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A NEW PLAN  OF  STUDY                         45
t declamation for showing me the folly of at-mpting male characters, and for suggesting Ju-et, Julia, Pauline, and Evadne as better suited to iy sex and youth. He had met my unbridled en-lusiasm with a calm, business-like check at every irn, which, though painfully irritating at the time, •as very beneficial afterwards. Though we met o more as master and pupil, he continued till the me of his death a kind and helpful friend. Re-irning to Louisville, study was begun on a new Ian. I had learned from Mr. Vandenhoff to turn iy den into a stage. Imagining one of the walls > be the auditorium, it needed but a step further ) crowd the house with an enthusiastic public. i. thin audience was never seen in that theatre. Chairs were made to represent the different char-cters, and a bust of Shakespeare (the Chandos, to iy mind the finest of all, though unfortunately ot as authentic as the Stratford) was placed at a roper height, and converted into the "leading ivenile." Clifford, Claude, Colonna were the •arts assigned to it, but as Romeo, I imagined, it 3oked least stony. Six months of solitary work /ere now begun. Dancing and music, of which was passionately fond, were renounced, and my girlhood's friends and companions given up. The