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MY  PARENTS* LOVE  MATCH                         3
this breath of romance that caused her to grow more and more restive under the strict discipline of her home life. At any rate, it was soon after her first visit to the theatre that she found a way of meeting and losing her heart to Charles H. Anderson, a young man of English birth, who had just finished his education at Oxford. Clever, scholarly, charming in presence and manner, devoted to sport, a passionate lover of the drama and all things artistic, he was the very man to win the admiration of a girl whose life had been as narrow and fettered as hers. With all his graces and accomplishments, he was, unfortunately, not religious, and his proposal for my mother's hand was met by a stern refusal from her parents. They did not believe in marriages between persons of different religions, and especially were they opposed to the marriage of their daughter with a man devoid of faith. To them the soul union was the only one that could insure a lasting love and durable happiness. My mother was therefore forbidden to see him again, though from a worldly point of view her lover had everything in his favor. For some months a secret correspondence was carried on between them. Wearying, however, of continued separation, and aided again by the favorite brother,