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MADAME  RISTORI                             109
easure to act scenes from "Romeo and Juliet" r her, while she sat upon the floor of her atelier L her strange working costume of pale gray oth, made like a man's morning suit, with no !nt of the woman about it but the lace scarf •ound her neck, fastened with a diamond snake, id her tiny white satin slippers. She was a Rightful audience, entering into one's concep-DII of each scene and generously applauding rery effort She particularly wished her country sople to see Shakespeare acted by an English-making artist, and invited me cordially to pro-ice " Romeo and Juliet" in Paris, promising to .ake all the arrangements, even to engaging a leatre. Consciousness of my lack of technique ould alone have prevented my accepting such i offer, but, besides this, several important en-igements called me home. I have always had most enthusiastic admiration for her wonderful snius, and a sincere belief in her goodness of *art.
Among other charming people in Paris I had ie privilege of meeting that most noble of ac-esses, Madame Ristori. Her manner was warm id unaffected, and there was a genuineness about *r which put one immediately at ease. It is a