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Full text of "The Philadelphia medical dictionary : containing a concise explanation of all the terms used in medicine, surgery, pharmacy, botany, natural history, chymistry, and materia medica. Compiled from the best authorities .."

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Surgeon General's Office 



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Bethesda, Maryland 



















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Be it remembered, that on the twenty-ninth day of October, in the thirty-third year 

^ ^ of the independence of the United States of America, A. D. 1808, Thomas 

(L. S. )Dobson, of the said district, hath deposited in this office the title of a book, 
^ •• the right whereof he claims as proprietor, in the words following, to wit : 

" The Philadelphia Medical Dictionary : containing a Concise Explanation of all 
the Terms used in Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy, Botany, Natural History, Chymis- 
try, and Materia Medica. Compiled from the best authorities, by John Redman 
Coxe, M. D " 

In conformity to the act of the congress of the United States, intituled, " An act for 
the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books to 
the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned ;" and 
also to the act intituled " An act supplementary to an act, intituled, • An act for the 
encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books to the 
authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned,' and ex- 
tending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching histo- 
rical and other prints." D. CALDWELL, 

Clerk of the District of Pennsylvania. 


1 HE basis of the present work is Dr. Fox's " New Medical Dic- 
tionary, revised and augmented by Dr. Bradley." Upon comparing 
it with other works of the same nature, it was perceived that large 
and valuable additions might be introduced, which had been over- 
looked by the Editor of Fox's Dictionary. Influenced, therefore, 
by the desire of uniting in this, the excellencies of the best and latest 
Medical Dictionaries, without their superfluities, the Editor has 
udded so greatly to the groundwork of the plan, that it may almost 
be viewed as a new publication. 

Far, however, from considering it as perfect, the Editor has daily 
become more sensible of those imperfections, which only time and 
patience can remove, but which were not to be attained in the pre- 
sent instance ; and he has only to hope that those amendments and 
-additions may yet be accomplished, should another edition of the 
work be called for. 

A great defect in this class of books, consists in their entering so 
largely into the theory and practice of physic, &c. which certainly is 
not naturally connected with the idea of a dictionary; for in a 
work, explanatory merely of medical terms, any further addition 
is superfluous, and adds greatly to the expence. A beginner 
will most likely consult a regular and approved history of any dis- 
ease, of which he is reading ; and one more advanced requires a 
dictionary, only to recal to his memory the explanation of some me- 
dical word. Hence the expensive folios of Motherby, James, and 
others, are incompatible with the convenience of most medical 
men, and certainly, from their unwieldy size, can never be made « 
table companion in their studies. 


The promiscuous mixture of the Latin and English, may, per- 
haps, be regarded as a fault in most dictionaries. A separation of 
them at any rate, after the usual manner, seems more proper. 

Other objections might be made to the usual form of medical dic- 
tionaries ; but as it is not intended to attempt to establish the pre- 
sent, by a depreciation of others, the Editor has only endeavoured 
to point out a few considerations for the necessity of reformation in 
this species of compilation. 

The peculiarity of this, from those of other Medical Dictionaries, 
may be perceived by perusing the advertisement of the Editor of 
Fox's Dictionary, and which is hereunto annexed. 



1 HE plan of the following Dictionary was conceived, and a consi- 
derable progress made in the execution of it, by Dr. Fox, late phy- 
sician to the London Hospital: a concurrence of circumstances in- 
duced him to leave London before he had sufficient leisure to com- 
plete it. As I was known to have conversed with him frequently 
on the subject of his intended work, the publishers, who were in 
possession of his manuscript, requested my opinion of the plan and 
execution as far as it had proceeded ; and my approbation of both 
involved me in the task of supplying the defective parts, and super- 
intending the edition. 

When a new book appears on a subject on which there are manv 
good ones already, the public expect to receive an answer to the ob- 
vious question, " What need was there for another ?" Several of 
those medical dictionaries which have preceded this possess great 
merit, and most of them have some merit which ours does not pos- 
sess. This must follow from the small size of the present volume*. 
But, small as it is, we believe it will be found to contain several use- 
ful kinds of information not to be met with in any other single work • 
and of those I am now to give some account. 

I. It contains an explanation of a far greater number of words 
than any other similar work which we have seen, however volumi- 
nous. We have, indeed, endeavoured to include every Latin and 
technical term that has ever occured in the practice of medicine 
surgery, pharmacy, botany, and chymistry : we believe, there- 
fore, that a student may consult this dictionary with an assurance 
that he will not be disappointed in finding the term he may want. 
* Dr. Bradley's edition is a small sized octavo. 


On this account, we may consider it as an universal inrlex on the 
subjects of medicine, surgery, and natural history, as far as it relates 
to medicine, and may be appropriated by the student to his common- 
place book, or any books that have no indexes, by references in the 
margin opposite the principal term. 

II. But the peculiar excellence of this dictionary consists in its 
property of being a remembrancer. No memory can retain all the 
words and ideas which are presented to it in the course of reading 
and hearing. Clear and vivid ideas, or terms, become faint and ob- 
scure from a want of repetition ; and there is a degree of imperfect 
remembrance or doubt, more distressing to the mind than complete 
oblivion ; and this work, we hope, will be found a specific in this 
very irksome and unpleasant state of mind. The names of Hoff- 
man, Dover, Rufus, Helmont, Locatelli, Paracelsus, &c. &c. have 
ceased to accompany the formulae, till lately, designated by them in 
pharmacopoeias : such will be here found added to their peculiar 
medicines ; see Liquor Anodynus, Pulvis, Pilula, Balsconum, Elixir, 
£s?c. The species and varieties included under the words Tinctura, 
Spiritus, Pilula, Pubis, Unguentum, Vertebra, &c. &c. as well as 
those brought together under chymical and botanical generic distinc- 
tions, will, we hope, on being consulted, sufficiently demonstrate the 
utility of this part of the plan. The subjects of natural history be- 
ing indefinite in number, and new ones presenting themselves daily, 
in every part of the world, it will not be expected that the names of 
all plants, or insects, can be contained in this small volume ; but we 
hope that nothing appertaining to medicine or surgery is omitted. 

Lastly. The troublesome and disgusting practice of lexicogra- 
phers, in referring the student from one article to another, in distant 
parts of the book, for explanations, is here studiously avoided. 
The explanation of every term accompanies, or is found in the same 
opening of the book, if reference is made to another word. The 
chief object has been, in every part, to give prompt answers to all 
reasonable questions on the above subjects, and to economize the 
time, labour, and expence of the purchaser. 

T. B. 

Parliament-street, January 6, 1803. 





i~or da, ana, of each; an equal 

,/l> portion ; a term of pharma- 
cy, implying that of two or more 
ingredients mentioned in a pre- 
scription, the quantity to be taken 
must be equal. 

AAA, Had, the chemical character 
of amalgamation, or reducing a 
metal to a paste by uniting it with 

Aabam, lead. 

Abactus, ) forcibly expelled ; 

Abactus venter, $ abortion ; miscar- 
riage ; untimely birth produced by 

Abacus, a table for preparations. 

major, a trough used in the 
mines wherein the ore is washed. 

Abukir,"} calcareous powder ; spodi- 

AbaisLs, Um arabum, ivory or vel- 

Abas-r, J vet black ; burnt ashes ; 
metallic calces ; putty. 

Abalienatio, the fault or total destruc- 
tion of the senses, whether exter- 
nal or internal , by disease ; decay 
of bodv or mind. 

Abalienatus, dead, benumbed, cor- 

Abavct, a girdle-like bandage. 

Abanga, Thernel's restorative ; the 
palm of the island of St. Thomas, 
the juice of which is made into 
wine ; the kernel of the fruit when 


A B D 

heated in hot water gives out the 
Palm oil. 

Aba/itiston,} the perforating part of 

Aba[,tista, 5 the trephine. 

Abarnahas, magnesia. 

Abartamen, lead. 

Abarticutatio, articulation admitting 
extensive motion. 

Abas, tinea, or scald head ; epilepsy. 

Abbreviate, > abbreviation, contrac- 

Abbreviatus, 5 tion ; a process in epi- 
tome, or a short way of perform- 
ing it ; intended here to apply to 
certain marks or half words used 
in prescriptions for despatch : and 
generally, the names of compound 
medicines are only written up to 
their first or second syllable ; a 
point being placed at the end to 
shew the word to be incomplete. 

Abditus, included, kept close, con- 
cealed, or hidden. 

Abdomen, the belly, paunch, or low- 
er venter : that part of the trunk 
which is below the diaphragm, 
extending anteriorly from the en- 
siform cartilage to the pubes, and 
divided by anatomists into several 
imaginary regions, named epi- 
gastric, umbilical, hypogastric, 
lumbar, &c. It contains many of 
the principal parts of the body. 


Abdominalis, of, or belonging to the 

Abducent, a term applied to the sixth 
pair of nerves; also, to certain 
muscles serving to open or pull 
back various parts of the body, as 
Abducent oculi, a muscle of the eye 
Abductio, a case of transverse frac- 
ture near a joint, in which the 
bones recede; a strain. 
Abductor, a term applied to a mus- 
cle which pulls back any part of 
the body into which it is insert- 
ed ; as, 
Abductor indicts namis. 
longus fiollici? menus, 
medii digiti fiedis. 
minimi digiti manus. 

fiedis, 8cc. 
Abebaos, weak, infirm, unsteady. 
Abega, } chamsepitys, or ground 
Abiga, ) pine. 

Abrle, populus, or poplar tree. 
Abclicea, Brazil wood, pseudo-san- 
talum rubrum. It is sometimes 
substituted for red sanders, which 
however does not give out its co- 
lour to water as this does. It is 
chiefly used by dyers ; a carmine 
is extracted from the brazil wood 
of Pernambuco by means of acids. 
Abellina, the hazel nut ; avellana, or 

Abelmoluch, a species of ricinus, or 

castor-oil plant. 
Abelmoschus, Egyptian musk mal- 
low ; seeds cordial, of a fragrant 
smell, resembling a mixture of 
musk and amber. They are used 
as a perfume, and by the Arabs 
to mix with coffee. The plant is 
indigenous in Egypt and many 
parts of the East and West In- 
dies, and would seem deserving 
of attention, although unnoticed in 
the Materia Medica of the pre- 
sent day. 
Aberratio, lusus nature ; dislocation. 
jibesamum, filth, mud, clay. 
Abessi, faeces ; excrement. 
Abesum, calx viva, unquenched 
lime, or quick lime. 

A B L 

Abevacuatio, imperfect discharge of 
hurtful matter, either naturally or 
by art. 
Abicuui, a close covering ; an enve- 
loping substance, as the uterus, 8tc. 
Abiccula, the dwarf fir. 
Abu v, the fir tree ; an evergreen, 
included by Linnaeus in the genus 
pinus. The four following chiefly 
afford materials for medical use. 
Abies alba, yew-leaved or silver fir, 
which yields the Strasburgh tur- 
Abies balsamea, balm of Gilead fir, 
so called from the fragrance of the 
leaves when rubbed. This spe- 
cies yields the Canada balsam. 
Abies Canadensis,! Canada or Virgi- 

Virginiana, y nia fir. 
Abies fricea, ~) the common or red fir, 
rubra, 5 or pitch tree. Tur- 
pentine is afforded in the greatest 
quantity from this species; and 
from the turpentine is obtained 
white rosin, tar, common and bur- 
gundy pitch. 
Abiotos, cicuta, or hemlock. 
Abit, cerussa, or white oxyd of 

Ablactatio, ablactation, or the pi*o- 
cess of weaning a child from the 
Ablatio, taking from the body what- 
ever is useless or hurtful ; evacu- 
ation of all kinds ; regimen, or 
subtraction of part of the diet, in 
a medical view ; apyrexia, or in- 
terval between two paroxysms of 
a fever. In chemistry it implies 
the removal of any thing finished, 
or which is no longer necessary in 
the process. 
Able/isia, blindness, indiscreet con- 
Abhumtia, abluents, or diluting medi- 
cines, called also Abstergents; 
medicines to thin, purify or sweet- 
en the blood ; or to wash off from 
the ex, or internal surfaces of the 
body, any matter improperly ad- 
hering to them. 
Ablutio, ablution, washing or cleans- 

A B R 

ing the body externally by baths ; 
or internally, by thin diluting flu- 
ids. In chemistry, it means the pu- 
rification of an impure body by re- 
peated affusions of a proper liquor, 
as in separating saline substances 
from other matters. 

Abmrmis, irregular, out of rule. 

Aboit, ceruss, or white lead. 

Abomasum, } the maw; the fourth 

Abomasus, $ stomach of ruminant 
animals. They are termed venter 
or ventriculus, reticulum or ct- 
cryphalos, omasum or omasus, 
and abomasum or enystion. 

Abominado, loathing food. 

Abolitio, the separation or destruc- 
tion of diseased parts. 

Aborsus, ~1 abortion, miscarriage, 

Abortio, ! or premature birth ; ge- 

Abortus, rnerally meant in the 

Abortivum, J early months of preg- 

Abortus effluxion abortion within the 
first month of pregnancy. 

Abortus octimcstris, abortion in the 
eighth month. 

Abortus subsemestris, abortion in the 
fourth month. 

Abortus subtrimestris, abortion be- 
tween the first and fourth month. 

Abortus ab uteri laxitate, abortion 
from a relaxed state of the ute- 

Abortiens, > applied to flowers with- 

Abortivus.) out seeds. 

Abortiva, abortives ; medicines capa- 
ble of producing abortion. 

Abracadabra, an amulet ; a cabalistic 
or magical word invented by Sere- 
nus Samonicus as a cure of the 
haemitritaeus. It is written on 
paper in a triangular form, the 
first line at length, and the last 
letter of each subsequent line drop- 
ped in succession ; the name of a 
Syrian god. 

Abrucal-m, > another magical word ; 

Abracalan, \ the name of another Sy 
rian god, to which equal virtues 
were attributed by the Jews with 
the former. 

AbrcttC) see Abelmoschus. 

A B S 

Abrasa, ulcers with/ much loss «{ 

Abrasio, abrasion ; a loss of skin by 
friction ; shaving ; the destruction 
of the natural mucus of any mem- 
branous part, as of the stomach) in- 
testines, &c. by sharp corrosive 
medicines or humours ; also the 
matter worn off by the attrition of 
bodies against each other. 

Ab>asus, rubbed off, shaven. 

Abrattian, abrotanum, or southern- 

AbriC) sulphur. 

Abrodi&teticus, nice tasted. 

Abroma, a tree of New South 
Wales, yielding a gum. 

Abrotanozdes, corallina, or corallines 
in the form of abrotanum. 

Abrotanum, ) southernwood ; artemi- 

Abrotonum, 5 sia abrotanum Linn. 

mas, common southern- 
wood. Its leaves enter the decoc- 
turn pro fomento of the L. C. 

Abrotonum fxmineum, common laven- 
der cotton. 

Ab.otonum camjiestre, fine-leaved 

Abrotonites, wine impregnated with 

Abrujitio, a case of fracture, where 
the bones recede. 

Abruptus, ending abruptly ; a bota- 
nic term. 

Abrum, amber. 

Abrus, phaseolus, or kidney-bean 
tree ; Angola seeds ; Jamaica wild 

Abscedentia, decayed parts of the body 
separated by disease. 

AbiiCedere, to gather, or imposthu- 

Ai scessio, ) abscess, or imposthume ; 

Abscessus, $ a collection of matter 
following inflammation ; a suppu- 
rated phlegmon ; a cavity contain- 
ing pus. Motherby enumerates 
forty -seven varieties, which though 
very proper in a regular history 
of diseases, are for the most part 
unnecessary in a Dictionary. 

Abac isus adenosus, any hard, in- 
dissoluble tumor of a gland. 

A B S 

Abscessus dorsi et lumborum, psoas 

or lumbar abscess. 
Abscessus gmgrvarumy a gum-boil. 
inguinis, a bubo. 
fiidmonum, vomica, or ab- 
scess of the lungs. 
Abscessus s/rirituosus, an abscess in 
an artery ; emphysema ; aneu- 
Abscissio, abscission ; cutting away 
any corrupt or useless soft part 
of the body from the sound part ; 
the sudden termination of disease 
in death before it arrives at its 
decline ; loss of any faculty, as 
abscissa i»ox, loss of voice, (Cel- 
Ab»condo\ the cavity of a bone re- 
ceiving the head of another; a si- 
nus from a morbid cause. 
Absinthiomcnon, any very bitter spe- 
cies of wormwood. 
Abshithitcs, any liquid impregnated 

with wormwood. 
Absinthunu wormwood ; thirty-two 
species are enumerated by Botan- 
ists. Those in present use, are, 
Absinthium mariiimum, sea worm- 
wood ; artemisia mantima of Linn. 
Absinthium fionticum,~\ common, or 
ro?nanum, > Roman worm- 
vulgare, J wood ; the ar- 
temisia absinthium of Linn. The 
properties of all the species are 
nearly the same : used in tincture, 
extract, essential oil, conserve and 
salt ; which last does not differ from 
the kali praep. or carbonate of pot- 
Absolutorium, a perfect cure. 
Absorbentia, absorbents ; medicines 
having the power of sheathing or 
destroying acidity in the body ; or 
like a spunge to dry away super- 
fluous moisture in the body, as cal- 
cined magnesia; egg; and oyster 
shells prepared ; chalk ; alkalies. 
Absorbentia vasa, absorbent vessels, 
called lacteals and lymphatics ; the 
former conveying the chyle from 
the intestines to the thoracic duct ; 
the latter, a thin pellucid fluid 
called lymph, from the places of 
their origin. 

A C A 

Absorjdio, absorption ; sucking up, 
inhaling; the taking up of sub-^ 
stances applied to the months of 
absorbing vessels. One species of 
absorption, viz. the cutaneous, has 
been lately questioned with great 
ingenuity by several of the gradu- 
ates of the University of Penn- 

Abstemius, temperate in diet. 

Abstention suppression, or retention. 
stercorum, retention of the 

Abstergens, cleansing, or wiping off. 

Ab. tergentia, abstergent, detergent, 
or cleansing medicines. 

Abstersivus, abstersive, cleansing. 

Abstersoiius, abstersive ; any cleans- 
ing medicine. 

Abstinentia, abstinence, spare living ; 
a suppression of habitual evacua- 
tions; compression. 

Abstraction abstractign ; the power of 
withdrawing the mind from gene- 
ral to particular ideas ; separation 
by evaporation; exhaling away a 
menstruum from the subject it 
was put to dissolve. 

Abstractitins, native spirit not pro- 
duced by fermentation. 

Absus, the Egyptian lotus ; a species 
of cassia. 

Abutige, a town in Egypt producing 
the best opium. 

Abutilon, althaea theophrasti, or yel- 
low mallow. 

Abvacuatio, local and morbid dis- 

Abvolatio, abvolation, flying off. 

A/n/ssus, abyss ; a mystic term of the 
followers of Paracelsus ; the ma- 
teria prima of which all things are 
formed. In chemistry, a proper 
receptacle for seminal matter from 
which all things are formed. . 

Acaca, not dangerous. 

Acacalis, the flower of the narcissus. 

Acacia, a thorn or sloe tree ; the E- 

, gyptian thorn or binding bean 
tree ; mimosa nilotica or Lgypti- 
aca of Linnaeus, which produces 
the true gum arabic. 

Acacia germanica, inspissated juice 

A C A 

of the wild sloe, or primus spinosa 
sylvestris of Linnaeus, used in place' 
of the 

Acacia vera, or inspissated juice of the 
unripe fruit of the mimosa nilotica, 
which was formerly much used in 
medicine as a powerful astringent, 
hut now is little employed. When 
pure, it is totally soluble in water, 
and differs from most vegetable 
astringents in being very partially 
soluble in rectified spirit. The 
London College direct the pre- 
paration of the acacia from the un- 
ripe fruit of their native sloe. 

Acacia gummi, gum arabic. 

Indica, tamarind tree or In- 
dian acacia. 

Acacia silii/uis compressis, the tree 
yielding gum senega!. 

Acacia Zeylanica, lignum campe- 
chense, logwood. 

Acacos, any disease without danger ; 
the aphthae of children. 

Aetna, a thorny plant of Mexico. 

Aca/ii, aqua aluminosa, or alum wa- 

Acaid, acetum, vinegar, or acetous 

Acairo*, unseasonable. 

Acaja, the prune tree of Brasil ; 
leaves astringent and acid. 

Acajaiba, "> cashew nut tree of Ame 

Acajou, 5 " ca ' lne ca J 0U or cassu 
tree, the anacardium pruniferum 
indicum of Linnaeus. The oil of 
the shell is very acrid, destroys 
tetters, ring- worms, -&c. The 
tree when wounded yields a gum 
resembling gum arabic. 

Acajaiba Brasiliensis, anacardium, or 
Malacca bean tree. 

Acalai, common salt. 

Acalcum, tin. 

Acate/ihc, ~) urtica, or nettle ; any 

Acalyjihe, 5 thing noxious to the 

Acamatos, the most perfect constitu- 
tion, and configuration of body ; 
a perfect rest of all the muscles. 

Acanor, a furnace of brick and earth, 
with a tower. 

Acanacea, plants of the thistle kind, 

A C A 

having prickles ; the sharp and 
prominent parts of animals. 

Acantha, a thorn ; the shinbone ; 
the posterior processes or spines ol 
the back bone ; the fin of a fish. 

Acanthaboiuis, a pair of forceps or pin- 
cers to remove thorns, 8cc. also 
tweezers to pull out the eye- 
icantlunum, gum arabic. 

Acanthaceus, thistly, thorny, pointed. 
kanthaleuce, whitethorn. 

Acanhqlzuca, echinopus, or globe 

Acanihica, a juice found on the top 
of the Pyrethrum, or Peliitory. 
icanthica ma-stiche, pint thistie. 

Acanthinus, thorny, prickly. 

Acanthiodontts, stones like sharp 

Acant Irion, 
Acant hiuni 


cotton thistle 

Acant/iis; groundsel ; a bird. 

Acantlioides parva, carline thistle. 

Acantho/iterygius, having prickly fins. 

Acan;hulus, the forceps to remove 
extraneous bodies from wounds. 

Acanthus, bears-breech or brank ur- 
sine, roots mucilaginous ; a good 
substitute for the marsh mallow. 

Acanthus sylvestris, wild ;brank ur- 

Acanus, a species of thistle called 
Acanus Theophrasti. 

Acafiatli, piper longum, or long pep- 

Aca/.non, origanum Anglicum, or 
common wild marjoram ; unsmok- 
ed honey ; dry wood. 

Acardios, fearful, depressed, faint- 

Acarus, a small insect which breeds 
in wax, also one which breeds in 
the skin. 

. earns siro, the itch insect. 

Acarna theophrasti, carduus ferox, or 
fish -like thistle. 

Acarum, wild myrtle. 

Acartum, red lead. 

Acatale/isia, the incomprehensibility 
or uncertainty of science. 

Acatalis, juniper, or juniper berry. 

Acatafiosis, difficult deglutition. 


Acatastatos, irregular fever; turbid 
urine without sediment. 

Aca'era, the larger juniper tree. 

Acatharsia, disease requiring purg- 
ing; impurity of the humours; 
the sordes of wounds. 

Acato, iuligo, or soot 

Aeaulcs, flowers without stalks. 

Acazdir, stannum or tin. 

Acaiem, ~) a mixture of brass, cala- 

Accatum, 3 mine, and copper. 

Accel ratio, acceleration, or the in- 
crease of velocity in a moving 

Accel* ator, a propeller, or hastener. 

Acceleratores urine, muscles of the 
penis expelling the urine and se- 

Accensio, burning ; kindling, or set- 
ting any thing on fire ; flame from 
mixing- two cold fluids. 

Accessio, accession ; paroxysm ; the 
approach or commencement of an 
intermittent or other fever. 

Accessorius, being connected by con- 
tact, or approach ; a name of the 
eighth pair of nerves. 

Accessonus sacro-lumbaris, a muscle 
of the loins. 

Accib, plumbum, or lead, 

Accidens, an accident ; a symptom of 

Accidentalis, accidental, or by chance. 

Accijiiter, a hawk ; a bandage for the 

Acci/rirrina, hawkweed. 

Acclivis, the obliquus ascendens in- 
ternusj a muscle of the lower bel- 

Accretio, accretion, or growing to- 
gether ; nutrition, growth. 

Accubado, childbed, reclining. 

decubitus, lying together in the same 
bed, but without any venereal 

Accumulation accumulation, or col- 
lection ; a mixture of different 

Accurtatoria, an epitome or synopsis. 

Accusatio, indication 

Acedia, trouble, fatigue, neglect. 

Ace/ihalosj a monster born without 
a head. 


Acer, sharp, smart, shrill ; the ma- 
ple tree. 
. Ice majus, the great maple, or sy- 
camore ; nine species are enume- 
rated by botanists ; the fresh juice 
is said to be antiscorbutic, and by 
inspissation yields an excellent 
Jeer Firgimanum, liquidambar tree. 

Aceratos, unmixed, uncorrupted. 

Acerbiias, acidity, sourness. 

Acrrbus, acerb, harsh, sour, rough, 
astringent, prickly, sharp. 

Aceridcs, plasters without wax. 

Acernus, belonging to the maple. 

Acerosus, brown bread made without 
the separation of the bran ; a leaf 
with branny scales. 

Acervu*, a collection of matters in 
one point, a heap. 

Acescens, acescent, or growing sour. 

Acesis, a remedy or cure; water 
sa H e. 

Acesta, curable distempers. 

Acestides, the chimnies and roofs of 
certain chemical furnaces for mak- 
ing brass, and fusing copper. 

Acestoris, a midwife, a female phy- 

Aces t ride,, mid wives. 

Aceta medicata, medicated vinegars. 

Acetabula matris, cotyledons. 

Acetabulum, a glandular substance 
lound in the placenta of some ani- 
mals : an ancient measure con- 
taining about two ounces and a 
half: the cavity of the os innomi- 
natum in which the head of the 
thigh bone moves : crassula, or or- 

Acetabulum marinum minus, andro- 
sace, or navelwort. 

Acetar, a sallad to be eaten with vi- 
negar, oil and salt. 

Acetarium, a sallad, a hash. 

scorbuueun ■-, a pickle com- 
posed of salt, sugar and salt of 
scurvy grass, mixed with orange 

Acetas, acetat, or acetate ; those com- 
pounds formed by the union of the 
acetic acid, or radical vinegar w ith 
different bases, none of which have 


yet been introduced into practice, 
and therefore useless to name. 
Acetatus, acetated, a term implying 
certain chemical combinations of 
substances with the acetous acid. 
Acetis, acetite ; compounds of the 
acetous acid or distilled vinegar 
with different bases. The few 
which are introduced into medical 
practice are, 
jicttis ammoniacalis, acetite of am- 
monia ; aqua ammoniae acctatae or 
spirit of minclererus. 
Acetis hydrargyria acetite of mercu- 
Acetis filumbi, acetite or sugar of 

Acetis plumbi Uquidus, extract of 

lead or Goulard's extract. 
Acetis fiotassx, acetite of potash ; di- 
uretic salt, or foliated earth of tar- 
Acetis zinci, acetite of zinc. , 

Acetosa, or Acetosus, sour ; eager ; 
sorrel. Miller reckons up about 
eighteen species, of which the fol- 
lowing are used. 
Acetosa arve?tsis, sheep's sorrel. 
Jiratensis, meadow sorrel. 
Romano, Roman, French, 
round-leaved, or garden sorrel. 
Acetosa vulgaris, rumex acetosus of 

Linnaeus ; common sorrel. 
Acetosa esurina, concentrated, or radi- 
cal vinegar; esurine spirit of vi- 
negar or hungry vinegar. 
Acetosella, wood sorrel ; oxalis aceto- 
sella of Linnaeus. The essen- 
tial salt of lemons is prepared from 
this plant ; what is however usual- 
ly sold under that name appears 
to consist of crystals of tartar with 
the addition of a small portion of 
sulphuric acid. 
Acetosus-, acetous ; of the nature of 

Acetum, vinegar, or acetous acid. 

acetown firophylacticum, or 
thieves vinegar. 
Acetum alkalizatum, vinegar neutra- 
lised by an alkali. 
Acetum amintcum y white wine vine- 


Acetum ant/iosalum, vinegar of rose 

Acetum antimonii, radical vinegar by 
ore of antimony. 

Acetum aromaticum, aromatic vine- 
gar, or thieves vinegar. 

Acetum colchici autumnalis, vinegar 
of meadow saffron. 

Acetum concentratum, concentrated 
or acetic acid. 

Acetum distiltatum, distilled acetous 
acid, or vinegar. 

Acetum esuriens, } concentratedvi- 
esurinum, § negar, or ace- 
tic acid. 

Acetum lithargyrites, vinegar of li- 

Acetum mellis, simple oxymel. 

antipestilentiale, antipestilen - 
tial vinegar. 

Acetum philosophicum, an acid distil- 
led from honey. 

Acetum philosolihorum, butter of an- 
timony and water, a cosmetic. 

Acetum plumbi, vinegar of litharge. 
p.ortabile, tartar mixed with 
vinegar, and crystallized. 

Acetum radicale, acetic acid, or ra- 
dical vinegar. 

Acetum radicatum, tartarus regene- 
ratus, or diuretic salt. 

Acetum rosaceun , ~) vinegar of ros- 
rosatum, ) es. 
rutaceum, vinegar of rue. 
saii>bucinumy vinegar of el- 
der flowers. 



Acetum scilla maritime!, 

tlieriacale, treacle vinegar. 
viui albi, white wine vine- 
Achate, aqua aluminosa, or alum 

Achamella, a plant of Ceylon. See 

Achamenis, a species of poley. 
Achar, a composition of the shoots 

of the bamboo 
Achariston, thankless. Medicines un- 
der this name of singular effica- 
cy, are described by Aetius and 
Galen, which quickly curing the 
patient, were less valued by them. 

A C I 

and no return was made for the 

deflate*, agate, a precious sto: c. 

Achaava, marum, chamaemelum. 

Ache, the herb smallage. 

Acheir, being without hands. 

Achicolum, a hot, sweating room. 

.Achillea, millefolium, milfoil or yar- 

Achilleis, Grecian barley. 

Achilleius, tendo achillis. 

Achilleion, sponge for tents. 

Achimbassi, the medical president at 
Grand Cairo. 

Actuate, lozenges of the grains of 

Achiotl, roucou or arnotto, a dye stuff 
from Brasil 

Achlys, condensed air in the womb ; 
dimness of sight, darkness or 
cloudiness; loss of that lustre in 
the eye in sickness, usual in 
health ; opacity of the cornea; an 
ulcer or scar over the pupil. 

Achmadium, antimony. 

Achne, chaff; white mucus on the 
eyes, or fauces ; lint ; froth of the 

Acholos, any animal without bile. 

Achor, tinea, crusta lsctea, or scald 

Achoristos, any constant symptom. 

Achras, the Grecian wild pear. 

.khreion, a weakness of the limbs. 

Aehroia, paleness. 

Achy, Arabian cassia. 

Achillas, deficient in chyle. 

Achyron, bran, chaff, straw. 

Ada, a threaded chii urgical needle. 

Acicula, wild cheveril, or shepherd's 

Acicularis, sharp pointed. 

Acici/s, weak, infirm, faint. 

Acicla, acids ; the combination of ox- 
ygen, or the base of vital air, with 
certain elementary substances. 

Acida animaVa, animal acids. 

imperfecta, imperfect acids, or 
such as are not fully saturated with 

Acida mineralia, mineral acids. 

-cefretabilia, vegetable acids. 

Acida jierfecta, perfect acids, or such 
as are fully saturated with oxygen. 

A C I 

.Uhliias, acidity, sourness. 
..v, weak. 

. icidotum, any prickly substance. 

Acidul*, sorrels; cold acid mephitir 
mineral waters. 

Acidulus, sourish, or tart. 

Acidum, an acid, or sour salt, neutra- 
lising alkalies; a combustible sub- 
stance united to the base of vital 
air or oxygen. 

Acidwn aceiicum, acetic acid ; acid 
fully saturated with oxygen ; radi- 
cal vinegar 

. -cidum acetoste, oxalic acid, acid of 
sorrel, or of sugar. 

Acidum ac^-losum, acetous acid ; acid 
not fully saturated with oxygen; 
distilled vinegar. 

Acidum acetosum camfihoratum, cam- 
phorated acetous acid. 

Acidum acetosam distillatum, acetous 
acid, or distilled vinegar. 

Acidum acetosum forte, radical vine- 
gar, or acetic acid. 

Acidum. acetosum imjiuram, impure 
acetous acid. 

Acidum adi/us, sebacic acid, or acid 
of fat. 

Acidum aereum, carbonic acid, or fix- 
ed air. 

Acidum etherdiim, 7 vitriolic acid 
uluminosum, 3 or uc 'd of 

Acidum animale, acid of animals ; as, 
ants, silkworms, or fat. 

Acidum. ar enicum, acid of arsenic, 
oxygenated calx, or oxyd of arse- 
Icidum atmosfihericum, fixed air. 

benzoicum, ~) acid, or flowers 
benzoini, $ of gum ben- 

Acidum berberium, acid of barberries. 
bezoardicum, bezoardic acid. 
bombkum, bombic acid, or 
acid of silkworms. 

Acidum boracicum, > boracic acid, or 
boracis, $ acid of borax ; 
sedative salt. 

Acidum ca'holicum, vitriolic, or sul- 
phuric acid. 

Acidum car bonicum, fixed air, carbo- 
nic acid, or acid of charcoal. 

A C I 

Acidum citricum, citric acid, or acid 

of lemons ; citronian acid. 
Acidum concretum, concrete acid, as 
crystals of tartar, flowers of benja- 
Acidum cretacewn, cretaceous, or car- 
bonic acid. 
Acidum fluoric um, \ fluoric acid, or 
Jluoris, $ acid of fiuor 
spar ; spathose acid. 
Acidum Jbrmicaru?n, formic acid, or 

acid of ants. 
Acidum Jbssile, tbe vitriolic, nitrous, 

or muriatic acid. 
Acidum gallace um,~) gallic acid, or 
gallx, y acid of galls ; 

gal/arum., J formerly called 
the astringent principle. 
Acidum lacticmn, > lactic acid, or 
lactis, 5 ac ^ °f m ii' c - 
lithicum, lithic, or bezoardic 
acid, or acid of urinary calculus. 
Acidum malicum, malic, or malusian 

acid, or acid of apples. 
Acidum marinum, acid of sea or fos- 
sil salt, marine acid. 
Acidum marinum acratum, 1 

defihlogiaticatum, J 
oxygenated muriatic acid. 
Acidum mcphiiicum, carbonic acid. 

mctallicum, ^ the vitriolic, ni 
rine acids. 
Acidum molybdence, 
Acidum muriaticum, muriatic acid ; 
acid of sea or fossil salt; fuming 
spirit of salt ; marine acid. 
Acidum muriaticum oxygenatum, ox- 
ygenated muriatic acid, or dephlo- 
gisticated marine acid ; aerated ma- 
rine acid ; muriatic acid with ex- 
cess of oxygen. 
Acidum nativum, native acid, as le- 
mon juice, &c. the acidifying prin- 
ciple of Lavoisier. 
Acidum nitri, acid of nitre. 

nitricum, nitric acid ; dephlo 
gistieated nitrous acid ; white ni- 
trous acid ; nitric acid without gas ; 
aznt fully combined with oxygen. 


trous, and ma- 

molybdic acid; 
acid of wolf- 


A C I 

Acidum ?iitri-vinosu?n, spiritus nitri 

Acidum nitro-muriaticum, nitro-muri- 
atic acid ; aqua regia, or regaline 
Acidum nitrosum, nitrous acid ; nitric 
acid with excess of azot ; smoking 
nitrous acid ; ruddy nitrous acid ; 
phlogisticated nitrous acid. 
Acidum nitrosum album, nitric acid. 
oxygenated nitrous acid. 
Acidum nitrosum fumans, > 

phlogisticatum, } 
nitrous acid. 
Acidum nitrosum dilutum^ } aqua for- 
tenue, $ tis ; or di- 
luted nitrous acid. 
Acidum oxalycum, oxalic, or oxaline 

acid, acid of sorrel, or sugar. 
Acidum pcrlatum, acid of pearls. 

phosphoricum, phosphoric 
acid ; acid of urine. 
Acidum fiingue, acid of fat. 

phosphorosum, > volatile phos- 
volatile, 3 phoric acid; 

acid of phosphorus with less oxy- 
Acidum pomi> malic acid, or acid of 

Acidum pomi citrei, citric acid, or 

acid of citrons. 
Acidum primigeruum, vitriolic acid. 

prussicum, prussic acid ; co- 

louring matter of Prussian blue. 

Acidum pyro-lignosum, pyro-ligneous 

acid ; empyreumatic acid spirit of 


Acidum pyro-mucosum, pyro-mucous 

acid; spirit of honey, sugar, &c. 
Acidum pyro-tartarosum, pyro-tartar- 

eous acid ; spirit of tartar. 
Acidum regain nm, aqua regia, or ni- 

tro- muriatic acid. 
Acidum sacchari, ) 'if 

saccharinum,} » 

saccho-laclicum, saccno-lactic 
acid, or acid of sugar of milk. 
Acidum sebacicum, acid of suet or fat. 
septicum, septic acid of Mit- 

acid of tartar. 

A C I 

Acidum sidtnw:, acid of the load- 

Acidum ailicum, acid of flints. 
s/iatosum, fluoric acid. 

Acidum succinic ~) succinic acid, or 
succiniciun, j volatile salt oi 

Acidum sueccauum, Swedish acid of 
Scheele, fluoric acid. 

Acidum ulfihureum, volatile acid of 
sulphur ; sulphureous acid ; phlo- 
gisticated vitriolic acid ; spirit ol 

Acidum sulfifiuricwn, vitriolic acid ; 
oil of vitriol ; spirit of \itriol ; spi- 
rit of sulphur ; acid of sulphur; a 
combination of a full portion of oxy- 
gen with its basis ; the vapour of 
sulphur imbibed by water. 

Acidum sul/i/iurifi, vitriolic acid 

sul/ihurosum, sulphureous 
acid ; vitriolic acid, with less oxy- 

Acidum tartaric 

tai arosum, 
terra fiondcrosce, acid of ba- 
rytes, or heavy spar. 

Acidum tunsticum, acid of tungstein, 
or wolfram. 

Acidum urintz, phosphoric acid. 
vagum, vitriolic acid. 
vegetabile, native acid of ve- 
getables, always mixed with muci- 
lage, &c. vinegar. 

Acidum vegetabile rssentialc, concen- 
trated vegetable acid. 

Acidum vitrioli aromaticum, P. E. a- 
cid elixir of vitriol ; vitriolic aether. 

Acidum vitriplicum } vitriolic or sul- 
phuric acid. 

Acidum vitri Aicum aeratum, fluoric 

Acidum. vi/ri- licinn jihloginticatum, sul- 
phureous acid. 

Acidum vi' ioliciim tenuc, weak spirit 
of vitriol, or diluted vitriolic acid. 

Acidum vi'ri'jiicuin -uinosum, sweet 
spirit of vitriol. 

Acies, chalybs, or steel. 

Aciiacif'> mi.:, a term of a leaf with 
one edge sharp and rounded, the 
other straight and thick. 

Actnesia, immobility, or loss of mo- 
tion in the whole or any part of the 


body, as in palsy, apoplexy, syn- 
cope, kc. 

Acini) clusters of grapes, or be*. 

Acini biliosi, the small glands of the 
liver separating the bile from the 
blood, now called penicilli. 

Acini glaudulosi, conglomerate glands. 

Atiniforinisi having the form of ker- 

Acrnifortnia tunica., the uvea of the 

Acinosa tunica, the coat of the eye, 
called uvea. 

Acinosua, full of kernels. 

Acinos, stone, or wild basil. 

Acinua, a cluster of berries ; staphy- 
loma ; a grape stone ; a grape ; 
a kernel, or grain. 

Aci/ienaer, the sturgeon fish. 

Acmastica, } an ardent fever ; syno- 

Acmasticos, $ elms. 

Acme, the height of disease ; full 
growth, or perfection. 

Acmclla, a native plant of Ceylon. 

Acmo, red coral. 

Acna, ~) a small pimple, or hard pur- 

Acne, 3 piish tubercle in the face, co- 
vered with a scale. 

Acneslis, the lower part of the back, 
between the shoulder blades and 
the loins. 

Aco, a Mediterranean fish ; sarachus. 

Acoe, the faculty of hearing. 

Acceiius, thin, emaciated, bellyless. 

Aca'tus, ") pure, or virgin honey with- 

AcutuH, $ out sediment. 

Acolasti/ft, intemperate, lascivious. 

Acolos, maimed. 

Aeon, a coit for exercise. 

Acondylus, a stalk without joints. 

Acone, a whet stone, or painter's mor- 
■konion, medicine prepared by levi- 

Aconiiijolia, ducksfoot. 

Aconiton, any vessel wanting an in- 
ner coating. 

Aconitum, wolfsbane, monkshood, or 
helmet flower ; nineteen species 
arc enumerated by botanists, of 

Aconitum nafiellua, large blue wolfs- 
bane, or monkshood, is the only 

A C () 

one employed in medicine, in form 
of an extract. 
Aconitum anthora. anthora, or whole- 
some wolfsbane. 
Aconitum canadense, a species of sun- 
Aconitwn cterufeum, } the hairy 

fiort dc//i/;inii, 5 larkspur 
folio filatini, aconitum pon- 
ticum, or yellow wolfsbane. 
Aconitum hyemale, } a poisonous 

luteum minus, ) plant like 
black hellebore. 

urn lycoctonum cxrv.leum, the 
blue larkspur. 
Aconitum lycoctonum bxteum, aconitum 

Aconitum fiardalianches primum, \ 
minus, y 
common, or broad-leaved leopard's 
Aconitum ponticum yellow wolfsbane ; 
Aconitum racemosum, a species of the 

herb Christopher. 
Aconitum aalutife um, anthora, or 

wholesome wolfsbane. 
Aconitum urens^ staphisagria, or sta- 
ve sacre. 
Aconium, a little mortar. 
Acontias, the poisonous dart snake. 
Acopa, ~] medicines to relieve the 
Aco//on, I ill effects of excessive fa 
Aco/ios, fUgue ; discutient plasters ; 
. lco/rum,J water trefoil. 
Acor, ) sourness; acrimonious aci- 
. (cores, 5 dity in the stomach, from 
indigestion. Sometimes used syn- 
onymous with acid ; achor. 
Acordina, Indian tutty. 
Acoria, ravenous appetite. 
. icorites, acorns, and liquorice root 

infused in wine. 
. icorria, fish thistle. 
icortinus, lupinus, or lupine. 

. Irorum, 

calamus or sweet Has:. 

Asiaticus, Asiatic sweet flag 

Jialustris, yellow water flag 

calamus. ~) . 

calamus aromati- 

cus or sweet flag. 

amus, ~) 


/:ori/fi/iiH, any vegetable ending in 

a point. 
(cos, a remedy, cure. 

A C R 
Acosmia, } baldness, depraved health, 
mus, 3 ugliness, pale, thin, loss of 
colour; irregularity in the crisis 
and critical days of fever. 
. Icoate, barley food. 
Acoteledon, seeds without coteledons. 
Acou-':tica, remedies, or instruments 
for deafness ; the portio mollis of 
the seventh pair of nerves. 
Acquisitus, acquired, accidental. 

nymphomania ; satyriasis, 
furor uterinus, or excessive 
venereal appetite. 
Acroi/cda, ) remedies for the effects 
Acraipalos, $ of debauch ; a surfeit. 
Actas, achras, or Grecian wild pear. 
. tcrasia, ) excess ; debility ; imbeci- 
Acratia, ^ lily ; intemperance ; pre- 
dominance of one quality above 
another, either in artificial mix- 
tures, or the humours of the body. 
Acratisma, a Grecian breakfast oi 

bread and wine. 
Acratocothon, a drunkard. 
. cratomeli, a mixture of wine and 

ylcraton, vehement, excessive, intem- 
Acratos, simple, unmixed. 

any extremity, as the nose, 
ear, leg, &c. 
Acredo., acridity, or sharpness. 
Acredula, the nightingale. 
Acreton, pupe. or undiluted wine. 
Acria, plants which are simply acrid, 
without admixture of aroma or bit- 
Acribcia, accurate diagnosis. 
Acrida, acrid, or irritating drugs ; 
stimulating substances of a pe- 
netrating pungency, joined with 
Acrifolium, any plant with prickly 

Acrimonia, acrimony, pungency, 
sharpness ; a quality in substances 
by which they irritate, corrode, or 
dissolve others ; applied also to cer- 
tain states of the humours, as 
Jcrimonia acida, acid acrimony, pro- 
ductive of heart-burn. 
Acrimoniu alkaiina, alkaline acrimony, 
a disease indicated by longing for 
acids, &c. 

A C T 

Acrns, any fractured extremity ; the 
locust insect ; the top of a moun- 

Acrisia, ) uncertainty in- disease ; 
Acritu?, 5 disease without a regular 

AcriyvAa, nasturtium Indicum, or In- 
dian cress. 
Acrcasia, the sense of hearing. 
Acrohystia, the extremity of the pre- 
Acrachei ; the wrist. 
Acrocheiria, ~) wrestling at arm's 
Acroc/ieiresis, $ length 
Aa ocheiris, the arm, from the elbow 

to the ends of the fingers. 
Acrochliarus, lukewarm. 
Achrocordrn, ? a wart with a small 
- Ichrocordum, \ pedicle. 
Acrocharismusj a kind of wrestling 

Acroco/ia, the extremities of animals ; 

giblets, pettytoes. 
Acrodrya, an acorn. 
•dcrofaniori) £ olecranon, orupper ex- 
Acrolerdums ^ tremity of the ulna. 
■Acromanin, incurable madness. 
Acromion, the humeral extremity of 

the scapula. 
Ac om/Jialion, ~) . 
JcromfihaliuL I the most prominent 
.:;:n^KJP artolthl;navd 
' on, the top of a blossom ; in me- 
dicine, the best of its kind. 
Ac onia, the amputation of any extre- 
Acropathos, the acme of disease ; os 

tincae ; cutaneous cancer. 
Aa opis, imperfect articulation from 

a fault in the tongue. 
Ac cposthia, the part of the prepuce 

lost by circumcision. 
Ac opsilon, the denuded glans penis. 
Acros, an extremity. 
Ac osa/:es, digestible food. 
Acrosophia, a sound mind. 
Acrosfcdos, bromus, or wild oat grass. 
Acroteria, the extreme parts of the 

Acroteriasmus, amputation of a limb. 
Acrothymia, > a wen, or mole on the 
Acrothymion, 3 skin ; a rough wart. 
Act. Med. abbreviation of acta me 

A C U 
Act. Philos. et Transact. Philos. Phi- 
losophical Transactions. 
Act. Keg. Hi'. Transactions of the 
Royal Academy of Sciences at Pa- 
Act. 8. R. — Acta Societalis regia, Phi- 
losophical Transactions, London. 
. /c7<ra, aconitum racemosum. 
Aclc, sambucus, or elder. 
Aciir.aboU.smu,-:, the operation of the 

mind on the body. 
Actirda^ } , 

Actinc, j bumas > or navew ; 
Actio, action; the function, faculty,or 
office of any part, in the human 
body divided into vital, natural and 
Actio animalis, actions performed at 
will, as muscular motion, and all 
the voluntary acts of the body. 
Actio natu alis, those which are in- 
strumental in repairing the losses 
of the body, as manducation, de- 
glutition, digestion, Sec 
Actio firivata, the peculiar function 
of particular parts, as of the blad- 
der in retaining the urine. 
Actio pubiica, functions beneficial to 
•the whole system, as of the sto- 
mach in digestion, Sec. 
Actio sexus, the actions peculiar to 
the sex, as the secretion of semen 
in the male ; the catamenial dis- 
charge of the female. 
Actio z'italis, those actions absolutely 
necessary to life, as the action of 
the heart, lungs and arteries. 
Activus, any powerful medicine. 
Actualis, actual, or inherent power, 
the reverse of potential; actual 
cautery, as red-hot iron. 
Actuarius, the title of a physician ; an 
eminent Greek physician of the 
middle ages. 
Accuatio, the change produced on a 
medicine by the vital functions, ne- 
cessary to its producing its effect. 
Actus, the energy of any applied re- 
Acuere, to acuate, or sharpen. 
Acuitas, acrimony. 
Acuiiio, increasing the activity of re- 
medies by the addition of more 
powerful ones. 


Acuta, any small point. 

Acu/cuto-ciliatus, any vegetable hav- 
ing bristles. 

Acu/ratus, ? i ,• t i T 

Acuieesug, 5 

Aculci, thorns. 

• Icidcua, the thorn, or prickle which 
defends vegetables. 

Aculon, ~) the fruit of the ilex, or 

Aculos, ^ scarlet oak. 

Acumen, a sharp point ; extremity of 
a bone. 

Acttminatua, having a tapering point. 

Acuman, barren. 

Acuncula, a needle-like point. 

Acufirua, chaste. 

Acupunctural acupuncture, the east- 
ern method of bleeding by strik- 
ing needles into any pained part. 

Acureb, plumbum, or lead. 

Acuron, alisma, or German leopard's 

Acus, a needle ; the tobacco-pipe fish ; 

Acus inter/nmctioria, a needle for the 

Acus fiastoris, shepherd's needle, or 

Acus fiastoris mosc/iatum, geranium 
moschatum, or musked crane's 

Acusius, involuntary. 

Acusticus, the auditory nerve ; acous- 
tic ; belonging to the sense of hear- 
ing ; also medicines, or instru- 
ments used to assist, preserve, or 
recover hearing. 

Acusto, nitrum, or nitre. 

Acutella, ononis or rest-barrow. 

Acutangulut, having sharp angles. 

Acut omentum, the handle of a tena- 
culum, or needle. 

Acutitio, increasing the strength of 

Acutus, acute, sharp, recent, barren. 

Acut us morbus, an acute, or danger- 
ous disease. 

Acuesis, } 

barrenness in a woman. 


Acylus, a sweet acorn. 

Acyrut, German leopard's bane. 

Ad, to. 

Adactijlus, any animal without claws. 


Adadunephros, a precious stone. 
'dal, the active parts of plants. 
daemonia, anxiety. 

Adama , lapis adamas, or diamond. 

Adaiges, muriate of ammonia. 

Adamitum, urinary calculi ; a species 
of tartar. 

Adamusf the philosopher's stone. 

Adaironia, the tree producing terra 
sigillata lemnia ; Ethiopian sour 
gourd, or monkey's bread. 

Adarces, a saline concrete, found in 
marshes, in Galatia. 

Adamech, auripigmentum, or orpi- 

Adariges, ammoniacal salts. 

Adartiadatio, articulation admitting 
extensive motion. 

Adaxoma, the bite of any animal. 

Adc/ier, the camel's hay ; a species 
of rush. 

Adcorporatio, clustering together. 

Adde, add. 

Addendo, by adding. 

Addcndus, to be added. 

Addep/wgia, bulimia, or insatiable ap- 
petite, voracity, greediness. 

.idditamentum, any material mixed 
with the principal ingredient to fit 
it for the designed operation ; the 
springy extremity of a bone ; an 

Additamentum coli, the appendix of 
the intestinum caecum. 

Additio, a substitution of artificial 

Adducens, drawing to ; a name given 
to several muscles which bring- 
forward, or draw together, those 
parts to which they are annexed, 

Adducens humeri, the pectoral mus- 
cle, Sec 

Adductio, drawing together. 

Adductor, a drawer to, or contractor ; 
a name of several muscles, as 

Adductor ad minimum digitum, a mus- 
cle of the little finger. 

Adductor auris, a muscle of the ear. 
bracliii, a muscle of the 
arm . 

Adductor digit i minimi pedis, a muscle 
of the little toe. 


Adductor femoris /iri/nus vel~\ ^ ^ 
long I m ~u 

secundus vet b+evis, ^>~z s 
fortius vcl nmgnus, \ -, « 
quart us, J S ~ 

indicie,a muscle of the fore- 

. butter milk. 
Adectos, medicine relieving pain. 

■ ( /, the similarity of diseases. 
Adelfihixis, sympathy or consent. 
Adelfihos, a brother. 
Adehts, insensible, applied to perspi- 
Ademonia, anxiety, or watchfulness. 
Aden, a bubo ; a gland. 
Atlendentes, phagedenic, or eating- 
Adenes Canadensis', potatoes. 
Adenografthia, } any treatise on 
Adenologia, $ glands. 
Adcnoides, ~} glandiform, or like a 
Adenifbrmis, 3 gland. 
. ldeno8Us, glandular. 

abscesstis, a hard glandular 
tubercle difficult to resolve. 
Ade/ihagia, bulimia, or insatiable ap- 
petite; greediness. 
. idefis, fat, or grease. 

anse inns, goose grease. 
Bovis, tallow. 
cervi, (leers fat. 
Qvis arid is, mutton suet., hogs-lard. 
ursi, bears grease. 
Adefita medicina, adept medicine, or 
that which treats of diseases con- 
tracted by celestial operation, or 
communicated from heaven. 
Adef%ta fihilosofinia, adept philoso- 
phy, whose end is the transmuta- 
tion of metals, and an universal re- 

us, a skilful alchemist; an adept 
or professor of the adept philoso- 

Us, a blast ; a kind of erysipe- 
.Idhatoda, Malabar nut 

indica, the sap tree, or wil- 
low-leaved Malabar nut. 
Idhatoda zeylanensium, the common 
Malabar nut. 

A f) I 
Adhesio, accretion of parts, or grow- 
ing together. 
Jdhibendus, to be used, or applied. 
Ai!hibere,\.o use, to apply. 
Adhibitus, used, applied 
Adiachytos, frugal, decent in dress and 

Adianthum, ? maiden hair, an ever- 
.diantum, $ gfecn ; several species 
are mentioned by botanists, but the 
following alone are in use. 
Adianthum verum, "J true mai- 

foliiscoriandri, vden hair: 
viilga e, J Adian- 

thum capillis veneris of Linnaeus. 
Adianthum canadense, ~) American, 
A/nei icartum, 3 ov Cana- 
da maiden hair. Adianthum peda- 
tum of Linnaeus. 
Adianthum nigrum, common, or Eng- 
lish black maiden hair. Aspleni- 
um trichomanes of Linnaeus. This 
list indeed supplies the place of 
all: it is used in infusion with li- 
quorice root ; and also to prepare 
the syrup of capillaire. 
Adiafihoros, > indifferent ; neutral ; 
Adiaphorus, 5 chiefly meant of some 
spirits and salts which are neither 
acid nor alkaline. 
Adiajineuslia, suppressed, or dimi- 
nished perspiration. 
Adiafuosis, firmness; an electuary of 

stone parsley, &c. for colic. 
Adiarrhxa, a total suppression of all 

the necessary evacuations 
Adiarthnea, a suppression of the al- 

vine evacuations. 
Adiathoro&as, a spirit distilled from 

Adib, mercury ; the wolf. 
Adibat, mercury. 

dice, urtica, or the nettle. 
Adifxatum, fat meat. 
Adilystus, un strain ed . 
Adif/osa membrava, the cellular mem- 
brane containing the fat. 
tdiftosa vena, or vena renalis. 
Adi/iosa arterix, branches of the phre- 
nic arteries, going to the fat sur- 
rounding the kidnies. 
tdifiosi ductus, passages conveying 
the fat into the interstices of the 



muscles, Sec. or they are the bags 
or ducts containing the fat. 
Adi/iosus, any thing fat. 
Adi/isan, > medicines which abate 
Adifison, 5 thirst ; liquorice. 
Adijisia, absence, or want of thirst. 

firimaria, constitutional ab- 
sence of thirst. 
Adifisia .secundaria, adipsia as a symp- 
tom of disease. 
Adiflsos, the Egyptian palm ; its un- 
ripe fruit, cailed myrobalans, like 
capers, quenches thirst ; oxymel ; 
Adirige, ammoniacal salt. 
Adject 10, addition. 
Adjunctus, any inseparable quality. 
Adjungcrc, to add, or join to. 
Adjutorium, the shoulder; an exter- 
nal medicine. 
Adjuvantia, whatever obviates disease. 
Admella, a native plant of Ceylon. 
Administratis, dissection. 
Admirabilis, wonderful ; a factitious 
stone, composed of white vitriol, 
sugar, nitre, alum, ammoniac, and 
camphor, baked together. 
Admi-.tuab, terra, or earth. 
Admotus, applied to. 
Admovendus, to be applied to. 
Admovere, to apply to. 

tern, to use force. 
Adnasccns, closely adhering ; as hair, 

Adnata, the albuginea, or exterior 
coat of the eye ; parts of animal or 
vegetable bodies which are insepa 
rable, as the hair, wool, horns, fruits; 
or accidental, as fungus, misletoe, 
and excrescences ; also offsets, 
which proceed from the lily, Sec. 
germinating under the earth, and 
afterwards grow to true roots. 
Adoc, lac or milk. 

Adoleacem, a youth, or the period of 
life between childhood and man's 
full strength ; the bars of a chemi- 
cal furnace. 
Adolescentw, youth. 
Adonion, abrotanum, or southern- 
. I lords horiensis, common red bird's 

A D L 

ceiver with two opposite necks, 
one to receive the retort, the other 
joining with another receiver. 
Ador, wheat. 

Ad /iondu8 omnium, the weight of the 
whole ; implying that the last men- 
tioned ingredient should weigh as 
much as the others taken together. 
Adoreum, spelta, or spelt corn. 
Ados, aqua ferrata, or forge water ; 
water in which red hot iron bar, 
been extinguished. 
Adfireasus, the disk of a leaf touch- 
ing the stem. 
Adrachne, the strawberry tree. 

dioscoridis, 1 the straw- 
ojfficinarum, I berry bay of 
t/ieo/ihrasti, J candy. 
Adracla, adrachne. 
Adraganthus, gum tragacanth. 
Adram, fossil salt. 
Adraragi, garden saffron. 
Adra-rhiza, aristolochia, or birth won. 
Adrobolon, Indian bdellium. 
Adrc/i, the philosopher's stone. 
Adros, plump, adult, of a good habit. 
Adrotevon, a kind of meal ; a prolific 

Ad.-.amar, urine. 

Adscendens, any stalk growing firpt 
horizontally, and then curving up- 
Adsellare, to go to stool. 
ddsella/io, the act of voiding faeces. 
.•dstantes, the attendants on a sick 

Adst ictio, styptic, or astringent ope- 
ration; the retention of the natural 
evacuations; costiveness. 
J> dstrictoria, astringents. 
Adst rictus, costive'. 
Adstringens, astringent. 
Adstringeniia, astringent, or binding 

Advent in us, adventitious ; accidental ; 
not in the common course of na- 
tural causes ; also used in oppo- 
sition to hereditary. 
Adversaria, notes, memorandums, or 

Adulteration counterfeiting ; sophist; 

cation ; adulterating medicines. 
Adulter! mis, spurious ; bastard. 

Ado/itor, an adopter, or round re- Adultus, full age ; adult. 


Adtmatos, languor ; impotence. 

Aduncus, crooked, or hooked 

Adusta, ~) burnt, scorched, orparch- 

Adustum, 3 ed ; a term applied to a 
particular temperament or com- 

. fdustio, a phrensy, or inflammation 
of" the brain. 

Adustum, burning, or a burn. 

Adustus, adust, burnt, scorched, 

. tdy vet Palma-ady. Vide Abanga. 

Adynamia, extreme debility, languor, 
&c. from disease; lassitude, drowsi- 
ness, defect cr loss of motion in 
the vital or natural functions. 

Adynamuiru weak, diluted wine. 

Adynatos, weak, feeble, or impotent. 

Mazesis, moaning from pain. 

Aedes, unsavoury. 

JEdoia, the pudenda, or parts of ge 

JEdosophia, } a sonorous emission of 

MdopsophUe, 3 flatus from the geni- 

Mdopsophia urethra:, emission of air 
from the urethra. 

tEdopsophia utcrina, emission of air 
from the uterus. 

JEgagropila, balls found in the sto- 
machs of quadrupeds, ranked by 
some among the bezoars; a species 
of conferva ; also the rock goat. 

Augcirinon, an ointment of black pop- 
lar berries digested in sweet oil. 

JEgeiros, populus, or the poplar. 

Alger, a sick man. 

AZgias, a white speck on the eye. 

JEgedes, } small cicatrices, or con- 

/Egides, 5 crelions on the eye. 

Mgidion^ any eye wash, or collyri- 

Mgilops, ~) goat's eye ; great wild 

JEgylops^ 5 oat grass, or dank : an 
abscess in the inner canthus of the 
eye ; the bitter oak ; fistula lachry- 

.Egineta, Panlus, a surgeon of iEgina, 
of the seventh century. 

Mgirinvm^ an ointment made of the 
catkins of the poplar. 

Mgirus, populus nigra, or black pop- 

A E L 

. achlys ; a film on the eye. 
A'glia, see iEgias. 
/Egoceroa, faenugrecum, or faenu- 

Mgolethrtm, a poisonous tree of Pon- 
tus, whose juice is like honey: 

Aigonychon, lachryma jobi, grom- 

well, millfoil. 
JEgopodium, angelica sylvestris mi- 
nor ; gout Weed. 
AJgo/iroso/ion, an eye wash, or colly - 

A''gra, a sick woman. 
Aigritudo bovina, insects in the skin 

of black cattle. 
jEgrota, a sick woman. 
A'.groiarc, to be sick, or feeble. 
JEgrotm^ a sick man. 
JEgy/itia ulcera, Egyptian, or Syrian 

Aigyl'.tia-muschata, Egyptian musk- 

mallow, or abelmoschus. 
ASgyptiaca, papyrus, or paper tree. 
JEgu/iliacum batsamum, balsam of Gi- 

j£gi>/>tiacum ungventum, or mcl ae- 

gyptiacum ; now supplied by the 

oxymel of verdigris, as an escha- 

JEgyption, an ancient topical remedy. 
JEgyptium album, oleum iEgyptium 

album ; an ointment of lilies and 

JEgyplium oleum, cataputia major, or 

castor oil plant. 
Mgypfius /hssus, a pessary of honey,, 

turpentine, saffron, oil, verdigris, 

Sec. described by Paulus iEgine- 

AZichryson, sedum majus, or house 

Abides, shapeless, deformed. 
AZ?gluccfi, a sweet wine, or must. 
Aii/iathcia, any disease of long dura- 

Alia \ ale ' a maIt ucmor « 

MUanua Meccius, a Roman physici- 

AUius Promotusy a physician who ac- 
companied Xerxes ; also one who. 
wrote on poisons. 



•AZit hales, "1 
Eizoon, > scdum, or house leek. 

JEthales, J 

JEmbella, the seeds of the lac tree. 

JEolifiile, a round hollow metallic ball, 
having a neck with a slender pipe 
opening to the ball, which being 
partly filled with water* and laid 
on the fire, the steam, or vaporous 
air, is forced out with great noise 
and violence. It is used to blow 
the fire, and in Italy as a cure for 
smoky chimnies. 

JEnea, a catheter. 

JEnobdrbua, red-bearded. 

jEon, the spinal marrow ; the life of 

JEonion, a species of house leek. 

Mortem, fomentation ; sprinkling. 

Mora, gestation, or exercise without 
muscular action ; as swinging ; rid- 
ing in a carriage ; sailing. 

ASfios, any excrescence, or protube- 

Mqualis, equal. 

JEquans, equal in length. 

JEque, equally. 

Equilibrium, equipoise or equal ba- 
lance ; equilibrium, or just propor- 

JEquinoctium, ~) equinox, or equal day 

JEquinoxi 3 and night. 

ASquinox autumnalis, autumnal equi- 
nox, the 23d of September. 

/Equinox vernalis, vernal equinox, 
the 2 1st of March. 

Mquifiotlens, equal force in antagonist 

A'e'r, > the air, or atmosphere ; a 

Air, 5 permanently elastic fluid, 
composed of seventy-three parts 
of nitrogen gas, or azot, and twenty- 
seven of oxygen gas : besides the 
common atmospheric air, various 
other sorts are enumerated, distin- 
guished by their respective charac- 
ters ; as fixed air, vital, inflamma- 
ble, nitrous, Sec. 

Aer Jixus, fixed air, carbonic acid 
gas, carbonaceous acid ; gas sylves- 
tre, spiritus sylvestris, aerial acid, 
atmospheric acid, mephitie acid, 
cretaceous arid 

innate air, or air in 
the cavity of the 


A E 
1 A'e'r ingenitus, > i 
innatus, ^ t 
JEra, lolium, cockle, or darnel. 
Ae'reus, aerial, or of the nature 

ALrdudi, imaginary, aerial spirits. 

v , > two grains weight. 
AEreolua, 3 b 

/Erificutio, chemical production of 

A'e 'rifluxus, any morbid emission of 

Mritis, anagallis, or pimpernel. 

Mroides, of a sky-blue colour. 

Aerologia, a treatise on air ; that 
branch of physical science which 
treats systematically of the history 
and phenomena of gases. 

Aerologice, medical doctrine of airs. 

Aerometi, honey, manna. 

A'e'ro/ihobi, phrenitic patients. 

Aerophobia, fear of air or light; a 
symptom of phrenitis ; also a name 
of the hydrophobia. 

Aerosia, the aerial vital spirit of the 

JErossus, ? calaminaris, or calamine 

Aerosus, 3 stone ; cadmia. 

A'eroatatio, aerostation ; the science 
of gases, as applied to the construc- 
tion and elevation of balloons. 

Mruca, aerugo aeris, or verdegris. 

JEruginosus, like verdegris, green. 

Aerugo, the rust of any metal. 

teris, verdegris, or green ox- 
ide of copper. 

JErugo jirefiarata, prepared verde- 

JErugo rasilis, verdegris. 

scolecia, verdegris from wash- 
ing a mortar with vinegar. 

JErumna, labour : grief. 

JEs, copper. 

upturn, plates of copper burnt in 
a crucible with sulphur and salt. 

Als fiaufierum, copper ore divested of 

Mschost deformity. 

Mschromyt/itsis, the obscene language 
of the delirious. 

JEschroJwiesis, dishonest practice. 

jEsecavum, aurichalcum, or brass, 

a i: T 

iynomene, the sensitive plant. 

*Esculus hi/ipocastunum, S hippo- 
Jloribus heptandris, Lcasta- 
pavia, J nu m, or 

horse chesnut. 

jEstafihara, ) burning any part of the 

AZsthphara, $ body ; destruction of 
any living part by fire. 

Msta , summer season. 

vEstates, freckles, sunburnings. 

ftls thesis, sensation. 

JEstrum venereum, the venereal or- 

JE:duarium, a vapour bath, or stove 
for heating all parts of the body at 

JE&tuatio, fermentation ; boiling up. 

AZstus, heat. 

vo/ancuft, transient intense 
heat in the face; a variety of ery- 
thematous inflammation. 

JEtas, age ; any period of human ex- 
istence; one life ; 100 years; six 
stages are reckoned by the ancients. 

JEtas continens, staid, or middle age. 
decrescens, decreasing, or old 

sEtas effxta, the period of old age ; 
past labour. 

.Etas- pue' itix, childhood ; to 5th year. 
adolescentia, youth ; to 25th 

.Etas juventutis, from 25 to 35th year. 
■tit Ms, manhood ; 35 to 50. 
scnectutis, old age ; 50 to 60. 
crepita, decrepitude, ending in 

JEtherea Ivrha. eryngo. 

.Ether, the electric fluid ; the sky ; 
ether, a very volatile liquor obtained 
by distilling a mixture of alcohol, 
and ackl ; the name of the product 
being designated by the acid em- 
ployed ; thus 

Mtker acetosus, a distillation of ace- 
tous acid and spirit of wine. 

.Ether muriaticus, a distillation of mu- 
riatic acid and spirit of wine. 

JEthe ?iitrosus, a distillation of nitrous 
acid and spirit of wine. 

JEther sulphuricus, > a distillation of 
vit i'jllcuy. 5 sulphuric acid 
and spirit of wine. 

A F r 

MthersulphuTicuii cum alevliole, svee-. 
spirit of vitriol. 

ft tins, irregular ; anomalous. - 

JEthereiis, etherial, or of the nature 
of ether. 

Athio/iav, a term applied to many- 
medicines from their black colour. 

Mthiofiicum cumiman, ammi verum. 

Mthiopisy ^Ethiopian sage, or clary. 

Aithiops albus, mercurius alkalizatus. 
antimonialifr, antimonial aethi- 
ops, a preparation of sulphur, anti- 
mony and mercury. 

ftthiops martiolis, steel filings dis- 
solved in water. 

Mth'ofis mineralis, sethiops mineral, 
or sulphurated mercury. 

JEthiofis -vcgetabilis, kelp ; unrefined 
sal sod?;. 

ft thmoides, the ethmoid bone. 

JEthna, a chemical furnace ; subter- 
raneous, invisible, sulphureous fire. 

JEthoces, > cutaneous pimples, or 

ft tholices, 3 boils raised by heat. 

/Ethusa tneum, herb spignel. 

JEthya, a mortar. 

JEthyia, the cormorant's skin. 

JEtia, any morbid cause. 

AZtiologia, aetiology, or the doctrine 
of morbid causes. 

Aetites, the lapis aquilse, or eagle 
stone, said to prevent miscarriage. 

Aetius Amideus, a physician of Amida 
of the fourth century. 

Aetius Antiochus, a physician of An- 
tioch of the fourth century. 

Aetius SiccDiius, a great medical writer 
of the fourth century. 

MtioiphlebeS) } the eagle veins, or 

Altoi phlebes, 5 large ones of the head 
passing through the temples. 
tolion, grana Cnidia, or C Indian 

. t toir.a, the roof of a house. 

A tony? hium, the claw of an eagle ; li- 
thospermum, or gromwell. 

Afun, garden saffron. 

Affax, ink. 

Affectio, any affection, or disease; 
the affections, or properties of mat- 

Affectic, bovina, disease incident to 

A G A 

Affcctio hytiochondriaca, hypochondri- 
Affettio caliaca, coeliac passion. 
colica, colic. 
hysterica, hysterics. 
nefi/vitica, nephritis. 
Iffcctus, affection, or disease. 
Affectum sfiastico-arthri': ci, gout, with 

Ajfenicum, the soul. 
Affeos, foam, or froth ; aphros. 
Affulra, cerussa, or white lead. 
Affmatio, affinity, attraction, tending 

to unite. 
Affmatio aggregata, affinity of aggre- 
gation, or mechanical affinity ; 
the attraction between the inte- 
grant parts of a body. 
Affmatio com/ilicata, ) compound affi- 
com/iosita, } n ^yJ or tne at ~ 
traction between dissimilar bodies. 
Affmatio simplex^ single elective at- 
Ajffmitas, affinity ; chemical or elec- 
tive attraction ; the power by which 
bodies of opposite natures unite 
and form new combinations. 
Affinitas synthctica, affinity of compo- 
Afjion, ~\ Arabic names of opium ; 

A G E 

Agallochum, ~] alee wood, or 

verum, ' aromatic aloe of 
Agallugun, rChina, or lig- 

Agalugi, J nura rhodium. 

Aga/u; an afternoon's meal ; desire. 
Agaricoides^ fungous bodies. 
Agariai??)., ~) agaric, or mushroom ; 
Agaricus, 5 a vegetable fungus of 

the larch ; marga Candida. 
Agaricus albus, boletus laricis. 
Agaricus auricula: forma, Jew's ear. 
chirurgorum, agaric. 
mineralise bug agaric, or red 

mushroom ; poisonous. 
Agaricus piperatus, pepper mush- 
room ; poisonous. 
Agaricus quercinus, ? agaric of the 
•juercus, ) oa ^ » female 

agaric, touchwood or spunk. 
Agasylia, the plant producing gum 

Agath, a species of amber. 
Agatharcides, an Asiatic who wrote 

on the diseases of the inhabitants 

of the Red Sea. 
-^K atu i g^dega of Malabar. 
Agave, American aloe. 
Agelaus, coarse, brown bread. 
Agen, syringa, or Persian lilac. 
Ageneius, beardless. 

Affiun, [.also an electuary of the east, Agenesia, impotency in males. 

Afiun, J exciting to venery. 
Afflatus, a blast, or erysipelas. 
Ajflictio, affliction, or depression of 

Affodiius, asphodelus luteus, or yellow 

Afformas, glass. 
Affrengi, minium, or red lead. 
Affrodhia, Venus, or copper. 
Affronitum, aphronitrum, or natron. 
Affuftio, the act of pouring a fluid on 

any body ; suffusion ; a cataract. 
.Africus, the south-west wind. 
Afrob, crude antimony. 
Aga Cretensium, the small, Spanish 

milk thistle. 

£. i , a ' ( a defective secretion of 
£££ 1-Ukh.chi.d-bed. 

■Igalactos, a lying-in woman having 
no milk. 

Agens, the agent of natural opera- 

Ager, the common earth or soil. 

chymicus, water, the chemical 

Ager mineraHum, water. 
nature, the uterus. 

Ageratus la/iis, a stone used by Cob- 
lers to polish shoes, of an astrin- 
gent quality. 

Ageratum, sweet maudlin; maudlin 
tansey ; cotton weed. 

Ageratum latifoUum serratuni, balsa- 
mita, or costmary. 

Aglmzia, $ y "^^" 1 vigour in old age 

Ages, the palm of the hand. 

Age vita, an antidote for old age ; ga- 
langal, pepper, sage, ginger, cinna- 
mon, saffron, and cloves, boiled in 

A G M 

Fasting ; a want o[, or defec- 
tive taste. 

. rolling together into a 


Agglutinantia, agglutinants, or adhe- 
sive medicines, such as perfect the 
union of divided parts. 

Agglutination agglutination ; sticking 
together, reunion of parts. 

Agglutinatio fiilorum, confining eye- 
lashes that »to\v inwards by some 
glutinous matter so as to reduce 
t hem to their natural order. 

Agglutitio, difficulty of swallowing 
from obstructions in the oesopha- 

. tggrega <r glandule an assemblage of 
glands, as in the intestines. 

AggPdgatio, affinity ; a union of atoms 
by contiguity. 

Aggregative pilule, pills supposed by 
Mesue to collect the humours. 

Agg egatum, a collection, or union of 
bodies ; the aggregate or sum to- 
tal of two or more bodies added to- 

Aggregatus, any plant having its parts 
closely united. 

Agheustia, loss of taste, a fast, or fast- 

Agheustia febrilis, loss of taste in fe- 

.-1 ^htustia [mralylica, loss of taste from 
^ palsy. 

Agia/ialid, lycium, or Indian thorn. 

Agis, the thigh. 

Agitcculum, a sieve. 

Agitatio, shaking ; a hurry of spirits. 

Agitatorii, tremulous, convulsive, or 
clonic diseases. 

. tglactatio, I , , 
f , , ■ ' / def 

Aglaxis, J mi 


secretion of 

AgHa, aegides; white specks on the 

Aglidia, ~) the segments, or cloves of 

Aglithes, 5 the garlick root. 

. iglossotomographia, a description of a 
head born without a tongue. 

Aglutido, obstructed, or difficult swal- 

X^i] afracture - 

A G i: 

.7. an American fruit promot- 
ing the venereal appetite. 
ata, I the exterior coat of 

tunica,) the rye. 
. fgnatus, having any superfluous part, 

as a sixth finger. 
Agnina membrana,')thz amnion, one 
tuirict ■ 5 °f tne mem- 
branes of the foetus. 
Agnil, Indicum, or indigo plant. 
Agnoia, the loss of memory in fever. 
Agnus, a lamb. 

Agnus castas, the chaste, or hemp 
tree of Italy ; a willow called Abra- 
ham's balm ; the palma christi. 
Agnus Scijthicus, the Scythian lamb ; 
a styptic plant of Russia and Tar- 
Agoge, the progress of life, or disease; 

the state of the air. 
Agomphiasis, ) looseness of the teeth 
Agomfihyasis, 5 with pain. 
Agon, extreme danger, agony, a shi- 
Agonc, hyoscyamus, or henbane. 
Agonm, sterility, impotence, agony, 

fear and sadness of mind. 
Agovisticum, very cold spring water. 
Agoraus, coarse bread. 
Agditus, the forearm ; palm of the 

Agouti trcva, a pomegrar.ate-like 

Agredula, the frog. 
Agresla, verjuice ; the juice of the 
sour grape or apple ; the oil of un- 
ripe olives. 
Agresten, common tartar. 
Agrestis, wild ; malignity in disease. 
Agria, agrifolium, or holly ; a malig- 
nant pustule. 
Agriamfielos, wild vine ; black bry- 
Agricanlha, carduussylvestris, or wild 

thistle- ' 

Agricutlara, agriculture, or the art of 

cultivating the ground. 
Agonos, barrenness ; so Hippocrates 
calls those women who have no 
children, though they might have 
if the impediment was removed. 
Agrieltea, oleaster, or wild olive. 


folium, the I:olly tree, or aqui fo- 

Aerimvnia. } 

^ , . ■ > agrimony. 

eufiatona, 3 ° ' 

nHnor fiore a/ho, lesser a- 

grimony, with a white flower. 

. igrimonia odorata, the sweet smelling 

Agrimonia qflicznarum, common, or 
medicinal agrimony. 

Agrimonia orientalia humilis, dwarf, 
or eastern agrimony. 

Agrimonoides, pimpinella of Italy. 

Agriocardamum, the sciatica cress, or 

Agriocastanunt, the earth or pig nut, 
or bulbocastanum 

Agriocinara, wild artichoke. 

Agriocoecimelea, prunus sylvestris, or 
sloe busk. 

Agriomelea, malus sylvestris, or crab 

Ag ion* } peuccdanum, or hog's 

lAgriofihyllon, 5 fennel; sulphur wort. 

Agrioriganum, wild origanum, or 
wild marjoram. 

AgrioseHnum, hipposelinum, or wild 

Agriostarii triticum Creticum,or Cre- 
tan wheat. 

Agri/ialma, ~) cardiaca, or the 

gallis,} herb motherwort. 
/ <r, children born with the feet 

. /.',t/w?w, an impure mineral alkali. 

Agrom t a disease of the tongue pecu- 
liar to the Indians. 

Agronomos, any wild animal. 

Agrofihon, mountainous. 

Agrostis, gramen caninum, or clog's 
grass ; bent grass. 

Agru?ni?ia, onions, leeks. 
Agryfmia, coma-vigil ; watchfulness, 
with loss of strength ; anxiety ; 
Agryfinia arthritka, watchfulness ac- 
companying gout. 

Agryfmia cefihalalgica, watchfulness 
with disease of the head. 

Agryfmia crifica, watchfulness pre- 
ceding any critical discharge. 
Agryfmia a dolore, watchfulness from 

A I L 

Agryfmia ftbrilis t watchfulness ac 
companying fever. 

Agrypnia hysterica, watchfulness ac- 
companying hysteria. 

Agryfiim ah indigestion^ watchfulness 
from indigestion. 

Agrypnia ah insectfg, watchfulness 
from troublesome insects. 

Agryfmia ex fiancreate, watchfulness 
from diseased pancreas. 

Agryfinia a fiathemalis, watchfulness 
from diseased affections of the 

Agryfmia ructationi svecedens, watch- 
fulness from indigestion. 

Agryfmia senilis, watchfulness accom- 
panying old age. 

Agryfmia a vermibus, watchfulness 
from worms in the first passages. 

Agryfinocoma, coma-vigil, or a dispo- 
sition without ability to sleep. 

Aguafie, the white water lily, or leu- 
co mmphjca. 

Agnara auiya, solanum vulgare, or 
night shade. 

Aguia, paralytic debility. 

• Igul, alhagi, or the Syrian broom. 

Augustina, Augustine, the pure earth 
of the beryl. 

Agutujnefioobi Brazilicnuis, Indian ar- 
row root, dart wort. 

Aguti trcra, a pomegranate-like fruit . 

Agy, a species of pepper. 

Agyion, the weakness of a foetus. 

Agynos, agnus castus, or chaste tree. 

Agi/rta, quacks, mountebanks. 

Ahaloth, aloes wood. 

Ahenum, a brass kettle, or pot. 

Ahmella, acmella. 

A/iuis, rock salt, or sal gemma:. 

Ahovai tkeveticlusii, a chesnut-like 
fruit of Brasil ; poisonous. 

Ahusal, arsenical sulphur. 

Ajurazat, plumbum, or lead. 

Aidris, unskilful, ignorant. 

Aies, battatas, or common potatoe . 

Aigine, honeysuckle, or woodbine. 

Aigredi cedre, citron juice sweetened 
with sugar. 

Aigiros, the aspen, or shaking pop- 
Aiiovai, ahovai. 
Ail mad, antimonv 

z, j-l 

A L A 

eia, hxpatirrhaca, or diarrhea 
from acrid bile. 
. iimatismos, haemorrhage. 
Aimatos eccrisis, a vomiting of blood. 
Aimorrhois, hacmorrhois, or piles. 
fimorrhoia, monorrhagia. 

hia, passion of long duration 

Aifiima coxera, ^-cassada 
Air, sec Atir 
lira, lolium, or darnel. 
Airi, ebenus sethiopica, macaw, or 
ebony tree. 
iesia, sensation ; the senses. 
AiSt/ieteriuin, sensorium commune, 

or brain ; the pineal gland. 
At f mad, antimony 

Auiologoumena, a treatise on causes. 
Aizoon, "| an tic , ant 

Atzmm \ , . fsedum. 
fialustns, J 

Ajava, an East Indian seed, celebrated 
in the gout and colic. 

Ajubatijiita Brasiliensium, an almond- 
like fruit ; it contains much oil. 

Ajuga, the ground pine, or chamaepi- 

Ajuga fiyramidalis, the consolida me- 
dia, or upright bugloss. 

Ajuga c/itans, bugula, or bugle ; mid- 
dle consouncl. 

Akibot, sulphur. 

Akmelta, acmella. 

.Ikon, a whetstone. 

Al, Arabic for the article The. 

Ala, a wing; the armpit ; nympha ; 
the two side petals in a papiliona- 
ceous corolla ; the angle formed 
by a branch with its stem ; the 
slender membranaceous parts of 
some seeds, as in those of the ma- 

. liabari, plumbum, or lead. 

Alabastra, the green leaves, exterior 
to the flower. 

Alabastron, > an ointment of savine, 

Alabostrites, 5 turpentine, rosemary, 
sage, gums, and oil of balsam. 

Alabastrum,} gypsum, or plaister of 

Alabaalritis,} Paris ; alabaster. 

Alabastrutn citrinum, yellow alabas- 

A L A 

:>, a nutritive fiah. 

Alacab, muriate of ammonia. 

Alacnoth, ulvine evacuation in coition 

Ala, the nymphae ; wings j lobes of 
the liver, or lungs. 

Ala auris, the upper part of the outer 

Ala magna > ^ sllhenoidi ? P™- 
parva, $ 3 cesses 

of the os sphenoides. 

Ala nai, or pinnae nasi, the lateral 
moveable parts of the nose, the 

Ala ves/iertilionitm, those parts of the 
ligaments of the uterus, lying be- 
tween the tubes and the ovaria. 

Alceformis, any leaf like a wing. 

Alamus, invincible ; the diamond. 

Alafi, "J 

Alafor, \ alkaline salt. 

Alafo-t, J 

Alahqbar, plumbum, or lead 

Alahatib, lapis rubens, or the red 

ilaia phthisis, a wasting, from a flux 
of humours from the head. 

Alalia, loss of speech 

Alamandirta, lapis alabandinus. 

AlambU, the alembic, or copper head 
of the cucurbit ; quicksilver. 

Alambic terra, the matter of the phi- 
losophers stone. 

Alamad, antimony. 

Alarm terra, tripoli. 

Alanabolus, terra alana, English ochre. 

Alandahal, bitter apple, or colocynth. 

Alanfuta, a vein between the chin and 
lower lip. 

Ala fiouli, Indian apple, or billimbi. 

Alafi*, strokes with the flat hand. 

Alaqueca, a styptic stone from the In- 

A/are externum, pterigoid process, 
a part of the os sphenoides. 

Alaris, winged, having the form of a 

Alaris vena, the inner of the three 
veins in the bend of the arm. 

Alartar, burnt brass. 

Alasalet, > muriate of ammonia, or 

Alaset, } sal ammoniac. 

Alastrob, plumbum, or lead. 

Alatan, litharge of gold. 

os sacrum. 

Alatcrnoidcs, alaternus, or evergreen 

Alaternoides Africana, cassiana, or 

cassiny, an American plant. 
Alaternus., evergreen pi'ivet. 
Alathar, an adhesive mineral. 
Alati, persons with projecting scapu- 
Alati jiroccssus, the wing-like pro- 
cesses of the os sphenoides. 
Alatum folium, a winged leaf. 
Alatus -vcridissimus idttns, cantharis, 

or Spanish fly. 
Alauda, the sky-lark. 

cristata, the crested lark. 
non-cristata, the sky lark. 
ALiurat, nitre. 
Alba simfdex, ocimastrum, or white 

Alba jdtuita, leucophlegmasia. 

terra, ihe matter of the philoso 

phers stone. 
Albadara, the sesamoid bone of the 

great toe. 

Albanum, salt of urine. 
Albamentum, the white of an egg 
Albara, white poplar ; a species of 

white leprosy. 
Albarasi arsenic ; white pustules. 
Albaras nigra, Lepra Graecorum. 
Albatio, the blanching, or whitening 

of metal 
Albedo, whiteness. 
Alberas, stavesacre ; white pustules 

upon the face. 
Albeston, calx viva, or quick lime. 
Albetad, gum galbanum. 
Albi, sublimate, or muriated mercury. 
Albic.mtia, a name of Willis's glands 

in the brain. 
Albificatio, albatio, or whitening. 
Albimcc, orpiment. 
Albino, persons so called, having a 

peculiarity of formation of the eyes, 

&c. which are usually of a reddish 

hue, and the skin approaches to a 

pink colour. 
Albinum, gnaphalium maritimum, or 

flfer, pitch from the hark of the yew 


A L 11 

Albor, urine, whiteness. 

ovi, the white of the egg. 
Albora, a species of itch, or leprosy. 
Alborca, quicksilver. 
Albot, a crucible. 
Albotim, "J 
Jlbotai, [■ turpentine. 

■Ibo'ar, J 
Albotat, cerussa, or white lead. 
Albotis, a cutaneous phlegmon, or 

Albucash, "I an Arabian physician 
Albucasius, I of the eleventh cen- 
Albuchasius, J tury. 
Albucis, the white grape. 
. 'Ibuginca oculi. the exterior coat of 

the eye, or adnata. 
Albuginea testis, the internal coat of 

the testicle. 
Albi'gines, cicatrices, or white specks 

on the eye. 
Albugineu-?, transparently white. 
Albuginosa humor, the aqueous hu- 
mour of the eye. 
Albugo, whiteness, a white speck. 

corallii, a precipitate, or nia- 

gistery of coral. 
Albugo oculi, a white shining speck, 

or opacity on the eye, called onyx, 

&c See. 
Albugo ovi, the white of the egg. 
Albulu, albugo ; a fish of the lake of 

Albuhar, cerussa, or white lead. 

Ibum batsamum, balsam copaivi, lead 

water and oil of roses. 
Albwn alvi firojluviuvi, the mucous 


Album canis, "1 , • , 


| white 
>rum, y , 

cm, j d0 § S - 



Hisjiamcum, Spanish white, an 
oxyd of tin 
Album Rhasis, a white ointment in- 
vented by Rhasis. 
Album jus, white broth, or fish broth. 
Album nigrum^ mouse dung. 

oculi, the white of the eye. 
olus, corn sallad, or lambs let- 
Albumen, albuminous matter, or co:* • 

gulable lymph. 
Albumen oculi, album oculi. 

A L C 

ui, > the white, or glaire 
ilbumor, $ ol un c oS- 

Alburnum, the white wood next to 
the bark, called by artificers, the 

Albumus ausonii, a fish like an an- 

Albas, white ; the name of a fish. 

Albus liquor, while oi' an egg. 

Albus Romanus fiulvis, magnesia alba. 

Alca, the bird called razor-bill. 

Alkahest, } the universal dissolvent ; 

Alkahest, $ hquor of flints. 

glauberi, fixed vcg. alkali. 

Alcali, see Alkali. 

Akalinus, 'of an alkaline nature. 

AkaUzalio, impregnating with alkali. 

Akatizatus, impregnated with alkali. 

Akancali, an antidote of citrine, mas- 
tich, violets, Sec 

Alcanna, isinglass ; eastern privet ; 

Alcaol, the philosophers mercury or 

Alcar, a remedy, a cure. 

Akara, a chymical cucurbit. 

Akarith, mercury. 

Akarmes, confection of kermes ber- 

Alcurni, an eastern confection. 

Alee, the elk ; a native of cold coun- 

Alcea, German leopard's bane ; ver- 
vain mallow. 

Alcea JEgyfitia, ~) 

bidica, I musk mallow. 
roda J 

vulgaris, vervain mallow. 
•bar, the aromatic aloe. 

Alcebris vivum, sulphur vivum. 

Alcedo, the king's fisher. 

Akerva, the berry of the ricinus. 

Alchabris, sulphur vivum. 
clril, rosemary. 

. llcJiarith, quicksilver. 

Alchemia, "") alchemy, the transmuta- 

Akhimia, L tion of metals, or making 
mia, | of gold ; that branch of 
nia, J chemistry relating parti- 
cularly to the transmutation of me- 

Alchemista, an alchemist) or one who 
studies alchemv. 

A L C 

.,;, bezoar bovinus, or bi- 
liary concretions in the bull, cow, 
or ox. 

i k/ ? b ™> I sulphur vivum. 

Akhibert, 5 

Akhien, the inherent power of pro- 
duction and disunion. 

Akhieram, alchitran. 

Akhimelech, melilctus vEgyptiaca, or 
melilot plant. 

Akhimilla, lion's foot, lady's man- 

Alchitran, juniper oil ; prepared arse- 
nic ; a dentifrice of Mesue's. 

Akhitura, tar. 

. tkholka, potted flesh. 

Akhnte, a mulberry-like cutaneous 

Akhymy, a composition resembling 
silver, of copper and a small quan- 
tity of arsenic. 

Akhys, a speck on the corner of the 
eye obscuring vision. 

Alcibion, ) anchusa, or alkanet 

Akibiadium, $ root. 

Akimad, antimony. 

Akob, calcined brass ; muriatcd am- 

Alcocalum, artichoke. 

Alcoel, the solvent preparation of the 
philosophers stone. 

Akofol, antimony. 


alcohol ; rectified spirit of 

wine, digested with kali 

and re-distilled ; an im- 

i palpable powder of lead 

ore or antimony, used to 
tinge hair ; any thing ex- 
alted to the highest per- 
fection ; the most subtle 
part of any thing. 
Alcohol ammoniatum , spirit of ammo- 
nia, or volatile alkali. 
Alcohol ammoniatum aromaticum, com- 
pound spirit of ammonia, or aro- 
matic spirit of volatile salt. 
Alcohol ammoniatum fxtidum, fetid 
spiritof ammonia,or volatile alkali. 
Alcohol dilution, equal parts of alco- 
hol and water. 
Alcohol martis, iron rusted by wine, 
washed with water, dried and pow- 


.Alcohol nitricum, spiritus nilri dul- 

Alcohol fiotassa, rectified spirit of 
wine and kali ; acrid tincture of tar- 
tar ; lily of Paracelsus. 

Al/col, vinegar ; spirit of wine. 

Alcola, aphtha or thrush ; urinous 
salt, or tartar. 

Alcolismus, reduction to powder by 

Alcolita, urine. 

Alcone, brass. 

Alcoolizatio, the rectification of vinous 

Alcor, calcined copper. 

Alcorr, a sort of stone with spots re- 
sembling silver. 

Alcotol, antimony. 

Aide, sambucus, or elder. 

Alcubri'h, sulphur. 

Alcyon fuviaiilis, alcedo, or king's 

Alcyonium, bastard sponge ; a spongy 
plant-like substance on the sea 
shore : five sorts are mentioned by 

Alcyonium durum, • hard bastard 

Alcyonium farrago, ~) black 

farrago Australia, ) ma- 
rine bastard sponge. 

Alcyonium fora mi nosum, } tuberose 
tuberosum, 3 bastard 

Alcyonium mollc, thready bastard 

Alcyonium vermiculatum^ vermiculate 
bastard sponge. 

Aldabaram, the sesamoid bone of the 
great toe. 

Aldebac, birdlime. 

Alebria, nourishing meats. 



Alecharith, mercury. 

Alectoriuf;, a stone found in the giz- 
zard of cocks. 

Alectorolo/ihus, cocks-comb, yellow 
rattle, or rattle grass. 

Allfe ' c vme S ar 1-na de from malt. 
Aleimma, any ointment without wax. 
Alriov* water ; copious. 


vitriol ; a herring. 


Alei/iha, oil of vegetables ; fat ; any 

medicated oil. 
Alelaion, ~) an embrocation of salt 
Alelceum, 5 and oil. 
Alema, meal, food. 
Alcmbaci, ' 
A It- ml lie, mercury. 
Alemhicus, } an alembic, moors- 

calcined lead. 

Alembicum, $ head, or still ; quicksil- 

Alembicus rostratus, an alembic with 
a beak, or canal. 

Alembicus catcus, the blind alembic 
without a beak, used for subliming. 

Alembrolh, alkaline salt ; the philoso- 
phical, or general solvent ; the key 
of art. 

Alembrolh desiccation, sal tartari. 

Alemzadar, ? , , 

Alemzadatl $ cmde sal am ™niac. 

Alenon, oil of almonds. 

Aleore, intermission of pain. 

Altos, heat, or warmth. 

Ale/icnai.s, a species of ash producing 

Ales, condensed ; heaped, crowded, 
contracted ; a saline compound. 

Ales crudum, crude ales, or those 
drops which often fall in the night 
in June 

Alcsch, altimen plumosum, or plu- 
mose alum. 

Aleton, meal. 

Aletudo, fatness. 

Aleurites, wheaten bread. 

Aleuron, the meal of wheat ; lentils, 
or the seeds of darnels. 

Alexander Trallianus, a physician of 
Lydia, of the 6th century. 

Alexandria, daphne, or bay tree. 

Alexand ma, laurus Alexandrina. 

Alexanihus, flos aeris, or flowers of 

Alexicaca, ~) any amulet or antidote 

Alexicacon^S to poison. 

Alexipha maca, antidotes to poison ; 
sudorifics ; amulets. 

Alexi/lpus, a physician to Alexander 
the great. 


Ale a i/ryretos, 


icum, ~) 

'os, l an y ri 

, Tver. 
fum f J 

emedv for fo 

garden saffron. 

A L G 

Jl'rcsir, ") 

Alcksir, Van elixir. 

Alexir, J 

Alexiteria, preservatives from conta- 
gion or poison ; helps, or remedies. 

Alfacta, distillation. 

Alfadidom,~\ certain metallic scoria; 

Alfatida, I also burnt copper, 01 

Alfatidam, J scales of copper. 

Alfan, ' 


At/antes, flower of salt. 

Alfasara, } Arabian terms of the 

Alfihesara, 5 vine ; an Arabian pre- 
paration of the root of the vine. 

Alfasit, an earthen pot. 

Alfatidc, sal ammoniac. 

Alfese-a, a confection of bryoniaalba. 

Alfides, cerussa. or white lead. 

Alfoi. > sal ammoniac, or muriated 

Alfol, 5 ammonia. 

Alfusa, tutia, or tutty stone. 

Alga, the sea weed, sea-oak, or sea- 

Alga marina, kali. 

fwrosa, net-like sea- 

Alga marina tinctoria, the purple sea- 

Alga, a botanical tribe, having the 
root, leaf, and caudex in one ; com- 
prehending sea weed, and sonic 
other aquatic plants. 

Algala, a hollow lead probe ; a cathe- 

Algali, nitre 

Algamt'4, common coal. 

Algarah, aegylops ; goat's eye. 

Algarot, "| mercurius vitse, or butter 

Algaroth, >of antimony deprived of 

Algerot) J its acid by washing. 

Algeroth, the name of a physician 
of Verona. 

Alia ' \ civet ' an aruma l perfume. 

Algedo, suppressed gonorrhoea, at- 
tended with pain about the anus, 
perinaeum, bladder, Sec. 

Algema, > uneasiness, pain ; 

.ilsrematodes, 5 an y painful disease. 

A $ e ™> I calx, or lime. 

A L I 

Algitti absence of sensibility? and ir- 

A/^idic, sulphur vivum. 

Algida, benumbed, chilled, withered. 

Algidus, chilled, numbed. 

Algoides, like seaweed. 

Algola arabum, aptha, or thrush. 

Algor, a sudden chilliness, or rigor in 
a part. 

Algos, algema. 

Alguada, a white, leprous eruption. 

J !n' gh I the pliant thorny broom of 
Alhigi, 5 Y 

Al/iandal, co\ocynlh\s, or bitter apple. 
Alhanna, terra alana, or Tripoline 


Attorn' l hidroa > or P ustulal T eru P" 
jt,. \. \ tion. 
Alhascj, J 

Alia si/ialla, the' sea shrimp or prawn. 

Alibantes, dead persons. 

Alibilis, nourishing. 

Alica, a food of wheaten meal ; flum- 
mery ; ale. 

Alicastrum, bread corn. 

Alices, cutaneous red spots preceding 
the small pox. 

Alicornu, unicornu, a horny fossil sub- 

Alienatio mentis, delirium. 

Alienatus, estranged, deranged. 

mente, insane, delirious. 

Alienus, a, or um, extraneous matter ; 

AliformeSfWmfrc&i or having the shape 
of a wing. 

Aliformes musculi, pterigoid muscles. 
processus, pterigoid process- 

Aligulus, a confection. 

Alilat, Lucina, the fabled deity of 

Alima, lead ore found with gold. 

Alimentarius, nutritive. 

Alimentum, all kinds of food and 

Alimorna, food. 

Alimum, arum, or wake robin. 

AlindesiS) exercise by smearing with 
oil and rolling in dust. 

Alinthisa;; relaxed uvula. 


Aliocab, muriated ammonia. 

AUfixnosum, ~> external, dry remedies, 

A/i/iantos, $ without grease. 

Ali/iasma, an ointment to prevent 

AUtiili, attendants on the baths to era- 
dicate superfluous hair. 

Ali/it<e, attendants who anointed the 

Aliquot, such parts of a number or 
quantity as will exactly measure it 
without any remainder. 

Alisma, German's leopard's bane ; 
water plantain. 

Alisma mathioli, doria, or groundwort. 

Alistelis, muriated ammonia. 

Alites, birds. 

Alith, gummi assafcetida. 

Alitura, nutrition or nourishment; 

Alkafial, antimony. 

Alkahest, the imaginary universal sol- 

Alkahest glauberi, alcali. 

Alkahestlciis, any powerful solvent. 

Alkahol, subtile spirit ; rectified spirit 
of wine. See Alcohol. 

Alkale, hen's fat. 

Alkalescens, the commencement of the 
alkaline, or putrid fermentation. 

Alkali, a saline substance of an acrid, 
burning, urinous taste ; uniting 
with acids ; turning purple or blue 
vegetable infusions green. 

Alkali Jixum, fixed alkali ; an epithet 
of the vegetable and fossil alkalies. 

Alkali caw ticum, pure potash, or so- 
da ; alkali fixum, rendered corro- 
sive by depriving it of carbonic 
acid, by the addition of quick lime. 

Alkali vegctabile, vegetable alkali, ka- 
li, or potash, procured from the 
ashes of vegetables. 
■Alkali fussile, "1 soda, or natron ; 
mincrale, >■ alkali extracted 
marinum,} from fossils, sea 
salt, and kelp ; not deliquescent ; 
crystals, rhomboidal octohedrons. 

Alkali volatile, ammonia ; a volatile 
salt having all the properties of an 

■Alkalina, substances possessing pro- 
perties opposite to acids. 


Aik.ilinuH) alkaline, having the quali- 
ties of an alkali. 

Alkalia, a vessel. 

Alkalid, aes ustum, or burnt brass. 

Alkalizatio, impregnating any thing 
with alkali. 

Alkanna, radix anchusae, or alkanet. 
vera, Lawsonia inermis of 
Linnaeus ; a substitute for the an- 

Alkanthum, ses ustum ; arsenic. 

Alkara, a cucurbit. 

Alkaranum, antimony. 

Alkarva, ricinus, or castor oil plant. 

yllkasa, ~) ... 

Alkazoal, $ a crucible. 

,-Ukaut, mercury. 

Alkekengi, > the winter 

Halicacabum, ^ cherry. 

Alkermes, con fcciio alkermes; a wine. 

Alke)~va, palma christi, or castor oil. 

Alkes, ass ustum, or calcined brass. 

Alketran, oleum cedri, or cedar oil. 

Alkhali, alkali. 

Alkian, the animal digesting and sup- 
porting spirit. 

Alkibric, sulphur vivum. . 

Alkimia, transmutation of metals. 

Alkin, ) alcali fixum, or potash ; 

Alkir, 3 smoke of coal. 

Alkitram, pix liquida, or tar. 

Alkoel, a fine kind of lead ore. 

Alkohol. See Alcohol. 

Alkoso-, camphor. 

Alky-jilumbi, cerussa acetata. 

Alkymia, powder of basilisc. 

Alia, ale, a fermented infusion of 

Allabor, plumbum, or lead. 

Allabrot, a sort of fictitious salt. 

Allantoides, ~) a sausage or hog's pud- 

Allantois \ cling ; a membrane in 
brutes, receiving the urine from 
the foetus ; the great toe. 

Altarinoch, plumbum, or lead. 

Alleluja, acetosa, or wood sorrel, 

Alienee, stannum, or tin. 

Allen tois, } , 

Allexis, J the great toe. 

Allesis, recovery. 
Alliacix, plants of the garlic kind. 
Alliar <eris, philosophical copper a5 
used in alchemy. 

A L M 
Alliaria, jack by the hedge, or sauce 

alone ; stinking hedge mustard. 
Allicar, acetum, or vinegar. 
Allicola, petroleum, or liquid pitch- 
Alligatura, a ligature or bandage. 
AUiotica, an alterative medicine. 
Allium, common garlic. 

al/iimim, "^ ophioscorodon, 
agninum, \ or spotted ran- 
montanum, [>soms ; vipers 
ur&inum, I garlic, crow gar- 
victorialis, J lie or rocambole. 
cepa, cepa, or onion. 
cyfirium, great garlic. 
gallicum, portulaca, or garden 
Allium latifolium UVJlorum, moly. 
Allium [lorrum, leek. 

sativum, common garlic. 
scorodojirasum, wild leeks. 
sylvestre, wild garlic, or cepa- 
strum; crow garlic. 
Allochoos, a delirious person. 
AUoeosis, } the change 

Alloeoticos, us, on, um, $ from disease 
to health effected by any medicine ; 
an alterative potion compounded 
of dandelion, succory, &c. 
Allognos, \ a delirious or insane per- 
Allognoon,^ son. 
Allognosis, delirium. 
Allogotro/ijria, partial nutrition of the 

Allofika is, mental derangement. 
Allotriofihagia, pica, depraved appe- 
tite, or appetite for improper sub- 
Alloy, any portion of base metal, or 
metallic mixture added to those of 
superior value. 
Alius, the great toe. 
Alma, water ; the first motion of the 

foetus towards birth. 
Alma alcalizata, aqua calcis or lime 

Almabati, the carob tree. 
Almabri, a stone like amber. 
Almager, > Red bolar earth ; the 
Almagra, $ "White sulphur of alchy- 

A!:n;.gi, alliagi, or Syrian broom. 

nda, 1 

A L O 



■ a brick furnace used by re- 
finers of silver. 
. ilmandina, a species of garnet. 

Almarago, > , 

„ a y coral. 


Almarcab, £ lhharge of silver . 

Almarcarida, ) 

Almarcat, the dross of gold. 

Almarkasiia, quicksilver. 

Almartak, powder of litharge. 

Almatutica, ~\ 

Almecasite, K copper. 


Almeliktu, preternatural heat less 
than fever. 

Almene, a natural salt ; sal gem. 

Almetat, scoria of gold. 
Imisa, musk. 

Almisadur, ~) verdigris ; sal ammo- 

Almizadir, £ niac. 

Almisarub, earth. 


Almysa, K quick lime. 

Almija, J 

Alnach, ) . 

Alnec, 3 

Alneric, sulphur vivum. 

Alnus, the alder tree. 

baccifera,! the black, or berry 
nigra, $ bearing alder. 
rotund'folia gluiinusa viridis,ihc 
common alder. 

Alnus vulgaris, the common alder. 

Aloe, the aloe plant of warm coun- 
tries ; also the gum so called. 

Aloe Ame icana, agave, or the Ame- 
rican flowering aloe. 

Aloe aromatica agullochum, or aroma- 
tic aloe of China. 

Aloe Ahiatica, the Asiatic, or drug 

Aloe Earbadensis, the hepatic, or li- 
ver-coloured aloe. 

Aloe Brasilieusis, the common aloe 
of Brasil. 

Aloe cabellina, caballine, or horse aloe 
of Barbadoes. 

Aloe cafienda, cape aloes. 

fossile, a mineral bitumen of Ju- 

A L O 

Aloe Guinemis, horse aloe. 
Aloe hepatica, hepatic, or liver-colour- 
ed aloe. 
Aloe insuccata, ~) aloes dissolved in 
rosata, 3 rose water, &c. 

tignosa, agallochum, or the 
woody, or aromatic aloe of China. 
Aloe metallina, } a mineral bitumen of 
mineralia, 3 Judea. 
officinalis., aloe 15arbadensis. 
palustri s, water aloes, or fresh 
water soldiers. 
Aloe perfoliata, aloe hepatica. 

purgans, the common purging 
Aloe soccolorina, } aloes from Socoto- 
zocotor'tna, 3 ra. 

tarta izatq, aloes dissolved with 
cream of tartar. 

Aloe vera, J a i oe Barbadensis. 

vulgaris, ) 

violata, aloes dissolved in violet 

Aloe tartarea, aloes dissolved in violet 
water, and mixed with cream of 

Aloedaria, } compound aloetic medi 

Aloetica, 3 cines. 

Alohar, "1 

Alohoc, \ mercury. 

A logo r,) 

Alogotrophia, partial nourishment of 
the body as in rickets. 

Aloides, aloe palustris, or water aloe 

Alomba, I lead 

Alooc, 5 

Alopeccs, psoas muscles. 

Alopecia, baldness ; change of hair as 
to colour. 

Alofiecia areata, hair falling off in de 
tached places. 

Alopecia porriginosa, loss of hair and 

Alojiecia sim/ilcx, alopecia from gene- 
ral emaciation. 

Alojiecia siphilitica, alopecia from ve- 
nereal disease. 

Alo/iecia volatilium, molting of birds. 

Alopecuroides,~) r ... 
j, '. '5- ioxtail erass. 

Alo/iecurus, 3 D 

Alofiex, a fox. 

Alos, salt. 

Alosa, the shad-fish. 




Alosanthum, flowers of salt. 

Alosut, 1 

,, , > mercury. 
Alosoncc,) * 

Alouchi, a sweet scented gum 
the white cinnamon tree. 

Al/cun, siliquosa Indica. 

Alephanginx, } pilule ; pills 

4loefihangin&* 3 posed of aloes 
various aromatics. 

Al/ihabeticum chundcum, the chemi- 
cal alphabet of Raymond Lully, 

A. significat, Deum. 

B. mcr curium. 

C. solis fietram. 

D. vitriolum. 

E. menstruale. 

F. lunam clarain. 

G. mer curium nostrum. 
H, salem purum. 

I. composition lunx. 

K. solis. 

L. terram compositi lunx. 

M, aquam compositi lunx. 

A r . aram composili lunx. 

0. terram compositi solis. 

P. aquam compositi solis. 

.®; xrem compositi solis. 

R. ignem compositi solis. 

S. lapidem album. 

T. medicinam corporis 


U. calorem jumi secreli. 

X. ignem siccum cineris. 

Y. calorem balnei. 

Z. separationem liquorum. 

z. alembicum cum cucurbi. 


Jlfihanic, ) a condiment ; white sugar 

Alphenic, 3* candy ; barley sugar. 

J'lphesera, white bryony. 

Alpddni, balm of Gi lead. 

Alphita, meal of barley hulled and 

Alphitedon, tidon, tidum, a fracture 
with splinters. 

Alphiton, um, hasty pudding of barley 

Alphus, a species of leprosy called vi- 
tiligo, in which white specks ap- 
pear on the skin. 

Alpinajilicis folio major, crista galli, 
or yellow- rattle. 


. Hguifbu, potters ore ; a lead ore like 

Alraclias, plumbum, or lead. 

Alratica, an imperforated hymen. 

Alrukak, the fragments of frankin- 

Alsamach, > the great foramen of the 

Ateemac/i,y os petrosum. 

.11 'cha: cur, the skenk, a species of 

Alscbon, sea salt. 

Alsechy alumen plumosura, or fea- 
thered alum. 

Alselat, burnt copper. 

ALsimbel, Indian spikenard. 

Aldnantrum, 1 chickweed, hen-bit, of 

Alsine, y mouse ear ; whitlow 

media,) grass. 

Abineformis, small water chickweed, 
or purslane. 

Alairacostum, a purging medicine of 

Alsinicium, the marsh carrot. 

Alsurengiam, hermodactyls. 

Altafor, camphor. 

Altambus, human blood ; blood stone. 

Altamus, the south-west wind. 

.^a.^ qmckSlh ' er - 

Alterantia, alteratives, or medicines 
supposed to alter and amend the 
animal fluids without any immedi- 
ate sensible operation. 

Alteratio, change without destruction 
or disunion ; concoction. 

Alteratio sanguinis, purifying of the 

Altercangenon, ~> hyoscyamus,or black 

Altercum, $ henbane. 

Alternative, ~> alternate ; in botany, 

Alternus, 5 not opposite. 

Alter on ga, baum. 

Altey, or alky plumbi, cerussa acetata. 

A'.tfum, marshmallow. 

arborea maritima gallica, the 
sea mallow tree. 

Althtsa folks cannabinis, bangue or 
hemp mallow. 

Althcea frutcx, Hibiscus. 

.Vjli£d officinalis, althaea, or common 

A'.ihsa theojihra.sti Jlcre htco, yellow 
Biarsh mallow. 

A L U 

Althanaca, auripigmentum, or orp'i- 

Althebegium, anasarcous, or oedema- 
tous swellings. 

Althexis, the cure of disease. 

Althith, \ laserpitium,or lesser frank- 

Altihit, 5 incense. 

Altilia, fatted animals. 

Altimar, calcined copper. 

Altimio, the dross of lead. 

Altincar, a factitious salt used in the 
separation of metals. 

Altingat, rust of copper, or flowers of 

Altinuraum, vitriol. 

Altiih, the galbanum plant ; assafoeti- 

Aholizol, or zoim, a lute of Paracelsus . 

Alt us, high, excellent, sound or deep 
sleep, health. 

Alu the Indian fig. 

A luac h, ~) _ , . 

Aluech, $ P^e, or refined tin. 

Aluco, a species of owl. 

Al-ucl, agallochum, or aromatic aloe. 

Aludel, ~> an aludel, or subliming 

Aludflli, 5 vessel. 

Aludit, quicksilver. 

Alujir, efflorescence, or redness. 

Aluis, alcali. 

Alum, Symphytum, or comfrey. 

Alumhair, butter. 

Alumboti, calcined lead. 

Alumen, alum, a compound salt of alu- 
mine and sulphuric acid ; power- 
fully styptic and astringent. 

Alumni artijicia/e, alum prepared by 


Alumen catemim, ") . ,. 

catini, \ *"*"' , or 
catinum, JP ota ^- 


commune, common English 

Alumen concretum, native solid En- 
glish alum. 

Alumen crudum, crude, or unpurified 

Alumen crystallinum, common alum. 
dulce, alum purified by re- 
peated solution. 

Alumen factit turn, alum prepared by 


iiumen febrifugum, alum dissolved 
and united with dragon's blood. 

Alumen facia, the lees of wine dried 
in cakes. 

Alumen fossile, a species of alum re- 
sembling talc. 

Alumen frichites, feathered, or hairy 

■Alumen glaciate, a species of alum re- 
sembling ice ; rock alum. 

Alumen jamenum, the feathered or 
hairy alum. 

Ah/men liquidum, native liquid English 

Alumen nativum, native alum, con- 
crete, or liquid. 

Alumen jdums, ~> the feathered, or 

plumeum, 5 hairy alum. 

filumosum, the feathered 

alum ; a sublimate of mercury ; a 

compound of arsenic and vitriolic 


Alumen filumosum ojficinarum, amian- 
thus ; asbestos. 

Alumen filumosum verum, the feather- 
ed or hairy alum. 

Alumen fireflaratutn,') alum purified 
purificatum, 3 by re 

Alumen rochi gallis, roch alum ~) « 

Romanian, Roman alum, round alum 

rubrum,~) , , 

... > red alum. 
rutilum, 3 

ru/ienum, } rock, or 
rufieum, 3 roch alum j 
t iiumen saccharinum, } a stone made 
zuccaiinum, v by boiling a- 
lum, rose-water, and white of es;o;. 
Alumen saxa/ile, rock, or stone alum. 
scagliolx, ~) a schistus, or fla- 
scalola, 3 ' ie >' fossil. 
scissile, the feathered, or hai- 
ry alum. 
Alumen solidum, the native, solid En- 

glish alum. 
Alumen ustum, burnt, or calcined 

Alumina, alumine, earth of alum ; 

pure argillaceous earth or clay. 
Aluminatum, alum boiled in lemon 

2 ° 

* 2 



A L Y 

Aluminatus, } aluminous ; of the na- 
Aluminoaus, 3 ture o r alum. 
Alumbur, the moon, or silver. 
Alunael, a drop. 
Alus, 7 consolida major, or 

gallica,^ comfrey. 
Alusar, manna. 
Alusia, a neglect of washing ; 

Alusmos, ~) anxiety in 

Alysmos, mus, mon, 3 brile diseases. 
Aluta, ) tanned, prepared, or 

Mgyptia, 3 softened leather. 
montana, a species of leather- 
stone., a tanner ; a currier. , 
Alvearium, the hollow of the external 
ear, or concha, which contains the 
Alveolarii processus, processes of the 

maxillary bones. 
Alveoli, the sockets of the teeth. 
Alveolus, a socket ; a tray, or trough. 
Alveus, a tube, or canal. 

am/iullascens, part of the duct 
conveying the chyle to the subcla- 
Alveus communis, the common duct 
of the ampullee of the membrana- 
ceous semicircular canals. 
Alviduca, purging, or laxative medi- 
Alvi-fuxus, a diarrhoea, or purging. 
Alvum astringrre, to bind the belly. 
duccre, T 

liquare, S-to loosen the bellv. 
solvere, J 

sufi/irimere, to bind the belly. 
Alvus, the belly ; paunch ; or abdo- 
minal cavity ; the excrement. 
Alvus adstricku ~\ 

. I extreme 

comjiacta, V 

constijiata, J 
sufifiressa, ~) 
tenax, 3 






\ purging, or loose- 
{ ness. 


Ahjce, febrile anxiety. 

Alyfiia, > 

Alufiia9,$ P ur SWg Without pain. 

A M A 

Alyfion, ~> the herb terrible, gutwort, 

Alyflum,) or spurge; white tur- 

Aly*oidcs, mad wort. 

Alvson, ) a species of veronica, or 
Alyssum,^ male speedwell. 

Alyssoides incanum, lesser hoary mad- 

Alyssoides siliijiia lata as/irra, a species 
of lunaria, or moon wort. 

Alzarac, a coai'6e kind of camphor. 

. lizcgi, ink. 

. ilzemqfor, cinnabaris, or cinnabar. 

Alzilat, three grains weight. 

.llzima -, green. 

Alzofar, burnt copper. 

Ama, a small cask ; a dose of helle- 

Amalago, long pepper tree. 

Amalgan.a, amalgamation, or an 
union of mercury with some metal. 

Amalgama auri, an union of mercury 
and gold. 

Amalgama argenU, an union of mer- 
cury and silver. 

Amalgama filumbi, an union of mercu- 
ry and lead. 

Amalgama stoma, an union of mer- 
cury and tin. 

Amalgama cufiri, an union of mercury 
and copper. 

Amalgamation softening of metals ; 
amalgamation, the act of uniting 
mercury with various metals. 

Amamelia, the small bastard medlar. 
idinue, a gem. 

. imanita, a mushroom, a truffle. 

Amanita camjieat is, champignon, or 
esculent mushroom. 

Amanita fdfieraia, the pepper mush- 
room . 

Amara, bitter medicines. 

dulcis, solatium lignosum, bit- 
ter sweet, or woody nightshade. 

Amaracinum, an ointment containing 

Amaracns aamfisuchus, majorama ma- 
jori folio, or sweet marjoram. 

Amaranthus, amaranth ; flower gen- 

Jmarantlvus luteins, ~) ely- 

latij alius, ^ chry- 
sum, or goldilocks. 


Amaranthus maximus, amaranthus, or 
flower gentle. 

Amaranthus oleraccus, esculent ama- 

Amarantoidea, globe amaranth, or 
everlasting flower 
marella, polygala,or blue milk-wort, 
a species of gentian. 

Amareng, red subacid cherries. 

Amur uss a, um, Sec bitter. 

dulcis oricntalis, the root of 
the costos. 

Amaryga, the eye. 

Amaryllis, lily daffodil. 

Amaioria rentjteia, love powders ; 

Amatoria febris, the fever of lovers ; 

Amatorius, the superior and inferior 
oblique muscles of the eye, used 
in ogling. 

v///,uncdo,or strawberry tree. 

Amaurosis, gutta serena ; decay, or 
loss of sight without other appa- 
rent defect than an immoveable 

Amaurosis atonica, loss of sight from 

Amaurosis congenita, blindness from 
the birth. 

Amaurosis c.rantlicmatica, blindness 
from eruptive diseases. 

Amaurosis foricariorum, blindness 
from the fumes of metals. 

Amaurosis hysterica, blindness accom- 
panying hysteria. 

. imaiirbsis intermittens, intermitting 

Amaurosis a myosi, blindness from de- 
ranged humours. 

. •/. taurosU a narco/icis, blindness from 
narcotic drugs. 

Amaurosis filethorica, blindness from 
too much blood. 

An aurosia sfiasmodica, > blindness 

a sfiasma, $ from spasm. 
a aynchysi, blindness from 
deranged humours. 

Amaurosis traumatica, blindness from 
tmaurosis venenata, blindness from 

- is vent rea, blindness from the 
venereal disease. 


A M B 

Amazonum fiastitlus, the amazon's 

Amba, manga, or mango tree. 

Ambaiba, the tapioca tree of Brasil ; 

Ambalam, manga, the root is used as 
a pessary . 

Amba/iaia, male papa tree. 

Ambare, > an Indian tree, so 

Indica, 5 called because am- 
ber -was supposed to exude from it. 

Ambarualis, polygala, or milkwort. 

Ambarum, ambergris. 

Ambe, ) a lip ; a border ; an edge ; 

Ambi, 3 an instrument for reducing 
dislocated shoulders; manga tree. 

Ambeger, myrobalans. 

Ambela, purging cornered hazel-nut 

Amberboi, cyanus orientalis, or sweet 

Ambia monard, a yellow liquid pitch 
of India, smelling like Tacama- 

Ambidexter, one using either hand 
with equal facility ; ready at all 

Amblosis, abortion, or miscarriage. 

Amblotica, medicines causing abor- 

Amblyogmos, impaired vision ; amau- 

Amblyopia, incipient amaurosis ; debi- 
lity, obscurity, or dulness of sight 
without any apparent defect in the 
organ ; or sight so depraved that 
objects can only be seen in a cer- 
tain light, distance, and position. 

Amblyopia absoluta, amblyopia from 
weakness of the eye. 

Amb/yo/iia crefmscularis, amblyopia 
from excessive light. 

Amblyofiia dissitorum, near-sighted 

Amblyopia hydrophthalmica, amblyopia 
from diseased humours. 

Amblyopia lu«corum, when objects can 
only be seen sideways. 

Amblyopia meridiana, amblyopia cre- 

Ambhjo/iia firoximorum, amblyopia 
from objects being too near. 

A M E 

Ambh/osmus, ~) . . , . • „ 
Amblytes, '<-mpa.redvis.on. 

Ambo, manga tree. 

Ambon, the margin of sockets for ar 

ticulation of bones. 

Ambonx, } . 
* , > ambe. 
Jimbone, 3 

Ambonenxis, a species of Rumphia. 

Ambra, } amber, a yellow, transpa 

Ambram , 5 rent, bituminous sub- 
stance, mostly found on the shores 
of the Baltip sea. 

Ambra a abuni, "^ ambergris, a 
cineracea, L grey kind of bi- 
grisea, . tumen, the ex ! 
gry^ea, J cement of a spe- 
cies of whale, a perfume. 

Ambragrisea, ambergris. 

Ambrette, abelmoschus, or musk mal- 

Ambrosia, the oak of Cappadocia, or 
Jerusalem ; medicines supposed of 
great efficacy in supporting the vi- 
tal principle ; the meat of the gods. 

Ambrosia camjiestris, swine's cresses. 

Ambula, a reed. 

Ambulatio, the exercise of walking ; 
a spreading gangrene. 

Ambulativa, herpes zoster, or shingles. 

Ambulo, a painful, shooting swelling, 
in various parts of the body. 

Ambulon, a tree producing sugar. 

Ambusta, burns, or scalds. 

Ambustio, burning ; scalding ; calci. 

Ambustum, a scald, or burn. 

Ambutua, the wild vine, or pareira 

Amendanus, alnus vulgaris, or alder 

Amelanehier, vitis idsea, or French 
honey sweetworts ; bilberry ; med- 
lar ; quince. 

Amelia, > aster atticus, or golden 

Amellus, £ starwort. 

Amelfiodi, a tree of Malabar. 

Amene, sal marinus, or common salt. 

Amenenos, weak ; feeble. 

Amenorrhxa, defective, or suppress- 
ed menses without pregnancy. 

Amenorrhota difficilis, menses in small 
quantity, and with pain. 

A M E 

Amenorrhea emansionis, disease from 
the menstrual haemorrhage not 
happening at the usual age. 

Amenorrhea sufifiressiouis, suppres- 
sion of the menstrual discharge. 

Amentacet, an order of plants with 
catkin blossoms. 

Amentaceijlo -es, amentaceous flowers, 
or flowers hanging down rn form 
of a rope or of a cats-tail, called cat- 
kins, as in the mulberry, hazel, 
birch, &c. 

Amentia, foolishness ; idiotism ; fatu- 
ity ; madness ; insanity ; such 
weakness of mind as incapacitates 
from perceiving, or remembering 
the relations of things. 

Amentia acquisita, fatuity from ex- 
ternal and evident causes, or in- 

Amentia calculosa, fatuity from cal- 
culous matter in the brain. 

Amentia congenita^ fatuity from the 

Amentia ab hydatidibus, fatuity from 
the dropsy of the brain. 

Amentia microcephaly, fatuity from 
defective size of the brain. 

Amentia jnorosis, fatuity from loss of 

Amentia a rjuartarta, fatuity arising 
from a quartan ague. 

Amentia rachialjica, fatuity from ra- 
chitis, or rickets. 

Amentia senilis, dotage fatuity from 
old age. 

Amentia serosa, fatuity from serum 
effused in the brain. 

Amentia a siccitate, fatuity from a want 
of moisture in the brain. 

Amentia a temulentia, fatuity from ex- 
cessive use of strong liquors. 

Amentia traumatica, fatuity from 
wounds in the head. 

Amentia a tumore, fatuity from tu- 
mours pressing on the brain. 

Amentia a veneris, fatuity from the 
action of poisons. 

Amentum, a loop ; a bond ; a thong ; 
a catkin blossom j the feathered 

Amen, indigo. 

A M M 

Americanum balsamum, Peruvian bal- 

Americanum tuberosum, the potatoe; 
Jerusalem artichoke. 

Amethodia, ~) . , .- 

Amethoia, \ ,,Te S U,ar P ract,Ce ' 

Amethysta /iharmaca, medicines pre- 
venting, or taking away the inebri- 
ating effects of wine. 
imethystus, the amethyst, a precious 
stone of India and Arabia. 

Anna, a sea fish. 

Amianthus, > asbestos, or earth flax ; 

Amiantus, } salamander's wool. 

Amictus, clothing. 

Amiculum, a covering for the privities ; 
amnion ; a little short cloak. 

Amidum, amylum, or starch. 

. Iminxa, gum anime. 

Ambixum -vinum, Falernian wine. 

acetum, white wine vinegar. 

Aminia, a species of cotton tree. 

Amisa, musk. 

Amisadu, prepared sal ammoniac. 

Amma, a truss for a hernia. 

alcalizata, water impregnated 
with lime, by running through cal- 
careous earth. 

Ammium \ bish °P' s w <*d. 

Ammi C eticum~\ 

majus, Lroyal cummin, or 
■verum, {true bishop's weed. 
vulgar e, J 

Ammion, cinnabar. 

Ammites, > small sand stones of 

Ammitos, $ Swisserland ; bezoar mi- 

Amm-ichosia, drying the body by co- 
vering it with heated sand, or salt. 

Ammochrysus, a brittle stone of vari- 
ous colours. 
immodites, a poisonous serpent. 

Ammoides, a species of seseli. 

Ammogabriel, cinnabar. 

Ammonia, ammonia ; volatile alkali ; 
ammonia freed from the marine 
acid ; a compound of nitrogen and 

Ammoniaca, ammoniacal gas. 

Ammonia acetata, acetated ammonia, 
or spirit of Mindererus. 

A M O 

Ammonia muriata, common sal ammo- 

Ammonia preparata, crystallized, or 
concrete carbonate of ammonia : 
ammonia procured by subliming 
sal ammoniac with chalk. 

Amtnoniacum, gum ammoniac. 

Ammoniacus, ammoniacal, or of the 
nature of ammonia. 

Ammomarcus sal, sal ammoniac. 

vegetabilis, spiritus Min- 

Ammoniaretum cupri, ammoniacal 

Ammonites, ammites. 

Ammonitrum, frit ; coarse potash. 

Ammonium, an eye-wash of cadmia, 
ceruss, castor. Sec 

Ammonis cornu, amnion's horn, a fos- 
sil resembling in shape the horn of 
a ram ; the hippocampus major 
of the brain. 

Ammoniu8, a surgeon famous in li- 

Amna alcalizata, amnis alcalizatus. 

Amnesia, ~) loss of memory ; forget- 

Amnestia, 3 fulness 

cephalalgica, loss of memo- 
ry from continued head-acn. 

Amnestia febrisecjua, loss of memory 
following fever. 

Amnestia a pathemate, loss of memory 
from passion. 

Amnestia plethorica, loss of memory 
from plethora. 

Amnestia senilis, loss of memory from 
old age. 

Amnestia traumatica, loss of memory 
from wounds in the head. 

Amnestia a venere, loss of memory 
from venerea! disease. 

Amnion, ~\ the inner of the mem- 

A?nniosi tbranes inclosing the foe- 

Amnium, J tus in the womb. 

Amnis alcalizatus, water impregnated 
with lime. 

Amohmthum, any medicine whose pre- 
paration does not stain the hand. 

Amomi, Jamaica pepper. 

Amomis, a species of amomum. 

Am-jmum, stone parsley. 

Amomum cardamomum, lesser carda 


Amomum tommnne, zingiber, or com" 
mon ginger. 

Amomum Germanicum, German, or 
bastard stone parsley. 

Amomum granum Parodist, cardamo- 
mum majus ; grains of Paradise. 

Amomum occidental, W est Indian gin- 

Amomum orientale, East Indian gin- 

Amomum plinii, a species of solanum, 
or nightshade. 

Amomum racemosum, amomum, or 
true stone parsley. 

Amomum repens, lesser cardatnum. 

Amomum scupo nudo, zedoary. 
zingiber, ginger. 

Amomum verum, amomum, or true 
stone parsley. 

Amomum vulgare, amomis, or bastard 
stone parsley. 

Amomum zedoaria, long zedoary. 

A?nongeaba, a species of grass used in 

Amor, love ; affection. 

insanus, erotomania, or love 

Amoris poma, solanum pomiferum, or 
love apple. 

Amorge, a small herb ; the feculent 
part of oil. 

Amorpha, bastard indigo. 

Amosteus, osteocolla, or glue bone. 

Amotes, potatoes. 

Am/mna, a palm tree. 

Amfiar, ambra, or amber. 

Ampelion, vine leaves, or tendrils. 

Ampelites, a black bitumen ; canal 

Ampelocarpus, aparine, or goose 
grass ; clivers. 

Ampelodesmus, a small Sicilian plant. 

Ampeloprason, > leek vine ; bears- 

Ampvloprassum, 3 garlic. 

Ampelos. us, briony. 

Amp/iaristcros, us, the reverse of am- 
bidexter ; unfortunate ; unlucky. 

Amphemerina, ~) a quotidian remit- 

Amphemerinos, $ tent, or intermittent 

Amphiarthrosis, a mixed kind of arti- 
culation, as the first rib with the 
sternum, and in the vertebrse. 

,A M P 

Amphibia, the name of Linnaeus's 

third class of animals. 
Amphibius, any animal capable of 

living both on land and in water. 
Amjihiblevtr aides ^ the retina or net- 
like coat of the eye ; the expansion 
of the optic nerve. 
Amphibrumha, the fauces, or parts 

about the throat ; tonsils. 
Amphicaus'i.i, wild barley ; the pu- 
denda in women. 
Amphideon, daum, ostincae, or mouth 

of the womb. 
Ampihidcxios, ambidexter, or either 

Amphidiarthrosis, the articulation of 

the lower jaw. 
Amp/iime^ina, a quotidian, or remit- 
tent fever. 
Amphimerina anginosa, the mucous or 
erysipelatous quinzy ; a remitting 
fever with sore throat. 
Amphimerina, arthiitica, amphimeri- 

nawith slight gouty pain. 
Amphimerina bi'iosa, amphimerina 

with bilious vomiting. 
Amphimerina cardiaca, amphimerina 

with fainting. 
Amphimerina ca'arrhalis, amphimeri- 
na with cough and other catarrhal 
Amphimerina efiala, amphimerina 

with unequal sense of heat- 
Amphimerina hcemitrit<eu,s, amphime- 
rina with an exacerbation every 
other day. 
Amphimerina humorosa, amphimerina 

with vomiting and heartburn. 
Amphimerina Hungarica, amphime- 
rina with malignancy ; Hungarian 
Amphimerina lalica, amphimerina 

with long protracted paroxysms. 
Amphimerina mitiarh, amphimerina 

with miliary eruption. 
Amphimerina mimosa, amphimerina 

with putridity and delirium. 
Amphimerina pa/udosa, amphimerina 

from marsh effluvia. 
Amphimerina peri/meinnonica, amphi- 
merina with peripneumony. 
Amp/umrrina phrenitica, amphimeri- 
na with vomiting and delirium. 

Amphimerina phrkodcs, amphimerina 

witli long continued cold. 
Amphimerina p.scudohemilrit&us, am- 
phimerina with a long continued, 
but not intense, exacerbation every 
other day. 
Amphimerina scorbutica, amphimerina 

Am/ himerina semiquartana, amphime- 
rina with an exacerbation every 
fourth day. 
Amphimerina semi quint aria, amphime- 
rina with an exacerbation every 
fifth day. 
Amphimerina singultuosa, amphimeri- 
na with hiccup and nausea. 
Amphimerina spasmodica, amphimeri- 
na with general spasm. 
Amphimerina tryncopalis, amphimerina 

with fainting and slow pulse. 
Amphimerina tussiculosa, amphimeri- 
na with cough and worms, attack- 
ing infants ; hooping cough. 
Amphimerina variolosa, amphimerina 
of the latter stages of confluent 
Amphimetrion, the parts about the 

Am/ihi/iiex, the perinaeum. 
Amp/iipneuma, difficult breathing. 
Amphipolus, an attendant on the sick 


Amplmbtena, } a ser- 

alba fuliginosa,^ pent of 

Lybia and America, said to move 

with either end foremost. 

AmpMsinila, a two edged dissecting 

knife ; a catline. 
Amphisphalsis, sitting cross-legged. 
Amfdiiianc, borax. 
Amphodonta, animals with teeth in 

both jaws. 
Amphora, a Roman measure for li- 
quids of about 8 gallons. 
Ami.hxicaulh, the base of a leaf sur- 

rounding the stem. 
Am/,o/i.s; ebb of the tide ; repulsion 

of fluids from the surface. 
Am/.ulla, a vial; a glass bottle; a 
general name for chemical vessels 
wjth a belly ; the dilated portions of 
the membranaceous semicircular 
canals within the vestibulum. 


Amfiullaceus, swelling out. 
Am/mllascens, the most tumid part of 

Picquet's duct. 
Amfiutare vires, ") to reduce the 
nervos, 5 strength ; to 

Am/iutatio, amputation ; the cutting 

offa limb, or other part of the body, 

as the breast, penis, 8cc. 
Amputatio vocis, loss of voice ; 

Amfiutatura, any wound entirely se- 
parating a part. 
Amputatus, amputated, or cut off. 
Amuletica, styptics. 
Amuletum, antidote to the plague ; a 

charm, amulet, or talisman. 
Amurca, the scum, or residuum of 

new olive oil. 
Amuctica, > medicines exciting ex- 
Amutica, § pectoration. 
Amyc/ie, a superficial scratch, or ex 

Amyctica, medicines stimulating or 

vellicating the skin. 
Amydrus, humid or moist. 
Amygdala, the aimond ; the tonsils, or 

almonds of the ear. 
Amygdala amara, the bitter almond. 
dulcis, > common or sweet 
sativa, $ almond. 
Amygdalatum, almond emulsion, or lac 

Amygd.lia, the tonsils. 
Amygdalites, a species of spurge., spurge; a species of gum 

benzoin ; a fossil ; the gudgeon. 
Amygdaloperdcum, the almond peach. 
Amygdalum, amygdala, or almond. 
Armjgdalus, the almond tree. 
Amygdalus j-Et/uopica, the African 

almond tree. 
Amygdalus Persica, the plum tree, 

the peach-bearing almond tree. 
Amygdalus similis guutimalensis, cocoa ; 

Amid :, chemical residua, or foecula. 

Amylion, I starch, or the pure farina 
Amylon, C of wheat. 

Amynterium, an amulet, or charm. 
Amyon, um , a limb so emaciated as 

scarcely to shew the muscles. 


Amyris, the poison tree. 

Amyris Elemifera, the systematic, 
name of an American tree, from 
whence is procured the resin called 
Gum F.lemi. 

Amyris Gileadensis, > the systematic 
ofiob'.tls mum, 5 name of the 
tree yielding the resin called Bal- 
sam of Gilead. 

Amyris Zeylanica, a tree of the East 
Indies, yielding Gum Elemi. 

Amyteria, an amulet, or charm. 

Ana, a, or ad. vide A, in prescriptions 
implying an equal quantity of 
each, or every one. 

Anabasis, a continued increase of fe- 
ver ; equisetum or horsetail. 

Anabatica, synochus ; growing worse. 

Anabexis, ptyalism or salivation ; ex- 
pectoration by coughing. 

AnabUjisis, the recovery of sight. 

Anabhjsis, effervescence. 

Anabolc, vomiting. 

A?iabrochesis, absorption of matter. 

Anabroc/nsmos, us, an operation on the- 
hair of the eye-lids. 

Anabrosis, a corrosion of parts by 
acrid humours or medicine 

Anacampseros,Yosev/ovt ; common or- 

Anacardios antidotus Theodoreti, anti- 
dote of Theodorus, made of spices, 
mastich, agaric, 8cc. 

Anacardiitm,~) ., ,. . , 

. , ' > the Malacca bean tree, 

Anacardus, 3 

Anacardium occidentcde, the cajou, 
cassu, or cashew nut tree 

Anacardium orientate, the anacardium, 
or Malacca bean tree. 

Anacardium pruniferum Indicum, ana- 
cardium occidentale. 

Anacatharsis, expectoration of pus, 
mucus, lymph, or other secretion ; 

Anacatharsis asthmatica, moist, or hu- 
mid asthma. 

Anacatharsis biliosa, expectorated mat- 
ter of a yellow colour. 

A?iac at hunts phllnska,~ > \ cxpectorati- 
puriformis, \ on of pus, 
a vomica, J or matter, in 
large quantities. 

Anacathurtica, expectorants, emetics, 
sternutatories, masticatories. 

A N A 

Anucrctus, incurable. 
Jtnachite , a precious stone; remov- 
ing pain. 

Anachrcmhsis, expectoration, or hawk- 
ing up any thing from the lungs. 

Anaehron, mineral alkali. 

Anacincma, any motion of the body. 

Anaclasis, ~) the reclined, or bent pos- 

Anaclisis, 3 ture of the sick ; a couch. 

Amclismns, tnos, a chair for the sick. 

Anocoche, } the slow progress of 

Anacochesis, 3 disease. 

Anaealiasmus, any gentle laxative. 

Anacollema, ~) cataplasm for 

frontale, $ the head, of 

bole and vinegar, or albumen ovi ; 

a medicine to stop bleeding at the 


Anacolu/ipa, crowsfoot. 

Anacomide, any assistance to convales- 

Anaconchizesis, anacoche. 

AnaconchyUsmos, a gargle. 

Anac tests, recovery of health. 

Anactorion, the cornflag, or gladiolus. 

Anactorium, artemisia, or mugwort. 

Anacuphisma, an exercise by lifting 
the body up and down. 

Anacycesis, mixture by pouring one 
substance on another. 

Anucycleon, us, a mountebank. 

AnacyfttetM, an exercise by lifting one 
part towaids the other. 

Anacyriosis, medical dignity, or au- 

Anadendromalache, ~) alth3ea,ormarsh- 

Anadcndron, $ mallow. 

Anadi/ilosis, a frequent reduplication 
of fevers. 

Anadosis, due diffusion of aliment 

Anadrome, wandering pain, to all parts 
of the body. 

Antedes, copious; shameless. 

Anedromos, fish migrating from the 
sea into rivers ; ascent. 

Ananoma, inability of some mem- 

Anesthesia melancholica, loss of feel 
ing with melancholy. 

kinesthesia, ~\ . ., .... , r 

. . . • '. insensibility ; loss of 

Anaisthetta, ' ,. ,. , '! , 

, . , . > ieehng by the touch ; 

Jtnaisthesia, \ * t ? r 
,. . , . ' .' defect 01 sensation, 

■ '/ride' first's, J 

Anesthesia nasemtium, still birth. 

plethorica, loss of feeling 
from great fulness. 
Anaesthesia a s/iina bipda,\oss of feeling 

from a tumour on the spine. 
Anagallis, pimpernel, a low, creeping 

Anagallis aquatica, brook lime. 
arvensis, pimpernel. 
cerulea, } female pimper- 
fceminea, 3 nel. 
lutea, yellow pimpernel. 

?c7restris,l mal ^ lm ^ rncl 
Anagargalicta, "J 
Anagargalicton, la gargle. 
Anagargariston J 
Anaglvjihe, calamus scriptorius, a part 

of the fourth ventricle of the brain. 
Anagnosis, the certainty of medical 


AZ g gfg e ia,} re J eCtion ^ siting. 

Anagraphs, a prescription, or re- 

Auagyris, > stinking bean trefoil ; cy- 

Anagijrc.*, 3 tisus alpinus. 

Anaixesis, the return of disease. 

Analces, Asiatics ; weak ; effemi- 

Analdes, a want of nourishment, or 

Analec tides, cushions to conceal defor- 

Analentia, a species of epilepsy. 

Anale/isia, epilepsy depending on the 
state of the stomach. 

Anaiefisis, recovery of strength after 

Analepticw, restorative or invigorat- 
ing medicines. 

Analgesij, indolence ; a state of ease, 
or absence from pain or grief. 

Analmyros, unsalted ; insipid. 

Anallis, a sea plant. 

Analogia, 1 reasoning from com- 

An.logismus, \V™*™ \ judging ot 
J diseases, Sec. by simi- 
lar appearances ; dissection of the 
human body ; proportion ; analogy. 

Analosis, a consuming, or wasting. 

Analthes, incurable. 

Analthcsus, not salted ; insipid. 


Analysis, analysis or the demonstrati- 
on of the parts of the human body 
when separated by dissection ; se- 
paration of the elements of a com- 

Anamullu, a Brasil carminative shrub. 

Anamix, confusedly mixed. 

Anamnesis, recollection or remem- 

Anamnestica, remedies for defective 

Anamnestica signa, commemorative 
signs evincing the preceding state 
of the body ; signs from memory. 

Ananas, the egg- shaped pine apple. 

Anancc, the force necessary to reduce 
a limb ; any desperate surgical 

Anandreis, impotent ; pure. 

Anandroi, virgins. 

Anandms, unmanly. 

Ancauhoajclus, a plant with a crown- 
like flower. 

Anafialii}, on the opposite side. 

Ana} alindromeshjy a disease returning 
on the opposite side. 

Anafiausis, rest from labour or disor- 

Ana/ictia, an expansion of vessels. 

Ana/ihalantiasis, baldness of the eye- 

Anufihonesis, the exercise of loud 
talking ; vociferation. 

Anaphora, spitting of blood. 

Anafihoricoi, patients who spit blood ; 
those who spit with difficulty. 

Anafiho yxis, pulverizing. 

Ana/ihra, discharges by stool that are 
not frothy. 

Ana/ihrodiria, venereal impotence. 

gonorrhoea, venereal im- 
potence from an involuntary dis- 
charge of semen. 

Ana/ihrodisia magica. venereal impo- 
tence from magical incantation. 

Anafifr-odisia a maricis, venereal im- 
potence from internal piles. 

Anafihrxlisia, a fiaraly&i, venereal im- 
potence from palsy. 

Anafihrodisia, ab urethra: vkiis, vene- 
real impotence from a diseased 


Anafihromeii, clarified honey that 
does not froth. 

Anajihrus, not frothy. 

Ana/ihyresis, a mixture. 

Ana/inomia, absorption, or sucking 

Anafi/asTs, replacing a fractured bone ; 
a restoration of flesh. 

Anahlcro&is, renovation of wasted 

Ana/ilerotica, medicines renewing 

Anafdeusis, exfoliation ; or separation 
of a carious bone. 

Avaknmsis, \ respiration ; perspira- 

Ana/inoe, $ tion ; a truce from pain. 

Ana/iodo/ihyllcn, the herb cluck's foot, 
or May apple ; black snake root. 

Anaf:si;xi*, cooling ; refrigeration. 

Anafitosis, a relapse. 

Anafityns, anacatharsis. 

Anafityssomia, extension. 

Anaristesis, the loss of a dinner. 

Anarma, the smallest particles of 

Anarrhcgnimia, > a fracture ; the fresh 

Anarrhexis, 5 opening of a wound. 

Anarrhinum, snapdragon ; returning 
by the nostrils. 

Anarrhxa, > a discharge of humours 

Anarrho/na, 5 from below upwards ; 
inverted peristaltic motion. 

Anarth os, bloated with fat. 

Anas, a duck, or drake. 

domestica, the tame duck. 
sylvestris, the wild duck and 

Anas ?noschata, the muscovy duck. 

A?iasarca, a soft, pale, inelastic, drop- 
sical swelling of the skin, or 
cellular membrane ; a general 
accumulation of lymph in the cel- 
lular membrane. Cullen enume 
rates the following species — 

Anasarca serosa, anasarca from sup- 
pression of a due discharge of se- 

Anasarca ofifiilata, anasarca from 
pressure on the blood vessels, as 
in pregnancy 

Anasarca eanfhematfca, anasarca 
from suppressed eruption ; after 

A N A 

ulcers, and especially alter erysi- 

Anasarca analmia, anasarca from im- 
poverishment of the blood b\ hae- 

Anasarca debilium, anasarca from the 
debility caused by long sickness. 

Ananecoma^ the restoring the equili- 
brium of the constitution. 

Anatfwsis, a contraction of the sto- 

Anas/iongizatio, cleansing with a 

Anavsutos, ? the peculiar suffocating 

AnassytuS) 3 breathing observed in 

Anastaltica, styptic, or astringent me- 

Anastasis, flying humour ; convales- 
cence ; rising up to go to stool. 

Anastoicheiosis, any elementary part 
of a body ; colliquation, resolution, 
or dissolution of the solids or fluids 
of the body. 

Anastomosis, ? relaxation or dilatation 

Anasto?nosis, 3 of the mouths of ves- 
sels ; the inosculation, or union of 

Anastomotiea, aperient, or deobstruent 
remedies ; or such as are suited 
to open the mouths of the extreme 
blood vessels. 

Anat. abbreviation of anatomica. 

Anatasis, an extension of the body 
upwards ; stretching out. 

Anatesy a disease of the anus. 

Anatherm<enomia,ihe recovery of heat. 

Anathlasis, pressing out the moisture 
of a substance. 

Anathotosis, confusion of symp- 

Anathre/isis, renutrition after sick- 

. inathron, anatron ; a salt found on 

Anathymiasis, perfuming ; fumiga- 
tion ; evaporation. 

Anatome, \ anatomy ; dissection with 

Anatomia, $ a view to discover the 
uses of the parts of the body. 

Anatica firofiortio, equal parts. 

. l"itomia brutorum, ) zootomy, or 
live, £ 

comjiaralivc, \ comparative 

A N C 

dissection of birds, and 

dissection of the 


Anatomia humana, 
human body. 

Anatomia medica, dissection to disco- 
ver disease. 

Anatomicus, an anatomist, one who 
practises anatomy. 

Anatresis, trepanning. 

Anatribe, general friction. 

Anatiifisis, friction, or rubbing ; bruis- 
ing ; comminution. 

Anatris, mercury. 

Anatron, soda, or mineral fixed alkali ; 
the Egyptian natron ; spume or 
glass gall ; a name of the terra sa- 

Anatroplia,! vomiting ; indigestion ; 
fnatrofie, J loss of appetite. 

Anatrum, anatron. 

Anatum, an egg shell. 

Anaudia, > catalepsia ; dumbness ; 

Anaudos, 5 loss of speech, but not of 

Anaxyris, lapathum vulgare, or com- 
mon broad leaved dock. 

Anbar, amber. 

Anb/atum, orobanche, or the great 
tooth wort. 

Anca, ' 


Ance/is, doubtful ; a botanical term ; 
two angled. 

Anche, the thigh bone. 

Anc/iia, the hip or huckle bone. 

Anchilops, aegylops, or goat's eye ; an 
abscess in the greater angle of the 
eye ; incipient fistula lachrymalis. 

Anchoas, male finger. 

Anchxlos, the thigh bone. 

Anchoia, the anchovy. 

Anchoralis, the coracoid process of 
the scapula. 

Anchusa, alkanet root, or dyer's bug- 

Anchusa lutea, yellow alkanet root. 

Anchijle, a contracted, or stiffened 

Anchijloblefiharon, a growing together 
of the eye-lids from bony concre- 

Anchyloglos&um, an accretion of the 
tongue to the surrounding parts. 

the thigh. 


Anchybmerisma, an accretion, or 
growing together of soft parts. 

Anchylofis, an incipient fistula lachry- 

Anchylods, a contracted, or stiffened 
joint from bony concretion, or ri- 
gidity of the ligaments. 

Anchynofds, the ray grass. 

Anchyroides, anchoralis. 

And, those who have a distorted el- 
bow ; weasel-elbowed. 

Ancinur, borax. 

Anciromcle, a hook formerly used by 

Ancistron, anciromele- 

Ancon, the olecranon ; upper end of 
the ulna ; the elbow. 

AncoJieus externus^i 

internus, I muscles of the 
major, C arm and eibow. 
minor, J 

Ancora, calx, or lime. 

Ancoralis, anchoralis. 

Aneosa, gum lac. 

Ancter, } a button to keep the edges 

Anctvras, 5 of wounds together. 

Ancteriasmos, us, the operation of 
the button in keeping wounds 

Ancubitus, a disease of the eyes at- 
tended witli a sensation of sand. 

Ancunulenta, a menstruating woman 

Ancus, stiff elbowed ; 

Ancyle, an immoveable and contract- 
ed joint ; anchylosis. 

Ancyloblcfiharon, a disease of the eye 
by which the lids are closed to- 

Ancyloglossum, tongue tied ; a con- 
traction of the frenum of the 

Ancylomde, a crooked probe. 

Ancylods, anchylosis. 

Ancylotomus, a crooked knife, or his- 
tory ; a knife for cutting the liga- 
ment under the tongue. 

Ancyra, a book of surgery ; the penis. 

Ancyroides, anchoralis. 

Anc> fjmele, a crooked probe. 

Anda, a purgative tree of Brasil. 

Andante, red orpinv nt. 

Andena S Stee * t ' iat * s eas '' v ^ usec ^« 

A N E 
Andhura, } , 4 rn ., 

^ f //ra- a n4 alarSebat0fBraZl1 ' 
Andira, a vermifuge tree of Brazil. 
Andrachne, eastern strawberry-tree ; 

Andranatomia, } human dissection, 
Andranatcme, 3 especially of a male. 
Andraphax, > . , . , 

Andrafiha^S S ' 

Ajidra/'odocafielus, any one anointing 
and irritating the body. 

Andria, an hermaphrodite. 

Andrius, manly ; any strong wine. 

Androcoeteds, coition ; sodomy. 

A/idrodamas, a species of haematites. 

Androgenia, a succession of males. 

Androgyne, ) effeminate men ; her- 

Androgynis $ maphrodites ; in bota- 
ny a plant bearing male and female 
flowers on the same root. 

Andromania, nymphomania. 

Andronion, troches of copper, sal am- 
moniac, alum, verdigris, and frank- 
incense ; a plaster. 

Andropogon nardus, broad-leafed la- 

Andro/iogon sc/imnanthus, sweet rush. 

Androsace, ~) sea navelwort ; sum- 

Androsaccs, $ mer navelwort. 

Androsaceus, a species of agaric. 

Androsam ides a species of myrtle. 

Androscemum, mon, tustan ; all-heal, 
Park leaves, or St. Peter's wort. 

Androtomia, ) 

Androtome, \ anatomla - 

Andrumeds, androcoetesis. 

Andsjudaen, gum assafoetida. 

Anebion, anchusa, or alkanet root. 

Anebus, young. 

Anece.stus, incurable. 

Anec/njctua, not easily suppurating. 

Andleds, 1 , , .. 

Indiana, y' olvuluS > cohca s P a smo- 

Anemia, j dica ' 

Anemius, windy. 

Anemius furnus, a wind furnace. 
nemometer, a wind dial or gauge ; 
an instrument to measure the 
strength of the wind. 

Anemone, anemone, wind-flower, or 
corn rose 

Anemone hepatica, noble liverwort. 

Anemone hortends, the garden ane- 

A N F 

Anemone nemorosa,"} the wood, or 
pratensis, > .neadow ane- 
Anemonoides, J mone. 

Anemonospermos,iLflovtev of the Cape 

of Good Hope. 
Anencefhalos, a monster without 

brains ; those who are foolish or 


Anenius, weak ; innocent. 

Aneon, the loss of voice and reason. 

Anefiicritus, weak minded. 

Anefithynva, loss of appetite. 

Anelic, } , . 

. ./> sulphur vivum. 
Anerit, ) ' 

Anerotomia, dissection of human bo- 

Anesis, remission of disease. 

Anesum, anisum, or anise seed. 

Anethoxyla, the root of anethum gra- 
veolens, or dill. 

Anet, ) l he common dill, or anet 

Anethum, $ plant. 

Anethum fomiculum, focniculum vul- 

Anethum gaveolpnsfructibus comfires- 
sis stinking fennel. 

Aneticu, medicines relieving pain ; 

Ancticus, free from pain ; remission 
of disease ; anodyne. 

Ancwisma, an aneurism ; a preterna- 
tural dilatation, or rupture of the 
coats of an artery. 

Aneu isma mistum t a mixed aneu- 
rism ; dilatation of'an internal coat, 
the external having been ruptured 
or wounded. 

Aneurisma pracordiorutn, aneurism 
in the heart, or large vessels near it. 

Aneurisma spurium; the false or spuri- 
ous aneurism ; rupture, or wound 
of an artery. 

Aneurisma varicosum, varicose aneu- 
rism ; an artery wounded through a 
vein, so that the blood flows into the 
vein . 

Aneurisma verum, aneurisma, or true 

Anexis, a swelling. 

Anfaka, a coagulum. 

Anfian, opium. 

Anfiha, a tumour. 

An-Jir-Jilius, mercury. 

A N G 
■ctuosus, full of windings. 
graft/iia,"] description of the 

Angeiologia, I blood-vessels lym- 

Angiotogia, J phatics and other 
vessels of the human body ; the 
doctrine of the vascular system oi 
the human body. 

Angeiotomia, bleeding, whether from 

artery or vein ; vascular dissection. 

',vi, a skilful dissector of 

blood vessels ; or, one well skilled 

in their situation and course. 

Angelica, ? garden an- 

arc&'angelica, 3 gelica. 

Angelica canadt nsis irifolium, a species 
of myrrh is. 

Angelica pratensis ajrii folio, oreoseli- 

Angelica sativa, common angelica. 

Angelica sylvestris minor, goutweed, or 

Angelina, an anthelmintic tree of Gre- 

Angelocalos, myrobalans, or purging 
Indian plums. 

. ingelyn, andira. 

Angi, buboes, or tumours in the 

groin ; the venereal disease. 

Angighssi, ? ,. . 

*„r ,w ■■ r those who stammer. 
Angiglossii, 3 

Angina, a quincy ; an inflammation 
of the throat, a sore throat ; a tu- 
mour interrupting respiration. 
Angina aquosa, the malignant sore 

throat ; general anasarca. 
Angina epidemica, the malignant sore' 

ngina erysipelatosa, a sore throat, 
commonly with scarlet eruption. 
Angina externa, \ an inflammation 
parotidtea, ) °f the parotid 
glands ; the mumps. 
Angina gangrenosa,? the malignant 
> sore throat. 
iriflammatoria, an inflamma- 
tory sore throat. 
Angina atoria infantum, the 

croup, or Hives, an inflammatory 
lion of the larynx. 
lini, with-wind, a plant that 
creeps about flax. 

, angina inflam 
matoria infantum, or croup. 

A N G 
. ingina mucosa, a sore throat with 

scarlet eruption 
Angina adematosa, the malignant sore 

throat ; anasarca. 
Angina fieetoris, a disease of the 
heart ; an anomalous affection of 
the chest and organs of respiration 
Angina interna, ""] names of the 

latens difficilis, | croup, or in- 
fierniciosa, [ flammatory 
fioly/iosa, ' affection of 
suffocativa, J the larynx. 
ulcerosa, the ulcerous, putrid 
or malignant sore throat. 
. ingiofiteris, alkanet. 
Angiospermos, "/any plant having its 
Angyosjiermos, 3 seeds in a seed-ves 

AngHcus sudor, the sweating sickness. 
Angolam% a very tall tree of Malabar. 
Angone, a species of chronic quincy ; 
an acute choafcing or suffocation, 
without inflammation. 
Angor, intense bodily pain ; the retir- 
ing of the native heat of the body to 
the centre. 
Angos, a vessel ; a receptacle of hu- 
Angsana, 1 a red gum of the East- 
Angsvrva,\ Indies, like that of dra- 
gon's blood 
■ ■Ingit, bread made of the cassada, or 

West Indian bread-like root. 
Anguilla, the eel. 

torjiorijica, the electric eel of 
South America. 
Anguillare, a species of pimpinella. 
Anguis, the snake. 

senecta, the cast skin of a ser- 
Angularis, angular, or having corners. 
arteria, an artery of the 
lower jaw. 
Angularis inusculus, the levator sca- 

Angulatus, any plant beset with an- 
Angulus, an angle, or corner. 

ucutus libit, the spine of the 
tibia or shin bone. 
Angulus maxilla infer ioris, the angle 

of the lower jaw. 
Angulus oculi, the canthus, or corner 
of the eve. 

A N I 

Angaria, the water melon, or citrul- 

Angustatio, ? straitness ; anxiety ; 

Angusiii, } restlessness ; a narrow- 
ness of the vessels, or natural pas- 

Angustatus, narrowed. 

Angustifolius, having narrow leaves. 

Ariguslur. , ? the bark of a tree 

Anguaiurx cortex,} from the Spanish 
Main ; supposed by some the Bru- 
cea autidysenterica ; by others the 
magnolia plumieri. 

Anhaidinum, a corrosive medicine de- 
scribed by Hartman. 

AnhaUina atjua, Anhalt water. 

Anhaltina renudia, medicines assist- 
ing respiration. 

Anheiatio, \ panting ; difficult respir- 

Anhelo, \ ation ; shortness of breath 
without fever. 

Anheiatio ofijiressiv::, difficult breath- 
ing with much oppression. 

Anheiatio suj/prcssiva, difficult breath- 
ing with a sense of suffocation. 

Anhelitus<i a shortness of breath ; pant- 
ing ; horse-dung ; smoke. 

Anhelus, shortness of breath, as in 

a large aquatic bird of 
of the crane kind 

") a lari 
urn a, I 


Anhingz, j in Brasi , 

. in h uiba , sassafras . 

Aniada, "] 

Aniadon, '.planetary influence pro- 

Aniadum, ; moting long life. 

Aniadus, J 

Aniceton, plaster for a scald head of 
litharge, alum, and turpentine. 

Anicetum, anisum, or aniseed ; inse- 

Anidi as, ~\ 

An id rests, | . ,. , . 

^•rfro^,[ n0tdlS P° sedtOSWeat 

A/.idrus, J 

Anil, indicum, or indigo. 

Anililas, dotage. 

Anima, the mind, or thinking princi- 

Anima aloes, refined aloes. 

articulorum, hermodactylus. 
brutulis, the blood. 

Anima he/iatis, sal martis, or green 

A N I 

Ammo, mundi, the universal principle 

of Plato. 
Anima fadmonum, saffron. 

rh b rba v, the best rhubarb. 
fatuivu, preparation of lead. 
veneris, preparation of copper. 
Anima, the vesicles or swim-bladders 

of fish. 
Animal, an animal ; an organised bo- 
dy, endowed with life and volunta- 
ry motion ; a living, sensitive, lo- 
comotive body. bezoardicum occiden/ale, the 

lesser American deer. 
Animal bezoardicum o'-ientale, the be 

zoar goat 
Animal moschiferum, the animal pro- 
ducing musk. 
Animal zibethum, the animal produc- 
ing civet. 
Animate id a, animals visible only by 

Ani nalculum, a minute animal. 
Anima/ia, animals. 

am/ih'bia, animals living 
both on land and in water. 
Animalia aquatiea, animals living in 

the water ; fish. 
Animalia bi/;edia, bipeds, or animals 

with two feet 
Anim lia rxsmigirinea, animals with- 
out red blood, as shell fish. 
Animalia imecta, insects. 

mammalia, animals with 
breasts, as man, Sec. 
Animalia avifiara, oviparous animals, 

or such as lay eggs. 
Animalia ra/iacia, animals of prey. 
Animalia anguinea, animals with red 

Animalia terrcstria, animals that live 

on the ground. 
Animalia quadrufiedia, quadrupeds, or 

animals with four feet. 
Animalia refiiilia, reptiles, or creeping 

Animalii wx^G.'-a, viviparous animals, 
or those that bring forth their 
young alive. 
Animalia volaiilic, animals that fly ; 

Anima Ho, the commencement of life ; 
an alchemical term, used in trans- 
muting metals. 

Animc,m<£, the American gum auime 
AnimeUa, small glands below the ears 
and along the lower jaw. 
nimi defectum, deliquium anitni. 
Animi delijuium, > syncope, or faint- 
Animx \ ing. 

fiathemata, affections of the 
Animum, anime. 

Animus, the mind, or soul. By some 
a distinction is made between Ani- 
mus and Anima ; the former ex- 
pressing the faculty of reasoning, 
and the latter the being in which 
that faculty resides. 
Aninga, alienatus ; insane ; delirious ; 

an aquatic plant of the Antilles. 
A?iisatum, wine in which aniseeds 

are infused. 
Aniso marathrum, scandix, or shep- 
herd's needle. 
A.dsotuchys, a quick and unequal 

Anisum, the anise plant of ./Egypt ; 
Anisum Africanum, \ the galbanum 
gjlbaniferum,\ plant of Syria. 
Indicum, ~°\ 
rxotieum, \ T ,. 
ficrcgrinum, ^Indian, or starry 
stelhtum, [anise of Tartary. 
Aniscal/itor, latissimus dorsi, a mus- 
cle of the back. 
Anisus, unequal, applied to the pulse. 
Annetestes, galenical physicians. 
Annona, custard apple-tree. 
Annoru, calcined egg-shells, or quick 

Annotation the earliest symptom of 

fever, or attack of the paroxysm. 
Annuentes musculi, muscles moving 

the head on the atlas. 
Annuhio, the nodding in dozing. 
Annularis, annular ; like a ring. 

cariilago, the cricoid car- 
Annularis digitus, the ring finger. 

jirotuberanlia, > the annu- 
ftrocessus, } l ar protu- 
berance, or pons varolii. 
Annularis vena, the vein between the 

ring and little finger. 
Annulatus, used in botany for any thin 
investing membrane. 

A N O 

Annulus,Av'mg; a charm; a speculum 

Annutus abdominis, the abdominal or 
inguinal ring. 

Annulus os/ieus, the boncy ring of the 

Annus, a solar year, or 12 months. 
amadin, longevity. 
climactericus, a climacteric 
year, viz. 63, and 81, supposed pe- 
riods of important clunges in the 
bodies of men. 

Annus /ihiloso/diicus, a month. 

Ano, upwards ; emetic operation. 

Anoccelia, the thorax, stomach. 

Anocathartic , emetics . 

Anochcilon, the upper lip. 

Annchurus, loose ; flaccid. 

Anulia, inaccuracy either in the de- 
scription or treatment of a disease. 

Anodmon, without smell. 

Anodus, toothless ; what is separated 
from the nutriment by the kid- 

Anodina, > opiated ; paregorics ; nar- 

Anodyna, ) cotics ; hypnotics; antal- 
gics ; drugs allaying pain, or pro 
ducing sleep. 

Anodyna hy/motica, hypnotic ano 
dynes, which cause sleep. 

Anodyna narcotica, narcotic anodynes 
which produce stupefaction. 

Anodyna Jiaregorica, paregoric ano- 
dynes, or such as assuage pain. 

Anodynia, relief from pain ; indolence ; 
loss of feeling. 

Anodynum v.artiale, ferrum ammo 
niacale precipitated from water by- 

Anodumun mine ale, sal prunella ; ni- 
trum stibiatum. 

Anoea, madness. 

Anoia, stupidity. 

Anomalus, > irregular ; uneven ; ano- 

Anomata, 3 malous ; unequal. 

Anomia, a defect of the moral faculty. 

Anomeo7neres, discordant ; heteroge- 

Anomxos, dissimilar, or heterogenc ; 
viscous or unnatural humours. 

Anom/ihalos, wanting a navel ; and is 
only applicable to our first parents. 

Anona, the naseberry tree of the East 


Anona i, the papaw tree of Bahama. 
Anonis, the herb rest-harrow, or 

Anomjmos, anonymous ; without a 
name ; the cricoid cartilage. 

Anonywos Americana, mountain wild 

Anoi a, calcined egg-shells, or quick- 

Ano chides, those born without testi- 

Anorectus, having no appetite. 

Ano exia, want of appetite without a 
loathing of food. 

Anorgismcnus, any hard mass soft- 

Anosia, freedom from disease. 

Anosmia, a diminution, or loss of 

Anotasier, sal ammoniac. 

Anothen, upwards ; an emetic. 

Anfiater, sulphur. 

Ansava, the tree yielding dragon's 

Anser, a goose, or gander. 

domesiicus, the tame goose. 
ferns, the wild goose. 

Anseres, water-fowls. 

Anseina, wild tansey or goose grass. 

Ansjudtn, assafcetida. 

Antachates, a bituminous stone, which 
when burning smells like myrrh. 

Antacida, antacids ; alkalies ; reme- 
dies for sourness, or acidity. 

Antacida ecafirolica, eccoprotic anta- 
cids, or such as are calculated to 
remove costiveness. 

Antacida rcstringentia, rcstringent an- 
tacids, or such as restrain a loose- 

Antacrida, drugs correcting acrimo- 

Antagonist us, any counteracting, or 
opposing muscle. 

Antale, \ any spiral, or vermicular 

AntaUum, ^ shell. 

Antalgicum, any anodyne medicine. 

Antakalinum-, any drug correcting al- 
kalescence ; an acid. 

Antajih odisiacos,~) medicines oppos- 

y^nta/ihroditica, 5 ing the venereal 
appetite ; anti-venereal. 

Antapodosis, febrile exacerbation. 

Antarifiritica, remedies for gout. 


A N 1 
Antasthmatica, remedies for asthma. 
Antatrophon, remedies for consump 

tion . 
Antea, ^ 

Antecades, ? signs preceding dis- 
Antecedensi) ease 
Antechesis, obstinate costiveness. 
Antelmc, hitherto ; formerly ; in past 

Antelabium, the extremity of the lips. 
Antrlix, > a prominence in the outer 
Anthctix, 5 ear opposite to the heliic. 
Anteluculo, before day. 
Antemballomenosi } asuccedaneum, or 
Antiballomena, \ substitute. 
Antembasis, a coalescence, or union 

of bone. 
Antemeridianus, before noon. 
Antemeiica, remedies to allay vomit- 
Aniendeixis, contra-indication. 
Antencasmus, ~> mania ; attempting 
Antenrasinum, $ suicide. 
Ante/ihialticus, remedy for incubus, 

or nightmare. 
Antefiilefitica, remedies against epi- 
Antera, anthera. 

Antereusis, unusual firmness of bone. 
Anterior, before. 
Anterior auris, a muscle of the ear. 

mallei i laxator tympani. 
Anterit, mercury. 
Anteros, amcthystus. 
Anthaliu m, antalhjm. 
in hea, rcclness. 
Anthedon, a species of medlar. 
Anthelmia, spigelia marilandica, or 

Indian pink ; worm grass 
Anthelmintica, remedies against 

Anthelmintica vevenosa, venenous an- 
thelmintics, as mercurials, tin, Sec. 
AntJiel bricosa, lubricating an- 

thelmintics, as oils, Sec. 
Anthelmintica tonka, tonic anthelmin- 
tics, as savin, tansey, santonicum, 
Anthelmintica calhartica, cathartic an- 
thelmintics, as scammony, jalap, 
aloes, gamboge. See. 
Antheinis, chamomile. 

cotula, stinking chamomile. 

A N 1 

Anthemu nobilis, chamcemelum no- 

Anthemu pyrethrum, pyrcthrum, or 
pellitory of Spain. 

Anth-ru, a compound medicine nam- 
ed from its redness ; a part of flow- 
ers containing the farina, or sperm. 

Ant/urea, anthora, or wolfsbane. 

Aiv.hercon, the chin ; all that part of 
the face on which the beard grows. 

Anthericos, the flower or stalk of the 

Anthericum, yellow asphodel ; spider- 

Antherophylhis, caryophyllus aroma- 
ticus, or cloves. 

Ant/da, the sickle fish. 

Anthinrs, medicated oils and wines of 
a red colour. 

Anthinus, flowery. 

Anthoceros, horn -flower. 

Anthologiu, anthology, or a discourse 
on the nature of flowers. 

Anthonor, athanor. 

Antho/ilnjllus, fiyllus, caryophyllus 
aromaticus ; aromatic cloves when 

Anthora, wholesome wolfsbane, an- 
tidote for aconitum. 

Ant ho ft, a flower ; rosemary ; flowers 
of copper ; elixir of gold ; a me- 
dicine extracted from pearls. 

Ant/iosmias, sweet- scented wine. 

Anthosfiermum, the amber tree. 

Anthoxanihum, vernal-grass. 

Ahthous, the alchemical golden elix- 
ir ; rosemary. 

Anthracia, \ a burning coal ; a car- 

Anthrocosia, 5 buncle ; a malignant 
ulcer with intense burning; often 
a symptom in the plague, and oc- 
casionally occurring in yellow fe- 

Anthracites, slate ; haematites, or 
blood stone. 

Anth acoais oculi, a scaly eating ulcer 
of the eye, attended with defluxion. 

Anthrax, anthracia ; a carbuncle ; 

Anthriscas, hedge parsley ; rough 
seeded hemlock chervil. 

Anthro/ie, ~) 

Anthropa, I the human skin. 

Anthro/ian, J 


Anthro/iografihia, description of man's 

Anthrofiologia, the description of man. 

Anlhro/tometria, consideration of man 
as to weight and measure 

Anthro[iomor/dios, mandragora, or 
mandrake root. 

Anth ofio'ihagus, a cannibal, or man 

Anthrojios, a man or woman ; a hus- 

Anthrojwsojihia, the knowledge of 
man's structure and functions. 

Anthyltis, auricula muiis ; mouse ear. 
hirsuta, } kidney vetch ; 
leguminosa, $ lady's finger. 

Anthyllis maritima alaines folio, sea 
chick weed. 

Anthyfinotica, drugs preventing sleep. 

Antfiyfiochondriuca, remedies for low 

Anthysterica, remedies against hyste- 

And, against, or opposite to ; gene- 
rally used in compound terms. 

Antiades, inflamed tonsils ; the 

Antiugri, tumours of the tonsils. 

Anticachcctica, > medicines against 

Antirliachveticu, 5 cachexy, or a weak- 
ened habit of body. 

Antiarthritica, medicines against 

Antian, the tonsils. 

Anti.astmatica, medicines for asthma. 

Antiballomena, a substitute, or succe- 
daneum ; quid pro quo. 

Anthadwia, a species of cadmia, or 

Anticar, borax. 

Anticardimn, the scrobiculus cordis, 
or pit of the stomach. 

A/itira arrhalia, medicines against ca- 

Anticnusotica, remedies for burning 

Anfirhcir, the thumb. 

Anticifans, > the attack of fevers be- 

Anticifiatio, £ fore the usual time. 
i ; \7o7/, the shin bone. 

AniicQiica, remedies against colic. 

Antictntosis, support from a crutch, 
or staff. 


Anticrouon, the great repelling pow- 
er or principle in nature ; heat ; 
fire ; igneous fluid. 

Anticus, the forepart. 

Jibialis, a muscle of the leg. 
Jieronteus, a muscle of the 

Anticus serratus minor, a muscle of 
the scapula. 

Aniidiastole, diagnosis, or distinction 
of diseases. 

Antidinica, medicines against vertigo. 

Anlidotarium, a book of antidotes ; a 

Antidotum, > an antidote or a remedy 

Antidotus, } against disease or poi- 
son ; the philosopher's stone. 

Antidotus diascinci, mithridatum. 

ex duobus eentqufa generi- 
bus, pulvis ducis Portlandi. 

Anfidysentcrica, medicines against 

Antifeb -ilia, medicines against fever. 

^ntifides, the calces of metals. 

Antihcctica, remedies for hectic fever. 

Antihecticum Potcrii, antimonium di- 
aphoreticum joviale, a preparation 
of antimony and tin. 

Antihelix, a prominence in the outer 

Antihysterica, medicines against hy- 

Anulejms, securing bandages from 

Antilobium, the tragus or that part of 
the ear opposite the lobe. 

Aniil gia, contradiction in symptoms. 

Antiloimka, remedies for tlie plague. 

. .'ntilo/mt, the African gazell, or ante- 

Antilyssm, any remedy for the bite of 
a mad dog. 

Antimonii butyrum, causticum ami- 
moniale ; butter of antimony. 

Antimonii calx, ) cru d e anti- 

nitrata, $ mony cal- 
cined with nitre. 

Antimonii calx dulcis, \ washed calx 
lota, 5 of antimony. 
illota, unwashed calx 
of antimonv. 

Antimonii cerussa, regulusof a; 
nv calcined with ni 


Antimonii cinnabar, mercury an 1 sul- 
phur of antimony. 
Antimonii clussus, antimony, nitre, 
and sulphur deflagrated. 

Antimonii crocus, antimony calcined 
with nitre and sea salt. 

Antimonii crocus lotus, crocus of anti- 
mony washed. 

Antimonii crocus medicinalis, antimo- 
ny calcined with one-eighth nitre. 

Antimonii crocus mitior, antimony 
calcined with one-third nitre. 

Antimonii crocus cum sale amnioniaco, 
antimony and sal ammoniac sub- 

Antimonii essentia, vinum antimoni- 

Antimortii Jlores, sublimed crude an- 

Antimonii he/iar, antimony calcined 
and fused. 

Antimonii he/iar milissimwn, antimony 
fused with alkali. , 

Antimonii magisle ium, antimony dis- 
solved in aqua regia, and precipi- 
tated by water. 

Antimonii oleum, causticum antimoni- 

Antimonii panacea, sulphur antimonii 

Antimoriii firefiaratio, levigation of 
crude antimony. 

Antimonii Jiulvis, emetic tartar and 

Antimonii regulus, antimony deprived 
of its sulphur. 

Antimonii regulus martialis, antimony 
and iron united by fusion. 

Antimonii regulus fihilosophorum, re- 
gulus of antimony. 

Antimonii regains stellatus, antimonii 
regulus martialis. 

Antimonii regulus medicinalis, antimo- 
ny fused with one-eighth nitre. 

Antimonii rubicunda magnesia, anti- 
mony, nitre, and calcined sea salt. 

Antimonii sal, anlimomai salt ; tartar 

Antimonii scoria, the dross of antimo 

Antimonii spirits, weak spirit of sul- 

Antimonii sulphur auralum, antimony 
united to an acid. 


Antimonii sulphur fireci/iitatum, pre- 
cipitated sulphur of antimony. 

Antimonii sulphur ■eguli succinewn, 
amber-coloured sulphur of regu- 
lus of antimony. 

Antimonii tinctura, antimony digested 
with alkali and rectified spirit. 

Antimonii tinctura acris, a preparation 
of antimony and iron. 

Antimonii vinum, vinum antimoniale. 

Antimonii vinum tartarizatum, solu- 
tion of emetic tartar in white 

Antimonii vilrum, glass of antimony. 

Antimonii vitrum ceratum, glass of 
antimony melted with wax. 

Antimonium, antimony ; a semi-me- 

Antimonium calcareo phosphoratum, 

• antimony calcined with ivory shav- 

Antimonium calcinalum, calx antimo- 

Antimonium catliarlicum, the residuum 
of distilled antimony and vitriolic 
acid, washed and mixed with na- 
tron and vitriolated tartar. 

Antimonium crudum, sulphuret of an- 
timony ; native antimony melted 
into cones. 

Antimonium diafihoreticum, calx of an- 

Antimonium diafihoreticum iUolum,&n- 
timonii calx illota. 

Antimonium dia/ihoreticwn jovialc, an- 
timony and tin. 

Antimonium diafihoreticum loliun, 
washed calx of antimony. 

Antimonium diafihoreticum nitratum, 

calx antimonii. 
intimonium muriatum, ~) butyrum 
muriwicum, y antimonii. 

Antimonium nitratum, calx antimonii. 
ft ce/.aiatum, powder of 
crude antimony. 

Antimonium filumowm, plumose an- 
timony, a species of antimonial 

Antimonium resuscitatum y flores anti- 
monii digested in vinegar. 

nium sulfihuratum, sulphur an- 
timonii precipitatum. 

mium tartaiizatmn, tartar eme^ 

A N T 

Antimontum tutum cum nitro t P. E. 
calx antimonii nitrata. 

Anttmonium vitrificatum^ vitrum anti- 

Antimonium vittiolatum, crude anti- 
mony and vitriolic acid. 

Antimoron, ~? an antidote against 

Antimoris, 5 death. 

Antine/ihridca, remedies for disease 
of the kidney. 

Antifiaralytka, remedies for palsy. 

Antiphates, 3 

AntifiqtAia, antipathy, or aversion ; 
any opposite properties or affec- 
tions in matter. 

Antipcrist.diicus, inverted motion of 
the intestines. 

Anti/ieristaeis, an opposing pressure 
on all sides, as by the air ; opposi- 
tion from all around ; concentra- 
tion of internal heat. 

Antiphurmacum, a preservative, or re- 

Antifihlogistica, antiphlogistics; such 
diet, or medicine, as reduces in- 
flammatory diathesis. 

Antiphthisica, remedies for consump- 

Antifihthisica tinctttra, a tincture of 

Antijihthora, a species of wolfsbane. 

Antiflhy&ica, remedies for flatulence ; 

. intiphyaan, the magnet, or load-stone. 

Antiplcuriticum, a remedy for pleuri- 

Antifiodagrica, remedies for gout. 

Antifiodagricum balsa mum, balsamum 

Antipodes, the inhabitants of opposite 
surfaces of the earth. 

Antipoiesis, a remedy, or cure. 

Antipo/dectica, remedies for apoplexy. 

Antipraxiu, unconnected and contra- 
ry symptoms ; a contrariety of 
functions and temperaments in dif- 
ferent parts. 

Antifisorica, remedies against itch. 

Antiftyreta, antipraxia 






Antiyuartanarium, 1 remedy for quar- 


/, anupraxia. 

' / a febrifu 

fuge or re- 
gainst fever. 

Antiguai Hum, § tan ague ; bark. 

Anthjui mo bi, chronic diseases. 

Ajitiquus, ancient ; old ; chronic. 

Antirrhinum, the herb snap-dragon, 
or calf's snout. 

Antirrhofie, inclination to an opposite 

Antiscolica, remedies against worms, 

Antiscorbuticu, antiscoi'butics, or re- 
medies against scurvy. 

Antiscorbuticus cortex, cortex winte- 

Antiscorodon, allium ultricum, or bas- 
tard garlic. 

Antisecosis, proper proportion of 

Antise/itica, antiseptics ; such things 
as resist or correct putrefaction. 

Antise/itica tonka, tonic antiseptics, 
as cinchona, 8cc. 

Antise/itica refrigerant/a, refrigerating 
antiseptics, as acids. 

Antise/itica stimulantia, stimulating, 
antiseptics, as wine, alcohol, &c. 

Antise/itica antispasmodica, antispas- 
modic antiseptics, as camphor, 
assafcetida, 8tc. 

Antispasis, revulsion of the fluids. 

Antispasmodica, antispasmodics ; re- 
medies against spasm, or such as 
allay inordinate motions in the sy- 
stem, especially of the muscles. 

Antispasmodica stimulantia, stimulat- 
ing antispasmodics, as volatile al- 
kali, essential oils, &c. 

Antispasmodica sedativa, sedative an- 
tispasmodics, as camphor, musk. 

Antispasmoides, remedies against con- 
vulsions ; a kind of anodynes. 

Antispasticon,imy revulsive medicine. 

Antistathmesis, antisecosis. 

Aniistemum, > the space between the 

Antistcnon, 3 scapulae ; the back. 

Antisterigma, any support to a weak 

Antitasis, counter extension ; oppo- 
site situation of parts. 

Antithenar, a muscle of the thumb ; 

also of the great toe. 
Antithora, anthora, or wolfsbane. 
Antitoxica, remedies against poison , 
Antitragicus, a muscle of the ear. 


A O R 

Ant itragus, a part of the external ear. 

Antitypus, renisus antitypus ; a spe- 
cies of vis conservatrix naturae 

Antivenerea, remedies against the ve- 
nereal disease. 

AntivenereqJiU, aqua preservativa. 
or wash to use after coition, to 
prevent the action of syphilitic 

Antizeumica, \ antizymics, or means 

Antizymica, $ obviating fermenta- 
tion ; antiputrescents. 

Antonii Sancti ignis, St. Anthony's 
fire ; erysipelas. 

Antonomastica, cochleae, particularly 

Antofihylfon, ? ^ ^ carvophyllus 

AntohhuLLus, 3 

Antrax, a carbuncle ; a burning sore. 

Antriscui, anthriscus, or chervil herb. 

Antrum, a cave, or cavity. 

buccinosum, the labyrinth of 
the ear 

Antrum gena, 

bighmprianum magnum, 
maxillary sinus ; a sinus or cavity 
of the upper jaw bone. 

Antrum pylori, a cavity at the bottom 
of the pylorus. 

Antylion, an astringent drug. 

Anucar, borax. 

Anulatus, in Botany implies, sur- 
rounded by a thin loose mem- 

Anulus, a ring ; the thin membrane 
which surrounds the stem of a fun- 

Anus, the hinder opening in a mono- 
petalous flower; a part of the brain 
leading from the third to the fourth 
ventricle ; the fundament, or end 
of the rectum ; a ring. 

Anus imperforatus, the want of a na- 
tural anus. 

Anxietas, uneasiness ; restlessness ; 

Ariydrion, a species of nightshade. 

Anyperblttus, inconquerable. 

Anypeuthynus, any accidental morbid 

Aodesia, relief from pain. 

Aocnia, energy ; activity. 

Aoncon, an injury without swelling. 

A P E 

. any very noxious atmosphere. 

Aorta, the great artery of the heart. 
axcendena, a division of the 
aorta conveying the blood up- 

Aorta descendens, a division of the 
aorta conveying the blood down- 

Aor'trd, the trachea, or windpipe. 

a, a fruit, the produce of a 
palm growing in Africa. 

7, the thrusting of a bone or 
other part out of its place. 

'iim rrallis, the herb cassiny. 

Apallage, a favourable change in a dis- 

Apdnchomenus, strangled ; suffocated. 
is, the consequence of disease. 
trismus,, the capillary veins ; ob- 

Aparithrofiia, the desire for solitude. 

AhmUoma, the consequence of dis- 

Aparachytum vinum, pure wine. 

.J/.irujua, the Brasilian briony. 

Aparasceuasia, any defective medical 

Aparegoretos, void of relief, or com- 

Afiarine, goose grass ; cleavers ; hay- 

Aparine latifolia, the herb aperine ; 

Ajpa tes, any animal part that is sus- 

Aparthrouis, abarticulatio ; a disloca- 

Aparti, any thing well performed. 

Apartisis, any complete connexion 
between parts. 

. {pa ysis, the drawing off bad hu- 

Aiiate, quackery ; imposition. 

Apathes, the unfeeling; inflexibility. 

Apathia, apathy ; a want of feeling ; 
insensibility of pain, or mental af- 

Afiechema, a contra fissure, or frac- 
ture ; an echo. 
ipeiba Brasiliensis, a Brasil tree. 

',' r/r ,/i,~) . 

: /inexperienced, unaccus- 
Jpnrus,y omc(i ' 

A P H 
Ajieithia, pppositionof a patientto rules. 
A/iella, a contracted prepuce ; para- 
phyroosis ; any circumcised person. 
A/iemfiolesis, the sale of quack medi- 
A/ien, an Indian bread. 
A/ten alus, a narrow-necked bottle. 
Jfiefitia, defective digestion. 
Afiefiton, undigested ; crude. 
Afxer^ the wild boar. 
A/iereuxiSi bringing up wind ; belch- 
Afierient, opening ; deobstruent. 

os, a muscle of the mouth. 
/idl/iebrarum -rclits, a mus- 
cle of the upper eyelid. 
A/ierientia, deobstruent medicines ; 

Afttrientes radices ir.cjores, the five 
greater opening roots, as smallagc, 
fennel, asparagus, parsley, and 
butcher's broom. 
. ifierient'ea radices minores, the five 
lesser opening roots, as grass, 
madder, cryngo, capers, and cham- 
Aficristaton, any old callous ulcer, or 
one neither troublesome, or dan- 
Afiertftos, food affording little faeces. 
Afiertor oculi, a muscle raising the 

upper eyelid. 
. ifiertura, an opening, or mouth. 
■ ijiertus, open, as applied to an open 

.'1/ics, bees. 

Aftetctli, Tcurnefort's fifteenth bota- 
nical class ; having no corolla. 
Afletalus JIos, any flower having no 

A/ieuthys7nenos,ihevcctum,or straight 

.t/ie.r, the top, or summit; the ex- 
tremity of a part. 
A/ihaca, the herb yellow vetchlin. 

angustiorisfolii, dandelion. 
Ajiherema, a kind of meal. 
.1/ifue>esis, the removal of any thing 
medicinally ; amputation of dis- 
eased parts. 
. 1/ihanismus, the gradual decay of dis- 
. Ifihasaiomenos, reducing any thing to 

A P H 

a powder or pulp by rubbing be 
tween the fingers. 

AfihebrioC) sulphur. 

Afthclicesteros, one past the meridian 
of life. 

Af heji-scma, any decoction. 

Afihesie, the remission, or termina- 
tion of disease. 

Ajildlunthroj.ia, first stage of melan- 
choly, when solitude is preferred 
to society. 

A/'histcsis, an abscess. 

./- hlegmantori) void of phlegm. 

Afifiiacem, a composition of flour and 
buds of hemp. 

Afih'.do , excrement. 

AfiJvoni, those affected with coma, or 

a, catalepsy ; a palsy of the 
tongue ; loss of voice ; dumbness. 
//jo?w«a-, vehement; applied to fever. 

Afihorismusf an aphorism, defini- 
tion, or general rule ; a maxim or 
principle ; a short sentence. 

Aphorme, any cause of disease. 

fihrainus, } 
... > an insane person. 

; hrct.:on,) l 

A/ihrodea, frothy ; blood and excre- 

Afihrodisia, ) puberty ; venereal 

AfihrodisiasmuSf ) commerce. 

A/i/irodi.siaca, provocatives to venery. 

Afihrodisiasticcn clidion, a species of 
lozenge or troche mentioned by 

Aj ' hrodisias morbus, lues venerea. 

Aj'ihroditarium, a dry powder of sun- 
dry ingredients used by Paulus of 
iEgina ; a collyrium of Galen ; a 
powder for venereal ulcers, and to 
excite lust. 

Afihrogala, a frothed preparation of 
milk ; cream ; a sylkbub. 

Afihro&trum, ~) the froth of nitre ; 

Afihrcmtrum, } natron. 

Ajihroru } a species of wild poppy ; 

. ffihros,y froth ; scum. 

jlphrontistesis, negligence in com- 
pounding medicines. 

AfiAroscorodon, a species of garlic. 

A/ihroselenos, a kind of selenite. 

Aphrosyne, dotage ; folly ; childish 

A P 

Aphrotlvjnum, sulphur. 

Aphtha, the thrush ; ulcers in the 
mouth and fauces ; the pip. 

Aphthae serpentes, deep ulcers in the 

Aphthartus, incorruptible. 

Aphthosa, appertaining to aphthae. 

Aphya, the anchovy. 

Aphyllantes, a species of daisy. 

Aphyllon, the herb great toothwort. 

Aphyllus, without leaves. 

A/ihijsus, not productive of wind. 

Aphytacores, trees supposed to pro- 
duce amber. 

Apiaria, the jessamine. 

Apiaster, the bird called bee-eater. 

Apiastrum, melissa, or baum. 

Apices, the antherae of flowers ; tops. 

i£?} the j ukc of pears ; perry " 

Apinel, a root, preventive of the bite 
of snakes. 

Apinthion, absinthium. 

Apios, a pear tree ; a species of 

A/iionta, the natural evacuations. 

Apis, the bee. 

Apium, smallage, or parsley. 

hortense, common, or garden 

Apium duke, sweet parsley. 

heleoscHmim, marsh smallage. 
Macedonicum, Macedonian 

Apium fialustre, marsh parsley. 

Pijreniacum thaspix, mountain 

Apium fietroselinum, garden parsley. 

Apium selinum, stone parsley. 
sativum, celery. 
sylvestre, wild parsley. 

Apkstia, bulimia, or voracious appe- 

Apleurus, wanting ribs. 

Aplytos, un washed wool. 

A/meustia, ~) defective respiration ; 

Apnea, 5 apoplectic stertor. 

Apnus, scarcely perceptible respira- 

Apobxnum, the principle of aprognosis. 

Apobamma, a ferruginous tincture ; 
water in which hot iron has been 
ruenched ; sand. 

A P O 

. fpobrdsma, bran of wheat ; froth of 
the sea. 

Apobrrgma, dilution of strong flu- 

A/wcapnismus, fumigation. 

Apocaremma, "I expectorate d mucus, 

jpochremma, f orsaliva . 


Apocarpasum, a poison resembling 
myrrh in appearance. 

Apocartereus, emaciation from absti- 

Apocatastasis, a renovation, or reco- 
very ; the subsiding of urine, or a 
tumour ; amendment ; cessation. 

Apocatharsis, a purging up, or down. 

Apocaulizesis, a cross fracture. 

Apoccnos, discharge of peccant hu- 

Jpocenosis, any increased excretion 
without fever. 

Apoceaculismenon, a fracture near a 

Apoccrigma, notice to a patient of his 

Apochopema, a contra fissure ; an 

Apochoreum, any excrementitious 

Apochylisma, rob, or fruit jelly ; a 

.■1/ioc/njma, pitch scraped from ships. 

Apoclasma, the displacing a bone, or 
other part. 

Apaclei&is, a loathing of food ; ex- 

Apoconcliizatio, placing any thing in a 
shell to preserve it. 

Apoconi, eunuchs ; castrated men. 

Apocope, extirpating, or cutting off. 

Apocri&is, ) parrying off superfluous 

Apocrisia, ) humours. 

Apoc'-vaticon, any astringent or re- 
pelling remedy. 

ApocyesiS) the birth of a child. 

Apocyma, a composition of bees-wax 
and pitch. 

ion, ) a bone of the left side 

Apocrnum, $ of a frog, formerly 
thought medicinal ; the herb dogs- 

Apccynum trifolium Indicum, the poi- 
son tree. 

A P O 

rfiiivoms, the apex of a phleg- 
mon when ready to break. 
1/iodacrytica, medicines promoting 

tears, as onions. 
Apodes, birds with very short legs. 
.l/iodeixis, a demonstration of facts. 
. tfiody'terium, a private room at the 

. 1/imim, insipid ; having no sensible 

A/wg<ri, land winds. 
A/iogalactismus, weaning a child. 
Apogcusia, ) depraved taste; loss of 
. ffiogeuafoi 3 taste. 
Apoginomesis^ remission of disease. 
A/wglaucosis, a cataract of the eye. 
Aftogonum, the living embryo. 
A/iolausis, full bodily and mental 

Apolepsia alexicacon, a filtering stone. 
Apolepsia, any suppressed evacua- 
A/iolexia, decay of strength from old 

Apolinosis, method of curing fistula 

by raw flax. 
Apoltinaris, nightshade, or henbane. 
Apolyais, release from inconvenience, 

or confinement. 
. l/iomagna, clothes or sponge used in 

dressing wounds, &c. 
. IfiomatAema, forgctfulness of every 

thing learned. 
A/mmcli, a kind of oxymel ; a sweet 

. fpomyleaie, chewing the food. 
. 1/iomyttotis, a tremor of the whole 

body with sonorous respiration. 
A/io7ia, medicines that do not give 

A/io>ie?i<e»ierios, having an utter aver- 
sion to any thing. 
Aponeurosis! the tendinous expansion 

or fascia of muscles ; the tendon 

or tail of a muscle. 
Afumeuroticua musculits, a muscle of 

the thigh 
Afionia, the absence of pain. 
A/ionitrosis, sprinkling an ulcer with 

. 1/io/wllesi.i, ) throwing off" ; the ex- 
. l/io/ial&is, 5 pulsion of any body; 


A P O 

Apopartheneusis, deflouring a virgin. 

Afofifltema, > the voiding excremen t. 

Afwfmtefiis, 3 " 

A/w/icdas;s, dislocation of a joint from 

Apophenxk, escape from dangerous 


Afiophlegm sia, discharge of phlegm. 
Apopfylegmatismus, a discharge of 

phlegm from the head. 
Apophlegmatiea, ~) masticatories, 
Jjwfihlegmatizonta, [■ or medicines to 
Apophlegmatizantia, J excite a dis- 
charge of phlegm from the head. 
Apophrades, fatal critical days, or days 

on which there is no crisis, though 

A/io/ihraxis, suppressed menses. 
Apophtharnia, medicines producing 

Apophihegma, apothegm a. 
A/io/i/ithora, an abortion. 
Apophyades, ramified veins and ar- 
Apophyas, an appendage ; any thing 

that grows to, or proceeds from 

Apophyses irramillares, the beginning 

of the olfactory nerve. 
Apophysis, the projecting soft end of 

a bone ; a process of a bone. 
Apophysis mamillaris, mastoid process. 
Apophysis raviconu } a process of the 
gracilis, ^ malleus bone of 

the ear. 
Apofiiesma, any expulsion of matter 

by pressure. 
Apoplanesis, drawing blood from 

veins unskilfully. 
Apoplecta, the internal jugular vein. 
Apoplectic^ remedies lorapoplexv. 

arleria, carotid artery. 
Apoplectic^ vena'., the jugular veins. 
ApoplecHcus, affected with apoplexy. 
A/io/i/rxia, apoplexy, or a suspension 

of sense and voluntary motion. 
Apoplexia arthritka, a suspension of 

sense and voluntary motion from 

Apoplexia atratriliaria, apoplexy in 

melancholic habits. 
Apoplexia catalepticd) apoplexy com- 
bined with catalcpsis. 

A P O 

Ajiefilexia cfiilcfitieu, apoplexy from 

exia JtatulentO) apoplexy from 

Afiofilexia fob icosa, apoplexy from 
intermittent fever. 

Afiofilexia hydrocefihalica, apoplexy 
from water in the head. 

Afiofile: la hysterica^ apoplexy from 
hysterical causes. 

Afiofilexia iTiflammatoriq, apoplexy 
from inflammation in the head. 

Afiofilexia mentally apoplexy from 
passions of the mind. 

Afiofilexia me/Jddc i, apoplexy from 
noxious vapours. 

Afiofilexia metastadca, apoplexy from 
translated disease. 

Afiofilexia / ' inutosa, apoplexy from 
serous effusion 

Afiofilexia sanguine.., apoplexy from 
fulness of blood, or effusion. 

Afiofilexia serosa, apoplexy from se- 
rous effusion. 

Afiofilexia susfiiriosa, apoplexy ac- 
companied with sighing. 

Afiofilexia suffbeata, apoplexy from 
hanging and drowning. 

Afiofilexia temulenta, apoplexy from 

Afiofilexia traumatica, apoplexy from 

Afiofilexia venenata, apoplexy from 

Afiofilexia verminosa-, apoplexy from 

Afiofinixis, difficult respiration. 

Afiofisofi/irsis, passing wind from the 
anus, or womb. 

Afiofiat c'da, severe and frequent faint- 

Afiofitosis, falling down from relaxa- 

A/:ofiydxi?,a. spitting of humours. 

Afiorexis, a gymnastic exercise with 

Afioria) febrile anxiety, restlessness, 
uneasiness from obstructed per- 
spiration, or stoppage of any natu- 
ral secretion. 

Afiorrhaidrs, shell-fish with prickles. 

^{fiorrfiifius, an insane dislike to 

A P O 

Jfiorrhaa, contagious or noxious ef- 
i/ionhoes, sulphureous exhalations 
from subterraneous bodies ; infec- 
tious miasmata 

Afios, the bird called the martin. 

Afioscenwia, the descent of humours. 

Afioscefiarmsmus, a fracture with loss 
of the substance of the bone ; a spe- 
cies of fracture ot the cranium. 

A/ioee/i&is, aposcemma. 

Afiosc/iasip, ") scarification ; super- 

Afiosc/iaamus, $ ficial incision of the 

Afiodtia, a loathing of food ; nauscous- 

Afiositoi, those averse to food. 

Afiosmtfemma, drawing any thing to a 

Afiosfiasim, solution of continuity, a 

Afiosfihacelids, mortification from 
tight bandage. 

Afiosfijiage, suffocation. 

Afiosfihagma, residua; blood received 
into a bason, to form into food. 

Afiosfikpifcis, ligature, or bandaging. 

AjiosfiongLmus, cleansing with a 

Afioslagma, > the sweet, fresh juice 

Afiost I ,gma, ) of grapes before pres- 

Afio t sis, the throwing off exfoliated 
or fractured bone ; the various so- 
lution of disease. 

''fiosfaxi.v, a defluxion of humours; 
bleeding of the nose. 

AfiostemO) an abscess 

AfiostematizatiOf discharging pus by 

Afiostematiai, those who discharge pus 
by stool from an inward abscess. 

Afiost emaiio, imposthumation, or ab- 

Afioi terigm , a rest for a diseased part; 
a cushion. 

Afiostolorum unguentiim, the apostles' 
ointment formed of twelve ingredi- 

Aj ostracus, any bone having its ves- 
sels dried up. 

Afiostrofihe, an aversion to food. 

Afiowchia, syncope, or fainting. 

A P P 

. ijMsymbebecota, signs of the increase 

and decrease of disease. 
■iposyringeais, a sore becoming fistu- 

Aposyrma, an abrasion, or loss of skin 

Aflotaneusis, the elongation of any 

Apotclmcsis, evacuation offices. 

Afiotheca, a place where medicines 
are sold ; a gallipot ; a wine cellar. 

Apothecarius, a person who prepares 
drugs, an apothecary. 

A/.or/icgma, an axiom; a maxim; a 
standing rule. 

Apotherapeia, a perfect cure ; a spe- 
cies of exercise. 

Apotheraptutica, the healing part of 

Afiathcrmus, a strong pickle of vine- 
gar, mustard, and oil. 

Apot/iesis, the reduction of a dislocat- 
ed bone. 

Apothlimmu, the dregs, or expressed 
juice of a plant. 

Afiothrazisie, the removal of splinters. 

A/ioforos, abortive. 

Afiotragohogon, gum labdanum. 

A/iotre/isi*, resolution of a suppurat- 
ing tumour. 

Ahotropcea, 7 , 

.^ro/..m«,S anamulet '° rcharm - 

A/toxe, } any part of the body end- 

Apoxera, $ ingin a point. 

Apozema, a decoction, an apozem. 

afieriem, a decoction of rhu- 
barb, madder, and salt of tartar. 

Apozeuxix, a separation of morbid 

Apozijmo.9, fermented. 

Apparatus, in surgery and chemistry, 
&c. a collection of instruments, &c 
necessary to the execution^ of any 
particular operation, or process. 

Apparatus alms, cutting for the stone 
above the pubes. 

Apparatus magnus,~\ peculiar modes 
major, ^>of cutting for the 
minor, J stone in the pe- 


A/i/iareil, (French) the first efforts of 
any organ or gland, by which it is 
put in action, cither by a spontane- 

A P S 

ous inflammation, or an increased 
degree of sensibility 
Appendices musculoste diaphragmatis, 
muscular appendages of the dia- 

Appendkida cocci, } the blind 

vermiformis, 5 gut, or ap- 
pendix from the coscum coli like a 

Appendicular epiploic*, fatty elongati- 
ons of the colon and rectum. 

'ppendiculatus, in botany implies ap- 
pended to, or hanging at the ex- 

Appendix, any thing attached ; apo- 

ippensa, medicines hung on the bo- 
dy, as necklaces, Sec. 

Appenno, the proper suspension of a 
broken arm in a sling. 

Appesentia canina, canine appetite. 

Appetentia, ) appetite, or the desire 

Appetitus, ^ for food. 

canbnis, an immoderate or 
canine appetite. 

A/iplicare, to apply. 

Appluda, chaff.. 

Appodtorium, a glass vessel connect- 
ing the retort and receiver. 

Appositio, apposition, or the addition 
and union of new matter, as of the 
food in nourishment. 

Apprehensio, catalepsy. 

Ajip ehensorium, a mode of securing 

Approjiriudo, application of local re- 

Approximatio, communication of dis- 
ease by contact ; a mode of cure by 
transplanting a disease into an ani- 
mal or vegetable by immediate con- 

Appulsus, a species of articulation. 

Apronia, black briony. 

Aproxis, an herb taking fire at a dis- 

Apsinthatum, a bitter drink of worm- 

Apsrrrhous, flowing backwards. 

Apfivchia, the highest degree of 

Apsyrtus, tussilago, or hovehound. 

A Q U 

Aptystos, a want of expectoration, 
though usual. 

A/iua, the anchovy fish. 

Afiulotlcus, a drying topical remedy. 

A/u/etos, a tumor that will not suppu- 

A/iyrenomele, > a probe having no but- 

Ajiyromde, ) ton. 

Apyrcxia, absence or intermission of 

Apyrlna, the currant vine without 

Apyrl>itc,t\\e name of Gerard's 53d 
class in his arrangement of the na- 
tive plants of Provence ; it consists 
of two genera, the myrtle and 

Apyron, sulphur vivum ; iEthiop's 
mineral, prepared without heat. 

Ajiyrosus, any body unchangeable by 

Apyrothlum, sulphur vivum. 

A/iyroti, the carbuncle. 

Aqua, water ; cataract. 

abslnthli, } , 

/ • .in. C wormwood water. 
absmt/utes, ) 

aruginh ammoniata, P. E. aqua 


Atjua acetiti* ammonia, spirit of min- 

Aqua aerie Jixi, water impregnated 
with carbonic acid. 

Aqua alexiteria simplex^ simple 
alexiterial water. 

Aqua alexiteria sfnrituosa, spirituous 
alexiterial water. 

Aqua aluminis com/ioslta,~) a solution 
Bateana, 3 of alum 
and white vitriol in water. 

Aqua ammonite, water of carbonate of 
ammonia; sal ammoniac distilled 
with potash and water ; liquor of 
volatile alkali. 

Aqua ammonia fiura, ? water of 
caustic te, } ammonia ; 
water of caustic or pure ammonia ; 
liquor of caustic volatile alkali ; 
sal ammoniac distilled with quick- 
lime and water; water saturated 
with ammoniacal gas, unmixed 
with carbonic acid. 

Aqua anethi, aniseed water. 
angelic*, angelica water. 

A Q U 
Aqua anhaltina, Anhalt water ; turpen- 
tine, olibanum, aloes and spices 
digested in spirits of wine. 
Aqua anisi composlta, spiritus anisi 

Aqua antivenereaiis /ircservatlva, a so- 
lution of caustic alkali. 
Aqua urgent/a, quicksilver. 

aroma! ica, cinnamon, lemon 
peak mace, &c. 
Aqua astricta, frozen water. 

aaranliorum cortlcum simple*:, 
Seville orange peel distilled with 
Aqua aurantlorum cortlcum splrltuosa, 
the above distilled with weak spi- 
rit of wine. 
Aqua aurantlorum Jlorum, orange 

flower water. 
Aqua bcnedlcta, lime water. 

bryonia composlta, compound 
bryony water. 
Aqua bulllens, boiling water. 

calcls simplex:, lime water. 

composlta, lime water with 
sassafras, nutmegs and liquorice. 
Aqua calcls magis composlta, lime wa- 
ter with guiacum, liquorice, sassa- 
fras, and coriander. 
Aqua cxlcls minus composlta, lime wa- 
ter with liquorice and sassafras. 
Aqua ca/llda, hot water. 

carb.natis ammonite, aqua am- 
Aqua cardamoml, cardamoms in weak 

spirit of wine. 
Aqua cardul, infusion of the blessed 

Aqua carul, caraway seed in proof 

Aqua castorel, castor water. 

catapult arum, aqua vulneraria, 
or arquebusade. 
Aqua cerasorum nlgrorum, black cher- 
ry water. 
Aqua chamtemcll, chamomile water. 
chrysulea, a kind of aqua regia. 
cinnamqmi simplex, simple cin- 
namon Mater. 
iqua tinnamomi splrltuosa, spirituous 

cinnamon water. 
Aqua cltrina, distillation of orange and 
lemon peel in alcohol. 

A Q U 

Aqua corticisaurantiorum, orange peel 

Aqua corticie cassix lignex, cassia bark 

Aqua corticii limonum, lemon peel 

Aqua cupri ammoniati, aqua sapphi- 

Aqua cu/iri vitriolati composita, styp- 
tic water. 

^" a ^: s ;;' 7/f f'? distilled water. 

StllUltttUl, 3 

efifdemica, plague water. 
fen/em, hot, or boiling water. 
ferrdia, water impregnated with 
iron ; forge water. 
Aqua funiculi, fennel water. 
Jluvia/ilis, river water. 
fontana, } fountain water, or 
fontis, 3 spring water. 
fortis, nitre distilled with green 
vitriol ; acidum nitrosum dilutum. 
. Itjiia fortis comfioaitafzqQA fortis dis- 
tilled with sea salt. 
Aqv'a fortis duplex, calcined green 
vitriol and clay distilled with nitre. 
Aqua fortis simplex, calcined green 

vitriol and nitre distilled. 
Aquafructue pimentx, pimento water. 
Aqua hordeata, barley water. 

Hunga ica, Hungary water. 
fnjssopi, hyssop water. 
intercus, anasarca. 
juniperi composita, spiritus juni- 
peri composi'.us. 
Aqua kali, > liquid carbo- 

prxparuti, 5 nate of potash ; 
oleum tartari per deliquium '; lix- 
ivium tartari. 
Aqua kali fiuri,} water of potash, or 
potassx, 5 pure kali ; caustic 
ley ; lixivium saponarium ; kali 
boiled with lime. 
A(/ua he/in alcxiteria, meadow sweet, 
carduus benedictus, goat's rue, 
mint, wormwood, rue, and angelica 
distilled in milk. 
Aqua liberans, aqua calcis magis com- 

Aqua lithargyri acetati, acetis plum- 
bi liquidus ; extract of lead ; Gou- 
lard's extract ; water of acetated 



snow water. 

Aqua lithargyri acetati composita, corn- 
pound water of acetated litharge ; 
lead water ; Goulard's vegeto-mi- 
neral water. 
Aqua lixivia causticx, aqua potas- 

Aqua marina, sea water ; a pint con- 
tains 10 parts of calcareous earth, 
1 1 of pure sea salt, 40 of a bitter 
salt, and a small quantity of oil. 
Aqua melissx, baum water. 

composita, baum and 
spices distilled in spirit of wine. 
Aqua menthx piperitidis simplex, sim- 
ple peppermint water. 
Aqua mirabilis, aqua aromatica. 
midsa, hydromel. 
naphx, orange flower water. 
neph. idea, 

nucis moschatx, spiritus nucis 
Aqua non madefaciens ?nanus, quicksil- 
Aqua adorifera, coriander, honey, clo- 
ver, 8cc. in brandy. 
Aqua omnium fiorum, distilled water 

of cow-dung. 
Aqua ophthalmica, white vitriol and 

camphor in water 
Aqua palustris, pond water. 

phagedenica, lime water and cor- 
rosive sublimate. 
Aqua picea, tar water. 
Aqua piperis Jamaicensis, pimento wa- 
Aqua piperis Jamaicensis spirituosa 9 
Jamaica pepper and proof spirit. 
Aqua pluviatilis, rain water. 

pugilum, a kind of aqua regia. 
pura, pure, or distilled water. 
rabelliaim, vitriolic acid digested 
with spirit of wine. 
Aqua regia, a mixture of nitrous and 
muriatic acids, so called from its 
being the only solvent of gold. 
Aqua reginx Hungarix, rosemary tops 
and proof spirits ; Hungary water. 
Aqua rosarum, rose water. 
salts, circulatum. 
sapphirina, aqua cupri ammo- 
niata ; lime water, sal ammoniac, 

and verditrris. 

A Q U 

Aqua sclofietaria, arquebusade. 

sodacea, soda water ; water with 
carbonic acid and soda. 
Aqua stygia, a kind of aqua- regia. 

styptica, styptic water, or com- 
pound solution of sulphate of cop- 
Aqua sulphura'a, water impregnated 

with gas sulphuris. 
Aqua super-carboiiuiii fiotassa,~) a so- 
sode, 5 hi li- 
on of carbonate of potash, or soda, 
super-saturated with fixed air. 
Aqua tartarca, a distillation of anti- 
mony, nitre, and tartar. 
Aqua tep.ida, warm water. 

theriacalis, treacle water. 

bezogidica, } c.hylos 
coftiposita, 5 tagma, 
Aqua vitriolica ckrulea, blue vitriol, 

alum, vitriolic acid, and water. 
Aqua vitriolica camfihorata, white vi- 
triol, camphor and boiling water. 
Aqua vita, brandy ; spirit of wine. 

vulneraria, arquebusade ; a 

French wash, for gun-shot wounds, 

of comfrey, agrimony, wormwood, 

tobacco, and ~0 others. 

Aqua zinci vitrioldti cum camjihora, 

aqua vitriolica camphorata. 
Aquae acidule acidulous waters. 
aerate, aerated waters. 
albule, aluminous watcrsofltalv. 
Aquae alkaline, alkaline waters. 

aerate, aerated alka- 
line waters. 
Aqua aluminoHcc, mineral waters con- 
taining alum. 
Aqua catharticeamare, bitter purging 

Aqua chalybeate, ~\ , , , 

f „*„>*. chalybeate, 

terra -.a, \ ' . ' 

"> •' . S>or martial 




ma tiale ■■-, 
Aque comjiocite, compound waters. 

cretacee, chalk, or lime waters. 

cufu ea, coppery waters. 

tnejieinales, medicinal waters. 

medica'e, medicated waters. 

minerales, mineral waters; wa- 
. ter impregnated with mineral sub- 

A Q U 

Aque mineral's arti/iciales, artificial 
mineral wafers. 

rea, sulphureous waters. 
herma, bot baths. 

Aqua !,u\ i,i\ hydrophobia. 

slillatitia tijnfilices, simple dis 
tilled waters. 

Aque stiltaHtia sfiirituosa, spirituous 
distilled waters. 

Aquediictusfulhjiii, ~) the eustachian 

Aquaducus, 5 tu he ; a bony 

. canal in the os petrosum of the 

Aqua/a, white arsenic ; sulphur. 

Aqualicuius, > the hypogastrium ; sto- 

Aqualicus, 3 mach : intestines. 

Aquuti: -:e, plants which grow in or 
near water. 

Aquatum, diluted with water. 

Aquaticus, } of, or belonging to wa- 

Aquatilis, $ ter. 

Aquatic it in Icnticulatum, millefolium. 

Aquarius, iron. 

Aque, a species of palm tree. 

Aqueola, a species of stye on the eve- 

Aquatum, } 

Aqueum, y^'y > part of an egg. 

Aqtdducus, hydragoges, or medicines 
evacuating water. 

Aquifolium, common holly. 

Aquibi, the eagle ; a name of seve- 
ral metals ; sal ammoniac ; mer- 
eurius praecipitatus ; arsenic; sul- 
phur ; philosopher's stone. 

Aquila alba, calomel : sublimate ; sal 

Afftula alba Jihilosojihorum, sublimed 
sal ammoniac. 

Aquila celestis, the sovereign or uni- 
versal remedy ; a preparation of 
mercury ; sal ammoniac. 

Aquila nigra, the spirit of cobalt. 

veneris, a preparation of vcr- 
digris and sublimed sal ammoniac. 

Aquila, branches of the jugular veins 
passing through the temples. 

Aquila lignum, eagle wood. 

Aquilaneus, the misseltoe. 

Aquilegia, ~j 

' ia, I the herb columbine. 
na, J 

A R A 

Aqudruu, the larkspur. 
■It/udoncs, the north-east winds. 

Aquo, the shad-fish, or sarachus. 

Aquona blanda. mild watery drinks. 

Aquoaua humor oeuli, the aqueous hu- 
mour of the eye. 

Aquulu, a fatty wart, or stye, on the 
eyelid ; a small quantity of limpid 
water ; the pellucid water which 
distends the capsule of the crystal- 
line lens ; the watery stian. 

Arii fiarvd, a bandage. 

Arabia lepidium, Arabian mustard. 

Candida, the pennycrcss ; 

Arabia malagma,^ cataplasm for stru- 

Arac, a spirit produced from rice. 

Araca guam, the guava tree. 

mirif an astringent shrub of 

. lracalan, an amulet. 

Arachydna, ~) a leguminous 

. iruchidna creticu, £ plant. 

. irachne, aranea, or spider. 

Arachnoidea, a coat of the eye ; the 
outer lamella of the pia mater. 

Araeoibea, a leguminous plant. 

Aracon, > , 
* > brass. 

Aracos, 3 

. Iracta, the wild vetch of corn fields. 
fi/iaseclus Africanus, ) Egy p- 
Indicus 5 tian 
kidney bean. 

Aracua ^niericanus, the Indian vetch. 
aromaticua, vanilla. 

. iracynafifiil, a species of orange. 

Aruira, a species of lentisk. 

Araeometer, an instrument to deter- 
mine the specific gravity of li- 

Araon, thin, rare, slow; a light at- 
mosphere ; good breathing. 

Areoayncritua, a spare habit. 

Arsotica, rarefying or attenuating 
powers, or medicines. 

s, the effort of digesting ; co- 
lic ; any pain or perturbation in 
the system. 

. iralda, digitalis, or foxglove. 

■ iraliu, the angelica tree. 

r.'iis,} . 

Araliaairum, i S ,nsen S' 

A R B 

Aranea, the spider; the vitreous hu- 
mour ; the capsule of the crystal- 
line lens. 

Araneom urina, urine having in it 
something resembling spider's 
webs, with a scum at the top. 

Araneosua fiulatis, a spider-like pulse ; 
a small feeble pulse. 

Araneus, a malignant ulcer ; the spi- 

Arangia, } . 

, : > the orange. 
Arantia, ) ° 

Arara fructus secundm, } a spe- 

Americanus, y cies of 

juniper ; a remedy for ulcers. 

Ann- a aquor, to sail. 

Aratku ape, the custard apple. 1 

Araxoa, soot. 

, , ' > a tree. 

At '-OCS, 3 

alcoa, blackwood,or ebony of 
St. Helena. 
Ardor animifera Brasiliana, the gum 

anime tree. 
Arbor aquatHia Brasiliensis, aninga. 
bactifera Brasiliemis, ~) the 
bi&nagarica, y cubeb 

tree of Java. 
Arbor Braai&ana juglandi, a tree like 

the walnut. 
Arbor Chili, arbor febrifuga. 

Dianx, a solution of mercury 
and silver in aqua fortis, crystal- 
lizing in an arborescent form. 
Arbor farinifera, Japan palm tree. 

febrifuga Peruviana, Peruvian 
bark tree ; cinchona. 
Arbor Incana siliquis torosis, Cayenne 

Arbo ■ joviss quercus, or the oak tree. 
jucculice, canella alba ; cassia 
Arbor judaica, siliquastrum, or Judas 

Arbor ianigera s/iinosa, the cotton 

Arbor Magellanica aromatica, Win- 
ter's bark, or cinnamon tree. 
Arbor Mexicana, arnotto tree. 

s/iinosa, the Indian thorn, or 
Arbor s/iinosa Indica, Molucca nut 


Arbor in aqua nascens, the tupclo tree 
'of Virginia ; a species of ever- 
green cedar. 

Arbor tristis, sorrowful tree. 

Arbor vita:, the American tree of 
life ; an appearance of a tree ex- 
hibited by cutting transversely 
across the cortical substance of the 

Arborescens, arborescent ; a plant be- 
tween a tree and a shrub in size. 

Arboreus, in botany, a term to dis- 
tinguish such fungi, or mosses, as 
grow upon trees, from those which 
grow upon the ground. 

Arbuscula Africana rejiens, a creeping 
African shrub. 

Arbuscula corallii, the American co- 
ral tree. 

Arbuicula gummifera Brasiliensis, a 
tree of Brasil yielding a peculiar 

Arbustiva, an order of plants of the 
shrubby kind. 

Arbutus, the strawberry tree ; the 
crab tree. 

Arbutus andrachne, eastern strawber- 
ry tree. 

Arbutus uvaursi, bears whortleberry, 
or woolly-headed burdock. 

Area arcanorum, the mercury of me- 
tals of alchymical philosophers. 

■Area cordis, pericardium. 

Arcanne, red chalk, or ruddle. 

Arcanum, a secret, or mystery ; a nos- 

Arcanum catholicum, bezoar, plantain, 
and colchicum. 

Arcanum cora!iiriu:a, red precipitate 
rendered mild by burning spirits 
of wine on it. 

Arcanum du/dt.r, f vitriolatedtar- 

dufilicalum,} tar or nitre. an amalgam of tin 

a&d quicksilver digested in spirit 

of nitre, distilled and the residuum 

burnt in spirits of wine. 

Arcanum viaterialc, ~J 

afiecificum, \ 

est ra'.c, | 


tracts of imaginary elementary 


A K C 

Arcanum tartari, kali acetatum. 

thcofdiras'i, the quintes., 
sence of refining. 

Arceutos, ~) ■ 

Arceuthos, <J J ' 

Arch angelica, angelica ; dead nettle. 

Arch angelica jlorc .dbo, lamium al- 
bum ; white archangel, or dead 

Arc<ri balsamum, "J the balsam, lini- 
linimentum, v ment, or oint- 
unguentum,y ment of gum ele- 

Archceus, ~) the universal archaeus, or 

Archcus, 3 principle of Van Hel- 
mont ; the internal efficient cause 
of all things ; anima mundi, or 
plastic power of the old philoso- 
phers ; a most subtle spirit ; the 
active principle of the material 
world ; good health ; in medicine 
it implies the ancient practice. 

Arche, the earliest stage in disease, or 
in which help might be effectual. 

Archcuda, ^Egyptian privet powder. 



white briony. 

irclii.acr, u chief physician ; presi- 
dent of a college of physicians. 

Arc/iigcnus morbus, an acute disease, 
or one holding the first rank. 

Archilla, archil ; the moss of which 
litmus is prepared. 

Archimag/a, the art of chemistry. 

Arc/lima, > alchemy ; the ait of trans- 

ArchinJa, } muling metals. 

Archidoxis, the title of a book of che- 
mistry written by Paracelsus. 

Archi hqlus, the sweating bath. 

Arches, anus ; rectum. 

Arr/)o/ito?'ia, prolapsus ani. 

Arcion, ~) . , , , , 

Arcium \ arctlum la Ppa, or burdock. 

Arcos, burnt copper. 

Arctata purs, a part compressed or 

closed by a fibula. 
Arctatia, > constipation from inflam- 
ArcHtudo, 5 rnation ; preternatural 

straightness of the vagina. 
Arc;:. a, arctium lappa. 
Arctium, a bear. 

lajijia,, ) the herb clot bur, 
majus, 5 or burdock. 


. Irctoacordofh bear garlick, or ram- 

. irctostaphylos, uva ura, or Spanish 
wortle berries. 

Arrtura, an inflamed finger, or toe, 
from a bent nail. 

Arcturus cretiens, moth mullein ; Cre- 
tan vervain. 

Arcualia, the bones of the temples ; 
the sinciput. 

Arcualis sutura, the coronal suture. 

Arcuasio, > great convexity of the 

. ircuatio, 5 thorax ; crookedness. 

Airuatus morbus, the jaundice. 

Arculte, the sockets of the eyes ; 

Arcus profundus, \ peculiar distribu- 
sublimis, $ tion of the arte- 
ries of the hand, so called. 

Ardabar, a species of arum. 

Ardas, sordes ; filth, or refuse. 

Ardea, the heron bird. 

stellaris, the bittern. 

Ardens, hot ; burning. 

febris, ardent, or burning fe- 

Ardcntes fia/udx, painful burning 
pimples of the face. 

Arden/ia, combustible matters. 

Ardesia, slate. 

Hibemica, lapis Hibernicus, 
or Irish slate. 

Ardor, a burning ; an intense, vehe- 
ment, or scalding heat. 

Ardor ea/iitis, a kind of delirium 
from inflammation of the brain. 

Ardor urinx, a scalding of the urine ; 

Ardor stomachi, 

Arduini, a species of teucrium. 

Are-alu, a species of fig-tree. 

Area, baldness ; an empty space ; 
the internal capacity of any given 
boundary ; in mining, a certain 
compass of ore allotted to diggers ; 
a species of alopecia. 

Areca, the Indian or Malabar nut; 
the drunken date tree ; the inspis- 
sated juice is called Terra Japonica 
or Catechu. 

Arecx Indies, an inferior kind of nut- 


A R Q 

Aregon, a resolvent ointment. 
Arc mar os, cinnabar. 
Arena, sand, or gravel in the kidneys, 
littoralis, sand on the sea coast, 
or gravel. 
Arena maris, > ^ ^ 

marina, ) 
Arenarut, coronopus, or sea chick- 
Arenarium saxum, rough free stone. 
Arenamel, \ 

Areriamcn, y bolus Armenicus. 
Arenatio, sprinkling hot sand on the 

diseased ; a sand bath. 
Arenosus, sandy. 
^rentes, cupping glasses used by the. 

ancients, without scarifying. 
Areola, the dusky circle round the 

nipple or a pustule. 
Areola papillaris, the circle around 

the nipple. 
Ares, Paracelsus's cause of distinct 
forms; or that power of nature ir, 
the material world, by which spe- 
cies are distributed into individu- 
Areata bovis, anonis, or restharrow. 
Arctenoides, cartilage and muscles of 

the larynx. 
Aretos, moth mullein. 
Areus, a pessary mentioned by JEgi- 

Arfar, white arsenic. 
Argal, unrefined tartar as used by 

Argasyllis, a plant producing gum 

Argema, > a white speck on the eye ; 
Argemon, £ an ulceration of the cor- 
Argcmone Mcxicana, papaver spino- 

sum, or purging thistle. 
A gemania, sarcocolla. 
Argentattis, silvered over. 
Argentina, wild tansey ; silver weed. 
Argentum, silver. 

fwum.~) . , 
mobile, 5 ^icksilver. 

Argentum nitratum, sal argenti, nitras 

argenti fusus, or lunar caustic. 
Argentum rixum, quicksilver. 

purification, quick- 


silver purified by distillation and 

Argill j, alumine ; clay; argil; pot- 
ter's earth. 

. Jr cilia alba, ~) . . , 

candidal tobacco-pipe clay. 

vi'riolata, alum. 

Argiiiaceus, of the nature of clay. 

Argist ita, mixed with wax. 

Argol, unrefined tartar. 

Argus, a species of pheasant. 

Argyritis, litharge. 

terra, > a sort of spangled 

Argyrolithos, 5 earth from silver 

Argyrocome, gnaphalium,or cudweed. 

Argi/rodamas, ~) a kind of talc of a sil- 

Argyro!isthuS)\ very colour, which 
does not yield to the force of fire. 

Argyrolibanos, the white olibanum. 

Argyrophora, an antidote. 

Arguro/iccia, changing imperfect me- 
tals into silver. 

Ar gyrus, silver. 

Argyrotrophema, milk diet ; a cooling- 
food made with milk. 

Arheumalistos, any joint free from 
gouty pains. 

Ari, 2 one eyed, or having 

Awmaspes, } eyes unequal in size ; a 
name of the ancient Scythians. 

Aria, the white boam or wild service 

Aria bepou, nimbas acosta?, a tree of 
Ceylon ; the Azedarach. 

Ariajmoii, a fertile woman. 

Arida medicamenta, dry medicines, as 
powders, Sec. 

Aridi'as corporis, ? marasmus ; ema- 

Aridura, 3 ciation, or wast- 

ing ; the blasting of the body by a 
planet ; the withering of a limb or 
any particular part. 

Aries, the ram. 

Arigeus, free from cold, or rigour. 

Arilla, a grape stone. 

Avid 1: us, in botany, covered with an 
outward coat. 

Arillus, the outer coat of a seed. 

Arts, a species of wake robin, or 
arum ; the name of an instrument 
used*by the ancients. 

A R M 

arum humile, or 



Arista, the ear of corn, the awn, or 
beard of an ear of corn, of which 
20 varieties arc enumerated; the 
lower lip of a ringent corolla. 

Aristalthxa, althea, or marshmallow. 

Aristolocliia, birthwort ; medicines 
promoting the flux of the lochia. 

Aristolocliia adidicrina,! fumaria bul- 
cava, >bov.i ; great 

fabacia, J bulbous fu- 

Arisf'doclua lo?iga, long-rooted birth- 

Aristolocliia rotunda, round rooted 
birthwort, or great matrix root. 

Aristolocliia concava moschatrllina, > 
rotunda concava, $ 
plant smelling like musk. 

Aristolocliia serpentaria, serpentaria 
Virginiana ; Virginia snake-weed, 
snake root, or birthwort. 

Aristolocliia anguicida, snake -killing 

Aristoloclna trilobata, three-lobcd 

Aristolocliia clematitis, ~\ creeping, 

tenuis, vbushy-root- 
Tiiigaris, J ed, or slen- 
der birthwort. 

Arr ton, dinner. 

magnum et parvum, names 
of some remedies for consump- 

Aristojdianeum, a plaster of pitch, 
wax, opoponax, and vinegar. 

Arlada, ? white or red calx of arse- 

Arladar,} nic. 

Anna, arms, or weapons ; one of the 
seven kinds of fulcra or props of 
plants enumerated by Linnaeus ; 
the weapons of plants, as thorns, 
stings, &c. 

Armala, rutasylvestris, or wild rue. 

Arma/eal, } 

Armalgcl,\ COr * 1 ' 

Arnuitiui)}, an eye-water of burnt cop- 
per, gum ammoniac, Sec. 

Armatura, the amnios. 

Arme, the union of a wounded part; 
suture of the head. 

A R O 

Armena, a complete apparatus. 
bolus, Armenian hole. 

Atmeniaca main*) the [iiicot. 

. irmeniua lapis, the Armenian stone ; 
a copper ore but little different 
from the lapis lazuli. 

Armeria pratensis, 1 a speciesof mca- 
sytvcfit is,y dow pink. 
rubra kuifoiia, broad-leafed 
sweet William. 

Armerius fiore, a species of 
gilliflower ; sweet William. 

Armilla, } tt.'e ligament 

membranosa, 3 of the wrist. 

Armoniacum, gum ammoniac. 

sal, sal ammoniac. 

An.ioracia, mentha aquatica, or wa- 
ter radish ; wild radish ; horse ra- 

Armoraria /iratensis, armeria praten- 

Armo urn pugna, a sort of gymnastic 
exercise, or mock duel, the anta- 
gonist being a post. 

Annus, the shoulder, or arm. 

Armuthrus /a/u's, corruptly written for 
armenius lapis. 

Amabo, zedoary. 

Arnado, the skin of a lamb with the 
wool on. 

ArnAdia, a slow malignant disease 
causing baldness. 

Arnica, Roman leopard's bane. 

montana, mountain arnica, or 
German leopard's bane. 

Arnica suedensis, common flea bane. 

Arnqglo8sum, plantago latitblia, or 
lamb's tongue ; ribwort plantain. 

Arnofihyllum, arnica. 

Arnotto, the arnotto tree. 

Arohot, mercury. 

Aroma, a fry rant odour; the aro- 
ma, principle of smell, or spiritus 
rector of vegetables ; myrrh. 

Aroma Germanicu, 1, enula campana, 
or elecampane. 

Aroina /i/ii/oso/i/iorum,') saffron ; the 

Atroah, § saffn 3 ■' •)- 

loured flowers raised from lapis 

. lroniaiica, aromatic or spicy drugs. 

. Iromata, in botanvj plants having a 
strong odoriferous and agreeable 

A R S 

smell and taste ; they form a class 
in the arrangement of several bo- 

Aromatieum lignum, ~> „ ,, 

. , ' S- canella alba. 

A omatieus cortex, 3 

Aromatieum rosatum, rose spice ; 
red roses with spices. 

Aromatites, a bituminous stone in 
smell and colour resembling 

Aromatopola, a druggist, a grocer, 'a 
vender of drugs and spices. 

Aromatopolium, an apothecary's shop. 

Aron, arum, wake robin ; lords and 

Aronia, Neapolitan medlar. 

Aroph paracehi, haematites sublimed 
with sal ammoniac ; a solvent for 
the stone. 

Arquata, the curlew ; a sea bird. 

minor, the wimbrel ; a 

Arquatus morbus, the jaundice. 

Arquebusade, aqua vulneraria. 

Arrac, rice ; a spirituous liquor dis- 
tilled from rice ; also the fer- 
mented juice of the palma cocci- 
fera, distilled. 

Arrangement, (Ang.) the classifica- 
tion of facts relating to a subject,, 
in regular or systematic order ; 
as the sexual system of vegetables, 
of Linnaeus ; the systems of mine- 
ralogy of Cronstadt, Kirwan, &c. 

Attache, atriplex fcetida, or stinking 
orach c. 

Arraphon, a skull without sutures. 

Arriugi,a fine kind of camphor. 

Art lima, the suppression of a dis- 
charge ; the suppression of the 

Arrhbstia, imbecility ; ill health ; in- 

Arrhijthmus, an unequal pulse. 

cosmetica, the preserva- 
tion of beauty. 

Ars, art or science. 

dica, the medical art or sci- 
rsacum, > furor uterinus ; nympho- 

Atmtum, 3 mania. 

Arsaltos, a superior kind of pitch or 

A R T 

Arsaneck, sublimed arsenic. 

• rs g> t names of arsenic. 
Arsar, \ 

Arse?nus, arseniate ; the name givei 
by modern chemists to the unioi 
of the acid of arsenic and certain 

Arsenicalis, arsenical, or having the 
nature of arsenic. 

Arsenicum, arsenic, or regulus ol 
arsenic ; a bright, yellowish-white 

Arsenicum album, oxyde, or calx of 
arsenic ; ratsbane. 

Arsenicum, antimoniatum, arsenical 

Arsenicum citrinum, "~j orpiment, or 
croceum, I yellow arse- 
factitium, J> nic ; oxide of 
Jlavum, I arsenic com- 
nativum, J bined with sul- 

Arsenicum rubrum factitium, realgar, 
red oxide, or calx of arsenic ; sul- 
phur combined with white oxide of 
arsenic and fused. 

Arsenicum tarta, isatiun, tartarized ar- 

. irsenis, arsenite ; the combination of 
the arsenious acid with a simple 

Arsenis ]iotass<z, arsenite of potash ; 
Fowler's mineral solution. 

Arsio a, cerussa, or white oxide of 

Arssura, erysipelas, or St. Anthony's 

Artaba, an Egyptian measure of five 

Artada, "1 

Artadar, (oxide of arsenic or white 

Artanech, X arsenic. 

Artaneckj J 

Artemisia, common mugwort, or 
heart of Bubastus. 

Artemisia abrotanum, southernwood. 
absinthium vulgare, worm- 

Artemisia absinthium siberiensis, arte- 
misia santonicum. 

Artemisia arborescens, tree worm- 

Artemisia Ausiriaca, artenusia san- 


Artemisia Chinensis, moxa, or the 
mugwort of China. 

. . temisia dracimculus, tarragon. 
::otiini a Judaica, artemisia santoni- 
cum ; wormseed. 
Irtemisia maritima, absinthium ma- 
ritimum ; sea wormwood- 

Artemisia pondca, absinthium ponti- 
cum ; Roman wormwood. 

Artemisia santonicum, the plant yield- 
ing the santonicum or worm- 

Artemisia sery/ihium, absinthium va- 

Artemisia tcnuifolia, absinthium mari- 

Artemisia vulgaris, common mug- 

Artemoniwn, a colly rium described 
by Galen. 

Jlrtenna, an aquatic bird. 

Arteria, an artery ; a strong, elastic 
and muscular tube, carrying the 
blood from the heart to all parts of 
the body. 

Arteria adi/iosa, the small arteries se- 
creting the fat 

Anuria an.slomoticamagna, the great- 
est anastomosing artery ; a branch 
of the humeral artery which rami- 
fies about the elbow joint. 

Arteria angularis, the external max- 
illary artery. 

Arteria aperta, any artery discharg- 
ing blood, 

Arteria us/ era, the larynx, or wind- 

Arteria auris fiosterior, a branch of 
the external carotid, distributed to 
the ear, &c. 

Arteria axillaris, the axillary artery'; 
or the subclavian arrived in the 

Arteria asillaris, basillary artery, or 
union of the two vertebral arteries 
within the cranium, giving oft" 
many branches to the brain. 

Arteria brachiatis, the subclavian so 

called whon it reaches the arm. 
irteria bronch.alis, a branch of the 
descending aorta distributed to the 

Arteria carolidaa dextra, the right 


. Irterai carotidnea externa, ~) the two 
interna, $ grand di- 
visions of the carotid artery. 

Arteria caroiidxa sinistra, the left ca- 
rotid, the second branch of the 
arch of the aorta. 

. irteria cerebralis media, the middle 
cerebral artery ; a branch of the 
internal carotid. 

Arteri i cervicaHs profunda, ~\ 
vel, anterior, I 

sa/ierfciulis, f 
vel, posterior, J 
branches of the subclavian sup- 
plying the parts about the neck 
and cervical vertebra?. 

.Irteria coe/iaca, the coeliac artery ; 
a branch of the descending aorta. 

Arteria comes fthrenici, a small branch 
of the internal mammary accom- 
panying the pHrenic nerve, and go- 
ing to the diaphragm. 

Arteria circumflexa anterior,') arte- 
posterior, § ries 
arising from the axillary artery and 
ramifying about the shoulder joint. 

Arteria circumflexa iliuca, circum- 
flex artery of the ilium ; a 
branch of the external iliac, giving 
branches to the psoas and iliac 
muscles, and communicating with 
the epigastric and other arteries. 

Arteria communicans, a branch of the 
internal carotid. 

. irteria coronaria, the coronary arte- 
ry ; the first arteries given off by 
the aorta, and going to supply the 

. Irteria cruralis, arteria femoralis. 

Arteria cubitalis, arteria ulnaris. 

Arteria emulgens vel renalis, emulgent 
artery ; arises from the aorta, and 
goes to the kidney. 

Arteria cfugastrica, epigastric artery, 
a branch of the external iliac in 
the groin, going to the muscles, 
kc. of the forepart of the abdo- 
men, and anastomosing with the 
lumbar, and with the internal 
mammary artery. 

Irteria femoralis, femoral artery ; 
the continuation of the external 


iliac after it passes from the abdo- 
men under Poupart's ligament. 

Arteria Jibularis, a branch of the ti- 
bialis postica. 

Arteria gastrica superior, vel, } a 

coronaria ventriculi, 3 branch 
of the coeliac going to the sto- 
mach, he. 

Arteria hepatica, hepatic artery ; a 
branch of the coeliac artery going 
to the liver. 

Arteria hypogastrica, iliacus internus. 
funneralis, arteria brachialis. 
iliaca communis, the two com- 
mon iliacs formed by the division 
of the aorta. 

Arteria iliaca externa,') the external 
interna, \ and internal 
iliacs, formed by the bifurcation of 
the common iliacs. 

Arteria innominata, the first branch 
given off by the arch of the aorta, 
and dividing into right carotid and 
right subclavian arteries. 

Arteria intercostalis superior, superior 
intercostal artery ; a branch of 
the subclavian supplying some of 
the intercostal spaces, See. 

Arteria labialis, the labial artery go- 
ing to the lips from the external 

Arteria lingualis, the lingual artery, 
going to the tongue from the ex- 
ternal carotid. 

Arteria lumbaris, lumbar artery 
branching from the aorta, and go- 
ing to the spinal marrow, lumbar 
muscles, 8cc. 

Arteria magna, the aorta. 

mammaria externa, the ex- 
ternal mammary, or superior tho- 
racic artery ; a branch of the ax- 
illary artery. 

Arteria mammaria interna, the inter- 
nal mammary artery branching 
from the subclavian. 
Arteria maxillaris interna, the inter- 
nal maxillary artery ; a branch of 
the external carotid, going to the 
face, &c. 
Arteria mesentenca inferior, ~) supe- 
sufierior, $ rior 

A R 1 

and inferior mesenteric artery an >- 
ing from the aorta, and supplying 
the intestines. 

Arlcria mediastina, ~) small arterial 
pericardiac a, ^ branches of 
the internal mammary, distributed 
to the mediastinum and pericar- 

Arteria occipitalis, the occipital ar- 
tery ; a branch of the external 
carotid, and spreading on the hin- 
der parts of the bead. 

Arteria oesophagiu, a branch of the de- 
scending aorta going to the oeso- 

Arteria ophthalmica, a branch of the 
internal carotid. 

Arteria peronea, fibular is. 

fitiaryngea inferior, the infe- 
rior pharyngeal artery proceeding 
from the external carotid to the 

Arteria phrenico fiericardiaca ; a 
branch of the internal mammary. 

Arteria poplitea, popliteal artery ; 
the femoral artery, so called in the 

Arteria profunda humeri superior,"] 
inferior, y 
minor, J 
branches of the humeral artery dis- 
tributed to the muscles and elbow 
joint, Sec. 

Arteria profunda, a large branch or 
division of the femoral artery. 

Arteria radialis, radial artery ; one 
of the arteries of the fore arm. 

Arteria sacra-media, the middle sacral 
artery arising from the aorta at its 
bifurcation, going to some of the 
last vertebrae, the coccyx and rec- 

Arteria sfiermatica, spermatic arte- 
ry arising from the aorta, and pass- 
ing down to the testicle and epidi- 

Arteria spiralis, arteria profunda hu- 

Arteria splenica, splenic artery ; a 
branch of the cccliac going to the 

Artetia subclavia dextra, the right 
subclavian artery. 

A K T 

| . irteria subclavia sinistra, the IjE ft sub- 
clavian artery ; the third brain h oi 
the aortic arch. 
Arteria gupra-icaputaris, a branch of 
the subclavian distributed to the 
parts about the scapula. 
Arteria sub-scafiularis, a branch of the 
axillary artery spread about the 
shoulder joint. 
Arteria temporalis, the temporal arte- 
ry ; a branch of the external ca- 
rotid distributed to the head. 
Arteria thymica, the artery of the 
thymus gland ; a branch of the in- 
ternal mammary. 
Arieria thyroidaa, the thyroid artery, 
going from' the external carotid to 
supply the thyroid gland. 
Arteria l/njroidea ascendens, the 
ascending thyrokleal artery ; a 
branch of the inferior thyroideal 
Arteria Ihyrddea inferior, the infe- 
rior thyroideal artery ; a branch oi 
the subclavian. 
Arteria tibia/is antica, ) the anterior 
postica, 3 and posteri- 
or tibial artery, or grand divisions 
Of the popliteal artci y. 
Arteria t'rachealis, tracheal artery ; 
a branch of the inferior thyroid 
going to the trachea. 
Arteria iransversalia humeri, a branch 

of the ascending thyroid. 
Arteria ulnaris, the ulnar artery ; 
one of the arteries of the fore arm. 
Arteria umbilicalis, the umbilical ar- 
tery. This artery supplies the in- 
fant in the fcetal state with blood, 
and appears like the continued 
trunk of the internal iliac, but, ex- 
cept at its commencement from 
whence other arteries ramify, it 
soon assumes a ligamentary form, 
after birth. 
Arteria venosa, the pulmonary artery. 
Arteria vcrlebralis, the vertebral ar- 
tery ; a branch of the subclavian 
which goes to the brain. 
Arteriaca, remedies for diseases of 

the parts forming the voice. 
Arieriace, syrupus papaveris albi, ot 

A R T 

irteria vrnosa:, the four pulmonary 

. Irteriotomia, arteriotomy ; letting 
blood from an artery. 

Artesis, arthritis, or gout. 

. frtetiscos, \ one who has lost a limb, 

Artctiscus,} or is otherwise lame. 

Artluir.itu, cvclamen or sow-bread. 

Arthetica, } chamjepitys, or ground 

ArthrUicu, 3 pine. 

Arthoicum, an oily formula. 

Arlhrembolusy an instrument, for re- 
ducing; dislocations. 

Arthritica, belonging to the gout. 

Arthiitis, the gout; an hereditary, 
intermitting disease, often affecting 
the stomach, principally seated in 
the small joints. 

Arthritis aberrans, the misplaced, or 
wandering gout. 

. irthritis xstiva, the summer or regu- 
lar gout. 

Arthritis asthmatica, the asthmatic 

Arthritis atonica, the atonic gout. 

chiragra, gout in the hands. 
chlorotica, the pains in the 
joints of chlorotic patients. 
in /iritis gonagra, gout in the knees. 
hiemalis, the winter gout. 
ischias, gout in or about the 

. Irthritis mehnichoiica, the melancho- 
lic gout. 
Arthritis irregularis, irregular gout. 

fdanetica,~) , . 

' > wandeune; s*out. 

V&ga, ^ D ° 

Arthritis Jwdagra, the gout in the 

Arthritis rachialgica, ~) the pains in 
rachitica, 3 triC limbs of 
rickety children. 

Arthritis regularise the regular gout. 
rgtrocedt ns, } the retrograde 
retrograde^ 3 or retreating 

-Irthritis rheumatica, the rheumatic 

- Irthritis scorbutica, the scorbutic gout. 

■ Irthritis syphilitica, the pains of ve- 
nereal patients. 

Arthriticus verus, arthritis, or true 


Arlhrocdct, an ulcerated or decayed 
bone ; spina ventosa. 

Anhrodia, a species of articulation 
admitting extensive motion. 

Arthrodynia, pains in the joints ; 
chronic rheumatism. 

Arlhron, a joint ; a member ; a limb. 

Arthro/iuostSf ~) a pain or abscess in a 

Arthropyosis f y joint ; inflammation 
of a joint ; inflammation of the 

Arthrosis, articulation. 

Artia, an artery ; the larynx. 

Articularis morbus, the gout when it 
rises from the toes, to the ancles 
and knees, with swelling and in- 

Articoca, } . . , , 

Articocalus^*™* 9 ° T artlchoke ' 

Articulafio, a botanical name for the 
union of joints ; a union of bones 
with each other. Articulation is 
divided into three genera, viz. 

1 . Diarthrosis, or moveable con- 

nection ; sub-divided into five 

species, viz. 

Amphidrthrosis, articulation by 

plain surfaces. 
Knarthrosis, or ball and socket 

Arthrodia, the same, but more 

Ginglymus, or hinge-like joint. 
this articulation. 
Trochoides, or wheel and axle. 

2. Synarthrosis, or immoveable con- 

nection, sub-divided into three 

species, viz. 

Sutura, suture, or junction by 

serrated margins. 
Harnwuia, union by straight 

Gomphosis, union resembling a 

nail in a board, as the teeth. 

3. Symphysis, mediate connection ; 

subdivided into five species, 

viz. ' 

Synchondrosis, cartilaginous uni- 

Syssarcosis, union by muscular 

} varie- 
s, 5 ties of 


•curosis, junction by tendon. 
Syndesmosis, ligamentary union. 
Synostosis, junction by bony sub- 
Articuli, knuckles or joints. 

/dan t arum, the knots or joints 
of plants. 
Articulus, a joint ; vide Arthron. 
Artificiale, artificial, or made by art. 
Artificialis sal, marine salt. 

Artima, } com ] iment or preserve. 
Artyma, ) 

Artisccchus l&vis, cinara, or artichoke. 
Artiscus, a lozenge or troch like a 

Artiyfiochros color, a yellowish colour 

indicating a disease of the spleen. 
Artiypochrus, a pale chlorotic colour. 
Artizoa, short-lived. 
Artloicum, an oily formula. • 
Artocar/ius, the bread-fruit tree. 
Artocreas, nutritive food of bread and 

meat boiled together. 
Artogala, a cooling food of bread and 

milk ; a poultice. 
Artomeli, a cataplasm of bread and 


Artopticius, toasted bread. 

Artos, bread. 

Artus, joints ; limbs ; members. 

Ambus, butter. 

Arvensis, of the field kind. 

Arvina, fat. 

Arvisia, ? A » 1 
A . . > Malmsey wine. 
Arvisium, s, ' 

Anim, wake Robin ; cuckoo-pintle, or 

lords and ladies. 
Arum acaule, arum maculatum. 

humile angusti/'olium, friar's 
Arum maculatum, spotted wake Ro- 
Arum moschalum, common pepper. 
/lolyphyllum, the herb tarragon. 
scorzonerx folio, friar's cowl. 
tryphyllum, Indian turnip. 
Arundo, the common rccd of marshes. 

bambos, Bamboo cane. 
Brando cypria,? 

donax, ) ° 

furcta alro-rubens, the walk- 
ing cane. 
Arwidofarcta Java, the dart weed. 

A S A 
Arundo farcta Indie Oriental!*) ihc 

dragon's-blood cane. 
Arundo Indira, the reed yielding the 

arrow-root powder. 
Arundo indica forida, ? Ind j an ^ 

Litifolw, 3 
Arundo major, tibia. 
miner, fibula. 

sci iptoria, the writing reed. 
Arundo saccharifcra, the sugar cane. 
sativa, arundo donax. 
Syriaca, calamus aromaticus. 
tabaxifera, the bamboo cane ; 
Arundo vallatorfa, common reed of 

Arundo viba Brasiliensis, the sugar 

Arutxno-epiglottici) small muscles of 

the larynx. 
ArytxncAdcus obliauus, ~] small 

minor, I mus- 

transversus, j fcles on 
major, J the 

back part of the arytenoid carti- 
Aretanoides, ~) the names of two car- 
■Aryt<xnddcs,\ tilages of the larynx. 

Arruthmus. ? , „ 1 „ 

, J , ' > an irregular pulse. 
Arytlunus, 3 

Artotyra, a custard ; a cheese-cake. 

As, a measure of the Romans of 12 

Asa, an healer. 

dulcis, } gum Benzoin 

odorata, $ and its tree. 
Asa-fettida, gum-asafcetida, or stink- 

kig healer ; devil's dung. 
Asab, a disease from excess of ve- 

Asaba hermes, meadow saffron ; her- 

Asabon, soap. 
Astetus, lapis calcareus. 
Asagar, verdigrise. 
Asagcn, sanguis draconis, or dragon':-; 

Asumar, aerugo aeris, or verdigrise. 
Asasri. ? . . , , . .... 

A*amaz,\ Vltno1 ' or calcintd Vll "°i- 
Asanon, prepared sal ammoniac. 
Asaphatum, impetigo ; a disease of 

the skin. 

A S C 

.hufihu-i, patients not articulating 

.isaphii, } muttering ; stammer- 

Aaaflhodea, $ ing ; a dubious kind of 

Asarabacca, common asarabacca, or 
the herb nard. 

Asarcon, lean or void of flesh. 

ln'iruin Euro/iaum, wild spikenard ; 

Asarum Canudcnse, ■wild ginger ; 

fsarum Virginianum, black snake- 

. isbestinum, ~) earth flax, or amian- 

Asbestos, 5 tnus 5 calx viva. 

Ascalonia, a kind of onion. 

Ascalonitidcs,~)& species of onion, 

Ascalonids, $ called eschalots ; bar- 
ren onions. 

Ascardamyctes, looking stedfast with- 
out winking. 

Ascarides, small thread-like worms 
infesting the large intestines. 

A.scaris, a genus of insects belonging 
to the order of Vermes intestinae. 

Ascaris vcrmicularis, the thread, or 
maw worm, or ascarides. 

.'hcaris lumbricoides, the long and 
round worm. 

. iscendens, ascending, or going up. 

.Iscensustmrbi, increasing severity of 

Ascetce, wrestlers. 

Asc/iia, the fish called gray ling. 

Ascia, a simple roller applied spirally. 

Ascii, inhabitants under the line. 

.Iscites, ~)& dropsy, or 

abdominalis, 3 tense elastic 
swelling of the belly with fluctu- 

Ascites artijicialis, dropsy with dis- 
eased viscera. 

.Iscites c/iy/osus, dropsy with rupture 
of the chyliferous vessels. 

Ascites cruentus, dropsy with internal 

tacites febrilis, dropsy supervening 
00 fever. 

Iscite* ab iiepate, dropsy from diseas- 
ed liver. 

.hates intercut, dropsy between the 
-kin and perilonxum. 

A S C 

Ascites a liene, dropsy from diseased 

Ascites oleosus, oily, or serous dropsy. 

Ascites omentalis, dropsy from dis- 
eased omentum. 

Ascites ab ofifiilatione, dropsy from ob- 

Ascites ovarii, dropsy of the ovari- 

Ascites ab ovariis, dropsy from dis- 
eased ovaria. 

Ascites ex (jaartana, dropsy from 
quartan ague. 

Ascites puyulentus, distension of the 
abdomen from effused matter. 

Ascites saccatus, the encysted drop- 
sy, the distended fluid being in 
sacs, or cysts. 

Ascites sanguifluxibus, dropsy from 
great discharge of blood. 

Ascites sa7igui?icQ-intercus, ) collec- 
peritonccus, $ tion of 
blood between the skin and perito- 

Ascites sanguineo-utcrinus, hydrome- 
tra sanguinea. 

Ascites urinosus, dropsy from a rup- 
ture of the bladder, Sec. 

Ascites uterinus, hydrometra, or ute- 
rine dropsy. 

Ascites vulgatior, ascites, or common 

Asciticus, one affected with dropsy. 

Asclepias, tame poison ; silken cice- 
ly, or swallow-wort. 

Asclc/iias alba, common swallow- 

Asclepias syriaca, greater Syrian 
dogs bane. . 

Asclepias deevmbens, pleurisy root ; 
flux root ; butter-fly weed, &c. 

Asclepias currassavica, bastard ipeca- 

Asclepias vincetoxicum, officinal swal- 
low wort, or tame poison. 

Asclepios, a name for a smegma, col- 
lyrium and troche, of some old 

Asclitcs, ascites, or dropsy of the bel- 

Ascoma, mons veneris ; the promi- 
nence of the pubes at the age ol 


Ascos, a bottle. 

Ascyroides, ~\ , 

4 v 'J androsaemum, or tutsan; 

Jiscyos, • all . heal St Peter's 
Ascyrum, > 

d y ' I wort. 
Ascyrus, J 

jfadenigi, haematites, or blood-stone. 

Asc, or asse, a loathing of food from 
humours in the stomach. 

Aseb, alum. 

Asedenigi, the haematites, or blood- 

Asef, hydroa ; a miliary-likc pustule. 

Asegcn, dragon's blood. 

Asellus, slaters ; hog-lice 
bugs ; sow-bugs. 

Asellus callarius, callarias 
pedes, or wood-louse. 

Asellus major, the cod fish. 

marinus, the sea pike. 

minor, } ^ , ... 

... ' 5- the whiting. 
mollis, 3 

Asemos, } unpurified ; an unexpected 

Asemus, $ issue of disease ; an un- 
hoped-for crisis. 

Aseph, feathered, or plumose alum. 

Asefita, uncorrupted, unputrified, or 
undigested matters. 

Asiaticum bal&amum, balm of Gilead. 



Asigiy 1 

A kin gar, i-verdi 

Asmiar, J 


Asilus, the gad-fly. 

Asines, innocent. 

. isirunum lac, asses' milk. 

artificialc, mock asses' 
milk ; a decoction of eryngo, Stc. 
Asinns, the ass. 

. Isiracus, a kind of grasshopper* 
Agiti) > persons affected with loss of 
. isitict,, 5 appetite ; loathing. 

soft friable stone of Asia 
an escharotic nature. 

. li-mu, y appe 

Asius, 1 

/ l a si 

Assius, y r 
[of a 

Asjogam, a Malabar tree. 

Asmaga, process of uniting certain 

. t&masi the herb garden- bu gloss. 
Asofier, soot. 

A&otus, a sot, or drunkard. 
Aspadialis, a suppression of urine 

from an imperforated urethra. 
Asliulathum, the aromatic aloe ; ca 

Iambic wood. 

A S V 

•^M°'W rose wood. 

Aspalatus, y 

Asfuiragi, the young shoots of vege- 

Asfiaragodes, curled colewort. 

Asparugos, ? sparrow-grass ; spc- 

Asparagus, y rage. 

sylvestris, wild asparagus. 
petraa, rock sparrow - 

Asfiarine, goose grass ; aparine. 

As/iasia, an astringent application to 
the pudenda, of wool moistened 
with an infusion of galls. 

As/icr, rough ; uneven ; a small 

Aspera, oak fern, or polypody. 

arteria, the larynx, or wind- 

Asperata, rough, or uneven. 

Asperatum spccillum, the rasp probe. 

Asperella, great marsh, or water 

Aspcrgincs, remedies sprinkled on 


Aafieneula, ~) , 

,' b ' / aparine ; wood row ; 
Ajpcrugo, k^ oodroot - 

Aspcrula, J 

Asperifolim, rough leaved. 

Aspcritus, roughness ; sharpness ; 

Aspermatismus, impotency. 

Aspersio, the sprinkling of medi- 

Ah lie rum, ~) , 

/. ' > rough ; uneven ; austere. 

As/irum, ) ° ' 

Asphalathus, trefoil acacia. 

Asplmliiis, a kind of trefoil ; the last 
vertebra of the loins. 

Aspaltum, ~] 

Asphaltium, | T . , 

Asfihaltos, }> Jews P ! lch; abltumi " 

Asphalium, | nous substance. 

Ar. -altos, J 

Aspharagos, \ sparrow grass ; aspa- 

As/iharagus,)) ragus. 

Asfi/iendamnos, th<; mountain maple. 

As/ihodclus, the daffodil, or king'b 
spear. • 

Asphodehis albus, white asphodel. 

luteus, king's spear ; yel- 
low asphodel. 

Asphurchua, certain metals fusible 

by fire, but not malleable in their 
purest state. 

Aaphyxia, a temporary suspension of 
the motion of the heart and arte- 
ries ; swooning or fainting. 

Asphyxia a carbonc, swooning from 
the fumes of charcoal. 

Asphyxia congelatorum, swooning 
from cold. 

Aaphyxia febricosa, swooning in fe- 

Aaphyxia flatvlenta, swooning from 

. isphyxiaforicarioTum, swooning from 
bad air. 

Aaphyxia a/amis, swooning from va- 

Aajxhyxia hysterica, swooning from 

Aafihyxia immersorum, swooning from 

Asphyxia a mephitide] swooning from 
mephitic air. 

Aafihyxia a must a, swooning from fer- 
menting liquors. 

Asphyxia neophytorum, swooning on 
being born. 

Asphyxia a pathemate, swooning from 
passions of the mind. 

Asphyxia sideratoriwr, swooning from 
the influence of the stars. 

Aiphyxia spinalis, swooning from an 
affection of the spine. 

Asphyxia aubmeraorum, swooning 
from drowning. 

. isfihyxiq suspensorum, swooning from 

Asphyxia traumatica, swooning from 

Asphyxia valsalviana, swooning from 

. defective valves. 

Aapic, broad-leaved lavender, or la- 
vendula latifolia. 

. lap id ion , brook-li n 1 e . 

Aspidiscoa, the sphincter ani. 

Asfiis, the asp ; a venomous serpent. 

Aapleniwn, spleen wort ; milt waste. 
frondibua fdnnatis, ? com- 
trichomanesj j mon 

maiden hair. 

Asplemiton rata muraria % white mai- 
den hair. 


Asplemum scolopendriutn, hart's 

Aspredo, the ruff; a fish. 

AapreUa, the herb equisetum, or 

Aafiria mdurorum, the holm oak. 

Aapritudo, > rough ; uneven ; aus- 

Asprum, 3 tere. 

Aaaa, a midwife ; a dry nurse. 
dulcis, gum benzoin. 

Assa fxtidu, gum assa foetida. 

Assaba, a shrub which disperses bu- 

As.iac, gum ammoniac. 

Assne carries, roasted meats. 

Assada,? . 

Assala\\ *e BUtmeg. 

Assails, the white ants, or termites. 

Assunegi, native powder of salt. 

Assarius, a weight of two drachms. 

Assarabacca, the nardus celticus ; 

Assure, drying a substance for pow- 

Assarium, a twelve ounce measure. 

Assarthrosis, articulation admitting 

Assatio, 7 roasting, broiling, frying) 

Assatura, } &c. 

Asse, a loathing of food. 

Asscrac, the plant bangue. 

yJsservat'io, conserve ; depositing 
things ready for use. 

Assestrix, a monthly nurse. 

Assidena signum, a symptom usually 
but not always attendant on a dis 

Assiduus, continued. 

Assiduajebris, continued fever. 

Assimilatio, assimilation, or convert- 
ing food into animal substance. 

As&is, the plant bangue ; a measure. 
Vide As. 

Assistentes, the epididymis ; the Fal- 
lopian tubes ; the prostate gland. 

Assistra, a native tree of Malabar. 

Anodes, } a species of continued le- 

Assodes, } ver. 

Asses, alum. 

AssumptiO) taking any thing into the 

Assus, roasted. 

fish or 

golden star-wort. 

A S I 

Astacui marinus, the lobster. 
Jluviatilis, the cray 
Astaphis, a raisin. 

Astarzof, an ointment of litharge, 
honse-leek, Sec. also a mixture of 
camphor and rose water 
Astchachilos, a malignant ulcer. 
Aster, starwort, of which Linnanis 

mentions 38 species. 
Aster animus ramosus, chamomile. 

arvensis cceruleus acris, the 
herb blue fleabane. 
.fster atticus, 

omnium maxinius, elecampane. 
fialustrisr, fleabane. 
iialuteis, fiarvo jlore globose, 
small fleabane. 
Aster peruana*, the potatoe plant. 

firatensis aufumnalis coniza fo- 
lio, common fleabane. 
Aster thalassius, the stella marina, or 

star fish. 
Astcrantium, pellitory of Spain. 
Asteria gemma, the fossil star gem, or 

bastard opal. 
Asterias, star stones ; the bittern. 
Astcricilm, pellitory of the wall. 

Astefoides, ! golden, or purple bas- 
Asterion, { tard starwort. 
Astcricus, J 

Asteroccphjlus, scabious. 
Asthenia, diminished animal power; 

extreme debility. 
AstlieniaAmericana, leucorrhcea Ame- 
Asthenii a hi/droce/ihalo, apoplexy 

from effusion. 
Asthenia fianonica, Hungarian fever. 
Asthenicus, weakened. 
Asthcnologia, the doctrine of diseases 

arising from debility. 
isthma,~} asthma, or shortness of 
Astmia, 3 breath ; intermitting diffi- 
cult breathing, with cough, strait - 
ness, and' wheezing. 
Asthma arthridcum, gouty asthma. 

cacheclicum, ~) asthma from 
calarrhale, 5 debility and 


Asthma c'jnvulsivum, convulsive asth- 

Asthma exanihematicum, asthma from 
repelled cutaneous disease. 

Asthma febrtcosum, during fever. 

a gihbo, from bronchocele. 
hftmidum, ? the moist asth- 
humoralis, $ ma. 
hupochondriacum, hypochon- 
driac asthma. 

Asthma /tystericum, asthma accom- 
panying hysterics. 

Asthma infantum, asthma of infants. 
metallicum, asthma from me- 
tallic fumes. 

Asthma neivosum, nervous asthma. 
nocturnum, night mare. 
piiuitosum, catarrhal asthma. 
pli'thoricum, asthma from too 
much blood, or suppressed evacu- 

Astftmapneumodes, ~> catarrhal 
fmeumonitum, 3 asthma. 

Asthma a poly/10 cordis, asthma from 
polypus of the heart. 

Asthma indvtrulentulorum, asthma 
from dust. 

Asthma sicca, dry or spasmodic asth- 

Asthma spasmodico Jiatulentinn, con- 
vulsive asthma. 

Asthma spaticum, asthma from 

Asthma s/iontanrum, asthma without 
evident cause. 

Asthma stomachicum, asthma from an 
affection of the stomach. 

Asthma venereum, venereal asthma. 

Asthmaticus, asthmatic ; short-wind- 

As'itcs glandulosi, the epididymes ; 
prostate gland. 

Astomus, born without a mouth. 

Aslrabes, regular in form. 

Aslracidcs, the kernels of pines. 

Astragals, £ the wood pea ; the 

Astragaloides,^ heath pea; the bas- 
tard milk vetch. 

Astragalus, the huckle, ankle or 
sling bone ;• upper bone of the 
foot supporting the tibia ; the li- 
quorice vetch. 

A S U 

Astragalus aculeatas, goat's thorn; 

Astragalus marsilliensis, ~) gum tra- 

tragarantha,\ gacanth. 
Astragalus arge?iteus Syriacus, the 

bitter or silk vetch. 
Mtragalus exscapus, stemless milk 

Astragalus lutcus ficrennis, wild chi- 

Astragalus sylvaticus, wood, or heath 


Astrantia vulgaris, ? ., 

. > the masterwort. 

nigra, 3 

Astrape, lightning, said to occasion 

Astra/ikisy a precious stone. 

Astrafiismus, the effect of lightning. 

Astricta, costiveness, as applied to the 

Astrictio, the stopping fluxes, or hae- 

Astrictoria, > binding or astringent 

Astringentia, 3 medicines; substances 
restraining profuse discharges, co- 
agulating animal fluids, and con- 
densing and strengthening the 
animal solids. 

AstrioHsmtts, planet striking ; blast- 

., . ' > astragalus. 

;s, ) ° 

. l> trebles, } planet struck, or 

. Utrobdismos, $ blasted ; affected with 
apoplexy, or sphacelus. 

Astrocynologia, a dissertation on the 
dog days. 

Astrocytes, ~> stat stone ; a species 

Astroites, ) of coral of Jamaica. 

Astrologia, astrology, or divination by 
the stars. 

Astronomia, astronomy, or doctrine of 
the heavenly bodies. 

Astrum, a star; -a name of several 
medicines ; the power resulting 
from combination. 
!*, a sort of lettuce. 

Asuar, Indian myrobalans, or purg- 
ing nut. 

.'•, verdigrise. 
-lapis lazuli. 

fi < :: . ■ 


A T H 

Asyla, an herb ; an antidote for cat- 

Asym/ihorus, not improper. 

Asymjihytus, dissimilar. 

Asymfitatus, not falling out as expect- 

Asynthes, unaccustomed. 

Ata maran, a tree of Malabar. 

Atabulus, a dry noxious wind of Apu- 
lia., nitre ; talc. 

Atachilos, a malignant ulcer spread- 
ing from the feet upwards. 
4tagas, the red cock, or moor game. 

Ataxia, irregularity in disorder, or 
in the functions of the body. 

Ataxir, a tenesmus ; a disease of the 

Ataxmir, removal of superfluous hair 
from the palpebral. 

Atebras, a chemical subliming vessel. 

Atechnia, impotency ; artless. Vide 

Atenes, rigid. 

Ater partis, brown bread. 
succus, black bile. 

Ateramnia, bad water ; hard, diffi- 
cult of concoction. 

Ateres, hurtful. 

Athanasia, immortality : an affected 
name given to some medicines to 
express their extraordinary ef- 
fects ; tansey. 

Athamanta Cretensis, the carrot of 

Athanatos, rose campion ; deathless. 

Athamr, > a digesting chemical fur- 

Athonor, ^ nace. 

At/iara, } a mealy food for infants ; 

Athera, 3 pap. 

Athclxis, suction. 

Athena, a plaster for wounds of the 

Athen torium, a glass cover for a cu- 

Athenionis catafiotium, the name of a 
pill mentioned by Celsus. 

. 'thenippon, a collyrium, or eye-wash. 

Athenippum, a name of various for- 

At/ier, the beard of barley, and of an 

A T O 

i'hcrina, a fish surrounded with pric- 

Atheroma, an encysted tumor contain- 
ing a matter like pap. 

Athleta, a wrestler. 

Athletica, wrestling. 

. ithlcticus, athletic, or strong ; robust. 

Athliptos, > the mild approach of fe- 

Athliptus,y ver. 

Athorectw, wanting seed- 

Athrix, a loss of hair. 

Athroisma, a collection. 

At/iroon, > copiously? or suddenly col- 

Athroos,) lected. 

Athymia, despondence ; despair ; 
melancholy ; pusillanimity ; faint- 
ing ; anxiety. 

A tin car, ) , 
^. . 'J- borax. 
Ahnkar, ^ 

Atinia, a species of elm. 

Atitara, the dwarf palm. 

Atlas, the atlas, or first vertebra of 
the neck. 

Atle, the tamarisc. 

Atmosphem, the atmosphere, or am- 
bient common air ; that aeriform 
fluid, every where investing the 
surface of our globe. 

Atmus, vapour ; breath. 

Atochia, preternatural labour. 

Atocium, the herb lichnis sylvestris ; 
calf's snout. 

Atocus, barren. 

Atolli, pap made of the meal of In- 
dian maize. 

Atobnia, melancholy ; diffidence. 

Atomos, > an atom, or invisible bo- 

. ttomus, 3 dy ; any ultimate particle 
of matter, or matter so minute as 
to adinjt of no division. 

Atomon, white hellebore ; henbane ; 
thus, or frankincense. 

Atonm, atony ; debility ; relaxation ; 
a want of tone or muscular pow- 
er ; palsy. 

Atonicus, atonic ; relaxed ; debili- 



Atorsaxocoti, ~) a West In 

Atorsaxocoti chicldltic,) dian fruit 
like a plum. 

out of place. 

A T ft 

Atrabilaria ca/ieukt, two small glands, 
appendices to the kidneys. 

Atrabiliurius, subject to black bile. 

jitra bitis, the black bile of the anci- 
ents, or melancholy. 

Atrachelus, short necked. 

Atractylidis, the Cretan distaff this- 
tle. " 

Atmctylis, the common distaff this- 
tle ; the wild carline thistle. 

Atragcue, the herb traveller's-joy. 

Atramentosus, a pyrite. 

Atrementum, ink. 

nigrum, black ink. 
rubrum, red ink. 
sutorium, sal martis, or 
green vitriol. 

Atrap/iaxis, ? atriplex foetida, or 

Atraphraxis,$ garden orache. 

Atrcmia, ease. 

Ati\-sui, imperforation, or defect of 
natural opening. 

Atretarum ischuria^ suppression of 
urine from retained catamenia. 

Alrrti, an imperforated or defective 
vagina, or other natural aperture. 

Atretutt, iin perforated. 

Airices, tubercles, or warts near the 
anus, about which the hair will 
not grow ; condylomata and fici. 

Atrici, the small sinusses in the rec- 

Atriplex, the herb orache. 

chenofiodium, the herb mer- 

Atrijilcx fcetida, stinking orache. 
maritima, sea purslane. 
morijructu, great mulbcrn 

Atriplex odora auaveolens, the Cappa 
docian oak. 

Atriplex sylvestris, wild orache. 
olida, > ... 
v «Wm 5 S . tmkl ^ orache. 

Alropa belladonna, deadly nightshade. 
numdragora, male mandrake. 

Atrophic, an atrophy, consumption, 
or wasting, with loss of strength, 
without any sensible cause or hec- 
tic fever. 

Atrophia ah atvi Jiuxu, atrophy from 

A T T 

ttrofdria cacochymica, atrophy from 
improper nourishment. . 

Atrophia debi/ium, atrophy from dis- 
eased chylopoietic viscera. 

Atrophia fuinelicorum, atrophy from 
want of food, or famine. 

Atrophia febrisequa, atrophy from 
previous fever. 

Atrophia inamtorum, atrophy from 
great evacuation. 

Atrophia infantilis, atrophy from scro- 
phulaot infants. 

Atrophia laclantium, atrophy from 

Atrophia lateralis, ? atrophy from de- 
nei vea, ^ ficient nutrition. 
nutricum, atrophy from too 
long nursing. 

Atrophia a ptyalismo, atrophy from 
great discharges of saliva. 

Atrophia rac/utica, atrophy from ric- 

Atrophia scorbutica, atrophy from 

Atrophia .senilis, atrophy from old age. 
syphilitica, atrophy from ve- 
nereal lues. 

Atrophia a vomitu, atrophy from vo- 

Attn, tenderness, or defect in the 

ittagena, the francolin moor cock, or 
red game. 

Attalicus, a formula mentioned by 

.1 / 1 claims arachnoides, a water insect ; 
a species of locust. 

. ktcnuantia, atteiiuants ; medicines 
that thin the fluids ; diluents.- 

Attenuatio, attenuating, or diluting 
the fluids. 

Atticum, the name of a plaster. 

Jlticus, attic, or the best, as mel atti- 
cum, best honey ; cera attica, the 
best wax. 

. tttilus, a large kind of sturgeon. 

Attincar veneris, whitening of copper 
to transmute it into silver. 

. Ittingatf flowers of copper. 

AtloUensy lifting up; a name of se- 
veral muscles. 

.ittollens uurcrn, a muscle raising the 

AttoUens oculi, rectus superior, a 

muscle of the eye. 
Ationiius morbus, > the apoplexy ; 

stupor, 5 epilepsy, &x. 
Attractio, the attraction or affinity of 
natural bodies, by which they ap- 
proach and adhere to each other. 
Attractivum, 1 medicine sard to ex- 
Attractivus, I tract or draw away 
Jtiructorius, J disease from the body. 
Attrakens, ~) maturing, suppurating, 
Attrahentia, 5 or drawing medicines. 
Altrita, "j attrition, or that motion of 
Attritio, I the stomach that assists 
Attrilum,) in digestion ; the abrasion 
of any part ; rubbing ; separation 
of the cuticle by compression. 
Atty alu, a species of fig tree. 
A typos, ? bodily deformity ; irregular 
Atypus,) disease ; irregularity. 
Auante, ~) dyspepsia with costiveness, 
Auapse, $ called by Hippocrates the 

dry disease. 
Aubletiu, a species of vervain. 
Aachen, stiff-necked. 

Auchmos, } , . , .. jT 

, , > hot, dry, sultry weather. 

Auchmus, 3 , 

Audio, increase ; enlargement. 

AucuPaHs, > lhc wi , d ^ 

yiucit/taria, \ 

Audacia, impudence ; boldness of 
deiirium or madness. 

Audc, the voice. 

Auditoria arteria, the internal artery 
of the eat" ; a branch of the basilary 

Auditorium meatus, the passage of the 

Auditorius meatus externus, } the ex- 
intemus, $ ternal 
and internal auditory passages, by 
which the air is conveyed to the 
tympanum and auditory nerve. 

Auditorius nervus, nerve of the ear ; 
seventh pair. 

Audit us, the sense of hearing. 

Augites, a splendid precious stone. 

Aug?nentatio,~)the increase, or pro- 

Augmentum, 3 gress of disease. 

Augurista, one who prognosticates 
by augury. 

Augustum, a name of several com- 
pound formulae. 

Auliscos, ) a catheter ; a clyster- 


Aulos, £ the vagina; os externum ; 

Auli/s, $ the onyx. 

.Jura, a subtle vapour ; an exhala- 
tion ; in chemistry, a fine, pure 
and subtle spirit. 

Aura dolor {fica, a quick and transient 
sensation of pain, passing through 
the head, hreast, or any other part 
of the body. 

Aura efiitefitica, a sensation of air 
peculiar to a paroxysm of epi- 

Jura vitatis, animal heat, or life. 

seminis, the vivifying portion of 
the male semen, by which impreg- 
nation is effected. 

Aurangia, an orange. 

Aurantia, oranges. 

Chinensis, China, or sweet 

Aurantia Curassoventia, Curassoa ap- 
ples or oranges. 

Aurantia cnascentia, ? unripe oran- 
immatura, 3 ges. 
dulcia, sweet oranges. 

Aurantium, > an orange ; the 

malum, 3 orange tree. 

Aurantium Hisjialense, ? the Seville, 
Hispanieuse, ) or bitter 

Aurantii cortex, orange peel. 

corlicis syrujius, syrup of 
orange rind 

Aurantii linctura, tincture of orange 

Aurata, a fish called the gilt-head. 

Auratus, gilt. 

germanoum, cil of cinna- 
mon and sugar. 

Aurea Alexandrina, Alexander's anti- 

Aurelia, a chrysalis ; the state of an 
insect before it gets its wings. 

Aureliana Canaden in Iroqueis, gin- 

Aureus, a pompous title to many 

Aureus arabwn, Denarius Romanus ; 
the seventh part of an ounce. 

Au: eus cu/t/llcris ntediue, golden 
maiden hair. 

:t a, > the right 
stra, 3 and left au- 

A U R 

Aureus ramus, the process of making- 

Aurichalcum, pinchbeck ; a composi- 
tion of zinc and copper. 

An icolla, borax. 

Aurico/uum, maiden. hair. 

Au icula, the external ear. 
cordis dext 
ricles of the heart. 

Auricula infima^ the lower part, or 
lobe of the ear. 

Auricula Judx, fungus sambuci, or 
Jew's ear plant. 

Auricula lejioris, the herb hare's ear. 
muris, creeping mouse ear. 
camerarii, sea kidney 

Auricula ursi, yellow bear's ear. 
lanciniata, sanicle. 

Auriculam rttrahentes, three muscles 
of the ear. 

Auricula: cordis, the right and left au- 
ricles of the heart, receiving the 
blood from the vense cavae and pul- 
monary veins. 

Auricula (gen.) alveariwn , the bot- 
tom of the ear where the wax is 

Auricula: Jud<z, a species of agaric ; 
Jew's ear. 

Auricula primus 7nusculus, 1 mus- 
secundus ?nusculus,y cles of 
the outer ear. 

Auriculuria, the ear-wort, or mentha 

Auricularis abductor, a muscle of the 
little finger. 

Auricularis digitus, the little finger. 
fnedicus, a physician for 
the ear. 

Auricularius, one curing diseases of 
the ear. 

Auricularum se/itwn, the septum, or 
division of the auricles of the heart. 

Auriculatus, } , ... 

AuHf,mns, \ sha P ed llke an ear ' 

Auriga, the fourth lobe of the liver ; 
a bandage for the sides ; a chari- 

Aurigo, the jaundice, or icterus. 

accidentalism jaundice arising 
from passion, fever, &c. 

A U R 
iurigo calculosa, jaundice arising 
from pall-stones. 

Auriga febricasa, jaundice returning 
with attacks of fever. 

Aurigo febrilis, jaundice arising from 
continued fever. 

Auriga hefiatica, jaundice arising from 
inflamed liver. 

Auriga hyste icd, jaundice arising 
from hysteric spasm. 

Auriga Indica, the yellow colour of 
indigenous Indians. 

Auriga neofihytorum, the jaundice at- 
tacking infants soon after birth. 

Auriga ab obstruciione, jaundice from 
a thickened bile. 

Auriga filethorica, jaundice from con- 
gestion of blood in the liver. 

Autigo purulent , jaundice from ab- 
scess in the liver. 

Auriga rachialgica, jaundice accom- 
panying colica pictonum. 

Aurigo typhodes, the yellow fever of 
the West Indies, 

Aurigo a vencnis, jaundice arising 
from the action of poisons. 

Auripigmentum, arsenicum nativum ; 
yellow orpiment. 

Aurifugmentumrubrum i Tea\g2LY ; arse- 
nic, sulphur, and lime. 

Auris, the ear. 

elevator, ~) . 

( muscles 
externus, V Pil 

... I ot the ear. 

obuquus, j 

alts anterior, a muscle of the 
. Juris externi Jiroprii, three muscles 

of the ear. 
Auris marina, a Scotch shell fish. 
Aurhcalpium, an ear pick, or scraper. 
Aurium sordes, the wax of the ear. 

tinnitus, a ringing noise in 
the ears. 
Aurmar, for auris marina. 
Aurora, the morning. 

conswgens, a fanciful term of 
alchemists expressing the vegeta- 
tion of their gold. 
Aurugo, the jaundice. See Aurigo. 
Aurum, gold, the most perfect me- 
furum elemjrium, amber. 

fu/minans, fulminating gold ; 

A V A 

a precipitate of gold from aqua re- 
gia by volatile alkali. 

Aurum horizontal, oil of cinnamon 
and sugar. 

Aurum leprosum, antimony. 

musivum, Mosaic gold ; tin, 
sulphur, sal ammoniac, and quick- 

Aurum jiotahile, gold dissolved and 
mixed with oil of rosemary to be 

Aurum fiulvis, gold dissolved and 

Aurum vegetabile, saffron. 

Aurus Brasiliensis, calamus aromati- 

Auster, austere ; the south wind. 

Austeritas, sourness ; austerity. 

Austerus, austere ; sour. 

Australia, southern. 

Austriceus, the pine tree. 

Austromantia, prediction of events 
from observing the winds. 

Autalis, tooth, or pipe-shell. 

Autarcia, content. 

Authemeron, the immediate action of 
a remedy, or one relieving the day 
it is taken. 

Autites, any pure remedy. 

Autocrateia, the self-preserving pow- 
er of the body ; vis medicatrix na- 

Autogenes, narcissus. 

Autoliihotomos, ) one who cuts him- 

Autolithotomus,} self for the stone. 

Aulomatos, } 

^^ 0W «^,5 s P° ntaneoils - 

Autophosfihorus, common phospho- 

Autofisia, ocular demonstration. 

Autofiyros, coarse bread. 

Autour, a bark resembling cinnamon 
from the Levant, and an ingredient 
in the carmine dye. 

Autumnus, autumn. 

Auxesis, the progress of disease. 

Auxiliarii musculi, the pyramidal 
muscles of the abdomen. 

Auxyris, the herb poet's rosemary. 

Auxungia, grease ; lard. 

Auzuba oviedi, a species of arbutus. 

Avaccan, a tree resembling the myr- 

' > the great wild oat. 
a, 5 b 


.fvanacu, a Molucca tree of a caustic 

. ivansis, auante ; dyspepsia. 

Avaramo temo t a Brasilian tree ; the 
bark said to cure cancer. 

Avellana, the filbert, or hazel nut. 
cat/iartica, Barbadoesnuts. 
Mexicana, cocoa and choco- 
late nut. 

Avellana Indiana versicolor, areca, or 
Indian nut. 

Avellana jmrgatrix, garden spurge, 
great ben, or purging filbert. 

Arena, the oat 

sativa, common oats. 
sterilis, the great wild oat. 

Avcnacca farina, oatmeal. 

Avenius, leaves with no visible veins. 

Avcrvjua, the maiden hair of Brasil. 

Avens, geum urbanum ; the herb 

Avcnzoar, an Arabian physician of 
the 1 1th century. 

Aver.sio, dislike ; metastasis ; altered 
position of the uterus ; nausea. 

Avcs, scented caudles, used in time 
of plague. 

Avcvctl, a species of fir. 

Avicenna, an Arabian physician, A. 
D. 980. 

Avicenna tomentosa, the Malacca bean 

Avicula Cu/iria, avcs Cypriae, scented 
candles used in time of plague. 

Avicula hermcticx, the essential salt 
of dew. 

Avicularia sylvia, the greater Yenus's 
looking glass. 

Avilu, an Indian apple with bitter ker- 

Avis medica, the peacock. 

Avium nigra, lauro-cerasus. 

Avo, the Madagascar althaea. 

AvoirdufioiSj a weight used for heavy 

Avornus, the black alder. 

Avoseta, an Italian water fowl. 

Avruncum, egg shells. 

.Ivraric, mercury. 

Avrum, amber. 

Axea commissure!, a species of articu- 

A Z E 

A.icdo, a charm producing impo- 

Axilla, the arm-pit. 

Axillaria arteria, a branch of the sub- 
clavian ; the axillary artery. 

Axillaris nerxms, a nerve of the arm- 
pit ; the axillary or articular 

Axillaris vena, a continuation of the 
subclavian vein ; in botany, grow- 
ing out of angles. 

Axioma, an axiom ; absolute, or self- 
evident truth, or maxim. 

Axirnach, superabundant fat. 

Axis, the axis, or centre ; the second 
vertebra, or first, according to 

Axis uteri, the centre of the womb in 
relation to its proper position in 
the pelvis. 

Axungia, hog's lard. 

castorei, castor ; the fat of 
the beaver. 

Axungia curata, purified hog's lard. 
luna, a species of terra si- 

Axungia tuna chymica, white bole. 
de mumia, marrow. 
soils, terra sigillata. 
vitri, sandiver, or salt ol 
glass ; a substance produced by 
making glass. 

Aijhorzat, gum galbanum. 

Aijcafihcr, burnt copper. 

Aycojihos, calcined brass. 

Azaa, red marl. 

Azac, gum ammoniac. 

Azadar achem arbor, the bread fruit. 

Azagor, verdigrise. 

Azamar, native cinnabar ; Vermil- 

Azane, \ the philosopher's stone ; a 

Azar, 5 drop. 

Azanitx action, } an ointment or 
ceratum, 3 cerate of some old 

Azarnel, orpiment. 

Azarolus, the Neapolitan medlar. 

Azarum, the wildnard. 

Azcd, a fine kind of camphor. 

Azedarachta, } a species of mclia ; 

Azedrachini, $ the bread fruit tree. 

Azedegrin, the blood-stone, or haema- 


. hcff, slate or scissile alum. 

. izeg, vitriol. 

. Izemafor, minium, or red lead. 

Azemator, native cinnabar. 

Azensali, a species of rock moss. 

Azvmar, calcined copper. 

Azius, assius, asius. 

Azob, a species k of alum ; alumen 

Azoch, ) the mercury of philoso- 

Azoth, 5 phers ; an imaginary uni- 
versal remedy; the liquor of sub- 
limed quicksilver ; brass. 

Azom, heated, or boiled butter. 

Azot, 1 a name in the new che- 

Azotr, Lmistry for the basis ofat- 

Azotum, J mospherical air, and of 
ammonia, nitrous acid, &c. azotic 
gas ; mephitic or phlogisticated 
air ; atmospheric mephitis ; ni- 

. izragar, verdigrise . 

Azub, alum. 


Azul, lapis lazuli. 

Azur, red coral. 

Azurium, a chemical preparation de- 
scribed by Albertus Magnus, of 
quicksilver, sulphur and sal ammo- 

Azutum, the Armenian stone. 

j / ' > the os sphenoides. 
Azyges, } * 

Azygos, without its fellow. 

morgagni, a muscle of the 

Azygos processus, a process of the os 

Azygos uvula, a muscle of the uvu- 

Azygos vena, a vein within the tho- 
rax arising from the vena cava su- 

Azymar, native cinnabar ; vermillion. 

Azymos, \ unleavened, unfermented 

Azynnts,) bread. 


/? IN the chemical alphabet sig- 
> nifies quicksilver. 

Babuzicarius, the night mare. 

Boeotian, the cabbage seed, or rape. 

Bacca, a berry ; a pearl ; in botany, 
a fleshy, or pulpy pericarpium, 
the seeds within which have no 
other covering or cell. 

Bacca Monsfielliensis, the great flea- 

Baccalia, bay, or laurel tree. 

Baccantes, like to, or resembling ber- 

Baccar, > great fleabane ; plough- 

Baccharis, 3 man's spikenard. 

Bacca, berries ; small roundish fruit 
growing scattered upon trees and 
shrubs, and thereby distinguished 
from those which grow in clusters, 
termed Acini. 

Bacca Bermudenaea, soap, or Bermu- 
das berries ; the fruit of the sapin- 
dui saponaria of Linnaeus. 

Bacca junipcri, juniper berries. 

Bacca: laur/, laurel berries. 

norlanclica, fruit of the rubus 
arcticus, or shrubby strawberry. 

Bacca piscatoria, cocculus Indicus. 

Bacchia, a pimpled face ; gutta ro- 
sacea ; the ivy. 

Bacchus, a heathen god ; wine ; the 
mullet fish. 

Baccifer, bacciferous ; berry bearing. 

Baccinia, the black-berry. 

Baccili, ""] lozenges shaped into small 

Barilla, 'rolls ; small scented can- 

Bacilll, fdles ; a stick ; an instru- 

Bacculi,) ment in surgery ; also 
some chemical instruments. 

Bacillum, a lozenge ; a stick for stir- 

Bacoba, the American Banana tree. 

Baculus, bacillum. 

Badatis, the herb Clava Herculis. 

Badiaga, a*small spongy plant of 
some northern countries, used to 
take away the livid marks of blows 
and brai < 

B A L 

Badranum semen, Indian aniseed. 

Badiza aqua, Bath water. 

Badhis, walking. 

Bad arc , ? . ., , , 

jo I L . \ cappans ; the caperbush. 

Badzchcr, an antidote ; bezoar. 

Backea, a genus in botany ; class mo- 

Bccos, a kind of cataplasm. 

Baothryon, a species of scirpus. 

JBagnio, a bath ; a bathing or sweat- 
ing house ; in Turkey the prisons 
for the slaves are called Bagnios. 

Bahei coyolli,thc areca,or Malabarnut. 

Bahelscidli, the Indian thorny broom. 

Bahobab, the calabash tree of Africa ; 
a species of adansonia yielding the 
terra sigillata lemnia. 

Baiac, ceruse ; white lead. 

Bala, the plantain tree. 

Baillement, yawning, or stretching. 

Balana, the whale. 

macrocephala, the spermaceti 

Balana major, the larger kind of 

Balana vulgaris, the common whale., the tamarind. 

Balanda, the beach tree. 

Balandina, a factitious stone. 

Bulanghas, a species of sterculia. 
:>ii, an acorn-like fish. 

. ' > (oleum) ben nut oil. 
Balannium, 3 

Balanitis, a kind of round chesnut. 

icastanum, the earth nut.' 

Balixnos, ^ an acorn ; an oak ; the E- 

tus, 3 gyptian palm tree ; any 

tree yielding a fruit like acorns ; a 

suppository ; a pessary ; the glans 


v myrefisica, the oily acorn, or 
ben nut. 

cies of the fossil car- 
Balaustia, } the balaustine, or wild 
Balaustium, 3 pomegranate tree. 
Balaustii Jlores, the flowers of the 

balaustine, or pomegranate. 
Balbus, tongue-tied ; a stammerer. 
lies, stammering, hesitation, or 
Feet of speech. 


sand bath. 

B A L 

Balchus, the Arabian gum bdel- 

Ballia mucca fiiru, the male ba-lsam 

Baliolus, a negro. 

Batista os, the astragalus, or first 
bone of the foot. 

Baloon, ~\ 

Balon, 1 a large glass receiver in 

Ballon, fform of a globe. 

Balloon, J 

Ballote, or ballota, the black, stinking 

Bulntabilis, water fit for bathing. 

Balneum, a bath, or washing place. 
animale, the wrapping any 
part of an animal, just killed, 
round the body, or a limb. 

Balneum arena, 


calidum, a hot bath. 
frigidum, a cold bath. 
Maria, ~) a warm water 
maris, 3 bath. 
medicatum, a, bath impreg- 
nated with drugs. 

Balneal)} sicciun, a dry bath, either 
with ashes, sand, or iron filings. 

Balneum sidjihureum, a sulphur 

Balneum tejndum, a tepid, or warm 
bath, 96 deg. Fahr. 

Balneum vaporis, a vapour bath. 

Balsamatio, embalming. 

Balsamea, the balm of Gilcad fir. 

Balsamelaon, balm of Gilead. 

Balsamella", the male balsam apple. 

Balsami oleum, balm of Gilead. 

Balsandca, balsamics; warm, stimu- 
lating, demulcent medicines of a 
smooth and oily consistence. 

Btdsamijera arbor, any tree yielding a 

Balsamifera arbor Brasilicnsis, the 
balsam capaibatree. 

Balsamifera arbor Indicana, the Peru- 
vian balsam tree. 

Balsamina,-the male balsam apple. 

lutea, the persicaria sili- 
quosa, or touch-me-not. 

Balsamiia, herb costmary ; alecost ; 
the oriental ox -eve daisv. 

B A L 

Balaamita lutea, persicaria. 

minor^ sweet maudlin. 
major, costmary. 
Balaamum, a balsam, or balm, liquid 
resin ; a fluid, odorous, combusti- 
ble substance?. 
Bahamian Egy/itiacum, tbe balm of 

Balaamum anodynum, tacamahacca 
distilled with turpentine ; soap li- 
niment, and tincture of opium. 
Balaamum dl/rinum, balm of Gilead. 
ylmcricanum, Peruvian bal- 
Balaamum antimonii, a remedy for 

Balaamum arctei, gum elemi and su- 
Balaamum artijiciale, artificial balsam; 
compound medicines made of a 
balsamic consistence and fra- 
Balaamum dsiaticum, h&\m of Gilead. 
Canaden&e, balsam of Ca- 
nadian fir ; Canadian balm of Gi- 
Balaamum Carfiathicum, Carpathian 
balsam obtained from the Pinus 
Balaamum cr/ihalicum, distillation of 

oils, nutmeg, cloves, amber, Sec. 
Balaamum commendatoris, storax, ben- 
zoe, myrrh, aloes, Sec. compound 
tincture of benzoin. 
Balsamutn brazilienae,'^ balsam of 
cof uibx, ! copaivae, or 
iv&y ; capivi of 

de cofiai/iUfJ the Spanish 
West Indies. 
Balaamum embryonum, a preparation 

of aniseed. 
Balaamum genuinum antiquorum, ~} 
Gilradcr/sr, ^ 

the balm of Gilead ; a resinous 
juice of Arabia Felix. 
Balaamum guaiacinum, guaiacum, bal- 
sam of Peru and spirits of wine. 
Balaamum Guidonis, bulsamum ano- 

turn Hungaricum, balsam from 
a coniferous tree on the Carpathian 


Bahamian Judaicum, balm of Gilead. 
lucatclli, oil, turpentine, 
wax, and red saunders.' 
Balaamum c Mecca, } hardened 

Meccanum, ^ balm of Gi- 
Balsamum naturale, a natural balsam, 
which has not yet assumed a con- 
crete form, as. common turpentine, 
balsam copaivae, peru, See. 
Balsamum odoriferum, oil, wax, and 

any essential oil. 
Balsamum Persicum, balsamum com- 
Balsamum Pcruvianum, balsam of 

Balsamum Pcruvianum album, white 

balsam of Peru, or white storax. 
Balaamum Peruvianum nigrum, the 
black or common balsam of Peru. 
Balsamum rakasiri, a balsam resem- 
bling copaiba, or tolu ; supposed 
Balaamum samcch, salt of tartar dul- 
cified by spirits of wine. 
Balsamum safionaceum, opodeldoc. 

sulurni, sugar of lead and 
Balsamum auceinij oil of amber. 

sulfihuris, sulphur boiled 
with oil. 
Balsamum sulfihuris anisatum, balsam 

of sulphur and oil of aniseed. 
Balaamum sulfihuris Barbadense, sul- 
phur boiled with Barbadoes tar. 
Balsamum sid/ihuris crasswn, thick 

balsam of sulphur. 
Balsamum sul/i/iuris tercbinthinatum, 
balsam of sulphur, and oil of tur- 
Balsamum sulfihuris simfilex, sulphur 

bailed with oil. 
Balsamum Syriacum, balm of Gilead. 
terebmthinct, oil of turpen- 
tine thickened by boiling. 
Balsamum tolutanum, ) balsam 

toiuifercc talsatni, £ tolu of 
the Spanish West Indies. 
Balsamum traumaticum, benzoe, a- 
loes, and balsam of Peru ; vulne- 
rary balsam ; compound tincture 
of benzoin; friar's balsam. 



Bahamian universale, unguentum sa- 

Balsamum verum, balm of Gilead. 

viHde, linseed oil, turpen- 
tine, and verdigrise. 

Balsamum vita Hoffmanni, oils, nut- 
megs, cloves, lavender, kc. di- 
gested together. 

Balteus, a belt, or girdle. 

Balux, sand of rivers mixed with 

Balzoinum, the gum Benjamin. 

Bambalio, a stammerer ; one who 

Bambatus, pickled ; maronated. 

Bambax, bombyx ; cotton. 

Bamiamoschata, Egyptian musk mal- 

Bambos, > , . , 
„ , S- the bamboo cane. 
Bambu, } 

Bamma, a sauce ; a pickle ; mustard. 

Ban arbor, the coffee tree. 

Banana, the banana ; the fruit of the 
musa sapientum, or banana tree of 

Banana fiaradisaica, the plantain tree 

Banc/a, the wild parsnip. 

Bandura, a curious narcotic plant of 

Bangc Indorum, ~) an intoxicating pre- 

Bangue, 3 paration of the 

leaves of a kind of wild hemp 
(cannabis indica) in great estima- 
tion in the east. 

Banica, the wild carrot. 

Banilia, ? ... 
„ ., > vanilla. 
Barillas, 3 

Banistera, a foreign tree resembling- 

Banksia, a genus of the order mono- 
gynia ; class tetrandria. 

Bannock, (Scot ) a sort of oat cake. 

Baobab, bahobab. 

Bafites, ~) a soft bituminous fossil, 

Bafitua, $ used by the ancients in me- 

Bafuica coccus, the scarlet grain ; 
kcrmes berry. 

Bapti ,ecula, the corn-flower, or blue- 

Baptisterium, a bath. 

Barac, nitre. 

15 \ R 
Barametz, a plant called Scythian 

Baras, alphus, or leuce, a species of 

Barathrum, any unwholesome ca- 
Barha, the beard ; the smaller claws 

of polypus fish ; the fish barbel. 
Burba aronis, arum, or wake Robin. 
ca/ircv, ulmaria or queen of the 

Barha coi ollni ringmtis, the lower lip 

of a ringent or gaping corolla. 
Barha hirci, the plant tragopogon, or 

goat's beard. 
Barha jovis, the silver bush ; the 

shumach ; sempervivum mains. 
Barbarea, Barbara's herb ; winter 

cresses ; garden rocket ; rocket 

Barbaria, > rhubarb. See Rha- 
Barburiann, ) barbarum. 
Barha rum, a plaster mentioned by 

Scribonius Largo. 
Barbatina, a Persian vermifuge seed. 
Barbatus, bearded, or covered with a 

downy substance. 
Burhoia, the barbut, a small river fish. 
Barbotinwn, semen santonicum. 
Barbcdus,~) ( . . . , . . 

Barbo, l tb ? barbd ; an oblou S 
liar bus, J 

Bc.rbijla, the common damask prune. 
Bar bid a, the half florets of compound 

Barbyrousa, a species of Indian hog. 
Barduna, arctium lappa, clotbur, or 

great burdock. 
Barduna arctium, woolly headed bur- 
Bardana major, the great burdock; 

Bardana minor, lesser burdock, or 

Barig!ia,~>\he„ ashes of kelp; the 
Barilla, 5 unrefined mineral or fixed 

fossil alkali. 
Bark ria, ? , . , , 

Barrelia,\ the herb snapdragon. 
Burrclieri, the American red oxalis, 

also Spanish rocket. 
Barometrum, the barometer; an in- 

a barometer. 

B A S 
.strument used in determining the 
weight and changes of the atmos- 

<*>'"" -' C the plant Scythian lamb. 
Baronetz, ) l ' 

Baronet^ small worms. 

Barofitis ) a black stone ; antidote to 
venomous biles. 

Baroa, 1 weight ; an uneasy weight 

Burns, j in any part ; a substance re- 
sembling camphor, distilled from 
the roots of the true cinnamon 

/in oacofioa, 


Bur ■tholinianx glandulx, the sublingual 

Barycoia, deafness. 

Baryococcalon, stramonium. 

Baryfihonia, difficult speech. 

Bary/ucron, common wormAvood. 

Barijs, heavy. 

Baryta, barytes ; heavy earth ; terra 

Bassaal, an Indian anthelmintic tree. 

Basaltes*& heavy, hard, dark-colour- 
ed stone of a regular form, allied 
to granite. 

Basanitcs, a kind of touchstone. 

Bu.sclla, Malabar climbing night- 

Baaiatio, sexual intercourse. 

Batfiator, constrictor labiorum. 

Basilar e, a name applied to several 
bones, as the cuneiform, sphenoid, 
and sacral bones, ike. 

Basilaria arteria, an artery of the 
brain ; a branch of the vertebral. 

Basildon, an eye-wash of Aetius. 

Baailiaris a/io/iliysis, the large occi- 
pital apophysis. 

Baailiaris processus, the basillary, or 
cuneiform process. 

Basilica, the herb basil. 

mediana, the middle vein of 
the arm. 

Basilica nu.v, the walnut. 

vena, the inner vein of the 

Batihcum, the herb basil. 

unguentum Jlavum, basi- 
Iicon ointment ; unguentum resi- 
wx. flavse. 

BasiUcus fiulvis, the royal powder, 

formerly calomel, rhubarb, and 

jalap ; now calomel, scammony, 

and sugar. 
Basilidion, an itch ointment of Galen. 
Basilis, a colly rium of Galen. 
Basiliscus, the basilisk, a poisonous 

serpent ; the philosopher's stone ; 

corrosive sublimate. 
Baaioglosai, two muscles depressing 

the tongue. 
Basio-fiAaryngai, muscles of the os 

Basis, the principal ingredient ; a 

support or basis. 
Basis cerebri, palatum. 

cordis, the broad part of the 

Bassi colica, a compound of spices 

aiK'. honey. 
Basterna, a close litter. 
Batatas, the common potatoe. 
Batavis, a species of privet. 
Bate/a, the wild carrot. 
Bathmis, } a seat, basis, or founda- 
Bathmus,§ tion ; a sinus, or articu- 
lating cavity. 
Bathonia aqua, Bath water. 
Bathron, ~) the seat of support ; also 
Buthrum, $ the scamnum Hippocra- 

tis, an instrument used for ex- 
tension in fractures. 
Bathiflycron, absinthium latifolium ; 

a species of wormwood. 
Bathys, Roman cheese. 
Batia, a retort. 
Baticula, crithmum or sea fennel; 

the greater samphire. 
Batillus cubicularius, a warming pan. 
Batinon moron, the raspberry. 
Batia, samphire ; the thornback. 
Batiiura, } the ignited squamae of 
Battitura, $ metals. 
Butos, a bramble, or blackberry tree. 
Batracldoides, a species of geranium. 
Batrac/iites, toad-stone. 
Batruchium, geranium; cranesbill ; 

Batrachus, ranula ; a tumour under 

the tongue. 
Battarismus, stammering. 
Buttata Virginiuna, 
Battatas, Battatus, 

the potatoe. 


Battatas ( Ilelenium Indi- 

cum, Jerusalem artichoke 

Battatas Hisfianica, > the Spanish 
occidentaRa, 3 potatoe. 
fieregrina, American cathar- 
tic potatoe. 

Batti ecida, the blue-bottle, or corn- 

Bat/us, a load-stone. 

Baucia, the wild carrot. 

Bauda, a vessel for distillation. 

Bauhhiia. mountain ebony. 

Baurach, borax ; natron ; nitrum. 

Baxa;a, a poisonous Indian tree. 

Bazcher, en antidote. 

Bdalsis, suction. 

Bde'.lus ~> a horse-leech ; a dilated 

Bdellerum,§ or varicose vein. 

• African resinous gum 

Bdeilus, a discharge of wind down- 

Bdehiemi • } , 

R , /■ . 5- any nauseous odour. 
Bdetyrm, s, ' 

Bcbtevs, strong ; firm. 

Bebrus, the beaver, or castor. 

Beccabunga,} brook lime; water pim- 

Becabunga, 3 pernel 

Becaadne, the woodcock. 

Becca- the resin of the mastich, and 

turpentine trees 

Bechion, > tussilago, or the herb 
Bechium, $ coltsfoot. 
Becuiha nujc, a nut of Brasil yielding 

a balsam. 
Bcdalach, a yellow kind of bdellium, 

yielding a balsam. 
Bede frangi, the Persian name for 

Bedegue^a species of thistle; spon- 

gia rosae, a rough excrescence 

formed by a species of ichneumon 

on the rosa canina. 
Beenel, an evergreen of Malabar. 
Beesha, a species of bamboo. 
Beetla, the East India belle plant. 
Begma, expectorated mucus ; a 

Beguill, a species of apple yielding a 

pulp like a strawberry. 

urpennne trees, 

7fe-to,J relleVin S 




Bchem, ~) the white and red bchem 

Behemen, $ herb 

Behen a/burn, white ben bean, or be- 

Behen officinarum, spading poppy. 

rubrum, sea lavender ; red lic- 

Behen abrad Arabrum, white ben. 
-el-ossar, an Egyptian plant. 

Bejuto, the bean of Carthagena. 

Bela-aye, ~? an astringent bark of 

Belae, 3 Madagascar. 

Belemnites, a fossillime stone ; thun- 
der-bolts or thunder-stones. 

Belemnoides, j> the styloid processes ; 
ides, 5 die process at the low- 
er end of the ulna. 

Beleson, a balsam. 

Belgis cabeliau, the cod-fish. 

Beli, a tree of Malabar with astrin- 
gent fruit. 

Belilia, a berry-bearing shrub of In- 

Belladonna, deadly nightshade ; atro- 

Beltegu, -] 

Belleregi, ! myrobalani bellerici, or 

Belnileg, , Arabian purging plums. 


Belliculusyihe periwinkle; a shell- 

aatrum, a species of doronicum, 
also of osmites. 

BelRdioidea, the herb ox-eye ; maud- 

Belliricus marinas, the periwinkle. 

Bellis, the daisy. 

csrulea, the French daisy. 
afoliis profundi*, 7 the 
subrottindis,) corn 

Bellis minor, consolida minima, or 
common daisy ; bruisewort. 

Bellis montana fruteacena acria, puni- 
tory of Spain. 

Bellis sylvestria, the ox eye ; niaud- 

Bellis major, great ox-eye daisy. 

rami llifera jhne- 

ficana, the common chamomile. 

Belioculua, a precious stone ; a white 

the musk mallow. 


B E N 

Bett&n, the Devonshire colic, or colica 


Belbma, a plant with a leaf like mint. 

Batmoachus, ) 

Belmuecua, 3 

Bellonio, } ,. , 

,, .. . > a species ol cedar. 
BellomSf ) 

Beloere, an Indian, purging, ever- 
green plant. 



Belone, a needle. 

Belulcum, an ancient instrument to 
extract arrows or darts. 

Bclutta tsjampacam, a large tree of 

Beluzaar, an antidote. 

Belvedere, the herb goose foot ; sow- 

Belzoe, } the gum benzoin and 

Bclzmnum, 3 its tree. 

Belzuar mhterale, the fossil bezoar. 

Belzur, metallic fossils. 

Bcm-curini, an Indian shrub used in 

Bem-tamara, the Egyptian bean. 

/ic;/, the oily acorn, oily nut, or ben 

Ben magnum, the great ben, or purg- 
ing filbert. 

Benatfi, small pustules produced in 
the night after sweating. 

Benedicta aqua, simple lime water ; 
serpyllum water. 

Benedicta aqua composita, compound 
lime water. 

Benedicta hefba, the herb bennet. 

laxitiva, a purge of tur- 
Ix th, scammony, anise. Sec. 

Benediction, lignum, the guaiacum 

Benedictum oleum, oil of bricks. 

vinum, antinionial wine. 

Benedictus, a term formerly used for 
the milder purges, as rhubarb, Sec. 
and since applied to several com- 
pounds, on account of good 
qualities, as vinum benedictum, &'c. 
lapis, the philosopher's 

Beneolentia, sweet smelling medi- 
Bt?!gale?itis,va\ Indian tree. j 

Bengallc Indorum, the casmunar ; an 

East Indian plant. 
Bengi-eiri, the evergreen cataputiaof 

Bemnganio, a large American fruit. 
Benivi arbor," 

Beuivfera, the Benjamin tree, 
Benjoinuni) and the gum ; the 
Benjoivum, j> tree yielding ti;e '.rum 
Benjovinum, I benzoin ; indigenous 
Benjui, j in Asia and America. 

uvum, J 
Benkadali, an East Indian shrub ; the 

Benzoas, benzoat ; the name in the 

new chemistry of the compounds 

of the acid of gum benzoin with 

different bases. 
Benzoe, the gum benzoin tree. 

amygdaloides, the white and 

best pieces of gum benzoin. 
Benzoe communis, the brown inferior 

sort without the tears. 
Benzoicum acidum, acid of benzoin ; 

flowers of Benjamin. 
Benzol fera, } . , 

Benzoin, 5 the 8 Um benzoin trce ' 
Benzoinum, the gum benzoin. 
BenzoesJIores, flowers of Benjamin, 

or acid of benzoin. 
Benzoini mc 1, magistery, or 

precipitate of gum Benjamin. 
Benzoini oleum, oil of Benjamin. 
Be , an East India tree. 
Berbengine, the love apple. 
Berberi, shells from which pearls are 

Berbaris,} the barberry, or peppe- 
Berberis,§ ridge bush. 

sal CKscntiale, essential salt 

of barberries. 
Berberis gelatini, barberries boiled in 

Berdir man, greater bistort, or snake- 
Bercdrias, an ointment mentioned 

by Aetius. 
Berenice, amber. 
Berenicium, nitre. 

/<ereni seci/m, artemisia, ormugwort. 
Beretinus fructm, a Malacca fruit. 
Be gamote, > an agreeable fruit, a 
Bergamot, ) species of citron ; the 

B E T 

rind yielding a perfume, the es- 
sence of bergamot. 

Serg-gruin, green ochre ; a species 
of earth used as a pigment. 

Bcriberia, > a loss of motion in a joint 

Beriberi, ^ from rigidity ; a peculiar 
paralytic disease of the East Indies. 

Bericocca, the apricot. 

Berillus, beryllus. 

Bcrmudiana, a lily-like plant of Ber- 

Bemardia, a plant like the ricinus. 

Bemarvi, an electuary in India. 

Bernhardt testicular, king's spear, 
and yellow asphodel. 

Bernliardus eremita, the wrong heir ; 
Bernard the hermit, or soldier fish. 

Btrnicla, the road goose ; branta. 

Berricnift, colophony, or black rosin ; 
gum juniper. 

Bers, an exhilarating electuary of 

Berulu, brook lime. 

Gallica, upright water par- 

Beryllus, the aqua marina, or beryl. 

Bcrytion, an eye-water ; a lozenge 
for dysentery. 

Bes, a measure of ei.u;ht ounces. 

Besachar, a sponge, or fungus. 

Besa&a, the wild rue. 

Besbase^ mace. 

Besleria, a plant. 

Besenna, ~f a fungus ; a receptacle of 

Besonna,^ flies. 

Bcxsancn, £ a redness of the skin, of 

Besmnnen, ^ the face and extremi- 
ties ; chilblains. 

Besto, saxifrage. 

Beta, the beet plant. 

alba, common white beet. 
■nigra, turnip-rooted red beet. 
pallescen::, white beet. 
rubra, turnip-rooted, red, or 
Roman beet, or beetrave. 

Beta sulvcslris, wild beet. 

Betele, ~] an oriental plant, like the 

Betelle, J tail of a lizard, chewed by 

Bethle, } the Indians, makes the teeth 

Beila, \ black ; is cordial and exhi- 

Belle, J larating. 

Beton ka, common betony. 

. clove Julv flower. 

B E Z 

Bctonicu aauatica, water betony • 
greater water figwort. 

Betonica coronaria, clove July flower. 
Pauli, male speedwell. 
su/ierba, the pink. 

Bctrc, the betle plant of the Indians. 

Bet tunica* great water dock. 

Betula, the birch tree. 

alnus, alder tree. 

Betulus, the oyster. 

Bcutua, pareira brara. 

Bex, a cough. 

Bexugo, a species of virgin's bower. 

Bexaguillo, > the Peruvian ipecacu- 

Bvxuguillo, 5 anha. 

Beya, aqua mercurialis. 

Bezahan, fossile bezoar. 

Bczetta cocrulea, litmus; the juice of 
the croton tinctorium. 

Bezoar, an antidote ; an epithet for 
a stony morbid laminated sub- 
stance found in many animals. 

Bezoar animate, bezoar of animals. 

bovinu/n, bezoar from the ox. 
fossile, a stone of France and 
Italy ; Sicilian earth. 

Bezoar Germanicum, bezoar from the 
Alpine goat. 

Bezoar hystricis', bezoar of the Indian 

Bezoar microcosmicum, urinary cal- 

Bezoar minerale, ammites. 

occidentale, American bezoar 
from the American goat. 

Bezoar orientate, bezoar Germani- 

Bezoar Peruvianum, bezoar from the 
American goat. 

Bezoar jiorci, bezoar of the porcu- 

Bezoar simia, bezoar of the monkey. 

Bezoardica radix-, contrayerva root. 
te> ra, an Italian earth. 

Bezoardicum joviale, bezoar of tin, 
differing but little from the anti- 
hecticum poterii. 

Bezoardicum isolate, a preparation of 
antimony and silver. 

Bezoardicum irtartiale, a preparation 
of iron and antimony. 

Bezoardicum minerale, a preparation 
of antimony. 

B I E 

Bczoardtcum saturni, a preparation 
of antimony and lead. 

Bezoardicus fudvis, oriental bczoar. 

Bezoarticum, of the nature of bezoar. 
miner ate) an inert calx of 

Bezoarticus ajiiritus nitri, the distilled 
acid of the bezoarticum minerale. 

Bezooa, a common chemical epithet. 

Bianco, Alexandrina, album Hispani- 

Biaon, wine of sun raisins and sea 

Bibere, to drink. 

Bibinella, the plant pimpernella. 

Bibitorius musculus, adductor oculi ; 
a muscle of the eye. 

Bibliotliccu, a library. 

Bibulua la/iis, the pumice stone. 

Bicaudalis, having two tails. 

Biceps musculus, any muscle with two 
insertions, or heads. 

Bicc/is cubit/, a muscle of the arm. 
extemua, a muscle of the leg-. 
extensor, a muscle of the back 
part of the arm. 

Bicefiafemoria, a muscle of the thigh. 

Jlexor, "J a flexor 

humeri, i- muscle of 

internus humeri,} the fore 

part of the arm. 

Bice/is tibia, a muscle of the leg. 

Bichichix, lozenges made with liquo- 

Bichos, a worm in India that gets un- 
der the toe nails. 

Bicion, tares or vetch. 

Bicorne, os hyoides. 

Bicornis, any muscle with a double in- 

Bicornis /u'scis, the fish called cuc- 

Bicucidlatus, double-hooded. 

Bicuafiides, the molares, or grinding 

Bidena, having two teetli ; Water 
hemp, or agrimony. 

Bidens urtica, ) acmella, a native 
Zeylanica, \ plant of Ceylon. 

Biduum, two clays. 

Birnnialis, I applied to plants conti- 
nuing two years. 


B I L 

Biforiua, applied to leaves pointing 
two ways. 

Bifer, bearing double, or twice in a 

Bifidus, cloven, or cut in two parts. 

Biflorua, bearing two flowers. 

Bifblium, the plant wood-bifoil, or 

Biformia, of two forms. 

BifUrcua, bifurcated, or divided into 
two branches. 

Bigaster, applied to muscles with two 

Bigem'mus, a cloven stalk with two 
leaves on each division. 

Bigemmia, with two buds. 

Bigener, a mule ; a mongrel. 

Bignonia, trumpet flower, or scarlet 

Bi/iai, a lily-like American plant. 

Bihernius, having two ruptures. 

Bijugus, having two pairs of leaves. 

Bi/abiatus, having two lips. 

Bikulen, a name of iron or steel. 

Bflamellalua, with a double stigma. 

Biliarius /ior us, .ductus hepatici origo. 

Biliaris, belonging to the bile. 

Biliaria arteria, the biliary artery ; a 
branch of the hepatic. 

Bilivibi, the Indian apple, or billing- 

Biliosus, bilious ; of the nature of 
bile ; abounding in bile. 

Biliosus ductus, biliary duct ; small 
canals forming conjointly the duc- 
tus hepaticus, by which the bile is 
conveyed from the liver. 

Biliosa febris, the bilious or autum- 
nal remittent fever. 

Bilioia ardens febris, the burning, bi- 
lious, West-Tndian or yellow fever. 

Bias, the bile, or gall, secreted by the 

Bilis atra, black bile, supposed cause 
of melancholy. 

BUis cystica,') the bile when in the 
fellea, J gall bladder. 
hepatica, the bile when it has 
not entered the gall-bladder. 

Billing-bvng, the Indian apple. 

Bilobus, having two lobes. 

Bilocularia, having two cells. 

B I S 

Bimembris, double limbed. 

Bi net v ., two months old. 

Bimus) two years old. 

Binarius, two; by twos. 

Binatus, leaves pointing two ways. 

Bingalle, the cassumunar root. 

Binoculus, a bandage for both the 

Binsica, a disordered mind, or ima- 

Binsica mors, the binsical, or that 
death which follows a disordered 

Bintambant Zeylanensis, a purgative 
plant of Ceylon. 

Biolyc/ndum, vital heat; an officinal 

Bios, life and its course ; nutrition. 

Biote, life; light food. 

Biothanati, those who die a violent 

Bijmriitus, consisting of two divi- 

Bifiemulla, the plant pimpernel. 

Bi/ies, two footed. 

Bifie talus, having two flower leaves or 

Bifiinnatus, doubled winged. 

Bifiinnella, the plant pimpernel. 

Bifmla, a species of vermis, or worm. 

Bira, malt liquor, or beer. 

Birao, stone parsley ; the true amo- 

Eircthus, cucullus ; a medicated cap. 

Birsen, an inflammation, or abscess 
in the breast. 

Bis, monkshood ; hemlock ; twice. 

Biscocius, biscuit, or bread much 

Biscutella, mustard ; a genus in Lin- 
naeus' botany. 

Bisematum, an inferior sort of lead. 

Bisennas, clary, or garden clary. 

Bislingua, the plant double-tongue. 

Bismaloa, } in 

, > marshmallow. 
Bismalva, 3 

Bismuthum, bismuth, or tin glass ; 

a semi-metal. 
Bismiithiflores, sublimed bismuth. 

magistcium, magistery } or 

precipitate of bismuth ; Spanish 

Bisnagarica arbor, the cubeb tree. 

B L A 

Bison, the bison ; an American uni 
mal like an <>x. 
nvon, oil of pitch. 
Bi tachium, the pistachio nut tree. 
Bistorta, bistort, or snake weed of 

Bistoury, a kind of incision knife. 
Bistil, ~) furrowed ; having two 
Bisuleis,\ grooves ; cloven footed. 
Biternatus, being twice divided into 

Bithnimalca, the digestive principle. 
Bithi, or Bid, an eastern evergreen 

Bithinos, a Galenical plaster. 
Bythinici emfilastrum, a plaster for 
the spleen. 

en, mineral oil thickened by 
acids ; pitch. 
Bitumen Barbadense, Barbadoes pitch. 
fissile, fossd, or pit coal. 
gaga' is, bitumen of jet. 
Judaicum, fossil, or Jew's 
Bitumen liquidum, liquid pitch. 
Birualva, ~*| 

is, • bivalvous, leguminous 
Bivalvala, rplants. 

er, any muscle with two bel- 

r cavicis, > a muscle of the 
musculus, 5 lower jaw. 
Bixa oviedi, a fruit of New Spain. 
orell.'.na, the arnotto tree. 
any hurt. 
Blaccie, the morbilli, or measles. 
Blactara, a name for white lead. 
as, lisping ; stammering. 
■ a stammerer ; a paralytic 
person ; bandy legged. 
Blunca, a lenitive purge. 

inuUerum, ceruss ; white lead. 
Blanc tarbe, powder blue. 

n, the fern. 
Blandus, bland ; mild ; smooth. 
tisecula, the herb blue bottle. 
It s, locomotive power. 
Bhi a,\ 

^ a worm medicine. 

a, the shoot, or offset of a 
plant ; cutaneous eruption, or 

li L I 

m mosytitum, cassia bark kept 

with the wood. 
Blatta, a beetle ; the kermes insect ; 

the operculum, or lid of turbinated 


feetida, the slow-legged beetle, 

or book-worm. 
Blatta '>"' mid, Constantinople 

Blattariq. Intra, yellow moth mullein. 
Blattarioidea, a species of hieracium. 
BLu lea, the purple fish. 
Blatti, the wild Malabar plum tree. 
Blcclmon minus, the lesser branched 

Blcc/ion, wild pennyroyal. 
Blechrua, infirm. 
Blema, a wound. 
Blende, bismuth, a semi-metal ; 

false galena, a species of zinc ore. 
Blena, \ thick phlegm from the nos- 
Blenna, ) trils. 

Blennorrhea, > a running, or dis- 
Blennorrhagia, $ charge of mucus ; 

gonorrhoea ; gleet. 
Blennorrhagia Balani, gonorrhoea spu- 
Blennua, a fisb ; idiotic. 

{"**£■' \ the eyelids. 
Blefiharon, \ 

Bleftharidea, the cartilaginous edges 
of the eyelids ; the hair on the eye- 

Blefiharo/ihthalmia, inflammation of 
the eyelids. 

Blcfiharo/itms, a preternatural de- 
scent or prolapsion of the upper 

Bu/i/iarotis, inflammation of the eye- 

Blefiharoxysia, a brush for the eyes. 

Blc/i/iaroxyston, ) an instrument for 

Blefiharoxyatum, 5 examining the 
eyes ; rasp-like probe. 

Bleatriamua, phrenetic restlessness. 

Bleta, white ; milky urine. 

Bleti, ~) those seized with dyspnoea, 

lllctuH, $ or suffocation. 

niincta, red earth. 

Blitum,\\\t strawberry blite, or blight. 
BrasiHanum lusitanis, Brasil 



Blltum ca/iitellis sfiicatis terminalibus, 
strawberry spinage. 

Blitum cajutcllis sfiarsis lateralibus, 
blite with shoots from the sides. 

Blitum erectum, goosefoot, or sow- 

Blitum fcetidum, a species of orach. 

maximum, the flower gen- 

Blitum minus fiolusjiermum, goosefoot, 
or sowbane. 

Boa, a serpent of Calabria ; an erup- 
tion ; hidroa. 

Boanthemon, ~> , , , 

Boanthemum,\ the ox-ey ed p lant. 

Boas, a serpent of Calabria. 

Boax, the name of a fish. 

Boberri, turmeric. 

Bocconia, the greater tree celandine ; 

a native West Indian plant. 

Bochetum, a decoction of woods. 

Bochia,~) ,,. . , 

A . > a subliming vessel. 

Bocium, ~) a swelling of the bron- 
Bochium, £ chial glands. 
Boe, the moaning of a sick person. 
Boethema, a remedy. 
Boethematica semeia, favourable symp- 
toms in disease. 
Bogia gummi, the gamboge. 

Boiobi, an American serpent. 
Boitia/io, > venomous serpents of 
Bojobi, y Brasil. 
Bolbidion, a polypus fish. 
Bolbiton, ~) , 

Bolbitos\ C ™- dnn S- 
Kolbonac, herb satin, or honesty. 
Bolbos, an epithet for bulbous plants. 
Dolchon, gum bdellium. 
Bole sis, coral. 
Boleson, a balsam. 
Boletto, frit, or imperfect glass. 
Boletus, a species of fungus ; spunk. 

cervi, the mushroom. 

igniarius, agaric. 

pini laricis, agaricus albus. 

suaveolens, fungus salicis. 
Bolismus, bulimus ; a voracious ap- 
Bolum rubnvm, red bole. 


the rattlesnake. 

Armenian bole. 

B O L 

Bolus, a bolus, or lump ; an officinal 

formula like a pill. 
Bolus, bole ; a species of clay. 
Bolus alexijiharmica, a preparation of 

Bolus ex alumine, alum, bark, and 

Bolus Armena, 

Armenia, ^ 

alba, white Armenian 
Bolus arinoniaca, bole armeniac 
Blesseiisis, bole of Blois. 
e camfihora, camphor, gum 
arabic, and syrup. 
Bolus Candida, white bole. 

e castoreo, castor, salt of harts- 
horn and syrup. 
Bolus catliarticus, rhubarb and solu- 

tive syrup of roses. 
Bolus catliarticus cum mercurio, jalap, 

mercury, and syrup. 
Bolus communis, common bole. 

diaphoreticus, contrayerva, sal 
ammoniac, and syrup. 
Bolus diureticus, squills, arum, £.nd 

Bolus ad dysenteriam, aromatic con- 
fection, bole, and opium. 
Bolus emmenagogus, aloes, saffron, 

pepper, and savin. 
Bolutfabrilis, red chalk. 

■ febrifugus, bark, cascarilla, and 
Bolus Gallicus, French bole. 

hystericus, musk, assafoetida, 
and castor. 
Bolus Hungarica, Transylvanian bole. 
iliacus, cathartic extract, and 
Bolus Judaica,the marshmallow. 
Bolus Lemnia, Lemnian earth. 

mercurialis, calomel, and con- 
serve of roses. 
Bclus mercurialis emeticus, turbith mi- 
neral, and conserve of roses. 
Bolus orientalise Armenian bole. 

Pannonica vera, Transylvanian 
Bolus pectoralis, spermaceti, gum 

ammoniac, and salt of hartshorn. 
Bolus rhii cum mercurio, rhubarb 
and calomel. 

Ji O R 

Bolus rhcumatkus, guaiacurOj and sulr 
of hartshorn. 

Bolus scUliticus, squills and aroma- 

Bolus Silisiana, Lemnian earth. 

sudorijicus, camphor, and opi- 

Bolus ten binthivaius, turpentine and 

Bolus theriaeuli.s, theriaca, salt . of 
hartshorn, and camphor. 

Bolus Toccc viensis, Transylvanian 

B lunthon, cow's dung. 

Bombias, bombiat ; bombic, or acid 
of silkworms with various bases. 

Bombast, > , 

/^;^^-,5 thecotto,ltrcc - 

Bombus, a ringing in the ears ; borbo- 

Bombicum folliculi, silk worms' 

Bombicum ucidum, acid of silk 

Bombylius, a narrow-necked vessel. 

Bombyx, the silk worm. 

Bomfiournikelj the coarse bread of the 

Bon arbor, the coffee tree. 

BoZa,S thckidne Y bean - 

Bonasus, the Meuean wild ox. 

Bonduch Indorum,\ Molucca, or be- 
cinerea, 5 zoar nut. 

Bonifacio, hippoglossum, or the plant 
double tongue, or bislingua. 

Bontia, the West-Indian wild olive. 

Bonus Henricus, the herb English 

Boo/is, the name of a fish. 

Boos rhalassios, the sea cow. 

Boruce, ~j 

Boractrion, y borax. 

Boraxo, J 

Borago, the plant borage. 

Boras, borat ; the name for the com- 
pound of the acid of borax with 
different bases; borax; a neutral 

Boras soda, borat of soda, or common 




B O T 

Boraaaua, medullary summits of the 
palm tree. 

Borax, a native eastern salt, com- 
pounded of fossil alkali and seda- 
tive salt, or acid of borax. 

Borborodea, muddy ; earthy ; puru- 

Borborygmua, a rumbling noise in the 
intestines caused by wind. 

Borea&a, northern. 

Boreas, the north wind. 

Bori, those that have great appetites. 

Boridia, dry salted fish. 

Boritia, the philosopher's stone. 

Boriza, satin flower, or honesty. 

Borometz,\ the plant called Scythian 

Boronetz, J lamb. 

Boros, voracious. 

Borozail, a disease about the pubes, 
endemic in ./Ethiopia ; venereal 

Borrugo, the plant borragc. 

minima, the plant hound's 

Borri borri, turmeric ; 

Borrus, greedy. 

Boa, the ox ; bull ; cow ; heifer. 
Indiana, the buffaloe. 

Bom, an Egyptian fermented inebri- 
ating mass. 

Boaeaa, a species of bitumen or 

Boaeaa major, mallard; a species of 

fioscu.?, wild sage. 

Bosmoros, } c 

/^/^.v,5 as i )cciesofmcal - 

Botale foramen, foramen ovale. 

Botanum, Avashed lead. 

Botane, an herb 

Botania, } botany ; the knowledge of 

Bo/anica,$ vegetables and their uses. 

Botanicon, a plaster made of herbs. 

Botaniata, a botanist, or one skilled in 

Botargum, the salted spawn of a fish. 
Bothor, a general epithet for tumour 

and eruption. 
Bo//nio>i, an ulcerated cornea ; the 

socket of the tooth. 
Botia, acrophula ; a cucurbit. 
Bonn, turpentine, or a balsam of it. 
Botium, indurated bronchial glands. 


Botothimim, the most evident symp- 
tom or flower of a disease. 

Botou, the wild vine. 

Botrion, bothrion. 

Bottitis, > chemical terms; a spe- 

Botryites,} cies of calamine or tutty. 

Botrys, goosefoot ; wild orach, or Je- 
rusalem oak. 

Botrys Americana, > , . . 

nr ■ c Mexico tea. 

A/extcana, } 



Botrilua, a sausage. 

Botus, ~) cucurbita chemico- 

barbatus,} rum. 

Bovbulios, the wild cucumber ; pu- 
dendum muliebre. 

Bonbon, a tumor, or abscess ; the 

Bouceras, the fenugreek plant. 

Bougie, a rolled plaster of diachylon, 
quicksilver, and crude antimony, 
for the urethra ; a flexible instru- 
ment or wax candle. 

Boui, bohea tea. 

Boulimus, a voracious appetite. 

Boiauas, the plant napi. 

Boutua, the pareira brava, or wild 

Bovilla caro, beef. 

BovilU, the morbilli, or measles. 

Bovina affectio, disease incident to 

Bovina fames, bulimia. 

Bovista, a species of fungus ; puff 

Boxus, the misletoe. 

Boza, a Turkish drink. 

Brabejum, African almond tree. 

Brabyla, the Damascene plum. 

Brac/ierium, a truss or bandage for 

Brachia, the division of large branch- 
es of trees from the trunk. 

Brac/riana musculus, a muscle of the 

Brac/iiaiis externus, external brachial 

Brac/nxus interims, internal brachial 

Brachial, the wrist or carpus ; a 

Brac/tialis, belonging to the arm. 

arteria, the brachial ar- 


Brachialis externum, the external bra- 
chial muscle. 

Brachialis intemus, the internal bra- 
chial muscle. 

Brachiatus, branched out like arms. 

Brachitertius, teres major. 

Brachio ligamentum, a liga- 
ment of the upper part of the 

Brachio radiate ligamentum, an expan- 
sion of the lateral ligament of the 
os humeri. 

Brachium, the arm or humerus ; a 

Brachium movens quartus, latissimus 

Brachii moventium secundus, the del- 
toid muscle of the arm. 

Brachuna, furor uterinus. 

Brachchr -omits, a disease of short du- 

Brachujmxa, short breathed. 

Brochy/iotie, those who drink little. 

Brachys, a muscle of the scapula ; 

Bracium, copper or brass. 

Bractea, the floral leaf of a plant. 

Bractcariu, a genus of talcs. 

Bracieatus, having bractese. 

Brady/iejisia, slow and difficult diges- 

Brad',s, stow. 

Braggut, a ptysan of honey and wa- 
ter ; hydromel. 

Branca, a foot. 

leonis, lady's mantle ; lion's 

Branca ursina* herb bear's foot. 

Gcrmanica, cow par- 

veiled tonsils ; the glands 
the fauces which se- 
crete the saliva. 

Branchitz, the gills of a fish. 

BrancAue, catarrh with hoarseness ; 
a defluxion of humours upon the 

Branta, the road goose. 

Brasilia, Brasil wood. 

Brasiliana arbor aquatica, aninga, an 
aquatic Brasil tree. 

Brasiliana juglandi sitmlis, a tree like 
the walnut. 

n R i; 

Brasiliensis arbor siliguosa, the locust 

7 nsis radix, ipecacuanha. 
BrasiUs lignum, "> the red logwood of 
BrasilsttO) 3 Brasil. 

Brasiliun, lignum, Brasil red wood. 
Brasium, malt, or germinated bar- 
B'a.sma, the unripe black pepper; 

piper iongum ; fermentation. 
Brasmos, the fermenting process. 
Brassadella, ) the herb adder's 
Brassatella, 3 tongue. 
Brassica, the common cabbage. 

alba, the white cabbage. 
afiiana, jagged, or crum- 
pled colewort. 
Brasdca canina, mercurialis sylves- 

Brassica cajiitata, cauliflower. 

congylodcs, turnip cabbage. 
cu?nana, red colewort. 
Jlorida, cauliflower. 
gonylicodcs, turnip cabbage. 
italica, brocoli. 
marina, sea coleworts, or 
Scotch scurvy grass. 
Brassica na/uts, turnip cabbage; 

oleracea, common cabbage. 
ra/ia, turnip cabbage. 
rubra, red cabbage 
saliva, common garden cab- 
Brassica subauda, the Savoy plant. 
B assidellica ars, curing wounds by 

the herb adder's tongue. 
Brathu, the savin shrub. 
Bregma, the parietal bones forming 

the sagittal suture of the scull. 
Brelisis, a resin from New Spain. 
Brcnta, the road goose. 
Brenthus, the moor hen. 
BrefiAotrofihium, an hospital for in- 
Br, ta?iica, the water dock. 
Brevia vasa, branches of the splenic 

Brex<is, short ; a muscle of the sca- 
Brevis cubin, a muscle of the fore 

the Savoy plant. 

B R O 

msorfiollicis pedis, an ex- 
tensor muscle of the great toe. 

Brevia flexor fiollicia pedis, a flexor 
muscle of the great toe. 

Brevia fie onaus, a muscle of the leg. 
fironator radii, } a muscle of 
radii, ) the fore arm. 

Brevissimus, very short. 

Breynia, a native plant of Jamaica ; 
a species of capparis. 

Bricumum, the southernwood. 

Brignola, a variety of the prunus 

Brindonea, a colouring fruit from the 

Britanica, lapathum aquaticum, or 
water dock ; spoonwort. 

Brithos, weight ; pressure. 

Briza, spelt wheat ; quake grass. 

Broc/ios, a bandage ; a surgeon's in- 

Brochthus, the throat ; a small kind 
of drinking vessel. 

Brochua, having a thick upper lip, 
or projecting tooth. 

Brodium, broth, or soup. 

Broma, solid food. 

Bromatologia, a treatise on food. 

Bromatheon, mushrooms. 

Bromeliu, ~) , 

> the pine apple. 
ananas,) l u 

Karatas, the plant which 

affords the penguin. 
Brotnion, the name of a plaster made 

of oaten flour. 
Bromus, bromegrass. 

sterilis, the wild oat. 
Bronchia, the ramifications of the as- 

pera arteria ; the bronchia. 
Bronchiales arteria:, branches of the 

superior aorta accompanying the 

Bronchioles glanduU, glands at the 

division of the bronchia?. 
Bronc/iialis glandula, the thyroid 

Broc/iocele, > an enlarged thyroid 

ronchocele, \ gland ; Derbyshire 

neck ; goitre. 
Bronchotonna, bronchotomy, or tra- 
cheotomy ; an incision into the 

larynx between the rings. 

B R Y 

Bronchos, hoarseness ; a catarrh. 

Bfanchus, t;-.e aspcra arteria. 

Bronte, } , i i „•♦ ,. 

D ' > thunder ; belemnites. 
Bronic.s, } 

Brontologia, the doctrine of thunder. 

,. > mortal. 

us, ^ 

Brucea antid;;scnterica,~) the plant 
f.rrugineo, 3 supposed to 
yield the Angustura bark. 

B uchus, the caterpillar. 

Bruma, short days, or winter. 

Briuiudia, feasts of Bacchus. 

Brumalcs, plants which flower in win- 

Brumasar, silver, or the moon. 

BruneUa, the plant self-heal. 

Brunnieri glandule, glands under the 
villous coat of the intestines. 

Brunaftlsia, a plain of Jamaica. 

Brunus, an erysipelatous eruption. 

Brusathar, a Chinese tree. 

Bruscandida, the lupine flower. 

Bruscus, wild myrtle, or butcher's 

Bruta, instinct savin ; that virtue of 
the celestial influence manifested 
by brutes, as in the stork teaching 
the use of salt in ^lysters. 

Brutia, a pitchy resin. 

Brutino, turpentine. 

Brutobon, an ointment of the Greeks. 

Brutua, the wild vine. 

B utus, brutal. 

Bruxaneli, a tree of Malabar. 

Brya, heath, or broom. 

Bryc/iios, > , 

BrycMus t S dee?ly Se 

Bryamus, > grating, or gnashing of 
Brygmus,$ the teeth. 
Bryan, a species of moss. 

thalassium, al<;a, or sea weed. 
marinum theo/ihrasti, oyster 
Bryonia^ briony, or white jalap. 
alba, mechoacana alba. 
mechoacana nigricans^ jalapa 
or jalap root. 
Bryonia nigra, black briony, or vine ; 

Bri onia Peruviana, jalapa, or jalap 

B U C 

Bryofiteris, the white fern of the oak. 
Brythion, a cataplasm or poultice. 

Brytia, the solid part of the grape af- 
ter expression. 

Bryton, a barley drink. 

Bryum, a kind of fungus. 

Bubalus, the buflaloe, or Indian ox. 

Bubastecordium, artemisia, or mug- 

Bubo, an abscess in the groin, or arm- 
pit ; the groin ; a bubo. 

Bubo fiestilentialis, a pestilential bu- 
bo ; a symptom of the plague. 

Bubon, the groin ; the glands of the 
groin ; a tumour of any external 
glandular part. 

, the plant producing 
gum galbanum. 

Biibou Macedonicum, Macedonian 

Bubonium, the golden starwort. 

Bubonocele, a hernia, or inguinal rup- 

Bitbula caro, beef. 

Bubulus pro/itosisy proptosis ; ox- 
eyed ; an eye so large as not to be 
covered with the lid. 

Bucca, the check, or side of the face. 
acraton, bread soaked in wine; 
a nasal polypus. 

Buccalcs glandule?, small salivary 
glands on the inside of the cheeks. 

Buccca, a mouth full; a polypus of 
the nose. 

, } a purge made of scam- 
uc, 5 mony baked with meal. 

Buccellatum, ship biscuit. 

Buccclla, bread soaked in wine ; a na- 
sal polypus. 

■ a mode of stopping a hae- 

jBuccin ulua, a muscle of the 


Buccinum, the sea whelk. 

Bucco, a muscle of the lips. 

(a, the fleshy part under the 

D !- fenugreek seed. 

- , the antirrhinum) or snap- 

-, the hymen. 

pignut, or 
daffodil ; 

B U L 

Buffed, bubalus. 

Buffati, a ring made of buffaloes horn, 
and worn lor the cramp. 

Bu/b, the toad. 

Bufonia, bastard chickweed. 

Bufomtes, the toad stone. 

Bugantia, chilblains. 

Baiglossum, garden bugloss. 

i adicc • ubra, alkanct root. 
sijlvestre, the stone bug- 

Buglossus, the sole fish. 

Bugones, bees. 

Buguia, bugle, or consolida media. 

Bula-ivtzla, the betle ; an eastern 

Bulafiathum, a kind of dock. 

Bidbasfihodelus, a bulbous asphodel. 

Bulbiferus, bearing bulbs. 

Bulbina, bulbous root. 

Bulbocastanum, earth nut, 
hawk nut. 

Bulbocodiuni, the wild 
mountain saffron. 

Bulbonach, the plant satin or honesty. 

Bulbosus, bulbous. 

Bulbus, bulbous root. 

esculentus, eatable bulbous 

Bulbus sylvestris, the wild daffodil. 
vomitorius, the musk grape 

Bulimia, ~) a canine or vo- 

addc/ihagi, 5 racious appe- 

canina, a voracious appetite 
with subsequent vomiting. 

Bulimia cardi Igica, a voracious appe- 
tite with heartburn. 

Bulimia convulsorum, a voracious ap- 
petite with convulsions. 

Bulimia emeiica, a voracious appetite 
with vomiting. 

Bulimia esurigio, ~) . 

h,lluonum^ gWd ° ny ' 
•a synco/ialis, a voracious appe- 
tite with fainting from hunger 

verminow, a voracious appe- 
tite from worms. 

ins appetite with 
s, 5 subsequent indigestion. 
8, stony concretions in the vis- 
of cattle. 


BuHthum, bezoar. 

Bulla, a blister or whelk ; vesicle. 

Bullae*, a kind of wild plum. 

Bullatus, full of blisters. 

Bulla, pustules in the eyes. 

, gold or silver in the ore, or 

imperfectly refined. 
Bullosa J'< bri , the vesicular fever, or 

lia, the ash. 
Buna, coffee. 

v, the plant navew. 

sylvesti-is, the wild navew, or 

Bunitea vinum, wine made of wild 

Bunium, wild parsley ; the pig nut. 
Bufieina, a voracious appetite. 
Bufihagos, the name of an antidote. 
Bufihthalmum, the herb ox-eye. 

Creticum, pellitory of 

Bujihthalmum cotuU folio, chamomile - 

like ox-eye. 
Bufihthalmum Germanicum, common 

Bufihthalimim majus, great ox-eyed 

daisy. diseased enlargement 

of the eye ; house leek. 
Bujileivum, "} , , , ., 
Bufileuron, Implant hares ear, 

fl«/i/euroerfe*J < ? rthoroWrWax - 

Bttfireatiaj the burn cow ; an insect 
like the cantharis. 

Bitrac, all saline matters. 

Burbatua, the carp fish. 

Burdo, a mule. 

Burdunculua, an herb. 

Burgeon, an eye bud, or gemma of a 

Burgundi* ftix, Burgundy pitch. 

Burhalaga, the sea heath spurge. 

Burina, pitch. 

Buria, a scirrhous hernia. 

Burnca, pitch. 

Burrhi sfiiritus matricaUs, compound 
of myrrh, olibanum, amber, bcc. 

an ox hide; herb shepherd's 
purse . 

Buraalagia, the doctrine of the Bur- 
sa mucosae. 


Bursa mucosa, bags containing mu- 
cus to facilitate the motion of ten- 
dons and joints. 

Bursa fiaatoris, the herb shepherd's 

Bursa testium, the scrotum. 

BuraaHs musculua, the obturator in- 
terims ; a muscle of the thigh. 

Bursera gummifera, a tree of the Ba- 
hamas, yielding a resin similar to 
gum elemi. 

Buselinum, a species of parsley ; the 

Bussii sfiiritus bezoardicus, a distilla- 
tion of ivory, sal ammoniac, am- 
ber, &c 

Bustuarius, a stealer of dead bodies. 

Buteo, the buzzard, a species of 

Butiga, gutta rosacea ; inflammation 

of the face. 

Butina, > t 

„ . > turpentine. 

Butino, 3 

Buthalmum majus, the ox-eye. 

Butomon. ~) „ 
n . y yelk 

Ihitomum ^ ' 

Butomus, the French corn flag ; flow- 
ering rush. 

Butor, the bittern. 

Butua, the wild vine. 

Butyrum, butter ; a fat unctuous sub- 
stance prepared from milk. 

Butyrum anlimonn, butter of anti- 
mony ; a distillation from crude 
antimony, mercury, and corrosive 
sublimate ; muriated antimony. 

Biztyrum arsenici, a compound of mu- 
riatic acid and arsenic. 

Butyrum biamulfu, a compound of 
muriatic acid and bismuth. 

Butyrum cere, oil of wax. 

coctum; boiled or heated but- 

Butij; uin c r ,baltl, a compound of mu- 
riatic acid and cobalt. 

Butyrum cufiri, a compound of muri- 
atic acid and copper. 

Butyrum atanni, a compound of mu- 
riatic acid and tin. 

Butyrum atanni gafidum, a concrete 
preparation of muriatic acid and 

low water flair. 

C A A 

Buxus, the box tree. 

AJHcana, a species of vine. 
semfiervirescerUf the box 

Buyo buyo, a species of pepper in the 

Buziaan, a species of ben root. 
Byaris, spermaceti whale. 
Byarus, a plexus of blood vessels in 

the brain. 
Byne, malt. 
Byng, green tea. 

Byrethrum, ~) cncullus ; a medicated 
Byrethrus, $ cap. 
Byrsa, leather for plasters. 
Byrsodefisicoi!, common sumach. 

( V c 

i a stiff neck. 



i, the stoppers or covers of ail] 

Byssus, lawn ; the pudendum muli- 

ebre ; a woolly kind of moss. 
Byssus asbestinus, a species of as- 

Bystini antidotus, an antidote like mi- 

Bythos, an epithet of Hippocrates for 

the bottom of the stomach. 
Byzantiria, Constantinople sweet 

Byzen, profusion ; density; monor- 


/"* in a chemical alphabet signifies 

^> saltpetre. 

Caa-afiia, a Brasil root in virtue like 
ipecacuanha; the juice of the root 
is esteemed a cure of wounds 
from poisoned darts, and bites of 

Caa-utaya Brasiliends, a bitter plant 
of Brasil resembling Euphrasia. 

Caacldra, the indigo plant. 

Caacica Brasilianis, a milky plant of 

Caaco, the sensitive plant of Brasil. 

Caaetimary Bras:liensis, senecio Bra- 

CaagMyuyo Brasiliends, a Brasilian 
shrub used as a desiccative. 

a-cuba, a small tree growing in 

am, the finer sort of Paraguay 

lia, a Brasilian plant like ipeca- 
cuanha ; from incisions in the 
bark a juice exudes, which when 
dry resembles gamboge. 

Caafieba, pareira brava. 

Caa/iomonga, a plant of Brasil. 

Caafionga, samphire of Brasil. 

Caafio-tiraguo. Brasilia:, is, a Brasilian 
plant like madder. 

Caaj-oba, a Brasilian tree ; the leaves 

used as antivenereal. 
Cabala, ~] 

Cabalia, j the supposed ma- 

Cabula, I gieal operation of 

Cabbala, j some remedies ; 

Cabalia, ! cabalistic art. 

Cabalistica ars,J 

Cabalator, "1 
Cabulatori, \- nitre. 
Cabulator, j 

Cabalica ars, wrestling. 
Caballina euro, horse flesh. 
Caballinum, horse dung. 
Caballinus, of or belonging to a horse. 
Cabassonus massiliensium, a Mediter- 
ranean fish. 

Ca b bebi,\ lhe scales of iron. 

ius, the cod fish or pike. 
Cabcliau, the cod fish. 
Cabocles, the offspring of native 

Americans and negroes. 
Cabvuai, so the ancients called their 

minerals and vitriols, as mostly 

coming from Cyprus. 

Cabureiba, ~) , . . r ... 

I the balsam of Peru, or 

Cacabus, J toe tree producing it. 

Cacabu'us, a privy. 


Cacabus, a kettle, cauldron, or basin. 

( 'ucagoga, ointments procuring slools 
by being nibbed on the fundament. 

Cacai, cacoa. 

Cacalia, strange colts-foot. 

Cacalianthemum, the cabbage or car- 
nation tree. 

Cacamotic jianoijuiloni, battatas pere- 
grina, or purging potatoes. 

Cacamum, strange colts-foot. 

Cacangrlia, bad news. 

Cacao,^\ chocolate nut of Virginia 

Cacoa, y and Jamaica ; the pear-bear- 

Cocoa,J ing wholesome almond tree. 

Caca/i/iotiiu, defective articulation. 

Cacari, cacoa. 

Caca/iO) excretion of faces. 

Cacatoria febris, an intermittent at- 
tended with copious purging. 

Cacaturire, to list to go to stool. 

Carava quahoitl. ~) . , 

„ f the cacao, or cho- 

Cacavata, y . 

r, f colate nut. 

Cacavera, J 

Cafavi, the cassada bread ; lotus. 

Cacavifera, the cacao nut. 

Cccayatl, a species of French mari- 

Cacciondc, a preparation of terra 

Cacedonium turtarum, feculent mat- 
ter supposed to remain in the se- 
creting organs 

Cachalot, the whale yielding sper- 

Cachecticus, one of an ill constitu- 
tion and habit of body. 

Cachexia, cachexy ; an universal de- 
rangement of the powers of the 
constitution ; a viciated state of the 
body, without fever or nervous dis- 
ease ; a distemper. 

Cachexia icterica, the jaundice. 

uterina, leucorrhcea ; fluor 
albus, or whites. 

Cachhinatio, excessive laughter. 

Cachlan, bi'phthalmum verum, or 
the ox-eye plant. 

(\ichlex, a little stone, or pebble. 

Cachore, terra Japonica. 

Cac/ios, a Peruvian diuretic shrub. 

Cuc/iou, terra Japonica. 

Cachry, the seeds of the libanotis. 

Cac/irufcra, a catkin. 



Cachrys, parched barley ; rosema- 
ry ; the plant cachrys. 

Cachrys odomagica, a plant whose 
root may be substituted for pyreth- 

Cachunde, Indian compound of am- 
ber, musk, and precious stones, &c. 

Cachymia, an imperfect metal or ore. 

Cacou, cacao. 

Cacoalexiterium, an antidote to poi- 

Cacoc/wiia, vitiated bile. 

Cacachroi, ) having an ill-coloured 

Cacochrouf,;} skin or face. 

Cocochylia, indigestion, or depraved 

Cacochymia, a diseased state of the 

Cucocnemus) bad legged. 

Cacocore??ia, a medicine to purge off 
vicious humours. 

Cacodamon, an evil spirit ; the incu- 
bus or nightmare. 

Cacodes, foetid discharges. 

Cacodia, defective smell. 

Cacoethes, a bad quality or disposi- 
tion ; a malignant or difficult dis- 
ease ; a boil ; an ulcer ; an incur- 
able ulcer; a sore. 

Caconia, patients whose abdomens 
do not project. 

Caco/iathia, an inveterate disease ; an 
ill affection. 

Cacofihonia, depraved or altered 

Cacofiragiay diseased chylopoietic 

Cacorremosyyic, bad news. 

Cacorrythmus, a disordered or une- 
qual pulse. 

Cacos, evil ; bad ; depraved ; an In- 
dian diuretic herb. 

CacosiS) a bad disposition of body. 

Cacositia,2iT\ aversion to food ; nausea. 

Cacosfihyxia, an irregular pulse. 

CacostomachuS) a diseased stomach; 
improper food. 

Cacostomus, a bad mouth. 

Cacothanatus, a miserable death. 

Cacoihymiciy a vicious or diseased 

Cacotro/ihiay improper food ; bad nu- 


Cacry, fennel seed ; frankincense 

c ") the artichoke ; the night- 

(, ' > blowing cereus ; the char- 

' J don ; melon thistle. 

cereus, torch thistle. 

ofiuntia, Indian fig. 

Cacubalum, the berry-bearing chick- 

Cacule, cardamom seeds. 

Cacumen, the top, or sharp end ; the 

Cadagus jiah, the bark of Ceylon. 

Cada fialava, a tree of Malabar. 

Cadal avanacu, the tree yielding 
Molucca grains. 

Cadaver, a dead body, or corpse. 

Cadaverosus, cadaverous; death-like ; 
ghastly; pale; squalid. 

Caddis, ") y 

Caddice, 5 

Cadjuct, cowhage ; Cowitch ; stink- 
ing bean. 

Cad?nia, lapis calaminaris. 

factitia, ") ., . 

J j. > the tutty stone. 

jorJiacum, } ' 

fossilis, 7 the ore of cala- 

iafridosa, $ mine ; cobalt. 

metallica, cobalt. 

Caduca, ~) falling down ; epilepsy ; 

Caducase, $ vertigo ; decidua. 

Caducus, epileptic ; caducase. 
morbus, the epilepsy. 

Cadus, a wine measure, or cask ; an 
ancient measure, containing 120 
lbs. of wine, or 105 of oil. 

Cacalis vena, caecum intestinum. 

Cecigcnus, one born blind. 

Cecilia, the blind, or slow worm ; a 
species of serpent. 

Cacitas, blindness ; want of sight. 

minor, amaurosis, or gutta 

Cecum intestinum, the blind gut; a 
part of the colon. 

Cacus, blind. 

Cafe, coffee. 

Catatis, the iris of the eye. 

Ctelia, a kind of ale. 

Calum cafxitu, the skull. 

Camentum, glutinous matter; lute, 
or cement 

C amentum cu/iraum, ziment cop- 
per; copper precipitated by iron. 

-epithets of camphor. 

C A L 

Canest/iesis, self feeling. 

Cape, an onion. 

Cajiula, a chibal, scallion, or small 

Cares, the season, or opportunity. 

i'aruleujn, the herb blue bottle. 

C 'amicus, blue. 

Carulum, the sea. 

Casal/iina, an American plant; a ge- 
nus in botany. 

Casalfiinus, an eminent physician, 
born at Arezzo, about 1 139. 

Casarea lectio, the Cxsarean section 
or operation; delivery of a child 
by an incision through the abdo- 
men into the uterus. 

Casares, } children delivered by the 

Csesones, 5 Cxsarean operation. 

Casaries, a man's head of hair. 

Cada, a species of mimosa. 

Casura, an incision. 

Catchu, the Japan earth. 




Caff a, 

Cagastrum, contagion; acquired dis- 
position to disease. 

Cagguiv, a Guinea plant, good for 

Caguacu afiara, ~) the American be- 
ete, 3 zoar dee i'. 



Cainito, the star-apple. 

Caicu, ~J 

Caira, v terra Japonica. 

Caitchu, J 

Caifia tijambon, a Malabar tree of 
the plum kind. 

Caisa, terra Japonica. 

Cajahaba, an Indian ivy-like plant. 

Cajan, cytisus, or pigeon pea. 

Cajou, ~) , 

rv,,v,„ I tIie cassu, or cashew tree 

CCIJOUS, > c n 

„■ ' fofBrazi. 
Cujum, J 

Calaba, the Indian mastich tree." 

Calabacca, the calabash. 


Cala, f . „ . „ .. 

Calam ^> a s P ecies °f Ur * »°und in 



Cala?nacorus } Indian reed. 




Calamagrostis, reed-like grass. 

Calamana, an order of plants of the 
reed kind. 

Calaviary, os sepiac. 

Calambac, ) the agallochum or aro- 

Calambour, $ matic aloe. 

Calamedon, a longitudinal fracture. 

Cuiamina, ~) calamine stone; 

Calaminaris lapis, $ an ore of zinc. 
lapidis magi&tcrium, ma- 
gistery of calamine ; calamine pre- 
cipitated from muriatic acid by 
spirit of urine. 

Calamintha, the calamint plant; a 
species of baum. 

Calumintha Anglica, English, spot- 
ted, or field calamint. 

Calamintha aquatica, ) calamintha 
arvenxi.s, } palustris. 
, humilior, ground ivy. 
incana, hoary calamint. 
magno Jlorc, mountain 

Calamintha montana, the common 

Calamintha fialustris, marsh, or wa- 
ter calamint, nep, or catmint. 

Calamintha vulgaris, calamintha 

Calumita, the dry storax ; the load- 

Calami ta alba, white sand stone. 

rhasii, magnes; the white 

Cala?nitis, an artificial calamine. 

Calamus, the stalk of a plant, a reed. 
aromaticus, the English 
sweet-scented flag. 

Calamus aromaticus Asiaticus, > the 
odoratus, $ Asi* 

atic sweet-scented flag. 

Calamus rotang, sanguis draconis. 

scri/i.'orius, part of the 
fourth ventricle of the brain; a 
writing pen. 

Calamus toxicus, the walking cane 
of Bengal. 

Calandra, in ornithology a lark. 

Calafius, the antelope. 

Calathiana, the marsh gentian. 

Calauritis, a species of litharge. 

Calazia, a precious stone with spots 
like hail in it. 

green vitriol. 


Calcadinum, vitriol. 

Calcadu, white vitriol; alkaline salt. 

Calcantum, ) the os calcis, or bone 

Calcaneus, $ of the heel. 



Calcantum, a kind of red ink. 

Calcar, the os calcis, or heel bone ; 
the furnace of a glasshouse. 

Calcar gulli, a species of medlar. 
pedis, calcaneum. 
corolla, the heel or spur of 
the corolla. 

Calcarai'us, spurred. 

Calcaru Jlos, the larkspur. 

Calcareus, of a limy nature, or be- 
ing convertible into lime. 

Calcareus lapis, limestone. 

Calcatar, vitriol. 

Calcaton, arsenical lozenges. 

Calcahepola, calcitrapa; star thistle. 

Calcatrippa, garden lark-heels. 

Calcedonius, chalcedony ; a stone. 








Calceolus (dominx Maria sacerdo- 
tis), lady's slipper. 

Calceum equinum, tussilago ; colts- 

Calchacca, cassia lignea. 

Calchitheos, verdigrise ; marcasite. 

Calchoidea ossicula, the cuneiform 

Calchccrum, fumaria. 

Calcidicum, a medicine containing 

Calcifraga, the herb breakstone, or 
spleen wort. 

Calcigradus, walking on the heel. 

Calcinatio, calcination, or chemical 
pulverization; the union of a 
metal with oxygen by means of 
heat, air, or other chemical pro- 
cess ; reduction to powder by fire ; 

Calcinatio philosophica, ~> philosophy 

spagyrica, $ ca ' calcina» 

tion, or suspending bones, horns, 

a supposed tartarous 
state of the blood. 


or nails, over boiling water till 
"their mucilage is discharged, and 
they are easily pulverized. 

Caicinatum, a term applied to cal- 
cined substances. 

Caicinatum majus, whatever is dul- 
cified by chemical art, which was 
not naturally so, as calomel ; mer- 
cury precipitated from nitrous acid. 

Caicinatum ma jus jioterii, mercury 
precipitated by salt water from a 
nitrous solution. 

Caicinatum minus, any sweet reme- 
dy, as sugar. 

Calcis os, the heel bone. 

viiti fiores, the pellicle on 
lime water. 

Calcitari, alkaline salt. 

Calcitca, vitriol. 

Calcitea&a, litharge. 

Calcithos, verdigrise. 

Calcttrapa, common star thistle. 

officinalis, St. Barnaby's 

Calcoiclca ossicula, cuneiform bones. 

Calcoiar, vitriol. 

Calculifragus, any remedy for the 
stone; lithontriptic. 

Calculosus, afflicted with the stone, 
or gravel. 

Calculus, the gravel ; the stony con- 
crete of the urinary passages; a 
solid concretion formed in various 
parts of the body, as in the gall- 
bladder, bladder of urine, pancreas, 
kidneys, and prostate gland. 

Calculus biHaris, biie hardened into 
lumps in the gall-bladder; gall- 

Calculus humanus, the stone. 

Caldar, tin. 

Caldarium, a stove, or sweating bath. 

Caklerix Italica, Italian hot baths. 

Caldus, hot. 

Calefacientia, calefacients, or warm- 
ing medicines. 

Calffuctio, calcination. 

Calendariumjlorte, a floral calendar, 
or register of the periods of eer- 
mination, expansion, ripening, tec. 
of the plants, &.c. of any given 
province or climate 

Calendula, the garden mangold. 


Calendula Alpina, arnica. 

arvensis, the wild mari- 

Calendula fialustris, common single 
marsh marigold. 

Calentura, a calenture, or violent, 
ardent fever, peculiar to hot coun- 

Calesium, a medicinal tree of Mala- 

Call, kali ; potash ; fixed alkali. 

Calichapa, the true white thorn. 

Caliculatus, inclosed within a cup. 

Culicularis, henbane. 

Calidx, in botany the plants natives 
of hot climates. 

Calidarium, the sweating part of a 
hot bath. 

Caliduminnatum, animal or vital heat. 

Calidris belionii, the chevalier, a wa- 
ter bird. 

Calieta, the young fungi growing 
on the juniper tree. 

Caligatio, > impaired sight from ob- 

Caligo, 3 struction to the passage 
of light; cataract, or opacity of 
the crystalline lens. 

Culiginosus, dark, or blind. 

Caligo ab ancyloblefiharo, blindness 
from an accretion of the eyelids. 

Caligo a blefiharofitosi, blindness 
from a preternatural descent of 
the eyelids. 

Caligo a cancro, blindness from can- 

Caligo ceratocele, blindness from a 
tumour of the cornea. 

Caligo cornecc, blindness from a dis- 
eased cornea. 

Caligo ab ect asi, blindness from a 
distended pupil. 

Caligc humorum, blindness from dis- 
eased or defective humours. 

Caligo hyfioama, blindness from ef- 
fused blood. 

Caligo hyfihsfihagma, blindness from 
diseased cornea. 

Caligo lattra, blindness from the 
miikiness of the humours. 

Caligo lends, blindness from diseas- 
ed crytalline lens. 

Caligo n L vcomatc, blindness from 
specks on the cornea. 


Caligo a lufiia, blindness from a wen. 
a nrfihelio, blindness from an 

opake cornea. 
( 'aiigo /uicheable/iharosi, blindness 

from thickened eyelids. 
Caligo fwljiebraritm, blindness from 

diseased palpebral. 
Caligo a jityrtgio, blindness from a 

skin growing over the eye. 
Caligo fiu/iilla, blindness from a dis- 
eased pupil. 
Caligo a rhytidosi, blindness from 

morbid lachrymal secretion. 
Caligo a sarcomate, blindness from a 

fleshy tumour. 
Caligo a sta/i/iylomate, blindness 

from a tumour in the cornea. 
Caligo a symblcfiharoai, blindness 

from an accretion of the palpebral. 
Caligo a synizesi, blindness from a 

contracted pupil. 
Calihacha, the cassia or cinnamon 

tree of Malabar. 
Calrmia, a cup ; lapis calaminaris. 
Calin, a metal found in China, be- 
tween lead and tin. 
Calix, a cup ; the outer green leaves 

of a flower ; the membrane which 

covers the papillx in the pelvis of 

the human kidney. 
Calla, African arum. 
Callxon, the gills of a cock. 
Callaf, a cherry -like fragrant tree of 


Callaica, a gem of a green colour. 

Ca/lariasy a haddock. 

Callecamenon, burnt copper. 

Callcna, } . . , «. .... 

_ ■ . ' >■ a kind of saltpetre. 

Calleria, } * 

Calli, nodes, or gouty knots. 

Callia, a name of chamomile. 

Calliblefihara, medicines for diseased 

Callicreas, the pancreas, or sweet- 

CalHgonum, polygonum or knot 

Cal/iomarcuSf colts-foot. 

Callion, a kind of nightshade. 

Callionymus, alkekanai ; uranosco- 
pus; lily of the valley. 

Calli/isdia, the art of breeding fine 


\Callifihlejiham, a superior kind of 

Callifihlejihanum> a drug to black the 

Callifihyllum, common maiden-hair. 

Callistruthia, a fig mentioned by 

Callit/irix, an ape of Ethiopia with 
fine hair. 

Callitriche, starwort. 

Callitrichum, common maiden-hair. 

Callofiis?nus, graceful form. 

Callositas, callosity, or bony hard- 
ness; the hardness of the cicatrix 
of ulcers. 

Callosus, callous; of the nature of 
callous; a part morbidly hard or 

Callus, a gelatinous secretion from 
the extremities of fractured bones 
serving to unite them ; a hardness 
in the skin. 

Calmet, antimony. 

Calmus, the stalk of a plant. 

Calocatanos, the wild poppy. 

Calochierne, atractylis; distaff this- 

Calomba, columba. 

Calomclanos turqueti, calomel and 

Calomclas, calomel, a white prepara- 
tion of sublimed mercury; -£thi- 
ops mineral was formerly so called. 

C'alomochanos, ~) a saline concrete 

Calomochnus, $ found in marshes. 

Calanum, strong wine. 

Calonia, calonian myrrh. 

Calor, heat. 

animalis, animal heat, 96° of 

Caloricum, caloric of Lavosier; la- 
tent heat ; matter of heat. 

Calorimeter, an instrument to mea- 
sure the absolute heat of a bodv. 

Call/ia, > . ... 

c a /^/c,S theman s oId - 

arvensis, ~) calendula arven- 
minirna } sis. 
fialustris, common single 
marsh marigold. 
Caltrofis, a weed that grows in corn 

Calumba, columba. 


Calusa, crystal. 

Calva, > the coot, a marine bird ; 

Cah aria, 5 the superior portion of 

the skull ; the scalp. 
Caluata, blunt probes. 

m vi as, I balc j ncgs on ,-he back of 
C alvities. > . , , 
n , ■ ■ \ the head. 
Laivnium, J 

Calvus, bald. 

Calx, now called oxide, the remains 
of substances submitted to calci- 
nation by strong heat, solution by 
acids, or detonation by nitre; 
chalk; lime; the heel bone. 
Calx antimonii, } anti- 

dia/ihoretica, ) mo- 
nium diaphoretioum. 
Calx antimonii diafihoretica illota, 
antimonium diaphoreticum illo- 
Calx antimonii diafihoretica lota,an- 

timonium diaphoreticum lotum. 
Calx antimonii diafihoretica nitrata, 
calcined crude antimony, further 
calcined with nitre. 
Calx extincta, slacked lime. 

hydrargyri alba, white precipi- 
tate of mercury. 
Calx cum kali fiuro, causticum com- 
mune fortius ; common caustic or 
potential cautery. 
Calx jovis, melted tin stirred till it 

be calcined. 
Calx lota, calx extincta. 

mercurii, calx of mercury. 
Tiativa, a native marl. 
firefiarata, calx extincta. 
saturni, minium. 
tolls, calcined gold. 
stibii firxcifiitata, pulv. alga- 
Calx veneris, vefdigrise. 
viva, quick lime. 

f.hilosophorum, calx of 
Calycanthemus, having the cup 

abounding in flowers. 
Calycanthus, Carolina allspice. 
Calycifibra, with a fibrous cup. 
Calyciflorus, the cup abounding in 

Caty cuius, calycle or little calyx. 


Calyfiter, fleshy excrescence re- 
maining after piles. 

Calyfitra, a veil or covering; the 
thin involucrum or cover of some 
seeds; part of the fructification of 

Calyx, a cup; the empalement, or 
outer green leaves of a flower ; the 
flower cup. 

Cam<ec*rasus. See Chamacerasus. 

Camaha, a Numidian truffle. 

Camanhaya, a grey down growing 
on trees. 

Camara, the fornix of the brain; a 
part of the corpus callosum; a 
species of lychen; pliant mealy 

Camara Brasiliensis, a glutinous 
plant of Brasil. 

Camara ja/io, a species of horse- 

Camara mira, a curious Brasilian 

Camara tiriga, the dwarf honey- 
suckle of Brasil. 

Camaran baja, willow herb. 

Camarin bass, a peach-like fruit of 

Camaro7na,^\ bones so fractured as 

Camarosis, I to form an arch, parti- 

Camaratio, J cularly in the skull; an 
arched roof. 

Camaru Brasiliensi8,ihe nightshade. 

Camarum, the shrimp; hemlock; a 
species of aconitum. 

Cambirta, the venereal bubo. 

Cambium, the assimilation of chyle. 

Cambodia, "") the Malabar orange 

Cambogia, \ tree, yielding the gam- 

Cambogium,y boge. 

Cambogia gutta, gamboge. 

Cambro Brittanica, the cloud berry. 

Cambuca, > a bubo, or boil, 

membrata, } venereal can- 

Cambul, the wild American myrtle. 

Camelina, the cameline, or tower 

Camelinia, the onyx. 

Camellia, the China rose. 

Camelofiardalis, ~) the camelopard,a 

Camelopardus, 5 beast shaped like 


a camel, and spotted like a leopard 

Camelcpodivm, marrubium, or ca 
mel's foot. 

Camelus, the camel or dromedary. 

Camcrajlor? albo, a species of lychen. ; 
oculi, chambers of the eye, 
anterior and posterior. 

Cameratio, camaroma. 

Cames, silver. 

Camina, the chorion. 

Ccminga, canella alba. 

Caminus, the chemical furnace; a 

Camisia, a night shirt. 

fcetus, the chorion. 

Cammarus, the cray-fish, lobster. 

Cammoron, } wolfsbane ; monks- 

Cammorum, $ hood; the shrimp; 

Camotea Indica, the potatoe. 

Camomilla, the chamomile. 

Campana, a bell. 

Campanace<e, bell-shaped flowers. 

Campanaceus, resembling a bell. 

Campaniformis, > campaniformflow- 

Campanulus, 3 ers, or flowers 
shaped like a bell. 

Cam/ianula, the bell flower. 

Brasiliana, the bell flow- 
er of Brasil. 

Campanula esculcnta, small garden 

Campanula exotica, Portuguese 

Campanula exotica cterulea, small 
garden rampion. 

Cainflanula fiore purpurco, Canter- 
bury bells 

Campanula foliis u?idulatis,the ram- 

Campanula Indica, a species of con- 

Campanula minor, the rampion, or 
cardinal flower. 

Campanula vulgarior major, Canter- 
bury bells. 

Campr, a bend, or articulation ; the 

lignum, logwood. 

Camp fiora, ~) camphor ; camphire ; 

Camphura, \ an exudation from an 


Indian laurel-like tree ; the cam- 
phor tree ; the ancients by cam- 
phor meant asphaltum, or Jew's 

Camphora rudis, crude camphor. 

Camphor x elixir, spiritus camphora- 
tus and saffron. 

Camphor xjlores, sublimed camphor. 
compositi, camphor 
sublimed with gum benzoin. 

Cam/ihoras, camphorat; the name 
in the new chemistry of com- 
pounds of the acid of camphor, 
with different bases. 

Camfihorasma, balm of Gilead. 

Camfihorata, stinking ground pine. 
Africana, a species of 
worm seed. 

Camfihorata elaborata, refined cam- 

Camfihorata Monsficliensis, French 
stinking ground pine. 

Campsin, the southern wind. 

Campter, an inflexion. 

Camptus, flexile. 

Campulum, a distorted eyelid. 

Campylotis, a distortion of the eye- 

Camus, having a flat, low nose. 

Canabil, a medicinal bole, or earth. 

Canabinus, of the hemp kind. 

Canabina arjuatica, water hemp ; 

Canabis Indica, ) Indian hemp ; 
peregrina, $ bangue. 

Canabum, hemp ; canvas. 

Canadtlla, a sea fish like a perch. 

Canadensis, a specific name for the 
balsam copaivi. 

Canalcs semicircularcs, the three 
semicircular canals, or tubes in 
the ear. 

Canaliculus arteriosus, canalis arte- 
riosus ; a blood-vessel in the foetus 
between the pulmonary artery 
and aorta, which is obliterated in 
the adult; a splint for fracture. 

Canalis, a channel, or canal; pipe, 
or tube ; a chirurgical instrument ; 
a splint; the neck of the bladder. 

Canalis alimentarius, the alimentary 
canal, or stomach and intestines. 

C A N 

Canalis animx, the wind-pipe. 

arteriosus, a vessel in the 
foetal circulation, carrying the 
blood from the pulmonary artery 
to the aorta. 

Canalis nasalis, passage from the 
puncta lachrymalia to the nose. 

Canalis fietitianus, a triangular ca- 
vity between the two laminas of 
the hyaloid membrane of the eye. 

Canalcs se?nicirculares, the semicir- 
cular canals of the ear. 

Canalis semi-fietrosus, a bone of the 
the ear. 

Canalis venosus, a vessel in the foe- 
tal circulation, carrying the blood 
from the porta to the cava. 

Cananga, an Indian tiee producing 
a valuable oil. 

Canaria, hound grass ; an emetic foi 

Canatte coronde, bitter cinnamon of 

Cancamum, an Arabian gum like 

Cancamum Grcecorum, gum anima;. 

Cancellatus, made like lattice work. 

Cancelli, lattice work. 

ossium, the net-like appear- 
ance of the inner and soft parts of 

Cancellus, a species of cray-fish ; the 
soldier crab. 

Cancer, a painful, scirrhous tumour 
of the glands, generally becoming 
ulcerated; a bandage; the crab. 

Cancer albus, a chalky matter in the 
mouths of children. 

Cancer Jluviatilis, the cray-fish, or 
river crab. 

Cancer marinus, the common, or 
sea crab. 

Cancer munditorum, cancer affecting 
the scrotum of chimney sweepers. 

Cancer ossis, the spina ventosa, or 

diseased bone. 

Canchrys, } , . , 

_ , > parched barley. 

Canchry, 3 * } 

Cancin/iericon, hot stable dung 

Cancrena, mortification, or gangrene, 

Cancriformis, " 




Cancrorum c c/ieLc, crab's claws. 

la/iidc.s, cmcrorum 
ajihthe, serpent cs. 

Cancrum oris, canker, aphthae ser- 
pentes, or ulcer of the mouth. 

Candela, a candle. 

fumalis, odcriferous can- 

Candela medicata, a bougie. 

regia candelaria, ~) the herb 

Candelaria, 3 wool- 

biade, or mullein. 

Candelabrum, a species of the cero- 

Candelula, a bougie. 

Canderros, a gum from Borneo. 

Candida terra, pipe-clay. 

vox, a clear voice. 

Candidum ovi, the white of the egg. 

Candisatio, candying. 

Candor, the whites; a disease inci- 
dent to trees. 

Candou fiurchp.sU, a spongy tree of 

Candum, sweet candy, sugar candy. 

Canela, > . .,;. . 

r , ' J- cassia; wild cinnamon. 

Canella, ^ 

alba, ~) the bark of the 
Cubana, $ wild cinnamon 
tree of Jamaica; the wild cinna- 
mon of Cuba; laurel-leaved ca- 
ne! la. 
Canella cuurdo, the true cinnamon 


Canella Jamaiccnsis, """j the ' wild 

Malabarica, '.cinnamon ; 

sylvestris Ala- [Indian leaf, 

labarica, J or folium 


Canella lubis minoribus alba, canella 

Canella ivinterana, canella alba. 

Zeylanica, the true cinnamon. 
Cancllifera Malabarica, the cassia 

Canellifera Zeylanica, the true cin- 
Caneon, an instrument mentioned by 
Hippocrates for fumigating the 
Canicx, coarse meal ; dog's meat. 
\Canicida, the wolfsbane. 


Canicidium, dissection of living dogs 
Caniculares, dog-days, from the mid- 
dle of July to the beginning of 
Canina ap/ietentia, a voracious appe- 
Canina brassica, the wild, or dog's 

Canina fames, a voracious appetite. 
lappa, goose grass. 
lingua, the plant hound's 
Canina malus, the plant male man- 
Canina rabies, hydrophobia. 
Canini minorcs, > muscles of the 
muscnli, ) lips. 
dentes, the teeth between the 
incisores and the molares. 
Caninana, an American snake. 
Caninus, partaking of the nature of 

a dog; the levator angulioris. 
Caninus sentis, the dog-rose, or hip 

Caniram, the snake-weed tree of Ma- 
labar ; a name of the nux vomica. 
Canirubus, the dog-rose. 
Cunis, a dog; frxnum penis. 
Gale us, 
interfector, Indian caustic 
barley, or cevadilla. 
Canis-ponticus, the beaver. 
Canities, grey-headedness ; old age. 
Canium cerasa, dog cherry. 
Canker, eating ulcers of the gums. 
Canna, the bamboo cane; Indian 

flowering reed. 
Canna domcstica major cruris, 

Canna fistula, cassia fistularis. 
Indica, the Indian cane. 
major, the tibia. 
minor cruris, the fibula. 
pulmonis, the wind-pipe. 
Cannabina, bastard hemp. 

aquatica, } water hemp, 
Cannabinum, } or agrimony. 

Cannabis, hemp. 

Indica per egrina, bangue ; 
Indian hemp. 


the white shark. 



Cannabis sativa, common hemp. 

Cannacorus, the Indian reed, tur- 

Cannadella, a fish like a perch. 

Cannibal, a man eating human flesh. 

Cannula, > a tube ; canula, a surgical 

Canula, 5 instrument ; a hollow tube 
to discharge fluids. 

Cannutum, the cane reed. 

Canon, a canon or rule for compound- 
ing medicines ; a surgical instru- 

Canoniai, persons with small abdo- 

Canopicon, a species of spurge. 

Canopite, an eye-water of Celsus. 

Canopum, the bark and flower of the 
elder tree. 

Canschena pou, the mandaru, a pod- 
bearing tree of Malabar. 

Cansjava, bangue or Indian hemp. 

Cantabrica, lavender-leaved bind- 

Cantabrum, bran of meal. 

Cantacon, garden saffron. 

Cantara, Ignatius's bean, or nux vo- 

Cantarelli, May worms, or beetles. 

Canthari figulini, earthen cucurbits. 

Cantharis, > the blistering 

major, 3 French or Spa- 
nish fly ; a species of beetle. 

Cantharis vittata, the potatoe fly. 

Cantharus, a fish ; a beettle. 

figulinus, an earthen cu- 

Cantherinum marrubium, stinking 

Cant hi, the corners or angles of the 

Canthum, candied sugar. 

Canthus, the angle or corner of the 

Canthus externus, ~) the outer angle 
minor, } °f the eye next 
the temples. 

Canthus internus, ~) the angle of the 
major, 3 eye *f next the 

Cantion, } sugar; crystallized sugar, 

Cantium, $ or sugar candy. 

Canutum, the cane reed. 

Caova, coffee. 


Caochouch, ~) gum elastic from Tira- 
Caoutchouc, 5 sil, Indian rubber, or 

Cayenne resin. 
Caou/i, an American tree like the 

Cafielina, a reflex roller for the head. 
Capella, a chemical cupel or test; 

an alembic. 
Caper, a he-goat. 
Capetus, an impervious foramen. 
Caphora, "1 camp hor ; 

Cajihura, fcamphire. 

baron Jndorum, J 
oleum, an oil like camphor 

from the root of cinnamon. 
Capicatinga, a species of acorn in 

the West Indies; calamus aro- 

maticus Asiaticus. 
Capilacteum, a syllabub. 
Capillac us, hairy. 
Capillamenta, the chives, or tender 

parts of a flower ; the hairy parts 

of animals. 
Capillares, capillary, or hair-shaped 

Cafiillares vermiculi, minute worms 

in the skin of children. 
Capillaries tuba, capillary tubes, 

pipes of glass of very small dia- 
Capiflaria vasa', capillary vessels, the 

minute extremities of blood-ves 

Capillaris, of or like hair ; maiden 


Capillaris fractura, > a slight fissure 
Cap.illatio, } m the skull. 

Capillitium, any hairy part. 

distichia, distichiasis ; 

diseased eyelids. 
Capillorum dcjluvium, baldness. 
Capillus, the hair; in botany a term 

of measure or dimension ; the hair 

of the head. 
Ca/ii/lus aureus, polytrichum or 

maiden hair. 
Capillus veneris, 

Capiplenium, a catarrh ; heaviness 

of the head. 
Capistratio, a stricture of the pre- 
puce ; phymosis. 

maiden hair. 


Cafiistrum, locked jaw; a bandage 
for a fracture of the lower jaw. 

Cafiistrum auri, borax. 

Capita, the heads of plants. 

Cafiitaiia, remedies for the head. 

Capitalis refcxa, the capeline ban- 
dage ; a reflex bandage for ampu- 

Capitellum,ihe seed vessel of mosses; 
a still i soapy water; a lixivium. 

Capifiluvium, a bath or lotion for 
the head. 

Cafiitis dolor, headach. 

obliquus sufierior, a muscle 
bending the head backwards. 

Capitis obliquus inferior, a rotatory 
muscle of the head. 

Capitis par tertium fullopii, a mus- 
cle of the head. 

Capitis granum, stavesacre. 

posticus, ? rotatory muscles 
rectus, 5 °f the head. 
vena, the cephalic vein of 
the arm. 

Capitium magnum, the great head 

Capitium triangulare, the triangular 

Capita Andromachus, a species of 

Capita lacustris, % fish. 

Capitulum, the top of a plant; an 
alembic ; a condyle. 

Capitulum martis, eryngium. 

Capivard, a water dog. 

Capivi balsamum, ~) the balsam ca- 

Capivus albus, } P' v i °f Brasil. 

Capnelxum, > smoking oil ; flower 

Capnelaion, $ of pitch ; a resin. 

Capnias, a species of vine, bearing 
grapes part white and part black; 
a jasper of a smoky colour. 

Capnicium chelidonium, the plant 

Capnicus, producing smoke. 

Capniston,ox\ artificially aromatic oil. 

Capnitis, the tutty. 

Cafinoides, the podded fumitory. 

Capnorchis, Indian fumitory. 

Americana, American 

Capnos, fumitory ; smoke. 


Ca/ino8 latifolia, ) bulbous root- 
phragmites, 3 cd fumitory. 
Capo, } the American toad ; a ca- 
Capus, 3 pon or castrated cock. 
Ca/10 molago, Indian or Guinea pep- 
Cafwlin Mexicanorum Hernandez, 

the sweet Indian cherry. 
Capote, an Indian pine-like fruit. 
Capotes, a fruit of Malabar like an 

Cappa, monkshood. 
Capparis, > the caper shrub 

spinosa, 5 of Italy. 
fabago, > a bitter an- 
portulaca, $ thelmintic 

Capra, a she-goat. 

Alpina, the chamois or rock 

goat of the Alps. 
C'a/ira bezoardica, the bezoar goat. 
domestica, the common goat. 
moschi, the musk animal. 
strepsiccros, the antelope. 
Capraria, sea green; sweet-weed. 
Caprea Plinii, the roebuck ; a vege- 
table tendril; the helix of the ear. 
Capreolaria, ~) 
Capreolaris, 3 
Capreolata, the black bryony of Bra- 

Capreolus, a tendril. 

auris, helix of the ear. 
moschi, the musk animal. 
Capricalca, a wild bird like a gocfee. 
Ca/iriccrva occidentalism the deer 

yielding the West Indian bezoar. 
Capricornus, lead; a sign in the zo 

Caprrficatio, caprification, a mode 

employed in the Levant to ripen 

the domestic fig 
Caprijicus, the wild fig tree ; lesser 

Caprijigus, the fig; the fruit of the 

palm tree. 
Capri folium, the honeysuckle, or 

Cafirimulga, a viper that sucks goats 
Capriola, herb dog's tooth. 
Cuprizans pulsus, an uneven pulse. 
Capsa, a pod. 
Cafiselfa, the plant viper's bugloss. 


the spermatic chord. 


Indian, Gui- 

annuum, ^ nea, or bonnet 

Capsicum cerasiforme, cherry-form 

Capsicum mininum, bird pepper. 

pyramidale, pyramidal 

Capsicum tetragonum, bell pepper. 
Capsula, a case or little bag ; a bag 

formed by cellular membrane, as 

the capsular ligaments, Sec. also 

the bag of an encysted tumour; 

the pod or seed-vessel of a plant. 
Capsula communis Glissonii, 1 the 
vena porta, 3 Da g» 

or capsule, containing the vena 

Capsula cordis, the pericardium. 
Capsula atrabilarix, renal glands, 

or capsules ; glands on the upper 

extremity of the kidneys. 
Capsular es arteria, the arteries of 

the glandulse renales. 
Capsulares seminales, vesiculx se- 

Capsulares vena, veins coming from 

the glandulx renales. 
Capsularia ligamenta, capsular li- 
gaments inclosing the joints. 
Capulum, a distortion of the eyelid 

or other part. 
Capur, camphor. 

Capus, a capon, or castrated cock. 
Caput, the head, cranium, or skull; 

a process; the head of a plant. 
Caput argutum, a head of a sugar- 
loaf shape. 
Caput concutiens, a muscle of the 

Caput cordis, the base of the heart. 
faccre, to gather, or come to 

a head. 
Caput galli, small cock's head ; 

French honeysuckle. 
Caput gallinaceum, the plant saint- 

foin . 
Caput gallinaginis, ) verumonta- 

gallinacei, 3 num, an emi- 
nence in the urethra before the 

neck of the bladder. 
Caput monachi, the plant tarragon 5 

dens leonis. 


Caput mOTtuurhy the dry residuum 

after distillation. 
Caput medusa, a species of euphor- 

Caput moventium secundus, biventer 

Ca/iut obstipiiwi, the wry neck. 
Cajiut fiurgia, medicines purging 

the head ; crrhines. 
Cafiut vituli, the plant snapdragon. 
Cafiubeba Brasiliensis, a grass of 

Capyridion, a medicated cake. 
Cara Brasiliensis, the wild pars- 

Carab, a pod. 
Carabaccium lignum, the cassia ca- 

Carabe, yellow amber. 

funerum, a bitumen. 
Carabus, a beetle ; the cray-fish ; 

a lobster, or crab. 
Caracalla, the American bean. 
Caracosmos, sour mare's milk ; kou- 

mis, a drink in Tartary. 
Caragna, the caranna of New Spain. 
Caraguata, the common aloe of Bra- 
Carainambi, a species of wild parsnep. 
Carambolas, an East Indian tree. 
Carambu, the willow herb of Malabar. 
Carameno, a fruit of America like a 

Caranaiba, a species of date or palm 

Caranda, the tamarind tree. 
Carandas auruba o-viedi, an Indian 

Caranna, an aromatic resin from 

New Spain, like tacamahaca ; the 

product of a species of palm. 
Cara nosi, a shrub of Malabar. 
Carantia, the carob tree of Sicily. 
Carafiatina. See Bufonitis ; toad 

Cararu Brasiliensis, a species of 

Cara-schulli, an Indian shrub like 

the caper. 
Carata, a small weight about 3.2 

grains troy. 
Carath, acacia. 
Caravata f cocoa ; chocolate. 


Carbafus, lint; fine linen, or lawn. 

Carbo, coal; the carbuncle; char- 

Carbofossilis, pit coal, Scotch coal. 
ligni, charcoal of wood. 

Carbonas, carbonate ; the name in 
the new chemistry of every com- 
pound of the carbonic acid, or acid 
of charcoal. 

Carbonas alluminosus, carbonate of 
alumine; cretaceous argil. 

Carbonas ammonia concretus, ) 
crystallisatus, \ 
concrete volatile alkali ; ammonia 
preparata or carbonate of ammonia. 

Carbonas ammonia liquidus, aqua 
ammonias, or liquid carbonate of 

Carbonas baryta, carbonate of bary- 

Carbonas calcis, carbonate of lime, 
chalk, limestone ; spar. 

Carbonas cufiri, carbonate of copper. 

ferri, carbonate of iron, 

crocus martis, rubigo martis, &c. 

Carbonas magnesia, carbonate of 
magnesia; magnesia alba. 

Carbonas plumbi, carbonate of lead; 
chalk of lead ; spathic lead. 

Carbonas /wtassa, carbonate of pot- 
ash; sal tartari, or fixed vegeta- 
ble alkali. 

Carbonas potassa impurus, common 
potash, pearl ash. 

Carbonas potassa crystallisatus, kali 
preparatum, salt of tartar or worm- 
wood ; fixed vegetable alkali. 

Carbonas potassa liyuidus, aqua kali 
or ol. tartari per deliquium. 

Carbonas soda, carbonate of soda, na- 
tron, crystalline sodse, &c. 

Carbonas soda crystallisatus, carbo- 
nate of soda or natron ; sal soda: or 
crystalline soda, mineral fixed al- 

Carbonas soda impurus, impure car- 
bonate of soda, or barilla. 

Car bone, ) carbon, or pure char- 

Carbonicum, 3 coal ; principle of 

Car bos, ampelites, or canal coal. 

Carbunculus, a carbuncle, or painful 
gangrenous boil or ulcer. 


Carbunculus alabandicus, lapis ala- 

Carcaros, ? a sort of fever . 
Carcarus, 3 
Carcas, the nut tree or palma christi 

of Barbadoes. 
Carcax, the large-headed poppy. 
Care f r, a sedative remedy for re- 
straining disordered motions of 

body and mind. 
Carcharadont a, animals with sharp 

Carcharias, the shark. 
Carchedonius. See Calchedonius. 
Carchesius, the top of a mast of a 

ship ; a bandage described by Ori- 

Carchichec fiolyanthus, the primrose 

of Constantinople. 
Carchichec fwlijanthus turcarum, the 

blue primrose. 
Carcinethron, the common knot 

Carcinodes, a cancerous tumour; a 

polypus ; a crab. 
Carcinodes choirades, painful scro- 

phulous swellings. 
Carcinoma, cancer; turgescence of 

the veins of the eye. 

Carcinos, > , . 

„ 5- cancer ; the crab. 

C arcinus, ) 

Cardamantica, a species of cress; 

Cardameleum, a medicine mentioned 

by Galen. 
Cardamindum minus, the Indian 

Cardamine, ) the flower 

firatensis, $ called lady's 

smock, meadow cresses, or cuckoo 

Cardamine fiugilla sexatilis monta 

na, a species of larkspur. 
Cardamomum, cardamom seed of 

Cardamomum majus, the greater 

cardamom, or grains of Paradise. 
Cardamomum medium, the weaker 

Cardamomu?n minus, the lesser, offi- 
cinal, or common cardamom. 
Cardamomum fiifieratum, grains of 


garden cress. 


Cardamomum Siberiense, Indian, or 
stellated anise. 

Cardamon, ' 

Cardamum, ' 

Cardegi Indi, folium Indum ; canella 
sylvestris; the laurus cassia of 

Cardia, the upper, or left orifice of 
the stomach ; syncope ; the heart. 

Cardiaca, cordial medicines ; mother- 

Cardiaca confectio, aromatic electu- 

Cardiaca lyco/ius, motherwort. 

fiassio, the cardiac passion ; 
heartburn or pain of the stomach ; 

Cardiaca arterix, ~) the coronary 
vena, 3 veins and arte- 
ries proper to the heart. 

Cardiacus morbus, a nervous fever., a network of the 
par vagum. 

Cardials, cordial medicines. 

Cardialgia, heartburn, or pain at the 
left orifice of the stomach. 

Cardialgia injiammatoria, inflamma- 
tion in the stomach 

Cardialgia sfiutatoria, pyrosis, or 
water brash ; a discharge of water 
from the stomach with pain. 

Cardimelech, the king of the heart, 
a term used by Dolaeus ; or a par- 
ticular active principle in the 
heart supporting the vital func- 

Cardimona, the heartburn; cardial- 

Cardinalis fios, the lobelia or cardi- 
nal flower. 

Cardinamentum, a species of articu- 
lation like a hinge. 

Cardiogmos, ~) heartburn ; aneurism 

Cardiogmus, 5 of the aorta near the 

Cardionchus, aneurism in or near 
the heart. 

Cardiotrotus, a person having a 
wound in the heart. 

Cardios/iermum, heart-pea, or heart- 

Car disc e, a gem like a heart. 

Carditis, inflammation of the heart. 


Cardo, any articulation like a hinge ; | 
a thistle ; second vertebra of the 
Cardonet, the wild artichoke. 
Cardonium, wine medicated with 

Cardo/iatium, the low carline thistle. 
Carduelis, the linnet, goldfinch. 
Carduncellus, dwarf blue Montpe- 

lier carthamus. 
Cardunculus, a species of cynara. 
Carduo-cnicus, the distaff thistle. 
Carduus, a thistle. 

acanthus, bear's breech. 
albis maculis, Spanish milk 
Carduus altilis, the artichoke. 

benedictus, the holy, or 
blessed thistle. 
Carduus Brasilianus foliis aloes, the 

pine apple. 
Carduus chrysanthemus, the golden 

Carduus ceenot/ios, common creeping 

Carduus cnieus sylvestris, the holy 

Carduus caruleus tingitanus, blue 

distaff thistle. 
Carduus Cretensis, the Cretan this- 
Carduus domesticus, the artichoke. 
esculentus, the chardon, a 
kind of artichoke. 
Carduus ferox, the fish-like thistle. 
fullonius, wild teasil ; dipsa- 
Carduus globosus, the globe thistle. 
hxmorrhoidalis, the com- 
mon creeping way thistle. 
Carduus humilis gummifera, the pine 

Carduus lacteus, the milk thistle. 

Suriacus, Spanish 
milk thistle. 
Carduus lui ecus, the distaff thistle. 

marianus, ~) the milk thistle; 
Marix, $ ladies' thistle. 
saiivus, ~) the 

non-sfiinosus, 3 arti- 
choke ; bastard saffron . 
Carduus soUtuialis, calcitrapa offici- 



Carduus sfihareccfihatus, the globe 

Carduus s/unosissimus elatior, the 
chardon thistle. 

Carduus sfiinosissimus sphxrocefxha- 
lus, Arabian thistle. 

Carduus stellatus, calcitrapa. 

lutxus, the distaff 

Carduus tomentosus, the cotton or 
woolly thistle. 

Carduus veneris, the teazle. 

vinearum re/iens, ) 

vulgatissimus viarum, } 
creeping thistle. 

Carduus xaranthemus, the carline 

Carealia, bread ; mealy grain. 

Carebaria, heaviness or weariness of 
the head. 

Carenu, the twenty-fourth part of a 

Carenum, the head. 

vinum, strong wine. 

Carcofiuli, the gamboge tree. 

Carctti, bonduch Indorum, the tree 
yielding the bezoar nuts. 

Carexnn, caraway seed. 

Car ex, spear grass; sedge; burr- 

Carex arenaria, sarsaparilla Germa- 

Cari, caraway seed. 

Carica, a dry fig; the fruit of the 
palm tree. 

Caricosus, a fig-like swelling, as the 

Caricum* an ointment of hellebore; 
lead, cantharides, Sec. ; an oil. 

Carides, prawns or shrimps. 

Caries, an ulcerated bone. 

pudendotum, caroli ; chan- 

Carima, the cassada bread. 

Carim-curini, an anti-arthritic bark. 

Carim/iana, a species of palm tree. 

Carina, the keel-like concave seg- 
ment of a flower; the first semi- 
nal rudiment; the back bone; 
keel of a ship ; the first rudiments 
of a chick in the egg ; the hard 
shell of a walnut; the furrow-like 
cavity in the leaves of grasses. 


Carinatus, furrowed. 
Cariosse, ady, a species of palm. 
Carlos us, carious ; rotten. 
Caris, a shrimp. 
Carium terra, lime. 
Carivillandi, sarsaparilla root. 
Carlina, ~\ the carline 

acaulos, I thistle ; the 
gu?nmifera, ] pine thistle. 
Carlinte radix alba, root of the carline 

Carlinte radix nigra, root of the black 

chamelion thistle. 
Carlo 8a?icto, St. Charles' root, so 

called by the Spaniards. 
Carmes, carmelite water, of baum, 

lemon-peel, &c. 
Car min, carmine. 
Carmina, inchantments ; amulets. 
Carminantia,f carminatives; warm 
Carminativa, $ antispasmodic medi- 
Carnabadium, caraway seed. 
Carnea columns, the fleshy columns 
or pillars in the cavity of the 
Carnclia, carnelian stone. 
Camicula, caruncles, or small fleshy 
excrescences ; the flesh of the 
Carnificatio, change of solid food 

into flesh. 
Carniformis abscessus, any abscess 
near a joint, of a firm substance, 
and having a hardened orifice. 
Carnivori, animals whose food is 

flesh; escharotics. 
Carnosa cutis, a fleshy appearance 

in the skin. 
Carnosa musculosa membrana, the 
frontal muscles; panniculus car- 
Carnositus, caruncula; a fleshy ex- 
crescence in the urethra, or neck 
of the bladder. 
Camosus musculus, pyramidalis 

Camubia, caroba. 
Caro, flesh ; the red part or belly of 

muscles; the pulp of fruit. 
Caro adnata, the sarcocele, or the 
^ swelled testicle. 
Caro carcinodes, cancerous. 


Caro montana, a species of leather 
stone found in Sweden. 

Caro musculosa quadrata, the pal- 
maris brevis muscle. 

Caro tosta, roasted meat. 

Caroba, the carob, or John's bread 
tree of Sicily. 

Carcenum, inspissated juice of grapes; 

Caroli, chancres, venereal excres- 
cences or ulcers on the pudenda. 

Carofii, true stone parsley, or amo- 

Carora, an urinal. 

Caros, ) caraway seed ; a species of 

Car us, 5 apoplexy ; lethargy ; insen- 

Carola, the common carrot. 

Caroticus, affected with caros. 

Carotidea arteries, ~> the carotid arte- 

Carotides, £ ries, conveying 

the blood to the head. 

Carotis externa, the external carotid 

Carotis interna, the internal carotid 

Caroum, the caraway seed. 

Car/ia, the fish called carp. 

Carjmsium linum, fine linen; a poi- 
sonous gum like myrrh. 

Carpasus, carpesium ; cubebs ; some 
suppose it a plant not at present 

Carjiata, the Barbadoes nut. 

Carpathicum, oleum essentiale tere- 
binthinae; Carpathian balsam. 

Carpentaria, nasturtium hyemale; 
a vulnerary herb. 

Carpenus, the horn-beam tree. 

Carpentaria, the winter cress. 

Carfiesium, cubebs; nodding star- 

Carphaleos, ) , 

Carjihalcus, \ dr ^ 

Carpheotum, pure and white frank- 
Carphos, the fenugreek. 
Carphus, any small pustule ; a mote 

or straw. 
Carpia, lint. 

Carpinus, the horn-beam or hard- 
beam tree. 
Carpio, the carp fish. 


Car/iismus, the wrist. 
Car/wbalsamum, the fruit of the balm 

of Gilead tree. 
Car/iobolus, a species of lycoperdon. 

Car/iolit/ius, a variety of the black 

species of nodulous stones. 
Carjiologia, picking the clothes, as 
in dangerous fevers. 

Car fiofihy lion, laurel of Alexandria. 

Car/ios, a seed, or fruit. 

Car/itura, the scraping, or manufac 
ture of lint. 

Car/mm Jlectentium interior, a mus- 
cle of the wrist. 

Carfius, the wrist, or carpus. 

Carrata, acarat, or caratt. A carat of 
pearls or diamonds is four grains ; 
that of gold is twenty -four. 

Carthamus, ~> safflower or 

tinctorius, $ bastard saf- 

Carthamus aculeatus, black chame- 
lion thistle. 

Carthusianus fiulvis, kermes mine- 
ral; sulph. antim. prxcip. 

Cartilagineus, of or like a cartilage. 

Cartilaginosum, the patella, or pan 
bone of the knee. 

Card/ago, a cartilage, or gristle ; a 
smooth, solid, elastic part of an 

Cartilago annularis, the cricoid car- 
tilage of the larynx. 

Cartilago aryt anoidea, the arytenoid 

Cartilago cricoidea, the cricoid car- 

Cartilago ensiformis, } the ensifovm 
xyfihoidea, 3 cartilage of 
the sternum. 

Cartilago innominata, the annularis 
or cricoid cartilage. 

Cartilago inter-articularis, inter-ar- 
ticular cartilage, or situated be- 
tween the articulations. 

Cartilago obducens, a cartilage co- 
vering the moveable articulations. 

Cartilago scutiformis, the thyroid 
cartilage, or pomum adami. 

Cartilago t/iyroidea, the thyroid car- 

Carum, > the caraway p]ant 

Carvi, 3 


Caruncula, a caruncle; a small fleshy 
excrescence; uvula. 

Caruncula lachrymalis, > a gland in 
oculi, 5 tne inner 

corner of the eye. 

Caruncula cuticulares ala, nymphx. 
mamillarcs, extremities of 
the tubes in the nipple. 

Caruncula inyrtiformes, protube- 
rances at the os externum mulie- 
bre after the rupture of the hy- 

Caruncula fia/iillares, carunculx ma- 
millares; also the protuberances 
in the pelvis of the kidneys. 

Caruncula urethra, fleshy excres- 
cences in the urethra. 

Carunculosa, suppression of urine 
from caruncles in the urethra. 

Carunculosus, having caruncles. 

Caruon, common caraway. 

Caros, > apoplexy Avith perpetual 

Carus, 5 sleep ; insensibility and 
sleepiness with quiet respiration; 
a loss of sense and voluntary mo- 
tion with unimpeded respiration; 
a profound sleep without fever. 

Carus arthriticus, apoplexy from 

Carus exanthematicus, apoplexy 
from eruptive diseases. 

Carus febricosus, ~) apoplexy accom- 
febrilis, 3 panying fever. 
afrigore, apoplexy from cold, 
sanguineous apoplexy. 

Carus a hydrocefihalo, apoplexy from 
hydrocephalus, serous apoplexy. 

Carus hyfiochondriacus, apoplexy 
from hysteric affection. 

Carus ab insolatione, apoplexy from 
intense sun; stroke of the sun. 

Caru^ ischuriosus, apoplexy from 
retention of urine. 

Carus mystagmus, hysterical insen- 

Carus a narcoticis, apoplexy from 

Carus a fiathemate, apoplexy from 

Carus a plumbaginc, apoplexy from 
fumes of lead. 

Carus s/iontaneus, sanguineous apo- 


Carua traumaticus, apoplexy from 

wounds in the head. 
Carua variolosa:,; apoplexy in small- 
Cams verminosus, apoplexy from 

Carva, the woody cassia tree. 
Carvi, caraway seed. 
Carvifolia, a species of selinum. 
Cart/a, the walnut tree. 
Curycia, dainty food of the Lydians. 
Carycdon, ) catagma; afracture with 
Carydon, } splinters. 
Caryites, a species of spurge; tithy- 

Caryl, a confection of the American 

bean tree. 
Caryoces, the palm tree of Guinea. 
Caryocostinum, electuarium e scam- 

Car yon, a general name for nuts. 

basilicon, the walnut, or jug- 

Car yon Heraclcoticon, ) any small 
lefiton, 5 nut > as tnc 

filbert; the hazel nut. 
CaryofihylUus, of the clove kind. 
Caryofihyllata, the avens, or herb 

Caryofihylli aromatici, the aromatic 

Caryofihylli suavis odoris, canella 

Caryofihylloides cortex, a species of 


Caryofihyllus, the clove ; chickweed. 
aromaticus, the clove ; 

also the tree producing it; spice. 
Caryofihyllus avomatieus .Imerica- 

nus, the Jamaica pepper, or all- 
Caryofihyllus aromatieus cum fructu 

rotundo, a species of cassia. 
Caryofihyllus arvensis, a species of 

Caryofihyllus barbatus, broad-leaved 

sweet William. 
Caryofihyllus dianthus, the red 

Caryofihyllus holosteua arvensis, a 

specie* of chickweed. 
CaryofihyUua hurtensis, the red 




Caryofihyllus Indicus, 


rigold; spigelia. 
Caryofihyllus montanus, a species of 

Caryofihyllus orientalis aromatieus, 

the clove spice. 
Caryofihyllus firatensis, the meadow 

Caryofihyllus ramosus,~) branched, 
regius, 5 or royal 

Caryofihyllus sylvestris, wild pink. 
ruber, the clove pink, 

or carnation; the clove gillyflower. 
Caryofihyllus vulgaris, herb-bennet. 
Caryosse, the Guinea palm tree. 
Caryota, a date. 

Caryoti, dates the best in Syria. 
Caryus, sea holly, or eryngo. 
Cas gangythreb, vervain. 
Casabonx, fish thistle. 
Casamum, the cyclamen, or sow 

Cascarilla, the bark of the clutia elu- 

theria, a weak substitute of the 

Peruvian bark ; the Spaniards call 

the Peruvian bark by this name. 

Caschu, ~) T 

n , > terra Japonica. 

Lashoiv, ) r 

Caseus, cheese. 

Cas/100, an aromatic drug of Indos- 

Casia, the cassia, or clove-berry tree. 

Casibo, a species of privet. 

Casminaris, } the cassummunar of 

Casmunar, 3 Bengal 

Casoar cusoaris, the cassowary bird. 

Cassa, the thorax. 

Cassada, 1 cassada, a West Indian 

Cassavi, > plant scraped and made 

Cassave, J into cakes, the fresh juice 
is poisonous ; jatropha manihotof 

Cassadum, } weak ; spiritless; sup- 

Cassatum, $ posed thick, circulating- 

Cas&ale vulnus, a wound in the tho- 

Cassamzan, the fruit of the palm tree. 

Cassatus, weak ; debilitated. 

Casse, snow water distilled from the 
flower of the cyanus. 


2'assia, ) cassia ; an epithet of sen- 
?asia, 5 na. 



Cassia cant /la, cassia lignea, or the 

wild cinnamon. 
Cassia caryofihijllata, the clove-bark. 

tree, sweet-scented Jamaica pep- 
per tree. 
Cassia cinnamomea, the cinnamon 

tree of Ceylon. 
Cassia crassior, the wild cinnamon 

Cassia cribrata, the pulp of the 

purging cassia 
Cassia Jistala, } purging cassia of 
Jistularis, 5 Egypt ; wild sen 

na, or pudding pipe tree. 
Cassia ligiua, bark of the wild, or 

Malabar cinnamon tree. 
Cassia Jamaicensis, canella alba. 
Malabarica, the wild cinna 

mon tree. 

Cassia nicrra, ~\ ., 

6 ' . I the purging cas 

hurzatrix, > . ° ° 

, . . ' f sia. 
solvitiva, J 

st nna, the plant affording the 

Alexandria senna. 
Cassia fioetica, poet's rosemary. 
Cassia aramentum,the pulp of cassia 
Cassia cortex, the clove-berry tree. 
extracta, the pulp of cassia 

Cassia Jlores, the flowers of the true 

cinnamon tree. 
Cassiana, cassiny tea; the American 

cassio-berry bush ; South sea tea. 

Cassibor, f * , 

. ' > coriander. 
Lassiabott., y 

Casdda, hooded loose-strife. 

Cassita, the lark. 

Cassitero&i tin. 

Cassob, kali; alkaline salt. 

Cassoleta, warm humid fumigation. 

Cassonada, sugar. 

Ca sovarius, the cassowary bird. 

Castsu, the cassu tree of Brazil. 

Cas&ummuniar, > an aromatic Indian 

Casummiar; $ root; a 


Cassuta, "J 

Cassutha, I dodder of thyme. 

Cassytha, J 

Castutticum, styptic ; astringent 

species of 


Castana, the chesnut ; Jupiter's 

acorn ; Sardinian acorn. 
Castanea, the chesnut tree. 

equina, the horse chesnut. 
castjot, terra Japonica. 
Jlore albo, the coffee tree. 
Malabarica, the Malabar 
Castanea sylvestris, the wood ches- 
Castor, the beaver ; a substance taken 
from bags near the anus of the 
beaver ; cataputia major. 
Castor Americanus, castor from the 

beaver of Canada. 
Castor Jiber, the beaver. 

Russicus, castor from the bea- 
ver of Russia. 

Castortum, ? 

„ ' > castor. 

Castonum, 3 

Castratio, castration; gelding; the 
extirpation of one or both testes; 
correcting a severe purgative. 

Castratus, (in botany) filaments with- 
out anthers. 

Castrensis, appertaining to camps; 
a dysentery. 

Casus, a mark, a symptom or history 
of disease ; any thing fortuitous ; 
a casualty ; a present disease. 

Casus paljicbra sufierioris, a retrac- 
tion of the upper eyelid. 

Casus lapsus fialpcbra superioris, a 
preternatural descent of the upper 

Catabalum, ambalam. 

Ca/abasis, catabibasis; operation 

Catablaceusis, negligence in nurses. 

Catablcma, the outer fillet that se- 
cures the rest of the bandages. 

Catabronchesis, swallowing. 

Catacauma, a burn, or scald. 

Catacausis, a burning. 

Cataceclimenus, confined to bed. 

Catacccramenus, broken into small 

Cuiarerastica, antacrimonious me- 

Catachlidesis, morbid indulgence. 

Catachloos, > bilious, or green fxces; 

Catachl'ous 5 a very green colour. 


Catachrisma, > any medicine em 

( 'utuchriston, $ ployed as an unction 

Catac/iysis, washing; affusion. 

Cataclaaie, distorted eyelids; a spas- 
tic occlusion of the eye. 

Catacleis, the upper or first rib. 

Cataaincs, confined to bed. 

Cataclisis, lying down. 

Cutaclita, couches. 

Cataclysma, a clyster. 

Cataclysmi, washings ; embrocations. 

Cataconesis, washing; irrigation by 
a plentiful affusion of liquor on 
some parts of the body. 

CatacoreSf profuse ; abundant ; bili- 
ous stools. 

Catacrcmnos, cynanche tonsillaris. 

Catacrusis, a revulsion. 

Catadoulesis, a subduing of pas- 

Catxgizesis, a revulsion of humours 
in the bowels. 

Cat&onesis, copious affusion. 

Catafracta, a bandage for the ster- 
num and ribs. 

Catagemu, gamboge. 

Cataglischrasis, inviscating. 

Cataglyfihe, an excavation, hole, or 
pit ; indentation. 

Catagma, a fracture, or solution. 

rafihanedon, a transverse 

Catagma alfihitcdon, "^ 

carycdon, [ 

secundum afiothrausin, f 
a splintered fracture. 

Catagma ad onycha, a longitudinal 

Catagma schedacedon, an oblong 

Catagmatica, catagmatics, or reme- 
dies promoting the union of frac 

Ca'agogc, any division or region of 
the abdomen ; the seat of a dis- 

Catagyiosis, an imbecility. 

Catalcntia, epilepsy. 

Caalr/isis, comprehension or per- 
ception; catalepsy, or sudden sup- 
pression of motion and sensation ; 
apoplexy with general muscular ri- 


gidity ; the retention of the breath, 
as in straining at stool ; retention 
of humours which ought to be 
evacuated; interception of the 
blood in the vessels by a bandage. 

Catalefisis delirans, raving catalep- 
sy. ' 

Catalefisis a fumo, catalepsy from 
metallic fumes. 

Catalefisis hysterica, catalepsy in 

Catalefisis melancholica, catalepsy in 

Catale/isis a menostasia, catalepsy 
from disturbed mind. 

Catalefisis verminosa, catalepsy from 

Catalotica, healing or cicatrizing me- 

Catalongay, the plant which bears 
the faba sancti Ignatii. 

Catalfia, a species of bignonia. 

Catalysis, a palsy; death. 

Catamarasmus, an emaciation. 

Catamassesis, grinding the teeth in 

Catamenia, the monthly or menstrua 
al discharge of women. 

Catamolynthifi, contaminated. 

Catamysis, winking. 

Catanancasis, a compulsive opera- 

Catanance, succory. 

leguminosa, the crimson 
grass vetch. 

Cata?ianc/u>, candy lion's foot. 

Catanifihthis, washed. 

Catanoesis, enjoyment of the mental 

Catantia, a declivity ; a bending back- 

Catantlema, washing by affusion. 

Calautlesis, washing with sponge 
dipped in hot water. 

Catafiasma, } any dry powder 

CatajMHtum, $ sprinkled on the body. 

Catajwxmiuj, friction on the shoul- 
ders and neck downwards. 

Cata/iansis, cessation of pain. 

Catafi lies, applications for gun-shot 
wounds; a grenado or battery. 

Catafih'jra, lethargic disposition ; co- 
ma somnolentum; a dead or 


deep sleep; a preternatural pro- 
pensity to sleep. 
Catafihnra arthritica, apoplexy from 


Catafihora coma, sanguine apoplexy. 
exanthematica, lethargy 

in eruptive diseases. 
Cata/i/iora hydroccfihalica, serous 

Catafihora scorbutica, apoplectic 

symptoms in scurvy. 
Catafihora timor, lethargic disposi- 
tion in intermittent fever. 
Catafihracta, ~) a bandage on the 
Catafihractica, $ thorax. 
Cata/ihisma, a thick poultice of meal 

and herbs. 
Catafilasma, a cataplasm ; a poultice ; 

Catafilasma aluminis, coagulum alu- 

Catafilasma discutiens, a discutient 

Catafilasma emolliens, an emollient 

poultice of bread and milk. 
Catafilasma effcrvtscens, efferves- 
cing poultice. 
Catafilasma maturans, maturating 

Catafilasma sinafieos, mustard poul- 
Catafilasma sufifiurans, lilies, figs, 

onions, galbanum, basilicum, &c. 
Catafilexis, a sudden stupefaction ; 

a privation of sense in any limb, or 

Catufiosis, the act of swallowing. 
Cata/wtium, a pill. 
Catafisyxi*,a. sudden chill; sense of 

Cata/itosis, sudden privation of mus 

cular strength. 
Catafiultarium, catapeltes. 
Catafiutia, the spurge plant. 

major, the castor oil plani 

of America. 
Catafiutia minor, garden spurge. 
Cataracta, a cataract, or opacity of 

the crystalline lens. 
Cataracta antiglaucoma, a cataract 

without gutta serena. 
Cataracta glaucoma, a cataract with 
crutta serena. 


Cataracta membranacea, a cataract 
with diseased membranes. 

Cataracta nigra, amaurosis; a cata- 
ract with gutta serena. 

Cataracta ricinoides, Barbadoes 

Cataracta secundaria, a cataract not 
depending on an opake lens only. 

Cataracta -vera, true cataract. 

Cat aria, ~) mentha cataria, nepela, 

Cattaria,\ nip, nep, or catmint. 

Cat arrhalis febris, amphemerina ca- 

Cutarrheuma, a catarrh, or common 

Catarrhcxis, any profuse discharge 
from the body ; a violent and co- 
pious eruption ; a discharge of 
pure blood from the belly. 

Catarrhcecus, a catarrh, or cold ; dis- 
eases proceeding from a distillation 
of rheum. 

Catarrhofia fihymata, a species of tu- 
bercles tending downwards, or 
having their apex on a depending 

Catarrhofiia, remission or decline of 
a disease. 

Catarrhofios noitsos, decline of dis- 

Catarrhus, a catarrh ; defluxion, 
coryza, or common cold. The 
most received distinctions of ca- 
tarrh are included in the following 
lines : 

" Si fluit ad pectus, dicatur rheuma ca- 
" Ad fauces bronchus, ad nares esto coryza." 

Catarrhus bcllinsulanus, external an- 
gina or mumps. 

Catarrhus benignus, a mild cold, or 

Catarrhus a contagio, ) any cpide- 
efiidemicxis, 3 mic cold ; 

Catarrhus a frigorc, catarrh from 

Catarrhus ficcloreus, catarrh from 
affection of the chest. 

Catarrhus rubcolosus, catarrh ac- 
companying measles. 


Catarrhus suffocativus, catarrh from 
cynanche stridula, or croup. 

Catarrhus wsicce, dysury ; stran- 
gury with discharge of mucus. 

Catarrhysis, a defluxion of humours. 

Catar/ismus, the reduction of any 
bone to its natural situation. 

Catasarca, anasarca j water diffused 
under the skin. 

Catasbestis, resolution of tumours 
without suppuration. 

Catueceue, the perfect temperament 
pf body. 

Cataschasmos, scarifying. 

Cataschcsis, a constitution easily al- 

Cataeeait, concussion. 

Cqtas/iasma, a revulsion. 

CatastagtnoS) "] 

Catastaemus, ! •• .... ,. 

,, , '; ^distillation. 

( ata&talagniQS) \ 

C 'a taatalagm us, J 

Catastalticuir,,} styptic, astringent, 

Catastaliicus, 3 repressing. 

Catastasis, the extension, or reducing 
of a fracture, or dislocation ; the 
constitution, state, or condition of 
any thing. 

Ca fa sterna, a prop, or support. 

Caiastole, gravity and modesty of a 

CatatasiS) catastasis. 

Catatrifisis, the attrition of parts. 

( 'ataudesis, vociferation. 

( 'ataxa, unwrought or undyed silk. 

Cuta.vis, a fracture, or division. 

Cute, terra Japonica; the juice of 
the Indian thorn. 

Catechomenos, ~> resistance of reme- 

Catechomentu, ) dies. 

Catechu, terra Japonica, Japan earth ; 
inspissated juice of mimosa cate- 

Catechu decoctum comjiosilum, a 
compound decoction of catechu. 

Catechu tinctura, tincture of cate- 

• acajaiba. 

Cateiadion, mi instrument to draw 
blood from the nose for the head- 

Cateilumenos, > 



Catellorum oleum, marjoram, thyme > 
and dog's flesh boiled in oil. 

Catellus, a dog. 

cinereus, a cupel, or test. 

Catena, tibialis anticus. 

Catenulatus, (in botany) resembling 

Catephes, sad. 

Catavala, the common aloe. 

Cath. abbreviation of catholicon. 

Calhtemus bloody. 

Cathceresis, weakness arising from 
any evacuation ; consumption 
without any manifest evacuation. 

Cathxretica, ) escharotica ; cathere- 

Catheretica, 3 tics; corrosives. 

Cathalogon, lgnatius's bean. 

Catharma, "J a purging by medicine; 

Catharmos, j-cure by incantation or 

Cutharmus,) superstition, or by the 
royal touch. 

Catharsia, cathartics. 

Catharsis, natural or artificial pur- 
gation by stool, urine, &c. 

Cathartica, purging medicines, or 
such as increase the number of 
alvine evacuations; emetics 

Cathartica stimulantia, stimulating 
cathartics, as jalap, aloes, colo- 
cynth, Sec. 

Cathartica refrigerantia, refrigerat- 
ing or cooling cathartics of the 
saline kind. 

Cathartica adstringentia, adstrin- 
gent cathartics, as rhubarb, roses, 

Cathartica emollientia, emollient ca- 
thartics, as manna, olive and cas- 
tor oil, &c. 

Cathartica narcotica, narcotic ca- 
thartics, as tobacco, hyoscyamus, 
digitalis, &c. 

Catharos, ) 

Catharus,$V me > C,ean ' 

Cathedra, the anus. 

Cathenu -rina, amphimerina; a quo- 

Cathesticos, any regimen. 

Catheter, a catheter, or hollow tube, 
or instrument for drawing off 
urine ; a bougie made of silver 
or elastic gum ; a sound, for as- 


certaining the existence of a stone 

in the bladder. 
Catheterismus, the introduction of a 

catheter, or medicine, into the 

Cathidrusis,") , r + „„„ 

Ca^r^;5 redUCinga 

Cathimia, gold and silver squamae, 
or scales ; a gold or silver mine ; 
concretions of gold and silver in 
the furnace ; gold ; soot formed 
in burning brass. 

Cathmia, litharge. 

Cat/iodos, a descent. 

Catholceus, a bandage for the head. 

Catholicon, any general remedy, or 
one supposed to purge all hu- 
mours; a panacea, or universal 

Catholicon nicolai, a purge of tama- 
rinds, cassia, senna, and rhubarb. 

Cathygrus, moistened. 

Cathy {mid, a sound or deep, but un- 
healthy sleep. 

Catias, a knife for operating on the 

Catillia, a nine-ounce weight. 

Catillum, ~) 

Catillus, ; J a porringer. 

cinereus, a cupel. 
Catimia, litharge ; cadmia. 
Catinus, a pot, or dish. 

fusorius, a crucible. 
Catischon, a costive habit ; one not 

easily purged. 
Catius, catias. 
Catixis, a critical haemorrhage from 

the same side as the disease. 
Catlin, a knife used in amputation to 

divide between the bones. 
Catma, filings of gold. 
Catoblefias, an Ethiopian wild beast. 
Catocathartica, purging medicines. 
Catoche, an apoplectic rigidity of the 

muscles ; catalepsy ; coma som- 

Catocheilum, the lower lip. 
Catochites, a wonderful magnet of 

Catochu.s, catalepsy; an apoplectic 

rigidity of the muscles ; tetanus. 
Calochus cervinus, tetanus, or locked 


purging medicines. 


Catochus diurnus, symptomatic te- 

Catochus holotonicus, tetanus depend- 
ing on too much tone of the mus- 

Catodcm, the spermaceti whale. 

Catomisitios, > reducing luxations of 

Catomismu.s, £ the humerus, by lift- 
ing it over the shoulder. 

Catopsis,myopia ; short sightedness; 
quickness, acuteness. 

Catofiter, speculum ani; a probe. 

Catorchitts, a species of wine in 
which the orchis root is used. 


Catotcrica, ' 

Catou karua, folium Indum. 

Catta tri/tuli, long pepper. 

Cattee, the cajou, or cassu tree. 

Catta schiragam, a Malabar tree. 

Catu tirfiali, long pepper. 

Catulotica, cicatrizing medicines 

C'a£a/«*,apuppy; amentum; a catkin. 

Catu pitsjegam mulla, a species of 

Calus, a cat. 

Caucafon, Indian garlic. 

Caucalis, bastard parsley. 

Caucaloides, the patella, or knee-pan 

Caucon, herb horsetail. 

Cauda, the extremity of a leaf; a tail ; 
the os coccygis; polypus of the 

Cauda equina, the extremity of the 
spinal marrow; the plant horse- 

Cauda muris, a species of ranuncu- 
lus ; mouse-tail. 

Cauda fwrcina, hog's fennel. 

vul/iis rubicundi, red lead. 

Caudatio, an elongation of the cli- 

Caudex, the trunk, stem, or body of 
a tree. 

Caulcdon, a transverse fracture. 

Caulescens, having a stalk. 

Cauliaa, juice of the sylphium from 
the stalk. 

Cuuliftrusy plants having a true 

Caulis, the stalk; the blade; cab- 
bage; penis; vagina. 


Cauda Floridus, cauliflower 

procumbent, a trailing stalk, 
as of ivy. 
Caulis ruber, red colewort. 

scandens, a climbing stalk, as 

of vines. 

Caulis volubilis, a twining stalk, as 

of the hop. 
Caulora/ia, cabbage turnip. 
Caulodes, the white, or green cab- 
Caulos, a stalk. 
Cauloton, the common beet. 
Cauma, fever heat ; heat of the at- 
Caunga, the areca, or Malabar nut. 
Cauris, a shell commonly called 

cowrie, or gowrie. 
Causa, a cause. 

abdita, hidden cause. 
antecedens, antecedent cause. 
occasionalis, ~) the exciting 
procatarctica, > cause of dis- 
proegumena, J ease. 
remota, any cause of disease, 
except the 
Causa proximo, the proximate, or 

disease itself. 
Causatis dentium, the tooth-ach. 
Causa abdita, remote causes of dis- 
Causi, ardent fevers. 
Causis, a burn. 
Causos, } . . 

Causodes, $» burning fever. 

Causoma, an inflammation ; a burn- 
ing heat. 

Caustica, caustics; escharotics; me 
dicines that burn and dissolve all 
animal matter. 

Causticum Amcricanum, Indian caus- 
tic barley, or cevadilla. 

Cau.sticum antimoniale, muriate, or 
butter of antimony. 

Causticum commune, 

quicklime with pure kali; com 
mon caustic. 

Causticum lunare, nitrated silver, or 
lunar caustic. 

Causus,}* burning, or liighly ar- 

Causis, 3 dent fever. 



Causus endemia, the yellow fever of 
the West Indies. 

Cautchue, elastic gum. 

Cauterium, a cautery. 

actuate, actual cautery; 
fire ; red hot iron. 

Cauterium potentiate, lapis septicus, 
potassa, kali purum, or potential 
cautery of potash and quick 

Cauterizatio, cauterizing, or burning 
a part. 

Couturier, sartorius. 

Cava herbariorum, } the herb fumi- 
major radix, 3 tory. 

Cava manus, the hollow of the 

Cava vena, cava; the large recipient 
vein, returning the blood to the 
heart from all parts of the body. 

Cava vena ascendens, } the inferior 
inferior, 3 vena cava 
distributed chiefly to the abdomen 
and lower extremities, and return- 
ing the blood to the heart. 

Cava vena descendens, ) the superi- 
superior, 3 or vena ca- 
va, principally distributed to the 
thorax, head, and upper extremi- 
ties, and returning the blood to 
the heart. 

Cavalam, a leguminous plant of Ma- 

Caverna, the female pudenda; a ca- 

Cavernx dentium , hollow teeth. 

Caviarium, caviar, or the pickled 
roe of the sturgeon. 

Cavicula,~) the ancle joint; the hol- 

Cavilla, 3 low of the foot. 

Cavitas innominata,iht hollow of the 
external ear. 

Cayan, a plant useful in piles ; a pep- 

Caymanes, the caiman, or West In- 
dian crocodile. 

Cayutana, fagara; an aromatic plant. 
luzonis, an aromatic east- 
ern plant. 

Cazabi, the cassada bread. 

Ceanothas, the common way thistle. 

Ceanothus, the staff tree; New Jer- 
sey tea-tree. 


Ceasma, > a fissure ; a splinter ; i 

Ceasmus,} fragment. 

Ccbar, ~) the agallochum, or aroma 

Ceber, 5 tic aloe. 

Cebifiira Brasilicnsis, a bitter bark of 

Cecis, a gall, an excrescence of the 
oak tree. 

Cecropia, the trumpet tree, or snake- 
wood tree. 

Cecry/ihalos, the ruminating stomach 
of the ox. 

Cedma, the venereal disease ; any 
pain in the pudenda. 

Cedmata, defluxions upon the joints. 

Cedrela, Barbadoes cedar tree. 

CedreLzum, oil of cedar. 

Cedr elate, the largest species of cedar. 

Ceciria, the resin, or pitch of the 
great cedar. 

Cedrinum lignum, cedar of Lebanon. 

Cedrinus, made of cedar. 

Cedrisj the fruit of the great cedar 

Cedrites, wine impregnated with ce- 
dar resin. 

Cedrium, tar. 

CedrO) the citron tree. 

Ccdromela, the fruit of the citron, or 
cedar tree. 

Cedronella, Turkey baum. 

Ccdrostis, the white bryony. 

Cedrus, the great cedar of Lebanon. 
Americanus, the American 
tree of life. 

Ccdrus baccifera, sabina, or the ber- 
ry-bearing cedar. 

Cedrus cees, a disease of the hair. 

conif era folio laricis, the ce- 
dar of Lebanon. 

Cedrus folio cupressi,~> the berry- 
e Goa, 3 bearing ce- 

dar, or cypress-leaved. 

Cedrus Libani, cedar of Lebanon. 

Lijcie, the berry-bearing ce- 
dar, or cypress-leaved. 

Cedrus magna larix, cedar of Leba- 

Ccdrus Phoenicia, the berry-bearing 
cedar, or cypress-leaved. 

Celastrus, the staff tree. 

inermis, the common way 

C E L 

Ccle, a wen, a rupture; a tumour 
caused by the protrusion of any 
soft part: hence the compound 
terms hydrocele, bubonocele, &c. 

Celeri Italorum, the herb smallage. 

Celeripes, swift of foot. 

Celestrus theophrasti, evergreen pri- 

Celia, sherbet, or lemonade. 

Celimia, lapis calaminuris. 

Cells, a blemish in the skin. 

Cella turcica, a depression of the 
sphenoid bone, in which is situ- 
ated the pineal gland. 

Cellula, loculi, cells, bladders, or 

CelluU adiposes, membrana adi- 

coli, the contractions of the 
intestinum colon. 

Cellulx mastoidex, cavities in the pro- 
cessus mastoidxus. 

Cellulosa membrana, the cellular 

Cellulosa tunica Ruschii, the exter- 
nal, or membranous coat of the 

Cellulosus, cellular. 

Celosia, cocks-comb amaranth. % 

Celotomia, castration, or the opera- 
tion for bubonocele. 

Celsa, muscular twitching ; what is 
called the beating of the life in a 
particular part. 

Celsus ( ' Aurelius Cornelius), a ce- 
lebrated medical writer of the 
lime of Tiberius. 

Celtis, the nettle tree ; the lotus. 

Cemaro, the strawberry bay. 

Cembro, a species of pine. 

Cementatio, the uniting bodies by ce- 
ment ; cementation, or the process 
for converting iron into steel. 

Cement erium,ihe chemical aludel; a 

Cempoal xochitl, the African mari- 

Cementum, a cement ; any uniting te- 
nacious substance. 

Cemos, herb lion's foot. 

Cenchr amides, a kind of corn like 

Cenchramis, the seed of the fig. 


Cenehrattf a species of serpent. 

Crnchria, } 

Genchritis, ammites; a precious 

Ccnchrius, an herpetic eruption re 

sembling millet. 
Cenchros, millet 

Cendres grovellers, (French) potash 
Ceneangeia, evacuation of fluids from 

their vessels ; venesection. 
Ceneones, the groins, or flanks. 
Ceneficatum, calcined. 

species of trephine 

lsed to open the head 

,, . , ' in epilepsy. 
( i ■ni/iolum,J * * 

Ceriiotcmium, a particular purging 

Cenorie, a general evacuation. 

Cent, abbreviation of centaurium. 

Centaurea Be/ten, systematic name 
of the officinal Behen. 

Centaurea benedicta, the holy thistle. 
cyanus, the blue bottle. 

Crntaurioides, hedge hyssop. 

Centaurium, centaury. 

magnum, great cen 

Centaurium minerale, antimonii pa 

Centaurium minus, the purple, or 
lesser centaury ; gentiana centaur, 
of Linnxus. 

Centenarius, a Swedish weight of 60 
grains, equal to 63 English. 

Ccntaurus, a centaur. 

Ccnteninum ovum, a sortof hen's egg 
much smaller than ordinary, vul- 
garly called a cock's egg ; which 
has been fabulously reported to 
produce the cockatrice or basi- 

Ccntifolia, a many-leaved rose. 

Centimorbia, the herb moneywort. 

Cmtinervia, the plantain. 

Centinodia, knot grass. 

Centifu-dcs, millepedes, or wood lice. 

Ccmratio, acquiring acrimony, or 
\ irulence. 

( 'entrinoy afish covered with prickles. 

Centrion. } 

0;//n W ;;,,5 aSUmUlaUnSp,aSter - 



Centrophagia, pulegium. 

Centrum, the point, or centre of 
strength ; in chemistry, the prin- 
cipal residence or source of any 
thing ; that part of a medicine in 
which its virtue resides ; the mid- 
dle of any body, or that point which 
is every way equidistant from its 

Centrum gravitatis, centre of gra- 
vity, or a point on which any body 
being supported, or from it sus- 
pended, all its parts are in an equi- 
librium to one another. 

Centrum nerveum, ) the tendinous 
tendinosum, ^ centre of the 

Centrum ovale, a part of the corpus 
callosum in the brain. 

Centum, one hundred. 

morbia, twopenny-graff or 

Centumcapita, eryngo ; sea holly. 

Centumnodia, common knot grass. 

Centunculus, chickweed ; cotton 
weed ; alsine ; bastard pimpernel. 

n'. > the onion. 
Cefie, 5 

Cepa escalonica, the wild garlic. 

sectilis, small onions, or chives. 

Cepaa, brook lime ; purslane. 

Cefiastrum, the wild garlic. 

Cephalxa, an obstinate or chronic 

CephaUa juvenum, head-ach attend- 
ing puberty. 

rtt^l the head-ach. 

C tphalagia, } 

Cephalalgia catarrhalis, common ca- 

Cephalalgia epidemica, febris cas- 

Cephalalgia herba, the herb ver- 

Cephalalgia hxmatitica, clavus hys- 

Cephalalgia infiammatoria, phrensy ; 
inflammation of the brain. 

Cephalalgia spasmodica, the sick, 

Cephalalgias, one subject to head* 


Cephalartica, medicines purging the 

Cefihalanthusj button-tree 

Cefihalica, cephalics ; remedies for 
diseases of the head. 

Cefihalica fiollicis, a branch of the 
cephalic vein of the arm. 

Cefihalica tinctura, a tincture of va- 
lerian, snake root, Sec. 

Cefihalica vena, the cephalic or outer 
vein of the arm. 

Cefihalicus, of or belonging to the 
head ; medicine against disorders 
of the head. 

Cefihalicus fiulnis, assarum, &c. 

Ccfihaline, the root of the tongue. 

Cephalitis, phrensy ; phrenitis ; in- 
flammation of the brain. 

Cefihaloides, capitated plants, or 
plants with heads. 

Cefihalonosos, ~) any disease in the 

Cefihalonosus, $ head ; Hungarian 

Cefihalon, the date tree. 

Cefihalo-fiharyng&i, muscles of the 

Cefihalofionia, head-ach, heaviness 
of the head. 



Cefihalotos, plants with heads. 

Cefiini, vinegar. 

Cefiula, the Egyptian palm tree; 
large myrobalans; a small onion. 

Cera, wax ; bee's-wax. 

alba, white or virgin wax. 
Jlava, yellow wax. 

Ceracates, a wax-coloured agate. 

Ccratocele, a tumour of the cornea 
of the eye. 

Cerate, the small fibres of roots ; 
cornua uteri. 

Cerago, the food of bees. 

Ccramites, a precious stone of slate 

Ceramitis, fuller's earth. 

Ceramium, a Grecian 9 gallon mea- 

Ceramics, lozenges or troches. 

Ceranium, vide Cadus. 

Ceranthemus, bee glue, or bee bread. 

Cerarc, to mix ; to incorporate. 

Ceras, a wild parsnep. 

the mullet fish. 


Cerasa gummosa, a cherry-like tree. 
Cerasiatum, a purging medicine con- 
taining juice of cherries. 
Cerasios, ) an ointment of cherry 
Cerasius, 3 juice. 
Cerasium, a cherry. 
Cerasma, a mixture of cold and warm 

water. , 

Cerasofihorus, having protuberances 

like horns. 
Cerastes, a horned serpent. 
Ceraslibola, parts about the hips. 
Cerastium, mouse-ear chickwecd. 
Cerasus, the cherry tree. 

acida nigricans, the morello 

Cerasus Americana, Barbadoes cher- 
ry tree. 
Cerasus avhan nigra,\hc bird cherry. 
dulcis Indica, sweet Indian 

Cerasus nigra, black cherry, or 

Cerasus raccmosafructu non eduli, ) 
trafiezuntcna, ) 

lauro cerasus. 
Cerasus rubra, the red, or common 

Cerasus sylvestris amara, the rock 

Ceratia, the carob tree. 

difihyllos, the courbaril, or 

locust tree. 
Ceratites, the yellow horned poppy. 
Ceratitis, unicorn stone; sea violet; 

the horned poppy. 
Ceratium, the fruit of the carob tree. 
Ceratocele, a tumour of the cornea. 
Cerato-cefihalus, vervain ; water 

Cerato glossus, a muscle of the 

Cerato malgama, a cerate, or cere 


Ceratodes. 7 

n ~ ,„ „; c tunica cornea. 
Lerutoiaes, ^ 

Ceratonia, the carob tree, or St. John's 

CeralO'fiharyngaus, a muscle of the 

Ceralo-fihyllum, pond weed ; an aqua- 
tic plant; horn leaved. 

Ceratum, cerate, or salve of was 


a composition of a consistence be- 
tween an ointment and plaster; 

Ceratum album, cerate of spermaceti. 
cantharidis, cerate of Spa- 
nish fly. 

Ceratum citrinum, > yellow basi- 
re&irneflavx, $ licum and 

Ceratum efiuloticum, ? oil, 

e lafiide calaminari, 3 wax, 
and calamine; Turner's cerate. 

Ceratum lithargyri acetati, litharge, 
wax, oil, and camphor. 

Ceratum mercuriale, wax, lard, and 

Ceratum sa/ioni.i, soap cerate. 

Ceratum simplex, ceratum album. 

Ceratura, waxing. 

Ceraunia, the thunder stone or bolt. 

Ccrauno-chrysos, fulminating gold. 

Cerberus chemicus, nitrum. 

tricejis, pulvis scammonii 




Cerchodes, patients with a strait 
sounding or dense breathing. 

Cercis, the radius of the arm, 

Cercoli/is, an ape without a tail. 

Cerco/iithecus, an ape. 

Cercosis, an elongated clitoris ; a po- 
lypus or excrescence of the uterus. 

Crrea, ear wax; scald head. 

Cerealia, all sorts of grain for bread ; 
the name given by Linnxus to the 
larger esculent seeds of grasses, 
as rice, wheat, barley, rye, Sec. 

Cerealia, liquor, ale, or beer. 

Cerebelia urina, whitish urine, of the 
colour of the brain, so named by 

Cerebellum, the posterior, or little 

Cereber, the brain. 

Cerebri com/iressio, compression of 
the brain. 

( 'ereiri basis, the bones forming the 

( 'erebri galea, the cranium, or skull. 
■■■<»h the brain. 


wheezing ; 



Cerebrum elemgatum, the medulla? 

oblongata; the spinal marrow. 
Cerefolium, a jelly-like substance 

called star-fall ; chervil. 
Cerefolium Hisfianicum, sweet cicely, 

or myrrhis. 
Cerefolium sylvestre, wild cicely. 
Cereiba Brasiliensis, a willow-like 

tree of Brasil. 

Cerclceum, cerate ; cere-cloth. 

Cereolus chirurgorum, a bougie. 

Cerei, bougies. 

medicati, medicated bougies'. 


Cervisia, [ , , 

_, . . ^.beer, or ale. 
Cerenaia, f 

Celia, J 

Cerevisia amara, beer, or ale. 

medicata, medicated beev. 

Cereus, of or belonging to wax ; the 

torch thistle. 
Ceria, the tape worm; ale; scald 

Cerinthe, honeywort ; honeysuckle. 
Cerinthoides, hound's tongue. 
Cerio, scald head. 
Cerion, a honey-comb; an eruption 

like a honey-comb. 
Ceritus, one drunk with malt liquor. 
Cernodes, cerchnodes. 
Cernua fuviatilis, the ruff fish. 
Cernuua, (in botany) drooping. 
Ceroma, } cerate ; ointment for 
Ceronium, $ wrestlers. 
Cero/iisus, a plaster of pitch and 

Cerotum, cerate. 

Cerritus, one drunk with malt liquor. 
Cerro, the laurel oak. 
Cerris, ) 
Cerrus, ) 
Cerumen, "J 

aurium, I ear wax. 
Ccrumina, J 

Cerusa, } white oxide or calx of 
Cerussa,§ lead; white lead. 

acetata, saccharum saturni, 

acetis plumbi, sugar of lead. 

antimonii, ceruss dissolved 

in distilled vinegar; antimonii ce- 

Cerumen nrinn, a kind of white 

the holme oak. 


flrine, said by Paracelsus to indi- 
cate death, or a foul obstructed li- 

Cerva, a deer. 

Cervaria, shrubby hartwort of Ethio- 
pia; larger parsley-leaved moun- 
tain carrot. 

Cervaria nigra, laserpitium, or las- 

Cervical, a pillow, or bolster. 

Ccrvicales, the nerves of the neck. 
arteria, the cervical, or 
arteries of the neck, branches of 

Cervicales descendentes, nerves of 
the back. 

Cervicales vena, the veins of the 

Cervicalis, appertaining to the neck. 
decendens, > muscles of 
dorsi, 5 tne neck. 

Ccrvicaria, the campanula, or bell 
flower; Canterbury bell ; throat- 

Cervicaria alba, laserpitium, or herb 

Cervicem fiectentium primus, longus 

Cervi spina, buckthorn. 

Cervix, the hinder part of the neck. 
scapula, the upper process 
of the shoulder blade. 

Cervix uteri, the neck of the womb. 
vesica, the neck of the blad- 

Cervus, the stag, or male of the red 

Cervus minor bezoardicus, the be- 
zoar deer of America. 

Cervus ilatyceros, the fallow deer. 
odoratus, the musk animal. 
rangiferus, the rein deer. 
volans, the scarabseus beetle. 

Ccsis, wild carrot. 

Cesftito&ua, (in botany) many stems 
from one root. 

Cessans morbus, any chronic disease. 

Cestritrs vinum, wine of betony. 

Cestrum, betony ; bastard jasmine. 

Cetaceus, any fish of the whaie kind. 

Cele, a whale; the name of Lin- 
nxiio's seventh order of mamma- 


Cete admirabile, the spermaceti 

Ceterach, spleenwort ; miltwaste. 

Cetus, the common black whale. 

Cevadilla, caustic barley of Mexico ; 
Spanish barley. 

Cevil, ludus helmontii ; a remedy for 
the stone. 

Chaa, the tea plant. 

Chacarilla, cascarilla. 

Chacef, an earthen pot. 

Charophyllum, | common 

Charefohum, Lhervil. 

sativum, J 

sylvestre, wild cicely; 
cow weed. 

Chaeta, } the hair of the occiput ; the 

Chaita, \ mane of quadrupeds. 

Chaiarxambar, fistular cassia. 

Chalandra, a species of lark. 

Chalafia, jalapa, or jalap root. 

Chalasis, relaxation. 

Chalastica medicamenta, relaxing 

Chalastricum, pure saltpetre. 

Chalaza, } the tread of the egg, 

Chalazium, 3 a knotty kind of string 
at each end of an egg, formed of a 
plexus of the fibres of the mem- 
branes ; a stye or tumour on the 
eyelid like a hailstone. 

Chalazias, a stone resembling a hail- 

Chalbane, galbanum. 

Chalcanthum, vitriol calcined red. 
chlorum^ melanteria. 

Chalcedonius, calcedony; an onyx; 
a remedy for diseases of the ears. 

Chalceion, pimpinella. 

Chalceus, of or belonging to brass. 

Chalcidica lacerta, a species of ser- 

C/ialcitarium, colcothar. 

Chalcitis, green vitriol made red by 
calcination ; a vitriolic mineral red 
like copper. 

Chalcoideum os, the cuneiform bone 
of the tarsus. 

Chalcolibanum, fine brass. 

Chalcofihonus, a black stone sound- 
ing like brass. 

Chalcos, brass j a weight of two 


Chalcute, burnt brass. 

C/ta/icralon, } ■ , 

,,, ,. ' y wine and water. 

L/tattcratum, ^ 

Chalinos, ~) the cheeks near the an- 

Chalinus, $ gles of the mouth. 

Chalybeatus, ) of the nature of steel ; 

Chalybeus, $ chalybeate ; a term 

given to medicines into whose 

composition • n enters. 

L/tali/bais , . / c . . 

r>L I l- rubiiro, y rust ot steel. 
C halybis ° y 

Chalybs, steel ; iron hardened by ce- 

Chalyba tartarizatus, ferrum tartari- 

Chama, the sea or bastard cockle. 

Chamaacte, dwarf elder, or dane- 

Chamabalanus, wood pea, or earth 

Chamabatos, dew berry ; heath bram- 

Chamabuxus,blue milkwort; dwarf 

Chamacedrys, } female southern- 

Chamaccdrus, 5 wood, or lavender 

Chamacerasus, upright honeysuckle; 
winter cherry. 

Clmmacissus, ground ivy. 

Chamacistus, dwarf sun-flower. 

Chamaclema, ground ivy. 

?ninus, lesser ground 

Chamacrista, dwarf crista. 

Chamacy/iarissus, female southern- 
wood ; lavender cotton. 
Chamxdafihm, laureate mas. 

< 'hamadrohs, ) 
Chamadrys, {s er ™nder. 

al/tina, > mountain, 
frutescens, $ or alpine 
Chumadrys fruticosa, sage. 

incana marilima, mas- 
lich thyme. 
Chamadrys latifolia, brook lime. 

major, common german- 

< //unncdrys minor, creeping german- 


CAanutdrf9flalu9tris, water german- 


Chamadrys re/iens, creeping ger- 

Chamadrys spuria, mastich thyme. 
vulgaris, common ger- 

Chamajicus, a species of fig. 

Chamafilix, a species of sea fern. 

C ham x genista, a species of broom. 

Chamaiasme, a kind of sedum. 

Chamairys, > ,, • . n 

r ,, ■ ■ > the ins, or water flae. 
L/iamains, ) ° 

Chamaitea, the willow tree. 
Chamalaa, the shrub widow wail; 

Chamalarix, a plant of the Cape of 

Good Hope. 
Chamaleagnus, the willow tree; 

dwarf wild olive. 
Chamalcma, ground ivy. 
Chamaleon,,the chameleon. 

album, the carline thistle. 
nigcr, bastard saffron. 
salmantecensis, a species 
of thistle. 
Chamaleon verum, the distaff thistle. 
Chamaleos, a crab fish. 
Chamaleuce, dwarf coltsfoot. 
Chamalinum, purging flax; moun- 
tain flax. 
C /tarnation, a general epithet for this- 
Chamamalus, the apple of paradise 

C 'ham amelon, ~) , 
Chamamelum,\ ch * momile ' 
Chamamelon JEthiopicum,, Ethiopi- 
an woolly chamomile. 
Chamamelon Anglicum, double cha- 
Chamamelon Canariense, common 

Chamamelon Chium, thick-leaved 

chamomile of Chio. 
Chamamelon chrysanthemum, a spe- 
cies of marigold. 
Chamamelon f a- tidjim, stinking cha- 
momile, or May weed. See An- 
tin mis. 

Chamamelon Jlore plcno, 
odoratissimum f 


C haw x melon vulgare, wild, or dog's 

Chamtemesfiilua, the aria, or white j 

boam tree. 
Chumxmcspilus Gcsncri, a species of 

Chamxmorus, ? cloud or 

Anglica, ) knot berry 

of England. 
Chamxmyrsine, butcher's broom. 
Chamanerion, rose bay; willow tree. 
Cham&orchis, dwarf orchis. 
Chamacpericlymcnum, wild honey 

Chamapeuce, the stinking ground 

C ham a flit uinum -uinum, infusion of 

ground pine in wine. 
Chamxpitys, ~) common 

lutea, 5 ground pine. 
mas, male or Italian 

ground pine. 
Chamxpitya moschata, Italian or 

French ground pine. 
Chamxplatanus, dwarf plantain tree. 
Chamceplion, the hedge mustard. 
Chamceraphanus, the smallage, or 

parsley ; dwarf radish. 
Chamxriphes, the dwarf palm tree. 
Cha?ncerododendros, xgolethron ; 

dwarf rose laurel. 
Chamxrophes, ~) a species of palm 
Chamxrops, 3 tree. 
Chamxrubus, the dew, cloud, or knot 

Chamasfiartium, a species of broom. 
Chamxsycc, time spurge. 
Chametrachea, a species of sea crab. 
Chamxzelos, low ; depressed. 
Chambar, magnesia. 
Chambroch, trefoil. 
Chamelxa, the shrub widow wail. 
Chameuma, lying on the ground. 
Chamois, the chamoy, or Alpine goat. 
Chamomilla, camomile. 
Champacam, an East Indian tree. 
Champignon, a species of agaricus. 
Chancre, (French) a venereal ulcer 

on the pudenda. 
Channa, a sea fish like perch. 
( 'hantarellu8, champignon. 
Chanterella gelatinosa } a yellow ge- 
latinous fungus. 


Chaomantia signet, prognostics de- 
rived from observations of the air. 

Chaos, air of Paracelsus ; confusion; 
the original matter of the universe 
before it was brought into form 
and order. 

CAaosda, the plague. 

Chaova, coffee. 

Char, plant, abbreviation of charac- 
ter plantarum. 

Chara, horse-tail. 

Charabe, amber. 

Charaeias, plants requiring support ; 
the vine. 

Character, hereditary disposition to 
disease; a mark or sign; in bo-, 
tany, the distinctive marks of the 
species of plants ; in chemistry, it 
is a sign, or concise representation 
of substances or operations. 

Charadra, the bowels. 

Charadrius, a bird, looking at which 
cures jaundice. 

Charamaia, purging hazel nut. 

Charantia, momordica. 

Charcedonius. See Chalcedo7iius. 

Chardone, cinara spinosa. 

Charistolochia, the plant mugwort. 

Charitoblepharon, a shrub. 

Charlatan, (French) a quack, a 

\J fidVIHC } 

r ,. . ' > a cordial antidote. 
Lharmis, ) 

Charnub, the carob tree, or siliqua 

Charonius, a cave containing mephi- 
tic vapour. 

Char opus, pleasant to the eye. 

Charta emporetica, ~) blotting paper 
bibula, 3 f° r filtering. 

■virginea, the amnios, or in- 
terior foetal membrane. 

Chartreux (Jtoudre dej, a name of 
the kermes mineral. 

Chascmie, loss of the sense of smell- 

Chaame, yawning, gaping, or oscita- 

Chate, the Egyptian cucumber. 

Chauliodonta, all animals with long 

Chaunos, > soft ; fungous } clear 

Chaunua, S urine. 


( hnlrofia, all sorts of corn and pulse. 

C/icilocac-, the lip-evil; a canker in 
the mouth ; a chapped or swelled 
lip ; water canker. 

Cluilos, the lip. 

Ch rime ton, a chilblain. 

Chrimici, cold; chilliness. 

Cheimon, winter, or cold weather. 

Cheir, the hand. 

Cheiranthus, > the wall flow- 

cheiri, } er. 

Cheira/isia, scratching. 

Cheiriater, a surgeon. 

Cheiriama, any manual operation; 

Cheirixie, surgery. 

C/n ironomia, a peculiar exercise of 
the hands. 

Cheizi, quicksilver; flowers; anti- 

Chela, a polypus probe; a claw; 

Chdx eancrorum, the black part of 
crabs' claws. 

Chele, a forked polypus probe; a 
claw ; chaps or fissures of the 
heels, &c. 

( 'helidon, the bend of the arm ; the 

Chelidonia, the celandine plant. 
Jicus, a species of fig. 
sylvestris, columbine. 

Chelidonium, ~) the greater ce- 

majus, $ landine ; swal- 
low wort. 

Chelidonium majua arboresceJis, a 
species of celandine. 

Chelidonium maximum Canadense, 
large Canada celandine. 

Chelidonium minus, lesser celandine, 
or pilewort. 

Chelidonium minus Jlore fileno, dou- 
ble celandine. 

Chelone, an instrument for extending 
a limb; a tortoise. 

Chelone JrcadieJisis, white chelone 
of Arcadia. 

Chelonion, crooked backed; tortoise 

Chelonitis, a precious stone. 

Chelys, the breast. 

Chelyscion, a short, dry cough. 


Chema, a measure of two small spoon- 
fuls ; a pugil. 

Chemia, chemistry, or that science 
which explains the actions of bo- 
dies on each other ; preparation of 
gold and silver from baser metals. 

Chemici, those who pursue the art of 

Chemosis, an inflammatory swelling 
of the white of the eye, by which 
it is elevated above the transparent 

Chenalofiex, the shell-drake ; a spe- 
cies of goose. 

Chenocofirus, goose-dung. 

Chenofiodio morus major, strawberry 
spinage, or mulberry blight. 

Chenofiodio morus minor, berry -bear- 
ing orache. 

Chenofwdium, > goosefoot, or sow- 

C henofius, 3 bane. 

Chenofwdium ambrosiades, the syste- 
matic name of the Mexican tea 

Chenofiodium bonus henricus, syste- 
matic name of the English herb 

Chenofiodium botrys, systematic 
name of the Jerusalem oak. 

Chenofiodium fxiidum, } stinking 
vulvarium, 3 orache. 
linifolio, flax-leaved 

Cheofiina, a Scotch and Paris pint 
measure; 16 ounces. 

Cheramis, chema. 

Cheras, scrophula, or king's evil. 

Cherejblium, common chervil. 

Cherimolia, a species of annona. 

Cherleri, Spanish purple rest-har- 
row; also a species of trefoil. 

C/ierio, all elementary matter. 

Cherionium, any body unsusceptible 
of chemical change. 

Chermes, kermes berries; scarlet 
grain, or insects of Languedoc. 

Chermes mineralis, kermes mineral ; 
sulphur antimonii precipitatum. 

Chemibion, an urinal ; a wash hand- 

Chersa, the sediment of wine; pow- 
dered root. 

CH 1 

Cheronia, greater centaury. 

Cherseea, a species of asp; earthy. 

Chersina, earth snail; land tortoise 

Chersydrys, > a poisonous, amphibi- 

Chersydrus y ous serpent. 

Cheruhunda, a species of nightshade. 

C/ierva, spurge. 

Chervillum, cheveril. 

Chesboul, papaver album. 

Cheselden (William) t a celebrated 
surgeon and anatomist, particular- 
ly eminent in his day for his suc- 
cess in lithotomy. 

Chcsmcch, mercury. 

Che u sis, a thin state of the tears ; af- 

Chevalier, a water fowl. 

Chcvastrc, a double-headed roller 
for the head. 

Cheyri, common wall-flower. 

Chezanance, a suppository of honey 
and alum ; any thing inducing a 
desire of going to stool. 

Chiajicus, a delicious fig from Scio, 
or Chio. 

Chia terra, earth of Chios. 

Chiacum, > collyrium with sharp 

Chiacus, 5 Chian wine. 

Chiadus, a boil, or phlegmon. 

Chiasmos, > a crucial meeting, as of 

Chiasmus, 5 bandages. 

Cliiastos, > a crucial band 

Lhiastus, y 

Chiastre, a double-headed bandage 
for the temporal artery. 

Chibou, a spurious species of gum 

Chibouls, a species of onion without 
bulbs at the root. 

Chibur, sulphur. 

Chichiaxocotl, a plum-like fruit of 
the West Indies. 

Chichina, for china chinrc. 

Chicos, > small worms of America 

Chicres, 3 breeding in the feet. 

Chicudent, dog's grass. 

Chilchotts, Indian pepper. 

Chiliadynamis, the herb polemo- 

Chiliasma, a warm fotus. 

CVnliofihyllon, ) common ^^.^ 

Chiliojihyllum, ^ 

CitiUiy Guinea pepper. 


Chilli arbor, the Peruvian bark tree. 
< hi Ion, an inflamed or thick lip. 

CMM°*™*1 Indian pepper. 

Chiller Jun, 5 

Chimalath^l the SU nflower. 

Chimalatl, y 

Chimethlon, a chilblain. 

Chimia, chemistry. 

Chimiater, a chemical physician. 

Chimolea laxa, the powder separated 
from sublimed flowers of metallic 

Chimus, scoria, or dross ef metals. 

China china, Peruvian bark. 

orientalis, the China root of 

China occidentalis, the American 
China root. 

China radix, true China root. 

spuria nodosa, ~> bastard, or 
sufifiosita, 5 American 
China root. 

China vulgaris, China root of the 

Chinchi?ia, the Peruvian bark. 

anguslifotia, the bark of 
the cinchona angusti folia. 

Chinchina carib&a, > the bark of 

Jamaicensis, ) the cincho- 
na caribxa. 

Chinchina rubra, the red bark. 

Chinense, the Chinese orange. 

Chio/i, phlegmons, or boils. 

Chionanthus, the fringe tree, or snow- 
drop tree. 

Chivies, the name of the worms 
which infest the toes of the ne- 
groes in hot climates. 

Chiragra, gout in the hand. 

Chirapsia, scratching. 

Chiromantia, chiromancy, or prog- 
nosticating events from the lines 
in the palms of the hands. 

Chiron, a centaur ; one of the first 
inventors of medicine, botany, and 

Chironax, an artificer, or workman. 

Chirones, a disease of the skin of the 
hands or feet ; the distemper of 
black cattle. 

Chironia, African centaury ; black 
briony; the disease with chiro* 


Chironium, telephium, a malignant 

Chironomia, cheironomia. 
Chi rotechne s, chironax ; a surgeon. 
C/iirotheca, a complete separation of 

the scarf skin and nails of the 

Chirotribia, great surgical skill. 
Chirurgia, surgery 
Chirurgorum safiienttOf the plant 

called flixweed. 
ChirurgU8, a surgeon. 
('in h.uang, a Chinese name for 

Chiton, a membrane, or coat. 
C/iitua, the aromatic aloe. 
Cliium vinum, a wine from Scio. 
Chivef thevtti, a large melon-like 

Chives, the stamina of flowers. 
Chivets, the fibrillx of the roots of 

Chiviquilenga, the Barbadoes nut. 
C/diaros, tepid; lukewarm; mild 


Chliasma, a warm fomentation. 

Ch.itnia, cadmia. 

Chloe, ? pale green; young and 

Chloia,) tender grass. 

Chi or a, } , 

,,, , 5- a ereen colour. 
Ch/oros, 5 b 

Chlorasma, a shining pale green co- 
lour; chlorosis. 

Chlorpis, ~) (germanis), the green 

C/ilor/iu.s, $ plover. 

Chlorosis, green sickness; white fe- 
ver, or virgin's disease; known by 
dyspepsia, paleness, weakness, pal- 
pitation, and retained menses. 

Chlorosis amatoria, chlorosis from 

Chlorosis Bengunlensis, chlorosis pe- 
culiar to Bengal. 

Chlorosis Carthagenica, chlorosis pe 
culiar to Cartha^ena. 

Chlorosis gravidarum, the paleness, 
sickness, &c. of pregnant women 

Chlorosis ab hydrothorace, the pale- 
ness from water in the chest. 

Chlorosis infantum, the paleness of 

Chlorosis maculosa, chlorosis with 
discoloured skin 



Chlorosis a menorrhagia, paleness, 
weakness, &c. from large discharge 
of menses. 

Chlorosis rachialgica, chlorosis in- 

Chlorosis verminosa, paleness, sick- 
ness, 8cc. from worms. 

Chlorosis virginta, chlorosis of 
young girls, or amatoria. 

Chlorosis virulis, chlorosis with a 
green hue of the skin 

Chnus, chaff, or bran; sound; a soft 
watery spleen. 

Choa, a gallon measure. 

Choacon, ~) a black plaster of quick- 

Choucum, } silver boiled in oil. 

Choana, } the infundibulum of the 

Choanos)) brain; a funnel; a tunnel. 

Choanas, a funnel or furnace for 
melting metals. •» 

Choava, coffee. 

Chocolala, chocolate. 

C ho eras, ) , , 

„, . ' J- scropnula. 
Lhoiras, 3 

Chomicis, the trepan. 

Chcenix, a measure containing 44 

ounces of wine, and about 40 of 


Chxrades, scrophulous swellings. 

Chtxradolethrori, hogsbane ; louse- 

Chcerogryllus, the hedge-hog. 

Cholades, the small intestines. 

Cholago, the intestinum ilium* 

Cholagoga, purges acting specifically 
on the bile. 

Cholas, the right hypochondrium. 

Choir, the bile. 

Cholcdochus, receiving bile ; an epi- 
thet for the gall bladder, biliary 
ducts, and common gall ducts. 

Cholegon, purges that particularly 
evacuate bile. 

Cholera, ~) an excessive vo- 

morbus, 3 miting and purg- 
ing; the gall flux. 
■ Cholera accidentalis, cholera from 
food ill digested and becoming 

Cholera sicca, the dry colic. 

Cholera spontanea, cholera in hot 
seasons without manifest cause. 

Cholerica, a diarrhrea without pajn, 


Chalencus, one abounding with bile ; 
passionate; choleric. 

CJiolicele, a swelling from a morbid 
accumulation of bile in the gall 

Choloba/ihinon, ? 

C holobafihinum, 5 

C/ioloma, lameness; distortion. 

Cholosis, lameness from a shortness 
of one leg. 

Chondrilla, i gum succory of Ger- 

Condrilla, 5 many and Italy. 

Chondrilla carulxa, gum succory. 

His/ianica, } the beard- 
ras/iurjiurea,^ ed creep- 

Chondrilloides, a plant resembling 

Chondroglossus, part of the muscle 
of the tongue. 

Chondrologia, a discourse or treatise 
on cartilages. 

Chondros, alica ; mastich ; a carti 

Chondrosyndesmos, > a cartilaginous 

Cho?zdrosyndes?nus, 3 ligament. 

C hondro-pharyngxus, a muscle of 
the pharynx. 

C/ione, the infundibulum of the brain. 

Chofiin, ~) a Scotch and Paris pint; 

Cliojiino, ) an English quart. 

Chora, any cavity ; the seat of any 
disease ; a region ; the cavities of 
the eyes; any void space. 

Chorda, a chord; a tendon; the in- 
testines; pudenda; chordee. 

Chorda magna, the tendo Achillis. 

tymfiani, a branch of the fifth 
pair of nerves going to the ear. 

Chorda: tendinex, tendinous cords 
connecting columns carnesc of the 

Chordx willisii, small fibres which 
cross the sinuses of the dura ma- 

Chorda/isus,the pussio iliaca; cholic, 
seated in the small intestines; 
griping of the guts. 

Chordata gonorrhoea, a gonorrhcEa 
with chordee. 

Chordee, an inflammatory or spasmo- 
dic painful contraction of the pe 
nis, attending gengrrhoea. 

C H K 

Chorea, } Sancti Viti, 9t. Vitus's 

Chorion,\ dance; convulsive twitch* 
ings of the must les chiefly of 
young people between ten and 

Chorion, ? the exterior 

sponginosum, 3 shaggy fo- 
tal membrane. 

Choroides, a name of several mem- 
branes ; pia mater; the second 
coat of the eye ; the fold of the 
carotid artery in the brain, in 
which is the pineal gland. 

Choroides Jilexus, a plexus of 
blood-vessels in the lateral ventri- 
cles of the brain. 

Chortos, ripe or perfect grass, fit for 

Chouan, a seed, like worm seed of 
the Levant. 

Chovana mandaru, the mandaru tree 
of Malabar. 

Chreston, succory. 

Chrisma, an ointment. 

Chrisis, anointing. 

Christiana radix, a species of vetcl>. 

Christo/ihoriana, the herb Christo- 
pher; bane-berry. 

Christo/ihoriana Americana, Ame- 
rican Christopher with red ber- 

Christo/ihoriana arbor, ) spe» 

Virginiana, 3 cies 
of angelica. 

Christos, any kind of ointment. 

Chroma, the colour of the skin ; the 

Chromatismus, a morbid discoloura- 
tion of any of the secretions. 

Chromium, chrome, one of the late 
discovered metals, an ingredient 
in a fossil of Siberia of that name. 

Chronicus, > chronic, inveterate, or 

Chronius, 3 long continued disease 

Chros, the soft parts of the body. 

Chrufisia, a disease of the eyes, in 
which objects are seen of a differ- 
ent colour from their natural one. 

Chrysalis, the intermediate state be- 
tween the worm and the winged 

Chrysalitis, a stone of gold and iron, 


< hrysanthemijlos, > chrysanthe- 
Chrysanthemoidrs,$ moides ; a spe- 
cies of marigold. 
ChrytanthemoS) the flower gentil. 
Chrysanthemum, the corn marigold; 

small flea-bane ; sun flower. 
Chrysanthemum ytfricanum, African 

Chrysanthemum Alfdnum, mountain 

Chrysanthemum bidens, the acmella 

tree of Ceylon. 
Chrysanthemum conyzoides, golden 

Chrysanthemum conyzoides fialustre, 

small flea-bane. 
Chrysanthemum contulx folio, ox-eye 

Chrysanthemum Indicum, the pota- 

Chrysanthemum Indicum annuum, 

the sun-flower. 
Chrysanthemum Indicum ramosum, 

Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, the 

ox-eye daisy. 
Chrysanthemum fierenne, common 

Chrysanthemum Peruvianum, sun- 
Chrysanthemum segetum, corn mari- 
^ gold. 
Chrysanthemum valentinum, ox-eye 

Chrysattici/m, a sort of ptisan for 

Chryse, a plaster of frankincense, 

alum, rosin, oil, and orpiment. 
Chryselectron, > amber of a gold 
Cliryselectrum, 5 colour. 
Chrysifiea, an herb mentioned by 

Chryaiscefitron, > the white carline 
Chrysisce/itriun, § thistle. 
Chryamale, > a piece of linen an- 
C/irysoms, 3 ciently laid over the 

child's head when baptized ; the 

term in bills of mortality imply 

all such as die before baptism. 
Chrysitis sfiodos, litharge. 
Chrysobalanus, the cocoa plum-tree. 
C/irysoberrillus, the yellow berril 



Chrysocallia, the camomile. 

Chrysocarpum, a kind of ivy. 

Chryso-ceraunius, aurum fulminans 

Chrysochalcos, brass. 

Chrysocolla, borax ; tincal. 

Chrysocome, 7 millfoil, or yarrow ; 

Chrysocoma, ) goldilocks. 

Chr.ysodendron, the gold tree. 

Chrysogonia, the tincture of gold. 

Chrysogonum, yellow turnip of Sy- 
ria; Grecian lion's-leaf. 

Chrysolac/ianon, wlnte orache. 

Chrysolit/ius, the chrysolite, a preci- 
ous stone. 

Chrysomelia, ~) the orange ; yellow 

Chrysomelium, ^ quince. 

Chrysomitris, goldfinch. 

Chrysojmsius, the topaz, a precious 

Chryso/iastus, a precious stone with 
yellow spots. 

C/irysophrys, a fish. 

Chrysophyllum, the star apple tree. 

Chrysofiis, a precious stone reflect' 
ing rays of a gold colour. 

Chrysofilycius, a powder of gold. 

Chrysojima, alchemy. 

Chrysofirasus, a stone of a greeli 
and gold colour. 

Chrysofius, gamboge. 

Chrysosfilenium, golden saxifrage. 

Chrysulca, aqua regia. 

Chrysun, an epithet for collyria and 

C/irysus, golden. 

Chundrilla ver curia, wart succory. 

Chunno, potatoe bread. 

C/iu, } , „ . 

Chus, \ Grecian gallon ; 6 quarts, 

Chybur, sulphur. 

Chydaus, palm wine. 

Chylaria, strangury with a mucous 

Chylarion, chyle. 

Chylifera vasa, the lacteal vessels. 
Chylificatio, chylification, or the 

change of food into chyle. 
C/iylisma, expressed juice. 
Chylista, a preparation of glass o,f 

C/iylo/wieticus, assisting in making 

Chulosis, the change of food intoch v]c . 


Chylostagmi diaphoreticum minde- 
reri, a distillation of Venice treacle 
and mithridate. 

Chylus, chyle; a white fluid pro- 
duced by digestion; a juice in- 
spissated to a middle consistence 
between humid and dry. 

Chyluria, a discharge of whitish mu- 
cous urine. 

Chymia, chymistry ; the art of ana- 
lyzing and combining bodies. 

Chymiater, a chemical physician. 

Chymiatria, cure by chemical means. 

Chymica, ) chemical preparations 

Chymicalia, } or medicines. 

Chymicus, a chemist. 

Chymosis, the act of preparing 
chyme; an inflammation of the 
eyes; chemosis. 

Chymus, chyle; any kind of juice; 
the faculty of taste. 

Chysis, fusion. 

Chytlon, an anointing with oil and 

Cibalis, of or belonging to food. 
fistula, .esophagus. 

r/Ar^wJ allkindBoffood - 

Cibarius, cibalis. 

panii,, household bread. 
■sal, common salt. 
Cibatio, the taking of food ; any ac- 
curate chemical mixture. 

Ciborium. ~) „. r, . , 
,,., ' }■ the Egyptian bean. 

Libotium,} 0/1 

Ciboul, a species of onion. 

Cibur, sulphur. 

C'ibus, food. 

albus, white food ; a food 

made of milk, capon's flesh, &c. 
Cicada, a cricket, a grasshopper. 
Cicatricare, to cicatrize, or skin over. 
Cicatrices adverse, scars on the 

Cicalricosus, full of scars, gashes, or 

Cicatricula, a spot on the yolk of the 

cg%i tlie first rudiment of the 

chick, commonly called the tred- 

Cicatrisantia, desiccative ; healers of 

ulcers ; bole, tutty, Sec . 


Cicatrix, the mark in the skin after 
the healing of a wound ; a scar. 

Ciccus, a wild goose ; a grasshopper; 
a chick. 

Ciar, 7 white chiches, vetcli- 

album, 5 es, a coarse pulse, or 

Ciccr nigrum, black chiches. 
rubrum, red chiches. 
sylvestrr, wild chiches. 

Ciccra, cyder ; a small pill ; Spanish 

Cicera tartari, turpentine and cream 
of tartar pills. 

Cicerbita, succory ; sonchus. 

Cicercula, spurge ; a small vetch. 

Ciceri ay Ives trie minor, milkwort. 

Cicethe, of a bad quality, or disposi- 

Cichoreum, } succory ; cichory ; the 

Cichorium,} wild endive. 

Cichoreum latifolium, endive, or suc- 

Cichoreum angustifolium, narrow- 
leaved endive. 

Cichoreum crisfium, curled endive. 
officinarum, wild endive. 
sativum veris, garden 

Cichoreum sylvestre, wild succory. 

Cici, ricinus, or castor oil plant. 

Ciciliana, tutsan. 

Cicilindrum, a kind of pulse. 

Cicindela, tbe glow-worm. 

Cicinum, an oil similar to the ol. I> 
cini, obtained from the seeds of 
the jatropha curcas of Linnaeus. 

Cicis, a gall. 

Cicla, white beet. 

Cicongius, a measure of 12 pints. 

Ciconia, the stork. 

Cicoreum, cichoreum. 

Cicus, the skin that covers the seed. 

Cicuta, conium maculatum ; hem- 

Cicuta aquatica, water hemlock. 
alba, white hemlock. 
facida, stinking hemlock. 
major, spotted, or larger hem- 

Cicuta minor, lesser hemlock, or 
fool's parsley. 


Cicuta virosa, water hemlock. 

vulgaris, conium maculatum. 

Cicutaria, wild cicely; cow weed; 
bastard hemlock. 

Cicu/uria odorata, myrrhis. 

Cuuix extraction, extract of hem- 

Cicuta cm/ilastrum, plaster of hem- 

Cicuta cata/i/asma, poultice of hem- 

Cicuta folia, hemlock leaves. 

fiulvis, powder of hemlock. 

Cidonium, a quince. See Cydonium. 
vinum, quince wine. 

Cidra, cyder. 

Ciere aLcum, to purge. 

Cignua, a measure containing the 
weight of two drachms. 

Cilia, the hairs of the eyelids; the 
edges of the eyelids. 

Ciliarea glandula, the glands on the 
eyelids; Meibomius' glands. 

Ciliarr ligamentum, fibres round 
the pupil of the eye; processus 

Ciliaria musculus, orbicularis palpe- 

Ciliatus, with a bristly margin. 

Citicium, a hair-cloth strainer. 

C ilium, the edge or hair of the eyelid. 

Cillo, a constant tremor of the upper 

Cillotia, a tremor of the upper eye- 

Cilo, a flat, long head ; beetle-browed. 

Cimcx, the wall louse, or bed bug. 

Cimicaria, flea-bane. 

Cimolia alba, Creta cimolia ; tobacco 
pipe clay. 

Cimolia Jiur/iurescens,') Creta fullo- 
terra, $ 'flea, or ful- 

ler's earth. 

Cum etna, the Peruvian bark. See 
China china:. 

Cinabaris, cinnabar. 

Cinabariv antimonii, cinnabar of anti- 

Cin* semina, semen santonicum. 

Ci nam, > , . , , 

. . > the artichoke. 

hortensis, } 

actt/earaj the prick- 
ly artichoke. 


Cinara sfiinosa, the chardon. 

sylvestris, the wild artichoke, 
or cardonet. 

Cinaroides, a shrub of the Cape of 
Good Hope. 

Cinchona, the Peruvian or Jesuit's 

Cinchona angustifolia, a small spe- 
cies of bark from St. Domingo. 

Cinchona bogctensis, bark from San- 
ta Fe in Carthagena. 

Cinchona bruchycar/ia, a species of 
bark from Jamaica. 

Cinchona Caribaa, a kind of cinchona 
from the West Indies. 

Cinchona Jloribunda, ~\ St. Lucie 
Jloribus fiani- Vbark, a 
cu/atis glabris, J kind of cin- 


Cinchona lineata, a species of bark 
from St. Domingo. 

Cinchona macrocarfia, ~) cinchona of- 
mutis, ^ ficinalis. 

officinalis, ~) cor- 

panicula brachiata, ^ tex 
Peruvian us, 

Cinchona fieduncidis unifloris, cin- 
chona Caribxa. 

Cinchona Peruviana, bark from 
Loya, in Peru. 

Cinchona: decoclum, decoction of Pe- 
ruvian bark. 

Cinchona extractum, extract of Pe- 
ruvian bark. 

Cinchona extractum cum resina, re- 
sinous extract of Peruvian bark. 

Cinchona tinctura, tincture of Peru* 
vian bark. 

Cinchona tinctura ammoniata, am- 
moniated tincture of Peruvian 

Cinchona tinctura comfiosita, com- 
pound tincture of Peruvian bark. 

Cinchonin, the principle which forms 
a precipitate with tannin. 

Cincinnalis, maiden hair. 

Cincinnus, the hair growing on the 

Cinclesis, "J an involuntary morbid 

Cinclixis, I winking; a trembling 

Cinclismos,} motion of the eyelids; 
a small repeated moticn. 

Cinctus, the diaphragm. 

C I N 

Cinefactio, reducing to ashes. 

Cineraria, a species of ragwort. * 

Cinerarium, the ash-hole of a chemi- 
cal furnace. 

Cineres, ashes. 

Americani, American pot- 

Cineres anethi, burnt fennel. 

clavellati, ashes of tartar; 
lees of wine burnt; impure pot- 

Cineres Nussici, Russian pot-ash. 

Cineritiusj like ashes; ash coloured; 
an epithet of the cortical substance 
of the brain. 

Cinereum album, Turkey stone. 

Cineritium, a chemical cupel. 

Cinesis, motion of any kind. 

Cinerula, burnt ivory, or ivory black. 

Cingularia, lycopodium, wolf's claw, 
or club moss. 

Cingulum, a girdle or belt for the ab- 
domen ; mugwort. 

Cingulum mercuriale, a belt of quick- 
silver mixed with white of eg^, 
dragon's blood, and lemon juice. 

Cingulum Sancti Johannis, mugwort. 
sajiientitz, ) a belt of pre- 
stultitix, 5 pared quick- 

Cinificatum, calcined. 

Ciniflo, a chymist. 

Cinis, a cinder, or ash. 

antimonii, calx of antimony 
per se. 

Cinnabar inn m balsamum, balsam of 

Cinnabaris, cinnabar; quicksilver 
mineralized by sulphur; hydra r- 
gyrus sulphuratus ruber; mad- 

■Cinnabar is antimonii, hydrargyratum 
sulphur antimonii rubrum. 

Cinnabaris arti/icialis, > common 

factitia, 5 vermillion ; 
quicksilver sublimed with sulphur ; 
red sulphurated quicksilver. 

Cinnabaris tiativa,} native cinnabar 
fiura, 5 ore of Hungary 
and Peru, &c. 

Cinnabaris Grxcorum, dragon's 


Luuiamomum, common cinnamon 

from Ceylon. 
Cinvamomum album, canella alba. 

Ceylanicum, true cin- 
namon tree. 

Cinnamomum crassiore corticr, wild 
cinnamon tree. 

Cinnamomum Malabarieum, bark of 
the wild cinnamon tree. 

Cinnamomum Magellanicum, cortex 

Cinnamomum sfiurium, clove bark. 

Cinnamum, cinnamon. 

Cinnix semina, worm seed. 

Cinnioglottus cinnatus, total destruc- 
tion of mineral bodies. 

Cinnum, ~) a mixture of wine, honev. 

Cinnus, $ cheese, &c. 

Cinquefolium, cinquefoil of the 

Cinzilla, zona ; an herpetic eruption. 

Cion, a fleshy excrescence in the 
roof of the mouth, or pudendum; 
the uvula. 

Cionis, a painful thickened uvula. 

Cijiorcma, a species of farlic of Bra- 

Circxa, enchanter's nightshade. 

Circinus, erysipelas ; shingles. 

Circinnalis, adianthum; rolled spi- 

Circocele, a varix, or dilatation of 
the spermatic veins ; variocele. 

Circon, a peculiar species of earth, 
discovered in the jargon of Cey- 

Circos, part of flie apparatus for dis- 
locations ; a ring ; sphincter. 

Circulatio, the circulation of the 
blood ; re-distillation . 

Circulatores, mountebanks; stage 

Circulatorium, a chymical digesting 

Circulation, ") a liquor pre- 

minus, > pared from 

Circulatus sal minor, J sea salt; spi- 
rit of wine. 

Circuit ignci, flashings of light; a 
symptom of epilepsy. 

Circulus, a circle ; the ball of the 
cheek ; the ball of the eye ; an iron 

C I s 

instrument used to cut off the 
necks of glass vessels ; a ring. 

Circulux arteriosus iridis, arteries of 
the iris. 

Cir cuius (/uadrufilex, a bandage. 

Circum, around. 

Circumcalualis, the tunica conjunc- 
tiva of the eye. 

Circumcisio, circumcision, or cutting 
off the ead of the foreskin. 

Circumferus, (in botany) twisting 
round like the hop. 

( 'ircum/lrxus fialati, a muscle of the 
sphenoid bone. 

Circumjbranei medici, quacks, itine 
rant doctors. 

Circumgijratio, the rolling of a limb 
in its socket ; circumgyration. 

Circumlitio, any ointment; a term 
especially appropriated to ophthal- 
mic medicines. 

Circumossalis, circumcalualis ; peri 

Circu/nstantite, res naturales ; casu 


(juudru/dex, the plinthius 
laqueus, or fourfold circle. 

Cirnca, a churn to make butter. 

Cirnesis, an union of separate things. 

Cirrhi, the fibrillx of roots; tendrils. 

Cirr/iifcrus, bearing tendrils. 

Cirrhoaua, terminating in a tendril. 

Cirri, the four lesser claws of the 
polypus fish ; the fulcra of plants. 

Ciraium, the gentle thistle. 

arvense, common road this- 

Cirsium officinale, melancholy thistle. 

t 'irzocele, a varix, or ddatation of the 
spermatic veins. 

Cireoides, the cortical and txterior 
part of the brain. 

Cirsolon, cirsocele. 

Cir«a», vunx; enlarged vein. 

CitHriUtes, a kind of sweet drink. 

CiaeOf a depraved appetite. 

Cissam/ielos, the great white bind- 
Cissam/uios fmreira, the wild vine. 
Cissantliemos, a species of cyclamen. 
Ciatvrus, the dwarf cistus. 

a circle. 


Cisscris, pumice stone. 

Cissitcs, a precious stone. 

Cissium, vincitoxicum. 

Cissohhyllon. ~) . . 


Cissos, the ivy; wild grape. 

Cist, or Xist, a measure of wine of 4 

Cista, a cyst. 

Cisterna, a cistern ; the fourth ven- 
tricle of the brain; the meeting of 
the milk vessels in the breast. 

Ci. sterna cliyli, ductus chylosus. 

Cisthorus, ? ., . . , 

„. . ■ > the cistus, or rock rose. 

Cistus, 3 

creticus, the plant yielding 

the labdanum of the shops. 

Cistus Hispanica, Spanish gum-bear- 
ing cistus. 

Cistus humilis, white liverwort. 

ladanifcra, the gum labda- 
num shrub. 

Cilaris, a turban. 

Citharexijlon, the fiddle-wood tree. 

Citharus, the chest; the side; a fish. 

Citra Indis lignum, an aromatic east- 
ern wood. 

Ciirago, ~) melissa, or coraraoii 
Citraria, $ baum. 

Citras, citrat ; the name in the new 
chemistry for every compound of 
tbe acid of lemons with alkaline, 
earthy, or metallic base,s. 
Citras calcare 'ws, .curat of lime. 
potasscc, citrat of potash. 
filumbi, citrat of lead. 
sodce , citrat of soda. 
Citrea, the lemon, or citron. 
Citreum, the citrcn tree of the Wes*. 

Citrinatio, perfect digestion; resus- 
Citrinula, spearwort. 
C'itrinulus, a pale berryl. 
Citrinus, of a citron colour; crystal 

resembling topaz. 
Citronellc, (French) Barbadoes wa- 
Citrullus, the water melon. 
Citrum, ) . 
Citrus, 5 the cltron trce ' 

aura-'' :••■. fhc Spanisli 

Citrus limonum 

the lemon. 

a musk- 


medica, 3 
Citta, a voracious appetite ; a pie ; 

a depraved longing in pregnant 

Cittosis, chlorosis. 
Civctta, American civet ; 

like substance. 
Claccndix, the cockle fish. 
Clar, calcined bone. 
Clakis, a barnacle. 
Clamor, loud anxious voice. 
Clandestine, a plant growing among 

Clangor, a shrill noise. 
Clap, gonorrhoea. 
Clai eta, the white of an egg. 
Claretum, claret ; a pale red wine ; 

also wine impregnated with spices 

and sugar. 
Clarificatio, clarification, or the fin- 
ing of any fluid. 
Clarurn, crystal. 

C ' lusis > J a fracture. 

Clasma, } 

Clasp er, the clavicle ; the fulcrum of 
a plant. 

Ctasonium, a genus of fossils of the 
class of gypsums. 

Classis, a class, or tribe ; a scientific 
division or arrangement ; the most 
general subdivision of any thing, 
contrived for greater perspicuity. 

Claudiacon, a particular eye-water. 

Claudi catio, lameness; halting; limp- 

Claud us, lame. 

C'austrum gulturis, the top of or 
passage to the throat. 

Clauslrum virginicatis, the hymen 

Clausura, any imperforated canal, as 
uteri, an imperforated ute 

Clausura tubarum fallopianarum , 
imperforated fallopian tubes. 

Clausus, shut. 

Clauthmos, } 

_, . >■ weeping. 

Clvuthmus,} r ° 

Clavxformis, like a club. 

Clavaria alba, ~) fungusses ; 

mitiraris, 5 club-top. 

Clara rugosct, calamus aromaticus. 

Clavata, a suture. 


Clavatio, the articulation of the teeth ; 

Clavatus, (in botany) shaped like a 

Clavellata hcrba, herb trinits, or 

Clavelluti rincres, potash; pearlash. 

Clavicula, a tendril; ground ivy; 
the collar bone, or clavicle. 

Clavicula domestical ~) malleolus in- 
interior, $ ternus. 

Claviculus, a tendril' of a vine. 

Clavis, any chemical menstruum; 

Clavis .\iliginis, smutty rye. 

Clavus, an artificial palate; diseased 
uterus ; a corn ; headach in a fix- 
ed point. 

Clavus hystericus, a fixed pain in the 

Clavus oculorum, any tumour on the 
eyelids or white of the eye. 

Chides, clavicular. 

Cleidion, a tendril; the clavicle; an 
officinal formula. 

Clcido-mastoitleu-s, mastoideus mus- 

Cleis, any chemical menstruum; 

CUisagra, the gout in the union of 
the clavicles to the sternum. 

Clcithron, the passage to a cavity. 

Clema, a tendril ; knot grass. 

Clematis, the herb traveller's joy. 
ccerulen, virgin's bower. 
peregrina, Spanish climb- 

Clematis recta, lady's bower; up- 
right cordated-leaved birthwort. 

Clematitis, the climber plant, or la- 
dy's bower. 

Cteoma, spearwort. 

Cleome, mustardine. 

Cleonicion, clinopodium. 

Cleonis gluten, an astringent formula 
of myrrh, frankincense, and white 
of egg. 

Clepsammidium, an hour glass. 

Clepsydra, a chymical perforated 
vessel ; a time-piece formed by 
dropping water through a hole; 
an instrument used by Paracelsus 
for fumigating the uterus. 


Clibanus, a portable oven; a dry 

Clidion, cleidion. 
Clima, climate ; a country differing 

from another in season, soil, or 

Climacter, every seventh year of life 
Climacteric us annua, the climacteric 

year ; the grand climacteric is the 

sixty-third year. 
Climax, gradual diminution, or in- 
Climia, the tutty stone; calamine. 

erc/is, cadmia auripigmenti. 
Clinica medic ina, the practice of me- 
dicine on patients in bed. 
Clime c, prescription for patients in 

Clinicus, clinical ; a patient in bed; 

a physician. 
Clinotde«, the four processes of the 

sella turcica. 
Clino/ialc, excessive venery. 
C lino-ma stoidtus, part of the mastoid 

Clino/ietes, any patient who from 

weakness is obliged to remain in 

Clinofiodiwn, marum, or mastich 

thyme ; wild basil. 
Cii /nu.s, a bed. 
Cliarua, the living power; mineral 

compounded spirits ; vapours aris- 
ing during the detonation of nitre 

with inflammable bodies. 
Cli.sUis; an artificial mixture of the 

prepared parts of any one drug. 
Clitoridis musculus, erector clitori- 

Clitoris, a part of the female pudenda 

resembling the penis. 
Clitorismus, a diseased enlargement 

of the clitoris. 
Cloaca, the canal for the egg in 

Cloaca communis, the jakes. 
Clonicus, spasm, or irregular motion; 

Clonici, diseases from clonic spasm. 
Clonodes, a strong, unequal pulse. 
Clonos, spasm, or irregular motion, 

as in epilepsy. 
Clous, cloves. 


Clunes, the buttocks. 

Cluntsia, inflammation and pain 

about the anus. 
Clufiea, the shad fish ; the herring. 
Clusia, the balsam tree. 
Clutia, shrubby Ethiopian clutia. 
Clydon, flatulency, or fluctuation in 

the stomach and intestines. 
Clyma, the washed scoria of silver 

and gold. 
Clymenos, bird's foot; scorpion wort. 
Clymenum, Spanish chickling vetch. 
dioscoridis, everlasting- 
Clymenum Gr tecum, Greek chickling 

Clymenum Italorum, tutsan ; all-heal. 
Clyfiealis cartilago, the thyroid car- 
Clyfieola, treacle-mustard. 
Clyfieus, a shield ; a regulator of the 

heat of baths. 
Clusma, ) . . 

Clysmus,l a ^ r ^ Uon; "lyster. 
Clyssiformis distillatio, a distillation 

of inflammable bodies. 
Clyssus, clistus ; an extract from se- 
veral bodies. 
Clyssus antimonii, > a weak acid of 

mineralis, \ sulphur. 
Clyster, } a clyster syringe ; a 
Clysterium, £ syringe. 
Clyster nitri, vapours from detonat- 
ing nitre with charcoal. 
Clyster sul/ikuris, liquor from deto- 
nating sulphur from nitre. 
Clyster vitrioli, a distillation of vi- 
triol dissolved in vinegar. 
Cnaphos, the purging thorn; teasel. 
Cnecus, the bastard saffron. 
Cnemata, scrapings, parings, or shav- 
Cneme, the tibia. 
Cnemiu, a part of the tibia. 
CnemodactyUus, an extensor muscle 

of the toe. 
Cneoron, ~> the spurge laurel ; wi- 
Cneorum,} dow wail. 
Cneoron album, the rock rose. 

nigrum, the Alpine spurge 
Cncsis, } , , . . , . 

CnesmosyS * tr ° UbIeSOme ltclun S-. 


Cneston, ~) a species of spurge lau- 

C?iestrum.> ) rel ; a cheese rasp. 

Cnicelxon, ~) oil made of the seed ol 

Cnicelx urn, £ bastard saffron. 

Cnicion, trefoil. 

Cnicus, bastard saffron ; blessed this- 

Cnicus albis maculis, Spanish milk 

Cnicus fierennis, perennial blue dis- 
taff thistle. 

Cnicus sylvestris, the holy thistle. 

Cnide, the nettle. 

Cnidelaon, oil made of cnidian ber- 

Cnidia coccus, spruce laurel. 
grana, cnidian berries. 

Cnidosis, an itching 

Cni/ies, small worms infesting vines. 

Cnifiotts, itching; a dry ophthalmy 

Cnismos, } -,. , • • , , 

g~, . > ltchme: in quadrupeds. 

Cmsmus, } ° ? r 

Cnissoregmia, offensive, or pidorous 
eructation; heartburn. 

Cnyma, a scraping ; vellication. 

Coa sccmdens, climbing coa, a plant 
of America. 

Coachira Indorum, the indigo plant. 

Coacervatio, collection ; heaping to- 

Coacorum, lethargus arthriticus. 

Coacus, ) applied to Hippocrates or 

Coan, 5 hi s writings, from Cos, the 
island of his nativity. 

Coadunatos, (in botany) leaves joined 
together at the base. 

Coagulantia, every thing coagulating 

Coagulalio, the act of coagulation, or 

Coagulum, the curd of milk, or solid 
part of it; blood, &c. separated 
by acid, cold, or otherwise ; rennet. 

Coagulum aluminis, alum agitated 
with white of egg. 

Coalescmtia, coalescence, or the un- 
ion of two or more bodies. 

Coalterna febres, the paroxysms of 
different fevers attacking a patient 

Coapoiba, the copaiva tree of Brasil. 

Coarctatio, a narrowing of any cavi- 
ties or vessel. 


Coarcla'us, pressed or huddled close 

Coarticulatio, articulation where mo- 
tion is very visible ; diarthrosis. 

Coatlis, the oily acorn, or ben nut. 

Coava, the infusion of coffee. 

Coaxachitl, the African marigold. 

Cobalt um, cobalt, a dense mineral re- 
sembling antimony. 

Cobastoli, ashes. 

Cobban, a tree of Sumatra like the 

Cobion, a kind of spurge. 

Cobites, a species of gudgeon ; a smelt. 

Cobob, a species of cookery among 
the Moors. 

Cobra de ca/iello, a venomous Indi- 
an serpent. 

Cobrclla, a small serpent. 

Cobrcllo, epilepsy. 

Cobus de cifio, a venomous serpent 
of Brasil. 

Cocao America:, cocoa; chocolate. 

Cocazochatl, French marigold. 

Cocca bajitica, enemies berries. 

cnidia, grana cnidia. 

Coccalos, } ,. ■ . ,. 

~ , > the pine nut; cnidia. 
Loccalusi ) 

Coccarium, a very small pill. 

Cocceira Indica, the cocoa nut tree. 

Cocceus, scarlet. 

cnidus, mezereon berries. 
oricntalis, cocculus Indus. 
radicum, kcrmes berries, 

Cocchenilla, cochineal. 

Cocci/era, the kermes oak tree. 

Cocciferus, plants and trees yielding 

Coccinella, } cochineal, a small insect 

Coccinilla, 3 of Mexico. 

sylvestris, a red American 

Cocci radicum, kermes berries. 

Coccobalsamon, the fruit of the true 
balsam tree. 

Coccognidia, grana cnidia; the seeds 
of the daphne mezereon. 

Coccoloba, the sea side grape. 

Coccomelea, an apple tree bearing 
small fruit. 

Coccones, the grains of the pomegra- 

Coccos, cocoa ; grana cnidia. 


Coccum scarlatinum, kermes berries, l 
Cocculi Indi aromatici, Jamaica pep- 
Coccittus Indicus, the Indian poison- ' 

ous narcotic berry. 
Cocculua bafiticum, infectorium ; 

Coccum chermerinum.) chermes. 
Coccus Anuricanus, cochineal. 

ba/ihica, the kermes berry. 
cacd, cochineal. 
Indicus linctorius, cochineal. 
de Maldi, the Maldivian nut. 
Polonicus, ? an in- 

radicum tinctorium, $ sect of 
Poland, yielding a purple colour; 
Polish cochineal. 
Coccygxus musculus,~\ muscles of 
anterior, >the os GOC- 
fiosterior,j cygis. 
Coccymeltea, > Venice, or red su 
Coccygria, £ mach. 
Coccygis os, } the lower extremity of 
Coccyx, 5 t' lc os sacrum. 
Coccyx, the cocoa. 
Cochia, pilula cocix. 
C o chi villa, cochineal. 
Cochinillifera, the plant producing 


Coc/iitsafiotl, an Indian pine-like fruit. 

Cochlea, the labyrinth, or spiral cavity 

of the ear ; a shell snail ; a screw. 

Cochi-a aquaiica, the periwinkle, or 

water snail. 
Cochlea cxlata, the concealed snail of 
the Mediterranean; sea navel wort, 
or androsace. 
Cochlea cinerea, the common snail. 

jo »j £ a sheU.jike fossil. 
la/ndea., 3 

Margaritifera, the pearl 
Cochlea minor, the Paris garden 

Cochlea nuda, the black snail. 

fiur/iurifcra, the purple fish, 
or murex. 
Cochlea sarmatica, a monstrous shell 
of the Baltic. 

Cochlea terrestris,"\ ., „ 

' / the common 
testacea, > ., 
.' I snail. 
vulgaris, J 


f ' ? 

Cochleanum, 3 meat spoon. 

Cochlearia, scurvy grass; horse ra- 

Cochlearia armoracia, horse radish. 
Batavica-, Dutch round- 
leaved scurvy grass. 

Cochlearia Britannica, English scur- 
vy grass. 

Cochlearia Britannica marina, sea 
scurvy, grass. 

Cochlearia minor, ~> small-leaved 


officinalis, 5 scurvy grass. 
subrotundo folio, garden 
scurvy grass. 
Cochleata, the herb medic; fodder 
for cows. 

C n oc, l 1 ^ I the snail. 
Cochlias, 3 

Cochlidium, a small species of shell 

Cochlitis, aprecious stone resembling 
a snail shell. 

Cochone, the bottom of the back ; the 
junction of the ischium near the 

Cocilio, a weight of eleven ounces. 

Cuckenille, cochineal. 

Codes, having but one eye. 

Coco, the cocoa tree. 

Cocolata, chocolate. 

Cocomica signa, blasts from wind. 

Cocos, the cocoa tree. 

butyracea, the systematic 
name of the plant affording the 
palm oil. 

Coctio, boiling ; digesting ; medical- 
ly, it implies, that alteration in the 
crude matter of a disease, which 
fits it for a discharge, or renders 
it harmless to the system. 

Coctio jirima, chylification. 

Coctus, boiled. 

Cocyta, pain in any part from in- 

Coda, a species of beetle. 

fianna, a species of palm tree. 

Codaga fiala, an astringent tree of 

Codagen, water pennywort. 

Coddam-fiulli, the Malabar gambogt 



Codatremula, the water wagtail. 

Codesella, a carbuncle. 

Codia, a poppy head; the bulbous 

head of any plant. 

Codiaminu?n,') ... . „ ... 
n ,. > wild daffodil. 

Coaianum, ^ 

Codi-avanacu, an astringent East In- 
dia shrub. 
Ccecalis vena, a branch of tlie mese 

riac vein. 
Ccecum, the blind gut ; the first of 

the large intestines. 
Ccela, the hollows of the eyes, or 

parts near the soles of the feet. 
Caelestinus color, a sky colour; sky 

Ccelia, ccela ; thorax ; intestinal tube ; 

any cavity of the body. 
Cceliaca arteria, the coeliac artery; a 

branch of the descending aorta. 
Cceliaca chylosa, ~) lienteria ; a purg- 
lactea, 5 U1 5 WHn chyle. 
mucosa, a purging with much 

Cceliaca fiassio, the cceliac passion ; 

Cceliaca per urinam, diabetes with 

discharge of chyle. 
Cceliaca fiurulenta, a purging with 

pus, or matter. 
Cceliaca vena, a vein of the intesti- 

num rectum. 
Cceliacus, griped, or colicked. 
Ccelibatus, celibacy ; single life. 
Ccelijlos, ~) starfall ; a .jelly-like 
Ccelifolium, $ substance found after 

rain in fields. 
Cceli donum, chelidonia. 

mutatio, change of air. 
Cceloma, an ulcer in the cornea of 

the eye. 
Ccelon, the singular of ccela. 
Ctxlofxhthalmos, ~) , ,. , 

Ccelofihthalmun, ^ ^ 

Ccelostomia, speech sounding as if 

from a cavern. 
Caelum, the cavity about the angles 

of the eyes ; air, or climate. 
Ceementatio, cementation ; the act of 

using cement ; digesting metals in 

a red heat with charcoal in ovens. 


Ccemenlum, any tenacious body; ce- 
ment, or lute. 

Ccena, supper. 

Ccenologia, a consultation of physi- 

Ccenotes, any general morbid quali- 

Ccenum, mud ; excrement. 

Cceruleum montanum, mountain blue; 
chrysocolla ; an ore of copper. 

Cceruleum fossile, Armenian stone. 
nativum, lapis lazuli. 

Ccerulcus, sky colour; blue; azure. 
la/iis, blue vitriol ; lapis 

Ccete, a bed for the sick. 

Coffea, "J the coffee tree of 

Arabica, y Arabia and Ame- 

Coffeefrutex, J rica. 

Coggygria, shumach . 

Cohesio, cohesion, or that connection 
of the particles of matter, by which 
they resist any attempt towards 
their removal or separation. 

Cohobatio, cohobation, or repeated 

Cohol, alcohol ; dry collyria. 

Co/10/1/1, cohobation, or repeated dis- 

Cohyne, an American melon-like 

Coiliacol, coeliac passion. 

Coilostomia, speaking from the palate 
through the nose. 

Coilyma, a sudden flatulent distention 
of the belly. 

Coincidens, coincident ; symptoms of 
a disease which, in conjunction, 
discover its nature. 

Coindicantia, symptoms indicating 
similar remedies. 

Coira, terra Japonica. 

Coieio, } venereal intercourse ; coi- 

Coitus, ) tion. 

humoris, coming to a head, 
or matter. 

Coix, Job's-tears. 

Col. add. abbreviation of colaturx 

Cola, the limbs ; strain, or filter it. 

Colatoria lactea, small glands of the 

Colatorium, a strainer; a colander- 


Colatura, any strained, or filtered li- 

Colatus, strained. 

Colchicum, meadow saffron; dogs- 

Colr/iicum autumnale, true meadow 

Colchicum Chionense,') hermodac- 
Illyricum, 3 ty Is . 
Zcylanicum, zedoary. 

Colcot har, vitriol ; chalcitis; the re- 
mains or the caput mortuum 
of calcined martial vitriol; red 

Colcot har sal, a salt procured by 
washing colcothar. 

,, ,. >■ the penis. 
Colin, *) * 

Coitus, the testicles. 

Coletta veetla, eryngo root. 

Coli ligament um, a part of the meso- 

Co/ias, a fish like a mackarel. 

Colica, colic ; pain about the navel, 
vomiting, and costiveness. 

( o/ica accidentally, colic from crudi- 
ties in the bowels. 

Colica biliosa, colic from excess of 

Colica calculofta, colic from stony 
matters in the intestines. 

( 'olica callosa, colic from hardened 
and obstinate strictures. 

Colica colcot or, colcothar. 

Da/nnoniorum, colic peculiar 
to Devonshire. 

Colica cnterocclicu, colica callosa., colic with fever. 
Jlalulcnia, colic from wind. 
gravidarum, colic in pregnant 

Colica hysterica, hysteric colic. 

lactantium, colic peculiar to 

Colica La/i/ionica, colic peculiar to 

Colica mcconialis, colic from meco- 
nium in infants. 

Colica mesenttrica, colic from dis- 
eased mesentery. 

Colica nervosa, the nervous colic. 

fiancrcatica, colic from dis- 
eased pancreas. 


Colica fihlogistica, colic with inflam* 

Colica fiictonum, the Devonshire co- 

Colica fiituitosa, the spasmodic colic. 
filethorica, the inflammatory 

Colica filumbariorum, the colic of 

Colica fiulsatilis, the inflammatory- 

Colica recta vena, a vein of the colon. 
saturnina, the Devonshire co- 

Colica schirrosa, the colic from schir- 
rou6 tumours. 

Colica sinistra, the lower mesenteric 

Colica sfiasmodica, the spasmodic co- 

Colica stercorea, colic from retained 

Colica superior, the upper mesente- 
ric artery. 

Colica vena, a branch of the upper 
mesenteric vein. 

Colica verminosa, the colic from 

Colice, the colic. 

Colicus dolor, the colic. 

arthriticus, gout in the intes- 

Coliformc os, the ethmoid bone. 

Colinil, an American plant. 

Colifihium, a bread of fine meal ; a 

Colis, the penis. 

Colla, glue. 

Colla/isus, collapse. 

Collatenna, a specific vulnerary. 

Collaterals, the erector muscles of 
the penis. 

Collatitium,iood made of capon, mut- 
ton broth, and lemon juice. 

Collection collection, gathering toge- 

Collectanea, written notes, or obser- 

Collegium, a college, or incorporated 
body, of physicians or surgeons, 

Collesis, gluing together. 

Colletica, agglutinating substances. 


Collide, ductus ad nares of the la- 
chrymal sac 

Colliculum, nympha. 

Colligamen, a ligament. 

Colli inters/iinales, ~> interspi- 

intertransversales, 5 nales colli 

Colli transversales, tranversalis. 

Colli/ihia, cheese cakes.. 

Collvjuamentum, foetal part of the 
egg ; the first rudiments of an em- 
bryo in generation. 

Colli :/ua tio, colliquation ; a solution, 
or washing ; a severe purging. 

Colli uativus sudor, profuse sympto- 
matic sweating. 

Colli',, colewort; projection of the 

Colltsio, a bruise ; a contusion. 

Collix, a round loaf; a lozenge. 

Colluboma, the accretion of the eye- 

Collodes, glutinous; adhesive. 

Collum, the neck. 

uteri, the neck of the womb. 

Collutio, washing, as gargling. 

Collutorium oris, a gargle. 

Colluvietj, filth, or dirt ; hog-wash. 

Colly rion, the blackbird. 

Colluris, a swelling after a blow. 

Collyrium, eye-salve ; eye-wash. 

antigoni nigrum, an eye- 
water of cadmia, antimony, pepper, 

Collyrium cceruleum, an eye-water of 
lime, ammoniac, and copper ; aqua 

Collyrium liquidum, any fluid applied 
to the eyes. 

Collyrium regis Alexandri siccum, 
saffron, nard, and canal coal. 

Colly rium sancium, brown earth from 

Collyrium siccum, any eye powder; 
pulvis e cerussa compositus. 

Coloboma, any accretion of the eye 
lids ; also a defect or want of any 
particular part of the body. 

Colobomata, any corporeal defi- 

Colocasia, the Egyptian bean. 

Colocynihidis medulla, the pith of the 
bitter apple. 


Colocynthis, the bitter apple of Alep- 
po; wild gourd. 

Colombo, columbo. 

Colon, the second of the large intes- 

Colofiho?iia, colophony, or black ro- 
sin ; any pitch or rosin, made by 
the exhalation of the thinner parts 
of terebinthinate juices; a kind of 
soft mastich ; scammony. 

Coloquintida, colocynthis. 

major^ the greater colo- 
quintida of the Levant. 

Coloquintida minor, j> common 

vulgaris, $ bitter apple, 
or coloquintida. 

Color, colour; the effect produced 
on the retina by the reflection from 
surrounding objects of that parti- 
cular coloured ray of light. 

Color Indie us, Indian colour, blue 
and purple. 

Color antiyfwehros, a yellowness in- 
dicating diseased spleen. 

Colomestrum, wolfsbane. 

Colostra/us, a child that sucks early 
milk, or a nurse alter conception. 

Colostrum, the first milk after partu- 
rition; beastings; an emulsion of 
turpentine and yolk of an egg. 

Colotes, a species of spotted lizard. 

Colotoides, parti-coloured fxces. 

Colfiocele, an hernia of the bladder 
through the vagina. 

Col/ios, a sinus, or hollow wound; 

Ccl/w/uosis, the falling down of the 

Coluber berus, the viper. 

Colubrina, a name of snake root, 
arum, and bistort. 

Colubrina Lusitanica herba, a milky 
plant of Brasil. 

Colubrinum lignum, snake wood of 

C'Jubrinus lapis, hartshorn burnt to 
blackness and polished; antidote 
for poison. 

Colum, the colic ; a filtre ; a colan- 

Columba, a pigeon, or dove; co- 

Columba agrcs/is, wild pigeon 


C'ulumba cellaris, tame pigeon. 

Columbac, part of the aromatic aloe. 

Columbina, the plant columbine. 

Columbo, the columbo root of Cey- 

Columella, the clitoris ; the uvula. 

Columi-llarcs dentes, the dog teeth. 

Columella musculus teres, azygos 

Columna carnra.') muscular liga- 
cordis, 5 noents in the ven- 
tricles of the heart. 

Column* scfiti fialati, the arches on 
each side of the uvula. 

Columna nasi, the lower part of the 
septum of the nose. 

Columna oris, the uvula. 

Columobe, columbo. 

Coins, the colic. 

jovis, sclarea. 
ruatica, bastard saffron. 

Colurium, a tent for wounds. 

Colutea, the bastard senna; the milk 

Colutea Indica Zierbacca, the indigo 

Colutea minima, "\ 


major, )>' 
humilis, \ 
siliquosa, J 

Colymbadcs, olives preserved by salt 

Colymbxna, a kind of shrimp. 

Colymbethra, a kind of bathing tub. 

Colymbifi, the didapper. 

Colutea, the Judas tree. 

Coma, the hair; top of a plant; le 
thargy, dozing; propensity to 

Coma ascititia, a peruke, or false hair 
aurea, goldy-locks, or cud 

Coma somnolcntum, an uniform deep 
and distempered sleep, from which 
being awaked, the patient sudden- 
ly relapses into it again. 

Coma vigil, an anxious stupor, when 
patients are disposed to, and long 
for, sleep, but cannot enjoy it. 
Comaroides, ? the arbutus, or straw 
Comarus, $ berry tree. 

Comarum, marsh cinquefoil. 

pion ; 


Comata, diseases attended with sup- 
pression of sense and voluntary 

Comatosus, comatose ; morbidly 

Combustio, } calcinatio; deflagra- 

Combustura, ) lio; burning, a burn 
or scald. 

Come, herb goat's beard. 

Comedones, species of worms infest- 
ing children and quadrupeds. 

Comet a, the shrub strawberry bay. 

Cometes, the spurge; amygdaloides. 

Cometz, half a drop. 

Comisdi, gum Arabic. 

Comiste, food; nourishment; epi- 

Comitialis morbus, the epilepsy. 

Comitissa fiulvis, powder of Peruvian 

Comitissa palma, magnesia. 

Commagenum, an ointment of Ga- 

Commanducatio, chewing. 

Commansum, expectorant ; siala- 

Commelina, a plant so called. 

Commendatorius, Friar's balsam, 
tinctura Benzoes composita. 

Commentarius, a comment, or expo- 
sition . 

Commetica, paints for the face. 

Commi, gum Arabic; gummi. 

Comminuere, to pound, bruise, or 
break in pieces. 

Comminutio, trituration; levigation; 
pounding, or powderng. 

Comminutus, pounded, or bruised. 

Commissura, a suture, joint, or arti- 
culation ; the corners of the lips. 

Commissura anterior cerebri, a white 
nerve-like substance crossing the 
anterior part of the third ventricle, 
and uniting the two hemispheres 
of the brain. 

Commissura posterior cerebri a 
white nerve-like substance cross- 
ing the posterior part of the third 
ventricle, from one hemisphere to 
the other. 

Commissura magna cerebri, corpus 


Commissures, the angles of the labia 
pudendi, or lips. 

Commosis, the upper stratum of ho- 

Commotica, cosmetics. 

Commotus mente, distracted; de- 

Commune rectum, rectum intestinum . 

Communicantes febres, fever of diffe- 
rent type in the same person. 

Communis sal, sea salt. 

Comosis, resembling a head of hair. 

Com/iactus, of a close texture. 

Comfiages, a joint. 

Comfiassio, sympathy ; compassion. 

Comfieba, > ^^ 

Comfiifier, ) 

Com/ile tus, (in botany) perfect. 

Com/iletio, a plethora. 

Comfilexis, constitution, or tempera- 

Comfilexus, ~) muscles of the 

minor, 5 neck ; compli- 

Com/ilexio, complexion ; natural dis- 
position ; temperament. 

Comjilicatio morbi, a mixture, or com- 
plication of diseases. 

Comfiosita medicamenta, medicines 
of many ingredients. 

Comfiositi morbi, compound, or com- 
plicated diseases. 

Comfiositio, a composition ; mixture 
to add virtue, supply defect, or cor- 
rect ill qualities. 

Comfiositus, (in botany) compound, 

Comprehensio, catalepsy ; compre- 

Comfiressx, compresses ; pieces of 
folded cloth used by surgeons. 

Comfiressio, compression ; disease 
from pressure on the brain. 

Compressor naris, a muscle of the 

Comfirimcrc alvum, to bind the belly, 
or restrain purging. 

Comjiunctio, tapping; paracentesis. 

Conacarp.odendron, the silver tree of 

Conarium, the pineal gland of the 
brain; pine-nut. 


Conatus, the force of attraction, or 
gravitation; aptitude in a moving 
body to go on in a right line. 

Concausa, a cause operating with 
another in distase. 

Concavatio, arcuatio; convexity of 

Concaxrus, hollow, concave. 

Conccntranlia* absorbents. 

Concentratio, concentration ; de- 
priving acids, or spirits, &c. of 
their water; to increase their 
strength, by distillation; dephleg- 

Conce/itio, ~) the first formation of 

Conce/itus, $ the child ; conception, 
or impregnation of the ovulum by 
the semen virile. 

Conceptaculum, a pericarpium of a 
single valve, opening lengthways 
on one side. 

Concha, a. shell; half ounce Athenian 
measure : others vary it. 

Concha anatifcra, shell with a fish 
like a duck. 

Concha auris, > the large cavity 
auricula, $ of the cartilage 
of the external ear. 

Concha bivalvulis, a shell with two 

Concha erythraa, Venus's shell. 

fossilis, a stone resembling a 
shell fish. 

Concha levigata, a smooth shell used 
to polish linen. 

Concha margaritifcra, ~) the shell 
mater unionum, y producing 

Concha Pcrsica, a bivalve of the Per- 
sian sea. 

Concha fiictorum, shell used in colours. 

Concha saxatilis, concha fossilis. 

striata, ridged shell, as coc- 
kle, &c 

Concha valvis aqualibus, concha 

Concha -veneris, Venus's shell; uni- 

Concha univalva, shell with a single 

Concha narium inferiores, the lower 
ossa spongiosa of the nose. 


Conch* narium sufieriores, inner 
parts of the lateral portion of the 
os ethmoides. 
Couch* fir*/iarat*, levigated shells. 
/irofirius, musculus novus, 
auris alx anterior. 
Concharum antifebrile, a solution of 

muscle shells in vinegar. 
Conchifolia, the mango tree of the 

East Indies. 
Conchia, a bean in its follicule. 
Conchitex, concha fossilis. 
Conchoides, a bivalve shell. 
Conchy lia, all species of shell fish. 

fossilia, fossil shells. 
Cone hyr aide n, coracoid process. 
Concidentia, emaciation, or wasting. 
Concoagulatio, crystallization of dif- 
ferent salts in the same men- 
Concoctio, solution of food in the 
stomach; the supposed process 
by which morbid matter is pre- 
pared to be thrown off. 
Concoctrix facultas, the power of 

Concoctus, boiled; concocted; di- 
Concou, an herb used in Guinea to 

destroy the Guinea worm. 
Concrematio, calcination. 
Concrescere, to congeal, freeze, or 

grow thick. 
Concretio, growing together ; coagu- 
lation, induration, condensation, 
Concretus, congealed ; frozen ; curd- 
Concu/iiscentia, concupiscence, or a 

craving venereal appetite. 
Concursus, correspondent symptoms. 
Vuncussio, a shake, or concussion of 

the brain from accident. 
Cundensatio, the act of bringing bo- 
dies nearer together, increasing 
thereby their density, compact- 
ness, and weight; conversion of 
vapour into water; the operation 
of medicines that thicken the blood, 
or contract the skin; sublima- 
Condenser, (Eng.) a strong me- 
tallic vessel, in which the air is 



accumulated by means of a sy- 
ringe. It is the reverse of the 
air-pump, by which the air is rare- 
fied or expanded. 
Conder, gum frankincense, or oliba- 

num; a contraction of the skin. 
Condimentum, ~) any condiment, or 
Conditum, § preserve ; a pickle ; 
a conserve, or electuary. 

Conditum vinum, a wine made of 

Conditio, condition, state, or consti* 

Condi/. ura, sauce, or pickle; em- 

Condrilla, succory; dandelion. 

Conducere vulnugj to heal up a 

Conductio, spasm, or convulsion. 

Conductor, a surgical director, or 
gorget; a machine to secure a 
fractured limb. 

Condyloid*, the apophyses of bones. 

Condyloma, a fleshy wart-like swell- 
ing in rugose parts, as the internal 
coat of the rectum ; condylus. 

Condyloma clavua, a corn. 

Condylus, protuberance on the ends 
of bones ; a knot, or joint ; a con- 
dyle ; a knuckle. 

Condon, ~) 

Coneium, } 

Conessi, cadagus pali ; the bark of a 
tree of Malabar. 

Confecta, confects, orconfits; sugar 
plums; seeds covered with su- 

Confectio, a composition; any soft 
electuary with much sugar or ho- 

Confectio aromatica, aromatic con- 
fection; zedoary, saffron, crab's 
claws, spices, and sugar. 

Confectio alkermes, juice of kermes, 
aloes wood, cinnamon, and rose 

Confectio anacardii, confection of the 
Malacca bean kernels. 

Confectio archigenis, confectio Pau- 

Confectio cardiaca, confectio aroma- 

Confectio Damocratis, formerly calK 

the hemlock. 


ed mithridate; agaric, turpentine, 
opium, aromatics, in all 45 ingre- 

Confectio fracastorii, electuarium e 

Confectio hamech, polypody, myro- 
balans, senna, colocynth, Sec. 

Confectio hyacinthi, hyacinth stone, 
coral, bole, myrrh, Sec. 

Confectio Jajionica, Japan earth, ki- 
no, opium, and spice. 

Confectio o/iiata, philonium Londi- 
nense ; opium, pepper, ginger, ca- 
raway, and syrup. 

Confectio Paulina,costus, galbanum, 
opium, castor, and spices. 

Confectio Ealeighana, cordial con- 

Confectio de santalis, saunders, coral, 
bole, &c. 

Confectio sa/iientium, confection of 
Malacca bean kernels. 

Confectio de thure, coriander, nut- 
megs, frankincense, Sec. 

Confertus, sudden ; large ; collect- 

Conferva, a species of moss; sea 

Conferva fontanalis, } an aquatic 
rivalis, 3 plant abound- 
ing in pure air. 

Confirmantia medicamenta, strength- 
ening medicines ; medicines which 
fasten the teeth in the sockets. 

Confluens, running together. 

Confluentia, ~) the consent of dis- 

Confxderatio, $ ease with remedies ; 
confluent; conjunction or confe- 
deration of the microcosm with 
the stars; in botany, growing in 
partial masses. 

Confuxio, consent, transpirable. 

Conformatio, structure or formation 
peculiar to individuals. 

Conformatio mala, original bad shape. 

Conforlantia,"} ... ,. . 

n r . . • r cordial medicines. 
Confortativa, } 

Confricatio, powdering any friable 
substance by rubbing with the 
hands ; or expressing the juice of 
any plant. 

Confricatrices, lascivious women. 

Confusts febres, fevers of uncertain 



Confunancus panis, bread of undress- 
ed flour. 

Cojifusio, a disease of the eye, arising 
from accidental mixture oi the 

Congelati, ~> cata] tic tients 

Congelatia, ) 

Congelatio, congelation, coagulation, 
or freezing ; passing from a fluid 
to a solid state; crystallization. 

Congelativa medicamenta, drying 

Congelalus, frozen ; congealed ; curd- 
led; frost-bitten. 

Congeneres, muscles concurring in 

. action. 

Conger, a large sea eel. 

Congeries, a collection of bodies ga- 
thered into one mass. 

Congestio, collection of fluids ; gra- 
dual swelling ; stuffing. 

Congestio oculorum, eyes suffused 
with blood. 

Congius, > a gallon, or eight 

Congiarius, § pints. 

Conglaciatio, congelation, or coagu- 

Conglibatus, heaped, or gathered to- 

Conglobata glandula, a conglobate, 
single, or lymphatic gland. 

Conglomerate glandula, a gland com- 
posed of other smaller ones, whose 
excretory ducts unite in one com- 
mon one. 

Conglutinantia, healing medicines. 

Conglutinatio, conglutination, or 
uniting two surfaces by the inter- 
vention of another whose parts are 
unctuous or tenacious. 

Congrus, the conger ; a large sea eel. 

Congylis, the turnip. 

Conia, lime ; wine impregnated with 

Conicus, conical. 

Conifers, ~) trees producing cones, 

Conigcrte, 3 as pine, beech, &c. 

Comic, sweet cicely, or myrrhis. 

Conis, scurf; fine powder; a nit; 
ashes; lime. 

Conistcrium, a private room at the 
baths ; an ash hole. 

Conium macula/ um,~) spotted hem- 
viajus, 5 lock. 

Conjugate, (in botany) growing in 

Conjugium, conjugation; copulation. 
Conjuncta causa, the immediate 

Conjuncta signa, the pathognomonic 

symptoms of a disease. 
Conjunctiva tunica, the adnata or 

external coat of the eye. 
Coniza, flea-bane. 
Conna, fistular cassia. 
Connarus, a large species of jujoba ; 

Ceylon sumach. 
Connatua, growing together; born 

with a person. 
Connexus, joined together; conca- 
Conniventcs, winking; closing. 
Connixa gemellos, bringing forth 

Connutritus, what becomes habitual 

from particular nourishment. 
Conocar/ius, button tree. 
Conoidcs, a cone-like form. 

cor/ius, the pineal gland. 
Cono/is, a gnat. 
Conquassatio, agitation of soft bodies 

so as to make a pulp. 
Conquiescere, to be at rest; to sleep. 
Consano, to heal up. 
Consauciatio, wounding. 
Consensus, sympathy, or consent of 

Conscquentia, the consequences of 

Conserva, conserve ; recent vegeta- 
bles and sugar of the consistence 

of honey. 
C jimei-va absinthii, conserve of 

Conscrva cochlearite, conserve of 

scurvy grass. 
Conscrva corticum aura7itiorum,cox\- 

serve of orange rind. 
Conscrva cynosbati, ) con- 

fructus cynosbati, ^ serve 

of hips. 
Coiinerva lavcndulx, conserve of la- 
Conscrva lujula, conserve of wood 


rva ma Ivce, conserve of mallows. 
vunthix, conserve of mint. 


Conserva firunorum sylvestrum,con- 
serve of sloes. 

Conserva rorismarini, conserve of 

Conserva rosarum, conserve of roses. 

Conserva rutx, conserve of rue. 

Conservatio, pickling and preserving. 

Conservaliva medicina, the preserva- 
tion of health. 

Consiligo, setter-wort. 

pulmonaria, lungwort. 

Consilium, design ; advice ; indica- 
tion ; plan. 

Consilium medendi, indication, or 
plan of cure. 

Consist entia, the height of disease ; 
the particular degree of hardness 
or softness of any body. 

Consoides, earth flax ; asbestos. 

Consolida, comfrey ; consound. 

major, greater comfrey. 
arvensis, common lark- 

Consolidaaurea, > d f . 

cordi, 3 
media, the great daisy; 
upright bugloss. 

Consolida mini?na,the common daisy. 
minor, common self-heal. 
regalis, calcatrippa ; a spe- 
cies of larkspur. 

Consolida rubra, upright septfoil ; 

Consolida saracenica, wound-wort ; 
virga aurea. 

Consolidans, medicine producing new 

Consolidate, uniting fractures, or 

Conspectus, a view, or plan. 

medic bite theoretic a, an 
arrangement of the principles of 

Consfiectus therafieia generalis, a 
general view of curative means. 

Cans/ier&io, the name of any powder 
sprinkled on the body. 

Cons/iicilium, spectacles, or a reading 

Constans, strong; firm ; a good con- 

Consti/iantia, medicines binding the 


Constipation > 

/•>„„ A . c costiveness; costive. 

Constituens^ any ingredient that gives 

Constitutio, catastasis ; the habit. 

Constrictis, contraction ; lessened 

Constrictive, styptic remedies. 

Constrictor, any muscle contracting 
any opening in the body. 

Constrictor al<z nasi, a muscle of the 
upper lip, &c. 

Constrictor ani, the sphincter mus- 
cle of the anus. 

Constrictor isthmi faucium, a muscle 
of the throat. 

Constrictor labiorum, a muscle of the 

Constrictor musculus, the buccinator 
muscle of the cheeks. 

Constrictor orbicularis, constrictor 

Constrictor palpebrarum, orbicularis 
palpebrarum ; a muscle of the eye- 

Constrictor pharyngis inferior, 
muscles of the oesophagus 

Constrictor vesica urinaria, a mus- 
cle of the neck of the bladder. 

Constrictorcs nasi, muscles of the 
nose and upper lip. 

Constrictor es pharyngxi, muscles of 
the oesophagus. 

Constrictorii, spasmodic diseases. 

Constrictus, bound ; costive. 

Constringenria, astringent medicines. 

Consuetudo, custom, habit. 

ConsuHatio, deliberation of medical 
men on a case. 

Cot'summa' um, animal jelly. 

Comump'io, wasting; consumption 
of the lungs; decline; decay. 

Contabescens, fainting ; wasting. 

Contabesci ,niu, atrophy, or nervous 

Contages, contagion ; infection ; virus. 

Contagio, contagion ; infection. 

Contagiosi, infectious diseases. 

Contagiun', contagion ; infection. 

Contenipcrantia, temperance ; mo- 



Contemplabiles dies, critical days. 

Conteneio, the fluid part of a solid 

Contenta, the contents of any part. 

Contentio, tension, or stricture. 

Contentus, stretched 

Contero, to break, bruise, or pound. 

Continentia, temperance. 

Continua febris, a fever without, or 
with slight remission. 

Continui solutio, a separation of parts. 

Continuo spiritu, in one breath. 

Contorsio, iliac passion ; partial dis. 
location; distorted spine; con- 
tracted neck ; contortion. 

Contortus, twisted; distorted; con- 

Contra-apertura, a counter, or oppo- 
site opening. 

Contractio, contraction of the heart, 
arteries, and muscles. 

Contractura, contraction as of the 
muscles of a limb. 

Contractura articularis, contraction 
from rigid joint. 

Contractura primaria, contraction 
from diseased muscles. 

Contractus, contracted; drawn toge- 

Contra-Jissura, contra fissure ; or a 
fracture of the skull opposite to 
the part receiving the blow. 

Contrahentia, astringent, or strength- 
ening medicines. 

Contra-iudicaiio, contra indication, 
where symptoms indicate different 

Contralunaris, a woman that con- 
ceives while menstruating. 

ContraHus, contrary; (in botany) 
not parallel. 

Contra-semtn, santonicum. 

Contra-vermes, against worms ; san- 

Contrayerva, yerva, or counter poi- 
son root of Spanish America. 

Contrayerva alba, ~i tame poi- 

Gcrmanica, 3 son ; silk- 
en cicely. 

Contrayerva nova, Mexican contra- 

Contrayerva officinalis, contrayerva 
root ol Spanish West Indies. 


Contrayerva Virginiana, snake root. 

Contritio, pounding; powdering. 

Contritus, pounded ; bruised small. 

Contendere, to bruise. 

Conturbatio oculi, dimness of sight. 

Contusum, ~) 

Conf usio, v contusion, or bruise. 

Contusura, J 

Contusus, bruised. 

Conus, a cone ; any figure like a 

sugar loaf; liquid pitch. 
Conus fusorius, a smelting cone ; a 

Convalescentia, convalescence, or re- 
covery from sickness. 
Convalescere, to recover health. 
Convallaria, the lilly of the valley, 

polygonatum, Solomon's 

Convergent, convergent, or inclining 

to a point. 
Convexilaa, circular protuberance. 
Convexu8, convex ; any circular pro 

Convoluta superiora ossa, bones of 

the nose. 
Convoluta inferiora ossa, lower bones 

of the nose. 
Convolutus, twisted, wrapped, or 

lapped up. 
Convolvulus, the iliac passion ; bind 

Convolvulus Aniericanus, jalapa, or 

jalap root. 
Convolvulus Canariensis, Canary 

bird weed. 
Convolvulus Cantabrica, lavender 

leaved bindweed. 
Convolvulus colubrinus, the pareira 

Convolvulus hederaccus, ivy-leaved 

Convolvulus Inclicus, turbith plant; 

a rough cathartic. 
Convolvulus Indicus radice tuberosa, 

the potatoe. 
Convolvulus jalapa, common jalap. 
Lusitanicus, Portugal 

Convolvulus major, great white bind- 
^ weed ; rock rose. 

Convolvulus maritimua, sea cole- 


Convolvulus muritimus Zeylanicus, 
a plant of Ceylon. 

Convolvulus mcchoacana, mechoa- 
can, or white jalap. 

Convolvulus minor, small bindweed. 
fierennis, the common 
hop, or lupulus. 

Convolvulus scammonia, scammony 

Convolvulus soldanella, sea cole- 

Convolvulus Syriacus, scammony 

Convolvulus turpethum, systematic 
name of the turbith plant. 

Convolvulus vulgaris, great bind- 

Convulsio, clonic spasm ; irregular, 
muscular contraction, without 

Convulsio abdominis, convulsion of 
the muscles of the belly. 

Convulsio canina, a wry mouth. 

Convulsio a capitis ictu, convulsion 
from a blow on the head. 

Convulsio clonica, convulsion with 
alternate relaxation ; clonic spasm. 

Convulsio febrilis, convulsion ac- 
companying fever. 

Convulsio gravidarum, convulsion of 
pregnant women. 

Convulsio habitualis, chorea. 

hemitotonos, convulsion 
approaching to tetanus. 

Convulsio ab inanitione, convulsion 
from inanition. 

Convulsio Indica, tetanus. 

intermittens, convulsion 
occurring in paroxysms. 

Convulsio a nervi punctura, convul- 
sion from a wounded nerve ; tris- 

Convulsio nephralgica, convulsion 
from stones in the kidneys. 

Convulsio ab Onanismo, convulsion 
from self-pollution. 

Convulsio rapharda, spasmodic pain- 
ful disease of the joints. 

Convulsio tonica, common, or per- 
manent convulsion. 

Convulsio universalis, general con- 

Convulsio uteri, abortion. 


herb fleabane. 

Convulsivus, convulsive ; affected 
with spasm 

Conyza, ) 

ccerulea, £ 
JEthiopica, African shrubby 

Conyza Africana, a species of ground- 

Conyza Alpina, Doria's woundwort. 
aquatica, corn marigold ; 
mountain ragwort. 

Conyza Cretica, shrubby fleabane. 

linaria folio, German goldi- 

Conyza major, vulgaris, > great 

mas, theophrasti, 3 fleabane 
of Italy. 

Conyza media, common fleabane. 
minor, small fleabane. 
odorata, blue fleabane. 
palustris, corn marigold ; 
mountain ragwort. 

Conyza fiulicaria, small fleabane. 
■vulgaris, blue fleabane. 

Conyzoides, the plant groundsel. 

Coofiertio, clothing; the womb, or 
membranes ; belly. 

Coo/iertorium, the epiglottis. 

Coos t rum, the centre of the dia- 

Copaiba, "J balsam capivi 

Cofiaifera officinalis, tof the Spanish 

Copaiva, J West Indies. 

Cojial gummi, gum copal of the Spa- 
nish West Indies, soluble in xther 
and essential oils. 

Cojial tjvx oleum, balsam capivi. 

Co/iau, a Brasil tree like the walnut. 

Copella, cupella. 

Co/iher, camphor. 

Cophos, a toad; a dulness of the 
senses ; deaf or dumb. 

Co/ihosis, deafness. 

Copiscus, a species of frankincense. 

Co/ios, weariness without exercise. 

Copparosa, copperas, or green vitriol 

Copragogum, a purging electuary. 

Cofiriemczi", a vomiting offices. 

Coprocritica medicamcnta, mild ca 

Coprophoria, purging. 

Copros, excrement. 

Coproscasia, cosiiveness. 


Co/ifarion, ~) medicine in form of a 

Coptarium, ) cake. 

Cofite, a cataplasm ; a small cake. 

Copula, a ligament. 

Cofiulatio, coitio. 

Coq. ad med. consumpt. i. e. boil to 

Coq. in S. Q. aq. i. e. boil in a suffi- 
cient quantity of water. 
Coq. S. A. i. e. boil according to the 

rules of art. 
Coquentia medicamenta, medicines 

promoting concoction. 
Coquere, to boil ; Coque, boil it. 
Cor, the heart; gold; intense fire; 

Coracinus, } the crow fish 

subviger, 3 of the Nile. 
Coracobotane, the laurel of Alexan- 
Coracobrachialis, ~) thecoracoidmus- 
Coracobrachial, 5 cle of the arm. 
Coraco-hyoidteus, a muscle of the os 

Coracoides, beak-like. 

musculus, a muscle aris- 
ing from the scalpula. 
Coracoides processus, the coracoid 
or beak-like, process of the sca- 
Coracoideus, the coracoid muscle of 

the arm. 
Coracoradialis, biceps. 
Coralachates, an agate resembling 

Corallatum, red precipitated mer- 
Corallina, "\ sea co- 

alba officinarum, tralline, 
Anglica, J or 

white v/ormseed. 
Corallina Corsicana, Corsican 

Corallinum, red precipitate defla- 
grated with spirit of wine. 
Corallium, coral, or tree stone ; do- 

micilia of marine insects. 
Corallium album ramosum, white 

branched coral. 
Corallium artijiciale, wood covered 

with cinnabar. 
Corallium jostle, coral found in quar- 


Corallium nigrum, black coral. 

rubrum, red coral of the 

Corallo fungus, a species of fungus. 

Corallodendron, the bean, or coral 
tree of America. 

Coralloides, septfoil; tooth, or coral- 

Corambe, colewort. 

Corax, the raven. 

Corbatum, copper. 

Corchoron, pimpernel. 

Cor chorus, Jew's mallow, an Egyp- 
tian plant. 

Corcidum, a little heart; the apex, 
or essence of a seed. 

Corda, a chordee, or painful erection 
of the penis. 

Corda tym/mni, the portio dura; a 
nerve of the ear. 

Corda M'illisii, Willis's glands in 
the brain. 

Cordatus, (in botany) cordiformis; 

Cordia sebestina, an Egyptian fruit. 

Cordialia, cordial or cardiac medi- 

Cordialis, aparine; woodrow. 

Cordinema, a headach with vertigo ; 
yawning, stretching. 

Cordolium, the heart-burn. 

Cnrdosumjilum, a twisted thread. 

Cordyla, a large fish frequenting the 
coast of Sicily. 

Core^ the pupil of the eye; a girl. 

Coreopsis, tickseed. 

Corelliana castanca, a species of 

Coremata, brushes; medicines for 
cleaning the skin. 

Coriaccus, of the nature of leather. 

Coriago, a disease of the skin in cattle. 

Coriandrum, "] 

Corianon, (.coriander. 

Coliandrum, J 

Coriaria, £ myrtle-leaved 

vulgaris, $ sumach. 

Coribantiu, sleeping with the eyes 

('•jrindum, heart pea. 

Corinthiaet u v «, currants. 

Corion, John's wort. 

Corh/ihora, lesser lizard-flower. 


Coris, the herb hypericum, or John's 

Coris lutea, ~) bastard St. 

legitima Cretica, 3 John's 

Corium, the skin; dartos muscle; 

Coriziola, scammony. 

Cornachini fiulvis, scammony, anti- 
mony, and cream of tartar. 

Cornea, the external coat of the eye. 
ofiaca, the sclerotic coat of 
the eye. 

Cornea lucida, ~) the transpa- 

transfiarens, } rent cornea, 

or that portion of the sclerotic 

coat through which the rays of 

light pass. 

Cornelius, the cornelian stone. 

Cornesta, a chemical retort. 

Corneus, horny. 

Corni, the cornel tree. 

Cornicula, a cupping instrument 
made of horn. 

Corniculans, the new moon. 

Cornicularis, the coracoid process. 

Corniculatx jilanta, plants with horn- 
ed seed pods. 

Comix, the carrion crow, or raven. 

Cornocerasum, cornus. 

Cornu, a horn. 

Cornu ammonis, ) a transverse sec- 
arietis, $ tion of the pes hip- 
pocampi of the brain, which gives 
to the cortical substance the ap- 
pearance of a ram's horn. 

Cornu cervi, hartshorn; the beak of 
an alembic. 

Cornu cervi alterum refiens, a spe- 
cies of nasturtium. 

Comu cervi calcinatum, ~> calcined 
ustum, 3 or burnt 

Cornu cervi decoclum, decoction 
of burnt hartshorn and gum Ara- 

Cornu cervi gelatinum, shavings of 
hartshorn, water, lemon and orange 
juice, wine, and sugar. 

Cornu cervinum, stag's horn ; buck's 
horn; plantain. 

Cornu fossile, 

r?ri, 5 a 

fossil horn. 


Cornua, horny excrescences ; warts. 
uteri, the horns of the womb, 
as in quadrupeds. 
Comumusa, a retort. 
Cornus, the cornel tree, or dogwood. 
fceminia, the dogberry, or 
gatten tree. 
Cornus fteminia foliis variegatis, the 

striped dogberry, or dogwood. 
Cornus hortensis mas, } the corneli- 
sativa, 5 an cherry. 

Virginiana, the Virginian 
dog berry. 
Comuta, a retort; the garnard fish. 
Cornutia, a plant. 
Corocrum, a ferment. 
Corolla, the petals of a flower. 
Corollula, the little corolla, or the 
small flowers which make up a 
compound one. 
Corona, the top of the head ; the 
crown of a flower, serving as 
wings; the upper surface of the 
molar teeth. 
Corona ciliaris, ligamentum ciliare. 
imperialism a plant called im- 
perial crown. 
Corona glandis, ~) the edge of the 
penis, 5 glans penis. 
rcgia, the herb melilot. 
solis, the sunflower of Peru. 
terra, ground ivy. 
■veneris, venereal blotches on 
the forehead. 
Coronale os, os frontis. 
Coronalis sutura, the coronal, or the 
suture on the crown of the head 
from each temple. 
Coronaria, the clove gillyflower. 

ligamenta, the coronary 
ligaments of the radius. 
Coronaria vasa, the blood-vessels of 

the heart; arteria cxliaca. 
Coronaria vena, a vein receiving the 

blood from the heart. 
Coronaria arteria, the two arteries 
supplying- the substance of the 
heart with blood. 
Coronarium ligamentum, a ligament 
ofthe liver; also one uniting the 
radius and ulna. 
Coronarius stomachicus, part of the 


eighth pair of nerves on the sto- 

Corone, the sharp process of the 
lower jaw. 

Corone ciliaris, the ring in the eye 
formed by the processus ciliarcs. 

Coroneola, a musk rose. 

Indica, the indigo plant. 
montana, lesser scorpion 

Coronoidea apophysis ulna, the upper 
end ofthe ulna. 

Coronoidea apophysis maxilla, the 
coronoid process ofthe lower jaw. 

Coronoides processus-, the sharp pro- 
cess of the lower jaw. 

Coronoideu.s, coronoid, a term ap- 
plied to processes of bones having 
any resemblance to a crow's beak. 

Coronopodium, j> buck's horn plan- 

Coronopus, y tain ; crow's foot. 
rue Hi, swine cresses. 

Coros, satiety. 

Corozone celio, a species of sedum. 

Corpora albicantia, Willis's glands 
in the brain. 

Corpora cavernosa clitoridis, two 
hollow crura forming the clitoris. 

Corpora cavernosa penis, the two 
spongy sides of the penis. 

Corpora Jimbriata, a part of the for- 
nix in the brain. 

Corpora lobosa, part of the cortical 
portion ofthe kidney. 

Corpora nerveo-spongiosa, corpora 
cavernosa penis. 

Corpora nervosa, corpora cavernosa 

Corpora olivaria, two eminences on 
the medulla oblongata. 

Corpora pyramidalia, two eminences 
near the corpora olivaria. 

Corpora striata, two prominences in 
the lateral ventricles of the brain. 

Corporatio, incorporation, or mix- 

Corpulentia, enlarged abdomen from 
fat ; excess of fat. 

Corpulentus, a fat person with a 
large belly. 

Corpus, a body ; matter. 

Corpus callosum, pith of the brain; 


part of the brain over the lateral 
ventricles uniting the two hemi- 

Corpus annulare, pons varolii. 
binum, a double body. 
glandulosum, the prostate 

Cor/ius luteum, the granulous papil- 
la in the female ovaria, from 
whence an ovum has proceeded. 

Corpus mucosum, the rete mucosum 
of the integuments. 

Corpus pampir.iformc, ~) the spefma- 
pyramidale, $ tic chord. 
reticulare, the rete mucosum 
of the integmnents. 

Corfius sesamoideum, a little promi- 
nence at the entrance of the pul- 
monary artery. 

Corpus spongiosum urethra, the 
spongy part of the urethra ending 
in the glans. 

Corpus varicosum, the spermatic 

Cor/iuscula, corpuscles, the minute 
atoms or particles of which a body 
is formed. 

Corrago, borrage. 

Corra, the temples. 

Correctio, ~) correction ; to make 

Corrector! urn, $ drugs less active and 
more palatable. 

Corrigiola, knot grass. 

Currigrya, thistledown; groundsel. 

Corroborantia, strengthening medi- 

Corroborate, strengthening. 

Corroboratus, strengthened. 

Corrodentia, corrosive medicines. 

Corrosio, corrosion; destruction by 
escharotics, acids, &c 

Corrosiva, drugs that corrode, or de- 
stroy animal substances; corro- 
sives ; caustics ; escharotics. 

Corrosiva mitiora, burnt alum, alkali, 
mercurius dulcis, white precipi- 
tate, and trochisci de minio. 

Corro,\ivu fortiora, red precipitate; 

Corrosiva fortissima, butter of anti- 
mony, lapis infernalis, sublimate, 
oil of tartar, oilof vitriol, and lunar 



Corrosus, corroded; wasted ;• gnaw- 

Corruda, rock sparrow grass. 

Corrugatio, corrugation, or wrink- 

Corrugator coiterii, ~) a muscle 
super cilii, 3 corrugating 
the skin of the forehead. 

Corrugatoris ordo exterior, part of 
the musculus zygomaticus. 

Corrugatoris ordo inferior, orbicula- 
ris oris. 

Corrugatus, corrugated; wrinkled; 

Corruptio, corruption or destruction 
of the proper mode of existence 
of any natural body. 

Corruptus, vitiated; destroyed. 

Corsa, the temples. 

Corsoides, amianthus, or earth flax* 

Cortalon, groundsel. 

Cortex, any bark or exterior cover- 
ing of trees or vegetables; the 
outer substance of the brain ; cork ; 
Peruvian bark. 

Cortex aromaticus, canella alba. 

angustura, angustura bark. 
antiscorbuticus, canella alba, 
or. Winter's bark. 

Cortex canella Malabarica, cassia 

Cortex cardinalis de lugo, Peruvian' 

Cortex caryophylloides, the clove 
berry tree bark. 

Cortex cascarilla, cascarilla bark. 

cerebri, the cortical substance 
of the brain. 

Cortex Chinx, ~\ yellow 

fiavus, I bark of 
chinchina regius, J Dr. Relph 
from Peru. 

Cortex cinchona, ~i com- 

officinalis, } mon, 
officinal, or pale Peruvian bark. 

Cortex cinchona jlavx, yellow Pe- 
ruvian bark. 

Cortex cinchona Caribaa, Caribean 

Cortex cinchona rubra, red Peruvian 

Cortex culitlanvan, an aromatic bark 
of New Guinea. 


Cortex elutheris, the elutherium 

bark, or cascarilla. 

water-tree bark. 
Cortex Mage/lanicus, Winter's bark. 
massory, an aromatic bark 
from Guinea. 
Cortex fiatrum, ") the Peruvian 
Peruanus, Vbark from 
Peruvianus,j Loxa, in Spa- 
nish America. 
Cortex Peruvianusgriseus, ~) casca- 
s/iurius, } rilla. 
ruber, red bark. 
Cortex quassia, quassia bark. 

quercus, common oak bark. 
thuris, cascarilla. 
Wintcranus, Winter's bark 
from the West Indies. 
Cortex Winteranus sfiurius, canella 

Corticis Peruviani decoctum, decoc- 
tion of ^i. of powder of Peruvian 
bark boiled in $xix. of water for a 
few minutes, and strained while 
Corticis Peruviani extractum, ex- 
tract of Peruvian bark; a decoc- 
tion of bark evaporated to dry- 
Corticis Peruviani extractum cum 
resina, resinous extract of Peruvian 
bark ; bark extracted both by spi- 
rit and water. 
Corticis Peruviani infusum, infusion 
of Peruvian bark 5i. cold water 

Corticis Peruviani resina, resin of 
Peruvian bark ; Peruvian bark di- 
gested with spirit of wine, and pre- 
cipitated by water. 

Corticis Peruviani tinctura, tincture 
of Peruvian bark ; Peruvian bark 
gvi. spirit of wine ffoij. 

Corticis Peruviani tinctura ammo- 
niata, ammoniated or volatile 
tincture of bark ; bark 5iv. spirit- 
us ammoniaci composita ftjij. 

Corticis Peruviani tinctura com.' 

Corticis Peruviani tinctura Hux 
compound, or Huxham's tincture 


of bark ; bark, orange peel, snake 

root, saffron, cochineal, and spirits 

of wine 
Corticalis substantia, cortex cerebri, 

or cineritious substance of the 

Corticatus, inclosed in a rind. 
Corticula, a little skin, or rind. 
Cortusa, the plant self-heal ; bear's 

ear sanicle. 
Coru canarica, a quince-like tree of 

Coruscamen, > a flash, as of light- 
Coruscatio, $ ning. 
Coruscus, mouse ear; glittering; 

Corvus, the raven ; the crow. 
Corycomachia, exercise with a sus- 
pended ball. 
Corycus, a ball. 
Corydales, a natural order of pjants 

resembling a helmet. 
Corydalus the lark. 
Corylus, the hazel or filberd tree. 

n y e * i the ivy tree. 
Corymbas, 3 ' 

Corymbus, a spherical cluster, as of 
ivy berries ; flowers like the elder, 
in opposition to umbellate. 

Coryfihe, the vertex of the head; 
inner part of the nails; top of any 

Coryza, catarrh, or increased dis- 
charge of mucus from the nose. 

Coryza catarrhalis, a catarrh from 

Coryza febricosa, a catarrh with fe- 

Coryza phlegmatorrhagia, a catarrh 
with much discharge of mucus. 

Coryza fiurulenta, a catarrh with dis- 
charge of matter. 

Coryza variolosa, a catarrh sympto- 
matic of small-pox. 

Coryza virulcnta, a catarrh with 
discharge of acrid mucus. 

Cos, the whetstone. 

olearia, Turkey stone. 

Cosculia, the grains of kermes. 

Cosmet, antimony. 

Cosmeticus, any wash or application 
to beautify the skin. 

Cosmetorges, the sensitive soul. 



I'osmiana, any sweet ointment 
Cosmicus, sweet ; perfumed. 
Cosmos, the order of critical days; 

the world ; descent 
Cossis, a tubercle in the face ; a small 

Cossum, a malignant ulcer of the 

Cossus, the teredo, or wood worm. 
Costa, a rib ; the strong fibre or rib 

of a leaf. 
Costa fiulmonaria, 
notha, false, or short rib. 
Costales, eight dorsal vertebra. 

nerve, the nerves of the 
Costarum defiressores firo/irii, part 

of the intercostal muscles. 
Costo-hyoidxus, coraco-hyoidzeus. 
Costos, "1 ^et and bitter 

'' l costus of Ara . 

Arabicus, j , ■ 
Jndicus, J 

corticosus, > cortex Winter- 
corticus, 3 anus. 
dulcis, the fresh root of cos- 
Costus hcleni, sweet and bitter cos- 

Costus kortorum, costmary and ale- 
Costus hortorum minor, sweet mau- 
dlin, or tansey. 

us nigra, the artichoke. 
Costyle, the socket of the hip bone. 
Cotaronium, the primary menstru- 
um of all bodies. 
Cot/ion, a vessel in which lapis cala- 

minaris is burnt. 
Cotinus, > the wild olive; 

coriaria, 3 Venice, or red 
Cotis, the nape of the neck ; back of 

the head. 
Cotonaster, the service tree of Vir 

Cotonea, the quince. 
Contoneaster, the medlar. 
Cotonium, cotton. 
Cotta vina, thick and luscious Ita< 

lian wines. 
Cottyfihus, the cook fish. 


Cotula, May-weed ; any deep catity 
in a bone ; a bug ; a twelve ounce 

Cotula Jlore luteo radiato, the ox- 
eye plant. 

Cotula fatida, anthemis cotula; cha- 
macmelum foetidum. 

Coturnix, a quail ; alkalescent food. 

Cotyla, any deep cavity in a bone ; a 
bug ; a twelve ounce measure. 

Cotyle, any cavity for a joint ; hollow 
of the hand; a drinking cup, a 

Cotyledon, kidney wort ; navelwort; 
wall pennywort; the lateral, pe- 
rishable lobe of the seed- 

Cotyledon Africanum, shrubby Afri- 
can navelwort. 

Cotyledon marinum, sea navelwort, 
or and rosace. 

Cotyledones, cotyledons of plants; 
glands in the chorion of brutes. 

Cotyledum, common orpine, or live- 

Cotyloideus, acetabulum 

Couhage, cow-itch ; stizolobium ; 
stinking beans from India. 

Coum, colchicum, or meadow safc 

Coup de soleil, (French) ictus sola-! 

Couradi, a pod-bearing tree of Ma- 

Courafi, the eastern name of an her- 
petic eruption; also a general 
name for any sort of itch. 

Courbaril, the locust tree of the 
West Indies; the gum anime 

Courondi, an evergreen tree of In- 

Couros, the mature foetus. 

Couron moelli, an anti-venomous 
shrub of India. 

Couscous, an African food of millet 
and flesh. 

Couton, a tree of Canada with a juice 
like wine. 

Couvre chef, a bandage for the head. 

Covalam, a tree of Malabar with a 
fruit like an apple. 

Cow/ieri glanduU, mucous glands 
near the entrance of the bladder. 


Coxa, the thigh ; the hip; ischium; 

os coccygys. 
Coxa dolores, the sciatica. 

ossa, the ossa innominataof the 
Coxariusmorbus, sciatic, or hip gout. 
Coxendix, the hip. 
Coxendicis morbus, sciatica, or hip 

Coyutena luzonis, a plant of the Phi- 
lippine Islands. 
Craber, slender; thin. 
Crabro, the hornet insect. 
Crade, the branch of a fig tree. 
Crxca major, the tare, or vetch. 
Crcejiale, a shaking of the head from 

Cradle, (Ang.) a wooden case in 
which a fractured leg is laid after 
Crama, a mixture. 
Crambe, a kind of colewort or cab- 
Crambe maritima, sea bindweed 01 

Crambcion, hemlock ; a decoction of 

Crambion, a decoction of cabbage 
Cramjius, the cramp, spasm of a 

Crancia, the cornelian cherry tree ; 

dog wood. 
Crangon, the prawn fish. 
Crania, the cornelian cherry tree. 
Cranium, the skull, or superior part 

of the head. 
Cranteres, dentes sapientix ; the 

Cra/iaudina, a stone from the head 

of the toad. 
Cra/iula, a surfeit; drunkenness; 

gluttony; crxpale. 
Cra/iulosus, surfeited. 
Crasis, the temper or healthy consti- 
tution of the blood peculiar to eve- 
ry person. 
Crasfiedon, relaxation of the uvula. 
Crassa arteria, the aorta, or large- 
Crassa ?neninx, the dura mater. 

intestina, the large intes- 
Crassamen } dregs, or lees. 

Crassatncntum, the red globules and 
coagulable lymph of the blood; 
Crasaena, certain saline, putrefactive 
and corrosive panicles which pro- 
duce ulcers and tumours ot vari- 
ous forms. 
Crassitudo, thickness; density. 
Crassula, the herb orpine. 
Crassula, ~) common orpine, 

major, 5 or live-long. 
minor, sedum ; worm 
Crassus, gross; thick. 
Cratccgonum, the herb stickwort. 
Crataegus, the wild service tree of 

Cratxgus al/dnus, the wild boam 

Cratcegus oxijeantha, the white- 
thorn tree ; hawthorn. 
Cratxogonum, melampyrum, or cow 

Crater, a brass kettle. 
Craterauchcn, having a robust neck, 
Cratevx sium, water cresses. 
Cratibula, ~) the bars of the chemical 
Craticula, $ furnace ; a gridiron. 
Craticuluris, bread broiled on a grid- 
Craticulum, a cradle. 
Craton, spurge. 

Cratysmus, great bodily strength. 
Crauros, friable. 

Crca, the skin bone, spine of tibia. 
Creber, frequent ; quick. 
Crtgyon, good. 
Cremaster, the suspensory muscle 

of the testis. 
Crematio, burning the dead. 
Cremer, a surfeit. 
Cremnui, the lips of ulcers; labia 

Cremor, cream ; any expressed juice 

of grain; yeast. 
Cremor calcis vivi, the scum of lime 

Cremor tartari, the scum of a boiling 

solution of tartar. 
Crena, obtuse segments of leaves. 
Crenatus, notched. 
Crefiatio, ) the bursting of seeds in 
Crr/iatura, 5 boiling; a scrotal hernia. 


Crefwtura dorai, the rump. 

Crepido palpebrx, the edge of the 

Crefiinum, tartar. 

Crcpis, bastard hawkweed. 

Crepitans, rustling ; crackling. 

Crepitatio, a crackling; detonation. 

Crepitum reddere, to break wind 

Crepitus, crackling; a sonorous dis- 
charge of air from the rectum. 

Crepitus dentium, chattering of the 

Crepitus lupi, puff balls ; a fungus. 

Cnpuscularis, about twilight. 

Crrscentia, the calabash tree. 

Cresera, a flour sieve. 

Crespinus, the barberry tree. 

Creapttlum, the herb ox-eye. 

Creaatna, the supposed putrid parti- 
cles of ulceration. 

C'ressio, water cresses. 

Cr ' te ' „ I chalk. 
a Ida, 3 

alkalina, common chalk. 

Candida, common prepared 


Creta Cimolia, tobacco pipe clay, 
formerly from Cimolus. 

Creta fullonica, fuller's earth. 
nigra, black chalk. 
officinalis, ~) common prepar- 
er aparata, $ ed chalk. 
rubra, red ochre. 
selinusia, earth of selinusia. 

Cretaceus, chalky. 

Crcthmon, samphire. 

Crevis, the cray fish. 

Cribaria, the finest flower. 

Cribratio, sifting. 

Cribratorium, a sieve, or sierce. 

Cribriforme £ os, the os ethmoides 

Cribrosum ^ of the cranium. 

Cribrum, a sieve. 

Cricelasia, exercise with the hoop. 

Crico-arytanoidxi musculi, muscles 
opening the glottis. 

Cricoides, ~) the second annular car- 

Cricos, 5 tilage of the larynx j a 

Cricofiharyngei, muscles of the cri- 
coid cartilage. 


Cricothyroideus, a muscle shutting 
the glottis. 

Cridones, worms infesting the skin. 

Crimnodes, urine with a branny sedi- 

Crimnon, a sort of coarse meal. 

Crinatum, a kind of fumigation. 

Crinedones, small worms infesting 
the skin of children. 

Crinis, the hair on the back of the 

Crinitus, plants with numerous small 
fibres ; hairy. 

Crinomyron, ointments of lilies and 

Crinon, a lily ; the flower of a gourd. 

Crinones, crinedones ; sebaceous mat- 
ter collected in the cutaneous folli- 
cles of the face and breast, and 
having the appearance of small 
worms when pressed out. 

Criogenes, troches or lozenges of P. 
iEgineta for foul ulcers. 

Criomyxus, having a large discharge 
from the nose. 

Cri/isorchis, having concealed testes. 

Crisimos, ~) . . , 
n . . ' >• critical. 
Lrisnnus, 3 

Crisis, the change of disease which 
indicates its event. 

Crispatura, curlipg; a spasmodic 

Cris/iinus, the barberry tree. 

Crista, a tubercle about the anus; a 
crest, or comb of the cock. 

Crista galli, yellow rattle ; a process 
in the os ethmoides. 

Crista pavonis, flower-fence. 

Crista, excrescences about the anus 
and pudenda. 

Crist £ clitoridis, nympha:. 

Cristatus, tufted ; plumed. 

Criterion, the change of disease to- 
wards recovery or death ; crisis. 

Criihe, barley ; a stye, or tumour on 
the eyelid. 

Crithmum, J samphire, or 

marinum, \ sea fennel. 

Critica signa, signs drawn from the 
crisis of disease. 

Critici dies, critical days ; third, se- 
venth, ninth, eleventh, fourteenth, 


seventeenth, and twenty-first day 
of fevers. 
Criticus, critical; any important 

event, or period. 
Crochet, a curved instrument with a 
sharp hook to extract the foetus 
Crocidixis, a picking the clothes; 

Crocinum, oil of saffron ; oil, myrrh, 

and saffron. 
Crocodilion, the globe thistle. 
Crocodilus, the crocodile, or alligator. 
terreatris, the skink, a 
kind of lizard. 
Crocomagma, troches of oil of saffron 

and spices. 
Crocum, 1 saffron ; the 

Crocus, y yellow chives 

autumnalis, J of flowers. 
Crocus, a term given by the older 
chemists to several preparations of 
metallic substances from their re- 
semblance to saffron. 
Crocus antimonii, nitre and antimony 
equal parts deflagrated in a cruci- 
ble ; crocus metallorum. 
Crocus Germanicus, carthamus. 
Indicus, curcuma. 
7iiartis afteriens, J mars 

astringens, } sulphu- 
ratus, or green vitriol exposed to 
fire till red. 
Crocus metallorum, crocus antimo- 
Crocus officinalis, common saffron. 
saracenicus, carthamus. 
sativus, saffron. 
■veneris, copper calcined to a 
red powder. 
Croci extractum, extract of saffron. 
sfiiritus, spirit of saffron. 
syrufius, syrup of saffron. 
tinctura, tincture of saffron. 
Crommyon, an onion. 
Crommyoxyregmia, foetid onion-like 

Crofiiot, a fruit like Ethiopian pep- 
Crotalus, the rattlesnake. 
Crotaphi, the temples. 
Crotaphica arteria, the tendon of the 
temporal muscle. 


Crotaphi t a, the temporal muscles. 

CrotafiAium, a pam in the temples. 

CrotafiAoe, ) the temple, a pain in 

Crotufikus; 5 the temples. 

Croton, the castor oil berry; 3 

Croton benzoe, gum benjamin. 

ca.scarilla, the eleutherium, 
or cascarilla. 

Croton laccifi rum, the name of the 
plant upon which gum lac is de- 

Crotoiu , fungus of trees and of the 

Crousis, a pulsation. 

Crousmata, rheums, or defluxiooi 
from the head. 

Crucialia ligamcnta, ligaments of the 
joints of the knee. 

Crucialis, mugweed, or crosswort; 

Crucialis galli species, a species of 

Crucialia incisio, a cross-like inci- 

Crucianrlla, little madder. 

Cruciata, crosswort of the hedges. 
erecta, upright crosswort. 
glabra, smooth crosswort. 
hirsuta, ~) 
officinalis, ( m «S w eed, or 

, l crosswort. 

■vulgaris, J 

Cruciatus, pain. 

Crucibulum, the crucible; a pot of 
earth, or iron. 

Cruciformis, shaped like a cross. 

Cruditas, crudity ; undigested food; 
humours, or excrements. 

Crudus, crude ; unrefined ; unpre- 
pared ; undigested. 

Cruenta sutura, bloody suture, stitch' 
es on a fresh wound. 

Crucntus, bloody. 

Crunion, a diuretic compound in 

Cruor, crassamentum ; blood; the 
venous blood. 

Crura, plural of crus, a leg. 

clitoridis, spongy parts of the 

Crura medulla: oblongata, the roots 
of the medulla oblongata which 
proceed from the cerebrum. 


Cruraus, crural, a muscle extending 
the thigh. 

Crurak'H arteria, the crural arteries. 

Cruralis, crural, or belonging to the 

Cruralis arteria, the artery convey- 
ing blood to the leg. 

Cruralis vena, the crural vein. 

Crite, the leg; aU below the buttock. 

Crusta, a shell ; a scab ; the scum, 
or surface of a fluid. 

Crusta lactea, the milk scab; an 
eruption in the foreheads of infants. 

Crusta villoma, the fourth, or inner 
coat of the stomach. 

Cruata ulceris, an eschar. 

Crustacea, > crustaceous, or animals 

Cnutata, 3 with shells. 

Crustant indue entia, caustica. 

Crustula, ecchymosis; blood effused 
into the cellular membrane. 

Crust uminatum, a pear; a rob, or 
electuary of apples, pears, &c. 

Crux cervi, the bone of the stag's 

Cry/nodes, fevers with coldness of 
the extremities. 

Cry os, cold. 

Cryoxa, a pot-herb like parsley. 

Cry/isorchis, having the testicles in 
the abdomen. 

Cry/ita, cavities, or hollow places; 
glands behind the tongue, also 
of the intestines ; the rounded ap- 
pearances at the end of the small 
arteries of the cortical substance 
of the kidneys. 

Cryjitanthcrx, plants with concealed 

Cryfitogamia, Linnaeus' 24th class 
of plants without visible flow- 
ers, as of moss, fungus, fern, &c 

Cryfito/iyica, ischuria from a retrac- 
tion of the penis. 

Cry/itos, occult; latent. 

Crysorc/iis, the retraction, or non- 
descent of a testicle. 

Crystatli, eruptions like transparent 

Crystalli turtari, crystals of tartar; 
purified cream of tartar. 

Crystallma, the crystalline humour 
of the eve. 


Crystalline, crystalli ; crystallines. 
manus, excessively cold 

Crystallinum, white arsenic. 

Cry stallion, psyllium, or fleawort. 

Crystallizatio, crystallization; that 
property by which crystallizable 
bodies tend to assume a regular 

Crystalloides, like crystal ; the coat 
of the crystalline lens. 

Crystulloides tunica, aranea; arach- 

Crystallum minerale, purified sal 

Crystallus, rock crystal. 

fihiloso/ihorum, brass, 
quicksilver, 8cc. 

Crystallus montana, clear, or rock 

Crythe, a stye, or small tumour in. 
the eyelid. 

Ctedones, fibres. 

Cteis, ossa pubis; share bone; the 
fore teeth. 

Ctenes, the four fore teeth. 

Cubaris, a wood louse. 

Cubatio, keeping the bed. 

Cubebx, ~) cubebs ; a warm spicy 

Cubebis, 3 berry from the piper can- 
datum of Java. 

Cubiculum, a bed chamber. 

Cubiformis, like a cube, or die. 

CubiJ'orme os, the seventh bone of the 

Cubilc, a bed, or couch. 

Cubitalis, the cubital, or ulnar nerve. 
arteria, the cubital, or ul- 
nar artery. 

Cubitalis musculus, an extensor mus- 
cle of the arm. 

Cubit a us externus,^n extensor mus- 
cle of the fingers. 

Cubitxus internus, a flexor muscle 
of the fingers. 

Cubiti profunda vena, a vein of the 

Cubitum ire, to go to bed. 

Cubitus-, the fore arm; ulna; a cu- 
bit, 18 inches. 

Cuboides, cubiform bone of the tar- 

Cud. an Indian sweet fruit. 


Cucos, the kernel of a species of 

Cucubalus, berry-bearing chick weed 

Cuculatum majus, brandy; spirit of 

Cuculla, 7 the trapezius 

Cucullaris musculus, 5 muscle draw- 
ing the scapula backwards. 

Cuculla ta, the herb sanicle. 

Cucullatx Jlores, hood-like flowers 

Cucullus, a cap with medicinal in- 
gredients quilted in it ; a flood. 

Cuculus, the cuckow. 

Cucumeraria, } the momordi 

Cucumerina Indica, 5 ca ; the male 

balsam apple. 

Cucumer, ? . . 

~ . ' y the cucumber. 

Cucumis, 3 

agrestis, cucumis sylves 

tris ; wild cucumber. 

Cucumis JEgyjitius, Egyptian cu- 
cumber, or chate. 

Cucumis asininus, cucumis agrestis. 
Canadensis, Canadian cu- 

Cucumis colocynthis, coloquintida, or 
bitter apple. 

Cucumis Jlexucegus, the long Turkey 

Cucumis Galetii, a species of cucum- 

Cucumis hortensis, ~) common gar- 
officinalis, } den cucumber. 
punicus cordi, the male bal- 
sam apple. 

Cucumis sativus, the white cucum 

Cucumis sylvestris, the wild, or 
squirting cucumber ; the fecula of 
its juice is elaterium. 

Cucumis vulgaris, the common cu- 

Cucu/iha, an odorous cap for the 

Cucurbita, the gourd, or pompion ; 
a cupping glass. 

Cucurbita chemicorum, cucurbit ; a 
chemical distilling vessel shaped 
like a gourd. 

Cucurbita citrullus, water melon. 

Cucurbita verucosa, the squash, a 
species of pompion. 

C U H 

Cucu iiariti, a shrub of Malabar. 

Cucurbitare, to cup. 

Cucurbitifera Malabaricnsis, mix 

Cucurbitinus lumbricus, taenia. 

Cucurbitula, a cupping glass of horn 
or copper. 

Cucurbitula cruenta, cupping glasses 
with scarification. 

Cucurbitula sicca, dry cupping. 

Cucurbitularis, ground pine, or field 

Cucurucu, a large poisonous serpent 
of America. 

Cuema, the rudiments of the perfect 
foetus; conception. 

Culatum, calcined. 

Culbicio, heat of urine. 

Culeus, the largest Roman liquid 
measure, twenty amphorae ; a lea- 
ther sack. 

Culex, a gnat. 

CulilUnvan, ~) an aromatic bark of 

Culilawan, 5 New Guinea. 

Culinarius sal, common salt. 

Culme?\, ~) the stalk, or blade of corn, 

Culmus, ) or grass. 

Culler, a knife; share of a plough; 
the third lobe of the liver. 

Cuius, the fundament. 

Cumamus, cubebae. 

Cumana, an Indian mulberry-like 

Cumanda guacu, f species of Indian 
guara, $ kidney bean. 

Cumbulu, a tree of Malabar. 

Cuminoides, wild cumin of Crete. 

Cuminum, the cumin plant. 

alnorum, a species of small- 

Cuminum cornulatu?n,homed cumin, 
or hypecoum. 

Cuminum cyminum, cumin of Lin- 

Cuminum officinale, common cu- 

Cuminum prat ens e, caraway. 

sativum dioscoridis, com- 
mon cumin. 

Cuminum siUquosum, codded wild 

Cuminum sylvestre, wild cumin. 

vulgare, common cumin. 


L';im/ie/ies,}an aromatic' drug of 

Cumfietea, $ Pamphylia. 

Cunts, a cradle. 

Cunane, an Indian fruit. 

Cuneus, a wedge. 

Cunealis, wedge-like. 

sutura, the suture of the 
sphenoid and frontal bones. 

L'unciforme os, a name of the sphe- 
noid bone ; also of one of the bones 
of the carpus. 

Cuneiforms os externum, the chal- 
coideum externum of the tarsus. 

Cunviformis, wedge-like. 

Cuneolus, a tent for a fistula. 

Cuniculus, the rabbit. 

Cunila saliva, summer savory. 

Cunilago, fleabane. 

('unmix, the pudendum muliebre. 

Cunosorchis, a species of orchis. 

Cuntur, the condor, a large Ameri- 
can eagle. 

Cufielta, a cupel or test made of ash- 
es and calcined bones. 

Cufietfatio, cupellation; purification 
of perfect metals. 

Cufierota, copperas, or green vitriol. 

Cu/ihos, light aliment; mild disease. 

Cu/iresshunn, cypress wine. 

Cufiressus, cypressus; cypress. 

Cuflri ammoniati aqua, aqua sapphi- 

Cufiri rubigo, verdigris, or rust of 

Cuprum, copper. 

ammoniacum, > blue vitriol 
annnoniacale, 3 andprepar 
ed ammonia. 

Cuprum vitriolatum, vitriolum Ro- 
niamim, or blue vitriol. 

Cura avenacca, a decoction of oats 
and succory. 

Curabilis, curable ; that may be 

Curatio, a cure ; healing. 

laonica, the cure of gout by 

< 'ureas, the Barbadoes nut; an escu- 
lent root of Egypt ; a fruit of Ma- 

Curculio, the wind-pipe; the weevil, 
a corn insect. 

Curcum, the large celandine. 


Curcuma, turmeric, a yellow East 

Indian root 
Curimentos, pain in the limbs. 
Curmi, common ale. 
Cursuma, the lesser celandine. 
Cursus, any flux of humours. 
Cursuta, gentiana purpurea. 
Curtum, the want of any particular 

Curtuma, "J a muscle bend- 

Cursuma, J*i n g tne C0Ci 

Curvator coccygis, J cyx. 
Curvamen, a curvature of the spine; 
Curvatura, bending, or crookedness. 
Curvus, bent; crooked. 
Cururu, the toad. 

afie, a tree of Brasil. 
Curula fiala, a shrub of Malabar. 
Cusaita, } dodder of thy me or 

major, 3 heaths. 
minor, dodder of thyme. 
Cusfiidati, dentes canini. 
Cunpidatus, pointed like a spear. 
Cus/iis, the point of a spear; the 

glans penis ; a bandage. 
Custos oculi,a.n instrument to fix the 

eye during an operation. 
Cutambuli, cutaneous worms; scor- 
butic itching. 
Cutanei musculi, platysma myoides. 
Cutaneus, of or belonging to the 

skin; sphincter ani. 
Cutaneus internus nervus, a nerve of 

the arm. 
Cutch, > t t 

Cutt, \ terra Ja P° n »ca. 

Cuticula, the scarf, or outer skin, 
void of sense, or inflammation. 

Cuticularis, cuticular; belonging to 
the skin. 

Cuticularis membrana, dura mater. 

Cuticulosus, sphincter ani. 

Ottilia, Italian cold fountains. 

Cutio, a wood louse. 

Cutis, the skin. 

anserina, the rough appear- 
ance of the skin, like that of a 
goose, excited by cold or terror. 

Cutis vera, the true skin under the 

Cyamea, a precious stone like a 

Cya/mis, a bean; a wood louse. 


Cyanus, the blue bottle plant, or corn 
flower; lapis lazuli. 

Cyanus JEgyfitiaca, the Egyptian 

Cyanus hortensis, "") 

latifolius, I great blue-bot- 
major, j tie. 

montanns, J 

minor, the blue bottle, or 
• corn thistle. 

Cyanus odoratus, the purple sweet 

Cyanus orientalis, the sweet sultan 
jiulchro seminc centauri, 
bearded creeper 

Cyanus segetum, small corn blue- 

Cyar, the eye of a needle ; the en 
trance to the internal ear. 

Cyasma, spots on the skin of preg- 
nant women. 

Cyathiformis, cup-shaped. 

Cyat/iiscus, the hollow part of a 

Cyathus, a cup ; a Roman 5i. mea- 

Cy deles fiomum, a pine apple. 


Cybitos, vthe cubit, or fore arm. 


Cybium, a fish. 

Cyboides, cubiforme. 

Cycas circinalis, Indian bread, or 
sago tree. 

Cyceon, ) a dish of wine, honey, 

Cyceum, 3 flour, and cheese. 

Cycima, litharge. 


Eurofiaum, ^.sow-bread 


Cycliscus, a trepanning instrument; 
an instrument formerly used for 
scraping carious bones. 

Cyclismus, a lozenge. 

Cyclopion, the white of the eye. 

Cyclo/ihoria, the circulation. 

Cyclos, > a circle ; the cheeks ; or- 

Cyclus, 5 bits of the eyes. 

metasyncriticus, alon^course 
of medicine. 

Cycnarion, a white eyewash. 

Cycnus, a swan. 


C Y N 

Cydar, tin. 

Cydonatum, a preparation of quinces 

and aromatics. 
Cydoniu, the quince tree. 
Cydoniorum electuarium, marma* 

lade; pulp of quinces boiled with 

Cydoniorum mucilago, quince seed 

boiled with water. 
Cydoniorum rob, depurated quince 

juice boiled thick with sugar. 
Cydoniorum syrufius, clear quince 

juice boiled with red wine, sugar, 

and spices. 

Cydonium, ~) 

' . y a quince. 
malum, 3 * 

Cyema, parturition, or the rudiments 

of the foetus. 

Cygnus, a swan. 

officinalis, the common swan. 

reginx, an eye-water. 

Cyites, otites ; the eagle stone. 

C^clnis,}*^ 1 ' 1 ? 01 '' a P illb ° X * 
Cylindraceus,-> Xm(]Y . c&{ 
Lylindricus, 3 
Cylindrus, a cylinder; a plaster in 

form of a roll. 
Cyllosis, the tibia, or leg bending out- 
Cyllus, one affected with a cyllosis. 
Cyma, the tops of plants; cabbage 

Cymatodes, an unequal undulating 

Cymba, a boat ; a bone of the wrist. 
Cymbalaria, ivy-leaved toad flax; 

Cymbiformis, shaped like a boat; the 

os scaphoides. 
Cymia, an urinal. 
Cyminalis, gentian. 
Cyminum, cumin. 
Cymosus, abounding in shoots. 
Cyna, a large palm-like tree. 
Cynadontes, dog tooth. 
Cynanche, quinsy, squinsy, or squi- 

Cynanche anginosa, the inflammatory 

Cynanche arthritica } quinsy fro" 1 



Cynanche a deglutitis, quinsy from 
hard substances swallowed. 

Cynanche a dyaenteria, quinsy from 

Cynanche efiidemica, ~) scarlati- 
exanthematica, £ na angi- 
nosa of Withering. 

Cynanche gangrenosa,") the malig- 
?naligna, 5 nant quinsy. 

Cynanche hejiatica, quinsy from a 
disease of the liver. 

Cynanche larynguca, the croup. 

Cynanche mrrcurialis, quinsy from 
the use of mercury. 

Cynanche fiarotidaa, the mumps, or 
swelling of the parotids with fe- 

Cynanche fiharyngaa, the malignant 

Cynanche firunella, common sore 

Cynanche /iur/iuro-/iarotid<ea, ma- 

Cynanche stridula, the croup. 

thymica, quinsy from an 
enlargement of the thyroid gland. 

Cynanche tonsillaris, the common 

Cynanche trachealis, the croup. 

Cynanche ulcerosa, the malignant 

Cynanchica medicamenta, remedies 
for quinsy. 

Cynanchon, > the bone of a frog ; 

Cynanchum, 3 dogsbane. 

Cynanthcmis, May-weed, or anthe- 
mis cotula. 

Cynanthrofiia, hydrophobia; a spe- 
cies of delirium or melancholy. 

Cynafuiun, the lesser hemlock. 

Cynajuicon, dacneron ; a colly ri- 

Cynara, the artichoke. 

Cynchnis, any vessel containing 

Cynicus, canine, or dog-like ; snarl- 
ing ; a term applied to certain spe- 
cies of spasm. 

Cyni/ies, ) 
ryN// ; /,,«,$ nies ' or S n ats. 

( 'unnabar, cinnabar. 
Cynnia, an urinal. 


Cynobotane, May-weed, or stinking 

Cynocefihalon, } snapdragon, or 

Cynocefihalum, 5 calf's snout* 

Cynococtanum, wolfsbane. 

Cynoco/iros, > album graecum, or 

Cynocofirus, £ dog's white dung. 

Cynocrambe, mercurialis sylvestris. 

CynoctoTion, the aconite, or henbane, 

Cynocytis, or Isis, the dog rose. 

Cynodecto.s-, > one bitten by a ma4 

Cynodectus, $ dog. 

Cynodes, canine, or dog like. 

Cynodes?nion, > the frxnum of the 

Cynodesmium, $ prepuce ; a ligature 
to bind the prepuce to the glans. 

Cynodontes, the canine, or dog teeth. 

Cynoglossi radix, hound's tongue 

Cynoglosswn, the herb hound's 

Cynoglossum majus, greater hound's 

Cynoglossum maritimum, the sea 
hound's tongue. 

Cynoglossum minus, navelwort. 

montanum, honey wort. 
officinalis, > greater 
vulgar e, $ hound's 

Cynolo/iha, the projections of the ver- 

Cynolissa, canine madness. 

Cynomoron, the herb English mer- 
cury ; dog's mercury. 

Cynomya, a fly which infests dogs. 

Cynomyja, the fleawort. 

Cynorexia, a voracious appetite. 

Cynorrhodon,"] the common briar, 

Cy?iosbatos, >dog rose, or hip 

Cynosbatus, J tree. 

Cynos, (genitive of cyon) a dog. 

Cynosbati conserva, conserve of hips ; 
the pulp of the hip fruit beat up 
with sugar. 

Cynosorchis, the plant dog's stones. 

Cynosfiastum, cynosbatos. 

Cynosurus, dog tail grass. 

Cyon, the penis. 

Cyo/ihoria, gestation, or pregnancy. 

Cy/iarissias, the largest sort of 

e y r 

CypaHssus, the cyperus tree. 

Cyperi genus ex India, turmeric, or 

Cyfieri radix, Indian cyperus root. 

Cyperoides gramen, cyperus grass. 

Cyperos, > . . 

Cyperus, $ 

Cyperus, the long-rooted cyperus 

Cyfierus Americanus, American cy- 

Cyperus angustifolius, ) sweet cype- 
esculentus, § ru s> or rush 

Cyperus Indicus, curcuma. 

longus, English galangel. 

adoralus Peruanus, 

Cyperus niloticus, the papyrus; 
tree of Egypt affording paper, 
food, furniture, &c. 

Cyperus odoratus, long-rooted cy- 

Cyperus rotundus, ) round-rooted 
Syriacus, 3 cyperus. 

Cypheos trockisci, > lozenges of rai- 

Cyphi, 3 sins, turpentine, 

myrrh, Sec. 

yp toma, / s ^ me ^ ent ou twards. 
Cyphosis, 3 
Cypira, turmeric. 
Cypressus, the cypress tree, 

fxmina, the female cy- 
press tree. 
Cypressus mas, the male spreading 

Cypressus Virginiana, the Virginian 

cypress tree. 
Cyprinum oleum, flowers of cypress, 
calamus, cardamoms, 8tc. boiled in 
olive oil. 
Cyfirinus, the carp fish. 
Cypripedium, ladies slipper. 
Cyprium, copper. 

Cyprus, camphor; the cypress tree. 
dioscoridis, ~) 

Gr*corum,$ eaStem V Y1Vet - 
lignum, rose wood from Cy- 
Cypselis, ear wax. 
Cyrania, saffron infused in oil. 
Cyrbasia, a bandage for the breasts ; 

anus; rectum. 


the tiara of the Persian monarchs. 

Cyrcncsis, a mixture. 

Cyrcbia, the husks of corn. 

Cyrcnaicus sal, sal ammoniac. 
succus, assafoetida. 

Cyrones, lice. 

Cyrseon, anus. 

Cyrtoides, convex, or gibbous. 

Cyrtoma, any unnatural convex tu- 
mour; tympanites. 

Cyrtonosus, the rickets. 

Cyssarcs, ) 

Cyssarus, y 

Cyssites, otites ; eagle stone. 

Cyssotis, inflammation of the anus. 

Cysteolithos, > the stone in the blad- 

Cysteolithus, 5 der. 

Cysthcpaticus, belonging to the gail 

Cysthus, the anus. 

Cystica, remedies for diseases in the 

Cystica/mos Africana scandens, Af- 
rican climbing bladder fumitory. 

Cysticus, belonging to the bladder. 

Cys tides, encysted tumours. 

Cystinx, a small bladder. 

Cy.sti/i/ilogia, inflammation of the 

Cystirr/iagia, discharge of blood 
from the bladder. 

Cystis, a bag; any membranous re- 
ceptacle of morbid humours, hav- 
ing no outlet ; the bladder of 

Cystis fellca, } the gall blad- 

choledocha, $ der. 

Cystiticus, a suppression of urine; 

Cystitis, inflammation of the bladder, 
known by fever, pain, and swelling 
of hypogastrium, difficult, frequent, 
and painful making water; tenes- 

Cystitis a cantharidibus, cystitis from 
the use of Spanish flies. 

Cystitis spontanea, cystitis without 
evident causes. 

Cystitis traumatica, cystitis from 
wounds in the bladder. 

Cystocele, a hernia from protrusion 
of the bladder. 


Cyatolithicus, suppression of urine 
from stone. 

Cyatofiastica, suppression of urine 
from spasm. 

Cystofihlegica, suppression of urine 
from palsy. 

Cysto/ihlegicus, ischuria from in- 

Cysto/ihlcgmatica, ischuria from too 
much mucus. 

Cystofitosis, a protrusion of the in- 
ner coat of the bladder into the 

Cysto/iroctica, suppression of urine 
from pain of the bladder. 

Cystos/iyica, suppression of urine 
from pus in the bladder. 

Cystot/iromboidcs, suppression of 
urine from grumous blood. 

Cystotomia, lithotomia; cutting for 
the stone. 

Cytharus, a species of turbot. 

Cythion, an eye-wash. 


Cytiniforme, ~> the cups of some flow- 

Cytinus, $ ers ; the flower of the 

Cytinushyfwcistis, the rape of Cistus. 

Cytiso genista, common broom. 

Cytisus, base, or bean trefoil, or la- 

Cytisus Jfricanusy silver African 

Cytisus Alftinus, laburnum ; bean 
trefoil tree. 

Cytisus angustifolius, narrow-leaved 

Cytisus /iseudoy the hairy shrub tre- 

Cytisus incanus siliquis Jalcatis. 
shrub trefoil. 

■Cytisus sfiinosus, trefoil acacia. 
scofiarius, the broom. 

Cyzicenus, a plaster for wounds of 

Czemer, a painful swelling of the 


T\ in the chemical alphabet, signi- 
? fies vitriol. 

Daburi, arnotto. 

Daceton, any biting animal. 

Dachel, great palm, or date tree. 

Dacneron, } an eye-wash of burnt 

Dacnerum, 3 copper, pepper, cadmia, 
myrrh, and opium. 

Dacrydium, scammony. 

Dacrygelosis, a species of insanity. 

Dacryodesj a tear. 

helcos, a sanious ulcer. 

Dacryoma, an union of the puncta 

Dacryon, a tear. 

Dacryofiaos, } drugs producing a 

■Dacryo/ia-us, $ flow of tears, as on- 
ions, &c 
Dactylethra, a species of bougies to 
excite vomiting. 

Dactyletus, hermodactylus. 

Dactylideus, bele»nites ; lapis lin- 

Dactylion, web-fingered. 

Dactylios, a troche, or lozenge. 
Dactylodochme, the palm, a breadth 

of four fingers ; a shell fish. 
Dactylon radice refiente, cock's foot 

Dactylos, the fruit of the palm tree. 
Dactylothece, a splint for a broken 

Dactylus, the date fruit of Tunis; 

blatta Byzantia ; a measure of the 

Greeks equal to the digitus of the 

Romans ; a finger. 
Dactylus Idxus, belemnites. 

jialmula, the great palm, 

or date tree. 
Dadaleus, exquisite workmanship. 
Dxdalus, quicksilver. 
Dxdion, ~> a torch, pessary, or bou- 
Dtedium, 5 gie. 
Damon, a demon, or good or bad 

Dxmonia, demonomania. 
Damonis, foeculent matter ; dung. 
D {monomania, insanity without bodi- 


ly disease, in which the patient 
supposes himself possessed with 

De-monomania a cardiogmo, insanity 
from heartburn. 

D eemonomania fanatica, supposed re- 
ligious phrensy. 

JDtemonomania Indica, ? insanity 
Polonica, $ occurring 
in these countries. 

JDtemonomania sagarum, insanity 
from witchcraft. 

Dxmonomania simulata, pretended 

Damonomania a vermibus, insanity 
from worms. 

Dais, an inflammable species of pine. 

Daitides, large torches; heads of 

Dalecham/iia, a hop-like plant of 

Daligthron, flix weed. 

Dama, the fallow deer. 

Damascena, a plum. 

Damasonicum, doria ; woundwort. 

Damasonium, alisma; bastard helle- 

Damnata terra, ~) . 

_, , ' £ caput mortuum. 

Damnatus, 3 

Damsir, sand. 

Danais, fleabane. 

Danich, eight grains. 

Da/ihne, mezereon; laurel, or bay 

Da/ihne gnidium, spurge flax. 
laureola, laureola mas. 
mezereum, mezereon ; 
spurge olive. 

Daflhnelaon, oil expressed from bay 

Dafihnia, a gem. 

Dafihnitis, the best species of cas- 

Dafihnoides, laureola mas. 

Da/is, food. 

Daratos, unfermented bread. 

Darchem, best cinnamon. 

Darsini, ordinary cinnamon. 

Darsis, an excoriation. 

Darta, ~) tetter, ring-worm, 

Darton, ) itch. 

Dartosy a muscular coat of the scro 



Has, dais; inflammable pine. 

Dasi/mnia, a roughness of the inside 
of the eyelids. 

Dasyfius, a hare ; a rabbit. 

Dasys, parched tongue; difficult 

Data, a term used for things or 
quantities supposed to be gives or 
known, in order to find out there* 
by other things or quantities, 
which are unknown, or sought 

Datura, ~) the thorn ftp. 

stramonium, § pie. 
Matabarica, hummatu. 

Dauci sylvestris semina, wild carrot 

Dauci tes vinum, wild carrot seeds 
steeped in must. 

Daucu6, the carrot. 

Creticus, Candy, or Cretan 

Daucu.1 Macedonicus, Macedonian 

Daucuu montanus, hedge parsley. 
sativus, red rooted garden 

Daucus selenoides, hedge parsley. 

Daveridon, oil of spike. 

Daumur, a serpent used in Theriaca. 

Daujihiny (sal), a natural Glauber's 
salt obtained from an earth in 
Dauphiny, in France. 

Daura, black hellebore. 

Deacuminata, apoxe ; ending in a 

Dcalbatio, making white ; deargenta- 
tio ; colouring with silver. 

Deambulatio, deambulation, or mo- 
tion of the body in walking; in- 
quietude of mind. 

Dearticulatio, articulation admitting 
much motion. 

DeasciattOf a bone splintered on its 

Deauratio, colouring, or covering 
with gold. 

Debilis, weak ; feeble. 

Debilitas, debility ; weakness with- 
out disease, induced alike by the 
abstraction of «timu)i from, or the 
undue application of stimuli to the 


Debilitate/:, diseases from debility, as 
blindness, want of appetite, Sec. 

Debissio, a tortoise. 

Debute remedy against anger. 

Die. abbreviation of decad. 

Decagynia, plants with ten pointals ; 
the fifth order of Linnxus's tenth 
class of plants. 

Decamyrun, a malagma of Indian 
leaf, euphorbium, &c. 

Decandria, Linnxus's tenth botani- 
cal class ; one style and ten fila- 

Dccantatio, pouring a liquid off clear 
from ingredients. 

Decafihyllu*, having ten leaves. 

Dceatortlioma, any compound of ten 

Dccidentia, cataptosis; any change 
prolonging acute diseases. 

Deciduu, the external layer of the 
chorion spongiosum ; a term ap- 
plied to some parts of the body in 
a relaxed state. 

Decidua refiexa^ the internal layer 
of the chorion spongiosum. 

Dcciduus, falling off; deciduous 
plants lose their leaves annually. 

Dtcimaiia, a fever returning every 
tenth day. 

Decluratio, explanation. 

Declinatio, declension or remission 
of disease ; imperfect dislocation 

Dcctivis, the obhquus descendens 
muscle of the abdomen. 

Decocta, boiled water cooled by 

Decoction, a decoction ; any prepara 
lion by boiling. 

Decoctum a Id inn, decoctum cornu 

Decoctum chamemcli, decoctum 

Xkcactum commune, decoction of 
chamomile and caraway. 

■Decoctum commune pro clysterc, de- 
coction of mallows, chamomile, 
and fennel for clysters. 

Decoctum /iro encmate, decoction 
of mallows and chamomile for 

Decoctum hordei, decoction of husk- 
ed barky ; barley water. 


Decoctum hordei comfiositum, decoc- 
tion of barley, figs, liquorice, and 

Decoctum Ugnorum, decoction of 
guaiacum, raisins, sassafras, and 

Decoctum mezerii, decoction of me- 
zereon and liquorice. 

Decoctum Juctorale, decoction of 
barley, raisins, figs, and liqao- 

Decoctum sarsaparilla, decoction 
of sarsaparilla. 

Decoctum sarsaparilla compositum, 
decoction of sarsaparilla, sassa- 
fras, guaiacum, liquorice, and me- 

Decoctum sarsa, decoctum sarsapa- 

Decoctum ulmi, decoction of inner 
fresh elm bark. 

Decoc.'io, decoction, or boiling. 

Decollatio, the loss of a part of the 

Decolores, diseases discolouring the 

Decompositus, much compounded. 

Decoratio, restoring the natural beau- 
ty of the body. 

Decortication peeling, or rinding. 

Decostis, wanting ribs. 

Decrcpitatio, decrepitation, a noise 
as that made by common salt when 

Decretorius, critical. 

Dccrus, without legs. 

Decubitus, the manner of lying. 

Decumbens, lying, or hanging down j 

Decursivus, (in botany) a continua- 
tion of leaves along the petiole. 

Decursus, the period of disease. 

Decurtatus, a pulse growing weaker 
at each stroke. 

Dccussatio, decussation, or crossing 
of muscular or nervous fibres. 

Decussatus, decussated; growing in 
alternate pairs. 

Decussorium, an instrument to force 
out matter after trepanning, or to 
press down the dura mater, to 
save it from damage. 

Defcctio animi, fainting, or swooning. 


Defectivi, diseases from defective 
vital energy. 

Defensiva, cordial medicines. 

Defensivum, a repellent medicine. 

Deferens, carrying back. 

Defixus, venereal impotence. 

Deflagratio, calcination-; deflagra- 

Defloratus, having shed its flowers. 

Dejluvium, > a falling off 

capillorum, £ of the hair. 

Dejluxio, a falling down or discharge 
of humours from any part ; a ca- 

Defoliatio, a falling off of leaves. 

Drformatio, distortion. 

Deformis, a disease causing defor- 

Deformitas, an original deformity. 

Defrutum, must; juice of grapes 
thickened by boiling. 

Deglutido, deglutition, or swallow- 
egmos, f a j^ nc j Q f j ieart |j Urn> 

Degmus, } 

Deheb, > , , 

Dehebeb, \ g ° Id * 

Dehene, blood. 

Dehenes, ink. 

Dehenez, Roman vitriol. 

Dehiscens, gaping wide. 

Dejectio, > discharge of ex- 

alvina, 5 crement by stool. 

Dejectoria, purging medicines. 

Deinosis, exaggeration ; an enlarge- 
ment of the supercilia. 

Deipnon, a supper, or meal. 

Deira, the neck. 

Delachrymativx, drugs discharging 

Delapsio, a falling down of the ute- 
rus, anus, &c. 

Delatio, any curative indication. 

Detests, injury of any kind. 

Deleterius, poisonous; deleterious; 

Deligatio, bandaging. 

Deliquatio, melting; solution; deli- 
quescence, or the gradual melting 
down of salts by exposure to the 

Deliquium, fainting ; swooning; dis- 
solution or solution of a saline body. 


Deliquium animi, fainting; swoon- 

Delirium, lightheadedness; insa- 
nity with fever. 

Delirium maniacum, mania, or mad- 

Delirium melancholicum, melancholy. 

Delocatio, luxation, or dislocation. 

Deloticos, indicative, or diagnostic 

Dtlphax, a sow. 

Delphinium, larkspur. 

hortense, garden lark- 

Delphinium latifolium, broad-leaved 

Delphinium montanum, mountain 
hairy larkspur. 

Delphinium platini folio, ~) staves- 
staphis agtia, 3 acre, a 
masticatory, kills lice. 

Delphinium segetum, corn larkspur. 
vulgare, common lark- 

Delphinus, the dolphin. 

Dclphys, the uterus. 

Delta, the external pudendum mu- 

Dcltoides musculus, a triangular 
muscle moving the arm forwards, 
upwards, and backwards. 

Dementia, madness; delirium. 

Demersus, (in botany) aquatic plants; 
plants sunk below the surface of 

Demetrios, every species of com. 

Danisms, (in botany) hanging down. 

Democrates, an ancient physician. 

Demonia, melancholy from the influ- 
ence of evil spirits. 

Demonstratio, demonstration, a chain 
of arguments depending on one 
another, and founded principally 
in self-evident principles. 

Demos, people. 

Demotivus, restored to its original 

Demoti-uus lapsus, sudden death. 

Demulcentia, softening medicines. 
diluentia, diluent de- 
mulcents, as water and watery 

Demulcentia lenientia, lenient dc« 


mulcents, as starch, gum arabic 

olive oil. 
Demtuculatua, extreme emacia- 
Denarius, sixty-two grains weight. 
Dende, a species of spurge ; abel- 

Dendracatee, a species of agate, 

whose figures resemble trees. 
Dendrites, a precious stone. 
Dendroides, fossils with impressions 

of vegetables ; plants resembling 

Dendrociasoa, a species of ivy which 

grows without support. 
Dend a falcon that builds in 

Dendrolacha, garden herbs growing 

to a large size. 
Dendrolibanua, rosemary. 
Dendromalache, the hollyhock. 
Dendron, a tree. 
Dener/uut, borax. 
I) nodatio, dissolution* 
Dens, a toothi 

. mouse ear, or auri- 
i minis. 
Dens cabellinus, henbane, or hyos- 

Dens a tinua, the dog, or eye tooth ; 

ythrouium, or dog's 
Dent •, narrow-leaved 

dug's tooth. 
U v cania lutior, broad-leaved dog's 

I): ns I ■ ..• v, dandelion ; auricula mu- 

lentis, glossopetra. 
r, sand. 

compactness; solidity; 
frequent puis.-. 

i toothach ; gout in the 
teeth ; an instrument for drawing 
DenttU, dentalium ; a shell resem- 
bling a tooth. 

wide .striatum, the pipe 


I) • alia, tartar growing on the teeth. 

■■■""-', the tooth shell. 

iria, coralwort; setfoil tooth- 



wort ; the great toothwort ; plum- 

D.ntarius, a dentist, a tooth drawer. 

Dentarfiago, a tooth instrument. 

Dentata, the second vertebra of the 
neck; a leaf notched at its edges. 

Dentellaria, toothwort; French dit- 

Denies canini, } the two eye 

columellares, $ teeth in each 

Denies gemdni, niolares ; dentes sa- 

Dentes incisores, ) the four fore 
lactei, 3 teeth in each 
jaw, or milk teeth. 

Dentes molares, the ten grinding 
teeth in each jaw. 

Dentes ocular es, the canini, or eye 

Denies risorii, incisores. 

sapientix, teeth of wisdom, 
the last of the molares. 

iculata, a plant that smells like 

Denticulatum,') the second vertebra 

Denticulatus, 3 of theneck; notched. 

Denticuti elefihantia, the pipe shell. 

Dentiducum,zx\ instrument for draw- 
ing teeth. 

I'ricium, dentifrice; drugs for 
cleaning teeth. 

Dentillaria, plumbago; leadvvort ; 

Dentiscalpium, ) an instrument for 

Dentiacalfira, $ scaling teeth. 

Dentitio, dentition, or cutting teeth. 

DentQy one having prominent teeth. 

Drntoducum, a tooth instrument. 

Denudaliff, a laying bare the bone. 

Deobatruentia, dcobstruents ; medi- 
cines removing obstructions; ape- 

Deofifiilantia, ~) deobstruent, or ape- 

Deofifiilativa, } ritive medicines. 

Defiartitio, quartation, or separating 

D. /tascens, a phagedenic ulcer. 

8efiendena, dependent; hanging 

Dcfii i ditio, abortion, or miscarriage. 
§•0, a species of itch with 
rough skin. 


Dephlegmatio, depriving spirit, or 
acid, of its water; rectification. 

Depilatio, a falling oft' of the hair. 

Depilutorium, medicine taking oli 

Depilis, a falling off of the hair. 

Deplumatio, a tumour of the eyelids 
with loss of hair. 

Deprehcnsio, catalepsy. 

Depressio, the bones of the skull 
forced inwards by fracture ; de- 
pression; that state of the body 
which succeeds debility in the for- 
mation of disease. 

Depressor, a name of many muscles. 

anguli oris, depressor ol 

the corner of the mouth. 

Depressor epiglottidis, depressor of 
the epiglottis. 

Depressor labiorum communis, de 
pressor of the corner of the mouth. 

Depressor labii inferioris, depressor 
of the under lip. 

Depressor labii sufierioris, depres- 
sor of the upper lip. 

Depressor maa illx inferioris, depres- 
sor of the lower jaw. 

Depressor oculi, depressor of the 

D /pressor super cilii, depressor of 
the eyebrow. 

Depressores ala nasx, depressors of 
the alae of the nose. 

Depressores costarum, depressors of 
the ribs. 

Depressorium, an instrument to press 
down the dura mater in trepanning 

Deprimens, depressing; a name 
common to many muscles. 

Deputantia, medicines which evacu- 
ate impurities. 

Depuratovius, applied to fevers which 
terminate in perspiration. 

Dcpuratio, depuration, or clarifying ; 

Dcru.i, a sheep skin ; alchemy. 

Derbia, impetigo. 

Dfiis, leather; the skin. 

Derivatio, derivation, or drawing 
humours from any affected part. 

Derma, leather; the skin. 

permaiologia, a treatise on the 

D E T 


dura mater. 

Dermatofiathologia, a treatise 

the diseases ol the skin. 

Derquet, varnish. 

Uertron, the abdomen; omentum; 

the small intestines. 
Descensio, > any descent of lui- 
Descensus,) mours; a peculiar kind 

of distillation by descent, the fire 

being at the top. 
Descensorium, a vessel distilling per 

descensum ; the furnace in which 

it is performed. 
Desessio, sitting on a close stool. 
Desiccatio, drying; calcination. 
Desiccativu, drying, or healing ap- 
Desidia, oblivio, lethargy; slothful- 

Desipientia, symptomatic phrensy. 
Desme, a handful. 
Desmidion, a small handful. 
Desmos, a bandage ; an inflammatory 

stricture of a joint after luxation. 

Desperatus, ? . , , V 

-, f, ' y an incurable disease. 

IJe/itoratus, } 

Des/nwmtio, despumation, clarifica- 
tion, or scumming. 

Descjuamatio, exfoliation, or scaling 
off; abrasio ; desquamation, or 
separation of the cuticle in small 

D esq uamat orium, a trepanning in- 
strument for thinning the bone. 

Destillatio, distillation, or raising 
and condensing vapour ; catar- 

D est Hiatus, distilled. 

Destructio, division of the parts of a 
compound ; analysis. 

Drsudatio, an unnatural and morbid 
sweating succeeded by pustules. 

Desurrectio, sitting on a close stool. 

Dcuntio, catalepsis. 

Drtergens, deterging, or cleansing. 

Detergentia, detergents, or medi- 
cines possessing the property of 
cleansing the skin. 

Deterioratio, deterioration, or get- 
ting worse. 

Determinalio, (in botany) a uniform 
property ; derivatio. 


tietersorium, a cleaning room in 

Deteraoriva, abstersorius ; wiping. 

D donatio, detonation, or explosion. 

Detract io, corrosion. 

Detractor auris, a muscle of the ear. 

Ditrahcns quadratics, platisma my- 

Detritio, powdering; rhacosis. 

Detrusor urinx, the muscular coat 
of the bladder expelling the urine. 

Deunx, an eleven ounce measure, or 

Deurens, febrile heat, or inflamma- 

Deurens febris, an ardent fever. 

Dcustio, a burn, or scald ; the mark 

Deuteria, ~) wine of the second 

Deuterinus, $ pressing ; the adhe- 
sion of the placenta. 

Deutenon, the membranes, or pla- 
centa, or secundines. 

D enter ofiathia, sympathy. 

Devalgatus, bandy legged. 

Deventris, flat bellied from wasting. 

D evotasus, defixus; impotence. 

D crumme, a deep bason for bath- 

Dexios, the right. 

Dcxis, a bite. 

1) <x tans, a ten ounce measure, or 

Dexter, the right. 

Drxtrorsum, on the right side, oi 

Dia, the Greek preposition of, 
through, or by; the beginning of 
many compound words. 

Diabacanu, a preparation of cabbage 

Diabebos, the ankle bones. 

Diabcsasa, a liniment for quinsey. 

Diabetes, a long continued increased 
quantity of urine. 

Diabetes arthriticus, large discharge 
of urine in gout. 

Diabetes artificialis, diabetes from 
drinking much fluid. 

Diabetes febricosus, large discharge 
of urine in fevers. 

Diabetea hystericus, large discharge 
of urine in hysterical women. 


Diabetes znsijiidus, diabetes Vfiih 
tasteless urine. 

Diabetes legitinms, true diabetes. 

mellitus, diabetes with sweet 

Diabetes ex vino, diabetes from 
drinking wine. 

Diabolus metallorum, tin. 

Diabotanum, a plaster of herbs. 

Diabrosis, osculation of vessels; cor- 

Diacadmias, a plaster of calamine. 

Diacalaminthes, a preparation of the 
herb calamint. 

Diacarcinon, an antidote made of 
cray fish. 

Diacanjon, rob of walnuts ; remedy 
for quinseys. 

Diacassia, electuarium e cassia. 

Diacastorium, a preparation of castor. 

Diacatholicon, the universal purge; 
cassia, tamarinds, senna, polypody} 
violet, rhubarb, and anise. 

Diaceltatesson, a purging preparation 
of antimony ; quicksilver dissolved 
in alcahest. 

Diacenes, empty ; vain ; porous bo* 

Diacenos, porous bodies, as spunge, 
pumice stone, &c. 

Diacentaurion, ) pulvis ducis Port- 

Diacentaurium, § landii. 

Diacentretum, ~) an eye-wash with 

Diaceration, £ burnt hartshorn. 

Diachalasis, a morbid opening of the 

Diuchalcitis, chalcitis; a plaster of 

Diacheirismos, any manual opera- 

Diachelidonium, a cataplasm for quin- 
sey of burnt swallows, saffron, 
spikenard, and honey. 

Diacheton, rhodium, or rose wood. 

Diachorema, ~) all evacuation, parti- 

Diachoresis, 5 cularly by stool. 

Diachorisis, separation. 

Diachrista, medicines applied to 
the fauces to absterge phlegm. 

Diachrysu, ) a plaster for frac- 

Diachrysum, y tures. 

Diachusta, astringent gargles, or gar^ 


Diachylon, a plaster made of vegeta- 
ble juices; emplastrum lithar- 
Diachylon album, diachylon sim- 
Diachylon, comjiositum, emplastrum 
e mucilaginibus ; a plaster of elm 
bark, mallows, oils, gums, turpen- 
tine, and wax. 
Diachylon magnum, a plaster of mu- 
cilages, oils, litharge, turpentine, 
and wax. 
Diachylon ?nagnum cum gummi, a 
plaster of diachylon magnum with 
galbanum, botellium, and ammo- 
Diachylon fiar-vum, a plaster of dia- 
chylon simplex with henbane and 
Diachylon simplex, a plaster of mu- 
cilages, oil, and litharge. 
Diachnlon simplex cum gummi, a 
plaster of diachylon simplex with 
galbanum, Sec 
Diachytiis, melting, or fusion. 
Diachytica, discutient medicines. 
Diachytos, a wine made of dried 

Jjiacinnamomum, a compound of cin- 
namon, &c. 
Diacinema, any slight dislocation. 
Diacinaum, a preparation of ivy. 
Diacitrium, the pulp of citron, ho- 
ney, and scammony. 
Diaclasis, a small fracture. 
Diaciysma, a gargle. 
Diacoccy melon, diaprunum ; an elec- 
tuary of prunes. 
Diacochlacon, milk heated by hot 

Diacodium, syrupus papaveris albi ; 
an infusion of white poppy heads 
and syrup. 
Diacolocynthidos fiilula, pills of colo- 

Diacoiocynthis, a preparation 

Diacomcron, the name of an anti- 
Diacomma, } a deep cut ; a 
Diaco/ie, $ cut > or wound, 
bone of the cranium or 



in a 

D I A 

Diaco/iragia, a preparation of goal's 

Diacorullium .llcxandri, a prcpara- 

tion of pimpernel. 
Diacorono/iodium, a preparation of 

D'iacorum, a preparation of calamus 

Diacrisis, judgment of diseases. 
Diacrocium, an eye powder contain- 
ing saffron. 
Diacurcuma, a preparation of saf- 
Diacydonium, cydoniorum electua- 

Diada/ihnidon, a plaster of bay ber- 
Diadeljihia, Linnxns's 17th botani- 
cal class ; one style and the fila- 
ments in two bodies. 
Diadema, a bandage round the head. 
Diadexis, ) 
Diadochc, 3 

Diadosis, anadosis ; remission ; nutri- 
tion ; distribution of aliment over 
the body. 
Diceresis, any solution of continuity 
of the soft parts, or of morbid or 
preternatural concretions. 
Diierctica, corrosive medicines. 
Diczta, > diet, method of eating, 
Diastema, ) clothing, &c. ; nonnatu- 

Ditetedcus, belonging to the non-na- 
Diaglaucium, an eye-water made of 

the purging thistle. 
Diag?iosis, the distinguishing marks 

of particular diseases. 
Diagrydium, scammony. 
Diaharmala, diabesasa. 
Diahermodactylum, a purging pre- 
paration of hermbdactyls. 
Diahexafiala, laurus vulgaris. 
Diaion, a lozenge of violets. 
Diaireos, ~) a composition of radix 
Diairr.on, $ iridis. 
Diaiihros, transparent. 
Dialacca, an antidote of gum lac. 
Dialagooum, a medicine containing 

hare's dung. 
Dialeimma, "> an intermission, or re* 
Dialcmma, \ mission. 


Dialcfi8if t apolepsis ; spaces left be? 
tween the folds of a bandage to 
dress wounds. 

Dial! da non, ? a composition of 

DiaSdamim, $ frankincense. 

Dialithontribon, an electuary to cure 
the stone. 

Dialocs, an electuary of aloes. 

Dialthaa, unguentum ex althaea. 

Dialysis, debility ; dixresis ; .divi- 
sion ; wound. 

Dialytica, corroborant medicines; 
healers ; wounds ; solution of con- 

Diama, the diamond. 

Diamarenatum, the pulp of red acid 

Diamarenatum compositum, diama- 
renatum, sugar, and aromatics. 

Diamarenatum simplex, diamarena- 
tum and sugar. 

Diamargariton, a composition of 

Diamascien, sublimed copper. 

Diamaaaema, any thing to chew. 

Diambra, a composition with amber- 

Diambra species, species aromatica, 
or pulvis aromaticu's. 

Diamefon, ) a composition of quin- 

Diamelum, ) ces. 

Diamisyos, a composition of misy, 
or vitriol. 

Diamnet, an unconscious discharge 
of urine. 

, a composition of mulber- 
ries and honey. 

iscAon, ) a composition of 
moachum, £ musk. 

Diamotoaia, introduction of lint into 
a wound. 
\ silver. 

imos, > the reducing a lux- 
wncasmtu,) ation by force. 

Oianiateamoa, acratisma; bread and 

Linnxus's 2d botanical 
is with two stamina. 
■'•'v, plants with two seed ves- 

the mind; two filaments. 

mi antidote of rosemary, 

spik t 


Dianthus, pink; carnation; clove 
July flower. 

Diao/wron, a composition of quinces, 
medlars, &c. 

Diapusma, any powder sprinkled on 
the body. 

Diaftedesis, rupture of the sides of a 
vessel of the body, by which its 
contents escape ; anastomosis ; 
transudation of blood through the 
coats of an artery ; blood starting 
from an artery. 

Diafiegma, an instrument for bring- 
ing broken bones together. 

Diapencia, the herb lady's mantle. 

Diafiensia, the herb self-heal. 

Z)/a//en;c,diatesseron and ivory shav- 
ings ; a composition of five ingre- 

Dia/tcfiereon, an antidote mentioned 
by Galen. 

Diaphanicon, a composition of dates. 

uiji lan s, 1 t rans p aren t • re d hot. 

JJiaphanus, ) 

Diaphlyxis, effusion ; moistening. 

Diafihone, perspiration. 

Diaphora, diagnosis ; difference. 

Diaphoresis, augmented perspira- 

Diaphoretica, medicines increasing 
perspiration; sudorifics. 

Diu/ihoros, pertinent; to the pur- 

Dia/ihradcs, manifest; evident. 

Uiap.hragma, the midriff, or dia- 
phragm, a muscle; septum scro- 
ti; the partition of the nose. 

Diaphragmatic a arterix, arteries of 
the diaphragm dividing the thorax 
from the abdomen. 

Diaphragmatic <z ven<e, veins of the 

Diaphragmatic a vena superiores, 
the upper veins of the dia- 

Diafihragmitis, inflammation of the 

Diafihragmitis ala, lateral portions 
of the small muscles of the dia- 

Diaphragmilis columns, ~> fibres of 
crura, £ the dia- 
phragm at the insertion. 


Diajihros, frothy. 

Diajihthora, miscarriage; a corrupt- 
ed foetus. 

Diajihylacticos, preservative, or pre- 

Diajihysis, any interstice; a parti- 
tion ; chink ; prominence in a 

Diafiisselteon, > a composition of li- 

Diajiisselzum, $ quid pitch. 

Diajdasis, conformation; reduction 
of a fracture. 

Diajilasma, an ointment ; a fomenta- 
tion applied all over the body. 

Diajiloce, a mixture of aliment. 

Diajine, an involuntary discharge of 

Diafmoe, perspiration ; transpiration 

Diajinoica, medicines promoting per 
spi ration. 

Diajwrcma, alysmos ; nervous anx- 

Diajirasium, a composition of hore- 

Diajirunum lenitivum, new damask 
prunes, violets, sugar, cassia, ta- 
marinds, Sec. 

Diajirunum simplex, diaprunum le- 

Diajirunum soludvum, diaprunum 
and scammony. 

Diajiseuxis, refrigeration. 

Diajisoricum, an eye-water ; an an- 

Diujitemes, a composition of cow- 
heels and cheese. 

Diapterosis, cleaning the ears with 
a feather. 

Diajiyema, an abscess. 

Diajiyemata, ~) suppurating medi- 

Diafiyetica, $ c i nes - 

Diajiycsis, an abscess in the eye 
causing blindness. 

Diarhocha, the space between the 
folding of a bandage. 

Diarhochoe, interstices of bandages. 

Diaria, a synocha of one day's con- 

Diaromaticum, a composition of spi- 

Diarrhage, a fracture of the temple 


Diarrhodomeli, scammony, agaric, 
pepper, and honey. 

Diarrhodon abattis, a composition of 

Diarrhoea, a purging, or flux. 

acrasia, a purging from 

Diarrhoea arthritica, purging from 

Diarrhoea biliosa, purging from 

Diarrhoea carnosa, dysentery, or 
bloody flux. 

Diarrhoea cholerica, ) cholera 
choleroides, 3 morbus. 
coeliaca, a purging of chyle. 
colliojuativa, symptomatic 
chronic purging in consumption, 

Diarrhoea crajiulosa, purging from 
excess in diet. 

Diarrhoea a dentitionc, purging ac- 
companying cutting of teeth. 

Diarrhoea febrilis, ~) purging in fe- 
febricosa, } ver. 
hejiatirrhoea, diarrhoea 
from a primary affection of the 

Diarrhoea hyjiercatharsi, purging 
from an excessive dose of purga- 

Diarrhoea lactantium, purging pecu- 
liar to infants ; diarrhoea mucosa. 

Diarrhoea lienterica, diarrhoea when 
the food passes unchanged. 

Diarrhoea a mesenterii -ycwm'ca, purg- 
ing from an abscess in the mesen- 

Diarrhoea mucosa, ~\ _ . •.■ 
pituitaria, JJ^, 

pllUltOSU, J 

pleuriticorum, purging in 

Diarrhoea purulenta, a large dis- 
charge of matter by stool. 

Diarrhoea senilis, ) apurgingde- 
scorbutica, 3 pending on 

Diarrhoea serosa, a very fluid purg- 

Diarrhoea spontanea, a purging 01 


Diarrhcea stercorosa, a common 

Diarrhoea urinosa, diabetes. 

variolosa, purging in 

Diarrhoea verminosa, purging from 

Diarrhcea vulgaris, a. common purg- 

Diurroxx, the interstices between 
the circumvolutions of bandages. 

Diarthrosia, moveable articulation; 
operations by which the reposition 
of parti, displaced are effected. 

Diasafionium, an ointment of soap. 

Diaaatyrion, an ointment of the plant 

Diaachis, a wound. 

Diascillion, > oxymel and vinegar 

DiaaciUium, 3 of squills. 

Diaacincua, a name of the mithri- 

Diaacordium, electuarium e scordio. 

Di<uena t a medicine containing sen- 

Diaaericos, ~) a formula containing 

Diaaericum, } silk. 

a collyrium contain- 
ing myrrh. 

Diaaoatica, the preservation of health. 

Diaaficrmaton, a poultice of seeds. 

Diafihagc, any interstice; the inter- 
val between two branches of a vein. 

Diaafihyxia, the pulsation of an ar- 

Diaataaia, > a receding of bones by 

Diastema, § fracture; a separation of 
the ends of bones; the natural in- 
terstice between the radius and 
ulna ; the distention of the mus- 
cles in convulsions; an effort to 
vomit; a luxation ; diastole. 

Diasteaton, ) ointment of the fat of 
'eatum, 3 animals. 

Diustole, dilatation of the heart and 

Diaatomotris, any dilatation, or dilat- 
ing instrument, as a speculum ani, 

AWnwmOa distortion of the 
r <phc, 5 limbs. 

Diaamyrnea, ~) 
Diasmyrnon, V' 
Diasmyrnum, J 


Diasul/thuris, having any sulphur in 
its composition. 

Diatameron, ~) any antidote against 

Diatamerum,} death. 

Diatasis, the extension of a fractured 

Diatecolithum,dX\ antidote containing 
lapis Judaicus. 

Diateretica, relating to diet. 

Diatessadelton, a purging prepara- 
tion of antimony. 

Diatessaron, a compound of gentian, 
bay berries, myrrh, and birthwort, 
or any four ingredients. 

Diatettigon, ~i an antidote contain- 

Inatcttigum,} ing grasshoppers. 

Diathesis, any particular disposition, 
or habitude of the body, either 
good or bad. 

Diathesis phlogistica, an inflamma- 
tory action of the vessels. 

Diathesmos, > a rupture through 

Diui/wsmus, 5 which some fluid es- 

Diatragacantum, a medicine com- 
posed of gum tragacanth. 

Diatrinsantalon, a compound of the 
wood sanders. 

Diatrion pipereon species, a com- 
pound of pepper. 

Diatritarii, physicians prescribing 

Diatritos, three days; a time of 
fasting before taking medicines; 
a rule with the methodic sect. 

Diatritost -*, periods of three days. 

Diautos, a stadium, or set distance 
for running backwards and for- 

Diaxylaloes, a medicine of aloes, 

Diazoma, diaphragma. 

Diazoster, the twelfth dorsal verte- 

Diceeos, complete ; best. 

Dicenteton, } a collyrium of jEgi- 

Diccntetum,} neta. 

Dichalcon, two grains weight. 

Dichasteres, dentes incisorii. 

Dichophyia, hair growing forked, or 

Dichotomus, (in botany) forked. 


Dicoccus, containing two seeds. 

Dicocta, heated water cooled by 

Dicotyledon, having two cotyledons ; 
kidneywort; wall pennywort. 

Dicrceus, bifidus. 

Dicrotus, a pulse in which the ar- 
tery beats double; a rebounding 

Dictamnites, dittany macerated in 

Dictamnum, ) the plant dittany of 

Dictanmus, 3 Crete. 

albus, white, or bastard 

Dictanmus Creticus, dittany of 
Crete, or Candy. 

■Dictamnus Montis Sipyli, dittany of 
Mount Sipylus. 

Dictanmus verus, dittany of Crete. 

Dictyoides, net-like ; rete mirabile. 

Didyme, orchis root. 

Didymxa, a cataplasm of Galen. 

Didymi, twins ; testes of the brain ; 
the testicles. 

Didymus, a twin; double. 

Didynamia, the 14th botanical class 
of Linnxus; one style, two fila- 
ments longer than the other two. 

Diecbolion, ) medicine causing abor- 

Diecbolium, 3 tion. 

Dielectron, a troche containing am- 

Diemeac, ~) imaginary spirit inherent 

Diener, £ in stone. 

Dierx'illa, a small Arcadian plant, a 
species of honeysuckle. 

Dies caniculares, the dog days. 

critici, ~) critical days ; se- 

internuntii, 3 venth, fourteenth, 
and twenty-first days of fever. 

Dies inter/iolatus, the interval be- 
tween fits of fever. 

Diesis, transmission ; division ; irri- 

Dieta, diet. 

Dietetica, dietetics, or that part of 
medicine which respects the way 
of living with relation to food or 
diet, suitable to any particular 

Dieuresis, diabetes; copious dis- 
charge of urine. 


Dierodos, evacuation by stool. 

Difflatio, perspiration. 

Diffbrmis, (in botany) different 

shapes in the same plant. 

Diffusua, (in botany) spreading wide. 
ttricus, a muscle with two bel- 
lies ; coracohyoidtcus. 

Digerentia, medicines to promote 
the secretion of proper pus in 

Digester, a strong vessel contrived 
by Papin to boil down bony sub- 
stances to a fluid state. 

Digestio, procuring good matter in 
a wound; concoction of food, or 
that change of food in the stomach 
by which it is converted into 
chyme; (in chemistry) a 
continued exposure to slow heat. 
tivum, sal marinus regenera- 
tus, or sal sylvii; any medicine 
procuring grx>d mattei . 

Digitalis, te; fox glove. 

angustifolia, narrow-leaved 
fox glove. 

Digitalis Canariensis, shrubby fox 
glove of Canary. 

li* folia, leaves of purple fox 

Digitalis His/ianicu, Spanish fox 

Digitalis latifolia, broad-leaved fox 

Digitalis lutea, yellow fox glove. 

officinalis, digitalis purpu- 

Digitalis orientalis, eastern fox 

Digitalis fiicrfiurea folio an/iero, ) 
vulgaris, ) 
common hedge fox glove. 

Digitatus, digitated ; compound 
leaves, uniting at the tail, so as to 
resemble a hand. 

Digitellus, a name of several fungi. 

DigiHum,"} stiff finger joint; paro- 
is, 5 nychia. 

Digitorum tensor, extensor digito- 
rum communis, a muscle of the 

Digitus, a finger or toe. 

annularis, the ring, or 
fourth finger. 


Digitus manus, a finger. 
pedis, a toe. 

Diglosson, ? , aurus Alexandrina . 

Diglossum, ) 

Dignotio, the diagnosis of disease. 

Digynia, a flower with two styles; 
an order in several of Linnaeus's 

Di/ncmaton, an antidote containing 
blood of many different animals. 

Dihalon, a plaster of salt and nitre 
for ulcers. 

Dihidros, moist ; sweating. 

tDiipetcs, any sudden defluxion. 

Dikalegi, tin. 

Dilatatio, dilatation, or enlargement ; 

Dilatores alarum nasi, muscles dilat- 
ing the nostrils. 

Dilatatorium, speculum oris; a di- 
lating instrument. 

Diluentia, medicines increasing flui- 
dity, or thinning. 

Dilutum, infusion ; a tea. 

Dimidiatus, (in botany) divided in 

Dinica, remedies for vertigo. 

Dims, vertigo, or giddiness. 

Diobolon, a scruple, or twenty grains 

Diocres, the name of a lozenge. 

Diodos, evacuation by stool. 

Dictcia, the male ami female flowers 
on different plants ; Linnaeus's 
22d botanical class. 

Diamanthes, remedy for cholera mor 

Diogmus, a violent palpitation of the 

Diolos arto.i, new bread. 

Dioucosis, swelling from restrained 
morbid humours. 

Dioncea, V r enus's flytrap. 

Dionytiia, a plaster for abscesses of 
oil, aphronitum, misu, frankin- 
cense, wax, and turpentine. 

Dionysias, the plant tutsan, or all- 
heal ; a precious stone. 

Dionysisci, patients with horny ex- 
crescences growing out of the tem- 

Monysius, the plant dittander. 

Dionysonymfihas, an herb supposed 
to resist intoxication. 



Dionysos, myrrh and Chian wine. 
Diophryges, diphryges. 
Dioporon, } a compound of autum- 
Dioporum, 3 nal fruits for quinsey. 
Diopsyrus, the medlar. a, } speculum ani, oris, or 
Dioptron, $ uteri ; lapis specularis. 
Dioptrica, doctrine of the refraction 

of light. 
Diofitrismos, > dilatation of any na- 
Dioptrismus,y tural passage with a 

Diorobon, "> a compound of vetches, 
Diorobum,} &c. 

Diorrhosis, > a dissolved state of the 
Diorosis, 5 hlood ; the conversion 

of the humours into serum and 

Diorthrosis, reduction of a fracture. 
Dioryx, a cannula. 
Diosanthos, single wild pink. 
Dioscorea, a small plant named after 

Dioscorides, an eminent physician 

of Cxsarea, in Cilicia, of the time 

of Nero. 
Dioscuri, parotid glands. 
Dios/iyros, guaiacum ; winter whor- 

Dios/iyros Virginiana, persimmon 

Diota, a cup with two ears lined 

with aromatics. 
DioxeUum, a cataplasm of oil and 

Dioxus, an eye-wash of vinegar. 
Dificadi, bulbus vomitorius. 
Diphros, a chair with a hollow bot- 
tom of rushes. 
Diphryges, scoria from Cyprus; a 

calx of copper ; pyrites calcined 

Diphyllus, with two leaves. 
Diplasiasmus, t'ae re-exacerbation of 

a disease. 
Difiloe, the meditullium, or porous 

part between the plates of the 

skull ; the uterus. 
Diploma, the diploma, certificate, or 

the warrant of physicians, which 
gives authority to practice ; bal- 
neum Marias. 
Diplopia, double vision. 

read twice baked. 


Di/ilosanthera, a plant with twice as 
many anthers as petals. 

Difinoos, > a wound with two orifi- 

Di/inous, 5 ces. 

Di/isa, thirst. 

Di/isacon, herb rhodium. 

Di/isacos, > diabetes ; the herb tea- 

Difisacus, 3 sel. 

Di/isacos minor, shepherd's rod. 

sativus, cultivated teasel. 
sylvestris, wild teasel. 

Di/isas, dry earth ; a serpent whose 
bite occasions thirst. 

Di/iseticus, any thing causing thirst. 

Di/iyrenon, } a berry, or kernel ; a 

Di/njrenum, $ probe with two but- 


Di/iyros, 3 

Diradiatio, the direction of the body 
by the mind ; the sudden invigo- 
ration of the muscles by the ani- 
mal spirits. 

Diraea, nightshade. 

Directio, direction, the line of motion 
observed by a body, according to 
the force impressed upon it. 

Director, a hollow instrument, or 
grooved probe, a guide for an in- 
cision knife. 

Directores perils, erector muscles of 
the penis. 

Diringa, calamus aromaticus. 

Discessus, separation of any two bo- 
dies by chemistry ; separation of 
gold from silver by aqua fortis. 

Discoides, the crystalline humour of 
the eye. 

Discreta fiurgatio, evacuation of par- 
ticular humours. 

Discrimen, a bandage for the head. 
thoracis et ventris, dia- 

Disciforme, the patella, or knee pan. 

Discus, a quoit ; a collection of flo- 
rets forming a plain. 

Discussio, perspiration. 
Discussoria, > applications dissolv- 
Discuticntia, 5 ing or repelling tu- 
mours ; carminative. 
Dise/ihthos, dipyros; twice baked. 
Dislocatio, dislocation ; luxation. 
Diso/iia, sight so depraved as to see 


only at a certain distance, in cer- 
tain light, and position. 
Diso/iia dissitorujti, incapacity of 

seeing at a distance. 
Diso/iia lateralis, lateral vision. 

luminis, depraved vision in 
strong light. 
Diso/iia /iroximorum, incapacity of 

seeing very near. 
Diso/iia tembrarum, seeing only in 

strong light. 
Dispensatorium, the place where me- 
dicines are prepared ; a dispensato- 
ry, a book describing medicines 
and their composition ; pharma- 
Dis/iensatorium Americanum . 

Ratisbonense . 
Dis/xcrmatus, bearing two seeds. 
Dis/ilicentia, dysaristesis ; morose- 

Disfiositio, diathesis. 
Disru/itio, a deep puncture. 
Dissectio, dissection, or anatomical 

examination . 
Dissectus, cut into small notches; 

Disse/iimentum, the partitions of the 

cells in the fruits of plants. 
Disse/itum, the diaphragm. 
Dissitus, at a distance. 
Dissolventia, medicines dissolving 

concretions ; menstrua. 
Dissolutio, fainting; death; dixre- 
sis; dissolution, or making thin- 
ner any substances. 
Dissolutus morbus, the dysentery. 
Dista, a chemical distilling peli- 
Distentio, distention, or dilatation. 
nervorum, convulsion. 
is ic na, l a d(m kj e t Q f na j rs 
Disticfuasis, y . ,. , 

Du,tricMJ*,) onthee y tMs - 
Distichum, barley with two rows of 

Distillatio, distillation; catarrh. 


Diatincitu, (in botany) distant, with 
out any contact of parts. 

Diatorrio, } squinting ; distortion of 

Diatortio, $ bones. 

Distortor oris, musculus zygomati- 

Disiractio, separation by calcination, 
or otherwise. 

Distribution distribution of nourish- 
ment; division. 

Distrix, a decrease of hair. 

Diuresis, the excretion of urine; 

Diuretica, diuretics, or medicines 
increasing the flow of urine. 

Diuruus, diurnal; daily; fever in- 
creasing by day. 

Diutimis, of long continuance. 

Diuturnua, chronic. 

Divufioratio, exhalation. 

I)i varicatio, divarication, or crossing, 
as in the intersection of muscular 
fibres at different angles. 

Divaricatus, > (in botany) branches 

Divergens, 3 diverging wide from 
the stem. 

Divcraorium, the receptacle of the 

Divertallum, any compound of ele- 
mentary parts. 

Diverticulum, a mal-formation, or 
diseased appearance of intestine ; 
a deviation from the usual course 
of the alimentary canal. 

Dividend fascia, a bandage for the 

Divinum oleum, ol. lateritium. 

Divinua, an absurd epithet of many 

Divisibilitas, divisibility, or that pro- 
perty of a body whereby it may ac- 
tually or ideally be divided into 

Divisus, divided, separated into two 

Divulsio urine, urine with a ragged 
and uneven sediment. 

D/ydros, very moist. 

DtyBrit, ) straining, or pcrcola- 

Diuli.smos,\ tion. 

'"•, a Grecian measure of four 
fingers' breadth. 

nastica, a chemical cupel, or test. 


'ica ars, } examination 
'ice, 5 minerals. 





Doctiletus, a medicine of Paracelsus 
for cancer. 

Doctor, the highest step in medicaj 
graduation, though at present most 
miserably perverted. 

Dodartia, a plant. 

Dodecadactylon, } 

Dodecadactylus, 3 

Dodecandria, Linnxus's 1 1th bota- 
nical class ; one style, twelve fila- 

tolorum ; any composition of twelve 

Dodecatheon, ~} any antidote of 

Dodecatheum, 5 twelve simples. 

Dodra, a ptisan of nine ingredients. 

Dodrans, the space between the ex- 
tremities of the thumb and little 
finger when extended ; a nine 
ounce measure ; a weight of ten 

Doedyx, a spoon ; a pestle. 

Dogga, Arabic term for a whitlow. 

Dogma, an opinion founded on ob- 

Dogmatica medicina, that state of 
medicine which adds reason to 

Dogmaticus, a dogmatist ; a physi- 
cian practising on reason and ex r 

Dolabriformis, like a hatchet. 

Dolct, red vitriol. 

Dolicholithos, a black stone of Tyrol 
emitting an odour when rubbed. 

Dolichos, i a bean pod; a race of 

Dolichus,} 12 stadia. 

Dolichos urens, ~) , 

.' > cowhage. 
firuriens,^ ° 

Doloires, a spiral bandage. 

Dolor, pain. 

acutus, sensation from ero- 
sion, puncture, cutting, &c. 

Dolor faciei, tic douloureux, a pain- 
ful intermittent disease, which at- 
tacks the face. 

Dolor gravativus, pain with a sense 
of weight. 

Dolor ischiadicus, gout in the arti- 
culations of the ischium, 



Dolor fiuhatilis, pain with a sense of 

Dolor tensivus, pain with a sense of 

Dolores, ) . ~ , .. 

Z) /or «,$ I )amful dlseaSeS ' 

arthntici, gouty pains 
extrinseci, pains in 

Dolorosi intrinseci, internal pains 

Domesticus, domestic; tame; culti- 

Dominca serjienta, the rattle snake 

Donax, arundo, or great reed. 

Dora, millium arundinaceum. 

Dorcadizon, a leaping pulse. 

Dorcas, the Alpine goat. 

Dorea, a person who can only see 
by day. 

Doria, Doria's woundwort. 

Africana, African tree do- 

Doria Americana, American doria 
with a stiff leaf. 

Doria Alfiina, Saracen's consound. 
folds integris, doria with 
whole leaves. 

Doria her da, virga aurea. 

JVarbonensiu?n, Doria's wound- 

Doria orientalis, eastern doria with 
sea lavender leaves. 

Doridis humor, sea water. 

Doris, alkanet root ; echium. 

Dormitio lucumoriana, a sleep of se- 
veral days. 

Doronici Germanici fores et radix, 
flowers and roots of leopard's 

Doronicum, leopard's bane. 

Americanum, sunflower. 
tree-like sunflower. 

Doronicum folio /ilantaginis, lesser 
leopard's bane of the shops. 

Doronicum folio subrotundo, creep- 
ing leopard's bane. 

Doronicum Germanicum, 

German leopard's bane. 

Doronicum officinarum minus, lesser 
leopard's bane. 



Doronicum fiannonicum, water plan- 

Doronicum fiardalianchcs, broad- 
leaved, or Roman leopard's bane. 

Doronicum radice brachiata, ") creep- 
dulci, I ing 

re/iente, J leo- 
pard's bane, or wild goat's root. 

Doronicum liomanum, Roman, or 
broad-leaved leopard's bane ; wolf's 

Doronicum vulgare, common leo- 
pard's bane. 


Dorpos, 'J ^pper Ume. 

Dorsalis, pertaining to the back; 

Dorsifercc plants, plants with seed 

on the backs of the leaves. 
Dorstenia, contrayerva plant of New 

Dorstenia sfihondilii folio, contrayer- 
va officinalis. 
Dorsum, the back. 

manus, the back of the 

Dorsum pedis, the back of the foot. 
Dorycnium, shrub trefoil of rocky 

places ; rock rose. 
Dorycnium im/ierati, convolvulus 

Dorycnium Monsfielliensium, shrub 

trefoil of Montpellier. 
Dosis, the dose, or quantity taken at 

Dothien, a boil; Turkey cresses. 
Douchela, a drop. 
Doveri fiulvis, pulv. ipecac, comp. 

or Dover's powder. 
Draba, lepedium, or Arabian mus- 
Drac&na, a female dragon. 
Dracates, dragon stone. 
Dracatium, lead. 
Drachma, a drachm ; sixty grains, 

or the 8th part of our ounce ; a 

Grecian coin. 
Drachum, the ultimate dissolution of 

Draco, a dragon, a supposed species 

of serpent ; the herb tarragon. 
Draco arbor, the dragon's blood tree 

of the Canaries. 


Draco cefihalon, > 

Americanum, \ 
American dragon's blood. 
Draco Jig ms, a powder for epilepsy. 
herba, tarragon. 
mitigatus, mercurius dulcis, 
or calomel. 
Draco sylvestris, sneezewort ; bas- 
tard pellitory. 
Draconitis, dragon stone. 
Draconthama, dragon's blood. 
Dracontia, many-leaved arum. 

minor, arum, or wake ro- 
Dracontias, dragon stone. 
Dracontides, veins of the heart. 
Dracontium, many-leaved arum; 

dragon's wort. 
Dracontium marinum, the weaver 


Dracunculoides, herb bastard dragon. 

Dracunculus, tarragon ; the Guinea 

worm ; the tape worm, or solitary 


Dracunculus Americanus, yellow 

dragons; tapeworm; comedones. 

Dracunculus aquaticus, a species of 

Dracunculus hortcnsis, tarragon. 

major, herb 
great dragons. 
Dracunculux officinalis, tarragon. 

fwlyfihyllus, dragons, 
or many -leaved arum. 
Dragacantha, gum tragacanth. 
Dragantum, tragacanth ; Spanish vi 

Drageta, a powder of sugar, &c. to 

be applied to the stomach. 
Dragma, an handful. 
Dragmis, pugillus; eighth of an 

Drakena radix, contrayerva. 
Drangxa, tragea ; a name of several 

Drank, wild oats 
Dra/ua, > 

Drasticos, ) drastic; active; violent, 

Drastic us, $ as applied to medicines. 

Driff, a stone curing by its touch; 

mixture of sea salt, ens veneris, 

and isinHass. 




an opprobrious 

moros, 3 epithet for the 
rational physician. 

Drimyfihagia,corrosion by acrid sub- 

Droma, a plaster. 

Dramas, ? the drome dary. 

Dromeda, 3 

Dro/iacismus,') stimulant plaster of 

Dro/iax, 3 pitch, wax, &c. to 
take off hair. 

Drosatum, wine with roses infused; 
or any preparation in which roses 
form the chief ingredient. 

Drosera, sundew. 

Droseron, an ointment. 

Drosion, red rot, or sundew. 

Drostobotanon, betony. 

Drosomeli, manna. 

Druinus, the oak serpent. 

Druites, the oak stone. 

Drumymoros, drimyleon. 

Drufia, } ripe olives ; a fleshy or 

Drupas, 3 pulpy pericarpium with- 
out valve, containing a stone, as 
the peach, &c. 

Dru/iaceus, producing fruit with a 
fleshy pericarpium, as peaches, 
plums, See. 

Dryinus, a venomous serpent; dru- 

Dryofietis, a small green frog. 

Dryofiteris, oak fern, or polypodium 

Dry/ia, ripe olives; drupa. 

Duamir, a viper. 

Dubel colefih, a mixture of coral and 

Dubclech, the cavity of an abscess. 

Dubletus, an abscess. 

Duccia, } a drop ; pumping on a 

Ducia, 3 part. 

Ductilitas, ductility ; a peculiar pro- 
perty of metals, by which they 
dilate by continued pressure. 

Ductus, a duct, canal, or pipe. 

adifiosi, small vessels con- 
taining the fat. 

Ductus ad nasum, a duct from the 
lachrymal sac to the nose. 

Ductus alimentalis, ~) alimentary 
alimentarius, 3 canal. 
aquo3i nuckii) the vessels se- 


creting the aqueous humour; lym- 

Ductus arteriosus^ canalis arteriosus. 

Ductus auris fialatinusy tuba eusta- 

Ductus biliariusy pori bilarii. 

choledocus, ductus communis 

Ductus chylij'erus, ductus thoracicus. 
communis choledocusy canal 
conveying the bile into the duo- 

Ductus cysthe/iatici, ducts carrying 
bile from the liver to the gall 

Ductus cysticusy the gall duct. 

he/iaticus, the vessel receiv- 
ing the bile from the pori bilarii of 
the liver. 

Ductus incisorii, two ducts in the 
palate bone. 

Ductus lachrymalesy the ducts of the 
lachrymal glands. 

Ductus lactiferi, the tubes forming 
the nipple. 

Ductus nigriy ducts of the ciliary 
processes of the eyes. 

Ductus pancreaticus, the duct of the 

Ductus /liquet, receptaculum chyli. 
salivales, the tubes bringing 
the saliva from the glands. 

Ductus stenonesy ductus salivales. 

thoracicus, the thoracic duct, 
or depository of the chyle, or 

Ductus urinarius, urethra. 

venosusy canalis venosus. 
■vesicularis, the gall duct. 
Whartoni, the inferior sali- 
vary duct. 

Dudaim, the male mandrake root. 

Dudasaliy a species of snake wood. 

Duellay eight scruples. 

Duenech, antimony. 

Duenez, filings of steel. 

Dulcacidum, sweetness with acidity. 

Dulcamara, bitter sweet; woody 

Dulcedo saturniy white lead. 
venerisy the clitoris. 

Dulchichinumy cyperus rotundus. 

D ulcichinum, bulbocastanum. 

1) V S 

D ulcis-amara, amara dulcis; dulca- 

Dulcis radixy liquorice root. 

Duiech, tartareous spongy matter 
generated in the body. 

Dulesh, a species of sea weed chew- 
ed as tobacco. 

Dumusy a bush, as the thorn. 

Duo, two. 

Duodcnalisy belonging to the duode- 

Duodenum, the first of the small in- 
testines; twelve lingers' breadth 
in length. 

DuplicaTia, a tertian ague returning 
daily in unequal fits, the alternate 
ones alike. 

Du/tlicatusy doubled. 

Dujiondium, a weight of 4 drachms; 
two pounds. 

Dura, black hellebore. 

maler, ~) the outer mem- 
meninx, £ brane of the brain. 

Duratus, hardened ; macerated. 

Durio, a melon-like fruit of India. 

Duronego, broad-leaved leopard's 

Dutray, the thorn apple. 

Dyahibala, a species of acacia. 

Dyamassietiy diamascien, flos xris. 

Dynamisy any efficacious medicine. 

Dyota, a chemical pelican. 

Dysesthesia, dull sensation from im- 
perfect organs. 

Dysallhes, difficult of cure. 

Dysa?wgogos, tough viscid expecto- 

Dysaristesis, moroseness preceding 
acute disease. 

Dyscatafiotia, a difficulty of swal- 

Dyscinesia, difficult motion ; faulty, 
or defective organs. 

Dysco/ihosis, defective hearing. 

Dyscrasia, dyscracy, or bad habit of 

Dyscritos, ") r 

Dyscritus,^ nim ^ r[tCiCn ^- 

Dyseccca, deafness. 

atonicay deafness from a 
weakened state of the ear. 

Dyseccca fcbrilis, deafness from ft- 


D-.iscccea a hydrotym/iano, deafness 
from dropsy of the tympanum. 

Dyaectea a meatu obstructor deafness 
from closed passage. 

Dysecoca a myringae atonica, deafness 
from weakness in the drum of the 

Dysecoca a myringm duritie, deaf- 
ness from hardness in the drum of 
the ear. 

Dysecoca a myringa perforata, deaf- 
ness from unnatural opening in the 
drum of the ear. 

Dysecoca organica, deafness from dis- 
ease in some part of the ear. 

Dysecoca syphilitica, deafness from 
venereal disease. 

Dysecoca tuba obstructa, deafness 
from obstruction in the passage. 

Dysecoca a tympani fistula, deafness 
from fistulous wound in the drum 
of the car. 

Dyselces, ? persons with inveterate 

Dyshelces, 3 ulcers. 

Dysemeti, persons vomiting with dif- 

Dysenteria, dysentery; bloody flux. 
tequinoctialis, dysentery 
peculiar to the Indies. 

Dyeenteria alba mucosa, dysentery 
without blood. 

Dysenteria atrabilaria, dysentery 
with black bile. 

Dysenteria benigna spontanea, diar- 

Dysenteria carnosa, dysentery with 
a discharge of flesh-like substan- 

Dysenteria castrensis, dysentery of 

Dysenteria cata?nenialis, dysentery 
from suppressed catamenia. 

Dysenteria a catharticis, mucous 

Dysenteria epidemica, dysentery ge- 
nerally spreading. 

Dysenteria gravidarum, dysentery 
occurring in pregnancy. 

Dysenteria intermittens, dysentery 
witli ague. 

Dysenteria maligna, dysentery with 
symptoms of putridity. 

:eria mesenterii vomica, dvsen- 


tery from an abscess of the me- 

Dysenteria miliaria, dysentery with 
miliary fever. 

Dysenteria mucosa, dysentery with 
mucous, not bloody, stools. 

Dysenteria fiarisiaca, dysentery with 
mucous stools. 

Dysenteria Polonica, dysentery oc- 
curring in Poland. 

Dysenteria scorbutica, dysentery 
combined with scurvy. 

Dysenteria syphilitica, dysentery 
with venereal disease. 

Dysenteria verminosa, dysentery 
from worms. 

Dysentericula, chronic dysentery. 

Dysepulotos, ~) an inveterate ulcer 

Dysr/iuloticus,) difficult to be heal- 

Dysexanolotos, difficult of consump- 
tion, or digestion. 

Dysexodos, lax tumours on the 

Dysh&morrhois, suppression ofbleed- 
ing piles. 

J? . ., ' > difficult of cure. 
Dysiatus, ) 

Dyslochia, suppression of the lochia. 

Dysmenorrhea, difficult, or painful 

Dysodcs, a foetid disorder of the 
small intestines ; a cataplasm. 

Dysodia, offensive smell from the 

Dyso/iia, amblyopia, depraved sight, 
or sight requiring one certain 
quantity of light, one particular 
distance, or one position. 

Dyso/iia dissitorum, difficult sight at 
a distance. 

Dyso/iia lateralis, difficult sight un- 
less obliquely. 

Dyso/iia luminis, difficult sight in a 
strong light. 

Dyso/iia /iroximorum, difficult sight 
at a short distance. 

Dyso/iia tenebrarum, difficult sight 
in a weak light. 

Dysoneiros, any thing producing dis- 
turbing dreams. 

Dysorexia. a bad or depraved appe- 


Dysfiefisia, difficult or depraved di- 
gestion; want of appetite, from 
debility or disease of the stomach. 

Dysfiermatismus, impotency, or a 
slow, difficult, and insufficient 
emission of semen. 

Dysfiermatismus afiractodes, impo- 
tency from a want of vigour. 

Dysfiermatismus efiilefiticus, impo- 
tency from epilepsy. 

Dysfiermatismus hyfiertoricus, impo- 
tency from excessive erection. 

Dysfiermatismus mucosas, impoten- 
cy from viscid mucus. 

Dysfiermatismus nodosus, impotency 
from tumours. 

Dysfiermatismus firaefiutialis, impo- 
tency from a fault in the prepuce. 

Dysfiermatismus rejluus, impotency 
from semen passing into the blad- 

Dysfiermatismus serosus, impotency 
from gleet. 

Dysfiermatismus urethralis, impo- 
tency from fault in the urethra. 

Dysfihagia, obstructed swallowing. 
aneuryomatica, obstruct- 
ed swallowing from aneurysm. 

Dysfi/mgia canina, obstructed swal- 
lowing from hydrophobia. 

Dysfihagia a datura, obstructed swal- 
lowing from stramonium. 

Dysfihagia a deglutitis, obstructed 
swallowing from things swallow- 

Dysfihagia hydrofihobica, obstructed 
swallowing from hydrophobia. 

Dysfihagia ab hyfiostafihyle,ob$tv\\cX.- 
ed swallowing from relaxation of 
the uvula. 

Dysfihagia hysterica, obstructed 
swallowing from hysterics. 

Dysfihagia a labario, obstructed 
swallowing from looseness of the 

Dysfihagia lactantium, obstructed 
swallowing of children at the 

Dysfihagia nauseosa, obstructed 
swallowing from dislike. 

Dysfihagia tesofihagea, obstructed 
swallowing from disease in the 


Dysfihagia fiaralytica, obstructed 
swallowing from palsy. 

Dysfihagia fiharyngea, obstructed 
swallowing from disease in the 

Dysfihagia a sarcoinatr, obstructed 
swallowing from tumours. 

Dysfihagia a scirrho, obstructed swal- 
lowing from scirrhus. 

Dysfihagia a siccitate, obstructed 
swallowing from thirst. 

Dysfihagia sfiasmodica, obstructed 
swallowing from spasm. 

Dysfihagia tussiculosa, obstructed 
swallowing from cough. 

Dysfihagia val&atviana. See Val- 

Dysfihonia, difficult speech. 

Dysfincea, constant difficult breath- 
ing with sense of stuffing and 

Dyafincea aerea, difficult breathing 
from bad air. 

Dysfincea aneurysmatica, difficult 
breathing from aneurysm. 

Dysfincea ab aorta angustia, difficult 
breathing from contracted aorta. 

Dysfincea ayuosa, difficult breathing 
from anasarca. 

Dysfincea calculosa, difficult breathing 
from calculous concretions spit 

Dysfincea catarr halts, difficult breath- 
ing from catarrh. 

Dysfincea a corde, difficult breathing 
from disease of the heart. 

Dysfincea extrinseca, difficult breath- 
ing from external causes. 

Dysfincea agastrocele, difficult breath- 
ing from disease of the stomach. 

Dysfincea a gravidatr, difficult breath- 
ing from pregnancy. 

Dysfincea ab hydaiibus, difficult 
breathing from hydatids. 

Dysfincea a liene, difficult breathing 
from disease of the spleen. 

Dy sfin ceaafihysconia, difficult breath- 
ing from tumours of the abdomen. 

Dysfincea fiingurdinosa, difficult 
breathing from fat. 

Dysfincea fiituitosa, difficult breath- 
ing from phlegm. 

Dysfincea a fincumatia, difficult 


breathing from disease of the 

Dyspnoea p'jlyp03a, difficult breathing 
from polypus. 

Dyspntta rachitica, difficult breathing 
from rickets. 

Dysfnia-a scorbutica, difficult breath- 
ing from scurvy. 

Dyspnoea .sicca, difficult breathing 
without spitting. 

Dyspnoea a steatomatis, difficult 
breathing from steatoms. 

Dyspnoea a stomacho, difficult breath- 
ing from crudities in the stomach. 

Dyspnoea tcrrra, calculosa. 

thorucica, difficult breath- 
ing from distorted thorax. 

Dyspnoea traumatica, difficult breath- 
ing from wounds. 

Dyspnoea a tuberculis, difficult breath- 
ing from tubercles of the lungs. 

Dyspnoea tympanitica, difficult breath- 
ing from tympanites. 

Dyspnoea a vomica, difficult breath- 
ing from an abscess in the lungs. 

Dyspnoon, difficult respiration. 

Dysrachitis, a plaster for fistulas. 

Dysthanatos, difficult and painful 

Dystherapeutos, difficult to heal. 

Dysthraustos, any thing not easily 

Dystocia, difficult labour, or child- 

Dystxchiasis, irregular hairs in the 

Dysuria, dysury, or painful, and in 
some degree obstructed, discharge 
of urine 

Dysuria ardens, } dysury with great 

ns, ~> d 

sura, 5 heat. 

atrctarum, dysury with 

great pain and scalding. 
Dysuria calculosa, dysury from stone 

in the bladder. 
Dysuria a cantharidibus, dysury 

from the use of cantharides. 

2 A 


Dysuria a caruncula, dysury from 
caruncle j in the urethra. 

Dysuria compressionis, dysury from 
pressure in the neck of the blad- 

Dysuria a cystocele, dysury from 
the bladder being included in a 
hernial sac. 

Dysuria diabetica, a forcible and 
hasty flow of watery urine. 

Dysuria gravidarum, a frequent dis- 
charge of urine in pregnancy. 

Dysuria hamorrhoida/is, dysury with 
much heat from piles. 

Dysuria herpetic a, dysury from re- 
pressed cutaneous eruption. 

Dysuria hysterica, dysury accompa- 
nying hysteria. 

Dysuria ab hysteritide, dysury from 
inflammation in the womb. 

Dysuria ab hysteroloxia, dysury 
from obliquity of the womb. 

Dysuria ab insectis, dysury from in- 
sects in the bladder. 

Dysuria irritata, dysury with symp- 
toms of stone. 

Dysuria mucosa, dysury from a large 
discharge of mucus. 

Dysuria neonympharum, dysury 
from injured and swelled pudenda. 

Dysuria nephralgica, dysury from 
diseased kidneys. 

Dysuria phlogistica, dysury from 
disease of neighbouring parts. 

Dysuria primaria, dysury from acrid 

Dysuria rachialgica, dysury occur- 
ring in Devonshire colic. 

Dysuria spasmodica, dysury from 
spasm in the bladder and other 

Dysuria syphilitica, dysury from dis- 
eases in the urethra. 

Dysuria ab ulcere renum, dysury 
from ulcer of the kidneys. 

Dysuria venerea, dysuria syphili- 


E C 11 


pATITES, hxmatites, or blood 

Eau de luce, spiritus ammonix suc- 

Ebel, sage, or juniper seed. 

Ebenum, Indian ebony. 

Ebenus, the eben tree; ebony. 

JEthio}xica, Macow, or ebony 
tree of Ethiopia. 

Ebenus officinalis, ebony of the shops. 
tiiridis, black ebony. 

Ebesmech, quicksilver. 

Ebiscus, marsh mallow. 

Ebracteatus, not having a floral 

Ebriecatum, loss of sense by drunk- 

Ebriecatum cmlesti, the enthusiasm 
of heathen priests. 

Ebrietas, drunkenness. 

Ebsemech, quicksilver. 

Ebullitio, boiling, fermentation, or 

Ebulus, wall, or dwarf elder ; dane- 

Ebur, ivory, or elephant's tooth. 

fossile, a fossil resembling 
horn, or bone. 

Ecalcaratus, (in botany) having no 

Ecaudatus, (in botany) without a tail. 

Ecbolica, medicines causing mis- 

Ecbolios, miscarriage. 

Ecbrasmata, painful, fiery pimples 
in the face, or on the surface of 
the body. 

Ecbrasmus, fermentation. 

Ecbyrsomata, protuberances of the 
bones at the joints. 

Eccatharlica, deobstruents ; expecto- 
rants; purgatives. 

Ecchyloma, an extract. 

Ecchymata, ecbrasmata. 

Ecchymoma artcricsum, the false 

Ecchymoma, ~) effusion of blood un- 

Ecchymosis, 3 der the skin ; extra- 
vasation; contusion. 

Ecclisis, a. luxation. 

Eccojie, the cutting off of any part. 

Ecco/ieus, the raspatory used in tit- 

Eccofirotica, mild cathartics, as 

Eccrinocritica, judgments formed 
from the secretions. 

Eccrinologica, the doctrine of excre- 

Eccrisis, a secretion. 

Ecdora, excoriation, particularly 0! 
the urethra. 

Ecdoria, medicines which excoriate. 

Echecollon, any topical glutinous re- 

Echel, the sun. 

Echelion, viper's bugloss ; sunflower. 

Echeneis, a small fish. 

Echcta, the grasshopper. 

Echelrosis, white briony. 

Echidna, the common viper. 

Echidnion, viper's bugloss. 

Echinides, sea hedgehog ; sea this- 
tle; any emmenagogue. 

Echinata semina, prickly seeds. 

Echinitcs, a stone resembling the 
sea hedgehog. 

Echinomelocactos, ) 

Echinomelo cactus, 3 

Echinometra, a large sea hedgehog. 

Echinofihora tertia, bastard parsley. 

Ec /anophthalmia, inflammation of 
the hairy part of the eyelids. 

Echino/ioda Cretensibus, a Grecian 

Echino/wdium, a species of broom, 
or genista. * 

Echirio/ius, } the globe this- 

major, 3 tie. 
minor, the lesser globe 
thistle ; the third stomach of ru- 
minant animals. 



Echinos, a rough water thistle. 
Echinus, prickly head of a plant ; a 

Echinus marinus, the urchin, or sea 

Echinus ovurius, the great sea ur- 
Echinus tcrrrstris, the hedgehog. 
Echium, viper's bugloss. 

Mgyptiacum, wall bugloss. 
marinum, the sea hound's 

Echos, ringing in the ears. 
Echysis, fainting ; swooning. 
Eclampsia, epilepsy with scintillatio 

volitantes muscx. 
Eclampsia ab atropa, epilepsy from 

Eclamfiria cachcctica, epilepsy from 

bad habit. 
F.clamfisia a cicuta, epilepsy from 

Eclampsia a coriaria, epilepsy from 

tanning wood. 
Eclampsia a dentitione, epilepsy 

from cutting teeth. 
Eclamjisia a doloribus, epilepsy from 

Eclampsia exanthematica, epilepsy 

from eruptive diseases. 
Eclampsia febricosa, epilepsy from 

Eclampsia ab hydrocephalic, epilepsy 

from water in the head. 
Eclampsia ab inani/ionc, epilepsy 

from hxmorrhage. 
Eclampsia ab ischuria, epilepsy from 

retention of urine. 
Eclampsia neofi/iytorum, epilepsy in 

new born infants. 
Eclamfnia ab cenanthe, epilepsy from 

poisonous plants. 
Eclampsia ab otalgia, epilepsy from 

Eclampsia parturientium, epilepsy 

from child-birth. 
Eclampsia filcthorica, epilepsy from 

Eclampsia a sabun-a, epilepsy from 

a foul stomach. 
F.clamfisia stomachica, epilepsy from 

a disease of the stomach. 


Eclampsia syphilitica, epilepsy from 

the venereal disease. 
Eclampsia typhodts, epilepsy from 

typhus fever. 
Eclampsis, micatio scintillarum ; 

sparks seen in epilepsy ; epilepsy. 
Ecltctica, selected medicines. 
Eclectus, ""J 

Eclegma, I linctus, or lohoc ; a form 
Ecleictos, rof pectoral medicine. 
Ecleictus, J 
Eclysis, a general languor, or faint- 

Ecmagma, any kneaded mass. 
Ecnephias, a hot and moist fever; 

a stormy wind breaking out of a 

Ecnype, expanded. 
Ecpcpiesmenos, ~) ulcers with protu- 
Ecpepiesmenus, 3 berant edges. 
Ecphractica, deobstruent medicines, 

or those which attenuate viscid 

Ecphraxis, opening of the pores. 
Ecphyas, any excrescence; appen- 

dicula vermiformis. 
Ecphyse, air from the bladder, or 

Ecfihysesis, quick expulsion of air 

from the lungs. 
Ecphysis, a process, or appendix; 

the duodenum. 
Elcpiesma, > a fracture of the crani- 
E.cpycsma, 3 um with depression; 

Ekpicsmos, ~) pressing out; a mor- 
Ecpiesmus, 3 bid protrusion of the 

Ecfderoma, leather balls used in re- 
ducing luxations; any substance 

to fill a cavity. 
Ecplexis, lying motionless as in a 

Ecpneumatosis, > the act of expiring 
Ecpnce, 3 fr° m the lungs. 

Ecpsenchesis, a fainting. 
Ecptoma, > a luxation ; expulsion of 
Ec/itosis, 3 the placenta, or any mor- 
bid parts ; hernia ; prolapsus uteri. 
Ecpyctica, incrassating medicines. 
Ecpyema, ~) empyema ; a collection 
Ecpyesis, 3 of pus. 


Ec/iysis, an excrescence. 
Ecrcgma, eruption about the loins. 
Ecruelles, the French name for scro- 

Ecrexis, a rupture ; a laceration oi 

the womb. 
Ecroe, any curative evacuation. 
E crusts, return of semen from the 


Ecrvthmos, ~) , , 

„ y , ' y an irregular pulse. 
J'.crythmus, ) 

Ecsarcoma, any fleshy excrescence. 

EcstastSj ecstacy ; delirium ; a kind 
of apoplexy; a trance. 

Ecstrophius, any remedy for the 

Ectasia, a distention, or smoothness 
of the skin. 

Ectexis, emaciation. 

Ecthelynsis, laxity ; effeminacy ; 
loose bandaging. 

Ecthlimma, > ulceration by pressure ; 

Ecthliftsis, 5 an expression in the 
eyes; staring; a flash of light. 

Ecthymata, any cutaneous eruptions. 

Ectillotica, medicines removing su- 
perfluous hairs, or skin. 

Ectomr, excision, or extirpation. 

Ectomius, > 

Ectomus, 5 

Ectomon, black hellebore 

Ectopia:, protrusions, or misplaced 

Ectofiocysticus, ischuria from ecto- 
pia, or from a rupture of the blad 

Ectrafii logas'ros, ) a person with a 

Ectrapt hgastrer,^ very prominent 

Ectrrpsis, turning on the side. 

Ectrimmciy excoriation from lying 
long in one posture. 

Ec trope, any emunctory, or duct; 

Ectro/iium, the eyelids turning out- 

Uctrosis, a miscarriage. 

Ectrotica, ) medicines causing mis- 

Ectyrotica, 3 carriage. 

Eaylotica, medicines destroying cal- 
lus, or corns ; ectillotica. 

Eczema, ~) . , , ^ , 

,. J- a painful pustule. 

Eczcsma,} r l 

a castrated animal. 

Edic, "J 

Edich, S-iron. 
Edir, J 


Eczema mercuriale, mercurial rash, 

a vesicular disease. 
Edtlfihua, prognosis from the nature 

of elements. 
Edentulue, one without teeth. 
Edera trifolia, the toxicodendron, 

or poison tree of America ; hedc- 


Edcs, ~) , 
,, ' S- amber. 
Edetz, 3 

Edesma, food. 

Edessenum fielarium, aneyewaterof 
tragacanth, Arabic, acacia, opium, 




Edra, a fracture ; lower part of the 

Edulcorantia, edulcorants; sweet- 

Edulcora'io, sweetening by sugar, 
honey, or washing. 

Effervescentia, effervescence; ebul- 
lition, as on mixing an acid and 
mild alkali. 

Efficiens, the producing cause. 

Effldes, ceruss. 

liffila, freckles. 

Efflatus, quick expiration. 

Effloratio, \ efflorescence; rcd- 

Efflorescentia t 5 ness of the skin; 
time of flowering of plants; the 
falling of crystals into a white 
powder, when exposed to the air. 

Effluvia, exhalation of minute mor- 
bid particles, or vapour. 

Effect us, effete ; barren ; worn out 
with age. 

Effractura, ecpiesma. 

Effusio, effusion ; extravasation. 

Egelidus, lukewarm. 

Egelo, narrow-leaved laburnum. 

Egeriea, > any excretion, particular- 

Egestio,} ly by stool. 

Egestum, feces. 

Egrrgorsis, watchfulness. 

Ejaculanriu, f the vessels contain- 

Ejaruluioriu, 3 ing the semen when 

Ej aio, excretion, the discharge of 
any thing by vomit, stool, or other 

7 J 

' V the ileum gut. 
passio iliaca. 


Eidos, nature; form; constitution. 

Eilamidea, the membranes of the 

Eilcma, fixed pain in the intestines ; 
a covering 





Eilumenos, twisted. 

Eisbole, an injection; a paroxysm 
of disease. 

Eiafinoe, inspiration of air. 

El. bot. abbreviation of elements of 

Ela calti, an Indian cathartic shrub. 

EUa, oils ; plural of Elaon, Elaum 

EUugnon, the chaste tree ; agnus 

EUagnus, sweet willow, or Dutch 
myrtle ; oleaster. 

Eltagnua onVntolfa, the jujube fruit. 

Eleomeli) a sweet purging oil like 

Elaon, oil ; singular of El<ea. 

EUosaccharum, a mixture of essen- 
tial oil and sugar. 

Ela08etinum, water parsley 

Elambicatiq, a method of analysing 
mineral waters. 

Elanula, alum 


Elu/ihicum, | wild parsnep; the 

Elafihobosco,,, • 


EJafi/iocamclu.s, cameleopard. 

Ela/ihofiila, balls of hair in the sto- 
mach of the stag. 

EJafihoscorodoji^ stag's, or viper's 

Elafihos, I 

ElafiMUj $ a Stag - 

Elafia, a serpent ; the bite producing 
iliac passion. 

Elaquir, red vitriol. 

Etas maris, burnt lead. 

El a. ■sis. } , 

,,., . . J- elasticity. 

wo, a lamina, or plate ; a clyster- 
Elates part of a flower; a species of 

tAeleia, the fir tree. 


j, I wild parsnep; 
con, [herb skirrets. 


Elater, elasticity. 

Elaterium, the juice of the fruit of 
the wild cucumber; cascarilla; 
any internal digestive. 

Elatheria, the cascarilla bark. 

Elatine, antirrhinum; the female 

Elatites, hxmatites. 

Elatus, (in botany) raised. 

Elcov, catagma. 

Elcosis, a disease attended with foe- 
tid, carious, chronic ulcers. 

Electarium, } an electuary ; a form 

EJectuarium, } of medicine of the 
consistence of honey. 

Electarium acidutn, conserve of sor- 
rel, tamarinds, vitriolic acid, and 
syrup of lemons. 

Electarium alexiterium, kermes, 
ginger, con tray erva, and snake 

Electarium allerans, crude antimo- 
ny, guaiacum, oil of sassafras, and 
conserve of roses. 

Electarium amarum, epithymum. 
angelica, gentian, zedoary, spices, 
and aloes. 

Electarium antieftile/iticum, bark, 
valerian root, and syrup of orange 

Ellectarium antidysentericum, wax, 
spermaceti, conserve of roses, oil 
of almonds, and syrup. 

EAectarium aromaticnm, species aro- 
mat. ; conserve of lavender and 

Electarium a baccis lauri, rue, cara- 
May, parsley, bay berries, sagape- 
num, pepper, castor, and honey. 

Electarium balsamicum, conserve of 
roses and Locatellus's balsam. 

Electarium caryocostinum, scammo- 
ny, ginger, cloves, caraway, and 

Electarium e casia, P. L. syrup of 
roses, casia, manna, and tama- 

Electarium c/ialybeatum, steel, nut- 
megs, ginger, cinnamon, and 
orange peel. 

Electarium e cortice Peruviano, 
bark and cascarilla, or snake root. 

Electarium deobstruens, ammonia- 


cum, soap, squills, and conserve of 

Electarium diascasia, electarium e 

Electarium diacorallion, coral, bole, 
dragon's blood, &c. 

Electarium diasjiermaton, seeds of as- 
paragus, pimpernel, liquorice, &c. 

Electarium ad dysentericos, Japonic 
confection, Locatellus's balsam, 
and rhubarb. 

Electarium ex elleboro, infusion of 
■white hellebore and honey. 

Electarium ad gonorrhccam, lenitive 
electuary, jalap, nitre, and syrup. 

Electarium e guaiaco, guaiacum, 
arum, canella alba, and conserve 
of scurvy grass. 

Electarium hxmorrhoidale, sulphur, 
cream of tartar, and lenitive elec- 

Electarium ex helleboro nigro, black 
hellebore, savin, myrrh, and ca- 
nella alba. 

Electarium incrassans, tragacanth, 
comfrey, and conserve of mallows. 

Electarium lenitivum, figs, senna, ta- 
marinds, casia, prunes, coriander, 
liquorice, and sugar. 

Electarium ad nefihriticos, lenitive 
electuary, turpentine, egg shells, 
and rhubarb. 

Electarium paralyticum, mustard, 
conserve of rosemary, and com- 
pound spirit of lavender. 

Electarium fieclorale, rob of elder, 
spermaceti, benzoin, and syrup. 

Electarium purgans acidum, tama- 
rinds and crystals of tartar. 

Electarium sa/ionaceum, soap, parei- 
ra brava, rhubarb, aloes, and syrup. 

Electarium e sassafras, sassafras, 
cinnamon, nutmegs, and sugar. 

Electarium scammonii, P. L. scam- 
mony, cloves, ginger, oleum ca- 
rui, and rose syrup. 

Electarium e scammonio, as above 
but with honey. 

Electarium e scordio, species e scor- 
dio cum opio et syrupus e meco- 

Electarium senrue, P. L. electarium 

E L 

Electarium sistens, Japonic confei 

tion, extract of logwood, and syrup. 
Electarium e succo rosarum, roses, 

sanders, mastich, diagrydium, su- 
gar, &c. 
Electarium e sulphure, electarium 

Elect! o, the choice of drugs. 
Electricitas, electricity. 
Electrodes, stools that shine like 

Electron, ) amber; a mixture of 
Electrum, } gold, with one-fifth part 

Electron minerale, a tincture of tin, 

copper, gold, and antimony. 
Electuarium, electarium. 
Elegia, the writing reed. 
Elegma, a linctus. 
Elelisphacos, sage. 
Elembrat, alkaline salt. 
Elementatus, excessive heat, or cold. 
Elemcntum, an element, or first 

Elemi gummi,~\ gum elemi of the 
resina, I Spanish West In- 
Elemni, J dies. 

unguentum, linimentum ar- 

Elemnifera curassavica arbor, the 

gum elemi tree. 
Elcngi, a tree of Malabar. 
Eleochrysum, goldilocks. 
Eleoselinum, the herb smallage; 

water parsley. 
Elefihantia, a species of anasarca. 
Arabum, elephantiasis. 
Elephantiasis, a contagious disease; 

a species of leprosy; a thickening 

and greasiness of the legs with 

the loss of hair and feeling, the 

face swelled, the voice hoarse and 

Elephantiasis alopecia, elephantiasis 

with loss of hair. 
Elephantiasis arabum, the common 

Elephantiasis Indica, elephantiasis 

of India, like yaws. 
Elephantiasis Javanensis, elephanti- 
asis of Java. 
Elephantiasis legitima, the common 


Elephantiasis leonina, sauv. spec. 3. 
orientalis, elephantia- 
sis of the east. 

Elephantiasis syphilitica, elephanti- 
asis with the venereal disease. 

Elephantiasis Tyria, elephantiasis 
of ihe Tyrians. 

Elephantopidf a plant like an ele- 
phant's foot. 

ElephaSf an elephant; aqua fortis; 

E/e/iodutum, filed. 

Elerana, black lead; molybdxna. 

Elesmatis, burnt lead. 

Elcttari, the lesser cardamon. 

primum, true stone pars- 

/•'./<■ ui heria, cascarilla. 

Elcvutio, chymical subliming. 

Elevator, a muscle of the eye; a 
surgical instrument for raising 
any depressed portion of bone. 

Elevator auricula, a muscle of the 
outer ear. 

Elevator labii inferioris, a muscle 
of the under lip. 

Elevator labii snficrioris, a muscle 
of the upper lip. 

Elevator labiorum, a muscle of the 

Elevator nasi alarum, compressor 

Elevator oculi, a muscle of the eye. 
fial/iebra superioris, a 
muscle of the upper eyelid. 

stores ani, muscles of the anus. 

Elevator/urn, an elevator; an instru- 
ment used in trepanning. 

Eihanna, } 

^ra^;„,5 eaSteni P nVet - 

Elibanum, olibanum. 

Elicryso, groundsel. 

p.. • > the herb goldilocks. 

EUocrysinn,} ° 

montanum, mountain 

Elidrion, mastich ; a mixture of 

gold, silver, and brass. 
Eligii morbus, a fistula. 
Jiligma, linctus. 
Etiminatio, elimination, or throwing 

Eliosclinum, smallage. 


Elipsis, suria of silver. 

ElUjuatio, separating, by heat, a fu- 
sible metal from one less so. 

Elithroides, the vaginal coat of the 

Elixatio, boiling. 

Elixir, a compound tincture of seve- 
ral ingredients. 

Elixir aloes, tincture of myrrh, 
aloes, Sec. 

Elixir aloes vitriolicum, myrrh, 
aloes, saffron, and spiritus vitrio- 
li dulcis. 

Elixir ex aloe et rheo, rhubarb, 
aloes, cardamons, and proof spi- 

Elixir aslhmaticum, tinct. opii cam- 
phorata; benzoin, opium, cam- 
phor, oil of aniseed, and spirit of 

Elixir balsamicum Hoffmanni, balsa- 
mum vitx. 

Elixir guaiacinum, balsamum guai- 

Elixir guaiacinum volatile, guaia- 
cum, balsamum Peruvianum, oil, 
sassafras, and vinous spirit of sal 

Elixir myrrha: comfiositum, savin, 
castor, myrrh, and spirit. 

Elixir paregoricum, elixir asthmati- 

Elixir pectorale, balsam of Peru 
and tolu, benzoin, saffron, and spi- 
rit of wine. 

Elixir proprictatis, elixir aloes. 

Hclmontii, vi- 
num aloeticum alkalinum. 

Elixir proprictatis Paracelsi, elixir 

Elixir proprietatis vitriolicum, elix- 
ir aloes vitriolicum. 

Elixir sacrum, elixir ex aloe et 

Elixir salutis, senna, jalap, corian- 
der, sugar candy, and proof spi- 

Elixir stomachicum, tinctura amara. 
vitrioli acidu?n, tinctura aro- 
matica and vitriolic acid. 

Elixir vitrioli duke, tinctura aro- 
matica et spiritus vitrioli dulcis. 

Elixir vitrioli mynsichti, spices, g*- 


Ian gal, sage, mint, candy, spirit of 
wine, and oil of vitriol. 

Elixir vitrioli volatile vigani, mint 
digested in volatile spirit of vi- 

Elixir vitrioli uterinum, elixir myr- 
rh ac compositum. 

Elixis, linctns. 

Elixiviatio, lixivation ; extracting a 
salt from vegetable ashes by 

Eliz, the flowers of copper. 

Elkanna, the eastern privet. 

Elleborine, bastard hellebore. 

Elleborites, helleborites. 

Elleborus, hellebore. 

Ellobos, ) fruit and seed contained 

Ellobus, 5 in pods. 

Ellychnion, a kind of cotton used in 

Ellychniotos, lint made up in form 
of the wick of a lamp. 

Elminthcs, worms. 

Eloanx, orpiment. 

Elodcs, a sweating fever with great 

Elome, orpiment. 

Elongatio, a partial luxation; the 
extension of a part beyond its na- 
tural dimensions. 

Elo/utinuntf vitriol. 

Elos maris, burnt lead. 

Elifiis, the sorix of silver. 

ElitZy flowers of copper. 

Elutheria, cascarilla. 

Elutriatio elutnation or pouring any 
liquid off" from its faeces. 

Eluvies, matter discharged in fluor 

Eluxatio, a dislocation 




Elythroides, ~) the vaginal coat of 

Elytroides, 3 the testicle. 

Elytrocelc, a hernia in the vagina. 

Elytron, the membrane covering 
the spinal marrow; any sheath. 

S W ar^ fl0WerS0fc °PP er - 
Emaciantcs, diseases that waste the 

Emuciatio, wasting of flesh. 

the plant common 



Emansio, > retention of 

menaium, 3 the menses. 

Emarginatio, cleaning the edges of 
a wound. 

Emarginatus, heart-shaped leaves at 
the extremities, but deficient in 

Emaaculatio, castration. 

Emasculatus, one whose testes are 
in the abdomen; one castrated. 

Embamma, sauce ; apobamma. 

Embafihion, a pickle stand, or cruet. 

EmbastSf a bathing tub. 


J', mb leg, 

Embole, reduction of a dislocation. 

Embulum, the penis. 

Emborismaj an aneurysm. 

l.mbotum, a tube for injecting va- 

Embregma, "J an embrocation, or 

Embrocatio, I rubbing a part with 

Embroche, J spirit, &c. 

Einbrontetos, an apoplectic person; 

Embryo, ~) the rudiments of a foe- 

Embryon, $ tus, seeds, &c. 

Embryonatum, precipitated sulphur 
of antimony. 

Embryorectes, )a crotchet for ex- 

Embryothlastes, 3 trading a fetus. 

Embryotomia, the forcible separa- 
tion or division of the foetus in 

Embryulcus, the blunt hook, or for- 

Embryulcia, the extraction of a fe- 
tus by the crotchet. 

Embula, a pipe. 

Ewbulurchi suffumigium, a fumiga- 

Embyayembo, a plant of Brasil. 

Erne, the cassowary bird of the Mo- 

Emericus, emery ; an iron ore. 

Emerus, ) • _« 

' . > scorpion senna. 
minor, 3 r 

Amcricanus, the indigo 


Emenia, ~\ 

Emesma, [ ., - 

. . >the act of vomiting. 
tmesis, J ° 

Etnetos, J 


Erne tica, medicines exciting vomit- 

Emeticitm mite, one part of antimo 
ny deflagrated with two of ni 

Emctocatharticum, } any medicine 

Enu-tocatharticus, ) operating by 
vomiting and stool. 

Emrtologia, the doctrine of vo- 

Emetus, a vomit. 

Kin rit, the cassowary bird. 

Emincntia, any preternatural tu- 

Eminently (/uadrigemiiia, the tuber- 
cula quadrigemina. 

Emit sari um, any emunctory of the 

Emmrnagoga, emmenagogues ; me 
dicines exciting the menses. 

Emmenia, the menstrual flux 


the application of lint 





Emodia, a benumbed state of the 

Emollientia, emollients; medicines 

that soften or relax the solids. 
Eniortun.i, dead. ' 
Emotio, delirium ; agitation of mind ; 

Emfiaetria, catapasma; a sprinkling. 
Empeiria, experience. 
Einhcros, f .. , , 

/w^-^s 1 ;maimed - 

Empctri thipnrUx folio radix, root 
of sea heath spurge. 

Empelrum, } black-ber- 

montanum, £ ried heath. 
Lusitanicum, common 

Em/ietrum thymeUxfoliis, sea heath 
spurge of Spain. 

Km/i/ieromonos, 5 wine with a sedi- 

Emfiheromonus, 5 ment. 

Emfikraceica, medicines stopping 
the pores. 

Emfihraxis, ) an obstruction; wrong 

E.m/i/,ragma, $ presentation of the 

F.m/ihusnna, a swelling of the inte- 
guments, often with a crackling 

1 I* 

noise, from the admission of air 
into the cellularp membrane. 
Empirica secta& physicians prac- 
EmftiricusJ 5 tising from expe- 
rience only. 
Emplagia, palsy. 
Emplastica, medicines stopping the 

Emplastrum, a plaster ; an external 
application differing from an oint- 
ment or cerate only in consist- 

Emplastrum abbatis de grace, oil 
and juice of roses, litharge, ceruss, 
and wax. 

Emplastrum adhasivum, common 

plaster and resin. 
Emfilaairum ammoniaci cum hy- 
drargyro, P. L. emplastrum ex 
ammoniaco cum mercurio. 

Emplastrum ammoniaci cum Scilla, 
ammoniaco et acet. Scillas. 

Emplastrum ex ammoniaco, ammo- 
niacum, wax, resin, melilot, un- 
guentum ex althea, oils of bays 
and orrice, turpentine, and gums. 

Emplastrum ex ammoniaco cum 
mercurio, ammoniacum and quick- 

Emfilastrum Andrea a cruce, rosin, 
elemi, turpentine, and oil of 

Emfilastrum anodynum, resin, taca- 
mahaca, galbanum, cumin, and 
black soap. 

Emplastrum anodyno disculiens, cu- 
min piaster* camphor, and opium. 

Emplastrum antihystericum, com- 
mon plaster, asafetida, wax, and 

Emplastrum attrahens, Wax and 
mutton suet. 

Emplastrum de baccis lauri, bay 
berries, frankincense and other 
gums, wax, turpentine, and oil of 

Emplastrum de betonica, betony, 
pimpernel, agrimony, sage, pen- 
ny-royal, yarrow, &c. with .wax 
and turpentine. 

Emplastrum calidum, gum and blis- 
tering plasters. 


Emfilastrum cantharidis, P. L. can- 
tharides, emplastrum cereum, and 
hog's lard. \ 

Emplastrum cefi/ialicum, Burgundy 
pitch, soft laudanum, resin, wax, 
and oil of mace. 

Emfilastrum cene tomfiositum, P. L.\ 
cereum, J 

wax, resin, and mutton suet. 

Emfilastrum e cicuta cum ammonia- 
co, hemlock, ammoniacum, and 

Emfilastrum cceruleum, oil, resin, 
quicksilver, and common plaster. 

Emfilastrum commune, litharge boil- 
ed in oil. 

Emfilastrum commune adhssivum, 
emplastrum adhsesivum. 

Emfilastrum commune cum gunimi, 
common plaster, galbanum, tur- 
pentine, and frankincense. 

Emfilastrum commune cum mercu- 
rio, common plaster and quicksil- 
. ver. 

Emfilastrum croceum, Burgundy 
pitch, wax, galbanum, tar, and 

Emfilastrum cumini, ~) Burgundy 
e cymino, ^ pitch, wax, 
cumin, caraway, and bay berries. 

Emfilastrum defensativum, } com- 
defensivum, 5 mon 
plaster, rosin, wax, oil, and colco- 

Emfilastrum diachalciteos, lard, oil, 
litharge, and white vitriol. 

Emfilastrum diachylon, emplastrum 

Emfilastrum diachylon cum gunimi, 
emplastrum adhxsivum. 

Emfilastrum diafihoreticum, a plas- 
ter of gums. 

Emfilastrum diasulfihuris, sulphur, 
turpentine, wax, myrrh, and cam- 

Emfilastrum dionysianum, dionysia. 
divinurn, emplastrum 
manus Dei. 

Emfilastrum clefihantinum, ~\ 

com- f 

emplastrum attrahens, canthari- 


des,and vinegar ; Burgundy pitch, 
wax, turpentiue, mustard, pepper, 
verdigris, and cantharides. 

Emfilastrum efiisfiasticum firimum, 
melilot, cantharides, bishop's 
weed, and vinegar. 

Emfilastrum famigeratissimum, an 
aromatic plaster for the wrists. 

F.mfilastrum famigeratissimum se- 
cundum. Burgundy pitch, turpen- 
tine, and cantharides. 

Emfilastrum de galbano, a plaster 
of galbanum. 

Emfilastrum griseum de lafiide ca- 
laminari, calamine, litharge, ce- 
russ, tutty, turpentine, wax, suet, 
frankincense, mastich, and cam- 

Emfilastrum gummosum, common 
plaster, ammoniacum, galbanum, 
and wax. 

Emfilastrum ad herniam, emplas- 
trum roborans. 

F.mfilastrum ex hydrargyro, em- 
plastrum cceruleum. 

Emfilastrum ischiadicum, a turpen- 
tine plaster. 

Emfilastrum laurinum, a plaster of 
bay berries. 

Emfilastrum lithargyri, plaster ol 

Emfilastrum manus Dei, ) a plas- 
magneticujn, $ ter con- 
taining powdered loadstone. 

Emfilastrum de mastiche, mastich, 
bole, roses, ivory, myrtle berries, 
turpentine, colophony, tacamaha- 
ca, labdanum, wax, and oil ol 

Emfilastrum e meliloto y ? 

simplex, ) 
melilot leaves, suet, resin, and 

Emfilastrum mercuriale, emplas- 
trum cceruleum. 

Emfilastrum ?netrafirofitotritum, 
plaster for the falling down of the 

Emfilastrum c minio, red lead boiled 
in oil. 

Emfilastrum e mucilaginibus, wax, 
oil of mucilages, ammoniacum, 
and turpentine. 


/•Implastrum nigrum, ceruss boiled 
in linseed oil. 

Em/dastrum a noatratibus Jlos 7in- 
guentorum dictum, resin, wax, 
suet, olibanum, turpentine, myrrh, 
mastich, and camphor boiled in 
white wine. 

Evifilastrum o/wdeldoc, gums, tur- 
pentine, oil of bays, amber, li 
tharge, calamine, oils, Sec. 

Em/dastrum oxycroceum, empIaS' 
train croceum. 

Em/dastrum de ranis, plaster of 
frogs, Sec. 

Em/tlastrum de ranis cum mercurio, 
plaster of frogs, Sec. with mer- 

Em/dastrum roborans, emplastrum 

Emplastrum saponaceum, common 
plaster, gum plaster, and soap. 

Em/dastrum c sa/ione, common plas- 
ter and soap. 

Em/dastrtan sticticum, oil, wax, li- 
tharge, gums, calamine, birth- 
wort, myrrh, frankincense, and 

Em/dastrum stomachicum, lauda- 
num, frankincense, cinnamon, oils 
of mace and mint. 

Emplastrum stomac/iicum magis- 
trate, mint, wormwood, aromatics, 
gums, oils, Sec. 

Em/dastrum suji/iurans, gum plas> 
ter and Burgundy pitch. 

Em/dastrum tonsoris, pitch, wax 
resin, fenugreek, See. 

Em/dastrum vesicatorium, emplas- 
trum epispasticum, vel canthari- 

Em/dastrum volatile, turpentine and 
spirit of sal ammoniac. 

Em/dattomena, emphractica. 

Em/ineumatosis, the inflation of any 

Emporium, the seat of intelligence; 
the brain. 

Emfirion, a saw-like feel of the pulse. 

Em/irosthotonos, tetanus with the 
body bent forward. 

Em/i.sychosis, animation. 

Em/itysis, blood from the mouth 
and fauces. 


Empyema, a collection of pus in the. 

Empyemata, suppurating medicines. 

Em/nji, patients with empyema. 

Empyreuma, a burnt smell, or taste ; 
remains of febrile heat. 

Emfiyreumatica, oils burnt in distil- 

Empyros, > f rf fc ^ 

E.m/iyrus,} r 

Emulgens, emulgent, or milking; 
applied to the arteries and veins 
of the kidneys,. 

Emulsio, an emulsion, any milk-like 
mixture prepared by uniting oil 
and water. 

Emulsio Arabica, common emulsion 
with gum Arabic. 

Emulsio cum aro, arum root, gum 
Arabic, spermaceti, orange peel 
syrup, nutmeg, and common wa- 

Emulsio camphor ata, camphor, al- 
monds, sugar, and penny-royal 

Emulsio communis, almonds, Ara- 
bic, sugar, and barley water. 

Emulsio oleosa, oil, spirit of harts- 
horn, penny-royal water, and sy- 

Emulsio purgans, almonds, sugar, 
Arabic, scammony, and cinna- 
mon water. 

Emulsio spermatis vel sebi ceti, 
spermaceti, yolk of egg, and water. 

Emunctorium, an emunctory, or 
place of discharge ; the excretory 
ducts of the body. 

Emundans, cleansing. 

Eniemos, ~) applications to stopbleed- 

Enxma, § ing. 

Enteorema, a cloud in the urine. 

Enantesis, near approach of ascend- 
ing and descending blood-vessels. 

Enarges, dreams. 

Enaricyiaas, ) c .., 
„ , r ' S a fertile woman. 
J^naricymus, } 

Enarthrosis, articulatio; ball and 

socket joint. 
Encanthis, a tumour of the caruncu- 

la lachrymalis. 
Encardion, } the pith of vegeta- 
Encardium, \ bles. 

the brain. 


Encarjws, a pregnant woman. 
Encatant lexis, throwing on water, 

as in a shower bath. 
Encatalefisis, catalepsis. 
Encathisma, semicupium ; a bath 

for half the body. 
Encauma, the dross of silver; a su- 
perficial ulcer on the eye ; a mark 

from a burn. 
Encausis, a burn, or scald; the 

Encaustum cocruleam, powder blue, 

or smalt. 
Encephalic worms said to be bred in 

the head. 
Ence/i/ialon, } 
Ence/ihalum, ^ 
Encejihalocele, a rupture of the brain 
Ence/ihalos, ~> the brain ; a part of 
Enccfihalus, $ the great palm tree. 
Enceris, wax for plasters ; bits of 

wax found in plasters as they 


Encerosis, covering with wax. 

Encharaxis, scarification. 

Encheiresis, ) dissection ; a surgical 

Encheira, } operation. 

Enchiloma. ~) ,. • 
„ , , > an elixir. 
Eur/iyloma, ) 

Enchondros, cartilaginous ; granu- 

Enc/iorios, any endemic disease. 

Enchrista, liquid ointments. 
husa, anchusa. 

Enc/iy?na, infusion; sanguine ple- 

Enchymata, injections for the eyes 
and ears. 

Enchymoma, ~> blushing; extravasa- 

Enchymoais, $ tion ; sudden effusion 
of blood into the cutaneous ves- 
sels, from joy, anger, or shame. 

Enchysa % alkanet root, or anchusa. 

Enckytos, > any fluid thrown into 

Enckytus, 3 a cavity of the body 

Enclysma, a clyster. 

Encalia, the abdominal viscera. 

Encol/iismos, ) an injection into the 

Encoljiismus, 5 uterus. 

Encofie, an incision; any obstruc- 

Encranium, the contents of the 


Encrasickolus, apua; the anchovy. 

Encranioiu > , 1 11 . 

,, . ' C the cerebellum. 

Encrams, ) 

Encris, a cake of meal, oil, and lio- 


Encry/ihius, a sort of bread. 

Encymdn, pregnancy. 

Ericysisy parturition. 

Encystis, a wen. 

Endcdinemenos, ~) „• 
„ , ,. 'J- rolling eyes. 

Endedinemenus, 3 

Endeia, a defect; penury. 

Endeixis, an indication. 

Endemias, ~) endemic; or disease 

Endemicus, > peculiar to a country 

Endemius, J or people. 

Endesis, a ligature ; a band ; a con- 

Endica, residue of distillation. 

Endioeum, the cork of the clyster 


Endiva, ~) ,. , 

„ ,. . > endive, or cichoreum. 
Endivia, 3 

crecta, succory, or cichore- 

Endiva lutea, dog cresses ; succory. 
■vulgaris, common endive. 

Endon, internally. 

Endosis, remission. 

Enellagmenos, > the union of the 

Enellagmenns,} vertebra;. 

Enema, a clyster, glyster, or injec- 
tion into the rectum. 

Enema de amylo, jelly of starch, or 
starch and linseed oil. 

Enema anodynum, infusion of lin- 
seed and laudanum. 

Enema antieolicum, tinctura sacra, 
common salt, and linseed oil with 
common decoction. 

Enema astringens; lime water and 
Japonic confection. 

Enema commune, decoctum com- 
mune, electarium lenitivum, com- 
mon salt, and oil. 

Enema emollient, palm oil and milk. 
emeticum, inelampodiiim 
helleboratum and warm water. 

Enema fcetidum, asafetida, rue, sa- 
vin, oil of amber, oil, and water. 

Enema oleosum, warm oil. 

ojiiatum, enema anodynum. 
purgans, decoctum commu- 


lie, soap, and syrup, e spina cervi-] 

Enema terebinthinatum, decoctum 
commune, turpentine dissolved in 
egg, and linseed oil. 

Enedre, a sitting on. 

Emdroi, firm sitters on horseback. 

Eneos, vain; empty; useless; idio- 

Enereisis, a compression. 

Encrgia, energy; efficacy; vigor- 
ous action. 

Energos, active ; humane. 

Encrgumaii, a possession by evil 

Enervatio, langour; debility; apo- 

Enervius, (in botany) leaves with- 
out ribs. 

Eneu«, dumb. 

Enjbnde, cassada bread. 

Engalactum, salt wort. 

Engastrimuthos, ? ... 
,, ' $■ ventnloquist. 

Evgastrimut/ms,) l 

Enger t the indigo plant. 
Engisoma, camarosis ; a fracture; 
an instrument for fractures of the 

Englottogastor, a ventriloquist. 

Engom/ihosis, gomphosis ; immove- 
able articulation. 

Engonios, the arm bent at right an- 

En/nctnus, styptic. 

Enixa, a female just delivered. 

E nix urn sal, neutral salt, sulphate 
of kali. 

Enncandria, Linnxus's 9th bota- 
nical class. 

Enneuju-talus, with nine petals. 

EnncafiharmacoS) ) a composition 

Enneajiharmacum, £ of nine ingredi- 
ents; a pessary mentioned by 
Galen; antidotus Heraclidis; a 
name of several plasters in Cel- 
sus, &c. 

Enneafi/njllum, helleboraster, or 
bear's foot. 

Enochdianus, long lived. 

E nodus, without knots, or joints. 

Enomos, } 

A'«o;niM,$ hMd ; crude. 


Enrythmos, > an u , ^ 

Enrythmus, } or 

Ens, existence ; the efficacy of bo- 

Ens apfirofiriatum, the peculiar me- 
dicinal virtue of a vegetable. 

E?is fiarvum safiientium, soap made 
of vegetable oil. 

Ens Jirimum solium, a liquor pre- 
pared from sea salt. 

Ens jirimum solare, antimony ; the 
active principle of poison. 

Ens -veneris, flores martiales. 

Ensatus, ) , ,., 

„ -j. . > sword-hke. 
Ensijormis, ) 

cartilargo, the ensiform 


Enstacton, ""I . '.„ .. „ 

' f instillation; an eye- 
Enstactum, > t . 


Emtasis, an obstruction of the pores. 

Elntagalia, pipe-shell. 

Entale, a vessel. 

Entali, fossil alum. 

Entalium, the pipe-shell of the East 

Entatica, provocatives to venery. 

Entaticon, a plaster to excite vene- 
real inclination. 

Entera, the bowels ; bags containing 
fomenting substances. 

Enteradencs, the glands of the in- 

Entcrenchyta, clyster utensils. 

Enteritis, inflammation of the intes- 

Enteritis Jnjrexica tyfihodes, inflam- 
mation of the intestines with acute 
pains about the navel, and great 

Enteritis colica, inflammation of the 
intestines when the colon is the 

Enteritis enterocelica, inflammation 
of the intestines attended with 

Enteritis erythematicd, inflammation 
of the intestines with diffused mo- 
derate pain. 

Enteritis fiatulenta, inflammation of 

the intestines from wind. 
Enteritis iliaca, inflammation of the 


intestines when the ileum is the 

.Enteritis phlegmonodxa, inflamma 
tion of the intestines with violent 
fixed pain. 

Enterocele, intestinal hernia. 

ovularis, a rupture of 
the intestines through the foramen 

Entero-epiplocele, a hernia of intes- 
tines and omentum. 

Entero-hydroccle, a dropsy of the 
scrotum with hernia. 

Enterologia, a treatise on the how- 
els, including the contents of the 
cavities of the head, breast, and 

F.nter omphalos, umbilical hernia. 

Enteron, an intestine; the colon. 

Enterophytum, the sea chitterling, 
a marine plant. 

Enteropiplocele, entero-epiplocele. 

Enteroraphia, sewing a wounded in- 

Enteroscheocele, hernia scrotalis. 

Entheasticos, a species of melan- 

Enthemata, anti-inflammatory styp- 
tic applications. 

Enthetos, ~) . ,. 

Enthetu 3 ,\™? *W C - 

E?ithlasis, a contusion. 

Enthusiasmus, enthusiasm. 

Entomon, an insect. 

Entomologia,a treatise on insects. 

Entric/wma, the edge of the eyelid. 

Entrimma, minced meat. 

Entrochus, atrochite ; a petrifaction. 

Entrope, shame ; modesty. 

Entropium, trichiasis; an inversion 
of the eyelids. 

Entyposis, the humeral acetabulum. 

Enucleation the removal of the ker- 
nel from the shell. 

Enula campana, elecampane; scab- 

Enulx camfianee extractum, extract 
of elecampane. 

Enula campana radix, elecampane 

Enulon, the internal part of the 

E P A 

Emit) the vapour of water of which 
stones arc generated. 

Enuresis, an involuntary discharge 
of urine. 

Enuresis atonica, an involuntary 
discharge of urine from a want of 

Enuresis catamenialis, an involunta- 
ry discharge of urine from ob- 
structed menses. 

Enuresis a Jistula, an involuntary 
discharge of urine from a fistula 
in the vicinity of the bladder. 

Enuresis gravidarum, an involunta- 
ry discharge of urine from preg- 
nancy. . 

Enuresis infantum, an involuntary 
discharge of urine affecting chil- 

Enuresis irritata, an involuntary 
discharge of urine from compres- 
sions, or irritations of the bladder. 

Enuresis paralytica, an involuntary 
discharge of urine from a palsy 
of the sphincter of the bladder. 

Enuresis puerperarum, an involun- 
tary discharge of urine from inju- 
ry in childbearing. 

Enuresis a sparganosi, an involunta- 
ry discharge of urine from a sup- 
pression of milk. 

Eny/inion, ? ,' 

n v ' . J- a dream. 

iLnvftnium, 3 

firos, } 
firus, 5 

Enyposaprus,^ es of diseased liver; 
a tendency to putrescency. 

Enystron, aboirusum ; last stomach 
of animals which chew the cud. 

Eon, the circumference of the eye. 

Epacmasticos, > synochus ; continu- 

Epacmasticus, 3 ed fever. 

Epacme, the exacerbation of a dis- 

Epracros, sharp pointed. 
pagogion, £ t j ie p re p Uce< 

Epagogium, 3 r * 

Epanaclesis, the unexpected return 
of a disease. 

Epanadidontes pureti, fevers with 
increasing heat. 

Epanadiplosis, > a kind of double 

Epanalepsis, 3 tertian. 


Efianalefuu a calore, a pure inflam- 
matory fever from heat. 

EfianaUfida afrigore, a pure inflam 

matory fever from cold. 
E/ianalepsis lactea, a pure inflamma 
tory fever from suppression of 
Epanalepsis menstrua, a pure in- 
flammatory fever preceding men- 
strual eruption. 
Epanalepsis nauseativa, a pure in- 
flammatory fever from weak di- 
Epanalepsis a phlogosi, a pure in- 
flammatory fever from inflamma- 

Ejianalefisis plethorica, a pure in- 
flammatory fever from fulness of 

Epanalepsis puerperarum, a pure 
inflammatory fever from lingering 

E/uinapnesis, quick respiration. 

Epanastasis, any tumour, or tubercle. 

Epancylotos, a spiral bandage. 

Epanthisma, efflorescence. 

Mpantlesis, sprinkling the body with 

Epaoidai, an amulet, or charm. 

Epapharesis, repeated bleeding. 

Epaphros, frotby. 

Efiar, hepar; the liver. 

Eparemos, ) a white speck on the 

Eparcemos, 3 eye. 

Eparita, liver-coloured clay. 

E/iarma, } any kind of tumour ; a 

Eparsis, 3 tumour of the parotid 

Eparoth, botrys Mexicana. 

Epusmasticafebris, a fever in its in- 

Efiauxis, exacerbation; increase. 

Epencranis, the cerebellum. 

Efterfanus, the smelt fish. 

E/iheb<eo?i, > ., . 

£M*6««n,S thepUbeSi ^ bertjr - 

Ephedra, hippuris; horse-tail; an 
instrument for luxations ; the but- 

Ephedra maritima major, sea grape, 
or shrub horse-tail. 

Ephedra maridma minor, lesser sea 


Ephedrana, the buttocks. 
Ephelcis, crust of an ulcer; hard- 
ened purulent expectoration. 
Ephelis, a freckle, or sun burn ; tan ; 

Ephemera, diaria; a fever of one 

Ephemera a colore, a pure inflam- 
matory fever from exposure to 
Ephemera a f rigor e, a pure inflam- 
matory fever from exposure to 
Ephemera lactea, a pure inflamma- 
tory fever from suppression of 
Ephemera menstrua, a pure inflam- 
matory fever preceding menstrual 
Ephemera nauseativa, a pure inflam- 
matory fever from weak diges- 
Ephemera a phlogosi, a pure inflam- 
matory fever from inflammation. 
F.pliemera plethorica, a pure inflam- 
matory fever from fulness of ves- 
Ephemera pucrperarum, a pure in- 
flammatory fever from lingering 
Ephcmcridcs, fevers attacking at 

particular times of the moon. 
Ephemeron, } deadly saffron ; a spe- 
Ephemerum, $ cies of hermodactyls. 
Ephemeros, a fever of a day. 
Elfihemerum, spiderwort. 
Ephesium, a plaster of Celsus. 
Efihialtes, the night-mare, or incu- 
Ephialtia, pxonia. 
Ephidrosis, diseased sweating. 
Ephippium, sella turcica. 
Ephodes, excretory ducts; periodi- 
cal febrile attacks ; morbid causes. 
Epiala, a kind of tertian fever. 

£/"a/S^ thecoldfitoffever - 

Epialtes,) . 

Epibole, 5 the ni S h t-mare, 

Epicant hides, plural of Epicanthis ; 

the angles of the eyes. 
Epicarpium, the soft part of fruit; 

any application to the wrist. 


Epicauma, encauma ; a burn. 

Epic eras, fenugreek. 

Epiccrastica, emollient applications. 

Epic heir e sis, a manual operation. 

Epicholos, ~) .... 
e>. • , , > bilious. 
-E/ucnolus, 3 

E/iichordis, the mesentery. 

Epichorios, epidermis; scarf skin. 

Epic&lis, the upper eyelid. 

Epicolicx regioncs, the lumbal re- 
gion ; the parts near the colon. 

Epicophosis, deafness. 

Epicranium, the common tegu- 
ments, &c. of the cranium. 

Epicranius, a muscle raising the 

Epicrasis, cure by alteratives; 
a critical evacuation of bad hu- 

Epicrisis, a judgment, or opinion. 

Epictenion, the part above the pu- 
bes; downy lint. 

E/,icyema, ~) a foetus, a mole ; super- 

Efiicye&ig)$ fetation. 

J : .pidcmicus, ~) epidemic, contagious, 

Epidemius, $ or prevailing disease. 

Efiideris, clitoris. 

Epidermis., the cuticle, scarf, or out- 
er skin. 

Epidesis, ~) bandages to secure and 

Epidesmus, 3 compress. 

Epididymis, a part, or appendage of 
the testicle, formed by a convolu- 
tion of the vas deferens. 

Epididymis distensa, spermatocele. 

lipidosis, a preternatural increase of 
the body, or of disease. 

Epidrome, any accumulation of hu- 

Efugaay trailing arbutus. 

Epdgastricz, the epigastric arteries. 

Epigastricus, belonging to the 

Epigastrium, the upper and fore 
part of the belly. 

Epigennema, ) the fur on the tongue; 
Elpigennesis, 3 an 


Epiglottis, the cartilage at the open- 
ing of the trachea ; Spanish pur- 
ple-flowering milk-vetch. 

Epiglottum, an instrument to ele- 
vate the eyelids. 

Epigloutis, i the upper part of the 

E.pigluds, 3 buttock. 

Epigonatis, the knee-pan. 

Epigonidcs, muscles inserted into the 

accessory symp- 

Epigino?nenus, springing out of; a 
symptom naturally succeeding, or 
to be expected, in the progress of 
a disease. 
.pig °**u™i / j aurus Alexandrina. 

(ft SIS, } 

Epigonon, ? r . , 

A; i- a fcetus; a mole. 

Epigonum, ^ 

Epigounidcs, the muscles of the 

E/iigryp/nis, having a Roman nose. 

Epilampsis, sparkling, or flashing. 

Epiicmpsis, "J epilepsy or falling 

Epiientia, I sickness; convulsion, 

Epilepsia, J loss of sense, foaming 
at the mouth, groaning, after- 
wards sleepiness. 

Epilepsia cachectica, epilepsy aris- 
ing from bad habit of body. 

Epilepsia cerebralis, epilepsy aris- 
ing from some defect in the brain. 

Elpilepsia a dolore, epilepsy arising 
from pain. 

Epilepsia a ueneno, epilepsy from 

Epilepsia exanthematica, epilepsy 
arising from repelled eruptive 

Epilepsia febricosa, epilepsy arising 
from fever. 

Epilepsia ab inanitione, epilepsy 
from debility. 

Epilepsia occasionalis, epilepsy aris- 
ing from some accident. 

Epilepsia a pathemate, epilepsy 
arising from some passion of the 

Epilepsia plcthorica, epilepsy aris- 
ing from plethora. 
Epilepsia rachialgica, epilepsy aris- 
ing from rickets. 
Epilepsia stomachica, epilepsy aris- 
ing from foul stomach. 
Epilepsia sympathica, epilepsy aris- 
ing from imitation. 
Epilepsia symptomatica, epilepsy 
arising from some other disease. 
Ejiilrjisia syphilitica, epilepsy aris- 
ing from venereal disease. 

a cloud in the urine, 


E/tilefisia a terrore, epilepsy arising 

from terror. 
Efiile/isia traumatica, epilepsy aris- 
ing from wounds. 
Ejiikjma uterina, epilepsy arising 

from hysterics. 
fl/iile/isia verminosa, epilepsy from 

Efiilesmon, loss of memory. 
E/iilogismus, } rational induction, or 
Efiilogos.) 5 inference. 
Efii medium, the plant barrenwort 
E/ii7nelas, a white stone covered with 

a black crust. 
Ejrimelis, the small bastard medlar. 

E/timorios, > , , 

J. . . > an unequal pulse. 
E/umonus, ) i r 

E/iimylia, the knee pan. 

Efiine7nesis } administering to the 

Efiinencucos, an unequal pulse. 

Efiinefihelos, > 

Efiincfihclus, £ 

E/iinotion, the shoulder blade. 

E/iinyctus, an angry pustule gene- 
rally appearing in the night. 

Efiios, mild; a gentle epidemic fe- 

E/ii/iactis, a species of hellebore. 

E/ii/iaroxys?nus, an unusual fre- 
quency of febrile exacerbation. 

E/ii/iusma, cataplasma. 

E/ii/iaston, any powdered drug 
sprinkled on the body. 

Efiifiechys, the arm above the el- 

E/ii/ie/i/iycos, > adnata ; growing up- 

Efujiefihycus, 3 on. 
E/ufi/iano7>icnon, an accessory, or ad- 
ventitious symptom. 

Efiifihania, the exterior habit of the 

Efiifihlebos, one having prominent 

-Kfiifihlogisma, any violent inflam- 
mation, attended with pain, tu- 
rnout, and redness; a burning 
heat in any part ; the shingles. 
£/ri/ihora, watery eyes; inflamma- 
tion of any part. 
E/ii/i/iyllitis, any plant with leaves 
on the flowers. 

tyUoaJier ■mofiher a, plants bear- 


ing seeds on the backs of the 

E/iifihysis, the spongy extremity of 
infantine bones; any portion of 
bone growing upon another, but 
separated from it by a carti- 

Efrifilasma, a poultice, or cataplasm. 

E/ii/Uegia, hemiplegia. 

Efiijderoses) super-repletion. 

Efiifilocele, a rupture of the omen- 

E/iijiloicus, belonging to the omen- 

Ejiifiloitis, the puerperal fever. 

Efiifiloocomistes, a large belly from 
increased omentum ; an omental 

Ejiifiloomjihalon, an umbilical rup- 

E/ii/iloon, omentum. 

E/ii/rfoscheocele, a scrotal hernia con- 
taining omentum. 

Efii/wUus, slight disease. 

Efii/iolasis, a species of chymical 
sublimation ; redundance ; fluctua- 

Ejrijioma, an instrument for cover- 
ing the shoulder in a luxation. 

Efiijwroma, callous concretion about 
the joints. 

Efii/ityxis, a spasmodic closing of 
the lips. 

Efii/iyrexis, a rapid exacerbation. 

E/tirigesis, unusual cold. 

Efrirrhoe, any influx of fluids. 

Efiisarcidium, anasarca. 

E/iischesisy obstructed excretion, 

Efiischion, } , . 

Efitschzum,$ 0S V uhls ' 

Efiiscofiales -valvules, the mitral 
valves of the heart. 

Efiiseion, the pubes. 

Ejiisnnasia, the beginning of fe- 
brile paroxysms. 

E/iis/iasmos, > inspiration ; attrac- 

Eftisfiasmus, 3 tion. 

Efiis/iastica, blister plasters, or draw- 
ing drugs. 

Efiiz/i/i<eria, the convolutions of the 

Efiisfilenus, afflicted with diseased 

a catarrh. 




E/ii stagmus, 

Efiistafihyiini, muscles of the palate. 

Ejiistasis, obstructed excretion ; the 

substance on the surface of urine. 
E/iistaxis, bleeding from the nose. 
Efiisthotonos, a spasmodic curvature 

of the body forwards. 
Efiistomion, a stopper of the vent 

of a furnace, or of a bottle. 
F./ii.stro/ihtcus, the 2d vertebra of 

the neck. 
Efiistrofihe, ~> inversion ; distortion ; 
Efiiatrofihis, £ relapse. 
Episynthetici, physicians attentive to 

collect facts. 
Efiifasis, the beginning and increase 

of fever. 
Efiitecnos, ) 
E/utecnus, $ 
E/iitedeuma, any peculiar regimen. 
Efiitex, a woman near delivery. 
Epithelium^ the fine cuticle on the 

lips, fauces, &c. 
Epithema, fomentation ; poultice ; 

a lid or cover. 
Epithesis, straightening crooked 

limbs by instruments. 
Epithymbrum, moss growing on 

winter savory. 
Epithymum, dodder of thyme. 
Efiitocos, y 

Epoche, epischesis ; retention. 
Epocheteusis, any partial derivation 
of fluids. 

J' , ' £ cure by incantation. 
E/iodos, 5 

Ejiomis, the acromion, or summit of 
the shoulder. 

Rpomphalion, ~) an application to 

Epomfihalium, $ the navel. 

Efiofis, the upupa, or hoop bird. 

Eposchion, the tendril of plants. 

Eposilinga, scales of iron. 

Epsema, a decoction. 

Epulis, a tubercle or excrescence 
from the gums. 

Epulotica, epulotics ; drying, or ci- 
catrizing applications. 

Equicervus, the elk. 

Egui-clibanus, the heat of horse- 


Equina f rasa, the horse bean. 

E.quinox, equal day and night. 

Equiaetnm, horse-tail. 

aquaticum majus, great 
marsh horse-tail. 

Equisetum arvensc, corn, or field 

Equisetum foetidum, stinking horse- 

Equisetum majus, great marsh horse- 

Equisetum minus, corn horse-tail. 
palustre, great marsh 

Equisetum fiolygonoides femina, fe- 
male horse-tail. 

Equisetum pratense, meadow horse- 

Equisetum ramosum, branched nak- 
ed horse-tail. 

Equisetum sylvaticum, woodland 

Equisetum terrestre, naked horse- 

Equitatio, horse exercise ; riding. 

Equi -venter, horse-dung. 

Equus, a horse. 

asinus, the ass. 

Eradicativus, any strong purge. 

Eranthcmus, Adonis flos; chamo- 

Erasistratus, an ancient physician, 
grandson to Aristotle. 

Erebinthus, cicer, or vetch pea. 

Erector clitoridis, a muscle of the 

Ere'ctores penis, the two erector 
muscles of the penis. 

E rectus, (in botany) at right angles 
to the stalk. 

Eregmos, bean meal; any legumi- 
nous fruit decorticated and broken 
in pieces. 

Ereisma, a stay to a bandage. 

Eret/iismos, ~) any irritating cause; 

Erethismus, ) increased sensibility 
and irritability. 

Eretria terra, Eretrian earth. 

Ereugmos, } eructation or belch- 

Ereusrmus, $ ing. 

Ereumena, cloudy. 

ura, urine that assumes 
a cloudy consistence in the middle 


Ercuthos, redness. 

Ereuxia, eructation, or belching. 

Ergalia, explanation of alchymical 

Ergasima, the worst kind of myrrh. 
Ergasterum, a laboratory. 
Ergon, a work ; any animal function. 
Ergot, diseased rye ; dyspepsia from 

eating bad corn. 
Erica, common heath. 

baccifcra, } black-berried 

cor is foliis, } heath. 

humilis, ~\ • „„ ^ 

~. . '. / erica, or com- 
ofhcinahs, K , ., 

~ ., fmon heath. 

pumila, J 

Ericerum, eye-water made of heath. 
ow ' I groundsel, or senecio. 




nyza rag- 



quart um, 
wort, or Jacobxa. 

Erineoa, wild fig tree. 

hnno.,, ) the , ant watef basjL 

Erin us,} * 

Erio/,/ioru?n, the cotton plant. 

Erit /uicus, the red start. 

Kritlmlcs, houseleeks. 

Erithronium satyrium, broad-leaved 

Erix, the upper part of the liver. 

lirizamba, lung's spear; yellow as- 

Erode ntia, corrosive applications. 

Erodinium, a term for prognostic 
among chymists. 

Erosio, erosion, or eating into. 

Erosus, notched. 

E rot 1 071, baum. 

Erotomania, the melancholy of 1b- 

Erotylus, a species of mushroom. 

Er/ies, herpes ; the shingles. 

Errand, irregular fevers. 

Erraticus, wandering; fevers With 
irregular paroxysms. 

Errhina, errhines, or sternutatories ; 
drugs producing sneezifig, and 
increased secretion from the nose. 

Erripsis, extreme debility. 

Error loci, error of place ; in the hu- 
moral pathology, it means fluids 


getting into wrong vessels; dislo- 
Eruca, herb rocket gentle ; a worm. 
saliva, garden rocket. 
sylvestris, wild rocket. 
Erucago, corn rocket. 
Eructatio, a belching. 
Erupina, calcitrapa; star thistle. 
Eruptio, bursting of an abscess ; cu- 
taneous eruption. 
Eruthemata, erysipelatous pustules. 
Erva de Sancta Maria, a species of 

Ervilla, garden spurge ; a vetch. 
Ervum, the bitter vetch, or tare. 
lens, the lentil. 
orientale, the eastern vetch. 
sylvestre, crimson grass 
Ervum vcrum, the bitter vetch. 
Eryge, eructatio. 
Erygmatodes, flatulent. 
Eryngium, eryngo, or sea holly. 
Erysimum, hedge mustard ; sauce 

alone. ~ 
Erysimum alliaria, the herb Jack by 

the hedge. 
Erysimum latifolium, common hedge 

Erysimum tlieofihrasti, buck wheat. 
Erysi/ielaceus, erysipelatous. 
Erysipelas, St. Anthony's fire; a 
diffused inflammation with fever 
of two or three days, generally 
with coma or delirium if on the 
Erysipelas pestilens, malignant' ery- 
Erysipelas pulmonis, erysipelas of 

the lungs. 
Erysipelas phlyctonodes, the shin- 
gles, or erysipelas with snjjftll ve- 
sicles. « 
Erysipelas rosa, the rose. 

typhodes, erysipelas run- 
ning to gangrene. 
Erysipelas vesiculosum, the rose, or 

erysipelas with large vesicles. 
Erysipelas a veneno, erysipelas ff om 

Erysipelas zoster, erysipelas extend- 
ing round the waist ; shingles. 


Erysifielatoides, a swelling and in- 
flammation resembling erysipe- 

Erysiscefitium, rose wood. 

Erythema, erysipelatous redness of 
the face or skin. 

Erythema afrigore, pernio. 

ambustio, inflammation 
from burns or scalds. 

Erythema gangrenosum, anthrax, or 

Erythicus, the red breast. 

Eruthos, 7 i 
« **, ' \ redness. 
Erythus, } 

Erythracium, the plant dog's stone. 

Erybirxus, a pearl from the Red 

Erythrion, a red amalgam. 
Erythrodanum, madder. 
Erythroeid'es, the vaginal coat of the 

Erythronium, the plant dog's stone. 
Erythroxylov,, logwood ; flower 

Erythrus, the herb sumach. 
jE,s, corpus, or body. 
Esajihe, uterine examination. « 
Esca, food. 

Escapatli, a species of senna. 
Escarfic, fascia. 
Eschara, an eschar, or burn by caus- 
tic ; a marine plant. 
Escharafiefia, roasted barley meal 
Escharotica, escharotics; destroyers 

of flesh; caustics; corrosives. 
Eschatia, the extremities of the 

Eschel, imperfect zaffer. 
Escorzonera, viper grask. 
Esculus, a species of oak ; the 

Escura, an eschar, or burn from 

Esebcn, common salt. # 

Esmyrnismenos, ~) minted, with 
Esmyrnis?ne?ius,§ myrrh. 
Esoche, a tumour within the anus. 
Es/ihlasis, the drawing in'of a part 

ffom injury. 
Essalum potentiate, the metlicinal 

power of drugs. 
Essatum •vinwn, medicated wine. 


Essentia, the essence, or principal 

ingredient of a simple. 
Essentia de cedra, essence of ber- 

Essentiale sal, diuretic salt. 

oleum, essential oil. 

Essentialis, essential, applied to 

Essentialis febris, an idiopathic fe- 

Essera, a species of chronic nettle 

Essodinum, a prediction from natu- 
ral signs. 

Esthiomenos, a malignant ulcer. 

Esula, spurge. 

Jndica, the gamboge plant. 
major, great marsh spurge. 
marina, sea spurge. 
minor, pine spurge. 
soliscqua, following the sun. 

Esuries, hunger. 

Etesia, the etesian, or cool north- 
eastern winds. 

Ethel, white earth; magnesia; fire; 

Ether, xther. 

Ethica, hectic. 

Ethio/is, a black; a name applied to 
several medicines from their co- 

Ethiojis antimoniale, sulphuretum 
hydrargyri stibiaturm nigrum. 

Ethiojis mineralc, hydrargyrus cum 

Ethiofis per se, oxydunr hydrargy- 
ri nigrum. 

Ethmoides, sieve-like ; the ethmoid 
^bone of the skull. 

Ethnici, igneous meteors about vol- 

Etimodrys, a species of oak. 

Etnos. any leguminous food. 

Etron, the lowtr part of the belly, 
or hypogastrium. 

Ettalche, a species of cedar. 

Etymodrys, quercus, or oak. 

Etythoxylum Brasilianum, Brasil 

Evacuatio, any discharge from the 

Euccm'ia, sweetness of the blood. 


Eualthcs, easily cured 

Euanaleptos, ~] 

Euanaleptus, (easily restored to. 

Euanasphaltos, .'strength. 


Euanthemon, > ^ chamomiIe . 

Euanthcmum, } 

E*kaphion, a gentle medicine for 

Evaporatio, dissipatioifrof any fluid 

by heat. 
Euboica nux, the walnut. 
Eucardios, grateful to the stomach. 
Eucatascepton, a wound properly 

Euchreea, gbod colour. 
Euchytos, } abounding with good 
Euchymia, $ humours. 
Eucinetos, easy to be moved. 
Eudiapneustos, } having good per- 
Ejidiapneustus, § spiration. 

Eudiometer, an instrument for de- 
termining the purity of the air. 

Euccticos, > of a good habit of bo- 

Eueclicus, 3 dy. 

Euelces, ulcers easy of cure. 

Eucoclius, > a name or epithet for 

Eucoilia, ) cherries. 

Eucrasia, a good temperament. 

Euclpidium, an eye-water. 

Euembolos, a skilful bone setter. 

Euemet us,' vomiting with ease. 

Euepxsthetus, having the* senses in 

Eueres, handy and accommodat- 

Everriculum, a scoop used. in litho- 

Ever 90, ectropium. 

Euexia, a good habit of body. 

s ' > the womb ; the hymen. 

•>of agri- 
mony . * 


Evistiola, a leprous disease of the 

Eule, a worm bred in ulcers 
Eulogium, the small pox 

Eunosus, easily disordered. 
Eunuchion, the lettuce. 
Eunuchus, a eunuch. • 
Euodcs, smelling' sweet 


obtaining any end; a particular 
colly rium. 
Euonymoides Canadensis, a plant of 

Euonymus, simarouba. 

Africanus, African bar- 
berry, or spindle tree. 
Euoriymus latifplius, broad-leaved 

spindle, or distaff tree. 
Euonymus vulgaris, the spindle 

Eufiatoria Canadensis, blue flea- 
Eupatorisphalacron, agrimony. 
Eupatorium, water hemp, or hemp 

Eupatorium adult erinum," 
perfoliatum, _ 
Eupepsia, good digestion. 
Eupeptica, substances easy of diges- 
Euphorbia palustris, spurge. 
Euphorbia Canariensis, a species of 
spurge in the Canary Islands, 
which affords the gum euphorbi- 
Euphorbium, the euphorbium plant 

of Barbary. 
Euphoria, the mild operation of 
drugs ; that ease with which some 
bear the course of a distemper. 
Euphorista, medicines easily pre- 

Euphragia, }„.,,, , • i . 

c, ' , . ' 5- the herb eye-bright. 
Euphrasia, ^ ' ° 

Euphyia, a good habit of body. 

Euphrosyne, the herb eye-bright, 

Eupnoia,") . *. 

■n, . > easy respiration. 

Eupnoia, j 

Eufibrista, > medicines readily pre - 

Euporiston,y pared. 



Eur sos, > i • 
„ . \ lapi 

huroius,} r 

is Judaicus. 

Euodia, a healthful- or agreeable Eurh"p»e, male speedwell, 
disposition; a ready method for\EuroF, putrefaction. ' •#* 


Eurus, the east wind. 

Eurychoria, any internal cavity. 

Eurythmia, an equal pulse ; surgi- 
cal dexterity. 

Eusamon, the herb rocket. 

Eusarcus, such a proportion of flesh 
as is sufficient to give symmetry 
and strength to all the parts. 

Euschemosyne, decent gravity. 

Eusemia, favourable symptoms. 

Eusitia, good appetite. 

Eusplanchnus, having good viscera. 

Eusto?nachus, having a good sto- 

Eustathes, the regular succession of 
seasons, or symptoms. 

Eutaxia, a heathful state. 

Euthanasia, an easy or happy 
death . 

Euthenia, fulness of health. 

Euthesia, a strong constitution. 

Euthymia, a serene mind. 

Euthyporos, the extension necessa- 
ry in fractured bones. 

Eutocus, easy labours, or child- 

Eutrophia, good nourishment. 

Euzomen, the herb rocket. 

Evacuantia, medicines suited to 
promote the natural excretions. 

Evacuatio, evacuation, or throwing 
of; any diminution of the animal 
fluids, whether by bleeding, purg- 
ing, or other means. 

Evacuatorii, diseases with increased 

Evaporatio, evaporation, or dissipa- 
tion of fluids by heat. 

Eventus, termination of disease. 

Everriculum, a spoon to take small 
stones out of the bladder. 

Eversio, turning up of the eyelids. 

Evistiola, a leprous disorder in the 
nape of the neck. 

Exacerbantes, remitting fevers. 

Exacerbatio, a paroxysm of fever. 

Exacinata, fruit deprived of its stone. 

Ex temus, without blood. 

Exxresis, removing excrescences. 

Exalijites, aliptx ; anointers 

xa ma, £ dislocation of vertebrae 


im, 5 


Exaltatio, a chymical word for in- 
crease of strength, or virtue, in 
any thing. 

Exambloma, ~) 

7; ,, . ' > miscarriage. 

Examblosis, ^ ° 

Exanastomosis, the joining or inos- 
culation of blood-vessels. 

Exanastrophe, recovery from dis- 

Exanguis, without blood ; so the an- 
cients calfRl the nerves, cartilages, 
bones, Sec. which appeared white. 

Exania, bearing down ; procidentia 
ani. , 

Exanimatio, death ; fainting. 

Exanthema, }a rash ;* pustules ; 

Exunthisma, } eruptions. 

Exanthema scrosum, the greater 
vesicular fever. 

Exanthemata serosa, serous erup- 
tions ; pemphigus. 

Exanthropia, a species of melan- 

Exapsis, inflammation ; the heat of 

Exrarragma, a fracture ; collision; 

Exarchiatrus, chief physician. 

Exarma, an elevated tumour. 

Exarsio, hectic heat. 

Exartema, an amulet, or charm. 

Exarthrema, ~\ 

Exarthroma, la luxation. 

Exarthrosis, J 

Exarticulatio, dislocation. 

Exarthros, > a person with large 

Exarthrus, 5 joints. 

Exarysis, exhaustion ; decay of 

Exaspcratio, the increase of dis- 
ease ; rendering the skin rough. 

Excdndescentia, apitude to such 
passions of the mind as bring on 
real distempers. 

Excathisma, a semicupium, or 
warm bath for part of the hody. 

Excedens, (in "botany) comparative- 
ly long. # 

Excidentia, a dislocation. 

Excipiens, the most abundant in- 
gredient in composition. 

Excipulum, a chymical receiver. 


Excisio, a cutting out; amputation. 
Exclusorium, medicine procuring 

Excoriatio, ~| excoriation, abra- 
Excoriatis, i sion, or depriving of 
Excoriuiura, J skin; decortication 

of trees, Sec. 
Excorticatio, decorticatio ; taking 

off rind. 
Excrcmentitius, feculent; refuse. 
Excrementum, the excrement, or 

Excrescentia, any superfluous part, 

as wens, warts, &c. 
Excrescentia faba Bengalensis, the 

Bengal bean. 
Excreta, all evacuations of feculent 

Excretio, excretion or throwing out 

matters or fluids secreted 
Excutia ventriculi, a brush for 

washing the stomach. 
Excchcbronchos, a person of promi 

nent throat. 
ExecAeglutos, ) prominent but- 
Execheglutus, } tocks. 
Exegesis, explanation. 
Exelcosis, ulceration. 
Exelcysmus, the depression of abone . 
Exenterizesis, the loss of marrow, 

or pith. 
Exerama, matter thrown off by vo- 
Exercitatio, exercise 

Ex err heusis,^\ 

_ , ■ I any curative evacua-| 
Exerrhesis, i.^ 

Exerrhosis, J 

Exetriasmenos, ~) 

Exetriasmenus, £ 

Exeunuchizesis, castration. 

Exfoliatio, exfoliation, or a separa- 
tion of bone ; disquamation. 

Exfoliativ'um, a rugine, or rasping 

Exhalatio, sending off in vapours. 

Exhaustio, loss of strength. 

Exinanitio, evacuation. 

Exifioticos, > digesting or deterging 

Exifioticus, 5 applications. 

Exischios, exarthros ; a luxation of 
the thigh. 

Exitelos, substances affording little 
or no nourishment . 



Exitura, a running abscess ; all sorts. 

of putrid excrements. 
Exitus ani, a falling down, or pro- 

lapsus of the anus. 
Exochas, tubercle near the verge of 

the anus. 
Exocyste, > a protrusion of the in- 
Exocystis, $ ner membrane of the 

Exomfihalos) rupture or dropsy of 

the navel. ' , " 
Exonchoma, any very prominent tu- 
Exoneirosis, nocturnal pollution, or 
involuntary emission of semen in 
Exophthalmia, a protrusion of the 

Exorcismos, exorcism, or expelling 
evil spirits from the body by reli- 
gious ceremonies. 
Exorescentia, exacerbation. 
Exoss, } a leech ; a fish from which 
Exosis, 3 isinglass is obtained. 
Exostosis, an excrescence, or mor- 
bid enlargement of a bone. 
Exoticus, any foreign production. 
Exfiectorantia, expectorants; medi- 
cines promoting discharges from 
the lungs. 
Expectoratio, a discharge of mucus 

from the lungs. 
Expellentia, medicines which drive 

out worms, or morbid humours. 
J Exfiiratio, the expulsion of air from 
the lungs in respiration. 
Ex/iletio, repletion. 
Exfiloratio, examination or probing 

of a wound. 
Exfiloratrix, a chymical cupel, or 

Explosio, explosion ; chymical deto- 
nation, or fulmination. 
Expressio, expression ; pressing out, 
Expuitio, spitting out. 
Expulsio, driving out morbid mat- 
Exsertus, (in botany) the stamen 

appearing above the corolla. 
Exsiccatio, drying. 
Exstasis, a trance ; swooning. 
Exstipulatus, without haulm, or 


■Exsuccasio, an ecchymosis, or col- 
lection of blood under the skin. 

Exsudatio, a critical sweat. 

Extasis, swooning ; exstasis. 

Extensio, extension, or drawing out. 

Extensor, a term applied to muscles 
extending any part. 

Extensor drevis, a muscle of the 

Extensor carpi lunaris, ~) muscles 
radialis, $ of the fore 

Extensor digitorum brevis, a muscle 
of the toe. 

Extensor digitorum communis, a 
muscle of the fore arm. 

Extensor digitorum longus, a mus- 
cle of the toes. 

Extensor indicis, a muscle of the 
fore finger. 

Extensor longus, a muscle of the 

Extensor minimi digiti, a muscle of 
the little finger. 

Extensor firimi internodii fiollicis, a 
muscle of the thumb. 

Extensor sccundi internodii fiollicis, 
a muscle of the thumb. 

Extensor tertii internodii fiollicis, a 
muscle of the thumb. 

Extensor fiollicis longus, a muscle 
of the great toe. 

Extensor fiollicis brevis, a muscle 
of the toes. 

Extenuatio, leanness. 

Extergentia, cleansers. 

Ext emus, external ; outward. 

mallei, laxator tympani. 

Extinctio, powdering ; death ; anni- 

Extirfiatio, cutting out; amputa- 

Extractio, extraction, or drawing 
out; solution by menstrua. 

Extractum, extract of the finer and 
most efficacious parts of vegeta- 
bles, inspissated by evaporation. 

Extractum absinthii, extract of 

Extractum aconiti, extract of aconi 
turn, or wolfsbane. 

Extractum cacuminis genista, eX' 
tract of broom tops. 


Extractum cafiitum fiafiaveris albi, 
extract of white poppy heads. 

Extractum catharticum, coloquinti- 
da, aloes, scammony, and carda- 

Extractum colocynthidis com/iosi- 
tum, coloquintida, aloes, scammo- 
ny, and cardamoms. 

Extractum chamomcli, extract of 

Extractum cicuta, ~) extract 

conii maculati, ^ of 

Extractum cinchona, extract of Pe- 
ruvian bark. 

Extractum columba, extract of co- 
lumbo root. 

Extractum corticis Peruviani, ex- 
tract of Peruvian bark. 

Extractum croci, extract of saffron. 
enula camfiana, ex- 
tract of elecampane. 

Extractum gentiana, extract of gen- 

Extractum glycyrrhiza, extract of 

Extractum guaiaci, extract of guai- 

Extractum jalafiii, extract of jalap. 
hamatoxyli, extractum 
ligni Campechensis. 

Extractum helleboris nigri, extract 
of black hellebore. 

Extractum ligni Camfiechensis, ex- 
tract of logwood. 

Extractum martis, extract of steel. 
ofiii, extract of opium. 
fiafiaveris albi, extract 
of the white poppy. 

Extractum fiurgans, extractum ca- 

Extractum rudii, pilula rudii. 
ruta, extract of rue. 
sabin£ r extract of savine. 
saturni, aqua lithargyri 
acetata, or extract of lead. 

Extractum seminum cicuta, extract 
of hemlock seeds. 

Extractum senna, extract of senna. 
thebaicum, extract of 

Extrafoliaceus, growing on the out- 
side of the leaf. 


Extravasatio, extravasation; effu- 
sion of blood into cavities, or un- 
der the skin. 

Extraversio, the chymical evolution 
of some hidden power. 

F.xtremilates, extremities. 

Extrinsecus, the external parts; 
painful disorders of the external 

Extuberantia, cutaneous tumours. 

Exuberes, weaned children. 

ExumbUkatio, a protuberant navel. 


Exulceratio, small superficial ulce 

Exulceratio ossis, caries. 

Exungulatio, exungulation, or cut- 
ting off the white parts of roses. 

Exustio, combustion. 

Exuvix, the cast skins of vipers. 

Eze/i/i, the sun. 

Ezerich, salt. 

Ezquaduitt, the dragon's blood 

Ezula, spurge ; esula. 


J? f. ovft. in prescriptions, abbre 
viations of fiat, or fiant, let it or 
them be made: thus,.//', bolus, let 
the substance be made into a bo- 
lus, &c. 
Faba, a bean. 

Bengalcn.sis, an eastern dried 
fruit called myrobalans. 
Fa ba crassa, common orpine, or 

live long. 
Faba Mgytitia, the Egyptian pontic 

Faba equina, horse bean. 

febrifuga, the nux vomica of 
the East Indies. 
Fabafusa, bean flour. 

Gra:ca latifolia, an astringent 


Faba Indica, the nux vomica of the 

East Indies. 
Faba inversa, common orpine or live 

Faba major, Turkey and garden 

Faba minor, the horse bean. 

fmrgatrix, the Barbadoes nut. 
sancti Ignatii, the nux vomica 
of the East Indies. 
Faba suilla, common henbane. 
Fabacium, a cake of bean meal. 
Fabaginea, ) a bitter vermifuge plant 
Fabago, \ of Syria; bean chaff. 
Fabaria, anacampseros ; orpine. 
Fabcr, the doug, a small fish. 

2 D 

Fabricius, Jerome, a celebrated Ita° 
lian physician and surgeon, who 
died about 1603; he has left se- 
veral valuable treatises in physic 
and surgery. 

Fabrilis nigrica, black lead. 

Fabrorum aqua, forge water. 

Fades, the face. 

Hi/i/iocratica, the Hippocra- 
tic face, indicating death. 

Fades rubra, the red pimpled face ; 
gutta rosacea. 

Factitius, artificial ; formed by art. 

Facultas, faculty, or power to per- 
form any act, either mental or bo- 

F&cula, residua of vegetable juices. 
bryonies, the dried feces of 
bryony root. 

Faculentus, feculent, or dreggy. 

Fax, singular of Faces, the dregs 
of liquors ; alvine evacuations. 

Fagaria major, an aromatic eastern 

Fagaria octandria, the taccamahac- 
ca plant. 

Fagonia, the name of a plant. 

Fagofiyrum, ~) buck wheat, or 

Fagotriticum,} brank. 

Fagus, the beech tree. 

castanea, the chesnut tree. 

Falcanos, arsenic. 

Falcata siliqua cornuta, medic ; fod- 

F A b 

Falcatus, hooked. 

Falciformis, scythe-shaped. 

processus, the falx, or 
falciform process of the dura ma- 
ter which divides the hemispheres 
of the brain. 

Falcinellus, a species of heron ; cur- 

Falco, the falcon. 

Faldella, contorted lint used for com- 

Fallopii ligamentuni, Poupart's liga- 

Fallopius, a physician of Italy, born 
in 1490, after whom several parts 
of the body are named. 

Falx, a scythe; a process of the 
dura mater ; a species of melica. 

Famelicus, hungry ; starved. 

Fames, hunger. 

canina, a voracious, or dog- 
like hunger. 

Famigcratissimum, the name of a 
plaster used in intermittents. 

Faugki, (Chinese) long birthwort. 

Far, any decorticated grain. 

Far elm inalis, allantois . 

Far dura, any animal or fruit filled 
with medicinal ingredients. 

Farctus, stuffed ; crammed. 

r r // r coltsfoot, or tussilago. 
Farfartlla, } 

Farfarus, white poplar. 

Farina, meal ; flour. 

fxcunduns, the impregnating 
dust of plants. 

Farinacea, mealy substances. 

Farinanum, a mealy food used by 
the ancients. 

Farinhafresca, the fine flour of cas- 

Farinha relada, undressed flour of 

Farinifcra, the Indian bread, or sa- 
go tree. 

Farnesianus fos, potatoe ; Jerusa- 
lem artichoke. 

Farrago, bastard sponge. 

Farrea nubes, pityriasis; branny 

Farrens, scurfy. 

Fascia, a bandage, fillet, or roller; 
part of a tendon. 

1 E3 

Fascia dividens, a bandage for the 

Fascia Heliodori, the T bandage. 
lata, a muscle so named from 
its inclosing most of the muscles 
of the os femoris. 
Fascia lumborum, a tendinous ex- 
pansion on the loins, or sa- 
Fascia sex capitian, a six-headed 

Fascia spiralis repens, a spiral rol- 
Fascia uniens, a roller applied to pro- 
mote the union of divided parts. 
Fascialis, tensor vaginae 4emoris; 

musculus sartorius. 
Fascia tio, bandaging. 
Fasciatus, growing in bundles. 
Fascicularis, tuberose roots in bun- 
Fascicalatus, growing in bundles. 
Fasciculus, a handful ; a species of 

Fasciola, the fluke, or gourd worm. 
barbata, the bearded fluke. 
hepatica, the liver fluke. 
inteslinalis, the intestinal 
Fasdir, tin. 

Fastidium, aversion ; loathing. 
Fastigiatus, like the ridge of a 

Fatuitas, idiotism ; fatuity ; foolish- 
Fatuus, silly. 
Fauces, plural of Faux, the top of 

the throat. 
Faufcl, terra Japonica, or catechu; 

Faulcx, steel. 
Faux, the top of the throat; the 

mouth of the tube of a flower. 
Favago australis, bastard sponge. 
Faviformis, like honey-comb. 
Favlnius, the west wind. 
Favus, cerion; a foul ulcer; a spe- 
cies of boletus ; a honey-comb. 
Febricula, a slight degree of symp- 
tomatic fever. 
Febrifuga, medicines removing fe- 
ver; the plant feverfew; lesser 



Febrifugum crcenii, regulus of anti- 
Febrifugum sal, regenerated marine 

Febris, a fever, or pyrexia without 

local disease. 
Febria alba, } 
amatoria, \ 
amjihimerina, a quotidian, or 
remittent fever. 
Febris anginosa, scarlatina anginosa. 
anomala, any irregular, or 
undefined fever. 
Febris afihthosa, an aphthose fever. 
ardens, a burning inflamma- 
tory fever; causos. 
Febris autumnalis,! an autumnal, 
biliosa, $ or bilious fever. 
bullosa, the pemphigus, or 
vesicular fever. 
Febris cacatoria, an intermittent 

with diarrhoea. 
Febris caput imfietens, tertiana ca- 

Febris carcerum, > the prison, or 
castrensis, $ camp fever. 
catarrhalis, the catarrhal fe- 
Febris cholerica, a fever with diar- 
Febris continua, a continued fever. 
assodes, a tertian fe- 
ver with extreme restlessness. 
Febris continua elodes, a fever with 

continual and profuse sweating. 
Febris continua epiala, a fever with 

a continual sense of cold 
Febris continua leifiyria, a fever 
with internal heat and cold extre- 
Febris continua syncopalis, a conti- 
nued fever with swoonings. 
Febris contagiosa, the contagious fe- 
Febris continens, synochus continued 

without intermission. 
Febris critica, a critical fever. 

defuiratoria, the depuratory, 
or cleansing fever. 
Febris decurrens, an ardent fever. 
diaria, amphemerina. 
endemica, the endemical fe- 
ver confined to a particular place. 


Febris e/iidemica, the epidemical fe-= 

Febris erysifielacea, ~> erysipelatous 
erysifielatosa, 5 fever. 
exacerbans, a continued fe- 
ver more urgent at a certain part 
of the day. 
Febris exant/iematica, fever with 

Febris Jlava, the yellow fever. 
hectica, a hectic fever. 
Hungarica, a species of tei*' 
tian fever. 
Febris hydrodes, a fever with pro- 
fuse sweats. 
Febris Indica, the Indian fever. 

inflammatoria, an inflamma- 
tory fever. 
Febris intercurrens, any fever oc- 
curring at all seasons. 
Febris intermittens, an intermittent 

fever, or ague. 
Febris intestinalis, inflammation of 

the intestines. 
Febris lactea, a milk fever. 
lenta, a slow fever. 
lenticularis, "} a species of 
Reticularis, > petechial fe- 
fiuncticularis, J ver. 
lymjihatica, a fever with dis- 
eased lymphatics. 
Febris maligna, the malignant fever. 
hectica, hectic fever 
with putrid symptoms. 
Febris miliaris, the miliary fever. 
mor biliosa, the measles. 
nautica, fever peculiar to sea- 
Febris nervosa, the nervous fever. 
nosocomicorum, fever of hos- 
Febris nova, the new fever. 

fialustris, the marsh fever. 
pemphicodes, pemphigus. 
pestilent, the plague. 
petechiali's, } fever with pur- 
petechizans, \ pie spots. 
jileuritica, the pleurisy. 
pneumonica, the inflamma- 
tion of the lungs. 
Febris purpurata, the purple fever. 
putrida, the putrid fever. 
rr?nittens, remitting fever. 


debris scarlatina, scarlet fever. 

Senegallensis, fever of Sene 

Febris stomachica, inflammation of 

the stomach. 
Febris sudatoria, sweating fever. 

syncofialis, fever attended 

with frequent swooning. 
Febris syneches epidemica, a tertian 

intermittent fever. 
Febris synocha, an ardent fever. 

synochoidea, synochoid fever, 

or of an intermediate degree be- 
tween a synocha and typhoid. 
Febris tertiana, a tertian fever. 

tyfihodes, a typhus, or low 

Febris variolosa, a variolous, or 

small-pox fever. 
Febris vesicatoria, vesicular fever. 
urticaria, fever with nettle 

Fecula, ) the dregs, or lees of li- 
Fecla, ^ quors. 
Fecunditas, fecundity ; fruitful- 


Fezojujrum, ~) c 

/< , v ? fagopyr 

l<egotnticum,} ° * ' 

Fel, bilis; bile; gall. 
naturae, aloes. 

Felis, a cat. 

Fella, sulphureous water. 

Felliculus, vesicula fellis. 

Fellifiua Jiassio, cholera morbus. 

Fellilich, iron. 

Felt-spar, rhombic quartz, the pe 
tuntse of the Chinese, a genus of 
sicilious earths. 

Fcmcn, the thigh. 

Feminus, female. 

Femoralia, breeches. 

Femoralis arteria, the femoral ar- 

Fcmoris os, the thigh bone. 

Femur, the thigh. 

Fenestra ovalis et rotunda, parts of 
the ear. 

Fera/tis, the. strawberry tree. 

Ferina, high delirium 

Ferinu;-, savage; brutal; malig- 

Fermentatio, fermentation, or motion 
of invisible parts. 



Fermentum, ferment ; barm ; yeast; 
leaven ; froth of beer. 

F err amentum, instruments made of 

Ferramentum candens, red hot iron ; 
actual cautery. 

Ferratus, impregnated with iron. 

Ferri rubigo, rust of iron. 
limatura, iron filings. 
tinctura muriata, iron dissolv- 
ed in spirit of salt. 

Ferridus, hot. 

Ferrugo, rust of iron. 

Ferrum, iron. 

ammoniacale, flores mar- 
tiales; colcothar, or iron filings 
sublimed with sal ammoniac. 

Ferrum equinum, horse-shoe vetch. 

saccharatum, candied steel. 

tartarizatum, mars solu- 

bile ; iron exposed to the air with 

crystals of tartar. 

Ferrum vitriolatum, sulphas ferri; 
salt of steel; iron dissolved in 
the vitriolic acid and crystallized; 
green vitriol. 

Fersa, the measles. 

Fertilis, bearing seed ; fertile. 

Ferula, a staff; herb fennel giant. 
Jfricana, galbanifera ; the 
galbanum plant. 

Ferula assafcctida, the plant yield- 
ing assafcetida. 

Ferula folio breviori, bastard spignel. 
galbanifera, small fennel 

Ferula glauco folio, candy all-heal. 
major, fennel giant that af- 
fords sagapenum. 

Ferula minor, all-heal of .ffiscula- 

Ferulacea, ferula galbanifera. 

Ferulago, small fennel giant. 

Feruza, a precious stone. 

Festuca avenacea, the great wild oat 

Festuca Italica, havergrass. 

longis arisiis, bearded like 

Festucago, a wild oat. 

Fiber, the beaver 

Fibra, > a fibre; the smallest or- 

Fibulla, 5 ganized part. 


Fibrine, (French) coagulable lymph. 
Pibroaua, a fibrous root. 
Fibula, the outside, or smallest bone 
of the leg ; a buckle, or button ; 
a contrivance of the ancients for 
bringing the lips of wounds toge- 
FibuUus, a muscle of the fibula. 
Ficaria, knobby-rooted figwort, or 

pilewort; celandine. 
Ficatio, tubercles near the anus and 

Ficatus, fattened by feeding on figs. 
Ficedula, a bird that feeds on figs. 
Fici, excrescences about the funda- 
Ficoidea, "> resembling a fig ; house- 
Ficoides, $ leek. 
Fictilis, of earthenware. 
Ficus, a fig tree; a species of tuber- 
cle appearing near the anus and 
Ficus Americana, « species of thorn 

Ficus JEgyfitiaca, the Cretan mul- 
berry-leaved fig tree ; sycamore. 
Ficus Indica, the banana tree. 
Indicx grana, cochineal. 
inf emails, a species of spurge. 
Malabarica, the fig tree of 
Ficus sativa, the common fig tree. 
Fida, gold or silver. 
Fidda, the moon. 
Fiderilis, chamxpitis, or ground 

Fideum, saffron. 
Fidicinales, small muscles of the 

toes and fingers. 
Fiducia, confidence. 
Figentia, substances which fix vola- 

tiles, and concentrate acids. 
Figura, the figure, or external form. 
Figurata medicamenta, figured me- 
dicines, as pills, troches, Sec. 
Figurata s^crcora, figured, or form- 
ed stools. 
Filacrx radices, roots with nume- 
rous filaments. 
Filago, cud, or cotton weed. 

Alfiina, the herb lion's foot. 
Fi/amcntos us, bearing thready fibres. 
Filamcntum, a filament, or thread- 

like substance ; a part of the sta- 
men in flowers. 

Filellum, the frenum of the pe- 

Filetum, the frenum of the tongue. 

Filicula, common maiden hair. 

jietrx. rut <e facie, white mai- 
den hair. 

Filiformis, thread-shaped. 

Filifiendula, dropwort. 

aquatica, water drop- 

Filius ante jiatrem, any plant whose 
flower comes out before the leaf) 
as coltsfoot. 

Filius albi, ? terms i n alchymy. 

unius ostum, vitriol; orpi- 

Filius unius diet, an egg. 
■veneris, brass. 

Filix, fern, or brakes. 

aculeata, spear-pointed fern. 
Jlorida, the flowering fern. 
famina, female fern, or poly- 
pody, or bracken. 

Filix mas, the male fern, or poly- 

Filix qucrna, the lesser branched, 
or oak fern. 

Filix re fiens, the creeping oak fern. 

Filtratio, filtration, an accurate kind 
of straining. 

Filtrum, a straining, or filtering in- 

Filum arsenicale, corrosive subli- 

Fimbria, fringe ; catablema ; applied 
to leaves with jagged edges. 

Fimbria:, the extremities of the Fal- 
lopian tubes. 

Fimbricata, fringed, or jagged. 

Fimus, animal stercus, or dung. 

Fingrigo, a West Indian plant call- 
ed pisonia. 

Firex, oil. 

Firfir, a red colour. 

Firmamentum, the firmament, hea- 
vens, or sky. 

Firmamentum licminis, the constitu- 
tion of man. 

Firmisium mineralium, antimony. 
itlatio, anatomical dissection. 


Fissilis, slate. 

lafiis, the Irish slate. 

Fissi/ies, cloven footed. 

Fissum, fistula ani ; the broad liga- 
ment of the liver. 

Fissura, a fissure, crack, or fracture. 

cerebri, } a deep, nar- 

magna sylvii, } row sulcus 

dividing the anterior and middle 

lobes of the cerebrum on each 


Fissus, cloven. 

Fistilla, gruel of pulse. 

Fistula, a hollow sinuous ulcer; a 
catheter, or any pipe; a clyster 

Fistula in ano, a fistula in or near 
the anus. 

Fistula efiididymi,VL?isl\i\a in the epi- 

Fistula lachrymalis, a fistula of the 
lachrymal sac. 

Fistula in fierinao, a fistula in the 

Fistula fiulmonalis, trachea arteria. 
urinaria, the urethra. 

Fistularia, stavesacre. 

Fistularis, pipe-like ; epithet of tu- 
telar plants. 

Fixa, a substance not volatilized by 

Fixatio, fixing any volatile substan- 

Flabelliformis, fan-shaped. 

Flabellum marinum, a species of co- 

Flaccidus, withered ; flaccid. 

Flagellatio, a whipping, or scourg- 

Flagellum, (in botany) a shoot like a 
lash, or thong ; a barren £wig. 

Flammeolum, a species of spurge. 

Flammula, silk for setons; a species 
of ranunculus ; hearts-ease. 

Flammula jovis, the upright lady's- 

F'atuari;, chymists. 

Flatulenlus, windy; troubled with 

Flatus, flatus, flatulence, or wind. 

furiosus, a painful disease 
from wind 

Flavedo, yellowness. 


Fiavum lignum, fustick wood of Ju- 


Flegmen, $ cles ; any callous furrow 
in the hands. 

Flcresin, the gout. 

Fletus, weeping. 

Flexor, a bender, applied to muscles. 

Flexor brevis minimi digiti manus, 
a muscle of the little finger. 

Flexor capitis, a muscle of the hind 
head, or occiput. 

Flexor car/ii radialis, ) muscles of 
ulnaris, 3 the wrist. 
digiti fiarvi, a muscle of the 
little finger. 

Flexor digitorum accessori us, a mus- 
cle of the foot. 

Flexor internodii digitorum fiedis,^ 
muscle of the toes. 

Flexor internodii firimi fiollicis ma- 
nus, a muscle of the thumb. 

Flexor internodif Jirimi ct secundi 
fiollicis, a muscle of the great and 
second toe. ' 

Flexor internodii secundi digitorum 
manus, a muscle of the fingers 
and thumb. 

Flexor internodii secundi fiollicis 
manus, a muscle of the fingers 
and thumb. 

Flexor internodii tertii digitorum 
manus, a muscle of the hand. 

Flexor internodii tertii fiollicis, a 
muscle of the thumb. 

Flexor longus, a muscle of the foot. 
fiollicis brevis, a muocle of 
the great toe. 

Flexor fiollicis longus manus, a mus- 
cle of the hand 

Flexor fiollicis longus fit dis, a mus- 
cle of the foot. 

Flexor fiollici* ossis firimi ct secun- 
di, a muscle of the thumb. 

Flexor subtimi.s, a muscle of the foot. 

Flocculi urimc, the £pe leaf-like 
clouds in urine. 

F,< xuo.sus, a stalk with many turn- 

Floralit,, a flower leaf. 

Florea, flowers; t > name for the con- 
densed parts of a body volatilized 
by heat. 


Flores argentei, flowers of anti- 
Floret benzoini, flowers of Benja- 
min; benzoic acid. 
Flora martialcs, ferrum ammoni- 

Flores salis ammoniaci, flowers of 

Flores sulfilmris, flowers of sulphur. 
lotif flowers of sul- 
phur washed. 
Flores zinei, flowers of zinc. 
Floreacentia, (in botany) the act of 

Flos, a flower in botany. 

*m, flowers of copper. 
amentaceus, flowers in a bun- 
dle, or catkin. 
Flos ambcrvalis, common blue milk- 
Flos amoris, flower gentle. 

a/ietalus, a flower without pe- 
Flos camfianiformis, a bell- shaped 

Floa caryoji/tyllxus, a clove-shaped 

Floa comjiositus, a compound flow- 
Flos cruciformis, the crucial, or 
cross-like flower, as cabbage, 8cc. 
Flos cuculi, the cardamine, or lady's 

Flos ferric a species of calcareous 

Flos Jlosculosus, floscules composed 

of several florets. 
Flos infundibuliformis, a funnel 

shaped flower. 
Flos jovis, saffron, or crocus. 

labiatus, a lip-shaped flower. 
lactis, cream. 

liliaceus, lilly-shaped flower. 
mirabilis, the jalap plant. 
monofietalus, a flower with one 
Flos monofietalus anomalus, an irre- 
gular flower with one leaf. 
Floa jiafiilionacetis, a butterfly-like 

flower, as the pea, &c. 
Flos fiassionia, passion flower. 

ficrsonatus, a flower resembling 
a mask. 


Flos fietalodes, £ flowers with nu- 
fiolyfietalus, £ merous petals. 
fiyramidalis, the jessamine arti- 
Floa radicttus, a radiated flower. 
regius, delphinium. 
rosaccus, a rose-shaped flower. 
rotatus, a wheel-shaped flower. 
salts, a saline matter on the 
surface of the Nile. 
Flos sanguineus monardi, Indian 

Floa scorfiioides, flower twisted like 

a scorpion's tail. 
Flos semijlosculosus, semiflosculous ; 

semiflorets in one calyx. 
Flos solis, a sun flower. 

sjiicatus, a spiked flower. 
stamineus, flower without pe- 
tals having many chives in a ca- 
Flos sterilis, barren flower having 

no embryo ; male flowers. 
Flos terra, a jelly-like substance 

found in the fields after rain. 
Flos trinitalis, the violet. 
trollius, hellebore. 
■ventriculatas, whorle-shaped 
Flos umbellatus, umbellated, as pars- 
ley, carrot, hemlock, &c. 
Flos unguentorum, emplastrum a 

Flos urceolatus, pitcher-shaped 

Flosculus, a little flower or floret. 
Fluas, fluat ; fluoric acid with vari- 
ous bases. 
Fluas calcareus, fluat of lime ; fluor 

Fluas cufiri, fluat of copper. 
Fluctuatio, fluctuation, or undula- 
tion of a contained fluid. 
Fluiditas, fluidity ; that looseness of 
texture which will not keep the 
particles together in a depend- 
ing position. 
Fluor, any fusible stone; fluidity; 

the Derbyshire spar. 
Fluor albus, leucorrhoea, the whites ; 
a serous discharge from the vagi- 

trieffoi'mis) fluor spars re- 


sembling vegetables in configu- 
Fluor muliebria, leucorrhcca. 
Fins, fluor ; any fusible stone ; spar. 
Flut a* tbe lamprey fisb. 
Fluviatilis, belonging to, or- grow- 
ing in a river. 
Fluxio, a common cold, or catarrh. 
Fluxus, a flux ; tlefluxion ; fusion. 
abortivun, abortion, or mis- 
Fluxus hefiaticus, a bilious diarrhoea. 
Fluxus dysentcricus, dysenteria. 
Focarius, bread baked on the coals. 
Focile majus, ulna ; tibia. 

minus, radius and fibula. 
Focus, the point where rays meet; 
a fire-place ; a melting house ; 
a lobe of the liver. 
Focus rnorbi, the seat of disease. 
Fodina, a quarry ; the labyrinth of 

the ear. 
Fcecwidilas, fruitfulness. 
Foedula, a fungus. 
Fannina, a woman, or female. 
Fceniculatum lignum, sassafras. 
Focniculum, fennel, or finckle. 

Alfrinum, herb spignel. 
annuum, royal cumin. 
duke, sweet fennel. 
erraticum, English saxi- 
Fcejuculum marintim, samphire. 
orientate, cuminum. 
fiorcinum, hog's fennel. 
sinense, aniseed. 
sylvestre, bastard spig 
Fceniculum tortuoswn, French hart- 

Fceniculum vulgare, common finc- 
kle, or fennel. 
Fornix, the philosopher's stone. 
Ftxnum Burgundiucum, medic fod- 
Fcenum camelorum, juncus odora- 

Fxnum grxcum, fenugreek. 

sylvestre, wild fe- 
Fata, a lying-in female. 
Fcctabulum, an encysted abscess; a 
foul ulcer. 


Fcetidus, stinking. 

Fator,a stink; foetid effluvia from 

the body, or diseased part. 
Fa'tus, a young animal before 

Fo/iaceus, growing upon the leaves. 
Foliaceum ornamt)itiiin, the fringe 

of the fallopian tube. 
Folia Malabathri, leaves of the cin- 
namon tree. 
Foliaris, proceeding from a leaf. 
Foliata terra, sulphur; diuretU 

Foliatio, foliation ; the finer colour- 
ed leaves or petals of plants. 
Foliatus, covered with leaves. 
Folifcrus, bearing leaves. 
Foliolum, a little leaf. 
Foliosus, covered with leaves. 
Folium, a leaf; the philosopher's 

stone ; a relaxed uvula ; laurus 

Folium alatum, a winged leaf. 

angulatum, an angular, or 

cornered leaf. 
Folium auriculatum, an ear-like 

Folium comfxositum, a compound 

Folium crenatum, a leaf that is cut 

about the edges into notches. 
Folium digitatum, a digitated, or 

hand-like leaf. 
Folium 5-foliatum, a digitated leaf 

of five fingers. 
Folium integrum, an entire undivid- 
ed leaf. 
Folium lanciniatum, a jagged leaf. 
orientale, senna 
jicnnatum, a pennated, or 

winged leaf. 
Folium rajnosum, a branched leaf. 
sagittatum, an arrow-shaped 

Folium serralum, a leaf like a saw. 
simplex, a simple leaf. 
sinuatum, a leaf with deep 

indentations on the edge. 
Folium trifoliatum, a leaf consisting 

of three smaller ones. 
Folium trilobatum, a leaf with three 

Folium umbilicatum, navel-like leaf. 


Folium Indum, Indian leaf; wild 

Funiculus, a follicle ; a gland ; a lit- 
tle bag or fold. 

Folticulus fellis, the gall bladder. 

Follis, a follicle, folding, cavity, or 

Fom, sound; voice. 

Fomentatio, ) fomentation ; bathing 

Foment urn, $ with hot medicated 

Fumes, fuel. 

morbi, the fuel, pr continual- 
ly acting cause of disease. 

Faines -vcntriculi, the spleen. 

Fomites, contagious clothes, or the 
infectious causes. 

Fons, a fountain; the fontanella in 

Fons chemix, the fountain of chy- 
mistry ; mercury. 

Fons chirurgicus, the capacity to 

Fons dixteticus, all remedies drawn 
from diet. 

Fons fiharmaceuticus, all remedies 
drawn from the materia medica. 

Fons fihilosofihorum, the philoso- 
pher's fountain; the balneum 

Fons fiulsans, 7 
lis, 5 

, fontanella. 


Fontale acetosum, acidulous waters 

Font alls major, broad-leaved pond- 

Fontanel, ) the fontanell ; the mem- 

Fontanella, £ brane covering the a- 
perture at the sutures of the 
heads of children. 

Fonticulus, an issue, or artificial ul- 

Fontinalis, a species of moss. 

Foramen, a hole; a little opening. 
caecum, a rima, or chap in 
the middle of the tongue. 

Foramen lacerum, a hole in the os 
sphenoides admitting the passage 
of the internal jugular vein, and 
eighth pair of accessory nerves. 

Foramen o/aicu?n, the hole trans- 
mitting the optic nerve. 

Foramen ovale, the hole in the sep- 
tum of the foetal heart. 

2 E ' 

an earwig. 


Foraminulentum os, the ethmoid 

Forcefis, pincers ; forceps as used in 
midwifery ; a pair of tongs. 

For/ex, scissars; 3 tooth instru- 



Foria, thin excrements. 

Forma, the form of any body. 

Formatio, the external shape of any 

Formatus, any muscular substance. 

Formias, formiat ; the formic, or 
acid of ants with various bases. 

Formica, the ant ; pismire ; a black 
wart; varicose tumours on the 
anus and penis. 

Formica miliaris, any herpetic erup- 

Formica major, the horse ant. 

minor, the common ant, or 

Formicans, a low unequal pulse. 

Formicatio, a sensation like the 
creeping of ants. 

Formicus, produced from ants. 

Formix, noli me tangere ; herpes 
exedens ; a species of herpetic 

Formula, any form of medicinal pre- 
paration in extemporaneous prac- 

Formula urinx, red and clear urine. 

Fornacex testa, heated bricks acting 
as caustics. 

Fornacum terra, the earth of furna- 
ces acting escharotically. 

Fornax, a furnace ; a chimney. 

Fornicatus, arched flower leaves ; a 
botanical term. 

Fornix, an arch, or vault ; a hot 
sweating room ; a part of the cor- 
pus collosum of the brain. 

For/iex, forfex ; scissars. 

Fortis, strong. 

aqua, nitrous acid; caustic 
alkaline lixivium 

Fossa, a little depression, or sinus ; 
a groove ; a ditch ; the pudendum 

Fossa amynta, a double-headed 
roller for the face. 


Fossa ?nagna, ) the great groove 
navicularu, ^ of the ear ; the 

pudendum muliebre. 
Fossa pituitaria, the fossa of the 

sella turcica of the sphenoid.bone. 
F"ossilis, any thing dug out of the 

Fossilis sal, sal gem. 
Fossilus, the bone of the leg. 
Fossio, digging by way of exercise. 
Fossula, bothrion ; a socket. 
Fotus, fomentation. 

anodynus, fomentation with 

poppy heads. 
Fotus restringens, fomentation with 

forge water. 
Fovalis, the depression in the right 

auricle of the heart, where the 

foramen ovale of the foetus ex- 

Fovea, a little depression ; the pu- 
dendum muliebre ; bothrion ; a 

partial sweating bath. 
Fovea cordis, the hollow of the 

Foveo, to foment. 
Fovilla, a fine substance exploded 

by the pollen in the anthers of 

Fraces, the pressed pulp of the olive. 
Fractura, a fracture of a bone. 
Frenator, a muscle of the neck. 
Frenulum, ~) the annular ligaments ; 
Frxnum, $ a bridle ; the fncnum 

of the tongue or penis. 
Frenum lingua, the frenum, or bri 

die of the tongue. 
Frenum penis, the frenum, or bridle 

of the penis. 

pentaphxjlli fructu, a spe 

cies of wild tansey. 
Fragaria sterilis, } barren strawber 
F"ragaroides, } ry. 

Fragifcra major, 5 strawberry spi 

minor, § nage. 
Fragilitas ossium, brittleness of 

F ragmen, 
Fragum, a strawberry 

the strawberry. 

a splinter of a bone. 


Frambcesia, the Indian yaws; the 

Francolin, the attagen ; Asiatic par- 
tridge, or moor game. 

Frangula, the black alder tree. 

Frankenia, the name of a plant. 

Fraxinella, bastard dittany. 

Fraxinus, the ash tree. 

ornus, ) ash that 

rotundifolia, } yields 

Frena, the sockets of the teeth. 

Frenans medicamentuvi, any febri- 

Fresum, peeled, or broken. 

Friabilitas ossium, the brittleness of 

Fricium, fricatorium medicamen- 
tum ; any remedy rubbed on the 

Fricta, colophony, or black rosin. 

Frictio, rubbing ; friction. 

Friesel, the miliary fever, 

Frigerana, ? . . , r 

„ ? . ' 5- a putrid lever. 
rrigerana, } r 

Frigida, cold water. 

Frigidus, frigid, cold ; want of force 
or vigour. 

Frigidarium, a cold bath ; a refrige- 

Frigiditas, frigidity ; impotence. 

F'rigns, cold ; coldness of the hands 
and feet. 

Fringilla, the chaffinch. 

Frmgillago, the titmouse.' 

Fritta, fritt; a concrete of soda, Sec. 
in making glass. 

Frittillaria, the frittillary, or check- 
ered tulip. 

Frixus, fried. 

Frondescentia, the time when plants 
come into leaf. 

Frondipora, a marine plant. 

Frons, the forehead. 

Frontale, any application to the fore- 

Frontalia, applications to the fore- 
head, as bran, manna, &c. 

Frontalis nxusculus, ~) a muscle of 
veru.s-, £ the forehead- 
nervus, a branch of tbe 
fifth pair of nerves. 


Frontalis sinus, sinus between the 
bones of the forehead. 

Frontalis vena, a branch of the ex- 
ternal jugular vein. 

Frontis os, the frontal bone, or bone 
of the forehead. 

Fronto, a large forehead. 

Fructescentia, the time when the 
seeds ripen 

Fructificatio, fructification, or fruit 
ing ; the parts of plants producing 

Fructiferus, bearing fruit. 

Fructiflorus, bearing fruit and flow- 
ers at the same time. 

Fructus, fruit. 

honei, summer fruits. 
orbicularis Jiercgrinus, co- 
lubrinum lignum. 

Fructus umbilicatus, umbilicated 
fruit, as the medlar and persim- 

Fruges, corn ; grain ; all kinds of 

Frugifera, the wheat ear 



Frumentaceus, wheat, or wheat-like 

Frumentum, corn ; wheat. 

corru/itum, malt. 
Jndicum, ) maize, or 
Turcicum, 5 Indian 

Frumentum Saraccnicum^ buck 

Frustancus, (in botany) having use- 
less florets. 

Frustula, small pieces, or fragments. 

Frutescens, shrubby. 

Frutex, any low, woody plant, or 

Frutex JEthiofiicus, the Ethiopian 

Frutex Africanus ambarum sfiirans, 
golden locks. 

Frutex Jfricanus conifer., the silver 
tree of Africa. 

Frutex baccifer Brasiliensis } a Bra- 
silian shrub. 

Frutex coronarius, water lily. 

Frutex Indicm bacciferus, a berry- 
bearing shrub of India. 

the rook. 


Frutex Indicus s/iinosus, an Indian 
shrub like the caper. 

Frutex odoratus sejitentrionalium, 
Dutch myrtle. 

Frutex fiavoninus, flower fence. 

terribilis, the alypum, or 
herb terrible. 

Fruticosus, fruticose; any plant 
abounding in hard wood. 

Fuca, a fish like a roach. 

Fucatus, palliative. 

Fucoides, ficoid ; a succulent aqua- 
tic plant ; anchusa. 

Fucus, common sea wrack, or alga ; 
a colour to paint the face. 

Fucus agrestis, bastard saffron. 

esculentus, eatable fucus, blad- 
der locks, or tangle. 

Fucus lactucte folio, the sea plant 
oyster green. 

Fucus maritimus, T the marine al- 
vesiculosus, >ga, or sea oak, 
marinus, J yielding soda, 
or alkaline salt. 

Fucus tubulosus, the plant sea chit- 

Fuga dxmonum, St. John's wort, or 

Fugacissimus, (in botany) when the 
petals soon fall off. 

Fugile, ear wax ; an appearance in 
the urine like wax; a bubo, or 
other tumour. 

Fugitivus servus, mercury. 

Fukratus, (in botany) propped. 

Fulcrum, a prop. 

Fulica, the bird called a coot. 

Fuligi nosusf exhalations of the na- 
ture of smoke. 

Fuligo, > common chimney 

ligni, ^ soot. 

metallorum, arsenic; mer- 

FuIIq, an earwig. 

Fubninaris lapis, fulminating gold. 

Fulminatio, fulmination, or explod- 

Fumans nix, quick-lime. 

Fumaria, common purple fumitory. 
alba, African climbing 
bladder fumitory. 

Fumaria bulbosa, great bulbous fu- 


PiamgatiO) fumigation j application 
of steam, or vapour. 

Fionas, a smoke. 

albus, mercury. 
citrinus, sulphur. 
duplex, sulphur and mer- 

Fnhius rubens, orpiment. 

terra, African climbing blad- 
der fumitory. 

Functio, function, office, or action of 
a part. 

Functiones animates, feeling, sight, 
imagination, judgment, passions, 
voluntary motion, &c. 

Functiones naturaiesi, digestion, se- 
cretion, and excretion. 

Functiones vitalcs, respiration and 
the circulation. 

Funda, the sling, or stirrup, a sort of 

Fundalia, fxcula; fundus, the bot- 

Fungoides, species of fungus. 

Fungus, fungus, or toad's stool ; 
mushroom ; proud flesh, or a 
spongy excrescence in wounds ; a 
white swelling. 

Fungus albus acris, pepper mush- 

Fungus articuli, the spina ventosa 
or carious bone. 

Fungus cerebri, hernia cerebri. 
igniariu.s, agaricus. 
laricis, common agaric. . 
maximus rotundus fmlveru- 
lentus, dusty mushrooms, or pufl 

Fungus membranaceus, Jew's ear 

jiifieratus albus, pepper 

Fungus fietrteus marinus, sea r 
velwort, or androsace. 

Fungus sambuci, Jew's ear. 


Funiculus umbi/icalis, the umbilical 

cord, or navel string. 
Funis, a cord, or rope. 

brachii, the median vein of the 

Funis umbilicalis, the umbilical 

cord, or navel string. 
Furca, a fork ; a species of armature 

of plants. 
Furcala, the clavicle, or collarbone. 
Furcatus, forked. 
Furcella, ~) the ensiform 

Furcula inferior, 5 cartilage. 
Furfur, bran ; scurf, dandriff, a dis- 
ease of the skin. 
Furfura, scurf. 

Furfuraceus, } branny; branny ap- 
Furfuratio, $ pearance on the skin, 

or in the urine. 
Furfures, branny sediment in urine. 
Furfurosi, persons with branny sca- 

liness in the head. 
Furia, a Swedish zoophyte insect. 
Furiosus, a painful disease arising 

from wind. 
Furnus, a furnace. 
Furo, the ferret. 

Furor, violent delirium without fe- 
ver; insanity; lunacy. 
Furor uterinus, nymphomania, or 

female libidinous propensity. 
Furunculus, a phlegmon ; a boil, or 

Fusaneus, sporadicus. 
Fusanus, } prickwood ; the spindle 
Fusaria, $ tree. 
Fusiformis, (in botany) tapering like 

a spindle. 
Fusio, fusion ; melting ; passage of 

a body from a solid to a fluid state. 
Fusterna, the upper part of a fir 

Fusus, bastard saffron. 
Fyada, mercury. 

G A L 



QABBARA, a mummy. 

Gabianum oleum, common tar; 
Gabirea, a species of myrrh. 
Gabrien, aqua mercurialis. 
Gacirma, an Indian mulberry-like 

Gxodes, a species of xtites, or eagle 

Gagates, jets. 

Gagel, sweet willow, or Dutch myr- 

Gaidcrothymum, a species of hore- 

Gal. abbreviation of Galen. 

Gala, milk. 

Galacia, the milky way in the sky. 

Galacorta, viper grass. 

Galactia, a too great secretion of 

Galactina, milky food. 

Galactirrhoea, a too great secretion 
of milk. 

Galactitcs, lapis galactites; milk 
stone, an inferior kind of French 

Galactodes, milk warm; a milky co- 

Galactejihora medicamenta, > medi- 

Galacto/ioietica, \ cines 

increasing milk. 

Galacto/ihori ductus, the lacteal ves- 
sels which form the nipple. 

Galacto/ihoron, conveying milk. 

Galucto/wsia, drinking milk as a re- 
medy ; a milk diet. 

Galtena inanis, bismuth, a semi-me- 

Galanga, galangal ; a bitter East In- 
dian root. 

Galatuhus, the snow drop. 

Galaracides, ~> galactites ; the milk 

Galaractis, $ stone. 

Galastioida, moth mullein. 

Galaturte, mucilages of quince, crabs, 
or frog spawn. 

Galaxa, the milky way ; the lac- 

Galaxias, a stone of a milky colour. 

Galba, a mite, or maggot. 

Galbanetum, an ancient composition 
of galbanum, not now in use. 

Galbanum, gum galbanum; a fetid 
Syrian antispasmodic gum-resin. 

Gaabel, > a kind of bracelet worn 

Galbeum, 3 medicinally. 

Galbula, ) cypress nuts ; the bird 

Galbulus, 5 witwall. 

Galbulus, a person whose skin is na- 
turally yellow. 

Galda gumjni, a gum-resin of old 
writers, not now used; in smell 
and taste somewhat resembling 
gum elemi. 

Gale, sweet willow, or Dutch myr- 

Galea, the amnios ; a head bandage ; 
the upper lip of a Iabiated flower; 
a species of head-ach ; a helmet. 

Galeuniones, persons with arms of 
an unequal length. 

Galeanthrofiia, a species of madness,, 
in which the manners of a cat are 

Galeata, a species of sideritis. 

Galeatus, (in botany) leaves or flow- 
ers having the shape of a hel- 

Galega, goat's rue. 

nemorosa -verna, wood, or 
heath peas. 

Galtgx, a species of senna. 

Galen, Claude, a celebrated physi- 
cian of Pergamus in Lesser Asia, 
born about the year 131, and died 
about the year 200. Among the 
ancient physicians, he ranks next 
to Hippocrates. 

Galena, an ancient name of Venice 
treacle; a species of lead ore; 
plumbago; niolybdxna. 

GalentOf a plant. 

hedge nettle. 


Galenica, medicines prepared ac 
cording to Galen. 

Galenion, a species of cataplasm, or 

Galenisti, physicians disciples of Ga 



lutca, spotted yellow arch- 

Galericulum ajwneuroticum, the ten- 
dinous expansion which lies over 
the pericranium. 

Galeritia, butter bur, or pestilent 

Galgiolus, charadrius ; a bird 

Gali, the indigo plant. 

Galia, a gall ; an antidote of galls, 
dates, and myrobalans. 

Galia aromatica, ) an antidote of nut 
viuscata, 3 megs, cinnamon 

Galia zibettina, an antidote contain' 
ing civet perfume. 

Galiancon, one arm shorter than the 

Galithenum, galthienum 

Galium ajicrinc, goose grass; cli- 
vers ; hay-riff. 

Galium vcrum, lady's bed straw 
herb cheese-rennet. 

Galia, the gall-nut; an astringent 
excrescence on the oak tree. 

Gallatura, the most dense part of 
the white of egg. 

Gallena tcssulata, lead ore 

Galli crista, penny grass; rattle 

Gallicus morbus, lues venerea. 

Gallina aqualica, the moor hen 

domestica, the barn door 

Gallinaceus lapis, a substance pro- 
duced by volcanic fires, the lapis 
obsidianus of the ancients. 

Gallina:, one of the six orders of 
birds, according to the Linnsan 

Gallinaginis caput, part of the pros- 
tate gland. 

Gallinago, the woodcock. 

viinor, the snipe. 
assa, a vapour ; or exhalation. 


Gallinula, the moor hen. 

Gallion, } lady's bed straw of the 

Gallium, $ rocks. 

latifoliumjlore luteo, a spe- 
cies of crosswort. 

Gallitricho affinis, the red archangel, 
or lamium. 

Gallitrichum, sclarea, or garden cla- 

Gallitrichum folio rotundiore, the 
wild baum. 

Gallivassa, the large Mexican crow; 
remedy in small-pox. 

Gallium, the plant cheese rennet, or 
lady's bed straw. 

Gallopavo, the peacock. 

G alios, a eunuch. 

Gallus, the barn door cock. 

Galreda, animal jelly; excrementi- 
tious mouldiness. 

Galseminium, jasminum, or jessa- 

Galthienum, the conserving faculty 
of all bodies. 

Galvani, the celebrated discoverer 
of that principle denominated from 
him galvanism. 

Gamahxi, fossils having impressions 
of plants, 8cc. 

Gamaheos, the fourth species of the 
magic art. 

Gamaheu, gamahxi. 

Gamaheum conjugium, the imagi- 
nary union of celestial and ele- 
mentary properties. 

Gamandra, ~\ 

Gambogia, , „ 

Gambolium U utta S amba ' or S am " 
^ambogium, v. ^ Malftbar> 

Gumboidca, J ° 


Gamatha, ~) , ■ 

Gamathai, 3 

Gambienae gummi, gum kino. 

Gammant, a crooked bistoury. 

Gammaro8, the cray fish, or river 

Gammata ferramenta, instruments 
for the cure of hydrocele by cau- 

Gamon, gamboge. 

Gamjihcle, the cheek; the jaw. 

Gafnfigonyx, a bird of prey. 

Gangamon, the omentum. 


Gangitis, jett. 

Gangila, the sesamum, or oily purg- 
ing grain of Egypt. 

Ganglion, a knot, or protuberance on 
a nerve or ligament. 

(hmgrxna, a gangrene, or mortifi- 

Gangrana anginosa, the malignant 
sore throat ; anasarca. 

Gangrxna oris, cancrum oris. 

ossis, a carious bone ; 
spina ventosa. 

Gangrinos sal, sea, or fossil salt. 

G (Uigur, the stony matter interposed 
between metallic particles. 

Ganitncdcs, white sulphur. 

Gannana, ? . r> • 

' . . > cortex Peruvianus. 
Gannafwndr, ^ 

Garab, xgilops, or goat's eye. 
Garb, a species of willow. 
Garent-ouguan, the ginseng root. 
Gargale, ~\ irritation st i mu i at . 
Gargalos, j. . 
Gargalismos, J & 
Gargareon, uvula. 
Gargarisma, ~) a gargle, or wash for 
Gargarismus, 5 a sore throat. 
Gar gat hum, a bed for lunatics. 
Garidclla, a plant with leaves like 

Garon, > ic kled fish or ; ck , e 
Garum, 5 

Garosmum, stinking orache. 
liurrotillo, a Spanish name for ma- 
lignant sore throat. 
Ganjo/ihylla janamunda,} the herb 
iiaryophyllata, 5 bennet. 

Garijo/i/rillon Plinii, the clove-bear 

ing tree. 
Garyojihyllus, the aromatic clove. 
Gas, gas ; any elastic, or aeriform 

Gas acidum acetosum, acid air of 

Gas acidum carbonicum, ~) carbonic 
calcareum, 5 acid gas ; 

fixed air. 
Gas acidum fiuoricum, fluoric acid 

gas; spathic acid gas. 
Gas acidum muriaticum, muriatic 

acid gas; marine acid. 
Gas acidum muriaticum oxygena- 

turn, dephlogisticated marine acid 


Gas acidum nitrosum, the exhalation 
of nitrous acid. 

Gas acidum Prussicu?n, gas of Prus- 
sian blue. 

Gas acidum sulfihurcum, vitriolic 
acid air. 

Gas ammoniacale, ammoniacal gas; 
alkaline air. 

Gas azoticum, azotic gas; vitiated 
air; phlogisticated air of the old 

Gas fructuum, gas, or vapour of 

Gas hydrogenium, hydrogen gas; 
inflammable air; Kirvvan's phlo- 

Gas hydrogenium carboncium, car- 
bonated hydrogen gas ; inflam- 
mable gas with charcoal. 

Gas hydrogenium paludum, hydro- 
gen gas of marshes ; mephetized 
inflammable gas ; inflammable air 
of marshes. 

Gas hydrogenium suljihuratum, sul- 
phurated hydrogen gas. 

Gas hydrogenium Ji/io.sfiliuri.satum, 
phosphorized hydrogen gas ; phos- 
phoric gas. 

Gas oxygenium, oxygen gas; vital 
air; pure air; dephlogisticated 
air of Priestley. 

Gas jiingue suljihuratum, exhala- 
tions from caves and mines. 

Gas salium, gas, or vapour of 

Gas siccum, corrosive sublimate of 

Gas sul/ihuris, spirit of sulphur. 

Gas sylvestre, the vapour of fer- 
menting liquors. 

Gas ventosum, common air. 

vitale, the spirit of animal life, 
or vital principle. 

Gascoigni fiulvis, powder of bezoar. 

Gasella, the gazelle, or African wild 

Gaster, the stomach; belly; ute- 


Gasteranax, the digestive princi- 

Gastralgia,the stomach in a state of 
inertia, as in the last and worst 
j;tate of dyspepsia. 


Gastrica, belonging to the stomach ; 

pain in the stomach. 
Gastrica arteria dextra, the right 

gastric artery. 
Gastrica arteria sinistra, the left 

gastric artery. 
Gastrica major, the right gastric ar- 
Gastrica minor, the left gastric ar- 
Gastrica -vena e/ii/Uoica sinistra, the 

left gastric vein. 
Gastrica vena recta, gastric pyloric 

Gastrica vena sinistra, the left gas- 
tric vein. 
Gastricuki, chronic inflammation of 

the stomach. 
Gastricus snccus, the gastric juice ; 

the digestive menstruum. 
Gastri?ium, alkali ; potash. 
Gastritis, inflammation of the sto- 
Gastritis erythematica, inflamma- 
tion of the stomach with inflamed 
Gastritis erysi/ielatosa, inflammation 

of the stomach with erysipelas. 
Gastritis cxanthematica, inflamma- 
tion of the stomach with eruption 
on the skin. 
Gastritis injlammatoria, true inflam- 
mation of the stomach. 
Gastritis herniosa, inflammation of 

the stomach with rupture. 
Gastritis legitima, ~) inflam 

Jihlegmonodea, 5 mation of 
the stomach with ardent fever 
Gastritis sterno-costalis, a species of 

Gastritis a veneno, inflammation of 

the stomach from poison. 
Gastrocele, a hernia of the stomach. 
Gastrocnemii, } muscles 

externi, 5 forming 
the calf or belly of the leg, whose 
tendon is the tendo Achillis. 
Gastrocnemius internus, the soleusj 

a posterior muscle of the leg. 
Gastrocnemium, the calf of the leg. 
Gastro-colica vena, branch of the 
meseraic vein. 


Gastrodynia, pain in the stomach 
without fever. 

Gastrodynia Americana, gastrodynia 
of America. 

Gastrodynia astringens, pain in the 
stomach with costiveness. 

Gastrodynia atterens, pain in the 
stomach with wasting. 

Gastrodynia biliosa, pain in the sto- 
mach from bile. 

Gastrodynia calculosa, pain in the 
stomach from stone. 

Gastrodynia c/ilorotica, pain in the 
stomach from green sickness. 

Gastrodynia febricosa, pain in the 
stomach accompanying fever. 

Gastrodynia Jiatulcnta, pain in the 
stomach from wind. 

Gastrodynia a frigorc, pain in the 
stomach from cold. 

Gastrodynia gastrocelica, pain in the 
stomach from hernia. 

Gastrodynia hyfiochondriaca, pain 
in the stomach with hypochon- 

Gastrodynia hysterica, pain in the 
stomach with hysteria. 

Gastrodynia mctastatica, pain in the 
stomach from translated morbid 

Gastrodynia a fieregrinis, pain in 
the stomach from taking indiges- 
tible substances. 

Gastrodynia fieriodynia, periodical 
inflammation in the stomach. 

Gastrodynia Jiulsatilis, inflammation 
in the stomach with pulsation. 

Gastrodynia saburralis, inflamma- 
tion in the stomach from reple- 

Gastrodynia a veneno, inflammation. 

in the stomach from poison. 
Gastrodynia ulcerosa, inflammatioa 

in the stomach from ulcer. 
Gastrodynia a xi/ihoide, inflamma- 
tion in the stomach from the en- 
siform cartilage pressing it. 
Gustro-e/ii/iloica, general epithet for 
the vessels of the stomach and 
Gastro-e/ti/doica vena, a branch of 
the left gastric vein. 


Gastrorafihia, gastroraphy, or the 
operation of sewing a wound in 
the belly. 

Gastrotomiu, the Cesarean opera- 

Gatrinum, kali; potash. 

Gattaria, mentha cataria. 

Gaubius, Hieronymus David, a cele- 
brated Dutch physician, and pro- 
fessor of chymistry at Leyden for 
40 years. He died, aged 76, in 

Gaudium, joy. 

Gausoa, gibbous ; convex. 

Gaulc, sweet willow, or Dutch myr- 

Gaz, Vide Gas. 

Gazar, the bay tree. 

Gazclla, the goat affording oriental 

Ge, the earth. 

Gecco, a name for a most virulent 
poison of the Indians, said to be 
produced from their most poison- 
ous serpents. 

Gccharsun, a frog. 

Gcchyton, the soft external part of 
the earth. 

Gedivar, zedoary. 

C : iniiomcnos, ~) . , , 

~r° . ' S- enervated ; weak. 

Geguiomenus, ) 

Get noma, ~) the prominence of the 

(Prison, 5 eye-brows. 

Gelasinos, ^ laughter; the four mid- 

(ielasinus,) die fore teeth. 

(lelasmus, the sardonic laughter; a 
laugh when in pain. 

(lelatina, jelly. 

avenue, jelly of oatmeal. 
cornu cervi, jelly of harts- 

Gelatinaribesix rubra, red currant 

Grlatina vituli, calf's feet jelly. 

Gelatinosus, gelatinous, or approach- 
ing to the consistence of a jelly. 

Gelatio, freezing ; cataleptic rigidity. 

Getidut, cold. 

(i clion, a leaf. 

Gelos, laughter. 

Gc/.scminum, swallow wort; jasmi- 

Gelu, frost. 



Gemandra, gamboge. 
Gemellx cystica:, blood-vessels run- 
ning on the gall bladder. 

Gcmclli, ) , .1 ■ 1 • 

. .' y mucles on the ischium. 
Gemini, ) 

Gemellus, the gastrocnemius muscle 

of the leg. 
Gemellus inferior, a small muscle 

under the gluteus. 
Gemellus major, the brachixus ex- 

ternus muscle of the arm. 
Gemellus szi/ierior, a small vessel 

under the gluteus. 
Gemina soils, the fossil star gem, or 

bastard opal. 
Geminatus, (in botany) double. 
Geminus, one of twins; extensor 

carpi exterior. 
Gemitus, groaning. 
Gemma, a turgid bud of any tree ; 

a gem. 
Gemma samothraica, succinum ni- 
Grmmx sal, common salt. 
Gemmatio, budding; the construc- 
tion of the bud. 
Gemmcus, transparent. 
Gcmniferus, bearing buds. 
Gemonis, the eagle stone. 
Gcmursa, an excrescence between 

the toes. 
Gena, the cheek. 
Genagra, gout in the knee. 
Genarum rubor, redness of the 

cheeks ; blushing. 
Gen Has, the downy hair on the 

cheeks; a bandage. 
Gen riot:, the chin. 
Genera plantarum, the 2d subdivi- 
sion in Linnxus's system of bo- 

Generatio, ~) .. 

,. > Generation. 
am ma lis, 3 

Generosus, vehement; potent; high 

Genesis, generation. 

Genethliacus, an astrologer. 

Genetta, the Spanish fox-like cat. 

Gcnialis arteria, the maxillary ar- 

Geniculum, a knot; a joint. 

Gcniculatus, (in botany) knotty. 

Genis gloss/, muscles of the tongue 


Genio hyoidxus, a muscle of the os 

Genio /iharyngai, muscles of the 


Gcnijii, Alpine wormwood. 

Genista, common broom. 

arboresccns Africana, a 
species of rest harrow. 

Genista Canariensis, Rhodian wood. 
Hispurdca, ~) Spanish 
juncea, 5 broom. 
spartium, lesser furze, or 

Genista spartium spinasa, echino- 

Genista sfiinosa Indica, the Indian 
thorny broom. 

Genista sfiinosa major, common 

CUnUta tinctoria, green, or dyer's 

Genista summitutcs, broom tops. 

Genitalium, disease of the geni- 

Gcnitura, the male seed, or sperm ; 
the pudendum virile. 

Gr?iou, the knee; moveable articu- 
lation; diarthrosis. 

Gensinga, ginseng, a root much used 
in China. 

Gentiana, the felwort, or gentian 
root from Germany, France, &c. 

Gcntiana alba, laserpitium. 

autumnalisj autumnal, or 
bastard gentian. # . 

Gcntiana centaurium, centaury. 

cru'ezaia, ~> crosswort gen- 
viinor, ) tiun. 
fiurflurea, purple gentian. 
nigra, mountain daukc, or 
black hero-frankincense. 

Gcntiana: cxtractum, extract of gen- 

Gentiana infusum, infusion of gen- 

Gcntiana infusum compositum, com- 
pound infusion of gentian. 

Gcntiana tinctura, tincture of gen- 

Gentiana: tinctura composita, com- 
pound tincture of gentian. 

Genliahella, a species of gentian. 

Gcniilitius, hereditary; disease 


transmitted from parents to chil- 

Genu, the knee; the patella. 

G e n uflexio, knee ling. 

Gcnugra, the gout in the knee. 

Genus, the kind, or family; a term 
much used in systematic arrange- 

Gcnys, gena. 

G codes lapis, an astringent clayey 

Geoffraa inermis, the cabbage-bark 
tree, or worm -bark tree of Ja- 

Gcopilysia, separation by solution. 

Gerccteros, middle aged. 

Gerandryum, a species of oak. 

Geranis, a bandage for fractured 
clavicle, or dislocated shoulder. 

Geranitis, a precious stone. 

Geranium, a bandage; the herb 
crane's bill. 

Geranium batrachioides, crow's foot 
crane's bill. 

Geranium columbinum, ) 

folio tnatva rotundo, } 
dove's foot crane's bill. 

Geranium moschatum, muscovy, or 
musked crane's bill. 

Geranium Robertianum, herb Ro- 
bert; stinking crane's bill. 

Geranium sangimiarium, ~) bloody 
/nematodes, 5 crane's 

Geranium tuberosum, knotty rooted 
crane's bill. The above have 
been used in medicine, but there 
are upwards of 300 species and 
varieties of gerania in hot-houses, 

Gerarat, a species of scorpion. 

Gcrardi herba, goat's weed, or wort. 

Geras, extreme old age. 

Germandra, gamboge. 

Germanis oleum, essential oil of tur- 

Gcrmen, the bud, shoot, or offset ot 
a plant ; the basis of the pistillum ; 
the rudiment of the fruit yet in 

G erminatio, budding. 

Gcrocomia, medical treatment of old 


G erontofiogon, purple-flowered tra- 

Gerontoxon, an ulcerated cornea; 
socket of a tooth. 

Gerres, a small fish for sauce. 

Germ, white lead. 

Gerald, any uncommon and mon- 
strous plant. 

Geryon, quicksilver. 

Gcsneria, gesnera; an American 

G ea o r , galhan um . 

Gcstatio, gestation ; pregnancy ; ex- 
ercise in a carriage. 

Gr.siiculatio, gesticulation ; exercise. 

Geum, a species of saxifrage. 

urbanum, the herb bennet. 

Geuma, a general name of food ; 

Qeusitj taste. 

Geuza, a nut; a gland. 

Ghahala Zcylanica, the Egyptian 

Ghandiroba, a plant of Brasil with 
fruit like an apple. 

Ghclone, a tortoise. 

£*?*» I gamboge. 

Gluttagemen, ) ° 

Ghodhakadura, nux vomica. 

Gialafiha, > • , or ja , 

Gibar, metallic medicines. 
Gibbero.siras, ~> gibbosity ; crooked- 
Gibbositas, $ ness > or convexity of 

the spine. 
Gibbus, hunched; convexedon both 

Gibum, cheese. 

Giffa, tumours behind the ears. 
Gigarton, a grape stone. 
Gigarus, many-leaved arum. 
Gigas, a giant. 

Gigcria, the entrails of poultry. 
Gilarum, thyme. 

Giliadense balsamum, balsam of Gi- 

'aracelsi, ) 

itri$ti, 3 vitriolated zinc. 
Gingiva; ginger. 

beri* awa?-/*' w/o,Winter'sbark. 
i'n-achium, the scurvy. 
■dium, common chervil ; a tooth 

GUla Paracelsi, 1 white vitriol, or 

fennel flower. 


Gingihil, ginger. 

Gingi/iediuni, the scurvy. 

Gingiva, the gum round the teeth. 

Ginglymus, a species of articulation 
like a hinge. 

Ginze rig, 1 gensing of Tartary and 

Ginseng, \ North America; a spe- 
cies of all-heal. 

Giscara, the berry-bearing palm. 

Girasal, the Indian jack tree. 

Gir, quicklime. 

Girmer, tartar. 

Gisisim, gum. 

Git, } 

Gith, 5 

Githago, a species of lychen. 

Glabella, the space between the eye- 

Glaber, smooth ; even. 

GlabuU, the fruit of the cypress 

Glacies maria, a species of gypsum. 

Gladiatus, sword-shaped. 

Gladiolus, corn flag of the gardens. 
fxtidus, herb stinking 

Gladiolus lutceus, yellow water flag. 

Glama, \ the sordes, or gluten of the 

G'.ame, \ eyes. 

Glandcs, fish like acorns; acorns. 
qucrcina, acorns. 
terra, earth nuts; a bul- 
bous root. 

Glandcs ungucntarix, eastern myro- 

Glandium, excrescence about the 

Glandosum corjius, the prostate 

Glandula, a gland; a part appropri- 
ate to secretion. 

Glandula lachryinalis, } the Iachry- 
innominata,) mal gland. 
jdnealis, the pineal gland, 
the seat of the soul according to 

Glandula fdtuitaria, the pituitary 
gland, a small body situated in the 
sella turcica. 

Glandula cerumi?iis, elands of the 
external ear. 

Glandula myrtiforrnes, portions of 
the lacerated hymen. 

Glandula odorifera, glands on the 
inside of the glans penis. 

Glandula renales, ~) renes 

aujira renales,) swecen- 
turiati; capsulx atrabilarix. 

Glandula vascular en, glandula cow- 

Glanduloso-car?wus, excrescence in 
the bladder. 

Glandulosum cor/ius, the prostate 

Glandulosus, a leaf having minute 
glands on its surface. 

Glans, a gland ; a strumous swell- 
ing; a pessary; an acorn. 

Glans Jienis, the nut, or extremity of 
the penis. 

Glans jovis thcojihrasti, the chestnut 

Glans unguentaria, the oily acorn, 
or nut. 

Glastavida cretensium, herb moth 

Glastea bills, bile of the colour of 

Glastru/n, woad; dyer's stuff. 
Indicum, indigo. 

Glauber, John Rodol/ihus, a cele- 
brated German chymist of 1646, 
and inventor of the purging salts 
called, after him, 

Glauberi sal, Glauber's salt; natron 
vitriolatum ; sulphat of soda, or 
vitriolic acid and mineral alkali. 

Glaucedo, glaucoma. 

Glaucium, the yellow horned poppy. 
gallis, a species of poppy. 

Glaucoma, blindness from opake hu- 
mours with defective retina ; cata- 

Glauco-Jihyllus, having sea green 

Glaucos, sky-coloured. 

Glaucosis, glaucoma. 

Glaura, unripe amber. 

Glaux, wild chiches ; liquorice vetch; 
saltwort; milkwort; a species of 

Glaux Dioscorodis, milkwort of 

Glaux -vulgaris legurninosa, liquorice 

Glecoma hederacca, ground ivy. 


Glechon, penny-royal. 

Glechonitea, a vinous infusion of 

Glene, the cavity of the eye; any 
cavity receiving a bone in articu- 

Glenoidcs, two cavities in the lower 
part of the first vertebrx of the 
neck ; articular cavity of the sca- 

Gleucinum oleu?n, aromatics mace- 
rated in oil. 

Glrucos, must; the unfermented 
juice of grapes ; sweet wine. 

Gleuxis, wine having much must. 

Glis, the rcll mouse ; the dormouse. 

Gliscere, to increase gradually, as 
fire, but physically applied to the 
natural heat and increase of spi- 
rits; by others to the exacerba- 
tion of fevers. 

Glischrasma, lentor; viscosity. 

Glischrocolos, bilious viscid excre- 

Glischros, slow fever. 

Glisomargo, white chalk. 

Globosus, globular ; botanically, ap- 
plied to the root. 

Globularia fruticosa, the herb terri- 

Globularia Montficlliensium, > 
■vulgaris, 5 

French daisy. 

Globulus, a globule, or small sphe- 
rical particle of matter. 

Globulus nasi, the lower cartilagi- 
nous moveable portion of the nose. 

Globus hystericus, the sense of chok- 
ing in hysteric patients. 

Glochidion, a plant, so named from 
its pointed shape. 

Glochis, the point of the pubes in 

Qlother, a clue of thread. 

Glomeratus, growing together like 
a ball. 

Gloasa, the tongue. 

Glossagra, rheumatism in tht 

Glosso, names compounded of this 
word belong to muscles, nerves, 
or vessels, from being attached or 
going to the tongue. 


<,u<)niiocatoco8, an instrument for de- 
pressing the tongue. 

Glotsoccle, a swelling or extrusion 
of the tongue. 

Glossoco?na, a retraction of the 

Glossocomon, a machine to contain a 
fractured limb. 

Glosso-fiharyngisi, muscles of the 
tongue and pharynx. 

Glosso/ietra, a precious stone; the 
fossil teeth of the white shark. 

(Jlosso-stafihylini, muscles of the 
tongue and uvula. 

Glotta, the tongue. 

Glottis, the opening of the wind- 

Glucine, a new discovered earth in 
the aigue-marine, or beryl, and in 
the emerald ; it gives a sweetish 
taste to the salts compounded of it. 

Gtuma. the husk, or chaff of corn ; a 
speciesof calyx peculiar to corn or 
grass. « 

Glu?nosus, a flower with a glumous 
base. ; 

Glus, a species of strangury. 

Glutiza arteria, a branch of the hy- 
pogastric artery. 

Gluteus maximus,"} mus'cles of the 
medius, > sacrum moving 
minimus, J the thigh. 

Gluten, glue; coagulable lymph. 

Glutia, protuberances in the brain 
culled nates. 

O lutinatio, gluing, or sticking toge- 

Glutcs, the buttock. 

Gluttufiatens, the stomach. 

Glycasma, a sweet medicated wine 

Glycine, kidney bean tree. 

Glycifiicros, ~> , ■ , , , , > 

,./.'. ' Y woody nightshade. 

(.ilya/ncrum,^ ' ° 

Glycymerides magna, bastard sea 

Glycyfthyllua, wild liquorice. 

Glycyrrhiza, liquorice. 

echinata, rough-headed 

Glycyrrhiza Indica, the Indian kid- 
ney bean. 

Glycyrrhiza sylvestris, liquorice 


Glycyrrhizte extractum, extract of 

Glycyrrhiza: radix, liquorice root. 

Glycyrrhiza succus, juice of liquo- 

Glycys, sweet; mild. 

Glyxis, gleuxis. 

Gmelina, a plant. 

Gnajihaleum, German goldilocks. 

Gnajihalio, globe amaranth, or ever- 
lasting flower. 

Gnafihalium, cottonweed ; cudweed ; 
species of bastard dittany. 

Gnafihalium Alfiinum, lion's foot, or 
filago Alpina. 

Gnafihalium aureum, golden cud- 

Gnafihalium lutxum, yellow cud- 

Gnafihalium maritimum, cottonweed, 
or sea cudweed. 

Gnafihalium montanum, mountain 
cudweed, or catsfoot. 

Gnafihalium veterum, species of bas- 
tard dittany. 

Gnafihalium vulgar e majus, common 

Gnafihalodes } a species of cotton- 

Gnajihalum, a kind of flax. 

Gnafihalus, a small bird. 

Gnafihus, the plant teazle. 

Gnathos, ~) the cheek; the jaw, or 

Gnathus, $ jaw bone. 

Gnesius, genuine. 

Gnidia grana, cnidian berries. 

Goaconez, a large American balsam 

f , ,. ' £ the gudgeon fish. 
Gobius,} & ° 

niger, the rock fish. ' 

Gohcathu, gamboge. 

Goldabengensis terra, terra sigillata, 

sealed earth ; a species of bole. 
Gomfihiasis, loose and painful teeth . 
Gomfihioi, the grinding teeth ; den- 

tes molares. 
Gomfihoma, ) the articulation of the 
Gomfihosis, £ teeth ; a species of 

immoveable articulation. 
Gonagra, the gout in the knee. 
Gonandina, a tree of Brasil. 
Gone, the seed; the uterus. 


Gongrona, a bronchocele, or tumour 
of the bronchial glands ; a round 
tubercle in the trunk of a tree. 
Gongrus, the conger. 
Gongylion, a pill. 
Gongylis, the root of a turnip. 
Gonimos, critical; vital; genuine. 
Goniosis, a sharp angular feel of the 

Gonoeides, seed-like faeces or urine. 
Gonorrhoea, a gonorrhoea, clap, or 
gleet ; a venereal gleet with scald- 
'.jonorrhtra balani, species of gonor- 
rhoea affecting the glans only. 
Gonorrhoea benigna, the mild gonor- 
Gonorrhea chordata, a gonorrhoea 
with painful tension of the penis. 
Gonorrhoea dormicnlium, involuntary 

nocturnal emission. 
Gonorrhoea impura, venereal gonor 

Gonorrhoea laxorum, involuntary 

emission from debility. 
Gonorrhoea libidinosa, involuntary 

emission from lust. 
Gonorrhoea mucosa, discharge of mu- 
cus from the urethra ; a gleet. 
Gonorrhoea maligna, malignant go- 
Gonorrhoea oneirogonos) involuntary 

nocturnal emission. 
Gonorrhoea pura, a common gleet. 
sicca, venereal infection 
producing so virulent an inflam- 
mation, as to prevent any dis- 
charge from the urethra. 
Gonorrhoea spuria, species of gonor- 
rhoea affecting the glans. 
Gonorrhoea syphilitica,*) gonorrhoea 

■virulenta, 3 with lues. 
Gonos, a race ; seed ; generation. 
Gonyalgia, gout in the knee. 
Gordius, the hair worm. 
G oi'gonias, coral. 

Gossampinus, an eastern tree pro- 
ducing a species of cotton 
Gossipium, ? 
Gossypium, $ 
Gossum, bronchocele. 
Gotnemsegiar, the silk cotton tree 
Go 'a, gambogia. 


G R A 

(iondboom, the gold tree of Africa. 
Goui, an African tree, yielding the 

terra sigillata. 
Goutier, bronchocele. 
Gozdzice, plica polonica. 
Gracilis, thin ; a muscle of the leg. 
anterior, ) muscles of the 
interior, } thigh. 
Graculus, the Cornish cough. 
Gracus, the jay. 

Gradatio, gradation or change, chief- 
ly applied to metals. 
Grxa, an aged woman ; the pellicle 

on milk ; wrinkled skin. 
Gram en, a general name for grasses. 
arundinaceum, reed grass. 
avenaccum, the wild oat. 
caninum, dog's grass, quid, 
grass, or couch grass. 

Gramen crucis, ~) . 

. .... I the cross 
cyficrioidis, v 

JEgyfitiacum, J ° 
dactylon, cock's foot grass. 
9 aro?naticum, ) 
, odoratus, ^ 

juncus odoratus, or camel's hay. 
Gramen festuca, haver grass. 

fuchsii, ~) a species 

leucanthemum, } of chick- 
Gramen loliaceum, darnel, or cockle 

Gramen mannce, Russian seed and 

manna grass. 
Gramen par nas si, white liverwort. 
polygonum, common knot 
Gramen tomentarium , cotton grass. 
Gramenivorus, an animal living on 

Gramia, the sordes of the eyes. 
Gramina, grasses ; one of the tribes 

or natural families of plants. 
GraminuU, tadpoles, or young 

Gramma, a scruple, or twenty 


Gramme, the iris of the eye. 
Grana, grains; cochineal. 

cnidia, berries of the thyme- 
Grana insectoria, 

'ria, ~) 

? > 5 

kermes berries. 


Grana fiaradisi, grains of paradise, 

or the greater cardamom seed. 
(irana tinctorum, kermes berries. 
Grana tiglia, lignum Moluccense ; 

purging nuts of Malabar. 
Granadilla, the passion flower. 

Peruviana, the castor 
oil plant. 
Granata mala, pomegranates. 
Granatristiwi, a boil, or carbuncle. 
Granatuntf the pomegranate. 

sylvcstre, wild pomegra 
nate tree. 
Granatus, the granate, a precious 

Grandcbalx, the hairs in the arm- 
Grand gor, the venereal disease 
Grandinrs, small tumours on the 

eyelids, like hail. 
Grandinosum o.v, the cuboid bone of 

the foot. 
Grando, part of the egg; stye on 
the eyelid ; hail ; reduction of me- 
tals into small grains. 
Graniv'orua, granivorous, an animal 

who feeds on corn or seeds. 
Granulatio, granulation; the pro- 
duction of new fleshy points. 
Granulatus, (in botany) when the 

root consists of small knobs. 
Granum, a gram weight. 

moschi, musk mallow. 
regium,ihe castor oil plant. 
G ra/ihioides, ~) a process of the tem- 
Gra/ihoidcs, 3 poral bone; a muscle 
of the temple ; the processus sty- 
liformis; also a process of the ul- 
na near the wrist. 
Grajihiscus, an instrument to ex- 
tract darts. 
Grafihoy, broad-leaved leopard's 

Grassa, borax. 
Grcutis, grain. 
Gratia Dei, herb Robert; hedge 

Gratia Dei Germanorum, crow foot ; 

crane's bill. 
Gratiola, hedge hyssop; digitalis 

G ratio/a cmtantoides, digitalis mi- 


Gratiola ccerulea, hooded willow 

Gratiola vulgaris, digitalis minima. 
Gratterona, goose grass; clivers; 
aparine ; hayriff. 

Graus, grzea. 

Gravatio, a species of apoplexy; 

Gravativus, a heavy aching pain. 

Gravedo, heaviness ; a cold, or ca- 
tarrh ; a dull pain in the fore- 

Graviditas, gravidity ; pregnancy. 

Gravitas, gravity ; vis centripeta, or 
quality by which heavy bodies 
tend to the centre. 

Gravus, a marble used in pharma- 

Grenette, worm seed. 

Gressura, the perinaeum. 

Grielum, parsley; smallage. 

Grigallus, the bustard bird. 

Gri/ihomenos, pain in the loins. 

Grossularia, ribes; the gooseberry 

Grossularia non s/iinosa, the currant 

Grossus, an unripe fig. 

Gruma, tartar. 

Grumus, coagulated blood or milk ; 
a hard white tubercle of the skin 
resembling millet. 

Grus, the crane. 

Grutum, coarse oatmeal. 

Gryllus, the cricket. 

Gryphius jies, an instrument to ex- 
tract moles from the uterus. 

Gryfihus, the philosopher's stone. 

Gryphosis, an incurvation of the 

Gnjfis, a griffin. 

Guabam, a West Indian cooling 

Guacatana, a plant of New Spain. 

Guaiacum, guaiacum, or West In- 
dian lignum vitas ; pock wood. 

Guaiaci balsamum, balsam of guaia- 
Guaiaci elixir volatile, guaiacum, 
Peruvian balsam, and oil of sassa- 
fras in spirits of ammonia. 
Guaiaci extract um, extract of guaia- 


Gnaiaci lignum, guaiacum wood. 

rasurx, shavings of lignum 

Guaiaci resina, resin of guaiacum. 
tinctura, tincture of guaia- 
cum . 

Guaiaci tinctura amrnoniata, ~) resin 
volatilis, 5 °f 
guaiacum, dissolved in spiritus 

Guaiana, Guiana bark; semirouba ; 
a species of quassia. 

Guaibi-fiocaca-biba, the pith of an 
Indian tree. 

Guaiumbi, a bird; the pegafrol. 

Guajabo, > an Indi- 

pomifera Indie a, £ an as- 
tringent fruit. 

Guajacana, an astringent fruit of the 
West Indies. 

Guajacwn, guaiacum. 

Guaja/iala, tree yielding Molucca 

Guajava, an Indian astringent fruit. 

Guao, an highly acrid West Indian 

Guaparaiba, the mangrove tree. 

Guarerva, the cucumber of Brasil. 
oba, the wild cucumber. 

Guariquimymia, a myrtle-like shrub 
of Brasil. 

Guassem, black spots of scurvy. 

Guatimala, a species of indigo. 

Guava, an Indian astringent fruit. 

Guazuma, bastard cedar. 

Guiclonis balsamum, Guido's balsam ; 
soap liniment and laudanum. 

Guilandina, nephritic, or wood of 
the ben nut. 

Guirqfiariba. a species of ebony in 

Guity-eoroga, a large fruit, its kernel 
astringent, produce of the 

Guity-iba, a tree of Brasil. 

Guium, a limb. 

Gula, the oesophagus, or gullet. 

Guma, mercury. 

Gumma, soft bony swelling, or node. 

Gummi, gum, mucilage, a peculiar 
concrete vegetable juice, becoming 
viscous and tenacious when moist- 
ened with water. The true gums 
are gum Arabic, gum tracaganth, 




gum Senegal, cherry, peach, and 
plum tree gums, and the like. 
Gummi acani hiuni, gum Arabic. 

ammoniacum, gum ammo- 
Gummi animc, gum anime. 

Arabicum, gum Arabic. 

rubrum ustringens Gai 
gum kino. 
Gummi bdellium, gum bdellium. 
carannx, gum caranna. 
cerasorum, gum of cherry 
Gummi c/iibou, a spurious kind o 

gum elemi. 
Gummi, gum anime. 

cuphorbii, gum euphorbi- 
Gummi funerum, bitumen. 

ad fiodagram, 
Ziederte, ivy gum. 
juni/ieri, gum sandarach. 
._ lacca,' gum lac. 
myrrha, myrrh. 
resina, gum-resin. 
sagapenu?n, sagapenum. 
Senegalense, Senegal gum. 
tragacantha, gum traga- 
canth, or Dragant. 
Gummosa ?7iassa, ~) the gum pill, a 
Gummosa jnlulx, 5 compound of gal- 
banum, opoponax, myrrh, sagape- 
num, assafcetida, and saffron. 
Gunalgia, the gout in the knee. 
Gundelia, an American plant. 
Gurgeatio, the sweating sickness; 

a species of typhus. 
Gurgulio, the uvula; the weavil, an 

Gustatorii, the tasters; the ninth 

pair of nerves. 
Gustatorius,ihe 3d maxillary branch 

of the 5 th pair of nerves. 
Gusius, the taste. 
Gutta, a drop; the apoplexy. 
gamba, gambogia. 
o/iaca, the cataract. 
rosacea, the rose drop ; fiery 
pimples in the face. 
Gutta nigra, the black drop, a name 


fiery pimples in the 


for a concentrated preparation of 
opium formerly used in Eng 

Gutta rosea, 

serena, amaurosis, or blind- 
ness arising from diseased retina. 

Gut (a vita, traumatic balsam. 

Guttalis, the arytenoid cartilage of 
the larynx. 

Guttatim, by drops. 

Gutteta, convulsion. 

Guttur, the throat; the larynx, or 
wind-pipe ; bronchocele 

Gutturalis arteria, a branch of the 
external carotid artery 

Gutturalis vena, a branch of the 
subclavian vein. 

Gutturiformis cartilago, the arytae- 
noid cartilage of the larynx. 

Gutluris os, os hyoides. 

Guytis, guity. 

Gycyfiicros, woody nightshade. 

Gyion, the body. 

Gy/nnasion, the place of exercise. 

Gymnastica, exercise. 

medicina, gymnastic 
medicine, or that part of physic 
which treats of the rules to be ob- 


served in all sorts of exercise, for 
the cure of diseases or the preser- 
vation of health. 

Gymnosfiermos, 7 plants whose 

Gymnospermus, 5 seeds are naked. 

Gynxcia, the menstrual discharge; 

Gynxciums a seraglio; the women's 
room ; pudendum muliebre ; anti- 

Gynecomania, insanity from love. 

Gynscomaston, > a great enlarge- 

Gyn&comastum, 5 ment of the mam- 
ma; tumours on the breasts of 

Gyntzcomystax, hair of the female 
pudendum . 

Gynandria, Linnseus's 20th class of 

Gynanthrojios, a species of herma 4 - 
phrodite partaking most of the 

Gynecanthe, black bryony. 

Gy/iso/i/iyton, great saxifrage. 

Gyfisu?n, sulphate of lime, selenite, 
or plaster stone ; plaster of Paris ; 
calcareous earth with vitriolic 

Gyrinus, a tadpole. 

Gyris, fine meal. 


JJilBJ, a bean. See Faba. 

Habascum, an esculent root of 
Virginia like the parsnep. 

Habena, a bandage to secure the lips 
of wounds. 

Habitudo, catastasia ; the constitution 
of a body. 

Habitus, habit ; the effect of custom ; 
dress ; the constitution, or state of 
a body; a particular disposition 
or temperament, obtained by birth, 
or manner of living. 

Habitus jilant*, the outward appear- 
ance of a plant. 

Hacub, a species of Indian thistle. 

J la did, iron. 


Hacceitas, the chymical principle, 
or quinta essentia of chymists. 

Hamagoga, any medicines promot- 
ing the menses, or the piles. 

Hamalo/iia, vision in which every 
thing appears red. 

Hxmalofxs, livid colour in the face. 

Hxmantes, a precious stone of a 
blood colour. 

Hamaiafioria, wasting from poor 

Hxmatemesis, vomiting of blood. 

Hxmatia, > a kind of garum or fish 

H&mation, $ pickle. 

ILanatites, \ blood stone ; an iron 

Hematites, 5 ore. 


Hematites botryodes, blood formed 
in clusters. 

Hematites verus, haematites. 

Hematitinos, an eye -water contain- 
ing blood stone. 

Hematocele, a swelling of the tunica 
vaginalis testis from ruptured 

Hematocele arteriosum, swelling of 
the scrotum from aneurysm. 

Hematochysis, an haemorrhage. 

nematodes, bloody crane's bill. 

Hematologia, the doctrine of the 

Hematomphalocele, a tumour at the 
navel containing blood. 

Hematopedesis, bloody sweat; a 
starting of blood from an artery. 

Hematophlebcestasi.i, a peculiar ful- 
ness of the veins ; blood making. 

Hematops, bloody eyes; bloody suf- 
fusion of the eyes from injury ; 
any concreted or stagnant blood. 

Hematosis, sanguification. 

He> atoxylon 


Hematuria* bloody urine 

• calculosa, voiding of 

bloody urine from calculus. 

Hematuria catamenialis, voiding of 
bloody urine, with suppressed 

Hematuria decefitiva, urine coloured 
as with blood 

Hemauria cjaculatoria, hematuria. 
in exanthematieis, hx- 
m.ituria in eruptive diseases. 

Hematuria hemorr/iadalis, hxmatu- 
ri with piles. 

Hematuria later itia, hematuria with 
a sediment like brick dust. 

Hematuria nigra, hematuria with 
black grumous blood. 

Hematuria purulenla, bloody urine 
with matter. 

Hematuria spontanea, bloody urine 
involuntary and without pain. 

Hematuria spuria,very high-colour- 
ed urine. 

Hematuria stillititia, bloody urine 
voided by drops. 


Hematuria a transfusione, bloody 

urine in animals who receive blood 

by transfusion. 
Hematuria t ruumatica,bloody urint 

from wounds. 
Hematuria variolosa, bloody urine 

in small-pox. 
Hematuria a verme, bloody urine 

from worms. 
Hematuria violenta, bloody urine 

from wounds. 
Hemcropathos, a peculiar itching 

eruption about the legs. 
Hemitriteus, ~) a species of tertian 
Hemitritea, $ fever. * 

Hemocerchnus, bloody discharge 

from the throat with a rattling 

Hemoderum, a species of broom. 
Hemodia, the sensation called the 

teeth on edge. 
Hemophobos, timidity in blood-IeN 

Hemoptoe, spitting of blood. 
Hemoptyicus, having a discharge of 

blood from the mouth. 
Hemoptysis, a spitting of blood from 

the lungs. 
Hemoptysis accide7ilalis, a spitting 

of blood with cough from acci- 
Hemoptysis ascitica, a spitting of 

blood with cough and dropsy. 
Hemoptysis cacheciica, a spitting of 

blood with cough and wasting. 
Hemoptysis calculosa, a spitting ot 

blood with cough from stony con- 

Hemoptysis catamenialis, a spitting 

of blood with obstructed menses. 
Hemoptysis catarrhalis, spitting of 

blood with catarrh. 
Hemoptysis a diapedesi, arterial 

blood discharged from the lungs. 
Hemoptysis cxanthematica, spitting 

of blood in eruptive diseases. 
hemoptysis habitualis, spitting of 

blood from habit. 
Hemoptysis Helvigiana, spitting of 

blood endemic in Switzerland. 
Hemoptysis hydrothoracica, spitting 

of blood with water in the chest. 

Htemofitysis ab hirudine, spitting of 

blood from leeches wounding the 

Htemofitysis a fiercusso fiectore, spit 

ting of blood from contusions on 

the breast. 
Htemofitysis fierifineumonica, spitting 

of blood with peripneumony. 
Htemofitysis fwriodica, spitting of 

blood returning periodically. 
Htemofitysis filethorica, spitting of 

blood from fulness. 
Htemofitysis fincumonica, spitting of 

blood with inflammation in the 

Htemofitysis fihthisica, spitting of 

blood with consumption. 
Htemofitysis rubeolosa, spitting of 

blood in measles. 
Htemofitysis scorbutica, spitting of 

blood in sea scurvy. 
Htemofitysis a sfihacelo fiulmonum, 

spitting of blood from mortified 

Htemofitysis sfilenetica, spitting of 

blood from the spleen. 
Htemofitysis ex tuberculis fiulmo 

?ium, spitting of blood from tu 

bercles in the lungs. 
Htemofitysis variolosa, spitting of 

blood in small-pox. 
Htemofitysis -vicaria, spitting of 

blood from other suppressed dis 

Htemofitysis violenta, spitting of 

blood from injury. 
Htemofitysis vulnere fiulmonum, spit- 
ting of blood from wound in the 

Htemofitys, spitting of blood with 

Htemorrhagia, any increased dis- 
charge of blood. 
Htemorrhagia in chronicis, hemor- 

rhagy in chronic diseases. 
Htemorrhagia critica, critical dis- 
charge of blood. 
Htemorrhagia febrilis, hemorrhagy 

with fever. 
Htemorrhagia insalubris, hemor 

rhagy from dissolved blood, 
JFtcmorrhagia nariurn, epistaxis 

H A M 

or hxmorrhagy from the nos- 

Htemorrhagia uterina, excessive 

Htemorrhoidale, celandine plant. 

Htemorrhoidalcs arterite, ~) hxmor- 
vente, ^ rhoidal 
arteries and veins about the 

Htemorrhoidalis, fever excited by 

Htemorrhoidalis externa arteria, ex- 
ternal hemorrhoidal artery. 

Htemorrhoidalis externa -vena, exter- 
nal hemorrhoidal vein. 

Htemorrhoidalis Jluxus, bleeding 
from piles. 

Htemorrhoidalis herba, hemorrhoi- 

Htemorrhoidalis interna arteria, in- 
ternal hemorrhoidal artery. 

Htemorrhoidalis interna -vena, inter- 
nal hemorrhoidal, or lesser me- 
seraic vein. 

Htemorrhois, an hemorrhoid pile, or 
dilated vein near the anus. 

Htemorrhois cteca, blind, or piles 

. that do not bleed. 

Htemorrhois catamenialis, a regular 
discharge by piles. 

Htemorrhois decolorata, piles with a 
mucous, or purulent discharge. 

Htemoitrhois ab exania, ~) external 
externa 5 piles. 
Jluens, piles with much 
discharge of blood. 

Htemorrhois immodica, profuse dis- 
charge from piles. 

Htemorrhois interna, piles within the 

Htemorrhois moderata, moderate and 
salutary discharge from piles. 

Htemorrhois fiolyjiosa, piles with 
fleshy excrescences. 

Htemorrhois firocidt ns, external piles 
with prolapsus ani. 

Htemorrhois lumens, piles with much 

Htemorrhoides, hemorrhoids, or 
piles; a dilatation of the veins 
about the rectum, often with a 
discharge of blood. 


Htmorrhoides alba, ~\ piles 

mucid&, v with a 
decolorat<e,j mucous 

or purulent discharge. 
HtemoVrhoides c<ecx, blind, or piles 

that do not bleed. 
Hamorrhoides excedentes, hxmor- 

rhois tumens. 
Hamorrhoides nimia, profuse dis- 
charge by piles. 
Hamorrhoides ordinate, regular 

Hamorrhoides vesica, cystirrhagia. 
Hamorrhoscojiia, an inspection of the 

Hamorrhous, a poisonous serpent; 

any large vein. 
Hemostasia, a stagnation of blood 

from fulness. 
Hamostatica, medicines stopping 

blood; styptics. 
Hamotoicus, one who spits blood. 
Hafiatirrhcea, a diarrhoea from acrid 

Haresis, separating a diseased part 

from the sound. 
Harmia, a pepper-like fruit. 

Hagar, ) ^rmenius lapis. 

Hngiar, 3 r 

Hagiospermon, ~) the holy, or worm- 

Hagios/iermum, 3 seed. 

Hagioxylon, > the holy, or guaia- 

Hagioxylum,\ cum wood. , 

Hal, salt. 

Halation, a cathartic saline medi- 

Halchemia, the art of melting salts. 

Halcyon, the king's fisher. 

Halcyonium, the froth of the sea. 

Halec, the herring fish. 

Halecula, the pilchard. 

Halelaum, an embrocation of oil and 
salt ; a distillation from snow. 

Halicacabum, the winter cherry of 

Halicacabum Indicum rectum, a spe 
cies of nightshade. 

Halicacabum jicrvgrinum, corin 

Halices, stretching after sleep. 

Halimar, copper. 

Ha/imus, common sea purslane. 


^.' ro "> Uitre, or rock salt. 
Halinitrum, } 

Halijihloius, a tree with bitter bark. 

Halitus, vapour, or gas. 

Halleleuja, an herb. 

Hallucinationes, deceptions ; de- 
praved imagination. 

Hallus, the great toe. 

Halmades, olives. 

Halme, > , • 

Halma, } 

Halmodes, halmyrodes. 

Halmyrax, the nitre of Media; a 
kind of saltpetre. 

Halmyris, a species of sea cabbage. 

Halmyrodes, salt; a kind of fever 
with itching, and sharp brackish 
sweats; a roughness of the skin. 

Halo, the areola, or dark circle round 
the nipple ; a circle round the sun, 
moon, or stars. 

Holosachme, halcyonium. 

Halotechnica, halotechnies; the art 
of extracting salts and their spi- 

Hals, salt. 

Halteres, pieces of metals used in 

Hamalgama, amalgama, 

Hambara, } , 
jr , 'J- amber. 
riambrus, 3 

Hamma, a knot for bandages. 

Hammoniaci lachryma, gum ammo- 

Hammonitrum, ammonitrum. 

Hamulus, } instrument for extract- 

Hamus, £ i fi g a dead child; any 
hook-like process, as the hamulus 
of the pterygoid process of the 
sphenoid bone. 

Handal, } the coloquintida, or bit- 

Handalia, $ ter apple. 

Ha/iastrum, exercise with a ball. 

Hajilotomia, a simple section. 

Hafisicoria, a loathing of food. 

Hafisis, the sense of feeling; con- 
nection of bandages. 

Ha/isus, a round wad of tow. 

Hardesia Hibernica, the Irish slate. 

Harenchus, ~\ 

Hurenga, I the herring fish. 

Harengus, J 



Harmattan, a remarkable periodicall^c^'cc a calculis, hectic fever from 

drying wind, blowing from the 
interior of Africa towards the At- 
lantic Ocean. 

Harmala, ~) A ., , 

' > Assyrian wild rue. 

Harmonia, an epithet for the most 
simple kind of articulation. 

Harmos, fleshy interstices of the 

Haronkaha, zedoary. 

Harfiaga, ~) 
h 3 

r amber. 

Harfiastrum, a kind of exercise with 
a ball. 

Harundo, the common reed ; arundo 

Hasacium, sal ammoniac. 

Hasta regia, the true yellow aspho- 

Hastatus, a leaf which resembles the 
head of a spear. 

HastelU, splints for fractures. 

Maud, the agallochum wood. 

Haur, > . 
T r > amber. 

Haustus, a draught; a liquid form 

of medicine. 
ffuvea Guianensis, caoutchouc. 
Jlavelia, the sand-box tree, or Ja- 
maica walnuts.' 
Haveri glandulx, Haver's glands, or 

the sinovial glands of the joints 
Hayri, ebenus iEthiopica. 
Heautontimoreumenos, a self-tor- 

Ncbdomedaria, a kind of weakly in 

termittent, or erratic fever. 
Hebe, the pudendal hair at its first 

appearance ; the pudenda ; youth 

in general. 
Hebenum, ebenus. 
Hebes, dull ; heavy. 
Hebiscos, marsh mallow 
Hecatontojihyllum, a species of 

Hectica, hectic, or habitual fever; 

a fever with accessions at noon 

and evening, generally with night 

sweats and lateritious urine. 
J/ccfica cachectarum, the feverish 

state of convalescents, dropsical 

patients, &c. 


Hectica chlorotica, hectic fever at- 
tending chlorosis. 

Hectica Jiuxium, hectic fever from 

Hectica hydrofium, hectic fever of 
dropsical patients. 

Hectica infantilis, hectic fever of in- 

Hectica lymfihatica, hectic fever from 
diseased lymphatics. 

Hectica nervea, hectic fever from 

Hectica nostalgica, hectic fever from 
absence from home. 

Hectica rachitica, hectic fever from 

Hectica scrofihulosa, hectic fever 
from scrophula. 

Hectica syphilitica, hectic fever from 
venereal disease. 

Hectica vermincsa, hectic fever from 

Hectica vesficrtina, evening hectic 

Hecticus, hectic, habitual. 

Hedera, ivy. 

arborea, ) common, or 
corymbosa, 5 tree ivy. 
terrestris, ground ivy. 
trifolia, toxicodendron. 

Hederaceus, > ivy-like ; plexus pam- 

Hederacius, 3 piniformis. 

Hederula aquatica, herb lentil, or 
duck's meat. 

Hedra, the anus; excrement; the 
basis of an abscess; a fracture. 

Hedrkos, ~> all medicine applied by 

Hedricus, \ the anus. 

Hedychroi, lozenges of sanders, mar- 
joram, aloes wood, &c. 

Hedyosmos, mint. 

Hedij/inois, dens leonis; yellow en- 

Hedysarum, French honeysuckle; 
saintfoin ; famum grxcum sylves- 

Hedysarum glycirrhizatum, liquo- 
rice vetch. 

Hcdysmata, stymmata; confections. 

Hel, mel, or honev. 


Helcoma, ulceration. 

Hclconia, an ulcer in the external or 
internal superficies of the transpa- 
rent cornea. 

Hclcos, ulcer. 

Helcosis, ulceration. 

Helctica, epispastics. 

Hekydrioiiy an ulcerating pustule. 

Helcydrium, a moist pustule. 

Helcys?/ia, scorix of silver ; cicatriz- 

Helcyster, a hook to extract the 

Heleagnus, Dutch willow, or gale. 

Heleniastrum, bastard elecampane. 

Helenium, enula campana. 

Canadcnse, a species of 
sun -flower. 

Helenium Indicum, Jerusalem arti- 

Helenium vulgare, enula. 

Heleoselinum, apium helioselinum ; 
marsh purslane. 

Heliacacabus, the winter cherry. 

Heliacum, cyphi. 

Helianthcmum, the dwarf sunflower. 

Helicalis major, > muscles of the ex- 
minor, $ ternal ear. 

Helichrysum, oriental goldilocks. 

Helichrysos, > amaranthus# 

Hehchrysus, } 

Hetidcei fiulvis, powdered herb eye- 

Helinitrum, nitre. 

Heliochryson, ~) goldilocks, or gold- 

Heliochrysum, $ en cudweed. 

Helioscofiios, ~) 
,, ,. ' . > sun spurge. 
Hehoscofiium, 3 

Helioscelinum, heleoselinum . 

Heliotrofiium, turnsole of Langue- 

Heliotrofiium majus, the greater 

Heliotrofiium tricoccum, French, or 

colouring turnsole. 
Heliotrofiium Indicum, the potatoe. 
minus, small turnsole. 
officinale, the common 

blood stone. 
Helitis, scales of copper. 
Helix, the border of the outer ear; 

common ivy; a species of salix; 

a spiral line 

H E M 

Helleboraster, 1 bear ' s foot . black 

Helebora.strum, L ^ helltW 

Helleborites, J 

Helleboroides, a species of aconite 
like hellebore. 

Helleboro ranunculus, a plant resem- 
bling the ranur.eulus. 

Helleborus, hellebore. 

albus, veratrum album, 
or white hellebore. 

Helleborus fcetidus, helleboraster. 
niger, melampodium ; 
great bastard black hellebore, or 
winter rose. 

Helleborus niger fcetidus, setter- 

Helleborus niger hortensis, bear's 

Hcllebori albi tinctura, tinctura ve- 

Hellebori extractum, extract of black, 
hellebore prepared by digestion 
in spirit of wine. 

Hellebori \nigri tinctura, tinctura 

Hellebori fiulvis, powder of helle- 

Hellebori radix, root of hellebore. 

Helminthagoga, ~) medicines for ex- 

Helminthica, $ felling worms. 

Helminthes, worms. 

Helminthiasis, a disease in which 
worms or their larvx are bred un- 
der the skin, or some externa! 
part of the body. 

Helminthobotanx, rue. 

Helnescd, coral. 

Helocafiollin, a species of cherry. 

Hclodes, ~) marsh fevers ; sweating 

Heloides, 5 sickness. 

Helotis, plica polonica. 

Helosis, a diseased turning out oi 
the eyelids. 

Helsaton, } , u 

H'l b C P re P are d common salt. 

Helxine, the pellitory of the wall. 

Hcmalofiia, hxmalopia. 

Hemeralofiia, crepusculary blind- 
ness, or vision by day only. 

Hemeralofis, one who can see by 
day only. * 

Hemcris, the oak; a fever of one 


Hemerobios, ") an insect that lives 

Hemerobius, $ but bne day. 

Hemerocattia, a fish that sleeps in 

the day. 

Hemerocallis, red lilly. 

Hemiandus, ~) , , ,. 

it .l 1 r an hermaphrodite. 
Hemianthopus, ) 

Hemiceraunios, a bandage for the 
back and breast. 

Hemicongium, half a gallon. 

Hemicrania, pain on one side of the 

Hemicrania clavus, pain resembling 
the driving a nail into the head. 

Hemicrania corxjzx, pain in the head 
arising from cold. 

Hemicrania h&mor rhoidalis, pain in 
the head arising from suppressed 
piles, menses, or other hemor- 

Hemicrania ab insectis, pain in the 
head arising from insects in the 
frontal sinuses. 

Hemicrania tunatica, pain in the head 
arising from changes in the 

Hemicrania nephralgica, pain in the 
head arising from calculus in the 

Hemicrania ocularis, pain in the 
head arising from suppuration in 
the eye. 

Hemicrania odontalgica, pain in the 
head arising from a curious tooth. 

Hemicrania purulenta,') pain in the 
sinus, 5 head aris- 
ing from matter in the frontal si- 

Hemiecton, a fumigating pot. 

Hemimoerion, half, or half of a 

Hemina, a half pint ; an ancient mea- 
sure of 10 ounces. 

Hetniobolion, ~) half an obolus, or 5 

Hemiobolum, ) grains. 

Hemiolion, twelve drachms. 

Hemionis, mule's dung. 

Hemionitis, ) , , r 

, . y mule s fern. 
vulgaris, ) 

Hemionium, asplcnium, or spleen- 
Hemiofiion, half. 
HnrJo/t.sia, a defect of vision, in 


which the person sees only thc 
half of an object. 

Hemipagia, pain on one side of the 

Hemipeptus, half concocted. 

Hemiplegia, hemiplegy, or palsy on 
one side of the body. 

Hemiplegia ex apoplexia, hemiplegy* 
after apoplexy. 

Hemiplegia apostematodes, hemiple- 
gy arising from abscess in the 

Hemiplegia arthrilica, hemiplegy 
with gout. 

Hemiplegia ex epilepsia, hemiplegy 
with epilepsy. 

Hemiplegia exanthematica, hemiple- 
gy from suppressed eruptions. 

Hemiplegia intermittens, hemiplegy 
accompanying remittent fever. 

Hemiplegia purpurea, hemiplegy 
following miliary fever. 

Hemiplegia serosa, hemiplegy from 
dropsy in the brain. 

Hemiplegia spasmodica, hemiplegy 
from spasm. 

Hemiplegia saturnina, hemiplegy 
from lead. 

Hemiplegia scrophulosa, hemiplegy 
from scrophulous tumours press- 
ing on nerves. 

Hemiplegia syphilitica, hemiplegy 
from venereal disease. 

Hemiplegia transversa, palsy of one 
arm, and the foot of the opposite 

Hemiplegia traumatica, hemiplegy 
from wounds, contusions, &c. 

Hemiplexia, hemiplegia. 

Hemirhombion, ~> a bandage cut 

Hemitomon, 3 through the mid- 

Hemisphericus, (in botany) like half 
a globe. 

Hemitritaus amphimerina, ~) a fever 
legitimus, 5 return- 
ing daily with an exacerbation 
every third day. 

Hemitritaus major, a quartan fever 
with a tertian fit interposed. 

Hemitritacus minor, > hemitritsus 
nothus, £ of long conti 


Hemitritxus jiestilens, a contagious 

Hemitybion, a piece of thick linen. 
Hemiungium, half an ounce. 
Henasis, an union. 
Henricus rubens, vitriol calcined to 

Hejialalgia, pain in the liver. 

^ ar 4 the liver. 
Hejier, ) 

Hejiar antimonii, crocus of anti- 
mony ; crocus metallorum. 

Hejiar suljihuris, liver of sulphur; 
sulphur melted with fixed alkali. 

Jfe/iar uterinum, the placenta. 

Hejialalgia, the liver devoid of sen- 
sibility and irritability; inflam- 
mation or pain in the liver or its 

Hejiatarius, of the liver; hepatic. 

Hejiateros, a species of dysentery. 

Hejiatica, liverwort; medicines for 
diseases of the liver ; pain in the 
legion of the liver. 

Hejiatica alba, parnassia. 

artcria, the hepatic arte- 
ry ; a branch of the cceliac. 

Hejiatica brachii -vena, the basilic 
vein of the right arm. 

Hejiatica minor -vena, a branch of 
the vena portse. 

Hefiatica nobilis, noble liverwort, or 
herb trinity. 

Hejiatica stellaris, aparine; wood- 
row; woodruff. 

Hejiatica trifolia, noble liverwort. 

vulgaris, stone, or star 

Hejiatica vena:, the hepatic veins ; 
branches of the lower vena ca- 

Hejiatico-cyslici ductus, ducts lead- 
ing from the sides of the gall- 
bladder to the liver. 

Hepaticula, chronic inflammation of 
the Tver. 

Hejiaticus, hepatic; belonging to 
the liver. 

Hejiaticus ductus, the hepatic duct 
conveying the bile. 

Hejiaticus Jlos, hepatica. 

Jluxus, hepatirrhoea ; bi- 
lious diarrhoea. 


Hejiatirrhaea, ? a spc- 

intestinalis, $ cies of 
diarrhoea cholerica. 

Hejiatites, a precious stone. 

Hcjiatitis, inflammation of the liver. 
chronica, chronic inflam- 
mation of the liver. 

Hepatitis cystica, inflammation of 
the gall-bladder. 

Hejiatitis erysijielatosa, erysipela- 
tous inflammation of the liver. 

Hejiatitis hejiatica, true hepatic in- 

Hejiatitis jileuritica, hepatitis with 

Hejiatitis obscura, obscure, or chro- 
nic hepatitis. 

Hejiatitis jiarenchematosa, inflam- 
mation in the inner substance of 
the liver. 

Hejiatitis jieritonaalis, inflamma- 
tion in the peritoneum covering 
the liver. 

Hejiatitis sujijiurans, suppurating 

Hejiatizon, brown itching morphew. 

Hejiatocele, rupture of the liver. 

Hejiatorium, > waterhemp, 

aquatile, $ or agrimo- 

Hejiatus, a fish of a liver colour. 

Hejihxstias, a drying plaster of burnt 

Hejihxstites, a precious stone of a 
fiery colour. 

Hejihthotes, languor, or listlessness. 

Hejiiala, epiala. 

Hejiialus, a mild quotidian fever. 

Hejisana, aliment boiled with broth. 

Hejisema, the must of vegetable li- 
quors ; a decoction . 

Hejitandna, Linnaeus's 7th class. 

Hejitajiharmacum, a plaster of seven 

Hejitajihyllum, tormentil root. 

Hejitajileuron, ~) the greater plan- 

Hejitajileurum,) tain. 

Hcracantha, common carline thistle. 

Heraclea, water horehound. 

Heracleios, > epilepsy ; mania ; load- 

Heracleius, $ stone. 

Heracleoticum, origanum. 

Heracleum, parsnep. 


Heraclium oleum, oil of box. 
Hi radius la/iis, the loadstone. 
Her da, an herb; a plant with a soft 

Herba abiga, chamxpitys, or ground 

Herba atherea, eryngo. 

Alexandrina, herb Alexan- 
Herba benedicta, the herb bennet. 
♦ Britannica, lapathum aquati- 
ffcrba cardiaca, leonurus cardiaca. 
doria, doria. 
draconis, lapathum. 
felis, cat mint. 
Uerardi, angelica. 
hxmorrhoidum, chelidonium. 
immor talis, ptarmica. 
imjiatiens, persicaria. 
imjiia, gnaphalium vulgare. 
Judaica, siderites. 
Julia, sweet maudlin. 
maxima, corona solis. 
m elan cholifuga, fumitory . 
paralysis, the primrose. 
Paris, the English herb Pa- 
ris; true-love, or one-berry 
Herba Brasiliana fiolycoccos, ipeca- 
Herba Petri, common cowslips. 

regia, artemisia, or mugwort. 
sacra, vervain. 
Sanctx Barbara, winter 
Herba Sa7icli Jacobai, ragwort. 

Johannis, artemisia. 
Laurentii, bugula. 
Petri, samphire. 
sanguinis draconis, lapathum 
Herba scorbuti, cochlearea. 

Stella, buck's horn plantain. 
etudiosorum, goose foot ; sow- 
Herba terrtbilis, > ^ ^^ 

trim tat is, 3 
terra, herniaria. 
venenosa, sium. 
vend, phlomis. 
veteribus ignota, lady's 



Herba viva, the sensitive plant; pa- 
nacea moschatum 

Herba vubicraria, virga anrea. 

Herbari/is, an herbalist, or one who 
understands herbs. 

Herbasculum, a tin box used by bo- 
tanists to carry plants. 

Herbatum Canadennium, sweet scent- 
ed all-heal of Canada. 

Herbivorus, any animal feeding on 

Hercules, any powerful medicine. 

bovii, gold and mercury 
dissolved in a distillation of coppe- 
ras, nitre, and sea salt ; violently 
cathartic and emetic. 

Herculeus lapis, the loadstone. 
morbus, epilepsy. 

Hcrculis clava, arbor spinosa. 

Hereditarius, hxreditarius; des- 
cending from parents; hereditary 

Hereos, amorous dreams. 

Herinaccus, the hedgehog. 

Hermannia, an African herb. 

Hermufihroditus, an hermaphrodite ; 
any animal in which both sexes 
are united. 

Hermes, the supposed inventor of 
all arts, particularly of medicine. 

Hermesia, chymistry. 

Hermelica ars, chymistry. 

iihilosojxhia, hermetical 
philosophy, or that which is di- 
rected on chymical reasoning. 

Hermeticus, closing the end of a 
tube by fusing it. 

Hermodactylus, the Turkish her- 
modactyl ; a species of colchicum. 

Hermodactylus folio guadrangulo, 
snake's head iris. 

Hernandia, the American jack in 
the box plant. 

Hernia, a rupture, or unnatural pro* 
trusion of the contents of the ab- 

Hernia aquosa, a watery rupture, or 

Hernia bronchialis, bronchocele, or 
tumour of the bronchial glands. 

Hernia camosa, sarcocele, or fleshy 
tumour on the testis. 


Hernia cerebri, a protrusion of a! 
part of the brain through an open- 
ing of the skull not perfectly ossi- 

Hernia congenita, rupture coeval 
with birth. 

Hernia cruralis, femoral hernia, or 
rupture under Poupart's liga- 

Hernia cystica, rupture of the bladder. 
femoralis, rupture under 
Poupart's ligament. 

Hernia Jiatulenta, pneumatocele ; 
air escaped through the pleura. 

Hernia foraminis magtiii ischii, rup- 
ture through the foramen of the 

Hernia gutturis, bronchocele, or 
tumour of the bronchial glands. 

Hernia humoralis, inflammation and 
swelling of the testicle. 

Hernia incarcerata, incarcerated, or 
strangulated hernia. 

Hernia inguinalis, bubonocele; in- 
guinal, or hernia in the groin. 

Hernia intestinalis, hernia of the in- 
testines; hernia scrotalis. 

Hernia lachrymalis, lachrymal her- 

Hernia omentalis, epiplocele; her- 
nia of the omentum. 

Hernia scrotalis, ") . , 

... I scrotal rup- 

oschealis, >■ l 

' . fture. 
enter oschocele, J 

umbilicalis, exomphalos, or 

rupture at the navel. 

Hernia uteri, hysterocele, rupture 
containing the uterus. 

Hernia in xagina, colpocele; rup- 
ture in the vagina. 

Hernia vaginalis, rupture of the va- 

Hernia varicosa, cirsocele. 

veniosa, pneumatocele ; air 
escaped through the pleura. 

Hernia -ventralis, hypogastrocele ; 
a hernia through the muscles of 
the belly. 

Hernia vesicalis, a rupture contain- 
ing the bladder. 

Hcrniaria, rupturewort. 

altines folio, sea chick- 

' Treed. 


Herniatomia, herniotomy, or the 
operation for hernia. 

Heros, the spirit of salt. 

Her/ies, tetters ; eruption. 

ambulativa, ~) a species of 
collaris, 5 erysipelas a- 
bout the neck. 

Herpes depascens, "\ herpes de- 
esthiomenos, Lstroying the 
exedens, J skin by ulce- 

Herpes faciei, common red pimples 
in the faces of adults. 

Herpes farinosus, the dry mealy tet- 

Herfies farinosus siccus, ) the dry 
simplex, 3 mealy 
tetter round the knees. 

Herpes ferus, common erysipelas. 
Indica, a fiery itching her- 
pes peculiar to India. 

Herfies miliaria, the eruption called 

Herpes periscclis, herpes zoster. 

pustulosus, the eruption in 
the foreheads of infants; crusta 
lactea, tinea capitis. 

Herpes rafiiens, venereal ulceration 
in the head. 

Herpes serpigo, herpes miliaris, or 

Herfies simplex, simple distinct pus- 

Herfies syphiliticus, ") venereal erup- 
venereus, 3 tion on the 

Herpes zoster, erysipelas phlyctsno- 
des, or shingles encircling the 
body . 

Herpeton, > a creeping pustule, or 

Herfietum, 3 ulcer. 

Hcrvil de anil Lusitanis, indicum. 

Hesmis, a quarter of a pound. 

Hesperis allium, alliaria, or garlic. 

Heterocrania, a pain of one side of 
the head. 

Heterogvneus, heterogeneous; dis- 
similar ; mixture of dissimilar in- 

Heterorrhopos, any tumour of doubt- 
ful tendency. 

Heterorythmus, a pulse unusual in 
such patients or age. 


llnich Indisy 1 an In- 

Americanum, >dian 
JElhiofxicum, J spe- 
cies of turnip. 

Heud hen, > the aromatic aloe ; agal- 

Heudcen, $ lochum. 

Hexagium, the sixth part of an 

Hexagonus, having six angles. 

Hexagynia, having six chives. 

Hexandria, having six stamina; 

Linnxus's 6th class. 

Hexahetalus, ~) , • , 

tr \ , ,, r having six leaves. 

Hexafihyllu8, $ 

Hexa/iharmacum, any plaster of six 

Hcxis, habit, or permanent disposi- 

Hiacan, guaiacum wood. 

Hians, gaping. 

Hianticilla, galbula. 

Hiaticula, charadrius. 

Hiatula, chama ; the sea cockle. 

J fiat us, a gap, or opening. 

Hibiscus, marsh mallow, or althxa. 
ab> Imoschus, musk mal- 
low, or abelmoschus. 

Hict-sia, a plaster for scrophulous 

Hulroa, pustules produced by sweat- 
ing; miliary. 

Hidrocrisis, a judgment formed 
from the sweat. 

Hidrocritica, signs taken from sweat- 

flidronosus, ~) sudor Anglicus, or 

Hidro/iyrctos, y the sweating sick- 

Hidrofiedesis, a violent perspira- 

Hidros, sweat. 

Hidrotica, ~) , . c 

„., . . \. \ sudorific, or sweat- 
Hidrofmetica, >. ,. . 

**..'. fing medicines. 

Hidrotofisea, • J ° 

Nidus, flowers of copper. 

Hiera diacolocynthidos, an electuary 
of colocynth, agaric, germander, 
the gums, 8cc. 

Hiera fiicra, hiera picra, or holy bit- 
ter; pulvis aloes cum canella. 

Wcrub'jtanc, holy herb; vervain, or 

Fficracantha, cariina svlvestris. 


Hieracites, a species of gem. 

Hicracium, hawkweed. 

Aljnnum, broad- leaved 
Hungarian hawkweed. 

Hieracium folio chondritis,*} lesser 
le/iorinum, 5 hawk- 


Hieracium longius radicatum, long- 
rooted hawkweed. 

Hieracium minus, lesser hawkweed. 
montanum, a species of 

Hieracium murorum y French, or 
golden lungwort. 

Hieracium fiilosella, mouse ear. 

Hieraculum, hieracium, or hawk- 

Hieranosus, convulsion ; epilepsy. 

Hieraticum, a poultice for the sto- 

Hicrazune, lotus, or melilot. 

Hierobotanc, vervain. 

Hierobulbus, the root of colchicum } 
or meadow saffron. 

Hierofnjr, erythematous inflamma- 

Hieros, sacred; holy. 

Higuero, the calabash tree. 

Hilum, the eye of a common bean, 

Himantofius, an aquatic bird. 

Himantosis, relaxation of the uvula. 

Himas, a relaxed, emaciated uvula. 

Himeros, amorous inclination. 

Hin, ~\ 

Hindisch, I r ... 

H f >gummi assafoetida. 

Hingish, J 

Hin-awaru, indicum, or indigo. 
Hinka, caryophyllus aromaticus. 
Hinnulus, a hind ; the young of the 

Hi/ipace, rennet, or cheese of mare's 

Hipfiecacuanna, ipecacuanha. 
Hi/i/ielafihus, an animal like a stag 

and horse. 
Hififuatrus, a horse leech. 
Hifi/iion, gentiana. 
Hifijwcamfius, the sea horse ; a small 

Hijijiocastanum, ) the horse chest- 
Hi/i/iocantamim, <J nut tree. 
Hi/i/iocras, chiretum ; claret. 


Hifi/iocrates, a famous physician and 
writer of Coos, supposed to have 
lived 400 years before Christ. 
His writings are the most ancient 
on medicine which have reached 
us, and he is therefore called the 
father of physic. He died at La- 
rissa, in Thessaly, in his 101st 

Hijijioglossum, the herb double 
tongue, or bislingua. 

Hi/i/wglossus, a large species of 

Hi/ipolafiathum, monks' rhubarb, or 

Hififiolaftathum rotundifolium, lapa- 
thum alpinum. 

Hififiolithus, stony concretion in the 
stomach or intestines of horses. 

Hififiomanes, apocynum ; secundines 
of a mare; the juice of the tithy- 
malltis ; the fleshy substance 
which sometimes adheres to the 
forehead of a new foaled colt ; 
purging thorn. 

Hippomarathrum, horse, or wild 
fennel ; English saxifrage ; a spe- 
cies of seseli. 

Jlipponnjrmacis, the horse ant. 

Hififiofi/ues, > h j thorn. 

Hippuphxs'us,} * & ° 

Hippopotamus, the large sea horse. 

Hippo selinum, herb Alexander ; lov 

Hipposis, compression, or depres- 

Hippsorchis, the testicle of a horse 

Hippuris, horse-tail, or cauda equi- 
na ; disorders proceeding from 
much riding, as debility and weep- 
ing of the genitals 

Hippuris minor, lesser horse tail. 

Hippurus, a kind of lobster. 

Hippus, a tremulous affection of the 
eyes; a spasmodic or convulsive 
motion of the iris. 

Ilir, the palm of the hand. 

Hira, the intestinum jejunum ; some 
extend it to all the intestines, and 
others to all the contents of the 
Hirafiitanga Brasiliensis, logwood; 
Brasil wood. 


Hirci barba, herb goat's beard. 
Hirculux, an herb smelling like a 

goat ; a species of saxifrage. 
Hircosi, those of a libidinous or lust- 
ful inclination. 
Hircus, a goat. 

bezoarticus, the goat that 
yields bezoar. 
Hirauus, the great angle of the eye. 
Hirsuties, unnatural hairiness of the 

Hirsutus, hairy. 

Hirudo, ) the leech ; a genus 

medica, $ of insects of the 
order of vermes intestina. 
Hirundinaria.) 6wallow-wort, or as- 

Hirundo doinestica, the common 

Hirundo Indica, the Indian swal- 
Hirundo maritima, hirundo Indica. 
riparia, the sand martin. 
sinensis, hirundo Indica. 
vulgaris, hirundo domes- 
Hismat, lithargyrus. 
His/tanicum viride, verdigrise. 
Hisjiiditas, distichiasis ; hairiness in 

Hispidula, mountain cudweed; lie- 

Hisfiidus, rough ; hairy. 
Historia, the history of a patient's 

Histos, a machine for straightening 

the spine. 
Hoache, a kind of chalky saponace- 
ous earth, used by the Chinese to 
varnish their china. 
Hoad, agallochum. 
Hoaxacan, guaiacum wood. 
Hobus, a West Indian plum. 
Hociamsanum, agrimonia. 
Hoitziloxitl, balsam of Peru. 
Holcimos, swelling of the liver; te- 
Holcus, Indian millet seed; wall 

Holer a, cholera ; vomiting and purg- 
ing of bile. 
Holeraceus, belonging to the class 
of pot herbs. 


Holifi/ia, sweetmeats ; purging sweet- 

Holiathema, a dislocation. 

ffollif the juice of Guinea pepper. 

Holmiscos, the sockets of the teeth. 

Holtnos, a mortar ; the trunk of the 

Holocyroity ground pine, or chamse- 

Holofihlyc tides, phlyctacnx, or small 
watery pustules. 

Holo8ch<eno8, juncus odoratus, or 
sweet rush. 

Holoeteo ajfinit,,^ osteocolla ; myo- 

ffoloates, > suros, myosurus, 

Holoateum, j or mouse-tail. 

Crcticum, plantago an- 

Holo8teua, glue bone, or osteocolla. 

ilolotliurm, the quab, a poisonous 

Holothuriori) a prickly sea fish. 

ffolotonicos, a universal spasm, or 

Holquahuitl, Peruvian bark. 

Holsbon, common salt prepared. 

Homci, anarsarcous, or dropsical 

Homceomerea, homogeneous; uni- 
form; of the same kind. 

Ilonurda, human feces. 

ilomilia, discourse ; cohesion ; ex- 

Homo, man. 

Ihnwgcnes, any uniform continued 

Homogeneus, homogeneous; any 
mixture of similar parts; uni- 

Homolinon, coarse flaxen cloth. 

Homonofiagia, bead-ach. 

Homo/daltc, omoplatx, scapulae, or 
shoulder blades. 

Homorixmu, a similitude of parts, or 

Ffomotonos, equable; a continued 

llomuncidus, a little man. 

Paracrlsi, the reputed 
result of semen masculinum di- 
gested in a dunghill. 

, the hoof of any graminivo- 
rous animal. 


Hojdochrisma, any salve applied to 
an instrument that has wounded 
a person to cure him. 

Hora, an hour. 

Horaus, any ripe fruit. 

Hordcaceum vinum, beer. 

Hordeaceus, made of barley. 

Hordeolum, 7 watery 

hydatidosum, 3 stye on 
the eyelid. 

Hordeum, barley. 

cauaticum, Indian caustic, 
barley, or cevadilla. 

Hordeum disiichon, common barley. 
Gallicum, French, pearl, 
or common barley decorticated. 

Hordeum mundatum, common, or 
Scotch barley. 

Hordeum fierlatnm, pearl barley. 

malum, wheat, or triti- 

Hordeum Tulgarc, common barley. 

Horizon, mercury supposed to reside 
in gold. 

Horizontalis, a flower having a ho- 
rizontal disk. 

Horminum, garden clary. 

salira, ) purple spik- 
sativum, $ ed clary. 
.lylvcstre, the wild cla- 

Horologium fiorx, the opening and 
shutting of flowers at particular 
times of the clay. 

Horo.sco/ws, horoscope; one who 
pretended, from the figure of a 
plant, to tell what celestial influ- 
ence it was under, and what vir- 
tues it thence obtained. 

Hornotinus, ~) wheat sown in the 

Homus, $ spring, and reaped in 

Horrifiilatio, a sense of creeping, or 
formication in different parts of 
the body. 

Horror, shivering; a general cold- 
ness and contraction of the skin 
at the commencement of fever; 
excess of fear. 

Homdanus, the bird ortolan of 
Prance and Italy. 

Hortus, a garden ; the womb or va- 


Hortus Itetitix, saffron. 

siccus, a botanical arrange- 
ment of dried plants. 

Hottonia, water violet. 

Houi fioun, tincal. 

Hoxocoqudmochlit, senna orientalis. 

Huaxacensis, ~) a species of ricinus, 

Huci/iochotl, 5 or castor nut. 

Huican, guaiacum. 

Humectantia, remedies increasing 

Humectatio, humectation ; moisten- 
ing or preparing medicines by 
steeping them in water. 

Humectatus, ~). • . , 
r , - ' }■ moistened. 
Humejactus, 3 

Humeralis, of or belonging to the 

Humeralis musculus, the deltoid 

Humeralis arteria, the humoral ar- 

Humerus, the shoulder. 

Humiditas, humidity, or moisture; 
that quality in bodies by which 
they are capable of wetting other 

Humidum radicale, l'adical moisture ; 
the mass of blood, which is the 
promptuary from whence all other 
fluids in a human body are de 

Humidus, humid, or moist. 

Humilis musculus, a depressor mus 
cle of the eye. 

Humirubus, the dewberry, or rasp- 

Hummatu, a species of thorn apple 

Humor, humour; the fluid part of 
the body. 

Humor albuginosus,"\ the watery 
aqueus, K fluid in the 

aquosus, J anterior 
chamber of the eye. 

Humor crystallinus, the crystalline 
lens of the eye. 

Humor doridis,' sea water. 

mercurialis, bilis atra. 
morbidus, any depraved ani- 
mal fluid. 

Humor in secund'wis, liquor amnii. 
vitreus, the fluid in the pos- 
terior chamber of the eve. 


ITumoralia, diseases with extrava- 

sated dissolved fluids. 
Humoraria, a fever with a depraved 

state of the fluids. 
Humorista, a name of ridicule for 

the Galenists. 
Hamulus, the common hop, or lu- 

II unc, tin. 
Hura Americana, the sand-box tree 

or Jamaica walnuts. 
Huso, a cetaceous fish of the Danube] 
from which is made isinglass, or 
fish glue. 
Hutzochitl, balsam of Peru 
Hyacinthus, the jacinth, a precious 

Hyacinthus Anglicus, the hyacinth, 

or hare bell. 
Hyacinthus racernostis mosc/iatus, 

bulbus vomitorius. 
Hyacinthus stellatus, a poisonous 

species of hare bell. 
Hyxna, a savage beast of Africa. 
Hyxnia, a stone in the head of the 

Hyalodes, urine with a white viscid 

Hyaloidea membrana, the hyaloid 
membrane or capsule of the vitre- 
ous humour. 
HyatAdes, the vitreous humour of 

the eye. 
Hyalus, glass. 
Hyanche, sore throat with external 

Hybanthus, a species of violet. 
Hybernaculum, the winter covering 

of embryo plants. 
Hyboma, convexity. 
Hybridus, in botany it implies pro- 
duced from different species, ana- 
logous to the mule in animals. 
Hydarthros, discharge from wounds 

in the joints. 
Hydarthrus, synovia; white swell- 
ing of the knee. 
Hydatcenomenus, disposed to drop- 
Hydatinon, ) a collyrium of rain 
Hydatinum, $ water. 
Hydatis, a hydatid, or clear vesicle 
of serous dropsical fluid; hordeo- 


lum, or stye; singular of Hyda- 
fides; hydatids. 

HydatocAolus, discharges of water 
and bile. 

Hydatodes, ~) watery ; aqueous hu- 

Hydatoidcs, \ mour of the eye ; any 
much diluted fluid; limpid urine. 

Hydcros, dropsy ; anasarca. 

Hydra, a water serpent. 

Hydragogos, > hydragogue ; any 

Hydrugogus, $ medicines discharg- 
ing water. 

Hydralme, sea water. 

Hydrargyratum sul/i/iur antimonii 
nigrum, jEthiops antimonialis ; 
quicksilver triturated with sul- 
phur of anitmony. 

Hydrargyratum sul/ihur antimonii 
rubrum, cinnabar of antimony ; 
quicksilver sublimed with sulphur 
of antimony. 

Hydrargyratum mel, quicksilver dis- 
solved by honey. 

Hydarargyratus tartartis, quicksil- 
ver dissolved by cream of tartar. 

Hydrargyri calx alba, the calx of 
mercury precipitated from corro- 
sive sublimate by sal ammoniac 
and prepared kali. 

Hydrargyri calx muriata, corrosive 

Hydrargyri calx muriata mitts, ca- 

Hydrargyri calx scheelii, quicksilver 
dissolved in nitrous acid and pre- 
cipitated by common salt. 

Hydrargyri calx vilriolata Jlava, 
turbith mineral; quicksilver dis- 
solved in vitriolic acid and preci- 
pitated by hot water. 

Hydrargyri culx tartarizata Jlava, 
Constantine's powder ; a precipi- 
tate of quicksilver from nitrous 
acid by the acid of tartar. 

Hydrargyri tartarizata alba, a pre- 
cipitate of quicksilver from the 
acid of tartar by vegetable alkali. . 

Hydrargyri calcis syru/ius, quicksil- 
ver triturated with syrup. 

Hydrargyri calcis ungucntum, mer- 
curial ointment triturated with 


Hydrargyro calci?iato expilulx, pills 
of calcined quicksilver. 

Hydrargyro ex cxruleum unguen~ 
turn, mercurial ointment. 

Hydrargyro ex emplastrum, mercu- 
rial plaster. 

Hydrargyro gummosa ex fiilula, 
pills of quicksilver triturated with 

Hydrargyro saccharato ex bolus, bo- 
lus of quicksilver dissolved by su- 
gar, conserves, &c. 

Hydrargyro t ere bint hinato ex fiilu- 

U, pills of quicksilver triturated 

with turpentine. 

Hydrargyrum, ~) • , ., 
it i t quicksilver. 

Ilydrargyrus, 3 

acetatus, quicksilver 

and acid of vinegar. 

Hydrargyrus arsenicatus, quicksil- 
ver and acid of arsenic. 

Ilydrargyrus boracitatus, quicksil- 
ver and acid of borax. 

Hydrargyrus calcinatus, calcined 

Hydrargyrus citratus, quicksilver 
and acid of citr # on. 

Hydrargyrus cum Creta, mercurius 
alkalizatus; quicksilver triturat- 
ed with chalk. 

Hydrargyrus jluoratus, quicksilver 
and acid of iluor. 

Hydrargyrus gu?nmosus, quicksilver 
triturated with gums. 

Hydrarygyrus muriatus, ~) 

fortior, £ 
corrosive sublimate; quicksilver 
and acid of sea salt. 

Hydrargyrus muriatus mitis, calo- 
mel ; calx of quicksilver united to 
a small portion of muriatic acid. 

Hydrargyrus nitratus, quicksilver 
and acid of nitre. 

Hydrargyrus nitratus cinereux, 
quicksilver precipitated from ni- 
trous acid by volatile alkali. 

Hydrargyrus nitratus ruber, red cor- 
rosive mercury; red precipitate, 
or red oxide of mercury ; a so- 
lution of quicksilver in nitrous 
acid evaporated to crystalliza- 


Hydrargyrus oxalynus, quicksilver 
and acid of wood sorrel. 

Hydrargyrus fthosfihoratus, quick- 
silver and phosphoric acid, also 
precipitated from a solution in ni- 
trous acid by soda phosphorata. 

Hydrargyrus firecifiitatus tinereus, 
grey precipitate of mercury. 

Hydrargyrus fiuri/icatus, quicksil 
ver purified, or freed from fxces. 

Hydrargyrus saccharatus, quicksil 
ver and acid of sugar. 

Hydrargyrus sebinus, quicksilver 
and acid of suet. 

Hydrargyrus sidjihuratus, sulphure- 
tum hydrargyri nigrum ; JEthiops 
mineralis ; quicksilver combined 
with sulphur by rubbing or fu- 

Hydrargyrus sulphuratus niger, 
iEthiops mineralis. 

Hydrargyrus sulphuratus ruber, 
factitious cinnabar ; quicksilver 
sublimed with sulphur; sulphu- 
retum hydrargyri rubrum. 

Hydrargyrus cum sulphure, V&thiops 
mineralis. • 

Hydrargyrus succinatus, quicksilver 
and acid of amber. 

Hydrargyrus tartarizatus, quicksil- 
ver and acid of tartar. 

Hydrargyrus terebinthinatus, quick- 
silver triturated with turpen- 

Hydrargyrus vitriolatus, quicksilver 
and vitriolic acid; turbith mine- 
ral; sulphuretum hydrargyri fla- 
vum; mercurius emet. flavus. 

Hydrargyrus unguinosus, quicksil- 
ver triturated with oily bodies. 

Hydrarthros, hydarthros. 

Hydraryrosis, mercurial friction. 

Hydrastis, ? ,, 

7 „ , > yellow root. 
Lanadense, } ' 

HydreUum, a mixture of oil and 

Hydrrntcrocele, a dropsy of the 

scrotum with rupture. 
Hydroa, hidroa; a watery pustule; 

symptomatic miliary fever. 
Hydrocardia, a dropsy of the peri 

Hydrocele) dropsy of the scrotum. 


Hydrocele peritonei, ascites, or com- 
mon dropsy of the belly. 
Hydrocele scroti, a spurious kind of 
hydrocele occasioned by a consi- 
derable collection of water in the 
scrotum. It is of the anasarcous 

Hydrocele spinalis, spina bifida; a 
swelling on the vertebrx of the 

Hydrocele funiculi, hydrocele of the 
spermatic cord. 

Hydrocelodes, suppressed urine from 
a rupture in the urethra. 

Hydrocephalum, ) dropsy of the 

Hydrocephalus, $ head. 

acutusj hydrocepha- 
lus internus. 

Hydrocephalus externus, external 
hydrocephalus, or water between 
the brain and membranes. 

Hydrocephalus internus, internal, or 
acute hydrocephalus; water in 
the ventricles of the brain. 

Hydroceratophyllon, ~) an aquatic 

Hydroceratopihyllum, § plant. 

Hydrocistis, ") a species of dropsy 

Hydrocystis, ^ in which the water is 
contained in a cyst, or bag. 

Hydrocotyle, marsh, or water penny- 

Hydrocrythe, barley water. 

Hydro-cntcrocele, dropsy of the scro- 

Hydrogaron, } fish pickle diluted 

Hydrogarum, 3 with water. 

Hydrogenatus, combined with hy- 

Hyelrogcnium, hydrogen ; one of 
the constituent parts of water ; base 
of inflammable air; phlogiston. 

Hydrolapathum, lapathum aquati- 
cum, or great water dock. 

Hydromcli, water mixed with honey ; 

Hydromclon, 5 a mixture of honey, 

Hydromelum, 3 quince juice, and 

Hydrometra, dropsy of the womb. 
ascitica, dropsy of the 
womb combined with ascites. 

Hydrometra gravidarum, dropsy of 
the womb in pregnancy. 


Hydrometra hydatica, dropsy of the 
womb with hydatids. 

Hydrometra ovarii, a collection of 
serous fluid in the ovarium. 

Hydrometra puriformis, purulent 
dropsy of the womb. 

Hydrometra sanguinea, a collection 
of blood in the womb. 

Hydromphalon, ~) a watery tumour 

Hydromphalum, 5 of the navel. 

Hydronosos, > the sweating sick- 

Hydronosus, $ ness ; sudor Angli- 

Hydropege, spring, or fountain wa- 

Hydropedesis, ephidrosis, or diseased 

Hydrophobia^ a dread of water, a 
symptom occurring in canine 

Hydro/i/iobia rabiosa, hydrophobia 
with a desire of biting. 

Hydrophobia simplex, hydrophobia 
without furiousness, or desire of 

Hydrophobia spontanea, hydropho- 
bia without being bitten. 

Hydrophobia vulgaris, hydrophobia 
with dread of drinking and wild- 

Hydrophthalmia, a dropsy of the 

Hydrophthalmion, an anasarcous 
dropsy of the part under the eye. 

Hydrophyllon, £ ^ 

Hydrophyllum, 3 

Hydrophysocele, hernia combined 
with hydrocele. 

Hydro/iica, remedies for dropsy. 

Hydropicus, one having a dropsy. 

Hydropiodes, tending to a dropsy. 

Hydropiper, persicaria urens, or wa- 
ter pepper ; biting arsmart ; lake 

Hydropneumatocele, a hernia pro- 
ceeding from flatulence and wa- 

Hydropneumosarca, any tumour of 
air, water, and solid substances. 

Hydropeoides, any great discharge 
of water in dropsy ; watery stools. 

Hydrops, a dropsy. 

ad matulam, diabetes. 



Hydrops articuli, a carious joint. 

cysticus, any dropsy inclos- 
ed in bags, or cysts. 

Hydrops genu, an accumulation of 
synovia under the caspular liga- 
ment of the knee. 

Hydrops medulla spinalis, spina bi- 

Hydrops ovarii, hydrometra ovarii. 
pectoris, hydrothorax, or 
water in one or both cavities of 
the pleura. 

Hydrops pericardii, accumulated 
water in the pericardium. 

Hydrops pulmonum, water in the 
cellular interstices of the lungs. 

Hydrops sacculi lachrymalis, a 
dropsy of the sac containing the 

Hydrops scroti, ~) a dropsy of the 
lestium, 5 vaginal tunic of 
the testes. 

Hydrops uteri,a dropsy of the womb. 

vesica, ischuria. 

Hudropyretos, > , . . .. 
jj , \ v > sudor Anerhcus. 

Hydropyretus, } 

Hydrorachitis, dropsy of the spinal 
marrow ; spina bifida. 

Hydrorosaton, a ptisan of rose wa- 
ter, honey, Sec. 

Hydrdrhodinon, a mixture of water 
and oil of roses. 

Hydrosaccharum, a drink of sugar 
and water. 

Hydrosarca, any fleshy tumour con- 
taining water ; water in the cellu- 
lar membrane. 

Hydrosarcocele, a scirrhous testicle 
with hydrocele. 

Hydroselinum, water parsley. 

Hydrostilphuretum stibii luteum, sul- 
phur antimonii prxcipitatum. 

Hydro sulphur etum stibii rubrum, 
kermes mineral. 

Hydrothorax, hydrops pectoris. 

Hydroticus, hydragogus ; a medicine 
promoting sweat. 

Hydrus, the water snake. 

Hycms, winter. 

Hygeia, > health; the name of a 

Hygieia, $ plaster described by Aeti- 

Hygidion, ammonii colly rium. 


Hygicina, ~) the art of preserving 
Hygieinc,} health. 

atialefitica, the art of cur- 
Hygieine firojihylactica, the art of 

foreseeing disease. 
Hygieine synleretica, the art of pre- 
serving health. 
Hygienistes, physicians whose care 

was to preserve health. 
Hygiesis, rules for the preservation 

of health. 
Hygra, liquid rosin, or plaster. 
Hygrasia, a humour. 
Hygremjdastra, liquid rosin, or plas- 
Hygroblejiharicus, a duct in the in- 
ner part of the eyelids. 
Hygrocircocele, dilated spermatic 
veins with dropsy of the scro- 
Hygrocollyrium, any fluid application 

to the eyes. 
Hygrologiu, ■hygrology, or doctrine 

on the fluids of the body. 
Hygroma, an encysted tumour of se- 
rum, or a fluid like lymph, and 
sometimes filled with hydatids. 
Hygrometrum, the hygrometer ; an 
instrument to measure the mois- 
ture of the air. 
Hygromyron, } a liquid scented 
Hygromyrum, 3 ointment. 
Hygro/if/ooia, canine madness, or 

Hygrofilithalmicus, hygroblephari- 

Hygros, hy grocollyrium, 
Hygrctes, liquid gum. 
Hylarchus, the universal directing 

spirit of the world. 
Hyle, chaos ; matier ; the philoso- 
pher's stone. 
Hyluvi, the cotton tree. 
Hymen, a membrane at the entrance 

of the vagina. 
Hymcnea courbaril, the tree yielding 

gum anime. 
Hymcnodes, urine with flocculi ; vis- 
cid blood ; membranous. 
Hymochyma, a suffused, or blood- 
shot eye. 
Hyoglossus, a muscle of the tongue. 

H v r 

Hyoides, os hyoides. 
Hyofiharyngxus, a muscle of the 

Hyojihthalmos, ~) hog's eye plant; 
Hyo/ihthalmus, 5 aster Atticus. 

Hyoscyamus, hog's bean; henbane; 

Hyoscyamus JEgyjilius, > white 

albus, 5 henbane. 

lutxus, yellow henbane; 
English tobacco. 

Hyoscyamus major, hyoscyasmus al- 

Hyoscyamus nigcr, ~) common, or 
vulgaris, 3 black hen- 

Hyosiris, a plant resembling cicho- 

Hyothyroides, muscles of the la- 

Hyjiacticos, an epithet of cathar- 

Hyixxthros, a place for morning ex- 

Hypaleipton, a ligament. 

Hy/ialeijilum, any liniment. 

Hy/ialei/itron, a sort of spatula for 
spreading ointments. 

Hyfieccauma, the cause that keeps 
up a disorder. 

Hyjiccoum, horned wild cumin. 

Hyjielxon, oil; dregs of oil. 

Hy/ietalos, hypaclicos. 

Hyfiene, a beard. 

Hyjicnemius, zephyria ova; barren 

Hyper test heses, supersensation; er- 
ror in appetite. 

Ilyfierarleiiscus, superfluous parts 
or members. 

Hy/icrbo/icus, opisthotonicus. 

Hy/iercarothis, a lethargic patient. 

Hyfiercathamis, excessive purging 
from medicine. 

Hijjurcoryfihotiis, any prominent 
part, as a lobe of the liver. 

Hyfurcrisis, > hyper-excretion, or 

Hy/wrecrisis, 3 excessive critical dis- 

Hy/iertmesis, excessive vomiting 
from medicine. 

IJyficrefihidrosis, immoderate sweat- 



> St. John's 
fierforat tint, $ wort. 

ascyron dictum, ascy- 


Hypericum maximum, androsxmum. 
saxitil<;~) bastard John's 
Hypericoides, } wort. 

Hyperidrosis, a distention of a part 

by water. 
Hypcrincsis, excessive purging. 
Hy/ierinos, > the person who suffers 
Hypvrinus, \ from hypercatharsis. 
Hyfieroa, the palate. 
Hypcro-pharyngxi, muscles of the 

Hyperos, a pestle. 
Hyperostosis, exostosis ; any hard 

indolent tumour on a bone. 
Hy/wroum, a foramen in the palate. 
Hypcrphycs, severe disease. 
Hyper sarcoma, > fungus, or proud 
Hy/iersa rcosis, 5 flesh; any fleshy 

excrescence ; a nasal polypus. 
Hypexocos, any extended membrane, 

as the pleura. 
Hypexodos, a purging. 
Hypnobates, those who walk when 

Hypnobatasis, ) somnambulism, or 
Hypnobasis, <J walking when a- 

Hypnodia, morbid sleepiness. 
Ilypnologia, regulation of sleep. 
Hypnopwos, } hypnotic ; anodyne ; or 
Hypnoticus, $ metlicine producing 

Hypnos, sleep. 
Hyfinum, a species of moss which 

causes sleep. 
Hypo, diminution; remission; infe- 
Hyfiobry chios, deeply seated. l 
Hypoama, effusion of red blood into 

the chambers of the eye. 
Hyfiocapiiisma, fumigation. 

./' , . ' S- a lethargic patient. 

Hypocaj-ot/us, 3 ° l 

Hyfiocatharsis, slight purging. 

Hyfiocauafvm, a sweating stove, or 

bath ; a hot-house. 
HypoccphaLton, a pillow, or support 

for the head. 

l\ Y P 

Hypocerchnaleon, a roughness and 
hoarseness in the throat. 

Hypocheirius, a patient. 

Hypocheomcnos, > a person with ca- 

Hypocheomenus, $ taract. 

Hypochlorosis, a slight chlorosis. 

Hypochmris, a species of sonchus, of 

Hypochondria, the sides of the bel- 
ly under the cartilages of the spu- 
rious ribs. 

Hypochondria diaborborizonta, a 
rumbling in the sides of the belly. 

Hypochondria catexerasmena, hy- 
pochondrii entasis. 

Hypochondria metcora, swelled hy- 
pochondria from wind. 

Hypochondriac £ regiones, the hypo- 
chondriac regions ; hypochondria. 

Hypochondriacismus, ~) hypo- 

Hypochondriacus morbus, 3 chon- 

Hypochondriasis, hyp; spleen; va- 
pours ; dyspepsia with languor, 
depression, and fear ; blue devils. 

Hypochondriasis algida, hypochon- 
driasis with extreme sense of 

Hypochondriasis asthmatica, hypo- 
chondriasis with great difficulty 
of breathing. 

Hypochondriasis biliosa, depression 
of spirits, &c. with superabundance 
of bile. 

Hypochondriasis calculosa, hypo- 
chondriasis with stone and gra- 

Hypochondriasis calida, hypochon- 
driasis biliosa. 

Hyfi ochon dria s is frigid 'a , h y poch on - 
driasis melancholica. 

Hypochondriasis humida, hypochon- 
driasis sanguinea. 

Hypochondriasis hysterica, hypo- 
chondriasis with hysterics. 

Hypochondriasis melancholica, hypo- 
chondriasis with extreme dejec- 

Hypochondriasis ?mdiebris, hysteria 
with hypochondriac symptoms. 

Hypochondriasis phthisica, hypo- 
chondriasis with consumption. 


Hypochondriasis pituitosa, hypo 
chondriasis from mere debility. 

Hypochondriasis sanguinea, hypo 
chondriasis from plethora. 

Hypochondriasis sicca, hypochondri 
asis biliosa. 

Hypochondriasis tympanilica, hypo- 
chondriasis with windy swelling 
of the abdomen. 

Hy/wchondrii entasis, a soft tension 
of the belly. 

Hypochondrii scolites, inequality of 
the sides of the belly. 

Hyfiochondriixyntasis, inflammatory 
distention of the sides of the belly. 

Hypochondrion atias/ias?nejion, a re- 
traction of the sides of the abdo- 

Hypochondrium, the sides of the 
belly under the ribs. 

Hypochondrium chronium, hypo- 
chondrium having inveterate dis- 

Hypochophosis, slight deafness. 

Hypochorcma, > matter passed off by 

Hy/, $ stool, or urine. 


Hy/i achy sis, 

Hypochytos, diachytos 

Hypocistis, rape of Cistus ; a para- 
sytical plant of warm climates. 

Hypoclepticum vitrum, a separatory, 
a chymical vessel. 

Hypoccelon, ~) the part under the 

Hypoctelum, } lower eyelid. 

Hypocranium, an abscess under the 

Hypocras, a medicated wine. 

Hypocraleriformis, a salver-shaped 

Hypodeiris, the extremity of the 
fore part of the neck. 

Hypoderwis, the clitoris. 

Huhodesis, ? , , , 

r/ . , J- an under bandaere. 

Hypodesmus, ^ Q 

Hy/iogala, a collection of fluid like 
milk in the chambers of the eye. 

Hypogastrica sectio, the high opera- 
tion in lithotomy. 

Hypogastrics, belonging to the 

Hypogastrion, } the lower part of 

Hypogastriuwj ) 
trie region 

a cataract. 

the belly, hypogas- 


Hypogastroccle, a hernia, or rupture 

of the belly. 
Hypoglossis, } the part, or two 
Hypoglossum, 3 glands under the 

Hypoglossum, bislingua, or double 

Hypoglottides. medicines to be held 

under the tongue. 
Hypoglutis, the fleshy part under the 

Hypomia, the axilla, or armpit. 
Hyponomos, a hollow foul ulcer; a 

subterraneous place. 
Hypopedium, cataplasm to the sole 

of the foot. 
Hypophoria, winking. 
Hypophasis, a partial closing of the 

eye in sleep. 
Hypophaulum, middle diet. 
Hypopheum, wild cumin. 
Hypophora, a deep fistulous ulcer. 
Hypophthalmion, ) the part under 
Hypopht halmiwn, 5 the eye swelled 

as in dropsy. 
Hypophyllocarpodendron, a tree with 

seed under its leaves. 
Hypophyllospermus, any plant with 

seed on the back of the leaf. 
Hypophysis, inflammation of the eye 

from the lid turning inwards. 
Hypopia, a black eye. 
Hypopicrus, slightly bitter. 
Hypopleurios, ~j 
Hypopleurius, > the pleura. 
Hijpopl euro sis, J 

Hypopyon, } abscess under the cor- 
Hypopyum, $ nea of the eye ; mat- 
ter in the chambers of the 

Hyporinion, } the part between the 
Hyporinium, } nose and upper lip. 
Hyporisma, emborisma; an aneu- 

Hyposarca, ~) 

rj . ... I anasarca, or •ua- 

Hyposarcirlios, ^ ... 

rr . ... ' ftery swelling. 

nyposarcidium,} * 

tlyposalhros, indurated fxces. 



Hyjiospadixos, termination of the 
urethra beneath the glans ; an eu- 

s >5 

a slight shake. 

Hypostasis, C the sediment of urine 


Hypospadias, one having the frx- 

num too short. 
Hypo«/iui trismus, an operation for 

curing defluxion on the eyes. 
Ilyposphagma, aposphagma ; black 

eye ; extravasation of blood in the 

tunica adnata. 
Hypostaphyle, a relaxed uvula. 


Hypostema, } 

Hyjwstatica principia, the hypostati- 
cal principles, or the three chymi- 
cal ones, salt, sulphur, and mercury. 

Hypothenar, a muscle of the little fin- 
ger ; the part of the hand opposite 
to the palm. 

Hypothesis, any system of general 
rules, founded partly on fact, and 
partly on conjecture. 

Hypotheton, a suppository ; any solid 
purgative applied to the rectum. 

Hypotrimma, a food of dates, honey, 
cumin, &c. 

Hypotrope, a relapse. 

Hypoxylon, ) a species of agaric of 

Hypoxylum, $ the oak. 

Hypozoma, the diaphragm. 

Hypsiloglossus, a muscle of the 

Hypsiloides, os hyoides ; basioglos- 
si muscles. 

Hypsophyllum, an ulcer under a ci- 
catrix ; the plant hare's car. 

Hy/uias?nos, lying in a supine pos- 
ture; nausea. 

Hypulus, an ulcer under a cicatrix. 

Hysopifolia minor, spiked willow. 

Jlyssopi folia, leaves of hyssop. 
herba, herb hyssop. 

Hyssofiitcs, hyssop steeped in wine. 

Hysso/ius, the herb hyssop. 

angustifolia, common 

Hyssofius cafiitata, wild thyme. 

officinalis, common hys- 

Hystera, uterus; secundines. 

Hyaterialges, vinegar; any thing 
causing pain in the uterus ; false 
pains in labour. 

Hystcralgiafebricosa, pain in the re- 
gion of the uterus without labour, 
or much fever. 


Hystera-petra, a German stone of 
the figure of the uterus. 

Hysteria, hysterics ; a spasmodic 
disease of the primae viae, attended 
with the sense of a ball rolling 
about the abdomen, stomach, and 

Hysteria chlorotica, > 

ab emansione mensium, } 
hysterics from obstructed men- 

Hysteria emphractica,hy stevics from 
diseased viscera. 

Hysteria ftbricosa, fever attended 
with hysterics. 

Hysteria a leucorrhcea, hysterics from 
fluor albus. 

Hysteria libidinosa, nymphomania, 
of female libidinous propensity. 

Hysteria a menorrhagia, ~> 

crucnta, £ 
hysterics from profuse menses. 

Hysteria a menorrhagia serosa, hys- 
terics from fiuor albus. 

Hysteria a salucitate nimia, hysteria 

Hysteria stomachica, ~> hysterics 
stomachi -vitio, 3 from dis- 
eased stomach. 

Hysteria verminosa, hysterics from 

Hysteria a viscerum obstructione, 
hysteria emphractica. 

Hysterica, hysterics; diseases of the 

Hysterica, women affected with hys- 

Hysteritis, inflammation of the 
womb; fever with heat, pain, and 
tension of the hypogastrium, os 
tincx sore to the touch, and vo- 

Hysterocelc, a rupture containing 
the uterus. 

Hysterocystica ischuria, suppression 
of urine from the uterus pressing 
on the bladder. 

Hysteroloxia, obliquity of the womb. 

Hysteron, deuterion ; the secun- 

Hysterofihyse, physometra; the 
womb distended by air. 

Hysteropto.ris, p'-clansris uteri, 


Hystcrotomotocia, ) Csesarca sectio ; 

Hysterotomia, £ delivery by cut- 
ting into the womb. 

Hystriciasis, a disease in which the 
hair is said to stand erect like a 
porcupine's quills. 

Hystritis, inflammation of the womb. 


Hystricis lapis, a stone resembling 
a hedgehog ; bezoar porcinum. 

Hystrix, the porcupine. 

Hyvourake, } a tree of 

Hyvoura Brasiliensis, $ Brasil 
sembling guaiacum. 



TAMBLJCHI sales, ammoniacal 

salts and aromatics. 
Iatraleifttes, a physician curing by 

ointment and friction. 
Iatreon, a physician. 
latrice, the medical art. 
Iatrochymicus, a physician whose 

remedies are drawn from chy- 

Iatrolijitice, cure by unction and 

latro/iha, the Barbadoes nut. 
Iatrophysicus, any medico-physical 

Iatros, a physician. 
Iba, aninga; a tree of Brasil. 
Ibeixuma, a Brasil tree yielding a 

saponaceous bark. 
Iberica, } dittander ; lepidium ; sci- 
Iberis, $ atica cresses. 
Iberius, lepidium gramineo folio; 

the sciatica cresses. 
Ibiga, abiga ; common ground pine. 
Ibira, a species of pepper in Brasil. 

patanga, lignum Brasilium. 
Ibirace, guaiacum. 
Ibirceem, a species of liquorice in 

Ibis, the stork. 

Ibiscus, marsh mallow, or althaea. 
Ibixuma, bruisewort ; soapwort. 
Icaco, an American plum. 
Icago, the cocoa palm tree. 
Ichneumon, the Egyptian rat. 
Ichnos, the sole of the foot ; a kind 

of leaden sock. 
Ichor, any thin acrid discharge from 

IchoraideS) resembling ichor. 

} a stone with a cavity 
s, 3 or impression like a 

Ichthya, squatina marina, or monk 

fish ; a crotchet ; rasping. 
Ichthyelaum, the oil of fishes. 
Ichthyemata, scales of fish ; raspings 

of bark. 

Ichthyocolla,co\lapisc'mm ; isinglass, 

or fish glue. 
Ichthyosis, a hard, dry, scaly, and 

sometimes horny texture of the 

integuments, not connected with 

internal disease. 

" cc ' ., £ gum elemi. 

Icicamba, ^ ° 

Icon, abbreviation of icones planta- 

Icosandria, Linnxus's 12th class. 

Ictar, the female pudenda. 

Icterias, a gem used in jaundice. 

Ictericodes, jaundice with fever, but 
without inflammation of the liver. 

Icterilia, icterus. 

alba, chlorosis. 
Jiaua, icterus. 
rubra, erysipelas. 

Icterodes, bilious ardent fever. 

Icterus, the golden thrush, or jaun- 
dice ; yellowness of the skin and 
eyes, whitish fxces, dark red 
urine, colouring linen yellow. 

Icterus albus, white jaundice ; chlo- 

Icterus calculosus, jaundice from gall 

Icterus Jlavus, icterus. 

gravidarum, jaundice ac- 
companying pregnancy. 


Icterus he/iaticus, jaundice from dis- 
eased liver. 
Icterus infantum, jaundice affecting 

Icterus mucosus, jaundice without 
pain, gall stones, or spasm, but 
relieved by the evacuation of tough 
phlegm by stool. 
Icterus fieriodicus, aurigo febricosa 
a plethora, aurigo plethori 
Icterus sfiasmodicus, jaundice from 

spasm of the gall ducts. 
Icterus viridis, icterus; green ic 

Ictinus, a kite. 
Ictis, a kite •, a weasel. 
Ictus, a blow, or stroke ; pulsation ; 

the sting of an insect. 
Ictus Solaris, a stroke of the sun ; in 

solation . 
Icus, an emerald. 
Idaus, raspberry. 

dactylus, pseonia. 
Idtea, victorialis. 

tertia clussi, the medlar fruit. 
Ideales, diseases attended with false 

ideas or judgment. 
Idectrum, the first man, or creature 

of any kind. 
Idiocrasia, idiosyncrasia. 
Idiojiatheia, ~> any idiopathic or ori- 
Idiofiathicus, $ ginal disease of a 

Idiosyncrasia, } any peculiar habit, 
Idiotro/iia, 5 or constitution. 
Idiota, a person of weak mind; an 

Idnesis, a curvature. 
Idos, sweat. 
Idou moulli, a tall East Indian plum 

Igaga, a species of mastich tree. 
Igasur, nux vomica. 
Igbucaini Brasilianorum, a tree of 

Igde, a mortar. 
Igname, cara Brasiliensis. 
Ignarius, a stone that heats when 

tgnamia, idleness ; sloth. 
[gniarius fungus, agaric of the oak. 
Ignis, fire ; burning fever ; mercury. 


Ignis algir, a very strong fire. 
calidus, incipient gangrene. 
elementaris, sulphur. 
extinctus, extinguished sul- 
Ignis fatuus, will o' the wisp; in- 
flammable gas of moist grounds, 
kindled by electricity. 
Ignis frigidus, a mortification, or 

Ignis gehennx, a corrosive of Para- 
Ignis lenis, the element of fire. 

Persicus, erysipelas ; anthrax. 
firuinus adc/itus, the quintes- 
sence of wine. 
Ignis reverberatorius, fire reverbe- 
rated, or turned back on the mat- 
ter to be acted on. 
Ignis rota, fire surrounding the mat- 
ter to be fused. 
Ignis sacer, ~) erysipelas, 

Sancti Antonii, 5 or St. An- 
thony's fire. 
Ignis sylvaticus, impetigo. 

sapientium, heat of horse dung. 

volaerrius,~) . 

, * ' S- impetigo. 
volaticus, ) ' ° 

■vivens, a liquor prepared from 

sea salt. 

Ignitio, heating ; ignition ; calcining. 

Ignivorus, purophagus. 

Ignoranlia, ignorance; agnoia. 

Ignye, ~) the ham, or part behind the 

Ignys, 5 knee. 

Igtaigcica, a species of mastich tree 
yielding resin. 

Ikan radix, a Chinese root of the 
orchis tribe. 

Ilajihis, bardana ; the burdock plant. 

Ilathera, thuris cortex. 

lie, the three first divisions of the in- 

Ilech, any first principle, or element. 
crudum, iliadum. 
magnum, any first principle. 
jirimum, a conjunction of the 

Ileidos, elementary air; animal spi- 

Ileon, . . > one of the 

Ileum, int ^tnum : £ smaU -^ 



Ileum cruentum, a species of sea 

Ileus, colic in the large intestines. 
calculosus, colica calculosa. 
a callosa colt strictures, colica 
Ileus a colo fiituita infarcto, colica 

spasm odica. 
Ileus afacibus induratis, colica ster 

Ileus herniosus, colic from rupture. 
ict erodes, icterus. 
imfierforatum, colic from im- 
perforated anus. 
Ileus Indicus, colica spasmodica. 

inflammatorius, colic with in 
Ileus ab intestino co?nfiresso, ileus 

Ileus fihysodes, . ~) colica spasmo- 
s/ms?tiodicus, } dica. 
a veneno, colica pictonum. 
■verminosus, colic from worms. 
■volvulus, colic from twisted 
Ilex, the holm tree ; a species of 

Ilex acule'ata baceifera, common 

Ilex aculeata cocciglandifera, the 

scarlet oak. 
Ilex folio rotundiori, the great scar- 
let oak. 
Ilex folio oblongo, dahoon holly. 
Ilia, the flanks, or the two divisions 

of the umbilical regions. 
Iliaca fiassio, the iliac passion, an in- 
verted motion of the intestines. 
Iliaca regio, the hypogastric region. 
Iliacus externus, ~> muscles in the 
internus, ^ pelvis moving 
the thigh. 
Iliadum, } Paracelsus's principle of 
Iliadus, 5 quicksilver, salt, and sul- 
Iliaster, ~) the hidden virtue of na- 
Iliastrum, $ ture ; hereditary dispo- 
sition or constitution. 

j ngis, f vertigo, or giddiness. 

Ihngos,^ . 

Ilios, passio iliaca. 

Iliscus, madness from love. 

Ilium 08) the large bone forming one 


side of the pelvis; the haunch 

Ilia ossa, the large bones forming 
the sides of the pelvis. 

Illecebra, house-leek; stone-crop; 
wall pepper. 

Illfgitimus, a false rib;. irregular fe- 
ver; spurious. 

Illi^atio, a bandaging. 

lllinctus, hnctus. 

Itlisio, a contusion. 

Illido, an unction. 

Illos, the eye. 

Illosis, a distortion of the eyes; stra- 

Illuminabilis lapis, the Bononian 
stone ; a luminous stone from Bo- 

Illatamentum, an ancient medicine 
• for rubbing the limbs of wrest- 

Illutatio, illutation, or smearing a 
body with mud. 

Illutio, alusia; uncleanness. ' 

Illys, any one who squints. 

Ilys\ the fxces of wine. 

Ilysis, illutatio. 

Imaginarii, diseases of the imagi- 

Imaginatio, imagination. 

Imbecillitas, imbecility; weakness. 
oculorum, impaired vi- 
sion without apparent defect. 

Imberbis, beardless. 

Imbibitio, repeated distillation. 

Imbricatus, a botanical term expres- 
sing leaves disposed as tiles. 

Immaturus, immature ; unripe. 

Immersio, immersion in a fluid ; cor- 
rosion in a fluid menstruum. 

Immersus, sunk, or hid ; the subsca- 
pulars; a muscle arising from 
the under part of the scapula. 

Immiclio, incontinence of urine. 

Immobilitas, immobility. 

Immortalis herba, the ptarmica ex,- 
aranthemum, or dry flower. 

Immundities, uncleanness. 

Immutantia, alteratives. 

Imfiar, unequal; having an odd 

Imfiastatio, forming powders into 


Jmfiatiens herba, persicaria; mo 
morel ica. 

Imfieratoria, herb masterwort. 

nigra, black master 

Imfieratoria sativa, angelica arch 

Imfiervius, impervious. 

Imfierialis aqua, fluor albus. 

Imfietigines, a general epithet for 
cutaneous diseases, particularly 
those debilitating the habit. 

Impetigo, ~\ species of le- 

Americana, (prosy, ring- 

Arabum, j worm, 8cc. 

Plinii, J rough, hard, 

dry, cutaneous spots, with great 


Impetus, the force with which one 
body strikes another. 

ImfriaJierba, common cudweed. 

Imfiinguatio, a morbid fatness. 

Imfiletio, too great fulness of ves- 

Imfduvium, an embrocation ; the 
shower bath. 

Imfiotentia, impotence; generative 

Imfiregnatio, impregnation, or preg- 
nancy; saturated or filled. 

Im/iressio, depression of the skull. 

Imfiuber, not arrived at the age of 

Imjiurgatio, costiveness. 

Imus -venter, the abdomen, or lower 
belly; the hypogastrium. 

Inxqualis, unequal. 

Inaia Brasiliensis, a species of palm 

Inaia guacuiba, the coco, or cocker- 
nut tree. 

Inanis, empty ; a pithy stem. 

Inanitio, cenosis ; emptiness. 

Ina/i/ietentia, anorexia; want of ap- 

Inauratio, gilding. 

Incantamenta, charms ; amulets. 

Incanus, (in botany) hoary; downy. 

Incarnuntia, medicines generating 
new flesh. 

Incendium, ~) a burning heat, fever, 

Inccnsio, $ or tumour. 



Inceratio, making any dry substance 
of the consistence of wax. 

Incerniculum, a strainer, or sieve; 
the pelvis of the kidney. 

Incideiitia, alterantia ; medicines sup- 
posed to cut viscid humours. 

Incineralio, incineration ; burning to 

Incisio, incision, or cutting. 

Incisores, cutters; applied to the 
fore teeth. 

Incisorii minores sufieriores, mus- 
cles of the upper jaw. 

Incisorii inferior cs Cowfieri, ducts 
in the upper jaw. 

Incisorii latcrales musculi, ~) mus- 
medii musculi, >cles of 
minores Cowfieri, J the up* 
per jaw. 

Incisorium, the surgeon's table for 

Incisorium foramen, an aperture in 
the upper jaw. 

Incisiis, a leaf whose edge is notch- 

Inciiabilitas, incitability ; that power 
in the brain and nervous system, 
which is put into action by men- 
tal affection, or local irritation, 
and producing those affections we 
call sympathy. 

Inclinatio, pouring off any liquor 

lnclinalus, obliquely. 

Includcns, shutting up. 

Inclusus, shut up. 

Incoctus, not boiled ; not digested. 

Incontinentia, inability to retain na- 
tural evacuation. 

Incorfioratio, incorporation ; accurate 

Incrassantia, medicines thickening 
the fluids. 

Incrassatus, a stalk increasing in 
thickness as it approaches the 
Incrustatio, incrustation ; formation 

of an eschar, or crust 
Incuba, sponsa solis ; marigold. 
Incubo, ) the night-mare, or oneiro- 
Incubus, ) dynia. 
Incumbens, leaning upon. 

i n k 

Incurabilis, not curable. 

Incurvatus, bent ; bowed. 

Incurs us, the pulsation of the arte- 

Incus, the anvil, a bone of the ear. 

Index, the fore finger. 

Indiana radix, ipecacuanha. 

Indica camotes, potatoes. 

Indicantia, circumstances of disease 
pointing out remedies. 

Indicata, the remedies pointed out. 

Indicatio, conclusion drawn from 
combining symptoms. The scope 
from which indications are taken 
or determined is comprehended 
in this distich : 

Ars, setas, regio, complexio, virtus, 

Jklos & symptoma, repletio, tempus & usus. 

Indicator, a muscle of the fore fin- 

Indicium, a sign. 

Indico, indigo. 

Indicon, a plant resembling pepper. 

Indicum, the indigo plant of Caro- 

Indicum balsamum, balsam of Peru. 
lignum, logwood and ebony. 

Indicus, costus Arabicus. 

morbus, the venereal dis- 

Indicua odoratus, costus Arabicus. 

Indies, daily. 

Indigena, the native of a country ; 

Indigestio, indigestion. 

Indignatorius, a muscle of the eye. 

Indigo, indicum. 

Indolentia, absence of pain. 

Indurantia, medicines which har- 

Indusium, a linen shirt worn next 
the skin ; the amnios. 

Incbrialio, drunkenness. 

Inermis, harmless; without pric- 
kle ,. 

Iners, slothful. 

Inertia^ idleness ; sloth ; absence of 
sensibility and irritability. 

Insrlix vis, the inherent propensity 

in matter to rest 
Inesis, ) an evacuation of the hu- 
Inethmus, \ mours. 


Infant, an infant, or child. 

Infcctio,. infection; contagion; a 

Infelix, herb darnel, or cockle ; el- 

Infernalis la f lis, lunar caustic. 

Inferior nasi, compressor nasi. 

clitoridis musculus, sphinc- 
ter vaginx. 

Inferus, (in botany) situated below. 

Infibulatio, an impediment to the 
retraction of the prepuce. 

Ivfirmarium, ~) an hospital, or in- 

Injirmatorium, $ firmary. 

Infirmitas, infirmity. 

Injiammabilia, inflammables; a class 
amongst fossil bodies. 

Injlammatio, phlogosis; inflamma- 
tion, or increased action in the 
vessels of any part, known by heat, 
redness, swelling, and pain. 

Inflatio, a swelling of the integu- 
ments from air; emphysema. 

Injlativa, windy food. 

Infiatus, puffed up. 

Injlcxio, a curvature, or bending. 

Infiexus, bending towards the stem. 

Tnflarescentia, the manner in which 
the flower is connected to the 

Influenza, any contagious epidemic 

Injluxus, the progressive progress 
of the blood. 

Infrascafiularis musculus,! a miis- 

Infrasfiinatus, $ cle of 

the shoulder. 

Infrigidalio, the cooling a hot part. 

Tnfundibuliformis, funnel-shaped. 

Infundibuliim, a funnel ; a duct, or 
cavity in the brain. 

Infu.sio, the act of infusing, or steep- 

Infusum, any medicine prepared by 
steeping in cold or hot water; a 

Infusum alkalinum, salt of tartar, 
saffron, and liquorice root in boil- 
ing water. 

Infusum amarum purgans, senna, 
lemon peel, gentian, Seville orange 
peel, and lesser cardamon seeds 
in boiling water. 


Jnfusum amarum cum senna, senna, 
gentian, and sweet fennel seeds in 
boiling water. 

Infusum amarum simfdex, gentian, 
lemon peel, and Seville orange 
peel in boiling water. 

Infusum antiscorbuticum, buck-bean 
leaves, Curassoa apples, horse- 
radish water, and common water. 

Infusum cardui, carduus benediclus 
in water. 

Infusum cefihalicum, wild valerian 
root and rosemary in aromatic and 
common waters. 

Infusum cinnamotd, powdered cinna- 
mon in boiling water. 

Infusum corticis Peruviani, an 
ounce of Peruvian bark in 5xij . of 

Infusum diureticum, wormwood and 
salt of tartar in juniper and com- 
mon water. 

Infusum genlianx comjiositum, gen- 
tian with orange and lemon peel 
in boiling water. 

Infusum lini, ~) linseed and li- 

jiectorale, 3 quorice in boil- 
ing water. 

Infusum paralyticum, horse radish 
and mustard in boiling water. 

Infusum rhabarbari, } rhubarb and 
rhci, 5 cinnamon in 

boiling water. 

Infusum rosx, dried red roses, vitri- 
olic acid, and sugar in boiling wa- 

Infusum senna limoniatum, senna, 
lemon peel, lemon juice, and boil- 
ing water. 

Infusum sennit simplex, senna and 
ginger in boiling water. 

Infusum senna tartarizatum, senna, 
coriander seed, and crystals of tar- 
tar in boiling water. 

Infusum tamarindoTum cum senna, 
tamarinds, tartar, senna, corian- 
der, and sugar in boiling water. 

Ingenitus, ingenite; inborn; any 
disease or habit born with a per- 

Ingerenda, ~) all solid food taken into 

Ingrsta, \ the stomach. 


Ingluvies, gluttony ; the craw, crop, 
or gorge of a bird ; the gizzard. 

Ingravidatio, impregnation; preg- 

Ingrcdientia,\.\\t ingredients or parts 
of a pharmaceutic formula. 

Ingress us, intus-susceptio. 

Ingucn, the groin; the lower lateral 
part of the thigh. 

Inguhialis, of the groin ; herb star- 

Inhamx orientates, potatoes. - 

Inhume, a shrub like the caper. 

Inhumatio, pharmaceutic digestion 

in horse-dung ; burying. 

Inimbay, } , , , T , 

T . ,. > bonduch Indorum. 

Inimboia, 3 

Inion, the occiput; the beginning of 
the spinal marrow ; the back part 
of the neck. 

Inirriiabilitas, inirritability ; absence 
of irritability. 

Injaculatio, spasm of the stomach 
with rigidity of the body. 

Injectio, the act of injecting medi- 
cated or coloured fluids into cavi- 
ties by a syringe ; the medicine 
itself to be injected. 

Injectio balsamica, balsam copaiba 
incorporated with lime water by 
means of honey of roses and e^g» 

Injectio mercurialis, quicksilver di- 
vided by balsam copaiba, and in- 
corporated with rose water by egg, 
&c. Sec. 

Innominatus, not named. 

Innutritio, a nourishing, or bringing 
up; also the opposite, atrophia. 

Inobilitas, inobility, or excess of sen- 
sibility and irritability. 

Inoculatio, inoculation; the intro- 
duction of small-pox or other mat- 
ter into the habit by the skin ; 

.v. sudden; unforeseen. 

Inosculalio, inosculation ; anastomo- 
sis, or inter-union of the extremi- 
ties of arteries and veins. 

Infiinguedo fiord, the herb costus 

Inquietude, restlessness } uneasi- 

I N T 

Insa?iia, insanity ; delirium ; mad- 

Insanus, mad. 

Insecta, insects, as flies, gnats, &c. 

Insectilis, that which cannot be fur- 
ther cut or divided. 

Insertio, insertion, or union of mus- 
cles, fibres, Sec. 

Insertus, (in botany) when the foot 
stalk is inserted into the stem. 

Insessio, warm fumigation, or bath ; 

Inddens, resting upon. 

Insidentia, epistasis ; surface of u- 

Insidians, insidious ; treacherous ; 

Insipidus, insipid ; tasteless. 

Insipientia, low delirium. 

Insolalio, insolation, or exposure to 
hot sun ; ictus Solaris. 

Insolatus, heated by the sun. 

Ingomnium, a dream ; a vision. 

Inspiratio, inspiration ; drawing air 
into the lungs. 

Inspissantia, nutrientia. 

Inspissatio, inspissation ; condensa- 
tion ; thickening. 

Instillatio, dropping in or on ; em- 

Instinctus, instinct, or that principle 
which governs the propensities of 
the brute creation. 

Instita, a fillet ; a flat worm of the 

Institutioncs, institutes, or a system 
of laws or rules in any particular 

Insuccatio, solution in the juice of 

Instifflatio, blowing a powder into a 

Insultus, the early stage of an attack 
of disease. 

Integastrum, the decussation of the 
optic nerves. 

Integummta, the integuments ; the 
scarf and true skins ; the rete mu- 
cosum and cellular membrane. 

Intellectus, the understanding. 

Intemperantia,") intemperance; ex- 

Intem/ieries, 5 cess °f every kind ; 


Intentio, indication; extension. 

Interceptio, suppressed evacuation. 

Iiitcrcisio, diacope ; a deep cut. 

Intercostalis, a term applied to seve- 
ral parts situated between the ribs. 

Intercostalis nervus, the intercostal, 
great intercostal, or sympathetic 

Intercurrent febris, a fever not pe- 
culiar to place. 

Intercurrent pulsus, an unequal 

Intercus, anasarca, or watery swel- 
ling under the skin. 

Interdentium, interstice between the 
teeth of the same order. 

Interdigitum, a corn, or wart be- 
tween the toes or fingers. 

Interfxmineum, perinxum. 

Interfoliaceus, between opposite 

Intergastrum, the crossing of the 
optic nerves. 

Interlunius morbus, the epilepsy. 

Intermissio, intermission ; interval 
between fits of fever. 

Intermittens febris, intermittent fe- 

Internodium,-7xxi internode, or part 
between the knotty parts of plants; 
the knuckle. 

Internuncii dies, critical days. 

Internus, the name of the internal 
ear ; laxator membrane tympani. 

Internus cubitalis, carpum flecten- 
tium interior. 

Internus mallei, a muscle of the ear. 

Interossea arteria, an artery of the 
fore arm. 

Interossea ligamenta, ligaments unit- 
ing the bones of the fore arms. 

Interossei manus, > small muscles of 
pedis, 3 the hands and 

Interosseus, a space between bones. 

Interpassare, a quilted bag of medi- 
cinal ingredients. 

Interpellatus morbus, disease irregu- 
lar in its attacks. 

Interpolatus dies, interval of a pa- 

Interruptus, leaves interrupted by 
alternate smaller ones. 


Inter$cafiularia,the hollows between 
the shoulder blades and spine. 

Intersca/iulium, the space between 
the scapulae. 

Intersection an incision. 

Inter sejitum, the uvula; the division 
of the nostrils. 

Inter sfiinalcs cold musculi, "J mus- 

Intertransver sales musculi, >clesof 

Inter transversalis, J the 


Inters tine tus, distinct; applied to 

Intertrigo, excoriation about the 
anus, groins, axilla, or other parts, 
attended with inflammation and 
moisture ; abrasion, or galling of 
the cuticle or skin. 

Intervallum, the interval between fits 
of disease. 

Intestina, the intestines, or guts. 

crassa, the colon, caecum, 
and rectum. 

Intestina diaboli, cuscuta, or dod- 

Intestina tenuia, the duodenum, je- 
junum, and ileum. 

Intestina terrx, earth worm. 

Intestinalis, of or belonging to the 

Intestinalis arteria, ~) artery 

vena, $ vem °f 

Intestinorinn solatyien, semen 
oleum anisi. 

Intortio, the twisting of a plant. 

Intortus, writhed, or twisted. 

Intoxicatio, intoxication; drunken- 
ness; infection. 

Intrafoliaceus, growing within the 
side of the leaf. 

Intricatus, a muscle of the ear. 

Intrinseci, painful internal diseases. 

Intritum, minced, or potted meat. 

Introcessio, depression of the skull. 

Introsusce/itio, > introsusception,or 

Intus-susce/itio, 3 falling of one part 
of an intestine into another. 

Intsia, acacia Malabarica globosa. 
fjitubus, endive. 

Intumescentice, diseases attended 
with external swelling. 

Intybacca, the herb oyster green. 




Intybus, cichorium, or succory; en- 

Inula, enula campana. 

dysenterica, conyza media. 

Inunctio, the act of anointing; the 
unction itself. 

Inundatus, applied to plants which 
grow in water. 

Inustio, a hot and dry season ; the 
operation of the cautery. 

Inustoria, cauteries. 

Inutritio, atrophy, or wasting. 

Invalescentia, ~) r u i.u 

, ' 5- want 01 health. 
Invaletudo, ) 

Invasio, accessio. 

Inverecundum os, the forehead, or os 

Inversio uteri, an inversion of the 

Invidia, envy. 
Inviscatio, a sticking together of the 

Involucra, the foetal membranes, or 

Involucrum, the pericardium; the 

calyx of an umbelliferous plant. 
Involunturius, not depending on the 

Involvulus, the vine fretter ; a 

Iobolos, any poisonous animal. 
lodes, verdigrise ; green matter 

thrown off by vomiting. 
Ion, the violet. 
Ionia, the ground pine, or chama- 

lonis, a carbuncle of a violet colour. 
Ionthlapsi, moonwort. 
lont/ws, inflammatory pimples in 

the face ; varus ; gutta rosacea. 
los, verdigrise. 
Iosaccharum, sugar of violets. 
Iotacismus, defective speech. 
loui, the expressed juice of beef pe- 
culiar to Japan. 

I/iecacoan/ia, "^ . t. • 

' ' ipecacoan,orBrasi- 

Iiecacuanha, \J c . „ 

', , >han root 01 the Spa- 

Iheliocoanha, [ . , ,„ _ .. r 
' / ' nish west Indies. 

Ijifi ecacuanna,J 

Ifihion, asphodelus lutseus. 
Ipnites, artos, or coarse bread. 
Ijis, the vine fretter. 
Iuuetaia, betonica aquatica. 


Ira, anger. 

Iracundus ?nusculus, a muscle of the 

Iraiba, a species of palm tree. 

Iringus, eryngium; the eryngo 

Irinon, the iris. 

Iris, the rainbow ; the iris, or ante- 
rior fibres of the choroides form- 
ing the pupil of the eye ; common 
flower de luce ; also a pastil of 
saffron, myrrh, and alum. 

Iris alba Florentina, } Florentine 
Jiore albo, 5 orris, or 

white flower de luce. 

Iris fcetida, spurgewort; stinking 
gl addon. 

Iris hortensis, iris. 

Illyrica, iris alba Florentina. 
latifoiia tuberosa, the ginger 

Iris palustris, gladiolus lutxus. 

tuberosa bulbosa, Turkish her- 
modactyl root. 

Iris vulgaris, common purple iris. 

Irradiatio, actinobolismus ; emana- 
tion of subtile effluvia from one 
body to another. 

Irregularis, irregular; not uniform. 

Irre/itio, eisbole. 

Irritabilitas, irritability; that state 
of the living solid by which it 
contracts on the application of the 
stimulus; vis vitalis, vis insita, os- 
cillation, tonic power, muscular 
power, inherent power, of different 

Irritatio, irritation ; the effect of a 
stimulus applied to an irritable 

Is, a fibre ; a nerve. 

Isada, lapis nephriticus. 

Isale, ixale. 

Isaros, arum, or wake Robin. 

Isatis, woad ; a dye. 
indica, indigo. 

Isatodes, bile and faces ; of the co- 
lour of woad. 

Isca, a fungous excrescence of the 
oak or hazel. 

Ischxmon, any styptic. 

sativum, gramen manna. 

Ischas, a dried fig. 

the sciatica. 


Ischiadicus dolor, ~> 
morbus, £ 

Ischias, tithymalus ; sciatica, or 
rheumatism of the hip joint. 

Ischias major, the crural vein. 

minor, the lesser crural 
vein. • 

Ischiatocele, rupture through the 
sacrosciatic ligaments. 

Ischiocele, rupture between the sa- 
crum and ischium. 

Ischio cavcrnosi, erectores clitoridis 
et penis. 

Ischio coccygxus, a muscle of the os 

Ischion, ) a ligament of the head of 

Ischium, 5 the thigh bone ; one of 
the divisions of the os innomina- 

Ischnophonia, stammering; shrill- 
ness of voice. 

Ischnotis, leanness. 

Ischouria, ischuria. 

Ischuretica, medicines which re- 
lieve ischury. 

Ischuria, ischury ; a stoppage, dif- 
ficulty, or an absolute suppression 
of urine. 

Ischuria aspadialis, ischury from a 
cohesion of the sides of the urethra. 

Ischuria atretarum, ischury from 
menstrual blood in the vagina. 

Ischuria carunculosa, ischury from 
diseased urethra. 

Ischuria cry/.t l /iyica, ischury from 
retraction of the penis. 

Ischuria cystitica, ischury from in- 
flammation of the bladder. 

Ischuria cystolithica, ischury from 
a stone in the bladder. 

Ischuria cystophlcgmatica, ischury 
from viscid mucus. 

Ischuria cystoplegica, ischury from 
a paralytic state of the bladder. 

Ischwia cystoproctica, ischury from 
diseased rectum. 

Ischuria cystofiyica, ischury from 
ulcer in the bladder. 

Ischuria cystospastica, ischury from 
a spasm of the sphincter vesicx. 

Ischuria ajstothromboides, ischury 
from grumous blood in the blad- 


Ischuria ectopocystica, ischury from 

hernia of the bladder. 
Ischuria falsa, ischury from inability 

of the bladder to contract. 
Ischuria herniosa, ischuria ectopo- 

Ischuria hysterocystica, ischury from 

diseased uterus. 
Ischuria hydrocclodes, ischury from 

a rupture of the urethra in the 

Ischuria inJlammatoria,ischury from 

inflammation of the bladder. 
Ischuria lunatica, ischury returning 

at full, or changes of the moon. 
Ischuria mucosa, ischuria nephro- 

Ischuria nephrelmintica, ischury 

from worms in the kidneys. 
Ischuria nephritica, ischury from 

inflamed kidney. 
Ischuria nephro/ithica,'\schury from 

stone in the kidney. 
Ischuria nephrophlegmatica, ischury 

from viscid mucus in the kidneys. 
Ischuria nephroplegica, ischury from 

palsy of the kidneys. 
Ischuria nephroplethorica, ischury 

from the kidneys being turgid 

with blood. 
Ischuria nepihro spastica, ischury 

from a spasm in the kidneys. 
Ischuria nephrothromboides, ischury 

from grumous blood in the kid- 
Ischuria notha, ischuria falsa. 

Jiaradoxa, ischury from a 

tumour in the neck of the blad- 
Ischuria paralytodcea, ischuria falsa. 
peridesmica, ischury from 

a ligature on the penis. 
Ischuria perinxalis, ischury from a 

swelling in the perinxum. 
Ischuria periodica, ischuria lunati- 

Ischuria phimosica, ischury from 

Ischuria fiituitosa, ischuria nephro- 

Ischuria polyurica, ischury from a 

too long retention of urine. 


Ischuria proptoica, ischuria ectopo- 

Ischuria purulent a, ischuria cysto- 

Ischuria renalis, ischury from dis- 
eased kidneys. 

Ischuria vera, } ischury from an 
■vesicalis, 5 affection of the 
bladder only. 

Ischuria ureterica, ischury from dis- 
eased ureters. 

Ischuria ureteritica, ischury from 
inflamed ureters. 

Ischuria ureterolithica, ischury from 
stones in the ureters. 

Ischuria ureterophlcgmatica, ischu- 
ry from viscid mucus in the ure- 

Ischuria ureteropyica, ischury from 
ulcers in the ureters. 

Ischuria urcterostomaticd, } is- 

ureterothromboides, ^ chu- 
ry from the ureters being ob- 
structed by stones, grumous 
blood, &c. 

Ischuria urethralis, ischury from 
diseased urethra. 

Ischuria urethrelmintica, ischury 
from worms in the urethra. 

Ischuria uretheritica, ischury from 
inflamed urethra. 

Ischuria urethrohymenoides, ischury 
from membranes in the urethra. 

Ischuria urethrothromboides, ischu- 
ry from grumous blood in the 

Ischyrus, strong. 

Isir, an elixir. 

Islandicus muscus, lichen islandicus. 

Isnardi, a species of centaurea. 

Isochronus, in equal times. 

Isochryson, martial regulus of anti- 
mony combined with mercury. 

Isocinnamon, an herb like cinna- 

Isocrates, an equal mixture of wine 
and water. 

Isodromus, isochronus. 

Isomxria, an equability of the sea- 

Isopyron, aquilegia. 

Isora, the screw tree. 


Isoramune, a tree of Malabar. 

Isotheon, dionysos. 

Isotonos, acmasticos. 

Is/iida, the alcedo, or king's fish- 

Isthmian, "J the fauces, or top of the 

Isthmium, (.throat; the ridge which 

Isthmos, J separates the nostrils. 

Isthmus Vieussenii^ the ridge sur- 
rounding the remains of the fora- 
men ovale of the right auricle of 
the heart. 

Ilea, the salix, or willow. 

Ithagenes, true or genuine; true 
conception . 

Ithmotdes, ethmoides. 

Ithcyfihos, curved, or deformed in 
the back. 

Ithyoria, any straight process of a 


Ithyscolios, any oblique curvature 
of the spine. 

Ithytriches, straight hair, or black 

Itinerarium, the staff used in cutting 
for the stone ; a catheter. 

lulus., katkin, or cat's tail; a botani- 
cal term. 

Iva arthritica, > chamsepitys, or 
moschata, $ ground pine. 
fiecanga, sarsaparilla. 

Ivabeba, a deobstruent American 

Ivray, lolium, or darnel. 

Ixale, the skin of an animal. 

Ixia, the carline thistle; a dilated 
vein, or varix. 

Ixinc, globe thistle. 

Ixir, an elixir. 

Ixus, goose grass, or aparine. 


7AAKA, the Indian jack tree. 
Jabatafiita, an astringent tree of 

Jaborandi, the name of an alexi 
pharmic plant. 

Jabuticaba, a tall tree of- Brasil af- 
fording a vinous liquor. 

Jaca Indica, the Indian jack tree. 

Jaca/ie, rushy grass of Brasil. 

Jaca/iucaya, a nut-bearing tree of 

Jacaranda, a species of palm of Bra- 

Jacarecatinga, calamus aromaticus. 

Jace Brasitiensis, a species of water 

Jacea, knapweed ; pansy. 

orientalis patula, behen al- 

Jacea ramosissima, ~> calcitrapa, or 
stellata lutca, $ Barnaby's 

Jacinthus, the hyacinth. 

Jacobxa, ragwort; St. James's wort. 
al/iina, corn marigold. 

Jacobaa aquatica, conyza aquatica. 
maritima, sea ragwort. 
fialustris, aster palustris. 
firatensis, doria Narbonen- 
Jacobaa vulgaris, ragwort, or se- 

Jacuantatinga, calamus aromati- 
Jaculus, acontios; a poisonous ser- 
Jagra, palm tree sugar. 

r / . ■ ' r jalap of New Spain. 
Jaiafnum, ) . 

Jala/ia alba, mechoacana alba. 

Jamacaru, species of fig tree of Ame- 

Jambolones, a myrtle-like tree of the 
East Indies. 

Jambos, a species of plum in Malabar. 

Janamunda, caryophyllata. 

Janifiaba, a tall tree of Brasil. 

Jani/iha, cassada. 

Janitor, pylorus; the lower orifice 
of the stomach. 


Janiirix, vena portarum. 
Ja/iarundiba, an apple-like tree of 

Jafionica terra, catechu. 
Jaruina, fig tree of Jucaija. 
Jams, arum, or wake Robin. 
Jasmelxum, white flowers of violets 

in oleum sesaminum. 
Jasminoides, coffea, or coffee tree. 
Jasminum, jasmine, or jessamy. 

Arabicum, coffee. 
Jasjiachates, a compound of jasper 

and agate. 
Jaefiis, the jasper, a precious stone. 
Jasjwnix, a kind of jasper. 
Jalruleifites, one who cures distem- 
pers by external unction and fric- 
tion . 
Jatrochymicus, a chymical physi- 
cian, or who uses chymical medi- 
Jatrojihysicus, writings which trea 
of physical subjects with relation 
to medicines. 
Jatro/i/ia, pinhones Indici; cassava 

cataputia minor. 
Jatrojiha elastica, caoutchouc. 
Jalrut, a physician. 
Jecoraria, hepatica vulgaris; vena 

jecoraria, vel hepatica. 
Jecur, the liver, chiefly seated in 

the right hypochondre. 
Jecur uterinum, the placenta. 
Jejunum, the second of the small in- 
Jemou, ~) . 

Jemu, £gambog,a. 
Jegui tintjuacu, the soap-bearing 

Jesuit arum jiulvis,~> the Peruvian 
Jesuitamis cortex, $ bark. 
Jetaiba, Brazilian name for the lo- 
cust tree. 
Jetica, battatas Hispanica. 
Jcticucu, mechoacana. 
Jonthi, small red, hard, and indolent 
tubercles about the face of young 
persons near the age of puberty 
Jovis Jios, crocus. 

glans, juglans. 
Juba, a panicle ; a botanical term, 
so called from its resemblance to 
a horse's mane. 



Jububa, the jubebe tree. 
Judaica arbor, the Judas tree. 
Judaicum bitumen, Jew's pitch, Of 

Judicatio, crisis. 
Judicatoria, an inflammatory fever 

of four days. 
Jugale os,- the zygomatic, or cheek 

Jugalis sutura, the sagittal suture of 

the skull. 
Jugamentum, os jugale. 
Jugis vita, a wine prolonging life. 

' > common walnut. 

regia, $ 

Jugulares vena, the jugular veins in 
the neck. 

Jugulum, the throat, or fore part of 
the neck. 

Jugulum fr actum, a fractured collar 

Jujuba, the jujuba, or olive tree. 

Indica, the lacca, or gum 
lac tree. 

Julajiiiun, ) a julap, or julep ; any 

Julejium, 5 liquid formula that is 
clear and sweet. 

Jule/ium alexi jiharmicum, ~) alexite- 
alexiterium, $ rial wa- 

ter, spiritous and simple, with sy- 
rup of cloves ; the same with sy- 
rup of lemons. 

Julefium ammoiuacum, milk of am- 
moniacum with syrup of squills. 

Jule/ium anlihystericum, penny-roy- 
al and valerian waters, with tinc- 
ture of castor, salt of hartshorn, 
and white sugar. 

Julejium astringens, alexiterial and 
aromatic waters, with Japonic con- 
fection and Japan earth. 

Julejium e camjihora, camphor sof- 
tened by spirit of wine and refined 
sugar in boiling water. 

Julefium e camjihora acetosum, cam- 
phor softened by spirit of wine, 
gum Arabic, and refined sugar in 

Julejium cardiacum, alexiterial wa- 
ters, with volatile oily spirit, tinc- 
ture of saffron, and white su- 

Julejium carTtiinativum, fennel seed 

J U N 

and compound juniper waters, 
with syrup of clove July flowers. 

JFulefrum e Creta, prepared chalk, 
refined sugar, gum Arabic, and 

Jule/ium diafihoreticum, alexiterial 
water, spiritus Mindereri, salt of 
hartshorn, and white sugar. 

Julefium diafihoreticum acidum, alex- 
iterial water, treacle vinegar, tinc- 
ture of saffron, spirit of amber, 
and sugar. 

Julefium diureticum, spiritus Min- 
dereri, compound horse-radish 
water, and syrup of marsh mal- 

Julefium fxtidum, assafoetida, rue 
and compound valerian waters, oil 
of hartshorn, and white sugar. 

Julefium hydragogum, chamomile 
flower water, emetic tartar, and 
syrup of buckthorn. 

Julefium moschatum, ~) rose water, 
e moscho, 3 volatile oily 
spirit, musk, and white sugar. 

Julefium refrigerans, Rhenish wine, 
damask rose water, Seville orange 
juice, and syrup of violets. 

Julefium sistens, julepium astrin- 

Julefium stomachicum, mint water, 
simple and spiritous, with syrup 
of saffron. 

Julefius, julepum, or julap. 

Julus, a catkin. 

Jumnisum, ferment. 

Juncago, j uncus. 

Juncaria, Italian rushy horse-tail. 

Juncifolius, rush-leaved. 

Juncture a joint, or articulation. 

June us j the rush. 



Juneus acutus, pricking large sea 

Juneus aquaticus, bull rush. 

aromaticus, juneus odoratus. 

bombycinus, 3 cotton 

cafiitulo lanugino80,\ 

or linagrostis. 

Juneus odoratus, sweet rush, or ca- 
mel's hay. 

Juneus vulgaris, common soft rush. 

Junifieri gummi, juniper gum, or 
gum sandarach. 

Junifierus, the juniper tree, or bush. 
Alfiina, dwarf juniper, or 
wild savin. 

Junifierus Caroliniana, ) the cy- 
e Goa, $ press-leav- 

ed cedar. 

Junifierus lycia, frankincense ; oliba- 

Junifierus sabina, savin plant, or sa- 

Juno, the air. 

Junonis rosa, the lily. 

Jufiicanga, China occidentalis. 

Jufdter, stannum, or tin. 

Jus, any kind of broth. 

album, white, or fish broth with 

Jusquiamus, hyoscyamus, or hen- 

Jussa, gypsum, or plaster of Paris. 

Juvantia, all remedies that do good 
in a particular case. 

Jwventus, the time of youth. 

Jux taneina*~\ , 

r I paracynanche, a spe- 

Juxtanpa, > r . v. 
r .. f cies of quinsy. 

Juxtinga, J a < ' 

Juxta-fiositio, the disposition of parts 
in a body, whereby they are joined 
and combined together. 




V'AATH, terra Japonica. 

mla " I amulets, or charms. 

China occidentalis. 




Kachima, ") 

Kachymia, Icacochymia. 

Kakimia, J 

Kada'i, an eastern fruit used for dye- 

Kadunaku, aloes hepatica. 

Kakuria, the tree yielding gum ele- 

Ktemjiferia rotunda, zedoaria. 

Kaha, turmeric. 

Kuida, an eastern shrub. 

Kajefiut. oleum, ol. cajeput. 

Kaka-moullon, an East Indian tree. 

Kaka-niura, a vermifuge Indian tree. 

Kaka-tadduli, a tree of Malabar. 

Kalenzi kansjava, bangue. 

Kali, vegetable alkali, or potash; 
saltwort ; snail-seeded glasswort : 
this plant, when burnt, yields fos- 
sil alkali. 

Kali acetatum, acetis potasssc ; sal 
diurelicus ; kali saturated with 
distilled vinegar; terra foliata tar- 
tari ; tartarus regeneratus ; arca- 
num tartari. 

Kali alkali fixum, salt of wormwood, 
of tartar, 8cc. potash. 

Kali aqua, water of kali ; lixivium 
tartari; ol. tartari per deliquium. 

Kali citratum, prepared kali saturat- 
ed with lemon juice. 

Kali firxfiaratum, potash dissolved 
in water crystallized and dried ; 
sal absinthii ; sal tartari ; sal plan- 
tarum; alkali vegetable fixura 
vel mite ; carbonas potassse crystal- 

Kali fiuri aqua, water of pure kali ; 
lixivium saponarium, or soap 

Kali fiurum, fixed vegetable caustic 
alkali ; the salt of aqua kali puri, 
dried and melted. 

Kali sulphur at, um, hepar sulphuris; 
liver of sulphur. 

Kali tarta7-isa(um,tartaru\n solubile ; 
alkali saturated with acid of tartar ; 
tartaris tartarisatus ; sal vegetabi- 
lis; alkali vegetabile tartarisatum. 

Kali vitriolatum, tartarum vitriola- 
tum ; alkali vegetabile vitriolatum ; 
sal de duobus, sal polychrestus; 
arcanum duplicatum, natron vi- 
triolatum ; sulphas potass^. 

Kalmia, American laurel. 

Kalfihonia, resin. 

Kamar, silver. 

Kamir, ferment. 

Kamsin, a hot southerly wind of 
Egypt, called by travellers, the 
poisonous winds, or hot winds of 
the desert. 

Kandel, a shrub used for dyeing. 

Kanclli, an eastern evergreen tree. 

Kaolin, one of the ingredients in 
Chinese porcelain. 

Kajia mara, acajaiba, or cashew nut 

Ka/iril, sulphur. 

Karabe, amber. 

Karabitus, a phrenzy, or delirium. 

Karatas, wild pine apple, or ananas. 

Karemyle, orobus. 

Karetta, amelpodi ; a tree of Malabar. 

Karff, best sort of cinnamon. 

Karin-tagcra, a hazel-like tree of 

Kari-vetti, a tree of Malabar, juice 

Karva, thericinus; wild cinnamon 

Kasam, iron. 

Katmer Bouhour, cyclamen, or sow- 

Kaijl, sour milk. 


Keiri, leucoium, or wall flower. 

Kdlo, black lead. 

Kelp, soda, or natron from the ashes 

of sea weed ; rough unpurified 

mineral alkali. 
Kenna, ligustrum Indicum. 
Kenne. a stone produced in the eye 

of the stag. 
Keratopharyngxi musculi, muscles 

of the oesophagus. 
Keratophyton arboreum, black coral. 
Kermes, chermes; granum tinctori- 

um ; coccus baphica ; an insect 

called the kermes berry. 
Kermes mineralis, sulphur antimonii 

praecipitatum ; hydrosulphuretum 

stibii rubrum. 
Kerva oleum, castor oil. 
Ketmia, a plant resembling mallows 

in appearance and quality. 
Ke (ran, the resin of the great cedar. 
Keyseri pilule, quicksilver and ace> 

tous acid. 

„. . ' > catechu, or Japan earth. 

Ji/ieir, y 

Kibric, the element of mercury. 
Kibrith, sulphur. 
Kibrius, arsenic. 

_ ' > palma Christi. 
Kiki, 5 

Kikekunemalo, a pure resin similar 

to copal 


Kina-kina, \- Peruvian bark. 



ina, y. 
h J 


Kiiia-kina aromatica, the cascarilla. 

Kinkina Europca, gentian root. 

Kino, gummi rubrum astringens; 
red astringent gum. 

Ki/i/ii-keletigu, the Spanish potatoe. 

Kirath, a weight of four grains. 

Kirmisen, the flower of the narcissus. 

Kisseris, cisseris; pumice stone. 

Kist, fourteen grains. 

Knaivell, German knot grass. 

Kuoaltum, cobalt. 

Kolerus, a dry ulcer. 

Kolto, plica Polonica; plaited hair, a 
disease said to be frequent in Po- 
land, when the hair becomes vas- 
cular and full of blood. 

Kraut sauer, sour krout; salted 

Kriebel kranheit, rapphania; con- 
tracted limbs with pain and con- 

Krimna, meal. 

Kurudu, the cinnamon tree. 

Kutubuth, lycanthropia, or wander- 
ing melancholy ; water spider. 

Kymnenna, ampulla. 

Kymia, a chymical cucurbit. 

Kymit elevatum, white sublimed cin- 

KymoUa, the mud under grinding 

Kyna, gum opoponax. 

Kynanche, cynanche; quinsy, or 
sore throat. 

Kyram, snow. 


TABJRIUM, looseness of the 

Labdanum, gummi labdani. 
Labe, the first accession in fever. 
Labecula, a spot, or blemish. 
Labella leporma, the hare-lip; a na- 
tural division in the upper lip. 
J^abeo, thick lipped. 
Labes, a spot, or blemish. 
Labia, lips ; sides of a spinous bone. 

Labia leporina, the hare-lip. 

pudendi, the lateral external 
protuberances of the vulva. 
Labiales arterix, arteries of the lips. 
glandule, glands of the lips. 
Labiatus, (in botany) with lips. 
Labia, a forceps. 
Labium, the lip. 

attollens, musculus zygo- 


Lablab, phaseolus JEgyptiacus. 

Labor, labour; exercise; disease; 

Lab'jratorium, an elaboratory, or 
place for preparing medicines. 

Labrax, lupus marinus. 

Labrisulcium, a chap in the lips. 

Lubrum -venerium fuller's teazle ; dip- 

Labrusca, white bryony, or vitis 

Laburnum, laburnum, or pease cod 

Laburnum majus, ~> bean trefoil 
trifolium, $ tree; cytisus. 

Labyrinthus, the labyrinth or second 
cavity of the ear, seated in the 
petrous portion of the temporal 
bone ; it consists of the cochlea, 
vestibulum., and semicircular ca- 

Lac, milk ; a natural emulsion, se- 
creted by most animals for the 
nourishment of their young. 

Lac absinthites, human milk with 
the taste of wormwood. 

Lac acetosum, ) milk curdled by an 
acidum, $ acid, rennet, &c. 

Lac ammoniaci, gum ammoniacum 
diffused in water. 

Lac amygdala, pounded sweet al- 
monds diffused in water and sweet- 
ened ; almond emulsion. 

Lac asininum, asses' milk. 

artificial, mock 
asses' milk ; eryngo, pearl barley, 
liquorice root, and milk. 

Lac assafixtida, assafoetida diffused 
in water. 

Lac calcis, aqua calcis. 

coagulatum, lac acetosum. 
lunx, agaricus mineralis; white 
stone marl. 

Lac sul/ihuris, sulphur precipitatum. 
virginale, saccharum saturni 
dissolved in water. 

Lac virginis, gum Benjamin preci- 
pitated from the tincture by wa- 

Lacafihthon, bark of an Indian aro- 
matic tree. 

Lacca, the gum lac of Ceylon ; stik- 
lac; seed- lac; shell-lac. 


Laccofiedon, the loose part of the 

Laceratura, a lacerated wound. 

Lacerta, the green lizard. 

Lacertuli, bundles of fibres ; colum- 
ns carnes. 

Lacertus, the arm from the shoulder 
to the elbow ; the lizard, or eft. 

Lacertus omnium maximus, croco- 

Lacerum foramen, a hole in the ba- 
sis of the skull transmitting seve- 
ral nerves. 

Lacerus, torn. 

Lachunum, a garden herb. 

Lachryma, a tear; gum in drops. 

abiegna, Strasburg tur- 

Lachryma hammoniaci, gum ammo- 

Lachryma Jobi, reed millet, or Job's 

Lachrymalia ossa, the ossa unguis. 
fiuncta, the orifices of 
the lachrymal ducts. 

Lachrymalia fistula, a fistulous ul- 
ceration of the lachrymal sac. 

Lachry7nalis gla?idula,the lachrymal 

Lachrymalis nervus, branch of the 
fifth pair of nerves. 

Ladnix, jagged leaves of flowers. 

Laciniatus, jagged. 

Laconicum, a sweating stove, or 

Lactaria, all milky food. 

Lactas, lactat ; the name in the new 
chymistry of every compound of 
sour whey, or lactic acid. 

Lactatio, the act of suckling ; the 
period of time a woman performs 
that office to a child. 

Lacteafebris, the milk fever. 

vasa, the lacteal vessels. 

Lactece primi generis, the lacteals 
from the intestines to the mesen- 
teric glands. 

Lactece secundi generis, those from 
the mesenteric glands to the tho- 
racic duct. 

Lactescentia, the milky juice of 

Lacteus, milky. 


Lactica, low fever, or typhus. 

Lacticinia, all milky food; animel- 

Lactiferus, carrying milk. 

Lactiferi ductus, > ^^ ducts> 
tubuli, 3 

Lactuca, lettuce. 

agnina, lamb's lettuce, or 
corn sallad. 

Lactuca caerulea, blue-flowered gum 

Lactuca graveolens, ") opium-scent- 
virosa, ) ed lettuce. 

Lactuca hortensis, 1 garden lettuce 
saliva, $ producing opi- 

Lactuca marina, oyster green. 

fierennis humilior, gum suc- 

Lactuca sylvestris, wild strong- 
scented lettuce ; gum succory. 

Lactucella, sow thistle. 

Lactucimina, the thrush of infancy. 

Lactumcn, the scald head. 

Lactumina, ulcers on the skin of in 

Lacuna, furrows, or passes from 
small glands ; the openings of the 
excretory ducts of the muciparous 
glands of the urethra or vagina. 

Lacune, terra sigillata. 

Lacunosus, furrowed. 

Lacustris, plants growing in lakes. 

Lada,b\ack pepper, or piper nigrum. 
Chilli, Guinea pepper. 

Ladanum, gummi ladani. 

Ladon, the ladanum shrub. 

Ltedentia, all hurtful causes, or me- 

Lamos, the throat. 

Lasio, any hurt; disorder of the of- 
fices of any parts of the body. 

Lxtificans, exhilirating, or raising 
the spirits. 

Lava, the left hand. 

Lxrrigatio, reduction of a hard sub- 
stance into powder. 

Lagaros, the right ventricle of the 

Lagnna, ? venerea ] intercourse. 
Lagneuma, ) 

Lagocheilos, one with a hare-lip. 
Logon, the flank. 


Lagondi, beriberi. 

Lagophihalmia, \ ectropium;amor« 

Lagophthalmus, \ bid turning out of 
the eyelids. 

Lago/ioaium, hare's foot; trefoil. 

Lagopus, hare-foottd. 

Lcgostoma, the hare-lip. 

Lair repandu, the lymphatics. 

Lalo, the bark of a tree used as food 
in Africa. 

Lamac, gum Arabic. 

Lamare, sulphur. 

Lambdacismus, a defective articula- 

Lambdoides, the lambdoid suture Of 
the occiput ; os hyoides. 

Lambitivum, a linctus. 

Lamella, the gills of a mushroom. 

Lames fierspirabiles, the cellular 

Lamia, the white shark. 

Lamina, a bone or any substance re- 
sembling a thin plate of metal; 
lap of the ear. 

Lamina cribrosa, the apertures of 
the ethmoid bone transmitting 
the olfactory nerves. 

Lamina spongioses inferiores, the 
lower spongy lamina; of the nose. 

Lamium, \ the dead nettle, 

album, ^ or white archan- 

Lamium luteum, yellow archangel. 
maculatum, spotted archan- 

Lamium purpurea?);,') red archan- 
rubrum, ) S e ^* 

Lampatam,- China occidentalis ; the 
American China root. 

Lampetra, the lamprey, or lamprey 

Lampodes, frothy. 

Lampouris, cicindela. 

Lamfiroa, vigorous; healthy. 

Lampsana, dog's cress; nipplewort. 

Lampyris, the glow worm. 

Lanu, wool. 

succida, uncleaned wool. 

Lanaria, bruisewort ; soapwoit ; 

Lanceola, ribwort. 

Lanccolatus, spear-shaped. 

Lancctta, a lancet. 


Languor, lassitude; debility with 

depression of spirits. 
Languor fiannonicus, a kind of ter- 
tian fever ; morbus Hungaricus. 

Lanigerus, applied to vegetables 
having much down. 

Lantana, way-faring tree, or vibur- 

Lanuginosus, woolly, or downy. 

Lanugo, down. 

Lanx, a pair of scales. 

Laonica curatio, cure of gout by to- 
pical remedies. 

Laos, tin. 

Lafiacticus, loosening, or evacuating 
the belly. 

Lafiara, the flanks, or parts between 
the false ribs and hip bones. 

Lafiaria, an herb for diseases of the 

Lafiarocele, rupture through the 
side of the belly. 

La/iaros, soft or empty. 

Lafiathum, the dock. 

acetosum, common sor- 

Lafiathum acutum, sharp-pointed 

La/iathum Aljiinum, bastard monk's 

Lafiathum aquaticum, great water 

Lafiathum Chinense orientate, rha- 

Lafiathum hortense, monk's rhu- 

Lafiathum fialustre, lapathum aqua- 

Lafiathum rubrum, > 
sanguineum, } 
unctuosum, mercurialis. 
v:i!gare, common broad- 
leaved dock. 

Lafiidcs cobrx de capello, antidote to 

the bite of the cobra de capello. 
Lafiidcs cancrorum, oculi cancro- 

Lafiidillum, ~) spoon used in the ope- 

Lafiidiiluft, ^ ration for the stone. 
Lafiillatio, the generation of a stone. 
Lafiilli, crab's eyes, or oculi cancro- 

Lapis, a stone. 



Laftis amfielites, canal coal; ampe- 

Lafiis animalis, the animal bezoar 

Lafiis antimonius, ore of antimony. 
Armenius. See Arminus. 
bezoar, the bezoar stone found 

in the stomach of quadrupeds. 
Lafiis bezoar firaparatus, prepared 

Lafiis Bononiensis, a phosphoric 

stone found near Bologna ; a sul- 
phate of barytes. 
Lafiis calaminaris, calamine stone; 

coral, pearl, crab's eyes, &c. 

Lafiis cteruleus. > , . , 

> lapis lazuli. 
cyanus, } l 

colubrinus, pedro de capello. 
contrayervx, contrayerva. 
crystallus, rock crystal. 
divinus, alum, nitre, and cam- 
phi re. 
Lafiis glacialis, bastard talc. 

hematites, blood stone ; ore of 
Lafiis htematites firaparatus, pre- 
pared blood stone. 
Lafiis heradcios, magnes. 

Hybernicus, Irish slate. 
illuminabilis, lapis Bononien- 
Lafiis infernalis, lunar caustic ; the 
caustic alkali is by some so called. 
Lafiis Judaiacus, Jew's stone. 

lazuli, a fine blue stone with 
gold strias ; azure stone. 
Lafiis lydius, magnes. 

medicamentosa, the medici- 
nal stone. 
Lafiis naxius, cos. 

ntfihriticus, a greenish stone 
of America. 
Lafiis obsidanus, canal coal ; ampe- 

Lafiis ollaris, a species of talc. 

sefiticus, caustic alkali ; poten- 
tial cautery. 
La/iis sfiecularis, Muscovy glass, a 

species of talc. 
Lafiis stcllatus, astroites. 

Syriacus, lapis Judaiacus. 
Lappa, } the dock, or barda- 

major, \ na. 


Lappago, the purging thorn, or apa- 

Lapjiula canaria, bastard parsley. 

rusticorum, cynoglossum 

Lapsoma, dog cresses, nipplewort. 

Lafisus, sudden death ; a fall. 

Laqueus, a noose. 

gutturis, a malignant quin- 

Larbason, antimony. 

JLardum, bacon ; lard. 

Laridum, the lardaceous matter of 
a tumour. 

Larix, the larch tree. 

oritnialis, the cedar of Leba- 

Larva, a mask ; the early catterpil- 
lar state of insects ; a kind of ban- 

Laryngotomia, laryngotomy, or 
broncbotomv ; making an incision 
into the larynx. 

Larynx, the wind-pipe. 
r Lasanon, ) a trivet; a close stool; 

Lasanum, } stool for delivery. 

Lasci-uus, chorea sancti Viti; St. 
Vitus's dance. 

Laser, gummi assafoetida. 

Lastrpitium, the lesser herb frank- 
incense of Theophrastus. 

Laserpitium Gallicum, } lasser- 
vulgatius,} wort. 
latifolium, lasserwort ; 
white gentian. 

Lassitudo, lassitude ; debility ; wea- 

Lasion, rough, or hairy. 

Lastaurus, addicted to venery. 

Lasur, Paracelsus's transplanted ex- 
tract from silver. 

Lata ligamenta, broad ligaments of 
the uterns. 

Later, a brick. 

Laterales musculi, masseter mus 
cles of the jaw. 

Laterales musczili nasi, muscles of 
the nose. 

Laterales processus ossis sphenoidis, 
processes of the sphenoid bone. 

Lateralia ligamenta, ligaments of 
the arm. 

Lateralis morbus, pleurisy. 



Lateritium oleum, brick oil ; oleum 

Laterium, lixivium, or solution of 

Lateritius, lateritious, or of a brick 

Latex, all manner of water or juice ; 

Lathyris, ~j everlasting, 

Lathyrus, >or chickling 

latifolius, J vetch; spurge. 
sylvestris, everlasting tare. 

Lathyrus vicioides, clymenum. 

Latibulum, fomes morbi. 

Latica, a continued quotidian fever. 

Latissimus dorsi, a broad and Uiin 
muscle of the back. 

Latissimus colli, platysma myoides. 



Latuc, the side. 

Laucania, the throat, or oesaphagus, 

Laudanum, opium dissolved in spi- 
rit, or wine ; tincture of opium. 

Laudanum balsamicum, opium, he- 
par sulphuris, extract of saffron 
and liquorice, flowers of Benja- 
min, and Peruvian balsam. 

Laudanum lujuidum, laudanum. 

cum campho- 
ra, opium, saffron, cloves, &c. in 
tartarized spirit of wine. 

Laudanum lijuidum cum spiritu ni- 
tri dulci, opium and saffron di- 
gested in spiritu nitri dulcis. 

Laudanum Liijuidum ru..: succo cydO' 
niorum, opium, saffron, cinnamon, 
cloves, and Jamaica pepper di- 
gested in the juice of quinces. 

Laudanum liquidum Sudmhami, opi- 
um, saffron, cinnamon, and cloves 
digested in Spanish wine. mercuriale Paracehi, 
mercury precipitated from spirit 
of nitre, and rc-dissolved in, alco- 

Lauding, pills containing opium. 

Laurax, labrax. 

Laureola fcemina, mezereon ; cha- 
mselaea; widow-wail. 

Laureola mas, spurge laurel. 

Laurifolia Magellanica, cortex Win- 


Laurinum, daphnelxon ; oil of bays. 

Lauro-cassia, folium Indum ; Mala- 
bar cinnamon. 

Luuro-cerasus, bay, or laurel cher- 

Laurosis, spodium of silver. 

Laurus Alexandrina, sweet bay, 
laurel of Alexandria, or bislin- 

Laurus benzoin, the Benjamin tree. 
camphorifera, the camphor 
tree of Japan and Borneo. 

Laurus cassia, canella Javenensis 

Ceijlanica, true cinnamon 

Laurus cinriamonum, the cinnamon 

Laurus foliis enerviis, canella alba 
fee of Jamaica. 

Laurus nobilis, sweet bay tree. 

malabathrum, wild cinna- 
mon tree. 

Laurus rosea, the rose bay. 

sassafras, sassafras tree. 
-vulgaris, common laurel, or 
bay tree. 

Lavacru, washes ; cosmetics. 

Lavacrum, a bath. 

Lavamenium, a fomentation. 

Lavandula, ~) 

Lavendula, $ 

Lavandula angustifolia, narrow- 
leaved, or common lavender. 

Lavandula latifolia, greater laven 

Lavandula spica, common laven 

Lavandula sloec/ias, French laven 

Lavapratas, a vulnerary shrub of 

Lavaretus, a trout-like fish of France. 

Lavaronus, a fish of the Mediter- 

Lavalio, washing; bathing; a bath 

Lavendulx conserva, conserve of la- 

Lavendulx Jlores, flowers of laven- 

JLavenduU oleum, oil of lavender. 

s/riritus simplex, simple 
spirit of lavender. 

2 M 



Lavendula spiritus compositus, com- 
pound spirit of lavender. 

Lavendulce tinctura composita, com- 
pound tincture of lavender. 

Laver y brook lime ; water pimper- 
nel ; becabunga ; sea laver. 

Lavipedium, a bath for the feet. 

Laxa c/iimolra, a purging medicine 
for the venereal disease ; a salt on 
stones like the anatron 

Laxativa, gentle purgatives. 

Laxativus, laxative, or rendering 

Laxator membrane tympani, a mus- 
cle of the inner ear. 

Laxator membrane externum, a mus- 
cle of the meatus auditorius. 

Luxitas, laxity, or want of firm- 

Laxitas intestinorum, lienteria. 

Lazaretto, an hospital, or pest-house, 
for the reception of persons affect- 
ed with a contagious disease. 

Lazari morbu.*,') elephantiasis or le- 
malum, £ prosy. 

Lazcher, bezoar. 

Lazuli lapis, a precious stone of a 
blue colour; a species of zeolite. 

Lazurium argcnti, saffron of silver. 

Leana, a lioness ; a plaster for the 

Leao, a mineral found in the East 
Indies, and approaching to the 
nature of lapis lazuli. 

Lebbeck, Egyptian mimosa. 

Leberis, exuvias. 

Lcbes, a kettle, cauldron, or basin. 

Lecheneon, torcular herophili ; a si- 
nus of the dura mater. 

Lecithos, a pea, or wild vetch; the 
yolk of an egg. 

Lectio, reading; a woman in child- 

Lectisternium, apparatus necessary 
for the care of a sick person in 

Lectualis morbus, any disease con- 
fining to bed. 

Lectuli, couches for the sick. 

Lcctulus, a little bed; fomentation, 
poultice, &c 

Lectus, a bed. 


Lcdon, gum labdanum. 

Ledum, a species of rosemary. 

rosmarini folio, Bohemian 

Legna, the labia pudendi. 

Legumen, a pod, or seed vessel with 
two valves; pulse plants, as the 
pea, bean, &c. 

Legumcn terra glandibus simile, la- 
thy rus sylvestris. 

Leguminosa, fabago. 

Leichen, lichen ; a moss. 

Leicnteria, lienteria. 

Leiofiodes, even foot ; splay footed ; 
without usual curvature. 

Lei/ihxmoi, ~> patients with deficien- 

Leifihxmoii, $ cy of blood. 

Leifiodermos, one having lost the 

Leifiofisy chia, > faintness ; swoon- 

Lei/iothymia, 5 ing. 

Leijiyria, ardent fever with cold ex- 

Lelythus, a pea. 

I. erne, sordes of the eyes; wink- 

Lemithochorton, corallina corsica- 

Lemma, the skin, or bark. 

Lemnia terra, earth of Lemnos ; a 

Lemniscus, a pessary of linen. 

Lem/inias, scales of brass; auripig- 
mentum ; terra sigillata. 

Lemfinias calcis, scales of brass. 

Lenitns, ~) ., , f , 

Lenis f mild ; softening ; laxa- 

T .,'• ftive. 

JLenitivus, J 

Lenos, machine for fractures; tor- 
cular herophili ; an excavation. 

Lens, the lentil plant. 

crystallina, the crystalline lens 
of the eye. 

Lenta fcbris, a slow fever; syno- 
chus of Cullen. 

Lentibularia, millefolium. 

Lenticula, a freckle; lentil; duck 

Lenticula aquaticd trisulca, the larg- 
er duck meat. 

Lenticula fialustris, herb duck meat. 
major, the larg- 
er duck meat. 


Lenticulare, a lenticular, or rugine; 
part of the trepanning apparatus. 

Lenticulare os, the fourth bone in 
the first row of the wrist. 

Lenticulares glandule, small glands 
of the intestines. 

Lenticularia, milfoil. 

Lenticularis febris, a species of pe- 
techial fever. 

Lentigo, a freckle; a scurfy erup- 

Lentiscus, common mastich tree. 

peruana, molle; Indian 

Lentiscus vera, the mastich tree. 

Lentor, viscidity, thickness, or sizi- 
ness, applied to animal fluids ; a 
term much used in the humoral 

Lentus, slow. 

Leo, a lion ; leprosy. 

Leonina lepra, species of elephantia- 

Leonis ossiculum, the herb colum- 
bine, or aquilegia. 

Leontiasis*~) , , 

T ,. ' S- elephantias is 

Leontion, } 

Leontice veterum, cacalia. 

Leontius, a precious stone. 

Leontodon, the dandelion, or taraxa- 

Leonto/ietalo, ~) red and black tur- 

Leontopctalon,^ nip. 

Leontofiodium, lion's foot, or filago 

Leontofiodium Creticum, plantago, 
or plantain. 

Leonurus, lion's tail. 

cardiaca, motherwort. 

Leofiardus, the leopard. 

Lefi, monspelliacum ; plumbago. 

Le/iidium, poor man's pepper; pep- 
perwort; dittander. 

Le/iidium gramineo folio, sciatica 

Lefiidocarfiodendron, a tree produ- 
cing scaly fruit. 

Lefddoides sutura, the squamous 
suture of the skull. 

Le/iidosarcoma, a scaly tumour in 
the mouth. 

Le/iisma, a peeling off of the skin, or 


Lefiorinum rostrum, a prominent 
piece of the flesh between the di- 
vision in the hare-lip. 
Leporinus, hare-like. 
Lepra, the leprosy; a white, itching, 
mealy, chappy, and rougn state of 
the skin. 
Lepra alba, ") a variety of lepra 
alphas, 3 Gracorum. 
allofiicia, alopecia. • 
Arabum, elephantiasis. 
asturiensis, a dry blackish 
eruption, particularly in the hands 
and feet. 
Lepra elephantia, a squalid blackish 

colour of the whole body. 
Lepra Grxcorum, lepra simplex. 

herpetica, an itching, scaly, 

white eruption about the thighs 

and arms. 

Lcp^a ichthyosis, lepra resembling 

the scales of fish. 
Lepra Indica, a scaly incrustation 

on the body. 
Lepra Iconina, lepra allopicia. 

malum mortmain, malum mor- 
tuum ; deadly leprosy. 
Lepra tyria, a leprous disease of the 

Lepras, a sea fish. 
Leptismus, exienuation ; attenua- 
Leptomeres, subtile ; small; mi- 
Lepto/i/ionia, paraphonia clangens. 
Lcptopityron, bran. 
Leptunon, attenuating. 
Lepus, the hare. 

marinus, the sea hare. 
Lepyrion, an egg shell; bark of 

Zeros, a slight delirium. 
Le8eolus, the jaundice, or icterus. 
Lesmin, jasminum, or jessamy. 
Letchi, a Chinese fruit. 
Lcthargus, a lethargy, or continued 

Lethargus acutus, } lethar- 

a/ioste?natodes, $ gy fol- 
lowing phrenitis. 
Lethargus arthriticus, sound sleep 
with tremor on the going off of 


Lethargus cephali/icus, lethargus 

Lethargus ajtbre, lethargy accom- 
panying amphemerina. 

Lcthargus a f rigor e, letnaigy aris- 
ing from excessive cold. 

Lethargus ingens, lethargy from 
which the patient cannot be rous- 

Lethargus litteratorum, lethargy 
from a sedentary and studious 

Lethargus a 7iarcoticis, lethargy 
from the use of anodynes. 

Lethargus periodicus, lethargy re- 
turning at regular periods. 

Lethargus pulmonicus, lethargy at- 
tending inflammation of the lungs. 

Lethargus traumalicus, lethargy 
from wounds. 

Lethargus ft//;/Wes, lethargy accom- 
panying low fever. 

Leucacantha, carlina, or carline this- 

Leucania, laucania, or oesophagus. 

Leucanthe veterum, calcitrapa offi- 

Leucanthemum ocloratum, chams- 

Leuca7ithemu7nvulgare,be\\\s major. 

Lcucas tfionlana, herb yellow arch- 
angel, or galeopsis. 

Leucax, a white precious stone. 

Leuce, alphus, a species of leprosy. 

Leucelectrum, white amber. 

Leuciscus, a fish. 

Leucochrus, dried raisins macerated 
in sea water. 

Leucochrysus, a yellow precious 

Lcucogxa, a stone consisting of 
white earth. 

Leucographis, a soft Egyptian stone. 

Leucoium, cheiri, bulbonach. 

a white flow- 
er of the lily 

Leucojum album, 


Leucojum luteum, the wall flower. 
simplex, leucojum album 
vulgare, leucojum lute 


wild valerian. 


Leucoma, albugo; a white speck on 
the eye. 

Leucoma nefihelium, achlys. 

Leucom&nis, the white herring. 

Leucon, the white heron. 

Leuconium, white cotton. \ 

Leuconymfihxa, the great white wa- 

Leucojihagium, almonds, rose water, 
and the flesh of a capon. 

Leucofihlcgma, ) an universal, or 

Leucofihh-gmatia, £ partial white 
flabby tumour, or dropsical habit 
of the body. 

Leucopifier, piper album, or white 

Leucorrhcea, fluor albus, or whites; 
a serous discharge from the vagi- 

Leucorrhoea Americana, fluor albus 
with great paleness and menstrual 

Leucorrhcea cancrosa, fluor albus fol- 
lowing menorrhagia 

Leucorrhcea fungosa, fluor albus from 
a fungous ulcer of the womb. 

Leucorrhcea gravidarum, a lymph- 
like discharge from pregnant wo- 

Leucorrhcea Indica, fluor albus from 
injury sustained in parturition. 

Leucorrhaeanabothi, leucorrhoea gra- 

Leucorrhcea scirrhodes, fluor albus 
from scirrhous uterus. 

Leucorrhcea sy/ihililica, fluor albus 
from venereal ulcers. 

Leucorrhcea ulcerosa, fluor albus 
from ulcers in the womb 

Leucorrhois, diarrhoea mucosa. 

Levamen, ease ; remission. 

Levator fialati mollis, a muscle of 
the uvula. 

Levator anguli oris, a muscle rais- 
ing the angle of the mouth. 

Levator fialpebra su/ierioris, a mus- 
cle of the upper eye-lid. 

Levator fiatienti<£,~) muscles of the 
scafiuU, § scapulae, or 
shoulder blades. 

Levatores ani, muscles suspending 
the anus. 


Levatores breviorrs enstarum, mus- 
cles elevating the ribs. 

Levatores communes labiorum, mus- 
cles of the lips. 

L-vatoreslubii inferioris, muscles of 
the lower lip. 

Leva/ ores labii sufierioris, muscles 
of the upper lip. 

Leves, cupping glasses used without 

Lcvigatio, levigation, or reducing 
hard bodies to a light subtile pow- 
der by grinding. 

Levisticum, herb common lovage,or 

Levitas intcstmorum, the lientery, 

or white purging. 

Lexifiharmicon, ~) . , . 
T ' , > antidotus. 

Lexijihamucum, y 

Lexifiyrelos, febrifugus. 

Libadium, lesser centaury. 

Libanos, libanotis; rosemary. 

Libanotis, ~\ laserpitium ; fennel 

Libanotos^ $ herb ; frankincense. 

Liber, the inner bark of a tree. 

Liberans aqua, compound lime wa- 

Libido, the itch; lust. 

Libos, any thing instilled into the 

Libra, a pound weight of 12 ounces, 
or pint measure. 

Libra fiharmaco/iolorum, the apothe- 
caries' pound, 12 ounces. 

L^ibrosulcrum, cancrum oris. 

LAbumum, the mealy tree. 

Lichanos, ~) , r - 

L ic hanus,\ the{orefin ^ r - 

Lichen, liverwort; serpigo; tetter, 
or ringworm. 

Lichen arboreus, tree lungwort, or 
oak lungs. 

Lichen arboreus /mllus, tree liver- 

Lichen cinereus terrestris, > ash-co- 
caninus, ) loured 
ground liverwort. 
Lichen Lslandicus, Iceland liverwort, 
a new remedy for cough and con- 
Lichen fietraus, liverwort. 

fiyxidatus, cup moss. 


Lichen saxatili*, usnea, vel muscus 
cranii humani. 

Liclu-naatrum, a flower-bearing 

Lichenoides, lichen Islandicus; a 
species of moss. 

Lichnis sylvestris, the herb snap- 
dragon, or gnaphalium ; the cuc- 
koo flower. 

Licinia, tents. 

Lien, the spleen, or milt. 

sinuium, Egyptian bean. 

Lienteria, the lientery, or white 
purging of undigested food. 

Licnteria ajihchosa, lientery with 

Lienteria jirimaria, lienteria spon- 

Licntcna secundaria, lientery fol- 
lowing dysentery. 

Lienteria scorbutica, lientery from 

Lientcria spontanea, lientery with 
much debility. 

Lienteria ex stomachi irritatione, li- 
enteria spontanea. 

Lienteria ex ulcere ventriculi, lien- 
tery from ulcer in the stomach. 

Ligamenta latcralia, ligaments of 
the arm. 

Ligamentum.) a ligament; a solid, 
inelastic, tendinous cord. 

Ligamcnium annulare, the annular 
ligament, as of the wrist. 

Ligamentum arferiosum,i\ collapsed 
vessel of the foetal circulation. 

Ligamentum caninum, the frxnum of 
the prepuce. 

Ligamentum cafisulare, a ligament 
to connect joints and confine the 

Ligamentum ciliare, the ciliary liga- 
ment, black fibres round the pu- 
pil of the eye. 

Ligamentum coli dexlrum, part of 
the mesentery. 

Ligamentum coli sinistrum, part of 
the mesocolon. 

Ligamentum colli, a muscle of the 

Ligamentum cutaneum ossis coccy- 
gis, a muscle of the coccyx. 

Ligamentum dcnticulatum, small li- 


gaments supporting the spinal 

Ligamentum fallojdi, a tendon 
stretched from the ilium to the 

Ligamentum hepatis sus/iensorumj 
the suspensory ligament of the 
liver, originally the umbilical foe- 
tal vein. 

Ligamentum intermaxillare, a liga- 
ment of the jaws. 

Ligamentum interosseum, the liga- 
ment uniting the radius and ulna. 

Ligamentum latum, broad ligament 
of the liver. 

Ligamentum nucha, ligamentum 

Ligamentum ovarii, the ovarian liga- 
ment, the thick round portion of 
the broad ligament. 

Ligamentum Pui/iartii, ~) 

pubis interosseum, y 
ligamentum fallopii ; Poupart's 
ligament, or lower border of the 
descending oblique muscle. 

Ligamentum rotundum, the round 
ligament of the uterus. 

Ligamentum sus/iensorium, a liga- 
ment connecting the corpora ca- 
vernosa penis with the os pubis. 

Ligaiio, ) a bandage, or ligature; 

Ligatura,$ a stiffness of a joint; 
impotence induced by magic. 

Ligatura veneris, camphor. 

Ligni/terda, an aquatic insect; an 

Lignum, wood. 

aloes, "") , e , 

' woood of the 

\ i If >aloes, or ae:al- 
asp.alathi, C , , & 

, ,1 lochum. 

aromaticttm, canella alba. 
Brasilienst, ~) 
Camfiechense, > logwood. 
Cumficscanum, J 
Carrabaccium, a warm an- 
tiscorbutic Indian wood. 
Lignum cedrinum, juniperus. 

colubrinum, snake wood of 
Lignum guaiacum, guaiacum. 

infelix, elder, or sambu- 


Lignum Jndicum, guaiacum. 
juni/ieri, juniperUS. 
lentiscinum, lentiscus. 
literatum, lettered wood 
from China. 
Lignum fiavantz, £ purging nut 
Molucccnse, $ tree. 
nefihriticum, balanus my- 
Lignum quassia, the quassi wood of 

Lignum rhodii, rose wood, or root 

from the Canaries. 
Lignum sanctum, guaiacum. 

santalum, saunders wood. 
santali albi, white saunders 
from the East Indies. 
Lignum santali citrini, ~) yellow 
Jlavi, ) saunders 
from the East Indies. 
Lignum santali rubri, red saunders 

from the East Indies. 
Lignum safifxan, logwood. 
Lignuodes, a brown or black tongue. 
Ligula, clavicula; glottis; a small 

Ligulatus, (in botany) strap-shaped. 
Ligusma, a contortion of a joint. 
Ligusticum, common herb lovage. 
Ligustricum, seseli vulgare, or com- 
mon hartwort. 
Ligustrum, privet. 

Ger?nanicu?}i, Wgustrum, 
or privet. 
Ligustrum Jndicum, eastern privet. 
Italicum, evergreen pri- 
Ligustrum nigrum, lilac, or pipe 

Ligustrum fihyllyrea, mock privet. 
vulgare, common privet, 
or ligustrum. 
Lilac, the pipe tree. 
Liliaccus, a flower resembling that 

of the lily. 
Liliago, liliastrum, or spiderwort. 

Liliastrum, > . , 

jia. ■ i- spiderwort. 

Alfiinum, ^ * 

Lilio-ashhodelus, ~) c «i 

, . ... . ' $■ species of lily. 
fritillana, ) l * 

hyacihthus, the lily hyacinth. 

Lilio narcissus, the daffodil lily. 

Lilium, the lily. 


Lilium album, J the whhe ' 
candian m, ^ ' 

convallium, the lily of the 

Lilium montanum, martagon, or 
Turk's cap. 

Lilium Paractlsi, regulus of Mars 
dissolved in aqua fortis, and pre- 
cipitated by the sulphur of the re- 
gulus of antimony. 

Lilium pur/iureo-croceum, the red 

Lilium rubrum, hemerocallis. 

Lima, a file, or rasp. 

Limanchia, excessive abstinence 
from aliment. 

Limaturx, filings or raspings. 

ferri, steel or iron fil- 

LimajCj a snail. 

ater, the black snail. 
ruber, the red snail. 
terrcstris, the earth, or shell 

Limbus, the universe ; the border of 
a flower. 

Limnitis, adarces ; a salt. 

Limnofieuce, equisetum palustre. 

Limoctonia, limanchia ; utmost dis- 
tress from hunger. 

Limodorum, hypocystis. 

Limoniatus, a precious stone with 

Limoniutn, sea lavender. 

Li/non, ~) , . 

T . ' y the lemon. 

Limonum, } 

Linagrostis, cotton grass. 
Linamentum, lint; all applications 

of linen. 
Linangina, dodder. 
Linaria, toad flax ; flax-weed. 

antirrhina, ) ivy-leaved 
folio glabro, £ toad flax. 

hirsuto, female fluel- 
Linaria -vulgaris, the common lin- 
Linctuarium, } linctus ; lohoch ; a 
Linctus, 5 trun kind of electu- 

Linea alba, ~) a white tendinous 
centralis, 5 line, extending 
from the ensiform process to the 


os pubis, formed by the union of 
the tendinous fibres of the abdo- 
minal muscles. 

Linea prima tibia, the shin bone. 

Line a semi'unares, part of the ex- 
ternal oblique muscle. 

Linea transversa, tendinous parts 
of the recti muscles of the abdo- 

Lineatus, (in botany) such leaves as 
are lined, or striped on the sur- 

Lingodes, fevers with hiccup. 

Lingua, the tongue. 

avis, the seeds of the fraxi- 
nus, or ash tree. 

Lingua canina, cynoglossum majus, 
or great hound's tongue. 

Lingua cervina, hart's tongue. 

major, doria, or ground- 

Linguales, the ninth pair of nerves. 
glandula, glands of the 
foramen caecum of the basis of the 

Lingualis musculus, the muscle of 
the tongue. 

JJnguiformis, tongue-shaped. 

Lingula, ligula. 

Linimentum, liniment ; a thin kind 
of ointment. 

Liniment um album, white liniment; 
oil, wax, and spermaceti. 

IAnimcntum anodijnum, anodyne li- 
niment; nerve ointment and tur- 

LJnimentum arcai, lard, turpentine, 
and gum elerni. 

Linimentum ammonia, aqua ammo- 
nix and oil. 

Linimentum hamorrhoidale, emol- 
lient ointment and laudanum. 

Linimentum mercuriale, mercurial 
liniment ; quicksilver mixed with 
wax and lard by means of balsa- 
mum sulphuris. 

Linimentum ,sapo?iaceum } ") soap li- 
sa/wnis, $ niment ; 
soap and camphor dissolved in 
spiritus rorismarinus. 

Linimentum simJUcx, oil and white 


Linimentum tripharmacum, common 

plaster, oil, and vinegar. 
Linimentum volatile, oil and volatile 

alkali; linimentum ammonias. 
Linosjiermum, linseed. 
Linosyris, an herb with flax-like 

leaves ; German goldilocks. 
Linozostris, with-bind. 
Linteum, linen, or lint. 
Linum, lint, or flax. 

catharticum, mountain, or 

purging flax. 
Linum asbestinum,' 

■ asbestos, or 
f earth flax. 

minimum, } linum catharti- 
montanum, $ cum. 
sylvestre, } linum, or com- 
vulgare, 3 mon flax. 
vivum, asbestos, or earth flax. 
usitatissimum, linum, or com- 
mon flax. 
Lipa, fat ; oil ; oily stools. 
LifiarU, a fat fish. 
Liparoccle, a species of sarcocele, in 
which the substance constituting 
the disease is fat. 
LJpii'ia, an ardent fever. 
Lipodermus, leipodermos; wanting 

the prepuce. 
Lipoma, a solitary, soft, indolent tu- 
mour arising from luxuriancy of 
fat in the cellular membrane. 
LApome, nxvus. 

Lipopsyc/iia, ) a swoon, or fainting 
Lipothymia, ^ fit. 
Lippa, the sordes of the eyes. 
Lipfiii, Egyptian small purple flow- 
ering centaurea. 
Lippitudo, fiery pustules on the 
edges of the eyelids ; inflamma- 
tion in the eye ; blear-eyed. 
LJpyria, ardent fever with cold ex- 
Liquamen, garum; fish sauce; any 

thing capable of melting. 
Liquamen salts tartaric lixivum tar- 


Liquamumia, human fat. 

Liijucfactio, a species of melting, ov 
the rendering fluid a solid body. 

Liquidambar, ) an aromatic juice of 

Liquidambra, \ an American tree. 
Nturacijlua, the tree 
yielding both liquid amber and li- 
quid storax 

Liquiritia, ~) .. 
T . . . > liquorice. 

JLiquori ia,) ^ 

Liquor amnii, the water surrounding 
the foetus. 

Liquor a hereus vitriolicus, the li- 
quor procured from a distillation 
of equal parts of vitriolic acid and 
spirit of wine, re-distilled with 
caub'icum commune acernmum. 

Liquor <£<her"us vitriolicus com/iosi- 
tus, Hoffman's anodyne liquor. 

Liquor albus ovi, the white of the 

Liquor cyrenaicus gum Benjamin. 
metallicus, quicksilver. 
mtne r alis anodynus Hoffma- 
ni, Hoffman's anodyne liquor ; a 
species of sether ; the spirit pro- 
cured by re-distilling the liquor 
drawn from the oil of vitriol and 
nitre with spirit of wine. 

Liquor satis, circulatum. 

syrenaicus, gum Benjamin. 
volatilis cornu cervi, carbo- 
nas ammoniae liquidus; spirit of 

Liriodendron, tulip tree. 

Lirion, lilium, or lily. 

Lite, a plaster of verdigrise, wax, 
and resin. 

Lithagogus, medicine expelling 

Lithantrax, a fossil coal. 

Lithargyrites, vinegar of litharge. 

Lithargyrum, litharge, calcined lead; 
oxidum plumbi semivitreum. 

Lithargyrus argtus, red, or gold li- 

Lithargyrus aurenteus, white, or 
silver litharge. 

Lithias, lithiat; the name in the new 
chymistry of eyery compound of 
the lithic acid, or acid of human 

Lit/iiasis, the gravel, or stone of the 


urine ; a hard tumour on the eye- 

' ,i,hobryon, coralloides. 

Li'hocolla, the stone glue; a mix- 
ture of marble and glue. 

Lithocolum, the act of discharging, 
or dissolving the urinary stone. 

Lithodcndron, sea coral. 

Lithoeides, the os petrosum of the 

Litholabon, the forceps used in cut- 
ting for the stone. 

Lithologia, lithology, or treatise on 
stones found in the body 

Lilhontrifiticufi) a solvent of stone 
in the human urinary passages. 

Lithojicedion, a recent stony concre- 

Lithophyton, white coralline. 

nigrum, black coral. 

Lithosfiermum, herb gromwell; la- 
chryma Jobi. 

Lit hot Idas pi, thlaspi. 

Lithotomia, lithotomy ; operation of 
cutting for the stone. 

Lithotomus, a lithotomist, or surgeon 
who cuts for the stone. 

Litron, natron ; fossil salt found on 

Litim, a thread many times dou- 

Litmus, inspissated juice of the cro- 
ton tinctorium. 

. . ' > diacbdium ; a liniment. 
Litus, 3 

Litteristum, a magical cure of fe- 
Litus, a liniment. 
Livia, the stock dove. 
Lividus, livid ; lead colour ; bluish ; 

a name of the pectineus muscle. 
Livonica terra, the sealed earth; a 

Livor, a dark mark on the body from 

a bruise, &c. 
Lix, potash. 
Lixivia vitriolata sulfihurea, sal po- 

lychrest, or kali vitriolatum. 
Lixiviatio, lixiviation ; separation of 

substances soluble in water from 

such as are insoluble. 
Lixivium, ley ; any solution of salts. 
causticum, equal parts of 


purified, fixed, vegetable alkali 
and quick lime dissolved in wa- 
ter ; solution of caustic alkali. 

Lixivium martis, the residuum after 
the sublimation of the flores mar- 
tiales left to contract moisture. 

Lixivium sa/ionarium, soap ley ; a 
solution of common Russia potash 
and cjuick lime. 

Lixivium tartari, aqua kali ; calcin- 
ed tartar permitted to contract 

Lobelia, ? blue cardinal 

sy/ihilitica, 3 flower of Vir- 

Lobellus, ~) a small lobe ;' the lobe of 

Lobulus, 3 the ear. 

s/iigelii, the small lobe of 
the liver. 

Lobuli adijiosi, membrana adiposa. 
fiulmonum, the extremities of 
the bronchia. 

Lobus, a lobe, or division; a pod; 

Lobus echinatus, bonduch Indorum. 

Locales, local diseases; diseases in 
particular parts. 

Localis mepibrana, the pia mater of 
the brain. 

Lock, linctus. 

Lochia, the flow of blood or evacua- 
tions from the womb after deli- 

Lochiorrhoea, excessive lochial dis- 
charge after delivery. 

Loculamenta, cells for the seed in 

Loculi, little cells ; bladders or bags. 

Loculus, a minute cell of a plant. 

Locus, pseudo-acacia. 

Locusla, the grasshopper; the exte- 
rior covering of a grain of corn ; 
the locust tree ; a species of small 
valerian ; lamb's lettuce ; lactuca 

Locusta altera, valerianella. 

marina, a species of lobster. 

Lamas, } . 
T ■ > the phurue. 
Loimos, 3 r ° 

Logas, the white of the eye. 

Lohoch, lohoc; linctus; a kind of 


Lohoch ex amylo, starch, balsamic 

2 N 


syrup, Japan earth, and white of 

Lohoch balsamicum, spermaceti, bal- 
sam of Peru, and syrupus althxae. 

Lohoch commune, oil of almonds, sy- 
rupus althaea;, and sugar. 

Lohoch de lino, linseed oil, balsamic 
syrup, sulphur, and sugar. 

Lohoch de manna, manna, oil of 
almonds, and syrup of violets. 

Lohoch ftectorale, lohoch balsami- 

Lohoch rubrum, conserve of hips, 
red poppy syrup, and common 

Lohoch safionaceum, soap, oil of al- 
monds, and lemon juice. 

Lohoch de spermate ceti, sperma- 
ceti, oil of almonds, and balsamic 

Lohoch terebinthinatum, spirit of 
turpentine, common oil, and ho- 

Lounologia, a treatise on the plague. 

Lolium, darnel grass, or cockle. 

Lomentaceus, having pods. 

Lomentum faba, meal made from 

Lonchites, the male fern, or filix 

Lonchoton, best kind of vitriol. 

Longanon,^ the last intestine, or 

Longaon, 3 rectum. 

Longissimus dorsi, a muscle of the 

Longissimus oculi, a muscle of the 

Longissimus fiollicis manus, a mus- 
cle of the hand. 

Longiusculus., longish ; rather long. 

Longuvius, a heated iron to warm 

Longus, long. 

colli, a flexor muscle of the 

Lonicera fiericlymenum, the wood- 
bine, or common honeysuckle. 

Lonket, spirit of turpentine. 

Lo/ia, a scale, or scoria. 

Lo/iades, eastern shell fish. 

Lo/ieziana radix, the root of an un- 
known tree, lately received into 
practice as antispasmodic. 


first dorsal 

vertebra ; 

Lofihadia, ~) h 

Lofihia, 5 na pe of the neck. 

Lofihanihus, Chinese hyssop. 

Lopima, the chestnut, or castanea. 

Lo/ios, a thJn piece of leather. 

Lora, deuteiia. 

Lordoinus. > bow legged; an inward 

Lordo-i.i, 5 curvature of the spine; 
lumbago ; tabes dorsalis. 

Lorica, the coating or luting for re- 
torts of powdered glass, potter's 
clay, and warm water 

Loricatio, a luting. 

JLorina matricis, epilepsy, or convul- 
sive disorder, from affected ute 

LoH/ies, wry legged. 

Lor urn, a strap, or thong. 

hildani, a bandage for frac 
tured thigh. 

Lorum ztomitoriinn, a medicated 
piece of leather to excite vomit- 

Lorus, mercury 

Lot, urine. 

Lota, motella. 

Lotio, a lotion, or wash; bathing; a 
glyster; urine. 

Lotio safionacea, rose water, olive 
oil, and lixivium tartari. 

Lotium- urine. 

Loto ajfinis, medicago. 

Lotura, ply ma. 

Lotus, } the lote, or nettle 

arbor, 3 tree ; melilotus. 
Jfricana, guaiacana. 
corniculatu, bird's foot tre- 

Lotus fiohjceratos, shrub trefoil of 

Lotus sylvestris, melilotus. 

urbana, trifolium odoratum. 

Loscarthrus, distorted bones ; a sup- 
ple joint. 

Loxia, a bird. 

Lozanga, a lozenge. 

Luban, olibanum. 

Lubriritas, diarrhoea; slipperiness. 

Lucanus, the stag fly, or scarabxus 

Lucidus, clear; transparent. 
Lucina, Diana, the heathen goddess 
of child-birth. 


Lucius, the pike fish, or pickerel. 
Ludus Ht Imotiiii, a clay striated 

with spar. 
Ludus Paracelsi, a stone called wax- 
en vein. 
Lues, the pestilence ; murrain in 

cattle ; any plague, or pestilential 

Lues convuhiva, febris maligna hec- 

Lues dtifica, the epilepsy. 

neurodes convulsiva,\o\\ fever, 

or typhus mitior. 
Lues venerea, the venereal disease. 
Lujula, wood sorrel, or acetosella. 
Lujula conserva, conserve of wood 

Luma, a thorn. 
Lumbago, pain, or rheumatism in 

the loins. • 
Lumbago ex aneurijsmate, pain in 

the loins from aneurysm 
Lumbago afiostcmatosa, ) pain in 
ab arthrocacc, 3 the loins 

from abscess. 
Lumbago febrilis, pain in the loins 

from fever. 
Lumbago a hijdrothorace, pain in 

the loins from water in the chest. 
Lximbago miliaris, pain in the loins 

in miliary fever. 
Lumbago a nisu, pain in the loins 

from exertion. 
Lumbago partus, pain in the loins 

from labour. 
Lumbago plethorica, pain in the loins 

from fulness. 
Lumbago fiseudoischuria, pain in 

the loins attended with strangury, 
Lumbago fisoadica, pain in the loins 

from abscess under the psoas mus- 
Lumbago rheumatica, pain in the 

loins truly rheumatic. 
Lumbago a saburra, pain in the loins 

from hardened faeces. 
Lumbago scorbutica, pain in the loins 

from scurvy. 
Lumbago a satyriasi, pain in the loins 

from venereal disease. 
Lumbago sum fiat hica, pain in the 

loins from sympathy. 
Lumbalis, belonging to the loins. 


Lumbali8 internus, the psoas mus- 
cle of the loins. 
Lumbares, the lumbal nerves of the 

spinal marrow. 
Lumbares arterice, the lumbal arte- 
Lumbares vena, the lumbal veins. 
Lumbaris, belonging to the loins. 

externum, quadratus lum- 
borum; a muscle of the loins. 
Lumbaris inter rius, great psoas mus- 
Lumbaris regio, the loins. 
Lumbricales musculi, worm-like 
muscles; muscles of the fingers 
and toes. 
Lumbricus, ) round worm of the 
Lumbricoidcs, $ intestines. 
Lumbricus latus, the tape worm of 

the intestines. 
Lumbricus terrestris. the earth 

Lumbricorum semina, the worm 

seed, or santonicum. 
Lumbus, the loins. 

veneris, millefolium. 
Luna, the moon ; silver. 

cornea, silver precipitated 
from its nitrous solution, by add- 
ing marine acid. 
Luna fihiloso/ihorwn, regulus of an- 
Luncttria, a species of hectic. 
Lunar e os, the second bone of the 

first row of the wrist. 
Lunaria, herb moonwort. 
Lunaticus, a lunatic, or mad per- 
Lunijicus, mercury. 
Lufiaria, yellow wolfsbane ; aconi- 

tum ponticum. 
Lufiha, arum. 

Lufiia, a wen ; encysted tumours. 
Lufdnus sativus, common, or gar- 
den lupine. 
Lu/iinus sylvestris, wild lupine. 
Lu/iulus, the common hop. 
Lu/ius, the wolf; cancer; phagede- 
nic ulcer. 
Lufius marinus, the sea wolf; its 

teeth called lapis bufonitis. 
Lufius fihilosofihorum, antimony. 
Lus, luz. 


Luscinia, the nightingale. 

Lusciosus, myops, or near sighted. 

Luscus, blind of one eye. 

Lusitanicum decoctum, Lisbon de- 
coction or diet drink. 

Lustrago, least vervain. 

Lus turn, cream. 

Lusus, a sport ; deviation. 

naturx, any deviation from 
natural conformation. 

Lutatio, luting, or joining chymical 
vessels by cement. 

Lutea, luteola ; the yellowhammer. 

Luteola, dyer's weed 

Luteum minus, rose root. 

Lutra, the otter. 

Lutron, a bath. 

Lutum, lute, coating, or cement for 
chymical vessels. 

Lux, light; aldebaran. 

Luxatio, } luxation ; removal of a 

Luxatura, ^ bone from its socket. 

Luxufians, luxuriant (in botany) 
when the teguments of the fructi- 
fication of a flower are so aug- 
mented as to exclude some other 
essential part. 

Luxus, luxatio. 

Luz, luxurious; luxuriant applied to 
flowers ; a bone supposed by the 
Jewish rabbins to exist between 
the os sacrum and last lumbar 
vertebra, which they represent as 
the seed from which God at the 
last day will raise the dead. 

Lycanche, a species of quinsy. 

Lycanthrojda, wandering or erratic 

Lychen pixidatus, muscus pixidatus, 
or cup moss. 

Lychnis alba, wild white campion. 
aauatica, red wild campion. 
coronaria, rose campion. 
sa/ionan'a, soapwort. 
sc get urn, cockle. 
sylvestris, lychnis alba. 

Lychnitis, a precious stone. 

Lyhnuides segttum, corn cam- 

Lycia, cedrus folio cupressi; the 

berry-bearing cedar. 
Lycium, the Indian thorn. 

buxifoliis, box thorn. 


Lycoctonum, aconitum ponticum ; 

poisonous aconite ; larkspur. 
Lycoides, lycanthropia. 
Lycojierdon Aljiinum maximum, 

great dusty mushroom 
Lycojierdon bovista, > puffball;bull 
vulgarc, 5 fi st '■> rnolli- 

Lycojierdon tuber, the systematic 

name of the truffle. 
Lyeojursicon, wolf's peach. 
Lycojihthahnus, a precious stone. 
Lycojiodium, wolf's claw and club 

Lycojiodium selago, muscus erectus, 

or upright club moss. Anglicana, echium iEgyp- 

tiacum; wall bugloss. 
Lycojius, water horehound. 

heraclea, marrubium aqua- 

Lycos, a small spider. 
Lydiiifi, a magnet. 
Lygismos, contortion of the limbs ; 

Lygmos, hiccup. 
Lygus, agnus castus. 
Lxjma, the sordes, or excrement of 

the body ; a purgation. 
Lyme, an injury or damage ; death ; 

Lymjiha, lymph; thinnest and least 

coloured of the animal juices, 

formed in the lymphatic vessels. 
Lymfiha coagulabilix, that part of the 

blood which coagulates, and in in- 
flammation forms buff. 


Lymfihte ductus, the lymphatic ves- 
sels or ducts. 

Lymjihaticus, conveying lymph. 

Lynanche, cynanche. 

Lynceus, quick-sighted; a strength- 
ening collyrium. 

Lyncourion, } lapis lyncis ; tourma- 

Lyncurium, $ line ; a precious stone. 

Lyngodes, a quotidian fever with 

Lynx, the ounce, or lynx. 

Lyra, a part of the fornix of the 
brain ; a sea fish. 

Lyratus, (in botany) with string-like 

Lyrus, doronicum Germanicum ; 
German leopard's bane. 

Lysia, a separation. 

Lysigyia, a relaxation of limbs. 

Lysimachia, yellow loose strife, or 
willow herb. 

Lysis, solution ; termination ; com- 

Lyssa, hydrophobia, or canine mad- 
ness ; the bite of any venomous 

Lyssodectos, one affected with hy- 

Lyterios, any sign of the termina- 
tion of disease. 

Lythargyrus, litharge ; calcined 
lead urged by a quick fire. 

Lythojihyton nigrum, black coral. 

Lyihron, dust and sweat ; the men- 
ses of women. 

Lytta, hydrophobia, or canine mad- 


7iy in prescriptions is Misce, mix 
or incorporate ; also Manijiu- 
lus, a handful. 
M.ft. misce fiat; mix, and let it be 

Macaleb, mahaleb. 

. crafiionis, a species of pri- 
Macandon, cada palava. 

Macqjiatli, sarsaparilla. 

Macaxocoilifcra, a Mexican plum- 
like fruit. 

Mactr, Grecian macer, or mace, 
supposed to be the simarouba of 
the moderns. 

Maceratio, maceration, or softening 
in water. 


Macerona, hipposelinum; the herb 

Mac ha., a beetle. 
Mucha-mona, a sort of calabash. 
Macharia, peach kernels; persica- 


Macharion, } '. , . c 

, . , . . > the amputating knite. 
Machans, $ r t> 

Marhal, fixed. 

Mac/iaon, a physician; the son of 
jEsculapius; the name of a coliy- 
riuni ; medicine is also called by 
some, -Arn Machaonia. 

Machina, any large chirurgical in- 

Machina anthrometrica, a machine 
for ascertaining the perspiration. 

Machinamenlum aristionis, a ma- 
chine for reducing dislocation. 

Mac/iinula, parts of more compound 
bodies, destined, by their peculiar 
configuration, to particular offices. 

Maria, the pimpernel plant, or ana- 

Maries, leanness. 

Maris, mace ; the middle bark of 

Macow, ebenus iEthiopica. 

Macrauchen, long necked. 

Macrocefihalus, long headed. 

Macrocosmus, the universe. 

Macro/ihysoce/ihalus, one having a 
distended head. 

Macro/ii/ier, piper longum; long 

Macro/inaa, ~> slow breathing ; a 

Macro/mus, 5 patient fetching his 
breath at long intervals. 

Macroscelcs, long legged. 

Macula, spots, blemishes, or marks ; 
nsvus maternus. 

Macula alba, albugo; white gpecks 
on the eye. 

Macula hefiatica, hepatic, or liver- 
coloured spots on the skin. 

Macula lata, shingles- or erysipelas. 
oculorum, cataracts; white 
specks on the eye. 

Macula fiestilcntes, petechial, or pur- 
ple spots. 

Macula volaticx, any transitory 


Macula venerea, venereal eruptions ■ 

Maclaros, bald. 

Madurosis, loss of hair from the eye- 

Madefactio, moistening. 

Madcfactus, moistened or wetted. 

Madilion, bdellium. 

Madic, butter milk. 
Madiaia, baldness. 

Mudisterion, } an instrument to re- 

Madisterium, } move hairs. 

Mador, cold sweat ; moisture. 

Madrcpora, madrepore ; a marine 
coralline plant. 

Madrepora vulgaris, common white 

Madrotes, baldness. 

Mamacylon, the fruit of the arbutus, 
or the strawberry tree. 

Mana, the mackerel fish, or her- 

Manula, the sprat. 

Magalaize, ~) the semi-metal called 

Maganaize, $ manganese. 

Magdaleones,"} ,• , • , c 

Ti/r j ,• ( cylindrical masses of 

Magdalia, J. '^ 

Magdalldes, J 1 

Magellanica aromatica arbor, cortex 

Magia, magic ; inchantment. 

Magisterium, a magistery, or pow- 
der precipitated from some parti- 
cular solutions ; athesin. 

Magisterium benzoini, lac virginis. 
bismuthi, bismuth pre- 
cipitated from aqua fortis by wa- 

Magisterium coralli, coral precipi- 
tated from distilled vinegar by 
fixed alkali. 

Magisterium stanni, tin precipitated 
from aqua regia by volatile alkali. 

Magistralis, medicamenta extempo- 

Magistrantia, masterwort, or impe- 

Magma, the thick part of ointment, 
or poultice ; the dregs or residu- 
um after infusion or distillation. 

Magna arteria, the large artery, or 

Magnate, the work of God. 



Magnitis, 1 the loadstone; manga 

Magne, { nese. 

Magne s, J 

albus, the white loadstone 

arsenicalis, a preparation of 

arsenical caustic, formerly sup 

posed to extract poisons. 

Magnes candidus, 7 m . „ 

5 ' > magnes albus. 

carneus, } 

e/ule/isix, native cinnabar. 

Magnese, the semi-metal called 

Magnesia, marcasite ; manganese ; 
sulphur; the matter of the philo- 
sopher's stone; a mixture of se- 
veral metals ; the basis of Epsom 
salt; an earth; magnesia usta, or 
calcined magnesia. 

Magnesia a/da, carbonate of mag 
nesia ; white magnesia. 

Magnesia calcinata,~\ magnesia de 
usta, s. prived by heat 

fiura, J of its fixed air. 
o/ialina, opalin ; ruby-co- 
loured magnesia of antimony ; 
antimony, nitre, and decrepitated 
sea salt. 

Magnesia vitriolata, bitter purging 
Epsom salt ; magnesia combined 
with vitriolic acid. 

Magnesium, manganese, or manga- 
nesium. ■ 

Magnolia, laurel-leaved tulip tree. 

ATagnum Dei donum, the Peruvian 

Magnum os, the largest bone of the 
wrist; the third bone of the se- 
cond row in the wrist. 

Magnus, great. 

morbus, epilepsia. 

Magorreum, the characteristic cure 
of wounds. 

Magos, a plaster for hernia. 

Magra, the carnelian. 

Magudaris, > the root of the assafoe- 

Magydaris, $ tida plant, or lasser- 

Maguei, a species of aloe. 

Mahaleb, the rock wild cherry of 

Mahmoody, scammony. 

Muianthemum, lily of the valley. 


Mail-ayischi, a species of buck- 
Mail-elou, } an evergreen tree 

elou-katou, \ of Malabar. 
ombi, a tree like the apple. 
Major, greater. 

Majorana, marjoram, gentle or pe- 
Majorana Cretica, mastich thyme, 

or marum Syfiacum. 
Majorana majori folio, sweet mar- 
Majorana oleracea, pot marjoram. 
Syriaca, marum Syria- 
Majorana rotundifolia, a species of 

Majorana tcnuifolia, majorana ma- 
jori folio. 
Majus fierfcctum, the ultimate per- 
fection of the philosopher's stone. 
Mala, the cheek. 

Armeniaca, apricots. 
Assyria, the citron, or citre- 
Mala JEthiofiica, ") wolf's peach, or 
Armeniaca, $ lycopersicon. 
aurantia, the orange. 

Chincnsia, Chinese, 
or sweet orange. 
Mala aurea, orange, love apple, or 

amoris poma. 
Mala citria, citreum; the lemon. 

cotonia, the quince, or cydo- 
Mala cydonia, cydonium ; quince. 
granata, mala punica. 
insana nigra, fruit of the black 
Mala limonia, limonium. 

fiunica, the pomegranate. 
Malabprica hcrba, coru canarica. 

fiila, jaca Indica. 
Malabathrinum, dionysos; an aro- 
matic ointment. 
Malabathrum, ) folium Indum ; In- 
Malabatrum, $ dian leaf, or wild 

cinnamon tree. 
Ma/aca, dartwort, or sagittaria alexi- 

Malaccaschambu, a species of plum 

in Malabar. 
Malache, any opening medicine. 


Malachites, a copper ore, or fossil 

culled malachite. 
Mulacia, a depraved appetite. 
Malacion, any fish without scales. 
Malacodermos, having a soft skin. 
Malacoides, a species of mallows. 
Mutucocissus, soft ivy. 
Malacos, any thing soft. 
Malaco.steon, mollities ossium, osteo- 

sarcosis,or a softness of the bones. 
Malacticos, emollient. 
Mala-elengi, a tree in Malabar. 
Malagfuetta, grana Paradisi. 
Malagma, poultice, or cataplasm. 
Malagreta, grana Paradisi. 
Malamiris, a species of piper. 
Malandria, the melanders of horses ; 

an ulcerous fissure under the ham ; 

cracks or chaps in the bending of 

a horse's knee. 
Malandriosi, patients with lepra, or 

Malankua, zedoary. 
Malarum ossa, the zygomatic, or 

cheek bones. 
Malas, malat ; the name in the new 

chymistry given to every com- 
pound of the acid of apples, or 

malic acid. 
Malaviscus, the marsh mallow, or 


Mz/ajr, C operation of softening. 

Malaxatio, ) l 

Malazissatus, one having the testes 
within the abdomen. 

Malt, the armpit. 

Malcr, salt. 

Malianthalla, a kind of cypress. 

Malicorium, the rind of pomegra- 

Malignitas, maliginity ; putridity. 

Malignus, malignant; any disease 
whose symptoms are so aggravat- 
ed as to threaten destruction; a 
dangerous epidemic. 

Malinathalia, cyperus. 

Malis, pain in the flesh from insects, 
or from animalcule lodged in an 
ulcerous tumour. 

Mallam-toddati, a tree in Malabar, 
specific in epilepsy. 

Malleabilitas, malleability, or easy 


extension of metals under the ham- 

Malleamothe, a diuretic shrub of 

Mallei musculus externus, ~> tensor 
superior, $ mem- 
brana tympani ; a muscle of the 
inner ear. 

Mallei musculus iniernus, laxator 
membranx tympani. 

Malleolus, the ankle; a mallet; a 
botanical term for vine cuttings 
with the joints of the old wood, so 
as to resemble a little mallet. 

Mulleolus anterior, a muscle of the 

Malleolus ex t emus, the lower pro- 
minence of the fibula; outer ankle. 

Malleolus internus, the smooth low- 
er process of the tibia ; inner ankle. 

Malleus, a small bone of the inner 
ear ; a mallet. 

Mal-naregam, a species of lemon 

Malogranatum, the pomegranate. 

Malfiighia, the Barbadoes cherry 
tree. • f 

Multa, malt, or byne. 

Maltha, > wax> 

Malthacodes, £ 

Malihacos, malacos. 

Malthaciicos, malacticos ; emolli- 

Malthaxis, softening. 

Maltheorum, fossil salt. 

Mallhodes, emollient. 

Malum, a disease ; an apple ; proci- 
dentia oculi. 

Malum citreum, the citron fruit, or 

Malum granatuin, the pomegranate. 
mortuum, a scabby species of 

Malum term, the round birthwort 

Malus, the apple tree. 

aurantia, the Spanish orange. 
citria, the citron tree. 
cotonea, ~) the quince, or cy- 
cydonea, $ donium. 
hortensis, the common apple 


Malus Indica, the Indian apple, or 

biling bing. 
Malus limonia, limon, or lemon tree. 
Malabarica, caniram. 
medica, the citron. 
mortuu?n,a malignant species 
of lepra or scab. 
Malus persica, the peach, or lemon. 
punica, the pomegranate. 

sylvestris, the wild 
pomegranate tree. 
Malus sylvestris, the crab, or wild 

apple tree. 
Malus vulgar-is, the common apple 

Malva, the mallow. 

. alcea, ~) vervain mal- 

■verbenacea,} low. 
arborea maritima, the sea 
mallow tree. 
Malva arborescens, the hollyhock. 
betonica folio, malacoides. 
foliis crispis, French mal- 
Malva rosea folio subrotundo, tree 

or golden mallow ; hollyhock. 
Malva viscus, marsh mallows ; al- 
Malva vulgaris, small, wild, 01 

dwarf mallow. 

Malva-viscus, marsh mallow. 
Mamxra famina, female papa tree of 

Mamanga frutex, an oily shrub of 

Mamei, the toddy tree of Hispaniola. 
Mamira, a detergent root. 
Mamiraan, an aquatic plant. 
Mamitha, ~\ a succulent plant like 
Mamilhza, \ the poppy. 
Mamma, the female breast ; the nip- 
Mammae, the female breasts. 
Mammaria externa arteria, the arte- 
ry supplying the breast ; a branch 
of the axillary. 
Mammaria interna arteria, the inner 
artery of the breast ; a branch of 
the subclavian artery. 
Mammaria vasa, the blood-vessels of 
the breast. 

malmsey wine. 

Mammaria vena dextra, the right 

vein of the breast from the vena 

Mammariavcna sinistra, the left vein 

of the breast from the subclavian 

Mammiformis processus, the mastoid 

process of the temporal bone. 
Mammilla, the nipple; the male 

Mammillaris processus, mammifor- 

mis processus. 
Mamoera, papaya mas. 
Manaca, a berry-bearing tree of Bra- 
Manalgia, madness without fever. 
Mananaog, plant yielding Ignatius's 

bean . 
Manatea lapis, part of the skull of 

the sea cow used in medicine. 
Manati, the sea cow. 
Manbrux, silver. 

Mancanilla, ~) the manchineal tree 
Mancinella,) of the West Indies. 
Mancoron, a species of sugar from 

Mancurana, marjorana. 
Mandaru, the pod-bearing tree of 

Mandibula, the lower jaw, or man- 
Ma n dii bum ana, 
Mandiiepai ata, 
Mandragora, } the male mandrake 
Mandrbgoras, $ root., mandrake root bark 

steeped in wine. 
Mandsjadi, mandaru. 
Manducatio, the act of chewing. 
Manducatorea musculi, the masseter 

muscles of the jaw. 
Manga, the East Indian mango tree. 
Mangaiba, the plum tree of Brasil. 
Manganesium, ) manganese ; a se- 
Magncsium, \ mi-metal used in 

colouring glass. 

the West Indian 
>cassada plant, us- 
ed as bread. 


Mangaratia, ginger, 

Mangas, manga. 

Mangel-worzd, the root of the red 

Mangle, the mangrove tree. 

Mangostans, an Indian fruit like an 

Manheb, scoria. 

Mania, madness; continued deliri- 

Mania ab amore, continued delirium 
from love. 

Mania a belladone baccis, continued 
delirium from eating the berries 
of nightshade. 

Mania corporea, continued delirium 
from bodily disease. 

Mania a datura scmine, continued 
delirium from eating the seeds of 
the thorn apple. 

Mania a graviditate, continued deli- 
rium from pregnancy. 

Mania ab hemicrania, continued de- 
lirium from paralytic affection of 
the head. 

Mania ab herfietc re/iresso, continu- 
ed delirium from repelled eruption. 

Mania hysteralgica, continued de- 
lirium from paralytic disease of 
the' head. 

Mania lac tea, continued delirium 
while suckling. 

Mania sine materia, > desponding 
a melancholica, } melancho- 

Mania a menstruis retentis, continu- 
ed delirium from retained menses. 

Mania mentalis, continued delirium 
without bodily disease. 

Muni a metastatica, continued deli- 
rium from translation. 

Mania obscura, continued delirium 
without evident cause. 

Mania a fiat/innate, continued deli- 
rium from passion. 

Mania /uriodica, delirium coming 

Mania a jiarciore lactis et lochiorum 
Jiuxu, continued delirium from 
suppression of milk and lochia. 

Mania a /ilica re-sec ta, mania ab her- 
petc represso. 

2 O 


Mania a re/iressa scabie, continued 
delirium from repelled eruption. 

Mania a semine retento, continued 
delirium from inability to emit se- 
men in coition. 

Mania a terrore, mania from ter- 

Mania a venenis, continued delirium 
from poisons. 

Mania -vulgaris, continued delirium 
without evident cause. 

Mania ab ulcere siccato, continued 
delirium from old ulcers dried up. 

Manica Hipfwcratis, Hippocrates' 
sleeve ; a flannel strainer. 

Manicula, chronic state of madness, 
with moderate fever. 

Maniguetta, grains of Paradise. 

Manihot, ~> the West Indian cassada 

Maniiba,} bread. 

Maniacus, one having mania, or in- 

Maniodes, maniacal, insane, or mad. 

Mani/iulus, a handful. 

Manjafmmeram, a West Indian tree. 

Mavjdla-kua, turmeric, or curcu- 

Manna, manna ; a mild laxative ex- 
uding from a species of Sicilian. 

Manna Calabrina, Calabrian manna, 
ca7iiila(a,Haky manna ; man- 
na concreted on straw or chips. 

Manna secunda, an inferior or se- 
cond sort of manna. 

Manna t/iuris, a coarse powder of 

Mannifera arbor, fraxinus ornus. 

Mansorius musculus, the masseter 
muscle of the jaw. 

Maniilc, a bandage. 

Manus, the hand. 

Dei, a vulnerary plaster; 

Manns Chris ti fierlaix, troches of 
sugar of roses and powdered 

Manus Christi sim/ilices, troches of 
sugar of roses. 

Manutigium, rubbing with the hand. 

Mamjl-rara, an olive-like tree of the 
East Indies. 


Manzizanion, the Egyptian bean, or 
faba iEgyptia. 

Mao, the East Indian mango tree. 

Maun, a species of marigold. 

Mafifia, a sptcies of ricinus. 

Muranda, a species of myrtle. 

Maranta arundinacca, the Indian 
arrow- root. 

Maranta galanga, galanga, or ga- 
langal root. 

Marantha dioscoridis, black cha- 
meleon thistle. 

Marasmodes, species of hectic fe- 

Marasmus, atrophia ; wasting of 
flesh without fever, or apparent 
disease ; consumption. 

Marathritcs, a vinous infusion of 

Marat hrojihyllum, peucedanum, or 

Marathrum, hog's fennel, or peuce- 

Marcasita, pyritical marcasite, or 

Marched, lithargyrus. 

Marcor, unnatural drowsiness. 

Marcores, diseases with much ema- 

Marcost, fixed vegetable alkaline 

Marga, marie. 

Candida, agaricus mineralis. 
cinerca suxatilis, ash-co- 
loured marie. 

Marga incarnata saxatilis, reddish 

Margacandia, white stone marie. 

Margarita, the pearl of the shell fish 
concha mar^aritifera. 

Margaritta, a white speck or tumour 
on the eye. 

Marginatus, having a border. 

Marini salis s/iiritus, muriatic acid. 
coagulatus, mu- 
riatic acid and alkali. 

Marimim suL common salt. 

Marinus, of or belonging to the sea ; 

Marinus -sal, common or sea salt. 

Marifirnchuii, a plant of Hispaniola 

Mansca, hemorrhoids, or external 
piles} ficus; condyloma. 


Marisicum, mercurialis fructicosa ; 
herb children's mercury. 

Maritus, a husband ; sulphur. 

Marjorana, the origanum plant, or 

Marmoryga:, flashes of light before 
the eyes in hcad-ach. 

Marmelada, marmelade; a confec« 

Marmolaria, bear's breech ; brank 

Mar m or, marble. 

album, white marble. 
metallicum, varieties of dif- 
ferent species of fluor. 

Marmoracea vcnena, acrid poisons, 
or those which are fatal in very 
small doses. 

Marmoraria, brank ursine. 

Marmorata aurium, wax of the ears. 

Marmoreus tartarus, hardest human 

Marocostinum, a species of purgative 
made of gum ammoniac, myrrh, 
aloes, &c 

Marrubiastrum, ballota, or black 
stinking horehound. 

Marrubium, horehound ; mother- 

Marrubium album, common white 

Marrubium aquaticum, water hore- 

Marrubium Hispanicum, madwort, 
or Spanish horehound. 

Marrubium nigrum fcetidum, the 
black stinking horehound, or bal- 

Marrubium -vcrticitlatum, marrubi- 
um Hispanicum, or base hore- 

Marrullium, lactuca, or common 

Mars, ferrum, oriron. 

alkalizatuv solubilis, iron and 
fixed alkali. 

Mars sacc/iaratus, iron mixed with 
starch and melted sugar. 

Mars solubilis, ferrum tartarizatum. 
sul/i/iuratus, iron filings and 
sulphur deflagrated. 

Marsaas, bonduch lndc-rum, or Mo- 
lucca nut. 


Marsufiialis, a muscle of the os is- 

Martach, lythargyrus. 

Martianum fiomum, an orange. 

Martiatum unguentum, ointment of 
laurel, rue, marjoram, &c. 

Martis essentia, a solution of steel 
in acid. 

Martis limatura fircfiarata, purified 
filings of iron. 

Marullium, lactuca, or lettuce. 

Marum, mastich thyme, or common 

Marum Creticum, ~) Syrian -herb 
Syriacum, $ mastich. 

Marvisium, malmsey wine. 

Mu::arandiba, a cherry-like fruit of 

Maschale, the arm-pit. 

Maschalistcr, the second vertebra of 
the back. 

Maslach, a kind of anodyne. 

Masjieta, > the leaves of the assa- 

Masjietwn, ) foetida plant. 

Massa, a mass, or soft lump ; some 
collections of fluids ; blood. 

Massa Carnea Jacobi Sylvii, flexor 
longus digitorum pedis. 

Massa ad fornacem, scented can- 

Mussalis. ) 

,, .' V mercury. 


Masse ter musculus, a muscle of the 

lower jaw. 
Massicot, calcined white lead. 
Masticatio, mastication, or chewing. 
Masticatorium, a masticatory, or 

substance to be chewed to increase 

the saliva. 
Mastiche, herb, or gum mastich. 
gummi, gum mastich. 
Mastichelxum, oil of mastich. 
Mastichia odorata tundens, nux Vir- 

giniana, or mastich of ligon. 
Mastichina gallorum, marum, or 

mastich thyme. 
Masticot, calcined white lead. 
Mastix, mastich. 
Mastodynia, soreness or phlegmon 

of the nipple or breast ; pain of 

the breast. 
Mas'oidmim foramen, a hole in the 

os petrosum of the skull. 

MAT * 

Mastoideus musculus, the mastoid 
muscle of the neck. 

Mastoideus anterior, the anterior 
mastoid muscle. 

Mastoideus lateralis, muscnlus com- 
plexus minor; the lateral mas- 
toid muscle. 

Mastoideus processus, the mastoid 
process of the os petrosum. 

Mastoideus superior, the upper mas- 
toid muscle. 

Mastoidynia, sore or pained nip- 

Matalista, ~) . f • , * 

Ma^^' C; r s P eciesof J uiap - 

Mater, the mother. 

dura, membrane of the brain . 
/ier6ar«??2,artemisia,or com- 
mon mug wort. 

Mater meta'dorum, quicksilver. 

jierlarum, mother of pearl ; 
concha margaritifera. 

Mater pia, > a membrane of the 
tenuis, ) brain. 
terra, Alilat, or the goddess 
of childbirth. 

Materia, matter; substance. 

medico, all articles employ- 
ed in the cure of diseases, as sim- 
ple and compounded drugs, &c. 

Materia mercurii salis, a liquor 
prepared from sea salt. 

Materia perlala, a very white pre- 
cipitate of antimony, formed 
by adding an acid to the liquor 
separated from diaphoretic anti- 

Mat eriatura, disease from excess or 

Mathxi pilula, Mathe'vs's pills ; 
soap, hellebore, and opium ; also 
pilula saponacea. 

Matracium, a chymical matrass; a 
bottle with a long neck. 

Matres, the membranes of the brain. 

Matriealia, medicines for the womb. 

Matricaria, motherwort; feverfew, 
or featherfew. 

Matrisylvia, asperula, or woodbine. 

Matrix, the womb ; the pith of a 
plant; the bed or gangue of a 

Matronalis, the violet. 


Matula, a chamber-pot, or urinal. 

Maturans, any stimulant application 
promoting the breaking of an ab- 

Maturantia, medicines promoting 
the formation of matter. 

Maturatio, ripening of fruit ; ma- 
turation, or that process by whicb 
pus is collected in an abscess, af- 
ter inflammation. 

Mauromarson, horehound. 

Mauz, the plantain tree. 

Maxilla, the cheek, or jaw. 

inferior, the lower jaw. 
superior, the upper jaw. 

Maxillarcs glanduU, the glands 
under the angle of the lower jaw. 

Maxillares sinus, the sinusses, or 
cavities of the jaws. 

Maxillaria sufieriora ossa, the upper 
jaw bones. 

Maxillaria arteria:, the arteries of 
the jaws. 

Maxillaris inferior new us, the nerve 
of the lower jaw, or 3d branch of 
the 5th pair. 

Maxillaris superior nervus, the 
nerve of the upper jaw, or 3d 
branch of the 5th pair. 

Mays, frumentum lndicum, or In- 
dian corn. 

Maza, milk and flour. 

Meatus, any canal, or passage. 

auditorius externus, the 
outer passage of the ear. 

Meatus cacus, a passage in the 
fauces to the ear, called Eustachi- 
an tube. 

Meatus cuticulares, the pores of the 

Meatus cysticus, the gall duct. 

winarius, the external ori- 
fice of the urethra. 

Mecapatli, a species of sarsaparilla. 

Mecaxochitl, American long pep- 

M-jcchx balsamum, balm of Gilead. 

Mechoacana, } \merican me- 

alba, 3 choucan,or con- 
volvulus ; jalapa alba ; rhabarbar- 
ura album. 

M^ r noacana nigra, jalapa, or jalap 

M E D 

Me con, a poppy. 

Meconio syrupus e, syrup of white 

Mtconites, small sand stones, or 

Meconis, ~) the juice of the white 

Meconium, $ poppy ; opium ; the 
feces of a foetus. 

Medela, a cure. 

Medena, a species of ulcer. 

Media substantia vini beccheri, the 
tartarous deposition of wines. 

Mediana vena, the middle vein of 
the arm. 

Medianum, the mediastinum, or 
septum under the breast bone. 

Medianus, the median nerve of the 

Mediastina, the inflammation of the 

Mediastina arteria, the arteries of 
the mediastinum. 

Mediastinum, the septum formed 
by the sides of the pleura under 
the sternum. 

Mediastinum cerebri, falciform pro- 
cess of the dura mater. 

Medica lu?iata,~> lucerne ; species 

Medicago, 5 °f shrub trefoil, or 


Medicago Cretica, auricula muris. 

Mcdicamentaria, pharmacy, or the 
art of making or preparing medi- 

Medicamentosus lapis, the medicinal 
stone of litharge, vitriol, &c. 

Medicamentum, a medicine, or heal- 
ing application. 

Mcdicamentum emundans, a deter- 
sive, or healing medicine. 

Medicamentum extemporaneum, a 

Medicaster, a quack; a false pre- 
tender to the knowledge of medi- 

Medicina, medicine, or the art of 
preventing, alleviating, or curing 

Medicina di&tetica, the regulation of 
regimen, or the nonnaturals. 

Medicina diasostica, that part of me- 
cine which relates to preserving 


Medicina gymnastica, that part of 
medicine which relates to exer- 

Medicina hermetica, the application 
of chymical remedies. 

Medicina /irLsca, ancient method of 
curing diseases. 

Medicina jirophylactica, that part of 
medicine which relates to preserv- 
ing health. 

Medicina semeiotica, that branch of 
medicine which treats of the signs 
of health and disease. 

Medicina therapeutica, that branch 
which treats of the cure of dis- 

Medicina tristitix, common saffron. 

Medicinales dies, days not expected 
to be critical. 

Medicus, a physician. 

Medina vena, ~\ the Guinea, 

Medinensis vena, y or muscular 
gordius, J hair worm of 

Meditullium, the middle part of the 
flat bones called diploe. 

Medium, the Syrian bell flower, or 
cervicaria ; that particular space 
or region through which bodies 
move, as air, water, &c 

Medium teste, the bregma, or bones 
forming the sagittal suture. 

Medius venter, the thorax, or chest. 

Medulla, the marrow. 

cassia, the pulp of the fis- 
tular cassia. 

Medulla cerebri, the internal sub- 
stance of the brain. 

Medulla oblongata, the union of the 
parts of the brain to form the spi- 
nal marrow. 

Medulla spinalis, the spinal marrow. 
saxi, agaricus mineralis. 

Mcdullaris, like unto marrow. 

Megaloccelos, ~> j. 

...., -bellied 

Megalonyx, great claw; a name 
given to an unknown species ot 
animal of America. 

Megalojihonia, loud-voiced. 

JWegalos/ilanchnos, ) patients with 

Megalosfilanchnus, \ large abdomen 
from diseased viscera. 


Megrim, a species of head-ach, gene- 
rally over one eye. 

Meibomi glandule, the glands on the 

Meiosis, diminution, or decrease. 

Mel, } . 

w,r ione ^ 

Mel acetatum, simple oxymel. 

JEgyfitiacum, composition of 
verdigrise, honey, and vinegar. 
Mel aerium, manna. 

anthinum, honey collected from 
Mel desfiumatum, clarified honey. 
elatines, honey of fluellin, or 
Mel hellcboratum, honey of helle- 

Mel rosaceum, > , r 

' y honey of roses. 
rose, 3 J 

scille, honey of squills. 
solutivwru solutive honey ; com- 
pound of roses, honey, and brown 

Mela, a probe. 

Melena, black bile ; black vomit ; a 
disease in which black bloody 
matter is vomited, the stools in- 
durated and like pitch. 

Melenetes, a black eagle. 

Melaina, black bile. 

nosos, the black disease. 

Melaleuca leucadendron, the plant 
which affords the cajeput oil. 

Melampelos, black vine. 

Melamphyllum, bear's breech. 

Melampodium, helleborus niger, or 
black hellebore. 

Melamfiyro, a species of eryngo 

Melamfiyrum, purple, or black cow 

Melanagoga, medicines discharging 
black bile. 

Melancholia, melancholy. 

amatoria, melancholy 
from love. 

Melancholia Anglica, melancholy pe- 
culiar to the English nation. 

Melancholia argantis, a species of 

Melancholia atonita, melancholy 
with a dislike of motion. 


Melancholia enthusiastica, enthusi- 
astic, or ranting insanity. 

Melancholia errabunda, restless me- 

Melancholia hijifiantrojiica, melan- 
choly with supposed change of 

Melancholia moria, melancholy with 

Melancholia nervea, nervous melan- 

Melancholia fihrontis, melancholy 
with desire of death. 

Melancholia religiosa, melancholy 
from religious despair. 

Melancholic, saltans, the dancing in- 
sanity of an idiot. 

Melancholia scythanun, melancholy 
with supposed change of species. 

Melancholia vulgaris, common, or 
hypochondriac melancholy. 

Melancholia zoantro/iica, melancho- 
ly with supposed change of spe- 

Melanchlorus, livid colour of the skin; 
the black jaundice. 

Me lane hr us, swarthy, or dark-skin- 

Melandryum, heart of oak. 

Melano/ii/ier, black pepper, or piper 

Melanorrhizon t black-rooted helle- 

71 hlanosmegma, .black soap. 

Mehmotriches, having black hair. 

Melanteria, sulphate of iron, or green 

Melanthelxum, black oil. 

Melantldum, fennel flower. 

Melanurus, having a black tail. 

Melufiium, the pearmain ; an ap- 

Melas, black ; vitiligo nigra. 
icterus, black jaundice. 

Melasma, ~) a black bruise ; black 

Mciasmus,} extremities from cold. 

j\L la after mum, fennel flower. 

Melazzo, treacle, or melasses. 

Melca, milk, or whey. 

Mele, a probe. 

Meleagris, the Guinea fowl. 

Melech, salt. 


Melegeta, > ^^ 

Melegueta, $ ° 

Meleios, alum of the Isle of Melos. 

Melemelum, the apple of Paradise. 

Me ii, honey. 

Melia, the ash. 

Melianthus, an African plant af- 
fording honey. 

Melica, milium Indicum, or Indian 

Mcliceria, ~) a small encysted tu- 

Meliccriola, $ mour. 

Meliceris, an encysted tumour of a 
honey-like substance. 

Melicraton, a mixture of water and 

Meligeion, the discharge of a foetid 

Melilotus, common melilot plant. 

major, sweet trefoil, or 
lotus urbana. 

Melilotus minor, the Egyptian meli- 
lot plant, or alchimelech. 

Mi linelum, the apple of Paradise. 

Melinum, oil from the flowers of the 
apple tree. 

Meli/ihyllon, baum, or balm. 

Metis, a badger. 

Melissa, baum, or balm. 

Americana, melissa turci- 

Melissa calamintha, calamintha mon- 
tana; field catmint. 

Melissa offici?wlis, melissa, or com- 
mon baum 

Melissa turcica, balsamum Gilead- 

Melisso-phagus, the bee eater. 

Melissofihyllon, mountain baum, or 
nettle; black horehound. 

Melitxus, a species of marl from 

Melitismos, ~) a linctus prepared 

Melitismus, £ with honey. 

Melitites, honey stone. 

Melitroma, a confection of honey. 

Melizomum, a drink of honey. 

Mellago, any preparation of honey. 

Mrllrctis, a honey-coloured stone. 

Mdleguetta, grana Paradisi. 

Mellifuvium, melliceris; an encysted 
tumour cl a substance like honey. 


Mellifolium, melissa, or baum. 
Mellilotus, melilotus. 
Melo, the musk melon. 

Indicus, jace Brasiliensis. 
Melacactos Americana, "J species of 
Mtlocatus, y thorn ap- 

Meloccarduus, J pie, or 

great melon thistle. 
Melocarfius, the fruit of the aristo- 

Melochia,~) an Egyptian plant; cor- 
Melocia, $ chorus. 
Mcloe vesicatorius, the cantharis fly 

of Spain, or Spanish fly. 
Melon, ) apple ; cheek ; sheep ; a 
Melum, \ prominent diseased eye ; 

Melongcna, mad apple, or mala in- 

sana; a species of solanum. 
Melo/ie/ion, the buckler-gourd, or 

squash, a pompion-like fruit. 
Melosis, examining a wound by a 

Melothria fiendula, small creeping 

cucumber plant. 
Mclothrum, the white bryony, or 

bryonia alba. 
Melolis, melosis; auriscalpium. 
Membrana, a membrane ; a net- 
work of fibres. 
Membrana adifwsa, the net-like 
membrane under the skin con- 
taining the fat. 
Mrmbrana arachnoidra, ~) the mem- 
hyaloidea, } brane 
which includes the vitreous hu- 
mour of the eye. 
Mrmbrana caduca, decidua. 

carnosa, panniculus car- 
Mtmbrana cellulosu, membrana adi- 

Membrana cuticularis, dura mater. 
decidua, decidua. 
musculorum communis, 
panniculus carnosus. 
Mrmbrana /ui/u'llaris, a fine mem- 
brane which covers fhe pupil of 
the eye in a foetus. 
Membrana ruyschiana, the internal 
lamina of the choroid membrane 
of the eye. 
Membrana tymfiani^ a membrane 


covering the cavity of the tym- 

Membranacei, inflammatory diseases 
of membranes. 

Membranaceus, belonging to a 
membrane; (in botany) leaves 
having no pulp between the sur- 

Membrana, membranes, particularly 
of the foetus. 

Membranalogia, doctrine of the use 
and diseases of the common in- 
teguments, and of particular 

Membranosus muscuslus, fascia lata, 
or the broad ligament of the pel- 

Membrum a limb. 

Memoria, memory. 

Memfihitis, a soap stone. 

Menagoga, emmenagogues. 

Mendoni, a species of lily. 

Mendosa sutura, a bastard suture; 
the squamous suture of the skull. 

Mendosa cost a, the false ribs. 

Mendosus, spurious; counterfeit. 

Mening<s<s arterix, the arteries of 
the membranes of the brain. 

Mtningxus, belonging to the men- 

Meninges, the membranes of the 

Meningophylax, an instrument to 
defend the brain in trepanning. 

Meninx, ) dura mater ; a 

dura, 5 membrane of the 

Menispermum cocculus, the plant 
yielding cocculus Indicus. 

Menorrhagia, hsemorrhagia uterina ; 
excessive discharge of the men- 
s ses ; fluor albus. 

Menorrhagia alba, a profuse serous 
discharge from the vagina. 

Menorrhagia cn^ercta, excessive dis- 
charge of the menses. 

Menorrhagia decolor, a serous dis- 
charge from the vagina. 

Menorrhagia difficilis, painful men- 

Menorrhagia g7'avidaru7n.C'\S:chiirfr?. 
of blood from the vagina during 


Menorrhagia ex hysterofitosi, dis- 
charge of blood from the vagina 
from a bearing down of the 

Menorrhagia immodica, excessive 
menstrual discharge. 

Menorrhagia lochialis, excess of dis- 
charge after childbirth. 

Menorrhagia nabothi, profuse serous 
discharge during pregnancy. 

Menorrhagia rubra, great discharge 
of menses. 

Menorrhagia serosa, profuse serous 
discharge during pregnancy. 

Menorrhagia stillatitia, excessive 
menstrual discharge. 

Menorrhagia ulcerosa, profuse dis- 
charge of blood from the vagina 
depending on local disease. 

Mensa, the second lobe of the liver. 
jovis, common vervain plant. 

Menses, the catamenia, or month- 
ly discharge of blood from the 

Menses cessantes, the monthly dis- 
charge from the womb ceasing. 

Menses drficientes, deficient monthly 
discharge from the womb. 

Mensis philosophicus, a philosophi- 
cal or chymical month ; according 
to some, 3 days and nights ; others 
say 10; and others say 30 or 40 

Menstrua, the monthly discharge of 
blood from the womb ; the bleed- 
ing piles. 

Menstrua alba, fluor albus. 

Menstruatio, menstruation. 

Menstruum, any thing acting as a 

Mensura, (in botany) a measure. 
The following scale is recom- 
mended by Linnxus, consisting 
of 1 1 degrees : 

1. Cafiillus, a hair's-breadth. 

2. Linea, a line, or breadth of the 
crescent at the root of the Jinger 
nail, and equal to 1 2 hair-bi cadtns, 
or the 12th part of a Parisian inch. 

3. Unguis, a nail ; the length of a 
finger nail, or 6 lines. 

4. Pollex, a thumb; the length of 


the first or outer joint of the 
thumb ; equal to 1 Parisian inch. 

5. Palmus, a palm, or hand breadth, 
exclusive of the thumb ; equal to 
3 Parisian inches. 

6. Spithajna, a span ; from the ex- 
tremities of the thumb and fore 
finger extended ; equal to 7 Pari- 
sian inches. 

7. Dodrans, a great span; from the 
extremities of the thumb and lit- 
tle finger extended ; 9 inches. 

8. Pes, a foot; from the elbow to 
the basis of the thumb ; 12 inches. 

9. Cubitus, a cubit; from the elbow 
to the extremity of the middle fin- 
ger; 17 inches. 

10. Brachiuniy an arm's-length; 
from the arm-pit to the extremity 
of the middle finger ; 24 inches. 

1 1 . Orgyia, a fathom ; the mea- 
sure of the human stature; the 
distance between the extremities 
of the two middle fingers, when 
the arms are extended ; 6 feet. 

Mentagra, a species of tetter affect- 
ing the chin ; herb lungwort. 
Mentales, vesanise ; diseases of the 

Mentastrum, red water mint. 
Mentha, common mint. 

aouatica, water mint. 
cataria, nep, or cat mint. 
cervina, hart's pennyroyal. 
corimbifera minor, sweet 
Mentha felina, mentha cataria. 

palustris folio oblongo, hairy 
water mint. 
Mentha piperita, peppermint. 
pulcgium, pennyroyal. 
rotundifolia palustris, men- 
tha aquatica. 
Mentha saracenica, balsamita mas. 
sativa, ) common spear- 
viridis, 5 mint. 
spicata, J lwt s ; nt> 

■vulgaris, 3 
Mentha sativa aqua, common mint 

Mentha piperitidis aqua t pepper- 
mint water. 


Menthastrum, hairy water mint. 

Menthrastrum, mentha aquatica. 

Mentula, the penis. 

alata, a wing-like marine 

Mentulagra, a disease of the penis 
causing impotence; syphilis. 

Mentum, the chin. 

Mentzelia, a plant peculiar to Ja- 

Memjanthes, trifolium paltidosum, 
or marsh trefoil ; buck bean. 

Mefihitts, any suffocating vapour, 
damp, or stench ; a poisonous ex- 

Mefihiticus, mephitic; suffocating; 
noxious ; stinking. 

Mercurialise mercurial; black bile; 
herb English mercury. 

Mcrcurialis annua, French mercu- 

Mcrcurialis fceminea, female mer- 

Mercurialis fruticosa incana tcsti- 
culata, herb children's mercury. 

Mcrcurialis was, French mercury. 
montana, ~) wild, or 
fierennis, v dog's mer- 
sylvestris,j cury. 

Mercurius, mercury; quicksilver 
acctatus, acetis hydrar- 

Mercurius albus sublimatus, white 
corrosive mercury ; quicksilver 
and acid of sea salt. . 

Mercurius alkalizatus, alkalized 
mercury; hydrargyrus cum Cre- 
ta; iEthiopius albus. 

Mercurius calcinatus, calcined mer- 

Mercurius chemicorum, quicksilver. 

cinnaba r inus, factitious 

cinnabar; quicksilver sublimed 

with sulphur; hydrargyrus sul- 

phuratus ruber. 

Mercurius corallinus, coralline mer- 
cury ; red precipitate digested 
with spirit of wine and inflamed. 

Mercurius corrosivus, ? 

albus, 5 
white corrosive sublimate ; quick- 
silver and acid of sea salt. 

Mercurius corrosivus rubcr } re<i pre- 



cipitate ; quicksilver and aqua 

Mercurius corrosivus sublimatus, 
white corrosive mercury ; quick- 
silver and acid of sea salt, or hy- 
drargyrus muriatus 

Mercurius crudhs/iuri/icalus, strain* 
ed, or purified mercury. 

Mercurius dulcis, calomel. 

sweet mercury by precipitation. 

Mercurius dulcis sublimatus, calo- 

Mercurius dufilicatus fihilosofihicus, 
an ore of gold. 

Mercurius emcticus Jlavus,~) tur- 
Jlavus, 5 Detn 

mineral ; quicksilver and vitriolic 

Mercurius gummosus, quicksilver 
triturated with gums. 

Mercurius mortis, pulvis algarothi ; 
a precipitate of antimony. 

Alercurius firacifiitaiu^, red preci- 
pitate ; quicksilver and aqua for- 

Mercurius firacifiitatus albus, white 
precipitate of mercury. 

Mercurius frracifiitatus dulcis, mild 
muriated quicksilver; calomel. 

Mercurius firacifiitatus Jlavus, tur- 
beth mineral ; quicksilver and vi- 
triolic acid. 

Mercurius firacifiitatus Juscus f 
brown precipitate of mercury ; 
quicksilver precipitated from ni- 
trous acid by kali. 

Mercurius firacifiitatus lutaus, tur- 
beth mineral ; yellow precipitate 
of mercury. 

Mercurius firacifiitatus niger, black 
precipitate of mercury ; quick- 
silver precipitated from nitrous 
acid by vinous volatile alkali. 

Mercurius firacifiitatus per sc, cal- 
cined mercury. 

Mercurius firacifiitatus ruber, red 
calx of mercury; red precipitate. 

Mercurius firacifiitatus viridis, 
green precipitate of mercury ; 
quicksilver precipitated from mu- 
riatic acid by a solution of cop- 
per in muriated ammonia. 


Mercurius firacifiitatua Wurtzii, 
Wurtz's, or brown precipitate of 

mercury; quicksilver precipitat- 
ed from nitrous acid by kali. 

Mercurius akecharatus, sugared 
mercury ; quicksilver rubbed with 
brown sugar. 

Mercurius sublimatus, ) 

corrosivua, 3 
corrosive sublimate ; quicksilver 
and muriatic acid 

Mercurius sublimatus dulcis, calo- 

Mercurius sublimatus solutus, a spi 
ritous solution of corrosive subli- 

Mercurius tricolor, red precipitate 
vita, pulvfs algarothi; a 
precipitate of antimony. 

Mergeji, coral. 

Mergus, tbe didapper, or dob chick. 

Mericoa, } . ■ , ■ , 

;i/n-^) t0piQl;pama1, 
Mi ridies, mid-day, or high noon. 
:tcius- millefolium, or milfoil; 

the asellus, or cod fish. 
Merobalneum, a partial bath. 
Merocele, the femoral rupture. 
Meron, ~) , ., . , 
Meros,l ihethi ^' 
Merofis, a bird called lice eater. 
Merula, the cook fish ; the back 

Merua, genuine, unadulterated. 
Merycism us, r u rn i nation . 
Mi ryofihyllon, merlucius. 

Mesarteon, ~) ., 

. . '5- the mesenterv. 

araum, 3 

\fesaraica major vena, the mesen- 
teric vein. 

Mesaraica minor vena, the internal 
hemorrhoidal vein. 

Meael, stannum, or tin. 

Mesenteric^ arteria, the arteries 
going to the mesentery. 


Mesentcritis. an inflammation of the 

Mcseria, \v.U.\. or tutty. 

Mescrion, ^ spurge laurel; thyme- 

Meserium, } !*&• 

Me rianum, aniceton. 

Mesire-, an inflammatory disease of 
the liver. 

Mesocolon, the portion of mesen- 
tery or membrane serving to keep 
the coion in its proper situation, 
and to convey its vessels. 

Mesocranium, vertex. 

Mesogastrion, the membrane serv- 
ing to keep the stomach in its 
situation, and to convey its ves- 

Mesoglossi, genio glossi ; muscles of 
the tongue. 

Mesoleucus, a stone with a white 
vein in the middle. 

Mesomelas, a stone with a black 
vein in the middle. 

Mesomeria, the parts between the 

Mcsom filiation, the middle of the 

Mesofihryon, ~) the part between the 

Mesofihryum,} eyebrows. 

Meaofileurios, the intercostal mus- 

Mesorectum, the membrane attach- 
ing the rectum to the pelvis. 

Mesothenar, a muscle of the fingers 
situated in the palm. 

Meafiilua, the medlar ; cratxgus. 

folio rotundiore, white 

Mesfiilus Germanica, the medlar 

Mesfiilua sfiznosa, the evergreen 

Mesfiilus sylvestris, the white, or 


I Mest, sour milk. 

Mesenteries glandules, the lympha- Me tabasis, ) a change of remedy, of 

tic glands of the mesentery. j Metabole, 3 practice, or of disease. 

Mesenterium, the mesentery; aMetacarfiion, 1 part of the hand 

membrane uniting and confixing i Metacarfiium, I between the wrist 

the intestines in their proper pla 

Mesentericus, 3 belonging to the 
Meseruicus, 5 mesentery. 

Metacarfius, J and fingers. 
Metacarfiius, a muscle of the hand, 

or wrist. 
Metacerasma, cerasma. 


Metacheirixis, surgery. 

Meiachorcsis, translation of a dis- 
ease from one pari to another. 

Metacinema, diseased pupil of the 
eye, or distortion of it. 

Metacondyii, the last joints of the 

Mctallage. See Mctabole. 

Metallum, a metal. 

Jluidum, quicksilver. 

Metallurgia, metallurgy, or doctrine 
of metals. 

Metal/us, a metal. 

Metamorfihofiaia, disfigured or dis- 
torted vision, or perceiving ob- 
jects changed in their figures. 

Metamor/ihosis, the change an ani- 
mal undergoes in formation and 
growth ; the various changes of 
some insects. 

Meta/iedium, metatarsus ; the part 
of the foot between the ankle and 

Metafihrenon, } between the shoul- 

Metafihrenum,^ ders, or behind the 

Metafioroficria } a change in the 

Metap.orofica.sis, \ pores oi the'body. 

Mttaptosis, a change from one dis- 
ease to another 

Metastasis, a translation of disease 
from one part to another. 

Mctasyncrisis, any change of con- 

Metatarsium. See Metatarsus. 

Metatarsi us, a muscle of the tarsal 
bones of the foot. 

Metatarsus, the part of the foot be- 
tween the ankle and toes. 

Metathesis, a change of a morbid 
cause without expulsion. 

Meteorismus, tympanites, or a swell- 
ing of the belly from air. 

Mete/, ? • f 

, .. ' > a species oi mix vomica. 
Metella, $ v 

Meteoros, pains not deep seated. 

Methemerina, } amphimerina ; a 

Methemerinos, £ quotidian. 

Methodica medicina, practice con- 
ducted by rules, in opposition to 
the empirical practice. 

Methodicus, a methodic physician. 


Methodus, a method, or plan of treat- 

~'L tl, species of aloes. 

Meto/iion, > ointment containing 

Meto/iium, ) galbanum ; American 
sumach; bitter almond. 

' opon, / ^ e forehead. 

Metosis, a kind of amaurosis, from 

excess of short-sightedness. 
Metra, matrix ; the womb. 
Metrcnchyta, injections for the 

Metrencliytcs, a syringe for the 

Metritis, hysttritis, or inflammation 

of the womb. 
Metritis lactea, inflammation of the 

womb with milk fever. 
Metritis puerperarum, inflammation 

of the womb after childbirth. 
Metritis typhodes, inflammation of 

the womb with low fever. 
Meirocelides, marks on children 

from the imagination of the mo- 
Metropolis, the head ; a chief city 

or castle. 
Metroptosis, a bearing, or falling 

down of the womb. 
Metrorrhagia, excessive menses, or 

M vium, the venereal disease. 
Men, "J the herb 

Meum, >spignel, 

athamanticum, J or bald 

Meum Altdnum, Alpine, or mountain 

Meum adult erinum,") bastard spig- 

sfiurium, y nel. 
Mexicanava, the Mexican orach 

Mexicanum balsamum, Peruvian 

Mezerion, ~) thymelxa, or spurge 
Mezerittm, ) laurel; widow wail. 
Miasma, any fomes or effluvium 

producing a contagious disease; 

nastincss ; criminality. 
Mien, a grain or crumb ; talc, a fos- 
sil, shining and flexible, mixed 


with granite, See. daze ; Muscovy 
glass, glimmer, or ghst. 
Mica argentia, mica of a silver co- 
Mica aurea, mica of a yellow co- 

Mica Jianis, the crumb of bread. 
thuris, gum olibanum. 

Mica acintiltarum, fiery circles seen 
by epileptics. 

Micranthus, a species of rhamnus. 

Microcejihalon, a small head. 

Microcosnietor, an imaginary being 
in the brain governing the animal 

Microcosmos, a microcosm, or little 
world; applied to man. 

Micrografihia, description of objects 
discernible only by the micro- 

Micro-leuco-nymfihxa, leucO-nym- 
phxa, or frogbit. 

Micrometer, an universal spirit in 
nature ; a micrometer, or instru- 
ment applied to telescopes, to take 
the angular measure of remote 

Micronymphxa, nymphxa, or water 

Microjihthalmus, small eyed. 
. Microrc/iis, having small testicles. 

Micros, digitus minimus. 

Microscojieion, the microscope, or 
instrument to magnify small ob- 

Micros/ihyctos, ~) a person with a 

Microsfihyctus,} small pulse. 

Mictio, } micturition, or making wa- 

Mictus, ) ter. 

Migma, a confect, or mass of ingre- 

Mtgrana, corruption of Hemicrania; 
pain confined to one side of the 

Miliares glandule, sebaceous glands 
of the skin. 

Miliaria, } the miliary fever; 

Miliaris j'ebris, } a fever accompa- 
nied with an eruption like millet 

Miliaris benigna, } the mild miliary 
boia, 5 fever. 

M I M 

Miliaris Britantrica, miliary fever 
peculiar to Britain . 

Miliarii ctitica, miliary eruption 
terminating fever. 

Miliarii d> rmunica, the German 
miliary sickness. 

Miliaris lactea, miliary eruption with 
milk fever. 

Miliaris maligna, malignant miliary 

Miliaris nautica, the pestilential mi- 
liary ship fever. 

Miliaris fiucrfierarum, puerperal mi- 
liary fever. 

Miliaris fmrfiurata, purple miliary 

Miliaris recidivans, the remitting 
miliary fever. 

Miliaris scorbutica, miliary fever 
with symptoms of scurvy. 

Miiidris sudatoria.) the sweating mi- 
liary fever. 

Miliarium, a chymical alembic. 

Miliolum, tumour in the eyelid like 
millet seed. 

Militaris aizoides,"] the water aloe; 
her da, Vachillxa, or 

Mili folium, J yarrow ; mill- 


Milium, millet plant; a very white 
hard tubercle, in size and colour 
like a millet seed, seated under the 

Milium arundinaccum, lachryma 
Job), or Job's tear. 

Milium Indicum, Indian millet. 
soli's, lithospermum. 

Mittegrana major, rupturewort. 

Millcomorbia, knobby-rooted fig- 
wort ; water betony. 

Mitle/i'eda, } .... , , .. 

-.-■,,. , > mulipedes; wood lice. 
Millc/iedcs,} l 

Miljihosis, baldness of the eyebrows; 
increase of flesh in the corners of 
the eyes. 

Milios, red lead. 

Milvus, a kite. 

Milzadella, spotted archangel. 

Mimosa, the sensitive plant. 

JEgyptiaca, > the Egyptian 
nilotica, £ thorn, yield- 
ing gum Arabic. 


Mimosa catechu, ~> terra Japonica ; 
Ja/ionica, S a tree of the 
East Indies 

Mimosa Senegal, the tree yielding 
gum Senegal. 

Min<ta, gum anime. 

Minera, a mine. 

argenti cornea, horn silver 
ore, or luna cornea. 

Minera argenti grisea, grey silver 

Min <■ rale, any metal united to its 
ore, or calcined. 

Mincrale anodynunu sal prunella. 

o(, w/w, rock oil; petroleum. 

Minerafagia, mineralogy ; that part 
of natural history which relaies to 

Minima naturalia, atoms ; the last 
possible division of matter. 

Minium, red, or calcined lead ; cin- 
nabar of the ancients. 

Minium Grtxrorum, ) native cinna- 
purum, 5 har, mercury 
and sulphur. 

Minoratio, a diminution, or reduc- 

Minorativa, lesser or weaker pur- 

Minuta, a species of fever with ex- 
treme debility. 

Minuthesis, a diminution, or reduc- 

Mirabilis, an epithet applied to se- 
veral drugs, as 

Mirabilis Peruviana, common jalap. 

Miraculum chemicum, common mag- 

Misant/iro/iia, a love of solitude. 

Misanthro/ios, a misanthrope, or 
man hater. 

Misce, ~) at the end of a prescription, 

M. \ means, " Let the above in- 
gredients be compounded accord- 
ing to the rules of pharmacy." 

Miserere mei, inflammation of the 
intestines, or ileus; colic where 
the pain is most exquisite. 

Miso-chymicus, enemies to chymists 
and their conceits 

Misfiickle, an arsenical ore of iron. 

Mistio, } . t 

^ S ^rfl,5 ammn S' ormlxture - 


Misu Dioscorodis, misy ; a metallic 
substance of Hungary resembling 

Mitella, a suspensive bandage for 
the arm. 

Mithridatium, ) mithridate ; confec- 

Mithridatum, ^ tion of Damocra- 
tes; Venice treacle. 

Mit.rales valvules, the mitral valves 
of the heart between the left au- 
ricle and ventricle. 

Miva, marmalade. 

cydoniorum, marmalade, of 

Mixofiyus, urine mixed with pus. 

Mixtio, ) a mixing, or mixture ; 

Mixtura, $ a compound or assem- 
blage of several different bodies 
in the same mass. 

Mnium, a species of moss. 

Mobilitas, mobility, or power of 
motion inherent in certain parts 
of the living body, particularly 
the muscular fibre. 

Moc/ilia, reduction of fractured, dis- 
located, or deformed bones. 

Mochlica, violent purges. 

Mochlos, a liver. 

Modcrni, moderns ; Motherby says, 
the day on which Constantinople 
was taken by Mahomet the great 
may be called the birthday of 
learning to the western parts of 
Europe, from the number of learn- 
ed Greeks who on that occasion 
retired to Italy. This day was 
May 27, 1453. All before this 
are ancient ; all since, moderns. 

Modiolus, a circular trepan ; the 
nucleus of the cochlea of the ear. 

Modira canirarn, the snake wood of 

Mogilalia, difficult articulation, or 

Mokel, a resinous gum ; bdellium. 

Mola, the knee pan ; a mole, or false 
conception ; a cake ; the jaws ; 
dentes molares. 

Molago codi, black pepper. 

Molares dentes, the grinding, or 
large teeth. 

Molares glandula, glands in the 

M O N 

Moldavica, Turkey balsam ; Canary 
balsam ; balsam of Ciilead. 

Molecule, molecules, or little masses 
of matter formed by the attraction 
of cohesion. 

Molle, Indian mastich. 

Mollification palsied muscles. 

Mollifies ossium, malacostion, or a 
softness of the bones. 

Mollugo, bastard medlar ; a species 
of goose grass. 

Molops, a purple spot under the 

Molva, the cod fish. 

Moly, herb moly of Homer, or Theo- 

Moly Alpinum, herb spotted ram- 

Molybdana, a mineral resembling 
lead ore ; black lead ; persicaria. 

Molybdas, molybdat ; the name in 
the new chymistry of every com- 
pound of the acid of molybden. 

Molybdia, a genus of crystals of a 
cubic form, or like a die. 

Molybditis, molybdxna. 

Molybdoidcs, of a lead colour. 

Molybdos, lead. 

Molyn&is, miasma. 

Molyza, a head of garlic. 

Momentum, impetus, or quantity of 
motion in a moving body. 

Momin, the toddv tree of Hispanio- 

Momiscus, that part of the molar 
teeth connected to the gums ; 
dentes molares. 

Momordica, the male balsam apple. 
elaip-ium, purging ela- 
terium, or squirting cucumber. 

Monadel/i/iia, Linnxus's 16th class. 

Monagynia, an order of plants hav- 
ing only one pointal. 

Monandria, Linnxus's 1st class of 

Monangia, plants with their seeds in 
a single cell. 

Monbin, the hog plum tree. 

Moneres, melancholy patients. 

Monocero.i, the unicorn ; a fossil 
horny-like substance. 

Monocotyledon, a plant whose seeds 
have only one lobe. 


Monococcoa Gcrmanica,s\>c\t wheat. 

\Ionocolon, the intestine called cae- 

Mjtwculum, the cactim. 

Monoculus, one-eyed; a bandage 
for the eyes 

Monacia, Linnxus's 21st class. 

IMonogamui, an order of Linnxus's 
19th class. 

Wonogynia, an order of plants hav- 
ing only cue pistil, or pointai. 

Monoheipiera, u disease of one day's 

Monotnachon, the ccccum, or blind 
head of the colon. 

Monofuigic £ 
Monofiegia, 5 

a local head-ach. 

Mqnofietalus, a flower with one pe- 

Monofihyllon, the herb one blade. 

Monojiia, ~> having eyes unequal in 

Mono/i':, 5 size, or only one eye. 

Mo&ofit/talmus, one-eyed ; a bandage 
for the eyes. 

Monorchia, } having only one tcsti- 

Mbnorchus, ) cle ; a ridgill. 

Monosjicrnudthzu, a species of nial- 

Mans, a mountain. 

■veneris, the prominence on 
the ossa pubis of females. 

Monstrosilas, } an unnatural, or 

Mo-nutria::, 3 monstrous forma- 

Mont a patina, the sago tree. 

Montia, a plant of New Spain. 

Morbi antinni, chronic diseases. 
archigeni, acute diseases. 
cagastrici, contagious dis- 

Morbi organic!, local, or organic 

Morbidua, tending to a diseased 

Morbilli, the measles; rubeola. 

anomali, measles irregular 
in their symptoms. 

Morbilli regularea, regular mea- 

Morbillosa febrU, the measles., morbillous ; of or be- 
longing to the measles. 

Morbus, a disease; a total or partial 

m o u 

affection of the vital or animal 
functions, or of both ; with an 
alteration in the properties of the 
solids or fluids, or of both, either 
partial or, universal. 
Morbus ater, any severe disease. 

alienatus, an imported dis- 
Morbus a/i hr o di si a c us, lues venerea. 
arena! u.s, ~) icterus; 

arquatus Jlavus, 3 jaundice. 
articularis, gout. 
attonitus, epilepsy. 
auriginosue, icterus. 
caducus, the epilepsy. 
call) the plague. 
comitialis, ti,e epilepsy. 
cor anus-, the hip abscess, or 
Morbus dissolutus, the dysentery. 
elephanti, elephantiasis. 
eligii, a fistula. 
Gallicus, ~) the venereal 
Hisfianicus, § disease. 
Morbus Hereuleus, epilepsy. 

Hungaricus, the sweating 
sickness of Hungary. 
Morbus fiyfiocAondriacuS) hypochon- 
Morbus Indicus, lues venerea. 
infantili j, epilepsy. 
uitcrlunius, ~) epi- 

magnus, 5 lep- 
Morbus inter/iolalus, disease irregu- 
lar in its attack. 

Morbus ischiacus, ) . . 

. , . ,. > sciatica. 
tsc/nadicus, ^ 

lateralis, the pleurisy. 
lazari, elephantiasis ; le- 
.Morbus lectuulis, any disease confin- 
ing to bed. 
Morbus leseoli, leseolus ; icterus. 

Neupolituiius, lues vene- 
Morbus niger, melxna; a vomiting 

of grumous blood. 
Morbus fiulicaris, a disease with 

purple spots. 
Morbus regius, icterus. 

sacer, the epilepsy. 


Morbus strangulatorius, > 

truculentus infantum, 3 
the croup of children. 

Mordthi, a disease of the stomach. 

Mordella, a night gnat. 

Mordexyn, a species of cholera 

Moreius, a decoction of mulberries. 

Morhua, the cod fish. 

Maria, idiotism ; fatuity. 

Morillc, a mushroom. 

Moringa, a tree of Malabar. 

Mora, a mulberry -like tumour or 

Morochthus, French chalk; a stone 
used to clean linen. 

Morosis, a species of fatuity, or idi- 

Morositates, diseases attended with 
much peevishness and melan- 

Morosus, morose, peevish, fretful. 

Mor/i/iaa, ) scurf, or morphew 

alba, 5 of the skin ; tetter. 

Mor/iiones, crab lice of the pudenda, 

eyelids, &c. 

Morsellus,"} , . 

,,, , > a lozenge; a morsel. 
Morsulus, 3 

Morsura, the bite of any venomous 

Morsus, the bite of an animal ; any 
kind of biting or gnawing pain. 

Morsus diaboli, the fimbriated ex- 
tremity of the fallopian tube of 
the womb ; scabiosa succisa. 

Moreus galling, chickweed and 
mouse ear. 

Morsus rang, the herb frogbit. 

Morta, pemphigus. 

Mortariolum, a chy r mical mould for 
cupels ; the socket of a tooth. 
rium, a mortar. 

Mortiferus, any thing foreboding 
death, as the facies Hippocratica. 

Moriijicatio, mortification, or spha- 

Mortua terra, caput mortuum. 

Mortus, the pemphigus, or vesicu- 
lar fever. 

Morum, a tumour resembling a mul- 

Morus, the mulberry tree. 

the best cinnamon. 


Morxi, a pestilential disease of the 

Mosa, a species of poultice. 

Mosch, some small vessels of the 

MosclwAceum, an aromatic oil and 

Most hat ellina, a small plant with a 
musk smell. 

Moschus, musk. 

Arabu?n, Egyptian musk 

Moschus artijicialis, artificial musk, 
a medicine lately introduced in:o 
practice, as an efficacious anti- 

Mosc/ius moschiferus,\\\t musk ani- 

Mosquitte, bites of musquitoes ; a 
cutaneous disease excited by sweat- 

Mcsyleticus blastus, a species of cas- 



Mota, the chestnut tree 

Motacilla, the wagtail. 

Motores oculorum, the third pair of 

Motores oculorum externi, the sixth 
pair of nerves. 

Motorii, spasmodic diseases ; the 
third pair of nerves. 

Motos, a pledget of lint. 

Motus, mutation, or change of place. 
animalis, animal motion. 

Moul-elavou, a species of cotton 

Moul-ila, the Indian lemon tree. 

Moullava, a pod-bearing Indian 

Moitrouve, a plum tree. 

Moxa, the down of mugwort of Chi- 

Mucago, mucilage. 

Mucharum, syrup of roses. 

Mucifluxus activus, gonorrhoea. 
fiassivus, gleet. 

Mucilago, mucilage ; any viscid gum 
mixed with warm water ; synovia. 

Mucilago gummi Arabici, gum Ara- 
bic mixed with water. 


Mucilago gummi tragacantha, gum 
tragacanth mixed with water. 

Mucilago aeminum cydoniorum, mu- 
cilage of quince seeds. 

Mucilaginoaa Hgamenta, the capsu- 
lar ligaments ot the joints. 

Mucocarneusy a tumour containing 

Mucor, mould, or mouldiness; a ge- 
nus of plants ot the order of fun- 

Mucosa bursa, bags containing mu- 
cus to facilitate the motions of the 

Mucosa glandules, mucous glands, 
as of the nose, urethra, stomach, 
bladder, &c 

Mucosum ligamentum, a ligament 
placed between each vertebra. 

Mucro, any sharp point ; a spear. 
cordis, the apex of the heart. 

Mucronata cartilago, ~) the ensiform 

Mucronatum os, ^ cartilage of 

the chest. 

Mucuna guacu, the kidney bean of 

Mucus, a slimy matter covering 
most membranes of the body. 

Mugilis, the mullet fish. 

Mugitus, the inarticulate sound of 
voice in apoplexy. 

Mugo, the mountain pine. 

Mulx, small pustules on the skin. 

Mulitbria, the external organs of 
generation in woman. 

Mulier, a woman. 

Mulieratus, one having the testes 
within the abdomen. 

Mulla, a species of jessamine. 

Mulomedicina, farriery. 

Mulsum, honey and water; hydro- 
mel ; wine sweetened with ho- 

Multicafisulares /ilanta, plants with 
numerous pods. 

Multifidus, divided into many seg- 

Multifidus spina, the transversalis 
muscle of the back. 

Multiflorus, having many flowers. 

Multiforme os, cubiforme os. 

Multilocularis, having many cells. 


Multifiartitus, consisting of many 

Multifieda, wood lice, or millepedes ; 

Multhiliqua plant*, plants with nu- 
merous pods. 

Mulus, a mule ; a mullet. 

Mumia, mummy, or embalmed bo- 
dy ; bitumen. 

Mumiu ilrmentorum, a balsam of 

Mumia medulla, the marrow. 
trans marina, manna. 

Mundicadva, "J , • , . 

., ... .' I cleansing, or deter- 
Mund; pcantia, V j. . 

■s/r ,■£ .• f cent medicines. 
Mundijicativa, J ° 

Mundijicativum Paracclsi, compo- 
sition of mercury, turpentine, Sec. 

Mundy-guacu, the Barbadoes nut. 

Muntingiu, a plant of Jamaica. 

Muoides, a muscle of the lower jaw ; 

Murana, the lamprey. 

Muralis, pellitory of the wall. 

Muraria, white maiden hair. 

Mured, a tree yielding purging ber- 
ries in Brasil. 

Murex, the purple fish. 

Maria, brine. 

Murias, muriat ; the name in the 
new chymistry of every compound 
of the muriatic acid. 

Murias ammonite, muriat of am- 
monia, or sal ammoniac. 

Murias argenti, muriat of silver; 
luna cornea. 

Murias auri, muriat of gold. 

baryta, muriat of barytes, or 
heavy spar ; terra ponderosa salita. 

Murias calcis, muriat of lime; calx 

Murias cujiri, muriat of copper. 

ferri, muriat of iron ; oleum 
martis per deliquium. 

Murias hydrargyri ammoniacalis, 
muriat of mercury and ammo- 
niac ; white precipitate. 

Murias hydrargyri, } 

corrosivus, y 
muriat of mercury ; corrosive sub- 

Murias hydrargyri dulcis, > 

sublimatus, 3 



mild muriat of mercury subli* 
mated; calomel. 

Murias magnesia, muriat of mag- 

Murias filatini, muriat of platina. 
filumbi, muriat of lead. 
fiotassa, muriat of potash ; 
sal digestivus ; sal febrifugus syl- 
vii ; alkali vegetabile salitum. 

J^urias fiotassa oxygenatus, oxyge- 
nated muriat of potash. 

Murias soda, muriat of soda, or 
common salt ; alkali minerale sa- 
litum ; sal commune ; sal culina- 
ris ; sal fontium ; sal gemma: ; sal 
marinus ; natron muriatum ; soda 

Murias soda oxygenatus, oxygenat* 
ed muriat of soda. 

Murias stanni, muriat of tin. 

muriat or butter of antimony. 

Murias zinci, muriat of zinc. 

Muriaticus, muriatic ; briny. 

Murucuia, species of passion flower. 

Musa, 1 the plantain 

fiaradisiaca, ^ tree. 
safiientum, the banana tree. 

Musadi, sal ammoniac. 

Musam, the cassada of the West 

Musca Hisfianica, ~) Spanish flies, 

Musca Hisfianica, 5 or cantharides. 

Muscari, bulbus vomitorius. 

Muscariosus, a species of agaric. 

Muscifiula, catchfly plant ; lychnis. 
firatensis, meadow be- 

Musco fungo, species of lichen, or 

Muscosa glandula, conglobate 

Muscularis arteria, artery running 
on the shoulder blade. 

Muscularis -vena, a vein running on 
the muscles of the scapula. 

Musculi obliqui sufierioret nervi, the 
fourth pair of nerves. 

Musculi circumagentes. See Obli- 

Musculi colli inter sfiinales, muscles 
of the spine. 

intervertebrals, 3 c ' es °f 

> 5 


Rlusculi incisorii laterales, canini 

Musculi intercostales, muscles unit- 
ing and moving the ribs. 
Musculi interossei, muscles of the 

hands and feet. 
Musculi intertransver sales, £ mus- 

the spine. 
Musculo cutaneus nervus, a nerve of 

the neck. 
Musculorum communis membrana, 

an imagined membrane peculiar 

to muscles. 
Musculosa, musculorum communis 

Musculosi, inflammatory muscular 

Musculus, a muscle; 44S in the 

Muscus, moss. 

arbor eus, lichen plicatus, or 

hairy tree moss. 
Muscus clavatus, club moss. 
cranii humani, usnea. 
maritimus, corallina. 
jiulmonarius, oak lungs, and 

Muscus pixidatus, cup moss. 
Museum, a repository for things 

having an immediate relation to 

the arts. 
Musia pattra, mugwort of China. 
Mussalis, mercury. 
Mustela, the weasel. 
Mustelanei, foetusses with dislocated 

Mustum, must, or sweet wine. 
Mustus, the white residuum of wine ; 

new wine ; whatever is young. 
Mutellina, mountain, or German 

Muiilatio, the want of any member. 
Mutitas, dumbness, or want of arti- 
Mutitas atonica, dumbness from 

palsied nerves. 
Mutitas elinguium, dumbness from 

want of tongue. 
Mutitas a glossocele, dumbness from 

a swelling of the tongue. 
Mutitas a narcoticis, dumbness from 

the use of soporific drugs. 


Mutitas organica, dumbness from 

want of tongue. 
Mutitas a siccitate, dumbness from 

morbid dryness of the mouth. 
Mutitas sfiasmodica, dumbness from 

Mutitas sur4orum, dumbness from 

Mutitas traumatica, dumbness from 

wounds, or injury. 
Muza, the plantain tree ; musa. 
Myacantha, butcher's broom. 
Myagrium, a plant having the qua- 
lities of wild mustard. 
Myagro, wild mustard. 
Myagrum, myagrium. 
Myarta, mucus ; a species of jujube 

Myce, winking ; a fungus ; an ob- 
Mychthismos, laborious respiration 

with sighing. 
Myionoides, an ulcer with mucus. 
Mycter, the nose. 
Mycteres, the nostrils. 
Mydesis, ulceration of the eyelids 

from much discharge. 
Mydon, fungus in an ulcer. 
Mydosan, mortificatio. 
Mydriasis, amaurosis ; morbidly di- 
lated pupil. 
Myelos, the marrow. 
Mygale, the rat. 

Mylacris, the knee pan, or patella. 
Myle, the knee pan ; a mole in the 

Mylo-glossi, small muscles of the 

Mylo hyoides, muscles of the os by- 

Mylo pharyngxi, muscles of the 

Mylon, staphyloma. 
Mylos, mulus ; a mule, or mullet. 
Myocefihalon, ~) a tumour in the eye 
Myocefihalum, 3 like the head of a fly. 
Myocoilitis, inflammation of the 

muscles of the belly. 
Myodesopsia, morbid appearance of 

flies ; black spots, &c. before the 

Myoides platisma, a muscle of the 

lower jaw. 


Myologia, myology, or the doctrine 

of formation and use of muscles. 
Myopia, > short-sightedness ; pur- 
Myo/iiasis, $ blind. 
My ops, a short-sighted person. 
Myoreshalon, growth of the external 

coat of the eye, so as to destroy 

Myosis, a morbid contraction of the 

Myositis, rheumatism. 
Myosotis, mouse-eared chickweed. 
Myosuros, > heA moU8etail> 
Myosurus, } 

Myotomia, dissection of muscles. 
Mypoun, tincal. 
Myrepsica glans, the ben nut ; my- 

robalans, or purging Indian plums. 
Myrepsicum oleum, oil of ben nut. 
Myrica, a species of the tamarisk 

tree ; candle berry myrtle. 
Myrica gale, Dutch myrtle. 

ynnga, / ^ (j rum f the ear. 

Myrinx, 3 

Myriophyllon, \ water fennel ;mille- 

Myriophyllum, 5 foil. 

Myristica aromatica,! ^ 

moschata, } ° 

nux, the nutmeg. 

Myrmecia, a species of wart. 

Myrmecites, a stone with the figure 
of an ant on it. 

Myrmecium, a spider ; a black wart. 

Myrmecoleon, a small animal de- 
vouring ants. 

Myrmex, the emmet, or ant. 

Myrobalani, myrobalans; purging 
Indian plums. 

Myrobalani bellerici, Arabian purg- 
ing plums. 

Myrobalanos z „, w> „_ * the gum 



Myrocopum, an unguent. 
Myron, any medicated oil, or lini 

Myrophyllon, water fennel. 

yroxy on, ( balsam f p eru . 
Myroxxjlum, 3 


Myroxylon Peruiferum, the tree 
yielding it. 

Myrrha, myrrh ; gum anime. 

Myrrhx elixir com/iositum, com- 
pound tincture of savin. 

Myrrha oleum, oil of myrrh. 

fiulvis, powder of myrrh. 
tinctura, tincture of myrrh. 

Myrrhine, the common myrtle. 

Myrrhis, sweet cicely. 

annua, the Cretan carrot. 
sylvestris, bastard par- 

Myrrhites, a stone of the colour of 

Myrsinelxum, oil of myrtle. 

Myrtacantha, butcher's broom. 

Myrtidanon, ? an astringent excres- 

Myrtidanum, } cence on the myrtle 

Myrtilla, the myrtle. 

Myrtites, wine impregnated with 

My rtocheilides, the female nymphx. 

Myrton, } the clitoris of the fe- 

Myrtum, 3 male. 

Myrtus, the myrtle. 

Brabantica, Dutch myrtle. 
communis Italica, common 

Myrtus Jamaicensis, Jamaica pep- 
per tree. 

Mysis, an obstruction. 

Mystax, the upper lip ; a musta- 

Mysticetus, a species of whale. 

Mystus Jluviatilis, the barbel fish. 

Mytilus, the mussel fish. 

Myttotum, a dish of garlic, onions, 
and cheese. 

Myurus, a sinking pulse. 

Myxa, mucus; species of jujube 

Myxaria, a moss. 

Myxorh&a, a great discharge of mu- 

Myxosarcoma, a species of tu- 

Myxotcr, the nose, or nostril. 




Af or No. in prescriptions, a con- 
traction for Numero, in num- 

Nabia, the jujube fruit. 

Nabit, powdered candy. 

Nacta, abscess of the female breast. 

Naducem, a uterine coagulunv, or 

Navus, } mole, or mark on 

Ncevi materni, $ children, supposed 
to arise from the imagination of 
the mother. 

Nagatn, a pod-bearing eastern tree. 

Nai corona, cowhage. 

Nakir, wandering pains in the limbs. 

Nalugn, a tree of Malabar. 

Nana. ~) ., , 

^va^,r hepineapple ; 

Nandi-ervatum, a milky Indian 

Nandia, the Indian thorn. 

^caj S P ecieS0f J U J ube - 

Napellus, wolfsbane; monk's hood. 

Napha, orange flower. 

Naphtha, \ petroleum ; mineral oil ; 

Napta, ) species of amber. 

Naphtha vitrioli, vitriolic ether. 

Napifolia, bore cole. 

Napium, dog's cress. 

Napus, the plant navew, or rape. 

Napy, mustard. 

Narcaphthon, an aromatic confect. 

JVarce, torpor, or stupefaction, either 
natural or from disease. 

Narcissitas, a stone of a yellow co- 

Narcisso-colchician, a beautiful spe- 
cies of narcissus. 

Narcissus, the narcissus, or daffo- 

Narcissus lutceus sylvestris, the wild 

Narcissus pallidus circulo lutao, 
common pale daffodil. 

Narcosis, stupefaction ; numbness. I 

Narcotica, narcotics ; medicines pro- 
ducing stupefaction. 

Nardostachys, spikenard. 

Nardus Celtica, Valeriana Celtica, or 
Celtic spikenard. 

Nardus Indica, Indian spikenard. 
Italica, broad-leaved laven- 
der, or lavendula latifolia. 

Nardus montana, ~\ ., . 

rustica, l^Xcca 01 ' 
sylvestris, J 
Naregam, Indian epithet for the le- 
mon tree. 
Nares, the nostrils. 
Narifusoria, medicines dropped into 

the nostrils. 
Narta, a plant used in ointments. 

Nartheria, ~) , . , r r . 
., ., ' 5- a kind of iennel. 
Narthex, } 

Narueth, orpiment ; a fossil sub- 

Nasale, } any errhine, or sneezing 

Nasalia, $ medicine. 

Nasalis, a muscle which dilates the 

Nasalis arteria,ihe artery of the nose. 
processus, the projection 
formed by the upper maxillary 
and frontal bones. 

Nascale, a wool, or cotton pessary. 

NascapJitho?i, ~) the cascarilla bark ;, 

Nascaphthum, 3 an aromatic confect. 

Nasda, a petrol, or species of amber. 

Nasi ossa, the bones of the nose. 

A'asitas, speaking through the nose. 

Naso palatini ductus, two ducts in 
the palate bone. 

Nastos, } . . 

Ah,^,s thewalkin ^ cane - 

Nasturtium, nasturtium, or cress. 
aquaticum, common 
water cress, or becabunga. 
Nasturtium hortense, garden cress. 
Indicum, } Indian 
P eruvianum,} cress, or 
yellow larkspur. 


Nasus, the nose. 

Nut a, a species of wen with slender 
p. ndent neck. 

Nata t, natron. 

Natatio, swimming. 

Nates, the buttocks; two prominen- 
ces in the brain. 

Nativitas, nativity ; birth. 

Natrix torquata, a species of snake. 

Natron, £ mineral fixed alkali; so- 

Nutrumj ^ da. 

Natron muriatum, murias sodx. 

preparatum, purified fixed 
alkali; sal sodx ; carbonas sodx. 

Natron tartarizatum, Rochelle salt. 
vitriolatum, Glauber's salt. 

Natsiatam, the cocculus, or Indian 

Natta, nata. 

Natulce, the two prominences in the 
brain, called also Nates. 

A r atura, nature ; that operation 
which is supposed to cure diseas- 
es without medicine. 

Naturales funcliones, natural func- 
tions; action of the viscera in di- 
gesting, retaining, absorbing, ex- 
creting, Sec. 

Natitralia, the parts of generation. 

Nausea, ~] 

Nausiosus, y sickness; loathing. 

Nuutia, J 

Nauticus, tibialis posticus; a muscle 
of the leg exerted in climbing ; a 

Nautilus, a shell fish. 

Navicular*, > the scaphoid bone of 

Naviforme, 3 the wrist. 

Navigatio, sailing, as a remedy or 

Neapolitanus morbus, the lues, or 
venereal disease. 

Nebi-pouli, the Indian apple, or bi- 

Nebula, a cloud, or speck on the 

Necessarix res, the nonnaturals. 

Necrosis, mortification; dry gan- 

Necrosis osiilaginea, a painful con- 
vulsive contraction of the limbs. 

Nectar, wine njade of honey. 


Nectarium, the part of a flower con- 
taining honey. 

Ncclum schetti, an eastern berry- 
bearing tree. 

Nedtjia, the bowels. 

Nedys, the belly. 

Ncdyusa, violent thirst. 

Nefrendes, infants and old people 
that are toothless. 

Neixra, the lower part of the belly. 

Neiem el-salib, Egyptian cock's foot 

Nelumbo, the Egyptian bean. 

Nemorosa, a species of anemone. 

Nenufar, the great white water lily. 

Neogala, new milk. 

Ne.ophyti, new plants. 

Nepa, a crab; a scorpion; a species 
of broom. 

Nefia theophrasti, a species of 

Nepalnocheteli, the cochineal tree. 

Nepenthes, bandura; a plant of Cey- 
lon yielding a cooling liquid; 
bugloss; a preparation of opi- 

Ncfieta, mentha cataria. 

Nfpetella, lesser catmint. 

Nephela, a spot on the eye. 

Nepfieloidcs, cloudy urine. 

Nephralgia, pain in the kidneys with- 
out fever. 

Nephralgia calculosa, pain from 
stone in the kidneys. 

Nephralgia rheumatica, the lumba- 
go, or pain in the loins. 

Nephrelmintica ischuria, suppres- 
sion of urine from worms. 

Nephritica, medicines for diseases 
of the kidneys. 

Nephritica aqua, spirituous distilla- 
tion of nutmeg and haw-thorn 

Nephriticum lignum, American ne- 
phritic wood. 

Ncphriticus, nephritic ; of the kkl- 

Ncphriticus dolor, the stone. 

Nephritis, inflammation of the kid- 

Nephritis calculosa, inflammation of 
the kidnevs from gravel or atone. 


Xejihricis vera, the true inflamma- 
tion of the kidneys. 

Nephrolitica ischuria, suppression oi 
urine from stone in the kidneys. 

Nefihromctra, the psox muscles. 

Nefihrofilethorica ischuria, ~) sup- 

Nthhrofdethoricus, } V rcs ~ 

• ion of urine from plethora. 

Nefihrosfiastica, suppression of urine 
from spasm in the kidneys. 

JVefehrothromboides, suppressed u- 
rine from grumous blood in the 

Nijihrojiyica, suppressed urine from 
matter in the kidneys. 

Nc/ihrophlegmatica, suppressed u- 
rine from mucus in the kidneys. 

Ne/ihro/degica, suppressed urine 
from palsy of the kidneys. 

Nefihros, the kidney. 

Nephrotomia, nephrotomy ; extract- 
ing a stone from a kidney by an 

Nepones, small worms. 

Nerantia, oranges. 

Ncrion, ~) plant rose.-bay of the 

Nerium, $ coast. 

Nerita, a shell fish. 

Neroli oleum, essential oil of orange 

Neroniuna, repeated bleeding. 

Nervalia ossa, the sinciput. 

Ncrvca, spongiosa, the cavernous 
part of the penis. 

jYervi innominati, intercostales ; the 
fifth pair of nerves 

Nervina, nervines, neurotics, medi- 
cines that relieve disorders of the 

Nervorum resolutio, a speciesof apo- 
plexy, or palsy. 

Nervosa febris, a nervous fever. 

Nervus, a sinew; a nerve ; an organ 
of sensation. Heister has given 
the uses of the nerves in the fol- 
lowing lines: 

Olfaciens, cernens, oculosque movens, pa- 

Gustans, abducens, audiensque vagansque, 


A'csi.j, an accumulation of humours. 
Ncstia, abstinence. 


Nestis, the intestine called jeju- 

Neurochondrodes, a substance form- 
ed of cartilage and ligaments. 

Neurodes, nervous. 

Neurologia, doctrine of the struc- 
ture, distribution, and use of the 

Neurometeres, the psox muscles. 

Neuron, a nerve. 

Neuroses, nervous diseases. 

Neurotica, nervous medicines. 

Neurotomia, the dissection of a 

Neurotrotos, one having a wounded 

Neuter, neither ; neutral ; a neutral 

Neutha, that part of the foetal mem- 
brant which comes away with the 

Neutralis, a salt in which neither 
acid nor alkali predominate. 

Nexus, a joining together. 

Nhambi Brasiliensis, a mustard-like 
plant of Brasil. 

Nhambuguacu, the spurge plant. 

Nhandu, a fruit of Brasil resembling 

Niccolum, nickel ; a semi-metal. 

Nickel, a semi-metal. 

Nicon, hellebore. 

Nico/ihorus, a kind of ivy. 

Nicotiana, tobacco. 

Americana, American to- 

Nicotiana minor, yellow henbane; 
English tobacco. 

Nictitans membrana, the winking 
membrane ; a thin membrane of 
the eyes of several animals. 

Nidor, the smell of burnt animal 

Nidorosus, nidorous; having the 
smell of burnt animal matter. 

Nidus, a nest; the seat of a dis- 

Nienghala, the superb lily. 

Nigclla, fennel flower, or devil in a 

Yigclla arvensis, wild fennel Mower. 
Cretica folio funiculi, a spe- 
cies of fennel. 


Nigella Romana, fennel flower. 

Nigellaatrum, cockle, or corn cam 

Nigra vitis, the black vine. 

fabrilis, black lead ; plumba- 

Nigrites ossium, a caries, or decayed 
state of the bones. 

Niguas, worms getting under the 
toes in hot countries. 

Nihil album, zincum calcinatum. 

Nil, indigo, 

Nila hummatu, a tree of Malabar. 

Nilent siunda, common nightshade 

Nilica-maram, a kind of Indian 

Nilium, a dark topaz. 

Nimbx acostx, azedarach ; an ash- 
like tree of Ceylon. 


Ninzen, i- species of the ginseng. 

Ninzin, J 

Nirles, the measles ; a Scotch term. 

Niruala, a tree of Malabar. 

Niruri, an Indian berry-bearing 

Nisi, a species of ginseng. 

Nissolia, crimson grass vetch. 

Nisus, the sparrow-hawk ; the incli- 
nation of one body towards ano- 

Nitedula, ~) ., , 

,v^ e // a ;5 the s lowworn, • 

Nitras, nitrat ; the name in the new 
chymistry of every compound of 
the nitric acid. 

Nitras argenti, ~) nitrat of sil- 

fusus, 5 ver, or lu 
nar caustic. 

Nitras hydrargyri, nitrat of mer- 

Nitras filumbi, nitrat of lead. 

fiotassa, nitrat of potash ; 

Nitras fiotassa fusus, sal prunella. 

Nitras soda, nitrat of soda, or cubic 

Nitriales, bodies reducible to calx. 

.Yitris, nitrite; the name in the new 
chymistry for every compound of 
the nitrous acid which contains 
less oxygen than the nitric acid 


Nitrum, nitre ; saltpetre ; a neutral 
salt formed by the union of nitrous 
acid and potash, or vegetable al- 
kali ; the natron of the ancients. 

Nitrum ammoniacale, composition of 
nitrous acid and volatile alkali. 

Nitrum antiquorum, natron, or fos- 
sil alkali. 

Nitrum artijiciale Hoffmanni, com- 
position of spirit of sal ammoniac 
and spirit of nitre. 

Nitrum calcarcum -verum, solution 
of lime in nitrous acid. 

Nitrum causticum, the residuum of 
the operation of martial regulus 
of antimony and nitre. 

Nitrum cubicum, a union of nitrous 
acid and the fossil alkali. 

Nitrum factitium, borax. 

Jixum, nitre deflagrated with 

Nitrum fiammans, composition of 
nitrous acid and volatile alkali. 

Nitrum nativum, borax. 

fiurificatum, purified nitre. 
stibiatum, crystals formed 
from the water used to wash calx 
of antimony. 

Nitrum vitriolatum, vitriolic acid 
and the basis of sea salt ; natron 

Nitrum volatile, composition of ni- 
trous acid and volatile alkali. 

Nix, snow. 

antimonialis, sublimed regulus 
of antimony. 

Nix fumans, quick lime. 

Nobilis valvula, a valve at the union 
of the inferior cava with the 

Nochetzli nojialti, ~) the cochineal 

Nocheznopatli, } plant. 

Noctambulatio, > walking when at 

Noctambulus, 3 sleep. 

Noctihcca, all bodies which shine in 
the dark. 

Noctiluca terrestris, the glow worm, 

Noctua, an owl. 

Noctuinas, grey eyed. 

Nocturni oculi, grey eyes. 

Noctumus, nightly ; applied to fe- 

, mormct; siciuy. 

'■ion. ") , ... 
' I an hospital, 
\ium, y 
,. [ maty. 

hium, j 

or infir- 


Nodosus, knotted ; a sort of suture. 

Nodulus, any thing tied up to im- 
merse in a liquor. 

Nudus; a node ; swelling, or hard 
bony excrescence ; ganglion. 

Noela'tali, the Indian barberry tree. 

Noli me tangere, touch me not; the 
male balsam apple ; an ulcer or 
cancer ; a species of herpes. 

Noma,} a malignant ulcer; a viru- 

Nome, 5 lent herpes. 

A'cmana, a fever returning every 
ninth day. 

.Yon-naturalia, the nonnaturals, such 
are diet, air, sleep, motion, ex- 
cretions, and the passions. 

NanUs humeri musculus jilacentini, 
the coracoid muscle of the arm. 

Nofiaiy ) the plant that 

Nofialnochetztli, ) feeds the cochi- 
neal insect. 

Noserusj morbid ; sickly. 




Nosologia, nosology ; a regular ar 
rangement and explanation, or de- 
finition of diseases. 

Noso/wietica, whatever things injure 

Nosos, a disease. 

Nostalgia, broken heart, national in- 
sanity ; disease from attachment 
to home ; a species of melancholy. 

Nostalgia com/ilicata, a longing af- 
ter home with real disease. 

Nostalgia simjilex, simple melan- 
choly from absence. 

Nostoch, a gelatinous substance 
found in fields after rain ; tre- 

Nostratibus lignum, fustick wood. 

Note materne, naevus. 

Not he coste, the false ribs. 

Nothrotes, torpor; lethargy- 

Nothus, spurious ; qounterfeit ; bas- 
tard ; the best part of the chest. 

Notieus, the spinal marrow. 

Notiodes, a colliquative wasting. 

Notts, humour; vapour. 

Not os, the back. 

Novacula, a razor; a fish. 


Nuba, brass ; an epithet for manna. 
Nubecula^ cloud in the urine; a 

speck on the eye. 
Nubecula susfiensa, cloud in the 

urine near the top. 
Nubes, clouds ; albugo, or specks on 

the eye. 
Nucamenta, calkins. 
Nuces gallx, common galls. 

jiurgan!.es, garden spurge. 
Nucha, the back, or nape of the 

Nuciositas, short sight. 
Nucifiersica, the nectarine. 
Nucista, nutmeg. 
Nucleus, a kernel. 
Nuctobasis, walking in sleep. 
Nucula terrestris, earth, or hawk 

Numenius, the curlew. 
Nummularia, herb two pence, or 

Nummularia rubra, yellow loose 

strife, or willow herb. 
Nuscitiosus, one who cannot see by 

night; hemeralops. 
Nutricatio, nutritio. 
Nutrimentum, nourishment. 
Nutritio, nutrition; nourishment; 

Nutritum unguentum, a composi- 
tion of litharge, vinegar, and oil. 
Nux, a nut. 

aromatica, the nutmeg. 
Barbadensis, pinhones Indici ; 

ricinus major. 

Nux basilica, juglans, or walnut. 

cathartica, garden spurge. 

euboica, juglans, or walnut. 

Indica, the cocoa nut. 

medica, the Maldivian nut. 

moschata. 7 ,, 

. ,. ' S- the nutmeg. 
myrtstica, } 

liersica, ~) • , , 

1 ' > mglans, or walnut. 

regia, 5 

sera/uonis, St. Ignatius's bean. 

Virginiana, mastich of Ligon 

and Virginian nut. 

Nux vomica, the vomic nut of the 

East Indies. 

Nux vomica minor Moluccana, snake 

wood of India. 


Nyctalopia, having good sight only 
by night; others explain it quite 
the reverse, in which it is now ge- 
nerally understood. 

Nycthemerua, of one day and night. 

Alycterinua, nocturnus. 

Nycteria, the bat. 

Nycticorax, a night raven. 

Nyctobasis, night walking. 

Nygmit, a puncture. 

Nyuipha, unripe amber; an old 
name for the clitoris. 

Nymphx, labia minora; parts of the 
female pudenda. 

Nym/ihtea, ~) the great water 

alba, 5 lily *> frogbit ; a tu- 
mour on the nytnphx. 

Nymphxu glandifera^ ~) the E- 

Indica, >gypti- 

Madrasfiasiana, J an, or 
Pontic bean. 


Nymphaa lotus, Egyptian lotus, 
lutea, yellow water lily. 

Nymphoides, a species of lily. 

Nymphomania, uterine furor, or fe- 
male libidinous propensity. 

Nymphomania fervor uteri, nym- 
phomania from uterine pleni- 

Nymphomania furibunda, nympho- 
mania with madness. 

Nymphomania pruriginosa, nym- 
phomania with itching about the 

Nymphomania salacitas, nympho- 
mania with madness. 

Nymphotomia, excision of the en- 
larged clitoris, or nymphac. 

Nystagmos, > a morbid winking 

Nystagmus, 3 with the eyes ; drow- 

NyxstSf a puncture. 


a num. 

"A<ca, "1 

sulura, [■ : 
sagit talis, J 1 

(~\B, a spirit, or dxmon. 

Obaccrhafis, exacerbation, or in- 
crease of disease.- 
Obauditus, partial deafness. 
Obcxcatio, a dimness of sight. 
Obconicus, (in botany) a conical nee 

ObcLvu, 1 the sagittal, or 

straight suture 
of the skull 
Obclchera, a chymical cucurbit. 
Obeliscothcca, dwarf American sun 

Obesitas, corpulency ; fatness. 
Obfuscatio, a dimness of sight. 
ObUsio, a hurl of any part. 
Oblates purgantes, purging cakes of 

flour, sugar, and purgatives. 
Oblhiatio, an anointing. 
Obliqui superiores, the pathetic, or 

fourth pair of nerves. 
Ob/ii/uus, oblique ; inclined; aslant; 

a name of several muscles. 
Obliquus ascrndens, a muscle of the 

fore part of the belly. 

2 1! 

Obliquus descende?is, ~) an external 
ex t emus, \ muscle of the 

Oblii/uus inferior, a rotator muscle 
of the head. 

Obliquus inferior oculi, a muscle of 
the eye. 

Obliquus major oculi, a rotator mus- 
cle of the eye. 

Obliquus minor, a muscle of the ver- 
tebra called atlas. 

Obliquus nasi, a muscle of the nose. 
palpebrarum, muscles of 
the eyelids. 

Obliquus superior, a muscle serving 
to bend the head. 

Obliquus superior oculi, a rotator 
muscle of the eye. 

Oblivio, oblivion, or forgetfulness. 

Oblongus, oblong, applied to a leaf. 

Obmutesccntia, dumbness. 

Obolus, nine grains weight; a half- 

Obovatus, egg-shaped. 

Obsidianum, glass of antimony, 


Obsidianus lapis, canal coal. 

Obsoniorum rhus, common sumach. 

Obsonium, food. 

Obstetricatio, T ^ ^ of midwife . 

Obstetrica ars, S. 

Obstetricium, J 

Obstetricus, obstetric, or belonging 

to midwifery. 
Obstetrix, a midwife. 
Obstipatio, costiveness. 

debilium, costiveness 
from debility. 
Obstipatio obstructorum, costiveness 

as a symptom of colic. 
Obstifiatio rigidorum, costiveness at 

tending hypochondriasis. 
Obstipitas, wry neck. 
Obstruction obstruction. 

alvi, costiveness. 
Obstruentia, medicines which close 

the ducts. 
Obstupefacientia, narcotics. 
Obstupefactio, stupefaction. 
Obtundentia, medicines lessening 

Obturator externus ~) rotator mus- 
internus, $ cles of the 
Obturator nervus, a branch of the 

crural nerve. 
Obturatrix arteria, a branch of the 

hypogastric artery. 
Obturatrix vena, a branch of the 

hypogastric vein. 
Obvolutus, (in botany) rolled up. 
Obvolventia, obtundentia. 
Occa, the spermaceti whale. 
Occidnitalis, occidental, or western. 
Oca'? 'alii arteria, the occipital ar- 
te')' ; a branch of the carotid. 
Occifii talis musculus, a muscle of the 

Occi/iitalis nervus, a branch of the 

tenth pair of nerves. 
Occi/ii talis post erior art ma, a branch 

of the vertebral artery. 
Occipitalis vnta, a branch of the up- 
per external jugular vein. 
Occipiis os, os basilare ; the occi- 
put, or hinder bone of the skull. 
Occipii o-f->ontalis, a muscle raising 

the eyebrows. 
Occifiut, the hinder part of the skull. 


Occultus, hidden ; applied to causes 
and diseases. 

Ochema, a vehicle, or thin fluid. 

Ochetcuma, the nostril. 

Ochetus, the outlet for urine, or fa- 

Ochrus, the scrotum. 

Ochlagogi, quacks; mountebanks; 

Ochra, ochre ; an ore of iron. 

nigra, black lead ; plumbago. 

Ochrea, the fore part of the tibia. 

Ochrus, a leguminous plant. 

Ochthodes, obstinate ulcers ; the cal- 
lous edges of ulcers. 

Ocimastrum, > wild white campion ; 

Ocymastrum, $ wild basil. 

Ocimum, ocymum ; wild basil. 

Ocoloxochitl, a flower spotted like a 

Ocra, a West Indian vegetable much 
employed in soups. 

Octana, a fever with eight days in- 

Octandria, Linnxus's 8th class of 

Octavus humeri, teres minor; a 
muscle of the shoulder. 

Oculares communes, nerves of the 

Oculares denies, the eye teeth. 

externi, nerves of the ex- 
ternal parts of the eyes. 

Ocularia, euphrasia, or herb eye- 

Ocularius, an oculist, or eye sur- 

Oculi, (in botany) gemmae, or buds. 
cancrorum, crab's eyes ; white 
round stones from the river cray 

Oculo musculares, } the 3d 

externi, $ pair of 

Oculus, the eye ; colliquamentum. 
bovinus, "J proptosis ; 

bubulus, >• enlarged eye 

elefihantinus, J from dis- 

Oculus bovis, the great daisy. 

Christie wild clary, or hormi- 
num sylvestre. 

Oculus genu, the patella, or knee pan. 


Oculus lachrymans, the epiphora, or 
watery eye. 

Oculus mundi, a species of opal. 

Ocymastrum, wild white campion ; 
wild basil ; a species of liverwort. 

Ocymastrum verrucarium, the en- 
chanter's nightshade. 

Ocymoides, red wild campion ; a 
species of liverwort. 

Ocymum, herb basil. 

ayuaticum, a species of 
water thistle. 

Ocymum caryo/ihyllatum, small, or 
bush basil. 

Ocymum citratum, ~) common, or ci- 
medium, $ tron basil. 
minimum, small, or bush 

Ocymum vulgarius, common, or ci- 
tron basil 

Odaxismoa, the pain of cutting teeth. 

Odium, hatred; a symptom in lu- 

Odm e, the smell. 

Odontagogum, a tooth instrument. 

Odontagra, gouty pain in the teeth ; 
a tooth drawing instrument. 

Odontalgia, tooth-ach. 

arthritica, gouty pain in 
the teeth. 

Odontalgia cariosa, tooth-ach from 
decay of the teeth. 

Odontalgia catarrhalis, tooth-ach 
from taking cold. 

Odontalgia gravidarum, tooth-ach 
while pregnant. 

Odontalgia hysterica, tooth-ach ac- 
companying hysterics. 

Odontalgia scorbutica, tooth-ach with 

Odontalgia sto?nac/iica, tooth-ach 
from acridity in the stomach. 

Odontalgica, remedies for tooth-ach. 

Odontiasis, dentition, or cutting 

Odontica, remedies for tooth-ach. 

Odontirrhcea, bleeding from the ex- 
traction of a tooth. 

Odontis, ) species of liverwort ; 

Odontitis, $ lychnis. 

Odontoglyphon, } instrument for 

Odontoglyjihum, \ cleaning the 


Odontoides, tooth-like; process of 

the second vertebra. 
Odontolithos, the tartar on the teeth. 
Odontofihyia, dentition, or cutting 

Odontotrimma, a dentifrice, or me- 
dicine to clean the teeth. 
Odor, a smell. 
Odorabilis, to be smelt. 
Odoramentum, any bark, or drug to 

perfume a sick chamber. 
Odorata violarea, sweet trefoil. 
Odoratus, perfumed ; the sense of 

Odori/era glandule, sebaceous 

glands of the pudenda, arm-pits, 


Odynema, 3 

Oca, the service tree. 

(Economia, economy ; the laws of 
nature ; the management of a sick 

(Economia animalis, the laws of the 
animal system, or conduct of na- 
ture in preserving animal bo- 

(Edema, serous tumour of the cellu- 
lar membrane without pain. 

(Edema crysipelatoides, serous swell- 
ing of the cellular membrane with 
erysipelatous inflammation. 

(Edema cedematodes, serous swelling 
of the cellular membrane ; cold 

(Edema lacteum, serous swelling of 
the leg after childbirth ; milk leg. 

(Ed anasarca, a species of (Edematous 
fleshy tumour. 

(Elnizinm, "J 

(Elsnichium, I milky parsley. 

(Elsnitium, J 

(Enantharia, sweet-scented oint- 

(Enanthc, ) the 

ch&rofihylli foliis, 3 vine 
flower ; hemlock dropwort ; dead 

(Enanthc aquatica, water dropwort. 

(Enarca, ashes of burnt vines. 

(Enas, a wild dove. 

(Enelxum, a mixture of oil and wine, 

(Enodes, vinous. 


(Enogala, mixture of wine and milk ; 
a syllabub. 

QSnogarum, a mixture of wine and 

(Enomu/icum, cider. 

(Enomeli, mead. 

(Enophtugia, inebriety. 

(Euoplia, the gi-eat jujube fruit of 

(Enosis, inebriety. 
(Enostagma, spirit of wine, or distil- 
led wine. 
(Eiiot herd) lysimachia; loose strife 
(Enus, wine. 

Andrius, generous wine, or 

wine from the island of Andros 
(Enus ant/iinos, wine impregnated 

with flowers. 
(Enus anthosmias, sweet-scented 

(Enus afiodaus, a decoction of wine 

and pine. 
(Enus afiezesmenus, wine impreg- 
nated with salt, garlic, milk, &c. 
(Enus deuterus, wine of the second 

(Enus diachcomenus, strained wines. 
gatactodes, mixture of wine 

and milk. 
(Enus malacus, } soft, thin, mild, or 
malthacus,) weak wine. 
mclichroos, wine and honey. 
anodes, strong wine. 
siraos, vegetables boiled with 

honey or sugar. 
(Enus straphidios leucos, raisin wine. 
tethalasmenos, wine and sea 

(Epa'a, the Malacca bean tree. 
(Eso/i/iagece arteria, the arteries of 

the oesophagus. 
(Esofihagteus, the muscle forming 

the sphincter oesophagi. 
(Esophagi mus, difficult swallowing 

from spasm. 
(Eaofi/mgos, ) the passage from the 
(Esophagus, 5 mouth to the stomach. 

'5- the gad fly. 
(Estrus, ) 

(Estrum, a black fly infesting cattle. 
veneris, the clitoris; vene- 
real orgasm. 

O L I 

(Estrtmania, uterine furor, or female 
libidinous propensity. 

(Est/fia, ""I 

(Esijpos, I the grease and dirt of 

(Esypum, [wool; neat 's-foot oil. 

(Esyfius, J 

Offa, offal, or fxces. 

alba Helmontii, a solid coagu- 
lum formed by mixing spirit of 
wine and urine. 

Officina, a shop. 

Officinalis such medicines as are 
kept ready for use in shops. 

Officinalia capitalia, capital officinals 
are mithridate, theriaca, dioscori- 
dum Paulina, and philonium. 

Offusiatio, blindness from palsy in 
the optic nerve; amaurosis. 

Olam/ii, an American gum resem- 
bling copal. 

Olcacatzan, the American China 

Old/ n'andia, a plant. 

Olea. ~) ,, ,. 

' , }■ the olive tree. 

Auropea, } 

emfiyrt umatica, oils having 

contracted a burnt smell or taste. 

Olea sylvestris, the jujube fruit of 


Oleamcn, a thin oily liniment. 

Oleander, the rose bay. 

Oleaster, the wild olive. 

Cafifiadocius,') the jujube 

Germanicus, $ fruit, of 1> 


Olecranon, ~) the elbow, or head ol 
Olecranum t \ the ulna. 
Oti • ne, the cubit, or fore arm. 
Oleosaccharum, oil triturated with 

Oleosus, oily. 
Olera, herbs for pottage. 
Oleum, oil. 

abictanum, Strasburgh tur- 
pentine of the pinus picea. 
Oleum JEgyptium, oleum ricini. 

album, simple oil 
of lilies. 
Oleum anisi, oil of aniseed. 

amygdalivum, oil of almonds. 
anethi, oil of fennel. 
animalc, an empyreumatk 


oil from distilled animal matter; 

oleum cornu cervi thrice distilled. 

Oh urn unthinum, oil impregnated 

with flowers. 
Oleum arsenici, caustic oil of arse- 
nic ; muriatic acid and arsenic. 
Oleum balaninum, oil of the ben nut. 
halsami. balm of Gilead. 
benzoini, oil of benjamin. 
Brilunnicum, British oil. 
buxi, oil of box wood. 
curfx, oil of the berry-bearing 
cedar ; cade oil. 
Oleum cuje/iuti, oil of grains of Pa- 
radise ; cajeput oil. 
Oleum cam/ihora, oil of camphor. 

camfihoratum, oil impregnat- 
ed with camphor. 
Oleum cananga, oil of the lime tree. 
car fiat hicum, a purer species 
of oil of turpentine. 
Oleum cedrinum, oil of the peel of 

Oleum cliainxmeli, ~) oil of cha- 
cham<emelinum, y momile ; 
chamomile flowers infused in and 
pressed with olive oil. 
Oleum cheirinum, oil of the yellow 

wall flower. 
Oleum cicinum Plinii, castor oil. 

cinnamomi, oil of cinnamon. 
cornu cervi, oleum, animale; 
oil of hartshorn. 
Oleum cerce, oil of wax. 

cofiainc com/iositum^ com- 
pound balsam of copaiva. 
Oleum dififielii, oil from distilled ani- 
mal matter. 
Oleum d/vinum, oil of bricks. 

emfiyreumaticum, empyreu- 
matic oil. 
Oleum esse n dale, the peculiar oil of 

any vegetable. 
Oleum essentialc absinthii, essential 

oil of wormwood. 
Oleum essentiale ancthi, essential oil 

of dill seed. L 

Oleum essentiale anisi, essential oil 

of aniseed. 
Oleum essentiale a urantiorum, essen- 
tial oil of oranges. 
Oleum essentiale caruiy essential oil 
of caraway. 


Oleum essentiale caryofi/iyllorum, es- 
sential oil of cloves. 

Oleum essentiale chamxmcli, essen- 
tial oil of chamomile. 

Oleum essentiale cinnamomi, essen- 
tial oil of cinnamon. 

Oleum essentiale cymini, essential oil 
of cumin seeds. 

Oleum essentiale fcmicidi, essential 
oil of fennel seed. 

Oleum esse?itiale junifieri, essential 
oil of juniper. 

Oleum essentiale lavenduhe, essen- 
tial oil of lavender. 

Oleum essentiale limonum, essential 
oil of lemons. 

Oleum essentiale maris, essential oil 
of mace. 

Oleum essentiale marjoranx, essen- 
tial oil of marjoram. 

Oleum essentiale menlha fii/ieriticlis, 
essential oil of peppermint. 

Oleum essentiale neroli, essential oil 
of orange flowers. 

Oleum essentiale nucis moschate, es- 
sential oil of nutmegs. 

Oleum essentiale origani, essential 
oil of origanum. 

Oleum essentiale fiifieris Jamaicen- 
sis, essential oil of Jamaica pep- 

Oleum essentiale fiulegii, essential 
oil of penny-royal. 

Oleum essentiale r/iodii, essential oil 
of rhodium. 

Oleum essentiale rorismarini, essen- 
tial oil of rosemary. 

Ok urn essentiale rude, essential oil 
of rue. 

OUum essentiale sabiine, essential oil 
of savine. 

Oleum essentiale sassafrasis, essen- 
tial oil of sassafras. 

Oleum essentiale terebinthiri£, essen- 
tial oil of turpentine. 

Oleum excestrense, stimulant herbs 
macerated in oil. 

Oleum febrifugum, a preparation of 

Oleum fixum, fixed oils or fat. 
fuliginis, oil of soot. 
gabianum, petroleum ru- 
brum . 


Oleum guaiaci, oil of guaiacum. 

hypericin oil of St. John's 
Oleum jasminum, oil of jessamy. 

jecoris aselli, cod's liver oil ; 
train oil. 
Oleum kerva, oleum ricini. 

lateritii, oil of brick, oroleum 
Oleum laurinum, oil of bay berries, 

or bays. 
Oleum liliorum, oil of lilies. 

lini seminum, oil of linseed. 
logaporum, oil of lizards. 
mucis, oil of mace. 
malabaihri, oil distilled from 
cinnamon leaves. 
Oleum martis per dcliquium, lixivi- 
um martis. 
Oleum e mucilagiuibus, oil of muci- 
Oleum myrepsicum, oil of the ben 

Oleum nucis ?noschatx, oil of nut- 
Oleum odoriferum, oil impregnated 

with odorous matters. 
Oleum olivarum, oil of olives. 

omphacinum, oil of unripe 
Oleum palnue, palm oil of Africa. 

partheniacum, oil of fever- 

Oleum petrolei Barbadennis, ~) oil of 
prtrx, 5 Bar- 

badoestar; rock oil. 
Oleum fi/iiljsofiliorum, oil imbibed 
by hot bricks, and drawn from 
them by the retort. 
Oleum racini, > oil of the West In- 
ricini, £ dian castor nut. 
ro.s<e, roses mixed with fat 
and exposed to the sun. 
Oleum sirfis, circulatum. 

sambucinum, oil of elder. 
sesaminum, oil of sesamum, 
or the purging grain. 
Oleum sinapio.s, oil of mustard seed. 
spica, oil of lavender. 
tuccini, oil of amber. 
sulphur a turn, ) oil, or simple 
sulphur is, $ balsam of sul-i 

O M A 

Oleum susinum, oleum -&gyptium 

Oleum templinum verum, a kind of 

oil of turpentine. 
Oleum tartari fier deliquium, aqua 

kali ; lixivium tartari. 
Oleum t ere bint hiii <e^ oil of turpentine. 
terra, petroleum. 
de therva, castor oil. 
tritici, an oil expressed from 
Oleum vini, oil of wine. 

viride, green oil, made of 
bay, rue leaves, &c. 
Oleum vitrioli, oil, or acid of vitriol. 
volatile, volatile or essential 


caoutchouc ; Indian rubber. 

Olfaclorii nervi, clfactory nerves, or 
nerves of smelling ; first pair. 

Olfactus, the sense of smelling. 

Olibanum, gum olibanum; the juice 
of the juniperus lycia; frankin- 

Olida, the Egyptian kidney bean; 
the West Indian wild liquorice. 

Olidus, strong-scented ; stinking. 

Oliganthera, (in botany) plants with 
few antherac. 

Oligophorus, thin, or poor wine. 

Oligopsychia, pusillanimity. 

Oligotrophia, deficient nourishment. 

Olisthema, a luxation, or being out 
of joint. 

Oliva, the fruit of the olive tree. 

Olivaria corpora, ) two eminences 

Oliviformia, £ on the medulla 


Olofihlyciides, small watery pimples 
on the skin and eyes. 

Olsenichium, milky parsley. 

Olus, herb for pottage. 

album, wild valerian. 
atrum, herb Alexander; lovage . 
aureum, white garden oiache. 
Hispanicum, common spi- 
nage ; orache. 

Olus Juduicum, pimpernel. 

Olusatrum, parsley. 

Olynthus, an unripe fig. 

Olyra, German sprat corn. 

Omagra, gout in the shoulder. 


Omasum, the third stomach of ani- 
mals that chew the cud. 
0?nbria, a stone. 
Omelysis, coarse meal. 
Omenta, the membranes of the 

Omentalis peritonitis, } inflamma- 
Qmentiiis, $ t ' j0n °^ tne 

omentum, or caul. 
Omentum, the omentum, epiploon, 

or caul covering the bowels. 
Omnia, the eye. 

Omocotyle, that part of the shoulder 
blade which articulates with the 
Omo-hyoidxus musculus, a muscle of 

the os hyoides. 
OmoHnon, 7 ^ flax 
Omohnum, 3 
Omofilatx, the scapulas, or shoulder 

Omo, ~) hyoidasus, a muscle of 

Omo/ilato, 5 the os hyoides. 
Omos, the shoulder; uterus. 
Omotocos, miscarriage. 
Qmotribes, \ oil from unripe o- 
Omjihacinum, $ lives. 
Omfihacium, juice of unripe grapes 

or crab apples. 
Omjihacitis, a species of gall. 
O?n/ifiacomeli, juice of sour grapes 

and honey. 
Omfihalocarfios, goose grass; cli- 
vers ; hay-riff. 
Omphalocele, a rupture at the navel. 
Omphalodes, a plant whose flower 
resembles the navel ; a species of 
Omjihalomantia, predicting from the 

appearance of the navel. 
Omphalos, the navel; a rupture 

Omphalotomia, cutting the navel 

Omphax, unripe grapes, or the 

Onager, the wild ass. 
Onagra, the rheumatism or gout in 

the elbow; a plant. 
Onania, onanism, or self pollution. 
One os, a tumour. 

Oneirocrisis, a judgment from the 
sleep of a patient. 


Oneirodynia, disturbed sleep ; incu- 
bus; a vehement, or distressing 
imagination in sleep. 
Oneirodynia activa, walking while 

Oneirodynia gravans, sensation of 
oppression during sleep, or night 

Oneirogmos, amorous dreams pro- 
ducing emission. 

Oneirogo?ios, ~) a discharge of semen 

Oneirogonus,) while sleeping. 

Oneiromantia, oneirocrisis. 

Onis, asses' dung. 

Oniscus, the stock fish; the slow 

Oniscus ascllus, millepedes, or wood 

Onitis, the origanum plant. 

Onobrychis, holy hay; saintfoin ; 
cock's head vetch. 

Onocardium, asses' thistle. 

Onochelis, "1 

Onochiles, > alkanet root. 

Onoclea, J 

O?ionis, the herb rest-harrow. 

Ononium, a wild nettle. 

Onopordium, a kind of thistle. 

Onopteris mas, common- maiden 
hair ; a kind of fern. 

Onos, an ass. 

Onosma, the herb stone bugloss. 

Onychia, a whitlow in the finger. 

Onyx, a nail or hoof; a speck on 
the eye ; a precious stone ; a spe- 
cies of agate. 

Ooeides, the watery humour of the 

Oogala, white pot, made of milk 
and eggs. 

Oon, an egg. 

Opacitas, opacity; impervious to 

Ofiacus, obscure ; dark. 

O/ialus, an opal. 

O/ie, foramen. 

O/ieralio, a surgical, or other ope- 
ration ; the working of medi- 

Ofieratio Casarea, Cacsarea sectio. 
j/irrculares, common snails. 

Opcrculatus, moss, with lids over 
the antherae. 


Operculum cochlea celata,lhe small 
covering of the shell of a fish. 

Ophiasis, baldness. 

Ofihidion, a large eel. 

Ophioctonum, an herb poisonous to 

Ojihioglossoides niger, a species of 
fungus; adder's tongue. 

Ophioglossum, the plant called ad- 
der's tongue. 

Ojihiomachus, the lizard. 

Ojihioscordon, ) spotted ramsons ; 

Ojihioscorodon, ^ broad-leaved gar- 

Ofihioslaphylon, white bryony. 

Ojihis, a serpent. 

Ojihitis, a kind of marble. 

Ophris, ) the plant wood bifoil ; the 

Ophrys, £ lower part of the fore- 

Ophris unifolia, the herb one 

Ophthalmia, inflammation of the 
membranes of the eyes. 

Ojihthalmia annularis, inflammation 
of the corner of the eye. 

Ophthalmia cancrosa, cancerous in- 
flammation of the eye. 

Ophthalmia choroidca, inflammation 
of tunica choroides. 

Ophthalmia a cornea: ym'zi/a, inflam- 
mation from fistula. 

Ophthalmia ecchemosis, blood-shot 

Ophthalmia ab clcomate, inflamma- 
tory ulceration of the eye. 

Ophthalmia erysipelatosa, erysipela- 
tous inflammation of the eye. 

Ophthalmia febricosa, inflammation 
of the eye from fever. 

Ophthalmia humida, the watery in- 
flammation of the eye. 

Ojihthalmia a lagophthalmta, inflam- 
mation of the eye from the mem- 
branes turning out. 

Ophthalmia melastalica, inflamma- 
tion of the eye from translated 

Ojihthalmia membranarum, inflam- 
mation of the membranes of the 

Ojihthalmia mucosa, the mucous, or 
purulent eye. 


Ophthalmia Jihlyct anodes, ) pustula- 
fiustulosa, 5 r y in- 
flammation of the eye. 

Ophthalmia acrophulosa, inflamma- 
tion of the eye from scrophula. 

Ophthalmia sicca, inflammation of 
the eye without moisture. 

Ophthalmia a synechia, intermitting 
inflammation of the eye. 

Ophthalmia syphilitica, venereal in- 
flammation of the eye. 

Ophthalmia tarsi, inflammation of 
the edges of the eyelids. 

Ophthalmia tenebricosa, inflamma- 
tion of the inner coats of the eye 

Ojihthalmia trachoma, the dry in- 
flammation of the eye. 

Ojihthalmia trichiasis, inflammation 
of the eye with an appearance of 
floating hairs. 

Ojihthalmia tuberculosa, inflamma- 
tion of the eye from tubercles. 

Ophthalmia ab ungue, inflammation 
of the eye from specks. 

O/ihthalmia uvea, inflammation of 
the iris. 

Ojihtha/mici externi, the third pair 
of nerves. 

Ojihthalmicus Willisii, a branch of 
the fifth pair of nerves. 

Ophthalmitis, inflammation of the 

Ophthalmodynia, violent pain with 
but little redness of the eye. 

Ojihthalmographia, a description of 
the eye. 

Ojihthalmograjihus, a writer on the 

Ophthalmofionia, intense pain in the 
eye, with intolerance of light. 

Ojihthulmoptosis, the falling of the 
eye on the cheek. 

Ojihthalmorrhagia, bleeding from the 
eye, or lid. 

Ojihthalmos, } , 

Ophlhalmus, 5 

Ojititlialmoxysis, cleaning the eyes 
with a brush. 

Ophthalmoxystrum, a brush for the 

Ojihyllon, the great toothwort. 

Ojiiuta, opiate, or anodj ne medicine ; 
any very soft electuary. 


Ofiii tinctura, laudanum; thebaic 

Ofiii tinctura camfihorata, paregoric 
elixir; asthmatic elixir. 

O/iismus, an opiate confection. 

O/iisthenar, the back of the hand. 

Ofiist ho cranium, the occiput. 

Ofiisthocy/ihosis, a curved spine. 

O/iisthotonicus, bent pretematurally 

Opisthotonos, a spasm by which the 
body is bent backward. 

O/iion, } opium, or extract of the 

Ojiium,\ white poppy, or lettuce. 
colatum, strained opium. 
fiurificatum, purified opium. 

O/iobalsamum, balsam of Gilead. 

Ofiocalpasum, ~) carpasium ; a resin 

O/iocar/iason, $ like myrrh. 

O/iodeldoc, ~) camphorated soap lini- 

O/iodeltoc, } ment. 

Ojiodcocele, a rupture in the labia 

O/io/ianax, the gum of all-heal, or 

O/io/iia, the bones forming the soc 
ket of the eyes. 

Oporice, dioporon; a conserve of 
ripe fruits. 

O/ios, juice ; humour. 

O/i/iilatio, obstruction. 

O/i/iilativa, medicines which shut 
up the pores. 

O/ipletio, repletion ; plethora. 

Ojifiositifolius, (in botany) growing 
opposite to the leaf. 

Op/iressio, oppression; that state of 
disease in which the system is 
unable to re-act, in order to re- 
lieve itself, without the aid of de- 
pleting remedies ; the catalepsy ; 
any oppression. 

O/isariu/n, a small fish. 

O/isigonas, a dens sapientix, or late 
cut tooth. 

O/isis, vision ; the eye. 

Opticus, belonging to vision. 

ncrvus, the optic nerve, or 
second pair. 

O/iulus, the gelder rose; witch 

Opuntia, the Indian fig, or cochi- 
neal plant. 

2 S 


Opuntioides, a marine vermifuge 

Opusculum, a treatise, or small 

Ora steva leonis, antirrhinum. 

Orangia, the common Spanish 

Orata, the gilt head fish. 

Orbiculare os, a bone of the inner 

Orbiculares palpebrarum musculi, 
the muscles which draw the eye- 
lids together. 

Orbicularis, the sphincter ani ; cre- 
pitus lupi ; a species of fungus. 

Orbicularis clausor, the muscle 
which shuts the eyelids. 

Orbicularis labiorum, the muscle 
which draws the lips together. 

Orbicularis oris, a muscle of the 

Orbicularis pudendi, sphincter vagi- 

Orbita, the orbit of the eye. 

Orbitales arterix, the arteries which 
supply the orbits. 

Orbitare externum foramen, an aper- 
ture in the cheek bone transmit- 
ting nerves and blood-vessels. 

Orbitare internum foramen, an aper- 
ture transmitting a branch of the 
fifth pair of nerves. 

Orbitarii nervi, the third pair of 

Orbitarius processus, the processes 
of several bones forming the or- 

Orchas, the olive. 

Orchea, the scrotum. 

Orchidia, plants with roots like tes- 

Orchis, the testicle ; the plant dog's 

Orchis bifolia, the herb bifoil, yield- 
ing a substance like sago called 

Orchites, the olive. 

Orchitis, inflammation of the testicle. 

Orchos, the extremities of the eye- 

Orchotomfa, castration. 

Ordo, order; the first subdivision of 
a class. 


Orectica, medicines which sharpen 

the appetite. 
Oreillons, the mumps; a swelling of 

the parotid glands. 
Orellana, the arnotto tree of the 

West Indies ; a dye stuff. 
Oreoselinum, herb frankincense, or 

laserpitium ; the galbanum plant. 
Orestium, a kind of elecampane. 
Oreum, a species of bloodvvort. 
Orexis, appetite. 
Organa ouropo'etica, the kidneys, 

and the various vessels and ducts 

which secrete and convey the 

Organum, an organ, member, or 

Orgasmus, orgasm ; salaciousness. 
Orge, anger. 
Orgya, a fathom; six Parisian feet. 

See Mensura. 
Orichalcum, copper. 
Oricia, a species of fir. 
Oricola, auricula ursi. 
Orientate gummi, gum Senegal. 
Orientalia folia, senna leaves. 
Orientalis, eastern. 
Orificium, an orifice, or aperture. 
Origanum, wild marjoram. 

Creticum, dictamnus. 
Origo, the first cause of a disease. 
Orleana, orellana ; roucou, or arnot- 
to tree. 
Ornithogalum, the herb called the 

star of Bethlehem ; squills. 
Ornit/wglossum, bird's tongue ; the 

seeds of the ash tree. 
Ornithologia, ornithology ; the natu- 
ral history of birds. 
Ornithopodium, bird's foot. 
Omits, the ash tree. 
Orobanche, the great toothwort, or 

Orobium, the meal, or flour of the 

Oroboides, a sediment in urine like 

Orobrychis peregrina, the bitter 

Orobus, } wood peas 

tuberosus, 5 heath peas. 
Oros, the instep. 
Orose/inum, mountain parsley. 


Orpimentum, arsenicum flavum, or 

Orrhagoga, medicines which evacu- 
ate serum. 

Orrhopissa, a fluid bitumen. 

Orrhofiygium, the bottom of the 
spine joining the coccyx. 

Orrhos, serum ; raphe ; the extre- 
mity of the sacrum. 

Orthocolon, a species of stiff joint. 

Orthopncea, difficult respiration with 
sighs and a sense of suffocation. 

Orthopncea ab aneurysmate, difficult 
respiration from aneurysm. 

Orthopncea ab antijiathia, difficult 
respiration from peculiar affec- 

Orthopncea a bronchoccle, difficult 
respiration from swelled bronchi- 
al glands. 

Orthopncea cardiaca, difficult respi- 
ration from diseased heart. 

Orthopncea a deglutitione, difficult 
respiration from obstructed swal- 

Orthopncea ab empyemate, difficult 
respiration from fluid between the 

Orthopncea febricosa, difficult respi- 
ration from fever. 

Orthopncea a fungis, difficult respi- 
ration from fungous excrescences. 

Orthopncea a gastrocele, difficult re- 
spiration from diseased stomach. 

Orthopncea a hydroce/ihalo, difficult 
respiration from watery head. 

Orthopncea ab hydropneumonia, ) 
a hydrothorace, ) 

difficult respiration from water in 
the chest. 

Orthopncea hysterica, difficult respi- 
ration from hysterics. 

Orthopncea a lipoma te, difficult respi- 
ration from spasm. 

Orthopncea peripneumonica, difficult 
respiration from inflammation in 
the lungs. 

Orthopncea a pinguedine, ~) difficult 
pinguedinosa, 5 respira- 
tion from fatness. 

Orthopncea pseudo-peripneumonica, 
difficult respiration from inflam- 
mation in the lungs. 


Orthofincea fiolyfiosa, difficult respi- 
ration from polypus in the lungs. 
Orthofincea scorbutica, difficult respi- 
ration from scurvy. 
Orthofincea sfiasmodica, difficult re- 
spiration from spasm. 
Orthofincea traumatica, difficult re- 
spiration from wounds. 
Orthofincea a vafioribus, difficult re- 
spiration from noxious vapours. 
Orthofincea variolosa, difficult respi- 
ration from small-pox. 
Orthofincea a vermibus, difficult re- 
spiration from worms. 
Orthofincea a vomica, difficult respi- 
ration from matter in the lungs. 
Orvala, garden clary, or hormi- 

Orvicianum, an antidote prepared 

at Orvieto in Italy. 
Orijx, a wild goat. 
Oryza, rice. 

Gcrmanica, a species of bar- 
Os, oris, a mouth. 
Os, ossis, a bone. 

cartilaginosum, patella. 
cymbx, os naviculare. 
disciforme, patella. 
externum, the female puden- 
Osfrontis, the bone of the forehead. 
humeri, the bone of the arm. 
hyoides, the bone at the root of 
the tongue. 
Os ileum, a bone of the pelvis. 
innominatum, os ilii, or hip bone 
internum, the mouth of the 
Os inverecundum, os frontis. 

jugale, zygoma, or cheek bone. 
lenticulare, a bone like a lentil, 
or lens. 
Os leonisy snap dragon, or calf's 

Os iiaviculare, a bone of the foot. 
ofifiis, os frontis. 

c .' £ the mouth of the womb. 
uteri, 3 

verecundum, os frontis. 

Oscedo, yawning, or gaping. 

Oschcalis hernia, } a rupture into 

Oscheocele, \ the scrotum. 




Oscheon, } the scrotum ; the mouth 

Oscheum, y of the womb. 

Oscheofihyma, a hydrocele, or wa- 
tery rupture. 

Oscillatio, oscillation ; swinging of 
a pendulum ; vibration. ' 

Oscitans, a fever attended with yawn- 

Oscitatio, yawning, or gaping. 

Osculatorius ?nusculus, the sphincter 
muscle of the lips. 

Osculi, the openings of vessels. 

Osculum, a little mouth, or orifice. 
internum, } os uteri 

uteri, 3 inter- 

Osis, an unnatural protrusion. 

Osme, the sense of smelling. 

Osmunda fialustris, 

Osfihresis, the sense of smelling. 

Osfihys, the loins. 

Ossa, plural of Os, bones. 

arcualia, the fore part of the 

Ossa batus, a kind of yaws. 

e corcle cervi, the bone of a 
stag's heart. 

Ossa innominata, the sides of the 

Ossa mollia, soft bones, as the eth- 
moid, vertebrx, &c. 

Ossa fiarietalia, the side bones of 
the skull. 

Ossa fietrosa, hard bones, as of the 
temples, legs, &c. 

Ossa solida, solid bones, or omoplats, 
ischium, Sec. 

Ossa sfiongiosa inferiora, ~\ the 

sufieriora, y spongy 
turbinata, J bones 

of the nose. 

Osscrvazioni, (Ital.) the mumps ; a 
swelling of the parotid glands. 

Ossicula auditus, the 4 small bones 
of the internal ear, viz. the mal- 
leus, incus, stapes, and orbiculare. 

Ossiculum, the hard covering of 

Ossijicatio, ossification, or formation 
of bone. 

Ossifraga , osteocolla ; glue bone, or 


bone binder ; a, fossil ; calcareous 

Ossivorous, a tumour which destroys 
a bone. 

Ostaga, pain in the bones. 

Ostagra, a forceps to extract bones. 

Osteites, > glue bone ; a peculiar 

Osteocolla, 3 carbonate of lime ; the 
matter that unites broken bones ; 
a fossil ; calcareous matter. 

Osteocofius, violent fixed pain in any 
part of a bone. 

Osteogeneia, doctrine of formation 
of bones. 

Osteogenica, medicines promoting 

Qsteographia, description of the 

Osteolithos, osteocolla, or glue bone ; 
a fossil. 

Osteologia, the doctrine and descrip- 
tion of the bones. 

Osteosarcosis, a morbid softness of 
the bones. 

Ostiarius, ? the pylorus, or lower 

Ostiorus, ) orifice of the stomach. 

Ostiola, the valves of the heart. 

Ostiologia, a description of the bones 

Ostracites, hobgoblin's claw ; a fos^ 
sil resembling an oyster shell. 

Ostracodermus, any animal covered 
with a shell. 

Ostreai ? the oyster . 

Ostreum, 3 

Ostrites, osteocolla. 

Ostritium, > masterwort ; laserpi- 

Ostruthium, $ tium. 

Ostrya, a tree called horn beam. 

Osyris, poet's rosemary ; toad's flax ; 
summer cypress. 

Otalgia, pain in the ear from inflam- 

Oteile, a wound. 

Otenchytes, a syringe for the ears. 

Othone, lint. 

Othonna, the African marigold; ce- 

Otica, ear medicines. 

Otitis, inflammation of the inner 

Otofilatos, a foetid discharge from be- 
hind the ears. 


Oto/iuosis,*\ a discharge of matter, 
Oto/iyosis, >or blood from the ears; 
Otorrhoea, J an abscess of the ear. 
Ourles, the mumps; a swelling of 

the parotid glands. 
Ova zefihyria, unimpregnated eggs. 
Ovale foramen, an aperture in the 

septum of the foetal heart. 
Ovalis, oval ; egg-shaped. 
Ovarium, the female ovary, thought 

to contain the rudiments of the 

Ovatus, the watery humour of the 

eye; oval; egg-shaped. 

Ovi albor, . "\ ,, , . _ , 

,, ,. f the white of the 

albus liquor, V 

candidum, J ™' 

Oviductus, the fallopian tube. 

Oviformis, the aqueous humour of 
the eye. 

Oviparus, oviparous ; animals which 
exclude their young in the egg to 
be afterwards hatched. 

Ovorum testa, egg shells. 

Ovum, an c^. 


Ovum sublimatorium, a chymical 
sublimating vessel. 

Oxalas, oxalat ; the name in the 
new chymistry of every compound 
of the oxalic acid, or acid of sor- 

Oxalicum acidum, acid of sorrel, or 

Oxalis, ) 

acetosella, 3 

Oxalme, a mixture of vinegar and 

Oxeleum, a mixture of vinegar and 

Oxidum, an oxyd, or calx of a me- 

Oxya, the beech tree. 

Oxyacantha, ~) the barber- 

Galcrd, 3 ry ; white 

Oxyas, the beech tree. 

Oxycedrus, the berry-bearing ce- 
dar; Spanish juniper. 

Oxycoccus, moor, or cranberries. 

a chymical 

wood sorrel. 


Oxycratum, oxycrate ; a mixture of 

vinegar and honey. 
Oxycroceum emfilastrum, a plaster 

containing saffron and vinegar. 
Oxyda ferri, oxyds of iron. 

metallica, metallic oxyds. 

sublimata, subli- 
mated metallic oxyds. 
Oxyda filumbi, oxyds of lead. 

Oxyderica,~) ., . 
n j > collyna. 

uxydorcia, 5 

Oxydum, oxyd, or oxid; the name giv- 
en by modern chymists to the com- 
binations of mineral, vegetable, or 
animal substances with vital air, or 
when calcined; it expresses the 
first degree of oxygenation of bo- 
dies, or that which causes them 
to approach the nature of salts ; it 
is also applied to those substances 
formerly named precipitates. 

Oxydum antimonii cum sulfihure vi- 
trijicatum, glass of antimony. 

Oxydutn arsenicale fiotassx, arseni- 
cal oxyd of potash. 

Oxydum arsenici album, white oxyd 
of arsenic. 

Oxydum arsenici album sublimatum, 
white oxyd of arsenic sublimed. 

Oxydum arsenici sulfihuratum lute- 
urn, yellow sulphurated oxyd of 

Oxydum arsenici sul/ihuratum ru~ 
brum, red sulphurated oxyd of 

Oxydum auri ammoniacale, ammo- 
niacal oxyd of gold. 

Oxydum auri per stannum, oxyd of 
gold by tin. 

Oxydum bismuthi album acido nitri- 
co confectum, white oxyd of bis- 
muth by the nitric acid. 

Oxydum bismuthi sublimatum, sub- 
limated oxyd of bismuth. 

Oxydum cobalti cinereum cum si/ice, 
grey oxyd of cobalt with silice. 

Oxydum cobalti vitreum, vitreous 
oxyd of cobalt. 

Oxydum cu/iri viride, green oxyd 
of copper. 

Oxydum cufiri viride acetatum, aeru- 
go xris. 

Oxydum Jerri, oxyd of iron. 


Oxydum ferri fuscum, brown oxyd 
of iron. 

Oxydum ferri luteum, yellow oxyd 
of iron. 

Oxydum ferri nigrum, black oxyd 
of iron. 

Oxydum ferri rubrum, red oxyd of 
iron; colcothar of vitriol; crocus 
martis ; calx ferri rubra. 

Oxydum hydrargyri luteum acido 
nitrico confectum, yellow oxyd of 
mercury by nitric acid. 

Oxydum hydrargyri luteum acido 
sulfihurico confectum, yellow oxyd 
of mercury by sulphuric acid ; tur- 
beth mineral. 

Oxydum hydrargyri nigrum, black- 
ish oxyd of mercury ; acthiops per 
se ; mercurius cinereus ; turpe- 
thum nigrum; mercurius prceci- 
pitatus niger. 

Oxydum hydrargyri rubrum acido 
nitrico co?fectum, red oxyd of 
mercury by the nitric acid ; red 

Oxydum hydrargyri rubrum per 
ignem, red oxyd of mercury by 
fire; hydrargyria calcinatus per 

Oxydum hydrargyri sulfihuratum 
nigrum, black sulphurated oxyd 
of mercury; xthiops mineral. 

Oxydum hydrargyri sulfihuratum 
rubrum, red sulphurated oxyd of 

Oxydum magnesii album, white oxyd 
of manganese. 

Oxydum magnesii nigrum, black 
oxyd of manganese. 

Oxydum filumbi, oxyd of lead. 

album fier acidum 
acetosinn, white oxyd of lead by 
the acetous acid ; cerussa. 

Oxydum filumbi luteum, yellow oxyd 
of lead. 

Oxydum filumbi rubrum, red lead. 
se?ni-vitreum, se- 
mi-vitreous oxyd of lead, or li- 

Oxydum stamii cinereum, grey oxyd 
of tin. 

Oxydum stanni sublimatum, subli- 
mated oxyd of tin. 


Oxydum stibii, oxyd of antimony by 
the muriatic acid and nitric acid 
Oxydum stibii acido muriatico con- 
fectum, oxyd of antimony by the 
muriatic acid. 
Oxydum stibii album, calx of anti- 
mony, or diaphoretic antimony. 
Oxydum stibii alburn nitro confec- 
tum, white oxyd of antimony by 
Oxydum stibii album sublimatu?n, 
white sublimated oxyd of anti- 
Oxydum stibii sulphuratum, sulphu- 
rated oxyd of antimony ; hepar 
vel crocus antimonii ; crocus me 
Oxydum stibii sulphuratum auran- 
tiacum, sulphurated orange-co- 
loured oxyd of antimony. 
Oxydum stibii sulphuratum rubrum, 
red sulphurated oxyd of antimo- 
Oxydum stibii sulphuratum semi- 
vitreum, sulphurated semi-vitre- 
ous oxyd of antimony; glass of 
Oxydum stibii sulphuratum vitre- 
um, vitreous sulphurated oxyd of 
Oxydum sulphuratum vitreum fus- 
cum, brown vitreous sulphurated 
oxyd of antimony. 
Oxydum zinci album, white oxyd of 

Oxydum zinci sublimatum, zincum 

Oxydum zinci vitriolatwn, vitrio- 

lated oxyd of zinc. 
Oxygala, sour milk. 
Oxygarum, a compound of brine 

and vinegar. 
Oxygenium, oxygen ; basis of vital 
air, acidifying principle, &c. 


Oxyglycum, a kind of oxymel. 
Oxylapathum, lapathum acutum, or 
sharp-pointed dock ; common sor- 
Oxymel, a compound of vinegar and 

Oxymel ex allio, oxymel of garlic. 
colchici, honey and meadow 
Oxymel pectorale, oxymel of ele- 
campane, ammoniacum, &c. 
Oxymel scillx, ~) oxymel of 

scilliticum, } squills. 
simplex, simple oxymel ; 
vinegar and honey. 
Oxymyrrhine, ) butcher's broom ; 
Oxymyrsine, $ w ild holly. 
Oxijnitrum, a plaster of vinegar and 

Oxynosema, an acute disease. 
Oxyopia, acute vision. 
xyphlegmasia, any severe inflam- 

Oxyphmnicia, ~) ^, . , 

r\ , , ■ > the tamarind. 
'jxxjphmnicon, y 

Oxyphyllon, bastard saffron. 

Oxyphonia, a shrillness of the voice ; 

Oxyregmia, an acid eructation. 

Oxyrinchus, the sturgeon. 

Oxyrrhodinon, vinegar and oil of 

Oxys, wood sorrel. 

Oxysaccharum, vinegar and sugar. 

Oxysal diaphoreiicum, fixed alkali 
supersaturated with acid. 

Oxyschcenos, a species of rush. 

Oxytes, acidity. 

Oxytoca, medicines promoting deli- 

O xytriphyllum, wood sorrel. 

Ozxna, a foetid ulcer in the nose. 

Oze, a foetid breath. 

Ozymum, sweet basil. 




p in prescriptions, a contraction of 
Pugillus, or the 8th part of a 
handful ; a part. 

P. <e. in prescriptions, a contraction 
of Partes (equates. 

P.p.. pulvis patrum; cinchona, or 
Jesuit's powder. 

Pabulum, food; aliment; animal 
heat; any matter that continues 
the cause of a disease. 

Pabulum vita, animal heat; animal 

Pacal, a Peruvian tree used in le- 

Pachyntica, medicines which incras- 
sate, or thicken the fluids. 

Pachys, thick ; the name of a dis- 

Paco-caatinga, a Brasilian plant. 

Pacotira, the plantain tree. 

Paco-scroca, Brasilian cane. 

Pacourii, a large tree of Brasil. 

Padri, a tree of Malabar, said to cure 

Padus, the cluster wild cherry ; the 
bird's cherry. 

Padus cerasus, lauro cerasus. 

Padanc/wne, a quinsy common to 
children ; the croup. 

Ptsdarthrocace, the spina ventosa ; a 
caries of joints ; a sort of anasarca. 

Pxdicus, belonging to children. 

P xdophlebotomia, bleeding of chil- 

Pttdotribia, the exercising of chil- 

P xdotrophia, the nursing of chil- 

P&noe, a large tree of Malabar, said 
to relieve nausea. 

Pxonia, the plant piony, or pxony. 
?nas, male pxony. 

Pajiale, fine meal obtained by sift 

female pxony. 

Paganica, a kind of exercise with a 

Pagarus, the sea crab. 

Pagina, (in botany) the side of a 

Pagrus, fagrus ; a fish. 

Pagurus, a cray fish. 

Pahazar, the bezoar found in the 
stomachs of animals. 

Pahuatlanica, the American China 

Paianeli, a pod-bearing tree of Ma- 

Paidatrofihia, the atrophy, or wast- 
ing of children. 

Paidion, the full grown foetus. 

Paidofioietica, those who have chil- 

Pain de Madagascar, the cassada 

Paiomirioba, a species of senna. 

Pai-fiaroca, a shrub of Malabar. 

Pala, the nutmeg. 

Pal&tyrus, old cheese. 

Palxus, an inveterate disease. 

Palati ossa, the bones of the palate 
of the mouth. 

Palatini glanduU, glands of the pa- 
late near the tonsils. 

Palatinus, a branch of the fifth 
pair of nerves supplying the pa- 

Palatinus ductus, the Eustachian 

Palatinus processus, a process of the 
upper maxillary bones. 

Palato-fiharyngaus, a muscle of the 

Palato-sal/iingaus, a muscle of the 

Palatum, the palate, or roof of the 

Palatum molle, the posterior part of 
the palate, or velum pendulum. 

Palea, chaff; (in botany) a thin 
membrane springing from a com- 



mon receptacle which separates 
the florets from each other. 
Palea de nucha, sweet, or camel's 

Paleaceus, chaffy ; covered with dust. 
Palimfiissa, dry pitch. 
Palincotus, applied to diseases which 

return with increased violence. 
Palindromia, the return of a parox- 
ysm ; regurgitation of humours 
to the more noble parts. 
Paliurus, the wild jujube ; a species 

of white thorn. 
Palliatio, the mitigation of distress- 
ing symptoms; quieting pain. 
Palliativa, palliatives. 
Pallium fiurfiureum, a preparation 

of gold, mercury, and sulphur. 
Pallor, paleness. 
Palma, the palm of the hand ; the 

palm tree. 
Palma ady, a West Indian tree. 
Americana ayri, 

Brasiliensis sexea airi 
the ebony tree of Ethiopia 
Palma Christi, ricinus. 

cocci/era, the cocoa nut tree. 
Jigura ovali, the 
Maldivia nut. 
Palma dactylifera, the date tree. 

facie cuciofihora, the tree 
bearing the cuci fruit. 
Palma haira, macow, or ebony tree. 
humilis, the small palm. 
Jafionica, the Indian bread, 
or sago tree. 
Palma major, the date tree. 

minor, the dwarf palm. 
nobilis, palmeto royal, or the 
cabbage tree. 
Palma oleosum, palm oil. 

/linus, a tree ; the palm and 
pine trees. 
Palma fiunifcra, draco arbor. 

sancta, the guaiacum tree. 
Palmec oleum, oil of the palm tree of 

Jamaica, or mackaw. 
Palmar ia, a plant with leaves like a 

Palmaris brcvis, ) caro musculo- 
cutaneus, ) sa quadrata ; a 
muscle of the little finger. 

P A M 

Palmaris longus, a muscle of the 

Palmata, the herb bifoil ; a name 
of several species of orchis. 

Palmeira brava, a species of palm 

Palmiste, the cabbage tree. 

Palmos, palpitation of the heart. 

Palmula, a date. 

Palmus, a palm, or three Parisian 
inches. See Mcnsura. 

Palodc calenturas, cascarilla. 

Palfiebra, the eyelids. 

Pal/ieria, apoplexy. 

Pal/iitatio, palpitation of the heart. 
ab aneurysmate cordis, 
palpitation of the heart from 

Pal/iitatio ex aorta aneurysmate, 
palpitation of the heart from aneu- 
rysm of the aorta. 

Palfiitatio ex aorta angustia, palpi- 
tation of the heart from contract- 
ed aorta. 

Palfiitatio a/iostematosa, palpitation 
of the heart from abscess. 

Palfiitatio arthritica, palpitation of 
the heart from gout. 

Palfiitatio cardiaca, palpitation of 
the heart. 

Pal/iitatio calculosa, palpitation of 
the heart from stony concretions. 

Pal/iitatio chlorotica, palpitation of 
the heart in chlorosis. 

Pal/iitatio a corde ossificato, palpi- 
tation of the heart from ossifica- 

Pal/iitatio fcbricosa, palpitation of 
the heart from fever. 

Palfiitatio hysterica, palpitation of 
the heart from hysterics. 

Pal/iitatio melancholica, palpitation 
of the heart from melancholy. 

Palfiitatio a/iancreate, palpitation of 
the heart from diseased pancreas. 

Pal/atatio fioly/iosa, > palpitation of 
a /wly/io, 5 the heart from 

Palfiitatio tremula, palpitation of the 
heart from nervous irritability. 

Paludafiium, the herb smallage. 

Palus sanctus, guaiacum. 

Palustris, belonging to a marsh. 


Pamfihilium, a plaster mentioned by 

Pamfiiniforme cor/ius, the spermatic 
chords, or vessels and nerves of 
the testicles. 

P amjxiniformis, the thoracic duct. 

Panacea, any general remedy. 

ducis Holsatix, vitriolated 

Panacea dufilicata, arcanum dupli- 
catum ; a mysterious general re- 

Panacea mercurii, calomelas. 
vegetabilis, saffron. 

Panaces Heracleum, Hercules's all- 
heal, or woundwort. 

Panaces moschatum, sweet-scented 
all-heal of America. 

Panalethes, a cephalic plaster. 

Panaris, ~) a whitlow, or abscess 

Panaritia, $ of the fingers, with fe- 

Panata, ~) bread boiled in water, 

Panatella, 3 or panada. 

Panava, a species of spurge. 

Panax, the parsnep; panacea. 

asclefiium, candy all-heal. 
chironcum, the dwarf cistus, 
or rock rose. 

Panax coloni, clown's woundwort, 
or all-heal. 

Panax costinum, ~\ Hercules's all- 
Heracleum, > heal, or wound- 
/tastinacea, J wort. 
quinquefolium, ginseng. 

Pancanseolus, earth, or hawk nut. 

Panchreston, } a collyrium com- 

Panchrestus, 3 mended by Galen ; 

Panchymagogum, purging extract ; 
calomel, or any purgatives which 
evacuate fluids. 

Pancoenus, epidemic ; generally 

Pancratium, a species of squill. 

Pancreas, the pancreas ; a large 
gland secreting a kind of saliva, 
and pouring it into the duodenum 

Pancreas minus, a small gland at- 
tached to the pancreas. 

Pancrcatica, inflammation of the 

Pancreatine artcriic, the arteries 

2 T 


supplying the pancreas, branches 
of the splenic artery. 

Pancreatic* -venx, veins of the pan- 

Pancrcalis abscessus, an abscess in 
the pancreas. 

Pancrene, the pancreas. 

Pandalitium, a whitlow, or abscess 
in the fingers. 

Pandemias, epidemic ; panccenus. 

Pandiculatio, stretching; yawning. 

Panduriformis, a leaf like a guitar. 

Panem-palka, a species of nutmeg. 

Pangonius, a stone with many an- 

Panicula, a panicle ; the stalk hav- 
ing many flowers. 

Panicula minor, ) the plant common 

Panicum, 3 panic. 

Italicum, ~) plants af- 
Miliaceum, $ fording the 
millet seed. 

Panis, bread. 

agarceus, household bread. 
arto/iticus, toasted bread. 

„ . I coarse brown 

canicaceus, L. . 
.. . ' (bread. 
cibanus, J 

cinericius, bread baked in the 


Panis cuculi, wood sorrel. 




fiorcinus, arthanita, or sow 


Panniculus, a piece of cloth. 

adi/iosus, the cellular 


Panniculus carnosus, ~) muscular 

nervosus, 3 expansion 

corrugating the skin, peculiar to 


Pamionica, broad-leaved Hungarian 

hawk weed. 

Pannonium, a preparation of oil. 

Pannus, woollen cloth ; a speck on 

the eye ; spot on the skin. 

Panochix, venereal buboes. 

Pana/ihobia, timid melancholy. 

Panojiholia, melancholy. 

Pantagoga, medicines which expel 

all kinds of humours. 

ivouu s< 
us, I 




Pant hex, hanging beds. 

Panther, the leopard. 

Pantherium, the lynx. 

Pantices, the intestines. 

Pantolmius, a medicine described 
by iEginetus. 

Pantophobia, hydrophobia. 

Panula, crude bile ; panicula. 

Panus, a soft tumour. 

Pago agula, the aromatic aloe. 

Papaga, > seeds of bastard saf- 

Pa/iagalli, $ fron. 

Papas, the potatoe. 

Papaver, the poppy. 

album, ~) white gar- 

somniferum,} den poppy. 
corniculatum, sea poppy; 
yellow horned poppy. 

Papaver cornicutatum luleum, the 
greater celandine. 

Papaver erraticum, ) red, or corn 
rhaas, } poppy. 
heracleum, the blue bottle, 
or corn thistle. 

Papaver nigrum, black garden pop- 

Papaver rubrum, corn rose; wild 
field poppy. 

Papaver spinosum, purging this- 

Papaver spumeum, common lichen, 
or liverwort. 

Papaya fmmina, the female papa 

Papaya mas, the male papa tree. 

Peruvianis, the female pa- 
pa tree. 

Papilionaceus, a flower resembling 
a butterfly. 

Papilla, the nipple. 

Papilla, the fine terminations of 
nerves in the organs of sense. 

Papilla baccantes, swelled nipples. 
medullares, prominences on 
the medulla oblongata. 

Papillae pyramidalts, the termina- 
tions of the nerves on the skin 
forming the touch. 

Papilla renum, small protuberances 
like nipples seated in the pelvis 
of the kidneys. 

Papillare os, the sphenoid bone of 
the skull. 


Papillares caruncula, the papilla of 
the kidneys. 

Papillares processus, the extremi- 
ties of the nerves of smell. 

Papillaris herba, nipplewort. 

Papillosus, a leaf covered with small 
points, or protuberances. 

Pappa, a dug ; pap for children. 

Pappos, ~) the downy hair of the 

Pappus, 5 chin and of seeds. 

Pappus, the potatoe. 

Papula, a hard inflamed pimple. 

Papula ardentes, fiery pimples in 
the face. 

Papulosus, covered with pimples. 

Papyrus, the paper tree. 

Par , equal. 

cucullare, a muscle of the la- 

Par linguale, the ninth pair of 

Par mentale, muscles of the lower 

Par vagum, the eighth pair of 

Para, slight or mild disease. 

Paracentesis, the operation of tap- 
ping, either in the abdomen or 

Paracmastici, ") continued fevers de- 

Paracme, 5 clining ; the decline 
of a disease ; the time of life in 
which a person is said to grow 

Paracoe, impaired hearing. 

Paracollectica, agglutinants. 

Paracope, a slight delirium. 

Paracrusis, a slight derangement of 

Paracusis, impaired, or depraved 
hearing ; singing in the ears. 

Paracusis barycoeca, dull hearing. 
duplicata, sounds reverbe- 
rated on the ear. 

Paracusis imaginaria, imagined 

Paracusis imperfecta, impaired, or 
depraved hearing. 

Paracusis oxycaca, hearing morbid- 
ly acute. 

Paracusis IVillisiana, common hear- 
ing assisted by the accompani- 
ment of some loud noise. 


Paracynanche, > a kind of quinsy, 

Parakynanche, £ produced by tume- 
faction of the external muscles. 

Paracypsis, a stooping forward. 

Paradisaica arbor, the American 
tree of life. 

Paradisi grana, grains of Paradise 
of Guinea. 

Paragoge, the replacing a bone jn 
its socket ; the fitness of bones to 
each other. 

Paraglossa, a swelling of the tongue. 

Paragua, American casiny tea. 

Paralampsis, a speck on the trans 
parent cornea of the eye. 

Parataxis., transmutation. 

Paralerus, slightly delirious. 

Parallagma, transmutation. 

Parallela, a venereal scurf in the 

Parallelopipedia, a genus of spars. 

Paralogia, a delirium with absurd 

Paralophia, the lower lateral part of 
the neck. 

Paralysis, palsy ; a loss of motion 
and sensation in particular parts ; 
cowslip ; daisy. 

Paralysis arthritica y palsy from 

Paralysis biliosa, palsy from bdious 

Paralysis febrilis, palsy from fe- 

Paralysis hemiplegica, palsy confin- 
ed to one side. 

Paralysis herba, cowslip ; primrose. 
intermittens, palsy return- 
ing at intervals. 

Paralysis metallariorum, palsy com- 
mon to workers in metals. 

Paralysis nervea, palsy of particular 

Paralysis paraplegica, general palsy, 
partialis, palsy of particu- 
lar parts. 

Paralysis plethorica, palsy from ful- 
ness of blood. 

Paralysis Polonica, palsy common 
to Poland. 

Paralysis rachialgica, palsy attend- 
ing rickets. 


Paralysis rheumatica, palsy follow- 
ing rheumatism. 

Paralysis sanguinea, palsy from ex- 
cess of blood. 

Paralysis scorbutica, palsy from 

Paralysis scrophulosa, palsy from 

Paralysis serosa, palsy from effused 

Paralysis a sfxina bifida, palsy from 
diseased spine. 

Paralysis syphilitica, palsy from ve- 
nereal disease. 

Paralysis traumatica, palsy from 

Paralysis venenata, palsy from poi- 

Paralysis a -vomica, palsy from ab- 
scess in the lungs. 

Parameria, the inward parts of the 

Paramesus, the ring finger. 

Parafiechyum, from the elbow to 
the wrist. 

Paranoia, diseases attended with 
deranged mind. 

Paraphimosis, ~) an inflammatory 

Paraphymosis, $ stricture of the pre- 
puce behind the denuded glans 

Paraphonia, altered, or depraved 
voice; cacaphonia. 

Paraphonia catarrhalis, hoarseness 
from cold. 

Paraphonia clangens, a shrill sono- 
rous voice. 

Paraphonia comatosa, a harsh snort- 
ing voice. 

Paraphonia gutturalis, voice altered, 
as in cleft palate. 

Paraphonia nasalis, voice conveyed 
through the nose. 

Paraphasia palatina, voice altered 
by preternatural division of the 

Paraphonia a polypo, voice altered 
by polypus in the nose. 

Paraphonia puberum, the natural 
change of voice at puberty. 

Paraphonia ranea, a coarse and 
rough voice. 


Para/ihonia resonans, a hissing 

hoarse voice. 
Paraphonia sibilans, a hissing voice. 
stertens, a harsh snort- 
ing voice. 
Para/ihonia ulcerosa, a hissing harsh 

voice from ulceration. 

Paraphrenesis,") delirium depend- 
Paraphreniiis, $ ing on an inflam- 
mation of the diaphragm. 
Paraphrosyne, mania; delirium; 

insanity without fever. 
Paraplegia, } palsy affecting all 
Paraplexia, \ parts below the neck, 

or any transverse section of the 

Parapoplexia, a slight apoplectic 

Pararthrema, a luxation ; a hernial 

Pararrythmus, an irregular pulse. 
Parascefiastra, a cap. 
Paraschidc, a fissure in a broken 

Parasiticales plantx, plants growing 

out of others, as misletoe, &c. 
Parasiticus, parasitic ; animals, &c. 

which receive their nourishment 

in the bodies of others. 
Parasphagis, part of the neck about 

the clavicles. 
Parastata, any neighbouring parts. 
Parastate, the fallopian tubes ; the 

epididymis of the testicle. 
Paras tremma, a distorted face. 
Parasynanche, a species of quinsy. 
Parathenar major, ~) muscles of the 

minor, 5 little toe. 
Parau, occidental bezoar. 
Pardalianches, the herb swallow- 
Pardalion, the agate; a precious 

Pardalis, the female panther. 
Pardalium, an ointment. 
Pardalus, the plover. 
Pardus, the panther. 
P aregorica, anodyne medicines. 
Paregoricum elixir, a solution of 

opium, camphor, benzoin, and oil 


of aniseed in spirit of wine ; tinc- 
tura opii camphorata. 

Parcira brava, the wild vine of 

Paremptosis, the dropping of any 
part from its proper situation. 

Parencephalis, the cerebellum, or 
little and posterior brain. 

Parenchyma, the solid and interior 
part of the viscera ; the connect- 
ing medium of the substance of 
the lungs; the pith or pulp of 
fruits or plants. 

Parenchymata, the viscera. 

Parenchymatici, inflammations of 
the viscera. 

Parentalis, hereditary. 

Parerma, a prop, or support. 

Paresis, any partial palsy. 

Paretuvier, the mangrove tree. 

Parget, a name of several kinds of 

Parietalis, applied to the bones of 
the sinciput. 

Parietaria, pellitory of the wall. 

ossa, the ossa bregmatis 
of the skull. 

Parietes, the sides or boundaries of 
membranes, &c. enclosing parts 
of the body. 

Parin chakka, bastard china root. 

Paris, > herbparis,or 

quadratifolia, 5 true love. 

Paristhmia, disease of the ton- 

Paristhmiotomus, instrument to sca- 
rify the tonsils. 

Parkinsonia, the name of a plant. 

Parnassia, grass of Parnassus ; white 

Parocheteusis, a draining from part 
of the body. 

Parodontis, a gum boil. 

Paronychia, a whitlow, felon, or ab- 
scess of the fingers; whitlow 

Paropix, the external angles of the 

Paroptesis, any sweating process. 

Parorasis, weakened sight. 

Parorchidium, a detention of the tes- 
ticles in the abdomen. 



Parotidaa, a swelling of the parotid J Passum, raisin wine. 

glands ; the mumps. 


Ua rcgia, > . , 

Parotis, the parotid gland, situated! -Pastas, 3 ' 

near the articulation of the lower Pastinaca, parsnep. 

jaw ; secreting saliva. 
Paroxysmus, a paroxysm, or fit of 

Pars, a part, or place in the body. 
animalis, animal part, or body. 
arctata, a compressed part. 
Partheniastrum, the plant bastard 

Parthenis, > a name of artemesia 
Parthenium, } and of matricaria; 

mugwort; feverfew; tansy. 
Particular a particle ; an atom ; the 

smallest part. 
Particularism particular, or local. 
Partitio, the division, or separation 

of a sound from a morbid part. 
Parturitio, parturition, labour, or 

Partus, the birth of a child. 
Parulis, abscess in the gums ; gum 

Parus, the titmouse. 
Parvi meatus, the cellular mem- 
Parygron, a moist application, as a 

Pasi/i/iilus, a vitriolic plaster. 
Pasma, any powder sprinkled on the 

Pasfiicr, samphire. 
Passa, a whitlow, or abscess of the 

fingers ; a grape ; a fig. 
Passavanticus, a drying powder. 
Passer, the sparrow. 
Passcrina, sparrow's toad flax. 
Passiflora, the passion flower. 
Passio, disease. 

bovina, xgritudo bovina. 
ccelica, diarrhoea. 
hy/iochondriaca, hypochon- 
Passio hysterica, hysteria. 

iliaca, inflammation of the 

intestines; iliac passion. 
Passulx, raisins. 

damuscenx, the largest 

kind of grapes 
Passulatum, any remedy in which 

raisins are the chief ingredient. 

olusatra, Hercules's all- 
heal, or woundwort. 

Pastinaca ofio/ionax, the plant which 
yields opoponax. 

Pastinaca saliva, common, or gar- 
den parsnep. 

Pastinaca sylvestris, wild parsnep. 

Patella, the knee pan 

docimastica, , 



:e pan. 

stic a, ~) 
. . la 
itrix, > 

** i cl " 

exfilor at 
Patetx uv<e, grapes that dry on the 

Patheca, a species of water melon. 

Pathema, disease ; a passion. 

animalc, passion, or disease 
of the mind. 

Pathetici, diseases affecting the 

Patheticus, the fourth pair of nerves. 

Pathognomonica, the unvarying, 
proper, or characteristic symp- 
toms of a disease which distin- 
guish it from all others. 

Pathologia, pathology ; doctrine of 
the causes and nature of diseases, 
comprehending nosology, aetiolo- 
gy, symptomatology, and thera- 

Pathos, an affection. 

Patientia, patience ; monk's rhubarb, 
or lapathum hortense. 

Patientia musculus, levator scapula: ; 
a muscle of the shoulder blade. 

Pator narium, the cavity of the 

Patra/iium, smallage ; parsley. 

Patrimonium, the private parts. 

Patrum cortex, the Peruvian bark. 

Patursa, the venereal disease. 

Pan de sang, the red astringent gum 
of Africa. 

Pauladadum, the sealed absorbent 

Paulina confectio, confectio opiata ; 
a composition of spices, opium, 
castor, galbanum, and storax. 

Paulus, an ancient physician of the 
seventh century, born in the is- 


land of jEgina. He is said to be 

the first professed man-midwife. 
Pausis, a remission of disease. 
Pavana, species of spurge. 
Pavate, a diuretic shrub of Malabar. 
Pavia, the horse chestnut tree. 
Pavo, the peacock. 
Pavor, fear; itch. 
Payes herba, a species of plantain. 
Pechedion, > ^ inamm# 
Pechedium,} r 
Pechurim cortex, an aromatic bark 

like cinnamon, produced from a 

species of laurus. 
Pechyagra, the gout in the elbow. 
Pechys, the elbow. 
Pechytyrbe, the scurvy. 
Pecquiti recefitaculum, receptacu- 

lum chyli. 
Pecten, the os pubis, or share bone ; 

the scallop fish. 
Pecten veneris, Venus's comb ; 

shepherd's needle. 

Pectinizus .„ ~) a muscle of 

„ . ,. musculus, y . ... 
Pectinahs 3 tne thigh. 

Pectinatio, combing. 
Pectoralis, pectoral ; of the breast ; 

medicines adapted to diseases of 

the breast and lungs. 
Pectoralis intcrnus, a muscle of the 

Pectoralis major, a rotator muscle 

of the arm. 
Pectoralis minor, a muscle of the 

Pectoraria herba, garden angelica. 
Pectoris os, the breast bone, or ster- 
Pectus, the breast ; metatarsus. 
P ectusculum, the metatarsal bones 

of the foot. 
Pedatus, resembling a bird's foot. 
Pedethmus, the pulse. 
Pediasmus, wild myrrh. 
Pedibus bovium, oil of neat's feet, or 

ox heels. 
Pedicelli, foot stalks of flowers ; lice. 
Pedicularia, stave's acre. 
Pedicularis, eyebright ; stave's acre ; 

yellow rattle. 
Pediculatio, affected with lice. 
Pediculi inguinales, crab lice of the 



Pediculosus morbus, phthiriasis. 
Pediculus, a louse ; the pedicle of a 

Pedicus, extensor digitorum brevis ; 

a muscle of the foot. 
Pediluvium, a warm bath for the 


./ ,. ' i the sole of the foot. 
Pedium, \ 

Pedes Hififiocamfii, two columns at 
the end of the fornix of the brain. 

Pedora, the dirt of the eyes, ears, or 

Pedro del cobra, a stone, or bone m 
the head of an Indian serpent. 

Pedro del fiorco, bezoar from the 
Indian porcupine. 

Peduncularis, proceeding from the 
foot-stalk of a flower. 

Pedunculatus, growing on foot- 

Pedunculi, the smaller roots of the 
medulla oblongata. 

Pedunculus, a louse; the pedicle, or 
foot-stalk of a flower. 

Peganeltzum, oil of rue. 

Peganerum, a plaster of rue. 

Peganon, ? 

* '5- rue. 
Peganum, 3 

Pege, a fountain; the inner angle 
of the eye. 

Peina, hunger. 

Pelada, loss of hair in venereal dis- 

Pelagia, a sea fish . 

Pelagra, a disease of a very peculiar 
nature, hitherto unnoticed by no- 
sologists, chiefly observed at Mi- 
lan and Padua, and particularly 
described, of late, by Dr. Jansen. 

Pelamys, the tunny fish. 

Pelarium, a collyrium. 

Pelasgus, a kind of laurel. 

Pelecanus, a pelican ; a glass chy- 
mical vessel ; a tooth instrument. 

Pelecinum, a species of goat's thorn 
and of vetch. 

Pelidnus, livid. 

Pelioma, an ecchymosis, or effusion 
of blood under the skin of a livid 

Pellicula membranacta, any thin 


Pellicula agnina, amnios. 

Pellis, the skin of a beast. 

Pelma, the sole of a foot ; a sock. 

Peloris, a large shell fish. 

Peltalis cartilago, the scutiform car- 
tilage of the larynx. 

Peltatus, a leaf with the stalk grow 
ing near the middle instead of the 

Pelvimeter, an instrument to mea- 
sure the dimensions of the female 

Pelvis, a basin ; the cavity formed 
by the os pubis, sacrum, innomi- 
nata, &c. ; a cavity in the kidney, 
brain, 8cc. 

Pelvis aurium, the cochlea of the 

Pelvis cerebri* the infundibulum of 
the brain. 

Pemphigodes, } the thrush, or aph- 

Pcmphingodes, ) thous fever ; fever 
with a sensation of something 
passing through the skin. 

Pemphigus, } the vesicular contagi- 

Pemphigo, 3 ous fever. 

Pemphigus Brasiliensis, the vesicu- 
lar fever of Brasil. 

Pemphigus castrensis, the vesicular 
fever of camps. 

Pemphigus Helveticus, the vesicular 
fever of Switzerland. 

Pemphigus Indicus, the vesicular 
fever of India. 

Pemphigus major, the larger vesicu- 
lar fever. 

Penuea mucronata, the plant which 
affords the sarcocolla. 

Pemptaus, an ague returning every 
fifth day. 

Penetrantia, medicines which pass 
through the pores. 

Penicilla, a lozenge made round by 

Penicilliformis, resembling a pencil. 

Penicillus, a pledget for a wound ; a 

Penidium, > barley su- 

saccharatum, 5 gar. 

Penguin, an acid fruit ; a bird. 

Penis, the penis ; a part of the male 
organs of generation. 

Penis cerebri, the pineal gland. 

the castor oil plant. 


Penis muliebris, clitoris. 

Penna, a feather; a submarine 

Pennatifolius, with leaves like fea- 

Pcno-absou, an orange-like poison- 
ous fruit of America. 


P entadactylum, _ 

Pentagynia, plants with five poin- 

Pentandria, the 5th class of Linnx- 
us's system of botany. 

Pentaneuron, a species of plantain. 

Pentangius, plants with five seed 
vessels, or cells. 

Pentapetalus, flowers consisting of 
five petals, or leaves. 

P entapharmacon, } any composi- 

Pentapharinacum, } tion of five in- 

Pentaphylloides, barren strawberry. 

Pentaphyllum, cinquefoil; wild tan- 
sy ; silver weed. 

Pentapleurum, a species of plantain. 

Pentatomum, cinquefoil. 

Pentorobus, peony. 

Pe/iansis, ~) the concoction, or ma-