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104                             A  FEW MEMORIES
grown. " Until the spring, then!" he said, as we parted, "if I'm still here. I wonder if we shall meet again! I am old now, and not very well 1" He apologized for not seeing us to the carriage, as was his wont, but stood at the window watching us leave. Its sash was covered with snow. His face looked like a picture set in a white, glistening frame; for the sun was shining, and his hair and beard were nearly as white as the snow itself. I can see him still, standing there, waving his last farewell. Soon after, the whole English-speaking world was saddened by the loss of one of its sweetest bards. up these beautiful flowers. It will ratify the giver, who is no doubt in the house; y never to miss an opportunity of giving pleas-re. It will make you happier and better." Kind-ess was the keynote of his character. No incon-snience to himself was too great if a good turn > any one was at the end of it.