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"PATER ANTON"                                  7
rly death, and was like a second father to us, will not be amiss to give a short sketch of him re. He was of German birth. After finish-y his education at Heidelberg, his uncle and ardian sent him to Rome to study for the iesthood. He chose the order of the Black •anciscans, and after a ten years5 residence in )me settled in the United States. He was first it to a wild part of Texas, where he had many siting encounters with " noble Redmen of the •est," and where he found exceptional oppor-lities for indulging his taste for hunting and Doting. He was called away from this interest-r State after a few years, by order of the Pro-icial, to become the Herr Pastor of a small ;rman settlement in New California, situated ;t outside of Louisville. Here " Pater Anton," he was called, very soon became a great favor-. On his feast-day it was delightful to see his agregation, in their " Sunday clothes/' bringing iir children for his blessing, the little creatures bright-colored German frocks, laden with flow-;, fruits, eggs, home-knitted socks, cotton hand-rchiefs of the brightest red and yellow, cooing jeons, cackling ducks, chickens, while an inva-ble pig or two (from the richer parishioners)