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mnerism; of all characters, the least fitted to u. That is clear. I don't think I shall like u in it any more than I should like to see a incline and chignon on the Venus of Milo. 'ash the blank-verse out of the dialogue, and it Clifford and Master Walter into pants, and Hie Hunchback" is a society play (and not a ry good one either). What the devil brings u into such a piece, anyhow ? Stick to parts lere your arms are not bound with shoulder-raps, nor your feet tied together with pullbacks frills. You want sweep and stride. I think m could play Rosalind, and give it an altitude lich few in our times have seen; but you should ve it a long study.
" Yours sincerely,
The difference of opinion about " The Hunch-ick" is extraordinary. Many persons, among em Fanny Kemble, speak of it as a great play, hile the majority of theatre-goers look upon it i stilted and impossible. Personally, I have ways had a very great liking for the part of ilia. To me, the drawing of the character from ^ginning to end is without blemish. She repre-n heroic part nor a dramatic one. She is nondescript and unnatural, full of stage-trick andy training. In New ork, however, there was great help in store for