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32                             A FEW MEMORIES
years in more luxurious apartments,  how oft* have I longed for that fresh, sunshiny little den !
A short time before, I had had an attack malignant diphtheria, which would have prov< fatal but for the successful operation Nonie h< been bold enough to perform. The attack left n throat very weak. Realizing that a far-reachir voice was one of the actor's most essential instr ments, my first effort, on beginning work, was strengthen mine. In Comstock there were certa instructions upon breathing which I prompt made use of. Strange it is, but very few of i know how to breathe properly. The simp method of taking a deep, full breath through t] nose, without strain, holding it as long as possib and slowly exhaling it through the mouth, nev going through the exercise more than twel times consecutively, and always in the open a not only freshens one, like a dip in the sea, bi when followed by certain vocal exercises, giv control over the voice, which it strengthens ai makes melodious. At the end of six months n voice was hardly recognizable, it had become much fuller and stronger. Here was a gre difficulty overcome. As a voice that can be hea is the alpha of the actor, grace is one of the reqi