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58                              A FEW  MEMORIES
The early, lighter scenes, being uncongenial, hurried through as quickly as possible. Ev( these were well received by the indulgent auc ence. But there was enthusiasm in the houi when the tragic parts were reached. Flowe and recalls were the order of the evening. Whi things were so smiling before, they were le; satisfactory behind, the curtain. The artist wl: had acted in the play before my birth forgot h words, and I had to prompt him in two impo tant scenes. In the last act the lamp that ham above Juliet, as she lies in the tomb, fell, ar burned my hands and dress badly, and, to mal matters worse, Romeo forgot the dagger wil which Juliet was to kill herself, and that unfoi unate young person had, in desperation, to d spatch herself with a hair-pin. But in spite < much disillusion, a burned hand and arm, ar several other accidents, the night was full < success, and I knew that my stage career he begun in earnest.