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36                             A  FEW MEMORIES
ever, than to him, for I felt my constant pra for success had been answered, and that to t alone could such wonders be attributed, others likewise made predictions for my fu as flattering as they were unexpected. They vised me to continue working as I had be; agreeing that earnest study in my case woulc more effective than beginning in a stock c pany at the foot of the ladder.
Mr. Wouds was soon called away to sup Miss Charlotte Cushman during her engagen in Cincinnati, Ohio.     He evidently spoke of work to the great artist, for, a few days after departure, a letter  came from  him saying Miss Cushman  wished  to  hear me  read, had said to him, " My good friend, I trust 3 judgment as far as I trust any one's, but in s matters   I  prefer  my own opinion.     You  I aroused my curiosity.    Use your influence to the girl to come and read or act for me." mother, thinking such attentions injurious to so young, grew nervous when she saw that only was I bent upon going, but that my u: champion, Dr. Griffin, meant to aid and abet He urged her  to   make   the  short trip, if c to   see the  great actress.    With  much per