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CHARLOTTE  CUSHMAN'S  ADVICE                 41
ing at the lowest round, but I believe you will ain more by continuing as you have begun. Only o to my friend, George Vandenhoff, and tell him •om me that he is to clip and tame you generally, prophesy a future for you if you continue work-ig earnestly. God be with you! Doubtless in year or two you will be before the public. May be there to see your success !"* With a hearty irewell she stalked out of the room. That was ur first and last interview. In her almost brusque tanner she had led me to the right path, and ad, in less than an hour, fought successfully the readed battle with my mother. In two years' me I had made my debut upon the stage, and le, the greatest of all American actresses, was eeping her last sleep in a laurel-covered grave ; Mount Auburn.
* Miss Cushman's words have been given, not because they were flat-ing to the writer, but because they show the quick decisiveness, insight ;o character, and generosity of the eminent woman.