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10                             A  FEW MEMORIES
them said, " The North has conquered, the South has been badly beaten" (my mother gave a cry, for all her sympathies were with the South); "you will have to illuminate your house to-night in honor of our triumph, and as a sign of rejoicing that the war is at an end." Gaining her composure quickly, my mother answered, "But you cannot ask me to rejoice in what I so deeply regret! What if I refuse?" (A murmur of applause from Lou, peeping through the door.) " If you refuse, madam, we shall be obliged to throw you into prison as a rebel. Not only must every house be illuminated in this town to-night, but in every other Southern city as well. These are my orders. Good-day to you!" " Schwartze Teufel!" from Lou, and a shake of her fist at their retreating forms. Though tears were shed, candles were lighted in every window. My delight in thinking it was Christmas on seeing so many burning tapers was marred only by my mother's sad white face and Lou's angry red one, which told me something must be very wrong. The streets were alive with " bluecoats" and ablaze with lights. Drums were beating, cannon firing over the triumph of the North, and all this in a city whose bravest sons had fought and died in the