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URING the following term the convent was ken with a contagious fever, and I was taken f from its friendly shelter just as I had begun )ve it The serious illness that ensued was e almost pleasant by my mother's care, the panionship of that best of friends, my brother (to whom, alas! I gave, with unconscious lib-ty, all the ills my flesh was heir to), and by the lent visits of our Nonie, who often impro-1, or played from some favorite master, on the ,n below, thus cheering my convalescence, and ing the names of Mozart, Haydn, and Bee-en familiar to me long before I had ever heard magic one of Shakespeare. A year of idle-followed this illness, greatly relished then, later, when the irrevocable flight of valu-time was realized, deeply regretted. De acey says that by deducting time for eating, Ding, exercise, bathing, illness, and so forth, erson of threescore and ten has only eleven