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FARM  LIFE                                     21
ter being punished for some such naughtiness, I usually wended my way to the attic, that being the most gloomy part of the house, where, indulging my misery to the full, I would imagine myself dead, and revengefully revel in the thought of my mother's repentant grief over my coffin. On seeing my tear-stained face she generally gave me a " dime," to soothe my wounded feelings, which it invariably did as soon as I could reach an " icecream saloon," and there invest in a saucer of " child's delight"
At that time my brother and I had two farms in the hills of Indiana. Twice a year we crossed the beautiful Ohio to visit them. There we found some excellent horses, and it was not long before I learned to catch one in the paddock and mount and ride without saddle or bridle. I had been strictly forbidden to indulge in such a reckless amusement, but one day, seeing a wild-looking colt prancing about the pasture, I forgot good resolutions and promises, and, catching him after some difficulty, I sprang upon his back, and away we flew. He soon got the rope between his teeth, and my control over him was gone. He then made for a thick wood, and dashed under so many low-hanging boughs that at last he sue-