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A MEAGRE WARDROBE                           63
Dre throat Besides, creditors became unpleas-ntly importunate, for my scanty wardrobe was ot yet paid for. This consisted of a white satin ress, simply made, which did service for all the arts. It sparkled in silver trimming for Juliet, 'as covered with pink roses for Julia, became gay i green and gold for Evadne, and cloudy with 'hite lace for Pauline. The unfortunate gown wed its many changes to the nimble and willing ngers of my mother, who spent much time each ay in its metamorphoses. A train of velveteen, white muslin dress, and a modern black silk own (which, like Mrs. Toodles, we thought would be so useful," but which had to be dis-irded after its first appearance) completed my ardrobe—surely a meagre one for five plays of ve acts each, requiring at least twelve gowns. Ve had built up financial as well as artistic hopes >r that week, and were disappointed in both. !ut it proved more successful than was at first lought, for, shortly after, Ben De Bar (one of the reatest Falstaffs of his time) engaged me for ix nights at his St. Louis theatre. At the end f that time I found myself in his debt for the urn of six hundred dollars; but the houses had teadily improved, and the press was filled with