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90                            A  FEW MEMORIES
entered it, he looked at me wistfully, and, holding out his dirty little hand, said, " I say, Mary, do give us a kiss !" Such publicity in the streets became very painful to me. I dreaded being stared at and vulgarly remarked; and though I dressed as simply as possible to avoid attention, such incidents were of constant occurrence. On another occasion, while driving to the hotel in an omnibus with the company, the conductor poked his head in at the window and accosted my mother—she being the most dignified looking of the party — with "I say, miss! what time does your show commence ?" " Show," being a word connected with the Living Skeleton, Fat Woman, and Waxworks, was more than she could bear. She looked at him indignantly, and, in crushing tones, answered, " My good man, this is not a * show'!" " Well, miss, what in thunder is it, then?" "An intellectual treat!" This answer so mystified her questioner that he remained silent for the rest of the drive, apparently turning over in his mind whether or not he should ask for a free pass to such an ambiguous entertainment as an "intellectual treat." This expression became a byword in the company. Those barn-storming tours were full of incident,