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A WEEK OF "BARN-STORMING"                   69
Romeos and Juliets. The moon she (Romeo) swore by we found to be the head-light of a railway engine hired for the occasion. This was held by a small negro boy perched upon a ladder, who was so amused by the play that he laughed until he shook over the most tragic scenes. His mirth, as may be imagined, was not conducive to fair Luna's steadiness. At one time she was shining in an upper box, at another on the head of a bald musician, often blinding the unfortunates in the front stalls, here, there, everywhere but on the face of her ("Verona's lovely flower") she had been especially hired to illuminate. The conductor of the orchestra was a carpenter by trade, and sawed away as lustily during the day .at the boards he was converting into profile statues of Evadne's noble ancestors as he sawed upon his violin at night These statues, I may remark, bore a striking resemblance, when finished, to the little men and women which cooks cut out of dough and " fry and sugar " for favored children. The week was very successful artistically, for the performances (how bad they were I am ashamed to remember) met with the approval of " the most discriminating audience in the States." This standard of critical excellence I found later to