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leventfully until the end of the term, which is celebrated, as usual, by an " exhibition," as they lied the songs and recitations given by the dldren. An exhibition it was! The nuns, know-g that my mother would dress me tastefully for e occasion, put me in the front row of the open-g chorus—an appropriate one, for it began with:
: My grandfather had some very fine geese, Some very fine geese had he,
With a quack quack here, and a quack quack there, And here a quack, there quack, here, there quack— Oh, come along, girls, to the merry green fields, To the merry green fields so gay!"
This artistically poetic and musical gem con-ined verses enough to name all the animals pos-ssed by that unfortunate grandfather. The long hearsals over, the all - important afternoon ar-red. I dare say that even at La Scala, on a first ght, there never had been more flutter and nerv-is excitement than on our little stage. The >use was crowded with anxious mothers, sisters, lusins, and aunts—the male members of the re-tective families having been wise enough to stop vay. At last the curtain rose. My poor mother as horrified to see me disgracing my prominent )sition by standing more awkwardly than any of