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HUMILIATING INFERENCES                     89
and a facility for memorizing, which is the lest part of an actor's art. 7"e visited yearly all the Southern and Western s which boasted of such companies: Cincin-
Louisville, St. Louis, Chicago, Baltimore, ihington, etc. Though the experience was
hard, I learned little by it, except many of most irritating of the old-school traditions, to identify the art with unceasing drudgery. he smaller towns, where a travelling circus or a strel show was the general form of entertain-t, we took a limited company of our own.
inhabitants usually stared at us as though we i the menagerie of one of their yearly shows, ugh we produced nothing but strictly legiti-* plays, we realized with humiliation that we i classed with the lowest grade of entertainers, member one afternoon a small street urchin gnized me, and, calling together a crowd of i, shouted, in great excitement, " Come along, i, here's the circus; come on and have a free
at the circus!" He evidently became an irer, for after the morning's performance we his ragged figure in the crowd that came to i a look at " the circus " as it left the theatre, was standing near the carriage, and, as I