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34                             A  FEW  MEMORIES
veritable triumph. Believing that a tragic mai alone would sufficiently impress the situation the " nut-brown maid," I began with a hollow v and much furrowing of the brow, " Juli, wilt 1 follow and assist me when I quit my childho home to walk in the path of Siddons, Kemble, Booth ?" " Oh, Miss Manie, you kin count or pusson,fo' de Lor' you kin ! Why, my stars, \ a boss actor you is ! But you mus' 'low me to your maw;" and in a trice she was gone. A moments later she re-entered the kitchen with mother, who was greatly surprised by my perfc ance in the fourth act of " The Lady of Lyo which could not have been acted in a more ap-priate part of the house. She, in turn, called critic of the family, Dr. Griffin, who likewise astonished, and made my heart beat with joj saying, " You'll make a good actress some < Your scene has thrilled me, and I would ra1 have rough work and a good thrill than any amc of artistic work without it." Spurred on by s encouragement I worked harder than ever, o: staying up half the night to get some effect w trying to look into the heart and mind of the c! acter under study. After that evening in kitchen I read scenes or acted them nightly toclapping of those soapy, steaming hands seemed to me a