. 

3 C^et^irbefeinbeiScallebin)Latine Verbaiculum minus: in^ijopS Primu- 
la vcris minor: m<£nglity ^^imerofe, anb tooob ^timerofe: in bafe 3llinapgne 
rlepn toitte Setonie,o^ enfeel ^luetelbloemen^anb clepn ^luetelbloeinen. 

n 4 ThefirftBookeof 

_ _ , H-T he Nature. 

nmtmt ° ? Petie milem > m in Kcgtee, wit&outanp m» 


•Cfjeprtte Sjpttllepns,tljat to fap,tl>e Cotoflros, teztmetofeff « dDtelras 

great accompt matte of man. %\w are gooD fo? tlje UeaD * fimnpetf ; anD naue 
ortjergooD D«tu«w #etta anD^attiola* 9 

«J* The Dcfcriftion* 


Ethiopis^atlj gteattyobe 
\juoollp leaues, Ufce to tbe 
ieauetf of S^ullepn, but 
rougher $ better cottoneb 
ozftpfeb,anb notfo rounbebptbe 
ebge&but mo*e tojne uritb Deeper 
cutter m, aboitte tbe bo£ber& anD 
tounblp fpteab abtoabe bpontbe 
grounD,amongft tijetobKbe tbere 
fpungetb bp a equate rougb $ be* 
tie (lalfce,buubing it felf abioDem- 
to funtyp tyancbe&alogft £ tttyicb 
tounbe aboute cettapne topnttf , tt 
bimgetb foztb manp tubttefiouretf 
almoftl&e to tbe floured of beat) 
iftetteil, but a great beale bigger* 
rooted ionganb fyicfcelpfce 

4^ The Place. 

Ctjto berbe grotoetb not tntbto 
countrep,buttntbegarbe# of cet- 
tapne l£erbcuifte& 



#gi The Names. 

%W betbe to calleb in <£ieefce 

Mo7rir,$UT)tatmeaifQ Aethiopis, 

anb ofyer name tyan Aethiopis 

jfr The Nature. 

Aethiopis to meanelp fcoateanb bjp* 


Aethiopis to goobfo^ofe tyat &auetye#imreKe:anbfottoch asbau* * 
tbeir bzealte cbargebtontlj corrupt anb rotten matter:anbfozfucb^a^^ 
ueb uritb tbe afperitte anb rougfcneffe in W tfooote : 9 alfo 4auKrJS 
ttca, if oneb^nfeetbebecoctionoftfterootetljereof. ^ ^ e *°* 

f o^tbefapbebifeafe^of t^ebieaft^Iungefttttogoobto ticfce nftenrimetf 
ofaconfectionmaDetDtt^tljerooteoft^tofterbeanDftonp* wwnwiw 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 

<&f frw of f mtfalem* CftaiMtf #>» 

tifcTbeDefcription. Pulmonaria. 

^^gc of 3erufalemhath rough. 

M heane, $ large, bjoume greene 
m ieauetf , Cpzuufcleb with Dtuerg 
28 white fpot£ like biopg of milfce* ^§ 
3lm6glt the fept> leaned fpjingetb tip cer- ^ 
tame ilalfceg of a fpan log, bearing at the ^ 
top inanp fine floured growing togither 
in abuncb lifce Cowflip floured, of colour 
attbefitft,rebt)e 02 purple, an& fomtimetf 
blew: after the floured it bunged foojth 
fmallbuttontf, wherein i£ the feeDe* Che 
coote i# biacfce,long anb thicfce,with ma* 

The Place. 

Hhi£herbegroweth in mopftfljabowte 
placed, $ 10 planteb almoft euerp tuyere 


JX flouretb betime£,in Search anb 31* 
puil,anb fhojtip after ttje feebe i$ ripe* 

Chteherbettf calleb of the aipotheca* 

rteftaull i^erbO2ifte0 OUW COUUtrep Pulmonaria $ Pulmonalis,in Untitle Pul- 
monis herba 3 tljatt0tofap)tungett)urt,o2t^eljerbefo2tl)elunge0:aiTl) of fame 
it t0 called in'itatine Symphitum Syiuefircwhichemap beCngliflheb Wtlbe 
Comfrep:the}£icarbs calltt//^^^»r.-tjDecaUttmCngltflh$>ageof3Ieru* 
falem,$Cowfltp of^erufalem: intfrencb Herbeauxpouimons.mbtiteMmiQnt 
&n(zt toouwen meicfc erupt, anb £>nfer bzouwenfpin, that i£ to fap,€)ur 
bie# $pilfcewo2te,bpcaufe theleaueg be full of white fpotteg,a# though thep 
were fpuncfcleb with milfce* thereto pet an other)lungewo2te, whereof we 
ftjall wjite in the thirb 23oofce* 

$g>Thc Nature and Vertues. 

%W herbe hafy no particular bfe in^l)pficfee,but it ttf much bfeb in meatetf 
anb £>alabe£ with eggesug i£ alfo Co wflippetf anb p>2pmerofe& wherbnto 
uttemperatureit&much like* 


pffPH ^ ere be two fcinbetf of ueruapne : the one calleb in ftatine Verbena 
£5 m reda.that i# to Cap, uptight at itraight <Heruapne:i;he other & calleb 
Verbena fupmathat ig to fap, &ow ant) bafesaeruapne, the whiche & 
gained DiuibeU into nx>o fo2te&the male anb female* 

^The Description. 

1 HT^ e H**t8W 01 &P#8fet <Beruapne, hath bpught anb ftratght ftemmetf , of 
I the heigth of a foote anb mo2e, full of biauncheg : with fmall blewifye 
floured groiuingbpon the fame: ^heleatte^ begreene,bentet> abottt,anD 
(nfomeplace^Deepelpcuto^tojne Ipbean^DHenleafe* Cherootei$(l)02tanl> 
hath manp th^eeSp aringg* 

% H\ Verbc- 

n6 The firft Bookc of 

Vcrbcncca retfa.^pagftt tilemapnc* Hicra Botane mas. flat ^CtliapnCt 


M » J^7J * !i^^inmv «fte«btte creeping iEetuapne, fcatl) 8 
«>e female fiat oilo* mtuapne, tmt)e £ ftewfc ^ ^ ua » ftalfe ^ ol ^ 

c^e^tif tbelengtij of a foote, o^afoote $ a 
Ijalfe creeping bp tlje grounbe, untlj roim* 
btty leaue&beutoj fntpt tounb about,Ufce 
to <Dfcen leaue&0£ tlje leaueg of d&etmmv 
Det befcribeb in tlje jtty* Chapter of 
boofce, but fat (mallet fyen^Dfcen leaueft 
9 greatet tban tlje leatteg of <£etmanbet: 
tlje flouted be fap^e an& bletP ^towing* 
iongfttljeb^anctjeg at t^etop^ftettDljicl) 
tbete commetl) (mail flat cob&eg o^ptttCTeja: 
lifcettje feebe of }daule£ #etonp tobtdje 
w cal $>peebe tuelL Cbetoote i# tbjebp* 
Clje feconb Kinbe of fiatte oicteeping ; 
^etuapne , toljtclje i$ alCb tlje female lot» 
metuapne, i$ betp like to t^e afoiefapD,fo 
fyat(a£ PHnie in tljejtt]D*Ci;ap*of 
boofce united)* §j>omebauemabeno&* 
fetencebeturiicttye^aleanD f emale,anb 
tofaptljettutljtljeteig butfmailbiffetece 
bettxnjcttljefe ttaoljetbegifoitlje female 
ig betp tuelUUc to tije maie,aCtoell in tte& 

the Hiftorie of P lames. 127 

a# in fyeleaue&flottte&anb roote&fauing tljat tye ftemmes of tljefemale,ate 
number: tysieauetf befomu)ljatfmaller,anb tjatl) moteftoieof biancljeg com* 
ming bp from tbe roote^lje floured alfo grow thicker o k i nearertogitljer tljan 
ttje floured of ttyemale flat<uerttapne* 

jfr The Place. 

Cft e f trtt fcinbe of sHieruapne grouiettj in rube place&about tyebge&toalle& 
toape&ttreate£ anb bictyes ♦ %ty CeconH fcinbe gtotuetl) in gatben& anb lotos 
fyaboujp place&anb of fyi# ftute ttje male i£ mm commontyan tl>e female* 

JfrTheTyme. ^ 

Cljetueruapneg floure mod: commonlp in 3ulp* 

&The Names. 

x %fyz firft Hinbe of tHemapne t£ calleb in <££eefce 7rtftrt^tap, $ Of foment? isri* 
£tap op fi/©u, in Xtattne VerbenccaColumbina, Columbai is, Herba fanguinalis, 
Crifta gallinaceajExupera.anb Of fome Feria 5 0t Ferraria, Trixago, Verbena redfca, 
anb Columbinarc&a: in <&boppe£ Verbena: tttjtaltan VermtnatoU.vrgihaon j 

cMacho. in Cngltfl; <Weruapne,ojvEaruepn: in jfrencb Vemaine inljtgb Bourij 
(£tfemfcraut,€iterttyart ? $ Cifernnc^: in bate 3ilmatgne3!Xerbene, jifercrupt, 
anb J^fetljert* 

2 'vEljefeconb fctnb i£ calleb indftteefce fy« jSotwh: $ attl)i£ tuneTrtpirtpt^ for™*; 

Of ^pt^agO^ Erylifccptrurn,ailb of fOltte Otl)er# Dcmetria: tn Ratine Sacra 
hcrba,Verbenacafupina,anb Cincinalis,of 3£puletU# Licinia,Luftrago, Colum- 
bina fupina,anb Militarise in ^boppeg (betp erroneOUflp)itt£calleb Chame- 

dryos 5 oi Chamedry s : in dSnglitt) Bafeoi flat vBeruapne: in Ijtglj Jaoucij Crbt* 
toeirauc^anb of fomefollouung ti?e errour of tfte aipotbecaties? dsamanberle, 
anb 23laU3inenberle: in bafe 3llmaigne it map be calleb 0eere oftcruppenbe 

^etbene^ati^tO fap,in JrenCl) VeruawebaJftyOufetrainant parterre. 

JJ* The Nature. 

Cijefe ttoofcinbetf of *lxertiapne,areofa btpingpotaer.. 

The Vertttes. 

•C^eleaue0ofbpitgl)t^eraapne ? o:tl)eroote alone, 02 bofy together bop- % 
leb in water are berp goob fcu tye foje£ anb blcerg of fye moutlj anb iatue# , if 
t^emoutb betoaftyebuntb tlje fame Becoctiom 

Cije decoction of tijeberbeot of bt0roote>toagetb tootljacl)e,$ fattened 23 
loofeteetb,to be often garglebwttballozfeeptagoobfpacetDit^in fyemoutlj* 
%\> efame bionfcen conttnuaUp bp tlje fpace of fiue bapeg , cutett) tlje grppingg 

^eruapne mengleb toitlj ople of Eofe£ anb bineger ? oibopleb in ople $lapb C 
to tbe beab after ttje manner of a plapfter, carets tlje ijeab a$e* %ty fame ber* 
tuebatl) a garlanbeoiCoione of ^eruapneagainft^eab aclje,to betooine bpo 

ftefteab;ai8^3((rcl)igerie0fait^ , 

Cfteleaue^ofmeruapnepounbtJDitftfiopne^greafe oiopleofEofeftnott) & 

mitigate $ appeacetl)epapne$ of tbe apot^er 01 ^atrt]c to be applieb thereto. 

'C^efamepounb tuit^ btneger are goob to belapbeto ^atntljoniegfpze, c 
anbnaugl^tie fcuruie anbrotten foie$:anb ftampeb ot pounbe vuit^ ^onp,it 
^ealetljgreenetDounbeftanbclofetljbpolbe. t 

flat anb bafe ^eruapne t$ goob agatnft all bentm anb popfon, agatnfl: $ 
t^ebpting^ anb flanging of ^erpentftanbot^erbenemotti$beaft$ ? tobe bion* 
fcmintuuie,ozlapbebponttjegreefe* t , ' ^ _ . 

C^eleaue0 thereof bionfeenin olbetame,tl>e wtgt)t of abiamanb^alfe, <^ 
tfiaflnuc^f ranfcecen&bptye fpace of foitiebape^fafting,curet^ f Jauntier 

Ht & aoob to xuaflbe tbe moutft toitft t^eBecoction of tfte leaue$ anb roote 9 
9 yimi thereof 

The firft Bookc of 

tatue&oj tije almonbes ot kernels bnbet tbe tbiote* 

Cbe gceeneleaue#pounb 9 lapb too, tafeetb atuap tbefioclirog $ tijcpaine 31 
of boate tmpofteintf anb tumo&anft clenfetb comiptanb rotten blcer#* 

£>ome unite tljat tbe mater \uberin tbte qietuapne iiat^ bene tttpeb, being & 
caftoi(p^mcfeleDabouttl)eballo^place\jDb^a^anp feaftot banket itffeepte, 
maketb all tbe companp bo tb luftie anb merie* 

3tnb tbatab;tancbe of tbiee knotted oj iopntetf of tbi£ berbe&goob to be& 
tuonfcen againftafeuertertian,anb abiancbe of foure iopnteg i# goob againft 
afeuer quartapne* 

jfc tfhcKindes. 

ji&erebettoofcinbegof 0ettel$* Cfce oiiei^ tbe burning an^ftinging 
0ettelL^b£otberi£tbebea& $ettelltobicbsbotbnotburne,no;ifttng 
Jat aiL3nb eacb of tbefe fcinbetf t^of biuer£ Cotter f 0% of tbe boate anb 
1luiging|^ettelitbeeebetbieefetnbe0, tbati#tofap,tbe<l5*eeke otiiomapne 
$lettel#,anb tbegteat,tbefmall,$ tbebunung$tettel£: UJbereas agatne tbep 
atebttubeb into tujofetnbes, to \mt,tbe 3$ ale anb tbe female, fo tbattbei&o* 
mapne$ettelligtbe^ale,anbtbeotbertt^?ue are tbe female* %tyz beab 
^ettell lljalbe befctibeo intbenept Cbapter* 

Jfe The Defcriptton. Vrtica fylueftris. 

1 ^ettell tjattj majw^ettelU 


Cbe greatcomon JlettelU 

rounb, tougb, 
ijollotn, anb beatie 
aalfce&Cbe leaned 
belong,rougb, bur* 
ttfng oj flinging, $ 
beepelp natcbeb,oz 
fcenteb aboute, be* 
tiutjct tbe ieaues $ 
pftalfce: ittyingetb 
anb rougb button 
01 peiletteg , full of 
ning fcebe^ifcebn* 
to Ipne-feebe , but 
2 'Cbefeconbfetnb 
\3)\}\c\)ti$ out com- 
mon great l^ettell, 
wbeigtb anb in bi£ K^ffl 
rougb anb dinging 
foe alfo rougb anb 
rounbe aboute, but 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. i*9 

not to beepelp a^t^e ofyer&moft commonlp of afumrte greenc colour, $ tome* 
times rebbtftnCbe feebe groxuetb bp long final tbieebes ganging bounetBavb, 
$iStometo)batliketbe feebe of ^trfeoi^tllet ? fautn$ttt0fmalle^ Cfte roote 
iSlon&Cmallanb pellovu,fpieaDtngttfelf bere,anb tberebnber tlje grounb* 

%ty fmall^ettell is like to tbe jftetteis a- Vrtka 
fotefapb,but it ttmucfy fmaller, not epceebing Cbe fmall 
inlengtb afoote , oiafooteanb abalfe i Cbe jfrettelt 
ftalfces be rounb anb rougb , anb tbe leaues 
belike to tbe otber,fauing ttjep be fmaller anb 
greener : Cbe feebe is bigger anb tlje roote is 

Q) Olter* JfrThe Place. 

Cbeftomapne^ettelS are founb in tome 
tooobes of tbiS countrep , as tbe tooob of 
^>oignie, butnot berpconimonlput is alto 
fotuenin tbe garbens of l^erboziftes ♦ Cbe o* 
tberfcinbes grow in allplaces,as bp IjebgeS, )M 
quicfce fettes anb dalles. Jj^ 


^ettellfeebeisripe in $ugulh 

The Names. 

Cbe.^ettellis calleb in d5^eefee *k«xu<j>x, >tj 
kvkAk: in Ratine ^^boppes Vrtka: injtalian 
ortka.vx S>panifl? ortiga: in jfrencij 
t CbefirftfcinbeiSnotu calleb Vrcica Roma- 
na, anb Vrtica mas: in Cnglid), (fl^eebe ojiilo* 
mapne 0ettell,o£ ttje male 0ettel: in tfrencb 

Orf/> Griefcheou Romaine- in bigty 2^0UCbfl^elfttj 

2 Cbefeconb feinbe is calleb Vrtica comunis, 

Vrtica foemina , anb Vrtica maior : iltdigltft) 

dSreatcommonnettel: uxf rend) owe- inbigij 5Douc^ l^epternelTe: inbafe3& 
maigne groote 0etelen* 

, Cbefmalleftfeinbe iS Calleb Of Plinie Cania,anbnOtD Vrtica minor: tnCtl* 

glify tbe fmall 0ettell,anb tbe fmallburning $ettell:in f rencb ****** ortk,m1> 
ortie bruUnteintytf) Boucb 23zenne{Tel,$ ^abernelfel; inbafe ^Imaigne^eete 

|ttetelen» JfrThe Nature. 

C^ebnrningo v t(lingtng^ettels 3 areboateanbbip^ of tftinne fubltance* 

fcThe Vertues. 

Cbe feebe of ilomapne 0ettell tempereb ot megleb uritl) ^ome ? anb often- % 
times licfceb,denfefy tbe bieaft from tougb anb flimte fieumes, $ otber coirupt 
anb rotten bnmois^ 3(lto it is goob foi tft e fl>o#ne(Te of bzeatb, tbe troublefome 
anb be^ementcougb tbatcbiltyen be often beirebtuitljaU, fye inflammation of 
tl?elunges,anb t^e olb ^leurefie 01 long fought 

Cijefamebzonfcenuritlj fto)eetetuine,bot$ (lirrebp bobelppleafttre, anb is 13 
goob agatnft tlje blading anb U) tnbtnefle of t be domacbe* 

ple,atnigbt afterfupper,caufetlj one to bomtt o^caft bp berp eaCilp* 

*C&e leaues thereof bopleb tuity guttles anbb:onfeen,botoftentijebellp & 

Ci^e becoctto of tfte leaues of al i kittog of f*ettels,bionfcen tuitlj S©pirlje <g 
piowutl) t^eS^enftruallfioures* 3tnb lb bot^ nettle feebeb^onfeen v5 ftueete 
toine* €be 

ijo The firfi Bookc of 

^beiupceoftljeleaues gatgatireb,belpetbmuclj againft fyefallingbotune S 
of tbe v&uulaanb tbe inflammation of tbe Came* 

Cbeleauetfof 0ettel#pounb toitb (alt, are goob to belapbeto tftebitmgg <5 
of mabbeBogge&bituleutanbmalignantblcerg, a$Canfcer& an& fucbelifee 
coirupt anb glutting blcet£ o k ifote&an& bponallbarbeftDelling&tmpoftumetf 
anb botcbes bebinbetbe eate& 

Cbefamemengleb umb opleanb toajce, anDiapDcto fye barbnetTtof tbe ft 
Svelte 01 £j>pleenc, carets tbefame* 

'Cb^fame pounO anD lapbeto tbe i&ofe anb foteljeab, ttoppefy fyebleebing 3J 
of tl?cnofe,anb put into tbe nofe,caufetb tbefame to bleebe* 

0ettell leauetf pounbe toitb 2£p*rbe, anb rebttceb to tbe o#er of a j^elTa* fc 
ne(\ubicbeii8famotbei:fuppofito^e)anbput intottye^atrifrpjouofcetlj fyc 

Ij^ete be ttoo fcinbes of Jaeab ^ettelC^e one tobtcb> fauoiefy 01 fmel* 
letb but little, tbe otber tubicbe batb a ftrong $ (Hnfcing fauour, ot^er- 
U3ifetbereti8?butfmallbtfferencebetti3ijtt tbe one $ tbe otber: anb tbe 
firftfcinbeof tbefebetbetfteof tbieefo#e& tlje one U3ttb\J3btte floured, tbefe* 
conb uutb pellotu floute£,au& tbe tbitb txntb tebbifty floured 3lfo tbefeconb 
fein-bete of two fotte&anb bifferetb but onelp in tbe colour of tbe floure. 

The Defcription. 

* firft lunbe of &eab netted , i$ not Lamium. 

X mucb bullae tbe dinging oi burning Beab^ettello^tc^angeU 
#tettels,bi£ leauetf belong anb benteb 

rounb aboutl&eto tbe otber nettel leaned, 

fauing tbep be U)biter,anb tbep ftpng not* 

Cbe ftalfce i£ fquare, roub about tbe tubicb 

grouietb, t^bite, pelloto, oj teb floured be- 

ttotjet tbeleaue#anb tbeftemme,faftyioneb 

like to a boobe , o t open belmet ♦ Cbe roote 

Ijatb tb^eebp (fringe 
z 'Cbefaonb fcinbe, tobtcfti^tljefttncfetng 

&eabnettell,i#liketo tbe otber, $ like tbe 

common nettell, failing tbat b& leauetfbe 

fmaller,^ fomeu^bat rounber* tbe beebe 

t£ of a berp euill, $ ftrong ftincking fauour* 

Cbeflouretf of onekinbeare pale, anb tbe 

flouted of tbe ofyer kinbe ate of abiotane 

rebbe colour, fmaller fyan fye Soured of tfje 


♦£•7 he Place. 

&eab nettell groiuetb euerp totyere a* 
boutbebge& quicke fetter anb to>ape& an& 
alfo in garben& 


•Cbe^eab nettell flouretbtijemottpart 
of alltlje Corner, from 9£ap fo^arbe* 

ȣ* The Names. 

pjinie called t^eSeab nettell ro)Uttne 



the Hiftorie of Pkntcs. tji 

Lamium,attt) Anonium,0t Aononium 5 at p^cfettt it i# calleb Vrticainers,OZ 
Vrtica m or t ua; ttl Italian Orttcamorte&vib Ortica faidaiin ^paniflj Ortiga muerta: 

bigb Boucb Hobtneflel $ CaubneiTel : in bate 3llmaigue2£ooue, an& &oobe 

^CteletU #T he Nature. 

Cfte beab #>ettell i£ of temperament, like to tlje ofyer #tettel& 

*|c The Vertues. 

&eab^ettell potmDe otbzttt'eb tt)ittjfalte,botlj biflfolue anb cure tyarbe % 
uiennetf ,botcbe#,anb impoftem&being lapbe fyetebpon: anb iwfozxtixz i^tierp 
lifcetljeotber netted 

ijc The Defcription. 

^Dfyertoozte batb fquare 
t tyoumeilalfces , ttje leaueg 
I be of Ctuarte greene colour, 
\ large anb beepelp gapffyt o^ 
cut,almofl;iiketo $tettell, oi 
i^o L zel)Ottnb leaue&but a great beale lar* 
ger,blacfcer, anb moze beepelp cut, fome* 
tutjatappiocljing toiuarb# tbepjopojtto 
of p^DfceieaueSu €be floured growlifce 
garianbeg oiCronetg rounbeaboutttye 
ftalfee,ltfee tbe floured of l^oieljounb, of 
purple colour, not mucb biffering fro tbe 
floured of &eab 0ettell, fauing tbep be 
fmaller: after tbeffoureg commetb tbe 
feebe,U)btc^ i£ fmal $ b t ioume,contepneb 
mltttell pticfclep tjuffceg ♦ Cfje roote t$ 
finally himhci} into manp fmall tljteebp 

parteg* *fr The Place. 

3ItMtgbtetbto grou) inrougb,bntil< 
leb,$ ^ntnm placed, about olb wallet 

U)ape#* JfcTheTyme. 

^otbertooiteEouretb in 3Iime ,3>u> 
Ip, anb 3luguft, UJttbtn tu^icfte time , tije 
feebe i# alfo ripe* *g» The cfames. 

<€ty$ tyziU i$ no\ue calleb in Ratine 
offucbeasljaue pleafure tnberbeg Car- Cngli(l)#otberU)ott: in frecb , „ i-v, , 

<^gripauime:\n\)\$\) &ouc^ertf?glpan, anb^ertfjgt|)er: tnbafe^lmatgne 

&ert?gefpam • fjd „ . , ^ „. . 

€bt£ is afetnbe,of fye t^ee Ijerbetf, calle p, w <5mU<nj\H e mM i 

inKLatineSideritidcs^offomeHcraclea?. 3nb it igfyeftrfl; fcmbe of tljefapbe 
feetbe^tjerefote it map be well calleb in)Utine sideritis prima, hereof m 
[|allU)?iteagaine in our feconb23oofee in fte Cbapterof i^eljounbe* 

C^e^erbetDbiC^ MatthiolusfettetbfO^fOlt^eSidentis prima,l$afrtn& of 

fo^ounbe, anb ig calleb in tW countrep Marrubium poluftre, tyattf to fap, 
<39arria;o^U)ater^ote^ounb* %*TbeNat»re. 

S^ot^enDotte i$ of a temperate^ eate,anb pet not Uutljout bttterneuetano 
tl)erfoieiti?alfoabfterfiueojclenfing* ^ 

IJ2 The firft Bookc of 

Q^otftertoottetyufeb anblapbebpa ujounbe& fceepefy tbembotlj from m* 
fiautinattonanb apoftumatid 01 fuelling: ttftoppctl) fyeblouD, anb DotM ciofc, 
cuce ; auOi)calctl)cfame. 

$f £ugfe/ant> pmtteiu C^ap^c* 

The Kindts. 

Tfcerebettuo fctnbeg of^unelUCbeftrfttocalleb 23ugle* 2fnt)t^efeconl> 
retepnefy ftrtl tbe name of #iunelU 

Bugula. 7&l\$lt* 

Prunella. &*!UieIU 

♦jjjr T^f Dcfcripion. 

tttglefptcabetlj $ creepetb along(Ubegrounb,l&e to ^onptootfe^t 
^erbe ttuopenceat batb fomevubat long leaue& an& bioab* afoie, or 
atMgetop ? fofte,^mcWeb anbblacfctlb: bfe (talked Cmaltttenber, 
creepmgalong# tbe grounb, $ tafctngbolbfafl; in certame placed ljere 
an& tbere : an& from tbem agatne (p^tng otljer fquare 9 ftratgljt Hemmed of a 
fpan long,bangmg f oitb tytgbt floured, amongft certapne Uttell leaues , com* 
pafTuig^eftemmeaboutjOf colour moftecommonlpbleiu, anb uifomeplantetf 
tu^tte a£ fmnjo/^be rooted are tbteebp anb tenter* 
* ^^unelltiarii fquarcbearteftalfceg of a(jpannelongoimote*'Cbeleaue$ be 
fome^bat long/n carte,anb (barpe pojmteb^Cbe floured grotu at tbe top of tbe 
ftalfces tbicHcfettogit!jer,Ufeeto aneareojfprtuefenap,of abiovunecolour anD 
mitt nntfj bleu>e,anD fomettme? alfo berp tobtte* %ty roote i# (mall anb beep 

C^epgroU)bot^tocmapne^ebotDe?,pa(ture? ; ^tooobDe^3llfo Bugle 

ig much 

the HiiTorie of Plantes. 
i$ muct) planteb in gatbeng* 


Bugle fiouretl) in3ipiilU3[nb ^zunell oftentimes? ail tlje Comer imttli 3!tilp* 

# The Names. 

Cijefirftfcwtie of tbefe betbetf is no\u called Confoiida, $ Solidap,o 5 $ fo^a 
Difference from otljer Ijerbe&UJbtcbe be alto calleb bp tbe fame name,it & caite'o 
Coniolidamcdia.inCngUll) $Hbbell Confounbe,ot ®ibMe Comferp, anb 
Bugle: m jf rend) confouidemoyenne&nh Bugle.- tu t)igl> iaotic^ ^u^e^anD gallve 
<mw?el: in tbe ^>boppes of tbtecountrep, fyep call it Buguia,anbm bafe 31* 

'Clje feCOtlb tobe tS» alfO caileb Confoiida media, but mofl: fOmmonlp Pru- 
nella^ BruneilaiinCngltll) ^mnell,Carpentet0berbe, ^elfebeale^ooke 
ijeale : in f rencij rruneik, anb fome bo aifo call it chattier, fome call it 
oingtereukw bigb &ouci) Butnellen,anb dfrotfyepl: inB^abant, B^upneile, 

*J* T he Nature. 

Cljefe ttuo tyerbe# bebipanojeouerBugle & l>oate,anb #ameil temperate 
betunjrt ijeate anb colDe, otberp littellcolDe* 

*J* T he Vertues. 

%\$ Decoction of Bugle Dionfcen, btfTollietljclotteb ^congelebblouDiDtt^ % 
in t!jeboDp,ttDotbbeale anb mafee founbe all counties oftl?ebobp,botbetn< 
nmrbe anb outiuarbe. , 

Cbefameopenetb t!je (toppings of tljefljuer anb ^atile, anb is goob to be 25 
D k tonfcmagaintttl)e3|aunbife,anb f euerstbatbeof long continuance. 

Cbe fame becoction of Bugle,curetb tbe rotten bicer&$ Cotes of tbe moutlj c 
anb gumme&trtyan tljep be taaffyeD tbereuutball* 

Bugle greene 9 frefy gatbeteD, is goob to be lapbe bpon toounDes, galles, & 
oifrtatcljes:fout cured) tbem,$ mafcetb tbem u>bole $ CounDe*3tnD fo botb tlje 
pbuDeroftbefomeberbetypeb,to becaftanbftroti)enbponfyetoounbe* 

'Cbetupce of Buglet curetb tbefoies 9 bicets of tbefecteteo^uute partes, 
being often bzoppeb m y nnO fo botb tbeberbe tyufeb anb lapbe bpon. 
\ cbe ^ttottion of ^utnell mabe tontb toine ojtumter botb iopne togetber f 
anbmaftetoljole anb Counbe all luounbes botfjimuatDeanboumjarb asBu* 

Jt is goob to toafll) tlje moutb often toitb tbe becoction of $ainell, agatnft <BS 
$eblcers of tljemout^anb it is alfo aftmeraigneremebte agathft tbatbifeafe 
tubtcbe tbe B^abanberS bo name (ben Bzupnen) tbat is, xotym tbe tongueis 
inflamebanDuwetb blacfceanD ismuclj ftoollen, fo fyat tbegenerall rente* 
Dies Ijauegoue before. 

patnell bmfebuiitb opleof ftofesanb btneger, anb lapbe to tl)t fcueparte $ 
oft^ebeab ? fu)agetb anb curetb tbeafctngof tbefame* 


ie,anD mucb cloueno^Deepelp cut^fomeiubat Itfee to tbe leaner of %* 
grimonie ♦ %ty ftalne is rounb attbljeatie of tbe lengtb of a footeanb 
^alf,btuibing itfelf att^e top into otber b^ancbeftvuljicb bitngetbfo^tb pello\u 
fioure^UKe to t^e floured of Crou)foote,d5oibcup, 01 d5oibfenap, ^after^arb 
Uttellrounb rouglj beab^ o^fcnoppe&fetfuil of feebe ; tbe tubtcb betngrtpeuJiU 
cleaue otljangfaftbnto garments -Cb^troote i^ flwt anbrebbill) U)ttt)m,U)ttl) 
pellotu t^zeebp ftringft anb fmellet^ fometu^at Ufee Cloueg 5 e^peciaUp if it be 
gatljereb in SB mty* 

iJ4 The firft Booke or 

^jfr The Place. Garyophyllata* 

^tstyerbe grotoetl) tDtinemtoooHjBr, 
anD bp IjeDgeg anD quicfcfette$ , it i# alfo 
plantcDmgarDe^but t^atvul^icl) grotu* 
eti) uriiDe i$ tlje greater, anD l)i£ floureg ^ 
be pellower ttyan ttye ottyer* 

tfp The Tyme. 

Jx flouretb to Slpap anD 3une* 

# 7 ^ Names. 

%W fcerbe & no\u caiieD in ftatine 
Garyophyiiata,bpcaufe ty$ roote finellety 

UfeeClOtieftanD OffomeSanamunda,Be- 
nedid:a,anD Nardus rufticarttt CnglifijSfl* 

uen& Ijerbe Rennet, anD of fome£>ana* 
munbattnf rmc^ ^w«^ml)tgb3©oucl| 
BeneDictenuntrt? : in 2$tabant <^arto* 

P^pilate* T/k Nature. 

l^erbe&ennetoj ?&um$, \& tyoate^ 
Djp in tljefeconD Degree* 


% Cfte Decoction of 3liten£ maDe toitft 

tuater, oz tmtb tome anD toater togittyer 

anD D£oriken,tefoluetb congeleD anD clot- 

teD biouD, $ curetb all tntoarDe toounDetf 

anD burfcOnD tbe fame Decoction curetb 

outvoarDe ujotmDeg if tljep be toaffyeD 

^ CbeDecoctionmabeoffyerooteofljerbesSen' 

net in touted Dzonfcen, comfo^tetb fteftomacfce^ 

caufetb gooD Dtgeftion: it opened? tlje (toppings* 

of tije lpuer,anD clenCetb tbe bieaft,anD purgetlj it 

from groflfe anD pblegwatiqne bumo j& 
C Cbe roote DtpeD anD taken ttuti) toinei£ gooD 

agamftpopfon,$againfl; tbepapne oftljegnttetf 

oibou>elle&toi)icbe\jue call tbe Colique* 

♦jjjc Tjoe Defcription. 

Yrola batb nine op tenne greene , tenDec 
ileatteg, not muclje bnlifce tbe leauetf of 
» 2Sete,feuing tijep be a great Deale fmaller, 
amongft tlje to^ic^e commetl) bp a ftalfce fet tmttj 
pleafant little UJ^ite floured, muclje like to tlje 
ftueete fmelling floured of lillie Conuall 01 ^ap 
iillte& %\)t roote i£ fmall $ tenDer, creeping tyere 
anD tljere* 

*J* The Place. 

Pyroia grotoetl? in fyaDotop place&anD mopft 

tUOODDe^ JfrTheTjme. 

Pyroia # to be founD in lointer anD fomer,but 
it flouretl? in3)uneanD 3uip* 

l 35 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 

# The Names. 

I&piolatocaltebtn^ops Pyroia:m^tg^^oucl|i©uitergruit ; foit|ma^ 
golt,i©albmangotbt:tnbafe1(tImat^ alfo&pzoia, 
atiD u^mtergreenertnjf rem!? BetedeprezMb Pyroie. 

& The Nature. 

$#oia to typ in tt;et^irti begree,anb coibe m tiie feconb, 

*J* The Vertues. 

Cljeieaues of ^pjroia, alone bp tyemfeiues, ottuity otfter paling Ijerbeft a 
tS goob to bealeujounbe&anb bopleb in tuine anb bion&en,tljep bealc both in* 
toarb anb outiuarb tuotmbe&ftftula&anb malignant biters 

43reene ^p^ole & aifo goob to belapbebponu)ounbes,blcer&$ burnings: b 
anb fo tS tbepoubet thereof to bettrotueb bpon,anb it to goob to be mtjet with 
opntments anb plapfters,feruing foi tbe purpofes afoiefapbc* 

Serpents tonge/o? tonge* 

aj* Defcription. 

g &bers tonge to an ijerbe of a maruelous 
I ftrage nature, it bitngettj fo^ but one leaf 
I of tgelegtb of ones finge'Mntutycb grow* 
et^ alittell ftemme , bearing a littell long, 
narrotu,tonge,lifee to a £>erpent,oi (asmp atutyoj. 
faity)lifce to tlje tonge of a Serpent, 

*ji The Place. 

3lbberS tonge to founbe in tljtocountrep, in cer* 
tapnemopftanb frutefullmebotjoes^ 

*g* The Tyme. 

Ctytoieafetofounbetiutlj ^toltttell tonge, tn3H* 
Will anb apap: tlje to^ole tjerbe baniflljetlj awap in 

The Names. 

Piinie(asfomelearneb mentubge) calietijtljto 

^erb Lingua, Linguacc 5 anb Lingulacc: itiSUOtt) cal* 

leb in dDzeefeeo^i^x^o^an 'jtatine Lingua Terpen- 
tis, ^infbme countries Lancea Chrifti: anb inotber 
places Lucciola : in Cngltl^^bbers tonge , $ Ser- 
pents tonge: in frencl) Langue deferent : in btglje 
&oucty 0aterjunglin:inB^abat,€)nS i^eerenfpeer 
crupt,anb $atertongl)efkem 

&T he Nature. 

3bbers tonguetobtptntljetl)trbbegree,anb of 
$atureberp like ^pzola* 

^T he Vertues. 

Slbbers tonge to alfo goob $ berp finguler to Ijeaie tuounbes , botlj intoarb % 
anb outtuarbe,ttto alfo goobagainttburlWngso^ftuptures, to bep^epareb,^ 
taken in Ufce tb^tte as l^piola* 

Cije decoction of t^efame mabe toritfj water anb bionfcen, is goob again!* 
fjoate f euers,t!je inflammations of tye liuer, anb againd all tnwarbe anb out- 

Cije fame incozpotateb ot mengleb tmtt) ^wpnes greafe, to goob agamft $ 
burning anb fpieabingftueso^tlje bifeafe calleb tije wilbefire,alfo againftbur* 
mnss,anb all&oate tumojsanb tmpoftemfr. 

ii £>f 

\;6 The firft Bookc of 

0fZunatfe» 4$ap.jtctf$. 

fa The Defcription. 

Ti^e fmall ftunarie alfo,tyingetl) fottlj but 
one leafe,iaggeb $ cut on bofy fibes into 
fiueot Ct^etieepe cuttes o^ natcljeS>not 
muclj bnlifce tbe leaues of tlje rig^t Scolopen- 
dna,but it is longet,larger ? anb greener. <Bpo 
tbefapbe ieafe grotoetb aftemof afpaniong, 
bearing attbe top manp final feebes cluttering 
together like grapes %ty roote is of tijieebp 

ftongS* % The Place. 

CbiS tyerbe grotoetlj bpon Ijigty typ anD 
grafie moutaines o^ fjilles,bp bales $ IjeafyS* 


%fyt fmall nUmatie is founbein $£ap anb 
3Iune, but afterujarb it bantfyety awap* 

*J* The Names. 

^biS Ijetbe is notocalleb in Ratine Luna- 

ria,fc Lunaria mi nor.of fome in d&£eeke <thx»v?ti?: 

in C uglify &unarie,oi ^oone\i)ott:in f tecb 

Ptf/te Lunaire: itltyVQfy &0UCb ^OUfcraUt, att& 

fclein ^onferaut; in bate Blmaigne ^aen* 
ctupt,$clepn ^aencrupt Cbe people of £>a* 

U0p,b0CallitTore 5 0^Taure. 

fyThe Nature. 

31 1 is colbe $ bip of temperature, berp like 
to ^p£ola,anb fibbers tonge* 


% %\)\$ berb is alfo berp goob $ finguler 
to beale tuoubes ? of bertue 9 facultie like 
to p yroia 5 $ Serpents tonge,berp conue* 
nient fo^ all fucb grief es as tbep bo ferue I 
bnto:tbe3(lcbimtftes alfo bo make great 
accopt of tbis betbe about tbeir Science* 

4frf 5Cl)WOtti mattt oj €1)0* 

rouuleafe. Cbap^cb. 

The Defcription. 

^ojotoleafe batb a rounb debet 
ftalkefuiof bjancbes>£ bzancbeS 
pa(Tmg,o£ going ttRtotD tlje lea* 
ues,as if tbep bab bene bzatoe tljo^ougij 
tbe leaues>U)bicbe be rounbe^bare,^ ten* 
ber, attljetop of fyetyandjes grotoe tlje 
fioure&as it were cro tones amogft fmall 
pt little leaues,of a pale ot faint peloto co* 
lour,tbe bo aftertoarbs cbage into 
abioune feebe*Ctje roote is fingle,toljite 

$ fOintUbat tbtebbp* *g> The Place. 

fterbegrotoetf) inmanp places 
of eetmanp anb (£nglanb, in tbe Come 
fielbesamongft fyetobeate^rpe^tjep 
bo alfo plant it in garb ens* ? k* 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. 137 

^ The Tyme. 

JX fiourefy in 3|ulp anD 3tuguft* 

# The Names. 

%W Ijerbetenoto called in kattne Perfbliatum, anb Perfbliataan €ngUH) 
CI)(no\jDVuape,ant> 'Cbojtotoleafe: in frenclj Perfefuette: inbigb &oucb Burcfc 
iDacftfranbafe^lmaigneiauenDa^Jt i^tierp Doubtful, u^efyer tl)i£ be Ca- 

calia Of Diolcorides. ^The Nature. 

djoiototoaice t^ofa b#> completion* 

*3§c Venues. 

Cbebecoctioof Cbo^ototuajtebopleb in toatero^tiune^ealefytoounbeg; % 
anb fo botb tbe greene leaueg butfeb anb lapbe tberebpom 

C^ototjotjoaFemenglebiDttbtua^ejO^tottbfomeopieoi opntment,fitteto ^ 
curewounDe&bealettj burftingg oj i^armegof pong Cijilbien, being lapbe 

CbefameberbetD^anitfepetgteene^bzufebanbpounbe toitbmealc anD C 
Urine,anblapbebpon tbe j&aueteof pongCbiltyen,&eepetb bp tbe botuete, 
tyatmng tbem into ttjeir naturall place, anb fetietb tbem tbat fall too mucb 
bourne , anb flafeetb tbe fame tuban tbep are blafteb bp anb foolien ♦ 3dnD fo 
Dotty tlje feebealfo mabe into poubet,anb lapbe too after tbel&e manner 

42f 0Mtnct/c? pmtpmcll. <£ljap.;ccbu 

vfcThe Kyndcs. 

P3[mpmell i£ of ttoo fo jte& tye great anb txitlDe: anb tlje fmall garben pint* 

Pimpinella maior. Pimpinella minor. 

B£ilbe23umet* sideritis altera. dsarben^urnet* 

tj8 The firftBookeoF 

*J* The D efcription . 

t l^e great tuilbe ^impinell ot isurnet, ftatlj long rounb ftemmes, ttuo 

v-^ ^'^.j0^ti|teefootel|ig^bponttieui^tc^e jp^wec^ leaue^fbmetuliatlongy 
^^^I benteD rounli about,anb tiebbplongftemmeS ? tenne otnuelue leaues 
grouring bp a ftemme,ftanbing tiiCplapet) birectlp one againft an ottjec 
itfee bnto vutnges* 3t tljc top of tlie ftalfces are rounb fcnops ot ijeabs, compact 
to gitber as it lucre of finallpurles o^ buttons,tbe xuijicb at tijetr opening bung 
fotti)fmaUfioure0ofabzou)nereU^ecolour; after t^em coinmetij a triaugleb 
feebe* Cljerooteislong anb tbicke* 
2 Cbefmall ot garden ^tmpineil, is berp muclj like bnto tbe ttnlbe, but tt is 
in allpoints Cmaller,anb of fauour anb fmell mo^e amiable,ot pleafant*3It Ijatb 
Cofteanb tenberftalkes of afooteijigb oifometubatmo^e, fet untfj afofteanD 
fine beare ot Cotton, Cbeleaues be like bnto tbe otber , fautng tbep be a great 
bealeimaller,greeneaboue>aBb bleuufi)ebnberneatb*Cbe floures be not to 
btoipne,butof an incarnate otlittelp retire, tuttt) fmallpellotD tb.teeDeS,i}ang* 
ing fottlj of $e mtbbcil of tijein/Cbe toote is like to tlje otijer,but a great Deale 
finaller- JfcThePUce. 

'CbeunlD ot great ^tmptnell^grotpetb in Dtp mebotoes^tljete is ftcoteof 
tt fotinb grounng about vMwnbe*Ctye fmall ^impineil is commonly plaitteD 
in tijcgarDenSof t*)tS countrep* 

The Tyme. 

CljepDo botljfloure inline, anb fometimesfooner, anD oftentimes tm> 

JfcThe Names. 

$&imptnelU£nOti> calleD in Ratine PimpineIla3ipennula,Pampinula,anD of 
fOttt£ Sanguiforba, $ Solbattrella: in ^panitt) Frexinnaixi Cnglify BUHiet, anD 

^impinell:inbtgl) ^ottcl)^olblefliraut;^ergotCbartUtt,l3ltttkraut,anb 3fe* 
gelkraut : in bale 3ilmaigne Pimpindk. Ctyis&etbefeemetijtobeberpujeli 

like tO Sideritis altera of Diofcorid cs. 

*fy T he Nature. 

^imptnell is D&> in tlje fyirD Oegree,anD colDe in tlje CeconD, $ aftrtngent* 

•jSjjj* The Fertues. 

^e Decoction of ^tmpineliDtonkencuretlj tbe blottDpfltjre, tbefpittingof % 
blouD,tl)e pitting of blouD,anb tbe naturall iffue of ttomeh, anD all otijet flupe 
of blouD;Ci)ei)erbeanD tbefeebe maDe into pottber, anD btonkeuntb wine o$ 
toater,U)l)erein3ironbatb bene often quencr/eD,Dotij tlje like, anD fo Doll? fye 
Ijerbe alone bm^hui onelp bolDen in a mans banDe, as fome baue tauten* 

Cbe greene leaues b^ufeb anb lapbe bpon tuounDes? keepe tijem from in* 25 
flammatton anb apoftumation. ^oteouer tljep are goob to be lapbe bpon 
ptjlegmon&tobictje are boate tumots>fiDellings,anD blcers* 

^impinell alfo is berp goob to Ijeale wounDeft anb is recepueb in b^infeeS C 
t^atbemabefo^tjoounbes^to put a\joap inflammation, anb to fiancee bleebing 
to mucb* 

Cbe leattes of ^impinellftipeb in toine anb Dtontten,Dofy comfott 9 reiopce B 
t\)t ^art,aub are goob againft tbe trembling anb ft afcing of tlje fame* 

tfpThe Defcriftion. 

SICnicle ^at!)\jone,greene,plaine,flnntng,anb rounbift leaues.parteb into 
fiuepartesti3itbbeepecuttes,likebnto bineleaues, (otratljerltUe :?3aple 
leaueS)amongft tuljtctye t^ere fp^ingebp ttuo ftemmes, of tljeijeigtt) of a 



the Hiltorie of Plantes. 

footeMaringmanpfmallrounb buttons 
attbetoppe,full of littell tubite 8oure& 
tt)btcl)ebo turne into final trough burred, 
tubtcl) is tlje feebe* Cberoote tfafy tl#ee* 
Hp ftring&atffl i£ blacfcetmtljout,$U)Ijite 

panicle tefounbe in mopft u>oobe& 
anb ftonp banfcetf > in Ijillp o^mountapne 
countries ^cutberlp* 

panicle fioutetty in <$ap anb 3fune» 

t£t T/^ N iimes. 

%W fterbe i£ nota calleb in ftatine 

Sanicula, $ Of fOUlC D iapenfia: in Cnglifl) 

£>amcle:in f rencb ^/VMnljigb Boucl) 
panicle* CbtS i£ none of tyefcinbes of ( 
gtuicttfople oi ^entapljillon , as fome 

*j» 7"^ Nature. 

panicle is Dip in t^e tljirbe Degree, $ 
aftnngeut ^ The r»* »«. 
3 Cbe ittpce of panicle biontten, botl) 
make ujtjoie $ founb all intuarb,anb out* 
toarbetoounbes anb Ijurtes , fb tljat (as 
Rueiliusuiutet^) it is a comon taping in 

jfratinCe^Cf/^ qui Sanic lea, DeMire affaire il 

ft a* Cbat is to fap ? tttyo fo Ijatl) panicle 

23 panicle bopleb intoatero£ttune,anb 
D:onfcen,ftoppetb tljefpittingof bloub , $ * 
ffyc blottbp fli;ce,anb curetfy tbeblceratioS ^ 
anb tjurtes of tbe fctbneps* 

C defame tafceninlifte manner, ojtlje 
ittpce thereof bionfcen,curetl> bttrftings, 
efpectallpuibant^eberbe is alfo lapbbp* 
pontbegreefe,eptberbiufeb otbopleb* 

& %\\z leaned ttjereof,^ tbe roote bopleb 
in ttmter $ ijonp anb tyonfcen^ealetb ttje 
perifbeb lunges,anb almalignantblcerS, 
$ rotten fines of tbemoutt^gummesanb 
fyzoote ,if tijemoufybeumffyeb op gar* 
gleb tljeteuritljalL 

®i Haottsmantell/ ojgttat 

panicle* Cljap*jccbuju 

*J* Defcriftion. 

&iS Ijerb Ijatl) large roub leaueS, 
tbitb ftue otftjee corners, ftnelp 
benteb rounb about , #e tn^iclie 



at tfjeir firft coming bp out of tlje grounb 
arefolbentogityerot asittoereplapteb 
# uif amongft 

140 The firft Booke 

^mongftfyemgrotoefyfmallrotmD ftemmetf ftalfe a£ootelong,fet!jereanb 
Qetettuty little leaue&anD biingetlj fooztl) at tbe top finallfloureg , cluttering 
t^cfeetog;ttl)ei-,ofapello\Difl)gcemecoloucAuiti? afmalpeiloiu grea- 
ter tljen ^urfelatie 01 ^oppie feeDe,mciofeD in finall greene tyufke&Cfje roote 
tl)tcke,a£ long a# oneg fingar,btoumetintl}out,anD ijatlj fyieeDp ftring& 

& The Place. 

a# in certapne meDo we&in tye Ranging of i£ille&U)i)erea£ tye fople t£ of pot- 
tery clap, fat anD reDDe* 


'Ctyigljerbefiouretlj in3)pap>anD3|une, 

&Tbe Names. 

%\}t latter tiuptetg Do call tyigtyttbz in (^^eefeecTfo^^c/i^Viojj^ftwVitop.'ui 

Hatttl Achimilla^AlchimillaStcllaria 5 Plm^ 

MovTOTrft^o^DotjObeitt^i^nOtt^ertg^t Leontopodiumfcrtjereof Diofcorides 

tmitetbun Cnglify &aDie$ mantell, great panicle, anD ?BaDelion: in jfrencb 
pied de Lion.\M bigb £>oucb ^pnnan ? itetoentapen,lleti3enfufo Silnfet frauuje 
^antell, $ grof? <bantcfcel : in bafe ailmaigne folounng tye ijtglj 3llmatgne£ 
^pnnatu,€)nfer bioutuen mantel,anD groote £>anikeU 

#7 he Nature* 

3t i£Dtp like £>arocle,but colDer* 

■L^The Vertues. 

ftaDieg mantell to^muc^ like to panicle in facultie,anb femetl) foj all Difea* % 
fe# ttiberebnto panicle i£ gooD* <&£oieouer it takefy atuap tlje papne $ Ideate 

of allU)ounDe#inftameD, blcer& anDi&tyleg* 
mong being applieb tberettu 

CbefamepounD^ lapDebpontlje?£appe£ 
0^ 3© uggeg of tuiue£ 0^ mapDeng, maketlj 

®f ^arraQue <£onfoimoc* 

•Jc 7" Defiriptiott. 

1 3lrraftne0 ConfounDe,batb arounb 
H biotone , teDDe , boloti* ftalke, tbtee 
jot fourecubttetfbtgiJ a# ^zmmi* 
t tetb,all alongft tbe U)bicbe from tbe 
iotoeftparte euenbp to tbei)arDetoppe,tbete 
gtovuelong narrow leaned like to uaptbie, 
01 ^earij leaueg : benteb rounb aboute tuit^ 
fmall Denticles ♦ at tye toppe of fye ttalkeg 
grotoe bieake o^ pale pellotu floured , tbe 
tobtcije being ripe,are carrieD ataap tuttlj fye 
ttunDe^betootetg berp t^ieeDp* 

*gtT he Place. 

S>artafineS ConfounDe grotoetlj in (l;a- 
DotopwooDe&anD efpeciallptljetetDljeteag 


-Cljteljetbete founb uutMigfloureg mod 
eommonlp in atuguft* 


Solidago Sarracenica. 

tne Hiftorie of Plantes. 


*gc T he Names. 

tyetbe ig MM calleb in TUtme Solidago Sarracenica, $ Confolida Sar- 

racenica 5 offome Herbafortis.- mCngUft) ^arrafineg Confounbe,ot^>arra* 
ItnetfComferp: in fttnttyconfouide sarrafwe: in tyigft Boucb l^eiUnifc^ uiunH* 
fcraut: inbafc ^Unatgne^epDenfc^txjonUtcrupt 

^ T he Nature. 

§>arrafine£ Confounbe t# aimoft typ in e fytrb begree , anb not tiritftout 
ijeate,in tafte bitter anb aftringent* 

ijjjc The Vertues. 

^arrafineg Confounbe bealetb allfo#e£ of tuounbeg anb blcerft botb in* % 
toarbe anb ounuarb, to be miniftreb in tfte fame manner a# tbe otber C onfoli* 
battue oibealing Ijerbeg are,\ubetber itbe giue in biinke, ot applieb outward 
Ip tuttb bpntment#,opleg,o* emplaitterg* 

%X$ fame bopleb in U)ater anb bionKen,botb reftraine anb ftap tbe trailing 25 
lpuer,anb tafeetb awap tije oppillation anb flopping of fye fame, $ of tbe blab* 
ber anb gaule,anb is goob agapnft tbe iaunbife, $ feuer# of long continuance, 
anb fot fucij as are falling into atyopfte* 

•Ctje becoction of tbefame is goob to be gargleb agatnft tbe blcer&anb (tin- c 
king of tfjemoud^anb againfttfte blcerationof tbe gummeftanb t^ote/ 

& f <@otoen t odd & €ljap . f ♦ 

"feTheDefcripion. Virgaaurea. 

^Dlbenrobbeat tbe firfte batb long 
tije grounb,amongft tbe tobtcb (p^in* 
1 getb bp a rebbify 01 bzoume ftalke of 
tbelengtb of a footeanb balf, toitb leaueglike 
to tbefirtt , butfmailer , it fpzeabetb if felfe at 
tlje toppe into bmerg fmall biancij c$ , cbargeb 
aifo \joban tbepareripe,arecarrieb atoapuritlj 
tfjettrinbe, like to tije floured of £>arrafine£ 
Confounbe* %\>t roote i£ bioume anbljatlj 
ttyeebp firings* 

>§c The Place. 

%W ^erbe grotuetb to tooobbe^,bppon 
mountapnes,anb in frutefull fople* 

fyThe Tjme. 

3It flouretb moft commonlp in ^uguft* 

jfcThe Names. 

Cft&berbe is nou) calleb in ftattne Virga 
aurea, tbati^ to fap, (Kolbenrobbe: in Jfrenrt 
vergei or-. in bafe 3ilmatgne dSolbenroebetanb 


Jj» The Nature. 

Cbe tafltof tbtS totoSberpiike to <&ar* 
raftnes Confounbe Jnb tljerefo je it is of like 

A The Vertue and Operation. 

fcolbett rob # alfo an ft erbe apt to fteale wounbeft anb ftatft tfte fame ber^ 3 


The firft Booke of 

tue# \]Dl)id)e §>arrafme0 ConfounDe baty, anti map be bfeb m all tuflfeafetf fop 
tije totnebe tbe fap&e € onfotmDe tt goob* 

Clje fame bopleb in toine an& btonfcen, tt berp goob agapnft tbe (lone a 
nameip tn tlie repne$. tf oj tt bteafcetb tlje fame, anb mafcetb it to DefcenD uutlj 
tbe umtet ot btineranb fo botb alfo tbe vuater of tbtt berbe DifttlleD untb unne, 
an& tyonfcmbp fome (pace of time, a# \D£ptetb Amoidus dc villa Noua. 

<&f water £>cngmnc ana % mgbte pcrro ro/ 

n^ounbujo^te* Cbap* ej* 

*gi The Kindts. 

jftbet tlje title of Stratiotcs, tbat tt to fap, ftmgljttf tuounbtiwte , oj 
U£aterpearrotj0 ? Diofcoridesbeftribetb ttooo berbe&u>ellknotxjen w 
tbttcountrte* djecwecallebCrabbeg clause: ^eofyetumter&jHfc 


Boater £>engreene* 

Stratiorcs potamios. 

Migfytg luoitn&etpojte* 

jfy The Defcriptiett. 

;$e firft toftiebe caileD femgbttf i&ountituottc^o^ toater feengreene^ 
'ttaioateri)erbeU)l)icljefleetettjt)pont^e tuate^notmucbebnltketbe 
great ^engreene, befoze tbat be bungetb foottb btt ftalfce , but tbat it 
tt greater* %ty ieauetf be narrota of balf e af oo te long, baumg bpon eacb CiDe 
fyarpe teetlj anD pitcWep popnteg oj inDentett Cojners , Ufce to ©ttter mm, 


the Hiflorie of Plantes. 145 

o;t^eaapgreene,luit mucl)efmaller,nartob)etanD(t)ozter* %\)t floured ate 
bponfljoit ftentine&anD gro\u focuttj bptljeftDejB? of fye leaueft anD are tuijtte 
anD DiuiDeD into ti#ee,untl) a c ertapne tfttom dearie pellotu in ttje miDDell, 
anD gtoiu e out of a clouen tjuffce like to a Crabbed Clatoe* 3ft tyatfr none o* 
anD tender bnDemeatij , from xuljence Ifrunge bp t^e leaueg : bp ti^e fapDe 
AWteftemmebtiDerneatb ttje leaned, gr^^ berp fine 

anD fmall luteartngsoijere anD tljereftretc^tttg tljemreiue^ ettento ttye bottom 
of tt)eu)ater,bpt^eiui)tcl)ett taketMolDeauD Diaxuet^fuftenancefrom tlje 
grouuDe* CertapneDeceptfullanD naugl)tieEogue# tljatUJoulD be taken foz 
cunning ^i)pfttiong, untt) tgeirCreacle£,&cammonie, anD$lapfter&Do ga- 
ther of ttje fine firings anD dearie rooter afcuefapDe,anD put tljem into 3Bl)toi£ 
oi <i5lalfes full of tuater,anD fet tijem openlp in t^eir fooppe tinnDovueg 01 ftau* 
Dings, to b£ feene of tljc people, luijerebp ttjep make tije people to beleeue,tl)at 
tyat tijep be \jooime0, luljtclje t^ep Ijaue cattfeD men to attopDe uuty fyep^pou* • 
Der£, S>ugaranD€)pntment£* 

1 %\)t feconU UinDecalleD &mgftt# ^tlfople (bpcaufe ofttje great mttttttitHe 
anD number of leaned) ijatlj long , fmall , anD narrou) leaue# , Deepelp cut in 
bponbotljeftDe&liketo tijeuringefettjergof fomefmalb?*De&#cia0 tlftim 
ttyertfof bpiDegtjaueag ittuere a ftemme, op acertapne tibbe in tije miDDell, 
from UJljence tljere groxu outbponeactjefiDe long narrotubarreftplumegot 
fineljeareg : euenfo in l&e manner, tljefe fmall leaned, Ijaue alfo artbbe 01 ft* 
nexu in tftemi^Dell, from UJ^encet^ere grotueoutbpon botlje ftDejSOnallanD 
narrovu leaue&euerp leafeliUe to tlje dearie barrel otplumetf of fuel) fmalfea* 
tijerft 3tmongft tljefapDeleaues grotoetl) bp aftalfeeo.t ftemme of a fpan long 
bearing leaue£lifce to tt;e afo;tefapDe,anD attljetop afapzetufte^ufyeAinofe* 
gap of manp fmall pellotjp Soured like tije common pearrotu oj ^ilfoptoCtye 
rooted tenDer anD tljieeDp* 

*fc The Place. 

Clje fitftkinbe growth in tW countrep in ponDeg anD pooled, % i# founb 
in Diuers Dieses ttjat are neare to tlje liiiuertf of Efchauid anD Dele,in t??e coun- 
trep of Bzabant 

CJje otljer grotoeti) in berp gooD anD ranfee meDouie&bttt a man fyalif into 

*Jjjgt- T he Tyme. 

t©ater & engreene Soured in 3®*p.%\)t tljer in 3tuguft, 

d|* The Names. 

x Cijefir& igcalleD in ci&tee&es-^nah-H?,^^ Mi- 
litans.-anD itmap be useilealicD bcdumaquaciie.mCnglil^^mgWUJo^te, 
&nigijt£ XDounDeuJoite , 01 &nigl)te£ xxmter tuounDUJO^te, &mgi)t# i&onDe* 
bjotte, anD of fome &nigl)t0 vuater ^engreene : in bafe 3Hmatgue Crabber 
clauj,anD after t^e <35ieelie, laupter^ crupt,o^ vuater Eupter^ erupt 

1 CljefeconDtgcalleD ind5ieefee7f«n»wx^'o^©- rinxlatine lVfiHtaris mil- 
Jefolia in CngliQ) &niQ\)t$ ^ilfople; foulDier^ P erroiu,anD pellovu fcmgljtcn 

l^errOtU: tn^renC^ Herbemilitaina milkfueilles, Wfo CMilkftteilk laulnc: in bafe 3(11* 

maigne d&eei aeriwe. 

4fe The Nature, 

&ntgljts U) ounDetDO tte of ti?e tuater f^ colDe anD Dtp: tcft e tfter xuttt) tl)e 
t^oufanD leaueftcalleDiknigl)ten#plfoiIe, \» D^p anDfometDliataftrtngent 

fyThe Vertues. 

1 C^efirftfenig^ttf tuojtebopleD in toater anD D^onfeen, ftoppetl) ftepiOing % 


The firft Booke or 

of W:0, anfcroreHjtlje vuoun&egan&btcettf of tye feOmep0,anD tljebfeof it 
is 3out> apuitt all iniuar&e \uounbe& 

: leaues? tberof pounDe,an& lap&ebpon greenetooun&e&frcepetlj fyem^ 
feaiii i vaarumattonanDapoftumatioti otftoelltng, 

Ctje fame lapfce too uwlj toineget,curetl) tlje unl&e fpje , ot 3ntIjome£ <r 
fire, lutfy ottjer i)oate tumot&a# ^!jlegmon& 

z Cije peUo\jj&ntg y gtstuo.tte,o k t ^oul&ier#<^tlfople,& fingulet gooD a<w 
gamftall&uiDe of olDe and neio blcettf : tt curetl) ftftulatf, tt (lancljet^i blouD, 
it fott&etetij,bztngetlj togiti;er> ant) curetli tiiotmbeft urtjetlKt it be poutiDe ot 
btufeDanli folapDe\)poii,o.tmijctU3tt^ ople&opntment&atto emplapftecgfyat 
aremaDefotfuci) purpofe& 

€>f Parrom/oj common f&flfople* 

Cljap* tiu 

The T>ef eviction, 

3tfopiei>atl) round IjoUovd 
iralhc^ of a footeattD tjaife 
long : fye leaueg be long 
ant) ticv^ fine, ant) deepelp 
tagged bptsin bottj ftde#, e* 
uen Ijatde fonto tlje mtddeUrtbbe ot ft< 
neu),toerp luel lifce to ttye fmaUeftleattetf 
ofCouandec ot^outij.tenwood* %ty 
Soured gcoio tit fapzerbunde tuff et# o w t 
bufllie^att^etoppebftlieftalfeejati^ ate ft 
moftcommottlp all tBijtte,fomettme#al* 
fo in fy&coutittep of a purpltfy colour, 
and a# Diofcoridesxutttetlj,fometune^ 
all pelloto , tye UJ^tc^e a#pet ijatlj not 
bene feene in tyi$ countrie/Clje toote ig 

tlfople grotoetlj plenttf uilp in tW 
countrep,aboutpat!}&t>tgl) tt>ape& and 
tl)ebo t idet# of fielded 


Jt fioutefy ftom^une to £>eptem* 

*£* The Names, 

%ty$Xivfot i$ called in6jteeke«x<*' 

x«<9-: tnllattne Achillea 3 anl) Achillea 
fideritis,of3lpttletUg Myriophyllon^My- 
riomorphos , Chiliophyllon , Stratioti- 

con , Heracleon, Chryfitis , Supercilium Veneris, Acron fyluatkum, Militaris, 

and of Come Diodeia : in &ljoppe# at tftfe pjtefent Millefolium : m IJtaUati 
cMiiUfogiio : in ^pantfye Ten* Miihyas: in Cngltfy alfo <!©ttfople, $5 etroto, and 
jfrofe bieede: in jfrencl) cMiiUfaeiiUiin^i^^ni^ «&atben, ^btyaffgeaf?, 
^►cljaffrtpjand 'Catrtenblaet: in bafe 3ilmaigne, d&ewtoe* 

^ome count Achillea, tobet^at fcinde ofCanfie,tBljtd)efc>e before fnti)e 
tenttj Chapter of tyi$ patent boofce fcaue named tfje (mail tofcite -Canfie^a? tt 


the Hiftorie of Pkntes. 

# The occafton &f the Name. 

CW^ecbe Ijad W name Achillea, of tije noble andbaltantimtabt 3cbfc 
L^ l n^ f ^ ll ? nt ? ct ^ 9 noblc^iftojietpeceHefcribeU bp Corner. Cbcfopde 

anMt ^wa«et«itttftfm bp «c €zn« 
taure Cinron-rmtb tijt* berbe ac^tlletf cured tyetooun&e* ' and toe* of Tele 
phus tfyefotueof $ercule& 4 

ffr The Nature. 

Spfopleteberpdtpand allrtngent* 

««S SSSK f ^ ttfople 6?0l * m clli:e sntl toppc fte bloul)p mjce7 31 

Cbe famctizonfeett ftoppetft allflujrefcbut erpeciallp tfte reUDe flupe in too- 8 
menfyatflouietyto abunftantlp. 3lttuo?fee^ defame effect bemg applied to 

defame from inflammation and fu)ellmg,anDcureti)tVfame. 

<^f€omfrep, tffweft 

*fc T bc Defection. 
flSl r0U5l) *> m * e Symphytum magnum. 

f^^pl ftalfce&aud long trough iea- 
* ue&muci) Ufce ttjie leaner of 
comm623uglotte, butmuc!) 
. greater and blacker* ucbe $M 
flouregberounde and ^ollotul&e little 
belle&moftcommonlp UJljite, and Come* 
time* reddtlkcije roote i$ blacke tutt^ 
out and tuinte uufytu>fcerpclammp oi 
flunte to touctje* 

jjfc The Place. 

Comfrep grovuet^ aiongft bp dtdjeft 
and tnmopO; placed 

3 1 floured) in 3June and 3fuip„ 

*Jjt The Names. 

%W ierbe i$ called tn d5*cefce 

TopHS«^WyTop^{yflc :tn &attneSympnytu 
magnum, fcSolidago: Ut^oppeg Con- 
folida maior: tn Italian Confolida maggiore: 
§>pantu^ Sueldamayor, Confuelda mayor: 

tn Cngltflf) Comfrep, and Comferte: tn 


fyT he Nature. 

Comfrep ig tyoate and Dip tn tye fe- 

# The Vertues. 

^eroote^ofComfrep pound and dionfcen, are good foj t^emt^atfpitte^ 

\4& ThcfirftBookcof 

^efamealfo bepng bzufefc anli lapbe to in manner of aplapfter,t>o Ijeale* 
allgrcmcant)frcfll)cu)ou!tDc0:ant)arefo glutinatuic, tpat tf it befoDDeuutlj 
cljoptc onnmfcD mcatcttunl mopncaubbiiugitaU togitUcr agaute into one 

%\)t rooted of Comferte bopleD ant) Dionfccn, Ho clenfe tbe bicaft fromc 
flegmeftanD curetb tbe grteffetfoi tyutttg of tlje xtunge^ *Cbep baue tbelpfee 
fcertue>betng mengleD xjpit^ fugar,f^ope^ot ^ontip,to be often tafeen into tlje 

Cbefameuntij tbeleauetfof <£rounftoell,are goo&to be lap&e bpon all 5 
Ijoate mmo# or mflammation&elpectalip to tlje inflammations of tbefunD* 
mentor fiege* 

^efomealfoaregooDtobepountte^iapDebponburfting^oj rupture** c 

|[C^eenDeoft&e firft parte of Dodo- 

^^efeconfte parte of tfje 

of plants/ tntccatmo of tlje tuff ttmtw pj opoi turns/ names/ 

pjopertie&anb berme&of pleafant ant) foeete foteiling floureft Ijerbeg 
anb feebe& ant) fticlje like* aaiittenbp tyat famous d. Rem- 

bertus DodoneusnOto^pfitiOlltO tljeCmperOUr* 

<£>f f$*arc!)e Btolets* €i)ap*t* 

*gj» TheKyndes. 

$>ere be ttuo Cbtfeg of taxtoiet^ : tfce garden ant) tlje voilbe Violet ♦ %\>z 
<5atbenbtolets are of afapjetmtfce oifyiningbeepebleuje colour , anb 
aberppieafantattDajntabiefmeIU^:^etJ)tltie5aiolet^ are without fa* 
uour,anb of a famtebletoe o^palecolour* 

*5* The Defcripion. 

!£e ftoeete harden ox <$atcl)e 
btolet,creepeti> alongft £ grounb 
iifce tije S>traiuberie piante , fa 



Viola Nigra. 

%ty blacfce,o*purple violet 

ftening itfelfe anb taking rootein biuettf 
places:l)tg leaueg berounbe anb blacfcify 
lifce to 3|upe leaue& failing tijep be entai- 
ler, rounber , anb tenberer ; emongft tlje 
totyiclje leaned tyerefpjiugetb bp fapze $ 
pleafant floured of a barfce bleto colour, 
eaclje floure growing alone bp btntfelfe, 
bpon a little fmall anb tenber ftemme* 
%ty floured are Uui^th into fiue fmall 
leaue&iDljerof tije mibble of tt^e floured, 
tontine tipper oi popntebenbegoftlje 
leauetf atefpec&leb oi fpotteb uittti acer- 
tapne rebbifypelloiD* 3Kfter fye floured 
tljete appeared rounb bullet&o.zt)ufke£ 
full of feebe, tijettiijicljebeingripebo o* 
pen anb t}tmt}z ttyemfeluetf into fytee 
partes , fye roote i£ tenber $ of ttjiebbiflj 

* €>ftftt^fo^te,tl)erei^anotl)erfetnbeplanteb in garben&toljofeffottregare 

berpbouble,anbfull ofleaueg* 
Cljere is; alfo a tftirbe feinbe > bearing floured a£ttJl)itea£(notD* 
3lnb al(b a fourth fcinbe(but not berp common)\Bljofe floured be of a barfce 

Crpmfen,oiolb rebbify purple colour,in all otljer popntetf lifee to tlje firfiUtf in 

W leaue&Ceebe,anb growing* 

2 <Clje\mlbei£liketo tijegarben vBtolet,buttIjat!)te leauetfare farfmallcr, 
W floured are fomu^at greater,but mucij paler,pea Cometimeg almoa to^ite, 

T he Place. 

Cfte ftoeete gatben <&iolet,grotuetl) bnber IjebgeS, anb about tye bo*ber# 
of fielbetf anb pafture#, in goob grounb anb fertple fople, anb it i£ alfo fet anb 
planteb in garben&Clje uiilbe fcinbe uiljtclje i? tmtyoutfmell, grotoetl) in tije 
bojberg of typ,leane,an& barren fieibe& 

H8 The fecond Bookc or 

?§» T he Tyme. 

■Clje garden biolet ffourettj tn&?atcbeand Zpxxll. Clje ttnlde alfo doty 
floure ut 3lpall,and afteruiatdeisu 

•jjc T he Names. 

Ctycftueete violet ig called ixi<&iztkzUi> ™?<p\>fi}> .in Unttnz viola nigra, 

Viola purpurea:$of^trgtlVaccinium:m^ 

t^egarDeii^tolet,t^efijDeete^Eioiet,anlitl)e ^Ipattye btolet: tn 3Italtan*7W* 

porporea, and F/W<* mammola : tit J&pautll) Violet**: Ut ^frenclje Violette deMars, oh dt 

quarefme.intyqfytemtf} Blama betel, ot ^ert?ehtriolen: tnbafe 3tlmatgtte 
^tolettemtyev&ioletplanteoiljerbe t# called m£>^oppe£ vioiaria,and Ma- 


'ftfte Cuoeete tBtoiet (ag tlje asmpetour Conftanttne unptetlj) to a# calleD in 
<&ltcU ion,after Rename of tbatftoeete guttle oi pleafaittdamofell io 5 \i>i)ici) 
3lupiter,aftetfyatJjebadgotte Ijet UJitycbtlftt, turned Ijer into a trim $eaf- 
fero: gallant Co toe ,bpcaufetbatl)t$ toife3luno (bepng botije anangrp anH 
3eloa^<i5oDl)eire)fl)OttlDnotfutpectt^at^eloue^ lon.jnfyebonourofutytclj 

io, a# alfo fcu ber mote Delicate and ijolfome feeding, tbe eattlj at tlje 
commaundementbf^uptter biougbt foottlj &ttolette& tbe toljtclje after tl?e 
nameof ty$ toelbeloued Recalled tn^eefee ion andtbetefoze tljepareaU 
fo called tn'jtattne,a# fome'do vuzpte, Viola?, quafi vituia? & Vaccinia. gan- 
der tojptetb, tbat tlje name of ion tua^ gtuen bnto <&ioletteg , bpcaufe of tlje 
$tpmpbe# of Ionia 3 uji)o fttfte of all patented 3ttpiter vuitty tyefefetndeg of 

»gr The Nature or Temperament. 

tmtolet^arecoltietnt^eftrfttiegree^anbmopfttnt^e fecond 


%\iz 5aecoctton ofmioiet^ t£ good agamft tyoate feuer&anb tlje tnflamma* 3 
tion of fyexUuer,and all otber unuarde parte&tyttimg foify bpftege tljeljoate 
anbcljolertque^umo^*CbeUfeep k iopertte Jjatlj ttyeutpce, fpzupe, o^conferue 
of tbe fame* 

Cbefp;utpeof^iolet£t£good agatnfttljetnflammattanof tfte iungegant) B 
bzeaft,and agamft tbe 3Meutifie,and cottgij,and alfo againft fetter^ 01 3(guefc 
but efpenallp tnpong dpldien* 

C^efame^^upecuretft allmflammatton^anb tougtynelfeof tijettytotetff 
tt be inttclj kept ot oftenbolben tn tlje moutb^be fugar of btolet&and alfo fye 
confetue,and tupce,banget!j tbe fame to paffe* 

CbatpellovaU)btcljet$ uttlje mtddeftof tbe floured, bopledtn x toatet,t# a 
good to be gargleb tn tye t^ote agapnft tbe fqutnanae o^ fuelling tn fte 
ti#ote; it i^aifo good to be dzonfcen agapnft t^e falling tfclmtefle tn pong c^tl* 

taiolet^pounbeanb lapbe to tlje fteab alone, onnengleb tottb ople, remo^ 
uetl? t^e ejctreameljeate,Ctoagetlj Ijeab aclje,piottofeetb lleepe,anb mopftenetl? 
tbebiapne:tti$goob tbetefoeagatnatbe topnelfeof t^e ^eab, agatnft melatp- 
ct?olp,anb DtilnelTe o^eautneffe of ^pttite* 

uixtoiet^ bzufeb 01 ftampeb xuit^ barlte meale, are good to be lapde bponf 
pljlegmon&tbat t0 to fap,boate unpoftume^ 01 carbuncle^ and t^ep Ijeale tije 
tnfiammattonandpauteof t^eepe^alfo t^eljoateblcer^and tbf inflammation 
t^atcommet^ tintl? t^efalltngdotjoneof t^e fundament 

C^e feede of sBtolette& d^onfeen tott^ toute 01 tuatet, tg good agapnft ttje<s 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 149 

■CSjefjerbeoj planted berpgoob againft&oatefeuer£,anDtl)e tnfiamma-© 
ticms of ti)eliuer,anb ioofety tlje bellp* 

Cbeunibe Violets arealmoft of tlje famebertue, butjfyzp be agreatbeale 3 
toeaker,anb efyeref oie ttjep are not bfeb in efctcme* 

€>f pancco/oi partes cafe* €* 

The Defcription. Viola tricolor. 

fpljKtncejS liatti triangleb ftemmeg, 
i iflStiritt) manp io^nt^;t)i^ leaner are 
lP> gU blacfeifl) , anD benteD , 01 tootbeD 
rounbe about Ufce afatDe,beturijcte tbe 
b)l)icbe ieaue£ tbcregroiuebpfrom tbe 
ftalfce,fmallnafceb op bare Itemed: biin* 
gmgfortbfap*e$ pieafant fioure^, par- 
ted into fttte litteUleaue& like to a<aio* 
let, eacb floure being of tbjee Diuerfeco* 
iour&UJljereof tlje bigbeft leaueg fo£ tbe 
moftparteare ofabiolet,anD purpleco* 
lour, tbe others are bletinfl;e oj pelloti), 
untbblatfee anbpelloto ftreefceg alongft 
tlje fame > anD fye miDDell bearie : after* 
toarDe tljere appeare fmall 25ollpn# ojt 
Jmopppbufke&u^enrifyepelloto feebe 

^T he Place. 

tEbefe floured bo groto in garDen& $ 
tljeretemanpof tijemfounD growing a* 
mongft tbeftubblein come fielbe& 

«§» T he Tyme. 

Cljep begin to floure incotinent after 
tbe <mioiet£,anD remapne flouring al tlje 

aji The Names. 

floure ig> caileD in <H5teefce«>xo| 

K9"<pxo}io^:inXatineViolafkmmea 5 Flamma,^att^t^ time Viola tricolor, Herba 

Trinitatisjacea.anb Herba ciaueliata.-tnCnglil^ Jdance&koue in iDlene&anti 
i^arteg eafe: in tftecb ^y&anD Penfeemenm.* in bigbiaoucb jfrepfcbam, f rep* 
(tyamfcraut, anD 3B*epfeltigfceptbiumen: in bafe aimaigne 23£pebulbicijept 
bloemen: anD penfeen* 

fyThe Temperament. 

$anfe# are D# anb temperate in colbe anb Ijeate* 

jjt-The rertues. 

Cftefe floured bopleb anb tyumfcen, bo cure anb (tap fye bz(&innm$$ of ttye % 
falling euili ot tlje Difeafe of poung tyiiDjen fyat foome anb call bp frot^tul)et> 
fcue it tecalleb in^igi) laoucfj, tfrepftljam- 

Cfte Came floured bopleD untl) tljeir berbe ozplante,anb giuento be bzofeen, ^ 
botl) clenfe tye lunger anb b*eal*,anD are berp gooD top feuet&auD intuarb ia* 
flammatton£ oityeate& 

flanta ha?c maxime probaturad glutinanda vulnera,ta exterius illita, quam in- 
teriusfumpta:adha?cadenteroca?las . In qucm vfuoypuluerem cius,inenfuradi- 
midij cochlears, ex vino auftero, fcelicifucceffupropi riant. 

m €>f 

Viola I u tea. 

! 5* ThefecondBookeof 

€f ttic t&alt floure. £fap. tt> # 

ifr The Defcription. 

T^e peiloto <Mlofer 01 t©allfloure, 
tealittell tyiubbe o^ bttfye, tijatig 
greene bofy urinter $ Corner, toljofe 
ftalfeeg are ijar&e $ of a taoobp fttbftance, 
anD full of bzancije&tbe leaueg grouping 
thereon arefomtobat tbicfce fet,Iong,nar* 
tow, anD greene : at fye top of tbeftalfceg 
0£btancije£,grotoe tlje floured tuljtc^e 
be berp pelloto , anb fapje , of a pieafant 
fmell,euerp floure btuibeb into fourefmal 
ieauetf, tye vu^tc^e periffyeb tbere com* 
metbbp longCobbe^buffcefttuberein 
Us contepneb feeDetu^tc^et^ large,flatte, 
anb pellou), 

jfc The Place. 

Cbe pellotp dMliofer oz oaall floure, 
grotoetb bpon olbe wallet, 9 ftonebtlleb 
9oufe&$ t# comonlp planteb in gatben& 


%\>t peilotu dMlofer botlj cljieflp floure 
wS£atcl>,3(puU,anb 3£ap* 

The Names. 

C^epellou) dSillofer teafcinbe of bio* 
letg calleb in <&wbt\wLm t tbe tobicb are 
aifo calleb tn ftatine Leucoialutea 5 anb of L 
^erapto anb ttje 3potbecatie# Keyri : $ \ 
of PJinie (ujIjo batb fettereb tbem from 
Leucoion 3 tbat is tofap,fromtbeftocfce<i5illofer,oiratber tljeluljttebtolet) 

Viola? lutcae: tn Jtaltan Violagiala: in &pmttt) Violets amarillas: tn Cn&lifo lltf* 

iou) aillofer^ , *©all floured anb partes? eafe : in f rencb 

mh/w.- in bigi) &oucb dSeei beiel: in 25tabant geel siailieren, fteen tailierein 

*Jt T^f Nature. 

uaallfloureg are ^ oate anb biwrib of fubtill parted 

£jf The Vertttes. 

naallflottreg typeb anb bopleb in toater pumofcetb tyine , anb caufetb toe* * 
men to baue tbeir termed it curety tije £>cirrbo& oj barbe impoftemtfof tbe 
^otyer^antljefameteftetoeb ojbatbeb t^eretoit^. 

Cbe fame floured tmtb ople anb tuape, biougbt into a plapfter bo beale the « 

cljoppetf o^rifte0oftbefiegeanbfunbament,o^falltngboU3neoftbe airfe nut 
anb clofetb bp olbe blcer& * ' 

Cbeoaali flouremengleb tottli ^onp,curety tljenaugljtie blcer&anb ftuel- £ 

CbequantitieofttoobiSmeg oft^efeebeof JBaUflouregbzonkenintoine a 
bztngetb bourne U)omen# floureg, beliueretb tl>e ^econbpne, anb tbebeab 
cbilbe/Jtbotb allt^efameberp toell, being conuepeb into tye <3©atrir oiSBo* 
ttyerina^eflfarie* ^ 

Cijeiupce of tins <Mlofer,bioppeb into fyeCpc&tiott) tuafl: anb fcattcr all t 
(potte? anb Dimneffeoftye feme. 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 152 

%\>z toote ftampeD toiti) bineger , citretlj tlje tyatDnelfe of t^e ^plene op f 
9$ elte,being applieD thereto* 

jfyThe Kyndes, 

^erearefounD ttoo ktnfietf of tbefe<i5illofloure0>Cl)e oneig great anD 
calleD tlje CaftelI,oiftocke d5illofer,t^e\i)l)ic^emap befcept botij win- 
ter anD fomer* Ctje otyer i£ not fo bigge, anD i£ called tbe fmall ftocfce 
d5tllofei: ? tl)eU)lnc^emuftbepeai:elp fou>enagaine,anD banged) foity 
tygflouteanD feeDettjefamepeare* 

ij* 7/^ Description. 

T^efettoo lunDeg of saioletg ozdSil* 
loferg, are not muctye bnlikei©al* 
floured failing tljat ttjctr leaned be 
totter anD fofter* 

\ Cbegreat Caftell, ojftocfce <Mlofer 

ty$ (talked beljarDe anD ftraigbt, of tije 

ijeigtb of ttuo oz tljzeefoote, unty long 

narrow anD fof te leaueg like olpn,far 

greater,longer $ larger tijan tlje leaueg 

of n^alfloure&otpellotD dSillofer&Clje 

flo ureg be of a fragrant op pleafant fmei, 

tnfaftyion anD fmell like to partes eafe 

op naalfloureg, but mucl) larger , of co* 

lour fometimeg tuljite, fometimeg aptye 

colour,fometime0 Carnation^tamell, 

oi Scarlet colour,fometime0 reDDe,anD 

fometimeg violet, after tuljicbe floured 

commetblongljuCfceg ot£oDDe& toiler* 

in t£ flat o^largefeeDe* 
2 Cfte fmall Caftell oi ftocfce dSttlofer, 
like to tbe great in W ftalfceg , $ toljt* 

tii!) ? iuolUe fofteleaue^alfo in tljeftoeete 

fmel anD fragrant fauour of bi£ floured, 

in tije Diuerfitie of colours in Ijig coDD e£ 

anD feeDe , fauing t^at it i£ fmaller in all 

refpecte£,not ejcceeDingttye length of a 

man0 foote,of fmall continuance,anD pe* 

rifling euerppeare* 

^ The Place. 

Cftefe WnDe0 of <Mlofer&arefott)en in tljegarDeng of tW cotltrep:of 
fiute tbere i£ founD an otljer feinDe inplaceg neare tlje fea coaft, ag in Zealand 
not farre from fyettjoie, but fye fame i& fmaller anD lower tyantyat vo^tc^e 
grotuet^ in garDeng* 


'CbegreatCaftellgaioferflouret^m ®atc!)eanD3ptill,apeare aftertfje 
fotoing^e fmaller flourety injUulp anD 3uguft,tljefamepeare tijat it firft 

jfeThe Names. 

Cbefemtolet&efpectallp t^e greater fcinD are calleD in <BxttU^mUain%^ 
tine Viol* aib^anD tb calleD bpcaufe W leauetf be tt>We,but not tye leaueg 



lji The (econd Booke of 

of tije floure&fcu tyzv be of bitters colours as is befcuefapbe, tbep be calleb tit 
3Italtan vioU btancha in §kpanifl) p/Wi^ bianco*, fyomz of tbe late tmiterS bo 
call fyem violar matronaies, tbat ts to fap,&ames bioletsibttt tbis name Dotii 
rather belongto an otljer foiteof ?a*iolets,U)bereof tue ibal intreate in tbe ncjct 
Chapter following* But if tot ougbt tocall tbefe ttitolets bp tbc afojclapbe 
name, tije name unll beft agree tjoitb tbe fmall € afleil <Mofer ♦ r Cbe greater 
fiute is calleb in englifl? d&arnefie violets, tubtte dDtlof er, £>tocfce dfrilofee, $ 
Caftell (Mofer ttie fmaller fcinbe,map befo calleb alfo^be greater foite is cal* 
ieb in bafe 3ilmatgne^tocfc Sflilieren, anb tbe fmaller fojtte is alfo calleb of 
tijem l^eeten Sftilierem *5* r he Temperamwt. 

Htyztz violets are ijoate anb b#,$ of nature fomiuljat l&e to UDalflottre& 

fa The Vertues. 

♦CljeffoureS of ftocfce <£illoferS,bopleb in tuater $ bion&en,is goob agatnft % 
ttye biflftcultie of bieatbing,anb tbe cougb* 

Ctjefe miolets bo lifceurife piottofce tbe flottreS,anb topne,anb bo caufe to % 
fooeate, if one bo fitte ouer a batije o* ftetue full of tbe Xszmtmx thereof. 

Co conclube,tbep are of natureberp lifceto tbepellouj, oiuaalgilofer: %ty c 
tobtcbepetnottoitbftanbingt^inallrefpecte^ better $ fitter in ^ebictnetljan 

<*M ©attic0 two! ct0/ o? <@floflouK0* <bap«&» 

fyThc Defcripion. Violas Macronales. 

3mes<£illofersbatb gteate 
j large leaned of a bzovune 
(%reene colour,fomiu^at fnipt 
o^bentebrounbe aboutetbe 
ebges : Bmongfttbetubicbe ^ 
fptingetb bp aftemme befet untb tbe lifee 
ieauesfullof bzancbes , tubicbe bearetb 
fcoeeteanb pleafant flouresattbe toppe, 
tnpiopo^tionlifce totbe dSillofersafoje* 
fapbe,moft commonly of a vubite colour, 
fometimes carnation, anb fomtimes reft* 
bid) , aftettuarbescoinebp long rounbe 
cobbed o^bwffee0,inU)!)icbetbe teebeis 

€>f tbis feinbe of JaamafKe violets o* 
d5illofloureS,aretbepalfo tubtcb ar noui 
calleb Detanas:U)beroftberebeii»fo t ite^ 
Cbefitftbatbfiueleaues otmoe, Itfce 
Ijempe growing bpon one iitle Item, tbe 
ftalfeesbefmalanb fyo&notmucb aboue 
tbebeigtb of nine incbes: bpon t^e groto 
fmalffouresof abiolet colour in pzopoi* 
tlon lifeeto d&arnefee biolet$ o^ Barnes 
<^illof[oure0 : after tbemcomme btiffee^ 
$ feebe like to tbem^be rooted be fome* 
\Dbat tbicfee, 9 bneuen, anb a£ tbep toere 
couereb vuit^ certapnefcaletf* 

Cft e otber W lzmz$ groto alongft tbe little ftalfees:, $ are fpieab abtoabe 
Uketotbeleaue^oftfte WU)z,op walnut tree0,fauing t^epbe fmaller: %ty 


f \ 

the Hiftorie of Plantcs. ijj 

fiourer jt almofl; tol)ite,$ fyeljufkes op cobs arelifce to tlje ftttfke^ of garnefep 
toioletsttijerootes be tougl) $ tmeuen,imicl) like to tije rooted of t^e ftrCt kinb. 

The Place. 

btolets oj dMlloferS are berp common almoftmall garbenS* 

$j*The Tyme. 

Ci)ep floure in S^ap,anb oftentimes elfe,\joljtleS Corner lattet^ 

tfjt'The Names. 

tSDbefefloureSbenott) calleb in )latine Viola? Matronales : inCngliflj £)a* 
mafoebiolets,^ameSbioletsoi<Mlofers, atib l&ogues gtllofersf ; in iftcncli 
vtokttesde Dames -iw bigb &oucb winter biolen, tub erefoze Come bo alto call 
tbem in Ratine Hybcma viola, o^ viola Kycmaiis: in bafe^lmaigne^altbloe* 
men,anb after tbe&atine name fyep call it 3]oncfrou\joen bilieren,tol)icbemap 
be <£ngli(l)el> Barnes biolets* 

otber kinbe is knoioen bp fye name of &entarie: anb is not ofyettorife 

kUOlD en tO bS* jfcTheT emperament and Vertues. 

'Cbefefloures arenot bfeb in mebtcine,tljerefo£e tijeir temperature,anb nfc* 

6 olbana t o? ft range IMobtt. €t)ap^tin 

y§>ThcT>efcripion. Viola Latifolia- 

£>lbanac tyafy tjarb rounb fteS, 
full of b?ancbes, bis leauesbe 
greats large, benteboz totbed 
ofa tyoumegreene colour, anD 
fnipto^Denteb about tbeebgeS,notmucb 
bnlike tbe leaues of tlje f plberte ox l^a£ 
fel tree^be floures be like to tlje floures 
of&amafkebioletS,ofapale purple co- 
lour, tbe tobic^e being bantffyeb, tljere 
commetb bp \ubite bufkes, tobicb be flat 
rounde,anb berp large, of tbequantitie 
of agroote, ozCefterne, tuberein iscon- 
tepneb abzottme feede, after tbe fafflnon 
of tbe ^bone,t^e utyicbemapbe feene 
tboiougb tlje tljtnne bufkes ot fkinne of 
ttyeCodbe *Cbe roote is totyite, $alitle 
tbicke, and fomu^at ttnottieo? knobbie, 
tuijicb after £ it batb borne febeperifyetb* s 
2 pet fyereisfounde acertapnekinde 
tofyoferoote bietb not pearelp, and tbat 
ktnde botlj in bis leaues $ bzoad ijufkeS> 
iSfmaller tban tbe abouefapde* 

The Place* 

Cfois^erbeisfoundefotoen in certapnegardenS of ttytg countrep* 


23olbonac floured in 3ttprttl anb S^ap,tjje neirt peare after tlje rotting* 

& The Names. 

f ozafmncf) as tljefefloures are fometiJljat like bnto btolets , tberefozetljep 
atenoiu placed amongft t!jekindes of Violets, anb are calleb in TLatuui viol* 
Latifolia?, of fome viola? peregrin^ . foi bnber tlje name of Toy in keeker 
anb viola in Ratine, are commonlp comprehended all ftyteS of floureS 

! J>4 The fecond Bookeoi 

tobtcbe be anp tb mgltfce bnto iUtolet^Cb e i^erbonftetf anb cettayne 3f p otye- 
cartel bo calltb&betibebpacertapne barbarous; anb ftrange name Boihonac: 
tbe 35iabanber$ otbafe 3llmatgne&bo callit ^enntncfcbloemen,tbat i$ to Cap, 
^etmp floure,oi monp fioute, anb tbep call tt alCo ^aefcbbloemen ♦ 'Cbe 3fun. 
ctentg btb account tt fo<t a fctnbe of Thhfpie, efpectallp f ot tbat fctnbe DefcrpbeD 

bpCcateuaftU)btCb^fomebO call SinapiPerficurrUUbof Diofcondes Thlafpie 
C ra t e u a?. #TheT emperament and Vmues. 

'Cbe feebe of tb \% berbe (barpe anb bttetb tbe tongue, anb of abzptng qua* 
Ittte^anbtbetefo^etotnbtctuelfeetbeotbec Thiafpi. * 


pibet tbe name of 4&tllofet#(at tb& time) btttetfe toitetf of fioure0 are 
|contapneb.ODberof tbep call tbefttfl; tbe Cloue gtllof er lubtcbe in Deebe 
jte of btuetfefozte$$bariable colours: tbe otbertetbe fmaiiojftugie 
©ttiofet $W iunbe*Xbe tbtrb tbat,\ubtcb we calm Cugltfy fuieete 
t©tlltam#>$ Colmtntertfrtjoberebnto tuemapujelltopne tbeuulbe d^tllofer o* 
Cocfcoxu floure,tjobicb t£ not mucb bnltfce tbe fmaller (bit of garben <Miofer& 

Vetonica altilis. 

Carnatton&anb tbe Double- 

Vctonicaaltilib minor. 


*£» Tbe Defcripion. 

TmeClouegflloferbatblongfmallblabei9?,almoCtltfee)Lee^e blabeg* W 
Oaifee i& rounb,anb of afoote anb balfelong, full of topnteg anb imopiM tt 


tUc Hiftoricof Plantcs. ijj 

beared ttoo leaueg at euerp topnt o^fcnot Cbe flouted groto at tbe top of t^o 
(tallied ot ftemme&out of long rounb,fmootb buffces anb benteb o^tootljcD a- 
bouelifee tbe (jpice calleb cloaue& oilifce to a Uttell ctotu net, out of tbe u^^tcUe 
tbefmallfeatbeteb leattetf Do grou> rounbeabout,ft#eab in compaffe, tu^ereof 
tbntebeof colour U)btte,fome carnation, o k tof a liuelpflefibe colour, tome be of 
acleare ojt bztgbt rebbe,Come of a barfce o* beepe rebbe, anb fome fpec&leb, anb 
bo allfmellalmoft lifceClotte&o^bantbe floured be palMberegrowetb in tbe 
fopbe rounb cupped o.t buffce&otber long popnteb bufketf Ufce barlie copie&to 
tubicb tbe fmallblacfce feebe ig tnclofeb* 

Armerius flos primus. Armerius flos tertius. Vetonica fylueftris 


UDilbeti£illiam&ot Cocfcolo 


Clie»w*tf ,ana fmallfeatbereb d5tlloferftarelifeeto tbeboublc ^cto 

fmaller.CbeleaueSbe long 9 naTO *> alin ^ 

aenberanb Knottie, bpon upttemne tbe ^^?2S^^&ftS 

tbe tffliota* afbpftpfte, fatting eacbe torn ^S^S%£S^ 

ieaue&beepe anb ftnelp fntpt,oi frengeb * ^^ 

anbcarnationcolour,aftertobicbe floure* ^^^^^^X 


merius flos) i* alfofomttbatltfee to tftec l oaue« 

The fecondBooke of 
ing tljiee oi foure togtfyer at fye toppe of fye fta&es>$ fomttmes nine oi tenne 
togteijer,Uke to a nofcgap oi fmall bunbell of floures,of colour fometimes rcD, 
anb fomettmes fpotteD uutl) xuijtte>anb fomtimesCbut betp felbom)all \ju^tte. 

Nereis another feml) of Armedorum,xul)ofeleatte^beb:oal)e,almoft like 
fteleaues of floure Conftautinople* CljeftaifceS of tin* kinbe,uritlj tlje nubet 
of fmallfloures grottringtogityer 3 \uljicb areof colour rebbe anbujtyte, $ fyec- 
feleb o^fpjuKklebU)it^faiaUfpot^atebetpltKebuto tljeafc^efapbe Armenjs. 

■Cijere is alfo a certaine tljit&ekinbe Armeriorum,u)itl)t^mnetjDlntt(l)eo^ 
fapnte greene ieaueS, anD flenber fmootl) fcnottie ftalfces, tuljtdje in IjanDlmg 
feemetl) to be fotmuljat f atte o.t clammp, in tlje toppe of ttje fapbe ftalfces grom 
finall floured cluttering oi groining rottnbe togifyer, of a fapje toaffyeb purple 
rebbe colour,aftet tljem commetl) narrow feebe belTelS;0£fmall tjuffces like as 
tn tlje ottjer <!5illofers,ioljerein tlje feebe is contepneb* 
4 %tyt U)ilbe dSUlof ers are fometu^at like to airmerta oi Colmeniers : tljep 
ijaue alfo fmall fcnottie ftalfces,$ narrow leaues,but pet ttjep be larger,fyoiter, 
$ a greatbeale VDljtter greene,tl>an ttye leaues of tlje gillofers oz&infces ♦ cije 
floured be moft comonlp rebbe,$ fomtimes alfo tDfyite,$ beepelpcut oi taggeb, 
alinoftUKe toujljtte pinked oi £5>oppesin tuine,btit UJitfyoutfouour.Cfye 
floured gone, t^e feebe growetl) in longljuffces liUe to ^pnfces, oifeatljereD 

d&UloferS* The Place, 

Cije Cloaue gtllofer&anb tlje fmaller,oj ftngle dfriiloferS, tuttlj tije fleets 
t©illiams,anb ColinenterS,are fet anb platiteb infye gatbercs of tfjtscountrte* 
^etmlbenailliams o^Cockoti) gillofers >&o grow of ttyeni felues tnallme* 
5 owes,anb moptt graCTteplaces* 

'Cljeofyer fcinbe&f Armerius growetl) tn (Bentiaute , in certaine rougl) fyilp 
UeplaceS tijatftaubeopen againtt tlje &>unne* 

3Jn f launbers alfo tljere is fometimes founD a certaine tiulbe Soure,ifte to 
fte <£illofers anb 3lrmerijs,fauing it is berp fmalU 

tff The Tyme. 

after 3fap bntill|j>eptember* 

jfcThe Names. 

Clje too firlUottes are now calleb flores Garyophyllis,$of fome in dSieefce 
jStrToviKoarin Ratine Vet;onic^ :fomeiubget^em to be Cantabricam, whereof 
Plinic witetb in tlje^b^oofce* 

t IBljereof tljefirfti^alfO calleD Ocellum 3 Ocellum Damafccnum , Occllura 
Barbaricum;, ^ Of fOIlte it iS» calleb Vetonicamaltilcin, $ Vetonica Coronariam: 

inCngli^ garben<i5iUofer0,Cloauegilloferft anbt^e gteateft^toaueftfotfe 
of tljem are calleb Coronations , ot Coznation.0 : in Italian Gardfoih in l)tgl> 
Boucl)<l5raf5blumen,^egelblumen, anb ^eglin: in bafe 3tonaigne<l5inoffo» 
ien:in jfrenc^ Gjrofflee.s&vto oetiiet^x oiiUtz,. 

2 Cije feconb foite,iS alfo of t^e feinbe of Vetonicarum, ot gtlloferS, anb ntap 

tuellbe Calleb Vetonicaaltilis,0£ Vetonica Coronaria minor : in Ctiglill) ftngle 

<^illofer$,io^erof be biuetg flutes great ^fmall, 9 a? biuersin colours as tlje 
firftfeinbes,^ arecalleb in Cngli(l;e bp biuers names, as^pnfces, SioppeStn 
tuine, f eatljereb d5illoferS, ^ fmall i^onedies : tbep are calleb in tjtgl) iDouc^e 
^utUJille,^ of fome^ori)mut:^accoibinglp tl?ep be calleb in &attne Superba, 
tljat iS to fap,<^allant,protube^glotioure:inbafe3lmatgne^ltipm^enS,anb 

Clepn <0inoftelen,fOme Call tljem alfO in fretted des Armoiries M des Barberies. 

a CftatfottetD^icb arecalleb inCngli^fu)eetet©illtams,arecounteb alfo to 
be of tljefctnbes of t^e garbeno? Cloue gtlloferSCcalleb in Ratine Vetonicaoj 


the Hiftorie of P lantes. *5? 

Catitabrica^butnoui tbep be called in Ratine Florcs Armerij 5 pet fomeefteeme 
tbsmtobcacettapnekinbe of Herb? tunic? :tbe<5ermapne£ call tbent Bon< 
bemeglin, f elDtneglm , ^eibenblumen, anb Blutftuopfle ; inbafe 3lmatgne 
&epken£;of tbetftencbmen ^^™*/w.ts;bere toatunbe of tbtoberbe tu^icli 
is common in tbe countrep gatbenfranb tbep call it Colmenier& 
4 <Cbe fourtb to afeinbe of vutlDe Vctonica,anb tberefo^e it to calleb Veronica 
fylueftris:to€ngltfl) VDilbei©iUiain^ ? ^ara)egilloferfto^CocKoU) gillofer$; 
inbt^ ^oiicbe<Saiicbblum:m23iabaritCt:apebloemfeen^atib Coecfecoecfr- 

blomtimto: it map be cailtb alfo in TLatine Armoraria fylueftris vel pratenhs : 0} 
Flos C uculi :atlb in f tencb des Barbaries fauuages. 

JfcThe Nature. 

Sot tbe molt parte all tbefe Wnbe$ of fioure&uutb eir leaue£ anb toote& 
atetemperateinbeateanb mpneiTe* 

falheVertues. ^ 

%\>t Confetue of tbe flouted of tbe f itft tunbe,mabe tintb Smgar, comfot* a* 
4 tetb^e<bapte^tbebfetbeteof to goobagainftboatetf euer$ stye ^efttlence* 

€>f floute €onftantittaple. €ljap.tiuj. 

*gt Dcfcrifthn* 

^.tyc floureConttantinople batb 
" njuo,tbtee,o£foute,long b°loto 
anb bpiigbt (tcmmes , full of 
££) fenced, oz iopntes, (uutba cer* 

Flos Conftantinopolitanus. 

taine rougbneflTe)^ werp topnt grouj 
etb tuio leaned wbtcb be fo invuljat long 
anb large, anb of a tyoume greene co* 
lour,tbefloute$grou) attbe toppe of tbe 
ftalfceg, manp cluttering togitber after 
tbe manner of ^ol-me-neerg, oi ftueete 
I0illiam$,butfbmeu3bat larger, of tbe 
colour of Eeb-Ieab, oj ipfce to tbe colour 
of tbe£>jengepiiltbat totbtougblp ripe* 
Cb* Soured be betp pleaCantanbbelec* 
table to loofceon , but tbep are uritbout 
anppleafontfente ozfouour* Cbeleaueg 
anb ftalkes be fometobat rougb ♦ Cbe 
eooteto U)bPte,anb Ditxi^zh intobtuerja? 
otber long anb flenber rooted, in tafte 

fa The Place. 

Cbe $erbo t iifte£ anb lUcbe a$ bauc 
pleafuretntbeftragebartetieof 8oure& 
bo plant tbefe in tbep^gatben& 


Cbefe floure^boflo^iflbefrom^fl)' 
fcmer,bntillit be almoft\jomter* 

o&J he Names. 

Cbtopleafontfioure to calleb of tbefcerbojtftej* FlosConftantmopoim- 
nus,tbat to to Cap, jfloure Constantinople* 

#7 'he Nature. 

Cije roote of tljto fcerb to fcoate * b}v>*$ it tot* mamfeftlpappearebpf^ 

•Sir / 

Lychnis fatiua* 

l fl ThefccondBookeot 

Jj^The Defcription. 

SDfeCampton bigftalfce$be rounb, 
imot ojtopnt, a couple of long fofte 
tuoollieleaues like v Icauc? of $®o> 
^befloureggroweattbetop of £ ftalfcc&ottt 
of long crcfteo buffceis, utyercof fome be of an 
excellent fyinm% 01 €>uent rebbe, £ fome be 
tobtte^b c Kngie floured are parteb into fiue 
ojfipe leaueff, voitb littlefljarpepopnttf in tbe 
mibbell of tbe flottte&toberebnto tbe fmaller 
enD e0 of tbe little leauetf of tbe fopbe floured 
are iopneb ♦ n&ban tbe floured are periflbeD, 
tbere growetb witbin tbeplapteb o^ crefteb 
jjufee*, ottjer cobbes o^ feuflteff , tobtcbe be 
fomewbat long anb rounb,\Dberem tbe feebe 
vubtcbe i$ blacfee i£ contepneb ♦ Ctye roote i$ 
long anb fmalL 

fyThe Place. 

Cbefe floured are planteb in tbe garbeng 
of tbte countries 


Qtyep ftottre m 3une,3Julp,anb aiuguft* 

X^e Names. 

^befefetnbeof flourcjff are calleb in d&jefce 

^uXV' ? ^^m^ikii : in Hattne Lychnis coronaria 5 anb Lychnis fatiua,of fome A- 

thanatos.anb Acydonium, of j£linie iouis flos : in Cnglifb Eofe Campion: in 
jfrencb oeiiUts^ oeiiiets Dieu: in bigb &oucb Slpargenroftlin, $ Smarten rofen, 
anb accoibtnglp tbep are now calleb in Ratine Roia mariana: in bafe 2(lmatgae 
tbep are moft commonlp calleb Cb.ziftug oogben* 

*j* The Nature. 

Vijefloure* aretyoate anb typ* 


Cb c feebe toitb tbe fioure ai eitber of tljem alone bzonfcen, are goob agawft 3 

fye (tinging of £>cozpion& 

<^f unite tfanipiott. tffjap^. 

«J| TheKindes. 

Tl^ere be ttoo fottetf of tbefe floured , tbat & to fop, a tubite anb a rebbe, 
tubereof tbe tubitefcinbe i£ tbe greater anb of a larger grotbe* rebbe 

f^The Defcription. 

j Il^^i&eiDilbe\a)btteCatttpion,batbarougbtobtten:emme: CbeleaueSbe 
M IK tbbtte$cottonp,mucbltketo tbeleauegof Campions:, fatting tbat tbe 
flJIi^ftalkeg be flenberer, anb tbe leauetf narrower anb not fo wbite* Cbe 
floured growe out of a rottgb buffee, greater tben tbe lju&e of tbe garben 
llofe Campion, anb tbe pzopottion of tbe floure ig mucbe like to tbe fome, 


the Hiftoric of Plantcs. tJ9 

but mote inbenteb aboute tl^e ebgeg , anb tmtbout anp fyarpe popnteb peafce 
in tbemibbell: tbefloureg being baniftyeb, tberecommetb after tijemrounbe 
bollettes oi pellets itnubicbe tbe feebe i£ contepneb ♦ Cberoote igortiinarilp 
of tbe lengtb of a f oo te anb batfe,anb a# tbiefce a# a finger* 

Lychnis fylueftris alba. Lychnis fylueftris purpurea. 

^betobteurilbe Campion* Cbepurpleunlbe Campion* 

Cberebbe tutlbeCampionflf,aretnalitbing0I*eto tbe tobite, fatting tbat 
tbep arownotfo bigb>anbtbeirrootei$not fo long, but tefcutbemofte parte 
Omter anbbearie*Cbefloure$berebbe,anb in ptopo^tionltfce to tbeotber* 

The Place. 

Cbefe floured groto in bntillebgroubeftintbebo^ber^offieibe^^alongft 
tbe tt)ape$:fome alfo bfe to fet ttjem in garbentf , anb it commetb to paffe,tbat 
bp often fetting tbep berp bouble. 

The Tyme. 

<q^ep ffoure moft commonlp from S£ap bntill tbe enbe of Corner* 

# The Names. 

CbetDilbe Campion^ are calleb in <E5ieekexvxv.c £>?i« -.inKtatine Lychnis 

fylueftris offomeTragonatum,Hieracopodium,Ol Lampadartntbe^boppe^Of 

tbfecountrie Sa P onaria,botDbeit tb& t^not tbe rigbt Saponana an CngliO? 
tt)ilbe Campion, ottuflbe rofeCampion: anb of fome Crotuefope : tn btgb 
feoucb^pbtoepcWtuilbe S^argenrofjUn, anb in fome places unberftof*: in 
Btabant3lennettefcen$u # The Nature. 

Cbefe floured unty tyeir plante, are tn temperament like to garben rofe 
Campions* 4? T ^ e rertftes - 

Cfcefeebe anb flottrefc toitb tye tt^ole ^erbe , of.tbe tuflbe Campion?, are 9 

£D if toerp 

Tta fecond Bookc of 
berp goofc again!* ft e (tinging of &>coiptons, infomuft ftat ft etc fertile &fo 
great in ft is beljalfe, ft at ftis ijerbe onelp ftzowen before ft e ^cojpumft ta- 
Heft a\uap ft etc pouter to Do tjarwte* 

^efeebetakeninquantitieoftujo feiamme&purgeft DotjonetuatbefteS 
tyoate anD ft olerique ljumo#* 

^ The Defcription. Antlicmoa. 

£Dckle oi ftelDe ^igehaeebe , Ijaft 
ftraigftt flenbeiftearte ftemmeg, fte 
leaned be alfo long,narrou) > dearie, 
purplecolour,ftangtng tou)arbe#re&, DtuibeD 
into fiue fmall leaned , not muft Dapping from 
ft e proportion of ft e unlb e C amp iontf , after ft t 
toljift ft ere groweft rounbe bollepns 01 cup#, 
tut) eretn t0 cotepneb plentp of feeDe(of a tuoune 
ojrulfet colour*) 

The Place* 

CtjcfeEouretf grouo in fte ftelbetf, amongft 
ftei©tyeate,i&pe,anD tfarlep* 


3t ffoureft in ^ap,3fune 3 anb 31ulp* 

JifrThe Names. 

Ct)t#flaurei£noU) called amongftfteieai> 

net) ttie Githago, 0£ Nigcllaftrum, 0£ Pfcudolan- 
thium,of fOltie flos Micancalus,a# RuelliusUttt- 

teft:in€nglifyfielD ^igellaotCocfcle: in tnglj 
&ouft Eaben, <$£Qf?raDen , anb &omroi? : in 
2Stabant Coienroofen , anb tflegelbloemen: in 

fjc- T be Temperament and Vertues. 

ts;tyebertue& $ temperament of ftigtjetbe, 
are not pet fenou)e,bitaufe it i^ not inbfe,fauing 
of cettapnef onbe people,tutnft e Ho bfe it in ft e fteebe of $urap or Darnell, op 
|ot fte rigl)t #tigella 3 to ft e great Daunger anb perill of ft e ficfee people* 

#f eieui 6o t tell oj €ojmeflou«* Ctjap-p^ 

fyThe Defcription. 

I^amtsftaft acrefteb ftalKe, bpon fte wtjtftegmuc narrow, ftarpe 
popnteb $ grapid)eleaue$,tD^iftebauecertapnenatfte0 ouuttf about 
J fteebgeiM foarpe corners like teeft. aibout fte toppe of fte ftalfee&ie 
beareft fmallrounb button^ toijifteberougt) $ ftaiie,out of fte\ubift e grow 
pleafant floure&of ftueoz fipe fmalliaggeb leaue&moftcommonlp bleuo(etye» 
ciallp fte wilbe feinbeO&ontetimetf alfo ft ofe ft at grou? in garbens, bo beare 
grapifl), purple, crtmfen, anb wljtte floured: fte ttftifte being baniflt)eb,ftere 
groroeft xuiftin fte ftalpe ljuffee* $ ljeabe& certapne long feebr,ttljift e i$ in? 
clofeb in a I) earie botone 01 Co tton* 

Cljere i# alfo in certapne garbentf, an ofter fcpnbe of Cpanug, Mjofe 
floures be ipfce to fte afo^efapbe, it fcaft greate bioabe leaueg , larger ftan 
tije leaues of fte garben lilofe Campion , fte totnfte bee alfo fofte auU 
tooollp , ipfee fte leaue$ of apullen * Cl?e Sourest of ft& Ijearbe are ipfce to 


the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 

Cyanus. Cyanus maior. 

Cojne floure* (great Co^ne floure* 

tye otljer Cpanug floured botli in W £>calp Hnoppen buttons ag alfo in 
iaggeb,oi fteugeb leaue&$ feebe:but a great beale larger,anb of colour blew, 
in tbe mibble tummgfomwbat towarbs rebbe>o£purple* %\\z roote & of long 
tontinuance,anb fenbetl) fottb new ftemmeg anb fpiingg pearelp* 

fyThe Place. 

Cyanuso* a$letu bottell grotuetb intbe fielbetf amongft tbe tobeate ,but 
fpeciallp ambngft Ete^bofe wbtcb baue tbe tubite anb purple floure& anb fye 
great Cyanus 3 are fotuen anb planteb in garbeng* 


C^efeflouregbo flot^tfy,from#ap bntill3togu(t 


» Cfttefioure&calleb of Plinieinkatine Flos Cyanus of fomelatertozpterg 

Baptifecula^ Blaptifecula:(n Italian Fior Campefi: in Cngltft) of 'Curoer Blevu* 
bottelUnb 23letDblatD,itmap allb be calleb l^urte £ncle, anb Cojtnefloure: in 

JrenC^ ^ubifoines.Bleuets^ercelesm^ Blaueoles: in blgl) BOUClj feOinbUimem tU 

a5iabantCo^enbloemen,anb Eogijbloemen* 
a Ctye feconb fcinbe ig calleb Cyan us maior, anb i# counteb of fye learneb foz a 

ItUtbeof Verbafcum, anb tberefOie t^epcalUt Thryallis anb Lychnitis: in btgi) 

Jaoucl) it tisf calleb i©albtfeo^nblumen:anb mBiabantgrooteCozenbloemen; 
toe map alfo call it in (Englifl) great Co k wiefloure,anb uulbe €o*ne8oure* 

^7 he 7 emperament. 

CyanusojffiletDblatP, # colbeanbb??* 

fl> ii| «&27' tf 

i6j The fecond Bookc of 

fyThe Vertues. 

Cbte Co^nefioure btufeb otpounr>^0 ptofitablp lapbe bnto tbe rebneflTe,tbe 3 
mflammatioaanbmiwmsoftbeepeftojtoanp fcinbeof $tytegmon <Moate 
tumot about tbe epe& 

Cbebtfttlleb water ofCpanutf, cutetb tberebnefTeanb papneof tbe epeg, 25 
Wban it i# eitber tyoppeb into tbe epe& 0.1 etfe tbat tbe epeg be waffyeb tbete* 

fyThc Defcriptio^^ 

$e ^arpgolbe batb tfaee ot foure 
(talked ofafoote anb abalf long, fet 
witb leaned fomewbatlong $ large ; 


anb of awbitegreenecolour: at tbetoppe of 
tbeftalfceg growe pleafcnt tyigbt $ fl;mtng 
peilotxi floureg, Comewbat fttong in fouour, 
tbewbtcbebo clofe, attbefetting bowneof 
tbe^>unne,anbbo tpteabanb openagatne 
at tbe ^unnerifing* Cacb flottre batb in tbe 
mfifteft tbereof a yellow ot btownc cro wne 
(like to afyauen Crowne)abouttbecirctipt 
otcompalTe wbetof,tberearefet manp Itttell 
fmailpellow leaue£*J©ban tbe floured ate 
bamtt&eb,tbete growetb in tbeplaceg, from 
wbence tbep fell, certapne rounb fcnopg like 
bnto greatbutton&copactofmanp crookeb 
Ceebeg growing tcgitberinto afcnopltkea 
button , eacb feebe alone i£ crofeeb Ufce to a 
baife Circle, ottbenetu^oone* Cbetoote 

^ The Place. 

'Cbefe flouted bo grow ineuerp gatben 
Wbete a# tbep are fo we, anb tbep bo pearlp 
ty£ingbpanew of tbefallen feebe* 


<Ebep floure almott euerp monetb in tbe peare ,but efyeciallp from &?ap 
bnttll winter* 

AThe Names. 

Cbepbenow calleb in&atine Caienduia ; anb of fome Caltha,anb Calthuia: 
inCngUft ^arpgolbe^,anbiaubbe^:in3ltalian Fiorrancio.vnftmtty dusoucj, 
anb souficr tn bigb £>oucb fttngelblumen: in bate aimaigne <!5outbloemeiu 

(Penacalletb it in Ratine Calthapoetarun^anb Chryfanthemon.) 

The Nature. 

%\)t atpgolbe in completion i£ boate anb typ* 

fyT he Vertues. 

%\>z floured bp tbem felue&o.t togitber witb tbeir plante, bopleb in Wine $ % 
&tonKen,ptauofcetb tbe 9$ enttruall flupe* 

" cbefamewitbtbeirberbebtpeb,anbftrowebbponquicUe cole&btafcetbfl 
f oztb tbe feconbpne ot aftetbirtb, witb tbe beab cbilbe, tbe fume tbereof imng 
recepueb at tbe conuenient place* - 
CtjebtftiUeb water of #arpgolbe& put into tbe epe& curetbtbe%bneffe, € 

the Hifloric of Plantcs. 164 
anb inflammation of tbe fame* 

Cbe couferue tbat ig mabe of tljefloureg of S!£arpgoI&e&taken in t^emoi* 
ntngfafting, ctiretb tbe trembling anb Waning of fye l>atte,it i# alfo goob to be 
tofeb agauift tbe i£iague,anb corruption of tlje ap^e* 

tiftyotft flourc/oj €nwe mutate. €l)ap«j«uj. 

fyThc Befcriftion. Melampyrum.Triticum vaccinum. 

H€)ife floure Ijatlj a fttaigbt ftemme of a foote 
long,t6 tbiee ojfoure btancbes bp tbeftbe& 
coueteb tuitb long narrow leaue^: at tbe 
toppe of ttjetyanncbetf gtotue fapjte rptUeH earetf, 
full of flouretfanb fmail leaue$,beepelpcutanD 
iaggeb, tn proportion not mud) bnflKe to af ojee* 
taple* Cbteearebeginnetbto flourebelo\D,ft fo 
it goetb flouringbp little ant) litteli bptoarb* i3e- 
foze tSje opening of tbe flouted tbe fmall leauetf $ 
bubbes of tbe flouted, are all of afapze bleuitfb 
purple colour ; anb immebiatlp after tbe opening 
of tbe floure&tbep are of apellovu colour mijeeb 
\ntt^ purple, anb after tbe falling au>ap of tbe 
floured, tbofe fmall purple leauea Do alfo loofe 
tbeit colour anb luape greene,anb in fteebe of tbe 
ftouretf ,ti)Ste commettj bioaDebuftie&iuberein 
commonlp areinclofeD cuib feebstf , not mucb bn* 
like bnto utyeate coiner but a great beale fmaller 
anb biouwer* C^eroote i£ aenber anb of tuoobp 

4jf The Place. 

%W plant gtotoetb amongft uj^eate anb 
&pelt,ingoob frutefull grounbetf* 


Meiampyrum floured in3lune,anb fomtimetf 

# The Names. 

Cbep Callt^to ^etbe nOlP , in Hatine Triticum vaccinum, 01 Triticum boui- 

num,tbatteto fap,CotDtt)beate,oi€>]reiPbeate: in# rencb *kd»otn tbat&to 
fap^lacfce iobeate,or Co^ne : in ijigb *aoucb &MDep(Ten, anb of fome B^aun 
fleifcbblumemin JSzabant jBeertfbloemen: tbat i#to Cap, l^otfe floure: 3nb it 
Iboulb feeme to be tbat bnpjofitable betbetoberof Theophraft us xmitetl) in W 

bii)«bOOHeCbap«b* 3dnb (balen Pnmo dcalimcntorum facultatibus, Cap. vlti- 

mo,calleb in <S5jeke ^aaV™^: in Hatine Melampyrum.VDljicb a# ttjep bo toute 
t#butau3eeDe,oibaptofitableplante growing amongft tobeate, anb fo caileb 
bpcaufeoftbefeebe,tDi)icbei£blackeanb piopoitioneb like wbeate* Pet tyi$ 

WfnOtt^eMelampyrumof Diofcorides,tbetD^icbealfO i0calleD Myagrion. 

# The Nature-* 


Jfc The Femes. 

Cfjefeebeoftlj&ljerbetakminmeateoiDt^^^ % 
fing ^eabadjeanb bionfcenneffe, pet not fo mucb a# purap or ©arnelU Vaccis 

pabulo grata & inuocua. 

Q mi Ot 

l<5 4 The fccond Bookeof 

<H larcftes fputte, <£tjap*t& 

*\P^etebe ttuo (bites of Confohda regalis: utyetof one Wnbe gtouietb tn gat* 
otn&atiD tlje otfter & unite* 




i©tfbe iHatfcegtptttte* 

^ r^<» Defcripion. 

i^egatdenftatkegfputte batb atound fttatgfjtftemfuttof bianrijetf, 
fetuntbtenbetleaueft ail tagged and cutbetpfmall ? o£ftengeb much 
Ufeetotbeieaue^of t^efmalier^outfeeutuooD* ^be floured gtow 
alongfttbeftalfcetfattbetoppeof tbe bzancbeft an!) atecompacteof ftuelttteil 
ieaueg gtotinng togttijet,fome\Hbat Ufcef o tbe #atcb btolet, feumg tbat one 
of tbe leauetf of tW floute t# long anU ijoilotjo^autng bebtnd it a ctofced fputte 
oi tapie,tutnmg Ufce tbe floute of uril&e HpnA* Coode flate^befe floured ate 
of colout ? fomettme£ putpie bietoe, fomettmetf tabtte, and fometimeg Catna* 
tton: aftet tbe falling of, of tbefe flouted, tbete commetb Dp long eodbe& 
thereto i$ contepned bioume feede* 
2 CbetoildeMckeg fputte & Ipfcetbe otbet,butagteatdealefmalletmb# 
(talked anb leaue& anb in lengtb Ibotfet* Cbefe flouted ate l&c to tbe aboue* 
fa?be,but tbep be mucb fmallet , anb gtoto not fo tuell togttbet, of a faiueput* 
pie bleuuolout like bnto <Etolct£ ? and aftet tbem alfo commetl? bp cobbed, 
tp&etemfye feebe&contapneb* 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. \6$ 

*g» The Place. 

%\)t garden larketf fpurre,i# fotoen in t\)i$ coutrte tit tye gardens of i^er- 
boafte&cije uuldegrotoeti) amongftco;me,fafertillcountrte& 

*jgr T he Tyme. 

Clje garden karkes fpurre flourett) ail fye Corner long ♦ c^e uuide fiou> 
ret!) in 3iune,an0 3ulp* ©gtr/* Names. 

%ty garden jlarkes fpurre is called in ®ieeke <ntx4> <V»f. an& fa Ratine Dei- 

phinium,of fomelatetiUpter# Flos regius 5 0£ Flos equeftris.3llfo Calcacrippa:(n 
Italian sp erene de Caualliere. 

Ultyt tlrilde t£ called fa <£>mktJ[t\<pmo\> Vrvop.Delphinumaltcrum^jg^Vovc-, 
Bucinum,iti#mm> called faiatfaeCololidaregiaautregalis.mCnglt^fagflf 

Confounde, toilde katkes lpurre>o;marcke£ Clawrfa f trntyconjotiderojaie, 
and PiedfaioKettemltiqfo Bourt)!iiittet(po;m,and according to tyefomefabafe 
3Wmaignei&idderlpojen,tyat is to fap,fcnigt)tesfpurre* 

JfcThe Nature. 

ftarkes Clatu fa completion is temperatelp toatme* 


%ty feede of tbe garden karckes fpurre djonken is berp good agapnft t^e 
(ttugingof£>«upions, sundeede IjiSbertue is fo greatagainft tbeirpopfbn, 
tyat tbe onlp Ijerbe t^ioujen befoie tlje £>cozpionS,dotlj caufe tljem to beuntb* 
out foice o*pou>er to do ijurte,fo tbat tljep map not moue 01 fturre,bntill tyis 
tyerbe be taken from tljem* 

C^e feede ofunldekarkes fpurre, is of bertueltketo tye garden jlatke 
fyurre,but not fo ftrong* 

JtjjtT he Defer iption. Aquilegia, 

^Humbpne tyatb great bzoade 
leatie$;U3tt^ iuoi ttj.deepe cuts 
ox gaffl; es in tye leaues, like to 
ti)e leaues of t^e great Celon* 
dpne,but U)l)iter($ in fome kinder of a 
darkefage colour) but of noftrongfent 
01 fauour, neither peldfag fottl) anp fuel) 
pellou) iupce,fappe, o^liquot, tD^antti^ 
bzokeo^bzufed , as tijeCelonOpnedotij* 
*t tye ftalkes be rounds plapne o;t fmotb, 
of t^otitufoote long, bpon txi^ic^ gtotue 
tlje floure&copact of two kindes of little 
ieaue&utyerof ouefo#e,arefmall $ nar* 
roU),^t^e others growing tt>iti) ttyem ar 
!?ollotu,ti a longcroked taplelike larked 
Clauj($bendingfoimi>l)at towards tbe 
piopoitio of t!je necke of a Culuer). %\)t 
floured are fomtimes fingle, $ fomtimes 
dubble,$ of colour fomtimes bletu, fom- 
times tu^ite,fomettmeS fkiecolour,fom* 
times red,fomtimes freckled, einterme* 
gled witty blew $ wtytte, 3tfter tlje dan* 
foojtlj iii? ♦ oj fiue (^arpe^ufkes ox cods, 
growing iopntlp togiti^er,tD^erein ig to* 
tepned ablacke(ll)fafag/eede* m 

i66 The fecond Bookcof 

jfcThe Place. 

%W fotoe>anb plante tbembere in garben&anb tljep Do atfo groto intyiqfy 
tooobe&anb rocfce&but not in tlji$ countrie* 


Ctyep floure mod commonlp in ^ap anb 3Iune* 

The Names. 

•€i)i£ floure ignotu calleb milatme Aquiicgia, op Aquiieia,anb of tbelatec 
totiterg Coiumbina,i3nbnou)cn of t\)t 3Umcicnt# , botubeit (bine late tonptettf 
mafceaqueftion, tobetberitbe Ponthos Theophrafti/me Defiderium, after tjje 
interpretation of Gaza it ig calleb in Cnglifl) Columbine oftbefyape^ptopofc 
turn of tbeleauetfof tbe floured tubicbe Do feeme to ejrp^efle tbe figure of a 
33oue ? o^Culuer:mf renc^ ^^/;,in^igb &oucb3tglep,aub atgeiep t in baft 

atlmatgne S&fcelePf # The Nature-. 

Columbine i£ temperate inljeate,anb mopfture* 

^ fyTheVertues. 

floure z$ Rueiiius to£ttetb,i£not bfeb in apebtctnerftotDbettfome of 
tlje neto uupterg bo alfirme it to be go oD againfl: tbe 3 aunb tec, anb founbmg, 
anb it openetb tije umpeg of tbekiuer,aub tije people bfe it againfl: tbe inflam- 
mation,anbfbie^oftbeiavue$anbtDinbepipe. Cbefe floured mengleb tuttl* 
tu^eaten meale,mafce a goob plapfter againfl: fcratcbetf anb gaule& 

<® f <§oates bearoe/oj |oftp t>s floure. €i)ap^tj^. 

Barbahirci. Scurzonera. 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 167 
«g* The Befcriftion. 

€)ate£i3eatbe Ijatb anmnb ftraigljt knottte ftem , coueteb tuitlj 
long narrow leaueg almoftliketo 4&arlpckeleaue$u 3ittbetoppe 
of tbeftemme&it beared fapiebouble floure&anb full: of colour 
fometimes bletuifye purple, ibitb golDen t^^eeDe^ in tbemibbell, 
anb fometimetfpellou), tbe tobicbe to tbe morning at^unnert- 
tfngbo open anb Ipzeabe atyoabe,anbbo turrie^benbe toiMtbtf 
tbe &unne,anb Do clofe agapneanb go togitbet at nooue:3lfter tbe banking 
ofU)tjicftefloui;e0,outof t5etvnoppe$oi^eabe0,fi;om tubencetbe floured ate 
fallen, tbete gtoujetl) a certapne long feebe toitb a dearie tufte at tl>e toppe* 
2lnb UJljan tijitffeebeig tipe,bi# knoppie beat) openetb , anb i$ cbangeb outu> 
neb into a tounbe bearie baule,lpke to tbe beabg of Bantebelpon, \jubicb fleetb 
a\uap tint!) tbe tuinbe ♦ Cbe roote i$ long , anb a# tbicke a# a finger , in ta£te 
ftoeete.Cbe iwboleberbe tuitb b&ftemmetf, leaue£, floured anb roote, i# full 
ofuJbitefappe,onupceUkemilke, tijevubictyecommetb foitb, tDbantbeplante 
& broken o;tbmfeb* 

* Cbc&paniarbeisfScurzonerafeemetbalfotobeafeinbeof Tragoponon^oj 
Bucket beatbe,itljatblong,bioabe leaue&anbfomex»bat tbicke, anb bneuen 
aboutetbeboibettf o: ebgetf, aflenbet dentine parteb into biuer£ bjancbetf, 
\ubereon groiuetb flouted betp like to tbe floured of Tragopogoo,anb of a pel* 
Ion) colour: tberoote i$ long anb tljickeanb u>biteuutbto, anb couereb unt^ a 
tbinnebiackebarkeo.irinbe* . 

jfc The Place. 

<£oate$23earbe grotoetb tocettapuemebotoe& $ it &aUb planteb togar- 
bens fo;t tbe beatotie of Ijfe floured 
, 2 Scmzoneia grotuetb to S>papnebpon bitters fyafeowie mountapne#,anb 
to mopft tuaterp placet: it is alfo often founbe to Thodngia, acountrie of 

*g* The Tyme. 

t.t CijeffoureS of bbtlje tyefe feinbe^ of ^lanteS, come fooity in S^ap anb 

The Names. 

1 %W Ijeatbe is noto calleb in Ratine Barba hirci, anb is taken fo: tbe t?etbe 
Ui^tc^e tije 3tuhctent£ calleb in dfczeeke r^y^v^ h koV*: to Ratine Barbuia 
hircunb Coma : ig€nglill)<^oate^bearbe,31ofepb0floure,S)tarre of $te 
tufaiem,anb 60 to bebbeat 0oone: to tfrencb B ^ e de ^*?>anb B*rbe de Prefire: 
toljigb 2aouc^ocWbart,^auc^bioot: to bafe 3ilmaigne:3oc£b&ert,anD 
3ofepbs 23Ioemem 

t Cbe S>paniatbes call tl)e otljet Scurzoncram 5 \Dijtct)e i^(Rte F ,Echium in 
<^eeke,anbin£attoe Vipcrinam. 

^7 he Nature. 

d&oatesbeatbeis temperate inbeateanb moptture* 

*gc The Vertues. 

x c^erooteof(!5oate$bmbe,boplebto\jaater^btonUen,ru)age^ papnes, % 

anb curetb tbe pucktogs,anb empoftemS of tbefibe* 

Cljefopberootealfo,iSberp goob to bebfeb ro meatesanb SmlabeSptobeis 

taken as tbe rooted of ilampionS* , _ _ . . c , 

1 Scurzonera & tyougljtto be mamelott^goob , agamlr tfte bptmg$ of Mi< c 

perffanb ^nake? anb ot^erbenemou? beaded 

s68 The (ccond Bookc of 

&f flouw (S»cmfli/ojipurple©eluciflottte* €>-#* 

The Defcrtpth*. Amaranthus purpurcu*. 

1 "TXoure ©entttl IjatI) rounbe ftalfcetf full of 
f^tanctxtf : tlje leaueg belong anb latge,fome* 
U)gat like tbe leaue£ of ^ettie 29oirell,oj 
|*tgt)t (tmbe,but muct) gteater,amongft p tuljicft 
grou>ettj,alongft tbe tyanclje&fapjelong ipifceb 
eareft o;tfloure$ of Crimten purple colour, fofte 
anb gentill in Ijanbling , Ipke Cjpmfon beluet, 
t^e tu^tcl)eDot^e not lig^tip faDeot becap,but 
map be pteferueb anb kept a long time tatym 
colour anb beautie, elpeciallp if tbep be typeb in 
anouentbattetjalfe ijoate* Cljefeebegtoujetb 
intftelpiHtetufte^oteareftanU i$ fmall, anb all 

s Cbere t$ an otljtr Wnbe altogityer tike to tye 
tting ttjat W eate$, o^ fpikie tuftetf are notfaf* 
fl)ioneb like tbe others, but are larger anb not fo 
tijicke fet, anb bo benbe, $ bowe bourne agatne 
atttje toppe Ipke feather* ,lb tyat ttmaketb a 
gallant ft e\» : anb botb alfo keepety* CrpmGw 
colour iiketotbe otljer* 

3 djetetepetatbitb kpnbeliketo tljeotljerier, 
but it grower to tbebeigtij of nine 01 ten foote* 
311 W leauetf are mwl) larger, bteftalketf are 
thicker anb barber, anb ftrakeb ojcrefteb , uritl) 
ribbed ftanbing fooztb:ty& fpikte tufte&oj earie 
floured are greater, longer, anb fuller, but not of fo fapie a colour, o;t pleafont 
fteu), foz it fabetb incontment, anb turnety into a greenift fcerbelikecolour, 
Cboneag tt t£ gather eb* 

ffcThe Place. 

^l)efelimbe^of^erbe^grotonotintlji0 countrep, eweptftepbefotuenot 
plantebingarbentf* Cljeuiemenof 3taltemake great acc^umptoftbefeco.ib 
Kuibe,bpcaufeof^pleaGintJbeautie,fb tbatpeftallnotligljtlp comewto anp 


^epbimgfottft fyett Ooure^,oi(pifeie tufted in 3ugu& , anfcfyefeebe iff 
rppeui September* 

# The Names. 

C^efepleafanttuftjef,otfioure^,arecallebof PUniclibro n. Cap s. Armran- 

thus,anb Of fomelate XOliterjJ Flos Amoris,an& Amaranthus purpurcusr in > 

talian FUr vciimo .in Cnglify floure C5entill, jf loiamo^^ purple beluet flouce: 
in f x encij Pafeneicurs t in t)igb Boucb & amatblumen, f lojamo i, anb B au:ent 
ftyoominbafe 3lmaigne jf loutueelbloemen. 

The Nature. 

djefefloureg areof completion colbean&typ* 


floure 6enttll,oi $ lojamojt boplcb in untie an* 6j5ken> (topped tijelatta, 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 169 

*Jjf TkcKyndcs. 

T*|ere are ttoo WnDe$ of JaapRe&tye great anD tfje fmalL Cftefotailalfo # 

ortU3ofeml)eft^ereoft^eottegro\jpe^uigarDeit^ 9 tye otljer growetlj 

TfyTbe Defection. Bcllismaior. BcIIis minor hortenfis. ' 

m greate : uulDe €ij e great unlD&apfte, C&efcnallgarDenfcapfie* 
&afte,batygrene o^auDelpniourte* 
leauetf foimuljat log, 
$ DenteDrouD about: 
at tfye top vutKrcof it 
bearety fapzeflouretf 
in tbenuDDell, anD fet 
itttle bolder of fmall 
bnltfce tlje floured of 
but mud) greater,an& 
final tul)ttelcauc0 fall 
bourne, $ tbe pelloto 

tt)efeeDe,(toelletb top* 

2 €be fmall garDen 
tometttyat like to tlje 
abouefapDe, but tfcep 
muc^DenteD* 3!tfenDeti) foozt^ ty$ floured from tyeroote^bponfyottefmall 
ftemme&fomeu^atltfcetlje flouretfof tlje great &apfie,fautng tbattljefmall 
leaue&tobtc^etntbe great Jaapfie Do compalfet^epellou) in tbe miDDle,arefo 
tbufeefette, oifo Double tbatamanfyall percetue berplittellof tbe pelloto in 
fye mibDell,oi none at alt 3HnD tljefe floured are fomettmetf U)btte,$ fomtimes 
fcerp reDDe,<j fometimetf tyecfeleD o<t partte coloureD of ujfttte anD reDDe* 'Cljere 
grotoe alfo Sometime* aboute tye compalfeofttje fepDe Uttellfloure&manp 
moze a£ it luere Cmall floured growing bpon fmall ftemme& out of t^e fcnop£ 
oj cupper of tljefapDe floured C^eroote i$ tutyte anD tfrieDDp* 

j Cijefmall urilDeSapfie, itflifceto tlje fmall garDen £>apfieinljtSleaue& 
littell floures Do alfo fpzing bp from tlje roote,bpon flwt ftemmetfttljepbe 
alfo pellotu in ttye mtDDelUnD fet aboute uittD little tirtnteleauetf, after tlje ot* 
Der of tijegreat &apfte,buttl)ep are a great Dealefmaller,anD toitljoutfauour, 
asfall tljeotl^erfo^ofSapfie^be^e rooted Ufce to tye roots of tye fmall 
garDeu Sapfie, ^ ^ '■ 

170 The (econd Booke of 

jfc The Place. Bell is minor fylueftris. 

Cbe great JDapfie > anD tlje fmall toilDe tl^elmallurilDe&apfte, 
3£apfie,Do groto in meDo\joe#,anD mopftepa* 
(lures, 'Clje fapie Double garDen &apfiei£ 
planted anD fet in garDentf* 

%\)t great Jaapfie floured mod common* 
Ipinfilpap/Cljefmall garDen Bapfieflouretlj 
from <$ap all ttjeSommer long* C^e fmall 
toulDe Bapfie flouretl) berp timeip in aparcl), 
anD fometimeg fooner , anD continue^ flou* 
ring bntiOpiill anD fometoljat later* 

#7 'be Names. 

Cftefe floured are calleD of Plinicut Ratine 
BeiiisanD Beiiius 5 anDno\D tljep are calleD in 

>latme Confolida minor, anD Herba Margari- 
ta, of fome Primula veris,(efpectallp tlje fmall 
fcnlDe 5©apfte)m Cngliu*) Bapfieg: in jf tenci) 

Marguerites 01 Pafqttettes in !)tgt) 3©0UClj $£af?' 

iieben, ^altufelen, anD in Come placed ^eit- 
lofjlinrinBiabant i^aDelieuen, anD fcerfoutoen* 

jfyTheT emfer&ment. 

qfl&efefloureg anD Ijerbe&are of nature colDeanD mopfiv 

ft? The Vertues and effects. 

%\)z Decoction of fye fmall Bapfietf, toitb tfteir leauego* bopleDalonetttj 
toater,i$ gooD to be Dionfcen againft Sdgue&tlje inflammatio of tlje kiuer anD 
all otber intoarDe parted 

berbe tafcen in meate£ o£ potage&Dotlj loofe ttje bellp genttllp. # 

^att)Delenumrte,o£ ttjebetbie parte of tljettulDe&apfie i$gooDagamft$ 
all burning blcerg anD impoftemtf, anD againft tlje inflammation anD running; 
of ttje epe&being applieD thereto* 

%ty fame lapDe bnto voounDetf, fceepetlj tlje fame from inflammation, anfl S 

&f €mtttbMp 6*11*0/ oj ^af ito 

umrte* Cijap*jrjk 

4[ TheKyndes. 

T^ere be Diuergljerbetf toljtclje ijaue floured like Belled, thereof fytf 
Cbiotetourte oj ^affeevuurte i£ a fcinDe, of tubicfte uie fl)all Ipeafce in tljtf 
Chapter, anD it t* alfo of t^ee fotte& tljat i$ to Cap, fye great anD fmall, 
anD t^e creeping fcinDe* 

faT he Definition. 

^e great iselfloure Ijatlj fquare,rouglj,$ dearie ftalfce&bpon xotyitty 
growefyarpepopnteDleaue&DenteD rounDeabotttelifceto #tettell 
leauefttfye floured groto alongft fye (talked Ipfce Belled, anD itfce tlje 
floured of iRampionft bjtt farre greater, anD rougl* dearie tiritijm, of 
colour fometime^tD^ite,fometime^bletD, anDfometime$ Carnation oiflefllje 
colour.3it beginner to floure at tbe toppe of ttje ftalfce anD fo goetlj floitffymg 
DotoneumrDe.'Cljefloureg paft, tt)eteeDetDt)icljeigfmallanD grape, commettj 
tip in long fcnoppie ijuffce&lifce tlje lHampion feeDe^C^e roote ig ui^ite $ nwclj 


t^ptljenanD interlaceD* 

2 •Cijefmalt^eiaottre tn (lalfec^ t^ltfeeto ttje great ,fautngtl)attt grotuetlj 
not fo btgktljeleauejS befomeiubat long, fmaller $ tobtter, anD notfo Ueepclp 
DenteD astbeleauegof tbe greater aselfloures but berpuiell like bnto S>age 
leauetf* ^efmall23elle#are biolet, anD purple, grotomgattbe toppeof t^e 
ftalfce,anD cluttering thicker tijen tlje floureg of tbe great 23 eifioure^lje roote 
Us flenDer anD btrp tb*eeDp* 

3 qcije tbirD inW leaue£ $ ftaike# & tyke to tije fitft,but W leaueg be fmal* 
ler ant) not fo Deepelp cut Cbe floured bang Do\i)netoarDe& anD groto almoft 
^arDebp tbe (talke,of a ligbt titolet colour, in piopo#tonanD making like to tbe 
otljer^Clje rooted moftcommonlp are flenDer anD crokeDlp creeping alongft 
tbe grounD,putting foojtf) netu tptingtf 9 planter in Dtuertf places , fro tubtcbe 
grotijet^fmalllonganDt^icfeeroote$ ? notmucbe bnlikelfvampiontf, hereof 
bo tb tbte and tfte former fojteg are a certapne kinDe* 

4 Cljere map be berp toelliopneD bnto tbefe 25elffoure& tlje pleafant ffoureg 
tuincljearecalleD at^arte Auicuiaria 5 fetng tijatfyepbefomeiuljatlpketo tlje 
fiottreg of &affcett>urte oj aselfloure* Cbe plante tbat beared tbefe floured 
grotuetij to tbe ljeigtb of a banDebjeaDtb 0.1 ttDapne, t^e (talked are fmall 
anD tenDer, anD fet full of fmall leauetf* %\)t floured grotoe at t^e toppe 
of tbeftalkegof afapje purple colour, almoft faflbioneD lpfcea23ellotCpm* 
ball,uutl> a fmall tobtte clapper in tije mtDDle* Cbepopen after ^uime tp> 
ftnganb clofe agapnetouwrDetf ^unne fette: anD tuljanfyep be clofe, tyep 
fcaue fpue creftes oj plapte? like fye 23elffoure$ , op Couentrie Marians, 

I .2 

\7i The fecond Booke of 

om1De&ape#Aity&e to ftampion*, anb fttct) otljer fioureg befcue tfjepz ope* 
mng* be place. 

23otl| tftefe BdStouretf , grow of tbeir oumefcinbe in certapne U^p meabetf 
anb paftute&anD tbep be aifo planted in garbentf* 

3 Cbetbtrbetefounbe rot>tuer# Champion placed, anbiftoeetepafturetfof 
Zealanb*3inbit i# alfo planted in garben&toljereag it pjofperetb ouermucb: 
font fcotfjfo (jpieaJ) abioabe anb multiplte, tljatittyurtetb ot^cri;a*bc0,ant> 
cannot eaftlp be toeebeb otottercome* 

4 Auicubriagrouiet^ in goob grouuD.m fielb£ amongft tutyeate,oj tufyere a$ 
tttyeatetyat!) groiucm 


Cljep floure moft commonlp in 3(ulp* 

^The Names. 

i.i Cfte 36elfiotDer t£ calleb in <£ieefcere«xfa«>F :anb in %atmz Trachelium, 
Ceruicaria,anD Vuuiaria,accojtbmg to tije &oucb name : in <£ uglify ttjep be cal- 
led 3Selfloure&anb of fome Canterbury sseUe&Cbe Slante map be berp \uel 
calleb ^afoeumrte, o^kiotetBurte: inf rencb Gantetee-. in bigb Bourb S^atf^ 
kraut : in bafe 3tlmaigne l^alfcrupt : Stub tbep are like tbe fcinDetf of ilampi- 
on&atftbe Couentrie Parian? biolet oitoilbe ttapei&tu&ereof fyailbeumt* 
ten berebnber. 

3 Cbe tbirbe KmUe i£ bnknotoen in tlje ^boppetf of tbte countrie* <Cbe $er- 
bo#te£ of jfrauncebo caiiit AuicuJaria: tbeBiabanbertf call itsiuoutoenfyie* 
gel* 3lnb J feno\i3noneotber name,ejcceptitbe^ berbetbattocaliebinazeefee 
•va^vx'f : $ in Ratine o nobrichis^bat i$ to fap tbe b<taping,o;t fbunbtng agaitie 
of ttje :Mfc,xuijerebnto it batb fome fmallpiopottiou o } fimilitube* 

# The Nature. 

Belffoure i^sr of acompleicion colbe anb bzp,Uke 
to tampion, tuberfoze it map be bfeb in meate a.a> 
tbe i!iampion#«. «£r£<r 
^ Cbe 23elfloure bopieb in water, tefoueratgne 
to cure tbe papneanb inflammation of tbenecfce, 
anbinfibeof tbettjzote, anbitte goob againft all 
blcerationtf of tbemout^if one bo gargle oi toalb 
i)t£ moutb tbereiuttbalL 

e>( ilutumne £dflout£0/ oj tfala* 

fytan <Eiolet& Cbap. jw* 

#§>The Defcripion. 

^ongft all \ kinbeg of iselfloure&fyere 
i$ none moiebetitiful in colour tben tbi#: 
it batb fmatiftraigbt knottieftemmetf , $ 
at euerp knot ot to tnt ? tt batb two ieauetf 
fetbtrectlp one againft an otber, toljicbe be long 
ft narrow : bp eaeb ftbetaljereof,a$ alto at tbe top 
of f ftalfce,groti>etb fo^tb pleafant floure^to^iclje 
be long $ bottom , atooapetf benbing outujarbe^, 
Ufeeto afmalllongbell,tt)it^ ttuo oi fbitz fmall 
tui^ite fyieebeg in tbe mibble^ Cbep are of a bletD 
colour , Co cleare anb excellent , tbat ftep fecme to 
palTe,tbe a*ureb fHie^i©^an tbepare pafte, t^ere 
cornet^ bp mtijemtbbleof tbefloure arounblong 
buffee, full of long fmall feebe. 

Calathiana viola. 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. 17$ 
3§*7 he Place. 

Cijefe pieafant floured grow in mopO; mebottJe&$ iota bntilleb grounbe?, 
daubing in frutef ull topics 


•Ctjep vet in flo ure about tye enb of atugutt anb September* 

# The Names. 

Pliniecallettj tljefefloureg tn&atine Campanula? A utumnalcs , $ Viola An- 

tum naiis.xue map alfo cal tbem in Cnglify 3utumne Belfloure&Calatljian bi* 
olet&oj 3iutumne bioletg : in Ijigb BoucI) fyep are calleb kungen blume: foj 
ttyeurfjicl) caufe Corduscallettytbem Pneumonanthe:anb trulp itfeemetlj to be 
acertapnefcinbe of gentian: in bafe3ilmaigne it i£ calleb blau\jo&elie&en& 

*Je- The Temperament and vertues. 

€be temperament, natureanb ptopertie of tbefe pieafant little floured are # 
berp lifcebnto gentian, a# tlje bitter tafte Declare^. 

®l Marians titolet Couenme eellco* €t)ap*i icg* 

The Defcription. Viola Mariana. 

1£i# bzaue$ pieafant floure,ijatlj 
bi£ftrftleaue£tf)l)icbegroto nept 
tijegrounb,long, bioabeanb font* 
fttyat b carie, not mucb bnlifce ttje leauetf 
of tuilD rofe Campion&from tbe mibbeft 
tubereof fpnngetf bp tlje feconb peare af* 
tertije fouiing or planting one ftalfce op 
moe , full of bjtari$e& fet uiitij fuctye like 
leaue&but fomu^at fmaller: tijere grotD 
bpon tbe fapbe biancbe&manp fap*e anb 
pieafant follow jjourej^ , moft commonlp 
of a clearepurple colour, anbfomettmetf 
tutjtte, in piopojtion berp \uell like to tlje 
common ^elflottre, but mucb larger anH 
rounber, anb notfo beepelp cut about tbe 
tyimme# oi ebge&tbe u^icbe alfo before 
tyeir opening are folben togitber a# it 
mere un$ fitte crefteb plaptetfoi ebge& 
r©ban tbep are pan tbere cometij bp final 
roub buttons ot fyuOte&uuft fiue rouglj 
enbeft op taple&tu We be Ijolloto, (ljo L it, 
plpeb, oz turneb bacite , in all fyingg elfe 
like to tjje fcnoptf o.t Ijufketf of iRampion, 
ou^e common 23eifloure/Cfte feebe \$ in 
tbemibble of tlje fapbe fcnoppie Ijuffce0,$ 
it i# finally tyoune,coloureb lifcea Cbeft* 
nutte* 'Cljeroote #\jol)iteanDtl)Kke,auo putted foity bp fyeKbegbtuer$o* 
tljer rooted 

Jfr The Place. 

pieafant floured grotu about Couentrie in Cnglanb,anb are founbe 
fotoeiunfyegarbens of I£erbo£itte&anD arenotpetberp common* 


Cljep fioure from3|ulp bntill September, anb afterumrbe, anb nottiritfc 

& Hi daubing, 


174 The (econd Booke of 

ftaittmtg, t^oitgl^ tftep feeine altuapes to floure , ret tbep tio alfo beare feelic ? lb 
tbat oftentimes as fooneas tbtS betbe beginnetb to floure , one map ahuapcs 
finbe bpon fye fame bubbeS?floures,anb ripe feebe* 

fyThe Names. 

S^enbo nolo calltbefe pleafant floured inkatine viol* Mariana?.- tbat is 
tofap in Cngltfb, ^artaneSbioletS>toemapalfo cal tbemCouentrieliiapes: 
inbafeBlmatgne $®arietes ; of tbe oib xutiterS tn asieeke >oy>6\K iy? ;«.3jn?U< 
tine Rapum fyiuefire. <Df fyis fcinb alfo arep 23elfloureS,befcribeb afcuein tbe 

%WP floureS,anb tljeir roote fpectaUp are colbeanb typ* 

♦J* The Vertues. 

^eirbertae is all one,tottl) tbe ofyer23elfloures,anbmapbebfeb inltfeej 

•Cbe? fcfe about Coufrrte in <£uglanb Habere as great (hue of tljefe planted # 
bo grotp,to eatetbeirrootes in S>alabS> as j&ena u^itetl) inbisboofceintitu* 

ieb Stirpiumaduerfaria noua.Fol.t 38. 

Cf 6icXb belies. <£f)ap.r;cuj, 

tifcThe Definition. Campanula ca?rulea fatiua* 

l^efe floures u^ban fyeir plant begtnnefy 
ftrft to fpung bp out of tbe gro unD, baue 
fmall rounbe leaueS like to JsHparcbe bio* 
lets, amongfl; tbe tobicbelp;tingetb bp* 
long btglj bollo\i3 ftalfce , fet tr>tt^ long narrow 
Ctoartgreene leaues , amongft tbe tobicbe alfo at 
tbe top of tbe ftalfee grow fapje Belles oityolloto) 
floures,greater tban tbe floures of ilampion, of 
colour bletu turning touiarDes purple moft com* 
monlp, btttfometimes alfo tbep bett)bite*t©bau 
tbep are fallen atoap,tbe feebe is founbe in fmall 
bulletS,oibuffees like tampion feebe* Cberoote 
iSfmallanb tb.teebie* "CbetoboleplanteiSfullof 
xu^tte fappeoiiupcelike milke, tbetobtcbecom* 
metb fooitb txiban tbe berbe is broken op biufeb, 
anb taftetb like ilampions* 
2 Cbereis alfo atoilb kinbe of tfjefefloure&tbe 
tobtcb is lifeeto tbe afojefatb,in grotoing,leaueS, 
ftalkeS, floures, anb feebe ♦ifteuertbeleiTe it is a 
greatbealeanb inallrefpectsfmaller, anbttpeel* 
betb atubiteiupcealfoltketbefirflv 
. Cbere is alfo a certapne tbirbe kinbe of tbiS 
Bletobelflouremucbe greater tban tbe firft: bis 
ftalfeeSbelonganb btgb^btS leaues be fometobat 
large: anbitbatb berpmanp floures grotuing a* 
ionglttbeltalfces, asittoere littell fmall Belles 
of a fapje blefc) colounanb after tbem certapne bolloto little buffces oi CelleSr 
bis rooteat tbe firft is long anb flenber , but toban tlje plante toapetl) olbe, tbe 
toote is fullof knots anbknobbes,anbbiuibeb into funb*pbzancbeS:anbfo 
nallp t^iS^erbeiSfullof tu^itefapelifeeto tbefirft* 

v jj* The Place. 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 


Cbep plante tbe firft fcmbe m garbeng* 

3inb tbefmaltinlb Hinbe grotoetlj wtbebo*ber# of fielb&^bnber bebge& 
Cbep floure in June $3Iulp* 3ttaU fye tPilDe bofy alfo flourebntill 3iugufo 

*J* T/;* Names. 

Cljefe floured be mm* calleb fapite in figbt : intfrencb seikvidere-in &oucb 
231autuclocjcUcn$,t^attotofapin^attne Campanula caruiea. tijefe tf#ee 
planted are berplifce tbat berbe tbbtcbe i# called of Theophiaftus in d&^eefce 
;«<novH,anU in&atine of ^itme iafionc. 

•«J» The Nature and Fertues. 

CbefeflouteSbenot btebin ineliicme^^erefotet^etemperatureanbber^ 
tue^ thereof are bntmotjuetn 

€f f op t glow* €\)WMiti)> 

•Jt The Defcripion. Digitalis*. 

£>jce gioue batb long bioabe 
ftuartgreeneleauetf , fomtobat 
benteb about tbe ebge&$ font- 
urtjat itUc tbe leauetf of unlbe 
itllpullepne, amongfttbetubicbe ty*tn* 
getbbpaftraigbtrounbe ftemof tuioo 
Cubitetf long oi tbere aboute,bp one 
fiDevubereof, from t^emiDDieto tbebe* 
rptoppe, tbere grotuefapielongrounb 
bollou) fiouretf, fan^toned like finger 
(tailed of colour fometimetf carnation, 
anb tyeckleb, in tbe Mbe tuitb tobite 
fpot^anDfometune^aliUJbtte, $fome* 
times pelloto* a^bantbep arefalien of, 
tbere appearetb rounbe fyarpepopnteb 
buffcetf in tobicb i£ contepneb tbe feebe, 
of a bitter tafte* Cbe rooted blacker 
fullof tbteebpftrmg& 

jjfcT he Place. 

3It grotoetb in ftonp places $ moun* 
tapnes, in barke (baboune ballepS op 
coombe&UJbere a# tberebatb benemp* 
mngfo^ron anb £>mityt$ cole* jt 
i# alfo planteb in certapne garbenS* 


f oiregloue fitourety tyieflpin 3Iulp 
anb 3iugu(t 

# The Names. 

C^^erbefenOtP caUebmXatmeDigitalis,Campanulafylueftris 5 anbNo- 
lafylueftris: UtCnglifyf OjTeglOUet mftmt\)Gantzno/lreDame,mt) Digitale.'itt 

btgb&oucb jfmgerbut, jFmgerferaut,t©albtglocfelm, ^oaalbtftbell: uibafe 
^bnatgne ^ingerboetcrupt/Ctyg a# fomebo twte,i£ tbat kinbe of Verbafcu, 
tobiclje tbe d^eefceg call wxvww « ?v «M/V,of tye iatmifte? Lychnitis,anb 
Thryaiiis 3 U3berebnto tt#mu# like* 

#The Nature. 

f oj;eglouei^oate anb b#v 

*7b ThefecondBookeof 

$f The Venues. 

tfoceglouebopled in water ojuune and d*onfcen,dotb cut and contamt^t % 
tbtc&etougbneiTe of groflTeand ttimtebumoi£ ♦ 3lfo it openeth theftopptngs of 
t\}t {putt,* £>pieene o* £lj?plte,and of ottjer tntuarde parted 

"Cbefametafcen intbe itfee matter, o? elfebo^eduntbbonied water, doti? 33 
ftoure and clenfe tbebieaft:, and ripetb,and bunged fo^b tougb and clammp 

<E>f Cutftfe/o? Xjfltffcm <@tlofev0« €ijap, jcjcti* 


T^ere be two fo#e£ of tbefe floured found in tW countrie: one great $ tbe 
otberfmall,tbe great(Othanna)growetb to tbebeigbtof aman,and flou- 
retb berp latere fmall growetb low,aud flouretb betimes* 

A The Defcription. -c, a i • 

i^e great aWcan floure m a Flos A P hricanus - 
longbtounered, crefted ^Imottie 
ftaifce,fulofb*ancbe&$ growetb 

bit? *0£ ijeioote btgb>bauing at euerp fenot 
otiopnt, two biacbe& fet witb greatlong - 
ieaue#,c5pofed ofmanp fmall log narrow 
leaue&mcfct $ totbed roud about, $ (pzed 
abiode as it were wingetf, $ fet one oiier ^ 

againftanotber, altogttberlifce Athanafa 
ox garden Canfie ♦ %%t floured grow at £ 

ende of tbe biancbetf, out of long round JL . 
Ijuftefcof a bio wne £>?ege colour aboue, "^W^^^^mk^ 
and of afapnt oipale pelow bnderneatb* TOwS^J^W^^Ia^ 
3lfter tbefallingof tbe floured, tbe feede ^^Mih^^ r 
Wbicbeteinclofedintbeafruefapderound ^^K^plmf% *<fe 
buffee£,i$ long, narrow and blacfee* ^2^4 
2 Cl;efmal3ip^tcanflouretoltfeebnto^ W^^^m \wW&^^ 
abouefatde,tn b& (talfce&leaue&floure& 
$ feede.fautng it i# in al rejects fmaller,^ 
growetb not berp mucb bigger tban a 
foote ♦ Cbep are botb in tbeir leaueg and 
fioureg of a nattgbtie ftrong $ bnpleafant ^^^^P? 
fauour, efpeciallp tuba tbep be eitber rub* IfllNfelS 
bed o^bntfed betwipt ones fingers 

JjfcThe Place. 

•Cbefefloure^ grow in 3ipb£tca,$from 
tbence tbep wbere btougbt into tb&coun* 
trep,aftertbattbemtgbtteand0obleCmperourCbarle$tbe Kftb> wan tbe 
Cowne and Countrte of Cbune&tbep are planted bere in gardens 


* Cbefmall African d5tllofet,beginnetb to floure in^puil o^in £8£ap,and 

from tbence foitb all tbe :S>ommer* 
» Cbegreat Othonnabeginuetljnotto floure befote3tugu(t 

*$« The Names. 

Cbteflouremap becalledin)tatin Flos Aphrkanusiojut wagfirftbmtgbt 
outof3pbncaintotbecountrep# of <£ermanpand )3^abant* r©edo calltbitf 
8oure %uxbit <&HMtvg , and frenc^ S9arpgolde^,%bncan floured, ot 


the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 177 

SEpbucan <5illofer# : tlje frenct) men Ho call tljefe floured oiikts de Turque, anD 
otiut cCmde: anD from tljetice it commetl) to palTe tftatttje^attmft^ Ho cal it fi os 
indianus :in Ijigq laoucb 31 nbianifcb jftegelimin bate 3&Lmaigne tc^uente bioe* 

men;of Valerius CordusTanaceum perunianu.^omelearneDmentijinkettjat 

tbto berbe Ijatb bene calleb of tije Xuncient \uipter$ o0o VV «, othon na,anb tliat it 
ftoullibet^eOtJionna^erof Dioicorides^atljtouten, tobici) grouped? in 31* 
rabia about Cgppt, tutjofe leaue$ be tyolp , aCtyougb tljep bab bene eaten wit!) 
&ocufte#,}^aulmer$ o^naple&wlncb tbing almoO; map pe percepueb in tbe 
leaned of tljto JnDtand5tllofec,if amanloofcebpo tbemagainftttyeligbkBut 
in mp tubgement tt to better UKe to be t^at Ijerbe, utyiclje Galen in ijto fourth 

bOOHeof §>pmple^calletl) Lycoperfium^ Lycoperfion. 

*5» The vtle Nature And euill qualities/ this Htrbe. 

%\lt Jntuan d5illofer to berp Dangerous, Ijurtfull, anD benemoug, botl) to 
man $ beaft,a$ 3 Ijaue trten bp ejeperience,namelp bpon a pong € att, tuyere* 
bnto 5 Ijaue giuen of ttjefe flouted to eate,berp finelp pounb toitb gteene oj 
frefy C^eefe: tuljerebpon (ijt blafteb immebiatlp, anD fyottlp after DieD* 3£nD 3 
tua0 moueD to make tyto experience, bp ttjc occafion of a pong ct)tlbe xoljo ban 
gatyereDof fyefeflouretf^puttljeminto btomoutl),fo tbatftraigljttDategbto 
moutt) $ lipped bib ftneil erceeDinglp $ uritljin a bap oj tiuo after, tijep became 
beep foze anD ftabb cD,as alfo it Do tb often happen to ttietn , tijat put into tbeit 
moutbe$ tbe pipe&ot ijollotu ftalfces of ^emlocfee^lj^oie it to manifeft tbat 
tbto ijerbe untb tjto floure to berp euil anD benemou&anb of completion muc!| 
iifce buto !£emlocfce,tbe tobtcbe alfo map be partelp percepueb bp bto foule anD 
lotbfome fauo tir,iulncbe to berp (trong anb Kinging, not mucbe Differing from 
tfye ranefce anb noplbmfmell of 15 emlocfce* 

6ftltapIflKc/<£ Wit tfomtalU 3l!fo of 

^onopbillon. Cbap^jcbj; 

T be Defcrtpion. 

Jllie Conuall Ijattj two greene (moot*) leaned , like to fye leaueg of £ 
,commontPbtte /liUiebut Cmaller anb tenDerer,betunpt \jolncbe tbere 
fptingetb bp anafceD ftalfce of a (pan long,o L t ttjereabout,at tbetjobtcl) 
ftalfcetbere bangetb feuen 01 eigbt, oz moe, proper fmall fioure^, a$ 
lobite a^ S>nou)e,anD of a pleafant ftrong fauour^fmelling abnofl; lifee tbe &iU 
lit. i©^antbefloure^bepaft,tbeptcommetl|intbeirfteebecertapnerebbebea- 
rieftlifeetotbefruteoi bearie^of garbenAfparagus^ Cberoote totbieebifi^e, 
creeping bere anb tijere* 

31 1 ftoulb feeme tljat $® onopftillon tuere a fcinbe of % plie Conuall ? tt batfj a 
leafe not muc^ bnlifee tfte greateft leaue$ of 3uie,U)itl) manp ribbed oifinevoe^ 
alongft tbe fame,lifee to a ^lantapue leafert^ evubtcbe one leafe,oi fingle leafe, 
botb altoape$ lining bp out of t^e grounbe alone, fauing tjoban tt>e berbe to in 
fioure anb feebe: foj,tynnit baret^ ttuo leaned bpon a rounbe tenber (lal^e lifce 
to tbeot^er, but fmaller $ ftanbing oneaboue an otber,aboue tijefapbe leaned 
groioet^ t^e fmall to^ite fioure^ lifee to jtplie Conuail , but not of (b ftrong a 
muour,aftertDbicbet^ererifet^ fmall beartetfoi rounbe frute,\ubicbe to tobtte 
at ttje firfte anb aftertuarb rebbe^ljeroote to berp Oenber anb creeper int^e 

Jj* The Place. 

)LpUte Conuallanb ^onopftillon,grotDet^ in I^abotoie tooobbe& 


Cbep bo botb floure in ap» 


The (ccond Booke of 

Lilium Conuallium. Vnifolium, 

ftilite Conuall* aponopWloiu 

H> T he Names. 

tt#iUeCommU,i$nouKaUeD ixi%n* 

t(ne;Lilium conuallium, tyUttX tO fap,tlje 

ftpilie of tye bailie : in dEnglify zlyllieeo* 
nuatt^ap bloflbm& *J£ap ipiite^,^ %y* 
rpconfancp:in jfrect) Grand Muguet m^tg^ 


2 #onopbillon i£ nolo ealleD tn katine Vnifoiium : it map be alfo ealleD in 
CngUHjjOneXeafejOne^lali^oi^mgleleafe: mbtgl) Jaoucb CinbIat:anD in 
bafe Sllmaigne CenblaDt,anD it (boulD feeme to beafcinDe of killie conuall,fe* 
tng tljat it i£ Co uj ell like bnto it in floured anD feeDe* 

4§t 7" he Nature, 

%\)t$ be in coinplejcion^oate anD typMU tlje jUIHeft 

The Vertues. 

% unite fyat fyeuwter of tbe floured of ipUieeonuall, DittilleD tottij % 

gooD lfrongnrine,anDDtonfeenintbequantitieof a(ponefull,reftotetbfpeacl) 
to t^emtljatarefallenintot^e^oplepie^tbatitto gooD foment fyatljaue 
ti>e 0aulfie,anD tbe <5oute> anD it comfotfetb tbe i^arte* 

Clje fame toater a$ tbep fap,Dotb ftrengtben tlje ^ emotie, anD teftozetl) it # 
agapnetoljte naturaUt)igoi ? tM^ant^o^oug^ficfene{reit isbiminifyeD* 

25efiDe£tljt£tbei> fap alfo tljatitiggooDto be DjtoppeD in, againfttlje infla* c 
matton,anD catering of tbeepe& 
2 Cljeroote of ^onop^illonitf counteD of fomelatetjo^tec^foiafoueratgne & 
anD fpeciall temeDie againft tbe ^eftilence anD alpopfon,iuban rije toeig^te of 
ftalfea&iagmeoftbepouDer oftljefapDe roote itfgiuen inbineger,o^gooD 
tuine,o^inbotl)mipte togitber,accotDingto tbe nature 01 completion oftbe 
ficfce,fo tbatbpontbereceptefyereof,tljep go to beDDeanD ftoeate well 

aponopIjillon&gooD to belapDe tint!) bte roote, bnto gteene tuoiinDe&ta & 
pieferue tljem from inflammation anD atpoftumation* 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. 

iff The Kindts. 

T$m are in t\)i$ countrte ttx> o Cones of tljWS I) erbe, tbe one great anD tibe o< 
tbetunaU.Cbegreatbatbb£o&eleauejS, anD it is tbe true Antirrhinum of 
Diofcorides. ■Cbcfinallcr fcuibe batb long narrow leaues. 

Antirrhinon. Orontiurn. 

Cbe great fhap £»agon,o i c allies fnotote, ^rnall C alues fnotute. 


tbeleaiiejSbeof aDarbegreene,ComeU)batlonganp bioabe, notmucbe 
unlike tbeleaues of magaUis otptmperneil,alws two leaues; 
growing one agatnttan otbet,ltee tbe leaueS of anagallts. Cbere 

anoSomwbat long ! anb btoaDebefwe, after tbefaffbionof afrogsmoutb, 
not rnutbe bnlifce tbe 8oueeS of Cobeflare but ^^J^^^. 
taple&of afatntpellottnflb colour. "SnSSKS- 
fo?emo(tpart whereof arefoimubatltfee to aCalfeS fnowte op apooftll,tt«ei> 

narrow, almoft libe to tbeleaue* ^^f^^S^S^TJi 
rebbe fioure,fomettmeg afapnt rebbe,anb fometimesf atobttefioumelfe tn all 

l8 ° ThefecondBookeof 

JiS?^' ^ l £ mic *J? e l0 »5 anD narrow , betunpte ^Ww atit) the ttaiUesr, 
growe the fmall reb ffoure& Ufce to the afo k tefapbe floured , bttta great Deale 
imaucr.poatttl)eparepaft,t^ei:ccifetl) bpfmallrounbe heabe#o;t tmappeft 
untb itttieljooie^ in them,ltfce to abeab ftulI,U)i^m\Dljtc^e^coutepueli final 

feeDe* The Place. 

2 Chefirftanb great Antirrhinum, groweth not in th& countrep, but in the 
garoen^of certapne lijerbozifteg tuyere a£ it tffowem Che feconb groweth In 
Come fielbes of tfyig countrie,bp high wape£, anb bnber hebgfc& 

T he Tjme. 

%Mt great Antirrhinum floured inAuguftanb3ulp*'ChefotaU Antirrbfc 
numbeareth floured in 3Iulp* 

4fr The Names. 

x ChefirftkinbeigcalleD ixKBittUkyri^mv *m#i?oM un&atme Antirrhi- 
num.anD Sylueftris Anagailis : in Cnglilh Calfes fnowte, anb ^mapbiagon: 

Wl Jf rencl) Grand ^Antirrhinum ,anb CMoron violet s \\\ 3©0UCh *D*ant,anb Of fome 


a , Chefecoubfeinbetecalleb of fomein d5ieefeeo f oVTwp .-in &attne Orontium: 
m Cngltd) fmall £mapbiagon,oz Calfe fwi w te : in f rench ^ Antirrhinum: 
m&ouchclepne^iant,of this feinbe Galenbatb mabemention in Me- 
dicamentis fecundum loca, amongl* the a^ebicincff UJbicbe Atchigenetf mabe 
foitbem that baue tbejaunberg ♦ Anb it feemeth to be p Phy teuma of Diofco- 
ndcs^calleb in d^eefce <pJnvju«« 

. %The Nature. 

% ^Ijegreat Antirrhinum tehoate, anb of lifcenature anb completion bnto 

After Atncus 5 calleb in tfnglify £>harewurte,a$ Galen w#teth* 
% ^^efmalli$ ^oate anb D#,anb of futtellparte& 

#$« The Vertues. 

£>omehauewiiten, that who to carrietb abouthtm the great Antirrhinum, % 
cannot take barmc oi beburte with anp benim ot popfon wbatfoeuer* 

Che fmall Antitrbinumbotb fcatter avuap , anb confume tt| e pello w colour b 
of the bobie,wbicbe runapnetb after one hath hab the 3iauubice,if one be well 
waftyeb with the becoction thereof* 

<&f water Iplliu <4ap«n(fri#. 

*J* The Kyndes. 

T^ebe two kinbes of water ftpllie&that i$ to fap,the pellow,$ the white, 
not onelp Differing in floure but alfo in roote* 

The Defcript/on. 

!£e white water gillie, bath greatbjoabe rounbilheleaueg, fometimetf 
_ all bo fpungbp from the roote, bpon long rounbe fmooth ftalfce& Che 
flouretfbo alfo growebpon fuc^eliHeftcmme^commingfromtljeroote, anb 
tljep l?aue in ttje mibble manp pelloio ttyecDeft o^ t^iomme^, compaffeb rounb 
about uutij ppbi.ot )r)rbiif*U)bite leaue^ fer in berp goob o?ber,eac^ leaf almoft 
large a$ one$ finger^ lifee in piopo^tio to fye leaue^ of ^oufeliHe o^ ^>en- 
greene^^n tlje floured be paft, tljere come in t^etr (teebe rounbe fcnoppetf ot 
anb roug^,fometimes; of fyebigneflfe of one$ armewitb manp t^ieebp firings 
, Clje pellotu water Hyllit bi^ leaned be berp mucbe Ufee to t^e wltfte, W 
floured bepellow anb finallertben t^e floured of e wi^ite , tb e xali tc^ e b eittg 
Meniere commetlj in t^eir place rounb longfcnoppe$ ojbollien^narrow at 

the Hiflorie of Plaotcs. ,g, 
tye toppe , ifce to a IhtaU gialTc 01 pitfall , Che roo te is tontte ana nf a fbm>m> 


Nymphsea lutea. 


4^ The Place. 

Cljcfe floured Do groto in t&iuerg anti ^oole&an& otljet OanDtng ttatet& 

^ The Tyme. 

abater tfiiiieflouretlj in 3fune,ant> fometimetf fooner* 

jj* The Names. 

% Cljefirftluntie of tliefe ffoure0,t0 calleD in <5£eeke wm$«;« • in Mint Nym- 

pha^of fame Clauus Veneris, artD Papauer paluftre : Of ttje3potijCCarie$ Nenu- 
phar: in Cnglify *©Ijite umter ftillie , abater Eofe , ant) tu^ite 4l*enupbar : in 

Jtaitan Nenuphar biancho : iit S^panifl) ^yidarguas del Rio , Efcudettes del Rio , /7£*« 
i&/ blanquos- infttntl) Nenuphar blanc,Ol Blanc d'eaue: in bigb ^OUCl? SfteeblU* 

men,tua(Ter (5itgen,naa(rermatyen^otttmrt?, ^o^ftang : in Brabant idiom* 
pen,an& tontte i^lompen* 

* CijefeCOnDiunt>ei£ Called in Ratine Nymphsea lutea, ant) Nenuphar cim~ 

num : in Cnglity JleUotojftennpIjar, oz abater Mite ;: in Jtaitan Nenuphar gi^ 

dllo: in *sS>paniflj Figuos del Rio amarillosfiolfan K^fmarillo- in fttXify Nenuphar taulne, 
0£ laulne d'eaue. %ty (foure t\)ZttOf,H0 Diofcorides Uttpteti), t£ callet) in 6^ecUr 
&\i<pcc? «, Blephara. 

lijjt 7* Nature. 

23oty ftutetf of $emtpljar, anD fpectailp tye rooteare in temperature colfce 

dft anil 

i* 1 The fecond Bookc of 

anbbipwitljoaianp acrimanieoj tyatpneflfe. 

4. The Vermes. 

%\)t roote oifeeDe oft^eu?ljtte water ?lillie,bopleb in wine anb Dtonfce, 3 
goob fin tbem tbac baue ttye lafise,tbe bloubbie fltjee anb Cenafme, wincl;e i£ a 
before to go often to tbe ftoole anb map Do nothing* 

defame roote bopleMnwijitewine, curetb tbe liifeafe^of tlje S^ilU anb 23 

Cbe roote ^feebe of tbe wijite water ftillieareberp goobagapnft taxemtft $ 
oiflefl)lpDeftre0,tfoneDunfee tbe&ecoctiontbeteof, 01 bfe ttje pouber of tbe 
fatbe feebeanb roote in meate£:fO£itbipetb bp tbefeebe of generation , anb fo 
taufetb to line in cbaftitie/Cbe famep L topettiei£ in tlje roote a# Plinie wiitetb> 
if it bebaifeb anb applieb outwatblp to tbe fecrete patted* 

CbeConferueoftbefloure$tberof,i$alfo berpgoobfoiall^ afozefapbbik$ 
feafe&mozeouerit&goob againftboate burning feuer&d tbe beabacbe, $tt 
aufetb f weete anb quiet (leepe,anb puttetb awap all benereoug Dieame& 

Cberoote thereof b^ufeb 04 ftampeb, iggoob to be lapbeto tliepapneanb t 
inflammation of tbe ttomacke ? anb tbe blabber* 

Cbe fame roote pounbe witb \t)ater,tafcetb awap all tbe fpotte^ of tbe ffetn f 
Wban it is rubbeb tberewitball , anb being mengleb witb Carre, it curetb tlje 
naugbtiefcurffe of tbebeab* 

*Cbe roote of water kiiliebemgpetgreene, pounb$lapbebponWotmbe&<5 
botb (tancbetbebiottb, as Theopiirafhiswutetb*. 

Cbe roote of pello w water fttllie, bopleb in tbiefce rebbe wine anb bam* ^ 
fcen,ftoppetlj tbe mo tb mate courfe of tb e floure&eCpeciallp tt>e Wtyite flujee* 

*§*7 he Kjndes. 

S9^gj3fmomill, a# Diofcorides anb otber of tbe 3luncient£ Ijaue written , i$ 
fc^^oftfectfo:te0* Cbeonebatbwbite floured Cbe otber batbpelioui 
^^^aoure^^nb tbe tbtrb wbicbe t£ tbe greater of tbe tl^ee, batb floured 
betwipt rebbe $ purple*petattbi£timetbere be bittern otber fc.ttetf founb, 
anb firft tberebetwo foite* of Cbamomill wbicb are berp fweete anb of ftrog 
fauour , calleb Fontaine OTamomilLCbe one batb wbtte fldure&tbe otber pel* 
iow,anbbpfibes tbefetberebe otberg, wbicbe bo (fo^tbemofte parte) grow 
in DeTerteplace& anb tljerefo^e we ftaue nameb tbem Camomill of tbe jf oieft, 

*£c The Defcription. 

&efirftfcmbe of Camomillljatbbiuer^ long rounbe (talked creeping 
alongftfyegrounbe, anb tafeing roote inbiuertf places, berpfelbome 
growing bigger tban ones Ijanbe ♦ 3 1 ijatb biuers finalltenber leatteS 
fcerp Cmall cttt,ot f inelp iaggeb* 
2 cbefeconbfctnbeiS mucbltfce bntotbefitft, fatting tysieaues befmaller, 
iriSfloureSbenotbing elfebutcertapne pellow button*, lifee tbemibbleof tbe 
floured of tbe otber Camomill,witbout anp fmall leaues growing about tt^a^ 
pe map percepue bp tbe f igure,but otberwife it is like to tbe f irft CamomilL 

4Df tbenumber of tbefetwofeinbefttberei^petan otber ; wbcib batb fmall 
pellow leaues? growing rounbeaboute tbe fmall pellow fcnoppeg otbutton^, 
anb are altogitberlifeetotbefirft, in ieaue*, fauour, anb fafft)ion, fauingbitf 
(foures be altogitber pellow* 

Cbefetwo fcinbetf of Camomtt(tl)at t* to fap) tlje wbtte ^ tljepeUow^aue 
aberp pleaCant fauout, libe tlje fmell of aCptron, whereof tl;ep firae toofee 


the Hiftoric of Planter 
tytitmmin&lCtkZ Chamarmelum. 
Chamarnelum Ieucanthemum. 

t©&tte ttomatne CamomilU 

Chama?melum chryfantemum. 

Pelioto ftomaineCamomilU 

3 CbetbirDWnDeofCamomilltobtcb bearetb ten purple floured, sgrotoetb 
&igi?ertbantbeni)o otberjM£notpetfcmm)enbntob& epcept itbetbatfioure 

tD^lCbetomecaU flos Adonis^anD Otfter Anemone. 

*g» The Place. 

0ont of tbeftoeete iftomaine Camomile gtotoefb in t^t0 countrie, of tbett 
otone fctnDe&but areplanteD in tbe garDeng of fome Diligent l£erboufte& anD 
are comebitbet a# ftranger& TheTyme. 

Cbefe Camomile Do floure in 3Iune^3|ttip 7 * fomettmesalfo fooner/Cbep 
laftail tbe tt)inter,anD map berp toell abiDe tbe colDe* 

jjpThe Ciames. 

€be Camomill igalfo calleD in d&ieefce ^x«^MXo F :m)LatineCha- 

ma'melum^nDa^ Apuleiu^VJDlitetb Bene olens,attbl0 Dap CamomiiMnCn* 

glity Camomill: in f rencb camomiiie in Jaottcb Camille, 
i CbefirftfcinDofftoeeteCamomtlltDtt^^ 

MvKavfitjuof/rin Ratine Chama?meium album : in bafe atlmaigne iftoomfcbe Ca* 
mtlle:tnCngli(b U)biteCamomill:m frencb camomiikbUnche. 
i Cbe feconD fcinDe of ftoeete fmelltng Camomill tuitb tbe pelloto floure ig 

CalleD ind5ieefee xp^avflt/xop: in)tatine Chryfanthemum, anD Chamsemelumlu- 

teum:in CngitO) pelotp CamomilUro jf renctj camowiikiauine ? in&ouclj geele 
ttoomfc^e Camilla 

fll if Cbe 

184 The (econd Booke of 

% tljirH fctnbe is calleti in <25ieefce n^mof : ittHatme Eranthemum, anb 
Chama?mcium purpureumjtmapbe calleti in Cnglilb purple Camomill: in 

ifrenC^ Cdmomillea fleur purpuric WlBOUClj EOuDC CamillC* 

* TheTemperament. 

%\>t Camomill,efpeciallp tye tttyite ? is boate anb Uzp in tlje ftrft begree,anb 
ljatbpou)ertobiffolue,$mafcefubtilL osut tbeiliomaine Camomiisareljoa- 
ter,anb mo je typing* 

Jfc The Vert ues. 

'Cije&ecocttonof tl>efloures^erbe,anb rooteof Camomill,beingb*onfcen a 
eaufetb U)omenfobauetbeirtermesA*wetbfooztb of tbe bellp tbebeab frute, 
p^ouoketbtyine^bteafcefy ifonebo batije 

ro abatb of tbe fame Becoction* 

floured anb berbeof Camomill boplebin touteanli tyonfeen,buuetb b 
foitb tDmbtnefTe anb cured? fye cljolicfce, fyat is to fap, tbe paine in tlje bowels 
anb bellie* 

Camomtlltafeenmtbefamefbitebot^purge^beauttfte tbofe tljatbauean C 
euill colour remapning after tbe3|aunbets, anb curetij tbem t^at baue anp 
greefe oz impebiment of tt)e liuer* 

Camomtllpounb uritb biSfloureS,anb taken m tbe quantttteof a Bzagme & 
toritbtorine,isberp goob againft tlje biting of£>erpents,anballotbet bene* 

Cbe Becoctton of C amomill mabe in toater anb applieb outtoatbelp bpon € 
tbe region of tbeblabber,tafcetlj au>ap tlje papue of tbe fame,p£ouoketlj biine, 
anbbziuetbfoztb grauelU 

CamomilUbeweb in tbemoutb, curefytbeblcers^ Cozes of ifye fame, s>l f 
iifcebertue is tbebecoction to umfbe tbemoutb tuitbalU 

Camomillalfo clofetb bp altoounbeS,anb olbblcetS ; elpeciallp tljofetobtcb <& 
bappen about tbe corners of tbe epe&tuban it is tyufeb anb lapbebpo,o£ if one 
tt)all;efucb tpounbes anb fozes tuitb t^ebecoction tbereof. 

Camomill meglebuntb bple $ tafeenin giifter ? isfinguleragain(lallfeuerS $ 
tortjicbe bappen bp meaner of tbe obftructton oj flopping of tbe ffcinne* 

%ty ople of Camomillbotb aflftoage anb mitigate all papne anb acbe, ttcu= 3 
tetb tn erieb $ tyufeb parte&it loofetb anb foftenetb all tbat tubicb is barb anb 
ftretcbeb out o;t ftnollemit botb mollifie anb mafce foft all tbat totyicbe is Ijarb, 
anb openetb all t^at is ftoppeb* 

€>f ujtloe 01 common tfamomfll* €^ap 

f[ The Kyndes. 

Ttytiz are foure WnbeS of wilbe Camomill. Cijeftrft Hinbe is tlje common 
CamomiiUtijefeconb is fye Cotula foetida: tljetbirbe is tbe greatetoilbe 
Camomill calleb Cotula non foetida: tlje fourth is tlje tuilbe Camomill 
tontl) tljepellotjo floures calleb in Ratine Cotula Lmea* 

^> The Defcription. 

^ecommon Camomillfcafy (lenber,tougb ^ ftarb ttemmestfteleaues 
be tenbet, anb berp fmall cut anb iaggeb ♦ %ty ftoures grotoe at tbe 
toppe of tbe tyancbes, anb are pellovo intbemibbell, anb Cetrounbe 
aboute \joitbmanp fmall U)bite leaues, altogitberlpfeet^e floures of 
garben Camomill toitb tlje tyftite floures , anb alfo of a meetelp pleafant 
uour,but nothing fo llrong not pleafant in fmell as tbe garben CamomilU 
2 Stinking Camomill o£ Cotula foetida, ^atb a tljicke greene ftemme , anb 
full of iupce,tu^ic^e bjeaHet^ quicblp tttyan it is troben bpon* %\& leaueS 


the Hiftoric of Plantcs. i8j 

Chamjemelum^Leucanthemum Cotula foetida. 

commune & fylueftre. 

t common toilbe CamomtlU 

fi£attjer$ ojfttnfemgCamomtllf 

begreater anb greener tban tbe leauetf of tbe common C amomtIL €be floured 
be mucb like bnto tbe afozefapbe, Cbe tobole berbe of a berp ftrong bnpiea* 
fant fttnefeing fauour, anb of a fttfftctent bitter tafte* 
% ^Jnfauerp CamomUl,o? Cotula non foetida, batbfmalltenber pliant ftemtf, 
manp grotuing bp from one roo te,tbe leaueg be long, greater anb tubiter tban 
tbeleauegof tbe common CamomttU Cbe floured are itee totbe ttoo fcinbetf 
afo£efepbe,but tbep are a great beale greater anb tuttbout anp mantf ell fmelU 
^berooteitf great anb berp tbtebbte,tbeu^icb btetb notligbtlpattuinter but 
(p^ngetb bp pearelp a netue* 

4 d5oiben Cotula i$ like to Cotulanon foetida inbi£ftalke&leaue&$ floured 
fauing tbat bitf leaue$ be greater anb tDbiter,bia\joing to tuarbg 3ifibte colour, 
anb W floured be no t onelp pellotij in tbe mibble,but alfo tljep are fet rounb a* 
bout toritb fmal pelloto leaue&in fafyion like tbe o tber Camomille&$ tuttbout 
CmelUketo Cotula no foetida. aifo tt&otbnotligbtlp&ieo£Dccap,but Cpangetb 
bp pearelp out of t&e otbe rooted 

he Place. 

Cbeiif ♦ firft ktnbg bo groto moft comolp in tbt£ coutrte in euerp come fielb* 
Cbe golben Cotula groped) in (Ucbe like placet in tfrance anb d&ermanie, 
butnotinfyigcountrie, ejreeptin tbegatbentfof l£erbo£ifte& 


M fyefe fetnbe^ of Camomill bo floure in June, $ from thence fottb all tb* 
Corner long* 

ttl ttj Cotula 

•J* The Names. 

t Ctyefitft ktn&eof tott&eCamomtilttfnotiJ calleD Chamaemelumalbum.-ut 

^OppejS Chamomilla,tU^ereajSlti^aptlpbfeDfOl Leucanthemum:Ul<£tigitflj 
COIttinon Camomtllrm Jtt&timCamami/Iain&pmW) CMacelUyManzamilU. in 

tfrencb ctmomi'devuigaire: in btgb &ouclj Cijamtll Kllbett tijte & notfye rigbt 
CamomilU *©tyerefo£e toe call it c hamaemeium fyiucftrc, tljat i% to fap, toiibc 

2 tn^efeconfc Mnbetenoto caliet) mftattne attb tn£>boppe£ Cotula foetida,of 

fOttte Cauta anD Camomilla foerida anfc ttt 4£tteefceKvv«v fit/a Cynanthemis, anH 

KtvogoT«vK, Cynobotane.t^ati^ to top,&oggej5 Camomtii: in 31 taltan vrujacub: 
in fepamfl) ctuguarc* in btgb B oudj ^rottenHill^unf^tli^tmDff blum,anb 
toiine Ctjamtll: in Btabattt ^at>Debloemeti,anD (UncKenD t ot tniifceCiimtile: 
mengltfy ^atf)et&^aptt)ee&e,iaogge$CamoimU, fetinclungCamomtl£ 
anD Bogge jfeneil: an&petatmentumt t£ Parthemmm mucrophyiionof Hip. 


3 Cljetbtt&elunbe&caileD Cotula non fcetida, Camomiila fatua, atrt) Camo- 
milla inodora, of fOtttettt d5ieefeej69u^« x M<>H. Bu phthalmum,tbat i# to fopin%& 

t^Oculus bouis:tn^tgbjDOttcb &ubtll,anD i&unbfettg$&ueaug:uitfrencb 
oeiidebeuf. tyotabeit tlj&te not t!je rigbtBuphthaimum,a$ one map feeintbe 
Chapters? following, anfc tljerefoie it map better be calleb Cotula non foetida, 
ot Cotula aiSa,tban to call it bp anamenot belogtngbnto it 3 baue CnglifycD 
tt mnfanmt CamomiU,fooliO> apatlje$,anl> totjtte Cotula toitboutfauour* 

4 'C^efourtb kin&emap tuelbecallefc Cotula lutea, fetngittefo ujelll&e twto 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 187 

fyeCatttleS abottefaibe : inCnglify d5olUen Cotula: in btgb &oucl) §>tretclj' 
blttmen, anb£>teinblumen,anb acco^mg to tlje fame it is calleb tnbafe %V 
inaigne£>trijckbloemen* £>ome UJbtcbetljtnketbattbtS is tbe feconbktnbe 
of Camomill, Do calltt Chryfanthcmum, tbat is to fap, pellouj CamomtU : in 
jfrencb camomtik iauine: iubtgb Bottcb geel Camille,bttt tljep arebecepueb,anb 
tbeir opinion is not like to betttte,bpcaufe tbiSberbebatbno fyectaUfmell* 
<$o£eouettbe faction of tbe leaues iS notbingliketo tbe leaues of garben 
Camomill,neitt)erpet like tbe common Camomill* 

j The Temperament. 

t CbecommonCamomilli$ofcomple)cionboateanbbtp, anb notfo feruent 
as tbeftomftineCamomill,but mo^e pleafant anb gentill* 

2 Cot ula foetidai^ boate anb Dip,as b*S fntell anb fauour beclaretb* 

^ %ty otber ttt)o Hinbe^ are of completion fonmtyat like, but not fo ftrong, 


g %$ tbe common CamomtU is berp like in coplejrion to tbe rigbt CamomtU, % 
fo is it like in bis faculties anb operation,feuing tbat it is not aiding fo (frong 
in operation. 

*CbiS Camomill batb benep^otteb to be berp goob againft fye Cljoltcke anb 25 
tbe^>toone,anb alfoit pmtoketbbane, to bebfeb in like manner as tbe ilo* 
maine oz rigbt garben C amomill,arib it is mo^e conuenient,anb agreabie bnto 
mans nature tban tbe Eomaine CamomilU 

3lnb furelp tbiS Camomtil alfo is rigbt ejrcellent in all fcinbeg of moliiftpng ^ 
anb foftntng plapfters, tbat feme to fruage papne $ to Diflblue tumots 9 ftael* 
lings: fot it eafetb anbftoagetb allpapnes>anb biftbluetb * ftattetetb tumots, 
canfingtbefame to banilb aump : $ tbetefoze it isberp goob to bebfeb in fuel) 
clpfters as are mabe againft tbe Colicjueanb tbe (tone. 

^beopleoftbiSCamomiUiSftnguler againft alltrtnbeofacbeanb papne, 3d 
againft bmfing0 ? (bnnfeing$,barbne(fe^anb ftoppings,like tbe opleoftbegar* 
ben CamomilL^pozeouer it Abetter, anb mote connenient to be put into Cli* 
fter&tobicbeare mabe againft tbe fetter, tban tbat ople tbat is mabe of tbe 
fioures of garben CamomtU* 

t Cotuiafoetidaisgoobfoi fucb to emen,tobofe^ atrijr is loo feb, anb falling <g 
bourne from one ftbe toanotber,ifoneboU)aft)e tbeirfeete uritb a Decoction 
tbereof mabe in toater* 

3Itisalfo goob againft tbe Suffocations of tt)e3£atrtjr, ifpottgiuettto be f 
mm oi fmelt too,anD itis of like berttte to Caftorium, as tije learneb unitets 
ofour time banefottnb out bp experience* 

3 Cbe operational bertues of tbe two others are not pet knotuen, but ac- (5 
co^Dinglp as one map iuDge, tbepare in facultie notmucbebnlike ttje Camo* 
mil&fauingtbattbepbealtogitber feebler* 

4 Some bo uuite,tbat golben Cotula bopleb in urine anb btonken , is goob ^ 
apinfttbeHaunbetfcanbreftotetb tbe goob 9 liuelp colour, tobtc^e isafigne 
tbatit is of like bertue bnto Camomill,foi CamomU toojkert) tbe fame,as loe 
batte beclareb in tbe former Cbapter. 

jfcThc Defcription. 

I^is tjerbe tl^tcke greene ftalkeS , anb leaues berp fmall ctttteanb 
iaggeb,mucb like botljetn ftalkesanb leaues, anb alfo in fmellanb fiv 
uour,bnto Cotula fatida.cije floureisof a fap;epurplereDcolour,of 
fatIl)tonanb making like bnto tlje golbecup,ojttl)etloureof Crotofoote:tPban 

& tut tbep 

»88 The fecond Bookc of 

tbep are pafUbere come bp tout) rougb Hcranthcmum forte, 
aitoptf , like p Unops of Crouifootc, but 
fomtubat longer , uiberein to tbe fecbe 
(ltketoS>pmacbe feebe)* 


Cbefe fapie $ pleafaut floured groto 
in Come places? in tbe comon come fiettto 
a#in l&touenceanD kanguebbc, anb in 
fome placed of Cnglanb ; in Come coun- 
tries tbep grou) not but ingatbeng* 


%W berbe beginnetb to floute in 
fl^ap , anD remapnetb flouring all tbe 

The Names. 

berbe tbatbeatetb tbefefloure&tubicb 
to like bnto Come of tbe Caino milled in 
fauour ? finell,anb pzopoitto tt,arc CutTtct* 
entenougb to ptoue tbto berbe to be a 
kinbe of€amomill,anb etpeciallp tbe 
tbitbe Wnbe calleb Heranthemum : tbe 
floured onelp,tubicbe are not berplike 
bnto Camomill floured , caufetb me to 
tioubt jfotiftbefloure$\uerelikefaflbtorteb bnto CamomiU,3tooulbtm'tb- 
out Doubtemapntapne tbto berbe to betbetbiebekinbeofCamomiU,tBbtct) to 
tbetrue Hcranthcmum, tubicbe Oiofcoridcsbefcribetb to be greater tban tbe 
ru)o otber kinbea, * to baue apurple fieure,bnto xotycljz Defmption tbto berbe 
tuatoetb neare,fauing onlp in tbe fafibion of bto floure ♦ foi tbetubole plant to 
greater anb bigbet tben Camomtll, but otberunte berp like it, anb tbe floured 
be of a fapze purple reb colour*But tubatfoeuet tbto berbe to,it to better like to 
betbetbirbefcinbeof CamomiU,tban 

$ttrre,to>oi Alter AtticustDbtcbetoecallS>bareU3urte, tobtcb baue bene botlj 
befcribeb of fome toucetg fot tbto feinbe of Camomill, altbougb tbep \joere no* 
tbmg like Camomill,neptber in tbeir leaueg,floure$, not fmeli, anb tbep beare 
lobofe floured (a# it to abouefapbe) Diofcoridesu^itetb to be ofareb purple 
colour* *©betefo^e tbto berbe map better be calleb Hcranthcmum, tben eitbet 
&arcke0 (pur,o^ §>bareojotte : it map be calleb in CngliO) purple Camomtll, 
Hiebbe^atbeftanb paflTefloure: it to alfo calleb intfrencb Pajjefieur: tbe# t ia- 
banberg call it B;mpnetteken& 

^ometjpoulbbauetttobeflos Adonis, but tbeir optntonfeemetb not to be 
berplikelp>bpcaufe tbat Flos Adonisfyoulbtecmetobenoneotber,tbenakin& 

Of Anemone. 

<8fcTheT empertment, 

CbetafteanD fmellof tbto berbe botb manifcMp Declare it to be of com* 
plejctonboateaubbue like tbe Camomtll ? butcbteflp like to Cotula foetida. 

iji The Vertues. 

«Cb e bertueg anb operation of tbto berbe are pet bnknotoen bnto b&but if % 
ft to berbe be Heranthem to finjjulcr againft tbe ftoone,a$ toe baue aire* 
Die tinttten in tbe w^Cbapter of tbtoffiooke. 

the Hfftorie of Plantes. 



e%> The Defcription. 

ta*pt)tyalmo#ig a bzaueplante, 
untb pleafant floureg $ftem#, 
of a fpan ox a balf ejubite long: 
ttijatt) tbjeeo^foiweftalfce&fet 
toitb tenber leaueg berp fmall cut anD 
iaggeb , not mucbe bnlifce bnto tf enell 
leaue&but a great Heale fmaller, anD be* 
rp tueiiltfee to tbe leaue# of tbe final £>o* 
ri^entoooD, failing t^ep begreener* Clje 
floure of afapje tyigbtpellott) colour, 
anD large, loitb manp fmall tl# ommeg oj 
pellouj tbiebeg in tbe mibble, almoft lifce 
to tbe floured of <3|?arigolbe£ fauing tbep 
be mucb larger, $ baue not fo manp fmall 
leaned fet rotmH about tbegolbenfcnoptf 
ot pellotu beaDetf floure periffyeD, 
tbetecommetb in fteeDe thereof a rounDe 
fcnop almoft itfee tbe febte fcnop of j£a(Te 
floure,tberooteig blacker berp t^ebie* 

ffcThe Place. 

tCiji£betbea£tD(tneirefy Diofcorides 
grotuetb in£ fielDeg toritboutfyetotone: 
intbtecountrie fye ll^etbo.utteg bo plant 
it in tbeir garben& 


3X beared ty$ floured in ^parclje anb 3pulU 

# The Names. 

C^&ljerbebpcaufe of bt£floure£,U)l)icbebe of tye quantitieanb faflnon of 
an0jre epe,i# calleb in d^eefce jSou<f>fl«\^^o6«f.fl«Xiuop: in Ratine Buphthal- 
mum 5 $ Ocuiusbouis: inbigb 3aoucb Einbftaug , fouaug : in bafe ailmaigne 
l&unDfooge,anDCoeoogbe:fomecallitalfo Cachia 5 Cauta,oj Caitha. *Cbi£i£ 
fye tigbt^DjreepeDefcribeb bp Diofcorides. 

Jn certapne placet tfte 3l(potbecarie$ bo fell,anb bfe tbe rootetf oft^ plant 
m fteebeof tbe roo te of blacfce l^elleboi, anb from bence it c5metb tbat certaine 
ftubioutfl^erboiifltetfbaue calleb tyigplant Heiieborum nigrum, anb bo count 
ttfcuabetpnaugbtieanDbebementplante, Ijotobeittbatof it feifeitbatb not 
in it anp fpeciall malice o* ftuce, neither tntll it ptouofce tbe ftoole a# fome baue 
pzotieD bp epperience/Cberfotefomebaue calleb it Heikborinc tenuifoiia:fome 
ofyergcallit HelkboraftrumioiConfiligo 5 tDb^wto it i# nottymglifce* 

iljfcThe Temperament. 

Eup!jtyalmo£o£4Djre epei£ fcoateanD D#,of amo^e harper anb cutting 
nature tyan CamomilU 


%\>t floured of 23upl)fyalmo# pounbe,anb mengleb toitli ople anb tomjce, <s % 
lapbe to colbe anb barDe ftDeUing&DiflToluety anb tuaftetlj tbe fame* 

£>omeDo affirme,(aj5 toitnelTetft Diofcorides anb serapio)tbat25upljtl)al* © 
mo£ oz^Djte epe curefy fye 3aunDet£, 9 caufetlj tbe bobpto be of goob colour, 

if one Djinfce it bopleb in tonne,after ty£ comming out of abatfy 

The (econd Booke of 

MMtrcnflouve/o; t\)t tmia maepool&e, €l)ap.]cjr icf 9« 

T/k Dejcriftion. Chryfanthemon. 

Ijetbe batb rounDe fmootb 
^ fte^ DtuiDeD into manp tyancbeg* 
ipe leaueg belong anDDeepelp 
iaggeD roimD about,a$ if tijep tuererent 
o^tome^Cbe floured grow at tbe top of 
tbe bombesin faction like tbe floured 
of Camomill , but tbep be a great Deale 
latger,anD not onlp pellotu UKefinegolD 
in tbe miDDle, but alfo tounD about, anD <\, ( * 
of apleafant fmelU Cbetoote igtobite ^| 
anD tbiebDie* 
* Cbere i# pet an otber fcinDe of tbte 
Ijetbe in all tbingg lifee to tbe fame , as in 
W ftalfeetf, colour, floures, fauour, anD 
faflbion, but biff leauetf be a great Deale 
mote Deepelp cut anD iaggeD,euen barDe 
to tbe miDDle ribbeo^finew* %\>t \x>bicb 
3 tbougbt gooD to note, to tbe enbe tbat 
bptbte one mapfcnou) anDbnDerftanD, 
^ou? onefetnb of berbe map often cbange 
big (bape anD p^opo^tto, acco;tDing to tbe 
nature of tbe fople ox place vubcrc it 
groti)etb,a$fitftofalltoemaplearnebp ^ 
tbte berbe,tbe tobicb in fome places batb 
not b& leauejs fo mucb clouen anD iag* 
geD , anD tberefote it appiocbetb not fo 
neare to tbe Defcription of oiokorides 

bi$ c nryian th em u m : a# it Dotb u>ban it grotoetb tn fome otber places?, toba** 
a# it bearetb leaue$ , berp mucb clouen anD iaggeD, anD tban it i£ agreable in 
allrefpect0totbetrueDelcriptionof Chryfanthemum. 

^ The Place. 

Cb& berbe gro\uetb amongft tbe 6 Co^ne, anD in ;boufetyolDe gatDen? a> 

4^ The Tyme. 

^tbeginnetb to flouretn3|une,anDfroitt tbencefo^tl) almaftbntill ttunter* 

jj*The Names. 

tyztbtig calleD in dftteefce x^dvh^, anD in Xatine Chryfanthemum, 
tbatt^to fap, d&olDenfloure, $Caltba,anD of fome#upbtbalmum:in3jtaltat? 

Chrijpula herba: in ifepanify Mequeres amanllo: in jfteUCb CamomilleSaffran'ee: i\X\}\qfy 

Boucb £>.3oban$blum,$ 4&enfblum:in bafe ailmaigne <Eofeelaer,geel <£>nn> 
ftbloemen,§ontfroofen:bnbnoipen in fyoppeg a$ manp otber gooD berbetf be* 

# The Nature. 

%\)\& tyerbei£ljoattanbD#,notmucb Differing from CamomilL . 

«Jt T he Vertues. 

ChryfanthemumbopleD inline, curetbtbellaunberg, $teftotetl)gooDco*3 
Iour,tuban one Dotb Danfce it,after tbat be batb bene often $ long in tbe batb* 

CbefeeDe of tbe fame Djonken intom bp it felfe,ot pounD toitb W flouretf # 
Dotb alfb cure tbe 3auuDer&a$fye later united l?aue pjoueD* 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 191 

C!)c floured of tW ijerbe pounb ttutlj ople anb toase,anb applteb tu maner C 
of a;jlapfter,bi[Tbluet!) coiOefu)eUtng0\juljtcljecl)aunceto beontijetyeab. 

Cbe leaues anb tcnbereft btaunctjes of <£tHpfantbemnm,map be bfeb b 
mpotage anb£3>alabeS>asofyerfcerbesof lifeenature:fo.untimepaft; our el* 

€>f ttjc Indian fnmnc / oj ^otoen floure of 

^erroxtm Cfcap^iiif; 

*J* Defiription. Chryfanthemum Peruuianum. 

>|^e3lnbian^unne,o;tfye golden 

ffloure of ^errotoe tsapiante, of 
uctye nature anb talneffe,tbatitt 

one Corner tt grouiet^ to ttje length of 
tbirtene 0; fouretenne foote,anb in fome 
placet to tije beigtb of foure ^twentie, 
ozftueanbttumtp foote, bis ftalfcesbe 
rigljt ftratgbt anb ttycfce, anb Ijis leaues 
areberpmanp, etpeciallptbeptbatgrotu 
bpmoft, ftntbe bnbet leaues bo quick* 
lp fall anb banifli) : eQjecialip tbofe great 
btoabe leaues tobtcb* befotetbe fpung* 
tiig bp of tbe ftalfce , are in quantttie al* 
mcft as largeas tije leaues of tbe Clote 
23 urre. 3n tbe * wp top of tb e fapbe big!) 
ftalfce tbere grotuett aberp large $ moO; 
excellent floure moft lifceft to Camomtll, 
oiCb*pfantl)emum, but mucb larger, $ 
toquantittealmoltlifceto aptetiebjoabe 
l?atte,fo tbat oftentimes tubanfyectr* 
cutt, ozbttermoftCompalTeofttefapbe 
fcmr^is meafureb, it is founbeto be of 
tbe bteabfy of balfe a foote. 'Cbe nubble 
of tbe floure intotjid&e tlje feebegro\jr> 
etb,is like to a fine cloatl? fcuougbt as it 
toeretxittlj neeble too&e.tije fmalleaueS 
totitc^egrou) incompaffe aboute, are of 
abiigfat (Inning pellow colour, anb eue* 
rp one of tljem are in quantitie lifce tlje leaues of tije Tlpllie floured, ot rather 
greater,anb are almoft f iftte in number o<t moe* %ty feebe is flat anb long,anb 
fom\D^atb^ou3neoini)arte, in quantitielifee to ttyt <£ourbe feebe* Ctye tooteS 
are like to tije rooted of Eeebes o^ Canes* 

*fc The Place. 

%W plante grotoetljro tlje n9efte3nbia,tlje totjictje is calleb America, 
anb in fye Countrep of ^errotoe : anb betngfowen in &papne, it grotoety to 
tl)e length of foureanbttoentiefoote, anbitbeatetljfloureSlpUeto tljeaboue 
fapbe: tnbafe^lmaignett grotuetij notabotte)cu.o^)riit.foote^igb,anb itbotlj 
fcarflp bmg f ooify W fioure,anb if it cljaunce fbmetimes to beare bis floures, 
pet tfcantljepbe fmalleranb berplittle,anb fyepcomefoojfyagapnft tointer,fo 
tijar tljep can come to no perfection. 

# The Names. 

v CljiS 

The fecond Bookeof 
flOlire i# callcD SolIndianus,anb ChryninthcmumPcrmiunumttn 

bafe 3tlmaigne fyonnz banHnbien: we map alfo call it tbe Ijnbtan &»unne,o$ 
tlje (BolDeu floure of ^errowe* 

*5* T^e Nature and Vtrttus. 

Of t!?ebertueof tbiSfjerbeanb floure, weare able to fap noftutg/bpeaure 
tljefameljatb notbenepetfounb out, ot pzoueb of anp mam 

<£>f f lottw ®duce/oj fine €t)ap*Wjctn 

*$*The Kyndes, 

Tli^ere be manp fcinbes of ^n^o^floure 23 eluce: w&ereof fome are great $ 
tal,anb fome are little anb fmalL Ctje greater tottes are know en one from 
an otber bp tbeir colour$,anb to be alfo tbe fmaller totted Cbere is alfo a 
certapne fcinbewitb narrower biabeS, infauour fomewljat lotbfome oigrie* 
uous,almoftoftbefauour ofspatuia?foetid*,o*<i5labpn,bpfibe^ fyefewatafe 
3reos,ti?e ftinefcing 3iris,anb tlje pellow 

tyThc Defcription* Iris, 

^i^e greater 3(riS, Q} floure delate 

|| bis leaner be log $ large, not mucb 
M bnlifce to tbe blabe of a two ebgeb 
fwootbe,emongft tbe tnljtccj tbere fpjtingetb 
bpplapneano ftnootb little ftaifcesof two 
foote long o^mote, bearing floured mabe of 
ftp leaned topneb togitber, wberof tbe tbtee 
tbat ftanbe bptigbt,arebmt inwarb one to* 
warbs an otber: anb moftcommoulp in tbe 
leaned tbat bang bo wnewarbes , tbere are 
certainerougb o^bearie weltes Ipfce bnto a 
mans btowes , growing ox riCing from tbe 
netber parte of tbe ieafe bpwarbe, almoft of 
a pellow colour* rooted be tbiefce, long 
anb fctiobbp, witb manp fixings, as it were 
dearie tbieebes banging at tbenn 

One fcinbe of tljefc bearetb floureS be* 
twirte purple anb blewe , witl) a certapne 
cbangeablenes, efpeciallp in tbe netbermoft 

Cbe ot^er fcinbe tjis leaues tbat bang 
bownewarbeS> are of afapie biolet colour, 
but tbo&mat grow bp^igbt, anb benbe in* 
warbes,ar e of a f ainte blew* 

Cfte tbirb floure is altogityer o k t wijollp 

-Cbe fourth feinbe Ijis floured be all wbite 

Cbe fiftb feinbe tjis leaues be of a berp fapze beepe ^LTtoIet colour, anb<£ 
i)tS fmell is mofte belectable, anb tbe bearie op rougl) weltes of tl)iS Uptime 
are wbite* _ , 

Cbe fmallet floure 5aeluceS,0£ 3|reos,are tn all ttnngs like to tbe greater, 
fauingt'gat tbeir Iternmes beberp finite, anb tbeir flagged ot blabes, are alfo 
potter anb fmaller tban tbe others* C^eir floures are like to tbe greater, mcft 
commonlp of apellow colour, anb fometimes of a fainte colour, anb fome> 
times betwi]rte purple anb ffeie colour: anb fyefomete intomefepnbes of tftem 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. ipj 
fabber,anb in Come lighter* 

% Cbe narrotu leaueb Jw\& y W flagged belong ant) narrdtte , but pet tW 
be f^o^tter tben tbe leauetfozblabegof tbe greater Utig , anb of a bleuntyl 
greene colour,of Cauour fomeujbat greeuoutf , but noting fo bozrtble o> lotb* 
fome a$ Spatula foetida . €be ftemmej* gro\3oe to tbebetgbt of baife a foote ? at 
tbe toppes thereof grotuecleareble\»eo* ffetecolourebflotoertf, Ipke to tb& 
otljer flotuer &eluce#,fauuig tbat tbeir Utle leauetf are fmaller anb narro vuer, 
anb tbe bpper leauetf bo no t benbe tnU)arbe ) one totoarbe anotber ♦ 3dfter tbe 
fapbeflotuerj* folowecertapne trtangleb great cobbed ojbufkctf, feparatmg 
tbemfeluetf into tb.tee parted luben tbep are rpperin tbem i$ plapnefebe robtcb 
berp tbtcfce $ flat o: tfyytik togttber^Cbe rooter alfo gro\x> crokeblp Ipfee tbe 
otber#,but tbep befiriallerjbarbejanb knottier tbe outfpbe of a Cbefnut co* 
iour 3 anb U3btteU3ttbin,oifomeu)batpeliotue* 

The Place, 

t CbefloinerlJeluce^oOrtce^bogroujem btttcrg Countries, mod cont'KftSC 
monlp in lo toe grouub z« about tbe banket of rtuertf anb \n a tens. 

Cbe tbiee firft kinbesare meetelp common in Cnglanbe,23iabant,anb & 

"ftbe fourtb alfo t$ fomettmejs fottnbe in garben& C 
^uttbebtaueftoftbem,U5ttbtbeflo\juer^tuii]rtpurple^btolet, commetb, 
to b£ from ^papne anb ^outngale* 

a Cbefmaller flower J^eluceiS, arebutftrangertf tatty b£,neptber boo ttyep 
grotue of tbem Celueg amongft b£* 

3 CbenarrotD icaueb 3Sreo# grotaetb tn certapne plapnetf of d5ermame,anb 
in lotue mopft place&alfo it t£ f ounbe tn openf eelbes* 

^beJrtbegozflotBer&eluceg bo molt commonlpflotoer about <&pap:anb 
tbe fmaller fomtobat before tbe otber&anb tbe narrow leaueb flower &eluce 
iaftofallisuttu Portugal anb ^papne tbep flower at tbe later enbe of atu* 
tumne,a Utle before winter* «5* The Names. 

%W berbe t$ calleb in areeke anb ag aitbcneutf , anb Cfceopfyattug 

\jOUte^if : tn>Latine,Iris,Conlecratix, Radix Naronica. 

Cbatkinbewijofeflower is of purpleanbbleweig calleb offome iris Gcr- 

manica:mS>bop^ Iris,of Ot^eC0 Lilialis, anb Spatula.tnCngltfl)alfO Iris: anb 

of fomeblew flower iaelucetanb garbenflagge^:tn3italtan,o^4^r^c7/^ 
ceiette : in S>pamlbe , urh cardeno : in btgb iaoucbe, Blauw d^ilgen , 3Slauw 
fecbwertel^immel £>cbtuertel:in bafe #lmatgne> 25lauw &iGty:tti f rencb, 

Cbat kinbe witb tbe wbtte flower, i$ calleb of tbe moft part Iridcm floren- C 
tinam:m^boppe$,3!reo^,(efpeciallp tbe tyieb rooted )bptbewbtcb nameit 
feknouienoftbeClotbtoo^er^anb^aper^: fojwttbtbeferooteg tbepbfe 
to trtmme tbeir clotbeg to make tbem fleets anb pleafant : tn Cnglifb, r©btte 
flouier 2aeluce,anb offome 3ti$ fltotenttne:anb tbe rooted be commolp calleb 
3lreo0:tn3italtan,%//o btanchein fun^Umbe bianche.-in btgb ^oucb^tol* 
tjourt^trieif^toliiJurt^tnneatberJDoucblanbjUDitZLtfcb:^ tberoote^of 
tbi^ujbtte flower &eluce,aretubgeb fo^ tbe belt 3lreojBf > efpectallp toben toe - 
f^aii baue neebe to bfe of tbe bueb rooted 

Cbatktnbetobtcb bearetb t^efatrepurple flower, tj^noVD calleb tn)Lattne, 
Lufitanica iris,anb iris ferotina 3 tbat to to fap^ozttngalelrt^, anb late3rtg; 
tn 2aoucb,e,&pabe)ttfcb,anb)ltlcb ban^o^tegalU 
3 f tnallp,t^atkinbetiott^ tljenarrotj3leauej8?,t0callebin?Lattne 3 irisangufti- 

3tt folia, 

. The feconde Booke of 
folia,0t Iris tenuifolia,anD Iris Carrulca:m Cuglifye, &bttO\Xtt DlaDeD ^ttOgt 

fyT he Nature. 

Clje 3[reo0 rooted being petgreeneanD newegatbereD, areboate anD Dtp 
fa tb e tbttDe Degree , $ tbep burne in tfjemoutb oz tbzote toben tt>ep aretafteb: 
but tuben tbep be Dzp tbcp are euer oz annates bbate but in tbe feconD Degree: 
neuertbeleflfc tbep be euer Due in tbe tbirDe Degree, 

CbegreeneanD new gatfjereD rooted of 3ri0, anD fpectallptbeiupcetber'j 
of ,Doo purge DownetdarDe migbtilp , anD bang foojtb pellowe cboler,anD al- 
moft al umterity bumour0,anD aretberfoje gooD againft tbe Dtopfie:but tbep 
map not be taken but in fatal quantitie, anD pet tbep ougbtto be tuellmingleD 
tuitb tbinge0 tbat coole: fo % otberurife tbep tuil inflame tbe berp boiuel^ 

2$ut tbe fame roo te DueD, pzouofcetb not tbe bellp , but it p^ouofcetb bane, 33 
anD bieafcetb tbe (lone. 

Cberoote0 of 3rt0 bang foo^tb tbe ffo tt)er0,U)betber tbe fame be receiueb c 
into tbe bobp, o^cotuiepeD in uutb!&eirarte0, o^el0mingleD in batbe0 anD 
fteu)e0mabe fo? tbepurpofe. 

Cbe fame rooted Doo cienfe tbe bteaft anD tbe lunged, anD ripe tougb ffeme a* 
anD flimie buinottr&anD tbep loofe tbe fame anD make tbem tbinne,$ tbep are 
gooD againft tbe (bojtneffe of bjeatb,anD an olDcougbto bemipeDuritb fugac 
op bonie>anb often taken into tbe moutb o t UckeD on. 

Cbe fame tooted Dto nfeenuntb bineger oz water , are gooD againft tbe In- <£ 
tinged anD ftinginge0 of £>cozpion0 anD otber benemoug beafte0. 

%\)\& roote i0 berp gooD f op tbem tbat are troubleD untb tb e paine anD ftop* f 
ping of tbe milt op (plene, $ fru tbem tbat baue anp member fyzonken,ozfp k zong 
out of iopnt,oz DifplaceD,o: taken tbitb tbe Crampe,fttSe o i benummeD. 

Cbefamerboteo: tbepbtjoD^r tbereof put into tbenofe,caufetb £>ternuta- <8 
lion dintefing,anD Dzatoetb fooztb tougb>colDe,anD flpmie bumour& 

Cbefameroote niingleD tuitb bonp,Dotb munDifie anD cienfe corrupt anD $ 
filtbp blcerfranD D^awetb fooztb fbiuet0 , anD fplintertf of toooD , anD bzofcen 
bone*, out of tbe flefyc , it Dotb alfo regenerate anD increafe nevue fletye , it 10 
berp gooD againft tbe blcer0 anD blifter0 of tbe fingers? anD to e# , tbat rife a* 
bout tbe naple0 afro ell in tbe banDe0 a0 in tbe feete , $ toitb tonuenient opletf 
anD opntmente$ it belpetb tbe impoftume&anD cbappe0 oz rtfte$ of tyefonDe- 

Cbe tddtetf df 3ri0,anD tbe rooted of wbite $ elleboj, witb ftoife afmucbe 
bonie t0 gooD to annopnte tbe face,againft tbe lentile0, freckles, pimple&anD 
all otber ipatf e#anD blemi^es of tbe faee,fot tbep cienfe tbe fame. 

Cbe fame mingleD ttity ople of Eofe0 ig gooD againft t&e bcaDacbe^ljen 
ft #annopnteD fyertoitb* 

CbebeftanD moftcomiement in meDtrme , are tbe 3lreo0 rooted tD^tcbe 
growe in feclauonta: tbe tier 1 t0 tbe Hri0 of £^aceDoma,anD tbe tbirDe beft \$ 
tbat Wbicbegrotuetb in Africa, a$ fefofcoziDeg anD ^liniew^ite , but tbe 3t- 
f ricart 3[red$ i$ mucbe DifcommenDeD of aalen* nt tW Dap tbe tobite Ireos? 
10 tatvenfdt tbebeft,efpeciallp tbe 3reo0 of f lozence, wtytyz i0 calleD in (trop^ 
Jiteo&aub 3^00 f loientina of tbe bafe 3lmatgne& 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. 1 95 

<&f fmall flout'c 3>date.oi oroatffe ftetw. ^Iiap.rcctii. 

r Description. Chama?-iris. 

i^at fcinbe of flagge, u?We toe b o 
notue calltbeftnall floure&eluce, 
batbnarmu long biaDesr, almofte 
iifce tbe leaue£ of tbs rigbt <5labin, 
but of a biouwer greene, $ fomeuui^at tljic- 
Her* Cbe ftalkeg arc fyoiter tbatbeleauetf, 
but onelp of a (panlong ? tbe xotyitl) Do beare 
two oitb.teefmall floured bpon ftwtefteg, 
ftanbing all togitber at tbe beep top of tbe 
Capb ftalfce&anb not one aboucan otber a# 
ott^er flagged* Ct)efe floured are almoft: 
UU tfteflo ure# of tbe otber flagged, fautng 
tbat tbep be fmalier, $ tbe tfyzee firft leauetf 
t^at bangeboxuneujarli^auenotfucl) bsa* 
rie fttakesotiine^a.sareto bepercepueb in 
tlje otber floure Belucesu Cbeir colour fo^ 
tbemoft parte tea clears bleuie,fl:i;akeb itt 
certapne places toiib finall lines* $point& 
of tubite $ pellotu , aiongft tbeftbe# of tbe 
leaned tbat bang botuneiimrbeg ♦ %tytp be 
of a pleafant fauour, fmeeter anb ftronget 
tbananpof tbe otber floure2Beluce& %\)t 
roote t0 barbe, bzoxrme untijout,anb tiiljite 

jjt The Place. 

fcinbe of a flagge i$ founbein tyi# 
countrie in tbe garbens of l^erbozifteg* 

jig* The Tyme. 

3!t floured Ijere inswap anb 3\m> 

The Names. 

Cbi£floure2Dclucc map tuellbecalleb in<BmUx^k^ » Chama?iris:tl)at 
i# to fep ? SdtDarffe Jrco&oz tbe fmalleft floure Beluce, bpcaufe it is: tbe leaft of 
alltbeflaggctf* ( €\}z§zz$&iifte$bo notecallit ins lityrica. 3lnb Co botbalfo 

Hermolaus Barbaras in Core ,1'ario. 23lit Antonius Mufa in Examine Simpliciu, 

bot!)berpU3ellbeclare,tbattbt0i0not iris illyrica. 

. 'T heT emperament and Ferities. 

f lagge alfo & ijoate anb bzp,leauing (u>ban it ig cbetueb) a certapne 
Ijeate bpen tbe tongue,a# tberootcg of all ttje otber flagged bo. 

«£>f unto |rco0/ Attacking 0latrfn/ of ^poutfle^ 

♦J* The Defcnption. 

I^e ftmcWngflagge dSlabpnbatb longnarroto blabeb leaned like to 
tbeleattetfof 3|reo# oztbe floured ce,but a great bealefmaller anb 
of a barfte greene colour,of a lotijfome fmell oz ftincke,almoft like bnto 
tye fttnefcing 'yjopxtt calleb in &atiue c im ex.^tje ftaifce t£ rounbe,bpon toijiclj 
grotuetb floured l&eto tbefloure Belice ? but fmatler anb of a grap> oi al^pe co* 
lour: \ubantbep are gone.tbere appeare great bufoe£0£ cobbed ? toberein is> 
rounb reb feebeftec^e grapne o jbearie of tije quantitie of a little rotmbe peafe* 


196 The fecond Bookeof 

■QDlje roote to long anbberp fyteebp* 

The Place. 

Cl)to Ijetbe to a ftrager in iS^abant, 
foz tt 10 Celbome fount) in tbat countrep 
outoftbegarbengof l£erbo£ifte&3|t to 
berp comon in Cnglanb,efpeciallp neare 
to tbe feafibe, growing in ftonie placed 
bp bcfcgetf an& tl)e boibettf of woobctf* 


3[t floutetb in ^ttgnft , anb tye feebe 
to ripe in September* 

# T^f Names. 

tCbtoberbetocalleb m<l53teefee |i3eic: 

in jlatine Xyris ,anD Iris fylueftris : in 

^>boppe# Sphatula £>panifye 
Lino spadanak in flEnglify ^tinfcing gla* 
&pn,3pourgewo#e,$ wilbe3lreo$:in 
jfrencbe GUieuipuante.-va bigb 3©oucbe 
i©elfcb £>cbwertel,r©anbtleu$fcraut: 
tn bafe3ilmaigne8aabtlupfctupt,wilbe 
)lifcb>anb ftincfembektfci)* 

fyThe Nature. 

Jit to boate 9 bip in tbe tbitb begree, 
of power to cut anbmafeefubtilU 

*Jt TheVertues. 

Cbe feebe of tbe ftinfcing <lMabpn,ta- 
fcen in weigbt of balf a b^am piouofcetb 
tuinemigbtplp, % taken witb bineger it 
botb waftanb curetbebarbnelfeanbftoppingof tbe^elte or £>pleene* 

tlCbe roote of ftinfeing dSIabpn pounbe witb a little wrbegrto,a little of tbe * 
roote of tbe great Centojp,^ alittle l£onp,b*awetb fottb alfcinbeg of tboineg, 
fplinter^ano biofcenbonetf, anb to berp goob foi tbe wounbetf, anb tyufetf of 
tbe beab,to Dtaw foottb tbe bf ofcen bonetf* 

Cbe fame mengieb witb bineger botb confume anb wafte colb tumoto anb £ 
CWellingg being lapbe tbetebpom 

Cbtoberbebtpuetb awap anb fcilletb tbeftinfctngwotmes ot <$otbe$cal'& 
ieb Cimici, iftbeplace wbetea$ tbep baunt oj ingenber,be rubbeb witlj ttje 

€op\t flagge/ojt #IaDtoll Cljap^jcrbt^ 

fyThe Defcriftion. 

^ to d&labpn 1 Come flagbatb long narrow biabc&l&e to tbe biaHejsf 
amongft tbe wbicb tbere fpnngetb bp a rounb ftalfce of a cubite log, at 
tbe toppewbereoftberebangetb in oibetfapie purple floure#,oneaboue an o* 
tber,after wbicbe tbere commetb rounbify buffceg, trn^z^ in tbtee parted, aU 
moftlifce to tbe buffcetf of i^pacintbe oi 3!acintbe,in wbicbe tbe feebe to contep* 
neb*Cbe roote to like bnto two rounb bulletteg fet one bpon an otljer* 

+§• The Place. 

to dSlabpn to not founb in tbto coutrep,but in tlje gatbetf of i£erbo#to* 


CI? to ®labpn floured in t^ to co untrie in <3® ap anb jjune. 

the Hiftorie of Planted 


Cljte fterbe calleti in ; dSreefce f^fy. 
$of fome f»«x* , p^ vw> ^.^* (r > avo H ! ui 

tine, Gladiolus, Of 3pUletU0 Gladiolus | 
icgttalis,anD Lingua ceruina.fcnfcnOWenj 

tn fyopg: tn Italian, a/0w«"/> m fepa< ( 

tl\S) 9 Gladiolo dientreslos panes Ssl fOllte Vic-,' 

toriaiismi^oucbe, 3Ulennanl)anufcb: 
tjac map calttin englifl^Coine d&laDuu J 
Cojneflag,anD ttgbt c&iaDitn j 

T be Nature. 

<Cbe roote of Come <51aDm,e(|iectal« 
Ip tl)e bppcrmofl; , Dotb Dipe ri make Cub* 
til 3 anD fyatt) a title Djauung qualttte, a# 

6alHl W£ttett)* # T he Vertucs. 

% ^tjebppettooteoftt)i$(i5iabmpoiMi> 
wttb jf ranfeenfence anD wine , Dtawettj 
foottu tlior.ies , anD tbingetf tljat fticke 
faft in tbeflefye* 

j3 •Cbe fame roote mtngleD wttb lltwap 
meale anD btmpeD water(calleDI£pDto* 
mell)Dort) waftc anD make fubtilUrDe 
lumped ozfwellingesu 

^ tlDijep Cap alfo tbat tbe tipper roote 
Djonken tn wine , piouofcetl) mentis , o: 
boDilp pleafureanD tbe lower roote cau- 
fctb barrenneflfe, 

T/;f Defer iptt on. 

3Ilpnricbion ^ati^ two o.tttytce 
w long, narrow,Utleleaue$, from 
& wbtcb geowe bp rounDeftemg, 
^ about balfea footelong, on tlj e 
topped of tljem, groweberpfaire little 
flowers of a ligbt blew 01 fete colour, fo 
growing bpcourfe one after tbeotber, 
tbe one of tbem Us euer open anD fpzeaD, 
anD tljat ftanDetlj alwapetfat t^e top, tn 
faQjio almoft ipfce t^e flower* of 3lreo^, 
btttfmaller , anD fomewtjat Differing in 
pjopouion.aif ter tbe fapDe litle flower* 
tbere appeare fmalMong, rounDe bnoptf 
ozljurbe^, wbereintbe feeDe growetb* 
Che roote Do tb almoft make two rounD 
beaDeg ,lpfce£>npon0o;t23ulbo0, mod: 
commonlp placeD one tappon another, 
wbicb aretnclofeD a# it were in certatne 
litle boufeg* w/k pucc^. 

%W plante grower!) m^ozttngale 
anD <fepatne: et t$ fcetp felDome founD in 
f iaunDer&fauingiu tfee garDe* of fome 
toligentl£erbojifte& Etij *rh* 


The feconde Bookc ot 

# The Names, 

%ty dSreciang call tW plante ™«eiWit i$ called alfo in JUtine of #Ume, 

Siryririchium:m^^oppe$,anDjdo^tuigal 5 ^o^el^aW* 

# 7"A* Nature and Fertues. 

^ifpnttcbtum tg of a template completion , anb goob to be taten : Cfte 
3Iunciente£ Dpb accompt it amongft tbe number of rooted tbat map be eaten, 
anb tbe^pauiatbes anD 0ottingalegattbi0bap,bo bfe tt fo^foobeoimeate* 

H TheKyndes. 

Cljere ate founbe tb*eefcmbe£ of 3|ri£23ulbofa* 

♦£1 Dejcripton. Bulbofa Iris. 

1$C firftfcinbe of BuHmg 
\ jreotf , t)t# biabejs be log, 
' narroiue , anD (trakcD , or 
crefteb,toel like tbe leaueg 
)ofp pellotueatfpbobilrbte 
rtaike t£ almoft of a cubite* 
iong,intbfctoppe uiljereof grotoe beau- 
tiful flo\uer£,in fatyion lifce tbetiotoetg 
of 3]reo&of abtaue anb ejcceilet colour, 
bttmxt purple anb Hue colour : after 
tbemcommetb long anb tbicfeecobbeg 
oit)tif^e0 iniubtcbe tbefeebegrouuetb* 
Cberooteitf after tbe manner of $ul< 
bu&tbati£rounblpfcea Saffron bead 
oi£Dnpon,£ wbicb.tob* n it it inflou>er> 
fciuibetb it feife inttuapn^ ,o£tu)o 2$ul« 
bu# rooted 

t Cbe tber in leaned \$ like to tbe firft, 
but l)t0 fioiucrtf are pattte coloured, toz 
tbe leaues of tbe iitle flouierg tbat bang 
ozturne bouiueiuarbetfate fometubat 
tubtte^ tbe leaueg tbat grou) DpuiarD, 
are of acleare 01 Ugbt bleuie colour,altb 
tbe litle leauetf of tbe fapb final flou>er£ 
ace leffe tben tbe tft er&anb tbe cobbed 
be longer anb tb inner* 

Cbetbtrbeitfliketotbeotber, but it 
5 bearetb a flower altogitberof apleafent 
pellotu colour. rh* puc^. 

Cbefirftfeinbe tefounbero Cnglanbe* 
Cl>e otber ttuapne gro m in §>papne anb jBo^tingale* 

z, > . ifcTheTy me, 

Cbe flowers of tbtfe ftrangeplantetf ,boo fyewe tijem felttetf commonlp in 
June, in bafe Slmaigne tobere as tbep are fcantlp fcno wen 1 ^arblp founbe, 
fauing in tbe garbentf of fomebtligent i£etbojifte& 

*j*T he Names. 

Cb& flower & calleb novo in katme, Bulbofa iris,bpcaufe it tyatlj a ©ulbutf 
roote,anDafiowerlpfce3|reo& 23ut ftfeemetljto be ApuieiusBulbus,calleD 
m <£refce <Vi€°*e@-,anb Hicnbuibus: tbep call tbte plantem £>papne,efpectaUp 
tbat witt) t&e pello we Sotxier uu Bue* . anD wemap call tt »ulbujj Jreotf ixt 
engUty* # the 


the Hiftorie of P kntes. i $ $ 

The Nature and Vertues. 

Ctje nature of tin* feinDe of 23ulbus oz flo wer>torit!j ftitfbemtctf are no tpei 
fcnou)en,bpcaufe tbere is no experience maDe of it as pet 

#f tlje pellotbe mint f 1*00/0? ftotwe ©clut e, 


^| !^e tntlD pellou* 3riS o£ flototi 
' &eluce , bat!) long narrotoe 
flagged ozblabes , altuoftlpfce 
to tbe r igbt 3iris bz garDeri flagge , but 
a great D ea!e longer anD narro \u er D erp 
IpfcetotbeblaDeof a long anD narrotoe 
Double eDgeD ivoaioc » Cbe llalfces be 
rounUejfmooti^anD boloiu,at tbe toppe 
tobercof ;grotuetb tbe pcllotue flotuer 
toitbtbetbzee ieaues banging bourne- 
\DarDeS>lifceto£ garDe fiotuer Beluce, 
& t\)itz mounting bptt>arDeS>buttbei> 
are fmaller tbe tbe leaues £ bag Doiune* 
tuarDeS*i©be tbepare paft tbere come 
bp tbicfee triangleD coDDes oz buffces, in 
tobicb is contepneD targe pellow feeDe* 
tbere,anD fometimesit batb otljerfmall 
tootes banging bp it,anD manp tljzeDDp 
ftrtngs, of a fletylp eolour toitbtn,anD sf 
arougi) attrtngent d£ binDing tafte* 

C The Places. 

•CtysunlDe pellotue Jn^grotoetli 
in mopft places >anD low meDou)es,anD 
in tbe borers anD bzinfces of EiuerS, 
pouDes.anD lafcesrberp commonin cEn* 
glanD,jfiaunDerS> ^ot'oer Countries jfrTheTyme. 

CbtS flower ©eluce oz uiiiDe 3jriS flowzetl) in $pap anD 3lune» 

4L The Names. 

WW toilDepellow Jtig is no we calleD in Hattne, Pfcudoif is Lutea: anD of 
fome Syiueftris irislutea,itl)atbbenecalleD in ^>boppeS> Acoron,anD batb ben 
taken in meDicinefoz tije fame,no t witbout great err our, lolte , anD Danger o£ 
tbe ficke,asit is of DtuerSlearneD men now Derp welnoteD: anD fo v z tbat caufei 
it isalfo calleD Pfeudoacorus,tbat is to fap,falfe ozbaftarDe AcorusrinBottcb, 
<Seel&cbwertel,geei walD &>cbwertel, $ Bzafcenwurt? : inbafe 3lmaigne^ 

d5eel tUtlt 7lifCb,anD ©OJCe bOOUent itl tfttnt\) y Glayeul baftarde, $ Flambe bajlardei 

in engltfye,tbe pellow wiiDe 3ris,tlje pellow flower Beluce,«2UDe flagges* 
water flagges 3 auD )Uuers>o£2leuerS * 

(f The Nature. 

%ty pello we baftarDe 31ris bis roote is colbe anb Due in tije tbtrbe Degree, 
* of aftringent oz binDing facultie,lpfee to tlje rootes of Cozmentill 9 ^iftozte, 


%Mz roote of pellotoe fldtoer ^eluce,o? baftarDe ^ris bopleb intoater anD % 
Dzonfeen.(toppetl)tl)eblooDpfiijre,anDot^erflupesof tljebelip : attfiftoppetft 

Kutj blooD 

100 The feconde Bookc of 

bloob from tobencefo etiertt flotuetb , $ tuomeng flowers? intubat Ontfoeuet 

tt be taken, pea if tc be miuiftreb but outurarblp onelp eptber in plapftertf di m 


iljt T Defcriptton. 

15 e vubite Htllte bi£ leaueg be long anb 
bioabc , anb foinc\i)t)at tbtcUe 0; fat,a* 
inongO; p u>bicb fpjingetb bp a tfraigbt 

Lilium Candiduii^Scc. 

ftemme 0; ftalfee of ttjiec foote long ot mote, fct 
anb garnityeb nritfy leaned front tbe roote to 
tbe toppe, tubtcb bp litle anb Utle as tyep gtovu 
bp totoarb tbe top , bo tuajre finaller,Qt fmaller. 
Jntbe top of tbefapb garnifljeb ftcmine growe 
ling Tiit \m , bitubcD into fipe fniall , long, anb 
narrow e leaner > wbtcb e bane in tbe outfpbe of 
«uerp leafe,a certapne ftrafte 01 ribbe,but toitb- 
in tbepare aitdgtt^cr of an ejet client ftpnpng 
SpuretDbiteiolour, bending fomeUJbatbncfc- 
tuarbetf at tbe top, in tbemibbleamongfttbefe 
leaue$,tber bang bpo fijee berp fmal ftem&fijte 
final pellotu po intetf 01 litle marfee& as it in ere 
grotuetb anotber long bpttgbt anb triangleb 
ftemme, tbiefcertben tbe reft, anDlpke to tbe 
Clapper of a Bell* Cberoote telpbeto agreat 
€>npon> 01 ratber a garftfce beab compacte anb 
mabe of bittern cloues 01 fternelle& 

£ T he Places . 

%%z\sfy\ti1li\\it$ be berp common not on* 
ip in tbi£ Countrie ,but inallplaceg ete tuyere 


fcinbe of iLillte^ bofy flower at tbe beginning of June 01 tbere about* 

# 7"^ Names. 

Cbe tobite Tttllie ig calleb of tbe <btztim$w*v w ^ptop, of fome *«*.vffv> 
anb xe'v^vfltiuop: tbeplantete calleb *ew*m. Jt ig calfob in Ratine , Lilium , anb 

Rofa l unonis;iu^bOppe0, Milium album :tn Italian anb Giglto biancho: 

in ^panify,^***™* in &oucbe,r©eif? <£Ugen, ojtoeif? Jltlgen: in jftencije, 

Ljs bUnc. 

T he cattfe oftbeNami . 

Conttautineumtetb tbteof tbe XUllie, tbat toben Jupiter bab begotten 
$ercule$ bpon #lcumena,anb being befpzoutf to mafcebim immoitall , be car- 
rpeb bint to fucfee Juno bte tuif e>tobtle£ ft e wag tteeping,anb tuben be petrel 
ueb tbecbilbe to bane Cucfet W fpH> be dietuebtm from ber bzeaft , bp meaner 
tubereof tbere fell great ftoic of mplke from tbe bieafte* of Juno , tbe grea- 
teft parte tubereof tuasfpilt in braticn anb fell bppon tbe &ttte#, tubereof 
tbefigneanb marfeeremapnetb at tb& bap, tbat is; to fap , tbat tubite anb mil* 
fete luap t&at goetfc t^ouglj ^eauen , from tlje ^ou^ to tlie ^>out^ ( calleb t^t 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. 201 

Jtatute via haea) : reft fell bpon tlje ut% thereof fptang tbefeftfliieS, - 
in tbe flottres UJbereof,tbereremapnettj tbeberp tubitenelTe of tbefapbe mfibe: 
anbbereof itcameto palfe,tbatt1)is floureuias called in Ratine iunov^ tela, 
tljatiStofap,3!unos rofe* 

J^The Nature. 

Cbeffoures f tli e txiljite itt tiite aretjoate, and pattelp of a fubtile fubttance* 
Clje toote is dip in tbefirftdegreejanb boatein tljefecond* 

jfrTbe Vertues. 

Cberooteoftbeujbtte&illiefodbe in ponied toater and dionfcen, dt?itftlj 31 
fottb bp tbe ftege ail corruption of blouD , as Plinie &petb* 

Ctjefamerofted, oipoundeandtoell mengled luitb ople of iftofe&Dotljfof* 
ten tbebardneflfe of tlje 3)£attijr,$ p k touo&etb tbe monetylp tetme&being lapde 

Cbefamepottnde\joitbl)onp,iopnett)tog^ conlu* <£ 

metb oi fcoutetb awap tbe blcers of tbe bead called atcbozes,and curetb all ma* 
ner of naugbtie fcurumelTe , attoell of tbe bead as of tlje face , and is good to be 
lapde to all diflocations oi placet out of topnt* 

Cijerooteoftbeurtnte&tliie mengled uritb bineger 0^ tbe ieaues of l$m< & 
bane, op iSarlep nxeale,curetb tbe tumojtf and impoftems of tbe genitois* 

Cbe fame bopied inbineger,caufetb tbe Comes utyicb be in tbefeete to fail c& 
of,if ttbefeeptebpont^efapDeCoine^a^aplapftei: bptbefpace of tljieedapes 

Clje fame mengled uitt^ ople ox greafe,bringetl) tt>e &eare agapnebpon pla* f 
ces tbat Ijaue bene either burned o^ CcalU ed* 

Clje fame toote rolled in tbe embers,o* toeil pounde toity ople of tilofeS, tS <S5 
good againfttljefoulebzeakingout calleD tijeuuldfire*3It curetb allbutningS> 
anD clofetb bp blcers* Cbe fame bertue ^aue tbe leaues ♦ ^oteouer tbep are 
good to be lapde bpon tbe bpttngs of Serpents* 

Cbe iupce of tije leaner bopleb untg bineger and bonp tn a bzafen pipfcen o£ !^ 
ffeillet,is berp good to beale $ mundtftebotb olde blcers and greene toottndes* 

Witty tbe floured of /liiiies tbere is made a goob €)pie> to ftipple, molltfte $ 3 
btgeft 3 epcelleuttofoftent^cfpneu)eft anb to cur&fte baroneflfeof tbe ^atrtp 

C^efeeDeofittlUesisgoobto bebionkenagatnft tlje biting of £>erpent& & 

&Ulyt ^lenge colour / ant> teDf e purple 

duties* Cbap^litK 

>^)i- ThcKyndes. 

anbcommonrebbeXtllic, tbefeconb is great, anb tije tbirbe is of ameane 
fife oi quantttie. 

The Befcr 'tpion. 

gj l^e fmallpurpleltllie , ^is (lalfees be almoft of tlje lengtb of balfe a 
^ifoote,fetfullofnan:otobarfeegi:eene leauesttl^e floures infafftion 
Mare like tljeflouresof tbe tu^ite Millie, fauingtbep are tuitbout fa* 
sJuour, anbofafyiierebbecolourjlptincfeleb ot pouberebuiit^blacfee 
fpecfees: tljerootes be alfo rounb, anb tutt^ cioues o* feerneis lifee to t^e rooteS 
, "Cbe greater reb Millie grouietlj to tbe ^etgtft of t^eto^ite KLillie, anb tbere 
gto\»etb oftentimes bpon one ftalfcettuentp,fuie at nwentie ox t^trtiefloures> 
0? moe, of a ft)?mn$ pellotorify reb be colour, $ Ipecfeleb wity berp fmali blacfee 


101 The fecond Bookeof 

QjOtteS,o: little popnteb marfccsastljcotljer* ^e rooted Liliu purpureu. 
alfo nUt\)t ofyer, foiling it is fonttutjat fmaller* 
? C^tincb rebbe&illiets in grouty Ijtg^er tljan tlje firft, 
pet notVo Ijigl) $ tal as tije feconbe* Htyg kinbe of gillie bea* 
retlj at tlje toppe of tlje ftalke, anb alfo amongft Ijis leaues as 
tt u>ere certapne pppes 0^ ciptters , luijiclje tf tljep befet in ttje 
groiinb,\mllgrou) , anb after t^eeoz foure peares tljep uull 

The Place. 

Ctyefekinbesof billies areplanteb infome garbens,efpe* 
tiallp in tflaunbers anb d5ermanp,but in fomecouutrieS tljep 
grotu unlbe in rougl) ant) Ijatbe placet 


C^ep floure in apap anb 3|une, 

# The Names, . 

%\>z reb purple &illie is calleb in <l5*eeke 

in Ratine Lilium rubrum, Lilium rufam : anb Of Ouide itiS 

calleb Hyacmthus. Paufaniascallet^ oneof tljefekinbes Co- 

mofandalon:t^e JtalianS GigUoJaludtic0,$fomtC^ttyzqpZte W^J 

teftktnbe cMArugon-Xt is calleb in &oucijelftootgolt<t5ilgen* 

*J* *v*#/e ^ the Name. 

€)f tlje rebbeiUUte €mibettnptett)ti)is, t!jat it came of 

t^e blOUb Of t^e 230p Hyacinthus, %\)Z tDt)lCl)e 3tpollO(bp ttti£ 

fortune flue)inplaping\joitij Ijim, fo as tije gcaiTe anb ijerbes 
toerebebetueb attU fpzincfeleD initlj fyeblo ub of feint* nafeere* 
bpon it came to paflfe immebiatelp bp ttje commaunbement of 
3pollo,tbat fye eartfe bioug^t f oitl) a floure alto gitljer like to 
a JUllte,ftutng it teas rebbe, as €>uib unpting in t^e tent^ 23odfee of tyis <R9e* 

Eccc cruor,qui fufus humofignauerat herbas, 
Ddinit effc cruor,Tyrioqi nitentior oftro 
Flos orirur,formamqj capit quam Lilia:fi non, 
Purpui cus color his.argenteus eflet in illis. 

3(nb foaaperpetuall memojieof ttje23op Hyacinthus, Apollo naineb tljefc 

■*Sf The Nature and Fertues. 

Clje nature anb bertues of tljerebbe fillies ate pet frnfenotten, bpcattfe 
tfeep arenot bfeb inmzUant. 

The Defcription. 

©etoilbe)tillie^at^a(fraigljtrounbe ftemmefetfull of longleattes, 
at tfee toppe tutjereof tbere groui fap^e pleafant floures, in pzopottton 
mncij like to ttje gillie, DhiiW^ into ftjee fmall,tl)icke, anb fleffyie 
leaueS,benbingo£ turning bacfetoarbesalmofl; like a ring, of an olbe 
purple oi Dtmrne incarnate colour, poubereb 0^ baCtite u?it^ fmallQjotteS, anH 
vuttljout anp fpeciallfmell « Cljeroote is like to tlje common garben )Ullte,fe* 
uing it is fmaller anb pelloto as golbe* 

JfcThe Place. 

'C^iSljerbegrotoet^infbme places of 3llmatgne, asint^e tuoobes,^ me* 
botDesujftofefituation ojttaobing is l)pon S^ountapnes: but in tW cout^ 

' trep 

the Hiitorieof Plantes. 
trie fyep plante tijem in garDen& 


CI)ett>ilDekilliefloti>£etb in 3?ape anD 3une* 

tfj* The Names. 

Cfctefloto^eitf calleD offomein<!5teefce »^ok^iV: 

fokatme,Uliumfyluettre ; atlUltlfO me placed AfFodil- 

lu^amongft tlje 3Kpotbecarie0>attD iff bfeD fot tlje ttgbt 
Afphodcius(butt)erp ertontouflp : in€nglifye,r©ilDe 
jtillie : mf renc^e,z///rf*^.tl)e Jtaltang call it cuar- 

tagonUliD tl)0&pantatDej6i,oiw<ir/7/w in tyljjlj 230UCi)C, 

(golDtDBrt^anD l£eptmifcbblumen: inbafe3Umaigne, 
U,elifcens ban Caluarien,^ epDentf bloeme, anD r©iiDe 
&elien: fometafeettfoz woK«MiV,Hcmcrocaiiis, tyoxue- 
bett t i)c floiuer 10 not pellovu* 

7 £j Nature and Vertues. . 

Cbe toilDe jUltie alfo 10 no t bfeD in meDicine,^ ttj crfote 
nature $ bertuesate a# pet l)iDDen,$bnknoweiu 

©oggca tooth* 4%aptjt!th 

££Tke Defcripien. 

|^t^ lo toe bafe berbe, Ijatb fo^t^e mod parte 
buttU)oleaue$, fpecfeleD toitb great teDDe 
fpottetf, betU)i]cttDbtc^etberefpungetbbp a 
little tenDet ftalfce 01 ft emme tuttb one floiucr 
at tbe toppe bangmg D o\uneu)arD ,vu I)kb batlj cettapne 
jTmallleaueg growing together Ipfce an atcbeozbaute, 
anD like tbe tuilDe HtUte, of colour tot ttc 0; pale 
purple,UUcto a Carnation o: foil) colour: out of 
tbe miDDeft of tW flotuer , tbete bange alfo foe 
final tbiomme&oi fljoit tbjteD&uutb title titled 
ozpotnteb note&l&eajff in tbe &illie&3lfter tbe 
flower tbere folowetb arouD fcnop o^lttie beat), 
in uobiclj t\)t feDe i£ cotepneD/Cbe roote i* long 
9 flenDet Ipfee to a Cbebol,uritb cettapne dearie 
tijieDDe&o* (fringes banging at it. 

* 4fe 'T be Places. 

Jtgrotoetlj in Diners places of IJtalp , but 
cbtefelp on tbebilles $ mountapnes of isononia 
it grouiet^ not in ©zabantfauing tof gatDenS 
of certapne Diligent iijerboa&es* 

C The Names. 
^bfetyetbeignOtoecalleD Dcnticulus canis, 

anD Dens caninus, of fomeitttfalfo calleD Pfeu- 

dohermoda&ylus,6fotber£ Saryrio Erythroniu, 

toberuuttjall nottintbftanDing itljaty no ftmilt* 


of JatofcoubeSA^icijeiS alfo calleD *ewF 

Liiiumfyiueftre .bpcaufe tbat tlje flower wbett 

as it ijangetb DotonewarD toujar&e^ £ grounD, 

ts muc^ like to tbe TUllieiM efpeciallp tyewilDe 

Jtillie^fauing itis ettet fmaller* ft rhc 

Lilium rylucflre.M;rt;igon ItalorfJ; 
Araaryllis Hifpanorum, 


Dcnticulus canis-Ephemeronno lcthalCo 

4 Thcfeconde Bookeof 1 

The Nature and Vertues.. 

4Df tbe natureanD bertuc^ oftlji^ berbe wecan aflKrmenottnng,but if it be 3 
Cpbemeron as it feemetb to be , tljen it is gooD f oj tbe teetb , as JDiofcoaDes 
faitb, fo^ as be WJtitetlj, Heater wherein tljeroote is bopleD is wfcoletbme 
anD fpeciallp gooD foi tbe teertn 

Cbe leaned of tbiSljerbe bopleD in wine anD lapDe to, Do fcatteranDDjiue # 
awap all fmall turnout anD wbeales,anD pufyes of tlje boDp* 

6riflIietum£uUn»» <gi)ap<jtltrf, 

(j TheKindes. 

fttjerebetwo foztes of fyis Uillie,wijereof oneljatlj apelloweflower, fye 
ot^er aDatke Crtmtm oipurple flower* 

*5« The Definition. 


©<C p ellowe Mlienon bulbuS> 
bisieauesbelonganD natron 
from amongft wbicb tberefp^in 

Lilium non Bulbofum. 

getlj Dp a nakeD ftaikc of two oi t^tee. 
foote bigb , witbout anp fmall leaues 
growing bp it , attbetop it DiuiDetb and 
parted tt felfe agapne into otber fmall 
Italkes otbtancbcs: upon wbtcb growe 
flowers mucfye Ipke to tbe otber fillies, 
of afamteoz €)cl)ic colour pcllowc, anD 
anb pleafantfweete fmelLCbe rootes of 
tbis kinDe areDiuers antfmanp banging 
togitber,liketbe rooted of tbepellowe 
3tfpboDill oi £>affoutll Calling tljep be 
greater anD tbicker* 

a 'CbeDarke reD anD purple Mlie non 
fculbus , m ftalke $ rootes 'tt like to tbe 
otber , but bis flowers be of a Darke oz 
Dim reD purple colour, fomewbat larger 
tljentbe flowers of tljepellow kinde tbe 
ieaues bealfo larger and rougher ♦ Cbe 
flowers of botb kindeSDolaftbutaberp 
fmall time,not abouea Dap at £ furfyeft, 
etyeciallp tbe purple wbicbefaDetb berp 
iigbtlp, $witberetb often times before 
J&onne fet 4? rfje Place - 

C^efe billies are ftrange in tyis Cou« 
trie $ f launDerS , anD arenot founDefa* 
uing in gardens , wberas tijep grow ea* 
filp,and ptofper weU «5f The nm^. 

Cljep fiower,witl> tbe otljer )Ulltes>anD fomwbatafter,anD fomtimeS tfcep 
flower againe in lutumne wljen tbe wb etb er is milDe anD pleafant* 

i^T he Names. 

CbeftatinifteSbo call tljtS kinDe of Hillies, Lilium nonbulbofum. anD it 
feemetb to be tbat kinde of killie wljicb tbe Grecians call 
caliisrfotas 3(tijeneuS wjitetkit is calleD Hemerocallis onlp,bpcaufe it laftetl) 
buta Dap^ozeouer Hemerocallis is calleD ^e^p.^Ke'vocvfl^opaniLatine, 
Lilium fyiueitre,anD Lilium marmum,wtjictye names are mott agreeable bnto 
rtefekinDeS of billies* %Thc 


the Hiftorie of Pkntcs. 

# The Nature And Vertues. 

Cljefe fctnDetf of tXMz% are neither bfeD in meate no? nteDtcme , anD tyere* 3? 
foie tbeir nature anD bertuegarepetbntmovoen* 

€>f tlje 2tUte of Mejanojfo. tf&apjclbtj* 

*J» T£f Defcription. 

i^eleauegoftbiglunD of zlillie 
are long anD narrotu , amongft 
XDbtcberifetbbp alitlefmootb, 
tenDer ftalbe,at ttje top lobere 

Ornithogalum maius. 

of tgcre gto\ue Diuerg fatre anD pleafant 
flou)er0,ofafl}mtng tubtte colour,anD 
piopontoneD like to alittle/lillie , in tbe, 
mtDleu)l?creof,oueranD abouecertapne 
fmaltbieDDp ftalfees o^ttyommeiMbere 
cemmetb fooztb one fometo^at greater 
tben ttje reft,lpfce to an aglet, ot triagleD 
bufoe, in after tbefalling of,of tbe 
flowers tbe fecDe grotuetb* *&be roote 
i$ rounDe after tbe manner of 2Sulbug 
anD fometDljat great, $ wbtte of colour: 
DiiuDtngit felfeeaftlp tntoDtuer0ot^er J 

CT^ Place. 

t£ alfo a (tranger ferity biOnD it 
feemett) tbat it urns ftrft btougftt from 
ailejcanDna into Stalie anb tbeferegiog 

O; Countries «Jj* The Names. 

^SJltlltettfcaUeD Lilium Alexan- 

drinum : but of 2£iofcojuDeg in d&reefce 


bpcaufetbereis pet another Ornithoga- 
lum, DefcribeD in tbe fiftb parte of tbte 

tDOlfee, tl)i$ i^tberefo^ecalleD Ornitho- 
galum maius. # The Nature and Vertues, 

BtofcouDeg tputetb of 4Dmitbogal,tbat tbebulbug, ojrounD roote tyere* * 
of map be eaten anD bfeD foj meate either ratoe 0? foDDen. 


7'^ere be ttpo fotteg of i^pactntbeg, pet ouer anD aboue Dtuerg otbers; 
ttbicbearealfo counteD l|pacintbe$ , thereof U)e toill u><ute in tbe nejrt 

Chapter* ijtTheDefcription. 

I i)€ firft^pacintbetf tobtct) arecommontntbelotoer d5ermante,baue 
long narroujeieaueg: amongft tobieb fpung bp fmootb ftalfce&tub tcb 
beiugloDen litleflotDer^from tbe miDDle euen bp to ttye berp top , are 
untb tbeumtgbtanD burDenof tbefame,maDecroofeeD,ojfojceD to fal,benDe, 
oi ftoupe.Cbe litle flowers are long anD bolotoe , anD aftertuarDe fometubat 
fpieaD abioDe lifce bnto XL tilte Cxmuall, not fo ftrong in fmell, but pet pleafant 
anDftueete,of colour mod commonlp bletu Ipfcea^ure, anD fometimeg purple, 
anD fometime^ a$ U)bite a^ fnotue,grap,oi afte coloureDrtwbentbefe ftotoer^ 
are falien,tbere foiou) triangleD tyufke£ 1 coDDe£ 3 therein tlje fmall rounDe 
feeDetecontepneD* & Cije 

206 ThcfecondcBookcof 

Hyacinthus vulgaris &c. Hyacinthus Oricntalis &a 

2 <Oje Rental $ pactntbeg are mucfc 
like to ttje afojtefapDe , but U$ leaueg 
ftalkeg anD rooted are greater : anD tlje 
flou)er$ be alfo larger , $ of an ejccelien- 
terbletue colour* 

Cfte common ^pacint&etf Do groto about tlje bobbers of faliotjoeb feelDe? 
anD paftures in fanDpoigrauelp grounD,anD arefounDeinmanpplace&efpe- 
ciailp aboutttaincauntoh,£>totton,$ $®itt, inf> r©eftparte£ of CnglanDe,$c* 

fyTheT yme. 

1 Cftecommon^pactnt^eflo\Diet^aboutt^eenlieof^ape,ani)m3une,oj 
foment rather* 

t Ctje ® Rental I^pacintljeg Do fiotoer before fye common fo^t, fometimetf to 

g^atClje* & The Names. 

%X)tte are calleD in <Ereeke««*M<><- m Ratine , Hyacimhi,^ agfometlnnke, 
ctntije* u)l) erein tlje no te# 01 mourning marker are panteb ; f oj tijep are in ti? e 
reD purple ftttlte&ag before i# fapDe* 

JffT he Nature. 

<Cljerooteof fcpactnttje feD^emtl)efirftbegree,anbcolDetntlje feconbe: 
but t&e feeDe ig Due in tye tljitDe Degree, p et temperate ttuijct I) eate anD colDe* 

jfft hi Virtues. 

^Ctjeroote of^pactnftebopleD marine anD Djtonken, Hopped fye bellp,* 
piouoketi) tyme, anD fyelpett) mm\) agapnft t\)t benemous bitingsof tye feelD 

CijefeeDe ttfof t&efamebertue, anD t^migljtiermftopptngoft^elafke: it # 
fcelpety tljem tbat Ijaue tlje blooDp 8ijce,anD if it be Djonben in ttnne,it i$ toerp 
go oD agapnft c falling (tcfcueffe* 


the Hiftorie of Planted. 

^fdt!)«foitc0of%parimi)e0* €ljap,jclfc 

H TheKyndes. 

B^fpbetf ttjettpo fo k tte# of ^pactatije^CUJ^clje m beebe are t^e ng&t ^pa- 
ctnt^e0)DefccibeDmtt)efozmei: Chapter : tberebealfo Dmer$ ttotuer^, 
urtjict) are alfo tafeen fo } ^pauntyeff anD are noiu recknet> amongfl; tbenn 

Hyaanthus neotericorum primus. Hyacinthus neotericorum tertius. 

•5* The Dcfcription. 

fitft of tfjefe tunbesof i£pacintbe& fjatylong, narrotoe, greene 
ieaueg: amongft u>b*cb are denber ftalfee#, loger tben a ijanD bieabtb, 

^ bearing manptrtmmeflou)er^,grou)mgtogttber,abouttl)e top of tbe 
ftaifce ma duller 01 bunbei Ipfce to a nofegap ozlitlebuncbe of grape&efpectal- 
ij >betoie tbe opening oifpjeabmg abzobe of tbe flo\uer&€t)e roote i# rounbe 
after tfte ozber of #ulbu# o* *2>npon&anb botb quicfeip encreafe aeb multtpUe 
Diuer^ot!)er^'C^efloU3er^arenotmucbebnUke to &ttlte conual,moft com- 
montp of an a?ure o^Oue colour ,tt)Ijerof fome aremoze Owning $ clearer fome 
areofabeepercoiour:fomettme$fyep bealfo to&ite,anb fometimetfpetyall fee 
or tbem cbangmgtoumrbes a carnation ozfieff; colour: thereof the white are 
of a berpfuueete anD pleafant fauour. 

f Jbefeconb 10 fomew bat Ipfce to tlje afojefapb:but leaueg belarger anD 
tt)icfeer,anbtbepipefl:rotuen 0? fpzeaDbpontbegrounbe, ^befiotuer^beal- 
10 greater,anb Doo (lanDe further apart otafunDer one from anotber, of colour 
£u Wto&bz rounD oz Bulbug? rootealfo fo^ bte quantities greater* 
3 Cbeti)irbbi01eaue0alfo are longer anD bzoDertljantbeabouefapD, mucfj 
ime bnto jteefee biaDeg: t&e ftaifce of afootelong, carping manp Dnall boiowe 

ti flou>er& 


Thcfcconde Bookcof 

flo\aer$, groUring to tl)tcUe about tlje top: tljat tbep tyetoe itfee a bjufl; o^dlp. 
water fpuncfcle, attbefirft of afatrc btolet colour, but toben tbep begume to 
tuitl)er 3 of abecapeb o$ olbe toomecolo^fometimeg but berp felbome tobite* 
jf mallp tbe rouuD anb bulbus roote of tbte kiuD of l^pacintbe ftf greater, att& 

Of COlOUr fometi)ljatreDO£purplettHtbOUt* HyacinthusAutumnalis. 

4 CbefourtbtDbtCbet^calleD Hyacinthus Autumnalis, 

is tbe lead of tbefe li^paetntbetf , pea it is leffe tben tbe 
• f itft: tt batb Utle, narrow e,finali,anD tenber leaue&anb 
fmall flenber ftemmetf of balfe afpanlong,at tbe wbtcbe 
growe berp fmalfloujer&of acleare asure 01 flue colour, 
anD f aft) umeD,ti)b eu tbep are o p en,Uft e Utle ftarre&tiritb 
certapne fine , fmall , anb D^o^tt^zeDDe^ growing in tbe 
mtbDeft of tbem,Cbefeebeig mcloCeb in a final trtangleD 
bufke* Cije roote is fmal,pet of tbe fafyion of an £>npon 

5 Cbelaftdf altoljiclj is befcrtbeb of f mWrnS ainongft 
tbe l£pacintbe$, Ijatb fometime$two:, anbfomettmetf 
tbiee fmall leaue#, amongft wbtcbe tl) ere Cpiingetb bp a 
a little (lemme, bearing flue op ftjee, o^ mo flowers at 
tbeberptoppe,euerp one of tbem growing bponafmall 
ftalfce bp tt felfe: eel) e flower batb fipe fmalleaue&f aQjio- 
neb ipke a ftarre wben tbep are fpjeab abtoDe anb open: 
of a flue colour anb fomctimeg wtnte* Sffter tbefefolow 
rounbetmoppegwbereintbe feebe is contepneb* Cbe 
rooted are fmall anb 23uibu0 faa;ioneb,Ufce tbe reft ; anb 
Ipfcebnto Utle4Dnpon&but lefife* 

#J« The Place, 

t tE&efirftfcittb oftbefebafe^paeintftegbo growing 

woobgofatrtopg tbatareneirttotbe loweCountrieof 

(Eermante, inmopft,wet,anb lowe grounbes : anb tjjep 

bealfo often fet anb planteb in garbens : Wbereoftbe 

blew foit igmeetelp common, butttyewtyitearegeafon, 

anb rare to befounbe* 
. -c^efeconbeanbtbtrbebo alfogrow in fucftelpke places of Itaipanb <Ber* 


i Cbe fourtb foit botf) growe in f raunce,efpeciallp neare about tearttf* 
, Cbe ftftb iS meetelp common in <25ermame,tt beltgbtetl) mod in aoob fatte 

•g* The Tim^j. 

<t&e flowers of t&eftrft fcinbe, bofyewe bptimes , as in QBarcbeoi befoze, 
tf tbe weatber be milbe , anb furelp one feinbe of tbefeflo wers , efpeciallp tbat 
witb tbe perfect a?ureojbeepecolour putted foojt&ljis leaned befoteww 
ter 3 anb tbe reft alfoone as winter isgone* 

Cbefeconbe anb tbirbe bo flower afterwatbe* 
. Cbe fourth flowjety laft of all at t&e enbe of fommer,anb begtinnmcr of au- 
tumns * * 


The Names. 

C^eftrft baftarbe l^pactnt&e of t^at fojtt of m\b\xS ^it^t of the auni 
dtntts^S MeD mmeateft anb calleb in JLatinebp t^efurnameof Buibi efcu- 


2 ■CSefeconDet^afomtftenumberBulborumefculentorum. 

3nb fo i$ tbe tbirbealfo,\xibtcbefeemetb to be Buibina^n&rtette/SoxCjk-fo 
btgb &ouc!jett tecalleb 2Steunlmg,6t of fome^on^fenoblauc^mCngl^, 
&ogge£ keefce&anb bull;e o: tufte l^pac tntye* 

4 •Cbe fourtb Mnbe of baftarbel^pacmtbe , tenott>ecallebtn&atme,Hya- 
cinthus Autumnalis:mCnglifl),3Kutumnc l^pacmtbe* 

5 Cbe ftftb i^acttttbe befcrtbeb of tfucbftu&tecalleb tn feouclje , $®m$tl+ 
blumen,anb Qoo^ungblum : tn <£ngUfye,€>ur kabpetf flower* 

# 7v&* Nature and Vertues. 

Cbefe baftarbe $pacmtbe# are trot bfeb tn mebtctne, anb tberfojte of tytit 
nature attb bertuetf tie? nothing u^ttten « Ctyep are planteb in garbentf onelp 


F3tft of ail tbere are ttoo berp fatre anb beauttfttll fcinbetf of jftarctffu&one 
tmtbaCrimfino* reb purple circle tntbe nubble of tbe floxuer ,tbeotber 
■ bautng a pellouj circle, oi a£ it were a Croquet op cup in tye nubble of the 

T he Defcription. 

$ e ftra^arctffU^ Ijatb fmall narrotae leaueg Ipfce&eefce blabe#: tontl) 
acreaebbarena^ebfta*eU3ttl)outleaue?,ofa footeoi ntene incbeg 

& iit long, 

► ThetecondeBookeof 

Narciffus medio purpurcus. Narciffus medio Iuteus primus. 

^arctffug vottl) tlje purple eDgeD ^arciflTus uutl) tbe rellou>e garlanDe 
circle in tlje miDDle* crotonet in tye miDDle,. 

(IjioneD offtpe lirleu>btte leaueg grouringtogtttjer (almoft Ipfce a^zimerofe) 
tn ttje miDDle ui^erof t£ a certapne rotiuDe uj^mcbleD litle ope, 01 cuppe,bo^ 
DereD 01 eDgeD about ttje banfce$,tDttb a certapne rounDe eDge,tiritt)tn tn^tcli 
are certapne fmal ttyicDDe&ot ftemme&unti) pellotoill) tipppeg Ranging bpon 
tijemrafter tbe flower tijere appeare angleD buffeeg,u>bertn grotoetl) t$e feDe 
\Dl)icf)e i# blacfce*Cbe roo te is rounDe anD bulbu&lpfce an €>npon* 

* Cfte otber $arci(Tii£ untb tt}c pellotu cup ot circle in tlje mtDDle,bi£ blaDetf 
befomexoljat longer anD bzoaDeranD notaltbing fo greeneastlje firft:bi£ 
(tallies? be longer anD ttncfcer,anD bppon euerp of tbem tl^ee otfoure flotueri* 
ipfce Unto t^e ftrftjfauing tbep be allpellotoe in tbe miDDle* 

%\)ttz ig alfo a fcinDe of 0arctflu& tbat i£ alfo pellota in ttje miDDle, anD (t £ 
bearetb a great manp mo flotuerg Smaller tijen tbep befo^eDefcribeD* 
3tnD alfo another fotte,tP^ic^ebearet^ Double ftotoertf* 

5 gjpoteouer tberebe otber fiute# of jftarctflug founD,\jJl)ofe garlanD ouircle C 
in tl)e miDDle of ttje floujer£ i£ to^ite,but tyefe be fcerp rare anD Daintie ♦ 

# Tbe Places. 

Cfte tiuo firft fctnDes groto plentifully inDiuerg places of tf raunce,a£ Bur* 
gttnDte,anD &angueDoc,in meDotoesKbut in tbte Countrte tljep growe not at 
al fautng in garDen&totyereatf tljep are fatten ot planteD* 

the Hiflorie of P lantes. m 

%.TktTym<Lj. NarctfTus medio luteus alter. 

^Itlje^arcifTusfoitljemoftpartDo w mL ^ 

gotoer in aiptill,fauing one of tbe firft \\ ^s^m m a 
fcinDeS is foimi^at rather, anD tbere is 
another vutjiclje flouuetljnotbntillttye 
beginning of 3lpap* 

*g« The Names. y 

Ctjefepleafantflotuers arecaileDin i 
<BreeHev«pKtor'©_:ani) in&atine, Nardf- 
ius 3 of fome as untneflTettj zaiofeouDes 

M/'^iofjj/SoX^©- VrtTiKOf.Bulbus vomitorius, 

anD Anydros.bnfenotoenintyoppes: in 
Cngltfye , 0mi\Xii$ , txibtte &affoDili, 
$ piimerofc pierelefife: inljigb Jaoucb, 
of fome, j^arcKrenEo^Im: in bare 31- 
maigne #taralTen,auD ^paenfclje 3 en* 

•§» T,^ f ^//y^ ^ the Name. 

Cijere Eotuets toofce t^etr name of 
t!?e noble poutlj jftartiflitS , ttJ&o being 
often require!) anD muctj DefpzeD of ma* 
np biaue ilaDtes, became of big pairing 
beingDei>ious to be DeliuereD fro tljeir 
importunate futes anD requeftes , ije 
Vuent abuntmg,anb being tbitftte came 
to a fountatne 5 in xo\)it\) ttiljen tje tuoulD 
fyaue Dtonfcen fatue ijis ovune fauour 
anD patting beautie,tbetutyicbebefoze 
tbat time tyz bab neuer feene r anD tbinfeing it IjaD bene one of tbe atmnus H%* 
Dpes tljatloueD bim,ijeioasfo rapt uritlj tbe loueof blm felf,t^at IjeDefpzeD to 
kiflfeanD embrace InmCeif, anD uiijenbecoiD not tafceijolDof bitfoumefoaDottj 
otfigure>beD^eD at tail bp extreme foue of loue, 3in tubofe honour anD perpe* 
tuallreinembzance > tbe eartb (as tlje JBoetes fapne ) bjoug^t foo^ tijis De* 
Iectabie 3 au0 rtpeetefmeliing (fatter* 

^The Nature. 

^arciffuftbutefpeciailp^igroote.i^ftoateanD D:ieint^efeconDe Degree* 

The Vertues. 

•Cljeroooteof ^arcifftt$bopieD,rofteD > ozofyertoapetf taken in meateot % 
Dzinke,caufetljoneto IjaueaDefiteto bomite* 

XbefamepounDetoitlj alittleljonte,iS gooD to belapDebnto butninge&tt 25 
curetb ttje finetues fyat betjurt , anD is gooD againfl; DittocationS 5 anD places 
outof iopnt,anD eafetlj allclDe greefe anD papne of tije iopnttg* 

Ct?erooteof^arci(TuS takettjaioapall lentiles, anD fpottesof tljeface, c 
being mingleD witty ^ettcl feeDe anD bineger : it munDifietij corrupt anD rot* 
ten blcers,anD rtpetij anD bzeaketf? IjatDe impoftumes , tf it be tempereD witty 
ttyt flower ox meale of ^etcljes anD ^onie : anD itDzatoetl) foou ij ttyoznes anD 
fplinters 5 if itbemtjct witty ttyt meale of Jurap anD Ijonp* 

txi The feconde Bookc of 

#f t uflje jSatctffu*, CfiapJt. 

fyTheDefcription. Narcitfus iuncifolius. 

T^anquilltas ( a$ ttjefepaniarbegcall it) to 
JH, alfooftbefctnbeg of tftarcifTus , buttljetr 
leauegbenarrowe, tbtcfce, tounbe, tougb, 
anb plpant,fmootb anD plapne, almoft Ipfce 
ntfye&tbepbealfolonganbof a ftuarte greene co«< 
iour,€be ftalfec0 groto bp to tbe lengtb of a foote,at 
tbe top,\Dbereof grotuefoure 01 ftue,oz mo flotoertf, 
ipfce tbe flou>er$ of tftarciffu&faumg tbep be entailer 
anb of a yellow colour*3]t batb alfo a rounb iambus 
roote Ipfce to tije reft of tbe $arci(Tto , but couereb 
tonty a t&inneblackeflunne oibelme* 

C? he Place. 

3t grotuetb in funbtie placed of &papne , anb 
from thence it toag tyougljt bifyer* 


3Jtfiou^etI) in aipull tutt^ tlje reft of tye $ar* 

jfeThe Names. 

3t to calleb in &paniS),/w^*/&W:anb m'iLatme, 
iuncifolius : bpcauCeof ttje fimilitube it batburitb 
rufl) eg: tue map aifo call it rufy j&arciflfug: it t* calleb 
of J^iofcoiiDegm di5reke,6°*eo> WKo^tyatto in &a* 

tine?BuIbus vomitorius. 

# The Nature and Vertues. 

Cbto roote eaten p<touofcetb bomit , ng tljerobte 
of$tarct(Tu0Dootb 5 x^berebnto in natureitigtjerp 
Ipfce: anb tberefo*e,a£ 2Biofcoiibe£ U3£itetb;it curetb 
tye bifeafes of tbeblabber* 

$f Cttltpfl/Lilionarciflus fanguineus peene. 

^[ The Kyndes. 

%\)tu b e t id fo tteg of €ulpia,a great anb a CmalU 

♦J* T^tf Description. 

great Culpi^ouatber'CulipajbatbttDob^t^ee leaue&tobtcl) 
arelong^btcfee^anbbioabe^anbromeuib^trebbe attbetr firftfpntv 
gmgbp,but after UJb^utbeptoapeelDertbep are ofa\Dl)ttilI)e greene 
colour,U)ttbtbemrifetbbpa ftalfce , toberebptbefapbeleauegate 
fometubat abuaunceb* 3 1 batb at^e top a fatre large $ pleafant flower, of co* 
lour berp biuertf anb bariable,fometime# pellouie , fomcttmes tob to , 01 of a 
purfleb abditt tbe ebgeg at bntnmetf tuitb pello\De,VDbite,oireb ,but pellotu in 
tbe nubble anb bottome of tbe floujer,anb oftentimes blacfee ot fpecfcleb tottb 
blacfcefpotte& oimfcturitbtobiteanbreb: moftcommonlpuiitljoutfmello: 
fauour^be 35ulbu# roote to Ipfce tbe roote of jftarcifiTusu 
3 Cbe leffe Culpia to fmaller,anD batb narrower leaue&anb a filter ftem, 
tbe flower alCo i$ &naller,anb moie openlp bifclofeb, } fpieab abioabe ♦ Cbe 
23ulbu?rootetoalfoCmaUer,anbmapbe DiuiDeD anb parteb iutumpneo^ 


the Hiftorie of Plantes, 21 j 

moje: to&en tlje ftemme jrotoeft bp,tyat tu^tcft tp*foget& in fye neater part 
of tytMktmm to tyeftemof tytswt Culpia,groto>wg nejrt t&e room 

Tulpia maior. Tulpia minor. 

tfreatculpta* &malculpia± 

, Ctjere tgalfo placet) vottli tlje Culpta,acettapne tttange ffotoer, tutyclje 
calleD of fome Fritiiiaria,tDljofe tenDer ftalfceg are of a fpatme long,ttutlj fiuFO* 
(ipelttlenarrotDeleaue^ growing atttjeCame^fjeie gtotuetl) alfoafiovuer 
att^etoppeoft^eftallieU)itl)ftpeleaue0,UHeto tt)eleaue#ofCulpta,bittben* 
Ding ot Ranging DotimeuwrDe&of a purple Violet colour, garmtyet) anu trim* 
meO tiitty certapne toljtrifye biolet marker 0.1 fpotteg on tlje outfifce, ant) fcntlj 
blacfce Ipotteg in fyt mftOe^t tiatlj alto a bulbus oztouuDe toote* 

he Place. 

t %\)t greater Culpta & bjougljt from 6 rece, au& ft e Countrte about Cott* 

2 C&e lefife & fountie about apounte-peUer to tf raunce* 

3 $ rtttllariate aifo founDe about 3ureltam tf rauttce* 

Cfcep flotoerbptunegtotft fte0arct(Tt)8? 3 o?aUtleafter* 

?%> T be Names. 

t %\>z greater ig calleU botft Tulpia, anD Tulpian, anD of foitteTulipa, totyfte 
& a Curfcte name o^ tooiDe,iue map call it MlpnarctlTu& 
% Cftefmalte called Tuiipa 3 oj Tulpia minor,tftatigftefmaU Culpian: auD 

itig neither Hermodadylus , noj Pfeudoherm.Qda#ylus. 



The feconde Bookc of 

Meleagris Floi, FritilUria <juorunda<m 

t Cfte tljitD tS ealleD of ttje (BrefeesanD katineS, 

Flos Mclcagris, anD Mclcagris flos,as a Difference 
from a kinDe of birDecalleD alfo Mcieagris ? tubofe 
featbersbefpeckleD Ipke tontotbefe flowers, but 
not uutt) Violet fyeckes , but wttb tobite $ blacke 
fpotS,lpke to tbe f eatbers of tbeCutkie ot dMnnp 
ben,wbic*) is ealleD Mdeagrisauis.-fomeDb alfo cal 

ttytS flotuer Frkillaria. * The Nature and Vertues. 

€be nature anD feertues of tbefe flotner^ , are 
pet tonknotu en,neuettbele(Te tbep are pleafant anD 
beauttfullto lookeom 

€>f baftatte ^amflte* €tMM«j* 

*§r The Defcription. 

l^iS flower batb long narrotue leaueS 
mucb Ipke bnto ft eefee blaDeS, but not fo 
long: amogft mbicb Cpiingetb bp arounD 
ftaike beartngafairepelloweflowerDi* 
utDeD into fee leaues like tbeflotuer of jftarcifluS, 
tuttl) a long rounDe Utle bell in tbe miDDle iagDe a* 
bout tbe eDges, anDofaDeeper pellotoe tbentbe 
reft of tbe flotuer ♦ 3(fter tbe flowers commetb tbe 
feeDeinclofeD in rounD buftoouoDS. Cbcroote 
is rounD after tbe maner of bulbus, $ like to #tar- 

CiflTuS* *TheFlacz_j. 

3ft gtowetlj inmopft places in fljaDo wp woods 
tbebo^DerS of feelDes,as bp ^uers>anD Bo^ 
nebem , $ in tbe l&arfee wood bp 'jlouapne, wbere 
as it growetb abunDantlp , it is alfo plateD 
m gardens* * The Tyme^ . 

Cbisb^bebiingetb foottbbte leaues, 
ftalbes,anD flowers in tfebmarie,anD tS in 
flower fomtimeStonDettbefnow/CbefeDe 
is ripe in S^arct^CbeberbeDotb fo perilb 
in apull anD $pap, tbatafterwarD it is no 
mozefeene* ^ Names. 

CbiS flower is ealleD in bigb Bouebe, 
<©eel ^omungfblumen, £ is to fap, tbe pel* 
low flotuer of febmarp, of fome alfo d&eel 
CijDeloofen>$ geel ^poicfeelbiocmen: tt is 
notu ealleD inftatineof Come Nardtfus lu- 

te'^Pfeudonardtfus, bpcaufe IjtS flOWerS* 

are fomtubat like to Barciffus: in Cnglify, 
pello w Crotu belS>pellow #tarciflttS>$ba* 
ftarDe j&arciffUS: in f r encb > c^*dW*,anD 
tbere i^mttt otber name to bs pet knowe* 

•J» The Nature. 

& ello to 0arci(fus is bo ate $ D#e, mucft 
like in temperature to ^tarciflus* 


$®tn fcaue pjtoueD tbtS true anD certapnebp e*pettence,tbat two Diammeg % 
of tyisroote fretye anD newlp gatyereD , bopleD in wine ox water wity a Utle 


the Hiftoric ofPlantcs. it j 

3nnp$ ot ff enell feebe, anb a Ittle linger anb btonfcen,b rittetb fooitb bp titae 
tougb anb clammp fleme; wberfoie tbefaiberoo te <* goob againft al Wfeafetf , 

#f ^eoplfjaau* Violet / oj tiie toftte tfuUms Btolet. 


be tbp forte* ol : kettcoion, twofmall, anb tbe tbtrbe bigger: 
tobereof tbe flower of tbefitft lelTefcmbe # tb*ee ieaueD: 4inb tbe flotuer 
of tbe later ftinbe us fijce leaueb* 

Lcucoiumbulbofum triphillum&c. Lcucoiumbulbofum hexaphillum.&c. 

j£ TheVefcripthn. 

CP ftrft fetnbe of Leucoion buibofum , bearetb two 01 tbtee nar* 
jro toe leaue&a tyoit ftemme,anb Upon it a Utle fatre anb pleafant 
flower grounngfoortb of a little long buffeebpon afmalftemme 
Wngtng botpnet»arb0,toitb tbtee tubite leaue^,amongft vubtcb 
alto tbereappeare tbjee otber Utle gteene leauetf* 
2 Cbe feconb fojt batb bigger leauetf tben tbeafojtefapb^etfmal- 

ler 3 tenbeter tben Jleeke blabe&but otberwife tbep bealpfce.Cbeflower* be 
alfo xobtte * co mpact oz tnabe of ftse little Icauetf fomewbat ftrafeeb oi creaeD, 
mtbemibbeltof tbe flower are certapne bearie ftemmeswitb fmallpellowe 
tippe3:tbefeeDei0fmallanbpellotue,contepnebmlitlerotmbebuffee^ <€\)t 
roote i# wbtte anb S3ulbu%anD botb foone multiply anb incteafe otber* 
' 3 %\)z tbtrb fctnb i$ tbe greateft,$ tb# fo# bearetb two o* tb^ee ot mo flowers 
togitber bpon one ftem,altogitber Ipfee tbe flowers? afojefapb: Owing tbat tbe 
8a!ke# anb leaned ar elonger* # The PUce. 

Cbefetunbe$of *&iolet$bo growe in (babowpplace&anblo we woobbetf 
ftanbtngnearebnto watergm^talpanbdBermame^tbep growe not in tW 
' Countrie,but in certapue garben& * rhe 


Thefecondebooke of 


C!?epbegmtofpungmjFebjuarie,anb peelbetfteirfeebe infill, anb to 
S^ap tbe ftalfce uutlj bte leauetf botft banifl; clcaneatuap,but tbe roote remap- 
nctlj in tfce grounbe UKe to pello we Crowe belies? o* battarbe #tarctflxi& 

But tfte tftirbe fcinbe floxu^et^ not uutft tt)e otljer tiuapne,but kmgafter m 

# T/^ Names. 

Cftefe pleafant flowers areno we accounteb fot a ttfnbe of btolettes, wtyrl) 
Cfteopbtaftecalletb in <!5reke MuKoio^at i£ to fap in )tattne> Viola alba ^ber* 

fOZetttgUOWCalleb Leucoion,0£ Viola alba Theophralti: Wemapcall it inCn- 

glt(I)e^l)tte Bulbu0 btQlet,0arciau0 btolet, anb Ctjeopttfaftutf tu^tte ^to. 
let: in #rencbe,^/W^ blanche, in btgb Boucb ,ua eif? ft omungs blumen: tn bafe 
^lmaigne,n2>itte&pjoc&el bloemen,^oomerfottebeug,anb r©ttte Cijbe* 

The Nature. 

^Dfte temperament $nb bertues of tljefe flow erg are not pet known* 

€>f Saffron CijapJii* 

#$The~D efcrtption . Crocus. 

^feonftatftlong narroweblabes 
| like gratTe,tbeflower£ grow bpon 
nafceb ftemmejs anb are of a wat* 
cbetb oipalcblcU)ccolour,bmtbeb 
into ftpe fmal leaues (but fomewbat long) 
from out of tbe mibble wbereof bange V < 
Downe tbe Saffron blabeg ot tfticbbeg of ^ 
arebb colour* ^Lberoote isrbunbelpfcean 
4Dnpon, bautng fometimes foure ot fiue 
fmall rooted abtopntng. 

'%Tbe Places. 

£>affron,a$ Btofconbesanbotbertbe 
3&unctentes baue bitten , growetft tn tbe 
mount Cotfcu* of Ctltcia,anb tbat was 
efteemeb fo k i tbe beft , anb tn tbe mount 3D* 
Ipmpe of ?Lpcia,neare about 3ieg# a to wne 
of aietolia: itgrowetb now infuntyte pla- 
ced of Jdoucblanb, efpectallp about Utenne 
in luftrtcbe, tl)e wbtcb now Us counteb lop 
tbe beft: it gr o w etb plenttf ullp alfo in fame 
places of Cnglanb anb 3relanbe* 


^a(fronfiowtetb(befozel)t£ leaned are 
anb after tbat it biingetb fooub W gtaffte 
leaues, wbtcbebo laftbnttll^ape: but in 
fommer a man allnot finbe neitber leaueg no;t flowers ♦ %\)t roote onelp re* 
mapnetft altue , growing bnber grounbe , anb banging foo^otfterfmall 
rooted , 

•5* The Names. 

£>affro ig calleb tn <J5refceKe°*" tn latme, c rocus ; of fomeCas Wttneffefy ©tofc 

COltbe?)Caftor,Cynomorphos,O^Herculisranguis: in^ 3(lrabtafpecl) Zahafara, 


the riiftorie of Plantes. 217 

fromtbetKetttoagcalleb iutf rencb ^^tgi)E)oucl)^affcan: in bafeSlmatgne 
§>offeraen:anb in tfnglill; Saffron* 

# T/;? caufe of the Name. ' 

Saffron toa£nameb Crocus, after tbe name of a certapne 23 amtell calleD 

Crocus, (fig Ouid\DUtetij)ftOUl Ulfyence GalenbOlOtUeD tl)t0 i^tftOlie , VDl)0 
tecttetl) tl)0 fame In nono de mcdicamentis fecundum loca,tDberea# it i£ tltyi* 

teiiin tbi0foite*3( pong toencbecalleb Crocus/u)entfo#b into ttje ftelbes ustt^ 
<$ercurieto tb*ombeflebge,$iubtle#fl)etookenobeeDe^ 
ftrokenintbebeabbp<])£ercurie>an& greeuoullp fyutte,of tu^ic^c tjurte il;ee 
bieb incontinent ;ttjan oftyt bloubfo tijebbebpon tbegrounbe,tbe Saffron 

7*^* Temperament* 

Saffron i£ ^oatein tbe feconb Degree, anb Dtp in tlje f trft* 

foT he Vertues . 

Saffron i$ goob to be pat into mebicine& tobicb are tafceu againd tbe tiif- 31 
feafe£ of tbe £ tcaft,tbe&uuge&tbe:iiuer,anb tbe Blabber: it to goob alio ftu 
tbeltomake to be taken in meate& fot it comfoztetb tbe (tomacke , anb cau&tb 
gaobbtgeftton, anbbumfeen in fobbeif uuneitpjeCetuetbfrom Djon&ennelFe, 
anbp^ouoketb bobilplulh 

Saffron taken inftueetetoinecaufetb one to belong ttunbeb,$ to fetching « 
bieatb eattlp ? anD it i$ goob fo^ tbem tljat are tyojte xuinDeD^anD aHfymatique* 

^aifronmengleD vuitb tuomansmilke^lapbe to tbeepe&pjeferuetb tbem $ 
fromttje flowing bourne of bamo:s,anb frosntbe ^afeis, anb ftnail^ockes, 
anb ftoppetb tbeflurionoiblouD^otingoftbefame^betnglaplietberebpom 

3ttt aifo goob to be lapbebpon inflammations, cbolertcfeeimpoftemtf, an& 
toilbe fire,anb it ig berp goob to be mengleb toitb allmebicineg fo t i tbe eare& 

$lfo it i$ berp goob to mollifte, anb foften all barbnefTe, $ to rppen all rawe d* 
tumo$M£ fu)ellmg& 

Cfte tdote of Saffron tyonken in nnne p^ouofcetb biine,$ it is? goob foifye f 
tljat baue tbe ftone o* grauell,anb tbat cannot ptffe but luoppe after bzoppe* 

€>f fbtantJdroofte/oj frtmnttsmfit. Capita, 

1 he Kyndes. 

T^erearebiuergfoitesof ^tanbergralfecalleb ttidBieefte Orchis,anb in 
&oucb ^tanbelcrupt,tobetof tbere were but ojdo fortes befcribeb of tbe 
olb $ 3luncientuuiters : but toe baue iopneb to tbem certapne otljer , not 
imotoe noibefcribeb of anp otber tbat baue traueleD befote b# in tbe fearcbing 

tbem all in fiuefeinbe^l©b^Oftbefir(li$ Cynoforchin, fiue canistefticulura: 
C^efeCOnb i^ Tefticulum Morionis: tbetbirb i$ Tragorchin: t^efotirtb i^Or- 
chiui»erapian:tbefiftb t$ Tefticulum odoratum,oi reticulum pumilionem. 

*$* The firtf Kyndt. 

T^erebefiuefoiteSoftbefirfteliinbeof Orchios.tobicbe tbe <^ieeke^call 

1 r©bereof tbeftrft batb f° ttre °^ ^ ue S reat ^^abe leaueftanb tbi&e,ai* 
moft like to tbe leaue0 of }iillie^,but fbmtDbat fmailer: tbeftalke i$ of a f oote & 
balf long: at tubicb grouietb a great fo^t of floured tuffet\Dife,fap^e 9 fu)eete,£ 
of a carnation oifleiblp colour like tbe colour of mang bobp,but fpecfeleb fullof 
of p inUU toberof ,tbere bagetb f oztb a certapne raggeb tbing,f a(l)ioneti almoft 

1 email 

The fecond Booke of 

fmallftcarietljtngtf gcoU)mgabotttet^em)aterotmti Ufee to apapteof (ftmesr, 
0} a couple of £>itue berries , one Ranging fometubat fiwter tban tbe otljer, 
utyereof tlje Ijigbmofi: i$ tbe fmaller,fuller, anb barter: anb fye nefyermoft i$ 
tbe greateft,tbeltgbteMnb moft umnctdeb o^iueleb* 
2 H \)t Ceconb i$ fometp^at like to tbe af oicfapDe.but bt£ lcatte# be narrower 
ant) plainer, tub crcof Come tio compalfe ox as it toere embrace 01 cltppe aboute 
tbcftalfee: ttje fpifetc tuffte t0 (l;ott ant) tytctte tDitb a number of floured, of a 
bugbt ornate purplecolour, 9 fp^cfeletJ on tbe mfibe tmtlj a great manppur* 
pie{potte^anDfmallDar^elpne0:faf^ioneD alfo like to anopenl^oobeoi^el* 
met, out oft^btcbealfo tftere bangcertapnetbtngegagtttperefmallrabbetfc 
pong mpfe,o£ Itttell men tottbout beabe& uritb tijetr armeg $ legged CpzeaD 
anb caft abioabe , in Ufee manner as? tbep were toonte to papnte Uttle cbpltuen 
banging out of ^>aturne# moutb: at tbe foote of tbe ft alkc are a couple of rbito 
buttons^ biga£0utmegge#; uuty certapne greattyearte ttrtngs 01 tbjebetf 
annejeeb oj growing bp fyenn 

Cynoforchios prima fpecies. Cynoforchios tertia fpecies,. 

Cljefitftfcmbeof £>tanbergraffe> %\)t fyirbe Wnbe of Bogged 
oi&ogge£ CulUon* Culiiotu 

f Cbe ttntbelunbeof Cpnofojcbtotf putted bp narroto ftrafeeb leaueS, nai> 
rotoertbantbe leaues of tbefeconbeCpnofoKbio0,fome\x)batlpketbeleaue^ 
of mpbtooite^lantapne: a fyotteftemmeof mneincbes long. t;befloutetf 
aroioe tbicfee togttber tn a flwte typfcte buflbeot tuffte of a€l)eftnutte,o* 
Darke purple colour untbout, anb tobttitye tmttnntb&roote* alfo arelfce 
toapapieofftonego*CulUon& tDfterofalfoonewfbiggerftantfteotften 

the mitoric of Plantcs. 119 

4 Cfccfoutt!) Crnofozcbto&Mt)i£ floured i^itfecto tlje tljtrt>c, but tn leaae^ 
it t£Uke tbcfcconb Kinbe,. 

5 CbeftftbCpnofio^^ 

anb l)i$ fp&elifce buflije o* toppe i& meetelp long , but tjig floured are of a faint, 
ot pale greene colour,anb ttyat raggeb tying tobicl) bangefy botune out of tljem 

< The feconde Kinde. $ 

•TfHfeconblunbeof €>jtfjto£,caUe& TefticulusMorionis,# oftti)oofo#e£ 

Tcfticulus Morionis mas. Tcfticulus Morionis foemina* 

f ooletf Cullton ttje malefeinbe* f oole? Cullion tlje f emale* 

* CbemaletunbijatljKueo^ 

to TLtUteieaueftfaumgtljeparefuUof blacfeefpotte^: tyefmall floured bo tifce- 
toife groto altogitber tna fppfciebuftye ottuffte,in pzopoition Iifce to a jf ooietf 
i)oobe,ot Co*combe,tbat to fap,tufoe open oi gaping befote, anb a$ ituere 
crefteb aboue, bauing eare* ttanbing bp bp etterp abe, anb a taple Ranging 
botone bebmberof a biolet coiour,anb pleafont fauour- t X^^ 
a <R>etf analebt^leaue^areUHeUJifefmoot^Cbefloure^ 
like tlje fl^ale, fauing ttjepbaue not lUc^ fmal eare* ftanbtng bp.i) f tljefe fome 
be of abeepebtolet colour,fomewl)tte a? §>notu,anb fome Carnation o^flefty 

% *Dftt)#Wnbetljeretealfoa^^^^ 
to tbe leauetf of narrow #lantapne(tut?iclje fome cal ifUbtoo.ite): W floured 

220 The fccond Bookcof 

TefticuJus morionls mas alter. Tcfticuli morionls femin* fpecies. 

Cijete&petan ofyermucfje entailer Wnbe, toityfiue 01 
^ft^efmalUeaue^: attt>afeuie(maUflouce0,tl)uifetattD ftati- 
bingfatre afonber one from another, of atteigbt bioletco* 
lour, turning toumrbe 3t?ure 01 flue colour , anb fometimetf 

tt>btteo*ofabecapebanbbatfcepurple colour: anbof agrie* 
uou£ bnpleafant fouour* 


T$e tyirbefeinbe of £D^to0, called in jlatine Hirci tefti- 
cuius, anb rragorchis, big leaue* are iifce to tlje f irfte 
ieaueg of tlje jtfllte, fautng tljep be fmalier, but pet tljep be 
larger tbananp of tlje leauetf of tye otijer €>?cl)io$* %\)t 
ftalfceigof afootelong, anb oftentimes touappeb aboutea* 
loioe unty tome leauetf: bpon tlje fepbe ftalfce o* ttemme 
grotjoetb a greate manp of fmail floured togttber in a fpifeie 
tuffte 0} lma>e,of a berp ftrong falfyion oi making,mucb like 
to a^Le^arbe, bpcaufe of tlje ttuifteb 01 uuptben taple$, anb 
fpecfcleb ijeabeg* Cuerp one of ttje fepbe floured alone, i£ at 
tbeftrfte,a$tt toereafmallrounbe clofe buffce, of ttye big- 
neire 01 quantitte of a ^eafe : anb ttban it opened , tbere 
grotpetb out of it a little long anb flenbet taple, t^etobic^e 
i# mbite aboue toljere a# it is fafteneb to tlje flalfce,anb fpec- 
feleb autb rebbe fpecfee0,bautng bpon eacbe fibe a fmall tbing 
abtopneb to it,like to a little legge oj foote:fye refibue of tbe 



the Hiftorie of Plantes. 




fapfce taple ig ttutfteD aboute bangetl) DotunetDart) u %ty floure i# of a ranfce 
ftmfcingfauour,lifceto tbe fmellof a<i&oate,an&piouofcetb beabacbe,ifitbe 
mucb ant) often fmelleb bnto* %ty rooter are like a couple of /kutmegge&o* a 
pap k ieofftone& * 

tylht fourth Kynde. 

*T"§t fourth femDe of £>zcbio# callet) &erapia# of t^zee fo#e& one ijauing 
x aflourefomeu)l)atUheaButtei:flie: another bat!) in bte flourea certapnr 
figureoffa &ojre,ojBtone25ee; tbetbirDebatb in it tbe PPP^tion of acer* 

t Cbeftrfte &erapta^^DW^fe^at^ Orchis Serapias Orchis Serapias 

tuio o t t tb^eeieauesfomevbbatlong, 
bioabe, £ fmoo tb> pet not fo large a# 
is; of a foote long, on lubicb grovuetb 
bere anD tbere in a fp&ie bufye oi top 
certapne pieafant tobite floure&Com* 
u>bat l&e 23utterfiie£,u)itb a little 
taple banging bdj ma , in U)bicbei£ a 
certaine tw eete iupce oi moifture>like 
bonp intaft:anD tbe fap&e floured are 
iopneb to tbeftemmeagittuerewitb 
Cmall ttjoiftefc ftalfee#;tberoote$are 
like to tbe otber fcuteg of g>ybi#* 

2 Cbefecob £>erapia$ £>jcbi£ batb 
narrotu leaue#>$ certaineof tbem are 
ctokeblpturneMn&tMptbet) aboute 
nejtt tbe grouD,tbe otber groiu about 
fteftalkeu)bicbe& of a fpan oinine 
tncbetf long, aboute tbe top wbereof 
gtoii) cettapue floured, tubofeloxueft 
oi bafeft leafe , i$ like to a &oire oj. 
&*oone Bee,bttt tbe bpper parte anD 
leaueg of tbe floureare fomettmeg of 
agreeni(bcolour,but moftcommonip 
of a ligbt Violet oi flue colour* 

3 CbetbirD,U)bicbi^tbelea(tofal^ 
&erapia$4Dzebi&batb fmallfloureg 
like to akm&eof i^ojfcflte& 

JfrThc fifth Kynde. 

T#e ftft^Ktnti of €>tcb& i$ tbeleatt of all, anU commonlp it baft not aboue 
tbzefmalleaueguntb bepneg fometubat likejMantapne, buf no bigger 
tban fteitie ^ojrell,o;t tbe fmall leaned of tbe comon Jaapfieg* Cbe ftaike 
tefmallan&flen&erof afpan long, aboute tubicbegrovue little tobitefloureg, 
of a toeetefauour almoft like to Upllie Conuall, placet) in a certapne ojtfcer ant) 
toinfcing aboute fte ftaike like to akin&e of l^atbanbe, o^ tbe rolling of aCa» 
blel&ope: tberooteitfliketo apap^eof ^>tone^,oi fmall long feernellefttD^er* 
of one&barbe anD firme,fte otber igligbteanO Fungus 3 o^fpungie. 

The Place. 

Cbe^taMtourt&oi &taDergraffe,&o groto mott comolp tumopft places^ 

C Hi marcttfyeA 

221 The (econd Booke of 

marifilje&tooobe&anb mebotoegranb fomebelite to TefHculus odoratus. 
groiu in fatte clap grounbeg (fig tfte fcinbetubtcbe tsf 
called Crago?cl)t0)U)l)tcl)elig^tlp grcwetl) inberp 
goob grounb: fome grow in barren grounb* i3ut tbe 
ftoeete €>id)i&o* Habit traced are mofte commolp to 
be f ounb,in Ijtg^bntUleb,^ typ place&atf bpon Ijilleg 

JfeTbeTyme. ' 

Cijefe Ijerbetf bo all floure in S^ap anb 31 une , fa* 
iting tbefmal Vwcttt®itW> flouret^ lad of al 
tn 3tuguft anb eptcmb tu 

# 7 Names, 

» Cljefirftfcfobetecallebm <£ieekeJttk>° rchis >$ 

Kuvofo^?, Cynoforchis : in Ratine Tefticulus, $ Te- 
fticulus canis,tftat i£ to fap, Boggeg Culliontf, o$ 
23ogge£cobbe£: in ^tjoppe$ Satyrion .in Cnglity 
fome calit alfo ^icbt&^tanbehmt^tabetgtalfe, 
mag^oite^zieft pintell, 23allocfc gtalfe, fibber? 
graflfe , anb Baftarb £&atpuon : in f renclj cw//*/« ^ 

cbicn&vto Satyrion a deux Couillons: in Jtalian 7" */?/V«/0 

^rtn ^panifl) c^** </r/wr*: anb in ^ouclj&naben* 
fcraut, anb ^tanbelfcraut : in bafe 3llmaigne£>tan- 

2 feconbfcinbete calleb of fome m&attne Tefticulus Morionis:tn<£tv 
glify great S>tanbelumte,anb fooled 25allope. 

l C&e tljitb fcinbe boubtleffe , i$ alfo of tbe fcinbetf of £)£cl)i&attb bpcanfe of 
b& ranfce fattour i£ calleb in d5ieebe Te«yopx»f . ftat i$ to fap, TefHcul us hirci,m 
Ratine: in Cnglifb ftare#25alio|ce,aub d&oatetfCullionS: in jfrenclj couiiiende 
bouq in Boudj Bocrcuilefeeng : tbep call it alfo in jtatine Tefticulus leporis: 
anb in ^>boppe# £>atp£ion,tDljera£ uritljout iubgement it i$ bfeb fo^ tberigftt 

4 C!jefourtl)kinbei£ calleb tn6teekeoex«c<rie«7n«c, Orchis Serapias : in Ha* 
tine refticulus ferapias :in €n$M) £>etapta0 ftone&^tieftegpintle, anb Eag* 
tourt*: in bafe ^Imaigneilagtuo^tel : fomealfo callit in <£ieeke 

T £'°6X tx » Trior- 

chis,t^at i$ to fap,tl#ee Ballocfc&ottb.iee Atones, vo^erfoie Fuchflus fepneb 
Se^pias Orc;his,tol)auet^ee £>toneg,o£ tljiee ©ulbusf rooted, pet Plinieat* 
tribute^ bnto it but naapne* uaemap callit in englify p^opetlp flie€)tcbt& 
bpcaufeal tbefcinbegof ferapias €^cbi£>baueinalltljeir floured tyepiopoi* 
tion anb lifeenelfe of one fcinbe of ftie o^ otber* 

5 C{?efift^feinbei0 calleb Tefticulus odoratus,Tefticulus pumilio: tfyattgtO 

fap,fauerie<btanbeltourte, 01 ftoeeteJ5allocfee,anbjOiDarffe^)^i0:inbafc 

# The Nature. 

Wl t^efe feinbes of Ijerbeftare of completion Ijoate anb mopft* 


TOjefulanb fappie rooted of^tanbergra(fe^(butelpeciaUp of^are£23al* % 
lo]re,oi <^oate$ €>zcbt0)eaten, oibopleb in <fcoate$ milfeeanb b^onfeenptouo- 
betb 5lienu0,oibobilp lufte,botb nouflbeanb ftrengtbentljebobie 3 anbi$goob 
fot tbem tbat are fallen into a conftimptio oi feuer ^ecttque, tubicb baue great 
neebe of nourril^ment 

C^e uritljereb o^tiueleb rootet? of a cleane contrarp natiire,fot ttreftrap^ B 


the Hiflorie of P lances. 225 

tietl) oi repjteffefy flcfl;lp lufo 

3inD it t£ witten of fytt roote , ttjat if men Do eate of tije gteatcft anb m!* C 
left rooted (anb eipeciallp ofttjefirtte fcinbe of 4Dict)i0)tl)at tijepfyail beget 
£>onne0:anb if tueinen Do eate of tije wptyereb roote&ttjep fyall bung f ooztij 

defame rooted, but efpeciallp of ^erapta&ot die bopleb in uune 5a 
anb btonfcen ftoppeil) tljelafke ozflttjre of t!je bellie* 

Ctje fame roote,beingpet fteftl; anb greene,bott) toafte anb confume all ttt* tg 
mot&anb munbiftety rotten blcet#, anb curetlj f iftulatf, being lapbe thereto; 
anb t^efamemabeinto pouber, anb caft into fretting $ beuouring,blcer# anb 
foie$:ftapetl>tt)e famefrom anp farber fettering oz fretting. 

CtjefamerooteCbut efpeciallp fyetooteof Bwarffe £nct)i£)bopleb tntDine f 
toitij alittle bonp,curety ttjerotten blcerg anb fozetf of tlje moutty* 

® f double Icafr anD #oofe neftc <£ljap,lfey* 

*J* The Kyndes. 

BJ£ ftbeg tije lunbg of &tanbergra(Te,be(cribeb in tlje burner C^apter,tl)ere 
arepetttoo otber ijerbeg alfo ; U)i)idj arefomeujljatl&e bnto tl?e afoiefapbe 
S>tanbergra(Te$,elpeciallpin t^eirdalfee^^ floured anb t^erfoiearecom- 
pte^enbeb offometjoipter&bnbertljetitleof ti)eS>tanDergra!Te£. uaijereof 
neftr^^eto^icljetjoeljattet^oug^tgoob to place alone ina Chapiter bp fyem- 
felue&bpcaufe tljeir rooteg are muclj bnlifee fyerootetf of £>tanbergraJTe* 

Bifolium. Nid d'oyfeau. 

3a ouble leafe ozctuapblabe* <35oofeneflv 

224 The fecond Booke of 

jfe The Defcription. 

^DubleleaSfeljatba rounbeftnotbe ftalke,anbit beatetlj bntttuo 
[leaueg onelp,Ufce to tbe leaueg of great }£lantapne* Cbe ftalfce fro 
fyemibblebp to tbetop,i£compa(Teb o^betetrounb about unttj a 
great manp of UttleCmal floured, of apeUotuifyegreenecolour, al« 
moftl&e to Uttlepong(l3oo(lmg0,o^btrDe$lateIp batcbeb,anbnot 
mucb bnl&e tbe flottres of biuer£ Coiteg of IbtanbergraffoCbe roote i$ full of 
ttyiebbie firings 

* dfroofeneftbatb a bare nafceb ftalfce txiit^out leaue& bearing a floure at tbe 
top like to a fptfep tufft oi eare,of a biotune colour like bnto u)ooD.3 1 i$ almoft 
like tbe ftaifce of <Gnobancbe ot Biobme Eape (toberof u>e (l;al uijite in tbe bf* 
parte of ourl£ifto*ieof0lante0)fauingit tenberer,anb not fo tbicfceatf tbe 
ftalfce of £>iobancbe;Cbe roote t£ nought elfebutafoiteof tbjebbp firings a# 
ttU)ereinterlaceb,fnarleb,ouangleb one in another* 

4fgThe Place. 

•Cbe Ctoapblab e o* & oubleleaf, beligbtett) bed: in mopft; $ tuaterie placet 
<5oofeneftet£to befounbeinmopfl; anbfanbie fielbetfanb pafturetf, anb ui 

grauelpUJOObbt^ T heTyme. 

'Cbefetiuo berbesbo fpung in^ap,anb 3une* 

jfc T he Names. 

t Cbefirftoftyefeijerbeg itfcalleb of tbe\jo;uter# in our time,iu?latine Bifo- 
Jium:inCnglilb 'CU)apblabe,Jattbbleleafe,23aftarb€>^btft $€unuclje£>t& 
fcergrafle: in btgb &oucb Zuepblat: in bafe 3iUnaigne Ctoeeblabt: anb it i£ 
tijougbt of fome to be^linie£ Ophris,otberS tljinfce ttto beafcinbeof Perfoiia- 
tum,o^boiovu ti)ajce:$fbmetbinkeit to be Aiifma,ottuater ^lantapneranH 
of fome it i# tafcen foj ijeUebo^ne , tbat i$ to fap, t'getinibetobite ^ellebo^o: 

2 Herom Bouqcalletbtbefeconbfcmbe&^gentoeben: ^fomel^erbouCtea* 
mongflKW bicaufe tbat tbe rooter be fo tangleb 9 ianappeb i&e to a neft)batte 
nameb it <25oofeneft:tn jf rencb Ntddoyfeau: in bafe ^linaignemogijelgneft* 

# The Nature and Fertues. 

Cbenature$bertue£of tbefeberbes arenotpetberptuelfcnotoe: l)0U)bett 
tbelatettnpter£ bo take it to be goob foiU>oube#,rupture# otbur(ltng#:fome 
bo alfo fap>tbattbep beiunaturelikebnto £)£Cbt&otS>tanbergrafFe* 

<5* The Kindes. 

Ti^fibe^tbeafo^efapbe^^i^o^aftarb ^atpuonft tobtcb are alfo calleb 
^atp^iaof Apuieius^ Piinic, Diofcoridcsalfobatb toipten of txuo fcinbeg 
of ^atpzion: one calleb in <££eefee rp /cpv^o F ,anb tbe otijer 

The Defcription. 

% T^&efitftof Diofcoridcs^atphon$,bteleaue^ befomutyattyoabeliUetbe 
I leaue^ofTLillie^fauingtbepbefmalle^anb fomeutfjatrebbe: tbeftaifce 
i$ about tbe beigtb ofbalfe afoote,bare,anbnafeeb,anbitljat^atubite 
fioureattbetoppe,almoftlifcebnto akillie: aiSnlbugoj rounberootel&eto 
anapple,ofafp£iepello\j> ox rebbiffye colour txntbout, anbtu^ite uiit^m, lifee 
. t^e\wbiteof anegge,of aOjpeeteanb pleafanttafte* 
2 Cbe otber ^atp^ion,l)i0 feebe i^ fmootb anb lbpning,like bnto Hvnt feebe 
Cauingit i£ bigger: anb tberinbeof tbe Eulbutf roote i& rebbi{l;e,buttbe roote 
it felfe i^ U)bite,anb floeete,anb pleafant in taft,as Diofcorides u^utetb. 

The Place. 

Jtgroujet^ in openfunme placeftbpon^igft mountapne^ 

the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 27 j 

*$c- The Names. 

1 Cfyefultig called in (!5feeUe<r«T6piopTf^uMofi.*miLattue Satyriutti Trtphyl* 
lum,o> i rifoiium: in € uglify S>atpiion, alfo rtgfot i^atpjion, and ti)ee&lekueD 

* Cljeottyer^atpuonigcalled in 45teefce<ra^iop^u0fwiop:iti Ratine Satyriu 
crythronium:\jue map call it alio Eedde ^atp£ton,and ^>p£tan &atp b *ion» 

•tjj* T/k Nature. 

^atp^ton i# l)oate and mopft of completion* 

*J« Vertues. 

Cljeroote^of^atp^onpiottofeetljtEeiiuftotbotiflplufte, and fyepnou- 3 
rtfil;e and ftrengtfyen tbe bodp,a# tlje auncient unpterg lap* 

6f aopall grtan&ergralfe/oj palma tiftf Ot'. tffjap.ltA 


g^fides tl)e tuio featpuona^efcribed of tl>eauncient\iHpter& t^ecei^ alfo 
at tins dap,an otyer fo^te found out of iearneli men. 

_ jfyThe Defection. Satyrion Bafilico mas. Satyrion Bafilicon foem. 

» ^ii^ e srearc £>atpuon ftopalU &atpzionftopalU 

linJsB tpiion tutjiclj & alfo tlje 

laiale fciude, tyatb long 

tfyitU tmatl) leaner, fmailer 
t^anWlte leaue$, unttjout a- 
up apparant at manifeft fpottf, 
ant) ftaikes of a fnote long o^ 
moze,not uritljout final leaueg 
grouungbp it: f floured grou) 
inafyifcpbufyeottuffet, attlje 
top of fyeftalfceof a Itgbt pur- 
ple colour, ant> ftoeetefouour: 
fpeckledtmti) final fpeefcegofa 
deeper purple, like to Cucfcow 
®it\)i$, oi fooler baiiocfce&fa* 
utng fyep latfce fttcije a come 01 
coppe: bnder euerp one of tlje 
fapde floureg, tljeregrotnetl) a 
fmall fyarpepopntedleafe: t^e 
rooted be Double , like to a 
papjeofftande&and eacljepar- 
ted into iuNO^ftuefmail rooted 
like fingers : u^ereof one i$ 
mo t te untt)ered,ligl)t,$ fpogte: 
tijeofyertefuil and founde, 01 
firme, urittj a few fmall rooter 
otftringtf growing out,0£ fan- 
ned thereto* 

£Dftl)i$foitetl)ere&alfo afctnde founbe Mndje&berp fmall, and itWb 
berp narrow leaue#, lifce to Saffron , o£ keefce blades? , and a rufltye ftalfce of 
nine inci)etflong,tmtlj a fyarp pointed tufte,oifptfcieeare, attljetop of f> (lalfce 
like fye tuft,otfptfeie bullae of floure <£enttll,oi tBeluet floure^ of fuel) a bugljt 
crimfon,o^ purple colour. fl)f a berp fwette $ fragrant fauour like bnto muffce, 
toljan tljep are ftefitj 9 new gathered : fye rootetf are lifce to tye otljer& but not 
Co large $greene* H\p 

The fecond Bookc of 

* %\)t otljer great lunbe totnelje & tljefemale of tljte ropall ^atptton, Ijatl) 
leaned Uke to ti?o leatteg of £ male lunb of ropall &atpuon,ratungtl)ep befmaU 
ier,$ Dafl^eU full of blacfeelpottetf : fyefiouregbelifce bnto gaping ijoobetfot 
Cocfcefcome&e like to ttjeftoures of fooler ballocfeetf 01 CucUoU)e# $>it\)i$i 
of colour fomettmes toljite,$ fbmetime$ purple>o* teDHe^oi a Ug^t f fete colour, 
altuapeg QieculeU anb garnttyeb untlj mote fmallfpotteg o^ fpecfce& 

Cije ropall £>atp;uon0 are founD in certapne mebotueg anb mopft tooobetf 
ofenglanbanbdSermanie* 23utttyat fcinbe xxi^tcije beared) fyeftoeetefp&ie 
tufte 01 carets founb Upon tlje i)tgl) IjtUcjJ auD mountapnetf of ;§>auop* 

ftopall^atpuonfloureflj in Qpap anb 3|une, 

ajji The Names. 

Cljefe planted are nolo calleb <rmr»\> fa^xi*^ : in Untint Satyria Bafilica fi- 
ne regia,alfo Paimas chriiH: we map call it in dEuglifl) <featp;ttoni!topall> $£al* 
mas Cljufti, ojmoble £>atpiion: in f tmt\) satyion rojaiu in &ou$ €m$blum: 
robafe 3tonatgne ^anbefcentf erupt 

# T he Nature. 

^Ijerootes of ftopaU^atpzion,aretnfentanb taft like to 4Dzcljie& 9 tljer* 
fee ttjep are tljougijt to be of ttje fame completion, tuijictje i£ ijoate anb mopfl; 

^ T he Vertues. 

Cijerooteofilopall^atptionbzufeUo^ftf npeb,$giuento bankemtoine 1 
pjouofcett) bomit ? $purgetb bbtl) fyeftomacfceanb bealp,bp meatier tu^erof it 
curetlj tljeolb feuer &uartapne,after couenient purgation,if an tnci) op afinufy 
as one# tljumbe of tljterootebe pounbe, $ 
mtntftreb in toine before fye acceflfe 01 com* 
mingoffyefit: ^^tcIjola^^pcol^U)^ 

tet^ Serraonc fecundo. 


$?e common l^plTop tyati) foure* 

HyfTopus communis. 


fquare ) greetie,l)arbe^tPoot)Dtlt)e \^ 
l^d^B ftentme&o* biacljetffet tottlj fmall 
narrow leaueg , fometufyat lifce tlje leauetf 
of ?lauanber,but a great beale fmaller an& 
greener* Cije floured grotoe at ttje topped 
of tije btancijetf in fmall tufte&oj nofegaptf 
almoft like to a fpifcie eare,fauing fyat tljep 
grotuebponefiDeoftljeftalke* o^antfte 
floured be paft,tbere commet^ feel)e U)^ic^ 
blacfce,ant> liet^ in t\)t final i?ufoe£ from 
blacUtdj^anD of vuooDDie fubdance, 
% %\)ttt alfo an otljer feinbe of i^pflbpe 
fowenanD planted of t^e^erboiifte$: fte 
tobtctjc 10 fomexuUat Ufee to ti^e ot^er in 
ftaiue^ anb leaue&fauing tljat i)i^ b^iac^e^ 
be footer,** it grotuet^ faftbp tfte grounb: 
t^e leaue^ be bzotiner 9 of a beeper greene, 
anD tyukev, anb ofabttterer tafte ttjen tl)e 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 227 

leaueg of common i^plTope* %\)t floureg be welllifce tbe floured of fyeotljer 
l^pflfope, of afap^ebeepe blew, anb growing tbicfee togitber at tbe toppe of tbe 
Mke,inptopoitionalmoftliketo alboztetbicfcegtweli fetiptfetetufteoi eare* 

roote i# of a wobbie fubftance,lifce to tbe roote of tbe otber $pfTope» 
3 Cbere is pet a tbirbe fcinbe like to tbe otberg in leauetf anb ftaifce#:but tbe 
flouregoftb&fcinbearemilke wbite* jfpThc PUce. 

l^pflfope growetb not of bte owne Wnbein tijig countrep , neuertijelelTepe 
fl;all finbe it commonip pianteb in all garben& 

The Tyme. 

Epitope flouretl) in 3luneanb 3|ulp* 

aiji The Names* 

Cbte Ijerbe i# now calleb in £>boppe# Hyflbpus^nb Yfopus,in 3ltaltananb 
^pantfy Hyffop* inCnglify I£pfope,inf rencb -in i^oucb l^pfop^pfope, 
anb proper b^beittbi0bn:bei^nott^erigbt^p(rope wberof Diofcorides, 
Galen anb tbe atunctentp baue W£itten,a# it igfafficientlp beciareb bp eertaine 
of tbe beft learneb wiiterg of tbefe bape& 

^ The Nature. 

i^pflbpe i£ tyoate anb typ in tbe tbirbe begree* 

*Jc The Vertues. 

% Cbe&ecocttonof i£p{Tope,Witb figged Eue,anb l^onpbopleb togitber in 
water anb bionken,isgoobfottbemwbicbe baue anpobOractiono^ltopping 
of tbetyeaft,witb fyojtnelTeof tyeat^aubfo^fyem tbatbaueanolbebifficult, 
oibarbe cougb,anb it is goob alfo fo^ tbefame purpofe to be mengleb witb bo* 
npanb often licfceb in,after tbe manner of Jlobocojjlocb* 
23 I^pfifopetafcen in witb ^pmpe Acetofus(tl>at iftof btneger) purged bp 

ftooletougbanb clantmp ftegme,anbkilletb 
anbbiiuetb foottbwojme&JSt batbfyelifce 
bertue eaten witb figged 
C ^pflbpe bopleb. in wat^r witb figge&aub 
gargleb in tbe moutb anb tbiote, rtpetb anb 
bjeafcetb tbe tumoig , anb tmpoftemtf of tbe H 
moutb anb tifcote* nes 

i^pffopefobbe in bineger, anb bolben in 
tbe moutb, fwagettj tootb acbe* 
<g Cbe2aecoctionof l^pffbpe , botb fcatter $ 
confume tbe bloub tbat is congeleb,clotteb,$ 
gatbereb togitber bnber tbe ffcinne, anb all 
biaefce anb blew marked tbat come of ftripeg 
ot beating* 

$ Cbefamebecocttoncuretb p ittbe,fcutffe,$ 
fottle mangine&if it be waffyeb tberewitbaU 

0f common garden £>auo* 

rie* CbapJjCju 

The Defcripion. 

Tl^e ^auozte i$ a tenber fommer berbe,of 
afoote long: tbe ftal&etf be (lenber,anb 
blacfci(l)e,berp full of biancbeft $ fet witb 
fmal narrow leaue&fomwbat lifce tljeleaue£ 
of comon ^pfifope,buta great bealefmaller* 
C^e floured grow betwtjrt tijeleaue&of car- 

Satureia vulgaris. 

n8 The (econd Booke of 

nattontntoljttecolourM apleafant fauour^tjefee&e tenotome o^biaefctfye* 
Ctje root* t# tenber anD ttjtee&te* 

fyT he Place. 

Ci^erbetSfottmitnaUgarbenMnO igmurijeWeD about meate?, 


%W ijerbe floured inquire* 

*g« The Names, 

^b&^erbe&notocalleti in statute Cuniia,anD Satureia .-in &ljoppe# Satu- 
rcgia .-in Italian samregU in £>pamty segureiia : in Cngltfl) fomer <&>auo- 
rte ? anD common gatDen^auoue: in f renct) samette^ sauone in Boucb gartm 
^pfrop,?\uibeii£pfop,&uneI,^aturep, $£>abanep: iubafeaUmatgneCuele, 

:$T^ Nature. 

^>ommer o jgar&en ^auotie,i£ Ijoate an& tap in tlje tljtrDe Degree* 

jfeT heVertues. 

%W Sauone (a# Diofcorides faitb ) & in operation like bnto 'Ctme, anH j 
t^^erp gooD, an'O neceflTarie to be trfeD in meateg* 

<JJe The K fades. 

r p^erebettDofctnbe£of€pme>tbe one called Thymum Cretkum 3 tI)att£to 
fap,€pme of CanDte,t^e otljer ig our common trfuall €pm& 

Thymum Creticum. • Thymum durius. 

^Cpmeof CanDte* £)ur common Cpme* 

the Hiftoric of P lances. 

^ The Defection. 

$me of Canbieljatt) manpfmalujoobbp ftalke#/Cct rou. 
|fmalnarroU) leaue&at tbe top of tlje ttalfces growetb certain* 
itufte0,ltkrbnto fmaiin)o^t eateg, ttjmft togttber, notmitcbbi 
Eoiicic Iptfce 01 Smopg of s ta?cados,but mucb fmaller,anb Ringing foitt> 
fioure#/Clje roote i£ buttle,anb of uioobbie fubftancc* 
i Cbe common time alfo batb manp fmall,\i)ealie,anb tuoobbie biactye^Cfte 
leaues be fmall,of fyatpe anb bating talle* Cije floured grow at tl)e top of t?je 
(talked of mcatnatecclour*Clje roote is fmallanb ujoobbtfye* 

jfeThe Place. 

■ , ctjefitft fcinbe of Cpme groujetij in Ijoate countries, in bip $ barren fople> 
anb ftonp mountapne&anb fuel) lifcebntilleb places*3inb it is fount) berpplen- 
tifull in tlje countrie of <t5reece,but principally in Canbie* 
t Cbefeconb growetbalfo mboatecountrte0,bp6tt)eftontemountapneS,tn 
Icane $ barren grounb anb fucb lifceplaces , as in manp placed of £»papne anb 
3ltaUe,anD tbiougfjout aii]ianqueboc,ti3berea0 it growett) berp plentifully* 

3t floured in Slpap anb 3|une* 

9^ The Names. 

Cpmeis calleb in <!5refce flJ^.tyat is to fap ; tn?Latine rhymus.-in Italian 
r in :£$pamlt) TomMo. 

i Cije f trlt Kinbe is calleb in d&reefce >«4>«x6>t©- 0vm©~: in katine Thymu capi- 
tatum:cftlje later tiniters Thymum Creticum,tbatis to lap,Cpmeof Canbie* 

3 Cljefeconb iS calleb alfO in d5teette flifc©.-. Of Diofcorides Thymum durius, 

$ett>bicb is felbomefoub in feafon to ttftout Epithymus: it is calleb inCn- 
gliil) Cpme,$ ttje common garben Cpme: in jf renci) r/y«.- in J^ouclj Thymus. 

dfrThe Nature. 

'Cpme is ijoate anb btp in tbe tbirbe begree* 

The Vertues. 

Cpmeboplebmtuater $ijonpanbbronfcm4Sgoobagatnftabarb ^paine* % 
fuUcottgb anb fyortnelTe of bmitij , it pumofcetb bitne, $ erpulfetb tlje^econ- 
bine anb tbebeabfruitefromtbe^©atri^ ? itbungetb to tjoomen ttjetr naturall 
tenne^anb Dtffoluctl) do tteb oi cohgeleb bloub in ttje bobie. 

Cbe fame mabe mto pouoer, anb taken in toatg()t of tljtce biammes tntt^ 23 
fconieb sixineger, wtyfyz tljep call €>rimel , anb a little £>alte, purgetb bp ftole 
tougbanb clammpflegme,aiibiljarpe anb cljolertqueljumors, anb all corrup- 
tion of bloub* 

Cbefame taken in like foite is goob again!* tbe Sciatica, tljepapnetntljeC 
tfbe,$ tlje bieaft: alfo it ttf goob againft bladings anb UJinbinelTe of tbeftbeanb 
bellie,anb of tbeftone;? o: genito£& anb it i^ profitable fot tljofetljatarefeare* 
full,melanrt)oltque,anb troubleb in fprtte,0£ minbe* 

Cpme eaten in t^e morning fatting , anb in fye tncninQ before Supper i$ y& 
goob fotbleareb anbtuateringepe^t^epaineintljefame^nb it is alfo goob 
foulje fame purpofe to be oftenbfeb inmeate^ 

litis alfo finguler again(l-tl)e<l5oute ? tafeenintDineout of tbetime oftye<B 
greeted U)tt!j ab^amme of ®timzl, ujftan one is totmenteb tuit^ tbe fame* 

Cpme mingleb toitij l^onie after t^e maner of a?loboc ? to be often UcfceD in, f 
clenfetl) t&e bieaft, $ ripetli ftegme,caulingtt eafilp to befpet or caft out 
, Cpmeftampeb uitt^ ?fliineger,confumeft anb tuaftetl) colbefxuellings, anb <B 
ta&etl) atuap aaartes being lapbe t^erebpon* 

Cl)e fame pounb toit^i 23arltemeale $ wine, appeafetlj p papne of tlje tjanct) ^ 

The (econd Booke of 

.j**e call tbe Sciatica <£oute, being applieb tbetebnto* 
.ifo goob to be giuento tbem tbat bauetbe falling CtctmeflMo J 


M ^pmbja/oj winter £auotft €ftap.1jtt#» 

fyT he Description. Thymbra. 

^fpnter&auoiic batb manp 
^ J/Meuber xuoobbte ftalfce&fet 
j^^Mjaillof fmal narrow leaue& 
^~^^€be floured be fmall,incar' 
nate o^t txrt)tte , growing in littell 
bulfceg alogfttbe ftalfcegbetroijcte £ 
leaned , $ flouretb bp little $ littell, 
from tbe loweftparte of tbeftalfce e* 
uen bp to tbe toppe of tbe biancbeg, 
leauing after tbe floured be fallen a* 
xuap ? as it to ere a greene fpifcie eare 
oi tufte,c6tepning tbe feebe,tobtcbe 
t# berp fmall'Cberoote i# of tooob* 

^ The Place. 

Cbtebetbegrotjoetb incertaine 
places of f raunce,elpec iallp in kan- 
giteboc, $ otber boate countreptf, in 
bnttlleb placed ♦ Jt is? founb in tbi£ 
countrep in tbe garbeng of fucbe a$ 
fcaue pleasure in berbe& 

^ The Tyme. 

Jt fiouretb in tbis countrep m 
3Iulp $3tugttft,anb Comttmetf later* 

The Names. 

•Cb& betbeig calleb in dftieefce 
fluM^«: in )iatmeThymbra,^ Cunila: tnCngltfy Cpmbia, inter &auo#e, 
alfo pepper l^plfbpe: in JFrencb T tyw^anb Sarrietted AngUterre.-of fome &oucb 
^erbo;ufl# Cenberick Cbto i£ not Satureia, fcu Satureia t# an berbe biffermg 
from rhymbra,a$ Coiumeiiaanb Piiniebaueberp voelltaugbt b& 

•>jj* T he Nature. 

Cpmtya i# boate anbbipl&e %ymz> 

jfcThe Vertues. 

*©inter&auouei£goob anb profitable to be bfeb in meateg, like Cpme,3 
g>auozie,anb common Epitope* 

3 1 batb pouter anb bertue lifce Cpme,being tafcen in tbe like fotf e,a£ Diof- # 


<&f Voftto %pmt. €ftoiMjctf0t 

tylhe Defcripion. 

ling alongft tbe grounb>$ fomtimeg growing bpzigbt of a foote $ balf 
long/etfull of final leaned, mncb lifce to tbeleaues of commongarben 

^tme,but mucb larger^be flouretf grow about tbe toppe of tbe ftalfce* like to 
croumeS ot garlanb&after £ maner of i^ojtebounb floured ,o^nop0,moft com* 
monlpof a purplereb colour, $Comttme£ (butberpfelbom)a0wbttea$fnow. 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 
Cl?e roote i$ t)arbe,anb of uiooHHie fabftance, untt) man? tf;t 

ScrpiUum vulgar e« 

'CijiS bcrbe grotoetb plentifully in all 
tyte coutrie inplaceg tljat are ruDe^ouglj, 
bjp,bntilleb,anb ftome,bptl)e ^ig^tjoap 
dbefcanH in tyz bojbertf of fielbetf* 

llunning -Cpme fiouretl) from after 
^pap bnttll tlje enD of £>ommer* 

fy'The Names. 

CljtSijetbcts noto calleb tn^ljoppe^ 

Serpillum, anD in fOItte placet Pulcgium 
motitanum.ui Italian Serpitio. in fypmiSfy 
sefoiio serf Am : in €nglify tuilbe Cpme^u* 
iiallmountapne, iMlamountapne , $ run- 
ning 'Cunt: in f reclj in bigb boucb 
&uenbel> anb of fomealfb ftumei,$ &ieu- 
iin: in bafe 3llmaigne &uen&el, $ in 23ia* 
bant 4Dnferb;touxuenbebftroo,$ in fome 
placed uulbenCbpmusu Slpanp tubge it to 
be tbat lobicbe tbe <Eieefce0 bo call 1*™** 

KK7rtvTo?, t^e XtatM£$ Serpyilum hortenfe, 

^otobett it fyoulb feeme rather to be afcinb 

Of Thymum durius.Ol tljat ttJ&icb i$Calle& 

Of Diofcorides in (Bjeeke <rcc&cpeccyy<iY , Ul 
jLatineSaxifranga,tban^erpyllum. ^The Nature. 

^ellamountapneitf Ijoate anbbtp in ttjefyttbe begree, 

^ The Femes . 

ti^ilbe^pmeboplebmtoatecoiUjmeanbb^oKe^pzouoUetljanD banget!) % 
totooment^eflu)ce^en(tt:tiall,bituetljotttt^e ftoneanb graueil, anbpiouo* 

CbeTainetaUentnt^eUbemanner,(loppetl)tl)e lafKe,anbcutetl> griping^ 15 
otfenatDtngg, anb i# excellent agamft Crainpeg > anb ttjetyaxuing togittyero.t 
^infetng of fk>ynzm$. 

%W Ijerbe ta&en in meatetf anb bzinfce$,(o* tyotbes,) i$ a foueraigne mt* C 
hitint againftall popfon , anb agatnft; fye bpting$ anb ftingingtf of benemoitf 

Clje mpceof Uamountapne otftunningCpme , tnonbento tbequantt- 
tie of tyalfe anbnee u>itt) Silineger , itfgoob agapnft fye fpetting anb bomtting 

EunmngCpme mengleb tontt) ^lineger anb ople of iftofe0, anb applieb to 
tlje fozetjeab anb temple^ ftoaget^ ijeab ac^e> $ i$ berp goob agatnft rauiug, 

Cljeperfume of fye fame,bttuetlj ataap all benemous beaft& f 

&f Peanp fiopall/ o; poDDtng grafle. CtjapJpt), 

^ Defcripion. 

pCnnp ftopall bat^ Onalbttftle ftalfee^ of a footelong $ fomtune$ mo^e, 
not bpttg^tjbut creeping alongft tlje groiinb,^ tafeing neu) rootefttjere 
» * therein funbite place^^ljeleauesf befomtubat rounb,almoft l&e tyz 
leaue? of ^arierom,but t^ep be greener, biotuner, anb of a ftronger fauour^ 

The fecond Booke of 

>c bere anD tbcte bp certaptie fpacetf aboute tbe ftemmeg ifte 
^v>mU$, anD a# tbe floured of iftoiebounD, of a bleurifyecolour 
mt$ berp wbite* Cbe toote i& tbieeDDie* 

Jfc The Place. 

$ ftopall louefy mopft,$ bntilleD 
puat% wbtcbe are Dtp in tye §>omer,anD 
fall of toater in winter* 

3t floured in 3une, anD in augult 

#£The Names. 

Cbteberbeig calleD in (Bmktytixw 
toTUtme^m &boppe£Puiegium: in 3* 
taltan PukgU: in <bpaniflj PoUiosjoleio-. in 
Cnglify ^ennp iiopall, j&ulioll Jiiopall, 
^uDDittg grade, anD flCUganie: in tfrencb 
/* ouUot : mbtgb &oucb 0olep; tn bafe3U* 
maigne#olep,anD jdalep* 


$ennp ropall teboate $D# tn£ tbtrD 
Degree, $ of fubtile parted anD cutting, 

fyThe Verfucs 

}£ennp ropallbopleD tn tome & Diofcen, 
p^ouofcetb tbe monetblp terme&tyingetb 
foottb tbe&econDine, tbeDeaD ftute,anD 
tbe bnnaturall bittb, it p^ouofcetb bune 9 
tyeafcetb tbe (tone , etyeciallp tbeftoneof 

pennp ropaltafcen witb bonpclenfetb 
tbe kungeg , $ bopDetb tbem $ tbe b^eaft 
from all gro fie anD tbicke bunion 

Cbe fame tafcenwitb^onp anD atloe&purgetb bp ftoletbe 20elancboltquec 
fyutnofe? pieuapletb mucb agatnlt craped et tbe Drawing togttber of finette& 

Cbefametafcenwitb water anDbmeger,affu)agetbtbetnoiDinate Defire© 
to boitut,anD tbe gnatuingpapnegof tbe ftomacfce* 

^ennp ropall tafcen tntutne, b^lpttb tbe bittngtf of benemoutf beafte&ant) $ 
tontb btneger it belpetb tbem tbat baue tbe falling ficfceneflTe* 

3jf at anp time menbe conftrapneD to Dtinfee comipt, naugbtie, (linking, 01 f 
falte water, tf#o to }Bennp ropall into it,o.t ftrow tbepouDrrtbereof into it,atib 
it ft all not bttrte anp boDie* 

% garlanDemaDeof ^ennplHopall, anD tooine about tbe fjeaD, i$ of great <& 
f oice agatnO: tbe fwpmming papne^anD giDDp turnings of tbe beaD* 

Cbe fame pounDe witb <Eineger , anb giuen to fmell bpon , to people tbat $ 
are mucb giuen to founDing quickenetb tbeir &enfe0> anD caufetb tbem to re< 
tnrne to tbem feiue^ agapne , anD i£ gooD foi tbem tbat baue colDe anD mopft 

Cbe pouDer 01 ajefen of tb& tytbt, Doty fatten anD ftrengtljen tlje gummed 3 
tbat arerubbeD tberewitb- 

^ennp ropallpounDeairtuagetbtbepapneoftbe<5ottte, anD £>ctattca,be<& 
tngrubbeD bpon tbe greeueD parte bntill it wajeereDDe* 

Cbe fame mengleD witb bineger $ bonp curetb tbe cramped anD ig pzofttfc tf, 
biefottljeDiffeafesof tbe^plmeo;^elte,betnglapDe tyerebnto. 


Lae Hiitonc or names. 

Cbe&ecocttontbereof ig berp good agatnft; bentofit 
blalitng&alfo againfl; tbebardneflfe and (topping of tt)e$j?of i, 
tetljouertbebapauroi bjeatbtbereof in a fteujeoi batfte,U)ftereaS ' 
5©ecoctioni&^be fame 10 aifo good againft ttye itclje auD mangun 
tlje ftabbed parties therein* 

Cbeperfumeof tbeflottregof ^ennpropall(beingpetfrefflieaiid grrtu^ 
duuetb aump ficc^ 

£ enocrateg fattl), tbat abjattncb of jaennp ropall trapped in a little ujooII © 
andgiuento fmellbnto, oilapdeamonglttbe clotbe£ of ttje bedde, curetb tljc 
fetter UDertian* 


p£)lep(a^Diofcoridesfatt!|) \% of tuio ftute#,\jubereof one map benameO 

great i&olep,oia£ Dioicorides termed it,#olep of ttje S)£ountatne: 
otljermap be called (mall^olep* 

The Defcrtytion. 

f§l^^/?4Dlepof tbe Sijjoimt&ynett a little, Polium. 
e fmall^endet, bafe,and ftoeete finel* 
ling berbe, batting fmall Hemmed 
and (lender btancbe£,of a fpanne 01 
balfe foote long ♦ €be leaueg bee 
fmall,narroto,and grapify, vobereof 
tbep tbat grotu lounnofteare tomeiDbat larger, 
and a little fntpt ot taggeD aboute tqc edges: and 
tbep tbat grotoeabotte, are narrower and nottfo 
mucb tagged otfnipte* Cbe floures betubtte and 
do grow at tbe toppe of tbe bjancbetf ♦ %ty roote 

2 ^belelTe^olep tenotmucbebnlike tbeotbet, 
fouing tbat iji£leaue£ are tenderer, entailer, nar- 
rower, and \ubtter tbantbeotber: itbatbalfo a 
great manp moe fmall, Gender, andtueafcebjan* 
cbe&23ttt it batb not fo great bertue,noj fo ftrong' 
afauour a^olep of tbe^ountapne* 

4fc The Place. 

3ltgrovuetb not of bun felfe in tbt£ countrte, 
and &not Itgbtlp found, fautngtn tbe garden^ of 
fome&erbojtiftetf, to^o doplanteand cljeritye it 
toify great diligence* 

fyThe Tyme. 

JX fiouretb at fye end of S^ap and 3Iune, Mjeteag it grotoetlj of b& otone 
feinde,and in tty$ countrep in 3lulp„ 

#7 he Names. 

3Itt£ Called tnd^eefeewoMop, woMop o>avoy, HS" nvtyioy : in Ratine Polium, Po- 
lium montanum, and Theuthrium: in Italian Poli»: tn S»parti(l) HieruA vjfa? \\\ 

<£nglify^olep,$3Mepmountapne* Jtijatlj neither frencbnoz5©oucb name 
tbattuetmotjo:fout tepetbufenoioenof tbeaipotbecartetf tbeinfeluesro tlje 
£>&oppe$ of t^t0 countrep* 

*5» The Nature. 

$olep ig ijoate in tyt fecond degree, and dip fo tlje ttyrde. 

JHie(econdBookc f ^gflBs^ 
faThe feriues . 

xtt n brine ptouofcetb tijefloure&anb Hint, an& to be* % 
,am(t tlje Biopsies anb 3aunber& 

titetb mucbagainfttlje bptingg of beuemoute beaded, anb agamic 
•Ken in mancr afozcfapbe, anbitbiiuetl) atoapall benemoug bealte 
»^»^ platcMjereas it to ftrovuen oiburnte* 

^plme lainelltl0nfeentJPit ^ bineseC:>to 3 00l> fy* ttiftareiflf of tbeS^plteanb C 

3lfo it bealetb,anb clofetb bp toounbefcbetngpet freffy anb greene, pounb ^ 
anb applteb ; o£lapbetberebpom » 

Maiorana vulgaris. 

4frThe Defcriptiort. 

3Werom to abeltcateanb ten* 
ber bearbe, of ftueete fauour, 
berptaelfcnotoenintbto coun* 
"trie, bauing fmall tucake anb 
buttle ftalfceg , fettDttb fofte anb tender 
ieaue&fomeujbatrounb anb of grapifye 
colour: it baretb about t^e toppcanb bp- 
pec parte of tbe tyauncbeg a great manp 
of fmall button^ o^lmoppe&ltke to a lit* 
tlefpifce earemabe of manp fcale&out of 
tabid) grotuetb berp final tobite floured 
peelbing aberp fmall rebbtty feebe* Cbe 
roote to ujoobDtfi) anb berp tfytebbp* 

ffcThe Place. 

Cbto ^parterom to planteb in gar* 
ben&anb in potted witb eattb,anb it lo* 
uetb fatte anb vuellmaintepneb grounb* 


Jt floured in 3ulp anb KluguCt 

ijt The, Names. 

Cbto noble anb oboaf eroug plant, to 
nob) calleb in S>boppe# Maiorana: in 3* 
tali£ Perfa: in Cnglify ^arierom,(toeete 
S^arioiom,anb ^arierom gentle: in 
dfrencb cwarioiawe: inbtgb Boucb £Bf)a* 
io^an,oi ^ep*an:tnbafe^lmapne#a* 
rioletne,anb #agelepne- jt to taken fo^ 
ti?erig^to-«iu^uKoH>^*Mflcf«Kopoft^e(l5reefeesf,anb Amaracus$ Maiorana in Jla* 
tinerftouibeitittrapletljnotalongftt^egrounbatall, as: Diofcoridesfcmtetlj 
t^atsampficonl^oulbebottjoberefote ittyoulberatber befometoljatltfeetbat 
berbe tD^ie^etfte^etian^call^eop.atib tbe jlatineg Marum,fo$ tftto to an 
fterbeof amoftftoeeteanb pleafantfmeU,bearingljtofl[oure almoft like to Ori- 
ganum Heraclcoticum,U3^tC^etbmg Diofcorides attribute^ bntO Marum. 

The Nature. 

^arieromtoftoateanbbtp in tbe tbtrb Degree. 

$f The Vertues. 

<$arterom bopleb in tobtobnne anb a quantttte fyereof bionfcen , to berp 3 
goob foj tm\) a? begin to fall into fye I^ptyopfie , $ fo? fucb a? cannot pi(Te but 


the Hiltoric or riantes. 

btop,afterb:oppe,anb tfjatuntl) gteatbiflftcultie, $ it fegoo* 
toimenteb uuttj ttie grpptng papne&anD Ringings of tt>e b, 

^efainetakeumtl)eUfeema!mer ? p^ouofeet!jt^cfloure0:aa< J 
ingminiftreb beneath to manner of a ^eflarie, 0} mother Smppofiton 

Bjieb Sipanerommengleb vuttlj ^onp,bi(Toluettj Cougelebbloub 
uettj atoap tije blacfce anb bleu? market after ftrppeg anb buife&being . 

Ctje fame tuttf) £>alte anb vilmeger , i# berp goob to be appiteb bnto tfee & 
pitckingg anbftingmgs of &co?pion& 

3lplapftermabeof ^arteromtmfyople$ we,refoluetlj colbeiujelUn^ ^ 
oj tumoz& anb i$ muc!) profitable to be lapbe bpon placed tljat be out of topnt 

<$arierombiufebor rubbeb bettoripttljeljanbe&sputinto fyejfrofetljnl& f 
ox tlje jupce thereof fmft bp into tlje nofe , biawetr) bourne ljumozs from tlje 
bea&,inun&tfieft tlje biapne, caufefy to fneefe , anb i# berp goob for tljem tljat 
Ijatte loft t^etr Duelling* 

3tnb if ^arierombeMarumof tlje <l5retian$,ttjeni0 it alfo a berp goob & 
tyerbe(a$ GaienfaitiOS fitto beputinto all mebicineMnfc compositions mabe 
againftpopfon: it i£ alfo goob to be mengleb uritl) all oboriferoug anb ftoeete 
opntmeut&a# ttye opntment calleb Vnguentum Amaricinum, anb fuel) lifce* 

Marum i$ alfo goob to be lapbe bponfretting $ confuming blcer& $ berp 1$ 
profitable againft all colbe grtefeg anb malabie& a# Diofcorides tojitetlj* 

®f € ttnopotnum/oj WtuVtiu €ljap .frtjuj. 

^Tbe Defcriptisn. 

ijerbe Jjatfj fmal,nakcb>roub, 
anb luoobiH) ftemmes: tljeleauetf 
be fmall anb tenber almofte like 
anb berp fmall bo group like a Crotone or 
garlanb rounbe about ti?e ftemme,in fmall 
rougt) oriuoollprjuffteg* Cije rooted of 
loooDbifyefubftance* Clje vuljoleljerbeig 
of a berp pleafant ftueete feuour , almoft 


Cl)fe^erbegro\joet^not of ^imfelfe in 
tl)i£countrie,but tye i^erboritteg bo plant 

iJtflouretij in fyt£ countries 3tuguft 
oittjiere aboute& 

9^ The Names. 

%W fterbe i$ taken of fome l^erbo- 
rtftes for Marum, (t^at fye Cnglift anb 
tfrencfc apafttc,)tmt feingtyatitflouretlj 
notlifce£>rganeor uuib <Jlparierom,itfee* 
metlj bnto me to be nothing like Marum, 
butrat^er to be lifcebnto fyeijerbetoljtcl) 
tl) ep call in d&zeeke kmv^a^: in ftattne al? 

to Clynopodium, foj fye tP^tC^e tue^aue befcribeb tt: Turner calletl) Clino* 

itif podium, 

31 C~ 

i he lecond nooKe otimpS: , 

%vfyt \3oe tjauetoetoibeD it : Tumercalletl) ciinopodium, 
* Dot!) Cooper Cnglify Clinopodium^e called tt alfo^u- 

#T he Nature. 

iuompletfonfcerp mucb like ^arieroim 

# The Venues. 

*,ijtpbfe to minke ttje Ijetbe ciinopodiumtnuune, anti tbe decoction oj* 
iupce ttjerof maDe miume^agamftCcampe^bucftmg^titfficultte of tympana 

lltpiouofcetb tbefioute&eicpelletlj fyetaa&fmite, anH £>econbine,if itbe© 

■Cljefeme boplet) fontill tbe t^fetie parte becottfttmeD , ftoppetb fye bellte, c 
but ft mufte be tuonfcen tott^ tuater in a f euer 3 anD unty wine tuityout a 

S^enne vmptealfo of ciinopodium,tIjatif it be taken tirity tonne bp tbej* 
fpaceof certapnetiape& it twill caufefye aaartegfyat arefcpontljebo&pto fall 

^tgan / o? wfli> t target om* €fjap Jjrijt* 


Qmigant^ of fyiee Cotter, tbattja? to fap, gartien €>ugan, ttull)eiJ> k rigan, an& 

t^at HinUeU3biC^et^epcall Origanum Onitis. 

Origanum Heracleoticum. Origanum fylucftrc. 




the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 


* RrHUinUe tyatlj ijar&e, rounbe, anb fome* Mai * 
tunes rebbifb fteme&ioljerebpon are rounb Ctigltd; 9^ 
to^tteQ) leaues,fmaller tljan fye leaueS uv 
ttnib £>agatt,ant> nothing dearie, but otljer- 

tonfe fbmetjotjat itfec in faftyion/Ctje floured grotu not 
itifcnoppie £roiunets,butltfee imtoftnal (piUte eares, 
grouping bpon little fine ftemmes, at tbe toppe of tije 
(talfce^nb afterioarbe it bunged foztb finallfeebe* 
a Ctje fcconD feiube Ijatt) uiijiter leaues , ant) tS not 
of Co great bertue,but otljetunfc not mud) Unlike tbe 
fitft 3 1 is not tmotuen m ttnS countries 
j Ct>etljirbe\3oilbefcinb,l)atlj manp rounb,b:ouinc, 
long,$ beane ftalfces,tt?e leaues be follicular rounb, 
anb fofte Ijeaeeb , greater tban tbe leaues of ^ennp 
&opalU€be floured are rebbilb, anb growing a great 
manp togitl^er in tufted lifcej&ofcgapes* Cbefeebeis 
fmail $ rebbifl;e*€lje roote is long tyarbe $ uiooDbify . 

Cljere is alfoafiute of tljirbe itinbe founbe, 
bearing floures as utytte asfnoto, of (tronger ftnelU 
fauour , tban tbcabouefopbe unlbe fcmbe, but in all 
things elfelpfce bnto it* 

Petttyere is founb a tljitbe fcinbe, t^e\u^icljt^c6* 
monlp calleb Cnglify ^arieronu %W is a bafe ot 
lou)berbe,notmuc^bnltUeto tutiDe£>ugan,untb leauesfomefcoljattottnbe, 
anb of a barfcegreene colour,fmaller t^an tbe leaues of totlb €>iigan> not tjea* 
rie but platneanb fmottju'Cbefioures areparple inrebbe,anb groto in croume* 
lifcetuftes* 'C^eroote ts of tooobbp fubftance* 

Cbefe ^etbes bo groso in CanDie,anb otber Ijoate countrte&fometmieg ai* 
Co in &papne:bere cbep plant tljem in garbens* 

7 he Tyitoe. 

%X)t firft fcinbe flouretl) berp late in tbtS countrep, anb pet it flouretb not at 
allfouing tutyanttje ^ommer is beep ijoate ♦"Clje unlbe ^Etyigan $ IjiS feinbeS 
bo floute at ^pbfomer* 

# The Names, 

CtjefeberbeS be calleb in d5jteeke o>y«voi, in Ratine o rigana. 

i CtyeftrftiS calleb o>V«v©^p«K*tfcTiKi), Origanum htracleoricum, anbof feme 

Cuniia:bere in^^oppes it is calleb Origanum Hifpanicuin,bpcaufetbep bung 
it btp from ^>papne to fell at 3!ntU)erpe,anb tbtS is tlje caufe fyat tf)e 23mban* 
bers call it o ngano as fye ^paniatbs bo call it Orcgan os 
% 'Ctyefeconb is calleb oyy«v<9- hmq , Origanum onitis^txj^tc^ is pet bntmouie 

3 tlnrtie is calleb in ^eebe iyf iof/V«v©-:tn Ratine Origanum fylueftre, 
t^at is to fap,tt>ilbe €)iigan: in ^pani(^ or^^^ campejire. 

Cbefirftisconnnoiptakenintlie S>^oppeSof tlji^countriefoi Origanum, H 
ft is calleb in CngWb tuilbe^Dugan, anb ^aftarbe aparierom : ui jfrenty 
^» fa*uage,dxto rjitarioUine baftarde: in ^tg^ Bouc^ Boften J©olgemut x in bafe 
ailmatgne groue^artolepne* 
%ty feconb map be calleb unlbe ^)^igan toit^ tbe m^tte floureS* 23 
•C^et^irbe is calleb Cnglift aparierom; in frenc^ <jMariokined>Angieterre>. c 


The (ccond Bookcof 
rCngeUrt)eS£ariolep»e: anb it taken infomefyoppeS, 

jQ£ift$,fr)£ Marum; jjiTbe Nature. 

Km^e0of£l>iiganatefto4ti anb Dip in tbetbirb Degree, ttjeonebe* 
ing l rtqantfyeotfyer* fyrhevertues. 

n bopleb m tuine anb tyonkeu, i# goob againlt ttje bptingg of bene- 3 
tito us bealt&oi tbe (tingingetf of £>c flnon£ anb f ielbefppbcrjOnb bopleb in 
toine a# t# af ojefapbe, it 10 goob f oz- tbe tljat baue taken ejccefliuelp of fye iupce 
of ^omblocKe,oi^oppte,tPbicbe mencall Opium. 

^el^etyonkeniuitb toater,t£ of great bertue againlt tlje papnetf of fye $ 
ftomacke ? anb tbe (Uteres 01 griping toanentg aboute tbebarte, anb caufetlj 
ttgbt Digeltion : anb taken iintb li^ptyomel (o^onieb toater) it lofetlj tbe bel« 
lie gentillp, anb purgetb bp Itoleabulteanb Slpelantyolique ljumo#, anb p*o< 
uokettytbefiujee menftrualL 

%ty fame eaten untb figge&p^ofitetb tljem«tuct) t^at Ijaue tlje ^pbiopfie, C 
anb againlt tbe flnmkmg anb Dtaunng togitber of members 

3lt is; pzofitabip giuen to be lickeb bpontoitb #onp, againlt tbeCougb, tbe & 
3&leurifie,auD ttje (topping of tbe &uuge& 

Clje iupce of £)^igan i$ of great ftwe againlt tbe Cupelling of $e $imonbe£ C 
oi kernels of tbe tt#ote,anb curetb tbe bicertf of tfjemoutb* 

%\)t fame iupce b:au)en o:fnift bp into tbe 0ofe, purgetb tbebiapne,anbtf 
takefy awap from tbe epe& tbe peiiou) colour remapning, after tbat one fyaty 

31tappeafetbtbepapneS of tbeeare&beingbzoppeb tntoify j$iltte« (5 
%t is; goob againlt all kinbe of fcurutuefle, roiigbneffeof tbefkinne, mangi* if 
neffe, anb againlt tbe 3]aunber$, if one batbein tbe decoction thereof mabe in 
*»ater>o£if tbe bobp onelpbetaaffyeb t»itb tbe fame* 

Cbefame berbe being mengleb unty bineger anb iDple, i£ goob to be lapbe 3J 

on UJitb Uiool bpo fquat$ oibzuteff, 
anbblackeanb bietue marked, $ to 
parted Difplaceb 01 out of iopnt* 

-Cb^vuilbe^iigan^tbe u>bite 
floure, ij&offingiilerbertue againlt 
all tbe abouefopjDe malabie$0£bi& 
feafe&a£ Galen feitb* 

<^f Sraco^tgan / 01 <§oates 

£Uigam Cbap*l]r ( t* 
Hpl^erebe two fortes of Tragori- 

ganum,a£ Diofcorides tyatt) left 


T he Defcrfation. 

|fc)efirlt kinbe i£ berp mucft 
|like Organ u,fauingtbatbi^ 
lltalkes? » leauetf be teberer* 
<Cbe feconbe kinbe batft manp 
tootDuetuoDDity iteme&tbeleauetf 
be meetelp large $ of a Ctoart greene 
colour, larger tljan tbe leauetf of 
^ellamottntapne 01 tanning time, 
anb fonWJljat roug^ 9 ouer couereb 

Tragoriganum alter urn. 

the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 

as it tuere,VP!>t) a certapne fine anD fofte dearie* tcfte finaU floures are purple, 
anD group It&u ct amesoj uiljortes>at ttye toppe of tije ftemmes* 

The Place. 

CljefeljerbeSirenotcommonin tt)iscountrie,butareoneipfounDe mtfte 
garDenS of certapneDiligent&erboiifts* 

fa The Tyme. 

Tragoriganum flouretlj Ijere ttl 3Utgu(t 

«2jj*T he Names. 

%W fcinDe of Origan, is calleD in d5^eefee^«>oe«V«v©-: in Hatme Tragoriga- 

num/U)ettiapalfO call It in CtlgUfl) Tragoriganum,OZ<5oateS£>£igan* 

%ty CeconD fcinDe is calleD alfo Prafi u m $ of Come of fyis coutrie,it ijatl) ben 
DeemeD op taken fojCpme* 

#T he Nature. 

Clje Tragoriganum isijoateanD Dip like €>iigan: alfo it tyattya certapnea* 

*J« The Vertues* 

Clje Decoction of Tragorigan um Dzonfcenmafeetlj a gooD loofe bellie, anD a* % 
nopDetl)tl)eCboleruiue^uinoi^,anD taken tntt^ bineger,it is gooD fcuttye 

Tragoriganum isberpgooD againfttlje toamblingof tlje ftomacfce, anD ttye 3 
fotDiebeifeeswtjiclje come from tyefame,anDagainlUljepaine ojDefire to Do- 

TragoriganummengleDtott^^onpanD oftentimes licfceD bpon,ljeipetlja=<c 
gamft tljeCqugt) anD fyoitneflTe of bzeatlj* 

lit pzouofeett) tyine $ biingetfc to ujemen tyeir monetljlp termed : tlje fame & 
lapDeonunfy tljemeale of polenta, ijattj potter to Dilfolue colDe tumors 0$ 

>jjj* ThcKyndes. 

T'^erebetujoroitesof 25aftll,t^e one of fyed&atDen^ otyer is tmlDe*t©l?er* 
oft^egarDen23aftllalfo is of ttoo fottes,onegteat,tl)eotl)erftoalL 

tf^The Defcriftion. 

I£e Bafill Eopall z great 23 aftli Ij atlj rounD ftalfces fullof biauncljes, 
uutij leauesof afapntoi pellotintyegreene colour, almoftitfceto tlje 
leaues of &?ercurp* floures are rounDe about tlje ftalfces > fome* 
times purple>anDfometimes as wijite as fno id ♦ naijanttjep are gone tijereis 
founDe a fmall blacke teeDe.Cljeroote is long toitt) manp ttrtnges oj tijteeDes* 
feconD kinDe is not muct) bnlifce to tlje abouefapD,Cbe ftalKeS be rouD 
tDttljmanpltttellcoUateralloifiDebiancljeS* CijeieaueS be fnipte otiaggeD 
rounD aboute , a great Deale fmaller ttjan tljeleaues of 23aCtil Eopall, ot great 
25aftlL Cljefloutesareberpmucljlike to ttjeotyets* 

C^efettoo kinDeS are of a maruelouSftDeetefauour,m fttengtfj parting 
t&e fmeil tff ^arierom, fo as inDeeDe tijetr fent is fo ftrong, ttjat tijep caufe 
I£eaDaclje,U)ijanti)eparetomuc!j otto longfmelDebpom 

Cije uniDe Bafill fattj fquare ftearie ftemes, befet tintlj fmall leaue&mucl) 
Ipke to tl)t leaues of #ufye(ot fmall)*Saftll>but a great Deale fmaller $ dearie* 
Cljefiouresarepurpleotof a fine colour Derplifeet^efloures of garDen25a* 
fill* tcfte roote is full of dearie t^eeDeS,anD creepet^ alongfl; tlje grounDe,anD 
^zinget^bppearelpanetD,t^etx)^ic^et^eot^er tioo garDenasafilSDot^not, 
butmuftbenetuefotoen pearelp* 


*4° The ftconcl Booke of 

Ocimum maius. Ocimuir nviius. 

<fcteat2&afill gentle* Euitye2Sattll,0£fma saftUgentle* 

«$• The Place. 

jsafillgentillte fotijenmgarbensu 

Cbe toilDe a&afill grotoetb in fanbte grounbeg alongft bp tlje tuater ftbe* 
Cijefetyerbegbo flotiretn June anb^ulp* 

# The Names, 

tine ocimum ; anD of fome Bafiiicum 5 tbattg to Cap,l&opalMt t# notu called Oci- 
mum gariophyliatum :tn CngltOt) 2SafiU:l&opaU,:s&afiUgentle,oi garben 23afill, 
anb tbefmaller fcinbe calleb buf^fe BaftU: intfrencb BafdUqw Bapc. mbigb 
3©oucb Baftlgen,25aftlgram: inbafe ailmaigne tbe great i£ calleb <£roue J3* 
fiUcom,anb tbe fmall Cbel 23afilicom* 

a Cbe \mlbe adaftll i# calleb in d^ieeke «ki V ©- k$£ in Hatme Acinus: in 
tfrencb ^/;<r fiuuugc: in Ijtgb ©oucb tmlbe isaftlgen : in bafe 3ilmaigne trfDe 

23aftUCOm* ^The Nature. 

t , <0arben23afillt£ of completion boateanb mopfo 
a CbetorilbeJSafillig boateanb &M> toft^ fe con & degree* 

5 ^TheVertues . 

Cbe aunctent iWfittong are of contrary iubgementg about tbe bertue* of 3 
23afilLGalenfcutb tbat fuperfluoutfmoptture, it ignot goob to be taken 
into tbe bobp* Diofcorides feitb tbat tbe fame eaten igbuttfull to tbe ftgbt,anb 
ingenteety totnbineffe anb bottj not Ugbtlp bigeft* Plinie tDjitetb tljat tbe fame 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. 

eaten i$ berp goob anb conuement ftu v ^ 
tbeftomacfce,$ ttiattftt bemonfceu untb " 
ZLimeger it typueiSJ* aump bentoftttetfo^ 
bNnbinefTe,ftapetb p appetite 01 beftre to 
bomtt, p:ouoHetb bHue^befibeg tbtebe 
feitl), tt is goob f ot tl)e bpbiopfie>anb foi 
tljem ttjat ijaue tije Jaunbet** 

Cbe later u>;uter$ fap tbat it botb fiu* 
tefie * ftrengttjen tbe barter tbe biapne, 
ant) tijat itretopcetb anb recreated) tbe 
tyirttetf, $ 10 goob agapnft ^elancl)olte 
anD fabnelfe,$ fyat if it be tafcen in tome, 

23 Ctje fame after tbe mtnbe of Galen 10 
goob to be lapbe too outiuarblp , fot tt 
botybigeft anb ripe* *©berefoze(a# Di- 
ofcorKlesfait^>tbefame lapbetoo untb 
Earlep meale, ople of Eofe& anb <a*me* 
ger,t£ goob foj l^oate fuielltngsu 

C tfaftllpounbe o^ftampeb untb toine, 
^peafetbtbepapneoft!jeepeg:3&nbtbe r 
tupceof tbe fame Dot!? clenfc 9 munDifte 4|| 
tt)eCame,anDputtetl)atjDapaliobfcuritie m 
ft bimneffe, $ bttetl) bp tbe Catarrbetf 01 $ 
flotomg bumoig tbat fall into tbe epe& ^ 
betngbtltillebo^oftenbioppeb in* 

S XSDlje b erbe batfeb bntb btneger, 
^IjolDento tbenofeof fucbeagare 
fapnt $ falie into a founb, bungetb 
tljem agatne to tbefcluetf ♦ 3nb tije 

. feebe t^erof giue to be fmelleb bpo 

1 caufetb tbeftermitattonoimefing* 

€ Cfte uulbe 23afil (^otirtbeuer it 
be tafce)fltoppetl) fye laffce,$ tbe in* 

, otbtnatecourfeoftbe^onetb&. 

EaftlL Cbap,ljejctr* 

g JfrT he Description. 

! Tl£at berbe tubtcb men bo no\u 
X cal saaccarta, batb roub ftalfc# 
full of topnte* 9 taancbetf: tbe 
bpncbetf Ijaue bpon euerp fcnot op 
w topntttwo leauetffomtoljatbioab, 
notmucb bnUketo£leaue#of23a- 
fillet tbe top of £ biacbe* are fmal 
reb floured, after tbetobicbetbere 
cometb rounb bwffce&almoft Ufce \ 
buffets of ^enebane , in tobtcbe t£ 
contetneb tbefeebe,\Dbicb toblacke 




Forte Ocimoidcs. 


" 4 1 The fecond Booke of 

*§* The Place. 

\)txht ig fount* in cer faint fruttcfuli ftelDe^ o? pature&alongft bp tlje 
ttuer of $®zn&3n tW countrep tbe l^erboiifteg Do plants it in t^ctr gardens 

3t floured from after SJpibfomer tjnttil September* 

# The Names. 

Cijc i£etbo;ufte£do calltbtebetbe Vaccaria: anD it feemefy to be tljeljerbe 
\ybtci)e 10 calleb in <^^efeeowiuoetcrW: in Ratine o c imafti um 3 anb after t^e opt- 
monoffome(a#tt)itne(retl) Galcn)Phiiita?rium 5 \Dl)ic^etiS a fcinbeof Echium 

in Nicander,iti£ called of Valerius Cordus Tamccnemum 5 tPe map Call itftel&e 

23aftll,otCotoe 25afilU 

*j» The Nature, 

Ctjefeebeof Ocimaftrumi^^oate anddjp* 

^TheVertues . 

Cljefeedeof odmafhumtggoodfo^ fucb agate bitten of&erpente£,<aft3 
per&and fucb otber benemoug beaftg, if it bedionfcen uritb toine* 

The Defcription. 

1$ itfbetbeat tbe firft batbftnall 
leaueg, beepelp cut in , 0£ lagged 
aboute, anb fomeiwljat rougb oi 


beatte, $ bnberneatbtbe leafed of a red 
purple colour: aftertoarb it puttetb foitb 
affraigbt ojbpjigbt ftem of a foote long | 
oimoie,\joitb diuerg tyauncbetf on tbefL 
fide#,fo tbatitfyewetb lifce a little tree: I 
tCbeleaueg tbat groiuetb tbereon, are M$ 
long, anb beepelp cut , bearie, anb u^inc* JSf 
fcled, fat onbicke in bandling, in pjtopo** ^1$L 
tionlifce to tbe firft leaue&fauing tbep be v , ^ 

longer, and notbing at all reddeot purple 
bnderneatb* Cbe feebe grotoetb elude* 
ring about tbe biancbetf , like to tbe pong 
'Cbetooteig tenber,anbbatb bearie 
tbieddieftrings* Cbe lubole berbeteof 
an amiable anb pleafant fmell, anb of a 
fapnte pclloxu colour,anb toban fte feebe 
i$ ripe tbe plante typetb? anb toapetb all 
pellou),anb ofamo^eftronger fauour* 

*Jgr The Place. 

Cbteljerbe grotoetlj in manp placed 
of jfraunce,bp tbetoatetg o? rpuer fideg: 
but it groiuetb not of bim felfe in tb# 
countrep: but vubereag itbatb benfotoen 
once, it (jp^ingetb bp Ugljtlp euerp peare after* 


^tbearet^igclttfterinj feebe in aiuguft > but it itfbefte tattering of it to 

* The Names 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 243 
Cbto tjetbe to calleb in <$mU M T pe, anb in battue Botry s,of fome to Cap- 

padocia(8j0f Diofcoridcs tUZttett)) Ambrofia: bnfcUOttJen to £>boppe0: it to cat* 

IeD to CngUft *Dke of Bierufalem,anb of fome 4Dfce of ^ataDtfe: in Jf renci> 
^^,anD to bigb £>oucb CraubeHraut,anD after tbefame to bate 

atimatgne it to calleb £uupueucrupt,tbat to to fap, SLltoe;*5loiromberbe* 

fyTkt Nature* 

Cbe^Dke of ^ataDtCe toboate anb typ in ttjefeconbe Degree, ant) of (iibtili 


Ofeeof i^arabifebopleb intirine,togoob to betyofcenof rtjemtobofetyeaft 3 
toftoppeb,anb aretroubleburitb tbetyoztnetreofuunbeoibieatb, anti cannot 
fetcbe tbeir bzeatb eafilp , fo.t it cuttetb anb tuaftetb groffe bumoto anb tougb 
flegme tbat to gatbereb togitber about tbe &unge&anb to tbe toeaft* 

3lt ptouofcetb tyine anb btingetb bourne tbe termed , if itbetafcen a# to a* 35 
boue fapbe* 

Cbe fame bipeb to alforigbt goobtobebfebtomeate&a£^pfope,Cpm*, c 
anb otbetlifcebearbe&peelbtog tmto meate# a berp goob tafteanb fauour. 

£)fce of iftierufalembzpeD , anb lapbe in pielTeg anb i©arberobe& gtoetb a 
pleafant fmell bnto clotbe& anb pieferuetb tbem from motbetf anb bermto* 

<&f tlft apnDw of mpmt. tffjap. Ijejeu^. 

*Jj« TheKindes. 

Tl^eS^pnteto bmer&afwell to pjopottion, agin bto manner of growing: 
tubereof fome be garben 9£pnte& anb fome be tuilbe $®pnte$ ♦ Cbe gar* 
ben &?pnte£ are of fourefo#e& tbat to to fap,Curlbe mvntt> Crifoe appnte, 
£>pere ^jwte ; anb l^arte 3)ppnte* 

Cbe tmlbe S^pnte to of two fiuteft fyat to; tye l^otfe 2Bpnte,anb tbe aba- 
ter appnte* 

^ The Befcripion. 

-ftyt firfte fcinbe of garben ^pntes b&b fourefquare , tyoumerebbe, 
anb bearie ftemmetf, tuttb leaueg almoft rounbe ? toipte, otbenteD 
rounbeabout, of a batfce greene colour,anb of fauour berp goob anb 
pleafanLCbe floured are Crpmftn op rebbilbe,anb bo grotu in Unoptf 
about tbe (talks Ipke tu^ozle^, 01 like tbe floured of jBennpropall ♦ Cbe roote 
batb titeebbie ftringe&anb creepetb alongft tbe grounb, $ puttefy foojtb pong 
(bootee oi fpung# pearelp* 

Cbe feconb feinb to berp Itfeebnto tbe firft, in bto rounb,fU)arte,anb ftueete 
fauounng leaner, alfo mbtofquare ftanme^ 3 anb tbe creeping rooted in tbe 
grounbe 3 but bto floured grotoe not in fenoppe^ oi tuboileg rounbe aboute 
tbe ftemmeft but at tbe toppe of tbe ftalkes Ipfee to a fmall fpike ot bufa;ie eare. 
3 Cbetbirbefeinbebatblongnarrovuieatte^almoaiiketuptbie leaue&bttt 
mv be gteater,\Dbiter, fofter anb bearie ; Cbe floured grotu at tbe top of tbe 
Jralfeetf i&efp&te earefta^ in tbe feconb Hinbe»Cberoote to tenberuntb tbieb- 
Mgz ftring^.anb Qmngetb fooztb in timers place^,lifee to tbe otber& 
I Cbefourtb Wnbetoiifee to tbeabouefepbeinbtoleaueftftalHe^anbroote, 
but tbat bto floured are no t fafilrioneD UHe fppkie eare^ grotuing at tbe topped 
of tbe ftalfeeftbut tbep compafTe $ grou) rounb about tbe ftalfce# UU tubojtle^, 
0^ garlanbe^ like to tbe CurieD, oz Crifpe #pnte* 
5 Cbefiftb fetnbe of S^pnte^btcbe to tbefirft of tl^e totlbe tobe$,anb calleD 
^o^e^pnte^batbfquaretrjoollie ftemme^, anb btoleaue^befomtobatlong, 
toimcleb ^foft,anb couereb otouerlapbeuuty afinebotx)ne,ojfoftcotto ? ? botb 


Mcntafatiua prima. 


The fecond Booke of 



Mcnra fatiua tertia. 


ouec anbbnber* %\>t floured groto at fyetoppeoftbeftalfceg in fpifcietufte& 
C^eroote 10 tetrUec uritb tliteDDe^ oz fucking firings 
<f *Cbe feconb vutiDe fcinbe, tobicbe to tbe ftptb in number of tbe <a£pnte&an& 
caiieD water SlpptTte,te mucblifcebnto £ Curibe^pnte4nbtoftatfce&leaue& 
anb creeping roote&fauing tbat bto leaueg 9 ftaifceg be greater , # of fttonger 
fiauour^Cbeaottre^bepurplegrotDmgatt^e top of tbeftalfcetf in Cmalltuftetf 
o;i fcnoppcs like rounb bullets. 

jfc The Place. 

t C^egartiena^pnte^arefounliemt^i^cottntnemgarDenft etyeciailp t&e 
Curlbe 3©pnte, tbetobicb to mod; common anfc beft Imogen* 

2 Cije tmlDefcinbe* Ho grotoe in lotae , mopfl; places as? neare bnto fpzing& 
ant) on tbe biinfceg of bittye& 

%\\ ttye fatten of S)£pnte$ Do floure moft commonip in 3ugu(t 

«Jj* T^f Names. 

Cbe garben <R£pnte to calieb in <fc£eefce n^w^©-.^ j<Mk •. in ftattnc anb to 

^boppe^ Mentha: in £?panify rerua Ortelana^erua buena. in Cnglity S^pnte$>: 

in f rencb Mente: inbigb &oucb#unte* 

1 Cbe firft fcinb to calleb in bigb Bouctj &epment,anb feraunf$bpment, tfjat 
totofap,Curlbe#pnte;intf tmt\)Memcre$ttc: m bafe aumaigneas^upnbep* 
lig^e* %ty 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 24 j 

1 . frcon& tealfo callet) of fyetygtj fcotitymen krauflmmtj, anb fcrauft* 
balfam,? 1^ to fop, m f tencb Bantm* -tre/p* (n Cngiify CrifpeBauItne, 0: tfriJpc 
^ppnte: alOa <£coife S^pnte : mbafeatlinatgiTeCnipfmunt^anD of fomeaifo 

3 €be tinrD funbe & caiieD at tW time in § £>t>oppe# of ttjte countrep Men ta, 

Sarraccnica,$ Menta Romana: UlCtljUty £>pete Sprite, Ot tijeCOlttOltgarDetl 

sppntetaifo of fomeBaulme appnte: w frencb ^ w^,anD 
mbtgb &oucb Balfam $)unt?> tmfet fratwoen #tmt?,£>ptt? munt*, &pto« 
balfam: m bate 3ilmatgne ftoomfclje mimte,anb 2$alfem munte* 

Menta fatiua quarta. 





abater appnte, 

4 Cfce fourth fcmbe ig calleb m l|ig^ aaouc^ $ert?lu;aut , tljat to fap $arte 
towte,oi l^arte 3^pute: to f retted ^ «wr .-of t^e later u#ptet# in &atme 

Menta Romana anguftifolia,Flore coronata,fiue Cardiaca Mentha. 

5 Cftefifty tml&efcttt&e,toljK& i$ tljefiftb Hurt) e of Sprite, tecalleb tn ®ieete 

i^uV^afyfi©-: m )Lat(ne Mentaftrum, atU) Of tIjetteti>etDUtetg Menta aqua- 
ticarm Cligllfl; ^0£fe S^ptlte: iXl ftZm^ CMente Cheualine oujh/tuage in ingft 

&ouc&efeatjmbalfam,iiio$mtMt?, tPtlDer Balfem, unit) ap>untj : m bafe 31* 
maignei©tttetoatet: apunte* 

* %\)t feconbe toulbe fcpnbe lofjtdje ig tlje Kptfte flppnte- , i$ caileb in <5teefce 

n<ru^iop,UT JLutXM Sifymbrium, atlfc Of Damegeron Scimbron, a£ Conftatt* 

rtne J£ e en wwu* uutneiretijtm Cngitft fiidjz S&vntt&mkz S^pnte,2©a= 
ter S^pnte, anb tobtte uwtet S^pnte : m f cencft cMenn Aquanque m ^igl) 

feottcb f tfcftmutrtj^affenttttnt?: m bafeaHmatgneiSoo mtmte,anb Eoo xua* 
termimte t 

1^6 The fecond Bookcof 

#7 he Nature. , 

3KU tije fcinDeS of *$pnte&U)tjile# tbep arc greene , ace Ijoate anD D:p in tlje 
feconD Degree: but DneH tyep are tyoate in tbei tbtrDe Degree, efpeciallp tije urilD 
fcinDe&urijttye are boater tjjen tye garDen ^pnte^ 

& T/jf Vertues. 

®arDenSlppnte taken in meateor tyititte, itfberp gooD anD profitable foi 3 
tlje ftomacfce , for it ujarmetl) anD ftrengtljenetb tbe Came , anD Drietb bp all fu* 
perfluous bumors gatijereD in tbefame,i£appeafetlj anD curet^ all fye papnetf 
of tljeftomacke,anD caufetb gooD Digeftion* 

■Ctoo o^ tb*ee brancbeg of ^pnte&bronkett uritt) fye itipce of foure ^ome- 23 
granjettfDoftoageanD appeafe ttje^icquetor peojre, anD bomttmg, anDitcu* 
retb tbecljolerique ^alTion,ofyerurifecalleD tbe felome,t"9at i£ U)tyan one Doty 
bomit continuallp,anD tyatb a laffce urifyalU 

Cfjeiupceof i^pntetfDrofcenuritij bineger,ftapefy fye bomitingof blouD, c 
anD fcilletb tye ro unD e in lines* 

C^efome bopleD in tuater anD Droken bp tbe fpace of tbree Dape# togitber, 33 
curetb tbe grppingpapne anD knauring in ttje bellp, txitt^ tbe colique, anD flop* 
petty tbe inorDinatecourfe of tbe menftruallifrue* 

<Uppnte bopleD tn urine anD Dronken,eafetb women tolj icb are tomttcty grie- € 
ueD uritb barDe anD perilloug trauell in c^ilDebaring* 

Slppnte mengleD uritb parctyeb 25arlep meale , anD lapDe bnto tumors anD f 
ftoellinggDotb toad anD confiture tbem*3tlfo ttyefamelapDeto tbefoiefyeaD ; cu* 

%t igberpgooDto be applieD bnto tbe btcafte^ tbat areftretcljeD foortbanD <& 
ftoollenanD full ofmilke, font llakctb anD foftenetb tbe fame, anDkeepettyttye 
mplkefromquarring,anD cruDDing in tbe b^lt 

*Cb t fame being berp tu ell pounDe uutb £>alte, i$ a Ipectall meDtcine to be $ 
applieD bpontbe biting of maDDe&ogge& 

Cbeiupce of 9£pnte mengleD uritb tyonieD toater , curetl* tfte papne of tlje 3 
eareg being DroppeD tberein, anD taketb atoap ttye afperitie, anD rougtyneffe of 
tbetongue,U)ban it itfrubbeD ortoaflbeD tbereuritb* 

%ty fauour otfent of <$pnte, reiopcetb man: therefore tljep fota $ ftrouj ft 
tbetoilDe^pnte intbtecountriein place£U)tyerea#feafte£arekepte,anD in 

5 Clje i&orfe appnte calleD Mentaft rum 5 tyatij not bene bfeD of ttye 3tuncient# H 

6 Cbeuwter ^pnte Diuerjs; toape^ of tbe Ipke operation bnto tbe garDen % 
S^pnte, it curetb tbe trenches or grpping papne in fye fmall of tbe bellie 01 
bouoel&it ftapetb t^e peoire or bicket anD bompting,anD appeafetb IjeaDac^eto 
be bfeD foz tbe fame purpofe a# tfte garDen i^pnte^ 

3lt i$ alfo finguler againft tlje grauell anD ftone of fye kpDnepj6f,anD agamft $ 
tljeftrangurp, tobicb^ # tu^an one cannot pilfe butDzoppe after Dioppe, to be 
bopleD in U) ine anD Dionke* 

^ep lap i$ uritb gooD fucceffe bnto t^e (tinging^ of 3ee$ anD naafpe^ $ 

<2>f€alampnt* C^apJjext)* 

T^erebe t^reefortejJ of Calampnt DeticribeD of t^e atuncient <©tetianftea* 
of t^em ^autng a feuerall name, anD Difference. 


the Hiilorie of Planccs. 

Cahmintha.*altcrum genus.. 


Calamintha? tertium genus. 


The Veferipion. 

=*$e firft Wnbe, tobicbemapbe calleb 3t£ountapne Calampnte, batb 
r ' barbe fquare ftalfceg couereb ttutb a certapne boare , op fine Cotton*. 
•C^e leaue$ be fbmtobat Ufee £ leaueg of Bafill, but tbep are rougher* 
^be floured grow onelp bp one fibe of tbe ftalfce amongft tbe leaue£, 

Comttmetf ttyee oi foure bpon a ftem,of abletmtye colour, tbe roo te to tyitbty. 

Cbtobrcbe aitogitber to not muc^ bnlifce tbe fecob fcinbe of Calampnte, Ca- 
ning it to greater,tbe ftalfcetf be barber, anb tbe leaue$ be rougber anb blacfcer, 
anb it creepetb not alongft tbe grounbe,but growetb bp from tbe peartjj* 
i Cbefeconb Wnbeiobtcb tocalleburilb j&ennp#all,batb alfo fquareftalkeg 
couereb uoitb fofte Cotton, $ almoft creeping bp tbe grounb, bailing euer two, 
anb two leaue£ ftanbing one agatnft an o tljer,fmall anb fofte, not mucb bnlifce 
tbe leaned of }&ennp ropBll,fautng tbep are larger ft wbiter^be floured grow 
about tbe ftalfceg in fcnoppeg like to tubojletf ot gariaijbe&of a blettufyepurple 
coiour.Cbe roote to fmall anb fytebbie* 

5 ^ijetbirbefcinbeu^itye tocalleb Catmpnte, ojCatttotyerbe, tonotmuclj 
bnlifce(a$ Diofcoridestattb)bnto t&e tu^tter tutibe S^pnte ♦ Jt Ijatb fquare 
fbfte ftalfceg full of iopnteftanb at euerp iopnt two leaues ftanbing one againft 
auotber,aub(t Ijatl) alfo bettmjrttfjefapbeleaueg $tbe ftalfce0,littlebiancbe& 
tiD^eleaueiffbenotmuc^bnliHetotljeleaue^ of i£otfe#pnte,fauingtbep are 
(bmeiPbat longer anb benteb,ot natctjeb rounbe aboute,inp^opottion like to a 
$tettettleafe,but pet fofte anb gentill, anb of attJijite &oo£ecblour,etpeciallp to 
t^e bnberfibe of t^eleafe, Clje flourep grow moft comonipaboutefye toppe of 

i$ The fecond Bookeof 

ttye (lalfce# after ttye oiDer of C roto)net#> Tie roote 10 tenber anD ti#eDbie* 

CljeretopetanotberKinbeof Catttotyerbe, a great DealcCmalier in ailre* 
fyectg ttyan tlje ftrMt'oertuife tljep bealtogitljer alpfce,anb it ijattj aberp goal) 

Jjf The Place, 

W)efir&elunbe,ag Diofcorides fait!), grower tnS)£ountapne$ anb Ijillie 
place&3]n tijto countrep it to plateD in tlje gatbentf of i^erbotifteg o^ louerg of 

Cijefeeonb fctnbe growetlj in fyto counttieinreft fiel&e&anDfcponcertaine 
fmall tylleg 01 tmappeg* 
Ttje tl)irb fcinbe groweti) in euerp garben,anD to fcerp toeliknotoen in t^i^ 

COUilttie* faThcTyme. 

3lltljerotfe£ of tyefeljerbe&Do fo^emoftpartetfoure in 3!uneant> 3|nlp* 

he Names. 

C^t^WnDeof^pnte,t^caUeDm<l5teeke h«\«^V8h: in ftatine Caiamimha: 

ill Italian Nipote/Ia: in^panifl) Laueuadai in §>l)Oppe|3> Calamentum : of Plinie 

anb Apuieius Mentaftrum : tnCnglify Calampnte* 

Ojefttfte Wltlie to calleD in §>l)0ppe$ Calamentum montanum,tI)at&tO 

Cap , Calampnte mountapne: in CngliOt) rougty Calampnte: in Ijigl) Bouctye 
§>teut,oberberct) ^tmtj* 

Ctyefeconb fcinbe to calleb in d5^eefee^x><x6>H «tf<°p : to Jlatttte Pulcgium fyi- 
ucftre.anH Ncpita: inCnglift) urilb p>ennp ropall, anb Comempntean tfrenclj 
rouiiotfauuAge in l^tgt) 2Bouc^ &oinmunt5,tutlben0olep, in bafeSMmapne toil- 
be #olep,anb belt 3©unte. 

Cfte tijirb fcinbe to now calleb in £>l>oppe£ Nepita: in CngUfy 0eppe, anb 
Cat^ppnte: in tfrencl) t^tntyiglj&ow^Mtsenmimts: inbafe2Kk 
maigne Cattencrupt anD $epte* 

■Cfjefe ijerbetf are Ijoate anb bip in tlje tljitb Degree^lpeciaUp tlje fitft fcinbe 
tttyiclje to gafyereD bponS^ountapnegu 

#gr T he Vertues. 

CalampnteCefpeciallp of ttje ^otmtapne)bopleb anb bzonUen,ozlapbetoo 3 
outtuarblp pteuailetl) mucb agatnft tlje bittngg of foenemottg bealKCtjefame 
Dionfcen fitft ot afcue ijanbe Witt) wine, p^eferuetl) a bobie front allbeablppop* 
fon,anb cl>afeti),$ bauetb awap allfcenemoito beaft&from ttjat place UJljerea£ 
tt to eptljer ftroiuen o.t bitcneb* 

'CtyefamebitofceniBttljbouieb umtertparmetl) tljebobie, anD cutteti) o£fe*a 
tterety tfjegroflTeljunutt&attD Dnuet!) auiap all colb fyiueringg, anb caufet^ to 
ftoeate* J,t l)at^ tljefame power, if pe bople it tnople, anD annopnt all t!?e bobp 

Calampnte tuonfcen in tfte fame manner, to goob fo^ t^em t^at Ijaue fallen <£ 
fromalofte,anb bauefomebutfeoifquat,anb burfting,foi itUigeftetljtljecon* 
geleb anb clotteb blouD,anb to goob fou^epapne of tljebbtueto, tbe Owtneffe 
of bieatb , tlic oppillationoi (topping of tlje b^ea^anb againft tt>e Haunbice* 

Cftefamebopleb in tuine anD b.tonfeen,ptouolteti b^ine,anD fionre^,anb y> a 
pellet^ t^ebeab cbilbe, anb fo boty it alfo if it be applieb bnber in manner of a 
l&elTatfe ot S^otlier fuppofitozie* 

31ttoberpgoobfo.txLa5erpeopleanb7Leper?ift^ept)feto eate it, ^bzinbect 
fte luljap of nueetemtlHe afcer^ 

T^efame eaten ratoeoifobbetDttl) meateiEf,otbtonfee\Ditlj falte anD Ijonp, f 
ami) anb D^iuet^ foo^ty ai feinbe? of wojme?, in toijat part of t^e bobie foeuer 



cne Hiftoric of P lantes. 249 

tfjep be,cbe famebertue batb ttje utpce Dronfcen,$lapbfe to an? place toljerea? 

aiifo tt tafcetb atuap fcarre&anb blacfce anb bletoemarfcetf, tobantt &bop* © 
leb tn uune anb tbe places often umltyeb fyeretontko? elfe fye ijerbe tt feif frefl) 
gatbereb ; pounbe anb lapbe bpom 

*j* ThcKyndes. 

nmifampnte^ofttDofo^te?, gteatanD rmaU,refembltngoneanotyetmfa«« 
uour,leaue# anb feebe* 

Balfamita maior. 


Balfamita minor. 


A The Defcriftion. 

3 l£e great Balfampnt batb flenber ftalfeetf,rounH ann barbe: tbe leaueg 
belong anb meetelp largest a\jol)iteo^tg^tgreenecolour,t3erpfmelp 
bacfcte o t t fmpt about tlje ebgeg . Cbe floured grotn tn tufteft 01 bun* 

Helpline jftofegape&anb arenotbtng elfeltfcebut to fmall pelloto btttton&be* 
tp like tbe floured of ^anfie^ 

anb bearetb btuer* mm anD biancbe& anb puttetb bp peatelp neto rp^tng^ 
Cbetuboleberbeteof attrongfeuour,but petpleafont, anbtntatt bitted 
1 Cbe fmall © alfempnte mnct) Ufce to tbe firft 9 great mifampnte, aftuell 
in ftalke&floures anb feebe, a$ mfmellanb Cauour 3 but altogttber entailer anb 
notfo btgb of grotoetk W leauegbe a greatbeale fmaller anb narrower, anp 
muclj beeper fntpt 1 cut about tlje ebge& %ty wote alCo $ ttyebbte anb put* 

r^o The (econd Booke of 

tetl) bp pearelp manp new $intg& 

tfcThe Place. 

Cbep are bott) planted in tbe garbeng of tbte eoutrie,but efpeciallp t\)t fitft, 
tlje xu^iclje i£ berpcommen in all garben& 


ssalfampntefiouretlj in 31ulp anb auisufl* 

$$The Names. 

* Cbefitftfctnbete calleb in Ratine Bai&mka maioi .in ttjc&b&ppetf of 

bant Balfamita,of fome Menta Gra?ca 3 Saluia Romana, La flu lata, anb Herba diua; 

Mari*: focfrigUfy Coofte 3£arie, anDof fomeBalfampnte; in jfrencb<>?> ot 
</«c*4 : in btg^oucbfrauwmfcraut tin bate 3|ttyoulb 
teeme to be tbat Panax Chironia, wbfcbe Thcophraftus beftribetb in \)t$ ip ¥ 

a Cbefecoribeiunbeig calleb of fomeBal&mita minor: in ftangueboc Herba 
diua? Mana?: mCngltl^ 2ipawbelein,ani> of fome fmall Balfampnte: tnjtalie 

Herba GiuliaiUnh fOttie takeit fO£«)%Top, Ageratum Of Diofcorides:0tbO# take 

tttobeu/x^op.Elichryfum.-anbotbet^foiEupatoriurn Mcfue. 23utm mtneo- 
ptnion it is none of tbem tbiee, fot J tbinke it an betbe not Defcribeb of anp of 
tb e 3luncient£ bnlefle it b e a kinb e Of Pa na c e s C hi ro n i u m T h eo p haaft i. 

# 7 he Nature. 

Cbefe two berbeg be boate anb typ in tbe feconb degree, *g ttyeir finell,anD 
bitter tafte botb Declare* 

# TheVertues. 

C^eleaue^ofCoftemariealone,otuJitblBarfenipfeebe bopleb tnWine^a 
tyonken curetb tbe trencbes of tbe belip, tbat i# a griping papne anb toiment 
in tbe gutted ot bo wel&aub it curetb tbe bloubie fttpe* 

Cbeconfernemabeoftbe leauetf of Coftemarie anb £3>uger,botb warmeB 
anbb^p tbebiapne,anD openetbtbe (toppings of tbefaine, anb it igberp goob 
toftoppe allfuperffuous Catarrbe&Eeume&anbbifttllationMo betakenin 
tjuantttieofa &eane» 

Cb&berbeisalfobfeb in meatetfas^age anb otberberbeS, efpeciallp in c 
^>alabe# anb fawce&fot wbtcbepurpofeit i# ejccellentAt it peelbetb aptoper 
lent anb tafte, 

^aujbeletnberbe ot fmall Balfaminte, is like to oroftemarp ot great© 
ssalfampnte in tafte anb fauour , to i# it like in bettues anb operations, $ map 
ftealwapes bfeb infteebe of tbe great Balfaminte* 

^7 he ' Ky ndcs. 

r r^erebetwo (b#es of &age,tbeoneis fmall $franke, $ tbe otber is great* 
Cbegreat £>ageis of tbxee Cottes>tbat is to fap,greene,WJt>tte,anb rebbe* 

jfe The Description. 

!^efranke£>agebatb funtyp woobbieb;tancbes>anbleaues growing 
;bpon longftemmejs; U)bicbeleaue$belong,narrou),bneuen ? boare,oiof 
agrapifl;ewbitecolour,bptbe ftbesof tbefapbe leaues at tbe lower 
enbe ? tbere growetb two otber fmall leaues, lifeebnto apapie of little eare& 
^befloure^growealongft tbe (talked in p^opoition like tbe floured ofBeab 
^ettell,but fmaller anb of colour blewe* Cbe feebeis; blacfeifte p anb;tberoote 

Cbe great ^age i^ not muclj bnlifee t^e fmall ot franfce S»age , fauing it 
$ larger: t^e ftalfee^ are fquare anb bjowne ♦ %\>z leaue? be rougb, bn* 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. 251 

men an& tobtttfbe, Itfee to tbe leaue$of franfce&age, but a greate DeaU 
iarger,rougl>er,anb uitttjout eare& Cbefloure&feebe.anb roote are HU Isnto 

Saluia minor. Saluia maior. 

jftanfre^ageA* fmall £>age* d&reat £>age,oj b^oatie §>age* 

Cberetefounb anotberfctnbof tb&great&age, tbetutncb bearetb leaner 
as tubtte as fnou^fomettmetf all U)btte,anb (bmettme* partte UJbtte, anb tt)t# 
fctnbe&calleb tubtte^age* 

Pettbetettf founbea tbtrbefctnbeof great£>age, calleb rebbe &age , tbe 
ftemme$tt)bereof,ttutb tbe tpnmtg of tbe leaue&anb tbe fmall late fpzong bp 
ieaue&are all rebbe: but tn all tbmg£ elfe it i& like to tbe great &age* 


£>age,a# Diofcorides fatt^gtotjoetb tn rougb ftontepiace&botb fcmfccjS of 
&age,areplanteb almofl: m all tbe gatben£ of tbte countrie* 

^ageflouretb m 3une anb 3julp* 

tyThe Names. 

Wje &age caljeb tn <^ieefce iM*r<p«*®.i m Hatmeanb tn ^b&ppe£ Sal 
uia: offome CorfaJuium:m^pant(^^/^. tn^ngltCb^age: tn jf ttiufys*nn; 
tnbtgb Jaoucb &albep:tn bafe ailmatgne £>aute* 

t CbefttftfetnbetonOtD calleb tn Mm Saluia minor,Saluia nobilis, anb of 

fome Saluia vfuaiisrtocngttfy £>mal feage,£>agetopall,anb common&age; 
w f rencb s^/W^-m btgb 2aoucb &ptt? &>albej>,klem &>albep 3 ebel^aU 
bep,$ Cteut?£>albep:tnbafe S&lmatgne Cmptf fawe,anb 3Dozfcen# feme* 

iji The fccond Booke ot 

i Ctye feconD WnDe i$ ealleD in Hattne Saiuia maior, anD of fbme Saluia agre. 
fUs: in Cnglify great Sage, ot bioaDe Sage : in tfrenrt) grandesauge: in tygtj 
Bouct) <Srof? falbep,#teatfalbep:inbafemnaigne groue,$ groote Sauie* 

7" ^ Nature. 

Sage is 1)0 ate anD Dip in ttje tbttDe Degree anD fomeuiljat aftringent 

fjc T ^<r I'ertues. 

Sage bopleb in torine 9 Dionfcen, pjouofcety bane, b^eafcet^ fye done, com* * 
foitetb tljet)arte,anD froageti) tjeaD aclje* 

v k 3!t & gooD fot tueme tuitb cbilDe to sateof tb&ljerbe, fo^ a£ Aetiusfetfy it B 
ciofettj tbe #atrice,caufett> ttje fruite to liue,anD ftrengtljenetb tlje feme* 

Sagecaufetlj wemen to be f ertill, to>t?erefote intimtz paft fye people of <e- £ 
gppt, after agreat mottalitie anD peftilence,conttrepneD tljeir toemen to DanUe 
tbe iupce fyereof,to canfe tljem tljefboner to concepue anD to bang fooitlj (top 
of cbilDiem 

Cbeutpce of Sage Damfcen totty tyonp in tlje quantitie of ttoo glalfe fallen, & 
a$ fatty Orpheus, igberp gooDfoi tijofeiobidK (pitteanD bomit biouD,fout 
ftoppetl) tbe flttjte of blouD incontinent. ;ttkeunfe Sage batfeD anD lapDe too, 
(toppetb ttje blouD of ujounDetf* 

tcbe Decoction tbereof bopleD tntaater anD Dionfcen turetlj tbe cougb , ope- <t 
netlj ttje flopping^: of fye ?Utier,anD ftuagetb fye papne in t^e fiDe: anD bopleD 
uutb U)oztnetDOoD it ftoppetb ttje blouDDp flijee* 

Sageitf gooD to belapDeto tbe tuotmDc? anD bitingtf of benimougbeaftfr f 
fot it Do tb bo tt> clenfe, anD beale tbem* 

Cbe toine therein Sagebatb bopleD, fcelpetlj t\)t mangineffeanD ittye of <B 
tye ptiuie member#,if tbep be toaffyeD in fye fame. 

*Q*The Defcripton. 

ipoDeSage i$ fomcuibat like 
garDenSage, in faffyion$ fa* 
uour , it batb fquare tyowne 
ftalfce&fetuutb acertainefcinD 
of fmallljeare, tbeleauetf arenotmuct) 
bnlifce tbe leauetf of great Sage, but 
fometoljat bjoaber , flwter anD (bften 
Cbefloitrcgare notmucb bnltfce to tbe 
floured of Sage, growing onelpbpon 
one fiDe alongft tbe biancljctf, euen bp 
to tbe berp top of tbe fame biancbeg oj 
ttemrne^, of atobitiWe colour , tobaii 
tbep are pafte,tberecommetlj arounDe 
blacfetfl) feeDe ♦ %\>t roote i£ tb^eDDie, ^ 
fenDetb fooitlj nevu fj)iing$ 0^ tymW 

jfyThe Place. 

WnDe of Sage grower in tbi^ 
countrepalogfttbebeDge*, intoooDe^, 
anD t^ebanfeejg ^ borers of fielDe^ 


3tflouretb in3une,anD Julp* 

iji The Names. 

Ztyig Ijerbe \$ notu calleD in£>ljop£ 



The Hiftoric oF Plantes. 

•Saluia agrcftis,ant) AmWTana.- in tygty Souebe totlbc &albep: in bafe atl* 
maignetuilbe^auie* Cbere are Come tbat tbinfceit to betbe CeconDe Kpnbe 
of Scordiumtjpbtcl)e^litue befcribetb,bpcaufe tfjattoban itigtyufeb, it fa* 
uojetb of catlike, anb tbtf i# tbecaufeurtjp Cozbugcalletb it Scorodonia.Jlt 
i$ calleb in Cnglity woobbe &age>urilb §>age,anb 3hnb k io0; in f rencb sangc 

de Boys. jgt 7" he Nature. 

Cbetuootir^age^^oateanDb^jmeetclpagreabiem completion bnto 
garben ^age* ^j* ^ hr^«. 

i©oobe Ibage bififoluetb congeleb bioub in tbe bobp , anb curetb intoarbe 3 
tt>ounbe&mo jeouer it ujoberfullp belpetb tbofe tbat baue tafce failed 01 baue 
bene Coze butfcD anb beaten, if it be bopleb ut umter 01 urine anb Diankem 

UDooDbe age taken in manner afotefapbe Doti> confume anb btfgefttn* 3$ 
U)arD e imp oftem# anb tamers , auopbuig tbe matter anb (iibftance of t\) c uutb 
tbe fypue* 

fyThe Defcriptiett. Gallitricum. 

Jlarpebatb fquareaalke&untb 
tougb,grari!t),bearie, 9 jbneuen 
leaned alinoftUHe to tbeleaueg 
of great fage, but tbep are foure 

o.t fiue timeg larger : tbe flouteg be of a ^ 
fapnteonubitilb colour, greater tbantbe r^f 
floured bffeage* UDbantbep are fallen of 
tljetegrotoetb in bu&es tbe feebe>tubicb 
& blacke^Cbe rooteig pellota 9 of woob* 
btefubftance* Cbe tubole betbe is of a 
ftrong, anb penetratitte fauour, in fomucb 
tbat tbe fauour of it caufetb beabaebe* 

*$t The Place. 

3n tbte countrie tbep fo\ju it in garbed 

^> The Tyme. 

Clatp fiouretb in June $ 3ulp apeare 
after tbefirft fotuingtbereof, 

# T/>£ Names. 

Clarie noui calleb in &atine anb in 

§)^Oppe0 Galiitricum , Matnfaluia , Cen- 
trum gall*, anb Scarka oruala: in Cnglilb 

Clarpe,0£ Cleare-epe quafi dicas, ocuium | 

clarificans: in jfrentb oruale,$Toutcbonne: "'' 

in btgb &oucbe £>cbarlacb : in bafe 311- 
maigne£>carlepe,3tfeemetb to be a kinb ^ 

OfHorminum, but petit i£UOt Ale&oro- 

lophos a£ fome men tbinke, 
Clatep ig boateanbtyp,almoft in tbetbitbebegree* 

3n tobatfotf e oimanerfoeuer pe tafce Clare? , it ptouofcetlj tlje ftoure? , it % 
tppulfetb tbe S>econbine,anb (tirretb bp bobelp lufte. 

Wta it mafeetb men btonke,$ caufetb beabacbe , $ tberefoje Tome B^eVDerg © 
bo bople it unti? t^eir^ier in fteebe of l^oppe?* 

i 5 4 

The fecondBooke of 

Cb& Ijetbe alfo batb al tbebertuetf anD properties of Horminum,anb map C 
bebfebintteebeof it* 


'p^erebe tttio fo#e# of Horminum, a? iaiofco?ibe£ tpjttet^ tye garb mart) 

UUlDe Horminum. 

Horminum fatiuum. 

bubble Clarep t 

Horminum fylucftrc. 

•£*T£<r Defcriftion. 

tefcffatben Horminum batb leaueg in a manet tounbe, anb fometoba* 
ouerlapbe tiritb a fofte Cotton, almoft like l^ebounbe ♦ cbe ftalfee* 
„ befquareanbbearieoftbebeigtbof a foote, bearing all abone attbe 
toniiue oi ftpe fap je Cmall leaueg of a blettifl) purple colour : tbe leauetf ftano 
ateuerptopnte 3 oneagatnftan otber, amongft tbewbicbe tberecommetb&OT 
iittlebu&e&tfjat bung fottD purpltfb blew floure$OTbe tobicb toban tbefeebe 
beainnetbtoti)apenpe,tbepturnetotj3arbe!8ftbe grottnbe,anb bang bourne* 
^arbe0,bautng tntbemblacfeefeebe anb fometobat long, tbe^bicbetpbatitt 

fcaltttletobtle fofceb or fteepeb in anplicour, it tDa^etbclammpo^ ttunie>au 
Cb^ilDe Horminumbearetb gpeat,broabeleaue&gau%oj ^ tc ^™£ 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 2JJ 

aboute.Ctjfcftalk^atfo befqnare, anb fome\]a^at^eacte,btttrettfterbelon^ 
geranb bigger tljantbeftalkegof ttje garben Horminum cije floured beof a 
Deepe bleu) colour, anD Do alfo grow bp certapnefpaceg aboute ti)e ftemmelike 
to\i3i)oile$oiCroumette#,outof little bufkeMulnrt)eDoalfotarneDoti)ne< 
watbetf uiljan tbe feebe i£ tipe,tlje feeD^isf of abunneojblackifye colour, 
toimb,* aifo flpmiewljanit i£(teepeb oifookeb^c rooted ofiuooDDie Cub* 
ftante,anb blacke* 

ttooo l)etbe£ baue no fpectall fauour,eH)eciallp tbe garben kinfce: fop 
ti^e flouregof tiievutiDe kinbebo fauour fometD^at like to Clarep* 

The Place. 

tefcefe ttoo kinDetf arefounbe in tljtg countrie,fotoen in tbe gatbeng ofi^et* 

Ctjeppeelbetbeir floured in 31une,3ulp anb3lugua:,uitl)e\jDl)ic^efeafon 
ttyeir feebe i£ alfo ripe* 

fyThe Names. 

CtjtS !?erbe tecalUb ltt<!5ieeke Wivop.-utJlatine Horminum atlb Geminalis.' 
i ^Cfirlli0calleb Horminum latiuum,anb Horrcnfc. %\)t feCOnbeHorrni- 

num fylucftre: tljepmap beboty callebwttbe Ciatte, fomecallt^e bubble Cla* 
rep,anb fbme Ocuii chrifti. 

# The Nature. 

Horminum ig of completion ijoate anb b&% 

'fcThe Vertues . 

Cftefeebe of Horminum mengleb lutt^ l^onp biiuefy atoap fyebimneffe of 31 
tbeftgbt>anb clarifietljtljeepesu 

Clje fame feebe untlj timter ftampebanbtempeteb togitber,fya\Betbout# 
tt)ome£ anb fplintet&anb r efo luettj p t i fcattcrettj all foite^ of ftuelltngg, being 
lapbeoiapplieb thereto • Cljefome bertuefcatlj tljegreene ijerbe tuljan it & 
(tampcb oi bzufeb anb lapbe bporu 

%\)t &me feebe bzonkentmtl) tmneftitretb bp bobelp lufte, efpeciallp tlje <c 
feebe o f tije uj UD e ktnb e,uty icl) i$ of greater efficacte , tyan tbe feebe of garb en 


« *5|t TheKyndes. 

i^ete befourekinbegof i£o;teljounbe,ut fafibion one like to another* 
Cfte UJtyictje fbz all tbat in katine baue tljeir particular ot feuerali 
names* •Cftefirft kinbei#our tDbiteiijojebounbe,tbe feconbe i$ tlje 
blacke (tinking^ozebounbe* %\>t tljirb i$ £)tacbps> oz fielb ^oieljounbe»C^e 
fourth i£ water oz S^arri(l;e ij^zebounbe* 

^7 he Defcription. 

\ nr^e toljite i^ozebounbebatb manp fquare $ utyite boare, bz bearieftaiketf, 
1 t^eieatie^be rounbe,crompleD,!jearie 3 apftecoloureb,anb of no lotbefome 
feuour/Cbefloare#beU)bite,anb grouringfojtb of fmall, tyarpe, anb pzicklep 
buCke&compalfing tbeftalke&like in faftyion to aringe oz garlanbe,in tbljicbe 
(pzicklep bufke£) after tbattbe floure i$ baniflbeb , tbere i$ founbe a rougb 
feebe^be roo te blacke U)itb manp tl^ebDte ftring^ 

i %ty blacke i^ozeljounbe, i$fomeU)^atlikebnto t^e\Dftite»'Cl)e(lalkeja(be 
alfo fquare anb ljearie,but pet tftep be blacke ojftuatte* Cljeleaueja; be larger 
anb longer tljautljeleauetf of tuljite ^ozeljounbe, Denteb oi fnipte rounbe a* 
boute t^e ebge^ almoft ipke bnto ^etteU leaue? , tljep are blacke, anb of a 

P if ftron j 

2.56 The fecond Booke ot 

ttrong bnpleafant fouour^ Cbe floured are purple tyke to tlje beat) ^ettell 
groiuttigiuiuijotlttigKuoppe^rotmDeaboutet^ftalKe^, Uketouubite Doit* 

Marrubium. Ballotc. 

HStyite i£oietyounDe* $lacfce^ojet)ounDe* 

3 stachysojurilDe^otebounDe batl) arounDftemme,otftalkefulloftopnte$ 
cottcrcDuiitl)afmeiot)ttcu)oolipt)oxi)ne oi cotton: tlje icaue#Do euergroui 
bp co ttpplcjs , txno anD ttuo at euerp iopnte , anD are urtnte anD uio Up aimoft 
liketbe leaue£oftiJbite&ozebounDe,fauingtbepbe longer anD totter* tr^e 
floured grow like Croumetg 01 garlanDetf comparing tbe (laifce, of pellotu co- 
lour, anD fomettme^ purple* Cberoote&batDeanDofa fcoooDDplUbftance* 
3111 tW tjerbeDtfferetij nothing in fmell o;t fauour from luinte l^ojebounDe* 

BpftDeg tljefe tbere t£ pet an otber berbe calleD ftueete fmelltng lS)oiebouD, 
ciftocete unlDe |j>age,tbe tubicbe beared fquare ftalketf, tbic&e anD woollier 
C^e leaue0 be uibtttfy anD foft,anD Comewbat DenteD rounDe about,but mucb 
longer, larger anD b*oaDee,tbantbe leaue#of tbeotber^ebounDetf* Cfte 
fioures be reDDill) growing about tbe (talfces lifce to wtjotles o^t garlaDes* Ctje 
feeDe ttf blacke anD rounDe.Cbe roote i£ pellouufy* 

4 Cbe watetl^oieijounDe itf muct) like to biacke $)oteljounDe, aftoell inbtf 
(MkeganDpuckle bufketf, a£ in b&leaueg anD floured Clje leaned be alfo of 
aftaartegreene colour, but larger anD moie Deepelp inDenteD , anD not berp 
ijearte,but fomewbat crompleD,anD WjttnckieD, like to tljeleauejS of tije 23trci)e 
tree, wljantijep begin to fpjing* ^efloueeg be wijite, anD Cinaller tban t\)t 




$9ountapne i^oze^ounDe* 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 

*g« The Place. 

C!jeU)i)tte i&ozctjounD anD t\)t blacfce 
Do gro iu uutl) li$ in all rotigl) anD tonma« 
nureD placed bp u>alle& IjeDgetf , wapetf, 
anDaboutetljebojDergof ftelDes* 
tljitD gnnuefyon £plapne#of atlmaigne 
anD clfe tuyere, it i£ not to befounDe ut 
tlji£ countrie, buturtftegarDen^ofi^a:- 
bouft0.Cljeujatcrl^o:cl)ounl>c itffounD 
betp plenteouflpgtouringin tljtecoutrte 
bp Dtcljetf anD umterco utfc# , anD in Ioujc 
mopft places* 


311 ftefe Ijetbesi Do mofte eommonlp 
flouretn 3|ulp* ^fte fauetp l^ojeljounDe 
oz uulDe &age Do tb floure in ^ttguft* 

The Names. 

t Ctye fitfte fcinDe is calleD in <E£eefce 

ir{*nop : in}tatine Marrubium: in §>l)Op£ 
Prafsium : in Italian CWarrabit s in §>pa* 

ntfy CMtrrmm; in Cngltll? l^ozeljounDe, 
anD ttljite $ozei)ountoe: in tf tend) ^r- 

r#£/# anD Marochemin, alfO CMarrube blanc: 

in ijtgt) aaottclje uml? 3nDojtn,a^arobel, 
6ottf?betgtf?,anD StoDozn mennlintin 
bafe 3tlmatgne S^alroue , $palmenie> 
a^ttjfe amDo.zen, anD ainDo.zen ^atme- 

2 C^efeconD i£ calleD in dfyedke******* 

ttt&attne Marrubium nigrum, Marrubiaftrum: in £&l)Oppe# Prafsium fartidum: 
in Italian Man obi o nero\ Marrob'tB fendo: in^pantfte Marroios negros : in Cngltllj 

biacfce i£o k zei)ounDe, anD fttnfcing i^o^eftounDe , $ of fome blacKe 3trcljangcll: 

in f tenCft Marrubin noir, Marrubin fuant : inljigl) BOUCt) fcljtiJatt? 3toD0ZU, atlD 

ainDozntoeiblin: in bafe 3Hlmaigne fttncfcenDe anD ftoerte apalruenie anD 3n* 
fto;tn,o.* atnDozentiitfffcen* 

3 'Clje tyirDe & calleD in (Steefce s-«xw j anD mkattne Stachys bnlttioftett 
in &I?oppe& itmapbealfo calleD in englill) ^tacljp^o^DilDe^oze^ounDer 
in tf rencije y***^ . in Ingl* J^oucl) tiecfcenDe ainDotn > f ielDe ainDo^n : in 
bafe ailmatgne riecfcenDe 3nDojen: in 31 taltan # in £>panity tv™* 

f/fc/tw, anD Tcrua de fouto. 

4 C^e fourth i$ now calleD in Jlatine Marrubium paluftrc : in <£ngliD) <$ar* 
rifye oj umter ^oze^ounDe: in jf renclj Marrubin d'eau : inljigb ^oucijetuaflTec 
3nDozn, toetyet^nDom: in ©zabant water atnDo^en, anD of fome Cgppte- 
naecsmipt,tijati#to fap,ttjeCgpptian^ fterbe ? bpcaufe of tlje Eogueg anD 
rtmnepte^UJ^ic^e call tljemfeluejef Cgpptian^, Do colour fyemfelues blacfee 
tott^rgi^^erbe. ^omemenmalieitt^efirftKinDeof Sideritis. 

'C^et^eeftrft fepnDejjofi^o^ounDe areljoateint^efeconDeDegree,anD 
Dtp mtfcetbitDe* Crater l^^ounDe i$ alfo tierp Djp, but without anp 


ijS The fecond Bookc of 

^TheVertues . 

C^eUJ^tte^ote^ottnUebopleDmtDateranU btonfeen, both open anb com- 3 
foitetl)e}Lptter atiD tlje^elte, o^^>pleene, anD gooU againftall tljeftop* 
pihgg of the fame,it cienCetlj the bteaft 9 the lunge&alfo it i$ profitable againft 
anolbeCougb> tbepapne of tl^e(iDe,anl>t^eoHJefpittmgofblouD^agamft 
the Cpfifce anb blcetation of the lunger 

Che fame tattf with the roo te of Jri&caufeth to fpet out al grolfe &timo#, 33 
anb tough ffegme&that are gathereb togither within the bieafo 

Cbefamebettue alfo bath theiupce tbereof,to be bopleb togither untb tbe C 
ttipce of f etuli bntill tbe tlnrbe parte be confumeb, atib taken in quantise of a 
fpoonefull, anb it is; alfo profitable againft anolbe Cough* 

Cbetuhite ^oiebounbeboplebinwine,opmetbtbe^atrte or pother, & 
anb i£goob for women that cannot haue their termed op DefireD ficUneflTe, it 
etpulfctb the&econbpne anb beab cbtlbren,anb greatlp helpetb wome,iohicb 
ijmz harbe anb perillou$ traitell,anb i£ goob for them that haue ben bitten of 
5feetpente&anb benemoug beafte& 

Cbeiupceofwbite^orebounbe mmglebtoith \xuneanb$onp,anbbrop*<C 
pet into tbe epe&cleatetb tbe fight Che feme iupce poureb into tbe eare&af- 
twagetb tbe papne,anb opened tbeftoppingtf of tbe fame . 3t i$ alfo goob to 
be btatoen or fnifte bp into tbe nofe,to tafee awap tbe pello wnefleof the epe& 
tahtchetemapneth after the 31aunbice* 

Che leaned tempereb with i?onp i£ goob to be lapbe bnto olbeblcer£,anb f 
corrupt blcereb naple&or agnapleg wbicbe ig a papnefitli ftuelUng aboute tbe 
(opntetf anb naple&Cbe fame megleb with l£enne# gteace,refoluetb anb feat- 
teretbtbeftjoeliingaboutt^enecKecalle6S>trttme^ Che brpeb leaue#men- 
gleb or tempereb tmtbbineger,bo cutenougbtpbitulent$ fpreabing blcer& 
* Cbeblacfce^orebounbepounbe,iggoob to ijeappiieb anb lapbe bpon tbe© 
bptingg of mabbe &ogge& Che leaues of tbefame tofteb in a Callleafl^btv 
bertbeboateimmergoralhe&bo ftoppeanbbauebacfce tbebatbe lumped or 
aucilmgtf wbicbe happen to arife aboute tbe fiegeorfunbament,anb lapbe to 
with bonp,t^ep cuteanb beale rotten blcer& 

Suchysorujilbei^orebounbebopleb anb bronfcm,caufeth women to hatted 
their floured bringeth fortb tbe £>econbine or afterbirth, $ the beab frupte* 

tracer l^o^ebounbei^notbfebin^ebicine^ 31 

^f- The Daunger. 

Che white ^orebounbefehuttfull botbto tbeblabberanb fcibnepg,elpfr 
ciallp whan therein anp burte or enumeration in them* 


Virtue title of ^elilTa,are compiehebeb both the rigftt Bawme, anb the 
#aftatb2$awme,thewhicheboth arefomewhatlifcetothel^orehounbfc 

ije The Defcription. 

i^e right Bawmehath fquate ftalfcetf, $ blacfci (h leaned like to blacfce 
i^orehounbe, but a great beale larger, of apleafant fouour, bracing 
to warbeitf the fmell of a Citron* Che floured areof Carnation colour* 

<Cherodtei^fingle,harbe,anbofa uioobbie fubftance* 

Che common 23a\jome # not much bnlifee to the af otefapb, failing thathtf 
fauouri^notfopleafantanb belectable,a#thefeuourof therightaaatume. 
3 Cherei^acertapneherbe bpfibes; thefe, thetohicheCometafeefor therigh* 
®atume(pettheparemuchbecepuebthatbo fo th(nfee)tthathafquareftaifct 
< with 

the Hiftoric of P latites. 2 j 9 

toitli leaned lifre to commoni3aiDme,butlargeran6btecker,8n^ofmiettell(^ 
I uour : t\)c So tires are uiljit e,anD mad) greater ttjatt ttje floured of fyecommott 
Bau)me:tt)eroote & tjarDc, atiD of ujooDDtefubftance* 

MeliflTa vulgaris. 23atDltte» Meliflbphylli fpecies. Hcrba Tudaica. 

* & man map alfo place , amongtt tljefe (btfeg at #atome, tbat berbe tubfebe 
otbtnartlptecalleb Herba iudaica. Jt batb fquarebearie ftalfceg buu&eb oj 
parted into many tyaticbe& CfJ? leaue$ be long an& DenteD rounli abottt,anD 

t^effoureftof afamteble» o^ujljitifte colour* 'Cberootebatb bearteftrutg& 
autbeberbetuatoetb totuatbestljefauourofJSatDme, o^eltffa* 

*g* The Place. 

Cbefe berbetf bo grow in certattte countries tit tooobbe&anD infome coutt- 
trie^peftallfmbetbentgroujmgabottt olbeiualle^, $fomettme#alfope (ball 
baue tt grounng bp tbe tuap ftDe#:but noto botb fo#e£ are plateb in gatDen& 

Herba iudaica grouietbm f raunce anD f laimber& ro tmttlleb placed, in 
bfoeparbe&atib fometimes alfo aiottgfttbe fceftgeft 

^bepfioureittjimeanbjiulp* Cbe^ubaicallbetbefiQuretb roJulpanD 

iff The Names. 

1 fl^eltffeg t# calleb in 6^eette^Aiftro4)uMoH,K5«iutxi>vMov: foilattne Apkftru, 
Mciita-na 5 anb citrago :m^bopp^Meii(ra:tn(iBngU(b ©atome: ttijtaltatt 

CeJrMelta,Heriarofa;ixi&fmty Tempi, jerud c/drera: tnl)tgty2a0Uty^eltiretU» 

P iiii fcraut a 

160 The fecond Booke of 

feraut>anb ^uttetitrautanbafe 3ilmatgne ConftUe be gtepn anb ^eltffe* 
4 'ftljefotirtij &tnbe 10 calleb of fome in jUtitte Hcrba 1 udaica : in Cngtffy it 
mapbecallebtye3ubatcalll)etbe:m^ coimtit 

tObet^efltfttobeof Sideritis,calleb Sidcritis Heraclea. 

JfcTht Nature. 

^ljefel)Ctbc0are^oafeanblJzpmtljefeconliliejree 3 anD fometoftat l&eto 
3£oidj3unbe,bat in bettue muclj feebler* *5* ri* 

asawme bton&en in xuine to goob agatnft tlje btttng&anb fttnging£ of be- 3 
nanoujsbeaft&it comfoztetb tlje tjatte, anb tyiuetlj auiap aU^elancijolp anb 
(Mtne&aff tijeleamcb ititliefebapeg bo tojtte* 

23aur>ne map be bfeb to al purpofes u^erebnto ^o^ounbeferuetiMotD. 9 
fcett it to tit all refpecttf snueb u>eafcet*,fo ttjat accoibmg to tbe opinio^ of Galen, 
$ Paulus Aegineta 5 (tftoulbe notbebfebfo^ojebonnbein mebictne,butfo$ 
tuaute of ^oiebounbe,m fteebe thereof ^eli(Tamap be altuapeg bfeb* 

If a man ptitBatumemto 23eel)pue&oi elfe if tbe l&pues be rubbeb tljere* c 
V5al,tt fceepetb 23ee# togitbet,$ caufetij otbet I5ee£ to reroute to tljetr copame. 

Cbe comon 23a\jome to goob foj toemen utyiclje Ijaueftje Wangling of tije a 
matrtp ojmotbet to be eptber eaten otfmelieb bnto*Ct)e iitpce thereof to goob 
to beput into greenettjo'nnbetf, fo^it gletueti) togitljer, foDecctlj anb fcealctlj 

0f £ue/o$ %etbe grace. €f)ap Jr jcjrtfc 

Jffthe Kyndes. 

%\)ttt are ttoo fojtetf of Eue,tljat to gatben llue, anb tdflbe Eue* 

Ruta hortenfis. R uta fylucftris minima. 

^etbegtate^satfien ftue* Cijefmallttilbe ftuc* 

the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 161 

jjfc The Dcfcr'tption. 

- ^egatbenftitetyattyrounbetyarbeftemme&^ in* 
to bmcrsottyerOnallrounDitl) leaue0,ofagrapotblevut(l)colour,anD 
oi : a berpranfceotftrong fauour* €tye floured be pellow, growing at 
ttye top ofttye teanctyes, afteruiijtc^ ttyerefpzingetty bpfquaretyufUetf 
eontepning ttye fcebe wtyictye W blacfee* Ctye roote i£ of woobbiefubftance anD 
pellow wtttyin^ty&iiiuelaftetty bot ft Winter anb Commet,$ bietty notligtytlp* 
, €tyewilDeftue,i#muctylifce totijeottyeriutyte ftalke#,leatte#, floured, 
feebe, colour, tafte, anb fauour : (auing ttyat euerp little leaf c tyi# cutter are a 
great Scale narrower* • 

23ut ttyere i£ pet an ottyer fcinbe wtyictye i$ ttyeleaft of all,wtyofe little leauetf 29 
are betp narrow anb tenber,anb of colour fomewtyat wtyitet ttyan ttye refte* M 
ttyitf plante(ag ttye ottyer wtlbe JHuc)t£ of a berp grieuoug fauour, anb cannot 
abiDe ttyecolbe,but a# ttye ottyer wilbe Eue, fo Dotty ttyt£ periu>e witty ttye firfte 

*£r The Place. 

» *€tye tame line itfplanteb in garbcn&anb beiigtytetty mode tnbtp grounbetf 
Wtyere a# ttye <konne (tymetty mefte* Ctye tutlDe Eue gro wetty bpon ttye ntoun* 
tapnes of <£appabocia,anb <0alatta,tn ttye lelTer 3tfta: in ttyi£ coutrie it i£ founb 
fowen in ttye garbens of l^crborifteg* 


Ctyepboallflourew tty^countrpin3i%anb3luplt,anbttyefeebe igripe 
w September* 

t^The Names. 

l&ue is calleb in <S5zeefce r^wo r .tnXatmeRuta,anb of :$puleius Eriphion. 
% 'GDtyegatbenliuc itfcalleb in <25ieeke tth^voh KXTrtvToyankattne Ruta horten- 
fis:tn ^oppe? Ruta: m Cnglifl) liue of tbe garben, anb i^erbe grace : in 3Ita* 
lian Ruttt: in S>panilty La *rrudain tyigty Jaoucty Zam llauten,^ weini&auten: 
inbafe 3tlmaigner©ijn rupte* 

* Ctye wilbe Eue i£ calleD in (jMeefce 7tk>«xvo H «^ ( o H r in Xatine Ruta fylucftris, 
anb in fome placed a#3(puieiu£faptty vipcralis: in ^tydppe£Harmel: intyigty 
& oucty? walb l&auten: in bare Blmaigne wilbe liupte* 

T he Nature. 

Eueigtyoateanb bzpinttyettyirbebegree: But ttye wilbe l&ue ($efpectallp 
ttyat wtyicty growetty in mountapne#) (0 a great beale ftr5ger ttyen garbs illue* 

of. 7 he Venues. 

Ctye leaucg of garben itue fcopleb in water gt bionfcen caufctty one to make ^ 
toatet,piouo&etty ttyefloure& anb ftoppetty ttyelaftte* 

Ctye leaues of l&ue eaten alone tuitb meate^, oi mt^mt) witty walnutte^, 3 
anb bzpeb figged ftampeb tcgtttyer,are goob agaitift all eutl apte$, anb againft 
ttye ^efttlence anb allpopfon, anb againft ttye biting^ of i/iperg $ ^erpente^ 

^tye famepounbe anb eaten ot btonfeen in wine, tyelpetty ttyem ttyat are ficke $ 
Witty eating of benimottg Cabftoole^ oi^ou(l;erom^ 

Ctye iupceof ftueitf goob againftttye fame miltyappe^,anb agatnltt^e bp^ 
ting^ anb &inQin§8 of ^cotjf&mg , 3ct$ , r©afpe$ , i$omette£ , anb mabbe 
JBeggetf , wtyan tt us eittyer bzonfeen witty wine , oi wtyah ttyat ttye toueis be 
ftampeb witty tyoup anb falte,anb lapbe bnto ttye wounbe* 

Ctye bobp ttyat i$ mnopntt\} witty ttye tupce of iftue^o^ ttyat (tyall eate of Ette & 
faftuig,ltyaibc(ag plinit wutetty) alTureb agatnft all popfon, anb fafe from all 
bmimousbeaftc&fo ttyat no popfon, o?betumou£ beaft ftyalltyaue pow^e to 
tyurte tyim^ 


l6z The fecond Bookie ot 

Cfte fame inm otftue btonken tintrj wrine purgetl) toemen after tytit beli- f 
ueraiicM biittetl) fotttj tlje £>econbine,tlje bcab ctjilbe,* ttje bnnatural bittl), 

Une eaten in meateototbetunfebfeb bp a certapne CpaceofCpme^uen*© 
cijeti) anb btpett) bp nature > an& naturall feebe of man , anb tye milfce in fye 
b# afteg of ijacmen ttjat giue fucfce, 

tfueboyleb uiiti)©pilanD Dtonfcet^toagetl) tt)e gnaunng totment,ot gu* ^ 
mnapapnc of tbe bellp calleb tbe tcewbes , ft is goob fot ttje pa?ne£ in tljefibe 
anH toead^t^e Difficnltte otijarbneffeof bteatlnng , tbe eougb , the (topping of 
the lunge&tfje &>ciatica,anb againft tlje riguot anb biolence of f euersu 

mue bopleb in goob winebntill tlje tjalfe be Cobttfn avuap , t£ berp goob to J 
bebtonUenoffuctjajmgintofaUinttJttje £>topfte> , r , r ^, _ * 

line eaten raroe ot conbiteb wit!) &>aitc,ot otijerunfc bfeb m mcatcfc clea* fc 
retb the figl)t>anb quicfcenetl) tijeteme betp mttcb:Co Dott) alfo tlje iupce tbetof 
iarbeto the epe&untb Donp ? tl)eiupce of fentll ? o^ bp it felfe.Cbe leaner of ftue 
mengleb toitlj tfatiep meale, affxuagetytlje papne of tlje epe$ being lapbe 

^^he iupce of Wat tjoatmeb in ttje fyell of a ^omgtanete , anb btoppeb into & 
tbeearestoagetbttjepapnegof tbe fame* defame mengleb xuitl) opie of 
aftofe&ot ople of Bapetf $ ^onp>i£ goob againft tbe ringing ot ringing founbe 
of the eate&tD&an it oftenbtoppeb wanne into tljem* s ^ ua 

C'ge leaue* of Eue pounbeuntlj ople of l&ofe£ anb broeger, are goob to be $ 
!apbetotbepapne0oftt)el)eab* £ ;- >J .- . : : „ 

Cbetome pounbewitb #apeleaue&anb lapbe too, # goob to binolueanb ^ 
eureibeiWiling anb bladings of tljegenito^* _ _ ^ 

Cbeleaue* of ttue mingleb untb tuiue, pepper, anb tftttre, bo tafceatoap $ 
allfoottetf of tbeface,anb clenfetij tljeffcinnetanb mengleb tmty #onp anb 31- 
lonut curetb tljefoule fcabbe o;i uaugtjtieCetter* Ctjefome leauetf poub wtty 

^tt)etjeab,tbe &tngg enill otljatbe foellingg about tlje tl)?oote,being applied 

anb lapbe tbereto* j _ 

line mengleb i^onp, botb mitigate ti)e papneg of t^e lopntetf, 9 toit^ ^ 
Rffffe^ittaUetljawaptbenDeUingof tije^opfie* : - 9 

Cbeiupceof i&uetiriti) bineger giuento fmellbntOjboft reuiueanb quicke & 
fuel) ag baue tlje Hetl)argie ? oi tbetteeping anb foigetfull ficfeneffe* 

Cberooteof Uuemabe intopouber anb menglebttJitbbonp,ftatteretl)f a 
b'ffoiuetbcongeleb anb clottebbloub,gatberebbettoi)ctet^e fHinne anb tye 
fiefi),anb coirectetl) all blacfee &nb bleu) marfee$,fcarres;^ fpotte0,t^at c^aunce 
in the bobie,U3ban tljep are anopnteb ot rubbeb t^ereujit^* 

Che ople tjuberein mue Ijatt) bene fobbenoi long mfufeb $ fttepeb ,botb ^ 
tuarme anb c'qaafe all colbe parted ojmember&anb being annopnteb otfp^eab 
boon the region of tlje blabber it pjouofcetl) btine,anb i0 goob foj t^e Hopping 
anb toellingof tljefpleene ot 0pelte:anb giuenin glitter, itb.tpuett^ fo^ wuv 
binefTe,blaaing$,anb tlje grpping papne in tlje botuel^ ot gutted 

&ome unite alfo,tljattt)eleaue$ of Euepounbe, anb lapbe to outtoarblp^ 
bpontl)e0ofe,ftancl)et^tl)ebleebing of tljefame* 
i ts:heiupceofU)abeiiluemenglebUJit^^onp,tDme,t^e mpceof fenill^tljeui 
aaule of a &ernie,quickenetl) tljefigW,^ remouetl) al clowbe* 9 t^e pearle^m 
tbe epe$.3ilfo tlje tuilbeliue ^atft tbeliKe bertue a* t^emue of tlje garben,but 
it i0 of Greater fotce,infomucb a$ tlje auncient ^IjpfitioniS tuoulb nbt bfe it,bv 
caufe it U)a$ fo ftrong,fouing about tlje bifeafe^ anb ttebbe* of t!?e w$ in 
nera^i^abouewtiten^ ^ 

me Hiftorie of P lantcs. i6 j 

<£>njatmal(/oj witot due. tfljaplwtf ttn 

T/;* Defcripion* Harmala. 

i£i£ fterbe ^at^ tl^ee o* foure 
ftemmes growing bp^igljt, anD 
in tbem are fmall long narrou) 
leauc& moie tenderer , anD D tut- 
DeD into entailer 01 narrower leaues tljau 
tlje common 01 garDen Eue , tlje floured 
gromttbetoppeof fyeftemmetfoj tyan* 
cbe&of colour UJ^ite, after wljiclje cometft 
trtangleD ljutkeg cotepning tljefeeDe* 3tnD 
tb& plante ig of abetp ftrog anD grieuoug 
fmell, etyeciallp in tjoate regions, ot coun- 
tries, whereas it grotuetb of ty$ otime 

Harmala growetKaff 2aiofcoziDe£ ttm- 
tetlj) in CappaDocia anD <5alatia, in tljitf 
countries lijerboiiftgDo fouieit intern 

jQpTfa Names. 

Cl)t£ fterbe i£ calleD in<iS t ieefcetffy«v<»M 
«>w:in Ratine Rutafylucftris .-of fomeit 

calleD Harmala : of tlje Arabian i^ljpfiti* 
on& anD of tlje late tmpterg Harmci. Cbe people of £>ptta in time? pad calleD 

ttBcfafa 5 anD fomeMoly.r©emapalfOCallitHarmala,O^Harmel. 

# T he Nature. 

6alen toiitet^p Ijerbeigljoate in tfce tljirb Degree,^ of fubtillparte& 

# TheFertues. 

Bpcaufe Harmala i$ of fubtil parte&it cuttetlj afunDer groffe anD toug^ iju* 3 
moi&it pzouofcetlj biine,anD tuomentf naturall flwe* 

Cbe feeDe of Harmala ftampeD tottb ^onp,r©ine, Saffron, tlje tupce of f& 23 
ttelUnD fye gaule of a l£enne,Dotlj quiefcen tljeCigbt,anD cleared Dintme epe& 

€>f6ofematp* .€lmtyWb* 

T he Befcriftion. 

4Dfemarpi£ W it Tm a little tree ot toooDDtQ) n#ubbe,tontljmanp 
fmall biancbeg anD ilenDer bougies, of IjarDe anD toooDDie fubftance, 
couereb anD fet fullof little,Cmal,long,anD tenDer leaue&utyite on tlje 
fibe neirt tlje grounD, anD greene aboue* Cije floured areU)ljttifl?e,anD 
mijcte tott^ a little bleu>e,fye toljictje pad, tljere commetlj f final fee&e&fce 
tooteanD tije ftemme are lifeetotfe IjarDe anD wooDDte ♦ Clje leaner anD tlje 
floured are of a berp ftronganD pleafant fauour, anD gooD fmacfce o k z tafte* 

The Place. 

ftofemarp grotoety naturallp,anD plentiful^ inDtuertf places of ^papne 
anD f rance,a# in ^zouence anD &angueDoc* Cljep plante it in tW countrie 
m garDen&anD mapntapne it taiti^ great Diligence* 


5^eEoCemarpflouret^tU)ife apeare,onceinfye fptmgtimeoftyepeare, 
ana feconDarilp in3tugua:. 

£$4 feconi Bookc of 

♦Jc The Names. Rofmarinum coronarium. 

Cbteljetbe i£ called in<]5zeefceMG*v** 

T/f s"tcp«v»/w«Ti»cR :(n battue R ofmarinu co- 
ronarium,- in ifeljOppejBt Rofmarinus: to 

Cnglifyiilofemarp: to3ftalian Rofmarmo: 
in gDpanilb tow*™.- to jFtencb Rofrtarm: m 
Germany tftofmareto : in bafe ailmaigne 
ilioTmarifmCbep call it to ftatine R oima- 

rinum coronarium,tbati0 to fap>i&Ofema« 

tietobfcteoftbepmafce Crowned <£ar* 
. landed > to put a Difference from tbe otbet 
Libanotis tobicb & of diuerfefo;tt& tobet- 
of tueefyall intreatemC^apter^folloU)- 
mg.djebloiromjJoiEoure^ of t^Eofe- 
marie i£ called in tbbppeja? Anthos. 

tyThe Nature. 

%W Eofemarie i$ ^oate and dip in 
tljefecond degree, 


&iafconde$ and <5alen do tojite tbat 
tb& liofemarp bopled to water, and gitie 
tod^tnHe mtl>e morning fading $befoie 
iabot o k t epercice, curetb tbe 3jaundet$u 

3irrabtan# and tbetrfuccelToursr 
^pfition^, do fap tbat Eofemarie cofoz- 
tetb tbe tyapne , t^e memojp , and tbe in* 
toarbe fences, $tbat it reftoietbfpeacb> 
efpeciallp tbe confetuiimade of tlje flouretf 
thereof tuitb ^>ugat,to berecepued daplp fatting. 

€be af^ eg oi apen of i&ofemarie burnte,dotb fatten loofe teetlj, and beauto t 
fietb tbefameif tbepberubbed tbetetaitb* 

^flaucnficr antr^pp&e. £lm,\wtf)U \ 

The Kyndes. 

jr 3nender ijsfof ttoo fo t ite#, male and female* Cbemalebatbbitfleaueft 
jj^floures , Cp&ie earetf, and ftemraetf, broader, longer, ^tg^er, tbiefcer, and 
,of attronger fauour* Ctje female is fmalier, ft>o#er,lo'uw,andof aplea* 

•5» The T>efcriftie». 

^DtbUtnde^of 4auenderbauefquarebdllotdttalfeetf,\jDitb iopntegtf 
&notte$,fcpontabicbe8n^ i 
|)¥rc\D $tbit&e*Pet larger and longer tban tbeleaue#of laofemarte, 
«Cbefloure$(tDbicb^aremott commonlp blew) grow tbicfeefet, and j 
coucbed togitber in fenoppeg o^ibed earetf, at tbe topper of tbe ftalfeeg* W i 
roote of xuooddie fubttance tuitb manp tbieddp ftrtog^ 

%f The Place. 

ftauender growetb in certapne placed of 3ttalp, fepapne, and tfrattnce,ott 
tbe ^ountapneg $ rougb ftonie place&tbat lie againft tbe &unne: tbep plant • 
itbcretngardm^efpeciaUptbefemaleU'auender,\jDbicbeij3:berpconunontti | 
all gardens, but tbe male fcinde i£ not fimnde fouing amongO; tbe i^ ' 

Lavandula i 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. z6y 

Lauandula mas. Lauandula foemina. 

Cnglifl? kaueuDer, 

tf?> The Tjmti 

3tattent)et flouretfj in 3tme aato 3lulp* 

# Names. 

Uttg called tn&attne Lauandula: in ^>i)op# Lauendula: in <f nglify &pifce 
anb^attenlieran^taUan^^aaD^^w^^n^pantll) Alhuz,ema,% Aifazema: 
ottamtm<3itzkt i J feudonardus,an& of otljerg Hircuius,anD of fomealfo Ro£ 
marinum cot onarium. jt feemetty to be ttye i>etbe fyat utrgil called Ca(ia,anD 

CIjeopi#aftU# Cncorus albus. 

, C^eftrftKinD i# Lauanduia mas .in <£ngliflj ftauanber oit&pfte: in JFcencij 
ZrfWf w4/7^.- inJjtg'o ^ottcij feptca, anD ^vptca mtU : inbafc 3ilmaigne fta* 
uetiDer,a4iD 2lauenDer manne^em 

, Cfje feCQnfcetttnfcei# calietl Laucndula,anfc Lauendula foemina: toCngltfl) 

&pifeeant> jf emaleXauen&en in f tencij uuanAefemeiie-.m tyiofo ^ouct) &afetv 
fcei: in bale ^iiimtgne ft aaen&st toitf fceu* f 

ifeThe Nature. * 

Tlmtxtott ig fyoate anD tup in tlje fcconfe Degree* 

^rheVertues . 

ftauen&et bopieD tnuime ant) luontten p^ouofcetl) bune,$ bttngeti) fcotone 3H 
tfye.floure&anD Dziuetlj fo#I* tije^ecofl&tne,ant) tije&eafc Ctjti^e* 

tC^c floured of ftanen&et alone^ot tutty £innamome,^utmeg&$ Cloue£ ^ 
boruretbe beating of tljeljatte, an!) tfte jaun&et&an& are finguler againft 
tye 3ipople£ie,ant> gftDinefle^ tuwwgof tyetyraii, tyep cwnfojte t^ebiapne 


166 The fecond Bookc of 

anb members taken cufubtect to tbe jMfie* 

Cfte cotiferuc mabe of tbe floures uutb £mgar, ptof ttetb mutt) agamft ttje C 
fapbe bifeafes,to be tafcen in tbe morning fading, in quantttie of a 23eane* 

'EbebilUUebtuatetof tbe floures of £>ptKeoi&anmDerbeaIetb mebersa 
of $e ^alfte tf tbep be vuafteb tbereiuitb* 

$f st^chados / oj f tend) la wn&cr. 

yfyTht Description. 

l£tS is a beautiful berbe,of a goob $ 
beep pleafant fmell , untb Diners 
tuea&e $ tenber bzancbes, fetfuliof 
long,ftnall,$ tubitify leaue&but fmaller,nar* 
rouier $ tenbeter,$ of a mozeamiabiefattour 
tban tbeleaues of Hauenbet* M tbe toppe of ^ 
tbe (talkes tbere grotoe fapze tbiefce lu.ioppe^^^r 
ot fpifue eates,untb fmalbiem floures,tbicfce , ^ 
fetanb tb^uft togitber* i;befefcnQps oz eareS' 
are Colbe euerp tobere in §>bap# &P ti&e name 

Of Sta?cados Arabicum. 

■Cbereis pet anmber berbe tobicb tbe %* 
toe baue befcribeb in tbe l^C^apter of tbe 

Tbe Place. 

Cb& berbe gro\uetb m tbe JleS ealleb 
St^chadcs, ftanbtng birectlp ouec agapntt 
^arfiles, anb in biuers places of jUgueboc 
anb ^zoutnee, $ in Arabia* 31n tbiS countrie 
fome ^erbozifies bo fotoe it, anb mapntapne 
ttxuitb greatbiligence* 


Sta'cados flauretb in^apanb June^Com* 
tobat befoze ?Latienber* 

«5* The Names. 

3lt is calieb in d5zeefce tfa&w ^'x^-in jlatine Stichas anb Stacfarf. 

^boppeS Stichas Arabica,fc Stc-chados Arabicum :intbC Arabian tongue Afto- 

chodos:inCngli(b sta?chados ? f rencb>lauenber,Ca(riDotue^ of fomeftaueit* 
bevgetle: in3italtans//W^m&^ 

*J* The Nature. 

Cbe completion of Stsechados is boate anb bzp* 


^beb^cocttonof StsechadostDitbbtefiourefto^ rife tbe Eoures alone, bzo>3 
fcen,bo ope tbe (toppings of tbe &iuer,tbe lunges,tbe ^elte,tbe Spotber, tbe 
blabber,anb of ail tber inujarb parteftclenfing anb tyiuing fo:tb,aii euili anb 
corrupt bumozs* 

3lt is alfo berp goob agatnft tbe papnes of tlje beab , anb btfeafes of t\)t 33 
bzeaft anb lunge&anb it bzingety foztb tbe floure&tf it be tafcen in maner as if 

Cbep mengletbe fioueeS>tDitIj goob fucceffe in conterpopftms, $ mcbicmeS & 
tbataremabeto etpellpopfom 

Cbeieauesanb flouresof Stachados gtuen often to (meli bpon both com>» 
fojtte tye b k zapue,tl?$ memo 4 zie,anb imaatbe feufes* 



the Hiltorieof Plantes. 167 

£f ©ittam/ 0} team of €aniric* €bapJjcfft)f#. 

ify TheKindcs. 

3Iofcotibe$tljat aunrient^erboitflt^^tetfiof tfeee fotteg of &ictant, 
hereof tbefirft onelp t£ t^e rigbt &ictam ♦ Cbe feconD \$ tye #aftarbe 
Idtctam^et^icDe t£ another Mnbebeating botb ffouteganb feebe* 

^ ^ Dcfcription. 

nr^l^e firft fctnbe,iubicbe t'# tbe 
^W^tJ^tctam, &(a£2aio£ 



xotilies? faitb )a boate an& 
fyarp berbe mucb lifcebnto IBenni* 
ropall,fauing tbat b& leauetf be 
greater $ fometubat boare j mofp 
tuttb acertainefme bottme,o£U)ol« 
lpu)bite Cotton: at tbe top of tbe 
a# it toere certapne finall fpiHie 

eare# 0: tuffetg, banging bp little Jr 
final (left greater $ tbtefcer tba tbe JISg$l 
earejs? otfptlvtetuffetftof VDilD^ar 
gerome,fom\ubat rebbeof colour, 
in wbicb tbcregrouj little floured 

* Cbe feconD feinbe tobtcbe i$ cal* 

leb Pfeudodi&amnum , tbat i# tO 

fap,#aftarbe 2aictam,i£ mucb like 
bnto tbe fit(ta0 Bioftoubeg foitb ? 
fouing tbat it i$ not boate, neptber 
botb it bite tbe tongue: toberof toe 
ftaue bere giuen pou tbe figure,tbe 
tabtcbe toe baue caufeD to be cut ac* 
coibingto tbe naturally true pio- 
jiumbatbrounbfofttoollp ftaifeetf 
toutb tmqtte# anb iopnteftat euerp 
oftt)btcbeiopnt#o*lmotte#> tijere 
are two leattes foinetobat rounbe 
fofteanb\\>ollie,notmucbe bnltfce 
tbe leaned of jdennttopail, faupng fyep bee greater , all Ijoare, 01 tofttte, 
fofteanb ruoollp , l&e to tbe ftrfte leauetf of tuljttefl^ollpn ox Tapfus Barbatus, 
tuitbout ftmour anb notftarpe , but bitter in tade. Cije floured be of a ligbt 
blett)e,copa(Fing tlje ftalfce bp certamefpaceg lifce to garlanbetf 01 xubotrotoeft 
anb like tl>e floured of ^ennpropall anb li^oteljounDe/Clje roote i£ of iuoobbp 

* Cbe tbirbe kpnbetn figurete Ipketo tyefeconbe,fauingfyatin£leaue£ 
are greener anb moze bearte, couereb toitb a fine vubite fofte Ijeare, almoft Uiie 
to tbeleaties oftBater apinte* Ullltqe^erbe i£of a berpgoob anb pleafant 
fmell, as it were bettotjet tbe fauour of i©atermpnte $ £>age, as Jaioftojibetf 
toitnefTetlj* «J* The vUct. 

x %fy firft fcinbe ojt tfte rtgbt &ictam commetlj from Crete, tofttclje ig an 3* 
lanbein tbe feea ^ebtterrane, tutjicbe Jlanbe m bo noto call €mW> anb it 
^ not founbe elfe tuyere, a? all fye auncient? bo tuiite ♦ lijerefoie it W 

Z ii no 

3l£J .. The (econctBooke of 

no mStnell th& it ig not fonttHe in t^t^ cotmtric, otl>ettotfe than Dzp, anD that 
in the g»i)oppe$ of certapne xmfe anD Diligent apothecaries p w\)6 with great 
Diligence get it from CauDp to be bfeD tn^B!)tftclvC* 
i Cbetuio other kinDe#Do notgrow onlp inCanDp,bttt alfo tnDiuer? other 
tyoate countries 

# The Names. 

1 Che fitft kinDeig calleDin <i5zeefee<A^«/<0-:m)LatmeDi(aamHum,^ Di- 

damnum Creticum , Of fome a£ &iOftOliDe£ UUitetb, Pulcgium fylueftre : in 

§>bqppeg Diptamu,pet notuntbftanDtng the aipbtbecarietf haue bfeD an other 
herbe tn fteeDe of thi&vubtcb t£no kinDe of Didam at all> a# fyaibe DeclareD in 
bis place :tt map be called in Cnglill;a$Curner uuiteth Didam^ Didamnu. 

2 CbefeconDkinDeiScalleD mci^eeke^^KTa^anD, Pfeudodidamnum, 
that is to fap,33aftarDe Didam. 

3 ChetbitDekinDeiScaUeD^'^^ : m^ 

CalleD Didamni tcrcium genus,0l Didamnum non Creticum. 

fyThe Nature. 

» Che right Didam i$ hoate anD Dip like l^ennp^opaU, but it is of fubtillet 

3 Che other ttoapne are alfo hoate $ D^but not fo hoate as the right Didam. 


L Cbe right &ictam is of like bertuettritb ^ennptopall,but pet it is better $ * 
flrogenit bunged Dotone tbefloureS, it eirpulfetb the afterbirth anD theDeaD 
cbtlDe 3 tt)betberitbeDzonkeno£ eaten,o;tputinbnberasai£eirarieo;t mother 
^ubpoatoue*Cbelikebertuebath the roote,tx>htche is berp hoate anD lljarpe 
bpon the tongue* 

Che mm of zatctam is berp gooD to be btonken again!* all b enim, anD a* 33 
gainft the bitings of all benemous beafts anD Serpents* 

Jaictainis of fucbe fo^ce againftpopfon, tbatbp thsonelp fattour anD fmell c 
tbereof ? itD^iuetb aump allbenimousanD tuickeD beafceS, anD in manner kil* 
ietb them , caufing thefame to be aftonieD, if thfcp be but onelp toucheD untb 

Cbeiupce of thefame is offoueraigneanD fingularfo#e,agatnftall ktnbeS & 
of toounDesmaDextntb d5lapue,oj other kinDe of toeaport&anD againft all bi* 
tings of benimousbeafts^to be DtoppeD oipottueD in, fo j it Doth both mttnDi* 
fte>ciet%fe anD cure tbe fame* 

Bictam qualified anD fumgetb'thepapne of the £>plene ox melte, anD toia* <C 
fteth ozDimintfyetb the fame,ti)bantt is tomucbfiuollen, ojblafteD : if it be ep- 
ther taken intuarDelp,otapplteD anD lapDeoutumrDelp* 

Jt Diau>eth fo.ith ^iuer^, fplinter& anD tho.tne^ , if it be bmfeD anD lapDe f 
fcpon the place* 

r©emapfeeit lefte to b# io,utten of the^unctentftthat the d5oateg of jfan* 6 
Die being ftotte in anD hurtebp anpftafte oi3|aueline hanging oifticWngfaft 
intheirfle(l)e:hotDthatincontinentthepfeeke outJatctamnumariD eatethei> 
of,bp bertuetohereof the arrowed fallof,anD their toounDe^ arecureD* 

Che BaftarDe tektummm i$ fomeiohat like the bertuetf of the fir(t,but it 

ChethtrDekinDe auapleth much to beput into S^eDicine^ Dzencheft anD 3 
implapfter? that are maDeagainft thebpting of tuickeD anD benemou^ beaW. 

0i 1 



the Hiilotic of Plaotes. 


$ere are ttoo foitetf of f enelMtlje one ig fye rtgljt f enell calleD in <5:eke 
iMarathron/cijeotljerte tbatutyiclj gtouoetl} berpijig^anD i£ calleD Hip- 
pomaiathron,tftat W to fap,great jf enell* 

j£* The Defir/ption. 

!£e rigljttf enell Ijat^ rounDfcnot* 
tie ftalKes, a# long as a man , anD 
full of bxmuW fy* CapDe ftalfcetf 

Foeniculum. jftuelU 

are greene without 9 tyolloti) UHfyto,fiUeD 
tottli a certaine UJtjtte pit^e o> ligi>t pulpe* 
Cl)e leauetf are long anD tr • v v , anD berp 
mud), anD fmall cut(fo t*)fct ^ep feeme but 
a$ a tuffte ot bufye of (matt tljieeDetf ,»pet 
greater anD gerf ier , anD of better fauour 
tyanfyeleaucs of &ill*€betfoure$ be of 
palepellou cuiour,anD Do grolue in fpofcie 
tuffct* ttf runDels at t^e top of tlje ftalfcetf: 
tbe floure periffyeD it tutnetb into long 
tecDe$,altuapes two grovuing togitljer* 
roote ig tubite,long,anD fingle* 
CljereiS another fotte of tb&fcinDeof „ 
f enell , \abofe leauetf uwe Darfee J tuttlj a / ^ 
cmapnefcinDeof tbicfeeo^tawnp reDDeco- 
lour , but ot^ervuife in all things like ttje r /r 

a CljeotlKrlunDecaUeD tlje great f enell 
baty tounD ftemmeg tmtb fcnee* * iopnt& 
fometimesas great a$ ones arme, anDof 
ftjcteneot eigbtene foote long,a#u^itetl) 

4jf The Place, r 

tf enell grotoetl) in fyte countrte in garDenS* 

j£Thc Tyme. 


oj^The Nantes. 

%\\t firft fcpnDe i$ calleD in <&ictbt n&e**?'? : anD of Aquarius j*Mw • in 
Ratine anD in £s>tjoppe0 Foeniculum: inCnglifoe f enell: in Italian W^jfafe 
in £>panify f/^V in f rencft ijiglj J^oucft jf endjelrin bate llmaigne 

BencfeeL rf , , 1 . . 

2 CljefeeonDekinDe ig calleD in <&mktvn*°»*?«ie*v-in Ratine Foemcuium 
crraticum, tijat ig to fep, uulDe jf enell, anD great f enell .anD of fome f enell 

%.T he Nature. 

f enell te&oate in fye fytrDe Degree, anD D# w tl)e firft, 

#7 he yertues. t 

^e greeneleaues of tf enell eaten, oi tljefeeDe thereof D k tonfeen toitlj $tt* 3 

t!Ebe Decoction oft^ecropjs?bff enelDiofeen,eafetbtl)epapneoft^eUiDnepft & 
caufetftonetomafeeujater^tp auopDe^eftone^btinget^Doujnepftoure^ 

170 tanfi' The fcconi Boukcof 
%\)t rooteb otfj tye u&e,ti)e tobicb i£ not onlp goon fot tlie intenteg afojefopb, 
tut alfo agamft tlje B^opfte to be bopleb in urine anb tyonfcetu 

Cbeteaues anb feebe of f enell bionfcen U3ttb \iriue , i£ goob agapnft tbe c 
ftingmg£ of ^coipiontf anb tbe bitings of otber totc&eb $ benimoug beaded 

jf enell ot tbe feebe btonfcenuritlj \joater,a(r\jDagetb tbepapue of £ ftomacfce, 
anb tbe xuambiing oibefire to bomtte ? \Dt)tcb fucb baue,a# batte ttye 3igue, 

*Cbeberbe,tbe feebe anb tbe roote of $ enell>are berp goob fru tbe Hunger, <g 
tbe Liwtt anb tbe fcibnep&fojit opened tlje obftruction$ o^t (toppings of tbofe 
parte&anb comfoztetb tbem* 

•Cbe rooteg pounbe anb lapbe too tuttb ijoute,are goob agatnft tlje bptingtf f 
of mabbeeogge^ 

'Cbeleau^pounbetottft bineger are goob to belapbeto tbe btfeafecalleb <5 
tbetutlbefire,anballboate ftoeUmg&ftabif tljepbe ftampebtogitber tuitb 
fcwe,it is goob to be lapbe to bmfes anb fcrtpeg cl^at arc blacke anb bletoe* 

tfenell bopleb in tuine,0£pounbe \iutb opie us mv goob foz tbe pearbe, o$ ^ 
fecrete parte of man,to be epfyer batyeb oittuebjO* rubbeb anb anopnteb uritl) 
tbe fame* 

Cbeiupceofjfenellbzoppeb into tbe eareftfettletbt^^\i)owc; ^eeburgmj 
tbe fame*3inb tbe fapbe iupcebzpeb in tbe £>unne, i# goob to be put into Cok 
Ip?e&aab mebicineg pzepareb to quicfeen tlje ftgbt 

s§» The Defection. Anethum* 

HIl batb rounbefcnottie ttalfee&fuli 
of bowgbetf $ btancbe&ofafootefc 
balfe,oi two footelong*€beleaue# 
beau to iaggeb , of frengeb uritb fmall 
but a great beale barber , anb tbe fttingg 
oz tbzebetf tberof are greater^befloure* 
be pellotu $ groiu in rounb fpofcie tuffetg 
oi runbeis, at tbetoppeof tbeftalfceg lifce 
f enell: tuban tbep are baniffyeb,tbere co* 
metb tbe feebe, tubicbe i£ fmall anb flat, 
tbe roote i£ u>bite,anb it biefy pearelp* 

^ The Place. 

Cbep fow e 53 til in al garben&amogft 
tDO^te^,anb $otberbe£. 


3!t flouretb in June anb 3|ulp, 

*Jt T he Names. 

fcbteberbeitf ealleb in <5mkz«v*t*\> : ^ 
in Ratine anb in tbe ^boppeff Ancthum: y, 
in Cnglilb JBtt: in Italian am fain &pa 

Uilb BueldoyEndros inftmt^ Aneth: mbigb 

3©oucb^pllen, $^ocl)fcraut : in bafe atu 

# Nature. 

JBill 10 almoft ijoate in fye tljtrbebe^ 
gree,aub bip in tbe feconb* ^ venues. 

^ebecoctionof t^e topped anb cropped of Sttl,U)tt^e feebe boplebfa?' 



the Hiftorle of Planccs. 

water anb Hzonkett, canfetb tuemen to liatie plentte of <np tike* 
3 1 Djaietb auiap tientofitte 01 unnDinefle , attD toagetb tbe bla&tng $ gri* # 

pingtoanent of tbebellp, itttapetb toomitinganD lafl*e& anDpiouofcetb faint 

to be taken a# ts aftuefapDe* 
3tt$t3erppiofttableagatnfttbefuffocattonoifl;rangltng of tbe^atrije,if C 

pe caufewemen to recepne tbefume of tlje Decoction of it,tbojougb a clofe ftole, 

ojijollou) featemaDefoitbeputpofe* 
Cfce feeDe thereof being well cbauffeD , anD often fmelleD bnto, ftapetb tbe & 


^D^efame bumeD otpatcbeD, tafcetb atuap tbe fuelling lumped, anb ttfte£ € 
onimncletf oftbetuell,oifunDement,if itbelapDetbereto* Cbe berbe maDe 
into arfenDotb reftrapne,clofebp,anD beale mopfteblcer&efpeciallp tbofe tbat 
are in tbe (bare ozpiitue parte&tf it be (troweD tbereon* 

JaillbopleD in ople,Dotb Digeft anD refoiue, anD fumgetb papn*, pzouofeetb f 
earnaUlufte,anDripetb allraiue anDbnripetumo#* 

■ij* The Daunger. 

3f onebfettto often, ttDiminifyetb tbefigbt,anD tbefeeDeof generation* 

?f The Defection. Anifum. 

$ifebatbleaue# lifceto pong$erflep,tbat 
t& nm fp:ong bp: bi£ ftalfces be rounDe anD bol- M 
& lotu , bt* leauetf at tbe firft fpiinging bp , are ^ffl ^ 
fomeU)batrounD,bnt aftervuarDettbatbotber^^Sj^ 
leaned cnt anD clouen like to tbeleauesof perflep,buta 
great Deaie fmalier $ tubtter* M tbe toppe of tbe dalfcetf 
growetb Diners fatre tufted ,oj(pokie runDeltf uritb 
U)btte tonre&like to tbe tiutes of tbe fmai £>artfrage, 
oj of CouanD:e.3tfter tbe floures arepaft,tbere cometb 
bp feeDe,uubtcb i£ U)bitifl;,anD in fmell anD tafte,fiueete 
anD pleafont. 

*J* The Place. 

Stntfe growetb naturallp in §>ptia,$ CanDie* 0ovd 
tine map finD gooD fto^e fowen in tbe garDentf of jf lau* 

<g* T he Tyme. 

^tfiouretb in3Iune,anD3ttlp* 

# The Names. 

3lnifei£ calleD in <&izzkt£viro\>,>&«vwit: in ratine 

anDin^bOPPejSf Anifum: in ^tdXimSemenzede Amfi. in 

^paniQ) ctfatahaiuajerua doce. in tygi^ Jaoucb 3lniC?: in 

life The Nature. 

Cbe 3dmfe feeDe, tbe tabids onelp i$ bfeD in $f)eDt* 
tine,i$boate anD Dtp in tbe tbirDe Degree* 

itjfcThe Perthes. 

3ntfefeeDe Diflbinetb tbewinDineffe, anD tegooD a* 
gatnft belcbing, anDbpbieatunganD blading of tbe (tomacfee anD botoete : it 
toagetbtbepapnes anb griping toimentof tbebellp: it ftoppetbti)elaffce:it 
caufetboneto piffe,anDto attopDetbeftone,ifitbe takenb&> , o^iuttbtoineo: 
U)ater;anD itremouet^ fye fticquetojpeop, not onelp w^anit i$ DjonlienanD 

Z Hii recepueB 

*7* ^ The fecond Books of t 

tecepueb inloart>lp,but alfo toitb fye onelp fmell,anb fanoun 

3lt curetb fye bloubbiefliire,anb ftoppetb tbe u>bite ilfue of tuemen,anD tt is % 
berp profitably gtaen to fuel) as baue tbe biopfie : for it openctb tbepppes anb 
conbuitsof tt)eHiuer,anb ftancbetb tbitft* 

3nnirefeebeptcnttfullpeaten,lttrretybp flefl;lplufl:,anbcaufetbwemento <1 

Cbe feebecbexoeb in ttje moutty,mafcetlj a toeete mout^anb eafiebzeatlj,^ S 
amenbetb tbeftencb of tbemoutb* 

'Cbefame biieb bp tbe fier, anb taken toitb ^onp, clenfetb tbe tyeaft from 
flegmatiquefuperfluities, anb if one put tberebnto bitter 3tmanbes , it curetb 

Cbe fame tyonken toitlj urine,tS berp goob againft al popfon,anb fycftmg* i 
ing of &>cotpionS,anb biting of ail otber toenimous beaded* 

1 1 is finguler to be giuen to infants ot pong cbilbzen to eate,tbat be in ban* A 
gcr to baue tbe falling fictmetTe,fo tbat fuel) as bo but c nip bolb it in tbeir baDs 
<asfaitb^ptbagozaS)(bailbenomo^einperilltofaUinto tbat eutlU 

It ftoagetb tbe fquinace,tbat is to Cap, tbe fuelling of tbe tb to tc, to be gat> 9 
gleb uritb l§onp,s&ineger anb l^pflbpe* 

Cbe feebe thereof bounbe in a little bagge o;tbanbecarcbefif, anb kept at tbe 3 
#tofetofmeilbnto,fceepetb men from beaming, anb darting in tbeir 8eepe,$ 
caufetb tbem to reft quietlp* 

Cbeperfumeofit,ta!ienbpintotbe0ofe,curetbbeab acbe* ft 
<&befamepounbeuutb opleofiaofes>anb put into t^e cares, curetb fye up % 
toarbe burtes,oi tuounb es of tbe fame. 

<&f Kmcos/ 0} 2t num. £l)*w c& 

*Jj« The Kindts. 

A apeosiSofttoo fortes, accoibingto tbe opinion of ttye^pfittonsofour 
"time,tljat is tbegreat3tmeos,anb tbe DnalU 

7" he Dcfcription. 

i^^A^t great atmeos., batb arounbe greene ftalfce, tiutb btuers bo\ues $ 
biauncbes,tbe leaues be large anb long, parteb into tiinzt^ otber lit* 
tie long narrow leaues,anb benteb rounbe aboute* 3lt tbe top of tbe 
ita&e tbete growetb tu^ite ftatlifce floures in great runbels , ot fpo* 
hit tufte0,tbe tubicbe bjingetb fojtlj afmall fyarpe anb bitter feebe ♦ Cbe roote 
tswbiteanb tbzebbie* 
a Cbefmall3tfmcos,iSanberbeberpfmallanb tenber,of afootelongoifom- 
tobatmoie. CbeftalUe is fmall^tenber* Cbefirftanb oibeftleaues are long, 
anb toerp inucb cut anb clouen rounb aboute^be bpper leaues bratu toxuarbS 
tbe proportion of tbe leaues of tf eneil o.i&ill, but pet foi all tbat tbep are entai- 
ler ♦ 3it tbe toppe of tbe ftalfee tbere growetb alfo in fpofcp littell tuffets oi rtm< 
belS,tbefmalllittle\i3btte floures , tbe tubtcbe afterwarbe bo turne into fmall 
grap feebe,boate anb Itiarpe in tlje moutb^beroote is little anb fmalU 

tyThe Place. 

"CbefertDOfterbeSgrotD not in tbis countrte of tljnnfelueS,loitbout tbe? 
be fotoenin tbe garbens of l^erboufts^euertbeleffe tobereas tbep baue bene 
onceforoen,tbep grow pearelp.of tbe feebe totjirtjefalletb of it felfe* 


^Cbep floure in lulp anb 3luguft,anb fto:telp after t^ep peelbe tyeir feebe* 4 J 

4^* The Names. 

tctiefirft feinbe is calleb in £>&oppes Amcos.bp VD^ic^e name it is tnmtM 

intyit u 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 


intyigcounttit* Cljefameagtfle t^mfeet^t^erigljtw, Ammi befcrtbebbp 

fetOfeO£tDe&U)bO called ttalfO Cuminum Aethiopicum 5 Cuminum rcgium, $ 
a^lUltelUH^fatt^ CuminumAlexandrinum. 

a CbefmallttftaKenof Dtoergof tbelearneb tt^tterg toour Dape&foj «m 
AmmJ,anDtberefcuetBebaueplaceb tttotbtg Chapter* 

Ammi commune. 



£>mall aimeo£ f 

*5» 7"/^ Nature. 

%ty feebe of atmeos teboateanb tap to tye tiitrti Degree* 

jfcThe Fertues, \ . 

Cijefeefceof :$meo$teberp goob agatofttbegrtptogpapne anb totmet of ^ 
tlje bcllp,tlje ljoatepifle ? etiO tlie ftrangurie^f ttbe toionten totttoe* 

3Jt bnngetb to toemen tbetenaturall terme&attD tbe perfume tbereof,togt* # 
tytt tmtb fcofto anb tbe fcem<^ omapfon&ttroujeb bpo qutcfce coaie& mun* 
Dtftetbanbclenfetbtbe #ot^er,tf tbefamebeta^enmromeboiloU3be(Tello k t 

3t i& goob to be fyonfcentontb tome, agapnft tbe bpttogg of allfunbes of c 
bemmouis? beaded : tbepbfeto mingle ttitotb Cantbartbe&to refitt tbebenun 
of tbe Came bpcaufe tbep tyoulb not befo burtefullbntd man, a? tbep are tobau 
tfyep are taken alone* 

atmeotfbiepeb anb mengieb toritb l?onp,Ccatteretb congeleb biotrtunb put* & 
tettj atoap biacfcesblew marfee^,iobtcb^appenbp reafon of ttrtpes ot fallen, 
ifttbeiapbetoommannerofaplapfter. jfrrbc Dauber. 

Cbefeebeof 3lmeo$ taken into greataquantitte, tafcetlj atoap tbe colour, 
anb bjtmgetb ftfeb apaalne(Te,ag # to beab bobte& 

*"4 The ftcond Bookc of 

*%Tbe Defmptien. Caros. 

3truvuap ^atlj ai?olloto,ftrakeb 

t 03t crefteb ftalfce , vuttl) manp 
1 knotso£iopnts>tljeieafeisbe* 
tp like to CarotleaueS ♦ Clje ^M\^\ 
floured ace \atyite,ant) gtotu in tttffetso* 
toponttye tongue. Z>\)t roote tsmeetelp 
t^icKe , long anD peilou), in tafte almofte 
Ufcebntotfce Carot* 

The Place. 

Catutoap grotoefy in Carta , as &i- 
ofcotibes U)£itett)* $tou) tljere is of it to 
befotmbincertapnetyp mebotuesof 311- 
tnaigne*3ln counttie it isfotuenin 

garDenS* The Tyme. 

It floutetlj in #ap, a peare after tlje 
fottiing thereof, anb Deltueretty tyts frebe 

jfrThe Names. 

tp)iS ijerbe is caileb in <5$eefce K*e&>: 
in Ratine Carcum o* Carum: in ^ijopS 
anDin Italian Caruhanbit toofce Ijis 
name of tlje coutrie of Caria,tf>!jereas it 
grotoetl) plentifulip: in Cnglifl) it is cal* 
let) Caruump, anli $e feebe Canttuap 
feebe: in jf renrij c*m, carotes: in §>pa* 
nifte Aicarane^AicotowA'. intyigfy 9^ouc^eU^etfi &ummel: in bafe aimatgne 
i©itteComi)tm # ^ he Nature. 

C atuxuap feebe is ijoate anb Dip in tlje ttyiebe Degree* 

# The Vermes. 

ttfte Carmaap feebe,isberp goob anb conttenient foitlje (tomacfce,anb foj % 
tljemoutMtljelpetljbigelttonjanb piouofeetlj teine,an& itCtaaget^ anbbiflbU 
uetlj ail kinbe of unnbtnefTe anb bladings of tlje invoatbes partes* 3lnb to con* 
tlube,it is anfioereableto 3toniSfeebein operation anb bertue* 

Clje rootes of Carutoap bopleb,are goob to be eatenlifce Carottes* * 

JfcThe Kyndes. 

€ompn y ^ JBiofcouDes touitetkis of tiuo fo#es,tameanb toi&e* 

Cuminum fatiuum. Cuminum fylueftre. 

i&ntDm Compm *©ilbe Compn* 

"fa The Defcription. 

% np^eclBar&mCompnljatijafo^ 
X be all iaggeb anb as it were ti^ebes not mud) bnlifce enelL die floureS 
grow in runbeis 01 fpofcte toppes,like to tlje toppes of 3inpfe, f enell, anD 
JDill^fje teebe is bjotoine anb long* 
, %\>t totlbe Compncas &iofeoiibeS faittDljatlj a brittle ftalfce,of a fpanlog, 
bpontutjtcije growetlj foure ox fiueleaues all iaggeb ^fnipt, o?Denteb routine 
about P anb tt is not petfcnoipen* 

the i-iiftonc or Tlantes. 27J 

beD in tbe ipjejebf Xbapt er amongft tbe iEtpgelle&o* katfce Qmwc& 

tCfte garden Compn groiuetb in CtlnopmjCgppt^cBalatiajt^clefl'er 3fia, 
Cilicia,anD Cetentiua, Cbep&o alfo fouie it incertapne placed of ^liuatgne, 
but itDeftretb a umrme anD mopft grouuDe* 

# 'The Names. 

t %fyt common 9 garDenCompn is caileD v\<Bmkz*w™\> fowin jlattne 

Cuminum fatiuum:tn<febOppe£ Cyminum: wCnjUfl) COUipil 01 Comtimttl 
J\taUn\lCimi»0: m^pamfl) Comities, Cominhos: in fCClttr) Cornyn: m^igl) j©0UCl) 

ftomifebe &ummcl,and garnet ftummeUn is^abaute Comij iu 
1 *X^ctx>ilDe Compn is called in dftieefce in Xatme Sylueftrc c u- 

minum^auD Cuminum rufticum. 

j§i T Nature. 

•CtjefeeDeof Compute boate ants Dtp in t^e tbirDeDegree* 


Compn fcatteretb anbbteafcetball tbetoinDinelTeef tbettomacfee,tbebel>3 
Ip,tbeboiuei0anD^atrt]c:alfo iti$ftnguler againft tbe griping tozment, anD 
knaimugsotftettinggof tbebellp,notonelpto berecepueD attbemoutb? but 
alfo to be poimeDinto t^eboDiebp ciplle^o^tobeiapDetooutUJarDip uutb 

^befame eaten o^Dumfcen \% berp profitable fo^fucbea^bauetbeCougb, & • 
anDbauetaliencolDc,anDfoitbofetUi)ofebtealle$ate cijatgeD o£tfoppeD:anD ' 
if itbeD.eonfcentuitbxmne, it&gooDfo* ttjem tbatare butte ttritb anp bent* 
mou# beaded. 

StflafcetbanD DiObluetb tbe blaftingg anDCtDellingtfof tbe CoDDeganD € 
&tnitoi$ being lapDe tberebpon* 

CbefamemengieD untbPurapmealejanDpoulpeoj fubteceof rapfing, © 
(loppetbtbeino k iDtnatecourfeoftbetloure^beingappUeD to tbebeiip in fopne 
of aplapfter* 

CompnfeeDepounDe,anDgtuentofmellbntoU)itb bineger,ftoppetb tbe CP 
bleeDingat tbe $tofe» The Daunger. 

Compn being to mucb bfcD,Decapetb tbe natucallcomple^ion anD liuelp co* 
lour;caufingoueto loofceiuanne anD paale* 

#Jf The Defcriptiox. 

|^^^^{€):ianDert^aberp ftittkingberbe ? fmellingi&£ to tbe (linking 
gl^^^jtudimecalleD'irtiatin^ Cimex,$ in f tenet) fw^itbearctb a 
I Hoillf roim& ftalfee ful1 of ^ auc *J e £ of afoote anD balfe long, tbe leaned 
«SSp©J| vubttil^ all iaggeb anD cut : tbe bnDer leaues tbat fpting bp 
W^B^jsK fttft arealmoaiifeetotbeleauesfof Cbaruelloi^erfele: auD tbe 
bppee 5 laft leaned are normucb bnlifce to tbe fame,ot ratber like to f umeter* 
tieleaue&but a great Deale teDerer^ mote iaggeD/Cbe fioureg be tobite & Do 
grotu in rounD tti^ettf/CbefeeDe is ailrounDe, anD bolioxo uritbin 7 $ of aplea* 
fontfenttoban iti$D*p*€be t oote t$ barDe anD of tjoooDDiefiibftance* 

*g& The Place. % 

CouanDertSfoiDeninftelDe^anDgarDen^anDtt louetlja J00D anDfrute* 
^ fuUgrounDe^ 

«fyThe Tyme. 

3tSouretl) in Julp anD 3(ttgua,anD a;omp after tl^e feeDe ig ripe. 


Couanber > is wWWrfM 
,anbl)urtefttlU^ v 



The fecond Bookc or 
♦55* The Names. 

ljerbei# calleb in <£teeke*oe<c H ,;; 

*o^«»op:to Ratine $ m^ljOppeS Corian- 
drum: iaCngitil? Co£ianber,anb of fome 
ColtaDer: in Jtalian conandro \\\ ^paniQ) 

CuUrrtro 5 Ceentre . in f WW^t Coriandre . ill 

Sonet* Coziaiiber* 

nfyThe Nature 

Cfye greeneanb (tufting 
of completion colbeanb Dtp , 

to tlje bobp :tl?e Hip anb ftoeetefauo^ing ^k^^MIA I 
Ceebei3ujarme,anb conuenient for manp 

purpofe& * 


Conanber feebe prepareb ? anb taken 
alone(ot couereb in &ugar)after meales, 
clofetlj bp tljemoutl) of tljeftomacfce, (tap* 
tt\) bomtting, anb Ijelpett) bigeftiom 

Cljefamerofteb ojparcbsbanbbjonfce 
tonti) urine , killed anb tytngett) foo^tlj 
luoimes of tije bobp,anb ftoppettj tlje laffee 
anb 7 t!?ebloubp ftijee, anb all otljer ejrtrao£» 

CbefeebeofCoiianber is piepareb af- 
ter $i#mane& 'Cafce of tlje feebe of Coji* 
anber uiell biieb , bpon tutyiclje pe iljail 
poiuer 01 cade goob litong tuiue anb bine* 
gee mtngleb togittyer,anb fo leaue tbem to ftt'epe 9 foofce bp tlje fpace of jtruiu 
Ijoures: tfcanta&ettfo^tb of $eUquo;bnD b^eit, anb fo fceepe it to feme foj 

P e ntud alfo note,tijat tbe ^potljecattes ougljt notto fell to anp perfon, of g 
€o>ianber feebe bnpiepareb,mu to couer it unri) Smgat, no£ to put it in $pe- 
btctne:fozalbeit ttbetuei btpeb anb of goob ta&e,petnoturitl)ftanbingit map 
not be but a little bleb in mebicine nutljout great perill anb banger* 

CJjeijetbeCou&nberbeingpet frefy anb greene , $bopleb tmtlj ttjecromes t 
of \uljite bieab,oi25arlep meale,bipueti) am? & confumetb all fcoate tumozft 
fiDeUing^anbm&immation^janbtoit^Bcanemealeit biffbluetl) tlje&ings 
emll,mib toennes ozbarbe lumped 

Cbeiupceof Cozianberiapbeto toitlj Cemfe ? &itt)atge, otftmmeof &il< f 
tier, btneger, anb ople of ilofeS, curetlj £b* 3ntljonies fire,anb fumgetty anb 
eafetlj all inflammations tljat c^aunce on tbeftiinne* 

The Daunger. 

<5tttnt Cotianber taken into tlje bobie caufetlj one to toace ^oarfe, anb to 
fall into #renfte,anb botl) fo muc!j bul t^e bnberftabing, tijat it feemet^ as t^e 
partte xuere bzonfeen i 3lnb ttje iupce thereof bion&en in quantitie of foure 
2a:ammeft Ullztl) t^e bobie, as feerapio UJ.titetl). 

^ ThcKyndes. 

NJ^gella is of tioo fortes, tame anb U)tlbe, \ul)ereof t^e tame otgarben^ i 
gella ; isagapne partebinto ttuo fortes, t^e one bearing blacfee feebe >t: ; 


chc Hiftoric of P kntes. vrr 
oftet acitcencoiour otpaiei>ellovpfeeDr, but otyertotfeitkeoneto another, 
a# mftalKe&leauetf^oure&anD fiwN* 

Mclanthium fatiuum. 

<Earfcen jfttgeila* 

Mclanthium fylucftre. 




=a ft e garbenj&tgella batb a fcoeafce ant) battle ftalfce 3 full of biaimcbe& 
g^'lanDofafocitcIong* c*)eIeaue$bealltocutanMaggct>, muclj Iifceto 
n ^lMeaue£oftftimeterrie,butmuct) greener* %ijt floured grow ^at tlje 
IJMi toppe of ttjetoauncije&anD ateu>Wte,wraing toroat&e* a utyttup* 

otltght blewe, eacbe floure partcD into fiue ftnall leaned after the manet of a 
little ftarte 01 totuell . 36fter that tbe flouteSbe paft, tbere tonunetb Dp fmatl 
fenopss at beaDSAMttb. fine oifie e little (batpe bomesi bP°» tbem,eacl)e tmop tsf 
biuioeb in tbe fault) e into fiue otftpetelleftotlittle cbamber&tnttJlncoetg ton- 
tepnebtbe fapoe)isCometime# biatfee, 

anoofagooopleafantfttongfauotu*. ' „ . . 

» Cbe unloe ^igella batb a urateeM* ctettto ftalKe, of two fpaness long, W 
leaues be afbe colour,ano all to cut,mote iaggeb than tbe leaues of gat :8en ffr 

of gatben ^tgelia,Mtng tbat tbep be ble^ 
fo patteo into fiue bowteo buffceg, mud) line to Columbpne butees, ftt usyube 
tgtontepneotbefujeeteanopleafantreeoe. „.„^ t 
* CbeteiS pet an otbet 4*igella,tt>bict)e tsf botb fapt e ant) pleafant,ano tg cai. 
leo fcamaftie is much lifetto the wiloe jfrigellam tbe unallcut auo 

17% The fecond Booke of 

tagged tyft leaned , but b& ftalfcc t* Ion- MtUnthium fcamafcetauifc 

£>amaffce jftigella* 

gcr* Cbe floured are bleweanb biuibeB 
into fiue partem Ipfee to tbe otberg , but a 
greatebeaie faster anb bletuertDitbftue 
little leaned bnberueatb tbem,berpfmall ^fy^jgr 
cut atibiaggeb, from tbemibblepopntoj 
center io^ereof,tbeflourefpimgetb»i©bi 
tbeflaurc* are gone, tbereappearetb tbe 
tmoppetf o^ bowp beabe£ , like ag in tbe 
garben Nigella , in tubicbe alfo i$ contep* 
neb tbe feebe, anb it is blacfceltfce to tbe 
feebe of tbe garbe Nigella, but it batb no 

fyT/x Place. 

% . 3 %\}ttt ^igellag are not founb in tljt£ 
countrte,fauiug in garbentf u^ereag tbep 
be foteem 

* 'vEbe wtiti i$ founb grototng in fielDft 
in cettapne placed of f raunce anb ai- 

3 Cbe2Bamaffee0tgeUagro\3oetb plen- 
tifully tb.tougb -out all jtangueboc* 


Cbe iRttgeila^ bo floure in-line anb 

The Names. 

Nigella calleb in <5teeke m*«'v0«°f: 

in&attue Melanthiun^Nigella^nb Papa- 
uer nigrum: in <sS>boppe# Nigella, anb Of 

fome Gith: in jf rencb NieUe. 

* Cbe firfte fcitibe ig calleb Mclanthium fatiuum, anb Nigella domcftict, 

of fome Saiufandna: in Cngliib d&arben $tigeila: in Italian NigeiUortcUna-vx 
^panid; ^ii^iure.Axenuz, . in bigb ^owbelkbtBart? feumtcb, &cbtoart|feu- 
ntel,in bare ^Imaigne 0arbu&aub tbe feebe i% calleb $arbu£ faet; in tf rencb 

Feyuntteym^ Of Tome Barbue- 

2 Cbe UUlbe Nigella if* calleb Mclanthium fylueftre,anb Nigella fylueftris: 

tn jf rencb NicUefauHage&i Bar hues. in bigb 3d oucb Catbaunen blumen, tbat 
i$> to fop,£>* Catbarinetf floure, of fome r©albtftbt»att?tuimicb ♦ Come leat* 
neb men tbinfee it to be unlbe Compn,tDbet«tf *>e baue ti^itten in tbelj&wiiiji* 
Cbapteroftbis sSooke* 

3 ^Db^tbirbefeinbet0 ttO\13CaUeb Melanthium Damafcenum, anb Nigella Da- 

mafcena,tbati$to fap,3©amaffce jfttgelia: in f rencb NieUedeDamas -inbigb 
feoucb <fecbu>art£ Cojianber* 

Jf^The Nature. 

Cbefeebeof^tgellaitf boateanbbip in tbe tljitbebegree* 

ajt T Vertues. 

%\)z feebe of ^tgella btonfeenvuitb tirine,teatemebte agatnft tljefl^ozt- J 
ne(reofbzeatb,itbi[roluetb ? anbfcatteretb allbentofitieanb tmnbineirein tbe 
bobp,it pjouofcetb tytoe, & fioure&tt increafetb vuomang milfce, if tbep Mm 
it often* 

the Hiftorie ofPkntcs. m 279 

Cbe fame flapetb , anD Duuetb outtt)o;une#, totytytt it be bionfcetiiaftlj » 
urine omater, oielfe lapbe to tbe^auelloft^cbeil^'CljefameDcctueljatt) 
tbeopletbattebiawufojtb of iftigella feeDe, to annopnt tbe region of tije 
beilp anD nauell tbtreuutb* 

f C!?c qtiantitte of a£uamme of it Dzonfcf tintb \uater, t^t»erp gooD agamft C 
allpopfon,anD tbe biting of benimoug beafW* 

€be onelp fume 01 fmoafce of 0igella tofteD 01 burnt , Diiuetb awap S>er* © 
pcnt0 anD otber bemmoujS beaft#, anD Htllettj f lieft 3See£, anb &>aCpe#* 

Cbe fame mingleb uritb tbe ople of Kzeo&anD lapDe to tbe f oiebeaD curetb € 
tbebeaDacberanD oftentimegput into tbe 0ofe, i#gooD againritbett»ebbe,$ 
bioubftotten of tbe epe£,iu tije beginning of tbe fame* 

€befame\DellDtieDanDpounD,anD imappeD inapieceof <&>arfenet,oifine f 
Unmcioatb, anb often fmelleb bnto, cured) all^urretf, Catbarrbe&$ pofe#, 
D^iettj tbe bzapne,anD reftomb tbe fmelling being loft* 

3(thb bopiebiuitbU)ater anb bineger,anbbolben in tbemoutb^fijoagetbtbe <S 
tootbeacbe,anD if one cbewe it(being tjuellDueD ,)it curetb tbe blcerg anb fo k *e£ 
of tbe moutb* 

3ft tafcetb out & entite, f recfcletf, anb otber fpottes of tbe face, anb clenfetb 1^ 
fouie fcuruinetTe anb itcbe,anD botb foften olDe,colDe,anD barDe froellingft be* 
ing pounbe uritb bineger anb lapDe bpon* 

Cbe fame ilicpeD in olbe urine, o;i dale ptfTe (a$ pliniz faitb) caufetb tbe 3( 
Corned anb 3iguaples to fall of from tbe f eete,if tbep be firlKcarifieD anb fcot- 
cbeb rounDeaboute* 

%.Tbe Daungcr. 

CafcebeeDetbatpe tafcenotto mucb oftb&berbe, fouf pe go beponDe fye 
meafure,it btingetb Deatb* Turner ub.fecundo, tohio. 

<£>f Itbanotw fiofmarte* €!|ap nctw ♦ 

1 he Ky ndes. 

<jr ibanotis,a0 ©ioftoriDetf unttetb , i$ of ttuoo foite#, tbe one i$ frute- 
j^full , tbe otber i£ barren* £>f tlje frutefull topic tbere i£ tipo ot «#ee 

^ The Defcripion. 

$>e ftrll frutefull ^inb^batb leaned (ag&iofcoiibeg faittOberp mucb 
anb cut Ipfee bnto jfenell leaue& failing tbep be greater anD 
larger, mode commonlp QueaDab^oaDe bpontbegrounbe:,among(l 
tbem growetb bp a ftaifee of a cubite, tbat i$ a foote anb balfe long oi moiz y 
bponvubiibegrou) tbe floured in fpofcietuffettflike 2aill,anD it bearetb great, 
rounD,comereD feeDe,of aftrong fauour 5 anD fyarpe tafte * Cbe roote i£ tbicfee, 
anb beade aboue,auD fauozing like Eofin* 

% Cbefeconbe Kinbe batb a long ftalfce U3itb iopnte^ liKe tbe f enell ClalKe, 
ontol>icbe gro^eleaue^almoftelilteCbaruill, o^omloclie,fauing tbep be 
greater, bzoaber , anb tbiefcer ♦ M tbe toppe of tbe ftalke£ grotuetb fpofeie 
tu!ret& bearing lobitefloiirefttbetjPbicbeDo turneinto fuueetefmellingfeeDe, 
fiatte,anD almoa itfee to tbe feebe of Angelica anD ©?ank bifine ♦ Cbe roote is» 
blac^eti)itboutanDU)biteU3itl)in^earieaboue,anDfaueretl) like to tlofinoj 
f ranfeencence* 

3 ®b ere Ut vet an otber fo^te of tbefe fruteful hinDeg of jiibanotift t^e tobici* 
isfbefcnbeD bp tlCbeopbiaau^ iLib^Cft aptjetf ♦ It batl) alfo a ftraigbt ftalfce 
vuitl; knotted anD iopnte^, anD leauej* greater tban #arc^e op ^mallacbc* 

aa ii 

z8o The fecond Booke of 

%ty floured gtoto in tufte&Ufceagin tbe tt»o otbeefctnbe£, 5 bitngefoo^ 
great long,anb bneuenfeebe,\Dbicb t^f^arpe in tafte/€betootei$ long>great> 
tlncke,anb ta^tte^ttli a cettapne fcinbe of great ttycfce ^eate aboue, anb Cmei* 
letbalfoof^fftanfcencenceoj iftofttu 

Libanotidisalterum genus. 

Libanotis Theophrafti. 

4 Cbebatten )LfbattotOie0 Ca* 2dtd&o^aie0 td^itet^^ave like to ti^e frutefitll 
roleaueg ^rootejS^autngtbepbeaceneitberftalfeejS^oure^no^feetie. 

« Cbe otbet tunbe of Hibanotte calleU Rofmarinum coronanum,ui <£ngufl> 
HioCmaueMtb bene alteabp befcribeb Cbap4flcb*of tW Boofce* 

^befmtefuII)ltbattottbe)s:,atetioU3 fonnbe bponfye ^tgbmountapne?, 
btlle&anb befertes of dSermanp* 

•Cbefe b wbe£ bo floute moft commonly in Jul?* 

# Tfo NAmes. 

%\0 bcrbe calleb in dSteeke m*«v«w, Liban otis 3 bf caufe tbat b$ roote fa> 
uotetbitfee^ncen^,\)3l)tcb i£ calleb in ®ieke Libanos,m Ratine Rofmarinus. 
\ 'Cbefttftfctnb(a$ ZaioCcoubej* w$itetb)t$ calleb of fome zca,antt Campfa* 

nema: in £>bOppe£ Funiculus porcinus: in bMlb &OUCbe 25eetU3Urt?: tit baft 

Cbefeebetbecof tjj calleb in (I5iteefee^>xe^w^x^?uniiattne Canchrys 


2 k Cbefeconb lunbe calleb in ^Soucb ^cb\xjaetj^\puttj,t^atusf 
to rap, blacfce i^arte roote* 


the Hiftoric of Pkntes. 281 
5 %\)t tlnrDe t£ DeftribeD of &l)eopfrtaftu& vutyttcfm uieijaue nameD it Li- 

banons Thcophralli: Ul^igl) Je>0UCt) Wtt% 1$itt?\XHXtth ttyat i£ tO fop,ti)!)ite 

l^arte^roote 3 t^efeeDeof t^t^ toDet^ alfo calleD of Cijeopb.taftu&Canchrys, 

01 Cachrys. JfrT be Nature. 

ta:^cfe t)crbe^U)ttlj tlietr fecDe^anH rooted are ijoate anDDipin ttyelfeconD 
Degree^anD are proper to DigcMitCToiue, anD munDifte* 

i£t The Vertues . 

^tjeroote#of)Ubattoti£&^ ^ 

beaietb tlje gripingpapnes atib totment of tbe bellp,anD are Uerp gooD againft 
tfje bptingtf of ^>erpent&anb otber toenimotig beaft& 

t£ije feeDe of *Ubanoti& i# gooD foube purpofes: aftuefapDe : ^ozeouer tt ^3 
tofmguler gooD agatuft tbe falling ficfcneflTe,anD tlje olDe anD colDe Diifeaies or 
tbe bzeaft*€bep tofe to gtue it to Dunke uutb pepper againft tbe 3lauDer& efpe* 
ciallp tbe feetie of tbe feconDe Hpube of )Ubanott£ , top a$ touching tbe feeDe of 
tbefitftfcinDe calleD Cachiys,ttt£ not berpgooD to be taken into tbe boDie, 
femgttjat bp tji£ great tyeateanD fljarpnelfe, itcaufetb tl?e tbioote to beroug^ 
anD grieuoufe* 

%\)t leaues of al tlje ktbanottfcetf pottnDe,Do ftoppe tbe flujre of tbe i^emo:* € 
rboiDejgoi^ple^janDDofouplctljefi^elltngjS anD inflammations of tijetueil 
otfimDement, anD itmollifietyanD'opetball olDecolDe anD IjarDe fumiingtf, 
beinglapDe ttjerebpon* 

^eutpceoftbe berbe anD rooted put tntotljeepe£ tuitbtjonp, Dotty qmc*B 
fcentbeftgbt,anD cleared tijeDimneflfe of tbefame* 

Cbe Dip roote mengleD \r»itl) *£onp ? Dotb fcoure anD clenfe rotte folcer&anD 
Dotb confumeanD tuafte all tuitio n oj Duellings* 

CbefeeDemengleD mfy ople,i£ gooD to annopntttyemHaue ttjeCrampe, f 
anD it ptouoketb fuueate* 

CbefamemengleD untb Purap meale anD bineger, ftuagetlj ttye papne of 
tl^egoute vubenittsiapDe thereto* 

ft Do tf) alfo clenfe anD beale tbe totyite Dip fcurffe, anD mangineiTe, if it be $J 
lapDeonttritb gooDftrongbineger* 

Cbep lap to tlje fozetjeaD tbe I'eeDe c&lleD Cachrys, againft tlje blouDfyotten 3} 

*J* TheKindes, 

S E feK 5 a# BiofouiDeS vmitetl),i£ of tb*ee ftute^Cbe Krft \% caUeD s efcli Maf- 

filienfcCbefeCOnD Selcli Aethiopicum.'C^etbirD Sefeli Peloponnenfe. 
l£t The Defcripien. 

t p^Si^eftrftkinDeof^efeli nameD ®patti\mte)\)i$ leaned areberpmucbe 
jfflfclottenanDfinelp iaggeD,butpet tbepbe greater anDtlnc&ertljantbe 
"te^Sleauesof f enell,tbe ftalfee i^long anD Ingb, UJitb Hnottie iopntej^, anD 
bearetl) taffeta at tbetoppeliHeto Bill, anD feeDe fameU)i)atlong,$co:nereD, 
ftarpeanD biting* Cbe roote i£ long like to tlje roote of tbe great £bajctfrage ? 
of apleafant fmell(a$ JBiofcotiDes; it)iitetb)anD (l;arpe tafle* 

, CbefeconDe&efeli(a0BiofcottDe$fait^)^atMeaue^lifee3!ttpe^^^ 
leranD longer Diatuingneare totbe pzopoztionof JBooDbmeleaue^* Cbe 
ftalfeefe blacfeiH)e ; oftl)teeotfourefootelonganDfnlof bianctie$.Cl)e floured 
arepcjlou) anD groio infpokierunDels %iu Bill. Cbe feeDei^a^ great a# a 
tuljeate Cozne,tbicfee,fU)arte,anD bitter: 3nD tyig is counteD to be tye € t^to- 
ptan£>efeU ; atti}otigl) inDeeDe it is nott^e rtgi)t €tl)iopian ^efelu 

^a ii| Z\)t 

i8i The fecond Booke of 

Scfcli Mafsilienfc Scfdi Acthiopkum. 

3 Cbe tbttDete £>efelt ^eloponnenfe 
XDljtcb batb aftraigbt long ftalfce Ufce ffe* 
neil, ozlonger , anD gco\x»etl) Ijtgtjec m 
^efeli of ^arftle&Xbe leaueg are all to 
cut anD partcD into Dwer# otljer fmall 
ieauetf , pet greater anD larger tban tbe 
leaues of l^ontlocfc ♦ Cbe feeDe growetb 
itfcettute in fpo&te topped, anD is bioaDe 
anD tfytcke* 

4 SmogfttljekmDegof feefelt, toemap 
place fyatftrangeberbe ui^tclj t$ fouD m 
tbe garDeng of certapne i^erbo^tlte^ 3lt 
ftatb at tbe fttlt tyoabe leaueg fp*eaD bpo 
tbe grojmDe,berp tenDer & ftnelp taggeD, 
%l)t (faifcetg aboutefoureoj ftue foote 
iong^ttb tutotttetopnt& anD rounD like 
to a jf enelftalke, but agreatDealeflenDe* 
ter,anD of afapnt greene colour changing 
totuatDja. pelloun €be leaueg tftat gro\u 
at tbe fcnottf oz to?nte# of tbe (talked Do 
benDe anD bang Do\une\juatDe&but elpe* 
riallp £ IngtjelKejccept a fe\u fmalleaueg) 
\uljtcbe grotn bettmjrtttyeotljet&^tbep 
grou) bpumrD/Cbe topped of tye (talked 


the Hiftoric of P latitcs. *8 > 

anD btanclje^areftUlof fmailfpofeptuffet^beartnijpellouj floure&anD after* 
warDe CeeDe*C be roote i£ long anD laftetb manp peare^ 

t ^befirftkinDe(a£ tu?itety BiofouiDeso grower mjBzouettce, ant) efpe> 

ciallp about ^arfel&toberfoieitis calleD £>efeliof #arfel#* 
, €i)e feconD grotuetb, a$ tuitnelTetb ttjefapD &iofco£iDe£,m CfyiopiaranD 

it growetb alfo mcetelpplentifullp in }B;touence,anD jlangueDoc. 

'Cbe ttjitD fctnDe grouaetb in jMoponnefo, tfje xnl>ici>e i£ now calleD 3l£o* 

rea,anD ttliet^ in <^eecc, anD i£ now unDect^e (Empire anD Dominion of tbe 


4 qrbeVourtb i£ fount) bpocertapne flpountapneff of &ombarDie,a man G;all 
alfo a$ fome fap,tn certapne places of Bjabant* 


x Cbe firft flouretb tuufe a peare, in tlje fpiing,anD 3tutumne* 
3 tlDbe feconD,tl)irDe anD fourtb,Do flouretn 3iutumne* 

# The Names. 

1 ^befirft Kmtie 10 calleD \xt<&izz\>t<^iH«<rv&wn*v m - in battue Sefeli Ma£ 

fllienie^ffome^^TvKujutvop.t^atttf Latum Cuminum,\uljic^ i#a0 tUUCty tofap 

in Cnglifya0large,anD bioaDeCompm 

2 Cbe feconD fcinD i£ calleD in dftteefce **«m «flio7riKop: in Ratine Sefcli Aethio- 

picum 5 anD Of €gppttan£ kuov®. <p?'nm, Cyonos phricc. 

3 %\)ttyitt*hinbti$t&\\tti 

tljat is to fap'i £>efeli ^eloponnenfo 

4 cbe fourttj batb no fpeciall name,fauing tbat fome take it foj a fcinDe of s c- 

: fcli 3 anDfomefotLibanotis. 

*Jc T he Nature* 

"CljefeeDeanD roote of ^efeli, areboate anD Dip tntye feconD Degree, anD 
of fubttle parted 

TfeTheFertues . 

^befeeDeDzonfcentintb toine,coMfojtetb anD warmetb tbe ftomacfce, bel* % 
peti)Dtgeftton,anDDztuet^aiuaptl)egnaxoing anD griping of tbebellp,it cu* 
retb tfje (bakings anb bailing of a f euer , anD i% berp gooD againft tbe fyou * 
neffs of bteatb ft an olD Cougb,to be Ibozt it i$ go cvD foj al ttje imnarDe parted 

jltpiouofcetb bane,anD isgooD agamft tbe ftrangurie, anD boatepilTe, it 23 
pjouoketbtbemenitruall Cermet ,ejcpulfetbtbe DeaD cbilDe, anD fetteletb in 
naturall place againe tlje ^atrijr 01 i^otber tbat terifen out of b# place* 
Jt i£ muci) tt)o*tb fento tbem tbat ^aue ttje falling ficknelTe* C 
%ty traueler tbatDzinfeetlj tbe feeDe of Sefeli, \uitl) pepper anD tnme^al & 
not complapne mucb of colDe in \)i$ iournep* 

Cljefame giuen bnto d5oateftanD otber fourefooteD beaft^to Dunke>cau> e 
fetb tbcm eaftlie to Deliuer tbeirpog owg ♦ Cljefame p t topertieljatl) t^e leaue^ 
to be giuen to tbe cattell to eate* 

&fg>t mi ofCanDte* €fjap.jcc(jr. 

jjfc T he Defcription. 

^~f\ W i$ a tenDer ijerbe,about tbelengtl) of a foote anD balfe, tygbtan* 
cbejgare tenDer anD fmall, anD fet buttoit^ a feweleaueg , UJi)icl^e be 
m .^iberpfmall taggeD anD cut* mtl^e toppeof tbe b?ancl)e$gro v a)etbe 
ts&SLi little fpofeie tuffett 01 runDelft tuitb to^ite floureft tbe UJljtc^e being 
pa(f )tljerecommetb feeDe,U3b^e i^ reDDe,rounD,atiD flatte, garnifteD ouom* 
paireDaboutewitljatuljite bo}Der,nuofeeDe? growing togitljer one againft 

3ia iiii att 


: 8 4. The fecond Booke of 

anottjcr,eact)eof tbembautng tbe fyape anbpzopot« 
tionofaCatgetojtBiickler* Cbe rooteisfmallanb 
tender > anb Dietb pearelp , fo tbat it mufte be euerp 
pearentta tinmen againe* 

Cbi£ Ijerbe C a$ Jaioftoubeg tmttetb) grotoetb 
fcpontbe ^onntapneAmanusin Cilicia: ititftobe 
founb in tW countrie, in tlje garbetf of Come Diligent 


3t flouretbtnllulp anb t^efeeUe i£ ripe in 3u* 

o^tT^e Names. 

berbeig calleb it; dfrieefee to^vmoh.k <rw*i 
k^htikoji ,of ^aulu^Cginetayop^to^ jtatitte Tor. 
dylium,^ Sefcli c rctk um: in Cnglify §>efeliof Can* 

# J'/tf Nature. 

flfre feebe of ^efeli of Canbie, t£ ^oate anb typ 
mtbefeconb Degree, 

ifeThe Virtues. 

^b^reebe of Tordylion tyonfeen inline ,piouo- 
feetb bune,anb i£goob agatnft tbeltrangurie, $ cau- 
fetbwemento bauetbeirmonetbtfojt termed 

Cbe tupce of it biofcen(in tbe quatitie of a Dzame, 
bopiebt]Ditbgoobuime,)bptbefpaceof tennebapejs, curetb tbebifeafe ofttye 
rapne£o k tfctbnep& 

Cbetoote thereof menglebtattb ^onp anb often Ucfcebbpon, caufetb to C 
fpttte out tbe tougb anb grolfe ^blegme&tba* are gatbereb aboute tbe bieaft 
anb lunger 

*J* TheKjndes. 

Ctt bo finbe tbitee fortes of berbeg , comp^ebenbeb bnber tbe name of 
Daucus ? a^ 2Diofcoiibe£ * all tbe aiuncientg bo tt)rite,tubereof tbe tbirb, 
i# onelp Imogen at tbi£ bap* 

tfpThe Defcripriott* 

^e firftefctnbe of Daucus&atenber berbe, toitbaftalHeof auntie 
long, feturitbleaueg a great beale fmaller anb tenberertban fetiell 
leaue^^ttbetoppeof tbe (lalfeegroujetb little fpofcie tuffet0,\ut^ 
uubite fioure&lifce to tbe tops of Cotianber,peelbing alittle longrougb wbite 
feebe,of a goob fauotir anb afl;arpe tafte^be roote i# of tbetbicfcnetfeof ones 
finger,anb of a fpanneiong* 
a cbefceonbefcinbeig like to torilbe^etflep, tbefeebe tubereof ig of aberp 
pleafant anb 3lromaticallfauour,anD of a tyarpe anb bpting tatte: $botb tl>efe 
kinW are pet bnknotoem 

Cbe tbirbe kmbe (a# Biofcoiibetftyiitetb) batb leaueg like Cottanbet, 
tubiteflotire^anb atufteo^fpofeie bufbe, like to unlbe Carot, anb longfeebe. 
:f ottbitfkinbeof Daucus,tbere \$ noli) taken, tbeberbe vobicbefome bo call 
fcnibe Carrot,otber call it burbetf neft ? fot it batb leaueg like Cotianber , but 
oreater,anb not mucbebnliketbe leaned of tbe pellou) Carrot* floured 


Dauci tcrtium genus. 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. i8j 

be incite growing bpon tu(fet£ oz run- 
bels , Ufee to tbc tuffew of p yellow Car- 
rot,tntI)e mibble tobereof tt>ere itffounbe 
alittie fmallftoure ot twapne of a tyoune 
rebbe colour, turning towarbes blacfce* 
Cfte feebe 15? long anb i?eaue,auD ftic&etb 
o;tcleauetbfaftbnto garmet& Cbe roote 
igfmallanb barbe. 

The Place. 

t Hty ftrfte Utntie growetb in ftonp 

place&tbat (tab full in tye j§mnne,efpect* 

allp in Can&p, a# 5©ioCcoube# umtetb* 
3 Cbe tbirb fcinbe growetb euerpwbere 

ut tbi$ countrie, aboute ttje borers of 

fielb&in ftojip places^ bp tbe wap fibe& 

*j* The Tyme. 

€betbirbfetnbeof Daucus ffouretbm,. 

3lllp anb 3tligUlL & The Names. 

Daucust^ calleb in <^*efce<f 

IU Ratine DaucumfinD Daucium. 
\ Cbefirfttobt^ calleb Daucum Creti- ^ 

cum 7 tl)at i$ to fap ? &aucu£ of Canbte* ffAMP 
j %\>t tl)trb fcinbe i% calleb in &>b°ppc$ if 

Daucus, $ of fome alfO Daucus Creticus: * 

in Cngitfy &aucu& anb wilbe C arrot: in 

tfUtl) Carrottefauuage. in &0\ltty WLO* 

gelneft, tbat is to fap^irbeg neft : tnbafe 
3Umaigne Croon&ts erupt: $ tbe fame i£ 
but acertapne wilbe Carrot* # The Nature. 

Cbcfcebe of Caucus i# ijoate anb btp,almoO:bnto tlje tyirbebegree* 

^TheVertues . 

Cbefeebe of Caucus bjonkente goob agatnft tbeftrangurte,ani) pamefull 31 
making oftDater ? again(ltbegrauell^tbefl:one:ttpiouo^etb fyme,$floure& 
anb eppulfetb tbe beab frupte anb S>econbine* 

3t toagetb tbe totmcnt anb griping papne of ttje bellte , biffoluefy tDtnbt* 3 
ne(Te,curetb tbe Coltque,anb ripetb an olb Cougb* 

Cbe fame taUen in wine, i£ berpgoob agatnfi; tbe bttmgg of bemmoutf c 
beaft&efpeciallp againftrtje (tinging^ of jBbalangegoz fielbe fpiber& 

Cbefamepounbeanb lapbeto,bi(Toluettj ^fcatteretb colbefofte duellings & 

%bz roote of Caucus of canbte bzonfcen in \inne,(loppett) fye iaffce,anb tit <& 
afoueratgne remebte againfl benim anb popfom 

#f §>mU age. €ijap*tn 

Cije feajcifrage ig of two fottefc great anb fmalU 

<4feThe Defcriftton. 

np!?e great ^ajcifragebatb a long bollotd aalfee tutt^ topnteg oi feneejer, 
X tuliereon grotuety barhe greene leaueftturning to\Darb0 blac&e, mabe $ 
fafcioneb of manp fmall leaue^ growing bpon one (tem,after tbe ojtber of 
tfjegarbenCCarrot ot)^Barfenlp, but mud* fmaller, 9 eacb Uttle leafealone,i^ 
(nipt rounb about t!?e ebge? ^tto-fa^io,t^e8ottreS are w^tte, $ grow in roub 


i%6 The fecond Bookc of 

Cronetteg oifpofcp taffet$/Cbe feefcete like to common ^arfrlte reebe/antag 
tt)atiti£boater,anD bpting bpontlje tongue ♦ Cbe rootete fingle,tt)l)ite aim 
iong,lifce tlje ^arfelie roote,but f^arpe anO boate in tafte UKe linger* 

Saxifragiamaior. Saxifragia minor. 

Clje great $>ajctfrage* Cljefctall&ajcifrage* 

2 Cfte fmall feaptftage 1$; altogttber Ifte tbe great,m ftaUte&leaue&flonre* 
anDfeeDe,fautngt!)atttt^agreatl>ealefmaUer,antJof a greater beate,anD 
tyarpneffoCbe rootete alfo long ann ftngle,of aberp boate anti Ibarpe tafte* 

a %\>m is pet an otber fmall £>a£tfrage like to tbe afcuefapbe in ftaikeft 
fioure&fcebe anD roote,anb in piopbition,fmacfce anD cmrll,faiimg W leauetf 
areneepercut,anD of another faffbton,notmuc^nUHetbeleaue^of^arfelie 
offyegarbeu,o£tljetiriltie ^arfelte* 

« ^egreat ^ajrtfrage grotoetb inbtgb mel>otoetf,ant> goon grounded 

®be fmal feaptfrage* grotuebnber bebgeft anl) alongft tije grafte ftelDefc 
' mtappamtreMotbtbefefcmbegate berpcommoninfy&countrte* 

Swifrageflouretb afterjiunebnto tijeenbe of 3Utguft,anb from.fyattim* 

foo^ti) tbe feebete ripe* 

Cbe ^aptfrage tor calleDm kattneanb in tye &ljoppe$of ttj&counttte 

Saxifragia.anl) Saxifraga,Of £>pmon 3Ianttenft$ Petra finduk, Of fome Bibinclla: 

tnljigb Jaoticb 33tbernell,anb tfelbmoien: mbafe^lmatgnesseuentactt, an& 
25euernelle^ljerebefomea!fo xotyiclje call it Bipemiuia^impineiia, an& Pa«vi 


the Hiftoric of P lantes. %%? 

pinula>tlje tuljtcbe & tlje peculter 01 ptoper name of our Burnet DercribeD tu tlje 
jccu.Ctjaptei: oi tt)cticft booke .anD Doti) not appertepne bntotyefel)erbe& 

It appeared bp t!jt& Olbe ^etfe: Pimpinclla piios,Sax#raga n on habet vllo s: 

tbat & to Cap, ^impincll 01 Burnet bat!) tjeares but feasifrage ijatl) none* 
MD&erebp it appearetb tbat our ^impinell commonlpcalleD in englinU; Bur* 
net,aubicbbatb certapnefinebearegappearingin tyeleauetf tut}antbep are 
biofeen) urns caiieb to times patte tn battue Pim pinetia, anb tbi£ to bicbc batij 
nobeatineireatalliuascaUeD Saxifagia. ^omelearnebntenof ourtime,tra< 
ueling to b^tuig t^c finall £>ajcifrage bnber certapne Cbapiters of Biofcoubetf 


baueit a ktnbe of Daucus. But tn mp iubgement it iff mutty like to 2aiofcO£tbe# 


i& T ^ Nature. 

S>a^tfrageU3ttl)t)i^icaueftfeeDeanb rootetg ^oateanb D*p euento the 
fytrbe Degree* 


Cbefeebe^rooteof^airtfrageb^onkentuttftUJtne, ottbebecocttontfjere* % 
ofmabe in u>iue,caufetbtopiireu)ell,bieaketb tbe (tone of fye feibneps anD 
blabber, anD \% fmguiaragainft tgeftrangurie,anb tbettopping#of tbe kib« ♦ 
nep$ anD blabber* 

wmcoribm aitb tbe DeaD frupte,if it be taken in maner afoiefapDe* 

Cbe roote bueb anb mabe into pouDer,anD taken uutb &ugar,comfottetl) C 
anb umrmetb tbe ftomacke,belpetb bigeltion,anb curetb tbe gnawing anb gri- 
pmgpapne^int^e bellp, anbtljeColique,bpb*puingatt>ap bentofttieoiUJin- 

Cbefameiuttljt^efeebe,areberpgoobfottbem totycijearetroubieDtDttlj & 
anp Comutifion 01 Crampe,anD 3poplejeie, anb foitocb a£ are troubieb tuitb 
long colDetfeuertf, anb foz tgemtljat are bitten luitb anp benimousbeaft, oz 
$aue taken anppopfon* 

CbefameDionkenuutb urine anD bineger, curetb tije^eHilence, anb tjol-e 
ben in t^e mout^ piefcruelb a man from tbe fapbe bifeaCe, anb puriftetb tbe 

Clje feme cbetoeu bpon,inaketb one to auopbe mucb fiegme, anb b jatoetb f 
from tbe bzapneali groiTe anb clammp fuuerfiuitieg, it f tuagetb tootbacbe,auD 
bzmgctb fpeacij agame,to tbem tbat are taken uritb tbe 3pople£te*3] t batb tbe 
fame bertue if it be bopieD in bineger alone, op tuitb fome water put tbcreto, 
anb afterumrbe to bolbe it in tbe moutb* 

Oe imt of tbe leaues of ^ajrifrage, Dotlj clenfe anb take awap aiifpottf 
anbfreckl e^ anb beautified tlje face,anD leauetb a goob colour* 

Jitmunbifietbcozruptanbrottenblcerftifitbeput intotbem* Cbefames* 
bertue batb tbe leaned baifeb anb lapbebpon* ^ 
CijebeftiileD water, alone ojwitlj bineger cleared tlje Cigijt, anb taketb a- % 
u)ap all obfcuritie anb DarkenefTe,if it be put into tbe fame* 

alette ^ajdfrageo? ^tone^eafie. 4ftap,c$. 

^> T heDefcription. 


ualkenre^ amongil t^eleaueft^ ig rounb anb dearie , anb of fye length 

of a 


The fecondBookc of 

Saxifraga alba. 


Saxifraga aurea. 

<Bolben £?ajcifrage. 

of a foo te ant) Ijalfe, it cartel at tlje toppe bi* 
uer$ tu^ite floure&almoftlifee to ftocfce <5iU 
loferg* Cije roote i£ blaclufoe tuttl? man? 
t^eDUte firings, bp u^iclje Ijangetybiuerfe 
^^rn itttlerouuDe grapnel, co^ne&oj berrie&of a 
v*jh barfce o^rebbifl) purple colour, greater tfjatr 
s <f^ Co^ianber feebe,ffirirpeanb bitter,tlje\HtncI) 
little grapnel Q£ berried tljep bfe in mebicine 

ftnb DO taltt Semen Saxifraga? alba?,tijat ig tO 

fap,ttje feebe of urtjfte ^ajrifrage o* £>tone tyeafce* 
2 Cljere tepet an otljer catleb golben &ajctfrage,tt>lncl) grotoetlj to tljelegtlj 
of afpanneanb balfe, uritlj compaffeb leaueis , anb tagged like to tlje otljer,at 
tlje toppe of tye ftalfce grouse nuo 0£ tl#ee littelleaues togitljer, anb out of tlje 
nubble of tftemfpimgetl)fmallfloure;8;,ofagolben colour, anb after tljem little 
rounbebuffce&full of fmallrebbe feebe,anb tljep open anb bifclofe ttyemfeluetf 
tol)an ttye feebe i# ripe*Clje roote is tenber creeping in tlje grounbe, witty Ion* 
gerttyieabes anb tyeatetf, anb puttetlifoottb a great manpftem£o$bjanclje& 

The Place. 

t Ctyetoftite ^apifrage grotoetl) in btpe, rougl), ftonp, placed, a# about t^e 
Colempne£,bpfibe# 23attje in Cnglanb: ttgroxuetl) alfo in frame anb 3dU 
maigne*p e (ball alfo finbe it planteb in ttye garbentf of f^erbouft& 

a Cfte golben ^arifrage groujetlj in certapnemopft anb toaterp placed in 
Cnglanb,^otmanbiearib f launbers* 


i Ctye volnte ^aptfrage fiouretij in ^ape , anb in Hune ttye fterbe tint!? W 
floured periftl)etb>anb arenomoze to befeene,bntillt^enejrtpearef 
* Clje golben£>ajcifrageflouretlj infarct) anb 3p b itU» 

#£The Names. 

% Cljt^fterbei^calleb in Ratine saxifragaalba: in Cngltfl) fetone bieafce,^ 
tdljite S*apifrage: in f renci) Rom?krre> $ saxifrage bUnchcrixtyiqfy Boucty tuctft 
^tanbuttyin bafe 3dlmaigne t©it §>teenbzeeciu 

% Ctjefecobiscalleb Saxitraga aurea: in€ngliQ)<l5olbe^apifrage:in tfrene!) 
Ktm^erre^x Saxifrage Joree. in Ijtgty &ouclj 6olbe &teinb£ecl};tn bafe 3tlmaigne 


the Hiftorie of P lantcs. 189 

tfuiDen SrteenbzeeMnD tft W name ig giuen it : becaufe it ig Ufec to fye tt)l)ttc 
Swtfrage,anD beared pellow oigoIDen flou>er& 

4feThe Nature- 

i:b&berbeerpectaHp t^erootetuiti; fyefeeDe, tgofattiarmeo^oatecom- 

23 ut tlje golDen £>ajcifrage ig of a colffe nature, as t^e tafte Doty manifeftlp 


1 €l)e roote of vp^tte £$>ajetfrage uutl) tbe grapnel 01 berried of tbefame, 
bopleDtn\)utne,anDD.ionfcen, pjouofeetlj tyine,munDtfiett) anD clenfetfytfye 
iuDnepe$anDblaDDer,bieafeettjtl)e&tone, anD btingetlj it foottb, anD ig 
fmguicr againtt tlje ^trangurtc anD all ti)c imperfections , anD griefeS of ttje 

* r©ljatbertuetljefetonDeljatlht#to \)g aspetbnfcnotocn, bpcaufefyerefc 
none tjatl) pet pzotieD it* 

€>f<£romc!l. tfljap.ctt), 

*$c 2" Kyndes. 

Ti^e<SromelliSoftipofotteS,oneof t^egarDen, tfteot^etiDtlDe : anDfye 
garDen d^romellalfo is of tu>o foitefcgreat anD fmalU 

Lithofpermum maius. Lithofpcrmum minus* 

%\)t great d5romclU ^efmall<0tomem 

The fecond Bookc of 

The Defcription. 

$ <£ great dSromel hat!) long , ttenber , dearie Halted tljevi^icftelJd 
moft commoulp traple alongeft ttje grounfte, befet imti) long t^oumc 
dearie leaned, betwtrttlje wijiclje leaues anb tbeftaikeggrowetfj 
cettapne bearbeb buffce&bearing at t'c>t t irft a fmalblewe flotire,atib 
fcfterwarbejalittleljarbejrounbejfl^ tiDije 
roote t0 tyarbe of a woobbie (Ubftance* 
2 Ci>e Dnall garden dSromeitjattj ftraig!)t toimbe tncoHBte ftalfcetf ', auD ftrll 
of btanclje&ljitf leaned be long,fmal,ft)arpe,an& of a f wart greene colottr ; f!na!= 
ler tyatitfye leaue£ of tbe great <5tomel » 23etwlrt tlje leaned ano tbc ftalfeetf 
grower*) fmal wbite floure&anb tljep bimg footttj fairerounbe 5 wbiteMtbe, 
anb (ioniefeebe, l^Ketmto perle& anbfmallerttyantljefeebeof tljeafo^efapb 

, Cbewflbe<l5roineliglifce l3iTtot^efmalUtTftalfee^!eaue0anDfloureft(a* 
tting tljat fye feebe i£ not fo wljite , neither fo frnootb $ plapne : but lomwbat 
fl;uueleb otwnncfcleb,lifceto fyefeebe of tijecommon languc de bcufe,anD tye 
ieaueg be a little rougber* 

4 Beftbetf tbefe two fcinbetf t^ere i# pet founbe a wiibe fctnbe of <35romel, 
tb^tc^t^berpfmall,ofvi)bKbefeinbetl)elearneD ierome£ocfc£!jatij treateb 
in ijte berball , it gro wetb a fpan long, witb bte ftalfce fet witb fmall narrows 
leaue&lifte to fyeleauetf of lpneo£flare,betwir;ttl)e wbicb leaned $ tbeftalfce, 
ttbztngetb foo#b alittlefmootlj,blacfce, rjarbefeebe,ber?lpfce ttyefeebeoftlje 
fmall garbencEromel 

4fr The PUce, 

% CljegarT)momme<!5romelgrowett)irtfomeC^ 

Ijere tyep force it ingarbens ♦ Cbe ftnaller garben <5romel growety not often 

of Ijim felfe,fauing alongeft tlje towers anb water fibe& 
% Clje wiibe i£ founbe tnrougb anb ftonieplace& 

jfcThc Tyme. 

©romelflouretlj in 3|une,3Iulp, anb3tuguft, tnwljtc^efea&nitbotljalfo 
&eUuerlH£ feebe* , , 

#T be Names. 

<^romeltj0?callebtn<l5refee^o^MOf - anb in 'iLatitte Lithofpermum,offome 
yofyov/op: of tije3trabian# Milium Solcr : in ^boppetf Milium lolis: (n<ingltl^e 
<£romelanb c&remil: fomenanteitalfo ^earieplante: in jFrenclje Gremd^i 
Herbe auxyeries : tnbigl) Bottei) 31f*eerbirfcb> *iS0m\)ixton, anb S>teinfomen: 
mbafe^lmaigne^eerlencrupt,anb^teenfaet;in3talion Milium solis. 

%.The Nature. 

Ci)efeebeof<i5remilt$i)oateanb bueintyefeconbebegree* 

ffcThe Vertues. 

d&romei feebepounbe anb tyonfcenin wijite wine,tyeaketlj tlj e Atoned % 

Uet^ it fOO£t!janbp L iOttOkefy bline: butefpccially thcSronc inthcbladder, 
as the Authors write. Turner. 


the Defcription. 

BCtonprjatljleatte^fomw^atlonganbbioabe , of abarfce greene colour, 
bluntly iaggeb rounbe about tb e ebges like a fawe,anb of a goob fauoue* 
^inongftt^efapbleaue^ grower bp arougijfqttareftaiue o£ afooteanb 


the riiftorie of Plantcs. *9 X 

lifelong, betfceb tntt^ tttclje lifce leauetf Betonica. #etonp* 
but a greatbeale entailer , anb bearing at *. 
tyetop atyoitlppKieeare,fullofflott)er#, 
moft commonlp of a crptnfin>or reDDe pur- 
ple colour, anbfomtpmetf (butberpfel* 
Dome) , a$ tuljtte a$ fnowe : after urtnclje 
flowers ttjerecommetl) in ttyefapbfppfcie 
tuffet$, blacfcefeebe, long anb coinereb* 
Ctye roote Ijartj tljzebbie ftringetf* 
2 Paulus Acgmcta mafcetl) mention of an 
ot^er 23etonp , calleb of tlje later letters 
Veronica, fyeu)l)tci) we Ijaue DefcrtbeD in 

»£» J he Place. 

Betonp groweti) in mebbotoetf , tya* 
bowpujoobbeg, anb mottntapne$ 1 3ti& 
alfo commonlpplanteb in garben& 

ifeThe Tyme. 

Betonp flowretij commonlp trt Julp 

jfcTbe Names. 

Betonp 01 Bcray ne,t£ calleb in <5reefce 
xts-eou, K£H'x° r e°4>^ 3in7lattne anb in 

ft)0ppe# Betonica anb Vetonica: Ifin&pa* 
ntfyeBretonica r^nfrenC^e Bctonicrjn 

Ijiglj &oitcl>)5raun 23etontcfc; 3n bate 

The Natare. 

23etonp tg ^oate anb bip in tljefeconbe begree, 

%\\t decoction of b etoniebionfcen,ptouoketf) iume 5 bteafcetljtf)e^tdrte 3 
of tljefcibnepes, botl? elenfeanbfeouretlje bjeaft anb lunger fromfiegme anb 
flpme, anb ig berp profitable fot fuclj a# tjaue t^e ^ttriftfe 0: confumptio, anb 
are be^eb uritt) tbe Couglj* 

leaues of Bettapne Drieb,are goob to be gtuett tlie qttantitte of ab*am B 
toiti) ^pb^omel, t^at t£ to fap , l^onieb \juater,bnco fuel) as aretroubleb urity 
tlje <£rampe,anb alfo agapnft tfje bifeafeg of tlje i^ot^er ot matrix 

Ctje Came taken in lifcemanner,bzingett) tljeflujcemenffrnalL C 

C^e bzeib leattesbionfcen in urine, are profitable agaiuft tije biting of ^er* 33 
pentc&anb Co be tljep to beapplpeb orlapbeouttoarblp bpon tlje tuounbe: anb 
it goob alfo for tfjem ttjat tjaue tafeen anp popfon* 3fcnb if it be taken before 
^anbe,it preferuetl) ttje people from all popfom 

Betanp opened anb cureft fye oppillatton oz Sopping of tlje Uuer,t^e melt, <J* 
anb tlje fcibnepe&anb i£ goob agapnft t^e teiopik* 

%\>z fame bzon^en uritlj urine anb water ig goob for tijem tljat fpet bloob, f 
anb it curetlj al inioarbe anb outtaarbei3Dounbe& 

C^e Cametafeeniuit^ i^pbiomelot^eabe,looret^ tfjebellp toerpgenttUv, & 
anb l?elpetl) t^em tyat ^aue t^e falling ftcfencfre , mabnelfe , anb ^tab 

3t comforted t^e ftomacke^elpet^ btgeftton,toagct^ belrtiing 9 t^cbeftre ^ 

:6b ti t< 

*9 X The fecond Booke of 

to bomtt (fit be tafeeaVDitfj clartfpen bonie , in tbe ettenf ttg after lUpp er . %\tt 
fame bertae batb tbe Conferue tberof mabe uritb fugar anb tafeen in tbe quan- 
tise of abeane> 

CberooteofBetonpbueb, anb taken untbbouiebmter, caufettjonetoi 
cad out anb bomit tougi^ clammie flegme,anb otber fupetfluoito bumo^ 

iofcor ides tbat famou&tmb aunctent uuiter of 0lante£ , batb befcribeb 

btttO t50tb?ee(blte^Of ^aitacejSf: tObetOf tbeftrft ijs: Panaces Herachmn: 
CbefecOUDey Panaces Afclcpij : Cbe ttjttbe to Panaces Chironium. 


tf? The Defcription. 

^ € firft fcinbe of J0anace& 
Ibatb gteat greeneanbrougb 
!ieaue& lapb $fp?eabatyoabe 

ruWt? »£«x\t<op. Panaces Heraclcuuu 

bpon tbe grounb, anb parteb into fine 
tagged anb cutter , almoft Ipfce tbe 
ieaueg of tbe ftgge tree ♦ 3imong(t 
tbemfpiingetb bp, along tbtcKe ttalfce 
ttntb tbpnteg , xubite untbout anb 
bearie , fet bete anb tbere witb tbe 
ipfce leaueg : but fomu^bat fmaller, 
anb bearing at tbetopabu(be,oifpo* 
fcie tuffete lyU bnto Bpil , tbe floure 
oibloifomofitpellotDe, anbtbefeebe 
to of a pleafantfauour fyarpe 9 boate* 
3t batb btuetg tobtte rooted group* 
ingoicomming fooitbof onebeab, of 
a ftrong Cauour , anb couereb xmtb a 
tbiefce bitter barfce* €)utof tbefapbe 
roote , anb tbe item, ot ftalfce cut, anb 
fcatrtfiet>,fiotoetb tbe gomme o;t li- 
quoi , caileb Opopanax , tbe tobicbe 
being fre(b anb neiDlp tyaiuenfoottb 
of tbe plante to ttbite : but bepng bue 
it xuapetb all pellotue uritbout , a# 
tbougb it vuere coloureb toitb §>af< 

Cbe feconbe fcinbe of }Banace& 

2 batb a aenber ftalfceof acubite long 
tottb knotted ot iopnte&tbe leaned be greater , moie bearic,* anb of a ftronget 
fauour tban tbeleaueg of f enell ♦ Cbe floured grotoe alfo in tuff etc# 01 run* 
beto,anb tbep are pellowe of an obif erotto fauour, anb tyarp e tafte/Cbe roote 
tofmallanbtenber* , 

3 %Mz tbirbefcinbe ag Diofcoridesanb otbertfbo toute, batbleaueglifcebn* 
to ^arierom,floure0 of a golben colour, afmall roote, not gopngbeepe in tbe 
grounbe,anb of albarpetafte* 23ut a$ Theophraftus,anb Piimcbo befcrib* 
it , Cbto tbirbefcinbe of ^anaceg tyoulbebaueleaueg Ipfeebnto patience , 0? 
§>ozrel, floured of a golben colour, anb a longroote, Co tbat amongft tbe olbii 
uuttet&tono perfit content toucbmgfy to tbitbefcinbe of ^ana*. 

the Hilt oric of Plantcs. 


Quarta Panacis Species. 

Clje fourth fcin&e of panafr 

*!gt The Defer if tien. 

&to tljefc tl)iez ttutDe* of $a* 
jnaces , \y e map iopne a certapne 
lofyer ftrangeplant, UJ^ofe feetie 
'to founfce amongft opopanax. 
$n& tb to piante batb great large leaueg, 
fomwbat rougb 9 bearte , largcip fp^eaU 
abioaDe,an& maDe of funftip leaueg top* 
neb together all in one, tutyerof eaclje col* 
laterall ( ot bp , leafe ) to long and large 
almoftlifce to £ leaue^of ^atience:^be 
ftalfce oi (tern of tbto piante to full of- 
topnteMnD of fiue oj toe foote long, tit* 
uiDmgttfelfeagapne into ottyerftalfcctf 
an&b*ancbc£ : €be floured bepellotu, 
growing tn fpo&etuffete£omtnt)eto: 
C^efeeDe to plapne , $ tlje toote to long ^ 

*£c The Place. 

% %X)t ftrft fcin&e grotaefy about Cpjen JE 

tn Lybia,ant) Macedonia : alfO tn Boeotia, ^ 

^ in Phocis of Arcadia ,tDberea0tljept)fe 
toCotuett, anD manure it Dtligentlp, fo L t 
tbegapne tljat to gotten of tye fappe 01 
iupce thereof* 

3 Cbetfjtr&eiun&egrotBetb bppon tije 
mount Pcims in rheflaiie, $louety gooD 

tfyTheTyme. . 

Opopanax tobtawen, gat^erefc 
in Retime of tyarueft* 

^The Names, 

t C^e ftrft fcinfce to calleo in (5tee&e ™ v «w »e«tx«oj>, tljat to to fap tn Xattne 
PanacesHercuieum of <B alien alfo Panax rtonfcnotoen in tbefyopp 00 b^e* 

Clje liquor tbat commetb from tt,to called in dSreefce in Ratine al- 
fo Opopanax:infl)Oppe0 Opopanacum. 

i %\)t fecon&e fcin&e to called *«*XK*wu,tftat to to fap tn jtattne Panaces 

Afclepij,oi Acfculapij Panaces. 
•j ^rjetbtrl)etocallel)7r«Wt?x«^v«oH,PanacesChironium. 

4 c^efourt^ftoulOefeemeto be Panaces Syriacum,ti)^erotCqeopbiamt0f 
#liniebaue mentioned : wtjtcl) Differed fromtyefoimerluuDetf, agtoefcaue 
eto U)^ere,moze largelp witten in &atine* 

Panaces : in ttjoppeg to calleD Siler montanum. 

The Nature. 

t Cfte ftrft ^anaceg to ftoate in tyt tyirde Degree , and type in tfte fe* 

Cbe Uquot tbereof to alfo of tfte ipfce temperament 
2. ; Cbe t^eeotyer fcindetf are of tlje itfee temperature, but not fo tjoate, not ro 

ffib ttj «5»r4* 

194 The fecond Booke of 

t %\)t feeDe of tlje fitft ^anates Dionfcen tottf) tooimetoooD , mouetl) too* 3 

ttten£flOUHeg: 3itlD taken ti)itl) HerbeSarrafinc,U)|)fct)ei£ Ariftolochia Clc- 

mantis,it i# gooD agapnfttbe popfon of aUfceutmou£ beaftes* BeingDjouKen 
U)ttt)U3me,ttcui:et5tl)efuSocattonauU (trangling, o k i cljofcing of tlje *3ipa> 
trip oz ^ot^er , ant» caufetl) tyefameto fall auD returne agapneto tyignatu* 
rail place* 

%bz roote of ^anaceg $oppeD o^acfct beep fmall, anD applied beloioe to 25 
tfte &?ofyer oi S^attije , Djauietl) focutl) tlje DeaD CijplDs, anD ttje bunatutall 

Clje fame roote mmgleDtuttlj^ogp, anDlapDebppon, anD alfo put into c 
alDeblcertf, curette fame, anD couereti) bare, otnakeD bones' tnttli fleljj 

* Cbeflotuerg anD feeDe of tljefeconDe fcinbe of 3&anace&are beep profitable & 
agapnft tbe bptingeg of §>erpente£ , to be Dionfcen unoine, 0£ lapDe bpon tlje 

Cbefame flotnettf anD feetie mingleD tmtlj ^onp , anD lapDe tljersunto , tio € 
riireolDe malignant, corrupt , anD fretting foareg , anD alfo fcnobbetf o^arDe 

3 C&e CeeDe, tye flotoerftanD alfo tbe roote of tlje tljirDe ^auaceg , are toerp * 
gooD to beb*onken,agatnfc ttje benom of ^>erpente&anD $l*iper& 

<£>f?ouagc* €ljap«tW* 

ttytThe Kyndcs. 

f mentaketljatljerbe^tcbe tg commonlp calleD in &tjoppe£ Lcuifti- 
cum,foioneoftbefoue£of Ligufticum .c^ientbereare ttuo fcinDeg of 
Ligufticum , tbe one u>bicbe i& tbe rigljt Ligufticum, DefcribeD bp tlje 
^unciente^,^nDt^eotlierio^ic^emapbeabaftarDeo t i txrilDe ItinDe of Ligu- 

The Defcription. 

!^<0tigt)t Ligufticum, DefcribeD bp Diofcorides, {$ in l)i£rdotelpke to 
tbefirftfcinDe of jBanap : it^atl^llenDer lialfceg, uritb iopnteglifcebn* 
to JatiU Cbe leattegare Ipfceto tbe leaueg of ^pelilot, buttljepbe 
fofter anD of a better fattour, thereof fye bppermoft leaner are tenDereft> 
anDmoieiaggeD o^cut ^ttijetop of tbeftaiue^groioet^ tbefeeDeintpofeic 
tuffeteg, ttje wijicbe is batDe auD longe , almoftlifce to tf enell CeeDe , of an aro- 
maticall 1 S>ppcie fauour,anD in tafte fyarpe anD bpting^be roote i$ tuljite, 
anD oDotiferoug, mucfjlpfceto tljerooteoftyefirftkinDeof i^ana^euert^e* 
lelfe it is not pet tmotuen mt^i0 Countrie* 

t d)eotber^erbe , U)ijicbei£ taken in t^t^ Countrie foj Ligufticum, ^at^ 
great, large, oDouferougleaueg, muc^eiaggeDanDcut,almoft ipfce totba 
ieaueSof3tngeltca:butagteat Deale larger, fap^er anD of a Deeper greene 
colour,Deeper cut anD nuueclouen/Cbe ftalfce ig fmoot^,rounDe, bolo\joe, anD 
topntie, of tbelengtb ofamano^ moie, toitb fpofeiernnDel$,o^tuffete0, att^c 
top of tlje (falHe^:bearingapellotD flott)er,anD arounD,flat,bioaDe,feeDe:lai> 
ger tben 2apll feeDe , anD fmaller tben Angelica feeDe ♦ C^e roote ig long anD 
tbicfee anD tyingety foo^tl) perelp netoe &temme& 

the Hiftorie of P lantcs. - 19 j 

Ligufticum verum. Ligufticum vulgare. 

Cije n$t &ouage. Cfcecommon ?louag& 

ij* The Place. 

Cfjettgbt Ligufticum, grotoetlj to?ltguua 7 bppon tbe mount ^penman, * 
1 neareto tlje 'Coione oz Cttte of d5enue#, anD tit otfjer monntapneg ttyete: 

^i;cfeconDe!unDet£pianteD to our gatDen& 
kouage flou^efy mod commonlp to Jttlp anD 3tugu(k 

#T be Names. 

% Cljeftrfl: anD rtoftt fetoDe is? calleD to C5teefce MyvnKop,anD of fallen m&s-jkoh: 
wftattoeUgufticumian&ofComealfoag^^ Panaces,bptl)e 
to^tclinameitt^petfenotDeutot^e^oppe^of d&entteg: totbeS>boppegof 
fiaimlier^t^epcalIitSiierMontanum:toCnsUfl)e]louage : to ftencfyt £*- 

»<r/?^ anD toBOUCi) Ligufticum. 

* ^eteonDefctoDetg calleD to£>i)oppegLeuifticum, anDtljelpotljecarteg 
fcfe tt to ftee&e of tlje ttgtjt Ligufticum • to Cngltf^e kouage : to f tencije 
z««^ > 0^ Liucfche : in &oucije jUebftocfcel : to 33 tabant ^Lauetfe , anD 

The Nature. 

Ligufticum ig {joate anD Dip to t^e ttyrDe Degree* 
&ouage ig alio fjoate anD D#e 7 anD of Qualttte muelje like to Ligufti- 

i$6 The fccond Bookc of 

*Jc T be Venues. 

Ctjerooteof LigufticLimfeDerpgooDfo^allmujartieDtfcafe^ , Drilling a- J 
tooap ail bentofitie, o fc i tmnDineflfe, efpeciallpfyevtrinDineflfeof fyeftomatfce, 
anD i£ gooD agapnft t^e bpting of ^>etpenteg,anD al otbet fcenimoutf beafte& 

CtyefamerootetoellDtieD anDDzonfcenuutlj uune,p*ouoketl)tyine, anD 23 
tftemenHruailtenne0:itbatl)t^efamc bertue,ifitbe applpeD totye fecrete 
place to a p etTarie 01 mo tfcet ^uppofttoue* 

C^efeeDeof Ligufticumtj)armetl)tl)efl;omactie, tjelpefy Dtgeftion, anD&£ 
pleaCant to tljemoutt) anD tafte , utyerfoje in timeg patf t^e people of 45enue# 
DpDbfeit in tyeir meateg infteDe of ^epper,a#fomeDo pet,a£UJitneflretlj An- 

tonius Mufr. 

CljerooteanD feeDe of louageDjpeD anDDjonfceinuune , DotijD:tebp anD ^ 
loarme t^e ftomacfce , eafett) trencijetf oi griping papne of tije bellp,buuing a- 
tpap tlje blaftingesanb unnDineflfe of ttje fame* 

Clje fame coote anD feeDe Do moue Dune , anD tye natural! fic&neflfe of ujo- ^ 
men,t0l)eti)er tfjep tafce it ifnaatDlp, o t xufyzfyzt t ijep bat^e tym tehw untlj 
t^eliecoctiont^es:eof 3 infomel)OllotDeteate,o.t(lue* 

Co concluDe, tljelouageinfacultieanD bertue£,Dotij notDilfermuclj from jf 
Ligufticumjanbitmapbe^feDioitljottterro^m fteeDe thereof* 

CljeDiftilleDtuaterof louage, cleared tl>efigt)t , anD puttetl) atoap all<& 
fpotte&lentile&o* frecleft anD reDneffe of deface , if it be often toaffyeD ttjere* 

€>f Angelica. CfMMttf* 

fyThe Kyndes. 

A N g E L I C A ig of ttoo foiteg, ttjat ig fye gatDen anD torilDe 3togeltc& 

jfe-The Defcriptien. 

jl^CgarDen Angelica ^atl^ great bioaDe leaned, DiuiDcD agapne into 
m IfSjotljer leaue#,U)ljtcl} ate fnipt anD DenteD about,muclj like to tye Ijigljeft 
lssSieaue£of Spondiiium, 02 33ouc^ Branck vrfme , buttljep betenDerer >s 
longer, greener, anD of a ftronger fauour* 3imongfttl)ofeleaue0 fpzingetft 
bptye ftalfce, tt)ieepeere^aftertgefo\juingoft^efeeDe, ttjeu^ictye fialfceitf 
ttHcfce,anDiopntie,tjoilowcxy^ Petroleum* ate 

tijetop oftljeftal&e£ gcotuetl) certapne little felme#, puffeD ojbolnebplpfeeto 
fmall blaDDettf oibagge&ou? of \joijicl) commett) tije Cpofcie topper ojrunDeltf 
almoft like imto tlje topg of jf enell, bearing vuljtte flouretf, $ aftenuarD great, 
inoaDeDoublefeeDe, mucije greater tljen&illteeDe, anDlifcetottjefeeDeoftlje 
tljirDe fcinDe of ^efelp»C^e roo te i$ great anD tljicfce, blacfce tuttijout 3 wijite 
tontljin,out of\n^tc^,tPljen it ig ^urt o t i cut, t^ere flotuetlj a fat 01 oplie iiqttoj, 
iifee gomme,of a (Irong Cmelloi tafte* 

t Cfte U3ilDe Angelica i£ lifee to t^at of tt)egarDen,fautngti)atln$ leaue^are 
not fo Deepelp cut oi clouen,anD tl)ep be narrower anD blacfeer ♦ C^e ftalfee^ be 
muc^eflenDereranDfto^ter anD tbe floured be tulnter* c^erooteisagreat 
Dealefmaller,anD ^at^ mo^e t^teDDie ftringejj, anD it i$ not bp a great Deale of 

The PUce> 

Cije tame Angelica i^fotoenanD planteD in tlje garDens? of tW Cotmtrie* 
%tyt UJilDe groxueti) inDarHe^aDoijop places, alongeft bp toatee ftDe^ , anD 
iDooDDes HanDing loiue* 


C^etiDOfetnDeSof 3ngeiica,Do flower in 3ulp anD aiuguft. 

the Hifbrie ofPLmtes. 

Angelica Satiua. Angelica Sylueflris. 



kiltie atogcltca* 


jfa The Names. 

%Wbttbti$ caUeomengltfye Angelica: inf renege ^nreiiquc-xaMiah 
&Quci) mqclitk , t>e$ Ijcpitgljen gfjetttstourt^el, oner ©zufltamtfr: in the 
ftoppesof2&iabante Angelica, Cfjeretepet tioneotbernmnetMio\jpenton& 

*igc T he Nature* 

Chelate touted Cap, t^att^e rooted of Angelica are contran'e to allpop-a 
fim, t^eiaemience,anD alluaugl)ttecoimpttott,df eutliozmfecteD am* 

3Unpboupbem£ectet>tontt)ti)e^ s 
tgep gmeftm ftratgljtmpetfto ftunke a Biam of ttjepotoDeroftiitsroote 
tDftf>\Dtneuit&e tufotet, anDmfommer tuifytye mtttlleu ttmtcrof Scabiofc 
Carduus Benedicts, oiEofetoater, tym tyep bung ^uttto befcue, anDcouer 

C^efamerootebetngtafeenfaftmgtntftemomtng, ot but onip kept oibol* <c 
pmmtyemouty, Dotykeepe anu p.iefente fteboty tomfte infection of the 
^eftiience,anH from all eupllapzeanDpopforu 

^^epfapairo^attfteleaae^of Angeiicapounueiuiti) tijeleattegof fined 
anh 4ome,ate net? gaoo to be lapDe unto fte bittnge* of man feoacr* ft er. 
pCBte^anuwtipe^ oftheiju&enjberuV 
fterooteo^leaue^ofAngdica^auebopleD; m hn ™ ^mneujnernr 

iy% The fecond Booke of 

fyThe Defcripthn. Peucedanus. 

Pcucedanum gQtittCtt) ttt jjtllp anD Hugttft. 

3|t i$ calleb in <£reefce towC/^©--. 3|n Ratine anfc in fljoppe£ Peucedanani, 

OffomealfO *y«0©-«T«/V*oy, jd eft. Bonus Genius, Pinattellum, Stataria, anb Fce- 

nicu^usPorcinus:3nC^g^^i)ealfoPeucedanl^m > ^o^e^ll:ong,o^^ote(lrangc, 
&ot»eftntll,anl> of (bine ^ulptyemnitt:3In Station Pcucedano \ Jn&pmifye 

Heruatum : $ixf Utli^Z Peucedanon ; atlD Queue dcPourcerui^nijtgft BOlldl 

^arlirang,$ of feme ^djtDebeltDurt?, anb ^etofenctjel, t^at is to fop, &u!^ 
pijer roote, an& ^otofenell: 3n bafe 3iimaigne mercnettf SLienckeiL 

Jjerbe ; but Qjectalip tlje fap outtpg of ttie tootctt Ijoate to tyt feconbf 
degree, an& tyic almoft m ttje beginning of tbe tyirbebegree* 

Jfc T^^ Vertnes. 

•Cb^fappe oft^eroote of Pcucedanum oi^ozeflxange tafceu bp ttfelfe,o? 
tottb bitter 3rtmonbe£ an& liue ( a£ ^imte Captb ) is gooD agapnft tbs 
fyoztneffeof tyeatb ,Cwagetl) ttje griping papnes of ttje bellp, biffolueti) anB 
tyiuetfy a s #ap tientofitie^tnDinerre , anb blaftinges of tbeftomacfeeanb of ail 
tnujar&e partes , tttoaftetb tlje fuelling of tbe Spcite oifeplene , 3t iaofety 
tije bellp gentilip>anb purged bp ftege bo tlj fl erne anb cooler. 

the Hirtorie of P lames. 2 

Cfje fame taken mmatxner afcuefapde, pjouofcetlj tonne , eafetb tbepapnc 25 
iiueranceof cbilde,and e£pulfetbtbeS>ecundpneand tyedeadecbtlde, 

tc^eiupceof PcuGcdanuint^gooD agapntt ttjecougb, if itbetafcentuitfe C 
areare egge* 

Cbefame guten to fmell bpon , Dotty greatlp belpcftwb Uiomen a#are gree* & 
tied tptttp bpttfing and (trangling of tbe ^otfter , and ftirretb dp agapne 
onuaketgfucljepeopie as Ijauetbe lettjargie,ot tlje fcugettull and fleeping 

Cljcfamelapl)ctotl)efoie!)eaI)U3ttl)dpieof ftdfetf and ^tueget i£ good (B 
agapnft tbe madneflfe called in <$reefce Phrcnitis , and tbe olde greeuoug 
bead acbeg , and giddinefle of tljefame , terrible bteameg , artD tt)e falling flick* 

Cbetomefappeapplped as is afo t tefapde> curetb tbe$aulfie,tbeCrampe, f 
and dotting togptber of ftneujes, and allolde, coldedifeafes, elpeciallp tbe 

€be perfume of Peucedanum burtteti bppon quiche coaled ,M\izty atoap © 
£>erpente$ and allotber benemoug beaffes creepingbpontbegtounde* 

Cbeiupce of ttptit into tbe concamtte ozbolldwneffedf a naugbtietodtt),$i 
fumgetbtootbacbe; andpouued into tbe earesuutb dpleofEofe&curetbtbe 

Cbep lap tttxitttj good fuccelfe bnto tbe rupture oi burning of pdunge rtjil* 31 
d*en, and upon tbe jftauelle$fyatftandeout,oiareb mucbe lifted dp. 

Ctyerooteinbermeitflpfcetotbeiupce: butitisridtaltbirig Co effectualUfc 
Jletmmdjinfeetbedecoctiontbereof, agapuftaUfyedifeafeswtyereuntotbe 

tCberootediied and mademto pou>der>dotb mundifieand clenfe olde (fine- % 
tog and corrupt bicertf, and diatuetb footfb tbe fplinterS and peeces of 
feoones , audbzingetbtoafcarre , and clofetb dp dicers , tbatbebardeto 

Ctjep mingleitberp ptofitablp uritb alopntatentetf and CmplaifterS , tbat 3£ 
are made to cbafe and beate atip part of tbe bodpAtf batfoeuer* 

%\)t fame diped and mCngled untb tbe £>ple of B ill > cauteti) one to ftaeate 
if t y oe bodp be annopnteD and rubbed tbeni3itb» 

^fgwat ptllitopt of Ibpapne/ 3Np«atotfa/ 

4fcThe Kjndes. 

3tfterU)o:t i$ of two fo#e& tamtf 9 tirilde,ndt mudj onlpfcc one another, 
,afa el in leaues as in floured and tooted botb feinde* arexuelfenotoen 
in tb& Countries 

i^f T - ^? Befcripthti. 

» ] Mperatom oz ^afleriuozt batft great bzoade leaue&almoff Ufee 3ile- 
^^ander:butofdeepergreene ? andftrongerfauour, etierpleafetediut- 
|ded into tbtee otber^, $ U)bicb agapne batb tti)o oi tbieedeepe cutter 
- -o? gaC^e^jinfomucb as euerp leafe i^ diutded into feue,oi nine part^, 
and euerp part \% tootbed 0^ natcbed rottntie about UUe afatue^mongft t^efe 
leauesf grdUJetb tbe tender knottieftalfce&iolncbe be of a reddtft e colour nejrt 
tbe grounde,beariug at tb e top round fpofeie tuffets mtt^ tubtte floured, after 
tbe UHjicbe comittetb tbe feede , tubiclje is large and Ipfee to Spllfeede > %\^z 
toote to long of tijetbtcfcneflTe of one? finger, creeping ahrogftandputtetijdp 

5 oo The (ccond Bookc of 

newleaueginfonbiie placed , foinwijat Aftcramium,oftrutiurn. 
oibpting bpontbetongue, $of aftrong 

i %\)t Wpibe Impc'ratoria, cbmittOttlp 

CalleD Hcrbe Gerarde,o;t3iiil)enDeebe,to 
not mud) bnlpfce p abouefaibein leaue& 
are fmailet growing bpo longer £>tem« 
me0,an& tbe roote to tenberer wbiter 
anb not fo tbtcfce ♦ ailfo tbe wljole plante 
tuttb b to ro ote to not altbing fo ftrong in 
in fauo^t , pet it to not altogitijer tutt^out 
a certapne ftrong fmell o jfauot* 

fyThe Place. 

x Aflcrantium oz^aftetwott>to fome* 

tpmes founbe in woobbetf anb befertetf 

bpon iittel bpUejsf oz fmallmountapne^ 

%$tp bo alfo plante it mee(;elp,plentiful* 

ipe in tbe garbing of tyigb anbbafe^l* 

mapne,anb Cnglanbe* 
* Clje feconbe impcratoria, ottoplbe 

<!ipafterwott,growetl) commolp in molt 

garbeng of Ijto ownefeinbe, anb tbto to 

furelp a weebe oi Unprofitable plante* 

ainbuUjerag tbefebetbegbaueonce ta* 

ben roote; tbep wpll tbete remapne wtl* 

itnglp , anb bo pearelp increafe & fpzeabe 

abtoabe ? gettingmote gtounbebaplp,f oi wbicb cattfeag 3 tytnfeeit wagfitft 


C^efe ^ erbeS bo flower I) ere in H une anb Julp* 

*5* IT Names. 

Cije fitft fctnbe to calleb of fomeljerboufte#anb 3tpotbtcarte& ofceritium, 

Ofhition,Oitrutium,0t Afterantium:of fome Imperatoria: 3|n Cnglity alfO Im- 
peratoria Mafterworte ; 'anb PellitorieOf S>papne: Jn^taUon Imperatoria: J\l 
JFcettCljeOftrutium,0i Impcratoire,atl& HerbcduBenioin,bUtfalfelp: jj tt Wli# 

3©oiicb S^epfterwurt? : 3inbafe3lmaigne^eefterwo#elL 

"CljefCCOnb 0£ Wtlbe Imperatoria,to U0W calleb Herba Gerardi, iTfckpuaMp, 

1 anb Septifoiium, tbat toto fap 5 Herbe Gcrarde , anb £>etfople : jSnCngiifl^ 
fome call it ^tfyvueebe : 3nbafe ailmapne d5eraert,anb ^euenblau 

JfcThe Nature. 

Aftcrantiam,butcljtefelpt^erooteto^oate anb btp in tbefyttbebegree* 
Cbe wilbe to almoft of tlje famenature anb qualitie, but not fo ftrong* 


S^afterwo^tetonotonelpgoob agapnftalpopfon,butalfott toftnguler j 
1 agapnft all cotrttpt anb nougbtieapze, anb infection of tbe^eftilence ,ifitb* 
btonfeen luitlj wine anb tbefamerobtepounbe bp it felfe otwitb bto leaned 
botb bilTolueanb cure ^eftilenttal Carboncles anb 33otc!?e& anb fuc&eotljec 
apoftumations anb fwellinge&being applpeb tljerto* 
1 %\)t roote thereof bumfeen in tmne,curetlj fye extreme anb rigojoito Ktte$ A 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. joi 
of olbe feuer&anb tbe j^iopfte,anb tt pjouoketb ftuet 

^efametaHentnmamiecafo^efapt)e,comfo^et^ anb ftrengtbenetlj tlje C 
ftomacfce,belpetb bigefl:ton,tefto;tetb tl^e appelant) btfToluetb tbe bcntofitte 
anb blading of tbe flanfcetfanb bellp* 

It belpetb grcatlpfttrija^ baue tafeengreatfquatte^^mrtftoifaitofrom a 
aloft>anb arefozebnrt, anbtmuarblp burften, foutcutetb tbeburtes, anbbte 
(bluets anb fcatteretl) tbe bloob tljat & aftonpeb,anb dotteD oj congeleb uuth- 

C^efamerdotepounbevutt^^ieaue^, tgberp goob to be lapbe to the <p 

bptinije$ofmabbeJDogge$,anbtoallt^ebPttnge^anb (Hngtngetf of&ec* 
pentetf, anb fucbelpfcebemmou$ beaded ^ 

^be totlbe imperatoria , ot berbe d5erarbe, pounbeanb iapbe bppon fucbe f 
members ox parted of tbebobp,a# are troublebanb bereb tuitb theaotutr, 
toagetb tbepapne,anb taKetb aiuap tbeftuellmg. 
: 3tnba£ttbatbbenp*oueb tnfunbzte place0,itcuret^tbefeemoirbotbeiJaf <£J 
m fun&ement o^fiege be fomenteb,oj batbeb witb tbe becoctton tbereof* 

ferula. €l)wx> 

The Dercriptiofj. Ferula 

j$ C leaues of Ferula are great 
anb large, anb fpieabe abioabe, 
anb ctitinto betp fmall tfnebbetf 
op beared ipketfenell , but a great beale 
bigger : €be da&e o t : (lent i* tbtcfce, 
iopntte, anb berp long : in tbe topper of 
tbe ftalfceg grotoetb great rounb fpofcte 
tu(£ete& bearing firftpellotjoeflotitte£, 
anbaftertoarb long, bjoabe, anb blacfce 
feebe , almod a# large a£ tbe feebe of 
#elone$ oi depones* %fye roote t# 
tbtcke anb tu^tte , anb grou)etb beepe tn 
tbe grounbe, oj in tbe topntetf ot cltfteg 
anbCboppetfof Cleeu c e#anbi t iocfce& 
, Cbere t£ altb founbe an otber fetnbe 
of tbt£ ferula, but W leauetf are not 
fo fmallp cut, anb bnberneatb tbep be 
vobite , o t : of a grapfye colour, but otber* 
Vopfe tbep be as large a# tbe otber, tbe 
feebe t£ alfo lefTe , but tn ptopottton Ipfce 
tbe otber* JfcTbcPiace. 

Cbefe ferulae bo grotue tn <£rece, 
anb 3talie,anD otber boate region^ but 
tbep ate drange in t^Countrep,anb 


i %ty fird i% calleb tn dSreefce n«th? : 

foXattne Ferula. * 

a C^eotbertealfo afeinbeoffemla,anbt^countebof{bmetobeacertapne 
Feruiago 5 c^e totyiebeof €beopb*aftu$t£ calleb tn <£reefce n«^v«. 

he Nature. 

C^ere&no peculter o? Rectal bfe of tljefe f mtia&fetung ofa fteifejtto? oj 

C e gumme# 

yoi The thirde Booke of 

glimineitfftyfttflOtoetlj OUt Of tljem, a$ Sagapcnum, Ammoniacurn^nD Galba- 

num,arefcfe*o in meDtcine , uiljerefoietljeti: nature anD Dertue (l;albe DeftribeD 
in tlje Cljaptergfoloxuing* 

To the Reader. 

(^rtftDeeing, toelbeioueD EeaDer, tljat tue^aueUJuttenmtljeC^aptertf 
going before of fometjerbeg, out ofttjetoljicljeflotiieberpcafWp Capped oz 
gummed geatijereD,DjieD,anD pzeferueD, tije tuijtclj are gteatlp DfeD in S^eDi* 
tixwi anD ^urgerie,efpectaUp as tlje fappe of Panax,tlje xuljictye iff calleD o po - 
pmax,aiiD i^etappeof Laierpitiuin,t^\t)ljic^et$nameD Lafer^ljictje in fatee 
Countries Dp Soiu e out of tije fame ijerbeg , anD are tyougfjt into ttyig Coun- 
trep ? $ into all parted of CljuftenDame; of toljofe ftrengtb anD Dertue mt baue 
nottmitten : t^erefo^e ijaueuieintlje enDeof t^i$partfo^ aconciufton ^fuitl^* 
ingof ttje fame , tuutten of ilje nature anD foertue of ttye fame gummed 3JnD 
notoneip of tije gummed ftowingout of t\)Z ijerbeg aboue reijeatfeD : but alto 
of gummed anH iappetf flouring out of ijerbetf oj thereof maDe,t!jetutyitye 
commonlp u>e fiuDe at tlje 3tpotijecarietf anD are tofeD in <!$eDicine£ , altbouglj 
tijat tlje tje:be£(bicaufe tljep are not fcnotoen in CbtiftenDome)are not u^ittS 
ozfpofcen of bp D# y omitting tije Capped anD gummed tabicije fiotue out of 
toooDDeganDtreeMtfftoftn, #itc^e, Curpenttne,anDfucbeipfce 3 toetDpli 
tu ; titeoft^el)tCfotieofttJOoDDe^anD treesf. 3tnD in tbe Defcription of fyefe 
gummed anD fappe# toe tupilfolotwet^e iearningof fye 3lunciente&a£ Diof- 
corides, Galen, Piinie, Jaeclaringtbeir names as tljepate calleD bp tfjefapD 
%\xmxzntt$ in <5reefceanD in &atine,bp ttje toljicbe ttjep are notue at tljis time 
knotuen to tije 3ipo tftecaricft libe as tue tyaue pet tjitijerto Done anD toittten in 

M <^pcpanaic; <£f>ap*tjttV 

Popanax is tijegumme 01 fappe of t^e firft fcinDe of Panaces,calleD 

Heraclcoticum, aS Diofcorides tOZitetb^ it flotoeti} OUt Of fyerOOte 

anDfta&eof Panaccs,a$tbepfl)albeijurtoicut, anD fyefeppetobw 
iti$petfre(b,anDfirftfloU)enout ? i^ UJ^ite, anD tDijenitiSDzie ,ittS 
altogpti^er pelloiueiplvet^attDljicbi^ coioureD toritlj £s>aSron*3tnD tbebeftof 
t\)i$ fappe o£ gummed ttjatfametoijictjeon t^eoutfpDeiSpelotoeanDttntljiK 
\xfyitify,toi tyat is pet frefl), 

aj* The Names. 

Clje gummed calleDin6reelieo7ra7r<xv«|: in Ratine Opopanax : anDoftlje 

31p0t^ecarie^ Opopanacum.-inCngliOje Opopanax. 

# The Nature. 

o p opanax is ijoate anD Due in tye tbirDeDegree* 

£fr The Vertues. 

o popanax isfcerp gooD againfttl?ecoiDe(|)iueringsf,anDb^ufingof %tgxt&>% 
tbe parme anD grief e of tlje fpDe,tlje gnawing $ griping papne of tlje boiuelleg 
oi gutte$,t"qe S>trangurie 5 anD fo^tbem ttjat are fquatte otb^upfeD tuitbin 5 bp 
occafion of falling,if it be Dzon^en toitft eaDe 0^ ^onieD toater * 3lnD to be 
tafeenin tye feme manner o^itij vuine,itcuret^ t^e intaarDe fturuineffe 0$ 

Opopanaxa^ Mefuc\i3Utet^ , taken fyetoatgijt of ttoo D^ammeiEf 0^ ieflfe, » 
pourget^ bp fiege,tbeflegme anD coIDe, tougb, clammie 5 anD flpmie l^umotu#, 
Dialing t^e fame from parted farre of,a$ fro t^e l)eaD,tbe finetuetf 9 iopnte^ 
^oieoueriti^^erpgooD againaaUolDeDifeafe^oft^ebjapneanDfinelue^ 
atftljeCrampeanD ^aulfte^c. 

cnc Hiftorie of P lantes. jc 

%tyt fame taken in tijelike manner anD q tiantitie,Dotlj muuDtfie anD fcoure C 
tije b*eaft,anD is gooD toi aiftymatique people,anD foj ttjem tljat are troubled 
luit^tl)ea;oztneflreofu)iriDeozbieat^anti witty an olDe Dangerous couglj* 

3t curetl) alfo tfje tjarDne(fe,anD ottyer mifyappeS of tlje melt ox fplene , anD 23 
5£?opfte,tf it be tempered ox ftiepeD in mufte,anD Djonkem 

Opopanax Doty fcatter,foften,$ refolue,al bard, colD,Cu)elling,ot tumours, <B 
beingltiepeD inbineger,anD applpeD ojlapDe ttjetto, 

3ltisgooDtobelapDeto ttje&ciaticaCtDljtcljeiStbe gotut mtfte Ijippeot jr 
Ruckle bone)anD it eafettj tyepapne oftljc gototof ttjelegges anD feete, bepng 
iapDe tljerebpon witty ttyt CnbUance at pulpe of DiieD iiapfonS* 

%ty$ fame mingleD uutlj !£onp, anD put in bnber in manner of a ^elfarie oi 
mother fuppoftto^e,ptouoket^t^efio\i)ze0,Dituett)foo^t^eS>econDtne,anD 
DeaD f tutte ? Dt(patdjeti) tijc bentofitie of tije ^ atrip oi mother i anD curetlj all 

OpopanaxbeinglapDebponCarbuncle^anD ^elttlenttall botclje&anD tu* ^ 
mo^b^eafeet^efame^efpeciallp after tyat it tyztty ben fofceD in bineger,anD 
mingleD witty leccapne* 

3)t Duagetlj toott) aclje,being put into ttjefeollotonelfeof pettfyeD teetlj: o^ 3 
rather as m cf uefaptWo be bopleD inbineger,atiD IjolDe ot Kept in ttyt moutty. 

Being lapD to tbeepes alone, oimingleD voitlj CollpiiesmaDefojtyepur*fc 
pofe,it cleared ttjeftgbt* 

witty ttyis gumme anD pitttyz fyep mafce aplapfter, tlje wtyittyt is berp fin* % 
guler agapnft ttyt bptingeis; of al wtiDe anD maD beattes,being lapD tljerebnto, 

T he Defcripion. 

Aferpitium ( bp tljat tue map gather Of Theophraftus $ Diofcorides) 

is anberbetljatDpctl) perelp ,l)isftalke is great anD ttjic&elpfce fe- 
rula: tlje leaues be Ipfee ^erliep anD of apleafant fent : Cfte feeDe is 
bioaDe as it were a little leafe,it tysxty a great manp rooted growing 
out of one tyztib,wtykty is ttyitU anD couereD witty a blacfce f fetnne* 

from out of t^efe rooted anD ftalfces being fcarif ieD anD cut , flotoetlj a cer* 
tapne ftrong liquo^t^e tuljici? tbep Dzie, anD is berie requisite in meDicine, anD 
it is calleD £ afer : but it is not all of a fo tte,noz in al places alpke, fox it cljaun- 
gettj in ta(te,fauour,anD fafytan,accotDing to ttyt places tuyere as ttyz Laferpi- 
tium grotoet^ 

1 Cl)e{^peo:Uquott^ataott>et^outoft!)eLaierpitiumgro\i3tngtnCpmie, 
is of apleafant lauour, anD in taftnot berp grieuouSrfo as intpmespa&,men 
DpD not onelp bfe it in ft oppes f oi^Ijpficfc,but alfo in fine Cafces, 3 unfcetteS, 
anD ottjermeateS,as Piinietuutetb* 
tj ®&atutytci)eflo , ujetl)Otttoftl)e Laferpitium, ttyatgeotoefy in Sl^eDia, anD 
£>p?ia,is of a berp lot^fome^anD ftinfeing fauour* 

Laferpitium grotoetty on t^efti^i mountapneS anD DeferteS of Cpiene anD 
ap^uca,anD tijis is t^e beft anD cft tef eft, anD it peelDetU a liquor tx)^ic^ is berp 
goob anD of a pleafant fmell^t gro\i3et^ alfo in ^ptia,^ eDia, 3irmenia,anD 
kpbia,buttljetupce o^ liquot thereof is not fo gooD , but is of a berp lot^fom? 
Dete(table,anD abominable fmelU 

#Tbe Names, 

%tyi$ plant is calleD in <!5reefee<r/\4>»^:3iu)Latine Lafer, anD Laferpitium: 
of fome,asuHtne(retlj Diofcorides, Magudaris 5 e(j)eciallp tyattuijtcljepeelDett) 

Cc ii no 

304 The iccond Booke of 


Cfteftalfcetf oftfterig^t Lafcrpitium are called to ©reefcecr^op-.and toft* 

tixit Silphium. 

Cberootes are called and Magudaris. 

Cbeftr&leauegp fpungbpoutof tbe gcound,are called ju«<rwtTo^, Mafpetu. 

Cbe topee o^Uquot of ^aferpitium,to calieU in &attoe Lafer.-and of tbeatta- 

btan^Bfci?fttton0 Aia,oi Afla. 

€be topee tobtcbeftoxuetb from tbeftaifcesto called of j^iime Cauiias, and 
of (^ajat^emterpieterofCljeop^ialhi^Scapaiium ufcr. 

^battobicbeffotoetbfromtbetooteg, 10 called Rhizias,of<!5a?a Radica- 

rium Lafer. 

* €be foeete fauertog gumme ox Uquo t to called in dsreefee o* n *»p in 

statute Succus CyrenaicuSjQl Lafer Cyrenaicum, of fome Ala A do rata: fcn* 

fcnotnen to §>boppe# : foitfjattntyclje tbep tafcefcuftafer ( agall tbelearned 
menof ourtpmetbtofce ) tocalled oftbe3lpotbecarie£ Gummibenzui 5 o;t Bei- 

zui 5 0l Ada d u 1 c i s : in (0 ngltfl) e Belzoin,Q£ Benzoin:to jfrencbe Bcnmnftvib it to 

not ftafer : buttle gumme 01 liquor of acertapne great tree to b£ bufenotaen, 
a# tbe trauelertf Do affirme, and a$ it dotb manifeftip appeare bp tbe tbiefce 
peecetf of barfce and tuoodAubicb to often found inand amongft tbe 23 enjoin, 
t^attt cannot bet^egummeozUquo^of an Ijerbetftatperifte^perelp* 

* Cijat^aferioJbi^ecommet^from^eDta, to called to <6reefceoVo?^H<f t K^ 

tnU^atUie Uifer Mcdicum,02. Succus Mcdicus. 

5 Cbat lubtclje commetb from £>pjia to called &vfmte t in ftatine Lafer 


Cbefe ttoo laft recited fctode£ of ftafer tbat come from *&vtm y and S^edta, 
bpcaufe of tbeirlotbfomefauour, are called of tbe^rabian^bpfitiontf and& 
potbecarte^ Aflafoetida .-toCngltfbealfo Affafetida rtnljigb^oucbeCetifeto 
djecfc , tbat to to Cap &euilie# durt : it to called to Biab&it bp a berp ftrange 

name Fierilonfonfa. 

The Nature. 

Laferpitium,efpectallp tberoote,to boateand due to tbe tbirde degree* 
Lafer to alfo boate and due to tbe tbirde degree , but it ejrceedetb mucbe tbe 
beate of tbe ieaue&ftalfce&and rooted of Lafapitium. 

4^ The Vertues. 

Cbe rooted of Laferpitium are berpgoodCasf^tofco^tde^ and d&alen to^^ 
tetb)to be dionfeen agatoft alpopfontand alittle of tbe fame eaten \totb meat, 
ot taken initb falte , caufetb one to baue a go od and toeete bteatb* 

* Cbeleauetf of tbto plante(a£ £ltote tuutetb) bopled to \utoe and dionfcen, 3 
mundtftetb tbe ^atrfe and duuetb foo#b tbe^>econdtoe,and tbedead fruit. 

Cberoote£wellpoundeo t tftamped tottb €>ple, fcatteretb clotted bloody c 
fcetb atoapblackeand bletoe marked tbat come of biuret ozftrtpetf, curetb and 
dtflfoluetb tbekingetf euill, and allbarde Onelltoge^and 23otcbe& tbeplace£ 
betogannopnted oiplapfteredtberetmtb* 

Cbefamerooteinadetotopo^der, and made into aplapftertmtb tbe^)ple & 
of3Ireo# and uwe, dotb botb ftoage and cure tbe Sciatica otgotate of tbe 

Cbe famebopled UJitb tbe pilled of pome <$ranatte# and btoeger, dotb cure $ 
tbe f emozrboide^and taUetb a\^ap tbe greattoarte^^allotber fuperfluouj: 
outgeoujtoge^ about tbefuudement*3|tbatbtbefamebertue,if one foment ot 
' batbe tbefundement U3itb tbe decoction of tbe fameroote^ bopled totuater* 

%X)zy do alfo mundtfie and cleufe tbe bicalt, $ it d tiioluetb and ripetb tougb f 


the Hiftoric of Plantcs. joy 

ffegme,anb tt i£ berp profitable againft an oibe cougft commmg of colbe, to be 
taken luith honp in ntaner of a kotjocoj electuaries 

'Cbep p^oitoke biine, thep mimDtfe an& clenfe the kibnepes an& blabber, 45 
thep bieake atiD brute foozth the £>tone, thep moue the &mzz$ y anD ejcpttlfe 
tlje §>econDine,anD t^eDeaD fruit. 

Ilfthep beholDen in themouth anD c^euieU fopon,thep (wage tooth ache,anDB 
tyawe from the tyapne a great quantitte of humour^ 

Cbeliquojotgummeof ^ferpitium,elpecialip of Cpiene, bioken anD Dif« 3 
folueD in water ant) Djonken, takethawap atiD carets the boarfeneflfe that co* 
methfobenlp: anDbemgfuptbpurithateareCgge 7 tt curethtbe cough,anD 
taken luith (bme goob tyo tb o k t fitpptng,tt is goob againft an olDe teieutifie* 

3tafer cureth the jattnDers anD ^zopfte taken toith DzpeD figged fc 

3)ti$berpgooD agapnft Cramped anD t^eDiaiutngtogpt^erozibuncfema % 
of fmetoe&anD other member&to be taken the quantttte of afcrttple, anD take 
tuith pepper $ #p^e,tt piouoketh the flotmes , anD Diiuetb foo*tb tbe&e* 
conDtneanDDeaD fruit* . m y ^ 

Co be taken ttf$$onp anD bineger^ uritfc ftppiptij* 3icetoCu$ , it & fin* S£ 
gulcr agapnft the falling fickneflfe* 

Jltis gooD againft the fliceof thebellp commmgof thebebtiitieanD tueake* 
neffe of the ftomacke(tuhtcb Difeafe&calleD in&atine Cceiiacus morbus^uutb 
theCkinne,ouatbertbe kerneileg of rapfon^ 

3It Dnueth atwap the fyakinge# $ fl;iuetinge£of ague& to beDzonken tontb ^> 
l©me,^epper anD f ranckencenfe,3tnD thep make thereof an Clectuarie ttritb 
^epper,<Binger,anb the leaues of mz pounDe togpther unth bonp,the toijich 
tfcaUeD AnudotumexfuccoCyreniaco , theuihichei^ngulermeDicinea- 

It is gooD againft the bpttngetf of al bemmoutf beafte&anb bentmoug (hot ie> 
of barter anD arrow&to be taken in\i)arDip,anD appiteb ouftuarDlpbpon the 
ujorofce* Jtttfaifoberp profitable lapbe to all U)ounDe& anDbptinaesof 
2aog§e£anD other maDDebeafte&anD bpon theftingtng ^co*pton& 
■sm 3 tjptckenetft the fight, anD taketh atuap the \>mz o* tuebbe in the epe#, at & 
theftrftcommmgof thefame,if ttbeftrakeD bpontbemtoithftonp* 

Biofcoribe^faitb,tbatif ttbeputmto tfjebolloiunelTeofcoirupt^noughtp E 
wetb,it taketb amp tye ache anD papne of tftem:but}&l<me brmgeth aaapntt 
t^eiame tbe experience of acertapne man tubo ^amng trieb ti^e fame , toi the 
etfreame rigour $ anguine Ije felt after that mebicme,thieio him felf e bourne 
heablongfromaloft iaeuerthelefTe if it beu^appeb vuith jfrankcncenfe in a 
fme Imnen donee anb holben bpon the teeth , it cureth the ache of the fame oi 

©etng lapbe to tot«> ^onp it ftapetft t^c buula, ano ttttet^ the Smufoance, 
tftt be gatrgleotottb Cornell o^eDe : anD if it be garglKtKSS 
m mou *' tt tt" 1 ^ tbe ^o ? feleacbes,oi lougbieacbes tt $rtl 
of,tobicb bappen to rteaue Mia tbeiljioote ot lueianbe of mvmn 

|t bieafeetb Pelhlentiall 3mpoftemes;anfe Carboiicle&betncr lapb thereto «- 
toitbjaue^itee^bon?: after the fame manner it tafeetb atoTcomefSe! T 
that tbep baue ben fcarrifieb rounbe about with a fine ftntfe. ttCftU,9m 
n ,,Zl lt l 5 ■ ptl t0 H lt S ^0PP«r0«jsf * iilerDtgrijf, it tafeetb atoap al funerfluottS » 
o tgrovmnges of flelb, anb tbe ^olppug growing mtbe^ofiiB a!J aU 
feu rate mmmeteim lapDeto with mneger PmtcmSSSSSS 
naugbne fcsirffeof tbebeab ano the falling of,ofbeare. ' K9 15 

lo6 The thirde Bookcof 

If it be bopled tn bineger toitb tbe pil of «>e #omegarnet,it tafcetb atoap al 5 
cutgrotDttige^'aj^icI) cbaunce in tbe funbement 

atjamft fcpbed beele&tbep firft batbe tbe beeles o^t feete toitb toine , $ tban # 
tbep annopnt tbe fcpbeg toritb tbte gummebopleb in ople* 

Cbefttn&ing giunme called Afla foetida 5 t#good fo^alpurpofesafozefapde, Z 
ftotubeit, it i£ trot fo goob a£ tbe &afer of Cptcne : pet it to: berp good to fmell 
btito,0£to beiapb bpott tlje 0aucil,agamfttbe djofcing 01 rifing up of t\)t mo* 

Cbepbfe Benzoin in tteede of ftaferCptenaicum , foialltbe putpofeg* 
fotefopdetbat be attributed tmto toeete ^Lafcr* 


Cbebeft KLafec t^t^at u>btcb is reddtfMeare anb bitgbt>anb faueritig like 
$®wbt> no t grcenify,and of a goob anb pleafant Intel, tbe UJl;ub being dtflbl* 

0f£>agapemtm* <£l>ap<attj. 

Saigapenum £ to fap o;t gumme of a fcindebf ferula o^ fefolifce bnto $mHp 
growing in fl^ebia, altogptber bnpjtofitable, failing foi $ gumme oi liquor 
tbat i£ biatoen outof it 3(nd tbebeft itftbat, lubicb (a^^efuefaptb)botb 
melt,bp anb bp ? m tbe watecanb foueretb Ufce garltke: o: bet an** fl,afer, anb 
<5albamun,a$ Biofcoiidetf faitb: to bicbe 10 fyarpe anb cleate,of a pellotuifye 
colour t)Ditbout,anb tobite uritbin* & . 

Cbi£ gumme i£ calleb in <£reeke<™^™v°yan Ratine Sagapenum,and Saga. 

peniu,of^ltmeSacopenium 5 of <35alen,oVof (rayaTrtvf.tbatfei, SagapcniSuccus: 
Cb^Callttinfl)Oppej3?^erapinun% *TbcNature. 

£>agap mum W bo ate in tbe tbirdedegree ? and type in tlje feconde* 

g&agapenumtafcentbetoaigbtof a tyam,purgetbbpftege, tougb sflpmie % 
bumour&and at groffe flegme anb cboler*3llfo it \$ goob agamft al olbe $ coin 
dtfeafetf tbat are barde to cure:it purgetb tbe tyapne,and \% berp goob agafoft 
all tbedifeafe* of tbe bead,and agaiiift tbe 3tpoplejrie,anb Cpilepfie* 

Co be tafcen in tbe fame fotte,it iff goob againft <£rampe& ^auUie&ffain- B 
fctnge&and papneg of tbefme\De& 

3 1 & goob againft tbe (bottneffe of bieatb,tbe colde long , anb olbe cougb,tbe c 
papneg in tbefideand bieaft,foutdotb munbifieanb clenfetbebjeaftof alcold 
mentegot flegme* 

^tdotbalfo cure tbe bardnefTe,ftoppinge£, andtiundineflfcoftbemelte, 0£$ 
tylene, notonejlptafrenintaardlp, but alfo to be applped,outtoardlp in opnt* 

3t to goob againft tbe (bafcingetf anb bzufingeg of olbe anb coldtjf euer& <$ 

%l feagapenumbedjonkenuntb bonpeb toater,itpjtouofeetb tbefloujerft * 
anb beliueretb tbebeab Cbilbe^nb to be tafcen tuitb toine,it ig of great fo^ce 
againft tbe bptingeg anb (linginge^ of all totnimows beafte^* 

Cbe fente oi fauour of tW gumme , i$ berp goob againft tbeftrangltng op $ 
bp tifing of tbe motber. 

£>agapenumfofceb otftiepeb inbineger,fcatteretb, bi(Toluetb,anbputtetb m 
deaneatoap allbarbe,olbecolbetoellmge& tumoure^,25otcbej9;,anbbarbe 
lumped growing about tbe iopntetf: %ribiti$ goob to bebe mingled amongft 
all opntmente^ anb emplapftertf tbat are mabe to mollifie and fof tern 

Jt clearetb tbe figbt, * at tbe beginning it tafcetb a\»ap tbe batoe o: \webbe 3 
in tb e epe j al (potted o£ blotter in tbe fame, if it be dropped into tbe m% witU 

the Hiftoric of Pktites. , %oy 

tbefupceof iRutttttealfb good agapnft fyebloodfyotmgand dtmneffe df tye 
temerity commetb bp tbe occatton of groftetjumo^ 

<g>f <$aU>anu m» ^ap.tpnij* 

GIHbamimtealfo agummeotliquoi,dta\ijmfoojfy of afcinbedf f erulafo 
£>p<tia called $9 etopium*3ind tbe beft ig griftel,o j bettt) ijot bard and Cdft, 
derp pute,fat,ciote and finite, untbout any fticfceg oz fplinterg of tuood a* 
mongft tbe fame,(auinga fewe feedetf of ferula, of a ftrong fauour,not mopft, 

no* to dzpe* ^ 


3manu$ in 

J^The fames. 

0Unie callctl) p plant out of uibiclj <5albanu flotoetfj, inftatine Stagonitis. 
tcfteltquo t oi gumme \g called in d&reefce x«^«v" m &atiue and m tyoppeg 

Galbanum : of fbttiealfO Metopium. 

*Jr T he Nature. 

® albanum ig tyoate almott in tbe tbitd degree,^ diie almoft in fyefecotide* 


<Balbanumi#goodagainft anoldecougb,and fojfucb a#are(I)o#\jDinded, % 
and cannot eaftlp d raiu e tl) eir bteatb, but are alumpetf panting and lueatbmg* 
3 1 is beep good foifucb a$ arc biofecn,and btufed uutbin,$ againft Cramped 
and (bunfetng of firietoesu 

Ctjefamedzonfcen in uunetontij <DppjrIje,t£ good againft albenomebjon* ^ 
fcen,ot foot into tbe bodp u>itb bentmoug iBarte&^bafte&o^trotDesu 

Co betaken in tbefamemanner,itp^ouofeetft tbe termed, and deliueretl) ^ 
tljedead cbilde^t batb tbe fame bertue if it be conueped into tbe fecrete place, 
tsi if a perfume tb erof be receiued at tbe place toutnimt : and if tbe quantitie of 
a beane tbereof be taken in a glaffe of tu me,it b elp etb againft tlje papneful tra- 
uell of toomen, ng ^linie fapt^ 

Cbeparfumeozfent tbereof djiuetb atoap £>etpenteftfro tfte place Mjere 
ag ttis burned, $ no benimous beaftetf Ijaue potuer to ijurt fucb a# be annopn* 
ted untb dSalbanum, and tbofe bznimoixg beafteg o* &>erpete£ as be toucbed 
vnitb <5albanum,mingled untb cple, and fyz feede roote o; ^pondUuun,of 
3ngelica,ittDillcaufetbemto bpe* 

Cbeparfumeof galbanum dot^ alfobelpe toementbataregreeuedtontb g 
tijerifing oi ftrangiing of tbe motber, and tbem tbat bane tbe falling ficfcnetiTe: 
and being lapde to tbe nauel, it caufetb tbe $® atrip oi motber tbat i# remoueD 
fromb&naturall place, to tettelagapne* 

d5albanumdott) mollifie and foften,and dzatoetij foo#ty tlwne&lpltnterg, f 
ot ftjiuer#,and coldebuinourtf : and it ig good to belapd bponalcoldetumozg 
and ltoelUnge&anditig mingled fcritljallopntmente&oples and emplapfterg, 
tbat baue potuer o t bertue to vaarme, to digeft, to dilfolue, to ripe and bzeafee 
impoftemeftand to dtatoe out t^o^ne^ and (plinter^ 

3)t&good tobelapdebpont^eftoppinge? and^ardneffeof t^iemelte, and 
againft tb i papne of t^e fpde* 

Cbefame lapde to xott^ bineger and 0itrum, taliet^ a\uap tljefpottetf and at» 
frecfeleja? of t^eface,and from otber parted of bodp. ^ 

3!f it be put into e ^olotoe and naug^tie too tl) , it tafcetlj aiuap t\) e ac^e of % 
t^efame. * 

3ti0 good to be poured into fye eare^toit^ people of rofe& oz tardus, a* 3& 
gapnft t^e corrupt fiit^ and matter of t^efame. 

}oS The thirdc Bookcof 

itmmomat um. Cl)ap.t]rt>* 

Mmoniacumi^t^egumme otliquoiof a fcinbe of ferula, toljtctjete 
calleb 3Dgafplit^ as Biofco^ibegfattlj , growing; in tlie Countrte of 
Cp jene in Aptjuca,nigl) to tlje c^acle of Ammon m^Lpbia,U)!)ereof tt 
& calleb Ammoniacum, a# fome ti)tnKe* tSDljebeft Ammoniacum, a# 
fetofambetf tt)#tet!j , t£ tijat tu^ictie i£ clofe o£ firme, pure, atiD \infyout 
fl)arbe#,fplintet£,o* ftonie grifteltf o k t grauell,anb toittjout anp otljet baggage 
mtermebbleb uritlj ttje fame, of a bitter tafte, $ bjauring tottarbes tljefauout 
of Caftoieum,anb it ig almoft Ipfce tfte rigljt ;ffranfcenfence,tn fmallpeeceg anb 

gobbete^ &Thc Names. 

Cl)t£gummet$ calleb in C5reefee after Rename of tljeCempleof Ammoit, 

B^dovwRop: in Ratine Ammoniacum : in ^a)l)0ppe£ Armoniacum , anb Gumrai 

%ty bed anD ptireft of t\>\& gumme 01 itquo* , t# calleb Thraufma, ag &te& 
cojibeg faitl^tljat i# to fap, Friatum in 3Uttne* 
^lattDljicI) tefuilof eartl) anti grauell,i# calleb Phyrama. 

fyThe Nature. 

Ammoniacum i$ Ijoate in tyefeconb begree,$almofl;Due tntljefame Degree* 

ifeThe Vertues, 

Ammoniacum taken tl>e luaigfjt of a &^am , lofetl) tlje bellp > ant) battetl) j 
fooitij coltie fipmte flegme,Dtaioing tljefame to it from parted afarre of: aifo it 
i£ goob againft tljetyoitneffeof b;eatb,anbfotfucl) a$ are Aftmatiqueanb al- 
umpetf panting anD bteatljing, anb againft tije ftoppingeg of tf)eb:eaft>tl)efal- 
iingficimefre, tljegotot, tljepapneof tljefjanclje op ijucfclebone, caileD tije 
Sciatica, againft tljeolbeljeabadje, anDDifeatetfoftljetyapne, fyeftuetoeft 
anDejrtreame parted 

31 1 Dotlj munDifte ant) clenfe tlje tyeaft, it rppetlj fiegme , $ caufetfy tlje fame 9 
tobeeaftlpfpetout,tobemingleb toityljonp anDlicfct a# a&oijoc, 01 taken 
tout!) tije Decoction of tjulleD Barley 

3jt i$ goob agatnft t^e^arDne(TeanDfl;opptngoft^e^pieeneot^ilte,ttC 
beltueret§ tlje DeaD € ljilDe,anb p^ouofcetlj btinetbut ttjere tnuft be but a little 
of it tafcen at oncerfoiif it be taken in to great a quantities to ofte,ittotlcaufe 
one to piflfeblooD* 

3t cutetlj all ftaelltnges anb fcattmefle, it (lakettj tlje papne of tlje litter anb & 
$>plene being ftiepeb in bineger,anD fpieab o^lapDe bpon ttye place* 

3f it be mingleb UJttii Ijoup otpitcl) anb lapb to , it bilTolttet^ IjarDe lumped <e 
otfijoellinge^, anb tafeet^ auoap Tophi, iD^ic^e be^arbe tumoure^ engenbieD 
oft^egoiute in t^eiopntes? anb e^tremeparte^: itconfumet^ alfo allcolbetu- 
mour0 anb ^>ctrrl)U0 matter being lapbe bpon: 3dnb it i£ berp goob to be put 
into al opntmenteg anb plapftetg t$at are mabe to cljafe anb toarme,to fioage 
papne,to foftenanb biatoe* 

Jt i$ goob to belapbe to tlje Sciatica ox gotot of tljeljtppe, anb bppon ^11 jf 
papne anb toearineire of anp parte,uritl) t^e ople of Cpptu# anb |*titrum. 

Ammoniacum i$ goob to be put into ColpuaanD alia^ebicineg tfjatare ^ 
mabe to cleare ti^eftgijt,^ mebtcme^ t^at are mabe to take atoap ttjebumteCTe 
anb tuebbe of t^eepe^ 

^| Vphorbium \$ t^e gumme o^ teare of a certapne ftrange plante grob)* 
ing in ftpbta on tfte mount attt)lante,0£2itt)las, nept to t^e Countrie 
of Mauritania, notue calleb S^oiifco^t of tl)e S^ooie^ « Anb it uiasf 


the Hiftoric of Pkntes. 



ftrgfounDeoutintljetpmcof iuba king 
of tvhm : ti)t leafe of tijto plant to long 
anDrounDe,aimott Ipfceto ttje fruit of 
Cucumet, buetije enDe#ouo;mer£be 
Iljarper, 9 tct about tiritij manp pjticfeleft 
vubici) are fomttmejs fouD in tije gumme 
it felfe: one of tijofe leaned fet in tl)e 
grounbe,DotbincreafeanD multiplpDi 
uer$u Cbefappe oi ltquoz tijat commetft ( 
foo^tlj of tijefapDe leaueg, burnett) ojL 
ftalDett),anD ftraigbtiuapesit congelettj Swl 
anDbecommetl) tbicfee, anD tljat tottje 3H1 

Euphorbium . Cljefirft Euphorbium i£ 

peHoanil),cleare,b.uttle,berp fyarpe ant) 
burning in tlje moutt) anD ti#ote , fretye 
anD nexue , not muclje elDer ttyen a pere : 
fcmijtogQmmeDotg foonelofemuc^ of 
IjfeijeateanD fertile bp age,a# Galen 

anD Mefuefattl). 

4§* The Place. 
Clje Euphorbium DeftribeD Of t\)Z 

3£uncicnte0 grotoetrjbppon tt;e mount 
3ttl)la£ in tbe C ountrie of &pbia,bo:De* /fi 
ring bpon Mauritania : it grotoetl) alfo 
in Africa anD 3uDea, from tttyence it 
bati? ben conuepeD into certapne placet ) 
of S>papne,# raunce,$ 31 talie,tt)bete a£ ^ 
it btingetn foojts) nepfyer EoureS no$ 
fruit ♦ Pena tjat!) feene it growing at 
^arfeileg anD ^onfpeliier m f rance,tDt>ere a# ije fata tljefloutes anD tatf eD 
ottlie fratte* 

JX putted bp i) to leaned in tljefpitng tune^lo!) ereof fyefirft>tr)e feconD,anD 
t^eti)trDe ; i^t^eftaIfeeoiQ;em ? anDtlje reft groujefoottb as b;tanrt)e£, anD 
tu!)an tlje plant to feuen 1 epgtjt peered olDe,it bnnget^ f oozty pellovu floured, 
i&einp^opottionto idalauftia,anD in 3luttimae$e fruity ripe, of colour reD 

he Names. 

%W gumme to calleD in (Ereke^o^iVw^Uttne Euphorbium.-m fyoppesr 

Huforbium.-fomeCdlltt Carduus Indicus , anD Ficus Indica, t^at to to Cap, ttyt 
C^i{lell,0^ftggeof3nDia,fometalietttO be OpumiaPlinij :C!)to Euphorbiu 

fyoulDfeenxeto betljattD^erofSolinus^at^maDementionint^eirjrbi^Cljap,. 

Of ijto t^til0^ie,tD^era^^ef^it^Proficere ad oculorum claritatem 5 Et multiplex 
ianitads pra?fidium fore, ac non mediocriter percellere vim venenorum. jtto 

alfo $e EuphorbiumDeftrtbeD bp Jo^nHto tn!jto3Kricanl)i(ttw 

& 7 he caufe eft he Name. 

fye name of to p^pfition , tyebtotljer of Mufa toljo wag alfo a $fyp(itioti to 
tye Cmperour 3iugufte«. 

JfrThe Nature. 

Euphorbium to fcerp ijoateanb Duealmottw tljefourfy Degree* 

Jio The fccond Bookc of 


Euphorbiumpjepawi tn manner a0 fljaibe bnDer tntttten.pttrget^ anD Du= a 
uetlj fooitt) bp Kege ( a£ Mcfue faitb ) toiigij, colDe , aitb flpmie flegmes, anD 
D^atuetb bntott, from t^e ttnetoesanD partem afarre of ,anUalfo purgetb 
cl)oier*#oieouer tt to berp gooD agatnft tlje olDe beaD acbe, tbe i^aulfie, tfte 
Crampe,tbexDeakene(Tetl)atfolott)etb after tbejfrencbepockes, tbepapneof 
tbe fineujes anD extreme parted , tbat are of continuance, $ agatnft tbe 31atm- 
Ders/Jtto alfo gooD agatnft tbe^efttlence,anD focljeipfce contagious ftcHnef» 
fes>as one Gentiiis\Dittetlj. 

Cbep mafce a plapfter tutt^ Euphorbium,anD ttoelue times fo mucft £>ple, # 
anD alittlemjr;e,berpfinguler agatnft alty^ 

Cafctnges, kantenefle , &aulQe£ , Cramped ant) funking of finetjoes , anD 
agatnft allacbes,papnes, $ DifozDer of tbe fame,as Gaiien tn bto fourth boofee 

de Medicainentisfecundum genera,Dedaretb IttO^e at large, fbetUtttgbOlt) anD 

toljan tbe quantttte of Euphorbium, to to be augmenteD oiDimtnifyeD,U)bu:be 
tyoulDebeto long to reciteintbto place. 

otfuclj lifce,curetb tbefturfife anD fcalesof tbebeaD,anD pplDenelte,caufing tbe 
fceareto renetoeanD grou>eagaine,notonlpbpontbebeaD anD otberbarepla- 
ceftbut tt unll alfo caufe tbe bearDe to grotue tbat to flacfce tn commtng,tf tt be 
annopnteD fyertiritbaL 

CbefamemingleD tuitb 4Dple ? anD ftrafceD oilapD bpon tbe temples of fuel) & 
as areberp fleepie, ouroubleDtuttb tbe letbargie, anD ragtng , Dotb atoafcen 
anD quiefcen tbeir fpittes agapne* 3lnD tf tt be applteD to tbenuqtte , 01 nape of 
tbe necfce,it refltoaetij tije fpeacl? agapne bnto tbemtljat baue loft ttbp reafonof 
tbe 3lpoplejr;te* 

EuphorbiummtngleD vuttl) btneger, anD ftraKeD bpon tbeplace,tafcetba*£ 
mpalfotole,$euitfauouteDfpotsfromtbeboDp, especially tbe xtJ^tte fcurffe 
anD fcales of tbeffctnne* *fr The Damger. 

Euphorbiumbp reafonof bto eptreamebeate ,.ts berp burtfull to tlje Utter 
anD ftomacfee,anD alltI)etn\aatDepartes ? U)I)en tt toreceiueD into tijeboDp,fo$ 
tt cbafetb anD infiametb tbe fame out of meafure. 

•ijc The correction and preparation therof. 

% CijemaltceanD btolence of Euphorbium to cojrecteD manp tuaieStanDKrft 
pemuftannopntitttutl;£>pieo£ toeete3&lmonDes> after put it into tbe mtDle 
of a Cttron,anD \inap it, o^ clofe ttbp tnleaueneD pafte , anD Co bafce it,$ tuben 
ttye pafte to reaDte,pemap taKe tbe Euphorbium out of tt, to bfe tn meDiciue* 

% Maynard us tafcetb ^©afttcfe $ gumitte Dragagante , aS tttUCb aS ti)e Euphor- 
bium commetbto , anDmtngltng tbem tneli togeatber , puttetb tt into tbe 
mtDle of an bnbacKteloafe,fo letting tt'bafeebnttltbebjteaDbe\t)elbacKte:tben 
tafcetb beof tbecrumbeoipulpeofttjat loafe , anD makettj fmallptlles thereof, 
tobtcbe beberp ftnguler agatnft tbe tiJeafonefTeoz Debiltttccomningoftbe 
f rencbepocfceS, anD al angutfy anD papne of tbe outuoarDe partes. 

3 %\\ otber mtngletb tottb Euphorbium , ttyelpfce quantttte of ^afttcfee , anD 
mafcetbptlles loitb tbetupce of CttronS o^ ^Dieuges, tbe vubtcbearemuc^c 
p^apfeD agatnft tl)e#efttlence* 

<g>f£ateocoHa* €Wp.ticb^* 

SArcocolla fs tbe gutttme of a certatne tl^omte plant grotmng tn ^erCta.3InD 
tlje beft to tbat tubtcb to pello^tl^, bitter tn tafte anD lifee to tbe fragmented 
ozfmallpeecesof f ranfeenfence:pet Piinietnt^ejCttf. Cbap. oftbep^boofee 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. ]it 

of W Indole pjeferretb tlie wljtte before tlje o t^rr , anD fo Doty alfo in tl?e 
pptiij.boofce, tlje pittf «C^ap» 

^•The Names. 

gumme i$ caileti in <5reefce<r«e>coKo;*« . tn Ratine anD tn *§>l)oppe£ 

Sarcocolla. tn Cngltfye £>arC0C0ll: in fCZnttyt Sarcocolle:i\\ BoUC&e Sarco- 

# The caufe of the Name, 

%{}t ©reeKeg calleD tW gumme ozteare Sarcocolla,bpcaufe ttfoDeretlj anD 
$letDet!) togpttjer wounDc? anD cutter of tl)t flety , euen a# gleuie Doty topne 
togptyer timber* 

# The Temperament or Nature*. 

Sarcocoiia ttf tyoate tn tye feconH Dcgree,anD Djie almoft tn tye fame Degree, 
ant) itDjiety toityout anp bpting fl;arpne(Te,as Galen faity* 

Sarcocoiia, atfMefuenmtety, purgcty ratueanDgrofiTefleame, anD tye 31 
touglj flpmic tyumour&tyat arc in tye iopntes anD eietteame parted: 3 1 muribU 
fietytyebtapne,tye finett)e£ ? tyebieaft 3 anD tye lunged: anD i£ berp gooD 
agatnftanolDecougbtbat^atljcont;tnueDlong ; anDfo^ futye ag are flegma* 
tique anD Heumattque , to be taken tye quantttie of a Bjant ox fomto^at 

3ft i# berp confbltDatitte oi pealing, toljerefoie it clofety bp toounDeg ffl 
anD blcerg , anD it munDiftety anD clenfety malignant anD corrupt blcer#, 
anDfiUetytye fame unty netue flefy, efpeciallp being reDuceD anD btougbt 
into a potuDer, anD ftroioeD thereon , oi applieD ot lapDe tyereimto uuty 

%\)ig gumme is berp conuement to blooDfyotten w$ > tye fpottetf, ^ 
DsrfeeneiTe,fcarre^, anDftity Ipfce impeDimenteg ox Defaulted of tye Came: * 
efpeciallp if it be ftiepeD in 3fle#mUfce bp tyefpace of fourcotfiueDape$(a$r 
Meiue\joittety)buttyemilke muftbe euerp Dap renevueD , anb tyeftaleojtolDe 

fyThe daunger and correction of the fame. 

C^ep tyatbteitmutyeumieebalDe: tttjsrtiotue in operation, anD it trott* 
blcty tyem tyat baue Cijolerique (tomackeis ; ui^erefo^e IjceDe muft be tafcen, 
tyatitbenotgiuento futye* 

£>ne map augmente anD increafe ty$ bertue to loofe tljebcilp ± bp putting 
thereto fome ginger anD CarDamome* 

The ende of the fccondc part. 

Tmfi corrected and augmented 
by the t^iutthor. 

The thirde Booke of 

CCIjctljir&epart of ttje^ittojKeof 

fMantcemtreatMg of r&rtrfanat t ootwm* \m bco tliat 

purge t^e boDp,alfit of nopfometoeebe&anD Dangerous ^lantetf, 
^etrfuntytefaftnong , #tame$ , ant> statutes , tyetr 
D ertuo u0 iDpetatiottf anD Danger^ 

Compilcdby the learned D.RembertDodoenSjnowe 
Phifition to the Emperour. 

€f*tnftototf)ia* tfijapX 

ARi{tolochia,a^Diorcorides\Dittet^ 5 tooft^eefotte^, tljatttfto faplonj 
3rtftotoc#a,rounbe3M(^ caileb clematitis, 

Hereunto Plinie ijatl) abbeb a fourth kwbe,eaileb jdiftoiotyta, anb fye 
later umtet£ tjaue iopneDto fyema fifty fcmbe, called *barrafwegtjerbeoj 

i. Ariftolochialonga. a. Ariftolochia rotunda. 

TLotrg airiftolotye* JRounbe 3triftoio$e» 

5i5^Iong3rtftolotyia^aty Dwetffquareflettberbjancbetf of afoan 
iongotmo^grotouigbp fromtyeroote,about toljtcb grotoetb bere 
anb tyerecertapne tyoabe leauejef like Hup ieaue& floure* be 
purpieatiDmoftcommonippale, of aUronggreeuougrauour, tftep 


the Hiftoric of P lames. , jij 

I fpbetbanbpanotljer: urtjantbeparepaft, tbcrefolottjetbacertapneftuttltfce 
tmto fmall peare&fautng tftep be ringeD alongett tbe fpbetf , o^ ctefteb anb clo- 
ueulpfce garlike beabeg : tbeiobtcb bo alfo cbop anb cleeuea ainber vu^antbe 
feebeterppe, anb tbefeebetbatttjan appeared t# trtangleb,anb of biartuty co* 
lour^b^^otei^balfeafootelong o^mo^e , anb a# tbtcfceatfonegtbombeo; 
ftnger,of apellouitfy colour lifce Bojce,of aftarpebttter tafte,anb ftrong fouoj* 
, %ty rounbe ^riftolocbia m bte ltalke£ anb leaut# & Ufce to tbe ftrft, but 
b& ieauegbefomeujbat rounber* flou^eg Differ onelpeux tfyig, tbat 
tbep be CbmetDbat longer anb narrower , anb of afapnte pellouufyecolour; 
tyoiter bp one ftbetban anotber,anb of a blactufte purple colour bpon t^atfpbe 
t|atmrnetbbacfeeagapne:Cbefruitoftbt^^rtftolocbiai0alfo tyatpe faftto* 
neb Ipfceto atop,oipeate,fauingit tgrounber anb fuller^anb ftrafceb ojrtbbeb 
ttfce tbe otber^be feebe t# Ufce to tbe feebe of tbe log 3irtftoloct)ta*Cbe rooted 
berounb anb ftoollen ItUc to a puffc o^ Curnep, in tafte anb fauour like to t^e 

3. AriftolochiaClematitis. 4. Piftolochia. 5. AriftolochiaSarracenica. 

75 jancbeb 2triftolocbta* §>mal 3lrtftolocbta* £>arafw£ 3trtaolocb(a* 

j CbetbtrbeWnbeof 3tuftolocbiabfeftalke0anbbtancbe^ arefmalanb ten* 
ber,b&leaues be Ufte to tbe otber&but tijeltttle ftemroes? ot footftalkeg of tbe 
leaned arefontVPbatlonger,Cbeftotoer$ alfo belong anb boloto , of apelloto 
01 beepe triolet co!our:Cbe rootetf befmallanb ttenber,bOpearfeb o? growing 
fcereanbtbere* &D Ctjt 

J l 4 The thirdc Booke of 

4. CDe fourti) IJriftoloctjia in bis leauesanb (talfces , is like to tbe long anD 
tounDe 3(riftolocbias,iautng it 10 fmallec anD finer o^t tenDerer , b*S leaues be 
aUb btoaoelpfce Hup leaue&Ctjeaoxuiesbealfo long anD fyoUoror, anD blac- 
tufye about tbe topper oi euDes/€be fruit is alfo rounD anD like to tyeotbers, 
fyiS rootrs belong anD fmall as rufll)es,oi tbjeDDes* 
5 C^efiftt)fetnDetDi)icb t^calleD^araftn^UJttr^oz^araRntf 3riftolocI)ia, 
batlj longer anD Ijigljer ftaikes tban anp of tbe fcinDes afo£efopD:bis leauesbc 
alto larger,but otberunfe tbep Differ not,f oi tbep be alCo Ipfce % up leaues* %ty 
fmall Bo tutes grouse bettuijtt tlje leaues!, in p^opotf tonaitb long anD bollotue 
ofapellouiiflj colour, Clje fruit alfo is fafyioneDlpfce to apeare* Cberootes 
be lon&anD fometimes tbtcfce,anD couereD tuitb atljicfcerinDe 01 barfce , in fa- 
uouranDtaftelpfcetbeofyerS* fyThePUce. 
»•* CljelonganDrounDe^riftolocljiaS, grotijeplentifullpin&papne, anDiti 
manp places of 31talie ? anD certapne places of f raunce, it Deligbtetb mutye in 
fertile grounDe anD gooD paftures* 
% Ariftolocbia Clematitis ( as #etet Bellon tonitety ) grotoetij bppon tlje 
mountapneJDa in Crete op CanDie*Carolus Clufius fattb it grotuetb about 
^ttpalis a Cttic in ^papne noiue calleD Ctutll , anD ttjat be Ijatlj founDe it a* 
mongft tbebuffyeS anD btiers Here* 

4 Cbe^iftolocbiaalfo grotuetb in certapne places of tfraunce anD fepapne- 

5 %ty §>arafineS 3triftolocbia,Deligijtetb mucbe in biueparDes , anD bigb De* 
ferteplaces, anD tmlDerneffes, anD is founDe infunDue places of <5ermame, 

anD 25iabant The Tyme. 

Cljeaitiftoloctyias Do flo we in^ap $ 3tilp,$timeUer in ^oate Countries* 

# The Names. 

Cljep are calleD in d5reefce in Ratine Ariftolochia: inCngli^ 3ti- 

ttologia,anD of fome 23pitbtto k tt, $%att\joott : in §>boppes alfo Ariftolochia. 
1 Cbe fttftis calleD in <25reefce k^^xi^ tn Ratine Ariftolochiam ion- 
gam,bpcaufe of tbe fafltjionof tbe rooteut is alfo calleD f«xTv\kty , ^q^-k^ ^ 

Ttwfivop,Da(ftilis Melocarpon^anD Tcuxinon, ^ Ariftolochiam marem : Jjtt^U* 
gli^elong Ariftolochia 
* tfcbefeCOUDe iS CalleD ind&reefce i^ro^X^^W^* Ariftolochia rotunda,atlD 
Ariftolochia fceminarOf fomex«wA\op,anD Malum ten £:UtCnglift;e Ariftolo- 
chia rotunda, anD rOUnDe Arittologia. 

3 %\)Z tbirDeiS CalleD «fis-o\oxi« KMp«Fm?i Ariftolochia Clcmatitis : lSiantfjtD 

4 Clje fourth fcinDe calleD of i&linie in tbe epg^t Chapter of tys p0> boofce 

w/ro\6x'« ttox^oj; PiftolochiaanD Polyrhizon. 

5 ^Dbsftftb ^riftolocbta is notoe calleD of fome Herba Samcenicaan jfrenclje 

Sarrafi/te. in BOUCbeZarafiftt erupt: in S>boppeS Ariftolochia longa, tJObtCb tS 

in Boucbe lange €>fterlucep: in CngliHi long 3riftolocljia,tn fteeDe ui^ereofit 
mapbebfeD. r©emapalfo nameitinCngltftje^arafines^erbe^^aralineS 

3riftOlOCbta* « The Natnre. 

CljerooteSof^riftoloc^tajareallboateanDD.tpmt^e ejrtremitie of t^efc» 
conD e D egree. fyThe venues . 

% Cbe rootes of Ariftolochia are excellent againft al popfon, anD agapnft tije % 
bttinges $ ftingmges of benimous beaftes> if it be tafeen tntirine,Q£ lapD bpon 
t^e tDounDeS,oi bitingeS* 

tthelong^riftalocbiamouethtbemenftrualtermes , anD ptouofeet^tjtme: 59 
3EnD if itbeDionfeenuiitb pepper anD &?pzrbe 3 it eppelletb tbe fteconDine, $ 
DeaD c^UDe^ al ot^er fuperfluitiesgat^ereD togp t^er in t^e ^atrip* 3 1 u)o> 

the Hifloric of Plantcs. jiy 

fcetb the fame effect,to beminiftreb in a ^effarie ot mother Suppofitone* 
i %\)z rounbe Ariftoiochia 10 Ipfeeunfe good foz the fame putpofe: and it al* c 
fo berp good fo^ them that arelhoit winded, and troubled uittl) the peoj; o^bP* 
qttet,tt to profitable agaiuft tbepapneof the fpde, the hardwire of tbemelto? 
fj)iene,tbe cramped conuulti6,or dzatoing togptber of tbefineiDe&tbefaUtng 
ficfcne(fe ? tbe go\jot,and the fyalungetf 0.1 (hiueringeg of Agues : and fox al fttch 
a# are hurt oi burften imuardlp^f it be giuen them to dztnfce untb water* 

tbo^ne&and fljiuer&tf it be lapde to the place uuttj jaitcbe ojiivofeu,a£^linie 

3t mundifietb and fcoureth all co^ruptand filthp foze&fiftula&and btrulet € 
bolotoe blcers ; and fillets them bp agapne untb neioe fleih ( if it be mijet tmth 
jjteos and houp)$ efpeciallp it cureth the faulte&$ blcers of the fecret partem, 
if pexoafl; the fame untb the Jaecoction of tbto Ariftoiochia made in tinne* 

Ariftoiochia rotunda,botbbeautifte, clcnfe^anb faften the teeth; if thep bcoUf 
tenfrotteD ojmtbbetoitb tbepourtiertbereof* 

5 Che tbirde fcinde to much like to the other in bertue.fatung ft to no t fo ftr5g <g 
as&iofcozidesunitetb : and dpalenfaitlj, tbattbtolundetooftbeftBeeteft, 
anb pleafanteft fattoi, anb tberfcue to much bfeb in opntmente#:but it to tuea* 
ker in op eration than the af o^efapde* 

I^iftolocbia 01 final Artftolochta,to alfo of the fame bertueg anb operation 1$ 
4 but not fo ftrong as the others* 

&>arraftnes oz biauncbed Ariftoiochia to alfo Ipfce p others, it to berp hoate 31 
anb bittenand not inferior to Ariftoiochia ionga , tuberfote in all compofitios 

T he Chticc. 

1 Cherounde ArtftolochtMs of fine anb fubtile partes , anb of ftronger ope* 
ratio than the reft,it munbif ieth anb clenfeth mightilp , anb it foupleth anb ma* 
fcettj tbinne,gro[fe humours* 

1 Che long Ariftoiochia to not of fucbe fubtile p:#eS 5 neitber both it clenfe fo 
mtgbtilp ; but to better to incatnate,and ingcnbe? &efy in b leers* 

3 Ari^oiochiaCkmatitishatbtbebeftfauour , UJljerefote it to beft to mafce 

£gThe Kyndes. 

OT\£>le\jootte to of ttoo foue0,tbe one hath a rounbe roote,i»htch tonot ho* 
^0lo\i)etbithin : 3nbtherooteoftheothertoholoxue\i)ithin:but other* 
r U)ape^ theparelifeeoneanother,intheir ftalfeeftleaue^floureft^ feebe* 

tfpThe Vefcrtpion. 

T[ flDletoo^te hath fmal tender ftalfceg of a fpan long : h to leaue^ be alfo 

: fmall anb iagde Ipfce Ette oi C oziander , of a light gr eene o: rather a 
PlSgrapiftecoloun At the top of the ftalfee it beareth fiotyer^ after the 
^p:cportionoflarfee0ljpurre,butmiichefmaller,anbof Carnationo^ 
alightreddepurplecolour,and oftentimes tohtte, and groujtngmeetip thieve 
togpther. After the flo\ner0 there cometh certainehufkesouodde^inVDhtch 
to thefeede, tohtchetoroundeand blacfee* Cherooteof one of thefetodes ? to 
allrounbe,and firme,pelloU)e within and cptiered ouer toith a blacfeifhe ppll $ 
Hunne ♦ Che roo te of the other to moft commonlp long^ groioen lifee apeare, 
holotoe both bnberneath and totthin* 

Jfc The Place. 

Chefe rooted grotue bp olde qutcfeefet hedged and bulhes in thebo^dertf of 

5ad is feelbeg 



The thirde Booke of 

Radix caua maior. 

<Efre great i^oletpurt* 

Radix caua minor. 


feeibeg , anb in ttje penbant anb Ranging 
ofl)ille# anbmountapneg* Cbe entailer 
roote totnebeig not^oiloxuete fottnDe in 
certapne places of Biabantbp Houaigne* 
Ct>e greater vulnclje alfo boloto, grota* 
etb in d^ennanp: $ wberajer fye one groiu* 
etb,tl?e ottjer groiuetb not at all ? fo ttyat pe 
tyalnetier finbep fttllroote growing ixittft 
tijeljolosoe roote, no^t ttyc tyolowe roote 
growing bp tbe fall roote* 


Clntftjetbelp.ungetl} betime& anb bzitu 
getty foo#b W ftalfceg ant) leaueg in f z* 
bluarie, anb flotujet^ in ^arcbe!, anD be* 
iiueretb ijigfeebe in %iil, $ afterwarbetf 
tyeljerbe fabetl) fo,tl}at nothing of ijim re* 
mapnety fauing ti^e roote bnber grounbe* 

x.The Names. 

Cije roote wtjicbe i£ Ijolowe within /y 
\& calleb in <@>ermanie l^olwutt?, tbat i# // (J 
to fap tn^ngUfl) l^oloweroote, o^ole- 
\$\xitxi\\fnnt\)tRAcwecreufe: in 25£abant 
|£oolwo#ele ; tljat \& to Cap tn&attne Ra- 
dix caua. 

Cljeotljetwijiclje i£ full, clofe , anb 
firmed calleb in 25*abant Boonfcetf i£ol* 

%X>\$ roote efpeciallp tbat tobiclje 
Ijolo we , tyatb ben of long time bfeb in tbe 
^>ijoppe£ of tl)i£ Countrep fot rounbe 3lriftolocbia ? # tt tg fo taken pet of fom 
ignorant 3([potbecarie^ ^omeoftije learneb bo fyirfoztW berbetobet&e 
Piftoiochia befcribeb of pltnte , flDtbetg wottlbe baue it to be a kinbeof fume- 

tO^caleb CapnosPhragmitcs:anbfometbinfeeit tO beSKa4/o|iThefium Theo- 

phrafti. ^omealfot^infeeittobeHf/^ EriphiamPiinij .anb it feemetytobe 
fomewbatlpke Eriphya ( tljat uizttten vuitbp ) bpcaufe ittgfounbein tbe 
fpungtimeonelp : anbttyetefojeit mapbetpellcalleb^wt^atiSm^Latine 

Planta veris. 

*§* The Nature. 

I^oletootte \$ Ijoate anb ( typ in tbe feconbe begree* 


li^oletootfe curetl) t^e §>quinancte , anb olbe tumoure? o % duelling of tlje % 
tljiQte,oz kernelleg anb 3&lmonbe£ of ttye fome,if one gargle oj toad; \)\$ mouti) 
tutt^ tbebecoction of tlje fame roote bopleb in water onelp op bineger, foi it 
l)atlj power to cut anb confume grofle l?umour& 

3t i$ alfo goob agapnft tlje tumoure&anb inflammation^ of tlje buula , to # 
be kept in tbe motttb anb eljeweb bppon, 01 t^e pouiber of t^e fame lapbe 

Cbefame mingleb twttft Vnguentum Populion nigrum,oi loit^ fome ofter c 
offopfame nature,^ goob to toafte anb conftune t^e m^roydes , ozpileA 
anb ro ftoage ^e papnej^ of t&e fame* 

the Hiftoric of P lantcs. ->\j 

6f$raanowurtciB$>tottto.ttcitm. tffiap.nj. 

<JJi T/»tf Defcripion 

^cleptatf ig fomettibatlpkefte fttrD fctnDe of 3&rtttoloft ta,m Italfceg 
anD leaue&bte ftalfceg befmofte,rounDe,anD fmall, about nt)o foote 
long,tonft blaclull) leaue& not muft bnlpfce 3upe leatte&fautngftep 
be longer $ Harper popnteD/CljeflotDerg groxuebpon fmall Hemmed 
bemutt ft e leaue&of a pale ot bleafce colour,anD fomettme epellototfy, 
anD alfoblacfee, of acertapne ftrong ftueettflj fa- Afclcpias. 
uour : after ftem commeft longtyarpe-popnteD 
bufkegojcoDDe&ftetolnft Do ope of ftemfelttetf 
tubanftep arertpe,anD lutfttn ftem t# contetneD 
feeDe,lappeD a# it toere tn a certatne xubtte toooll, 
ftevubtftefeeDetereDDtfy anD bioaDe,notmufte 
bnlpfceftefeeDeof dSenttan* Ctjerootetfbelong 
& rottnD, a# it tuere fmall rounD ftieDDte ftringetf 
oilace&enterlaceD oneunft anofter, almoftlp&e 

The PUce. 



^tffotmeft tn June, anDljtefeeDe i$ ripe in 
aiugulh ^ 

9$*The Names. 

%W ijerbe tecalieD tn d^refce «rKXK7r;«?:anD in 
jtattne Afciepias, offome ttt£ calleD tn <5reefce 

K<Viop,HederuncuIa, ^Ki^otpvMop, ftatt&Hedera? 
folium, anDnO\3Uettt0calleD Hirundinaria, anD 

tn Biabant &>U}alutt)eiDonele: tue map call it tn 

<l;ngl(flj Afclepias, VinGctoxicu^^tOallOlPUrt*. 

%W fcerbe toofce W name oftlje Ancient fa- 
ther Cftulaptu&wijtft umg calleD tn dSrefce ^umk^mn boft fte d5reeltea> 
anD d5enttl0fap,t^atbeu)a^t^eftrfl; ftatfounD out^ljpftcfee,U)l)erefoiet^ep 

# The Nature. 

%\> erooteg of afcleptag are ^oate anD Djte,anD reftft popfon* 


C&erooteof ftt#!£erbebopleD tntuater anDDumfceu, flafceftftegrpptng^ 
Jmpnetfof ftebellp,^ ttfberpgooD fotfufteag arebtttenof bentmougbeaftetf, * 
anD maDDe &ogge& no t onelp to be gtuen to Dtmfce tntaarDlp tmft totne, but 
alfo tf fte leatteg be applpeD outtoarDlp* 

Cljeleaueg of 3fclepta# pounDe anD lapDe to , are gooD agapnft t^e ma- 1* 
itgnant blcerft anD coirupt foieg bo ft of ft e b*eafte# anD S^atrtir, o j moft er* 


T^ereare ttuo fotfetf of jSertplocattt^erof onefcaft no (brname, theofter 
tj8? calleD Pcriplocarcpens. 

&D tij *Tht 


The thirde Bookc of 

Periploca prior. Pcriploca altera. 



T he Ttefcripton. 

% Ipff^i ^efirft periploca manp tDape^UKetjnto ^tx)allotx)urtoj3irrclcpt- 
£fc a&but lji£ leaue^ be fometubat larger anb greater,b& Uttie ftaitietf 01 
^M&l bjancl)e$ are longer,biS buCfcetf cobbetf alfo are longer ant) thicker, 
ant) l) t£ rooted are; like tbiebbte ftringetf creeping on t^e grounbe. 
1 ^be otber batlj longer anb larger leaue$ , b# ftalfceg anb biauncbeg are 
tbteker anb barber, $ tbep perifye not in tuinter a# tlje firft bo; anb b& l)ufoe# 
oicobbegarealfo greater* 

23otb t^efe berbetf (bepng fcarrifieb oj tyurt ) bo giue f oo#b a milfete iupce, 
o j liquo^anb fpeciallp tbe laft:f o* tbe tupce of tbe f irtt i£ oftentimes peilottuflj* 

jfrThe Place. 

%tytt planted grotoetnfepua, anbfucl)elpfeel)oateregion?, tyepbonot 
ligtjtlp beare tljeir buffcetf in $itibmt. 

♦5* The Names. 

CijeparebOtlj called Periplocae: anbtl)efeCOnbl!Sf catteb Periploccarepcns: 
botbaretl)oiigbttobe CC7TOKUVOU. Apocynonof 5©iofco;tibe& tbeu^tcijeteallb 
calleb KwvoKe«M^>anb Braflica Canina^ett^ere \$ another Braflica canina, afcmb 
Of tDilbe ^ erCtirte* The Nature and Vertues. 

Styocpnon \% a beablp anb fjurtfttl plant not onelp to man,bttt alfo to cattel: 
Ij&leauegimjrttotbmeale, anbtemperebo^mabeintobieab,tt beftropetb 
fcogge&uaolue&anb jf ojee& anb o tljer fucbe beaded tyat eate thereof. 

the Hiftoric of P Iantes. 

jfcThc Description. 

§>arabaccat)atb fuiart greene^unDe^flnniiig tamtfi, Ir&e jjape, b 11 * 
a great DealerouuDer^anD tenDcrer: msnD amongft tbofe IcaueSCnept 
ftije grounDe) grourc ttje flouiers bppon il)o;:t ftemme#> xn^icl) be of a 
fawe bzotune purple colour, ant) of a goo?) fauour (btmufyat Kite jftar- 
Dutf, $ fafyioneD lifce tbe fiotuer of a <5ranat tree, calleD ^alauftia oz £$timg 
U)l)tcbi£tbebuDDe#of Balaufrta, anDfome* Alarum. 
tubatlpfcetbecuppeS o£ fyufkcjff of li^enbaae* 
Cbe rooted be fmal,long,anD croofceDlp lapD, 
oucrtbu>art,ljere anD ttyereAwtb Diuers fmall 
bearie ftringe&of a pleafant fl;arpe fauoi anD 
taftebptingtlje tongue. 

*$* The Place. 

3ItDeligt)tetlj in fyaDotop place&anD rougb 
Djp grounDe& efpeciallp in tbepenDent otban- 
gtng of billed $ mottntapneS, in tijufcebatfee 
wooDDes, anD commonlp bnDertbe$afeUe# 
(agCojDugfaptb* ) 

31 1 is altuapes greene, anD (pzingefy aneto 
anD flouretb intbefpting time, anD itflourefy ^ 
agapne at tbe enDe of &>ommer» 

fyThe Names. 

berbe is calleD in dSreefce «<r«fo H : m 

)lattne^tnHoppe$ Alarum : Of fomeNardus 
ruflica,^ Perpenla^acer called it Vulgago.-lt 

is calleD in Cnglift Afarabacca, anDfolefoote, 
itntapalfo be calleD i^afeltoozte : in f renege 
c*W/. in ©ermaniei^afelunirt?: in ^abant 
^afeliuoitel,anD of fome ^anfoozetn 

# The Nature. 

3&farabaccaisijoate anD Due in tbetbitDe 
Degree,efpeciailp tbe roote xu^tCge is moftbfeD ro^bpftc&e* 


€be roote of Sdferabacca bopIeD in tuine anD DzonKen,pjouoketlj b#ne,anD 
is gooD agatnlt tbe ftraugurie,tbecougb,tbe fyoztnelTe of iizeatb , anD Dtfftcul* 
tie of bzeatbing, ComutlfionS anD CrampeS, anD t\)t f^zinfems togpttjer of 

Clje fame taken in Ipfce manner, is profitable agatnlt benome, anD agapnft 
tlje bitingesanD (tingingesof £>erpenteS,anD allbenemousbeaftes* 

C^efamebopleD inttune 3 isgooD fottljem tljatljaue t!)e^iopfte , anD t^e 

%\)t fame Djonfcen tpitft IjonteD tonne, btingetlj botone tbe menftrual dupe, 
eppellett) tbe^ecouDineanD otljer fuperfluities of ttje mother* 

C^eleaue^of 3tfarabaccadampeDU)itb torine, anD ItrapneD, anD tljempce 
thereof Dzonfcen,caufety to bomtte , anD purgett) bp tootmting , tougl) flegme, 

Cfje fame leaned (lampeD are gooD to be applpeD oz lapDe to tfje aclje anD 
Dokus of tbebeaD, to tlje inflammation of tbe epes , anD to vuomenSbteaftes 
tbat are to full of milfce,u>ban t^ep M to Due bp t^e fame, anD it is gooD to be 
iapDe to tlje Difeafe calleD t^e \mlDe Kre^efpeciaUp at fyt beginning 

23D iiif 

Jio The thirde Bookc of 

T$ere are tfaee totted of &mm>*$ jMurietmftetfc tt>att£tofap, tlje 
great anD tyefmaUnfc a certapne t^irH kmDe growing in toaterie places 

t.Dracunculusmaior. i.Dracunculusminor. $.DracuncuIus paluftris. 

tCfcegreatSragonumrt* Cijefmaller J^agontourt, neater & ^agotmmrt. 

jfytht Defcriptiott. 

i^efitftfcintie called tbegreatfez* 
|gono^etpentarie 3 bearetb antip- 
mgtytftalfceof acubit longojmoze, 
tfneke,rotm&e,fmot!)e,attU fpecfcleD \uit^ Dtuertf colours anD (potter lp&e to ati 
SlDDer oi Smafcetf Cfcinne/Clje leaueg be great anD large,compacfct o t maDe of 
ftjee, feuen, oi moe leaueg : thereof eacbe fingle leaf e i# long $ ipfce to a &>o> 
reilo^ocfeeleafe, faumgt^epbeberpfmot^e anDplapne* aitttjetop oftlje 
ftalfeegrotuet^alongboofeo^ttffee, Ipfcetotbe boofeo^coDDe of #ron, o$ 
r©afee &obm,of a greenify colour toitbout, anD of a Darfce reD ot purplecolour 
toHtbin,anDfoi$tbe clapper o^pettilltbat groumijtop uiitljm ttjiefapDetjuffce, 
tljetolncbe t$ long anD tbitfce , anDtyarpe popnteD peekeDlpfcetoatyome: 
tuijofeftuitbp mcreafetjoapet^^ 

of a certapneffcin oj belme, tbe fapDe fruit appeared lifce to a tmnctje oi clutter 
of grapes ,ftrft greene, anD aftertuarDereD a# fierce berrteg ot grapetftober- 
of are full of iupce oi ItquoMn utyicb i# a certapne final IjarDe fee&e/ctje roote 
oftljig^tagonitflafting, tbtcfceanD tubite, anDgto\joen Ipfcetoa^ulbutf 
£Dnpon,couereD luttb a tbtn pil,anD of tbe quantitie of apiette apple, ant) bear* 
DeDtuitbtituer^UttletPljtte^eare^o^ ttringeg, anD oftentpmeg ttyere i£iop* 
ning to it ; otijer Cmallroote&iutyerebp it i$ multiplpeD* 

the Hiftorie of Plantcs. jzt 
i %X)t fmailer Sjagon in l)t$ leaueg > l)i# 4- Dracunculus Matthioli. 

anD grape is lifce bnto 3ron o j C ocfcotopint: 
feuing tljat b& leaue£ arc not marfceD U)itt| 
blacfce but uutb U)l)tte fpottetf . tfteptljer Do 
tbepperill) fo fooneas airon, but ttjep grotue 
togptijcr toitb tijeir berried, euen Dntplunn* 
ter, %\)zit berried alfo are not fullp fo reDDe, 
but are of a certainepellounfy r?D*Cbe roote 
i$ not mucbe Tbnitfee 3lron utytte, anD rounDe 
ipfce an £)npon , anD tyatb certapne bearie 
tljieDDeg, Ranging bp it , luitb certapneftnail 
roote£,o£ buDDetf of nevue planted 

3 *Cbe roote of tuater Jazagon tgnotrounD 
after tbeojDer of 23ulbu# , but it i$ a long 
creeping roote,full of iopntes, anD of a reafo* 
nabie tfjicfcnelTe, out of tu^ofe iopnte£, (pun* 
gett> bp tbe ttalfces of tbe leaned , tobicbe are 
fmotb untbout , anD fpungie tuitfyui : but 
DotuneumrDeS tovuarDe$ tbe grounDe tbe 
fapD rooted fenDetb out of tbeir faiD iopntetf, 
certaine fmai bearie roo tc$> C^e fruit grotu* 
etb aboue, bppon a fyo#e ftem, anD commetlj 
footfbtoitb one of tbeleaueg , compaffeDa* 
bouttoitb fmalltubite tbzomeg ottbzeDDeg, 
attbefirft, (u»bi^i^tbeblou)ing)anD after* 
voarD it grovuetb fooztb into a clutter, tobicb 
t# greeneattbe firft,anD loajcetb reD toban it 
igtppe , fmailer tban t^e grape oz clutter of 
3lrong berrie#,but a# (barpe oz bpting, Clje 
leaned be large,greene,fine, fmotb,$ fa(l;ioneD like Jup leaue&pet fmailer tXfi 
tbe leaueg of € ocfco\upint,oz 3totu&ut tbat leaf e in tubicb f clutter of berries? 
grcu3etb,i£ fmallettof al,$ on tbe tapper part ozfpDe nejct tbe fruit, it i£ tubite* 

4 ©efiDe^tbeafo^efapDe^iagon^, tberei^ another fcinDeplaceD of ^at- 
tbiQltt&tmti) great large leaner growing folD en anD lappeD onetoitbin an o* 
tfjer,tuitb an bpzigbtttalfce,anD bearetbat tbetoppe a certapne bloffomeoj 
flotoer Ipfce to a fppfce eare.Cbe roote i£ alfo rounD Ipfee tbe otberg,a# pe map 
perceiue bp £ figure^urelp fyi£ fcinDe of B?ago(if anp fuel) be to be founD)ig 
rather a fcinDe of &iftozt:^ott>beit tijerebe tbat tljinfcet^ tljte figure to befalfe 
anD fapneD* *§* The puce. 

t %\)t firtt ^zagontuotf grotoetb tuell in tyaDoune place0 ? anD in tW Coun* 

trie, tbep plante it in garDenjBu 
i C^efeconDealfo Deligljtetb in fyaDotme placed bnDer ^eDge^, anD i0 founD 

plentifullp grotDing in tbe 3llanDe^ calleD #aio^ue,anD ^inozque* 
3 %W tftitDe Wn&egwnuetij in mopttluatenfl) place0,inf' biinUg of Dic^e^ 

anbfloting twaterfcanD alfo alongft Rerunning ftreame^ anDuuerg* 


Cljep aotn^eitt lulp, anD m Klugutt t^e fruit ig ripe^ 

# The Names, 

t TTijefirttkmDe&calleDin <35reefee^«^fr/VjutyccAH:3n)Latine Dracuncuius 

maior,Of fome Serpentariaj anD Colubrina: in ^Ijoppe^ Serpentaria maior : of 


}U The thirdc Bookeof 

§>erapto Luf. m cEngiifl) &£agon&anD iatagong umtte: in f rencl) serpe»taire, 
Qiserpentynei\\<$zmmiz&t\)im&Umt^ in 23zabat£$peec* 

umitele anb j^iakentDo^tele* 

2 Ctyefeconbefcinbeigcalleb in^nttz^ccKovnoym^-.m &atine Dracuncu- 
lus minor:anU of fomelatetmitetS Arum maculatum : in CnglifljefmallBjap 
gonttmrte>anD ijpecfcleb 3lroii 

d)ett)trDe^nOtHecalleD Dracunculuspaluftris, fiueaquatilis: in Cngllflje 

3 Uiatei:23:ag0n, Ol^arfteB^agontmftenClje Serperttaire d'eau ,0£ aquatique: 

m^ig^©ouc^ei©a(rer^c^iangetxferaut ; ti3airer J^acljentmtrt?: inbafe3UU 
maigne,toater JBiafcen tu oztele* 
^efourtbCetbowne of Slpafytolug fo^t t^e great *^agomi)oite ? romp 

4 iubgementignoneoftlje ^agontourteS,but tljat i£ ttje rigl)t great &iiv 
gomuurt,tl)e tDbicb toe bauebefcribeb anb fet in tlje fitft place: $ it tljougljt 
tljere i£ no fuel) Ijerbe to be f ounbe, a# ^att)iolu£ figure Do tlj repiefent* 

*j* Nature. 

Cijefe!jerbe& but efpeciallptyeir rooted anDfruit,areboateanDD£petntlje 
t^trDe Degree* rhe venues. 

Cbe rooted of tbefe berbetf epttjer bopleb ouofteb , $ mingleb toitlj Ijonp, % 
anb afterwarD licfceb ? i£ goob foment tijat can not fetctje tljeir tyeatb, anb foi 
tbofe tljat are bepeb tintlj bangeroug Cougljetf anb Catarrije& tbat \% to fep, 
tijeDtfttilatton anb falling bourne of ljumourg fromtbebtapnetotbetyeaft, 
atib agapnft conuultiong oj Cramped: foz ttjep biutbe , ripe , anb confume, all 
grotTc anb tougb bumour&anb ttjep of fcoureanb clente al intoarbe parted 

Cbep baue ttje like po\juer,U)ban tbep are ti#ee oi foure times bopleb,bntpi $ 
tljep baue loft tbeir acrimonpe oi fyarpne(Te,to be aftertuarbe eaten inmeate& 
a^r dsalenfaitlj* 

Cbe fame biieb anb mmglebVuitb^onp^fcouretlj malignant,anD frettmgC 
blcec&tbat are barbe to cure.efpeciallp if it be mingleb tuitt) tbe roote of 23uo* 
npe,anb ittafeett) a\i)apaUtobtte^otteftanbfcuruineffe;fromanpparteoft^e 
bobp tbat i# rubbeb tberetoitbalL 

•Cbeiupce of tbe roote of tbe fame ? puttett) atuap alltucbbes $ tpottes from© 
ttje epe^anb it ig goob to beput into Collp^es , anb $2eDictneg tljat aremabe 

UMje famebioppeb into tlje earetf toit^ ople,tafcetl) aiuap t^epatne $ gteefe <g 

%\)t fruit of &£agon# curetb birulent anb malignant blcertf , ^confumet^ f 
anbeatetbattsaptbefuperfluou^flefl) (calleb^olppug) tljatgrotoetbmtfte 
0ore, anb it is go ob to be lapbe bnto Canfcer&anD fuc^e lifee fretting anb com 
fuming blcer& 

^befreil^eanbgreeneleaues, aregoob to belapbebntofretyeanb greener 
to)ounbe0,but tbep arenotpiofitablet^bant^ep beDtpeb- 

3t i$ tbougl)t of fome,tbatif cbeefebelaib amongft ^agonleaue^ 5 it\i)ill a 
pteferuetbefamefromperil^inganb rotting* 

&iotxouDe£ united? , tbatiti^tl)ougl)tof fome, t^attl^ore u>^tc^e carrier 
about tbem tbe leaned oi rooter of great BjagonU)ttrtes, cannot be ljurt no; 
llong,of ^fper^r anb §>erpente«Su 

«Jt The Def crip ion. 

^r^€)cfeo\jDppnt liatl) great, large,fmotb , ftnntng, H)arpepopnteb leaueft 
.^^mucli larger tban3iupleaue0^ fpotteb loitb blacUtH; marfees of blacfee 
^^ anbbleiu: amongfttljemrifetl)aftalbeofafpannelong,ljpottebljere^ 


the Hiftoric of Planted pj 

tfjere wit!) cettainepurplefpecliles>anb tt Arum, 
carietbacertapne longcobbe, ty\&t,oi 
bofe: open bp one fpbe like tbepjopo#ion 
of a baates eare,in tbe mibble of tbe fapb 
buffee,trjere grotoetb top acettapne tiding 
lytic to a peftel o i clapper, of a barfee mur* 
rp 3 otiuatme purple colour : tljeturjicrje 
after tbe opening of tbe feline ot buffcc 
botbappeare , vuban tfjisis gone , tlje 
buncbe 01 clutter of beries al3> o; grapes, 
botb at lengttj appeere, ujrjtct) are greene 
at tbe firft , anb afterwarbe of acleare oj 
ftiningpellowifyreb colour, IpKeCoiall, 
anbfullofiupcetneacbeofttje fapbeber* 
tieSjisaCmalbarbefeebe oittoaine^lje 
rooted duelling rounbe Ipfce to a great 
£)Ufe 3 oi fmalbulbussDnton , tubtteanD 
full of $itb oifubftaunce , anb it is not 
toitbotttcertapne bearie (fringes bp it: 
tintrj mucb increafe of fmall pong rooted 

*Jc The PUce. , 

3ron grotoetl) bnbert^ebgis, anb colD 
fljabotme places* 


Crjeleauesof3fronbofp£tngfoo#l) in fl^arcije anti UptfiU anbfyeppe* 
rttye anD banifye injune anb 3\x\yfis as nothing remapnetb tautng onelp fye 
ftalfce anb nafceb fruit in 3ulp,in ^uguft anb after trjefruit waicetrj rppe* 

^The Names. 

Crjis plant is calleb in dftreefee «pw in Jlattne Arum : in <s>tjoppeS laron, 

anb Barba Aron : Of fome Pes vituii : of tl)e W?lim$ 1 upha : Of tbeCppitanS 

Coiocafia : (asamongfttrjebaftarbesanbcounterfetnameS) tob.eteasiti£ 
alfo calleb oV©-> anb ^^ovr/*. ^Unie affirmetb in tbe pbj* Cbapter of iji# 
pciuj.boofce, tbat tbere is murb controuerfie about Aron anb j^iagontoo^tes, 
a;tb fome aifitme it to betbe fame>arib to call it Serpentariam minorcm in <£n» 
gliflje alfo it is commonlp calleb 3&ron> i^teftes ppnttll , Cocfcotuptntell : alfb 
Eampe,anb r©afce&obpn : injfrencbe w4«,anb v'*t de Preftre in^talian^panillje Yaro:in(i5ennanie^faffertpint,anbCeutfc^en iugbeerr 
in 23tabant i$apecullefcens,anb Calfsboet* 

The Nature. 

SfrroniS of completion boate anb title , anb as ©falenfaptb? it is boater in 
one region tbau in an o tber, foi tbat tobicb growetb in 3talie,iS onlp ftoate in 
tbeftrft begree,oialmoft in tbefeconbebegtee, but trjattofticlj grower in tfttS 
Countrie, is Ijoate in tije fytrbebegree* 

*gt T he Vermes. 

rootes , leaues anb fruit of 3tron,are tn power anb facultie mud) Ipfce 
bnto g>erpentaria , 01 t^at feinbe of a^gonwoites fyat grotuetft in tftiS * 
Countries xuijicfte is berp l>oate,as we ft aue fopbe. 

$14 The fecond Bookc of 

#f SlrtTarom. tytpAHQ. 

T^eretenotuefounbe ttoo Wnbegof atrtfarom, to&ereofone&afybioabe 
leaue&anD tye otljer narrow 

Arifar urn Jatifolium. Arilarum anguftifolium. 

2$zoableaueb airifaron* ifrarrotortcaueb airiferotfc 


1$€ f irft an& ngftt 3Hrtfarom,!jaty leaues fafyioneb Ufce afron,fauwg 
tljep be mucbe finaller fyarpepopnteb $ Coimuijat faflnoneb Ufee^tt^ 
leaue#,b# ftalfce t* fmal anb flenHer^ijer buflue couering,# but Utlr, 
anbb&peftillo.uiapper fmail : of ablactufye purple eolour,b& grape 
oi bene toban it i$ ripe 10 reb*Cbe fcernelleg are fataLCije roote i$ alfo totyte 
anb fafyionebl&e #ron,fauing it i% fmaller* 

Cbefeconbe3flrtfaronbatb ftue o^fi]re,o^mo : long, uarrotoe, fmotlje, an& 
flnning leaue£,iji£ bufluebagge otbofe 1$ long anb narrotoe, tfje long taple op 
flenber pefttll tbat grotuetb out of fye fapUe buffce, i$ fometoljat bigger ttjan a 
ruOje,anb of a blacfetfl) purple,^ fo ig part of tlje lming,0£mabe of tbe buffce: to 
tbeiu'ncb attljelafttberegrotDetb,a lotoeeiienbptbegrount),anl>(bmtime* 
beeper, acertapne fmall number of feernelleg oiberrietf , grotomg togptljer in 
atfttiebtmcbe ot duller like grapetf : Mwb aregreene at tyefirft as tbe otijet? 
be anD afteruiarbe reb,Xtye roote & alfb rounbe anb totytelpfce fye ofyet* 

the Hiftorie of P lances. jij 

*J* The Place. 

25otl? of tyefe planted are fttangerg in dSermanie , anD tftfcer Countries 25 tit 
ttje f trft fetiiHe grotuety in 3]talp,fpeciallp incertapne place* of Cufcane: ttje o* 
ttjer grotoetlj about Eome,anD in Jaalmatia, a* 3ftloifiu# ainguillarauntnef* 

23ottj of tljefe planted Ho beare tljeit flouue* anD feeDe at fuclje tpme* anD 
feafon^ a* 3ron anD l^agon* Do, 

•frThe Names. 

Cije ftrft of fyefe planted i# called of &iofcouDe# ty'trw. (nlLatine Arifaru, 
toemapalfo call tt in Cnglift) 3(lnfaron:^iiniein^wiiNboofeeanl>jcto^ 
Ctjap,calletl) it <J*<v,faping,tt)ere i* an Aris grouring inCgppt,ltkeimto 3fron, 
butititffmallerbortjiuleaue* anD roote, anDpet tfte rootei* agbiggea* an 
^Dlife^uttljeot^ec^irifarontua^tnHnotuen of tljeolDe\JDziter$ui£et,tljat 
it i* alfo a feinDe of :Mfaton,iti*manifeft afujelintijefloxuer*,fruit,$ roote*, 
a# alfo in tijt qualities* 

*$c The Nature. 

Stftifaron t* of a boater anD D k zper completion fyan SKron, a* d&alentytttett^ 

T he Vertues. 

atrtfaron alfo in foertue anD operation i* Ipfce to 5^agomuo#e* , anD tlje % 
roote thereof i* pioper to cure tyoUotue tolcer*anD papnefullfoze* , a* Jaiofco* 
rtDe*\mitefy:tljep alfo make of it Collpaa anD placet* goob agapnft f iftu- 
la* ♦ 31t rottett) anD co.mtptettj tije pztute member* of allliuing ttjinge* being 
put therein, a* ^iofauiDe* umtettj* 

<2>f €entoi«, <£t)ap4jt« 


rtpCntoneCa* aatofronDe* tuntetl))i* of ttno fo#*,t!jat t* to Cap,t!je great 
E^anD tije final, tije tuijtcUc in proportion anD quantitie, are muctye Differing 
one from tl;e ottyer* 

T he Defcription . 

3$<C great Cento^ieljatl) rounDe ftemme* of ttoo oz tt#ee Cubtte* 
long: tt^at^ longleaues, DiuiDeD into funDzppatte*, Ipfcebnto tlje 
walnut tree leaue* , fauing $ tljefe leaue* are fnipt, $ DenteD about 
t^e eDge* Ipfeea ^atoe* %\)t flotuer* be of fmall IjeariettjzeDDe* 01 
tfjiomme*, ofalpgljtbleiuepurplecolour, anDttjepgnnjoe outof tljefcalpe 
toppe*attljetoppe*of tyc bzaunclje*, ttye wfyitty fcnoppe* o*ljeaDe*are 
rounDeanDfometoljatftDollen in tljeneattyer parte , lpfcetoapeare,o£ fmall 
i^articl)ocfe,inU)l)ic^tfenoppe$(togptfter toit^ acertapnekinDeof Jaotuneot 
Cotton)are founDetlje long, rounDe,fmotb,anD fining feeDe,Ufee tljefeeDe ot 
Cartamu* oz BaftarDe ^>affron,anD our iaDpe* CtnfteLCtje roote i* long, 
gro(Te,t^iclte,anDbucfele:ofablacfei(l) colourU3itftout,anDreDDifttuit^in,full 
of ittpce of fanguin colour,untl) ftoeetnefTe anD a certapne bpting 3(ftriction* 

4Df tW g^^at £mtoik t^ere i# an o tljer kinDe , toftofe leafe i* not DiuiDeD 
01 iagDe into parte*,oi peece0,but after tljemanner of a Uocu leafe,tt i* long 
and bzoaDe,fingle,anD not cut into parte* : pet itt£ ittcfet atfnipt rounDe about 
t^eebgej^,^aiuefan)iom'CUeftalkei*fto^tert^antl)eot^er : C^eflotjoerft 
feeDe anD roote, i* Ipfee tge otljer* 

Clje fmall Centoiie i* a little ljerbe,it fpunget^ bp tuit^ afmal, fquare,co?* 
nereDftalfee,of ^alfeafooteo^ nine inc^e*long:\joitl)fmameaue$ in fafljton 
lpke^arierom,o^rat^erlpket^eleaue*of^» 3!oljn0tuozte* C^epleafant 
fiou)er*grot3oeatt^etopoft^elittlcbzaunc^e*,ofafapie carnation, oj Ugftt 

C e purple 

The thirde Bookc of 

Ccntaurium raagnum.^lje great CentOjie* Ccntaurium minus. 

purple reb colottr,lpke tberofe camptne, but fmaller : tDbtcbebpbaptpmeanb 
after tl^e ^unneriCingbo open, anb Do clofe bp agapnein tbe euening* Cbere 
commetb after tbeflouierg little longbuffces, o^arpepopntebcobDei9(,fome* 
tobatlpfcetobeate cotne&in tobicb i$ contepneb aberp fmallfeebe, Cberoote 
t£fmall,barbe,anb of tooobbpfubftance, anbferuetbnottoanppurpofeinme- 

btCtne* jfcThc Place. 

* Cbe great Cento^te beltgbtetb in a goob anb fruttfull grounbe , anb grafte 
Ijtlleg kplapne#j3iofcotibe# faptb , it grotuetb inftpcia, #elopounelb> 3tca* 
bia^elibe^eirenie^tib in biuer#jplace£ of ^boloen^ £bmpma>tbatttanbe 
Ijigb anb U)ell agapnft tije Smnne*3l t i£ alfo founbebpon t^e mottnte d&arga* 
mt£ ot3lbea,mtbeCountne of aipuleia, anb in tbefeelbeBalbugbppontlje 
mountapneg nere merona : but tbat tobicb grotoetb in tbe mount $attm& i$ 
not fo goob agtbatof 3puleta,a$#attbiolu0tuutetb* 

Cbeftngle,o^tDboleleaueb great Centone grbtuetb in^papne, anbtlje 
rooted being bzougbt to 21 nttoarpe,anb bptber,bo fometime groto being plan- 
tebinour garben& 

Cbe fmall C entoite grotaetb in bntopleb f eelbetf anb pafture&but efpcctal* 
ip inbtpgrounbe&anb it ig common in tbemoft placet of Cnglanbe, anb alfo 
mjtalieanb dSermanie* 

f Cbe great Centoite? bo floiuer in fommer, anbtbetr rooted mutt be gatye* 

the Hiftorie of Plantcs. j27 
* Ctje fmail Centoue i$ gathered in 3Bulp anD 3Utguft,tottI) flotoerg anD 

fCeDe* o^The Names. 

i Ctje great Centtme ijsf callet) in d^teelie Kw*ueiop to jutwm&atuie Gentauda 

magnum : djeopfytafttlg alfo calletl) it Centaurida : in *a>l)0ppe# jit 10 tPjUm'S 
tiamefc Of fome Kha Ponticum:foi Rha Ponticumig tljat fcinDe of Etja U)l)tC$ 

groiuetljintljeCountrieof^ontug , anDitig a plant mttcfte Differing from 
ttje great C entaurte ♦ Cljere be alfo otljer names? afcribeD bnto tye great Cen* 
tone, vutjtcf) are fapneD anD cottnterfa?teD,a# 3puleiu£ u^itetl), voijerof fome 
feeme to appartetne to tljelelTer Cetoiie,a£v«f>KH,ju«£ &n n jucc^ivio^^t^iojj.MiuvKtriop, 

MjwvK?«V,7rMKTpov/<c h 7TH\HTf dv»°fj,x&f> &v/V«rju* > Hecw\(a?,tt)at i£ tn & Bttlt^ Hcrculis fan- 
guis, V'nefera, Fel tcrra?,Poly hydion Hm^Top. 

% fmal Centoue i£ callet) tn dfrreefce anDofdjeop!)^ 

fttt^KtvT«i/^/?:tn Ratine Centauriumparuum,anD Centaurium minus : offOUTC 
Febrifuga,FeI terra?, anD Multiradix : bf tlfe3lp0tl)ecarie£ Centauria minor : in 

gitaltean&l^etrttrta ^w^.m^panify Cintoria: tnd^ermame Caufengul* 
Denfcraut:in25*abant Samorie,anD clepn ^anto^teunf rencD Petitecentaur^. 

3?>The caufe eft he Name. 

Centoue ti)a# calleD tn <5reefce Centaurion,anD Cl)tronton,after tl)e name 
of Cijiron ttje Centaure,U)l)o ftrft of all founbe outtljefe ttuo l)erbe&$ taught 
tije to aiefculapiug, a# 3(puleiu$ tuptety* 3tnb ag fome otljer unite tljep tuere 
Co nameD,bpcaufe Citron tuag cttreD urity ttjefe l)erbe£, of a certapne uiounDe 
ioi)i#eI)etooke (being receiueDatf agi)eftoj. ftraungertnl^erculegljoufeo? 
loDgtng)bp letting fall on W foote , one of i^erculetf fyafteg ot arrotoe£ , a? 
ije toa# IjanDling anD beuung of tije fapDe ^erculetf weapon anD armour* 

fjjt T he Nature. 

» €i)e great Centoue t£ ijoate anb Dip tn fye tljtrDe Degrees alfo aftrtngent* 
» €l)e leffe op fmall Centoue , t£ of completion Ijoate, anD D k ite tn ttye feconDe 

Degree* The Venues. 

CijerooteofgreatCento^ie, in quantitte of ttjoo2B;tamme£, taken Urity % 
toater if tljere be a fetter, $ tn uune if tbere be no feuer : i# gooD fop tyem t&at 
arebttrften,anDfoit^emt^at(petblooD,anDagapnftt^e Crampe frtyunUng 
ofanpmember, tfjefljortneffeoftrunDe, anDDifficultteofbzeatljing, tljeolDe 
coug^anD grtptngpapnetf oiknatinngeg of tlje bellp* 

C^efame Dumfcenintuirie, biingetl) Downe tfje monetises o^ Uiomen^na- 55 
tural termed anD ejrpulfet^ t^eDeaD fruit , a^ it Dot^ alfo being conuepeD in at 
tlje place,a$ a ^eflTarte o t i mother ^uppofitoue* 

%tyz greene roote of great C entojie ftainpeD,ot tlje Due roo te fofeeD in tua* c 
tetatiDbntfeD,Dotfj topnetogpt^eranD ^eale,al greene anD freft) vuounDe^be* 
inglapDeanD applpeD t^erebnto. 

%\\z tttpce of t^e roote, t^e tu^tcl) t^ep gather anD Ueepe in fome countries, a 
Ijatlj t^elpfee bertuea^tfte roote it felfe* 

C^e roote of t^e fmall,o^ lelTe Centoue, i$ to no pttrpofe fo t t ^eDtcine,bttt € 
t\)t leatteftflott)er^,anD tupceof t^e fame,are berp necelTarte* 

Cije fmal Centoue bopleD in umter 0^ U)tne, purgetl) Do\DneioarDe^ Cljo* f 
lertque,fiiegmattque^ grolTe ljumourft anD fyerefote it i^ gooD fo^ fuel) a* are 
greeueDuutytye&ctattca,ifti)ep bepurgeD toit^t^efame bntplltfteblooD 

3lt t^ berp gooD agapnft t^e aoppinge? of fye litter , againft tfte3[aunDife, <e 
anD agapnft tljeljarDneire of t^e ^elte 01 ^plene, 

%Mz Decoction of Centoue tye le(Te DzonHen , ktlletl) ujotme^ > anD Dnuetl) ^ 
tliem foott^ bp Regent t£ alfo berp goob againft conuulttohg anD Cramped, 
anDalt^eDtfeafe^oft^eftnetPe^ €tt\ %ty 

J 18 The thirdc Bookc of 

ttfce (upce fyerof tafcen $ applieD tonDer ina ^efferie, pjouofcetlj fye ffoto*3 
trs?,auD e^pulCetl) tlje Deal) cljilDe* 

Clje fame uufyljonp cleared tlje ftgljt , anb tafeetlj atoapfyeclouDetfanDft 
fpotteg of tt?e fame bcingDiappeD 01 titfttlicD into tlje fame, anD it to toerp gooD 
to bemingleDuritl) ail Coli^ie^anH meDicine#tl)ataremaDefottl)eepe#* 

•Cfte fmall Centoae>greene pounDe anD lapDe to,Dotlj cure anD Ijeale frc(l;e H 
ant) nette tt>ounDe& anD clofety top,anD CoDerctt) olDe malignant bicerg , tljat 
areljarDeto cure* 

CljefameDueD fueDuceD into pottDer, topiofitable to be mtngleD amongft $® 
opntmmte&plapfter&potpDer&anD fuctje Ipfce meDicinetf ag are jDapneD to 
fpll bp toit^ ficil) , fiftuia* anD ^olou? e blcer# , anD to mollifie anD foupple all 

T^erebeDtuergfoitetfofE^a, o^agittonotoecalleb fteubatbe, nottb 
muclje Differing in piopoition,but fyeir Diuerfitie to altogptijer in ttjepla* 
cesser ag tljep arefoiinD growings ojonefcinDof itgrotoetl) in Jdon- 
tu^,anDtocalleDKhaPonticum. ^DijefeconDe grotoetlj in 23atbaria, anDto 
tljerefotecalleD R habarbarum,anD it to tlje common UeubatbetCije fyirD com* 
met^frombeponDet^ellnDianftoutoft^eregion^ of China, anD it to fyat 
to&ic&e tlje3trabians call Raued Seni. 

$3 (a$ it to fyougty) Ijatij great 
bzoaDeleaues ; Ipfee to ttjeleaueg 
of Capful $atbatu& o^ to^tte 
^ollin : ojtipfee to tlje leaned of 
of Clot 23urre : fnipt anD DenteD rounDe 
about tl>e eDgetf itUe to a faxu, greene anD 
fmotlje aboue , anD UJljite anD frp^eD bn- 
Derneafy* atmongfttyemfpzingetljbp a 
rounD ftraigW ftalfce of acubitelong,anD 
attye top thereof grotDetb afap^e fcalp 
fcnop o^eaD, tyetoijici) toljan ttblotoetlj 
anD openetij, tyetoetlj foo#t>a faptepur- 
pie flower , anD afterwarDeg it bearefy 
feeDe,not muclje bnlpfce tlje feeDeof t^e i 
great Centoiie, fauing it to fometoljat^ 
longer* 'Cberoote to long, tljicfce, and 
fpungie o^ open: anD being djetueD, it 
peelDetl) a peUounll; colour lpfce£)cre, 0; 

lH^a grotuetb in tye Regions? about 
23ofpl>o;uto, anD J^ontug, bp tye riuer 
Kija, anD in ©arbarta , 9 in fye € ountrie 
of Cl)ma»i©e^auefounDl)ereint^egar* 
Dentf of certaine Diligent l^erbouftetf at 
Orangeplant tu^tcije totyougijtof fomr 

to be Rha,OJ Rhabarbarum. 

Rha. i&eubatbk 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. j jt^ 


3ItffotPietlj in June* 

&T he Names* 

%W berbe,$fpeetallp tlje toote,t£ caileD in <&tztbz f k Hf (oy.tutbe ^rabtau 

fpeeclje Khcu anD Kaued,0iRauct,0f ^imtetn)tattne Rhacoma, $ Khecoma. 

i Cljat tttytcbe gtoujetb about ©oiptjojus i# caileD tn dBteekef « /tovt/kop.-u; 

Jl&tlnt Rha Ponticum, 0£ Rheon Poucum: of <3lr)eCueRaued Turcicum, ttjat 

tg to fap,it!)a of Xtttkte* 

* 'STbefeconD uMjtcb grotuetb tn Batbarte,t£ caileD Rha Barbarum; of Sfyctw 

anl>tbC3Ip0tl)ecatte$ Rheuba.barum. 
3 Cftetl)ttDfetnDe(calleD Chinarum)t#calleDalfoRlia,0£ Rheum Seniticum: 
anD Rheum Indicuin,anD Oftbe3drabtan0 RauedSeni. 

The Nature. 

lllja t# Ijoate in tlje fttft Degtee,anD Dzp tn tlje feconH, anD of an aftrtngent 
ojbinDtng nature* *J* t he venues. 

k Cbe roote of i&baponticum, a$ fattb 23tofcoriDe# , t£ gooD againft tbe bla* n 
fttnge&ttJamblingeg, anD tbeDebtUtie oztoeakenefle of tbeftomacfce, anD ail 
tbepapnegof tbe fame* £H£ozeouet it te» ftnguler agapnft conuulftontf anD 
Crampe&o: agapnft tbe Difeaietf of tbe Utter anD (plene, agapnft tt)e gnauung 
oi griping toanentes of tbe belip,tbe IttDnepe&anD biaDDer* 3llfo agapnft tbe 
abngpapnes of b:eafte# anD ^otber 5 anD fozfucbe ag are troubleD untb tbe 
j&ctattca, tbefpttttngofbiooD, fobbing, peojctng: it ttfgooDalfo agapnft tbe 
blooDDieflteeanDtbeiaffee, anD againfttlje fitted of feuerft anDtyebitmgeg 
anD ft:ngtnge£ of aiifoitegof bemmou^ beaded • 

f ouije fameputpofe,tt t£ gtuen£ quantttte of a J^agme witty ^pDzomel 01 33 
fcomeb toater tn a feuer: $ tmtb fpzupe3lcetofu£ agatnft tbeDtfeafetf of £ fpiene 
oi melt:iDitt) bouteD uune it t£ gooD agatnft $ Dtfeafes of f> bzeaft : <t tt tg tafcen 
Due trntbout anp mopfture,agapnft tbe tueakeneflfeoi looferiefle of £ ftomacfce* 

C^e roote of ftba i^ont&e ftampeD anD mtngleD tmtb btneger , curetb tbe C 
bfletnbttefcurffeoimangtneire, $clenfetb tbe boDp from pale oituanfpotteg 
On t'ue ^ozpbeto)betngftrafceD oj annopnteD uutb tbe fame. 

IfteubarbeanDilaueD^ent (as^eCuewttetlj) tafcentnqttantttteofa^ 
JBtamme, putgetbDottmemrDegcboleriqueljutttourg, tobetefcue tyepate 
gooD agamft aiUjoate feuer&tnflammatton&auD ftopptnges of tbe Ituet, anD 
tbellaunDer&elTpectallpto begiueno^mtmftteD untiju^ape ojanpotberre* 
freeing oz co oitng Djtnfee oj potion* 

Seubarbe of btm felfe, 0^ of bte ottine pzoper nature, i$ alfb gooD agamft al # 
mannerof tflueof blooD,eptber aboueozbelotD,anDt0gooDfoui)cm tbatare 
tyurt oi burfte tniuarDlp,anD agatntt greeuoutf fallen anD beattnge^, $ again!* 
Crampe^anD tbe D^atumg togptljer of anp part 01 H)^inktng of finewe& 

Mto tt curetb tbe biooDDp flt)re^ al manner lafke0,betngftrft a ittle tofteD, f 
0^ DueD agapnft t^efire, anD D:onHen ttutb tbme aftringent ltquoi,a^ t^e tupce 
of 0iantapne,o^groffeanD ttyiiU reDDe totne* 

tfp The Choke. 

C^ebeftE^a^^efue tuzttet^ts? ^ tui)td& i^b^ougljt fro beponD InDta,^ 
grotpetl) tn p Cottntrte of Chinap, caiieD maueD S>enu^be nejrt to tbat t$ tl)e 
Eeubarbeof23arbarte,^tbattDl)tcl) teof tl)eleaftbertuet^tl)eEl)a pottfee* 

tyThe Kyndes. 

T^erebenoo(b^ of Cpclamen , JBtofco^tDejef to^ttet^ ^eonet^n 
iotr)epiantti)itl)arounDroote,anD t^ caiieD Cyclamen Orbkulatum .Cbe 

<$z iU otber- 

jjO The thirde Bookc of 

otber gr otoetij 5jtgl?,anD ttiappetb it felfe about O^^ubbe^ anD planted , anD ft 

t)atl) UD notable r00te,auD lti£CalleD Cyclaminusaltera. 


>^^0c!ammon(U)t)tcl) toemapcalrounD £>otubzcaD)batb b:oaDeleatie£ 
•H38«P^aD bpon tbe grotmDe u»tt^ peafceD comers l?Ueto Jup leaue&anft 
Ew§5g9 lUo;btU> DenteD rotmD about tbe eDge#: anD of afurntt 01 Darfce greene 

colour aboue,pet pou)DereD 01 garnifyeD uritb tu^tte CpecKe^ oj lpot$, anD tbe 
mtDmepattoft^efapDeleafet0fometul)atiD^tte : buttbatfpDe of tbeleafe 
tobicbe i£ nejrt tbe grounDe,& purple colour, but fometimetf Deeper anD fome- 
timeg ligbter* Cbefloiuer$ bang bppon tenDetftalfce& noDDing 01 beaming 
DotijnexuarDe&anD tbeit leauetf turning bproarDeg o: bacfeioarDeS, in colour 
ipfce to tbe purple bioict , but not fo faire: anD of but a little ot no fauour* 
<Cbere f olott) e fmail fcnopp e$ ttutb feebe , growing bp on fmall ftalkes tbat are 

Cyclaminus orbicularis. 


tPinDeD o.rturneD ttuo o$ tbtee tpme# a* 
bout*Cbe rooted turneD rounDe Ipfeeto a 
Curnep , oi:5ulbu# roote, anD fometubat 
fiat o^pielteDDoione, untb Diuertfbearie 
ftringeg bp tt,anD it i£ blacfcetmtbout, anD 
tDbtteuutbtn,& in uutbetingit gatberetb 

1 Cbe feconD Cpclaminon, oj ^otobteaD, n 

b& leaueg be alfo bioaDe anD notbingpea* vfef^ 

fccD 01 angleD,but in a manner rounDe, anD 

nothing fpec&leD bppon> ojatleaftujapetf 

fcetpbarDe to beperceiueD: tbep be alfo of arM^ 

foDDe oi blacfcify greene colour, butbnDet* \Ko 

neatbofareDpurplecolour* Cbeflotoertf r 

are Ipfce to tbe firft , but of a better fauour* 

Cbe roote ig fomeuibat fmaller, 
; Cbe tbirD fcinDe alfo batb leaueg tmtb* 

out comer0,but tbep befomtobat DenteD o$ 

fnip rounDe about tbe ebge# : tbefeleauetf 

alfo acelpeckleD,anD blackid; in tbemiDDle* 

Cbeflotueri^ of a Deeper purple, anD of a 

mod pleafant fauo^ ♦ # ut tbe roote i$ final* 


%T be Place. 

feotobieaD grotoetb inmopft anD ftonp tyaDotop place&tmDeroeatb tteefc 
beDge&anD buttbe&anD in certapne luooDDe&but not euerptobrce* 3X gwto - 
etb about airtopg anD 3l*ermanDop£ in f raunce, $ in tbe f ozeft of 3rDen, anD 
tnisiabant* 3ti# alfo common in (BetmanieanD otber Countries 2$uttbt 
ttyirbe fcinDe i£ fye Dapntieft,anD pet not Orange in jltalie* 


^be femDeisf of S>oU)bteaD Do flotuer in 3lutumne about September, Hftzt* 
U)arDe$ fpiingetb bp tbe leaned, tobtcb are greene all tye xuinter^ Cfte feeDr 
ujaicetb ripe about foinmer neptfolouring* 

•5* The Names. 

i Cbefirftte calleD in <&tt&tKw\cbw®.ntxMh ( <> ¥ : in Ratine Cyclaminu*, 

Rapum terra? 3 Tuber terra?,anD Vmbilicus terra; : of 3HpUletU# Orbicularis, Pali- 
Jia, Malum terr?, Rapum porcinum, anD Panis porcinus: in u^Oppe^Cpdanten, 

anD Arthanita :inenglifl;^otPbjeaD; iajfeenebe P4in4cPo*rce*M :wJtd\\zx* 


the Hiftorie of P lantes. j}i 

Pan porcino.-m ^pauifl; fome call it Mazam dc <!5ermanie <&t\)\BZin> 
tyot, CrDtapffel, aerDtumrt? , anD £>emjpbiot : in:©*abanmerckens bjoot, 
laitntecaliet^ ttje coiouc of t^itf uoiuec in Ratine Coloisinum, oiCoioisi- 

nus color. 

a CbefeconDUinDeiS called in &mkt*v^«w&wt«: ft Ratine Cyciaminus 

altera : of fome K/'wtop Kiwocvfltjuop k$u Kioxo^vAVop , anD U)e take ttyat to be Vitalba, 
tbetobicb (^albeDelcttbeDbereaftermt^eplbt^ Cbapter Of tljtS bOOke- 
^j* Nature, 

£>ototyeaD is boate anD Dtpe in tbe tbirDeDegree* 

Cberoote of SototyeaD DzpeD,anD maDeinto potoDer,$ taken in tbe quan- 3 
titieofaD£agme,o?aDiagmeanDabalfeuntb^pD£om alfo bonpeD 
ttater,purgetb DoumeiuarDeS gro(Te $ tougb flegme,$ otber (barpebunumrS* 

Cbe fame taken inxmnt is profitable again!* al popfon, anD agapnft tbe bp- 75 
tinges anD ftinginges of bcmmbus beafte&to be applpeD $ lapD to outtxmrDlp 
bpon tbe uoonnDeD oi butt place* 

Cbe fame D:onken untb tuine ox $pDiomel,curetb tbe JaunDife 9 (topping C 
of tbe liner, 9 taketb aioap tbe pellbu) colons of tbe boDp , if after tbe taking of 
tbe fame in manner af ozefapD,one be fo \joelconereD tbat be map ftoeat. 

^befarnepioitoketb tbe menftrnal termed ejcpulfetb tbe DeaD frutt,eitber & 
Diankenot conuepeD into tbe boDp bp a ^effarie ot inotber ^uppofito^ie* 

Cbeiupcetberof ftrakeD bpo £ naueloibellp,lofetb tbebellpberp getlp^nD ® 
it batb tbe fame bettuebeing applieD v& toool to p funDement as a fuppofttoip* 

^Dbe fame ittpce tuitb bineger , fetletb tbe funDement tbat is loofe anD fallen £ 
Dottme out of biS naturallplace^if it be annopnteD tbeteuntbalU 

CbefamemingleD uritb bonp, anD DioppeD into tbe epes clearetb tbe figbW • 
taketb aump al fpots,as tbe tueb,tbe pearler batu,$ al tmpeDimets of £ agbt* 

Cbe Came futft bp into tbe nofe,clenfetb tbe bzapnes, anD purgetb at tbe nofe $ 
groireanD colDe flegmes. 

Cbe roote of S>ourtueab maketb fye fkinne f aire anD cleane>anbcuretb all 3 
maugte fcuruinelTe anb tbe falling of tbe beare , anD taketb atjoap tbe markes 
anD fpottes tbat remapne after tbe fmallpockes anD meafelles > anD all otber 

CbefamelapDeto tbemelt,otratbertbeiupcetbereof mingleD uritb opnt* R 
mentesanD ^DpleSfo^ tbepurpofe, tpaftetb anD confumetb tbebarDnelfe, anD 
flopping of tbe £>plene ounelt* 

jt alfo bealetb tBounDes,being mingleD tuitb ople anD bineger , anD lapDe % 
bpon tbem,as 2Bio£coiiDeS faptb* 

Cbebzotb ozDecoctionof tbefameroote,iSgooD tobatbe $ due fucb partes 39 
oftbebobp as be out ofiopntrtbe gotut in tbe feete,anD kpbeD beeles, anD tbe 


Cbe €>ple tuberin tbiS roote batb ben bopleD, clofetb bp olbe blcerS,$ fcritb a 
tbe famealfo $ alitle tuaieeJbep make an opntment berp gooD fcukibeD beeles 
anD feete tbat are burt tuttb coiDe* 

Cbe roote bangeD bpon U)emen,in trauaple urit!) cljplDe, caufetb tbem to be 
DelinereD incontinent 

jfrThe Daunger. 

3n tobat fotte foeuer tbtS roote be taken,tt is frerp Daungerous to toomen 
tottbcbilDe: toberfcuelettbe takebeeDe,notonlpbou)tbepreceiueitintuarD^ 
k>hut alfo let tbem be aDuifeD in anp u>ife not to applpe it ounuarDip : noz to 


jji The thirdc Bookc of 

came it about t^em,no^ pet to plant it in tftetr garb en&fo j it toill^inbertljetn 

if tijep Do but oneip goe oner it 

<&f f d roojt oj button. Ctop.jcti* 

4^7 he Defcriptton. G entiana.dfreutian* 

*%<E firftleaueg of (gentian, are 
IS* great anblarge>lapbanb(p£eab 
^ Mi atyoabebpontbe grounbwitb 
^^Ifineweff o£ ribbeg Ipfce &lm> 
tapne , but greater anb moielpfce to tije 
ieaiie£ of wbite ^eilebo^ , amogft wbicb 
tyiingetb bp a rounbe, fmotbe, boloxue 
ftalfce, a# tbiefce as ones finger , full of 
iopnteg,anb fomtmteg a# long a£ a man, 
toitb fmaller leauetf growing bp coupler 
at euerp iopnt, anb fometpmetf fomwbat 
fniptrounb about tbeebge&witbpellow 
flowers growing rounb about tbe ftalfce 
at tbe fapbe iopnte£ Ipfte to € rowne£ o$ 
garlanbe£,wbeteofeacbe flower bepng 
Cpteab abtoabe, fbinctb wttb fiieenarrow 
kaueglifce aftarre,anb tbep grow out of 
little long bu(fce& in wbtcb aftetwarb i$ 
founb tbefeebe,wbcb i£ ligbt,flat,$ tbin, 
like f feebe of dSarnefep biolet&o.tftocfee- 
gtUofer&o^abarfceeuilfauoureb reb co* 
lour. Cbe roote i# long>tounbe $ tbictte, 
fcmetpme^fotfeebozbouble, oftbecolo; 
oftbeeartb wttbont, $peltowi(bwitbin 
ipfceto230£eozflDcre,anb ejtceebingbtt* 
ter intake. 

BpUbeg tbe <5entianafoiefapb tbere are two otber foiteg of ^erbe&wbi* 
are alfo at tbi£ tpnie taken f ox gentian. 

2 Cbe one i^altogptberipbe Gentian, fautng it t£ fmaller anb bearetb blew 
flowers, $ in tmz it is farre bitterer, wberefo iz Cragus faitb, it is of greater 

3 ^Dbeotberbatbrounbeftalfces, anbfmotbe, fetwitbgreenefmotbelong 
narrow leaues,alwapes growing bp couples,one agapnft anotber: at tbe top 
of tbe (lalHe gro wetb tbe flowers like little belles of a ligbt blew colour,fome* 
wbat fmaller tban tbeflowers of p fecrinb fcinbe of liianunculus* Ztyz rootetS 

pellOW,long $ bitter,and this is that plant the which we call Autumne violettes 
orBelflowers:& isdefcribedin the xxj. Chap, of thefecond part of this hiftorie. 

*j* The PUce. 

<35entian growetbbponbtgb mountapnes, anb in certapne CoomeS ot b& 
lepes amongft feme o<tbtafce,aS in tanMz places? of dSermante $ ©urgunbie, 


Jit flowietb in3Hune, anb tbe feebe ts rppein 3Julp anb 3tugu(k 

# The NAmes. 

Gentian is calleb in <£reefce ymwnn katine anb in feboppes Gcmianarof 

3pUleiU9f Aloe gallica, v«'e>o<, Narce,X«eowop, Chironion, Bafilica, Cyminalis:ftl 

<£nglify f elwo#e:in f rencbe Gentiane • mbtgb Soucbe,Cntjian, anb fitter* 
wurt?: in bafe3lmaigne,<0entiaen»3Iti^ alfo calleb Genuane mlltaUananb 
^pantfte* %rbt 

the Hiftorie of Plantcs. jjj 

sf. 7 he caufe of tlx Name. 

dentins Wngof jBUpaatuaS fyefirftfounber out of tW ljerbe,anb tijeftrft 
tljatbfebit inmebicineianb tljerefoje ittoas calleb Gentian after fyefapbe 
fringes name* # ^ Nature. 

Clje roote of Gentian is tyoate anb D^tic to t^trtie Degree* 


^erooteofd&enttanmabe into potober,anbtakminquantitieofabtant 3 
torityunne, aUttlepeper^Eue,ispwfitablefo^t^emt^atarebtttetio^ (long 
of anp bemmous ot mabbebcaftes , ant) 1$ alto goob fot t\)t\n tljat Ijaue taken 

Ctjefamebtonfce toitl) tuater,is gooD againfttljebifeafeSbftljeUuer $fto* 25 
ma&Mt fjelpetl) btgeftton,anb Uccpctl) tlje meate in tlje ftomacfce , ant) the bfe 
of it is berp go ob agapnft all colbe bifeafes of tlje interior oiinner parted. 

Ctjeiupceof tljefameroote curett) tljepapneanbacljeof tljefpbe, belpetlj c 
fyemtljat Ijaue taken great fallen ant) butfes,anb are burden, foi it biffbluetlj 
ant) fcatteretlj congeteo bloob,anb curetij tfte fapbeljurtes* 

Cijeroote of gentian alfo curett) beepe feftereb, anb fretting topeg anb & 
\DOttnbes>tol)an fye iupce thereof is ftilleb oj btoppeb into ftenu 

Clje fame iupce applpebot lapbe to tint!) finelinte o^lpnuen^bofyftoage € 
anb mitigate tfye papne anb burningtyeate of tlje epes: anb fcouretl) aump anb 
clenfettj ttje ffetnnc of ti? t bobp from all fouleanb euilfauoureb (pottes, bepng 
annopnteb otfttakeb tyeretxuti)* 

Ct)erooteofd5cttttan being applpebbnber to manner of a^effarteonno* f 
tyer &uppoftto£ie, pzouofcett? tl)c flowers, anb Dzatoeti) foottl) tljebeab fruit* 

#f £ructata oj © aiarf <£cnttan and Mtfma* €l)ap*#tj* 

#g* T he Dcfcriptim. 

u uaarf dp enttan Ijatt) rounbe (talked of a fpanne long 0^ fomelufjat 
mo&tftep be alfo Ijolotoe, 9 ft aceb ttutlj certapne fcnottie iopntes, 
Vt^eleauejer belong narrotoeanb tijicfce,anb grotjoe alfo bp coupler 
' one agapnft another, anb falling fomexrtyatbac&mrbeSlpfcefye 
ottjer d5entian,ttje flowers be bletD, long anb ^olotoe uiitljm Ipfce 
klle&gcottiingfoojtb of greeneljuffceS , daubing rounbe togptljer at tljetop 
of tfte (lalfces anb about ttje ftem at certaine ftaces^lje roote is \v^ite,rounb, 
anb long,anb pearfeb oz ttjzuft tyzouglj in certapne places croirettufe,tt)I)icij is 
p caufe it is calleb Cruciata, as fome fop:but it is rather fo caUeb of t^e fafltjton 
of t^efloioerS ? as penafeitlj* 

feome men alfo take fye Ijerbe Sfltfma oj ^aponartafo^ a fctobe of Cruciata, 
it twtt) rounbe ftalfcestmti) iopntes o^fenottes: it is of acubite ojt afooteattb a 
ftalfe long 7 oz moie,tt)e leaues be large tnitfytovntg oj tibbes ? Ipfee ttje leattes 
pies at euerp itynt ? nribbtnMn% 01 falling bactmmrbes, efpeciallp t^ofe taljicl) 
gcoujnertt^e roote* ^e flowers grotu intl^e top oftljeftalfees^ alfo about 
W bpper iopntes to tuffets,bf toeetfauour^ colour fomtimes reb as a rofe> 
anbfomtimesof alight purple ot^itecolour, gcotoingout of long rounbe 
^ufkes,^ are mabe of fiue leaues fettogptljer,irt tl)e mibleloberof are certaine 
fmall dearie t^tebbes^C^e rdotes belong * tl)icke,$ grou) o^t creepe croofeeb* 
Ip, bptuincije tl)ereliangcertapnefmau5eariet^ebbes Ipfeetotljerootesof 
©eares footeo^ettertooite* ^ The ?Uce. 

3tgro\uet!) in certapne garbenS of Brabant: anb elStxrijereitgrotoety bp 
ftibbes,bio ou$ y * ctuers, at in mopft places ttjat are open againft t^e S>umte* 
Jit continue tl) along time to garbenS* ^ The 

234 The thirde Booke or 

Cruciata. &toatfed5enttam AlifmafiueSaponaria.ftopetPOJt<Benti8n# 

Ctyep flower to 3!wie,3!uip ? anl> Suguft* 

jj« The Names. 

1 Cbefttft to callefc to dSermame ^oMgbeer,anti £>peerenfttcb: to bafe3& 
matgne^abeigbeenof fome to&attoe Cruciata^at to to fap,Ctofle&*2Sotb 
to fo^meanD faculties feemetb tobeafctoDeofdftenttan, ^ConraDe dBefoere 
tubgetb ttfo to be, anb tberefozettmap becalleD Gentiana minor, tijattoto Cap 
to Cttgltfl?,tt)e fmal o^toarf d5ettan*f o? thereto another Cruciata , fo calieb 

fyalbe fpbfcen among!* tbe fctobeg of jabber* £>ome tooulb baue tt to be cal* 

ieD Chiliodynamin : bttt Polemoniatgcaiieb ChiliodynamisOft^eCappaDO- 

tionfta0^to(co^De^tuutet^buttDit^ tbto Polemoniafye&toarfe^eiittati 
* Cbefeconbetocommonlpcalleb Saponariam,bpcaufeoftbeclenftog ojtfcou* 
ring pzopertte tbat to to bto leauetf : fit? tatjan tbep are bittfeD, tbep peelbe a 
certapnetupceuibtcb tDtlfcourealmoaipKefoope^utiluelltu^ befcrtbetb an 
otber&oopeioo^te* ^omecallttHcrbam tqnicam: petittononeoftbecloue 
(Mlofer&anb mucbe leflTe anp of tbe fctobeg of Poiimon ij , tttytcb are tafcen foj 
^toeeter©tlltam^o^colmepiter^a$\jDe^aueti3Httett to tbeCbap* of <Mlo* 
f er& 3lt fyoulbe rattjer feeme to be Aiifma o^ Damafonium , fautog tbat tbe 
ftalkefoitbemoftparttonotftogle,but moft commonlpgrotoetbfoottbtnto 
certapnebtancbe^o^tttifion^: $tberoote#0)oul& be greater oitbtckertijan 
tije rootetf of 25earefoote;2&ut tlje leauetf are agreable trnfy fye befcrtptton of 


the Hiftoric of P lantes. j j j 

Alifma,anDfo itftljetnft o;* bunDle offerers: at tlje top* ©tittle ftalkeof Alif- 
mai# ftngie anti aenDer,anD tije rootetf fljoulDe be alfo UenDet : uiljicije Declare 
t^eDtuerfitiebetU3i]ctt^Sapoiiana, anD Alifma ♦ ^omeDo alio take itfo$ 
Struthion,but it i# notijinglpfce : u»e map call it in <£nglt$ £>oopeu)oit: fome 
call it ^ocfce<Mlofen # ta* iv*/*^. 

^ebttternelTeof ttjefeljerbeg, Dotl) manifeftlp Declare , fyattljepbeljoate 
anD tyie,ui qualitie not mucl) bnlpfee Gentian* 

pfr The Fertues. 

Cl)eDecoctionoft!)eleaiie0o?rooteofCro(retao^te <&mtim, o^&toarffe $ 
<33eutian Dionfcen,Dotl) clenfe anD fcoure t^e b^eaft, from all fupetfluitietf , anD 
grolfeflegmes, ttjat ategatljereD togptijer in tljefame, anD ititfgooD agapnft 
tbe failing ftcfenelTe* 

3)f itbetafcenagte afoiefopDe,oztafeeninpotoDer,tti#gooDagapnft albe* 3 
nome anD popfon anD againft ttje infection of tlje ap;te,anD tije peftilence* 

3|tij5gooDto\Da(l)etuounDe0 $ corrupt blcer& in tljetuine xxibecem it Ijatij <g 
ben bopieD,oi to ftratue tije pouter of it into ttye fame:fo^ it clenfetl) $ Ijealetij 

Cftefa)inel)earDe0of(iDermanie } Do geueitcijoptberpfmaltottyeirljoggeg^ 
.anDfurineto eate, anD bp tbte meaner 00 feeepetljein from tl)e^purren,anD 
fuclje ipfee contagious Dtfeafe&atfcljaunce to tijeir catteil in eoirupt feafotu 

^TheDejcrtftion. Helenium. 

, F%ecampane Ijatl) great , bioaDe, foft 
£ieaue&immeDiatlp fpunging top fro tije 
roote,notmucij Differing fro tljeleauetf 
ofxu^tte &?ullin,but greater anD larger,a* 
mongft \D^tc^ fpztftgett) bp atfttcfee dearie 
longftalfce, commonlp longer t^an a man, 
befet untlj leaues of p fame fiute, but Cmal* 
ler,of a ligbt greene colour aboue,bttt to^t- 
ttfybnDetnetl) , atttyetop of ttjeftalfeetbere 
grotoefapie, large, peUotue, fining Soto* 
er$ Ipfce ftarre&anD in figure Ipfce to Ctytp* 
fanttjemonot golDen flower, but a great &k\ 
fceale larger , $ almoft as large asppalme 
of oneSbanDerCtjeiulncb ttrtjantljep faDe k 
ozperi(I),Do cljageinto afineDoumeoUoft & 
Cotton,tDljerbnto tfyefeeDeis iopneD,$iS |S 
catrteD aumpttntb tyetuinDe, lifce'Cijiftell ^ 
feeDe* cje rooted greatanD tbtc&e, tuttli 
ntanp otber fmalrootes $buDDe$bneuelp 
a&topning,anD couereD taittj a tljtcfce rinDe 
wbarfce , of a bjotone eartblp colour tinty- 
ottt,btit moftcommonip tu^ite untying i# 
ftottoerpttrogotranfceof fauoi U)^anitt^ 
ftelfy anD greene : but to Ijan it is D*pe , it is? 
fcerp aromaticall, anD ijatlj in it a certapne 
2 fat anD £)plie mopfture 0^ fubftance* 

, ^ijefeconDe^eleniumtol)ereof2^iofcoriDetf toutet^, tebn^noioenfobs:: 
ttftatlj tenDer bianc^e^ creeping alongfl: t^e grounbe, befet tuitlj manp leaned 
iifee tljepulfc icntille^^^e ro te i^? tP^itiQ? ^ t^icHe one^ little finger^ large 
aboue anD narrotu DoumetBarDe& ^ r be 

jj6 The thirde Bookc of 

*$t The Place. 

i elecampane beltgtytetl) ingoob fertillfople , ng inbaUepetfanbmebotoetf, 
ttisairofoutit)etn^tUe0aiiDfl)aDotPietjDooD^e$, but not commonlp in type 
grounbe&j|t i# berp common inCnglanb, launber&anb ffi^abant, and be* 
rp u) ell Kao U) en in all placed 

t£ljeCeconb growth inplaceSabiopningto tlje £>ea,anb bponlttle#Ile& 

, jfeTheTymc. 

CiecampanefiotDjetlj in 3|uneanb 3ulp , fye feeUei^ rtpetn3tugu(h Cfce 
bed tune to gafyertyetoote,i$attljeenbe of September, toljan it tyafy loft 

he Names. 

C^^erbeijef caUeD^wop;(n7latine inula, anb Enuia in S>boppeg Enuia 

Campana.of fome Panaccs chironion , Ot Panaces centaurion : in OEnglttye Cle- 

campane,§>cabtDOite,anb l^o^eele:inf renege EmU camp a »a:in <£ermame 
3lantU)urt^:mbafe3lmatgnr3(tlant\Do^tel, anb dSaianttuo.itei; in Italian 

Enoajmt* £/wi4:tn§>pantfye Raizdehlla. 

* CljefeconbefcinbetgcaUeb Hcknium Aegyptiacum ^utpetbnkmmjento 

%.The Nature. 

Clecampancbemgpetgceene^at^afttpetfltiottjs; mopfture toijtdjeougftt 
firft to beconfumeb befoteitbeoccupieb^uttyatmopfturebeingbipeb bp, it 


Cbe becoction of elecampane tyonKen, p^ouofcefy bnne anb toomeitf* 
fiotoera, anbfegoobfo^tftemtljataiegteettebtPttftmUjatbeburatngeA o$ 
tyaue anp member biataentogpfyer o^fytonfce* 

Cljeroote taken wit^ Ijonp in anCiectuatie,clenfett) tlje tyeft,rtpet!) tongft $ 
fleme, anbrnafcetyiteafietobefpetout, anb&goobfo^ tijecougljaubfyojfr 

Ctje fame mabe tnpotuber anb bzonfce , i# goob agapnft tlie bpttngetf anb c 
ftmgmge£ofbenunou#beatte$ , anb agapnft \»tnbtnelTe anb blaftingetf of i& 
U)arDc parted 

3&ConfituremabeoftIjefapberoote,ig berp toljolefomefo£t!jeftomacHi& 

^eleanes bopleb in tuine,anb lapbe to Replace of tlje £mattca, Cuiaget^ t 

i^attljiolttjBf figure tsfalmoftlpfeetlieftrftfetnbeof Libanotidis, $a$ %v& 
ner anb ije VD£itetlj,i$ calleb in aaouclje 23earetooite£, o^attetftootf e& 

fyThe Defcripti$n. 

Conof 53iofco#be$ i£ befcribeb amongfttljerooteg, vxtyerefojew 
IjauenoneofyerlmoVDlebgeoftljefaflnon of t^efame , but a$ our 
3tunciente£ ijaue left it b£ in ttrituig,tH)t£ tjaue j fapbe > to ti)C to* 
anb o ftertf bo bfeat tW &ap in ^Ijpfike, are not tbe true 3)peon , \jfyit¥ w 
ftoulbenottelHo\uetofenou)e,ift^atmen coulbenotfinbetlje fatyion,arib 
natureof tIjerigl)ta£eonbefcribeb* 

^eonaccoibing to 53iofcoube& itflpfce to fepllin ftalfcetf anb leauetf , but 
tt&tbicfceranb oftljeljetgtt) of ttoo cubiteitf ojt tl#ee foote* %\)z rooted aw 
iong>fmall,\BellfmelUng anb chafing o^eatingtlje tongue, anb tljep ateftat* 
tering tyere anb tljere,fome rigljtanb fomeatx> k zp* tyrk 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 

JfcThe Place. 

$)e\fl grotoetlj plenteouttp in in apaceboniaanb £>papne* 

# The Names. 

HtytetyztbtigtaWtH in<&tctkth«°v'w'bMm Meu:tntyoppeg^eto,tDtycl) 
Do but onlp fceepe £ name,fo k t tbe true 3©eoni£ pet bnknott)e,but ttye 3lpotIje* 
carie£bobfeintbefteebetberof,akinbe Mcum. apeon* 
ofu)Ube^arcelie>tbeu»bicbi£ Defceibeb 
in tlje fiftb part of our bittoip of planted, 
$ it batb no agreement oz Ipfceneffe toitlj 
tbe Deftrtptton of 9p eon, ttljerf ote it can 

4§t r/tf Nature. 

Clje roote of <U£eon t^ftoate in tlje 
fyirbebegtee,anb top in tbe feconbe* 

4^ T Vertues. 

I cijerooteg of ^eum bopleb intiia* 

ter, 01 onelp fbfceb in tuater anb bionfce, 

Dotbinigbtilpopentbeftoppiugeg of tbe 

fctbnepeg^ blabber, tbeppzouofcebtine, 

eafeanbtyelpe tbe ftrangurie, anb tbep 

confume all uunbinefTe anb blaftingeg of 

% %\)tim\z tafee tuitb t>onp,bo appeafe 

tbepapneg anb gripingeg of tbe belip,are 

goob foi tbe affections of tbe motber,po* 

Dagre£ anb acbeg of iopnte&anb againft 

al Catarrbeg $ f^legmeg falling bourn 

$ |f tuemen fit ouer tbe becoctton ttyer* 

of,tt biingetb Dotone tljetr ftctmeffe* 
k Cbefamelapbe bpon tbe lotoeftpart 

of tbebellp of poung tbtlbzen, tapll caufe 

tyem to pifle anb make mater* 

ij* The Daunger. 

■Jit to mticlje of tyeroote of tbi£ Ijerbe be tyonfcen, it eaufetlj Ijeab actye* 


Ti^ere be ttuo fojteg of ^eonte , a$ 3Biofco£ibe£ anb tlje Jtuncienteg txi^tte, 
tbat i# to Cap, t^e male anb female* 

The Defcriptien. 

m\t Poeonic bat^ tijicfce rebbe ftalfce£ of aCubitelong: tlje leatteg be 
(great anb large , mabe of btuerg leaueg grotoing D3t tcpneb togitber, 
not mucbebnlpfcetlje uaalnut tree leaf e in fafbton anb greatnelTe: at 
tbe bpgbeft of tlje ftalfce fyere grotaetb fapte large reb fiotoer&berp 
toeli ipfce reb rofe& bailing alfo in tlje miDDeg pellotu fyzebbeg ojt beared* ffl* 
tertbefalling amp of tlje leaue#,tbere growefybp great cobbes o^ufaeg 
fyzee 01 foure togptber , tbe UJbicj^e bo open \uban tbep be ripe, in tbe opening 
tPbereof tbere i£ to be feene, a faire reb coloureD lining , anb a pollifyeb blacfce 
fymmgfeebe, fullofu^ttefubftance* rooted be tu^ite, long,fmall, anb 

ft vbz 

Pa?oniamas. finale |3eome* 
PxoniafcEmina. jfemale^eonie. 

538 The thirde Booke of 

% Cljefemale iBconteatljtg firlt fyimgmg bp,^atl) alto ftalfceg rebbe an& 
tljtcfeert^e leauetfbealfo large anb great,butbttttbcb into mote parted, alinoft 
Uket^eleaue0of3ngeUca,louage,oi^ai:c^e^l)eflo\uer^m lifcemannerbe 
great anb reD,but pet letTer anb paler tben tye ftouierg of tbe malefcinbe* cfce 
cobbetf anb feebe areiifce tbe ofyer* Jn tyefe rooted are biuertf fcnobbetfo* 
knotted ag great a# aicometf* 

3 p et baue pou anotber fctnbe of ^eonie, 
tyetobicl) tt like tije feconb fcmfce>but bi£ 
flotuerg anb leaner are irtttcb Cmaller,anb 
tbefta&es ftozter , tbe toijtcbe fome call 
Spapben oj utrgm l^eonie : altbougb it 
bearettyreb flowers aub feebelpUetbeo- 


%Y)t fcinbeg of pzm\t$ are founbe 
plantcb in tb e garbed of t\)i$ Cotmtrte* 

^eome flounetb at tlje beginning of J 
$£ap,anbbeliueretlj l?t$feebein3itine* 

he Names. 

i&eonie i£ c&lleb in dSreefce 

Ml Ratine Poeonia.of fome 7rivTo>۩-, yXv- 
itu<nV,Dulcifida,anb Ida?us Da&ylus, Of3£* 

ptllettt0 Aglaophotis^iXRvto^jtTtx^^Hi 
^oviop.TiXHyoyovopjanb Herba cafta:infyoppe# 

Pionia : in Ijigb &oucl)e$eontenblum, 
jMmgftrofen: in bafe3llmatgne ^ioene, 
anb }§ioenbloemen,anb in fomeplacetf of 
jTlatinbertf ^aftbloemem 

1 he cjufc of the Nam*. 

^eonte toofce b& name firft of tbat 
goobolbman p*on,aberp anctentl&b?- 
fition,U)l)o firfl; taught tbe tmo^lebge of 
of tb&betbe* Tformues. 

Cbfcrooteof^eonietyieb.anbtbeqttantitieof a 2Seaneoftbefameb£0ti>ai 
fcen toitlj ^eabe calleb ^pbjtdmel,btingetb botone taome#flQ\joer&Ccouret& 
ttyemotljerofttjomenbiottgijt abeb> anb appeafefytije grtpmgpapne£,an& 

Cftefameopenetb t^eftopping of tyeltoer^anb tfte fcibnepeg, anb fob tDttf? # 
reb tuine ftoppetb tbebeilp* 

^^erooteoft^emalepeonie^angebaboutt^eneckeljealet^ , fye falling^ 
fiekneffe(a£ d5alenanb manp ofyer bauep^oueb) efpeciallp inpoung cfytltyem 

•Xeno^tujelueoftfterebfeebejtf, bionfeenu3it^t^icfeeanbrougbrebU)me,^ 
botb ftop ttyereb iflTuetf of women* 

tfiftene oitfrteneof t^eblacHecdmej0foireebe^btonfeetn\3Dineota0eabe,^ 
ftelpetb tijefoanglinganbpapne$oftbe#atrijc o^t motber , anb tea foectall 
goob remebie fo^ tljem tbat are troubleb \»itt) tbe nigtjt^areODbicb & abtfr 
eafe uiberin men feeme to be oppteflfeb in tlje nigtjt a$ tuitt) fome great bnrtbe 
anb fometimetf to be onercome U)tt^ tijetr enimteg)anb it i$ go ob actainft m^ 
ianc&oitquetyeame& a 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. 



6f&aItrfati'pl)itoj&ccnfal €ijap.tbcr. 

The Ky fides. 

1$m be ttno ftytetf of Valerianae garden and urildetand fye totlde va- 
lerian to of tiuo Kinde&tbe great and fmall : 75 efidetf all tbefe tljere to pet 
a ftrange fcinde,tbe tubtcb to nouoe called dSreefce valerian* 

t. Valeriana hortenfis. 

fe>cttuallo; garden valerian* 

2. Valeriana fylueftrismaior. 

%\}t greater uj tide vaieriatn 

-jffrThe befcriptkn. 

J®J| t ttoall oj garden valerian, at tbe firft batb btoade leauetf of atobtttfl; 
^^greene cplour,amongft tubicb tbere commetb bp around bolot»,plaine, 
''^-^andatmottteftalfce* Nippon tbetobicbe dallies; tbere grotuetbleauetf 
(ptead abtoade and cut,lpfce leaueg of tljeroote called garden j§arfenep:at tbe 
Wgfteftof £ftalkegrotoetbtuffetg ofCojone0\DttbUJbtteflou)er$,of alight 
bleu) oi carnation colour at tlje beginning and aftettrmrde tobtte^be too te to 
a# tbicke as? a finger,uritb little rooted and tb*edde£ adtopning tberebnto* 

2 Cbe great toilde valerian, to almoftlpfce to tbe garden valerian, itbatb 
alfo p!apne,round,bolotu ftaifeeft diuided uutb knotted %ty leaned arelpfce 
defplapedtjotngeftmadeofmanpfmalleaue^fetoneagainftanotber, Ipketbe 
leaueg of ^etiualloz garden valerianate grotoe at tbe bpper part of tbe 
ftalKe,butmucb greater and mo^e clone ouut Cbeflotoerg grotu and are like 
to t!je garden kinde, of a colour dtatuing tovuatde# aligbtbletio oi ffcpe colour 
Cbe roote to tender tombing and trapling bere and tbere , and putting fooitlj 
euerp pere netae planter o*fpnnge# in fundtie placed 

3 belittle tpilde valerian, to berp toeliifce tlje rigljt great Valerian,but it to 

jfftj al\uape£ 

}40 The thirde Booke of 

aliuapeg leffe* 'ftfye ftrll attU neattjermoft j.Phu pariHmi.Valerianafylueftris 

leaned are Itfeet^eUtleieaue^ of jMantaine, minor.'Ctye final uuld Sflalerimu 
tbereftiuljictjgrott) about fyeftaiue, arebe* 
tp mucb and deepelp cut, toerp to el Ipfce to tbe 
ieaueg of u>iide valerian , ox like tbe leauetf 
tubiclj grotu about tlje ftalfceg of gard e ma* 
ietian^beftalfeeg beround unfy iopnte&a* 
bouttbelengfyofaljande. tE&eflovyer$be 
lifce to £ flouerg of fye afojtefaid Hinder Cije 
rootesbefmal,$ creepingalongft£ grounde. 

dSreefeiflj valerian tyatb tuio oj fyice 
ijolouj ftalfce&oimoe : bpon £ ubiety ijtot^ 
fctijfp;tead leauetf altnoft ipfce tlje leaue# of 
unldtftaialerian, but longer, narrower , and 
mojefinelp cut , Ipfcetbe leaue# of fyetuplde 
Settle , but fometobat bigger* "Cljeflotoers 
grorjo tljicke cluttering togitberatttyetop of 
tij e ftalfce of a ligbt 3;ure o^ bleto colo i, par- 
ted into f tueittie leaner, Ijauing in tlje midle 
final \ubite tbieddeg pointed tou# alitiepei* 
Io\d at tyetbp&cfce feede i$ fmall growing 

mtOUlld buffce&Clje rooted arenOt^Uig el£ 4 . ph u Grecu. Valeriana peregrin*. 

iifce,but final ti}ied& ^ rht ?Ueem d&reefcifl; valerian, 

Cbe garden valerian and «5reefce<!Ualerianare 
fctoen $ planted in gardens %\)t otljer ttuo fcindeg 
grovu Ijere in mopft place&and in taatetp medoioeg 

IptnglOttU ^TheTyme. 

^befyieefirftkindes of valerian do flotoer from 
^ap to ^ugultcbe <£ree&e3*aleriaudotl) flouier 
moftcommonlp in^uneand 31ulp* 

fyTkt Names. 

% Cijefirftfcitideof fyefe^etbeg ^called in <£reefce 

^,Phu:tn jiatine Valeriana,and Nardus fylueftris } 0£ 
Nardu s ruftica.mfljoppeg Valeriana domeftica,0£ Va- 
leriana horte^s, of foinetUtljefedapetf Marinella, Ge-^ 
nicularis , and Herba beneditfa : injfrenctje VderUnt\ 

inbigbBoucbed&rof? Baldtian: in bate ailmaigtie, 
tame oigroote^aleria,^ of fome£>* Joii$ erupt, o* 
£>peercrupt,tbat i£to fap,§>peatttmrte, o*£>peare 
fterbe,bpcaufe^is firft leaner attbeir firftcomming 
bp , inmafeing atelpfce to fye 3lron o;t Ijead of a 
£>peare: in (Englifl) £>ettDfti,o; l^pdtoall* 

2 CfjefeCOndfctndeig called Valeriana fylueftrisyPhu 
fylueftre , and Valeriana lylueftris maior : in jfretlCtyC 
grAndeVderiAnfAUUAgc:\xi\^) 3©OUCl) tUildeBaUttia, 

^atientourt^el^ugentpurt?, l©endioutt?,$ 3a en* 
nenmarcfee: in bafe 3lmaigne, \juilde ^aleriane : in 
englill) tbegreattoilde^aleriam 
; r ^etyttd toaWndeof tuilde^alenan,andtfterefoteloedo call it, Valerian* 
fyiucftris minor^ati^ tofap,t^efmalliuiideBalerian,and alfb Phu paruum. 

and Valeriana minor. / r 


Hiftorie of Plantcs. J41 

4 "Ctjefourtlj & calleb oft^e ^erbtuiftetf of our tune Phu Gr?c\m,%. Valeriana 
g wca^at i$ to fap,d5reefeiH;, oj <&tcU valerian, $ it map be toei calieb Vale- 
riana pcregrina 5 oiPrcudophu,{oit^i^i^ no <Liaierian > butfomeotbetftrange 
Ijerbe,tf)e tubicb w cannot compare to anp of fye ijerbeg befcrtbeb bp Btofco* 
ribe&ejccept it be tlje rigttf Auricula murisioi tye \x>\)k\) it i$ tafcenof Come* 

*5« The Nature. 

%ty roote of valerian i$ tyoateanb Due in tljeteconbeb egree* 

*Jc The Vertues. 

^ebecocttonof tljerootes of Return! b*onken,pjouokety bune,bungetij % 
bourne tuomenf floiuer^anD belpett) fte aci?e anb papneg of tbe ftbe,anb fto- 
macfce*Ct)ep be of lifee bertue being mabetnpowber anb tyonfce in \»me^nb 
tbcp be put into pieferuatiueg anb mebicineg mabe agapnft popfon,anb tt>e pe- 
fttlence,a^^rpacle^anb a&itl#ibat& 

Cbe leaues $ rooter office great tuttbe valerian bopleb in ttmter, bo tyeale 25 
tbebiceratton anb bliftrmg of tbe moutkefpeciallp tberougbne(Te,anb tnflam- 
mattouoftbe tfctote,if onemfyeb&moutb o;*gargari?etbere\jntb* 

^en bo bfe to giue it toitb great pzoftt in tyecbe&to CUcb a^are burite t6fiu. 

Cbe tiuo otber t&aleriantf be not bfeb in mebtctne* 
* 4 englifi; men bfe <£reefce ^alertan,agamft cutter anb tx>ounbe& 

iMefenttng l mot ^ ^f&Ofetlmtteoj fiboOW* €»»p*M* 

itOieimeutngj ^ The Defcriptton. Rhodia radix.^OfeXDUrt* 

£>feujurte Ijatb tbiee ot foure 
ftalfceg growing fro tbe roote,fet 
ful of tbtcfee leaue& Ipfce £ ieaue£ 

Of TlpblOng 0£ CraiTula maior 5 bUt 

tbe? are mote narrower^ cut oi fcacfct at 
tbe top*Cberoote i$ tbiefce, bauingmanp 
fmai bearte ti#ebbe& $ uoban tt i# eptber 
btupfeb o* burden, it bot^ fente anb Mo^ 
like tbe liofe, of tbat tt toofce W name* 

i£* T^f Places. 

Eofetuttrt oi t^e roote fauermg like fye 
lHofe , groujetb in ^acebonia anb 
gatte: intbte Countrte tbe^erbojiftetf 
bo piante it in fyeir garben& 

ifaThe Tyme. 

3t floured in S£ap>but it beared flotoet 

berp felbome* # The Names. 

'CbtgljerbetecaUeb in d&refeeM'* js/f«; 

tn Ratine Radix Rhodia, $ Radix rolata : 
Utf reUCbe Racine fentant les rofes : in Ijigfj 

&oucbeEofentou#*:m bafe3imaigne 
iMenwoztelnn Cngiifyeliiofett>urto$ 
tije roote fauouring of tbe Eofe* 

The Nature. 

Cbe roote tu^ic^ ftneilet^ iifee fte rofe, 
efpeciallp of tbat fo^te^icbe grotuetb in 
#acebonia, to^oate in t^efeconb begree,anb of fubtileanb fineparte^ 

ijt The Vertues. 

roote faijobia lapbetot^e temple? oft^efojel^eabtDttftopleofrofe^ 
alapet^eab actje* ffiii Q% 


341 The thirdc Bookc of 

<H baftatfc ptlftojp cjt 6artram. tffjap^fc 

tfgThe Defcription. 

PCUtojtp Ijattj leaned mucljelpfce to fe* 
ml,al ftneip cut ot bacfct* Cbeflouierg 
arepelloti) in $ mtdle,fet roundabout 
urittj little utytte leaueg fomeujijat bletu 
bnt>ei: ? Ufeep flouier^of CamomtljO^l^e 
tije flotner^ of tye great dafie* roote 
long and liraigljt, fomtime£ a# bpg a# 
a fmger^oate and burning ttye tongue* 

if.The Place- 

'Ctyigljerbeig not founde grotoing of 
l)im felf e in tbt£ Counttie, but it i£ found 
planted in tljegardentf of certapnel^er* 

SMitozp ffotinetl) after 3l£ap bntpl tbe U 
end of Coiner, in utyicij feafon t^e feede i£ (r 

& The Names. 

%tyi$ Ijetbe i# called in d^reefce ifyiiw. 

ttl Ratine Saliuaris : inftop^Pyrethru.of 

fome alfo in <25refce ^vo^ti-v^to^x ^vftmt 

in jfreUCbe Pjrtf^ , 0£ Pied d> Alexandre : \\\ 

ljigb Jaouclj 23ertta* Albeit mine SKutljot 
fettetb foo^ t\)i$ berbe fot Pyr«hro,pet 
it not aunftuerable bntb *aiofto;udeg 

Pyrcthrum.oi Saiiuarem,u^erfoie3! tbin&etoe map luelcalttbaftardSelito- 

tpOpJd ertram* *£* The Nature. 

%\)t roote of ^piettjie & ijoateand dip in t^e tyitde degree* 

The Vermes. 

«5S» e r rt 0( ! te ? f tafeen U)itb^onp,t^ good agapnft tbe falling Kcknetf, 3 

*5 ? p ?iL lc ^ ^^S^^Meafeso^^^ 


^vjegmrjonmin t^emontQ vc^MDe&^l^atDetili Cbt^ greacqitantttfeef B 

aRbe 2oS a£ fa *" nCser ' 9 feept tt>tme to mou *> mitigate anti € 

%\)emtWminym\towwnmbovm,ig goootoarotojmttbebobt>& 

^^"l 3 "^^^ 11 * wellentgoob foz an? place-of tbe bobp tbatig btu- 

rcDanbftaKenfoitoloe, anbfoimembergtbatarcbmummcDo/founberet) £ 
anD fo? fucb as; are ftriken toitb tbe $>me. f wungereo . 

#f arifoe pcittoip. <f qap.^* 

t$fThc Defcrifticn . 

jmm\itw\m tounbbttttlebiancbes:tbeleauesbeIonff«nat. 
rou) backt rounb about like a £>a\» , attbebtgbett of the ftalke atom 
flowers like tbe flowers of Camomil^ello to m Se mSKSK 
about tpttb fmal vubtteleaue*: tbe roote is tettoa^iStSX 
tobole berbets: Qatpe 9 biting,almo(trotatt UkepeUitow of feuapne ifoil 
tauremencalitalfou)ili)^ellito?p, .^"ijepapne^toi? 

the Hiltoric ot nantes. ^ 

4£ The Place. Pyrethrum fylueftre.B£tlbe jMlitOZp* 

rDilbepollitotp to foimDe about tlje 
bo*ber£ or feelbe& in tygl) meboweg anb 
fyabouip placet, $ fomttmeg bpon moun* 
tapneg anb (tonp placed* 


%W l&ellttojp flounety from^ape 
tintpU September* 

*§t T/k Names, 

Cijtotyerbetonotoe calieU m ftattne 

Pyrethrum fylueftrcttjat to to fap^plbe 
$ellttO£P : m f renege P)rethrefauuage : in 

Saourije r©ilben25ertram:of fome r©eif? 
iletufabm, ttyat to to fap , naiitte Canfte* 

3rt}to to not T^flcfjuiKif, Ptarmice 5 0£ Stcrnu- 

mentaria,bttt another tyerbebnknoiuen of 

tfpThe Nature. 

%fy to fterbe to ijoate anb type* 

^ The Vertues. 

W)toijerbe Ijolbenin ttyemoutty anb 
djelueb, btingett) Ipfcevuife fro ttye bzapne 
Cipmtefieme ? alinofl:a0mtg^ttipa^ i^eli* 
totp of ^paprte; $it to&erp goob againfl; 
fyetooti) aclje^ 

3lt to alfo gooti in £>aliabe& ag 'Car* 
ragonanb l&oquet, u^ereof fyaibeu^it* 
ten in tije fifty boo&e* 

Affaire ©tctam* 

7" Defcriptien. 

©toljerbe toipfceto tmtitmg, o t t)tpco^mb.mnc^e$:anbleaueft(t 
; beared rounbe blacfcill; anb rougb (taLlfceff, anb ieauetf btfplapeb ant> 
ifpteablpke&pcqiag > attbetopof tbeftalkeggtou)e fapze flotuer£, 
^ometD^atturmtigtotoarbebleU), tbetobictyeontbebpperpart, o? 
Ijaife-bealeljatl) foure ot fpue ieaue& anb in tbe lo\wer,oz neatber of tbe fame 
fioujer ttbatl)ftnaliongtbtebbe0croofetnganb Ranging bbtone almoft ipkea 
bearbe^efloujergperifyeb, tberecommetlj in ttje place of ecbe fiotuer foure 
otftue cobbed , fometbtngrougb tutt^out, anb flpmie to betyanbleb, anb of a 
ftcong fauour aimoft fmeiling ipke a <5oate: in ttye tirtjity to conteineb a blacfce, 
piapne 5 Cl;iningfeebe* %ty rooted be long anb tD^tte, fometpmeagttyickeaga 
fmger,anb bo grotoeatljtoart oneanotber* 

The Places. 

Jtgrometl) in tije^Ileof Canbte ? a$BtofcoHbe0U)jitetl);tntt;to Countrie 
it to founbe in tije garben# of certapne l^erbo£tfte& 


3itSoiuietl)tnt^toCountriettt3Itmeanb 3)nlp>anb Cbmetpmegtyefeebe 
commctlj to rppeneffe- 

ft The Names. 

CUto Wbt tocaileb in d&reeke t?cc W : in Ratine Tragium : anb to tye firft 
fctnb o^ Tragium befcrtbeb bp Stofco.ube?^ome^erbonfte0caUt Fraxindia j 

tffiiij anb 



344 The thirdc Bookc of 

anD feme Apothecaries Do tofefyeroote 
ofitinfteeDeof Oydam, anD Do call it 
Dyptamum, notuutljout greaterrour, 
anD tljerfoieitis calleD of tome Pfeudo- 

di&amumnothum, ttyat \$ tO fap , 23a»; 


'Ctagiumtealmoftljoate uit^et^irH 
Degree,anD of fubtilparte& 

# The Vcrtucs. 

%\>t feeDe of Cragium tafcen to tije 
quantitieofaDiagme, tegooD agapnft 
tbe ftrangurie ? it piouofcetb tonne, bzea- 
fcetb tbeftone in tbeblaDDer,$tyingetb 
ttfooitbtanDitmouetlj fte termed oj 
totters of women* 

•CbelpKebertuebatlj tbeleaueSanD 
iupcetobe tafcen after tbe fame fo#e: 
anD beinglapDe to oummrDlp, itDjato* 
tfy out tboines anD tylinterft. 

Cberobtetafcentiritb a little ftbeu" 
barbe,feilletb , $Diiuetb foitb ttopneft 
$tSberpfinguler of excellent toertue 
agapnft tbe fame,as men in tbefe Dapetf 
baue ptoueD bp experience* 

3|tiSfapDealfo (aSrecoiDetb &iof- 
coiiDes ) tbat tbewilDe d&oates toljan 
tbep be ftrofcen uritlj Darts ot arrotoes, 
bp tbe eating of tbiS berbe Do caufe tbe 

fame to fall from out of tbeir boDpeS , aftoell as if tbep baD eaten of tbe rpgbt 
Dyaam .3inD it is potable, tbat foj, tbe fame caufe tyisberbe was firfc takeum 
fyoppeS in fteeDe of tbe rigbt Dydam. 

tyThc Dcfcripticn. 

4Dlemomumbatl) tenDer ftalfee^, tuift iopntes : tlje leaues aremeetelp 
btoDe,altuaieS two fet at euerp iopnt one againft anotljer,at tbe bigbd* 
of tbe ftalfces growetb wbite flowers , banging DownewarDe anD top* 
ningone to anotber Ipfcea tuttap, 0^ little nofegape, after wbtcbe flowers 
tljerecommetbblacke feeDe, inclofeD inrounDebuffces* Cljerootetswljitfc 
plapne anD long* 

p et tbere is an otbetljerbe taken fo^olemontum,w!)icbe Dotb alfo bang 
2 fooitb longftaifceS,witb knotted o^iopntesrit tsmucbe longer ifozz 'beafoie* 
fapb fcinD e,bauing long leaueS,narro w at tbe top , anD bjoaDe beneatb wbere 
as tbep be iopneD to tbe ttalfce* %ty flowers of tbis kinDe be of an orient 0; 
cleare reDDe colour,anD Do growetn tuffetes almoft Ipke Valerian* 'Cljeroote 
IS long,wbite,anD tbicke,anD welfauouring* 

Cbe laolemonium wfcerof atbfpjtu? tpeaketk is fyefjo^minte Defcribe* 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 

Polemonium. 25cenalbUttt* Polcmonij altera fpecics. 

4§* The Names. 

x Ctye ftrft t# called in dftreefce ^m^i^^ <$\\«\tw*vx ftattne Polemonium,^ 

Polemonia,0f fome,x^'ocTuv«juic,Chilioclynamis 5 y t<g?tO fap, atyUntytD fceitfue£, 

oipzopertieg:inftmp£, a^U3ttne(Tetl;55ei:riarDu^of d5onDomo, Herba tunica: 

not t^at fctn&e of $ el) en,U)betof ^etapio to^iteti) in bi£ CCjrouCljaptet* 
2 Ctjefecon&etgalfo taken foj Polemonium, $ tecallet) of l^etbojifteaf Behcn 
r ubi um,ti?i£ Ijerbe ffmulD feeme to be #tam(Ttt£ tu^ecof mirgtl in !)# dSeotgi- 

qiteftan!) Columella in hortis mafcetb mention* # The Nature. 

^olemoniumig of completion ntp in tljefcconDe&egree* * 


Ce roote of ^olemonia tuonfeen iniuine, i£ good agapnft fyebloottopffpjce, 3 
anD agapnft tlje bttingetf anH ftingingeg of toentmoujs beafteg* 

Cljefame&iunfcen in toater,piouofeet^ biine,anDI)elpetl) fyeftrangutpanl) 3 
papnetf about ttje ljucfcle bone ot Ijanctye* 

^enfcfeit uutb bineget^againin^eljar&neirean&ftoppingegof fyemelt oj c 
fpIene>auD to all fuel) a# ace bp anp meaner greetieD about tljemelt* 

%ty fame^olDen in tljemoutlj and cbetoeD,tafcetl) auiap tootlj actje* 5© 

CbefamepounDe6tlapDeto,curetl)tl)eftingtnge$of g>co;tptong: $int>eefce 
it ^atl)fo great (hrengtftagainlt^coipionft tljattttfjoCoeuetbo buttyolfcettje 
feme in Ijtsr IjanDe^cannot be ftong,oz tyirt bp anp ^cotpiom 

All the fe laft recited vertues from E are not found in the laji Douch copy. Yet they he all 
in my French copy, the which I haueand is in diuers places newly corrected and amended by the 
t^d uthor him felfe, £jQf 

The thirde Bookc of 

Cypcrus. e uglify 6 allangaU 

?2p T/k Defcrtftion. 

^perugleaueg are long,nat« 
row,auD IjatD, Ctye liaifceig 
triangleD of acubite long , in 
tbetopvutyerof grotoetlj Utle 
leaueSB3^ttefeeBefpungingout » €t>e 
roote&long interlaces one ttufyin an 
otber , bauwS manp tl#eDDe£ , of a 
tyotone colour anD toeetefauour* 
a 1 iSeftDetftbtetberetefounbanotber 
feinDe lifceto tbeafoiefapD in leaue$ anD 
ftemme$:but it batij no log tootes , but 
Diuerg rounb little rooteg of £ btgneffe 
ofan^Dlpueiopningtogitber : 3inDof 
tij&fi^t ©iofcottDes b&tb touttetn 
\ €>ne map toel place amongft $ feinUe^ 
of Cppetu&tbe Utle rooted calleD Craft 
(of £3 taliauS)foi tbeir leaues be foine- 
tubatlifcetbe leaner of Cpperu£> but 
tijep be fmaller $ narrower , tbe rooted 
be almoft like to fmal nuttetf, o^ line tbe 
filketoo*me£tu;tappeD rounDe in tbeir 
dike, befoie fyep turne into S)£otbe0 o % 
23utterEpe£ , anD bang togitber plente* 
ouftp, bp little fmal ttaeD&tbefe rooted 
be tweet in tafte almoft like C^eftnutft 

JfcThe Place. 

Cj>petu£ a^tntttteffetli Saioftoubetf, 
grovuetb in loto mopft placed not commonly founDe in tyitf Countrep,but 
in tbe garDen£ of Come ^erboiiltejSu <5* The Tyme. 

*€W tperbe tyingety foo^tb W ty&fe *°P> * Mb* tuitft leaue&iu June anD 

3| nlp^ $£The Names. 

3Jt i$ calleD ind5reefeeKU7rte®-:iuitatine Cypcrus, Cypirus, anD Cypcris, af 

fome Afpalathum,^ Eryfifccprum : in fyoppeg Gyperus: of COJUeliltgCeUW, 
Iuncus quadratus,0f ^linie Iunculusangulofus ,anD Triangularis . in jfrettCtye 

souchet inBoucljetoplDen<i5algan:in Cngliil) d&alangaL 

Cberootetf calleD Crafoftare alfo nameD of tbem £ tojitenoto Dulcichimu: 
in ^papne AueiUnada^ of tbe common^ of Jtalp(a£ \% afo£efaib)Trafi,# Tra- 
fci.S»ome learneD menfyinke£ tljis i$ MW^.Mamiras^betttf paulug Slegt* 
netattmtetb>\»ljiclj 3luicen callefy Memirem, ot rather o^Kov/n?, Holoconms, 

Of Hippocrates # The Nature. 

Cijeroote of Cpperu^o^ngliu)<i5alangal,i0^oate anD Dip in tljettjirDDe* 

gre& The Vertues. 

Cberootetfof CpperugbopleD anDDwnfeepiouofeetbbUne,b]tingetbDotune 3 
tuomen^naturallfickne(Te,D t iiuetbfooit^ tljeftone,anD tealjelpeto fyemtbat 

Cbefame taken after tbefome manner itfaremebpagainftfye (tinging anD 25 
popfontf of £>coipion£ ,anD agapnft tbe cougb* 
^ttfalfo goob agapnft tbe colDnelTe anD ttoppingesofttje mother iffyebel* c 

Ip be bafyeD \uatme tyer u> itljalU 


the Hiflorie of Plantes. $47 

Che fame madcintopotDderclofeth bpandhealeththeolderutwingfojeS 
6f tije mouth an& tecretepattescalthongh thep eate,and umfte thefiefy)if ttbe 
ftro\r>^ tl)erem,o^lapDe t^ecetjpontDttlj tupne* 

3lt is c ulto!nablp,aud alfo uuth great pjofite put into hoate opntments and * 

Cl)efeeDeofCppem0D;onbetiU3it^UJatec, asiMiniefapth, ftoppeththef 
fittjte of thebellp, and all the fuperffuous running foo#h of uuomens flowers; 
butifto much thereof be tafcen,itengend£eth headache* 

«5frte Dcfcriftion. Vcratrum album. 

$etorfjtte€iiebo^art) greatbtoad 
jleaue&unth ribbed o^ftneuie^ lifce 
theleauesofthe great 0lantapne 
oj d&entiam Che ftalfce 10 routine ttuo 0$ 
fttee foote high>at tlje bpmoft part tu^er- 

top , the flowers one aboue another, pale 
of colo.i,diuided into fijce little leaues, the 
which tymt a greene line ouetth wattChe 
fame being paired, there commeth in their 
placed fmalhuffccs wherints cotepnedthe 
feede, the rooted tounde, asthtcfceasa 
manSfinger 01 thombe, white both with- 
butand within hauingmanp thtcfce laces 
oztl#eD&p (fringes 

♦jt The Vlace. 

82>hite^elleboi groweth in 3Inticpta, 
neareaboutthemountapne €>eta, and in 
Capadocia $ &pua, but the bell groweth 
in Cpiene* Che ^etbojtiftes of this Cout> 
trie Do fet it in their gardens* 


uahttei^ellebo^ flouueth inthiSCoun* 
trie tn3]une and 3|ulp* 

<%*The Names. 

ChiS kind of ^ellebo^ is called in dfcrefee 

itttfoe©- xiwwffjft Jlatine Veratrum album : 
inftoppeS Helleborusalbus: offome Pignatoxaris^ Sanguis Hcrculis.ut jfrectf 

More high louche t©eif? jftieftourt?:in bafe 3lmaigne oaitte m& v 
ujottelo^ujtt^ieftrupt : inCnglilh r©htte ^ellebo^iiefewotfe, andjtrog- 

The Nature. 

Che roote of eilebot is hoate anb d#e in the thitde degree* 

«5*7 'ht Vertues. 

Che roote of white (ffllebot caufeth one to bomit bp mtghttlpand with 
great fojce;aliruperfluous, flpmie,benemousand naughtie humours* XUfee* 
Wtfe itis good agapnft the fallingficfenelTe, #h^enfies,olbepapneoftheheab> 
madneffe,fadneffe,the gowt, and ^ciatica^Ufoites of Bjopfies, popfon > and 


348 The third e Bookeor 

agapnft all colbe bifeafeg , tljat be barbe to cure, anb fucfte a£ topll not 
peelbe to anp mebicine ♦ But a$ concerning tlje preparation thereof befoieit be 
mmiftreb to anp,anb alfo in wbat foit tbe bobp tijat fljall receiue it ougbt to be 
piepareb,it batty beu berp tuell anb largelp befcribeb bp bitted olbe £>octo#, 
urtjerof 3 minbenot to intreate,bpcaufe £ ruleg to be obferueb be fo long,tbat 
tbep canuotbe compteljenbeb infemu>oibe#, fojttjep map toellfpllaboofee, 
anb bpcaured^alenteacbet^t^atoneougbtnotto miniftzttirig betjementanb 
ttrongrooteininmrbemeDicme&butonelpto applptljefame outumtblp. 

Cberefoteitis goob to bebfeb agapnfl; all rougbneffeof tbenunue,topUie;6 
fcur8fe,fcnobbe$,foulefpotte& anb tbelepjep , if it belapbettjereto toittj £>pie 

Cbe fame cut into gobbing ojflice&anb put into fiftulag , tafeetb atoap tbe C 
ftarbneffeoftbem, . 

Cbe fame put bnber in manner of a iaeffarie,btmgety bourne flotoerft anb » 
erpelletbfyebeabcbilbe* _ 

CbepotiJber tbereof put into tbenofe,otfnift bp into tbefame, caufetb fue* 
fing,tJoarmetb anb purgetb tbe b japne from grofle ttpmie bumourtf , $ caufetb 
tbem to come out at tbe nofe* 

Cbe fame bopleb in bineger anb tyolben in tbe moutb,fu)agettytoottyaclje, jf 
anb mtngleb fcritb epe inibicine&botb cleare anb fyarpen tbefigbt 

Cberooteof^eUeboipounbetottbmealeanbbonp, i£ goob to fetil^pfe<5 
anbEatte^anbfucbelpKebeafte^anbtobnuetbematuap : Ipfcetopfeifitbe 
bopleb uritb mplfce, anb ns>afpe£ anb f lpe# bo eate tbereof,it fcilletb tbem, foi 
tobatfoeuerbotbeateof it, botbfxoellanbbteake:anbbptbi£ twemaptubge 
ftotue perilous tbi£ rooted 

t©btte CUeboz bnpiepar eb,anb tafcen out of time anb place, oi to muclje ut 
quantities berp burtfull to tbe bobp : fo;t it cbofcetb , anb trouble^ all ttye in- 
tuarbeparteg , tyatoetb togptber anb (btinkettyai tbeftnetuetf of mangbobp, 
anb in fine it tteaetb tbe partie^berfojte it ougbt not to be taken bnpiepareb, 
neptber tban tuitbotit goob beebe anb great abuifement f 01 fucb peopleagbe 
eitber to pongotto olb,oi feebler fpit bloob,oibe greeueb in tbeir ftomacketf, 
tobofebieaftej^areftraigbtanbnarrotoe, anbttyeir necke$ long,fadje feeble 
people map bp no meaner beale tuitb it>uutbout ieobarbie anb banger* t©ber* 
f ote tbefe lanbleaper£,l&oge£,anb ignorant Me&wbicb take bpo tbem imtb- 
oiit learning anbpiactife, bo berp euill,fot tbep giueit ttitboutbiftretion to al 
people,\obetber tbep be poung op olbe,ftrong ox f eeble,anb fometimetf tbep kil 
tbeir patienteft op at tbe leaft tljep put tbem in perill o k t greatbaunger of ttyeir 

efmilbt vo\)\tt e\hb 0? 0; fttkmuttt. Cljap. 

ifeThc Defcriftion. 

fy$ fterbe&lpke bnto tbe tubtte Cllebo^aboueCapb,but in al parted 
it i$ fmaller: it bat^ a ftraigbt ftalfce tuitb feinotoep leaueg , like t^e 
botunefromtbeftalfeeofa^bite colour, bolotoeintbemibble, tuit$ 
gone,tberecometb bpfmal feebelifeefanbeclofeb in tljicfceburke&Cberootetf 
are fpzcab ft ere anb tbere full of fappe,vuitb a tljtcke barfee, of a bitter tafte* 

the Place. 

Cin^tjerbegeotoetft in Brabant in certapne mopft mebotoeg, anbbarke 
HabotDie places* ^ The 

the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 

tifeTbe Tyme. 

%W berbefloti^etb in June an& July* 

# The Names. 

Wtfg becbe t&calieb in <$mU tM*fo f ; V k btcaufe 
tt^Ii%euifall;toiTtoi^l)ite^eUebo^ : mkatine 

Hcllcborine 5 anD Epipa&is : in tyqfy &QUCbei©tl&t 

ttit #iielcrupt,tbatt£ to fap^tlbetobtteCllebok 
£>ome tbpnfce, tbatCiebojtne 10 anberbelpfceto 
eilebomg onelpm bertues , anb not in fafytom 
Cbefefellotoestuplnotreceute tbteberbefoj, Hd- 
lcborinc:butbptbt0t^epmap fcnouubetr errour, 
bpcaitte neptber d5alen no^ &ioftoz<be# bo attri- 
bute anp of tbe properties of Cileboi to fceilebo* 

rill^ *%* The Nature. 

%W &ctbe f$ of boate anb tyie completion* 


% Cijebecoctton of i^elleboune toonfce, openetb d 
tbefroppingegof tbe liner , anbis berp goob fol 
fntb a# are bp anp fcinb e of meaner btfeafeb in tbeir 

anp manner benemoug bead* 

Vcratrum nigrum Diofcorides/ 


Hell ebon 

Planta Leonis. 


The thirde Bookeof 

&Thc Kyndcs. 

piel)eD^HCt»p t^e^crbotifte0ofourtwne)tl)3tcefojtte^of^erbe^\i)l)eiof^ 
f trft i0 mucl)e IpHe in tiercciptton to Helleboms niger,ofBiofco;ube*:3i;be 
Ceconbeteaftmngeljeebe not muctje Differing in bettue from ttje true blacfee 
©elleboi , anb i* calleti Cbitfte^erbMnb (* mtic^ Ipfce in tieariptton to Hci- 
lcborus nigcr,t^at ^eopl#aftu* fpeafcefy of: Clje tyirbe i* commonip caUeD 
of ttje lo we Bouc^men saterc rupt,tl)at i* to fap,# ierwurte* 
pfeudoheiieboi us .^aftarD D^ellebottlje Xouttourt* 
blacfce/ A 


• jfi«ra»<Ptroeblaeke$^ 
fol^oifiuebeepecu^^ oia*&tofcoube* 

anb plapne,at tbe top whereof grow flower* m little tuffete&tbicfce fet like to 
fcabeou*,ofaUgbtblew colour. Mter tbefalling of ^iclje flower* commetb 
tljefeebewi)tcbei*notmucbebnUfce to wbeate* Cljeroote*areman? ftnail 
blacfee long tbtebbe* coinmmg altogitber from one beab* 
% Cbuftesberbebatb gteattljicKegremeleaue&cutro^ 
Whereof eacbe part i* long anb (barpe at tbe top , an* one balfe thereof t* cut 
anb fnipt about like afawe, tbe otber balfe leaf e nept to tbe ftalfce i* plame art 
not cut; Cbe flower* grow amongft tbeleaue* bpon IJwt ftemme* comimng 
from tbe toote>anb are of tbe btgnelTe of a grote, 01 H)illmg,of a faire colour a* 
wbtte a* fno w,bautng tn tbe nubble manp tt)ott,tenber , $ fine tbzebbe*, tipte 
wtb pello w*3iftcr tbe flower* baueftaibe a long time,wt)an tbep begin to pe- 
ri^tyepbecomeblew^afterwarb greene* Sifter tye flower* tttymgetb fottb 

the Hiftoric of P lantcs. 

foure o; fine codg ot bu&etf lopmng togttljer almofl; like £ fniffce of Columbine 
toberein & contcpiieU tbe feede ♦ Jt batb in tbe fteede of a roote manp tljicke 

l Cbeleauegof mallard ^ellebozarefometobatlifcep leauegof tbeafozefatd 
Cbitfte^ Uerbe,but mucbe fmaller, parted lifceunfe $ cut into dittertf otbet nar- 
row leauefttobicb are cut round about on euerp ftDeitke afatoe* €be flotoertf 
comtnot from tbe roote,but groui upon tbe ftemmetf u>ber a# tbe leauejs tafce 
ijold^ are mucb leffe tbea f> flouierg of Cbaftes berbe,of a greene 01 berbelifce 
colour*3&ftertbepairtngaump of vubicb floujer&commetbbp alfo foure o^fiue 
iitle buflieg 01 coD^ iopning one in another, wfyztm i# feede, tobtcb blacfee $ 
rounth'Cbe rooter are manp blacKe tbzeddetf inouen, oj interlaced togttber* 

4 ftouftourtUJbtcbfucbftus countetbfoz atttndeofbiaciie^elleboz,pefl;aU 
ftndeit bereafter amongft tbe 3lcomte& vubereof it i# a feiude* 

5 Cbeotber tDbtcb l^ierom 23oc& fettetb out foz blacfee i^eliebo^ tljetobtcb al- 
fo of tbe 3potbecarie$ batb ben fo taken,t£ defcribed in tbe fecond part of tbi£ 
^iftoite ? \i3bcre a$ it i$ alfo declared^ it i$ no fcinde of blacfee iijelleboz,but tbe 
rigbt 33upbtbalmum,oz £>jce epe,and therefore neitber burtfulno£dangetou£ 
a$ it batb ben moje largelp Declared. 

Tbe Places. 

* 2S!aifce l^eilebozgrouietb in 3tetoUa,fcpon tbe mountapne $elicontn23eo# 
tta,and dponjsarnaffus mount in i£boctdia:and in tb# Countrie it i£ found 

in tbe gardens of certapne l^erboiiftejSu 

1 Cbuftes wurtetf lifeetirife,i£ not common in tyi£Countrte,but i£ onlp found 

? Cbebaftardeblacfcel&ellebozgrouietb in certapne tooodg of ty&Countrte, 
a$ in tbe wood ^oenie in 2$zabant,$ it i$ fet o^planted in diuetg gardens 

* Cbeblac&e ^eileboiin tb& Countriefiouuetb in3(une,and fyoztlp after tfce 
feede i#rppe* 

1 Cbziftesumrte ffottuetb albpttmes about Cbziltma£,tn3lanuarie,$ almoft 
bntill S^arcb, in jFebzuarie tbe old leauetf fall of,and tbep (tying fooitb againe 

3 CbeblacfceBaftarde ^ellebo.zflota^zetbaUb bptimeg, butmo&commonlp in 
f ebzuarie/ometimeg alfo bntil 3tp£tt» # The x<tmes. 
t Blacfce I§ellebon0 calleD in c^refce ^^o f @- Ratine Veratrum nigru> 

anD HelJcborusniger,Offome MelampodiunijPrsetiumjPolyrhyzon , Mclanor- 

hizon,^ offometiniter0noiD,Luparia,^ Pulfatilla: inbigb^oucli S>cbtoartj, 
^iefexuurtKin bate ^Imaigne ^tuert 0iefetuoiteU 
» CbefeconbftoulDfeemeto be^^^-^^Hcllcborus niger^btcb'Cb^'' 
pbzaftbefcribetb : anbitfcalleb of learned mentbattuiiteno\t) , Pianta Leonis, 
tbat is; to fap,)lion£ foote , ^ it i$ tafeen fo; tbat berbe tobicb 3tle]canber "Cral- 
lian^anb^aulug 3(iegineta call in <^rebeKo^ovo7ro/iop: in Ratine Coronopodiu, 
and Pes com ids. jt i$ called in Biabant i^eplicbberftcrupt, tbat i$ to fap, tbe 
berbeofCbufto^Cb.wftma^ berbe, bpcaufe it flou^efy mod commonlp about 
Cbuftma&elpeciallp ^^an tbe winter i$ milde* 

Cbe tbirdei^nOUJ called Pfcudohellcborus nigcr, Veratrum adulterinumni- 

? grum.and iti0 tafeen of fomefoz tbeb^betDbicbelBliniecalletb Confiligo t in 
bigh 23oucb it i$ called Cf^tftumrt^tbatte to fap,Cbulle$roote:inBiabant 
^iercrupt, tbat to fap, f ier t>erbe,bpcaufe toitb tbi^ b^rbe alone men cure a 
difeafe in cattel named in f rencbe of fome it & called ii£zanckctupt,a£ o? 
tbelearned andfamou^Boctojin^time^pierincfe refidentat^Louatgne: 
andfome call it v&aencrupt, <©g U fork 

jji The thirde Booke of 

The occaftbn of the Names. 

Cbig fjerbc wag called ^elampoDium , bpcaufe a fyepbearD calleD <J)£eIam- 
pu0 in 2drcaDia cureD tintij tb# bctbe tbe Daughters of ^iatu# , tubicbe u>ere 
Diffract of t^tvc memoue&anD become mab:fo tbat afteruiarDe tbe berbeiaatf 

feUOlDCm ^The Nature. 

23lacfcei$ellebQ£ t^!)oate anb D;tp tnt^e tbirDe Degree* 
Cbufterurart,anDttyeblackebaft^^^ tierplj?Ke 


Blacfce i^ellebo^ tafcen imuarblp, pjouofcetb tbe fiege ts% ftoole bebementlp, % 
and pnrgetb tbeneatber part of tbebellp from grolfeanD tbiefce fleme,anDcbo* 
lertque bumourg : alfo it i$ gooD fo; tbemttyat luajre maD 01 fall beftDe tijem 
Celue& anDfoifticbeagbeDullbeaupanD melancbolique : alfoitiggooDfot 
tbenttbat baue tbegotote anD Sciatica. 

&pfcebettuesitbatb to betaken inpotagetf , oitobe foDDentiritbbopIeD^ 
meate,foi Co it Dotty open ttye beiip, anD ptittetb fo L itty al fupetftuou# bumour& 

Cbefame lapD to in manner of a i^effarie 01 mother gmppofito^ie, o^tngetli $ 
Dottwe vuomentf Cicfcmeffe,anD Deluieretb tbeDeaD rfjtlDe* 

Ctyefame put into jFtftulas anD bolotue blcer£ , bp ttye fpace of tl#ee Dape& ^ 
clenfetty tbem,anD fcouretty aump tbebarDnefle anD imobbeg of ttye fame. 

Cberoote tberof put into tbe eateg of tbem ttyat be barDe of Rearing, ttoo <g 
ttyee Dapetf togitber belpetb tbem berp muctye. 

jtftDagetbtoottyacl)e,ifonevua(t)ebt0teetbtDitty btneger herein it batbjf 

Sin emplapfter maDe of tb&rooteluitb*barlp meale anD ttune , t# berp gooD $ 
to be lapDe bpon tbe bellpes of tbem tbat baue tbe B:opfte. 

CbefamepounDetuitb f ranfcencenfejiWom^ £>ple,bealetb al tougbneffe, $* 
# barbnelfe oftbe ftone,fctiruine(fe,fpo t& $ ffarre&tf it be rubbeD tbereantb* 

^lanta &eoni£ 01 Cb.uftefttmtte&i# not mucb Differing in ptop erties from j 
blacfce l£elleboi;foiitDotb alfo purge anD Dauetb fo#b bp fiege migbtilp,botb 
melaiKbolp anD otber fuperEuougbumourg* 

Cbe roote of baftarDe l^ellebozttiepeD in uotne anD Dionken , Dotb alfo loofe & 
ttyebellplifeeblaclie^eUebo^anbi^berp gooDagainftaltbofeDtfeafe&vobete 
fcnto blacfce^elleboiferuetb* 

JtDotbbte operation tuitb moiefo^ceanDmtgbt, if itbemaDeintopottDer, % 
anD a Diam thereof be receiueD in xuine. 

^tyefamebopleD in ujatervoitb Eue$<£grimonp,oi baft«:D Cupato t tp,bea* ^ 
ietb tlje 3aunDife ; anD purgetb pelloxu fuperEuitieu bp tbefiege* 

Cbe fame tbtuft into tbe earesf of ^pen^beepejOi ottyer cattel ? tyelpetb tbe ^ 
fame agapnft tbe Difeafe of tbe longejf 5 asf ^Unie anD Columella to£itettj,fo k ut 
D^atuettj allttyecozruptionanD greefe of tbelongetf into tbe eare$?* 

3lnD in ttye time of ^ eftilence, if one^put ttyi$ roote into tbe boDpejg of anp , it $ 
Dtatoetty to ttyat part al tbe corruption $ benomoug infection of ^ boDp^tyere* 
f m aiTone a$ anp ftrange 01 foDapne greefe tafcetb tbe cattell , tbe people of ttje 
Countrie Do putit ffraigbtbaieg into fome part of abeaft,tDbere a^ it map Do 
ieaftburt 3 anDtDitbm(l)ojttfpace all ttye greefe toillcome tottyatplace, anDb^ 
ttyat meaner tbe bead i$ fatteD. 

*Je7 he Danger. ^ 

3aittyougb blacfce ^ellebo^ ig not fo bebement as; tbe tobtfe , pet it can not be 
giuen turnout Danger, $ efpeciallp to people ttjat bane tbeir bealtb ? fo.i as? l^ip* 

pOCratejBi fiatt^Carnes habentibusfanas^clkborus periculofus^facit enim Co- 


the Hiftorie of Plances. ^ 
uulfionem, tljat t£ to to ^ 

cauteti) {IjnnUing of fineiues: t^erefoic i^ellebo^ map not be mtntftreb, except 
in betyerate caufeg , anb tijatto poung anb ftrong people, anb not at al tunetf, 
but in tljc fpztug time oulp ; pet ougfjtttnot to be geuenbefoue it be prepare?) 
anD coaecteb* 

The correction. 

^an^eileboit^giuentjutt^lting^eppet^pfope, 5aaucu& miDHlnnpg 
feebe,ittoozfcett) better $ toifyieire banger: alfo ifitbebopleb inttjeb?otf) of a 
Capon, ozof anpoti?ermeate,anb tymtyebtotl)egiuentob£infce,ittoo£feety 
wttt) iefle banger, 

ijf- The Defcription. 

Loe^ati^berp great long leaner tiuo finger? ttjicfce, Ijauingrounbe 
about (l)onpotnte$ 01 Crefteg (lanbtng tuibeone from another ♦ 
roote t£ t\)itu anb long, %\>z flotuer? ttalfce anb feebe,aremuclj like p 
flotuertfftalfce ^feebeof 3tffobpll, a# ^iofcoiibegfaptij , but in tijete 
parted tljep fjaue not ben pet feene* 3111 fye Ijerbei? of ftrong fauour anb bitter 
taftSnb out of ttj& tjerbetoinctj groioetljinlnbia^biaxuenaiupce^ uil^icU 
& fypeb anb i£ alfo nameb Aioe,anb it i# carrpeb into all parted of tije uio^lbe 
foi to be bfeb in mebicine* 

The Place. Aloe. 

Aloe grotnetl) berp plenteouflp in 
3!nbta , anb from thence commett) tije 
beftiupce,itgtotoetljaUb in otljer place? 
of 3fia anb 3irabia,abiopning to ttyefea, 
buttle iupce thereof i? not commonlp 
founbe fo goob, Jx i? to be feene alfo in 
fyis> Cotmtrie in t^e garben? of fome 

# The Names. 

tHj&ljerbei? calleb in<£reefce ocXo'h: 
anb from tljecefpiang tlje tLntinz name, 
anb t? calleb Alo e in al otljer fpeeclje? of 
Cijuftenbome, $foi?ttjefappe oj iupce 
thereof nameb ♦ Clje frenchmen call it 
Perroquet : bpcaufe of tyi? gteenelfe, lue 
map call it in Cngltfy Aloe 5 ^erbe Aloe, 

The Nature. 

C^etupceof tlji? Ijerbe calleb Aloe, 
to^tc^e onlp i? bfeb in mebicine, i? Ijoate 
almoft in tijie feconbe begree, anb type in 


% %\)t iuytz of Aloe toijtctye t? of a 
bzonme colour , lifce to tlje colour of ait- 
uer, tutnefje i$ cieare anb cleane, openett) t^%^c^ 
t^e bellp, in purging colbe, flegmatifce, 

anb cljoiertqueimmour?, efpeciallp fucije tofcerettntljal tlje ttomaefcet? butbe* 
neb,anb i? tye cijeefeft of another purging mebicine? Q®Wb molt commonlp 

<£g itf bo 

354 The thprcfc Bookc of 

bo butt tbe ftomacfce)but tW W a foueratgne mebttine foz tbe ftomacfce , fbt it 
co mfo ztet M > cleufe tl) >D ? i et Ij bp,anb buuetb foo^b allfuperfluoug bumourtf , if 
it be taken uutb umter tbe quantttte of tiuo Diamines 

Q9eittakeitU3tt^ Cpnamome, <5inger,^ace,Cubibe^,<Balan5ai,3Inn^23 
feebe,anb fucb fpices to afuwge anb brine axuap tbepapne of tbe ftomacfce : bp 
vul)tc^ meaner tbep comfort $ ijeate tbeftomatfce $ caufe fleme to be ejepulfeb* 

Cbe fame i£ aifo goob agapnft tbe 3aunber£,aS Biofcoribeg unttetb,anb (C 
tafcen a litle at a time ptofitetb mucb againfltbe fpetting,anb all ot^ertlTue^ of 
bloob,ejecept tfyat of tbe ijemo trbo tbe& 

Aloe mabe into potuber $ ftratuen bpon nttot bloobbp UjounD c$ y (topped) ^ 
tbe bio ob anb bealetb tb e to o unb eXpfeetupfe lapb bpon o lb fo: cs clofetb tbem 
bp,anb it i$ a foueratgne mebirine f oi blcer^ about tbe fecrete par te&anb f un* 

Cbe fame bopleb tuitb tuine anb bonp, bealetb ttje outgrounngetf $ riftetfc 
af tbe funbement,$ ftoppetb tbe abounbing flwe of tbe ^enuurboiDeg , being 
lapbebppon: fat being recettieD mte tbe caitfetb tbei^emojrboibeg to 
bieake out,anb to bleeb* 

Cbe fame toitb b^P bifpatcbetb abtoabe alftanbing of bloob, anb bzufefc f 
tuitb blacfce fpotte# tbat come of ftripeg* 

Jt isalfo gaob agapnft allinflammatiort, butted , anb fcabbeg of tbe epeft $ 
anb agapnft tbe running anb barfeeneffe of tbe fame* 

Aloe mijet \uitb £>ple of rofes anb bineger , anb lapbe to tbe fotebeab anb § 
templet, foagetbbeabacbe* 

3f onebo often rubbebtebeab tiritb Aloesmingtyb ujft^ U3me>it luil feeepe 3 
tbebearefront falling* 

Cbe fame lapb to tmtb tmne,curett) tbe rotes? anb puftuleg of tbe gumme& & 
tbe moutb,tbe tfyio te,anb fternelle£ bnber tbe tongue* 

Co conclube,tbe fame lapb to outumrblp, i# aberp goob confolibatiuerae-it 
toicm,it ftoppetb bleebing,anb botb munbifie anb clenfe all corruption* 

*§* T he Defcriptien. 

fgSfjjAlma Chriftibatb agreat,rounb,boloVD ftalfee,bigbet tbenagoob long 
IBinwWDttb S reat tyoabe leaue&parteb into feuen 01 nmebtutftontf , lar- 
^•^^ger,anb nuue cut in,tben tbe leaue# of tbe figge tree , Ipfce fome bpibetf 
foote,ozlpfceto alpteab banbe* M tbebigbeftgrouietba buncbeof flouierft 
cluttering togitber ipfce grape0,u>b^of tbe ioxuelt be pelloto , 9 luttber ttntb* 
out bearing fruit,anb tbe bigbeft are reb,biinging foztb tbzeeco^nereb buffeesf, 
tn U3bicb i^ f ounbe tfeee grap feeb e# fometubat fmaller tben fcibnep 23 eane* 

Cbt^berbegro\a3etbnotofbitfelfemtbi^Countrie, but tbei^erboiiCteji 
plante it in tbeir garbentf* 

3t i$ fotuen in ^ptill,anb bi^ leebe i$ tppe in ^uguft anb ^eptember.anli 
a$foonea#tbecolbeco!rattetb, altbeberbeperifbetb* 

ityThe Names. 

Cbts? berfae isf calleb in d^reefee Kporopin Ratine Ricinus:tn S>bopp^ 

anb Oftbe^rabiatiSf Cherua :0f fome Cataputia maior, Peutadadylon, ^ Palnu 

Chrifti : in €ngli(b Palma Chrifti : itt frencbe Pduime dt chnft : inb^gb Boucbe 
i©unberbaum,anb Creut^baum,^ of fome Zecfeenfeoin^rt inbafe ailmaigue 
tuouberboom;Crupfboom p anb^ollemrupt* 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 

tfg»Tbe Nature. 

%\>z feeDeof Paima chrifti t$ ^oate^H^tc 
(n tlje tlitrDe Degree. 

J£ The Virtues. 

% CfjefeeDe of Paima ChriftitakenunuatD* 

lp,openeti) tye bellp , caufetlj one to Domite, 

anD to cad out flpmic flegme , tuauring tlje 

famefromfarre, anDfometpmes cbolericiue 

tyumouttf urittj tuateriQ) fiiperfititttegf. 
13 Clje b^ott) of meate, tn tobtcbe fyt$ feeDe tf^f 

tyatlj ben foD,D:onke , i* good fin tbe cbolike >p3 

(tbat tetofap,papne in ttiebellp)agatnft fye, ^ 

gou>te$papneintl)ei}tppe, calleD tye£>cta* ,; /- 

ttque* .. 

C Cfte fame pounDeanD taken liufytuljape 

otneta tmlke,Duueti) foottb toatertfl) ftipet* 

flintier anD ctjolertque fyumour* ? alfottte 

good agapnft tbe lazopfte anD 3aunDer& 
% C^e ople ttijictj tit tytawen fooitb of tb& 

feeDe 10 Called Oleum Cicinum,m<&l}0ppei8> 

Oleum dechema . 3(tbeate$ anD D^iet^, 
anDte betp gooD to annopnt anDrubbeali 
rouglj tyattmelTe, anD fcurute rougljneffe , ot 

f Cbe greeneleauetfof Palma ChriftipounD 
tottb parcbeD Barlep meale,Do mtttgateanD 
aflTtuagc tbe mflammatto anD fuelling fine* 
neiTe of tlje epe&anD pounDe untlj btneger, tyep cure the areeuoutf mflamma* 
t(on,calleD^ ^ntomesfite, 

*fjf The Danger. 

%\>t feeDe of Palma Chrifti turned ttptljeftoma&MnD Dotb W operation 
tmfy mucb papne anD greefe to tbepartie* 

The Remedie. 

EutifpotttatvetorttytteptDet fenill o^atnnptf feeDe, anD fome tytcegof 
Cpnamome, anD dDtnger^catU)tUnotouemumerio^ tomenttljeftomacke, 
but will U)oifcel># effecte vutt^ moze eafeanD gentleneffe* 

€>f tin ftinfteft of ©tftpmale oj Ibpoutgt 


attbt0ttmeareit)elknou)en, ^fomeftalbenotp bpour enDeuourtyougtjt 
agapue to Ugl&anD fome are pet bnfcnoxuem 

fyThe Defcription. 

\ ^efirft ktnbe of Cttl)pmal,calleD p male ktrift,4aft rounD reD #alke& 
of tbe fjetgtij of a cubite,? & a foote $ a ijalfe btgb* 'Cljeleaueg are log 
anD uarrotue, fometoljat longer anD narrower tljen tfyeleaueg of tlje 
©Ipue tree>tuberof fye Ijigfteft leaue&befoze ftep be tyzougftlp grovjuen, tyett 
rougfto.uottoniike* f^efeelie grotuetft at ttfe tyigljeftof tlje ftalkempjetie 

6g mi rounDe 

356 The thirdc Bookeof 

rounb Ijoloto leaue&Ufce a# tt id ere bafon&otlitle litffbe^ tbtougb \xb)k\) t\)t 
ftalfce grotuetlj^be feeDe mclofeb in tbteecoznereb bufeeg UKe tbe feebe of 
Pal ma c hrifti,a$ well in grotoing a$ in tyape 01 faft)ion,butmucij Cmallenttye 

Tithymalus Characias. Tithymalus Characia?fpecies. 


i Cbefeconb fcinbe of Citbpmal batb flraigbt ftalfeeg of a fpan Iong,abouttye 
tobifb grotoemanp ieaue&fet afunber tt»itl^outo^er ? tbtcbe,iubtttft)^ tyarpe 
popnteb^no t mucb bnlpfce tbe leauetf of &ne bolme 01 liufcu$, but greater au& 
tbtcker , notblacfce but al lubtte of $ colour of fea&pourge*3nD tubantbep be 
batfeb 01 btirften, tbere cometb fotf b milfce a£ out of (> otber fcinbtf of fpourge* 
Cbe flowers are peltoto , growing mtuffetetf iikeEofefcourteo£iibobia,tbe 
fruit iss triangleb,lifce tbe fruit of tbe otber ^purges 01 Citbpmaletf* 
Cbe tbirH funb,tobicb map be ttiel calteti Cttbpmal of £ fea,o^fea £>pourge, 

3 batb ftjce o£ feuen fap^e reb ftemmeg oi moe, commtng fram one roote * %ty 
ieaues? arefmai 3 abttoftIpfcetIjeIeaue$ of flare, otlpnefeebe, grounngrounbe 
abouttbe ftalke,beingtbicke tootbeb,tbe flotxiet0 arepelloto anb grow out of 
ittle Difyetf oi fawfet&lifee tb'e firft fcinb of £>pourge,after commetb t^e trian* 
gieb Ceebe a# m tbe otber Citbpmaleg: tbe roote i$ long>$ plainer of woobbie 
fubftance. fcinbe of €ttbpmal,bte ieaue&Diftye&anb flowergaremucb 
tbtefcer tben anp otber fcinbe of ^pourge* 
Cbefourtb fcinbecalleb £>onne£>pourge,aftetbi£ <35reekename,ozCitbP* 

h mal turning tottb ttyt&onnt, batb tbtee ot foure ttalfceg fomewbat rebbiQj,* 
bouttyeiengty ofafoote, eHigieaueg arenotfo tbicfceaggarben#o^ceIane* 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. tfi 

Cfte flowers arepellowe growing in tuffetes/Clje roote is Ipfce tlje otfterCi* 

5 'Clje fifty fctnDe callleU Cppjes Citljpmal ? l)atl) rounDe reDDify ftalfces of tfte 
length of a f oo te: %ty leaues are toerp rmall,greene 7 narro w,lpfce tljeleaues of 
tije # itre tree,but farce fmalier $ tenDerer*CI?e feeDe is fmal but in al tftingeS 
elSlpkett>eotijer,anD itcommefy in little blewify Cupper o^awfers, in tbe 
miDDeft of tftefpDe bzancljes ♦ Cljis fterbe ft atlj leaues mucft narrower tften E- 

zula minor. 

£>f tftis foit tftere is founDe another fcinDe berp fmal, tft e wfticft'map be wei 
calleDCppzeSCitftpmaU Htftatft toetpfmallftalfce&botft little anD tenDet,a* 
bouttfteftepgfttofafpanne,anD bpontftem fmalltuffetes, witft flowers of a 
fapnt pelloxu o^pale colout,after cometft tfte feeDe Ipfce to tfte otfter,but a great 
Dealefmaller* xithymaius Paraiios-^ea^pourge, 

Het tftere is a tftitDefotf of tftis WnDe,Wftereof tfte leaned be all wftite, but 
otfterwapes it is Ipfceto Cpp^es Citftpmale, as tftegteat anD Diligent li^erbo* 
tift3lantfte<il*recfcomftatft Declared bnto bs, wfto before tftis ftatftftaD fucfte 
Citftpmale growing inftiSgarDemneuertfteleflTe, 31 DiD neuer feeit,anD tftere«= 
fojte 3 Do notfet out a larger Description* 

* Cftefitfft feinDe is great, of eigftt ojniene cubiteSftigft , growmglfee altttle 
tree 5 tfte ftalfee is fomtimes as bigge as ones legge(as l^eter Belon watetft) 
anD tyingetft fooitft manp biancfteSfpteD abioaDe, reDDiflbe, anD fet witft fmall 
leaues.Ufce tfte leaues of tftelitle S^pttel tree,tfte fruit is l&e tfte fruit of tlje o* 
tfter Citftpmales* 

The riiirdeBooke of 

Tithymalus Heliofcopius. 

t©artew°# °£ &pourge* 

Tithymalis Cypariffias. 


r Cftefeum^feml)efta^foftlcaueSi&e#olmo^t8taper^ butitfcpet 

'"aaSS fcfoHejB? are full of wljite liquor o*fapi>elfte milfce , tlje WW* com- 
metb foot* utyantyep bebjofeen o^utt, anb it fyarpeanb bitter bpontyc 

i Cbefitftfcwbeof&pourge^ 

trie,anb felbome founbe,but in fye gatben* pi Diligent ^erbo^ifte^ 
• cftefeconfte, wfirf*»fofto>tttf ,g^wtt i in placed tWpe wade, 
i Cbe tbirtie gro wetft about ft e ea,anb t* f ounbe in Zelanbe bpon tret* 


4 Cbe fourth growetb abouttownetf inplainefielbe&anb mfome gatben** 
it teberp common in tb& Countries , # 

5 Cbefift^ called Cpp^ Wpmale itf notfounbe wtyi$Countne,butui 

fielbe&petit itfnot founbe euetp wljtre* 
4 %X>zUty fcinbegrowety inftoniepiacetf* 

mitbefeinbe^of citbpmal ot&pourge, aremottcoromonlp in flower to 
IJuneanb 3Iulp,anb tljeir feebe i$ ripe in aiugutt* 

ailkinbe^oftbig berbearecalleb in ©reefceTiiv^wfo Ratine Laaari*: in 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. 

f tend) Tithymales 01 fJerbealaia.Mfltf) &0UCl) 5©0i^mtlC^ ttl bafe %\mi^\\t 

r©olfemelcK: in englifl) £>poutge* 

% Cije f tell Utnti i# caiiet) in d5reke x^wUg^ «^y/«\ot/«f «<? :in Ratine 

Tithymalus mas,Ol La&aria maicula ; fyat 10 tO fap UT ftmi\)t y TitbymdlemaJle: in 

Cnglift) fl3oob ^pourge* 

j ^Dlje feconbe fcinbe i£ called tn d5reefeeT(flu/u«x©-iuup<riv/rK$' J ^ of fome Carykes: 

m Ratine Tithymalus foemina.tljat t# tO &p 3 in f UMtytTithymalefemelle :tn<£n- 

gltlb # email "Cttbpmall , of c^eodot <3$a$a My nam , it map be nameb in <£n- 
gltft; ^pztell ^pourge* 

- C^et^irDefetnDet^caUetim^reeKeTr^ccx^ParaliosjanlJ Tithymalus, oi 
Mccon 3 of€i)eopb;mfteKO)oc(^Xocco^ 

T/ CngUfl) £>ea £>pourge: in Jaoucbe Zee o^olfemelclw 
4 ^^efourt^tocallelJm^reefeeTjflu^o-HXio^oTr^.t^at tg to fap uDlatute 

Tithymalus folfequius,0* Ladaria folfequia: infunt\}tTithymalcfuyuantlefoleU y 

attD ^»«^r mam : mailmaigne §>onneu>enb , r©olf#melcfc: anb in Brabant 
Croonfcentf cruptttn Cngltfl) £>onne ^pourge,o;tr©arnintrk 
. tlDbefiftb i$ calleb in <H5reefce t<0vju«a©- kv7t«£ uAr/ftf, tfyat t<6> to fap > ^ttljpmale 

,s *€be ftjet^ i£ calleb in dftreefce cAtv/^*/ us-.anb of fome Leptpphyilos.-m Hattne 
Tithymalus arborefcens,ttyat t# to fap^itbpmal growing Ipfce a ttee:o£Cree 
^DitbpmalL * 

i €be feuentft Wnde ttf called tn d^reefce nt^x®* jt\«Tvcpv?\<& : Mti of fome>a# 

i^etmolaU$25atbam0U3?ttetft > Corymbites, $ Amigdalites : in )Uttne Tithy- 
malus latifoiiusjO: La&ariaiatifolia, tbatigto fap,;Hargeleaueb Citijpmailoj 

^pOUrge* The Nature. 

BlltjjeCitbpmaleSareljoateanb btie almoft in tbefourti) Degree, of aber£ 
fljarpe,anb biting qualttt^fretttng anb cofummg, f trft of altbe mtlfce oz fappe, 
tijen tfjefrtut anb leaned Cberoote t# of leaftfttengtb* 3nD amongft alltbe 
■Citl)pmalesa£ d&alen fapt^jt^emalet^tljeftroiigei^tbentbefemalejt^irDlp 
fye fijrtl) fcinbe , and tbe Citbpmale uritb tyoabe leauetf ♦ %\)t fiftb in ftrengtb 
ifft^atjUJ^tc^t^lpfeeCppie^, tbefpptb i££>ea , Citbpmall, tbefettentijanb of 
leaft fcuceig tijc Ibonne £bpourge,oiCitbpmall folouung tbe £>onne* 


tcije tupce of Ctt^pmal tea berp ftrong mebtctne opening tyebellp, anb font- % 
rtme^caufuigbomttjbnngmg tottgb fiegme^ d)oieuquebttmour0:tifeebertue 
t£ in tbe feebe anb roote, efpectallp tbe barfee t^erof ,anb are berp goob fot fuclj 
ajs fall into t^e 2atopfte,\jDl)an tt i$ mmtftreb vuttlj btferetion anb xuel co t zrecteb 

Cfte fame mitt vnttft bonp,catifetft Ijeare to fall from t^e place ttyat Ijatb ben B 
annopntebtberetutt^allmt^e&onne* - 

Ci)e fame put tnto tije ^oles^ of corrupt 9 nougtjtte teet^ , ftuagetb tftetootb ^ 
acfte,but pe muft betoare,pe put not fye tupce bpon anp fottnbe tootb,oat>bole 
place,butftrftpemuftcouertyemttHtb toaireto pzeferue tbemfrom tljefapde 
tupce* ^berooteof Ctt^pmal bopleb tn btnegeranb^olbentn tl)emout^t;s? 
goob fot t^e fametntent* 

'Cbefamebot^ alfo cureallroug^nefTeoftbeffemne, mangtne(Te,lepne^tlb ^ 
fcurffe,anb (pieabtngfcabbe^t^etD^ttefcurffeof tbebeab, anb tttafeet^ atoap ^ 
anb caufetb to fall of all fctnbe£ of wartefc tt tafeetb atuap tije linobbe^ Ijarb* 
nelfe of f tftulaft corrupt anb fretting blcers , anb i$ goob agapnH ^oateftoel* 

3t fcplletfc ftCE>e,tf tt be mipt ttutlj anp bapte,anb gtuen t^em to eate* € 


j6x The think Bookeof 

The Danger. 

%\)t ittpce,tf)e feefce,anb rooteg of cifypmale& no luozfte tljcir effect Untl) 
biolece, and are hurtful to t^e nature of man,troubling tl)ebobp,anb ottertttr- 
*ung fye ftomacfce,bttrning anb parching tbe tljzote , anb making it rougb anb 
Cbze,infomucft tijat cfealen unitetl^tljat tljefe Ijerbetf ougtjt not to be mtntftrcD 
ot taken into t!jebobp,muclj le(fe tlje iupce ougtjt to be Dealt untl), but cnelp it 
mult be appliet) outijoatblp, anb ttjat U) tttj great bifcrertom 

T/tf correction or remedies . 

3lf one lap tlje barfce of tfte rooted af Cifypmaletf , to fofte cz (ticpe tnbtae- 
get bp tj^e fpace of a tuljole bap 3 fyen if it be bzpeb anb made into potuber, put- 
ting to it of ainnpjs op f eneil feebe,gumme 'Cragagante anb ^afltcke , auD (b 
miniftrebaitogitbertoit!jfomerefreQ)ingo^cooUngitquoi, a#ofCnbiue,<2> 
eozie,o£4Dzenge&tt tutlDo \)\$ opetation,u>itbout great trouble o:papne,anb 
uull neither cl)afe noi inflame tbe tljzote,noitbe imaarbe parted 

4§c- The Kjndes. 

E^Zulatg of ttoo fozteg ( as: Sl£ elite faiflD ) ttje great anb fmall, tuljetetmto 
^Biofcoube£ Dotb agree,U)l}ereag tyetiniteti) , tfyat j&itpufa i#lmallmone 
place, anb great in another* 

Pityufa maior.<I5reat€jUla» Pityufa m in ordinal €\VH^U 




*gc The Defcription 

great C?ulalj atb ftraigtjt tjigb ftalfce& bpon£ tolncl) groin great 
f% btobeleaueftgreatertbentbeleaue^ofmale^itbpmale.'CbefiouerjJ 
anbfeebegroweattljeljigljeft of fyeftalfce, anb fometime^t^ep come 


the Hifloric of Plances. $6t 

fooztb at ttje flbeg of tbe ftalhe&like tlje feebe of Cifypmale,tbe roote & great 
anb tbicfce,couereb ouer U)itb a tbicfce barfee* 

t %w fmall Cjuia to ftalfceg anb leauetf i£ muclj leflfe, tbe leaueg are narrow 
ipfee tbe ieaueg of tmlbe flare,tbe flower^ anb feebe are Ipfce tlie firft Kinb, but 
entailer* Cbe rooter be fmallcouereb uufy afmootb ot fine barfce* Cbefe two 
fctnbeg be Ipke tbe Citbpmales: tbetf o*e tbep baue ben teefceneb of fome 3iun- 
cientegfotkinbetf of €itbpmale(a$ Jaiofcotibeg \mitetb)anb a# tbep be now 
counteb,anb tbep Do alfo peelbe autyite fappe op liquojtlike milfce, toban tljep 
be either butreb oi btoken,tl)e tubicb Itquo^ i$ fyarpe anb biting* 

41 The Places. 

Cl)e great (S^ulamfiomeCountrie^grotDetb to tuoobbetf anb tDtlberne& 
anb in tbi£ C otmtrie to tbe gatbentf of ift crbouftctf* 

CbelelTer growetb in tougb ftoup piace&anb i£ founb in tW Countrie to 
arable fielbetf anb banfte&but not euerpwljere* 

(j TheTymcs. 

%\)tit ^erbe^f bo flower about ^tbfomer^lifee tlje Citbpmale& . 

# The Names. 

Cbefeberbeg arecalleb tn(i5reeHe^Tvo«v«:tn)latinePityufa:in tbe Arabian 
tyeacbeof<J]£efue EzuMnb fcfula, anbitfboulbfeeme 
tbattb&name Efula,wa0 bozo web of Pityufa.- fojtoleautogouttbe fitfttwo 
fpUable0}Mtp,tbereremainetb ufa,wberof commetb tbe Dimimttiue bfula,fye 
wijicbe t£ quicfclp turneD into Ezula, oi Efula. - 

# T he Nature. 

d^ula is; boate anb Diie intije tbirbe begree,fyarpe,bpttog,anb burning to* 
warblp,of nature muclj like Cttbpmale* 

The Vertues. 

Cbeiupce,feebe, anb roote of €?ula, openefy tbebeilp,anb tyiuetbfoo^tl) % 
tougb flegme anb groiTe bumour&alfo it pourgett) Cbolerique anb tyarpe bu* 
mour0 like tbeCttbpmaleg* 

Co be H)o*t>botb feinbetf of e*ula are in al tbingeg iifee to tbe Cttbpmale& 
infacnltieanb operation agreable to all tbat,wberebnto tbeotbettf arepiofr 

table* & T he Danger. 

30 €?ula t£ lifce tbetLitbpmale* to nature anb wooing, fo it i$ of burtful 
qualitie agreable to tbe fame* 

The Correftion. 

Cbeeuillqualitieof C?ulai£amenDeb,inlpfcemanet a# Cttbpmale* 

4^ The Defcriftion. 

m&m ^ourge fcatlj a tyowne ftalfce, of two foote btg^ moie, of tbe big* 
neUe of one^ finger*Cl)e leaner be long anb narrota , like tbeleaue^ 
M^of auritbieo* 3(lmonbetree ? t^eftalliebieafeetb ab^oabeattljetop itu 
S^mio manp ot^er little biancbe^fettoitb little tounbeleaue& bpontbe 
fame little biancbe^ grotoetb t^e triangleb fruit,lifee tbe fruit of Paima GIMfti, 
but fmaller,iDbere in i# contepneb littlerounb feebe^,tbe tobtcl) bp fo^ce of tbe 
beateof tbe^onne,boaip outof tljeirbufke^tDbantljefruite^ripei %ty 
roote # of a vuoobbp fubaance anb not berp tbicfee* 

3ailtbeberbe\i)itbbi0ftalke0anbleaue0 bopeelbe att)l)ite milfeelpke^ 
Citljpmale^ being burften oi ^urt* 

The Place. 

Jit i$ planteb tomanp garbeng of tyte Countrie* 

3<5i The thirde Bookc of 

%-TheTyme. Lathyris. 

J\t fatt) flowers anD CceDe to 3julp anD 

T/><» Names. 

CtnSijerbeiscalteD tod&reekex«0v f ;ff: 
anD injtattoe Uthyris: to£>boppeS Ca- 

taputia minor : of fome, aS BiofCOUDeS 
fattlj/rithymalus : in jf reUCtye Ejpurge : in 

tygb Bourse ^pztog&raut,&>piingfcoi* 
ner,anD creifec^ner: in bafe ailmaigne 
^pungcrupt, $ in fome places of JFiaun* 
Ders £>purgie:in engltffr&pitf ge* 

# Nature. 

tjetibe (0 boate anD Due to tlje 
ttyrDeDegree, anD to facultie Ipfce Cifyp* 


% 3!f one tafce Ipjce 01 feuen feeDeS of 

^>purge,it openetb fye bellpmigbtilp, $ 

Duuetbfoo^b cboler,fieme,anD umterifl) 

burnout** kifce bertue batb tljeiupce, 

butit 10 of ftronger operation* 
23 Co be buefe , Spurge anD tije mpce 

tbereof, are of facultie Ipfce to ttje Cittjp- 


$£The Danger. 

Spurge is as burtfull to mans bob? 

$gT he Correction. 

3if one tafce tbe feeDe of Spurge \uitb &ates , f igges, o* gumme Crags* 
gants>&?aftifc,3nnps feeDe,o anp cooling ot refrefying berbe,oi tf onebanfce 
water ftraigbtwapes after tfje taking of tbefamefeeDe,it wilnotftitrebp tlie 
inflammation of tijj e inwarD partes , no jmucb trouble tije partie tecetoing tije 
fame,anD it ftjall not be mud} ^urtfull to mans boDp* 

jfyiTht Defcripion. 

J^^^i3(rnriurtotrat^er^eplosiSaplantefafl)ioneb Ufcea little tree, not. 
muclj bnlifce tbe Citbpntale tbat foloxuetb tbe £>onne,but farre Cnal* 
ler, growing oftljebtgtb of balfe a fpanneujitbbiuerSbtancbeS , Cet 
ful of b erp fmal leaues^be feDe is fmal growing to ttiangleD bulges 
Ipke ^purge^be roote is long anD fomwljat tljteDDp , all tlje fcerbe is foil of 
mt&ettke tbe CitbpmaleS* 

25pftOes tbiS tbere is pet founbe an otber ktoDeDefrrtbeD bp ^pppocrateS * 
a:ib BiofcouDeS, calleb jleplis , tbe wljicb batymanprounDeleaues Ufee tbe 
ieauesaf garDen^oicelane ,rcDbnDerneatb , ttjefeeDegrowetbamongfttbe 
leaue0,UKe tbe feebe of ^eplos* Cbe roote is fmal anb berp tenber, t^is l)ecbe 
is aifo full of wljite liquoineitber moje mnlelTe,but as rtjeaftuefapDe* 

The Place. 

i& eplos growet!) to tbtS Countrie to garbenS amongft pot Ijerbes $ beaneS, 
anD in fome places amongft bines* 


cnc rliftorie of Plantcs. 


Sea n^arttourt 01 toflbe ^ojcelapne, 


peplis, a? ^iofeoubestepoitetfj , grotoetij in fait grounbebp fteSea 
0epio^fto\Diet^,anDl)eituet:et^t0feeDe at S^tbfomer, IpfcettjeCtfyp* 

male^* * ^ Names. 

}£eploS is calleb in (Breefce 3rwx©.:<n Ratine Peplus.- in S*J PP e # Ezula ro- 
tunda. inbigij JaoucbeCeufelS ticij : ta bafe ^Imatgtte Jauptiel^ ^ eicfe : in 
f rericfye <fo vig*cs:in Cngitfb of fomer©arnimrt,$ Spurge time, 

toe map cal it after tbe <5refee Pepio^otfolotaing ttje &oucbe> JapuelS mflfce, 
alfo ^etp Spurge,anb Spurge time. 

Cbeottjer is calleb in dfrreefce **™v.in2tattne Peplis : l&ippocrateS caliefy 
it7r(7r\ioH,Pepiion 5 fomecallit Ponuiaca fyiueftris . curner nametb tb<SS*a 

l©arttDUrt* # T he Nature. 

^eplos is boate anD Dtp in e tyirDe Degree,lpfce tbeCitbpmaleStanD Pe- 
plis is of tbe ipfee temperament 

*feThe Vertues. 

% CbefeeDeanD tupceof Peplosarebotb ofltfce qu^litie toitb tbe tttpce anD 
feebe of Spurge anb Citbpmal , anb fcruettj to all ententes anb purpofeS, as 
3Cttbpmalbotb> tubecefojetijep lofeti)ebellp,anbbaue foo#Q tougb flegme, 
Uitt^ tuater anb ctjolerique Rumours* 

23 CijtS Ijerbe Kept in bane anD eaten,bi(Toluety totnbinelTe in fye bowels anD 
jpatrt&anb curetb tlje Ijarbnefle of tlje melt 

C S>t tbe Ipfcebertue is Peplis, as BiofcoztbeS u#tte$* 

504 The thirde Bookeof 

fyThe Danger and Remedie. 

fyetbe ig alfo fyuttf nil bnto man,neptbet mote noileiTe , but euen Ipfee 
§>purge,aub i# coirecteb anb amenbeb in ttjefame forte, a# igbeclareb in ttye 
former Chapter* 

&f £>tvapton0 Curbttfy. £l)np.xmih 

tyTbe Definition, 

faf^ion to tbe leaue^ of wabe, amongft wbicb cometb f o ttb a ftraigtjt 
rounbe ftalfee, of tbe bepgbt of a foote anb a balfe or tbere about, fet 
ttntb tbe ipfee leaueg but finaller,it partetb at tbe top into manp b?an* 
cbe&bpontbewbicb grow faireflotDer$>ble\x> beforetljeiropening,anD fctyert 
tbepareopeutbepbaue vuitbina croumeof Tripolium. 
pellotu,compa(ieb about ttutt) fmail a?ureb 
leaue£,lpfceto tbefioujers of Camompll in 
arougb orbotonietobite feebe, tbe vubicbe 
flpetb awap uritb tbe unnbe* 'Cbe rooteitf 
long anb tbicfce , anD coueteb tuitb a barUe 

*J* The Place. 

tytvbt grotaetb alongft tbe feacoaft, 
tobere ag tbe tibe anb toaueg bo ebbe anb 
flou)e,infucbe forte, tbat fometimeg it ig co* 
uereb tuitb tbe ^ea , anb fometime£ it ig 
bue^nb it ig founbe in abunbance roZea= 


*€\)ig tyerbe flo^refy in 31ulp anb 3Hu* 

e^The Names. 

Vomeral it in <5reefee Te"ro\iop: fa Ratine 
tbe flCurbitb of ^efue o^3duicenne*31t batb 
no nameinourbulgarlpeecb,tbat3] fcnota, 
buttbatfomecallit blew Camomtl o^bletti 
2Bafie& tbe tubiclj namebeiongetb not pro* 
perlp bnto it, feing tbat it ig not of tbe fcinbe 
of Camomilor&afteg: toe map berp tueli 
call it, S>erapto bi£ rurbith. 

# The Nature. 

C^e nature of Crtpolium ig ijoate in tbe fytrbebegree* 

igt 7 heVertues. 

Cbe quantitie of two Dragmetf of tbe roote of CripoWum tafcen toffy totne, % 
briuetbfoortbbpfiegetoatetieljumourg: S^ojeouer, tti$ berp profitable for 
fucbe a$bauetbe £>ropfie* 
Clje fame ig berp profitable mfrte in mebicineiMijat feme agapnft pop* # 


the Hiftorie of P lances. }6y 

C Hty leaues nft\)i$ Ijerbe, as? fome umterg Do nolo affirme,l)aue a (inguler 
bertueagapnltalltuounDe&fotftattljeptjeale anDclofetljembp incontinent, 
if tljeiupce thereof bepouneDin , 01 if ttjetyufeD leauetf be lapDebppontfte 

mtfw» <£tttbttf) Sfjapfta* €f)ap.jjctf#* 

•$* T/tf Vefcriptwn. 

l^apfia, ag^iofcouDeguuitetlj, telpfcejferula, buttjteftalfcetfbe 
fmaller,anD W leaned ipfee tf entLCbe flotoer£ bepellou) growing in 
tuffetetf Ipfce&plL Ctje feeDe i# tyoaDe , but not fo bioabeatf ferula* 

Clje roote i£ long anD tl)ic!ie,blackeuuti}out, $ U)ftite\juifyin,ljauing a tfticfce 
barfce full of luljitc iiquoi ant) fljarpc in tafte* 

<i The PLccj. 

Cljapfta grotuetlj in tfye 3!le of 'Cbapfus bp Suctlia , anD it ist to be founDe 
attbi£Dap bpon Remount <35arganu^ in 3pulia, anD in manpower placed 

C The Names. 

CftteSjerbete calleD in dSreefce fl^ Ratine Thapfia,Ferulago,anD Feru- 
la fyludhis : of 3)£efue in ttje Stobique tongue Turbith. 3lnD tftfe i£ tljat Tur- 
bith \u^tc^ ougl)t to be bfeD in £)ljoppe&m tlje compofition of fucij meDicine& 
a£ &3efue Ijatij DefcribeD* 

JfcThe Nature. 

Ctjapfia, but cftiefelptljebarfce of ttje roote , ig almoft ftoatein tlje tljtrDe 
Degree, Ijautngt^erebntoabtopning afuperfluou^mopfture, tofcicfteitftge 
caufe it Dotlj fo quicfclp putrifte,anD cannot be kept long* 

*Jc T he Vertues. 

31 Cije barfce of tlje roote of Cbapfia , taken in quantitie of a &zam oj fome* 
toijat leflTe,openetlj tlje bellp, anD D^tuetfj ftoitty clammiefleme, anD tljicke ftu* 
mour#, anD fometimeg cooler tqueftumourtf ♦ tfoi it Dimcty ttyem tntt^ it not 
onelpfromtijeftomacfee(t^e\]Dl)tcl) itDot^tb.toug^lpfcoureanDclenfe)butal* 
fo from partes farre of* ^oieouerittggooDagapnftfye fyojtnelTeofbieatth 
ti)eiloppingeSoftl)ebtell,t^eCboltque, anDpapneint^eftDe, Diatuingtogi- 
tijer of fmeiues, tlje goiut anD greefe o? actye of ttje iopntesuntlj tfte extreme 

25 3!t is gooD to be lapDe untl) ople to t^e nougfttie fcurffe of tlje fteaD , to^tcft 

caufetfj tbe Ijeare to fallof,foz it caufeti) tfte Ijeare to grotue agapne* 
C C^e fame lapD to untb f ranfeencenfe anD awe Difpe arfetlj congeleD blooD, 

anD tafeeti) auiap blacke anD blew marked tuljtctj come of btufes anD ftripes* 
& Cije iupceof fye roote untij ftonie, tafeet^ atuap all lentil^ anD ot^er fpo t$ 

e Clje fame mingleD tait^ fulfre,Diffolttetl) alf^elltnges being lapD bpom 
o^ttft t\)C tame roote €>ple anD uiare, men mafee an opntment berp gooD a- 

gapnft tl?e olDepapne of tye l|eaD,tl)e aclje in t^e fpDe,anD outtuarDe parted 

tfjiThe Danger. 

3n t^e gathering anD Dtaujingfooitft of tlje utpce of tU$ roote , oj t^epit^ 
ofttje fame,tljere c^ancetlj great inflammation in t^e face of Ijim tljat Djattietl) 
ttfoo:t^,anD W ^anDestoill rife full of blifter& 3nD being receiueD into t^e 
boDp,it rapfetl) bp great U)iuDinelfe,blaftingeS,toimopling,^ ouerturning fte 
toljole boDp; anD being to largelp tafeen,it ^urtetl) t^e boU)elle^ anD intuarDe 

$66 The chirde Bopkc of 


!Bban one topll gaft er fte tupce of Cbapfia, o: ftrip ftebarfee of ft e roote, 
bemud annopntbte faceanb nafceb parted tutft an opntment mabeuuft ople 

3nb u>bcn one tupl mtmfter tt ummrblp to open fte bellp,be mufl; put ft er- 
to linger ni long ^epper,anU a Utle gutgar, anb fo to geue tt* $ ai ptepareD 
after ftt# foit, tt tyall not be berp burtfullto mang nature. 

®f T$tmrtmil o^ mm Saffron. tffjap.jewtn 

Colchicum cum flonbus. Colchici folia & Semen. 

IfctlD Saffron unft ft eflotoer& t^ttb Saffron vutft b# leaueg $ feebe* 

The Dcfcription. 

■(ErmoDacttftaft great b*obe leauetf Ipfcefte fttllp, ftiee ojfoure 
'commtng foo^ft of oneroote, amongft tobtft groiueft fteftalfee 
aboutftebepgbtof afoote,beartngtriangleb5uffee0lpfee to fte 
Msxty flague 01 falfe3tcoat&but atoap fmaller,ftetut)tft being 
irppebo open ftemfelueg into ft jee parted ittuftm ftat temcio- 
reti a rounDe feebe,blacfce,anb barbe* Cbe floujerg grotue bp after tfje leauctf 
anD (laltie are p ecifgcb , bp 5 fyozt Hemmed ot ftalfeetf, IpKe ft e floti)er£ of £>af< 
fromCbe roote tounb,b*&abe aboue,anb narrow beneaft , tabtte $ fuoeete, 
couereb fcnft manp coated 01 felme&bautng bp one tybe rtgbt tuft e mtbie a# 
it tu ere a citft ot partmg,tobere a£ ft e ftalke bearing ft e flot^e groweft.Cbe 
roote being btpeb becommeft blacfce* 

Cbere 10 alfo to be feme in ^boppetfUtletDbtterounbe rooted fte tobifte 
ft ep call ^ermobacttl0 in fafbton partlp Ipfce fte afotefapbe , but ftat ftep be 
moteflatte, anD baue no btuifion in fte mibble,as fte abouefapbe, bututyat 
flo wetf anD leaueg ft ep ^aue, ^efue ^aft not left bg in touting* 

ft rbt 

the Hillorie of P lantes, j 67 

The Places. 

^eSotue&affron, ag Btofcoutiegraptb, gtotoetlHn® effem^anb intyt 
3lie of C oid)t£Auberea£ it toofce bt# ftrfl; name*3|t i$ alfo fount) tntW Coun- 
trie in fat mebou)e& anD great fto^e of tt ig fount) about <ailuo;De > ant) about 
23atb tnCnglanbe* 


leauetf of ebotti S>affron,come f oitb tn apart!) anb 3ffpztl,t!)e feeDe 
ferppetn3lune,tn31tilptl)eleaue0antiG;alfeelm perttye, 3lnt) tn September 
tijepleafantflotuerg comefojtb of tbegrounbe* 

*Jji T^f Names. 

1 Cbe fctnbe of ^ermotmcttl bere ftgureb,t# callet) tn <^reKe xoxxi^ ft {gfcteop: 

Of fO me lU Ratine Agreftis Bulbus : tn jfreUCbe Tuechien , 01 CMort aux chiens : in 

btgi)3lmatgneZettlofen,$^ of tbel^er* 

boufteg ^ermotmctiletuCurner nametb tt, S£et)e^>affron,$ unit) Saffron* 

2 %\\z fecon&e fcmDe tobtcb t£ founD tn S>boppe0 , & calleb of patting 3tegt* 
neta,^efue, £>erapto, ant) certapne otber aunctent d^reefee p>bpftttong tyuou- 
«a«ktia©-: tn Ratine Hcrmoda<aiius 5 anD bp t!)t£ name it t# itnotpenm-lljoppe^ 

The Nature. 

^et)0U) o* uulbe Saffron t£ cottttpt ant) benentoug , tberefcue not bfefc tn 


♦jje T he Vertues. 

'Cbat ^ermobactiltobtcb bfeD tn fl;oppeg , tytttetl) foo#b bp ftege flpmte 
fleme,tua\utng tbe fame from farre parte&ant) berp goob to be bfeb agatnfc 
tbe go\Dte,tl)e |s>ctattca,ant) all papneg in tbe iopnte& 

<§r The Danger. 

<$et!o\jD Saffron tafcen into tbebobp fttrtetb bp knaunng ant) fretttngut 
all tbe bobp, a# tbougb all tbe bobp toere rubbet) uritb nettles , tnflametb tbe 
ftomac&c,ant) buttetb tbe tnumrbe parte&fo tbat tn fine tt caufetb bioobbp eje* 
ctemente&anD uutbut tbe (pace of one Dap beatb* 

Cbe otba* ^ermobacttl bfeb tn ^>boppe^,fttrretb bp toOtnge& toamltngft 
ttnnbtnzuk ant) fcomitmg,aut)fiibuestetb ant) ouerturnetb tbe ftomacfce* 

ije- The Remedies . 

3!f anp man bp cbaunce bane eaten of tutlb £>affron,tbe remeDte & to totntte 
a great Dzaugbt of C oto e mplKe,a0 matfter Curner batb umttem 

3lf one put to tbat l^ermobactill tui?tcl) i$ bteb tn S>boppe&eptber <35mger,^ 
long^epper,3nnp£feet)e ozComtn, antialttle®afttfc: fo taken ttbotl) not 
ouerturne tlje ftomacke,neptbet fttrretb bp urinbtnelTe* 

The Defcripion. 

%y\w\ grotr>ety of tlje betgtb of afoote ant) abalfeomoie 3 tt batb 
manptou.g^b:ancbe^tPbtcbVutllnoteaftlp bzeafee uittb getting o? 
•plaptng^coueret) U3ttb a tbtcfeertnbeo^barfee; rounb about tbe CapDe 
-ibzancbe^, but moft eomonlp at tbe top groto manp ieaueg cluftering 
togtt^er,tbtcfee anD of a blacfctfb colour^l&e tn falljton to 23ape leaueft but not 
fo gr^tbe ttJbtcb being cbewet) tn tije moutb , t)o cbaf e ant) burne t^e moutb, 
tongue, 9 tb*ote eicceeDtnglp.Cbe floujers gro\u bpon G)ou ftemme0,topmng 
antibppontbeleaues , toellcluftertng togttber about tbe ftalfee, of atDbite 
greene 01 berbp colour* Cbefnuttntbebegtnnmgt^greene,anD after being 
rtpe,tt 10 blacfee almoft Ipfee a 23ape berte> but le(fer»Cbe roote ig long ant) of a 
toooDDp fubftance* ^ ^ Hit « ^ 


$68 ThcthirdcBookeof 

The Place. 

ftmirolgrotDetlj intouqh mountame$r, 
amongft tu ooD, anD i$ founD m tbe Coun= 
trie otkiegeanD j&amure, alongeft tbert* 
uer $$zute 7 $ in Come placed of 3lmatgne* 
3ltgcotoety alfo in manp placet of (£ng* 

ifyTheTyme,. * 

3tflo\metHUbptime£ro tfetyuatie; 
% teeDe i£ ripe in a|ap* 

^.The Names. 

•Clftg plant & taileD in (fcrefce 

Daphnoides : tn §3*I}0ppe# Laureola : in 

Jfrendje anD bafe ^Imaigne^**™/* : in 
ffato ailmaigne ZettanDt : in Cnglifye 

iff The Nature. 

Jt i$ fcoateanD Dtp in tye tljirD Degree, 
Diatuing near e to tfye fourth 


3 tHje leaues of ftauriei open tye beU 

Ip, anD purge ilpmtefieme , anD toaterie 

fuperSuitie#,$ are gooD fo* fur tye a$ ^aue 

tbe isuopfte, )Ufee toertuebaue fouretene 

oz f tftene of tije Berietf tafcenat once fot aputgatiom 
33 Cljeieauegof tljefemeljolDen in t^e moufy anD cljetDeD , toatoe fbojtfr 

muctyetuater anD fleme from tfje bzapne, anD put into tije note tycp caufefnee- 


The Danger. 

3taurteIDotl)bejceanD ouerturnc ttyeftomacfce berpmuclje, anD tnffamefy, 
ftuctet^anB burnetii tl)e imjoart>eparte& 

ijc T & Remedies . 

Cfteieauegof jtauriellarecoirecteD anD maDe mote apt to be receiueD \ in 
iftemamieratf Chamd*a. 


Me?ereon,a£atotcenne,d^e&ie,ant> ^erapio Do totfte, i$ of tuio fotte& 
u>ijereofoneI)atbbtoaDeleaue$> ttjeotbernattotpe* ^nDistfetftiottlj 
bpt^eSuncient(0ree&e^^pfition^bnDert^efe ttuo names Chameiza, 

anD Thymela?a. 


Hamctei^butaio^eplante, about fye betgtljof afooteanDa* 
lba!fe,ot two foote* %\>t ftalfce;* be of atoooDDpfubftance, fulof 
'biancbeg: ttje leaues be long , narrow anD blaclufy,mucl) Ipfce ttje 
jleauetf of tlje 4Dlpue tree,but fmaller^ttbe tngtjeft of tlje ftalfceg 
grou)eltttlepaleo^pello\i3t^eflotuer0, anD aftennarD tljetbtee* 
cotnereDfruite, lifee tlje 'Cifypmales anD £>pourge,greene at tlje 
beginning, anb reD totyen it i£ ripe:after,blacfcify ojbjotmie tuftan it i$ Dtpe : 


cne rliftorie oFPlantes. 




thereof eaclje feebe i$ rounDe almofl: a pepper cd pnt , ijarDe anD bitter in 
tijebeginning,anD after ijoate burning fyemoutij* 

Ctjpmelea ijatt) many fmal fpjtingeg o* bjancijetf of tlje length of a cubtte, ot 
acubiteanb aljalfe, tijeleaues arefmaMeflTer anD narrower t§en tljeleaueg of 
C^ameiea,anD t^icfecr^^efio\jDer^ befmallanD \jo!jite,grotuingat fyetoppe 
of fye fytingeg o* mugged Clje fruit t£ greene at tlje beginning anD after reD 
iifcetlje^au), ot incite ftome fruit, ^auingvuitl)initatt)^itefeernellcottereli 
toitij alttle blacfce fttinne,toerp Ijoate,anD burning t!je tong/€!jefe ttuo planted 
bo neuer iofe t^eir ieaueft but areatoapetf greene,botlj in winter anD fomer* 

#7 he Place. 

Cijefe planted Do groto in rougfj bntopleD placed , about \)iqh tuapejef , anD 
arefounD in fomeplacegoff ranee a$injlangueDocfc, anD about ajompeiier, 
great ftoie anD abunDance* *$* X he Tyme. 
Cljameieaflo wetb at £ btqinnin^ of fomer, $ peldetlj i?ig feDe in Ktutumne 
Cljpmelea flotxuefy alfo in fommer, anD I)i£ fruit i£ rpp e in aiuguft* 

•J* T Names. 

Cfte Arabian ^IjpfitiongDo callbotlj t^efe 'planted bp Rename of Meze- 

reon,auD fOtttecallit Rapicns viram,Etfaciens Viduas. 

1 cljefirftfcinDeigcalleD in $reekex«/* A *'Wn Ratine chamelaea, oleago, 

Olcaftellus.of fOttte Gtocacium,anD it mapbe tuellcalleD Chamela?a trieoccos, 
tOputaDifferencebetlUfctitanD Chamel^a Germanica. 

% C^e feconDe fcinDe ig calieD in d&reefce flvM*«<« : in Ratine Thymelsea.of fonte 

Kyktfop Kxi<nreop,Cneoron,Ceftron^alfO Chamekaiint^e^ff^ianfpeecft Apo- 


370 The thirde Booke or 

linum tljep arebotb bnknotuen tntbe&boppes of tb& Countrie* 

Cbe fecUe of t hy mcka,t$ called in d^reefee rokk^ xv/cf m Ratine g ran a 
Gnidium.Dnknoujenalfo in £>boppe#: fot in fteebetbereof tbe 3potbecarie£ 
of tbte Countrie Do bfe tl)e feeDe of common d$e?ereon, of tbe \xil)iclje \ue null 
fpeake in tbe Chapter folotiring*3tnD otbers take anotbet blacke rounbe teeDe 
0£fruit,nameD Cuculus Indus, tbe tobicb name fyoulD feme to come of Coccus 

Gnidius. ^7 he Nature. 

2So tb kinDeS of tbefefyetbes are boate $ D^tte in tbe tbirDe Degree,D?atoing 
berp neare to tbe fourth Degree : tbep be berp baateanD tyarpe, making great 
beate in tl?e t^ote vuljen one Do tb cbeto tbereon* 


Cbeleauetfof tbefettuo ktnDetf of ^e?ereon purge DotimetomrDe uritl) 3 
great foice anD biolence>fleme anD Cbolerique bumour&efpectallp beaup u>a> 
tertlbebumourftalfo tbep pjteuaplemucb agamfttbe*a k iopfie,if itbemimftreD 
tuttb gooD iuDgement anD Dtfcrettotu 

Co tbe fame purpofe feruetb tbe feeDe of Thymeia?a,ioben one Dotb take tbe B 
pulpe of ttoentte grapnel 

Cbe leauetf of chaindsea pounDetoitb bonp>botb munDifie 9 clenfe coirupt C 

fyT he Danger. 

being Diuertf tuapes berp euil anD burtfulto mankinD*3]tbangetb great burt 
to tbe ftomacke^tbe liuer,$ to al tbe noble anD puncipalpartetf of mandating, 
burting,anD fearcbmg>cauftng blcerg in tbe entraple&anD in finepurgtug ttye 

♦Jj* The Remedie. 

Cbe greeneleauetf of Chamda?a muft be ftiepeD a Dap anD a ntgbt in gooD 
ttrong btneger,tben DjieD anD kept to occupie^f firft pelap to foke in tbe taiDe 
btneger,€luince^ oz tbe feeDe of barberies, ttfyalbe tbe mo^eaptfoj to pre- 
pare tbe fapDetoues of Chamci^a.3tnDtt)benpetupUoccupte of pour leaned 
fo piepareD pe muft make tbem into pouDer,anD geue it tmtb ainnps feeDe anD 
$® aftiM j muft bople tbem in tubape of ftueete milke, 9 fpeciallp of <£oate# 
milke,oj in tbe tyotb of a Capon,anD tben minifter tbefapDe lubape 01 bzotb* 

jjfeThc Defcription. 

^sa? $at$*e?ereon,tbe tobicbe & calieD in 2aoucbeS>eiDelbafMg altttle 
tyiahUM tree of tb.iee 01 fourefoote bigb>toitb (boit biancbes tobtcb 
tutil no t eafilp bteake,bpon tbe fame are long leaned like i^iiuet , but 
Obiter anD tenberer* Cbeflotuersgrotoe alongfttbebiaricbes of a 
purple colour anD ftoeete fauour 7 after tubicb commetb tbe berried ,tDbicbe are 
firft greene , anD reD xuben tbep be ripe : aftertoban tbep be Dzpe, tbep become 
blacke anD uninkleDtanD are Ipke ^empfeeDe toben onebatb taken from tbem 
tbeir untbereb £>kinne,buttbep arealittlerbunDer, anD bigger. 2tnDu>ban 
tbep becbeiueDjtbep are founDe berpboate anD ftronglp burning in tbe moutb 
anD tbiote.CbetDbicb^ tbe feeDe onlpDotb not,butalfo ^eleaue$, barke,anD 

tOOte. jlfrThe Place. 

#e?ereon grotuetb in Diuer$ places of ailmaigne in mopft Darke ujooD& 
anD in rougb bntopleD places. 

3t 6ovu?etb bptime in Jf eb^uarie anD ^arcbe,befoieit bearetb leaues, anD 


tnc Hiitorie of Plantes. 
tljeftutt bCCOmmetf) reD anD ripe in atltguft Camera €rcr inanica. 

anD September. 

The Names. 

%\}ig plant ig calleU in ^Ijoppes? of 311- 
maigne<ape$ereon,offomePiper montanu, 
aiiDatbatbben taken a long tpme foitbe 
rigbt Cbamelea, xutjetefoie it map be tuell 

CalleD Chamelca Germanica,inbigb 2£OUCb 

bafe3ilmaigne Z eelbaft,^ mod comtnonlp 

CbefeeDeoftbtepIante i£ totongfttllp 
tafcen o f tbe 3potbecarie# of tbte C ounttie 
(ox Coccos Gnidios,^ t0 calieD of tbecom* 
mbnpeoplelB£onkaerts befiefceng , tbat i£ 
to fap,23uinfcarD# berried, bpcaufe tbat af- 
ter one batb eaten of tbefe berried , be can* 
not eaftlp ftuaUotu 01 get Dotune Djinfce* 

he Natures. 

*Cbeleaueg,barke,roote, $ fruit of tl)t£ 
pIante,areboate$D*p, aimoftmtbefourttj 
Degree, anD of qualitie like tbe roote of 

$.7 he Vertues. 

%%Mt leaueg of $jp esereon Ho purge Do\une- 

ttmrDesitritb biolence $ migbt, botb fteme 

anD cbolertquebumoursu &ifeeuriteitpur* 

getb watery bumour&anD men Do bfe it in fye &>I>oppe$ of t^ Countries 

fteeDe of tbeleaueg of Cbamelea* 
# UvU bertue baue tbe berries, tbe totytdje being cbetoeD, Bo leauemfye 

ttjio te fuclj a beate anD burning, tyat it map barDlp be queucljeD bp meaner of 


^ The Danger. 

%W plant t0 uritbout Doubt burtful bnto tbe boDp>bpcaufe it teberp tyoate, 
anD of ftronganD tenement tooling, u^erefoie it Dotty burt anD greeue ttye 
imaarDe partem 

i^fThe Remedies. 

€beleaue£oftb&^e?ereonareptepareD euen a#ttyeleaue£ of Chamelca, 
anD in ipfce manner ougbt t^e fruit anD barfce to beo^DereD,U)ljen one toil giue 
tyem to be taken luity anp meDicine* 

tfcThe Defcription. 

Taphis-acre tyatty ftraigljt ttalfcetf of a tyotone colour, ttritl) !eaue£ 
clouenouutinto fiue,fi]ee, Oifeuenclifte0,almoftlpketbeleaue0of 
tbeuulD bine/CbefloU)er#grott) bpo fboitftemmetfof afapiebletoe 
tberecoinmettybp clofebufbe$,\jDbereini^conteineDatriangleDfeeDe,blacfee, 
flmrpe, anDburniug ttjemoutty, ttye roote i$ of a wooDDp fubftance , an& 

&i 'In 


$71 • I he thjrde Booke or 

*£e The Place. 

%ty §etbo tiftetf of tt)i£ c ountrte Do 
fotoe it in ti)ett garbeng , anb it groiuetl) 
piolperouap tu ityaboiup placet 

The Tyme. 

Staphif-acrcflotuzet^ at 2(£ibfomer* 

*J* 7" & Names. 

%\}\$ berbe i# called ind&reeke 

tn^Latme Hcrba pedicularis, 01 Pi- 
tuitaria,Of fOtne Ul<Breke tpfl^oKToyo^, t^at 

10 to Cap , &oufebane, o t i 43^;^: in (l;op# 

Staphis agria : in fttntty Staphifaigre , 0£ 
#<r^ auxpcmlieuxiin^i^ J^OUC^e iUuf?* 

kraut , anU Speicftelferaiit : in bafe3M* 
maigne&upfcrupt , anb fyefeebemabe 
into po\jDber&upfepouber,ti)at&tofap, 

^T he Nature. 

tapljifacre > elpeciallp tbe feebe , i£ 
^oate almoft in tbefomtb Degree* 

# Vertucs. 

% f tfteene feebetf of £>tapbifacre tafcen 
vuttt) fyorueD tuater, brillcaufe one to bo* 
nut groffe fleme anb flpmte matter, toitb 

23 feebe of ^tafidacre mingleb toitb 
ople biiuetb auiap life from ttje beab anb 

from all otber placed of tbe bobp,anb curetb all fcurtue itebe,anb mangme& 
C Cljefamebopleb in bweger anb bolbcn in tbe moutb, ftuagetb tootb aclje* 
^ CbefamecbeDDeb in tbe moutb , D^a\net^ foortl) muclj mopfture fromtlje 

tyeab,anb munbifietb tbebjapne* 
C Cfye fame tempered tuitl) b meger,i£ goob to rubbe bpon loufie apparent* 

kill anb Dutte atuap life. 

JfcThc Danger. 

Cljefeebeof ^tafifafeertobetafcenimuarblp, ttfberp burtfull to nature, 
font cbafetb anb inflametlj all iimjarbe parted anb ouetturnetb tlje ftomacfce, 
tfoncbolbeitinbtemoutlMtcaufetb inflammation in tbe moutb atibtbiote: 
U)l) ercf oze one ougb t not rafylp to b fe tbi£ feeDc, except it be giuen tiro) arDlp* 

iff The Remedies , 

Before pe occupie tlje feebe of gitafifafcre, pe muft tttpe it in bineger anb Due 
tt,anD vugan it to b:ie,pe map giue it to tuinke untb 9peaDe o^toateteb Ijonie* 
^eabeigljonieanbioaterboplebtogitber, auDU)l)ofocucr batbreceiuebof 
tbto feebe,muft tualke toitbout ftaping,anb fyoulb tyinfce ^ibiomel berp ofte, 
tofyen b e f ecletb anp fcinbe of cbofcing,anb in tbis booing it ftjailperfourme W 
operation without anp great banger. 

fjjt- The D cfcription . 

plbe Cucumbieftat^ leauejs: fome\i3batrounbeanb roitgl) , butleffec 
pib rougher t^ent^eleaue^ of common Cucumber. ^tjeftalkejSbe 
frounbe anb rougb,creeping alongft tbe grounbe tuitbout anp cla^erief 
^boiDer^bponxubic^eoutof ttyeijoloumclieof t^e collaterall bzarv 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 

Cucumis fylueftris. 


cljetfoi totnge&amongft^ leaue£ grotu 
footte ftemmetf bearing a floxuer of a 
fapnte pellou* colour , after tbe flotoerg 
tbere comntety little rougb Cucumber^ 
of tlje bignelfe $ length of ones tljombe, U 
full of fappeiuitb a bzotune kernell, tge 
UJtncb being ripe, ffcippetb foul) aflfoone 
ag one toucbe p Cucumber$*Cbe roote 
# tuljite, tbiefce , anb great, tuitb manp 
otberfmall rooted Ranging bp* 311 tbe 
berbe Us of a toerp bitter tafte , but efpe* 
ciallp tlje f tuite, tuijereof men tofe to ga- 
ther tlje iupce anb type it , tlje utytclje i£ 

The Place. 

Clj&ijerbe i# founb in tljegarbentf 
of l£erboafte# of tb&Countrie : anD 
totytz a0 it batb ben once fotoen, it coin* 
metb eaftipagapneeuerppere* 

The Tyme. 

Cb^e Cucumbers bo flotoet tn^u* 
gitft,$ tbeirfcebei$ripein£>eptember. 

The Names. 

Cbfe Cucumber tecalleb in d5reefce 

vkvcZjeior. inHatine Cucumis AgrefHs, 
fylueftris, & erraticus : of fOltte Cucumis . 
anguinus.-infyoppeg Cucumis afinintfs: 

in Cnglify BDpibe €utumbiz:in f rencb 
concombre fauuAge:\xi bigb toucbe i©ilbe Cucumer,oz #fel£ Cucumer : in bafe 
^Imatgnei^ilbeConcommeren^o^crel^Concomineren: in CnglifteB^itbe 
Cucumber,oUeaping Cucumber* 
%\)t iupce of t^e roote being dtp,i£ called Elatcriuman tyoppejarEla&eriurtu 

ifcThe Nature. 

€be iupce of tmlbe Cucumbie tis boate anb bzie in tbe feconb begree,aub of 
arefoluinganb clenfing nature* rooted of tlje fame ttK>£fciug,but not to 
ftrongagtije iupce* 

♦jt The Kertues. 

<0laterium(u>i)icl) e i$ tlje iupceuf tuilbe Cucum&erg &ipeb)tafcen in quai* a 
titte of balfe afcruple,biiuetb fooztf) bpftege grolTe 8eme,cbolerique, anb eipe* 
ciallp mteriftjebumourtf* fl^ieotier it tsgoob againttttye&topfte, anb tax 
fyem tijat be troubleb uriti) fto^tnefTexif bieatlj* 

Cbe fame belapeb toitlj ftoeete milfce,anb poti^eb into tlje rcofe, puttetl? a> 15 
tow from tije epe# tfte eupl colour tuljidjeremapnetl) after tlje 3launbife,fiua* 
gcrb fjeabacbe anb clenfetb tft e bzapne* 

Cfte fame put into Replace of conception fobben unfyljomeblDine^elpetl) C 
toomen to tbeir naturall ficfcneire,anb beliueretij tbe beab cljilbe* 

Claterium lapb to outluarbelp tuitlj olbe^ple^l^onie^ottDitft tftegallof & 
an €>jre>oi 25ull,ljealetlj tl;e £>quinancie,anb tl?e toeliinges in tlje t!#ote* 
%bt iupce of tlje barfce anb roote of uriibe Cucumber, botlj alfb purge fleme, <8 
anb cljolerique,anb toaterity bumo ur& at i£ go ob foj fuel) a$ Ijaue tb eBjopfie, 
but not of fo ftrong operation a# Claterium* 

Hi Clue 


The thirde Bookeof 

C^e roote of \irilbe Cucumber mabefoftoifokeb tnbineger anb lapbe to, f 
tVuaget^ tbepapne,anb taketb amp tbe fuelling of tbegotute* Cbebineger 
urtjcretn it batl) ben bopleD^oltien m tl)c moutt), ttu agetb tbe tootb adje* 

Ctyefamelapbe to untb parcbeb barliemeale,bi(Toluetb com turnouts anD <5 
lapbe to xuttl) Curpentine,it taeaketb auto openetb tmpoftemc& 

Cbcfainjntabeinto pou)ber,anb lapb to tiutb bonie,clenfetb,fcouretlj, anb 
taketb a\j^pfouleCcuruine&Cp^ 
reb fpotte&anb all otber blemifye&anb fcarreg of mang bobp* 

Clje tupce of c leaueg btopp eb into £ ear e&taketb avuap t\)t papne of tye 31 

fettle* fi> The Danger. 

<0laterium taken into fye bobp,l)urtetb tbe tntoarb parte&anb openetb tlje 
fmal bapne& ptouoketl) gripingetf anb to<mtent£ in tbe bellp in boing bi£ Ope- 
ration* jfcThcRemedie. 

Co caufefyat it fbal bo no Ijurtjttmuftbegeuenimtb 3l£ebe,o£ttntbCu)et0 
mplke,a litle fait anb 3(nnp$ teebe, oj geue it in potuber toit^ gumme^raga^ 
saufce,a litle Mnv$ feebe anb fain 

'ijpThe DeftripttM. * 

: *Dloquintiba creepetb tottlj 
|i)i0 btancbctf alongft bp tbe 
grounb, toitb rougi) bearte 
ieauetfof a grapity colour, 
mucbecioucn 01 cut almoft 
like tbe leaueg of f> Citron 
Cucumber, dje flotuergarebleakeot 
pale^befrutt rounb, of agreene colour 
at tbebeginning, anb after pellotoe, tbe 
tfarfce thereof i$ neitber tbtckeno^ barb, 
dinner part ox p ulpe, i$ op en et fpogte, 
full of grap feebe,tn tafte berp bitter, tbe 
VPbicb menb?p$kepeto bfeinmebicine* 
t Cbere i# pet founbe anotber kinb of 
Coloquintiba, notbing Ipketbe firft: fot 
tbttf batb long rougb ftalkes , mounting 
ComeuJbat l)igb> anb taking bolbetoitb 
bi0 clafpertf euerptobere, like <Bo ojibesu 
Cbe leaue$ be like tbe leaueg of uulbe ■ 
Cucumber* •ftlje fruiteinalltbingetfitf 
like tbe <& o o*bc,but farre fmaller , onelp 
oftbequantitieofapeare* CbetetDilbe 
<£ootbe£ baue a berp barb bpper barke, 
oi pille of a too obbp Cub (lance $ greene, 
tbe infibe t£ full of iupce , anb of a berp 
bitter tade. 

t %\)t firftkinb grotoety in ^talieanb £>papne, from to^i$ place? tlje bjieb 
ftuite ttftyougbtbnto b& 

Clje feconbe kinbe w Ijaue fometime feene in t&e garbentf of tettapne $er- 

bOlifte^ JfrTbcTyme. 

Coloquintiba bjingetij fooitl) ty$ fruite in September, 

the Hiftorie of P lantcs. 37J 

The Names. 

% C oloquintiba is calleb in^reefce^owvMn )latine Colocymhis, of ^au- 
lu^3legtnetasicyonia:m(l)oppes Coloquimida : in&oudjeColoquintopffe* 
itn,anb ColoquintappeU 

* Cl?efecotTlieUtnDemapbecaUel)in(^mkeKoxoKuvfl«aV(«:m katme Cucur- 
bitafyiueftris:mJFrenc^ courge [auuxge : in&oucb i©ilbeCauu>oojben>fojtl)iS 
is a fcinbe of tljerigljt d&oojbe* 

tfpThe Nature. 

Coloquintibais ijoate anb tyie in fye ttyirbe Degree* 


Cljetoljiteanbintuarbepitb ot poulpe of Coloqutntiba, taken about fye # 
toeigbt of a ftruple,op enetb tbe beilp migbtilp,anb purgetb gtofle flemes, an& 
cboieriquebumours,anb tijeflpmiefilfyineiTe, anb ftinfcingco^ruption o^fcra* 
pingeS of tbe guttes, pea fometimes it caufetij bloob to come foo#b,if it be ta- 
ken in to great quantities 

ftifee b ertue it batb , if it be bopleb , oj lapbe to foke in bonieb toater o£ anp © 
otberltqtto,z,an& after geuen to beHzonHen:itpiofitetbmucbeapinftallcolDe 
Dangerous ficfcne(TeS>as tbe 3poplerie,falling iMenes,gtbbinefleoftljebeab, 

f 01 tbe Came putpofeS,it map be put into ClifterS and £>uppoftto k ues>ti&at c 
are put into tbefunbement 

€be£>pletoberein€oloquintiba!jattj benbopleb,o£toljicl)etyatl) ben bop- 
ieb in tbe Coloquintiba, b?oppeb into fye eates, taketb aump tbe nopfe an& 

$p The Danger. 

Coloquintiba is exceeding ^urtfull to tbeftart, t^e ftomacke and liuer,anb 
troubletb anb ijuttetb tbebou)elles,anb otber partes of tbeentraples* 

*§*The Remedte. 

^emuftput to tbe pulpe 01 pitbe of ColoquintidagummeCragantanD 
^afticfee,anbaftermaKeitinto troc^ifqueSoiballeStr»it^bc»np : fox of tbiS 
tljep bfe to make mebtcme* 

<&f Gratia ©«♦ Ct)ap*jrttj* 

ij* The D efcription . 

^Eatiola is a lotue Ijerbe , about a fpanne long, fometljmg Ipfee to 
^flcommo ljpfope,tiritb manp fquare ftalkes oz biancbes, tbeleaueS 
i are fotmubat latge,tyo aber tben tbe leaues of bpfope.anb longer 
* tyentbeleauesoftbelefferCentaurie* 'CbetiotDersgtotoebe* 
- tttujrt tbeleauesbponfyozt ft emme&af a tobite colour miirt witb 
^alitlebletue* SlltljeberbeintafteiS bitter, almofti&e tfcelelTer 

f[ The Places. 

CbiS^erbedeligljtety to grotoe in lotoeand mopftplaceS, anb isfound in 
medotuesan tbiS C ountrietlfe i^erbouftes bo plant it intbeir garbens* 


C^is fcerbe is in Sfotoer injulp anb 3f uguft* 

ILThe Names. 

%W j&etbe is calleb of men in tbefe DapeS in Ratine Gmioh , anb of fome 
alfo Gratia Dei, tbat is to fap ? tfte grace of <&ob : anb Umtveiion : in Italian 
Stanca caualio.anbto fyeepeitfl;euietljto beakindeof Centauiium mmus^anb 

31 1 ti t^erefoje 

576 ThethirdeBookcof 

tberefojeoffomeitfecaUeD Cen- 


^The Nature^. 

<35ratiolatintt)out Doubts of y 
nature tjoate anD Dip, anDtnDeDe; 
it i$ moze Dip tben iioate, in qtiaU* 
tte fcerpi&e tiuto tt^elelfe Cento* 


^ dSratioiabopieD anD D L *onfce, 0$ 

eaten tmtyanpfcinD of meat, ope* 

netty tijebellp freelp, caufettj one 

tofcouremuclje, ^bpt^atmeane^^^f^ 

it purged grofle flemeft anD cijo* ^^H# 

23 <cbe fame D^teD an&maDe into 

pou>Der, $ ftrotueD bpo tuounD& 

Dotij tyeale anD mafeefottnDe ttjem 

tljat are nexne o k z greene, anD clen- 

fctij ti)e olD anD rotten uiounDetf* 

3tnD ti)eretomtt0t>erpnece(Tart* 

ip put into £>ple£ 9 €>pntmente£ 

ttjataremaDe to clenfeanDljeale 


fyThcDefcription. • 


jp| ieaue£ arefoft anD tenDer, anD 
..^fomeujfcat rounDe 01 IjoofceD, 
notmuclje Differing from tbe leaned of 
tfenugrefc* 'fttjefloiuergbeofapaieo^ 
fapnt peliotuecolour : tt)eto)i}icijefallen 
oi faDeD aump , tfjere commetlj fmail 
eoDDeS 0£ Ijuffee^ flatte anD croofceD, 
patting a flatte feeDe , anD fomeui^at 

*§i The Place. 

feenagrotoetfj in 3lejran*uia, anD 
in manp placed of 3|talie anD ^zouence, 
buttle beft i£ tyat of ^iejranDua* 

•§8 The Tyme. 

^enDofotoettinfyefpztng time, it 
flotuzetij at #iDfomer , anD toingetlj 
fooztljbte«>DDe£, foDapnelp after men 
gather anDDjte it* 

# The Names. 

Senate calleD of 3lctuariu£ in <£refee, 
anD of tye Arabian i^pfltiong tofyeir 


the Hiftoric of Plantcs. J77 

languageSenaranD bp that nameitis Imogen of the apothecaries tntf ranee, 
f launDers,anD CnglauDe* 

ftpThe Nature. 

Che coDDeS anD leaueS of £>enaarehoate in the feconDe degree , anHtyte 


ChecoDDesanDleauesof^matafceninthequantitieofa 23iam,Dolofe 
ant) purge tljebellp, Ccoure aioap fleme anD cooler, efpeciallp blacfce cooler 
anD flip elancholie* 

tfoithefameputpofe mengeue it to ti^tnUe tt)tt^ tl>e biot^ of a cl^tcfeen 3 0^ 23 
ttntb # errie maDe of ^eafe,o£ fome ther Ipfce liquo^ 

Che Icaues of^cnataUnun thiSfoit, aregooD fcu people that ate geuenC 
to be faDDe,anD penfiue,heauie,Dul,anD feareful,anD that ate foDainelp aftapD 
fojlitleotnothing*Chep aregooDto begeuento almelancholiquepeople,anD 
\3Dl) tel) are fubiect to e^f ailing ficfenelfe ♦ 3tlfothepare gooD agapnft allftop* 
purges of the liuer, the fylene , agamft the papnes of the heaD, the fcurffe,man- 
gnieflre,itche,anD lepne/Jnfetoe tuoiDes,the purgation maDe urithtbeleaueS 
of ls>ena,isgooD agapnft all Dtfeafes (ponging of melautholtque, aDuft,anD 
felt humours* 


ChecoDDeS after the opinion of fl^efue/arebeflto bebfeD uimeDicine, anD 
ne,rt the leaue&but the ftalfces anD branches are bnp^ofitable, 

^ The Danger. 

£>ena ptouofceth ttnnDineire,anD gripinges in thebeilp,$ is of a betpflaefce 

4feThe CorreBion or Remedie.. 

poumuftputto S>ena3innpSfeeDe,d&inger, anD fome SalGemme.£)^pou 
muft bople it untb %\\nv$ teeDe,Eapfons , anD alitle linger : foi beingfo p^e* 
pareD anD D*eft,it mafeeth bis operation quicklp, anD without anp greef e. H. 

Fuchiuslibprimo, DeCompof. medic. biDDeth in the COtreCtiOUOf §>ena, tO 

bfe flljafticfe anD £ loueSXpnamome is excellent fo k i the&me purpofe, as pou 
map fee in #atthioluS bpon BiofcoaDes* 

JfcThe Kyndes. 

StilcheaSDo trauell atthiSDap in thefenotuleDge of pimples, Do fmDethat 
there be ttuo IrtnDeSof ClDet: toherof one is berp common $toel Imogen* 
■CheothertS geafon, anD not berpti)ellknoU)en,anD therefore it is calleD 
tjailDeo* Orange CiDer* 

Jjjt-The Defcription. 

common CIDer Doth oftentimes grotoeto the hepght of a 
tree,hauingagreattronfeeo5tboDp,ftrong J anDofatr»ooDDpftib* 
ftance,from Whence grow forth manp long branches 0^ fp^inges 
betp ftraight, anD ful of iopnte&holo to Within, anD f ul of to htte 
foft pith,anD couereD toithout, ot outnmtDlp toith a grap 01 atfh* 
coloutbarfce, DnDer the u>hiche is alfo another barfeeo^rinDe, 
tohtchetSnameD themeDian o^miDDlebarfceoipill: from euerp knot ojtfopnt 
gtotoe ttoo leaues of a Datfce greene colour, anD ftrong fauour, anD parteb ox 
DiuiDeD into Diuers other fmallleaues, tohereofeuerpleafe tSalitle(mpto$ 
taggeD rounDe about* %t the htgheft of the branches grotoe vuhtte flowers, 

Jt Hi clutte- 

Thethircle Bookcof 

cluttering togither in tuftes, like fiouiers Sambucus. 
of ^arfenep ♦ 3tnb tul^en thofe fiotner^ be 
fallen , there come little pzette routine 
beries, firlt greene, anb after blacfee, out 
of thetuhicbe ttjep tuung a tebbeiupce, <H 
toinelifce liquor %n the faib beries is con* 
tepnebtbe>feebe uiljulje is ftnall anb flan 

€>f this kiribt of eiber > there is pet J^^I^K 
fotw&e another ftut, the beries tu^ereof ' 
are tuhite turning totoarbes pellotjo,in al jf' 
thinges elslifte to the other : $ this fcinbe 
tSftrange,anb butfelbomefeenk 
j Che feconbe fcinbe , t^att^ to Cap , the 
Urilbc timber is Ipfce to the ftrfl: fctnbe , in 
fpzinges $ fcnottie branches, full of tohite 
ptthe o: fubftance, alfo in thefauour of the 
ieafe* But it Differed muche in flotuers 
anb fruite : fotthe flowers of this tmlbe 
binbe bo not growe in flat $ tyobe tuftes 
lifce theflowerS of thefirftcomon <0lfyeu> 
but cluttering togither lifee tbeflowers of 
^eboiue ftueete ox ^ebevbo&oj, rather 
iifce the flowers of $tfuet 3ttttU when the 
flowers of changeable colour betwijct pel* 
iowe anb white, are fallen of : the berieS 
grow after the Came fafyion,rtttftertng to* 
gitber almott Ipfce adulter of grapes » Chep be rounbe anb reb , of a nought^ 
anb ftrange font, o^fauour* 

»|t the Pidc<L>. 

t Che common Clber is founb growing abtinbantlp mt^e Countrte, about 

hebges,anb it louetb fyaboweanb moptt placet 
2 %\)t wilbe anb ftrange fcinbe of Clber , botb growe itfeetxitfe in barfce anb 

mopll places,but it is berp folbome feene 01 founbe* 


■t ChecommonClberflow^ethin^apoilbme^atafterv 
2 %\>t wilbe flo wieth in 3lpnl; anb the fruite of them both i& rtpe in £>ep* 

if. The Names > 

1 Che common Clber is calleb in d5reefce wk: in Ratine anb in the %oteca* 
ties fyoppes Sambucusiin f renege %*,oj Hus t in high &ouch l$olber:tnbafe 

2 ChetUilbeiSUOtue calleb Sambucus fylueftris, anb Sambucus ceruinus: in 

high louche u^albt l^olberanbafe 3ilmaigner©ilbe <uiier* 

i *§t The Nature. 

i Common (Clber is hoate anb tyieinthe thirb begree,efpeciallp in the barfce> 
theleaues,anb poungbubbes* 

JfcThe Vertues. 

Cheleauesanbtenber croppes of common <0lber, taken in fomebtothot^ 
potage,botb openthebellp, purgingbpthe fameboth (Ipmiefleme, anb chole- 
tique humours. 

%ty greene m^im barbe of the bjanch^ of <£lber ; bo not much barp from 25 


the Hiftorie of Plantcs. $79 

fycleattesanb tenbercroppes>but tljat it is of a ttronger operation, purging 
tbefapbebumours ujitl) papneanb biolence* 

Cbe feebes, efpeciallp ttjelttie flatte feebe,btieb , is profitable for fu$e as y 
l>auetbeBropfte>anD fo^fucljea^ are to fatte,anbtooulbefapnebeieaner,ifit 
be taken in tbe morning tbe quantitie of a diamine urity inine , fo tijat bpet be 
bfeb fo^ a certapne (pace* 

Cbeg^eneleauespounb,areberpgoobto belapDbpottljoatefttJeUingeg 53 
anb tumours,anb being iaptie to plapfter\jotfe,\juitIj SEearefuet, or Dulles tal* 
iow,tbep alTujagetbe papne of tbe gouite* 

a denature anD bertues of tlje toilDe€lDren,areaS petbrnmotietn <j* 

^* The Danger. 

<£lber of tjis oume nature is berp eupllfor man,fot it ftirretlj bp a great tie* 
fire to bomit toitb great toffing anD troubles to tbe ftomacfce,iu tbe botuelleS> 
anb bellp* Ht mafcetb all tye bobp tueafce anD feeble, anD toad efy tlje ftrengtlj 
anb Realty of tbe liuer* 

jfeThe Deftription. EbuIuS. 

:ltbeit naalujozt is no tree, 
jnorplantof a tuoobbp Cub* 
'dance , but an berbe tljat 
ilpringetbbp, eucrppere a 
Inetoe from bis roote : pet 
notluitbftanbing it Ipfcetb 
bS beft in tbiS place to fet out bis Defcrip* 
tion,not onelp bpcaufe be is lifcebnto €\* 
Der, but alfojbpcaufe tbe auncientes baue 
atooapes fctanDDefcrtbeD €lber$ t©ak 
xuott togitber,tbe tobicb 31 tljougbt gooD 
f imitate in tbiS matter^Cbereforeoaal* 
ti)oit is no \aooDDp plante, but an berbe 
failing lo ng ftalfees, great, ftratgbt, anD 
comereD,parteD bp fcnottes,anD topnteS, 
astbe btancbes of <0lDer , bppon tt^iclje 
groxoetlj tbe leaues of a Darke greene 
colour , parteD into Diuers otber leaues, 
mucbe itfeeto tbe leaues of <0iDer, botb to 
figure anD fmelL M tbe tyigbeft of tbe 
ftalUeS, it biingefy fooitb W flotoerS in 
tuftes, anb aftertoarDe it batb fccDe anb 
beriesiike ClDer* %X)t roote is as bigge 
as a mans finger, of a reafonable gooD 
lengtb> fitter to be bfeb in meDicine tljen 
therefore not fo fit as ns>alU)oit f 

jfcTbe Place. 

t^atooit grotoefy in placesbntopleb, neare bnto Ijtgl) toapeS , anb tome* 

times in tbefeelbes^fpeciallpt^ere tuyere as iSanpmopftureor gooD ground 
anb fruitefulU 

3X Hit *Tht 

3 8 ° ThethirdeBookeof 
JX floiDiety in lune and 3!ulp,t)i$ fruit ig ripe in amgitOv - 

The Names. 

%WWht ig callen in <Ereeke x«h««wk, fyat iff to fap in Ratine, Humilis 
Sambucus .and tix jf renege fr^** & A/ww/p.- it ig called in Mint Ebulus, and 
Ebulumrm JFtencfcetf^ : in Ijiglj&ouctjeSttttcb: inbafeaumaignefcaditfc, 
3ldicfc,an& r^UDen^ltentnCngltl^eoaaltuozt, ^anetuojt, and 25loodtDozt* 

#The Nature. 

naatoott tgtyoate and d k ue lifce <£lder,alfo tt openefy and diflfoluetkand ig 
of Tub till parted 


•fcljeleauegand netoebudde$ofa&al\Do#, Ijauetftefamebertue, tijatfyea 
ieaueg and cropper of Cider ljaue,tf tljep be tafcenafter tbe fame manner 

Cbe leaueg Do alfo appeafe, and b ealc ttje tumours , and fiuelliugetf of tlje 
fecrete parted o^member&betngbopled and lapdetberebpom 

^berootegbopledwtumeanddionfce, are good agapnftfye©*opfte, fojc 
ttyep purge douwetoardeg tlje umterte bttmour& 

Cbefamedofoftenand bn(loptbe#atrtir oz^ot^ert^atfebarbe^ ftop-a 
ped,and it dotb DifToiue tbe f melUng papnetf and blafttngetf of tbe bellp, if too- 
men recetue tbefume of tbe decoctum tyereof,ty*ougty a bolotu ctyatte op ftoole 
meete foi tbe famepurpofe* 

Cbe tupce of tlje fruite of uaalU)ott,dotb make tlje ijearetf blacfce* <g 

tbefume of r^alwojt burned, djtuetb atoap £>erpente£, anb otberbene* f 

*$*The hurt or Danger. 

n&altoO£tt£ ag nopfome to rtjettomaefceatti) tmaatdepartegof man , a# ig 
fye Cider* 

JfcThe Kyndes. 

Tl^erebettoo fo#e# of 23nome, a$2aiofco*ide# to^itetb, tbe tubtte ig com* 
mon anb tuell knotuen in mott placet Cbeblacfce itfpet bnfcnown to b& 
anb ig not feene in tyig Countrie* 

9%*The Defcriptiott. 

Hi^tte 2S;aome ig fomtbittg lifce bnto tbe commo tflxine in l>ig Itwxtg 
land Clalpertf , fatting tbat ittg botb rougber anb tutjtter: it batb 
Ifmal tenber b*ancbe£ op tjuuptinge& t^e tityicb Uftetb fyem feluetf 
berp Ijigkand are gapped anb entangleb , about hedges $ treetf 
il&e $oppeg,taking bolbebpon euerp tbing,ttritb tbeir fapde claf* 
per&Cbe leaue^ be great,parted into foure op fiuedepe cuttings, 
toerpl&e bnto tlje leaned of fye maurefc <&ine 3 but tubiter , rougber, anb mopt 
^earie^Cbeflotoer^bo grotoemanp togitber, incolour \i)ijite,after tbemcom- 
metl) rounbe^erieftinftebeginninggreene, butaftettuardeallredde* %\>z 
roote ig berp great,longand tbicKe,bitter 3 anb of a berp ftrange tafle* 

CbeblacKe mint (a$ JaiofcoiibejJfaptb )batbleaue0lpfee bnto 3|ttpe, but 
mucbe greater, anbalmoft ipfeet^eleaue^of 25inbe\3oeebe,o^i©itbptt)inbe, 
c ailed ^mtlajc* Cbe ftalfeetf ot b*an$e$ be alfo IpKe gapping tbemfelue^ 
about be bedge^and tree&and taking ^olde and cleauing to euerp tbittguritb 
tbeir Clafper0:tbe fruite cluttered togptber Ipfee to fmalgrapejj, tobif^ in tye 
bmnnm ig gteene, and afterwarde toftentt ig ripe, al biaefce ♦ %\) z roote ig 
9 blacfec 

theHiftorie of Plantes. $8r 

blacfce \mtljottt , an& pellouj unttjinUUe ®w* Co tW Mcrtption of &iof- 
coufcesappioctyetbttjatljetbe, Mjofe figure weDo Ijerefet betoze pou (ttye 
ttjt)ict) of fomemctt \$ tafcen to Uctlje blacke tBine , anD tt)e tuilDe blacfce 23^to- 
me)faumg tljat tjig b*ancl)e# tio no t mount fo tng^nepttjer t»o tbep tozap tljem 
feiueg no^cleaue tmto tjeogesanD tree&a# SEufcouDetf united? tl;at ttye blacfce 
25uotne botl) : tuljerefrue pou mutt tyaue regarbe to ttjefe £atineu)oi&e£ > 

Caules etiam cognatos,capreolisiuisarbores quafi admimcula comprehepdi^ 

tu^etljcr tbep be Ipoken in bapne : foi if tljofe ttjoibeg be fttperflnou^ ? vutyctye 
ate alleageD in ttje tranflatton of JaioCcojiDeg , intyitf D efcription of vitis nigra: 

Brioniaalba. Chriftophoriana Bnonia nigra forte. 

iE^tte 23£tonie* Cljiidopipiin^rapeiuo^o^ pera&uentute 


Cl>entl)t£tDtUie ftetbemuftbetottljoutDoubttbetig^tvitisnigraof^torco* 
ttot$.%W tjerbe tyatl) great anti large leauetf of a grapifl) colour, partet) into 
&iuer# ottjer leauetf ,of toijic I) eacfj leafe i£ ranke toottjet) 01 fnipt rounD about, 
inpioportionalmoftlikeiatljeleauetfof fye^Eine, ojfyeffotuersoftijebleui 

togityer at tlje top,oz enbe of t^e Oalfcetf : after it beared a fruite,i»l?ic^ i$ no* 
tijtng els: but rounD bertie&gteene at tbe beginning,anD blac&e tuljen tijep are 
ripe, clu(lennglpfcegrapej8u€l^ 

abp&ingahuapetf tntljegrounDe, anD biingingfoottl) euerpperebottjnetoe 
leaned ant) biancbetf: foj tbe olDe Do pertfy in winter , euen Ipke a# Dotty botlj 
tljeieauetf anD btancljeg of tfye UJljite 25ttonie* 

}8i The thirde Bookc of 

&The Place. 

» iSipome 01 tije toljite t&inbeDo groto in molt placed of tb& Countrte in tlje 
f eelDe&totapping it felfe,auD creeping about beDge# anD Ditches?* 

* Cbeberbeutyirtjeigtafcenfotfye blacfee iszponie, tefounDe tncertapne 
\DooDeftont^eijangtngof^tlle^mgooDgrott!Tli,a0mt^eCoHntrte offau- 
quemont,anD rounDe about Colopgne, tobereag of fome it i# accounteD fat a 
WnDeof $taplu&totyerebnto itbatb no fcinDeoflpfceneffe* 

*©inte23tpontebeginnettyto flo^einfl^ap, anDtljeftuiteig ripetn£>ep- 

he Names. 

% i©ljtte B tponte is tailed in <B5reefce ? x^^/x^o y,n fyvco V ;«: m juttne 
Vitisaiba-mtbe^lrabiantongue Alphefera 3 of^attbeu0^>piuattcuftvuicei- 

Ia:tn§)boppe0 Bryonia: in flZW^tCouleuree blanche: inljigb 3dlmaigne ^ttClj* 

2 CbeotberblacfcekinbeitfcalleD in<&vtzkz«v™\&^«tv«,nfyvc* v ;« 

tn Ratine Vitis nigra,ailD Bryonia nigra,of fomexaewKo^tbati^Chironia vitis. 

3tnD it map be vuell calleDftt f rencb couicuM mire . in tyigty 5©ouctye ^cbtuartj 
&tickttmrt?:in bafe 3dlmaigne^toerte 23tponie, 

Ctyeberbe , tubictyfometbinfceto betbeblacfce^Szponie , igcalleD of fome 
ciuiii:ophariana 3 anb of ot^er^ Coftus niger, albeititig nothing lifcettye tigbt 


H.T he Nature. 

% %\)t roote of toljtteB tponie is? boate anD Djie, euen bnto ttye tbirb Degree* 
z Ct)eblacke#iponiei£oftijefamecomp 

jfeT he Vertues. 

Ctyeroote of toljtte 23tponie,eCpeciallp tbe iupce tbereof Dotty mtgbtilp pto* % 
uofce to tbe ftoole,caufing tougbflemeg to come foottb > anD ptouoRtng imne, 
anD i£ berp gooD to munDifie anD clenfe tbe bzaine^ttyebteft, i imaarD parted 
from fleme&groffe anD (Untie fyumour& 

Cbe roote of 25£ionie tafeen Dailp tbe quantttie of a &iagme bp tbe fpace of & 
one tobaie pere,bealetb tbe falling euilU 

Jt Dotb alto Ijelpe tbem tbat are troubleD uritb tbe ^poplme, $ tunringtf C 
oifunmmingetf of tbe beab* ^ojeouee men bo untb great pzofite mingle it in 
meDicineg u>btcb tbep makeagapnft ttye bitingeg of ^erpente^ 

Cbe quantitie of balfe aDjagme of tbe roote of #uonie, Dzonlte tiritb bine- & 
ger, bptbe fpace of tbirtieDapetf , bealetbtbe^eltotS>pienetbatig\iwen 
barDe anD ftoppeD/Jtte gooD fonbefeme entent,if it bepounDe tuttty figged, 
anD lapD outtuarDlp bpontbe place of tbe ^plene* 

^Dftbefame tbep make anClectuarietnitb bonte, ttyetobtcbetSberp goob t 
foment tbat arefbott bieatbeD, anD \Dbicbeare troubleD tuttlj an olDe cougb> 
anD tmtb papne in tbe fiDeftanD foment tbat are tyttrt anD burden imaarDlp, 
foi it DifFoluetb anD Difpatctyetij congeleD blooD* 

23eiugminiftreDbelott> in a ^effari o.^otber fuppofttoiie , it mouetty w> S 
men0flo"ajer£,anD Deliueretb tbe S>econDine 3 anD tbeDeaD cbilDe* 

Cbe lifee bertuebatb a batb maDe of tbe decoction tbereof ; bpftDetf ttyat it (6 
pttrgetb anD clenfetty ttye S^atriir oi 3l?ottyer from alfilttyp bncleanneffe^f tijep 
Do fit otter it 

Ctye fame pounD \uitty fait, t£ gooD to belapD bpo nougbtie fpteaDing fo^teft 
ttyat Do freatanD are corrupt anD running,efpeciallp ab out tbe legged* 

3(nD ttje leatte^ anD fruit are a£ profitable f o^ ttye fame intent, if it be lapDe 
totnl&emaner* Jt 

the Hirtorie of Plantes. 

3 1 clenfetlj tbe fkiune , anb takett) aioap ttje fljnueleb tutinckte&$ freckles; 3| 
mabettnfyttje^onnejanballkinbcjsof fyotte$anbCtarre£: ifitbemingleb 
uritl) tbe meale of 3Dtobu&anb f enugrec* §>o Dot^ tlje opie u^etin fye roote 
Clje fame pounbe $ mingleb Witt) toitte, Wffbiuetlj ttje bloob tljat i# aftonbe & 
ot fijceb,it biipatcbetb alfcarre&anb bleuiemarkeg of butpfeb placed , and Dif* 
foiuett) netuefu)elltnge#,it btingetlj to ripenetTe anb bteaketb olb 3tpofl;eme& 
31 1 maujeti) f odttb iplinterjs anb btoken bone&anb appeafefy nougtytie blcettf 
anb agnatle&tbat grow bp about tbe rooted of tljenapleg, 

Cbe frtut of Jdxionit i&goob agamft ttje itcbe,lep£te>0£ nougljtie fcabbe* % 

C^efttftfp^nge^oilpmtinge^ are berp goob to be eaten in £>alabe, foj^i 
tye ftomackettljep Ho alto open ttje bellp anb p jouoke fyine* 

Cljeroote of blacke 2%iotue i# a# goob fop al tlje greeuetf abouefaib,a£ tlje 
\Di)tteB£iome,butnotfoftrong : petit pteuaplettjmucljeagainft tbe falling 
euill,anb tbe gibbineffe o£ turmngeg of tljebeab,to pjouoke btine,fye natural 
ficknetreoft)oomen;to\joa(leanbopent^e^pleneo^eltt^ati^ ftjuollcu ot 

ttoppeb* > . , . ^ 

•Cbetenberfpungeg of tbt#ktnbeof2S;uonte,are alfo berp goob to beeaten 

in §>alabe,fotto purgetDatertelUperfluitie^anb foj to open tbe bellp, neit^et 

mo^e noz leffe tfteu t^e U)^ite ©itonie* 

fyThe Danger* 

Cljerooteof Btiontebpl)i£biolencebotlj trouble^ otterturnetfteftdinacke, 
anb otber of tbe inner parted ♦ S^oieouer ttje fame trntlj Xfa leaueg , fruite, 
ftalkes, anbtootetf, tealtogitbercontrarieanbeuill totuomentoitbcbilbe, 
tobetljer itbep^epateb o t tnot,o;ttt)betl)erit beminglebttuty ot^ermebicine^ 
infomucbetbat one cannot geue of tbefapberoote,,ot anp otijer mebicine com- 
pounbeb of tlje fame, tuittyout great baunget anb petilU 

fyThe Correction. 

CUe malice ot nougijtie qualitie thereof ig taken atoap \ bp putting thereto 
S£afticke,d5inger, Ciuamome,anb to take it tontl) ljonp,o k t tintlj tlje becoctiot* 
ofttapfon& , 

& f ti) e itoflfte Bine/ 6? i onw o? ® m latrfeo &ta\t. 

♦J* T he Defcripion. 

amlaWeg&eaieljatlj long btanrijetf, flexible, of a tooobbifytf 
ffubftance, couetebtontb a gaping o^clouenbarfee, growing berp 
Wb, anb tombing about trees anb Ijebgetf, ipketbebjancbe^of 
^tbe^ine* C^eleaue^arelpfeet^e leauetf of ^otelleo^garbeu 
^'^igbt fl)abe,but muci> greater, notmuclj barpiug fromtl^eieaue^ 
of tbe areatet u^pt^ie tbinbe ot Binbeu>eebe: tbe fiotoer^ be tuljite, fmal,anb 
moffiefafter tbe fabing of U)Uicbe8oU)er0, fte fruite commetlj clufteringtogi* 
tberlike little grapes otiRapfon*, reb ^enit i^ripe^angingujitUm tbjee ot 
fourefeernelle^ ot feebe? i Cfte roote i$ berp great anb tl^icfee , anb fome^ 
time0 parteb ot ttimDtb at t^e enbe, into t^ee ot foure partes, of a btotumfge 
colour W&out,anb u>ftite tpit^in,anb clammy like tlje roote of Comferie* 

tyThe Places. 

^nftt?Countrie,^is(fterbegrottJ^irt loWanfimopfttDOob^ t^atare 
H;aboujeD anb waterie* p ^ 


The thirdc Booke of 


%t flounet!) in S^ape anD June, anD 
tijeftuite&ripe in September* 

# r/k Names. 

3t & calieD in <£reefce 
in Ratine vitisfylueftris, tbatigtofap, 
tlje UDtlD tmine, pet tftig i^r not fyat tiinD 

Of UUlD mnt,t\)Z VU^tC^ men Cai Labruf- 

ca , foz tbat refembletl) altogitljer fye 
teafoie&pDe) tea plant oifjerbe of tbe 
fctnDe$ of 25 tponie,tlje tubicb i£ alfo cal- 
ieD in d&reefce Ampeios ,tljati0to fop,a 
bine,bpcaufe tfjatitgroiuetb btgb>unn* 
Dingtt felf about tree* 3 fteDges lifee tbe 
bine. 3nD of tt)i0 31 ijaue tbougbt gooD 
to geuc tx>arning,left anp bereafter t?ap- 
pento faimto errour,uutb 3luicen,S>e- 

t^tnfeing t^at Labr ufca anD Vitis fyl ue- 

itns,fyoulDebeanpotber tben onefelfe 
planter Columel calletbtbteplante Ta- 
mus. bpfolowing, oftDbomjdlintecal* 
ieDtbefruite vua Tarninea,$tlji£ plant 
fecalleD in fome placed Saiicaftrum. jt 
fccaUeD in ^Ijoppeg of Come Stpotbeca* 

rie^ Sigillumbcatx Mari£,tbati£ to fap, 

tbe feeale o L : Signet of our jUfcpe: 
in Italian Tamaro \ it map be called in 
ftmtyzcouitureeftuuage : in 3a oucbeoirilbe iSipome, bpcaufeitiffafctnDeof 
2mponie,a# a Difference from tbe rigbt \irilbe iaiine* 

jbome take tb&b^befoj, Cyciammus ahera,bttt tbeir opinion map be eafilp 
reptoueD,anD founDefatfe,bpcaure fyi$ berbebatb a berp great roote , anDatf 
tyat i& to Cap,berp fmall anD of no fubftance* 

4^ The Nature. 

t&ilfte 3 jponie ig ft oate anD Diie,gooD to munDtf ie,putge,anD Diffolue* 


Cfte roote oft^t^ berbe bopleD in water $ ferine, tempered britb a Utle &eaj 
toater anD Dionfee,pnrgetb DownetuatDe tuaterie biunour&anb t# berp goob 
fo: fucfte ag ftaue tbe & k iopKe» 

Cftefruite of tbteplantDifToluetft allcongeleD blooD, anDputtetft atuap tty $ 
marfcegof blacfce anD bietDeCtripejef tbat remapne after beattngegoj. baifefc 

)Ufcebermebatbtbetoote,ifitbe ftrapteotgtateD berp fmall, anD after* f 
toiarDe lapDe bpon tontft aclotft a£ aplapfter, a$ toe our Celuetf ftaue pioueD bp 

Cbenetoefimngetfattfteir firftcommmgbp, arealtbgooD to be eaten in a 
£>aliaDe,ag tfte otfter two feinD e$ of ©jponie are* 


the Hiftoric of P Iantcs. $5 

£>f<£lcmatw altera. tfljap.tfiriy. 


Of tbteinnDeofplanteot i^itljpUjmDe, tyetobictjefoiabifference front 
teereuincle (wljtcb & ^meH Clemattein Ratine) anb tbstfojemen call 
tht<gfeml> cicmatisaitera, tyere be founbe two fcinbeg, oueranbbpitbes 
flat plant wbtcijetf nowecalleb in^artne vitaiba , anb tu fxwbzri*m > W 

VUljtC^Cfome DO alfO iuDge to be aUtnDe Of Clematis altera. 


Siting #ereuincle* 



fyThe Vefcriptiort. 

^€ ftraktnbe\]DbtC^tbertgl)t Clematis altera,batl) final bzatt- 
i :be^, flexible, anb tenber , bp tbe tubtclje it ftanbeti) anb climbety 
-jp^beleauetf be long $ large, growing tb*ee oz foure togitber, 
Wrp fyarpe anb bpttng ttje tongue ♦ ittle flower? be wbtte* 
1 c&e rooted Utle anb fmal,anb ful of bearp tbiebbe? at (fringe?* 
Cbefeconbefcinbetemuclj Ufeeto tbeafozefapbe in bzancbe? 
& leaue&fautng tbatbt? leaue? be greater, $ W ftalfcegot bzancbe? ftronger, 
and ingrowing itteljigljer* Cbeflower? arelargesparteb infoureleaue?, 
fafyioneb UfceacrolTe,of ablew 0? purple colour, anb nothing Ipfcetlje flower? 

j vitaiba,o^atf tljef renclj mentermeit none, \nljtclj fometafcefoz Clematis 
altera,batb longbtancbe?fulof iopnte?,ea(ietoplop, bigger, longer, $ thicker 
tljen tlje bzancbe? of tlje afozefapbe , not mucbebtffering from tbe bzancbe? of 
tlje bine,bp tije w&tty it climbed bpon,anb about tree? anb bebge?: bpon tbe 

&k fapbe 

}86 ThethirdeBookeof 

fapl)eb^ncl)etf5ra\i)ett)eleaue$,iul)icl)e vitaibaA'iorne,ozi©ilDefllfoe* 
fcutbemoft part are maDe anD Do confift 
of f iue leauc^ : wbereof cctje leaf e :s of a 
reafonable bjeaDtb >anD no t mucbe bnlifce 
to tbeieauesof 3|upe,butfmaller* Cbe 
flowers Do growe as it were bp tuftes, 
anD inaup togptber > of a tab to colour, 
anD well fmeiltng, after wbtcbfc flowers 
paft,commetb tbefeeDe wbicb tS final anD 
anDDownieftemmes: tbe roote is berp A™ 
full of fmall (ItingeSxO j bearie tbjeDDes* 

*Jf The Place. 

\ ciematisaltera^ a (ltangeberbe,anD 
not founD in tbtS Countrie , except in tbe 
garDenS of fome ^erbonftes* 

* Cbe feconDe is alfo a ftratiger in tbiS r 
Countrie, but inCnglanbeit growetb a* ^ 
bunDantlp about tbe bebges, in tbeboi- W/fj 
Ders of feeiDeS, $ alongft bp bigb tnapeS /T ^> 
fiiDeS* (\f 

% mitalba is common in tbtS Countrie, * 
anD is to be founbe in wooDDes, beDgeS> r 
anD about tbe botDers of feelDes* & 

*£• The Tjme. 

1.2 Cbe two Kttt fcinDesbo flowetintbiS^i 
Countrie berp late , in 3ugu(t anD &ep* 

$ 23uttntttalbaflowietb in Jnnt. 

he units. 

* Cbe fitft is calleD in dE>reefceKXH^«r/c of fome i7nyxn?: in&attne Clema» 

tisahe.a, Ambuxum^EpigctiSjanDOf fomeof OUrtpme Flammula. 

2 CbefeconDe is alfo accounteD to be Clematis aitera,bpcaufe of tbe Ipfcenelte 
itbatb txittb tbe otber,albeit bis leaues Do not mucbe bite bpon tbe tongue* 

i CbetbirbeiSnowe calleD vitaibaiin Jfrencbe now. inbtgb &oucb kijnett 
o^KLenen,anDofComei©alD^eben. &ome learneDmentafcetbiSberbefo^a 
fcinDeof clcmatisaitera,altbougb biSleauesipkewifebaueno berp greatbp* 
ting ftarpneffe,bpon tbe tongue* r©berefoze it (boulDe be ratber iuDgeD of me, 
to bemojelptotbebetbewbicbemencall in d&reefee ^\^^{ T ^. in Tlatine 

Cyclaminusaltera,0ffbmeCiflanthemon,anD Citfophilon, WbereofWebaue 

w^ittenbefoieintbe eleuentb Cbapter of tbiS tbirDe boofce* 

^The Nature. 

dje leaues of ciematisaitera , areboate in tbe beginning of efouttbDe- 
gtee* m . 

fj* The Verities. 

CbefeeDeof clematis akera,taken witb water,ot fl^eDemaDewitb water J 
anD bonie,purgetb Do wnewarDecboleriquebumours, witb groUe anD tougb 
8eme,as faptb Btofco^Des* 

Cbe leaues being lapDe bppon > Dotb take awap , anD beale tbe feurffe anD © 

iepiie* . 
Cb^fruiteof Cyclaminusaltcra>Djonfeen Witb tubite wine foactfe DtpeS C 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. j8/ 

togttbet,bofljtjealetl)eftopptnge$ anb tjatbnelTeof tytS^dtt 01 £>plene,pur- 
ging tt>e fame botlj bp ffege,anb bane*3lnb i$ pzofitable fot ttjem tljat ate tyoit 
U) tut) cD ; to be tafcen into tbe bobp* 


T$erebett)ieelunbe0of 3upe, a$&tofcouHe$Wttetih Cfce firft fcatl) a 
tPbitefrutteanbt£bn&nou)enbnto b& Cbefeconbebearetb ablacfceoj 
peUourifyfrmte,anbof ttjtf fembet^et:egrou)e^greatpienttetnt^Coun- 
me*Cljetlntbefcwbete fmall,anb creepefy along bpon tye gtounbe, anb t\)i$ 
fewbc biingetlj no fruite* 

Hedera nigra. 

Hedera Helix. 

&mai 3|upet23arren 3|upe* 

ifeThc Defcrtption. 

ty€ blaefcellupeijatl) fcarbe tooobbp b*an$e# , couereb tuttlj a 
grape ttyefee barke,tuberebp it embzacetb anb tafcetl) IjolDe bpou 
umlle&o lb boufe0,anb bmlbtnge&aifo about tteetf anb i) cbge£, 
anballtymgejselgtyatttmeetetl) uufyaL Cljeleauegbebatbe 
$plapne,of a bioionegreene colour , mangleb atttje beginning, 
anb after totyen tljep bemo^e elber,tbep umpe fomtljtng rottnber* 
Cfte flotoertf grotu at ttje top ot Ijigtjeft part oftfje tyanclje&bpo long ftratgljt 
ftemme&manp togtttyer,ltfce a rounb nofegap,of a pale colon after ttjep turne 
into rounb bette& about tljequantttte of apeare,cluftermg togttljer, greene at 
tye b egmning ; but aftenu arbe U)t>en tbep be ripe, tyep tuajce blacfce* 

&fc U C^e 

388 Thethirde Bookcof 

1 tnjetljttbe&mbe (Snot mucbebnlpfcetbelJuieabouefapbe, buttbat ijiS 
tyancbes are botij fmaller anb tenberer, notlifting ot bearing it felfe toptnarD^ 
(as tbe otbet fcinbe)butcceepingalongfl; bp tbe groiinbe^be ieaues are mod 
commonlp tbiee fquare, of ablaclulb greene, anb at tbe enbe of fommer about 
3utumne,tbep are betUJtjct bioume anb reb bponone ftbe: tbiS W§ nep* 
tljer flowers nojfruite* 

The Places. 

* Cbeblacte Jitfe grotttetb in all partejS? of tbiS Coutitrte, bpponolbe bupi* 
binges, boufeft \jmlles, tpies, o^coueringesof boufes , anb bppon tree^ anb 
bebges,about fyz tobtcb it ettt#acetb,anb tafcetb bolbefaft. 

3 Cbefmall 3uie grotoefy in woobes> anb cteepety alongft tbe grounbo 

^beblac^e3|ilteion)tet^ infommer,anbtl|efruitet^rppeinU)tnter. 

«Jjt-7 he Names. 

Ji\xit tS calleb in d&reefee anb of fome kjot«^: in Ratine Hcdera ; in 
tygb saoucbe <£pbeU),oi€ppicb:in bafe ^Imaigne x&tpL 
t Cbefirftkinbe,iubic^ei^bntob^ bnknott>en , is calleb Hcdera alba, anb 

Of ^Millie Hedera foemina. 

2 ^befecoubekiubeiStfiUeb Hcdera nigra, anb ^ow<r/«, Dionyfia, ofj&linie 
Hedera mas, anb tbat fctnbe tobtcbe embiacetb trees>is calleb (of men intbefe 

bapej8f)Hederaarborca,anb tbattttytcb grbtijetj) bponlualleft Hedera liiuralu: 

m jfrencb Ly*re*ur: inbigbBducb £>cbtdatt$etCppicb>anb <H£aur Cpitfto, 
o^BaumCpbetu: inbafeUilmaigne^epljanb Boonmepl,ot$jpuer t&epL 

3 Cbe tbirb fcinbe is calleb itm&reefce P% itilintinc ciauicuia } anb Hederqia: 
mtf rencij Petit Lyarre: in bigty &oucbe&lejui Cpbeto:inbafeSlmaigneClepne 

WLZpl* pTkicattfeoftheNamc^. 

3 ute & calleb in ©reefce Ciflc^bpfoufe of a certame #apbeh o t t Samfel!> 
tobdfonametuas cuius, tbewbicfye at& feaft oi banquet (tityetrtmto tbe 
<&obbes tuerealbibben)fo baunceb before ifoccftu&ftnti tuifeb bun often,ma* 
fcingfucbemirtb and iop,tbatbeirig ouercome uutb tbe fame fel to tbe grounb, 
anb fctlieb ber felfe* 23 ut as (bone as tbe eartb knew tberof, Ibe b:ougbt foottb 
tmmediatlp tbe 3jttte ballbearing Hill tbe name of tbe ?ong ^atnofel Ciffus, 
tbe \v\)u\) as fodne as it growetb bp a litle , commetb to embtace tlje mint , in 
remembrance tbat tbe Bambfell Otfus tuas toonte Co to idue anb embtace 
25accbustbe6ob of twine* 

# The Nature. 

Cbe 3ute ispartipcalb£,bzie>anb aftringent, anb partlp boateanb fyarpe* 
^ozeouerbeinggreene,itbatbacertapnefuper8uous mopftnefle anbbumi^ 
btttc,tl)c UJbicb banifyetij tu^enit is due* 


Cije leattes of 2ute bopleb in U)ine,bo cure great tbbmtbes anb blter&and 9 
bo (tap cozritpt blcers,anb fretting fotes^ 

•Cbe fame o$eteb as is afo^eOiib, ^ w& Itampt ot pounb tapb to, ^ealet^ » 
burningeS anb fcalbtngeS,tbat cbaunce eptber bp boate toater oi f ier* 

Cbe fame bopleb in bineger,bealetb tfte barbnefTe anb Hopping of tlje melt f 
o tfplene,if it be lapbe tberebpon* 

CbeiupceoftbeleaueS anb frUitebtatoen,03tfniftbji into t^enofe, purged & 
t^ebiapne,anb caufetb flpmie oi tougb fleme,anb dt^ereolb ^umourSjto^ere* 
tuitball tbebtapneiscbargeb, to iflUe foo^t^ 

Cfc^e fame put into fye eares ? ftapet^ t^e uuwutgljumottrS bf t^e fam^anb c 


Hedera terreftris officinarum. 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. ^9 

bealetb blcerg , anD tlje corrupt fineg happening in fye fame, anD it Dotb tfj 
lpfce to tbe ftueg anD Dicers in the note* 

Cbefame lapD tobp it felfe,oi uritb ople of rofe&te toerp profitable agatntt * 
fye olDegreetteS of tlje beaD* 

Cbeflotuetgof 3|upelapDeto,inmannerof aplapltectuttl) opleanD tuajre, © 
bealetb all burninge& 

Cbe Decoction of tbe fame flotuerg maDe in uune , anD Djonfce ttoife a Dap, ^ 
bealetb tbeDangeroug fltoe calleD ^pfenterie* 

f iue3Neberie£bopleDuntbopleof rofetf in tbepille of a ^omgarnet: j 
Cbte ople Dotb cureanD belpetbetootbacb, beingput into tbe eare,on tbe con* 
trariefpDetoberetbepapneof tbe teetb t$. , 

Cbegummeof JupfcplletbXpceanD jftitte&^nD being lapbeto,ittafcetb » 
atoap beare from tbe place pou lap it bpon* 

^ The Danger. 

Cbe frutte of 31 upe taken in to great a qttantitte, \aeakeuetb tbe bart, anD 
troubletb tbefenfe anD DnDerftanDing* Cbe bfe tberof i# alfo berp Dangerous 
f ot \juomen,elpeciallp f oi tuomen uutf) cbilDe,anD fuel) a# ace netolp DeliuereD* 

J£p> The Defcription. 

EounDe Jupe batb manp fquare 
tenDer ftalfceg growing fooitb 
fromaroote full of tbieDDegp* 
ftftnge$,bppon tobicbe grotue 
leaueg fomexubat rounDe, bneuen,anD in* 
DenteD rounDe about,of a ftrongfmell anD 
bitter tafte,fmaller,rounDer, anD tenDerer 
tbentbeleaue#of31upe* CbeflotoergDo s 
grotue among!* tbe leaueft tntafte bitter, ^fkgfftf; 
anD of a purple colour* 

The Place. 

d5rounDe3!upe i$ berp common in all 
tbte Countrte, anD grometb in manp gar* 
Den&anD (baDotDie mopft placet % > 

spTheTymcs. V <5^' 

It ffotuzetlj from aiptfll, bnto the enDe 
of fommer,anD conttnuetb greenetbemoft 

$$The Names. 

Cbi£ berbe i$ calleD of men in tbefe 

Dape£ , in%Uim Hedera terreftris, anD 

Corona terr* : anD bp tbi£ name it i& 
fenotoen of tbe Sdpotbecartesu 31t ig calleD 

tn fUU^ZLyarre, 01 Lierre terrejlre : {11 high 

Jaoucbe <0unDelreb, anD 45runDieb : in 

bafe 3ilmaigne £Dnberhaue * 3lnD tbi£ 

berbe bath ben long tpmetaken,fot tbat, tobicb & calleD in <i5refce, 

Chamaeciflus , buta$ 3 t>o tyinHe, it i^ better lifeeU«7ivK,fotU)bic^e it i^ta^ 

4§t The Nature. 

(BrounDeJupeifli^oateanD D*ie* 

J?o The thirde Booke of 


(Bcouittte^uiebmrenanDptttmtotfteeare^ tafeetft atoaptbe bumming % 
nopfe o p ringing founbe of tbefame*»nb t$ goon fojfucbe a$ are barbe of be* 

Pcriclymenum. Periclymeni tertia fpecies. 

*©oobbtne ojt l^onpfucfece* Cbe fyttbekinbe of jSericlpmenunn 


obbmeo k t$onplucklebatb manp fmalibiancbetf , totyetebptt 
tmnbetb anb uuappctb tt felfe about treetf anb bebgetf: bpon tbe 
fapbe biaucbeg gro\u long leauetf anD tenber, tobtte bp on tbe one 
lpbe,$ bntbeotbetftbe,of ableafeeotfatnt colour, betunpt U)bite 
anb greenest tbe enb of tbe biancbes grou) tbe flou)er# in tufted 
Ipfecnofegapetf, ofapleafantcoloitranbfuieete fattour, bewofrt 
lu^tte anb pellotu,o* pale anb purple, long $ bolota, almoft like tbe Uttlebagtf 
of Colombtne* lifter tbe flowers comerounbeberie&wbicb are a£ reb a# Co* 
'fatyttben tbe? bexipe*Xbe roote t# of atooobbp fubftance* 
' Cbere pet anotber ferobe,tbe tobtcbebungetb fooitb leauetf ftanbutgbt* 
tectlponeagapnlttbeotber, anbfbclofeboiiopnebtogitber, tbattbeftalfcetf 
pafle tbtougb tljeimbut m all otber popnte&meetelp toellltee to tbe afojefopb 
fcwbe* ' 


the Hiftorie of P lantes. j 91 

3 35pftbetbefettuo totted of ^onpfttckleotraoobbine, tbereispetanotljer, 
in leaues Ipke tbefirlMbc vu^tclj e kinbe Dotty notui^ap no^ unnbeitfelfe about 
trees anb bebges,as tbe otber fortes Ho, but gtotuetb anb Itanbetb bpugbt of 
it felf,untbout p tyelpe of uJtnDmg biancbes oj clinging cla(pers*Cbe flowers 
areU3lnte,mucbefmallettijentbeotbetfo^teofflou)ets, in figure fometoijat 
long,contepning untbiutbem manpfmall tfaebbes, anb tbep gtotue euer ttuo 
anb t\juo togttber bp couples,anb no moe, bpon a fteinme , amougft tbe leaues 
anb biancbes: tbe tubicbe being gone 9 pad, tbere groxu bp two rounD berie& 
eptber reb 01 bioume wben tbep be ripe* 

#T/k Place. 

r©oobbine gtotoetb in all tbis Countrie in bebge&about inclofeb feelbeS, 
anb amongft bjoome oj firres*3! t is founbe alfo in tooobe&efpeciallp tbe two 
lalt reciteb UtnbeS* tbirb kinb grotoetb in manp places of £>auope,an& 
in tbe Countrie of tbe£>ujpfers* 

♦5* 7*^£ Tyme. 

8£>ooDbineflotDjetb in June , anb jlulp : tbe feebe is rppe in aiuguft an& 
September* # :r/* iv^w^. 

'Cbis berbe oikinbe of 2&inbeu)eebe,is calleb in d&reeke m^^v, of (bme 

Epamtis,Clematitis,anb Calycanthemon;in)Lattne Volucrum maius , Pcricly- 
menum, anD Sylua? mater : Of tbe 3IpOtbecatieS Caprifolium,anb Mater Sylua, 

anb of fome Liiium inter fpinasiin Jrencb chcurefueiiU:m\)\$h 3llmaigne <&eity 
blabt ? anb^ammefems erupt: inCngli^e^onpfucblejO^Udoobbine, anb o£ 

* <EbetbtrDektnDe is calleb in l)igb^oucblanbei^unbtfjfeirfcben,tbatisto 
fap,&ogges'C#erties* C The Nature. 
n^ooDbme is boate anb Dae,almoft in tbe tbirbebegree* 

fyT heVertues. 

Cbe fruit of i^onpfucfcle Dzonken in urine bp tbe t^ace of fouttte DapeS, Dotb 3 
beaie tbe (lopping anb barbenelTe of tbe^elt 01 S>plene, bp confumingof tbe 
fame,anb making it leffe^nb purgetb bp bzine tbe corrupt anb euilbumours> 
fo tonglp,tbat after tbe Daplp bfe tbereof,bp tbe fpace of fijee, o t i ten Dapes to* 
gttber, it will caufe tbebiine to bereb anb bloobbp* 

Jtisgoobfojfucbas bettoublebwitblboitnesofbieatb: ^fonbemtbat^ 
baue anp Dangerous cougb: mojeouer , it belpetb women tbat are in trauell of 
ci)tiD , anD D?ietb bp tbe natural feebe of man to b e taken in manner abouefapD* 

<& mo iter , it keepetb backe tb c butfmges wbieb are vuontc to come at tbe be* 
gmntng of 3gues>tDben tbe fapD leaues ate fobben in ople,anD pounb ojftam* 
peb berpfmal,anD tbebacke oiriDge be annopnteb tbercuutbalbefcue o: at tbe 
ftrft comming of tbe fittes of tbe 3igue* 

'Cbe famebealetb tnounbes anb comipt mopft blcers^anb taketb atjoap tbe & 
fpottes anb fcarres of tbe bobp anb face. 

ffi> The Danger. 

Cbe leaues anb fruit of iJ£ooDbine,are berp burtfull to toomen U)itb cbiKW 
anbaltogttbercontrarie* - - 


TCberebettoofb^teS of 75i\xbzwtbt otU3itbptuinbe, tbeone bearinga 
bletuefiotioer,tbeotberaiubite, hereof one is great, tbe otber fmalU 

19 Z The thirde Booke of 

^greater ^ fcmDetlj it felfe about IjeDges anD tree^tbcleirenttoftcom- 
monlp traplet^ topon tbegtounDe* 

Smilaxlenismaior. Smilaxlenis minor. Chamjmffus. 

<Bentler©ityiuunDe tye great* tfentleo&ttytoinDe tye final* 

•J* The Vefcripion. 

« bletoe iiaitbtaunDebatb flenDer bjancljetf anD fmaU , bp 
)tobtcbeitclpmbetbbp, anD xojtappetboi vntnUetljttfelfe about 
: trees anD pole& <Cbeleaue$ be large anD cohere!), Ipfce to the 
.olDeleaueg of lupe, faumg tbat tbep be not fo barDe* %U 
jfottJergarefatyioneDlifce belief bletueatiDfjolotoe,the feeDe 
i£ blacfee , anD almoft tbiee fquare , Ipmg infcnoppeg oibuffcetf, 
2 Cbegreattobtte 23tnDetDeeDe ot foft tuttbtuunDe batb IpfcetDiCeftalfeea 
anDbiancbetf, fmall and tenner, tuberebpittmnDetbit felfe about trees anD 
fteDges Ipfee tbeboppe*iEpon tbefomebiancbe&grott) tender anD tbfr leauetf 
greene, anD finotbe,almoft lifce tbe leaues of 3Iupe,but mucbe fmailer anD ten' 
Derer^be flotoerg be great, tuljite, anD bollotoe, in pioponton Itfee to a BelL 
3toD tuben tbep are gone , tbere comeintbeir fteeDe little clofe fenoppea oi 
buttons, uobicb baue in tbemablacfce $ comereD o^angleD feeDe* ^beroote is 
fmaianD U)btte,lifce to a fo# of tbiefcebeares, creping alongft bnDer the eartb 
grounng out oi fenDtngfoo^tb neti) fyutes in funD^ieplace&of taftefom^iihat 
bitter,anD full of tubiteiupceotfappe* M 
, 'CbeleCTerujbiteaaitbptDinDe, ismucbelpfceto tye afoiefapD , in (talked 
leaue&aou>er&CeeDe,anD roote&feuing tljat in all tijefe tbinges , it is mucbe 7 


the Hiflorie of Plantes. j9j 

fmaller,and mod commohlp it crecpetlj alongft bppon fye grounde, ttfpe bzan* 
ctjfc* acc fmali and fmootb ; tbe little leaues are tender and foft: tljeflotuet*^ 
arel&e to Ittle belles of apurple oz fleft) colour: tbe fcede is cornered oz angled, 

ti) e teen c o f tij e o rtj er^* The Places. 
t grouietbnot in tbiSCountrie,butmti)e gardens of fcerboziftes, 

s ^begttattobttei^tbP^ 
euerp garden, and about bedges,and incloftires* 

Cl)elitleU)^tteaa>tt^tU)mDe grometlj in feeldes, efpeciallp amongft the 
ftubble anli Cometimes amongft tbe Barlep, £> tes, and o tber grapne, 


% Ct>eblelDfi[oU)ietbberplatetntl)i$Countrte» 
i.i Cbeiubtteiundes Do flower in June and July* 

% The frames. 

CbeaDitbftjotnbe oj Bindetoeede is called in <i&reefce<^«| of d&aleti 

^I.MiiaxitnXattneSniilaxlenis.Of^arCU^CatO ConiugulumrinfyoppeS 
Volubilis 5 6f fome Campantila 5 anO Funisarborum:inJFrmcbe^^OlX/^»:in 

Jaoucbe wde,and iBzangbe* 

i ^betundeu)bicbbearetb blevue flou>erS,is called Coniuguium nigrum: 
anDaftertfteopmionoffomelramedmmtntbefedape^jOfCoiumeliain hor- 

tis 5 Liguftrumnigrum:Of^etfcfUtn:e$Campana Lazura. 

i ^begseattobitefmotbc^ of tbe aipotbecartes Volu- 

bilis maior : inbtgb saoucbe <btu$ r©mdenfcraut>and <&to%mti$ glocfcen: in 
bafe3Umatgne<£rootei©iude* ^biS*uuOeiSta&en of fometobeLiguftrum 

i Cbefmali©ttbtU)mdeo.t3mde\Deede^called Volubilis minor.-mf tencft 
campantteMFitreoie : tutjtgij Jaoucblande &lein r©indenfcraut : in tfteatbec 
^ottcblanDeClepneclocrKen$i©tnde # aind ttfeemetbto bemucbltfceto tbat 
utyicb tbe<!5reekescalx«y"'K^©--in^ 

*$• The Nature. 

25 mbetu eedc op naitbtomde, is of a boate and 6>ie qualttte oz nutate. 

The Venues. 

mtbiwinix dj»tti&ftdeebe,fc not fit to be put in medicme> as <Balen and 

blatfte Witty i wmtwo; amte ttiee&e tffjap Juf, 

fyThe Defcripion. 

kactosJiudetueede batb fmotbered btancbe^, brtpfmalllpM 
gre^ttbzedde;^,UjbereU)itbalit vutappetb and unndetb it felfea- 
bout trees, bedges, ltakes,and about alberbes tbat it map catcb 
oz tafee bolde bpon/Cbe leaues are Ipfce to Jnkfiut (mailer and 
, tenderer^mucb tcfembling tbeleauescrf tlje tt>§ite Bindeiueede* 
^^^efioiuerSbeiDbiteandberpfmalU Cbefeede is blacfeeand 
trtangled, m tbzee fquare , l&e to tbe feede of 23oclta)epde oz Bolpmong , but 
finaUerandblacfter ; grcitDingtbtcketogitber; euerpfeedeis inclofedandco* 
tiered tuitb a litle dumto'Cbe roote is alfo fmalland tender a? atyzed* 1 

*fr The Place. 

BiacfceBtndtoeedegrotoetb in <BtnepardeS,and in tbebozderSoffeeldeS* 
i and gardens, about hedges and ditcbes,and amongft ljerbe& ' 


3 1 deltueretfj W feede in aiuguft and ^eptembcr^ aff ettuard it perifyetto 

The chirde Bookc of 
#7 he Names. Hclxine CifTampclos. 

Ctytf fcmbe of Embeweebe ig calleb in 
©tefce offa war^x©-, anb of tlje Cmpetoiu: 

Cottftantmefi^woKtV©-. Malacociflbs, hoc 

eft, Mollis Hedera. £>ome call tttn Ratine 
Conu oluolus, of tome Vitcalis, tyattfto fap, 
to fye mine : in Svtjoppeg Voiubihs media, 
tbatitftoCap, Ctjenteane Binbetoeebe : m 
tygh&ouclje&ttjetteuunbe > anb #tbbel* 
vutnDe : in Cngltty t©eebetDinbe, an& fl^wo* 

^The Nature 

' ^tt>ette&uibetoeebe tg of atyoatertatttte> 
an&ijaty power to MToUie* 

%.The Vertues. 

% %X& iupce of tbe leauejs? of ftitf 3&inbe* 
toeebe bionfeen , botl) lofe anb open tlje bel* 

25 Cl>e leaues potmbe , anb lapbe to tpe 
gteeueb plaee>biffoluetl) , xuaftetij, anb coniu*, 
mety fii>elUnge& a$ d&alenfopfy* 

<2>f £>otoandla 01 £>ea €awfe 

*5* T/r Defcripion. 

m £>lbanella ijatl) manp fmalt 
biancl)e0,tomt»bat teb,bptbe 

ujtjicbetttraplctb op cteepetb 
„, alongft tbegtounbe,caftmgot 

fpieabtng tt felf t?ere anb fyete, couereb 
oibecfcebljere ^tijetetontljUtle, tounb, 
gteene leaue$ , moje rounber anb final* 
ier, tben fye leaned aifarabacca, o^Ipfce 
to tljeleauegof tljerounb Slrtftolodjta, 
oz i3irtytootte, but Cmatter* Clje flo\D< 
er£ are Ipfee tijem of fye leffet tftnbe* 
toeebe, ofabiigljtreb, o^tncatnateco- 
tour* ^ftefeebet^blacfee, anb grotBetl) 
in buffceg o^t rounbe cobbed, Ufce fye 
$mbetoeebe$u Ctyetootetefmallanb 
long. But to conclube , fyte fcinbe of 
astnbetueebe i$ muclje Ufce tije letter 
uaitbtotnbe, feurogfyattljeleauegate 
mucberounberanbtyicfcer, anb of afel* 

•Clj&berbegrotoetij abunbantlpw 
Zeaianbebpon t&e§>eabanfce$,anb 


the Hiftorie of P lantes. 5 97 

alongttttjecoaft, o^eafibeintflaunbet& anb in all fait grounbeftanbing 


<fltjwf tyerbe ff otojetl) in 3une,after tofticlj time men map gather it,to keepe 
to feme in mebicine* 

yfc T fx Homes, 

tdj&ljerbe tecalleb in <SreekeKe4<§Kfl«\£AnV. in Jtatine Braflica Marina: 
in feboppetfof tbe Hpotijecarieganb common l£erbarie& Soldanclkuintyigty 

The Nature. 

^olbaneila,i£l)oate anb bjtieinfye feconbebegree* 

*Jj*7 he Virtues. 

§>olbanella purgettj botone migbttlp all Kuttie^ of mterie burnout*, anb # 
opeuety tbe ftoppmgeg of tbe liuer, anb tegeuen untb greatpzofitebntofuclje 
a£ baue fye 53^opfte:but it muftbeboplebwitlj tbe too tbe of fomefatte meats 
op flefye,anb tyonken; ox el# it mutt be tyieb anb taken in powber* 

^ The Danger. 

^olbanella, efyeciallpif itbe taken in potober , ljurtety anb troubled fys 


a£ en take to it mnnp$feebe,Cpnamome, linger, anb a great quantitie of 
£>ugar,anb it muft be fo receiueb,in potober altogitber* 

The Defcription. 

0ugl) oz pzikelep 23inbe* 
uieebeljatb tenberftalketf 
anbbianctye&gamifljeb, 01 
Ifet rounb about, toitb manp