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color meme Tor every room 







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u? decata^e uoar &ec) J Loo?n_ 



?/y ACN 

±o capture the charm of color 
in your home, to select, discard, 
combine, contrast the infinite 
variety of shades which are at 
your command — this is apart | 
of the art of interior decoration 

At the risk of seeming profes- 
sorial I am going to give a few simple rules 
for the use of color in the bedroom, rules 
which I have found to be of practical value 
in my own work. 

First, take into consideration the exposure 
of your bedroom. The north room must 
have bright, warm colors. The bedroom 
which is normally flooded with sunlight 
should have more subdued shades. 

Second, take stock of the furnishings and 
decorations which you already have, or are 
planning to use in redecorating. See if it 
will not be possible to make use of your 
present rug, perhaps your curtains, cer- 
tainly the better part of your furniture. 


Third, fix some one color or a 
combination of two colors 
which will be the dominating 
tone of the room. Perhaps that 
color will be in the rug, the ... 
wallpaper, the color you are : 
planning to apply to the bed. 

Fourth, when you have selected the domi- 
nating tone and have fixed it either in paint 
or wallpaper or rug or curtains, build the 
rest ofyour color scheme around that domi^ 
nating tone. Let harmonizing shades pre- 
dominate, with one spot of contrast. 

I have suggested on the following pages a 
number of color combinations for different 
types of bedrooms. All of these are simple, 
practical, and easy to execute with Duco 
colors. Doubtless they will suggest other 
equally attractive effects. I recommend 
that you get a Duco color chart and plan 
your decorating with the aid of these rich 
Duco shades. 

-f 7.y 

For this bedroom I have selected light yellow curtains and a 
mulberry rug and have used Duco Jade Green for the bed, Delft 
Blue for the table and Duco Rich Red for the chair. 

The yellow of the wall paper and the mulberry rug form the 
basis of the color scheme. They need, however, the relief of 
other colors. It is in this avoidance of monotony, that the col- 
ored furniture is so effective. Thus, the blue of the table and the 
jade of the bed produce a pleasing variety, and the brilliant red 
of the chair gives that one sharp accent of color required in 
every room. 


O^te^ color AckemzL ^isuffiedtec? 


Pale green walls, yellow curtains sprinkled with small flower motifs in rose and green. 
Woodwork of gray-green, obtained by mixing Duco Nile Green with twenty-five per 
cent Duco French Gray. Bed, Duco French Gray bordered with a thin stripe of Duco 
Coral Rose. Dressing table of Duco Coral Rose with skirt of rose brocade or taffeta. 
Chairs of Duco French Gray with small rose cushions with green flower patterns. Wall 
and ceiling lamps with yellow shades. Boudoir lamp with rose shade. 

Buff walls, light yellow curtains bordered with blue. Yellow, blue and green hooked 
rugs. Duco Nile Green bed. Duco Chinese Yellow chair. Duco Nile Green dresser. 

Bed, Duco Buff. Chair, Duco Jade Green. Small table, Duco Black. Carper, dark green.* 
Wall, bull. Curtains, green ami rose, 

Bed, Duco Light Blue. Chair, Duco Black. Table, Duco Coral Rose. Floor, dark blue. 
Walls, buff. Curtains, sheer light blue. j 

Bed, Duco French Gray. Chair, Duco Coral Rose. Table, Duco Black. Rug, deep rose. 
Walls, du Pont Flat Wall Paint, French Gray. Curtains, rose and green. 









ttractive living-rooms can 
be created almost overnight by 
a little judicious use of color. 
Seldom is it necessary to go to 
any great expense or to inaugu- 
rate any radical change in ex- 
isting decorations or furniture. 

First of all the living-room shoulcT be rest 
fill, comfortable. In choosing colors and 
color combinations for this room, harmony 
of shades is all important. It should be 
cheerful without being "loud", attractive 
without being "flimsy". 

In securing a color harmony in your living- 
room you should be careful to "key" the 
shades in your curtains and upholstery as 
nearly as possible with the colors you plan 
to use on your furniture and woodwork. 
You should also watch carefully that fun- 
damental rule of interior decoration, that 
the values of the ceiling, the walls, and 
the floor must follow that order in tone 

value. That is, a light ceiling, 
slightly darker walls, and 
darker floors. 

I suggest that in starting to 
redecorate your living-room 
you begin with a single color, 
or possibly two colors, and 
work out your harmonizing shades after 
the original or predominating shade has 
been fixed. A table, a chair, a rug — you can 
start almost anywhere to fix that original 
color. Once it is fixed, build around it. 

The rest is largely a matter of your own 
preference, your own personality. I have 
designed a number of models indicating a 
few of the many pleasing color combina- 
tions which can be achieved with Duco 
colors. Study your own living-room today 
and see if any of these suggestions will 
answer your own problems. You will find 
it easy and practical to useDuco on almost 
any task you set vourself. 

-f 5 >- 

This attractive living-room is both comfortable and bright. 
The desk is finished with Duco Black, striped with Duco Man- 
darin Red and with a Duco Mandarin Red lining. Duco Black 
is also used on the small table next to the chair. The curtains 
of light blue and the deeper blue of the rug harmonize with the 
upholstery which has a blue field and a repeat of the Mandarin 
Red in the pattern. The waste-basket and the circular-top table 
have been finished with Duco Jade Green, 


I/jo color" kcVimonLe4^ c^eolee) 

06/ MR/. BUEL 

Wall, du Pont Ivory Flat Wall Paint; woodwork, Duco Ivory. Draperies, blue pat- 
terned cretonne or chintz. Chairs, Duco Brown mixed with twenty-five per cent Duco 
Buff; cushions plain blue. Floors, Duco Black mixed with twenty-five per cent Duco 
Brown. Wall lamps shaded with rose silk. Rugs, floral pattern in rose and brown on 
beige ground. 

Desk, Duco Dark Green; yellow chintz cushions; table, Duco Dark Green; pale yel- 
low walls; curtains, light green; rug of green; small table, Duco Brown. 

Duco Powder Blue desk; desk chair, Duco Black; deep blue carpet; small stand, Duco 
Black; table, Duco Powder Blue. Walls, blue of lighter tone than desk; curtains, 
flowered chintz of soft pink and blue. 

Duco Black desk, Duco Jade Green interior; table, Duco Black striped with Duco 
Jade Green; small table, Duco Brown; desk chair, Duco Black striped with Duco Jade 
Green; black floor; green rug; walls in du Pont Flat Wall Paint Ivory; curtains and 
chair, flowered chintz with cream ground. i 

Duco Delft Blue desk; chair, Duco Ivory with pink tone; small table, Duco Ivory, 
like chair; table, Duco Delft Blue. 

Duco French Gray desk, inside jade green; desk chair, gray striped with Duco Jade 
Green; table, gray striped with Duco Jade Green; Duco Black stand; carpet, gray, 
keyed to yellow; soft yellow walls; chintz curtains with yellow background; lamp 
with yellow-pink shade; large chair, yellow, slightly darker than walls— with chintz 

{ 7 } 


J_ sometimes wonder why 
women who spend a great deal 
of time and talent on the de- 
tails of their appearance often 
are afraid to experiment with 
interior decoration. Is it be- 
cause they feel that there is 
something mysterious in achieving a per- 
fee 1 1 y h a r m on i o u s r o o m? 1 1 ' s re al 1 y n o more 
complicated than choosing the proper cos- 
tume and it's infinitely more interesting. 

There are many ways to go about redeco- 
rating a room. I am considering here a way 
which will appeal, I believe, to almost 
everyone. The only requirements are the 
same sense of color you use in selecting 
stockings or shoes for a costume, and the 
same sense of form which makes you in- 
stinctively buy the right frock — the right 

Let us say, then, that you are going to use 
the furniture you already have, the same 
rugs and curtains, and that you are limit- 
ing yourself to a very little money. Begin 
with the dining-room. Make an inventory 
of what you have in the room— the chairs, 
the table, the sideboard, the rug, the cur- 
tains. Then, exactly as you would select 
the various colors for an ensemble, choose 

from the Duco color chart the 
colors which would "go to- 
gether," the shades which 
would harmonize and comple- 
ment and pleasantly contrast. 
There are very few rules to fol- 
low beyond your own good 
taste. Naturally the floor tones are darker 
than those higher in the room. Naturally 
you will need balance, which is simply 
the proper relationship between colors, »a 
dominating shade with one or more com- 
plementing shades and a spot of contrast. 
But here, as elsewhere, your own good 
taste must be in command. It's your own 
personality you are expressing. 

And by all means do the work yourself. 
With Duco it's really very little trouble. 
The pleasure you will get from the finished 
effect, the new beauty of a familiar room, 
will be equalled by the pleasure you will 
find in planning and doing the work 

I have suggested a number of dining-room 
color schemes on the following pages. Per- 
haps noone of themwill suit your particular 
dining-room. But they may suggest other 
schemes. All of the effects can be easily 
and quickly achieved with Duco colors. 


In this dining-room, 1 have used figured curtains with plain 
walls and chosen a fabric with red and blue figures against a 
tan background. The damson rug is a combination of the red 
and blue and thus gives a basic unity to the decoration. 

The table and chairs, finished with Duco Jade Green, are nicely 
balanced against this unified background. And the Duco Man- 
darin Red cupboard draws together the completed composition. 

i 9 }- 

ix, o&zej*- way 


Ptf^ Ml XT M c CLEllAND 

Duco Walnut floor with sagebrush green rug; serving table and sideboard finished 
with Duco Delft Blue; table and chairs, Duco Buff; walls of du Pont Flat Wall Paint, 
Green Tint; ivory curtains. 

Duco Brown floor and a neutral brown rug; serving table and sideboard finished with 
Duco Orange; Duco Powder Blue table and chairs; walls tinted with du Pont Flat 
Wall Paint, Ivory; bright orange curtains. 

Floor finished with Duco Navy Blue; serving table and sideboard of Duco Delft Blue' 
table and chairs finished with Duco Rich Red; walls, du Pont Flat Wall Paint, French 
Gray; curtains of red and white checks. 

Duco Brewster Green floor; serving table, sideboard and table finished with Duco 
Chinese Yellow with lines of Duco Mandarin Red; chairs of Duco Mandarin Red with 
lines of Chinese Yellow; walls, du Pont Flat Wall Paint, Green Tint, with Duco 
Chinese Yellow moldings; Chinese yellow curtains, trimmed with green. 


A dark gray floor and rug; sideboard and serving table finished with Chinese Yellow 
with Mandarin Red lines; table and chairs of Duco Gray picked out with Duco Chi- 
nese Yellow; walls of French Gray du Pont Flat Wall Paint with Duco Powder Blue 
moldings; rich red curtains. 

Floor finished with Duco Walnut; sideboard and serving table of Duco Orange; table 
finished with Duco Delft Blue; chairs finished with Duco Orange and striped with 
Delft Blue; walls, du Pont Flat Wall Paint, Light Buff, with Delft Blue moldings; 
delft blue curtains with orange bands. 

-f io \ 

x^ke&LfzLL kcictitVL, of^olor^ 





hen you are going out to 
buy chintz for curtains, you 
don't just ask for some chintz. 
Before you start you decide 
upon exactly the right color 
for the room in which the 
curtains are to go. And you 
come home with a chintz which fits pleas- 
antly into the color scheme of the room. 

In that little chintz selection you are really 
exercising the art of the interior decorator, 
at least as far as the very important matter 
of color is concerned. Color schemes for 
the home are simply selections of colors 
which go well together. Of course, there 
are a great many units to consider — walls 
and furniture and draperies and accessories 
— and therefore many colors and shades of 
colors may be combined in a harmonious 
scheme. Still, thechief essential is the color- 
sense you instinctively apply in almost 
every purchase of household equipment. 

Why not sit down today and 
plan a color scheme for your 
own kitchen. I have always 
believed that lives that were 
surrounded with color were 
happier lives, and there is no 
better place for color in the 

modern home than in the kitchen. Here is 

a woman's own particular workshop. 

Here everything should be both practical 

and colorful. 

For this book I have designed the kitchen 
illustrated and described on the following 
page, and have also given color schemes 
for six other kitchens. These plans can all 
be worked out easily with Duco and I hope 
that they will suggest to you other com- 
binations, equally pleasing. Once you have 
taken up a brush you'll be so interested in 
what you are doing that you will hate to 
put it down. 

-{ ii y 

This kitchen is a harmony of cool buffs and blues. On the 
kitchen cabinet I applied Duco Powder Blue, a soft shade 
which dominates the entire room. This same Duco Powder 
Blue is repeated on the benches of the breakfast corner, and 
on the table I used Duco Buff to harmonize with the neutral 
Buff du Pont Interior Gloss of the walls. The blue and gray 
check floor balances the room, and the effect is completed by 
the rose curtains and a touch of contrasting Duco Mandarin Red 
on the small kitchen stool. 

-i 12, }■ 


nod b^ouant color- into the kttcnesv 

Dark Blue and Red Kitchen: 

Kitchen cabinet finished with Duco Dark Blue; floor of blue and buff checks keyed 
with the buff walls; breakfast corner benches of Duco Dark Blue and table finished 
with Duco Rich Red; chairs and stool also of Duco Rich Red; a touch of green in the 
kitchen ware will round out the scheme perfectly. 

Green and White Kitchen: 

Cabinet finished wi th Duco Jade Green ; walls of d u Pon t In terior Gloss Green ; DucoWhi te 

benches and kitchen stool ; table finished withDuco jade Green ; floor of green and white. 

Yellow and Green Kitchen: 

Cabinet finished with Duco Chinese Yellow; pale yellow curtains at the windows; 
floor of buff and dark green; woodwork finished with Duco Dark Green, and chairs 
with Duco Jade Green; the walls of du Pont Interior Gloss Green. 

The Sunny Kitchen: 

Cabinet, chairs, and table of Duco Mandarin Red with Duco Black trimming; walls 
of du Pont Interior Gloss Gray; floors finished with Duco Sagebrush Green; curtains 
with light gray or buff field and small flower or leaf pattern of bright mulbcrrv. 

Kitchen with South Light: 

Cabinet and chairs finished with Duco Dark Green with Duco Orange striping; walls 
of du Pont Interior Gloss Green; floors finished with Duco Brewster Green; white 
curtains with an orange pattern or border. 

Cool, Modern Kitchen: 

Cabinet, table, chairs, finished with Duco Delft Blue; walls of du Pont Interior 

Gloss Buff; floors of Duco Walnut; window curtains of blue and white. 

1 13 > 



f \0i4kj Gmc/vyncotpota£e0i 

Interior decoration is simply 
the art of making home a more 
attractive place to live in. The 
proper use of color is one of the 
most important parts of this art. 
Color is perhaps nowhere more 
felicitous than on the porch. 
The problems you face when you start to 
decorate your porch arc quite different 
from others in interior decoration. Bright, 
gay, sunlight-flooded, unenclosed by 
walls, without color the whole spirit of 
the porch is lost. In actual interior rooms 
the room itself is everything with windows 
playing the part of attractive pictures. 
The limits of the porch are the limits of 
the horizon. And similarly the limits of 
color on the porch are simply the limits 
of nature. 

Either you must compete with 
the colors of nature in decorat- 
ing the porch or else subordinate 
the color which you can apply 
yourself to the color of flowers 
and vines and sunlight. In either 
way charming effects can be 
achieved. With buffs and yellows, and* 
light greens, or with brilliant blues and * 
reds and yellows, you can work out a 
great variety of combinations and color 

The use of Duco is entirely satisfactory on 
porch furniture. It is durable and water- 
proof and will not fade. I am particularly 
enthusiastic about the small hand sprayer 
for use in painting wicker furniture. It 
saves all the usual trouble of trying to 
reach the hidden strands with a brush. 

i i 4 >- 

Color on the porch must either compete or subordinate itself 
to the colors of nature. In any outdoor color scheme the bright 
hues of flowers add the final piquant note to the composition. 

In decorating this porch I applied Duco Lawn Green to the 
wickerwork table and Duco Mandarin Red to the armchair. 
Duco Buff on the other chairs softened these contrasting shades, 
and Duco Lawn Green on the flower boxes admirably rounded 
out the picture. 

< 15 y 

(Jtn&^ potcJt ^Ji&wied £?e^ mrs. robinson 

Table finished with Duco Black; chairs of Duco Jade Green; cushions of black and 
red cretonne; flower boxes finished with Duco Black; a large bowl finished with Duco 
Rich Red. 

A Duco Orange table, with chairs finished in Duco Buff; Duco Dark Green flower 
boxes; cushions and minor decorations of orange and green. 

Floors of dark red stone; table finished with Duco Rich Red and chairs with Duco 
French Gray; flower boxes of Duco Brewster Green; cushions of delft blue. 

Duco Black floor; table finished with Duco Jade Green; chairs of Duco Buff; flowtr 
boxes finished with Duco Dark Green; delft blue cushions and vases. 

A Duco Mandarin Red table; chairs finished with Duco Powder Blue with Duco 
Mandarin Red detail ; flower boxes finished with Duco Navy Blue; rich yellow cushions - 

Duco Dark Gray floor; table finished with Duco Delft Blue; chairs finished with 
Duco Orange; flower boxes of Duco Buff; cushions of jade green with a figured pattern . 

\ 16 } 



cl aau^ coco/ 1 ' com&ina£ion-s 

1 ' I hate to go to bed and see 
The birds still hopping on 
the tree!" 


hat room do you remember 
most vividly of all those thou- 
sands of rooms you have 
known? Very likely it's that 

for decorating the nursery, 
that there seems no end to the 
possibilities. I have included 
here just a few of the dozens of 
charming effects you can exe- 
cute for your own children. 
Perhaps you can use one of 

little room you first learned to call yours, them as it is. Certainly others will occur to 
the nursery where you spent so many hours , 
wakeful, asleep and dreaming. 

Children's rooms should be full of gay and 
merry color, color to shape their imagina- 
tions down through the years. Where is 
there a better place for you to start bring- 
ing color into your home than up in the 
children's room? 

So many cheerful color combinations sug- 
gest themselves, so many colorful plans 

you. They can be attained easily and 
quickly with Duco colors which you can 
apply yourself while the children are out 
playing. And incidentally, Duco stands up 
extraordinarily well under the wear that 
children give their rooms. Why not sur- 
prise them tonight when they go upstairs? 
Let them find a new room, as colorful and 
gay as any page in the Mother Goose 

-{ 17 y 

This merry color scheme was originated for the small nursery. 
The predominating color is blue, fixed by the light blue-gray 
walls, the carpet, and the Duco Light Blue table, crib, and 

The light, fluffy curtains of white with red dots, and the chairs, 
finished with Duco Rich Red, give a permanent touch of sun- 
light. The frieze of nursery animals frames a room which should 
delight any child. 

-{ 18 }- 

(be nuAA&iu ^dc/iewied ^tuz/zejiec? 


Wallpaper of nursery patterns, predominantly yellow in tone; Duco Chinese Yellow 
woodwork lightened in tone by the addition of twenty-live per cent Duco White; beds 
of Duco Chinese Yellow trimmed with a thin border stripe of Duco Mandarin Red; 
red and white checked bedspread; light blue curtains with scarlet piping; chairs fin- 
ished with Duco Nile Green; dresser of Duco Chinese Yellow. 

Walls, du Pont Flat Wall Paint, Light Buff; sheer yellow curtains; Duco Chinese 
Yellow table; bed, chairs, and bureau finished with Duco Jade Green; soft, dark green 
carpet; red elsewhere in the details of decoration. 

An animal striping on the walls in green or yellow; rug of delft blue; pale peach walls; 
peach-colored curtains with a gold star pattern; bedspread of the same color and pat- 
tern; chairs finished with Duco Coral Rose; bed finished with Duco Powder Blue. 

Walls, du Pont Flat Wall Paint, Light Buff; pale yellow curtains; light, cool green 
rug; bed finished with Duco Coral Rose; chest of Duco Coral Rose; chairs of Duco 
Coral Rose; table finished with Duco Jade Green; bedspread of pale yellow like the 
curtains. * 

Duco French Gray bed; Duco French Gray chest; Duco Mandarin Red table; Duco 
Mandarin Red chairs; soft light blue walls; light blue and red dotted curtains; blue 
bedspread tufted in red — touches of deep blue in room. 

Duco Rich Red bed; Duco Buff table; Duco Buff chest; Duco Rich Red chairs; walls 
of du Pont Flat Wall Paint Ivory; cream curtains; cream bedspread— touches of green 
in room. 

-{ 19 }- 




Enduring beauty, lasting color, these are the se- 
crets of the success of Duco in home decoration, 
just as they are the secrets of the amazing success 
which Duco has had in the field of the motor car. 
Literally dozens of objects are waiting in your 
home today for a coat of Duco to make them en- 
duringly beautiful. If you do not want to start to 
redecorate an entire room, why not start out with 
the waste-basket, ov some other small object, and 
prove to yourself how easy it is to bring beauty 
into your home with Duco? 






It was Duco that first brought enduring beauty 
to motor cars. Duco which first provided colors 
which would stand up and hold their rich beauty 
under all sorts of climatic conditions. These same 
qualities make Duco today the ideal method of 
home decoration. The finish which stands up un- 
der rain and sleet and sun and snow, season after 
season, will naturally give excellent service in 
your home, on chairs, on beds, and tables. 




Small objects in your home can be made smartly 
decorative with a coat of Duco. And you can 
make your own gifts, easily and quickly, with the 
wide range of Duco colors. Candlesticks, vases, 
lamps, bowls, hundreds of gifts and objects of 
art can be created and executed with Duco colors. 
And Duco is so easy to apply, so unfailingly sure 
in its results, that you need never fear the slight- 
est discrepancy between plan and result. Why 
not plan your gifts for the coming vear now, and 
create them vourself with Duco colors? 

-{ ^o }- 

Many are the novel effects you can achieve, your- 
self, with Duco. On glassware, pottery, china, 
you can secure charming effects in variegated col- 
ors by simply "pouring on" Duco in various 
colors. One color blends softly with another, 
producing a finish which resembles rare old pot- 
tery. Tiffany and stipple finishes are easy to do 
when you follow a few simple directions which 
your dealer will gladly give you. 


Color on your wall bookcase, your wall lamps, 
on picture frames and mirrors. Often Duco colors 
on some small object will brighten up the entire 
room. A splash of yellow against a white wall, 
of red against ivory, or blue against green, there 
are Duco color schemes for even the smallest 

Think of all the things in the kitchen that you 
could quickly and easily make more beautiful 
and more lasting with Duco. The bread box, the 
canisters, even the broom handle can be made 
more attractive by the use of color. Duco hardens 
with a satiny surface that resists hard wear. 









{ 2.1 }- 





You will learn the joy of craftsmanship when you 
begin to paint with Duco. You will learn the 
pleasure of creating beautiful things with your 
own hands. With a little help from transfers and 
stencils you will be able, with no past experience, 
to create charming patterns and designs in color. 





Duco is an ideal finish for children's toys. It is 
hard, durable, and washable. You can keep it 
absolutely clean and sanitary. There are no im- 
perfections in its smooth surface to hide germs 
and dirt. And the rich, beautiful colors of Duco 
and its full texture appeal alike to children and 
grown-ups. Why not give some of the toys a coat 
of Duco color this afternoon? Old toys are made 
like new, and new toys are made more beautiful, 
more sanitary, more lasting. 




The attractive Duco colors are waiting to bring 
new life, new beauty, into your home, into ycnar 
life. There is a du Pont dealer near you who car- 
ries the only genuine Duco, made by du Pont. 
Get in touch with him today. Let him show you 
the rich Duco colors. 

-{ xx y 

How to apply DUCO 

Duco is not a paint or varnish, but a new Use a clean brush with long, medium-soft 

pyroxylin finish — and this new finish calls bristles. Do not try to brush too long or 

for a slightly different method of appli- try to cover roo large an area at one time. 

cation. But this new way is easier and Two or more coats should be applied. Do 

quicker. Just follow the few simple direc- not apply the Duco colors over mahogany 

tions given below: stained woods, or recently painted, var- 

n i s heel , o r en a mel e d s u rf a ces . 
Stir contents of the can thoroughly with 

a wooden paddle, making sure that the On bare metal, or previously finished metal 

solid pigment is thoroughly mixed with sur f aces tnaC are checked or marred, apply 

the liquid. 

Preparation of the surface to be finished is 
most important. Use turpentine to remove 
any oil, wax, grease, or polish which may 
have accumulated on the surface. Any 
rough or broken places should be sanded 

For surfaces that are checked, scratched, 
or marred, or for new unfinished surfaces, 
sandpaper the surface until 
it is smooth. Apply one or 
more coats of Duco Under- 
coater and finish with Duco. 

one or more coats of du Pont Auto and 
Metal Surfacer and finish with Duco. For 
previously finished metal surfaces in good 
condition, apply Duco directly over the 
present surface. 

If the can is left open for any considerable 
length of time and the Duco becomes too 
heavy for easy brushing, thin Duco with 
Duco Thinner only. Clean brushes with 
Duco Thinner and wipe them 
dry. Duco Thinner may also 
be used to remove Duco from 
the hands or from any surface. 

Only DUCO gives DUCO Results 

-f 2-3 }-