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84                              A FEW MEMORIES
at liberty to put before my friends in the theatre."
I remember that at a luncheon-party years after the above conversation," La Tosca " was discussed, and Mr. James Russell Lowell was asked what he thought of the play. " I have not seen it," he answered. " I refuse to have my mind dragged in the gutter. If Madame Bernhardt will appear in such plays, I for one will forego the pleasure of seeing her act." I have also heard Tennyson declaim against "this realism, this degradation of the drama/1 as he called it.
My engagement at Ford's Theatre, Baltimore, took place during the visit of the Emperor and Empress of Brazil to that city. They came to a performance of " Evadne," and sent for me to go to their box at the end of the play. They were to leave Baltimore the following day. When the curtain rang up on the next night's play, the " Lady of Lyons," it was a pleasant surprise to see them again in the same box. They had returned unexpectedly, and were kind enough to say they had come back expressly to see me in another role. The second interview with them was longer and even more agreeable than the first. There was a nobility about Dom Pedro's head that re-