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IN our home we never read newspaper criti->ms on acting, music, or literature, preferring to termine for ourselves what we thought good or d in each. We did not, therefore, think of the ess in connection with my work, and we were rprised the following morning to find that the rformance had been mentioned at length, and a flattering way, by the Louisville papers. I ye the least favorable notices:
" Miss Anderson's debut last night was a decided ccess. Of course, her rendition of a character :e Juliet, in which so many famous actresses ive won distinction, was open to criticism. Its lue, however, to correct criticism was an indica->n of her powers. We are sure that last night w the beginning of a career which, in its prog-ss, will shed radiance on the American stage." -The Commercial (Editorial), November 28, 1875. " THE DEBUT OF Miss ANDERSON LAST NIGHT.