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14                              A  FEW MEMORIES
the street-organs gave me pleasure. I mean the soft, old-fashioned organs, not the modern " barrel," that sounds as though a show-pupil of a boarding-school were torturing the keys of a poor piano.
Owing to an indolent nature, and an impatient dislike for the beginnings of things, I learned little besides music and a smattering of German, which was promptly forgotten. Thinking only of amusement, I had, with wicked forethought, begged my indulgent mother to provide my school uniform with spacious pockets. These were secretly filled with wee china dolls, bits of stuff, and sewing implements, with which I made entire trousseaux for the charming dollies during the study hours, and, when the unsuspicious nun was not looking, kept the girls in a constant titter by dancing them upon my desk as each new dress was donned. Our convent uniform consisted of a plain blue cashmere skirt and bodice, and a large straw scoop-bonnet, with a curtain at the back. In this most unpicturesque costume we were marched to church on Sunday—two and two—where my enthusiastic singing of the litany generally put the others out, and where, to the horror of the nuns, in my haste to leave the church, I invariably genuflected with my back to the altar. The first year went by quite