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A SUDDEN  OFFER TO ACT                       51
Leatre. " Why," said he, " this is luck! You ive come to help me out of a difficulty. The ar I have this week is playing to such poor msiness' that unless he gets one good house ifore the week is out he may be unable to leave ie town. To-day is Thursday; now, if you could :t something on the night after to-morrow! Of >urse I will pay you nothing. I will only give )u the theatre, actors, music, etc., gratis. I am irtain that in my way of advertising I could •owd the house for that night. I will furnish DU with appropriate costumes; but I fear it is *ry short notice. Could you act on Saturday
Could I ? Here was my tide, and, with my [Other's consent, I meant to take it at the flood! liat had to be gained before an answer could be iven. Leaving Dr. Griffin to talk over the re-earsal, etc., I ran through the streets, and reached ome panting for breath. Though startled at the .iddenness of the offer, my mother gave her full ermission. So it was all arranged in a wonder-il way! That Thursday was one of the happiest ays of my life, filled as it was with brightest ope and anticipation. Only one black cloud ung over it: the thought of Nome and my grand-