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5 the giving vent to sorrow and humiliation when .one. The engagement, with the exception of le last two nights, had come to an end, when leg Merrilies was given and received with gen-ine enthusiasm by actors and public. But this iccess came too late. Only one night remained, id I could not hope to retrieve for Mr. McCul-)ugh all I had lost for him. For the last per-jrmance I played Parthenia, for the first time, ) his Ingomar. This was also highly successful. Mr. Edwin Booth was in San Francisco at the jne arranging for his appearance there. The ne bright spot in that unhappy engagement was leeting him. His assurance that such trials as I /•as then passing through were beneficial both to haracter and art gave me new courage. He mghed at my idea of quitting the stage on ac-ount of the unkindness of my fellow-actors. " I Iso am a fellow - actor," said he; " I have sat hrough two of your performances from beginning D end—the first time I have done such a thing i years—and I have not only been interested, but ^pressed and delighted. You have begun well. Continue, and you are sure of success in the end." 7he effect of those words from so great an actor D one in the very slough of despond may easily