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62                              "A   FEW  MEMORIES
land. Fortunately, I soon discovered that such was not the case; for though the performance created some discussion for several weeks, it was apparently forgotten both by manager and public in a very short time.
After a plunge into the sea of public life, it was heartbreaking to be thrown back again upon the dry land of study without practice, hope without realization. The interval of three months with no engagement in sight was not spent, however, in idle moping. The part of Bianca, in Dean Mil-man's " Fazio," was thoroughly prepared. At the end of that time Mr. Macauley offered me a week at his theatre, which was accepted with joy.
The repertoire selected was as follows:
BIANCA   in              " Fazio "              for Monday.
JULIA     in     " The Hunchback"     for Tuesday.
EVADNE in  Lalor Shiel's "Evadne" for Wednesday.
PAULINE in       " Lady of Lyons "      for Thursday.
JULIET    in    " Romeo and Juliet"   for Friday and Saturday.
At the end of the engagement I was in debt to the manager for the sum of one dollar, the houses having been large enough only to cover the running expenses. All I had gained by a week of hard work was a sad heart and a very