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The second child ««t ,i was I.)rout»ht up »u't oni:* •; Gernuui prineipU4-.     11" her own;  her  HtiT.itn:^ consisted of tin* " I h* pious hooks, \\htU* j-I .   ., meats general!v   pr:*  '/• strictly forhidtien» dti>\ \^.^ My excellent j;ran«ij r.« \! been eclurateel t«» h !i» <•• ? cies  of  the  tlu-atn-   \\ -\<< nicious," and   thrir  t hi! 1 allowed even  to thin!,  M However, by the aid M  ! brothei;   his    {urd«»\ /. •• friendly I;iteh-kr\t tu. i. « seventeen, swuj;;;!rd  ::,: » iniquity1'  for  thr   !i? *   L away  by  the  t ilmf   a-, I IX  P,   Bowers, and   I.,   t, that mterestim; t!iti\^h   , ioned play, " Th»- SIM «,t