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72                               A  FEW MEMORIES
upper berth in what seemed a cold bath.    The bedding was soaked through by the rain which had come through the roof of the " floating palace/5    The result was a bad cold and a pair of eyes  so   swollen  that  they were  hardly visible. The play that night was " The Lady of Lyons." When as Pauline I reproved Claude for his downcast, smileless  looks, and  he  tenderly answered, " Thine eyes would call up smiles in deserts, fail-one," I  trembled lest his speech would  call up smiles in the audience and ruin our sentimental scene.    But they had never seen me before, and doubtless looked upon the tiny " slits " that did service to Pauline for eyes that night as a natural and   enduring  infirmity.    A severe  cold is bad enough even in a warm room, with every comfort about one, but to face an expectant audience in an icy theatre on a wet night, to paint one's face and appear gay and happy while coughing and sneezing violently, is a form of absolute torture. It was still pouring with rain when the performance was over.   The night was as dark as Erebus. To make matters worse, we discovered that the few " hacks" (vehicles) in the town had already been engaged  to take  the  Cairo  aristocracy to their respective homes after the play.    There was