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40                              A  FEW  MEMORIES
and power at present, but do not let that tr you. Better have too much to prune down, a little to build up." My mother was troubl hearing her speak so calmly of the stage a future career, and protested earnestly. No she said, of her family, nor of my father's ever been on the stage, and she added that, frank, she did not like the atmosphere oi theatre, and could not look with favor up child of hers adopting it as a profession. Cushman listened attentively. " My dear mac she answered, " you will not judge the profe so severely when you know it better. Encot your child; she is firmly, and rightly, I t resolved on going upon the stage. If I 1 anything of character, she will go with or wit your consent. Is it not so ?" (to me). " "" said I—and how my heart beat at the confes; " Be her friend," continued she to my mo " Give her your aid; no harm can come to with you by her side." Then turning to me a " My advice to you is not to begin at the bo of the ladder; for I believe the drudgery of s parts, in a stock company, without encouragen often under the direction of coarse natures, \v be crushing to you. As a rule I advocate b<