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SUCCESS  IN NEW ORLEANS                       67
made the illusion so perfect that my mother could not recognize one feature or movement. The character had been studied at a few days5 notice, and the astonishment of all, including myself, was great when it was received more warmly than anything I had attempted. After much enthusiasm from the crowded audience, speeches and presentations were made: checks concealed in baskets of flowers were handed over the foot-lights, and, among other gifts, the greatly prized " Washington Artillery" badge, which made me an honorary member of that battalion, was presented. Miss Mildred Lee* and I were the only lady members, an honor of which we were justly proud; for the splendid bravery of that body of men during the war had won for them the title of " The Tigers."
My unexpected success in New Orleans, a success of which any veteran actor might have been proud, was almost stupefying, coming as I did so suddenly from obscurity into the dazzling light of public favor. Nothing was left undone to make our visit delightful in every way. The railway company's parting compliment was to place at our disposal a special car to Louisville, and all
*A daughter of General Robert E. Lee.