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^ axatz dM~ 0f ufflt... 

W\)v an e-?tne or e-masa?ine? 

Wt\\, 3J toant to bo my oton thins if you like. Ssibe from the stream of so-calleb unbersrounb bip pint releases, tohose circulation 
exceebs at times not some one hunbreb copies. i£>omethins tohere 1 can express myself, create a piece art toith tohom 3f can 
continue to pursue the path 3i babe toanbereb on for some time now. Ss one of the reasons for toritins retoietos is the ibea of 
supporting banbs in one toay or another, a liberation from a website, tabic!) tooulb currently be tlje i^letal Srchibes as well as tlje 
Circle of destruction one, just seems natural anb as a step in tlje right birection. 

38ut toby a toeb?ine anb not in print? W\>y uploabeb at tlje internet Srchibe? 

®be circulation of a e-masa?ine is Jjigljer than of a printeb one anb so tlje aforementioneb goal can easier be acljiebeb. l^hat Boob 
tooulb come of a rebieto in such a printeb thins, tohen the liveliness to set it is next to ?ero. ?|oto can there be a balance bettoeen 
costs anb benefits? ®he internet has probibeb us toith the means anb technolosy to spreab the information from one part of the 
Slobe to another one in no time. £§>o, the losical question tooulb be: toby not use it to promote the cause? jffloreober, the Internet 
Srchibe is just the risbt Place to uploab this stuff, because of the site's oberall seal: 

Most societies place importance on preserving artifacts of their culture and heritage. Without such artifacts, 
civilization has no memory and no mechanism to learn from its successes and failures. Our culture now 
produces more and more artifacts in digital form. The Archive's mission is to help preserve those artifacts and 
create an Internet library for researchers, historians, and scholars, 
(taken from 

®he information toill be preserbeb anb kept for a soob beal of time anb the banbs can benefit on a much larser scale than throusb 
any form of print; especially important for unknoton or small banbs. 

as 3J am not entirely certain hoto this thins toill look like anb tohether %a®tX toill probibe me toith the necessary tools to create 
the kinb of masa?ine 3i babe in my minb, the first issues toill rather be some kinb of experiments on my sibe. 

jf eebbarfc is iaerp toelrome: onepoubontlmoto at paboo bot be 
JlopefuIIp pou toill enjop tlje toritinas a bit .... 


This magazine is released under "Creative Commons Namensnennung-Keine kommerzielle Nutzung-Keine 

Bearbeitung 3.0 Deutschland" 


All rights of the cover artwork lie with the corresponding artists. 

3fotoex B-etuetosi: 

©emetrtus <Srabe 


jfeu (Sregeoisf 


©esfolate ?|ori?on 




$oete jUaubit 

Bemctrtttg (feratoe - Cfte dtp 3fe J§>o ffiig 

12 ©racks (tape) Srounb 61 minutes 

Stagnation. Stagnation tan be founb in the black metal scene on a broab scale. Apparent changes in the style are often merely 
cosmetic, tobile the beeper unberlying surface remains untoucbeb. Ambient influences are abbeb to support the atmosphere, 
bepressibe facets are often not more than eberytbing repeateb exressibely on a slower tempo anb noise is often barely tourbeb anb 
aboibeb like plague. So, tobile a bit of polishing here anb there is practiceb, the oberall performance of the banbs is in some 
respect wanting. €ben banbs tobose 'instruments' are all electronic anb performeb by a computer, stick to the concepts that are 
generally createb by their fellow musicians britb the 'real equipment'. 

^hen it comes to music, then Demetrius <Srabe is bifferent anb the banb set the frame for some fuckeb up art right from the 
beginning. Plack iWetal plus a goob beal of electronic influences might sum up the oeubre of the Italian artist. ©be latter aspect 
of the two can be recogni^eb throughout the entire release anb probibes the music some interesting rhythms anb arrangements. 
Ssibe from straight- fortoarb black metal compositions, others come With some techno -influenceb motibes anb also these ttoo in a 
unit? create an interesting anb fascinating impression. 

(generally, the guitars create a brone-like texture in the backgrounb, tobile pounbing brums - electronic ones - create the beat of 

the music. Intense is the proper phrase to bescribe the Wbe €itp 3fg £>o Ma anb the stoitcbes bettoeen bery fast anb sloto tempo 

bo their share to complete this impression, jlfloreober, the music is chaotic, biolent, it is noisy anb aggressibe... it is not 

something the listener toill finb on a bail? basis; toell, as this tape is limiteb to 50 copies only, not many toill babe the chance to 

get a ropy of it. Someboto this is a bab thing, because the use of a sax, 

the string parts anb also the bense atmosphere of some of the 

compositions make this tape really interesting, ©he music is not 

generic, blanb or prebictable. father the contrary is the case. Despite U) 

the oberarrbing complexity noto anb then, bespite the emphasis of I Z 

electronic elements in the process of creating this album it is possible to J[ MwjJ. -'---* 

enjoy this @//e €itp 16 £>o ?8ig. Venice, the toell renotoneb Italian mt 

toton, one of the tenters of carnibal in Curope, tooulb also be the origin of Ikmetrius <§rabe anb it is only appropriate to see anb 
hear the music on this tape reflecting the facets of the cultural environment appropriately. <©n the other hanb is the aggressibe anb 
harsh nature a contrast, a birty anb sinister face, of what a foreigner tooulb associate toith Venice. tEhe music is not nice or 
frienbly or calm. Su contraire! 3St unleashes a furious thunberstorm unto the ears of the listener, tohich lasts for nearly the entire 

Qthis is not typical black metal, but it is interesting to finb here anb example to tohat extreme lebels music of this genre can 
brought to, once the bounbaries babe been erabicateb anb the ibeas freeb. 

Communion - Bemo % 

(glacis / thrash metal; Chile) 

2 bracks (tape) Srounb 8 minutes in length 

Mo homepage 

Communion is another young anb obscure metal banb. Calling Chile 

as their homesteab anb the olb- school bibe as the bominating 

characteristic of their thrash/black metal performance. Hes, this is 

another banbs to hose performance is one more brop of toater in the bast 

ocean of mebiocrity. Seriously, tohat can you expect from a bemo tohose 

entire length is less than ten minutes, tohose tracks bo not biffer much 

from each other anb tohose originality is on such loto lebels that it passes the listener's attention ... like the rest of the 

performance. J?othing neto, nothing interesting, nothing fascinating ... only borebom tohich takes ober all too subben, tohile the 

art toears off toith each abbitional spin, luckily the listener boes not babe to beg too long for the bemo to enb, because those eight 

minutes pass by bery soon. 

jfctt (feregeote - (fetterog jfranquea 
(Jilack/ beatlj metal; jf rante) 

5 bracks Srounb 17 minutes in length 


3Sn 2006 the ftrstt oemo of the jf rencb battU Jf eu (Sregeois - (greek jf ire in (English - anb the attempt (jab been to create some 
sort of black/beath toith some symphonic unbertones. Sie it some keyboarb textures, be it some choir parts, the banb thought it 
tooulb be best to enrich the compositions toith some abbitional facets anb elements. illoreober, as the compositions are rather 
melobic toith some slight aggressibe bibes, these aforementioneb ibeas fit bery toell into tohat the banb attempteb to craft. £§>o, 
tohile the music is able to fascinate in some respect, the shallotoness of compositions as toell as the tenbenry to go notohere at 
times, makes it bifficult to thoroughly enjoy it. Slso the bocals (harsh grotols/screams) are a bit off the path anb create a tension 
that is basically unnecessary because the contrast to the oberall performance is simply too large, ibo, tohile the jfeu <Sregeois is 
able to torite some interesting motibes, they are unable to shine through; something tohicb might contributeb to inexperience on 
the sibe of the musicians. 

jfcorfr - Boob 

(JSlack metal, J?etherlanbs) 

12 ©racks (tape) Srounb 47 minutes in length 

<©ne man black metal ... again, ibomehoto a minimalist line-up anb this type of music are symbiotic in some respect. Snb as it 
has become quite easy to recorb something mobern computer technology, a lot of these sbilleb musicians attempt to take abbantage 
of this. Well, the outcome is obbious anb since the rise of the internet the black metal scene is basically floobeb toith music from 
all parts of the toorlb. ©uality anb ouantity are out of balance. 

get, tins release bj> J?orb shoulb be granteb some attention, atmospheric on a larger Stale, bepressibe in some respect anb quite 
raw is the style of the music. 3it unfolbs itself from the berp beginning anb brags the listener boton into a boomp anb bark toorlb. 
ibloto monotonous riffs meanber through the foggy lanbscape, accompanieb b}> a toarm bass line anb the croaking of feroen; the 
sole member behinb this banb. Here, the banb has got it right anb the music offers the right balance between the minimalism anb 
melobic tunes. tEhe pre- as toell as succeebing albums are a bit of a botonturn in this respect anb trj> to plaj> the bepressiue carb 
on a too large scale. Boob is not like $tor?um or like H>trib, eben thought there is some resemblance in the performance. tEhere 
is also a icj> anb bense toall of bistorteb (here: bass-)guitar, tohile the melobies unfolb their beautp arounb it. tEhis album is also 

interesting because J?orb plapeb 
them later in the album in a 
listener will appreciate these 
music. I^oulb J?orb torite more 
it with the accorbion from the 
peculiar anb fascinating coulb be 

JBesotete Horizon - Beaotete Horizon 

U bracks (tape) Srounb 41 minutes 

Mo homepage 

Sesolate (abj.): 

1. uninhabiteb; beserteb 

2. mabe uninhabitable; laib toaste; bebastateb 

3. without frienbs, hope, ox encouragement; forlorn, toretcheb, or abanboneb 

4. gloom? or bismal; bepressing 

toith the motibes anb repeateb 
bifferent composition again. tEhe 
small twists anb turns in the 
music of this quality anb combine 
^aartoel release, then something 

ftost-apocalpptic tooulb be a berp adequate term to bescribe the music of the American battb ©esolate ?|ori?on. tEbe lack of longer 
melobies, the surprisinglp appearing bocals as toell as samples, the strange oberall sounb, all of this fits together somehow anb 
creates at times a feeling; of confusion. & mixture of ambient, inbustrial anb noise is tobat the listener is confronteb with here, 
pet the toap the elements babe been arrangeb here is goob anb bab at the same time. Interesting as there are certain toell crafteb 
melobies anb motibes at times. Jloreober, the impressions citeb abobe in the bescription of the toorb 'besolate' is expresseb 
throughout the music anb arrangements; the listener gets the ibea. l^bat makes it bifficult to enjop this piece is the cheap sounb. 
Qtbere is not beptb anb there is also no nice bass in the background therefore eberptbing is toap too focus on the beiabts anb 
abanboneb the beptb of the art. Sbbitional lapers in the backgrounb as toell as a better equipment, tobicb tooulb gibe the music a 
more professional sounb, are the mapor aspects this banb sboulb beal toitb for their next release. 

Sgutnan - &ogati %.opiter 

(Plack jWetal; jWontenegro) 

4 tracks (tape) Srounb 14 minutes in length. 

J?o homepage 

3insane, fuckeb up anb furious. Ikallp, if pou babe thought to babe listeneb to eberp possible combination of facets of elements of 
the black metal scene anb skippeb this banb so far, then pou babe misseb an extreme anb reallp toeirb example of art. 3it is barb 
to put the performance of 3iguman into toorbs, simplp because it is impossible to cite a reference or anp other banb of equal lebels 
of insanitp. ©utre for the sake of creating something out of the orbinarp routine, like Caro jllalebicta the banb uses choral parts 
as a counterpoint to the Satanic Iprics, tobicb are expresseb in screams, fast speaking, singing ... ah fuck ... in so manp toaps. 
J?eat ear-frienblp melobies? jfuck this as toell ... this is extreme anb toell crafteb ... get it!!!!!!!! 

({Ebrasb/Jilacls/iBeatb; iflontenegro) 

3 tracks (tape) Srounb 4 min. 

Mo homepage 

iPrimitibe, minimalist, terilb ant insane something of music, Heab, normally grinbrore reaches for such minimalist lengths, but it 
seems that some metal maniacs in the small country jHontenegro mere jealous ano crafteo something of equallp minimalist 
proportions, ^ell, there is not much pou tan write about. ©be songs are straight- fortoarb fucbeo up metal stuff with influences 
from a barietp of genres; see abotoe. iSeliebe me, it takes longer to explain someone this bemo, than the listening to it from 
beginning to enb. jfurfceb up unbergrounb stuff ... get it!!!!! 

BtilUjtten - % €miamfleteng &apen 

(Ambient, folk; ibtoeben) 

3 ©racks (j$l$3S) 18:27 minutes 

©be seconb release bp the i?teiebisb ambient/folk banb i?tillbeten teias releaseb bp the Italian M.M.12L. experimental J?et label 
anb is as such abailable for botemloab. ©bis is not a bab thing as pou can listen to the music for free anb becibe for yourself, 
Whether pou toil! bup one of the announceb phpsical releases or not. 

©he rotoer might alreabp suggest ft: the music is bark anb gloomp anb is in terms of the stple more ambient than folk. ibabness 
brips out of etoerp composition anb surrounbs the listener in a bense fog anb toithout anp hope of finbing something bifferent or a 
map out. imagine the last release op Cmpprtum — ^eilanb — but etoen barber anb rebuceb to guitars anb brone-like sounbs. Slso 
the music of ©ctober Jfalls is rather chilling anb happp compareb to i§>tillheten's art anb etoen a banb like ©enhi is rarelp able to 
create such intense but minimalist arrangeb atmospheres, ^ell placeb are the arrangements anb toarteb enough to keep the 
atmosphere up. Close pour epes, let them unfolb in front of pou ... the outsibe boes not matter for a moment. 

ibit back . . . pes, sit back anb let the strings haunt pour soul, let the melobies embrace pour senses anb take pou on a trip into a 
sab anb bark toorlb. ©here, peace mill surrounb the minb anb protoibe some rest from these hastp oaps. 

j&ecommenbeb track: J?ar is>kuggan ipaknas. 

(®hrash/ black jSletal, Canaba) 

2 bracks (i$l$3s) Srounb 10 minutes in length 

J?ot manp people toill knoto this banb. Sre thep from a small countrp or just recentlp formeb bp some poungsters? J?either of 
these is true, jformeb in 1988 (!) anb with the first ttoo releases in 1989 the Canabians exist for some time alreabp, but floete 
iHaubit boes not seem to hatoe got reallp starteb back then, because the thirb output onlp Sato the light toerp recentlp: in 2007 to be 
precise, ©his toas spreab as a bigital botonloab, so thep toere able to a little bit more attention as toell as retoietos. Witl) music 

J?oto it is 2010 anb the fourth output has seen the light of bap anb it is a rather short one ... a small snack anb nothing more, 
floesie Moitt, the title as toell as onlp neto track bp the banb, tooulb protoibe a glimpse on a neto stple of music bp this banb. 

&ctuallj>, the music continues in some respect tobere the banb left off toith their surceebtng album ?|iber ©uebecois b'&ntan. tEbe 
sounb of the guitars, the motibes . . . there is a bit of resemblance. &nytoay, the music has become more melobic, slower anb lost 
a bit of the bense atmosphere, but gaineb a bit of ratcbiness. especially the leab- guitar motibes, this nice anb chilling tunes are 
pretty cool, ©he contrary can be saib of the bocals as toell as the brum- computer. $totb are by no means conbincing anb a bit of 
annoying. &n appetiser ... of great things to come . . . hopefully, ©he Cure cober is quite goob. 

3nbex pictures: 

pictures taken from these books. 

ifflore anb longer remetos 



fflapbe euen some essaps 

anb toijat else tomes to tlje mfnb.